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Property of oDbins Lit DIM T V Arlington, Mass. a Founded by DR. EBENEZER LEARNED, 1835 Endowed by Dr. Timothy Wellington, 1853 Nathan Pratt, 1875 Henry Mott, 1889 Elbridge Farmer, 1892 Building Erected by MARIA C. ROBBINS IN MEMORY OF ELI ROBBINS, 1892 For Reference Not to be taken from this library Presenting for your enjoyment now and in the years to come . . . THE YEAR BOOK of the Class of 1944 Warren Roche, Editor - In-Chief Eleanor Reed, Assistant Editor-in-chief Dawn O Day, Business Manager ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Arlington, Mass. DEDICATION j NTO the life of our country, where millions of people of all races and creeds live and work together, we, the class of 1944, emerge. We are but tiny cogs in the giant wheels which are turning toward a better way of life for the whole world. Our job is to help form a lasting peace and to live upright lives in accordance with that peace. This is a challenge to every one of us. We will not fail to meet this challenge. We shall lift high the light of freedom and democracy so that the youth of tomorrow will have a better world in which to live. Therefore, we the class of 1944, dedicate to the Youth of Tomorrow the Arlington High School Year Book of Nineteen Hundred and Forty-four. COLLECTION OH (o GtiVA A ' r vyv ° A H Sc ko o APPRECIATION A 1 1 S our last year at Arlington High School draws to a close we, the class of 1944, take this opportunity to express heartfelt thanks to Mr. Gammons for all he has done for us. We do not think of him merely as a principal but rather as our friend and confidant. Through- out the years to come we will remember him for his friendliness, lead- ership, and his cheerful spirit, and especially for his genuine interest in our welfare. THE F GUIDANCE Mr. LaDue, Head of Department Mr. Morrill, Sub-Master MRS. Moffatt. Dean of Girls Miss Fitzpatrick Miss Jenks FINE ARTS MRS. Ford, Supervisor of Art Mr. Kenney Mr. Einzig, Supervisor of Music Mr. Mazzocca Miss Wardle ENGLISH Mr. Campbell, Head of Department Miss Brown Miss Donovan Miss Dow Mrs. Hayman Mrs. Hoyt Miss Hunt Miss Krastin Mrs. Mathews Miss O ' Connell Miss Peck Miss Porter Miss Taber Miss Tewksbury I ■ 1 I ACULTY COMMERCIAL MR. Burke, Head of Department Miss Barry Miss Binnig Miss Casey Miss Harlow Mrs. Bennett Miss Jenks Miss Kennedy Miss Murray Miss Nash Mr. Ostergren Mr. Wallace MATHEMATICS Mr. Eaton. Head of Department Mr. Barber Mr. VonKapff Mrs. Goodwin Mr. Sampson Mr. Warner Mr. Morrill HISTORY Mrs. Moffatt, Head of Department Miss Conway Mr. Johnson Miss Fitzpatrick Miss Porter Miss Gray Mr. Thompson Miss Wakefield i} : • ' ■• ?¥ 8 n i j m pi f mw finrrffi hKb ti nir ?• ■ i it if ci m ' rlf tf i ' ' - ’ L ’ ' flBB 1 1 [yl iJCB [ 51 1 iLJfc lfiB IK Hi Kn ?) r. - Tp HHr m ? JE 3 IK JtnJ - amr Ufcfa.kL f) A v ' i 1 Mffy ? b ■p- n JkR - r i ■ ?tk : A m W A fwL r mL K rar V £ V SCIENCE Mr. Skinner, Head of Department Mrs. Goodwin Miss Jewett Mr. Thompson Mr. Kroll Mr. Miller I LANGUAGE MISS Shedd, Head of Department Miss Bailey Miss V. Barry Miss Jerardi Mrs. Goodwin Mr. Sexton Miss Tewksbury Miss Wardle PRACTICAL ARTS Miss Pennell. Supervisor of Home Economics Miss Arrand Miss Campbell Miss Anderson Miss Monroe Mr. Robinson, Supervisor of Manual Arts Mr. Arthur Mr. Danforth Mr. Banks Mr. Sandberger Mrs. Prestwood I Ja — ■ £3 C Z K C£ CLASS OFFICERS LOUIS REYCROl T u Treasurer BETTY MA xlM Secretary " SS E 5 " Marilyn Abbott 283 Lake Street Ski Club, Gilbert and Sullivan Dramatic Club " Lynn,” whose favorite pas- times are skating, skiing, and boating, will join the Cadet Nurse Corps after graduation. Sports have made the most l ast- ing impressions with her. Beatrice Adams 40 Coolidge Road G. A. A. Football and hockey fan " Bea " is interested in caring for ani- mals and in horseback riding. She will always remember Miss Nash ' s classes. Fisher Business is her choice after graduation. Charles L. Adams, Jr. 70 Harlow Street Hockey, Tennis " Charlie,” a movie and bowl- ing fan, had a Junior English class worth remembering. He hopes to do his share for victory in the Army Air Corps. Pauline Adams 31 Lakehill Avenue " Polly ' s” favorite pastimes are bowling, skating, and dancing. After graduating she plans to go to Fisher’s. Arguments in home- room 4 have given her something to remember. Page Eleven Everett Ahern 30 Philips Street Basketball " Shrimp” would like to at- tend the University of Southern California. He will always re- member the times he had in homeroom 4. John Ahern 48 Beacon Street Basketball, Football, Golf, Table Tennis Champ of A. H. S. " Jack” is heading for Dart- mouth to take up politics and play basketball. His interest cen- ters around Arlington’s basket- ball team, though he won ' t for- get the Pro-Baller Association. Ruth Margaret Ahern 72 Amsden Street Dramatic Club. G. A. A., Year Book Committee Ruth ' s favorite sports are walking and ice skating. She will study to be a secretary at Kath- arine Gibbs. Mr. Sampson’s homeroom will long remain in her memory. Fidelis Ainsworth 1 4 1 Westminster Avenue Fidelis, who wants to meet peo- ple as a receptionist, will re- member longest the prom of the class of ' 42. Was there any- thing wrong with ours? . SvU ? Elmo L. Albertelli 8 Victoria Road Football, Honor Roll, Ping Pong, Pool, Golf " Al,” an outstanding lineman, also likes such strenuous sports as boxing, swimming, bowling, hunting. He hopes to be ac- cepted for Navy V-12 PreMedical training. Robert Alderson 157 Newport Street Honor Roll " Bob " has a high ambition, to be a banker. Outside of school he indulges in such active sports as bowling, swimming, and hunt- ing. Robert Alger 77 Fountain Road " Bob " is one fellow who re- members way back to his sopho- more year. He wants to go to Bowdoin because of their house parties. Gloria Allen 5 Thomas Street Field Hockey, Riding Club, Glee Club " Bunny " plans to continue work at Chandler’s. She enjoys all winter sports and will never forget her struggle with division in her comptometer class. Marilyn Allen 67 Churchill Avenue Ski Club, Tennis Marilyn, who plans to study to be a reporter at Duke, is a hockey and football fan. She has many a fond memory about Mr. Sampson’s homeroom. Frances J. Alt 28 Exeter Street " Frankie,” a Sinatra fan (what girl isn’t? ) wants to aid the war as " Rosie the Riveter. " Besides Sinatra she likes dancing, roller and ice skating. Jeromette Anderson 8 School Street Honor Roll — Sophomore, Junior " Jen,” a hockey and Sinatra fan, is going to Mount Ida to train as a secretary. She enjoys dancing and ice skating. Gloria Louise Assanti 105 Varnum Street Exchange Editor — Chronicle, Gilbert and Sullivan Gloria will go to B. U. to be a lab technician or secretary. Her favorite activities are tennis and dancing. Outstanding among her recollections is Arlington’s victory over Medford. Page Twelve mam C. Richard Atamian 23 Glenburn Road " Bud,” a sports lover, has twin ambitions, the Army Air Corps and engineering school. Miss Bailey ' s 4th period French class last year highlighted his studies. Mihran Ayvazian 82 River Street Honor Roll Mihran ' s favorite diversions are pool and backgammon. His French classes with Miss Bailey left quite an impression on him. He is headed for M. I. T. Rudolph Badala 14 Chandler Street Vice-President of Math Club, Honor Roll " Rudy " intends to study Aero- nautics at Northeastern Univer- sity. He enjoys sports and will never forget his Junior French class with Miss Bailey. Jean Barrett 17 Kilsythe Road Tennis, Office Helper " Jeanne” is going to the Mount Auburn Hospital for Nursing. She enjoys bicycle riding and out- standing on her high school re- membrances is her chemistry class. — m ■ Alma Barry 150 Jason Street Ski Club, Riding Club, Lunchroom " Al,” who participates in all sports and who enjoys swimming especially, will always remember serving ice cream in the lunch- room. Ann Marie Barry 35 Boulevard Road Ann, whose outside activities include roller skating and ice skating, is going to Katharine Gibbs. Outstanding in her mem- ory is her Business Organization class. Nancy Barthelemy 14 Swan Place Captain of Field Hockey, Captain of Basketball, Manager of Riding Club, Tennis Squad, G. A. A . — three years Athletic Nancy is planning to go to Sargent ' s and follow up her gymnastic abilities. She has been outstanding in many of the school ' s activities. Evelyn Belanger 56 Mystic Street Riding Club " Evie,” who likes ice skating, is going into the nursing profession. She will never forget her Math classes. Page T hirteen Kenneth Bergstrom 77 Bow Street Ken” is now an army aviation cadet. In his spare time he builds model airplanes. Good luck, " Ken”! Louise Bergstrom 49 Norcross Street G. A. A., Red Cross, Outing Club " Swede,” who enjoys sailing and travelling, plans to be a sec- retary. She will attend Burdett College for her training. Good luck, " Swede.” Lena Bertolami 7 Mary Street " Lee” will work in an office doing filing and typing. Out- standing in her memory is her comptometer class. She enjoys roller skating as a relaxation. Lloyd M. Bickford 35 Lowell Street Orchestra Lloyd is planning to further his musical training by attending Boston Conservatory of Music. His favorite outside activity is skating. loan Bigelow 7 Pelham Terrace Distribution Chairman — Chronicle, Ski Club Joan plans to go to Cornell and take a " Med” course. She en- joys skiing, sailing, and riding. She will always remember the many forms she had to fill out during her senior year. Phyllis Birch 9 Langley Road Lunchroom, Ski Club Quiet " Phyl” is planning to be either a cadet nurse or a labora- tory technician. She enjoys swim- ming and dancing. Donald S. Black 50 Newport Street Dramatic Club, Football " Don " is already a cadet in the Army Air Corps. He enjoys hockey and football in particular. We know he will make a top notch flyer. Virginia R. Black 311 Gray Street Riding Club, Debating Club, G. A. A., Year Book Committee " Gin,” whose college education is still undecided, likes to write letters. She found her geometry class with Mr. Kapff to be most outstanding. Page Fourteen Edna Blackney 141 Langdon Street, Newton Honor Roll, G. A. A., Baseball Team Edna enjoys all types of sports. Her future education is, as yet, undecided. While in A. H. S. she enjoyed most Miss Binning’s class. Richard W. Blanchard 23 Adams Street Baseball, Football, Hockey " Dick” intends to go to an Aeronautics School to study com- mercial flying. Of all his classes, he found his math class most outstanding. lean L. Blessington 17 Edgehill Road Student Council, Prom Committee " Jeanie,” who has been a member of the student council, enjoys swimming, dancing and ping pong. She intends to go to Simmons College and be a dieti- tian. Mr. Eaton made quite an impression on her in Review math. lean Charlotte Blondin 53 Brattle Street Jean’s outside interests are dancing and roller skating. She will never forget the wonderful friends in each class. Helen Bolton 21 Hawthorne Avenue Helen, who was born in North China, is going to attend Wheat- on College to study chemistry. She likes to swim and to " bike.” She won ' t forget the history Mr. Johnson taught her. Irene Ann Bova 86 Margaret Street Gilbert and Sullivan " Rene” would like to be a Ca- det Nurse. Dancing and singing are her favorite pastimes. She will long remember Miss Brown’s English class. Mary Bova 86 Margaret Street Mary is interested in commer- cial work. Swimming, bowling, and dancing are her favorite pas- times. She will long remember Miss Pennell’s classes. Blanche Lois Bowers 14 Upland Road Tennis Team, Art Club, Riding Club, Journalism Club, Glee Club ”Lo” plans to attend Mt. Hol- yoke. Golf and dancing are her favorite sports. She will long re- member her Latin and music classes. Page Fifteen Mary F. Bradley 213 Forest Street " Manny” intends to attend business school. Her favorite outside activity is dancing. She will long remember all her Arl- ington High School teachers. Ruth Marion Brannen 15 A Magnolia Street Band for three years Ruth loves roller skating, danc- ing, and swimming and will long remember the football games she attended. Mary Breen 18 Lome Road Mary would like to take a P. G. course because she wants to fur- ther her knowledge of typing. She loves dancing and baseball. June Marie Brooks 6 Belton Street Gilbert and Sullivan June wants to attend Boston University. Her hobby is col- lecting stamps. She will long re- member her Senior English courses. Robert J. Brosnan 23 Howard Street " Bob” wants to take a pre-med- ical course at B. C., but will en- list in the Air Corps if the war continues. He loves sports. Miss Round ' s Latin class made quite an impression on him. Donna Brown 46 Westmoreland Avenue Gilbert and Sullivan, Dramatic Club Donna wants to attend the Boston School of Occupational Therapy. She likes swimming and will long remember Mr. Ken- ney’s art classes. Louise Brown 15 Walnut Street Band, Dramatic Club, Debating Club, Glee Club, Gilbert and Sullivan, Honor Roll — one year Louise would like to do me- chanical research work. She likes to play badminton and will long remember her classes in room 75. Eldridge Buffum 475 Massachusetts Avenue " Buff " wants to join the Army Air Corps. His favorite sports are football and hockey. Gradu- ation will really mean something to him. Page Sixteen Margaret Bundegard 15 West Court Terrace " Peggy” hopes to become a nurse. She enjoys swimming and dancing very much. She says that she will never forget the football game with Melrose in 1943. Charles Bunnell, |r. 40 Windsor Street Math Club Charles wants to study surgery at Tufts Medical and to enter the Naval Air Corps. He likes bowl- ing and will long remember his Junior French classes. Louise Anne Burns 112 Park Avenue Extension Cheer Leader Cheer leader " Lou” is going to go to Bryant and Stratton’s. She ' ll always remember being cheer leader during the ’43 foot- ball games and Miss Binig ' s short- hand class. Patricia Burke 62 Cleveland Street Sports-loving " Pat " is headed via Bryant and Stratton’s for a secretarial position. She’ll always remember waiting for graduation and Mr. Wallace ' s Business Or- ganization class. Jean M. Burns 75 Brattle Street Jean will be a stenographer af- ter she finishes school. Her fa- vorite activities are reading and skating. She ' ll remember the first day and graduation longest. David Busfield 30 Richfield Road Baseball " Bus’ ” favorite activity is base- ball. He’ll certainly remember graduation although he’s not cer- tain what he’ll do after. Robert H. Byrne 81 Gloucester Street Hockey. Baseball. Football (Head Manager) " Shad” is headed for an engi- neering course at Northeastern. He enjoys hockey, baseball, and football. " Shad " will remember pushing his car at 3 o’clock in the rainy morning after the Sen- ior Prom. Margaret Louise Callahan 3a Lakeview G. A. A.. Class Tennis. Office Assistant. Honor Roll Margaret is going to the Uni- versity of New Hampshire. Her favorite outside activities arc- bowling and skating. March 5, 1943, had a special meaning to her. Page Seventeen Muriel Campbell 1 0 Newland Road Riding Club, Swimming Club, Dancing Club, Basketball, As- sistant Helper in Guidance " Honey” wants to be a secre- tary in the Canadian Air Force after studying at Kathleen Dell’s School. She’ll always remember her first prom and football games. Mary Campobasso 48 Decatur Street Glee Club Mary, who has been in Glee Club, enjoys dancing and will al- ways remember the good times she had in the lunchroom. Ann Carroll 85 Everett Street Riding Club, Dramatic Club, G. A. A., Journalism Club, Gilbert and Sullivan Ann plans to attend Katharine Gibbs to study to be a stenogra- pher. As an outside activity, she finds tennis her favorite. Helen Carroll 10 Highland Avenue G. A. A. Helen wants to study journal- ism but as yet does not know what college she will attend. She likes all sorts of sports and swing bands. Irene Carroll 32 Coleman Road G. A. A., Gilbert and Sullivan, Ski Club, Office Assistant, Class Tennis Irene plans to go to the U. of N. H. Her favorite outside activi- ties are skating and bowling. March 5, 1943, was quite a date to her. Alice T. Carew 5 Sutherland Terrace G. A. A., Honor Roll Intellectual ”A1 " enjoys read- ing and cooking and will remem- ber her classmates and teachers. Her future plans are, as yet, in- definite. Ruth Carlson 77 Tanager Street Ruthies’ brightest memories of Arlington High will be the fi- nal exams. Her favorite pastime is horseback riding. Robert E. Carter 47 Amsden Street " Bob” plans to attend the Uni- versity of Southern California. He enjoys swimming and will long remember his aeronautics class. - Page Eighteen Edward B. Caulkins, Jr. 1 1 1 Jason Street Dramatic Club " Ted” likes to ski, skate and swim. Like his father, he is go- ing to Colgate. Mr. Eaton ' s math classes will be most promi- nent in his memory of A. H. S. David Cavicke 155 Jason Street Indoor Track, Ski Club, Dramatic Club, Student Council, Lunch- room Cashier, Senior Prom Decoration Committee Popular " Dave " spends his spare time keeping his sharpie car running. Since he wishes to study medicine, he plans to en- ter the Navy V-12 or Johns Hop- kins. Anne M. Cheyne 94 Varnum Street " Nancy " wants to work in a business office and will receive training for that work. Dancing, swimming, and bowling are among her favorite interests. Evelyn Cobb 30 Marathon Street Field Hockey Sports-loving Evelyn hopes to train to be a nurse after gradua- tion. Miss Peck ' s fourth period English class has left her with something special to remember. Eileen Cohen 32 Coleman Road Glee Club Musical Eileen hopes to be- come a concert pianist. She likes jitterbug dancing and will al- ways remember Mr. Einzig’s Chorus II classes. Doris Comerford 219 Broadway Honor Roll Doris plans to further her edu- cation at a business school. She likes skating and swimming and will always remember entering A. H. S. as a junior. Lois Connolly 969 Massachusetts Avenue " Lo” plans to continue her education at some business school. Swimming and skating are tops with her. She’ll long remember her studies in 62. Aram K. Conragan. Jr. 121 Varnum Street Orchestra, Chronicle Aram is planning on entering the armed services via V-12 ex- ams. A top-notch dancer, he ' ll always remember the headaches of the school paper. Page Nineteen Marie B. Consales 27 Marathon Street Journalism Club, Debating Club, Gilbert and Sullivan Marie plans to be a commer- cial artist. She collects boogie- woogie records and favors swim- ming and bowling. She ' ll long re- member her junior year at A. H. S. Herbert W. Converse 39 Florence Avenue Math Club To study engineering " Herb " will go to Northeastern. He likes outdoor sports and will long re- member Mr. Eaton ' s remarks in the advanced math class. Marion Crosby 22 Gardner Street Marion will further her educa- tion at Kathleen Dell’s. She likes football games and skating and will always remember Mr. Burke ' s sense of humor. Mary Elaine Crowley 72 Rawson Road " Pudge” expects to train as a cadet nurse for the Navy. Be- tween the Junior Prom and foot- ball games she should have loads of fun looking back at high school days. Myrna Currie 28 Paul Revere Road Glee Club, Lunchroom Myrna will go to Framing- ham Teacher’s College to study to be a clothing teacher. She en- joys horseback riding and dancing and will always remember Mr. Kroll’s jokes. Donald Cooper 187 Highland Avenue " Don” plans to be an account- ant. He likes ice skating and tinkering with cars. He’ll long re- member his radio class at A. H. S. Lydia Corso 92 Melrose Street C.h ronicle, Gilbert and Sullivan Boston University is Lydia’s choice. She likes going to con- certs and symphonies, dancing and playing the piano. Richard D. Cusolito 66 Bellington Street " Dick” hopes to join the Ar- my Air Corps. Sports are tops with him and he’ll long remem- ber A. H. S. football games and Mr. Eaton’s math classes. I Page Twenty Eugene B. Dacey 48 Egerton Road " Dace” will soon fly with the Army Air Corps. He favors sports and will long remember his three years in Mr. Arthur’s printing class. Margaret C. Dahill 223 Broadway Air-minded " Marty " will join the W. A. F. S. Roller skating and dancing are tops with her. She ' ll always remember Room 66. Gertrude Daley 7 Park Street " Daisy " plans to travel the air ways as an air hostess. She en- ' oys skating and dancing and is a Frank Sinatra fan. Roberta Daley 132 Webster Street " Bert " will enter the business world as a secretary. As a side- line she favors dancing and ice skating. Mr. Warner ' s sense of humor will linger in her mem- ory. Marie Olga D’Arrigo 37 Hibbert Street " Bicky " will always remember Miss Johnston’s oral English class. Her favorite outside activities arc- dancing and bowling. Dudley A. Davies 27 A Appleton Street " Dud " has always wanted to fly and intends to be a pilot in the U. S. N. R. He likes swimming, hockey, and wrestling, and has en- joyed high school very much. John William Deasy 210 Florence Avenue Chronicle (11 Grade) " Jack D " is going into the Na- vy in March, 1944. He enjoys horseback riding, golf, and pool. He will never forget the first term of his senior year and his good report card. Mary Deforge 23 Tufts Street " Mary” plans to attend Bryant and Stratton and become a private- secretary. She will always remem- ber her senior year. She espe- cially enjoys roller skating and swimming. Page Twenty-one Paul Delaney 60 Bartlett Avenue Honor Roll, Hockey Quiet, intelligent " Dee ' ' en- joys swimming, football, and hockey. He hopes to attend Holy Cross and study medicine. He will always remember Mr. Skinner’s physics class. Joseph DeLorenzo 92 Varnum Street Honor Roll " Del " plans to attend Tufts College and to become a mechan- ical engineer. His favorite sports are baseball and bask etball. He will never forget Miss Peck in English. Frances Delorie 7 Brookdale Road Dramatic Club, G. A. A. " Fran” plans to become a ste- nographer because she enjoys of- fice work. She will always re- member Mr. Burke’s fourth peri- od class. She loves to skate, dance, and play tennis. Phyllis DeMattia 10 Prentiss Road " Phil” would like to become an assistant buyer. Her favorite pastimes are roller skating and dancing. She will never forget economics and law with Mr. Burke. Celia Evelyn DeNapoli 658 Summer Street Ext. " Sis” is going to Katharine Gibbs. She says that she will not forget Mr. Burke’s jokes. She likes to ride and to skate. Edward DeRosa 24 Richardson Avenue " Sonny,” who is to enter Naval Aviation, enjoys radio, movies, making model airplanes, and swimming. His sophomore year will stand foremost among his high school memories. Yvonne M. DesMarais 89 Mt. Vernon Street Orchestra, G. and S., Dramatic Club, Riding Club, Girls’ Glee Club Vivacious " Bonnie” plans to attend Massachusetts State and to study floristry. Her favorite ac- tivities are dancing, swimming, and riding. She will long re- member Room 75. Paul Desmond 22 Adams Street " Des” intends to join the na- vy soon after graduation. He feels that graduation day will be his most outstanding memory of Arlington High. His favorite pastime is bowling. Page T wenty-two Alfred Joseph Di lulio 53 Park Street Football, Hockey. Golf. Riding Club " Al ' s” favorite sport is horse- back riding but his football days in school are the course of a never-to-be-forgotten game at Melrose. " Al ' s” choice in the service is the Marines. Thomas James Dillon 9 Albermarle Street " Tom” hopes to enter the Army Air Corps. He enjoys swimming and football. He thinks that he will always remember the final exams in his junior year. Carmelo Anthony DiMaggio 8 Milton Street Lunchroom Register Boy " Joe " hopes to attend North- eastern and plans to make me- chanical engineering his career. He ' ll always remember leaving Room 25B eight minutes earlier every day to take up his duties in the lunchroom. Football, hockey, and swimming are among his fa- vorite outside activities. Henry Donigan 424 Concord Turnpike " Hank” is now a member of the U. S. Marines. He likes base- ball and bowling and will always remember his English classes in 25B. Robert Donnelly 95 Grafton Street Joining the service upon grad- uation is " Bob ' s " ambition. Bowling, hockey, and whistling at girls are his " favorites. " He wi ll long remember sneaking late into classes. Mary Donovan 70 Warren Street Hockey, Baseball, Basketball , Tennis, G. A. A. Athletic " Dunnie " looks for- ward to working as a steady bill- er with S. S. Pierce Co. She will long remember her high school chums and the junior year. Elsie May D ' Orlando 216 Oakland Avenue Tennis Squad Elsie has always looked for- ward to office work and will never forget Miss Nash ' s period 6 eco- nomics class. Her favorite out- side activity is skiing. Evelyn Duffy 81 Thorndike Street The never-ending homework and Miss O’Connell ' s pleasing personality will be strongest among " Eve ' s " high school mem- ories. We think she ' ll make a good pupil at stenotype school. Rage T wenty -three Barbara Elliott 34 Foster Street Ski Club, Dramatic Club, Tennis " Bobby” should be a wonder- ful cook after her junior year. She plans to attend a secretarial school. Mr. Johnson really made his United States history live in her memory. George Duggan 70 Chandler Street Collecting phonograph records interests " Dug” who ' s heading for the Bentley School and the Army Air Corps. Memories of Miss Peck ' s English homework will be kept by him for a long time. Thelma Ellis 106 Grafton Street Tennis, Dramatic Club Thelma, who will train to be a Navy nurse after graduation, likes tennis, bowling, and skat- ing. She will long remember her homework. Pauline Frances Duggan 7 Sawin Street " Snuggy” has set her goal for Katharine Gibbs’ to take a secre- tarial course. She enjoys danc- ing and will always remember Saturday night football dances. John G. Emmons 80 Eastern Avenue Hockey " Johnny " wants to join a branch of the Navy. His various outside activities include hockey. He will always remember Miss Bailey’s French class. Jeanne C. Egan 111 Warren Street Honor Roll. Dramatic Club Jeanne wants to study Com- mercial Illustrating and Photog- raphy at the Massachusetts Art School. She loves football games and will long remember Mr. Ken- ny ' s art classes. Megerditch Ermonian 43 Fairmont Street " Mike,” who aspires to play big league baseball after the war, is joining the Marines. He plays baseball and football and will re- member Miss Peck ' s class. Marilyn Einarson 19 Eastern Avenue Riding, Club " Lynn” wants to attend Mount Ida College after graduation. She enjoys dancing and i e skating very much and will never forget her junior y?ar English classes. Page Twenty-f our Warren E. Everett, |r. 55 Eliot Road Baseball, Hockey Warren likes engineering and wants to attend Tufts College. His hobby is sports. He will always remember Miss Bailey’s fourth period French class in his junior year. Robert D. Fallon 21 Kensington Park Football. Hockey Well known " Bob " gets along well with the girls. He plans to become an engineer. He partici- pated in football and hockey but will never forget his French classes in Room 17. Rosemary Farrell 8 Field Road Honor Roll, G. A. A. Rosemary wants to go to Wyndham College to further her education. Her hobby is skating, and she will never forget Miss Binnig’s shorthand class. Natalie Faulkner 49 Pine Street Dramatic Club, G. A. A. " Nat” aspires to be a stenogra- pher. Enjoying dancing, she w 11 never forget the Saturday night football dances and the proms. Page T wen ty- five |o Anne S. Faunce 66 Rhinecliff Street jo believes Mr. Miller ' s chem- istry class will be fun to remem- ber. After graduation she ' ll study nursing at U. N. H. Elizabeth Susana Fellmann 40 Surry Road Orchestra, Honor Roll Elizabeth wants to go to Bates and to become a newspaper woman. Her favorite hobbies are reading and writing. She will always remember her classmates and friends. Dorothy Estelle Field 130 Park Avenue Extension Honor Roll " Dot " will enter clerical work because she finds it most inter- esting. Her outside hobbies are dancing and swimming. She will always remember Mr. Burke ' s jokes. Thelma I. Fields 13 Fairmont Street " Thel” will enter the business field after graduation because of her interest in machines. Swim- ming is her favorite pastime. I I Margaret M. Fitzmaurice 73 Amsden Street Honor Roll " Peg” likes secretarial work and is going to Katharine Gibbs. Her hobbies are dancing and ice skating. She will always have fond memories of Miss Binnig ' s shorthand class. Frances Finochietti 54 Magnolia Street Orchestra, Gilbert and Sullivan, Band " Franny” is very much inter- ested in music and plans to at- tend Eastman ' s after graduation. She will always remember Mr. Eaton’s favorite saying, " I didn ' t get it.” |anet Fitzgerald 66 Chandler Street " Fitzie” will be a nurse after Lasell Junior College. She ' ll not forget Mr. Johnson’s or Miss Shedd’s classes. John D. Fitzgerald 26 Rangeley Road John is a future art school stu- dent as he hopes to become an interior decorator. Outside of school he is a skating fan. John F. Fitzgerald 146 Lake Street " Red” will always remember his chemistry " lab” and History 111. He hopes to attend Cornell. His favorite activities are base- ball, hockey, and bowling. Albert C. Flanders 36 Oakland Avenue Honor Roll — Sophomore Popular " Bud” was A. H. S.’s first enrollee of the class of ’44 in the Naval V-5 program. His classmates will long remember genial " Bud” and we all wish him the best of luck and great- est success. Frances Flatten IS Harlow Street Honor Roll — Sophomore, Glee Club — Sophomore Winter is " Frannie’s” favorite season for then she can ice skate as well as roller skate. Miss Binnig ' s junior and senior short- hand classes will not be forgotten. Ann Fleming 140 Summer Street Squad Tennis, Riding Ann is yet undetermined con- cerning her future ambition. Long remembering the hockey games, she is fond of skating and bowl- ing. Page T wenty-six Rosamond Flentje 25 Lome Road Basketball, Field Hockey, Base- ball, G. A. A., Riding Club Athletic " Roz,” desiring to be a medical secretary, is going to Katharine Gibbs. She enjoys dancing, skating, and riding, and will long remember Mr. Samp- son’s class. Marilyn Flynn 1 19 Franklin Street In regard to future plans " Mai " intends to work on a comptometer. Her top-notch fa- vorites are roller skating and ice skating. Geraldine A. Foran 402 Massachusetts Avenue " Jerry” wants to attend Lesley College and be a kindergarten teacher. Her favorite outside ac- tivity is dancing. She ' ll never for- get her classes with Mr. Samp- son and her first sight of Frank Sinatra. Ruth Agnes Forristall 41 Kimball Road Prom Committee The field of journalism attracts versatile " Ruthie,” who plans to attend Simmons. The prom com- mittee meetings will longest re- main in her memory of A. H. S., and we all can wish this hard class worker success. Page Twenty-seven % Leonard E. Fowle 52 Huntington Road " Chick " will go to Wentworth to become a cabinet maker. Horseback riding is tops with him and he ' ll long remember the worry of getting his homework done. Ernest William Fraser 35 Pine Ridge Road T rack " The wild blue yonder " calls " Ernie” but Peace will take him to Harvard to train to be a plant executive. His Chorus classes are a fond memory though he thinks they’re not so happy to Mr. Ein- zig. " Ernie” will long remem- ber his swell classmates. Ann Freeman 5-A Lakeview Student Council, Ski Club, G. A. A. Popular " Frosty, " an active member of the Student Council, will never forget a certain news item in the Chronicle. She ad- vocates a " Modern Design Club " for the school. lames Friery 73 Bates Road " He wears a pair of silver wings” they ' ll say about " Jim " for he ' s off for the Army Air Force. After the war, we think he’ll be a good commercial pilot. t Mary Calvin 115 Newland Road " Mae,” who will never forget the high school proms, is very fond of dancing. She plans to attend Burdett Business College to become a secretary. William Stetson Carcelon 86 Falmouth Road Honor Roll, Math Club, Debating Club, Chronicle, Gilbert and Sullivan Club Versatile " Bill ' s " outside inter- est is printing and no one can forget his senior campaign jobs. A doctor ' s calling beckons him to Harvard Medical School. Frank Carrity 56 Norfolk Road Football Frank hopes to attend college after the war but first he will serve in Uncle Sam’s forces in the U. S. Maritime Service. Good luck, Frank. Austin Ceary 15 Lincoln Street Basketball, Manager Hockey, Cross Country , Golf " Gus,” a zealous basketball fan and player, is off to Hudson Prep. He will always remember his many chats with the members of the faculty. Spiros C. Ceotis 1 1 Bowdoin Street Math Club " Speed " plans to become one of Uncle Sam ' s Naval Aviators in order to continue his interest in planes. He will keep Miss Bailey’s fourth period French class longest in his memory. Victoria Gibson 89 Oxford Street G. A. A. " Tory " will continue her busi- ness education at Burdett College, where she will study secretarial work. She enjoys swimming and hiking. Harold S. Gillis, |r. 16 Cypress Road Football, Honor Roll Popular " Harry’s” ambition is in the field of aviation, via the Army Air Corps. Though inter- ested in sports, he will long re- member the Senior Prom. Richard Glugeth 113 Sylvia Street " Dick” hopes to enlist in the Air Corps. Golf claims his out- side interests. Best of luck to him. Page Twenty -eight Nancy M. Codbold 84 Irving Street Year Book Committee , Honor Roll Nancy plans to go to Jackson College and her ambition is to become a medical secretary. Her senior Latin and chemistry classes will remain the longest in her memory. Swimming and sailing are her favorite sports. George J. Goni 58 Walnut Street Though interested in swim- ming and bowling, George ' s fu- ture is undecided. He will never forget the fun he had with his homeroom teachers. Kenneth E. Gott 6 Kilsythe Road Orchestra, Ba itl, Football " Ken " hopes to study me hani- cal engineering. He finds much enioyment in orchestra rehearsals He ' ll remember longest Mr. Skinner ' s physics class. He ' s in the Navy now. Frederic Goodsell 20 Grafton Street Ski Club " Budd " wants to be a Navy flier under the Navy V-5 pro- gram. His favorite outside activ- ity is horseback riding. Janice Barber Gorton 71 Quincy Street Flonor Roll, Orchestra, Manager Girls ' Tennis Team Radcliffe is ' Ian ' s " goal, and she ' ll always remember the Gil- bert and Sullivan operettas and the ice hockey games. Athletics, especially swimming and sailing, are to her liking. Natal ie D. Gcttwald 41 Blossom Street Basketball . Hockey " Nat " is headed for the Cadet Nurses’ Corps. She will never forget her sophomore biology class. Her favorite sport is swimming. Helen Ruth Grant 102 Bartlett Avenue Student Council. Dramatic Club, Debating Club. G. A. A., Riding Club. Year Book Committee " Ruthie” hopes that Wellesley will be her Alma Mater. Her fa- vorite sport is swimming. She will never forget Mr. Sampson’s math classes. Ronald Greenland 32 Exeter Street Basketball " Ronnie’s” pigeon raising and athletics fill his snare time. A member of the " Kaspah Gang,” he will remember his struggle through senior English and eco- nomics. Page Twenty-nine Evelyn Crosso 93 Sylvia Street " Tiny” hopes to be a dress de- signer. Her leisure time is taken up with dancing and singing. Mr. Johnson’s history class will linger long in her memory. June Gutteridgc 51 Jason Street Dramatic Club, Gilbert and Sullivan, Ski Club June will remember her soph- omore French class with Miss Barry the longest. Skating and swimming are her favorite out- side activities. Audrey June Hackett 31 Bonad Road Dramatic Club, Honor Roll — three years, Ski Club, Year Book Committee " Red” is headed for Radcliffe where she wants to study psychol- ogy. The memory she will keep longest is of junior year, especial- ly the Prom. Priscilla Barbara Hall 115 Rhinecliff Street Dramatic Club, Lunchroom Assistant " Pussy,” who is to be a cadet nurse, indulges in dancing and roller skating during her spare time. She will never forget her school friends. Catherine Hanley 24 Wildwood Avenue Lunchroom Assistant, T wirier " Kay,” whose future plans are as yet undetermined, is fond of swimming. She will not forget her embarrassing mishaps in twirling at the football games. Claire Ann Hannigan 36 Dartmouth Street Chronicle, G. A. A., Riding Club " Kay” is planning to attend Salem College. She enjoys danc- ing, swimming, and skating and will always recall Miss Peck’s first period class. Helen Teresa Hanson 18 Scituate Street Honor Roll, G. A. A., Office Assistant, Tennis Attending the University of New Hampshire is Helen’s am- bition. Fond of bowling and skating, she will remember, mys- teriously enough, the day of March 5, 1943. Helen Harrington 156 Appleton Street Though going out into the working world, Helen can never forget her struggle with " Mac- beth” and her English oral talks. She enjoys roller and ice skating. Page Thirty Margaret A. Harrington 64 Fairmont Street " Peg” enjoys dancing and writ- ing letters. She will remember the many " swell” friends made in high school longest. Margaret Susanne Hart 62 Alpine Street Gilbert and Sullivan, Glee Club " Peggy” wants to attend Kath- arine Gibbs to become a secre- tary. Skating and skiing are her favorite activities and she will never forget her first solo in Cho- rus 1. Eleanor Teresa Healy 60 Foster Street Honor Roll " Ele ' s” love of work will lead her to become a private secretary. Her many good times at A. H. S. include her sixth period office work. Skating and dancing are her favorite outside activities. Rita Healy 54 Cutter Hill Road Petite Rita will always re- member her English class with Miss O ' Connell. Dancing is her favorite outside activity, especial- ly at the Town Hall. Anna L. Heaney 126 Brattle Street Anna says she wants to be a finger printer and trap spies. Ten- nis is her favorite activity. She will always remember Miss Bin- nig’s shorthand class. Adele Hearon 242 Broadway Office Assistant Upon graduating, " Del " plans to go to work. Highlighting her favorite activities is roller skating. Besides Mr. Warner, she will al- ways remember the sophomores. Richard W. Hearsey 14 Lakehill Avenue Ski Club, Football " Dick” plans to enter Dart- mouth. His outside interests are skiing and dating and his long-to- be-remembered classes are his sophomore Latin and his second year French. Ursula Herlihy 108 Medford Street Dramatic Club, Ski Club, Prom Committee Ursula wants to attend Em- manuel College. Her favorite out- side activities are dancing and swimming. She will never forget her school friends and Mr. Mill- er ' s chemistry class. Page Thirty-one Edward R. Hession 53 Alpine Street Baseball, Hockey Manager " Eddie " is going to join the Army Air Corps. His favorite activities include all sports. He found it very hard to get to school on time in the morning. Ruth Ann Hewitt 7 Park Circle Band, Riding Club, Dramatic Club Miss Williams’ gym classes will remain the longest in Ruth ' s memory of A. H. S. Wells Col- lege attracts her as offering the best training for her career. Jean Horrigan 19 Victoria Road President of Debating Club, Or- chestra, Band, Basketball, Dra- matic Club, Gilbert and Sullivan, Math Club, Honor Roll Popular Jean wants to go to Regis where she will get a Pre- Med course. She is most inter- ested in playing the clarinet and swimming. She will always re- member her friends and fourth year Latin class. Albert J. Hovscpian 92 Broadway " Zepp’s " favorite activities in- clude baseball, football and swim- ming. He hopes to be able to join the Army Air Corns ground crew after graduation. Mr. Arth- ur’s print shop will be one of his many A. H. S. memories. Virginia Hutchinson 9 Willow Place Riding Club, Gilbert and Sullivan, Tennis " Pocketsize,” who hopes to study aviation, consumes lemon and limes during her leisure. She will remember being accused o c eating and charged twenty cents for a textbook page. Lorraine Hill 33 Pine Ridge Road Lorraine enjoys swimming and bowling and her ambition to be- come a clothing teacher leads her to Framingham Teachers’ College. Her memories of Mr. Thompson’s history class are unforgettable. Ralph Hill 66 Sunset Road Hockey Manager " Toppy” will remember long- est the day he graduates. He is planning to join the U. S. Naval Air Corps and to live some of his life in the air. Baseball and golf are his favorite sports. William Hyland 119 Medford Street Football " Bill " wants to be a Marine or else go to Boston College. Foot- ball and hockey are his favorite activities. He will always have memories of his struggle with Latin. Page T hirty-two 1 Beverly Jennings 11 Benjamin Road Debating Club, Tennis, Basketball After graduation " Bev” is to attend Cornell to study nursing. She will long remember a remark made in Miss Peck’s class. Lawrence Johnson 11 Buena Vista Road Football " Bud " is joining the Marines to win the war soon in order to attend college and study physical education. Football and baseball fill his spare time. Walter Johnson 10 Laurel Street Walter wants to go in the serv- ice after he graduates. How he likes the movies! Edwin Jones 22 Glen Avenue Track, Chess Club " Ed, " who is fond of sports and sleep, will remember his classmates and the genial teach- ers he has had. " Ed’s” many friends all agree that here is one grand fellow. Page Thirty -three Adele Jubera 30 Rawson Road Dramatic Club, Gilbert ami Sullivan Adele will attend Fisher Busi- ness School to get training for general office work. Of outside sports, skating and bowling inter- est her the most. Naomi Kahrimanian 90 Broadway Riding Club Naomi, who is planning on Wheaton for further education, likes dancing and bowling. She and Mr. Johnson won’t easily for- get her sixth period history class. Grala L. Karlson 35 Park Avenue Ext. " Dolly” will always remember her sophomore sewing class. Dancing is one of her favorite outside activities. Jack P. Kasarjian 4 Argyle Road Jack ' s life ambition has been to be a heart specialist so it’s Tufts Pre-Med school for him. He likes sleeping and sports, but there was little time for either in Mr. Johnson’s period six his- tory class, says he. r Arpinee Kazanjian 79 Broadway Girls’ Glee Club, Gilbert and Sullivan " Arpi,” who is planning on Burden ' s, likes dancing, swim- ming, bowling, and piano. Miss Binnig ' s shorthand classes and homework will stand out long- est in her mind. She will not forget her friends in A. H. S. Diana Kazanjian 63 Fairmont Street " Shorty’s” ambition is to be- come a private secretary. Roller skating, baseball, and piano are her favorite activities. She’ll re- member her history class the longest. Paul Kearns 572 Summer Street Honor Roll " Mike” is going to join the Army Air Force. Fie is going to remember longest the day of graduation. Hockey and football are his favorite outside sports. Lawrence Keefe 27 Davis Avenue " Larry” wants to make B. C. his future address. He’ll remem- ber Miss Rounds’ Latin class and Mr. Eaton’s review math class the longest, blunting, football, and hockey are among his outside interests. Walter Keefe 11 Teel Street Three years of Basketball " Wally,” who played his best for A. H. S., bringing honors to his school on the basketball course, will do the same for his country, the difference being a change from red and gray to the Navy blue. " Best of luck!” Joseph C. Keeffe 9 Temple Street Football, Baseball, Hockey " Joe” hopes to attend Holy Cross and make drafting his fu- ture work. His favorite outside sports parallel those in school, baseball, football, and hockey. He’ll remember longest the foot- ball rallies and games. Louise Kelley 3 Plymouth Street Glee Club, Honor Roll, Gilbert and Sullivan Louise, who is very fond of music — classical and good swing — plans to attend Salem Teacher’s College. She will always re- member the " lunches” held in Room 21. Phyllis Kelley 44 Newland Road Band Phyllis, who plans to do office work, likes dancing and swim- ming and will remember looking forward to sleeping on Saturday mornings. She wishes she were a boy so she could play football instead of just watching the boys play. Page Thirty-foui Robert Kelly 44 Pine Ridge Road Band, Orchestra " Bob’s” ambition is to join the U. S. Navy. His favorite outside activities are hockey and baseball. He will long remember Miss Peck ' s class. Grace Kenerson 98 Oxford Street Quiet Grace plans to attend Forsythe, later to become a dental hygienist. Best of luck! We hope you don ' t have as much homework as you did your junior year in A. H. S. Marguerite Katherine Kenney 85 Forest Street " Peggy” plans to train at the Cambridge Hospital for the Ca- det Nursing Corps. As an out- side interest, she enjoys horse- back riding. Arthur Kenney 85 Forest Street " Mush,” the great artist, wants to attend art school. His outside interests are swimming and, of course, drawing. What a whiz he was at chemistry. Mary Margaret Kenney 69 Lowell Street Honor Roll Mary plans to go to Katharine Gibbs to later become a secretary. She enjoys dancing and will re- member longest the fun at the football dances. Christine Kenney 67 Wyman Street " Chris” wants to join the Waves after she graduates. She does canteen work outside of school and likes it very much. William E. Kenney 24 Dundee Road " Bill” hopes to attend Notre Dame because he believes it’s one of the finest colleges in the coun- try. He will always remember the formals he attended at A. H. S. Eileen Keohane 76 Warren Street Eileen, who will remember the football games longest, plans to be a secretary. She enjoys bowl- ing and dancing outside of school. Page Thirty -five Richard Kilcoyne 1 1 Ottawa Road Band " Rich ' ' is headed for the Ar- my Air Corps. He wants to be a draftsman after this war. He’ll re- member graduation day the long- est. Rosemary Ann King 32 Newland Road Honor Roll Friendly Rosemary has no trouble getting acquainted with new teachers. She plans to attend Boston University and later be- come a stenographer. Charles Kirchner 64 Hamlet Street " Charlie " is going to join the Navy. Though a football en- thusiast, he will long remember Mr. Kapff’s trigonometry class. Eugene Kclodziej 78 Orvis Road Dramatic Club, Chronicle, Math Club " Gene " wants to attend Tufts to study chemical engineering. He will remember physics A class longest. " Gene” is an indispen- sable member of the Math Club. Lorraine Kraff 625 Summer Street Secretary of Debating Club Junior Year, Secretary of Glee Club Sophomore Year Skating and dancing are the favorite outside activities of " Brenda.” She will always remem- ber her " extended” math course with Mr. Eaton. (oseph Krepelka 79 Appleton Street Basketball Baseball is the favorite activ- ity of " Chuck” outside of school. He will always remember Miss Barry and Miss Fitzpatrick. Barbara Ladd 223 Florence Avenue Dramatic Club Since she has always been in- terested in airplanes, " Red” hopes to become an air hostess. Her fa- vorite outside activity is dancing. John Lally 29 Crescent Hill Avenue Popular " Jack” Lally will nev- er forget the good times he has had with his classmates both in and out of school. He also likes baseball and football. Page Thirty -six lean Elizabeth Langkjen 82 Alpine Street Riding Club Jean is undecided about her destination after leaving A . H. S. She enjoys drawing as well as riding and she will always re- member her struggle with " Mac- beth. " Phyllis Langkjen 82 Alpine Street Honor Roll " Phil " enjoys bowling, swim- ming, and playing the piano. She plans to do secretarial work. She will always remember Miss Bin- nig’s shorthand class and the friends she made at A. H. S. James Gregory Larkin 17 Newport Street President of Student Council, President of Gilbert and Sullivan, Chronicle, Band, Orchestra, Jun- ior and Senior Red Cross Repre- sentative, President of Greater Boston Council, Debating Club Wheaton College is the destin- ation of versatile " Greg, " who plans to study for the ministry. He will long be remembered for his musical contributions to A. H. S. Virginia Law 8 Palmer Street " Gin” can ' t decide what to do when she leaves sihool, but right now her favorite outside activi- ties are dancing and swimming. Barbara Laye 40 Tanager Street " Blondie” is numbered among those few students who have had perfect attendance through junior and senior high school. She plans to be a stenographer. We hope she ' s lost her oral English " creeps.” Robert E. Latinville 47 Thorndike Street " Red " doesn’t know just where he will go after graduating. Hock- ey and baseball are his favorite sports. Good times in the lunch- room are what he will remember longest. Carmelita Leahy 19 Foster Street " Carmie” enjoys drawing char- acter sketches of movie stars. She hopes to become an efficient ste- nographer. Marion G. Lear 14 Brattle Terrace Marion greatly enjoyed the football games but she ' ll always remember her junior sewing class. After graduation she plans more intensive business training at Fisher ' s. Page thirty -seven Joseph P. Lee 55 Norcross Street Basketball The Navy is " Joe’s” goal upon graduation. He will never for- get the two years spent in home- room 26. Margaret Elizabeth Lennon 49 Bow Street Cheer Leader Burden bound to be a stenog- rapher, cheer leader " Nana’s” fa- vorite activities are skating and swimming. She’ll always re- member her week-ends and vaca- tions. Louise Leonard 25 Berkeley Street Honor Roll , Basketball, Cheer Leader Enthusiastic Louise enjoys fly- ing and wants to be an air hos- tess. A cheer leader, she enjoyed every one of the football games. Theresa Leverone 92 Park Avenue Theresa will follow her sisters to Regis where we’re sure she’ll continue enjoying football and hockey games. She ' ll remember Mr. Miller’s fourth period class longest. Frances Louise Lewis 17 Marlon Road Riding Club, Journalism Club " Frannie’s” two years of short- hand are outstanding in her rec- ollections. Dancing and horse- back riding occupy much of her spare time. Robert Lindsey 63 Bow Street Ski Club " Bob” intends to take up ad- vanced radio and drafting at some college. His outside interest is swimming. Jean Frances Lovejoy 96 Appleton Street Riding Club, Gilbert and Sullivan Jean wants to become an in- terior decorator and will attend Chamberlayne Junior College in Boston. She likes dancing, draw- ing, and riding. She also en- joyed the fine arts classes. Charles Lubinger 36 Bow Avenue " Skeezix,” as his classmates call him, plans to join the Navy on graduation. Longest in his mind will be Miss Rounds’ Latin class. Football and hockey take up most of his time. Page Thirty-eight 1 Dorothy Lundgren 222 Broadway Ski Club, Tennis, Badminton " Dee” wants to work in Chandler ' s after she graduates. Her hobbies are roller skating and skiing. She will never for- get Miss Binnig’s class — period 4. Lorraine Ellen Lynas 99 Valentine Road Honor Roll, Ski Club, Gilbert and Sullivan, Dramatic Club " Rene” wants to be a designer and will study at Vesper George. Outside of school horseback rid- ing, swimming, and all winter sports are tops with her. Joseph Edward Lynch 52 Walnut Street Track " Joe” says he is going to join the Navy. He likes football best of all and will always remember Miss Barry’s French class. Walter Lyons 6 Lennon Road " Wally” says he is going to be in the Army before long. His fa- vorite outside activity is hockey and he will never forget Mr. Burke ' s economics and law classes. Page Thirty -nine Jean-Marie Lyshorne 19 Lakehill Avenue Gilbert and Sullivan Attractive Jean has an urge to become a reporter. At present she is attending Harvard night school to further her ambition. She is a roller skating fan and will re- member longest the thrilling hockey games. Dorothea M. MacDonald 95 Ronald Road Ski Club, Honor Roll, Riding Club Learned Dorothea, who could always be seen listed on the hon- or roll, plans to become a dental hygienist and will study at the Forsythe Dental School. Mr. Mill- er ' s chemistry A-6 class will nev- er leave her mind. Robert MacEwen 36 Hemlock Street Band, Track Team " Bob’s " interests lie in the field of aviation. Interested in any type of sports, he will long re- member his experiences on the track team. Marie MacMillan 36 Tanager Street G. A. A.. Dramatic Club " Skiz” will show the women’s division of the R. C. A. F. there are high flyers at A. H. S. Let’s hope she will still have time to worship Glenn Miller and Hum- phrey Bogart. I Richard R. MacMillan 36 Tanager Street Math Club " Mac” wants to attend Tufts College to study chemical engi- neering. He likes popular music and enjoys anything to do with small arms. Irene K. MacNaughton 131 Highland Avenue G. A. A., Baseball Popular " Mickey” is attracted to Chandler’s Business School. Her favorite activities include swimming and dancing and she says that she’ll remember most her visits to Mr. Morrill’s office. Anna Louise MacNeil 45 Claremont Avenue Honor Roll, Math Club, Year Book Committee, Debating Club, Orchestra. Dramatic Club Anna-Louise, who goes in for rhetoric, plans to attend Radcliffe after graduation. She will always remember cleaning lipstick off Oscar, the Dramatic Club mascot. Edward Magnusen 39 Hayes Street Dartmouth seems to enhance " Ed” as the college he ' d like to attend. Versatile " Ed” rlans to take a course in journal sm. He remembers his chemistry class and hockey playing in his mem- oirs of A. H. S. Agnes B. Mahoney 45A Fairmont Street " Happy” wants to attend M. 1. T. Her favorite outside activi- ties are roller skating and swim- ming. She will always remem- ber the football games and dances. Ann C. Mahoney 61 Webster Street Tennis Ann, who is an enthusiastic tennis player, plans to attend a night secretarial school. She will never forget her first confusing day in the shorthand room. James Malone 40 Newcomb Street Football, Hockey, Baseball " Jim” wishes to go to Holy Cross for a good educational background even though his fa- vorite outside activity is skating! ! He will never forget when Miss Rounds sat in the waste basket. George Mandis 1 1 Whittemore Street Baseball " Gig” is another Latin student who will not forget Miss Rounds and the waste basket. He hopes to enter the Army Air Corps. Page Forty Barbara Ann Manley 7 Upland Road President of Dramatic Club, Sports Editor of Chronicle, As- sistant Manager Field Hockey, Girls ' Baseball, G. A. A., Basket- ball, Riding Club Popular " Barb” plans to study dramatics at Emerson. Hockey is her main interest and when asked what kind of world she ' d like to see she replied, " One with a few men in it! ! " Dorothy Jean Mann 55 Wyman Terrace Honor Roll, Gilbert and Sullivan, Dramatic Club " Dotty " is headed for the Ox- ford Secretarial School in Cam- bridge. She will always remem- ber Miss Nash ' s economics class and Mr. Petralia’s Spanish class. Lydia Marasco 83 Milton Street Reporter on Chronicle Lydia, who will best be re- membered for her articles in the Chronicle, plans to attend Vesper George Art College. She ' ll always remember Mr. Kenney’s drawing class. Joseph A. Marshall 138 Herbert Road Basketball, T reasurer of Student Council, Vice-President of Debat- ing Club, Gilbert and Sullivan, Honor Roll, Orchestra, Band, Chairman of funior Prom Com- mittee, Math Club, Photo Editor for Chronicle, Lunch Room " Joe " is a future Harvard law- yer. Besides innumerable school activities he plays basketball. Miss Rounds ' antics at bad Latin translating furnish most lasting memories. John Martel 900 Massachusetts Avenue Hockey Team Red ' s " choice of college is B. C. He is an out-and-out sports enthusiast, hockey being his par- ticular favorite. He won ' t forget Mr. Arthur ' s sixth period for some time, he says. Mary Martin 100 Highland Avenue Student Council, Glee Club, Gil- bert and Sullivan, Ski Club. G. A. A., Dramatic Club Popular Mary is going to at- tend Regis; she says against her will. Her favorite activity is go- ing out with the gang on Jason Street. She will never forget her friends and Frank Sinatra. Clotilde Martins 35 Lafayette Street Riding Club Honor student " Clo " plans to work after graduation and attend night school. She says that her perfect friends and sophomore classes have made the greatest im- pression. Ugo Masi 82 Harlow Street Ugo is planning to join the Army after finishing high school. His hobby is airplanes and Miss Bailey’s French II, Period 4, class will stand out in his mind the longest. Page Forty-one Paul Matthews 24 Everett Street " Spider” plans to go to M. I. T. and take up aeronautics be- cause he likes aviation. He says he will never forget Miss Bailey’s period 4 French class in his jun- ior year. Betty Maxim 19 Langley Road Student Council, Ski Club, G. A. A., Secretary of Class ' 44 " Shorty” plans to attend B. U. where she will study to become a medical secretary. Outside of school she enjoys working at the " hidden industry.” She will al- ways remember the Modern De- sign Club and the meetings at the War Stamp Booth. E. Shirley Maxwell 127 Lowell Street Dramatic Club Shirley would like to become a Navy nurse after graduation. Swimming and dancing are her favorite outside activities. Her senior teachers she will long re- member. Jean Marilyn Maxwell 127 Lowell Street Jean wishes to go into the Ar- my nurses ' training. She likes to dance and ride horseback and will long remember Mr. Thomp- son’s history class. William McAlduff 37 Williams Street " Mac” will soon don the navy blue. He favors dancing and will always remember Mr. Mor- rill ' s sanctum and Mr. Sampson’s math class. Claire McCaffrey 40 Hilton Street Cadet nursing at the Cam- bridge Mt. Auburn Hospital is " Mac’s” ambition. She enjoys roller skating and will always re- member the disagreeing elements during class meetings. lames McCarthy 4 Hawthorne Avenue Band, Orchestra " Jim” doesn’t know what he wants to be. His favorite out- side activities are swimming and skating. He will always remem- ber Mr. Sampson’s math II class. Rosemary McCarthy 68 Hamlet Street Dramatic Club, Ski Club, G. A. A., Debating Club " Mac” plans to train at a school of nursing. She will never for- get the confusing first day of her sophomore year. She enjoys ice skating. Page Forty-two Ruth C. McCarthy 13 Richfield Road Dramatic Club , Ski Club, G. A. A. Well-known Ruth wants to at- tend Regis even though it isn ' t co-ed. She will always remember Frank Sinatra’s recordings and her chemistry classes, both of which " send” her. Eleanor McCarty 30 Bowdoin Street Journalism Club, Dramatic Club " Mac” wants to go to B. U. and become a journalist. Her fa- vorite activities out of school are ice skating and reading. She will always remember her work on the Chronicle. John McCavern 37 Coolidge Road Gilbert and Sullivan, Chess Club, Art Club " Johnnie” will attend B. U. and wants to be a bio-chemist. He likes all kinds of music, and was very active in the Chess Club. Andrew McCoubrey 19 Ossipee Road Honor Roll, Dramatic Club, Stamp Club Intellectual " Mac” plans to at- tend Harvard and pursue a course in diplomacy because world-trav- eling has always been a lust of his. " Andy " will longest re- member his senior Latin four class of fourteen girls and one boy. Claire Elizabeth McCann 37 Amsden Street Claire wants to work in an of- fice doing typing and machine work. All outdoor sports inter- est her. She also likes to read. Mary McCrath 15 Jason Terrace Squad- Tennis , Riding Club Mary hopes that while at Regis studying science she will receive some more A ' s as she did in her sophomore year at A. H. S. Natalie R. McKenzie 19 Burch Street We heard that " Nat” can make up grand excuses for not preparing oral talks. Hmm — All this and she can dance, too! Richard McKinley 97 Highland Avenue Gilbert and Sullivan " Mac” will enter the Navy V-12 program at Dartmouth Col- lege because he believes that the Army and Navy offer great edu- cational opportunities. Swimming and horseback riding are his fa- vorite pastimes. Page Forty-three Barbara McKown 1 9 Dorothy Road Dramatic Club " Babs " wishes to attend art school to study designing and commercial art. She loves sailing and will long remember Mr. Pet- ralia ' s Spanish class. Thomas Melly 139 Franklin Street Football After graduating, " Tom " in- tends to join the Marines. When the war is over he wants to at- tend Notre Dame. He will be remembered as a top football player. Bertha A. Mercer 37 Magnolia Street While at A. H. S. Bertha liked to go roller skating and dancing, but what she says she will re- member longest is the homework. Richard Dana McMahon 243 Florence Avenue Hockey , Track, Basketball, Band " Dick” is now in the Navy. He should be an expert on chew- ing gum after Mr. Burke’s famed discourse on the subject. Carey P. McMurray 144 Lowell Street Bashful " Red” wants to join the Naval Air Corps when he graduates. As outside interests he likes hiking and bicycle rid- ing. (ark H. Medzorian 83 Melrose Street F.ditor-in-Chief of Chronicle for tiro years, Honor Roll If the Navy V-12 starts print- ing its own paper soon, you can bet Jack is the editor, he did such a grand job on our Chronicle. Jean L. Meserve 56 Wyman Terrace Riding Club , Honor Roll in Senior year " Jeanie” will continue her edu- cation at Lawrence Memorial Hospital where she will study to be a Navy nurse. We all wish her success in her chosen profes- sion. Jessia May Miller 5 Perth Road " Sister” has enjoyed watching hockey games and certainly will remember high school. She plans to work in an office after she graduates. Page Forty-four Paul ). Miller 64 Gray Street Paul plans to attend Boston College next fall. He is inter- ested in collecting jazz records and will never forget his aero- nautics class. Pauline E. Miller 1 1 Jason Terrace Glee Club, Gilbert and Sullivan Did you ever hear of a sing- ing secretary? You may soon for " Polly " plans to be a secretary, but she loves music, too. She ' ll long remember Mr. Burke and economics. Greta Millett 210 Spring Street Honor Roll, Guidance Room Helper If you should pass Salem Teachers’ College and call " Hi Babe,” Greta might answer, if she weren ' t out skating or danc- ing, her favorite pastimes. Geraldine Elena Mirabello 99 Oxford Street Tennis " Jerry " wants to join the W. A. F. S. and be a pilot. Outside of school she likes swimming and dancing. She was an ardent root- er at the football games. Charlotte Monahan 252 Wachusett Avenue Art Club, Riding Club, Tennis. " Pickles” plans to go to a jun- ior college somewhere in North Carolina. Her favorite outside ac- tivities are skating, skiing, and tennis. She will remember A. H. S. the longest for her drawing classes in Room 29. William ). Montuori 107 Wildwood Avenue Baseball Manager, Hockey This sports enthusiast is headed for a high goal in life, for " Bos- co” wants to join the Navy Air Corps. He will always remem- ber his motor trouble the night of the Junior Prom. Edward Morrill 36 Coolidge Road Honor Roll, Band " Eddie” is headed for the Na- vy after graduation. When the war is over, he wants to engage in some branch of newspaper work. Adrianne L. Mottola 170 Gray Street Adrianne plans to attend Jack- son to train for social service but we think she ' ll spend the most time in the Tufts pool for her favorite activity in swimming. Page Forty -five MiSfi Mary Louise Mulhern 207 Pleasant Street Dramatic Club, Chronicle, Year Book Committee After graduating, Mary will attend Regis College. Her am- bition is to be an elementary school teacher. Tennis and bowl- ing are her favorite outside in- terests. Joan Leona Mulvihill 150 Mary Street Gilbert and Sullivan Joan has always wanted to be a teacher and will train at Salem Normal after graduating. She likes roller skating and swimming as outside interests. John L. Murphy, Jr. 917 Massachusetts Avenue Football At B. C. when " Panther” isn’t busy with football, sundaes, and sleeping, he will remember Miss Porter’s English IV class. John P. Murphy 48 Fairmont Street Honor Roll " Long John” is headed for the Marines after long awaited grad- uation. He ' ll remember Miss Peck and her homework forever. He’s a member of the " Kas- bah”? ! hhhhh Virginia Nelson 99 Oxford Street Honor Roll, Tennis, Band Twirler, Ski Club " Ginger” wants to be a secre- tary and will attend Fisher Busi- ness School. She likes all sports including ice skating, swimming, and field hockey. Beverly Newell 39 Westmoreland Avenue Field Hockey Team, Gilbert and Sullivan, Orchestra, Band Although " Bev” is uncertain about the college she will attend, she wants to be an air hostess. She likes swimming and skating as outside activities. Robert Nichols 63 Dow Avenue " Nick” is planning to put his favorite pastime, football, into use against the Japs when in the Navy. Mr. Burke’s efforts in gym will stay long in his mem- ory. Earl Nobles 32 Scituate Street Band, Football, Hockey Earl is to enter the Army Air Corps in September. Sports are tops with him, in particular, hockey and football. After the war, he would like to go to Har- vard. Page Forty-six Edward Novello 51 Varnum Street Football, Track, Hockey Edward is planning on Colum- bia and a law career. His favorite activity is music and he will long remember the day he went to see what Frank Sinatra really had in his 136 . Louise Ethel Nowlin 1064 Massachusetts Avenue Hockey, Baseball, Basketball Although " Lou” is uncertain about the school she will attend, she wants to train for general of- fice work. The Guidance Room held a great attraction for her. Paul Obear 189 Newport Street Paul plans to become a doctor and will attend Boston College. He will never forget Mr. Eaton ' s math class. He has enjoyed playing the clarinet and the saxo- phone in the orchestra. Helene L. O ' Brien 111 Claremont Avenue Helene is planning to become a dental hygienist at Forsythe Dental School. She enjoys danc- ing and will remember longest her history class with Mr. John- son. C. Joseph O’Brien 41 Lewis Avenue When " O ' B " is in the Air Corps flying in the wee hours of the morning, sleeping, his favor- ite pastime, will be merely a pleasant dream. Marie Ochs 114-A Medford Street Gilbert and Sullivan, Orchestra, Debating Club, Honor Roll After graduating from Sim- mons College, Marie hopes to travel to see the world. Miss Rounds’ Latin classes will remain longest in her memory of A. H. S. Marie Louise O ' Connell 109 Lake Street Honor Roll Simmons College is " Mary Lou’s” choice for preliminary study for nursing. Her favorite pastimes are ice and roller skat- ing. Robert O ' Connell 95 Highland Avenue " Bob’s” ambition is to study airplanes at Park’s Air Base. He likes sailing and skating and will long remember Mr. Arthur’s aeronautics class. Page Forty-seven May Olafsson 103 Bow Street T wirier for two years May loves to skate, ski, and dance. Miss Donovan’s English class will remain foremost in her high school memories. Joseph O’Connor 147 Franklin Street Although " Joe” is undecided about the future, we feel sure that he will find success in his chosen work. Margaret O’Connor 51 Coolidge Road " Peggy " loves to bowl and dance. She plans to attend B. U. where she will study journalism. She will always remember Mr. Sampson’s math classes. Arnold Olsen 50 Amsden Street When " Arnie " is sailing over the oceans with the U. S. Navy, he will remember the many friends that he met at Arlington High. Good luck, " Arnie”! Margaret Patricia O’Neil 109 Oxford Street Tennis " Margie” hopes to attend a Wave Training School to become a Wave and to help win the war. She enjoys tennis, dancing, and hockey games. Dawn O ' Day 288 Appleton Street Debating Club, Math Club Secre- tary, Science Club, Honor Roll While at A. H. S Dawn was either arguing ( her favorite ac- tivity) or studying hard to enter Radcliffe. She plans to become a physicist. Here’s wishing her good luck! Donald O ' Keefe 71 Tufts Street " Duck,” who enjoys all sports including football and hockey, plans to join the Army Engineer Corps upon graduating. T,sm Marie O’Neil 30 Alfred Road Marie ' s success as a dancing in- structor is well known. Swimming and dancing are her favorite out- side activities. She will long re- member her sophomore studies. Page Forty-eight 1 Marcia Onthank 59 Glenburn Road Glee Club Studying at Salem Teacher ' s College to teach a commercial subject is Marcia ' s ambition. Out- side of school she enjoys danc- ing and tennis. She will always remember Miss Binnig ' s class. lean A. O’Reilly 110 Gray Street Field Hockey, Basketball . Soft- ball, Horseback Riding , G. A. A., Swimming, Office Assistant Athletic Jean will always re- member the school sports. She loves swimming, bowling, horse- back riding, and football games. Next year she will begin a two- year course at B. U. Ruth O ' Reilly 110 Gray Street Field Hockey, Basketball . Soft- ball. Tennis. G. A. A., Riding Club " Ruthie " is going to nursing school at Saint Elizabeth ' s Hospi- tal. Then she plans to enter the Navy. She enjoys swimming, riding, bowling, skiing, and foot- ball games. Martin Ornstein 223 Park Avenue Debating Club, Chess Club two years Martin is Harvard bound and thence to be a psychiatrist. We hope that Harvard will appreciate as much as we do Martin ' s magic. Page Forty -nine 1 Mary O ' Shea 29 Menotomy Road Honor Roll for three years, G. A. A., Tennis Mary is going to Salem State Teachers ' College. Theatre, ski- ing, and football games are tops with her. She ' ll always remem- ber Ancient History. Th eresa Papaluca 102 Egerton Road " Terry " plans to enter a sec- retarial school. Dancing and bowling take up much of her time. Memories of A. H. S. will bring back the lunch room and those very exciting football gam es. Frank Paragona 141 Thorndike Street " Whizzer” will enlist in the Navy. A member of the " Kas- hah” gang, he enjoys hockey, football, and bowling. He will re- member passing junior English. Norma L. Parker 3 Harvard Street " Red, " after excelling in the three-year stenographic course at A. H. S., plans to be an efficient stenographer. Bicycling and ice skating are her favorite exercises. !i i Delores Pasqui 28 Mystic Valley Parkway After " Lolly” has graduated from Burdett ' s and is a secretary she ' ll remember the mad dash to the lunchroom for a seat. Danc- ing and swimming are tops with her. William H. Payne, Jr. 43 Magnolia Street Ski Club, Gilbert and Sullivan, Operetta " Bill " plans to enter the Na- val Air Corps in Class V-5. He has enjoyed Mr. Arthur’s aero- nautics class. He will always re- member the informative talks in Mr. Morrill’s office. Barbara Louise Peabody 179 Brattle Hill The football games, study peri- ods, and the classmates " Barbie” knew will linger longest in her memory of A. H. S. Dancing and skating are her outside activities. Ira A. Pelletier 34 Sunset Road Honor Roll, Cross Country Mickie would like to enter the field of Diesel engineering. What he will remember longest about high school is getting enough points to graduate. Douglas D. Perham 145 Mt. Vernon Street Honor Roll, Lunch Room " Doug " will be sporting Na- vy wings in the near future. Homework will remain longest in his memory. The Capitol will be waiting for your return. Beverly Perrie 23 Silk Street Gilbert and Sullivan, Glee Club Talkative " Bev” wants to be a secretary. W hen she leaves A. H. S. she will take fond mem- ories of the operetta, " H. M. S. Pinafore,” with her. Harold Phipps 25 Elder Terrace Maybe the " little” man wasn’t a super student but with activities like hunting and fishing Harold was happy between report cards. Margaret M. Pigott 79 Westmoreland Avenue Honor Roll " Midge” will never forget " Lugging books home from school.” She loves horseback rid- ing and skating. She plans to join the Cadet Nurse Corps. Page Fifty Phyllis Pike 35 Mt. Vernon Street Field Hockey, Basketball, Student Council Versatile Phyllis plans to en- ter Jackson College to take a pre- medical course. She loves to read and dance. She will always re- member Miss Rounds’ Latin classes. Pauline Pitts 47 Eliot Road " Pittsy” will remember Miss Peck’s English class the longest. Her outside activities include ice skating. She’s headed for Fish- er Business School. Yvonne M. Portais 49 Marathon Street Dramatic Club Yvonne will never forget her marks at Arlington High. She hopes to attend a business school. Her favorite outside activities are dancing, skating, and swimming. Louis Porzio 31 Lafayette Street " Lou " plans to join the Navy. He is interested in athletics and belongs to the " Kasbah " gang. He will remember his English home- work and class. Marion Pothier 119 Palmer Street Honor Roll Marion plans to enter the busi- ness world and hopes to be a ste- nographer. Her favorite activities are ice skating and dancing. Rita Potter 45 Westmoreland Avenue Band, Orchestra, Field Hockey, Operetta, Manager of Field Hockey Team Rita enjoys music and sports. She participates in the band and orchestra and enjoys swimming, skating, and dancing. She will never forget Mr. Eaton’s geome- try class. Carl R. Powell 102 Grafton Street " Ty’s” favorite activities are bowling, riding, and flying. Being fond of mechanics and engines, he plans to follow a mechanical career. " Ty” will be glad to graduate. Joan Marie Preston 32 Edmund Road G. A. A., Basketball Learning all about airplanes at a W. A. F. Training School is Joan’s ambition. She enjoyed most the football and hockey games and refreshments during English. Page Fifty -one Alvera F. Ramacorti 93 Pleasant Street Honor Roll, Chronicle Staff, Girls’ Baseball " Vera” is planning to attend Middlesex University to become a veterinary. She enjoys mystery stories, and won’t forget her Modern Literature class. Miriam Puffer 286 Renfrew Street Literary Committee, Tennis Patriotic " Puffy’s” dog and his training occupies much of her time. Perhaps memories of Miss Binnig ' s type II class will aid her when at the Prince School of Merchandising. Elizabeth Ann Pushaw 1 1 Richardson Avenue Dramatic Club " Betty” wants to go to business college when she graduates in June. She likes dancing, swim- ming, and skating, plus the foot- ball games. John Quinn 61 Foster Street " Jack " hopes to enlist in the United States Marines. His fa- vorite outside activities are foot- ball and bowling. His memories of his automotive mechanics class will linger long in his mind. Alfred C. Raffa 18 Lakehill Avenue When Alfred goes to B. C. to study chemistry he will see lots of his favorite sports, football and hockey. We hope his French II helped him enter. Rita Randin 152 Webster Street " Randy” plans to join the Ca- det Nursing Corps. Her favorite outside activity is ice skating, and she enjoys watching hockey and football games. Mary Reagan 7 1 Teel Street " Tessie " is heading for Jack- son to become a nurse. She en- joys ice skating and will not for- get her English class soon. Eleanor Reed 1 1 Wellington Street Dramatic Club for three years, Year Book Committee , Honor Roll, Stamp Club, Chronicle, Guest of Woman’s Club The big thrill of Eleanor ' s jun- ior year was winning the Legion Oratorical Contest. She plans to prepare for a career in Occupa- tional Therapy at Mount Holyoke College. Page Fifty-two If Gloria Reed " Glo” hopes to attend La Salle College. Her favorite outside ac- tivity is the famous " Modern De- sign Club.” She will always re- member her business organization class with Mr. Wallace. Louis Reycroft 23 Whittemore Street Track, Captain Cross Country, Baseball, Hockey, Class Treasurer Athletic ' " Lou” plans for a mili- tary career, with hopes for A- 12 or V-12. Interested in any type of sports, he will long remember high school hockey. John |. Reynolds 307 Gray Street " Jack ' ' hopes to join the many flying aces in the Air Corps. Sailboat racing and ice boating take up a lot of his time. Dorothy Richards 307 Park Avenue Dramatic Club, Decoration Com- mittee for Senior Prom " Dottie” wants to attend West- brook Junior College to study bookkeeping. She likes to dance and swim and will long remem- ber Mr. Wallace’s business organ- ization class. Donald K. Rieck 6 Woodland Street Football " Duck” is heading for business school after Uncle Sam says he doesn’t need him any more. Grad- uation day will be his favorite recollection of A. H. S. I. Barbara Riese 37 Tanager Street " Barb " enjoys skating, dancing, and swimming. She’ll remember her senior year for a long time. Edna Riley 18 Norcross Street Band Leader, Tulrler, Honor Roll That " Speedy Twirler Edna " may be a stenographer for the telephone company, but she will always have time for her swim- ming, skating, and dancing. Shirley Josephine Robbins 42 Ronald Road Honor Roll Shirley wants to study foreign trade at Boston University. She loves skiing and will long remem- ber her first day at Arlington High. Page Fifty-three Warren Francis Roche 18 School Street Honor Roll, Math Club, Editor for Year Book Warren plans to attend B. C. and then take a post-grad at Har- vard Business. He enjoys a good baseball game as well as playing the piano. Walter Robertson 7 Pondview Road Hockey " Bob,” a definite sports fan, is headed for Holy Cross. He will enjoy recalling his chemistry lab. periods and his friends at A. H. S. Annette Rockwell 39 Sherborn Street Although " Rocky” is undecided about her future business she would like to be a champion swimmer. Needless to say, her fa- vorite pastime is swimming. Richard Romley 14 Proprietors Way Chess Club, Gilbert and Sullivan " Dick” hopes to attend West Point to fulfill his ambition of be- ing an officer in the regular ar- my. Here’s wishing him the best of luck. Pauline Roy 16 Chandler Street Honor Roll " Polly " is planning to take up nursing in the Massachusetts Gen- eral Hospital. She enjoys danc- ing, swimming, skating, and other sports. She will always remem- ber the football games. Marjorie Ruby 16 Melrose Street Field Hockey, Baseball " Marge” is headed for Sargent because she ' s such an enthusiast of sports, especially swimming. She’ll always enjoy remembering her math III class with Mr. Eaton. Shirley Rush 259 Pleasant Street Honor Roll, Dramatic Club, De- bating Club, Year Book Commit- tee, Student Guest of Woman’s Club Scholastic Shirley plans to further her education at Welles- ley. She likes swimming, skat- ing, and sailing, and will never forget her three years of Latin with Miss Rounds. Thelma Safgren 35 Overlook Road Honor Roll, Riding Club Thelma wants to become a medical secretary and will attend Mt. Ida to be trained. Dancing and roller skating are her favorite outside activities. r Page Fifty-fou, Laura Janet Scali 50 Norcross Street Year Book Committee While studying dietetics at B. U., Laura may recall her first day at A. H. S., and the fun she had in study hall. She ' s another Frank Sinatra fan. Angelina Schipellite 204 Broadway " Skippy " is going to attend Boston University. She hopes to become a hospital laboratory tech- nician. She will never forget her sophomore year. A. Leona Seabury 52 Aberdeen Road G. A. A. " Lee’s” post-high school plans are still indefinite, but she ' ll nev- er forget Miss Daley ' s business organization class while here at A. H. S. Margaret Seaver 119 Ronald Road Tennis Class Margaret is going to Massachu- setts General School of Nursing. She likes tennis and will long remember Miss Pennell ' s Home Management class and lab. peri- od in chemistry. PH Ceorge Robert Sewall 103 Lake Street " Soupy” intends to study at Harvard to be a physical instruc- tor. An ardent sports fan, he es- pecially likes basketball and will never forget his school chums. Mary L. Shea 19 Alfred Road Mary believes that long after graduation when she’s a comp- tometer operator, she will still re- member the fun she had in her sophomore year. David Sheehan 60 Wyman Street Baseball, Football, Hockey " Dave” is going to enter the field of radio. He likes baseball and is one of many who will re- member A. H. S. sports. Marilyn Elizabeth Sheehan 28 Howard Street Basketball, Field Hockey, Secre- tary G. A. A., Debating Club, Riding Club, Ski Club, Year Book Committee, Tennis An athletic girl with an ath- letic future at Bouve. Marilyn in- dulges in all sports, but her fa- vorite winter sport is skiing. She will long remember Miss Jewett and biology A. Page Fifty-five David Shepherd 75 Coolidge Road " Dave” is now in the Army; he hopes to go to O. C. S. His- tory and math classes will longer long in his memory. John Wilson Shilliday 51 Webcowet Road John wants to attend Bentley College to further his study o accounting. He likes sports and will long remember Mr. Wallace’s business organization class. Edna Sirois 54 Hibbert Street Tennis, Basketball Edna intends to enter our busy business world. She likes bowl- ing and dancing and will long remember A. H. S. sports. Rachel Mary Sorrentino 51 Walnut Street Baseball, Honor Roll " Ray” is a staunch supporter of Bing Crosby. Although she is already a poet she plans to study stenography at Burden ' s. Betty C. Stanbury 42 Peirce Street Tennis Betty plans to enter the busi- ness world as a typist. She likes tennis and bowling and will long remember Mr. Burke’s jokes. Margaret Stephens 67 North Union Street " Peggy” wants to become an aviatrix as she thinks it would be interesting and lots of fun. Skating and swimming are her favorite outside activities and she thinks Glenn Miller and Bing Crosby are tops. Beverly Stickney 69 Thorndike Street " Bev” is going to enter the Ca- det Nurse Corps. She enjoys swimming and skating. She will always remember going up and down crowded stairways. Kenneth Stodder 112 Gloucester Street " Ken” is Arlington ' s outstand- ing record collector. A tried and true Crosby fan, no Sinatra for him, he hopes to vocalize himself in the near future. Page Fifty-six Barbara Sullivan 88 Orvis Road Barbara is going to Bentley’s to be a bookkeeper or Certified Pub- lic Accountant, and if she doesn’t succeed at that she can always be a table tennis champion. Catherine Sullivan 51 Lake Street Basketball, Baseball, Field Hockey When Harry James is playing softly and sweetly there is no thought of going to Chandler ' s to be a secretary. Constance Sullivan 66 Sutherland Road Honor Roll, Band, Gilbert and Sullivan, G. A. A. " Connie " hopes to become a secretary. She will never forget the Arlington High football games. Her favorite sport is ice skating. Joseph L. Sullivan 3 Linwood Street In " Joe, " Jimmy Dorsey is go- ing to find a successor on the saxophone provided the Army Air Force doesn’t keep him too long. Mr. Arthur’s sixth period aeronautics will give him plenty to look back on. F. Philip Swett 33 Pleasant View Road Class President, Student Council, Hockey Team " Phil’’ enjoys day dreaming, particularly in study halls. A swing music fan, he expects to enter Dartmouth after graduation. Edwin F. Tarbox 231 Appleton Street Orchestra, Band. Ski Club, Math Club " Eddie” plans to attend either Annapolis or M. I. T. because he says they have the greatest edu- cation possible. What he will re- member longest about A. H. S. is " lab” with Mr. Miller and his physics classes with Mr. Skinner. Adrienne Viola Tashjian 374 Massachusetts Avenue " Adey” is going to be a dress designer. Bowling and skating are tops with her. Chemistry and Mr. Thompson made an im- pression on her. Robert P. Tassinari 57 Cleveland Street Math Club We know our tennis star, " Bob,” will always remember the swell fellows he associated with in the senior class and A. H. S. wishes you success in your army A- 12 training. Page Fifty-seven Donald Taylor 389 Massachusetts Avenue " Don” expresses his gratitude to a certain math teacher who helped him and promises he will study hard in the Navy Air Corps. Outdoor sports are tops with him. lean Tenney 373 Park Avenue Honor Roll " Tin-tin,” the sleuth, wants to be a stenographer in the F. B. I. She will always remember Miss Binnig’s classes. Her favorite pastimes are reading and ice skat- ing. Richard Tenney 9 Addison Street Tennis After graduation, " Dick " will join his brother and sister in the U. S. Navy. His two years with Mr. Eaton will remain longest in his memories of A. H. S. Mary H. Terjelian 94 Webster Street Honor Roll Mary wants to be a secretary and will attend Higgins Com- mercial School for her training. She enjoys all kinds of music, preferably organ music. Thelma Thompson 6 Peter Tufts Road " Thel” wants to be a secretary and will train at the Fisher Busi- ness School. She likes very much to skate, and is an ardent Harry James rooter. Mary A. Tobin 3 Park Terrace Baseball " Addie” plans to join the Ma- rines shortly after high school. Her favorite outside activity is dancing and she says she’ll never forget Mr. Burke’s corny jokes. Robert Trainor 19 Rhinecliff Street " Bob” is anxious to get out of school, but just the same he won ' t forget Miss Peck. Hockey and golf are his favorite pastimes. Frances Tremblay 9 Lancaster Road Baseball " Frannie” wants to go overseas as a Navy nurse. She likes danc- ing, horseback riding, and will long remember her solo singing in chorus. Page Fifty-eight Raymond Tremblay 107 Hibbert Street " Ray’s” favorite activities are trapping, hunting, fishing, and sports. He will always remember Miss Peck’s first period English classes. " Ray " will leave for the Marines after graduation. Ethel Trueworthy 23 Moulton Road Riding Club " Eddie ' ' hop es to become a nurse and join the Army or Navy Nurse Corps. Dancing, bowling, and swimming are among her fa- vorite sports. She will remember longest her junior algebra class and the fun involved. Mae Truvedson 82 Grandview Road Hockey, Basketball, Baseball, G. A. A. Quiet Mae has no definite col- lege or business in mind. Besides her school athletic activities, she also enjoys ice skating. Mary Tunney 72 Amsden Street Dramatic Club, G. A. A., Year Book Committee, Honor Roll Mary wants to study secretarial work at Katharine Gibbs. She likes swimming and walking and will long remember her sopho- more math class. Norma Tupper 10 Trowbridge Street Skating is Norma’s favorite outside activity. She is undecided about what she will do after graduation, but we wish her suc- cess in her future undertakings. Constance Joan Varney 39 Newland Road Debating Club, Gilbert and Sulli- van, Dramatic Club, Year Book Committee, Glee Club, Band, Orchestra, Honor Roll " Connie” wants to be a first grade teacher and will attend Wheaton College in Illinois. She has been very active in the mu- sical department. She will re- member Room 75. June Vokey 23 Arnold Street Honor Roll June intends to do drafting and will attend M. I. T. Her fa- vorite outside activity is dancing. Mr. Burke has given her some- thing to remember. Kenneth W. Walker 35 Aberdeen Road Honor Roll, Band Hockey is " Bill ' s” favorite out- side sport. He wants to be a me- chanical engineer and will attend Northeastern University. Page Fifty-nine Richard A. Walker 3 Inverness Road Ski Club, Tennis, Honor Roll " Dick” likes aeronautics and would like to design airplanes. He will attend the University of New Hampshire. Ice hockey is his favorite sport. He and Mr. Banks won’t forget each other for a while. Robert Walker 6 Hawthorne Avenue Golf Team " Wook” plans to go into the Air Corps by June. His favorite outside activities are hockey and golf. Edward Walsh 5 Cleveland Street " Eddie, " who is now driving a milk route, wants to join the Ar- my Air Corps. He likes all sports, including hockey and baseball. John Walsh 34 Dartmouth Street After receiving his diploma, John plans to attend B. C. He likes to plav all sports, especially ice hockey. Math was his nemesis. ill — i WSBi Lillian Anne Walsh 44 Warren Street Dramatic Club, Tennis , Gilbert and Sullivan " Lil,” whose favorite outside activity is swimming, will never forget all the street cars she missed. She will join the Cadet Nurse Corps when she graduates. Jane C. Washburn 24 Coolidge Road Honor Roll three years, Student Council three years, President of G. A. A., Ski Club, Basketball, Field Hockey , Baseball, Junior and Senior Prom Committees " Janie” wants to be a Navy Nurse and will attend Simmons. She likes all athletics, especially swimming. Stamps and bonds sales kept her busy this year. John M. Washburn 24 Coolidge Road Honor Roll sophomore year, De- bating Club , Chronicle, Lunch- room Cashier " Wash” has been quite active in school activities. He intends to attend Worcester Polytech to study mechanical engineering. Farming is a popular pastime with him. William Watson 1 Perkins Street Football " Bill” wants to join the air corps and attend a college. He likes sports and will long remem- ber Mr. Eaton ' s algebra classes. Page Sixty Virginia Watterson 5 Lakeview Terrace " Ginny” plans to attend Kath- arine Gibbs and wants to be em- ployed by Western Union. In her sophomore year, she and her friend won the badminton finals. Good work, " Ginny.” Eleanor B. Watts 1 1 Pine Street Cheer Leader " El” plans to go to John Han- cock Company after high school because she likes office work. Her favorite outside activities are dancing and swimming. She says she ' ll never forget Mr. Burke ' s witty answers. Philip R. Waugaman 101 Hillside Avenue Ski Club, Tennis, Riding Club " Dick” hopes to enlist in the Army Air Corps. His favorite outside activities are bowling and hunting. His ambition is to at- tend an agricultural college to study forestry conservation. Doris M. Welch 50 Colonial Drive Honor Roll, Dramatic Club , Sec- retary of Dramatic Club for two years " Dot,” enthusiastic secretary of Dramatic Club, will attend a school to train to be a secretary. She will long remember the friendships she has gained at Arl- ington High School. Warren Wells 40 Newport Street Honor Roll, Gilbert and Sullivan, Math Club, Lunchroom We shall never forget Warren ' s enduring patience at the lunch- room cash register. M. I. T. will gain a real student when he en- rolls. Evelyn C. Weslowski 1 1 Grove Street Place Tennis, Riding " Evie” will attend business school for further training. She enjoys swimming, riding, and ice hockey games. Margaret L. Wheatley 99 Mt. Vernon Street Honor Roll " Margie” is planning on Salem State Teachers’ College to further her education for she likes work- ing with younger children. Her favorite activity is music. She says she will never forget Mr. Eaton’s math classes. Barbara Jean White 27 Mill Street " Barb " likes ice skating and swimming. She will always re- member A. H. S. football games. Since she likes office work she wishes to enter Fisher Business School. Page Sixty -one Priscilla E. White 75 Hillsdale Road Secretary of Student Council two years, Ski Club, Honor Roll for three years, Dramatic Club, G. A. A., Vice-President of Senior Class " Priscie " has a special place in her mind for rumble seats. She plans to go to M. I. T. because of the variety of subjects. She is another Modern Design Club member. Joyce Whitney 63 Scituate Street Riding Club, Tennis, Dramatic Club Joyce’s favorite activities are swimming, riding, and sports. Heading for a career in aviation she will always remember her fifth period mechanical drawing class. Cynthia Wilkshire 261 Lowell Street Gilbert and Sullivan, Honor Roll " Cindy” plans to attend Jack- son College after graduation. She loves to swim and dance. What she will remember longest about high school is the excess home- work. Edward Wilmarth 1 Morton Road Honor Roll, Lunchroom " Eddie " is noted for his ac- cordion playing. He will always remember Mr. Warner’s sixth pe- riod math class. He wishes to go to M. I. T. Robert C. Wilson 2 Park Terrace If possible, " Scottie” wants to join the Army Air Corps after graduating. He will always re- member his history IV class with Mr. Johnson. Ruth Woodbury 106 Mt. Vernon Street Honor Roll " Ruthie’s” favorite outside ac- tivities are roller skating and dancing. She will remember Mr. Kroll’s chemistry classes the long- est of anything in her high school career. Beatrice Josephine Woras 76 Dudley Street Honor Roll " Beatty’s” ambition is to be- come a secretary. She loves to roller skate and read mysteries. " Beatty” will always remember her economics classes in Room 53. Joseph Zarrella 316 Park Avenue " Joe” is going into the armed services when he graduates. He enjoys most going on long trips in his famous car and will re- member Mr. Morrill. Page Sixty-two George Massa 90 Varnum Street " Flash,” an experimenter at heart will become Dr. Massa by way of B. C. He says he will al- ways remember the work he didn’t do at A. H. S. Norman Anderson 45 Bellington Street Track " Andy” participates in skating and baseball. A long remem- bered occasion will be his re- ceiving of his diploma. George W. Applegate 8 Lafayette Street Honor Roll " Prof " plans to further his edu- cation in a college where he can use radio equipment. His favorite memories are of the science de- partment and of the Thanksgiv- ing Day game goal posts. Richard Baldwin 80 Brooks Avenue " Baldy” is planning to join the Navy. He is musically inclined, and enjoys classical music espe- cially. Charles Barbagallo 68 School Street " Charlie” plans to take the A- 12 exams because he feels that it offers great opportunities. He will never forget the first week of his junior year. Louise Bergstrom 49 Norcross Street G. A. A., Red Cross, Outing Club " Swede,” who enjoys sailing and traveling, plans to be a sec- retary. She will attend Burdett College for her training. Good luck, " Swede.” Hartman Brower 8 Margaret Street " Speed” plans to enter the Ar- my Air Corps. His favorite out- side activity is stamp collecting. He will never forget the teachers of Arlington High. Nora Catalano 102 North Union Street Tennis Nora hopes to go to Chandler ' s Business School to receive train- ing in typewriting and shorthand. She likes to skate, dance and play tennis. Ralph Coiley 13 Pierce Street Football, Hockey, Basketball Ralph has no future plans; he’ll take life as it comes. He’ll long remember his fourth period class in 1942. Sleeping is tops with him. Kenneth Elliott 35 Broadway Journalism Club Well-known Kenneth is one of this school’s foremost swing au- thorities. The radio field will be his career. He’ll always remember Miss Barry’s comptometer class, and his genial teachers. George Walter Fife Varnum Street Hockey, Football " Wally,” who will never for- get hockey practice, is now serv- ing in Uncle Sam’s Army. Best of luck to you, " Wally.” Harry E. Gray 17 Linwood Street Harry, who wants to be an electrical engineer, will train at the Worcester Polytechnic Insti- tute. He enjoys football and skiing. James Hayes 42 Pondview Road James plans to become a Uni- ted States Marine. His favorite hobby is mechanics and he hopes to participate in this type of work in the future. Edward F. Hession 14 Palmer Street Football " Eddie,” one of our football stars, is now at Fort McClellan serving with the army. Swimming and dancing are his favorite out- side interests. John Kiniry 17 Osborne Road " Canary’s” outside interest is sports. A long remembered class will be that of his junior oral English. Mel Massucco 122 Mt. Vernon Street Little could be written about " Muzz” and his sports ability that A. H. S. doesn’t already know, but the same fans who cheered for him then, are still backing him up now in the U. S. Maritime Service. John McMahon 104 Scituate Street Hockey Team After graduating, " Jack” in- tends to join the Navy. Latin al- ways puzzles him although he will never forget what he learned. Charles D. McNamee 68 Foster Street " Mac” will enroll at Holy Cross to study Naval aviation. His aeronautics class will stand first among his many memories of A. H. S. Page Sixty-three Vincent Moran 54 Irving Street Golf " Vinnie” is now in the Army Air Corps and we know he will do his part in winning the war. Good luck, " Vinnie”! John Mitchell 12 Palmer Street John left Arlington for Fort Devens to become a part of Uncle Sam’s Army on the day before Christmas. Best of luck to you, John! Dorothy Noring 35 Ashland Street There was something about chemistry B that stumped " Dot- tie” all the time. Perhaps she should have concentrated on square dancing, one of her fa- vorite outside activities. Dorothy Norton 67 Mt. Vernon Street " Dotty” wants to be a success in a business office. Riding and dancing are her favorite activi- ties. She will long remember her junior teachers. Eleanor Preston 62 Park Street Eleanor hopes to become one of those efficient Marines as she joins the group of A. H. S. alumni. She enjoys roller skat- ing and will not soon forget her English class. Constance Stickney 69 Thorndike Street After studying at Wilfred Academy " Annie " plans to have a career in hairdressing. Modern Literature will always have a place in her memory of A. H. S. Robert B. Walsh 27 Surry Road Gilbert and Sullivan, Track " Bob” plans to attend Yale University when he graduates. He enjoys playing football. Best of luck, " Bob.” Paul Wells 1 0 Locke Street Football, Hockey " Whipper” plans to join the Marines and remain in the serv- ice after the war. One of our football stars, he will never for- get Ralph Coiley ' s tactics. Page Sixty- four Through the Years At last vacation was over and it was September, 1941. We, a large class of former ninth graders, who felt we were all the world needed, superiors in the field or sphere from which we had come, de- scended into the depths of a world at A. H. S., where we were considered as nothing — " Simple Sophomores. " It was with some misgivings that we entered high school, and the first weeks were filled with disappointments and em- barrassments. The first morning all were at the school long before eight o’clock and the assembly hall was filled with the scat- tered class of 1944. Mr. Gammons, our dearly loved principal, gave us all a very encouraging talk. Thus, he lifted our morale and made us feel that we were a definite part of the school. Much to our amazement, homework started that first day, but of course we did not mind. After all, we had grown up and so must expect to work harder than we had formerly. As sophomores we certainly did enjoy our Thanksgiving dinners. But then, how could we help it? After all, our grand football team did beat Melrose. What a wonderful game it was, and on home ground, too! It is true we have not been as fortunate in our last two years of foot- ball, but we do have one real victory with Melrose to look back on. The greatest tragedy of our school life came upon us during our sophomore year. On December 7, 1941, war was declared on Japan. This Declaration made a change in the course of many lives, not perhaps an immediate change, but a defi- nite one during our junior and senior years. As our boys reached the selective draft age, they were obliged to go into some branch of the armed forces. Thus, our class became smaller as the months passed. We are proud of our boys and because of their fight to protect the freedom of this democracy, the girls of the class of 1944, and the youth of tomorrow, can continue their education in public schools and col- leges. Page Sixty- (we Some of our talented classmates took part in the successful operetta, Pinafore, and others in a Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, presented by the Dra- matic Club. The baseball team came into the lime- light in the spring and made Arlington High School proud that it was successful enough to enter the State Finals. We rose to that height, however, only to lose to Turner’s Fads. A new experience was ours at the close of the year — " FINALS.’’ We listened with awe to the current reports but gasped when we received our marks. An improvement to our school was made during the summer of our junior year when a loud speaking system was in- stalled. Important announcements were thereafter sent out to all of our rooms and several assemblies were broadcast. How- ever, it was always rather disconcerting to have one of the secretaries call your name to report to Mr. Morrill immediately. Our Melrose game may not have been eventful as far as the score went, but I am sure the Band has never forgotten that day. Many rubbers were lost in the mud and white ducks were the color of dress suit trousers. The sale of War Bonds and Stamps has been a major factor in our school life. Who can forget that auction? An autographed baseball and hockey stick, along with baby Page Sixty-six Cashiers pictures, trinkets, the lost and found de- partment, and a beautiful pocketbook, as well as many other things, went for enor- mous sums of money in stamps and bonds. A very popular, all-star athlete’s sweater went for a $1,000 bond. Arlington High School proved to be very patriotic in that exhibition. lolanthe, presented by the Gilbert and Sullivan Club, and a series of one-act plays given by the Dramatic Club, disclosed much unknown talent of which we arc- proud. An incident in our junior year which stands out damp but very clearly in the minds of most juniors was our prom. The O. P. A. issued instructions that no cars were to be used except in cases of real nec- essity. Water literally poured from the sky and Arlington streets became rivers. Juniors and their fair ladies paddled to street cars and cabs. We were wet physi- cally, but our spirits were as dry as though a bright moon shone upon us. Not so with the O. P. A. officers. The driving rain sent them from the scene of our ac- tivity to dryer regions and cars suddenly became plentiful. Finals again greeted us, but after the last one was taken many juniors could be heard sighing blissfully — " No finals next year (we hope).” Page Sixty-seven We have attained the heights of A. H. S. We are seniors, but I wonder if the anticipation has not been greater than the realization. Many of us will go on to higher schools of learning while others will enter the business world. A large percentage of our boys have already left to go into the service of our country. As we look back upon our school days at A. H. S. pleasant memories are ours. May we profit by the mistakes we have made and apply the knowledge gained as we go forth into a world which needs, as never before, clear thinking young men and women, and may we also be a credit to our teachers and Alma Mater. That this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom, and that the gov- ernment of the people, by the people, and for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” — Lincoln. Constance Varney. Then came the final Melrose game. How often we heard the remark: ' Just think, this is our last Thanksgiving game as members of the school.” Our class rings furnished a great deal of discussion, but finally the notice was re- peated that we should bring our three dol- lars the following day. Then there was the enthusiastic pushing and jostling to get fitted. Purdy was chosen as our class photogra- pher and we eagerly awaited the coming of our proofs. The traditional and enthu- siastic exchange of pictures had begun. Our school paper. The Chronicle , has gone stream-lined and instead of having three columns has expanded to five. The Senior Prom, at the time of this writing, is an event of the future but, from the plans being made, it is obvious that all will have an extra special time as in other years. Page Sixty-eight Class Song 1944 Words and Music: by Greg Larkin We ' re marching to a world at war For we’re the Class of Forty-four; When battles cease, we’ll make a peace To last forevermore. Chorus All hail to Arlington! We’ll work ' til Vict’ry’s won, And we’ll return to happiness All hail to A. H. S. Come, join the swelling battle songs; We’ll right the tyrant’s cruel wrongs; For right will ever conquer might, Though strife its day prolongs. Page Sixty-nine Who’s Who Melvin Massucco Best All-round Jane Washburn Most Popular Betty Maxim Melvin Massucco Most Athletic Ruth O’Reilly Melvin Massucco Best Actor Audrey Hackett Eugene Kolodziej Most Likely to Succeed Jean Horrigan Warren Wells Most Musical Eileen Cohen Greg Larkin Wittiest Rita Potter Joseph Sullivan Most Intellectual Shirley Rush Warren Roche Best Dancer Marie O’Neil Aram Conragen . Who ' s Louise Kelly Who Andrew McCoubrey Tallest Shortest Angelina Schipellite Paul Matthews Most Businesslike Jane Washburn Tack Medzorian Most Attractive Mary Martin Elmo Albertelli Most Bashful Marilyn Flynn Carey McMurray Best Dressed Marilyn Allen Philip Swett Most Talkative Virginia Nelson Martin Ornstein Best Orator Lorraine Kraft William Garcelon Most Artistic Jeanne Egan Aram Conragen Year Book Committee Editor-in-Chief Warren Roche Assistant Editor-in-Chief Eleanor Reed B si ness Manager Dawn O’ Day Literary Committee Ruth Ahern Jean Horrigan Mary Mulhern Virginia Black Grace Kenerson Miriam Puffer Elizabeth Fellman Greg Larkin Shirley Rush Ann Freeman Richard MacMillan Laura Scali William Garcelon Anna-Louise MacNeil Marilyn Sheehan Nancy Godbold Joseph Marshall Mary Tunney Ruth Grant Betty Maxim Constance Varney Audrey-June Hackett Jack Medzorian Jane Washburn John Washburn The class wishes to express its appreciation to Miss Binnig’s Senior Class for its excellent work in preparing the manuscript for the printer. Page Seventy-two 1 First Row (left to right) : A. Freeman, M. Martin, G. Duvall, G. Larkin, P. White, B. Maxim, J. Bless- ington. Second Row (left to right) : R. Nash, P. Peters, J. Washburn, Mrs. Moffatt, A. Palmer, B. Sher- man, A. Whorf. Third Row (left to right) : J. Marshall, D. Cavicke, P. Swett, R. Hill, C. Lundquist. Student Council The purpose of Student Council is to establish a link between the student body and the faculty. Its twenty members are elected by the students as fol- lows: Ten from the senior class, six from the junior class and four representa- tives of the sophomore class. During our three years’ stay in A. H. S., we have been served by three very efficient councils. During our sophomore year the Council conducted the Jun- ior Prom and promoted a most successful scrap drive. One of the outstanding events of our junior year was the auction sponsored by the Council w hen War Bonds and Stamps were sold. The Council successfully completed a drive to buy six jeeps in time to have them appear in the Patriot’s Day parade. Again this year, the sale of War Bonds and Stamps was the main activity. An auc- tion, even more successful than last year, was held. Music during lunch period and personal canvassing have been used to promote the sales. The Council has tried at all times to maintain and promote the prestige and reputation of Arlington High School. Page Seventy-four First Row (left to right) : L. Bowers, E. McCarty, Mr. Robinson, J. Medzorian. Miss O’Connell, B. Manley, C. Hannigan. Second Row (left to right) : A. Conragan, L. Marasco, J. Bigelow, J. Washburn, M. Alexander, J. Crowley. The Chronicle Setting aside precedent and tradition, the staff of The Chronicle this year set forth an entirely different publication. Accomplishing a two-fold purpose, saving paper and reducing printing costs, yet not sacrificing actual copy space, this new commercially-printed paper has been reduced to four pages and ex- panded with four columns of smaller type. Concluding its second year of service, the staff has had the benefit of one year’s previous experience. Bearing in mind that " we are only as good as our next issue,” the staff constitutes one of the hardest and most efficient working group of students in extra-curricula activities. Owing to the unselfish devotion of time and effort by Mary M. O’Connell, who concludes her second year as faculty adviser, and Arthur E. Robinson, fac- ulty business adviser, the paper has made ten regular monthly appearances. Staff Editor-in-Chief Assistant Editor Business Manager Sports Editor Typist Publicity Circulation . . Jack Medzorian . . . John Crowley Martin Alexander . Barbara Manley Richard Hamilton . Aram Conragan . . . Joan Bigelow Page Seventy-five First Row (left to right) : E. Reed, J. A. Loud. D. Welch, B. Manley, G. Duvall, D. Cavicke, J. Begley. Second Row (left to right) : M. Mulhern, R. Ahern. M. Tunney, C. Varney, Mrs. Matthews, A. L. Mac- Neil, A. J. Hackett, J. Horrigan, L. Brown. Dramatic Club The Arlington High School Dramatic Club is rounding out three of the best years of its existence. In the year 1941-1942, a one-act play, Romance is a Racket, was presented, followed by an informal dance. In that same school year, there was a performance in the Town Hall of the three-act play, A Connec- ticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, that will be long remembered by all. Also in that year, Hands Across the Sea, a one-act play, was entered in the Massa- chusetts Drama Festival, held at Emerson College. In March of the year 1 942- 1943, a program of four one-act plays was presented at the Junior High East. One of these plays, Charm Racket, was entered in the Massachusetts Drama Festival held at Lynn. In the year 1943-1944, a constitution and by-laws were drawn up and adopted for the club. It has been decided that the play, Junior Miss, will be presented at the Town Hall on April l. This promises to be a big event and will round out three excellent seasons of the Dramatic Club. Officers President Vice-President Secretary Barbara Manley, ’44 . Grant Duvall, ’45 . . Doris Welch, ’44 Page Seventy-six Front Row (left to right) : Margaret Hart. Florence Joseph, Constance Varney, Greg Larkin, Marie Ochs, Arpi Kasanjian. Second Row (left to right) : Louise Brown, Nancy Semonian, Robert Sullivan, Mr. Einzig, Yvonne DesMarais, Cynthia Wilkshire, Betty Fahnley. Back Row (left to right) : Joseph Marshall, Grant Duvall, John Washburn, William Garcelon, George Todd. Gilbert and Sullivan The Gilbert and Sullivan Club is one of the most popular clubs in the school. During the past three years, Mr. Einzig directed one of the most successful clubs. In our sophomore year, the club produced H. M. S. Pinafore to a full and appreciative audience. No one who was there could soon forget the merry " Bell Trio.’’ Last year, our junior year, the club presented lolantbe. The tremendous success of this show is a tribute not only to Mr. Einzig, but also to each member of the club. This year, the club, for variety, decided to stage a revue. The music, dancing, and imitations (especially of " The Voice”) will be long remembered. We seniors wish the best of luck to our fellow mem- bers and hope that they will find it possible to return to the Gilbert and Sulli- van tradition. Page Seventy-seven First Row (left to right) : M. Ochs, J. Lamplough, J. Marshall, J. Horrigan, L. Burt, A. Palmer, C. Varney. Second Row (left to right) : A. L. MacNeil, V. Black. D. O’Day. Mr. Sexton, M. Sheehan, R. Grant, L. Brown. Third Row (left to right) : W. Garcelon, J. Washburn, M. Ornstein, G. Larkin. Debating Club One of the most interesting and active organizations in A. H. S. is the Debating Club. Every Thursday afternoon enthusiastic speakers argue on a subject which the club has previously chosen. Each member must act as chairman and critic as well as debate at least three times during the year before he can obtain the point credit offered. In addition to the weekly debates, a varsity team composed of four debaters from the club is appointed. So far our team has competed only with Con- cord but several inter-school debates have been arranged for the spring. The Debating Club has many objectives but most prominent is to help the student express his individual ideas and to gain self-confidence. If we have ac- complished this in any way or if we have increased general interest in debating, surely each member can look back on the year 1943-44 and say that that year the Debating Club was completely successful. President . . . Vice-President Secretary . . . . Treasurer . . . Marshal .... . Jean Horrigan Joseph Marshall . . Anita Palmer . Lawrence Burt John Lamplough Page Seventy -eight First Row (left to right) : B. Perrie, C. Harris, F. Joseph, C. Varney, D. Vogel. B. Wilson. B. Vincent. Second Roiv (left to right) : L. Brown, G. Allen, M. Hart, Miss Wardle, Y. DesMarais, E. Cohen, L. Bowers. Girls’ Glee Club Arlington High School is proud of its Girls’ Glee Club. It is a club in which much artistic work is done. Miss Wardle is the very capable instructor and she entertains with many very interesting descriptions of the countries in which she has traveled. The club has sung at several Parent-Teacher Associa- tion meetings, at the Boston University School of Music, and over several radio stations. The sophomore class also had the pleasure of hearing the Glee Club at one of its assemblies. The club has won the highest honors at the State- Music Festival, and although there was no festival last year, the girls are look- ing forward eagerly to the first one after the war. Page Seventy-nine •rrr Strings — Violins, J. Gorton (concert mistress), M. Alexander, C. Anderson, M. Cunningham, E. Fell- man, N. Gallerani, A. Gustavson, E. Hart, N. MacNeil, E. Miller, F. Ochs, E. Pearson, M. Shepherd, E. Sherman. W. Truvedson. R. Wolohojian, P. Wyman. Cellos, L. Bickford, V. Hall, C. Ham, J. McCarty. Double Bass, C. Florencourt, N. Wilson. Harp, C. Mazzocca. Woodwinds — Flutes, A. Couragan, F. Fino- chetti, C. Varney. Clarinets, L. Burt, J. Drew, R. Hall, J. Horrigan. Saxophones, R. Bianchi, B. New- all, R. Potter, S. Truscello. Brass — Trumpets, T. Cerulli, C. Magnus, R. Sullivan. Trombones, M. Maxim, R. Nash, M. O’Neil, E. Reed. Piano, H. Najarian, M. Ochs. French Horn, J. Crowley, Drums , J. Han- lon. Librarian, J. Burns. Orchestra The Orchestra has the enviable record of being the most hard-working of the extra-curricular activities. They rehearse from one-thirty until three o’clock two days a week. No time is wasted during rehearsals, consequently the group makes great strides. In our sophomore year, the Orchestra played for the school play, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur ' s Court, and provided music for H. M. S. Pinafore. Again in our junior year, the Dramatic Club plays and lolanthe benefited from the performance of the orchestra. This organization also played a large part in the Gilbert and Sullivan revue this year. The motto of the Orchestra is " Service” and they continually demonstrate this characteristic at almost every assembly. They always play at graduation and ours was no ex- ception. Mr. Einzig deserves and has the gratitude of our class, and his musi- cians receive our respectful admiration. Page Eighty First Row (left to right) : M. Callahan; D. O’Day, Secretary; R. Badala, Vice-President; W. Wells, President; W. Garcelon, Treasurer; M. McGrath. Second Row (left to right) : R. Tassinari, H. Converse, J. Horrigan, Mr. Eaton, A. L. MacNeil, P. White, R. MacMillan. Third Row (left to right) : S. Geotis, L. Reyeroft, E. Kolodziej, G. Duvall, E. Tarbox, C. Bunnell. Math Club The club meets every first and third Monday in Room 13, and is open to all juniors and seniors interested. The purpose of the club is to solve problems brought in by the members and to learn new and simpler methods of solving problems. On February 7, Lieutenant Thompson, of the Navy, was guest speaker on the topic, " Naval Gunnery and Navigation.” As the newest club in the school. Math Club has enjoyed a very successful season and hopes to be carried on in the years to come. The Math Club was organized this year by members of the senior advanced math and solid and trig classes, under the sponsorship of Mr. Eaton. The offi- cers are: President Warren Wells Vice-President Rudy Badala Secretary Dawn O’ Day Treasurer William Garcelon Page Eighty -one First Row (left to right) : P. Stuart, J. Sexton, J. Begley, M. Ornstein, P. Arthur. Second Row (left to right) : L. Murphy, E. Jones, Mr. Sampson, G. Duvall, A. Sullivan. Chess Club The Chess Club meets every Friday afternoon in the library. There are about ten members that come regularly, and several others that come when they can. The Chess Club is open to all who wish to play chess or desire to learn. Several of our regular members never played chess before joining. Purpose of the club is to give opportunity to play against different people. Instruction is given on the theory of openings and end games to try to improve the player’s game. Page Eighty-two First Row (left to right) : J. Strauss. D. MacDonald. P. Klein. L. Bowers, C. Ham, C. Monahan, V. Gunter, M. MacMillan. Second Row (left to right) : D. Waugh, B. Gillett. M. Fox, P. Anderson. Mr. Ken- ny, V. Sanborg, M. Dwelley, G. Miles, J. Barrett. Third Rote (left to right) : J. Spadaro, C. GeotLs, D. Ho’Jeman, R. Connor, W. Sola. J. Rizzo. Fine Arts Everyone who takes an art course in high school prefers doing a certain kind of work. That special interest may be designing, portrait painting, figure composition, or one of many others; the favored medium may be water color, pencil, pen and ink, oils, or pastels. Quite often, however, class work does not permit working out one’s preferences in the experimental, free way desired and over a long period of time. The Art Club is organized, therefore, because it does give freedom of choice of subject, medium, and length of time. Page Eighty-three 1 First Row (left to right) : M. Lennon, L. Burns, L. Leonard, C. Williams, B. Cahill. Second Row (left to right) : C. Harris, M. Jacobson, G. Brogi, F. Joseph. I We’ll cheer today, the Red and Gray; We know our boys will shine. The backs will run around the ends And charge right through the line. II The team will march on down the field Until the game is won. So lend your voice and give a cheer, A cheer for ARLINGTON— Rah! Rah! Page Eighty-four s p () R T S First Row (left to right) : M. Pacheco, P. Collins. M. Sheehan; J. Washburn. President; S. Young, M. Fife, N. Barthelemy, P. Goguen. Second Row (left to right) : R. McCarthy. B. Manley. L. Seabury, C. Sullivan. Miss McCarty, Miss O’Neill, H. Carroll, A. Carroll. B. Adams, L. Bowers. Third Row (left to right) : D. Bergstrom, R. Grant, J. Preston. J. O’Reilly, R. O’Reilly, R. Flentje, V. Black. M. Truvedson. G. A. A. The Girls’ Athletic Association recalls many fond memories of good times and enjoyment. Each year since 1941, the organization has sponsored an Ama- teur Show, a very popular event. There have been ping-pong tournaments, in- ter-class meets, initiation parties, field days, and numerous other events. Under the guidance of Miss McCarty, a point system was instituted whereby any mem- ber receiving the highest number of points through participation in activities in and out of the club might receive her name inscribed on a plaque. The ten next highest winners received felt emblems with a special bar for second year awards. For the first two years Eileen O’Reilly and Jane Washburn were the highest point winners. The membership was limited to one hundred members with yearly dues of fifty cents. The proceeds of the Amateur Show, the only event at which ad- mission was charged, were turned over for use by the girls’ sports. No one will ever forget the grand times in G. A. A. The officers for the year 1943-44 were: President Jane Washburn, ' 44 Vice-President Marion Fife, ’45 Secretary Marilyn Sheehan, ’44 Assistant Secretary Patricia Collins, ’46 Treasurer Shirley Young, ’45 Page Eighty-six rw First Row (left to right) : J. O’Reilly, R. O ' Reilly; N. Barthelemy, Captain; J. Washburn, R. Flentjc. Second Row (left to right) : E. Applegate, P. Pike, Miss McCarty, M. Sheehan, M. Fife. Girls’ Basketball The girls ' gym has been the scene of many long hours of practice for the girls’ basketball squad. The walls have often echoed to cheers at games such as the one with Melrose in 1942 and the 43 Medford engagement where the two teams tied, 21-21. No one can forget that breathtaking moment when, after time had been called, Medford took a free shot. Had the girl made a bask et, Medford would have come out the winner, but as she didn ' t, the score remained a tie, the only blot on Medford’s championship unbeaten year. The years 1942 and 1943 found the seasons darkened by the shadows of two or more losses although Arlington did defeat Melrose in ’43 by a score of 36-20. Captain of the ’44 team was Nancy Barthelemy, also field hockey captain, who played the position of center guard. Arlington had a strenuous season with a schedule of nine games, only three of which were at home. The sea- son ran through March 15th and each game was an individual thrill. The brilliant players in the sopho- more and junior classes hold promise for a great season to come, and under Miss McCarty’s able coaching should make a strong team. I, First Row (left to right) : R. O’Reilly, M. Fife, M. Sheehan; N. Barthelemy, Captain; P. Pike, B. Newell. Second Row (left to right) : A. Clancy; R. Potter. Manager; J. Washburn, J. O’Reilly, R. Flentje, J. Bevins, D. Menezes, Miss McCarty. Field] Hockey Under the expert coaching of Miss McCarty, the girls’ field hockey team has been very successful. Although they lost several games in 1941, 1942 found a more successful season. Unbeaten and untied, they played at Melrose. This proved their undoing as they lost by a score of 1-0, forfeiting the Greater Boston Championship to Melrose — a truly heartbreaking defeat. In 1943 they likewise had a very successful season, tying only once, with Belmont. Again they met Melrose, this time at Spy Pond Field. Melrose, though twice a loser of the season, rose up to top Arlington by a score of 2-1 and for a second time Arlington lost the Greater Boston Championshi p although Melrose couldn’t claim the title either. Some day, perhaps, Arlington will defeat Melrose in field hockey. The captain of the 1943 team was Nancy Barthelemy, who held the po- sition of right half-back. The excellent players in the underclasses give prom- ise for a successful season yet to come, and to them them 1943 team wishes the best of luck. Page Eighty-eight First Row (left to right) : M. Richards, R. O’Reilly, J. O’Reilly, J. Kamp. Second Row (left to right) : E. Belanger, P. D’Orlando, N. Barthelemy, Miss O’Neill, R. Flentje, M. Hamill, D. Burke. Riding Club The Riding Club, under the successful management of Nancy Barthelemy, has enjoyed its bi-weekly rides every Monday and Thursday afternoon at the Mystic Riding School. Although only a limited number may ride at a time, all members have taken their turns and profited — we hope — quite well by them. The club was first started in 1940 by Miss Williams, who is now in the Red Cross, and Mr. Withered, who is in the Army; therefore, it is really just a beginner in the long list of favorite clubs for A. H. S. students. Miss O ' Neill, A. H. S. gym teacher, presides over the enthusiastic group of 63. With her overwhelming spirit and guidance this club has had a truly enjoyable season. We, the class of 1944, hope that it will continue a successful path in future years. Page Eighty-nine First Row (left to right) : M. Truvedscn, M. Ruby, R. Flentje ; R. Sorrentino, Captain; J. O’Reilly, J. Washburn. Second Row (left to right) : Miss McCarty. E. Wilson, R. Vokey, D. Menezes, E. Blackney ; P. Pike, Manager. Softball Of all the athletic seasons, baseball is the shortest at Arlington High School. From April through the first of June one may see the girls practicing on the diamond. In 1942, the team suffered two defeats. Cambridge Latin’s excellent pitching, and Medford’s batting power reigned supreme. However, 1943 found an unbeaten team on the diamond. They defeated Cambridge Latin here by a score of 21-10 and went on to beat Medford by a score of 17- 12. On Medford’s return engagement at Arlington, they again were defeated by a score of 19-9- The game with Belmont was cancelled as a result of un- favorable weather. Because the season is so short, the number of games and practices is lim- ited. Nevertheless, by the end of the season, many girls have attained high batting averages and other records. The captain of the team is elected just before the first game according to her ability and popularity. To this year’s team of the season of 1 944 and to the teams of seasons to come is wished the best of luck. Page Ninety v V, | BA M JL A mmkk i m ■ y mm A - SI m -m m m w —A _ JWB- „ v 0 m Mi f —CJJiwN First Jiotr (left to right.) : R. O ' Reilly. A. Fleming, M. Maguire, I . HowtM ' s. Srcoml h nr (left to right) : Miss O ' Neill. E. Weslowski. N. Rarthelemy. .1 Whitney. -1. Gorton. Girls’ Tennis The girls ' tennis team, formerly coached by Miss Williams and now b y Miss O ' Neill, looks forward to a good season this year. The seasons of 1942 and 1943 found the team the victim of many setbacks, losing to Winchester, Belmont, Lexington, and Melrose. Only a few of the veteran players remain rhis year, but the vacancies will be filled by some of the more experienced girls from the tennis classes coached by Bouve students. Under the efficient direc- tion of these students, many girls have developed good strokes and techniques, and show promise of becoming outstanding players. Through the winter months, the girls in the beginners’ classes have practiced in the girls’ gym, but when spring comes they go to the Crosby, Grove Street, and Spy Pond courts. All the meets are held in the Spy Pond courts. Ruth O’Reilly, Lois Bowers, and Nancy Barthelemy arc three veterans of ' ast year’s team. All have catchy serves and are exceptionally fast on the courts. They, together with the new members, promise excitement for the forthcoming matches. Pnge Ninety-one 344504 Football It, ,n (left to rinhl I R I.aveiy. R. Gleason. K Novello. T Melly. H, Kenan. .1 . Recite. D. Sheehan K Mahoney Second Ron I left to rinht ) W. l- ' ife. .1 Malone. K. Alhertelli. G. ColTcy. G Faulkner. .. Twitchell. -I Cusolito, Captain M. Massuceo, H Vincent. J. Murphy. Thud Ron (left to riirhtl: Asst. Coach 1. Canty. C. Chase I) Reich, A Di ' Iulio. R. Colley. W Watson. D. Starkey I Garrlty P. Wells Head Coach ! Osternren. Pii c Nine 1 hi o Hockey Out of nine hard-fought games Arlington High saw their foot- ball heroes win four victorious games over Leominster, Belmont, Chelsea, and Medford. We lost the other five to Weymouth, Som- erville, Waltham, Malden, and finally at the Thanksgiving game we lost to our annual opponents, Melrose. Although our losses were more than the wins the season was successful due to Mr. Ostergren’s brilliant coaching which moulded a good team out of a green one. Popular Captain Melvin " Muzz” Massucco was awarded the honorary title of " The Most Outstanding Football Player in Eastern Massachusetts,” as well as being chosen for the " All Stars Team.” Many of the outstanding plays were performed by Joe” Keeffe, Elmo Albertelli, Paul Wells, Walter Fife, Hugh Regon, and of course, Captain " Muzz.” Robert " Shadow” Burns was manager. The class of 1944 is proud of this year’s football team and wishes even more success to the next year’s team. Page Ninety-three First Row (left to right) : R. O’Niel, W. Keefe, A. Geary, W. Kenney, N. Hoeppner, A. Hamilton. Second Row (left to right) : Coach W. Canty, W. Donahue, N. Sackos, P. Motherway, R. Alt, W. O’Brien, R. Hamilton. Basketball Although starting off with a handicap of having only two lettermen, " Chuck " Krepelka and " Sonny” Keefe, our 1944 basketball team showed a promising future. In the opening games Bill Kenney, a transfer from Cam- bridge Latin, playing guard position, was high scorer. The club used the man- to-man and zone defense very effectively, keeping their opponents on a tough offensive battle. A sophomore, Bob Alt, who started at the other guard po- sition, shows promise for future years. The two forward positions seemed to be in contest between " Sonny” Keefe, Austin Geary, and Bob Donahue, brother of last year’s outstanding forward. At center last year’s guard, " Chuck” Kre- pelka, started. " Chuck” proved to be one of the sparks of the team in its few offensive moments and could always be counted on for that extra point. As there had been no captain elected for this year, a different captain was appointed for each game. " Ike” Canty valiantly coached the team. Page Ninety-four m First Row (left to right) : W. Montuori, L. Reycroft, Co-Captain J. Malone, D. Sheehan. R. Byrne. Second Row (left to right) : Coach R. Burke. A. Dilulio, R. Harding, J. Martel. R. Blanchard, P. Delaney, Manager E. Hession. Third Row (left to right) : J. McMahon, W. Everett, H. Reagan, K. Wells. Missing, P. Wells, R. Coiley, Co-Captain. Hockey The A. H. S. hockey team, under the excellent guidance of Ray Burke, won four games and lost three, finishing fourth place in the G. B. League. The team, led by Co-Captains Jim Malone and Ralph Coiley, displayed strong determination and great lighting spirit throughout the season. Walter Fife, Dave Sheehan, John Emmons, and " Bosco” Montuori proved very effec- tive as the first line. Lending able support on the second line were Paul Wells, Louis Reycroft, " Shad’’ Byrne and Warren Everett. Jim Malone and Ralph Coiley ranked with top scorers in the league. Hard fighting and determined Mel’’ Massucco left late in the season to join the Merchant Marine; " Eddie’’ Hession, manager, also entered the service. A. H. S. is proud of the hockey team of 1944 and wishes success to future teams. Page Ninety -five il First- Row (left to right) : H. Nash, R. Fermoyle, J. Twitchell, D. Starkey, T. Lynch, D. Cavicke, R. Hill. Second Row (left to right) : J. Bergrner, A. Myers, P. Sullivan, R. Gleason, P. Olsen, G. Faulkner, R. MacEwen, R. Carey. Track The track team, John Twitchell, Robert Nash, Richard Gleason, George Faulkner, John Bergner, David Cavicke, Richard Fermoyle, Robert MacEwen, Arthur Myers, A. Robinson, A. Sullivan, David Starkey, and Joseph Lynch, manager, have thus far had only two meets. Arlington tied Somerville, 34-34, on the Arlington track, and lost to Fluntington, 41-17, at Boston. Arlington has yet to meet Northeastern, Brookline, and the schools in the State contest at Boston Gardens. We wish the teams best of luck and we are sure they will do their best to uphold Arlington’s standards. Page Ninety-six A . First Row (left to right) : R. MacEwen, M. Princiotta, D. Reycroft, A. Myers, I. Pelletier. Second Row (left to right) : R. Engman. Captain L. Reycroft, R. Fermoyle. Cross Country The cross country and track teams, coached by the popular " Doc " Mc- Carty, have had a successful season. The members of the team, Louis Rey- croft, captain, David Reycroft, Robert Engman, Richard Fermoyle, Robert Mac- Ewen, Arthur Myers, Ira Pelletier, and Michael Princiotta, have cooperated in making the contests a credit to our school. Running against Tufts varsity, we made third place; against Weymouth, Arlington was the victor, and against the State Championship contestants we again made third place. Bob Engman starred in the Weymouth meet by coming very close to the set record. Page Ninety-seven First Row (left to right) : L. Reycroft, J. Malone, Captain R. Blanchard, G. Mandis, R. Byrne. Sec- ond Row (left to right) : D. Busfield, J. Keefe, D. Sheehan, W. Montuori. Baseball Arlington has always produced fine baseball teams, and despite the loss of co-captain and ace pitcher Mel Massucco, this year should be no exception. The team has very few veterans, but prospects from the junior high schools are good. The pitching staff will have veteran Dave Sheehan supported by Joe Keefe and " Shad” Byrne. With a little support they should go places. There are no veteran catchers and the receiving end of the battery may be on the spot on which the success or failure of the team depends. Here everything may rest on the sophomores. All in all, if a good catcher is found, with some smart ball playing by the rest of the squad, the team will be a definite contender for the Suburban crown, on which it has had almost a monopoly on the past few years. Page Ninety-eight Buy More War Bonds Helping customers to plan and design printing to fit present day paper usage restrictions is of utmost importance. To that end the personnel and facilities of this organization are dedicated for the duration. ☆ CORDON W. ROBINSON, Printing Counselor • • • In the Long Run you and your friends will prize the portrait that looks like you your truest self, free from stage effects and little conceits. It is in this “long run” photography that PURDY success has been won. Portraiture by the camera that one cannot laugh at or cry over in later years. For present pleasure and future pride protect your photographic self by hav- ing PURDY make the portraits. ® PLEASING PORTRAITS • PROMPT SERVICE « RIGHT PRICES Means Satisfaction Guaranteed PURDY 160 TREMONT STREET BOSTON Official Photographer Girls’ High School Class of 1944 Special Discount Rates to All Girls’ High School Students V O Co v

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