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Property of Robbins Library Arlington, Mass. Foreword This Year Book holds a very special signifi- cance to each of us of the class of ’43, greater perhaps than to those of other years. Even now, as our Book goes to press, many have left for duty in the armed services, and by gradua- tion many more of our classmates will be scat- tered to the four corners of the earth. The three short precious years of high school will be only memories, but the Year Book will be an earth- ly treasure to each senior, and will be even more cherished in years to come. The future, after graduation, in a world at war, is baffling. This uncertainty spares none and includes all; It demands the best in every American to pre- pare for the great task ahead. Each one of us will respond to this challenge, individually dis- ciplined and directed by high school training — kept alive and vivid by our Year Book of 1943. YEJR BOOK for 1943 Published by the Senior Class of ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Arlington, Massachusetts ☆ ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ DEDICATION To the many members of both the St dent body and the faculty who have joined the armed forces of Our Country, we humbly dedi- cate our Senior Class Year Book. APPRECIATION hi ackuowledgiueut of bis luestiiuable assistance and invaluable guidance, ive wish to express sincere gratitude to Air. Gammons, our principal and our conpdant. The F 7 GUIDANCE Mr. LaDue, Head of Department Mr, Morrill, Sub-Master Mrs. Moffatt, Dean of Girls Mr. Roens, Military Service Miss Fitzpatrick Miss Jenks FINE ARTS Mrs. Ford, Supervisor of Art Mr. Kenney Mr, Einzig, Supervisor of Music Mr. Mazzocca Miss Wardle ENGLISH Mr. Campbell, Head of Department Mr. Ellis, Military Service Miss Brown Miss Cooper Miss Donovan Miss Dow ' Miss Fiunt Miss Johnston Miss Krastin Miss Lantz Mrs. Matthews Miss O ' Connell Miss Peck Miss Porter Miss Taber Miss Tewksbury acuity MATHEMATICS Mr, Eaton, Head of Department Mr. Barber Mr. Von Kapff Mr, Sampson Mr. Warner Mr. Goddard ' HISTORY Mrs, Moffatt, Head of Department Mr. Fusco, Military Service Mr. Downs, Military Service Mrs. Barnaby Miss Conway Miss Gray Mr. Johnson Miss Porter Mr. Thompson Miss Wakefield COMMERCIAL Mr. Burke, Head of Department Mr. Lang, Military Service Mr, Toner, Military Service Miss Barry Miss Binnig Miss Casey Miss Cutler Mrs. Daley Mrs. Diehl Miss Harlow Mr. Wallace Miss Hickey Miss Jenks Miss Kennedy Mrs. R. Matthews Miss Murray Miss Nash Mr. Ostergren SCIENCE Page Eight Mr. Skinnhr, Head of Department Mr. Kemp. Military Service Miss Jewett Mr. Miller Mr. Kroll Miss Rounds LANGUAGE iVIIss Shedd, Head of Department Mr. Petralia, AMlitary Service Miss Bailey Miss O ' Connell Miss V. Barry Miss Rounds Miss Jerardi Mr. Sexton Miss Tewksbury PRACTICAL ARTS Miss Pennell, Supervisor of Home Economics Mr. WithereLL. Military Service Miss Arrand Miss Campbell Miss Anderson Miss Monroe Mr. Robinson. Supervisor of Manual Arts Mr. Arthur Mr. Howee Mr. Sandberger Mr. Banks Mrs. Prestwood I Through the Years September 9, 1940! It brings such pleasant memories to us, for it was the im- mortal day when we, as humble and low- ly sophomores, started to make history for Arlington High School — long may she live! Lost and bewildered, we were herded into the New Hall where we tremblingly awaited the welcome by Mr. Gammons, principal of the awe-full insti- tution. This began the year in which we faced the trials and tribulations of sopho- mores! Our first chance to come out from under foot and have some fun of our own was at the Harvest Hop, sponsored by the Dra- matic Club at the Town Hall. We felt a little bit less trampled after that! Dame Fortune was kind to our A. H. S. Eleven, and in each game they outshone the former teams of the Red and Gray. However, the tables were turned at the last minute, and we lost the Thanksgiving Day game to Melrose 8 to 7. But we don’t talk about that! On the musical side we had " The Gon- doliers” with a cast consisting mostly of seniors, but since it was a great success and happened in o r sophomore year we like to boast about it. Our nearest claim to fame was the time when our Dramatic Club, under the direc- tion of Mrs. Matthews, presented " The Devil Comes to Alcaraz,” which was ranked among the best in the Massachu- cess and one of the best to be presented by the school. By the time spring came, we had almost reached the top of the sophomore ladder, and when " finals” were finished with, we lay down for the summer to recuperate from our first encounter with high school life. However, the summer passed very rap- idly, and before we realized it, we had be- come those in-between misfits — the jun- iors. Nevertheless, we proved that al- though this title might have been advan- tageously applied to other junior classes, it certainly could not be applied to ours, setts and New England Drama Festivals. The club reaped more glory by rating an invitation to the National Drama Festival at the University of Indiana in Blooming- ton. All of Arlington was interested in it, and everyone pitched in to help raise enough money for the trip. For this pur- pose we had a tag day. Remember how it rained on Tag Day? Needless to say, we went over the top in a big way, and " The Devil” was sent on its way to Indi- ana. The cast bore home the glad news that A. H. S. was among the first in Class A! ! In February, " What a Life!” was a howling (and we do mean howling) suc- 1 in view of the promising talent which was uncovered. Journalistic possibilities were discovered on the staff of the school paper, " The Chronicle,” in Rosamond Poole, Harry Johnson, and Roberta Payton. Versatile " Ike” Bevins proved to be an outstanding football, baseball, and hockey player. We were well represented in the productions of both the Dramatic Club and the Gilbert and Sullivan Club. In the former, Paul Spiers, Alberta Renzag- lia, Harry Patterson, James McGarry, and Connie Chick had leading roles and did marvelous work in " A Connecticut Yankee at King Arthur’s Court.” The Gilbert and Sullivan’s presentation of " H. M. S. Pina- fore” boasted such vocalists as Malcolm Rich, Irene Blessington, Stephen Morrill, and Eugene Leonard. But all this was only the beginning for we were merely biding our time, waiting for — Our Senior Year! here at last! Be- cause we had looked forward to it for so long we started the year off with plenty of action and continued for the remainder of the term in a similar fashion. The Stu- dent Council officers were chosen, and from our class James McGarry was elected president, Joan Mansfield, vice-president, and Rosamond Poole, secretary. The next important election was for class officers, in which the class chose Paul Spiers to be -Mt. 1 president, Irene Blessington, vice-president, Paul O’Neil, treasurer, and June Cunning- ham, secretary. " Ike” Bevins became captain of our football and hockey teams, and Joe Pres- ton, Bill MacElaney, A1 Ferrara, John Donahue, and Bill Connolly were also out- standing in the field of sports. The Dramatic Club presented a series of one-act plays, in which Daphne Tate, Elaine Gustin, Stephen Morrill, Robert Connor, Harry Patterson, and Alberta Renzaglia participated brilliantly. Difficult " lolanthe” was undertaken by the Gilbert and Sullivan Club, in which soprano leads were taken by Virginia Flagg, Barbara Peters, and Irene Blessington, while Rob- ert Clancy, Malcolm Rich, and Steve Morrill took the masculine leads. The war has had a decided influence upon our school life throughout the entire year. Many of the boys have entered the service of their country, while we at home are exerting every fac- ulty to aid in the war effort. Everyone is uncertain about plans for the next few years, but whatever comes we’re ready and willing to work for a free future, in which other A. H. S. seniors will be able to look forward to a sure and steady life — minus guns and bloodshed. It won’t be long before we’re out in the Great Wide World, doing our share to further democratic principles! Thus the Class of 1943 becomes another page in the history of these halls of learn- ing. May A. H. S. be always proud of us! )anet N. Adams 40 Orvis Road Riding Club, G. A. A., Class Tennis, Year Book Likeable Janet will make a fine secretary for someone. Her fa- vorite activities are bowling and roller skating. An everlasting source of happiness will be the memory of her friends. jean A. Adams 70 Harlow Street Riding Club. Tennis Jean will answer the call for student nurses, and after finish- ing her training will join the Navy to see the world. Mary A. Ahearn 39 Webster Street Debating Club, Class Tennis Likeable Mary has made many friends during her high school career. After her education at Bryant and Stratton, we know that she will be successful and happy. William W. Ahern 1 1 Third Street Tennis, Ski Club, Fine Arts " Willie” will attend Technical School to become a Mechanical Engineer. His artistic ability has been outstanding in his high school career. Bertha M. Aiken " Birdie” 66 Cleveland Street Class Tennis, Y ear Book, G. A. A. Sports-loving " Birdie” thinks nothing can compare with the sharp wit of Mr. Wallace and Mr. Burke. She plans to take dicta- tion in the near future. Charles H. Alcorn " Charlie” 118 Oakland Avenue Gilbert and Sullivan. Dramatic Club The salt of the sea and the Spice of the East have prompted " Charlie” to join the Navy. cent Al en Pa Avenue ce ome Aoctor nice fejjjpetary afte sheVom pletes hkt: secrfetari; education. IrlWSffiow i ls¥wherever ' iBh - goes. make friends¥wherever ' f, Donald Allison p " Ally” J 34 Webcowet Road " " Ally” is going ' to a military inititutiogi for at commission in the Army. Tlie , friends he has met during high school will long live in his memory. Page Fifteen Robert W. Alscn " AUie” yasbn Street Cra r Country, Hockey " Allie” will never forget Miss Round ' s Sophomore Latin Class. He is planning to join the U. S. Army Air Force. Alfred ). Andrewartha " AI” 45 Mount Vernon Street " Al ' s " future thoughts will be touched with the poignant mem- ory of waiting for a diploma while it seemed he would waste his youth away. Good luck, " Al.” Marilyn M. Armstrong " Gadj” 15 Court Street G. A. A., Glee Club " Gadj” was transferred from Ketchikan, Alaska. Her ambition is to attend Smith to study to be a personnel director. She is a swimming enthusiast. William F. Armstrong " B,U” 245 Highland Avenue Track, Baseball, Football " Bill " is like many other fel- lows, finds his future plans a bit hazy. The boys on the football squad rate high in his estimation. June M. Arnold 24 Surrey Road Honor Roll. Baseball, Ruling Club, Dramatic Club Quiet June, who wants to en- ter the business world, will cer- tainly make someone an efficient secretary. Not missing any sports games will always be in her mem- ories. John Ayvazian " Ive” 82 River Street To join the Air Corps is " Ives " greatest ambition. The thing he ' ll remember longest about his high school career is his pals. Marguerite j. Badala 14 Chandler Street Honor Roll Marguerite, who spends her spare time swimming and read- ing, will rate tops in the business world as a stenographer. 1 4 Bonad Road Dramatic Club, Basketball " M. A.” is going to Westbrook Junior College. She ' ll never for- get the week-end vacations, and she ' s going to do lots of swim- ming in her spare time. Page Sixteen II I i 1; I I i [ I ! I .I ■i 11 , IL •I Page Seventeen Mary ). Ba TyOO Massachusetts Avenue ' dramatic Club, Ski Club. Gilbert and Sullivan, Journalism Mary will always remember the day her school work came to an end. We re afraid she’ll have a lot more, if she attends Jackson, as she plans. Enjoy yourself, Mary. aeqiwi 195 ' ‘Wesuflinster flveptrfe Hockefl R ing Club.JiG. A. usebatK Bi Jtball " JaclJje” ' ' wfL e a Simmons girl, studying nursing. With her friendly personality she is bound to be a success Doris Efj allinger husett ' nvenue Ambition is to be a ife’s not ever going to Kemp’s chemistry class. Outside school she de- lights in roller skating, hiking, swimming and dancing. forget Rose M. Barbano 56 Tufts Street Rose, a resident of New York until last year, enjoys swimming, dancing, bowling and tennis. She will long remember her friends made in A. H. S. Shirley L. Battles 33 Elmore Street Orchestra Most memorable in Shirley’s high school career are the times she tried to skip school ( and got caught ) but perhaps she will be remembered longer for her hearty, go od-natured laugh. Charles Behnke ' 80 Highland Avenue Charles, a friendly, lifei ble chap, will make manyi, fri ds next year while attari(di g Bdntf ley. We know he 1 sutceed in whatever he undertakes. Best of luck! Dorothy A. Bentley " Dottie” 64 Churchill Avenue ’’Dottie’s” interests include swimming and badminton. We hope she’ll always remember Mr. Kemp’s chemistry class, and we wish her luck in her future pro- fession as a secretary. Edith B. Bergstrom " Bettie” 52 Orient Avenue Field Hockey, G. A. A. Although she loves to dance and have fun, ’’Betty” is going to settle down and become a ste- nographer. We know she will go far in her selected field. Doris E. Bickford " Bicki " 35 Lowell Street Gilbert artd Sullivan, Ski Club Our little songbird, " Bicki,” will make the whole W ' orld glad with her merry voice. Music hath charms. • .r )ane Berry - ' jitney” 65 Randolph Street Ridiifg Club. Gilbert and Sullivati Mt. Ida will have our " Janey " as a pupil. She likes to dance and play .the piano. We know that she ' ll be popular wherever she goes. scituate Street Footbalk ' Captain. Bas ' eball rCap- tain. Hockey Captain " Ike, " football, baseball, and hockey captain, is always popu- lar in any team. He w ' ill not be forgotten soon by his fellow play- ers and classmates. Edgar L. Bibeault " Eddie " 166 Gray Street " Eddie ” is planning to join the Navy and to carry on the family tradition. Tennis and bowling are his favorite activities. Rita ikiry Bibeaulf 16 Gray Street yfCr. t A.1 Rit Gs ' pjanni become a secretary. We nope she will find tiifie for Her ' “ vorite acrivities, bowling and , roller skating. Suc- cess in everything, Rita. Ernest C. Bidmead " Ernie” 238 Wachusett Avenue Latin Club, Honor Roll " Ernie, " who was transferred from Winthrop in his junior year, is well liked by everyone. He likes all sports, and will long remember his senior year. ■ . I Elaine M. Biganess " Rusty” 400 Massachusetts Avenue G. A. A., Glee Club, Ping Pong, Tennis Squad, journalism Club, Pine Arts Club, Hockey Artistic " Rusty " will attend Massachusetts Art to further her promising art career; as a sideline she takes up bowling, skating and tennis. George M. Bilafer 1 1 Reservoir Road George, who is happiest in an airplane, is taking flying lessons to become an army pilot. Good luck to you, George! Page Eighteen f Aj- Richard E. Black " Dick” 31 Linden Street Dramatic Club, Tennis After attending Harvard Busi- ness School " Dick” will be a Foreign Sales Representative. He knows he ' ll reach as high a level in this as he does in mountain climbing. Rodney B. Blake " Rod” 67 Lake Street " Rod” had hopes of attendii g M. I. T., but he feels a strong urge to join tha Navy. He says he will Ipng remeipber all his teachers. , « ' N ' .. V Irene C. Blessington 17 Edgehill Road Gilbert and Sullivan. Student Council. Girls’ Glee Club Irene, our versatile vice-presi- dent, plans to continue her studies at Simmons. Swimming, ping-pong and dancing take up her spare time. Edward ). Bonardi, |r. " Be n” 329 Park Avenue " Ben " will study chemical en- gineering at Northeastern. He claims he likes the out-of-doors, that’s why he rode in the rumble seat of that old Ford jallopy. w M Charlotte Borgstrom 70 Fountain Road Honor Roll Charlotte ' s life ambition has been nursing. Her sweet person- ality will linger long in the memory of her classmates and teachers. The best to you, Char- lotte! Ma A. Bol Street enioMs kjencing, bowling, skating Md will always re- the fun in Mr. Petra- .la s Spanish classes. She will take up selling as a profession. Ember " I A. Bourgue ’ " Dottie” ' 120 Jason Street Glee Club. Fine Arts Club. Gilbert and Sullivan " Dottie, ” who not only excels in art but also in dancing, will attend Massachusetts Art School to further her career. May good fortune be hers alw ' ays! Alice H. Bowie 1 5 Gloucester Street Alice will enter the business world after leaving A. H. S., and all her friends know that the success she receives will be just- ly deserved. Page Nineteen • janet C. Crown 83 Appfeton Street Band, Orchestra " Jan” plans to con- tinue her study of music at B. U. " Music hath charms to sooth the savage heart.” She will always re- member Miss Wardle ' s classes. Laura Bowker 37 Ottawa Road Gilbert and Snllii ' an ' J " Lally " will never forget the fun she had as a sophomore. She enjoys canoeing and swimming. We ' re for you, " Lally,” and we wish you luck as a stenographer. H. Constance Bresnan " Connie” 232 Pleasant Street Chronicle. Tennis. Dramatic Club. G. A. A.. Glee Club Fisher College will receive a prospective secretary in attractive " Connie.” Her favorite hobby is collecting records. Orlando E. Brillante " ur 35 North Union Street Basketball, Track After graduation " Lil” will join other former A. H. S. stu- dents now in the Navy. He will long remember his chums and friends at A. H. S. Delphine J. Brown " Duffy” 1 1 Varnum Street G. A. A.. Baseball. Class Basket- ball. Badminton, Tennis " Duffy” claims she won’t for- get Mr. Burke ' s jokes. She plans to serve her country by joining the WAVES. Best of luck, " Duf- fy” Robert Brown 52 Trowbridge Street " Bob” " Bob ' " likes the Army Air Corps. We like " Bob " and know he ' ll be a success. He can’r ever forget the homework his teachers managed to think up. Caroline E. " Carol’ 126 Highland Avenue Dramatic Club, Honor Roll, G. A. A., Year Book " Carol” plans to further her education at Jackson College. Long will she remember her graduation day! Dorothy A. Buckley " Dot” 1 Winter Street Cheerful " Dot " ’ will always re- member the struggle she had to get to school on time. We hope she has an easier time when she is working in an office next year doing her favorite work, typing and comptometer. Page Twenty Joseph L. Bullock " Joe” 136 Robbins Road Genial " Joe” will remember the fun he had in Mr. Eaton ' s class, when he is studying fer- vently at B. U. next year. His cheers at football games are still ringing in our ears. Harry Burgess 1 1 Revere Street Harry will study at Northeast- ern to become a C. P. A. Mr. Ar- thur’s printing class interested him strangely. Don’t work so hard that you forget roller skat- ing, Harry! David Burke " Porky " 46 River Street Basketball, Ping-Pong, Golf, Track The college basketball and golf world is losing a coming star when " Pereijjlj yiwky” signs up with Uadg Jijffns Njfvy. Catherine P. Burns " Kay " 31 Grove Street Place " Kay,” Vw ' ho 1M6 no definite plan for enjoys ice skating, roller skatmE, and swim- ming. She won’t Aforget Mr. Burke’s jokes in economics class. " Jo " 30 Stearns Road, Belmont Dramatic Club, G. A. A.. Secre- tary of Glee Club, Honor Roll " Jo” has chosen Boston Uni- versity for her college career. Dancing, bowling, tennis, and badminton are her hobbies. She will remember longest her Eng- lish 111 and Spanish classes. Dorothy M. Cadario " Dot " 64 Glenburn Road Riding Club, Glee Club " Dot” ' ' is heading for Sargent and an athletic career. She will be long remembered for her tail- ored red slacks. » • Nancy A. Calabro 16 Surry Road Riding Club Nancy will continue to study at Katharine Gibbs. She will often recall history with Mr. Johnson, football games, and study periods in the hall of A. H. S. Anna E. Callahan 80 Warren Street G. A. A. Friendly Anna will miss the good times she had at football games her Junior and Senior years. We wish her the best of luck in her secretarial career. Page Twenty-one Walter L. Callahan " Wally” 34 School Street Art Club. Hockey, Football " Wally, " a sports enthusiast, has no definite plans for the fu- ture, but perhaps he may become a physicist. He will always re- member Mr. Skinner’s physics class. Isabella Campbell " Bella " 12 Aerial Street Gilbert and Sullivan. ] ournalism Club Bella, whose heart belongs to the U. S. N., will keep up the morale of our boys by being a Navy nurse. Good luck, Bella; you ' ve a grand spirit. loan Campbell 7 Martin Street Joan, who loves to laugh, ex- pects to spend leisure after work as a typist, in roller skating and at the movies. We know she ' ll have fun wherever she goes! Jean M. Caples 25 Wellington Street Gilbert and Sullivan. G. A. A.. Ski Club, Dramatic Club. Scjuad Tennis Attractive Jean wishes, some day, to charm the world as a ballet dancer, but she will never charm anyone more than she has the boys of A. H. S. Arthur L. Carbone 40 Eliot Road Track, Honor Roll, Tennis Arthur’s strength of character and mind will make inevitable his success at Harvard Dental. John |. Carey " Moose " 12 Maynard Street Football, Track, Basketball, Golf, Baseball Because of love for the South, next fall will find " Moose” buck- ing the line for Alabama and get- ting lots of sleep, his favorite in- activity. Rose A. Carey 48 Chandler Street Orchestra. Honor Roll, Gilbert and Sullivan, Year Book Rose, our untiring pianist, is one of the pillars of the Gilbert and Sullivan Club and Orchestra. She is also an out-of-doors en- thusiast. Mary M. Carney 26 Randolph Street Class Tennis. G. A. A. Mary is quiet of manner, mild of speech, friendly to all, which should make for success in her chosen field as secretary. Page Twenty-two William Casazza " Bill” 2 Brooks Avenue " Bill " will never forget his two years with Miss Peck. As yet, he has no ambition, but whatever he turns to we wish him luck. Drucilla A. Casey " Dru” 10 Johnson Road Honor Roll, Gilbert and Sullivan After training at Katharine Gibbs " Dru " is bound to prove the perfect secretary. Ice skat- ing and dancing will occupy her after office hours. Albert L. Cavalieri ■Al” 23 Henderson Street Band, Year Book, Orchestra, Honor Roll, A Forgotten Man, Debating Club " Al” thinks M. 1. T. will help him most in his study of Elec- trical Engineering. Ambition — " to shock the Universe.” In Mr. Eaton ' s repertoire of recollections 1. Q. Cavalieri will long remain. Ruth V. Cashman 25 Alfred Road Honor Roll, Year Book, G, A, A. Friendly Ruth is heading for the Fay Secretarial School. Alge- bra and geometry with Mr. Kapff will live in her memory. We wish her the best in life. Patrick A. Catalano " Pat” 69 Rhinecliffe Street A lot of us share " Pat’s” love for home baked beans. His dreams are of night school at B. U. We hope they come true, " Pat. " Constance H. Chick " Connie” 5 Cambridge Street, Winchester Dramatic Club, Band, Gilbert and Sullivan, Honor Roll, SU Club .. • " Cbnfffe ' ts oing to Welles- ley. Her favorite activities are dancing and talking, and try as she will, she ' ll never forget the " fun " she had in gym. We wish her luck. Natal ie F. Chick " Nat” ' ■ ” 14 Windermere Park Dramatic Club, G. A, A., Gil- bert and ! Sullivan, Year Book Oljertih College J?- " Klat ' s " a iw; She likes football and base- ball games and skating. When she thinks of Arlington High, het fondest memories will be oFMr. Eaton’s advanced math class. lean M. Clancy 60 Newland Road Gilbert and Sullivan, Tennis, Student Council, Basketball Lovely little Jean will make an efficient business woman, with the aid of Miss Pierce’s Secre- tarial School. Her memories will remain vivid of Miss Bin- nig’s shorthand class. Page Twenty-three 4 ' » Judith Ann Coleman " Judy " 20 Norfolk Road Gilbert and Sullivan Alluring " Judy” is undecided as to the future but we are sure a girl of her talents will never be lost in the world. Robert Clancy " Bob " 60 Newland Road Dramatic Club, Journalism Club, Gilbert and Sullivan, Student Council, Debating Club, Lunch Room Busy Bob,” whose favorite sport is tennis is planning to at- tend Harvard to study science. The sixth period Aeronautics class will remain longest in his memory. James E. Clark " Jimmy” 285 Washington Street Gilbert and Sullivan " Jimmy” seeks a future in aeronautics. His favorite out- side activities are bowling and making telephone calls. He will never forget Mr. Skinner’s first period physics class. Barbara M. Coady " Barbie” 23 Burch Street Basketball, Baseball Outside of school, " Barbie " en- joys ice-skating and swimming. She says she will never forget the air-raid drills. J Gloria C. Colameca V " Cola " 2 Park Avenue Attractive and well dressed ■ " Cola” likes to swim, drive and bowl. Her fondest memory will be of receiving her diploma. She intends to attend Kathleen Dell ' s. S. Paul Coleman 79 Scituate Street " Happy-go-lucky” Paul claims he will remember longest his lib- eration from A. H. S. His jovial spirit will never be forgotten by all those who know him. Virginia, M. Coleman " Ginnie” 94 Grafton Street Year Book, Honor Roll, G. A. A. " Ginnie’s” rating as a secre- tary should be unbeatable, judg- ing by the mental and social ca- pacities she has displayed at A. H. S. Patricia Collier " Pat” ' ■ ' 18 Welliiligton Street Charming little at” will never forg«, those day n Miss Jewett’s bftdogy class. She likes to da«e, ' ' and says she might pos- sibly to Duke. Page Twenty-four June F. Collins 110 RhineclifFe Street Dramatic Club. Guidance Department June plans to do clerical work. She enjoys bowling and ice skat- ing. Her chemistry, bookkeeping and economics classes will remain longest in her memory. Robert W. Collins " Bob” 112 Highland Avenue Football, Debating Club, Cheer- leader, Student Council Upon leaving school, " Bob” will join the Marines. His fa- vorite outside activity is listen- ing to " jazz bands " and " hot swing " records. He will remem- ber longest being a cheerleader. Virginia M. Collins " Ginny” 112 Highland Avenue Hockey Captain, G. A. A. Treas- urer, Basketball Manager Active, attractive " Ginny,” captain of the field hockey team, will soon take up the duties of a secretary. We hope her future life will duplicate her success at A. H. S. Helen E. Commins 41 Massachusetts Avenue Helen plans to do her part in our war effort by becoming a nurse. She will always remember taking gym in her senior year. Louise N. Conant 55 Tanager Street Orchestra, Band, Honor Roll Louise would like to go to B. U. next year. She enjoys playing the cornet and piano and will always remember the orchestra rehearsals. John T. Conlon " Jocko " 12 Iroquois Road " Jocko,” a quiet, friendly fel- low, will join the ranks of in- dustry next year as a welder. He will long remember having Miss Taber for two subjects in the same year. William C. Connelly " Fat " Football, Hockey " Fat " will join the Navy to free the world. His favorite out- side activities are skating and hockey. He will remember long- est making a speech at the Mel- rose football rally. James B. Connolly " Jim " 969 Massachusetts Avenue Fine Arts Club, Journalism Club " Jim” would like to go to art school and be a cartoonist or commercial artist. He will long remember the art classes and the pretty girls. Page Twenty-five Paul ). Connolly 40 Mary Street Hockey Squad Upon graduation, Paul plans to enter the service. His favorite outside activities are hockey and swimming. He will long remem- ber his physics class. Richard |. Connolly " Dick” 342 Massachusetts Avenue Hockey, Dramatic Club, Baseball ■ ' Dick, " who will join the Na- vy, likes the out-of-doors. He will never forget the lowering of the draft age to high school age. Elizabeth A. Cook " Betty " 5 Bartlett Avenue Everybody enjoys colorful hu- mor, so " Betty” will long re- member Mr. Burke’s class. Theresa A. Cook " Leda” 5 Bartlett Avenue " Leda " ' hopes to become a sec- retary or stenographer. She is an ardent devotee of sports, espe- cially baseball and hockey. r Barbara A. Corcoran 90 Valentine Road Barbara’s artistic ability en- ables her to aspire to Massachu- setts Art to take up commercial art. Her earnestness of purpose will ensure success. Robert W. Connor " Bob” 13 Belton Street Dramatic Club, Honor Roll. Tennis In him the mind of a genius, the bearing of a gentleman, and an exalted sense of humor are combined into one grand fellow. Alfred ). Covell " Al” 97 Massachusetts Avenue " Al” always wanted to fly a plane, so he hopes to enter the U. S. Air Corps and satisfy his desire. Virginia L. Converse l ' Jinny” 39 Florence Avenue Orchestra Next year will find " Jinny” studying business at Vermont Junior with fond memories of orchestra rehearsals lasting after three. In summer she enjoys motor boating. Page Twenty-six Ralph J. Cowie 19 Eliot Road Ralph plans to attend Tufts and study electrical engineering and communications. For mental relaxation and physical enjoy- ment he chooses hockey and foot- ball. Harry E. Cox " Binky” 27 Morton Street Ski Club, Lunch Room " Binky” can justly be called " The ladies’ pride and joy.” Tis a man like him that makes the world go round. Althea B ”AV‘ 82 Newport Street Glee Club Vice-President, Honor Roll. Gilbert and Sullivan In Althea, Framingham Teach- ers College will receive a very willing, and applicable student. She will study to be a dietitian. Forever in her memory will be " The agony of it all ” in chemis- try lab. Edith M. Craig " Edie " 75 Washington Street " Edie” believes Mr. Burke’s jokes will remain longest in her memory. Roller skating takes up her leisure time. She ' s going to business school next year. Ik !!. Pa e T iventy-seven Louise E. Crocker " Crock” 26 Upland Road " Crock” should make an ex- cellent secretary in the coming years, if her fine record in A. H. S., and her persevering nature are any indication. M. Marguerite Cronin " Margie " 252 Massachusetts Avenue " Margie” plans to be a secre- tary. She will long remember the friends she made and the stairs she climbed after lunch periods. Rita S. Crosby " Squeaker " 23 Wellington Street " Squeaker” is going to help out the country by becoming a nurse. She ' ll never forget the " quiet ” in the lunch room. We wish you luck in the future. lacqueline R. Crowell " Jackie " Churchill Avenue Dramatic Club, Basketball Attractive " Jackie” will un- doubtedly turn out some stun- ning creations after studying de- signing at LaSalle Junior College. She’ll never forget biology with Miss Jewett. Patricia M. Crowley " Pat” 83 Menotomy Road " Pat” won ' t forget going to school on dark cold mornings or the new Senior Gym Course. She plans to become a secretary after graduation. 1 Ruth Dicey 6l Nes land Road . Honor Riiiiy Class Basketball, CSassJ ennis, ' BadtAinton Siii Jfith pla s op becoming a dietjfian she is ofiF o Simmons next year. She pW»s quite defi- nitely to contirtue her favorite activities, tennis and bowling. j V T A Thomaa H. Dahill " Tom” j 223 Broadway rirt Club " Tom,” whose favorite inter- est is chemistry, will go to Tufts to study it and we know he will be successful. t Ruth K. Gumming " Pirikey” 143 James Street Judging by her initiative at A. H. S. there is little doubt that " Pinkey” will prosper in her chosen field of Dental Hygienics. Lois C. Daley " Loey” 132 ' Webster Street Peppy Lois, whose favorite ac- tivities include bowding and skat- ing, plans to go right into busi- ness work after leaving dear old A. H. S. June I. Cunningham " Daisy” 28 Scituate Street Hockey, G. A. A., Basketball, Rilling Club. Ski Club " Daisy,” one of the most pop- ular of our class, plans to at- tend Sargent to continue her very promising athletic career. Mary F. Daley 7 Park Street Although Mary has always planned to be a secretary she has a secret ambition to join the WA ' VES. Best of luck! Phyllis L. Cutter " Phyl” 23 Gloucester Street Glee Club. Ski Club, Riding Club, Band This pert miss is planning to attend the Chandler School to tram to be some lucky man ' s pri- vate secretary. ' Very lucky man! Page Twenty-eight I (! Alice N. da Silva " Al” 134 Lake Street " Al " loved her work, better her play, for she missed tione. Her activities included music, reading, dancing, swunming bowling, skating and tennis. Every inch a good sport! Robert F. Decareau " Deck " 10 Rawson Road A. R. P. In " Deck ' s” quiet manner and mild speech lies a fortune, tot gentleness succeeds better than violence. Adelaide Del Frate 130 Lake Street Orchestra, Year Book, Dramatic Club Talented Adelaide, who plays the trumpet and piano besides composing songs, plans to at- tend B. U. to prepare for Voca- cational Guidance Teaching. r ' james A. De Rosa 50 Walnut Street Debating Club, Fine Arts Club, Track, Dramatic Club, Journalism Club Herculean " Jimmy,” a debat- ing and Dramatic Club favorite, confesses he is undecided about the future. Best of luck in any- thing you choose, " Jim”! Helen M. Devlin 26 Lockeland Avenue Student Council, Band, Year book. Journalism Club Helen wants to be a stenogra- pher. She likes dancing, too, and will never forget Mr. Barber and the A. H. S. corridors plus all the school books. Gloria C. De Napoli 99 Montague Street Quiet Gloria plans to go to business school to train for stenographic work. Most cher- ished of her recollections are all the friends she has made. Richard ). De Vries " Dick” 246 Park Avenue " Dick” doesn ' t think he ' ll ever forget Mr. Skinner ' s physics class. His favorite outside activity is football. He plans to attend Wentworth to study engineering. Success always, " Dick.” Rufh M. Dickie j Authie " 5 1 Ronald Road ■tf trran ber Mis Afrand ' s ■poking class. She likes . skiing best ' and wants to win her laiirels fn the field of nursing. Best of luck, " Ruthie.” Page Twenty-nine Jayne Dickson l64 Overlook Road Jayne wants to get into the banking business. She considers badminton her favorite outside activity. She ' ll remember longest room 26, period 6, English IV. Ralph S. Dickson 164 Overlook Road Ralph has no particular plan after graduating, but we wish him luck in whatever he does. He likes sports and will never for- get Dr. Kalenback ' s inspirational talk. jane M. Di Corpo " Rusty” 25 Johnson Road Glee Cluh. Honor Roll, Art Club, Year Book. G. A. A. Painting, roller skating, mu- sic, reading — all these take up " Rusty ' s” time. She is going to Massachusetts Art to learn fash- ion design. We wish you success, " Rusty.” Antoinette C. Di lulio " Toni " 5. Park Street " Toni ' s " ambition is to be a Navy nurse; to achieve it she plans to attend Massachusetts General. She likes sports, espe- cially dancing, and will never for- get the fun she had in the study halls. iff jane L. Dockham " Docky” 57 Moulton Road Dramatic Club, Class Basketball We ' re sure " Docky” will be a wonderful secretary after prepar- ing at Chandler ' s. Mr. Morrill ' s office seemed like home and she’ll never forget it. Success, " Docky.” Barbara V. Doe " Barbie " 97 Warjeti tre ' et cfc; - Honor Roll, , Y ar Book, ' Club, Diiamatic Club Vice-PreyU dent. Cheerleader, Riding -Ctub Did you see that nasle on the Honor Roll, as a member of the , Dramatic Club; did you see her " putting pep into the football crowd as a cheerleader? Then you know that Barbara has the energy and ability to carry on as successfully at Jackson. Catherine A. Doherty " Kay " 24 Menotomy Road G. A. A. " Kay, " that girl with the sparkling eyes, has made life merry for her chums. She will enter the secretarial field and with her quick mind and good humor, w ' e know she’ll make good! Page Thirty JohrH . Dbfilp 24 Wiidwood Band. Ymr B6dki otographer " Bui is a iWpp o-lucky fel- low ,vWo is ' alw w «king candid carrieja photos. ASj-1. S. will be reiMmbering the wonderful re- ,.su s of his hobby while he is tudying electrical engineering at M. I. T. nue James A. Doherty " Do-Do” 2 Whittemore Street Football, Hockey " Do-Do,” a sports-minded in- dividual, will long remember his sophomore oral English class. He’d like to make Aircraft School his destination after grad- uating. Dorothy M. Donahue " Dotty " 41 Wollaston Avenue Year Book. G. A. A., Gilbert and Sullivan Popular " Dotty, " while bright- ening up some office with her cheerful personality, will look fondly back at Mr. Wallace’s classes as most fun at A. H. S. John E. Donahue " Jack " 1 1 7 Appleton Street Honor Roll, Air Raid Patrol. Basketball Best of luck to " Jack,” our star basketball player, who hopes to invent a laughing gas while at M. 1. T. guaranteed to put Japs and Nazis to death. Mary E. Donahue 58 Brattle Street Hockey Mary, center on the field hockey team, was one of the high scorers. Her cheerful nature will make her as valuable a sec- retary. fl Thomas P. Donnelly " Tom " 58 Brattle Street " Tom” is a lover of battle and will join the Navy Air Corps. His hobby is collecting stamps and records. He will long remem- ber Mr. Sampson’s Algebra class. Kathleen E. Donovan " Kaye " 26 Kilsythe Road " Kaye " is heading for Massa- chusetts State to become a dieti- tian. She enjoys collecting rec- ords. Miss Peck’s English class will linger longest with her. Warren ). Donovan " Dunnie " 166 Washington Street Baseball, Football " Dunnie’s” Junior Oral Eng- lish class will linger in his mem- ory, and we’re sure he will linger long in his teacher’s. The Army Air Corps will be lucky to get him. Elizabeth W. Downing " Betty " 28 Dartmouth Street G. A. A., Basketball, Journalism Club. Honorable Mention. Gilbert and Sullivan ’Betty” will go into training at the Massachusetts General Hospital. Tennis, skating and swimming are her favorites. Her friends will be one of her most cherished memories of A. H. S. Page Thirty-one III Sl Robert ). Downing " Bob " 19 Putnam Road " Bob,” who is planning to be- come a teacher, picks reading as his favorite outside activity. He will remember Mr. Eaton’s class the longest. jane H. Dozier 60 Trowbridge Street Riding Club Jane ' s interests may keep her in school as a sewing teacher. Her outside activities are riding and skating. She will always re- member her lab periods. C. Elinor Drake " Grade " 12 Kimball Road To obtain a fine secretarial foundation " Gracie ” plans to at- tend Miss Pierce’s, but she also hopes to become a famous author of future best sellers. Edward |. Duffy " Eddie " 29 Bellington Street Orchestra " Eddie” is a great sports en- thusiast. He hopes to become a politician, thus he’s going to B. C. His junior year wdll be his fondest memory. )ohn F. Dyer " P. B. " 32 Crawford Street Football, Basketball Athletic " P. B.” is heading for Notre Dame and the Naval Ait Corps as he is bent upon an en- gineering career. Aeronautics class ranks " tops " in his mem- ory. A. Thelma Ed gar, 19 Frost Street Virginia C. Edson 2 " A|j»l fnd Street Tionoji oll, Dramatic Club, )ijJ lbd(f ' and S ' ull ' an ' GiofME, " arr hofjw pupil, in- terk ' ro follo fSe fa rify foot- steps in conJfifluK igW education at Mt. Hor ke. §jSe knows she’ll remember this grand class of stu- dents and faculty. Priscilla Edwards " Prissy” 156 Pleasant Sf eep Hqn Rl luck, " Prissj Page Thirty -two Bettie H. Egan 83 Grand View Road Hockey. Tennis, Basketball, Ski Club, Baseball, G. A. A. Versatile " Bettie” likes skiing best of all the sports in which she participates. She’ll always remember Mr. Wallace’s classes when she is studying at Chand- ler’s. Joseph Wm. Enos ”]oe” 65 Princeton Road Football " Joe, ” a member of the A. H. S. football team, has hopes of en- tering the Navy. What will he remember longest? His football days. Ann E. Erwin 92 Chandler Street There is no doubt that Ann will rank " Ace high” as a nurse, her chosen field of work. Malcolm D. Evans " Mai” 40 Westminster Avenue " Mai,” one of our " home fa- tals,” has many outside activities one of which is swimming. The Massachusetts Maritime will have " Mai " as a pupil after graduation. Doris A. Ewell " Dot” 12 Orlando Avenue Friendly " Dot” is one of our many dancing and swimming en- thusiasts. She has further plans of becoming a typist. Good luck, " Dot.” Fred W. Faloney 113 Washington Street Friendly Fred plans to enter the armed forces after graduation and will carry with him many pleasant memories of his teach- ers and classmates at Arlington High. Evelyn M. Farley " Ev” 210 Mountain Avenue Basketball, Tennis Blonde and lively " Ev” will prepare for a career in physical education at Sargent’s. After her lab experiments, it’s remarkable that old A. H. S. is still standing. Marjorie M. Faunce " Margie” ' 66 Rhinecliffe Street Glee Club Off to Salem Normal fioes ’’Margie” to become a math teacher. Deny her pep and abil- ity if you can. Page Thirty-three t , Margaret A. Finn " Peggy” 20 Shawnee Road Gilbert and Sullivan, Glee Club, Class Basketball " Peggy” plans to become a stenographer and with her love for music she’ll surely make some office a cheerful place. Cynthia M. Fawcett " Cyn” 23 Alfred Road G. A. A., Journalism Club " Cyn” hopes to join the list of A. H. S. graduates at Fisher’s Secretarial School. Mr. Burke’s sophomore bookkeeping class stands out as most memorable to her. Colgate V. Fish 21 Cheswick Road Van’s interest in radio tech- nician work will surely result in a Navy commission and with his ability he’ll attain success. Carl T. Felton " Jeep " 80 Massachusetts Avenue After studying at Northeastern " Jeep ” hopes to pass the Bar. He promises generous loans to friends from A. H. S. when he becomes president. C. Franklin Fitch 58 Rawson Road The excellent agricultural course offered at University of New Hampshire attracts Franklin to this college. He has reason enough for remembering Mr. Campbell’s sixth period English class. Alfred W. Ferrera " Al " 6 Frost Street Football Although " Al” plans to be shouldering a gun next fall in- stead of passing a football, with his cheerful personality, a life of popularity and good fortune is assured. H. Harry Ferrera 6 Frost Street Football A well-liked fellow, willing and obliging. Action is proof of his ability. Elizabeth N. Fitzgerald " Betty” Riding Club, Honor Roll " Betty’s” background of two years on the honor roll will sure- ly bring her success at Faye’s Secretarial School. She spends leisure time roller skating. Page Thirty-fou, F. Leo Fitzpatrick " Fitz” 8 Dartmouth Street Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track " Fitz ” will have to give up going to baseball and football games to join the Navy. He feels that if A1 Ferrera is drafted the war is lost. a L. Flagg " Jinnyf 5a“B aul Rei Road ' ClrS, ' Bam ilbert ami SulUvs , rPurIch Room Friendly " nny’’ with her love for song ' «uUf certai jy be a cheery addition to .the home economics class at Simmons next fall. Dorothy V. Flynn " Dot " 1 1 Exeter Street To be a stenographer is " Dot ' s " ambition. She spends her spare time skating and swim- ming. " Dot " says she’s going to remember her classmates longest. William J. Flaherty " Bill " 27 Newton Road " Bill " while a member of the Massachusetts Nautical School will look back at the fun he had in Miss Nash’s homeroom as his fondest memory. W. Louise Florencourt ' 15 Belton Street Flonor Roll, Band, Orchestra, Year Book, Fine Arts Club Louise and all her A’s are go- ing to Radcllffe next year. She likes to ride horseback and en- joys traveling, but travel by horse is out! Paul F. Flynn V " Lef(y” 1140 Massachusetts Avenue Class Basketball ' Hands«tjie " Lefty, " that man with the toothpaste ad, will have a haunting but pleasant memory of his classmates. ' John L. Folkins 0 Norfolk Road Band Although he would like to study plastics " Jack " will serve God and country by joining the Army Air Corps. Arthur ). Forgeron " Fudgie” 5 Amsden Street Tennis, Hockey, Football " Fudgie " is now thinking of the best branch of service. " It is the Army Air Corps,” he’s con- cluded. Were proud of you, " Fudgie.” May your success in life be a non-stop flight. Page Thirty- jive Lois E. Foster 8 Farrington Street Ski Club, Dramatic Club Although to some Mr. Burke’s jokes proved potent Lois always found them unforgettable in their originality and humor. Edmund B. Fraser " Ted” 242 Forest Street Baseball, Class Basketball . Hockey Happy-go-lucky " Ted” believes in being thorough as proved by his four-year term at A. H. S. Deny his ability if you can! Robert F. Fredo " Bob” 9 Webster Street Class Basketball Sharpy " Bob,” who can ' t de- cide between Harvard and the Navy Air Corps, loves football and dancing. Never will he for- get his friends of A. H. S. I. Loi se Fr erg 167 iWaverly Street Louisg " a ts to Ke a machine operator. She’ll never forgdj Mr. Burke’s economrts »nd law classes. She likes outdoor sports as well bowl y 2 Edward William Caddis 221 Wachusett Avenue Baseball, Hockey, Class Basket- ball, Tennis " Eddie” is heading for North- eastern to become an engineer Never will he forget his study periods. Ruth Eileen Caddis 221 Wachusett Avenue Ruth enjoys skiing and bowl- ing, and will always remember second lunch period her junior year. She’s a business girl to be. Shirley Frances fCadd 3 Aerial Stre y | Gilbert and Sulldiai[- Club, Dramatic, i b | N ' After attendinm lrs., Baal ' s School, " Gabby” will became a competent comj mete| |ferator. She indulges ir ollw nj ing for pleasure . y Agnes Brenda Callagher 46 Allen Street A.. Secretary of Debating Clubf Year Book Committee, Dr matic Club In Agnes’ estimation, hockey games are tops! Her interest in aviation may lead to an exciting, future. Page Thirty -six Wilfred Louis Gallant 64 Grafton Street Riding Club " Bill ' s " great ambition lies in the field of mechanics. He is an excellent swimmer. Mr. Arthur and his print shop will linger long in his memories of A. H. S. Friendly Ursulle will enter Katharine Gibbs next year so that she will be capable for secretarial work. Outdoor sports and danc- ing are her favorite activities. Charles Ernest Cardella 87 Alpine Street Football, Basketball, Baseball " Charlie” wants to be an en- sign in the Naval Air Corps, " the best branch of service. ’ He fa- vors sports above all, and will always remember A. H. S. Marjorie Ann Carratt 6 Fairview Avenue Ski Club, Honor Roll, G. A. A., Riding Club " Midge” is heading for Kath- arine Gibbs. All sports includ- ing skating, skiing and swim- ming are her favorite outside ac- tivities. A. H. S. friends have made a great impression on her. Thomas Heywood Carside 94 Orient Avenue Perhaps " Tom” can utilize his love of football in the army. He will recognize any " sneak” plays and help carry us right through center for a smashin ' victory. Patricia Cately 27 Linden Street Riding Club " Pat,” one of our blonde horse- back riders, also belongs to the Ski Club. We ' ll always remember her doing stencils for Miss Jenks. I Jean F. Ceddis 39 Trowbridge Street Riding Club, Student Council Jean plans to attend Edgewood Park for a course in household management. She enjoys horse- back riding and dancing. Her memory lingers on the Junior Prom. Thelma N. Ceddes 329 Gray Street Thelma plans to do office work after graduation. As extra-cur- ricula she enjoys dancing and skating. Page Thirty-seven 1 Jane Cobie 155 Appleton Street School Paper, Dramatic Club, Ski Club, Riding Club " Janie ” knows she will re- member the " neat” group of peo- ple she ' s met at A. H. S. when she’s a secretarial student at Pierce’s. John Francis Cendall 148 Dothan Street Athletic " Jack " is definitely the out-of-doors type of fellow. His future career is indefinite but we wish him all the luck in the world. Vincent J. George 16 Milton Street albert and Sullivan Club. H. dl. 5 ' . Pinafore. Manager of Band, Ski Club. Mayiager of Orchestra " Vinnie,” who is heading for the Army Air Corps, loves those flashy Admirals’ uniforms. He w ' lll never forget waiting for the final day. Charles Joseph Gerry 18 Magnolia Street " Charlie " will study at Massa- chusetts State to become a doctor. Horseback riding has and prob- ably will occupy his spare time. Charles Gilbert l lO Lowell Street Gilbert and Sullivan " Charlie " will remember his graduation and junior English class longest. He plans to enlist in the Marine Air Corps via Wentworth College, where he will acquire some technical knowledge. Richard L. Godfrey ' 9 Crescent Hill Avenue Because of the war, " Dick” is undecided what he wants to do. He especially likes to roller skate and to play tennis. Final exams won’t soon be forgotten. Shirley Josephine Goodwin 341 Park Avenue Dramatic Club, Riding Club Shirley’s future ambitions soar as she cocks her eye to the WAAFS. She likes skating and watching hockey games as a fa- vorite pastime. )c o a ' .A. i2) O ' Virginia Margaret Gorman 20 Lancaster Road Gilbert and Sullivan " Ginny” is one who likes a good movie. She plans to become a dietitian and will never forget her senior gym session. Page Thirty-eight i Anna Marie Cott 72 Jason Street G. A. A., Honor Roll. Student Council, Year Book Committee Friendly Anna will continue her education at Katharine Gibbs. All the many friends she made know she will be a success. Joan Rosalie Couthro 200 Forest Street Preparing for the nursing field will occupy Joan’s time in the near future but, we hope, she will find opportunity to indulge in her favorite sport, ice-skating. N. Lee Cray 185 Dothan Street Lee hopes to be a yeoman in the Navy. He is a great skating and golf enthusiast. He has made life-long friends in good old A. H. S. Raymond W. Greenland 32 Exeter Street " Ray, " who will never forget his struggle through business or- ganization, plans to join the Na- vy as a carpenter’s mate. His hob- bies are swimming and raising pigeons. 7 Frederick W. Criebel, Jr. 1 1 Norfolk Road Honor Roll seven times Mr. Campbell’s sixth period English class provides poignant memories for M. 1. T.’s future engineering wizard. Tennis and baseball, however, often lure him out of his books. Lois Marilyn Crue 48 Trowbridge Street Honor Roll. Riding Club Lois, the little lady with the contagious smile, was the piano player in " Stubby " Kenney’s or- chestra. We’ll always remember your playing, Lois! Florence Madeline Cuange 28 Beacon Street Honor Roll " Flossie” will long remember Miss Binnig’s shorthand class. She has chosen stenography as her future career. We are confident of her good fortune. Patricia Anne Cunning 72 Milton Street Riding Club " Pat” enjoys horseback riding for outside relaxation. A certain football game will live long in her memory. Page Thirty-nine Patricia Limerick Hamilton 32 Devereaux Street A fondness for reading, bowl- ing and B. C. take up " Pat ' s” spare time. As for the future, she will become a secretary. R. Elaine Custin 67 Menotomy Road Honor Roll, Debating Club, Dramatic Club, Year Book Com- mittee, Class Tennis Elaine knows that her mem- ories of Mr. Kapff ' s class are the most abundant of those of A. H. S. During her leisure time she is a bit of a horticulturist. Anne Elizabeth Haggerty 49 (jrand View Road Glee Club, Riding Club " Betty, " one who enjoys ten- nis, music, an.l dancing, plans to er ter Russet 1 Sage to become a buyer. Long will she remember Mr. Kemp ' s chemistry class. John Francis Haggerty 85 Sunset Road " Johnny ' s” a man of few words. He is heading for M. 1. T. and a future in aeronautical re- search. He claims he will re- member longest the day he grad- uates. John T. Halloran 42 Margaret Street Honor Roll, Student Council, Class Basketball , Baseball John likes the three B ' s — bil- liards, baseball, and basketball — but switches to the letters M. and D. w ' hen choosing a medical ca- reer at Dartmouth. Ruth Louise Hamilton 1 7 Magnolia Street Ruth likes typing, hence her ambition is to be a typist. She ' s fond of bowling and she ' s going to remember her friends longer than anything else. Betty Ann Hannabury 64 Chandler Street Student Council, Honor Roll " Bet” wants to be a secretary, and a fine one she ' ll be. She ' ll al- ways remember trying to look interested when something was being explained in class. Paul L. Hansen 50 Mt. Vernon Street Ski Club " Prod. ' s ’ ambition is to work for Uncle Sam, so he ' s going to join the Navy. Outside school he ' s very much interested in mod- el airplanes; perhaps inside, it ' s gliders! Page Forty Edith M. Hanson 601 Summer Street ' • Ski Club, Ritihig Club " Edie " has chosen nursing as a career because of her country’s great need for them. We know she ' ll be a worthy " Florence Nightingale.” Marie Anne Harrington 88 Grafton Street Marie, an able typist, plans to enter the insurance business. Her favorite outside activities are skating and swimming. Ruth A. Harris 93 Lake Street Dramatic Club Judging by past performances, we are sure that in her chosen field of work " Ruthie” will be a success. X Patricia Ann Harvey ' 22_ Pleasant Street Ski Cluh, dilhirt and Sulli van, 1 Dramatic JCluh, Chronicle, y y Tennis ’Pat’s’ destinatiorf is Penn. State ro become ' a laboratory tej+mician. Her ' favorite outside activfties are tennis and skiing. She will always remember Mr. Kapff ' s class. Douglas Wendall Head 35 Lowell Street " Doug” wants to become an accountant, the logical culmina- tion of his high school curricu- lum. Graduation will remain longest in his memory of his term at A. H. S. Le Roy Duane Haxton 43 Williams Street " Lee” considers a training in radio and mechanical drawing most advantageous. There are bright prospects of what the fu- ture holds in store for him. L ' Sally Haxeltine 15 Temple Street Honor Roll Although Sally will attend Katharine Gibbs to become an efficient secretary, she hopes some day to follow in her father’s footsteps and obtafti a pilot’s li- cense. Virginia Margaret Heffernan 7 1 Maynard Street Glee Club, Dramatic Club, ] ournalism Club Wishing to be a teacher, " Ginny” will go to Lowell Teach- er’s College. Her friendly man- ner should help her to be suc- cessful. Page Forty-one Ma rjory Elaine Holton 10 Schouler Court Gilbert and Sullivan, Dramatic Club, Basketball " Marty” wants to be a legal secretary and plans to attend Suf- folk Law School. She will long remember Mr. Fusco’s history class. Wendell Parker Might 8 Old Mystic Street " Wen " hopes to get into a business with all profits and no expenses. He will remember his Oral English class the longest. Robert Curtis Hill 33 Pine Ridge Road Quotes " Red,” " I delight in the solitude of nice quiet house dates” — Unquote, " Hold the fort! He is coming!” Eileen Margaret Hilton 1275 Massachusetts Avenue The nursing profession is what Eileen would like. We think this is a fine example of patriotism at a time when nurses are so much needed. Best of luck, Eileen. Charles Franklin Hobbs 29 Mary Street " Charlie " is heading for M. 1. T. and a course in Aeronautic Engineering. Ambition! A goal! Initiative! Who can ask for any- thing more in a man? C. Franklin Howe 34 Grafton Street We hope that " Erank’s” in- tended study of aeronautical en- gineering at U. S. C. will not be impeded by his favorite pastime — sleeping. George Francis Hoye 1 Lanark Road Basketball Most indelible in George’s mind is Mr. Kemp’s class. Al- though undecided about the fu- ture, George can always look to hunting and fishing for recrea- tion. Lillian Marie Hutchinson 70 River Street Lillian has not yot decided what she will undertake in the future, but whatever it is we wish her the best of luck. Page Forty-tivo M.’ ' Elaine Jackson 10 Milton Street Riding Club, Gilbert and Sullivan, Glee Club Elaine plans to study Physical Therapy. She will always re- member all the homework given to her on the nights she wanted to go out. Marilyn Doris Jackson 1 1 Lowell St. Place Art Club " Jack " looks to Massachusetts Art School to prepare herself for a career in commercial held of art. Knowing her, there is no uncertainty as to the success which she will attain. Marjorie V. Jenkins 55 Adams Street Dramatic Club, Ski Club, journalism Club The " Duchess” plans to aid the war effort by going into de- fense work. Her memory of A. H. S. will be her shorthand and typing classes with Miss Casey. Edwin William Johnson 14 Marathon Street Chronicle v- ' Ed " hopes to go to a tech- nical college and study drafting. Mr. Skinner’s physics class will naturally live long in his mem- ory. ! 1 Harry Alfred Johnson 6l Broadway Business Manager of Chronicle, Advertising Manager Harry is looking forward to a career in the Signal Corps. We ' re sure he ' ll be capable of handling all the " WAVES " involved. Robert B. Johnson 42 Summit Street Football, Gilbert and Sullivan, Basketball " Bob” is headed for the Naval Air Corps and will probably find a new surprise in every air pock- et. Phyllis A. Kasabuski 194 Waverly Street Honor Roll for three years After graduation loquacious " Phyl " will give the business world the benefits of her A. H. S. secretarial training. Her fa- vorite activity is ice-skating. Gloria A. Kasparian 1 Sutherland Terrace journalism Club, Glee Club, Tennis Team, G. A. A., Class Basketball, Honor Roll, Riding Club Busy " Kaspy” has taken part in numerous activities and clubs while at A. H. S. She would like to go to Boston University for secretarial work. Rage Forty-three Antoinette Lillian Keefe 63 Newport Street Dramatic Club. G. A. A., Honor Roll " Toni” will carry the torch of a nurse and a good one at that, judging by the example she has set at A. H. S. ' vst Kathleen C. Kelly 5 Swan Street G. A. A., Riding Club Ambitious " Kay,” in order to be a nurse, will take a course at Simmons. She says she’ll re- member Mr. Kemp ' s chemistry class always. Paul Francis Kelly 44 Pine Ridge Road " Wit is the salt of conversa- tion; a sense of humor, the salt of life.” He’s the man for a merry fnoVnent! William joseph Kelley 40 Franklin Street Cross Country Captain, Indoor Track, Outdoor Track " KeU” intends to join the Na- vy. His favorite outside activity is eating. He will remember the end of the third period for a long time. Robert Arthur Kenney 4 Burns Court, Cambridge Track Robert is fascinated by radio and expects to enter the field of radio engineering. There will al- ways remain in his memory: Mr. Sampson’s classes. Elizabeth Patricia Kelly 15 Cleveland Street Riding Club, Ski Club, Honorable Mention ■’Betty” hopes to go to Mt. Ida next year. She likes to skate and bowl. She will long remem- ber the difficulties in getting to school on time. Kathleen Ann Kelly 24 Argyle Road Riding CluB Versatile ’ ' Bubby” likes swim- ming ancj.’ dthen sports. She won ' t forget the fun she had in Mr. roller’s L . class. She’ll at- tend Simmoo r T Catherine Keohane 76 Warren Street Attractive ”KAY” will certain- ly make an efficient secretary. She delights in roller skating and dancing. Her junior year will be among her brightest memories. Page Forty-four Helene Charlotte Kreem 25 Lake Street " Tiny” will help add her bit to the beauty of the world with her interior decorating. She is best satisfied when dancing or bowling. I Sally Kolligian 64 Winchester Road Honor Roll, Journalism Club, Dramatic Club, Gilbert and Sullivan Sally would like to be a medi- cal secretary. She believes that Virgil will be the outstanding recollection of her high school ca- reer. Bjarne Kvingedal " 1 Washington Street Dramatic Club, Class Basketball , Ski Club Cheerful " Barney,” a skiing enthusiast, is headed for Massa- chusetts College of Pharmacy where experience gained from work in a local drug store ought to prove valuable. Annette Miriam Kreem 25 Lake Street Tiny Annette, always being confused with her sister, chooses playing the piano for enjoyment. The reason for her being always late to Miss Nash’s class must be that she gets tramped in the crowded corridors. Dagmar Kvingedal “ ' I Washington Street Honor Roll for two years in suc- cession, Ski Club, Tennis Dagmar will continue her busy training in a secretarial school. She will always remember Mr. Burke’s jokes. John M. Lahiff 12 Everett Street John spends his spare time in playing hockey. We are sure he’ll be a success in the business world as well as he is in school. Page Forty- five Sally Louise Lamont 129 Pleasant Street Dramatic Club, G. A. A., Jour- nalism Club, Ski Club, Year Book Committee Sally’s intellectual head has al- ways been very near the clouds and soon the rest of her will follow — as an air stewardess. lean Marie Lanigan 90 Fairmont Street Busy Jean plans to become a very efficient secretary, but first she is going to train at Fisher’s Business School. Keep it up, Jean! Peter A. Latsey Milton Street In years to come we can all tell our children we knew Pro- lessor Pete when his main thought was getting out of A. H. S. Mary Agnes Leary 50 Park Avenue Extension Mary enjoys athletics from the by-line, that is — sports stories interest her most. Her fingers fly over the piano keys. We guess she reads aviation stories. Francis Edward Le Blanc 72 Hibbert Street ’’Frannie” will be " in the pink " in Navy blue, which, if it appeals to him, will be his ca- reer. Good luck to a future blue- jacket! Edward Lennon 49 Bow Street " Eddie” is a card! What more can be said. His actions speak louder than words! Eugene Leonard 148 Mystic Valley Parkway Gilbert and Sullivan, Gondoliers, H. VI. S. Pinafore, lolanthe, J ournalism Club " Gene’s” little black book should prove interesting to some of his classmates. He’ll be in the Army Air Corps after graduation. john Louis Lawlor 131 Rhinecliffe Street Dramatic Club The next melodious note in Louis’s life will be as Army bug- ler and not the ring of the lunch room cash register. Page Forty-Six C. Arthur Lindquist 63 Milton Street A. H. S. Band Arthur intends to study insu- rance at Northeastern. He likes sports of all kinds, even female ones. John R. Lindstrom 147 Mary Street Track " Lindy,” unlike his famous flying namesake, traveled over the cinder track while at A. H. S. L , vV Joanne E. Link 543 Concord Turnpike Honor Roll, Tennis Squad, G. A. A. " Jo,” a Radcliffe girl of " 47,” is an expert diver and tennis player. Mr. Barber ' s policing at 8:10 outside room 13 will re- main m her memory. L I Ruth Helen Littlewood I 160 Rhinecliffe Street i Vear Book Committee, G. A. A. Ruth is soon to be a student at Katharine Gibbs, where she’ll learn to be a super-efficient ste- nographer. I h 1 i [ John Edward Logan 1290 Massachusetts Avenue " Jack” will " cut down that old pine tree” for Uncle Sam for he’s going into the U. S. Forestry Service. Keep away from the wood nymphs, boy! Barbara Jane Long 19 Newland Road Ski Club. G. A. A. Beautiful Barbara is athletic as well as decorative. She’ll make some lucky man a nice secretary. Good luck, Barbara. Paul Francis Luvisi 39 Kenilworth Road Honor Roll, Chess Club, Ping-Pong, Checkers Paul, one of the three " Fla- mingoes,” not only made the honor roll, but also the ping- pong team of A. H. S. But, girls — he’s joining the Navy. Leonard Angus Lyons 148 Hillside Avenue Football. Hockey " Sly” intends to join the " Na- val Air Corps ” because he feels It is his duty. He will long re- member this year’s football team and friends. Page Forty-seven Tennis Team, President of G. A. A., Honor Roll, Year Book Committee Popular “El " is an enthusias tic exponent of skiing. She de- sires to go to Jackson where she intends to prepare for a literary career. Susan M. MacCallum 42 Quincy Street Dramatic Club Junior Year Friendly " Sue” is going to re member the many friends she’s made at A. H. S. She plans to be a secretary because she has al- ways been interested in that line of work. I EMcabetb Pauline MacCufcheon Newport Street Honor " Roll, Ski Club Calm and quiet " Betty ” will make an ideal nurse after she graduates from Simmons College. She likes people, swimming, and skating. Donald James MacDonald 28 Overlook Road " Ducky,” by his own words, is not afraid of any girl on earth. Nature might stand up and say to all the world " This was a man. ” Ruth Eileen MacDonald 4 " Sherborn Street Riding Club, G, A, A,, Dramatic Club, Chronicle Good luck to Ruth of the dancing feet! Everyone hopes she will be on time at Emmanuel more often than at A. H. S. Janice Helen Ma ver 19 Appleton Street " Jan’s” ambfffon is to second lieutenant in the,. There is no doubt thaf «lie be as admirable |n er is a grand pal. | I. - ' fV C. Mary Mahoney 13 Palmer Street of my. will ,|he Honor Roll, G, A, A, The patient Mary will soon be tending the patients. She is go- ing to train at Massachusetts General Hospital, carrying many memories of A. H. S. with her. Margaret Theresa Mahoney 65 Magnolia Street " Peggy” likes skating in the winter, and thinks she’ll enjoy Fisher’s in the fall — to be a sec- retary. Page Forty-eight Anne i te Rtjtfng CTuS, G. A A.. Dramaffc Club, Chronicle Rose wanjs to b JW medical secretary, ' m ' ur e this career, she will stuXly tt a Junior Col- lege. She is another of those " tardy girls.” andis ' ■ IfOChitterriclre jStreet 4 - Tennis Tehm. Basket- thm, Field Mana- r, Club ular ' Polly” will l ave to ' ew) hei; atWeticMg r for the next I year, wiiejj»C hA buckles dowtyWo studj merchbfjaising at hamberlain § om. FreJ ick ). Manley 7 Upland Road Ski Club, Band When " Fred” isn ' t knee-deep in printer ' s ink he is perusing a chemistry book. He is going to the University of New Hamp- shire to study the troubles of a test-tube. ; ■ [nsfield 1 7-iJason Street Hono ' Roll Vdce-President Stu- d ti ' Counm, ]0$tAalism Club, ) ear B k nimittee. Bank, f 4 Ic h ior y rom Committee cy yropular Joan, who has so cap- ably served on the Student Coun- “ cil for two years, will surely reach ' the top in personnel work after studying at Jackson. • Page Forty-nine Paul James Mark 12 Henderson Street Paul has used his knowledge of aeronautics to navigate his course successfully through the barri- caded doors of the lunch room. He will remember Mr. Arthur ' s class in Aeronautics the longest. Gloria Alice Marshall 74 Melrose Street Gilbert and Sullivan Club Gloria will attend Fisher ' s to make her wishes of bec oming a secretary come true. She enjoys skating and writing letters. To whom, Gloria? Katharine Louise Marshall 65 Hillside Avenue Gilbert and Sullivan. Glee Club Katharine. whose favorite school activities were Gilbert and Sullivan and Glee Club, is headed for Framingham Normal to be- come a sewing teacher. " Kathie” specializes in skating outside of school. Laura Theresa Marshall 48 Marathon Street Gilbert and Sullivan Laura, a serious-minded young lady, plans a future as a librarian. Surely she will pass on to others the highly appreciated advice of our faculty. Rae Marshall 41 Forest Street Ski Club, G. A. A.. Riding Club Rae holds, ' to the more active side of life — her favorite sports being swimming and badminton. The Of. A. A. picnic at Crane Beach will always be a vivid memory of hers. Leo ). Martin 138 Warren Street Class Basketball . Class Tennis " Pepper " hopes to have a well- seasoned career at M. 1. T. train- ing for a chemical engineer. Good luck, " Pepper”! George H. Matheson, Jr. 5 1 Lowell Street Hockey. Honor Roll " Matty " is fond of figures — so he ' ll remember Mr. Samp- son ' s algebra class. He is head- ing for an engineering course in Arkansas. What or who is in Arkansas? Barbara Jane Mattaliano 16 Palmer Street Baseball Team Our athletic " Babs " enjoys ice- skating, bowling and swimming. She is looking forward to an eventful future as a secretary. Nanette Lorraine Maxwell 127 Lowell Street Although a photo-fiend " Nan ' s " quest for knowledge will lead to Burroughs ' Business School. Her type and shorthand memories, pleasant or otherwise, are never- theless poignant. the brought arthy Road iding Club ' ition iSJ ake pan aviation was y her desire to rise above Mr. Burke’s wit. Michael John McCarthy 20 Rhinecliffe Street Jovial " Mike” has stuck to the sand traps and bunkers but his course will soon change to that of the Marine Corps. Donald j. McCarty " 8 Franklin Street Track " Doc " followed in the cinder tracks of his illustrious father in A. H. S. as a member of the track team. He ' ll run for Uncle Sam soon. L Page Fifty ; ■ Z ' jtHJ ff WP ' g ' ' May ). McCrone 79 Bow Street Honor Roll, Year Book Commit- tee, Basketball May hopes to follow a career in Journalism, In High School she suffered one major set-back, having to take gym in her senior year. i William Cerard McElaney 128 Webster Street Football, Hockey, Baseball Although Uncle Sam’s bright bugle is beckoning, " Bill” would like to go to Tennessee to play football. Sports and senior al- gebra will be " in there” for ’Bill.” Ruth Elizabeth McFadden 50 Sherborn Street Ruth has helped make our class complete. To know her is to appreciate her qualities. lames F. McCarry, )r. 15 Medford Street Honor Roll for three years. Presi- dent Student Council, Vice-Presi- dent Debating Club for three years. Chronicle Sports Editor, Dramatic Club, Tennis, Red Cross Representative, Ski Club, Treasurer Junior Prom, Business Manager Year Book, Gilbert and Sullivan Club, " Forgotten Men” Master-mind " Jim,” the most intellectual fellow in A. H. S., and President of the Student Council, is quite undecided which college he will attend. We are sure that he will be one of the men of tomorrow. Michael M. McColdrick 61 Bates Road Class Basketball, Honor Roll for three years " Mike” plans to attend North- eastern to study accounting. The new report cards which do not include " U’s” rate high with this young lad. Richard Francis Mclsaac 1 1 Morris Street Gilbert and Sullivan Richard hopes to go to North- eastern. His favorite sports are football, baseball and hockey. He will always remember the teach- ers and their affection for home- work. Marion Loretta McLatchy 40 Henderson Street Head Tu ' irler, Gilbert and Sulli- van, Dramatic Club A girl of matchless value, she ' ll get by with a twinkle in her eye. One of such measure is indeed a pleasure. Irene Theresa McLaughlin I 0 Lafayette Street Honor Roll In Irene, Katharine Gibbs will gain a girl of wisdom and fun, every inch a good sport. Page Fifty-one Alice Frances Menezes 34 Bowdoin Street Witty Alice has decided that stenography will be her future. She will remember Miss Peck ' s English class in her junior year. John E. McMahon 104 Scituare Street Hockey Team John will seek a higher edu- cation at Boston College. It will be B. C.’s gain and Arling- ton ' s loss! Grace Louise McNamee 68 Foster Street G. A. A., Gilbert and Sullivan. Class Tennis Amiable Grace pleasantly passes her leisure hours swim- ming and skating. Never will she forget her grand classmates and wonderful school. i Patric 49 Glee Club two " Patty” plans to become a nurse after graduation. The battle for slacks will be her most vivid memory. John Thomas Mellon 1 1 5 Overlook Road Gilbert and Sullivan, Pinafore ' Jack " will take up engineer- ing at Tufts. He was extremely popular with the junior girls. Mr. Arthur ' s fifth period aero- nautics will always stand out in his memory. He is plannin College. ;ained hiS isdom way by enjcVing the fe affori d hjn H. S. " d) j tet Boston John Richard Moalli 133 Park Avenue Extension Hockey Manager " Moe " was our efficient hockey manager this year. His plans for the future are indefinite but he has what it takes for suc- cess. Helen Irene Mockel 14 Fairview Avenue Ski Club, G. A. A., Riding Club Popular Irene will make some- one a very good secretary. She will always remember her many friends she made in high school. Page Fifty-two Rena Bernadetfe Moresco 8 Robbins Road Honor Roll " Barney” thinks it would be fun to be a stenographer. She enjoys swimming, reading and hiking. Her only " D” blighted her high school career. Stephen Morrill 48 Kenilworth Road Gilbert and Sullivan, Dramatic Club, Debating Club, Football, Cross Country Ambitious " Steve” will re- member the second squad foot- ball games in which be partici- pated and we shall remember his acting ability discovered in his junior year. Barbara K. Morrill 1296-a Massachusetts Avenue " Babe " is serious or carefree as circumstances demand. She ex- pects to enter Katharine Gibbs. Jean Marie Morrill 36 Coolidge Road Glee Club three years. Dramatic Club, G. A. A., Gilbert and Sul- livan, Honor Roll Versatile Jean’s ambition has always beery to teach school, so she will i attend Framingham State Tekener ' s College. She will always membi raking gym her Paul Walter Morrison 10 Bailey Road " Walt ' s” ambitions are engi- neering and designing. He will never forget experiments, draw- ings, and essays required by the Science Department. He spends his outside time in horseback rid- ing. Rose Marita Murray 85 Irving Street G. A. A. Next year will find Rose at Regis College. She says that she will always remember the extra heavy homework assignments at A. H. S. john Winthrop Nelson 99 Oxford Street A. H. S. will soon have to its credit a navy man, for John plans to join soon after graduation. Smooth sailin’, sailor. Page Fifty-three k. lilt Wesley Carl Nelson 211 Broadway " Nestles” plans to attend night school at Northeastern. Gradua- tion will be the highlight of his high school experience. Phyllis M. Normile 81 Thorndike Street Basketball. Honor Roll, Fielci Hockey, Student Council. Base- ball, Cheerleader Popular " Phyl” is heading for Katharine Gibbs. She is a great sports enthusiast. Speaking on the radio at the Arlington-Salem game last year was a great thrill to her. Ruth Frances O ' Brien " O’B” 66 Everett Street Glee Club, Gilbert and Sullivan, Riding Club, Journalisrts, Tennis, Honor Roll Friendly " O ' B” plans to furth- er her musical career by Julliard School of Music next year. We know she will go far. Best of luck. " O B”! j ' ll .. Gertrude Elizabeth O ' Donnell 3 Wyman Terrace Honor Roll, Debating Club, G. A. A. Gertrude will make an efficient secretary after attending Katha- rine Gibbs. Favorite sports are bowling, tennis, and ice-skating. She had great fun at the A. H. S. hockey games. Charles John Ogasapian " Charlie” 1 1 Cornell Street " Charlie " has taken the col- lege course but hasn’t quite made up his mind about the future. Homework from A. H. S. will be outstanding in his memory. Irene W. Nowlin 1064 Massachusetts Avenue Basketball. Baseball. Hockey, G. A. A., Honor Roll Athletic Irene’s ambitions lie in the secretarial field. She en- joys roller skating and ice-skat- ing out of school. Coach Miss McCarthy made a great impres- sion on Irene. Frederick William O’Brien " Fred” " Obie” 15 Bailey Road Senior Honor Roll. Art Club ’’Obie " will go to B. C. to be- come a teacher. Not missing a day of school in seven years will always stand out in his memory •rnd ours. John L. O’Keefe " 1 Tufts Street Hockey, Track John looks forward to joining the Naval Reserve. He will long remember Miss Nash and her at- tractive ways. We want to wish you all sorts of luck in the fu- ture, John. Page Fifty -jour Frances O’Malley 32 Colonial Drive Of her many memorable ex- periences in A. H. S. Frances will longest remember the stairs she was obliged to climb. As tele- phone operator she will ring true. Elizabeth Mary O ' Neil " Betty” 65 Lake Street Glee Club " Betty " will work in an in- surance office upon the comple- tion of this year. According to her the biggest treat of the senior year is not having to do " finals.” Mildred Ann O’Neil " Millie " 30 Alfred Road Fine Arts Club Graceful " Millie ” desires to make her way in the world as dancing teacher. She also enjpy drawing and Miss Wakefiejd’s history classes. f . i Marjorie Eye) O’Neill 18(k l asant Street! " M gir’ 11 attend In manu- el College ana undertafi he sec- course. iLf pftsonality Efficiency wffl pave he way 0 r " X Paul Bernard O’Neill " P. 0.” 186 Pleasant Street ' Debating ' Club Dramatic Club, JouKnalism ' Club. Ch s Treasurer. Te inis, Y eat Book Committee Paul, " our popular class treas- urer, will study at Harvard to en- ter the field of chemical research. We are confident of his success in this work. Robert Francis O’Neill " Pete” 15 Jason Terrace Captain of Indoor Track, Cross Country Track, Spring Track " Pete” possesses a surging am- bition for " taking things apart.” Let’s hope this synchronizes with his intended career in the Air Corps. He will long remember Mr. Petralia ' s class. Frances Oppedisano " Fran” 75 Decatur Street Honor Roll, Class Tennis, Dramatic Club " Fran " plans to attend Sim- mons College next year to seek a future as a buyer. When not studying she passes time happily playing tennis, swimming and dancing. Eileen T. O’Reilly " T 1 1 0 GrayijStr et President of SkiJcl fb ,pk, anager of Riding Clubr Capt)njn of Soft- ball. Basket irOtl. Fidld Hockey, G.yf. A. ennt Athleti r F.ilB wilf join the WAVE fpr, She wW bepji welc to tl|Ut wraderful IHratrchf o ' the SerVice ' ng care led acldiwon Page Fifty- five Marie O’S ullivan " Mimi” ! 70 Cofumbia Road ' ' Dramatic( Ctiib, Gilbert and Sul- livan. Gj-Ve Club Secretary, G. A. Chronicle Sports-Editor, Rid- i ' (ig ' Club ' S Hottpr Roll Y e ir Book Committ Katharine, tjibbs ' ’ s " Mimi’s” destination. ' Caking part -in many school activities makes her an asset to any school as she was to A. H. S. Pacheco 0 Scituace Street TJonor Roll, ' Ski Club Friendly, fun- ' oVing Jean is looking fcirward to atfetiding U. of N. H. jiext y |y When she is studying to ' beCarnedical secre- tary, old memories of Mr. Mil- ler ' s period will be brought back. Margaret Paige " Peggy” 30 Hopkins Road Honor Roll. Tennis Team j) (.Conscientious " Peggy " is ( 1 Wellesley-bound next year to train in the field of a medical secretary. She is the proud own- er of two horses. y William Irving Paine Vfc 7 " 8 Scijuate Street . Stamp Club ' ■ " BilF’S pmembers longest his ter vl struggles in physics and history. A. H. S. remembers him for his radiant personality. Christy Parragona " Chris” 141 Thorndike Street " Chris” is undecided about his future plans. Passing his junior English final highlights his mem- ories of A. H. S. Charles Andrew Pasciuto " Charlie” 86 Fairmont Street Journalism Club Cheerful " Charlie” hopes to enter into a career in Journalism. To attain this goal he plans to honor the B. U. campus with his presence and g4od humor. We’re rooting for you, " Charlie”! J o a. jacqueline Elizabet) . ' ig;|sj« " Jack” 3 1 Norfolk Road " Jack,” a bowling and skating enthusiast, won’t forget the good times she had at the hockey games. She hasn ' t decided which college she will attend yet, but we wish you luck wherever you go, " Jack.” Roberta Bruce Paton " Bobbie” 22 Silk Street G. A. A., Gilbert and Sullivan, Glee Club. Journalism. Year Book Committee Likeable " Bobbie” wdll further her education at B. U. She will always remember Mr. Thomp- son’s back-handed compliments. Her favorite outside activity is ice-skating. Page Fifty-six I Tennis, Gilbert and Sullivan Mr. Kemp’s chemistry classes will linger long in " Pat ' s ” mem- ory, After school hours she en- joys a good game of tennis. Your classmates will long remember you, " Pat. " English ' " ways remembei English " silences. .laire.tojifee Ravey , ‘reaches” i Cleveland Street GlJ Club- leader, G. A. A., Gilhftf ' dnd Sullivan ' I " Peaches” is planning her fu- ture to include aeronautics. On the lighter side of life, she en- joys dancing, roller-skating, foot- ball games, and playing the pi- |ohn S. Pearson 8 1 Henderson Street The day he was expelled from physics class will live longest in John’s memory. Roller-skating and swimming are his favorite sports. Page Fifty-seven Paul Oliver Pecor " Pop” 42 Alfred Road Ski Club While flying confidently through the clouds next year as a member of the Army Air Corps, " Pop " claims he will fond- ly remember the study periods at A. H. S. His classmates will long remember his cheery smile. Levenia Morrison Penney " Pee” 1 Street Honor Lee raphy fwf p vears t» com $Jje enjoys swirnfTrt S loTTjS r remember the many hours spent studying Latin. ( Walter Robert P -.y " Bob” " Bob” erhaitr y Id ' Mount Vernon Street Stamp Club " Diligence is the mother of good fortune ”; we are sure that " Bob " will succeed in his future Marylouise fe ty " M rylgh 14 Win|Wop Road Rtdtn Club, Ski Cluh, JqLfnalism Club J ’’Marjilbu’’ will become nurse af e graduajtion. As, for her jtefcjlllories of sfhool, Mr. ’Simp- ly ari4, cTiemistry B wily hold Tne most prominent place. , y Phyllis Evelyn Pike " Phyl” 10 Lanark Road Riding Club " Phyl” wants to go to Fisher ' s to be a stenographer. She likes horseback riding and is afraid that she will remember " finals” the longest. ' " ■WooTc7 ' tt ‘Y ' j) ; cly rirg and a t farjt ps - Here -r - sonality tinctive musical will tudy m w - ' un Patricia May Pick " Patty” Harlow Street Riding Club, Tennis Athletic " Patty” excels in ten- is and riding and enjoys bowl- immensely. Mr. Sampson ' s phomore algebra class will lin- ger longest in her memories. john Anthony Pierce " Jack” 43 Davis Avenue Football. Flonor Roll " Jack” had plans of going to college but due to the present situation he feels he is more needed in the Marines. Good luck and the best of everything, " Jack.” Clyde Warren Plummer " Cy” 6 Harvard Street Band, Orchestra " Cy” plans to join the Navy. He is extremely interested in reading. He, like many other pupils, will never forget Mr. Lowder ' s gym classes. Estelle Dorothy Poirier 83 Scituafe ' Street Honor Roll, Ski Club .Quiet Estelle ' really has quite t ' oarm ' ambition. She is gofog to ' study aviation. When she ' s way up in the clouds she, -will be thinking of her chenvistry lab. periods. Happy landings, Es- telle! Nato Peter Poliweni " Pete” ' y - 4( Park Avenge Dt iatic Club, FJopor Roll Animated ' TeoeJ ' ’ who e fu- ture occupation will be in the field of medicine, willAwithout a doubt remember longest Miss Rounds ' Latin class. Helen Dorothy Poole " Puddles” 6l Lafayette Street G. A. A., Baseball " Puddles” will long remember her embarrassment when she met Mr. Gammons in the subway while playing hookey. She will remain long in our memories for her carefree manner. Page Fifty-eigJjt ' ( ' ly Roiamond Poole " Puddle " 210 Avenue Gil rt and Suflivan- Secretary, fournalisin ' Club. Ski Chib, Student Council " Puddle " intends to develop her ability in Journalism. " We know she ' ll be a success. She is an out-of-door enthusiast. Frank Lynch Powers 27 Medford Street Frank’s " pep” talks with Mr. Morrill will remain longest in his memory; they certainly did some good. F. P. is going to Minnesota to become a scholar. John Cristopher Primerano " Primmy " " 78 Cleveland Street " Primmy” will receive his ad- vanced education at Southern Cal. Here he will study Aeronautics. But of A. H. S. his discussions with Miss Taber are never to be forgotten. Joseph John Preston " Junie " 6 Whittemore Street Football, Hockey " Junie " will long be remem- bered for his wonderful goal in the Stoneham game. He is inter- ested in swimming as well as skating. He will remember his senior year longest. Marie Jeannette Priest " Priestly” 26 Whittemore Street Baseball, G. A. A. While going to Simmons, jolly " Priestly” will still be remember- ing Miss Krastin’s conduct book. We hope it will remind " Priest- ly” what not to do next year. Frances Ceroid Publicover " Frank " 18 Raddiffe Road Debating Club " Frank” will undertake a study of engineering at Tufts. He just- ly finds great pleasure in the memory of Miss Rounds’ class. Vincent Leonard Pullo " Vin " 62 Harlow Street Handsome " Vin” will be a forest ranger. We know he’ll make good for he loves all out- door sports. Good luck, " Vin”! Mary Frances Quattrocchi 19 Henderson Street Mary plans to attend Burdett’s to become a private secretary. She favors skating, swimming and dancing. She will never forget Mr. Wallace’s Business Org. class. Page Fifty-nine Daniel Francis Quinn " Denny” 61 Foster Street ‘Danny,’’ planning on Boston College and later to study for the Seminary, will long remember Miss Round ' s Latin classes. He plays the saxophone well. Joseph Francis Quinn " Joe” 6 1 Foster Street " Joe” enjoys bowling and baseball, will long remember Mr. Arthur’s Aeronautics class. He is headed for Boston College if Uncle Sam doesn’t interfere. Lillian A. Radochia " Shanghai” 57 Richfield Road Dramatic Club, J ournalism Club " Shanghai " wants to become skilled in the art of nursing after graduation. Her favorite pastime is dancing. -V Ellen Creig Rattray 44 Falmouth Road Gilbert and Sullivan, Dramatic Club. Riding Club, Journalism Club, Honor Roll, Year Book Committee Greig will remember her jun- ior and senior English classes for two different reasons, and we will remember Greig. Success al- ways, Greig. John Dennis Ray 28 Sutherland Road John is undecided as to what the future will hold for him. He enjoys baseball and hockey. He will never forget Miss Peck ' s homework. Mildred Theresa Reardon " Millie” 112 Palmer Stree Tuirler, G-. A A . Gilbert an. " Millie”, pla er’s to be tary. Sheli ' hiking an long awaited graduation ' night. Donald C. Rehnstrom " Renny” 26 Inverness Road " Renny” has made no particu- lar plans for the future, but whatever he ends up doing, we know he’ll be a success at it. Good luck to you, " Renny.” Jean H. Rae " Jeanne” 287 Massachusetts Avenue G. A. A., Field Hockey, Basket- ball Captain " Jeanne” is planning to at- tend Simmons where she will study nursing. She enjoys bowl- ing and will always remember al- gebra with Miss Bullock. Page Sixty 1. 0 “ Albert Mari ' Reitzaglia . V f epper” . 0 93 Alpine Street Roll, Dramatic iCluh , Journalism Club, D hating Club, Year Book Committee. Glee Club, Gilbert and Sullivan, Riding Club " Pepper,” who enjoys tennis, photography and music, plans to make a place for herself in the world of chemistry. Long will she remember the fun in A. H. S. lanet Earla Rice " Jan” Mr. Petralia’s class will stay in " Jan’s” mind for a long while. She is to enter Bradford Junior to become a color consultant. Good luck, " Jan.” jVo David Rich School Street •and. Orchestra, Gilbert and Sullivan " Gildersleeve” will probably be remembered most for that spasmodjc ruddiness otherwise known as a blush. Anyway, " the man who blushes is not quite a brute.” He will long remember his " fine teachers.” Louis Rignanese 44 River Street Louis has not decided his fu- ture career, but whatever it may be, we know he ' ll be a success. Will remember trying to pass homework in on time. Page Sixty-one Mary Margaret Riley 10 Palmer Street G. A. A., Tennis Class, Badminton Likeable Mary will enter Fish- er Business School to further her secretarial career. We’re sure you’ll be a great success. R. lacqueline Riley " Jackie " 10 Harvard Street Orchestra When " Jackie” leaves B. U. she will travel anywhere her heart desires. " Jackie” is an accom- plished musician, and we’ll never forget how much she added to the orchestra. Paul Albert Rivals 51 Edmund Road Likeable Paul will be remem- bered for his argumentative na- ture in class. He is in the Ma- rines now ' ; Arlington High misses his friendliness and wishes him luck. Donald Roberts ,, j " 100 Appl n -Mreet " Don” wJ L o to prep school next is still URtlecidei - • ' whicMTme, but vjbichever one he decides, on ill gain a wonderful ' ' j ' fellowT " J - V 37a ' I John A. Robertson " Al” 49 Claremont Avenue " Al” is fascinated by the work of an airplane mechanic, which he plans to make his own. He likes most sports and will re- member Room 36. Jeanne Blanche Robinson " Jeannie” 2 Claremont Court " Jeannie ' s” ambition is office work. We know’ that if she keeps it up she ' ll succeed, so stick to It. She enjoys dancing and singing. John Frederick Robinson " Rohie " 10 Fessenden Road Orchestra. Track M. 1. T. and chemical engi- neering are part of " Robie ' s” fu- ture plans. He likes hockey and will always remember Mr. Low- der ' s gym class. Phyllis Ann Robinson " Phyl” 160 Gray Street " Phyl’s " future ambition is ac- counting. Outside activities are dancing, ice skating and enjoy- ment of attending school games. She will long remember Senior Prom of ’42. Joseph Burke Rogers " Joe " 54 Brattle Street " Joe” is considering a business career and will certainly do a great job of it. The discussions in Aeronautics class w’ill be in his mind for a long time. Frances Antoinette Romano " Frankie " 314 Forest Street " Frankie,” a dancing and bowl- ing enthusiast, will always recall Miss Jenks’ stories in business or- ganization. She plans to further her education at Fisher’s. ■ ' C e A. Rj land 67 Vlea )n Street y Field Wfsikey, ledryXs Grac would (il yjo do what a buyer does, afqjr she will at- tend Chamb l in. She nevet will forget her homework. We rwav r ch ll frtrcrpf vmi Crrarf Allan Edgar Rowsell 42 Chester Street Band two years As Allan thinks there is a fu- ture in radio, he has decided to make this his life work. His rec- ollections of high school days will alw ' ays include Mr. Lowder ' s gym classes. Page Sixty-two Rodney |ohn Ruddiman " Rugged” 12 Carl Road Friendly " Rugged, " to get a Navy rating, will pursue account- ing. Good luck, " Rugged.” Elvira Rusci 58 River Street Charming Elvira’s favorite pas- time is skating. We are sure that as a secretary she will make a place for herself in the busi- ness world. Jean Elizabeth Russell " Jean” 105 Broadway Gilbert and Sullivan, Glee Club, Journalism Club, G. A. A., three Peppy Jean’s destination is Katharine Gibbs. She enjoys dancing, skating and skiing. She will always remember Mrs. Mof- fatt’s history class. Francis Lea Ryan " Franny” 24 Orchard Place " Franny’s” favorite sport, foot- ball, is very remote from his chosen vocation to create a new system of office management. Loretta Frances Saganich 39 High Haith Road Gilbert and Sullivan Loretta won’t forget the won- derful times she had as a sopho- more. She is heading for a cleri- cal career, and we’re all sure she’ll be a model typist. ' X Myron Mark Samoorian " Mickey” 1 5 Cleveland Street " Mickey " is going to North- eastern where he will take up engineering. He hopes to be a pilot in the future. He will al- ways remember his interesting aeronautics class. Marat Santini " Midge " 21 Lin wood Street The gas shortage ruined " Midge”; the poor boy had to walk to school all year! Treat him gently — his favorite sport is boxing. Success, " Midge”! Vanda R. Santini 2 1 Linwood Street Quiet Vanda aspires to become a private secretary. Dancing and roller skating occupy most of her spare time. She will not soon for- get Miss Peck’s Junior English class. Page Sixty-three Doris Shea 49 Marathon Street Gilbert and Sullivan, G. A. A., Riding Club Wee Dotis will wend her way to Chandler ' s Business School af- ter graduation. An avid swing record collector, she likes bowl- ing, too. Joseph H. Sarkisian " Joe " 20 Fairmont Street " Joe” will always remember his classmates and the happy three years he spent with them. Later years hope to find him a successful newspaper reporter. William Joseph Serpa " Bill " 12 Moulton Road Honor Roll " Bill” will always be grateful to Mr. Arthur for taking over the new course in aviation. Avia- tion is his interest and his fu- ture. Best of luck always! Barbara Louise Sexton " Barbs” 15 Longfellow Road ■ Hon r Roll, Year Book Com- mittee, G. A. A. ' " barb,” a prominent G. A. A. member, hopes to be a secretary so she will go to study at Chand- ler’s. She ' ll remember longest the studying not done in the study hall. k - ' U il4atalie Irene Shaw " N ' at " Benjamin Road Orchestra " Nat,” our popular violintsf, will go to Jackson to study chem- f . istry. We will long rfmember her friendly personality. John Henry Shea " Jack " 19 Alfred Road " Jack” has always wanted to he in the Air Forces. We hope he gets his wish. He likes hockey and football and will nev- er forget Mr. Arthur’s jokes. Elisabeth Shepard " Betty” 45 School Street Honor Roll " Betty " is planning on attend- ing Bryant and Stratton next year. She enjoyed more than anything else going to the baseball and football games. Bruce George Shepherd 165 Mount ' Vernon Street Bruce plans to get away from city life via Massachusetts Nau- tical Academy. Hockey and football are his hobbies and Bruce will never forger Mr. Skin- ner’s physics class. Page Sixty-foui Barbara Louise Simonds " Barb” 234 Pleasant Street Gilbert and Sullivan, Riding Club. ] ournalism Club " Barb” won ' t let anyone dis- courage her from becoming a kindergarten teacher. She will bitterly remember waiting for a year without gym. She is still waiting! Eleanor jean Skalicky " liie " 55_ verlook Road ski Club, Riding dl ub, Dramatic Club, Honor Roll ' ' Elbe, a very athletic girl in- deed, loves to swim and ski. She will remember for a long time to come the A. H. S. football games. B. Allene Smith 47 Park Avenue Extension Allene will enter that admit- able profession, nursing. Any pa- tient would improve under her gentle care, we know. Esther josephine Smith 35 Bartlett Avenue Debating Club President. G. A. A.. Dramatic Club. Esther, our debating club pres- ident, is to continue her studies at Bryn Mawr where we know she will succeed. Good luck, Es- ther! Kathleen Ina Smith " Kaye” 4 ' Park Avenue Extension Lovely, blonde " Kaye " will answer her country ' s call for nurses upon graduation. We en- vy all your future patients, " Kaye. " Paul Warren Smith " Smitty” 79 Fairmont Street Honor Roll. Track " Smitty,” an ex-member of the track team and a prospective C. P. A., will give B. U. a tun for their money in the near future. Louis Fred Sola Honor Roll High scholarship at A. H. S. assures Louis of success at North- eastern University. Making mod- els is his hobby and he will re- member the chemistry lab. period with Mr. Kemp longest. Page Sixty -five Alfred Leonard Sorrentino " Al” 51 Walnut Street Honor Roll " Al, " who enjoys bookkeeping, will pursue it further at Bentley College. Outside of school his fa- vorite activities are baseball and football. Janet Marie Spidle 62 Oxford Street Debating Club, G. A. A., Ping-Pong Loquacious Janet will further her education at a secretarial school. Writing is her future aim and we plan to see her name gracing many a book cover. Paul Harmon Spiers " Hank " 37 Jason Street Dramatic Club, Debating Club. Journalism Club, Tennis, Class President, Year Book Committee " Hank, " our class president, is heading for success at Dart- mouth. He has been a very ac- tive member of our class. His favorite outside activities are swing music, tennis, hockey, and Kenneth Roberts’ books. He will always be remembered by his classmates. Helen Muriel Sousa 38 Sunset Road Helen will never forget the wonderful times she has had at the football games. We wonder if it was only the games which proved so fascinating. Pauline Josephine Sfacchi " Polly " 5 Prenti Road . Dramatic Clifh " Polly, " who would like ' fo join the WAACS, enjoys most of all dancing and bowling. Her longest memories w ' ill be • tfiose of the ' - football games and her studierin the hall. Anthony Stephen Spadaro " Spud " 58 Lombard Terrace " Spud,” one of our future " Houdinis,” enjoyed many leisure hours in the art classes. Before following his career he will spend a few years with Uncle Sam. Joseph Spears " Spike " 20 Central Street Band " Spike ” will remember always the algebra classes with Mr. Eat- on. His favorite outside activi- ties include hockey, football and baseball. Catherine Ann Stafford " Dolly " 32 Lewis Avenue A (harming girl in whom we rll have confidence. To know her is to like her. Page Sixty-six Janice May Stallard " Janny " 151 Park Avenue Dramatic Club Because she likes to typewrite " Janny” intends to go to Fish- er ' s Business School. She will long remember her study periods in Room 71 and prefers dancing to anything else. Lyle Knox Steely " Flash” 45 Lakehill Avenue " Flash’s” craving for action will be satisfied by the Army Air Corps. Of A. H. S. he will re- member most enjoyably Mr. Ar- thur and his aeronautics class. Richard Charles Stevenson " Dick” 24 Windermere Avenue Hockey Team, Ski Club Although playing hockey un- der Mr. Downs seems like a dif- ficult thing to do " Dick " claims it to be one of his favorite pas- times. Elaine Stewartson " Buttons " 33 Fairmont Street Honor Roll " Buttons” will keep up the family tradition by following a musical career in years to come. She will always remember Miss Binnig’s shorthand class. Doris Stockellburg " Stocky " 40 Teel Street " Stocky " intends to become a nurse because of her desire to help others. She will long re- member her junior chemistry class. Edward David Sullivan 88 Orvis Road Edward w’ill take up Aeronau- tical Engineering at Northeastern next year. Basketball and swim- ming occupy his spare time. He will always remember Mr. Ar- thur’s aeronautics class. jean Carolyn Sullivan " Jeannie” 18 Bates Road Honor Roll, Gilbert and Sullivan, Head Tu ' irler, Year Book Committee Petite " Jeannie " will attend Boston University, but will al- ways remember her A. H. S. friends, the operettas and football games. Singing lessons and danc- ing occupy her spare time. Paul John Sullivan 5 1 Webster Street Baseball Paul is fond of all active sports. We will remember him for his outstanding talent in art. He would like to enter the up and coming field of radio after graduation. Page Sixty-seven I p ' Vi i, Daphne June Tait " Taffy.’ 124 George Street Dramatic Club, Tennis If " Taffy” has her way she will attend Wheelock’s and do social work upon graduation from there. Her tolerant nature will make her many friends in the future as it has in the past. Robert L. Sullivan " Bob " 57 Brattle Street " Bob " seems to think the draf t will call him into the Army where he won ' t have time for his favorite activity, sleeping. He will never forget graduation. Success, " Bob " ! Stanley Targonski " Stan” 129 Mystic Street Basketball, Riding Club " Stan’s " ambition is to join the Navy in order to get a free ticket to Tokyo! We know that he will succeed. Good luck al- ways! lames Herbert Swensen " Suede” 103 Columbia Road Baseball. Basketball " Swede,” who will study at the University of New Hampshire next year, also finds sleeping his favorite pastime. He plans to spend leisure hours after gradua- tion, reminiscing of his A. H. S. days. Robert S. Swift " Suifty” 15 Murray Street Ski Club Plans for being an accountant are in " Swifty ' s " mind. We hope he will find time for his favorite activity, skiing. Lots of luck, " Swifty. " Virginia Ellen Taft " Jini” 14 Wachusett Avenue Basketball. Field Hockey. Gilbert and Sullivan. Dramatic Club Happy-go-lucky " Jim” is plan- ning to follow a medical career. The Latin teacher who sat on the floor is her " pet peeve” and will probably be a topic of her conversation throughout her life. Cilda Lillian Terenzio " Terry” 41 Bailey Road G. A. A., Field Hockey, Honor Roll " Terry,” a dancing enthusiast, will enlist in the WAACS be- cause she loves adventure. Study periods proved enjoyable for her and the other two " musketeers " ! Bertha Dorothy Terzian 121 Palmer Street Gilbert and Sullivan, Tennis Bertha, because she likes to come in contact with many peo- ple, will enter into the business world. Tennis and skating pro- vided her with a great deal of enjoyment. Page Sixty -eight Marcella Marie Thibeault 24 Egerton Road Marcella, although she has many outside activities, enjoys bowling best. Symmes will find her one of its students after grad- uation. Good luck, Marcella! Charles Henry Thies " Charlie” 21 Lakehill Avenue Ski Club, Gilbert and Sullivan Tall, towheaded " Charlie” likes swimming, so he will en- ter the Navy soon! We are all sure that he will never forget his sophomore year! Joanne Toner " Wan " 41 Hemlock Street " Wan, " who wants to become an Army Nurse, plans to attend Lawrence Memorial to accom- plish her ambition. Experiences in the A. H. S. lunch room will long remain in her memory. Doris Irene Thomas " Dotty” 16 Linwood Street Glee Club At Simmons College " Dotty” plans to study nursing which she will make her life’s work. She will miss Mr. Burke’s jokes up- on graduation. John Edward Toomey " Jack” 40 Kimball Road Football Long and lanky " Jack” was one of our A. H. S. football he- roes who won’t soon be forgot- ten. His destination after grad- uation is the Navy. Grace K. Tighe 8 Windsor Street Grace would like to go to Hig- gins Machine School next year. She will remember the enjoyable hours she spent in Miss Camp- bell’s cooking class. f. I Walter Frank Toomey " Okie” ” Kimball Road Football Manager " Okie " plans to join the Na- vy to help wipe out the Japs. His three years of experience with the football team will long live in his memory and ours. Edmond Patrick Torpey " Toppy” 6 Osborne Road Ski Club, Debating Club " Toppy,” a winter sports fan, will long remember his aero- nautics class, Mr. Arthur’s jokes, and Miss Jewett’s biology class. Page Sixty-nine Robert ' Totten " Toddy " 13 Water Street As do a majority of his class- mates, " Toddy” finds Miss Peck ' s English class most unforgettable. He will soon join the ranks of the fighting allies via the U. S. Army. Jacqueline Gertrude Tremblay " Jackie " 9 Lancaster Road Glee Club, Gilbert and Sullivan " Jackie” wants to be a typist. She likes dancing and bowling and the lucky girl will never for- get going to the Senior and Jun- ior Proms in her sophomore year. Barbara Vereena Tsolakos " Tussy " 237 Highland Avenue Riding Club, Dramatic Club, Honor Roll Friendly " Tussy” is a horse- back-riding and tennis enthusiast. Next year will see her safely en- rolled at Simmons. Good luck, " Tussy”! Charles William Tucher 37 Newport Street Baseball, Basketball, Football Athletic " Charlie” is headed for Springfield College. Partici- pating in sports under Coach Os- tergren will remain longest in his memory. Beatrice L. Urquhart " Bea " 23 Alpine Street G. A. A. Pretty " Bea” loves to roller- skate. She is looking forward to office work next year. We hope she doesn ' t have such a struggle with shorthand as she did in A. H. S. ) Barbara Adelade Vadala " Barbie " 21 Westminster Avenue G. A. A., Year Book Swimming and dancing give ' Barbie” her greatest pleasure. The fine character of her teachers and their willingness to aid their students is her fondest memory of A. H. S. Van Valkenburg 1 1 Highland Avenu Helen OJans to do defense work for the duration and study music afterwards. She will al ways remember the stern require- ments in school. 1 Page Seventy Marie Frances Vento " Ronnie " 74 Rhinecliffe Street Honor Roll, Gilbert and Sullivan " Ronnie” plans to use her bus- iness training in her future work. As a woman of the world she is a candid camera enthusiast. Albert Henry Vincent " Al " 62 Buena Vista Road The main interest in " Al ' s” life is the radio; outside of that, Civilian Defense. With many others he will never forget his senior year or his homework. Nathalea T. Vincent " Nat " 104 Park Avenue Glee Club, Gilbert and Sullivan Skating and swimming will take up " Nat’s” time when not studying at Perry College. We wonder what she was so inter- ested in during her sophomore algebra class. Lillian A. Vogel 70 Cutter Hill Road V Honor Roll Talented Lillian is noted for he dancing ability. She will re- mem be iongest the term in wh ff ' Mr. I Shapiro took charge of nerjjh rfery class.’ Angelique Voutselas " Kiki " 1 4 1 Palmer Street Gilbert and Sullivan, G. A. A. " Kiki” enjoys dancing, boating and moving pictures. She plans to attend Katharine Gibbs Col- lege. Her memories of A. H. S. will always include the grim fear at the close of each marking pe- riod. Ethel Mae Walsh " Eth " 56 Newcomb Street We are glad a lot of girls, like " Erh,” want to be nurses. She will always remember her sophomore Oral English class — with dread, " Eth”? » lieorge Thomas Walsh " Buddy " 459 Summer Street Debatin t Club, Tennis, Basketball " Buddy, " our class Don Juan, thinks he is going to Harvard to study journalism. He finds even the food in the lunch room delicious. Have fun, " Buddy”! Robert C. Walsh " Bubsy " 34 Dartmouth Street " Bubsy’s” temporary plans in- clude Bentley ' s and hopes of be- coming a C. P. A. He will nev- er forget the astonishing jokes of Mr. Burke. Good luck, " Bub- sy”! Page Seventy-one Gerard Walworth 34 Fairview Avenue Gerard will attend college in the near future. He likes hock- ey, football, and baseball. Miss Jewett ' s biology class and Mr. KapfFs math class will never be forgotten by him. Phyllis Afin War Newcorsfe Street fter a pr ?paratory to irse at U., " Phyl” will traift for a nursing career. luck to Ph l.” V » Doris Virginia Washburn " Dot tie’ ' 14 Quincy Street Blue-eyed " Dottie " will go in- to a defense industry after gradu- ation because she believes in hard work. Dancing and canoeing take up her leisure time. Francis James White 105 Newport Street Francis wants to enter the rail- road business. We are sure he will succeed. He will remember the sufficient homework assigned at A. H. S. •a ¥ Phyllis Helena Whjte " Phyl " 75 Hills5)ale Road ' G. A. A., Honor Roll Memories of the football dances will accompany " Pdiyl” as she serves passengers on some air line. Her charm and personal- ity will Surely bring success. William Francis White " Bill " 29 Blossom Street Next year will find " Bill” in the U. S. Marines. His favorite sports are hockey and football and he will long remember pass- ing English in his junior year. Priscilla Whitman 59 Ronald Road Mr. Burke, the man with the sense of humor, will always be remembered by " Cilia.” We wish you luck, " Cilia,” in your future profession of comptometer op- erator. Dorothy Elizabeth Werner " Dot " 18 Cleveland Street " Dot” revels in roller-skating and sports events. She plans on becoming a comptometer opera- tor. Never will she forget the fun in her sophomore year. jHi Page Seventy-two Priscilla Whorf 34 Temple Street Honor Roll, Basketball Vivacious and blond Priscilla has plans of brightening Sim- mons College with her sunny dis- position, and of continuing with her favorite activities, sewing, roller-skating and swimming. Audrey Wier 15 Alfred Road. Cheerleader How quiet in school, how live- ly outside! Well-liked and long remembered by her fellow class- mates. Robert Walter Wiggins 1447 Massachusetts Avenue " Bob” is interested in hunting, trapping, fishing and riding. He claims that he desires a position as a traveling salesman. He will long remember Mr. Miller’s class. Cr Ruth Wilhelm 47 Pleasant View Road " Ruthie,” a quiet girl, with a pleasing personality, enjoys a fast game of ping-pong. As a medical secretary she will be unable to mix business with pleasure. il i I ( in Elizabeth Ann Wilkinson 46 Waldo Road " Betty” wishes to become an expert comptometer operator. When not in school she enjoys attending sports events. Marjorie Elizabeth Wilson 167 Wachusett Avenue Popular " Margie,” who left us in January, 1941, to visit Florida, has returned to graduate with her class. Afterwards she plans to p ut her background to use as an efficient war worker. Robert Bruce Wilton 68 Webcowet Road " Bob” is going to enlist in the Navy and after the war hopes to attend the U. S. C. G. Academy. He enjoys hockey as his favorite outside activity. Barbara Ann Winchenbaugh " Barb” 31 Chester Street Riding Club, Dramatic Club, Honor Roll Collecting photographs is a hobby with " Barb, ” who plans to go to Boston University. She will long remember A. H. S. for Page Seventy-three Thomas Morris Wright 19 Surry Road Good-natured Thomas will long remember being late for school. He plans to be early at Bryant and Stratton in the fall. Kevin B. Abboud " Butch” 19 Melrose Street Football " Butch” will join the U. S. Marines and become a full pledged " leatherneck.” He, fight- ing along with others, will cause a hoped-for allied victory to become a reality. Nancy Price Yeaton 36 Lombard Terrace Basketball. Honor Roll Nancy, a future undergraduate of Cambridge Junior College, has an ambition to become a labora- tory technician. She excels in bas- ketball and skating. Her outstand- ing memories will be of Mr. Kapff’s classes. Daniel F. Alexander ' Cleveland Street Gilbert and Sullivan, Chess, Ping Pong " Dan ' s " favorite inactivity is standing on corners watching the world go by — there’s mischief in this man! Eugene W. Youngken 12 Woodland Street Dramatic Club Treasurer. Debat- ing Club Treasurer. Chronicle Ambitious Eugene, although undecided about the college he will attend, will be remembered for his active participation in the Debating and Dramatic Clubs. Barbara Allen 5 Thomas Street Dramatic Club We ' ll all remember Barbara’s friendly personality and love of dancing. We wish her a brilliant future after preparation at Cop- ley Secretarial School. Dane Andersen " Muscles” 38 Rawson Road " Muscles " is going to join the Marine Intelligence Corps. Wrestling, football, and fencing take up his spare time. He’ll al- ways remember all the good times he has had with his teach- ers. •1 1 Virginia Carlson " Ginny” Tanager Street " Ginny,” a very amiable in- dividual, seeks a future in Dental Hygienics. Her favorite pastime is ice skating. james Francis Sullivan " Jimmy” 94 Palmer Street Football. Basketball . Honor Roll " Jimmy " is planning to join the Navy. His favorite outside activity’ is hockey. He will long remember Mr. Arthur and the printing class. Page Seventy-jour John F. Connors " Flip " Class Basketball, Track, Baseball, Football " Flip” says he’ll remember those first days of his high school career. He wants to go to Holy Cross to study the science of electricity. Carolyn ). Cook " Jeanne” 73 Columbia Road Maybe you don’t know Jeanne, who has been at home this year, but those who do are sure she’ll be a success as a dietitian. " We all wish you luck, Jeanne. Doris L. CuMinane " Dot " 95 Medford Street As in A. H. S., " Dot” will al- ways rate 1-A in whatever work she undertakes. Dorothy C. Femia " Dottie " 9 Magnolia Street Judging from " Dottie’s” pop- ularity while singing with the " Regimentals” she will have no difficulty in attaining fame for herself. Lucy M. Foster " Lu " 18 Lake Street ”Lu” likes to dance and to play ping-pong in her leisure mo- ments. She is going into office work after graduation. William A. Garten 43 Millett Street " Red” is one of the many who will not forget his first few days as a sophomore and will probably not forget his last few as a senior. Muriel Jean Hackett 20 Milton Street Soft Ball Game " Pudgy,” whose future plans are for secretarial work, enjoys horseback riding and all sports. She will always remember her friends of A. H. S. Barbara Claire Hartnett 70 Teel Street Her dancing feet which have carried her through A. H. S. should lead " Babs” straight to her success in the field she may choose. Blake Morton Hopkins 109 Westminster Avenue " Happy ” will make his way in the world as an automotive mechanic, although he craves ac- knowledgment of his vocal abil- ities. He will remember longest the headaches of each and every marking period. Edmund Kerr 10 Russell Street He gains his wisdom in a hap- py way, and is a good fellow in every sense of the word. William George Kolb 15 Pine Street " Bill” spends his spare time ice-skating and swimming. He is going to join the Navy after graduation this year. Good luck in Navy blue, " Bill.” George A. Leslie 72 Chandler Street George swims in the summer and studies in the winter. Yes — a regular " book worm” who will soon fly off in the Air Corps. Richard E. Lyons 17 Everett Street Hockey, Baseball Here’s another " Flamingo.” This bird, however, is more ath- letic than his mates. " Richie " numbers hockey, baseball, ping- pong, and chess among his many accomplishments. Gharles K. Magno 35 Upland Road " Charlie” is another boy be- lieving aviation has a future. To make sure that he will have one, too, he is enrolling at the New England Aircraft School. Ralph George Mitchell 55 Paul Revere Road " Buck” plans to try for a Civil Service position, because he be- lieves it is a vacation with good pay and a pension. Robert Hugh Mooney 162 Summer Street The world knows little of its greatest men. Here buds the promise of worth, for he’s joined the Navy. Harold C. Moxon 44 Varnum Street Harold plans to join the Mer- chant Marine. He has an inter- esting hobby of collecting revol- vers and pistols. Hunting is his favorite sport. William |. Murphy 5 1 Adams Street Friendly " Bill” confesses he is undecided what his career will be, but whatever profession he chooses he will be a success. Don’t you agree? Page Seventy-five % Stella Panetta 84 Margaret Street In the future years we are cer- tain that Stella will prove an ex- cellent nurse. She plays tennis well in her leisure hours, and will long be remembered for her witty humor. Margaret Mary Roper 52 Palmer Street Hockey, Basketball Expressive and friendly, " Peg- gy” hopes to be a w ' riter. We all wish her success in her venture. James B. Sullivan 43 Winchester Road In memory of Mr. Kapff’s Trig class, all that can be said is " James worries not — for what’s the use?” David Joseph Paquette " Dare " 299 Park Avenue " Dave " would like to attend college but he feels that he will respond to the call of his local draft board, as so many of our boys will do. Good luck to you, " Dave,” and the rest of the fel- lows! Betty Lou Parker 14J1 Massachusetts Avenue Honor Roll, Chronicle Typist Betty Lou is heading for Bos- ton Vocational and a future as a dressmaker. English, as taught by Miss Hunt, will never be forgot- ten by her. Robert W. Sandborg " Sandy” 31 Longfellow Road Tennis " Sandy” has been making model airplanes so long that his ambition to join the Army Air Corps IS understandable. He will never forget, along with many others, Mr. Skinner’s physics class. Joseph Solar Marshall Robbins 6 " Bates Road Band, Honor Roll Marshall’s determination to be successful marks him as a genius without passion. His thoughts are his companions. " Sonny " 19 Moulton Road " Sonny’s” ambition is to be- come a detective. We know he will be a success. Outside of school much of his time is taken up with target practice and hunt- ing. John M. Sullivan 74 Palmer Street Basketball, Football John plans to join the Navy to see the world in the near fu- ture. He will remember Mr. Toner’s bookkeeping class long- est. Good luck and good sailing, John. John Robert Tobin " Dinky” 3 Park Terrace Riding Club, Football " Dinky,” a riding and roller- skating enthusiast, hasn’t as yet decided what he will do after graduation. Long will he remem- ber Miss Peck’s English classes. Edward Francis Walsh " Eddie” 5 Cleveland Street " Stature is no handicap; was Napoleon a giant?” cr I Page Seventy-six Arthur Carbone Louise Conant Class Song of 1943 Tempo dl Marche uAi J 1. Unfurl the bannei 2. Our goal is yet 1 V r j - ' |i;t J] lift it high; jeyond the bend’, 1 1 h — 1 — i J March forth as one great and Wisdom is our ifaithfu] f j -1- — 2 J ' vananl hrong guide; f- - A : i i ' lH j 1 4 - b V y e s f. f ii 4- — f — — i— ri i i if 4 i I 1 f f ti n — — t , » r 1 )i-f --1- I. 1 k . I 1 r 7 J J 1 1 r A 4 ‘ d « ff r r P Irfs • 0 0 0 i • • 7 1 1 ' Le1 Sir : ringii ice knoi w — ig voices vledge is _i i 1 fill the sky our loyal fr and iend join together I Success is va in this song. 11 v ithin our stride. _ ! U 1 X4 1 K 1 I 1 r J T J Mr -iL " (V V _ • .. g QPi ¥L lt m dkA 9- 1 -5 --3 ■ ' 4 ■TF 1 ( 1 h . r J 4 7 • Ch . ' 1 or ns _ M I M b?1 ' ly f Hold high our colors, fc i — C m If J J ni u Red and Gray; That never 1 ., r 7=F may they IJ. I " 7 ' 1 fall from sight, fc r 4 y i r f f T% f f f 3 f c 4kii — J J V. ' isdom ' s torch shall TTi " 1 -1 ' 1 = r r light the v ay, To If err Truth and Honor ' £ P if n — ' s 1 — - -o and the Right. ■O -j -t 1 i 1 i ' ’ ... v4) ■■■ H-| J 1 1 " F ' t- -■ ii H-ny m Who Who ' s i Marjorie Wilson Paul Spiers Tidiest Shortest Helene Kreem Lee Gray Most Businesslike Joan Mansfield James McGarry Most Attractive Barbara Long John Donahue Most Talkative Sally Lament Robert Collins ■ 0 0 Best Dressed Jean Pacheco John Donahue Most Bashful Anna Gott Marshall Robbins Best Orator Esther Smith Paul Spiers Most Artistic Jane DiCorpo James Connelly ipiu: v YEAR BOOK COMMITTEE Fb’st Roir (left to riph " ) : Paul O’Neil. Jean Sullivan. Barbara Doc, James McGarry, Albert Ca alieri, Alberta Renzaplia, Irene Blessinpton. Carolyn Bryant. Paul Spiers. Scccmd Row (left to ripht) : Jacquelirc Pasher, Eleanor Macaulay, Ruth Littlewocd. Dorothy Donahue. Virpinia Coleman. Rose Carey, Barbara Peters. Helen Devlin. Joan Mansfield. Barbara Sexton, Sally Lament. Na alie Chick, Louise F ' lorencourt. Third Row (left to ripht) : Barbara Simonds. Janet Brown, Elaine Gustin, Barbara Vacella, Mary McHone, Irene Cunninpham, Adelaide Del Frata, Grepp Rattray. Ruth Cashman, Apnes Gallapher, Marie Sullivan, R d)Cita Patten, Anna Gott. Year Book Committee Editor-in-Chief . Associate Editors Carol Bryant Rose Carey Ruth Cashman Natalie Chick Helen Devlin Jane DiCorpo Barbara Doe Louise Florencourt Literary Alberta Gallagher Anna Gott Elaine Gustin Sally Lamont Ruth Littlewood Joan Mansfield May McCrone Marie O’Sullivan Barbara Vadala . . Albert Cavalieri Adelaide Del Frata Eleanor Macaulay Paul Spiers Jacqueline Pasher Roberta Paton Barbara Peters Greig Rattray Alberta Renzaglia Barbara Sexton Barbara Simonds Jean Sullivan Typists Janet Adams Bertha Aiken Virginia Coleman Dorothy Donahue Page Eighty y STUDENT COUNCIL Front Row (left to rijrht) : BeLty Maxim, Rosamond Poole, Joan Mansfield, Mrs. MofTatt. James Mc- Garry, Joseph Marshall, Irene Blessingrton. Second Row (left to right) : Robert Clancy, Helen Devlin, Barbara Peters. Mary Morrell. Jean Morrison, Mary Martin. Third Row (left to right) : Priscilla White, John Robinson, Robert Collins, Jane Washburn. Student Council The Student Council is a body of students elected by their classmates to serve as a link between the faculty and the students. Ten seniors, six juniors and four sophomores represent their classes and feel very definitely the honor and the responsibility of this position. This year the main function of the Council has been to help the student body to retain clear consciences by selling them war stamps and bonds. Mr. Gammons has discussed numerous subjects with this body of students and been pleased with resulting action. Everyone participates wholeheartedly and en- joys working with the interesting group of students. Improvement of school grounds, conditions in the lunchrooms and classrooms are made each year. Each topic which is suggested to the representatives is carefully considered in the discussion at the meeting, twice a month. Although your Student Council is inconspicuous it is a most active and worthwhile organization in A. H. S. under the direction of Mrs. Moffatt. Officers President James McGarry Vice-President Joan Mansfield Secretary Rosamond Poole Page Eighty-tu ' O JOURNALISM CLUB First Row (left to right) : Thelma Edgar, Lydia Marasco, James McGarry, Marie O’Sullivan, Rosa- mond Poole, Mary M. O’Connell, Jack Medzorian, pjleanor McCarthy, John Lyons, Joan Bigelow. Marilyn Wilcox. Harry Johnson. Second Row (left to right) : Jeannette Alfano. Mildred Calandrella, Helen Kluka, Betty Lou Parker, Lois Bowers. Sally Kolligian, Barbara Simonds, Nancy Semonian. Sally Lament. Joan Mansfield, Gloria Assanti, Cynthia Fawcett. Alberta Renzaglia, Roberta Paton, Aram Conragan. John Crowley, Otis Simpson. Third Row (left to right) : Martin Alexander, Edwin Johnson. Mildred Sweeney, Claire Hannigan, Frances Lewis, Virginia Heffernan. Jane Gobie, Gloria Kasparian. Shirley Maxwell. Marie Consales, Harry Burgess, Benjamin Vickers, Gordon Hartling. Richard Chase, Robert Cana- van. Fourth Row (left to ri ght) : Bjarne Kvingedal, Orlando Brillante. John Connors, Jean Russell, Anna- Louise MacNeil, Constance Bresnan, Eleanor Reed, Greg Larkin. Joseph Marshall. Robert Scannell. William Rich. Fifth Row (left to right) : Pat Sullivan, Alfred Viano, George Deforge, Joseph Lee, Wolfgang Rosenberg, James DeRosa, Paul O’Neil, Paul Spiers, James Connolly, James Brooks, Kenneth Elliott, Eu- gene Leonard. Laurence P. Arthur. The Chronicle This year marked the second anniversary of the revival of the school monthly, The Chronicle, published by the Journalism Club. With Miss Mary M. O’Connell’s capable guidance, The Chronicle has been bigger and better than ever before, containing such features as interviews with Donna Wood, an A. H. S. graduate, singing with Horace Heidt’s band; and Jimmy Dorsey, top- ranking band leader, and excellent pictures of our Alma Mater and its students. Therefore, there has been no excuse for any student’s not knowing about all the affairs in the school if he has read the paper. A. H. S. students should be proud to have one of the best high school papers in Greater Boston. Officers Editor-in-Chief Jack Medzorian Assistant Editor Rosamond Poole Copy Editor Eleanor McCarthy Literary Editor Thelma Edgar Sports James McGarry, Marie O’Sullivan Club News Marie Consales Exchange Gloria Assanti Distribution Joan Bigelow Advertising Marilyn Wilcox Page Eighty-three WVy Dramatic Club Last year the Dramatic Club presented in the Town Hall that hilarious parody, " A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court,” a picture of which appears in " Through the Years” on page 12. Lead parts were played by Paul Spiers, Harry Patterson, Alberta Renzaglia, Robert Connor, and Constance Chick. Later in the season, Arlington High School won high honors at the Massachusetts Drama Festival with its presentation of Noel Coward’s " Hands Across the Sea.” Once again the Dramatic Club rang down the curtain on a successful season. The year before the club had produced " What a Life,” and having won highest honors at the New England Drama Festival with the play, " The Devil Comes to Alcarez,” was invited to participate in the National Drama Festival. Harry Patterson, Robert Connor and Barbara Doe had parts in these plays. This year the club will produce four one-act plays. They are " The Min- uet,” " Blackout,” " Charm Racket,” and " Our Heritage.” Leads will be played by Elaine Gustin, Steve Morrill, Robert Connor, James De Rosa, Marie O’Sul- livan, Daphne Fait and Alberta Renzaglia. One of these four plays will be entered in the Massachusetts Drama Festival. With such a record the Class of ’43 should be exceedingly proud of their Dramatic Club. Officers President Harry Patterson Vice-President Barbara Doe Secretary Alberta Renzaglia Treasurer Eugene Youngken Bottom Row (left to rijrht) : Barbara Doe, Harry Patterson. Alberta Renzajjlia. Top Row (left to riifht) : Robert Clancy, Eug:ene Youngken. DRAMATIC CLUB OFFICERS Page Eighty-foar GILBERT AND SULLIVAN First Row (left to rijjht) : J. Robinson. R. Clark, D. Connor, C. .Joseph. R. Sullivan. W. Fuller. A. Myers, R. Romley, R. Clancey, J. Marshall. Second Row (left to rij ht) : A. .Jubera, A. Kasanjian. M. L. Hart. P. Miller. R. Carey. M. Rich, R. Poole. H. Fahnley, I. Carroll. M. Martin. Third Roiv (left to rij ht) : Mr. L. H. Einzij?, N. Semonian, M. Morrill. M. Consales, N. Chick. H. Lamarr. J. Whitney. W. Waldron, J. Lovejoy, M. Currie. R. Paton. J. Russell, M. Ochs. C. Wilkshire, D. Wood. Fourth Row (left to riKht) : G. Marshall, S. Temple. G. Jean. L. Brown, J. Sullivan, I. Blessinsrton. J. Falkenburjr. A. Renzagrlia. L. DeFee, E. Fellman, Y, DesMarais. Fifth Row (left to rijrht) : B. Vincent. K. Smith. V. Flaj?g, C. Pavey. J. Lyshorne, C. Quinn, G. Assanti. L. Marasco, L. Corso, C. Sullivan. B. Peters. M. O’Sullivan, J. DarlinR. M. bVlton. Sixth Row (left to right) : C. Varney. K. Marshall, W. Swanholm. J. Mulvihill, V. Taft. J. Bullock. J. Coleman. P. Bartholomew, M. Giradani. Sevevth Row (left to right) : R. MacKinley. R. Meyers, B. Walsh, C. Gilbert. J. McGarry. E. Leonard. J. McGavern, S. Morrill. G. Larkin. Gilbert and Sullivan W. S. Gilbert and Sir Arthur Sullivan stepped out, with mischievous grins, from the pages of their operetta, " H. M. S. Pinafore,” and skipped right on to the stage of the Junior High East for two nights of joyous antics. Both the club and its director, Mr. Einzig, received many compliments from mirth-filled listeners. Eor this year’s presentation, the club has selected, " lolanthe.” already in progress, indicate that it will be another great success. Rehearsals, Page Eighty -five x DEBATING CLUB First Row (left to right) : Anita Palmer. Alberta Renzaglia, Agnes Gallagher, James McGarry, Esther Smith, Lorraine Kraff. Joseph Marshall. Eugene Youngken, Marie Consales. Secovd Row (left to right) : Phyllis Wilde, Jean Horrigan. Lawrence Burt. Richard Yeames, John Magnuson, Edmond Torpy, Howard Peterson. Jack Medzorian. Albert Cavalieri, Elaine Gustin. Third Row (left to right) : Robert Clancy, Grant Duval. Robert Collins, Paul Spiers. Frank Diciaccio. Paul O’Neil, James DeRosa, Wolfgang Rosen- berg. Stephen Morrill. Debating Club During the past year Room 69 may have been cold due to the lack of fuel; but the debaters managed to keep warm, thanks to those heated debates and dis- cussions (especially that one on " slacks”). Although the club has had lots of fun this year, it was a sad day when Mr. Petralia, the capable faculty adviser, left to join the armed forces. However, Mr. Sexton very graciously proffered his services as temporary adviser. So far this year the club has not had any varsity debates, but at the time of publication, several were being arranged. The debaters are also looking forward to that exciting annual banquet and dance. Officers President Vice-President Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary . . . Treasurer Marshal . . . . Esther Smith . James McGarry . Agnes Gallagher . . . Lorraine Kraff Eugene Youngken . Joseph Marshall Page Eighty-six GIRLS’ GLEE CLUB First Row (left to rijfht) : M. F elton, E. Cohen, D. Cadario. J. Caccavo, Miss Wardle, 1. Hlessington, A. Coyne, B. Fahnley, P. Martin. Second Row (left to rij?ht) : M. Hart, L. Brown. P. Miller. D. Bourque, M. Onthank, L. Kraff, M. Currie. P. Birch. A. Renzagrlia, R. Paton, J. Russell, B. Vincent. Third Row (left to rijfht) : A. Nevill. V. Hojran, V. Gallerini, P. Mead. J. Morrill, K. Marshall, N. Vincent, Martin. C. Varney, B. Haggerty. Fourth Row (left to right) : L. Hallion, C. Pavey, S. Swallield, Sullivan, J. Bullock, B. Peters, P. Cutter, V. Flagg, M. Prior. Girls’ Glee Club The Girls’ Glee Club, directed by Miss Wardle, has received highest rat- ings for the past several years both at the State and New England Music Festi- vals. The club, which sings frequently for Parent-Teachers’ and Women’s Clubs, is praised particularly for its beauty of tone and warmth of expression. These qualities again characterize this year’s organization. Senior officers of the club are: President . . . Vice-President Secretary . . . . Librarian . . . Accompanist . Officers Irene Blessington Althea Coyne Josephine Caccavo Dorothy Cadario Eileen Cohen Page Eighty-seven 22 Orchestra The Orchestra distinguished itself at the April presentation of the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta, " H. M. S. Pinafore.” The score was played with a skill understanding, born not only of individual talent, but also of long hours of painstaking rehearsals under the interpretive baton of its conductor, Mr. Einzig. It added the finishing touch to the June graduation with its splendid rendi- tion of the Class Song and spirited marches. Undeterred by the fact that an increased number of players, because of outside work, were not able to attend rehearsals, the Orchestra maintained its high standards of tone and technique. Page Eighty-eig Violirui, M. Alexander, V. Converse, M. Cunningham, J. Gorton. E. Mazmanian, J. Riley. N. Shaw, E. Fellman, E. Miller, W. Truvedson. E. Sherman. Cellos, L. Bickford, J. Brown. A. L. MacNeil. Double Hass, L. Florencourt, M. Rich. Horn, J. Crowley. Trumpets, L. Conant. A. DelFrate, R. Sullivan. Trombone. E. Reed. Flutes, A. ConraRan. S. Battles, C. Varney, C. Mazzocca. Viola, Y. DesMarais. Driims, J. Hanlon, J. McCarthy, M. Morrill. Clanriets, L. Burt. A. Cavalieri, J. Horrigran, R. Potter. Saxophones, K. Gott, B. Newell, S. Truscello. Hiano, R. Carey. M. Ochs. ORCHESTRA First Row (left to right) : C. Varney, C. Mazzocca. B. Fahnley, G. Marshall, J. Sullivan, M. McLatchey, E. Riley, V. Nelson. L. Brown, J. Crowley. Second Rcw (left to right) : Mr. Einzig, S. Truscello. K. Gott. B. Newell, R. Potter, J. Horrigan, V. Flagg. M. Gott. G. Larkin. J. Marshall. Mr. Mazzocca. Third Row (left to right) : J. Brooks, J. Hanlon, R. Sullivan, F. Manley, J. McCarthy, J. O’Donoghue, J. Lynch, A. Lindquist, W. Lindberg, M. Rich. Band The band actually received its first installment of the long-awaited uni- forms with the issuing of smart, new hats. With this morale-raising feature, and the enthusiastic playing under the expert leadership of Mr. Mazzocca and Mr. Einzig, the band raised school spirit at the football games and rallies to new heights. Not to be forgotten are the dexterous twirlers who formed a colorful advance guard. The band responded one hundred per cent, to the request of the local Draft Board for the playing of appropriate numbers to cheer the departure of several groups of selectees. This patriotic service by our band w ' ill be con- tinued in the future. BAND Page Eighty-nine CHEERLEADERS First Foiv (left to right) : Florence Joseph, Louise Leonard, Gwen Duval. Barbara Ann Cahill, Bar bara Doe. SecmuJ Row (left to right) : Robert Collins. Claire Pavey, Jack Lyons. Cheerleaders We’ll cheer today the red and gray We know our boys will shine — The backs will run around the ends And charge right through the line. The team will march on down the field Until the game is won So lend your voice and give a cheer — A cheer for Arlington — Rah! Rah! Page Ninety GIRLS’ ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION First Ixoir (left to rip:ht) : Marie O’Sullivan. Barharann Cahill, Gwendolyn Duvall, Ruth MacDonald, Rose Mahoney, Elaine Bi«:aness, Jacqueline Bates. Mary Donovan, Ruth O’Reilly. Jean O ' Reilly. Delphine Brown. Alberta Renzajrlia. Second Ixoiv (left to riKht) : Shirley Young (kneeling), Irene Nowlin, Jean Rae, Lois Bowers, Vice-President Jane Wa:shburn. President Eleanor Macaulay, Miss McCarty, Miss Williams, Virginia Collins, Jean Thorburn, Jean Morrill. June Cunningham, Marie Priest, Betty Egan, Florence Lowe. Third Roiv (left to right) : Rosamond Flentje, Norine Casey. Irene Murphy, Cynthia P ' awcett, Lois McGorty, Jean Danton, Margaret Lyons, Claire Egan, Polly Horan, Jean Begley. Dorothy Menezes. Jeanne Claire. Eleanor Almeida, Edna Blackney, Josephine Caccavo, Mary Conway. Jacqueline Bevins, Dorothy Mower. Fourth Roiv (left to right) : Jean Caples, Pauline Mandis, Phyllis Wilde, Janice Gorton. Helen Hanson. Irene Carroll. Mary Mahoney, Anna Gott, Gertrude O’Donnell, Rose Murray, Mil- dred Sweeney, Shirley Maxwell. Gloria Kasparian. Marion Fife, Alice Hooton, Virginia Coleman. Florence Joseph. Catherine Doyle, Shirley Carr. Fifth Row (left to right) : Alice Carew, Kathleen G. Kelly. Margaret Callahan, Pauline Barthelmy. Joan Preston. Fidelis Ainsworth, Virginia Gunter, Joline Reddan, Eileen O’Reilly, Catherine Donovan, Gloria Brogi, Vera O’Keefe. Sixth Row (left to right) : Ruth Cash- man. Jean Russell, Roberta Baton. Agnes Gallagher, Margaret Condon, Marie Lentino, Barbara Phillips. Rae Marshall, Marilyn Sheehan. Dorothy Forsythe. Geraldine O’Brien, Marjorie McDonough. Eleanor Doyle. Priscilla Wells, Anna Galvin, Betty Ann McCarty. G. A. A. Down through the years of ’40-’43 the Girls’ Athletic Association has lent spirit and enjoyment to the school as a whole. Some of the activities have been rousing football rallies, initiation parties, ping-pong tournaments, class field days, bowling and splash parties, and other very enjoyable events. With the membership limited to one hundred, we girls have created this splendid spirit under the capable leadership of Miss McCarty and Miss Williams, our ad- visers. Although many of the members have been athletically inclined, the organization does not exclude those not so-minded. Who could forget the Crane Beach party or the stirring football rallies before the traditional " Melrose Game”? School spirit was certainly given a boost when the G. A. A. mem- bers gave out their high school cheers. The association, in order to carry on girls’ athletics which was left entirely without funds for equipment and traveling expenses, sponsored a truly successful amateur show. Arlington High possesses a great deal of talent and this performance displayed it. The G. A. A.’s bright events will shine in the memories of every member even after the wide world claims them all. Page Ninety-i GIRLS’ BASKETBALL First Row (left to right) : Jane Washburn, Barbara Coady, Jean Rae (Captain), Irene Nowlin, Eileen O’Reilly. Seco ' nd Row (left to right) : Miss McCarty. Mary Donavon, Rosamond Flentze, June Cunning- ham (Captain). Girls’ Basketball Under the supervision of Miss McCarty the girls are working out new plays in basketball this year. They plan to keep their opponents guessing as to their next play and thus open the way for themselves. The girls have a very promising lineup this year with Jane Washburn, Barbara Coady and Eileen O’Reilly as their very active forwards. These players are backed by Irene Nowlin, Jean Rae and Nancy Barthelemy, who are the guards for the Red team this year. Jean Rae with her winning person- ality and pep is the cap- tain of this dashing team. The girls have a good line- up of games and will do all they can to come home with victories. They are looking forward to a good season in which they plan to offer plenty of opposi- tion to their opponents. The girls will put all their efforts into their games to help the good reputation in sports at A. H. S. y FIELD HOCKEY First Row (left to rip:ht) : Irene Nowlin. Jean Rae. Mary Donahue, Virginia Collins, Betty Etran, Jacqueline Bates. Second Row (left to rijrht) : Miss McCarty, Eileen O’Reilly, Marilyn Sheehan, Jane Washburn. Mildred Sweeney, Pauline Mendis (Manager). Field Hockey The girls had a very successful season in field hockey this year with five " wins” and one " loss.” The loss was to Melrose, who in the last period of the game scored one point just before the whistle blew. This game was played under the difficulties of rain on a field not ordinarily used for field hockey. The girls worked hard this year and kept up their reputation for being out- standing and hard to beat. They kept their opponents busy because of their good team work. Miss McCarty, their very capable coach, backed the girls in all the games and was responsible for their success. Vivacious " Ginny” Collins was the captain of this flashing Red team and well deserved her title. All the girls will remember the fun they shared with their teammates and the crowning victories they achieved. Page Ninety-foui GIRLS’ TENNIS TEAM First Row (left to ripht) : Lois Bowers. Gloria Kasparian, Pejrsry Pai re, Eleanor Macaulay. Second Row (left to right) : Marilyn Wilcox, Miss Williams, Pauline Mandis. Girls’ Tennis Last spring found the girls’ tennis team, which is ably coached by Miss Williams, jinxed by bad weather causing the cancellation of several games. However, in the games that were played the girls displayed promising talent. Jean Clancy at second singles with her back hand shots w ' as an outstand- ing player. Peggy Parget, Pauline Mandis, Gloria Kasparian, and Eleanor Macaulay comprised double teams that ought to contribute much toward win- ning this year. Lois Bowers, a junior with a sizzling serve, and Marilyn Wil- cox, a promising sophomore, are also prominent members of the team. With such fine enthusiasm as the girls have shown let’s wish them success this season with plenty of good tennis weather. Page Ninety-five CtIRLS’ baseball team PHrst Row (left to right) : Barbara Coty. Jean O’Reilly, Ruth O’Reilly, Eileen O’Reilly, Betty Egan, Marie Priest. Secmtd Ro v (left to right) : Miss McCarly, Marjorie Ruby, Rachel Sorentine. Yolando D ' Errico. Edna Blackney, Rae Marshall. Third Row (left to right) : Rosamond Flentze. Jane Washburn, Mary Donavon. Irene Nowlin. Girls’ Baseball At the first sign of spring the girls of the A. H. S. baseball team may be seen headed for Spy Pond laden with bats, balls, and bases. With a reputation of outstanding athletic ability it is maintained that they are anxious to get in some practice. Several senior girls are returning this year determined to win the championship. Due to transportation difficulties several games may have to be cancelled, but the girls are hoping for a solution to this problem before spring. With Eileen O’Reilly as their popular and able captain, an excellent season is predicted. The season last year resulted in many victories, but with these lively girls and capable Miss McCarty it is bound to be doubled this spring. Page Ninety-six Riding Club With cries of " Giddyap, Napoleon” and " Come on, Clementine” the A. H. S. Riding Club began with a galloping start. Although at the beginning of the season some members had never ridden before, with practice and en- couragement they have become skilled equestrians. There are forty-two active members in the club — that is to say, forty-two who have bounced in a saddle, and in addition several sustaining members. Last fall the club rode at Medford, but since November has been riding at Colonel Yarnoff’s Riding School in Milton. Miss Williams’ capable leadership and bubbling personality have made this season a very enjoyable one and the Riding Club one of the most popular clubs in the school. Officers Girls’ Manager Eileen O’Reilly Boys’ Manager Philip Waugaman First Row (left to rijjht) : Kathleen A. Kelly. Jeannette Morelli. Barbara Winchenbaujjh, Pauline Sher- wood, Mary Kirwin. Jane Gobie. Alma Barry, Eileen O’Reilly, Jacqueline Bates. Ruth O’Reilly, Jeanne O’Reilly, Barbara Moxon. Jean McDonoujjh, Eleanor Lambertson. Second Ro ' W (left to rigcht) : Frances Lewis. Claire Hannigan. Clotilde Martins, Eleanor Stanton, Alberta Renzaglia, Elaine Biganess, Ruth Hewitt, Barbara Coyle, Nancy Calabro, Lois B. Bowers. Janet Adams. Lois McGorty, Jean Meserve, Ann Freeman, June Arnold. Jean Langkjen. Jean Adams, Barbara Vincent. Jean Lovejoy, Doris McCray, Gloria Kasparian. Third Ron (left to right): Martin Cicatelli, Phillip Waugaman, Rosamond Flentje, Marilyn Einarson. Shirley Young, Rae Marshall, Yvonne DesMarais, Ruth Grant. Virginia Black, Edith Hanson. Jean Harding, Ruth McCarty, Rose Mahoney, Eleanor Skalicky, Dorothy LeBrasseur. Pauline Mandis, John Tobin, Alfred Dilulio. RIDING CLUB Page Ninety-seven First Row (left to rijrht) : Mary Morrill, Joan Bigelow. J‘= anne‘’ ’e Morelli. Barbara Moxson. Robert Lindsey, Robert Patchett, Mr. Miller, Miss Williams, Eileen O’Reilly, Rosamond Poole, Ruth O’Reilly, Marilyn Abbott, Lois Bowers, Alma Barry. Second Row (left to right) : Betty Maxim. Ursulle Herlihy, Ruth Dickie, Evelyn Wiggins, Edith Hanson. Sally Lament, Nancy Semonian, Lorraine Lynas, Dorothea MacDonald. Priscilla Morrison. Jean Harding, Patricia Harvey, June Cunningham, Barbara Dow. Bette Egan, Estelle Poirier, Marilyn Allen. Jean Parker, Nancy Green. Third Row (left 1x) right) : Edwin Tar- box. Taube Gargill. Jane Washburn, Nancy Larson, Ruth McCarthy, Priscilla White, Eleanor Skalicky, Mari- lyn Wilcox, Rae Marshall. Marilyn Sheehan. Jean Caples, Louise Brown, Marie Ochs. Mary Martin, Mary Scanlon, William Fagan, Robert Heilman. Philip Waugaman. Fourth Row (left to right) ; William Payne, Paul Pecor, Edward Torpey, David Cavicke, Robert Hanlon, Joseph O ' Donahue. Robert Kraines, Robert Smith, Richard Hearsey. James Hanlon. Kenneth Gott. Ski Club This season, as usual, the snow took its time in coming, with the result that at the time of writing this report, the club has had only one meet, with Newton. Nevertheless, any day that there were a few inches of snow, mem- bers of the Ski Club could have been found having the time of their lives skiing on the slopes of the Winchester or Arlmont Country Clubs. This year, through the efforts of Barbara Doe, a skating club was formed as a branch of the Ski Club. Its members have skated at the Boston Arena several times, and are eagerly looking forward to the Mt. Hood Carnival, the annual snow-fest. With Mr. Miller’s and Miss Williams’ combined efforts the club should have a very interesting and successful season. Officers President Robert Patchett Vice-President Eileen O’Reilly Secretary Robert Lindsey Assistayrt Secretary Rosamond Poo le Treasurer Robert Lindsey Assistant Treasurer Ruth O’Reilly SKr CLUB Page Ninety-eig BASEBALL First Row (left to rijrht) : Wm. McElaney. James Cashman, Melvin Massucco, Captain Ralph Bevins, Albert Fenara, Charles Tucker. Secaiui Row (left to ripht) ; Paul Sullivan, Louis Reycroft, Richard Blanchard, James Walsh. Warren Donovan, James Swenson, Wm. Monouri, Coach Fred Ostertrren. Third Row (left to rijrht) : James Malone, Donald Busficld, Robert Byrne, David Sheehan. Robert Hill. Baseball This year’s team had a real challenge before them in view of the record of last year’s team, which was the runnerup in the State Tourney, and champion of the Suburban League. The regulars who returned to form the nucleus of the Spy Pond nine w ' ere Captain Ralph Bevins, " Mel” Massucco, " Dave” Shee- han, " Charley” Tucker, " Swede” Swenson, " Jim” Cashman, and " Red” Hill. Others who played plenty of ball for Coach Fred Ostergren this year were " Al” Ferrara, " Jim” Malone, " Dick” Blanchard, Paul Sullivan, Warren Dono- van, and " Shad” Byrne. We were the second best team in the state in 1942, and by July, 1943, with a little luck we may be the new State Champions. Page Ninety-nine PX)OTBALL Firiit Row (left to rijrht) : William Armstrong, John Toomey, William McElaney, John Carey. Captain Ralph Bevins. Joseph Enos, Alfred Ferrara, Joseph Preston, W ' illiam Connelly. Second Row (left to rijtht) : Ass.stant Coach William Canty. Leonard Lyons. Harold Vincent. Melvin Massucco, James Cashman, Richard Gleason, James Malone, Edward Hession. Clifford Joseph. Faculty Director William Lowder, Coach Fred Osterpren. Third Row (left to right) : W ' arren Donovan, Robert Johnson. James Doherty, Stephen Morrill. Walter Toomey. Manager. Football This past fall saw the Red and Gray football warriors win three games, from Fitchburg, Belmont and Chelsea High Schools, lose in three heartbreak- ing games to Waltham, Medford and Melrose, and tie Weymouth, Leominster and Malden. All nine games were hard-fought and the ties and losses were the result of some tough breaks. In view of the fact that coach " Ostie” started the season w ' ith a green team, and moulded them into one of the better teams in the state by Thanksgiving Day, it was a successful campaign. Leading the team this year was Ralph " Ike” Bevins, who is the second three-sport cap- tain of recent years, his prede- cessor being Arthur Blanchard in 1940-1941. The work-horse of the team was Melvin " Muzz” Massucco, who will captain next year’s team. Both " Ike” and " Muzz” were mentioned on every " all-scholast ic team,” " Muzz” being honored with a position on the Boston Post first team. In the forward w ' all with Captain Bevins were Joe Enos and Bill Connolly at guard; John " Moose” Carey and Bill Armstrong at tackle, and sophomore Dick " Donker” Gleason and Jack Toomey at ends. This seven made up one of the better lines in the state. Outstanding in the backfield besides " Muzz” were Bill McElaney and Eddie Hession at the halves, and Jim Cashman at full. Especially noteworthy was McEla- ney’s blocking and Cashman’s kicking. The substitute positions were aptly filled by Wally Fife, Henry Hart and Jim Doherty at tackle, Joe Keefe and Jim Malone at end, Paul Wells and Cliff Joseph at guard, and Hugh Reagan and Bob Johnson at center. Backfield fill- ins were handled nicely by Dick Blanchard, Leonard Lyons, Jack Turtchell, Warren Donovon, A1 Ferrera. Special mention goes to Joe Preston who did a grand job at guard before foot injury laid him up for the rest of the season. The manager for this year was popular Walter " Oakie” Toomey. tt, ' . TRACK First Ixoiv (left to rijrht) : Ira Pelletier, Chester Johnson, Wm. Kelley, Rob O’Neill, Norman Roberts, J. Lovering:, Paul Nyberg. Second Rou ' (left to right) : Dan Connor, Walter Bryner, Richard Gleason. James Cashman, Rob Lyons, John Twitchell, N. Yeaton. Third Row (left to right) : J. Spodiro, Rob Smith. A. Ouirizane, Louis Reycroft, D. Covicke. Indoor Track Competition has been keen this year among the " tracksters.” Dual meets were held with Browne and Nichols School of Cambridge, Concord, Cam- bridge Latin, and Huntington School. Arlington was an entrant in the Malden A. A. U., the Northeastern Interscholastics, State Meet, plus three more meets which were given no special name. This year’s team was captained by the able Bob " Pete” O’Neill and coached by " Doc” McCarty. " Pete” O’Neill, a great 600-yarder, and Bill Kelley, an amazingly fast l,()()()-yarder, shared " point-getting” honors with the relay team consisting of sophomores Dick Gleason, Jerry Lovering, Chet Johnson, and John Twitchell. This relay team, the only all-sophomore relay team in Massachusetts, defeated all teams opposing them. Those named are not the only stars on the team. There’s Johnny Bugner in the dash, Jim Cashman in the shot put, and Danny Connor in the high jump. With such an " outstanding” aggregation of " flyers,” it was small wonder that Arlington High’s colors went far up the ladder of the schoolboy track world. Page One Hundred Two BASKETBALL First liou ' (left to rip:ht) : Gerald Finn, John Donahue, Captain David Burke. Joseph Krepelka, James Swenson. Sccmid Uoir (left to riprht) : Coach William Canty, Richard Clifford, Everett Ahern, Richard Mc- Keowen. Manai»:er John Carey. Basketball This year’s basketball team was coached by William Canty and captained by Dave Burke. The team gave a good showing in every game, spite of the fact that it lost more than it won. This may be attributed to the fact that it was " Ike’s” first year as coach, that there were only tw ' o regulars from last year’s squad and that the other schools all had topnotch teams. Supporting Dave Burke, w ' ho gave a stellar performance every game, w ' as " Sw ' ede” Sw ' en- son, Dick Clifford, " Chuck” Krepelka, and " Red ” McKeon. Others who saw ' action were Bonham Hill, Coiley, Donohue, Finn, Ahern and Pow ' ers. CROSS COUNTRY First Foiv (left to rijrht) : Rob O’Neill, Louis Reycroft, Wm. Kelley. Norman Roberti, J. Lovering. Second Roiv (left to right) : Paul Nyberg, Chester Johnson, Ira Pelletier. Cross Country The " Hill and Dales,” under their veteran coach, " Doc” McCarty, and captained by Bill Kelley, have been undefeated in a season which saw wins over Belmont, Quincy, Winchester, and Tufts freshmen. Arlington High’s harriers could do no better than third in the annual schoolboy cross country meet, due to the injuries to Bill Kelley’s side and Bob O’Neill’s leg. But in a league of twenty-one schools this is still quite a feat. Though Kelley, O’Neill, and Reycroft were the front runners during the season, a young sophomore, Jerry Lovering, was the first Arlington harrier to cross the finish line of the state meet. Coach McCarty will have the veterans. Captain Louis Reycroft, Jerry Lovering, Robert Robertie, Ira Pelletier, and Chet Johnson returning next year. " Doc” has good material here with which to build a great team. Page One Hundred Four M M H HOCKEY First Roiv (left to ripht) : Montuori, Reycroft, Mussucco, Captain Bevins. Byrne, Malone. Matheson. Second Row (left to risrht) ; Coach Burke. Blanchard, Delaney. Martel. Wells, O’Keefe, Preston. Colley, R. Lyons. Third Row (left to right) : L. Lyons. McMahon. Sheehan, McElaney, Connolly, Moah. Hockey This year’s team -was not expected to set the league afire, but the unexpected happened and the A. H. S. sextet paced the league almost the entire ■ v ay, and on the thirteenth of February, skated against Medford for the league leadership. Coach Downs entered the army a little after mid-season, and Mr. Burke took up the hockey reins for the rest of the season. This year’s team-work was the most significant attribute of the team, as it has been in the past years. The team was led by Captain " Ike” Bevins in the goal. Skating defense for " Ike” on the starting sextet were Walter Fife and Dave Sheehan with Ralph Coiley, Mel Massucco and Jimmy Malone skating the first line. In the second line, Paul Wells, Louis Reycroft, " Shad” Byrne, Joe Preston, Bill Connelly, and Bill McElaney saw plenty of ac- tion in every game. Jimmy Malone and Ralph Bevins were chosen to play for the Greater Boston first team against the victorious Mon- treal sextet, and Walter Fife, Mel Massucco, and Ralph Coiley were elected for the second team to play against the Harvard J. V. team. With many of the team back next year, the A. H. S. sextet should be the " cream of the league” next winter. FORGOTTEN MEN Firtit Fow (left to rijrht) : Lewis Lawler, Harry Cox, Bob Connor. Second lioir (left to ri ht) : Paul Kelley. Albert Cavalieri, Robert Clancy. The Forgotten Men Last, and perhaps least, are our beleaguered little chums, the Forgotten Men. As last to be mentioned in life, so they are last to be mentioned here, on the last page of this, our ’43 Year Book. They were a spirited but inex- perienced team in ’42, willing and possibly able to sustain the rigid training and restrictions of our esteemed " Coach” Pennell. She daily instilled in the boys an exacting sense of right and wrong, and proper behavior. Soon, though, the rewards of this preliminary grind became noticeable. Although the " Traf- fic Boys” still enjoyed only a passive resistance, no longer could " Junior” enjoy meals " on the house,” sneaking off with some sumptuous morsel. In no in- stance did the " men” ever return unmentionable, sardonic remarks to which they were subjected by " short-changed” students. Instead, apprehension of w ' ould-be contrivers of petty larceny who tried to evade paying that " extra cent on chocolate milk” served as a rebuke — as these wary few found the " men” particularly noticing of everything worth seeing, in every sense of the word. Throughout the whole year the boys continued in this routine. They have come to be acquainted with the entire school, in one way or another, and though forgotten in name, a memory of these boys will live on forever. Page One Hundred Six A SYMBOL OF Quality, Keliahility and Service It is with distinct pride that this organization bears the name of our illustrious patriot of Rev- olutionary days, John Hancock. As he en- deavored to serve well his community and his country so, too, do we constantly strive to render the best possible service and produce the best possible printing to fill the needs of those with whom we have the honor of doing business. ★ GORDON W. ROBINSON — Printing Counselor PRESS THE Telephone 1165 HANCOCK Lexington, Mass. PURDY A Little Better A little better skill in posing, a little better likeness and Boston’s foremost im- print — and you have a much better photograph, much more satisfaction and far wider approval of results. Then we add beautiful covers and scrupulous care in details of packing and, mark it — we deliver on time. No detail escapes our interested care. 160 TREMONT STREET Official Photographer ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Class of 1943 AUG 2 6 1997 ' b ■ ,70? cr« ' 7 f% 1!!

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