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ROBBINS LIBRARY. ARLINGTON, MASSACHUSETTS 3 4860 00725 9770 1941 YEAR BOOK fyoSl UMVld , . To many students the close of this year means the end of a long and varied experience; to others this will continue for a few more years. But in a sense Graduation brings to a close for all of us an era of development full of smiles and tears, pleasure and hard work. Some are able to look back over this period with a sense of pride in work well done; others regret- fully see the unfinished work, the unopened books and the un- seized opportunities. Yet, to all of us, however, it will ever be a pleasure to reminisce on the friendships and good times we have enjoyed. It is for the keeping alive of these pleasant memories and associations that we, the Year Book Committee of the Class of 1941, have produced this book. eaUcatiosi • • On the 20th day of December of this year one of our classmates, beloved by all who knew him, was suddenly taken from our midst; yet his immortal spirit hovers over this class of 1941. In tribute to his pleasing personality, enterprising mind, and buoyant spirit this book is respectfully dedicated to William White. “I shall not forget that sorrowful night When the Almighty God took William White, His death has saddened all our city And called from us our deepest pity. For we all loved this happy kid And every little thing he did. The earth, too, was unhappy for it grumbled that night, The stars dimmed low and out of sight And then the Heavens shed their tears. Later, they took him in for his eternal years.” Page Pour A Tribute to Miss Treat From this life has been taken one of the dearest friends of youth. In this person, youth found an understanding, sympathetic listener. Her heart was not limited in its likes but tenderly went out to all. Still we can see her magnificent smile brightening her whole countenance, and to our ears come the sounds of a quiet, soothing voice. She has taught us not to seek the easy way but the best, even though it be the hardest ; for in this way, our characters and personalities will be strengthened. Although our hearts are saddened by the loss of a wonderful friend, we should be grateful for the blessing of having known this person who has bestowed on us her beautiful philosophy of life. Page Five Ap ieciaiUui As our last year at Arlington High School draws to a close we, the class of 1941, take this opportunity to express heartfelt thanks to Mr. Gammons for all he has done for us. We do not think of him merely as a principal but rather as our friend and confidant. Throughout the years to come we will remember him for his friendliness, leadership, and his cheerful spirit, and especially for his genuine interest in our welfare. Page Seven To the faculty of Arlington High School, who by their patience, understanding, and kind efforts have endeared them- selves to us, we, the graduating class, owe a debt repayable only through our success. Page Eight Herman Gammons, Principal Raymond S. Morrill, Assistant Principal Anderson, Dorothy Arthur, Lawrence P. Bailey, Bessie B. Barber, Elmer E. Barry, Mary Barry, Veronica Bin nig, Theresa Brown, Iris Bullock, Sarah Burbank, Dorothy Burke, W. Ray Campbell, Charles Campbell, May Casey, Alma Conway, Bessie Cooper, Louise Donovan, Mary Dow, Arline Downs, Charles Eaton, Douglass Einzig, L. Hassler Fowler, Alban Fusco, George Gray, Martha Harlow, Leola Hickey, Mary Hunt, Ruth Jenks, Alice Jerardi, Grace Jewett, Ida Johnson, Carl Johnston, Claire Kapff, George Kemp, Gerard Kennedy, Mary Kenney, James F. Krastin, Theresa Lang, Benjamin Lantz, Jennie Lowder, William Matthews, Helen Moffatt, Martha Munroe, Madeline Murray, Frances Nash, Helen O ' Connell, Mary Ostergren, Fred Parks, Lois Peck, Eugenia Pennell, Harriett Petralia, Guy Porter, Gladys Preston, Alice Prestwood, Mary Robinson, Arthur Rooney, Dorothy Rounds, Dorothy Sampson, John Sandberger, Sydney Shedd, Minnie Skinner, Charles Taber, Vivian Tewksbury, Ella Toner, James Wakefield, Lura Wallace, Russell Wardle, Ethelwyn Warner, Roger Williams, Marjorie Witherell, Carl r Ljea ' i QooJz Committee EcUtor-m-Cbief Associate Editor . Business Manager Dorothy Alsen Ruth Alsen Evelyn Barry Ruth Clare Carolyn Cook Nancy Cox Stephen Cronan Rita Cummings Walter Curtis Ruth Dockrill Betty Evans Marjorie Fagerland Hazel Fyler Student Photographer Typist Richard Brown . John McCulloch . Frederick Willard Jeanne Garcelon Katherine Gott Janet Hart Ruth Henrickson Patricia Hession Rita Horne Marguerite King Betty Mahoney Phyllis McGorty Priscilla Patriquin Elizabeth Pigott Mary Wylie Jean Young . Haig Gechigian Barbara Colby Page Ten HAIG ADAMIAN MIRIAM ALEXANDER ALICE ADAMS PAUL ALEXANDER MARY ADDUCI VINCENT ALFANO LILLIAN ALBERTELLI GEORGE ALGER HAIC ADAMIAN 388 Mystic Street Cross Country. T ruck, Class Basketball Athletic " Ike " with the big wide smile plans to attend B. U. to study business and law. His unfinished homework will continue to haunt him for the rest of his days. ALICE ADAMS 40 Coolidge Road Basketball , Class Tennis Alice plans to continue her educa- tion at Trinity College. She is fond of swimming and bowling and will always remember her classmates and the Junior Prom. MARY ADDUCI 119 Oakland Avenue Honor Roll. G. A. A.. Tennis Mary ' s ambition to be a private secretary will take her to Burdett. She claims carrying school books keeps her bowling arm in trim. LILLIAN ALBERTELLI 8 Victoria Road Riding Club Lillian, better known as " Lil,” is a very athletic girl, fond of riding and tennis. Next year will find " Lil” making new acquaintances at Kath- erine Gibbs. MIRIAM ALEXANDER 19 Monotomy Road Tennis, Riding Club Miriam intends to go to Katherine Gibbs to learn the ways of a perfect secretary. We know she will suc- ceed because of her sweet and quiet manner. PAUL ALEXANDER 7 Cleveland Street Band, Orchestra, Track, Gilbert and Sullivan ( electrician ) Alec” who takes charge of our public address system prefers tennis and baseball. Next year he will go to Antioch to become a printer. VINCENT ALFANO 28 Milton Street Football, Track ' ’Vinnie,” who enjoys dancing and sports, is going to B. U. to study per- sonnel work. Graduation will never be forgotten by him. CEORCE ALCER 77 Fountain Road Football, Class Basketball George leaves us for Southern Cali- fornia to learn how to be his father ' s " right hand man” in the transporta- tion business. Sports and dancing are his favorites. Page Thirteen DOROTHY ALLEN DOROTHY AL5EN RUTH ALSEN DOROTHY ANIFANTIS BARBARA ARATA JAMES ARSENEAULT WINNIFRED AXELBY EVELYN BABB DOROTHY ALLEN 122 Palmer Street Girls’ Athletic Club Dotty " enjoys skating, skiing, and walking — and can boast of a twenty- six mile hike. Mr. Burke’s witty re- marks will be one of her lasting memories. DOROTHY ANIFANTIS 71 Paul Revere Road Glee Club, Orchestra, Band, Gilbert and Sullivan Club, Honor Roll, " Pi- rates of P enzance " The Gondoliers’’ Ambitious " Dottie” will be back next year as a post-graduate and then will go in training at the Newton Hospital. She likes all kinds of mu- sic. DOROTHY ALSEN 9 Jason Terrace Honor Roll, Year Book Committee, President Girls’ Glee Club, Gilbert and Sullivan Club, " Pirates of Pen- zance,” " Gondoliers” " A grand girl” just about describes " Dot who is going to Pierce Secre- tarial School next year. " Dot” had fun in the operettas and her Advanced Math class. BARBARA ARATA 131 Scituate Street Class Tennis " Babs,” whose ambition is to be- come a dental hygienist, will be among those at the Forsythe Dental School next year. She will always remember Latin. RUTH ALSEN 103 Jason Street Honor Roll, Glee Club, Gilbert and Sullivan, Year Book Committee Ruth plans to attend Simmons and study Library Science. She greatly enjoys music and playing the piano and will never forget her first chem- istry " lab” experiment. JAMES ARSENEAULT 60 Henderson Street Football, Class Basketball " Jim,” who will take up engineer- ing at B. G, likes the out of doors. He will never forget the thrilling hours at football games. EVELYN BABB WINNIFRED AXELBY 25 Wollaston Avenue Band [T wirier), Gilbert and Sullivan, Honor Roll Winnifred, better known as " Winnie,” will find her place in the world as the ideal secretary. She is bound to succeed. 48 Chester Street Class Basketball, Horseback Riding Club, Tennis " Babsy,” our fun-loving, well-dressed classmate, will head for B. U. to study real estate. Success is assured, because with her personality she can sell anything. Page Fourteen WKm LAURIE BACHOFNER EVELYN BARRY LAURIE BACHOFNER 3 1 Peter Tufts Road Gilbert and Sullivan, " Pirates of Penzance, " " Mikado " " Bachy ' s " ’ philosophy of getting out of life what you put into it is a good one and sure to bring him success. He intends to enter the show business. PHYLLIS BARNEY 2 Newton Road " Mucklehead " ' enjoys dancing, swimming, and skating. Next year she hopes to attend Bryant and Strat- ton Business College. Success to you always. DONALD BALZER RUSSELL BARTON CHARLOTTE BAIRD 97 Claremont Avenue Orchestra, Glee Club, Gilbert and Sullivan, Class Tennis Charlotte, known as " Teddy,” will attend Simmons to study dietetics. If she’s as fine a dietician as she is a classmate, her success will be secure. EVELYN BARRY 40 Davis Avenue Honor Roll , Year Book Committee, Accompanist of Glee Club Evelyn, a very talented musician, wants to be a concert pianist after studying at the Longy School of Music. We know her ambition will be real- ized. PHYLLIS BARNEY ADELAIDE BATES DONALD BALZER 156 Appleton Street Socially active " Don " ' aspires to emulate his father by entering the U. S. Coast Guard Academy. Mr. Eaton ' s Geometry class will forever be prominent in his mind. MARJORIE BARRY 139 Warren Street Class Tennis " Margie wants to be a business woman, and hopes to train at Burdett College. Swimming and skating keep her quite busy in leisure hours. CHARLOTTE BAIRD MARJORIE BARRY RUSSELL BARTON 53 Lancaster Road Cussy” plans to attend Wentworth Institute to take up electrical engi- neering. He is glad he got the chance to attend high school, especially A. H. S. ADELAIDE BATES 195 Westminster Avenue G. A. A. " Ada, " who likes skating and bad- minton, will go to Pierce Secretarial School next year. She is philatelist, otherwise known as a stamp collector. Page Fifteen MARJORIE BATTIS EDWARD BELYEA HELEN BEAUDET FRANCES BELYEA VIRGINIA BEAUMONT VAHAN BERBERIAN ROWLAND BEERS ALBERT BERRIE MARJORIE BATTIS 103 Oakland Avenue Class Basketball Marjorie will remember longest the hockey games, especially the one in which her brother got hurt last year. She will attend Chandler Sec- retarial School. ROWLAND BEERS 28 Peabody Road Tenuis Team, Orchestra, Ski Club Rowland, a talented flutist, picks Tufts as his future Alma Mater. Mr. Kapff’s geometry class will always be remembered by him. HELEN BEAUDET 2 Walnut Terrace Dramatic Club, Class Basketball Blonde, attractive Helen will ra- diate her charm on the University of North Carolina campus next fall. Dramatics, basketball, and swimming constitute her " convivial " pleasures. EDWARD BELYEA 3 Amherst Street Stamp Club Edward will always remember his physics class and plans to attend the Massachusetts Radio School. He wants to be in on the great future in radio. VIRCINIA BEAUMONT 32 Lakehill Avenue Washington University and the study of law, is going to keep " Ginny” very busy for the next few years. Good luck in your ambition. FRANCES BELYEA 5 Third Street Honor Roll, Glee Club, G. A. A. " Fran” will never forget her hardest class — Physics. She will not reveal her secret ambitions, but we know she’ll succeed anyway. VAHAN BERBERIAN 1 1 Exeter Street Class Basketball " Kitsell " wants to train at South- ern California to be an athletic direc- tor. He is quite active with his skat- ing, bowling, and cardplaying. ALBERT BERRIE 153 Gloucester Street Honor Roll " AI " will be a budding news-hound on graduating from B. U. His fa- vorite sport is baseball. We know his sunny nature will benefit him through life. Page Sixteen BETTY BERRY LEON BLANCHARD BARBARA BIRCH ALICE BLESSINGTON WILLIAM BLACK VIRGINIA BOTT ARTHUR BLANCHARD CLAIRE BOUDREAU BETTY BERRY 51 Richfield Road Next year will find " Betty " at Wil- fred Academy studying to become an expert hairdresser. She then hopes to open her own shop for her A. H. S. classmates. BARBARA BIRCH 96 Churchill Avenue Secretary of Dramatic Club , Assistant Secretary-Treasurer in Ski Club, Gilbert and Sullivan Club Busy " Barb " enjoys swimming, skating, and skiing, and is headed for Lasell Junior College. " Barb " will always remember her geometry and chemistry classes. WILLIAM BLACK 40 Newman Way Ski Club, Tennis If financial crisis arrive, call upon our future bank president, nonchalant " Billy. " When not busy with bullion, " Bill " enjoys skiing and tennis. ARTHUR BLANCHARD 29 Wyman Terrace Pres, of Student Council, Football Capt .), Hockey (Capt.), Baseball ( Capt .), Gilbert and Sullivan, " Pirates of Penzance” Most esteemed " Art,” small in stat- ure but physically gigantic, intends to lend his athletic prowess to U. of N. H. in scholastics. History will be his field of endeavor. LEON BLANCHARD 229 Waverly Street Band, Gilbert and Sullivan, Football, Ski Club. " Pirates of Penzance,” " Gondoliers” " Slug, " our popular fun-loving classmate, will attend the Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics to get a mas- ter mechanics degree and become an airlines pilot. ALICE BLESSINGTON 17 Edgehill Road Lovely and charming is Alice whose future plans include Katherine Gibbs and business. On the social side, she delights in swimming and dancing. VIRGINIA BOTT 53 Academy Street Ski Club, Gilbert and Sullivan, Band (T wirier) CLAIRE BOUDREAU 59 Magnolia Street Tennis Club, Glee Club Fair " Ginny” is headed for Katherine Gibbs Secretarial School, where she wants to become a secretary. All her many friends wish her every success. Page Seventeen After graduation, her fondest remembrance, Claire will enroll at Burdett. Socially, Claire par- takes in tennis and also sings in the Glee Club. THERESA BOUDREAU RUTH BOWEN ELEANOR BOUDROW DONALD BOWER GERALD BOURGEOIS FRANCIS BRAWLEY RAYMOND BOURGEOIS RICHARD BRIGGS THERESA BOUDREAU 56 Fairmont Street " Terry " wants to use her gentle hands in the art of nursing. Her friendly classmates in A. H. S. will long be remembered. RAYMOND BOURGEOIS 46 Sherborn Street " Ray, " who is going to the Massa- chusetts Institute of Art, hopes to be- come a commercial artist. His leisure- time activities are hockey, football, and baseball. ELEANOR BOUDROW 235 Pheasant Avenue Glee Club " El,” who loves to swim, intends to continue her business education at Katherine Gibbs. Her fondest re- membrances of high school are her sophomore and senior years. RUTH BOWEN 10 Wright Street Glee Club, Basketball, Tennis " Ruthie ' s " life aim is to become a stenographer. The thing she remem- bers most about A. H. S. is her senior year. GERALD BOURGEOIS 46 Sherborn Street " Jerry, " an ardent hockey fan, will never forget the teachers at A. H. S. He delights in that delicate task of making model airplanes. DONALD BOWER 19 West Street Donald has left school to join the National Guard. At the same time he expects to graduate with his class of ’41 in June. FRANCIS BRAWLEY 18 Palmer Street Stamp Club Francis is going to B. C. and there continue his interest in sports. His junior year classes will dwell in his thoughts the longest. RICHARD BRIGGS 8 Plymouth Street Band, Dramatic Club " Dick " is on the way toward becom- ing an electrical engineer at North- eastern. He will always remember all the good times he has had in high school. Page Eighteen ARTHUR BROEG BARBARA BUCKLE GLADYS BROWN ELIZABETH BUCKLEY LOUIS BRILLANTE RICHARD BROWN JEAN BRIGHAM JEAN BROWN JEAN BRIGHAM 9 Chcviat Road Jean, who comes from the South via Vermont, and has attended four dif- ferent schools, intends to go to For- sythe Dental School to be a dentist ' s assistant. GLADYS BROWN 131 Mystic Street Dramatic Club Gladys is going to become a nurse because that has always been her secret ambition. She will remember all her high school friends. LOUIS BRILLANTE 35 North Union Street Football, Track, Class Basketball Athletic " Lou” is going to return to A. H. S. for a P. G. and later go on to college. His favorite outside activities are football, tennis, and hockey. JEAN BROWN 19 Chandler Street G. A. A. " Jeanie wants to be a commercial artist. The lunch periods at A. H. S. stand out the most in her mind. ARTHUR BROEG 2 Crescent Hill Ave. Gilbert and Sullivan. Band " Ace” is going to Boston Univer- sity. He will always remember get- ting his picture in the 1940 year book. RICHARD BROWN 45 Cleveland Street Honor Roll. Varsity Debate. Debating Club , Editor-in-chief of Year Book Committee " Dick,” a grand fellow and con- scientious worker, has what it takes. He will attend Harvard to study Math, and will always remember Mr. Eaton ' s Advanced Math, class. BARBARA BUCKLE 18 Water Street " Barby” is going to give her slender fingers a chance at stenography. The glorious football games of A. H. S. will linger in her mind for quite a while. ELIZABETH BUCKLEY 1497 Massachusetts Avenue " Betty” is going to satisfy her life- long ambition to become a nurse. With her personality we know her patients will love her. Page Nineteen JAMES BUCKLEY NORMAN BUTLER, JR. RUTH BUCKLEY NATALIE CADARIO RUTH BURKE MARY CAMPBELL LAWRENCE BUTLER DANIEL CAMPOBASSO JAMES BUCKLEY 9 Lafayette Street Gilbert and Sullivan, Baseball " Buck " is going to Wentworth Institute to become a machinist. He is always going to remember the A. H. S. teachers. LAWRENCE BUTLER 106 Hillside Avenue Debating Club After High School, Lawrence in- tends to go to Bentley School of Ac- counting. He says he will never for- get Miss Nash’s Economics class. RUTH BUCKLEY 1497 Massachusetts Avenue Two years of Oral English will always stand out in Ruth ' s mind. A few years from now, she hopes to be a stenographer. NORMAN BUTLER, JR. 106 Hillside Avenue " Quill” " Chronicle” Norm likes to work with tools; so he is going to the Franklin Union Institute to become a first class ma- chinist. He likes skating and swim- ming. RUTH BURKE 74 Freeman Street G. A. A. ( Secretary ), Field Hockey, Class Basketball Sunny " Burkie,” a lover of sports, is going to win more friends at Kath- erine Gibbs next year. Her senior year at A. H. S. will live in her mem- ories. NATALIE CADARIO 93 Crescent Hill Avenue Field Hockey, G. A. A., T wirier " Nat,” one of our girl athletes, en- joys dancing, skating, and swimming outside of school. She hopes to at- tend Lasell Junior College. MARY CAMPBELL 38 Amherst Street Manager of Field Hockey, Chairman of G. A. A., Dramatic Club Katherine Gibbs will receive a pro- spective secretary in the person of " Mae. " She enjoys playing tennis and watching A. H. S. sports outside of school work. DANIEL CAMPOBASSO 44 Decatur Street A bowling enthusiast, " Danny” also enjoys fishing and arguing. He hopes to go to Mass. State to become a florist. Page Twenty m ' i ROBERT CANNIFF EDITH CARLSON FORTUNE CARLINO LOUISE CARTER JAMES CARLINO EVA CASEY THERESA CARLINO THOMAS CASHMAN ROBERT CANNIFF 670 Massachusetts Avenue " Dannie " hopes to become a book- keeper. He enjoys sea life and bowl- ing and will never forget Miss Nash ' s Economics class. THERESA CARLINO 79 Decatur Street Honor Roll France-born " Terry” would like to visit it again, but wants to become an American citizen. She ' s going to Wilfred Academy to become a hair stylist. FORTUNE CARLINO 79 Decatur Street Fortune hopes to become an ac- countant in a few years. His favor- ite activities are baseball, football, and other sports. EDITH CARLSON 201 Spring Street Cheerleader, Field Hockey, Baseball, " Mikado,” " Gondoliers,” G. A. A. " Butch” will go to Bryant Strat- ton to become an efficient secretary. She skates, swims, and rides horseback. Graduation and cheer-leading will be her dearest memories. JAMES CARLINO 18 Brattle Street " Jimmy” likes to work with his hands and so will go to evening school to become an airplane mechanic. He will remember his homework and co- operative teachers. LOUISE CARTER 14 Aerial Street Class Tennis, Gilbert and Sullivan Louise hopes to attend Regis after high school. She enjoys skating and dancing as outside activities, and will always remember her graduation night. EVA CASEY 34 Bartlett Avenue Ski Club, Girls’ Athletic Association Hoping to become a teacher, Eva will attend Regis. She enjoys watch- ing A. H. S. sports and will remem- ber Mr. Campbells French III class for a long time. THOMAS CASHMAN 25 Alfred Road Usher at Football Games " Tom,” an aviation enthusiast, hopes to attend New England Air- craft. He says he will never forget the first day of school as a sophomore. Page Twenty-one BARBARA CATERINO CATHLEEN CLARK RITA CATERINO FRANCES CLIFFORD BARBARA CHASE DONALD COBB BARBARA CATERINO 22 Lowell Street Place Dancing, bowling and cooking are Bobby’s” favorite activities. She’ll go to Burden’s, and her longest mem- ory of A. H. S. will be Miss Camp- bell ' s cooking class. RUTH CLARE 160 Mystic Valley Parkway Honor Roll (3 yrs.), Sec. of Glee Club (3 yrs.), Gilbert and Sullivan (2 yrs.), Dramatic Club, Year Book Committee, Swimming, Skating ( ice or roller) Our brilliant " Rudy " will enter Jackson in the fall. She enjoys swim- ming, roller skating and ice skating and will remember the Senior Prom and her friends. THOMAS CODY 10 Brattle Terrace Hockey Donald, who enjoys hockey very much, hopes to attend Northeastern University. He says he will remember the teachers of A. H. S. RITA CATERINO 64 Mystic Street Honor Roll, Dramatic Club Our tiny swimmer and football fan has not yet decided what she would like to do after leaving B. U. She will long remember all her good tim es. CATHLEEN CLARK 9 Park Terrace Honor Roll, Swimming, Skating, Dancing Petite " Day” aspires to a nursing career, training at the Cambridge City Hospital. She says she will long re- member Mr. Burke’s jokes. RUTH CLARE THOMAS CODY BARBARA CHASE 42 Park Avenue Extension Class Tennis, Gilbert and Sullivan Club , Skating as an outdoor sport, dancing as an indoor activity " Barbie,” whose favorite pastimes are skating and dancing, hopes to attend Katherine Gibbs Secretarial School. Her graduation will be the highlight of her A. H. S. career. FRANCES CLIFFORD 1 1 Mary Street Dancing, Movies Oral talks and finals will forever haunt " Cliff,” who came to A. H. S. from Cambridge Latin and hopes to attend Bryant and Stratton to become a secretary. DONALD COBB 30 Marathon Street Dramatic Club, Cycling, Hiking, Skating. Bowling and Making Sound Effects " Tom,” who enjoys outdoor sports, hopes to be- come a cabinet maker, since he enjoys the work. He’ll remember Mr. Arthur’s jolly disposition and Miss Porter’s black book. Page Twenty-two MARJORIE CO I LEY IRENE COLAMECA BARBARA COLBY BARTHOLOMEW • COLBY JUNE GLORIA COLE JOHN COLEMAN NORMA COLLINS DOROTHY CONNOLLY MARJORIE COILEY 1450 Massachusetts Avenue Gilbert and Sullivan, Baseball, G. A. A., Dramatic Club, Swimming. Dancing Petite " Marge” is going to study at Pasadena Jr. College. The runs in her stocking from A. H. S. chairs have given her a terrible headache. BARTHOLOMEW COLBY 38 Magnolia Street Football, Track, Band " Bart " has three ambitions: to be an All-American end, a State Police Sergeant, and to sail the South Seas, but really, he’s going to Fordham. IRENE COLAMECA 1 Park Avenue Basketball , Gilbert and Sullivan, Glee Club, Ski Club, G. A. A.. Dramatic Club, Speed Boating, Dancing, Football, Driving " Cokee " will take up secretarial work at Kathleen Dell. The senior Prom and her diploma are the high points of her high school career JUNE GLORIA COLE 1 1 Lansdowe Road Girls ' Glee Club, G. A. A.. Baseball, Ping-pong A business college and a secretarial position are Gloria ' s destinations. Classmates and teachers will be her dearest memories. BARBARA COLBY 22 Highland Avenue Skating Our skater " Babe " is to become a stenographer as she feels she is best suited for it. She will remember her senior year the longest. JOHN COLEMAN 94 Grafton Street Track. Hockey, Baseball. Gilbert and Sullivan, Tennis John dislikes the opposite sex, hence for Northeastern he heads. However, he does like eating, sleeping and his senior homeroom. NORMA COLLINS 36 Oxford Street Norma is headed for Emmanuel College, but she hasn’t quite made up her mind what she wants to be. Her favorite outside activity is swimming. DOROTHY CONNOLLY 1 5 a Mt. Vernon Street Class Basketball, Class Tennis " Dotty” is going to a school of nursing, because she finds that profes- sion " interesting and useful.” She loves swimming and does beautiful figure-skating. Page Twenty-three FRANCIS CONNOLLY ROBERT COOK MARY CONNOLLY ALFRED COOPER JOHN CONWAY GLADYS COOPER CAROLYN COOK KATHERINE COOPER FRANCIS CONNOLLY 40 Mary Street To see the world " Hockeye " is go- ing to join the navy and be in the service. Meanwhile, he enjoys swim- ming and hockey, at which he excels. CAROLYN COOK 6 Iroquois Road Honor Roll Sweet " Cookie” is going to Kath- erine Gibbs to become a business woman. She loves dancing and skat- ing and treasures especially her friends at A. H. S. CLADYS MARY CONNOLLY 15a Mt. Vernon Street Class Basketball , Gilbert and Sullivan, Band Member Badminton is Mary’s favorite ac- tivity. She even plays during lunch recess. Kathleen Dell is the destina- tion of this versatile girl. ROBERT COOK 73 Columbia Road Gilbert and Sullivan Club, " Patience” and " The Mikado’’ Football Happy-go-lucky " Bob” wants to be a doctor after graduating from B. U. He likes dancing and singing espe- JOHN CONWAY 78 Newport Street Hockey, Football Manager " Peanuts " is going to Boston Col- lege to become a draftsman. He likes sports and will longest remem- ber the two years he spent in the chemistry laboratory. ALFRED COOPER 18 King Street Gilbert and Sullivan Club, Stamp Club " Al” is going to a business college. He likes bowling and his dearest memory will be of Mr. Einzig’s chorus class, where he couldn ' t keep still. COOPER 10 Perth Road KATHERINE COOPER 187 Highland Avenue dally in " Patience " and " The Mika- do. " Girls’ Athletic Association " Glad " is going to Lewis Training School to become a Hotel Hostess. Her favorite sports are tennis and horseback riding. Baseball, Class Basketball, Tennis, Gilbert and Sullivan Club The Bruins ' Hockey games are " Kath’s” favorite. She’ll remember her English teachers while she attends a business college. Page Twenty-four ANTONETTE COPPOLA MARGARET CRAIG THOMAS COTTER JOHN CREEDON NANCY COX LEONARD CRIPPS MARGARET COYNE RUTH CROCKER ANTONETTE COPPOLA 1253 Mass. Avenue " Dolly " will further her secretarial knowledge at Burdett. She ' ll never forget all the fuss over the pictures and the rings during her senior year. THOMAS COTTER 1051 Massachusetts Avenue Basketball , Football Thomas to University of New Hampshire would go, to win with their football team as with ours. His favorite sport is pingpong. NANCY COX 135 Jason Street Tennis, Riding Club Charming and winsome Nancy is headed for Radcliffe to become a re- nowned author. Her favorite pas- times are tennis and horseback riding. Best of luck, Nancy. MARGARET COYNE 1 5 Lewis Avenue Basketball, Baseball, Field Hockey Athletic " Honey” wants to become engaged in the secretarial world. Her favorite sports are dancing, swimming and bowling and her longest remem- brance, Oral English. MARGARET CRAIC 75 Washington Street " Peggy " will go to a school of nursing next year. She likes bowling and chemistry and dislikes the verbs in second year French. JOHN CREEDON 29 Lewis Avenue " Jack,” an amateur radio fan, hopes to secure his license soon. Chemistry is appealing to him, for he liked his lab period the best. LEONARD CRIPPS 77 Sunset Road Leonard is going to Northeastern to train as an engineer. He is stay- ing north so he won ' t miss any skiing, at which he is a wiz. RUTH CROCKER 56 Brooks Avenue " Shorty” is going to Fisher next year. Her favorite sport is roller skating, and her longest memory, the second year Typewriting class. Page Twenty-five STEPHEN CRONAN N. CONSTANCE CRONIN THOMAS CRONIN DOROTHY CROOKER BETH CULLINANE EILEEN CUMMINGS RITA CUMMINGS RICHARD CUNHA STEPHEN CRONAN 44 Florence Avenue Honor Roll " Stuffy” is going to continue his education at Tufts. He enjoys sports and movies and will always remember his Review Math class. N. CONSTANCE CRONIN 19 Magnolia Street " Connie " dislikes to climb stairs, especially those at A. H. S. She’s going to join the office workers in U. S. A. Swimming and skating occupy her spare time. THOMAS CRONIN 19 Magnolia Street Track ( Indoor , Outdoor, Cross Coun- try), Gilbert and Sullivan Club, " Pirates of Penzance ” " Gondoliers” " Hymie,” B. C. bound, wants to get a good job and buy a new car. Grad- uation is what he will remember long- est about A. H. S. DOROTHY CROOKER 163 Park Avenue Gilbert and Sullivan Friendly " Dotty,” who wants to take up office work, likes dancing, reading, and skating. The friendli- ness of her classmates will remain longest in her memory. BETH CULLINANE 47 Allen Street Girls’ Glee Club, Gilbert and Sulli- van, Tennis, Basketball Beth intends to take time out from tennis and dancing to attend Forsythe. She won ' t forget the good times she had in the music department. EILEEN CUMMINGS 70 Newport Street G. A. A. Pretty, versatile " Lee,” a newcomer to A. H. S., likes tennis, skiing, swim- ming, photography, and dancing. The best of luck in college, " Lee.” RITA CUMMINGS 43 Dudley Street Pine Arts Class, Honor Roll At Mass. Art School " Mikey” will make art her life work. She’s en- joyed the museum trips of the Fine Arts Class. Incidentally her birth- day is February 29th. RICHARD CUNHA 29 Cleveland Street Gilbert and Sullivan, Plonor Roll " Cupid,” who will always remem- ber how he worried in high school, likes tennis and skating. He intends to become an undertaker or an osteo- path. Page Twenty -six ELIZABETH CUNNINGHAM ELEANOR DALEY HENRY CUNNINGHAM JUNE DALLIN A. EDWARD CURLEY RUTH DAUPHINEE WALTER CURTIS JOHN DELANEY ELIZABETH CUNNINGHAM 31 Fountain Road Ski Club Next year will find " Pee Wee” at Forsythe Dental School. She will remember Mr. Warner ' s Algebra class. She likes horseback riding, swimming, and tobogganing. WALTER CURTIS 24 Swan Place Lunchroom, Honor Roll " Flash,” our future sports an- nouncer collects records besides listen- ing to sports programs. He confesses he will never forget his chemistry B and Spanish classes. HENRY CUNNINGHAM 82 Mary Street Track, Sophomore Year Usher, Football Games " Glenn” intends to become a teach- er, if he can get his mind off sports. Best of luck in your studies at Fitch- burg Teachers. ELEANOR DALEY 132 Webster Street Honor Roll Ambitious " El " intends to work in an office. She enjoys playing the piano and will always remember Miss Binnig ' s Shorthand class. A. EDWARD CURLEY 1261 Mass. Avenue " Curly” is headed for University of New Hampshire, but he doesn’t know what he wants to become. His favorite outside activities are hockey and football. JUNE DALLIN 84 Oakland Avenue Gilbert and Sullivan Club, Art Club, Honor Roll " Daisie Mae” plans to go to N. E. School of Art, because she has always had artistical aspirations. Mr. Ken- ney ' s afternoon sessions are her fond- est memories. RUTH DAUPHINEE 43 Overlook Road " Ruthie” is more interested in hair- dressing than in her favorite pastime, bowling. She’s going to Wilfred Academy to become an expert hair- Page Twenty -seven JOHN DELANEY 129 Newport Street Honor Roll, Lunchroom There’s no doubt John will be- come a successful lawyer after at- tending Harvard. His friends and his History IV class will remain long- est in his memory. SHIRLEY DENVIR JOHN DOBBS SHIRLEY DENVIR 424 Mass. Avenue Shirley, a future telephone oper- ator, is going to mix her ambition with skiing, bowling and swimming. She will remember the unique A. H. S. assemblies. LEONORA Dl DONATO 614 Summer Street ' Leo” is going to be busy while training for nursing, if she continues her favorite means of relaxation, danc- ing, skating, and bowling. CIS DE ROCHE JOHN DESMOND CES DOCKRILL JOSEPH DOLAN FRANCIS RE ROCHE 215 Mass. Avenue " Frannie” is going to join the band of handsome dentists after he grad- uates from St. Bonaventure. We suppose he’ll spend his spare time en- joying his favorite sport, hockey. JOHN DOBBS 45 Melrose Street " Yo ho for the ocean blue!” says John, for he plans to join the Navy. At present he encourages his love whenever he can by going boating. LEONORA Dl DONATO BARBARA DONAHOE JOHN DESMOND 69 Tanager Street At college " Des " will take up draft- ing. Although he’s only been here one year, he has made many friends, whom he will always remember. FRANCES DOCKRILL 1138 Mass. Avenue Honor Roll " Bunny” is going to enrich Jackson with her sunny nature. She enjoys swimming, skating and drawing. She will treasure the friendships made in A. H. S. JOSEPH DOLAN 234 Broadway Honor Roll, Lunchroom, President of Debating Club, 1940 " Joe” is very active in sailing, ten- nis, swimming, and dancing as well as in school activities. He plans to go to Harvard to further his education. BARBARA DONAHOE 289 Gray Street Dramatic Club, Class Basketball, T ennis Barbara plans to attend Radcliffe next year. Arlington High surely will miss such a splendid pal. Page Twenty-eight CARL DONLON ALDEN DOUTHART DOROTHY DONNELLY LOUISE DOWN IE A. JAMES DONNELLY ALICE G. DOYLE VIRGINIA DORRINGTON CHRISTINE J. DRISCOLL CARL DONLON 929 Mass. Avenue Baseball " Doc” likes playing semi-pro base- ball in the summer but enjoys raising poultry more. He is going to Uni- versity of New Hampshire to become tops in this business. VIRGINIA DORRINGTON 1 5 Whittemore St reet Field Hockey, Baseball , Girls’ A. A., Honor Roll Gin,” an A. H. S. outdoor girl, likes to swim and bowl. She wants to become a dramatic teacher and go to Curry School of Expression. DOROTHY DONNELLY 95 Grafton Street G. A. A., Junior Year " Dot” seemed to like those foot- ball games all the girls rave about. Besides football she likes ice skating and movies. She’s going to miss A. H. S. ALDEN DOUTHART 26 School Street Band, Orchestra, Ski Club Alden enjoys sports, especially foot- ball, skiing, hockey, and basketball. He likes music, too. Perhaps that’s why he’s never seen without his trombone. A. JAMES DONNELLY 83 Webster Street Class Basketball James will never forget those ex- asperating times that one " c” kept him from the Honor Roll. We hope he doesn’t get any more ”c’s” at B. C. LOUISE DOWNIE 58 Appleton Street G. A. A., Glee Club Next year " Lou” is going to Kath- erine Gibbs to study for a secretarial career. " Lou” claims that she will always remember her struggle with chemistry. ALICE C. DOYLE 73 Egerton Road " Al” has kept herself quite busy swimming and skating. However, all her friends will remember her for her constant chatter. CHRISTINE J. DRISCOLL 15 Russell Street H onor Roll, Dramatic Club, Class Basketball, Class Dennis " Chris’ ” part in many class activi- ties has been greatly appreciated. Next year she will attend Wilson, hoping to find more time for dancing and swimming there. Page Twenty-nine MARY DUANE JOHN DUDDY GEORGE S. DUFFY PAUL F. DUGGAN NANCY DUNCAN FRANCIS G. DWYER MARCIA EDWARDS RALPH EDWARDS MARY DUANE 56 Hilton Street G. A. A., Glee Club, Dramatic Club, Honor Roll, Basketball Our great football team is most impressive to Mary, who has always been an asset to the Glee Club. Next year Mary will be at Chandler’s. PAUL F. DUGGAN 28 Peirce Street H onor Roll ' Dug ' claims he will always re- member listening to Mr. Skinner ' s stories. Next year he will go to Massachusetts State where he intends to play football. JOHN DUDDY 1 1 Dartmouth Street Class Basketball, Golf, Football Poor " Dud” will always remember all the homework he did at A. H. S. Next year will find him at Fordham, where he hopes to play football and hockey. NANCY DUNCAN 69 Fountain Road Dramatic Club, Gilbert and Sullivan, Class Basketball, Class Tennis, " What a Life,” " Pirates of Penzance” Dunkie’s " jokes will certainly be missed next year when she goes to Mt. Ida. Being in the " Pirates of Penzance” was her biggest thrill at High School. CEORCE S. DUFFY 8 1 Thorndike Street Air-minded George will enter Pitts- burgh School of Aeronautics next fall. He is fond of all outdoor sports, espe- cially hunting, fishing, and sailing. FRANCIS G. DWYER 12 Williams Street Football, Hockey As a football and hockey player, ’Fran " will certainly be welcome at Colby next year. He says he will always remember his friends at A. H. S. MARCIA EDWARDS 54 Temple Street Class Tennis, Gilbert and Sullivan Marcia wants to taste the business world after an education at Katherine Gibbs. She enjoys skiing and danc- ing. She ll always remember gradu- ation. RALPH EDWARDS 156 Scituate Street Cashier Lunchroom " Ed,” our star cashier in the lunch- room, is going to Tufts. Although he hasn ' t taken part in school sports, he enjoys hockey and swimming. Page Thirty 0 -ssr i . I ALICE EGAN MARJORIE FAGERLAND ALICE ECAN 51 Mystic Street ”Al ' s " delightful smile will take her far as a Court Reporter. Just at present she is devoting her spare time to photography. HARRY N. ELGEE PAUL FAHNLEY, JR. LEWIS L. ELLIS GEORGE FAWCETT HARRY N. ELCEE 1 5 Morton Road " Rudy " is going to B. U. to learn the food business. He loves to dance and skate and is well-known for his trumpet. ELIZABETH EVANS 109 Claremont Avenue Honor Roll, Orchestra, Dramatic Club, Glee Club, Gilbert and Sulli- van Club, Tennis Squad, Year Book Committee Versatile " Betty” finds pleasure in all aquatic sports. Her Chemistry bill for broken apparatus will always haunt her. Middlebury College is to be her Alma Mater. GEORGE FAWCETT 23 Alfred Road Football " Bashful” is going to study at Bent- ley next year, intending to be a C. P. A. Fishing and boating constitute fun for this likeable chap. Page Thirty -one MARJORIE FAGERLAND 25 Coolidge Road Honor Roll, Gilbert and Sullivan, Year Book Committee, Vice President Junior Glee Club " Margie " will be a co-ed at the Uni- versity of Wisconsin next year. We hope she continues to have the fun she ' s enjoyed in high school. ELIZABETH EVANS SIGWARD FELLMAN LEWIS L. ELLIS 1 1 Mt. Vernon Street Dramatic Club, Gilbert and Sullivan, Track Team " Lewie " is going to be a celebrated actor when he finishes his dramatic training. He will always remember the five-hour rehearsals of the Dra- matic Club. PAUL FAHNLEY, JR. 146 Rhinecliff Street Model Aero Club " Kewpie” is headed for Northeast- ern to study aviation. His spare time will be, in all probability, taken up with music. SIGWARD FELLMAN 179 Scituate Street Band " Sig” has been a welcome addition to our band, but nevertheless, he is looking forward to the day of gradu- ation. Next year he will be at B. U. to study advertising. ARNO FILI PETTI CAROLYN FITZPATRICK BARBARA FINNERAN ROBERT FITZPATRICK JOHN FINNERTY CHARLES FLANDERS RUTH FITZGERALD BARBARA FLEMING ARNO FILI PETTI 1 7 Lowell Street Amiable, ambitious " Tubba” will retain in his cranium marks received in A. H. S. At Northeastern he’ll study to be an archaeologist. He has our best wishes. RUTH FITZGERALD 103 Gray Street Honor Roll in Junior Year " Fitzie, " one of A. H. S.’s collection of " Fitzies, " wants to be an account- ant. She plays tennis and recalls her good times. BARBARA FINNERAN 29 Philips Street Ski Club . G. A. A. Barbara says that swimming and riding are her favorite sports. She will never stop bemoaning the very short week-ends. CAROLYN FITZPATRICK Band, Honor Roll Roller skating and bowling rank high in " Fitzies’’ estimation. She plans to attend Burdett to prepare for a business career. JOHN FINNERTY 41 Varnum Street Honor Roll, Basketball " Finn " thinks his future alma mater, Notre Dame, is the best there is. With this opinion were sure he will gain honors there. ROBERT FITZPATRICK 602 Mass. Avenue " Fitzy,” a strong supporter of the fighting Irish, wants to be a mechanic. Mr. Downs’ History class will al- ways be among his memories. CHARLES FLANDERS 36 Oakland Avenue Basketball Charlie,” who tops the tallest trees, is going out to Notre Dame next year. Football and basketball are his favorite sports. BARBARA FLEMING 140 Summer Street Tennis Squad Jolly, talkative Barbara has always wanted to be a dietitian. The best of luck goes with her to whatever school of domestic science she chooses. Page Thirty-two JOHN FLYNN KENNETH FOSTER RUTH FLYNN NOEL FOSTER CAROLYN FOLSOM CAROL FOUNTAIN JOHN FORAN MARILYN FOWNES JOHN FLYNN 1 140 Mass. Avenue Track , Baseball, Class Basketball " Flynnie’s ' favorite sport is base- ball, and he hopes to continue further in the game. He says he had the most fun during his Junior year. RUTH FLYNN 1 1 Exeter Street " Ruthie,” a lover of skating and bowling, plans to follow the trail to Fisher’s. Graduation will always live in her memory. CAROLYN FOLSOM 16 Gray Street Honor Roll Carolyn is looking eagerly toward graduation after which she will attend the University of New Hampshire. We all wish her success. JOHN FORAN 26 Park Avenue Band, Basketball ’39 Swimming and baseball keep " Nick” busy most of the time. He has chosen Boston University as the place to further his education. Good luck, " Nick.” KENNETH FOSTER 5 Mystic Lake Drive Ski Club, Second Honor Roll " Ken,” one of the intelligentsia of A. H. S., aspires to be a student in the U. S. Coast Guard Academy because of his love for the sea. NOEL FOSTER 18 Lake Street Football, Basketball Because of his fondness for boats, Noel will enter the ship building industry. He will long remember the years he spent in dear old A. H. S. CAROL FOUNTAIN 10 Margaret Street Gilbert and Sullivan, Dramatic Club, Honor Roll After studying at Fisher ' s, " Charlie” intends to be an office secretary. She’s going to remember that " free feel- ing” at 1:25. MARILYN FOWNES 32 Dundee Road Girls’ Baseball Marilyn will always remember the time she spilled food in the lunch- room. She would like to be a war nurse. Page Thirty-three DONALD FOX ELIZABETH GALLAGHER DONALD FOX 30 High Haith Road Red " has ambitions to build bridges so he plans to attend the Franklin Union School. He will al- ways remember the " good old study hall.” ELEANOR CADDIS 221 Wachusett Avenue " El” wants to become a nurse at Mt. Auburn Hospital in Cambridge. She can ' t forget Mr. Kemp ' s vigorous yard-stick. CLAIRE FREDERICK HELEN GALLAGHER HAZEL FYLER WILLIAM GALLUZZO CLAIRE FREDERICK 85 Melrose Street Honor Roll Well find Claire at Burdett next year, where she wants to learn more about operating business machines. In her spare time she enjoys all out- door sports. ELIZABETH GALLAGHER 1 3 Aerial Street G. A. A., Gilbert and Sullivan " Liz” will be at Wilfred Academy next year, where she will take up hair- dressing. Her favorite activities are high school and movies. ELEANOR GADDIS JEANNE GARCELON HAZEL FYLER 1 1 Trowbridge Street Honor Roll, Year Book Committee Hazel plans to go to Simmons to become a good and kind nurse. Her favorite memory will be class day and graduation. HELEN GALLAGHER 46 Allen Street G. A. A., Debating Club, Class Ten- nis, Ping Pong Tournament, Class Basketball Helen will at last realize her wish to attend Regis. The very short week-ends will always remain in her memory of high school. WILLIAM GALLUZZO 54 Decatur Street Baseball, Hockey, Football Bitts” plans to follow the career of an accountant, because he likes the work. Football, hockey, and base- ball are his favorite sports. JEANNE GARCELON 86 Falmough Road Honor Roll, Vice President of Glee .Club, Gilbert and Sullivan Club, Ski Club, Year Book Committee " Jinx " will continue her education at Wellesley, her mother’s Alma Ma- ter. What fun she had showing up her Advanced Math, class! Page Thirty -four PAUL CARRiTY 56 Norfolk Road Football, Tennis, Class Basketball, Ski Club, Track Popular " Porky " is headed for a prep school and then Bowdoin, where he will take with him his love for sports. DAVID CATELY, JR. 37 Linden Street Dramatic Club, Chairman of Scenery for " House Beautiful,” " What a Life,” T ennis Dave " goes to the University of New Hampshire next year. He ' ll al- ways remember his Fine Arts course, and well never forget him as the humorous Mr. Vecchitto. EDWARD A. CEARY 14 Jean Road Gilbert and Sullivan Club " Ted " is planning to enter Holy Cross next September. His unusual hobby is finding different routes by auto which lead to the same place. HAIC CECHIJI AN 19 Milton Street Gilbert and Sullivan Club Haig, a well-liked chap, plans to enter that Mecca for engineering stu- dents, M. I. T. His Advanced Math class is very strong in his memory. Page Thirty -five LOIS CEDDES 329 Gray Street Gilbert and Sullivan, " Mikado,” " Pirates of Penzance,” " Gondoliers,” Glee Club Petite " Lo " plans to attend Wilfred Academy to study beauty culture. She likes to remember the teacher who said that over-work wasn’t healthy. THERESA GIORDANO 72 Magnolia Street " Terry " plans to enter Arlington’s Symmes Hospital to train for nursing. She enjoys swimming and dancing and will remember Mr. Downs ' His- tory class in her junior year. BETTY GILMAN 1500 Massachusetts Avenue Gilbert and Sullivan Club. Glee Club, Leads in " Pirates of Penzance,” " The Gondoliers” " Bets” hopes to study Grand Opera at Joulliard and says if she makes the grade, she’ll send each one of us tickets — free! ANGELA GIOVE 7 Locke Street " Angie " enjoys horseback riding and dancing. Were sure shell be a competent air hostess after her graduation from Simmons. PAUL GARRITY LOIS GEDDES DAVID GATELY, JR. BETTY GILMAN EDWARD A. GEARY THERESA GIORDANO HAIG GECHUIAN ANGELA GIOVE ROBERT GLEASON WINIFRED GORDON ROBERT GLEASON 20 Wellington Street Band, Track Red” expects to enter Mass. State. Enjoying sports and fishing, he says he’ll remember Mr. Eaton’s Review Math Class and Arlington High itself. BARBARA GOODWIN 27 Hawthorne Avenue Gilbert and Sullivan, Honor Roll, Year Book Committee, Girls’ Glee Club Mr. Eaton’s and Miss Barry’s study halls will remain longest in ' Barbie’s” memory. She likes to dance and skate and plans to go to B. U. DANIEL GLENDON S. MAVIS GORTON NORMAN GLOVER GERTRUDE GOTT DANIEL GLENDON 97 Boston Avenue Hockey, the favorite of many boys, is also Daniel’s beloved sport. His strongest remembrance of Arlington High is Mr. Arthur ' s print shop. WINIFRED CORDON 114 Varnum Street Winnie wants to become a dental hygienist because " teeth intrigue me.” She’ll never forget trembling before each Shorthand period. BARBARA GOODWIN KATHERINE GOTT NORMAN CLOVER 85 Oxford Street Baseball, Basketball, Tennis, Dramatic Club, Gilbert and Sullivan " Normie” will remember longest his senior year, for it was then that he thought himself a man. He likes to attend social affairs and enjoys sports. S. MAVIS GORTON 71 Quincy Street Honor Roll, Basketball Mavis loves sailing and enjoys swimming. She wants to be a writer and will remember the study periods at A. H. S. and Mr. Kapff. CERTRUDE GOTT 135 Charlton Street Glee Club, Gilbert and Sullivan, " Pirates of Penzance,” Honor Roll " Trudy” is going to college to learn the " awful lot” she thinks necessary nowadays. She likes to swim and to bowl eight strings at a time. KATHERINE GOTT 4 Daniels Street Honor Roll, Glee Club, Junior Libra- rian Glee Club, Year Book " Kathy” is going to B. U. because she wants to teach. She enjoys read- ing and knitting; moreover she can’t forget the sewing machine that was her sophomore desk. Page Thirty -six HAROLD GOUD BURTON GRAVES LAWRENCE GRAHAM EDGAR G GREEK PATRICIA GRAHAM ROBERT GREIM JOHN C. GRANT RALPH GUANCI HAROLD COUD 91 Alpine Street Football, Hockey, Baseball, Golf, Swimming " Bud” will remember the teachers at A. H. S. longest. Playing baseball and golf, he wants to be an engineer and work in the Navy Yard. JOHN C. GRANT 22 Moulton Road Sophomore Honor Roll Johnny,” whose favorite amuse- ment is movie-going, wants to become a Naval Officer. He ' ll remember longest going to New York on the school bus. LAWRENCE GRAHAM 28 Henderson Street Class Basketball " Cookie” plans to " follow the sea " at Massachusetts Nautical School in the near future. This handsome sail- or-lad spends his spare time making model boats. BURTON CRAVES 23 Howard Street Burton, who likes to camp, hunt, and fish, says hell remember his teachers longest. He is going to Tufts to study to be a Doctor. PATRICIA GRAHAM 41 Mary Street Honor Roll Trying to get from gym to room 72, fully dressed, before the bell rings is something " Pat,” who is going in training to be a nurse, will never forget. EDGAR C. CREEK 91 Orvis Road Model Aero Club, Ski Club " Ed’s” favorite exercise is skiing. He plans to attend Northeastern Uni- versity, where he will study Aeronau- tical Engineering. ROBERT GREIM 222 Highland Avenue " Bob " likes to take cars apart. We wish him luck in his ambition to find success as a draftsman. RALPH GUANCI 16 Beacon Street Baseball, Class Basketball Ralph, an athlete, enjoys baseball, hockey, golf, and swimming. He will remember the many friends he made at Arlington High. Page Thirty -seven LEIGH GUTTERIDGE JOHN HANLON VIRGINIA HALLERAN ROBERT HANNABURY BERNICE HAMILTON ELIZABETH HANSEN ANNA HANLEY FRANCIS HANSEN LEIGH GUTTERIDGE 25 Central Street Ski Club, " Pirates of Penzance” Leigh’s favorite activities are swim- ming, skiing, and DeMolay. He likes the friendliness of the teachers at Arlington High. VIRCINIA HALLERAN 97 Overlook Road Glee Club, Honor Roll Report Card Day blues and think- ing of ways to advertise " What a Life” are the remembrances of " Ginny,” who enjoys skiing, photog- raphy, and bowling. BERNICE HAMILTON 17 Magnolia Street Bernice ' s memories of High School are of the assemblies. Enjoying type- writing and office work, she should be an asset to any office. ANNA HANLEY 24 Wildwood Avenue Anna likes swimming and bowling. She hopes to enter St. Elizabeth’s Hospital. Her fondest memories are of Mr. Petralia’s Spanish class. JOHN HANLON 95 Harlow Street John is going to Boston College because " of its proximity.” He en- joys swimming and hockey and will remember Mr. Sampson’s Chemistry class. ROBERT HANNABURY 64 Chandler Street Honor Roll, Lunchroom " Hucky” is going to Tufts to find his life work. He will remember longest the lasting friendships he has made. ELIZABETH HANSEN 50 Mt. Vernon Street Ski Club " Betty” is going to the Chamber- lain School to study interior decorat- ing. She enjoys any kind of sport and will remember attending our various games. FRANCIS HANSEN 95 North Union Street Fran " wants to be a meat salesman. He enjoys swimming, skating, and tennis and will remember school va- cations. He says Mr. Kenney was his best teacher. Page Thirty-eight HARRY HANSEN JANET HART HARRY HANSEN 40 Kilsythe Road Student Council, Class Basketball , Dramatic Club, Gilbert and Sullivan, " Excursion, " " What a Life,” Lunch- room, Band, " Pirates of Penzance” Harry, Henry Aldrich” in " What a Life,” enjoys horseback riding and swimming. He intends to be a teach- er after graduating from Fitchburg State Teacher’s College. DOROTHY HART 219 Forest Street " Dotty " intends to go to a hospital for nurses ' training, continuing her love for dancing, swimming, and reading. She will remember her many friends. JOSEPH HARDING GERALDINE HARTLING JOHN HARRINGTON JOHN HARVEY JOSEPH HARDING 6 Highland Avenue Tennis " Joe " remembers his trips to the library for modern literature. He’s going to Bryant Stratton to gain more knowledge of business activities. JANET HART 62 Alpine Street Honor Roll, Glee Club, Gilbert and Sullivan, Class Tennis, Ski Club " Jan” wants to make a study of Business; thus she ' s going to Rad- cliffe. Her favorite diversions in- clude music, sports, swimming, skiing and skating. DOROTHY HART GRACE J. HATHAWAY JOHN HARRINGTON 1 9 Foster Street Baseball, Debating Club, Track " Abner” will take with him to Duke University his love for hockey. He remembers most the good times he had during study periods. GERALDINE HARTLING 7 Mott Street Tennis, Fashion Show " Gerry” strongly remembers the time she fell over a chair and was excused from classes because she yelled so loudly. She will attend Bryant Stratton. JOHN HARVEY 378 Park Avenue Hockey, Golf, Honor Roll " Jack” wants to attend Boston College. He likes golf and hockey and will remember the many friends he has met at A. H. S. Page Thirty-nine GRACE J. HATHAWAY 28 Trowbridge Street " Pirates of Penzance, " Gilbert and Sullivan, Art Club, Girls ' Glee Club " Grade,” who had fun making stained glass windows, wants to attend Vesper George Art School. Dancing and tennis delight her. WILMER HAYES ELIZABETH HEALEY MARGARET HEALEY ELIZABETH HEANEY RICHARD HEATH MARILYN HEEGER WILMER HAYES 32 Coleman Road Co-captain ( Cross Country Track Team), Dramatic Club, Winter Track, Spring Track, State Champion 1 000 Yd., Time 2:25 6 10 Sec. Active " Buddy ' ’ swims, hikes, runs, travels, and dances. His ambition is to act; therefore, he’ll take any job furnishing money for further educa- tion in that line. PHYLLIS HEALY 127 Brattle Street Basketball, Tennis To further knowledge of business, " Phil” wants to go to Bryant and Stratton. She likes tennis and bas- ketball and will remember afternoon sessions longest. ELIZABETH HEALEY 194 Renfrew Street " Betty " wants to attend Wilfred Academy to gain a secretarial educa- tion. She likes swimming and danc- ing and will remember Miss Binnig longest. ELIZABETH HEANEY 126 Brattle Street Class Tennis, Glee Club " Betty,” who likes sports, especially tennis, wants to go to a secretarial school, " to give some fortunate man an indispensable secretary.’’ She will remember teachers and homework here. RUTH MARILYN HEECER PHYLLIS HEALY RUTH HENRICKSON MARGARET HEALEY 194 Renfrew Street G. A. A., Baseball, Tennis " Peggy " wants to be a private secre- tary, so she has chosen Fisher as the place to train. Bowling and ice-skat- ing take up most of her spare time. RICHARD HEATH 49 Magnolia Street Band Manager Richard, who was the band man- ager and likes sports and woodwork- ing, wants to join the Navy. He will strongly remember being a senior. HENRICKSON 1 1 Harlow Street Class Tennis, Honor Roll, Champion of the 1940 Girls’ Table Tennis Tournament " Mai,” table-tennis champion, wants to attend B. U. to become an archeologist. She will never forget her friends and the fun of her high school career. 28 Iroquois Road Ski Club, Class Tennis, Honor Roll In order to study clothing design, Ruth wants to attend Simmons. An ardent indulger in sports, she cannot forget the broken results in her Chem- istry lab. Page Forty ROBERT HERLIHY RITA HORNE ROBERT HERLIHY Honor Roll " Bob,” who wants to attend B. C., likes hockey and swimming. He will remember Miss Preston and her Latin class. PATRICIA HESSION ARTHUR HILL MARY HOWELL RUTH HUGHES PATRICIA HESSION 958 Massachusetts Avenue Honor Roll, Student Council, First Team Field Hockey, Sec. of G. A. A.. Baseball Squad, Class Tennis, Class Basketball, Riding Club, Year Book Committee " Pat, ' ’ who wants to go somewhere in the field of Journalism, remembers the " lab " days of her high school career. Tennis, riding and swim- ming are sports in which she delights. BETTE HOLMES JOAN HUNTER ARTHUR HILL 36A Academy Street Debating Club Arthur enjoys playing the piano and is quite accomplished in this art. Boston University is his chosen Alma Mater. He will long remember the senior class of ' 41. BETTE HOLMES 12 Chester Street RITA HORNE 216 Summer Street MARY HOWELL 137 Newport Street Band, Ski Club " Puggie” is a great sports enthusi- ast and will further her education at Miss Pierce’s Business School. May- be someday she will find that school elevator she has been searching for so long. RUTH HUGHES 28 Edmund Road Honor Roll Intelligent " Debby " will prepare for surgical nursing at Simmons. She is a champion bowler and an excellent skater. Football games are among her fond memories of A. H. S. Artistic Mary would like to study Interior Decorating and design at Westbrook Junior College. At Arl- ington High, she has made many friends of the teachers as well as stu- dents. JOAN HUNTER 216 Pleasant Street Gilbert and Sullivan Club, Glee Club Likeable " Ruthie” will attend Boston Univer- sity. She enjoys all music and is a Glenn Miller fan. Her Shorthand classes are pleasant memories because of her teacher ' s charming personality. Page Forty-one Ski Club, Riding Club Interesting Joan agrees that there is nothing like sailing. She’ll never forget her Fine Arts class, where the theme song was " Work.” Jack- son is the college for her. MARGARET HURLEY ALBERT JEFFERSON HAROLD JOHNSON IRENE JOHNSON M JOHN JOHNSON R. LEONARD JOHNSON HEDVIG JONASSON EDITH JONES MARGARET HURLEY 172 Palmer Street Ski Club " Peggy’s” wonderful personality and keen mind will make her a suc- cessful nurse. Her most pleasant memory occurred when the clock ticked 1:25 on Fridays. She will at- tend Emmanuel. ALBERT JEFFERSON 186 Highland Avenue Bund " Al " hopes to go to flying school and become an aviator. He enjoys swimming, skating, and football. He will remember his Physics class. HAROLD JOHNSON 32 Silk Street Hockey " Toronto” enjoys the pleasures of long bicycle trips. Planning to be a banker, this hockey hero will attend Burdett next. IRENE JOHNSON 3 1 Crescent Hill Avenue Honey, a pioneer in the white boot fad, will follow in Florence Nightingale’s footsteps and be a nurse after her graduation from the Uni- versity of Pennsylvania. M. JOHN JOHNSON 49 Alton Street Baseball, Track " Jack,” who draws cartoons of lead- ing athletics, will enter B. U. to study accounting. He will remember a pleasant year of Latin with Miss Preston. R. LEONARD JOHNSON 152 Mary Street Usher, Football Games " Lennie” intends to continue his education at Northeastern, where he will study Engineering. The hockey and football teams impressed him most. HEDVIG JONASSON 20 Brand Street Stamp Club, Honor Roll Pleasant " Heddy” hopes to go to business school to learn clerical work. We are sure this quiet blonde will go far in her chosen career. EDITH JONES 128 Appleton Street G. A. A., Glee Club " Edie,” whose favorite outside ac- tivity is horseback riding, will attend Katherine Gibbs Secretarial School. We are sure she will make an efficient secretary. Rage Forty-two NINA KARLSON PAULINE KEEFE NINA KARLSON 35 Park Avenue Extension T ennis " Swede,” who enjoys skating and dancing, wants to take up hairdressing at Wilfred ' s Academy. Longest in her memory will be her History class with Mr. Fusco. EVELYN KEATINC 172 Park Avenue Gilbert and Sullivan Chib , G. A. A. " Eve” is going to carry on at Kath- erine Dell’s and model as a sideline. No matter what her mission in life she will never forget her A. H. S. friends. MARY KEANE JAMES KELLEY EDWARD KEATING DORIS KELLOGG MARY KEANE 100 Varnum Street G. A. A., Chronicle Staff, Quill Staff " Mickey,” a truly witty student, en- joys skating and swing most of all. She hopes to continue her studies at Boston School of Dental Assistants. EVELYN KEATING JAMES KELLY EDWARD KEATINC 43 Brattle Street " Eddie” hasn ' t decided about his future, but he’ll remember his first impression of Arlington High. He likes swimming and his favorite sub- ject is Physics. PAULINE KEEFE 6 Mystic Lake Drive Class Tennis, Dramatic Club, G. A. A., Ski Club " Polly” will always remember the short week-ends; however, she 11 have shorter ones still when she goes to Colby Junior next year. Page Forty-three DORIS KELLOGG 34 Cleveland Street Orchestra, Band, Gilbert and Sullivan, Glee Club " Dottie " will attend Simmons to prepare for nursing. Her favorite relaxations include skating, swim- ming, and dancing. She will re- member the Senior Prom and football games always. JAMES KELLEY 38 Pierce Street Class Treasurer, Baseball, Cross Coun- try, Hockey, Track Captain, Gilbert and Sullivan Listening to girls discuss boy friends delights " Red, " who will study at B. U. to become a Physical Edu- cation teacher. He will never forget A. H. S. coaches. JAMES KELLY 44 Pine Ridge Road Ski Club " Jimmy’s” favorite outside activities are dancing, bowling, and skiing. He will enter the naval service after grad- uation, which will always be unfor- gettable to him ' JOHN L. KENERSON PAUL KEOUGH KATHERINE KENNEFICK DOROTHY KEWER FRANCES KENNEY J. BEVERLY KIMBALL EILEEN KENNISTON MARGUERITE KING JOHN L. KENERSON 13 Cottage Avenue John ' s favorite outside activities are hunting, skiing, and swimming. He hopes to work after graduation, which he says he will remember long- est, with the telephone company. KATHERINE K ENNEFICK 20 Bartlett Avenue " Kay” plans to attend Forsythe Dental, because she likes this inter- esting work. She loves to roller skate and will long remember Mr. Downs ' History class. FRANCES KENNEY 1 Fairmont Street To realize her ambition of becom- ing a secretary, " Fran” intends to en- roll at Katherine Gibbs. Miss Porter ' s English class will always stand fore- most in her mind. EILEEN KENNISTON 145 Wildwood Avenue Next year will find Eileen enrolled at Burdett to become a bookkeeper. Her favorite sports include dancing and ice skating provided someone holds her up. PAUL KEOUCH 20 Grafton Street Hockey " Key’s " next stop is the University of South California. The under- standing between Mr. Morrill and him will live forever in Paul’s memory. DOROTHY KEWER 82 Hamlet Street G. A. A., Ski Club, Gilbert and Sullivan When not horseback riding or skiing, " Dotty” is cheering for foot- ball and hockey teams. " Dotty” in- tends to go to Jackson. J. BEVERLY KIMBALL 18 Randolph Street " Bev,” who plans to become an ac- countant will attend B. U. She will never forget her Bookkeeping classes. MARGUERITE KING 27 Wright Street President Gilbert and Sullivan, Glee Club Musically minded " Pam” hopes for an operatic career. With her present talent perfected at B. U. College of Music, we are sure success will be hers. Page Forty-four E. EDGAR KNUEPFER CAMELINA LANCELOTTA E. EDCAR KNUEPFER 78 Jason Street Ski Club " Ed plans to work in his father’s hardware store in Arlington. He en- joys Chemistry and Physics and wishes to further his education along this line. ERNESTINE LAFFERT 163 Scituate Street " Tina” is going to become a secre- tary after graduation. She’ll never forget the times she just missed the Honor Roll. She likes tennis and skating. HELENE KOLEGUE WILLIAM LANE LOUIS KRAFF MEREDITH LANTIGUA HELENE KOLEGUE 50 Reed Street Dramatic Club If your teeth need attention in " 45 " look up Helene, who will have completed her study of dental hy- giene at Forsythe. CAMELINA LANCELOTTA 37 Dudley Street " Cam, " whose best-loved pastimes are roller skating, and dancing, in- tends to take up dress-making. She says she will never forget her Eco- nomic classes. ERNESTINE LAFFERT PAUL H. LA RUE LOUIS KRAFF 625 Summer Street Honor Roll, Debating Club President " Krafty " wishes to study Law at Harvard because it ' s interesting. With his personality and oratorial ability, we know he will be an immense suc- cess there. WILLIAM LANE 152 Medford Street Debating Club, Track, President of Ski Club William, a popular fellow with a fine personality, intends to follow in his father ' s footsteps and matriculate at B. C. next year. His favorite out- side activity is skiing. MEREDITH LANTIGUA 25 Wyman Terrace Honor Roll , G. A. A. Little Miss Mix-up " Babe " will never forget the time she mixed her lunch periods in her junior year. A. H. S. will certainly live in her mind. PAUL H. LA RUE 256 Park Avenue Debating Club, Orchestra Friendly Paul, who enjoys sports and trumpet playing, will study Law at B. U. He will always remember his good friends and the short school hours. Page Forty -five ALBERT LEAMAN DOROTHY LEWIS WARREN LE BARON DONALD LINDELL ADELE LEONARD VIOLET LOPEZ EILORA LEVINE GLORIA LO PRESTI ALBERT LEAMAN 2 Branch Avenue Class Basketball , Class Baseball , Rid- ing Club, Gilbert and Sullivan , Hockey, Honor Roll ”A1” wants to become a commercial artist after training at Yale School of Art. He probably will keep up his swimming, dancing, and roller-skat- ing. WARREN LE BARON 342 Massachusetts Avenue Football, Hockey Manager Another aviator in the making, Warren goes to Wentworth next year for a career in aviation. He enjoys shooting and basketball in his spare time. ADELE LEONARD 36 Inverness Road Burdett College will be Adele ' s Alma Mater next year. Skiing is her favorite outdoor pastime. She will always fondly remember her gradua- tion. EILORA LEVINE 17 Washington Street Gilbert and Sullivan, Glee Club, Orchestra, Class Basketball After being sick in the hospital, Elley” has decided to become a nurse. She will fondly remember the help and consideration of the teachers. VIOLET LOPEZ 17 Bates Road Girls’ A. A. " Vi " wants to be a secretary, there- fore, she’s going to Chandler’s for more education. She’s an outdoor girl, evidently, since she enjoys skat- ing and swimming. DONALD LINDELL 114 Newport Street Gilbert and Sullivan " Lindy " hopes to be a business executive. His pleasing personality and a Harvard education will surely materialize his dream. His favorite sports are swimming and football. GLORIA LO PRESTI 24 Central Street " Gloey’s " sophomore year will al- ways come to mind when she thinks of A. H. S. She enjoys horseback riding and will prepare for a business career in college. DOROTHY LEWIS 61 Kensington Park Gilbert and Sullivan, Bank, Glee C lub, Ski Club, Class Basketball Attractive, popular " Dot " is an all- round girl and has made many friends in A. H. S. She plans to enter Syracuse University. Page Forty-six STANLEY LOVEJOY, JR. SHIRLEY MADDEN STANLEY LOVEJOY, JR. 96 Appleton Street Popular " Stan” will go to North- eastern, where he hopes to earn a degree in Engineering. He will al- ways remember the friends he made at A. H. S. RUTH LYONS EDWARD MAGUIRE VIRGINIA MAC ARTHUR JOHN MAGUIRE RUTH LYONS 3 Jean Road Honor Roll, Girls’ A. A. Ruth will attend Fay’s next year to obtain training in Stenography. Horseback riding is her means of re- laxation and sport. ALYCE MacQUESTON 43 Margaret Street Gilbert and Sullivan, Field Hockey, Student Council, Class Basketball, Class Baseball, Sec. of Senior Class " Mac,” a most popular lassie, is as active out of school as inside. En- joying dancing, field hockey, and swimming, she will remember her Senior Prom. JOHN MAGUIRE 239 Park Avenue Hockey After his graduation from Suffolk Law School, ' " Muggsy” plans to enter into the insurance business. For the present, however, he enjoyed the hockey games. Page Forty-seven SHIRLEY MADDEN 15 Moore Place She will remember Mr. Burke’s jokes longer than anything else. Did you know she was an artist planning to enter N. E. School of Art? ALYCE MAC QUESTON RUTH MAGUIRE VIRGINIA MacARTHUR 5 Wallaston Avenue Gilbert and Sullivan, Girls’ A. A.. Band, Glee Club " Ginnie” plans to attend Katherine Gibbs to become a private secretary. She loves to dance and will always remember the study hall and hockey games. EDWARD MACUIRE 25 Elmore Street Hockey Likeable ’ Eddie” will add to the fame of Boston College in the future. He enjoys playing hockey, and will always remember Mr. Gammons’ speeches. RUTH MACUIRE 15 Inverness Road Dramatic Club " Ruthie, " our collector of odd jewelry, plans to go to Lasell to study Merchandising. Miss Binnig is her most unforgettable teacher. BETTY MAHONEY FRANCES MAKAR THERESE MALLETTE ROBERT P. MANNING VIRGINIA MAXWELL ANN MAZMAN IAN OWEN MC ARDLE ANN MCCARTHY BETTY MAHONEY 86 Scituate Street Honor Roll Making fudge is " Bet’s” hidden talent. She enjoys horseback riding and will attend Simmons next year to study for library work. Good Luck! FRANCES MAKAR 26 Ronald Road Frances will always remember the time she earned a " B " in Latin. With her sweet disp osition, we know she will become a cheerful and capable nurse. THERESE MALLETTE 87 Cutter Hill Road Ski Club " T,” as classical music lover, will attend Emmanual College. She is glad she can look back with pleasure on her association with her class- mates and teachers. ROBERT P. MANNING 140 Mary Street Friendly " Bob” has ambitions to study Architectural Drawing at Wentworth. Receiving his diploma most deeply impressed this lover of hockey, swimming, and basketball. VIRGINIA MAXWELL 127 Lowell Street Basketball, Dramatic Club Popular " Ginny” will always re- member the study hall. She’s going to be an efficient secretary after at- tending University of New Hamp- shire. ANN MAZMANIAN 412 Mystic Street Skiing Club, G. A. A. Ambitious " Nana” intends to spend two years each at Lasell Junior Col- lege and Katherine Gibbs, studying Merchandising and Salesmanship. Her pleasing personality assures her suc- cess. OWEN McARDLE 137 Lowell Street Hockey, Baseball Next year will find jolly Owen at Dartmouth studying to become a chemist. He will always remember the hockey games in which he played at the Garden. ann McCarthy 87 School Street Basketball , Riding Club, Tennis, G. A. A. Shorthand lectures will remain longest in Ann’s mind as she goes to Endicott College to become a secre- tary. We are sure of success for her. Page Forty-eight GEORGE MC CARTHY JOHN MC CULLOCH ROBERT G MC CLELLAN BARBARA MC DEVITT CECELIA MC CORMACK LUCILLE MC DOWELL GEORGE MC COUBREY JOHN MC ELIGOTT ceorce McCarthy 5 Lewis Avenue Football, Class Basketball " Mac,” our jolly double for Mickey Rooney, will hasten to the sunny South and Alabama College after graduation. What’s the attraction, " Mac " ? ROBERT C. McCLELLAN 87 Quincy Street " Mac” plans to enter New England Aircraft to become an airplane me- chanic. He will long remember the interesting things learned in Mr. Skinner ' s Physics Class. CECELIA McCORMACK 174 Washington Street Glee Club " Ceil,” who loves to dance and skate, will attend Simmons to be- come the perfect secretary. Her friends will stay longest in her mem- ories of A. H. S. CEORCE McCOUBREY 73 Highland Avenue Model Airplane Club " Mac, " our air-minded classmate, will attend the New England Air- craft College to become an aviator. His spare time is filled with build- ing model airplanes. JOHN McCULLOCH 120 Highland Avenue Honor Roll, Co-Capt, Cross Country, Tennis, junior Red Cross Represent- ative , Year Book Committee This intellectual and versatile gentleman, all A s no less, intends to go to Harvard. Mr. Eaton ' s Ad- vanced Math, class will remain longest in his memory. BARBARA McDEVITT 20 Locke Street Honor Roll, Glee Club, Gilbert and Sullivan, Orchestra After leaving A. H. S., " Babs " thinks she will follow the career of a teacher. Perhaps she will be coaching a Gilbert and Sullivan production some day. lucille McDowell 92 Grafton Street Honor Roll, G. A. A. " Mac” intends to make a place for herself in the business world. The frequent scoldings she received will remain in her memory the longest. JOHN McELICOTT 18 Grandview Road " Mac” enjoys football and baseball very much. He says that the English class of Miss Tabor will long remain in his mind. Page Forty -nine LOUISE MC GANN EDITH MC MANN PHYLLIS E. MC GORTY RITA MCNAMARA KATHRYN MC GOWAN RICHARD MEDLEY ABBIE MC GURL JEAN MELLIN LOUISE McCANN 37 Amsden Street " Weesie” has enjoyed her senior year. Next year she will go to Bur- dett Business College where she will further her knowledge of Accounting. PHYLLIS E. McCORTY 119 Varnum Street Honor Roll If you ever get in trouble remem- ber " Phil.” Portia Law is her goal. Her struggle for no absences will re- main longest in her memory. KATHRYN McCOWAN 44 Thorndike Street Baseball Next year " Kay” will go to Chand- ler Secretarial School. She has en- joyed meeting new classmates a great deal. Skating and tennis are her favorite sports. ABBIE McCURL 158 Summer Street Honor Roll, Tennis Abbie ' s favorite outside activity is tennis. We’ve heard rumors that she always plays a good game. Next year she is going to a business school. EDITH McMANN 72 Highland Avenue Ski Club " Edie’s” aim is Boston University, where she will study accounting. She thinks that she will always remember her good times in Mr. Wallace’s classes. RITA McNAMARA 737 Summer Street The position of private secretary is " Mac’s” highest ambition. Per- haps some day we ll tune the radio in on her, playing cowboy music on her guitar. RICHARD MEDLEY 15 Churchill Avenue The Quill, Track Likeable " Dick " is going to Boston College next year. We hope he’ll enjoy his classes there as much as he did his Advanced Math class. JEAN MELLIN 29 Fessenden Road Band, T wirier, Gilbert and Sullivan " Jeanie” thinks that next year she ll try to settle down to take dictation. She’ll never forget the grand friends she has made. AMY MESERVE BARBARA MILLER IRENE MOON DOROTHY MOONEY ELIZABETH MERCER MARY MITCHELL ELIZABETH MERCER 44 Magnolia Street Class Tennis, Class Basketball Florence has not decided what she will do after A. H. S. but we re sure she’ll be a success. Outside of school, Florence enjoys skating and dancing. AMY MESERVE 61 Mystic Street Class Basketball " Red " is headed for Simmons and from there intends to enter the world of the library. Her favorite outside activities are skating and bowling. NATALIE MILLER NATALIE MOORE BARBARA MILLER 1 1 Jason Terrace Glee Club, " Pirates of Penzance, " Treasurer of Gilbert and Sullivan " Bobbie” wants to be a doctor s secretary, so she ' s going to Burdett to learn how. What she ' ll remember most about A. H. S. is the friends she made. NATALIE MILLER MAR 19 Bowdoin Street 12 Hockey, Class Basketball , G. A. A., Glee Cltn Honor Roll, Glee Club Nat” is headed for Katherine " Mitchie” Gibbs, but no matter where she goes, Trinity to ta she 11 never forget our lunchroom. favorite spc Her favorite relaxations are swim- swimming, ; ming and photography. riding. We DOROTHY MOONEY 1 1 Acton Street Glee Club Burdett is Dot’s goal, for she wants to learn more about business. Her favorite sports are skating and swim- ming. MARY MITCHELL 12 Palmer Street Glee Club, G. A. A.. Baseball, Honor Roll " Mitchie” is planning to go to Trinity to take up social work. Her favorite sports include badminton, swimming, and especially horseback riding. We wish you luck, " Mitchie.” MOONEY NA1 IRENE MOON 8 Landsdowne Road Martha says her ambition is to travel and see the world. Her hobby is interior decoration and clothes. Her social life is occupied by bowling. k, Mitchie. NATALIE MOORE 52 River Street Vice President, Student Council, G. A. A. " Nate " has plans for some junior college. She received her biggest thrill from all school sports, while the sophomore and junior years were her favorites. Page Fifty -one THOMAS MORANIAN HENRY MOTTOLA RICHARD MORISON GEORGE MULLEN JACK MORRELL ALICE MUNCHERIAN ROBERT MOTTLA ROBERT MUNRO THOMAS MORANIAN 164 Mystic Valley Parkway Honor Roll Tom hopes to major in Aeronau- tical Engineering and Military Science at M. I. T. Tom’s first love is his paper route and then comes football. RICHARD MORISON 31 Dundee Road " Dick” plans to enter Wentworth Institute next fall to further his knowledge about Printing. He also likes hockey, baseball, and dancing. |ACK MORRELL 61 Cedar Avenue Jack ' s career will begin at the Massachusetts Nautical School. Aside from his nautical aspirations he en- joys baseball, football, and swimming. May luck and success be yours! ROBERT MOTTLA 65 Fountain Road Robert is going to prepare himself for business by attending Northeast- ern. He will always remember the crowded lunchroom counters. HENRY MOTTOLA 170 Gray Street Ambitious Henry intends to be- come an archaeologist and so he’s headed for Harvard. He likes foot- ball and tennis and will never forget lunch periods. CEORCE MULLEN 28 Whittemore Street Football , Ski Club, Track, Class Basketball " Kayo” is going first to Tilton Prep and then to Colgate. He is an ardent sports enthusiast and enjoys swim- ming and skiing. ALICE MUNCHERIAN 64 Winter Street " Tiny” plans to be a career girl and attend New England School of Art. She enjoys skating, swimming and dancing and will never forget her English class. ROBERT MUNRO 69 Harlow Street Class Basketball " Luke’s " ambitions carry him to Northeastern, where he will study Accounting and become a successful business man. He enjoys a good game of hockey. Page Fifty-two DOROTHY MUNROE ISABELLE NILLE ARTHUR MURPHY DORA NILSSON IMELDA MURRAY ERNEST NORING, JR. W. NORMAN NELSON DOROTHY NORTON DOROTHY MUNROE 71 Melrose Street Band " Dot " will attend Fisher’s, which we know will mark the beginning of a successful business career. She will always remember her first day of school. ARTHUR MURPHY 38 Hayes Street Ski Club Art plans to attend Boston Col- lege. His beloved sports are skiing, hockey, and tennis. He will always remember the friends he has made. IMELDA MURRAY 85 Irving Street " Sis " heads for Jackson College, where she will study to become a chemist. Besides her aptness for chemistry, she is equally good in skiing and tennis. W. NORMAN NELSON 99 Oxford Street Honor Roll " Minno " states that he is going to Tufts. He enjoys sports of any kind and shall never forget the frigid gymnasium. ISABELLE NILLE 1269 Massachusetts Avenue " Billie” likes to work hard, so she plans to be an accountant. She warns future students to beware of being caught reading during assemblies. ERNEST NORINC, JR. 35 Ashland Street " Ernie,” who tried four different high schools before he settled in A. H. S., is debating whether to take up Engineering or Aviation. He enjoys dancing and reading. DORA NILSSON 77 Bow Street Honor Roll, Class Tennis Dora, who is undecided about her future ambition, spends most of her spare time swimming and roller-skat- ing. She enjoyed Mr. Eaton ' s Geom- etry class most. Page Fifty-three DOROTHY NORTON 26 Mill Street Gilbert and Sullivan, Dramatic Club " Dot " can always be found skating or skiing when there is ice or snow. In her reminiscences the A. H. S. football games will ever be outstand- ing. ELINOR NOY WALTER O ' LEARY MARY O’BRIEN MURIEL OLSEN PAUL O’BRIEN CHESTER OLSHEWSKY CATHERINE O’CONNOR MARGARET O’NEILL ELINOR NOY 21 Quincy Street Elinor will remember longest her senior year. She likes roller-skating, ice-skating, and especially dancing, although she says she’s just a novice at the game. MARY O’BRIEN 1 1 Russell Street Honor Roll " Bunny,” whose ambition is to be a private secretary, plans to enter Bryant and Stratton. Her senior year gave her the greatest fun. PAUL O’BRIEN 1 5 Bailey Road " Shorty, " the unobtrusive yet in- dispensable type, is going to attend Bryant and Stratton, and hopes to become a successful business man someday. CATHERINE O’CONNOR 22 Peter Tufts Road " Kay " is going to Salem Teacher ' s College from high school. Her am- bition is to be a schoolmarm, and she enjoys skating and dancing for recrea- tion. WALTER O’LEARY 1 1 Blossom Street Baseball , Football Athletic Walter declares he will never forget the girls of A. H. S. September, 1941, will see " Walt " safely installed in Wilbraham Prep. MURIEL OLSEN 55 Menotomy Road G. A. A., Riding Club, Tennis, Basketball . Honor Roll To fulfill her ambition to be a secretary, Muriel will be a scholar at Katherine Gibbs next year. Her fa- vorite sport is swimming. CHESTER OLSHEWSKY 97 Melrose Street Debating Club " Chet " intends to be a photo-en- graver. Believe it or not, he also expects to be a bachelor and to raise a mustache. MARGARET O’NEILL 605 Summer Street Debating Club " Peggy,” who is going to Regis next year, will always remember the study halls here at school. Winter sports, especially skating, fascinate her. Page Fifty-four MARY O ' NEILL EDITH C. OWENS MARIE OPPEDISANO SIMONE PAQUETTE MARY O’REILLY JOHN PARDEE ROBERT O’SHEA WILLIAM PASHER MARY O’NEILL 31 Kimball Road Class Basketball, Tennis Team For outside enjoyment, swimming, skiing, and tennis are tops with Mary. She intends to enter Boston Secre- tarial Seminar and from there the business world. MARIE OPPEDISANO 25 Decatur Street Class Basketball , Honor Roll, Per- sonal Stenographer to Miss Treat Marie is going to proceed on to Chandler next year, and her only re- gret on leaving A. H. S. is that it all ended too soon. MARY O’REILLY 110 Gray Street Ski Club, G. A. A. Arlington High Schools loss will be Katherine Gibbs’ gain when Mary goes there next year. She enjoys all kinds of sports, dancing, and walk- ing. ROBERT O’SHEA 237 Appleton Street Honorable Mention " Bob’’ will attend Holy Cross next year to prepare himself for a banking career. Incidentally, " Bob " has a secret ambition to be a naval officer. EDITH C. OWENS 8 Mott Street Gilbert and Sullivan " Eadie” always had a desire to sit at a desk; therefore she is going to be a secretary. Her favorite sport is roller-skating. SIMONE PAQUETTE 299 Park Avenue Simone plans to enter Jackson and major in French to become a French teacher. She says she will remem- ber longest her high school friends and teachers. JOHN PARDEE 10 Lanark Road Class Basketball John ' s ambition is to be a doctor, for he has great admiration for the medical profession. He enjoys horse- back riding, dancing, and hockey. WILLIAM PASHER 31 Norfolk Road Honor Roll, Class Basketball " Bill " is going to M. I. T. to be- come a chemical engineer. He will never forget the teachers at A. H. S. and enjoys skating and swimming. Page Fifty-five DORIS PATON LEONARD PERRY PRISCILLA PATRIQUIN MARION PETERSON ELIZABETH PEABODY CONSTANCE PHILLIPS NANCY PEIRCE VIRGINIA PICK DORIS PATON 96 Rawson Road T wirier in Band, Basketball Tiny " will take her charm to Simmons, for she wants to become a dietitian. She likes dancing, horse- back riding, swimming, bowling, and skating. NANCY PEIRCE 18 Ashland Street G. A. A., Basketball, Gilbert and Sullivan Club Nancy has hopes of becoming a teacher and attending Wheelock School. Out of her three years at A. H. S. she enjoyed her sophomore year most. PRISCILLA PATRIQUIN 6 Mill Street Dramatic Club, Gilbert and Sullivan " Pat” is very gifted in writing and hopes to become a famous author. She gets great pleasure in watching football games, reading and skating. LEONARD PERRY 793 Concord Highway Class Basketball, Track, Golf, Ping-Pong, Honor Roll " Daddy” will continue his educa- tion at Southern California. Mr. Skinner ' s class has been the most enjoyable to this chap, who loves to drive a car. ELIZABETH PEABODY 179 Brattle Hill Class Basketball, Class Baseball, Glee Club " Tin,” who loves to ski, dance, and sing, is going to become a nurse. We re sure her patients will be glad she had this ambition. MARION PETERSON 137 Mt. Vernon Street Glee Club, Dramatic Club, Ski Club The Junior Prom will live longest in Pete’s” memories of her A. H. S. school career. Loving newspaper work, she will prepare herself for it at Colby’s. CONSTANCE PHILLIPS 32 Coolidge Road Secretary Student Council, Cheer- leader, Basketball Team, Dramatic Club, " What a Life,” Class Tennis Friendly " Connie, " who always has a beaming smile, is headed for Uni- versity of New Hampshire. She long remembers the Junior Prom and loves to dance. VIRGINIA PICK 37 Harlow Street Class Tennis " Pickles” has not yet selected her future ambition, but we are sure her ambition will become successful. She likes to ski, roller-skate, and play tennis. Page Fifty-six DANA PIERCE NORMAN PLATINE DANA PIERCE 34 Monotomy Road Band , Orchestra " Dana " is headed for Northeastern to take the Business Administration Course. Besides playing the clarinet, he finds time for skiing, skating and dancing. ELliZABETH PIGOTT JANET PILLSBURY RUTH PORTER RO BERT POTTER ELIZABETH PICOTT 79 Westmoreland Avenue The Quill, Year Book Committee " Bette” has hopes of getting work in South America. Boston Uni- versity is her aim. Skating, skiing and dancing are her favorite pastimes. MARJORIE PITTMAN BARBARA POWERS JANET PILLSBURY 45 Sutherland Road Basketball , Hockey, Class Tennis, Treasurer of G. A. A. Janet hopes to go to Mount Ida Junior College to become a nurse. This likeable young lady will not soon forget the students and teachers of A. H. S. MARJORIE PITTMAN 57 Rhinecliff Street " Margie’s” ambition is to go to New England School of Art. She en- joyed her junior year and Mr. Ken- ney’s drawing class but was haunted by homework. NORMAN PLATINE 231 Gray Street Football, Class Basketball , Tennis Imperturbable " Plat,” a blonde Viking, is headed for U. C. L. A. and likes swimming, tennis, and dancing. He will long remember Mr. Burke’s jokes. RUTH PORTER 44 Hawthorne Avenue Glee Club, Stamp Club " Ruthie " is headed for Massachu- setts State to study Home Economics and Dietetics. Her greatest enjoy- ment came from her school and class activities. ROBERT POTTER 45 Westmoreland Avenue Band, Ski Club, Baseball, Football, Hockey, Golf " Bob, ” a sports fan, will take up Accounting at Northeastern after graduation. Eating and sleeping are his hobbies outside of school. BARBARA POWERS 1 1 Lowell Street G. A. A., Tennis, Glee Club Barbara will be found in Bur- rough’s Machine School next year. She will cherish the classmates and friends she made at A. H. S. Page Fifty-seven KARL POWERS 59 Milton Street Ski Club, Band, Golf Club Next year Karl will go to Fryeburg, where he will continue his love for sports. His graduation will stay in his memory the longest. MARY PRATT 385 Massachusetts Avenue Ski Club, Riding Club After graduation, Mary will be on the way to Stevens Jr. Outside school she enjoys sailing, skiing, and swimming very much. HARRY PRIEST 26 Whittemore Street " Sandy” is headed for prep school next year and then to Bowdoin. The last football season will stand out most in his mind. JOHN PULLO 76 Oxford Street Honor Roll, Hockey, Baseball, Class Basketball, Gilbert and Sullivan, Golf " Johnnie " is headed for U. S. C. because of its excellent engineering school. Sports and social events are his favorites. He will remember his senior year the longest. JOSEPHINE QUATTROCCHE 19 Henderson Street Glee Club " Jo " is going to Katherine Gibbs to become a good secretary. The 920 club and dancing are her outside interests. Her teachers have im- pressed her most. L. RICHARD QUINN 160 Palmer Street Football, Basketball, Track, Gilbert and Sullivan " Dick” is headed for Holy Cross to take up Accounting. A high jumper of great note, he has won hon- ors for himself and the school. ESTHER QUIRIE 264 Highland Avenue Honor Roll Next year will find Esther at Chandler Secretarial School, where she hopes she will not lose her locker key as often as she did here. ANNA RAMACORTI 93 Pleasant Street Riding Club After Radcliffe, Anna, for whom school flew terribly fast, hopes to be a Latin teacher. She likes tennis and will remember her perfect teachers. Page Fifty-eight MARY PRATT L. RICHARD QUINN HARRY PRIEST ESTHER QUIRIE JOHN PULLO ANNA RAMACORTI KARL POWERS JOSEPHINE QUATTROCCHE 5 % ‘.mk I " m WILBUR RAWDINS WILLIAM REARDON WILBUR RAWDINS 22 Hutchinson Road Skiing, Tennis, Treasurer of Ski Club Wilbur hopes to be his Dad ' s part- ner in business. A great lover of sports, he will long remember his teachers. MARY REARDON 77 Grand View Road Mary will become a secretary, as she thinks the work interesting. Her favorite diversions are skating and skiing. She will never forget her homework. FRANCIS REARDON ELLEN REDLUND LAWRENCE REARDON JANICE RHODES FRANCIS REARDON 34 Varnum Street Baseball, Hockey " Franny " intends to study for his C. P. A. certificate at Mass. State. He will remember forever his struggles in high school Bookkeeping. MARY REARDON ANN RIDALL LAWRENCE REARDON 15 Milton Street Baseball Laurie” goes to Bentley’s next year and will make a grand accountant. One of our baseball participants, he also likes tennis and appreciates good sportsmanship. ELLEN REDLUND 9 Thorndike Street Ellen, who enjoys swimming and reading, will attend Burdett to be- come an office worker. She will re- member her friends, and we will never forget her. Page Fifty-nine JANICE RHODES 102 Gloucester Street Basketball, Tennis, Baseball, Debating Club Sec., Varsity Debating Club, Dramatic Club, Ski Club, Glee Club, Gilbert and Sullivan Club, G. A. A. Quite busy is Jan, " who plans to study dietetics and then take up nurs- ing. Besides her many school ac- tivities she also dances, rides, and plays tennis. WILLIAM REARDON 77 Grand View Road Baseball, Class Basketball " Jug " will attend the University of Southern California and will con- tinue his baseball and basketball. Playing in the state tournament will always remain in his mind. ANN RIDALL 424 Massachusetts Avenue T wirier, Honor Roll, Baseball Attractive " Terry” plans to attend Katherine Gibbs to become a sten- ographer. Her mishaps as a twirler will remain outstanding in her mem- ory. W» t ' • CONSTANCE RIECK MILDRED ROBICHAUD CONSTANCE RIECK 6 Woodland Street Hockey , Class Basketball, Class Base- ball, Gilbert and Sullivan Club Versatile " Connie” goes to comp- tometer school to learn how to operate the comptometer machine. Unfor- gettable to her is the Senior Prom and graduation day. PHILIP RILEY 10 Harvard Street " Flip " will attend Bentley to be- come a Certified Public Accountant. He finds pleasure in skiing and danc- ing and will be long remembered by his friends. MARION RILEY LEONARD ROBERTS MYRTLE RILEY MARION ROBINSON MARION RILEY 10 Harvard Street Glee Club, G. A. A. Marion, who wants to be a secre- tary, will attend Fisher. Forgetting falls in ice skating, she’ll remember that fall down the stairs of A. H. S.! MILDRED ROBICHAUD 51 Norcross Street Dramatic Club, Glee Club, Honor Roll Mildred, who is quite diligent in her work, likes the more serious mu- sic, for she frequently attends sym- phony concerts. She admires the helpfulness of A. H. S. teachers. PHILIP RILEY MARY ROBINSON MYRTLE RILEY 10 Harvard Street Glee Club, G. A. A. Myrtle, a ski enthusiast, is off to Fisher’s next year. Not at all a pessi- mist, she’ll remember our football vic- tories. LEONARD ROBERTS 100 Appleton Street Gilbert and Sullivan " Red,” nicknamed thus for his flaming hair, likes all kinds of sports. Next year he plans to go to Amherst. MARION ROBINSON 10 Fessenden Road Dramatic Club, Student Council, Class Basketball, Tennis Squad What employer wouldn’t want pretty Marion for a secretary? She has chosen Katherine Gibbs School for her training. Her spare time is spent playing ping-pong. MARY ROBINSON 1055 Massachusetts Avenue Glee Club Mary wants to be an office machine operator because she likes running machines. Football games and friends will be her memories. Page Sixty ANN ROCH NORMA ROWSELL ANN ROCH 129 Palmer Street Class Tennis, Basketball, Field Hockey, G. A. A. Ann likes swimming, skating and skiing and will go to University of New Hampshire. Her nearly freez- ing at the Melrose game will never be forgotten. AGNES ROGERS BEVERLY RUHL ANITA ROONEY DOUGLAS RUSSELL AGNES ROGERS 152 Newport Street Agnes intends to go to B. U. Her favorite activities are skating and dancing. She says she ' ll remember graduation, the most of all her fond memories. JEAN M ROONEY AUDREY RYAN ANITA ROONEY 2 1 Lowell Street Gilbert and Sullivan. Glee Club " Nita” will study secretarial work to help her in whatever work she chooses. Boys, who crack their knuckles, are her pet peeves. JEAN M. ROONEY 6 Orvis Road Captain Field Hockey, Baseball, Bas- ketball, Vice President G. A. A., Student Council " Mickey " is one of our outstand- ing girl athletes. She wants to go to Boston University. Needless to say, her favorite activities are sports. DOUGLAS RUSSELL 105 Broadway Ski Club, Honor Roll " Moose” is going to Tufts next year. He likes skiing, tennis, and hockey, and will longest remember the close cooperation of students and faculty here. Page Sixty -one NORMA ROWSELL 42 Chester Street Honor Roll, Band The band and football games will be among Norma’s longest memories. Skating, swimming, and Girl Scouts’ Bugle Corps are her favorite activities. BEVERLY RUHL 1 1 Marathon Street G. A. A.. Riding Club Bev counts swimming, tennis, formals, and skiing at North Conway among her activities. She’s headed for University of New Hampshire and will remember Christmas vacations and Biology longest. AUDREY RYAN 51 Westminster Avenue " Irish” has always wanted to be a nurse, and therefore, she’s going to the Carney Hospital School of Nurs- ing. She’ll remember Miss Camp- bell’s Cooking class. ROBERT W. RYRHOLM ROBERT SALE CONSTANCE SACHT ARLENE SAMOORIAN RICHARD S. RYRHOLM EDWARD SAGAN RICHARD S. RYRHOLM 125 Overlook Road Class President, Student Council, Football, Basketball, Track, Golf Ambitious to be a draftsman, our handsome versatile Class President proposes to attend the University of New Hampshire. " Richie ' s” out- standing athletic ability and friend- liness insure his success. NORMA SAFCREN 35 Overlook Road Dramatic Club, G. A. A. Norma’s headed for Simmons to train for dietetics. She enjoys swim- ming and skating. Mr. Kemp’s Chemistry classes will be her dearest remembrance. ROBERT W. RYRHOLM 125 Overlook Road Honor Roll, Track, Cross Country, Golf, Hockey, Ski Club, Student Council, Riding Club " Bob” wants to be a chemical en- gineer; hence M. I. T. or Tufts is his destination. However, he firmly states studying isn ' t his favorite ac- tivity. EDWARD SAGAN 10 Magnolia Street Edward is a " platterbug” and has an unusual record in that he has missed only three of the Bruins ' home games. He will go to Boston Col- lege. NORMA SAFGREN DOROTHY SARGENT CONSTANCE SACHT 252 Massachusetts Avenue Riding Club, G. A. A. " Connie” chooses Burdett for a good business training. She likes horseback riding, and the lunch peri- ods have been interesting to her. ROBERT SALE 26 Whittemore Street Model Club Bob, our rising young mechanic, intends to go to The Ryan Aircraft School to further his aeronautical career. He likes to travel and work on motors. ARLENE SAMOORIAN 15 Cleveland Street Glee Club Arlene, the football team’s most faithful rooter, will attend Katherine Gibb’s next year. Her most cher- ished memories are the lilting strains of popular orchestras. DOROTHY SARGENT 67 Churchill Avenue Dramatic Club " Dot,” who has not yet decided what career to follow, likes skating, skiing, and tennis. Graduation was the climax of her school life. Page Sixty-two BARBARA SCOTT JOHN SHEEHAN CHARLES SEVOIAN ARTHUR SHELDON PHYLLIS SHAW TERRY SHUMAN WILLIAM SHAW PATRICIA SKINNER BARBARA SCOTT 21 Claremont Avenue Band. G. A. A., Class Basketball , Gilbert and Sullivan Vivacious " Bobbie, " whose ability as a pianist is well-known, will al- ways remember the study hall and her sophomore sewing class. WILLIAM SHAW 25 Linwood Street " Bill” sees a great future in En- gineering. He will study it at North- eastern. Outside of school his favor- ite activities are traveling and swim- ming. CHARLES SEVOIAN 80 Oxford Street " Charlie,” whose ambition is to make " Arlington High proud, " is leaving us for the sunny South. He will attend Alabama for " co-ed rea- sons. " JOHN SHEEHAN 69 Westminster Avenue Flash” will soon answer to " Is there a doctor in the house?” He in- tends to study medicine at Tufts. John thinks there’s no sport like hockey. PHYLLIS SHAW 191 Washington Street Glee Club , Dramatic Club After graduation, " Ann " intends to complete her business career at B. U. The Dramatic Club Formal was her biggest thrill at A. H. S. ARTHUR SHELDON 8 Elmore Street Arthur, better known as " Art, " plans to matriculate at Northeastern in order to become a successful busi- ness man. Hockey and swimming occupy his spare time. TERRY SHUMAN 62 Fisher Road Pres. Dramatic Club, Debating Club, " Excursion,” " House Beautiful,” " What a Life” " Bud,” a born actor, is going to Miami College in Ohio if a talent scout doesn’t pick him up before then. He’ll remember school plays longest. PATRICIA SKINNER 257 Lowell Street Honor Roll, Dramatic Club, Ski Club Winter sports are calling " Pat” to University of New Hampshire. The only drawback in A. H. S. according to Pat,” is the excessive homework. Page Sixty -three ELIZABETH SLADE E. MARYLYN SLATER HARRIET SMILLIE ROBERTA SMILLIE CATHERINE SMITH MAE SMITH NORMA SORNEY RUTH SOUSA ELIZABETH SLADE 10 Addison Street Tennis Team, Class Basketball, Dramatic Club, Glee Club, Girls’ Athletic Association Next year will find " Betty” an earnest student at Jackson. She as- sures us she will never forget the teachers and numerous activities of Arlington High. ROBERTA SMILLIE 76 Wright Street " Bobby " will always remember go- ing to the Junior Prom in her so- phomore year. Her ambition is to become a stenographer. E. MARYLYN SLATER 49 Mt. Vernon Street G. A. A., Cheerleader Two Years, T wirier One Year, Ski Club , Class Basketball " Slats” is going to Colby Junior for the social life as well as the edu- cation. Everything along Terpsicho- rean lines appeal to her. She re- members the long assemblies. CATHERINE SMITH 31 Lewis Avenue G. A. A. " Kay " is headed for Pierce Secre- tarial School next year to become a super-special private secretary. Her favorite pastime is listening to " quiz " programs. HARRIET SMILLIE 29 Gloucester Street Field Hockey, Basketball, Tennis, G. A. A., Baseball Lasell will be the alma mater of popular, blonde Harriet next year. Sailing is her favorite outside activity. MAE SMITH 33 Bates Road Gilbert and Sullivan, Glee Club, Hockey " Maisie” is headed for Forsythe next year to excel in Dental Hygiene. Her favorite activities are skating and skiing, besides being an ardent lover of swing. SOUSA NORMA SORNEY 66 Scituate Street Glee Club Norma is going to go to Colby Junior to study to be a secretary. Her favorite diversions are skating, skiing, and swimming. RUTH 38 Sunset Road " Suzy” is going to study to be a machinist. She will always remem- ber the penalties she had for chewing gum in school. Page Sixty-four DOROTHY B. SPARROW BARBARA STAFFORD RICHARD SPELLMAN E. RUTH STAFFORD HELEN SPINA MILDRED STARRATT DOROTHY B. SPARROW 22 Hopkins Road Debating Club, Dramatic Club, Ski Club, Riding Club, Glee Club. Gilbert and Sullivan Club, Tennis Squad, Ping Pong and Badminton T ournaments " Mickie” liked to eat at Sam ' s or Aldrich’s after school The roller- skating parties were highlights in her A. H. S. career. Her education con- tinues at Lasell. PHILIP SPOFFORD 69 Crescent Hill Avenue Ski Club, Class Basketball , Class Base- ball. Riding Club. Fine Arts ' Phil” wants to go to Mass. State, since he is interested in Forestry and Wild Life Management. He likes to relax by hunting, trapping, and archery. MILDRED STARRATT 48 Edmund Street Girls’ Glee Club, Dancing, Badminton After high school, " Milly " will attend Simmons College. She delights in dancing and playing badminton and will never forget her many friends. Page Sixty -five RICHARD SPELLMAN 39 Eliot Road Baseball, Golf Rich” is going to Boston College to learn more about business adminis- tration. Baseball, football, and golf are numbered among his favorite ac- tivities. BARBARA STAFFORD 32 Lewis Avenue Roller-skating, Tennis " Pudgy” is going to attend Fisher. She has a preference for secretarial work. Tennis and roller-skating are among her outside activities. PHILIP SPOFFORD FREDERICK STEARNS HELEN SPINA 16 Beacon Street Helen is interested in office work, as she says there is a chance for ad- vancement there. She will always remember her graduation. E. RUTH STAFFORD 32 Lewis Avenue Skating, Tennis " Ruthie " will attend Fay ' s Business School next year. She enjoys skat- ing in the winter, and tennis is her summer sport. She pleasantly recalls her sophomore year. FREDERICK STEARNS 1 1 Pine Ridge Road Gilbert and Sullivan, Skating, Ping-Pong, Tennis Because of his interest in mechanics and draw- ing, " Fred” plans to attend Franklin Union Tech- nical Institute. He enjoys skating, ping-pong, and tennis. LAWRENCE STEINKRAUSS IDA STORIN NELLIE STEVENS ROBERT STRONG WILLIAM STEVENSON ELEANOR SULLIVAN RUTH STIMSON TERENCE M. SULLIVAN LAWRENCE STEINKRAUSS 25 Allen Street Class Baseball " Two Gun " plans to attend Went- worth Institute and hopes to be a linotypist. He remembers best scrap- ing together a book report for English. NELLIE STEVENS 94 Harlow Street " Nell " is going into some form of bank work because she believes it offers a chance for advancement. She will always remember her graduation. WILLIAM STEVENSON 24 Winshmere Avenue " Jack " is interested in aeronautics and wishes to gain a master mechan- ics rating and become a flight instruc- tor. His favorite pastimes include sports and flying. RUTH STIMSON 312 Park Avenue Some business man is going to acquire a good secretary in the per- son of " Cissy.” Her favorite means of relaxation are sewing and tennis. IDA STORIN 57 Mystic Street Glee Club, G. A. A. Ida Louise has her mind set on exploring, because she thinks it is adventurous. She ' ll always remem- ber the helpfulness of her teachers. ROBERT STRONG 48 Moulton Road Dramatic Club " Bob " is going to Northeastern, and then he may enter the advertising business. The lunchroom will al- ways stand out in his memories of A. H. S. ELEANOR SULLIVAN 3 Linwood Street Class Basketball, Tennis " Pinky,” a tennis enthusiast, is go- ing to tread her way to Radcliffe. She will never forget Mr. Eaton’s Math classes. TERENCE M. SULLIVAN 66 Sutherland Road Football, Baseball, Class Baseball, Class Basketball " Terry” is going to Huntington Institute for a technical education. Unusual lad, he says he delights in working. Page Sixty-six GEORGE TASHJI AN 26 Gloucester Street Debating Club, Class Basketball , Tennis, Honor Roll Upon leaving high school, George is going to Tufts College. All kinds of sports appeal to him. JOHN H. TERJELIAN 94 Webster Street Honor Roll, Dramatic Club, Gilbert and Sullivan Club, Stamp Club, Band John plans to go way out to North- western in Illinois next year. There he hopes to continue to cultivate his two loves: football and hockey. HARRY TAYLOR 43 Peirce Street Honor Roll, Orchestra Blond handsome Harry is going to Tufts College to study Chemical Engineering because this subject ap- peals to him. Swimming is his fa- vorite outside activity. DOROTHY THEALL 8 Pondview Road Class Basketball , Class Tennis Dorothy is interested in serving mankind, as she hopes to be a medical missionary. Her love for Chinese food may persuade her to go to China. CREIGHTON TENNEY 9 Addison Street Football. Tennis. Student Council. Ski Club ' Crate” is going to enter Tufts next year. Football is his favorite sport, and no wonder after the ex- hibition given us last fall. EVERETT THIES 21 Lakehill Avenue Model Airplane Club, Band Everett, better known as " Red,” is going to New England Aircraft School. A prominent trumpet play- er, he is making fame in a successful orchestra. STANWOOD THOMPSON 27 Hopkins Road Ski Club, Tennis " Stomp” will attend Amherst Col- lege to progress further in the world of learning. Mr. Eaton’s class will never be forgotten by this lover of aquatic sports. RUTH TICHE 8 Windsor Street Next year will find Ruth among those attending Higgins Machine School. Miss Dow’s English class will always hold pleasant memories for her. Page Sixty-seven HARRY TAYLOR EVERETT THIES CREIGHTON TENNEY STANWOOD THOMPSON GEORGE TASHJIAN DOROTHY THEALL JOHN H. TERJELIAN RUTH TIGHE THOMAS TIGHE DOROTHY TOTTEN REGINA TOBIN JEAN TREMBLAY ELEANOR M. TORNGREN MARY TREMBLAY PHYLLIS TORTORICI ANNE TURCOTTE THOMAS TIGHE 8 Windsor Street " Tom " is going to continue his bookkeeping study by attending Bent- ley. He will never forget his teach- ers and the good they did him. REGINA TOBIN 3 Park Terrace Dancing and skating take up most of " Jean ' s " spare time. She is en- tering the hairdressing field and in- vites all fellow classmates to her fu- ture salon. ELEANOR M. TORNGREN 34 High Haith Road Capt. Basketball , Girls’ Athletic As- sociation, Hockey, Baseball " Tillie " is quite the athletic type. Because of her competitive nature, she is sure to make a success in life. PHYLLIS TORTORICI 21 Oak Knoll Glee Club, Dramatic Club Versatile " Smiles " aspires to a sing- ing career. She wishes to become a radio or an orchestra singer. She will remember preparing for the high school play. DOROTHY TOTTEN 13 Water Street Debating Club, Gilbert and Sullivan, Girls ' Glee Club Dot " will attend Boston Univer- sity to follow along in the line of business. Among her favorite sports are tennis and skating. JEAN TREMBLAY 63 Foster Street Gilbert and Sullivan, Glee Club, Class Basketball , Band, ” Pirates of Penzance,” T wirier Another future " lady in white " who will make a fine nurse is Jean. She will never forget Mr. Fowler ' s Chem- istry periods in the lab. MARY TREMBLAY 9 Lancaster Road Gilbert and Sullivan, Class Tennis Mary will always hold pleasant memories of room 58 and her teacher, Miss Campbell. She hopes to be- come the perfect stenographer. ANNE TURCOTTE 231 Appleton Street Stamp Club, Dramatic Club, Honor Roll " Turkey” is going to Simmons to become a chemist, for she has always loved science. She enjoys swim- ming, dancing, and skating. Page Sixty-eight Page Sixty -nine PHYLLIS TURNER JEAN WALKER EVERETT URQUHART WILLIAM WALKER WESLEY C URQUHART JEAN WALSH JAMES WAGNER HOWARD WANAMAKER PHYLLIS TURNER 57 Warren Street Dramatic Club, Class Tennis " Pet " says she will take up nursing as her profession. Dancing, skating, swimming are her favorite hobbies, and she will never forget the home- work and dances. EVERETT URQUHART 23 Alpine Street Hockey, Football Everett plans to drive a truck when he gets out of school. He will re- member well his four long and tedi- ous years at A. H. S. WESLEY C. URQUHART 23 Alpine Street Class Basketball " Urkie " is undecided about his future upon leaving A. H. S., but he will remember his ability in get- ting through high school in the regular three years. JAMES WAGNER 20 Grove Street Place " Jimmy, " whose chief interests in the world of sport are fishing and skiing, will go to Burdett to continue his business education. JEAN WALKER 30 Brantwood Road Class Tennis, Class Basketball Jean is headed for Edgewood Park to take a secretarial course. Her hob- bies are skating, needlework, and traveling. Jean has traveled exten- sively from Maine to Hawaii. WILLIAM WALKER 19 Whittemore Street Hockey Brud,” a lover of aquatic sports, goes to B. U. to be prepared for a worthwhile job. He will never for- get the tropical temperature of the classrooms. JEAN WALSH 459 Summer Street Jean hopes to attend Amherst State. She will long remember her class- mates and the stairs that she had to climb. HOWARD WANAMAKER 22 Edmund Road Howard plans to enter air corps of the United States Navy, for he is interested in flying and would like to work for the government. WALLACE WANNLUND ROBERT G. WESLOWSKI C. ARTHUR WAUGAMAN STANLEY WEST WALTER WELCH ELSIE WHALIN BARBARA WELLS RUTH WHITNEY WALLACE WANNLUND C. ARTHUR WAUGAMAN WALTER WELCH 144 Mt. Vernon Street 101 Hillside Avenue 76 Harlow Street Football " Wally " is going to Mass. State in order to get further education. Out- side of school, he likes football, hock- ey, swimming, and baseball. Debating Club , Track, Honor Roll, Dramatic Club, Tennis, Class Basketball Arthur is headed for Tufts to take a good course in Engineering. " Skip- py " Skinner will stay the longest in his memory. Football, Hockey, Class Basketball " Bill” will go to Colby College, remembering the many friends he made here. Swimming and hockey occupy him outside of school. BARBARA WELLS 146 Oakland Avenue " Barbs’’ greatest ambition is to reach the top as a concert singer. She loves dancing and skating and will always remember the friends she has made at A. H. S. ROBERT C. WESLOWSKI 1 1 Grove Street Place Honor Roll Mr. Skinner’s Physics class will be remembered by " Wes " when he goes to M. I. T. next year. Sh, it’s a se- cret, but he’s a talented fisherman. STANLEY WEST 43 Draper Avenue " Sky " loves uniforms and so in- tends to go to a military academy. He will, however, take a business training along with it. ELSIE WHALIN 212 Park Avenue Basketball Popular " Tippy” will certainly be a success as a fashion designer after studying at some college. A lover of sports, she will long remember her friends. RUTH WHITNEY 14 Field Road Tennis Team, Ski Club For three years " Skippy” has shone on our tennis team. Next year she hopes to find more time to devote to sailing while attending Mass. State. Page Seventy DORIS WIER 15 Alfred Road Honor Roll, Class Basketball , Baseball Doris, an active athlete, has not de- cided what she will study in junior college next year, but she will indulge in swimming and sailing. RAYMOND H. WILHELM 48 Pleasant View Road To learn more about business ad- ministration, " Ray” will attend B. U. For recreation he likes to play base- ball and ping-pong. He remembers the Senior Prom. EDITH WIGGINS 1447 Massachusetts Avenue Ski Club, Class Tennis " Edie’s” delightful personality has won many friends for her at school. Next year she goes to the University of New Hampshire to make many more. HERBERT WILKIE 63 Mt. Vernon Street Honor Roll, Tennis Team " Bud” will go to Annapolis, where he hopes to become part of the Navy. " Bud” is still talking about the ' ' hole- in-one he made last summer. FREDERICK WILLARD 20 Jason Street Football Team, Year Book Committee , Honor Roll, Tennis Team Well-liked Bud, " the " mighty mite” of the football team, goes to M. I. T. next year, remembering Mr. Eaton ' s class. He hopes to go to South America afterwards. Page Seventy-one WALTER WILCOX 16 Maple Street Golf " Tyke,” our star golfer, might pos- sibly be persuaded to give the ama- teurs a few lessons. He hopes to follow in his brother ' s footsteps to Harvard. CONSTANCE WILKSHIRE 26 1 Lowell Street Glee Club, Gilbert and Sullivan, G. A. A., Dramatic Club Vice President, " Excursion,” " What a Life” " Connie, " who hopes to attend Bryant and Stratton, has been a loyal supporter of the Dramatic Club. We shall all remember her fine perform- ance in " Excursion.” EDWARD WILLETT 61 Palmer Street Honor Roll, Cashier in Lunchroom, Class Tennis " Eddie " has been obtaining ac- counting experience by working in our lunchroom. He will further his education at Northeastern next year. " Eddie’s " favorite outside activity is tennis. EDITH WIGGINS CONSTANCE WILKSHIRE WALTER WILCOX FREDERICK WILLARD RAYMOND H. WILHELM EDWARD WILLETT DORIS WEIR HERBERT WILKIE DORRIS WILSON CHARLES WORAS VERA WING MARY WRAGA DORIS WINGET MARY WYLIE GLORIA WOOD ANGELA YADENO DORRIS WILSON VERA WING DORIS WINGET 36 Academy Street Orchestra Dot,” a member of the orchestra, likes swimming and dancing. She plans to be a dietitian, and will never forget her teachers and school ac- tivities. GLORIA WOOD 95 Everett Street Glee Club Gloria, called " Dimples " for ob- vious reasons, plans to become a pro- fessional songstress. Perhaps in years to come her voice will charm us over the air waves. 1450 Massachusetts Avenue Basketball, Baseball ( Capt .), Field Hockey, G. A. A. President " Chink” enjoys basketball, base- ball, field hockey, swimming, and dancing. An active worker in extra curricular activities, she plans to at- tend Pasedena Junior College. CHARLES WORAS 76 Dudley Street Although Charles has no definite college in mind, he wants to study Electrical Engineering. Hockey is his favorite sport. 37 Teel Street Glee Club, Gilbert and Sullivan Club In her leisure time " Dot” relaxes by indulging in swimming and horse- back riding. She’ll remember her many friends. MARY WRACA 75 Broadway Honor Roll, G. A. A., Glee Club Although a hard worker in school, Mary finds time to satisfy her love for tennis and dancing. She plans to go to Chandler. MARY WYLIE 2 Aberdeen Road Band Major, Honor Roll, Student Council, Dra- matic Club, Gilbert and Sullivan, " Mikado " Year Book Committee, New England Division Secretary of Student Council Popular Mary intends to study Advertising and Style Counseling next year at Antioch. Quite active, we are sure she will make many more friends there. ANGELA YADENO 16 Wall Street Honor Roll, Class Basketball " Angie " intends to be a medical secretary after her graduation from Lasell Junior College. She delights in equestrian sports. Page Seventy-two JEAN YOUNG WARREN ABBOTT 283 Lake Street Warren, a lover of skiing, skating, and motoring, intends to enter jour- nalism after Bates. He ' ll remember the football games and the good sportsmanship of the losers. NICHOLAS ANIFANTIS 71 Paul Revere Road Everybody ' s friend, " Nick,” plans to study Bookkeeping and Business Management. His pet diversions are playing hockey and winning checker championships. Good luck, " Nick.” SAM BELCASTRO 110 Decatur Street Honor Roll " Bruiser” with his football, baseball and skating intends to go to Notre Dame to be a chemist. His sopho- more year will last in his memory. EDWARD BLAKNEY 20 Laurel Street Edward’s hobby is stamp collecting and he has 3,500 of them to prove it. To further his education, he will study at Northeastern. WARREN BOND 3 Westmoreland Avenue Arlington High’s assemblies will always be remembered by Warren when he is in the business world. His spare time is well taken up with skiing. HELEN YEATON FRANK BRESNIHAN 72 Freeman Street Basketball , Baseball, Track Athletic Frank certainly has a love for sports and when he hasn’t enough of them in school, he goes swimming. He will enter B. C. next fall. PAUL CARLOW 7 Morris Street Paul likes to ride and care for horses; therefore next year he plans to attend Ohio State where he will study to become a veterinarian. HENRY CHANNEN 28 Pondview Road Tennis, Class Basketball, Football, Orchestra, Band Hank,” the jitterbug, will be among those entering Tufts next fall, taking his love for sports and dancing with him. Best of luck, " Hank. " JAMES COLLINS 102 Newport Street " Flytrap” plans to go to B. C. He wants to be a theatre manager, and he’ll never forget his first day as a sophomore. JEAN DALLIN 84 Oakland Avenue Gilbert and Sullivan Club Jean hasn’t yet decided what to do after graduation, but she will remem- ber missing two months of school. Jean enjoys skating, skiing, swimming and dancing. JEAN YOUNG 39 Kilsythe Road Stamp Club, Honor Roll, Year Book Committee Jean will attend Simmons next year to become a librarian. She will long remember the day she became a senior. She enjoys swimming, skat- ing, and skiing. HELEN YEATON 5 1 Mt. Vernon Street Twirling, Tennis Charming Helen, who enjoys bowl- ing, plans to enter the field of journal- ism. She is most strongly impressed by her History classes and the basket- ball games. TIMOTHY DENAULT 146 Warren Street Timothy wants to be a mechanic. His favorite outside activity is bowl- ing. He will remember longest in his high school career, Mr. Skinner s jokes. DORIS DINCWELL 15 Jason Terrace Art, Talent for Drawing, Dramatic Club " Dingy,” who is well-known in A. H. S. for her artistic ability, in- tends to make art her life work. Her hobbies are ice skating and reading. MARY DONLAN 268 Renfrew Street Mary, one of the new pupils at A. H. S., especially likes to dance. She is going to devote her talents to the commercial art field. DANIEL DOYLE 18 Peter Tufts Road " Danny " is now a " leatherneck " for he has left to join the Marine Corps. We wish him the best of luck in his service to his country. ALBERT FERESHETI AN 65 Egerton Road Albert expects to be a musician and play in a band. He likes to play football and the saxophone and watch other sports. Page Seventy-three PATRICK FITZGERALD 116 Webster Street " Pat,” a skating enthusiast, plans to become a business man, and a successful one at that. He liked the crowds at our football and hockey games. JOHN GLEASON 5 1 Egerton Road Vacations are what John will re- member most about his high school career. He enjoys driving. MARIANA GOMES 1 1 Kimball Road Mariana is going to Stanford to become a rhinolarynologist, a special- ist in nose and throat diseases. If she masters the pronounciation of her profession, success is assured. ALFRED CORELL, JR. 56 Lancaster Road Football, Baseball " Al” wants to be a foreign agent for a big company so that he can see the world. We hope he won’t forget A. H. S. while abroad. JOHN CULEZIAN 31 Franklin Street John has always had a love for the sea and at present is serving in the United States Navy. LEONARD HILL 30 Ashland Street " Lenny” wishes to complete his training at B. U., where he hopes to become a printer or an accountant. He enjoys hockey, baseball, and swim- ming. DONALD HILTON 1275 Massachusetts Avenue " Don” is uncertain as to what career he will follow, but we know he will get there with flying colors. He likes nothing better than camping. GEORGE HOLLEMAN 100 Egerton Road George wishes to become an ac- countant after graduating from Bent- ley’s. He will remember his friends and all the good times he had with them. E. RITA JEFFERSON 200 Broadway Whenever there is skating, you may be sure that Rita will be among the first on the ice. She has selected nursing for her profession and will never forget the Gym classes. JOHN KING 16 Edmund Road John is serving with the National Guard. He is enjoying his training in Virginia and hopes to be serving in Cuba soon. MARIE {. MacINNIS 9 Lockeland Avenue " Mac,” who enjoys playing tennis in her spare time, is going to be a stenographer. We wish her the best of luck. M. GERTRUDE MAHONEY 591 Concord Turnpike Next year we’ll find " Trudy” study- ing to become a nurse. Roller-skat- ing and Mr. Burke’s class have given her the most fun in A. H. S. MARY HELENA MAHONEY 61 Webster Street Mary plans to become a secretary and we wish her success. Shy as al- ways, she says she will remember everything about her school career. WALDENSE MALOUF 40 Warren Street Cross Country, Orchestra, Gilbert and Sullivan, Dramatic Club Waldense is going to attend some college next year. In his spare time he likes to play the violin and to tinker with automobiles. ROBERT E. MANNING 39 Dartmouth Street Football, Class Basketball Our future engineer, " Barney” hopes to continue playing football at Princeton next year. The Bruin’s games give him a good deal of pleas- ure. CLAIRE S. MARTIN 138 Warren Street Class Tennis, Class Basketball " Clarence” will remember her Busi- ness Organization class as a highlight of her school days. Although she is undecided about her future career, we know she will be successful. BETTY McHUCH 12 Massachusetts Avenue " Bet, " another new and nice addi- tion to A. H. S., likes Arlington bet- ter than her home town Billerica. She wants to continue her education at Bryant and Stratton. DONALD MORRIS 29 Winter Street Donald, an ardent sports fan, plans to follow Thomas Edison, for he is interested in electricity and electrical engineering. We’re sure he’ll be a success. MARY ELLEN O’BRIEN 37 Wollaston Avenue Glee Club, G. A. A., Field Hockey, Dramatic Club, Tennis, Basketball Mary is going to Maryland Uni- versity to study Styling and Design- ing. She loves dancing, boating, and tennis. Se knows she will long re- member the graduation day. FRANCIS PATON 96 Rawson Road " Pat,” who likes to swim, has per- fected a wonderful " dog-paddle.” He gets the wanderlust often and hopes to travel around the world. JOHN S. POOLE 61 Lafayette Street Working on motors and cars in- terests " Johnnie,” who wants to be a mechanic. Another football fan, he will never forget Mr. Skinner’s Phys- ics class. MARTIN POWERS 27 Central Street Tennis, Chess " Red,” a baseball fan, intends to enter the priesthood after graduation from Notre Dame. He’ll always re- member Business Organization with Mr. Wallace and he found High School easy. ARTHUR RAWLINGS 26 Perkins Street Drummer boy " Art " hopes to be- come a professional drummer, play- ing with famous dance orchestras. Any honors he wins will not, however, make him forget his friends. FRANCIS SIMONDS 82A Beacon Street Basketball, Golf, Football " Si,” a future golf pro, will attend Duke because he can play his favor- ite game there all year round. Writ- ing absentee notes was his major prob- lem. DONALD SMITH 57 Park Avenue " Smitty” is going to Aero I. T. I. because he is interested in aerodynam- ics for which he thinks there is a great future. Page Seventy-four DAVID SNOWDON 84 Park Avenue Extension Debating Club " Dave ' s " goal is Northeastern to learn the trick of salesmanship. His favorite pastime is being leader of Troop No. 13 of the Boy Scouts. Here ' s wishing you luck! THAYER TAYLOR 102 Palmer Street Studying Studious " Zak " wishes to become a photographer, as he believes it is an up-and-coming field. He says he will remember his graduation. AUDREY THOMPSON 142 George Street Audrey hasn ' t yet decided what col- lege she will attend. A memory never to be forgotten by her will be the hours she spent on homework. HENRY TRAVIS 63 Freeman Street Band, Orchestra The insurance business is where " Red hopes to make his success. His radio must be tuned in all the time, as he enjoys dance music. THOMAS WALSH 27 Suvrey Road " Tom " enjoys bowling and basket- ball also outside activities. Although he is as yet uncertain what career he wishes to follow, we are confident of his success. JOHN WINNE 190 Waverly Street Curly-locked " Jack” is ambitious to join in aiding the long arm of the law. Like many other Seniors, he is a Glenn Miller fan. RITA DEMPSTER 1923 - 1940 KENNETH FORSAITH 1923 - 1939 Page Seventy-five WU ' l Who. Girl Best All-round Most Popular Best Actor Most Musical Most Intellectual Most Athletic Most Likely to Succeed Wittiest Best Dancer Tallest Shortest Most Attractive Best Dressed Best Orator Most Businesslike Most Bashful Most Talkative Most Artistic Boy Arthur Blanchard Arthur Blanchard Harry Hansen Dana Pierce John McCulloch Arthur Blanchard Richard Brown Daniel Campobasso Leonard Perry Charles Flanders Laurence Butler Richard Ryrholm Harry Elgee Louis Kraff Jos. Dolan Edward Blakney Harry Hansen John Johnson Jean Rooney Natalie Moore Barbara Birch Betty Gilman Jeanne Garcelon Jean Rooney Jeanne Garcelon Alice Doyle Vera Wing Eleanor Tongren Marjory Coiley Alice Blessington Mary Wraga Constance Phillips Ruth Clare Barbara McDevitt Barbara Scott Doris Dingwell Page Seventy-six cMibt uf, ojj the. GIgM 0-1 1941 When we, the class of 1941, entered Arlington High School in Septem- ber, 1938, we were rather fearful yet eager to see how the proverbial nonentity was to be treated. We were prepared for the worst, but Mr. Gammons quick- ly reassured us with his helpful and kindly advice. After several weeks of be- ing sent to the boiler room or the roof by those awesome seniors, we settled down to make our sophomore year one to be remembered. First of all came football and fame for our class through Arthur Blanch- ard who rose from water-boy to stardom in the first few games. Our " first” season ended victoriously as we defeated our traditional rival, Melrose, on Thanksgiving Day. This year proved to be exceptionally surprising in athletic contests. In hockey. Art Blanchard was the shining soph again when we became champions of the league. In basketball the team tied for top place but lost out in the playoff. Baseball also brought more fame to the class when Art Blanchard, Walter O’Leary, and " Red” Kelley, promising players, were definitely partly respon- sible in helping our team win top honors in the Suburban League. The Dramatic Club ' s production, " Excursion,” was a huge success. Terry Shuman showed unusual talent and promised to be one of the future actors of A. H. S. The Gilbert and Sullivan Club’s operetta, the " Mikado,” was very success- ful and humorous. Thus ended our sophomore career and we entered school the next fall as unimportant in-betweens, the juniors. The class was deeply sorry to hear of the death of our English teacher, Miss Pattison, during the summer vacation, and also of the sudden deaths, in the fall, of our classmates, Rita Dempster and Kenneth Forsaith. This year the end of an otherwise good football season was black-marked by a defeat by Melrose and in hockey we landed in fourth place in the league. However, the ski team brought glory to our school with the cup from the Mt. Hood Carnival. " House Beautiful,” presented by the Dramatic Club, was a rather difficult play to produce, and was not very outstanding. But considerable talent was discovered in Barbara Birch and Wilmer Hayes, who gave commendable per- formances. In baseball. Art Blanchard, Walter O’Leary, and " Red” Kelley proved their predicted worth as they helped the team reach the semi-finals in the state playoffs. This year the Gilbert and Sullivan Club presented the operetta, " Pirates of Penzance,” which was very well liked. Juniors Betty Gilman, Thomas Cro- nin, and Dorothy Alsen represented the class by taking leads. Next came one of the biggest highlights of our second year — the Junior Prom, sponsored by the Student Council. This gala event turned out to be one of the most successful of our dances. Then the long-awaited day arrived. Vacation over, we entered school for our senior year. What pleasure and satisfaction of revenge on previous Page Seventy-eight tormentors we received from bewildering and misguiding the infant sopho- mores! But soon we buckled down to make something of our final year. Art Blanchard definitely caught the spotlight as top-ranking athlete of Arlington High. Captain of three teams, football, baseball, and hockey, he led them through the seasons with true sportsmanship and ability. The foot- ball season was very satisfactory but was again disappointingly marked by a loss to Melrose. In hockey the tables were turned. Our standing was by no means high but we had the distinction of being the only team to beat Melrose, who was then champion of our league and who has since become champion of New England. " Tommy” Cotter, our basketball captain, was second leading scorer in the league and led our team through another victorious season. This last year many of our seniors won leading roles in the two big an- nual productions. The Dramatic Club play, " What a Life,” in which Harry Hansen, Robert Strong, Constance Wilkshire, and Terry Shuman had leading parts, was rated by the critics as the most outstanding presentation in the club’s history. And indeed it was. Harry Hansen’ s antics as Henry Aldrich will long be remembered by those who saw them. The Gilbert and Sullivan oper- etta, " Gondoliers,” was equally successful. This was the biggest and most difficult production the club has undertaken and the cast came through with flying colors. Leading roles were played by Betty Gilman, Marguerite King, Thomas Cronin, Dorothy Alsen, Richard Cunha, Leonard Roberts, and Don- ald Lindahl. Early in the fall the following Senior Class officers were elected: Richard Ryrholm, President; Natalie Moore, Vice President; Alyce MacQueston, Secre- tary; James Kelley, Treasurer. The class was deeply saddened by the sudden death of our popular class- mate, William White. " Billy” was the efficient manager of the football team and always had a smile for everyone. Also at the beginning of the year members of the Student Council were elected. Two of our seniors, Arthur Blanchard and Constance Phillips, be- came President and Secretary respectively. The Council has sponsored many successful sport dances and has helped solve the various problems that have come up from time to time. For the past five consecutive years the Glee Club has won highest honors in both the State and the All-New England Music Festivals. The girls are looking forward to adding another year to their unbroken record. In March the whole school was deeply saddened by the death of our be- loved English teacher. Miss Treat. We who knew her ceaseless patience and kindly guidance felt keenly the loss of our capable teacher and understanding friend. Our final year also marks the final year of the Harvard-Arlington Guid- ance Study which began with our class in the eighth grade and has continued with us through the years. Dr. Rothney, his successor Mr. Roens, and Miss Collins have guided many of our members in choosing their courses, schools for higher education, and their vocation. It is our earnest hope that this work may be carried on in the future so that others may benefit as we did. We can truthfully say that we appreciate all that our school has done for us and while we look forward to other schools and occupations, we regret that we must leave our school and our teachers who have given us so much of their time, effort, and understanding. May we never let them down. Page Seventy-nine GluJx Actiuiii i • • • First Row: M. O’Neil, N. White, C. Phillips. A. Blanchard. P. Dadmun, A. Phillips, N. Moore. Second Row: P. Monahan, J. Rooney, A. MacQueston, M. Wilson, R. Howard, A. Gott, H. Priest. Third Row: C. Tenney, L. Nugent, Robert Ryrholm, Richard Ryrholm, H. Smillie. Student Gounod The Student Council is a body of students elected by their classmates to serve as a link between the faculty and students. It consists of twenty mem- bers: ten seniors, six juniors, and four sophomores, representing each class. The functions of this body arc varied and numerous. It establishes rules of conduct in the schoolrooms, lunchroom, and the school grounds. It advises Mr. Gammons of the students’ opinions concerning matters and policies af- fecting them. The Junior Prom and the afternoon dances also come under its control. This year, through its suggestion, Christmas vacation was modi- fied to suit both the students and the administration. All in all, this body has done much to foster school spirit and to improve student conditions. The Student Council is a member of the Eastern Division of Student Coun- cils of Massachusetts. One of our classmates, Mary Wylie, was elected secre- tary of this group. The officers of the Student Council for this year are: President . Vice President Secretary . . Arthur Blanchard . Patricia Dadmun Constance Phillips Page Eighty-two First Row: R. Davis, K. Manion, L. Kraff, P. La Rue, P. Smith. Second Row: A. Waugaman, J. Carr, R. Brown, G. Fredrikson, M. Florencourt, J. Rhodes. The Arlington High School Debating Club is founded on the belief that it is essential to young men and ladies to know something about the art of oral expression. Our aim is to help a boy learn how to think logically while on his feet, to talk in a convincing manner with good voice, to learn how to criticise a debate, and to know something about parliamentary law and pro- cedure. We further these aims by holding weekly debates, giving each mem- ber of the club an opportunity to debate, a turn as chairman, and a chance to prepare a critic’s report, recognizing both the good and bad points of a debate. The best material in the club forms a nucleus known as the Varsity Team which competes with other schools in formal debate. The club has increased considerably in the last three years and has estab- lished a highly commendable reputation, much thanks going to our sincere and untiring coach, Mr. Guy Petralia. President ........ Louis Kraff Page Eighty-three Seated (left to right) : Phyllis Turner, ’41, Property Manager; Wendell Hight, ’43, Treasurer; Barbara Birch, ' 41, Vice President; Terry Shuman, Jr., 41, President; Constance Wilkshire, 41, Secretary; Helen F. Matthews, Faculty Director. Standing (left to right) : Patricia Dadmun, ' 42, Advertising Committee Chairman ; Kenneth Knobel, ' 43, Ticket Committee Chairman ; Louis Lawlor, ' 43, Stage Manager; David Gately, 41, Social Committee; Harry Hansen, 41, Social Committee; Constance Phillips, ' 41, Social Committee. The Dramatic Club has had a very successful year with almost one hundred and fifty members and the following officers: Terry Shuman, Jr., President; Con- stance Wilkshire, Vice President; Barbara Birch, Secretary; and Wendell Hight, Treasurer. We were ably directed by Mrs. Matthews and Miss Johnston, our faculty advisers, who have been assisted this year by Miss Virginia Bartelt of Curry College. An innovation has been regular monthly meetings at which we have had a speaker or some demonstration concerning stage work. Once Miss Bartelt gave a humorous monologue; another time the art of stage make-up was dem- onstrated by Mr. Milton Matthews; and just before Christmas a very funny one- act comedy, The Christinas That Bounced , was presented. For our major social affair we gave the Harvest Hop in November. It was a very pleasant evening for all who attended. The main dramatic project of the year was the presentation of What a Life. This is reviewed on page eighty-five. As usual the club expects to enter the Massachusetts Drama Festival which is to be held at Fitchburg this year, and hopes to go to South Portland, Maine, for the New England Festival. Page Eighty -four First Row: B. Ambrose, R. Strong, C. Wilkshire, T. Shuman, F. Williams, H. Hansen, N. Duncan. C. Phillips. Second Row: R. Davis, P. Tortorici, E. Gustin, P. Stallard, J. Jessup, H. Kolegue, B. Doe, M. Wylie, H. Patterson. Third Row: D. Gately, T. Johnston, R. Connor, D Schober, L. Ellis. " What a JP-tj z " What a Life, by Clifford Goldsmith, was presented by the A. H. S. Dra- matic Club at the Robbins Memorial Town Hall, February 15, 1941. It was a great success, both dramatically and financially. The house was completely sold out and a number of people were turned away. The audience was most enthusiastically responsive to the clever lines and amusing situations of the play, which satirically presents some problems of high school life. Eleven of the parts were played by seniors, and Phyllis Turner was a very efficient prop- erty manager. Terry Shuman, Jr., gave a remarkably convincing portrayal of the middle-aged principal; Constance Wilkshire was both business-like and charming as the secretary; Nancy Duncan was a dignified and poised Mrs. Al- drich; and Harry Hansen brought shouts of laughter from the audience by his skillfully-pointed interpretation of the lines of Henry Aldrich. Much of the success of the performance was due to excellent dramatic characterization in each part down to the very smallest. Page Eighty-five First Row: J. Greenland, F. Brawley, A. Turcotte, B. Schwamb, T. O’Brien. Second Row: C. Perham, E. Belyea. Mr. Skinner, J. Young. Stcvmja. Club The Stamp Club has enjoyed a most successful year. The members have combined fun with their desire to learn more about this interesting and popu- lar hobby. The members have received their information in the form of lectures and brief talks from Mr. Skinner, the able sponsor, as well as from other stamp- minded teachers. The purpose of this club is to arouse in pupils an active interest in stamps and to further the interest of those who have already commenced to collect stamps. This year, the sixteen members have increased considerably their stamp collections, but, perhaps more important, they have acquired an intimate knowl- edge of what they are collecting. This year’s officers are President . Vice President Secretary-T reasurer Anne Louise Turcotte . Barbara Schwamb . Francis Brawley Page Eighty-six First Row: J. Folkins, W. Armstrong, L. Florencourt, P. Phelan, F. Hansen, Mr. Kenney, R. Sale, E. Bigganess, D. Bourque, E. Engman, T. Dahill. Second Row: A. Leaman, J. Dallin, P. Dadmun, M. Jackson, D. Dingwell, J. Hunter, G. Hathaway, J. MacMaster, R. Cummings, F. Williams, J. Di Corpo, F. Sullivan. Third Row: J. Connolly, P. Carlow, R. Strong, W. Greim, J. Dobbs, W. Callahan, G. Walsh, R. Manning. tf-ine Adi Gluh The aim of the Fine Arts Club is to encourage individual abilities and in- terests of the students in a more specialized and creative way than daily class work permits. The nature of the club allows everyone an opportunity to work out his own techniques in drawing or painting ideas or in developing an appre- ciation of related arts. The club is divided into two sections. The students in the creative paint- ing division are interested in drawing or painting chiefly from the illustrator ' s point of view. Those in the second division are actively interested in the re- lated arts of music, drama and literature. They combine their class work in art with extra curricular work in these related arts as listeners, however. Mr. Kenney is in charge of the club. Page Eighty-seven Front Row (left to right) : B. Gilman, J. Morrill, E. Gallerani, D. Bickford, C. B res nan, E. Biganness, E. Hanscom, J. Caccavo, D. Bourque, C. Wilkshire. Second Row (left to right) : B. Ambrose, E. Alsen, B. McDevitt, E. Barry, R. Clare. Miss Wardle, D. Alsen, J. Hart, J. Garcelon, G. Wood, A. Rooney, R. Paton, M. O’Sullivan. Third Row (left to right) : M. Tremblay, A. Renzalia, N. Vincent, B. Haggerty, M. King, J. Tremblay, C. Boudreau, J. Russell, G. Cole, L. Downie, E. Jones, 1. Blessington, B. Whitman. D. Cadario, S. Horsepian, M. Duane. Fourth Row (left to right) : M. Merriam, D. Totten, B. Flanders, 1. Avakian, M. Badala, I. Storin, M. Mitchell, F. Belyea. Fifth Row (left to right) : R. Totten, B. Stynes, D. Winget, M. Hart, N. Johnson, M. Wraga. Qinb ' Qlee GUI Again, as in the past, the Girls’ Glee Club will end a most successful year by competing in the State and All-New England Festivals. To equal the per- formance of their predecessors and uphold the A. H. S. Glee Club’s tradition for excellence, highest honors must be won; however, with such a superb ag- gregation in which are listed many distinguished vocalists, the grade of highest honors is inevitable. Once more Miss Ethelwyn Wardle is the most efficient directrix. Evelyn Barry is the accompanist. In addition to the festivals the club has already put on several successful performances at the Arlington Women’s Club and various school assemblies. President . Vice President Secretary . Librarian . Dorothy Alsen . Jeanne Garcelon Ruth Clare . Janet Hart Page Eighty -eight First Row: C. Pavey, J. Berry, R. Lamothe, J. Sullivan, R. Paton, J. Russell, D. Alsen, V. Mac Arthur, D. Kellogg. C. Bresnan, D. Bickford, U. Gallerani, V. Taft, E. Holme, R. Totten, E. Alsen. J. Geddis, J. Hall. Second Row: E. Jackson, R. Hughes, B. Stynes, B. Gilman. D. Lewis, M. Smith, J. Dallin, A. MacQuestion, M. King, Mr. Einzig, T. Cronin, B. Miller, J. Hart, R. Clare, B. Hagerty. P. Harris, M. Hart, B. Ambrose, D. Totten, E. Keating, C. Wilkshire, M. Merriam. Third Row: V. George, L. Geddes, B. Campbell, J. Sullivan. D. Norton, P. Patriquin, A. Renzaglia, A. Voutselas, J. Tremblay, D. Antifantis, B. Evans, J. Garcelon, B. Goodwin, D. Winget, M. Fagerland, R. O’Brien, G. Marshal, C. Baird. B. Birch, M. Tremblay, G. Gott, A. Rooney, R. Alsen, V. Bot.t, M. McLatchy, J. Tremblay, B. McDevitt, S. Geddis, E. Alfano. Fourth Row: J. Kelley, R. Cunha, E. Hanscom, A. Coyne, N. Vincent, M. Holton, I. Blessington, E. Carlson. P. Hurnay, D. Bourque, A. Linhares, V. Reardon, G. Hathaway, J. Fitzpatrick, R. Smith. Fifth Row: L. Blanchard, C. Law, D. Lindahl, J. Coleman, T. Johnston, F. Stearns, R. Taylor. Qilhesit and BulUuon Gluh The year 1940-41 will mark the end of the fifth season of the A. H. S. Gil- bert and Sullivan Club, an organization formed to cultivate and promote interest in the famous works of the men whose names the club has adopted at its title. The rapid growth of this interest is shown by the fact that the club now possesses a membership of over one hundred aspiring stars. As has been the custom since it was first conceived, the club will produce a famous Gilbert and Sullivan Operetta. This year’s choice is the ’ Gondoliers” to be presented in May. Practice is already under way under the talented direction of Mr. L. Hassler Einzig and a stellar cast, consisting of such prominent singers as Marguerite King and Thomas Cronin, Leonard Roberts, Donald Lindahl, Dorothy Alsen, Richard Cunha, Betty Gilman, Richard Smith, Anita Le Blanc will insure a successful and enjoyable performance. Officers: President . Vice President Secretary . Assistant Secretary Treasurer . Pianist . Marguerite King Thomas Cronin Alyce MacQueston . Constance Rieck Barbara Miller . Barbara McDevitt Page Eighty -nine Violins, P. Ananian, C. Baird, E. Basmajian, R. Batchelder, D. Bentley, R. Biggs, J. Bullock, V. Converse, E. Evans, L. Florencourt, R. La Rue, E. Levine, C. Melin, J. Riley, J . Robinson, N. Shaw ; Cello, J. Brown, L. Grant; Bass Violin, M. Florencourt, M. Rich; Flute, S. Battles, R. Beers; Clarinets, P. Monahan, D, Peirce ; Saxophones, A. Cavalieri, R. Marsh ; French Horn, D. Anifantis, D. Kellogg ; Trumpets, L. Conant. P. La Rue, N. Lunesbury : Trombones , A. Douthart, M. Sullivan; Drums, C. Law; Piano, B. McDevitt ; Assistant Piano, R. Carey; Librarian, R. Merrill; Assistant Librarian, P. Alexander. This year, as in years preceding, Arlington High School possesses a merito- rious, well proportioned orchestra. It consists of purely amateur musicians who gain enjoyment and proficiency by coming back Tuesday and Friday after- noons for an hour and a half to play delightful orchestral selections under Mr. L. Hassler Einzig’s competent direction. The orchestra performed at many assemblies during the school year. In addition it played before and in between the acts of the Dramatic Club’s pro- duction of ' What a Life”; the orchestra will also provide the music for the performance of " The Gondoliers” to be put on by the Gilbert and Sullivan Club this spring. Already they are rehearsing music to be played at the State Music Festival. We are sure that they will again bring home a class A rating. Page Ninety First Row: Pecor, J. Mallette, Davies, M. Slater, B. Birch, J. Brine, Mr. Witherell. Miss Williams, W. Lane, M. Pierce, G. Fredricson, E. Riley, A. Murphy, L. Gutteridge, R. Gott, P. Hansen. Second Row: Swift, T. Mallette, N. Shield, J. Carr, T. Greek, L. Strong 1 , L. Blanchard, E. Bowker, R. Potter, Lowe, G. Sanders, Newell, Viano, Theriault, Spotford, Balean, L. Radochia, B. Hansen, Manely. Third Row: B. Long, B. Heffernan, R. Whitney, J. Olive, P. Skinner, J. Cunningham, Cutter, E. Wiggen, V. Bott. D. Lewis, McFadden, Hurley. Fourth Row: Nevin, Henriekson, Marshal, Casey, Foster, Keefe, O ' Riley, Pratt, O’Neil. Ski GLM. Due to the splendid cooperation of the members and the willing direc- tion of Mr. Witherell, the A. H. S. Ski Club has become more prominent and successful each year. This present season saw its membership swelled to 100 students whose only object in joining was the satisfaction derived from true sportsmanship. Although the Dartmouth Alumni Ski Trophy, won by Arlington last year at the Mount Hood Interscholastic Ski Meet, went to Melrose this season, the Arlington skiers, notable among whom were Merilyn Peirce, Eileen O’Riley who carried off individual trophies, placed third in the scoring. In addition to this event, the club competed in two minor meets with the surrounding towns at the Commonwealth Country Club and ranked second in each. Let us hope the team will do as well next year. Officers for the 1940-1941 season were: President ........ William Lane Vice President ....... Merilyn Peirce Treasurer ........ Wilbur Rawding Secretary ........ Joseph Brine Assistant Secretary ...... Barbara Birch Page Ninety-one First Row: F. Williams, B. Toomey, K. Manion, G. Hathaway, M. Campbell, M. Wraga, B. Finneran, Miss Williams, R. Burke, J. Rooney, J. Pillsbury, Miss MacCarty, G. Cole, A. Renzaglia, M. Duane, M. Mitchell, P. Hession, M. Healy, M. Adduci. Second Row: J. Cacavo, A. Gallegher, M. Coyne, J. Oliff, T. Maloney, J. Cunningham, D. Emus, B. Bergstrom, R. Paton, V. Collins, J. Brown, J. Russell, J. Bates, A. Phillips, M. Dale, Powers, K. Smith, B. Urquhart. Third Row: D. Brown, M. Riley, M. Olsen, M. Riley, A. Carmody, M. Devlin, N. Shields, E. O ' Reilly, P. Keefe, H. Smillie, J. Geddes, A. Bates, G. Walker, A. Carney, A. MacCarthy. Fourth Row: E. Stefaney, D. Kewer, M. O’Reilly, E. Torngren, M, Pierce, G. Fredrikson, R. Marshall, E. Casey, J. Carr, E. Cummings. Two years after its conception finds the members of that eminent society, the Girls’ Athletic Association, more familiarly known as the G. A. A., in- creased to an even hundred. The reason for this augmentation is its numerous entertaining convivial activities. At the commencement of the school year, the G. A. A. sponsored a combination hike and wienie roast which was well attended and enjoyed by all present. Inspired by this success, the girls next conceived the idea of a football rally before the Melrose game which greatly aided in the valiant struggle of the players. Then a Christmas party, a mixed ping pong tournament, and an old-fashioned dance were held. All were great- ly appreciated by the participants. At present, plans are being made for a fashion show which most assuredly will be one of the high spots of the ’41 en- tertainment of A. H. S. The officers and chairmen who skillfully arranged and carried out the activities mentioned above were: Vera Wing Harriet Smillie Jean Rooney Eleanor Torngren Ruth Burke Patricia Hession Janet Pillsbury Mary Campbell Page Ninety-two First Row: A. Wiel, V. Fellman, M. Slater, E. Carlson, C. Pavey, R. Bourgeois. GUe i eSiA. Will you come to the football game today To see the battle and fray? Go? Yes. But if I appear ’Twill be to espy those heroes who cheer. At the game I sit, my pulse throbbing fast And watch the A. H. S. grid team roll past. Just as the spirit of the boys disappears, Up jump those heroes to aid with their cheers. They laud the runner, tackier, and man who blocks out. They encourage the crowd with a ' Come on, let’s shout!” This imbues in the players great determination. The result is a win. What a game! A sensation! So forget not in years to come The service by these heroes done. And when the thought of football appears Remember those who lead the che ers. Page Ninety-four Managers, P. Alexander, R. Heath ; Clarinets, R. Briggs, A. Cavaleri, M. Clare, J. Gardner, B. Holmes, J. Mazzocca, P. Monahan, M. Roberts, G. Severence ; Trumpets, L. Conant, H. Devlin, K. Jones, A, Lindquist, P. Lund, F. Manley, R. McEwen, R. Merrill. R. Mooney, C. Pacifici, S. Pittman, N. Rowsell, R. Tottem, R. Weldon, G. Whorf ; Drums, N. Chick, P. Cutter, R. Davis. J. Mansfield, R. McMann, D. O’Sullivan. B. Peters; Tuba, M. Rich, J. Wellington; Saxophones. J. Gillipie, L. Leary, D. Monroe, A. Rowsell, W. Wolfolk ; Trombones , J. Brown, A. Douthart, A. Jefferson, J, Spears, M. Sullivan ; French Horn, D. Anifantis, L. Curcey, D. Kellogg ; Cymbals and Bass Drum, H. Hansen, C. La w ; Twirlers, B. Acheson, W. Axelby, F. Bettencourt. V. Bott, N. Cadario, A. Harlow. K. Hauser, A. Langley, D. Lewis, H. McAllister, M. McLatchy, J. Mellin, B. Phelan, A. Rida.ll, B. Robinson, B. Scott, H. Sheehan, J. Sullivan, J. Tremblay, M. Wylie (Leader) ; Drum Major, L. Blanchard. a i The A. H. S. Band, that perennial favorite of music lovers and football fans alike, again ostentatiously performed their inimitable marching feats and pedantically played their inspiring tunes at the football games to the delight of all attending. Led by that stalwart drum major, Leon Blanchard, upon whose shoulders rested the successful manoeuvering in order to form the letters, A. H. S. or those of the opponent’s school, the presence of the band created much pomp and ceremony, which was enhanced by the presence of fifteen pretty twirlers who marched in front of the other fifty members of this complete, well balanced band. This year, instigated by the desire to obtain new uniforms, the band pre- sented a program which featured Mr. Hans Helms, an instrumental singer. The performance was well attended and the proceeds most gratifying. Once again the band was directed by Mr. L. Hassler Einzig and Mr. Au- gustus Mazzocca under whose competent direction the band always has and will continue to prosper. Page Ninety-five First Row: T. Cotter, J. Arsenault, W. O’Leary, R. Manning-, P. Keefe, A. Blanchard, Capt., J. Burke, F. Willard, R. Ryrholm, C. Tenney. Second Row: Tony Sarousky, Mr. Lang, T. Sullivan, G. Mullins, L. Brillante, P. Garrity, J. Casali, H. Priest, W. White, Mr. Fusco, Coach Ostergren. Third Row: H. Ritchie, W. Flynn, J. Tobin, E. Leary, B. Cunnane, J. Aulenbach, R. Bevins. fyootL ' u U This year’s A. H. S. football team, led by its star and captain, Arthur Blanchard, was one of the best in the history of Arlington High School. Arling- ton appeared to be a failure when it lost its first game, but A. H. S. class as- serted itself, and the team made a great comeback by defeating Lowell, Fitch- burg, Malden, Chelsea, and Brockton in that order, then, downhearted by the injury of a great back, Paul Keefe, Arlington lost to a fighting underdog team at Salem. However, the team returned to give Medford its worst defeat in years. The Thanksgiving game, with its bitter cold weather, and field of solid ice, was a real battle, but the Melrose boys won eight to seven. The consistent outstanding performances of Captain Art Blanchard, Bud Willard, and Walter O’Leary, who were awarded cups for being most ac- complished, most improved, and most cooperative respectively, and of " All- Scholastic” Flynn and Brillante were most conspicuous. Co-captains Tobin and Leary will lead A. H. S. to victory next season. Page Ninety-six First Row: J. Pillsbury, V. Win”:, J. Rooney, J. Walker, H. Smillie. Second Row : M. Tierney, Miss Mc- Carty, F. Maloney, G. Fredrikson, E. Torngren, P. Dadmun, M. Campbell, P. Hession. This year ' s A. H. S. field hockey team enjoyed a successful season suffer- ing two closely contested losses out of seven games. The team consisted of many potential stars, most notable among them being Captain Jean Rooney, erstwhile goalie who left her position to strengthen the forward line. Other standouts include Janet Pillsbury, Vera Wing, Harriet Smillie, Margaret Teir- ney, Patricia Dadmun, Patricia Hession, Faith Maloney, and Geraldine Walker. Conclusive evidence of the team’s ability is the fact that the girls received the honor of being one of the two teams chosen to play an exhibition game at the Wellesley College Tournament. Miss McCarty, the experienced athletic monitor, once again was respon- sible for the excellent coaching resulting in the fine showing of the team. Mary Campbell admirably performed her duties as manager. The schedule was as follows: Concord, Winthrop, Winchester, Belmont, Melrose, Lexington, and Medford. Page Ninety-seven First Rov) : J. McCulloch, Doc MacCarthy, W. Hayes. Second Row: D. Geary, R. Ryrholm, E. Caples, J. Kelly. GnxiM. Gotutbuf, Led by James " Red” Kelley and sparked by the Co-captains John McCul- loch and Wilmer Hayes, the A. H. S. cross country team, consisting of such stand-out performers as Robert Ryrholm, Douglas Wilde, David Geary, and Edward Caples, maintained the high standards set by their predecessors and satisfactorily completed an extremely difficult schedule. Having beaten Winchester, Wakefield, and Quincy, the A. H. S. harriers went down to their one and only defeat of the season as they bowed to the State Champions, Brockton. LIndaunted by this setback, the team easily disposed of Chelsea and the formidable Tufts freshman team. The squad completed the season by capturing fourth position in the State Meet. The team was again, as in former years, most ably coached by " Doc” Mc- Carty who despite the gaps left by the graduation of Kelley, McCulloch, Hayes, and Ryrholm anticipates another strong aggregation next season. Letters were awarded to McCulloch, Kelley, Ryrholm, Hayes, Wilde, Geary, and Caples. iff. Page Ninety-eight First Row: Gray, Hill, Coach McCarty. Greek, Kelley. Second Rote: Geary, Lane, Richard Ryrholm, McCulloch, Donovan, McCarty. Third Row: Waldron. Caples, Flynn, Robert Ryrholm. Brillante, Hayes. 9 tdo i ' I ' lacJz Although their first dual meet with Somerville was lost by a very slim margin, the 1941 indoor track team demonstrated their marvelous Mercurial powers in the most important issue of the season, the State Meet. In this event, the team gathered ten and a half points to place third in the Class B competi- tion. The runners responsible for this superior exhibition were Wilmer Hayes, who won the one thousand yard championship; William Lane, who placed sec- ond in the three hundred; and a splendid relay team, composed of four out- standing runners, namely: Robert Ryrholm, " Red” Kelley, William Lane and Francis Waldren. In addition to these boys, other meritorious members of the team who made excellent showings in the dual meets, were Richard Ryr- holm, Wallace Flynn, Louis Brillante, Francis Belanwitz, Edward Caples, Thom- as Cronin, Paul Alexander, Hill, and Donald McCarty. Despite the depletion graduation will make, the capable coach, " Doc” McCarty, has no doubt of producing another fine squad next season. Page Ninety-nine 7S First Row: Kelly, McArdle, Harvey, Capt. Blanchard, A. Burns, E. Maguire, Bevins. Second Row: Coach. Downs, Manning, Bennett, Keough. Cunha, Middleton. Ritchie, J. Maguire, Beardsley, Le Bai-on. Third Row: Reagen, Fowley, A. Malone. Nugent, Woolfolk, J. Ma ' lone, Coiley, W. Burns, Conway. The students of A. H. S. witnessed a season of rebuilding of a game but green hockey squad. Although the team finished seventh in the Greater Bos- ton League, winning five and losing seven, the defeats were always hotly con- tested and lost by a very slim margin, usually one goal. The boys were al- ways a constant threat to the top ranking teams. A conclusive corroboration of Arlington’s talents is the fact that three of its members, namely: Captain " Art " Blanchard, James Kelley and " Allie” Burns were selected all-scholastic. By far the most formidable attestation of Arlington ' s ability was the game against the League leaders, Melrose. After a phenomenal display of team spirit, cooperation and skill, Arlington succeeded in upsetting the champions three to two. Despite the fact that the team will be reduced by graduation of such effi- cient seniors as " Art” Blanchard, Jack Harvey, James Kelley, Owen McArdle, Edw. Maguire, John Maguire, and Paul Keough, with the return of " Eddie” Bennett, Jack Cunha, Ralph Bevins, Herb Ritchie, and Bronson Beardsley, Mr. Downs anticipates leading the League next season. Page One Hundred First How: C. Giarizzo, J. Rooney, E. Torngren, V. Wing, J. Pillsbury. Second Rote: N. Turner, Miss McCarty, P. Dadmun, H. Smillie, A. Adams, A. Tarbox, C. Phillips. Qinb ' flaAJzetbcdl The A. H. S. girls’ basketball team of 1940-4 1 proved very successful un- der the able coaching of Miss McCarty. Inspired by their adroit Captain, " Ti 1 lye” Torngren, and enhanced by the skillful shooting of Harriet Smillie, Janet Pillsbury, Vera Wing, and Jean Rooney, the team swept on to seven vic- tories and two defeats. In addition to the gallant performances of those girls already mentioned, the skillful execution of their duties by Alice Adams and " Pinky” Tierney in guarding should also be commended. This year’s schedule included Alumnae, Reading, Winchester, Belmont, Melrose, Malden, Medford, Somerville and Lexington. Next year, although many stellar performers are graduating, the return of many veterans insures another outstanding aggregation. The following girls received letters: Harriet Smillie, Janet Pillsbury, Jean Rooney, Vera Wing, Captain Eleanor Torngren, Alice Adams, Margaret Tier- ney, Patricia Dadmun, and Camille Giarrizo. Page One Hundred One First Row: J. Mulloney, J. Burke, T. Cotter, D. Burke. R. Ryrholm. Second Row: J. Colliton. J. Sullivan, R. Powers, Mr. Fusco, J. Aulenback, E. Leary. fe(Uf,4, ' fealhetbcill The A. H. S. basketball team commenced this year’s schedule under the able tutelage of a new coach, Mr. Fusco, who succeeded Mr. Lowder when the latter was elected faculty manager. Possessing but two veterans, Captain Tommy Cotter and versatile ' Richie ' ’ Ryrholm, the team entered competition and easily disposed of their primary opponents, winning four games straight. From then on, the rivalry was keen- er and the boys won and lost alternately, breaking about even. Probably the most interesting games were those played with Rindge, Waltham and Newton, every moment of which was most thrilling and exciting. Due to the fact that this year’s team was composed chiefly of juniors, in- cluding John Colliton, James Maloney, David Burke, John Burke, James Sulli- van and Eddie Leary, Coach Fusco is already planning for next year, when he contemplates carrying off the honors of the Suburban League. We wish him and the squad the best of luck. Page One Hundred Two First Row: G. Walker, J. Rooney, V. Win - , P. Hession, G. Cole. Second Ron ' : .1. Pillsbury, Miss McCarty, E. Torn ren, M. Tierney, E. O’Reilly, E. Blauer. Qisib ' Baseball The A. H. S. girls’ baseball team should uphold the record of last year’s spotless record and complete their rigid schedule undefeated. With many vet- erans of the successful 1940 season returning, among whom are two ace pitch- ers, Margaret Coyne and Jean Rooney, the pair of excellent batters and catch- ers, Helen Sheehan and Captain Vera Wing, this prediction is most probable. In addition to these talented players, other girls most worthy of note include Gloria Cole, diminutive but potent Betty Dorion, Edith Carlson, and Esther Blauer and Patricia Hession. These girls will form the nucleus of the team. Miss McCarty will once again offer her capable services as coach and un- doubtedly will produce this champion team. Eleanor Torngren, who will offi- ciate in the capacity of manager, has arranged a schedule which includes Lex- ington, Belmont, Winchester, Medford, and Cambridge Latin. Page One Hundred Three First Row: S. Thompson, P. Garrity, R. Beers, C. Tenney, R. Beardsley, F. Willard, Mr, Wallace. fetuyi ' esituA, With the return of four better than ordinary tennis stars, veterans of last year’s most fruitful season,, the A. H. S. tennis squad will indubitably capture the Suburban Tennis League Championship. The nucleus of the team will consist of the veterans, Creighton Tenney, Bronson Beardsley, Roland Beers, and John McCulloch. In addition to these adroit racket wielders, " Bud” Wil- lard and Paul Garrity will constitute the team with one position remaining open. Mr. Russell S. Wallace, Secretary of the Suburban Tennis League, will once again bestow his proficient coaching ability upon the team. In addition to the League games, the A. H. S. team will take on Newton and Winchester. The Suburban Tennis League schedule for Arlington is as follows: May 7 — Malden at Arlington May 8 — Arlington at Melrose May 14 — Watertown at Arlington May 15 — Arlington at Winthrop May 21— Lexington at Arlington May 27 — Arlington at Waltham May 29 — Arlington at Belmont Page One Hundred Four First Row: M. O’Neil, P. Dadmun, R. Whitney, N. Cox. H. Smillie, M. McCarty. Second Rote: B. Slade, M. Pierce, Miss Williams, B. Frink. Qiddi ' lesuuA, In foretelling the inevitable outcome of this year’s girls’ tennis schedule, A. H. S. speculators " go out on a limb” to predict that their illustrious group of skillful feminine tennis players will rank very close to the top in the league. The basis for this prophecy hinges around the fact that the team consists almost entirely of girls who saw plenty of action last year. Incidentally, the 1940 record was very good considering that all but two of the girls were new. The players who will carry the A. H. S. standards are: Ruth Whitney, Mary O’Neill, Nancy Cox, Harriet Smillie, Betty Slade, Marilyn Fownes, " Patty " Dadmun. Although the complete schedule is not yet available, that part already arranged shows that the majority of the games will be at home. The team will be coached this year by that inimitable tutoress Miss Williams. Good luck to her and to the girls. Page One Hundred Five h % First Row: R. Merrill, J. Burke, D. Burke, J. Harvey, Richard Ryrholm, J. Carrigan, D. Geary. Second Row: J. Hanlon, S. Pitman, T. Cotter, J. Tobin, Mr. Robinson, Robert Ryrholm, G. Manning, J. Fulton. W This year’s A. H. S. golf team is anticipating one of its most successful seasons in recent years. With four formidable veterans returning, namely: Walter " Tyke” Wilcox, Jackie Harvey, " Richie” Ryrholm, and John Burke, the team should better last year’s position of second in the league standing. In addition to these boys already mentioned, the team also has some promising newcomers in Robert Ryrholm, Joseph " Red” Tobin, Dave Burke and " Archie” Bullock. Arlington High has always turned out champions and this year is no ex- ception. " Tyke” Wilcox is State Junior Champion, Jackie Harvey is runner- up in the State Caddy Championship, and " Richie” Ryrholm is Champion of the Hatherly Country Club caddies. Coach Robinson is expecting the boys to win the Greater Boston League Championship this season and then to enter the State competition. We wish them the best of luck. i. Page One Hundred Six First Row: J. Dolan, E. Willett, R. Edwards. Second Row: J. Delaney, R. Hannabury, W. Curtis. H. Hansen. tyateiotten Men Under the efficient supervision of friendly Miss Parks, Miss Pennell and Miss Childs, the lunchroom boys and girls had an enjoyable and profitable time. The new cash registers were a great success. Under the expert tutelage of Edward Willett, Robert Hannibury, John Delaney and Ralph Edwards, the cash registers were not only more accurate, but they prevented the crowding in the hall — an action which was an everyday occurrence last year. Moreover, the cash registers helped to give the students a quicker service. The traffic managers, Elarry Hansen, Joseph Dolan and Walter Curtis kept, or tried to keep an orderly, even line going to the counters. We hope that all you gour- mands and ice cream fiends will always have a kind thought for the " Forgotten Men " of ’41. Page One Hundred Seven Class Som of 41 Page One Hundred Nine PtIRBT BOSTON PURDY Ofl Laia xafifizx Arlington High School Class of 1941 Northeastern University College of Liberal Arts Offers for young men a broad program of college subjects serving as a foundation for the understanding of modern culture, social relations, and technical achieve- ment. Students may concentrate in any of the following fields: Biology, Chemistry, Economics- Sociology, English (including an option in Journalism), and Mathemat- ics-Physics. Varied opportunities avail- able for vocational specialization. Degree: Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts. College of Engineering Offers for young men curricula in Civil, Mechanical (with Diesel, Air-Condition- ing, and Aeronautical options). Electrical, Chemical, Industrial Engineering, and Engineering Administration. Classroom study is supplemented by experiment and research in well-equipped laboratories. Degree: Bachelor of Science in the pro- fessional field of specialization. College of Business Administration Offers for young men six curricula: Accounting, Banking and Finance, Market- ing and Advertising, Journalism, Public Administration, and Industrial Admin- istration. Each curriculum provides a sound training in the fundamentals of business practice and culminates in special courses devoted to the various pro- fessional fields. Degree: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. School of Law Offers three-year day and four-year eve- ning undergraduate programs leading to the degree of Bachelor of Laws. A min- imum of two years of college work, or its full equivalent, required for admission to undergraduate programs. Case method of instruction. The School also offers a two-year evening program open to graduates of approved law schools and leading to the degree of Master of Laws. Undergraduate and graduate programs admit men and women. School of Business Offers curricula through evening classes in Accounting, Industrial Management, Dis- tributive Management, and Engineering and Business, leading to the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration in specified fields. Preparation for C. P. A. Examinati ons. A special four-year cur- riculum in Law and Business Management leading to the Bachelor of Commercial Science degree with appropriate specifica- tion is also offered. Shorter programs may be arranged. Co-educational. Evening Courses of the College of Liberal Arts Certain courses of the College of Liberal Arts are offered during evening hours affording concentration in Economics, English, History and Government or Social Science. A special program preparing for admission to the School of Law is also available. The program is equivalent in hours to one-half the re- quirement for the A.B. or S.B. degree. Associate in Arts title conferred. Co- educational. Co-operative Plan The Colleges of Liberal Arts, Engineering ' and Business Administration offer day programs for men only, and are conducted on the co-operative plan. After the freshman year, stu- dents may alternate their periods of study with periods of work in the employ of business or industrial concerns at ten-week intervals. Under this plan they gain valuable experience and earn a large part of their college expenses. FOR CATALOG — MAIL THIS COUPON AT ONCE NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY Director of Admissions Boston, Massachusetts Please send me a catalog of the [ ] College of Liberal Arts [ ] College of Engineering t ] College of Business Administration t ] School of Law [ ] Evening School of Business [ ] Day Pre-Legal Program [ ] Evening — College of Liberal Arts Name . Address C-74 To be truly interesting a yearbook must have both typographic and pic- torial appeal. It must be carefully planned, carefully printed, carefully bound. It is the permanent record of all that goes to make up school life, right to the very day of graduation. Good yearbooks result only from spe- cialization; from constant study of what constitutes good yearbook design; from the intelligent use of the aggregate knowledge and experience of artists, compositors, pressmen. We have all of these things in our organ- ization — ready to serve you as we are now serving a steadily increasing group of other schools and colleges. Your in- quiries are invited. The HANCOCK PRESS GORDON W. Robinson, Printing Counselor Telephone 1165 LEXINGTON, MASSACHUSETTS

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