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ROBBINS LIBRARY, ARLINGTON, MAS CHUSETTS 3 4860 00725 9754 V » ' ’ Miss Alice Treat d zdication In acknowledgment of her unfailing patience, her friendly guidance, and her keen sense of hu- mor, we the class of 1939, dedicate this book to our capable teacher and understanding friend, c dfLicz dJrzat ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL To the faculty for maintaining high stand- ards of education, for instilling in us the prin- ciples of good sportsmanship, and for inculcat- ing the ideals of true democracy, we express our sincere thanks. inqton. Herman Gammons, Principal Raymond S. Morrill. Assistant Principal Pattison, H. Pauline Peck, Eugenia Arthur, Lawrence P, Bailey, Bessie B. Barber, Elmer E Barry, Mary Barry, Veronica Binnig, Theresa Bullock, Sarah J. Burke, W. Ray Campbell, Charles R. Campbell, May E. Casey, Alma Cheney, Evangeline Conway, Bessie A. Cooper, Louise J. Donovan, Mary E. Dow, Arline Downs, Charles H. Eaton, Douglass L. Einzig, L. Hassler Forsythe, Miss Fowler, Alban Gray, Martha, Lib Harlow, Leola B. Hickey, Mary Hormel, Henry D Hunt, Ruth E .Jenks, Alice Jerardi, Grace Jewett. Ida B. Johnson, Carl Johnston, Claire vonKapff, George Kemp, Gerard Kennedy, Constance Kennedy, Mary Kenney, James F. Krastin, Theresa Lantz, Jennie Lowder, William Matthews, Helen F. Moffatt, Martha S. Murray, Frances B. Nash, Helen E. Ostergren, Fred V Pennell, Harriett Petralia, Guy Porter, Gladys Preston, Alice Prestwood, Mary Rice, Helen Richardson, Dorothy Robinson, Arthur Rounds, Dorothy Sandberger, Sydney Shedd, Minnie Skinner, Charles Taber, Vivian H. T oner, James J . Treat, Alice Wakefield, Lura Wallace, Russell Wardle, Ethel wyn Witherell, Carl Wright, Lois (Page Nine) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL I f sax _E ook CommLttzz Editor-in-Chief, CHRISTINE KNUDSEN George Aldrich Richard Dooley Joan Manion Regina Ahern Ruth Dennen John Morris Mary Barry Shirley Dozier Mildred Pothier Mary Bailey Edward Downey Claire Phillips Marion Bradford Mary Gallagher Arthur Saul Elsa Benson Charlotte Guarente Margaret Slattery Robert Benshimol Albert Gorvine Margaret Steincross Barbara Bouzas Harry Hall Ethel Svedlund Robert Cronin Audrey Johnson Constance Tortorici Louise Cavalieri Paul Jones Judith White Robert Davis Katherine Keville Reuben LeBaron Walter White Business Manager, PAUL Jones Robert Benshimol Bernard Forest John Morris Robert Buxton Ryta ' Healy John O’ Donoghue Dorothy Campbell Robert Kenney Jane Power Shirley Dozier Stella EoPresti Margaret Slattery Marion Fillmore Robert McCoubrey Marcia Weatherill Photography, SHIRLEY DOZIER (Page Ten) zuloxi ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL George William Mernick, Jr. President IL Margaret Frances Slattery Secretary John Walsh O’Donoghue Vice-President Robert James Kenney T reasurer (Page Twelve) . ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL William Clayton Adams 40 Coolidge Road Our " Deacon” is tall, handsome and witty. Alabama is a wonderful college but we will miss him when he is so many miles away. He will always remember that he worked hard to graduate. Regina Marie Ahern 52 Wyman Terrace Honor Roll, Debating Club. Dramatic Club. Year Book Committee. Our versatile, vivacious " Jean ' s ' lifelong ambition has been to teach school, so she will attend Salem Teacher ' s College. Her hob- bies range from swing and classical music to skating. George W. Aldrich 72 Menotomy Road Year Book Committee. I rack T earn. Ski T earn. This widely celebrated connoisseur of pop- ular recordings intends to continue his studies at Northeastern. Keen, energetic, and ambi- tious, George has always been a grand friend )) Robenia Allen 120 Jason Street Gilbert and Sullivan Club. Winsome and unassuming Bobbie ' states that she will remember her chorus classes the longest. We wish her lots of luck at Bry- ant and Stratton where she continues her edu- cation. ,, William C. Allen 1 1 2 Claremont Avenue Dramatic Club. Art Club. I rack. Bill is one of our cleverest artists at A. H. S. and is very popular, too. Our best wishes • •+ go with him to Pratt Institute as he continues his education. Margaret Clare Alsen 9 Jason Terrace Honor Roll. Glee Club. " Marnee,” a quiet but charming young lady, is going to Pierce Business School. She is not going to forget any of her high school career. i (Page Thirteen) ARLINGTON HIGH (SCHOOL pDWAM 5 2 Davis Avenue fit A. H. S. this year and thinks ' ‘ He is going to Bentley C.P.A. degree, and will keep in Frim by pursuing his favori te pastime, wrest- ling. Doris Moore Ambrose 49 School Street Class Te pis, Class Basketball. er° go to the Allen School and become a .fashion designer is the earnest desire of our jolly " Dot: " We feel certain her friendly manner will pave the way to Paris and fame for her. Mary Elizabeth Anderson 218 Highland Avenue Honorable Mention. " Andy " wishes to go to Boston University and to learn to be an accountant. The care and efficiency she has already shown in her lessons will send her far in this field. Francis Pa l Aubrey 1 3 .Manrfhon Street 6ma Club. and one with come a design- ill never for- assembly hall. 3 7 Huntington Road J. Warren Babb Gay and detionair " ' Sabsy " wifi do his best enjoy ftp foiir ' years at Dartmouth. He nd del to enjoy bjte f recalls the time hej-eceived his A. R. C. Sen- ior LilSi Saving Certificate for 1 swimming and the ' ' tim?Mae fell asleep in class. r Mar Y N E LA BAILEY 6 Appleton Place V ice President of the Glee Club, Dramatic Club, Year Bodk Committee. 8 One pi our most loyal supporters at all sport$, witty ‘‘Mary Ann " Bailey aspires to Simmons, brarian. there to learn the duties of a (Page Fourteen) ARLINGTON y HIGH SCHOOL Eva Theresa Baker 1 35 Thorndike Street The quiet and unassuming Eva intends to be a child nurse. Her sweet, friendly man ner will cause her to be loved dearly by the children. Hollis I akr 14 Bon ad Road ImcWsfrimis, persevering, " Cannon ball s ' lhL ' diVat h ematical wy should stand him in si z st ad during ' ms college years at U. N. H. ;eer{mt( ’rj interest in all sports. y g OOC ‘He takers a keei Margaret Hatfield Baker 1 4 Avon Place Honor Roll, Class Basketball, Class Ten- nis. " Peggy” is going to follow in her sister ' s footsteps and go to Acadia University to do something along the science line. " Peggy’ likes to waste time and just be lazy. K Nancy E. Baker 17 Hopkins Road Class Basketball , Class Tennis. Honor Roll. Next year will find Nancy a student at some junior college where her popularity and high marks will no doubt continue. Riding is her hobby. Ruth Anita Bamberg 104 Highland Avenue ,-Band. Orchestra, Gilbert and Sullivan Club, Glee Club. j . Cheerful " Bamie " who plays in three jazz orchestras and whose ability in music has been evident the past three years, intends to complete her already varied knowledge of the subject at B. U. Doris Frances Barker 47 Robbins Road Honorable Mention. " Dot, " who has one of the brightest and most beautiful smiles in A. H. S., intends to continue her education at the Boston School of Dental Nursing. Best of luck! (Page Fifteen) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Mary Patricia Barry 40 Davis Avenue Class Tennis. Class Basketball. Honor Roll ( three years). Year Book Committee. Mary, whose talent in music we are al- ready so proud of, plans to use that talent to become a concert pianist after attending Longy School of Music. Malcolm Austin Beers 1 7 Lockeland Avenue Honor Roll. Debating Club. Orchestra. Stamp Club. Dramatic Club, Class Tennis, Lunchroom Ticket Seller. We all know Malcolm as an honor stu- dent, experienced debater, and all-round good sport. He will prepare at M. 1. T. for a chemical engineering career. Lots of luck, Malcolm ! Betty Hope Bennett 125 Hemlock Street Tennis, Glee Club , •Gilbert and Sullivan Club. Pretty " Betty " is an excellent dancing part- ner, and is skilled also in tennis and skating. She is going to Miss Leslie’s to prepare for teaching the first grade. Robert Sinnott Benshimol 1 5 Shore Road Dramatic Club. Hockey (two years). " Bob " is going to Harvard to study medi- cine. Why? It ' s his way of making the world a better place in which to live. We know he will. Elsa H. Benson 34 High Haith Road Glee Club. Year Book Committee, Gilbert and Sullivan Club. Pretty, blonde Elsa will never forget the friends she has made in high school. We’d all love to have her as our nurse, after her graduation from the Children ' s Hospital. Arthur Henry Bergstrom 43 Franklin Street Arthur seems rtfther retiring, but those who know him say Ipf’s good company and has a quick sense of humor. He hopes to become famous as a lawyer and will attend Suffolk Daw. (Page Sixteen) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Clifford W. Birch 34 Lombard Road Debating Club, Ski Club, Gilbert and Sul- livan Club, Tennis. When bigger and better buildings have to be made, “Cliff " the architect will design them. Looking over his high school career, “Cliff " finds that the work he didn’t do stands out in his mind. Furness Ruth Bixby 38 Marathon Street Class Tennis, Class Basketball . Honor Roll, Year Book Committee. Smiling “Bix " wins many friends by her good nature. Tennis and swimming occupy », her spare time and she has a burning desire , to go to Wellesley. V 1 Edna Mary Black 66 Thorndike Street Glee Club, Student Council. Junior Prom Committee. Edna, witty and poised, has enjoyed the Glee Club Festivals and the friends she has made. “The way to have a friend is to be one " and at B. U. this will continue to be her maxim. Thelma Agnes Boreson 2 7 Wachusett Avenue Thel” plan ' s to attimd Cl dET siXand follow a business Career.! , L ae sa-y4 her fa- vorite outsideKaJpiivity is swrmmingGat which she is adept. Barbara Elizabeth Bouzas 69 Randolph Street Glee Club, Gilbert and Sullivan Club. Dramatic Club, " Patience,” Year Book Com- mittee. - “Babs is well-known for her v singing, and this will fit in well with her career of being a children’s nurse as her lullabies will aid their recovery. GORDON L. Bowen 7 Revere Street Gordon plans to attend Boston Univer- sity and will specialize in Chemical Engineer- ing. He enjoys any sport that affords re- laxation and amusement, for instance, skiing. ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL v-A O ' Ruth Marian Bradford 1 5 Everett Street Secretary of Glee Club, Year Book Com- mittee. . Marian is going to study social worK tfr B. U., because she likes people. The mem- ory of being a mighty senior will outlive all others, and cooking will always be fun. Richard Harris Brawley 1 8 Palmer Street Dramatic Club. Richard is enthusiastic about fishing and skating and will always remember our pres- entation of “Excursion.” He thinks that radio offers him the best chance of advance- ment. Donald Francis Bresnan 232 Pleasant Street Football, Track. Energetic and forceful is popular “Don” or “Bres.” He asserts that because he is a strong admirer of military life, he will enter the U. S. C. A. C. (U. S. Coast Artillery Corps) . He is also known for a keen sense of humor. - y jj Anne, Marie Bricklej 70 Mystic Street Anne has had a lot of good times in high school and we like her happy disposition. She loves bcRvling and is planning to attend the Felton Comptometer School. Ruth June Briggs 29 Lanark Road Ruth is petite and has an enviable amount of poise. She tells us that she will never forget our teachers. She is going to attend Banford Academy to become a beautician. Lilla Seviah Brodie 32 Hawthorne Avenue Dramatic Club. A grand personality, a talent for dancing, and the ability to teach the art of dancing — - Lil has them all. No wonder every one likes this friendly, pretty, black-haired girl. (Page Eighteen) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Irving M arson Brown 16 Hawthor ie Avenue Dramatic Club, Lunch Room, Track, ‘‘Ex- cursion,’’ “Admirable Crichton.’’ Irving, a boy with a great personality, is going to Northeastern to study engineering. He has good reason never to forget the Dra- matic Club plays. Dorothy Frances Buckle 1 8 Water Street “Dotty " is petite and has lots of friends. She will always have fond memories of Miss Rounds and Mr. Hormel, even when she is a graduate of Framingham Normal and a teach- er herself. Marie Margaret Buckley 14 Peter Tufts Road Class Basketball. " May " is rather quiet and has lovely au- burn hair. She will always remember the friends she has made in high school, ajad we ' ll remember her when she is someone’s secretary. Charles Thomas Bugden 1 3 Cottage Avenue Hockey, Baseball. Football. Our blond “Charlie " radiates cheer. Who can feel blue when he’s around? He has played hockey, football, and baseball for us, and will lend his services to B. U. next fall. Claire Pauline Bullock 35 Everett Street Field Hockey, Basketball , Baseball, Glee Club. Paul ine has helped our girls’ teams win many a game while at A. H. S. She is lots of fun and will make a grand teacher after graduating from Fitchburg Teachers’ College. Thomas F. Burke 46 River Street Basketball , Golf. " 1 ommy, " whose whole existence is cen- tered around golf, plans to be a sailor when he graduates as he thinks this is the only pro- fession for which he is fitted. (Page Nineteen) ■HianHH ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL JOHN F. Butler 41 Grand View Road John, although a quiet sort of a person, has that ambition that gets places. Good luck to you in your courses at Tufts. We hope you make good use of your ambition. Robert Walter Buxton 1 0 Freeman Street Class Basketball . Debating Club. The world’s future safety has caused ' Buck ' ' to devote himself to his studies as he wants a career in the government service which he thinks will be the safest place in the next war. JAMES J. Cadagan 1 25 Warren Street Class Basketball. Class Tennis. Arlington High’s teachers will hold a warm spot in “Jim’s " memory for quite some time. He thinks they have given him a good back- ground for Boston University which he plans to enter. Robert Warren Cade 109 Irving Street Ski Club. Aero Club. Track. “Bob’ ' plans to attend Curtis- Wright Tech and later to specialize in aircraft pro- duction. Besides swimming and tennis, skating and skiing, “Bob’’ also enjoys mod- el building. Margaret Mary Callahan 80 Warren Street “ Chronicle ” Gilbert and Sullivan Club Staff. To rest her nerves which have been worn to a frazzle in trying to get news for that illustrious paper, the “Chronicle, " “Peggy” attends all the sports events. Dorothea Frances Campbell 1 0 Newland Road Band. Some hospital will have a nurse with a love of dancing and skating when “Soup” graduates for she is going to Simmons to learn this profession. (Page Twenty) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL tjJ W ' Dorothea Ruth Campbell 5 2 School Street Class Basketball, Twirler, Gilbert and Sullivan Club. " Dot. " who is going to Laurel Junior College, spent her school career trying to get an A in English or French and having fun at any and all times. Phyllis Muriel Canavan 1 1 Moore Place " Chubby, " as Phyllis is known to her friends, intends to train at the Cambridge Hospital and says she will always remember the teachers whom she had while attending high school. Robert Augustine Cannon 171 Wachusett Avenue Hunting claims all Robert ' s spare time, and after his graduation, which will be his fondest memory, he plans to go to Boston College. Frances Catherine Caples 168 Medford Street i , v J ' F ield Hockey, Class Basketball, Treasurer of Stamp Club. " Frannie’s” life was blighted by a great sorrow — missing the honor roll by one mark, and so her soul seeks balm for this wound by awaiting a fight at the hockey games. Harold Verner Carlson 201 Spring Street Orchestra. North Park College is the destination of this studious fellow who is usually seen studying, but he finds his recreation in swim- ming, skating, and playing in the orchestra. Thomas James Carmody 48 Lewis Avenue Tennis, Class Basketball. Football. " Tommie " will long be remembered be- cause of htsTennis ability, and some day when he becomes a great newspaper man, for such he intends to be, we can say, " Oh, yes, he was our tennis star.” (Page Twenty-one) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Frank James Casali 104 Cutter Hill Road Football. We never see Frank when he isn’t laughing about something, you never can tell at what. Maybe this constant good humor is the re- sult of his indulgence in sports. Joseph James Casali 1 04 Cutter Hill Road To be a professional man, no matter what kind, is “Joe’s” goal. The one that gives a person the most enjoyment will be the one in which he places himself, as he wants to have a good time. Mary Frances Cassidy 146 Brooks Avenue Next year we will find otir classmate, Mary, otherwise known to her classmates as “Cass,” at some business colle eVj Her fa- vorite pastime is either swimming ' tSr flkat- ing. KJL, Mary Lucy Catalano 69 Rhinecliff Street It might create a sensation to see a stenog- rapher riding around on a bicycle, but that could happen because Mary intends to do clerical work and she loves to ride a bike. Virginia Dolores Catoni 1 5 Cleveland Street If any of us from this school ever want a recommendation, we can go to friendly “Gin- ny” as she thinks the people she met here were “grand,” and the best thing she got from school. ulse Theresa Cavalieri u 23 Henderson Street Band. Orchestra. Gilbert and Sullivan lub. “Mikado,” “The Blue Star Broad- cast.” “Patience. " Louise plans to attend Lowell State Nor- mal School in order to become a Supervisor of Music. Band and orchestra rehearsals and activities will outlive all other high school memories. (Page Twenty-two) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Ward Foque Chick 24 Lakeview Street Band, Stamp Club, Ski Club. A handsome, friendly lad, Ward ' s favorite activities are hockey and hiking. He plans to go to Oberlin to become a teacher. He says he will never forget the funny incidents in classes. Carlton M. Cobb 30 Marathon Street “Carl ' ' is a modest fellow with a quiet way that endears him to all his friends. His favorite activities are hockey and baseball. He is going to Bentley to prepare for business. Alma Barbara Coelsch 47 Cleveland Street Class Tennis, Band. " Al” plans to attend B. U. after leaving A. H. S. With her she will carry a lasting memory of the Arlington High School hock- ey team. Helen Dorott v c leman 94 Grafton Street He len, always cheerful and gay, has a gentle way that attnvi?ts all her friends. Her favorite outsit activity is skating. She says she will remember graduation longest. William Hurle Collier 18 Wellington Street Track, Running Manager, Honor Roll. " Bill,” an easy-going chap, enjoys himself no matter what he is doing. He is planning to go to Tech. Riding is " Bill ' s” favorite sport. He says he will never forget the friends he made. John William Constantine 25 Bowdoin Street Football, Baseball, I rack. " Johnnie” plans to enter Bentley’s next year to become a Certified Public Accountant. He finds great enjoyment in swimming and will never forget his graduation day. (Page Twenty-three) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Alice Cooke 3 1 Overlook Road Alice, “Cookie’’ to her friends, is going to study nursing at Melrose Hospital. Foot- ball games and the wintry blasts near the west side of the building will share honors in her memory. Clyde Dunan Coombs 48 Teel Street We’ll all support “Dunny” when he starts out as an optician. He will study at Cline College for this ever-necessary profession. Delores Henrietta Cooper 1 1 Mill Street Honor Roll. “Del’’ plans to be a nurse, so she can help ease pain. She enjoys walking as an outside activity. Her memory will cling to her sen- ior report card which has on it four A’s and one B. Grace Ethel Cox 1 1 Court Street Tennis. Basketball. Besides being a lover of sports, “Tommy” has a passion for barn dances. She hopes to become a competent secretary, and will never forget how lost she was on the first day of school. Muriel Ruth Coyle 163 Newport Street Honor Roll. “Mimi” is going to train for teaching at Leslie Normal School. We know she’ll make a good one. Ruth Ellen Crimmins 232 Highland Avenue Honor Roll. Sweet “Ruthy” has plans for attending a secretarial school. She enjoys school sports and reading. 1 (Page Twenty-four) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Robert William Cronin 19 Magnolia Street Cross Country. Indoor Track. Outdoor Track. Honor Roll. Track is " Barney ' s” chief hobby, though he intends to go to Seton Hall to prepare for salesmanship. Helen Elizabeth Crosby 22 Gardner Street A pleasant, cheerful personality is possessed by our Helen. She is an ardent fan of the hockey games and shyly admits the teachers will live in her memory for many years. Paul Joseph Crosby 20 Cornell Street Golf. Ski Club. Class Basketball. Easy-going and carefree, " Bing” will al- ways take life as easy as possible. He wants to go to B. C. and enjoys golf, and dancing when away from A. H. S. Phyllis Cummings 25 Mt. Vernon Street Being a kindergarten teacher is " Phil ' s” idea of an interesting career. She likes a good tennis match and we guarantee plays it well. PAUL Curley 1261 Massachusetts Avenue Well liked by all, unassuming Paul will continue his studies at New Hampshire. His ambition he fails to state but we know he’ll succeed in whatever field he may enter Edward J. Dacey 1263 Massachusetts Avenue Class Basketball . Class Baseball, Art Club. Chorus. Tennis. Good-humored and thoughtful " Dace " is going to Peoria to study engineering. He en- joys hockey outside of school. (Page Twenty-five) I mats ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL REGINA Ann Daley 45 Trowbridge Street “Reggie’s” winsome smile and genial dis- position which has made her so many friends at A. H. S. will help her acquire a fine secre- tarial position after she graduates from Chandler’s, Robert L. DftVlS 17 Newport Street Bund, Qcchestra, Dramatic V C ub, Gilbert and SijdljrVan (librarian) , Year Book Com- mittee, ' Pinafore,” “ Blue ; Star Broadcast,” irsion,” ' ” M ikado ' ' H Y Vx°vns popular classmate, “Bob,” to pUAs become a Certified Public Ac- t , will attend B. U. He enjoys foot- ay and skiing arid will always remember his senior Class English teacher. Margaret Elizabeth Decker 18 Marion Road Margaret, better known to her friends as “Peg,” will, after graduating from the Leslie School, be a teacher. To attend a professional baseball game is “Peg’s” idea of a good time. Noella CECILE DeMers 107 Jason Street Honor Roll. Following in the footsteps of her family, Noella, otherwise known as “Nono,” plans to become a teacher and will study at the Plymouth Normal School in New Hamp- shire. Pauline Marie Dengeleski 88 Lake Street Drama Club. Tennis, Basketball . Pauline plans to attend Radcliffe after graduating from A. H. S. and to study to become a teacher. We hope she’ll always re- member pleasantly her years at A. H. S., though. Ruth G. Dennen 5 Warren Street Glee Club, aennis. Field Hockey, Year Bool$ Committee, President of Gilbert and Sullivan Club, Basketball . “Blue Star Broad- cast,” " Patience.” “Mikado,” Debating Club. As is indicated above, our “Ruthie” is al- ready somewhat of a social success. May she realize her dreams of becoming a success in the business world. (Page Twenty-six) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Eugene Anthony Dente 105 Waverly Street Fall Tennis. Class Basketball . Eugene is going to Tufts to study engi- neering. But if business were not up to par, he could always become a popular novelist. He will never forget the weird happenings in the study hall. Louise Marie DeVries 246 Park Avenue In the future “Dutchy” plans to be a de- signer or model of clothes. She indeed has the poise and style to succeed. First in her memory will be the “38” Senior Prom. Priscilla Ruth Dick 78 Quincy Street Class Basketball , Class Tennis. “Pri,” a trim little girl with plenty of style, admits she wants to become a model, because it ' s different. She enjoys sailboat racing and watching a good game of hockey. Angelo John DiModica 44 Churchill Avenue Hockey Manager. Tennis, Indoor Track. “Angie” proves that there is never a dull moment when he is around. His jokes and good-humor are something that we shall re- member for many years to come. Mary Ruth Dobbs 45 Melrose Street Honor Roll. Tennis. A gracious, sweet, and gentle girl, “Dobb sie” intends to become a nurse, and we know that she will be a success in her chosen ca- reer Her favorite outside sport is tennis. Letitia Florence Doble 24 Widwood Avenue Twirler. Orchestra, Gilbert and Sullivan Club. “Pat,” our attractive, fun-making class- mate, enjoys swimming as an outside activity. She shyly says the teachers will remain the longest memory of her high school career. (Page Twenty-seven) i . ■ . ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Natalie Easter Dockrill 1138 Massachusetts Avenue " Blue Star Broadcast.” Next year we will find Natalie, known to her friends as " Nat " or " Nanny,” at B. U. Among high school memories, " Nat” will always remember summer vacations. Mary DODGE 1 0 Hillside Avenue Band. Orchestra, Gilbert and Sullivan Club. " Patience,” " Mikado,” ” Blue Star Broadcast .” Mary, who is going to Penn Hall and la- ter to the New England Conservatory of Mu- sic to become a music supervisor, likes play- ing at the football games and in the musical productions. Bernard E Doherty 35 3 Gray Street A pleasant and quiet fellow who enjoys watching a good game of hockey and base- ball, " Barney " intends to go to Boston Uni- versity to obtain further knowledge. Catherine Ann Doherty 99 Bow Street Glee Club, Field Hockey. As happy as a lark and as pleasing a per- sonality, " Caddy " enjoys reading and walk- ing and says she will always remember the gift of " gab " her male classmates have. Charles Joseph Doherty 10 Crawford Street " Spike, " although quiet in school, is full of fun and laughter outside. Football is his favorite activity. Helen Frances Doherty 99 Bow Street Hockey, Basketball , Baseball. " Smiles,” who is always cheerful and very athletic, says that she will never forget the excellent coaching she received in sports. (Page Twenty-eight) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL James A. Doherty 35 3 Gray Street Class Basketball , Class Baseball . Jimmie, ” popular and likeable lad, is heading for Harvard. His favorite activities include dancing and swimming. He states the good times he has had will always re- main with him. Mary Marjorie Doherty 27 Menotomy Road Honor Roll, Class Basketball . Glee Club. The friends and classmates that Mary has made at A. H. S. will remain in her memory the longest, she says, and we hope it ' s only the first of many as she continues at Bur- dett. Patricia Mary Doherty 204 Spring Avenue Basketball , Tennis, Honor Roll. ‘Pat’’ proved herself very capable in both basketball and hockey. When she finishes high school, she hopes to study nursing at Simmons. Madeline Mary Donahue 3 1 Pondview Road Honor Roll. Better known as “Pat’’ she represents the typical stenographer of 1942. To prepare for this worthy career she is off to Miss Pierce School in the fall. Dorothy Anne Donnelly 154 Westminster Avenue Honor Roll, Glee Club, Gilbert and Sulli- van Club. ’’Dot” plans to study accounting at B. U. and takes a keen interest in all sports. The fine teachers will never be forgotten by friend- ly “Dot.” Mary Katherine Donnelly 18 Amherst Street Hockey, Baseball, Art Club. ' " ‘Chronicle” Circulation Manager. A studious, quiet girl who enjoyed fooling her classmates, “Sis” intends to go to Bry- ant and Stratton to receive a higher education. To travel in an aeroplane is her fondest am- bition. (Page Twenty-nine) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Louise T. Donahoe 59 Coolidge Road Class Basketball . Tennis. A stately girl with a pleasing personality intends to go to business school because she enjoys secretarial work. Skating is her fa- vorite outside activity. Marguerite Lillian Donlon 85 Newland Road " Margo " wistfully remembers her first day in A. H. S. as she looks forward to her first day at the Felton Comptometer College. We wish her loads of luck as she goes ahead. Esther L. Donovan 166 Washington Street Field Hockey, Tennis. Basketball . Baseball, T wider in Band. Athletics are the keynote of Esther ' s or " Slugger ' s " life. Because she enjoys them so she is entering Sargent ' s. Her recreation, too, consists of athletics, swimming and golf es- pecially. William Patrick Donovan 62 Rawson Road " Bill " can’t decide what to do when he leaves school, but now he enjoys any real work. He chatters that he’ll never forget walking to school in zero weather. Richard Francis Dooley 46 Bailey Road Student Council. Year Book Committee. Varsity Debating, Lunch Room Custodian. Business-like, determined, and yet lively. " Dick " will be a success in whatever field he chooses after Amherst College. He hopes he ' ll never forget Geometry. arion Douglas 7 Field Road unny s” 0 mbition to become either ldergart n teacher or a Social Worker. She wiiyWrttend Leslie College next year. Her fatiiprite outside activity is attending " Rain- bow. " (Page Thirty) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL George Philip Down 221 Wachusett Ave nue Football, Captain ' 38, Class Basketball , Track, Class Baseball. “Phil” would like to go to Dartmouth to play football and to charge on to greater vic- tories. We wish our captain the most suc- cess in his career there. Dorothy Isabel Downey 5 2 Broadway Class Tennis, “ Chronicle Reserved yet not retiring, blue-eyed “Dot- tie” wants to be a secretary. “Dottie,” who enjoys riding her bicycle, has a secret desire to travel. Edward Thomas Downing 9 Blossom Street Honor Roll, Class Baseball, Class Basket- ball, Ski Club, Model Airplane Club, Stamp Club. This intellectual gentleman, (all A’s no less), will either hold the fort for West Point or crusade for Holy Cross. “Ed” will re- member his three years of training for col- lege. Mary Patricia Doyle 22 Lanard Road School will be a very quiet place without “Gabby” Doyle who wants to study secre- tarial work at Burdett’s. Though she loves swimming and skating, she thinks homework will always be her greatest peeve. Shirley M. Dozier 60 Trowbridge Street Honor Roll. Shirley is one girl who is always going to remember her graduation day. She is plan- ning to go to Boston University. Kathryn Clare Driscoll 23 Alton Street Honor Roll, Tennis, Basketball , “ Chron- icle ” Staff, Exchange Editor. “Kay,” a popi r young lady, intends to become a secrctar,. Skating is her favorite outside sport and working on the “Chron- icle” will remain the fondest of her high school memories. (Page Thirty-one) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Thomas Edward Driscol l 962 Massachusetts Avenue Class Basketball , Class Baseball, Honor Roll. Likeable and smiling " Tom” is going to Burdett’s to train for C. P. A.’s position. His favorite pastime is hockey. Mary Margaret Duddy 1 1 Dartmouth Street " C hron icle, " Debating Club, Baseball. ughs were heard when " Doc” ' earn Italian (because of an inter- or the " Chronicle”). In her spare time, po c” edits a newspaper and manages a car. John William Duggan 28 Peirce Street Baseball, Honor Roll. Sport-minded " Dug” is headed for Dart- mouth. He regrets that he cannot always have thick juicy steaks, and see the " Battling Bees” as he so aptly puts it. Mildred Jane Eikelboom 29 Avon Place Tennis. Baseball Vivacious " Mil” is going to Burdett’s to train for a secretary’s position. She is thankful for her friends she made here. Dorothy Louise Eldridge 45 Sunset Road Glee Club. Gilbert and Sullivan Club, " Blue Star Broadcast ‘‘Patience, " Honor Roll. A sweet smile accompanies her charming personality. " Dot” informs us hiking and sketching are her favorite pastimes. Her am- bition is to travel abroad on a United Lruit Liner. Robert Harvey Elliot 34 Loster Street Class Basketball , Class Tennis. Since he enjoys swimming and golf, " Bob” says he is going to M. I. T. to reap a fortune so that he’ll be able to enjoy these luxuries. He says he ' ll remember graduation longest. i (Page Thirty-two) J -INGTON D PrisciiTa Rs ABROOK 10 Inverness Road Dydlytatids lub, Class Basketball , Class Ter Issy,’’ one of A. H. S.’s most versatile ers, enjoys any sport from football to tg. Her interests lie in the secretarial She is going to Katherine Gibbs Sec- School. Eleanor Martha ( Ewe 15 Aerial Street Attrac ive, poised, well-dressed Eleanor is sure to be a success. She has said her plans are to attend Wilfred Academy. Harold Sixten Fellman 1 7 7 Scituate Street The all absorbing study of radio has been and will be food for thought for Harold who now spends his leisure time with them. Thomas Joseph Ferguson 1 6 Draper Avenue Gilbert and Sullivan, Honor Roll. " Furgie " wants to be an auditor because he says it is the most interesting work that he knows. His favorite outside activities are skating and swimming. Paul Francis Ferreira 86 Melrose Street Football, Ski Club. Basketball . Honor Roll, Hockey. Paul wants to study Physical Education at Boston University. His favorite outside ac- tivity is swimming. He is quiet, reserved, and well lik ed by all. Marion Cornelia Fillmore 7 Plymouth Street Honor Roll, Dramatic Club. Glee Club. Tennis, " Admirable Crichton, " “ Excursion Merry Marion, a very talented miss, is es- pecially talented in music, composing, sing- ing, and playing. o show her general ver- satility, she also teaches Sunday School. (Page Thirty-three) HIGH SCHOOL ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL John Edward Fitzgerald 27 Lafayette Street Ski Club, Aero Club. Happy and carefree, ‘ Buddy’s’’ advice to future members of A. H. S. is " enjoy it while you’re here. " He always enjoys a good party ! Robert Edward Fitzgerald 24 Silk Street Football. Track. Band. He is a witty fellow and enjoys dancing and fencing. " Red” declares he will always remember the last report card he received. Josette Emily Flack 97 Milton Street " Josy’s " ambition is to be a secretary. She is versatile in both indoor and outdoor sports for she enjoys swimming, bowling, dancing, and rowing. Louise Rita Florentino 9 1 Fairmont Street Glee Club. Swimming is the favorite activity of quiet, unassuming " Lou " who hopes to prepare for office work at Fisher’s. Bernard Arthur Forest 1 2 Lewis Avenue Class Basketball. A good sport and a loyal friend, " Bernie " greets life with a smile. His favorite activi- ties are hockey and football. He confesses he will never forget graduation. Elizabeth Helen Fosberg 9 Lakehill Avenue Glee Club. Gilbert and Sullivan Club. “Pa- tience.” Although she loves to dance and have fun, genial " Betty " is a budding young artist go- ing to Mass. Art School to learn fashion il- lustration. " Betty " says she’ll remember her English classes longest. (Page Thirty-four) ARLINGTON m aJ Stanley Gordon Fowler 98 Grafton Street " Stan,” a friendly, likeable chap, confesses he will remember the teachers and the girls the longest. His favorite sports are baseball, football and golf. He is going to B. U. John Joseph Frasell 164 Rhinccliff Street Class Basketball. Class Baseball. Brack. Aeroplane Club. Tennis Team. Honor Roll. " Johnny " is spontaneity personified. He will indeed remember the study hall and Mrs. Moffatt’s history class. He is going to Boonc- ville Tech to further his education (spon- FUOgjJSmELENA FREEMAN : YPeggy " combines a sense of hu- r | lPraa p great personality. An all-round f5fiular girl, “Peg " is going south to be a uke lass, but says she will always remem- ber A. H. S. Marjorie Rita Friend 73 Tanager Street Glee Club. With a smile for everyone that shows her w J arm friendliness, “Midge " states that she derives great enjoyment from attending ath- letic contests. She desires to attend Colby Junior College. Margaret Esther Gaddis 221 Wachusett Avenue Being a junior-senior will remain in " Peg- gy ' s " memory the longest. If she can take time out from watching football and hockey games, “Peg " thinks she will go to Bryant and Stratton s. GAU JER anagtf of rield Ibertjl ' nd Sulliva Class Tennis. Yea Mary, a trufurrien 46 Allen Street pekey, Debating Club, tub. Class Basketball . ok Committee. is a versatile, filled with laughter ajia friendliness. She includes watching school sports events among her fa- vorite pastimes. She is going to Regis. HIGH SCHOOL (Page Thirty-five) 0 ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL ARSHAG GECHIJIAN 48 Thorndike Street Arshag, a serious-minded youth, already has his future planned out. He is going to B. U. to study photography, and then join his father. His favorite sports are baseball and football. Irma Gwendolyn Genge 188 Newport Street Small, dark-haired “Gwenie,’ ' who is plan- ning to take up interior decorating at Chand- ler’s. likes skating, bowling, and bicycling. She’ll never forget her very first hockey game. Louise Anna Giblin 10 White Street “Lis,” a girl of true sincerity and worth, is planning to be a teacher. Music and ice- skating are her favorite interests. She says she will always remember her music classes in A. H. S. Hilda Alma Giove 7 Locke Street Honor Roll, “Chronicle” Staff. Trying to find the photographer’s studios at 6 P. M. will be imprinted on “Tillie’s” mind as one of the incidents long to be re- membered about high school. Her interests lie in two fields, secretarial and interior dec- orating. Albert Gorvine 21 Chandler Street Honor Roll, Debating Club, Class Base- ball, Class Basketball, Class Tennis, Year Book Committee. An earnest, energetic youth, “Al” is never- theless one of the boys. Jovial and active, his favorite sports are swimming and sailing. He says he will always remember the teachers. Elizabeth Gott 72 Jason Street Demure and peaceful, “Betty’s” choice of extra-curricular interests range from music and reading to swimming and skating. May good fortune and happiness be hers always. 1 PO (Page Thirty-six) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Verna Evelyn Gott 6 Kilsythe Road “Chronicle " Staff, Honorable Mention. Verna intends to further her business train- ing at Miss Pierce’s. Her two years in the journalism class and the " Prom ' have made the most vivid impression during her high school period. Katherine Grannan 378 Massachusetts Avenue Gilbert and Sullivan Club, Tennis, Bas- ketball. " Kay " says her favorite pastimes are danc- ing and skating. She is so friendly and cheer- ful we predict great popularity for her at Colby Junior College. Elizabeth Edna Gray 49 Dow Avenue “Mikado. " Friendly, congenial " L i 1 is headed for Lowell Teacher’s College where she intends to train for teaching. Her favorite pastime is attending school athletic events, especially football games. Leonard Warren Gray 93 Massachusetts Avenue Art Club. Our lanky " Lennie " is going to study for the bar at Suffolk Law. His favorite sport is chasing a puck. He fondly states he will remember the teachers longest in his high school career. Herbert Paul Greeley 60 Brattle Street Football. Track, Dramatic Club. “ Chron- icle ” Staff. “Pinafore. " " Mikado. " " Admir- able Crichton. " “Excursion. " " Bert " has proved himself to be one of our super-talented classmates with both remark- able dramatic and vocal ability. He main- tains that the fact he received honor marks in all of his senior year will not be forgotten soon. James David Greeley 61 Fountain Road Golf, Band, Stamp Club, Aero Club, Dra- matics. " Jim’s " happy-go-lucky policy and quick wit will make him welcome wherever he goes. His favorite pastime is golf. (Page Thirty-seven) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Miriam Lois Greene 56 River Street Honorable Mention. “Mim” is preparing to enter either milli- nery or advertising. Always cheery and ac- tive, " Mim s’ favorite activities are drawing and sports. She says she will never forget graduation. Joseph James Guange 28 Beacon Street " Joe” is a quiet fellow who doesn ' t put himself forward much, but you always know he is there. His favorite sport is hockey. He plans to go to Bentley’s and study account- ing. Charlotte Elaine Guarente 29 Chestnut Street Honor Roll. Field Hockey, Basketball, Tennis, Dramatic Club. A popular girl is “Sherry.” Always full of fun and pep, her favorite pastime is smoothly gliding over the dance floor. She is headed for Bryant and Stratton. Francis B. Guertin 23 Parker Street Ski Club. “Frank” has a cheerful disposition which makes him many friends. His favorite ac- tivities are skiing and camping. He is going to the University of Maine to study forestry. Mary Elizabeth Guinan 1 5 Wildwood Avenue “Meg” Guinan, the only representative of the fairer sex in the technical course, intends to prove, after finish ing M. I. T., that wom- en can make a success of architecture. William Paul Guiney 5 1 Poplar Street Honor Roll. Class Baseball, Class Basket- ball. A steadfast, loyal friend, “Bill” is a man of industry and integrity. Disliking violent exercise, “Bill’s” favorite pastime is watch- ing others dance. He is studying for Holy Cross. (Page Thirty-eight) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL MAJORIE Guzelian 70 Amsden Street An office with a cheery and lively atmo- sphere is the setting that Majorie chooses for a life ' s work. She states that she will never forget the day she had her graduation pictures taken. James Henry Hagan 29 Churchill Avenue Class Baseball, Class Basketball, Student Council, Dramatic Club, Football. Genial " Jimmie " is a master of the dra- matic art. He wins friends easily because of his charming, natural manner. We know the cadet ' s uniform at West Point will be very becoming to him. Harry Samuel Hall 31 Everett Street Honor Roll, Tennis Team, Year Book Committee, Treasurer of Debating Club. Manager of Varsity Debating Club. We all know that competent Harry will gain greater glory at Harvard. His earnest participation in extra-curricular activities will be of substantial value to him there. William Albert Hanson 35 Borfad Road Varsity Debating. Orchestra. Band. There ' s no doubt that " Bill " will be a suc- cess as a personal Engineer after his gradua- tion from M. I. T. because he is so easy fo get along with. Helen Claire Harding 6 Highland Avenue Honor Roll. Bright, gay " Harmie, " as she is called, points toward a business career by preparing at Bryant and Stratton. She asserts that her junior year will be the most important in her mental souve nirs. Marguerite B. Hartling 1 7 Brattle Street " Chronicle” Reporter. Honor Roll. " Peggy " proves herself very unobtrusive, though she is an ardent reporter for the " Chronicle. " She enjoys reading, skating, and swimming, and loves to watch football games. (Page Thirty-nine) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL James Eamon Harvey 378 Park Avenue Golf, Honor Roll, Class Basketball , Class Baseball. " Eamie " has established a somewhat un- precedented custom. He has been in school exactly twice before eight-fourteen at this writing. Boston College is his choice for further education. Alan Harwood 104 Overlook Road Honor Roll, Band, Football, Track. Alan’s keen analytical mind, coupled with his phenomenal energy, should make him a success in his chosen field — engineering. He believes that the fun of ‘ track” and school in general will always linger on. Margaret Mary Hasson 8 Hawthorne Avenue Quiet, likeable " Peggy” is a rabid Bruins and Red Sox fan. Her selection for further advancement of knowledge is Radcliffe. The most outstanding remembrance she will hold is the walk to school. Nancy L e H sting ' «Nan chooses a n of her ipijareskJn it, CSTINGS 26 Freeman Street modeling career because and people connected titfr ' ft. - ' Sh s of the firm belief that danc- ing is her favorite activity anywhere. Robert Hauser 23 Oxford Street T ennis, Ski Club. " Bob,” a sincere friend, is a good scout in many ways. Popular with his classmates, " Bob " is full of fun and pep. Always ener- getic, he likes skating. He is headed for Suffolk Law. Violet M. Hazlett 149 Mount Vernon Street Field Hockey, Basketball, Tennis, Baseball. Amiable " Vi” hopes to obtain a stenog- rapher ' s position after graduation. She is an ardent athletic fan, hockey and football being her favorite sports. Driving is also one of her pet diversions. (Page Forty) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Alyce Patricia Healy 1 5 Varnum Street “Chronicle " Staff. Like her sister, petite, amiable Alyce in- tends to enter the business field via Bryant and Stratton. She would rather dance than take part in any other activity. Ryta Marie Healy 1 5 Varnum Street Basketball. Baseball. Captain of the Field Hockey Team. An all-round athlete with a captivating personality is radiant Ryta. Her favorite outside activity is dancing. lo be an A-l secretary is her fondest ambition. " vvu y KSrace Christine Higgins 50 Ronald Road Honor Roll. Glee Club. Gilbert and Sullt- « van Club. Quiet, yet friendly and alert, Grace con- siders passing a Latin 3 C. B. Exam an event • Aw£ e remembered, but we’re sure she ' ll pass many more at Jackson as she continues her studies. Margaret Ann Highland 73 Washington Street Class Tennis, Field Hockey. Dramatic Club. " Peg " hopes to be an aviatrix and finish the job Amelia Earhart started, because flying is her favorite pastime. Peg " says she will always remember her Senior Prom. Joseph Francis Hickey 47 Mary Street Hockey. Class Basketball , Class Baseball. Short, well-dressed, wide-eyed " Joe " is going to Dartmouth. He says the fun he has had at Arlington High will long remain in his memory. Tersena Marie Hingley 17 Belknap Street Fun-loving " Tess " has no special destin- ation, but could spend all her time at both schoolboy and professional hockey games. (Page Forty-one) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL George Maxwell Hobbs 67 Fairmont Street Though " Maxie” is undecided as to his future, not so in regard to his biggest trials, reports and homework. He likes horseback riding, but says he is a misogynist. Godfrey Hoffman 500 Summer Street Orchestra. )utchy” is a happy-go-lucky fellow who always cheerful and active. He is very fond of music and is going to B. U. to study teaching. He says he will always remember graduation. Virginia Lee Holton 8 Schouler Court Tennis, Art Club, Class Basketball. " Jinny” wants to go to Art School but hasn’t decided just which one as yet. She is quite an artist. Her favorite pastime is danc- ing. a ¥ Ann Frances Horrigan 19 Victoria Road Glee Club, Orchestra, Band. Tall, brown-haired Ann participates in the sports of swimming and skating and en- joys them a great deal. She is going to Jack- son to later become a teacher. Leo M. Howard 51 Pond Lane Honor Roll, Manager of the Tennis Team. Tall, blond Leo means to attend Boston University. He likes ping pong and will always have a vivid remembrance of his sen- ior year at Arlington High School. Madeline Mary Howley 89 Milton Street Glee Club, Class Tennis, Class Basketball. Peppy " Mady” is going to Chandler ' s to further her education. Being rather athletic, she enjoys swimming and skiing. The fun she had at the Glee Club Festivals will long remain in her memory. (Page Forty-two) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Edward Francis Hughes 166 Franklin Street Football. Basketball . We will always feel proud to say we had " Eddie” as our classmate. He is full of fun and we will never forget his wonderful ac- tivity in sports. We know he will keep up this good record at Fordham. Robert E. Hughes 15 Lowell Street Class Baseball. Class Basketball. " Gene " wants to go to Tilton Prep to pre- pare for Bowdoin. His favorite outside ac- tivity is going to the meetings of the " 21 Club " of which he is a member. Philip Walter Hunt 4 Harvard Street Philip, tall and blond, whose favorite ac- tivity is playing ping-pong, thinks that he will remember longest the teachers in Arling- ton High School. John Thomas Hurley 31 Fordham Street Honor Roll. " Sonny,” who will attend Bentley’s and later become a Certified Public Accountant, enjoys football, baseball, and Western stories. He remembers being kept back for one year. Y Ruth Eleanor Hutchinson 49 Thesda Street M Shorty, " a future typist, is equally eager to participate in or to watch most sports. Her special memory of Arlington High is Mr. Hormel’s history class. Allan B. Igo 23 Lafayette Street Basket ball . " Al,” a friendly, quiet fellow, never talks much of himself although he could. He en- joys all sports, his favorite being basketball He is going to Bentley’s to take up account- ing. (Page Forty-three) ARLINGTON H HIGH SCHOOL Marion Ingebretson 93 Churchill Avenue Drama Club, Honor Roll. Small, blonde " Inksie” will attend the University of New Hampshire. Her favorite outside activities are ice-skating and skiing. Edna Mildred Jansen 39 Linden Street Band. “Blue Star Broadcast Debating Club, Gilbert and Sullivan Club, Orchestra. Tall, confident Edna, who is going to be- come a credit to us as a mathematics teacher, especially enjoys skating and remembers the social life at Arlington High School. Thelma Marjorie Johansonn 100 Claremont Avenue A very pretty secretary Thelma will make! She has endeared herself to all of her class- mates and will to her future friends, we ' re sure. Ernest Johnson 36 Margaret Street ‘ Swede” remarks that the friends he has made in A. H. S. are his outstanding mem- ories. His favorite pastime is either skating or ping-pong. Quentin Johnson 23 Fountain Road Soccer. Golf, Handball. Track. " Tor” is going to the University of Ala- bama, because of the warm climate. The low cost of living will allow him to enjoy fully his favorite pastime, eating. f Audrey Hope Johnson 7 West Street Honor Roll. Orchestra, Year Book Com- ittee. “Patience,” “The Blue Star Broad- st.” An honor student, “Audie” intends to go to the University of Michigan to further her journalistic ambitions. She will be remem- bered for her loyal support to the football team. (Page Forty-four) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Dana Charles Jones 28 Everett Street Even at a small unheralded college (Slip- pery Rock), " Jonesie’s " shining light will never be dimmed His captivating person ality will make friends for him everywhere. Paul Sherwoo , JoNg, 67 Newporfc Street ' • ' T , r ._ Club. Debating aM Lunchroom. Busined Manager aL the Year is ' Y ' y v is and saihnjp find Enei etic, fend of te fii original k,Paul. j e has cWlei outs fndingj Work f£rthe Dramatic jOnh. ' Peril ' s vocy- Tiop is City .Managemortt and ' J will attend 1 tl Univ r ity of Chicago. i Robert P. Joslin 3 3 Westminster Avenue “Bob,” whose special interest is in prac- tical chemistry, is going to Northeastern. He particularly remembers Mr. Skinner’s stories. DWARD KALUSTIAN 50 Lockeland Avenue CN 1 ' Stamp Club. Dramatic Club. “Eddie” is going to J ' ufts College but he His favorite sport is jlaTC on’t tell us why. OAswimming. GLADYS Kasparian 1 Sutherland Terrace Cheer Leader. Merry Gladys is noted for her happy dis- position. Her ambition is to be a private secretary. She will attend Burdett. Her favorite hobbies are swing music and the foot- ball games. Gladys Marie Keating 2 Reservoir Road ” Chronicle” Staff. “Gladdie” will always be remembered for her vivid personality. She intends going to Burroughs to learn to use an adding machine more competently. (Page Forty-five) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Robert KfeEFE 100 Brantwood Road ”Bq,p’ prans to st ihy Journalism at Syra- cuse, because it interests him. His favorite sports are hockey and baseball; “Bob” will long remember Mr. Burke’s Economics Class. Stanley Ellis Keller 5 2 Fairview Avenue Band, Orchestra, Ski Club, Honor Roll. “Cy” intends to study dentistry at Tufts, but is very musically inclined for he conducts his own orchestra in his leisure time. He’ll always remember his desire for good marks in French. Frederick W. Kelley 251 Massachusetts Avenue Football, Track. “Fritz,” an ardent devotee of Arlington High School sports, will change from specta- tor to participant when he realizes his ambi- tion to become one of Uncle Sam ' s aviators. Vi Marjorie Ann Kelley 3 3 Wyman Terrace Dramatic Club , Manager of Girls ' Basket- , Office Assistant, Honorable Mention. Our modest blue-eyed “Marjie,” who is gonm to Simmons to become a buyer, enjoys tn swimming and skiing. She will never orget this year’s series of hockey games, at which she cheered so hard. Mary Teresa Kelly 17 Shawnee Road Honor Roll, Basketball, Tennis. “Rae Rae,” one of our most vivacious, fun- loving students, asserts her favorite activity is following the high school sports. She will continue her studies at B. U. 1 Mary Virginia Kelley 35 Newland Road Honor Roll. Dark-haired “Kel,” who will attend Bur- den ' s on her way to becoming a successful secretary, enjoys skating and remembers her struggle to get her type assignments in each week. (Page Forty-six) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL •j Nancy Ann Kelley 99 Grafton Street Tennis. Orchestra. Debating Club. Dark-haired, vivacious “Nance,’’ who likes to swim and skate, will attend Simmons and later become a nurse. She is still wondering how the vacations went by so quickly. James H. Kellogg 34 Cleveland Street Track. Class Basketball. Class Baseball. Band. Genial “Kel” is well-known for his fleet- ness of foot. Leaving A. H. S. for Mass. State he carries with him the friendship of the teachers and students he has encountered. Elizabeth Jane Kennedy { 800 Massachusetts Avenue , — -Hockey. Tennis. Basketball . Glee Club. ' y £crt Club. Honor Roll. Gilbert and Sullivan . ' Clu , - Coupled with one of the loveliest singing •’ voTces in A. JJ. S. versatile Betty possesses un- ) u ual drawing ability which she intends to , ' Tlhprove at the Academic Moderne. Robert James Kenney 85 Forest Street Class Basketball . Honor Roll. Tall " Red,’’ our popular class treasurer, admits with his usual grin that dancing is his favorite pastime. Fie will attend Boston Col- lege Business School. Katherine Keville 20 Foster Street Honorable Mention, Debating Club. Gil- bert and Sullivan Club. Office Assistant, Year Book Committee. Popular, fun-loving “Kay” likes business and will attend Boston University to become a secretary. “Kay” likes to swim and will never forget the Arlington hockey team. La rence Edmund K Tly J («. 3 1 Rangeley Road Honor Roll. Ski Club. Dark-haired " Larry” is planning to attend Boston College. He likes to ski, skate, and make waffles and especially remembers the teachers and the Latin he had in Arlington High. V (Page Forty-seven) mm ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Christine Knudsen 65 Milton Street Honor Roll. Dramatic Club. “ Excursion Glee Club. Editor of Year Book. Smiling, unassuming, and cheerful as usual “Chris " states she will remember longest the good times had at school affairs. We hope she enjoys many more while training for nursing at Simmons. Richard Carl Kolegue 50 Reed Street Dramatic Club, Honor Roll. “Dick” has business aspirations and would like to go to the Bentley School of Account- ing. He was the bookkeeper for the school plays and did a very fine job. Walter Joseph Kuchinsky 6 1 Fairmont Street Band. Under an outward sober-appearing expres- sion, “Kooch " hides a spirit full of mischief. He numbers swimming and skating among his favorite sports. He is studying for Low- ell Institute. Chester Edson Ladd 1 0 Peter Tufts Road The members of his homeroom will long be remembered by cheery “Chet. " In what- ever calling he may choose to follow, we feel confident that good fortune will be with him. Frances Marie Lahiff 146 Lake Street Quiet, reserved “Frannie " is well-liked by the many friends she has acquired. She will attend Northeastern to further her business studies in which she already excels. Ethel Eleanor Lannquist 93A Fairmont Street Her fellow students will never forget Ethel’s great sense of humor, while her teach- ers will always remember her cooperative spirit. Her favorite hobby is roller skating and her ambition is to be a social service worker. (Page Forty-eight) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Audrey Haskell Lantz 4 Martin Street Our ever-smiling " Penny,’ ' who likes to operate machines and wishes to become a clerical or machine worker, enjoys tennis, dancing, and skating. Harold Gustave Larson 8 Harold Road Football. Class Basketball . Honor Roll. Powerful and well-built " Swede” consid- ers his football playing his outstanding ac- tivity at A. H. S., and we certainly hope he lands a spot on the Minnesota team. Mary Grace Larson 989 Massachuset K ' ' Mar;y, on e of our mpst chai ular seniors, says she’ll n Barry and the day she gradua o attend Stoncleigh. Anna H. Latsey 5 7 Milton Street Miss Binnig’s type assignments will always be remembered by our quiet Ann, who hopes to further her education at B. U. Tennis claims her outside time. Mary Christine Lavezzo 66 Harlow Street T ennis. When Mary is studying hard at Wellesley, she will fondly remember the endless stairs she climbed at A. H. S. For this shy, soft spoken girl, we predict shining success in all she attempts. Phyllis Mina Law 8 Palmer Street Pert Phyllis has made her way into the hearts of all she has met. Her favorite pastime is attending the thrilling hockey games. She intends to take up office work. (Page Forty-nine) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Robert Leary 21 Peirce Street Gilbert and Sullivan Club. “Bob. a future member of Boston Col- lege, likes both to play the piano and to swim. His greatest struggle is to arrive at school on time. Reuben W. Lebaron 342 Massachusetts Avenue Football, Track. Class Basketball . Six feet three inches of streamlined power, that’s " Rube.’’ All cats, especially his own " Snookie, " are drawn to him by magnetic force. Will he continue his sports at West Point? We hope so. FRANK A. Lee 34 Walnut Street Class Basketball. Class Baseball, Track, T ennis. Tall and modest " Hal " is planning to fol- low the career of a journalist and we wish him every success along that line. Go to it! Frank Daniel Lee 103 Medford Street Tennis Team. Class Basketball . Honor Roll. Frank, our jolly, popular classmate, de- clares he intends to become an accountant. He likes tennis and blushes when he says he will never forget getting on the honor roll. Cedric E. Lewis 1 06 Hillside Avenue Baseball. Clas§ " Basketball , Cross Country, T rack . " Lefty ’’.Wants to crash the " Big Leagues " of baseball. Fie is quite a competent pitcher and should go far in this line of endeavor. fl ■ ' ' Ethel Mae Logan 64 Grafton Street She is neat and sweet from tip to toe and incidentally one of the best dancers in the class. Ethel, of the shining brown eyes, will attend Simmons to become a dietitian, Bos- ton’s best. (Page Fifty) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Florence Lillian Lopez 147 Washington Street Our dark-haired " Mickey, ' ' who enjoys all sports and particularly remembers the classes conducted by Miss Jenks, intends to be a dancing teacher with her own studio. Stella LoPresti 24 Central Street Class Tennis. Class Basketball . Lunch Room. “Stel " would like to study Hygiene at Forsythe Dental College. Her terpsichorean ability is not to be excelled. Charles John Lyons 21 Russell Street " ' Charlie” wants ' to he an insurance man most of afL but he ' ll take any business in which he can get a start. Constance Joan MacAllister 2 1 1 Forest Street “Chronicle. Lovely to look at and delightful to know, “Connie.” well-known for her interest in Cowboys of the West, says she will always remember her Business Organization periods. Paul K. Macaulay 50 Washington Street Honor Roll. Quiet, unassuming and with a flair for knowledge, “Mac’’ is planning to further his education at Northeastern and we wish him lots of luck. Richard Townsend MacDonald 18 Franklin Avenue “Bud” is going to follow up his interest in flowers by attending Stockbridge College. Maybe he ' ll immortalize his Class of ’39 by naming a new flower after it. (Page Fifty-one) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL E. Ruby MacDonald 20 Bartlett Avenue Debating Club. Hockey, Basketball . Ten- nis. " Chronicle, ' Baseball. Ruby, who proves herself thoughtful by saying she will always remember her friends, hopes to go to the University of Southern California to become a teacher. Winifred Katherine MacFarlane 1 1 Marion Road Field Hockey, Tennis. “Winnie” is going to Burdett to learn the art of managing a dress shop. She enjoys swimming and skating. “Winnie’s” grad- uation day will always have the place of honor in her memory. Suzanne Ann MacGillivray 197 Waverly Street Honor Roll. Our little “Sweet Sue” plans to attend Radcliffe and later become a teacher. She likes ice-skating and will never forget the superfluous homework she got at Arlington H,gh i A A Et a Lillian Mackenzie 1 7 Lowell Street Vrarhatic Club, " Admirable Crichton,” r ' Lihrafa at Gle Club. atf oA cjiec c luo . , matter tyhetheif Arlington teams are Ahead by five " points Or losing by twenty, h .rthe can always be sure or one loyal rooter in the person of Ella who attends all the sports Walter Scott MacQueston. Jr. 43 Margaret Street Football. Cross Country. Track. Class Bas- ketball. Baseball. If smiles were trumps, “Mac” would be a Culbertson. Athletic Walter intends to take up aquatic sports at Northeastern. He en- joyed the brevity of the course and the friends at A. H. S. Eleanor Claire Mahoney 79 Webster Street Honor Roll. Baseball. " Chronicle " Editor. Eleanor is going to do secretarial work first and then work up to reporting in the “Somerville Press.” Being editor of the “Chronicle” was good experience. (Page Fifty-two) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL George Thomas Malone 40 Newcomb Street Hockey, Baseball, Honor Roll. Athletic " Slugger " works and plays hard, for fame is the thirst of all youth. Stead- fast " Georgie " is a jolly fellow in a quiet way. He intends to further his education at B. C. H is ' — Barbara Lolhsf vTalodn 2S •Robbins Road Class Basketball, Class Tennis. RL.HY Mann 37 Kimball Road Snidtfnt CouhqiL Basketball. Field Hockey. rduoufe a$0 lively, Shirley is a real so- succfess It is ner earnest desire to attend Catherine Angela Manning 1 39 Scituate Street Class Basketball , Baseball. " Kay " wants to study comptometer at Burdett and then work in some large office. We wish you all the luck in the world Kay PatriciA TTarkegM arden 1 1 Wyman Street popular " Pat " is an en- thusiastic sports fan. Being rather studious, too, she intends to matriculate at Simmons. 1 Basketball 7Vom Light-hearted an (Page Fifty-three) mmm ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Vt ' u y£ „ Judith Larena Martin ' 193 Westminster Street Hockey, Cheer Leader, Glee Club, Student Council. Honor Roll. Popular, petite “Jitters” is a woman of many affairs. Though it may be difficult, garrulous “Judy” intends to quiet down and take dictation. Mary Margaret Martin 2 1 Robbins Road Art Club. Class Tennis Class Basketball. Small, lively, friendly to all. Mary takes a keen interest in almost every sport. She says sh.e will often remember afternoon ses- sions. Rose Mazmanian 294 Massachusetts Avenue M emories of the first dress she made in school will always remain with Rose, who wants to be a private secretary. MALVENA MAZZOCCA 76 River Street Band, Orchestra. “Mai” is a good friend in every sense of the word. Her trumpeting charms all who hear. She intends to prepare at Lowell Teacher’s College to be a music supervisor. Russell P. McAdams 114 Eastern Avenue “Russ” plans to follow a career, test fly- ing, too breath-taking for the majority of us, but we wish him luck through all the spins, rolls, and turns he can devise. Rose Margaret McCabe 9 1 Egerton Road Unassuming, friendly Rose has even better friends than boys or girls — books. She doesn ' t, however, neglect worldly things for bettering her mind. Rose is going to Sim- mons. (Page Fifty-four) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Mary Mabel McCarthy 12 Waldo Road Commercial art beckons our quiet little Mary, and we all wish her the best of every- thing during her career. William Joseph McCarthy 56 Dow Avenue " Bill ' ' is exactly what he seems, a quiet, steady, faithful student, but the acme of con- geniality. He intends to go to B. U. in the fall. Jean Veronia McCormack 174 Washington Street Her dancing feet which have carried her through A. H. S. should lead Scottie straight to success in the business world Robert T. McCoubrey 37 Wellington Street If Arlington High ever produces another " Don Budge, " it will probably be Mac " who eats, sleeps, and thinks nothing but ten- nis. Lillian Isabel McFadden 50 Sherborn Street Class Basketball , Field Hockey. We all wish Lillian the best of everything, both while she is attending Comptometer school and later. " Lil. " we find, enjoys swimming even more than hockey and bas- ketball. James Richard McGurl 1 8 Grove Street Place " Oscar " intends to go to a vocational school because he thinks that he would like the work there. He plays football and hock- ey for amusement. A H S. will certainly miss his witty remarks (Page Fifty-five) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Ruth Etta McKeown 16 Central Street " Chronicle.” Ruth doesn’t like to get up early so as not to be late for school. Neither de we. Ruth! She ' s heading for Bradford Junior College. Barbara E. McKinley 172 Highland Avenue To be a Registered Nurse is “Bab’s” am- bition. She likes all summer sports, but pre- fers swimming to them all. Harry Joseph McLatchy 40 Henderson Street Hockey Team. " Chronicle . ” Journalist “Mac,” who is also a candid camera fiend, intends to pursue either field, by taking B. U. Extension Courses. He is a steadfast friend, cordial and sincere. Mary E. McMahon 1 1 Richardson Avenue Gilbert and Sullivan Club, " Patience,” Honor Roll. Sweet voiced and sophisticated, “Betty” intends to go to Penn. State. She certainly knows what the well-dressed girl should wear. She especially enjoys horseback rid- ing. Mary Alice McManus 12 Bowdoin Street Basketball, Tennis. Mary has planned to attend Sargent Col- lege. She will always remember the fun she had playing tennis and basketball, her favorite sports. Dorothy Alice Mellen 1 1 5 Overlook Road Glee Club. Gilbert and Sullivan Club. " Patience,” Honor Roll. “Dot” is quiet and reserved, a gentle and graceful maiden. She likes to sing, and she can. " Dotty” says she will never forget her high school friends. (Page Fifty-six) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL £ Ruth Lorraine Mellin 29 Fessenden Road Orchestra, Band. Honor Roll. " Ruthie’s” favorite outside activities are cooking and sewing. Although these talents are highly developed, they are by no means her only ones. Ralph T. Mello 54 Foster Street “Patience. " Honor Roll. Gilbert and Sulli- van Club. Although Ralph loves his music, he in- tends to go to Bentley s and to become a C. P. A. or an actuary. He will long remem- ber his Junior Prom. Hilda Marie Menezes 34 Bowdoin Street Lively Hilda says she’ll always remember the dancing classes in Gym. Skating is her favorite outside activity. George William Mernick, Jr. 3 Freeman Street Class President. President of Eastern Divi- sion of Student Councils. Band. Football. Student Council. Acting Captain Basketball. Debating Club. Versatile George has reached the top in ye A. H. S. as our class president. Duke " is going to prepare for law at Harvard and then hang out a shingle. Louise Marie Miller 64 Gray Street Dramatic Club. " Excursion. " The dramatic and vivacious " Lorn " is go- ing to leave the stage far behind and prepare for a business career at Katherine Gibbs. ' ‘Lom " says that she will always remember the friendships made in school. Catherine Mills 19 Sutherland Road Hockey. Basketball. " Kitty " wants to become a nurse. She hasn’t decided which hospital she wants to study in as yet but we are sure that no matter which one it is, she will make a fine nurse (Page Fifty-seven) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Thomas Mills 91 North Union Street Mischievous " l iny Tom " has been the life of his classes and will always be friendly and cheerful we are sure. Marguerite Mary Moranian 164 Mystic Valley Parkway Class Tennis. Dark-eyed Marguerite says that Bryant and Stratton is just the place for her to train to be the perfect secretary, but she also would like to be a laboratory technician. John SHERWIN Morris 69 Freeman Street Student Council. Debating Club, Lunch - room. Year Book Committee, Junior Prom Committee, Class Tennis. After graduating from Tufts, well-liked, popular John will become America’s fore- most surgeon. We shall be very proud of him then. He states that he will never for- get his Junior Prom in 1938. Margaret Bella Morrison 23 Mount Vernon Street Vivacious and ludicrous ‘ ' Peggy " says that she will never forget hunting for an elevator on her first day at school. " Scotty " intends to prepare for office work at Bentley’s. Ethel Catherine Morrow 66 Rhinecliff Street Ethel, who enjoys cooking and sewing, wants to study nursing at Atlantic Union. We sympathize with her when she laments the many mornings she had to get up so early. Emma Cameron Mower 15 Lowell Street Place Emma wants to study comptometry at Bryant and Stratton. Her favorite summer activity is swimming. (Page Fifty-eight) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL JOSEPH F. MULHERIN 34 Sherborn Street Baseball and hockey arc " Joe’s” favorite sports. " Joe” is going to take accounting at Bentley’s. Betty Gertrude Munroe 71 Melrose Street Cla$s Tennis. ’ ' Betty, who is usually quiet, wants to go tp ’ Simmons to train for work in dietetics She feels that the kindness of her teachers has added much to her high school career. Carol Mary Murphy 20 Swan Place Basketball . Hockey. Carol is a sweet soul — quiet, yet friendly. She wants to prepare for the business world at Burdett ' s. Edward Murphy 48 Fairmont Street Track, Honor Roll. “Ned’s” aim is a position as a Certified Public Accountant. He will enter Bentley ' s next year. This tall, blond, friendly chap enjoys traveling. George Lincoln Musgrave 41 Pine Street Ski Club. An alert mind and a cool head will make ”Gigi” a success in his chosen field — aviation. Outdoors calls Gigi to skating, skiing and camping. Robert Samuel Myatt 208 Gray Street " Bob” is a fine individualist. He wants to go to Agricultural College and his original hobby is training pet squirrels. He finds time to enjoy hockey, baseball, swimming, and camping. ( Page Fifty-nine ) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Phyllis Eleanor Nasman 124 Highland Avenue She has a sunny smile for everyone because she never vyorries. " Phyl " is much inter- ested in clubs apd social work. Her first day as a sophomore will always remain in her memory. John Theodore Nellis 92 Grafton Street Ski Club. “Ted " asserts that his favorite outside ac- tivity is playing the drums. Tall, blond, handsome, ambitious, and full of rhythm we re sure he’ll be a success. Eleanor Loretta Neves Honor Roll. 89 Oxford Street " El” is to continue school at Burdett ' s in order to become a successful business execu- tive. Her outside activities include swim- ming and attending motion pictures. She dotes on neatness and promptness. k Rowell Newcomb 141 Park Avenue Ext. Dimrfatic Club. “Admirable Crichton.” ewky,” who made such a splendid wing in the " Admirable Crichton, " will take a business course at Boston University. He is a valid sports fan and particularly en- joys baseball. BETTY NlCOLL 7 Chester Street Our " Nick " is pretty and witty and popu- lar, too. Her ambition is to become a pri- vate secretary to a Supreme Court judge. When not traveling, she is busy designing her own clothes. Ruth Eleanor Nilsson 77 Bow Street When Ruth is enjoying herself most, we ' ll find her either swimming or skating. She says she will always remember the homework assignments, the football games and her friends. (Page Sixty) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL William Francis Nolan 167 Highland Avenue Tennis. “Will” aims to make a success of himself in the business world by first preparing at B. C. Mr. Skinner ' s classes, he declares, won ' t be forgotten soon. Swimming and skating include some of his favorite activities. Herbert John Nuckolls 96 School Street “Herbie,” the quiet type, has a pleasing personality and is very well liked by all who know him. He states that he intends to fur- ther his education at Boston University. Alice Mary O ' Brien 181 Franklin Street Orchestra . Band. Glee Club. Gilbert and Sullivan Club. “Blue Star Broadcast.” Music and mirth identify " AT who is going to work for a B.M. degree at N. E. Conservatory of Music. Popular and friendly, she lives to enjoy all life can offer. James Francis O’Brien 5 Winter Street Class Basketball. Baseball. Honor Roll. " Buzz” is one of our favorite baseball players. He intends to make the team at the University of So. California. This is the school of his choice, because it is so far away from home. Jean Barbara O ' Brien 82 Beacon Street Honor Roll. . • Jean will attend Miss Pierce ' s Secretarial School in order to study shorthand and typ ing. This tall, friendly girl is allied to the spectator sports habit, and fears she will not recover. Jean Ellen O ' Brien 48 River Street Debating Club. Class Tennis. Jean proves to us that good things come in small packages. All her friends agree that she bakes delicious cake and pic. Jean in- tends to study hard to become a high school teacher. (Page Sixty-one) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Leon Vincent O ' Brien. Jr. 54 Varnum Street ' O B,” a friendly fellow, is always joking and fooling. His activities include eating and sawing wood which never dims his shining personality. He’s going to General Elec- tric School. Marjorie C. Ochs 16 Swan Place Honor Roll, Student Council. Forceful, intelligent, and alert is Marjorie who finds her greatest enjoyment in public speaking. " Margie ' ' especially admires the teachers at A. H. S. you Aa ; W John Walsh O ' Donoghue 33 Robbins Road Vice-President of Senior Class. Baseball. Orchestra. Student Council, Ski Club, Class Basket ball . This rising violinist and baseball star is none other than our vice-president. While attending Boston College we know he will continue to shine in his class and in the world of sports. Ralph Olsen 5 5 Menotomy Road Ski Team. Ralph doesn’t care much for dancing, but can ski! Yet his life isn’t all snow and ski wax. After graduating from Northeastern he will becom: a master of finances. Norman Howard Olson 907 Massachusetts Avenue Ski Club. Football. Class Basketball. A quiet energetic fellow who enjoys skiing more than any other sport, " Swede ' ' is in- terested in air craft and is studying to be an aviation mechanic. Mildred Louise Ormiston 1 2 Cottage Avenue " Millie " will soon become the nurse most in demand on the staff of Mt. Auburn Hos- pital. At present, she enjoys skating and dancing. She will long remember the will- ingness of the teachers to help her. (Page Sixty-two) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Evelyn Valentine Ostrand 9 Quincy Street Art Club. Dramatic Club. Drama Club. Basketball . Tennis. We think that “Ostie " has charm and lots of it. She should go far at the N Y. School of Fine Arts. In her leisure time she paints, acts, skates, swims and hikes — a versatile per- son. , Peter F. O ' SVi AN . 22 Surry Road Honor Toll. " BeteO is ' ony of qur jpost witty and gay studefrts Tlnd pasSes his ghyety on to all whom he mem. He will eritertain his fellow stu- dents at B. U. Frank PAGLIUCA 44 Williams Street Football. Baseball. Basketball . Fun-loving Frank tells us he desires to be- come a retired business man but he fails to tell us what business. He will always re- member the “Office.” Marion Jane Pardee 10 Fanark Road Glee Club. Happy, friendly Marion will be our able representative at Duke University. The study of music £nd dramatics will take up most of her time but she will also enjoy tennis and swimming. Edward F. Parker 20 School Street Captain. Cross Country ( ' 37- 38). Cap- tain indoor Track. Captain Outdoor Crack. Honor Roll. To be a chemical engineer after graduating from Northeastern is “Eddie’s " future am- bition. He says that he will never forget winning the state championship in Cross Country Track. Roger W. Parker 3 Plymouth Street “Rog’’ wants to be a broker after he grad- uates from Babson Institute. He is quiet and well-liked by all his friends and we are sure that in later years he will be very sue- “ ssful - (Page Sixty-three) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Norma Pasquinotti 28 Mystic Valley Parkway " Normie,” who is quiet and reserved and who loves to travel, hopes to go to Burdett’s after her graduation, which, she maintains, will be the most important event in her life. Florence Elna Pearson 144 Robbins Road “Flossie” would enjoy being a career girl. She would like to attend a business college for the pleasure of studying. Robert W. Peirce 18 Hillside Avenue Class Basketball , Ski Team. Secretary of Ski Club. Among the freshmen at Tufts next year we will find our classmate, “Bob,” who is interested in Dental Surgery. Camping and skiing are his favorite outside activities. Joseph Ernest Pemental 1 0 Brattle Street ’•Football, Hockey, Baseball. Seeing his name for the first time in the “Chronicle” was a thrill which he will al- ways remember says “Jackie,” whom we shall hear of at Northeastern University next year. Dorothy Louise Peppard 7 Gray Circle “Dot” is clever and cute, and we all think she’s very nice. Don’t you envy the lucky man who will have her for his secretary after her graduation from Chandler’s? Dorothy Elsie Mae Peterson 137 Mt. Vernon Street Gilbert and Sullivan Club. Next year we ' ll see our friend Dorothy in training to be a nurse for which work we are sure she is well-fitted. (Page Sixty-four) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Robert Peterson 207 Mountain Avenue “Bob” aspires toward Mechanical Engi neering. We all wish him the best of luck. Claire Lrenb Phillips 3,2 Coo idge Rmd Jfyfbfwlaall. 7 ye mis. Skti CJt(J . ' , L " To be-X ivil engine tc ns C | a i r As ambition and slae ' plan to atTeutd lowa AJwversity. HcT rnpsL nutstanding fn Q Cfrom A. H. S, will be her first ' Junior PpPm. V Jeanne Marie Poole 61 Lafayette Street Band. Orchestra. Honor Roll. “ Blue Star Broadcast. " . ij A special course at Simmons for girls who intend to go in training has attracted " Jeannie ' s” attention and sha pldris to go there next fall. The Senior Prom will be a cherished memory. Mildred Clara Pothier 1 1 9 Palmer Street Quiet, reserved “Milly,” who loves to watch baseball games, hopes to go to Bur dett’s to further advance herself in the great field of business. c rr i Jane Marion Power 3 3 Linden Street Ski Club. Basketball . Tennis. Like many, " Janey ' ' feels she ' ll never for- get her struggle with math. Attractive, well- dressed, and friendly, she aspires to design clothes, so she is going to Chamberlain ' s. Gail R. Powers 5 3 Exeter Street Field Hockey. Art Class. Gail, known to her friends as " Windy,” finds Beauty School an appealing subject and plans to follow along that line. Her spare time is taken up with swimming and horse- back riding. (Page Sixty-five) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Lewis Frank Powers 1 1 Lowell Street “Lew " believes that continuing the busi- ness course is to his advantage, so he will at- tend Burdett ' s. When not occupied by sports, he worked hard to graduate and remembers the great effort. Thomas Francis Powers 1 1 0 Franklin Street “Toddy’’ takes the prize for the most cheerful grin. He says he will always re- member Miss Peck’s English class and par- ticularly poetry. Fie never misses a sporting event of any type. Thomas Joseph Powers 43 Philips Street Honor Roll, Class Basketball , Class Base- ball. “Potsy” is going to B. U. and then to be a Certified Public Accountant. He is an ar- dent fan of the Bruins and the Red Sox, but he still finds time to make the honor roll. Eleanor Elizabeth Prior 962 Massachusetts Avenue She is quiet yet full of fun. Dancing is her favorite pastime and she declares she will never forget the day at a football game she mistook one of our men teachers for a sopho- more. John Peter Quattrocchi 1 9 Henderson Street John would like to be a Certified Pub- lic Accountant. He is very practical and well- liked by all his friends and says that he will long remember the last Glee Club dance. Francis Quinn 306 Appleton Street Class Basketball . “Quinny” is looking forward to entering the business world. To attain this end, he is going to study accounting at Bentley. “Quinney’s” favorite outside activity is skat- ing. (Page Sixty-six) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL u Louise Mary Rhodes 102 Gloucester Street Debating Club. Soft-spoken but quick witted " Wee ' ' is indeed a friend to be proud of. She is al- most certain that Simmons will be her alma mater. Ethan Russell Rich 21 1 Pleasant Street Class Tennis. Class Basketball. “Russ” is a great fellow and a very con- scientious worker with a vivid personality. Without doubt he ' s got what it takes to be a good insurance man. As a sideline he dabs in fencing. I ' LfeLKsi Q. Richardson 133 Newport Street Class Basket ball . Helci plans to further her education so she may rpprese nt K. H. S. in the dietetic world. Besides being an expert dressmaker, the like- able Helen is fond of dancing and skiing. Emily Riese 25 Highland Avenue Field Hockey. Baseball. Class Basketball . A winning personality and an ardent love for all sports will be sure to win Emily a number of friends next year when she is in the wilds of the University of Maine. Rose Marie Riley 1 8 Norcross Street Rose plans to say ' (Number, Please. " Ice skating is her favorite pastime. She consid ers her friendships her most enduring gift from A. H. S. Donald Allyn Rivers 12 Cottage Avenue Golf Team. Track Team. “Don” says he can’t wait to get out of high school and considers the hurricane very important in his career (three days no school). He’s very fond of Artie Shaw and Benny Goodman. (Page Sixty-seven) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Richard Roach 36 Dartmouth Street Track, Ski Club. " Dick” takes a great delight in all forms of athletics. He plans to delve into research at Bowdoin. Beware of the deep Maine woods but remember to keep your eyes on capable Dick! Louis Barrington Robillard 76 Warren Street Football. Hockey. Baseball, Track. Stu- dent Council, Honor Roll. One of " Robie’s” many claims to fame is his unique broken leg dance. He’s one of the best known fellows in school, but he says he ought to be, considering the time he’s spent here. Arthur H. Rose 25 Mt. Vernon Street Ski Club. " Art’s” a regular ski enthusiast. The fun he’s had stands out above everything else in the high school career of our future mechani- cal engineer! Good luck to a fine fellow. 1 Richard E. Rowe 29 Newport Street Hockey, Track, Golf, Class Basketball . When " Dutch " can’t play hockey, he gets a thrill out of playing golf and caddying. His first goal in hockey was an event that’s going to take a long time for him to forget. Thelma Rubner 96 Park Avenue Blonde, blue-eyed, known as " Thel” to her pals, she has a favorite indoor sport of trying all sorts of new fudge recipes. " Thel” has made all her plans to enter Katherine Gibbs when the A. H. S. fans have their minds on football. MARILYNN M. RUHL 1 1 Marathon Street Band. One of our attractive A. H. S. " Debs” whose bowling is something to be noted and taken to Laselle Jr. where she will work hard in order to return to her Alma Mater and teach. (Page Sixty-eight) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Ralph John Russomando 0 1 Fairmont Street Band. Orchestra. Gilbert and Sullivan Club. Track. In our midst we have t lac future King of Swing” better known as " Russ,” who has already started up the ladder by being the feature trombone player in our own Band and Orchestra. RUGO SANTINI 15 Bowdoin Street Big Rugo works on his father s truck occasionally and likes it so much he wants to go into the construction business. He likes to spend his leisure moments swimming or bowling. Richard Colby Sargent 67 Churchill Avenue Honor Roll. Tefinis, Class Basketball . Presidenljof Debating Club. " Sig” is a very industrious chap. He is well-known about school And very much liked. He always has a good word to say about classmates. Hockey is his favorite sport. Mary W. Sarkisian 87 Melrose Street Tennis. Gilbert and Sullivan Club. Class Basketball. Ever-smiling Mary is going to Banford Academy to study hairdressing. She en- joys roller skating, and spends most of her spare time reading. He lot Arthur Davis Saul 2-4 Gray Street jF onor Roll. C tiss Tennis. Football. Class 0 Basketball. J ■ L Piggie” w nts td jr a business man con- , ' nected with a leading steel company, claims steel is svlr young and will grow more and he would like to grow with it. Michael Sawchuk 22 River Street Golf. ry Along in 1 950, when our amiable " Russia” is a celebrated golf pro., he promises to re- member hisHormer hjigh school chums and to give them les cvns at a very reduced rate. Look Jiim up! (Page Sixty-nine) HIGH SCHOOL Nella Marie Scannel 92 Franklin Street “Chronicle” Staff, Debating Club, Tennis. “Scoop,” whose greatest thrill came when she saw her first story printed in the “Chron- icle,” hopes to further her knowledge of writ- ing at B. U. John William Scriven 1003 Massachusetts Avenue Class Basketball . Model Aero Club. Air-minded John is looking forward to the day when he can bid goodbye to dear old terra firma and head for the clouds. He will then remember the happy, worthy years spent in order to receive his diploma. Marian Louise Semonian cAJ 73 HaTlow Street Orchestra. Tennis. Glee Club. Dramatic Club. ” “Cookie” is going to Hyannis State Col- lege where she can take any subject she de- sires, and to further her hobby of collecting rare shells and horseshoe crabs. Doris Ann Sheldon 8 Elmore Street Honor Roll. Our conscientious honor student wants to be a secretary because she knows that she will enjoy doing that work, but she admits that it was difficult to be able to succeed in stenography. William Paul Silk 148 Massachusetts Avenue “Bill” is going to greet his graduation day joyfully. He’s a companionable chap who enjoys driving around when he has no des- tination. “Bill” plans to study accounting. Margaret Frances Slattery 1125 Massachusetts Avenue Secretary Senior Class, Basketball. Secre- tary of Student Council. Cheer Leader, Year Book Committee, Honor Roll. Margaret is one of the most capable and active girls in high school. Popular “Slats " says she’ll remember her high school pals for a long, long time, and they will never forget her. (Page Seventy) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Mary Louise Spina 43 Beacon Street After studying hairdressing at Wilfred Academy. Mary, quaintly called " Giggles, will be a help to many girls. Dancing is her most loved pastime. Frances Fuehrer Spong 35 Bailey T ennis. Our most talented racket- welding dau who is sure to go places with her outstai ability. She will remember longest many friends she has made. • J L Margaret Joan Steincross 47 Allen Street Dramatic Club, “ Admirable Crichton.” Honor Roll, Class Basketball. Class Tennis, Year Book Committee. To further her business education, jolly " Peg intends to go to B. U. in the fall. She enjoys and attends all sports very much, and her fine performance in the public play will long be in our memory. Mary Katherine Steinkrauss 107 Wildwood Avenue Baseball, Class Basketball, Class Tennis, Honor Roll. " Steiny " is as yet undecided about her fu- ture career. She enjoys both observing sports and participating in them. She will remember them as the highlight of her high school days. Gertrude Louise Stephany 94 Alpine Street " Chronicle ” Staff. " Gertie,” the ace news-hound on the " Chronicle,” will study for a newspaper ca- reer at the Suffolk School of Journalism. From there, watch out. Ann Marsters! ! Wayne Morgan Stetson 27 Fordham Street Class Basketball. Class Tennis. Wayne, who is ambitious although quiet, is going to take on the problems of account ing at Bentley ' s where we are sure he will rank high. Road ghter ; idin$ ' ... (Page Seventy-one) um ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL r ■ j ' ' Anne Lois STtERHOFE 1 1 Newport Street Twirler, Gilbert and Sullivan Chulp. Anne ..was one,of those bewitching twirl- ers thjt ' h’elpe T make the football games so popular. This engaging trtaiss is very musical and hopes ’to further her; education along these lines. y y y Catherine Anne Sullivan 1 1 1 Medford Street Reticent “Kay " enjoys all sports and loves to watch football and hockey games. She hopes to go to Burden, and will always re- member her first surfboard ride. John Francis Sullivan 3 Linwood Street Band, Class Basketball. Always peppy and witty, “Jack " has everyone laughing with him. Not only grand to know, but a regular pal, “Jack ' s " favorite pastime is skating. He is headed for Tufts. Ethel Eleanor Selma Svedlund 36 Bellington Street Dramatic Club, Gilbert and Sullivan, Hon- or Roll. “Petite et charmarite " describes our lo- quacious “Swede " to perfection. Her am- bition is to learn what she missed in high school. A. H. S. will not seem the same without her. Barbara Katherine Swanson 561 Summer Street Field Hockey, Basketball, Baseball, Stu- dent Council. Cheer Leader. “ Chronicle ” Staff. Energetic and athletic “Swannie” is an ar- dent sports enthusiast. She, with her pleas- ing personality we know so well, will be a great success as a very efficient secretary. Albert H. Sweet 42 Pierce Street His initials are A. H. S. and should in- spire him to success. “Al” wants to go to Northeastern to pursue his hobby of chem- istry. (Page Seventy-two) George Henry Sweet 27 Fordham Street Spectator. In spite of his mania for making fudge, ' Sweetie Pie” finds plenty of time for danc- ing, swimming and baseball. His present plan is to represent A. H. S. in the business world. John Myron Tashjian 26 Gloucester Street Really fine personalities are hidden be- neath a quiet, modest interior. So it is with John who wants to enter M. I. I . next year. Mary Joan Tee 26 Jason Street Art Club, Drama Club. Honor Roll. Mary, the mighty mite, has one burning ambition — to show some of her witty class- mates that she can grow. University of New Hampshire will be her alma mater. Marcia Lewis Tenney 9 Addison Strcejo ' Honor Roll. Tennis Team. Commercial art seems-tp jae ithb thing with Marcia. She is an ardeht hockey fan and follows the red and grey with great inter- est. Marcia is also a talented tennis player. Robert James Theall 81 Pondview Road Class Basketball . Class Baseball. Class Iennis. ‘ ' Bob” will take his cheerful, pleasing na- ture to Portia Law School. “Bob” has spent much of his spare time in DeMolay ac- tivities. Ralph L. Thomas, Jr. 370 Gray Street Basketball. Our “Shorty” is going to New Hampshire to learn to be an undertaker. He is an ath- lete, both in school and out, and he rates dancing and swimming above anything else. ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL (Page Seventy-three) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Carol West Thompson 30 Melrose Street Glee Club, “Patience.” Carol aspires to be a dietitian because she enjoys food. She admits she will ever re- member the lunch room at A. H. S. When not in school, Carol enjoys swimming and sings with delight. Constance Elizabeth Tortorici T 2l Oak Knoll DramaticJclub, Dranja Club, Year Book Committee. Sweet-tempered " J onnie " intends to go to Raticliffe. In school she is amus cl by watch- ing her classmates, but outside she just likes to have fun. Marjorie Rosebrooks,Trenholm 19 Bellevue Road Honor, RolJ L " Midgie” was a newcomer to A. H. S. this year and those of you who didn ' t meet her massed something. " Midgie ' s going to study voice after leaving us. We wish her luck! Lilia TucceLLI 5 3 Thorndike Street Basketball , Class Tennis. " Lily” is going to be a famous dress de- signer as her favorite pastime is creating new styles. She also enjoys sports, such as ten- nis and skating, and she likes to dance. Lranklin Dorr Volpe 81 Webcowet Road Class Tennis, Class Basketball . Dramatic Club. Another up-and-coming lawyer is " Lrank,” who will go to Harvard to pre- pare for the bar. He wants you to know that he thrives on all sports. James Harper Walker 30 Brantwood Road Globe-traveling " Jimmie " intends to fol- low in the footsteps of his father and be a high-ranking officer at the U. S. Military Academy. (Page Seventy-four) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL 1 V ' ' SvAJM ,rt leen Helena Walker 19 Whittemore Street CA ' Class Tennis Tennis is the favorite activity of modest, unassuming " Kath, who hopes to increase her knowledge at the Fay School. Norma Lee Wall 16 Lockeland Avenue Honor Roll. Friendly " Normie’ doesn t know why she will go to the University of New Hampshire but there she goes! As a parting gift she would bequeath to A. H. S. an elevator. Marie C. Wallace 406 Massachusetts Avenue Glee Club. Dramatic Club. Class Tennis. Class Basketball. Marie ' s next few years will be spent at Simmons. Her chief interest outside of school, is in music. She will long remem- ber her teachers and the homework which they so abundantly gave. Virginia Marie Waller 175 Highland Avenue Attractive, well-dressed " Ginger likes to paint and will develop her talents at Art School. She says, enthusiastically, that the teachers and students at A. H. S. are just grand. . Claire Elaine Walsh 37 Cornell Street T ennis. Soft-spoken Elaine remembers the peppy hockey games and Mr. Hormel s history class, and says she ll almost regret going to Kath- erine Gibbs. Laurena Walsh 27 Surry Road Honor Roll. Laurena possesses a trait rarely found, that of a sweet disposition. I his will undoubted- ly aid her in her chosen work, social service. She plans to attend Simmons. (Page Seventy-five) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Arlene Audrey Wannlund 144 Mt. Vernon Street “Arl” isn’t yet sure what she wants to be, but she intends to go to Mass. State and find out. Shy as always, she says she’ll remem- ber everything about her high school career. Richard David Ward 14 Wyman Street Manager of Football Team, President of Dramatic Club, Track, Debatinq Club, Ten- ms. We all know ' Dick ' ' Ward. He ' s the v versatile chap who is an actor, athlete , and scholar. ‘ Dick’ ' is going to prepare for a business career at Boston College. ADELE Ann WASILEWSKI 88 Lake Street Drama Club. Orchestra. Adele with her captivating personality is one girl who combines studies with good times. When not studying to be a secre- tary, she enjoys skating and plenty of swim- ming. Robert Edward Waterman 146 Oakland Avenue “Bob " is a very good baseball player and if he does his work at Northeastern as well as he plays baseball he is sure to be a suc- cess in all that he does. Marcia Weatherill 35 Temple Street Dramatic Club. Art Club. Drama Club, Honor Roll. Boys in uniform and winter sports are call- ing “Marty’’ to University of New Hamp- shire. She has indulged in many activities while here and has been prominent in art work. Robert Haines Werner 1 8 Cleveland Street Cross Country. Indoor Track. Class Base- ball. “Bob’’ hasn’t any idea what he wants to be, but he is sure he’s going to Northeastern. Being something of an athlete he will ever re- member the “A’’ received for track. (Page Seventy-six) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Marjorie Rhoda Whilton 5 7 Hawthorne Avenue Orchestra, Band. Gilbert and Sullivan Club. Likeable " Margie,” not the shortest girl in the senior class, but almost, is going to take her musical and dancing talent to Sargent College. Kathryn Nickerson Whitcomb 101 Brantwood Road Pretty, popular " Kay " plans to attend Pine Manor Junior College before starting her art career. We know she 11 always have plenty of friends. Marc A. White 21 Woodland Street Honor Roll. President of Student Council. Debating Club. Tennis. Lunchroom. Marc, a great fellow to know and an honor student, is going to pursue learning at Har- vard. He has spent a very active senior year and supplied the school with their meal tick- ets. Walter Patrick White 144 Wildwood Avenue Football . Baseball . Basketball . F rack. Tall, dark and handsome " Whizzer of football fame seriously hopes that U. of N. H. has escalators, for he will remember long- est the hard climb up the stairs of knowledge. William G. Whitney 15 Hobbs Court Basketball. Baseball. Honor Roll. “Little Whit, " one of our outstanding hoop stars, is going to Mass. State. Always full of fun he states that his favorite outside activity is that of playing basketball. Hazen L. Whittier 6 Newport Street Hazen would like to be a business expert after graduation from Northeastern. He likes most any sport but enjoys football, hockey and baseball best of all. (Page Seventy-seven) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL James Black Wilcox 16 Maple Street Baseball. Golf. Class Baseball. " Jim’’ is another Harvard man-to-be. He jokingly comments that his favorite pastime is studying (one doesn’t take “Jim” serious- ly). He is well-known for his ability in golf and baseball. David Paul Wilfert 64 Cleveland Street Band. Dramatic Club. " Dave” has been a very active member in the Dramatic Club as scenery man. The club will miss his eager willingness to be of as- sistance to their plays. Roderick van de Poele Wogan 420 Magnolia Street Band Manager, Dramatic Club. " Sleepy” aspires to take over Lowell Thomas’ radio job when he is liberated from A. H. S. The curly-headed one has many outside activities, among which is collecting foreign money and maps. Chandler Earle Wood 16 Whittemore Street Dramatic Club. Track, “Patience,” “Mika- do.” “Chan’s” beautiful voice justifies his choice of singing as a career. He enjoys dancing, and says the leads he had in “Patience” and “The Mikado” will always be among his memories. Kathryn Anna Woods 61 Thorndike Street Class Basketball. On leaving our dear school “Kay” plans to go to B. U. to further her secretarial studies. She’s jolly and full of fun and is sure to get ahead just as she has here. Elizabeth Anne Woodward 45 Linden Street Gilbert and Sullivan Club. “Lil” is going to aid suffering humanity and be a pursc Ha her days off she ' ll be swimming Tnat is her favorite pastime. X iUjafe fwinning smile she says she will re- icmher her graduation. (Page Seventy-eight) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Glenn Carleton Wright 7 Harold Street Band, Orchestra, Gilbert and Sullivan Club, Dramatic Club. Glenn is going to Wentworth to further his training in printing, at which he is al- ready adept. He has been a member of all our musical societies. Carl William Zamore 151 Westminster Avenue Honor Roll. " Bill” plans to be an accountant as he finds ' that work interesting. Outside of school he f ikes to swim, weather permitting. His shin- ing memory will be his History III class. Mildred Elizabeth Zwicker 41 Rangeley Road Dramatic Club. “ The Younqest. " " No Sabe, " “ Excursion , " Honor Roll. Versatile, with admirable dramatic quali- ties, vivacious ‘‘Mimi is going to Leland Powers. She is an eager roller-skating fan She says she will remember longest the Dra- matic Club. Linden Oliver Blanchard 29 Wyman Terrace Honor Roll, Football. Hockey. Class Base- ball. Class Basketball. Next year will find all-star Lindy at La Salle Prep. Although hockey is his fa- vorite sport, he says he will always remem- ber our 12-9 victory over Melrose in the Thanksgiving game of 1938. Blanid Marie Dolan 84 Hillside Avenue " Jerry” frequently skates and skis but es- pecially enjoys dancing. It has been her long, fervent passion to be a telephone oper- ator. William Joseph Lyons 105 Medford Street Hockey, Football, Baseball. Tennis. " Sly,” our athletic hockey captain, admits his favorite outside activity is hockey. He intends to attend Hebron after graduation. “Sly” possesses a magnetic charm which draws all to him. (Page Seventy-nine) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL rV . ' Frank Nichalos Allosso 145 Thorndike Street The skilled. ingenious , - ' Chico " plans to be a mechanic in which field we are sure of his attaining success. His outside activity is football. ' A Audrey Antony 239 Broadway Audrey enjoys dancing and playing tennis when she is not in school. She would like to be a secretary. Elmer William Augustus 36 Lakehill Avenue Baseball, Class Basketball . " Gusie.” a fine baseball play- er and an ardent baseball fan. next year intends to supplant the bat and ball with the pencil and notebook of a secretary. Rose Mary Aurilio 67 Decatur Street Keeping an account of the old coins which she collects will no doubt help Rose in the attain- ment of her desire to be a pro- ficient bookkeeper. Sidney Guy Barnstead 3 30 Forest Street Lunch Room Custodian , Honor Roll. After graduation. " Hick. " our well-known lunch room custo- dian. will continue his quest for knowledge at Northeastern. He sadly says there will never be three years like his high school years. Robert A. Battis 1 0 Oakland Avenue . Football, Hockey. Class Bas- ketball. • .-Tall, i-fnodest. and well-liked is " Bob " who takes a keen in- terest in athletics. The ' 3 8 Arlington -Chelsea football game will never fade from his mem- ory and Bowdoin will claim " Bob " for its own. Marie Florence Bennett 1 0 Marathon Street Marie is small and quiet, but her voice will be heard by thou- sands when she says. " Number, please. " She is fond of danc- ing and has a ready smile for every one. Clarence William Bowker 447 Summer Street Class Basketball , Gilbert and Sullivan Club, Class Baseball. Clarence is fond of sports and enjoyed singing in the Gil- bert and Sullivan Club. Perhaps instead of becoming a business man he will some day be a great singer. Good luck. Clarence! Kenneth T ueman rojvn 38 2 Massachusetts Avenue Tall, blonde Ken hopes 1 6 be- come a research engineer when he has - faduated from North- eastern. He thinks our teachers are " tops " and says he will al- ways remember them. ; yw Harold walker Burke 129 Appleton Street Football. " Burkie " likes excitement and good music, and also plays foot- ball- After his graduation from Northeastern, you may expect to see newspaper stories signed, " Harold Burke.” Joseph Richard Burke 74 Freeman Street " Red Light " Burke wants to be an electrician. In his spare time he likes to swim and dance. Miss Peck ' s English Class will always be a bright star in his memory. Herbert Cabral 8 Alpine Street Herbert plans to enter a nau- tical school and thus insure him- self of smooth sailing. Yacht- ing is a favorite pastime. Clear seas and a strong wind ! Robert Reynolds Cave 2 2 Bellevue Road In order to get anytybere, Bob feels he should go to Har- vard. The kindness and co- operation of his teachers along with the friends he has made, will linger on as pleasant mem- ories. Anne Chambers 5 2 Scituate Street There ' s no reason why girl graduates of Arlington High shouldn ' t have lovely hair when Anne is going into the business of hair-dressing, and we should patronize the home industries. Virginia Comstock Coffey 54 Tufts Street Journalism is " Jinny ' s " choice for a career, because she enjoys writing. The splendid works of literature she has studied in high school will probably seem most valuable to her. Frank Knight C orbett j 161 Wollastpn Avenue Football, Hockey, Baseball, Class Basketball. Honor Roll. V . Since he,i]s such a " go-get- ' ter” ywe 1 arpjsure " Mush " wi realizi htsj7 wish to see Europe and nipt in ' the newsreel. Robert L. Dorrington 1 5 Whittemore Street Football, Baseball, Class Bas- ketball. To be an electric welder is " Dory ' s” ambition. He did a beautiful job on the football field and we are sure that he will do just as well at Stanford. (Page Eighty) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL ALFRED JOSEPH DOUCET 4 1 Hamlet Street Class Basketball, “Chronicle " Staff, Stamp Club. " Spit’s ' ’ ambition is to be a reporter, because of the profit in it. He enjoys football and all spectator sports, so perhaps we have a budding sports writer in our midst. Gregory E. Doyle 3 8 Coleman Road Talkative and good-humored ’Greg " is going to Bentley ' s to train for a C. P. A.’s position. His shining memory is the day he graduated. Paul Alexander Dwinell 3 Of) Lake Street - " Excursion One-Act Plays, Vienna Choir Concert. A lover of good music and the fine arts. " Maestro " will be appreciated wherever he goes. He devotes much time to the Cinema Appreciation Club of Arlington. Francis Fred Ellis 1 8 Randolph Street Football Team. Track, Base ball Team, Flockey, Class Bas- ketball, Cross Country. The ludicrous " Beau Brum- mel " of A. H. S. is in his glory when he takes long hikes in the rain or goes on interesting pic- nics. " Porky " says that the season he enjoys most is the " hunting season. " Charles M. Fereshetian 65 Egerton Road ' v Cv V Lillian Frances Frost 1 5 Mill Street Glee Club. An interest in hairdressing is the reason for " Lucky ' s " choos- ing this for a career. She en- joys reading, walking and the teachers at A. H. S. Louis A. Giuricich 4 2 Dudley Street Though he likes football. Louie proves his ambitious- ness by preparing for the con- tracting business. He thinks Mr. Burke ' s jokes are rib-tickling and says he will never forget them. Margaret Mary Hacunda 3 7A Pine Street The simply grand time she had in the cooking room will stand out in " Margie ' s " mem- ories. She aims to succeed as a dietitian. Reginald A. Hill 3 0 Ashland Street Class Baseball. Class Basket- ball. The many teachers will re- main in " Reggie ' s " memory. Though undecided about his fu- ture. he takes a great interest in baseball and swimming. " Charlie " is interested in the automotive business and also swimming and diving. He says his fondest memory will be his Senior year. JENNIE PHYLLIS FORITANO 29 Cornell Street Our " Jolly Jane " intends to prepare for a stenographer ' s career at Fisher ' s Business School. She modestly states that her English classes will remain the longest in her recollection of high school days. Barbara F. Holloway 27 Harvard Street Quiet, reserved " Barb " is not very fussy. She enjoys every- thing and anything and room 68 will remain in her memory the longest when she is at Bryn Mawr. Betty Margaret Hopkins 181 Newoort Street Gilbert and Sullivan Club, Glee Club. “ Chronicle Assist ant Librarian. " Bet " has done much to make our " Chronicle the best. She states she would like to lead an orchestra or perhaps be a secre- tary. Leo Van Horne 216 Summer Street Ski Club. Class Basketball . Tennis, Operetta. " Trader, " who thinks there ' s nothing like yachting intends to go to M. I. T. to become an engineer which he thinks is the grandest profession on earth Bette Jarvis 22 Linwood Street Bet " intends to study in- terior decorating after she leaves our Alma Mater. She is small and talkative and is considered " swell " by all who know her. Florence Julia Jewer 1 26 Rhinecliff Street " Flo " believes strongly in studying, so heed her advice, ye classmates! She is determined to be a hair dresser and greatly en- joys that popular winter sport, ice skating. - c SHIRLEY MAE LEWIS 38 Lakehill Avenue " Lee " is always perfectly cool and self-possessed. Shirley is the clever one of the class and she intends to take up the study of the brain at the Mount Auburn Hospital. Evelyn Marie Loomis 42 Marathon Street Evelyn is spiritually inclined and would like to teach Child Evangelism classes. Her favorite pastime is skating: both ice skat- ing and rollerskating. ARLINGTON SCHOOL Albert Donald Luongo 4 1 5 Appleton Street Hockey. Golf. " Doc ' s " ambition is to be- come an office worker. He thinks that Brown University will best equip him for his fu- ture. ARTHUR LUNDQUIST 79 Claremont Avenue Although " Whitey” is not graduating with us because of illness, we remember him as one of our outstanding class- • mates. DONALD C. MACNAUGHTON 1 3 1 Highland Avenue Honor Roll. Aided by the well wishes of his many friends. " Muck " in- tends to enter the interior dec- orating field. His favorite pas- times are walking and going to parties. John A. McClelland 2 1 Harvard Street Cross Country Track, Tennis, Basketball . Since he wants interesting and good-paying work. John intends to learn about air conditioning Good luck! ! James T. McGurl 1 7 Central Street James says that all his time in school was taken up with his studies, and that he didn ' t have time for school activities. He likes all sports, but he enjoys football in particular. William H. Mills 1 9 Sutherland Road Football, Baseball, Class Bas- ketball. Our versatile athlete " Billy” should prove to be the pride and joy of Duke ' s football coach He attributes anything he has done to the grand coaching he has received. MarW Virginia Mitchell 29 Bartlett Avenue Delating Club, “Chronicle’’ Staff. Although she is quiet and un- obtrusive, everyone likes to be in Mary ' s presence, and so it will always be, we are surej Wfrank Newcomb 3 1 Windermere Avenue Everybody likes " Newk " be- cause he s o friendly, helpful, and interesting. Our future sen- ator from Massachusetts is born leMetJ but he is also an author- ity on swing. He will attend B. U. John H. Olson 22 Inverness Road John, a man of many moods, plans to attend Burdett’s. Whenever there is ice he is down at Spy Pond playing hockey. He is equally enthusiastic altout golf and is regularly on the. our " " Jean E. Paine 267 Pleasant Strel Our lovely southern belle wants to attend Westhampton College. Va.. so she can see her old friends again. Yet Jean ap- preciates A. H. S. and candid- ly drawls she will never forget Mr. Hormel ' s Modern History Class. Charles Irving Poole 2 1 0 Park Avenue Catherine M. O ' Brien 25 Peirce Street Honor Roll, three years. Did you know that " Kay” is a songstress in secret and may some day gain fame in that line? She has a very sweet disposition, and should make a most efficient secretary. Carmelo O ' Fria 1 7 Mary Street Class Basketball , Class Base- ball. Lively Carmelo would like to enter Bentley’s next fall to train for a position as an accountant. Baseball is his favorite pastime. Harold John O ' Leary 1 1 Blossom Street Football, Baseball. " Charlie.” who is going to attend the University of South- ern California, for a better edu- cation. likes to sail, skate and swim. He will always remem- ber the Arlington High teachers. Mary Theresa Quinn 32 Cornell Street " Quinnce” is a newcomer in our great midst this year. She thinks that A. H. S. is tops not only to prepare for a business career but to yield its share of fun. Claire Patricia Reardon 86 Thesda Street Tall-tan-terrific may be ap- plied to Claire who does not say much, but prefers to relax from a hard day at the office with a bit of swimming or even skating. " Fat ' s” easy-going policy and fine sense of humor will always make him a pleasant companion and a good friend. With great joy he ' ll never foiget that he was a three-year man. Marjorie nn Roe 102 Quincy Street , ✓ C ass Tennis. Vivid w u(t! be the only word to describe “Thorpie " who really excels St her favorite pas- time. dancing. She ' ll always re- member her friendship with Eve- lyn Ostrand. (Page Eighty-two) HIGH SCHOOL 1 I L ARLINGTON HALSTEAD ROOD 1 2 Ottawa Road Tennis. Basketball Happy, cheerful Hal ' ’ plans to attend Northlurd to strength ' en his chances in the world be- yond A. H. S. " Hal ' ' enjoys camping and traveling as out- side activities. Paul Henry Rowland 67 Pleasant Street Indoor Track. Outdoor Track. Class Basketball. Class Baseball. Cross Country. " Poll " claims he ' s going to be one of those Harvard boys ' Good luck, Paul! The many happy hours spent in the class- rooms predominates the high school career of our studious friend . Catherine Ryan 207 Mystic Street A friendly newcomer in our midst is Catherine Ryan who finds Arlington High School fairly hard to get used to. She enjoys all forms of skating out- side of school. Robert C Schiesel 17 Alfred Road Football. Hockey. Class Base- ball. " Bob ' s " outside activities in- clude swimming, bowling and pool. He ' s a regular gentleman and very well liked by both boys and girls. His car is always filled with his friends. Virginia Grace scriven 1 003 Massachusetts Avenue " Ginny’s " favorite pastime, reading, may lead to her being a librarian. She will always cheerfully remember the 1 :25 bell. Ailsa Margaret shepherd 165, Mount Vernon Street ■ Ailsa would like to be a hy- gienist. .Her favorite outside activities are bicycling and skat- ing. (Page Eighty-three) Claudia Rowena Smillif. 76 Wright Street Glee Club. " Claud " says she ' ll never for- get the grand young people she met at A. H. S. Because her secret passion has always been to be a secretary, she plans to go to Fisher’s. w. Bruce Smith 3 3 Boles Road Besides having natural artis- tic inclination. Bruce is a quiet chap with a flare for swimming, skating and hunting. He re- members school itself as the brightest spot of his high school career. James Russell Spofford 69 Crescent Hill Avenue Class Basketball . Class Base- ball. Ski Club. Track. " Jim” is very well known to us all. An extreme interest in sports, both as an observer and a participant, makes him a regu- lar fellow. His senior activities are " tops. " BARBARA ANN SWEENEY 1 6 Pierce Street " Barb " truly leads a double life since she is a twin. Indeed, she says she ' ll never forget being taken for her sister. She en- joys skating and intends to go to Miss Pierce ' s Secretarial School. BERTHA SWEENEY 1 6 Pierce Street Like a veritable twin, Bertha or " twin " is agreeing with her sister. She, too, is going to Miss Pierce’s Secretarial School and also obtains pleasure in skat- ing. JOHN JOSEPH SWEENEY 64 Sunset Road Quiet and reserved, “Wiff’s " fine personality will make him many friends at his chosen col- lege, Harvard. He says, his Eng- lish classes will live on through T ime ! Evelyn Marie Tighe 8 Windsor Street Quiet but not meek is " Eve " who is such a good listener. Her eye is on Fisher ' s as a possible training ground for a business career. William Goodwin Urqhart 103 Bow Street We have a navy enthusiast. in our midst for " BjiUj ' nl nmiing for a navy career. When ndt school, he enjoys playing hotkey and basketball. Joseph White 27 Mill Street Football. Class Basketball. Class Baseball. Honor Roll. Popular " Porky will take his athletic prowess to Bates, Good-natured and jovial as ever, he states that Miss Porter ' s Eng- lish classes will live with him through the years. Judith Ann White 1 8 Robin Hood Road Talented " Judy " plans to be a dancer because that is what she loves to do. The friends she made while attending A. H. S. will long remain in her memory. Eleanor Margaret Wilson 17 Draper Avenue " El " intends to learn the fine points of being a buyer. As outside activities she chooses driving and swimming as favor- ites. Palmer Woodworth 3 7 Linden Street Gilbert and Sullivan. Some day " Woodie " will be a great movie magnate, since he is now very much interested in amateur movie making. When he is in Hollywood he will always remember the friends he has made here. 3u fflputortam GEORGE MANSFIELD 1921-1938 ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Who i ( I i ' iio Best All-round Most Popular Best Actor Most Musical Most Intellectual Most Athletic Most Likely to Succeed Wittiest Best Dancer T allest Shortest Most Attractive Best Dressed Best Orator Most Businesslike Most Bashful Most Talkative Most Artistic Boy George Mernick George Mernick Richard Ward Paul Dwinell Malcolm Beers Linden Blanchard Marc White Francis Ellis Francis Aubrey Ralph Thomas Thomas Mills Clayton Adams Robert Cave William Hanson Paul Jones James Harvey Donald Bresnan Francis Aubrey Girl Barbara Swanson Margaret Slattery Marion Fillmore Malvena Mazzocca Audrey Johnson Barbara Swanson Margaret Slattery Constance MacAllister Charlotte Guarante Priscilla Estabrook Mary Tee Eleanor Ewe Betty McMahon Marjorie Ochs Marjorie Ochs Ethel Morrow Judith Martin Kathryn Whitcomb (Page Eighty-six) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Front Row, left to nyht: S. Mann, W. Dale, B. Swanson, M. Slattery, M. White, M. Ochs. Second Row: M. Wiely, R. Fitzpatrick, H. Hansen, J. Morris, E. Richards, J. Hagen, J. Martin. Third Row: R. Dooley, J. O ' Donoghue. G. Mernick, T. White, C. Barret. Every year the student body elects ten seniors, six juniors, and four sopho- mores as representatives of each class in the Student Council. The graduating class of 1939 should well be proud to claim such an en- thusiastic, capable, and school-spirited organization. Many class activities such as afternoon dances and a junior prom have been a part of its contribution to better school spirit and improved student cooperation. The Student Council can proudly say that the President of the Eastern Massachusetts Division of Student Councils comes from our own A. H. S. George Mernick was elected to this office and has presided over all the meetings held this year. We sincerely hope that the future members will uphold the traditions es- tablished by the past members and preserved by members of the 1939 Student Council. President Vice President Secretary T reasurer OFFICERS Marc White, ' 39 Warren Dale, ' 40 Margaret Slattery, ' 39 Barbara Swanson, ' 39 (Page Eighty-eight) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL The A. H. S. Dramatic Club is pleased to report a happy, lively and suc- cessful year in 1938-39 under the most capable guidance of Mrs. (Auntie) Helen F. Matthews and Miss (Cousin) Claire Johnston. The club commenced its activities early in September with 130 members. Plans were soon under way for presenting " Excursion, ” by Victor Wolfson, as the annual public performance at the Town Hall. After several weeks of hard work at rehearsals, the comedy was presented January 14, 1939. It was greatly enjoyed by all who attended. Many thanks are due to members of the faculty who assisted us: Mr. Rob- inson, Mr. Arthur, and Mr. Withered. Also orchids to Miss Porter who was invaluable in aiding " Auntie” Helen and " Cousin " Claire in turning out a distinguished performance. President Vice President Secretary T reasurer Chairman of Tickets Chairman of Advertising Chairman of Program Chairman of Scenery Chairman of Properties (Page Eighty-nine) Richard Ward Herbert Greeley Marcia Weatherill Richard Kolegue Malcolm Beers Paul Jones John McClelland Robert Davis William Allen Nubar Boghosian Constance Tortorici ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL sir srtaj; mat ft Fr(mt Kom- H R al McKeown ' R . ' i nthcm ’cL Donnelly, B. Hopkins, E. Mahoney, Miss Kvastin. B. Swanson, H. Giove. D. Downey. ( 7 2 £ (lilXOYlicli " Buy — don ' t borrow! " This slogan calls to our mind the Chronicle staff of Arlington High School. It is truly a tribute to our senior class for we find that the only class in Journalism is one composed entirely of seniors. hcse students handle the reporting, make-up, editing, and proof reading of the copy. The advertising, publicity, and circulation are cared for by officers in the Journa- asm class. Under the supervision of the faculty members: Miss kras in. Mr. Robinson, and Mr. Arthur, the editors and staff have supplied us with choice tidbits of news, gossip, humor, and timely editorials. , f Among those interviews granted our reporters we find the names o Johnny " Lax of the Boston Olympics, formerly an Arlington High hockey player: Gluyas Williams, a cartoonist for the Boston Globe; and hddie Bracken, star of the play, " What a Life. " .. . f The year 1939 brings to a close the seventh year of the publication, fea- turing " Soph Snaps. " " Keyhole Kinks,” " News Flashes, " and the original contribution of this year ' s class — " Information Please. o all those re- sponsible for the happy moments spent reading our " Chronicle we must give three cheers. _ STAFF Editor Advertising Publicity Proof Reader Exchange Circulation Eleanor Mahoney Audrey Anthony Ruth McKeown Dorothy Downey Catherine Driscoll Mary Donnelly (Page Ninety) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Back Row: R. Higgin, N. Kelley, M. Gallagher, R. Dennen, R. Buxton, R. Ward. C. Birch, G. Mernick, R. Dooley, A. Broeg, A. Gorvine, K. Keville, J. Manion. Third Row: J. O’Brien, M. Duddy, R. Ahern, J. Rhodes, M. Mitchell, E. Jansen, W. Northrop, M. Semo- nian, B. Burr, L. Rhodes, M. Newman, N. Scanned, R. Carey. Second Row: L. Butler, J. Morris. P. Coleman, R. Sargent, M. White, H. Hall, P. Jones. M. Beers. Front Row: J. Buckley, G. Tashjian, R. Goulet. W. White, J. Dolan. dating CU One of our most active organizations is the Debating Club. Every I hurs- day, enthusiastic speakers argue the topic for the week. So far this year, our club has yet to see defeat in the inter-high competi- tions. The match with Everett went to a successful Arlington team by a two to one decision. The return debate was a non-decision at request of Everett. I earns have also been exchanged with Groton High School Arlington was the victor at Groton, while the contest at home was declared a draw. Spring debates with Brookline, Belmont, Norwood, and Newton have been arranged Each week for improving debating technique and practise, a weekly club debate is held. Another member is appointed critic. 1 he following week, he criticizes the debate. In addition one member is appointed chairman. Thus all members must sometime act as chairman, critic, and debater. 1 he club is fortunate in its adviser, Mr. Guy Petralia, who gives the organization generously of his time. The Debating Club members hope they have increased the interest in de- bating. Surely each member can look back on the year 19 38-39 and say. " We had a fine Debating Club that year. " OFFICERS President Vice President Secretary T reasurer Marshal Richard Sargent Malcolm Beers Phyllis Colman Harry Hall Marc White (Page Ninety-one) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Back Row, left to right: C. Tenney, J. O’Donoghue, C. Birch. R. Perkins, W. BaLb. Middle Row: T. Hatch, J. French, N. Olsen. L. Kiely, Mr. Witherell. Front Row: A. Rose, D. Mann, R. Hansen, H. Marden, C. Day. This year, the Ski Club formed in 1936-1937, had its most successful season. The membership has increased to fifty, of which seven are girls. Be- sides doing very well in the annual Mount Hood meet in Melrose on February 3. the teams also outscored Watertown in points in a dual meet held February 9. Besides these meets the members took many week-end trips to such ski re- sorts as Brookline, New London, Guilford, and J ucke rman s Ravine in New Hampshire, and to Stowe and WAodstock in Vermont. On an average, be- tween seven and fifteen members took these trips showing the increasing en- thusiasm with which this club is greeted each succeeding year. C)n many afternoons the boys, accompanied by Mr. Witherell, their faculty adviser, tried out various new trails within a radius of twenty-five miles from Arlington. It is the hope of every member of the club as well as of Mr. Witherell that skiing will be a recognized sport in the high school in the near future. 1 his year Mr. Witherell was appointed an active member of the Committee on Junior Skiing of the National Ski Association of America. I he main purpose of this committee is to aid and promote junior skiing and interscholastic competition. The Ski Club officers are: President Vice President Secretary Manager Richard Hanson Don Mann Robert Peirce Harry Marden (Page Ninety-two) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Rack Rote, left to right: E. Greek, R. Brown. Mr. Arthur, G. Zartarian, R. Black. Front Row: G. McCoubrey, R. Cade, R. Abrahamson, A. Black, W. Brawley. Embryonic “We’s” of Arlington High School led to peaks of honor by their president, Robert Abrahamson, in cooperation with Laurence P. Arthur, faculty adviser, have soared this season. The meetings of this aero club are both interesting and educational. Con- struction problems, scale models, new ideas concerning planes and designs are discussed. All the members belong to Jordan s Junior Aeronautic League as well as to the National Aeronautics Association. The records held by one outstanding member of the club, Ralph Brown, should cause any would-be aviator to be envious. Ralph ' s Indoor Records fol- low : Junior Class A. R. O. G. 12 min. 27 sec. Senior Autogyro Junior Hcliocopter 2 mm. 47 sec. 2 min. 1 5 sec. These are all national records. sec. " Bob” Abrahamson holds the outdoor tow-line glider record at 4 min. 27 Other members of the club are: Allen Black Robert Black Garbis Zartarian Thomas White Richard Brawley George Macauley Robert Cade (Page Ninety-three) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Back Roil ' . E. Boudreau. N. Avakian, B. Kennedy, D. Mellin, C. Baird. V. Halleram, D. Winget, A. O’Brien, E. Ryeburgh, R. Bamberg, W. Kent. L. McCarthy, M. Lloyd, E. Barry, A. Semorian. Third Row: P. Hanlink, M. McMenimen. R. Belliveau, M. Howley, E. Benson. E. Black, M. Guarente, M. Riley. D. Mooney. C. Welsh. G. Gross, M. Wallace, E. Peabody. Second Row: C. Thompson, M. Pettingill, E. Trembley, C. Wilkshire. C. Knudsen, M. Bradford, M. Bailey, R. Miller, M. Quinzani, F. Fredo, C. Smilie, E. Svedlund, J. Quattrocci. Front Row: M. Kin r, R. Alsen, B. Miller, T. Sorensen, R. Claire, P. Tortorici, G. Wood, G. Gott, D. Gray, B. Evans, M. Fagerland, C. Gott. For the past few years, the Girls Glee Club has been very successful, win ning the highest honors at both the State Festival and the All-New England Festival. This year the girls expect to maintain their standard. The club of 1938-39 consists of eighty members. The accompanist is Evelyn Barry, and the director is Miss Ethelwyn Wardle. In the fall the club sponsored a very pleasant dance which was successlul not only socially, but also financially. During the spring the girls are scheduled to sing for the Parent-Teacher Association at the Hardy Elementary School, the State Festival at Belmont, and the All-New England Festival at Worcester. Later in the spring a radio performance will also be presented. OFFICERS President Vice President Librarian Secretary Christine Knudsen Mary Bailey Ella Mackenzie Marion Bradford (Page Ninety-four) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Front, Row, left to right: R. Bamberg, B. Birch, L. Cavalieri, M. Winn, B. Thurston, E. Trembley, E. Sachos, M. Kins, M. Sarkisian, E. Carlson. R. Hamlon, E. Gray. Second Row: D. Campbell, M. Pettingill, D. Coughlin, E. Keating, D. Eldridge, A. Raue, R. Annen, R Davis, E. Kennedy, B. Bouzas, M. Wylie, M. Dodge. Third Row: K. Hogan, A. O ' Brien. L. Doble, G. Higgins, C. Gould, B. Gilman, B. Quinn, N. Anderson. E. Levine, M. Wilson, D. Wingette, N. Scanned. M. Gallagher, D. Kellogg, M. McMen°min. Back Row: J. Terjelian, L. Backhofner, D. Sullivan, R. Manning, C. Birch, R. Ferguson, H. Morgan, C. Wood. R. Dodge, L. Horne, H. Greeley, C. Lane. CHIC 7 f ujan The Gilbert and Sullivan Club, under the direction of Mr. L Hassler Einztg, is now completing its third season. Club meetings and rehearsals are held on Wednesday afternoons with extra rehearsals on other days when necessary. Heretofore, Mr. Einzig has directed the meetings but this year the officers of the club have conducted the meetings under his guidance. Rehearsals for the 1939 Gilbert and Sullivan performance started in De- cember, 1938. This year’s production, " The Mikado, " will again be directed by Mr. L. Hassler Einzig. We know that under his inspired supervision the performance will equal those of previous years. The operetta will take place the last week of April. These members have been chosen for leads: Alice O’Brien ... , Herbert Greeley Elizabeth Kennedy ( an n Wood Thomas Ferguson Barbara Bouzas Altred Kauc Mary Dodge Ruth Dennen and Grace Higgins are understudies. President Vice President Secretary T reasurer Pianist (Page Ninety-five) OFFICERS Ruth G. Dennen Alfred Raue Elizabeth Kennedy Dorothy Eldridge Ruth Bamberg ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Back Row ■ Ernest Gariepv, William Orchard, Philip O ' Quinn, Ann Horrigan, Bartholomew Colby Charles Jacques, John King, Herbert Evans. Karl Powers, Arthur Broeg, Harry Hansen. Clifford Harris, Katherine Woods, Jeanne Poole. Edward Dodge. T „ . . Fourth Row ■ Mr. Mazzocca, Ann Stierhoff, Robert Dolham. Margaret O Neill Paul LaRue Marjorie Wil- son. Lawrence Davis. Robert Maxham. Everett Linikin. Charles Bamberg, Robert Brown Everett Thies Warren Patriquin, John Foran, Melvina Mazzocca, Norma Rowsell, Creighton Parker. Third Row Margaret McMenimen. Ester Donovan, James Buckley. Doris Kellogg, Ruth Bamberg, Warren Martin Robert Martin. Gordon Page, Leo Wilson, Alden Douthart, Albert Jefferson. Edna Jansen, Robert Gleason. Alice O ' Brien. Mary Melly. Rita McGrath. Barbara Quinn. Mr. Emzig. Second Row: Marjorie Whilton, Mary Dodge. Richard Briggs, Fred Anderson, Laurie Bachoffner, Jacques Hoffman, Louise Cavalieri, Henry Travis, Benjamin Monk, Martha Burns, Dana Pierce, Bette Holmes, Janice Mazzocca. „ , . Front Row: Marilene Meanor, Marylyn Slater, Doris Paton, Barbara Scott, Katherine Power, Mary Con- nelly, Anna Ridall, Ruth Hanlon, Jean Mellin, Mary Wylie. HBtana The Arlington High School Band of 19 38-39 was one of the largest, most complete, and best balanced bands we have ever had at Arlington High. The band presented a striking appearance with sixteen twirlers fitted out in new red skirts marching ahead of our sixty musicians. Thanks to the many hours of tedious designing by Mr. H. Einzig, with Mr. Mazzocca assisting, the brilliant display of musicianship added a colorful touch to the enthusiasm of our ever-cheering A. H. S. supporters. The honorable position of drum major was awarded to Creighton Parker, a worthy junior, who led our band down its field of victory to rhythmic, melo- dious marches and directed our school song. Although the work during the football season was its most outstanding accomplishment, our band also played at the Town Hall for the Home Institute Week Now it is preparing to participate in the Music Festival in Arlington as well as in the State Music Festival at Belmont, where many bands will compete for music glory. We all hope ours will march home with highest honors. (Page Ninety-six) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Violins, Charlotte Baird, Madeline Cain. Nancy Eslin, Betty Evans, Audrey Johnson. Nancy Kelly, Eilora Levine, Waldense Malouf. Eleanor McCarthy, Henry Moore, Alice O ' Brien, Paul Robbins, Harry Taylor, Adele Wasilewski, Doris Wilson. Marion Winn ; Violoncello, Marion Semonian ; String Basses, Edward Dodge, Elvira Spina, Ann Twitched ; Flutes, Roland Beers, Marjorie Wilton; Oboe, Malcolm Beers; Clarinets, Fred Anderson, William Hanson. Janice Mazzocca, Dana Pierce; Bassoons, Martha Burns, Mary Dodge ; Saxophones, Laurie Bachoffner, Louise Cavalieri, Benjamin Monk; Trumpets, Charles Bamberg, Robert Dolham, Melvina Mazzocca, Warren Patriquin ; French Horns, Ruth Bamberg, Doris Heilman n, Doris Kellogg, Ruth Mellin ; Trombones, Alden Douthart, Warren Martin ; Drums, Ann Horrigan, Marjorie Semonian ; Piano, Elizabeth Marshall , Managers, Arthur Broeg, Robert Maxham. ’icfizitxa The Arlington High School Orchestra is one of the outstanding organiza- tions of the school. Its achievements are notable. In 1938 it gained the high- est awards possible at the State Music Festival held at Fall River. This year it hopes to attain equal honors at the State Music Festival at Belmont. The instrumentation of A. H. S.’s orchestra is complete. Every section is filled with able musicians who enjoy their musical talents. Under the excellent conductorship of Mr. Hasslcr Einzig and with the helpful assistance of Mr. Augustus Mazzocca. the orchestra is continuing to maintain its high reputation. T he orchestra’s participation adds refinement to our assemblies. The Dramatic Club play was also accompanied by a selected group of the orchestra. I he Concert Mistress this year is Miss Alice O ' Brien, a very distinguished violinist. 1 he ideal cooperation of the student musicians with the conductor helps make our orchestra one of the finest in the State. We sincerely hope that the A. H. S. orchestra will continue to show its merits. (Page Ninety-seven) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Top Row: Mr. Kenney, T. Sennott, P. Jones, R. Smith, W. Chick, F. Aubrey, R. Cove, W. Allen. Middle Row: A. Bergner, f). Gott, R. Bamberg, J. Shedd, E. Kennedy, J. Mark, K. Whitcomb, H. Greek, B. Forest. Bottom Row: M. Ochs, M. Fillmore, E. Ostrand, A. Wasilewski, C. Tortorici, M. Weatherill, M. Tee, M. Ingerbretson, M. Zwicker. The Fine Arts Club was organized by Mr. James F. Kenney for the pur- pose of promoting a better understanding and appreciation of the combined arts of painting, music, and drama. The members attended as many professional plays as possible, among the most important being Macbeth, Five Kings, and Hamlet. Individual atten- tion was given to the excellent series of Gr eat Plays broadcast every Sunday afternoon. A real interest in classical music has been aroused by attending the two series of Youth Concerts given by the Boston Symphony Orchestra as well as listening to operas over the radio. An analysis of painting was considered from two points of view. Once a month, the club made a field trip to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts where a lecturer described the history of painting from early to modern times. Once a month, likewise, the members of the club traveled to several exhibition galleries of contemporary painting. It is always the aim of the club to foster the development of a cultural sense by keeping in close association with what is going on in the theater, the concert hall, and exhibition galleries; to be able to discuss these allied arts be- cause of their association; and to create an intense interest in things cultural that will become an integral part of one’s education and personality. (Page Ninety-eight) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL We’ll cheer today the Red and Gray We know our boys will shine — ■ The backs will run around the ends And charge right through the line. The team will march on down the field Until the game is won — So lend your voice and give a cheer A cheer for Arlington. — Rah! Rah! (Page One Hundred) ARLINGTON Front Row, left to right: D. Bresnan, W. Lyons, F. Ellis, ,J. Welch, J. Cronin, A. Massucco, G. Alden, E. Manning, F. Casali, A. Saul. Second Row: E. Larson, W. Mills, R. Dorrington, G. Mernick, L. Blanchard, W. White, Captain P. Down, J. White, R. Battis, E. Hughes. Back Row: Assistant Coach H. Hormel, R. Saunders, A. Blanchard, W. Coughlin, E. Burns, F. O’Connell, R. Isner, E. Tobin, H. Nickerson, A. Knight, Head Coach Ostergren. Manager R. Ward. JootUC Although the A. H. S, gridiron team experienced only a fair season in 1938, it was really better than the standings indicate. The team started the year like a state champion and defeated its first four opponents, also holding them score- less. Then came a powerful Malden eleven stacked with reserves to check Arlington’s drive for high honors — the final score: Malden 12, A H. S. 7. This defeat was disastrous, because it started a series of losses for the team, in spite of the fact that the boys outgained their opponents in yardage in every game. But all defeats were forgotten when Arlington came back to defeat its traditional Thanksgiving Day rival, Melrose, by a close 12-9 score. This game was Arlington ' s outstanding performance of the year. The team coached by Fred Ostergren and his able assistant. Henry Hormel, was sparked throughout the year by Captain Phil Down and ex-co-captain and all-scholastic, Lindy Blanchard. Because of the fine attendance at the games this year, the school committee found it possible to award sweaters and letters to those qualifying as lettermen. These twenty-two boys received sweaters: Captain Phil Down, Co-Captain- elect Edward Burns, Co-Captain elect Russell Isner, Linden Blanchard, Walter White, Reuben LeBaron, Edward Hughes, Robert Battis, Robert Sanders, William Mills, Joseph White, Edward Tobin, William Coughlin, Arthur Blanchard, George Mernick, Harold Larson, Francis Ellis, Robert Dorrington, William Lyons, Francis Femia, Donald Bresnan, and Manager Richard Ward. (Page One Hundred One) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Back Row, left to right: H. Doherty, R. Dennen, M. Newman, C. Guarente. Middle Row: M. Gallagher, F. Caples, J. Martin, E. Riese, M. McCarty. Front Roiv: E. Scanlon, P. Bullock, Powers, R. Healy, E. Donovan, B. Swanson. The 1938-39 hockey girls had a very successful season. 1 hey won five games and lost only one. Starting the season with only one veteran, Ryta Healy, the team did a remarkable piece of work, remaining a constant threat to its opponents. With Ryta Healy captain and highest scorer — Esther Donovan, Pauline Bullock, Judy Martin, Ruth Dennen, and Jacqueline Hession made up a de- pendable forward line. For their strong defense much credit must be given tc Charlotte Guarente and Helen Doherty, as well as to the remainder of the de- fense line, consisting of Barbara Swanson, Mary Louise Newman, Emily Riese, Frances Caples, and Kay Powers who also played effectively. Dorothy Scan- lon proved herself an able goalie. Mary Gallagher was a capable manager. The success of this year ' s hockey team is due especially to the experienced guidance of Miss McCarty and the perseverance of the girls. (Page One Hundred Two) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Front Row: J. Spinner, R. Rowe, L. Blanchard, W. Lyons, Captain; G. Malone, J. Hickey, R. Benshimol, H. McLatchy. Back Row: Mr. Downs, Coach; A. Blanchard, A. Luongo, R. Battis, E. Burns, T. Connolly, K. Rhode, R. Duffy, D. Moore, C. Bugden, R. Bourgeois, Manager. Under the direction of Mr. Downs, the hockey team was again the Greater Boston Interscholastic champion. Led by Captain Bill Lyons the team won six, tied three, and lost one. As usual Arlington presented the most interesting game on the program. A new feature of the league this season was an award to the player voted most popular by the fans. 1 ' his award, a hockey stick autographed by the Boston Bruins, was presented to George Malone, the first line center. Captain Lyons, Linden Blanchard, and George Malone were chosen to represent Arling- ton on the first all star team, while Edward Burns and John Spinner were picked for the second team. The Eddie Shore Trophy, awarded to the best team in the state, was pre- sented to Captain Lyons March 18 at the Bruins-Canadians game. The boys deserve great credit for bringing another championship to A. H. S. I he hockey team elected Robert Sanders captain for next year. Sweaters were awarded to Robert Benshimol, Charles Bugden, George Malone, Harry McLatchy, Richard Rowe, John Spinner, Ray Bourgeois, Man- ager, Joseph Hickey. Letters were awarded to Robert Battis, Arthur Blanchard, Linden Blanch- ard, Edward Burns, William Lyons, Captain, Robert Sanders, Captain elect (Page One Hundred Three) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Back Row: J. Cronin, C. Bugden, P. Alexander, N. Churchill, G. Mullins, W. Allen, H. Adamian, R. Werner, W. MacQueston, R. Fereshetian, J. Kelley, Dr. McCarty. Front Row: Manager W. Collier, W. Coughlin, D. Wells, R. Lowry, A. Harwood, Captain E. Parker, P. Rowland, J. Kellogg, R. Wells, J. Walker, R. Gleason, C. Tenney. Doc McCarty ' s 1939 edition of Arlington High track team, led by its indomitable captain, Eddie Parker, is making an excellent showing on the cinders. In spite of the fact that baseball claimed three of its members, the track team carried on with the aid of a fine group of sophomores. Bill Collier answered the call and laying managerial duties aside joined forces and is now one of the important members of the team. Jimmy Walker, from Washington, who is training for the army, was a pleasant surprise to ‘ ' Doc.” The banner of the Cronin family is being carried by Joe, who is a born runner. This talent, coupled with “Doc’s” genius, has yielded one of Arlington’s finest track teams in years. (Page One Hundred Four) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Left to right: Dr. McCarty, R. Werner, Captain-elect R. Wells, Capt. E. Parker, P. Rowland. W. Mac- Queston. H. Adamian. (2xo i . i doantxu This year’s cross country team was composed of inexperienced but game runners. After losing close races to Quincy, Chelsea, Brockton, and the North- eastern Freshmen, they upset a strong Tufts Freshman team. Arlington’s Captain, Edward Parker, was outstanding, winning every race in which his team was entered. Parker added to his laurels by capturing the state championship at the Boston University meet held November 1 2, at Weston, Massachusetts. In appreciation of his exceptional running ability the Athletic Council voted to present Edward with a sweater. As usual the team was coached by capable " Doc " McCarty, who is look- ing forward to a strong team next year. This year letters were awarded to Captain-elect Richard Wells, Haig Adam- ian. Robert Hodge, Robert Ahern, Paul Rowland, Walter MacQuestion, and Manager Robert Werner. (Page One Hundred Five) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Front How: P. Bullock. R. Healy, C. Guarente, P. Marden, H. Doherty, E. Donovan, C. Powers. Back How: J. Bartholomew, B. Swanson, H. Hamilton, M. Newman, M, Slattery, Miss McCarty. The basketball team of 1 938-39 proved very successful, un der the able coaching of Miss McCarty. Remarkable teamwork was displayed by the girls, resulting in eight victories and only one loss. The following girls received letters: Ryta Healy, Pauline Bullock, Helen Hamilton, Esther Donovan, Kay Powers, Captain Patricia Marden, Charlotte Guarente, Helen Doherty, Margaret Slattery, Mary Louise Newman, Marjorie Kelley, Manager. Arlington ' s high scores were due to the excellent shooting by Pauline Bullock and Helen Hamilton, while Captain Patricia Marden and Charlotte Guarente did outstanding work in guarding, thus keeping their opponents ' scores low. Captain-elect Helen Hamilton is expected to lead another victorious team next year. (Page One Hundred Six) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL The basketball team, coached by William Lowder and captained by George Mernick, enjoyed one of its best seasons since 1928, when the locals entered the " Teck Tourney. " Coach Lowder, starting the season with only two veterans, gradually pro- duced one of the finest quintets in the state. This year the team has won twelve games in eighteen starts, including the play-off series with Waltham and Newton. Arlington was tied for the Subur- ban League title, and play-offs were arranged so that the winner could enter a high school’s dream. " The Tech Tourney. " The locals proved successful in their first play-off game with Newton, but failed to capitalize against a strong Waltham team in the finals. The best and closest game of the year was the last one with Newton, when the Menotomy Towners proved successful in the last few seconds of play. We of Arlington High should be proud of this record made by our boys. The success of the team depended largely on the fine work of Edward Hughes and George Mernick, the latter being the top scorer of the league. Mernick also established a high school record by scoring all but one point in a single game. The letter men of 1939 were Captain George Mernick, Captain-elect Charles Glennon, Ralph Thomas, Edward Hughes, Walter White, William Whitney, Thomas Cotter, and Rus Isner. (Page One Hundred Seven) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Back Rpw: Miss McCarty. M. Whilton, M. Donnelly, E. Sullivan, C. Murphy. Est. Donovan. M. Steinkrauss. Front Rote: J. Rooney, J. Hessian. E. Riese. B. Swanson, P. Bullock, C. Powers, M. Coyne, El. Donovan. girL ' BauLff Every year there seems to be a more definite trend toward baseball in A. H. S. This year with so great an interest in baseball we ought to realize what a fine group of girls we have playing this national pastime for A. H. S. With five veterans, Capt. Barbara Swanson, Jacqueline Hession, Edna Sullivan, Emily Riese, and Catherine Powers, a big year seems in store for our baseball nine. Mary Steinkrauss is surely a capable manager since she is a veteran herself. In our enthusiasm for the veterans we may have overlooked the promising sopho- mores who should do their team proud! Good luck to all the girls as they follow through this schedule. All home games: May 12 Lexington May 17 Winchester May 19 Cambridge Latin May 24 Somerville J une 1 Melrose June 5 Medford (Page One Hundred Eight) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Back Row: Assistant Manager J. Nolan, Manager A. Doucette, A. Gorell, W. Whitney, J. Cronin, W. O ' Leary, E. Burns, W. Coughlin, H. O’Leary, C. Lewis, J. Kelley, Mr. Ostergren. Front Row: J. O’Donoghue, A. Musucco. J. Bevins, G. Malone, R. Sanders, P. Rubner, J. Spinner, N. Athanas, L. Wilson, J. Nugent. A. Blanchard. BaidafU The baseball team which takes the field for Arlington this spring will again be coached by Mr. Ostergren. Several positions on the team will be filled by veterans, including John Spinner, Bobbie Sauders. infielders: Bill Coughlin. John O Donoghue as out- fielders: and Art Massucco who will do the catching. The pitching problem is the most serious with Nicholas Athanas, Art Blanchard and Cedric Lewis as the leading candidates. Arlington opens its Suburban League schedule at the Spy Pond Field, April 24, meeting Newton: and closes May 26. at Waltham. In addition to the league games our boys will meet such teams as Revere, Medford, and Lowell. Success is predicted as we go to press. (Page One Hundred Nine) Back How: H. Bartholomew, Miss Richardson. Middle Row: M. Tenney, L. Donahue, M. O’Neill. Front Row: F. Spong, E. Whitney, M. Collier, N. Titus, C. Phillips. g ixh ' ZJznnii We admit it is often a very unwise policy to prophesy events, yet we think we have a very substantial basis for our claims about the girls tennis team. It will probably be among the best this season. Although a definite team has not yet been picked, there is very promising material. Miss McCarty s hopes are high for the veterans. Marcia Tenney, Claire Phillips, Frances Spong, and Louise Donahue, and the sophomores, Ruth Whitney and Nancy Cox. 1 heir active manager, Helen Bartholomew, has arranged this schedule for the team: May 12 Lexington May 18 Concord May 23 Malden May 26 Winchester June 1 Melrose June 6 Belmont (Page One Hundred Ten) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Back Rov ' : Manager L. Howard, M. White, M. Paijge, Mr. Wallace. Front Row: W. Lyons, T. Carmody, E. Richards, H. Hall. The old adage, " Good things come in small packages, " is proved by the spirited but, unfortunately, almost unnoticed tennis team. Though composed of only seven members and three subs, this little band has greatly added to the athletic reputation for which A. H. S. is already famous. That tennis is a game in which good sportsmanship is essential is exemplified in practice as well as in matches. During the sophomore year 1936-37 the team was fortunate in securing Mr. (Lefty) Lowder as its new coach, and as a result won every game played. Last year, 193 7-38, nine matches out of twelve were won, an excellent record considering that the team was comprised entirely of juniors and sophomores. Judging from last year’s performance and the fact that not one single player was lost by graduation, it is more than probable that the team, led by Marc White and Frank Lee, will continue to uphold the sport tradition by regaining the cup. Singles Marc White Frank Lee Paul Jones Harry Hall Doubles Harry Hall Robert Porter Marc White Paul Jones Milton Paige Thomas Carmody (Page One Hundred Eleven) William Lyons ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL The 1939 golf team not only won the Suburban League Championship, but was happily undefeated until the finals when it lost to Dartmouth High. Michael Sawchuk, a protege of " Jug " McSpaden, the best golfer in the country, won the Winchester Caddy Championship. In the same contest Thomas Burke was a runner-up. The following are the members of the team: Jack Harvey Mike Sawchuk Thomas Burke Walter Wilcox James Wilcox James Greeley Faculty Adviser Mr. Robinson (Page One Hundred Twelve) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Front. Row: W. Chick, R. Dooley, G. Mernick. M. White, M. Beers, J. Wilcox. Second Row: S. Barnstead, R. Benshimol, P. Jones, C. Birch, A. Saul, I. Brown, J. Morris. " Tickets, please! " Those two words wafted on all frequencies to the long-sufFering ticket-sellers will be remembered forever. These " Forgotten Men " take their stand on solitary outposts to confront the threatening popu- lation of A. H. S., all shrieking for tickets and change in unison but not in har- mony, All this year they have loyally supplied the belligerent, famished hordes with those vital little pasteboards, making them martyrs .... every one. One cannot forget those impersonal croupiers, or if you will, eagle-eyed sleuths, working under that most capable pedagogue, Coach P. Pennell Day after day they prevent parsimonious little " Willy " from walking off with sand- wiches surreptitiously concealed in his pant’s cuff .... the little fiend! And never to be overlooked are those poor distraught and harrassed in dividuals who have been continually trod upon and pushed around while try- ing to prevent the sophisticated seniors, the juniors, and the nonentities from storming another Bastille. So let us doff our hats And shed a little tear, While we are sitting round Eating pretzels with (out) our beer. Let ' s sigh for those who go. ( What noble men are these ) To heed with heads bent low The cries of. " Tickets, please. " (Page One Hundred Thirteen) ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL J J I J j jl j j J MM - T h, out f! I - !• - " tow Ouf fWl - j MM f P I - »a - “To r r I - i • - " t« f ' T I - I - T fc is 1 ,c V • o - r y i S T or »ci I 1 ;; £-; d «v f T H CjO® ' W - pN f f T fe j A . T bvu. ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL r-futoLjXujjhi. As - C U i_y ' ■jzLs ' y " ft-Si cr ju SUcU- S y%. vrr w s ». U.c-1 Lt— LmL ' C-CJ isn Su_ -O ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL s fut ocj xa 21 ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL relation . The satisfaction of having done a task well is often of greater value than monetary reward. To gain the confidence of others so that they will believe you and trust your judgment is to be valued very highly. H Our reputation as printers and our intimate knowledge of the building of class annuals to- gether with our very fair and honest business methods have won for us a very enviable place in this specialized field of work and we are striving each year to improve our service and produce still better books. It has indeed been a pleasure to have had a part again in helping to produce this annual The H ancock Press Lp%Lntina (2oun±zLo r i± LEXINGTON MASSACHUSETTS ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL cz rqain A Publication That Excels with — Portraiture — by — ixqsnt OFFICIAL PHOTOCRAPHERS to the CLASS OF 1939 qznt STUDIO 1 54 Boylston Street Boston, Mass. ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL SUFFOLK UNIVERSITY CULTURAL AND PRE-PROFESSIONAL College of Liberal Arts — day, evening and part-time courses leading to A.B., B.S. and B S. in Ed. degrees (120 semester hours) . Pre-pro- fessional courses (60 hours) for Law, journalism and Business Administration. Entrance requirements, 1 5 college entrance units. Advanced standing for acceptable college credits. PROFESSIONAL Law School — 4-year day and evening course. LL B degree, prepares for bar examinations and Law practice. Entrance requirement, 60 semester hours of college credits. College of journalism — day and evening courses, B.S in j degree, 120 semester hours (including 60 semester hours of Liberal Arts and instruction in all phases of journalism). College of Business Administration — day and evening courses, B.S. in B A. degree, 120 semester hours (including 60 semester hours of Liberal Arts) accounting, advertising, business management Graduate School of Law — 1 -year evening course for LL M degree and higher professional standing. For LL B. graduates only. LATE-AFTERNOON AND SATURDAY COURSES FOR TEACHERS SPECIAL SUMMER SCHOOL COURSES DAY AND EVENING DUPLICATE SESSIONS ALL DEPARTMENTS CO-EDUCATIONAL Combined faculties represent cultural and professional instruction of high quality and recognized achievement Call, write or phone CAP. 0555 for catalogs Colleges Law Schools SUFFOLK UNIVERSITY REGISTRAR Derne Street Beacon Hill BOSTON, MASS. ft Q 2 s

Suggestions in the Arlington High School - Indian Yearbook (Arlington, MA) collection:

Arlington High School - Indian Yearbook (Arlington, MA) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 1


Arlington High School - Indian Yearbook (Arlington, MA) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 1


Arlington High School - Indian Yearbook (Arlington, MA) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


Arlington High School - Indian Yearbook (Arlington, MA) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


Arlington High School - Indian Yearbook (Arlington, MA) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


Arlington High School - Indian Yearbook (Arlington, MA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


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