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Text from Pages 1 - 116 of the 1938 volume:

' K ' wBS5Sn a (8 f||P mSS GUh - ’ TTMENT ARLSNu %. m SCHOOL 869 MASS- oSETTS AVENUE ARLINGTON, MA 02476 GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL 869 MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE ARLINGTON, MA 02476 Miss Gladys Porter uicaHon We, the members of the graduating class, wishing to acknowledge her pleas- ant nature, her friendship and her con- tinual interest in our welfare, respect- fully dedicate this our year book to Jacultu m y V l . - - n3 g 1 Ejiifpji juTf i hfeslll jj jl Herman Gammons. Principal Evelyn A. Testa. Secretary Raymonds. Morrill. Asst. Principal Mary A. Hickey, Asst. Secretary Martha S. Moffatt, Student Adviser Arthur, Lawrence P. Bailey. Bessie B. Barber. Elmer E. Barry, Veronica Binnig. Theresa B. Bullock. Sarah J. Burke. W. Ray Campbell. May E. Campbell. Charles R. Casey. Alma Cheney, Evangeline Conway, Bessie A. Donovan, Mary E. Dow. Arline Downs. Charles H. Eaton. Douglass L. Einzig, L Hassler Fowler. Alban GaLlagher. Helen Gray. Martha, Librarian Harlow, Leola B. Hormel. Henry D. Hunt. Ruth E. Hutchins. Adelaide Jenks, Alice Jerardl Grace Jewett. Ida B. Johnson. Carl Johnston, Claire H. von Kapff. George R. S Kennedy. Constance Kennedy, Mary Kenney. James F. Krastin. Theresa Powder, William Matthews. Helen F. McCarty. Katherine E. Murray. Frances B. Nash, Helen E. OSTERGREN. FRED V. Pattison, H. Pauline Peck. Eugenia Pennell, Harriett Porter, Gladys I. Preston. Alice Rice, Helen T. Robinson, Arthur E. Rounds, Dorothy Sandberger, Sydney Shedd, Minnie L. Skinner. Charles W. Starrett, Geneva Taber, Vivian H. Toner, James J. Treat, Alice Wakefield, Lura Wardle. Ethe lwyn Witherell, Carl Woodend. Edith Wright. Lois B. O’Neill, Martha E., Matron czrfn —dfk UidCLation In recognition of the kindly advice and valuable assistance with which he has guided us in high school, we wish to express sincere thanks and grateful ap- preciation to Mr. Gammons, our prin- cipal and our friend. ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL Editor-in-Chief Joseph Ambrose Charles Ahern Dorothy Bennett Priscilla Boone Betty Caples Jane Carroll Albert Casey Dorothy Donovan Dorothy Drake Bernice Harvey Charles Higgins Doris Johnson Alexander McArthur Alma Raman Nancy Sanderson John Testa Mary Tierney Business Manager John Dolan Norman Austin Richard Callahan Alma Leveroni James Malone James Pappas William Smith Photography Robert Evans ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL C ?La±± (Dfficzzi Walter Donovan President Jane Carroll Secretary Marcia Lowcock Vice-President Nancy Sanderson T reasurer ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL JAMES W. ABBOTT “Jim” 17 High Haith Road Track. M. I. T. “A likeable and a cordial fellow.” JOSEPH ABBOUD " Rabbit " 19 Melrose Street NEW HAMPSHIRE PREP. “A well-liked fellow, willing and obliging.” JOHN J. ADAMIAN “ Whtstlebnches ” 336 Mystic Street Honor Roll. HARVARD UNIVERSITY " Action is proof of ability.” CHARLES J. AHERN “ Charlie " 72 Amsden Street Year Book Committee, Honor Roll. BOSTON COLLEGE “On their own efforts, modest men are silent.” FRANK ALGER 77 Fountain Road Football. BRIDGTON ACADEMY. MAINE “I dare do all that may become a man.” IRENE ALLISON 44 School Street Dramatic Club, Honorable Mention. LELAND POWERS “ Grace was in all her steps; Dignity in every gesture JOSEPH M. AMBROSE “Joe” Danvers Honor Roll, Student Council, Editor of Year Book. Indoor Track- Manager, Lunchroom. HARVARD “Strong in character, strong in mind, A high place in the world he’s sure to find.” ROBERT ANDERSON “Andy” 10 Belknap Street Football. BRIDGTON ACADEMY " Hold the fort! 1 am coming !” [ 14 ] ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL THELMA L. ANDREWS “Thel " 226 Pleasant Street Dramatic Club. Glee Club. “Patience. " Honor Roll, Class Basketball. Class Tennis. B. U. SCHOOL OF MUSIC " Her music in our hearts i ve bore Long after it was heard no more.’’ ELEANOR ANIFANTIS 71 Paul Revere Road Basketball. Tennis. Glee Club. Dramatic Club. Honor Roll. LOWELL STATE TEACHERS ' COLLEGE " She has a voice of gladness and a smile And eloquence of beauty. " VIRGINIA ARNOLD “ Ginqer ” 64 School Street Class Basketball, Class Ten nis. Dramatic Club — Property Manager. BRIDGEWATER TEACHERS ' COLLEGE " She moves a goddess, and looks a queen. " NORMAN W. AUSTIN " Bill " 76 Brantwood Road Honor Roll, Lunchroom Treasurer, Hockey. HARVARD COLLEGE " Honor the man with honor due unto him. " MABEL I AVERY “ Mai ie 3 5 Edmund Road Honor Roll, Basketball. T en nis. Dramatic Club. Glee Club, Hockey. SIMMONS " A sense of humor is a priceless thing. " LAWRENCE BABINE " Larry 85 Webster Street Hockey, Class Basketball. Class Baseball. BOSTON UNIVERSITY " He is little and he is wise And he ' s a terror for his size. " SADIE BADALA 14 Chandler Street Honor Roll. BRYANT STRATTON ' She is quiet and reserved — a gentle and graceful maiden. " MARY BAIRD 9 7 Claremont Avenue Honor Roll. Glee Club. Ten- nis. BOSTON COLLEGE " For she is just the quiet kind whose nature never varies. " 1 15 | ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL HELEN BARRETT 1 9 Bowdoin Street FORSYTHE DENTAL SCHOOL “She ' s all fun! " ALICE M. BARRY " Al“ 30 School Street Girls ' Glee Club. B U. SCHOOL OF MUSIC “She makes sweet music with . the enameled tones. " RICHARD BARTHOLOMEW “Bart” 51 Newport Street Manager of Football Team, Student Council, Class Baseball. BOSTON COLLEGE “Open, genial, friendly, kind, Friends like this are hard to find. ' ' DOROTHY BECKENDORF " Dottie " 46 Chandler Street SECRETARIAL WORK “To her let us garlands bring. " EDWARD BEGLEY 2 Belton Street Debating Club, Radio Club, T ennis. “For even though vanquished , he could argue still. " MARY BELL “ Bellsie ” 22 Moulton Road Tennis. KATHERINE GIBBS SECRETARIAL SCHOOL “A merru heart maketh a cheerful countenance.” DOROTHY BENNETT “Dot " 129 Hillside Avenue Dramatic Club, Student Coun- cil, Year Book Committee, Honor Roll. BURDETT “A sunny nature wins a lasting friendship. " EDNA BENNETT “Eddie " 193 Hillside Avenue " ' Tis good to be merry and wise.” [ 16 ] ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL STUART BENNETT " Stewie " 349 Gray Street MT. HERMON " Let us do or die And knout the reason why. ' ERNEST BENSHIMOL. JR. " Ernie " 1 5 Shore Road Dramatic Club — " Admirable Crichton,” " The Youngest, " ' Smilin ' Thru. ’ PREPARATORY SCHOOL " If life is a stage, he will cer tainly " act " his way to success MARTHA JEANNE BENWAY " Jerry " 28 Coolidge Road Dramatic Club, Marionette Club, " Blue Star Broadcast. " BOUVE " Though she be merry Yet withal she ' s honest. " GRACE BERBERIAN " Barb " l 7 venner Road Dramatic Club, Class Basket- ball. Class Tennis, Honor Roll. BRYANT and STRATTON " Great thoughts hath she of her own. " CARMEN BERTOLAMI " Bart " 9 Dorothy Road Cross Country, Class Basket- ball. Class Baseball. NORTHEASTERN He has a line like a fisherman " ELEANOR BLOMBERG 50 Richfield Road Chronicle Staff, Honor Roll COLBY SCHOOL OF DESIGNING " She was made for happy thoughts. " PRISCILLA C. BOONE " Pussy " 10 Cleveland Street Gilbert and Sullivan Club. Orchestra, " Patience. " " Blue Star Broadcast. " Year Book Committee. Honor Roll. BRIDGEWATER TEACHERS ' COLLEGE " The fairest of the fair. " FRANK BORSELLI " Bossy " 907 Mass. Avenue Football Manager, Basketball Manager, Baseball, Class Basket- ball, Honor Roll. Track. Glee Club, Aero Club. “ A mighty man is he. " [ 17 ] ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL DAVID R. BOTT “Dave” 5 3 Academy Street Hockey, Head Cheerleader, Student Council, Class Baseball. BENTLEY ' S “I find nonsense singularly refreshing CLIFFORD BOYD “Cliff” 70 Paul Revere Road Class Basketball, Indoor Track, Class Tennis. SPRINGFIELD COLLEGE “A mind at peace with all.” EARLE W BRACKETT 1 0 Varnum Street Honor Roll. SOUTHERN METHODIST UNIVERSITY “A gentleman from top to toe.” WALTER J. BRADY ' ‘Buddy” 59 Brattle Street Gilbert and Sullivan Club, Basketball. " There is nothing so becomes a man as modest stillness.” GERALDINE BREMNER “Gerry” 22 Orchard Terrace Dramatic Club. BRIDGEWATER TEACHERS ' COLLEGE " A merry lass With a willing heart.” JEANNETTE M. BRIGGS 8 Plymouth Street JACKSON COLLEGE " Her voice was ever soft, gentle, and low - — An excellent thing in a woman.” ANTHONY A. BRILLANTE “Tony” 35 North Union Street BENTLEY ' S COLLEGE “Neither last nor least.” DONALD R. BROEG “Don” 2 Crescent Hill Avenue WENTWORTH INSTITUTE “O, excellent young man!” [ 18 ] ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL DOROTHEA BROOKINGS " Dottie” 242 Gray Street LIBERTY MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY “A trim little lady with plenty of style.” GRACE- ARDELLE BROOKS " Judy” 103 Claremont Avenue Band. KATHERINE GIBBS " Laughing and qay and full of fun Thus she is ever when fun ' s be- gun.” DONALD F. BROWN “Don” 24 Pine Ridge Road President of Radio Club. NORTHEASTERN COLLEGE “A good scout.” WARREN BRYANT 59 Robbins Road TILTON. UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAMPSHIRE " Friendship doubles joys And cuts grief in half.” EDWARD BULGER " Eddie” 48 Mystic Street DEPARTMENT STORE WORK “His worth is warrant for his welcome.” MICHAEL BURKE “T urkey ” 46 River Street Basketball, Golf. He was a man of cheerful yes- terdays and quiet tomorrows.” WILLIAM BURKE " Billy” 74 Freeman Street " Kindly towards all in every way Cheerful with all throughout the day.” LEONA P. BYRNE " Lona” l 7 Chestnut Street Lunchroom. NURSING There is sunshine in the heart of me.” [ 19 ] ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL RICHARD A. CALLAHAN “Dick” 3 A Lakeview Year Book Committee. BOSTON COLLEGE " There was manhood’s brow serenely high.” COLIN T. CAMPBELL " Soup” 62 Waldo Road Band (Drum-Major) , Honor Roll. BENTLEY’S " I am a man — nothing that is human Do I think unbecoming in me.” PAUL D. CAMPBELL. JR. " Soup” 38 Amherst Street Basketball, Class Basketball, Golf, Honor Roll. NORTHWESTERN " Give me leave to enjoy myself.” ELIZABETH CAPLES " Betty” 160 Medford Street Manager of Girls ' Field Hock- ey, Cheerleader, Year Book Com- mittee. SIMMONS COLLEGE " She speaks for herself.” DORIS V. CARCIOFFO l 7 Mount Vernon Street “Blue Star Broadcast.” COLBY JUNIOR COLLEGE " Charm strikes the sight but merit wins the soul.” PETER CARLINO “Judge” 76 Decatur Street Honor Roll. " He’ll find a way.” JANE CARROLL " Janie” 19 Wildwood Avenue Secretary of Senior Class, Sec- retary of Student Council, Sec- retary of Massachusetts Associ- ated Student Councils. Year Book Committee, Hockey, Basketball, Baseball. Ten nis. LANE SCHOOL " A manner that charmed, a smile that endeared — A most incomparable girl.” EDWARD J. CASAZZA " Flash” 15 Amherst Street NEBRASKA STATE UNIVERSITY " Onward, upward will he rise.” [ 20 ] ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL ALBERT CASEY “ Al " 34 Bartlett Avenue President of Student Council. Year Book Committee. HARVARD " None but himself can be his parallel. " JOHN CASHMAN 25 Acton Street Baseball, Basketball, Football. T rack. BOSTON UNIVERSITY " The true athlete is a gentleman. " ALBERTA CAVALIERI " Blondie " 23 Henderson Street Honor Roll, Glee Club, Dra- matic Club. Orchestra BOSTON UNIVERSITY " She was a phantom of delight. " FREDERICK CHAPIN 49 Newcomb Street Football, Ski Club. Hockey. Stamp Club, Baseball, Fall Ten- nis. ST. JOHN S PREPARATORY SCHOOL " A careless song with a little nonsense in it — Does not this become a mon- arch. " ARNOI D R CHRISTIANSEN " Chris " 106 Melrose street Honor Roll. Ski Club. MASSACHUSETTS NAUTICAL SCHOOL " Silence is as great an art as speech. " STELLA CICCOLO 3 2 Magnolia Street Glee Club. Orchestra. SECRETARIAL WORK " Old friends are best. " RUTH COLLINS " Ruthie " 278 Broadway Class Basketball, Class Tennis. BOSTON UNIVERSITY ‘Quiet, modest and demure. " JOHN P. CONDON " Gint " 71 Beacon Street Class Basketball NEBRASKA STATE UNIVERSITY " A man who really enjoys life And helps his friends to do so. " [ 21 ] ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL BARBARA COOK “Cookie " 5 Bartlett Avenue FISHER ' S BUSINESS COLLEGE “Her deeds were done silently. " EDNA COOLIDGE " Eddie " 83 Everett Street Honor Roll BOSTON UNIVERSITY ' Life is real; life is earnest . " JOSEPH CORMIER " Joe " 47 Lafayette Street Football, Basketball. DARTMOUTH “His fame shall not pass; He ' s well-known to the class. ' ANTHONY COSCIA 47 Cleveland Street " Steadiness is the foundation of all virtues. " EMMANUEL COSCIA " Willie " 47 Cleveland Street Basketball, Football. " Honor lies in honest toil. " CATHERINE COTTER " Kay " 1051 Massachusetts Ave. BURDETT " The sweetest of personalities — What more could one desire ?” ELEANOR COULOURIS " L " 90 Lowell Street Honor Roll, Basketball, Ten- nis, Dramatic Club. Ring Com- mittee. SECRETARIAL WORK “It’s nice to be natural, when one’s naturally nice. " NAOMI CRANSHAW 1 9 Oak Knoll Dramatic Club, Tennis. JACKSON COLLEGE “A flower of sweetest mem- ories. And beauty full as sweet. " [ 22 ] ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL ANN W CROCKETT 27 albermarle Street Band. SIMMONS “ A generous friendship no cold medium knows . ” PAUL CRONIN “Spike " 19 Magnolia Street Track. Cross Country. " Pa- tience. " “He meets all opposition with a smile. " LORENA CROSBY “Rene " 5 Adams Street Tennis. MANSFIELD HAIRDRESSING SCHOOL “Her personality is so fine Among the best she ' s sure to shine. " AGNES CULL INANE 9 5 Medford Street BOOKKEEPER " Good things come in small packages. " EUGENI GUI I INANE “ Mickey " 9 5 Medford Street “Quiet and true. " WILLIAM DALE “Bill " 1 8 Gloucester Street Football, Basketball. “ Handsome and dark, of his friends he is fond And is joyously greeted by all. " AMY DAREING 10 Endicott Road LARSON JUNIOR COLLEGE " Good nature and good sense do always join. " LEON MOODY DAVIS “Cleo " 20 Grandview Road Model Aero Club. Radio Club. “His place he makes and holds firmly. " [ 23 ] ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL RUSSELL E. DENSMORE “Russ’’ 109 Gray Street Glee Club. BOSTON UNIVERSITY A good and steady worker. " ELEANOR DeROCHE 215 Massachusetts Ave. TUFTS " A just future awaits the deserving. " ROBERT R. DeROSIER " Boh " 89 Massachusetts Ave. CLERICAL WORK " Easy come, easy go. " ALICE DESILLIER " Al ” 92 Chandler Street SCHOOL OF DENTAL NURSING " We all think she’s nice — don’t you? " RODMAN DICKIE " Bob " 5 l Ronald Road NANTUCKET TRAINING SHIP The wheel that turns gathers no rust. " ANTHONY J. DI MAGGIO " Tony " 8 Milton Street Track, Class Basketball, Hon- or Roll. NEWSPAPER WORK " Filled with a gay spirit. " BETTY DOCKHAM 57 Moulton Road SECRETARIAL WORK " I have a heart with room for every joy. " WILLIAM W. DOE " Bill " 135 Wildwood Avenue Honor Roll, Band, Student Council, Year Book Committee. TEACHING " Seest thou a man diligent m his business? " ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL HARRY DOHERTY 19 Amherst Street Football, Class Baseball ALABAMA " In himself his future lies. " JOHN A. DOLAN 234 Broadway Honor Roll, Debating Club. Year Book Committee. HARVARD " Magnitude of mind and body And eloquence of speech. " THOMAS A. DONLON " Tommy " 83 Newland Road Basketball, Honor Roll, Track Team, Tennis Team, Ski Club MASSACHUSETTS NORMAL ARTS SCHOOL " He holds the joy not impossible to one with artist ' s gifts. " JOHN DONNELLY 14 Glen Avenue Ski Club. The will to do and the soul to dare. " STEPHEN DONOGHUE " Sid " 106 Webster Street Track, Baseball. Honor Roll. Model Aero Club. NEW ENGLAND AIRCRAFT SCHOOL " Great hopes make i treat men. " J. LEO DONOHUE " Luke " 1 1 3 Franklin Street Football, Basketball. Class Basketball. TILTON ACADEMY " His words are truthful, his manner youthful . " DOROTHY J DONOVAN " Dottie " 100 Melrose Street Glee Club. Dramatic Club. Tennis, Year Book Committee. VESPER GEORGE SCHOOL OF ART " Beauty and virtue shine forever around thee. " JEROME DONOVAN " Jerry " 9 7 Bow Street Honor Roll, Airplane Club. Debating Club. NEW ENGLAND RADIO SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING " I regret little and Would change less. " ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL RITA DONOVAN 165 Mystic Street Stamp Club. SECRETARIAI WORK " Laughing cheerfulness thrcnvs sunlight On all the paths of life. " WALTER J DONOVAN “ Dunnie " 166 Washington Street Football. Basketball. Baseball. Track. Class Basketball, Presi- dent of Senior Class. SCARBUROUGH ON THE HUDSON " Every inch a good sport.” RUTH DOR ION “Rut hie " 1 38 Gray Street Honor Roll. RADCLIFFE “She ' s not noisy, loud or guy But enjoys life in a quiet way.” CHRISTINE V. DOWNIE " Cree ” 58 Appleton street Class Basketball. Class Tennis SECRETARIAL WORK " never trouble lessons Til lessons trouble me.” DOROTHY J. DOWNING " Katie " 100 Menotomy Road Orchestra. Glee Club. Honor Roll, Year Book Committee. SECRETARIAL WORK “ The grass stoops not, she treads so light. " LEONARD DOZIER " Lennie” 60 Trowbridge Street Honor Roll. TUFTS " Deep in his books and taking from them The wine of life.” DOROTHY A. DRAKE " Dot” 212 Broadway Honor Roll, Year Book Com- mittee, Glee Club, Dramatic Club. PIERCE SECRETARIAL SCHOOL " Made up of wisdom and of fun.” MARY C. DRISCOLL " Chris " 100 Decatur Street COLBY JUNIOR COLLEGE “ Her pleasing countenance gave ioy To all who knew her. " ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL JAMES T. DUANE 56 Hilton Street Student Council. Tennis. Class Basketball, Class Baseball. Ski Club. HARVARD “Let the world slide, let the world go; A tig for a care, and a fig for woe.’’ FRANCIS DUDDY ' Dud ' ' 1 1 Dartmouth Street Basketball, Football, Class Baseball, Honor Roll. “A " Club. HOLY CROSS “Real worth needs no interpreter.” WILLIAM DUFFEY “ Lambie” 74 Or vis Road Hockey. Class Baseball. Class Basketball. Track. Ski Club. EXETER “His skates flash on the gleaming ice. " GERTRUDE L. DUFFY " Gertie " 3 6 Amherst Street BURDETT “I’ll be merry and free; I ' ll be sad for no one.” JOHN Y. DUGGAN, JR “ Junebug” 7 Sawin Street Honor Roll, Football NOTRE DAME “Merrily I roll along. MARJORIE DUGGAN " Dugie” 3 1 Chestnut Street Year Book Committee. Class Basketball I. MASSACHUSETTS STATE TEACHERS ' COLLEGE “Come there, expressive silence l” JOSEPH W. DUNN 103 Medford Street " 7 he only way to have a Iriend is to be one.” BARBARA E AMFS “Barbie 24 Irving Street Basketball Team, Tennis Team. Band 35. MT HOLYOKE " Heaven such grace did lend her.” ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL COURTLAND EDWARDS " Coco " 54 TEMPLE STREET Bjnd. BOWDOIN COLLEGE " He is of merry heart.” CAROL N. ELLIOTT ' " Wallie” 36 Foster Street Dramatic Club. PORTIA LAW SCHOOL " Still waters run deep.” CHARLOTTE ELLIOTT " Al” 1 2 Edmund Road Glee Club. Class Basketball, Class Tennis. SECRETARIAL WORK “When she laughs, the world laughs with her; When she frowns, she wrinkles her face.” FRANCIS ELLIS " Buddy” 129 Appleton Street ACCOUNTING “A quiet energetic fellow ” CONSTANCE ELMS “ Connie ” 36 Peter Tufts Road ' " Modesty becomes every young woman. " EDWARD J. ENRIGHT " Ed " 50 Webster Street BOSTON UNIVERSITY “ Though modest, on his unem- barrassed brow Nature has written ‘ Gentle- man.’ HERBERT E. ERICSON 54 Broadway Class Basketball, Ski Club, Tennis, Class Baseball, Band, Year Book Committee. HARVARD " On with the dance; Let joy be unconfined.” ROBERT C. EVANS " Bob” 109 Claremont Avenue Band, Orchestra. Class Bas- ketball. M. I. T. " Personality , a gleaming smile, A keen mind, a friend worth while.” [ 28 ] ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL FLORENCE EWE “Flossie ' ' 1 5 Aerial Street Dramatic Club, Honor Roll, Chronicle Staff. MODERN SCHOOL OF APPLIED ART “She is clear as a morning rose Newly washed with dew. " MARY FAGA 12 Mystic Valley Parkway Honor Roll. BOOKKEEPER “And like music on the water Is thy sweet voice to me.’’ ARTHUR FALLA “Art " 216 Broadway Honor Roll, Track, Class Baseball, Class Basketball, Hock- ey. DARTMOUTH “A line gentleman .’’ NAOMI G. FELLMAN 179 Scituate Street Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Honor Roll, Glee Club. SECRETARIAL WORK “My joy of youthful sports Was boundless as the sea.” RITA F. FENNO " Bobby " 52 Fairmont street Cheerleader, Twirler. BURDETT “A lady so nice Is quite without price. ROBERT FERESHETIAN “Bob " 3 1 Marathon Street Band. Baseball HARVARD “Dauntless, fearless, Never cheerless. " JOSEPH V. FERRY 79 MYSTIC STREET Honor Roll. BURDETT " Such a fellow will always be popular.” MARY FITZPATRICK “ Fitzy " 20 Pine Street Captain of Tennis Team. Honor Roll, Class Basketball. BUSINESS COLLEGE “She excels each mortal thing Upon the dull earth dwelling . " [ 29 ] ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL VIRGINIA FLANDERS “Ginnie " 3 Wollaston Avenue Class Basketball, Class Ten nis. Year Book Committee. BUSINESS COLLEGE " Here ' s a girl you ' d like to knout — Personality , pep, and plenty of ' go ' . " HUGH FLETCHER 80 School Street Track, Dramatic Club. MICHIGAN STATE " This young Mercury ' s flying feet Were heard and seen at every meet. " FREDERICK A FLORES " Fred " I 3 Palmer Street Hockey. Honor Roll, Base- ball. BENTLEY ' S SCHOOL OF ACCOUNTING " His smile is sweetened by his gravity. " HELEN FOLEY l 74 Brooks Avenue SECRETARIAL WORK " Silence is the most perfect herald of joy. " GRACE FOUNTAIN " Grade " 10 Margaret Street Gilbert and Sullivan Club. Tennis. Girls ' Glee Club. FASHION ILLUSTRATION " A fountain of grace.” DONALD FRASER " Don " 126 Newport Street Baseball. Honor Roll. BUSINESS SCHOOL " love such society as is quiet, just and wise. " DOROTHY C. FRAZER " Dot " 8 7 Webster Street Basketball, Ten nis. LESLEY " He will long be remembered By those who knew him. " LAWRENCE FREEMAN 14 Lake Street Band. Orchestra. " Such cherubic cheeks were not bestowed for nought. " [ 30 ] ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL JOHN E. FRENCH " Jack " 30 Old Mystic Street Model Aero Club, Band WENTWORTH “ Silence never betrays you. " ' MILDRED GALLUZZO “Goofs” 54 Decatur Street SECRETARIAL WORK " A lady fair with grace to spare.” NATHANIEL I. GAMAGE " Nat " 26 Hancock Street Class Hockey. EXETER " He knew all and was a friend to all.” LOUISE GARDNER 7 Argyle Road Honor Roll, Basketball. Ten- nis. LOWELL STATE TEACHERS’ COLLEGE " A charming girl, a loving way, Always friendly, always gay.” GRACE GAVIN " Grade " I37A Franklin Street Glee Club. FISHER’S BUSINESS COLLEGE " Unselfish and thoughtful to the last degree. A kindlier girl you ' ll seldom see. " LOUISE GEARY " Giggs " 4 2 Scituate Street Dramatic Club. Cheerlead er BRYANT STRATTON BUSINESS COLLEGE " Laugh! Yes. why not ? It ' s better than crying because my nickname is ‘Giggles ' .” FRED GEORGE 18 Trowbridge Street " 1 am here. ' Nuff said. " MARJORIE GIBSON " Marge " 82 Overlook Road Girls ' Glee Club. " She who is lovely never dies For before her more loveliness lies.” I 31 ] ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL H. BARBARA GIVEN " Babs’’ 7 Radcliffe Road Basketball. Tennis, Dramatic Club, Chronicle Staff. LESLEY “As merry as the day is long.” VIRGINIA GIVEN “Ginny” 7 Radcliffe Road Dramatic Club. Class Basket- ball. Class Tennis. SECRETARIAL WORK “ Where she met a stranger, there she left a friend.” HELEN M. GLYNN “Tiny” 47 Menotomy Road Class Tennis, Class Basket ball. Dramatic Club. KATHERINE GIBBS SECRETARIAL SCHOOL “ Early taught to believe in friendship . ' ARTHUR GOTTWALD “Bud” 41 Blossom Street Honor Roll. Track, Basket ball. Glee Club. UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA He should walk throuqh life successfully GEORGE J. GRANT, JR. “Jimmy” l 5 8 Wright Street Golf, Class Baseball. TUFTS “A happy heart, a jovial smile; He’s that way all the while.” PETER GRAY “Pete” 40 Hopkins Road Class Hockey, Class Basket- ball. Track. “A prince of good fellows .” ROBERT GREENE " Bob” 56 River Street “ He speaks, we laugh.” JULIA E. GUNN 9 Cliff Street DIETITIAN " What sweet delight a quiet life affords.” [ 32 ] ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL MARY C. HACKETT 5 1 Lewis Avenue Girls’ Baseball Team. NURSING— LAWRENCE MEMORIAL HOSPITAL “It is quiet people who accomplish much.’’ MIRIAM HALL “ Mimi ” 33 Park Avenue Basketball, Tennis, Dramatic Club. BOSTON UNIVERSITY “Small but fitted with a gay spirit .” ELSA HALLGREN 2 Crawford Street Basketball. SECRETARIAL WORK “Pleasantness is a priceless charm.’’ ALFRED HANLON “Al” 91 Valentine Road BENTLEY ' S SCHOOL OF ACCOUNTING “Every inch a man.” RALPH HANSEN “Red " 40 Kilsythe Road Honor Roll. BOSTON UNIVERSITY “He brings his destiny with him. DONALD HANSIS “Don” 10 Lehigh Street Honor Roll. TUFTS “He is quiet and gets there And nothing intervenes.’’ RICHARD HARRINGTON 88 Grafton Street BURDETT COLLEGE “Whatever he did. was done with so much ease. " RUTH HATHAWAY " Hathy " 28 Trowbridge Street Dramatic Club, Tennis. BRYANT and STRATTON “To know her is to appreciate her qualities.’’ I 33 ] ARLI NGTON HIGH SCHOOL FRANCES HAWKINS 5 8 SCITUATE STREET DIETITIAN “Her happiness consists of labor.” JEAN E. HAZEN 14 Parker Street INTERIOR DECORATOR " Not over-serious, studious noi sad.” NORMA HEALEY “Norm” 194 Renfrew Street Dramatic Club. Year Book Committee. SIMMONS COLLEGE " It indeed is a treat To know one so sweet.” MARY HEALY ‘“Scrappy” 127 Brattle Street Tennis. Basketball, Gilbert and Sullivan Club, Glee Club. SCHOOL OF JOURNALISM ' Quiet of manner, mild of speech, friendly to all.” ALBERT HECKBERT " Hecky” 30 Glen Avenue Ski Club. TUFTS " See, see. What a man you are now!” DOROTHY HESKETH 26 Silk Street SECRETARIAL WORK “To be merry best becomes thee.” PHYLLIS M. HESSION “ Phyl” 27 Temple Street Honor Roll, Dramatic Club. KATHERINE GIBBS “Like a lily in bloom She dispels all gloom.” CHARLES K. HIGGINS " Red” 267 Park Avenue Band, Year Book Committee. KIMBALL UNION ACADEMY “Young fellows will be young fellows .” [ 34 1 ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL MARIE L. HILL 5 2 Foster Street SECRETARIAL SCHOOI " Knowledge is power. " RUTH HILSON “ Ruthie " 5 1 Marathon Street Basketball. SECRETARIAL WORK " She walks through life in a gentle, quiet, and unassuming manner. " JOSEPH F. HOAR " King " 40 Orvis Road Flonor Roll, Dramatic Club, " The Admirable Crichton, " As- sistant Editor of " The Chron- icle. " LELAND POWERS SCHOOL OF DRAMA “In himself his fortune lies. " BARBARA HOBBS " Bobby " 20 Kensington Road President of Dramatic Club, Tennis. MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE “ Her friendship so much to win. so much to lose. " ALICE HOGAN " Shorty " 125 Thesda Street BOSTON CITY HOSPITAI " True to her word and friends.” ALICE HOLM 3 7 Fountain Road OFFICE WORK " A sparkling eye. a sparkling wit. With everyone a sparkling hit. " ROGER HOT ALING " Reg " l 28 Lowell Street Radio Club. MASSACHUSETTS RADIO " Honor lies in honest toil. " DAVID J. HOWARD " Dave " 5 1 Pond Lane Honor Roll. " He is quiet and willmq and likes to work, From the hardest of tasks he will never shirk. " I 35 | ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL MARSHAL W. HOYT “Schaeffer’’ l 5 Belton Street Class Basketball. Baseball. “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine.’’ RUTH HOYT 20 Milton Street OFFICE WORK “A smile for all and welcome glad.’’ ESTHER S. HUGHES " Scottie ’’ 28 Edmund Road Tennis. Basketball. Glee Club. Honor Roll. BURDETT “A friendship like yours Is a treasure worth having. ' ' HOWARD HUNTER “Howie " 219 Highland Avenue Football. Track. BRIDGTON ACADEMY " There is so much mirth and wit about me. " BETTY HUSE " Husey " 15 Howard Street CUSHING ACADEMY “To know one like this is certainly bliss. " CLAIRE HUTCHINSON “ Hutchie " 5 5 Park Ave. Extension Basketball. Tennis. SECRETARIAL SCHOOL “A sunny disposition is her treasure.” JAMES HUTCHINSON " Jimmy " 49 Thesda Street " What should a man do but be merry? " RUTH IVESTER “ Chickie ” 208 Broadway SECRETARY “ Gentle in manner. " [ 36 ] ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL SEWARD JARVIS " Suds " 7 Pelham Terrace Fall Track. MASSACHUSETTS NAUTICAL SCHOOL " He gams wisdom in a happy way. " ANNABEL JENKS " Peach ie " 114 Newport Street Dramatic Club. ' Blue Star Broadcast. " Glee Club, Gilbert and Sullivan Club. NURSING " Very quiet and very sweet She ' s what makes our class com- plete. " CARL JOHNSON " Ollie " 152 Mary Street Honor Roll, Baseball NORTHEASTERN " Few words are best. DORIS JOHNSON " Dot " 45 Fountain Road Dramatic Club, Honor Roll, Year Book Committee, BURDETT " Beauty is truth, truth beauty. " EDWARD JOHNSON 66 Teele Street Class Basketball, Class Base- ball. " A hand full of common sense is worth more than a bushel of learning. " GILBERT JOHNSON " Gil " 219 Highland Avenue Class Baseball. Class Basket ball. BRIDGTON ACADEMY " Actions speak louder than words. " GORDON JOHNSON " Flash " 6 1 Broadway BRIDGEWATER TEACHERS ' COLLEGE " I prefer silent prudence to loquacious folly. " CONSTANCE JOHNSTON " Connie " 9 Blossom Street Dramatic Club. Basketball. T ennis. KATHERINE GIBBS " Much wisdom often goes with few words. " [ 37 ] ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL HAROLD A. KAZANJIAN " Casex ” 63 Coolidge Road M. I. T. " As solid as the Rock of Gibraltar.’’ JOHN KEEFFE 9 Temple Street Honor Roll BOSTON COLLEGE “Stronger than steel is the soul of the spirit. ' ’ MARY C. KEEFFE 9 Temple Street Basketball. Tennis, Dramatic Club. REGIS COLLEGE “A gentle nature and kind to all along the way . " ARTHUR S. KELLEY “Art’’ 3 0 Orvis Road BOSTON UNIVERSITY “He that struggles in earnest shall find the Way to success.” JAMES KELLOGG " Kel” 34 Cleveland Street Track. Year Book Committee. MASSACHUSETTS STATE “To thy speed add wings.” M. DOROTHY KELLY “Dotty” 28 Everett Street Year Book Committee. KATHERINE GIBBS SECRETARIAL SCHOOL " For softness formed and sweet attractive grace.” RUTH KELLY “Kel” 40 Lockeland Avenue Hockey. Basketball, Baseball. T ennis. CHANDLER “She is spry at gym.” ROBERT S. KEMPTON “Bob” 516 Summer Street Class Basketball. Class Base- ball, Radio Club. Football, Hon- or Roll. TUFTS or TEXAS UNIVERSITY " His gravity is the ballast which keeps him steady.” [ 38 ] ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL THOMAS D KENNEDY. JR “JR " 1 1 5 Wildwood Avenue Class Basketball. OXFORD SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION “Sing away sorrow, and dance away care. " JAMES KENNEY “Jimmy " 44 Beacon Street NOTRE DAME " Why should 1 he silent Keeping my pearls of wisdom for myself ?” WILLIAM KENT “Bill " 36 Washington Street “A steadfast man with still and serious thought. " LONGINA KOCHANEK " Jean " 5 1 Richfield Road Gilbert and Sullivan Club. Girls ' Glee Club. FANNY FARMER ' S SCHOOL OF COOKERY “A quiet, a blameless mind. " MICHAEL F. KOI ODZIEJ " Mike " 78 Orvis Road Ski Club, Radio Club. Aero ( Hub. M. I. T. “ What a fortune is a mind. " WALTER KRONFELT " Walla " 215 Mountain avenue Stamp Club. U. S. COAST GUARD ACADEMY " A great and silent soul Whom Nature herself has ap- pointed to be sincere. " KEITH KYLE " Bud " 63 Adams Street Track, Band. Gilbert and Sullivan Club. ART FRAMING “His shoulder to the wheel he puts. " ALICE LALLY “Al " 29 Crescent Hill Avenue Girls’ Glee Club, Hockey. Basketball. Baseball. SALEM TEACHERS ' COLLEGE " A pleasant girl with pleasant ways. " [ 39 1 ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL PAUL LAMOTHE “ Lamie ” 90 Scituate Street Honor Roll. Class Baseball, Year Book Committee, Dramatic Club. HOLY CROSS or HARVARD “Wit is salt of conversation . " DONALD LARRABEE “Don " 102 Eastern Avenue Honor Roll, Dramatic Club, Debating Club, Year Book Committee. BOSTON UNIVERSITY or WHARTON “An affable and courteous nature.’ ELEANOR LATINVILLE “El” 47 Thorndike Street BURDETT COLLEGE “Pleasantness is a precious charm. " EVA M. LAX “Star” 27 A Lin wood Street Hockey, Baseball. Basketball. BOSTON UNIVERSITY “A cheerful smile is a prime delight. " ANNA LEARY “Ann " 7 Park Street Place Baseball. Glee Club. BOSTON UNIVERSITY “Who is dearer, who is better?” IRENE LEFEBVRE " Skecztx ” 94 Marathon Street SECRETARY " A charming young lady.” VIRGINIA LEONARD " Ginnie ” 28 Jason Street Honor Roll, Tennis, Basket- ball, Dramatic Club. MOUNT HOLYOKE " She is pretty to walk with, witty to talk with, and pleasant to think on.” ALMA LEVERONE 92 Park Avenue Dramatic Club. Year Book Committee, Cheerleader. BRIDGEWATER TEACHERS ' COLLEGE “She is the picture of health and contentment ’ i 40 ] ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL HARRIET LEWIS " Billie” 31 Bartlett avenue Junior Chronicle Assistant BOSTON UNIVERSITY " Deny her ability if you can. " DONALD LEYLAND " Eqgey ” 1 5 Marion Road MASSACHUSETTS STATE COLLEGE " A merry heart goes all day long.” MARY J. LOPES 7 7 Melrose Street BURDETT " The girl worthwhile is the girl with the smile. " MARCIA LOWCOCK " Marsh " 47 Draper Avenue Student Council, Vice Presi- dent, Hockey, Basketball. SECRETARY " Whatever is popular deserves attention. " MARGARET LYNCH " Peggy " 6 5 Trowbridge Street KATHERINE GIBBS " Holy, fair and wise was she. " MARIAN G LYONS " Jerri " 105 Medeord Street Tennis. Baseball, Dramatic Club. NURSE " Loads of pep — chock full of fun. The joy of life has iust begun. " ALEXANDER MacARTHUR " Red " 5 Wollaston avenue Year Book Committee, Band, Class Basketball. Orchestra. MASSACHUSETTS STATE " Young Lochinvar is out of the west. " Esther Macdonald " Mac " 95 Ronald Road Tennis, Class Basketball. LESLEY SCHOOL " A friend to the end. " [ 41 ] ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL RUTH MACFADYEN " Ruthie” 63 Maynard Street KATHERINE GIBBS " Her manner, diligent — Her Voire, siveet and gentle . ” muriel Macdonald 47 sherborn Street Tennis, Basketball. SIMMONS COLLEGE " A soul as full of Worth as void of pride. " EVELYN MACIVER " Evie " 109 SCITUATE STREET BOSTON UNIVERSITY " Her very frowns are fairer far Than smiles of other maidens are. " HELEN MacLEAN " Sis " 54 Lewis Avenue " Always full of fun. you bet — Just the girl you can ' t forget . " DOROTHY MACLEOD " Doady " 45 Lockeland Avenue RADCLIFFE " How far that little candle throws its beams; So shines a good deed in a naughty world. " KENNETH MACWILLIAMS " Mac’’ 98 Egerton Road Football, Class Baseball, Bas- ketball, Hockey. BOSTON UNIVERSITY " He does not lack what he needs for success.’’ ELEANOR W. MAGNUSON 99 Jason Street OFFICE WORK " Hers were the simple ways of pleasantness. " JOHN J. MAHONEY “Mac” 45 A Fairmont Street Football. Hockey, Class Bas- ketball, Baseball, Track. NOTRE DAME " Though modest and retired He rules his own mind. " I -12 ] ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL JAMES L. MALONE ■Red " 26 Lin wood Street Year Book Committee. Mana- ger Basketball Team, Class Base- ball. Class Basketball. BOSTON COLLEGE " The very man for a merry moment. " MADELINE MANNING " Mad " 145 Gray Street Honor Roll. KATHERINE GIBBS " Always right there with a smile. Her friendship certainly is worth- while. " HARRY W. MARDEN 1 1 Wyman Street Ski Club. BOSTON UNIVERSITY " Slow and steady wins the race. " MURIEL MARSHALL 138 Herbert Road Tennis. " envy none. I none disdain. " ann McCarthy 40 Webster Street Basketball LOWELL TEACHERS ' COLLEGE " An ounce of mirth is worth a pound of sorrow. JACQUELINE McCORMACK " Jackie ” 67 Maynard Street Dramatic Club RADCLIFFE " Stately, tall, a friend to all. DOROTHY McEWEN " Dot " 5 Moore Place SECRETARY " A kindly word for all hath she. " MARY McFADDEN 73 Webster Street Glee Club. Basketball LAWRENCE MEMORIAL HOSPITAL " Let gentleness thy strong enforcement be. " [ 43 ] ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL RITA McGONAGLE HO Medford Street Class Tennis. Class Basketball. SIMMONS " The loveliness of you. " ETHEL V. MEI.IN 21 Windsor Street Honor Roll, Art Club. BRIDGEWATER TEACHERS ' COLLEGE " Those about her shall read from her the perfect ways of honor. " JOHN MCLAUGHLIN " Mac " 92 Webster Street Cross Country Team. ‘A well-liked fellow, willing and obliging. " JEAN MILLER " Jeanie " 264 Broadway Stamp Club. Glee Club. MISS PIERCE ' S SECRETARIAL SCHOOL " Quietness often shows its worth. " WILLIAM MEANEY " Red " 900 Broadway Class Basketball, Class Base- ball, Hockey, Track, Cross Country. NEW HAMPTON PREP SCHOOL " Nothing is impossible to him. " WILLIAM H. MILLER ‘‘Bill " 64 Gray Street Vice President of Debating Club. Dramatic Club, Honor Roll. Art Club. HARVARD " Rosy looks and a grin And best of all, a mind. " MARGARET B. MEIKLE 68 Oxford Street Field Hockey, Captain of Basketball Team, Manager of Baseball Team, Honor Roll. SARGENT ' S SCHOOL OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION " Not a flower, not a pearl. Just a regular all-around girl. " WILLIAM A. MILLS " Bill " 9 1 North Union Street " His heart is true as steel. " [ 44 ] ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL ARTHUR J. MONK " Art " l l Rhinecliff Street Dra matic Club. Debating Club. BOSTON UNIVERSITY or NORTHEASTERN " Men are polished by act and speech . ' ' VIOLA MOORE " Vi " 11 Pelham Terrace Basketball, Tennis, Dramatic Club, Honor Roll BRYN MAWR or MOUNT HOI YOKE " A good sport and good in sports. FRED MORGAN " Killer " 40 Alfred Road Class Basketball " Life itself is but a toy Filled with duty and with joy. " DORIS E. MORLEY " Dot " 89 Churchill Avenue Glee Club. KATHERINE GIBBS " A charming girl in whom we all have confidence . ” EDWIN O MORRISON Eddie 1 4 l Highland Avenue " Blue Star Broadcast. " Gil bert and Sullivan. " Patience. " UNIVERSITY OL MICHIGAN " His voice is his charm " NATALIE M MOVESSIAN " Nat " 1 00 Lake Street Student Council, Field Hock ey Baseball. President of Girls ' Glee Club. BOSTON UNIVERSITY " I am always happy when I hear sweet music. " ROBERT MULLEN " Bob " 251 Appleton Street Football. Hockey. Golf. Hon or Roll. Art Club. NORTHEASTERN " Worth makes the man. " DOROTHY MURRAY “ Scotty " 5 5 Melrose Street DRESSMAKING " Give to the world the best you have And the best will come back to you. " 45 ] ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL EUGENE MURRAY " Gene ” l 79 Highland Avenue Band. " He thought as a sage, though he felt like a man. " MARY NOLAN 24 Avon Place Band. Orchestra. SECRETARIAL SCHOOL " Here buds the promise of celestial worth. " RUSSELL NOREEN " Russ " 3 9 Richfield Road Ski Club. Radio Club. Tennis. M. I. T. " A little nonsense now and then Is relished bg the wisest men. " LeJOYCE NORGREN 4 Beck Road DRESS DESIGNER " She is quiet on the outside, She is the best kind of girl with- in. " KENNETH M. NORTON " Ken " 26 Mill Street NAVAL TRAINING " An honest man is the noblest work of God.’’ NORMAN NORTON " Normie” 26 Mill Street Band. MASSACHUSETTS STATE " The eWorld knows little of its greatest men. " JEANNE NOSTROM " Svenska " 28 Belknap Street BURDETT " Thou hast no sorrow in thg son g nor winter in thy years. " WILLIAM NOSTROM " Bill " 28 Belknap Street Football. " It must be right: I have done it from my youth. " ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL CLARENCE I O ' BRIEN " OBe ” 8 Magnolia Street BOSTON UNIVERSITY " Life is short; Why not If " MARGARET A. O ' BRIEN " Margie " 93 Egerton Road Honor Roll. KATHERINE GIBBS " And still they gazed, and still the wonder grew That one small head could car- ry all she knew. ANELLA OLDHAM " Nellie " 14 Palmer Street BRYANT and STRATTON " One of such measure Is indeed a pleasure. " WALTER OLDHAM 14 Palmer Street " All things come around to him who will but wait. " WILLIAM N OLIVE. .JR " fill I " 131 Florence Avfnui Dramatic Club. BENTLEY ' S " Cheer and he, the eternal pair. " MERTON OLSEN " Mert " 55 Menotomy Road Ski Club. NORTHEASTERN He who aims highest will reach the highest ideal. " PHILIP O ' NEILL " Ph,l " 209 Broadway Class Basketball, Class Base- ball. BOSTON UNIVERSITY " Care is an enemy in life. " ROSEMARY O ' NEILL 52 Lombard Terrace Captain of Hockey Team, Basketball. Tennis. Honor Roll. Vice President of Glee Club. " Patience.” Student Council. SARGENT " Jollity with your wisdom is mingled. " f 47 1 ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL DORIS M ORMISTON " Doe " l 2 Cottage Street Dramatic Club. Glee Club CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT “ She who speaks, sows; She who keeps silent, reaps. " AI THEA OWENS “Al” 8 Mott Street Glee Club. BRYANT and STRATTON " Where to find her equal Would be very hard to tell. " GLENN E OWENS “ Foo” 8 Mott Street Model Aero Club M. I. T. " He will Get his Wings ' in life.” ELINOR J. PANGBORN 20 Milton Street Honor Roll, Year Book Com mittee. MASSACHUSETTS STATE COLLEGE ‘‘Earth s noblest thing — A woman perfect ROBERT J. PARADIS “Pa” 231 Broadway Dramatic Club. " Why aren’t they all contented like me?” ARTHUR PARNELL 17 Robbins Road " Quiet but missed if not present.” EMMA PARSONS " Impy” 193 Scituate Street Glee Club. “She loves her work and she loves her play.” CARLETON PATRIQUIN " Dairy Dan the Milkman " 72 Crescent Hill Avenue Band. Orchestra. HARVARD " In art he was surely game, in music was his fame.” I 48 1 ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL PAUI.INE PAUL “Chief 5 2 Windsor Street Editor of Chronicle. BOSTON UNIVERSITY “If you know her, something gained ; If you don’t, something lost.’’ EUGENE I- ' . PETERSON “Pete” 71 1 Avenuf : Band. Orchestra. Radio Club. Dramatic Club. M I. T. “He ' ll find a way.” HELEN PEABODY " Peabo " 1 6 Waldo Road Hockey. Baseball. VESPER GEORGE ART SCHOOL “Fair to look upon and nice to know. " NORMAN P. PINTO 76 Chandler Street Honor Roll. President of Stamp Club, Radio Club M. I. T. “Strong in argumentation. " ROBERT H. PERKINS “M ush " 102 Jason Street Ski Club . DARTMOUTH “ With his happy, friendly air He is welcome everywhere CONSTANCE E PLATIN’ “Connie 23! Gray Street Glee Club. Gilbert and Sulli van Club. Year Book Committee. SIMMONS COLLEGE " A perfect woman, nobly planned, Born to Warn, to comfort and command . DOROTHY PERRY “Dotty " 79 3 Concord Highway Hockey, Basketball, Tennis. KATHERINE GIBBS SECRETARIAL SCHOOL “A smile of silver and a voice of gold. " MARY E. POWERS 110 Franklin Street CARNEY HOSPITAL “Of fancy, reason, virtue, Naught can me bereave.” 1 [ 49 1 ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL GLADYS PRATT " Dotty’’ 21 Berkeley Street KATHERINE GIBBS " Success and happiness go hand in hand.” MIRIAM PRESTON 6 Whittemore Street GREGG SECRE TARIAL SCHOOL ‘‘Gentleness succeeds better than violence.” ROBERT E. PURCELL 1 0 1 Broadway " He has a nice manner and a winning way. " ALBERT QUINZANI ” Al” 5 8 Tufts Street Honor Roll. BOSTON UNIVERSITY " With few words and high ideals.” LIDA RADOCHIA 57 Richfield Road Tennis, Class Basketball. FORSYTHE " She’s very sweet I understand From what I hear on every hand.” ALMA I. RAMAN “Al” 125 Brooks Avenue Year Book Committee. SECRETARIAL SCHOOL With grace to win, with heart to hold.” MARION RATTO “Smoke y” 123 Appleton Street Honor Roll, Dramatic Club. NEWSPAPER REPORTER " Clever — always showing it; Charming without knowing it.” JANE RAUE “Snook y” 9 Lockeland Avenue ‘Messiah, ' ' " Patience.” SIMMONS ”A fine friend with winning ways.” 50 ] ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL ELIZABETH M. RAUSCH “Bet " 255 Park Avenue CHAMBERLAINS BUSINESS SCHOOL " Youth at the prow, and pleasure at the helm.” C. BRADEORD RICHARDS " Brad " 18 Churchill Avenue Ski Club. MASSACHUSETTS STATE COLLEGE " Life is too short to worn . " HELEN W. RICHARDSON 85 Jason street Honor Roll CHANDLER SCHOOL " Blessed by Athena and by Hera protected RALPH RITCHIE 73 Gloucester Street Class Baseball, Hockey. HARVARD “A good fellow in every sense of the word.” MARY S. ROBERTSON Robbie ” 72 Marathon Street Tennis. Class Basketball. BOSTON UNIVERSITY “ Secure in the hearts of her friends. ” DONALD W. ROBINSON. JR. " Don " 26 I.AKEVIEW Model Aero Club. Radio Club. Honor Roll. Band. Ski Club. M 1 T. ' " May his success in life be a non-stop flight. ' ' EDWIN J ROBINSON " Eddie” l 2 7 Thorndike Street Band. BENTLEY ' S “A sense of humor is the salt of life. " PEGGY ROGERS 23 Farmer Road UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA " A most delightful friend. " ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL OLIVE ROUSE 94 Franklin Street Honor Roll. Glee Club. MT. AUBURN HOSPITAL " She ' ll get by with a twinkle in her eye.” RALPH ROWLEY 88 Rawson Road DIESEL ENGINEERING " Character gives splendor to youth. " EDITH E. ROWNTREE " Betty” 14 Lakehill Avenue Glee Club. KATHERINE GIBBS SECRETARIAL SCHOOL " How quiet in school, how lively outside.” ARTHUR L. RUSSELL. .JR. " Russ " 6 Daniels Street Ski Club. FITCHBURGH TEACHERS’ COLLEGE " A man of mark. " EDWARD SAHAGIAN " Eddie” 24 Richardson avenue Cross Country. Track, Honor Roll. NORTHEASTERN " Solitude is the best nurse of wisdom.” HELEN A. SAHAGIAN 24 Richardson Avenue Glee Club. Dramatic Club. Tennis. KATHERINE GIBBS “ Quiet and demure, We all love her I’m sure. " NANCY SANDERSON " Nance " 1 1 Lakeview Street Honor Roll, Red Cross Rep- resentative, Dramatic Club, Ten- nis. OBERI.IN COLLEGE " A girl of matchless value. " WILLIAM SANTO " Harpo” 5 5 Highland Avenue Football. Chess. " I have no cares.” [ 52 ] ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL GUIDO SANTOLIQUIDO ' Squash ' " “Sandy 78 Harlow Street HARVARD " Worry not, for what ' s the use.” CORINE SAUERWALD 48 Magnolia Street Baseball Captain " On the baseball team was she Versatile as one could be.” ELEANORE SCANI.AN “ El “ 10 Marian Road Honor Roll. Glee Club. Chronicle Staff, " Patience. " Blue Star Broadcast. " Gilbert and Sullivan Club. NURSING " Her friends there are many : her foes are there any? " RICHARD SCANNELL " Dick " 92 Franklin Street Football. Track. Class Base- ball. BOSTON UNIVERSITY " What a spendthrift he is of his tongue. " EVELYN SCHOEEER “ Evie " 10 Mt. Vernon Street Honor Roll. SECRETARY “A good heart is better than all the heads m the World. " LOUISE SCHOEEER “Louie " 10 Mount Vernon Street Dramatic Club SECRETARY “It is the quiet worker who succeeds. " NECIA SHANKS 94 Hibbert Street Hockey. Baseball. Basketball WELLESLEY COLLEGE “She that hath knowledge spareth her words. " MARJORIE SHAW “Marge " 32 Everett Street Honor Roll. TUFTS COLLEGE " Serious or carefree as circumstance demands [ 53 ] ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL ROBERT G. SHEA Bob 2 Shawnee Road Football. Chess. ALABAMA STATE “Good at work, better at play. A mind to use whenever he may. " MARY SHEEHAN " Peppie " 1 4 1 DOW AVENUE FISHER BUSINESS COLLEGE “Modesty is a candle to thy merit. " ROBERT I SHEPPARD “Bob " l 3 2 Thorndike Street ELECTRICAL BUSINESS Tis men like you that make the world go around. " MILDRED SHIELDS “Tootsie " 360 Massachusetts Avenue Hockey. Basketball CHANDLER SECRETARIAL SCHOOL " To know her is to like her. " FRED SILVA “Fritz " 60 Dow Avenue Dramatic Club. Class Base- ball. Class Basketball, Golf T ea m . HARVARD Better late than never. " HILDA SILVA “Love y " 60 DOW AVENUE Basketball. Baseball. " Pa- tience, " Hockey. Glee Club, Band. FORSYTHE DENTAL SCHOOL “A merry heart maketh the whole world glad. " DWIGHT L. SIMONDS “Si " 1 1 8 Bartlett Avenue Baseball, Year Book Commit- tee. YALE “7 he sands of Time will not erase his memory . " NATHAN SIROT “Nate " 79 Hibbert Street Dramatic Club. Track. BOSTON UNIVERSITY It is good to live and learn. " 54 ] ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL DOROTHY SKINNER " Dot " 25 7 Lowell Street Advertisine Manager of the Chronicle, Sketch Club. ADVERTISING COPYWRITER " A little bit independent EDMOND SLATER " Slats’ ' 49 Mt. Vernon Street Ski Team. SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY He is dear to the hearts of his friends. LORRAINE SMILLIE " Larry " 7 6 Wright Street Girls’ Glee Club, " Patience, " Gilbert and Sullivan Club, Dra- matic Club. NEW ENGLAND CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC " Her face is smiling and her voice is siveet . ” ELEANOR E. SMITH " El " 79 Fairmont Street Girls ' Glee Club. KATHERINE GIBBS A true and sincere nature. WILLIAM E. SMITH " Bill " l 54 Highland Avenue NORTHEASTERN " If pep means progress he ' ll go a long way. " SAMUEL W. SPINA 43 Beacon Street Football. Hockey. NORTHEASTERN " He hvelh long who liveth well. " PAUL STANLEY 30 Egerton Road BOSTON COLLEGE " Earnestness to commend Character to depend. " JOHN M. STEARNS 1 1 Pine Ridge Road Orchestra. " Patience, " " Pina- fore, " " Blue Star Broadcast, " Gilbert and Sullivan Club. NORTH EASTERN " He faces life with a smile. " [ 55 1 ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL FRANCES STEELE " Fran ' ' 62 Lombard Terrace Orchestra. BOSTON UNIVERSITY A girl there teas of quiet wags. " DOROTHY STEEVES " Dolly " " Dot " 3 5 Chester Street SWITCHBOARD OPERATOR " She dwelt among the untrodden wags. " ROBERT STEVENS " Bob " 94 Mt Vernon Street T rack. TUFTS " He gets around and we love him for it. " HARRIETTE STIMSON " Buddy " 3 1 2 Park Avenue Glee Club. THE BOSTON DISPENSARY " If she has ang faults she has left us in doubt " ALICE STRONG " Butch " 1 1 9 Hillside Avenue Glee Club. BRYANT and STRATTON The merry sparkle in gour eyes Gives promise of some gag sur- prise. " BARBARA SULLIVAN " Babs " 142 Brooks Avenue BRADFORD JR. COLLEGE " Many years of deserved happi- ness Are, I trust, before you. " JOHN SULLIVAN " Sully " l 1 1 Medford Street Cross Country Team. Class Basketball. NORTHEASTERN " Good scout, fine pal, real friend. " MARIE S SULLIVAN " Sully " 14 Edgehill Road Class Tennis. Class Basketball, Glee Club. Dramatic Club. REGIS COLLEGE " She is all that my fancy painted her. " [ 56 ] ARLI NCTON RUTH SWARTZ " Ruthie " 4 Parket Street Dramatic Club. Glee Club KATHERINE GIBBS " Thy modesty is a candle to thy merit . ' HELEN TEES Teesie " 32 sawin Street Debating. Dramatic Club HYANNIS TEACHERS ' COLLEGE Knowledye is hut jolly. Unless it is guided by grace. JAMES F. SWEENEY. JR “ Jume ” 72 Allen Street Track. Debating Team. Foot ball. Baseball. STANFORD " Clear, snappy, always happy. " QUENTIN F. TEEVEN " Que " 18 Highland Avenue Football Manager. Hockey Manager, Student Council. Class Basketball. Aeroplane Club. Graphic Arts Club. UNIVERSITY OF OREGON " His tongue is the pen of a ready writer. " JOHN TALTY " Doc " 1027 Massachusetts Ave. T rack. MANHATTAN COLLEGE " Once a friend, always a friend. " ROBERT TERJELIAN " Bob " 94 Webster Street Dramatic Club. Cross Country Team. NORTHEASTERN " Steadiness is the foundation of alt virtues. " GEORGINE L TAYLOR " Cherry " 160 Gray Street Orchestra. BISHOP LEE SCHOOL OF DRAMATICS ' " Warm-hearted, full of fun, She ' s sure to win you before she’s done. " JOHN J. TESTA " Jack 148 Mt. Vernon Street Year Book Committee. BOSTON UNIVERSITY " A purpose true, determined will. Then add some pep. some work and skill. " [ 57 ] ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL MAE THAXTER " Baby Mae " 3 White Street BURDETT A greater pal could not be found. When she ' s needed she ' s always around . MILDRED J. THOMAS “T ommy " 9 Sawin Street Band. Orchestra, NEWTON HOSPITAL, NURSING " Honest and sincere. Fair and square. " CAROLYN E. THOMPSON " Carney " 27 Hopkins Road Dramatic Club, Basketball Manager, Tennis Team. DUKE UNIVERSITY " There is in you all that we be- lieve of heaven — amazing bright- ness, purity and truth, eternal joy and happiness MARY TIERNEY 24 Candia Street Orchestra. Glee Club, Libra- rian. Year Book Committee. NURSING " A mighty nice girl with a mighty pleasant manner. " STANLEY E. TOYE " Stan " 148 Massachusetts Avenue Manager Cross Country Team, Graphic Arts Club. UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAMPSHIRE ” Always has a grin. " LILLIAN W. TRAINOR " Li I” 110 Westminster Avenue Honor Roll, BRYANT and STRATTON " A winning nature MARJORIE TRAVERSE " Midge” 3 89 Massachusetts Avenue Dramatic Club, Basketball, Tennis. BURDETT “ She is quiet and modest. " CHARLOTTE TREBBY " Charlie " 4 3 Warren Street BRYANT and STRATTON " Shall I compare thee to a sum- mer ' s day Thou art more lovely and more tnumphate. " [ 58 ] ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL MARGARET TWOHIG " Mardy " 130 Franklin Street KATHERINE GIBBS " Goodness is beauty in its best estate. BETTY J. ULEN 102 Gloucester Street Glee Club, Basketball, Hock- ey, Dramatic Club. SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY “Always cheerful, always sweet. A disposition you just can ' t beat. " ’ ARTHUR WADDEEL 63 Cleveland Street Year Book Committee. Band, Class Tennis, Ski Club, Radio Club, Class Basketball, Stamp Club. TUFTS " Judge a man by his friends — And he has good ones. " MARY E. WALKER l 9 Whittemore Street Basketball, Tennis. FAY SCHOOI “Contentment is the wisdom of the wise. " EI.MER W. WALKER 3 Henry Street BURDETT “A true friend and a jolly companion. ERNESTINE WARE “Ernie " ' 285 Gray Street Art Club. ILEUS I RATING “In every gesture dignity and love And graces showered from above. " SHIRLEY J WATKINS ' " Duck " 156 Brattle Street Honor Roll. MANNEQUIN TRAINING SCHOOL “A live wire, always on the go. MARION WEAGLE 1 3 1 Wright Street Glee Club. MUSIC INSTRUCTOR “She puts others before herself. " 1 59 1 HIGH SCHOOL DORIS E. WEBSTER " Dodo’’ 23 Russell Street Dramatic Club. KATHERINE GIBBS “You ivere blessed with a fine sense of dress.” RUSSELL D WEDGE “Russ” 346 Park Avenue Honor Roll, Orchestra, Band. Golf. UPSALA COLLEGE “ There ' s mischief in this man.” THOMAS WHITE 74 Clark Street MASSACHUSETTS STATE COLLEGE “A cheerful, honest boy is he Which will lend him to prosper tty.” ARTHUR W WHITEHOUSE " Butch “Slug” “Wat” 8 2 Mt. Vernon Street MASSACHUSETTS STATE COLLEGE “If it be a man’s work, I’ll do it.” FLORENCE WIGGINS “Chorry” 144 7 Massachusetts Ave. KATHERINE GIBBS Her glorious fancies come from far Yet her heart is ever near.” EVELYN M. WIGREN “ Evie” 131 Wildwood avenue BUSINESS SCHOOL “How sweet and fair she seems to be.” RUTH R, WILSON " Ruthie” 90 Newport Street Baseball. CHAMBERLAINS DESIGNING SCHOOL “A maiden most divinely tall And most divinely fair.” WARREN A. WILSON " Mickey ” 35 Brand Street HARVARD LAW SCHOOL " Happy am I, from care am free.” ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL p " DORIS M. WING ' ' T obit " 87 Grand View Road BOSTON UNIVERSITY " Though stlent, she recognizes humor And often makes it. too. " ' PHOEBE YATES 3 2 i.ouis Avenue Walpole, Mass. Dramatic Club. ART SCHOOL " Sometimes grave, sometimes gay. But ive all tike her anyway. " FORD WING " Chink " " I 287A Massachusetts Ave. Class Basketball, Baseball. BUSINESS SCHOOL " He likes the thrills in life. " LOUISE YUNITZ " Lou 73 Cleveland Street BURDETT " The mildest manners and the gentlest heart. " VIRGINIA WORCESTER “ Cuddles " 24 Everett Street Dramatic Club. “A smile so soft So eloquent and calm. " [ 61 ] ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL LAWRENCE AULENBACK “Lorre ” 3 2 Swan Place RADIO " He has such a weight of business on hts mind. ” WILLIAM BARNSTEAD “Bill” 330 Forest Street Hockey, Class Baseball. Class Basketball. NORTHEASTERN “My thoughts are my companions.” ADRIAN CABRAL “Andy” 81 Newland Road “ A good sort and a good sport JOSEPH CAMMARATA 4 2 Fairmont Street NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY " Sober, steadfast, and true. ' LINDEN BLANCHARD Lind y” 29 Wyman Terrace Football (Co-Captain), Hock- ey. Class Basketball. Class Base- ball, Spring Football. " His athletic ability has won him fame.” DAVID A. BLOOM “ Rubtnoff” 10 Thorndike Street Orchestra, Honor Roll, Chess Champion. NEW ENGLAND CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC “ Knowledge comes but wisdom lingers.” RICHARD CARENS " Duk " l 0 Upland Road Hockey. Golf. HARVARD " A gentleman and an athlete Silent and unassuming. " EDWARD COYNE “Red " 1 5 lewis Avenue ALABAMA " The man who blushes is not quite a brute.” JOSEPH BONDI " Doodlebug” 43 Amsden Street " A man of mark.” CHARLES BUGDEN 10 Wyman Lane Lake St. Class Baseball, Football, Hock ey. “He may be sure of success.” JOHN CROSBY 20 Cornell Street Track, Football. Golf. HEBRON ACADEMY " He works with a will Both up and down hill.” PAUL CUNHA 30 Belknap Street " Reason is the helmsman who guides life’s ship.” JAMES DANIELL " Danny” 127 Webster Street Track. " Let each man do his best.” ROBERT DORINGTON " Dory " 15 Whittemore Street Football, Class Basketball, Class Baseball. STANFORD " Cheerfulness is an off -shoot of goodness and wisdom.” KATHERINE FARRINGTON ' ' Snookie ” 142 Park Ave. Extension Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Honor Roll, Band. Dramatic Club. BURDETT " A devotee of sports Carefree and frolicsome.” DONALD GARRITY 56 Norfolk Road " Not a fright, not a sight, Always bright and always right. " RICHARD S. GOODWIN " Dick” 27 Hawthorne Avenue TUFTS " From great heights thou look- est down Upon thy fellow workers.” | 62 ] ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL BERNICE HARVEY " Bernie " 359 Washington street Glee Club, Stamp Club. Year Book Committee. " A cheery soul is she. " ANNE HICKEY 50 Thorndike Street Glee Club ( Vice-Pres. ) . As- sistant Librarian ' 36, Dramatic Club, " Blue Star Broadcast. " BRYANT and STRATTON " A smile in her eyes That no trouble can smother. " JOHN M. HIGGINS 155 Warren Street Football. HEBRON ACADEMY " What ' s the odds as long as you’re happy. ” REGINALD HILL " Reggie ” 30 Ashland Street Class Baseball, Class Basket- ball. NORTHEASTERN " A merry fellow and most sincere.’’ EDMUND H JEFFREY " Jeff " 168 Highland Avenue Dramatic Club. NORTHEASTERN " Diligence is the mother of good fortune. " EDWARD KENNEY 1 3 Cottage Avenue Football, Baseball, Basketball. BRIDGTON ACADEMY " With all the ease and gallant poise Of one who triumphs without noise.” WALTER KI UKA 125 Palmer Street Class Basketball. Class Base- ball. M. I T. " Keen of body, keen of wit. This combination scores a hit. " ROBERT S LADD Pee Wee " 101 Churchill Avenue Ski Club. ART " Stature is no handicap ; was Napoleon a giant.’’ " ALBERT LENNON " Al " 26 Bow Street Football. Baseball DARTMOUTH " A friend may well be reckoned The masterpiece of Nature. " ARTHUR LORENTZEN " Art " 24 Menotomy Road Hockey, Tennis. DARTMOUTH He who has no wish to be happier is the happiest man. " HELENA MAZZOCCA " Lee " 76 River Street Band. Orchestra, Gilbert and Sullivan Club. LOWELL TEACHERS ' COLLEGE " Music hath charms. " WILLIAM McCI.EI I AN " Bill” 87 Quincy Street Football. Hockey. Ski Club. Tennis. LAWYER " Courage, truth and honesty, What more would you want in a man? " JAMES F. McCI.EI LAND ' Jim " 238 Gray Street Debating Club. Track " A man of hope and forward looking mind. " HAROLD MURRAY " Ha! " 85 Irving Street " A genial disposition brings to its owner many friends . " JOHN OLSON 22 Inverness Road NORTHEASTERN " We know what we are. but we know not what we may be. " CLIFTON ORCHARD " Kip " 27 Howard Street Track TUFTS COLLEGE Nature might stand up and say to all the world — This was a man . ’ ' JAMES PAPPAS " Jim " 90 Marathon Street Football, Dramatic Club. Year Book Committee. UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAMPSHIRE " A genius without passion. " r 63 1 ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL BETTY PHELAN “Libby’ ' “Poof " 67 Hillside Avenue Manager of Girls Hockey Team. Dramatic Club. " Her disposition is as friendly as her smile. ' GAIL POWERS " Rufus " 53 Exeter Street Hockey. Basketball SARGENT " A delight was she in every class. " WINTHROP PRATT 3 85 MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE UNIVERSITY OF MAINE " An earnest worker with a winning way. EDWARD RAIA " Eddie " 127 Wachusett Avenue Football. Hockey. Baseball, PREP SCHOOL " A terror on the grid-iron . " HAZEL ROBERTSON 19 Beck Road " Her deeds were done silently. " JOHN W. ROONEY 21 Lowell Street Ski Club. " He who works long and hard Receives hts reward in the end. " CABOT ROWLAND 67 Pleasant Street I rack. Cross Country Team. MASSACHUSETTS NAUTICAL SCHOOL " Two qualities that often blend, a good sport and a loyal friend. " W GORDON SURETTE " Scoop " 1 9 Glenburn Chronicle Staff, Honor Roll BOSTON UNIVERSITY To him the world is full of enjoyment. " WALTER SWENSEN " Swede " 103 Columbia Road Hockey. " Blue Star Broad- cast " WESTERN RESERVF UNIVERSITY " Be merry while you are young. " 3n jErnuirtam William H. Bent 1921 — 1936 ROLAND TATRO " Roily " 99 Lake Street PRINTING " The ladies ' pride and joy. " THOMAS TRAVERS 27 Highland Avenue Class Basketball. Baseball. NORTHEASTERN " I do but sing because I must. " JEANNETTE TREMBLAY " Jen " 40 Smith Street Honor Roll. SECRETARIAL WORK " Good sense and good nature must ever be joined. " EILEEN M. WALKER " Tuchy " 3 Henry Street Dramatic Club, Band. Ten nis, Hockey. NURSING " Long live such good nature. " DANIEL C. WHITNEY " Whit " 1 5 Hobbs Court Golf. Chess. Badminton. " A light heart lives long. " 64 | ARL! NCTON £7 ’ 9 - ’’ WoR)S by Alice stkong CLASS 50N OF 1938 MUSIC by NATALIE M0V5ES5IAN 1 b h — T ■.hi 1 ' I I y L f 4 r 1 M J r i r W 9 ■ T l So M ' lL L. WE SHALL O fl GOOD KNOW No BYSS 0 fi SOFTER 8 ACK-U ARD TURN-u; D AT THE CROSS A fc AS IVF SEEK C 5 A 0 S XJR — 1 t 1 when wt Part Distant GOALS 4 H , D h m 1 l i J h r 1 a k , v r 1 M • - 1 L 1 Han Z 2 v B i_ } . 4 .. V 77 t ar ] — a — i i jo=s : 1 J - W KB 1 L r x J J c h l - £SC T e 1 1 r U r 7 T 1 cv l r l 1 p u V J 0 777 yr?rr 1 L 1 » q i r « u T “ a — . 1 h 1 y v 1 l c s _j . r 3 r P » 7 1 Vf ' qp _i 1 d L L I 1 , r f w. .w r 1 i • No. 4. 12 Staves (Medium) ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL ( ! ' ho i ( W(io Best All-round Boy Walter Donovan Most Popular Walter Donovan Best Actor Edmond Jeffrey Most Musical David Bloom Most Intellectual Leonard Dozier Most Athletic John Cashman Most Likely to Succeed Joseph Ambrose Wittiest Albert Casey Best Dancer Walter Donovan Tallest Edmond Slater Shortest Robert Ladd Most Attractive William Duffey Best Dressed Herbert Ericson Best Orator John Dolan Most Businesslike Joseph Ambrose Most Bashful Charles Ahern Most Talkative Quentin Teeven Most Artistic Edward Enright Girl Jane Carroll Jane Carroll Irene Allison Thelma Andrews Nancy Sanderson Rosemary O’Neill Nancy Sanderson Virginia Leonard Edna Bennett Mary Baird Agnes Cullinane Barbara Eames Barbara Eames Barbara Hobbs Lillian Trainor Mary Baird Alma Leverone Eleanor Scanlon 1 66 ] ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL Top Row: Thomas White, George Mernick, Joseph Ambrose, Warren Dale, John Morris. Middle Row: Richard Teeven, Virginia Teeven, Margaret Slattery, Dorothy Bennett, Marion Bradford. Edna Black, Rosemary O’Neill. Bottom Row: William Doe, Mrs. Moffatt, Marcia Lowcock, Richard Bartholomew, Albert Casey, President; Jane Carroll, Marc White, Quentin Teeven. St uc lent (1 ounc if 1 he Student Council is the most important of our school activities. It is composed of ten seniors, six juniors, and four sophomores, elected by the mem- bers of their respective classes. It is the duty of the Council to act as an in- termediary between faculty and student body, and thus to improve the general condition of the school. I he Student Council for 1937-1Q38 gave vigorous and constructive leader- ship in all student activities. Many proposals were transformed into actual facts. New qua lifications and regulations for senior class elections were adopted. The students radio-victrola was used extensively in the successful Friday after- noon dances organized by the Council. I ' he junior members of the Council conducted a very successful junior prom. The Council led the movement to improve the general condition of the lunchroom. It also assumed control of the acute traffic problem in the corridors and on the stairways. The Council also took charge of the Community Fund drive in the school The Student Coun cil for 1 37-19 38 has reason to be proud of its accomplishments, which were brought about in great measure through the efficiency, ability and perseverance of its officers, and through the advice and assistance of Mrs. Moffatt, the faculty representative. OFFICERS FOR 1937-1938 President Vice-President Secretary T reasurer Albert Casey Marc White Jane Carroll Richard Bartholomew 1 67 i ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL Top Row: Marcia Weatherill, Robert Paradis, Glenn Wright, Chandler Wood, Eugene Peterson, Robert Ben- shimol, Virginia Arnold, Irene Allison. Bottom Row: Miss Johnston, Barbara Hobbs, Richard Ward, Mi ' s. Matthews. au The Arlington High School Dramatic Club began this very successful sea- son with 155 members. In order to make an early start on the public play, all social events were postponed. The club selected “The Admirable Crichton’’ by James M. Barrie for presentation in the Town Hall. This was not only one of the greatest undertakings ever presented by the club but also one of the most suc- cessful. On March 26, five one-act plays were presented in the High School Audi- torium. They were “Where but in America,’’ “No Sabe,” “War, " “Dead Men Can t Hurt You,” and “The Devil Comes to Alcaraz.” By the averaged decision of a board of professional critics, the alumni of the club who were present, the vote of the audience and of the directors, “No Sabe” was chosen to represent Arlington at the Massachusetts Drama Festival in Everett on April 9. “The Devil Comes to Alcaraz” was a close second and consequently was presented at the New England Conservatory of Music on April 9. Mrs. Matthews, Miss Johnston, and Miss Porter were faculty advisers of the club, directed its activities, and gave to its members much valuable guidance and instruction. JTe club has also been fortunate in having Mr. Robinson and Mr. Burke to supervise business and financial affairs and Mr. Kenney to assist with the scenery. OFFICERS FOR 1937-38 President BARBARA HOBBS Vice-President ERNEST BENSHIMOL (left school in February) RICHARD Ward (elected to serve unexpired term) Secretary IRENE ALLISON T reasurer EUGENE PETERSON 1 68 ] ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL d-xiahton “The Admirable Crichton ’ by James M. Barrie was presented on Saturday, January 29, in the Robbins Memorial T own Hall. In spite of many handicaps the play was truly a great success. Originally planned for December, the play had to be postponed, owing to the absence of Ernest Benshimol. Then, eleven days before the play was to be presented, Irene Allison, who played the part of Lady Mary, fractured her ankle. Jean Mark, the sophomore understudy, took over the part and did a highly commendable piece of work in the public per- formance. The other leading parts were taken by Richard Ward, Irving Brown. Marion Fillmore, Peggy Bond, Herbert Greeley, William Miller, and Ella Mac kenzie. Those who took supporting roles were Barbara Bouzas, Robert Ben sbimol, Franklin Volpe, William Olive, Ethel Svedlund, Constance Timmins, Catherine Iaconis, Joseph Hoar, Mark Newcomb, George Hugbins, Douglas Gutteridge, and James Hagen. The play was difficult to produce, not only from the standpoint of the actors, but also of the scenery, on which Glenn Wright and his assistants worked for many hours. Chandler Wood was business mana- ger, Marcia Weatherill and Virginia Arnold did props; Robert Benshimol. tick ets; Robert Paradis, advertising; James Pappas, programs: Mildred Zwicker. candy. Barbara Hobbs and Paul Jones were head ushers, under the supervision of Mr. Hormel. -Radio CM Since the Radio Club was not organized until after the Christmas vacation, its activities for this year were somewhat restricted. Mr. Skinner was adviser and all meetings were held in Room 35. The club went on the air twice, how- ever, and made a few contacts. Much of the time was devoted to the teaching of the Morse International Code. Many members learned to send and receive quite well. I he graduating members of the club sincerely hope that the under- graduates will carry on, and thus enable more A H. S. students to get their ama- teur licenses. OFFICERS FOR 1937-38 President Vice-President Donald Brown Roger Hotaling 1 69 ] ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Top Row (left to right): Malcolm Beers, David Howard, John McCaffrey. Bottom Row: Donald Larrabee, Wm. Miller, John Dolan, Edward Begley. I his year the Arlington High School Debating Club was not so active as usual, because of a small membership and the lack of a faculty adviser. Two debates were held, however, one within the school, and one with Concord High School. In each case the subject of the debate wa s " Resolved, that the several states should adopt the unicameral form of legislature.” We hope that next year the student body will have a greater interest in the club and that a faculty adviser will be appointed. OFFICERS FOR 1 937-38 President Vice-President Secretary John Dolan William Miller David Howard 1 70 ] ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL Top Row ( left to right ) : William Doe. John Kelleher, William Jacques, Joseph Hoar. Mr. Robinson, Clifford Boyd, Gordon Surette, Weston Walker. Bottom Row: Miss Krastin, Eleanor Scanlon, Madeline Manning, Barbara Given, Pauline Paul, Florence Ewe. Eleanor Blomberg, Dorothy Skinner, Mr. Arthur. The Chronicle has completed its sixth year as the official newspaper of Arlington High School. The ten-page issue has shown a noticeable increase in circulation. Personal items about the students, athletic news, editorials, and student digest columns were the basis of this year ' s paper. Trying to feature interviews with well-known personalities, the Chronicle succeeded in introduc- ing such celebrities as Ruth Moss, radio announcer: Dorothy Speare. fiction writer: William Cowley, Jack Portland, Bobby Bauer and " Flash " Hallett, all- Boston Bruin Hockey Stars; Cecil B. DeMille, Hollywood producer; and Johnny Kelley, Arlington marathoner. I he junior journalism class and the Manual Arts department assisted in the publication of the Chronicle. Miss Krastin, Miss Pattison, Mr. Arthur, and Mr. Robinson gave valuable suggestions and assistance. Thus did the Chroni cle ring down the curtain on a very successful year. OFFICERS FOR 1937-38 Editor Assistant Editor Advertising Manager Publishing Manager Feature Editor Pauline Paul Joseph Hoar Dorothy Skinner Barbara Given Florence Ewe 1 71 ] ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL Top Rote: Michael Kolodziej, Donald Robinson, Herbert Ericson, Harry Marden, Robert Perkins, Donald Neann. Clifford Day. Middle Row: John Gammons, Richard Hanson, George MacGillivray, Robert Pierce, Bradford Richards, Arthur Rose, Robert Ladd. Bottom Row: Edmond Slater, Merton Olsen, Ralph Olsen, Paul Robbins, Mr. Withered, John French. The Arlington High School Ski Club has just rounded out its second suc- cessful season under the leadership of Mr. Carl Withered. The club was or- ganized during the ski season of 1936-37. On account of the lack of proper snow conditions, the boys as a club saw little ski activity last year. At the be- ginning of the year the club had forty members. Good snow held out most of the winter. On January 23 at the Mt. Hood Reservation in Melrose, the club entered its first scholastic ski meet against twelve rival schools. Our four-man downhill team placed seventh among the twelve other schools, and the cross- country team placed fifth. We considered this a real accomplishment, consider- ing that it was our first race. To top off the year, on Saturday, April 2, Mr. Withered with Bob Pierce, Robert Perkins, Don Mann, Richard Hanson, John Gammons, Robert Ladd, Phillip Fanning and John French, set off for a week-end of spring skiing in the famous Tuckerman ' s Ravine on Mt. Washington. The skiing was marvelous on the “corny " spring snow. While there the boys saw many of the country’s professionals as wed as amateurs. They stayed in Gorham, New Hampshire, Saturday night, skied ad day Sunday, and returned “gloriously tired” Sunday night. The club wishes to thank Mr. Withered for his leadership and express ap- preciation to Jack French, John Gammons, “Myrt " Olsen, Bob Pierce, and Paul Robbins, the boys who constituted our winning team at Mt. Hood. OFFICERS FOR 1937-1938 Chairman Secretary Ralph Olson Paul Robbins ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL Top Row: Ralph Brown, Doe Johnson. Edgar Greek, Ernest Gariepy, Thomas White, Michael Kolodziej, Arthur Broeg, Mr. Arthur. Glenn Owens, Robert Jorda. Bottom Row: Robert Cade, Robert Abrahamson, Richard Brawley, Donald Robir.scn, John French. Otlsi fzxo (liny During the second year of the Model Aero Club both membership and activities have increased. Contests were held on an average of every two weeks. The club took up gas modelling this year. Four members boast such models, only two of which have engines. At the end of the second year the club is big- ger and stronger than ever. We hope that it will see its third successful year in 1 938-39. President Secretary OFFICERS FOR 1937-38 Robert Cade Donald Robinson 1 73 i ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL Top Row: R. Dennen, M. Horrigon, D. Mellan, G. Higgins, A. Lally, P. Morton, D. EJdridge, Mary Baird, H Stimson, A. Cavaliere, C. Smillie, F. Fredo, M. Semonian, S. Ciccolo, L. Smillie, D. Scanlon. Third Row: E. Scanlon. D. Donnelly, N. Avakian, M. Gibson, M. Tierney, D. Downing, M. Bradford, M. Bailey, C. Knudsen, P. Bullock, E. McKenzie, B. Hopkins, H. Sahagian, M. Tait, M. Ellis. Second Row: E. Sorensen, M. Weagle, D. Gray, M. Wallace, M. Guarertlee, B. Quinn, E. Hicks, M. McMini- mun, W. Kent, R. Miller, M. Alsen, E. Black, E. Ryberg, E. Rowntree, G. Goven, E. Parsons. Bottom Row: R. Geddes, L. Kochanek, C. Thompson, B. Harvey, E. Trembley, M. Quinzani, A. Batrry, Miss Wardle, N. Movsessian, R. O’Neil, O. Rouse. T. Andrews, E. Svedlund, R. Kelly, A. Strong. The Girls’ Glee Club, under the direction of Miss Ethelwyn Wardle, reached even greater heights than ever before this year. Arlington, which last year won the highest honors at the New England Music Festival, this year re- turned to try to repeat its success. The Glee Club also sang at a meeting of the Arlington Woman’s Club and in March went on the air over station WCOP to exhibit the talents of its members to the New England radio audience. We all wish the Girls’ Glee Club continued success in the coming year. President Vice-President Secretary OFFICERS FOR 1937-38 Natalie Movsessian Rosemary O’Neill Alice M. Barry 1 74 ] ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL Top Row: C. Patriquin, R. Martin, D. Wilfred, R. Russomando, S. Keller, K. Kyle, E. Jansen, R. Bamberg, M. Wynn, P. Healy. Third Row : G. Wright, W. Babb, A. Broeg, J. Poole, M. Thomas, M. Semonian, A. Koelsch, C. F arrington, L. Cavalieri. Second Row: A. Mazzocca, C. Campbell, R. Abramson, M. Wilson, R. Maxhan, E. Linekin, R. D’Unger, C. Bamberg, W. Patriquin, R. Brown, R. Dolahm, M. Mazzocca, C. Parker. Bottom Row: M. Wilton, M. Burns, M. Dodge, D. Mann, F. Anderson, H. Mazzocca, W. Chick, M. Nolan, M. Norton, J. Hoffman. UBand The Arlington High School Band, under the direction of Mr. Einzig and Mr. Mazzocca, had in 1937-38 one of its greatest, most brilliant and most color ful seasons for a long while. The members of the band are to be congratulated upon the fine showing that they made at many school assemblies and at the Town Hall. Perhaps the band’s greatest achievement was the loyal and enthusiastic support it gave to the Arlington football team during the 19 37 season. The band had the honor of playing over WCOP and made a great hit. It hopes to participate in the 1 9th of April celebration and also at the State Festival According to many critics, this band was the best in years. The school cer- tainly appreciates the hard work of its members and of its very able directors. We all hope that future bands will continue the fine work of the 1937-38 organi- zation. 1 75 ] ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL Conductor, Mr. Einzig ; Violins, D. Bloom. D. Downing, A. O’Brien, R. Doherty, M. Wynn. E. McCarthy, M. Sonia, C. Patriquin, A. Johnson, P. Robbins, N. Kelley, N. Eslin, O. Minot, M. Kane, F. Steele, W. Jones; Viola, S. Ciccolo ; Cello, M. Semonian ; String Bass, A. Cavalieri, A. Spina, A. Twitchel ; Flutes, M. Keeffe, M. Wilton; Oboe, H. Mazzocca, M. Beers; Clarinets, G. Andepson, P. Hart; Bassoons, M. Dodge, M. Burns; Saxes, M. Nolan, L. Cavalieri, J. Hoffman; Horns , R. Bamberg, E. Jansen, R. Mellen, O. Heilman, R. Dolahm ; Trumpets, M. Mazzocca, C. Bamberg, R. Brown, W. Patriquin; Trombones, S. Keller, R. Martin, R. Russomando ; Drums, J. Poole, M. Thomas, G. Wright; Biano, P. Boone: Manager, C. Parker; Librarian, A. Broeg. “This year ' s orchestra, " said Mr. Einzig, “is one of the best I have ever conducted. " He might well be proud for many were the words of praise that he received for its excellent performances. The string section was especially good, and the orchestra, as a whole, was properly balanced. They played at the Dra- matic Club plays, at the Kiwanis Club, at the presentation of “Patience, " and at the Arlington Music Festival. They attended the Music Festival at Fall River and returned home with high honors. Mr. Einzig certainly deserves many or- chids for his excellent instruction and direction. t 76 ] Top Row: Eleanor Scanlon. Mr. Einzigr. Paul Cronin, Priscilla Boone. Bottom Row: Thelma Andrews, Edwin Morrison, Jane Raue. Ll)lC t SJL Ll T Ull This club which was formed last year was not very active in the 1936-1937 season, except for its assistance in the presentation of the " Blue Star Broadcast.” This year, however, the club blossomed forth with its hit production " Patience.” This operetta was the outstanding school show of the year. Capably directed by Mr. Einzig and enhanced by the talents of such artists as Thelma Andrews and Edwin Morrison, the performance was given at the Junior High School East on April 29 and 30. Here’s wishing the club more good luck and success. May its next operetta be every bit as successful as " Patience.” OFFICERS FOR 1937-1938 President V ice-President Secretary T reasurer Assistant T reasurer Pianist Edwin Morrison Thelma Andrews Jane Raue Paul Cronin Eleanor Scanlon Priscilla Boone 1 77 1 ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL Top Row: Roy Woods, William Taylor, Francis O’Connell. Tom Donlon. William Moore. Edward Maher. Second Row: Edmund Jeffrey, Leonard Gray, Edward Johnson. Harold Cue, William Miller, Amando Conti. John Dolan. Third Row: Robert Battis, Doris Gott, Evelyn Ostrand. Alma Raman, Ethel Melin, Elizabeth Kennedy, Jean- ette Shedd, Ernestine Ware, Florence Ewe, Dorothy Skinner, Helen Peabody. Robert Cave. Bottom Row: Doris Claflin. Eleanor Scanlon, Phoebe Yates, Mary Tee, Mr. Kenney. Virginia Holton, Phyllis Cummings, Frances Spong. dtulj The Art Club, a new club in Arlington High School, was organized in November, at the request of pupils who wanted to know additional things about drawing and painting that are not taught in regular classes, such as sketching, oil painting, etc. The club, under the direction of Mr. Kenney, invites members of the entire school to join. Club members have sketched in pen and ink and pencil, and painted in water colors, oils, and tempera. In subsequent years the club hopes to hold exhibitions as a separate part of the regular work of the year. For a new organization the Art Club has made excellent progress. 1 78 ] hoxti ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL Top Row: George Hughins, Betty Caples. David Bott. Bottom Row: Josephine Bartholomew, Margaret Slattery, Barbara Swanson, Alma Leveroni, Gladys Casperian. We ' ll cheer today the Red and Gray We know our boys will shine — The backs will run around the ends And charge right through the line. The team will march on down the field Until the game is won So lend your voice and give a cheer — A cheer for Arlington — Rah! Rah! [ 80 ] ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL Top Row: Mr. Canty, Mr. Hormel, R. Sanders, E. Tobin. A. Saul, F. Femia. A. Gorell, A. Knight, R. Barth- olomew, Dr. Campobasso, Mr. Johnson, Coach Ostergren. Middle Row: R. Battis, G. Mernick, E. Quinn, W. Mills. E. Burns, P. Down, J. Corbett, F. O ' Connell, F. Ellis, R. Isner, W. Lyons, R. Dorington, R. Mullen, R. LeBaron, W. White. Bottom Row: E. Raia, R. Anderson, J. Mahoney. A. Cormier, ' W. Donovan, L. Blanchard, J. Cashman, F. Alger, W. Dale, R. Scanned, E. Kenney, H. Hunter. I he 1937 football team enjoyed a most successful season by defeating Newton. Fitchburg, Waltham. Winchester, and Belmont: playing a tie game with Belmont: playing a tie game with Malden: and losing only to Leominster and Melrose. It was the first win over the Red and Gray in six years by the undefeated State Champion. Melrose. The team was led by Co-Captains John Cashman and Linden Blanchard, and managed by Richard Bartholomew. The coaches were Mr Ostergren. Mr. Hormel, and Mr. Johnson. A number of the players received all-scholastic ratings by the Boston newspapers. Letters were received by Co-Captains John Cashman and Linden Blanchard. Manager Richard Bartholomew, William Dale, Edward Kenney, Frank Alger, Robert Anderson. Walter Donovan. John Ma- honey. Richard Scannell, Joseph Cormier. Louis Spina, Philip Down, Reuben LeBaron, Edward Quinn. William Mills. Walter White. Edward Burns. Howard Isner, Edward I obin, and James Corbett. Philip Down was elected captain of next year’s team. 1 81 ] ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL Top Row: Betty Caples, Katherine Farrington, Jane Carroll, Margaret Meikle, Marcia Lowcock, Violet Hazlett, Naomi Fellman, Miss McCarty. Bottom Row: Natalie Movsessian, Ruth Kelley. Rosemary O’Neill. Helen Peabody. ; OC.ks.ij But for a 1 - 1 0 loss to Lexington, the field hockey team had a very successful season. The team played Concord, Melrose, Belmont, Winchester, Malden, and Lexington. Captain-elect Ryta Healy and her team, under the splendid coaching of Miss McCarthy, have our best wishes for success next year. Letter girls: Ruth Kelley, Catherine Farrington, Margaret Meikle, Jane Carroll, Violet Hazlett, Marcia Lowcock, Ryta Healy, Helen Peabody, Natalie Movsessian, Naomi Fellman, and Rosemary O’Neill. 1 82 ] ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL Top Row ( left to right) . Frank Borselli. Paul Campbell. Joseph Cormier, Ralph Thomas, William Dale, Mr. Lowder. Bottom Row: John Cashman, Marty Powers, “Mush” Corbett, Michael Burke, Georjre Mernick. ' IBaJULfC The 1937-38 basketball team, led by Captain " Mush ' ' Corbett, finished the season with eleven victories and eight defeats. The Arlington team was in- vited to participate in the North Shore Tournament held at Danvers, Mass. There the loyal Arlington fans saw their team reach the semi-finals where they were finally defeated by the fast team from Lynn English, who thus became North Shore Champions. When the season was over, Marty Powers had made the second highest number of scores in the Suburban League. Corbett took third place in the League and in addition was chosen a forward in the All-Suburban team. Marty Powers was elected captain for the coming year. [ 83 ] ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL Top Row (left to right) : Carolyn Thompson, Rosemary O’Neill, Virginia Leonard, Helen Hamilton, Blarbara Eames, Miss McCarty. Bottom Row: Barbara Swanson. Viola Moore, Margaret Meikle, Naomi Fellman, Rita Healy. Sitting: Ruth Kelly, Patricia Marden. I he basketball team made a poor start this season as only one letter girl, Margaret Meikle, remained. Later in the season the type of basketball was changed from three court to two court. Under the able guidance of Miss McCarthy, coach, and Margaret Meikle, captain, the team regained its former strength. At the close of the season the team was very successful, winning the last five games. Patricia Marden was elected as the captain for 1939. 1 84 ] ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL Top Row: Edward Burns, Arthur Wells, Robert Battis, William Barnstead, John Spinner, Richard Carens. Middle Row: Angelo DiModica, Richard Rowe. Robert Benshimol, George Malone, Robert Sanders, Donald Moore, Roger Duffy, Joseph Hickey. Mr. Downes. Bottom Row: David Bott, William Lyon, William Meaney, William Duffy, Lawrence Babine, Lindon Blanch- ard, John Carney. The 1938 hockey team finished in fifth place in the Greater Boston Inter- scholastic Ice Hockey League. Although that achievement represented the top place of the second division of the league, the team proved itself at all times to have potential strength, not realized because of inexperience. Starting the sea- son with Captain Bill Duffy and Larry Babine as the only seasoned veterans, the team did a remarkable job by developing into a constant threat to all of its opponents. Bill Lyons rapidly became a dependable forward and made up the first line with Duffy, Babine, and Lyons. Lindy Blanchard proved himself to be invaluable at defense and worked fairly effectively with Bill Barnstead The goalies were experiencing their first year in the nets with Jack Carney bearing the brunt of the burden. Dave Bott and Jack Spinner saw service throughout the year. The greatest improvement shown was in the development of Joe Hickey. Bill Meaney, Dick Rowe, Dick Carens, Bob Saunders, George Malone, Robert Benshimol, Eddie Burns, and Don Moore. These boys were capable replace- ments for the starting team. Bob Battis and Art Wells were defense replace- ments. With Duffy, Babine, Meaney, Barnstead, Carens, and Bott the only probable graduates, Captain-elect Bill Lyons should hope to lead a successful Arlington High hockey team next year. I 85 ] ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL Toj) Row ( left to right) : Edward Tobin, Alan Harwood, Hugh Fletcher, Everett Linekin, George Mansfield, Reuben LeBaron. Second Row: John Fitzpatrick, Thomas Sennot, James Daniell, Stephen Donahue, Robert Werner, Walter McQuestion, Cabot Rowland. Third Row: Coach “Doc” McCarty, Timcthy Denault, Creighton Parker, John Talty, James Kellogg, James McClelland, William Lowery, Robert Stevens, Joseph Gallagher, Joseph Ambrose, Manager. Bottom Row: Richard Wells, Philip Cronin, Joseph Cronin, Walter Smith, Edward Parker, Robert Cronin. Edward Sahagian. Lhid naoo x The 1937-38 Indoor Track Team had a fairly successful season. The team was ably coached by “Doc” McCarty, who has guided the destinies of Arlington track teams for many years. One dual meet was held with Brookline. Other meets had to be cancelled on account of weather conditions. Members of the Arlington team also took part in the Eastern Seaboard Relay meet, the State meet in the Boston Garden, and the New England Meet at Bowdoin College in Maine. Those receiving letters were James Kellogg, Cabot Rowland, Warren Dunn, Hugh Fletcher, Walter Smith, Edward Parker, Edward Sahagian, Joseph Cronin. Alan Harwood, Richard Quinn, and Joseph Ambrose. The team will always cherish the memory of Warren Dunn, one of its most promising sophomore members, who passed away on March 1, 1938. 1 86 ] HIGH SCHOOL Top Row: Coach Ostergren, G. Alden, J. Wilcox, L. Wilson. J. Cronin, F. Borselli, E. Kenny, H. O’Leary, Manager Thomas Connolly. Middle Row: W. Coughlin. W. Donovan, J. O’Donoghue, J. Spinner, J. Cashman, N. Athanas, R. Sanders, D. Simonds. Bottom Row: A. Massucco. W. Smith, P. Rubner, C. Lewis, J. Bevins, F. Wing. jBa a r The baseball team has won nine, lost three, and has four more games to play as this is written. Newton and Watertown have lost twice to Arlington while Malden, Rindge, Brookline, Waltham, and Belmont have lost once. Cam- bridge Latin has defeated Arlington twice while Lowell is the only other team to defeat the Red and Gray. With only two veterans to start the 1938 campaign the team has enjoyed a most successful season. John Cashman and Dwight Simonds have shared the pitching honors while the catching was done by Billy Mills and Billy Coughlin. The infield was composed of Ford Wing, Frank Borcelli, Bobby Sanders, Dwight Simonds and Marty Powers and the outfield by Walter Donovan, John O’Donoghue and John Spinner. [ 87 1 ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Top Row: Margaret Meikle, Katherine Farrington, Necia Shanks, Ruth Wilson, Ruth Kelly, Mary Hackett, Miss McCarty. Bottom Row: Helen Peabody, Rita Healey, Corinne Sauerwald, Barbara Swanson, Esther Donovan, Naomi Fellman. The girls ' baseball team began the season with the Winchester game which it won 14 to 5. Corinne Sauerwald is the star pitcher and captain. Jacquelyne Hession is the catcher. The team, coached by Miss McCarty, is especially good this year and hopes to have a successful season. [ 88 1 ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL Top Row: Harry Hall. Robert Hauser, Herbert Ericson, Robert Benshimol, Edward Begley. Bottom Row: Thomas Carmody, Frank Lee, Marc White. jDoui LTLz zti I he Boys’ Tennis Team, which last year won the Suburban League, is on its way to a repeated success this year. I he team, coached by Mr. Lowder, and managed by Edward Begley, plays teams from Melrose, Watertown. Belmont. Lexington and Winthrop, and to date has won three games. The players are all juniors and thus give promise of a strong group next year. 1 89 ] ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Rosemary O’Neill, Carolyn Thompson, Barbara Eames, Virginia Flanders, Virginia Leonard, Jane Carroll, Mary Fitzpatrick, Captain ; Viola Moore, Nancy Sanderson. L ’ £nm± T he Arlington High School Girls’ T ennis Team, led by Captain Mary Fitzpatrick and managed by Virginia Flan ders, gained high honors for them- selves and their school on the tennis courts this year. The team was ably coached by Miss Gallagher and played Malden, Melrose, Belmont, Winchester, Lexing- ton, and Concord. May 1 1 Malden at home May 17 Melrose at Melrose May 24 Belmont at Belmont May 27 Winchester at home J une 3 Lexington at Lexington June 8 Concord at Concord [ 90 J ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL Top Row: Richard Wells, Edward Sahagian, Philip Cronin, Hugh Fletcher, “Doc” McCarty. Bottom Row: John Talty, Captain Edward Parker, Joseph Cronin. (lxol.1. (loiDltxU The 1937 Cross Country team had a successful season. Although com- posed mostly of green material, it developed into a very strong outfit. After losing the first meet to Quincy by one point, Arlington succeeded in defeating Winchester, Northeastern, Brockton, and Tufts freshmen. The team was ably led by Captain Edward Parker, one of the best distance runners in the state. The following received letters: Edward Parker, John l aity, Edward Sahagian, Jo- seph Cronin. Richard Wells, and Hugh Fletcher. I 91 1 ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL Top Row: Russell Wedge, Mr. Robinson, George Grant, Thomas Burke. Bottom Row: Paul Campbell, Michael Burke, Michael Sawchuk. g otf According to Mr. Robinson, this year’s golf team is the best that Arlington High School has ever produced. It is a member of the Greater Boston Inter- scholastic League composed of Brookline, Waltham, Watertown, Lexington and Newton. Its home course is Winchester, and it has the privilege of playing on the courses at Braeburn, Oakley, Trapelo, Lexington Country Club, and Brook- line. Michael Sawchuk is number one man, ably assisted by Paul Campbell and Russell Wedge. Last year Arlington was runner-up in the State tournament, and this year our undefeated team enthusiastically expects to win the tourna- ment in June. 1 92 ] ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL itoXLJ When the now experienced class of 1938 wandered into the new assembly hall as green sophomores in September, 1 935, we little knew what was in store for us. We cannot help but say now that we greatly appreciated the sincere greeting that Mr. Gammons gave us. As sophomores, we tried to hold up our end in school activities. The football season was, of course, our first interest in the school year. That year William Dale proved to " Osty” that he was going to be a first string man. From football, our interest switched to the Student Council which was sponsor- ing a drive for music with our meals. We worked in cooperation with the other two classes, and finally were rewarded by the sweet swing of Tommy Dorsey and Guy Lombardo. We had purchased an automatic Victrola with an amplify- ing system. Our sophomore year was immeasurably saddened by the accidental death of William Bent. Bill is not forgotten by his classmates who have missed his sunny face through the years. 1935 also saw the beginning of future stars in the Dramatic Club produc- tion, " Smilin’ Through.” Ernest Benshimol, Irene Allison, and Eugene Peter- son ably represented the sophomore class. We returned to A. H. S. in the fall of 19 36 to become members of the class that is neither here nor there. However, we determined to make our junior year an outstanding one. Bill Dale lived up to his promise and proved to be an excellent center on the football team. Johnny Casbman and Bill Santo also upheld the honor of the junior class. The season ended victoriously when A. H. S. defeated Melrose, 13-7. The Dramatic Club presented " The Youngest " as their annual production. Barbara Hobbs’ histrionic ability earned her one of the leading roles in the play. Ernie Benshimol came through as usual with a good performance. That spring the tennis team brought the cup to Arlington by a series of matches in which Arlington came out on top. During the whole season Arling- ton dropped not one single match. Thus with flying colors we finished our junior year. In September we all realized that the great day had come at last. We were seniors! We had to face the year without Miss Murdoch, the head of the French department, who retired. She was well-beloved by all the students who aspired to the Gallic language. Miss Shedd, for many years a teacher in the French department, succeeded her. We here wish to pay tribute to Miss Shedd, one of the finest teachers that Arlington has ever had. At the same time, Mr. Plummer of the Art Department was succeeded by Mr. Kenny. We also wel- comed Mr. Wallace to the Commercial department, Mr. Campbell to the French department, and Mr. Lowder, an alumnus, to the Athletic department. The football team had a fair season, but now we don’t ever mention a cer tain Thanksgiving Day in 1937. It is better left unwritten and unsung. •j- tilt dial! oj ' 1 93 1 ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL The Dramatic Club produced " T he Admirable Crichton” with an admir- able cast. Ernie Benshimol shone once more as the impeccable butler, and Bill Miller, one of the most erudite members of our class, practically stole the show with his characterization of the clergyman. The election for senior class officers was held and the results were: Presi- dent, Walter Donovan: Vice-President, Marcia Lowcock; Secretary, Jane Car- roll: Treasurer, Nancy Sanderson. Joe Ambrose was made Editor-in-Chief of the Year Book, and we know that ours is one of the best. The Student Council put across another new idea, and the result was sev- eral Friday afternoon dances. The dances were well supported and a fair sum of money was made. The Council was also active in promoting a successful campaign to keep the lunchroom tidy. In a new type assembly for the celebration of Washington’s and Lincoln’s birthda ys we had a panel discussion. Donald Larrabee and John Dolan, along with a group of seniors, led this meeting to a very successful finish. Discussion came from the floor as well as the stage, which contributed greatly to everyone’s enjoyment. With the Senior Prom, Class Day, and Commencement not so far in the offing we are beginning to look back in retrospect over our three years in Arling- ton High School. We can truthfully say that we appreciate all that our school has done for us and while we look forward to other schools and occupations, we shall feel some regret on leaving the old familiar ways and all the teachers who have given us so much of themselves. May we never let them down. 1 94 ] Sdfl 1 Pi msnti. TO OUR ADVERTISERS: WE TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO THANK OUR ADVERTISERS FOR THEIR HELP IN MAKING THIS YEAR BOOK POSSIBLE THEY HAVE SUPPORTED US— IN RE- TURN LET US PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL you and your friends will prize the portrait that looks like you your truest self; free from stage defects and little conceits. It is in this " long run” Photography that Purdy’s suc- cess has been won. Portraiture by the camera that one cannot laugh at or cry over in later years. For present pleasure and future pride protect your photographic self by hav- ing PURDY make the portraits. 160 TREMONT STREET, BOSTON OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL, CLASS OF 1938 Special Discount Rates to all Students of A. H S. ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL Congratulations A Year Book is More Than a Series of Printed Pages Bound into a Cover It is the result of anxious thought, and weeks of patient, persistent effort. Your staff has accepted and discharged a real responsibility, and we feel sure that you, who turn these pages and re-live the events of the year just concluded, will join us in congratulating them. We are proud of the confidence placed in our ability to produce a book in keeping with the ideals of the school which sponsors it. We earnestly hope that this feeling of confidence will persist, and that it will be our privilege to place the facilities of this organization at the service of the year book staff at Arlington High through successive years. THE HANCOCK PRESS Producers of Fine School Annuals LEXINGTON, MASSACHUSETTS ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL JAMES O. HOLT Groceries and Provisions 14 Pleasant Street ARLINGTON Phone Arlington 4964 FOR YOUR DRUG WANTS DQCTORQPF’S PHARMACY 3 Storm 1062 Mass. Ave., Cor. School St, ARLINGTON, MASS. ' Ufid (la i tie. oj- 1 oui LA? sanzi It can be just as resplendent as you picture it. It depends on how much you want it to come true. The secret of its full realization depends to no small extent on your ability to save. Make that Castle of Dreams come true. " START TODAY THE CO-OPERATIVE WAY " in the Arlington Co-operative Bank WE ARE EXCLUSIVE AGENTS In Arlington for Bulova and Gruen Watches BEACON JEWELRY CO. 466 Mass. Ave., Arlington Tel. Arl. 5592 1 0% Discount to Students KOFORD’S 641 Mass. Ave., Arlington THE FRIENDLY MEETING PLACE Ice Cream Lunch Candies KOFORD ' S THE SIGN OF QUALITY ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL Compliments of Witherell’s Class House Candies 683 Massachusetts Ave. ARLINGTON, MASS. ARL. 4472 C. F. MARSTON Meats, Groceries, and Vegetables 14 Medford Street Tel. Arl. 0708 R. W. SHATTUCK Cr CO., INC. Est. 1857 Hardware - Cutlery Kitchen Furnishings 444 Massachusetts Ave. Tel. Arlington 0114 Compliments of William H. Keefe and Francis Keefe Attorneys-at-Law The Arlington News Reaches nearly every home in Arlington 10,600 COPIES WEEKLY Expert Printing and Advertising Service Tel. Arl. 1305, 793 Massachusetts Ave. United Shoe Repairing Announces the Latest Machines for LADIES ' SHOE REPAIRING No Nailing — No Stitching Hats Cleaned and Blocked 8 Medford Street Arl. 4066- W FLOWERS BEST EXPRESS YOUR SENTIMENTS ANDECSCN’S GEEENIiCLSES Phone, Arlington 3090-3091, 901 Massachusetts Ave. ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL LeBaron’s Electrical Sales OLDSMOBILE Service Shop Wiring and Repair Work Dealer in Delco Oil Burners and Anything Electrical Colonial Motors, Inc. 452 Mass. Ave., Arl. 0222 745 Mass. Ave., Tel Arl. 5600 CEO. Y. WELLINGTON Cr SON, INC. David A. Wilcox Arthur P Wyman Pres. Treas. Compliments of DAIRY PRODUCTS Ceneral Insurance BY BUTTRICK 637 Mass. Ave., Arlington Tel. Arl. 1230 REED DIVISION MENOTOMY TRUST COMPANY 1913 - 1938 For twenty-five years this institution has rendered a banking service to the people of Arlington and adjacent communities. The bank is loyal in its support of local interests, devoted to the needs of its customers and its officers are ready at all times to help you with your banking problems. Member: Old Colony Trust Associates Federal Reserve System Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation WAMCO INSURANCE BEST AND LOWEST IN COST ANNUAL POLICY — For each $100.00 in Premium on Fire and General Liability you make ten monthly payments of $10.20 each. If your Property is destroyed, you make no further payments after date of fire. THREE-YEAR POLICY — For each $100.00 in Premium on Fire and General Liability policies you make 20 monthly payments of $5.20 each. If your property is destroyed, you make no further payments after date of fire. When you buy WAMCO INSURANCE you buy insurance service on the same basis that you buy telephone, electric light and other great services. WILLIAM A. MULLER Cr CO. CORPORATION 99 WATER STREET, BOSTON, MASS. Business Established 1847 LIB 8930 ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL $ PIERSONS DRUG STORE DANIEL SMITH, Reg. Mgr. 449 MASSACHUSETTS AVE. Arlington, Mass. “THE PRESCRIPTION STORE OF ARLINGTON ' ’ YOUR NEXT PERMANENT SHOULD BE Kurls ytvnuW EDITH MINE BEAUTY SALON 691 Massachusetts Ave. ARLINGTON, MASS. ARL. 3800 QUINZANI BROTHERS 24 La GRANGE STREET, BOSTON, MASS. Boston ' s Favorite French Baker Caterers to the finest eating places in the metro- polis. Our French Bread and Rolls will delight you. Turn French, try our French products. Call HAN. 2114 tor a Sample Stop Our Orange Truck ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL You are sure to find a most complete line of Graduation Footwear at Agents for Walk-Overs, Kali -Sten - 1 ks, Enna - Jetticks, W. L. Douglas AT 387 WASHINGTON STREET Compliments PATRONIZE CHARLES B. PERHAM of Texaco Stations MARFAK LUBRICATION A FRIEND Arlington and Belmont Tel. Arlington 5300 ARLINGTON BUICK COMPANY SALES and SERVICE 835 MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE, ARLINGTON, MASS. ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL ARLI NCTON HIGH SCHOOL

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