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v; 1 I EX LIBRIS ig37 l dux IBook Published by nils nmior eu, of the n i.Lin,jton mi h n :ikooL Arlington, Massachusetts Dr. Clarence H. Dempsey clication For his sincere interest in us, for his quiet humor and understanding and for his unflagging effort to- ward the ideals of education, we, the class of 1937, dedicate our Year Book to our friend and be- loved Superintendent of Schools. I, o o I I I ! I I I J FACULTY In the brief years which we, the Class of 1937 , have spent at Arlington High School. Mr. Gammons has always displayed the qualities of fine leadership which have won for him well merited esteem. His fairness and human understanding , his dignified manner, quietly businesslike, command our respect and high regard. We owe to him a debt of gratitude for his willingness to give his per- sonal attention to the individual problems of each student. He has shown himself to he in sympathy with our interests. As a prin- cipal. as a leader, he has not failed us: as a man, he is our friend. A I ■ .m ii ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL i : . I I I ' fdux UdooIz {lommittEd Editor-in-Chief Jean Long Literary Dorothea Kennedy Arline McDonough Eleanor McKenna Jean Moulton Gilberts Roy Business Business Manager Harry Mansfield Edna Bundegarde Harold Horne Robert Hancock Carl Lemke Erank White Pictures Carl Lemke Shirley Bond Marion Donovan Kathryn Hodge Virginia Keefe [ 7 ] ARLINGTON (2la±± Wm. Oliverio President Carl Lemke Vice President Mary McNamara Secretary Gerard Bartholomew Treasurer SENIORS ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL COLETTA ABAR “ ' Betty " 1 Forest street " 7 hey also serve wh only stand and icait. " WILLIAM A, ABBOTT " Bill " 81 Egerton Road AIRPLANE MANUFACTURING " A quiet life and a blameless mind . ' ' FRANCIS ADAMS Flash 40 ORvis Road Hockey. Baseball. HEBRON ACADEMY " Neither last nor least. " PHILIP D. AHERN " Phil " 1 7 BEACON Street Class Basketball. BURDETT " A gentleman from top to toe. " ERNEST G. ALCOTT " Alcy " 7 Pine Ridge Road Track. Class Basketball. TULTS " Sober, steadfast, and true.” MAR THA U ALLEN " Polly " 120 Jason Street RADCI ILFE COLLEGE " There he none of beauty’s daughters with a magic like thee. " " Lb Roll o AiwNA ANDi; T AEAYE ' Basketball. Tcnnis. Honor KAXiAeRINE GIBBS ' Moderation — the noblest gift of heaven. " JEAN M. ANDERSON 1 5 SciTUATE Street Orchestra. Glee Club. BOSTON UNIVERSITY " As she thmketh in her heart, so IS she. " ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL ROGER H. ANDERSON " Rog” 10 High Haith Road Football, Class ' Baseball. amh ' rst “A good felloiv in every sense of the tvord. " c ROY H. ANDERSON " Sivede " 101 Melrose Street Orchestra, Band. N. E. CONSERVATORY " Good scout, fine pal. real friend. VICTOR ANDERSON " Duke ’ 73 Fountain Road Class Baseball. Class Basket- ball. UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA " dare do all that may become a man. " MARY W. ANDREWS " Welly " 60 Harlow Street Glee Club. MASSACHUSETTS ART SCHOOL " Beauty is truth, truth beauty. " LEONARD ATKINS " T ' ommy " 162 Gray Street Band. Orchestra. Pinafore. T rack. BOSTON UNIVERSITY " A generous heart, a generous mind. " RUSSELL ATTERTON " Rusty " 1 3 Norcross Street BENTLEY " Quietness often shouts Worth. " BARBARA AUBREY " Bubby " 1 3 Marathon Street VESPER GEORGE ART SCHOOL " Her smile was like a rainbow flashing from a m isty sky. " RUTH AUBREY " Fluff " I 3 Marathon Street Advertising Manager of the Chronicle. DANCING TEACHER " Her face is smiling, and her voice IS sweet. " ( 10 ] ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL LAWRENCE BABINE " Bubs ' ’ 85 Webster Street Hockey, B. U. or NORTHEASTERN ' I rom a little spark mail burst a might u tlann-.’ ' SHIRLEY BAKER 14 Avon Place ' She’s quiet on WH utside. she ' s the best ortCj girl ivithin.” DOROTHEA BARBERA " Dotty " 1 8 Surry Road BOSTON UNIVERSITY " Small but tilled aith a gay spirit. ' ' RUTH BARKER EILEEN BARNIE " Buhbu " 75 Wi-BSTE.R Place; Glee Club. Orcheslra. " I am aheuys merry when I hear sweet music. " SHIRLEY E. BARRETT " Shirl " 137 West.minster Avenue Chronicle Stuff. Honor Roll. SECRETARY " Thy modesty is a candle to thy merit. GERARD BART ' HOLOMEW " Gerry " 5 1 Newport Street Eootball. Hockey. ST. ANSELM’S " Be merry while you are young. " MADELINE BARTHOLOMEW " Bart " 6 Lorne Road Manager Girls ' Field Hockey. Gilbert and Sullivan Club. Bas- ketball. Baseball. SCHOOL OF MUSIC " Perfect coolness and self- possession. " ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL RUTH C. BEACH I 3 ACADEMY STREET Orchestra, Band. LESLEY " A Iiltic hit independent EMMA BECKER " Bee kii " 3 7 Melrose Street Girls ' Glee Club. " Her personality lUas pleasing on all occasions. " JACKSON BELL " Jack " 1 7 Reed Street BOOKKEEPER " He should walk through hie successfully . ' ' J • 3- ELIZABETH L. BERG " Betty " 122 Appleton Street Band. MASS. WOMEN ' S HOSPITAL " There’s nothing ill can dwell in such a temple. " y : REGINALD BISHOP " Reg " 44 1 Mystic Street " I find nonsense singularly refreshing. " y r ' - ' ONNE Bt CHARD 2 ) NW Tytj CT FT R ACE Lennis, Baskctbal esi, lid as uie summer breeze. 21 Mt. ' Vernon Street COLBY JUNIOR " A pleasant girl with pleasant ways. " ELISABETH BLOMQUIST " Beth " 1 1 Ronald Road Glee G ' tib. RADIO SINGING " Speak of me as I am. " I 12 ] ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Council. Year Book Committee. Honor Roll. Glee Club. NURSING " There ' s music in her feet. " W. FRANCIS BOOTH 8 Ho.MESTE.AD Street " Fran " JOURNALISM " Handsome is as handsome does. " JAMES P, BOWDITCH. JR. " Goldie " 172 Medeord Street Class Basketball. Baseball. BOSTON UNIVERSITY " Sure and steadu lUins the race. " RICHARD BOWER " Dick " 1 9 WEST STREET Secretary Graphic Arts Club. U. S. COAST GUARD ACADEMY " A prince of a good fellow. " { 13 ] MARC.ARFT ,1, BRADLEY " Mark 71 Barti-Ei i Avi NUi; SIMMONS " High erected thoughts seated in the heart of courtesg. " A- A - MARY K. BRADLEY " Brad " 7 1 Barti-Ett Avenue KAJTIERINE GIBBS " If goLi would have a thing Well done, do it gourself. " WALTER BRINE 9 Paul Revere Road Pinafore. BOSTON UNIVERSITY " A merrig heart maker h a cheer- ful countenance. " MARJORIE BROOKINGS " Marge " ' 242 Gray Street Honorable Mention. Class Basketball. Lunch Room. WILFRED ACADEMY " Style IS the dress of thought. " ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL BETTY J. BROWN ■ B. J. " ■40 Walnut Street Glee Club. N. E. BAPTIST HOSPITAL “Her icays are ivui s of pleasantness. ' ' ANN BROWNE 58 Broadway STENOGRAPHER “She moves a goddess and she looks a queen. " JAMES G. BULLOCK “Gebo " 35 Everett Street Eootbull, Hockey, Class Bas- ketball. Baseball. WEST POINT “Oh I for an hour of sport! " EDNA BUNDEGARDE “Ed " 15 West Court Terrace Held Hockey. Year Book Ad- vertising Committee. Honor Roll. DEACONESS SCHOOL OF NURSING “She is pretty to walk with and witty to talk with. " PHYLLIS BUNTON “Phe " 3 0 Davis Avenue Sciuad Basketball. Tennis. Honorable Mention. KA ' LHERINE GIBBS “Her heart is light within her whatever wind doth blow. " EDWARD L. BURKE ' ' T ed“ 1 8 WINTER Street “A workman that needeth not be ashamed JEANNE E. BURKE 3 3 Bowdoin Street Office Assistant. BUSINESS SCHOOL “To he trusted is a greater com- pliment than to be loved. " BARBARA BURNS “ Bah s " 49 HIGHLAND AVENUE CHANDLERS “The very pink of courtesy. " [ H 1 ARLiNGTON HIGH SCHOOL VIOLET BURNS " Blondie " Q2 Bow Street NURSING " A clear conscience is a sure card. " KENNETH BURWELL " Ken " 16 Pleasant Street McCARRIE SCHOOL OF MECH. DENTISTRY " An ounce of luit is icurth a pound of sorroLL’. " WILLIAM CADOGAN " Bill " 38 Ronald Road FTotball, Honor Roll. M. I. T. " He lives to learn. " JOSEPH CAMMARATA 4 2 Fairmont Street Gilbert and Sullivan Club. NORTHEASTERN LAW SCHOOL " From the crown of his head to the sole of his foot he is all mirth.’’ HARRIE ' L ,1. CARGILL " Hat " 1 Woodland Street COLBY .lUNIOR " A perfeil little laih . " MARY CARMODY " Mae " 48 Lewis Xvenue CHANDLER ' S " Her voice was ever soft, qentle, and low — an excellent thing in a woman. " " Charm strikes the sight, but merit wins the soul. " ROBERT E. CARTER Bob 14 Walnut Court Honor Roll. The tree of knowledge is a part of the tree of life.” I 15 ] ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL HELEN CASEY " Lennie " 18 Albermarle Street KATHERINE GIE BS " Nothing IS impossible to a willing heart. " HELEN A. CHALMERS " Little Nell " 25 Egerion Road Tennis. Basketball. DIETETICS " There ' s mischief in those eges. " MARION E. CHAPMAN 68 Mt. Vernon Street Class Tennis. Class Basketball. SLMMONS " The hand that hath made i oii lair hath made you good. " JOHN C. CHIPMAN " Chippy " 99 Waverey Street Hockey. Golf. Honor Roll. NORLHEASTERN " Here is everything advantageous to life. " LAURA E. CHRISTENSEN " Betty " 1 1 9 Lake Street " By nature born a friend to glee and merriment . " CLARENCE CHRISTIANSEN " Chris " 1 06 Melrose Street AVIATION " Speech is great, hut silence is greater. " FREDERICK CHRISTIANSON 128 SciTUATE Street NAVAL SCHOOL " A man of mark. " RICHARD CLARKE " Dick " 1 2 Fordham Street Basketball. " Play up. play up. and p ' au the game. I. 16 ] HDGH SCHOOL ARLiNGTON BARBARA P, COBURN " Barbie " 210 Lowell Street LESLEY " Those about her from her shall read the perfect ways of honor. " GEORGE S. COBURN, JR. ' ' Bud " 2 1 9 Lowell Street Cross Country. Track. Stu dent Council. Tennis. BUSINESS SCLIOOL " A good sort, and a good sport. " l) T iRlJTH COLEMAN ‘Jackie " OKf RAFTON Street iyA TENOGRAPHER ’’Agreeable is just the u’ord that seems to best describe her. " ANTHONY E. COLOZZI " Tony " 4 2 Massachusetts Avenue Spring Track, Winter Track. TUFTS " Honor the man a ' ith the honor due unto him. " 60 MAC.NOLIA SlRl-EH Dramatic Club. STENOGRAPHER " A.s merry us the day is long. " I RANGES CONDON " Fr any " II Beacon Street Class Basketball. Track. " Young felloa’s ic’ill be young felloics. " JOHN CONROY " Johnnie " 6 0 Maynard Street Pootball . BURDETT " Good nature is one of the richest gifts. " JAMES CONSTANTINE " Jimmie " 164 SUMMER STREji ' • Honor Roll, Track, Traffic Officer. , BURDETT " Humor has been icit ly regarded as the Finest perfeiffion of pSetic [ 17 ] J ARLiNGTON HIGH SCHOOL RUDOLPH CONTI " Rudy " 26 Menotomy Road Golf. Honor Roll. BOSTON UNIVERSITY " The price of wisdom is above rubies. " ELEANOR COOK " Norny " 51 Thorndike Street Glee Club. Pinafore. Mcssialr. ' She IS quiet and reserved, a gentle, a graceful maiden. " ANN L. COSCIA " Tiny " 47 Cleveland Street Treasurer Glee Club. " Concealed talents bring no reputation.” LRANCIS B. COUGHLIN " Fran " 20 Lancaster Road Golf. Hockey. TUFTS " Fle ' ll find a way. " LAURENCE B. COUSINS " Larry " 8 Brantwood Road Football. Hockey, Track. Cap- tain Tennis. Dramatic Club. BROWN UNIVERSITY " Fie knew what was what.” JAMES COYNE " Jimmy " 15 Lewis Avenue Class Basketball. NEBRASKA " A spirit superior to every Weapon.” VIRGINIA M. COYNE " Ginger " 82 Newport Street Honor Roll, Glee Club. BURDETT " A girl of high ideals.” EVERETT CRAM " Evey " 94 Appleton Street " He likes the thrills in life.” [ 18 ] HJGH SCHOOL ARLINGTON JOHN CRAWFORD 60 Park Ave. Ext. " Music is in all groa ' tng things. " HENRY CRIVELIH “ Reco " 24 Mystic Valley Parkway Eootball. BRIGHTON ACADEMY " It IS good to he merry and u ' ise. " JOHN CROSBY 24 Cornell Street Track, Cross Country. Eoot- ball. " Some must follow, some command MAR.IORIE E. CURTICE " Marge " 21 QiMNCY Street Orchestra. Honor Roll. Pina- fore. 1 ESLEY " A ripple of dimples, that danc- ing meet by the curves of a pretty mouth. " FLORENCE CUTTER 2J Gloucester Street NURSING " Learned and fair and good is she. " -yp ' lo6 § dailey ' Dale " Marion Road Glee Club. Tennis. Field I lockey . KATHERINE GIBBS " Not a flower, not a pearl, lust a regular all-round girl. " WALTER DANIELL " Danny " 127 Webster Street T rack. WENTWORTH INSTITUTE " One ot our ton few studious, serious youths, hut watch out for mischief. " j I jl J 1 I I ARLINGTON BARBARA DAVIS " Bab s” 50 Lombard Terraci- Twirlcr Band. ■‘A soul lull of worth. " HUGH ELLIS DAWE " Joey " 2 5 Puritan Road DIESEL ENGINE SALESMAN " While we lice, let us live. " HARRY E. DAY I 6 7 Palmer Street Orchestra, Band. WENTWORIH INSTITUTE " Long live the mercy heart that laughs bg night and day. " LUCY E. DECKER " Lee " 18 Marion Road Honor Roll. SECRETARIAL " Good sense and good nature are never separated. " ANNA E. DeLOLLIS " Anne " 21 Melrose Street Honor Roll. NURSING " Of generous hand, and heart sincere. " b MARGARET DEMPSEY " Peggy " 6 8 Marathon Street Eield Hockey. SECRETARIAL " Willing and able.” AUDREY DENVIR " Babe " 25 8 Massachusetts Avenue Glee Club, Basketball. KATHERINE GIBBS " An easy-going personality that makes for friendship. " GEORGIANNA DeROSIER " Gigi " 89 Massachusetts Avenue SECRETARIAL " A most delightful friend. " [ 20 ] HIGH SCHOOL ARLINGTON GEORGE Devries 246 Park Avenue TUFTS " A sense of humor is the salt of life. ARTHUR DILLON " Art " 2 3 Chandler Street Class Basketball. Class Base- ball. Track. Ski Chib. I ' ennis. HEBRON ACADEMY " He has a nice manner and a winning way. " JOSEPH DIMODICA " Curly " 44 Churchill Avenue Honor Roll. Glee Club. Pi- rates of Penzance. LAW SCHOOL " Everybody knew and liked him. ESTHER DIVRIGIAN " Bobby " 4 Lehigh Street Honor Roll. BRYANT and STRATTON ' Let ignorance talk as it will. Learning has its Value. " JAMl.S .1. DOHLR ' LY " Doc " 17 Mlnotomv Road Golf. Class Basketball. Class Baseball. NOR ' LHEASITRN " I worry not. lor what ' s the use ! ' ' RUTH DONAHUE " l.ootie " 58 Brattle Street BRYANT and STRATTON " Be good, sweet maid, and let who will he clever. " MARY DONAHUE 5 9 CooLiDGE Road Basketball. Tennis. " Now my task is smoothly done. " FRED DONNELLY " Ted " 154 West.minster Avenue Honor Roll. Vice President Graphic Arts Society. WENTWORTH INSTITUTE " His only fault is that he has no fault. ' ' [ 21 ] ARLINGTON HiGH SCHOOL PATRICK DONNCLY " Dapper " 13 2 WARREN STREET Football. Track, Class Basket- ball. Parliamentary Law. BOSTON COLLEGE " Amusement is as necessarif to a man as labor. " CHARLES DONOVAN " Charley " 34 Harvard Street NOTRE DAME ' Tis tine to watch time Ry. " MARION DONOVAN 100 Melrose Street Glee Club. Tennis. Year Book Committee. CHAMBERLANE SCHOOL " I was horn to be happy and gay. " ROBERT DONOVAN " Crash " 97 Bow Street Honor Roll. Advertising Man- ager Chronicle. Glee Club. Air- plane Club, Ski Club. BURDETT " A jolly companion, a better friend, you could not find. " ELEANOR DOUGLAS " Doug " 26 WiiiTTEMORE Street Dramatic Club. Thou showest thy manners In thy face. " FREDERICK DOYLE " Lefty " 23 Glenburn Road Honor Roll, Baseball. Parlia- mentary Law, Class Basketball. HOLY CROSS " Shedding glee where’er he goes. " ANNE E. DRISCOLL 68 Mystic Street SECRETARIAL " A mighty nice girl with a pleasant manner. " WILLIAM R. DUTTON " Dutty " 95 Bow Street Hockey, Honor Roll, Base- ball. HEBRON ACADEMY " One could see his merry nature by the twinkle in his eye. " [ 22 ] ARLiNGTON HIGH SCHOOL CHARLOTTE F. EDWARDS 156 SCITUATE STREET BRYANT jnd STRATTON “A level head on a line girl. " WILLIAM T. EI.DRIDGE " Bill " 45 Sunset Road Orchestra, Band. Pinafore, Gilbert and Sullivan, Chronicle Staff. " stand firm on the rock of common sense. " ROBERT ELLIS " Ellis " 1 1 Lake Street Debating Club. AVIATION " Once a friend, always a friend. " NATHALIE C. ERCOLINE “ Locky " 44 Grand View Road Dramatic Club. Wardrobe Mistress Gilbert and Sullivan Club. Pinafore. Marionette Club. MISS LESLIE SCHOOL FOR GIRLS " It laughter were a crime, she a master criminal would he. " BE L LY L. I AGERLAND 25 CooLiDGi-: Road Honor Roll. Student Council. UNlVIiRSLLY OE ' WISCONSIN " She ' s Very gentle, kind and wise: you would never see her otherwise. Gilbert and Sullivan Club. Chronicle Staff. KA4T1ERINE GIBBS " Who ever loved that loVed not at first sight NATALIE LTCKETT " Red " 19 Laurel Street " A real Iriend and a good sport. " JOSEPH E ' LORES " Jo-Jo " 1 5 Palmer Street Hockey. Honor Roll, Baseball. HEBRON ACADEMY " He that struggles in earnest shall find the way to success. " I 23 ] ARLINGTON LAWRENCE EOUNTAIN " Larni " 79 [iow Street Class Basketball. " Let reason rule. " Glee Chib. BURDETT " Be sure i ou ' re right, then go ahead. ELWIN J. FREDERICK " Butch " 9 Grove Street Orchestra. Band. AVIATION " A sincere friend and scholar. " JOHN FREDRIKSEN " Jack J7 Cresceni Hill Avenue I rack. Captain Cross Coun- try, Hockey. Honor Roll, NOR ' FHEASTERN " Youth runs with swift wings. " JAMES L. FRIEND " Jimmy " 7 3 Tanager Street HOLY CROSS " One who lives today without a care. " RUTH FRIEND 73 Tanager Street MASSACHUSETTS STATE ART SCHOOE " A trim little lady with plenty of style. " ALBERT A. ERINK " Al " 8 Wellington Street Honor Roll, Tennis Team. Ski Club, Debating Club. M. I. T. " Action IS proof of ability. " JOSEPH GARDELLA " Joe " 14 Plymouth Street DRAFTING " lie is (juiet and gets there, and nothing intervenes. " [ 24 ] ARLBNGTON 2 5 WELLINGTON STREEL Glee Club. Tennis. Class Bas- ketball. MOUNT HOLYOKE " Gentleness, u noble ihinq in LVomen. ' ' RUBY C. GEDDES " Sugur " 329 Gray Street Glee Club. DESIGNER " 3 girl of nnitchless value. " EDWARD GIGl.IOT LI " Jig " 27 Bowdoin Street " Life ' s too short to worrg. " RITA GIROUX 3 5 Amherst Street CURRY ' S SCHOOL OF EXPRESSION " A eheerful look makes a dish a feast. " HIGH SCHOOL LISLE 1 GLOVER 62 Paul Revere Road Girls’ Glee Club. Gilbert and Sullivan Club. NURSING " Surelg thg etJorts Will be rewarded. ROBERT GNEUHS " Bob ' 12 Newport Street Band. Orchestra. Music waves eternal wands. " JOHN D. GODFREY. JR. " my man " 18 Varnu.m Street Honor Roll. Track. Cross Country. Class Basketball. Ten- nis. BENTLEYS " He enjoys the present moments. " J LU ILl rOODRICH jGoody " 5 Buena Vista Road, [ 25 ] ARLDNGTON r ISABELL B. GORESKI “Izzie” 107 Melrose Street Glee Club, Class Basketball, Class Tennis. SALEM TEACHERS’ COLLEGE “She is quiet and modest.” GEORGE J. GOTTWALD, JR. “Fritz” 41 Blossom Street HARVARD “He left no stone unturned.” A •V -« CATHERINE R. GRAHAM 28 Henderson Street Class Basketball. Tennis. RADCLIFFE or JACKSON “They are never alone that are accompanied with noble hearts.” THERESA GRECO “Terry” 119 Mt. Vernon Street Tennis. Class Basketball. NASSON COLLEGE. MAINE “There ' s so much mirth and wit about thee.” HIGH SCHOOL “Ginny” 402 Massachusetts Avenue Orchestra, Tennis. TUFTS “For she was just the quiet kind whose nature never varies.” LAWRENCE GREEN “Lonny” 167 Washington Street “Worth makes the man.” SAMUEL GUANGE “Sammy” 28 Beacon Street FIREMAN “Dare to be true, this maketh a perfect man.” ETHEL A. HALL 199 Park Avenue Hockey, Basketball, Manager Baseball, Glee Club. FORSYTHE “She Walks with a queenly grace.” [ 26 ] ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL HERMINE HAI.I, " Her mil " 3 1 Everett Street Honor Roll, Debating Club. RADCLIFFE " She shook from the ivoni keys a prelude as a bird shakes from Its throat a song. " MARGERY LEE HALL " Mar mte " 67 Quincy Street Glee Club, Honor Roll, " Messiah. " " Pinafore.” COMMERCIAL ARTIST " If you knoiv her, something gained; if you don’t, something lost. " MARION HALL 104 Bartlett Avenue CHILD NURSING " She IS gracious, sweet, and gentle. ROBERT E. HANCOCK. JR. " Bob " 14 Fairview Avenue Honor Roll. President Drama- tic Club, President ymp Club, Advertising ManageNaear Book. Business Manager Delating Club. President Massa " jmusetts State Student Council jC tack. Tennis. Cheer Leader, ilStudent Co uncil , " Smilin ' " The Young- ' " T ' ’Cm. I. T. Uty IS how to hide one’s a great skill. " ARTHUR S. HARDING, JR. " Buzz” 24 Haves Stre;et Year Book. NOR ' LHE ASTERN " A man I am. steadtast and courageous. HAROLD HARLOW, JR. " Hal” 153 Brooks Avenue I ' ennis. Honor Roll. DARTMOUTH " He who works succeeds. " PHILIP E. HARRINGTON " Bee " 88 Grafton Street Manager Hockey, Class Base ball. Cross Country. " Sees all. hears all. knows all.’ MARY A. HARRIS " Sis " 66 Milton Street Co-captain Basketball, Base ball. Honor Roll, SARGENT " My joy is youthful sports.” [ 27 ] ARLiNGTON HIGH SCHOOL ANNE HARRISON “Ann " 108 Newland Road Honor Roll. BOOKKEEPER “She that hath knowledge spareth her words. " EARLE V. HARTLING 1 7 Brattle Street Honor Roll. BENTLEY “Be true to yourself, and you Will be true to others. " EDWARD O. HATCH “E. O. " 20 Draper Avenue Band. Honor Roll. Lunch Room . WENTWORTH INSTITUTE " A likable and a cordial fellow. " GRACE HAWKINS “ M Ligsie” 14 Patricia Terrace Honor Roll, Basketball. TELEPHONE OPERATOR " She holds t aithf ulness and sin- cerity as her first principles. " ERNEST HEARON “Scotty " 5 Swan Street Manager Baseball. Chronicle Staff. " have no cares. " RUTH M. HEMENWAY “ Rut hie " 3 Mott Street BURDETT “Secure in the hearts of her friends. " R. WALTER HEMENWAY “Shadow " 3 Mott Street NORTHEASTERN " ‘Living is fun. " PAUL HEYEN 8 WEST Street BUSINESS SCHOOL “He seems so near, and yet so far. " [ 28 ] ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL ANNA HICKEY " Anne " 5 0 Thorndike Street Assistant Librarian. ' 36, Vico President. ' 3 7. of Glee Club, Dramatic Club. BURDETT " Theii ivin that laugh. " ' KA 1 HRYN HODGE " Kay " 100 Milton Streel Honor Roll. Dramatic Club. Chronicle Staff. Glee Club. Year Book Committee. LIBRARIAN " Her friends — there are many: her foes — are there any.’ ' " MARIE HOLTON 8 SCHOULER Court BRIDGEWATER TEACHERS ' COLLEGE Well liked by all. " 1 RANGES HOWI : " K ran " 80 LlIORNDlKI- Stri i r Lield Hockey. Basketball. Ten- nis, Glee Club. SMITH " An all round girl. " L. WILLIS LIEU BERT " Bill " 29 Chandler Street Cheerleader. Student Council, Honor Roll. Cross Country. B. U. or HARVARD " There ' s nothing so becomes a man as modest stillness. " GART H HUTCHINSON 49 Thesda Street ' He is little and he is icise. but he ' s a terror for his size. " ROBERT D. HORNE " Bob " 389 Massachusetts Avenue T rack. M. I. T. " Common sense is priceless. " DANIEL P. HYMAN. ..IR. " Red " 4 1 Grai-ton Street Honor Roll. MASSACHUSETTS STATE NAU TTCAL SCHOOL " Hold the fort, am coming. " [ 29 ] ARLONGTON HDGH SCHOOL GLORIA JACKSON “Jackie” 24 Bow Street BURDETT “Our content is our best having. . • J r DOROTHY JAMES “Dot” 55 Lockeland Avenue SKIDMORE COLLEGE, N. Y. " Personality is the first rung on the ladder of success.” EDMUND H. JEFFREY “Jeff” 168 Highland Avenue Treasurer and Business Mana- ger Dramatic Club, Stamp Club, Debating Club, Ski Club, Model Aeroplane Club. B. U. or NORTHEASTERN “All the LVorld ' s his stage.” STANWOOD JOHNSON " Stan " 263 Park Avenue Cross Country, Track. UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAMPSHIRE “Nature might stand up and say to all the world. ‘This was a man.’ HENRY JORDA “Hank” 5 1 Appleton Street Hockey, Track. MASSACHUSETTS NAUTICAL SCHOOL “Realize youth, then become a man . ' ’ PAULINE L. JOY " Pud” 192 Brattle Street Chronicle, Band. BURDETT “I was never less alone than when by myself.” ALBERT J. KASARJIAN “Al” 1 1 7 Lake Street Football. Baseball, Class Bas- ketball. Honor Roll. HOLY CROSS “A man of industry and integrity.” PHYLLIS M. KEATING “Phil” 2 Reservoir Road BURDETT “She is quiet, tall, and dignified.” I 30 ] ARLDNGTON HIGH SCHOOL VIRGINIA M. KEIEFE " Duckie " 128 Washington Street Secretary Glee Chib. Editor Chronicle, Dramatic Club. Year Book Committee. Honor Roll, STENOGRAPHY " Her happiness consists of labor. GEORGE KEEFEE " Blush " ’ 9 Temple Street " A quiet, energetic fellow. " JAMES KELLEY " Jimmy " ’ 99 Grafton Street " A steadfast, loyal friend. " MARY KELLY 56 Palmer Street Glee Club, Dramatic Club. " A girl there was of quiet ways. " ELLIS C. KEMPTON " Kemp " 68 Randolph street ACADIA UNIVERSITY, N. S. " ' Whatsoever he turneth his hand to shall prosper. " " DAVID B. KENNEDY ‘ " Dave " 6 6 Wyman Street Football. Basketball. TILTON ACADEMY ‘Every inch a good sport. " DOROT HEA P. KENNEDY ' " Dot " ' 66 Wyman Street Year Book Committee. NURSING " How quiet in school, and how lively outside.’’ PAUL KENNY " Swede " ’ 85 Forest Street Dramatic Club. Glee Club. Football, " Merchant of Venice, " " Pirates of Penzance. " WEST POINT " He was like a cock, eager to meet the beginning of another day.’’ [ 31 ] ARLINGTON BONNIE KING 19 Richardson Avenue Dramatic Club. Honor Roll. MASSACHUSETTS ART SCHOOL " A face beaming ivith the jog of living. " HIGH SCHOOL " Winnie " 29 Crescent Hill avenue Hockey. Basketball. Baseball. Librarian Gilbert and Sullivan Club, Glee Club. " H. M. S. Pinafore, " Cheerleader. CONSERVATORY OE MUSIC " The only way to have a friend is to he one. " M. EVELYN KING " Evie " 76 Magnolia Street Honor Roll. " A gentle mind has gentle ways. " ROBER L KIRSIS " Bert- 24 Surry Road Model Airplane Club. NEW ENGLAND AIRCRAFT SCHOOL " A man more kindly in his quiet way. " GEORGE LANDER 66 Alpine Road NORTHEASTERN " A good scout in many ways. " LOUISE LANE " Weeza” 1 3 Winter Street L ' ield Hockey. Basketball. Captain Junior Tennis, Student Council. SARGENT " Stately and tall, a good friend to all. " RU ' LH KLINGLER 1 245 Massachusetts ave. BURDETT " She has a heart with room for every joy. " I I, I GEORGE LANGTON " Fuzz " 77 Highland Avenue NORTHEASTERN " He does well who acts nobly.” I 32 ] ARLiNGTON HDGH SCHOOL VIRGINIA M. L’ANTIGUA “Ginny” 25 WYMAN Terrace Basketball. Tennis. MASSACHUSETTS SCHOOL OF ART " In her tongue is the laiv of kindness. " ROBERT LARSON " Bob " 907 Massachusetts Avenue MECHANICAL WORK " A man of few words but big deeds. " STANLEY LARSON " Stan ’ ' ' ' 5 2, Milton Street Band. Orchestra, Honor Roll. VESPE.R GEORGE SCHOOL ’OF ART " He is a well-made man who has a good determination. " VIRGINIA LARSON " Ginny " 18 Field Road Secretary Dramatic Club. Stu- dent Council. " The Country Cousin. " " Smilin ' Thru. " " The Youngest. " Year Book Com- mittee. THOMAS LAWLEY " I ' om " 25 liNDicoTT Road Track, Band. Orchestra. ' TUFTS " True to work. word, and friend. " ANNA LEARY " Ann " 7 Park Street Place Basketball. Glee Club. BOSTON UNIVERSI TY " A sense of humor is a priceless thing. " BEATRICE LEARY " Bee " 5 I Alton Street Dramatic Club, Gilbert and Sullivan Club. CORNELL UNIVERSITY " Let us now be up and doing. " PHILIP LEAVITT " Moose " 187 West.minster Avenu Tiiyk, Hockey. ■AERONAUTICS “ an all-round t rand fell6w. " [ 33 ] ARLINGTON lUGU SCHOOL V CAR[. H. LEMKE " Clinky " 93 Varnum Street Vice President Senior Class. Baseball. Captain Track. Stamp Club. Year Book Committee. Dramatic Club. BOSTON UNIVERSITY " It ' s the song he sings and the smile he iceurs that makes the sunshine everywhere. " A RQg.feirf " t.ENK " Boh " 5 3 jEOADWAY 540RTHEASTERN " He was full of ioke and test. ALBERT C. LEONARD " " Shorty " 4 7 MAYNARD STREET Student Council. Honor Roll. Track. " A " Club. M. I. T. ' " Honor lies in honest toil. " EDWARD LEONARD " Ed- 28 Jason Street Band. Orchestra. DARTMOUTH " At humor, wit, and clever talk for rivals he had none. " 7 1 Ereeman Street Tennis. NORTHEASTERN " Two qualities that often blend. A good sport and a loyal friend. " I MARTHA TIVOTI " Punchy " 74 Wollaston Avenue Dramatic Club. BRYANT and STRATTON " She is gay. yet she is shy. and there ' s mischief in her eye. " JEAN LONG 30 Ealmouth Road Honor Roll. Sophomore Glee Club. Editor Year Book. MASSACHUSETTS STATE COLLEGE " Titles of honor add not to her worth, who is herself an honor to her titles. " ELORENCE LOPEZ 1 5 Adams Street Glee Club (3 yrs.). Basket- ball. Tennis. BURDETT " True as the dial to the sun. " [ 34 ] ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL RUTH M. LORENZ ' 9 Wildwood Avenue Year Book Committee. Ten- nis. Basketball. FORSYTHE DENTAL " Vivacious, full of life and tun. and liked by every single one. " Basketball. Glee Club. SECRETARY " It ' s nice to he natural ivhen you ' re naturally nice. " VIRGINIA LYONS " Ginnie " 4 2 SciTUATE Street BURDETT " She ' s gay and happy and always looks snappy” BEATRICE MacARTHUR " Bunny " 7 8 Massachusetts Avenue BRYANT and STRATTON " Always cheerful, always gay. Thus she ends up every day. " DORIS MacAR LHUR " Dory " 7 8 Massachusi ' i I s Avenue ' Honor Roll. BRYAN ' L and S ' LRAT ' LON " Always cheerful, always sweet, I disposition you lusl can ' t beat. " ROBERT MACAULAY " Mac " 8 7 QUINCY STREET " He ' ll make a proper man. " PAUL MacFARLANE " Packy " 10 Russell Street Cross Country. Winter Track. Honor Roll. Baseball. HOLY CROSS " A cheerful disposition makes many triends. " GORDON MACLEOD " G " 1 5 Quincy Street Vice President Dramatic Club. ■ ' Smilin’ Thru. " " T he Young- est. " HARVARD " Peppy, witty, a splendid friend. A good pal. full of fun — there IS no end. " [ 35 ] ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL ORRIN W. MADDEN " Ointye” 6 7 Mystic Street “Regard the rosy hue of his cheeks. When he to a fan maiden speaks.” GERTRUDE MAGEE “Gert” 1 5 Marion Road Hockey. Basketball. Baseball. SECRETARY “Well say she’s ivise, although iL ' e ' ll not mention size.” ERANCIS MAGUIRE ’’ Dear” 270 Park Avenue BRIDGEWATER NORMAL “A more conscientious person never lived I ' d say.’’ ARTBUR MAHONEY A ■ - W ' .’ IAN ' ER|ACE FYotball, Clas ' Basketball. NORTHEASTERN “Keen in mind and easy going. WILLIAM MANNING “Billy’’ 139 SciTUATE Street Class Basketball. Class Base- ball. Football. Golf. NOR ' LHEASTERN “His tongue is the pen of a ready writer.” HARRY K. MANSFIELD I 7 Newman Way Honor Roll. President Debat- ing Club. Student Council. Busi- ness Manager Year Book, Glee Club. HARVARD “He is truly great that maketh no account of his height of 71 Thorndike Street SECRETARY “Delightful to look at, delightful to know.” MARJORIE MARSH 22 Newport Street Class Tennis. . BUSINESS SCHOOL ’’She was gentle, kind ari iweet , The kind of a girl if ike to meet.” [ 36 ] ARLDNGTON AZAT A. MASERIAN " Pep " 1 02 iMlI.TON S ' lRKET Tennis. Class Basketball. BURDETT " Be ivise ivorldlu. not worldly wise. " ■BARB iRA A, MASON " " Pansy " ' 26 -High H.mth Road cr JOURNALISM A Winning nature. " thoAas mason “Tiny " IS High Haith Road , T rack. COMMERCIAL ARCHITECT " He would he hraue and true, lUst for the good he can do. " DOROTHY M. MAXHAM ' " ammy " 65 Broadway Qlee Chib. J (VESPER GEORGE ART .School • “A merry heart all ' the day. " ) MARION McARDI.L; " Mem " 68 LOSTI-R SlRH r Cjlce Club, Class Lennis. Hon or Roll. Class Basketball. SIMMONS " She IS a Irtend worthwhile . upon whose face is always a smile. " RICHARD J. MCARDLE " Richy " 137 Lowell Street " Much wisdom often goes with few words. " ELIZABETH MCCARTHY " Betty " 1 7 Trowbridge Street Glee Club. Dramatic Club, Class Basketball, Class Tennis. LISHER BUSINESS COLLEGE " Always happy, always gay. You ' ll find her that way every day. " WILLIAM McClellan " Mac " 87 Quincy Street " He ' ll make a proper man. " s ' I 37 ] ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Honor Roll, Class Basketball UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA " A true and loyal friend. " JOSEPH MCCULLOCH " Joe” 120 Highland Avenue Student Council. Honor Roll. Cross Country, Track. TUFTS " Knowledge comes hut wisdom lingers. ' ' ARLINE MCDONOUGH " Red " 2 Newport Street Dramatic Club. Year Book Committee. Basketball. Tennis. KATHERINE GIBBS " She has eyes of blue, and curly hair of reddish hue. " MARY MCISSAC 5 Amsden Street Basketball, Tennis. BRYANT and STRATTON " Where joy forever dwells. " ELEANOR MCKENNA " Babs " 24 Summer Street News Editor Chronicle, Or- chestra, Year Book Committee, Glee Club, Gilbert and Sullivan Club. JOURNALISM 47 Lockland Avenue T rack. SUFFOLK LAW SCHOOL " He who attains to sincerity chooses the good and firmly holds It fast.” L- KATHLEEN McLAUGHLI.N ' " Kay " ' 92 Webster Sweet Basketball. j- BOSTON university " Good things come in small packages.” DOUGLAS MCLEAN 1 9 White Street HARVARD " Men of few words are the best ones.” [ 38 ] ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL JOHN W. MCMANUS " Mac” I 2 BowDOiN Street " Our deeds determine us. " FRANCES MCNAMEE " Fran " 25 Mill Street " She iCas a picture of health and contentment BETI ' Y - jwyfetT-BLT’ I I 6 aremont Avenue Club, EJrjinntic Club. , U; of N. H. ' lifr. her manners, all tuho saiv admired. " lil-EANOR Mil I.ICAN Duchess " 1 I ' ORl sr S I RLL I l I ACE (ilcc CJub. I rrCHBURG TEACHERS ' COI 1 EC.E () hno’.c her is to lilte her MARY J. MOODY HI Vinde:mere: Avenue KATHERI NE GIBBS " Gentle in inartper. kind in thpuqht . " I ' EDWIN MOONEY " Eddie " I 1 Acton Street Honor Roll. " He IS persistent in his undertakimis. GERALD MORAN " Cierni " 7 Swan Street " Where there ' s a iCill. there ' s a ivati. I I ARLCNGTON I l ' S I I JOHN MORIARTY “Jack” 84 Rawson Road Class Basketball. BENTLEY “Do ivell and right, and let the ivorld slide. " CHARLOTTE MORRILL 48 Kenilworth Road Orchestra. Student Council. T wirier Band. Honor Roll. RADCLIFFE " A fair exterior is a silent recommendat ion ' r ■ N LEE MORRIS V 69 FREEMAN Street •v NOTRE DAME “There’s mischief in this man. " EI.IZABE ' LH L. MORSE “ Bettg " 77 ALLEN Street “Laughing and gay and full of fun. This she is ever when frolic’s be- “Stretch” 20 SWAN Place “They who are pleased them- selves must always please.” JEAN R. MOULTON 1 2 Melrose Street Year Book Committee. LESLEY “Sometimes grave. sometimes gay. but we all like her any way.” HERBERT MOWER “Herb” 1 06 Hillside Avenue Band, Operetta. Gilbert and Sullivan Club. “A person of sterling character.” ALICE MUNRO “Al” 36 Exeter Street “Who can doubt her capabilities ” [ 40 ] ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL tx u RITA MURPHY " Ritty " 4 8 f-AiRMONT Street I ' ennis. Honorable Mention, Class Basketball. SPCRETARY " Her capuhility is her Wealth. " RUSSELL NEWCOMB " Russ " 7 8 Melrose Street Dramatic Club. VESPER GEORGE ART SCHOOL " Actions speak louder than words. ANNA M. NEWMAN " Ann " .72 M ' notomv Road Honorable IVJention. Dramatic CJ tb7 ' Honor Roll. ALLEN SCHOOL OF COSTUME DESIGN " She smiles when others siqh. " DAVID A. NICKERSON " Nick " 5 9 Mt. Vernon street NORTHEASTERN " It is Well for one to know more than he says. " JOSEPH NOYE.S " Joe " 10 Mystic Lake Drive; M. 1. T. ' " Least said, soonest mended. " ' MARGROT O ' CONNELL " Marc a " 4 7 Pine Ridge Road Glee Club. Second Llonor Roll, Gilbert and Sullivan Club, Chronicle. " A merry heart maketh the whole world glad. " " JOHN O ' DONNELL " " Jack " " 3 Wyman Terrace Football, Class Baseball. Class Basketball. BOSTON UNIVERSITY " An honest countenance is the best passport. " " ARTHUR OLIVERIO " " Art " " 17 Winter Street Co-Captain Football. Baseball. DARTMOUTH " " Better deserve honor and not have It. than have it and not deserve it. " I [ 41 ] HDGH SCHOOL ' i " Win " 27 Winter Street Co-Captain Football, Base- ball, Basketball. DARTMOUTH It is in Vain to use words where deeds are expected. " AGNES T. O ' NEILL 28 Hayes Street Dramatic Club. Gilbert and Sullivan Club. ALLEN SCHOOL OF COSTUME DESIGN " Syllables govern the world. " ' Where she met a stranqer- there she left a friend. " YICT( ORTON kie " 4 3 WAhNUT Street 1 ennis. Class Baseball. Class Basketball, Ski Club. university of PENNSYLVANIA " A purpose true, determined Will . Then add some pep, some work and skill. " EDLI ' H OSTERLUND " Edie " 4 0 Grandview Road LESLEY " Sincerity, earnestness, kindness — these constitute her nature. " MARY O’SULLIVAN " Pinkie " 11 Surry Road Tennis, Basketball. BOSTON UNIVERSITY " A sunny disposition is her treasure. " RITA OUELLETTE " Willie " 28 Overlook Road Honor Roll, Assistant Editor Chronicle, Baseball, Office As- sistant. BURDETT " She looks grave, but she is full of pep and fun. " ERVING PANGBORN 20 Milton Street " Men were made to listen as Well as to talk. " I - 42 ARLINGTON HDGH SCHOOL WILLIAM H. PARKER " Howie " 1 5 Pine Street Glee Club. Chorus. Messiah. MASSACHUSETTS DIESEL SCHOOL " A man that has friends. " ROBERT ' B. PART ' LOW, JR. " Bob " 4 Orchard Terrace Captain Track. Tennis. De- bating Club. Honor Roll. HARVARD " This gentleman will out-talk us all. " VIRG A PJEABODY ' " Gifr ' ger " 16 W DO Road V • ■ " CUss Basketball. Glee Club. Class Ten nis. , KATHERINE GIBBS , A sunng nature wins friendship. " ROBERT PERRY " Uncle Bob " 3 8 Walnut Street Ski Club. " I envy no man who knows more than myself, but I pity them who know less. " CA ' LHERINE PESSO ' LT I " Kay " 1241 Massachusetts Ave. BOSTON UNIVERSLLY " Always the gayest of the gay. " JUANITA J. PETERSON " Peter " 71 Bartlett Avenue Band. Orchestra. Pinafore, Dramatic Club. " Smilin ' Thru, ” Basketball. KATHERINE GIBBS " A live wire — always on the go. " NONA PEJERSON - Susie " ' l t92 Hillside avenuR Hockey. Manager Baseball. BURDETT " Such a girl as everyone would like to know. " AR LHUR PHILLIPS " Hoss " 61 Sunset Road " Men are polished by art and speech. " ■I I 43 ] Arlington HIGH SCHOOL JUNE PHILLIPS " Jern " 338 Park Avenue Dramatic Club. LESLEY " Her ways were those of quietness. " 2 - RUTH PIHL 15 Wyman Street Girls ' Glee Club. Orchestra. " A regular girl was she. " EDITH PILLSBURY " Flash " 43 Sutherland Road Captain Basketball. Field Hockey. Baseball. Cheerleader. Honor Roll. SARGENT " A devotee of sports, carefree and frolicsome. " MAGARET POWERS " Peg " 24 Orchard Place Glee Club, Field Hockey, Llonorable Mention, Manager Basketball. SECRETARY " She’s not noisy, loud, or gay. but enjoys life in a quiet way.” JOSEPHINE POZNESH " Jo " 24 Windsor Street JACKSON " She is quiet, reserved and noble. " GORDON PRATT 21 Berkeley Street " A merry heart goes all the way. " SAMUEL C. PRESTEJOHN 171 Franklin Street T rack. BRYANT and STRATTON ' What should a man do but be merry f " I 44 ] ARLBNGTON lUGU SCHOOL JOHN PRESTON " Janie” " His limbs are cast in manlii mold For hardy sports or contests bold.” IRVING PROCTOR ” Proc” 244 Appleton Street Honor Roll. " One ivho lives today without a care.” PHYLLIS PROCTOR ■■Phyl " 244 Appleton Street BURDETT " Blessed are the messengers of cheerfulness.’! JAMES G. PROUT. JR. 16 Iroquois Road Ski Club. T rack. DARTMOUTH " Character is fate.” ■4 MARY QUINN " Quinnie” 160 Palmer Street “Messiah.” “Pinafore.” MISS PIERCE’S BUSINESS COLLEGE " Such a comrade, such a friend. With thee Pd walk to journey’s end.” WILLIAM A. RAE. JR. 243 Gray Street M. I. T. " Why should I not look happy!’ " ISABEL RAFUSE 5 5 Newport Street BURDETT " Calm sunshine and heartfelt I 45 ] ARLDNGTON EDNA REED 51 Cleveland Street Honor Roll. SECRETARY “Honor is the rcicard of virtue.” 0 tV PHYLLIS REES 105 Mystic Street ■Phe” Squad Tennis, Squad Basket- ball. Glee Club. LASELL “She ' s a winsome, wee thing.” FRANCES V. RILEY “ Frannie” 1 8 Norcross Street NURSING “Her heart and sentiments were tree. SAMUEL ROBERTO “Chick " 94 Decatur Street Glee Club, Football. Track. CONTRACTING “He who has no wish to he hap- pier IS the happiest of men.” LAURAJEAN ROOD 12 Ottawa Road Glee Club. Dramatic Club. MARIETTA COLLEGE “Always on the job.” JEANNE ROSS 14 Russell Street Dramatic Club. Honor Roll. BRYANT and STRATTON “Of soul sincere, in action faith- ful. and in honor clear.” AMERICO ROSSI “ Ama” 266 Mystic Valley Parkway Class Basketball. Honor Roll. Track. Baseball. NORTHEASTERN “He does well who acts nobly.” MARION L. ROWNTREE 14 Lakehill Avenue Glee Club. SECRETARY “A jewel is small but very precious.” I 46 ] ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL GII.BORTII ROY ■Jiir 16 Chandler Street Band, Orchestra. Year Book Committee. BURDETT " Thou art gifted iCith much that IS fair. " CHESTER RUBNER " Chet " 96 Park Avenue " A merry heart goes all day long. " BARBARA RUSSELL " Babs” 75 Bow STREET Pure thoughts, kind thoughts, high thoughts. " ELEANOR RYRHOLM 125 Overlook Road SIMMONS " It IS the tranquil people ix ' ho accomplish. ' ' MARY SACKOS " Ja .7. " 1 5 9 Palmer S iRETiT Honor Roll. Basketball, Glee Club. BRYANT and STRA TTON " A good heart is better than all the heads in the u ' orld. " ARAXIE SAKOIAN " Re. x " 1 1 Quincy Street KATHERINE GIBBS " Hitch thy icagon to a star. " FRANK P. SANTOS 76 Melrose Street ACCOUNTING " Let each man do his best. " RUTH SARKISIAN 8 7 Melrose Street " Cheerfulness is an offshot of goodness and ixasdom. " [ 47 ] ARLiNGTON ARLINE SAUERWALD 48 MAGNOLIA Street “She is gracious, siCeet, and gentle. " NORMAN D. SAWYER. JR. 103 WESTMINSTER AVENUE “Honor is his in honest toil.” WINTHROP SEARS “Win” 24 Jason Street HARVARD “He was a scholar, and a ripe good one.” ROBERT SEAVEY “Bob " 187 Pleasant Street DUMMER ACADEMY “Diligence is the mother of good fortune.” EDNA V. SHEPPARD 13 2 Thorndike Street Dramatic Club, Chronicle. Glee Club. NURSING “She looks before she leaps.” 29 Glouster Street Honor Roll. JUNIOR COLLEGE “Always cheerful, always kind. She’s a girl we like to find.” BERYL SMITH 57 Cleveland Street Glee Club. Chronicle, Honor Roll. “Good nature and good sense must always join.” DOROTHY SMITH “Dotty” 77 Cleveland Street Basketball. “Happy am . from care I am free.” I 48 ] ARLPNGtON LEONl ' INE SNYDER " Lonnie " 65 Broadway Glee Club. Honor Roll. BOSTON UNIVERSITY " Goodness does not consist in greatness, hut greatness m goodness. " PAUL SNYDER 65 Broadway Clas,s Basketball. Track. I Ion orable Mention. BOSTON UNIVERSI TY " His gentle mind by gentle deeds IS knoLVn. " ANTHONY SOUZA " Tony " 86 Thorndike Street Football. Track. Class Basket- ball. BENTLEY " Sportsmanship is the herald of honor. " WALTER SOVERINO 1 9 Foster Street Football. Baseball. Basketball. Indoor Track. Spring Track. UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA " None but himself can be his parallel. ' ' HBGH SCHOOL JACK SPONG " Red " 5 5 Baii.y Road BURDELL " lie teas never in a hurry when we saw him. " WERNER W. STALL " Ike " 46 Barti.e:it Avi;nue Baseball. " In art he was surely game and so does down in our hall ol fame. " ALICE STANLEY " Scottie " 15- A Grove Street Stamp Club. " Quiet and meek is she. " HOWARD STEWART " Howie " 54 BoNARD Road Baseball. LOWELL TEXTILE " As solid as the Rock of Gibraltar . " [ 49 ] ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL WILLIAM T. STINSON ■■Bill " 2 6 Mayer Street Basketball. Track. Baseball. " A person worth knowing. " BETTY STOREY ■■Bet " 234 Gray Street T ennis. NASSON COLLEGE ‘‘One in a million. " ELINOR STOREY " Nell " 7 HAWTHORNE AVENUE CHAMBERLAIN SCHOOL " Mistress of herself. " ASTRID I. STRANDBERG 60 HIGH Haith Road NURSING “We must laugh before we are happy. " BOSTON UNIVERSITY " Mindful not of herself, thoughtt III for others.” HELEN M. SULLIVAN “Sully " 9 7 Westmoreland Avenue Tennis. Basketball. BOSTON UNIVERSITY " She was made for happy thoughts. " KATHLEEN SULLIVAN 1 0 FoRDHAM Street Orchestra. Band. Honor Roll. BOSTON UNIVERSITY Look up. and laugh, and lift.” PHYLLIS SULLIVAN " Phil” I Harvard Street Field Hockey, Basketball, Baseball, Cheerleader, SECRETARY “Her friendship is so much to Win, so much more to lose.” [ 50 ] ARLDNGTON HIGH SCHOOL PHYLLIS SYLVKSTER ■■Phyl " 19 Pond Vinw Road Honor Roll. Class Basketball. Tennis. MASSACHUSETTS SCHOOL OE AR E " Her temoer is never out of place. " CHARLES A. ' LASH.IIAN 1 6 Farrington Street M. I. T. " A man of good sense, which is the gift of heaven. " FRANCES L. TAYLOR " Frannie " 5 1 Hawthorne Avenue KATHERINE GIBBS " Brevity is the soul of wit. " JUNE THOMPSON " J unie " 3 0 Melrose Street President Senior Glee Club. Honor Roll. RUTH L. LHOMPSON " T ommy " 3 3 Si’RING S 1 Rl l r Hockey. ALICE DARLING S SCHOOL " Ol nature she is lull sunny. " GOR DOI jil( f)4SrTN " TiXn ' y Kf " 24 jPa nAv Road " " raay Tennis. Basketball. ( j J fRKS AIR COLLEGE faith! Ill soul, a true and loyal friend. " MARY J. I lERNEY " Suzy” 17 Everett Street " She IS the mirror of sincerity. " CONSTANCE ' LIMMINS " Connie " 37 Alton Street Glee Club. Property Manager Dramatic Club. " Smooth runs the Water where the brook is deep. " I 51 ] I I t: ) HIGH SCHOOL I PHY J.IS TIMMINS “ PhiUie” ' y 37 Alton Street • G+cc Club. Dramatic Club, " I hippy and gay was she ever. I RANCES L. TOBIN " Toby " 3 08 Mystic Street Basketball. MISS PIERCE S SECRETARIAL SCHOOL " Wit IS the salt of conversation.” THOMAS TRAVERS 27 Highland Avenue Baseball. Class Basketball. 1 ennis. YALE " Wisdom is the conquerer of fortune.” MAY TRAVERSE 42 Cleveland Street " Maisie " Stamp Club. SECRETARY " She loves both virtue and beauty.’ ' ANN TROWBRIDGE 1 7 Spring Valley KATHERINE GIBBS " Modesty is the mother of virtue. " PHILIP WALLWORK " Phil” 79 Menotomv Road Tennis. Gilbert and Sullivan Club, Manager Basketball. TUFTS " A smile for all, a welcome glad, a jovial, coaxing way he had.” DAVID WALSH " Romeo " 27 Surry Road Honor Roll. Football, Base- ball. Hockey. HARVARD " Till all success be nobleness.” ARTHUR WANNLUND 144 Mount Vernon Street TUFTS " A steadfast man of still and serious thought. " I 52 ] ARLiNGTON HIGH SCHOOL MYRTLE WARREN " Myrt " 3 2 Hillsdale Road Honor Roll. Glee Club. SECRETARY " hale inconsistency.” MARCIA WEIDAW 64 Spring Avenue Basketball. Honor Roll. CHANDLERS " A perfect Woman nobly planned, to warn, to com- fort and command.” FRANK X. WHI LE. JR. 21 Woodland Street Honor Roll. President Stu- dent Council. Debating Club. Dramatic Club. Year Book Committee. HARVARD " The world knows nothing of Its greatest men.” EDITH WHITNEY ” Ede” 14 Field Road Tennis Team. Basketball. CAMBRIDGE SCHOOL OF LIBERAL ARTS Of manners gentle, of affection mild.” RUssLi I L wise: Russ” 3 2 Ki NsiNt.TON Road Tennis. Lootball. AMHLRSL " lie faces life With a smile.” HELEN WRAGA 75 Broadway Honor Roll. SIMMONS " Pleasantness is a precious charm.’ ' MARTHA YEA.MES ’’ Marty” 24 Kensington Road Tennis. Basketball, MOUNT HOI.YOKE COLLEGE " And bring with thee Mirth and youthful jollity.” ANGELINA ZARELLA " Angie” 53 Avala Street STENOGRAPHER " A girl more witty, a girl more sweet Ne ' er hath it been our lot to meet . ' ' [ 53 ] ARLDNGTON HIGH SCHOOL FRANCIS ALGER 28 Teel Street Football. Student Council, Track. Class Basketball. Class Baseball. HEBRON " Who mixed reason With plea- sure and wisdom with mirth. " DALE ANDERSEN " 5 8 Rawson Road Secretary Stamp Club. Honor Roll. WORCESTER TEACHERS ' COLLEGE " The love of hooks is a love which requires neither justifica- tion. apology, nor defense. " HENRIETTA ARMSTRONG 1 5 Bow Street " Deny her ability if you can. " ROBERT ARNOLD " Bob " 1 1 ' Varnum Street PRIN ' LING " A good and steady worker. " PHII IP BENHAM " Dobie " 41 Milton Street Hockey. HARVARD " A regular fellow. " JOSEPH BONDI 4 4 Amsden Street " He enjoys the present moment JOHN BUCKLEY " Buck 1497 Massachusetts Ave. WALTER D. BULLOCK " Bud " 221 Highland Avenue Student Council. Dramatic Club, Glee Club. Honor Roll. " Character gives pure splendor to youth. ' ' WILLIAM BURKE 74 Ereeman Street " By his works shall ye know him. " RENA CARON 62 Iroquois Road POST GRADUATE COURSE " ’ery quiet and so sweet. She ' s what makes our class com- plete. " AGNES CASAZZA " Aggie " 1 5 A.mherst Street Glee Club. SINGER " would help others out of a fellow-feeling. LURENA COOK j " Cookie " 18 Belknap Street BURDETT ' School IS lots of fun. " HARRIETT CROSBY " Bing " 71 Jason Street LIBRARIAN " Wisdom and goodness are twin-born. " EVA CROWDIS 187 Forest Street " It IS the quiet worker who succeeds. " CORNELIUS DOWNING " Down " 9 Blossom Street Debating Club, Airplane Club, Class Basketball, Glee Club. Ski Club. Esperanto Club. Gilbert and Sullivan Club. Band. OXFORD UNIVERSITY " Worry and I have never met. " 1 i JOHN DOWNING ' " Citrley " ■ • , 9 Blosso.m Street Honor Roll. Glee Club, De- bating Club, Tennis, Ski Club, Airplane Club, Class Basketball, BURDETT " He believed that variety was the spice of life. " JAMES ELLIOTT " El " 1 2 Edmund Road Eootball, Honor Roll, Chron- icle Staff, Class Baseball, BOSTON UNIVERSITY " A moral, sensible, and well- bred man. " MURIEL M. EMERY " Kitty " 1 2 75 Massachusetts Ave. LOWELL GENERAL HOSPITAL " A sweet manner and a winning » Ivay. ' JAMES FISCHER " Fish " 2 7 Pine Street " Peace rules the day when reason rules the mind. " " A good fellow with all. and a lord among wits. " [ 54 ] ARLINGTON HDGR SCHOOL EDWARD I ' OLEY " Hivtw " I 74 Brooks Avenue Hockey. DIESEL ENGINE SCHOOL ' The stone that is rolling can gather no moss. " CONSTANCE GARLAND 2 7 Highland Avenue DANCER To know her is to appreciate her qua ' ities. " JUNE D. HANSEN 14 Churchill Avenue Tennis. Basketball. FORSYTHE “A lust fortune awaits the deserving RALPH HANSEN " Red " 40 Kilsythe Road Football. HEBRON ACADEMY " A tolly good pal is long remembered. " HAROLD HORNE " Hal " 61 Harlow Street Fall Frack, Football. Winter I rack. Spring Track. Cross Country. " H. M. S. Pinafore. " Class Basketball. Big Broadcast of A. H. S. UNIVERSITY OF ' LOUISVILLE. KY. " He was a man, take him for all in all. " HOWARD HUNTER 219 Highland Avenue Football. Class Basketball. NORFII WESTERN " To thy speed add wings. " BENNY IGNATOWICZ ' ' J eep 92 Thorndike Street Football. Basketball. Baseball. NORTHEASTERN Laugh and the world laughs With you. " HUGH F ' . KELLY 15 ELmore Street COMMERCIAL ART " To see what is right and do it — that IS courage. " MARY E. HARRINGTON " Patsy " 1 9 Foster Street Glee Club. I ' ennis. BURDETT " A maid modest yet self possessed. " n ELIZABEl ' H M. HAYDEN " Betty " 5 0 Woodland Street Glee Club, Dramatic Club, Secretary Gilbert and Sullivan, T ennis. " Diligence is the mother of accomplishment . " MARION HOWSE " Mama " 9 Thorndike Street ?nnis. Basketball. Glee Club. . NURSING " O, likeable, thoughtful girl. " RICHARD LANE " Dick " 54 Broadway " On their own merits modest men are silent. " RAYMOND LUCAS " Luke " 6 Brattle Street U. S. MARINE CORP.. QUANTICO. VIRGINIA " A good word tor everyone had he. " KENNETH MacDONAI.D 65 Paul IH vi4 i- Rc5ad " 1 bought IS deeper than all speeih. " HFI.F.N MACI.L;AN 54 Liiwis Avenue ' " Reason is the master of all things. PAULINE MADDIiN ' " Polly " 1 5 Moore Place: Tennis. Basketball. " A true and sincere nature. " HELEN MANNING 75 Broadway BURDETT " Witty, lively, and lull of tun. " HELENA MAZZOCCA 76 River Street Band. Orchestra. " Nothing becomes her ill that she Wants to do well. " ' JOHN MCDERMOTT , .% ' JV ac ' - ' • ’ 1 26 11 J d ! SACHUSI«STS AVE. Indoor Track Out foor Track. fs ' oiV ' HEASTERN " A little nonsense now and then IS relished by the best of men. " THOMAS McGURI. " Bottle " 18 Grove Street Place: Football. Hockey. Basketball. Baseball. Tennis. LANDSCAPING " A strong and independent mind, the type ot friend you like to find. JAMES G. MULCAHY ■ " Mill " 145 -A Franklin Street ' worry not. for what " s the usef " " [ 55 ] ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL CARL NIGRO " Carley” 52 Dudley Street B and, Football. BOSTON UNIVERSITY “Knowledge is a treasure, hut practice is the key to it. " DANIEL O ' BRIEN “ Danno " 40 BEACON Street “Be there a will, wisdom will find the way. " GERARD O ' CONNOR “Jerry " 147 Franklin Street BENTLEY “He thouaht himself not so large as others deemed him. " % ' ■V ELIZABETH O ' LEARY " T ish ' ' » ' II BLOSSOM Street " WILFRED ACADEMY ‘She ' s never haughty, never proud, but popular in every crowd. ' ’ VICTORIA ONANIAN “Howie " 3 8 amsden Street “Her smile is her umbrella. " PHILIP O ' NEILL “Phil " 209 Broadway Class Basketball. Class Base- ball, Cross Country. “A smile for all. and a welcome glad.” JOHN PRIOR 962 Massachusetts Avenue Honor Roll. “A man of few but profitable words. " WILLIAM ROWLAND “Bill " 76 Pleasant Street Tennis Team. Dramatic Club, " Smilin ' Thru. " " Give to the world the best you have, and the best will come back to you.” ANN SMITH 1 20 Rubles Street BEAUTY CULTURE “The deepest rivers flow with the least sound.” ROBERT SMITH “Bob " 154 Highland Avenue Track. Chronicle. MASSACHUSETTS STATE SCHOOL OF JOURNALISM “The object of the superior man is truth. " ANDREW TALLINI 24 Paul Revere Road LIBERAL ARTS “Seest thou a man diligent in his business. J HOMAS TARPEY ■ ' T om 324 Forest Street MECHANICAL ENGINEER “Here, there, and everywhere. " HELEN M. TOOMEY 64 Franklin Street DENTAL NURSE “Modesty sets off spntely wit.” WILLIAM H. WALSH “Billy " 46 Adams Street Track. Dramatic Club, As- sistant Librarian Chorus. ARMY “Steadiness is the foundation of all virtues.” IDA WAX “Waxie” 156 Pal.mer Street Tennis. STENOGRAPHER " By the work done one knows the workman. " ROBERT K. WELLINGTON “Duke” 3 1 Te.mple Street Band, Orchestra. “A man of varied interest.” , ' 7 WELLINGTON .3 I . Temple Street NURSING “Easy come and easy go. " ROBERT WHYTE “Bob ' " 95 Summer Street “A true and sincere nature.” MARGARET WOODS “Peggy " ' 6 1 Thorndike Street Honor Roll, Feature Editor Chronicle. BURDETT “Things done with care exempt themselves from fear.” PAULINE A. YEATON “Polly " ' 51 Mt. Vernon Street SECRETARY “A little body often harbors a great soul. " [ 56 ] HIGH SCHOOL 6 0okJrM«r. lie-. R w T«rk Style ! • t — MSi4 ee Printed In Ike 0 8 A [ 57 ] ARLINGTON yiGH SCHOOL Best All-round Most Popular Best Actor Most Musical Most Intellectual Most Athletic Most Likely to Succeed Wittiest Best Dancer Tallest Shortest Most Attractive Best Dressed Best Orator Most Businesslike Most Bashful Most Talkative Most Artistic Boy Thomas Prior Arthur Oliverio Robert McLeod Roy Anderson Harry Mansfield William Oliverio Frank White William Manning David Kennedy Victor Orton Lawrence Babine Robert Hancock George Langton Robert Partlow Robert Hancock James Bullock Fred Doyle Stanley Larson Girl Louise Lane Louise Lane Virginia Larson Hermine Hall Dale Anderson Edith Pillsbury Hermine Hall Mary O’Sullivan Juanita Peterson Ruth Pike Gertrude Magee Edna Bundegarde Bernadette O’Neill Rita Giroux Mary McNamara Charlotte Morrill Natalie Ercoline Marjory Hall [ 5 8 ] ACTIVITIES Rear Row: Albert Casey. Will ' s HuILert, Robert Hancock, Albcr!: Leonard, Gcorjre Mernick, .lames Hap:en. Mark White. Middle Roii ' : Louise Lane, Walter Bullock, Quentin Teevan. Harry MansfieM, Joseph McCullock. William Doe, Natalie Muvsessian. Front Row: Mrs. MoiTatt, Jane Carroll, Charlotte Morrill. Shirley Bond, Frank White. John Dolon. Mar- jorie Ochs. Lillian Edwards. tucU)it (lounciL A new system of eligibility rules, approved by the previous Council, went into effect for the first time in the election of the year ' s Student Council. These regulations are more stringent, and under them only the highest type pupil is eligible for membership in this most important of student organizations. I ' he Council functioned in its capacity as the connecting link between the student body and the faculty and played a prominent part in the scholastic and social activities of the school. A dance, under the auspices of the Student Coun- cil, held on February 1 2, contributed to the Red Cross Flood Relief Fund. 1 hree delegates were sent to the state convention and as usual they returned with many useful facts concerning the activities of other Student Councils of the State. More than the customary interest in the convention was evidenced this year, because the office of President of the State Association was held by a mem- ber of the Arlington Council. Robert Ffancock. The Student Council is indebted to Mrs. Moffatt for her unfailing enthu- siasm and able cooperation as faculty adviser. T reasLirer Vice President Secretary T reasLirer OFFICERS Charlotte Morrill John Dolan Shirley Bond Charlotte Morrill [ 59 ] HIGH SCHOOL ARLINGTON Back Row: Edmund Jeffrey. Gordon MacLeod, Russell Newcomb Walter Bullock. Front Row: Constance Timmins, Miss Johnston. Robei’t Hancock, Mrs. Mathews, Virginia Larson. J xamatLc dtuL T he Dramatic Club, this year consisting of about one hundred and sixty members, put on its annual public play on April 9 in the Town Hall. The play was Philip Barry ' s hilarious hit ' The Youngest.” The second act of this play was entered in the Massachusetts Play Day Contest at Emerson College of Ora- tory on April 1 0th. A Hallowe ' en party was held in the old assembly hall and gym. Members of the club put on an entertainment which consisted of singing and dancing and a one-act melodrama written by club members. Dancing and refreshments fol- lowed. OFFICERS [ resident Vice President Secretary Business Manager and Treasurer Stage Manager Property Manager Electrician Robert Hancock Gordon MacFeod ' Virginia E. Larson Edmund Jeeerey Russell Newcomb Constance Timmins ' Walter Bullock 1 60 ] Z7 2£ l oLuyei The Dramatic Club has completed a most successful season. As its annual production on April 9, 19 37, the Club presented Philip Barry ' s The ) ' oungest. T his play is a story of the youngest son of a deceased wealthy pin manutac- turer. d hrough his lawyer, the " Youngest " discovers that he is heir to the family fortune and is thereby enabled to make his dictatorial family pay for their suppression of him and his happiness. I ' he controversy produces many humor- ous incidents. d he part of the " Youngest " was taken by our rising young actor Gordon MacLeod, ' 37. Virginia Larson, ' 37. played the role of leading lady, d here was also a fine supporting cast including Frank White, ' 37: Ernest Benshimol. ’38: Barbara Hobbs. ' 38: Irene Allison, ' 38: Mildred Zwicker, ' 39: Marcia Weatherill, ' 39: and Robert Hancock. ' 37. Necessary sound effects were super- vised by Paul Jones, ' 39. d he excellent outdcaor scenery for the second act was designed by Russell Newcomb, ' 3 7, and constructed by him with the assistance of Glenn Wright, ' 39. Edmund Jeffrey, ' 3 7, was the business manager for the production. d he second act of The ' i’ounyest was entered in the Massachusetts Drama Day Contest, held in the Boston Y. W. C. A. auditorium on Saturday, April 10, 1937. ddae act won first place and is to be presented in Pawtucket. R. L, at the New England Drama Guild Eestival to be held on May 14 and 15, 1937. Eor his part in the Boston presentation of I ' he Youngest, Gordon MacLeod, won the medal given for the finest acting in this play. d he members of the club have enjoyed this year’s activities and hope that 1938 may be as successful. I 61 ] ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Had: Rotv: Robert Hancock, Thomas White. William Miller. Middle Row: Hermina Hall, Malcolm Beers. John Dolan. Edmund Jeffrey, Helen Tees. Front Row: Miss Donovan. Frank White, Harry Mansrteld. Robert Partlow, Marjorie Ochs. With several experienced seniors and a number of other enthusiastic mem- bers, the Debating Club, under the able direction of Miss Mary Donovan, en- joyed a most successful and instructive season. The national topic for discussion this year was: Resolved, that all electrical utilities should be governmentally owned and operated. Interscholastic debates on this subject were scheduled with Norwood, Concord, Cambridge, Latin, Bel- mont, and Brookline: while sophomores and juniors were active in inter-club dis- cussion. On February 18, Arlington entered the National Forensic League District Tournament at Concord. By winning first place in this competition, our teams became sectional champions thus qualifying for the finals in the state contest. I ' he affirmative side of the question was upheld by Robert Partlow, D7, and Frank White, D7, and the negative side by Hermine Hall, ' 37, and Harry Mans- field, ' 37, Fwo members of the club participated in a unique debate on March 3 when Robert Partlow and Frank White met and defeated a team from Lynn Classical over station WCOP, the Copley-Plaza Hotel in Boston. Despite the depletion in the club’s ranks made by graduation, the interest and promise of the undergraduates cause Miss Donovan to take a most optimistic view toward next year. OFFICERS President HARRY K. MANSFIELD Vice Pr esident ROBERT B. PARTLOW Secretary FRANK X. WHITE, Jr. Business Manager ROBERT E, HANCOCK t 62 ] ARLINGTON HDGH SCHOOL Back Row: Marjjaret O ' Connell. William Eldridge, Arthur Falla, Pauline Joy. Front Row: Katherine Hodgre. Virginia Keefe. Miss Krastin, Rita Ouellette, Eleanor McKenna. Margaret Woods. The current year marked the Chronicle ' s fifth anniversary. The paper has progressed substantially since 1931. It started as a four-page publication; this year it was enlarged two more pages, making the present Chronicle ten pages. News about the school, personals about the students, alumni notes, edi- torials, athletic news, and gossip columns went into the general make-up of the paper. Among the celebrities interviewed were Bill Robinson in October, Ann Marsters in November, and Bill Cunningham in March. Assisted by the junior journalism class and the Manual Arts Department, the Chronicle has successfully completed another year’s work. Editor Assistant Editor News Editor Eeature Editor Advertising Virginia Keefe Rita Ouellette Eleanor McKenna , Margaret Woods Ruth Aubrey [ 63 ] ARLDNGTON HIGH SCHOOL Back Boiv: Mr. Skinner, ?klmund JelTrey, Edward Kalustian. Chester Hill. Front Roiv: May Travers, Rita Donovan, Carl Lemke, Robert Hancock, Dale Andersen. ' I ' hc Stamp Club began in September, 1934, chiefly under the initiative of Carl Barron and Ralph Myerson. At that time, a constitution, by-laws, and regulations were drawn up by a committee and approved by the existing club. From that time, the Club has been conducted under the capable leadership of Mr. Skinner. Although the membership has never been very great, the activities have al- ways been interesting. We have had many speakers who have exhibited their collections. There have been various contests, in which some valuable prizes have been offered. Last year there was a new issue contest with prizes for the most new issues. T his year the members make up the contests and offer some interesting rewards. By visiting various clubs, we have derived a great deal of enjoyment. I am sure the graduating members of the Stamp Club will carry many happy memories of the Club. I 64 ] ARLINGTON yiGH SC5-flOOL Fourth Row: Edmond Slater. Mr. Witherell, Herbert Erickson. Third Row: Jack Libby. Merton Olson, James Kellojrir. Albert Frink. Second Row: Joseph Monroe, James SpofTord. Clittord Day. Philip Wallwork, Gordon Thomson. Front Row: Arthur Paul Robbins. Richard Wood. Richard Mekkel.sun, Victor Orton. Ral[ h Olson, Mi CM I ' his year a new sport has been added to Arlington High School. This sport is skiing, which is becoming more popular every year. The new develop- ments in equipment and changes in technique have made the interest in skiing increase rapidly. Clubs have been organized in almost all the cities and schools in the northern part of the country. Although we did not compete with any other clubs, we learned that Medford. Melrose, Malden, and Belmont Hill have ski teams. These amateur clubs are under the auspices of the National Amateur Ski Association. The Arlington High School Ski Club was formed with fifty members en- rolled. Mr. Carl Witherell. an expert skier, himself, was appointed adviser. A chairman and committee of five were elected by the club. 1 he club has had two very interesting afternoon programs on skiing. One was by Mr. Oscar L. Cyr. who gave a lecture with motion pictures on Skiing in Switzerland. The other program was given by Mr. Carl Witherell who showed to the club motion pictures on Skiing in Canada and Eastern United States. Although we had an unusually mild winter, the club was not a failure. We are now organized and are prepared for next year. At the meets next year we intend to enter four teams. They are Downhill. Slalom. Langlauf. and Jumping. 1 65 ] ARLiNGTON Eugfcne Dento. Eclwaid Parker, (kneellriK) Robert Kirsis, Clifford Birch, Robert Cade, Mr. Arthur, John French, Donald Robinson (kneeling), Leon Davis, Glen Owen. :A {oclz[ cz:: EXO In November, 1936, a new organization known as the Arlington High School Model Aero Club was formed having as its purpose the promotion of originality of design and of skill in the building of airplanes. The indoor championship, decided by three indoor contests, was won by Donald Robinson. Outdoor contests are being held monthly for the duration of the school year and possibly for the vacation months. The contestants are rated on a point system. Prizes arc awarded at the end of the year to those who win the highest number of points. 7 ' he club is planning to join the Junior Birdmen of America, an active organization for model airplane builders. The group intends also to attend other model meets and visit airports to gain a wider knowledge of aircraft. Officers for the past year were: president. Robert Cade; vice president, Donald Robinson; secretary, Edward Parker. Mr. Kapff was originally faculty adviser, but because of extra duties he was obliged to resign. Since then Mr. Arthur has ably filled his post. [ 66 ] ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Bade Row: Phyllis Timmins. Marjorie Gibson. Constance Timmins, Ruth Dennen. Claudia Smillie. Betty McCarty. Dorothy Maxhen, Louise Daley. Ruth Phiel, Grace HiKsins. Winifred Lally. Margaret O’Connel, Mary Bailey. Doris Ormistan. Virginia Coyne. 7 ' hird Row: Marion Roundtree. Mary Kelly, Betty Roundtree. Audrey Denvir, Marion Fillmore. Marion Bradford. Mary Baird. Pauline Bullock. Dorothy Donnely, Katherine Hodjje. Doro ' hy Mellen. Eleanor Scanlon. Frances Howley. Secoynl Row: Ethel Svedlund, Carol Thompson, Christnie Knudsen, Madelaine Howley, Eleanor Cook. Isabelle Goreski Marjorie Hall, Marjjaret Woods, Alice Barry, Bernice Harvey. Judith Martin. Helen Sahajrian, Grace Gavin. Fust Row: Ruby Geddis, Stella Ciccolas, Alberti Cavalieri, Isabelle Glover, Ann Coscia, Margaret O’Brien. June Thompson, Anna Hickey, Virginia Keefe, Emma Becker, Natalie Morsessian, Olive Rouse, 1 his year, the Girls’ Glee Club has been run along a little different line. Miss Wardle, the director, took the cream of the three Glee Clubs to form a se- lected group of seventy girls. It has been an interesting year — singing at Boston University College of Music, and assembly, and running a very successful dance and clearing enough profit to cover transportation to the State Music Festival at Lowell. The whole-hearted enthusiasm and cooperation which existed in the club helped to make this well-rounded year of activity a great milestone in the progress of the club. [ 67 ] ARLDNGTON H»GH SCHOOL Top How: Jean Poole, Caroline Baklelli, Robert Wellinjrton, Glen Owen, Betty Berp:. Third Row: William Eldridp:e, David Wilfert, Ralph Russomando. James Keller. Donald Robinson. Elwin Fredericks, Leo Wilson, Leonard Atkins. Second Row: Robert Gneuhs, Letitia Doble. William Dooley. Ruth Mellen, Ruth Bamburp:, LeForrest Gray, Robert Davis, Robert Fereshetian, Edward Hatch. Melvina Mazocca, Mary Spina, Colin Campbell. First Row: Mr. Einzip:. Grace Brooks. Louise Cavalieri, Mary Nolan, Norman Norton. John French, Jack Hoffman, Alma Coelsch. Ward Chick, Laurence Freeman, Mary Dodffe. H3a id I ' he band, led by the very efficient drum major, Robert Gneuhs, has done much this year to liven the spirit of the school. It had much to do with the successful outcome of the football games, by encouraging the team with the school song. Weekly rehearsals were conducted by Mr. Augustus Mazzocca, and in ad- dition to the games, they furnished the music for the Annual Food Exposition, held in the New Auditorium, and for the athletic assemblies. 1 68 ] Top lioir: Robert Wellinj ton. Caroline Haldelli, Jean Poole, Roy Anderson, Tom Lawley, Ruth Mellen. Ruth Bambur r, Edna Jansen, LeForrest Gray, Roljert Davis. Elwin Frederick. Stiinley Keller. Rali h Russomando. Leonard Atkins, Bill Eldridse. Secotid Ixoiv : Jacques Holfman, Robert Mullen. Louise Cavalicri. Mary Nolan, Harry Hall. Carlton Patri(}uin, John O ' Donou h, John Stearns. Robert Gneuhs. David Bloom. Paul Robinson. Harold Carlson, Edw ' ard Hatch. Melvina Mazocca. Ruth Beach. Fir tt Roir: Mr. Einzijr. Marjorie Whilton, Mary Dodjre, Shirley Bond, Charlotte Morrill, Jean Anderson, Dorothy Downing. Martrarite O’Brien, Letitia Doble. Eleanor McKenna. Frances Steele. Martha Benway, Priscilla Boone, Helena Mazocca, Maritm Semonian. Virginia Greeley. (0 The orchestra this year, under the supervision of Mr. L. Hassler Einzig, has been excellent. According to Mr. Einzig, this orchestra has had the most evenly balanced instrumentation of any he remembers. 1 he biggest event of the year was the musical production presented on May 7. d ' he orchestra and choruses worked for months preparing this, but were recompensed for all their labor by a superb performance. Back Row: Alice Hanlon. Elizabeth Hayckn. Mr. Einzi . Front Row: Helena Mazzocca. William Eldridffe, Roy Anderson, Herbert Mower, Winifred Lally. an d Slid Lvan A new organization was started this year for the purpose of singing and studying the Gilbert and Sullivan operettas. The musical show, Blue Star Broadcast . was presented in conjunction with all the musical organizations in the school, this club being one of the chief participants. Because this was the first year, this club did not produce a show of its own, but rather assisted in the productions of other organizations. However, Mr. Einzig intends to put on an operetta next year, and every second year there- after. The officers this year were: President, Roy Anderson: vice president, William Eldridge: secretary, Helena Mazzocca: assistant secretary, Elizabeth Hayden: and treasurer, Herbert Mower. 1 70 J ATHLETICS ARLDNGTON UIGU SCHOOL Top I ou Left to Right: David Hott. Willis Hulbert. Robert Hancock. William Henderson, William (»rant. Bottom Rote: Edith Pillsbury, Marjjaret Slattery, Barbara Swanson, Louise Geary, Winifred Lally. Phyllis Sullivan. We ll cheer today the Red and Gray We know our boys will shine — The backs will run around the ends And charge right through the line. The team will march on down the field Until the game is won. So lend your voice and give a cheer — A cheer for Arlington — Rah! Rah! ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL r r 1 ® j ' acA- Row: William Dale, Philip Downs, Gerald Bartholomew, William Cadij an, Frank Boselli, Howard Hunter. Albert Leonard. William Santos, Carl Nigro. Middle Row: Thomas Prior, David Kennedy, Arthur Mahoney, John O ' Donnell, Frank Alp:er, Roger Ander- son. William Files, Henry Crevelli, James Bullock, John Higgins. Front Roir: Coach Henry Hormel. John Cashman, William Oliverio, Arthur Oliverio, Linden Blanchard, Coach Fred Ostergren. ' J ootL a[L I ' his year’s football team had as co-captains Winnie and Art Oliverio. 7 ' hey led the team through a very hard schedule which included the strong teams of Leominster, Newton, Fitchburg, Malden, Waltham, Somerville, and Melrose. Victories were scored over Winchester, Fitchburg, Watertown, Bel- mont, and Arlington ' s traditional rival, Melrose. The victory ov,;r Melrose was a particular joy to all the team’s followers. 1 he score was H to 0. The best game of the year was played against Waltham, one of the strong- est teams in the state. Although we lost 7 to 0, our team was ever threaten- ing to score and Arlington was not outplayed or outfought during the entire game. The fine work of the Oliverio brothers, Tom Prior. John Cashman, Blanchard, and Lennon was conspicuous in every game. John Cashman and Lindy Blanchard were selected by the lettermen to captain next year’s eleven. 1 72 ] ARLINGTON MIGM SCHOOL Top Uoir : Louise Lane, Ethel Hall. Second Row: Miss McCarty, Naomi Fellman, Marcia Lowcock, Ruth Kelly. Kathrine Farrington, Manajxer Madeline Bartholomew. Front Ron ' : Ruth Thompson, Nona Peterson, Ro. ' emary O’Neil, Gertrude Mairee, Phyllis Sullivan. Edith Pillsbury. ' J LeLcI c:M ' Ocks.ij 1 here were two victories, three ties, and one defeat recorded for the girls’ hockey team. 1 here was splendid effort on every one ' s part, and they man- aged to hold the hardest teams at a tie. Gertrude Magee led the team as captain, Madeline Bartholomew was the manager, Rosemary O ' Neil was elected captain for next year, and Miss McCarty coached them. Rosemary O ' Neil. Katherine Farrington, Naomi Fellman. Ruth Kelly, Mar- cia Lowcock are the players that should be back next year to bring more glory to Arlington High School. [ 73 ] Mill ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL James Malone, David Kennedy. James Corbett. Winnie Oliverio. Martin Powers, Michael Burke, Richard Clarke. Leo Donohue. Ralph Thomas, Mr. Lowder. !BaJUtlra[[ Although the 19 W basketball team did not win so many games as other teams have, its season may be considered successful. The team was well bal- anced and the fine spirit of the players carried them through many hard-fought contests. In no games were they beaten by large scores. The best games of the season were played against Medford, Waltham, Brookline, and Chelsea. I ' he fine work of Corbett, Cashman, and Oliverio was outstanding throughout the year. The lettermen elected Corbett to lead the team next year. He was also chosen on the all-Scholastic team of the Suburban League. This team was coached by Bill Lowder, who was sorely missed last year because of his illness. 1 74 ] ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Hack Row: Miss McCarty, Phyllis Sullivan, Marcia Weidaw, Louise Lane, Mana rer MarKaret Powers. Front Row: Gertrude Masee, Ethel Hall, Edith Pillshury Mary Harris, Margaret Meikle, Frances Howley. The girls’ basketball team was very successful this season. Under the ex- cellent coaching of Miss McCarty, the management of Margaret Powers, the fine playing of the co-captains, Edith Pillshury and Mary Harris with the coopera- tion of the other girls, the team came through with eight victories and one de- feat. Their best game was with Bouve which they managed to defeat, 34 to 20. Margaret Meikle was unanimously elected captain for next year. There will be few veterans returning next year, but under Miss McCarty’s guidance the team is sure to do well. I 75 ] lUGU scyooL Top Row: (Quentin Teevan. ManaKer : William Duffy, James Bullock. Walter Swensen. Phillip Benham, William Meaney, Linden Blanchard. William Lyons. Phillip Harrington, Assistant Manaj er. fiottom Row: Laurence Cousins. Thomas Prior, Joseph Floi ' es. John Chipman, Captain, William Dutton. Gerard Bartholomew. Lawrence Babine, Mr. Downs, Coach. 1 he Arlington High School hockey team enjoyed a fairly successful year, winning three games, tying four, and losing three. Victories were registered against Belmont and Cambridge, Tie games were played with Melrose, Med- ford, Rindge, and Cambridge. I ' he team lost hard-fought games to Newton, Medford, and the league champion, Stoneham. They lost each of these games by one goal. I’he best game of the year was played against Stoneham. The team lost this close game 5 to 4 but it gave a splendid account of itself. Arlington placed four men on the All-Scholastic teams. John Chipman and Larry Cousins played on the first team, while Joe Flores and Bill Dutton played on the second. Flores and Cousins also played on the All-Boston team. J he lettermen elected Bill Duffey to succeed John Chipman as captain. 1 76 ] ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Ikick Row: Coach William McCarty, Edward Sahagian, Robei’t Kode, Albert Leonard. George Alcott, Keith Kyle. Middle Row: Robert Partlow, Anthony Colozzi. Robert Horne, Walter Soverino, William Walsh, Joseph Cronin, Allan Harwood. Front Row: Paul MaoFarland. Thomas Lawley. Arthur F’alla, Clifford Day. Carl Lemke, Jack Fredrickson. Paul Cronin. Robert Ci’onin. iJncL OCX 1 he indoor track team had a very good season although it was made up mostly of new and inexperienced boys. I ' he highlights of the season were: Jackie Fredrickson ' s winning of the state 1000-yard championship, the capturing of the two-lap and medley relay races at the Boston Garden, and Joe Cronin’s third place in the 600-yard state championship. J he team was this year, as in past years, coached by " Doc " McCarthy. Because of the large number not graduating he expects to have another fine team next year. I 77 ] ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Bade Uoiv : Thomas Travis, Albert Lennon. John McCormack. Frederick Doyle. Thomas Prior, William Mills. Front Row: Mr. Osterjrren, Carl Lemke, William Oliverio, John Cashman, Donald Rowe. Baseball at Arlington High School this spring will once again be coached by Mr. Ostergren. Prospects are bright this year because of the large number of veterans on hand. The infield will have such players as John Cashman, Tom Prior, and Winnie Oliverio. Eddy Quinn will do the catching: for the pitchers, Fred Doyle, Tom Travers, and a few newcomers. Among the outfielders and util- ity players will be A1 Lennon, Bill Mills, and Walter Donovan. Arlington, always placing high in the Suburban League, will make a su- preme effort this year to win. I 78 ] ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Back Row: Miss McCarty, Corinne Sauerwald, Jane Carroll. Necia Shanks, Naomi Fellman, Arlene Sauer- walcl, Edith Hall. Front Row: Gertrude Ma ee, Phyllis Sullivan. Mary Harris, Edith Pillsbury, Catherine Farrinprton. Several veterans will return this year to the girls’ baseball diamond. Miss McCarty has some excellent material in Mary Harris, Edith Pillsbury. Gertrude Magee, Phyllis Sullivan. Arlene Sauerwald, and Corinne Sauerwald. Neither a manager nor a captain has yet been chosen, and the schedule has not been ar- ranged. 1 79 ] H5GH SCHOOL Back Row: Robert Partlow, Russell Wise, John Godfrey, Philip Wallwork. Front Row: Gordon Thomson, .Jack Libby, Robei’t Hancock. Albert Frink. T he prospects for this year’s tennis team are very promising. The team placed second in the Suburban League last year and is expected to be one of the leaders again. The team will be coached this season by Bill Lowder. Veterans who will form the nucleus of this year’s team are A1 Frink, Larry Cousins, and Bill Rowland. Many promising sophomores will also be avail- able. ARLDNGTON HIGH SCHOOL Back Row: Frances Howley, Bai-l ara Karnes, Carolyn Thompson, Nancy Sanderson. Front Row: Eileen Garrity, Edith Whitney, Louise Lane, Mary P ' itzpatrick, Louise Daly, Manaj er. The candidates for tennis have not yet been called, but there are six excellent veterans that should lead the team to victory. They arc Mary Fitzpatrick. Louise Lane, Edith Whitney, Eileen Garrity. and Pauline Madden. Louise Dailey will be the manager. ' Lhc schedule has not yet been arranged. There will be a change in coaches this year. Miss Gallagher will take Miss McCarty ' s place, and we wish her all the luck in the world. ARLiNGTON HIGH SCHOOL Back Tloiv: Joseph McCullock, Paul McFarland. William Meaney. Robert Cronin. Frojit Row: Coach William McCarthy, Joseph Cronin. Jack Frederickson, Edward Parker, Paul Cronin. (2xol± doLUltzU This year’s cross country team, although very inexperienced, had a won- derful season. They started with a loss to Quincy, but then won every race, including the State and New England championships. Arlington, led by Captain Jack Fredrickson, defeated Wakefield, Melrose, Brockton, and Northeastern Freshmen. When they won the State and New England championships at Providence, they received two beautiful cups for their efforts. I 82 ] ARLIINGTON HIGH SCHOOL oj ' did (liuhi oj Q37 The career of the class of 1 937 has heen exciting ancf illustrious. A volume could be written about its accomplishments, but I shall confine myself to the highlights. 1 he class entered Arlington High School on a balmy September day; after being greeted warmly by Mr. Gammons, it lost its shyness and commenced to take an active part in school affairs. As Sophomores, many of the boys showed great promise on the football team, which incidentally was in 19 34 one of the best in the state. 4 he girls, not to be outdone, had a champion baseball and field hockey team. For its annual play, the Dramatic Club produced " The Country Cousin " and was also host to the members of the New England Drama Day FA’stival. When the class returned again in September, 1935. as Juniors, they con- tinued to keep up the good reputation it had earned as Sophomores. The football team began with a bang, and " Winnie " Oliverio made his debut as a star, shining especially on Thanksgiving Day against our arch enemy. Melrose. " Smilin ' I ' hrough " was the play given by the Dramatic Club, with Lor- raine Miller as leading lady. Not to be outdone by the Dramatic Club, the music department produced at the town hall " H. M. S. Pinafore, " which was enthusiastically received. I ' he Juniors helped to revive a great interest in hockey and to make the season a financial success. Many Juniors were on the new golf team with Mike Burke as star. Both the Dramatic Club and Glee Club held a dance and entertainment in the hall to provide funds for the treasury and to get the members acquainted with each other. As Seniors, the following September, the graduating class started many new projects and kept a keen interest in the old ones. New clubs were formed, namely. Model Aeroplane Club. Ski Club, and Gilbert and Sullivan Club, Class officers were elected with William Oliverio as President, Carl Lemke as Vice President, Mary McNamara as Secretary, and Gerard Bartholomew as J reasurer. J he football team enjoyed a fair season: the Waltham and Melrose games were especially good. Such famous stars as ' Fhomas Prior. Roger Anderson, and William and Arthur Oliverio will always be remembered for their prowess on the football field. As usual, the hockey team was one of the best in the greater Boston League. Future classes will do well if they can produce such players on shots as John Chipman, Joseph Flores, and William Dutton. J he most outstanding actor in the class was Gordon McLeod in the annual Dramatic Club production, " The Youngest. " 1 he Dramatic Club won first place in the Emerson College Contest, as a result the entire cast spent a week-end in Pawtucket. Rhode Island, for the New England Drama Day Festival. Many of the Seniors, namely. William Eldridge, Eleanor McKenna, Wini- fred Lally, Roy Anderson, and Madeline Bartholomew, took part in a very modern musical comedy called. " The Blue Star Broadcast. " which included a fourteen piece " swing band. " J he Student Council held many meetings, with Frank White as its very able President. J he council ran a successful dance in order to help the flood sufferers. The Chronicle edited capably by Virginia Keefe, enjoyed a successful year in spite of outside competition. J he last big social event of the year was the Senior Prom, which was held in the school hall on the last Friday in May. ' Fhe class met for the last time as a group at the Class Day and Graduation Exercises. TO OUR ADVERTISERS; WE TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO THANK OUR ADVERTISERS FOR THEIR HELP IN MAKING THIS YEAR BOOK POSSIBLE. THEY HAVE SUPPORTED US— IN RE- TURN LET US PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL you and your friends will prize the por- trait that looks like you — your truest self; free from stage effects and little conceits. It is in this “long run” Photography that PURDY’S success has been won. Por- traiture by the camera that one cannot laugh at or cry over in later years. For present pleasure and future pride pro- tect your photographic self by having PURDY make the portraits. 160 TREMONT STREET, BOSTON OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL. CLASS OF 1937 Special Discount Rates to all Students of A. H. S . ARLDNGTON HDGH SCHOOL What Others Find Difficult Everyone should strive to attain some goal. Our ambition is not a desire for pow- er secured through accumulation of money; nor the building of a plant, bigger than any competitor. We strive to secure the reputation of delivering a superior product. To demon- strate successfully this ability gives us real satisfaction. We take personal interest in the success of each of our clients. To thoroughly un- derstand their requirements, to advise in- telligently, to make available fine printing at fair prices — by these things, we justify our claim to be true Printing Counselors. THE HANCOCK PRESS Printing Counselors TELEPHONE, LEX. 1165 LEXINGTON, MASS. ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Smart High Schoolers Come to Kennedy ' s Under-Grad Shop Not without good reason, for nowhere else can you find so complete and varied a stock of well selected graduation outfits as well as suits, sports coats, slacks and furnishings — all styled and made for high and prep school men who know what constitutes good taste in dress. KENNEDY ' S . . . Under-Grad Shop Your High School pm. half the size of the cut shown above, in o.xi- dized silver 5 0c HOOD’S MILK.. It’s Always Good 422 HIGH STREET, MEDFORD MYS. 0710 ARLINGTON HBGH SCHOOL JAMES 0. HOLT Groceries and Provisions 1 4 Pleasant Street ARLINGTON O’Meara and White Co. Pontiac Sales and Service 956 Massachusetts Ave. ARL. 6092 Phone Arlington 4964 WE ARE EXCLUSIVE AGENTS FOR YOUR DRUG WANTS in Arlington for 00C10R0FPS PHAIIMilC! Bulova and Cruen Watches --fT e xaiUL SioP9 BEACON JEWELRY CO. 1062 Mass. Ave., Cor. School St. 466 Mass. Ave., Arlington ARLINGTON, MASS. Tcl. 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Ave.) United Shoe Repairing Compliments of Announces the Latest Machines for LADIES ' SHOE REPAIRING GREEN BROTHERS No Nailing — No Stitching Hats Cleaned and Blocked PUBLIC MARKET 8 Medford Street Arlington Heights ARE. 4066-W Arl. 5066 LeBaron ' s Electrical CEO. Y. WELLINGTON Shop SON, INC. Wiring and Repair Work Dealer in David A. Wilcox, Pres. Arthur P. Wyman. Treas. FIXTURES LAMPS APPLIANCES DELCO OIL BURNER General Insurance 637 Mass. Ave., Arlington 452 Mass. Ave., Arl. 0222 Tel. ARL. 1230 Tel. Arlington 5300 ARLINGTON BUICK COMPANY SALES and SERVICE 835 MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE ARLINGTON, MASS. ARLDNGTON HIGH SCHOOL It is a pleasure for us to subscribe to your year book and to extend best wishes in your graduation year. Your reciprocation by patronizing local merchants for as much as possible of your graduation wants is your way of showing your appreciation. A. William Plating ]’re.‘;. Arlington (. ' liamber of (. ' cjinmerce SEND FOR PIN OR TROPHY CATALOG ARLDNGTON HIGH SCHOOL L i i r 1

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