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Text from Pages 1 - 100 of the 1936 volume:

EX LiBRIS 7956 IBook Published by ' Z7 z£ dniox (ILuii of the incjton chooL Arlington, Massachusetts James W. Nelson clication In recognition of his constant friend- ship, his untiring efforts, and his helpful guidance rendered to us in Arlington High School, we, the members of the class of nineteen hundred and thirty-six, respectfully dedicate this year bo ok to FACULTY ■V = i ' ) ‘ i .zr xLuicjton dnLO’z School acuLhj 1935-1936 Herman Gammons, Principal Evelyn A. Arthur, Lawrence P., Printing Bailey, Bessie B., French Barry, Veronica, French Binning, Theresa B., Stenog.. Type.. Filing Bullock, Sarah J., Mathematics Burke, W. Ray, Geography. Economics Campbell, Nlay, Cookery Casey, Alma, Typeivritmg Cheney, Evangeline, Stenog., Type., Filing Conway, Bessie A., History Cooper, Eouise J., English Crosby, Irene E., Physical Training CunnifF, Mary E,, Stenog., Typewriting Donovan, Mary E,, English Dow, Arline, English Eaton, Douglass L., Mathematics Fowler, Alban, Chemistry Gray, Martha S., Eihrarian Harlow, Ecola B., Bookkeeping Hormel, Henry D., History Hunt, Ruth, English Hutch ms, Adelaide L., Spanish Jenks, Alice E,, Geography Jerardi, Grace R., French, German Jewett, Ida B., Biology Johnson, Carl A., History Johnston, Claire H., Oral English Kapff, George R.. Mathematics Kennedy, Constance F., Sewing Kennedy, Mary, Bookkeeping, Type. Raymond S. Morrill, Assistant Principal Testa, Secretary Krastin, J heresa, English Lawton, Catherine, English Matthews, Helen F., Oral English Mofl ' att, Martha S., History Murdock, Eela C., French Murray, Frances B., Stenog.. Type. Nash, Helen E., Law and Economics Nelson, James W., Mathematics Ostergren, Fred V., Bookkeeping Pattison, H. Pauline, History Peck, Eugenia C., English Plummer. M. Donald. Drawing Porter, Gladys 1 . English Preston, Alice A.. Latin Prestwood. Mary L.. Industrial Arts Rice, Helen 1 ' ,, Sewing Rounds, Dorothy, Latin Sandberger, Sydney J., M echanical Arts Shedd, Minnie L., French Skinner, Charles W., Chemistry . Physics I’aber, Vivian H., English Taylor, Eleanor E., Mathematics Toner, James J., Penmanship. Book.. Geog. Treat, Alice. English Wakefield. Lura M., History Wardle. Ethelwyn, Music Woodend. M. Edith, Office Training Wright, Lois B.. Latin. English Hickey. Mary A., Clerk O ' Neill, Martha E., Matron cz i iXEciation We, the Seniors of 1936, take this op- portunity to express our sincere appre- ciation of the valuable assistance our Principal, Mr. Gammons, has given us during our career at A. H, S. His kind- ly advice, his cheerful spirit, his fine ex- ample, and his genuine interest in our welfare have made the years we spent under his guidance ones whose memory Will gladden and inspire us throughout our lives. SENIORS Paul Dorrington President Rosella Gallagher Secretary Kathleen Hart Vice President Edward Holway T reasurer Ijsax UdooIz ( oniniiHdE Editor-in-Chief Beverly Macdonald Literary Phyllis Cowdry Rosella Gallagher Margaret Glynn Kathleen Hart Elizabeth McCausland Anne Smith Pictures Marian Mitchell Myrtle Peirce Alice Rickwood Herbert Rogers Virginia Sullivan Virginia Stone David Dill Business Managers Lennard Hall Advertising Committee Rachel Anderson 1 HELMA BaTTYE Gladys Kiely John Murphy Barbara Payton Charles Ward 1 8 1 on UjH A ckooL RUTH C. ABBOUD “Roots ” 19 Melrose Street Dramatic Club. RADCLIFFE “ ' Tis virtue makes women admired. MARTIN E. AHEARN 3 9 Webster Street MASS. STATE ART “What is better than a good nature!’’ ' JOSEPH AHERN “Babe " 1 9 Alton Street Football, Class Basketball. Honor Roll. Tennis. ST. JOHN S PREP AND WEST POINT " Good scout, fine pal. real friend!” NAOMIE ALCOTT “Nome” 7 Pine Ridge Road Student Council. Glee Club. Literary Club Chairman. ' 36. Junior Red Cross Delegate. Honor Roll. Year Book Com- mittee. WHEATON COLLEGE. ILLINOIS “School is lots of fun!” JOHN AI.DEN 18 Magnolia Street Football, Class Basketball, BOSTON UNIVERSITY " A good sport always.” ANTHONY ALESSl “Nino” 185 Florence Avenue Glee Club, Track, Cross Country. Tennis. " Music waves eternal wands.” JAMES W. ALLEN " Fred. Curley” 260 Massachusetts Avenue Class Baseball, Class Basket- ball. DARTMOUTH " Neither last nor least. " HAROLD ANDERSON " Andy " 84 Newport Street Football. Baseball. Class Bas- ketball. DARTMOUTH " A jolly good pal!” JOHN ANDERSON " Andy " 9 Brantwood Road Glee Club, Tennis. Class Basketball. BABSON BUSINESS SCHOOL " Blessings on thy frosty pow John Anderson, my Jo.” PHYLLIS ANDERSON " Phul” 69 Webster Street Honor Roll. SECRETARIAL WORK " Merrill! , merrili! shall I live now! " ROGER D. BACHOENER “ Rog " 3 1 Peter Tuets Road Glee Club. Dramatic Club. BOSTON UNIVERSITY OE MUSIC " Music is in all growing things. " RACHEL E. ANDERSON " Rag " 10 High Haith Road Glee Club. Dramatic Club. Year Book Staff. Class Basket- ball. Class Tennis. Office Assist- ant. " She’ll give goii the world if ' twere hers to give. " RUTH E. ANDERSON " Riithie " 39 Temple Street Glee Club. Honor Roll. Dra- matic Club. CHANDLER SECRETARIAL SCHOOL " A sweet nature speaks through her face and tongue. " .JOSEPHINE ANDREW " Jo " 210 Broadway Honor Roll. Dramatic Club. Class Basketball. Class Tennis. STENOGRAPHER " You hear a gentle mind and heavenly blessings follow such natures. " PAULINE J. BALSER " Neddie " or " Pollg " 10 Cypress Road " Always cheerful, always kind She ' s a girl we like to find. " CLARENCE BARBER 1 1 Maple Street Honor Roll. Boys ' Glee Club. HARVARD " A man with a head, heart, and hand. " WENSLEY BARKER 128 Brattle Lane Stamp Club. M. I. T. " Men of ability are ever in demand. " VINCENT BADALA " Banjola " 14 Chandler Street Student Council. MASS. INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY " A smile in time caused nine!” STANLEY P. BARRON " Stan " 18 Trowbridge Street Stamp Club, Dramatic Club. President Debating Club. HARVARD " E ' en though vanquished he would argue still.” [ 10 ] VIVIAN L. BARRY “Viv " 5 1 Wyman Terrace Dramatic Club. Marionette Club. BUSINESS SCHOOL “Mindful not of herself — thoughtful for others. " THELMA E. BATTYE “Perm " 245 Broadway Tennis, Manager Girls’ Bas- ketball. Hockey. Glee Club. Year Book Staff. SIMMONS “A little girl, sweet and sunng. " GEORGE BECKONERT “ Beckg " 58 Webster Street “Life ever held new interest for him. " HARRIET L ' . BEVINS ■Bev " 127 SCITUATE STREET Captain Hockey. Baseball, Basketball. BOSTON CLERICAL " A devotee of sport: carefree and frolicsome. " VIOLET BIEDERBECK “ Snookg " 1 6 Belknap Street MASS. ART SCHOOL “The world delight in sunng people. " ALFRED H. BITZER “Al“ 2 2 Fessenden Road Scenery Manager Dramatic Club, Football Manager. “Common sense is priceless. " SALLY BENNER “Sallu " 1 1 AVON Place LASELL JUNIOR COLLEGE “Peppy, snappy, a splendid friend A good pal, full of fun — there is no end. " MARJORIE BLACKSTOCK “Marge " 6 9 Webster Street Glee Club. SECRETARIAL WORK “Ever is motion Blythesome and cheery. " PETER GUY BERTOLAMI “Bart " 51 Varnum Street School Operetta. Class Bas- ketball, Class Baseball, Baseball. UNIVERSITY OE ALABAMA “Who mixed reason with pleas- ure and wisdom with mirth. " JOHN BOLGER 27 Bow Street Dramatic Club. Orchestra. NORTHEASTERN “I’ll be merry and free I ' ll be sad for nobody. " HAROLD A. BOND, JR. ■■Hal " 42 Brantwood Road Glee Club, Band, Orchestra, Tennis. Cross Country, Foot- ball. " A purpose true, determined will. Then add some pep. some work and skill.” BEATRICE BROWNE ■■Betti ” 1 290 Mass. Avenue Hockey, Class Basketball. " A sunny disposition is her treasure.” GEORGE BOURGET ■ ' Buck” 1 7 Henderson Street Football, Indoor Track, Out- door Track. Class Baseball. UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA " He should stroll through life successfully.” LOUISE BOWIE 1 5 Gloucester Street " Sweetness is her virtue. " CAROLYN W. BOYD " Bunny " 25 Ronald Road Orchestra. LASELL JUNIOR COLLEGE " Dancing eyes and dimples deep Help make of her a pal to k eep. " ARNOLD BRAITHWAITE " Arn " 243 Park Avenue HARVARD " Never has wronged a man in word or deed. ’ JEANNE BURKE 3 3 Bowdoin Street Girls’ Club, Dramatic Club. CHANDLER SECRETARIAL SCHOOL " To be trusted is a greater com- pliment than to be loved.” ROBERT BURKE 1 1 0 Crescent Hill Avenue HARVARD " Not boisterous but of intrinsic value.” ROBERT D. BURNS “Slim” 170 Summer Street Dramatic Club. DIESEL ENGINEERING AND AIR CONDITIONING ■‘Go forward for glory awaits thee.” WILLIAM H. BUTLER " Bill " 74 Melrose Street Class Basketball. Student Council, Class Baseball. " Good nature is one of the richest gifts.” 1 12 ] MURIEL MARY CADARIO " Mur " VALLEY Road Girls ' Glee Club, Girls ' Club, Junior ’Women ' s Club, Chroni clc Staff, Baseball, Class Basket ball. LAWRENCE MEMORIAL HOSPITAL Nursing " Her heurt is light u ' lthin her whatever wind doth blow. " CHRISTIE CAMMARATA 4 2 Fairmont Street SUFFOLK LAW SCHOOL " Good thoughts come from the heart . ' ' WILLIAM CANNON ' ■Will " 171 Wachusett Avenue Class Basketball. HOLY CROSS “ Alwags on the job. " (ffUXCF CAS ' FFIiLS " Gu " 10 Howard Strli-t DIETITIAN " She looks grave but she is full of pep and fun. " MARY C. CHABOTT " Mag ' 28 SCHOOL STREET BOSTON UNIVERSI TY " Kindness is wisdom. " JOSEPH P. CHURCHILL, ,IR. " Joe " 4 5 Adams Street Class Basketball. Varsity Baseball. " A " Club. OFFICE W ' ORK " Some must follow, some command. ALBERT CARLSON 201 Spring Street NORTH PARK COLLEGE. CHICAGO, ILL. " A good fellow in everg sense of the word. " HAROLD N. CLARKE, JR. " Boonie " 12 Fordiia.m Street Class Basketball, Class Base- ball. " Worth makes the man. " PAUL CARNEY 47 Lake Street " A statelg man indeed. " EILEEN V. CLEMENTS 14 PALMER STREET FISHER ' S COLLEGE Stenographer " Secure in the hearts of her friends. " [ 13 ] HELEN COFFIN " Hen” 14 WACnusETT Avenue Dramatic Club, Class Basket- ball. Class Tennis. BOSTON UNIVERSITY " Long live such good nature. " JOSEPH COI.I INS " Collint” 24 2 Forest Street HARVARD Medical Surgery " He ' ll make a proper man. " RITA COLLINS 2 1 Cleveland Street " Nothing is impossible to a willing heart. " VIRGINIA ANN CONARY " Ginnie ' 12 Nourse Street BRYANT AND STRATTON BUSINESS COLLEGE Accounting " Moderation — the noblest gift of heaven. " FLORENCE C. COOK " Cookie " or " Flossie " 43 Milton Street BRYANT AND STRATTON BUSINESS COLLEGE " A live wire — alwags on the go.” FRANCIS A. COOK " Dustg " 136 Robbins Road Baseball. " Where there’s a will there’s a wag.” I EMANUELLA COPPOLA " Ella” 1 25 3 Mass. Avenue Manager Girls’ Baseball. Hockey, Basketball. BURDETT ' S " Mistress of herself.” JOHN J. COUGHLIN, JR. 20 Lancaster Road NORTHEASTERN " Who can doubt his capabilities ” EDITH COULOURIS " Edie” 90 Lowell Street Honor Roll, Dramatic Club, BUSINESS " Her smile is her umbrella.” ELIZABETH A. COURTNEY " Bettg " 18 ADDISON Street Publicity Manager Dramatic Club, Student Council, STATE TEACHERS ' COLLEGE " There’s mischief in those eges. " [ 14 ] PHYLLIS COWDREY ' ‘Phil” 23 Howard Street Honor Roll. Orchestra. Class Tennis. Class Basketball. Liter- ary Committee Year Book. WELLESLEY " Thetj win who laugh.” MARY FLORENCE CRONIN 19 MAGNOLIA Street TELEPHONE OPERATOR " To be of service is the highest virtue.” ROBER ' L CUNNIFF " Boh” 3 3 7 Su.MMER Street Glee Club. Stamp Club. Class Basketball. Honor Roll. NOR ' LHEASTFRN Architect “He does well who acts noblg.” WILLIAM CUTLER “Bill” 1 0 1 Lake Street Honor Roll. BENTLEY ' S " I worrg not. for what ' s the usei’” DOROTHY CROWLEY " Dot " 1 6 Webster Street Class Basketball. Dramatic Club. BOSTON UNIVERSITY " Her wags are wags of pleasantness.” LOUISE DALEY “Weezie " 1 8 Medeord Street FISHER’S BUSINESS SCHOOL " Her happiness consists of labor.” WILLIAM B. CUMMINGS " Bill” 125 Hillside Avenue Football. ARMY FLYING SCHOOL or RANDOLPH FIELD. TEXAS “A bubbling, cheerful, frothg smile.” CHARLES CUNHA “Cutie” 28 Windsor Street Band. Dramatic Club. Class Basketball. STOCK BROKER " ’Tis fine to watch time fig.” RUTH DALLIN 84 OAKLAND Avenue Glee Club. Dramatic Club. CAMBRIDGE SCHOOL OF LIBERAL ARTS “High erected thoughts rested in a heart of courtesg.” NORMA DANIELL ” Bebe” or “Danng” 127 Webster Street Cheerleading. NURSING " A little vanitg is a good thing.” [ 15 ] RUTH DAVIS “Tinu " 46 MARGARET STREET Orchestra. STENOGRAPHER " She looks before she leaps. " WILLIAM S. DAVISON. JR " ShadoLu " 19 MEDFORD Street " The Pirates of Penzance. " " H. M. S. Pinafo re. " Secretary Boys ' Glee Cliih, Dramatic Club. Debating Club. Cross Country. Indoor and Outdoor Track. VERMONT STATE " He seems so near and pet so far. " HUGH ELLIS DAWE 3 I Adams Street NORTHEASTERN Diesel Engineer (Salesman) " A generous friendship no cold medium knows. " DONALD DeFEO " Gus " 59 Webcowet Road Football. Varsity Basketball, Class Baseball. " A " Club. ROLLINS. FLORIDA " For what he thinks he shows. " FRED Devries 246 Park Avenue commercial aviation Pilot " Reward of one dutg is power to fulfill another.” DAVID BRUCE DILL " Dave” 6 Oakland Avenue Honor Roll, Glee Club Stamp Club, Co manager Yea Book, HARVARD " A conscientious student, and i friend to all who know him.’ WILLIAM B. DOES " Billg” 256 Appleton Street Student Council, Captaii Track, Manager Track, Boys Glee Club, Dramatic Club, Band " Merchant of Venice,” " Pirate of Penzance, " Football, Cros Country, ROLLINS, FLORIDA " There ' s so much mirth am wit about thee.” EDITH DOHERTY " Edie” 1 9 AMHERST Street Tennis, Basketball, Fiek Hockey, Glee Club, " A person worth knowing.” ALBERT J, DOLAN " Huck” 12 Swan Place Baseball, " Still waters run deep.” HELEN DONAHUE " Sadie” 58 Brattle Street NORMAL SCHOOL or B. U. SECRETARIAL " I am going the way of all the World .” [ 16 ] HYMAN DOODI HSACK. JR " Humie " or " Senator ' ’ 16 Avon Place Band. Orchestra. Class Bas kctball. Class Baseball, MASS. COLLEGE OE PHARMACY Druggist " Not for himself, hut for the world he hues. " Wil l 1AM DUNN " Bill” 109 mt. Vernon Street UNIT ED STATES DIESEL ENGINE SCHOOL " Never saif die: you ' ll get there.” PAUL DORRINGTON " Dory " 15 Whittemore Street President Senior Class. Foot- ball. Baseball. " Honors achieved far exceed those that are created. " DOROTHY EASTMAN " Dottie” 98 Dawson Street OFFICE WORK " The way to have a friend is to be one.” THOMAS DRISCOLL " Dime " 6 8 Mystic Street T rack. " Few words are best. " FREDERICK R. DUGGAN " Freddie” 4 1 Mass. Avenue BENTLEY’S Accounting Course " Bless thy live wits! " MARIE THERESA DUNN ' ' T erry " 103 Medford Street Chronicle. Dramatic Club. " Yet let me say that she was fair.” DOROTHY ELLIOTT " Dot " 1 2 Ed.mund Road Glee Club. Dramatic Club. SECRETARY " Productive was the world In many things, but most in hooks. " EUNICE I. ERB 143 Overlook Road SECRETARY " A faithful friend is better than gold. " NATHALIE ERCOLINE " Erkie” 44 Grand View Road Dramatic Club. " She smiles when others sigh.” [ 17 ] HERBERT EVANS " Stew” 59 Dow AVENUE YALE " Handsome is as handsome does. " LILLIAN EVANS 4 0 WESTMINSTER AVENUE Dramatic Club. Girls’ Club, Tennis. " Beautif is truth, truth beauti . " SONYA I. FELLMAN " Snuq " 179 sciTUATE Street Field Hockey, Basketball, Baseball. SECRETARY " Her friendship is so much to win, so much more to lose.” ELEANOR LINGER 42 Temple Street Debating Club. ' 35, Secre- tary Debating Club, ' 3 6, Lit- erary Club. Dramatic Club. Honor Roll. Student Council. RADCLIFFE or WELLESLEY " Knowledge is power. " EUGENE FACENDA 284 Highland Avenue Track. " I dare do all that mag become a man. " PATRICIA FALLON " Pat " 21 KENSINGTON PARK Glee Club. If gou would have a thing well done, do it gourself. " FRANCES FLAHERTY " Frankie " 241 Gray Street Girls’ Club, Dramatic Club, Tennis. Basketball. BOSTON UNIVERSITY " A girl of matchless metal. " ELINOR ROSE FOREST " Lullg " 12 Lewis Avenue Basketball. Tennis. Dramatic Club. Honor Roll. KATHERINE GIBBS " Go where glorg awaits thee. " LINNEA FELLMAN 179 SCITUATE Street Hockey. Basketball. Baseball. Honor Roll, " Action IS the proof of abilitg. " BARBARA L. FOWLER " Barb " 70 Appleton Street Student Council. Honor Roll, Literary Club. Office Assistant. President Dramatic Club. Prop- erty Manager " Country Cousin " and " Smilin’ Through. " MISS WHEELOCK’S " She ' s quiet on the outside, the best sort of girl within. " 1 18 ] ROBERT 1 RASER " Boh " 2 76 Gray Stref;t " Worthii of anu man " s tnisl. " " •JAMES F. GALI AGHER " " Ganger " " n Aerial Street Debating Club, Glee Club. Dramatic Club. Class Basketball. Eootball. NEW ENGLAND AIRCRAFT SCHOOL " As merrg as the Jag is long. " " ROSELLA GALLAGHER ‘ " Sheets " ’ 1 3 Aerial Street Cheerleader. Debating Club, Secretary Dramatic Club. Secre- tary Senior Class. Honor Roll. Year Book Committee. Glee Club. Student Council. BOSTON UNIVERSITY " Her smile ii ' as like a rainhou. ' . flashing from a misty sky. " " I AWRliNCL I GIARRIZZO " " Larry " " 7 AM.SDEN STREL T Class Basketball, T rack. Loot- ball. " A man whose soul is pure and strong. MARGARET GLYNN " " Margie " " 84 Warren Street Girls ' Club. Basketball. Glee Club. Year Book Committee. SAI.LM TEACHERS ' COLLEGE " " Thou showest thy manners in thy face. " " .JOHN D. GODI REY. .JR 18 Varnum Street Cross Country. Track. U. S. COAST GUARD ACADEMY " " He enioys the present moment . " HENRY GAMESTER " Hank " 27 Medford Street Track. Chorus. .JOHN HANCOCK ITLE INSURANCE COMPANY " Be gone, my cares! I give you to the winds. " ' DOROTHY E. COLDER " " Dot " 170 Palmer Street " On with the dance, let joy be unconfined . RUTH YVONNE GEBOW " " Gihhie " ' I 7 Richardson Avenue Dramatic Club. Basketball. T ennis. KATHERINE GIBBS " A sunny nature wins lasting friendship everywhere.” MITCHELL S. GORESKI 107 Melrose Street " A man of good sense, which IS the gift of heaven. " " I. 19 I LESTER GOTT " Led” 135 Charlton Street Debating Club; Cross Coun try. Captain of Cross Country •34: Track ’34, 35. 36; Class Basketball; Golf ' 34. 35. TUFTS Engineer " A good and steady worker.” PETER GUANGE 28 Beacon Street Honorable Mention. " A man there was of quiet ways.” W. RAYMOND GRAF " Ray” 159 JASON STREET Track. Honor Roll. YALE Aviation " A generous heart, a generous mind.” DOROTHY GRAHAM " Dot” 36 Florence Avenue Glee Club. Debating Club. KATHERINE GIBBS " What a spendthrift is she her tongue.” ARTHUR GUARENTE " Art” 3 3 Webster Street Track. Pingpong. Chess. " Shedding glee where ' er he goes.” KIRKOR GULEZIAN " Kirk” 3 1 Franklin Street " What should a man do but be merry?” PRISCILLA GRAY " Pussy” 40 Hopkins Road Glee Club, Tennis Team. " Pinafore. " " Where she met a stranger, there she left a friend. " JUNE GULLAGE 20 Clark Street Dramatic Club. STENOGRAPHER or TYPIST " Good nature is one of the richest gifts.” FRANCES E. GRIFFIN " Fran” 26 Florence Avenue Band. Orchestra. Dramatic Club, Year Book Committee. MASS. SCHOOL OF ART " A soul as full of worth as void of pride.” LOIS HACKETT 1 0 Iroquois Road Honor Roll. Glee Club. Dramatic Club, Tennis. Basket- ball. KATHERINE GIBBS SCHOOL " Learned . and fair and good is she.” [ 20 ] LENNARD CARE HALL " Lcnnie " 14 Cedar Avenue Track, Stamp Club, Co-nian- agcr Year Book. Honor Roll. BENTLEY ' S BUSINESS SCHOOL " Deeds are the true proof of worth.” JOHN J. HALLISEY 82 Sunset Road " Let each man do his best. " CHARLES R. HAMMOND " Chuck " 5 3 Churchill Avenue Football ' 33, ' 34, ' 35 : Track ' 33. ' 34. ' 35: Dramatic Club. " Smilin ' Through. " YALE " A person of sterling character . " JOHN F. HARRINGTON " Haqo " 21 Albermarle street Basketball. BOSTON UNIVERSITY Mg jog is gouthful sports. KATHLEEN F. HART " Kag " 1 8 Whittemore Street Vice-President Senior Class, Vice-President Dramatic Club, Year Book Committee. Class Ring Committee. Cheerleader. Manager Tennis. Basketball. Glee Club. Girls’ Club. MASS. SCHOOL OF ART " Lovelg to look at. delightful to know. " WILFRIiD HAWKE " Hoxie " 29 MILL STREET Basketball. I ennis. Band, Class Basketball. Orchestra. IL M. S. Pinafore. " He Wishes well and the deed goes with it. " RICHARD C. HAYES " Duck” 27 ASHLAND Street Dramatic Club, Tennis. Fenc- ing Club. WORCESTER POLYTECH " A man that has friends.” FRANCES HEINRICH " Frannie " 61 NEWCOMB Street Glee Club. Tennis. THE LESLEY SCHOOL Kindergarten School Teacher " Happg am I, from care I am free. " ELIZABETH HEWSON " Betts " 1008 Mass. Avenue Dramatic Club. " Merchant of Venice. " " Bimbo the Pirate. " " Dimpled o ' er with smites.” RUTH HICKEY " Ruthie " 24 Fairmont Street Glee Club, Dramatic Club, Basketball. Tennis, SALEM TEACHERS ' COLLEGE " A regular girl was she.” [ 21 ] CLARENCE B. HIGGINS, JR. " Classy " 8 Elmore Street Student Council. Football. Class Basketball. Track. ANNAPOLIS " Diverse men have diverse recreations and exercise. " CHESTER DUNCAN Hll 1 " Chet " 52 Foster Street Stamp Club. NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY " A man ot hope and forward looking mind. " GEORGE A, HILL. JR, " Bud " 52 Eoster Street A BOSTON RADIO SCHOOL " A light heart lives long. " MARGARET M. HOBBS " Peggy " 223 Oakland Avenue Tennis. " Sing away sorrow, cast away care. " VIRGINIA HOFFMAN " Ginny " " Sis " 21 Edmund Road Varsity Hockey. Varsity Bas- ketball. Varsity Baseball. Ten- nis, Glee Club. Orchestra. CUSHING ACADEMY " A true friend is lorever a friend. " EDWARD HOLWAY 10 MILTON STREET Baseball. Basketball, Cross Country. Treasurer Senior Class. " A " Club. " Whoever is popular deserves attention. " MARION FIOWSE " Mama " 49 Thorndike Street Dramatic Club. Glee Club, Icnnis, Basketball. CAMBRIDGE HOSPITAL " It is good to hoe and learn. " MARY HUGHES 134 Warren Street SYMMES HOSPITAL " Ol her there is hut one. " HELENA HUNT 4 FIarvard Street " A girl of matchless value. " MARIE HUSBAND 7 Palmer Street Debating Club. RADCLIFFE " Those about her. from her shall read the perfect ways of honour. ' ' f 22 ] ISABELLE HUS’LON 25 Avon Placf Orchestra. Band. BOSTON UNIVERSIl ' Y OF MUSIC " Care ' s an enemi to life. " ELIZABILI II ,IOSI IN " Betti " 15 WliST.MIN.STHR AVliNUT Dra malic Club. Chronicle, Girls’ Club. SIMMONS " W ' e meet thee, like a pleasant I thouqht Lvhen such are Wanted. " JOHN IGO " Jack 2 Lafayette Street BENTLEY ' S " To be merti best becomes thee. " ELSIE C. JACKSON 16 Fairmont Street Honor Roll, Field Hockey Basketball, Baseball. HUNTER COLLEGE. N. Y. C. French Teacher " She was a scholar, and exceed- ingly fair spoken. " HAROLD JOHNSON " Hair " 4 5 Fountain Road Class Basketball. " Smile and be happy. " WILLARD JOSEPH " Will " 142 LIillside Avenue " He was a good man and a just one. " MILDRED JOYCE " Millie " 1 34 Palmer Street KATHERINE GIBBS " Nothing ill can dwell in such a temple. " MARTIN KADETS " Izzie " or " Martie " 40 TEEL Street Dramatic Club, Cheerleader. Class Basketball. Tennis. Base- ball. KANSAS STATE VETERINARY SCHOOL " Joking decides great things stronqher and better oft than earnest can. " ELLIS C. KEMPTON " Joe " 68 Randolph street ACADIA UNIVERSITY. WOLFVILLE. NOVA SCOTIA " He is persistent in his undertakings. " FRED KEOUGH " Freddie " 20 Grafton Street Track. Student Council. AMHERST COLLEGE " The rule of my life is to make business a pleasure and pleasure my business. " JOHN JOSEPH KERRIGAN " Joe” 1 9 Boulevard Road Football. Class Baseball. Class Basketball. LAW SCHOOL " To be sincere is the ivai of this man.” GLADYS EDNA KIELY 22 Avon Place Orchestra. Student Council. Literary Club. Dramatic Club. " She makes sweet music with the enameled tones. " ELIZABETH LAHIFF 146 Lake Street Honor Roll. NURSE " How pleasant to know is she.” JOHN LAMOTHE " Cue-ball " 9 0 SciTUATE Street Golf. Honor Roll. HOLY CROSS " How quiet in school, how livelq outside.” LEONTINE KYLE " Lonnie” 63 Adams Street BRYANT AND STRATTON " A daughter of the gods divinelq tall. " JOHN H. LARCH " Johnny” 969 Mass. Avenue Football. Hockey, Class Bas- ketball. ALABAMA UNIVERSITY " He is of a merry heart.” FRANCES LADD " Peanuts " 101 Churchill Avenue " In her tongue is the law of kindness.” DORIS ZELIRE LaFLEUR " Dussie " 12 Jean Road Dramatic Club. Chronicle Staff. STONELEIGH COLLEGE " Such a girl as everyone would like to know. " MURIEL LAW 20 Central Street Glee Club. 7 love such a society as is quiet, sweet and wise.” FRANCES M. LOCATELLI " Fran” 196 Park Avenue SECRETARY " Style IS the dress of thought.” [ 24 ] MAR.JORIEI M. I OPIEZ " Manjif " 28 Coleman Road KATHERINR GIBBS SECRETARIAL SCHOOL " Her capabilitij is her ivealth. " VIOLA LOUPOS " Vi " 83 Orvis Road Orchestra. Honor Roll. Ten- nis. Dramatic Club. BURDETTS " She ' s the verq pink of courtesp. " CHARLES L. LOWDER “Charlie " 280 Broadway Captain Basketball two years. “A " Club. PENN. STATE " One who lives todau without a care. EVA LOWRY 191 Park Avenui-; " She Was a picture of health and contentment ' DOROTHY LUCAS " Dot " 15 Ben.jamin Road MT. HOLYOKE " A true and sincere nature. " RICHARD i UNDOUIS L " Duk " 79 Ci.ari-;,mont Avi nui- ' NORTHliAS ' I TRN " I was born to be happi . " WII 1 lAM LU LHER " Ml tonque is the pen of a readq writer. " MARY LYNCH 6 5 Trowbridge Street " Good determination forms a well made woman. " BEVERLY MACDONALD " Bevq " 8 1 Bow Street President Student Council. Editor- in chief Year Book. Dra matic Club. Glee Club. Dehat ing Club. Ring Committee. Ten- nis. Basketball. I ASELL .JUNIOR COLLEGE " She ' s never hauqhti . never proud, but popular in everq crowd. ' STUART MACDONALD " Buzzq” 8 1 Bow Street Dramatic Club. UNIVERSITY OE CALIFORNIA " Varietq is the spice ot lite. " [ 25 ] HARRY Mackenzie “Mack” 4 2 Amsden Street Dramatic Club. ELECTRICITY " Life IS what We make it. so make uours kl! the bills.” WALTER MADDEN 6 7 Mystic Street " Smooth runs the water where the brook is deep.” ALBERT C. J. MAHEGAN " Skipper” 95 Everett Street Debating Club. ” Braverp never goes out ot fashion.” EILEEN M. MAHONEY 27 Varnum Street Honor Roll. BURDETT COLLEGE " It ' s nice to be natural when one ' s naturallg nice.” MARGARET S. MAHONEY " Midgie” 54 WYMAN Terrace BURDETT COLLEGE " Well lust sag she’s sweet and wise. Well not even mention the size.” JOSEPHINE MALATESTA “Joe’ 20 Mt. Vernon Street " Her personalitg was pleasing on all occasions. ” JOSEPH MALLOY “Terrg” 1 2 Cleveland Street Class Basketball, Tennis, Baseball. Class Baseball. ALABAMA ' 7 find nonsense singularlg refreshing.” MARGARET A. MALONE “Margie” 46 Beacon Street NURSING " Not over serious, studious nor sad.” ROBERT MANN " Bob” 37 Kimball Road Class Baseball. Tennis. Hon- or Roll, Football. TUFTS " Sag to all the world. ' This IS a man. ' KENNETH B. McARDLE “Ken” 7 1 Foster Street NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY " He left no stone unturned.” [ 26 1 ELlZABE ' l ' H B. MCCAUSLAND " Belt lie " 39 Newport Street Dramatic Club. Glee Club, Year Book Committee. LASELL JUNIOR COLLEGE " Of soul sincere, in action faith- ful and honor clear. " MARIE MCCULLOCH 120 Highland Avenue Glee Club, Treasurer Debat- ing Club, Ten nis. SALEM or LOWELL TEACHERS’ COLLEGE " For she was just the ciuiet kind whose nature never varies. " DONALD MCGRATH " SoLirpuss " 24 Adams Street Track. Cross Country. Year Book Committee, Honor Roll. VESPER GEORGE SCHOOL OF ART " A generous heart bespeaks a man of character. " GRACE MCLEAN " Gag " 19 Chatham Street Dramatic Club. BOSTON UNIVERSLLY " Gentle in manner. " EDWARD MCMAHON " Whiteg " 50 IlK.H llAim Road ' T rack. " Handsome and blonde, of his friends he is fond. " JOHN MCNALLY 22 Cedar Avenue k-ootball. Golf. " The wise man commands our esteem. " ROBERT MEE " Appetite " " Boh " 165 Oakland Avenue Varsity Hockey. Baseball. EXETER ACADEMY— DARTMOUTH His athletic ahilitg has won him fame. " ALVOR MEI IN " Al " 19 Windsor Street DIESEL ENGINEER " Who battled for the true, the lust. " IAN MCLEOD 5 1 9 Summer Street Football. Class Basketball. M. I. T. " Mg thoughts are mg companions. " KA ' LHRYN MEL IN " Kachie " 7 Cross Street STENOGRAPHER " The deepest rivers flow with the least sound. " [ 27 ] GERTRUDE M. MELLEN " Trudie " 1 1 5 OVERLOOK Road Dramatic Club. Glee Club. H. M. S. Pinafore. KATHERINE GIBBS SECRETARIAL SCHOOL " She sings away trouble, laughs away care. " EVELYN MILLS 29 Daniels Street Glee Club. OFFICE WORK “A girl there was of quiet ways.” RAYMOND E. MERRILL. ,1R. Ray 1 1 6 Claremont Avenue BOSTON UNIVERSITY " There’s music in his feet. ” EVELYN MEYER " Shrimpy " 3 1 Acton Street Glee Club. " FL M. S. Pina- fore. " MISS PIERCE ' S SECRETARIAL SCHOOL " As she thinketh in her heart, so is she. " MARY E. MILLS 19 Sutherland Road Dramatic Club. SECRETARY " A merry heart maketh a cheer- ful countenance.” MARIAN E. MITCHELL 3 0 Menotomy Road Dramatic Club. Year Book Committee. INTERIOR DECORATOR " A trim little lady with plenty of style.” ELEANOR E. MILLER ‘ Bett " 11 Mass. Avenue T ' ennis, Basketball. SALEM TEACHERS ' COLLEGE " The hand that made you fair hath made you good. " R. LORRAINE MILLER " Rain " 57 Moulton Road Honor Roll. Dramatic Club. " Smilin ' Through. " " H. M. S. Pinafore. " LELAND POWERS SCHOOL OF THE THEATRE " She is gifted with genius who knoweth much he natural talent. " WILLIAM MOONEY “Red " 76 Allen Street Class Basketball. " He is kind-hearted and service- able in all the relations of life.” HELEN MORANIAN 1 88 Mystic Valley Parkway Glee Club. ACCOUNTANT " By nature born a friend to glee and merriment .” 28 ] LI OYD MORASH 3 2 Gi.i-N Avenue Cross Country. " Oh he is little, and he is u’lse. And he’s a terror for his size. " HARRY MUNRO " Pete " 76 Exeter Stree;t " A busi! business man. " SALLY FISHER MORTON 36 Everett Streei SKIDMORE COLLEGE " Ob all the qirls that are so sweet There ' s none like prettq Salhi. " M ELEANOR MURPHY " El " 81 Highland Avenue President Girls’ Glee Club. LL M. S. Pinafore,” Honor Roll. Office Assistant, " ' Sometimes grave, sometimes gag. Rut iL ' e all like her angwag. ” IRENE MOSHIDES 120 Rawson Road Orchestra. Glee Club, Dra- matic Club, " Flag, fiddle, plug. " JOHN MURPHY " Red " 1 0 Henderson Street Football. Baseball. Basketball. FORDHAM " Young fellows will he goung fellows. " RLLA MULGREW Reet " 60 River Street Llonor Roll, Glee Club. Of- fice Assistant. NURSES ' TRAINING SCHOOL " Pleasantness is a precious charm. " F. HARTY NORRIS " Flash " 20 Acton Street Indoor Track, Spring Track. " Deeds speak louder than words. " WALTER F. MULLEN " Moon " 115 Varnum Street Football. HOLY CROSS " What should a man do, but be merrgi’ " EVELYN NOWLIN 1064 Mass. Avenue " A smile for all. and a welcome glad. " I 29 ] FRANCIS O BRIEN " Obie 7 1 Broadway Dramatic Club. Oh happiness, his being ' s end and aim! " JOHN P. O BRIEN Pat 5 2 WEBSTER Street Basketball. Football. Baseball Actions speak louder than words. FORETTA JANE O ' BRIEN " Lorette " 181 Franklin Street Glee Club. Dramatic Club. Fennis. Baseball WORCESTER STATE TEACHERS ' COLFEGE " Wisdom and goodness are twin horn. " MARGUERITE A. O ' BRIEN " Peqgg " 61 Buena " Vista Road Glee Club. Honorable Men- tion. Tennis. Basketball, Dra- matic Club. SIMMONS Dietetics " Quiet and true, a good friend to all. " THOMAS M. O ' BRIEN " Ohie " 77 Bartlett Avenue " Pirates of Penzance, " Glee Club. Baseball. Golf. BENTLEY SCHOOL OF ACCOUNTING " Life IS a quest, and all things show It. I thought so once and now I know It. " EDWARD L. O ' CONNELL " Okie " ' 66 Fountain Road Track. Tennis. BENTLEY " He was never in a hurrg when we saw him. " ELIZABETH OHS " Bettg " 156 James Street WILFRED ACADEMY " She IS small and noiseless in her tread. " RUTH OLSEN " Ruthie " 2 34 Mountain Avenue Dramatic Club. Assistant Edi- tor Chronicle. JOURNALISM " She ' ll find a wag. " CHARLOTTE O ' NEIL " Charlie " 206 Broadway IJeld Hockey. Basketball. Baseball, Honor Roll. MASS. SCHOOL OF ART " A quiet life and a blameless mind. ROBERT O ' REILLY " Bob " 1 1 0 Gray Street Football, Hockey. EXETER " A good athlete is alwags well known. " [ 30 ] JEAN OTTLEY “Bools” 3 3 Churchill Avenue Chronicle Staff. Dramatic Club, Glee Club. Tennis, Debat- ing Club. JOURNALISM “She seems to have knou ' n the world hu intuition .“ r EVELYN PAZ “F.veline 69 Wollaston Avenui- BOOKKIiliPER “Mild as the summer hree e " RICHARD OUELLETTE “Dick " and " Dickq-bird " 28 Overlook Road Honor Roll. Chronicle. Stamp Club. Year Book Com- mittee. “Life IS real, life is earnest. " WILLIAM PARR ' ■Bill " 36 Harvard Street Track. Baseball. NOTRE DAME “Art is Power. " CHARLES M PEARSE “Mel " and “Chas " 59 Teel Street Football, Baseball. Basketball. COLUMBIA “Be merrit while i ou are ijounq. " LOUISE PECORARI “Lou” 115 Wachusett Avenue OFFICE ASSISTANT “Zealous, yet modest. " ESTHER M. PAYNE “Ronnie” and “ Squtdge " I5A Magnolia Street “A cheerful look makes a dish a feast.” BARBARA PAYTON " Barbs” 95 Everett Street Dramatic Club. Literarv ' Club UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA " Her voice was ever soft and gentle.” MYRTLE PEIRCE I 7 Newman Way Dramatic Club. Vice Presi- dent Glee Club. Year Book Com- mittee. H. M. S. Pinafore, Chronicle. LESLEY “Moderation — the noblest gift of heaven. " WILLIAM S. PEPPARD " Bill” or " Pep” 7 Gray Circle T rack. NORTHEASTERN “Every inch a man.” I 31 I VIRGINIA PHILLIPS " Ginnu 3 2 COOLIDGE ROAD Basketball. BOSTON UNIVERSITY " A gentle mind has gentle ivags. ' ' DOROTHY PRITCHARD " Dot tie” 1011 Mass. Avenue Cheerleader. Dramatic Club. MASS. INSTITUTE OF LINE ARTS " As good as a play.” ■JAMES B. PIERCE " Red” and ‘‘Jimmie” 45 Grafton Street “A disposition like Jimmie ' s is sure to ivtn friends. " SALLY POOLE “Puddle” 210 Park Avenue Glee Club. “Good nature is the beauty of the mind.” BARBARA L. PORTER " Bibs” and “Sleepy” 34 NEWPORT STREET Honor Roll. Glee Club. Lit- erary Club. “She that is sloui to anger, is better than the mighty.” JOSEPH QUINLAN “Joe” 64 Webster Street Honorable Mention. " Dancing’s the child of music and of ioy.” CHARLES RAMSEY “Charlie” 356 Gray Street Class Basketball, Fencing. “Oh for some dynamitel” YVONNE RATTE 120 Mass. Avenue FORSYTHS DENTAL SCHOOL “A sunny nature wins friendship. " DAVID POWERS “Red” 110 Franklin Street “Easy come and easy go.” EDWARD REARDON “Eddie” 58 Broadway Baseball. B. U. or NORTHEASTERN “He speaks for himself.” [ 32 ] JOHN REARDON 3 0 Lewis Avenue f " " have no cares. " f " S 1 T ri h RUIII IU)(,1 KS 0 Will I I l-MOKI- S I KM I l) Clliih, (lirls ' ( ' lub. I i n n i s . SIMMONS COI I HC.Ii " I) knnic hi ' t IS In like her. " FRANCES RICHMOND " Sister " or " Fran " 44 Gray Strkht Honor Roll. " She had a head to lontrive. a tongue to persuade, and a hand to execute ang mischief. " ■lANI r C. RU I HI RI ORD " Jan " I Nl WCOMK SIKM I Dr.ini.itic Club, Chronick ' St.ifl. BOSTON UNIVI RSIFY " . iheeiiul hie is a ' hat the Muses InCe. " AI ICE RICKWOOD " " Richg " 2 5 NoRf OLK Road Honor Roll, Literary Club. Literary Committee Year Rook. SIMMONS " A little hit independent . " " ALDEN ROBINSON " " Al die " " bl Westminster Avenue " H, M. S. Pinafore. " WENTWORTH " Ffonor lies in honest toil. " HERBERT J ROGERS " " Buck " 152 Newport Street Year Book Committee. NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY “Hold the fort! am coming. " HELEN RT’AN " .Trro Marsters " 22 Bartlett Avenue Editor-in-chief Chronicle. Dramatic Club, Honor Roll. COLUMBIA " She has a line like a Fisherman with plentLi of bait. " ARDASH SAKOIAN " " Sarkii " I 1 Quincy Street Ecrolball. Hockey, Baseball, EXiniiR ACADEMY " Oh for an hour ot sport. JANET SAETTR " Jan " 56 E ' ai. MOUTH Street Honor Roll. Tennis Team. SIMMONS " I have a heart with room for eVeig log. " I 33 ] RALPH SAMUELSON “Sam” 65 Tanager Street NORTHEASTERN SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING “A prudent man lookcth lUell to his homework.” RITA SANTOLIQUIDO 78 Harlow Street Honor Roll. RADCLIFFE COLLEGE Greatness is not measured bp size. " LOIS SAVILLE 418 Mass. Avenue STRATFORD JR. COLLEGE “Her air, her manners all who saw admired.” AGNES M. SCANLON 29 Newport Street Tennis, Glee Club. ' Quiet and meek was she.” ELIZABETH MARIE SCHROEDER “Beth” 21 Wachusetts Avenue Glee Club. Dramatic Club, Honor Club. BOSTON UNIVERSITY “It is quiet people that accomplish much.” STIG SCHROEDER 9 Belknap Street Football. “To thq speed add winqs.” NANCY A. SHAY “Nan” 145 Medford Street Dramatic Club. Honor Roll. ST. ELIZABETH S HOSPITAL " Not a flower, not a pearl. But just a regular all round girl.” ELIZABETH SHEDD “Bettq” or “Bessy” 116 Jason Street Glee Club. Dramatic Club. BOSTON OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY SCHOOL “A manner that charmed, a smile that endeared . " ANNA SIKER 5 0 Magnolia Street Hockey, Captain Basketball. Baseball. " She is spry at gym. and talks With vim.” FLORENCE SILVA " Florrie” or “Flossie” 60 Dow Avenue Hockey. Basketball. Tennis. BRYANT AND STRATTON SCHOOL “I know you are full of good nature.” I 34 ] HELEN SMAII " Scoltie " 216 Mass. Avenuf: Glee Club. Dramntic Club CHAMBERLAIN SCHOOL ' What siveet delight, a quiet life affords. " ANNE DONELLA SMI TH " Scot tie " 59 MAYNARD STREET Year Book Committee VESPER GEORGE SCHOOl OF ART " Fine art is that in ichich the hand, the head and the heart work together. " GEORGE W. SMITH " Smittig " 21 Newport street Baseball. Class Basketball. Stamp Club. M. I T. " Character is higher than intellect. " GRACE SMITH " Gigi " 72 Claremont Street NURSING " Well liked big all. " NORMA SNYDER 65 Broadway Honor Roll. Dramatic Club. BOSTON UNIVERSITY Knowledge is more than equiv- alent to force. " I II LIAN STANDRINC, " lilondie " 8 Swan Pi.aci- Dramatic Club. Glee Club. CHILD NURSE ■Pati ence is the art of hoping. " BERNARD S ' LII I ' " Stiff u " 4 7 M r. Vernon Street Band, Orchestra. Dramatic Club. Glee Club, Honorable Mention. Choral Speaking. MASS. INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY " Cheerfulness is a certain sign of wisdom. " VIRGINIA STONE " Ginng” 4 1 4 Mass. Avenue " Pinafore. ” Debating Club. Literary Committee Year Book. MASS. SCHOOL OF ART " She nothing common did, nor mean. " JAMES H STYNES " Jimmie " 17 h Broadway Football. Class Baseball. Class Basketball. " He who works succeeds. " HENRIETTA SUGHRUE " Toots " 79 Glenburn Road Baseball. Manager Hockey. " Small but tilled with a gay spirit. " f 35 I X ' INCENT SUHR 1 3 Edith Street Eoothall. Track. Baseball. ARMY AIR CORPS ' Every inch u qood sport. " PATRICIA SULLIVAN " Pat " 1 0 Fordham Street Honor Roll. Dramatic Club. Tis yood LVill makes intelliqence. " ALICE J. SULLIVAN " Sully " 1 1 Marathon Street Honor Roll. LASELL JUNIOR COLLEGE " Such a comrade, such a friend. With thee I’d walk to iourney ' s end. " JOHN SULLIVAN " Sully " ' 25 Thorndike Street Football. Track. " Rich in thouqht and character. " KATHLEEN R. SULLIVAN " Kay " 3 9 Surry Road Dramatic Club. " Surely thy efforts will be rewarded. MARY SULLIVAN " Babe’ 25 Thorndike Street Tennis, Basketball, Dramatic Club. Glee Club. " A pleasinq personality . long to he remembered. " VIRGINIA M. SULLIVAN " Ginger " 66 Everett Street Honor Roll, Dramatic Club. " Smilin’ Through, " Literary Club, Student Council, Glee Club. BOSTON UNIVERSITY " All the world’s her stage. " MARTIN SWEENEY ' ' T alkie " 16 Peirce Street BOSTON UNIVERSITY " Many fall but yet arise. " MALCOLM P. TEELE " Mack " 2 5 Kensington Park Hockey, Assistant Manager f ootball. H. M. S. Pinafore. " A gentleman from top to toe. " MARJORIE A. THOMAS " Midge " and " Margie” 189 Broadway MASS. STATE " She was Lorn with a gift for laughter and intelligence. " [ 36 ] HELEN TOOMEY 64 Franklin Street Dramatic Club. BOSTON SCHOOL OF DENTAL NURSING " Modesty sets off spntely lutt. " PHYLLIS TOYE " Phyl " 148 Mass. Avenue Managing Editor Chronicle. Literary Club. Year Book Com- mittce. NEWSPAPER REPORTER " I wonder what you ' d really say If I should write a hook some day I " ROSAMOND WALSH " Roddy " 61 WOl.l. ASTON AVENUE. Glee Club. Dramatic Club. Marionette Club. MASS. STATE " What sweet deliqht a quiet life affords. " CHARLES J. WARD " Buddy " 14 Wyman Terrace Honor Roll. Twirler and Student Conductor Band. Track, Year Book Committee. BOSTON COLLEGE " I ' ve got rhythm. " ANNA TWOHIG 130 Franklin Street Debating Club. Honorable Mention. RADCLIFFE COLLEGE " Gentle of speech, heneficient of mind. " LAWRENCE H. WATERMAN " Watts " 19 Jason Street Honor Roll. J rack. HARVARD " He has such a weight of busi- ness on hts mind. " RAYMOND WADE " Shadow " 2 3 POND View Road BENTLEY ' S SCHOOL Accountant " My only books were woman ' s look And folly ' s all they ' ve taught me.” LILA WALKER " Skippy” 45 Mass. Avenue Dramatic Club. WILFRED ACADEMY " A regular girl was she.” ALDEN W. WEIMAR " Al " 70 River Street Honorable Mention. AVIATION " Fortune truly helps those who are of good judgment. " JEANNETTE WEIMAR " Jeanne " 70 River Street Basketball. " H. M. S. Pina- fore. " SARGENT " She has merit, good nature and integrity . " [ 37 ] FRANK WELCH “Cowboii” 63 Newport street Football, Class Basketball, Honor Roll, NAVAL SCHOOL " A quiet energetic fellow. " MADELINE WORCESTER 24 Everett Street Dramatic Club. JAPANESE ART “Silent but present.” GERTRUDE WELCH 5 6 Fairmont Street Stamp Club. NURSING " She is gracious, sweet and gentle.” DOROTHY YORK " Dot” 20 Belton Street Glee Club, Girls’ Club. Dra- matic Club, Class Tennis. SALEM TEACHERS’ COLLEGE “Be there a will, wisdom will find a wag.” MARION WERNER “Mims” 18 Cleveland Street " A pleasant girl with pleasant wags.” MARGARET H. YOUNG “Peggg” 1 1 2 SciTUATE Street Glee Club, Honor Roll, RADCLIFFE “She doeth the thing with a • great deal of skill.” HAZEL WIGGINS “Haze” 1447 Mass. Avenue BOSTON UNIVERSITY “Thoughts were her own precious jewels. " ROBERT A. WOOD “Bob” 16 Whittemore Street Dramatic Club Business Man- ager, Glee Club. BENTLEY’S “Sure and steadg wins the race. " HOMER ZWICKER “Zwick” 4 1 rangeley Road “A regular fellow.” [ 38 ] PATRICK AGOSTINO 77 Broadway BENTLEY " Sincerity is the basis of all virtue.” MILDRED BENSON " Mimi” 8 Exeter Street " Her disposition was sweet.” WARREN A. BEZANSON " Buzz” 24 Allen Street Tennis, Band. Glee Club. 7 worry not, for what ' s the use.” MARJORIE BRACKETT ' ' Margie” 10 Varnum Street STENOGRAPHIC WORK There ' s nothing ill can dwell in such a temple.” JEAN F. BRADY “Nibs’ ' 59 Brattle Street BOSTON UNIVERSITY ' ' She lives to learn.” RICHARD J. BURKE. JR. " Dick” 51 Trowbridge Street LINCOLN INSTITUTE " A kinder gentleman treads not the earth.” CATHERINE T. BURNS ' ' Kay ' ' 26 9 Lowell Street STENOGRAPHER ' A maiden modest, yet self- possessed.” GEORGE BURNS 269 Lowell Street Track. " Our deeds determine us.” BARBARA CANAVAN 1 1 Moore Place Dramatic Club. Glee Club. BUSINESS SCHOOL ' ' Circumstances. Why I always make circumstances.” JAMES FRANCIS CARMODY " Jim " 48 Lewis Avenue Dramatic Club. Vice-Presi- dent Debating Club. Esperanto Club. BOSTON COLLEGE " Every man has his fruit, and honesty is his.” GEORGE S. COBURN, JR. " Bud” 1 1 9 Lowell Street Dramatic Club. Track. Ten- nis. Student Council. YALE or DAR TMOUTH " A good sort and a good sport. " JOHN COLLINS " Tarzan " 102 Newport street " Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well. " CARLO COPPOLA 1 253 Mass. Avenue Basketball. ' Let each man do his best. " VIRGINIA CUTTER " Ginnie " 195 Parke avenue Dramatic Club. President Glee Club 1 934 and 1 935, " Pirates of Penzance. " MISS WHEELOCK ' S " Her friends — there are many; Her foes — are there any?” GORDON DAI RYMPLE 1 1 6 Paul Revere Road " I rue blue to the heart.” MARY DE COURCEY 1 8 Webster Street " Her temper never out of place.” PATRICK DONNELLY " Pat” 132 Warren Street " Of a good beginning comet h a good ending.” WARREN DOYLE 123 Warren Street Honor Roll. " Ambition. sky-aspiring, led him on.” MARION ELLIOTT " Ann” 1 1 INVERNESS Road Pinafore. " Silence is golden.” MELVIN EMUS " Buddy” 239 Park Avenue MASSACHUSETTS NAUTICAL SCHOOL " Realize youth, then become a man.” MILDRED ENGEL “Millie” 82 Melrose Street BOOKKEEPER " ' Life is a song.” DORICE V. FI rCH " Tess” 66 Freeman Street Dramatic Club. MEDICAL TRAINING SCHOOL " She is witty to talk with, and pretty to walk with.” [ 39 ] JOSEPH FLORES " Bitsi ” 1 3 Palmer Street Hockey. NO ' FRE DAME Professional Hockey " The noblest mind the best contentment has. " GEORGE f-RANCIS I 9 Medeord Street T rack. " He ' s quiet and he gets there and nothing intervenes. " EVERETT FRINK " Ev " 8 Wellington Street Tennis Team. " Character is our ivill : for what we will, we are. " DONALD GII.LIS 3 Bartlett Avenue Manager Basketball. Dramatic Club. Year Book Committee. ■35. " A purposeful mind not to he changed hg time or place. " RUTH GORELL 5 2 Lancaster Road BOSTON UNIVERSITY " Her capubilitg is her wealth. " EDWARD GRACE " Ed- 75 Mystic Street Honor Roll. " His happiness consists in labor. THOMAS GREELEY " T " 6 1 Fountain Road Golf Team. Class Basketball, Class Baseball. " A sense of humor is a priceless thing. JOHN GUINEY " Jack 77 Bartlett Avenue Honorable Mention. HOLY CROSS " His silence is more eloquent than words. " RICHARD HENDRICK " Dick " 3 0 Hayes Street Golf. Baseball. Track. AVIATION " I dare to be as funng as I can. " ELINOR HORNE " El " 6 1 Harlow street Honor Roll. Chronicle Staff. " I have a heart with room for everg jog. " ELSIE J. HO WATT 88 Park Avenue BRYANT AND STRATTON ' Her tongue at Will: and get was never loud. " CHARLES HUNT 958 Mass. Avenue " Hail, fellow, well met! " DORIS H, INGLIS " Dorie " 174 Mt. Vernon Street " A soft answer turneth awag wrath.’ ’ JUNE JOHNSON 6 1 Broadway Glee Club. " A cheertul temper. " EVELYN JONES " Evg " 128 APPLETON Street SECRETARIAL WORK " So light of foot, so light of spirit. " ROGER KEEFE " Rajah " 156 Park Avenue Ext. Hockey. Baseball. BOSTON COLLEGE " A good sort and a good sport.” GEORGE LANDER 1 1 Nourse Street NORTHEASTERN ■ ' As we be merrg. mag be still he wise.” JACK LIBBY ‘‘Jackg’ 71 Freeman Street “As a man speaks ' so is he.” PAULINE LOMANNO " Pollg " 182 Florence Avenue " Always the gagest of the gag.” DOROTHY MARIE LUCAS 6 Brattle Street Dramatic Club. Glee Club, Basketball. Ten nis. MASS. ART SCHOOL " If she has ang fault, she has left us in doubt. " GEORGE LUCAS 15 BENJAMIN Road " Men of few words are the best men. " I 40 ] RUTH WELCH LUND 80 WEBSTER STREET " wise woman is a treasure. ' MARION E. MACKINNON " Betti " 6 Hillside Avenue Glee Club, Dramatic Club. " Pirates of Penzance.’ " BURDETT’S " Perfect coolness and self possession. " DOROTHY MADDEN " Dot " 15 Moore Place " Moderation — the noblest gift of heaven. " ELEANOR MCCORMICK " Sue " 54 ACADEMY Street Glee Club, Literary Club. " The love of books is a love which requires neither justifica- tion. apoloQU nor defense. " EDWARD MCEWEN " Mac " and " Eddie " 5 Moore Place Basketball. Football. WORCESTER " From a little spark mag burst a mighty flame. " JAMES MCINTYRE " Jim " 5 8 Dundee Road BENTLEY SCHOOL OL ACCOUNTING ' Superior men are modest in their words: protuse in their deeds. " MARGARET MILERICK 67 Webster Street " Silence when nothing need be said Is the eloquence of discretion . " ROBERT ' MOYNIHAN " Bob " 14 Foster Street " Silence is better than speech. " JOSEPH OERIA " Stooge " 1 7 MARY STREET NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY " The measure of life is not length but honesty. " HOWARD PEARSON " Ave " 1 1 Mr. Vernon street Golf Team. Golf Editor Chronicle. BOSTON UNIVERSLLY " A man more kindly in his careless way. " ARTHUR PHILLIPS 61 Sunset Road " Men are polished by act and speech. ' ' DOROITD ' AMELIA POST " Dotty " 44 SYLVIA Street Orchestra, NEW ENGLAND CON- SERVATORY OF MUSIC " Open, genial, friendly, kind Friends like this are hard to find. " ROBERT L. POWER " Gigolo " and " Bright Eyes " 20 SCHOOL STREET " A moral, sensible, and well- bred man.” MARGARET POWERS " Peggy " 15 Cornell Street Tennis. Basketball. Lield Hockey. BRYANT AND S ' LRATTON " She has everything advantage- ous to lite. " EDWARD JOHN PRESTON " Red " 5 Park Street Place Basketball. Baseball, Varsity Hockey. NORI HEASTERN Farmer " Better late than never. " IRVING PROCTOR " Proc " 244 APPLETON Street " No really great man ever thought himself so. " JAMES REAGAN " Jim " 71 Teel Street " The will to do. the soul to dare.” GEORGE RIESE 25 Highland Avenue Class Basketball. Class Base- ball. WENTWORTH " It IS good to be merry and wise. ROBER TA L. ROBINSON " Bert " or " Bobbie " 1 1 Belknap street CHANDLER’S SECRETARIAL SCHOOL " Do well and right, and let the world slide. " WILLIAM ROYCROFT " Billy” 80 Herbert Road Baseball. NEW HAMPTON PREP, and COLUMBIA UNIV. " His smile is sweetened by his gravity. " HELEN RYER " Lennq” 107 Lake Street STENOGRAPHER " Secure in the hearts of her friends. " JOHN SAMMON 69 Maynard Street " A prince of good fellows.” FRANK SMITH " Pat- io Magnolia Street " Alwags genial and helpful.” MINNIE SMITH " Millie " 120 Rubles Street " With few words and high ideals JACK SPONG " Red” 3 5 Bailey Road Graphic Arts Club. BURDETT COLLEGE " What lies without belies what lies within.” DOUGLAS STANDBRIDGE " Doug " 21 Elmore Street H. M, S. Pinafore. " RADIO ENGINEERING ■ ' A steadfast man of still and serious thought. " JANICE STETSON 197 Westminster Avenue Dramatic Club. PORTIA LAW SCHOOL ' Her veru frowns are tairer far, than smiles of other maidens are.” WILLIAM STINSON “Bill " 26 Hayes Street " Small, but oh mgl” ALFRED STRETTON ”Al” 936 Mass. Avenue PLUMBING and HEATING “A just fortune awaits the deserving .” ELEANOR STRONG " Ken” 5 LOCKE Street Debating Club. Glee Club. H. M. S. Pinafore. " BOSTON UNIVERSITY ' Music is well said to be the speech of angels.” EDWARD M. SUTHERLAND " Ed” 596 Su.MMER Street Dramatic Club. MASS. NAUTICAL SCHOOL " High erected thoughts seated in the heart of courtesg .” JAMES F. SWANSON " Swang " 56 Varnum Street Band. ACCOUNTANT " Let the world move on.” EDWARD TEEVEN " Ed” 18 Highland Avenue Basketball. " Life IS too short to worrg.” EVELYN TERENZIO " Terrg” 41 Bailey Road Honor Roll. JACKSON COLLEGE “A little nonsense now and then is relished bg the wisest men.” ELEANOR TOPLIEEE " Pritzie” 1 6 West Court Terrace Honor Roll. BURDETT ' S To write a verse or two is all the praise that I can raise.” MARGUERITE WALKER " Meg” 96 Rawson Road " A good and steady worker.” THELMA WALKER " Thel” 35 ABERDEEN ROAD CHANDLER’S SECRETARIAL SCHOOL " She’s not noisy, loud or gag but enjogs life in a quiet wag.” LILLIAN WEHYE 82 Westminster Avenue Chronicle Staff. Dramatic Club. " She was even fair, and never proud.” [ 42 ] CLASS SONG Words - Elsie tJjcksoK MoSic-EleaNor StroNfr — — I — 1 1 r J ■ - J 1 1 r» I r-J J . I J • l 1. -VV — — — 1 V» 3 J la 1 p erase T ' I V!h6u -tVi« Wst fack f ini ani Soul. ike 1 L 3»1 - CKal- ' c« SKall M(5t ■ . 1 a, LJi: _■ , I ' rr 1 I ; SV ' ei J_J Vi 1 1 g m , J.- J cresc- 3 dirt i- i v l 1 1 V I 1 ■Ay- I 1 c — ' t 1 . i " i ' ' 4 llo «S I ' t 1 H J S J — r J t beariSj A ' when w V« J- 1 1 J H. - 1 y G ' i ' i.vx S ijK k v« «u v l lt 4 44 i »-ear o| -a 1 ... .. . J. — ■P o ■3 1 3 flit -P j p 1 - 444 — f- T [ 43 ] ; Boy Girl Best All-round John O’Brien Kathleen Hart Most Popular Paul Dorrington Beverly Macdonald Best Actor Charles Hammond Lorraine Miller Most Musical Clarence Barber Eleanor Strong Most Intellectual David Dill Rita Santoliquido Most Athletic John O’Brien Elsie Jackson Most Likely to Succeed James Carmody Rita Santoliquido Wittiest Ardash Sakoian Alice Sullivan Best Dancer Walter Mullen Eva Lowry Tallest George Bourget Dorice Eitch Shortest Lloyd Morash Thelma Battye Most Attractive Robert O’Reilly Beverly Macdonald Best Dressed John Lamothe Dorothy Pritchard Best Orator James Carmody Elinor Einger Most Businesslike Hymen Doodlesack Josephine Andrews Most Bashful Albert Dolan Marion Werner Most Talkative Martin Kadets Frances Richmond Most Artistic William Parr Anne Smith I 44 ] ACTIVITIES ff 7 ' i ' - m isM : My ■v r ' Bark Row: James Duane, Bernard Stiff. Louis RobiJlard, Vincent Badala, John Dolan. Third Row: Harry Mansfield, Joseph Nolan. Joseph McCullough. Second Row: Virginia Sulliv an. Norma Healy. Virs inia Larson. Naomi Alcott, Mrs. Moffatt. Fivi t Row: Eleanor Finger. Robert Hancock. Rosella Gallagher, Beverly Macdonald, Frank White. Gladys K’e’y, uciEiii (loiuici The Student Council has fulfilled another year of its activities as the con- necting link between the school body and the faculty. It has attempted to coincide the opinions and desires of the students with those of the teaching staff. In this capacity it has functioned with more than usual success under the able direction of Mrs. Moffatt. The annual Student Council convention was held at Beverly, Mass.. April 18. 1936, and was attended by Beverly Macdonald. Robert Hancock, and Frank White. An interesting discussion was led by Robert Hancock on " How to Con- duct a Student Council Election. " At that meeting Robert Hancock was elected State president of the Association of St udent Councils. We of the graduating class sincerely trust that the future members of our Student Council will uphold its noble traditions and fully realize that they have been accorded a distinct honor through their election to the most important of all the school’s activities. President Vice President Secretary OFFICERS Beverly Macdonald Frank White Clarence Higgens 1 45 1 Top Row: Robert Wood, Kathleeo Hart. Alfred Bitzen. Bottom Row: Esther Comeau. Miss Johnston, Barbara Fowler, Rosella Gallagher. [j xamatic (2 luu The Dramatic Club started another successful year with the ambitious pro- duction for our annual public play. “Smilin’ Through’’ by Allan Langdon Mar- tin, in the Town Hall on January thirty-first. The pathetic love story of Moonyear Clare and John Caterer was presented in a very sweet and appealing manner, displaying lovely costumes and scenery and remarkable acting ability. Under Miss Johnston’s capable supervision, the show was considered one of the largest financial successes and one of the finest dramatic successes in the history of the club. This year we have started two new ideas to further interest in the club. J ' he first is the plan to have an entertainment in the form of a one-act play, a skit or a dialogue at each required attendance meeting. The second idea, the Marion- ette Club, has proven very successful. With Russell Newcomb’s apparatus and advice, a group have learned how to make and operate the dolls. Two chief things are being planned for the rest of the year. On April tenth, we shall present sections of “Smilin’ Through” for the Massachusetts Day Contest in Boston, in the hope that we may be chosen to go to Manchester, New Hampshire, for the New England Drama Festival. When the weather becomes warmer we shall plan one of those hilarious picnics which have always been fun for all. We thank “Auntie Helen” Matthews for her help before December on “Smilin’ Through” and sincerely hope she’ll be back with next year’s Dramatic Club — may they have as fine a year as we are having. 1 46 ] E. Peterson, C. Hammond. D. Gillis. M. Kadets, R. Gallapher, E. Benshimol. I. Allison. V. Larson. V. Sullivan. R. Hancock, L. Miller. G. MacLeod. .Tuanita Peterson. B. F ' owler. ' ‘ iixoucj This year the Dramatic Club again proved its ability by presenting very successfully, Albert Langdon Martin’s play, " Smilin ' Through.” Directed by Miss Claire H. Johnston and Mrs. Helen F. Matthews, the players proved that A. H. S. still has a smattering of budding young actors capable of playing such a touching and lovely English story. Kathleen Dungannon (played by Virginia Larson) is in love with Kenneth Wayne (Charles Hammond), but for some reason, unknown to Kathleen, her uncle, John Carteret (Gordon MacLeod) in whose custody she has been placed, objects very strenuously to the affair. He finally deems it wise to tell her the reasons for his objections. His story is that on his wedding night, fifty years before, his bride-to-be, Moonyeen Clare ( Lorraine Miller ) was shot by Kenneth ' s father, Jeremiah Wayne (Ernest Benshimol), who was also in love with her. This story, however, does not lessen Kathleen’s love for Kenneth, therefore her uncle denounces her. The situation is finally solved with the aid of John ' s friend. Dr. Owen Harding (Robert Hancock) and the spirit of Moonyeen. All is for- given, and the eventual happy ending is reached. Other interesting characters were the maid, Ellen ( Barbara Fowler) : Moon- yeen’s sister. Mary (Virginia Sullivan): Kathleen ' s would-be suitor. Willie Anley ( Martin Kadets) : and the wedding attendants ( Rosella Gallagher. Juanita Peterson, Irene Allison. Donald Gillis. Eugene Peterson. William Rowland). Another triumph for the Dramatic Club! I 47 1 Left to Right: Phyllis Toye. Alice Rickwood, Barbara Fowler, Virginia Sullivan, Naomi Alcott, Gladys Kiely, Barbara Payton. Eleanor Finger. itExazu cu The Literary Club has completed its second year, a very successful one. Eleanor Finger and Naomie Alcott were chairmen for the club with Miss Treat as our adviser. The meetings were usually held on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month in Room 28. We had two delightful meetings at Miss Treat ' s apartment! Our study was very interesting this year. It was the literature of the last ten years; the novel, the play, the poem, and the biogra- phy. Some of the works which give us much pleasure were those of Strachey, David S. Morton, Maxwell Anderson, and Galsworthy. Though our club was comparatively small, made up of all senior girls ( may we here take the op- portunity to invite the lower classmen to join our club ) , our meetings were regu- lar. Each of us members will certainly remember the happy times we had to- gether in the Literary Club of ’35- ' 36. 1 48 ] Top Row: William Miller. William Walsh. Harry Mansfield. Robert Partlow. Middle Row: Ro.sella Gallagher. Anna Twohig, Miss Donovan. Miss Porter, Beverly Macdonald. Bottom Row: Marie Husband, William Butler. Stanley Barron, James Carmody. Eleanor Finger. The Debating Club with a membership of thirty-five students has risen to be one of the foremost of its kind in greater Boston, taking second place in the Middlesex County contest of the National Forensic League. Notable in Arling- ton’s schedule was the defeat of Norwood High School for the third consecutive year. The Debating Club schedule has included contests with the following schools: Groton High School. Cambridge High and Latin School. Norwood High School, Brookline High School, and Lawrence Academy. The officers of the Debating Clu President Vice-President Secretary T reasurer Librarian are: Stanley P. Barron James F. Carmody Eleanor Finger Marie McCulloch Marie Husband Top Row: William Eklridjye, Clarence Higgins, Janet Rutherford. Robert Smith. Richard Oulette. Middle Ron ' : Myrtle Peirce, Muriel Cadario, Miss Krastin. Doris La Fleur, Lillian Weyhe. Bottom Row: Phyllis Toye, Editor Helen Ryan. Ruth Olsen. Another year has passed with success for our school paper, “The Chronicle.” Fine student support, many excellent contributions, and a “new deal” have all combined to put “The Chronicle” in top ranks with other school papers. Headed by Helen Ryan, editor-in-chief, and Ruth Olsen, assistant editor, plus a very talented and competent staff, “The Chronicle” may well be proud of its accom- plishments. Among the leading factors in its success were: Extremely clever publicity stunts, an amateur show, and other attractions for the student body — all bring- ing our “Chronicle” into the limelight. This year ' s staff was comprised of the following students: Editor-in-Chief Assistant Editor Managing Editor Business Manager Publicity Director Sports Editor Circulation Helen Ryan Ruth Olsen Phyllis Foye Robert Smith Richard Ouellette Albert Dolan William Eldredge, Kenneth Burwell [ 50 ] Robert Cunniff, Wensley Barker. Lennard Hall, George Smith, David Dill, Chester Hill. tainl2 (ILuL ' I ' his organization, under the direction of Mr. Skinner, meets every other Tuesday in Room 5. We have about fifteen regular members, and visitors and new members are always welcome. The club has various activities — contests, auctions, bourse system, and so on. At each meeting a member is assigned the work of making a poster which is placed on exhibition in the library. A contest which is attracting the atten- tion of all the members is the " new stamps " contest. 7 he contestants bring in new stamps and receive five points for every stamp that has not been seen before. At the end of the year, the person having the greatest number of points will re- ceive a prize. Another popular contest has just been formed. At each meet- ing. each member will pay dues of five cents and in return will receive a num- bered card. A number will be drawn and the winner will receive an expensive set of prize stamps. In addition to the activities already mentioned we hold auctions, having a trading system with Melrose and from time to time, have guest speakers. I ' o the person interested in stamp collecting this is an ideal organization. If it appeals to you. by all means join. The officers are as follows: President Vice-President Secretary- T reasurer Auctioneer Leonard Hall David Dill Dale Anderson Ernest Cooper 1 51 ) gu cLk In the fall of 193 a girls’ and a boys’ Glee Club was organized. The girls were under the direction of Miss Wardle and the boys under the direction of Miss Pierce. A glee club party was held and was a great success. Both clubs competed at the musical festival in Melrose. T he two clubs with the help of the Chorus Classes presented “Pirates of Penzance’’ in the Town Hall. It was an excellent production. 1 he fall of 1933 rolled around and only a Girls’ Glee Club was organized under the direction of Miss Wardle. A party was held which was a success. 1 he Glee Club competed at the musical festival in Arlington and at the State festival in Quincy. Finally our senior year came and a Girls’ Glee Club was organized under the same director and an annual party was held. Miss Pierce left Arlington to take up new work in the Lowell State Teach- ers College. Our Glee Club competed at both Arlington and Haverhill music festivals. The officers were: Eleanor Murphy, Myrtle Peirce. Marguerite O’Brien, Frances Heinrich. The Orchestra is made up of about forty members. It has appeared, through this year, at many public functions. To its martial strains we are seated at assemblies. It favors us with choice selections of both classic and modern music. Recently we have begun to receive “fan mail,” the latest congratulatory note was from Florida expressing pleasure in hearing our broadcast on February 16, 1936. The climax to its successes always occurs at the end of each year when our orchestra tries to capture the highest grade at the annual musical festival, this year held at Haverhill. Music lives forever. May our orchestra grow and succeed. Success to you of coming years. !Sana Our band made a splendid showing during 1 936, especially during the football season. It performed marching and musical stunts to perfect rhythm under the capable direction of Mr. Hassler Enzig. Later in the year Mr. Enzig was appointed supervisor of music in Arlington, replacing Miss Grace Gordon Pierce. We are happy to have had the pleasure of knowing them both. I ' he band was placed under the leadership of Agusta Mazocca, who con- tinued the good work of the past. The class of 1936 and its members of the band wish it further success and feel proud they were able to do their part to add color to our school activities as well as making Arlington’s band one of the finest. I 52 I ATHLETICS Top Row: Mr. Osterprren. Davi l Kennedy, Arthur Oliverio, Mr. Hormel, .lames Bullock, Ardash Sakoian. Manaj er Alfred Bitzer. Middle Row: William Lane. John Murphy. Howard Hunter, John McNally. John Alden. Harold Anderson, Stig Schroeder. Bottom Row: John O ' Brien. Vincent Suhr. George Bourget, Paul Dorrington, Charles Hammond, William Oliverio. Robert O’Reilly. T he football team had a fairly successful season this year winning six games and losing three. T he games were lost only by a small margin. We opened the season with Newton, and lost by a score of 6 to 7, which was a bitter disappointment. The following game with Winchester was won 1 2 to 3. The Leominster team came to town expecting to run away with the " Red and Gray,” hut the tables were turned by Arlington winning by 6 to 0. 1 he following two games were the hardest on the schedule, being Fitchburg and Malden. We lost to Fitchburg 14 to 6, which was our worst defeat, but we put up a great battle. 1 he “Golden Tornado” was our next enemy, which defeated us 7 to 6. The following Saturday we had no game because of an open date, but for the remainder of the season we were victorious, defeating Quincy 20 to 0; Belmont 27 to 0; Brookline 13 to 0; and finally closed our season by defeating our traditional rival on Thanksgiving Day to the tune of 6 to 0. T he team was captained by Paul Dorrington and Bart Madden, two very capable boys. The “Lettermen” were given a dinner at Wyman’s English Tavern and had many guest speakers, among whom were: Dr. Clarence H. Dempsey, Super- intendent of Schools; Mr. Herman Gammons. Principal of A. FF S.: Mr. George H. Lowe, Selectman: and Mr. Warren McQuirk, coach of Malden High School football team. The “Lettermen” elected the Oliverio brothers co-captains for next year. I 53 1 Top lioir: Miss McCarty, Elsie Jackson. Liniiea Fellman, Charlotte O’Neill, Louise Lane, Anna Siker, Manajiei ' Henrietta Sughrue. Bottom Row: Frances Howley. Nona I eterson, Sonja Fellman. Harriet Bevins. Edith Pillsbury. Gertrude Magee. T his year, the girls’ field hockey season was not as successful as last year ' s. In spite of the splendid cooperation among the girls, and their untiring effort, they were not able to defeat the stronger teams of Melrose, ' Winchester and Belmont. The team was ably coached by Miss McCarthy and managed by Henrietta Sughrue. and captained by Harriet Bevins. The captain elect for next year is Gertrude Magee. The players who will be back for next season are: Edith Pillsbury, Nona Peterson, Louise Lane. Frances Howley, Gertrude Magee and Elsie Jackson. With the return of these veterans next year’s team should come out on top. The scores of this year’s games are as follows: Arlington Arlington Arlington Concord Malden Melrose Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Town Team Winchester 1 Belmont 2 Winthrop 0 Those who have received letters were as follows: Harriet Bevins (Captain ) , Gertrude Magee (Captain-elect), Henrietta Sughrue (Manager), Edith Pills- bury, Anna Siber, Charlotte O’Neill, Nona Peterson, Linnea Fellman, Louise Lane, Frances Howley, Son ja Fellman, Elsie Jackson. I 54 ] Top Row: Philip Wallwork. Edward McEwen, James Corbett. Lawrence Leaver, Carlo Coppola. Bottom Row: Wilfred Hawke, John O’Brien, Captain Charles Lowder, Edward Holway, Donald De Feo. With bright prospects for a successful season in basketball, our hoopsters and their supporters suffered a great disappointment in the loss of our efficient coach " Lefty ” Lowder. His younger brother George, took over the coaching assignments, and was later succeeded by Mr. Hormel. I ' hese two coaches de- veloped a team which was no “push over” for any of their opponents, but the boys seemed upset by the loss of “Lefty.” The schedule was long and diffi- cult, their opponents comprised of the leading teams in the state including Chel- sea, Cambridge Latin, Fitchburg, Quincy, all of whom were chosen for Tech Tournament competition. One of their notable achievements was in defeat- ing Quincy on their home floor. Charlie Lowder captained the team for the second successive year, and as usual was the same inspirational leader. All of the boys gave their best, and deserve much commendation for their showing in the face of the difficulties encountered. Better luck next year, boys! f 55 1 Edward Thoni{)son, William Meeney. James Pierce, Mr. McCarty, Captain Paul Cronin. John Fredriksen. Lester Gott. (IxOi-i. (loU)ltxU Under the careful tutelage of " Doc. " McCarthy. Captain Paul “Pike” Cronin was able to lead our harriers to an undefeated season. “Spike” and Jackie Fredricksen carried on a friendly duel during the season by finishing first and second respectively in most all of the meets. In the first meet, our team again defeated Quincy. From this point the team gained more strength and confidence, and earned a fine name for themselves as Brockton, Wakefield, Melrose, and Cushing took their dust from Arlington. Jackie Fredricksen. the captain-elect, won the New England Cross Country Championship and broke the course record set by a college hill-and-daler. Next year, “Doc’s " present team will be strengthened by some promising Junior High School runners, so let’s hope for a championship team. SCHEDULE Quincy Melrose Brockton Cushing Wakefield Letters were awarded to: Paul Cronin, Captain: Jackie Fredricksen, Cap- tain-elect: Thompson, Meaney, Gott, Pierce. McCullock. I 56 ] ' Top Roiv: Thomas Drisccll, Harold Horne. Albert Leonard. Middle Row: Herbert Cook. George Francis, Paul Cronin, LeRoy Fontaine, Manager William Does Bottom Row: Edward Thompson, James Pierce. William Meeney, Edward Daniells. John Frediksen. Carl Lemke, Robert Cronin, Mr. McCarty. Winter track in Arlington is slowly but surely returning to the level it had reached a few years ago. " Spike " Cronin, ex-cross country captain and captain elect of track, was easily the outstanding member of the team. Cronin finished his season by winning the Class B 1 000 yd. run in fast time. Cook starred in the 600: Leonard in the broad jumps; Partlow and Dris- coll in the high jump: Daniells in the dash and hurdles; and Horne and Suhr in the shot-put. With the help of a little confidence, the tracksters should have a fairly suc- cessful outdoor season. SCHEDULE Somerville Brookline Northeastern I nterscholastics Eastern Seaboard Relay Carnival Everett Malden Andover Interscholastics State Meet Letters were awarded to: Cooke, Cronin, Captain-elect: Daniell, Driscoll, Horne, Leonard, Partlow, Suhr, Eountaine, Lemke, Does, Manager. I 57 ] Top Rotv: Mr. Downs, Malcolm Teele, William Dutton, William Lane. Starr Owen. Joseph Flores. Bottom Ixoiv: Ardash Sakoian. Robert O’Reilly. Roger Keefe. Edward Preston, John Chipman, Robert Mee. Arlington High hockey team enjoyed a successful year winning six games, losing three, and tying one game. Victories were registered against Belmont, Stoneham. Melrose. Rindge, Newton, and Cambridge Latin. A tie game was played with Medford, while Melrose. Newton and Stoneham defeated Arlington once. Each of the games Arlington lost were by one goal. The best contests of the season were played against Stoneham and Melrose, during the round- robin. Arlington was victorious by scores of TO and 4-3 respectively. Arling- ton defeated Melrose and kept them from becoming the sole occupants of second place in the Greater Boston Interscholastic Hockey League. The Red and Gray finished in a second place tie with Melrose while Stoneham was victorious. When the All-Scholastic teams were picked. Arlington had placed Robert Mee and Roger Keefe on the first team and Bill Dutton and Bob O’Reilly on the second team. Co-Captains Keefe and Preston were succeeded by John Chipman for the season of 1936- 1 937. 1 58 ] Top Row: Mary Fitzpatrick, Kathleen Hart. Grace Gunninj?. Bottom Row: Loretta O’Brien, Dorothy Madden. Captain Louise Lane, Priscilla Gray. Thelma Battye. Within a few weeks of the writing of this ' car Book, the candidates for spring tennis will be called. T he veterans. Louise l.ane, Pauline Madden. Pris- cilla Gray, Loretta O’Brien, Yvonne Blanchard, 7 ' helma Battye and Ldith Whitney, will turn out. Every one of these veterans is an excellent player. I ' he coach this year as in past years will be Miss Crosby and the team will be managed this year by Kathleen Hart. 1 he schedule has not been arranged but with the splendid material on hand, this team should prove to be a very successful one. 1 59 ] Top Row: Miss McCarty. Marjiaret Meikle. Virginia Hoffman. ManaKcr Thelma Battye. Middle Row: Mary Harris, Linnea Fellman, Sonja Fellman. Gertrude Ma ee. Bottom Row: Charlotte O’Neill. Elsie Jackson. Captain Anna Siker. Jeanette Weimar. Edith Pillsbury. This year the squad consisted of many veterans from last year. At the time of the writing of this Year Book the basketball season had been comple ted by all but one game, that of Medford. Under the expert coaching of Miss McCarthy, the management of T helma Battye, and the captaincy of Anna Siker, the team showed splendid cooperation and experienced a successful season of three victories and one loss. Our girls played Cambridge Latin School, Lexing- ton and Reading in classes, that is, seniors, juniors and sophomores. The jun- iors and sophomores were triumphant every time, but the seniors failed to come through. Several of the first team players will return next year. They are Edith Pillsbury, Mary Harris, Gertrude Magee and Elsie Jackson. Although several outstanding players will graduate in June, we sincerely believe that next year ' s team will also experience a very successful season under the careful guidance of Coach Miss McCarthy. [ 60 ] Top I’oM’; Miss McCarty. Henrietta Suphrvie, Phyllis Sullivan, Arlene Sauerwald, Charlotte O’Neill, Anna Siker. Nona Peterson. Bottom Row: Mary Harris. Edith Pillsbury, Linnea Fellman. Sonja Fellman, Harriet Bevins, Gertrude Mapree. This year, several veterans will return to lend their outstanding ability to the baseball diamond. Among them are. Linnia Fellman. Harriet Bevins. Sinja Fellman. Anna Siker. Mary Harris. Edith Pillsbury. Virginia Hoffman and Henrietta Sughrue. Coach McCarthy certainly has some excellent material and with such, this year ' s team is in for a successful season. 1 he schedule has not been arranged as yet. I 6i ] 1 his year’s baseball team looks forward to one of its most successful years on the diamond. I ' he team will play at Spy Pond field as usual, because the new diamond at the rear of the High School is not yet completed. The team consists mostly of veterans who have played together for the past two years and have shown us some fine baseball. John O ' Brien is scheduled to do most of the catching, with Harold Ander- son as relief, and Starr Owen, a junior, will take charge of first base. Holway, a clever infielder and the Oliverio brothers arc also assets on the Arlington’s Diamond Club. An added incentive for the team to make a good showing will be due to the entry of Arlington in the Surburban Baseball League. I ' he League games are marked with a star below. SCHEDULE Malden Medford Brookline Cambridge Latin Melrose Newton Rindge Waltham Belmont 7 ' he boys’ tennis team at Arlington this year will be composed almost en- tirely of veterans. Since the creation of new courts in Arlington, tennis has become an increasingly popular sport, and we expect to have a very successful season at the Spy Pond nets. William Lane, Lawrence Cousins, Robert Mann, Wilfred Hawkes, are some of the veterans from the 1 935 squad. The tennis team is a member of the Interscholastic Tennis League this year, and the League games are marked with a star below. SCHEDULE Melrose Winthrop Lexington Brookline Watertown Newton Belmont 1 he golf team for 19 36 has all the prospects of being the best team that has ever represented Arlington High School on the links. John Chipman, Lester Gott and Michael Burke form the nucleus of an excellent team. 7 ' he boys started practice in the driving net at the High School long before the snow left the ground. I ' he Golf team is a member of the Interscholastic Golf League this year, and the League games are marked with a star below. SCHEDULE Waltham Watertown Lexington Melrose Newton Brookline Natick oj- CLaii of No more shall we, the renowned class of 1936, enter the portals of this, our Alma Mater, We have now reached that high peak of achievement to- wards which we have been striving for three eventful years. How long ago seems that day when we arrived, as bewildered sophomores, to hear the wel- coming words of our principal and to start out on our high school career. We immediately proceeded to make an impression upon the exceedingly loftv and self-important upper-classmen. A few members of our class greatly contributed to the success of the football team which was victorious over all its opponents with the exception of Fitchburg. It was during our sophomore year that the Dramatic Club presented The Merchant of Venice, in which tal- ented Lorraine Miller played a title role. This same year the music depart- ment produced the Pirates of Penzance with great success. In June we faced our first final examinations in high school with some trepidation, but most of us safely jumped this hurdle. After the interruption of the always seemingly short summer vacation, we returned to take the places vacated by those who were by this time exalted seniors. Then we, as juniors, from the height of our achievements looked down upon the insignificant sophomores, and, with an air of supercilious con- descension, deigned to direct them to their various classes. It is to our ever- lasting shame that the junior class never held a class meeting or organized to elect class officers. As the year progressed, members of our class greatly in- creased the honor and glory of the school in the field of sports and in other activities. The Dramatic Club presented The Country Cousin, and later had the honor of receiving as guests one hundred and fifty members of other high school dramatic clubs of New England. In this same year the hockey team was honored by receiving the championship cup. I ' hus ended the school year 1935, in which the class of 1936 had already made an everlasting im- pression in the annals of high school history. I 63 ] Upon our return in the fall, we took our places as seniors, that high and dignified position which we had been coveting, and to which we had been striv- ing for two years. No longer should we be considered with condescension by anyone more exalted than ourselves. I ' he senior class then became organized with Paul Dorrington as our president: Kathleen Hart, vice president: Rosella Gallagher, secretary: and Edward Holway, treasurer. Beverly MacDonald was elected to the position of president of the Student Council. The football team enjoyed a banner year under the co-captainship of Paul Dorrington and Bartley Madden. A few months later the Bill Powder Testimonial Dance was held, the proceeds of which were to send Bill Lowder to Warm Springs. Georgia, to cure the infantile paralysis with which he has been afflicted. Our hockey team as usual enjoyed a successful season, tying Melrose for second place in the interscholastic league championship. Smilin ' Through was bril- liantly presented by the Dramatic Club. The music department produced Pinafore with great pleasure to everyone. We were unfortunate this year in losing from the faculty three most highly respected and popular teachers: Miss Pierce, Miss Taylor, and Mrs. Matthews. It is to be remembered that in March, while the rest of the country was suffering from torrential rains, Arling- ton High School had its own private flood, resulting from some defect in the plumbing. However, we were not disappointed at the loss of a few days of school. Among those who should be mentioned for their outstanding athletic prowess are the co-captains of the football team, Paul Dorrington and Bartley Madden: Pat O ' Brien, who received the trophy awarded to the boy who im- proved the most in both his ability on the football field and scholastically: the co-captains of the hockey team. Edward Preston and Roger Keefe: Bob O’Reilly and Bob Mee, outstanding players. Among the girls who showed athletic ability arc Harriet Bevins. Elsie Jackson, Anna Siker, Lynia and Sonya Eell- man. and Charlotte O ' Neill. The Chronicle, that famed five-cent publication of high school news, enjoyed a successful year under the editorship of Helen Ryan. Thus ends the history of our most illustrious class. With regret we leave these halls where so many friendships have been cemented, and where we have derived so much educational benefit. We enter upon new lines of en- deavor. fortified with the knowledge which our teachers have so earnestly and faithfully striven to impart to us. Hail and farewell! We go our way. May health and success attend each member of the class of 1936! I 64 I c utoLjxajilii TO OUR ADVERTISERS: WE TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO THANK OUR ADVERTISERS FOR THEIR HELP IN MAKING THIS YEAR BOOK POSSIBLE. THEY HAVE SUPPORTED US— IN RE- TURN LET US PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS The Co-operative Bank Plan of Issuing SERIAL SAVING SHARES QUARTERLY is a Tested Plan It has proved itself safe, sound and adaptable to the needs of people with moderate amounts to put by each month Serial Shares Always On Sale Start Today with $1 or More in the Arlington Co-operative Bank 699 MASS, AVE. you and your friends will prize the portrait that looks like you — your truest self, free from stage effects and little conceits. It is in this " long run” Photography that PURDY success has been won. 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