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Text from Pages 1 - 98 of the 1935 volume:

y- l ?35 EX LIBRIS The 1935 Year Book Published by The Senior Class Of The Arlington High School ARLINGTON, MASSACHUSETTS Alice A. Preston DEDICATION We seniors, who ore leaving Arlington High this June to go forth into the world, lovingly dedicate our Year Book to you in order to present visible evidence of our affectionate regard for you as a true friend and of our high esteem for you as the teacher whose calm pleasantness, whose absolute fairness, and whose deep interest in your subject, as well as in us students, have made Latin a liv- ing language, Caesar and Cicero real people, and your classes a source of inspiration and enjoyment for us all. FACULTY Arlington Senior High School Faculty 1934 - 35 Herman Gammons, Principal Raymond S. Morrill, Assistant Principal Evelyn A. Testa, Secretary Krastin, Theresa, English Arthur, Lawrence P., Printing Bailey, Bessie B., French Barry, Veronica, French Binning, Theresa B., Stenog., Type., Filing Bullock, Sarah J., Mathematics Burke, W. Ray, Geography, Economics Campbell, May, Cookery Casey, Alma, Typewriting Cheney, Evangeline, Stenog., Type., Filing Conway, Bessie A., History Cooper, Louise J., English Crosby, Irene E., Physical Training Cunniff, Mary E., Stenog., Typewriting Donovan, Mary E., English Dow, Arline, English Eaton, Douglass L., Mathematics Fowler, Alban, Chemistry Gray, Martha S., Librarian Harlow, Leola B., Bookkeeping Hormel, Henry D., History Hunt, Ruth, English Hutchins, Adelaide L., Spanish Jenks, Alice L., Geography Jerardi, Grace R., French, German Jewett, Ida B., Biology Johnson, Carl A., History Johnston, Claire H., Oral English Kapff, George R., Mathematics Kennedy, Constance F., Sewing Kennedy, Mary, Bookkeeping, Type. Lawton, Catherine, English Matthews, Helen F., Oral English Moffatt, Martha S., History Murdock, Lela C., French Mu rray, Frances B., Stenog., Typewriting Nash, Helen E„ Law and Economics Nelson, James W., Mathematics Ostergren, Fred V., Bookkeeping Pattison, H. Pauline, History Peck, Eugenia C., English Plummer, M. Donald, Drawing Porter, Gladys I., English Preston, Alice A., Latin Prestwood, Mary L., Industrial Arts Rice, Helen T., Sewing Rounds, Dorothy, Latin Sandberger, Sydney J., Mechanical Arts Shedd, Minnie L., French Skinner, Charles W., Chemistry, Physics Taber, Vivian H., English Taylor, Eleanor F., Mathematics Toner, James J., P ' mansliip. Book.. Geog. Treat, Alice, English W akefield, Lura M., History Wardle, Ethel wyn, Music Woodend, M. Edith, Office Training Wright, Lois B., Latin. English Hickey, Mary A., Clerk O ' Neill. Martha E., Matron Page Five AN APPRECIATION We, the Seniors of 1935, take this opportunity to express our sincere appre- ciation of the valuable assistance our Principal, Mr. Gammons, has given us during our career at A. H. S. His kindly advice, his cheerful spirit, his fine ex- ample, and his genuine interest in our welfare have made the years we spent under his guidance ones whose memory will gladden and inspire us throughout our lives. Page Six SENIORS Class Officers William J. Collins Donna Wood President Secretary Catherine Hart John E. Buckley Vice-President Treasurer A Year Book Committees Upper: A. Byer, N. Quinzani, E. Young, B. Rimbach, N. Chambers, W. Marvin, D. Robbins Lower: J. McCormick, C. Kelty, V. Cox, J. Buckley, D. Gillis Ava Byer Noreen Chambers Donald Gillis Editor-in-Chief Virginia Cox Literary Errol Young Nancy Quinzani John McCormick Pictures George Savage Business Manager John Buckley Richard Brainard Ruth Brison Marion Butler John Casey Malcolm Campbell Winifred Marvin Mollie McManus Barbara Rimbach Hazel Sullivan John Wallwork Page Eight MARION F. ABBOUD “Mar” 19 Melrose Street " She serves all who dares to be true.” SIMMONS GERTRUDE AHERN “Gert” 52 Wyman Terrace " Where she met a stranger, there she left a friend.” Tennis, Girl’s Club KATHERINE GIBBS SCHOOL THOMAS AHERN 72 Anisden Street " He is a soldier fit to stand by Caesar. " BOSTON COLLEGE LOUISE ALDERSON 157 Newport Street " She had a head to contrive, a tongue to persuade, and a hand to execute any mischief.” Tennis, Basketball BOSTON UNIVERSITY CARL ANDERSON “Andy” 87 Egerton Road " He was a man of cheerful yesterdays and confident tomorrows.” Football, Track, Cross-Country, Class Baseball. Class Basket- ball, Chronicle Staff, Civil Ser- i Ice. LESTER ARBETTER “Bing” 122 Sylvia Street " He worked and sang from morn till night, no lark more blithe than he.” ANAHID AVAKIAN “Anna” 58 Massachusetts Avenue ‘Let me have music, and I seek no more delight.” Orchestra, Honor Boll Office Assistant WILLIAM BARRY “Bill” 310 Massachusetts Avenue " One who lives today without a care.” Hockey (Manager) BOSTON UNIVERSITY ELEANOR L. BATHMANN “Ellie” 212 Gray Street “As merry as the day is long.” Basketball, Dramatic Club COLBY JUNIOR COLLEGE Page Nine EDITH BENJAMIN 35 Norfolk Road " How quiet in school. How lively outside.” STANLEY G. BENNER “Tiny” 11 Avon Place " A man who consecrates his hours to vigorous effort and honest aim.” Football, ( ' lass Basketball. Class Baseball, Dramatic Club TILTON ACADEMY GORDON BENNETT “Benny” 349 Gray Street " A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance.” Dramatic Club, Glee Club, Tennis DOCTOR (plastic surgery) MARGERY A. BENSON “Midge” 99 Hibbert Street " I love such a society as is quiet, sweet, and wise.” Basketball, Tennis, Glee Club, Dramatic Club KATHERINE GIBBS SCHOOL PETER G. BERTOLAMI “Happy” 51 Varnum Street “It is through art, and art, only that we realize our per- fection.” Class Baseball, Class Basket- ball, Cross Country LAWRENCE ACADEMY ALTHEA BISHOP “Bud” 9 Bartlett Avenue “A jewel is small but very precious.” The Pirates of Penzance WARREN N. BIXBY, JR. “Bix” 38 Marathon Street “For he was studious, courte- ous, and able.” Class Basketball HARVARD ROBERT S. BLOOM “Bob” 10 Thorndike Street “A moral, sensible, and well- bred man.” Orchestra SALESMAN THOMAS F. BONDI “Wimpy” 43 Amsden Street “The tones of his voice ■ are mightier than strings of brass to move US. President of Boy’s Glee Club, Secretary of Boy’s Glee Club, “Pirates of Penzance.” CHAUFFEUR LEONARD J. BOOTH 46 Teel Street " To be sincere is the way of this man.” Fencing Club Page Ten M. MIRIAM BRACKETT 10 Varnum Street “Some are born great, some achieve greatness.” STENOGRAPHER MARY E. BRADFORD “Mary” 15 Everett Street " Learned, and fair, and good is she. " Dramatic CIul), Honor Roll BOSTON UNIVERSITY RICHARD E. BRAINARD “Dick” 45 Bartlett Avenue " He was full of joke and jest. " Band, Orchestra, Year Book A 1 vertising Committee HARVARD ROBERT I. BRAINARD “Bob” 45 Bartlett Avenue " All who joy would win must share it — happiness was born a twin.” Hiiml, Orchestra HARVARD VIRGINIA M. BREEN “Ginny” 42 Richfield Road " ' Tis not her talent to conceal her thoughts, but to carry smiles and sunshine on her face. " Girl’s Club, Glee Club, Tenuis EMMANUEL RUTH E. BRISON “Ruthie” 10 Locke Street “The true source of her cheer- fulness is her kindesss and sympathy.” Glee Club, Dramatic Club, Library Club STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE ARTHUR BROWN “Brownie” lfi 7 Charlton Street " A faithful soul, a true and loyal friend.” NATALIE BROWN “Nat” 185 Wachusett Avenue " The flower of sweetest smell is shy.” VESPER GEORGE SCHOOL OF ART PHYLLIS BROWN 83 Appleton Street " She has everything advan- tageous to life. " Hand, Orchestra THOMAS BROWN 52 Trowbridge Street " A sense of humor is a price- less thing.” BOSTON UNIVERSITY Page Eleven CREELEY S. BUCHANAN “Buck” 51 Rangeley Road “A careless song with a little nonsense in it, does not mis- become a monarch.” Football, Truck, Student Coun- cil, Glee Club, Dramatic Club, Debating Club, “Pirates of Penzance”, “A” Club TILTON ACADEMY BARBARA A. BUCK “Bucky” 69 Richfield Road “She acts as if the world and she were hand and glove.” LELAND POWERS JOHN E. BUCKLEY “Buck” 57 School Street “I am armed so strong in honesty that your threats pass by me as the idle wind which I respect not.” Student Council, Dramatic Club, Football MASSACHUSETTS STATE EDITH E. BURNS 56 Blossom Street " Her capability is her wealth.” RUTH BURNS 39 Newport Street “She ' s the very pink of courtesy.” Glee Club, Dramatic Club OLIVE BURTT 93 Crescent Hill Avenue " She mixed reason with plea- sure and wisdom with mirth. ' Orchestra, Honor Hull SIMMONS MARION F. BUTLER “Butty” 74 Melrose Street “A true and sincere nature.” Glee Club MT. AUBURN HOSPITAL AVA C. BYER “A” 102 Webster Street " She that hath knowledge spareth her words.” Honor Roll, Dramatic Club Literary Club, Girls ' Club Literary Committee of Yearbook RADCLIFFE JOHN R. BYRNE “Jim” “Jack” 81 Gloucester Street " Silence is golden.” Hockey, Chronicle Staff BOSTON UNIVERSITY GRACE CALLAHAN 83 Medford Street " Her ways are ways of pleasantness.” SALEM TEACHERS Page Twelve DOROTHY M. CAMPBELL “Dot” 107 Grafton Street “There’s music in her feet. " WILFRED ACADEMY MALCOLM CAMPBELL “Mai” 8 Chandler Street “Oh happiness, his being ' s end and aim !” Football, Year ltooh Committee, (Adv.) HEBRON PREP M. I. T. THERESA CAMPOBASSO “Sooky” 44 Decatur Street " By nature born a friend to glee and merriment. " EESEEY SCHOOL BARBARA CARENS “Babs” 10 Upland Road " A cheerful Temper. " Tennis Team 19. ' Li LF.LAND POWERS JAMES F. CARMODY “Jim” 48 Lewis Avenue “Diligence is the mother of good fortune.” Dramatic Club, Debating Club, Esperanto Club BOSTON COEEEGE or TUFTS WALTER E. CARRAN, JR. 216 Massachusetts Avenue ■•Knowledge is more than equivalent to force.” M. I. T. JOHN J. CASEY 36 Bartlett Avenue “The deed is everything, the glory is naught.” Dramatic Club, Football Mana- ger, Year Book Committee (Adv.) M. I. T. WINIFRED CASS “Winnie” 63 Claremont Avenue “The soul of music slumbers in the shell, till waked and kindled by the master’s spell.” Orchestra SECRETARIAL WORK EDITH CASSIDY “Edie” 46 Rawson Road “She was a picture of health and contentment.” Dramatic (Tub, Glee Club, Honor Roll SECRETARIAL SCHOOL NOREEN CHAMBERS “Billie” 1 1 Magnolia Street “Her manners, diligent; her voice, sweet and gentle.” Dramatic Club, Year Book Committee, Pirates of Penzance Page Thirteen JAMES M. CHARVES 18 Teel Street " He does well who acts nobly.” NORTHEASTERN HAROLD CUILLO “Harry” 56 Claremont Avenue “There is no royal road to geometry.” Track, Tennis JAMES F. COLBY 38 Magnolia Street " His gravity is the ballast which keeps him steady. M. T. T. 4 WILLIAM J. COLLINS “Bill” 64 Park Street " None but himself can be his parallel.” President of Senior (lass. Captain of Football, Captain of llookey. Track, “A” Club HOLY CROSS ERNEST L. COOPER 18 King- Street " By the work done one knows the workman.” Dramatic Club MASSACHUSETTS STATE BENJAMIN CORLETO “Benny” 84 Oxford Street “Sure and steady wins the race. " (lass basket ball. Class Baseball COLUMBIA LUCY F. CORLETO 84 Oxford Street “There ' s mischief in those eyes so dark and deep.” ((iris ' (Tab, Honor Itoll LESLEY SCHOOL RUBY COWAN “Betsy” 34 Egerton Street " Richer than Croesus, for you are today The heiress of good wishes and fast friends.” ((iris ' ((lee (Tub, ((iris’ Club PIANO TEACHER VIRGINIA T. COX “Virgie” 20 Old Mystic Street " Her character is higher than her intellect.” First Honor Roll, Kilitor-in- Chief of Year Book WELLESLEY RAYMOND COYNE “Punch-Ray” 82 Newport Street " A merry heart doetli good like a medicine.” Football, Hockey (Varsity), Baseball BOSTON COLLEGE Page Fourteen MARY CROSBY 37 Cornell Street “Happy am I. from care I am free. " Dramatic Club ST E X OG R A P H E I i BEVERLY CUE “Beve” 21 Walnut Street “The man that blushes is not quite a brute.” Dramatic Club. Radio Club. Kspern nto Club, Class llaskctball lb X. H. HOWARD CUTTER 23 Gloucester Street “Tis not what man does which exalts him, but what man would do.” Honor Roll. Hand, Orchestra, Golf, Track LOUISE M. DACEY 8 W yman Lane “A good name is better than precious ointment.’ Rice ( hil). Chronicle BURDETT PHYLLIS DACEY “Phyl” 70 Mt. Vernon Street “I would applaud thee to the very echo that would applaud again. " Girls’ Club (Vice-President), Tennis (Manager), Glee Club K A T HERI X E GIBBS SCHOOL FRANK P. D’AGOSTINO “Shaky” 50 Mystic Valley Parkway “Few things are impossible to diligence.” DORIS MAY DALE “Dolly” 50 Sherborn Street “Dimpled o’er with smiles.” Secretarj Stud e n t Council, Dramatic Club, Girls’ Club XURSIXG SHERMAN DAVISON “Dave” 22 Churchill Avenue " What a spendthrift is his tongue.” Honor Roll. Dramatic Club, “.Merchant of Venice”, ‘ ‘Sleep- ing Car ' ”, Glee Club “Fresbics,” S , , “Pirates of Penzance”, Cross Count rj ’ HARVARD ELIZABETH M. DAWE “Betty” 15 Harvard Street “Sing away sorrow, east away care” DIETETICS IRENE E. DAY “Giggles” 78 Margaret Street " How graceful afts do flow from afp ' .her words actions. " (Itfe Club SOfrkERCIAL ART daily and Page Fifteen WILLIAM B. DOES “Bill” 256 Appleton Street “To thy speed add wings.” Track, Dramatic Club, Band, Glee Club, Pirates of Penzance, Merchant of Venice ALABAMA UNIVERSITY JOSEPH B. DOHERTY “Dit” 40 Hawthorne Avenue " He was just the quiet kind, whose nature never varies.” M. I. T. WILLIAM F. DOHERTY “Bill’ 27 Menotomy Road " A quiet energetic fellow. " Honor Roll, Class Baseball, Class Basketball NORTHEASTERN B. A. Adv. FRANCIS M. DONNELLY “Frank” 18 Amherst Avenue " He is persistent in his under- takings.” Indoor Track, Spring Track, Class Basketball, Class Baseball BENTLEY SCHOOL KATHRYN DONOVAN “Dunny” 166 Washington Street " Let us l ow be up and doing, with a heart for any fate.” Dramatic Club BOSTON UNIVERSITY ELVERA DeLOLLIS “Vera” 23 Melrose Street " A true friend is forever a friend.” Tennis SYMMES HOSPITAL EDNA J. DENNEN “Dennie” 58 Warren Street “Gayety without eclipse.” Tennis, Hockey, Basketball, Baseball, Glee Club, Girls’ Club, Dramatic Club, “A” Club CHANDLER’S SECRETARIAL SCHOOL JOSEPH DISILLIER “Joe” 92 Chandler Street ' A prudent man looketli well to his Jhomework. " Football, Hockey, Class Baseball RHODE ISLAND STATE ANNA DICKSON “Dickie” 85 Braitle Street “To be merry tj?st becomes 4 i thW ' ’- Basketball [Team, Captain of TBaseball Secretary Page Sixteen JAMES DOWNING 9 Blossom Street " He is quiet, and gets there, and nothing intervenes.” LAURENCE DRISCOLL 22 Jean Road " Words of learned length and thundering wounds are his.” Student Council, President De- bating Club, Track and Cross Country, Red Cross Represen- tative, Class Orator, Honor Roll M. I. T HELEN DUFFEY 74 Orvis Road " She’s pretty to walk with, and witty to talk with. " Chronicle KATHERINE GIBBS SCHOOL GERTRUDE DUFFY “Gertie” 190 Pleasant Street " Lovely to look at, delightful to know.” Dramatic Club, Honor Roll EMMANUEL MARGARET A. DuPLESSIS “Pegg-y” 53 Churchill Avenue " With joyous skill her time is spent on all things all day long.” HARTFORD HOSP.— NURSE BERNADETTE P. DWYER “Bernie” 12 Williams Street " Her happiness consists of labor.” Manager of Basketball, Drama- tic Club STENOGRAPHER MARTHA EASTON “Martie” 17 Marion Road “A face with gladness over- spread ! Soft smiles, by human kindness bred. " orchestra. Pirates of Penzance STENOGRAPHER RICHARD S. EMERY “Dick” 315 Lake Street " Rich in good works.” EXETER EDITH ESTABROOK “Bud” 11 Newton Road " The hand that made you fair hath made you good.” SECRETARIAL WORK HERBERT EVANS “Herbie” 49 Westminster Avenue Though modest, on his unem- barrassed brow Nature has written, ‘Gentleman’.” Page Seventeen ROBERT FAGERLAND “Bud” 25 Coolidge Road Thou art what the world calls a brave fellow, and I have ever found thee an honest one. ' ; oit HARVARD MARGARET T. FLAHERTY “Peggy” 2 7 Newton Road " As a be merry, may we still be wise.” BOS ' ! ON HXIVIORSITY DORET PE FLENTJE 35 Bur ch Street " I have a hear 1 with room for every joy.” Honor Roll KATHHR1XE GT BBS SCHOOL HELEN M. FLYNN “Chubby” 10 Osborne Road “Oh, hut she was gay ! " WILFRED ACADEMY HAROLD E. FOGG, JR “Foggy” 89 Sunset Road “I found thee of more value than stamps, or gold.” Dramatic Club, Football (Asst. Manager), Baseball (Senior M a n ager) BENTLEY SCHOOL JOHN T. FOLEY 30 Churchill Avenue “A good heart is better than aii the heads in the world.” Orchestra TOFTS CARMEN FORITANO “Carl” 29 Cornell Street CONSTANCE FREEMAN “Connie” 18 Freeman Street “Her silence is more musical than any song.” FAITH FREEMAN “Prinnie” 132 Appleton Street “Along the cool sequestered vale of life she kept the noiseless tenor of her way.” Band, Orchestra LOUISE FREEMAN 14 Lake Street " Knowledge is more than equi- valent to force.” SECRETARIAL WORK Page Eighteen JAMES GALLAGHER “Patsy” 13 Aerial Street “For even though vanquished he could argue still. " I Mum a tic Club, dec Club, Debating Club X. 13. AIRCRAFT SCHOOL GEORGE GALLUZZO “Pussy” 54 Decatur Street “Truth is usually the best indication of a great man. " BENTLEY SCHOOL CURTIS R. GANONG 70 Madison Avenue " (treat is truth and mighty above all things. " Year Book Committee. Orches- tra. liillMl NORTH EA STERN CLARENCE GENGE “Classy” 188 Newport Street “He was a man, take him for all in all. " Football, Basketball MARIO GIAQUINTO “Chick” 68 Warren Street “Youth runs with swift feet.’ Tru ck ROSTt N T ' N T V MRS IT Y ELIZABETH A. GIARRIZZO “Jerry” 7 Amsden Street “Her music in our hearts we bore Long after it was heard no more. " dee Club. Dramatic Club, (beer Leader RADIO STXGIXG DONALD GILLIS 3 Bartlett Avenue “He has so much wit and mirth about him there is no living with him or without him. " Basketball ELEANOR GORELL 46 Mt. Vernon Street “She is spry at gym and talks with a vim. " Hockey, Basketball. Baseball ROSE GOTTLIEB 105 Sylvia Street “Laugh? Yes, why not? It is better than crying.’’ dee Club ROBERT K. GRIFFIN 26 Florence Avenue “Good, the more communicated, the more abundant grows. " Spring Track ANTIOCH Page Nineteen MITCHELL GUZELIAN “Mike” 70 Amsden Street FRANCIS G. HARVEY 378 Park Avenue " I have no cares.” " His silence is more eloquent than words.” Football PHYLLIS M. HARDING “Phyl” 24 Hayes Street “There be many who have left their names behind them (in her autograph book).” Tennis, Dramatic Club KATHERINE GIBBS SCHOOL GERTRUDE HARRINGTON “Gerda” 35 Cliff Street " True happiness consists of the worth and choice of friends.” Hank, Dramatic Club (Country Cousin) Office Assistant, Choral Speaking, Year Hook SECRETARY JOHN F. HARRINGTON “Hago” 21 Albermarle Street “Our deeds determine us.” Basketball CATHERINE HART “Kitty” 70 Varnum Street “A most incomparable girl.” Basketball (Captain), Tennis (Captain), Vice-President of Senior Class, Hockey, Athletic Association, Year Book Com- mittee. SECRETARY ' Golf Team, Class Basketball, Glee Club, ( Vice- President) BENTLEY SCHOOL M. LORING HATCH, JR. 20 Draper Avenue “He is of a merry heart.” BENTLEY SCHOOL CONSTANCE HEATH “Connie” 49 Magnolia Street “A manner that charmed, a smile that endeared.” Girls ' Glee Club, Class Basket- ball, Class Tennis, Girls’ Club ROBERT HENDERSON “Bob” 344 Appleton Street “A regular fellow.” Dramatic Club NORTHEASTERN MAXINE HENDRICKS “Max” 300 Massachusetts Avenue " A person of sterling charac- ter.” Page Twenty A G. MOULTON HERRICK 77 Falmouth Road " He steers from grave to gay, from lively to severe. " BOWDOIN ROBERT HESSION “Butch” 57 Alpine Street “1 work with patience, which means almost power.” RAYMOND M. HIGGINS “Ray” 27 Laurel Street " On with the dance, let joy be unconfined.” Boys’ Glee Club, Cheer Leader, “Pirates of Penzance” MASSACHUSETTS STATE ROBERT HILLIARD 8 Kensington Road “A workman that needeth not to be ashamed.” M. I. T. MARY HOGAN 8 Park Street Place " She nothing common did or mean.” SECRETARY DONALD HORLEY “Shadow” 21 Wyman Terrace " It must be right, I ' ve done it from my youth. " Track, ( ' lass Basketball, Tennis MASS. SCHOOL OF OPTOMETRY DOROTHEA HOWLEY “Dot” 14 Magnolia Street " She is quiet on the outside. She ' s the best sort of girl within. " Dramatic Club, Glee Club, Girls’ Club, Tennis, Basketball CECELIA L. HUGHES “Celia” 16(5 Franklin Street " Energy and determination have done wonders many times. " B. U. LAW SCHOOL MARK HUNT 4 Harvard Street " His worth is warrant for his welcome. " MELVIN HURWITZ 26 Dorothy Road " The mind is the standard of the man.” Dramatic Club, Debating Club BROWN Page Twenty-One A DORIS INGLIS “Dorie” 174 Mt. Vernon Street ‘Virtue is bold and goodness never fearful.” Dramatic Club NTRSK OLIVE .JACKSON “Jackie” 16 Fairmont Street " And now the pitcher holds the ball, And now she lets it go. And now the air is shattered by the force of O. J.’s blow.” Ilurke) Team (Captain), Basket- ball, Baseball, Chronicle WILFRED ACADEMY MARGARET JAMGOCHIAN “Peg” 52 Kenilworth Road " Thy modesty ' s a candle to thy merit.” SECRETARIAL WORK VERA JENKINSON “.Jenk” 22 Hillside Avenue " A merry heart maketh the whole world glad. " Ore liestra BOSTON UNIVERSITY CHARLES W. JENKS, JR. “Bud” 114 Newport Street " A man of much humor.” NORTHEAST E R N ' mm EDITH JOHNSON 131 Wildwood Avenue " What sweet delight a quiet life affords.” BOSTON UNIVERSITY EDWARD F. JOHNSON “Swede” 54 Alpine Street " He who has no wish to be happier is the happiest of men. " ENA JOHNSON 51 Lake Street " Her air, her manner all admired.” Dramatic Club GWENDOLYN JOHNSON “Gwenney” 51 Lake Street " Whoever is popular deserves attention. " Dramatic Club SECRETARIAL WORK NATALIE JOHNSON “Nat” 263 Park Avenue " Her worth is a guide to her popularity.” (Her Club, Girls’ Club, Tennis, Basketball SECRETARIAL WORK Page Twenty-Two THOMAS JOHNSON “Tommy” 67 Hillside Avenue WILLIAM KEMPT ON “Texas” 1 Carl Road " The will to ilo, the soul to dare.” Football, Track, Class Baseball MASSACHUSETTS STATE EARL JONES “Jonesie” 28 Everett Street " It is his misfortune to be too handsome a man.” Varsity Basketball, Class Baseball N( )RTH EASTERN’ JOHN R. KEDIAN 30 Howard Street “Better late than never.” Football, (’lass Basketball, Debating 1 Club FLORENCE B. KELLOGG “Flossie,” “Flo” 34 Cleveland Street " Let the world slide, let the world go, a fig for care a fig for woe.” MASSACHUSETTS STATE CLAUDIA M. KELTY 7 Addison Street “In framing an artist, Art both thus decreed. To make some good but others to succeed. Student Council, Honor Roll, Venr Book Committee RADCLIFFE COLLEGE b -■ 1 " He that is slow to anger is better than the mightv.” Basketball. Baseball MARCIA KIDDER 215 Crosby Street “Not a flower, not a pearl. I Jut just a regular all round girl. " Debating Club, Litcrarj Club, Honor Roll MOUNT HOLY OK 10 REBECCA KITTREDGE “Becky” 100 Pleasant Street " Tho on pleasure she was bent, she had a frugal mind.” RADCLIFFE ARTHUR KNAPP “Dick” 48 Lombard Terrace " Seest thou a man diligent in his business. " Cross Country. Track (Indoor and Outdoor) ANNA E. KOMENDA 187 Newport Street “She’s not noisy loud or gay But enjoys life in a quiet way. " Basketball, t.’lee Club, Tennis B. U. or ART SCHOOL Page Twenty-Three CLAIRE J. KROHN 29 Orvis Road " Devise, Wit! Write, Pen! For I am for whole volumes in folio. " Editor-In-Chief of “The Chronicle” JOURNALISM ANNA KUCHINSKY 61 Fairmont Street " A girl of matchless value. " Honor Itoll KATHERINE GIBBS SCHOOL A " . J ucJ IK EDWARD L. LARCHEZ “Eddie” 12 Lake Street " With serious musing he goes on. " Baseball, Basketball, Football BOSTON UNIVERSITY MARTHA LAWLEY “Mitzi” 25 Endicott Road " A little nonsense now and then Is relished by the wisest of mem” Honor Boll JACKSON GEORGE F. LeBLANC “Frenchy” 72 Hibbert Street " Industry supports him.” WAGNER’S COMMERCIAL ART SCHOOL ELIZABETH LEE “Betty” “Tish " 16 Lenwood Street " Tis the tranquil people who accomplish.” LIBRARIAN MADELYN LENDALL 185 Mystic Street " Smooth runs the water where the brook is deep.” DENTAL HYGIENIST JOSEPH LEVERONI “Joe” 92 Park Avenue North " I was born to be happy.” Track BUSINESS TRAINING LOUISE LEWIS 170 Mystic Street " Deeds are the true proof of worth.” KATHERINE GIBBS SCHOOL Page Twenty-Four A ALICE 0. LOCKE “Al” 19 Iroquois Road " Quiet and meek is she.” Glee Club BRYANT STRATTON JOHN LYNCH “Jink” 120 Situate Street " Be gone my cares ! I give you to the winds.” JOHN LYONS “Sly” 105 Medford Street “The elements are so mixed in him, That nature might stand up and say to all the world, ' This was a man’.” Football, Track, Class Basket- ball, Class Baseball BOSTON UNIVERSITY I , • V , ELIZABETH R. MACDONALD “Libby” 12 Water Street " So lij it of foot, so light of spirit. " Glee Club, Dramatic Club, Honor Roll, Student Council, “Pirates of Penzance” EDGEWOOD PARK JUNIOR COLLEGE MARION K. MACDONALD “Dot” 48 Pine Ridge Road " A brisk canter is the cure for every evil.” RUTH MACDONALD 49 Pleasant Street “A trim little lady with plenty of style.” Student Council, Honor Roll, Tennis, Literary Club, Dramatic Club, Glee Club, Girls’ Club RADCLIFFE MARJORIE MAGEE “Midge” 15 Marion Road “Noble thoughts accompanied her. " FRAMINGHAM TEACHERS COLLEGE PHYLLIS MAGOUN 320 Park Avenue " Gentle of speech, beneficent of mind.” Literary Club, Girls’ Club MARGUERITE MAGUIRE 270 Park Avenue " To know her is to appreciate her qualities.” Glee Club, Girls’ Club SALEM TEACHERS’ COLLEGE ELEANOR J. MAHER “El” 8 Margaret Street ' Variety is the spic Tennis, Bftsk«! BRY ATTON life.’ Glee Club UN IV. OF MINNESOTA A JOHN R. MANNING “Sandy” 139 Scituate Street " What should a man do but be merry?” ( lass Basketball, Class Baseball, Golf, Track BOSTON UNIVERSITY PETER MANOLI 17 Fairmont Street " By his hearty grip and win- ning smile We know he feels that life ' s worth while.” Football, Baseball, Track — Outdoor PAULINE H. MANSFIELD “Polly” 31 Bowdoin Street " She moved her fingers through measures fine, as she marched them o ' er the guilded plank of the ivory floor.” Orchestra, Honor Roll Chronicle Staff WINIFRED P. MARVIN “Winnie” 49 Adams Street “My joy is youthful sports.” Honor Roll, Chronicle Staff, Girls’ Club (Treasurer), Hockey, Basketball, Glee Club, Athletic Association, Student Council, Year Book Committee, Tennis EDNA MASON “Eddie” 26 High Haith Road “Pleasantness is a precious charm.” SOWING TEACHER MILTON A. MATTHEWS “Matt” 3 Hancock Ave, Lexington " All the world’s his stage.” Iiramatie Club, Football, Track, Student Council HARVARD ARTHUR MATTIOLI “Matty” 720 Oxford Street " lie has a line like a fisherman with plenty of bate.” Track, Dramatic Club •MASSACHUSETTS STATE HAROLD McALDUFF, JR. “Me” 37 Williams Street " A lion among the ladies is a dangerous thing.” Football, Track IT. S. NAVAL ACADEMY francis McCarthy “Mac” 49 Sunset Road ' “Let each man do his best.” BOSTON COLLEGE LEO McCORMACK “Ace” 11 Orvis Road “He lives as noble men live.” Class Basketball, Class Baseball Page Twenty-Six A JOHN McCORMICK 54 Academy Street " He hath ever fed of the dain- ties that are bred in a book.” Dramatic Chib, Literary Chib, Year Book Committee HARVARD daniel McDermott “Mac” 139 Westminster Avenue ' •The only way to have a friend is to be one.” ( lass Basketball, Track DANIEL McFADDEN 73 Webster Street “His limbs were cast in manly mold For hardy sports or contest bold.” Football, Class Basketball, Class Baseball, Monitor BOSTON COLLEGE CATHERINE McGURL 158 Summer Street " More is meant here Than meets the ear.” Girls’ Club STATE TEACHERS ' COLLEGE MOLLTE McMANUS 35 Winter Street " ' Tis good to be mirthful and prudent.” Girls ' Club, Honor Itoll, Glee Club RADCLIFPE ANNA MELIN 7 Cross Street " Tis good will makes intelligence.” Honor Boll SECRETARY THERESA G. MENEZES “Tessie” 34 Bowdoin Street " There is merit without elevation But no elevation without merit.” Honor Boll SECRETARY MARY P. MILLS “Paddy” 81 North Union Street " She was born with a gift of laughter.” ALMA MITCHELL 19 Randolph Street " Happiness consists in activity.” Dramatic Club, Field Hockey Manager, Honor Boll, KATHERINE GIBBS SCHOOL ERNEST MOEGELIN 71 Webster Street “A man of hope and forward looking mind.” Football TUFTS Page Twenty-Seven A FLORENCE MOODY “Flo” 48 Oxford Street " She teaches who gives, and she learns who receives.” Honor Roll, Girls’ t ' luh SIMMONS ELIZABETH S. MOONEY “Betty” 76 Allen Street " A cheerful life is what the Muses love.” Girls’ Club FRAMINGHAM TEACHERS’ COLLEGE ¥ GERTRUDE MOORE “Dunlcet” 62 Fountain Street " Good nature is one of the richest gifts.” Chronicle Staff ALICE MORANIAN “Ai” 188 Mystic Valley Parkway “She never says ‘die’ !” CHARLES MOVSESSIAN “Duke” 100 Lake Street " Sing away sorrow, dance away care.” Student Council, Band, Boys’ Glee Club, Dramatic Club, Class Basketball, Class Baseball N. E. CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC MARGARET MURRAY “Peggy” 14 Amherst Street " Always a-smiling, always a-winning, always a-feeling line.” Hockey, Basketball, Baseball, Honor Boll SECRETARY EDMUND JOSEPH NAGLE “Speed” 557 Summer Street " With few words and high ideals. " Glee Club, Dramatic Club BOSTON COLLEGE ROBERT NELSON “Swede” 233 Highland Avenue “Care, to our coffin adds a nail no doubt, and every grin, so merry, draws one out.” Glee Club VETO NEVIACKAS “Shorty” 4 Spy Pond Parkway " On their own efforts, modest men are silent.” Football, Class Baseball, Class Basketball BERTRAND NICHOLAS “Bert” 68 Rawson Road " A friend of all.” RINDGE TECHNICAL SCHOOL Page Twenty-Eight A KENNETH NICHOLLS “Ken” 25 Avon Place " Every inch a man.” KENTS HI EE EDWARD F. NORBERG, Jr. “Bud” 15 Wyman Terrace " Smile and be happy.” Hockey MASSACHUSETTS STATE SALLY C. NORMAN “McGinty” 171 Washington Street “A mixture of .studiousness and jollity.” Gills’ Glee Club CAMBRIDGE MEMORIAL HOSPITAL PHYLLIS NORWOOD “Phyl” 1010 Massachusetts Avenue " She walks with a queenly grace.” COLBY JUNIOR COLLEGE CATHERINE O’BRIEN “Kay” 62 Cleveland Street " Her work is not done for others to mend. " Business Manager “Chronicle” BRYANT STRATTON REINE O’CONNOR “Rock” 40 Pond View Road " He is well paid who is well satisfied.” Hockey ELEANOR OGREN 32 School Stret " I have heard of the lady and good words went with her name.” SIMMONS MONA MARIE O’NEIL 28 Hayes Street " Secure in the hearts of her friends.” Basketball, Tennis, Dramatic Club NURSE’S TRAINING SCHOOL ANNA O’QUINN 65 Lancaster Road " A regular girl was she.” BRYANT STRATTON JOHN PANGBORN 29 Teele Street " It is good to live and learn.” Football, Class Basketball, Class Baseball Page Twenty-Nine EILEEN M. PARKMAN 10 Venner Road " If honor be your clothing, the suit will last a lifetime.” VESPER GEORGE SCHOOL OF ART HOWARD PEARSON “Ave” 11 Mt. Vernon Street " A steadfast man of still and serious thought.” Golf VESPER GEORGE SCHOOL OF ART MARTIN PEARSON “Honey” 81 Henderson Street " His smile is sweetened by gravity.” Chorus his PREMO PECORARI 115 Wachusetts Avenue “A just fortune awaits the deserving.” IDA MAY PERRY 25 Hawthorne Avenue " Long live such good nature.” FRAMINGHAM TEACHERS COLLEGE LESTER A. PETERSON “Pete” 36 Lombard Terrace " He who speaks, sows; and he who keeps silence, reaps.” Debating Club TUFTS HELEN PICARD 27 Temple Street " She reaps the harvest of a quiet mind.” BUSINESS COLLEGE RUTH PITCHER 25 Glen Avenue " Her personality and appear- ances were equally attractive.” Glee Club ELIZABETH POWERS “Eliz” 24 Orchard Place " Thy peace is in much patience.” Glee Club, Baseball, Basketball Hockey SECRETARY JAMES JOSEPH POWERS “Jim” 26 Amherst Street " You came late, yet with vim.” Page Thirty A EDWARD PUBLICOV ' ER “Shorty” 11 Huntington Road “Taste the joy that springs from labor.” MARY PURCELL 101 Broadway " Oently comes the world to those who are cast in a gentle mold. " LESLEY SCHOOL NANCY E. QUINZANI “Nan” 58 Tufts Street " A girl of rare capabilities.” Honor Itoll, Bramatir ( lull, Stii- ilent ( it ii «■ 1 1 , Advertising Year Book Committee, Literary Com- mittee, Basketball, Tennis JACKSON ANNA REAGAN 71 Teel Street “How goodness heightens her fine appearance.” Honor Roll MARION REED 79 Valentine Road “A pleasant girl with pleasant ways.” Tennis, Basketball, Honor Roll BOSTON UNIVERSITY BETTE RIESE 68 Cedar Avenue “Eyes too expressive to be blue, too lovely to be grey.” VIRGINIA RICHMOND “Gin”, “Ginny” 89 Coolidge Road “Good things come in small packages.” Field Hockey, Chronicle Staff NURSE ' S TRAINING SCHOOL BARBARA RIMBACH “Barb” 19 Palmer Street " Young in limb but in judgment old.” Basketball, Field Hockey, ((iris’ (lub (Pres.), Literary Club, Honor Itoll, Year Hook Com- mittee. V t li letle Association IiADCLIFFE DOROTHY T. ROBBINS ‘Dotty” 45 Magnolia Street “She ' s all fun.” Honor Itoll. Field Hockey, Class Hasketball. ((ills’ A. A., ((iris’ Club, ((lee Club, Year Hook Committee SECRETARY’ CECELIA ROBICHAUD 30 Teel Street “Art is power.” Honor Itoll, (dee Club, “Pirates of Penzance” MASS. NORMAL ART SCHOOL Page Thirty-One A ROBERTA ROBINSON “Bertie” 11 Belknap Street " She is gracious sweet, and gentle.’’ RAYMOND RODRIGUEZ, JR. “Rod” 18 Overlook Road " Laugh and the world laughs with you.” BUSINESS COLLEGE GUERINO J. ROSSI “Gus” 266 Mystic Valley Parkway " Worth makes the man.” Class Basketball, 2nd Team Basketball, Honor Roll TUFTS FRANCES RUBENSKAS 140 Lake Street " A mind content, a girl of many talents.” Bl ' RDETT JOHN J. RYAN 22 Bartlett Avenue " His common sense was priceless. ” BOSTON COLLEGE RUTH C. RYBERG “Ruthie” 52 Newland Road " May ye be as happy yourself as you like to see a body else.” tJ Iris’ Club BURDETT VARTKES SAKOION “Saky” 39 Peirce Street " Every one is the sum of his own works.” Hockey, Cross Country, Track, Golf BEATRICE E. SANBY “Bee” 24 Paul Revere Road " To know her is to like her.” Honor Roll, Debating Club, Dramatic Club, Girls’ Club, Literary Club KATHERINE GIBBS SCHOOL 204 Broadway There ' s nothing so becomes a man as modest stillness.” Page Thirty-Two A @S ANTON ETTA SERETTO “Netta” 22 Franklin Street " A sunny nature wins friend- ship.” Field Hotkey, Baseball, Chroni- cle Staff BURDETTS HOWARD SESSLER “Howie” 52 Fountain Road " We know what we are but we know not what we may be.” MASSACHUSETTS STATE GENEVIEVE F. SHARKEY “Jean” 56 Lowell Street " Honor lies in honest toil.” NURSE LYNN TRAINING HOSPITAL NANCY SHEDD 116 Jason Street " For softness formed, and sweet attractive grace.” Glee Club WILLIAM SHIELDS ‘‘Curley” 360 Massachusetts Avenue “A man that hath friends.” Football. Basketball, Track THEODORE SIKER “Ted” , 50 Magnolia Street " He that climbs a ladder musf begin at the firsL round.” f A T » a MARY C. SILVA “May” 89 Varnum Street “Zealous yet modest. " Honor ltoll CLERICAL WORK SARAH SIROT “Sally” 79 Kibbert Street " Many years of deserved hap- piness are, T trust, before you.” Girl’s Club BOSTON UNIVERSITY CATHERINE SMITH “Kay” 72 Claremont Avenue " Oh likeable thoughtful girl !” SECRETARY Page Thirty-Three DOROTHY SMITH “Dot” 21 Newport Street " The faithful are certain of their reward. " Basketball. Debating ' dub, din ' s club. Honor Roll, Liter- al. t Club, Tennis, Year Hook Coni mittee V 1 A L ' XIV. OF MINNESOTA FRANCIS E. SMITH “Dee” 52 Robbins Road ' cheerfulness is an off-shoot of lness and wisdom.” .luiiior Iteil Cross ti e Keiiresenta- MASSACHUSETTS STATE STANLEY SNOWDON 84 Park Avenue " Steadiness is tile foundation of all virtues.” Honor Roll m . r. t. EVELYN C. SNYDER “Evie” 1 10 Webster Street " I .augh ' hg and gay and full of fun, ' Thus she }s ever when frolics begin. ( lass Basketball, Class Tennis, Baseball THELMA SODERQUIST “Tubby,” “Toots” 30 Cr scent Hill Avenue for toil, an hour for a friend is life too ' short.” Basketball .MASSACHUSETTS STATE DARTHEA SPOFFARD “Dot” 67 Crescent Hill Avenue “Silence is more musical than any song.” Ilasket ball MASS. SCHOOL OF ART MARY STOKES “Stokie” 29 Florence Avenue " Always the gayest of the gay.” GERTRUDE STRAPP “Trudy” 138 Newport Street “Constant and true she ' s true blue.” Glee Club PRACTICAL ARTS MARY E. STYNES “Wimpy” 276 Broadway " Her smile is her umbrella.’ Girl’s Club TEACHER’S COLLEGE s HAZEL FjtSULLIVAN 10 DeC redux Street What iknur loss is Wheaton’s O’ W DraniVtie Club. Honor Boll, Year Book Committee gain. " WHEATON Page Thirty-Four A PHILIP J. SULLIVAN 3 Linwood Street “An ounce of enterprise is worth a pound of privilege. " Track, Debating, Honor Doll HARVARD 31 F RITA H. SULLIVAN Sull” Fairmont Street “Perfect coolness and possession.” self- B l JRD ETT COLLEG E DOROTHY SUTHERLAND “Dot” 596 Summer Street “Quiet and true, a good friend to all. " Honor Roll, Rebating Club, Ctrl’s Club, Dramatic Club, Lit- eral} Club JACKSON EDWARD SUTHERLAND 596 Summer Street “Suthie” “He that complies against his will, Has strength of his conviction still.” Dramatic Club WENTWORTH CASTINE E. SWANSON 614 Summer Street “Sometimes grave and some- times gay, But we all like her anyway. " Basketball, Field Hockey, ' Dra- matic Club SECRETARY ANNA SWENSEN “Ann” 103 Columbia Road “Come let’s trip it as we go, On the light fantastic toe.” Dramatic Club, “Country Cou- sin.” ( i TON POSTER TAOCINI ‘Tut” 1 West Street “A likeable, and brilliant fel- low.” Honor Roll BENTLEY SCHOOL MARIA A. TERENZIO “Mary” 41 Bailey Road “She is quiet, reserved and noble.” EVA TOBIN 30S Mystic Street “Speech is human, silence is divine.” SECRETARY PAUL T. TODD “Jack” 355 Summer Street " His gentle mind by gentle deeds are known.” Class Basketball BENTLEY SCHOOL Page Thirty-Five ELSIE L. TORNGREN “Terry” 64 Marathon Street " She shook from the ivory keys a prelude as a bird shakes from its throat a song.” CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC ANTHONY TORRIERO “Tony” 13 Lake Street " A person worth knowing.” DOROTHEA TUCKER “Dot” 49 Churchill Avenue " Do well and right and let the world slide.” t JOHN G. WALLWORK “Johnnie” 79 Menotomy Road " Persistent labor conquers everything.” Dramatic Club TUFTS EDWARD WALSH “Eddie” 27 Surry Road " Blushing is the color of vir- tue.” BRYANT STRATTON GERTRUDE WEINER “Jerry” 132 Sylvia Street I enjoy all, I none disdain. " Girls’ Club, Honor Roll BOSTON UNIVERSITY HOPE WELLS 4 Brantwood Road " She ' s never haughty, never proud, But popular in any crowd.” Dramatic Club, Cheerleader MT. HOLYOKE MARY EILEEN WATERMAN ‘Pinky” 26 Sutherland Road " She is always late on the prin- ciple that punctuality is the thief of time.” Dramatic Club BUSINESS SCHOOL TELEPHONE OPERATOR WILFRED WEDGE “Wiffy” 346 Park Avenue " Why should I not look happy.” Golf EEQEN Ave fcs a n l characteristic _ ouf spirit. sense are mischiev- Page Thirty-Six A PAUL B. WEST “Nicksie” 45 Oakland Avenue It ' s good to be merry and wise.” Track CLAIRE WHITAKER “Karlee” 32 Sherborn Street " Worth and energy, these in- deed your sustenance and birthright are.” stockroom Assistant, Yea r Book BURPETT COLLEGE MURIEL WHITE “Mooey” 18 Robin Hood Road " I find nonsense singularly re- freshing.” Dramatic Club MASSACHUSETTS STATE JUNE A. WHITEHOUSE 48 Cleveland Street " Eyes ' glad with smiles and brow of - pearl, Shadowed by many a careless curl. " RUTH E. WILFERT “Ruthie” 64 Cleveland Street “Stately and tall a good friend to all.” Honor Hull WINSTON E. WITHROW 26 Higgins Street " Serene yet strong, majestic yet sedate, Swift without violence, without terror great. " HENRY WOLOSINSKI “Walla” 1 Mary Street " In the corridor sturdy and staunch he stands.” Honor Itoll, Tennis TUFTS DONNA WOOD 16 Whittemore Street " A lovelier flower on earth was never sown.” Honor Itoll. Dramatic Club, drls’ dee Club, “Pirates of Penzance,” Class Officer, Music — DOROTHY I. WORNER “Dot” 70 Brooks Avenue " Let ignorance talk as it will, Yearning has its value. " Honor Itoll SECRETARY WALTER J. WRAGA “Gus” 75 Broadway " The thing that goes the far- thest toward making life worth- while, That costs the least and does the most is just a pleasant smile.” Football, Class Baseball Page Thirty-Seven A CATHERINE YASIGIAN “Kitty” 15 Cleveland Street " Small, but oh my ! dice Club, Girls’ Club DAVID YOUNG “Dave” 103 Grafton Street " Self -reverence, self-knowledge self-control These three alone head life to sovereign powerv” Glee Club.. Cross Country, Cho- ral Speaking CHEMISTRY WILBUR ZIEGLER “Will” 40 Warren Street " To be trusted is as great a compliment as to be loved.” Glee Club Treasurer, Choral Speaking Club BATES wBaH SHERBROOKE YATES “Sherry” 31 Brantwood Road “Act well your part, there all the honor lies.” Honor H ull. Dramatic Club President ERROL YOUNG 239 Gray Street " There is none of Beauty ' s daughters with a magic like yours.” Honor Hull, Year Book Com- mittee, Dramatic Club “Pirates of Penzance.” BOSTON UNIVERSITY Page Thirty-Eight A HOWARD N. ATWOOD “Howie” (H Harlow Street " I am no proud Jack, but a lad of mettle. ' ' Dramatic Club HARVARD LOUISE M. BARRETT 19 Bowdoin Street " The Pleasure of life is not length, but honesty. " NORMAN BLAISDELL “Big Feet” 27 Russell Street " A busy business man.” WENTWORTH INSTITUTE (printing) GEORGE BOURGET " Buck” 17 Henderson Street " Oh ! for an hour for sport ! " Football ALLYNN W. BOWEN “Texas” 112 Park Avenue " O, give me a home where the buffalo roam.” Orchestra BOSTON UNIVERSITY GEORGE BURNS 269 Lowell Street " Thou pursuest with eager pace thy even way.” Track GEORGE GARENS “Gidge” 10 Upland Road " On with the dance, let mirth be unconfined. " Hockey Manager. Tenuis, ANNA I ' 01.1 S PAUL CARNEY 47 Lake Street " He left no stone unturned. " BOSTON UNIVERSITY a FRANK CASAZZA “Pep” 15 Amherst Street " We see there ' s mettle in thee. " Baseball. Football REPORTER PATRICIA COLLINS “Pat” 102 Newport Street " Endurance is her crowning quality. " M essia It ROBERT CRAYTON “Crate” 9 Newcomb Street " If it be a man ' s work, I ' ll do it. " Football. Basketball. Baseball CM anager) LOUISE DALEY 18 Medford Street " A friend is worth all the hazards we can run. " BURDETTS DAVID DEMPSTER 149 Franklin Street " An ounce of mirth is worth a pound of sorrow.” DOROTHY M. DENTE 132 Scituate Street " Charm befits a lady. " (.lee club. Dramatic Club PORTIA RAW SCHOOL ANITA Di DON ATI “Needa” 4} 16 Prentice Road " Goodness is beauty in its best estate. " s, EDWARD DOHERTY 19 Amherst Street " Men of few words are the best men. " ACCOUNTANT ELEANOR DYSON “Dee” 108 Medford Street " I envy no one who knows more than myself, but pity them that know less.” (Hee Club, (fills’ Club, Esperanto Club, Choral Speaking EASTMAN SCHOOL of MUSIC 1281 Massachusetts Avenue " Her tongue is the law of mischief. " JOSEPH GARDELLA “Joe” 5 Lockeland Avenue " Then he rushed to meet the invading foe with his hockey- stick outstretched.” Football. Hockey, Track, Baseball Page Thirty-Nine r GERTRUDE GARLAND “Gert” 69 North Union Street " Grace and rhythm followed her footsteps. " M a CLEAN TRAINING SCHOOL ELSIE J. HOWATT 88 Park Avenue North " Small, but filled with a gay spirit.” Glee Club, Dramatic Club EVELYN MARTELL 153 Medford Street " Weh liked by all.” Glee Club, Dramatic Club, Tennis NORTHFIELD SEMINARY PHILIP M. GARRATT 6 Fairview Avenue " Of science and logic he chat- ters as fine and as fast as he can.” M. 1 T. RADIO ENGIN’RING RUTH GEORGE “Ruffles” 21 Alfred Road “A generous heart, a generous mind.” TELEPHONE SUPERVISION KENNETH HANSEN 14 Churchill Avenue " Bravery never goes out of fashion.” CADET — UNITED FRUIT STEAMSHIP CO. JEAN HARTLING 17 Brattle Street " Patient of toil, serene amidst alarms.” NURSE CHARLES JENNINGS “Charlie” 41 Crescent Hill Avenue “Diligence has very great power in everything.” WEST POINT JOSEPH LAX “Jobey” 27 Linwood Street " He enjoys the present moment.” Hockey, Baseball BOSTON UNIVERSITY ROBERT LOUNSBURY 53 Fountain Road " His modesty sets off a spritely wit.” MADELINE MAIO “Adds” 84 Cleveland Street " How pleasant to know is she!” MARGARET MALONE “Margie” 46 Beacon Street " She ever obtains what she pursues; ’ NURSING EDGAR MURPHY 39 Amsden Street " Formed on the good old plan, a true, a brave, a downright honest man.” ROBERT D. NICOLL “Nick” 5 Ronald Road " Nothing is impossible to a willing heart.” Band AMERICAN AIRWAYS SCHOOL ROBERT S. NICOLL “Nick” 1 0 Montague Street " Worthy of any man ' s trust.” DENDROLOGY MARIE GERTRUDE O’BRIEN “Babe” 23 Water Street “She does well who acts nobly.” STEPHEN O’BRIEN 25 Peirce Street " Gladness of heart is the life of man.” Page Forty PETER O’HOLLORAN 432 Massachusetts Avenue " He rolls his way into our hearts.” MARY POTTER “Potsie” 75 Lake Street ‘To enjoy life one must be gay.” NORMA COFREU’S SCHOOL OF INDEXING and FILING PAUL PRESTON 32 Franklin Street " Joyfulness prolongeth one ' s days.” Football BUSINESS COLLEGE OLIVE RAWLINGS “Oil ie” 8 Newport Street " Tis irtue makes woman admired.” CLIFTON ROE “Fish” 102 Quincy Street " A good sort and a good sport.” clnss Basketball, Class Baseball BOSTON UNIVERSITY WILLIAM ROYCROFT ‘Billy” 80 Herbert Road " Actions, looks, words form the alphabet by which you may spell character.” Baseball BOSTON UNIVERSITY FLORENCE SAHAGIAN 141 Webster Street " Honor is the reward of virtue.” Dramatic Club, Literary Club, Chronicle GEORGE L. SHAW “Itchie” 156 Overlook Road " A man of mark.” Track. Band, Orchestra MUSIC MARY WALDRON 21 Teel Street ' They are never alone who accompanied by nob thoughts. " ARIEL L. WALKER “Bobbie” 983 Massachusetts Avenue " Dancing’s the child . of music and of joy.” Tap Dancer MARY RITA SULLIVAN ‘Sullie” 77 Gloucester Street " She who has a sense of duty, has a foundation for a worthy character.” Office Assistant, BOSTON CITY HOSPITAL PHILIP WEATHERILL “Phil” 35 Temple Street " Wisdom is better than rubies.” Dramatic Club, “Merchant of Venice,” “Country Cousin,” Ho- nor Roll MASS. INST. TECHNOLOGY ELECTRO-CHEMISTRY RICHARD TASHJIAN 374 Massachusetts Avenue " Oh for some dynamite !” Football, Baseball ■ ' HELEN TIERNEY 24 6amdia Street “ f ' her therejs_J ut one.” SECRETARY 9 JEAN WHITCOMB 101 Brantwood Road " Life’s a jest and all things show it, I thought so once, and now I know it.” SECRETARIAL SCHOOL LeROY TUTTERMAN 54 Marathon Street " He thaz. hath knowledge needeth not to speak often.” KENNETH WILLIAMS ‘Tarzan” 73 Newland Road “A friend of dignity and worth.” ELIZABETH VILLONE 30 Milton Street " Thou ar+ a friend of good respect.” Tennis, Basketball, Baseball, Honor Roll, Oirls’ Club SIMMONS JOHN J. WOODS 61 Thorndike Street “A good and steady worker.’ Page Forty-One A w " V-Kv : _3 m TP . ' y f — - E Wf i i A — — o . jm a. ■S ' . 4 r i J Page Forty-Two :g zs S.C r , Page Forty-Three A History of the Class of 1935 The history of the Class of 1935 is a record of highly varied activity, of incen- tive cha nge, and achievement. Entering this famed institution of learning we en- gaged ourselves earnestly in the pursuit of more knowledge. Knowing that our class was the most gifted group to pass into the portals of Arlington Senior High School, we proceeded with fortitude towards our goal. Our first task was the establishment of amicable relationships with our illus- trious pedagogues. However, with this accomplished we at once set forth on a long train of repeated academic successes, attaining heights which made us dizzy or in many instances dizzier. The new aspirations and interests which developed a growing preeminence evinced themselves at a very early stage. In our sophomore year we were blessed with a football team that showed its prowess by defeating Fitchburg and other major teams. Other extra curricular activities gave good accounts of themselves. The dramatic club presented “Grumpy’ " and “Highness, ’ prize winning plays. This same year the combined music clubs entertained the entire state in a musical festi- val. In the category of assemblies our class had the pleasure of hearing Miss Ruth Posselt, the celebrated concert violinist. Thus ended the sophomore year in a blaze of glory with the majority of our master-minds culminating in the achievement of one stage of their education. With the advent of September the tenth, our nasal appendages assumed an angle of elevation only surpassed by those of the more exalted and sophisticated seniors. As the days passed, our already stupendous intelligences were augmented by another vast store of knowledge — we dazzled all eyes by the brilliance of our astounding in- tellects. This year also brought forth athletic teams of high ability including a foot- ball team with an enviable record of one loss, one tie game, and eight victories. The Dramatic Club contributed the presentation of the “Merchant of Venice,” as its part in general glorification of our junior class. The music department put on with great success the “Pirates of Penzance. It was in this year that five of our erstwhile juniors, although a chronicler of earlier date alleges them to be of the senior class, capped or top-hatted (if you will allow me), our years activities by adorning the cupola of the new addition with a pennant bearing the pirate’s skull and bones. Page Forty-Four Our final thought as we last graced the building in June was a determination to return in September, more sophisticated and haughtier than any previous senior ■ lass, and to add to the magnitude of our intelligence and the scintillating splendor of our name which was now of such prodigous proportions as to startle even our- selves. Upon completion of our summer vacation we took our places as lofty seniors. The senior class then became organized with William Collins as our president; Kath- erine Hart, vice-president; John Buckley, treasurer; and Donna Woods, secretary. The presidency of the student council, a position of no little importance, was filled by none other than our own silver tongued orator, Lawrence Driscoll. The Dramatic Club has had a particularly brilliant year presenting, “The Coun- try Cousin,” as the annual play and then later playing host to one hundred fifty school thespians from every New England State, except Connecticut, early in May. In addition the music department had an astounding year participating in Music festivals. It also had the opportunity of displaying musical ability of the students in all schools in Arlington. Our candidates for a place among the athletes in the Hall of Fame included such celebrities as our president William Collins, a three sport star who excelled in football, hockey, and track. Peter Manoli, who co-captained with William Collins (how often we see his name), through one of the finest football seasons in our high school history, and Edward Norberg, who led our hockey team to great heights, win- ning with honors the interscholastic hockey league championship. The fair members of our class also disported themselves to good advantages in field hockey, basketball, baseball and tennis with such stars as Katherine Hart, Edna Dennen and Olive Jackson bringing credit upon themselves and our renowned Alma Mater. In dramatics, Sherbrooke Yates and Milton Matthews displayed their abilities with great success. Our famed publication, the Chronicle attained a greater success this year under the editorship of Claire Krohn who kept the students enlightened as to the major and minor events affecting Arlington High School. And now our years at Arlington High School have drawn to a close. We pass to an even greater stage. Although we pass out of these halls of learning with reluc- tant steps because of our pleasant associations, we look to the future confident that we, the Class of 1935, shall carry throughout our lives the traditions of sportsman- ship and achievement for which Arlington High School is known. Page Forty-Five A 1, Theresa Menezes ; 2, Creely Buchanan ; 3, Thomas Brown ; 4, Madeline Maio ; 5, Virginia T. Cox ; 6, Mary Hogan ; 7, Sherman Davison ; 8, Eleanor Maher ; 9, Doris Inglis ; 10, Gwendolyn Johnson; 11, Eva Johnson; 12, Elizabeth Giarizzo ; 13, Elizabeth Macdonald; 14, Ruth Macdon- ald; 15, Noreen Chambers; 16, James Gallagher; 17, Margaret Murray; 18, John R. Manning; 19, Eleanor Batlimann ; 20, Cecilia LaBlanc ; 21, Miriam Brackett ; 22, Mary Bradford ; 23, Alma Mitchell ; 24, Edith Cassidy ; 25, Elizabeth Powers ; 26, Errol Young ; 27, Gertrude Ahern ; 28, Elizabeth Bell ; 29, Bud Norberg ; 30, Claudia Kelty ; 31, Phyllis Dacey ; 32, Katherine Hart ; 33, Althea Bishop ; 34, Eileen Waterman ; 35, Thomas Bondi ; 36, Nancy Quinzani ; 37, Anna O ' Quinn ; 38, Edna Mason ; 39, Ernest Cooper ; 40, Winifred Marvin ; 41, Barbara Weeden ; 42, Margaret DuPlessis ; 43, Gaetano Schipellite Page Forty-Six ACTIVITIES A The Student Council l pper: W. Butler, R. Macdonald, B. Fowler, W Does, M. Matthews, J. Buckley, R. White, C. Kelty, B. Macdonald, J. Nolan, C. Movsessian Bottom: Mrs. Moffatt, G. Kielev, R. Gallagher, N. Quinzani, G. Coburn, L. Driscoll, D. Dale, W. Marvin The Student Council, under the guidance of Mrs. Moffatt, lias enjoyed a very active year. Its first work was a study of the social affairs of the neighboring high schools which was included in a report given later by George Coburn. Committees were appointed and met to act upon the following: Smoking, Social Activities, and School Traffic Problems. The Smoking Committee drew up boundaries for the no smoking area, and suggested that a committee arrange an assembly to explain the boundaries as well as to urge the boys to follow the rules. The Traffic Committee suggested that the doors near Rm. 12 be closed to traffic after school to alleviate the congestion in the adjacent corridors. The next work accomplished was the drawing up and adoption of the constitution for the council as the original document has long since been outgrown. Conventions were attended by various councillors. These were the bi-annual meeting of the Eastern Division of the Associated Bodies of Student Councils, the business meeting of the same organization and the annual convention of the Associ- ated Bodies of Student Councils at Holyoke. A committee is now attempting to run a dance for the entire school in honor of the Junior Class. A ballot vote is being taken in the homerooms to ascertain the Page Forty-Seven popularity of such a function. A special meeting will be called to take action upon the findings of the committee, and it is hoped that the dance will be a successful one. OFFICERS President — Laurence Driscoll Vice-President — George Coburn Secretary — Doris Dale Seniors John Buckley Milton Matthews Charles Movsessian Claudia Kelty Nancy Quinzani Elizabeth Macdonald William Does Winifred Marvin MEMBERS Sophomores Joseph Nolan Frank Alger Betty Fagerland Frank White Juniors George Coburn William Butler Rosella Gallegher Gladys Kiely Barbara Fowler Beverly MacDonald Girls ' Club A helpful and active organization this year has been the Girls’ Club. With the able assistance of Mrs. Moffatt and Miss Constance Kennedy, the club carried on the splendid service work for the Kentucky Mountain people. Among the things sent were baby slippers, attractive pictures, and books. The girls also made a com- plete outfit for a baby. The club also sponsored two socials with great success. Unusual dancing and musical talent was found among the members who entertained. A number of interesting speakers addressed the club among whom were Mr. Goodman, a settlement worker among the negroes, Miss Porter, and Miss Kennedy. Mr. Goodman gave a very enlightening lecture on The Negro Problem. Miss Porter gave the girls many valuable suggestions in her talk, “What Can I Do?” Miss Kennedy explained and displayed the spring styles. With so many accomplishments the club certainly has fulfilled its purpose. Offcers: President — Barbara Rimbach Vice-President — Gertrude Ahern, Dorothy Robbins Secretary — Dorothea Howley Treasurer — Winifred Marvin Page Forty-Eight A Dramatic Club Activities Cpper: M. Matthews, J. McCormick, B. Fowler, P. Weatheriel, P. Gariepy Lower: S. Yates, Mrs. Matthews, Miss Johnston, F. Kellogg What a year for the Dramatic Club! The hist real get-together was a party on December 14. A very interesting program was presented which included a one-act play, The Bathroom Door , a very clever farce. There were also songs, readings, choral-speaking selections by members of the Club. This was followed by dancing and refreshments in the gymnasium. The annual public play was, this year, The Country Cousin, by Booth Tarking- ton and Julian Street. It was a snappy, very modern comedy full of clever, witty remarks. It was presented on February 1st by a competent cast. This production proved to be a great success both dramatically and financially. As the Year Book goes to the press, the Dramatic Club is enthusiastically work- ing on plans for the New England Drama Festival which will be the climax to this eventful year in the Club. Arlington High School had the honor of winning first place in the annual competition between the New England Secondary Schools Drama- tic Clubs last year, and, following the precedent of other years, will entertain this year. This will be a tremendous undertaking, but we feel sure that Arlington will come through successfully as always. The guests will begin to arrive on Friday, May 10th, and plays will be given Friday evening, Saturday afternoon, and Saturday evening. After the plays on Friday evening, the guests will be entertained at various parties. Very exciting games are being planned, and tempting refreshments will be served. Saturday evening after the judges decision, the climax of this celebration will be held — the dance. It will be held in the High School auditorium and will be a fitting close for this week-end. The guests will depart the next morning, all taking a happy remembrance, we hope. President — Sherbrooke Yates Business Manager and First Vice-President — Philip Weatherill Treasurer — Milton Matthews Second Vice-President — John McCormick Property Manager — Barbara Fowler Secretary — Florence Kellogg Stage and Scenery Manager — Paul Gariepy Page Forty-Nine A The Chronicle Top Bow: C ' . O’Brien, G. Schipellite, ,T. Byrne, C. Anderson, Miss Krastin Bottom: G. Moore, A. Seretto, C. Krohn, F. Sahagian, O. Jackson The Chronicle has completed another successful year, during which many prom- inent celebrities were interviewed by members of the s taff, thus creating more student interest in our paper. Serious financial difficulties were overcome by the fine sup- port of the students, and the Chronicle’ s high literary standard has been maintained under the careful supervision of Miss Krastin, Miss Pattison, Mr. Arthur, and Mr. Robinson. The whole staff headed by Claire Krohn, editor; Gaetano Schipellite, news editor; and Catherine O’Brien, business manager; is to be congratulated for llie fine Chronicle it has given the school and for the amount of work each member has put into his or her department. Members of the staff included: Editor-in-chief News Editor Business Manager Literary Editor Columns Sports A dvertising Circulation junior Editor . . Claire Krohn . . . Gaetano Schipellite Catherine O’Brien Florence Sahagian L. Dacey, G. Moore, C. Elliot J. Harrington, J. Powers, 0. Jackson Antonetta Seretto J. Byrne, C. Anderson Ruth Olsen Page Fifty A Debating Club Tipper: S. Barron, W. Walsh, A. Mahegan, J. Carmody, M. Hurwitz Bottom: Miss Johnston, D. Smith, D. Graham, L. Peterson, L. Driscoll, B. Sanby, E. Finger, C. Buchanan Th is year the club has been hampered by the lack of seasoned debaters, and consequently has been forced to allot most of the year to training men for the nu- cleus of next year’s club. A debate with Norwood has been scheduled on. Resolved: the United States government should give aid to educational institutions during the present crisis. Also two two-man teams are to give at an assembly a debate on, Re- solved: the jury System should be abolished in the United States. The officers for this year were: President — Lawrence Driscol 1 Vice-President — Lester Peterson Secretary — Beatrice Sanby Under the direction of Miss Johnston the students previously mentioned, and the following have been conducting practice debates at the meetings. Dorothy Smith Albert Mahegan Melvin Hurwitz Creely Buchanan Eleanor Finger Virginia Stone Marcia Kidder Stanley Barron Jean Ottley Dorothy Graham Ruth Wadell John Walsh James Carmody John Kedian Edmund Nagel Dorothy Sutherland Ruth Macdonald Page Fifty-One Boys ' Glee Club The I joy’s Glee Club has been a greater success this year than the previous school years, and its activities have not been confined to singing alone. On November 9th a party was held in the New High School Auditorium which was a financial success as well as a social one. At the party the Glee Club sang several songs among which was the “Man on the Flying Trapeze.” The G1 ee Club is now competing with the other Musical groups of A. H. S. for a part in the State Championship contest. The Club is also trying to go to the May Festival at Quincy. The selections sung are not always classical; some of them are; “There is a Tavern in the Town,” “The Song of the Jolly Roger,” “Oh, Susanna,” as well as many other Glee Club songs. There are over 30 members in this club and meetings are attended regularly every Wednesday in Room 75. OFFICERS President — Thomas Bondi Vice-President — Francis Harvey Secretary — Steel Davison Girls ' Glee Club The three Girls’ Glee Clubs all joined the Boys’ Glee Club last fall in giving the Glee Club party, which proved to be a huge success. Every one enjoyed the enter- tainment provided by talented members of the clubs, and the dancing which followed. Since the Christmas vacations the Girls’ Glee Clubs have devoted their weekly meeting to preparation for the final contest in April which will determine what musi- cal groups in all the Arlington Schools will attend the May Festival at Quincy where they will compete with other Schools of Massachusetts. SOPHOMORE President — Katherine Lynch Vice-President — Eileen Garrity Secretary — Gwendolyn Fontes Librarian — Margaret Powers JUNIOR President — F ranees Heinrich V ice-President — Naomi Alcott Secretary — Marguerite O’Brien Librarian — Margaret Young SENIOR President — V irginia Cutter Secretary — Marion Butler Librarian — Eleanor Dyson A. B. C. Trio The A. B. C. Trio was organized January, 1934. It consists of violin, played by Anahid Avakian; a ’cello, now played by Shirley Bond; since Olive Burtt has resigned this position, and a piano played by Ruby Cowan who is also the conductor. The girls are assisted by Miss Pierce and Miss Vallendar, a well-known Arlington piano teacher. The trio whose name is composed of the initials of the last names of the musicians has been very busy. The trio played at the Florence Crittenton Club, The Armenian Club, and the Glee Club Dances, and also during dinners and at after-dinner concerts. It has several future engagements which include broadcasting over station WNAC, playing at the Arlington Symmes Hospital, at the Glee Club Dance, at a school concert, and at the Newton Woman’s Club. The girls also expect to play at a hotel during the summer vacation. Page Fifty-Two This year the orchestra consisted of fifty-two pieces, one of the best the school has had. During the year the orchestra played at most of the assemblies, besides playing at the Teacher’s convention in Boston dur ing October. The small orchestra played at several outside functions, as well as at several of the school assemblies. In April, an all-Arlington Music Festival was held at which the orchestra played, and then it entered the State Music Festival which is to be held at Quincy on May 1 4th. On the whole it was a successful year, despite the loss of several of last year’s players. Page Fifty-Three A The Literary Club l ' l I « r: D. Sutherland, P. Magoun, M. Kidder, Miss Treat, B. Rimbach, F. Finger, F. Sahagian Bottom: R. Macdonald, D. Smith, B. Sanby, A. Byer, N. Alcott The meetings of the Literary Club were held every two weeks under the super- vision of Miss Treat, and included discussions of both poetry and prose. For each meeting a chairman was selected to arrange the program. These programs con- sisted of reports on current books and short biographies of their authors. On November 8 Ava Byer presided over a meeting in which Galsworthy was discussed. Miss Porter, an ardent admirer of him, told why she likes his novels. On November 22 Marcia Kidder was chairman. The meeting was devoted to discussing Frances Frost’s poetry. Miss Krastin gave a very interesting talk on her work and read us two of her short stories. On December 20 the meeting was divided into two parts. Dorothy Sutherland presided over a discussion of Edna Millay. Miss Porter recently attended one of her lectures, and entertained us all by telling about it. Beatrice Sanby was in charge of the second half which included a discussion of Mary Chase’s new book, Mary Peters. Other programs have been planned for the Spring. The Club has been organized only two years, but it has been very interesting and a great deal of fun. This year the Literary Club was composed of the following members: Beatrice Sanby, Secretary; Naomie Alcott, Ruth Brison, Ava Byer, Eleanor Finger, Marcia Kidder, Ruth Macdonald, Phyllis Magoun, Barbara Rimbach, Florence Sahagian, Dorothy Smith, Dorothy Sutherland, Ruth Waddell. Page Fifty-Four ATHLETICS A Football Top: P. Dorington, .J. Buckley, T. Johnson, V. Neviackas .Middle: Mr. Hormel, C. Buchanan, W. Mullen. J. Lyons, J. Casey, A. Oliverio, W. Oliverio, A. Lennon, Mr. Ostergren Bottom: W. Shields, D. McPadden, E. Moeglin, W Collins, P. Manoli, J. Gardella, C. Genge, M. Matthews The Football team this year had one of the most successful seasons in its his- tory. We started the season by beating Newton and Winchester with little difficulty. Our third game, with Leominster, was harder to win because of the fact that Joe Gardella, a fine halfback, was out with appendicitis. In the Malden game, Arlington, though an underdog, took an easy win. The following week, however, w 7 e received our only setback from Medford in a close game. Portland, Coach Ostergren’s Alma Mater, was made into a punching-bag for Arlington, and Belmont and Brookline met the same fate. In the Thanksgiving Day game, Melrose offered stififer opposition, but we managed a 6-0 win. We were prevented from meeting Fitchburg because of inclement weather. Bill Collins and Peter Manoli shared the captaincy this year, and Paul Dorrington and Bart Madden have been elected to share it next. After the season, the team was given a reception and sweaters w 7 ere presented. Arlington 111 Arlington 13 Arlington 6 Arlington 12 SCHEDULE Newton 7 Winchester 0 Leominster 0 Malden 0 Arlington 6 Arlington 6 Arlington 32 Arlington 26 Arlington 31 Melrose 0 Medford 12 Portland, Me. 0 Belmont 0 Brookline 7 Letters were presented to: W. Collins, F. Madden, C. Genge, E. Moeglin, D. Mc- Fadden, P. Manoli, G. Bourget. M. Matthews, W. Mullen, J. Buckley, P. Dorrington, M. Guzelian, J. Lyons, V. Neviackas, W. Oliverio, A. Lennon, J. Casey (Mgr.) Page Fifty-Five A Hockey Top: (i. Carene, M. Teele, A. Sakoian, O. Lucas, S. Owen, Mr. Downs Middle: J. Chipman, R. Mee, J. Gardella, W. Collins, W. Lane, J. Byrne Bottom: E. Preston, V. Sakoian, E. Norberg, R. Coyne, R. Keefe The Hockey team is shown with the trophy presented them as champions of the Interscholastic League. This year the contest was close, and our traditional rivals in Melrose nearly captured the cup. In the second-last game Arlington won from Melrose and came into a tie in the Championship race. The following week Melrose suffered another defeat, leaving Arlington the cup. This fine record was achieved despite the ineligibility of two of our most valuable players, since Vatkes Sakoian, our veteran goalie, and Joe Gardella, a high-scoring forward, both became over the age limit for scholastic competition. Coach Downes saved the day by pulling a couple of rabbits out of his hat in the persons of goalie Ray Coyne and Billy Lane, the latter one of the everpresent Lanes in Arlington athletics. The team elected Roger Keefe and Edward Preston as Co-captains, to succeed Captain Norberg. Schedule : Won: Medford (twice), Cambridge Latin (twice), Belmont (twice), Andover, Rindge, Stoneham, Melrose. Tied: Melrose, Newton, Stoneham. Lost: Exeter, Newton, Rindge. Letters were awarded to: V. Sakoian, E. Norberg, R. Coyne, J. Byrne, W. Lane, R. Mee, W. Collins, E. Preston, J. Chipman, J. Gardella, R. Keefe, G. Carens, (Mgr.) Page Fifty-Six Field Hockey Top: Hart, B. Rimbach, C. Swanson Middle: Miss McCarty, D. Robbins, W. Marvin, S. Fellman, V. Richmond, A. Mitchell Bottom: E. Pillsbury, A. Siker, O. Jackson, H. Bevins, E. Gorell The gills ' field hockey team completed a successful season, winning three games and tying two. The players showed great cooperation, and this along with the brilliant playing of captain Olive Jackson, brought them through an undefeated season. The hardest game played was with Winchester, both teams showing the tesult of long and hard practice. The coaches are to he given great praise for turn- ing out such good teams. The score at the end of the game was 0 to 0. At a party given by the retiring Captain, Harriet Bevins was elected captain for next season. The second team also came through with an undefeated season winning all their games and Miss McCarty, coach, expects to find many prospects amongst them next year. The players who will be hack for next season are: Harriet Bevins, Edith Pillsbury, Sonia Fellman, and Anna Siker. The schedule and scores were as follows: October JO, Arlington 2 Winthrop 0 November 2, Arlington 2, Belmont 1 October 19, Arlington f, Melrose 0 November 7, Arlington 0, Winchester 0 November 15, Arlington 0, Malden 0 Those who received letters were as follows: Olive Jackson, Captain; Harriet Bevins, Captain-Elect; Alma Mitchell, Manager; Katherine Hart, Virginia Richmond, Anna Siker, Barbara Rimbach, Winifred Mar- vin, Edith I J illsbury, Sonia Fellman, Castine Swanson, Dorothy Robbins. Page Fifty-Seven Basketball Top Row: Miss McCarty, C. Swanson, T. Soderquist, B. Rimbach, M. Murray, O. Jackson, B. Dwyer Bottom: W. Marvin, A. Siker, C. Hart, H. Bevins, A. Dickson The return this year of a large squad of veterans and the presence of fine sopho- more material presaged a very successful season. This was fulfilled by a record of six victories and one tie. Under the captainship of Katherine Hart, the team had no difficulty in showing its ability for Captain Hart was ably supported by Castine Swanson, Thelma Soder- quist, and Barbara Rimbach, all of last year’s team. The success of the team is largely due to the fact that every play clicked and had the opponents baffled. The passing, shooting, and guarding were unusually good because of Miss McCarty’s fine training. The closest and hardest fought game was with Malden, and ended in a tie. Cap- lain Hart and Castine Swanson saved the team from defeat with two miraculous baskets. While many valuable players will be lost through graduation, the strong sopho- more material gives Coach McCarty high hope for another of her successful teams next year. Page Fifty-Eight A nr? T rack Top: Crosby, C. Lewis, Air. McCarty, T. Ahern, It. Hancock •ln : ( Tibbetts, C. Lemke, W. Collins, .1. Gardella, T. Donnelly, AT. Matthews 2ml: j. Deveroni, .J. Hoffman, (1. Burns, A. Knapp, S. Davison, L. Gott, P. Leavitt Bottom: H. ( ' ook, M. Giaquinto, W. Does, P. Cronin, J. Frederiksen Winter Track at Arlington lliis year was not ils usual success, as the team was robbed of many of its stars by graduation. There were, however, several members who were able to provide competition and keep the team ' s head above water. Captain Billy Does and Mario “Chick” Giaquinto took most of the honors in the dashes, while Jack Hoffman was doing a capable job at the timbertopping. Chandler Lewis was aided by Tibbets in filling Gene Graf’s place in the high jump, and Cronin, a Sophomore, showed great promise in the longer distances. Despite the rather dismal showing of the board track runners, Arlington is looking forward to a successful season in Spring Track. “Doc’ McCarthy’s men will be led by Billy Shields, a dependable dashman. Collins will be putting the shot with the best of the schoolboy athletes, and the many Sophomores on the team are expected to have acquired the necessary experience to bring home the blue rib- bons. There are seven meets scheduled for this year’s track team and the team ought to run up a fine record. WINTER SCHEDULE Brookline Everett Watertown Malden Northeastern Meet Andover Interscholastics State Meet Letters were awarded to: Captain W. Does, j. Gardella, C. Lewis, Tibbets, J. Hoffman, H. Cook, M. Giaquinto, W. Collins. SPRING SCHEDULE Belmont Interclass Meet Malden Brookline Melrose Medford St ite Meet Fitchburg Relays Page Fifty-Nine Cross Country Top: A. Knapp Middle: P. Cronin, H. Cook Bottom: J. Fredriksen, L. Gott, G. Burns This year the track prospects seemed rather poor. The Cross Country team, however, started at a great pace to show they did not intend to breathe the dust of any team. Thus, in the first meet with Quincy, a team composed of comparative “greenies” held the Quincy team, undefeated for two seasons, to a score of two points. Only six of our harriers ran in this meet, while Quincy started nearly twenty. When our team finally became organized, we pitted ourselves against Wake- field, ' State champions, and undefeated in ' 34, and gave them the only upset of the season. We won by a score of twenty-eight, — thirty. From this point the team increased in strength, and the Hill-and-Dalers earned a fine name for themselves as Melrose, Beverly, and Tufts Freshmen took their dust from Arlington. Still determined to win, despite a setback from Wakefield and Andover in a Triangle meet, the team entered the State Championship meet at Stone- ham, and came in a close second to Wakefield. Thus, the team of ’34 maintained the usual high standards of “Doc’ McCarthy’s Harriers. SCHEDULE Quincy Beverly Wakefield Andover-Wakefield Melrose Stale Meet Tufts Freshmen Letters were awarded to: Lester Gott, Captain; Paul Cronin, Captain-elect; George Burns, Herbert Cook, John Frederickson, Arthur Knapp. Page Sixty A Basketball EE3IIIIIIII Top: D. Gillis, W. Shields, E. Jones, Mr. Lowder Bottom: O’Brien, C. Lowder, E. Holway In the face of a difficult schedule composed of the best teams of the State, the Basketball team turned in a creditable record this year, which was Coach Lowder’s second with the High School. Although not a choice for the Tech Tournament, we proved a hard nut for any team to crack, for out of eighteen games played, we won ten and lost eight. Chelsea, Quincy, and Fitchburg, all choices for the Tech Tourna- ment, were on our list. John O’Brien was the spark plug of the team and high scorer, followed closely by Charlie Lowder, who, though the smallest player on the team, was Captain, and has been re-elected for next season. We started the season by humbling the Alumni, and, in a post-season game during which all rules were set aside, we put the Faculty to rout. This last victory was won in spite of the referee and timer, who were frankly on the side of the Teachers. The team is expected to be even better next season, as few of the players will be lost by graduation. SCHEDULE Won: Alumni, Brookline (twice), Everett (twice), Cambridge Latin (twice), Medford, Melrose, Somerville. Lost: Chelsea (twice), Fitchburg (twice), Belmont, Woburn, Quincy, Medford. Letters were awarded to: C. Lowder, E. Jones, H. Seiders, J. O ' Brien, F. Mad- den, W. Shields, E. Hollway, 1). Gillis (Mgr.) Page Sixty-One A Girls 7 Baseball l’|)|M‘i Row: Miss McCarty, H Sughrue, R. Ouellette, E. Coppola, A. Colouris Second How: M. Harris, S. Fellnian, V. H offman, E. Pillsbury, A. Sauerwald, E. Parsons Bottom Row : A. Siker, O. Jackson, A. Dickson, I,. Fellnian, H. Bevins Although only a few veterans are returning this year for baseball, Miss McCarthy looks forward to another successful season. Anna Dickson, the captain will be in- valuable to the team not only for her fielding but also for her hitting ability. Other promising candidates are Mary Harris, Anna Siker, Virginia Hoffman and Olive Jackson. Every position on the team will be closely contested because there is such excellent material in the sophomores and juniors. Although the season is not yet under way we can safely predict a successful one for the Girls’ baseball team. The following teams will be played: Medford Wellesley Cambridge Winchester Concord Melrose Page Sixty-Two Girls ' Tennis I ' pper: D. Robbins, P. Paeey, C. Hart, W. Marvin Bottom: P. Madden, Y. Blanchard, (I. Ahern, R. Macdonald, C. Hart, L. Lane, P. Gray, E. Whitney At the writing of this Year Book the tennis squad have had no outside practice, but they have been holding their practice sessions in the gym. The veterans back for this year are: Katherine Hart, Captain Priscilla Gray Gertrude Ahern In past years the tennis teams have had very good luck in sharing honors with other schools, and we hope that this year will find the team winning all of their games. Miss Crosby is in charge of the squad and she is doing a splendid job in getting the girls in condition. Yvonne Blanchard is one of the candidates and we hope that she will be as suc- cessful in her tennis career as her sister has been. The schedule is as follows: May 6 — Belmont June 3 — Winchester May 27 — Malden June 7 — Winthrop May 31 — Lexington The squad consists of the following: Katherine Hart, Captain; Louise Daley, Manager; Ruth Macdonald, Louise Lane, Pauline Madden, Priscilla Gray, Gertrude Ahern, Lorretta O’Brien, Winifred Marvin, Bette Reese, Thelma Batlie, Yvonne Blanchard. Page Sixty-Three Tennis I’pper Line, left to right: R. Brainard, Rob. Brainard, H. Wolosinski, R. Mann, W. Lane, G. Thompson, W. Hawke Lo ' tver Row: H. Cuillo, W. Bixby, G. Coburn, L. Hatch, J. Leveroni The boys’ Tennis team at Arlington this year will be composed almost entirely of raw material. Coach Downes, however, will have sufficient candidates from which to choose, as there are many who are ambitious to fill the vacancies created by graduation. Since the creation of new courts in Arlington, tennis has become an increasingly popular sport, and, despite the unusual lack of experienced players, we expect to have a successful season at the Spy Pond nets. George Carens, a veteran, is expected to play capably in both singles and doubles matches, while it is certain that there will be many new men who can handle positions on the team. The schedule this year contains thirteen matches, from Winthrop on April 30 to Mel- rose on May 31. Seven of the matches will be played on the Spy Pond courts, remaining six will be played over out-of-town SCHEDULE nets. Winthrop Quincy Belmont Winthrop Watertown Newton Lexington Belmont Brookline Watertown Melrose Melrose Lexington Page Sixty-Four A Baseball There will he several veterans on this year s team, and Mr. Oslergren expects to field a very good team. The team will pla at Sp Pond playground as it is doubtful if the new diamond in the rear of the High School will be completed for this Spring. The team has already played one game, with Malden, and although they were beaten 13-6 by what appeared to be a more experienced club, the team showed some clever baseball. Bart Madden, a fine catcher, will probably be ineli- gible, but John O’Brien will lie a capable substitution in the position behind the bat. Captain Sweeney is scheduled to do most of the pitching, with Paul Dorrington for relief, and Albert Lennon, a Sophomore, will take charge of first base 1 . Hollway, a clever infielder, and the heavy-hitting Oliverio brothers are also assets on Arling- ton’s diamond club. While it is alway s difficult to predict the future of a baseball team before the season, this team seems assured of a line record. There are thirteen games in store for this team and seven of them w ill be played on the home diamond. Malden Newton Somerville Cambridge SCHEDULE Everett Brookline Rindge Melrose Medford Brookline Belmont Melrose Everett Golf The Golf team represents what is probably Arlington’s least known spoil, yet its members are more enthusiastic than those of other sports which draw more spec- tators. The members report daily for practice under the lulelege of Coach Robinson at Winchester, which is their home course. The team is composed of six members, three of whom have already earned their letters. Last year, the team lost the State Title at Peabody, by a score of 7-2. This year, they intend to turn the tables, for, although regular practice has not yet started, Coach Robinson says that Arlington will held one of the strongest teams in this section. Francis Harvey, Lester Arbel- ler, and Captain Wilfred Wedge form the nucleus of veteran players around which will be built this year’s team. Five teams are on the schedule for this season, and each team will be played twice, once at home, and once away from home. Waltham Watertown Lexington Newton Brookline SCHEDULE Waltham Newton Lexington Brookline Watertown Page Sixty-Five Who ' s Who Boy Girl Best All-round William Collins Katherine Hart Most Popular William Collins Anna Swensen Best Actor Milton Matthews Anna Swensen Most Musical Charles Alovsessian Cecilia Robichaud AIosl Intellectual John McCormick Claudia Kelly Most Athletic William Collins Katherine Hart AIosl Likely to Succeed Laurence Driscoll Ava Byer Wittiest Donald Gillis Helen Duffey Best Dancer Joseph Gardella Hope Wells Tallest Berkely Cue Barbara Kimbach Shortest Melvin Hurwitz Dorothy Robbins Alost Attractive Earl Jones Anna Swensen Best Dressed Robert Fagerland Phyllis Norwood Best Orator Laurence Driscoll Marcia Kidder Most Businesslike Laurence Driscoll Anna Kuchinsky Most Bashful Mitchell Guzelian Eleanor Ogren Most Talkative Sherman Davison Louise Alderson Most Artistic Paul Gariepy Claudia Kelly Page Sixty-Six A an Autographs Page Sixty-Seven Autographs i Page Sixty-Eight TO OUR ADVERTISERS: WE TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO THANK OUR ADVERTISERS FOR THEIR HELP IN MAKING THIS YEAR BOOK POSSIBLE. 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