Arlington High School - Indian Yearbook (Arlington, MA)

 - Class of 1930

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Arlington High School - Indian Yearbook (Arlington, MA) online yearbook collection, 1930 Edition, Page 13 of 104
Page 13 of 104

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Page 13 text:

f-lk Qww f2QQ ag HISIOI V 01 the C1155 01 1330 N l 111 ,T I E '-1 ,ii-'IV' 'f 'Q ' ' 1 f A 7 H ' M H,-f N' ' - . 1 . 1 1, 1 V L 111 1111- 1-.111l11f.1-111-1111. X1111,1ll 111"111111-11111Q1I1-11I1' 1111-11-11 11111-1111: 11111-1 l..111- 11.1-11 11111 .11111 1111111111 XII11 11111--111111-1111111111111-11-111111111.1111 11-w1111x. 1I111111111v111-11141111111-11.1-11--. 11 lI1N1 1111- 51111l1'1111111- 1111111-1l111g. 111-1111 1--1-111 ff-f 1l11N1I111-1'.NL11111N. v11l11'II 1111- ,I11111111 11111111111,g11111-1.11-11-1.1111111111111-11111111ll.111 V1-11 11-11111 11111111-111121151111'.11'111'1'. 1,.1w111.1-N11141l1 71111111 1'1I1lN 1111- X1Ii11lQ1' 1-11-1111111 -1 l111111111g. lx .1111-11111-11111 1111- 51-111111. 11111113 .11111111111111 11111-1- V11l11'1111lQl11 111111--11111111111-l11l111Nl1111-1111-. 11111 1-1 N1I'.11I1l' 11:1111N. 111-1-1.1111111111111-111eig1111111-11111111111111 N 4-v- 1'x111! 1111-l111l11111-11-11111.11111111-11-111111111-111 l'n- 1111 1-x41111111.1111111N. 111-1 11-1 11111111-1111 111111- 11115 .1111111 N w'f- 111- 111 111-x11111111111. 111111. 11111111111 1-111 :1l111l11K:1n111A:'111F11.1l11--111-.111-.1111111111111-1111111-111111l11gl1-111111111111111-1-111fN111'1'Jf111 1f1 1-1- 111111111111111.111111.!. 111111 Q11I'Ql11IQ l.111gl111-1. 111111l111'11 1111- 1141111 ,1111l1111111111 111 11111131111 111111511 1+-1 -1, 11 -1-1-1111-114111111 11PN1'111l x111'llN11.1111'l11l111'1'1I1'1.111l1'11 11'il1'11'111l1 111111111141 1.1l11P1. 11111 1111- 111111- 111'l1l111N111111l11 11111111 1111.11 11l1'1 111'l11' 1Lf1'11111 111111. -11 1111-1 111111111 II11lI1l. 111' 1'11 111w1- 1111-11- 111-11- .1 l1l'11 111111 111-1'1- 1111-111.111111-11 1-11111.11: N111l1 4I111'N .11 11111111111 11111-1.1. 1111111 1.111-. .11111 1111-1111 x11111'I l'1111'11111'111ll1'1 111l1lN1N11'1'N11l11I11.111 1 11'1- 11 1l111111g111l11-Q111111.11.111 ll111'1l1ll'11 1111-11 111111111111111lN. 1111111 1l11' 1111.1111- 11.1'1111I'1111111111111111 1'1l'f11l'11'1l1I'I11'1l. 1-11-11 111 111111-.1111 .111-I 111 1111 1111111111 Xl.1:1111N1111. 111111 111-1-1.11-111.111-111111w1111-11111-1111.1111111111111111111-1 1.1111111111 1.111--. 11111111111-11 1111111 11,1-1-1111111 111-11131111-11111111.11 1'1- 1 1111111111 Nl11111l111-1N111-11 1111111-11 111111 1--N111111N1l11l111. .1111l 1111- 1111 1-1- lx 111 1111 1'-1 1111-11-111111111 111-.111 11111111-11 111111 11111111111 111 11111-111.1111 111111-11--. 111 ,ll11l4'1111'1 111111 1l1'1l'l4Pl 11-1 1 1111-11 1111-.1l111l.1111-N 1 1111-1 11111 111111 1.1111 '11-11-Q11 11" .1111l 'A1l.1-1111" 11111 .11N11, "1111- 11111111 1111-111. 1111-.111-.U 111111 "11l11. 1l1.1x.11111.11-,11l1 1 11.1-1111111 11111111- 11111111 l11-1-111- 1111- 111-11 1.111Ll.H N1-1111111 X1'.11 111 111111113 11111 11112111 1111111111 11111111 111411 1111-111.1111-111 l1111111.1:1- 111111111 11-:1-1 111 - 1--- 11- 1111111111--. 11111 11111 111. 'llI1' -111111-11111v I1'111l1' N1111l1111111111-N 111-11- 11.111 11111111-11. 11111-l11.1f1-11 1111111--Nl1111Nf111111-11 1111111 1111111 1111-11-1111-1111111111 1111-g11'lN 11 111.1111 1-111111-11 1111111-1111 111,111-11111-11111-111:.111111 '111lxN1'.11l1l11'N1l11'I.111l1.

Page 12 text:

M VQAQ QQQK if Joux 0 Cowon Hmm D Xlu Nuox C1-ass Officers IX Hum llulsulu DUHHIH I6 Q , Q -1.1 " ' 'gba X F, ,ju l'1'csizlv11l ViCl3-l,l'l?5l.lll3l1l Mx: ' lhnm' l3r1'l"1'Y 1. illlli

Page 14 text:

s I xxxv xx VQQQ QQQ I I CQ I N I I I N S I X N 11 N11 I I s I I Il I IIII II IN N IIII I I I1 I' l I II II II1111 N I I ll!! I IH I I I 'IiI1if1I-111 IIII' IIIFI IINIIIN' III fII'1I i11III II1I' Ii111I'IigI1I 1111- II111'-IIII II111iI'I+II11. III' II:11I'II IIIIIIII11II 111II1 IIN' fI1'I'11:II1 III LI I.11'gI'1 IIILIII. I,III4'I'. II111'I11g II1I' IILI'IXIxIl'lIII I11NII11. I1I' NINI11I'II Iiix -1IiII1N'N- III' II1II11:I1I a111II IIIIIII III Iiix 11I1'I1 IIII II1.1I II'11111. 'I IIII-I- NI-III11II III II411iII-II11 i11 LIII .1II1II'liI' 11.11 1111s IX11III'1 IIII1'1I11gIII11. IN LI Il'lf'IxI'N lIIz11I'1'I1i, 5IxlIII'b I'11I lI1I' Il'I' 11iII1 II1I' I'I'NI III II1I' I1'LIIIl.P. III' IIiII IIIII Ii111iI I1iNI-IIII1'1f III II1ix 11i11II'1 N1III1'l. IIIII .IINII IlII'4I Iiix IIIIIIII .1I IIz1fI'II11II. IIII'1' fI'1I'1'11I 1z1i11 11III'1111IIN IIN' .I11111II1' I'I11f- Ii1111II1 111111111gI'II I I gI'I IIN IIlI'IIIIII'I'r III IIIgI'II1I'1'IIII-I1IIII-I'I'I11wIIIIiI'I1'N. II II w'1' iIII'II 11lIII11 IIN' NIII1 III11y11I'II. sIigI1lI1 Fill'- IIII11iI- II1I'I1111'II II11I1I'1' III1' I'1'I'fiIII'11I. IIiI'I1111'II II'II Iiif r'II I1II1'If II11 II11'II11gI1 II1I' I'Xf'III III IIII' ,I1111iII1' II'iII'. II1I' I'1II111. IIIIII' I.lII'I II1a1I IIN' 1I1'II111 11115 11III ll INI11Ii11g FllI'I'I'5N I11N111I-i11II1 IIiII11'I IIIIIIN'1'II1IINI' 11INI 11II'1NII'II II1I' II1111I'I'. If1I'1'1 II11I- I111II il g IIII II ti111I'. 111II IIII' I'IlIrS ILlII'I' 11111III' 1111 IIN- III'I1I'iI II1 I'11I'I1 IIIII IIIIIIII IIIIJIJIIIQL Iiif IIIIIIII i11III Iiif IIIIIIIFI I'111l I1 1IIII'IxI'I. LIIIII II1u111i11g III1'II1 IiIII'I'11 I'I'lIIS. 'II I'1.I IIN' SIIIIIIIIPI' 111I'11IiII11 I'IIIIII'. IIIIII IIN' 'Iaff III I'IlIII sI'a1III"I'II. I-111-I1 111I'111III'1' I1'iI-II III sI1II1' il IIIIII' i1NIi1iI'I1111IiI1. II is.INI1I'1I'1'. il IIiI IIIII 11111I'I1 III I'x1II'I'I III II i11 I111I 111II11II1N IIN'1 :'1r 11III II1I'1'II11'II11 II1I'I1z1I1IIfIIIII'11. FII 11IN'11 SI'llII'IIIIII'I' I'11111I' IIN' ,l1111iII1s 11111IIII'II IIIII'III'I1 i11III IIN- NI11 1-e' N III. 5I'11iII1f. ZIIIII IIN' II11I1 IIiIII'1'I'11I-I' IIII11I'I'11 IIIIF IVZIIAIF SI'1 iII1'N a111II I11fI 1I'111"f ,I1111iII1'- if II1I' I11I'I IINII II1I' girl- IIII I' IIINI'ilI'III'fI II1I' II11III'1II1 fIIi1'If1111II IIlI'I'I'I'I1I'III'I'l'4I IiI', i11 IIQIXHI' III. IIII' "Nw ,"IIII1N'11I'." XII' IIIIIFI 11I' I-IIl'QI'I III 11N'11IiII11 IIILII 1' 1111 III IiI'II'I'11 if 11II III11gI'1' Ql'III'IilI III'II'11IiII11 1'IIII111. IIIII II111I IIIIII' FIIIIF iII'I' II1i11gs III IIII' I 1151. III' I'I11fx IIIIN AI IIIIII' ILIII' 111 Q'iIIIII'I'IIIQ III I-I1IIIIsI' IIIIiI'I'1N: I'1iIII'11II1' II is IIIII IIIIIiIiI'11II1 111i1NII'II. IXII'11 111 II1fI II1I'1 IIIII I1'11I' LI 111I'I'Ii11g III1' II1if lI111'1IIIfI'. IIII'I IINIFI'III1'I'1'I'fNII'11I,IIII111IIIlII1111II1'.I1i111 III IIII' II1111111i11g s111iII'. 'I'I1I'1 I-II'I-II'II IIIIIA III NLQ FIIII. XIII'-I'1'I'siIII'11I: M1-1 BIIIII. 'I'1'I'z,111'I'1': HIIII. Iusl IPIII IIIII II'11fI. If 'II1 ' I'iI-IQ. SI' 'I'I'I'II'f. 'IIN' 1,I1'I'fiIII'11I-1 III IIN' 9tudI'11I CII1111I'iI. il 1II,Isiti Il If 11I,I I'tIII' 1111lII1'I111N'I'. 11g1s I1III'II II1 iI'I1I'II'I I ' 1161. Xl IIII' XI'I'I II11IsI'I III IIII' 1I'111' DIlI'lPIIII xIiII'IxII' 1111II IIIIIIIIIII II11g11111fI.I11 IINI11 IIIII'11 11I' -I'I' Iiif 1111111I'II fI'I'111'I'II il Ii1'111 IIIIN-I' IIII IIN' Iiisl I1II1NI1' IIIIII IIIIII I1I'III Illl Iig:I1II1 II11'II11gI1II11I IIN' 1I'11I'. III11'IIII11 xIIII'IxIl' a1IsII 11111III' a111I1II1I'1' IIIII III1' I11111I' 11iII1 Il1'I' 1II11-I'II'11II4IlIN11II'I11INIIII'I'.lI'1 I'IIIIIII'IIIiII1I'IfI AIIII. vI1IlI'IIilI'II I1 Il'Iv'II 1'IIII1II'-Ill-I'IlI1'I' III IIIIF fi,IIIlI' Illlllllllr lII'1'IIIIIiI'11I 1111s IIiI'I1111'II IQ11i111111. 'IIIII'I'I' 11I'1'I' XII 11111111 I'IIIIIIl'IlI .1II1II'II's II1if 1I'I11' II111I II 11iII I1g11I' III -11IIiI'I' III I'lIII II1I'1' IIN' 1111111I's III il II'1I IPI. IINIFI' III'-I I111II1111. vIIIlI'I'I' 1111- II.1III'1' IlII11'i11gIII11 NI I IIII IIIII11II 1111II I1 III- III'1 I.111N': II111'IIIII IlI11iIIfII11. 11I1II 1II111I'II II.1fIII'III.1II: IIIINF I.II- I 11-NII. 11I1II II'1I II1I' II11-I'II11II II'11111: 111NI 'I'I1I'IIIII11 I'I1i111N'1. IIa1lII11i11 III IIN' I1'a1I'IQ tI'11111. IIIII 1NI1 IIII' 1I'111' II11111f III 11 I'IIIfI' IIIIII IIN' SI'11iII1' I-Ia1f- III IWW II a11I'- -X1Ii11gIII11 II1gI1,I-INIIII I14lI'I'XI'I'. AIlIrI .11NIIIN'1' FI'11iII1' I'I11ff gum' IIII. IIIIII IIN' II'11I'I1I'1+ IIII'Il II1I'i1' I1I-- III11111'II 11I'11 g1II111IF III. rIlIlII'IIIr. NI1 IIII 1111:1.11f. ll

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