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We, the members of the class of nineteen hundred and twenty-nine, in expression of appre- ciation for her untiring efforts as a teacher, as an advisor and as a friend, dedicate this Yearbook respectfully to Martha S . Mnffalt A Realization With the greatest admiration and esteem fur Mr. Ciammons, our principal, the class of twenty-nine hopes, in these few words, to express its high regard for his thoughtful, attentive guidance and man dearly jirized seivices to us in our years of high school life. On e ery occasion, through his readiness of understanding, he has divined (jur needs and rejjresented his true and (lesiral)le council. Mr. Gammons, however, has l een to us not (ndv an untiring and forlvearing adviser hut also a welcome associate and comjtanion. Under his inllueiice and tutelage, we have received l)enelits which will enalile us to lealize hopes and ex|)ectations. accreditahle only to our high school training and education. Donald Dodge Editor-in-Chiej Helen Dolkopulous Literary Editor Ed(;ar Hegii Art Editor Robert Kelliiier U rite -ii j)S Virginia Dalion rite-ups 4 Winifred Frazer l rite-ups Ernest Hesseltine, Jr. If rile-u ps Khni:st IIesseltlxe, Ji!„ Prcsiden (voiiEKT Keleheie J icc-Presideitl Class Officers Donald Dodge, Treasurer W’iniered Frazer. Secretary 6 History of the Class of 1929 ( tlip lnil intcresliiig (If ' lails are iieecssai il) oinitled ) ilh sadileiied liearts do ue. tlie Senior Class, iee ' i e oiir diplomas and enter the wide, wide world to seek the fortunes Fate has prepared for us. We have f;i en, eaeh one of us. three years of our youthful lives in study at our cherished Alma Mater, aiul during three years we have made treasured aequaintaneeshi])s which, like ginger- pop, are grow ing more precious as time (da[)ses. We have added to our fame hy the transeendeney of our extia-eurrieular activity and we are sure it has constituted an indispensahle asset during our course. Musical and dramatic entures. literaiv and athletic enterprises ha e distinguished our progress. Seholastii- attainment has heen l)rilliant. ' t( ' s, we are immeasuraldy sorry to leave Our School, hut we ' re rather pianid of our leavings. Teehnieally. we ha e heen So|)homores. Juniors, and Seniors. Aetuall), we consider our three y(‘ars as one. for the eonneetions ha e l)een ery distinct. For puij) of (larit). howe er. the syno|)sis is [nesented with due respect to eonseeutiveness. , s So|ihomores. we endured the eustomarv gall, mental not physical. We rememher well how one eonrleseending a])oer pha referred to us as “riot-lo ing children. " iSevertheh ' ss. we carried out our thankful role of youngst( ' rs, heard the weekly oratory of the learned upper-( lassmen. enjoyed “So This is London. " and succeeded lor failed I in our final examittations. SyKia llortter. president, Katherine Lane, ice-president. Anne Lacey, secretary, and Fi nest Hesseltine. Jr., treasurer, eomjnised our ahle stall of olheers. Our Junior year passed more rpiickly than our .Sophomoric existence. Phe hegiiiling inlluenee of the year was that grand-gorgeous affair, the Junior Prom. On that occasion, coy girlhood and i hi alrie boyhood blossomed like Shelley ' s “thirsting flowers. ” the (ilarion Diarist de oled ten of her rare lines to its |naises. and eveiwone said it was outstanding. Later in the year, the Dramatic Club staged its annual playlet, “The Fnemy. " It was a fine production and several Juniors I Frances .Meserve, Frances Donahue, IJeanor Hosmer, William Mower, Homer Cidlins, 7 K -mietli Kiiifrston. and Hersliel Ciin ) weie in the cast. The class ofhcers for tlie yea]- were Ernest Hesseltine, Jr.. j)resident; Donahl Dodge. ice-]jresident : W inifred Frazer, secretary, and Rol)ert keleher, treasurer. June twenty-second was the day of unrestrained exultation. W hen we returned in Septenil er. we were siinj)ly o erconie l y the news of the Asseinl)ly Hall’s Iteing too small to accommodate the school. Familiarly, this meant the doing away with a res|)ected tradition. Seniors were compelled to sjjeak before the school in order to graduate. They recognized the institution as invaluahle, hut al the same time they dreaded it as a heasth nuisance. Therefore, they rejoiced— hut the incubus of forthcoming college-entrance-examinations checked their happiness. Ernest flesseltine, Jr., president; Robert keleher, vice-j)iesident ; Winifred Frazer, secretary, and Donald Dodge, treasurer, have j)iloted the class during its last vear. The )ear, from a social standj)oint. has been uncommonly successful. I ' he Glee Glulis presented an operetta, the Dramatic Club a play, and both the Juniors and Seniors conducted Rroms. The hapjjy outcome of the operetta was in itself a tribute to the authors, Edgar Hegh and Alan (ihakmakjian. Anent drama, we must mention Mi ss Margaret Mullen who left our class in its first veai ' to hecome a ’ " leading lady. ' Miss Mullen is now |)laying opposite W illiam Hodge in California, hut her professional delmt was mailc at the Co])ley Theater in Roston. Both there and else- wher(‘. she has reflected very favorable comment upon the school. Class Day and Graduation remain. They rejuesent the zenith of high-school careers, and their results seem inevitably auspicious. After these important dates are jiassed, the Class w ill separate, never to meet again. The future of ever Senior seems fraught with hope, hut uncertainty as well. We cannot proceed further, though, and we think of Eowell who appreciated this condition. Whth his poetic expression we close our chapter: ‘ " ' From one slat e of our being to the next, l( e jiass unconsciously o ' er a slender bridge; The inoinenlary leorh of unseen hands. " RoiiKHT RhADKORI). 8 (JIAKI.KS .ABfiOTT 2 ! Cn M)LEK STREET “Lefty” " The jorcc of his oini merit mahes his icav.’ ' Ilockex Ifaseliall L ooll)all Dorothy Alley . ' 52 Lake Street “Dot” The fiods have favored Dorothy both in voiee and in dance. Dramatic (iluli. (ilee (ilul). (fills ' Cliil). Tennis Theodore W . Aij.ey K) Woodland Street “Ted” Ted embodies tiro enviable iaalities. fellou shi p and hel pfiilness. His contagious smile and his subtle wit make him a jtopular classmate. Orcln ' stra, Honor lloll, Student Council, (ilaiion. Glee Cluh. Llmer AiNDEitsoN 17 Thorndike Street “Liep” Elmer makes very little noise for a eannon. But still they say that smokeless and noiseless powder is the more dangerous Dramatic (ilult 9 I ' k n( ' .is Ani)i;i;s()in 109 Ili(;iiriEi.i) Road " Andy " Tlioitplil is deeper than speech. Dramatic Cliih JJA.WKT Am)Ei:S()n 72 ' ritowmsiix,!-: Stkeet " Lcn” “There ' s mischief in this man. " .hems I ' ,. Asmjkof So Appleton Stkeet “Jake " “ fear lo do nolhinp: lhal hecomes a man.” Orclicstra Track 2;’) (iHUPvCIlILL A ENUE ‘Her a or h lies in her iceallh of p.ood nalare.” Girls’ Clul) 10 JoSKT’H liEASl.KY 2 ;; ' ) I!U()M) VA “1 ff ; K ; man. and niasicr of his jale.” I ' onthall liaschall I!asl ( ' ll)all Roy I)Eia;Ki isT Roy alnays reaches his jioal. Cross CouiiliA l. ' )7 Tiiohndike Street " I ' rark K VEM, liLSCklU HN 751 M SSACm SETTS . VEA ' UE " I!lack ‘ " The niihlest manners icilh the hravesi mind. " Student (a)uncil Rkh.kk l’ i, ( k i N “Rlackie " () Newton Road “The only com pelilion irnrihy oj a real man is leilh him self. " I ' OolliaR l5asketl)aU Track 11 AMKDiii: K. IJoLDliKAr 100 VARNUM StKKET Miud’ Friends. Iluinans. Coiiulrymen I Our professed orator. Assislant lAlitor of Cdarion, Cross (Country, Intor- scholaslic Dchaliii " ream. I’resident of Debating Society. MoitTOA Bradi.kv 20 Mu’i.i ' ; Stkkkt “Bibs’ ' Morton is no e.xeeption to that little hit of philosophy. “) on ean t keep a pood man down. Honor BoB Student (ionneil (ilarion I ' j.i Ai!KTii B rai)I!LRv 2Si’y Bo.m) Bakrwva “Liba” l ine as the needle to the rude or the dial to the sun. Diainatie (ilid) (iirls ' Cltd) BoI-.KRT B)I! l)l ' ()RI) 3 White Sti!eet To look an and not down To look forward and not hack To look out and not in .‘ind to lend a hand.” Honor Boll 12 Hhosn ii _ 10 Linwooi) StF!KKT ' Mild as a suiiiiiicr hrcczc. ' (iiils’ (Hull DonoTiiv PiKV-nx 20 Street " Dot " " silent, hat a i ood leorker. ' ' Cit xRi.Es K. Hi ' chaiNan 22 Ammien Street “Buck " lie ' s i nt a Hue like a lislieniiaii and plenty oj bait. -STiiEi; Hl ' U.ock .‘)9 Fairmont Street mirror of constant jaitli. " 13 Tall Camkkon 110 Medi-oud Street “Paulie’’ ‘‘The inYSlei ' Y man! Glee Glub ‘( iliick ' 23 Ft.erton Hoad Ceor e represents the spirit oj aniiahleness. James Garter I I Aerial Street ■‘iMck Garter’’ “I find nonsense sinij,nlarlY re j resiling. ' ' Debating Society Alan Gh km k.iiaa 3 Klossom Street “Oj all the Irts. Music is the Art to raise the soul ahove all earthh ' storms. ' 14 I’lllLII’ I). ClI MBKKI,AIN i2 JasoN StKEET “IMlil " “ ; honest man is the nohlcsl icorh oj God. Studpiil (Council Hand ( )i( ' lu ' slia Hockey KdMOMi CllA t)I,KR l. ' i ' lM):?OK StHEET ‘•Ed” ■‘ .S ' lijc was nentlv. and the elements .S ' o mixed in him. that Nature mipht stand up And say to all the world. ' This was a man ' . ’ Honor Ivoll . ' ■ ' tiident Council Dehaling Sociely Ela.ene Coeeins N) W KKEN Street ‘( icne” ' liare is that pon er oj halaneed thought and sfweeh. ' Homer W . Coei,i s 21 Kimieaee Road ' " ' I he mould is lost leherein he teas made. ' ' Oiclic. ' tia Hand I )i amatic Clul) 15 l)i,ANciiE Corky 213 Gray Strket bee " ‘Ease oj heart her every look conveys.” ' I ' llOMAS J. COSTKLLO 93 Oxford Strkkt ‘Tom’ " (E)od sense is one of life s greatest hlessings.” ' riioAiAs Coi(;m.ii 39 W INTER Street “Hawk” ‘ r nothing conunon did or mean. ' (iENEMEVE Crayton 9 iNEwcoMR Street “Damiv” She does leell in her studies and is zealous in their pur suit. Dramalic (3iil (tIiIs Cluh 16 Willi M E. Cp.omn 10 Avon Place " Fuzz " II ho helievcs that " ‘Reason is Ian. " I()otl)all IJasehall Hocke Ai stln . Ckowe 10 Fkeema.n Street moral, sensible, nell bred man.” (ilee Clul) StudeiU (ajuncil iii(,iM Dm.ton 56 Bow Street ■■( iinin She is an inlereslin taller ami instills happiness into many a atherinp. by her eheerfnl presence. llonur Uoll. Slu(l( ' iit Coimcil, (ilec Cluli, ice- I’residcnt of (dlls ' (duF. Dranialic Club, ' Yearbook Conmiillcc. .M i;(,ei!V AiNA Dale 51! Brvttle Street " Margie Ilarpery is pleasant and cheerjul. From dl appear- ances, she likes to study, as she is aln ays busy. Honor Boll (Bee Club Girls ' Cluli 17 YEAR BOOK Cii AFtLOTTE Davies 110 ' ruENT Street “Char” Charlotte is quiet in a crowd, but her intimate friends will tell you that her knowledge sur )asses her loquacity. Orcliestra Girls’ Clul) Henry Davidson " ' iSohle thoughts “Da e” come from Football 2{ Macnolia Street a noble heart. ' ' M. Lillian Dennen 5o Warren Street “Lil” Lillian has given her all for A. . 5. on the girls’ athletic teams. She jiossesses the qualities of character that endear her to her teammates. Hockey, Basketball. Ca| taiii of Girls’ Baseball, Athletic Association, Girls’ Club, Glee Club. Marian De Nover Popularity and vivaciousness, modesty characterize Marian. Basketball ]0 Daniels Street well balanced by 18 (;i. i)Vs Doins Dk liosiER . ' 1 S i Street " Ullle — hu! oh my! " (iirls ( ' lull Hascliall A(;. es Dodd r Rk Avem E ' Cood rhaiacirr is a valiiahle asset to any life. I)od .e Do r i: nt ood Road ■■ I )()ii Donald is a versatile ' ioun man. as elever in the class- room as he is entertaining amone; Ins jriends. Honor Roll. Sludent Council. ( liclu’sti a. Kditoi in Chief of ear Rook. ice-l’rc ' sidtutt Junior Class. 192!!. J reasurer. Siudor Class. 1929. l iaAcis Doiier ' ia 21 Reacon Si ' reet " S|)ike I ' raneis is a sport l in in a,eneral. and a hasehall enthusiast in partienlar. 19 Ch akm;s Doninely 60 CltOADWAY " BoIj” .1 jolly hrl who says. “ ' ' Tis alicays morning some- where in the world.” Track Maey J. Donovan 26 Amsden Street “Marie” “. maiden never hold, hat a spirit still and gentle.” Girls’ Club IIeeen 1 )oi RoiTi.os 17 Palmer Street ‘’’’Hers are the charms oj all the Muses” Dramatic Clul), F.iiglisli Club, (iirls’ Club, Student Council. Editor of Clarion, Clee Clul), ' tear Dook Committee. John Diuscoi.i, 68 Mystic Street " Dints” “ir ith malice toward none, with charity for all. Honor Roll, Piesident of Student Council, Basketball, Jdack. A. A. Member. 20 M i: Dkiscou, ()!! Ahsi ic Sti:i;i:t “ 7 ' (» l. iioK her IS to a pprcvialc her ( ualilies. ' (iirls (Jliil) l!as( ' l)all Do.wi.i) l)i i i ' Ki; I’u.Mia; Stkkkt " I )rri( ' “ hdvc IK) lime to iln r or ilream. " Maiiajicr uf ISa krthall I ' )29 Dramalic (Alul) Sludenl (aiiitK il 21 Hiciiaki) Fai.dktta 31 Mknotomv Uoal ••Dick” “Mind is a kingdom to the man If ho gatlu’ielh his pleasure from ideas. ' ' Alice Feicglsox 23 W ' iNDsoi! Street I ' ergie Silenee — more musical than any sonp;. ' ' Girls’ GIiil) Thelma Flacc 3 Fall IIenere Road “Tlirl” “Her nays are the nays oj jdeasaniness And all her paths are peace. " Makc.aret Flynn ; 1 ARREN Street At is traiujuil peojde icho accom dish much. " Gills ' (ilul) Glee Gluli. 22 SiiKKiMN-N l•’()l;IiI•;s lOIl Jason Sti!i:i:i “Shcrm ' " He was a man take him jot all and all. ' Honor Roll. Student (d)uncil. (di|)tain. Ho( l rv 1929. Athletic K eeuti e Conimittee. M Ki I ' oitn 19 ' I ' ttow i5t!ii)(,t: Stkkkt " liei )f!; happy and middnp, olher.s hapjiy are pifts jrom the i ods.” (dlls’ (dull (dec (dnh iMi i!i:i) I ' ttAzt:!! Hi l ' ot:i-;si STttKKT I’l.vcr: “W innie ’ " l.arlh s noblest thinii. a woman perjerted. Ilonoi l!(dl. Dranialie ( ' .liih. President of (drls (dnh. SceretaiN, Junior Class. I92d, .Seeretars. Seidor Class, 1929. ' eai Hook Committee. M t!.tot;it ' : I’t’. tCKM N d2 IdtKirroN Ilo i) ‘ " Smooth runs the water when the ool runs deep. 23 Dominick Gallucci 9 Webster Street ‘Ted” “He most lives, irlio thinks most, feels the noblest, and acts the best.” Roger Gammons 6i Chcrciiill Avenue “A heart to resolve, a head to contrive, and a hand to execute.” Ernest R. Gavin “Pooche” He ' s a “Hail fellou, icell met. Dramatic Clul) 37 Harvard Street Band PvOBEKT FrIERY oo Hkoii.ant) Avenue ‘Boi; ‘To conquer is to him ‘enouf ld. " Student Council Basketltall Footliall Track 24 J(»ll (JiLLIS I )()ssy " II oiidroiis is the slren lli oj clicrrlulnrss. " ( )rclu‘! li a Hand I ' ] KLYi (iLKASON (l5 MWNAHD StHICKT ■‘I ' Av " " (iuhliy " “Her looks do ar ue her replele uiHi modesly. ' Honoi ' fvoll (dlls’ (dull llockiA HitlSCIU.A (d)ODM AN . ' )() W ' Aiir.EN Street •iVte’ “l ele ' is (I p;ood spoil -in the very hcsl sense oj the word. liocki ' A liaskctliall Manager. l aseliall I92JI-I929 (dlls’ dull Harriet Cott 90 (jilrciiiu, AvENiiE •Tele’’ “She is as loll ns she is heanlijnl llomii Holl Assislant Atlilelic Association Meinlier 25 (Jeofu;k oRTl (, (Jkeenl.wv 15 Higgins Street “Red” ‘7 e who has a sense of duly has the iaitiidalion for a icorlhy career.” Joseph (hunnan lOd 1 ’ark Avenue “Joe” “ would make reason my guide. ’ Dramatic CMul) Deliating Sociely Rasehall IGTOR (ATLBU ET 223 MySTIG STREET “Vic” H e will remember him jor his Memorial Day theme, and his splendid conlrihiitions to the Clarion. (ilee Clul) Dranialic Cluh Tiack Helen (;unnerson 85 Ovki.and Avem e “If hat ' s the odds as long as you are happy ' d” Glee Clul) Girls’ Gliib 26 lli;.M!V (iUNZKI.M L N 7 WyM AN StKKKT “(Juiizic ' ' “ .seek no heller uarranl lliaii my eonscieiiee. " A U’.EKT ( I TZM N .’ o() M C 1 1 USKTTS AaKNUK “Al” " i li iier. nobler. Iruslier lienrl lee never kneir. " Suicl(Mil Council Stniftaiy Allilclic Association Capiaiii, Tiack I ' Oothall ItiiTM 11 (; N 70 Hami.kt Stkkkt ■‘Kooth " ' ‘ll(ijif y is she nhose inlelleel and einolion is leell Ixdaneed d ' Ciils Chill Ciimi 1 1 Ai.iiti itToN I ' j.iatTON l!() i) “ ' Thoron fill ness and sini jd leil y are I he Ley notes of her eharaeler. ' ' 27 IIOSE 1 1 AMlM UtlJECK l()7 SlMMi;!! StUE.OT ‘ ' Sim )!ic:ly oj characlcr is no hindrance lo •nibllcy oj in el led. ' i.()i!E. cE Harden 151 lli(;iM, ND Avenue ‘•Flo’ ‘‘IVohi lily ' s I me hadi:;e — Gi acionsness. ' ( Ice (!lul) lA)l I I i;(.KE ES 25( ' ! iM SSAClll SETTS ENL1E “Bimnie ’’ “If hose s ieech has grace and is sailed icilh n il. " Iloiior l!o!l (ilcr (5iil) Draimilic Chil» l ' j)iTii IIatfieu) bo Pleasant Street “Eclee” “A good soli and a good spoil. ' Girls’ Club 28 I ' j.iz AisETii II vn-iKi.i) 9 , It. i:i!A() Stukkt “l.ilil) ’ " ‘Gfiillc oj speech ami henejicienl uj mind” Oirls’ (Mill) Ukkmck I!avi 27 Asiilam) Stkkkt “Centeel in personage, condncl and e(jnij)ap,e. ! (d)!e b herilape. u enerons and Iree.” Honor Koll Onliolia Glee (Mill) Gills’ (iliii) I lockcy Li u.i N ( )i.i !■: Ha ' i i;s I 12 .) -MKS SntKET ' Her air. her manners. (dl who saw admired. ' iM utCL ' Eurri-: IIersea ( l akmm Street “.I p.()od name is heller than preci ms oinlmenl.” (iiils’ (ihili (Hfo Gliil) 29 lUM-AK K(,II l ' ’0Ki;ST StKKK ' I ' “A’r; ' maniier.s are not idle, hul ihe jruil oj a loyal rialiire and a noble mind. ” Art Editor of Clarion, Scenrry Manager of Dramatic Chill, Art Editor of ear Hook, Englisli Study (duh. llKssioi riNE, jit. 3!! IIlisskll Stre?:t “Aly’ " Selj-ieverence. selj-knoii’led e, and selj-control, these three alone lead to soveri n fion er.” Honor Roll. Dramatic Clnli, Clee Cliili, Student Council, Treasurer .Sophomore Class, 1927, I’resideut Junior (ilass, I92 !, i’lesidimt Senior (ilass, 1929, ear Rook Committee. DoitOTUY llll,UAI!l) 10 J SON STltlOET “Dot” ' ' !seenis nisest, discreetest . best.” Ilonoi Roll. Ilocke). Ca|itain of Raskethall, Secretar , Student Council. Rresident, Clee (iluh, (ilarion Girls’ Cluh. 12o() M.ASS-4C1IUSETTS AvENUE harbors a great soul.” 30 ® YEAR BOOK® Houttki! 16 i:wMAN Way ■S)l " " Sumi) " il ' .s () jor the sea and the sl ! And ids O jor I he boat and the bay! For the lehite joani lehirlin i by. And the sharp, salt edge at the spray!” Hntinr Ivoll. Clarion. Socretary, Dramatir CIul). lin li. ih (]lnl , (iirls CItil). Ei.kanor 1I()s ii;i! i! Ii!Yin(; Sthkkt ‘ ' Bat there ' s nothing half so street in life as idealism ' s young dream” Dramatic (ilul Knjrli ili StinK Cluli Clarion W I!I!i:n III . NT 55 Lakk Stuket ■ ' Hunt " " Mouse ' Sober, steadfast, anti true. ' ' Cle(‘ C.lnl) Track Kathuyn Hlintek 62 Amsden Street " Kay " “Haste thee itytttph tind brittg trith thee, jest attd yottthjul jolity.” Honor Uoll (.larioti Stinlenl (Council Clee ( lnl» Dramatic Clnh 31 IvoisKKT L. Jkffkky o() Barti.ktt Avfnue “JefT” “ ( " warded off no jriend.” Hockey Orchestra IJand Beatrice Jemsings II WliMIERMERE 1 ’aRK Joy rises in me Hire a suniiner ' s dawn. ' Hester Jones 5 Paraeeel Street " ' Let me he merry — and why not. A smile is worth much more than gold.” (dec Cliih ■ Girls’ Clul) Es ' i ' ER Louse Keane “Hesly” “.SVic looks before she leaps. Dramatic Cluh 5 Bamsdeu. Court 32 N Bi:i. kKAHM-n II M » UII I;TT lv th •iJels " ‘ ' olhin i.s more niodesl than : indeed lo he modest is to be grenl. " (fills ' C.luli Robert Keleiier 99 J son Street •T.oir " FverY inch a mnn. ' Honor Roll. Tr( ' asuror. Junior Class. 192!!. ico-l’icsi- (lent. Senior (ilass. 1929. Student Council, ear Rook Connnittee. 33 K Lamc I.) W intek Sti!Eet ‘•Kay” Kav ' s c.xcclleiil ilayirt in every kind oj sjinrl has hrony hl her real janie. Captain. llo( kp . l)a?kHl)all. Tennis, liasehall. ice- i ' n ' sideiit. Sophomore Class, 1929. (iirls ' CIul). IIi;i!i:ki!T W . K (), o ' .] . eum n W av ‘ ' Herhy” " It halever he did n as done teilh so tnueh ease. In him alone it nas natural to please. " Hand Oreliestia Maiulolin (iluli President. Dramatic Club Student Council Awe l.ACEY . ' 2 Jason Stueej " A daup,hler of the p;ods. divinely tall, and nioslt divinely jair. " Honor Roll. Manager. Basketliall. ice-I ’resident (Hee (ilnh. Student Council, Secretary of Sophomore Class. Pl.IZ UiETlI LANDEItS 42 BaRTLETT . EiNUE ■•B.‘tty” " She is ipiiet on the outside. In classes she ' s quite prim, But when you really know her She ' s the best sort oj girl within. " Orcln-stra (ilee Clnh Girls’ (duh 34 .Ikanik M. Lantz •’);! I () Stkkk ' i ' Mrii " " To those u lio h ioir thee, no leonls ( (in iniinl. And those who know thee not. nil words are joint. liniior luill. Studciil ( ' uuncil. Srcrclai . (Jil ls ' (iluli. Mamiulin Cliili. M l! E. ]. NTZ iOi M ASS UMirSKTTS AvKNl ' I ' ; “1 y thonii,hts ore niy com ponions. " 35 I’l; N :i:s l,i!; eisone r () v Stueet ‘Fian’ ‘Be silent and saje — silence never betrays vo; . ’ }l()llor lioll Dranialir Cluh Gills’ dull Glee Chill 12 Geeveiani) Stkeet Kiirni Lewis “Kdie” “ irtue is unto herselj her own reieard. G.IZABETII LoMI? KI) 2d Jason Street “Loinie” “knowlediie is power. 11(111(11 Udll. Sludeiit Gduiicil, Clarion, Seerelai ) , Glee Chill. Hockey. SNIaiiager, Tennis, Girls’ Cluh. (hi nu;s L() ett 127 chusett A em!e " (iliarle) ” ‘‘That best portion of a good man s lije llis little, nameless, unremembered acts oj kindness and oj love.” 36 I!ici[ai!I) a. Lowcock 17 I)i; i‘ki; Avkmi-: " .iiirccd lo difjcr. Sludriil Cuimcil (;kok(;k Lowdki! 2u0 l!i!()Ain A l)askell);ill Alhlclic Assorialiiin Drainatic (diil “Geurgic " desires the joy of htioKiiiii ivillwul the love oj ledinin ” Wii.LiAM Lo i)i:i! 2;!0 Hkoadway ••I ' .iir ' ■•Lefly” Our jireinier athlete! Athli ' tic A ssociation. Captain, (iioss CnimliA, Captain, r.asketl.all Basel)all, Track. (iKOI!(;E Lyoa i!() Yale .Stkeet ■ ' Perry” “ dare, to he honest and I lear no man. " I ' lack Cross (ioiintiA 37 Ki.iz AnETii M lone 71 Beacon Street “Eiine” ' " Good ualiire is the soil upon u liicli virtue groies.’ ' Girls ' Cilul) (ilee Cliih W lM.iAM Manev 1(51 Franklin Street ijiir (ilci “ ' fis good irill ninkes intelligence. " Gliih Student C(juncil Masehull Leonard Marasco 1 19 Herbert Hoad ’ll Lenny Modesty hcconies a young man. " Mara Marsh ai.i. 15 Wall Street “Let the ivorld slide, let the leorld go. .1 fig jor a care, and a fig jor a icoe. " (38 IsAI ' .KUJ ' : Mazm maa " ‘‘Fneiid oj Inilh. Ilonur lioll Lois M ' itiik vs 7 ' i ! ufi ' uri r Axkm’k youth to ivlioiii was i ivrii so much oj earth, so much oj heaven. ' " Dramatir CliiL lai lish ( ' lul) ( ' laiion Tl K.M s i li:L KTII A ) Mookk I i, (:k " SlircncN ' " ‘.very man s jortuue is moulded hy his eharaeter. Akuink Mia, i l(i Liauooi) STi;ia;r “Lee " ■77 he merry and free. I ' ll he sad jor no one. " 39 Hi:m!Y Mki:ki -M 21 IIigi.kns Stkeet “Heir’ mail jiolished lo the nail. ' ’ Sludenl Council I ' i: nc;es Meserve 7 L kevie v ran ” “ pcrjccl uoinan. iiohlv ilanned To narn. lo com fori, and command Sliidonl Council, iced’rosideut, Diaiualic Clul). I ' ji " !itili Stud Cluli. (daiiou. Cirls Clul) Dokotiiv Moody 4 ! Oxford Street “Dot” “Patience and p,entleness is potver.” Honor Uoll joiix J. Morax 61 r.EACON SlREET “Pal” “Oil. jor some dynamile! " 40 I,ii,u . MokiiM ' (), ' ) (]i.i; i:i. M) Sii;ki:t " Lil " ' Prrjrcl coolness ami scll- iosscssio i acre ever hers. " linnor Knll Oiils ( ' llll) (ilec (’Itll) Im.IZAIJKTII Moiilil.s “ have a licfn n ilh room lor every joy. " dills dliil) reniiis $ f W ii.i.iNM Mowki! I(I() IIiu.sidk Avkm I-; “Curi " " The smilinij; jaee. ihe raslin!X elasjt. lieveals to us ihe noble heart. ' SludiMit Council ( )rcli(‘stra lol Low 1:1.1, Stkkkt Loi ' isi: ss “l!o, ’ ever sniilinv:. is the i:,irl. ivilh u’l hineh hair. Lan hinis, ever laniihin . is the irirl nithoul a rare. " Ilonoi ' Koll Baseball lluckev Basket! a II C iris ' Club Draiualic Club Band 41 Ai.r.i ' .rrr Jamivs Aicoi.oko 10 Dium.ey Cuukt " Mck” “H ilhoul hillenicss or jiai lialilY- ' Hand Orcliestra (lire ( ' .lull Dramatic Clul) r i; T[!i(;E C. Nims 10 I’ktei: ' Ft fts Roau “Bea” “Crnce nas in all her steps, heaven in her eye. In every gesture dignity and love. ' ' Honor Boll StndenI ( " ounril Baskelliall Glee Club Girls’ Club Douis () vi;i,E 5 West Street " Maze” " regular all dnund girl.” IlockcN. Baseball. Basketball, Treasurer Glee Glul), Girls’ Clul). IIei.en V . O’Neh, 20 Hwes Street " ' ll ho mixed reason with jdeasure. and wisdom with mirth.” Honor Boll Tennis Girls’ Clul) 42 W lu.i AM (;. Owens 15 (JIL liClIIU. Aveni E ‘M’.iH " likable and cordial jellotr. LE StKEET ' ’(ienlleness is the virtue j n omanlinod. ' (Jills (Jliil) oKM N I’EAKSON 61 I!()1!I!1 iNS UoU) " 1 lamlsoiiH " ' The very man jor a merry moment. Iloiior Knll Onlu ' slia (Her (Jluli Oeoui.e a. I ' etekson (1 Newi’okt Stkeet " I’clr " " Music nashes airay jrom the soul the dust oj every- day life. ' ’ Hand ( )rcli( ' sl ra Drainalic (iluh 43 222 I {ro adway i’hil’ Wolliiiii!; endures hut jiersonal (jualiliesd lOl.IZ I!KTH I’lRliCK , ' S FLORKYcrC TrRR ACE “Belly” “ Ind oh. lehal eyes — sueh eyes are they Ire lliose hal steal men ' s hearts aiiay! " Sliuleiil Council Drainalic (iliili Ci.izNRETii I’reston 32 Franklin Stiieet “Lil” ‘‘Those about her shall jroin her read the jierject nays oj honor. ' ' ( iris ' Clul) IIeucn ( )linn 33 Franklin Street “Goodness is beauty at its best estate. " ( ii Is’ Clul) 44 ' l .mfki:i) I ' ,. ()rLv 10 lloliHS CoiKT ( Ire ( ' lul) “W iiinic ' “.1 true and sincere nalan . Dranuitic (’lul) lUlUiARA F.I.FANOK RiLKV ()0 I)I! TTLK SxitKET “She IS very liood la look at anil even nicer la knaied Honor Roll Glee C-luli Girls ' tRul) !);:i U) Ross .V) M (;.noi,i Stkioft “Rossir ' lie neeils no inlroiliiclian : he has made a name jar himsel j. I ' ootl)all Raskelhall I rack Mai!V L. Rvam l. ' )2 Tkk.nt Strkkt " Mazic” ‘Kind heaiis are more lhan eoranets. Gills ' (ilul) 45 Ki i oi: I,. Siiwv 17 AI,T() Stkkkt “Hillv” ' ' So our lives ill iic s c.xeiii pliii y, iiol only ii iii Oiii srI ves y,ooil iiniiies. hut do to others give Muller jor rirliious deeds, h} lehich we live.” (ill ' ! ' Clul) Diainatic Chil) Girls’ Cilul) Mii.iiIvKI) I() 1 . SkU ' KidU ' ; 92 r iv (:oN SruKiiT “Millie” “Hut she whose itihoi ii irorih her aels coiiiineiid, ()j gentle soul. - to human race a friend.” (iiils’ (iliil) I )i aiiial ie Ciliil) Student Gouncil I nisei a II (iiat ' ttti DK Sava(,e I.) W VM N Ti:Ht; ctc “Gert " Her personality and her a ppeai ance were eipially allraclive. Ilniior Uull Student (iouneil Gli ' e (iluli Auer; U ' idkii 31 llt:Ni)i:iisoAi StitEi; ' r “Al” “ 7 maiden never hold. " (iirls’ (ilul) 46 ltoi;i;i!r |j) i Siiks I I”) ri!K T ,Stki:kt " Bol. " ■■ he (I sin la cove! honor (un I he most of] ending son! alive. " Honor Koll Slndcnt Council (.larion Baisel)all ||) Xi.icF Shkppacj) |:’,2 TiioiiNDiKK Stukkt She IS ijteil n ith a " iiilly pen. an ' ' ‘ahle painl hrush. " and a personali y that has non her much jio piihirity. (ilarion Glee Clnl) l!i I II Sii iai iM.ToN 10 Mt. ki{M)N Stkkkt " ()j nainre she teas lull siinnie. " Glee (.lull DranuUic (ilnl) Bu!IiAH S-MITII 52 lioMMINS B() lt Her disserlalion on ihe life oj a n ashnoman n ill lon he reineinhered. . ' she is a rare humorist uho doesn ' t lauiih at her on n johes. Honor l!o!l (Hcc (iliih 47 (; i;i!KTT Smith 1 1 Highlam) Avenue “Giinhoat” “ hose nil in I he combat, as gentle as n right e ' er carried a heart-slain aieay on its hlade. " ” Focjlhall i)EKTii A K. Snow 27 Acton Sikeet ' ' She was Ion -spoken and (jiiiel as becomes a lady. ' (ilt ' c dull Girls’ dull I’uEiiEinck Spence SI Ma(;noeia Street lie nas a gentleman from sole to crown (dean favored and im periall y slim.” Slndciil (i A. A. Kxpculive Bnard An tiionv Spina 1, ' ) Beacon Street onv ‘II e measure great men by their virtues.” 48 ® YEAR BOOK ® Ki). Si ' i.i.n AN !!. ' ! Stkkkt She has made a host oj jrieu ls in Ui h Sehool. Iloiioi Roll (iiils (’.liil) (ilt ' f ' Clul) l!i Til Si I!LI I IitooLois Uo i) dien le in manner ami hind in ihoiii hl. 1 1 nmil l!()l I Girls’ Cliil. Gl(‘(“ (iliil) Hockey liiiw i:i) S ki;m:y I " ) Edmi ' M) Road “1 v mind la me a hiiiiidom is. Honor Roll W 11.111 i: ’I A1,( K ll .)o M SS ClirSKTTS Aa ioni ' h “77 e i iiiel leays ni ihoii hl jiilness lead to the hi hieay oj sueeess. ' 49 Ki.izabkth L. Tisdalk 1!!0 Meuford Street “Tizzie " She is aliinys (loinp soinelhin , ami doing it well. Honoi ' Roll Girls’ Club ; ()(! NhsTic Street “Maniiie " " Palsy” ’.She does little which most leave undone.” (Jills’ Club Dramalif (iliib Marjorie W ' m.cott 6( Hkiiieaa’d Road “Piute” sense of humor is a priceless thing.” Student Couiieil Dramatic Club (Jills’ Club Ei,E, W ' aij.ace 17 Meij{()se Street ”Charms strike the sight, hut merit wins the soul.” Dramatic (dub Girls ' (dub 50 Ai iw Wai.sii 20 WooDBi in SruEtiT ‘}f host ' virliic n ets on jku ii ith honor. ' I ' lsTEU.E LSH 110 Mr. El{ () Sl ' HEET lender heart: a nill inflexible. ' DoKoriiA W Eu.s 9.5 (;k m) iew Hoad " Dot " ' ' There is no snhslilnte for lhoroni:h-i:oin!i. ardent, and si ice re earnestness. " Honor l ol (oils ' (.lul Dramatic Cluli (ilee (ilul) L KEiN ' CE I ' inw Al!l) W IH ' I ' .MA.N ()( .Aewi’ok t Stkeet " Darr " leonid rather he rii:hl than President. I lonor Koi I 1 rack. 51 I’)M;i! I! ViiriMi :VZ W alnut “Ijarl)” ‘‘‘Being everlaslingly on the jol heals Carrying a rabbit ' s joo! for luck.” [)raiiialic Clul) (Girls’ Clul) Glee Cluh . A w I ; K N ( ; E W 1 N ( : 1 1 EST ER 22 Gardenei! Street ‘Only lolly charaeler is worth describing. ArTIII R II. W INN 57 Summer Street " Cyc’ ' ! apoleon was a little man! Honor Roll Foot! )a II ! ri:ara W ' lNN 57 Summer Street “If ho was so me. so jair. So blithe, so debonair.” Dramatic ' Club StiulciU Gouncil 52 ( AKi. T. W rni 17 i; Ki!i:T i Sti;ekt " Lou " Lnuic He uas iicll likcrl hy everyone! (ilf ' C (illll) Studrnl Councii Manafror. IJaM ' hall Dramatic (dull A|. KK 120 M SSAC1H ■ ' KTI S AvKMK •‘Al” ‘ ' . ' I manner llial eliarined. a smile lhal endeared Honor Ivoll Student Council (iirls ' Clid) 53 t Aktiiur Ames I4A Cleveeand Street " Farmfi” 1 he ability to perform hard labor, and the tact to escape from performing, it. are the qualities that make this physicist popular. Gk nvtli.e Baker 20 Llnwood Street ' tine art is that in lehicli the hand, the head and heart go together. ' ' Jack Berra 21 Woodeand Street ’‘U e shall not look u ion his like again. " Doris Dams 3. Acton Street “Dot” ' ‘If ith few words but high ideals. " Dramatic Clul) Girls’ GliiB Isadore Maeatesta 20 Mt. Vernon Street “ Izzy” ‘‘Honor is the final reward of the industrious. " WiiAjAM McDonae!) 47 Hieton Street " Mac” ' ‘If e measure good men by the character. " Mari.aret Mieeer 7 Lewis Avenue “Micky” " Ah. youth! forever dear, forever kind. " I.AWRENCE O ' CioNNEI E 12 GaROENER StREET “If e measure good men by their character . " Berth Oesen I. ' ! Water Street “Bert” “Happy spirit, blithe of heart. " Dramatic Ghil) Band Orchestra Ldwin Busiiton 25 WAman Terrace “I ' armer” “. tall gentleman, by heaven! " ice I’resident. Student Gonncil Gaj)tain, Foothall Aefrei) Sanders 201 Si mmer Street “ sound mind in a sound body, is a short but full lescri ption of a hap iy state in this world. " John Seeton 2!! Aeeen Street “(Jiiiet. unassuming, but firm. " lloRERT St. John 52 Howard Street “ is the heart that makes the man. Ghareotte Trayeor Hi Lake Street “She ' s not noisy, loud, or gay. But enjoys life in a quiet way. " 54 55 56 YEAR BOOK 67 Student Gouncil T. ALLEN, D. HILLIARD, J. DRISCOLL. Tlu ' Sludcnl Council has liad anollior siicci ' ssiul year, d he (ionncil is coniposed of cifihl from eacli senior home-room, two from eacti junior liome-room, and one from ( ach sojrhomore liome-room. d his organization has lieen active in jiiany affairs, and deserves credit for the hue a in vvliich it has conducted fu(“-drifls and diiected the filing, d he memhers cnjo ed many s])irited meetings. I he (iouncil was rcpiesentcrl at the Student ( ' .ouucil Comention f) illiam . Ianey and John Driscoll. Idle oflicers of the (Council are: ,|ohn Driscoll. President; Edwin Knshton, ice- President; Dorothy Hilliard, Secretary, and dhemlore Allen, Chairman of the Law and Order Committee. 58 YEAR BOOK J (J thletic c ssodation A. A. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE ROW I— J. DRISCOLL, A. GUTZMAxX. ROW II— MR. GAMMONS, MR. PALMER. Members ol ' the A. A. were elected the first week of school. Their first duty was to sell season tickets. They also gave their approval of the athletes, chosen by the coaches, w ' ho were lo receive the school letter. The season ticket plan w ' as abolished by the A. A. A special finance committee to decide about money matters was api)ointed by the A. A., consisting of the various coaches, Mr. Thompson, Mr. Gammons, and the president of the A. A. The benefit basketball game between the High School and the Alumni was promoted by this finance committee. The officers of the A. A. this year were John Driscoll, President; Albert Gutz- mann. Secretary, and Mr. Palmer, Treasurer. 59 YEAR BOOK Q)ramatic Glub OFFICERS OF THE DRAMATIC CLUB BACK ROW—H. McCANN, E. JANSSON, H. KNOWLTON, E. HEGH, B. FOWLER. FRONT ROW— HELEN F. MATTHEWS, DIRECTOR, F. MESERVE. As we review the last year of HiR-h School and note the work done by one organi- zation or another, we find that the Dramatic Club, too, has had a successful and pro- giessive year. As usual, it has done its best to furnish the school and community with worth-while dramatic art. The program for the school has included “The Pot Boiler,” “The Doctor of Lone- some Folk,” and “Good Medicine,” three short plays, all of which were ])resented in a highly commendable marine)’. Special commendation is due the production of the Chi’istmas pantominie, “The Doctor of Lonesome Folk.” Although obstacles arose hindering its production, the greatest of which was the coach’s illness, the members of the club showed a spirit of loyalty and co-opei ation, and undei’ the direction of the assistant coach, Miss -Johnston, jiroduced the pantomime in such an admirable fashio)) as to summon earnest praise from several authoiities on dramatic art. The club served the community by inviting the public to this production, after which an infonnal tea was given for the guests. The club I’epeated “The Pot Boiler” in addition to “The Ciicket on The Hearth” for its i)ublic pei’forniance, given in the town hall. Scattered through the year’s work have been social good times i)) the form of Hallowe’en and coasting pa rties, the I’esponse to sevoal invitations fi’om Tufts College to theii- plays, and the annual picnic and bantiuet. When you recollect that each of these affairs was a complete success in itself, can we blame the class for being jiroud of the year’s accomplishments? Wouldn’t you expect them to be reluctant to leave such an oi’ganizatio)) a))d its capable and beloved leader, “Auntie Helen” Matthews? They are. 60 YEAR BOOK Slee Glub A. LACEY, D. HILLIARD, E. LOMBARD, MISS PIERCE. I lultM (lie siipeiN ision of .Miss Fierce, the Gii ls (Ilee (iluh had aiiullier er successful and eventlul season. It saiijr at the (ihristmas Dramatic Cluh play and with the aid of the l)o s’ Glee Gluh and the Dramatic (duh presented an original operetta “Lotus-Blossom.” The olliccrs are: Fresident. Dorothy Hilliard; ice-Fresident, Anne Lacev : Secretary, Llizahelh Loml)anl; Treasurer, Doris A jvvell. 61 YEAR BOOK Pi o H Q W co ' O P P o OS OS w c ; OS OS PS p S r o w P o 2 ; w J p w Pi w 03 W Pi W 03 " P — i X tL X " 5 .- bc s i; f=5 M ' P O . -r • Pi p p ' p 2 " X Q p (L x« • ; b - ' p HH S ( : GX -£ PP S - P — P P « — WpX 3 p ■ . £ • - 2 P P G H P - . -H-i- p [3 P P P 3 - p W2 Si = -g p ' s X;i: ’ " " m :SP i: ' ss S p • P 2b ra i; 1 i PG-p- = “Si§J •_ X p ' O ' p Oi wp bt tfj X o p 62 YEAR BOOK Girl ' s Glub W. FRAZER, PRES., V. DALTON, VICE-PRES., (.1. LANTZ, SEC.) M. I.ENNON, TREAS. riip Oirls " (Hul) was organizc ' d in o ( miiIkm-. and lias ( ' iijovcd several interesling Tiieelings dnriti " (lie vear. l llie (i enilier meetiii " . Miss Pierce spoke to the elnh on “Idle l ine Arts of Li ing:. " Tlie Deeendier meeting itu Inded a Christmas Partv. with Santa Clans, “n’ everything.’ ' At the next meeting, an informal discussion was led hv some of the girls; in March the memhers attended a theatre jiarty at the Copley Theatif ' where ' “d he Ringer” was [ilaving. d he biggest treat of the year came in the last meeting when Miss Margaret .Slattery spoke to the (duf). 63 YEAR BOOK Q)ehdting Society ' i 1 1 1 DEBATING CLUB ROW I— E. CHANDLER, A. BOUDREAU, J. GRINNAN. ROW II— D. BUCKLEY, P. HAWKES, J. CARTER, G. WALSH. Through the efforts of several individuals, a boys’ debating cdub was organized, adopting as its name “The Arlington High School Debating Society.” Under the handi- ca]! of a small membership and the inexperience of the membeis, the organization entered upon its work. The first step forward was the i)resentation of a debate to the student body on “Capital Punishment.” The affirmative case of that discussion was upheld by Joseph Grinnan, ’29, and Warren Bean, ’31; the negative by Edmond Chandler, ’29, and Amedee Boudreau, ’29. hTirther work in debating is cai ried on regularly when the organization meets in its semi-monthly meetings. At these meetings four beys from the Society debate on some current topic. Another debate is jfianned for May 10, 1929, when The Arlington High School Debating Society will make its first public appearance, meeting Dorchester, on the question; “Resolved, That all towns and cities within an area of fifteen miles of Bos- ton should be incorpora ted into the city of Boston.” Arlington will defend the nega- tive side of the question and will be represented by Edmond Chandler, Josejih Grin- nan, and Amedee Boudreau. The officers of the society are: Amedee R. Boudreau, President; Edmond A. Chandler, Vice-President; Joseph E. Grinnan, Treasurer; Wairen M. Bean, Secretary, Miss Catherine F. Lawton, Moderator. 64 YEAR BOOK Orchestra ROW I--E. LANDERS, G. PETERSON, J. HENDRICK, A. LANZA, D. MAKLE, C, THATCHER, M. CODY, E. KELLOGG, P. HAWKES, ROW II— N. .JACOBSON, A. DALE, A. VOGEL, W. MOWER, MISS PIERCE, DIRECTOR, A. SACHT, E. CURTIS, II. OSTERLUND. ROW III -H. McCANN, B. FOSS. H. COLLINS, K. RHODA, I. CONKLIN, W. CONNELL, E. MOONEY, C. DAVIES, B. HAYES, DAVID EEINER, ,J. PARKER, H. KNOWLTON. ROW IV— V. HART, T. ALLEN, N. PEARSON, R. MOONEY, ROW V— A. NICOLORO. C. MacALLISTER, F. DONAHUE, B. OLSEN, P. CHAMBERLAIN, T. CORCERAN. The Orchestia has held a prominent part in the activities of the school during- the inist three years. It is carried on under the direction of Miss Pierce and has been gro-wing steadily larger, and now is composed of more than sixty members. Three years ago Leonard Wood was concert-master. During that year a joint concert was given by the Orchestra and the Boys’ and Gii’ls’ Glee Clubs. The Orchestra entered the Orchestra Conclave held in the Arena in May, and was awarded third prize. In ]i)27-P. 28, Walter Angus was the concert-master. No concert was given that yeai- but the Orchestra played at the D) ' amatic Club presentations, the Teachers’ Club Iilay, and the W’omen’s Club Luncheon. This year Ruth Young has been chosen as concert master. The Orchestra has beeti less active than formerly as the regular weekly assemblies of the two previous years have been omitted. G5 66 The opera ’ ' Lotus Hlossoin. ' ’ wrilteii hr Alati aness Cliaknuikj iaii and Ldgtar Desmond Hegln was presented hy tlie (Tee (dul)s and prodneed under the personal direction oi Miss (iraee ( 7 . Pierce, Music l)irector, and Mrs. Helen 1 ' . Matthews. Dramatic Director on Marcli 6 th and 9th. The scenery, costumes, lighting effects and stage proi)erties were all designed and in main instances made in the Art Dejiartment under the direction of Marion I. Ford, . rt Director. • 7Z I W i I I basketball J. BEVINS, COACH, D. DUFFEE, MGR., R. FRIERY, D. ROSS, W. LOWDER, CART., G. LOWDER, H. DAVIDSON, R. BLACKMAN, J. DRISCOLL. Caplain — William Lowder LVlaiiager — Donald Duffee Coadi- -JosERii J. Bevins Arlinglon 19 Alumni 22 Arlington 25 Salem 25 Arlington 19 Framingham , 7 Arlington 27 Medford 19 Arlington 2F Malden 10 Arlington 39 Newton .17 Arlington . 62 Medford 11 Arlington 21 Brockton 41 y riington 33 Belmont 1 1 Aldington 26 Exeter 36 Arlington 20 Framingham 12 Arlington 39 Salem 30 Arlington 29 Cainl). Latin L5 Arlington 29 Belmont Hi Arlington 27 INewton 2.5 Arlington 31 Camh. Eatin 21 Arlington II Broc kton 29 Arlington 35 Natick 24 yXrlington )o Natick 1 1 Arlington 42 Melrose Hi M . 1. T. TOUKNFY LOST SEASON Arlington 2.3 Franklin 15 , rlington 35 Alumni 9 A rlington 31 Lynn English 20 Arlington 21 Brockton 2o Runners-up to Brockton in the M. I. T. Tourney, our basketball team, captained by the versatile Bill Lowder and coached by Mr. Bevins, enjoyed a season fruitful with victories. Throughout a schedule of twenty-four games we were forced to acknowledge our inferiority to only one team. John Driscoll, the center without a rival, was chosen for the all-state team, for his consistently good playing. 68 basketball ROW I— P. GOODMAN, D. HILLIARD, CAPT., D. BROWN. ROW II— B. CROSBY, K. LANE, A. LACEY, MCR., M. DE NOYER, L. DENNEN. (laplaiii Dokothv Managi-i n.nk Lackv (ioacli— M iss IwthkkiiM-; McCarty Letters awarded to: D. Hii.LARD. A. Lacey, K. I,am:. M. De Noaer. I . (Good- man, L. DeiNne.n. I). Brown. 15. Crosby. .SCHEDUI.E .All ington VS. Cambridge (class games on by Arlington! .Arlington 1 s. W eilesho (class games won by Arlington) Arlington 29 Malden 31 A rliugton 20 W atei tow n 21 A 1 lington d.A Winchester 17 .A rlington ' ■)( eedham .do .Arlington It) Swampscott 25 .Arlington ;5i Wellesle) JO Arlington 21 All. Alumni 11 This year’s P asketl)all Team liad a ver successful st ' asoii. uimdug seven of the nine panics |)la ed. Man girls were pi en a chance to show their |)ro ess in this s|)ort hi ' cause of the first and second team games played with outside schools. Because there is uo Cirls’ Baskethall League this feat is made possible. 69 Hockey ROW I— J. LAX, L. RICE, W. McCARTHY, P. TEEVEN, F. O’NEILL. ROW II — I. MANNING, R. THOMAS, T. CLARK, S. FORBES, CAPT., A. DUFFY, C. ABBOTT, P. CHAMBERLAIN. Captain — SiiERM.4N FoRBES Letters awarded to: S. Forbes, J. Coaeli — Cii. RLES Downs Manning, L. Rice, P. Teeven, W. Me Manager — .John J. Yale Carthy. J. Lax. A. Duffey, T. Clark, P. Chamberi.ain, R. Thomas, F. O’Neill, and C. Abbot. bCHEDULE Arlingl(jn 2 Alumni 1 Arl ingtt)!! 0 Melrose 2 Arlington 1 Andover . . 0 Arlington 1 Belmont . 1 ■Arlington 1 Caml). Latin 0 Arlington J Nolile G. 0 Arlington 1 Middlesex . I ■Arlington 1 Pomfret 2 Arlington 0 Stoneliam I Arlington 0 Newton . 2 Arlington 0 Harvard Fresh. 2 J ' he hockey team had another ieeless winter and were lueky to get any praetiee between games. With only two veterans, Cajjt. Forbes and John Manning, Coach Downs was forced to choose a team mostly of sophomores. The team did well to win half the games, including among their victims the strong Philips Andover sextet. J homas Clark, star defense man. was elected captain of next year’s team. 70 leld Kockey ROW I— P. GOODMAN, B. CARR. ROW II— L. DENNEN, E. HENDRICK. K. LANE. CART., E. LOMBARD, MGR., E. GLEASON. ROW III— K. McCarthy, coach, h. nass, h. russell, d. hilliard, B. HAYES, B. CROSBY. (Captain- K. theiunk LaiNE .Manager EuzuiETi! Lo.MHAia) Coach Miss Katheiune McCakt ' i Lcllcrs awarded to: K. IS. He.ndkk.e. ' . 1.. Dea.aea. I). ilii.i.iAi:i). P. (dioi)- i N. I!. llwEs. IG (iEEAsOiN. 15. Ciiosnv. B.CuiU. II. s . K. Lo in ia). II. Ki sseli,. M. Lowcock. Sen EDI EE ' 1 Lcxiiuiton I WellesIcN 0 . ' ) I ' itcldiurg . I 2 incliestei . ' 5 ArliMfrtoii I Dedham 0 The girls ' I ' icdd lloekeA team had a (m siiccesslid season, winning the Sonihern League (ihampionsh i p. Ilowevei. the ehamjiionshi]) nf the (iieater lloston League was won hy Winchester w Inm lhe defeatcal .Arlington . ' 5 2 in a er fast game. All over-night trij) to l itchhnrg Noimal made the season cr e entfnl. A rl ington A rlington A rlington Al l ington Mel rose W inthroi W inchester (ioneord 0 Arlington () Arlington 2 Arlington 0 Arlington 71 baseball ROW I— R. LoPRESTI, R. SHEA, R. SIMONDS, JR., W. LOWDER, C. ABBOTT. ROW II— J. GRINNAN, D. WALLACE, A. COLUCI, R. DORRINGTON, C. LANE, E. GALLUCCI, L. BARRETT. At the time of this writing the team has not yet played. Nor has it had much practice because of cold weather. The outlook is quite promising, however. The star sophomore battery of last year is back again, consisting of Lo Presti, catcher, and Gaw, pitcher. With this strong battery and two other capable twirlers in Abbott and Lane, the battery seems to be the backbone of the team. Other members of last year’s team are Grennen, Dorrington, Shea, star second baseman, Clark, Simonds, a first class hitter and great fielder, and W. Lowder, star outfielder. Gallucci (sophomore) seems to be the class at first base while Colucci appears to have third base clinched. The team opens up with Medford and then plays Waltham. The rest of the schedule consists mostly of home games with the members of the Mystic Valley League. A. H. S. 0pp. April 2.3 — Tuesday Cambridge at Arlington 3 2 April 24 — Wednesday Waltham at Arlington 11 4 April 27 — Saturday Arlington at Winchester 2 7 May 1 — Wednesday Wakefield at Arlington 2 8 May 4 — Saturday Melrose at Arlington 13 6 May 8 — Wednesday Arlington at Woburn 1 4 May 11 — Saturday Arlington at Watertown 3 7 May 15 — Wednesday Arlington at Concord May 18 — Saturday Winchester at Arlington May 22 — Wednesday Stoneham at Arlington May 25 — Saturday Arlington at Melrose May 29 — Wednesday Arlington at Wakefield June 1 — Saturday Watertown at Arlington June 5 — Wednesday Woburn at Arlington CHARLES DOWNES, Coach WILLIAM C. MANEY, Manager GEORGE R. KAPFF, Faculty Manager CAPTAINS, Lo Presti and Lowder 72 rack KOW I (Sitting:)— McMANUS, VV. McCARTHY, G. LINNANE, F. O’NEILL, E. CAMPBELL, M. BRADBURY, L. RICE, R. HALL. ROW II— T. PHINNEY, R. BURKUIST, G. BUCKLEY, F. DINEEN, J. WILEY, E. HALL, K. RHODA, W. ROGERS, F. TRAVERS. ROW III— MR. McCarthy, coach, e. woodbury, f. donavan, c. lane, C. FREYER, a. GUTZMAN, F. king, D. McADAMS, b. trulson, d. gallucci, F. LE DOUX, J. HENDRICK. ROW IV— I). STEWART, R. MORTON, L. O’CONNELL, A. DUFFY, N. GREGG, R. FL EMMING, D. HAGERMAN, L. WHITMAN, W. HUNT, N. JACOBSON, W. KEEFE. tiaptain .Ai.bkkt Gi tzm v.n Manapa ,Ioii. 1 1 k.ndhicks (ioach -Wii.i.i M tcCi.AirruY (■(lii(‘sda . April 17 ( )uiii!. at Ai liiipton (‘(Inesdav. , ])i il 21 Watei lown at Arlingtnii Monday. April 29- incli( stt‘r at Arlington Monday. Ma 6--l!plmont at Belmont Saturday. .May II — .State (,ham|iionsliip at llaryaid I ' riday. May I 7 Melrose at Arlington I riday. May 21 .Mystic alley at Arlington Wednesday. May 29— W incliester ,Ir. High at .Arlinglon .Saturday. June I State Belays at l•it hlnlrg. WTth the neyy locker room as an incentive to victory and the veterans “Al” Gutzman, John Driscoll, Thelden Phinney, Layvrence O’Connell, and Arthur DutFy to form the nucleus of the team, it is predicted that “Doc” MacCarthy’s boys yvill have a typical Arlington season. They are top-heavy favorites to yvin the Mystic Valley Championship for the third year in succession. Not since the event yvas originated have yve failed to take first place. football Captain — P ' .dwin Rl’siiton Mana ;cr -W Ai.TEK Thompson Cuacli- Cin Downs I lie footliall team, led liy the all-seholastie ' ‘h armer ’ Kushtoii, had a profitahle season. Although we lost to our traditional rival. Melrose, we were not hopelessly outclassed as they were the previous year. (ionsiderahle credit is due to (ioaeh Downs. Mr. Bevins, and “Doe ' Geary for the sterling and indis|)ensahle .service that they gave the team. Cdson I Chippie) (jaw was unanimoush elected to the eajitainey for the coming year. The election is a |)opular one. for the 1 )ig half-liaek was a ea palile iierformer on last year’s eleven. Arlington ( Framingham 21 y rlington 1 (,)uinev f) Arlington 6 W iiK hester () Arlington 0 Watertown () .Arlington 2 Belmont 0 Arlington 0 Wakefield . 0 Arlington 0 Bindge Tech. 19 Arlington 0 Wohurn . () rliugton 0 Melrose . . 6 74 Glass Song ( ' twe of iMy iTS ' taryland ) U ith lirtn ' ring hands u e turn the r ai:.e That closes on our lii h scluxd days. If ith memories oj jriendshi j s icon. This chapter oj Lije s hook is done. H ith coil rape only ] oath can know Jnd fearless hearts prepared to po Protected hy God ' s puidinp hand U e stand aicaitinp Life ' s command . These ha i iy days our youth has known H ill linper when the years have flown. Ami when at last n ith dauntless u ill. e ' ve pained the summit oj the Hill. II e ' ll turn the papes hack once more And live a pain the days of yore. If ith hapjiy smiles and yet a tear Our hiph school days forever dear. IDA SHEPPARD ® YEAR BOOK ® in c5?. K. § . Best All-Kound NU)Sl Po]jiilar Most ralentod Mo! t Loyal Most Intellectual (deverest 1 ' x‘st Leader Most Athletic Most lIusiiK ' sslike Most Humorous B( ' st S|)ort Best Orator Best Disjiositioii Most Bashful Best Dancer Tallest .Shortest Latest To (dass Most Attractive Best Dressed BOYS John Driscoll Lrnest Hesseltiiie, Jr. Alan C hakmakjiau Herl)crt Kiiowltoii Morton Bradl( y Edgar Hegh Ivohert Keleher William Lowder Ernest Hesseltiiie. Jr. J ' heodore Allen John Driscoll Amedee Boudreau John Driscoll Lawrence O ' Connell (iarl Witherell Bidiert Keleher James (iarter Joscjih Beasley .Sherman Forbes Jack Berry (HKLS Katherine Lane Winifred I ' razer Dorotlu Allen Jennie Lantz Helen Douropulos Kathryn Hunter .SyKia Hortter Lillian Dennen Eranees Meserve Ifla .She|)|)ard Katherine Lane Helen Dourojuilos Jennie Lantz inifred Frazer Dorothy Allen Harriet (fott Barbara inn Virginia Dalton Elizabeth Preston Dorothy Hilliard 76 YEAR BOOK c utograph ' S 77 YEAR BOOK cj utograph s 78 To Our Advertisers : take this opportunity to thank our advertisers for their help in making this ear ook possible. hey have supported us — in return let us Patronize Our Advertisers PRINTING “The Art Preservative of All Arts’’ TRANSCRIPT PRESS, INC. 420 WASHINGTON STREET DEDHAM, MASS. ‘telephone Q)edham 0590 PRINTERS OF THIS YEAR-BOOK 80 Athletic Outfitters For All SPORTS JAMES W. BRINE CO. ivrite for cutaUxjur 92 Summer Street BOSTON, MASS. COMrUMKM ' S Of Charles B. Perham, Inc. YES SIR IF YOU NEED SHOES WE HAVE THE BEST George H. Rice 618 Mass. Ave. .Arlington 81 Cctniinc Furniture f a ues — Always Comparison proves the advisability of trading with us. Complete Home Furnishers Warren Furniture Co. 444 Mass. Ave., Arlington Dalton Motors 745 Mass. Ave. Arlington HUPMOBILE Sixes and Eights Arlington 4974-3324 Now there are 2! PETER PAN SHOPPES under the direction of Louise ,1. Carr Toys, Gifts, Novelties, Magazines, Candy, Ice Cream and Tonics Greeting Cards by RustCraft- Far her -Hallmark- Brain field LENDING LIBRARY 7 Medford St., Arlington Center 2 Park Ave., Arlington Heights 1 777 COMFLIMKNTS John Skinner Son Wholesale Confectioners 138 Winsor Avenue WATERTOWN, MASS. 82 ALICE DARLING SECRETARIAL SCHOOL HIGH GRADE positions for graduates. Beginners, advanced and efficiency classes. Individual attention. Thorough training. Rapid advancement. Low tuition. Day and evening sessions. Harvard Sq., Cambridge For ICE CREAM SODAS CANDIES HOT DRINKS LUNCHES Go to Arlington Lexington H. KREEM “Hymie’s” Newsdealer and Stationer Magazines, Periodicals, Confec- tionery, Cigars, Tobacco PICTURE FRAMING DEVELOPING and PRINTING 198 Massachusetts Avenue Tel. Arlington 1971-1972 COMrUMKNTS OF THOMPSON’S SUPER- SERVICE 334 Mass. Ave., Arlington 83 ' ' Say it with FUnvern " RAWSON FLOWER SHOP JOSEPH L. BEASLEY, Prop. FLORIST AND DECORATOR bridal Shower bouquets a Specialty liaskets and Corsage Bouquets Artistically Arranged Wedding Decorations Plants and Cut Flowers Hardy Shrubs and Perennials Funeral Designs a Specialty 43(i MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE Tel. Arlington 0071 " Mcnthcr of Florintn Tclcf ni ph AhiHOciotion” “Flowor. ' i Tclcyruphcd to all porta of United Statca and Canada” A Definite Purpose! e ei{vom:. to be a success, must WORK W I I ' H A DEEIMTE PLAN EOR A DEEIMTE PURPOSE. THERE IS MUCH TRUTH I A THE OLD SAYING, " Plan your work, and then work your plan. " Arlington Five Cents Savings Bank Incorporated 1860 Three Convenient Offices in Arlington 84 HUTCHINSON’S COMrUMENTS or MARKET LOUIS V. WITHERELL nuAUT) roof) Insurance Broker ARLINGTON CENTRE - R. C. YOUNG P L A T I N E’ S General House Painting The Smart Shoe Shop of Arlington and Paper Hanging Where You Can Find The Latest Creations In Good W ' oi ' k — Good Material — Good Rcsidtx Sport — Dress — Camp — Tramp Shoes for Girls Boys Office — 11 Foster St. Women Men ARLINGTON, MASS. PLATINE’S 489 Mass. Avenue Telephone 0047 ARLINGTON CENTER 85 Telephone Aiiiiif ' ton 1548 WALTER L. DAY Shoes 167A Massachusetts Avenue EAST ARLINGTON, MASS. ArUnyion Lcxinyton Boston LINDSAY’S EXPRESS Main Office 60 Street Tel. Arlington 0892 M ember Bxiiressmun’s League BOSTON OFFICES 12 Merchants Row Huhbard 3794 157 Blackstone St. Richmond 1546 139 Kingston St. Liberty 0363 COMPLIMENTS OF Sanborn Camp Willard Battery Service 1071 Mass. Ave. COMPLIMENTS OL George W. Blanchard and Company 24 Water Street ARLINGTON 86 SCANLON and SULLIVAN Auto Body and Fender Repairing: Tel. Arlington 2971 ARLINGTON HIGH PINS AND RINGS Are Made By ALL SCHOOL SPORTS IN STOCK 87 Pierson’s Drug Store, Inc. Hattie’s is the best " A RELIABLE DRUG STORE " 75 Park Avenue 449 Massachusetts Ave. ARLINGTON, MASS. CORNER MEDFORD STREET Tel. Arlington 2G08 Arlinj ton, Mass, ATWATER KENT Thirty Years of Efficient Service ZENITH KOLSTER Thousands of Satisfied Customers RADIOS iiiiiiioiiiiiiiiiiiic]imiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiuimiimiiiniiiiiiiiiiii[]iiiimmii[]ii Proctors Wood Bros. Express iiiniiiiiiiiiiiic]iiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiii[]iimiiniiic]iiiiiiiiiiiic]iiiiiiiiiiiiumiii ARLINGTON AND BOSTON 428-30 Massachusetts Avenue ARLINGTON, MASS. Main Office Phone Arlington 5100-5101 40 Water Street, Arlington Local and Long Distance Trucking AUTOMOTIVE— ELECTRICAL PHONE ARL. 04.30 SUPPLIES— SPORTING GOODS 88 4 for rcenomtco 7 oniportofxon GOUN ARIS Home Made Candy and Ice Cream 463 MASS. AVE. Tel. .Arl. 5849 “A Six in The Price Rang ' e , of The Four” Sales and Service Arlington Automobile Company 450 Mass. Ave., Arlington. Mass. COMl ' lAMENTH OF ! JOSEPH J. DUFFEE A) ' liii(jt )i’N Rcj)rcNC)itativc of j COM l L ]l EM ' S OF TILO ROOFING CO., INC. America’s Largest Roofers Aranas cMaguire Union Sciuare Telephone Somerville Pros. 0590 Walter SSix 89 TOlai6 5tu6io i I 168 TREMONT ST. BOSTON, MASS. PHOTOGRAPHER OF CLASS OF 1929 90 “CALL ARLINGTON” 1 0 0 0 Arlington Motor Mart .1. heaicukmis. rmp. Expert Automobile Maintenance Authorized Brake Service 25 Mass. Avenue ARLINGTON, MASS. Elwot Dance Studio C(ii iiol Theatre UaUdhiy 20fi Massachusetts Avenue ARLINGTON, MASS Telephone Arlington 4545-W Musical comedy, tap and step- acrobatic, ballet, toe and ballroom dancing. Songs, Readings, Pianologues Entertainments furnished for all occasions Teacher of Daaeiuy Colleye of Sj okc)i Word Member of Daaeiiiy Mantern of America Chamberlain’s Socony Gas Station 1130 MASS. AVE. 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Avenue At the Center Phones: Arlington 4323-4324 Willys-Knight Whippets Used Cars Brad Swift Co., 956 Mass. Ave. Arlington Branch Boston Whippet-Knight Corporation Arlington 4696 Arling-ton Heights Taxi-Cab-Service A. Tremblay, Prop. Cars jor All Occasions WE COVER THE TOWN Stands — Arlington Heights, Parks and Mass Avenue 961 Mass. Avenue EAST ARLINGTON Res. Arl. 5722 Phone 1400 HEIGHT’S COMMUNITY GARAGE Atwater Kent and Zenith Radios Radio and Battery Service 19 Park Ave., Arlington Heights Phone Arlington 2816 93 WM. WHOWELL CO MPLIMKSTS 01 ' DRY GOODS ! Campbell’s Hardware 671 Massachusetts Avenue 207 BROADWAY Corner Water Street HUNTS F. A. Bennett, Prop. Downyflake Donut Shoppe 457 Massachusetts Avenue ARLINGTON CENTRE Telephone Arlington 3682 Beauty at papular prices H. VEYETT IVA FREETO Hairdressing- Parlor and Beauty Shoppe Penuaucut M ' aviuy a Sj ecialty Telephone 183 Mass. Ave. Arl. 2302 Arlington, Mass. Q ndersons dllowers dBcist longest Phones Arl. 3090-3091 Tel. Arlington 5088-W E. J. O’NEILL JEWELER Diamonds, Watches, Clocks, Etc. Optical Supplies If oric (Allied jor ami Delivered 454 Mass. Ave. 0pp. Medford St. ARLINGTON, MASS. 94 Best for Babies and just as good for grown-ups! Our herd of registered Ayrshires is under State ami Federal supervision and we will be glad to receive your ordei’ for either Raw or Pasteurized Milk. Respectfully, F. H. REED SON. Tel. Arlington 1274 Arlington Heights, Mass. AXEL G. CHRISTENSEN INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR HOUSE PAINTING PAPERHANGING We specialize in every branch of The Trade 11!) LAKE STREET Tel. 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LodieF and Geiif’s Fnrninhinf n All kiiuL of Clothing and Underwear 049 Massachusetts Avenue ARLINGTON CENTER Wherever Fael in Regaired THINK OF GAS Use it ami be convinced that it is Rapid, Controllable, Inexpensive ARLINGTON GAS LIGHT CO. 299 Broadway. Arlington CENTRAL ENGRAVING CO. Makers of QUALITY PRINTING PLATES IN LINE, HALF-TONE AND COLOR Specializing- in College Papers, Annuals and other Publications 394 ATLANTIC AVE., BOSTON Fngra vers of THE YE AR HOOK 97 CA)Ml LIMENTS OF LOCATELLI’S CAPITOL HEADQUARTERS FOR THE WELL-DRESSED YOUNG MAN Home of Vitaphone Movietone La Breque’s Men’s Shop Talking- Pictures ( 04 Massaehu.setts Avenue You will see all the bij? Talkies at ARLINGTON “Your Home Theatre” N. J. Hardy Company HAKER AND CONFECTIONER 473 Mass. Ave. BELDEN SNOW “The Men’s Wear Stores” ARLINGTON. MASS. The Newest in Mens and Young Men ' s Furnishings Dread — Cake — Pastry 639 Massachusetts Avenue ARLINGTON SOMERVILLE W. 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