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Arlington High School YEARBOOK Published by the Senior Class 1928 Dedicated TO The Memory of William II mm3 IRowc Comrade since our sophomore days, a real friend, whose loss has been deeply mourned. The Class of 1928 affectionately dedicates its Year Hook to his memory, as a symbol for the affection and loyalty it has always held for him. HtUiam Jfrtmtg SUnur Born, October 6, 1910 Died, July 25, 1927 cj Ln appreciation The class of ’28 wishes to express its appreciation and regard for Mr. Gammons, its principal. Mr. Gammons has maintained the high standard Arlington High School has had in every way. He has been the chief adviser and executive of the class of 28 for three years. He has al- ways stood for the right as he saw the right and his judgment in all matters has been correct to the extreme. He has in many instances shown us our faults and cor- rected them, always in the same patient manner. Mr. Gammons has been more friend than principal and it is in this light that we hope always to remember him. THE YEARBOOK c ?9 he Yearbook Committee BACK ROW, L. TO R — R. SANGER, A. LANE, C. EVANS. MIDDL1-: ROW— R. FRENCH, W. RIVERA. E. CROSBY, J. KELLEY FRONT ROW — M. TURNER, E. VAUGHN, A. HOWES, EDITOR ' L. STINSON, L. Mac- ALLISTER. The class was undecided as to having a year book, and when the decision came it was rather late, leaving a month and a half for the committee to publish a book. The reader can judge whether or not they have done credit to themselves in the pro- duct they have created. Under the leadership of Alan Howes, editor-in-chief; Charles Evans, business manager, and Dick French, president ol the class, the committee has worked night and day to realize their ambitions. Now that the job is done there will be no more worrying and once again the editor will lie able to get a whole night ' s sleep. AHS 28 - G THE YEARBOOK 7 Richard French, President Liela MacAllister, Vice-President Class Officers Ruth Cannell, Secretary Arthur Lane, Treasurer AHS ' 28 - HISTORY OF THE CLASS OF 1928 For the most of us the realization that we belonged to the class of 28 came with our first associations with High School. During our previous years in the Junior High Schools, Center and West, we were dimly aware that at some far-off date we should graduate from High School, hut hitherto that had been only a sort of second millenium. But with the advent at High School of this, the glorious class of 1928, we suddenly became aware that we were honored by a numeral identification. Like all greenhorns we wandered about the building for a few days, some frantically, some aimlessly, all of us more or less bewildered, and even daring, although it was more because of ignorance than bravery, to accost the elderlv and august Seniors and demand the location of room 21, or what have you? Soon, however, we became acquainted with the customs and regulations of this higher institution of learning, and humbly accepted our position as lowly Sophomores. To celebrate our arrival at A. H. S. the School Committee, feeling that the most important group of school children in the town had at last reached the age when rain and snow were no obstacles to them, decided that no-school signals were a useless waste of valuable energy. For a considerable length of time we were left to decide for ourselves the advisability of staying at home on a stormy day. This was all very well unless one’s gambling spirit led him astray loo many times. But none of us were sorry when the old institution was finally revived, for better or for worse. Not long after our arrival we proceeded to elect our class officers. We chose for our leaders: Arthur Lane, President; Frank Reardon, Vice-President; William McNamara, Secretary, and Frank Foster, Treasurer. The remainder ol the year passed somewhat uneventfully with the exception of the ever present Senior assemblies and the “File Prince,’ the operetta presented by the glee clubs under Miss Pierce’s able direction, the cast of which was well augmented by our own then juvenile class. Then came the Clarion Classics. Do you remember Walter Angus as Mellie Dunham? And Will Rogers in “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow?” As we remember it the film was rather old and streaky, but what cared we? In this year another innovation was the Memorial Day Prize Essay Contest, for which a silver cup for the school and gold and silver medals as first and second prize were offered by the local post of the American Legion. The first prize for this contest was won by Laura Flarlow. On athletics we were, as usual, entirely successful, producing winning teams in every sport, both boys and girls. Thus end the events of the year and with them our period of trial and tribulation. After an all too-short vacation we returned to A. H. S., full-fledged and slightly inflated Juniors. On our return we found several new members of the faculty, in- cluding Mr. Philip J. Palmer, our Assistant Principal. Then, too, we were also greeted by new lockers and found that the old and sacred precincts of the hat and coat had been rejuvenated and converted into a sewing room. As soon as the first confusion of a new year had passed we again met in room 15 and elected the officers of the class, this time choosing: Arthur Lane, President; Edward Crockett. Vice- President; Leila MacAllister, Secretary, and Charles Evans, Treasurer. So much for the business of the year. AHS’ 28 : THE YEARBOOK On Friday, September 24, the Dramatic Club, under its new director, Mrs. Matthews, held its first social, and it was at this gathering that Sid Hegh, our eminent cartoonist, won his first recognition. Just before the Christmas vacation the Dramatic Club won new honors with the play entitled “When the Chimes Rang.” Shall we ever forget its picturesque beauty? The rest of the year closely imitated its predecessor. “So This is London” found fame in the Town Hall. We held our winning luck on the field and in the gym. The various organizations flourished and delegates were sent to the Student Council Convention and the Convention of School Papers. All in all the year may itideed be considered a happy and prosperous one so far as A. H. S. is concerned. And so we left the familiar halls for another short period, this time to return even more inflated to the sacred privileges of Seniority. Some of us fell heir to room 14, from which point of vantage we had a fine view of numerous of our classmates as they tripped nonchalantly up the walk at three minutes past eight o’clock or eighteen minutes past eight o’clock, as the case may have been, unless we ourselves happened to be in that group, too. Once again we chose our class officers, electing for our final year: Richard French, President; Leila MacAllister, Vice-President; Ruth Cannell, Secretary, and Arthur Lane, Treasurer. As for our other activities, Charles Evans was elected President of the Student Council and Leila MacAllister President of the Girls Club. Both of these organizations have thrived remarkably under the present Senior regime, so may we not feel that this reflects credit on the members of that class? On our return in the fall of 1927 we found an entire new staff in the athletic department. Mr. Downes, Mr. Thompson, and Mr. Bevins have proved that they are entirely capable of leading A. H. S.’s fine group of athletes to victory. Among the boys’ laurels were the New England Harrier Championship, place in the triple tie for the Mystic Valley Football League Championship, and the Eastern State Cham- pionship in basketball. Shall we ever forget that glorious Tech Tourney? The person who couldn’t feel his school spirit stir within him at those games is certainly totally lacking in that element. The girls, too, have reason to be proud of their fine teams in field hockey and basketball. Arlington High School has as ever, come out at the winning end of her athletic contests. May this precedent ever be followed. Now there remain only a few high-lights of the year. There was a beautiful “Hiawatha,” the Woman’s Club annual presentation to which we were so kindly invited. The Dramatic Club again made a sensation with Charming Pollock’s play “The Enemy,” thereby closing one of the most successful years in the history of the Club. There now remains only Class Day and Graduation. Of the three hundred and forty-four members of our class who entered A. H. S. three years ago, about two hundred expect to graduate. Some of these have been bequeathed to us from former classes. But, as in all other things the class of ’28 has come through with flying colors. Some of us can say “the race is won, our course is done.” For others it is only the beginning, but for all of us June brings to a close a period which we can truthfully call one of the happiest in our lives. Laura Harlow. AHS ' 28; 10 Armen Abdian 19 Menotomy Koad “F also die rolled himself into our hearts. ' Student Council lonor Roll Clarence Alexander 68 Trowbridge Street “Alex” Alexander the Great had nothing on our Alex. Cross Country, Track, Honor Roll, 300 Yard Indoor Track State Schoolboy Champion for the Year 1927-’2o. Edna Andrews 1 122 Massachusetts Avenue " Eddie” “ What sweet delight a quiet life affords.” Florence L. Andrews 210 Broadway “Flossie” “ Learning is like Mercury, One of the most powerful and excellent things in the world.” Girls’ Glee Club Dramatic Club II onor Roll 11 Walter F. Angus 114 Park Avenue “Walt” Give me a lever long enough And a prop strong enough , I can single handed move the world. Student Orchestra Leader Dramatic Club Student Band Leader Student Council Ci! arlotte P. Armstrong 53 Wyman Street As merry as the day is long. Honor Roll Westcott G. Atwood 821 Massachusetts Avenue “Whack” 7 never dare to write as funny as I can.’ Student Council Clarion Track Honor Roll Dramatic Club Glee Club Orchestra Band Richard Barnard “Pete” “ How thy wit brightens! Student Council 46 Norfolk Road Clarion 12 Marjorie Belcher 10 Palmer Street “Marge” “And alien once the young heart of maiden is stolen The maiden herself will steal after it soon. Glee Club Honor Roll Walter Bender 9 Academy Street “Walla” “A good name is better than precious ointment Alice Benham 49 Norcross Street “Al” “And oft heard defended. Little said is soonest mended Helen Bennett 24 Hillside Avenue “In her tongue is the Ian of kindness Athletic Association Executive Committee Dramatic Club Student Council Orchestra 13 THE YEARBOOK Catherine Lee Berry 74 Oxford Street “Bunny” ‘‘‘ ' But now my task is smoothly done I can fly or I can run.” Girls’ Club Newell F. Blackburn 751 Massachusetts Avenue “Blacky” “The sun of earthly bliss.” Marion Blodgett 99 Warren Street Marion is a newcomer, but she has already icon her way into our hearts. Rita G. Bradley 111 Robbins Road “Rhitah” “She doeth little kindnesses W hich most leave undone or despise Dramatic Club Student Council Vice-President of The Girls’ Club 14 THE YEARBOOK Frank S. Breen 10 Newman Way “Biffor “In every deed oj niisehiej he had a heart to Resolve, a head to contrive., and a hand to execute. J ' out ball Emma Broekiii is 76 Henderson Street ‘ Never idle a moment. Virginia Brooks 103 Claremont Avenue “Pepper” “ Music is well said, to be the speech oj angels. " Orchestra Girls’ Club Glee Club Music Appreciation Pauline M. Burke 1 10 Crescent Hill Avenue “ Thy pathway lies among the stars. " Girls’ Club 15 Catherine A. Burns 16 Park Street “Tootsie’ My heart is true as steelT Arthur P. Byrne 81 Gloucester Street “Scratch” “ None but himself can be his parallel Clarence Campbell 107 Grafton Street “Soup “ Knowledge is that which truly and essentially raises one man above another Dramatic Club Glee Club Ruth M. Campbell 35 Trowbridge Street “Rufus” “ Those about her From her shall read the perfect ways of honour. Girls’ Club Orchestra Honor Roll 16 Ruth S. Cannell 3 Oak Knoll “ Wisdom and goodness arc Inin-born. Athletic Association, Executive Committee, Secretary of Senior Class, Hockey, Basketball, Student Council. Honor Roll and Girls ' Club. Geraldine A. Carran 1(M Ronald Road ‘Gerry ‘ Gerry’s ” pleasing personality will be long remembered. Girls’ Club Henrietta M. Cartullo 1187 Massachusetts Avenue “Henny” “ Those happy smilets Thai play ' d on her ripe lip seem ' d no! to know If hat quests were in her eyes: which parted then As pearls from diamonds dropped. Hockey Orchestra Basketball Student Council Honor Roll Ruth Christensen 119 Lake Street sky.’’ ‘ Her smile was like a rainbow flashing from a misty Girls ' Club Roll 17 THEYEARBGJK Frances Collins 12 Schouler Court “Gyp " “She is pretty to walk with And witty to talk with And pleasant too, to think on. " Orchestra Girls’ Glee Club Frances Converse 25 Lake Street “Fran” “ Virtue is hold and goodness never fearful.” Dramati c Club Girls’ Club William Connell 24 Cleveland Street ‘Bill’ “ Behind a frowning providence He hides a shining face. " ' Margaret P. Crayton •Peg’ 9 Newcomb Street “ Good sense, which only is a gift of Heaven Dramatic Club Girls’ Club 18 THE YEARBOOK Edward S. Crockett 15 Waciilsett Avenue ‘‘J unio’ “ Good nature is one oj the richest gifts . ' 7 Vice-President of the 1927 Junior Class Hockey Ethel Crosby 10 Davis Avenue “Et” ‘ " True as the needle to the pole Or as the dial to the sun. ' Secretary of The Girls’ Cluh Student Council Secretary of The Girls’ Glee Club Honor Roll Margaret Bliss Cushman lo Pleasant Street ‘ Blushing is the complexion oj virtue Clari Student Council Madeline M. Condon •Mad’ 72 Beacon Street ‘ Cheerfulness is an off-shoot of goodness and wisdom. 19 THE YEARBOOK Mary E. Curley 1138 Massachusetts Avenue “ Let the world slide, let the world go, A fig for care, a fig for woe.” Girls’ Club Henri M. David 13 Palmer Street “Hank” “ Stately and tall he moves in the hall. The chief of a thousand for grace.” Athletic Association Executive Committee Hockey Katherine E. Davis 181 Waverly Street “K” “ She that was ever fair and never proud Had tongue at will, and yet was never loud. ' Dramatic Club Mary E. Davis 1 1 Scituate Street “Young in limbs, in judgment old. Girls’ Club Student Council English Club 20 Kenneth E. Dempsey 6 Marathon Street “ profess no I talking, only this Let each man do his best. Ethel M. Dion 217 Broadway “ Slow and steady wins the race. " Girls’ Glee Club Girls’ Club H. Alvin Dodge 24 Surry Road “Al” “ Could love less. I should be happier. ' Athletic Association Executive Committee, Student Council, Dramatic Club, Honor Roll. Joseph Donahue 114 Warren Street “Joe “ A lion among the ladies is a most dreadful thing. Captain of Football, Captain of Baseball, Captain of Basketball in 1927. Athletic Association Executive Committee. 21 THE YEARBOOK Marguerite Donovan 58 Mystic Street “Monie” “Mild as the summer breeze .” Girls’ Club Dorothy Edmunds “Dot” “ Every joy is a gain And a gain is a gain however small. Girls’ Club 100 Everett Street Ml ud v 9 Cleveland Street ‘An affable and courteous gentleman. Student Council Ruth A. Dunn 56 Appleton Street “Secure in the hearts oj her friends.” Dramatic Club 22 THE YEARBOOK Elinor Elliott 64 Cuurciiill Avenue “ Keep close lo the shore Let others venture in the deep. Florence Elliott 50 Melrose Street “A peace above all earthly dignities A still and quiet conscience Gertrude England 387 Summer Street “Gert ’ “ Her air. her manner, all who saw admired Courteous though coy. and gentle though retired Girls’ Club Girls’ Glee Club Charles M. Evans 288 Appleton Street “Charlie” “ His life was gentle, and the elements So mix in him, that Nature might stand up And say to all the world, ‘This was a man ' . ' President of The Student Council, Treasurer of The 1927 Junior Class, Track, Cross Country, Honor Roll. 23 THE YEARBOOK W —M — Wi — Sarah M. Evans 105 Franklin Street “Sayree " “Sally " ’ “ Sometimes grave, sometimes gay. But we all like her anyway Field Hockey Girls’ Club Honor Roll Edith M. Ford 14 Court Street “Bob “Come like shadows, so depart Band Girls’ Glee Club Girls’ Club Herbert Forest 12 Lewis Avenue “Pooch “ Pooch ” is our all round man, he shone on the athletic field as well as in the classroom. Track Hockey Cross Country Student Council Honor Roll Eunice Farren ‘Ei 125 Brattle Street “Silent ami still she steals along Far from the world ' s gay, busy throng Student Council Girls’ Club Honor Roll 24 Arline Fowler 5 Wollaston Avenue “ Common sense in an uncommon degree is what llie world calls wisdom. " Dramatic Club Charles G. Fowler 3 Washington Avenue “Charlie ' ' By the work one knows the workman. " Honor Foil D. Richard French 30 Old Mystic Street “Dick” “ Every inch a man. " President of The Class F ootball Student Council Dramatic Club Honor Roll Helen Muriel Giles 36 Tanager Street We all know Muriel by her excellent acting in 1 he Dramatic Club plays. Dramatic Club 25 THE YEARBOOK Beatrice Gookin 101 Madison Avenue “She is quiet, tall and dignified Orchestra Dramatic Quit Honor Roll Bernard G. Gorsun 40 Dartmouth Street “Bernie” ‘ Even though vanquished he could argue still ” Glee Club Dramatic Club Honor Roll Debating Club Mason Grower 24 Windsor Street “ Young fellows will be young fellows.” Athletic Association Executive Committee Basketball Edward J. Gunzelmann 15 Cleveland Streei “Gunzie” “A man of mark.” 26 THE YEARBOOK Marion Hager 5 Highland Avenge “Bud’ “J’aiine Bud Hager s good sportsmanship is shown in whatever she does. Captain of Girls Basketball Captain of Girls’ Baseball Field Hockey Orchestra Band Marjorie D. Hall 7 Palmer Street “Marge” “Not a j lower, not a pearl, but just a regular all ' round girl.” Field Hockey Girls’ Club Basketball Band Laura Harlow Some day we shall he short story writer. Clarion English Club 1 ! M rion Road much about this brilliant Student Council Honor Roll 16 Linden Street Walter Hatch “Hatchie” “ May you live all the days of your life.” 27 THE YE AR BOOK Irene Hayden 30 Woodland Street “ Ikie’ “Truth and reason constitute that intellectual gold that defies destruction. " Girls’ Club Elizabeth Head “ Virtue is to herself the Girls’ Glee Club 20 School Street best reward Girls’ Club Elizabeth Hickey “Beth " 45 Linden Street Beth plays on the piano And at it she’s just great To be a good musician It seems will be Beth ' s fate. Glee Club Student Council Girls’ Club Irving Hilliard Kensington Road ' Knoivledge is power. Honor Roll 28 Alan Howes 10 Bon i) Road ‘77 make thee glorious by my pen. tor- On-Chief of The Clarion, Student Council, Dramatic Club, Eel i t or of The Year Book. Marie Hyman 25 Winslow Road. Belmont “ And even her failings leaned to virtue’s sides.” Baseball Girls’ Club Alice Henderson 23 Court Street 4 Nothing is more modest than greatness; indeed to be modest is to be great.” Kenneth Jones 31 Sherburn Street “Duke “He was a scholar and a ripe good one. Volley Ball Honor Roll 29 THEYEAREHDK Sidney Kahan 76 Westmoreland Avenue ‘Sid ' “Oh he is little, but he is wise And he’s a terror jor his size.” Volley Ball Orchestra Honor Roll Margaret Kearney 21 Massachusetts Avenue ‘Pec Girl “Be to her virtues very kind Be to her faults a little blind. Club Band Pauline Kearney 21 Massachusetts Avenue “l have heard of the lady and good words went with her name.’ Girls’ Club Helene Kelley 32 Appleton Street ' Hinky ‘The mildest manner and the gentlest heart. Girls’ Club 30 James A. Kelley 50 Palmer Street “Jimmie Your name is great because of your athletic and l iter ary ach i eve in enls. Athletic Association Executive Committee, Captain of Cross Country Team. Head Cheer Leader, Track, Clarion, English Cluh. Joseph P. Kineen 15 Wyman Street “Jerry” “A bold bad man. ' Football Honor R( Alton Lane 2J0 Mystic Valley Parkway “Al” “So much one boy can do That does both act and Know. ' President of the Dramatic Club Student Council Arthur Lane 13 Winter Street “Gus” Gus Lane is our star athlete , He lakes first place in every meet; Prominent in sports he ' s always been And we are very proud of him. Captain of Hockey, President of the Athletic Associa- tion, President of the Sophomore Class, 1926, President of the Junior Class, 1927, Treasurer of the Senior Class, Football, Track, Basketball. 31 Millicent Leavitt 63 Appleton Street “Chickie” Age cannot wither, nor custom stale Her infinite variety. Dramatic Club Honor Roll Girls’ Club Andrew Leveroni 88 Westminister Avenue “Andy” “On their own me rills Modest men are silent. Hockey 5 au l Livingstone 142 Lowell Street “ Brevity is the soul of wit.” I lr ( I 1 1 It Oscar Lorentzen 51 Hemlock Street “Hawk” “ His temper never out of place. Dramatic Club 32 Leila MacAllister 215 I ' orest Street “W hate er she did was done with so much ease. In her alone C was natural to please. ' ' President of The Girls ' Club, Treasurer of The Girls Club, 1927, Secretary of The Junior Class, Vice-President of the Senior Class, Dramatic Club, Honor Roll, Student Council. Kenneth MacIver 1070 Massachusetts Avenue “Mac” Small! but oh my! Marion MacIver 55 Tanager Street “ She moves a guild ess. she looks a queen. Glee Club Girls’ Club Joseph H. MacPhee 12 Marathon Street “Joe” “Sing away sorrow, cast away care Cross Country 33 THE YEAR BOOK Ruth Madden 29 Wachusett Avenue “A witty woman is a treasure Girls’ Club Eleanor Maynard 103 Oakland Avenue “Tho’ modest and retired , she rules her own mind. ' Vice-President of the Glee Club Girls’ Club Blanche Glenna McAulley 24 Elmore Street “Nane’’ ‘ ' It is the tranquil person who accomplishes much Orchestra Honor Roll Clara McBay 103 Bow Street “ am sure care ' s an enemy to life.’ Secretary of Dramatic Club, Glee Club, Dramatic Club, Girls’ Club. 34 THE YEARBOOK Dorothy McManus ] Hemlock Stki.i i “ Happy am , from care free Why area I they all contented like me. ' Glee Club Margaret McLean “Peg” “ Too true to flat ter Too kind to sneer. ' Girls’ Club 1 Thorndike Street William McNamara 29 Franklin Str eet “Tim” “ Actions speak louder than words. Student Council (Chairman of Law and Order Com- mittee), Football, Athletic Association Executive Com- mittee, Basketball (Captain), Baseball. Grace Mernick 17 Norcross Street ‘ ' ‘Gently comes the world to those who are cast in gentle mold 35 THE YEARBOOK Ruth Miller ‘Patsy’ 12 Bowen Street The only way to have a friend is to he one. Stanley Miller 66 Walnut Street “Jake” “Hank “Bud “Stan “Thought is deeper than all speech. ’ Band Orchestra Carolyn Moody 19 Windermere Avenue “Lyn” “A maiden not loo bright or good For human nature’s daily food.” Girls’ Club Dramatic Club Esther Ruth Michelson “Laugh? Yes. why not? ' Tis better than crying Girls’ Club Harvard Street lot. 36 Anna Moreau ( Cottage Avenue “Shorty “As good be out of the world as out of fashion Student Council Girls Club Honor Roll Jack Morine 58 Cleveland Street “Sir, your wit ambles well. It goes easily Baseball Mildred Morgan 36 Overlook Road “Millie” “Quiet and true, a good friend to you. Douglas Moore 251 Forest Street “Dinty” “Doug” “The busy business man. " Business manager of the Clarion, Dramatic Club, Student Council. o l Leonard Moore 23 Jason Street “Lennie” “ Man wants but little, nor that little long " Athletic Association Executive Committee, Student Council, Hockey. Iazel Elizabeth Morrow 148 1 1 1 1 inecliff Street ‘ Speech is silver, silence is golden . " Mary Murphy 3 West Street “Jennie” “A happy soul, that all the way To Heaven hath a Summer ' s day. " Edward Nicoll 10 Montague Street “Nick” “ Mindful not of himself. " Honor Roll 38 THE YEARBOOK Catherine Rose O’Conner 7 Moore Peace “Rosie ‘ ' Kindness is wisdom. Baseball Bertha Olson 13 Water Street “Bert” " Though on pleasure she was bent She had a frugal mind.” Orchestra Band Dramatic Club Mary O’Neill 209 Broadway ‘ Clemency alone makes us equal to the gods. ' Gladys Parks 5 Swan Street Field “Clad” " Her smile is her umbrella lockey Tennis Girls’ Club 39 Martha Pihl 184 Westminister Avenue “Tootsie” “ Lives obscurely great.” Honor Roll Mildred Pike 15 Walnut Street “Milly” “ Laughing and gay and full of fun Thus she is ever when frolic ' s begun. ' Girls’ Club jDITH Iye 616 Summer Street “ Of manners gentle, of affections mild.” Glee Club Dramatic Club Everett Porter 112 Bartlett Avenue “A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.” Honor Roll 40 THE YEARBOOK Anna Pyne 9 Daniels Street ‘Thy modesty ' s a candle to thy merit. " Girls’ Club Miriam Rawlings 8 Newport Street “A sunny nature wins lasting friendship every where. " Girls’ Club Glee Club Frank Reardon 30 Lewis Avenue ‘“Hussy “To think how to be sincere is the way of man. " Student Council, Athletic Association Executive Committee. Norbert Vincent Reardon, Jr. 1 1 Churchill Avenue “Nob ' “Who knows nothing base and fears nothing known. Baseball Hockey 41 THEYEARBOTK Marguerite Reynolds 173 Mystic Street “Brownie “ ' Sound judgment is the ground oj writing well.” Orchestra Honor Roll elen Rice 29 Yale Street “ Good things come in small packages.” Baseball Doris Ritchie 17 Lowell Street Place “Dot” A conscientious student, especially brilliant in law. Honor Roll William Rivera 2 Shawnee Road Billie’s wit and lively personality have made him one oj the most popular members o j the class. Student Council 42 THE Y EAR BOOK Marjorie Robertson 19 Beck Road ‘ ' Hears no evil, sees no evil , speaks no evil.” Girls’ Club Hockey Basketball Richard Newhall Sanger 1026 Mass. Avenue “Dick” “His intelligence is exceeded only by his good looks.” Orchestra, Student Council, Track manager, Honor Roll (highest). Mary Scafidi 155 Massachusetts Avenue “May” “Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well.” Glee Club Tennis Lawrence Selfrige 92 Beacon Street “Lau lie” Quiet yet counting many friends among liis acquaintances. Honor Roll 43 THE YEARBOOK Paul Sevoian 10 Oxford Street ‘Polly’ A disposition like Paul ' s is sure to win friends. Dramatic Club Glee Club Frances Shea ‘Fran’ 3 Florence Avenue A pleasing countenance is a silent commendation. Richard 11 . Snow 15 Lincoln Street “Dick” He is a great observer, and he looks Quite through the deeds of man. Hockey Student Council Track Honor Roll Garrett Smith 16 Highland Avenue ‘ Variety ' s the very spice of life. ' 44 THE YEARBOOK Louise Stinson 51 Appleton Street “Loulie” “A little woman, though a very little thing. Is sweeter far than sugar , or flowers that bloom in spring. ' Baseball, Basketball. Hockey, Student Council, Glee Club, Girls’ Club. Edward Stockdale 1218 Massachusetts Avenue “Ed” We expect “Stocky " to rise to fame in the world of aviation. Lillian Stoker 37 Harvard Street “Li 1” “A smile for all, a welcome glad, A jovial coaxing way she had. " Dramatic Club Orchestra Band Elizabeth Gertrude Stratton 11 Trowbridge Street “Betty” “ Gentle in manner. ' Girls’ Club Glee Club 45 THE YEAR BOOK Everett Stratton 936 Massachusetts Avenue ‘Evy’ ‘ He thinks too much-such men are dangerous Orchestra Beryl Sullivan 31 Bonad Street “ Rich in saving common sense. And, as the greatest only are. In her simplicity sublime Honor Roll Mary Sullivan ‘Sully’ 32 Lewis Avenue “O lady, nobility is thine, and thy form is the reflection of thy nature f;iee ( 11 nh Carl Sumner 15-A Grove Street “Lefty " “The world has not his like; There be worse and there be belter. But there’s no other just like him. Vice-President of the Student Council, Football, Hockey, Glee Club, Baseball. 46 THE YEARBOOK Marie Sweeney 16 Pierce Street “ How ere it be , it seems to me ' lis only noble to be good. " Hockey Baseball Girls’ Club Philip Sweeney ‘Phil’ The mildest manners with the bravest mind. Honor Roll Marie Phyllis Teeven 18 Highland Avenge “Phil” “ Kind hearts are more than coronets . And simple faith than Norman blood. Girls ' Club William Thoren 108 Claremont Avenue “Johnny Genteel in personage. Conduct and equipage; Noble by heritage. Generous and free. 47 THE YEARBOOK M.vrjorie Turner 24 ! Pleasant Street “Midge” “ Her voice was ever soft. Gentle and low-an excellent thing in woman.” Captain of Field Hockey, Basketball, Clarion, Secre- tary of the Student Council, Athletic Association Committee, Girls Club, Honor Roll. Thomas Whitaker 35 Sherborn Street ‘Tea’ ‘Men of few words are best men Harold White 1285 Massachusetts Avenue “I’m the very pink of courtesy Honor Roll Gladys Whitman 66 Newport Street “Glad” “She ' s not noisy, loud or gay “But enjoys life in a quiet way. Girls’ Club Honor Roll 48 THE YEARBOOK Leonard Wolfson 1326 Massachusetts Avenue “Len” “ His heart was in his worl and the heart Giveth grace unto every art. " Orchestra Band Anna B. Wiefret 64 Cleveland Street Anna is quiet , but very conscientious and evident in whatever she does. Honor Roll Vivian Wood 27 Adams Street “Viv” ‘A maiden never bold ' Marian Webster 157 Westminister Avenue “ Fair tresies man ' s imperial race ensnare. ' President of the Glee Club, Orchestra, Band, Student Council, Girls’ Club, Honor Roll. 49 THE YEARBOOK Winifred Williams 80 Madison Avenue “Winnie” “Not stepping o ' er the bounds of modesty Basketball Girls’ Club Lucia L. Woodworth 26 Norfold Road “Loosb She’s never haughty — never proud Always popular in every crowd. ' ' Student Council, Clarion, Honor Roll, Girls’ Club. Paul Widder 18 Hopkins Road He was ever precise in promise keeping. Manager of Football, Athletic Association Executive Committee. Gladys Walsh 15 Pierce Street ‘She attains whatever she pursues. " Glee Club Dramatic Club 50 THE YEARBOOK Clara Wyman 128 Lark Street “Clicker “ A light heart lives long. " Glee Club, Girls’ Club, Student Council, Dramatic Club. Mildred L. Wood “Mil ly” “ Long live such a good nature. Honor Roll 141 Gloucester Street William Young 103 Grafton Street •Bill ' ‘There’s mischief in this man.” Elinor Vaughn 161 Park Avenue “Elinorr ” “Coquet and coy at once her air; Both studied , though both seem neglected; Careless she is with artful care. Affecting to seem unaffected.” Cl anon Student Council Baseball 51 THE YEARBOOK Minnie Arbetter 122 Sylvia Street “Min” “ Life is a jest, and all things show it I thought so once, but note 1 know it ' ' Robert Berry 7 Kensington Park “Spike “ He urns not merely a chip of the old block, but the old block itself. " John Bender 9 Academy Street ‘77 be merry and free I ' ll be sad for no one. " Dora R. Boyers 1 81 Appleton Street “Mousie” “ There is a majesty in simplicity which is far above the quaintness of wit. " Student Council Paul Cameron 117 Medford Street “ He has merit, good nature and integrity. " Orchestra Eva E. Campbell 86 Gaylord Street “ lo well and right, and let the world sink. " Margaret E. Cassidy 46 Rawson Road “Peg” “ Hail to thee lady! and the grace of Heaven Before, behind thee, and on every hand E awheel thee round. ' Homer Collins 24 Kimball Road “ High erected thoughts seated in the heart of courtesy. " William F. Crayton 9 Newcomb Street “A man of hope and forward-looking mind. " Edward A Croissant 277 Gray Street “ The kindest man The best conditioned and unwearied spirit In doing courtesies. " Marjorie Dottling 35 Chandler Street “A child of study. " Girls’ Glee Club Debating Club Honor Roll Esther Glugetii 1 13 Sylvia Street “ Modesty is that grace which frees the soul from all unnecessary reflections upon itself. " Edward Hall 39 Everett Street “ Modesty becomes a young man. ' John J. Harrington 44 Hilton Stree “Long John ' “ Title and profit. I resign; The post of honor shall be mine. AHS28 52 THE YEARBOOK John Hanlon 6 Park Street Place “He has carried every point, who has mingled the useful with the ageable Olive Hayes 142 James Street Her air, her manners, all who saw admired David Hughes 166 Franklin Street “Red” “He who has red hair will have red hair until he dyes. " Football Walter Kechejian 69 Broadway “Sneeze A just fortune awaits the deserving. Volley Ball Martha Kenty 16 Harvard Street “My thoughts are my companions Helen P. Leary 21 Pierce Street “The hand that follows intellect can achieve Honor Roll Crawford Livingstone 1 12 Lowell Street “As kind as kings upon their coronation day. ’ Donald MacDonald 22 Lakeview “Energy and determination have done wonders many a time " Walter H. MacLaughlin 29 Glenwood Avenue " Mae” In all respects the best fellow in the world. Glee Club Orchestra Band Lmil A. Mareki 11 Varnum Street “What should a man do, but be merry ” Thomas O’Keefe 5 Park Street Place 11 [ om “ Joking decides great things. Stronger and better oft than earnest can Cross Country Basketball Mary O ' Keefe 165 Lake Street “Keyo” She is quiet on the outside She ' s the best sort of girl within. Glee Club John Peters 9 Bobbins Road “Frosty” He has the qualities of a great statesman, we will hear from him later. Edward Reagan 83 North Union Street “Eddie” He has won fame in the class Volleyball games. Honor Roll Arthur Winn 57 Summer Street “Sykes " For even though vanquished, he could argue still. AHS28- 53 THE YEARBOOK Glass Song “Memories” by Walter Angus Tune “Sweet Genevieve ” I The future calls — our course is won Before us lies the winding road Whose fertile slope gleams in the sun And beckons to our footsteps bold : — Each smiling face, each trusting clasp, Reveals to us the noble heart To hold aloft through life’s stern task The emblem of our youth’s brave start. The future calls — our course is won Before us lies the winding road Whose fertile slope gleams in the sun And beckons to our footsteps bold : — II Oh High School days, thy happy hours Will live with us forever dear And memories like tender flowers Shall bloom again each coming year : — Commencement day — we sing to thee That all our years be ever bright And all our roads, forever free From this sweet day — to blessed night — Then High School days, thy happy hours Will live with us forever dear And memories like tender flowers Shall bloom again each coming year : — AHS28 54 AHS ' 28 55 THE YEARBOOK c he Student Council STUDENT ( lirSCIL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE BACK IlOW— M. TURNER, W. ATWOOD, W. MacNAMARA, W, RIVERA. FRONT ROW— C. EVANS, MRS. MOFFATT. File Student Council of the year 192 -2d has carried on in an excellent mania 1 the work of this Organization as in previous years. This year The Student Council has sixty-seven members. The officers of the Council are: Charles Evans, President; Carl Sumner. Vice-President; Marjorie Turner, Secretary; William McNamara, Chairman of the Law and Order Committee; Westcott Atwood, Chairman of the Publicity Committee, and William Rivera, Chair- man of the Social Welfare Committee. A new feature of the Council has been introduced this year, that is. that before each monthly meeting, the Executive Committee of the Student Council meets to discuss the important problems to be brought up at the next meeting. Many other problems have been settled by the Council this year, and we all feel that it lias been a very successful year for the Student Council. 56 THE YEARBOOK demon [Board BACK ROW— S. HORTER, I). MOORE, I. SHEPPARD, R. BARNARD, ' E. HEGH. - MIDDLE ROW— K. HUNTER, L. WOODWORTH. W. ATWOOD, F. MESERVE, H. DOU- ROPULOS. FRONT ROW — L. HARLOWE, E. VAUGHN, A. HOWES, EDITOR ; J. KELLEY. M. TURNER. The Clarion board has had a hard struggle throughout the vear. For the hist few months it looked as if there would not be enough subscriptions to guarantee a Clarion, and then it was doubtful as to whether there would be enough ads to pay for one. But, overcoming all obstacles, the board persevered and produced a magazine rated by Harvard University one of the best in the state. Much of the credit was due to Miss Treat, faculty adviser, and Alan Howes, editor. Mr. Palmer as faculty business manager, and Douglas Moore, business manager, handled the money matters creditably. 57 THE YEARBOOK k Dramatic Glub CAST OF THE ENEMY BACK ROW. L. TO R. — K. KINGSTON, E. HESSELTINE, E. HEGH, H. KNOWLTON, MR. GAMMONS. H. CURRY. MIDDLE ROW— K. DAVIS, MILTON MATTHEWS, D. MOORE, MRS. MATTHEWS, P. LIVINGSTONE, B. GOOKIN. FRONT ROW— A. LANE, F. MESERVE, W. MOWER, F. DONAHUE. The Dramatic Club lias just completed another successful year under the especially efficient supervision of Mrs. Matthews. The membership has exceeded that of the previous year by sixty, making one hundred and forty members for the year of 1927r28. The first play of the year was “Bimbo the Pirate” by Booth Tarkington, which was as the name suggests a pirate play. The next was “The Christmas Child Comes In” by Katherine Kester, a production best remembered because of the Nativity scene which was very beautiful. It was given twice; once for the school and then repeated for the parents and friends at the annual “Christmas Tea.” At the time this went to press, plans were under way for an out-or-doors masque entitled, “The Forest Princess” by Constance D’Arcy MacKav. This masque is a part of a contest being held throughout the United States for the purpose of bettering plays for the schools. And so the A. H. S. D. C. wish its future members success and expresses its deep appreciation to Mrs. Matthews for her untiring efforts to make the club so worthwhile. 58 THE YEARBOOK Sir Is ' Glub CURLS’ CLUB OFFICERS R. BRADLEY, TREAS., L. MacALLISTER, PRES., J. LANTZ, VICE-PRES., E. CROSBY, SEC. In this, the fourth year of the Girls’ Club, we have made rapid strides toward our goal — the betterment of girlhood, and the establishment of closer friendship among the girls. The girls have shown a very fine spirit. We have followed the good example of last year’s Girls ' Club by having our meetings in room 15. These meetings have been very informal and our entertain- .ments have usually been made up of school talent. When the Club caught “Spring Fever” we found an adequate outlet for it by taking a long hike lo Burlington. This trip furnished certainly one of the best times the Club has had during the year. We all feel convinced that the Girls’ Club is a vitally important organization. We wash the Club prosperity and we hope that every girl will become a member next year. 59 Slee Glub GLEE ( Lilt OFFICE US E. CROSBY, SEC. ; M. MacIVER, TREAS. ; M. WEBSTER, PRES. ; E. MAYNARD, V. PRES. There was no hoys’ glee club this year, but the girls managed very well without them. The girls say they can sing better anyway. Whether or not they can sing better is a question, but they sounded very good at the Christmas assembly of the English Club and at the masque. Miss Pierce again deserves congratulations. The officers of the club were Marion Webster, president; Eleanor Maynard, vice- president; Marion Maclver, treasurer, and Ethel Crosby, secretary. 60 THE YEARBOOK Orchestra Miss Pierce has again outdone herself and produced an unusual high school orchestra. The orchestra, led by Walter Angus, is a credit to our school, and I think we all realize it. We have enjoyed the music at assemblies, and who wouldn ' t. The playing was real art, the best of every player’s ability brought out by an expert instructor. The value of our orchestra was also recognized by others, for it played at several concerts and conventions during the year. May Miss Pierce continue for many years to come to train such brilliant musicians and achieve the same illustrious results! hBand Miss Pierce and Walter Angus again triumphed. Led by Walter the hand played at some of the football games. They made plenty of noise and kept the spirit of the crowd high. Noise was not the oidy direction in which their abilities ran however. They were real musicians, all of them. We won ' t forget, how, in 1926, at the Melrose game, the hand marched around the held play- ing the funeral march, while Jim Kellev buried the Melrose colors. But it was our funeral. We lost. Neither will we forget how, in 1927, at the Melrose game, Walter wore a white beret while wielding the baton. What the beret was for we don’t know, hut the music was good and we won. 33 to 0! AHS ' 28- 61 dlthletic (dissociation The A. A. consists of representatives from each home room. The first duty of these agents is to collect the A. A. dues. After that they meet monthly or as often as meetings are called to discuss and decide matters relative to athletics. Quite frequently they help the coaches in deciding who shall get a letter. When rules pertaining to sports are changed it is the A. A. who votes on the changes. The officers of the A. A. this year were A. Lane, president; C. Sumner, vice- president; A. Gutzman, secretary, and Mr. Kapf, treasurer. AHS ' 2 a Afield Hockey BACK ROW, L. TO U.— M. ROBERTSON, K McCARTY, K. HARDY, R. CANNED, D. DENNEN, S. EVANS, L. STINSON. MIDDLE ROW — M. HAUER, D. HILLIARD, M. TURNER, K. LANE, B. HENDRICKS. FRONT ROW— P. GOODWIN. M. HALL, H. CARTULLO. Captain — Marjorie Turner Manager — Ruth Cannell Coach — Miss Katherine McCarty Letters awarded to: M. Turner. K. Lane. K. Hardy, L. Stinson. I’. Goodman. II. Cartullo, R. Cannell, I). Hilliard, L.Dennen, M. Hall, S. Evans, M. Hager, M. Robertson. Schedule: Arlington O Dedham . 2 Arlington 0 Gardner Arlington . . 2 Stoneham ....... . 0 Arlington 6 Fitchburg Normal Arlington 1 Lexington . 0 Arlington 1 Winchester Arlington 2 Winchester . 1 Arlington 5 Wellesley Arlington 2 Winthrop 0 This year’s F ield Hockey Team had a very succe ssful season, winning the Southern League championship and retaining the Durell Trophy for good. In a very hard-fought game the Arlington team lost the Greater Boston Championship to Winchester by a score of 2 — 1. This same team had met defeat at the hands of the Arlington girls by the same score earlier in the season. Much of the team’s success was due to the excellent coaching of Miss McCarty. The season ended with a wonderful trip to Fitchburg and Gardner. 1 67 IO to THE YEAR BOOK i Baseball BACK ROW— R. LO BREST I, E. GAW, C. DENNEN, R. SHEA, T. CLARK, J. DORRING TON, N. REARDON, C. ABBOTT. FRONT ROW— R. SIMMONS, J. BEASLEY, C. SUMNER, J. DONAHUE, W. MacNAMARA, W. LOWDER, J. MORIN E. Captain Joe Donahue Manager — C arl Witherell Coach Charles Downes Members of the team: J. Donahue, C. Sumner, W. Lowder, W. MacNamara, R. Shea, Simmons, .). Morine, E. G w. Abbott, Lo Presti, J. Beasley, Clark. Arlington 13 Stoughton Schedule 2 Arlington 0 Belmont Arlington 1 Somerville 3 Arlington 10 Wakefield Arlington 18 Belmont 8 Arlington 7 Winchester Arlington 2 Woburn 1 In the games so far playec 1, the team lias shown a smart brand of ball, biddin fair to win the Mystic Valley Championship. Captain Donahue, Gaw, and Abbott are the main stays of the pitching corps, and Sumner and “Aqua” Morine, are leading the league in hits, both also having home runs to their credit. Lo Presti (Soph) is one of the finds of the year— not only is he a great catcher, but his batting is remarkable. 68 Sirls ’ Basketball BACK HOW, L. TO R.— COACH K. McCARTY, S. DENNEN, B. NIMS, W. WILLIAMS, M. HALL. MIDDLE ROW— D. HILLIARD, D. NOWELL, K. HARDY. R. CANNED, K. LANE. FRONT ROW— H. CARTULLO. 1 ' . GOODWIN, M. HAGER. M. TURNER, L. STINSON. Captain — Marion Hacek Manager- -Marjorie Turner Coach — Miss Katherine McCarty Letters awarded to: M. Hager, K. Hardy, K. Lane. D. Hilliard, 1,. Stinson, W. Williams, H. Cartullo, R. Cannell, M. Hall, B. Nims. M. Turner. Schedule Arlington vs. Cambridge (class games won by Arlington) Arlington vs. Wellesley (class games won by Arlington) Arlington .42 Winchester 24 Arlington .20 Swampscott . ... 39 Arlington 30 Melrose 16 Arlington 26 Watertown . .31 Arlington 34 Wellesley 17 This year’s Field Hockey Team had a very successful season. Manv girls were given a chance to show their prowess in this sport because of the hrst and second team games played with outside schools. Because there is no Girls’ Basketball league this feat is made possible. 69 THE YEAR BOOK rack BACK ROW, L. TO R — MR. MeCARTY, COACH; W. ATWOOD, R. BLACKMAN, J. DRISCOLL, C. EVANS, A. LANE. H. DAVID, A. HALLETT. R. SAN HER. MANAGER. FRONT ROW— R. BERQUIST, F. O’NEILL, T. PHINNEY, H. FOREST, A. DUFFEY, R. SNOW, W. HUNT. Captain — Charles Evans Manager — Richard Sanger Members of the team: C. Alexander, C. Evans, O’Connell, H. Forrest, J.Mc- Phee, C. Schofield. A. Lane, J. Driscoll, T. Phinney, A. Duffey. Schedule Arlington vs Somerville. Mystic Valley Championship State Meet. Fitchburg Relay Championship. Mystic Valley Medlay Relay Championship. “Doc” McCarty’s boys defeated Somerville in the only dual meet so far this year, mainly through the efforts of Clarence Alexander, and Charlie Evans, both doing the “iron man stunt,” running two races. The team has been hit with a succession of injured men, putting out A1 Gutzman, and confining “Alec” to bed with the grippe, not to count others that have either left school, or in one way or another been unable to come out for the sport. 70 aBTTHE YEARBOOK Gross Country Captain — James Kelley Manager — Charles Evans Coach — William T. MacCarty Letters awarded to: J. Kelley. C. Evans, T. O’Keefe, C. Alexander, H. Forest, H. Leary, W. Lowder. J. McPhee Schedule Arlington 22 Quincy 35 Arlington 15 Woburn 72 Arlington 15 St. John’s Prep 85 Arlington .15 Wakefield 56 N. E. Championship — Won by Arlington. For the fourth successive year, our boys annexed the harrier championship held a ' Harvard Stadium, and finished four seasons undefeated! Working with practically a green team, it turned into a winner -one of the best in years, and in many minds the best in the U. S. Our claim is based upon this: We defeated Hebron Academy in the N. E. Championships, and Hebron placed second in the Nationals, held at Newark, N. J. The winning team, Schnectady, N. Y. High School, after challenging us, withdrew’ when we accepted the challenge. In all the school should feel proud of its boys for its excellent record. At the end of the season they were presented silver track shoes by the Kiwonis Club. Thomas O Keefe was elected Captain for the coming year. AHS28- 71 THE YEAR BOOK c Autographs AHS2 8 72 Autographs AHS ' 28 . 73 THE YEARBOOK Autograph s AHS ' 28 74 75 5J. 31. ifariiy Company BAKER AND CONFECTIONER 473 Mass. Ave. COMPLIMENTS OF ARLINGTON, MASS. A FRIEND BREAD— CAKE— PASTRY Orders oj $1.00 or more delivered free. AXEL G. CHRISTENSEN INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR HOUSE PAINTING PAPERHANGING We specialize in every branch of The Trade 119 LAKE STREET Tel. Arlington 1466 76 FINE NEW BURDETT BUIEDING When the fall sessions begin in September, Burdett College will be settled in this new home where its able faculty and outstanding business courses will be sustained by unusual housing facilities and modern equipment. This new build- ing will be the last word in private school construction. Burdett graduates are in demand by business men. Every Monday New Students are admitted in Secretarial; Office Man- agement; Bookkeeping; and Steno- graphic Courses Sept. 17 Entrance date for Busi- ness Administration Courses. Founded 1879 Catalogue Sent on Request Burdett College After July 1st, 15 Stuart St., Boston ONE BLOCK FROM COMMON. OFF TREMONT ST. 77 WLmb Stufcto 168 TREMONT ST. BOSTON, MASS. CLASS PHOTOGRAPHER 1927-28 78 PRINTING “The Art Preservative of All Arts” he TRANSCRIPT PRESS, INC. 420 WASHINGTON STREET DEDHAM, MASS. telephone c Jbedham 0590 PRINTERS OF THIS YEAR-BOOK 79 COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF CORIATY’S REGENT THEATRE A. M. Simmons MEDFORD ST., ARLINGTON FILLING STATIONS LOUIS J. COR1ATY, Prop. COMPLIMENTS OF MASSACHUSETTS AVE. AT LAKE ST ARLINGTON YOUR HOME THEATRE Telephone Arlington 1548 WALTER L. DAY SHOES 167a Massachusetts Avenue EAST ARLINGTON, MASS. 80 Hand Made is Best Made You never saw a machine- made painting that revealed true art. So it is with men’s suits. Please come in — Let me show you my new suitings and quote you my reasonable prices. LA MACCHIO— CUSTOM TAILOR ARLINGTON HEIGHTS “I want to make all your clothes from now on” ATWATER KENT ZENITH KOLSTER RADIOS Proctor’s 428-30 Massachusetts Avenue ARLINGTON. MASS. Phone ARLington 3535 AUTOMOTIVE— ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES— SPORTING GOODS 81 GAS THE BETTER FUEL Is demanded everywhere WHY? Because — It’s 100 C fuel! Clean, rapid, easily controlled! Snow, sleet or ice storms do not affect the supply! Now used for Cooking House heating- incineration Lighting- Industrial purposes Refrigeration Water heating LEARN TO USE THIS IDEAL FUEL EFFICIENTLY ARLINGTON GAS LIGHT COMPANY “Say it with Flowers ” RAWSON FLOWER SHOP JOSEPH L. BEASLEY, Plop. FLORIST AND DECORATOR i Bridal Shouuer Bouquets a Specialty Baskets and Corsage Bouquets Artistically Arranged Wedding Decorations Plants and Cut Flowers Hardy Shrubs and Perennials Funeral Designs a Specialty 436 MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE Tel. Arlington 0071 “ Member of Florists Telegraph Association” “ Flowers Telegraphed to all parts of United States and Canada” 82 Tel. Arlington 5088-W E. J. O’NEILL JEWELER DIAMONDS, WATCHES, CLOCKS, ETC. OPTICAL SUPPLIES Work Called For and Delivered 454 Mass. Ave., Opp. Medford St. ARLINGTON, MASS. BELDEN ANI) SNOW “The Men’s Wear Stores” The Newest in Men ' s and Young Mens ' Furnishings 639 Massachusetts Avenue ARLINGTON SOMERVILLE W. SOMERVILLE COMPLIMENTS OF Moore’s Filling Station Ice Cream Smoker’s Supplies Chocolates Lunches De Luxe Spa ARLINGTON HEIGHTS “The Most up to date Soda Fountain in the Heights " 83 For ICE CREAM SODAS CANDIES HOT DRINKS LUNCHES Go To- Arlington Lexington PIERSON’S DRUG STORE, INC. “A RELIABLE DRUG STORE” 449 Massachusetts Ave. CORNER MEDFORD STREET Arlington, Mass, ! END FOR NEW PIN CATALOG ATHLETIC PRIZES gffl] LOVING VflTSillk ps 1 h yur MUS,C DRA MA T1C ! CLUB PINS | 3S7 WASHINGTON STREET $ 2=4 COMPLIMENTS OF A Friend 84 COMPLIMENTS OF J. WALTER RITCHIE Steve’s Barber Shop SANITARY SERVICE 445 Mass. Ave. Tel. 4493 967 Mass. Ave. Tel. 2730 We Do Marcel , Finger, and Permanent Waving By Appointment SIEVE TER J EL l AN Commin’s Men’s Shop HEADQUARTERS FOR THE WELL-DRESSED YOUNG MAN EAST ARLINGTON, MASS. La Breque’s Men’s Shop A card properly signed entitles a High School Student to 10 ' 604 Massachusetts Ave. discount. ARLINGTON 85 GOUNARIS Home Made Candy COMPLIMENTS OF and Ice Cream A FRIEND 463 Mass. Ave. Tel. Arl. 3839 COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND A FRIEND 86 87

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