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1 Ni Y? 5 4 K 3 si L i, 5 1 F., k. gf , l I L V 5 "' I 1 J4....- 5 f - f 'X FORTY-EIGHTH ANNUAL EDITION OF .S7fiffaguami5A ja! I954 'guifcling kr fAe jufure AS STRUCTURES RISE TO REALITY FROM THE MATERIALS OF WOOD, CEMENT, AND STEEL SO WE RISE TO NEW HEIGHTS OF ACCOMPLISHMENT FROM THE MATERIALS OF COURAGE .CONSCI ENCE, AND STEADFASTNESS. Al' ULU' gfuepflnt ki' gulfing ADMINISTRATION CLASSES ACTIVITIES SCHOOL UFE 2 ,N era LOFQJ! Wuth a theme of Building for the Future there IS no person who deserves the deducataon ot this year s Stlllaguamlsh Trail more than Mr Ralph Plstorese, our school counselor lt IS a trubute to o e who, by has leadersmp, has helped our school to stand as a pallar agamst medlocraty From his genlal expressnon, we conclude that the fulfllment of our hopes means as much To Mr Pxstorese as ut does to us We offer thanks to one whose vigor and snncereuty have won hum the greatest respect and admxratuon Z-l' Mr Ralph Pastorese 3 e Ol' if . I I . . I I - . . . I , . . . . . . . . D M-,Jw 1' sq. ' x, Q z ff?-2, s fi --Q ? 5 v I wf' B- The Admlnlstrotron of Arlmgton Htgh School has been a cornerstone of effort and progress an oll aspects of our school lute They have supported our pans ond h l e ped brnng our dreams unto realnty We the students have leaned onthe Admnmstratron nn our hopes and troubles Now we wish to express our grafltude to them for their support Corn-tion C154 lH ous? G . 'Els l l Paul Wangsmo Rus Bradley Bull Roal Julius Norman Clufford Rod Mrs Bertha Morrxs oun aflon u,9,9orf5 0 PC1115 The success of the past school yeor was largely due to the etflczency cooperatnon and wlse plannrng of the five member school board The entire community benetuted by the able leadership of Mr Paul Wangsmo, Mr Rus Bradley Rod They were assisted by Mrs Bertha Morris, clerk The students appreclate the help o the School Board Under the leadership of Mrs Clifford Rod president M Elmer Lawty vice president Mrs Bull Hendrnckson, secretary and Mrs Ruth Ward treasurer the Arlvngton Parent Teachers Assocuatron brought forward a strong program communlty Interest In the needs of Arlangton Hugh School students We thank our parents for the vltal help they gave us 6 Mrs Ruth Ward Mrs Bull Hendrrckson My Elmer Lawty Mrs Cl nfford Rod Mr. Mr. Mr. ' Mr. A Mr. ' as 77 .7411 rl ' W" , , , . I L I , t . Z Mr. Bill Roal,Mr.Julius Norman,and Mr.Clitford for lg-534954, Wlfh m0nY Pl0"'5 to 5TlmUl079 . ' f ' - Mr. Thomas Terieson Mr. John Danubio ,W lgegecl n mem fo O We J4 No one knows better than our superintendent, Mr Thomas Terleson, and our prlncrpal Mr John Danubro, the Importance of building solid charac ter into the llves of the students Thus IS what they are always strlvxng for M Terleson and Mr Danublo take an active port an our school affaxrs and are always wulllng to lend a helpxng hand We the student body, appreciate their mterest Some familiar sights around Arlington Hvgh School are Mrs Edna Running the office secre tary Mlss Mary Gallaugher, the school nurse our cateterua workers, Mrs Evelyn Elnason and Mrs June Larson and our 1anltors Mr Andrew Olander, Mr Henry Morris, and Mr Henry Bergam The help and friendliness they have shown toward the students has been noticed by all Mrs Edna Runnnng Mlss Mary Gallaugher Mrs Evelyn Eluoson Mrs June Larson Mr Henry Bergam Mr Andrew Olander 7 X E .1 A - ' b . O A . e 0 l uf e - 1 I ' , ' , ' - 5 I . - . . - , ' I . -r . . .131 ' If 4 ig, - 4 , , , . 5, W X . , 5 I. ' 7 . ' , x I va, . jdey ?fUorLeJc4f1'fA U5 MR. ROBERT CRUMBAUGH Freshman English, Newswriting, Journalism, Eagle Advisor Annual Advisor, All-School Play Director MRS. isABEL QAWLEY 'T Shorthand, Typing, Councilor, Girls' 'Eeague Advisor f f Miss JUNE HERGERT , A g E g -- J Junior English, Speech, Debate, Debate Coach, Junior Class Advisor, Senior Play Director ' L MISS JOA NN INGRUM Cooking, Art, Tri-Hi-Y Advisor I MR. JOHN JENFT Bookkeeping, Typing, General Business, Retail Selling, School Store Director MISS MARY ANN JENKIN Algebra, Plane Geometry, Advanced Algebra, Trigonometry, Junior Red Cross Advisor MR. KENNETH KANIKEBERG General Science, Chemistry, Physics, Drivers' Training MR. EDWARD KORSBOEN Biology, Economic Geography, JunIor High Football Coach MR. FLOYD LANGDON Agriculture, E. F.A. Advisor MR. ROY M. LARSEN Intermediate Band, A.H.S. Concert Band, Acappella Choir A. H.S. Massed Choir, solos and ensembles 8 MR. LAWRENCE MuNizzA ' I Freshmen P.E., Sophomore' P.E., Freshmen Class Advisor, Football Coach, Second Team Basketball Coach, Track MRS. RUBY NORMAN Health, Sociology, Physical Education, C1.A.A. Advisor, Pep Club Advisor, Tumbling Club Advisor MR. MILLARD LORD Wood Shop, Mechanical Drawing, Stage Crew, Sophomore ClaT i Advisor, Hi-Y Advisor I V ' ' I MISS LILLIAN LONKE J A Sewing, F.H.A. Advisor ,Q J MR. ERNEST LUDWICK V, Social Science, Advanced Arithmetic, Boys' Club Advisor, Senior Class Advisor, Lettermen's Club Advisor, Director of Athletics, Basketball Coach, Baseball Coach MR. RALPH PISTORESE Vice-Principal, Councilor, Visual Aids Director, Mathematics, Assistant Football Coach, Assistant Basketball Coach, Boys' Club Advisor, Wrestling and Boxing Club Advisor MR. KEITH SARKISIAN General Shop, Farm Shop, F. F.A. Advisor MRS. ZANONIA SMITH Latin, Spanish, Washington History, Honor Society Advisor MR. ROBERT W. TSCHIRGI World History, Sophomore English, Senior English MISS GLADYS WEST Librarian 9 'I' ajfw r .-4' DICK SCHUH A A S B pres: dent Duck kept thrngs moving rn cz bxgger and better way JERRY CARTER Jerry copped the honor ot the vlce presidency In his IUDIOY year BETTY OLSON Betty pushed a ambutrous pen through her semor year as secretary BARBARA GRUWELL As treas urer Barb worked hard on her books MARCELLA JOHNSON e assisted Barb rn her 'ob and pre pared to take over as our next A S B treasurer DAVID BlSBEY To has long lust of OCYIVIYISS was added the lob ot business manager 10 OFPIYI PII ENT!! QFO QFQJJ Our A S B officers p oud to be lead ng the students towed tune leadershp work ng b Id a be er Arlmgton I-ugh School Cvuldmg the actnvrtues of the Student Councrl our president D ck Schuh worked endlessly for the good of the student body Vice presldent Jerry C rter n hrs usual capabl wa rrued out s du e an was prepare a a tlmes to assume the president s role an hrs absence Secretary Betty Olson kept the Student Council mnnutes the point of contact between the students and the ottrcers who led them The spark plug of any group rs the treasurer Barbara Gruwell wrth the assxstance ot Marcella Johnson made fmancral reports to the Student Councll David Brsbey as A S B busuness manager set an example tor all future business managers to strtve for -2 i cgfu enf gum o Meg Almost every Thursday the detail Selling room was the scene of a lively Student Council rneeting l"ere every nerrber of the Student body could express his opinion on topics through his representative The Student Council con posed of A S B officers the Boys Club Girls League and class presidents our class representatives and our yell leaders and songleaders worked at solv ng varied student body price of the A S B tickets and improving school conduct For the first time it was decided to sell the annual apart fron' the A S B ticket A rnalor goal was reached when Arlington became the first school in the county to organize a student Iustice court This court is run by the students and penalizes traffic offenders It was a very successful year for the student body of Arlington High School due to the tireless efforts of our Student Council the center of Arlington s student government FIRST ROW Pat Cyra Donna Gunderson Arlene Jacobs Shirley Jacobs Elaine Lawson Marcella Johnson Barbara Gruwell Betty Olson Carol Hammerly Donna Real Delaine Sele SECOND ROW David Brsbey Gary Duslcin orrell Bergam Jerry Carter Dick Schuh Bob Alexander Dick Erickson Dan ohnson D ck ussel ic Connacher Cyrus Swett 2 4 4 2 r , rj ' ' fl ul ln 0 f . . A I n I . I , I 1 . A , Y 1 D ' ' ' I f . , . V . f I l , i 4 problems. There were long discussions on such topics as raising the I I I ' , . I Z f I I A I I 1 1 I I f ' D , , ' , , ' ' , , . 1-v-7 ' li-.wjff vw-f-J V Q 4 A. A . 1 4 . 4 . x --3 Y -'A 3, xr? ge ge 1 X , .,,, Q...-, ,-f - 1 . fm " Y KBS Qi' 5' ' I -5 EF? lfifiw K J g A f :-is -v w-Q!1.s. i. i NHS L- ' K - .. QW - y- -Xi. :-1. A -. f ,rm - Q '--g f-4:3 5 , .Nw :xg 1 X . M - Kffvgj fa A++ 1. - 2 N5.q3'55 f, 1, F, 'an M L Yawx fb w- X, , .. vw. .F .-8,39 2 355' ww " N, v Xu ,Q , ' 4 Q 1 S Q ff' A-2,,,.mQ,, W n 'W fl?-. ..,-ff' I PIN Sn- OFF TO Freshmen so homores rumors and sensors all pay theur own roles IU the constructton of our rg school The freshmen gust enternng thetr hugh school careers are laying a sound foundatuon which wtll see them through The sophomores have completed their llfSf story and are erectlng a second The rumors have reached a hugher level and the senlors theur hugh school toward the future Separately each class IS gust a class Together they are that wonderful whole the student body of Arlington Htgh School sU Un sEVl'0Ps UU Un FUTURE SOPHOVIORES ,.,,'-"""' f p r V V I V ' l ' ' ' h' h building almost done,, are looking out, from the heights Q 5 U D D U U toes '. 'B 1 5 B U 1- 1.4 CfaJuafe, 011,04 :WMI future Thinking back over their senior year, the graduates remember the first thrill of being called one of those HSENIORSH and giving the class yell, "Boom-de-ad-eah, boom-de-ad-eah, seniors, seniors, rah, rch, rch." They recall the night they painted the grandstand, the worry- ing they did over American History, and always being sure to follow the tradition of "seniors irst The month of November was filled with decorating for the Senior Ball Cinderella, on the thirteenth, and practicing for the Senior Play The Thirteenth Chair , the twentieth The months sped by under the leadership of Dick Russell, president, Cathy Walker, vice- president, Betty Espedal, secretary-treasurer, Dick Borseth, yell leader, and Mr. Ludwick, advisor. Then came Class Night, Baccalaureate, and the feeling of dignity which accompanied their caps and gowns on Commencement. The last strains of "pomp and Circumstancen faded away and another Senior Class looked toward the future Thus ends, on graduation day the final year for the class of 54 with smiles and tears for new adventures ahead and for friends and memories left behind Dick Borsath yell leader Cathy Walker vice president Dick Russell president Betty Espedol secretary treasurer Mr Ludwick advisor N "K-ir 14 in f-V l I ' . . I I - I I . ' ' . . . I ' . g . I . I I . . I l . I . ' , . I I i I i ' V i i , V i 1 ' ' . , . r H- f if Q ,gy Q . 3 i . 5' 2 , i I ee 4 ? I AW, M 3 F r 3 , A . , 1 .:'2Sf'3s+? , , L '65 A I 4 X , ,i I , , an l . 5 va -h V .' . T- 1' C ' ' ' . V . , A V . 1 Q . 'ffl e , 4 I Y: Tax, f ,- ,. H- 4- .s-.,.,: . .- - .. A. 0 -'-f U i952 Glancung back to theur sophomore year five un G A A fuve un Lettermen s Club and C655 0 gfallCe5 K L Happy thoughts full the senuors munds when they revuew theur many contributions to Arlungton during theur hugh school careers These young men and women are goung to muss 1951 As freshmen they lost no time gettung unto the swung of actuvutues Twelve members were unvuted to the Honor Society Banquet, two were un Tumblung Club, and they gave a successful Frosh Soph Dance Leadung them we fund the senuor class had many lushments They started off by guvung for the frosh Twenty three members Honor Society, nineteen un chour, nune accomp a dance were un un band, 1953 As upperclassmen, the uunuors receuved Bob Alexander, vuce presudent Paulune Muller, secretary treasurer Bob ODay yell leader and Muss Satre, advusor Twenty members were un Honor Society fufteen un chour, ten un band, 954 I uts fu l year the Class of 4 expertly guided the underclassmen through the spun of A S B actuvutues Shrueks of terror can stull be heard comung from the audutoruum where they presented theur Senior Play The Thur teenth Chaur a mystery ln November the senuors went all out for the Senuor Ball un derella The honor of the senuor class presu the good tumes theur fruends, and teachers, cus they go unto the future Theur hugh school luves are past but they wull remain un each senuor s treasury of Arlungton memorues through theur freshman year were Dave Quall, presudent Betty Espedal vuce presudent Pat Cyra secretary Barb Huett treasurer Donna Gunderson yell leader and Muss West, advusor three un Tumbling Club They chose Dan Johhson, presudent Carol Wahl vuce presudent Carol Hammerly secretary treasurer and .lum Corning, yell leader Muss West was theur advusor tn un GAA eleven un Lettermens Club Club They gave a dance for the senuors and took part un the All School Play The year was hughlughted by an unforgettable Junuor Prom Aprul un Parus dency was won by Duck Russell Assustung hum were Cathy Walker, vuce presudent Betty Espedal secretary treasurer Duck Borseth, yell leader and Mr Ludwuck advusor Nune members were un band, nune un chour three n Tumbling Club fufteen un GAA seventeen un Honor Society twenty un pep Club, and fifteen un Lettermen s Club ln the years the Class of 54 spent at crimson and grey colors and stood by theur Arlington Hugh, they brought fame to their motto Thereus no shortcut to success I Y ac - - I - - ' ' I . . . P ' ' - I . . A ' i I t ' I I I I I r ' - ' ' - - - - I . . ., ' i I l I i ' I - ' , ' ' 5- ' ' ' e ' . . ., ' ' , their class rings. Tom Foster was president, three in Tumbling Club, and seventeen in Pep 1 I A - ' Q 1 1 ' - . . . . I . ....- ll r - . uu , . l - n ' 'na l95 ' . ' ' - A 1 l 0 I I I n I i . . ur - U ' ' I g I ' , I . uu . I h r ' lr. , . . ., - I C , . . . , I If ' ' I . . I I 1 - - - au . H I 0 ROBERT THOMAS ALEXANDER - Bob - Alex "He played his way into our hearts, turned the key and stayed there." Band l,2,3,45 pres. 35 Golf Club 25 Rifle Club l,25 Chess Club l,25 Student Council 2,3,45 Class V-Pres. 35 Junior Prom Co-Chairman. MARILYN RUTH AMY "Whatever she does, she's sure to say the kindest thing in the kindest way." Honor Soc. 2,3,45 Jr. Red Cross 2,35 Choir l,25 Girls' Ensemble 25 Eagle Staff 45 Ass. Ed. 45 Ed. 45 Librarian 3. DAVID C. BISBEY - Dave "Things always seem to 'click' with Dave." Photography 2,3,45 Camera Club Pres. 25 Proiectionist 25 F.F.A. 1,25 TYOCR 31 Hi-Y 45 A.S.B. Bus Man. 45 Student Council 45 Science Club 25 Annual Staff 3,4.' MARGARET E. BOLLINGER - Margie "She kept her face to the sunshine, so she couldn't see the shadows." Jr. Red Cross 2,45 Girls' Shop 2, G.A.A. 3,4. RICHARD PAUL BORSETH - Dick "He went to school forthe sport of it." Football l,2,3,45 All-Northwest 3,45 Co-Capt. 45 Basketball l,2,3,45 Track l,2,3,45 Baseball l,3,45 Lettermen's Club 2,3,45 Pres. 45 Boxing- Wrestling Club 2,45 Rifle Club 25 Science Club 25 Chess Club 25 Librarian 35 Class Yell Leader 4. VERNA DEE BOURSAW "Her quiet seriousness was modified by a warming smile." Honor Soc. 25 Camera Club 25 Eagle Staff 4. JOANNE ARLENE BRADLEY "Keen sense and common sense still leave room for nonsense." Sr. F.H.A. 3,45 Pep Club 45 Tumbling Club 25 Choral Reading 25 Girls' Shop 25 Jr. Red Cross 2. JAMES L. BRISBIN - Jim "He was not like Confucious - he never said, only did." Choi' 2,3,4i F.F.A. l,2,35 Chess Club 25 Camera Club 2. JAMES B. BROWN - Jim "Wit is the salt of conversation and he used his seasoning well.' F.F.A. l,2,35 Honor Soc. 2,3,4. DALE O. BURGOYNE "Silence was his great art of conversation." Entered from Canada in l952 Curling l,25 Elks' Band l,25 Symphony Orchestra l,25 Basketball l,2, Baseball 1,25 A.H.S. Band 35 Boys' Quartette 45 Librarian 45 Sr. Play. JO ANN CASEY ' H "Her moods were like the April sky and WS' 05 Vurmble' . Jr. Red Cross 2,35 Pres. 3: PeP Club 3,4i D0lJ0f0 4i-Gtfls' l-009'-'C RUP' l JO ANN E. CORNELL "A blend of peace and harmony." Choir l5 Jr. Red Cross 25 F.H.A. 2,3. JAMES RALPH CORNING - Jim "If all the girls were across the sea, what a wonderful swimmer Jim would bel" Chess Club l5 Rifle Club l5 Class Yell Leader 25 Boxing-Wrestling Club l,2,3,45 Pres. 45 Boys' Club Pres. 45 Football l,2,3,45 All- Northwest 45 Captain 45 Basketball l,2,3,45 Tennis l,2,3,45 Baseball 2,3,4, Track 3,45 Lettermen's Club 3,45 Hi-Y 3,45 Sr. Play. PATRICIA ANGELINE CYRA - Pat "Her friends they are many5 her foes, are there any?" Class Sec. l5 Tri-Hi-Y 2,35 Treas. 35 Youth Legislature 35 Honor Soc. 2,3,45 G.A.A. 2,3545 Pep Club 3,45 Annual Staff l,2,3,45 Ass. Ed. 35 Ed. 45 Girls' State 35 A.S.B. Yell Leader 45 Student Council 3,45 Stage Make-up 2,3,45 Homecoming Comm. 45 Junior Prom Co-Chairman5 Debate 45 Sr. Play. BRYCE A. EARNHEART "An explanation for any situation." Lettermen's Club 3,45 Football 25 Basketball l,2,3,45 Tennis l,2,3,45 l'li'Y 4i B0Xir1g-Wrestling Club 253,45 Treas. 45 Rifle Club l,25 Chess Club l,25 F.F.A. l,25 Sr. Play. DAROLD H. ELIASON "Rings on their fingers - " Lettermen'5 Club 2,3545 Sgt. at Arms 35 Track 3,45 Hi-Y 3,45 Football l5 Boxing-Wrestling Club 3,4. DONALD A. ELIASON - Don "Bells on their toes." Lettermey-i'5 Club l,2,3,45 Football l,25 Track 35 Hi-Y 3,4. LARRY E. ELIASON "His self-starter worked reluctantly, but in action the engine purred contentedly." Band l,2,3,45 Pep Band 25 Trombone Trio 253,45 Brass Sextette 2,3,4Q Choir 3,45 Boys' Octette 3,45 Lettermen's Club 2,3,4. JOHN I. ENGSTROM "Long and lean with a good balance in between." Choral Reading 25 F.F.A. l,2,3,45 Sec. 35 Pres. 45 Hi-Y 45 Band l5 Honor Soc. 25 Track 3,45 Sr. Play. MYRNA DEAN ENGSTROM "Why should l use my voice when my eyes speak for me?" Jr. F.H.A. l, Pres. l5 Jr. Red Cross 35 V-Pres. 35 Sr. F.H.A. 2,35 G.A.A. 253,45 Pep Club 3,45 Tumbling Club l,2,3,45 Girls' Shop 2. RICHARD ERICKSON - Dick - Erick "He goes on the theory that a football team is not the only place that needs oline." Football l,3,45 Basketball l,2,3,45 Chess Club 25 Lettermen's Club 253,45 Sec.-Treas. 45 Golf Club 25 Student Council 45 Rifle Club 25 Hi-Y 3,45 Tennis l,2,3,45 Track lp Science Club 25 Sr. Play. ARNOLD G. ESPE - Arnie HA quick smile, a quick wit, make this boy a real hit." Debate 3,45 Track 3,45 Baseball 45 Chess Club 25 Rifle Club 25 Sr.Play. BETTY ANN ESPEDAL "Quick to smile, quick to tease, sometimes embarassed, but more often at ease." Class V-Pres. lg Class Sec.-Treas. 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4: Pep Club 3 42 G.A.A. 3,45 Choir l,2,3,45 Pres. 45 Debate 45 Sr. Play. BETTY JO FlKSDAL - Betty Lou "A new-fashioned girl with old-fashioned ideals." F.H.A. l,2,3,45 Pres. 45 Choral Reading 25 Librarian l,2,3,45 Journalism 35 Girls' Shop l5 Stage Make-up.2. l7 0 'D CHARLES RONOLD FORSHIER - Ron "The first duty of o man is to do his duty first." Lettermen's Club 3,45 Football l,2,3,45 Track l,2,3,4i B0Xif19'wf95'll"'9 Club 25 Hi-Y 45 Sec. 45 Science Club 2i HOHOY SOC- 2,35 -l0Uf"Wli5m 45 Debate 45 Rifle Club 25 Chess Club 25 Golf Club 25 Sr. Play. STELLA ELOISE FOSTER "Tis love that makes the world ga round, and oh, what a spin l'm in!" F-I-LA. 114: Joumglism 3,45 All-School Play 25 Art Club 25 Dramatics Club 25 Librarians 45 Choral Reading 2. THOMAS GEORGE FOSTER - Tom - Onse "History, English, math can wait5 he's out for a tennis date." Honor Soc. 2,3,45 Tennis 3,45 Hi-Y 45 Class Pres. 35 Student Council 35 Lettermen's Club 45 V-Pres. 45 Band l,2,3,45 Boys' Club Sec. 4. JANET LEDA GREWE "The gold in her hair is only a reflection of the gold in her heart." Annual Staff 45 Band l,2,3,45 Honor Soc. 2,3,45 Pres. 45 Pep Club 3,42 V-Pres. 45 G.A.A. 3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 Jr. Red Cross 2,35 Choral Reading 25 Girls' Shop 25 Jr. F.H.A. l5 Career Day 35 Sr. Play. BETTY CAROLINE GROENDYK "Her mind was like a waterbug - always skating over the surface.' Choir l5 Jr. Red Cross 2,35 Pep Club 3,45 Eagle Staff 4. BARBARA ELEANOR GRUWELL - Barb "The sparkling ring an her finger matched the sparkle in her eye." Choir l,25 Choral Reading 25 May Day Queen 35 A.S.B. Treas. 45 Student Council 4. DONNA CLARE GUNDERSON "A little girl, but it didn't alter her plans for getting big things done." Class Yell Leader l5 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Sec. 35 Choir 2,35 Girls' Ensemble 2,35 Pep Club 3,45 Pres. 45 A.S.B. Yell Leader 45 Student Council 45 Tennis Team 2,3,45 Eagle Staff 35 Homecoming Comm. 45 Sr. Play. HAZEL ANNE GUSTAVSON - Gus "When Gus aims to do a thing she always scores a direct hit." F.H.A. l5 Pep Club 3,45 Choral Reading 25 Librarian l,2,3,4. WILLIAM D. HAGINS - Bill "Can she bake a cherry pie, Billy Boy, Billy Boy?" Rifle Club 25 Track l. CAROL NADENE HAMMERLY "lt 'mozed us all what this little girl could do." Honor Soc. 2,3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,45 Sec. 35 Youth Legislature 35 Class Sec.-Treas. 25 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Pep Club 3,45 Student Council 3,45 Girls' Council 35 Stage Make-up 2,3,45 A.S.B. Songleader 45 Sr. Play. CARLENE DEON HARTL "Not a flower, not a pearl, iust a noble, all-round girl." Girls' League Rep. 35 Girls' League Treas. 45 Honor Soc. 2,3,45 Camera Club 25 Choir 1,25 Jr. Red Cross 25 E.H.A. l,2,35 Career Day 35 Pep Club Princess 4. DELMA JOAN HUFF - Joan "Dates are my favorite fruit." Jr. Red Cross 2,35 Debate 45 Office 45 Sr. Play. . . I8 ARLENE CAROLE JACOBS "Simply looking at the cinnamon, one would never imagine the spicy flavor." Band l,2,3,45 Sec.-Treas. 35 Clarinet Quartette 2,3,45 Tumbling Club A.S.B. Yell Leader 45 Jr. Red Cross 25 Pep Band5 Girls' Shop 25 Choral Reading 25 Homecoming Princess 35 Student Council 45 Home- coming Comm. 4. SHIRLEY DARLENE JACOBS - Jake "Everything's 'iake' with this gal." Entered from Mt. Si in 1951. Girls' League Rep. 25 Girls' Ensemble 35 Choir 2,35 Pep Club 3,45 G.A.A. 3,45 A.S.B. Yell Leader 45 Student Council 45 Eagle Staff 3,45 Homecoming Comm. 4. DANIEL HAYES JOHNSON - Dan - Johns "The only thing that comes to him who waits is whiskers." Boxing-Wrestling Club 2,3,45 V-Pres.5 Rifle Club 25 Student Council 2,45 Hi-Y 3545 Sgt. at Arms5 Boys' Club Sgt. at Arms5 Football 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,25 Class Pres. 25 Lettermen's Club 2,3,45 Sgt. at Armsg Homecoming Comm. 45 Sr. Play. DONNA MAE JOHNSON' ' "A little candle ever burning brightIy." Band 1,2,3545 Choir 4: Clarinet Quartette5 Pep Band 25 Choral Reading 25 Jr. Red Cross 25 Tumbling Club 25 Girls' Shop 25 RUDY B. JOHNSON "Don't push me around, I like to saunter." Lettermen's Club l,2,3,45 Boxing-Wrestling Club 4: Football 2,45 Baseball I,2,45 Golf Club 25 Debate 3,45 Sr. Play. KAY MARILYN JOHNSTON "Sharp with music and natural with all." Pep Club 3,45 Band 1,2,3,45 Pep Band 25 Clarinet Quartette 2,3,45 Choir 45 Jr. Red Cross 25 Honor Soc. 2,3545 Choral Reading 25 Girls' Shop 25 Career Day 3. WILLIAM L. KLINE - Bill "Happy am I, from care I am free. Why can't they all be content like me?" LAURA JOANNE KNUTSON - Joanne - Knute "Find the 'Queen Bee' and you find the swarms." Student Council 25 Pep Club 3,45 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Honor Soc. 2,3,45 Eagle Staff 45 Choir 1,25 Girls' Ensemble 2,35 Girls' League Council 3,45 Jr. Red Cross 25 Sr. Play. IRENE MAE LAMROCK "Earnest toil has its own rewards." Jr. F.H.A. 1,25 Dramatics 25 Librarians 3,4. LESLIE JUNE LARSON - Les "Quality, Not quantity, is my measure." Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,45 Chaplain 35 G.A.A. 3,45 Pep Club 3,45 Sgt. ot Arms 45 Honor Soc. 25 Choral Reading 25 Librarian 45 Stage Make-up 25354. ELAINE BEVERLY LAWSON "A rose without a thorn." Entered from Highline in 1951. Pep Club 3,45 G.A.A. 3,45 Student Council 45 Choir 25 Girls' Ensemble 2,35 Sr. Ball Co-Chairman5 Homecoming Princess 4. MARILYN JUNE LUNDBERG "Was there ever a lass with such a fine mind, with hand so willing and heart so king?" Band 1,2,3,45 Pep Band 25 Honor Soc. 3,45 Jr. Red Crass 2,3545 Girls' Shop 2. 19 F , VIOLET LEOTA MQARKEN "Th, facets of her nature sparlcled even under adverse light." Bond i,2,3,4r P.p Bond 25 Jr- Red Crow 2.3.41 HOW SOC- 213142 Girls' Shop 2. SHIRLEY N. Mccizew "She's fun-loving, a little bit shy5 but 'cause she's in earnest, she'll get by." F.H.A. l,2,45 Reporter 25 Dramatics Club 2. PAULINE LOUISE MULLER - Polly "She ignored dull days, forgot the showers, lcept count only of the shining hours." F.H.A. l,2,35 Sec. 25 Jr. Red Cross 25 Camera Club 25 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Class Sec.-Treas. 3: Girls' League Pres. 4. KENNETH L. NELSON - Kenny "A gentleman is a man who can disagree without being disagreeable." F.F.A. l,2,3,45 Treos. 35 Hi-Y 3,45 V-Pres. 45 Lettermen's Club 3,45 Science Club 25 Camera Club 25 Baseball 2,3545 Football I. MARTINI. NERLAND "I have no Care. Why should I worry - not even the bell can make me hurry." F.F.A. I,2,3,45 Track 354. ROBERT S. O'DAY - Bob "The world will little note what he said here, but it will never forget what he did here." Class Yell Leader 35 Librarian 4. DEAN T. OLSEN "His sunny temper will lighten life's heaviest loads." Hi-Y 3,45 Pres. 45 F.F.A. I5 Chess Club 25 Camera Club 25 Head' Proiectionist 3,45 Basketball I. BETTY ANN OLSON "This little gal is short and sweet, but dynamite from head to feet." A.S.B. Sec. 45 Choir I,2,3,45 Pep Club 3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 Treas. 45 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Pres. 45 Tennis Team 253,45 County Champ 35 Choral Reading 25 F.H.A. I5 Honor Soc. 2,3,45 Student COUHCII 4- ROBERT C. PARKER - Bob "Every man is a volume if you know how to read him." ROBERT C. PETERSON - Bob - Pete "A rmn-about-town with a little boy's heart." F.F.A. l,2,3,45 V-Pres. 35 Band l,2,3,45 Track 3,45 Choral Reading 25 Science Club 25 Trombone Trio 3,45 Pep Band 253. DOROTHY L. PUMPHREY "She that mischief hatcheth, mischief catcheth." F.l'l.A. l,25 Pres. 25 Camera Club 25 Sec. 25 Jr. Red Cross 2,45 Girls' Shop 2. DAVID S. QUALL - Dave "Most wars are fought with guns5 Dave's are fought with words." Class Pres. I5 Hi-Y 2,3545 Chaplain 25 Pres. 35 Youth Legislature 35 Boys' Club V-Pres. 35 Golf Club 25 Lettermen's Club 253,45 Basketball l,2,3,45 Student Council I5 Track 25 Debate 253,45 Football I5 Rifle Club 25 Sr. Play. D 20 WARREN ARTHUR RODGERS "People who aren't afraid to roll up their sleeves seldom lose their shirts." Rifle Club l5 Football l5 Basketball l,25 Track l,2,45 F.E.A. l,2,3,45 Choir l,2,3,4. SHARON NADINE ROTHROCK "Slightly unpredictable, like one lock of her hair." Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 Choir 2,45 Tumbling 2,3,45 Stage Make-up 25 Pep Club 45 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Choral Reading 25 Journalism 4. WAYNE ROTHROCK "His voice could have been heard in every corner of the corridors, but he preferred to play the role of the agreeable spectator." YNE RUDE WA "His slow gear was saved for the classroom, but his rapid shift into high kept him out in front." RICHARD DALE RUSSELL - Dick "No matter what the cards said, he finished the game." Class Pres. 45 Football l,2,3,45 Track l,2,3,45 Hi-Y 3,45 Lettermen's Club 3,45 Student Council l,45 Chess Club l,25 Science Club l,25 Rifle Club l,25 Honor Soc. 2,3,45 Journalism 45 Debate 45 Golf Club 25 Student Court 45 Sr. Play. SHARON LEE SANTEFORD "A girl who kept onlookers onlooking." F.H.A. 2,35 Camera Club 25 Tumbling Club l,2,3,45 G.A.A. 3,45 Maior- ette 2,35 Librarian 3,45 Stage Make-up 2. CHARLES RICHARD SCHUH - Dick "An actor will happen in the best of regulated families." A.S.B. Pres. 45 Lettermen's Club 3,45 Honor Soc.2,3,45 Football l,2,3,45 Basketball l,2,3,45 Rifle Club 25 Chess Club 25 Student Council 3,45 Hi-Y 3,45 Youth Legislature 35 Science Club 25 Golf Club 25 Debate 45 Sr. Play5 Journalism 45 PHYLIS DAWN SMITH "You could never find a companion as companionable as Phylis." Choir l,25 F.H.A. 2,35 Jr. Red Cross 45 Girls' League Rep. 35 Commer- cial Club l,25 Librarian 4. HOWARD WILLIAM STULLER "The early bird gets the worm, but who wants a worm?" Band 45 Honor Soc. 2,3,45 Chess Club 25 Rifle Club 2. NANCY JEAN SWIMME "She knew that joys shared were doubled." Jr. F.H.A. l5 Jr. Red Cross 25 Ass. Ed. Eagle 35 Ed. 45 Choral Reading 25 Honor Soc. 2,3,4. DONALD S. TAYLOR - Don "Slow and SUYO, the safest gait5 all things come to those who wait.' MARVIN LEE TAYLOR - Marv - Pec "He took big bites of outdoors, with school as a flavor." Rifle Club lg Chess Club lg Football 2,3,45 Track 2,35 Lettermen's Club 3,45 Hi-Y 45 Co-Chairman Sr. Ball5 Boxing-Wrestling Club 2,3,45 Sec. 45 Choir 4. 21 .7Ae5e Wa Popular Girl. . Popular Boy. . Prettiest Girl . . Handsomest Boy . Dependable Girl . Dependable Boy . Intelligent Girl. . Intelligent Boy . . Athletic Girl , Athletic Boy . Wittiest Girl . . Wittiest Boy . . Best Dressed Girl Best Dressed Boy Best Girl Dancer. . . Best Boy Dancer . . CAMERA SHY: GERTRUDE LOUISE VER HEUL "Small in stature, great in deed." Choir l5 Art Club l5 Dramatics Club I5 Librarian 'l,2. CAROL JEANETTE WAHL "A pretty picture on a small canvas." Choir l,2,3,45 Girls' Ensemble l,2,3,45 A.S.B. Songleader 35 Jr. Red Cross 25 Class V- Pres. 25 Girls' league Sec. 41 POP Cl'-'b C'-"f"iV0l Princess 25 Girls' Shop 2. CATHERINE ELIZABETH WALKER - Cathy "There never was an angel with red hair." Class V-Pres. 45 Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 Pres. 45 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Pep Club 3,45 Honor Soc. 253,45 Librarian 45 Choral Reading 25 Stage Make-up 2,3545 Girls' State. PATRICIA ANN WESTLUND - Pat "The son 'Patricia' must have been written with her in mind." Choir l,2,35 Girls' Ensemble 25 Commercial Club 25 F.H.A. l,2,35 Jr. Red Cross l. MELVIN FRANKLIN WHEELER - Mel "A boy with 'gunning' little ways." Boxing-Wrestling Club l,2,3,45 V-Pres. 35 Rifle Club 25 Choir l,2,3,45 Stage Crew 3,45 Chess Club 25 Golf Club 25 Proiectionist 35 LA VERNE THERESA GROENDYK "La Verne was loaded with vitamins lor those who were starving for lun." Choir 25 F.H.A. 2,35 Tumbling 25 Choral Reading 25 Librarian l,25 Jr. Red Cross l,2. RICHARD L. OLSEN - Dick "Life began at 3:30." 51. ,asfisi JM., Carol Hammerly . . Dick Schuh . Carol Wahl Bob Alexander . . Pat Cyra . Dave Bisbey . Betty Olson . Dick Borseth Sharon Rothrock . . Jim Corning . Jo Ann Casey . Howard Stuller . Shirley Jacobs . John Engstrom Cutest Girl . Cutest Boy . Neatest Girl . Neatest Boy . Talented Girl . Talented Boy . Elirtatious Girl Flirtotious Boy pleasing Disposition, Girl. . pleasing Disposition, Boy. . Mischlevous Girl Mischievous Boy Peppiest Girl . Peppiest Boy . Quietest Girl , Quietest Boy . . Elaine Lawson . . Marv Taylor . Pauline Muller . Larry Eliason . Shirley McGrew . . Tom Foster LaVerne Groendyk Bryce Ecirnheart . Barb Gruwell . Dick Erickson . . Betty Espedal . . . Don Eliason . Donna Gunderson . . .Dan Johnson . . .Marilyn Amy . . Kenny Nelson ollad wffandjegfamgnl MARILYN AMY wulls her neatness to Carolyn Robb BOB ALEXANDER wulls hus trumpet to anyone who can Dlav as well DICK BORSETH leaves the school wuthout a good ball player VERNA BOURSAW leaves thunkung of ways to profut from hustary notes DAVID BISBEY leaves the dark room to see the lught agaun MARGIE BOLLINGER leaves all the halls quuet for a change JOANNE BRADLEY leaves wanderung why she dudn f get a grade un 7th perued JIM BRISBIN leaves hus mannerly ways to some Undef classman JIM BROWN leaves hopung forthe best DAVE BURGOYNE wulls hus actung abuluty to anyone who can do as well JOANN CASEY leaves wanderung what to dowuth Betty JOANN CORNELL leaves the art room neat and clean JIM CORNING leaves hus heught to Gary He-ndruckson PAT CYRA wulls her battle of aspurun to next year s annual edutar BRYCE EARNHART leaves hus early mornung uobs to someone else DARALD ELIASON leaves to become manager of Murphy s DONALD ELIASON Ils hus lake tellung to so wutty person LARRY ELIASON leaves hus trombone to someone wuth along arm JOHN ENGSTROM leaves the FFA wuthout G good example MYRNA ENGSTROM leaves her cares of school to some future underclcussmen DICK ERICK SON leaves to become a let pulot BETTY ESPEDA L leaves her long haur as an example of wull power ARNIE ESPE leaves the school hopung hus duploma us the real McCoy BETTY LOU FIKSDAL leaves to waut for Bob RON FORSHIER leaves quuetly and wuthout anytrouble STELLA FOSTER leaves to become a Mrs TOM EOSTERIeaveshus bashfulness to GaleKnudson JANET GREWE leaves the hugh honor roll sort of bare BETTY GROENDYK leaves the school un an uproar LAVERNE GROENDYK wulls her wavy haur to those less fortunate BARBARA GRUWELL wulls her books to next ear Y S treasurer DONNA GUNDERSON IIs her yellung spurut to D laune Sele HAZEL GUSTAVASON leaves to fund some good lookung truck d uvers BILL HAGINS leaves behund a certaun party to walk alone CAROL HAMMERLY leave to hude her scussars from long haur forever she hopes CARLENE HARTL leaves to become the world s best secretary J N HUFF wulls her lab as rught hand gurl to Mr Pustorese to some future Sensor DONNA JOHNSON leaves to take everythung wuth her DAN JOHNSON leaves to take over the world as the ru er RUDY JOHNSON leaves hus wrutung debate speeches to some one who won t get caught KAY JOHNSTON wulls her dark haur to Jean Marue Hovuk ARLENE JACOBS leaves to start her own band SHIRLEY JACOBS wulls her heught to Carolune Spencer BILL KLINE wulls hs Ford cars to all Chevrolet dealers JOANNE KNUTSON wulls hercurlyeyelashes to Karen Staleson IRENE LAMROCK leaves Muss West wuthout a good Iubraruan LESLIE LARSON wulls her capable ways to anyone who can do as well ELAINE LAWSON leaves her smule to Peggy James MARILYN LUNDBERG leaves her kundness to all who need ut VIOLET MARKEN leaves to become Presudent of a Guy Mufchell fan club SHIRLEY MCGREW leaves the typewruters wanderung what hut them PAULINE MULLER leaves wearung her peter pan collars KENNY NELSON leaves the school peruad MARTIN NERLAND leaves the offuce quuet forawhule BOB O DAY leaves wanderung how he made rt BETTY OLSON leaves un her luttle red car DEAN OLSON leaves the prouectar un pueces DICK OLSON lls h abuluty to get out f work to Rudy Thompson BOB PARKER wulls hus top shape carta some unlucky BOB PETERSON left school early DOROTHY PUMPHREY leaves to look oat for Margue DAVE OUALL leaves Muss Hergert un peace WARREN RODGERS leaves Joella to walk alone for awhule SHARON QOTHROCK leaves her freckles to Lorelle Fredruckson WAYNE ROTHROCK leaves hus curly haur to Johnny Jacobs WAYNE RIJDE leaves un hus custom buult cars 7 DICK RUSSELL leaves hus crazy muxed up udeas to a crazy kud SHARON SANTEFORD leaves as a Mrs DICK SCHUH leaves hus 'ob as A S B Presudent to some lucky Senuor PHYLLIS SMITH leaves hopung to fund som wonderful men HowARD STULLER ueqves wuthout uns pol Harold NANCY SWIMME wulls her troubles of uournalusm ta someone else DON TAYLOR wulls hus quuetness to Odun Hale MARVIN TAYLOR leaves hus curly haur to some one who wants to put ut up every nught GERTRUDE VER HUEL leaves the school wuthout o good worker CATHY WALKER wulls her red haurtotheJor1es twuns CAROL WAHL wulls her complexuon to anyone who wants to take care af ut PAT WESTLAND leaves her dumples to Judy Huffman MEL WHEELER leaves wuth hus clever haur cuts I I - I . . P . . . . . r i . ' ' I . . 1 . . . 4 I I I . . . ' f ' I b . ,. 1 . . I 0 I 0 . n . I , wi ' ' - ' me ' ' . . 4 - wi is ' ' O , person. . , ' . ' . . I - I . . . ' , . . . . . .. A ' e WI e- . . - , . . . '. I I . . . , . - - . s ' ' ' ' . ll - - ' ' . ' . , . V OA . . . . . , . , . . . . Q . . . x NAME BOB ALEXANDER MARILYN AMY DAVE BISBEY MARGIE BOLLINGER DICK BORSETH VERNA BOURSAW JOANNE BRADLEY JIM BRISBIN JIM BROWN DALE BURGOYNE JOANN CASEY JIM CORNING PAT CYRA BRYCE EARNHEART DAROLD ELIASON DON ELIASON LARRY ELIASON JOHN ENGSTROM MYRNA ENGSTROM DICK ERICKSON ARNE ESPE BETTY ESPEDAL RON FORSHIER STELLA FOSTER TOM FOSTER JANET GREWE BETTY GROENDYK LAVERNE GROENDYK BARBARA GRUWELL DONNA GUNDERSON HAZEL GUSTAVSON BILL HAGINS CAROL HAMMERLY CARLENE HARTL JOAN HUFF ARLENE JACOBS SHIRLEY JACOBS DAN JOHNSON RUDY JOHNSON KAY JOHNSTON BILL KLINE JOANNE KNUTSON IRENE LAMROCK LESLIE LARSON ELAINE LAWSON MARILYN LUNDBERG VIOLET MARKEN SHIRLEY MCGREW PAULINE MULLER KENNY NELSON MARTIN NERLANO BOB O DAY DEAN OLSEN BETTY OLSON DICK OLSON BOB PARKER BOB PETERSON DOROTHY PUMPHREY DAVE QUALL WARREN RODGERS SHARON ROTHROCK WAYNE ROTHROCK WAYNE RUDE DICK RUSSELL SHARON SANTEFORD DICK SCHUH PHYLIS SMITH HOWARD STULLER NANCY SWIMME DON TAYLOR MARV TAYLOR GERTRUDE VER HEUI. CAROL WAHL CATHY WALKER PAT WESTLAND MEI WHEELER 24 ISTK To Engaged Smule Ldughung Crewcut Effucuent Ton Short Brauny Talented Moods Buuld Personoluty Bloodshot eyes Twun Other halt A curl Farmer Dreamv eyes Heught Tolkatuve Low vouce Vocabulary ff Bashful Good grades Scatterbrauru Flurty Fugurung Peppy Prumpung lmpush grun Short hour Nuce Cute fugure Blondue Straught hour Walk Bleached hour To Gum Changeable lnqulsutuve Dependable Blushung Quuet Rosy cheeks Musucol Neatness Quuetness Red hour Long Iumbed Wutty Athletuc Slow Law obudung Carefree Muschuevous Arguung Nuce grun Freckles Y Wavy haar ln a hurry Engaged Fast talker Pleasant Sleepy Energetuc Sulent Curly hour Blond Cute Dumples S lly Haurcuts WEAKNESS Trumpet Muckey Photography Jokes Sports Shy boys 7th Peruod Tall gals Books Puccolo Gunners Gurls Cute boys Paper route Grocerues Scuence Trombone F F A Blund dates Aurplanes Democrats Laurun Pontuocs Her man Wavy hour College men Dates Luncolns Ronnue Yellung Truck druvers A lunuor Scussars Shorthan Boys Clarunet Curls Partue Skuppung Toll boys Wrugley Males Servucemen Raunbow Elevators Studyung Guy Mutchell Accorduon Gurls League F F A School Yell leadun Stage crew Model A s Cars Jouls GY Sulence Republucan part Certoun o Horses Sports Chemustry Slowung up Roger Redheads Food Pu ows Swummung Dozung New cars Lubrary Chour Duck Laughung Jokes Y QOYRS HENCE Stuck an hugh note Marrued Casey Crume Photographer Straught man Has Athlete s foot Bugamust Makung up tume Guant Author Mortucuon Dental Ass Bouncer Teacher Paper boy Sackung food Mad scuentust Another Dorsey Cnty slucker Luttle lady Jet pulot Logger Housewule Walkung encyclopedua Mrs Daury farmer Psychologust Spunster 37 yrs old U S Treasurer Pro yell leader Wautress Tree surgeon Lady barber Prunter s wufe Manucurust Jazz adduct Beautucuon Shunung shoes Bald Model Gum maker Gay duvorcee Lubraruan Mother advusor Elevator operator Typung teacher Sellung soap Mrs Fulfs Counculor Farmer Saulor Clerk Comeduan Euxung kuddy cars Car salesman Cop Grandad Dorothy Dux Polutucuan Electrucuan A dude Cassaruova Chem teacher Runnung Marrued Orator Chef Mattress testor Pearl duver Bachelor Duggung dutches Tured Opera sunger Teacher Fly swotter Clown DYHKSWORDS Blow Garbruel l use Pond s Say cheese us Il Whatta game l dudn t know 20 mun left Coll me Mudge l t unk Dug that' Open wuder Throw hum out Whatta panuc Extra' That all? Oops' Wrong formula Jazzy That s about the suze Now dear Zoom Tumber r r Love ut' I belueve Now Pete So early? Te l me all about Whatta man Y u guys' lt balances Yell louder Druve a semu? Scalpel Shorter? Oh yeah? Grund grund l uut Try Tonu Shune muster? Hoh Hoh' Need my beauty sleep Do you chew? Ah trlue love Now gurls Gam my way? I can tt pe All the stars use Clarence Lusten corn s I2 ft Shup ahoyl Y s sur Now laugh' Oh gee' Our best buy You re under arrest Now kuds l love hum ? l have nothung to say Shockungl Where s the party Our s Use HSO4 Outa my way Shush I have luved 8. loved Ham on rye Call me Rup Blub blub l hate women Tough tough Really? ITII TTI Duckue boy Musse What a rube Quiet 0 A , ,. ll I ' , ' ' ' ' Th' ' kill ya . h, - 't. 'I u I . . I ! A . t I ' I ' at ' ' l ' ' . o . - I . q 4 I 8 . S . . , I . l DONNA JOHNSON Short hair Everett Owns mink coat lt's for real II ' ' s . . . . 1 Y A ' A it ' . . . My ' . tall ' .' ' ' e , ' . A - . . . I A T J . I I. 1 . . . g I . . . Q ' ? Sh ' I I .H . ' ' Ma, a i ' ' d! U 5 TOP FIRST ROW Cathy Walker Joan Huff Jum Cornung Pat Cyra Dale Burgoyne Carol Hammerly Arne Espe Janet Grewe SECOND ROW Ron Forshuer Duck Russell Donna Gunderson MussHergert Joanne Knutson Betty Espedal THIRD ROW Duck Schuh Duck Erucksan Dan Johnson John Engstrom BOTTOM Bryce Earnheart Joan Huff Pot Cyra Carol Ham jd mcrfeenfd CAau- The Senuor Play The Thurteenth Chaur was a mystery un three acts Leads were taken by Pat Cyra as Rosalue La Grange and .lum Cornung as Inspector Tum Donahue The play was acclaumed to be the best ever put on here Thus was due to the tune durectung of Muss June Hergert Other umportant members of the cast were Joan Hug and Bryce Earruheart as the hero and heroune, Dale Burgoyne and Carol Hammerly as Mr and Mrs Crosby un whose home the murder oc curred Janet Grewe played Muss East wood, a socuety snob The play was a bug success and was enuoyed by all merly Dale Burgoyne Duck Erickson Janet Grewe TOP The Grand March Queen Joan Huff, Kung Tom Foster ClllCl2I'0f!a e Senuor Ball Cunderella w be long remembered for uts lovely purple and lavender sky the murals and the coach centerpuece Joan Huff was elected Cunderella and Tom Foster was Prunce Charmung Mary Taylor and Elaune Law son were co chaurmen Dancung was to the musuc of Tommy Hobbs and l s o chestra One of the largest crowds un the hustory of Arlungton Hugh attended Thus Success was due to the tune publucuty guven ut Many good posters were seen around town and tree boutonnueres were guven away at tucket sales 25 e ' ' . ll . 1 .yu . , . . . . . I - . . . . 1 r , , , ' I I I . . I I I I I . Q ' ' ' I I . ' I , , . ' I I . - - . l n . ll r 11 . Th , , ull u 1 . - 'll V' . . . -vqq F""3n' i . X 4. , .. ,tug . 1 I -aur"f .--'G'-v3""' Ed Borseth vuce presudent Gary Dusl-can presudent Delaurue Sele treasurer Delores Bergevun secretory Muss Hergert advusor Not puctured Neul Danard yell leader C155 0 rr .lil pe fAOJa CJFQUQ! The uunuor class has rounded out theur truo of years at Arlungton Hugh School wuth much enthu suasm They have taken part un many actuvutues and done a great deal for the good of our school The scholars of the class of l955 broke all prevuous records for membershup un Honor So cuety wuth twenty eught receuvung two bar puns Fourteen talented members of the class were un band and twenty one were un chour Twenty fuve gurls were un Pep Club The athletuc abuluty of the uunuors us shown when we fund they have twelve uru GAA one un Tumblung Club and twelve un Lettermen s Club The gunuors were promunent un all sports, uncludmg tennus where a number of them made quute a racket on the tennus courts The All School Play was successful wuth the help of those uunuors who partucupated un ut In 26 the sprung the class of 55 gave a lovely Prom whuch wal well attended byall Everyone enuoyed the good mustc and tune decoratuons They also gave the tradutuonal sock hop for the senuors and the gals of the class gave a good performance un the Gurls League Muxer Leadung the lunuors through theur whurl of actuvutues thus year were Gary Duslcun, presudent Ed Borseth vuce presu dent Delaune Sele secretary Neul Danard yell leader The uunuors could not have attauned such a lofty level and accomplushed so much thus year wuthout the patuent guudance of Muss Hergert theur advusor It us confudently hoped that as senuors the class of l955 wull contrubute even bugger and better acts to help buuld up that mysteruous, but mughty force, the SPIRIT of Arlungton Hugh School Q " 3- r ' 0 ' -o ,.. . s Y ' fy ,'. - . ' j . N Q3 5 . K- V 'YL . uf X V , , IB ' ' U 4 A u R iw, ' , if . 3 ' 4 ,..v- --rf" , 1 S -, ' 3 ly , I Q r D ' - I - 1 I l I I f 4 I H , ' . ' : ' , . Cf , JJ L15 fl . . . . . , . 2 1 I ' D' ' ' ' I . I . Q u sl I ' I I ' I - ll ll f . . 5 I D GIRLS FIRST ROW Irene Berg Dons Bergevxn Margne Turlrovxch Marlene Metzger Carolyn Templeton, Margaret Arnat Cherue Warburton, I lee Smellre Karen Stoleson Jean Marxe Hovlk Ellen Lnndstrom Bonnle Slaten, Georgla Casebeer, Frances Klvne Georgxne Ochampaugh SECOND FOW Bonnie Brown Delores Bergevm Delma Dutcher Jeanne Jacobs Donna Speed Lots Anderson Januel Ratekm Betty Mock Nancy Solberg Pat Jacobsen Danna Roal Delalne Sele Jean Lark Joella Wulklns, Colleen Goodrich Helen Huson Edna Mae Wtlluams Sharon Butter fueld Lolo Aken Marcella Johnson THIRD ROW Therese Murphy Catherine Reunbold Ruth Ayars Beverly Brnnk Dorothy Krause, Betty Lund Cora Janes Marne Cornell Betty Kearney, Peggy Brown Marlene Holm Jackue Logan Shlrlene Pulllam, Yolanda Rosenbach Luv Storwuck Rosemary Hanklns BOYS FIRST ROW Don Kline Skip Pumphrey Marlon Taylor Ken Mathus Bob Matson Peter Ver Heul Dems Frederlclrson, Odin Hale, Gerald Brekhus Rudy Thomsen Lye Nysether Dale Hurn Wolf Snyder Walt Ames SECOND ROW Larry Larson Loren Kraetz Bob Sapp John Dennus Jlm Dunnang Bob Gubsor' Ed Gversch John Goerllch Carol Olson, Darrell Bergom Norman Olson Gary Dusknn Ed Borseth Jrm Crabb E mer Jensen Lyle Evans, Ron Wheeler Bull Jacobs THIRD ROW Glenn Tussue Gerald Hendry Tom Eruclrson Jerry Carter Harold Tllllson, Ron Thompson David Dezotell Gary Hendrncksan Tom Sabo Gale Knudson Jvm Rasmussen Dan Duckun son Ernle Jensen Ray Thorsen M 'es-. Q1 I 27 -Q , 'F - : r - A - l 5 ' 1 s ' ' ' . 5, ,. , 5 ' ' I . . - Q., -1 . "- . I ' f . ' 'Q 1 ' . V r vs -1- " , ' ' 1 1 1 1 . , , . . , . 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I ' 1 1 ' 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' ' ' I 1 1 1 1 1 . . I 1 1 ' 1 1 1 ' ' 1 1 1 1 11 . 1 - , . , I 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 ' ' 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 ' 1- 1 . ' - 1 ' I - - s. It . - ' ' 1 fx 1" . 1 M , '- 1 -- 41 ' ,J t --, . . gg... , . .- , so -. M-' -f - .. q. N " , 4 24 'J . .- L . Ao QF. - at . - ' L - A L , - ,, 1 -- .. - , 2. . xx- L H , I U 1 S' I I X 61 J 0 Chlnglllg P The sophomores are on the way up This year saw droves of them an many school actrvntnes There were seventeen members ID Honor Society a record of whuch the class of 56 IS lustutuably proud Twelve sophomores were In band and twelve were nn chorr Athletic talent was shown by forty members an turnout, two ln Tumblnng Club and fave un Lettermen s Club Sophomore talent bubbled all over the place In the All School ploy and the sophomore gurls added therr char acterrstuc zest to the Girls Leaque Mlxer The class of 1956 turned out an orlglnal float for the Homecoming Parade and their sock hop grven un honor of the frosh was a sparkling success The achlevements of the class of 56 would not have been possible wnthout the able dlrectuon of Mr Lord their advisor John Jacobson, press dent, Jaclc Larson, vlce president lrene Wahl secretory, and Monte Ness, yell leader The sophomores are now looking forward to next year when they plan to be even more octave and school sprruted Monte Ness yell leader lrene Wahl secretory Jock Larson vlce presldent Mr Lord advusor Not pictured John Jacobson presudent e-:ff 28 nur-' 7 a 0 5 - 5 . . . . ' ' - I . . I I . y . . . . . ' I . . . 0 I - . 2 .O . . I , ' ' ' ' , . ' 1 I I . . . - V - . , 1 , 1 , ' - ' 1 - , ' - ' 1 , . -J 1 - 1 'F 4 f 9, E .,. h . N7 , is . I f X u 5 GIRLS FIRST ROW Charlotte Ayars Janet Bauch Mary Muller Donna Lenhart Agnes Olson Carla Metzger, Januce Erickson Marclne Bollinger Cathy Duclcson Bully Smnth Carolyn Spencer Charlene Kraetz Mary Kroeze Margle Cornehl SECOND ROW Carmen Scanlon Arlyn EYICRSOI1 Pat Johnson Trudy Shea Maureen Richter Sonia Wangsmo Barbara Sele Janet Hondal, Carolyn Templeton Nnta Rhynard Marnlyn Borseth Carol Warren Irene Wahl Bernice Johnson, Connie Grebel Joanne Muller Greta Thorsen Paullne Morrison Marnlyn Tcllman Darlene Yount THIRD ROW Lars Parker Peggy James Carolyn Robb Ernestnne Smvth Loleta Sxmpson Joanne Cox, Jannel lngrum, Carol Goodruch Patsy Logan Helen Hurn Jean Lohr Ruth Peterson Arlene Nysether, Joy Hutton Martha Gruwell Joan Boursaw Barbara Dennis BOYS FIRST ROW Jim Blunck, Don Kallstrom Larry Evans Duck Amy, C rus Swett Jum Lrndquust Gerald Mclfenzle Johnny Rrce SECOND ROW Corkey Smlth Larry Taylor Dale Frost Kenny Hutchunson George Carlson, Ron Mathus David Hawlcxns Lee Anderson James Ream Harold Bleack John Smuth Glenn Carlson Monte Ness LeRoy Snyder Ruch Connacher THIRD ROW Viggo Thomsen Stanley Tate Gary Norman Louie Stangeland Mel Sapp George Grebel Darrell Sapp Jum Hathaway Gene Meyers Doug Gough Walt Moran Terry Bunten Keuth Jensen, Wayne Rxchardson Allan Vroman, Denny Hommerly FOURTH ROW John Larson Gary Mose Franlc Olander Jerry Schroedl Lyle Llndqunst, Jack Larson Dee Roberts Bob Gustavson Earl Kallstrom Don Borseth Vern Kohler Charles Wnlllams, Jrm Twudale Stan Bearrow Jack Wmllnams Jnm Kungstom Earl Bauch 29 I I ' Z 1 1 I 1 1 1 I I 1 I A 1 A 1 I I 1 1 1 1 . . Z I . I I I . I . 1 1 I 1 A 1 I 1 1 1 , . . I I I . . I . . I . Z I 1 1 1 I I 1 - 1 I A 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 A ' Z 3 I 1 1 V Y 1 I I I 1 . I I ' Z I 1 I 1 I 1 I 1 I I 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 I ' 3 - 1 1 1 I 1 1 I 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 I I 1 ' 3 1 1 1 1 I A 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I I A 1 1 I I 1 - I 1 ' I X -nn, Denny Duskun, presudent Stanley Turkovuch yell leader Gene Elefson vuce presudent Jackue Sugvarsen secretary treasurer Mr Munuzza advusor a5 o 5795, yung ouncl ounclafuon lnspured by the spurut of Arlungton Hugh and the helpfulness of theur advusor Mr Munuzza the class of 57 has laud a sturdy foundation for hugh school success Lookung back on an eventful year, the class of 57 sees many worth whule accomplushments Thus class us noted for beung a group ofeager wullung workers The frosh started off wuth a bang on theur furst protect a sock hop for the sophomores Later on un the year, they turned out an orugunal float for the Homecomung parade They showed theur dramatuc talent by unvadung the cast of the All School Play The gurls gave a good performance un the Gurls League Muxer Honors were won by many Freshmen boys due to sports, especually football and basketball Twen ty members of the class were un band and ten 30 un chour Steerung them through theur furst year un hugh school were presudent Denny Duskun vuce presudent Gene Elefson secretary Jackue Sugvarsen yell leader Stan Turkovuch These youngsters have now completed theur furst year of hugh school under the sympathetic guudance of Mr Munuzza theur class advusor The accomplushments whuch the class of l957 has been able to achueve uts freshman year are a sugn of progress for all of Arlungton Hugh School The frosh look forward wuth eager antucu patuon to three more actuon packed years of enloyment and fun Wuth school spurut and coop eratuon as malor goals the class of 1957 has had a year at Arlington whuch ut wull not soon forget lt now looks toward the future c j, X ' 'X c ' t l . f , .PQ . ' Mg- ' I . V! .- ,- . . 5 . I i I . - . I . . - 5 . ' , ' . . C , 57 3 5 a C1 . I ' 1 I 1 ' ' 1 I 1 , . . . . ' 1 I ' . 1 . . . . . I . . . I . . . . 1 . . . . U I g - 1 . - . . . . . . BOYS FIRST ROW Ted DeMarce Maurice Thomas Wayne Quulntz John Gallaugher Gary Burkestol James Ballard George Russell SECOND ROW Denny Muller Gerald Nysether Jum Anderson Davnd Land Bob York Bob Cox Roy Strutz Mike Hogglund James Dennis Eugene Elefson La Verne Whlte Darrell Gentry THIRD ROW Robert Rylne James Wahl Jerry Holm Bob Jacobson Ball Guersch Jack Brooks Lawrence Rued Ralph Knudson Rnchard Lohr Selvm Stensen Glenn Hurn Danny Jones Denny Janes Bob Krause Joe Whittaker Mel Borseth FOURTH ROW Gary Peterson Walt Kemf Bruce Hubert Martun Donner Ron Russell Howard Wulllams Dick Jensen Don Swanson Gene Rust Sknp Melum Frank Russell Denny Duskxn Stanley Turkovuch GIRLS FIRST ROW Joanne Stensrud Nellie Jackson Pearl Manu Joyce Long Morgue Tvnet Sharon Lmdqulst Joanne Engeseth Noreen Hagens Lando Ernckson Geme Davns Lorna Ruthruff Sonlo Stuller SECOND ROW Roberta Thorne Dona Wulluoms Darlene Moser Eula Wright Irene Peterson Janet Hughes Nona Hnett Patty Ryan Patsy Jontz Colleen Bradley Barb Ayars Waldeen Zimmerman Aloha Muller Sylvla Kraetz THIRD ROW Elaine Olson Shnrley Muller Bernnce Thomas Vnrgunna Lund Vuolet Bleak Myrna Edstrom Jackne Sugvortsen Morulyn Stedman Gretchen Lmdqulst Audrey Larson Kathleen Woods Esther Swnmme Margaret Huglen Marlo Benlke Reno Webb Corolme Hudson FOURTH ROW Shlrley Marken Potty Peper Frances Santeford Peggy Auburt Juanita Anderson Karen Taylor Sandy Johnson Lorelle Ff04'leflCllS0I'1 Linda Palmer Marilyn Snyder Margaret Rezac Janet Seymour Korene Kraetz Barbara Clawson Judy Huffman Lenore Wulknns Glorno Ream I ' 1 I l I 4' I I V I I ' : l I I A I I I I I I 4 I AI I I I ' 2 'I I I I 4 I I I I I l I l I I I I I V I ' I I I I l I I 4' I I I I I l I I 'I . ' ' : I A I 'I I l I I I H I I I I l I H -I I l ' I I ll I I I I I I A I I I I I H I . I l ' I D I . . I . I ... .I . I I . . I . I I .I I I I I I l I I I ' : A I I I I l I I I I I I I l I I I I I I V V I 4 ' l l w -mi 5-. T? v-I T -, ,......, 1,55 V QXNN6 ON TO C.- '-J co SQL of Activities are the steel reinforcing rods within the structure of our school. As these rods assure a firm building, which can stand the onslaughts of weather and rain, so activities give the students useful hobbies important in protecting them from boredom and ignorance. Activities weld a school together by offering diver- sions to interest each student in school functions. Whether the student's interest be agriculture, ath- letics, debate, iournalism, homemalicing, or almost any- thing, Arlington High School has an organization to develop his talent. The student, in turn, will do his part to build a bigger and a better Arlington with his interest and enthusiasm. sr-7: 6000 G RADE 'ixxxf was TOP Mrs Hawley advusor Betty Mack vnce presldent Pauline Muller president Carol Wahl secretary Carlene Hartl vuce presudent SECOND QOV' Arlene Jacobs sensor rep Dorothy Krause lumor rep Pat Johnson sophomore rep Cornnne Kroetz trash rep BOTTOM Mr Ludwnck advlsor Dan Johnson sgt at arms Tom Foster sec treas Darrell Bergam vnce pres Jlm Cornnng presndent U' J all oy5 a60llt S6400 The Gurls League had done much thus year to buulcl the strength and umty of Arlnngton Hugh They got off to a zlppy start wlth cries of Wheres my sister? bag or lnttlel bounclng through the halls Other bug prolects were the Homecomlng dance the Trl County Conference the Muxer and the Tea The officers were Pau llne Muller president vlce prexy Betty Mock secretary Carol Wahl and treasurer, Carlene Hartl Mrs Hawley was advnsor 34 The Boys Club was busy thus year mallmg new accomplnshments to the ever rlslng Structure of Arlmgton Hugh School Guest speakers came nn to speak at the meetings and kangaroo court was held for those students who broke minor rules around school Offncers for the l953 54 year Were president Jim Corning veep Darrell Bergam secretary treasurer Tom Foster and sergeant at arms Dan Johnson Mr Luclwlclc was the aclvlsor l l l Z ' I I 1 ' f 1 I I I ' . vf . , Q, 1 'I 1 'I 1 ' C . , Q , I I 1 " -I 1 ' 'Q 1 ' . y . 1 . .. . . 14 1 - rl C - - - . 1 ' I . ' :' I ' ' I 1 I I 1 I 1 I ' , , I 1 , . . . . - . TOP LEFT Pat Cyra edrtor TOP RIGHT FIRST ROW Myra 'vtae Murphy Carol Ham rnerly Pat Cyra Delatne Sele Janet Grewe SECOND ROW Mr CYU 1ID0UQIl -lent' Cone' Ron Thompson Dave Bnsbey LOWER LEFT Janet Crewe Carol Hamrnerly LOWER RIGHT Mr Crumbaugh advtsor 5 G go A 0 WQIIIOPLQJ A new expernment was launched In September of this year when nt was decrded to have an en graved annual Instead of the usual lnthographed one The staff adlusted Itself to the new process quute well Arlington Hugh again had the photography of Mr Harless of Budds Studxo at nts dnsposal The fme actron shots and other pictures un the book are due to Dave Brsbey and the excellent artwork IS the result of Ron Thompson s hard work Jerry Carter helped out on the sports wrlte ups and sports puctures whsle the men of all work were the two typlsts Janet Grewe and Carol Hammerly Delaune Sele and Myra Mae Murphy staff assustants, garnered facts for the wrote ups and arded an the pamstakung work of mountung pictures Mr Crurnbaugh advusor and Pat Cyra edutor, sparked the team that produced the I954 Sttlla guamush Traul 35 3 , . , 3 1 4 ' " It . - - 1 I 1 I ' I . A I ' C n 1 ' 0 0 ! o . . A , . , . . A . ' 4, ' I . . ry . I . . , . . I . . . . . . . ' 1 I I . , - - . . LEFT FILE Margaret Arnot Luv Storwuck Cathy Walker Nancy Solberg Myrna Engstrom Norma Olson Delma Dutcher Joanne Bradley Janne: Rateknn Les Larson Morgue Turkovnch JonetGrewe Carolyn Thompson Myra Mae Murphy Donna Speed Irene Berg Kay Johnston RIGHT FILE Betty Olson Jaclcne Logan Delores Bergevm Marlene Metzger Cora Janes Cherne Warburton Yolanda Rosenbach Marlene Holm Joann Casey Joanne Knutson Darts Bergevun Betty Groendyk Elanne Lawson Jeanne Jacobs Lots Anderson CROSSBAR Marne Cornell Patty Jacobsen Mrs Norman Sharon Qothrock I'0Ill0te 8,9 and nf lljlajlfl Pep Club, composed of lunlor and sensor gurls does much to Inspire pep and enthusiasm at our school lts OCIIVIIIBS center around baclmng the teams Pep Club drnlls nt qames sponsors sprung tolo and a carnival an December glves football and basketball banquets promotes atten dance at games and prepares lunches during football and basl-cetball seasons tor each away game Under the enthusiastic leadershlp of Donna 6 Gunderson presndent Janet Grewe, vnce prexy Nancy Solberg secretary, Norma Olson treasurer, Pat Jacobsen drlll leader and Mrs Norman as advisor Pep Club has helped buuld school morale to an all time hrgh Pep Club washes to thank the yell and song leaders for so ably leading our yells and songs at pep assemblles and games They have done much to bunld splrut and enthusiasm Z I- -I I I I I I I .I -I I I -I I I I I I ' I I I I VI I I I I I I I I - I 1 1 lv ' I I 1 I ' I ' gap ' .. . .I I , 2 .- I ' I I . I . . . I. i I . ' 5 , a ', ' . I ' ' . I - I I . . 3 TOF' FIRST ROW Lars Anderson Darts Bergevln Irene Berg Delmo Dutcher Jeanne Jacobs Marne Cornell Mar lene Holm Sharon Butterfxeld Peg Brown Rosemary Swanson Marulyn Tullman Carol Anderson Frances Klnne Shirley McGrewe SECOND ROW Cara Janes Jean Lark I lee Schmelke Ellen Lnndstrom Mornlyn Borseth Betty Kearney Betty Lund Dorothy Krause Marcella Johnson l.ola Akers Wuanuta Rynard Bonnue Brown Colleen Good rlch Sonya Wangsmo THIRD ROW JoAnn Blanco Bev Brink Helen Hurn Ruth Peterson Joann Cornell Trudy Shea Shnrleen Pullnam Joan Boursaw Arlyn Erickson Ueorgua Casebeer Joy Hutton BOTTOM FIRST RON Morgue Tvuet Pearl Monty Nellue Jackson Joyce Long Myrna Edstrom Colleen Bradley Lorna Ruthrutf Janet Hughes Patty Ryan Waldlne Znmmerman Donna Wrlltams, Darlene Moser Noreen Hagnns Sharon Lundqurst SECOND ROW Ruth McGrath V1oletBleeck Vnrglnla Lund pat Homestead Lorelle Fredruckson Jackte Snqvartsen Shurley Muller Elanne Olson Ann Adolfson Sonya Stuller Lunda Ernckson Mar a Buelke Margaret Helklnn Shurley Marken Mass Lonke THIRD ROW Barbara Ayars Rena Webb Bernice Thompson Audrey Larson Carolyn Hudson Sylvua Kraetz Aloha Mnller Karen Taylor Patty Peper Frances Santeford Kathleen Woods Ann Rezoc Barbara Clawson Esther Swumme Glorua Ream O jglltllfe 001017161 2125 0 The Future Homemakers of America Club nn our school rs a chapter of the natuonal orgamza tuon There are two groups, the Semor F andthe Junlor F H A Officers ofthe Semor F H A were pres: dent, Betty Lou Fuksdal veep Rosemary Swan son secretary Marte Cornell Irene Berg, treas urer, reporter, Sharon Butterfteld and advisor Muss Lonke Along wtth the younger group, Sensor I I IneI'lCCl F H A carrved on many actlvltues They spon sored two dances Representatlves from both groups were sent to regional and state meetings Officers of Junlor F H A were, president Ann Adolfson vice prexy Morgue Tvlet secre tary Waldene Zimmerman treasurer, Janet Hughes, and reporter Elaune Olson Mlss Lonke was also the advusor to thts group They had a great deal of success thus year 37 I ' I I I 1 - 1 - 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - , n . . ' ' I I I I I I I r 1 1 1 1 ' I ' ' I I I I I I . . , re . I I I I ' ,. . . , 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I I I I ' I ' I I I I I . 1 1 I 1 I 1 1 ' 1 , 1 - 2 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 I I I ' D J I 11 ' . . H. A. . 1 0 D I 0 J I , . . . I ' r ' r ' 1 1 1 1 I I I I ' I 7 ' . . N 4 4. 'wr -:V ' In A ' Q 7. r YP' 1 y' Ji rj? i .fb J K Q 1 f . wr 4 k 15' - 1 , ' -' Sw, , I en Y it .,. 2 Hz U f 9' W A ff I ,r fi' 'J A - ,, 9 r fpf ' 1 5 Z , 1 ' . 3 '- ' - A A5 ,E f -v A .,: Wg X A 'gf 'kia ,3 K x 5 - , tj H , fe ,PQ U, . 5 . , ' K 44 -Kwai' 2' . g JW ..,. ,,. - I 1 I - K ... . ' 5-f1I.L K vi, 17 n -, N4 .-Y '. 4 A, ., S - wg-5, gpg. xp E' '1" ': fx x -.1 4+-. V f 2 ' ' I 515-"f Y ff. 'L J f A ' .I " ,, , :eg if. A .4 M "T: Mm , 5:51. ,Q H2 P , V 2' V U I wmv' 7-,ivy ,Irv V 2 1 . I .,.vl,,vq f MM, fig? .vw ,. f 'r . A . gif' 551255 , V 153, R , 0 x X 5 .f-Zi dw' t M 'N A r I .- " 1 33,4 J ,4ff..,e,,. sfroofofn, lo help finance their many doungs the F F A boys held a dance In conlunctton with the F H A gurls and sold popcorn at the games Lead mg the club through thus year whnch was one of their most successful were presndent, John Engstrom, vlce presudent Ed Borseth ecretor Rudle Thomsen treasurer Loren Kraetz sentnnel Don Klem and reporter Gary Zwnclxer The popu lar advlsors of F F A were Mr Langdon and Mr Sarlclslan TOP FIRST ROW Pete Ver Henl Loren Krcetz John Dennnsk Mr Sarklslan Rudy Thomsen Ed Borseth Ron Wheeler BOTTOM RIGHT FIRST ROW Donlflem serttlnel Rudy Thomsen secretary SECOND ROW Ed Borgeth 39 . . 0 . . . 5 L 1 A , . . ' ' I S Y ' I I V . 2 1 I ' ' - ' I ' I Y I I I I 0 I 0 , : . , 3 'I 1 l ' l l 1 I f - 1 I 1 I 1 ' 3 , veepg John Engstrom, presidentg Loren Kraetz, treasurer. ,ti I '1 5' M f U , 9' ' ,, . ,J . , . .,, . ......,., LN,-, I ' J' TOP Marv Taylor Tom Foster Dan Johnson Larry Eluason Mr Ludwuck Ron Forshuer Duck Russell Duck Schuh Duck Eruckson Duck Borseth SECOND ROW Kenny Snydgr, U ll Klune Gary Hendruckson John Dennus Tom Eruckson Gale Knudson LeRoy Larson Lyle Evans Darrell Bergam Don Wuck Don Eluason Darrell Eluason THIRD ROW Gerald l'lendry Bull Jacobs Maruan Taylor Jum Rasmussen Larry Larson Gary Duskun d Borseth Denny Fredruckson Wayne Rothrock Rudy Thomsen FOURTH ROW Tom Sgbo Jerry Ca ter John Larson Dale Hurn Lyle Lundquust Lyle Nysethgr l-any Olggn Rmk Connacher Corky Smuth John Jacobsen 'uOTTONl l:lRST ROW Jum Cornung Dan Johnson Bryce Earnheart Pat Connacher Marv Taylor Jann Larson Lyle Lundquust SECOND ROW Jack Brooks Ron Russell Dave Evans llaruon Taylor Cuck Dorseth Larry Taylor L7 K !J,S7,9U'ltaI16JpAy5l? 2 Once agaun thus year Lettermen s Club was one of the most actuve un school They ran the concessuon stand durung football season, carruecl on theur Fan ofthe Week traclutuon partucupated un the annual smoker sponsored a prOfeSSuOncul basketball team game, and held a pucnuc un the sprung Club offucers were presudent Duck Bor seth vuce presudent Tom Foster, secretary treasurer Duck Erucksoru, sergeant at arms, Dan Johnson andthe advusor was Mr Luclwuck 40 The Boxung Wrestlung Club has lust completed another successful year They held theur annual smoker whuch was profutable and helped pay for the Insurance of those turnung out tor athletucs Out of the twenty fuve members un the club every year four receuve cup awards durung the moxung up assembly at the end of the year Leadung the club through 1953 54 were presuclent, Jum Corn ung treasurer Marvun Taylor and Mr Pustorese, GdVlSOl' . I I I A ' . . I , I I I . . I A D Z I 4, I I . I I I I I r A , I Q Z , , , , , - I E I 1 r - I , V 1 1 1 H I , , , ' I I 1 I u' fa . - - L ' I I I I I ' I I I ' Z I I Dezotell, John Dennis, Mel Wheeler, Louie Stangeland, Mr. Pistorese. THIRD ROW: Larry I l' I Q I ' I O O 0 Lll u A - I . II If - . . . I V V I . I . - . . I A - I- 1 . : , - . ' I ' 1 A ' ' I ' l ' ' I I I - g . . ' . . l TOP Cathy Walker Carol Hammerly Donna Gunderson Joanne Knutson Betty son Sharon Rothrock Myrna Engstrom Leslue Larson SECOND ROW Delores Bergevun Morgue Turkovuch Donna Roal Myra Mae Murphy Dorus Bergevun Janet Crewe Elaune son Delaune Sele Shurley Jacobs Pat Cyra THIRD ROW Margaret Arnot Morgue Bollunger Cherue Warburton Lous Anderson Irene Berg Donna Speed Marlene Holm Delma Dutcher Marne Cornell Yolanda Rosenbach Betty Espedal BOTTOM Sharon Rothrock Myrna Engstrom, Morgue Turkovuch Carla Metzger SECOND ROW Sharon Butterfueld Corunne Kraetz Donna Roal Gretchen Lundquust Janet Hughes Joanne Bradley 57 .meuefop .f4fAAfLc .fddzgfy G A A guves every gurl a chance to partucu pate un many types of athletucs The year was packed wuth fun unutuatuon meetungs turnouts a dance, and playdays Wuth leadershup from presudent Betty Olson, veep Margue Turkovuch, secretary, Dorus Bergevun treasurer Delores Bergevun, and advusor Mrs Norman the gals romped through a zesty year Betty Olson was elected county G A A presudent and many Ar lungton gurls attended the county unutuatuon Tumblung Club has once more completed a successful year The gurls have sold uce cream bars at the games, guven tumblung demonstratuons for cuvuc groups and at the halftume of basketball games, sponsored a dance, and had a lot of fun The advusor of Tumblung Club was Mrs Norman The captaun of the team was Myrna Engstrom the co captaun was Morgue Turkovuch, the scrubbler was Sharon Rothrock, and Carla Metzger was the lungler 41 "' V . - sf 1 x7 g, V 2: 3 1 r 1 1 I I I ' I ' I I I I I I 1 I ' ' I ' I 1 1 1 1 I I I ' I , ' ' I 1 I I ' ' a e o 0 I U ' . . ' I I I . - I I ' ' ' r I 0 0 O - . . eruzce fo .xgrdngfon ,JLI A :Hu Y a servlc club whuch helps o create school spurut lt was very actuve thus year under the capable leadershup ofuts offucers pres: dent Cathy Walker veep Norma Olson,secretary Delasne Sele treasurer Betty Olson chaplaun Margaret Arnot and sergeant at arms Yolanda Rosenbach Muss lngrum was the advusor The club sold candy at noon and at basketball games varuous druves and gave a dance Hu Y once again had another successful year Offucers were presrdent Dean Olsen vuce pres: dent Kenny Nelson secretary, Ron Forshuer Marv Taylor treasurer and sergeant at arms Dan Johnson M Lord was the advusor HI Y sold programs at games contrubuted to the YMCA World Servuce Organuzatuon gave a Chrustmas basket to an underpruvuleged famuly served as a Son Banqueu un the sprung TWP WRST ROW Yolanda Rosenbach Margaret Arnot Cathy Walker Muss lngrum Delaune Sele Norma Olson Betty Olson SECOND ROW Betty Mock Barbara Sele Arlene Nysether Sharon Rothrock Nancy Swumme Luv Storwuck Les Larson Carol Hammerly Nancy So'berg THIRD ROW Donna Roal Patty Jacobsen Peggy James pUf.lOl'1I'1SOf1 Janet rewe Paulune Mul er Betty Espedal lrene Wahl Karen Stoleson BOTTOM FIRST ROW Kenny Snyder Dan Johnson Larry Olson Mr Lord Ron Forshuer D ck Russell Duck Schuh SECOND ROW TOFTW Foster Marvun Taylor Carol Olson Darrell Bergarn Don Wuck Don Eliason Duck Borseth Dlck Crlckson Tl'llRD ROW John Engstrom Dave 3 sbey Ed Borseth Ron Thompson Jerry Carter Norman Olson Darrell Eluasan 42 4 O . . or lg Tr? '- us ' e ' t 4- ' . . . . . 1 . I 2 . - 1- , ' ' ' 1 '- , , g g V 2 1 1 - 1 - 7' l ' U' g - ll I f l I . , ' , 1 Y, I . . 1 I ' I ' I made favors for the hospital, collected money for patrol squad at football games and held a Father- . . A , . , . . M ' 2 1 I I I 1 A 1 1 u ' 1 I 1 I 1 - 1 V 1 1 , u . 1 , , I ' L, I I l I I I ' l I A Z l I I I ' I I I . I- V ' I ' I 1 1 1 1 , . . I T' I ' ' I I 1 l W ere WOPJJ HIIJKO L5 .XQLOMI1 The Eagle appeared once a week rn mumeo graphed form Editors for one semester each were Nancy Swlmme and Vlarllyn Amy Complete cov erage was guven all important events Amusrng features were chatty columns and other eye catching attractrons Both malor and minor sports were covered We are proud at the work of the lubrarnans un der Mass West Each lubraruan was requlred to make a dlsplay for Book Week They gave a tea for the teachers andthe best dasplay was chosen The lrbraruans attended a workshop at EJC at Chrrstmas tume held a potluck lunch and deco rated the library The debate team has had practace tournaments wnth other schools They are workmg towards the Dlstruct Tournament which wull decade who wall go to the state tournament The debators wlll also go to CPS In March for a debate tournament and rnduvxdual speech events ln Aprnl there ns a dns us coach TOP RIGHT Bob O Day Dale Burgoyne Mass West vary Mose, Denny Hammerly SECOND ROW Betty Lou Fnks dal Carolyn Templeton Phylus Smith l.aVern Groendyk Cathy Walker Leslie Larson THIRD ROW Carolyn Spen cer Stella Foster Joanne Cox Gertrude Ver Heul Irene Lamrock BOTTOM Myra Mae Murphy Pat Cyra Betty Espedal Mess Hergert Joanne Casey Joan Hutt SECOND ROW Rudy Johnson Ron Forshner Jrm Rasmussen Duck Schuh Gary Hendrrckson Arne Espe Don Wuck Tommy Ernckson Norman Olson l l 43 A 0 - I . ' ' . I . Q 1 ' . . ,- , I I ' . ' - cussion ofthe topic at the U ot W. Miss Hergert , . . ,- l . ' I I I ' ' ' I I I I I r I U ' I ' I I I I ' 1 I I I h I I . Z I A I I I I I A I I I I ' I . W - l TOP Kay Johnston Cathy Walker Vuolef Marken Carol Harnmerly Carlene Hartl Mrs Smuth Janet Grewe Betty Olson Joanne Knutson Nancy Swumme Marulyn Amy Marulyn Lundberg SECOND ROW Myra Mae Murphy Dons Mock Donna Roal Dorothy Krause Lola Aken Jean Lark Marue Cornell THIRD ROW Tom Foster Duck Schuh Duck Russell Jum Brown Gary Hendrucksen Larry Olson Gary Duskun Ed Borseth Jum Dunnung Dan D ckunson Bob Gubson Glenn Tussue John Goerluch BOTTOM Peggy James Martha Gruwell Arlene Nysether Irene Wahl Ruth Peterson Carman Scanlon Maureen Ruchter SECOND ROW Loss Parker Greta Thorsen Barbara Dennus Janet Bauch Jean Lohr Helen Hurn Sonua Wangsrno Joan Boursaw Bernuce Johnson THIRD ROW Cyrus Swett Jack Larson John Jacobsen Gerald Schroedl Bob Gustavson 3 y ear I 2 j0l'CA Clfl 6lI'5 There are other rewards for hard work than senuors flashed wuth the gold ofthe Torch A s and B s on report cards The crownung reward ln December a banquet was held honorung the for a hugh school career of untellectual labor frosh who made the hrst quarter honor roll comes at graduatuon when the senuors receuve Presudent of the group was Janet Crewe and 'bel' honor PlC'qU9S advusor was Mrs Smuth lt us hoped that next year After the annual unutuatuon and presentation of will be as successful as thus one was for Honor puns un the fall sophomores and the uunuors could Socuety be seen sportung one and two bar puns while the 44 A S ., , . N - . . V il Z' , -. 1 1 r It zif g 4' Q ' -t : I I Q I I I ' I I I I I Q I I I ' Z I ' Bergevin, Margaret Arnot, Betty Kearney, Jacky Logan, Sharon Butterfield, Marlene Holm, Katherine Reinbold, Betty I I I I I I ' 1 I ' I I I A I I I I ' I I I ' I I ' I I Q I ' : I I I I I I ' ' : A I I V I I I I - I I A ' I I I I I Ae A I I . I I TOP Jeanne Jacobs Irene Berg Delmo Dutcher Carol Anderson Muss Jenlun Lola Aken Jane Wnllaams Phylls Smeth SECOND ROW Marne Cornell Doris Bergevnn Violet Marlren Marlene Holm Jean Larlc Marllyn Lundberg, Rosemary Hanknns Rosemary Swanson THIRD ROW Ruth Ayars Helen Huson Janet Bauch Charlotte Ayars Marilyn Tnllman BOTTOM LEFT Denny Duskrn Duck Borseth Carol Olson Glenn Tussue Mr Pustorese l l l BOTTOM RIGHT: Carol Anderson, John Larson, Ed Giersch. SECOND ROW: Mel Wheeler, Mr. Lord, Lyle Evans. e ' n ' ' I - . . I . . . D f - . cyan? .ya JJ .Neff Some of the accomplnshments of the Junior Red Cross under Mass Jenkins were mokmg favors, sendmg cookues totheOld People s Home, setting up and decoratlng the Chrrstmas tree In the hall and sending two delegatesto the Olympia conven tlon Officers were Lola Aken president, Lols Anderson, veep and Carol Anderson, secretary treasurer A famlllar sight down In the cafeteria during class hours us the prolectlonlsts Thenr advlsor us Mr Pnstorese They run all movaes and show movues to outlylng school dlstrlcts The stage crew has done much to make the plays and concerts given at Arlungton Hugh a bug success They make the scenery and take care of stage effects Mr Lord IS the advisor 45 xl.: .M x -flff. I ,EE 4, .E- Y m',x"g-,V 1 Vs : - 3g1.+,f :'u-2Hfgff:'i' . . 'zswna ifwu b aw- A .1.fw',,1 ff ..',Y:x1.5,l..w 3 K -4: f pq, ,- , fn, Y , W wx, ,T .5539 .iyk ,, -'mx 'iz gals School life IS the frameworlc around whlch Arlungton Hugh School IS bullt Thus ever rxsung framework ns con structed by the lovnng labor of many students The splrnt of frlendluness andenthuslasm which pervades our school helps rernforce thus frne framework Because at Arlington Hugh everyone counts w build up our school late wuth our memorues ofa pleasant IH the bright future Yes we build for ourselves bu we also build for others .-i--5-K NX S E' ., - A ll ,YY e past, with thoughts of the cheerful present, and with hope , ' . . . T ' fx. B40 fl ,4- 6 F Z 1 , 1 jl ' z so ff? W of J l 47 f ASM ge Ofgplflt ln any type of weather, the shrnmg spnrxt of Arlington was never dampened thus year ln tlmes of dnscouragement, fanthful rooters unsprred our teams wrth mnghty bursts of cheering ln tlmes of triumph the students applauded their teams with wlth the victory yell and the proud fight song that goes, Hey there Eagles hats off to thee l The strong vuctory current was ever present, um mg students and teams In a constant drrve for triumph which made splrut soar ever upward Lnnlcnng the rooters with the teams were seven CLOCKWISE Pat Cyra Carol Harnmerly Shirley Ja Jacobs INSET Carol Hamrnerly Donrfa Roal Delaune erson Arlene Jacobs cobs Sele colorful gals Yell leaders Arlene Jacobs Donna Gunderson Shirley Jacobs and Pat Cyra expertly led their fellow students ln many rousing cheers at all the games Wrth pompoms flyrng the song leaders Delanne Sele Donna Roal, and Carol Hammerly led many songs with zest and rhythm These seven vrvaclous gurls led the student body nn resoundsng yells and tunes, assurung the teams that thenr school was wrth them whether they won or lost Donna Roal Donna Gunderson Delarne Sele Arlene SECOND ROW Pat Cyra Shrrley Jacobs Donna Gund it Q 0 ' 1 ' 1 I . , I - 1 - 1 ., ,, rr . . . I . fy , ' ' I I 1 1 I - - , , . 2 I I . , . , , t V , 2 , , ' t 1. o v Q: K JN fi f X J - 'W ' . 'nr , 3 Vw- f' P V ' , 5 . ,. A , iffy: 'Q K ' t":.s. J , 3 1. 0 N 'Q , 1 , A , f w , 'R I . .1 A, Prancess Elanne Lawson Queen Carol Wahl and Pruncess Betty Espedal A Ind 7WClteI' WGAOHIOJ fulfllll HOMECOMINGU This maglc word brlngs on thoughts of commuttee meetungs splattered pavnt gay pompoms rouslng cheers, graduates of former years and surging school spurlt' Weeks ahead the court was chosen and work began on the class floats for the parade with her balloon strewn, red Model A and the tug of war was won by the rumors but the sensors won the float dlvuslon depuctlng two mlners nn honor of the class of forty mne Before our vnctorlous game wnth Sedro Woolley Queen Carol Wahl and Pruncesses Betty Espedal and Elame Lawson were received on the tleld wuth thunderous applause The finale to thus year s Homecommg was a dance In the gym arranged by Girls League also grows In size and success but most of all In tradltlon the tradltlon of lounlng together young and old wlth that spurut of all for one one for all and ALL for Arlnngton' A9 I l I I I ' . . . 4 . - I I l 1 . I . . . I . . . . , . - Y . , . Betty Olson won the decorated car division Each year, a5.the school grows, Homecoming - - l l I , I . . . . i ' . . , . . I . , . . . , , I 4, ,, I I I , ' , rr . , h Ile 0f.X4I'AlIlgf0I1 ,J I'06lf25t .72aIll5 A "dream team" ended almost a perfect foot- ball season with eight wins and only one loss. This record placed them firmly in second place. Three of our players made All-Northwest: co- capts. Corning and Borseth, and Larry Olson. Four more placed on the second team: Dick TOP, FIRST ROW: Gary Duskin, Dale Hurn, Rudy Thomsen, Schuh, Dan Johnson, John Larson, and Rudy Thomsen. Marv Taylor won an honorable mention. Jim Corning received the best blocker award, Dan Johnson the best tackler award, and Dave Dezotell the inspirational award. The team had the best defensive record in the league. Dick Schuh, Dan Johnson, Larry Olson, John Dennis, Gerald Hendry, Dick Erickson, Bill Kline, David Dezotell. SECOND ROW: Mr. Munixla, Jim Rasmussen, Corky Smith, Rich Connacher, Jerry Carter, Jim Corning, John Larson, Dick Borseth, Marv Taylor, Ron Forshier, Jack Larson, Ed Borseth, Richard Hughes, Mr. Pistorese. THIRD ROW: Denny Frederickson, Lyle Nysether, Lyle Lindquist, Denny Hammerly, Don Kline, Gary Mase, Ray Peake, Chuck Williams, Bill Jacobs, Ken Hutchinson, Al Vroman, Dee Roberts, Wayne Richardson, Monte Ness, George Carlson, Marion Taylor. BOTTOM, FIRST ROW: Gerald Hendry, Jim Corning, Bill Kline, Marv Taylor. SECOND ROW: Rich Connacher, Dick Erickson, David Dezotell, Jerry Carter. 50 Q UGJSAOWQJ xialn.lU0l' Both the freshmen football team and the B squad deserve a great deal ot credut They turned out un all lcunds of weather and receuved Iuttle recognutuon Players from these teams should provude a great deal of materual for varsuty teams un the future LEFT TOP Mr Pustorese oss coach Jum Cornung and Duck Borseth RIGHT TOP Mr Munuzza Dun Johnson best tackle! Jum Cqrnung most unspuratuonal BOTTOM FIRST ROW Rudy Thomson Duck Schuh Gary Duslun Joh SECOND ROW Larry Olson Duck Borseth John Larson Dan Johnson Arlungton n Donnus 9-I Twun Cnty Bellevue Burlungton Edmonds Sedro Snohomush Anacortes Marysvulle Mt Vernon 6 2 O vo 00 'in o U'-o --. Our 0 X' o -5 ZZ oc ":u 'oi 'N QQ c . 03' no Q. Un Oo fO C-3- U ru N 0 -. o L W ru 'Mfrs 'f,Z',:3 'Qs Q4 Sl agent .mbfafay rgngfon To date the Varsity has played sixteen games, winning eight and losing eight. Four games re- main on the schedule and if Arlington wins two of them they are almost a cinch to go to the District Tournament. Every game has been one of spirit, hustle, and tight. These were the three elements which TOP ROW Dick Schuh Dick Erickson Tom Erickson Borseth THIRD ROW Darrell Bergam Bryce Eqrnhegrt fmt we fl 34- 52 lairif characterized our team this year. Next year, we will be without the services of tive graduating seniors who have played good ball for the Eagles this season. They are co- captains Dick Erickson and Dick Borseth, Dick Schuh, Bryce Earnheart, and Jim Corning. SECOND ROW Ron Thompson Jim Corning Dick Ed Borseth FOURTH ROW Gary Duskin 152 : I I . Z I , . I . . I I I I I ' ' c -i ii 1 :V . 1 .f :.' We " A ,, , , ' . Q , ' . ,- Qguwfqz , . t 1 sg. in , fx , 31 5 o 4 ' . ig .,,,?,,,..t.sM. I . A 'Y " ' " . i .1 fi K 'SR' A Q r .Q ,I :ll -. -1 ., 'Y rf , I wav ff. 5, 'gf-. 3' L Jw , x ' 'A V . T me X . . l TOP LEFT Mr Ludwuck coach Duck Eruckson and Duck Borsetlu co captauns Mr Munuzza assustant coach BOTTOM Mr Munuzzo Ossusfant coach Duck Schuh Duck Borsetlw Duck Eruckson Jum Lornung Bryce Eor'ul'eart Mr Ludwuck coach SECOND ROW John Larson Tom Eruckson Darrell Bergam Ron uhompson Ed Borseth Gary Duskun Norm Olson THIRD ROW Don Borseth Ruchard Hughes Gary Mose Duane Smuth John Jacobson, Jack Larson Wesley Rosenbaclw FOURTH ROW LeRoy Larson Maruon Taylor Larry Larson n 621,65 .Shar 'Mffofy Arlungton Bellevue Mount Baker Sedro Woolley Edmonds Mount Baker Bellevue Nooksock Mount Vernon Burlungton Snoluomuslu Marysvulle Sedro Woolley Edmonds Mount Vernon Snolwomuslw Anacortes Burlungton lwucurysvulle go fd? far ' ' . . 64 .... 35 " . 41 A . . " . . 44 . . . 42 . 48 u ' . . " . 42 Nooksack .... 47 . . 65 Anacortes . . " . . 58 - . . 45 . 43 - . 48 . . . 47 " . 53 . . . . 53 . . . 55 ' . 33 " . 44 . . . 48 . - - ' . . . . 44 .. . . . 45 ' -- . . . 33 . . 46 ' - - ' . . ' . 43 ' . .... 38 " - - ' ' . . TRACK FRONT Marv Taylor FIRST ROW Jum Cornung Don Kleun Darrell B rgam Duck Borseth Ron Forshrer Don Eluas Arne Espe Tom Foster Duck Errckson Darold Eluason SECOND ROW John Engstrom Martun Nerland Jum Rasmussen Jerry Carter John Larson Warren Rodgers Larry Taylor Rach Connacher Lyle Evans Ruchard Hughes LeRoy Snyder Raymond Peake Cyrus Swett Jack Larson Vernon Kaylor Monte Ness Lyle Lundquust Marlon Taylor Lee Anderson harles Wnllrams Nat puctured Mr 'Aunuzza coach MIDDLE BASEBALL FIRST ROW Marv Taylor Bull Klune Jerry Carter Duck Borseth Gale Knudson Lyle Lundquust Ron Thompson Dean Olson SECOND ROW Mr Ludwuck coach Earl Bouch Raymond Peake Stanley Tate Louus Stangland Charles Wrlluams Gary Duskrn THIRD ROW John Jacobson Gerald Schroedl Jack Larson John Larson Arne Espe BOTTOM TENNlS FlRST ROW Gary Mase Gary Hendrrckson Don Wuck Tom Erucksan Duck Eruckson Tom Faster SECOND ROW Darrell Bergam Norm Olson Ed Guersch Mr Pustorese coach Larry Olson Walt Snyder yarzng yoorfd Sef a gan ar ln the sprung a young man s fancy turns to thoughts of sprung sports of course' Thus was especually true at Arlungton Hugh thus year For when the turst turnouts were held on a brusk sprung day there were many clsplrants Seeking to wan a spat on the track tennus or baseball teams 54 ornung wuth the abuluty of last year s letter men, the new blood un the track team carried ut to the leadershup of many events Baseball games were once agaun watched wuth great Interest and as usual the tennus team was a stuff opponent for any school u .C I, e u 1 ,1 'C 1 ' ' ' 1 1 e 1 1 V 1 0711 1 1 1 ' 3 1 1 1 1. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 C ' 1 ' . I , 1 1 3 1 1 r 1 1 1 1 ' 5 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 5 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 .1 . , J , , . , 1 , yy . - ' - I - 1 1 1 1 ' ' ,memoraam Davud Dezotell was a uunuor at Arlungton Hugh School who was well known fo hus athletuc achuevements and cheerful attutude The honor of beung voted the most unspuratuonal player on thus year s football squad us only an unklung of the hugh esteem un whuch he was held by hus fruends and teammates n November IO l953 Davud had hus own ucfuon to c hugher If J t n year come as we treasure the memorues of our hugh school years so wull we remember Dave and the sparklung vutaluty whuch he put unto everythung he u whet er ut was on the at etuc fue d t e dance floor or un class actuvutues Davud D8Z0'ell gi !!"""' Edel-4 55 in ' - l A 4 O I I I I r ' ' grad A un ' . i e. 'Ju u s to I I I A y . . . . . I . , I I . . . , 4 d.d - h , M A I I h ' I V a . y - 1 , .7 v ' we-ma, vi ,. Sf .-,,s' .5 - 3 'FY If lll'll0llt Hai' 05 ,90l'f5l7lClll The actuvuty whuch seems to have the most un terest centered around ut at Arlungton H gh s gurls turnout Many tumes durung the year two shutts of games had to be played un the gymna suum because of the large number at gurls who were turnung out for sports The trash had usual the largest number turnung out Then came the sophomores, uunuors and senuors un that order However, more senuors are turnung out thus year 5 t an usual The most popular sports seemed to be speed ball basketball, and baseball There was fuerce competutuon durung the basketball season as each team wanted to have theur team s name engraved on the cup whuch us annually awarded to the wun nung team Much fun was had by all the gurls durung the turnouts whuch were durected by Mrs Norman TOP Cathy Walker Carol Hammerly Donna Gunderson Joanne Knutson Betty Olson, Sharon Rothrock Myrna Engstrom Leslue Larson SECOND ROW Delores Bergevun Margue Turkovuch Donna Roal Myra Mae Murphy Dorus gue Ballunger Cherue Warburton Lous Anderson Irene Berg Donna Speed Marlene Holm Delma Dutcher Marue Cornell Yolanda Rosenbach Betty Espedal BOTTOM LaVern Graendyk Betty Groendyk Januel Ratekun Jeanne Jacobs Marlene Metzger, Carol Anderson Jean Hovuk Ellen Lundstrom Carlene Hartl SECOND ROW Carolyn Templeton Wunona Huett Ann Rezoc Janet Hughes Lunda Palmer Lorelle Fredruckson Marulyn Snyder, Aloha Muller Audrey Larson THIRD ROW Sharon Butterfueld Judy Huffman Roberta Thorn Patty Ryan Genre Davus Gretchen Lundquust Marla Buelke Wuunuta Anderson Karen Taylor FOURTH ROW Irene Wahl Janet Houdal Barbara Sole Arlene Nysether Martha Gruwell Carolyn Templeton Carolyn Spencer Barbara Dennus Ann Adolfson Marcune Bollunqer Carla Metzger Jcnuce 56 . 3 u 5 , ,,, . . . . - h . A I I I ' . , . , - b I l I , - l ' . , as A ' ' - , . . , . I . . : llll I I , l : . I . . I I I . Bergevun, Janet Crewe, Elaine Lawson, Delaine Sele, Shirley Jacobs, pat Cyro. THIRD ROW: Margaret Arnot, Mar- . I , I I I I I I . , , . I I I , . I I I . I . I I Z I . . I I I . I . I . . I I Z . I I I I , . I . . ' . I . , . : , ' , , , , I I . I I . . I ' .2 u I TOP Shirley Miller Irene Peterson Mae Wright Patty Peper Janet Seymour Corrine Kraetz Jockie Sigvartsen Waldene Zimmerman Sandra Johnson Donna Williams SECOND ROW Elaine Olson, Carolyn Robb Carol Warren Marilyn Borseth Kathy Woods Bernice Thomas Carman Scanlon Patty Logan Donna Lenheart Arlyn Erickson I I ' ' I I I I I I I I I Janet Bauch. THIRD ROW: Jean Lohr, Connie Giebel, Bernice Johnson, Joanne Muller, Sonia Wangsmo, Pauline Morrison, Pat Johnson, Mary Miller, Marilyn Tillman, Lois Parker, Peggy James. BOTTOM LEFT: BALL AND CHAIN WINNERS - Cathy Walker, Betty Olson, Margie Turkovich, Sharon Rothrock. SECOND ROW: Carol Hammerly, Pat Cyra, Donna Gunderson. BOTTOM RIGHT: TENNIS TEAM - Margaret Arnot, Betty Olson, Donna Gunderson. SECOND ROW: Delores Bergevin, Pat Cyra, Mrs. Norman, Margie Turkovich, Cherie Warburton. I I ' a J4 Uariefy ofagjporh O Are The girls sports department has been very active this year The girls turned out after school for each of the following speedball volleyball basketball badminton, tennis softball and track Turnouts were large this year and more girls are coming into the Girls Athletic Association The sportsminded girls helped the G A A present a successful basketball playday in which girls from Snohomish County participated Turnout girls re ceive points toward their letter from each sport by getting on class teams by having perfect at tendance and being managers The ultimate goal in girls sports is to achieve the ball and chain award which takes 3000 points From these girls the inspirational award winner is chosen by the turnout girls The only inter town competitive sport played by girls is tennis Betty Olson won the first singles championship of Snohomish County last year 57 roru r llc 5 ngi njlolra lon Owce Naam the Arlungton Hgh School our year, a had a very successtul year under the dlrectlon ot Ol OUY lllgll SClW00l llle ln the 5 l r lqrson They pqrtlqlpgte n f ree DOflIf1llW6 Or1V1UOl MUSIC l:eSTlVOl concerts sang at other events throughout the lwl FIRQT F2 W Phy l s Luen Georgia Case eer He en urn ae a Wnlluns, Caro Wohl Qrharlene Krnetz Donnre Slayton Kathryn Rernbold Terry Murphy Morgue Cornehl Mary hroeze our Llmrsaw SECOND QOW Quth Peterson Carla Metzger Joann ornel Beverly rr lr Jelarne ele Norma lson Storwrclr Betty Olson Marlene Metzger Pottr Jacobson Petty fspedol Karen Stoleson Tl'llRD ROW Monte Ness Nancy alberg M Larson a vrsar w llc-e Sclrvnellre Donna Johnson Marv Taylor Glenn Tnssue Rrch Connacher rm l s Mel Wheeler Larry Larson Larry Eluason Darrell Bergam Erne Jensen, warren Rodgers QONAHINED LHOIFQ FIQST QOW ueorgro Casebeer Helen Jurn Joella Wrllrrns Joann Stensrud ma dstro oro Wahl Sharlene Kroetz Bonnre Slayton Kathy Drxon Kathryn Rem o Tery Mrrply Margre Larnehl Mary Kroeze Joyce Long Joan Boursow Arlan Errclmson SEC N l W Rosemary wonson Lorna Rathrull Ruth Peterson Carla Metzger JoAnn Cornell Beverly rmk elolne ele Norma son rv torwrcln Betty Olson Elarne Olson Marlene Metz er, pat' Jacobsen Betty Espedol Sonya Stuller Karen Stoleson B-ernlce Thomas Tl'llRD R W Dough Ucuglt Monte Ness Sharon Rothroclr herue Warburton lly Smrth Nancy Solberg, Me Wheeler Kathleen Woods Trudy Shea, I lee Schmelke Donna Johnson Kay Johnston Jerry Carter URTH QOW Harold T I Lorr son Morv Toy or Don Johnson Glenn Tnssue rm Qrrsbn M Larson advisor Larry Larson Larry Elaason Darrell Bergom Erne Jensen Warren Qodgers Qolph Knuclson nd all rn all proved to be an Integral part prlng they took 552 f f Wy . 2. . . I 4. -fl . I f W Ch l xl. 42. M. O O . d . lw I - VIFQST LilL FQ, V O lu , b , l l"l , J Il l I X' -X I I I I I r-l l l '- ' , ' r 1 C' lr lglfx ' L S 1 0 ,LIV ' I I I ' A h , ' - ' . 5 , f- , Cl' , lrudy Slea, ' X , , , , , J' lrlslun, l I I , , . f- I A f- l ' I K I l I I I My E rn, C ll' , , , , b ld, r rm I F , , , , . O D 30 ' 5' , I , , 1 ll , D S , Ol , L 5 , , , g 4 , , , , . O 1 , L F , , , C , Br , l FO : lllson, y Ol , l I , ,J ' 'r '- r f 4 r 1 r ll5l.C H eyy, parf of 3400! cage Giving much enjoyment to everyone who heard to any program or concert in which they appeared them sing this year were the soloists, the girls' during the year. Much credit is due them for The trio, the boys' quarteife, and the mixed quariehe. fine worl-4 they have done. These groups helped give a pronounced Success TOP LEFT SOLOlST5 Carol Wahl Glenn Tissue Marlene Metzger .loellc Wilkins Jerry CGYVCY Bonnie Slaion TOP RIGHT GIRLS TRIO Kaihryn Re nbold Therese Murphy Carol Wahl BOTTOM LEFT BOYS QUARTETTE Jerry Carver Harold Trllison Glenn Tissue Dale Burgoyne BOTTOM RIGHT MIXED QUARTETTE Therese Murphy Glenn Tissue Jerry Carrer Korhryn Reinhold 59 I : I I I I I l . , . I I I . ' , I ' I I I ' I 1 I I I ' " 1. O 4- . qw' . f 4 x -- 2 4 ' - v 7 9 . ,. v . ' A - f: .4 Amr. une wzfd .xdrzngfon plrlf Thus year s Arlrngton Hugh School band, under the frne drrectron of Mr Roy Larson, was among the best the school has ever had One of the hardest workrng orgamzatlons rn school the band played at football and basketball games, drulled at halftrmes, and performed an es sentral role nn school late The band presented a fall concert, a Christmas concert, and a sprung concert It furnrshed the music for graduatuon and the pep assemblres The success of the pep assemblres was largely due to the band worksng wrth the cheer and songleaders thus addrng great sprrlt to the Arlrngton Hugh Student body The brrght blue and gold unrforms marchrng wrth sharp precrsron made a strrlclng picture The band was called upon to partrcrpate IH many parades such as the Santa Claus, Strawberry Festival, and Monroe Farr parades FIRST ROW Jrm Dunnnng Lunda Eruclxson Arlene Jacobs Gale Knudson Janet Crewe Lots Parker Gary Hendrrck son Marulyn Lundberg Bob Gustavson Sonya Wangsmo Corrnne Kraetz Irene Peterson Yolanda Rosenbach SECOND ROW Esther Swrmme Judy Huffman Marilyn Snyder Joanne Engerseth Marrlyn Stedman Irene Wahl Joy Hutton Ann Adolfsan Marla Brelke THIRD ROW Loss Anderson Donna Speed Bob Alexander Tom Foster Vrolet Marken Bob Matson Tom Saba Walt Snyder Martha Gruwell Wayne Qurlrtz FOURTH ROW Howard Stuller Larry Eluason Roy Strotz LeRoy Snyder Dan Orclunson Janet Bauch Mary Muller FIFTH ROW Donna Johnson Jerry Holm Denny Duskrn Glenn Trssue Kay Johnston Ann Adolfson Wayne Rrchardson 60 ,9 J . . 3 . . , 1 . - ' . 1 1 . I . . ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' I 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' r TOP LEFT BRASS SEXTETTE Bob Alexander Tom Foster Donna Speed Glenn Tissue Jerry Holmes Larry Eliason TOP RIGHT TRUMPET TRIO Bob Alexander Tom Foster Tom Saba BOTTOM LEFT CLARlNET QUARTETTE Donna Johnson Kay Johnston Lois Parker Arlene Jacobs Slrile up fAe Z?anal., Three groups which provided great entertain- ment for anyone who heard them play this year were: the clarinet quortette, composed of Donna Johnson, Kay Johnston, Lois Parker, and Arlene Jacobs, the brass sextette, composed of Bob Alexander, Tom Foster, Donna Speed, Glenn Tis- sue, Jerry Holmes, and Larry Eliason, the trumpet trio, composed ot Bob Alexander, Tom Foster, and Tom Saba. Besides playing for the three con- certs held during the year these groups appeared at many club meetings, banquets, and other ac- tivities. Much credit is due these students for their hard work and willingness to participate in mu- sical shows. The success of this talent is due in part to Mr. Roy M. Larson, the advisor to all of the groups. Both these musical groups and the band have added a great deal of interest to our school ac- tivities this year, without which many functions would have failed. 6l emor1e5 o f953 1954 September Senuors paunted the grandstand and water tank Twun Cutues here un the furst football game ofthe season Bellevue there Natuonal Assembly Bug l.uttle Suster Party October Furst Junuor Hugh football game wuth Jane Addams here Edmonds there Junuor Hugh game Snohomush here Sedro here Homecomung Junuor Hugh played North .lunuor from Everett there Snohomush there Junuor Hugh played Monroe there Anacortes there Honor Socuety lnutuatuon Junuor Hugh played South Junuor from Marysvulle here Hu Y Dance November Fall Concert Junuor Hugh played Marysvulle there Mt Vernon there Blund Athletnc program Open House Football Banquet Senuor Ball Natuonal Assembly The Harmonaures Movue for benetrt of the annual Thanksguvung Vacatuon began December Bellevue here un the furst basketball game 5 Mt Baker there Honor Socuety Banquet Senuor Play Nooksack there Pep Club Carnuval General Motors Assembly Sedro here Tru Hu Y Dance Chrustmas Concert Edmonds there Mt Baker here Soph Dance Start ot Chrustmas vacatuon Bellevue there Nooksack here Lettermen s Dance Januar Mt Vernon there Frosh Dance Buckley Sociology trup Snohomush here Burlungton there Anacortes here Marysvulle there Sedro Woolley there February Edmonds here Mt Vernon there Pep Club Tolo Snohomush there Anacortes there Marysvulle here March Mulutary Servuce Panel Natuonal Assembly Aprul Band and Orchestra contest .lunuor Prom Moy Sprung Concert June Commencement 62 IO- ' 9- . . . II- , 12- A 11- . .. . . 17- . 13- , '- '- ua- 21- A 23- 22- 30- A' 1 l 23' ' 1 24- ' ' 1- . , . . 29- 30- , ' 2- Y . - - ' 8- . , 15- ' ' 12- ' 15- ' 16- 22- 22- ' A 23- ' 23- 29- 28. . .. . 29- ' ' ' 2, Everett there 5- . 30' r A' 6. 12- ' 3- 19. 5- ' A ' 23- ' 6- y f . . ' 26- ' 13- ' y 23- ' 1 ' 25- ' ' 3' I 26- ' ' ' 30- 4- A ' 7' ' 8- ' 2- ve 'Y' I CA 'XX 4 x f "'' 0 Q' 4 ' r , .,. .- , uu- .I xi Q, v rl , l 2 - 3 l w pf., wtf uf 42 A1 1 Mudnnght merrament by Janet Hordal and Barbara Sele 2 Two half baked klds Sharon Rothrock and Duck Borseth 3 Sweet and Lovely Elaine Lawson and Shsrley Jacobs 4 Janet Crewe Kay Johnston Arlene Jacobs and Irene Berg trying to look soleful' Hn and away Duck Schuh goes 6 LaVern Groendyk and Joanne Bradley seem to thunk two heads are better than one' The sun always brnngs out the flowers Junuors at ezghth grade graduatnon Does somethrng smell frshy Bob Alexander? Sensors at erghth grade graduatuon Anyone need a stamp lacked? Arlene Ny sether Drg that double whammy' Yolanda Rosenbach Football frolucs by Roberta Gnlroy An all around All Amerncan gal Betty Olson stumped ThereseMurphy and Kay Johnston? A gal who sunts s Betty Lou Frksdal 63 Q , y i 2 3 ax Agfa '- c "- N, fs' 5 . gf .4 . . y f l . Q R . A L 'I lg 5 Q ' lui Y 9 7 A f 5 11 ' I . y Rx K 0 a g 16 I 3: e 1' e e ui . 8. ' ' ' . . " - " ' , 9. 1 , . ' . 10. ' ' A . . - ' ' 11. ' .- . . 12. ' .- . . , , , 13. A ' . , A , 14. - , - - . 5. '-Ho ' , 15." ," . . 16. H 4 H u - ' . gllflll? ur.4 HAIL HAIL OH ARLINGTON NOBLE AND STRONG TO THEE WITH LOYAL HEARTS WE RAISE OUR SONG SWELLING TO HEAV N ABOVE OUR PRAISES RING HAIL HAIL OH ARLINGTON TO THEE wE SING Grewe ond Corol Hommerly competent typnsts Ron Thompson tolenfed or? edutor Mr Horless of Bufld s Studro ond Dove Bnsbey hard worlcnng photographers Myro Moe Murphy and Oeloune Sele staff ossustonfs ond Jerry Carter sports edntor But most of oll I would luke to express my opprecvohon to Mr Crumbough our sympofhetnc ond potuent oclvusor Pot Cyro Eclufor 64 f7Ae l 0 .7 X I I I . I ' I I would like to give o special "thanks" to eoch and every member of the onnuol stuff - ,loner ' . ' 1 , ' 1 - A ' I . I I . . . ' I 14' S ,vw

Suggestions in the Arlington High School - Stillaguamish Trail Yearbook (Arlington, WA) collection:

Arlington High School - Stillaguamish Trail Yearbook (Arlington, WA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


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Arlington High School - Stillaguamish Trail Yearbook (Arlington, WA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Arlington High School - Stillaguamish Trail Yearbook (Arlington, WA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Arlington High School - Stillaguamish Trail Yearbook (Arlington, WA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Arlington High School - Stillaguamish Trail Yearbook (Arlington, WA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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