Arlington High School - Stillaguamish Trail Yearbook (Arlington, WA)

 - Class of 1950

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'My , M5 A WM MQW www My iff? Wifi' WWC my My My Jfffjjffg, Siifgfisgiirw ff fgdjiwpjq A w 9V5J!6,fQM99'Q A Riff M ' WWW, X -.A , M aawu- ' -. - , I L t t-.. ff' t 'A . z xl a N F My M , is A M Q ' . if 9 , .:,' , V,-fha fffff ' A f Vx- 'iw ' . x fqf-11-iff , A fmfff' My , M WA .4 'H ' um-mkmwri , H f'55f?'l'4?'35-E7'7'L"k'31.51:STI ' : 24 5 if 5:1?g'TfM -1-Y my f -' ' ' gi ' .glpr gu wrjd- ., nf? ' Y L 1 fr ' W MW Q WM p '1w:ifsZMfv 9? offs W9 Qffw Wiff 3 W if 4 WWW Wg 1 520555 Q-POV gs ml?-. '- H22 NPR 'mi' '- ' gpg, M1013 wi-rg -kv-x .,,1-.. .mf .' U -. 5 ,.'v'- , b- -M: X. , . ' -. , af , f f, : ' 1 ' L' X '-fiefifi 2 rf wh ff a- - .Q-my 1-mr . F1 +1..w. 'ms g ., P'-'mff - vgzrem, ,.G"w Qgf:,f mfg, r' Q M fg: 1 :www .1 . '- f - - ' A - ' f - N .2 .Q + , Q jjq. . - - vgs L- ' . . . I yn-1, ,, U gg.-3 Y M. fy 43 . N .- 5 F ,N V- V. 1. 1 . V I V fx ' K ' , .W I ' N , L. 'X ' - - . Q. X K ,p . . I , W A M Q , pq Qfww WWQW 6H'5fg:f,4f'1ffy,fx,f7f WW M gffkfmifcfwm KW Hx 'V WW Yyfuf ,gm fi? WAN QW ,ff W igliwf My 721 mf X2 N 135 Q gg giifig 1.32 ,QX F W M sig EE THE 1950 WA c XL STILLHBUHHIISH THHIL AQ, fl Mba .Q'U1.uu,,. .9.L,.,J- yu, Aww -Q CIIIIIEIIIS '1 II JIIISSES III IIIIIIIIIISIIIIIIIIIII IV IIIHIVIIIS V IIIUSIII IIEDIIIIIIIIEIII VI HIJIIVIIIES VII IIHIIIIIIIS VIII SCHIIIII IIIIIEIIIIHII of 8- V I N K t II.'1"I'-Iv'IEIIIEIEIEIEIEIZIEI122111532112221251115331IIH!H.H?1!H?JSI5IEiSIHSISEISR2ISIIER 2HS kYHa ., . " -EIIIBISIQISSIIW fl?L.ZaJ.L-J Sf Q,,,,e.Lc.1 J I ti, f . 5 UUH CHUICE To one who has been identified with our school during its recent years of growth and developmentg who has shown unfailing willingness to help the students who come to the "Office"g to Mr. John Danubio, in recognition of his faithful- ness as counselor and principal, this 1950 edition of the Stillaguamish Trail is gratefully and respectfully dedicated. fflif g V, xf 3 Wa . CLARENCE E. HENNING Superintendent HIllllllllSllllllIllll Many make the most of the opportunity that is theirs while in High School. Others find the rewards of sincere effort at a later date. It is my hope that the graduates will return, often, to your High School with words of encouragement to the undergraduates. Let your achievements be an inspiration to the rest of the student body. l am sure that the team of '24 scored a touchdown for the team of '49, Clarence E. Henning SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS: Glen Parker, Clifford Rod, Seated, Paul Wangs- mo, Edward Soper, Dr. L. S. Batdorf, BERTHA MORRIS School Clerk DONNA JACOBS Secretary l' li ,mix SIUIIEIII IIUUIICII STANDING: Thomas Daily, LeRoy Johnson, Kenny Shank, Bob McGladrey, Rose Mary Rumple Audrey Ramsey, Violet Ostrom, Ronald Pumphrey, Don Wahl. SITTING: Mickey Connacher Blaine Bergam, Phil Bergam, Ellen Bergevin, Beverly Vosika, Pat Lindquist, Virgil Inman The Student Council consists of the student body officers, class presidents, and class student council representatives. IIFFIIIEIIS President PHIL BERGAM Secretary BEVERLY VOSIKA Vice President BLAINE BERGAM 1 98 Treasurer ELLEN BERGEVIN Business Manager MIC Y CONNACHER 1 JOHN DANUBIO Principal B A, Wash. State ISABEL W. HAWLEY Counselor Typing, Shorthand B A, Wash. State I x 5 DAVID HARTZ Counselor Asst. Principal B. S., Wash. State B A, Wash. State Adv. University of Wash. I Qu. Science, Driving CHARLES BERNIER RUTH COX PAUL FOSSO Home Economics Music B. S., Wash. State B. A., St, Olaf B. A., Boston Univ. M A, Univ. of Wash. Q S- Qi? CG' A CIDRGIA HARRIS ANNA KRETSCHMAR FLOYD LANGDON LILLIAN LDNKE Mathematics Typing, Bookkeeping Agriculture Home Economics B.A., Colorado B. A., Univ. of Mont. B, S, 8. M. S., Oregon B. S Univ of Montana M. A, Columbia U MILLARD LORD Ind. Arts B. A., Wash. State B. of Ed., Wash. State C 7 l Q X R ERNEST LUDWICK, JR. LAWRENCE MUNIZZA Q History History, Phys, Ed. A. B., Western Wash. B. A., Western Wash. M. A., Columbia Univ. M. A., Columbia Univ. RALPH PISTORESE RUTH PORTER ALICE SATRE Sociology, Biology physt Ed- English B. S., Wash. State B, A., Univ. of Wash, B-A., Univ. of Wash. B. of Ed. Wash. State JANET SMITH ZANONIA SMITH MILDRED STEPHENS GLADYS WEST English, Speech Foreign Languages, Econ., History English, History, Reading Library B. A., Univ. of Wash. B. A., Univ of Wash. B, A., Univ. of Wash. B A., Univ. of Wash. M. of Ed., Univ of Wash. M. A., Univ. of Wash. Grad. work, Curry Sch, ,i in I , , is , 'V:: '- I 1 Editor I NANCY EDFAST ""N-P ' A A Assistant Editor l f at Q" ANITA JoERGENsoN S, ll , 11- 'iii Q 4D"'M PJ' Q ro , Art Editors DEAN NELSON SHIRLEY HAMMER Sport Editors FRANK PRATHER BOB McGLADREY We, the Annual Staff, after much hard work, sincerely hope that we have publish- ed a yearbook which the students will en- joy, ln the future, this Annual may help renew memories of your high school life in l950. 9 f Typist ELLEN BERGEVIN Photographer RICHARD JOHNSON STANDING: Frank Prather, Bob McGladrey, Marilyn Hart lFrosh reporterl, Dean Nelson, Laurin Foster Ur. reporterl, SITTING: Arlene Lallemand lSoph. reporterl, Nancy Edfast, Shirley Hammer, Anita Joergenson, Ellen Bergevin. Advisor MILDRED STEPHENS it, SElllllllS 2l members in Torch Honor Society 21 members received Honor Society Plaques 25 members in First Choir l8 members in Lettermen's Club 23 members in Pep Club 9 members Football Lettermen 6 members Basketball Lettermen 5 members Baseball Lettermen 3 Track Lettermen 2 Tennis Lettermen I4 members Girls' Athletic Association 9 members in Girls' Turnout Gave successful Senior Ball Gave successful Senior Mothers' Tea Senior Play Participated in All-School Play Successful Jr.-Senior Party COLORS : Green and Gold MOTTO-"Honest efforts bring success." President ....... ...... D UAN! ROD Vlce President ..... ..... I ILING ISPEDAI. 5..,.,.., ,,,,,, ..... N mcv :oust Tvessurer --- .... DELORIS ROAL Yell-Leader --- -.-.. DM-I TRAY'-UR Adviser .... ...... A LIC! SAT!! . lcv' fx 0 I r bling Espedel J Nancy Edhst N Delores Reel Dale Tnyler Mi' '7 Ana sam g MVN' 'l lOl IIEON "He has a deep mind, in fact most of it's in his feet." Football l, 2, 3, 4, Track l, 2, 3, 4, F.F.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Reporter 4, Lettennen's Club 4. JIM IIOTHERS "All greot men are misunderstood." Sci- ence Club 2, 3, Football l, 3, 4, Letter- men's Club 4, Chess Club 4. IARIAIA IROWN "Life is what you make it." Entered from Canada '49. IDNA IULLE "The surest way to get there ls to know where you are going." Choir l, First Choir 2, 3, 4, Girls' Sextet 3, Girls' Athletic Association 2, 3, 4, Girls' Tennis Team 3, Honor Society 2, 3, 4, TYPM9 Club 3, 4, Driving Club 4. lOl CARLSON "Any fool can study-I'm no fool." F.F.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Track l, 2, Science Club l, 2, 3, 4, Boys' Cooking 4, Driving Club 4. CHARLES CHAPIN "l've got ideas of my own." Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Rifle Club I, 3, Science Club 4, Chemistry Club 3, 4, Camera Club 32 Typing Club 4. ARLENE AMES "Lovely to look ot." Girls' Athletic Association 2, 3, 4, Pep Club Drill Team 3, 4, Eagle Assistant Editor and Co-Editor 4, Dramatics 3, Home Ec. Club 2, Camera Club 3, Girls' Stage 3, girIs'4League Secretary 4, Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Commercial lub . BILL ARVIDSON "A mon and his dreams." F.F.A. l, Basketball l, 2, Cooking 3, Typing Club 4, Chess Club 4. BEVERLY IAHLS "Often seen but seldom heard." Home Ec. Club l, F.H.A. 2, 3, Typing Club 3, 4. MARY JO BATDORF "Just ask me, l know." Pep Club Drill Team 3, 4, Home Ec Club 2, President 2, Band l, 2, 3, First Choir 3, 4, Girls' Sextet 3, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Girls' Stage 4, Driving Club 4, Chairman invitation Com- mittee Junior Prom, Latin Club l, All-School Play 3, Senior Play 4. PHIL BERGAM "What's behind that smiIe." Hi-Y 3, 4, Track l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4, Class'President 2, A.S.B. Yell-leader 2, 4, A.S.B. Vice President 3, President 4, Dramatics l, 2, All-School play 3, Sergeant-ot-Arms Hi-Y 3, Student Council 2, 3, 4. ELLEN IERGEVIN "Nor did she ever fail o friend." Pep Club 3, Drill Team 4, A.S.B. Yell-leader 3, A.S.B. Treasurer 4, Student Council 4, Office 4, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Annual Staff 4, Girls Sports Editor Eagle 3, 4, Co-editor 4, Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Tumbling Club l, 2, 3, 4, Manager 2, 3, Girls' Athletic Association l, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Tennis Team 2, 3, 4, Girls' Stage 3, Girls' Shop 3, Driving Club 4, Senior Play 4. , ,1 1 V V MICKEY CONNACHER "Always ready with a smile." A.S.B. Business Manager 45 Student Council 45 Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Track l, 3, 45 Hi-Y 3, 45 Chorus 25 Science Club 35 Boys' Cooking 35 Stage 35 Dra- matic Club 45 Driving Club 45 Senior Play 45 Senior Ball King. MERRILL COX "Don't judge a man by the noise he makes." Entered '49 Texas5 Football 45 Hi-Y 45 Tennis 4. HAROLD DEZOTELL "Llfe may be an empty dream, but l'm glad its not a nightmare." Entered '47 Lake Washington5 Foot- galh 45 Basketball 45 Manager 45 Lettermen's Club ILENE DRIVSTUEN "l could teach the world how to smile." Band l, 2, 3, 45 Pep Club 3, 45'DriIl Team 35 A.S.B. Secretary 35 A.S.B. Yell-leader 45 F.T A. 35 Honor Society 2, 3, 45 Secretary 45 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 Vice President 45 Senior Ball Queen5 Senior Play 4. NANCY EDFAST "An all-around girl with an all-around personality." Girls' Athletic Association 2, 35 Secretary 35 Pep Club Maiorette 3, 45 Treasurer 35 Assistant Editor Annual 35 Editor 45 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 Vice President 35 President 45 Class Secretary 45 Office 45 F.T.A. 2, 35 Secretary 35 Driving Club 45 Youth Legislature 4. SHIRLEY EDSTROM "A laugh is worth five hundred groans." Honor Society 2, 3, 45 Tumbling Club I, 2, 35 Band 2, 35 First Chair l, 2, 3, 45 Pep Club Drill Team 3, 45 Camera Club 35 Girls' Athletic Association 2, 3, 4. l 'wi :su-ua1m...s-at-xii-me f . V- -tom:-s .. pw GILBERT EMORY "The way to have friends is to be one." Senior Play 45 First Choir 2, 3, 45 Dra- matics l, 2, 35 Camera Club 35 All-School Play 35 F.F.A. I, 2. ERLING ESPEDAL "Every man has his devilish moments.' Entered from Hoquiam '48. Rifle Club 35 All-School Play 35 Senior Play 45 A.S.B. Yell-leader 45 Basketball 3, 45 Boys' Cooking 45 Baseball 3, 45 Hi-Y 3, 45 Golf Award 35 First Choir 3, 45 Boys' Quar- tette 3, 45 Stage 45 Eagle Sports Editor 45 Class Vice President 45 F.T.A. 35 Sci- ence Club 35 Typing Club 45 Driving Club 45 Honor Society 2, 3, 4. JOANNE FARRELL "A party? l'll be right over." Entered from lm- macule Conception Academyffverett '475 Pep Club Drill Team 3, 45 First Choir 2, 3, 45 General Chairman of Jr. Prom5 Stage 45 Chess Club 25 Rifle Club 35 Drivers' Club 45 Girls' Shop 3. LOUISE FINGARSON "Laugh and the world laughs with you." Girls' Athletics I, 45 Pep Club Drlll Team 3, 45 Vlce President 45 Dramatics 25 Honor Society 2, 3, 45 Band l, 2, 3, 45 First Choir 45 Art Club 3. JACKIE FOSTER "Oh, I should worry, l've had fun." Band Maloratta I' Pap Club Majorette 3, 45 Dramatics I5 Eagle Staff Assistant Editor 3, Editor 45 General Chairman Senior BalI5 Camera Club 35 Girls' Stage 3, 45 Chess Club 2. lOl FREESTAD "The Sheik of Lakewood." Band l, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Baseball 45 Science Club 2, 45 Chess Club 45 Driving Club 45 Boys' Cooking 3. im VIOLA HOLLIS "Some say the world is made for fun and frolic, and so do l." Camera Club l, 35 Chorus l, 25 First Choir 3, 45 Girls' Stage 3, 45 Peo Club Drill Team 3, 45 Commit- tee Chairman for Prom5 Driving Club 45 Secretary-Treasurer Chess Club 3, 4. CHARLES KING "School would be all right if I didn't have to study." F.F.A. l, 2, 3, 45 Choir 45 Football Manager l, 25 Track Manager l5 Movie l, 2, 45 Rifle Club l, 25 Instructor 3, 45 Chess Club 35 Science Club 45 Driving Club 4. DILORES KING "lt's the way you show up ot the show down that counts in the end." Home Ec. Club l5 Camera Club 35 Secretary 35 Pep Club Drill Team 3, 45 Treasurer 45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Driving Club 4. MILDRID KIRSTIN "Happy l am-trom care I'm free." Chorus l5 First Choir 2, 3, 45 Home Ec. Club l, 25 Pep Club Drill Team 35 Driving Club 45 Girls' Stage 45 Li- brary 4. PAULINI LAN! "Always busy, when the teachers aren't looking." Chess Club 25 Camera Club 35 Home Ec. Club 35 Tennis Team 2, 3, 45 Girls' Athletic Association 2, 3, 45 Treasurer 45 Girls' Stage 45 Driving Club 4. HIRIIRT LARSON "I'm a man of the world, just ask me." Class Vice President l5 Hi-Y 2, 3 45 Vice President 45 Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 45 Vice President 45 Student Council 25 All-School Play 35 Football l, 2, 35 Track l. 2, 3, 45 Dramatics 3, 45 Chorus l, 2, 3, 45 Boys' Quartette 45 Stage Manager 25 Representative for Youth Legislature 45 Chairman Floor Committee Junior Prom5 Senior Play 45 Debate 4. ALICE GALLAUGHER "Cars may come and cars may go but she rattles on forever." Home Ec Club 25 Athletics 2, 35 First Choir 45 Camera Club 35 Stage 3, 45 Pep Club Drill Team 3, 45 Driving Club 45 Tumbl- ing Club l5 Typing Club 4. MARY ANN GALLAUGHER "Silence is golden, I'm getting rich." Home Ec Club l, 2, 35 Library 45 Girls' Stage 45 Driving Club 4. ESTHER GIBBONS "A mighty spirit fills her little frame." Pep Club Drill Team 35 A.S.B. Yell-leader 45 Tumbling Club I, 2, 3, Secretary 2, President 35 Girls' Athletic Association 2, 3, 45 Honor Society 2, 35 F.T.A. 35 Girls' Leogue Representative 35 Tri-Hi-Y 4. GLENN GREATHOUSE "Six feet of man, A-l." Football l, 2, 3, 45 Bas- ketball l, 45 Baseball l, 45 Track 3, 45 Tennis 25 Lettermen's Club 3, 45 Secretary 45 Hi-Y l, 2, 3, 45 Secretary 45 Co-Chairman Senior BaII5 Science Club 2, 35 Boys' Cooking 35 F.T.A. 35 Driving Club 4. MARTIN HAACK "Ask me no questions, and l'll tell you no fibs." Track l, 2, 3, 45 Basketball l, 2, 45 Football l, 2, 3, 45 Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 45 Boys' Club Officer 35 Driv- ing Club 4. OSCAR HALVORSON "l don't hate girls, I lock the nerve." Science Club 2, 3, 45 Band l, 2, 3, 45 Choir 45 Boys' Quartette 45 Pep Band 3, 45 Honor Society 25 Driving Club 4. ART LEE "lm a self made man--and l love my maker." Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Chaplain 3, Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4, Football l, 2, 3, 4, Bas- ketball l, 2, 3, Chorus 2, 3, Lettermen's Club President 4, Sophomore Class Vice President, Junior Class President 3, Foot- ball Captain 4, inspirational Award Football 4, Best Blocker Award Football 4, Driving Club 4, Senior Play 4. SHIRLEY LEE "l don't let study interfere with my High School education." First Choir l, 2, 3, 4, Dramatics 3, 4, Camera Club 3, Girls' Stage 4, Home Ec. Club 3, Social Editor Eagle 4. BETTY LEFFLER "She's working toward the top of the ladder.' Honor Society 2, 3, Girls' Athletic Association 2, 3, 4, Home Ec. Club 3, Camera Club 3, Girls' Stage 4, Drivers' Club 4. GARY LINDQUIST "All the world loves a lover." F.F.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Track l, 2, Football 2, Hi-Y 3, 4, Boys' Cooking 4, Rifle Club 2, 3, 4, Science Club 4. VERNON MAYO "What would wee have done without him?" Choir l, 2, 3, 4, First Choir 4, Senior Play, Science Club l, 2, Camera Club 3, Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4. BOB MeGLADREY "Wine, woman, and song." Class secre- tary 3, Student Council 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, President 4, Delegate to Youth Legisla- ture 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Football 3, Track 3, 4, Baseball 4, Lettermen's Club 3, 4, Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Senior Ball Ceiling Chairman, Chorus 4, Senior Play 4. i - -1 mis 1: nimugzmu FLOYD McKENZIE "Love me, love my car." Rifle Club l, 3, Science Club 2, Typing Club 4, Stage 4. DEAN NELSON "What he undertook, he did." Honor So- ciety 2, 3, 4, Class Secretary 2, Student Council 3, Annual Staff 3, 4, Football 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4, Boys' Club Secretary 4, Science Club 2, 3, 4, Chess Club 4, Driving Club 4. MARILYN MILLER "A live wire never gets stepped onl" Girls' Ath- letic Association 2, 3, 4, Vice President 3, Presi- dent 4, Camera Club 3, Driving Club 4, Pep Club 3, Drill Team 4, A.S.B. Yell-leader 3, Class Treas- urer 2, Class Yell-leader l, Girls' Tennis Team 2, 3, 4, Honor Society 2, Home Ec. Club 2, Eagle Staff Assistant Editor 3, Girls' Stage 3, 4, First Choir 4. HAROLD NORMAN "Hard work is bound to bring success-so l've heard." GERALD NYBLOD "His ways are ways of pleasantness and all of paths of peace." Lettermen's Club 4, Honor F.F.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Science Club 2, IRVING NYSETHER "Sees all, hears all. knows all, but says nothing," Manager 2, Baseball 2, 3, 4, F.F.A. l, 2, 3, 4, his paths are Society 2, 3, Baseball 3, 4. Football 3, 4, State Farmer, Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4, Movie 3, Driving Club 4, Hobby Club 3, Science Club 3. l DELORES ROAL "Ride 'ern Cowboy." F.H.A. I, 25 Tri- Hi-Y 4, Sergeant-at-Arms 45 Pep Club Drill Team 3, 45 Librarian 45 Class Treas- urer 45 Student Council 45 Driving Club LORAINE ROIERTSON "Friendly smile all the whiIe." Dramatics I, 2, Vice President I5 All-School Play Z, 35 Band 2, 35 Pep Club Drill Team 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 F.T.A. 25 Art Club 35 Honor Society 2, 3, 45 Librarian I5 Student Council 35 Driving Club 45 Of- fice 45 Senior Play. DUANE ROD "As good as they come." F.F.A. I, 2, 3, 45 Foot- ball I, 2, 3, 45 Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y 45 Sergeant-at-Arms 45 Boys' Club President 45 Bas- lsetball 2, 3, 45 Baseball 2, 3, 45 Student Council , 4. ELWYN ROSENIACH "l can throw away time elaborately." F.F.A. I, 2, 3, 45 Football I, 2, 3, 45 Lettermen's Club 3, 45 Hi-Y 3, 45 Track I5 Baseball 3, 45 Choir 45 Senior Play. ROSEMARY RUMPLE "Jeepers, creepers, where'd you get those peepers?" Pep Club 3, 45 Honor Society 35 Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4, Secretary 35 All School Play 25 Girls' League President 45 Student Council 3, 45 Dra- matics 25 F.T.A. 25 Art Club 35 Driving Club 4. LOIS SEL! "A witty lass, a pretty lass and one you will remember." En- tered from Kirkland '495 Camera Club 35 Chairman Floor Com- mittee Senior BaII5 Driving Club 35 Eagle Staff, Ad Manager 4. JOYCE OLSEN "A day isn't complete without an argument." Tumbling Club I, 2, 35 Honor Society 2, 3, 45 Class Treasurer I5 Girls' Ath- letic Association 2, 3, 45 Treasurer 35 Pep Club Drill Team 3, 45 Camera Club 35 Rifle Club 35 First Choir 45 Commercial Club 4. HAROLD OLSON "Why hurry? We'lI never get out of this alive anyhow." GLENN PARSONS "Thinking is but an idle waste of thought." MARGRET PAUL "Sweet as a song." Chorus I, 2, 3, 45 Pep Club 3, 45 Drill Leader 45 Girls' Athletic Association 3, 45 All-School Play 25 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4. DOLORES PETERSON "Laugh and she laughs with you5 frown and you frown alone." Home Ec. Club I5 Honor Society 2, 35 Pep Club Drill Team 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 Sergeant-at-Arms 35 Driving Club 45 Senior Play. FRANK PRATHER "l can't say as l will and I can't say as l won't." Class President l5 Class Treas- urer 35 Choir l, 2, 3, 45 Band l, 2, 35 Baseball 2, 3, 45 Boys' Quartette 3, 45 Annual Staff 45 Hi-Y 3, 45 Boys' Club Vice President 35 Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Vice President 3, President 4, Historian 25 Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 45 F.T.A. I5 Driving Club 45 Senior Play. nf' ALVIN SWANSON "lf lessons be the food of life, l'll go on starving." F.F.A. l, 2, 3, 45 Track 25 Science Club 45 Boys' Cooking 45 Driving Club 4. RICHARD SWANSON "A good iudge of stock and women." KENNY SHANK "A little nonsense is relished by the best of men." l-li-Y 3 4' Lettermen's Club 3 4' Tra k 2 , , , , C , 3, 4: Basketball 35 Typing Club 45 Rifle Club 35 Chess Club 25 Boys' Cooking 25 Class Yell-leader 35 Stu- dent Council 4. DELORES Sl-IOOK "What this country needs is a good Sc bag of pea- nuts." Entered '49 Portland. BERNICE SIMPSON "She has her own ideas." Girls' Athletic Association 3, 45 Typing Club 45 Honor Society 2, 3, 45 F.H.A. I, 25 Commercial Club 3. JOYCE SPENCER "A quiet worker always on the iob." Honor Society 2, 3, 45 Girls' Athletic As- sociation 3, 45 Treasurer 45 F.H.A. I, 25 Typing Club 45 Commercial Club 4. Q- I .fp i LAVERNE SPRINGER "ToIl in stature, short in speech." Honor Society 2, 3, 45 Football 2, 3, 45 Basket- ball I, 3, 45 Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 45 Baseball I, 2, 3, 45 Boys' Cooking 35 Science Club I5 Driving Club 4. ALICE TENIRINK "Still runs the water when the brook is deep." Honor Society 2, 3, 45 Choir I, 2, 3, 45 First Choir 3, 45 Girls' Sextette 35 Typing Club 3, 45 Commercial Club 3, 45 Girls Athletic I. LEW THOMPSON "l'm not what I was yesterday." Rifle Club 2, 35 First Choir 2, 3, 45 Science Club I5 Driving Club 45 Dramatic Club 45 Stage 4. DALE TRAYLOR "Let no man fear to express his views." Entered from Darrington '495 Senior Class Yell-leader5 Senior Play. RONALD TVEIT "Then he would talk, ye gods how he'd talk." IETTY VAN PROYEN "l will succeed for I believe all that l say." Choir I, 2, 3 4' First Choir 3, 45 Home Ec. Club I, 2, 35 Commercial Club 3, 45 Typing Club 3, 4. BEVERLY VOSIKA "l'm not affeared uv mice er bugs er nullin'." Student Council 2, 4, First Choir 2, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Treasurer 35 Pep Club Drill Team 3, A.S.B. Yell-leader 4, Girls' League Secretary 3, F.T.A. 3, Honor Society 2, 3, 4, A.S.B. Secretary 4. GERALD WAHL "lt's a wise head that keeps a still tongue." HENRY WOLD "Mischievous deeds-what are they?" Entered '47 Chicago, Football 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 45 Letter- men's Club 2, 3, 4, Vice President 35 Sergeant-at- Arms 45 Boys' Club Sergeant-at-Arms 3. LOLA WOLFE "A smile takes only a minute but it is sometimes remembered for an hour." Chorus l, 2, 45 Pep Club Drill Team 3, 45 President 4, Honor Society 2, 3, 45 Secretary 3, All-School Play l, 3, Tri- Hi-Y 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Dramatics l, 25 Art Club 3. JOAN YORKE "Wisdom is better than rubies." CAMERA SHY ALVIN EDWARDS DON HAACK JOHN HAFTERSON Most popular girl ........ Most popular boy-..- Most intelligent girl..-- Most intelligent boy- Hllll Ill Flllllf --Ilene Drivstuen ------..-----..-----------------..----Duane Rod ------------------------------Joan Yorke ------..--------------------------Frank Prather Prettiest girl -..-----..----.-..------------------ Most handsome boy .--.-- Rosemary Rumple Glenn Greathouse Most athletic girl .----.--.--- - -.-.--.--.-.---.--.-.. Ellen Bergevin Most athletic boy -----.-- --------Art Lee Most talented girl -.--.......-..-.-...-..-..----.-.. Shirley Edetrom Most talented boy -----.--.--..--.---.------------ ----Don Bennett Cutest girl ---.-.------.------------.--.------------- Nancy Edfast Cutest boy -.-.----.---- Best girl dancer -.-.-..................-.-.--.-..- Best boy dancer .--..-----.----.---.-----------.-- Wittiest girl -----.- Wittiest boy -....-....-- Most' dependable girl ----Phil Bergam """""""""""'T .-... viola Hollis .. - Bob McGladrey ..------..----..-....---..-------Esther Gibbons -----Merrill Cox ..--------------..-....----------------Lola Wolfe Most dependable boy .--.-.----.--------.---------- Best dressed girl -.-....-...---.-...---..--..--.-- ----Dean Nelson ----Delores Roal Best dressed boy ---..-----..----..-.--.---.----.- Mickey Connacher Girl with most pleasing disposition -.------.-.----------- Beverly Vosika Boy with most pleasing disposition-. ----.---------.------- Kenny Shank Peppiest girl -----.--..-.--.-..---.---.------------- Marilyn Miller Peppiest boy -.-.......-..-.--.-----.-.--.----.--.--- Vernon Mayo Quietest girl -.--.------.-------------.----.--- Mary Ann Gallaugher Quietest boy -------...-..--.-.------.-------.-.----.. Gerald Wahl Most flirtatious girl ---..-.-.--.--.--.-.---..--.-----.- Jackie Foster Most flirtatious boy -.-----------.--.-------.--------- Erling Espedal Most mischievous girl --.-..-.-..--..-----.---.--..-.- Joanne Farrell Most mischievous boy -..-.......-..--.-..-..--..-...-.. Henry Wold Sllllllll lIlllSS HlSlllllU Four long and eventful years ago, enthusiastic freshmen climbed the stairs into the halls of Arling- ton High School. At our first freshman class meeting we elected Frank Prather, president, Herb Larson, vice-presi- dent, Marguerite Thompson, secretary, and Joyce Olson, treasurer. Miss Satre was chosen as our class adviser. Twenty-five members of our class were in- vited to the Honor Society Annual Banquet. Addi- tional honors were placing third in the A.S.B. ticket sale and having two members in the all-school play. The first social event of our sophomore year was the party honoring the freshmen. Thirty-one members of our class were initiated into Honor Soc- iety and six girls earned the right to belong to G.A.A. There were four members of our class in the all- school play, "Gabriel, Blow Your Horn." During the year two boys earned their letters in football and two earned their letter in basketball. The class officers for our sophomore year were Phil Bergam, president, Art Lee, vice-president, Dean Nelson, secretary, Marilyn Miller, treasurer, and Don Bennett, yell leader. At last we were upperclassmen with the follow- ing officers chosen to lead our class: Art Lee, presi- dent, Duane Rod, vice-president, Frank Prathe, treasurer, Bob McGladrey, secretary, and Kenny Shank, yell leader. We had twenty-seven members in Honor Society, and twenty girls were initiated into Pep Club. Eight more girls joined G.A.A. and seven football lettermen, two basketball lettermen, and four baseball lettermen joined the Boys' Letterman Club. As juniors, we honored the seniors with a party and also presented a successful junior prom, "ApriI Showers." "Three down and one to go" was the encour- aging slogan that carried us through our senior year. The class elected Duane Rod as president, Erling Espedal, vice-president, Nancy Edfast, secretary, Dolores Roal, treasurer, and Dale Traylor, yell lead- er. This year we had twenty members in Honor Soc- iety, and twenty-three girls in Pep Club. ln G.A.A. there were eleven girls, and in Boys' Letterman Club there were nine football lettermen, 4 baseball letter- men, one track letterman and two baseball letter- men. Our social events of the year included the sen- ior ball, "Candyland," the senior play, "You Can't Take it With You" and the party honoring the jun- iors. ln the spring there was baccalaureate and class night. Finally on the eve of graduation, we triumph- antly marched in to the traditional "Pomp and Cir- cumstance"and took our places to receive our long awaited diplomas, if 1. - f f' - '-7' " -' K h' ' ' ' Q M I w ' m ll i X 'QQ Xxx' i 1 U 9 5 E 145 kk , 75 . ref Q 7,335 I' "' ff ' Xl gmail 5'-2 ' -f ' g l U1 Q. tn, J If fifal 5 l " Q , , ,A - - 1 - .-. ,g ui 1 . av -' , I , ' Q i N "' . F5 ' , , X fl Q ll ',, nv -,I ' . 5' " r- Q I' Q 'N - sl lil In ' - W ' fi eaxae... 1- 1 ra - e Ngmg Characteristic Weakness Twenty Yun Dying Word: Hence A,le,,e Ames Loafing lkcertain Retired "I'lI never ella tell." gill Arvldson Long eyelashes Cows Farmer "Ho-hum." Bevefly Bal-,ls Talking Silvana bus Silvana bus "Can't make that Larson hill." Mary Jo Bafdoff Fast talker Tall, dark Auctioneer "Going, go- men ing, gone." Phil Bergam Smiling Basketball President of "l did my U.S. best, Sen- ator." Ellen Bergevin Busy Tumbling P. E. Teacher "Now, fake this flip easy." Bob Breon Stocky Trouble Boxer "lash, at last made it." Jim Brofheys Spunky Broken bones Doctor "Spiegel Call e oc. 5a,l,a,a B,-own Friendly Driving class Teaching "Let's sig- driving nal this time, please." Edna Bulle Rosy cheeks Chorus Chorus girl 'Step aside, boys!" Bob Carlson Nice Chev, coupes Runnlng his 'Lige gets own arm te nous." Chmles Cl-,apln Dark Boy Scouts Scout Master Now boys, remembe ." Mlck Connaclqe, Bashful Horses Rodeo announ- "Ride 'em' cer c b ." Merflll Cox Screwball Joking Running a "Air hoglss bookie joint is two in Texas lengths a- h din Hamld Dezolell Lanky Square dances Calling for "Sing 'em 3 square dances round the hall." llene Drlvsluen Friendly Yell-leading Running her "Efhyl,0,- reg- dad's gas sta- ular." tion. Nancy Edfasl LOHQ hill' Stillaguamish President of "But St. Peter, Trail AnnualCornpany l've an annual pass." Shirley Edsgfom Laughing Burn Hill killing on the 'Flzakeh we dow: I t e i , q ic ," Alvin Edward Quiet Typewriters gecretarytto Mr, "lNhat wasllhgt emmlng on ast sentence." Gilbert Emory Short Jalopies Napoleon ll "l'm 3 mighty 'ttl ." Erling Espedal Spirited Girls saotessor at H "les ang?" omen s co ege. Joanne panell Racebug Fords Taxi- driver "But officer, he didn't sig- nal." Louise Fingarson Sl?"'def RMB' b0Y5 5755 , "D8"f1l" ,lackle posle, Flirt Bays Still going out "Seehy0u at ig t." Bob Freestad Joker Silvana Slfll H N0I'5kY "aah, ya betcha." Alice Gallaugher Pleasingly plump Urgderclass- Man charmer No!" H1 T1 Mary Anne Gallaugl-,ef Demure Talking Still talking "lhl-lavel-l'l 3 t in t ." Eslhe, Gibbons Lively Egitgng her Just 37 Hghutglgvj :lller Y' S an ev." Glen Greathouse C5-'flY half Combs , Held Pafbef Hsldebufnsi Si'-H Donald Haack Tired Sleeping in Still tlred "SOOO fired," Martin Haack likeable Sports Still lwlng HBY J'-Wei llll l' th t." John Hafterson Quiet . Football Foolball coach 25' fl'l:lelll:1z." Osca, Halverson Attentive French horns Teacher "Look af lhls ew h , t d t ." Vlola Hollis Full-of-fun Polkas Still dancing Hrllleyl gl: ozfumin S feet." Charles King "Chic-dresser" Hats Haf salesman "Don't sit on h tl" Bag!-lful Rainbgw Mother Adviser "l-tgolw girls." Delores King Name Mildred Kirsten Pauline Lane Herbert Larson Art Lee Shirley Lee Betty Leffler Gary Lindquist Vernon Mayo Bob McGladrey Floyd McKenzie Marilyn Miller Dean Nelson Harold Norman Gerald Nyblod Irving Nysether Harold Olsen Joyce Olsen Glen Parsons Margaret Paul Dolores Peterson Frank Prather Delores Roal Loraine Robertson Duane Rod Elwyn Rosenbach Rosemary Rumple Lois Sele Kenneth Shank Delores Shook Bernice Simpson Joyce Spencer LaVerne Springer Alvin Swanson Richard Swanson Alice Tenbrink Lewis Thompson Ronald Tveit Dale Traylor Betty Van Proyen Beverly Vcsika Gerald Wahl Henry Wold Lola Wolfe Joan Yorke Characteristic Auburn hai r Dimples Joking What a line Dark hair Nice Man of few words Carefree Happy , Conservative Athletic Agreeable Altitude Swell kid Studying Slow Argumentative Working on gadgets Short hair Independent Good voice Nice Clothes Talkative Likeable Farmer Dark eyes Witty Blond hair Laughing Intelligent Studious Tall Grinning Sorta shy Nice to know On the go Talking Talkative Neat dresser Friendly smile Serious Happy-go-luckey Short Smart Weakness Green shoes Telling jokes Acting "Clerking" Tall boys Eye Lash Curlers Two Certain girls His car Old cars Shows Married life Drawing Leather jackets Car borrowers Cows Base drums Shorthand Cars A.H.S. alumni Twins Boys Septet .Horses Dime store Red Chev. Trucks Football Theater New Cars Don Baby sitter School work Shorthand American History Sophomores His car History tests Singing Movie Projec- tor Operator Da rrington Twins A husky lad Trombone Junior girls Chevs. Good grades Twenty Yean Hence Lakewood soc- ialite Author of joke book An "Actor" Big "Boss" Beautician Lady Veteran- erian. Happily married Water boy for Notre Dame "Prof." Logger Housewife Artist Short Cab driver Still drumming Office girl Mechanic Teaching her little army to march Living in Everett Choir teacher Ranch owner Happily Married Truck dealer Quarterback for Notre Dame Theater owner Ad manager for Arlington Times Bachelor Prexy of baby sitters' club Office gal Housewife History teacher Married and rais- ing a big family. Farm hand Clerk Still singing Working for M. G, M. Manager of Murphy's Secretary Dental Assistant Farmer Store Detective Composition teacher Professor at Harvard Dying Words "Oh, really!" "Laugh, l thought l'd die." "It stinks." "Could l help you, sir?" nohvn "Hold still, horsie, it won't hurta bit" "l'll be see- ing you." Need a drink, kid?" "Hi, beautiful!" "Looks like rain." l wish l was a single girl again." Hey, look at this." 'Where's my jacket?" "Everybody in?" 'Now this cow-" 'What measure are we on now?" "What??" lf you can't drive it, park it " 11 11 11 1 1 1 11 "Hep, one two." 'Two heads are better than one." 'Now, sing that in tune." Smokey-that's my horse." "l'Il be in early, Mom." 'Take her easy on that truck." "Signals l,2,3." 1 1 11 'Your tickets, please?" "A 2X2 for only sixty cents!" "Where's Don?" 1 'You kids behave." "Got to type that stencil." "ls that what you got,Bernice? 'Outline the next five chapters for tomorrow." 11 1 Now children." "What a life!" 'l've got to read my history!" 'Can't seem to hit that note.'-' Lights, camera, action!" We'll send that order right out." Have you got my eraser. " Open wider, please "Farmin's the life for me." l'm a no gonna say." Pay attention, please." "Now, as I was going to say." 1 11 11 11 11 11 11 Sllllllll BIHSS Ullll ARLENE AMES leaves her position as Girls' League secretary to some other slave. BEVERLY BAHLS wills her flashy dresses to the next fashion review. MARY JO BATDORF leaves her strapless formal to Miss Lonke. ELLEN BERGEVIN wills her tumbling ability to Audrey Peterson. BARBARA BROWN leaves the driving car to Bill Cornish. EDNA BULLE leaves her will to work to Joanne Hoidal. ILENE DRIVSTUEN wills her friendly ways to anyone who needs them. NANCY EDFAST wills her baton twirling to Mr. Henning. SHIRLEY EDSTROM wills her friendly chuckle to anyone who will accept it. JOANNE FARRELL leaves her blonde hair to "Marty" Rass- rnussen. LOUISE FINGARSON wills her attraction to the radar base to Ina Ruthruff. ALICE GALLAUGHER leaves her wandering in the halls to any- one who can get passes. ESTHER GIBBONS wills her quick wits to Gordon Blacken. VIOLA HOLLIS leaves dancing to the Hop Scotch Polka. JACKIE FOSTER leaves her flirting to Zoe Ann Russell. DELORES KING leaves her dark hair to Alice Sneve. MILDRED KIRSTEN leaves her height to Joan Miller. PAULINE LANE leaves her position on the girls' tennis team to Pat Lindquist. SHIRLEY LEE leaves to live, love and be merry. BETTY LEFFLER wills her scissors for cutting hair to Shirley Hammer. MARILYN MILLER leaves her "line of gab" to anyone who can do as well. JOYCE OLSON wills her argumentative ability to Shirley Udeen. MARGARET PAUL leaves her whistle to the next drill leader of Pep Club. DOLORES PETERSON leaves her hearty laugh echoing in the halls. DELORES ROAL leaves after getting in a wreck with her "Hot Rod Driving." LORAINE ROBERTSON wills her job in the office to LaVeta Penney. ROSEMARY RUMPLE wills her joke telling to Dixie Craven. LOIS SELE wills her job as ad manager to Jack Blacker. BERNICE SIMPSON and JOYCE SPENCER will their seats in the typing room to anyone who wants to fill them. ALICE TENBRINK wills her attention to a certain radar man to her sister. BETTY VAN PROYEN wills her straight skirts to whoever they will fit. BEVERLY VOSIKA wills her carefree personality to Violet Blacken. JOAN YORKE leaves her long string of A's for her sister Mary to keep up. LOLA WOLFE wills her good grades in history to any lucky junior. DELORES SHOOK leaves still trying to find someone with an extra book report. BILL ARVIDSON leaves still talking about Mt. Vernon. PHIL PERGAM leaves Prexy of A.H.S. to his brother Blaine. BOB BREON leaves his talkative ways to his brother Jackie. CHARLES CHAPIN wills some of his brains to Max Rankin. BOB CARLSON wills his rights to sit with Doris Entsminger on Bus I6 to Norm Nelson. MICK CONNACHER leaves wondering who it was that ran away with half the school's athletic equipment. GILBERT EMORY wills his acting ability to John Langdon. ERLING ESPEDAL leaves the top floor peaceful until some future prankster can take his place. BOB FREESTAD leaves his place on the basketball team to Clar- ence Hutton. GLENN GREATHOUSE leaves his position of Sergeant of the Grand Army of the l.ettermen's Club to Buzz Evans. MARTIN HAACK wills his long stay in A.H.S. to anyone who would enjoy it. DONALD HAACK wills his ping-pong playing to Gene Eckberg. JOHN HAFTERSON leaves Miss Satre with an empty seat op- posite her desk. OSCAR HALVERSON leaves Arlington with one less trum- pet player and chorus member. CHARLES KING leaves the Rifle Club without an instructor. HAROLD DEZOTELL leaves the success of the dances at Bryant to his brother Jerry. MERRILL COX leaves quite an impression the kids in Arlington on the subject of bookie joints and the land of the oil wells GARY LINDQUIST leaves with a girl on each arm. JIM BROTHERS leaves with a bunch of broken bones. ALVIN EDWARDS leaves as the only boy in the advanced typ- ing class. VERNON MAYO leaves his running ability to anyone who can catch him. FLOYD McKENSlE wills his height to Richard Johnson. BOB McGLADREY leaves his Saturday nights to Larry Farrell. DEAN NELSON leaves his art ability to the future art editors of the "Stillaguamish Trail." HAROLD NORMAN leaves his sixth period strolling to Dick Johnson and the movie operators. GERALD NYBLOD leaves his good nature to George Spencer. IRVING NYSETHER leaves his strict correction of history papers to Thomas Da-ily. GLEN PARSON leaves very quietly. FRANK PRATHER leaves his bashful ways to Robert Daily. DUANE ROD leaves his short hair cuts to Jake Clark. ELWYN ROSENBACH leaves an empty space in the football lineup to some husky lad. KENNY SHANK leaves Don Fry to walk to school- alone. LAVERNE SPRINGER leaves his lucky ping-pong paddle to Chuck Miller. RICHARD SWANSON leaves looking for his car keys that he lent to someone. LEWIS THOMPSON leaves with a pack of Luckies in his pocket. DALE TRAYLOR leaves his position as class yell leader to an incoming Frosh. , HENRY WOLD leaves his finger prints on the office door. HAROLD OLSON leaves his slow ways to Grant Jensen. ART LEE leaves his "Romeo Role" to some "Cassanova Jr." RONALD TVIET leaves with the movie projector under his arm. GERALD WAHL leaves saying nothing. HERB LARSON leaves his stage career to anyone who can mas- ter it. ALVIN SWANSON leaves his rebuilt engines to the junior class "night hawks." Q' Sllllllll SUUIHHEL CHGE Viola H. Lois, Jackie Remember I Nancy 8. Ilene Ellen, Jackie, Lois ..w,g!, Duck S. "Mule Train" 1-. '-1 Seniors on picnic S Looks like a party! Art Lee Well!!! Rosie R. 4 1 Lois s. 8. 12? Il Lolo w. me .,3 -nv L xl L SE f 'isl Totem Style l Dolores, Margie of ex, in his homeland 8. Ellen Alice indulging Bev, Nancy, Esther gals at noon "Life Gets Tedious' .A 4 5 I Anna Kretschmar 30 . 2 QWOQ - 60' dx 9 000 I Xa BOYXGSOOVQI Z . 0 I egsoxl QJOVA MNQ-f. I Q, l f-'S M, 'sefeom oe ,eel 66045 President ...... Vice President .... Secretary ...... Treasurer - - - - - - - - -AUDREY PETERSON Yell Leader --- ----- Adviser ..... ..... Colors: Red and Gray - - - - - LeROY JOHNSON ---GEORGE SPENCER ---LA VETA PENNEY ---- --MAX RANKIN ANNA KRETSCHMAR Motto: "ln ourselves our future lies." Flower: Carnation ACCOMPLISHMENTS 35 members in Honor Society Participated in all-school play 7 members in G.A.A. I5 members in First Choir 20 members in Pep Club 'IO members in Letter Club 19 members in Band 3 basketball lettermen 5 football lettermen Gave successful Junior-Senior Dance IIIUR Presented "Moonlight and Roses" Junior Prom CLHSS FIRST ROW-Jeanne Ayars, Delores Eng- strom, Beverly Barnier, Barbara Davidson, Elaine Best, Donna Breon, Beverly Dahl- gren. SECOND ROW-Lorraine Engstrom, Ida Mae Crainmore, Lola Mae Dotson, Mary Goerlich, Joanne Gray, Betty Espe. THIRD ROW--Robert Bauer, Fred Got- thart, Jake Clark, Jack Erickson, Jerry Garka, Thomas Da-ily, Robert Daily. FOURTH ROW-Richard Chapin, Jerry Dezotell, Bill Cornish, Blaine Bergam, Jack Blacker, Laurin Foster, Gordie Blacken, Donald Broderson, FIRST ROW-Janet Holland, Bonnie Mor- tensont, Joan Miller, Shirley Hammer, Joann-e Hoidal, Pat Lindquist. SECOND ROW-Donna Kronfus, Sera Jane Miller, Sally Lien, Eleanor Nysether, Claudia Lar- son, Anita Joergenson, Margie Hagins. THIRD ROW- Waunita Hagins, Patsy Kroeze, Pat Hillis. FOURTH ROW-Ven non Ohm, John Langdon, Lee Roy Merritt, Chuck Miller, Jim Hinman, Bob Olson, LeRoy Johnson, Verne Nelson. FIRST ROW-Max Rankin, Bob Schroedl, George Spencer, Jim Price, Wayne Pear- son, Leonard Pumphrey. SECOND ROW- Marlene Rasmussen, Roberta Widmark, Violet Ostrom, Emily Thomas, lsabel Ten- brink, Shirley Udeeni, Ann Rogne, Patty Wood, THIRD ROW-Cora Mae Williams, Helen Van Ness, Darlene Olson, Virginia Wisdom, Mary Terhorst, Lillie Turkovich, Audrey Peterson, Alice Sneve, Joyce Stell- gis, Genevieve Tiedeman. FOURTH ROW -Zoe Ann Russell, LaVeta Penney, Art Trobridge, James Wood, Dick Thompson, Herb Swanson, Donald Westerland, Fred Spiering, Ida Ochampaugh, Marguerite Roth. W 336+ Na Oooizd? at Kev ' ma' A ea Sxevhens N49 ' I X x X ""' i i I I ga Mc, SUPHUMURE M We or wa' new wwe 01 we "1"i4"", ------- ....... no NALD wma. Vice President ,.,-- LARRY FARRELL SQCNUYY --- .... BEVERLY HOERY T"9lWl'9f --- ARLENE LALLAMAND Yell Leader -, -------- -'HIACK NIEQN Advisor -..- ..... MILDRED STEPHENS Colors: Green and White Motto: "Ambition, Honor and Success" ACCOMPLISHMENTS 26 members in Honor Society Gave successful Soph-Frosh Party Q 5 Football Lettermen 12 members in Choir I1 members in Band Melvin Edstrom won S100 bond County Soil Conservation essay IIIIISS FIRST ROW, left to right, Marie Gus- tavson, Mary Ann Bjorn, Noreen At- kins, Marilyn Dale, Letta Cornehl, Mar- lene Carlson, Marilyn Calvert. SECOND ROW--wDixie Craven, Lorna Gatherers, Gail Casner, Louise Entsminger, Mary Ann Brown, Darlene Clapp, Vivian Dahlstrom, Iris Goodrich. THIRD ROW--- Melvin Edstrom, Keith Cabe, Buzzy Evans, Larry Farrell, George Dutchcr, Ray Drake, Don Fry. FOURTH ROW--f Dale Anderson, Gilbert Clark, John Carlson, Dick Atkins, Bob Brown, Vernon Eliason, Jackie Breon, Ed Couture. FIRST ROW, Esther Haack, Janice Hurn, Judy Norman, Diane Johnsen, Carole McQuestion, Darlene Helms. SECOND ROW--Ruth Johansen, Ma- rie Jacobs, Bernice Haarsager, Margie Hecklund, Arlene Helsel, Beverly Hoery. THIRD ROW--John Marken, Victor Lindal, Arlene Lallemand, Mar' Iene Nyblod, Rae Ingram, Alene Hiett, Norman Nelson, Clarence Hut- ton. FOURTH ROW-Richard I-Ievly, Kenneth Lynn, Benny Halvorsen, Jack Jenkins, Virgil Inman, Kelvin Joergenson, Barry Miller. FIRST ROW, Vivian Rice, Anna Mae Vories, Margaret Wheeler, Ina Ruth- ruft. SECOND ROW-Pansy Rogers, Audrey Ramsey, Bette Reed, Marilyn Obercotter, Pat Snyder, Leola Wheeler, THIRD ROW-Dallas Teachout, Lloyd Rogers, Lynn Rosenbach. FOURTH ROW- Don Pettit, Bob Vosika, Par- ker Wells, Billy Tviet,, Byron Parsons, Wayne Wegener, Lucius Wright. X ,cz qggxei O QW 'O Q0 . ierl gp V. e 0409 00 AQ 03 506 ' qw 05' ep QX CF' vb 9 oe CO. +00 O X6 3 oo President ...... - - - Vice President .... - - - Secretary ....... ..... Treasurer .... ..... FHESHIHHH --RONALD PUMPHREY ---DONALD PETERSON --------BOB GIBBONS CHARLES MeQUESTION Yell Leader -.. ------- CLARICE LARSON Adviser ---- ---------RUTH PORTER ACCOMPLISHMENTS Gave successful Frosh-Soph. Dance ef Xb V06 Participated in all-school play H . . l e -4 'xii H 10 members un Tumblmg Club 2 drummers nn Pep Club 21 mvnted to Honor Socuety Banquet ll members un Band 5 membersm Chour FIRST ROW- Ardelle Amundson, Marilyn Chadney, Doris Davis, Joy Butterfield, Barbara Arnot, Barbara Cairter, Iola Bjorn, Dolores Eng-eseth. SECOND ROW--Mary Ellen Aya-rs Lavida Entsminger, Madeline Brown, Violet Blacken, Louella Dahlgren, Polly Drivstuen, Doris Entsminger, Johanna Engstrom, Lila Gardner. THIRD ROW-Lawrence Broderson, John Dickinson, Jack DeGrosse, Fin- ise Brown, Bobby Gibbons, Bill Goer- lich, Carsten Broderson. FOURTH ROW -- Wilbur Anderson, Dale Drake, Clifford Fulfs, Doyle Downs, Charles Conklin. FIRST ROW-Gary Ruff, Lila Kin- ney, Gail Johnson, Clarice Larson, Jeanete Klein, Marilyn Nelson. SEC- OND ROW+Janice Larson, Donita Liddle, Janice Kiddie, Marilyn Hart, Esther Howe, Emily Mani, Nancy Long, THIRD ROW-Robert Janes, Marvin Olson, John Larson, Richard Johnston, John Gary Miller, James Hafterson, Oscar Larson. FIRST ROW-Bonnie Swimme, Nan- cy Rogne, Jewel Simpson, Charlene Pumphrey, Norita Tviet, Clarice Pear' son, Joanne Thorsen. SECOND ROW -Annie Patch, June Stortz, Myrna Royce, Sandra Pa-rsons, Nancy Tate, Patsy Smith, Sally Woodin, THIRD ROW-Henry Patou, Jim Sheppard, Jack Warren, Donald Peterson, Punk Smith, Jerry Snyder, Frank Strutzel. FOURTH ROW--Ronald Pumphrey, David Spencer, Marvin Wcgnild, Kenny Wangsmo, Durwood Sele, Al- la-n Va-nce, Vernon Wheeler. 6lHlS' LEHGUE STANDING: Secretary, Arlene Ames, Representatbves, Dolores Roal, Joyce Stellges, Betty Reed, lola Bjorn, Joanne Knudson. SEATED: Mrs. Hawley, President Rosemary Rumpleg Vice President, Audrey Peterson, Treasurer, Bonnie Mortenson. The Girls' League, under the leadership of Mrs. Sedro Woolley basketball game, Girls' League Mixer, Hawley, had a successful year. Their activities have attendance of the Conference at Marysville, a beau- been a Big and Little Sister Party, a dance after the tiful Senior Mother's Tea. get .ff iw HQQSE gk, F QT LEHGUE Left to right: Dean Nelson, Secretary-treasurer, Laurin Foster, Vice President, Duane Rod, President, George Spencer, Sergeant-atearrns. lntra-mural sports such as basketball and vol- height of popularity. Speakers and movies were also leyball were the rnain attractions in Boys' Club this presented as a part of the club activities year, with interest in these sports reaching a new lillfll CLUBS iiiifiimin FIRST ROW-LaVerne Springer, Vern Nelson, Elwvn Rosenbach, Hank Wold, Art Lee, Glenn Greathouse, Kenny Shank, Phil Bergam, Bob McGladrey, Bob Breon, Duane Rod. SECOND ROW-Mr. Ludwick, Gordie Blacken, Laurin Foster, LeRoy Johnson, George Dutcher, Blain-e Bergam, Jack Erickson, Keith Cabe, Wayne Pearson, Frank Prather, Mr, Munizza. THIRD ROW-Jerry Dezotell, Dont Broderson, Jim Price, Jim Brothers, Don Haack, Irving Nysether, Darrell Evans, Kelvin Joergenson, Mickey Ryan, Jackie Breon, Lloyd Rogers, Bob Vosika-, Vernon Mayo. The Lettermen's Club was very active this year. Advertis- President ..... ........., A RT LEE ing of the games was their main effort, which they accomplish- Vice President -- ...... HERB LARSON ed very successfully with the sound car and posters, They sold Secretary-Treasurer ...L GLEN GREATHOUSE ice cream a-nd pop at the games. The annual smoker was the Advisers --- ...A ERNEST LUDWICK, JR main big event of the club year. LAWRENCE MUNIZZA FRONT ROW-Ellen Bergevin, Edna Bulle, Bernice Simpson, Marilyn Miller, Pauline Lane, Lillie Turkovich, SECOND ROW-Joyce Olson, Arlene Ames, Joyce Spencer, Miss Porter, Betty Leftler, Audrey Peterson, lda Mae Cranmore. THIRD ROW-Sera Jane Miller, Anne Rogn, Bernice Haarsager, Dixie Craven, Alice Sneve, Pat Lindquist, Margie Paul, Shirley Edstrom. The Arlington Letterwomen sponsored at successful bas- P,-esidenf ------- ---- M ARILYN MILLER ketball playdav and presented a 'lMost 'Inspirational Player" Vice pfesideng --- ---AUDREY PETERSQN award. They also gave a trophy to the winning basketball team geueguy --.--- ----- p AULINE LANE in afterschool turnout- Treasurer ..... ---JoYcE SPENCER Adviser - - -. - - - RUTH PORTER H 5 '..+ff W-4 I- is x 'Q' 1 ' if l 1 A '7 KU A We bf L ' .. , '95, W .xg Y 1 f wi W Cv N1 X M SW, '51 'fam X' xx 1 X Q 1 fp X -I I KA f 4 Q , 1 1 , . Y xx - x Q Q, qt K ya M' W ,N 1 Y! ,Ai T' A W V ' .- M ' 1 X ' Y' fix 9' A ' Y 'Q' ,mx Q ! Q .w1,,,, i ks- 2 K, 2 XX -M 2 5 ' fl 5 i X-f 'U , ' ,:,' , - ,N A A 6 , V -uni , " 3' , , i K gf QV 1? fk A W lwfgxgl WNV 41: 'A 'wi -:XS lxmxe 3-fx 2-'tbl - fi AV 0' w . :Q :VD Miz 41 . Q tm ,Q ff' ,Y .g1jf "', 2 t ' Q0-X 'X X fx X X XX of X YQ' XX K an-Q Ml f - U " W.. l dm. 'fifygg lb I'-:lf .M E5 url f- ' . yr "l""Y' if mg s. VM- 'Rf ' ' 'A Wig"-""'a',Q,,l ' I. ,s W 'F 'f B -71+ T' WV rw JF' M F1 .fir V, 3 V ff A -. 3 M 'um "Y kt xy wifi' . qw' qv Q W "5 We Er S 5 +1 'ASNE 1 Q f M, 9 , x FIIISI IJHIIIII FIRST ROW-Shirley Hammer, Joanne Farrell, Joyce Brose, Lorna Gatherers, Loraine Robert- son, Viola Hollis, Marlene Rasmussen, Mae Sedy, Joyce Olson, Alice Galla-ugher, Joan Miller, Mr. Fosso, lola Wolfe, Arlene Hensel, Janet Holland, Margie Paul, Marilyn Miller, Noreen Atkins, Beverly Bairnier, Betty Van Proyen, Alice Tenbrin-k, Louise Fingarson. SECOND ROW- Sera Jane Miller, Joa-nne Yorke, Anita Joergein-son, Shirley Edstrom, Shirley Lee, Anne Mae Vories, Ann Rogne, June Kroez-e, Letta Cornehl, Patty Wood, Betty James, Beverly Dahlgren, Edna Bulle, Pansie Rodgers, Ina Ruthrutf, Lola Dotson, Dixie Craven, Pat Snyder, Mary Jo Batdorf, Mildred Kirstein, Genevieve Tiedeman. THIRD ROW-Wayne Pearson, Oscar Halver- son, Don Petit, Dale Anderson, Gilbert Emory. Jackie Breon, Kenny Lind, Marvin Halverson, Lloyd Rogers, Ga-ry Ruff, Vernon Mayo. FOURTH ROW-Dale Travlor, Don Bennett, Herb Larson, Kelvin Joergenson, Richard Swanson, Dale Drake, Vernon Wheeler, Lewis Thompson, Robert Daily, Frank Prather. The main musical events of the year in which both the choir and band participated were the Christ- mas Concert in December, the concert in March, and the Spring Concert in May. In addition to these was the Popular Variety Concert in November. The First Choir took part in the county music Festival in Everett in May, and traveled to Snoho- mish in April for the annual choir contest and fes- tival, Special mention should be given to both the Girls' Trio and Boys' Septette for their participation in the concerts and other activities. Four boys, Erlinq Espedal, Don Bennett, Dale Traylor, and Frank Prather, were chosen from the Boys' Septette to enter the Barber Shop Quartette Contest held at Everett in January. Calling themselves the "Tempo- Four," they placed second among ten well-trained and experienced quartettes. As in previous years our band played at all athletic functions. Mr. Paul Fosso is the music super- visor. Herb Larson, Dale Traylor, Erling Espedal, Don Bennett, Oscar Halver- Mary Jo Batdorf, Lola Wolfe, Anita Joergenson, Shirley son, Lewis Thompson, Frank Prather. Hammer. Alice Gallauqher, Joyce Olson, Ba-rbara Davidson, Pat Lind- ouist, Joan Miller, Lola Wolfe, Marilyn Miller, Violet Ostr-om, Ellen Bergevin, Margie Hagins, Janet Holland. The Pep Club, under the supervision of Miss P ter had a very successful year. The drill team in or , their new uniforms, blue skirts and white sweaters, b u ht loud aoplause as they drilled between halves ro g for several of the football and basketball Games. Other l' activities were: football banouet, basketball banque , TQIQ, and a carnival. They also served lunches for the teams after home games. President ........ Vice President --- Secretary ...... Treasurer .... Drill Leader --- PEP lIlUB Loraine Robertson, Anita Joergenson, ey , Russell, Arlene Ames, Joanne Gray, Mary Jo Batdorf, Joann Hoidal, Louise Fingarson, Shirley Hammer, Joann Farrell. Audrey Peterson, Viola Hollis, Beverly Bamier, Dolores Peterson, Bonnie Morten- son, Alice Sneve, Miss Porter, Dolores King, Louella Dahlgren, Roberta Wid- mairk, Olive Drivstuen, Dolores Roal, Nan- cy Edfast, Margie Pual, Jackie Foster, Joyce Stellgis, Rosemary Rumple, Mary Goerlich. ---------LOLA WOLF! ----LOUlSE FINGARSON ----ANlTA JOERGENSON ------D0l.0RES KING ----MARGIE PAUL CHMEHH CLUB The Camera Club had a very successful year under the adviser- ship of Miss Stephens. Besides developing pictures and discuss- ing camera problems, they have had as a guest speaker, Mr. Weber. In February, the club sponsored a dance. There are thirteen members in the club. SEATED, left to right, Fred Spiering, Pat Snyder, Beverly Hoery. STANDING- Margaret Wheeler, Don Westerlund, Vivian Rice, Harold Norman, Arlene Hensel, Barry Miller, Letta Cornehl. CHESS CLUB The Chess Club held their tournaments during activity period on Wednesday and Thursday. lt was the ambition of every mem- ber to climb the tournament ladder to the top and then maintain his position, by beating his fellow members. The adviser for the club is Mr. Pistorese. SlHCE The stage club has proved to be of great value to the school. They have been respon- sible for the scenery for our plays and concerts, they have also taken care of the lighting and other stage effects. The adviser for this club is Mr. Bernier. FIRST ROW-Bill Arvidson, Don Roberts, Charles Chapin, George Dutcher, John Hafterson, Jim Price, Parker Wells. SECOND ROW-Gilbert Clark, Jack Blacker, Bob Freestad, John Carlson, Barry Miller, Wayne Pearson, Jerry Dezotell, Gerald Miller, Don Haack, Max Rankin. FIRST ROW, left to right-Margaret Wheeler, Darlene Helms, Ar- lene Hensel, Joann Hoidal, Joan Miller, Betty James, Alice Gallaugher, Marilyn Miller, Pauline Lane, Pat Lindquist, Marlene Rasmussen, Joyce Stellges. SECOND ROW-Letta Cornehl, Barbara- Brown, June Kroeze, Pat Wood, Beverly Dahlgren, Mary Ensign, Shirley Udeenf, Anne Rogne, Mr. Bernier, Jim Hinma1n,Mary Jo Baitdorf, Floyd Mc- Kenzie, ldai Mae Cranmor, Judy Norman, Richard Chapin, Barry Miller, Mary Ann Brown, Darlene Clapp, Marie Jacobs, Janice Hurn, Donna Kronfus, Lola Dotson, Mary Terhorst. Ar! Ln Left Guard fffm' 1.74" 1 ' ,t Q2- Glenn Greathouse ' ' .. 1.5 q3Q'f'gT , 352 Jig' Cenfef , f' : -f.f g-:Tw-ef.'ff::' . i, .4-,'i.',',-r..1.fg-f, A - . ' ,t . af . .ji 2, - xt ff r . 2,57 115152 if, ' , I X V .,gr'-, ,pf X .'r .., N , I aff, 'fy' X 4, I X i.lA'f"i 1117, x uif' I . Q , 1- f x' 7- 1 ' v -5, ,- L rg -,1,Q.. ,-- V yfgn q 11 2' -, . ,Q .-.f is. . . ll . ll ll - ' tj"ILQ:Aglr-Ffh' l -. Il 'll , I Y 1- 'wuz -' f' si V-51.7 -' 'JLQ' A 51-9'?"'ff' as ' -3' x 1 H-'-rv W-'H L. A ,f , 2 t f i Left End ,Q ,-4" i-593, V f .V Q I , . .. ',-, " L2 ,-xg I 5,515 " ' -, ff- ,. ,, , Gerald Nyblod of .V .I 1..LF?1?gL,xQ ' Right End K ."-L,:4.-f if' 'erno Springer Jim Price Lello Johnson Right End Right Guard LeftyHalfback Arlington Twin Cities ....... Arlington Port Townsend Arlington Anacortes ........ Arlington Marysville --...... Arlington Mount Vernon ..... Arlington Burlington ........ Arlington .... Edmonds ......... Arlington Sedro Woolley ..... Arlington .... S4 Snohomish ....... Don Haack Left Tackle 25 20 26 12 6 I3 26 26 40 Elwyn Rosenbach Fullback Bob Vosika Ful Ibaclx Keith Cabe Left End Gordon Blleken Quarterback Clarence Hutton Right End Kelvin Joer enson ai? Quarterbackg Verne Nelson Ful Iback Laurin Foster Right Halfback lab lroon Quarterback Hll , 71h . 1 ' sz Wi- .. -...P sig., FIRST ROW-Irving Nysiether, Donald Wahl, Clarence Hutton, Henry Wold, Gerald Nyblod, Art Lee, Glenn Greathouse, Jim Price, Don Haack, LaVerne Springer, Keith Cabe, George Dutcher, Jerry Dezotell, SECOND ROW-Mr. Munizza, Larry Farrell, John Carlson, Verne Nelson, Gordv Blacken, Laurin Foster, Bob Breon, Elwyn Rosenbach, LeRoy Johnson, Chester Ruthruff, Bob Vosika, Kelvin Joergenson, Mr. Pistorese. THIRD ROW-Mickey Ryan, Jim Brothers, Virgil Inman, Dean Nelson, Bob Hafterson, Leroy Schrnelke, Merrill Cox, Ray Drake, Melvin Edstrom, Vernon Eliason, Jack Breon, Vernon Mayo, 4'1- CB Our football team this year was lighter than usual, and in fact, was one of the smallest in the tough Northwest League. However, they showed lots ot spirit and improved greatly towards the end of the season. Lack of weight and experience took its toll, regardless of the fight and spirit of the squad, but it's known throughout the league that the Arling- ton team never gave up. Enthusiasm was shown bv both the team and student body at both practice and ciames with the high point of the season being our victory over a larger Mount Vernon team, for a team that was predicted to lose bv the experts, the Eagles of Arlington showed sur- prising strength in slowing down the bigger and more experienced teams. BllSlli FIRST ROW, left to right--Mr. Ludwick, Bob McGladrey, Bob Freestad, Phil Bergam, LeRoy Johnson, Blaine Bergam, Duane Rod, Mr. Munizza. SECOND ROW-Kelvin Joergenson, Keith Cabe, Clarence Hutton, Micky Connacher, George Spencer, Jack Erickson, LaiVerne Springer, Erling Espedail, Norman Nelson. THIRD ROW--Bruce Smith, Manager, Arnold Ames, Benny Halberson, Buzzy Evans, Lynn Rosenbach, Lucius W-right, Wayne Wegener, Larry Farrell, Virgil Inman, Jerry Dezotell, Manager. With every basketball letterman graduated last year, our team had to make an entirely new start this season. Because ot lack of both height and ex- perience, no one expected the Arlington team to do as well as they did. The boys, with a total of eleven wins and nine losses, missed a chance for entrance to the District Tournament by only one game. ln spite of their inexperience, our team was one of the best trained teams in the league and also was one of Arlington .......... Arlington .......... Arlington .......... Arlington .......... Arlington .......... Arlington .......... Arlington .......... Arlington .......... Arlington .......... Arlington .......... Arlington .......... Arlington .......... Arlington .......... Arlington .......... Arlington ....,..... Arlington .......... Arlington .......... Arlington .......... Arlington .......... Arlington .......... 40 20 36 38 the finest in condition. They fought to the end of each game whether ahead or behind, and had a knack for playing good ball when it was needed. The most exciting game of the season was an overtime game with Snohomish which we won 36-32. Coach Ludwick is justified in being very proud of his boys, and extending his most sincere congrat- ulations. Overlake ............. Overlake ............. Mount Baker .......... Mount Baker .......... Ferndale ............. Edmonds ............ - Edmonds .......... - - - 23 I9 30 36 Ferndale ............- 21 27 25 37 4l Mount Vernon ......... Mount Vernon ...... -- - Burlington ...... ...... 40 38 Burlington ............ 48 Sedro Woolley ......... 42 Sedro Woolley ......... 36 Anacortes ............ O Marysville ............ Marysville ............ Snohomish ............ 20 44 Snohomish ............ 29 ' 32 Darrington ............ 25 Hll .lack Erickson Guard Phil Bergam Guard ,gn-v-1 Erling Espedal Gualrcl Blaine Bergam Center Bob Freeshd Forward ERNEST LUDWICK, JR. Coach LaVerne Springer Center l Bob McGIadrey Forward ii Dua ne Rod Gua rd Goorgo Sponsor Forwa-rd Leroy Johnson Forwa-rd 37 F. H. H.. Sli. lllVlSlllll OFFICERS FOR SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL GROUP President ........... Darlene Olson Vice-president ...... Helen Van Ness Secretary ........ Bonnie Mortensen Treasurer .... .... C Iaudia Larson Reporter -- - - - - - Mary Ensign FIRST ROW. left to riqht-Cora Williams. Bonnie Mortensen, Lorraine Engstrom Claud- ia Larson. Darlene Olson, Helen Van Ness, Delores Engstrom. Mary Terhorst, SECOND ROW-Shirley Udeen. Genevieve Tiedeman, Joyce Stillges. Roberta Widrnark. Violet Ostrom, Miss Lonke, Beverly Barnier, Barbara Davidson, Margie Hagins, Waunita Hagins. MISS LONKE, Adviser Jll. lllVlSIllll OFFICERS IN JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL GROUP President ........ Charlene Pumphrey Vice-president ....... Barbara Carter Secretary ...... ....... Li la Kinney Treasurer .... .... J evel Simpson Reporter - .... Myrna Royce FIRST ROW, left to right-Charlene Pumphrey, Barbara Carter, Lavida Entsminqer. Joanne Thorsen, Miss Lonke, Frances Mervyn, Joy Butterfield, Doris Davis. SECOND ROW-Janice Kiddie, Sandra Parsons, lola Bjorn, Lila Kinney, Esther Howe, Lila Gardner, Bernice Engeseth, Emily Mani. Myrna Royce. Ardell Amundson. Jewel Simpson. The Future Homemakers of America is or- aanized on the local, state, and national levels. The Arlington chapter became affiliated with the state and national organization in 1947. Arlington has a iunior and senior high school chapter, each having a membership of twenty members. In April, 1949, two delegates, Roberta Wid- mark, Violet Ostrom, and Genevieve Tiedeman, went to the state meeting in Ellensburg. ln June, l949, three delegates, Marlyn Swanson and Cora Mae Williams, accomplished by Miss Lonke attended the national meeting held at Santa Bar- bara, California. Activities were divided between work and plav. A Tolo dance was given on December 23rd ard a barn dance was given with the F.F.A. Also at Christmas time a packaqe was sent to a needv family in Europe and a Christmas party was held at the home of Cora Mae Williams where the members exchanged Gifts. The purposes of the club are to promote a growing appreciation and importance of worthy home promote international good will, to provide wholesome individual and group recreation, and to promote community leadership, Those pupils enrolled in Home Economics and those who have been enrolled and are still in school are eligible for membership. Provisions are made for four active membership degrees of achievement. This year all the members of the senior group have earned their two decrees of achievement and have earned their pins and em- blems. FIRST ROW, left to right, Mr. Langdon, Frank Killough, Irving Nysether, John Langdon, Lee Roy Merritt, Duane Rod, Gerald Waihl, Don Broderson, SECOND ROW. Duwayne Oman, Dur- wood Sele, Bob Breon, Henry Patou, Vince Abbott, Emil Lindahl, Carsten Broderson, James Hafterson, Finise Brown, Roger Jenny, Jack DeGross. THIRD ROW, Herbert Swanson, Allan Vance, Jack Warren, Robert James, Charles Conklin, Doyle Downs, Marvin Olsen, Bill Goer- lich, Bob Blacker, Peter Poeschel, Frank Strutzel. FOURTH ROW, Gary Lindquist, Alvin Swane son, Lawrence Broderson, Glen Parsons, Art Trowbridge, Fred Gottha-rdt, James Woods, Rav Drake, Jack Anderson, Dick Lindquist, Oscar Larsen, Edward Nysether. FIFTH ROW, Bob Carl- son, Loren Meyer, Wilbur Anderson, James Sheppard, Victor Lindahl, Bob Brown, Byron Par- sons, Mickey Ryan,'Lynn Rosenbach, Ben Halvorson, Don Wahl, Melvin Edstrom, Don Tillman. Officers for the ye-air were: President ............................. .... G erald Wahl Vice President --- --- - ..... -Duane Rod Secretary ..... - - -John Langdon Treasurer .... ..... G erald Nyblod Reporter - - - - - - Lee Roy Merritt Sentinel --- ..... Ray Blacken As usual, the F.F.A. had a very successful year under the guidance of their adviser, Mr. Langdon. The judging teams, both livestock and poultry, have placed near the top in all contests. Two livestock shows were also held. One of the social highlights of the season was the barn R dance given with the help of the F.H.A. The annual Father and Son Banquet was held in the High School cafeteria. The chapter was awarded the Master Chapter Plaque for the accomplish- ments of needed requirements. vlxvmg v 0 ,xi Phle std D11-ke n hom d fo' 1: eng! 'dgr 0,4 J I Y. E A .r . 6 11 - The officers of Honor Society this year were Frank Prather president, Jack Erickson, vice- president and Ilene Drivstuen, secretary and treasurer Miss Harris is the adviser. The club gave a banquet in November in honor of the Hllllllll SIIIIIEIU FIRST ROW, left to right,Donna Breon, Elaine Best, Joanne Yorke, Beverly Vosika, llene Drivstuen, Ellen Bergevin, Roberta Widmark, Violet Ostrom, Janet Holland, Joan Miller, Patty Wood, Loraine Robertson, Lola Wolfe. SECOND ROW-Pafnsie Rogers, Lola Dotson, Donna Kron-fus, Shirley Hammer, Claudia' Larson, Arlene Ames, Joyce Olson, Edna Bulle, Margaret Wheeler, Bernice Simpson, Joyce Spencer, Anita Joergenson, Mary Goerlich. THIRD ROW Miss Harris, Sally Lien, Core Mae Williams, Virginia Wisdom, Patricia Hillis, Shirley Edstriom, Judy Ann Norman, Darlene Clapp, Bernice -Haarsager, Margie Hecklund, Gale Casner, Arlene Hensel, Louise Finigarson, Alice Tenbrink. FOURTH ROW-Sera Jane Miller, Eleanor Nysether, Vivian Rice, Carole McQuesten, Audrey Ramsey, Anna Mary Vories, Marilyn- Oberkotter, Marie Gustavson, Arlene Lallemand, Betty Espe, Joann Gray, Zoe Ann Russell, Jack Erickson. FIFTH ROW-Barbara Davidson, Beverly Barn-ier, Alice Sneve, Gerald Miller, Richard Chapin, Charles Chapin, LaVerne Springer, Dean Nelson, Frank Pra-ther, Bob McGladrey, Erling Espedal, Irving Nysether, Robert Schroedl. SIXTH ROW-John Carlson, Gilbert Clark, Thomas Daily, Jim Hinman, Gerald Wahl, Richard Hevly, Norman- Nelson, Kelvin Joergenson, Lynn- Rosenbach, Donald Wahl, Melvin Edstriom, Donald Tillman, Vernon Eliason, George Dutcher. Elllill Sllill FIRST ROW, left to right-Jerry Ga-rka-, Miss Satre, Arlene Ames, Jackie Foster, Erling Espedail, Mr. Hartz. SECOND ROW-Delores King, Delores Peterson, George Spencer, Nancy Edfast, Beverly Vosika, Phil Bergam,- Jack Blacker, Shirlev Lee, Blaine Bergaim, Bob McGladrey, Marx Rankin, Ellen Bergevin. With Miss Satre as the adviser this year, Jacquiline Foster, with Arlene Ames as her assis the Eagle appeared weekly on mim-eographed tant editor. CO-editors for the SeC0l'1d semester Sheets the Original form of the paper some were Ellen Bergevin and Arlene Ames LaVeta years ago Editor for the first semester was Penney WHS flteil' aSSiSf8I'1'f editor. freshmen who made the honor roll for the first quarter. In the fall an initiation was held at which time the members received their new pins The club is composed of 79 members HI-U FIRST ROW, left to right-Laurin Foster, Duane Rod, Mr. Lord, Herb Larson, Bob McGlad'rey, Glen-n Greathouse, Max Rankin, Mr. Dahubio. SECOND ROW-Kenny Shank, Jim Brothers, Ga-ry Lindquist, Jack Erickson, Gordon Blacken, LeRoy John-son, Bob Vosika, Phil Bergam, Merrill Cox, Art Lee, Mick Connacher, Norman Nelson, Erling Espedall Blaine Bergam, George Spencer, Gerald Nyblod, Elywn Rosenbach, Frank Prather. The Hi-Y had a very interesting year under the advisership of Mr. Millard Lord. They gave a successful school dance, sold programs and with the aid of the Tri-Hi-Y, sponsored a Hobo dance. The annual Father and Son banquet, Mother and Son breakfast, and radio raffle were delegates to the Youth Legislature and were joint sponsors for the Youth Conference in Ev- erett. Officers for the Club are: President, Bob McGladrey, Vice-President, Herb Larson, Secre- tary, Glenn Greathouse, Treasurer, Duane Rod, Chaplain, Max Rankin, Sergeant-at-arms, Laurin Foster. all successful activities. They also sent three Hl-U FIRST ROW, left to right-Zoe Ann Russell, Marv Goerlich, Nancv Edfast, Ilene Drivstuen, Lola Wolfe, Delores Roal, Miss Harris. SECOND ROW-Bette Reed, Barbara Davidson, Ellen Bergevin, Esther Gibbons, Beverly Vo-sika, Delores Peterson, Margie Paul, Rosemary Rumple, Anita Joergenson, Alice Sneve, Beverly Barnier, Roberta Widma-rk, Violet Ostrom. THIRD ROW-Dolores Shook, Delores King, Marie Gustavson, Joanne Gray, Loraine Robertson, Mary Jo Baitdorf, Arlene Lallemand, Dixie Craven, Alene Hiett. The Tri Hi Y, having completed its second successful year, looks back on its accomplish- ments. Candy was sold every dav at noon, and the girls took tickets at games, Tri-Hi-Y, in co- operation with Hi-Y gave a springtime Hobo dance. Two members were sent as delegates to DEBHIE The Debate Club, under the guidance of Miss Smith, has taken part in many of the for- senic activities in this district. Two teams trav- eled to Mount Vernon in mid-December to at- tend the practice tournament held at Skaqit Valley Junior Colleqe. Those members taking part were Herb Larson, Gilbert Clark, John Carl- son, and Thomas Dailv. Other members of the club who participated in speech events held in the spring were Bette Reed and Audrey Ramsey. the Youth and Government Conference in Olym pia, The officers for the year were: President, Nancy Edfast, Vice-President, Ilene Drivstuen, Secretary, Mary Goerlich: Treasurer, Lola Wolfe, Chaplain, Zoe Anne Russell, Sergeant-at-arms, Delores Roal. FIRST ROW, left to right--Audrey Ramsey, John Ca-rlson, Bette Reed. SECOND ROW-Thomas Daily, Miss Smith, Gilbert Clark. N! SEIIIUH Plllll Penelope Sycamore Essie ....... ..... - - Loraine Robertson -- I Iene Drivstuen Rheba .............. Ellen Bergevin Paul Sycamore ........ Gilbert Emory Mr. De Pinna ........ Mick Connacher Ed .................. Frank Prather Donald ................... Art Lee Martin Vanderhof ...... Dale Traylor Alice ............... Beverly Vosika Henderson ............ Martin Haack Tony Kirby ........ ---Erling Espedal Boris Kolenkhof ......... Herb Larson ,i Mr. Kirby ........... Bob McGladrey Mrs. Kirby ...... -Delores Peterson Three Elywn Rosenbach F.B.l. Glenn Greathouse Officers Vernon Mayo FIRST ROW, left to right-Beverly Vosika, Ilene Drivstuen, Joan Yorke, Olga -------------- MBVY Jo Bafd0l'f Ellen Bergevin, Mary Jo Batdorf, Dale Traylor, Miss Smith, Loraine Robertson, Delores Peterson, SECOND ROW-Vernon Ma-yo, Bob McGladrey, Glenn Great- house, Art Lee, Elywn Rosenbach, Mick Connacher, Frank Prather, Erling Espedal. The delightful comedy, "You Can't Take lt With You," was presented to an enthusiastic audience in December. Under the capable direction of Miss Janet Smit-h, the cast put on three full performances. The individuality of the characters of the play was convincingly portrayed by a talented senior cast. llllIllllIlIllIS CLUB FIRST ROW, left to right-Rae Ingram, Donna Breon, Marlene Nyblod, Richard Hevly, Marilyn Oberkotter, Miss West, Bettie Reed, Judy Norman. SECOND ROW-Carole McQuesten, Pat Kroeze, Noreen Atkins, Elaine Best, Don Bennet, Dale Traylor, Herb Larson, Sally Lien, La- Veta Penny, Vivian Rice, Marie Jacobs, Beverly Hoery. During the year the Dramatic Club sponsored the following plays: "Grandma's Yarn", "Ring for Rosie", "Ladies of the Mop". The latter play prov- ed very popular and was presented for various groups including a program at the Congregational Church, for Playday at Arlington High School, at Marysville and for the Arlington P.T.A. ln Addition, the club, under the direction of Miss Gladys West, presented a play each semester at the Arlington Grade School as well as plays for the high school assemblies. lIllllllllElllIlHl CLUB The Commercial Club, being open to anyone who took typing, had a success- ful year. Miss Kretschmar, the adviser, instructed the club in the use of the office equipment such as liquid duplicator and calculator. They also were able to prac- tice filing. llBllHHIllllS Miss Gladys West with her efficient crew FlRST ROW, left to right-Richard Chapin, Floyd McKenzie, Charles Chapin, Joyce Spencer, Bernice Simpson, Beverly Baihls, Edna Bulle, Betty Van Proyen, Alice Tenbrink, Ronald Tveit, Bill- Arvidson. SECOND ROW-Patricia Hillis, Virginia Wisdom, Pat Kroeze, Joanne Yorke, Eleanor Nysether, Betty Boursaw, Bonnie Mortensen, Alice Gallaugher, Miss Krectshmar, Joan Miller, Betty James, Beverly Dahlgren, Pat Wood, Donnai Kronfus, Lola Dotson, Betty Espe, Joanne Hoida-l, Mary Terhorst, Mary Goerlich, Marlene Rasmussen-. of librarians provided excellent library service for the constant use of students. We of the school are proud that we have a large selection of books and that they are always ready for our use. llElIllfHllllll CLUB "Cheaper By The Dozen" was selected by this new group as material suitable to read a- loud at their weekly meetings. Members of this club decided to work on one act plays during the second semester as well as to continue with their round table readings. Under the quidance of Miss Gladvs West, this club has completed a successful first year. FIRST ROW, left to right-Cla-udia Larson, Beverly Lind, Cora May Williams, Loraine Robertson, Mary Gallaiugher, Miss West, Marlene Rasmussen, Delores Roal, Rosemary Rumple, June Kroeze. SECOND ROW-Art Lee, Erling Espedal, Phil Bergarn, Annie Lou Patch, Paul- ine Lane, Barbara Brown, Elaine Best. SITTING, left to right-Patty Wood, Donnai Kronfus, Lola Dotsovn, Miss West, Betty James, Beverly Dahlgren. 43 ..v"' H ,ag 1 N rx 1 v ff ' Je. '57 W an K"'g 1. ik A" Ex. Ba :S--5 ,gt swf' , r-JT' " 1 . W Q if 0 fjk .3 9' T all . , W My, . S ri -HQ--Q 0. 355: v 9 ,W Q. ,iz rl """S1s S iagt f wx! X-' K Q ' df' In - r mix? N. Q. 3 9 ,f Qw- lk Y Y. BJ 6 if 'ff 1 s "R is xi RW Q ,Q L3 X s kai 1 1 . vig 7' a-,RH , X-sw Uill lEHllEllS , Vg 1' Esther Gibbons Ilene Drivstuen Beverly VOSNKB Football, Basketball Football, Basketball Fwfball, B2Sl49lb3ll i-.1 it? Y li? 1. Phil Bergam, Football Erling Espedal, Football Contagious enthusiasm which was inspiring to both spectators and the teams marked the work of our yell leaders this year. A great deal of credit is due and our thanks is hereby extended to this fine group for their excellent teamwork and leadership. Left to right-Miss Porter, Anne Rogne, Audrey Peterson, Ellen Bergevini, Gail Johnson, Marilyn Hart, Violet Blacken, Ida Mae Cranmiore, Marilyn Nelson, Joyce Brose, Sera Ja-rue Miller, Clarice Larson, Margie Hagins, Waunita Hagins, Donna Breon, Lillie Turkovich, Nancy Tate, Marilyn Oberkotter, Bonnie Swimme. The Tumbling Club performed during the Audrey Peterson, President, Lillie Turkovich, halves of two basketball games, and gave a suc- Vice-President, Clarice Larson, Secretary-Treas- cessful dance. They participated in money- mak- urer, and Waunita Hagins, Business Manager. ing activities. The officers of the club are: FIRST ROW, left to right-Barbara Arnot, Joyce Spencer, Joyce Olson, Margie Hagins, Lillie Turkovich, Pat Lindquist, Ellen Bergevin, Clarice Larson, Sheila Abbot, Margie Hecklund, Gail Caisner. SECOND ROW-Donita Liddle, Jewel Simpson, Myrna Royce, Bernice Simpson, Dixie Craven, Bernice Haarsager, Audrey Peterson, Polly Drivstuen, Johanna Enstrom, Marilyn Nelson, Miss Porter. THIRD ROW-Joy Butterfield, Doris Davis, Marquitta Rosenbach, June Strotz, Beverly Dahlgnen, Betty Leffler, Edna Bulle, Pauline Lane, Violet Blacke-n, Lila Gardner, Jainice Larson. FOURTH ROW-Annie Lou Patch, Sera Jane Miller, Wauniita Hagins, Ida Mae Crainmore, Vivian Rice, Beverly Hoery, Marilyn Obercotter, Alene Hi-ett, Iola Bjorn, Marilyn GIRLS' SPlllllS Hart, Mary Yorke. The girls' sports department has been very active this year. They turned out after school at least twice a week for each of the following sports, speedball, volleyball, badminton, basket- ball, tennis, softball, and archery. This year there has been a steadily increasing number of girls in turnout, and also more girls are coming into the Girls Athletic Association. The sportsminded girls helped the G.A.A. in presenting a successful basketball playday in which girls from Snohomish County participated. Turnout girls receive points toward their letter from each sport by getting on class teams, first or second teams, and by havirg perfect atten- dance, Senior qirls who have won their ball and chain are: Ellen Bergevin. Marilyn Miller, Edna Bulle, Pauline Lane, and Bernice Simpson: pins, Joyce Spencer and Betty Leffler. Lineup for a free throw. Basketball teams in action. :O l. Betty Berg 2. Donita Liddle 3. Marlene Nvbold 4. Norita Tweit 5 Gail Casner 6. Joanne Farrell 7, Zoe Ann Russell, Joann Gray, Pat Hillis, Anita Joerqenson 8. Marlene Carlson 9, LeRoy Johnson, Gordy Blacken lO. Pat Lindquist, Audrey Peterson ll. Marlvn Swanson, Cora Mae Williams l2. Audrey Peterson, Alice Sneve, Bernice Haarsager l3. Audrey Peterson l4. Shirley Hammer, Anita Joergenson. Zoe Ann Russell, Joane Hoidal, Joanne Gray 15. Zoe Ann Russell l6, Gail Casner l7. Beverly Vosika, Nancy Edfast, Ilene Drivstuen l8, Lew Thompson. Don Bennett l9. Beverly Vosika, Ilene Drivstuen 20. Dolores Roal, Viola Hollis 2l. Billy Tveit 22. LeRoy Johnson, Audrey Peterson 23. Larry Farrell. L ...J 1 -1' i plan D K . l ' 5' , Q 'sail ,. I-1' twig 1 yi.. J. geiffsefx ,e--ask iii: in Hui l. Joanne Hoidal 2. Lew Thompson 3. Alice Tenbrink, Edna Bulle 4. Alice Tenbrink 5. Leola Wheeler, Pat Kroeze 6. Audrey Peterson 7. Junior boys in grade school davs. 8. Dixie Craven 9, Junior bovs and Senior girls, lO. Doris Davis, Annie Patch, Pat Smith ll. Mary Ann Brown l2. Ray Blacken, Joyce Stillges 13, LeRoy Johnson 14. Joanne Farrell 15. Gerald Nyblod, Frank Prather, Barry Miller l6. Gail Casner, Darlene Helms, Maroie Heck- Iund l7. Lillie Turkovich, Miss Porter, Pat Linquist l8. Elaine Best l9. Betty Boursaw 20. Bernice Haarsager 21. Alice Sneve, Betty Boursaw, Barb- ara Davison, Pat Hillis 22, Bonnie Mortensen, Ray Drake. ...oA:'E?5L-f 9 'ei ' W L xggwfe f I C , . P f' ' x .- X I fl Cvivoyl-0"9 H C K H 50 7 ,Zi ' 'SQ' AX X uYou CMH: Take. It with SlIHlllll AUGUST 3l--School began. Old friends greeted each other and reminisced over the good old summer days. SEPTEMBER I6-Lost our first football game to Twin Cities, 25 to O. First dance given by the Tri-Hi-Y club. 23-The senior boys walked away with the honors of having IOOMJ first day in the A.S.B. ticket sales. As a reward they received a box of chocolates and a free period. 28--Senior girls gave a Big-Little Sister party for the Frosh girls. 29-National Assembly lecture given by Robert Edgar on the Mount Palomar Telescope. , 30-The Eagles lost the football game to Anacortes, 26-l2 on the Seahawks field. OCTOB ER 7-Lost l 4-The football game to Marysville on our own field, I2-7. The Seniors honored the Junior class at a dance after the game. students had a holiday while the teachers went to "Teachers lnstitute." I4-The peppy Eagle football team upset Mount Vernon on the latter's field in a I4-6 victory. National Assembly program featured Richard Carradine acting short parts taken from Shakespearean plays. Burlington team and the Eagles gave the football fans a l3-13 tie in an exciting game on our field. Edmond Tigers clawed their way to a 26-O victory over the Eagles on the Edmond's field. l 9--The 2 I -The 28--The NOVEMBER 2-The Honor Society gave their annual initiation for the A.H.S. student body activity period. 4-Sedro Woolley Cubs bowled over the scrappy Eagle team on the former's field with a 26-l4 score. The sophomore class hon- ored the little freshmen in an "aftergame mixer". 5-The Pep Club put their best foot forward when they drilled for the E.J.C. game at the Everett stadium. 7-An organ and piano concert given as a benefit for the blind. The school responded with hearty contributions for the organiza- tion. ll-No school as it was Armistice Day. The Eagles got their wings severely clipped in their last football game of the season by t1l'6e0Snohomish team on the Pa'nther's field. The score was 12--Pep Club Carnival was given in the high school gym. Pretty Beverly Vosika reigned as Queen of the evening. l4--The Music department presented a Variety Concert with many stu- dents participating. l8-Queen Ilene and King Micky lead the Grand. March at the annual Senior Ball. Candyland was the theme in the gaily decorated gym. 23-F.F.A. and F.H.A. gave a Barn dance in the gym. "Elsie the cow" and the old "'Surrey" were there. 24 8t 25-Thanksgiving vacation. 25-First basketball game with A.H.S. Alumni beating the team, 42-49. 28-Twenty-one freshmen feted at the Honor Society Banquet. DECEMBER 2-The Overlake team, visiting Arlington, was defeated by the Eagles in a basketball game with an exciting 24-23 victory for the Eagles. 3-Arlington participated in the Basketball Jamboree in Everett. 6--The lgerndale team, on Arlington's floor, suffered a defeat from the agles. 8-The football team was given a banquet by the Pep Club girls. 9-The delightful comedy, "You Can't Take lt With You," presented by the senior class. I0-Eagles traveled to Mount Baker and lost an overtime game to the Mountaineers, 30-28. lIHlEllllllll 16-The team lost 42-31 to the Sedro-Woolley quintet on the Cub's Ioor. 19 8. 20-Annual Christmas Concert presented by the music department. 27-Again the Eagles defeated the Overlake team, this time on the opponent's floor, with a score of 29-19. 28-The Eagles went north to Ferndale and came back victorious with a score of 43-27. JANUARY 3-Back to school after Christmas vacation. Played Mount Baker on home floor and avenged their previous defeat with a 42-36 victory for the Eagles. 6--Lost 51-41, to the Mount Vernon Bulldogs on their floor. 10--Eagles lost to their rivals, the Snohomish Panthers, on their floor in a 29-20 defeat. ' 13-Burlington handed the Eagles a defeat on our home floor, 38-24. 13-H i-Y boys 20-Anacortes score, 2 1 -Victorious score 25--"A Tempo gave a stocking dance in the gym after the game. trounced the Eagles on the Seahawk's floor with the 37-25. over the neighboring town of Marysville with a 24-21 on A.H.S. floor. Tumbling Club dance after the game. Four," quartet received second place honors at the Sno- homish County Barbershop Quartet contest. 27-Upset Sedro-Woolley here with 46-36 victory. Girls' League dance after the game. 31-Edmonds evened up the score by defeating the Eagles on the Ti- gers' home floor. FEBRUARY 3-Again the Eagles lost to the tough Mount Vernon Bulldogs. The juniors honored the seniors ata mixer after the game. 4-Girls' Athletic department was hostess at a basketball playday here. 10--The Snohomish Panthers were defeated on our floor by our spirited Eagles. Lettermen's Club gave dance after the game. 11-Arlington suffered a second defeat from Burlington when they trav- eled to the Skagit County team's school. 17--Eagles won 2-0 in a game forfeited by Anacortes. Camera Club gave a dance for the students. 20-University of Washinqton entertained students with the play, "The Taming of the Shrew." 21-Eagles downed by the Marysville Tomahawks on the Marysville floor. 24-Arlington team defeated the Darrington "Loggers" on the Eagles' floor. Frosh honored Sophomore class at a dance after the game. MARCH 2-Movie "Macbeth" shown to students. 9-Western Washington College of Education traveled from Bellingham to entertain us with their A Cappella Choir. 16 8- 17-Annual Spring Concert presented by the music department. 21-Lettermen's Club gave a Smoker. 23-National Assembly presented the Chime Ringers. it-Eiep Club gave a Program Dance Tolo in the high school gym. 4-Students have their pictures taken for next year's A. S. B. cards. 12-F.F.A. boys gave a banquet at high school. 21-Juniors presented "Moonlight and Roses," Prom with the gym beauti- fully decorated. 22-Band travels to Edmonds for contest. 28-Senior Mothers' Tea given in library. 29-Choir contest at Snohomish. MAY 26-Seniors display talents at annual Class Night. 28-Seniors very serious as they attend the Baccalaureate service. 29-Senior Week starts and seniors get together for picnics and outings JUNE ' l-Graduation services were held. 2-Students received report cards. The graduates say goodby and school ends for another year. while underclassmen take exams. and Noob X .S ,iw i ' x X AXA X ll erik .cl BBQ A 'f fm iikkk ma.. iight Q. Ro5o5 X1 , G E 'QQ i ugh ja B 'tu '52 I - T I e e E--4'-ATSE 1 ' QE? l"l A - ' HlIllllllllllEllliElllElllS squirrel says Qoodby and sincerely hopes that the class of 1950 will continue to be as happy and successful in later life. The Editor of this yearbook would like to thank the annual staff: Anita Joergenson, assistant editorg Mrs. Mildred Stephens, the annual adviserg and Miss Alice Satre. ,ff 'R sas! Sf I is iff 5 il il-.L -l Q Q MYERSJZ7, ff-JYEARBOOKS 0. ::1:. , 0 .' :fr THE PACEMAKERS OF QUALITY 0 ," ' MYERS AND C0 INC TOPEKA KANSAS ifuffyjiigwzi ez, UM' ' .y ,A - QQ al ,fy -A fir? " N" 'Q Q1 ff' ,za ,X ,,- W , 5 e xi,y1'2- X . :ff f Q ww :fu 5v'1.a4 wA ,My ,ln , gQ1'5'.fU., ' 192. Q5'Fi'L",-x 'M if , ,-.fn.w.,..f , , , gm . N W 1Q,.,,,Ja M, gl,.vgk-.J ,' ...Q W. Pigrggjg.-45,11 N w 5. 1 i.. , , ,-1We:.r.g- , ,. , . L M, . 'T 221.1 . , ww-wwf.. X: I " iw. Q ,H ,, gp X -. W ff: " iii igjf Q. nv ' ijff,?".1 f 1 M, ijfiigm- ji . rf J., , ' A -an . 1: f 1 . 51,?"g3'.'ks.IA r, if ,,nA5.2:3,. . 51'5?Y'7 5. 1 Q Q fe' -'K .M V ,ft w 1 -Lf QQQ, : 35-fx Hi 'E1rwQ1'?k'?'5J - f' ,,,.,g,,...,.' mf. mmf. mf .W -1: ff... Vw. f ri:""" Ea ,. 5' ,R , :iz X , . rv 1. 1 qv, A .vw 4+ x 4, M '-li." x if i,,,, . ral- URI L" n. zw. lip: as ff, W W w , N. v 34 , r l ,,,, NH me Q U frm:- 1 Q wi 115 . .. kv 4 5 gb Jig -F .-2, ' ' 2131 23,-:f,Qg Y. ' ,Zh N. " 'T ,, i VL- -wg . X. -5.1 lr.. V,,7Ql:.: , ,1 . k -' L QV'-yipr ' ,. , ' ' H ,- ' " iv' ' Y " 'rw I 'ff' 1 ,mum ,. fn 6, ,Q , vm' W- .- - -, ,, ,lg- '., f 1' - W' . H. ., ,gp ,wx . 3 ' . - -N .wr " . of , . I . 'g'QL.'lui, ,X 1 xxx .'f' .-1 , .I f, ms- 4 ,rg .' ffl aff: H ,Q ,vf , .1534 j S ' .54 .5511 , . 2. .AU " ge -J, ,5-I 1 -311- mg, .-.f, 4 Q-. , if 1 " 1' f f Y dad ,' ' F L'-'gf 4 f up 'gi E 555422 1 Q' ' . xl ., ':fY', 'S 1 s- 1 v . . 11 ' Mu, ,r 7 1 Q, V 5 ,. J ww n L ' 'Q ,mr - , , r ' X ,ff I K4 -1' 'JL .Nl A ' Helm' ff K A K. ,, A 2 :J Q E A , ,jg "1 W .'.s , ,, ' x . Mt 2 U Y Y X , .-,- , ,sa QA-Q , 'S' - Q ,fzytf , ' ,Q1fI,.. ,'uf:Q5Q. ' Q11 VL ,, .5 .L gmlgw gn.. ,, 4. 3 .'-'Hg' Q .?:' i'f'Wfwewv-f.'f , . .. in 555511. " 52 . . VA, , , . N.,a.1y., f. ' 43, S , A -wmv .1 f -b -Q ,f V wi , ,,, . , ,hw AQ.. P .fig X, S . 'Q i x r v 5 :WV " , 'kia' '. ' ' ' my 1-gtg' ffggq,-f -,iz . Asffv. ' , ' , -.5 ' Jirrz'-.1?' 1 'f"tg+-'E , . - ."12'fN'.. 1 f - "W: , W ,W , Q A 45 5. .LQ .. T1 " s ' 'L'1'Pf-:fm L-if " vw , sf, .1 ..q, ' " fx, " f1'.'glQe:,.Qfw:5fw A ' " ,. . 5-Wi?-.?'fgf5". pl . ,. ' iii.-1551.9-'xi X '535 'Gibak 5-A . ,..,...,tGY,We. ,N ' ,- ? f f. , 'fn' . . . ,. w ,gm . ,Q , 3 "fu, W ,Je it , Q., 'l'.f'j1w,-, ,,,. ,rv ,, gf, 1. , , 4 ' k',.'I' ,- , . ,Q- -5 9556 9' X mm',,v4"v. , . 313:-' nw- " 23,11 f , ." ' "5 ,Y '7. , 7 " -1!?'P2"f C. if' -..',s.,g. .553 -f x dv :.- 'im . .4 A . Wiiifilfg . :' 2 'V M.. . , ' IEA.. Ay.. mn 'Hof H1 , 2 MK, zu fl 5' L ' N? 1 ,N "v"Zf' ,.: x Ag- . -.sw ,yg,,.g1, K. ,N . ., . '. VJ. ,.,,"K ,gg 15 " am' ,ff b. f-,.. E- . , Q.1?i55g. H J... Q4 .. . , -,, ' iff-in H 1 Cf, 5335. - 1' 1 '. .'-figs if, S wi Ll',V5!i-I-,Rf-:'1 .1- Q v - ' + .M ,wx-,".fL Film 4, fx - , , 'M A '- .,gn.ggi. 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