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nw Q Wi Q, , YS F df ,mg .N ,.. v QQ 45 ' -6-w..wwW.,.W,..+.-W - .Mm ,..N,! M MQ' A j Q, .,. .. ' gg.. gi... K . ,gif 'WM fs : , K, - 3,5 , W A 3.-,,EW ,,,,,,il ggi... M www-,W-Q, W... ,am V,? z ,x g Q K i ,,.. Ti i .T H . . W Q . I L K in I - ' x V, V M , ,gfffrsefzsifrggwflffp , " :ff t " 'f.'F?lfF? ,1 ' - ' 1 '11 ' . , Ae,.gg.ggr'Q5ggasf,,Q 5f313Qw22ff1ff1,i,, . M., 11.7 ' ' fr- W . W Q4 . f Q - .. .., ...M "f ' ' Z, 5-11. y P ma:-Q ..-K -V -. ,..k.,..,n, 1- -,L . ' ,,.. K . H. f-WX----W , f' v -,.,. . V 1- mv.-mam -unnwqng K awfmaxom, A- - QR fvb- x -' W A I i I . 9 5 3 2 A -W W., ..f . .. f - f--iT-.....,,, .V , ff ,,,.,,,Wg. Q., W f-N M, fn f k yi rs ,L X, , 9? . . , , R ' " W .j , ,,m..w m,fW...l.... H, , W vw-ff' PWM'wffw"ffff:wf:s'm1W'MfwvwfM'-wfwwf . ,g.-....W,sfgs, - A y.,, . , ,,,,f .-fb.. N,- M 4, F .Ik 4 mga-HWY! 'f . ,W i Q . f . s. QM 'Q I 'bf' 'isa' Abu wiv! 0. .rv-' t ,Mais , 1 , Rv x '. .3 ui' U n W U I N " I - .' 1' K' 1 I 'tw " " x- ' V ,? ' ,'3J14'?!"5Mf 'f ,V Q.,. 7 .' N 5 .:i:.ff3"":2fg55: f fx as 0 V .1fiH,w, A ,lp asf- ,. 4 wiv... . iz aj "', f-' " , i Q 1 'x :few 1 ily! 1 A 6: if . , ' 'bi L, , f. . , 2 '4' ' 4 31qti4,,53f'f gm, fix i , ,kill 5 A grill. 'f sf, ' Y W 4 Q I 1' ' - .wif i 965 1 -Q1 .f . gf: ' f., 1 ff35, ff? A ff- slid ti- -ey Y L -Qg:.""'f'. N f - 'if - 4 ' y, mln .' 4 . :A , ' 5 1- Q ' Q 5' V' -1' - , ' " ' ,P 2 uT:81"'o 7 ', Y, fl' 4 ,fr J! ' A gel, ,Q I -.1-ff'-'itil jg Gr il - 'L Q L ,idk 'ji , Jjxvy 5 Af in . K K.: Sign ' i j' if, 4 in K-16 ,va I 5 .af 5 SI X- - L., 1 A :fn--en' V If Y s ,Q QL? if?" -. , ki Nfyl' it 'f ' ' ' ' .M ,-g. i J 1 I A .gk 3. t I kv I ,. ' A A 3, , . ' 1 u 1' ii-W'-"f '-'ifg -3 Q- 'Q' MT X k. A V' vf' 1.'f4 S 'bit' ' fl ,. A 6 , A , I.. . 1 .-4 I' 1' K' "3 'A A' , , 4 f1ffQf' af-+5'E . - , Q , if ' 5, wg VJ'fQ3gf'lJ, gi- kg,-gtg: 21 , f '- ' if . Wa, f - Wf-I' f'-I M J' , if - 1" W, A 1 .9 -ff , 01 wi ,eh 1 4 f' v 1 v v JJ ' 'K 5-f I lk Q fig' g a :fei!4 qx ,t A . v ,rraisfi 1 X ,4 My 2 , . lr iz' . 55 1 Q a ' Q 1 . nb -L V 5. -Q . . 1 5 ,. I vi., l a ?t . L, Y A f N.. .f -4 , z . .e- -, 4 441 .tgp T-?4'1v .. 4-1, .Q .lx . qi , ,, - x..'. My ., ' FU' i' ,- my A -.' 1-, . - , :git Q 1-,ga . ul., nl' Y ,un ,, ll 0 1 ' ' ' 14' -1-'ff . ff N F W, 1. -av if 1. s- -1 4 A .rm al X .vi- A-5:.. A,'f 5335.9 ' F 1 A' 'h tg Ilya , .' ' A 's-J?Lx i M ' a 1 Q s K V, , G W F F. .1 'TQ pw 3 ii M. A, hh ' 4+ f 1 , .. -K ,V 5 " 'avr l ' .1330 :lawn .:'1 ' - I -Q-1.4 ' ,a.r.f..:LQMa..-M.: --.'i3uli':h-:mZb.xEQ.i:nr, 1..-- u:fliSiL1v:,L-- --?'Lfm'ra" U1 uv.:-fin X X X X X X! af "f fflfiff 1' vf' ff' gfffgfffgfzdffgfzwfg 7 X X T. P. Potts Agricultural Helen Scsglia Home Economics Norman Morris Coach Commercial Wilbur Hardin, Principal Mary Beckner Martha Kessler 5-41m Gun Mary Benson 4 5th Robert Hine Music Marian White English Lewis Thompson Math Clarence Northam, Trustee Frances Pitts Mary Addison Ralph John, sponsor lst 2nd Helen darcourt, Instructor Up to our necks in paint, crayons, chalk, charcoal, papier mache and a variety of other materials. 17 of us worked in art class, designing and learning to express ourselves tar- ough art and craft work. This is the first time for several years that Arlington has had an Art Department, and the assembly walls were enlivened from time to time with works of art created by the 7th and 8th grades and the high school art classes. 1111111111 .M ' sf! Q L4 'X .ximug MX Qlaivui www W Q' I 111111111 11111111111 1111111111 1111111111 1111111111 Paul Richard Joyner President 4 Vice-Rresident 2 Band Treasurer 4 Baseball l-2-5-4 Basketball l-2-9 Band l-2-5-4 Junior Play-beke Rambler Staff Business manager Senior Play Sandra Webster Secretary 4 Treasurer 2 Latin Club l Chorus l-2-4 Band 1-2-Q-4 Special musicl Junior Play Becky Mae Rambler Staff School Calendar Senior Play Freddie Wilson F. F. A. l-2 Band 1 Basketball l Student Manager 2 Junior Play-Willie Vice President 4 Business Manager for Rambler Ralph J. Kramer President 5 Secretary 1 Treasurer 4 Basketball 1-2-3-4 Baseball l-2-5-4 Chorus 1-2 Band l Junior Play-Clem Hoosier Boy's State 5 Rambler Staff Editor in Chief Senior Play Caroline Burris Chorus l-2 Secretary 5 Junior Play Mountain Maggie Rambler Staff Class Editor Senior Play D. A. R. Award Warren Nelson Band 1-2-5-4 Chorus 1-2-4 Latin Club 1 Band Judging Panel 4 Basketball 4 Baseball l-4 Junior Play9Rod Rambler Staff Photographer Senior Play Lynda Pitts Latin l Band l-2-5-4 Chorus 1-2-4 Junior Play Aunt Harry Hornhonker Rambler Staff Alumni Editor Senior Play Lloyd Gates Kennedy Robert Olen Beach Baseball 1-2-5-4 Basketball l-5 Band l-2-3-4 Chorus 1-2-5 F. F. A. 1-2-5-4 Junior Play-Hank Rambler Staff Sports Editor Senior Play latin Club 1-2 Band l-2 Chorus 1-2 Cheer leader 1-5-4 Junior Play-Pappy Popoff Rambler Staff Sales Manager Senior Play Betty Hauntz Chorus 2-4 latin Club 2 Junior Play Lulu Belle Rambler Staff Production Manager Senior Play Lynn Turner F. F. A. 1 Basketball 1-2 President 2 Treasurer 5 Junior Play-Abner Rambler Staff Head Typist Alma Noble Bend 1-2-3-4 Special Music 5-4 Junior Play Ma Fry Rambler Staff Assistant Production Manager Senior Play i Harold Maple F. F. A. 1 Baseball 1 Basketball 1-2-5 Hign School Chorus 1-4 Junior Play Traveling Preacner Rambler Staff Sales Manager Senior Play Dellonte Wagner Baseball 1-2-5-4 Basketball 1-2-3-4 Band 1-2-5-4 Band Vice Presid latin Club l-2 Junior Play-Jalne Rambler Staff Sports Editor Senior Play ent Gwendolyn Moore Chorus 1-2 Junior Play Minnie Pearl Rambler Staff Alumni Editor Senior Play '- 'L' ' V H' L' L, u f 3. : Sl' u 1. Fw 5- ni-... 3. if I , -Q ,nf 4 I Tf " v H , ,wqi ' 41' - ? TJ n ,E 4 J 4' 3 LL ,K -'if f . 4 . .K . I' ' 3'- . 5 fe . 1 I Y in - I wa- 1 : ' ifii4 ff.-, xi f HV. I LL!-. ' E, I e-5. un I 1,.... . iw 1 Y 3? 'F-4 o 11: P CLASS HISTORY The fall of the year, 1945 saw the beginning of our education for the next twelve years. On the first step of our Journey, we had eighteen members in our class and Mrs. Helen Carmony as our guide and teacher. For the next five years, we had.MrS-Irene Ross, Mrs. Josephine Alexander, and Mrs. Louise Pike. We now had our journey half completed. We then took a higher step in our education. We were in the 7th grade. That year we had Mr. Floyd Delon as our sponsor. We chose as our officers the following: Pres- ident Lloyd Kennedy, Vice presiqent Billy Earnest, Secretary-Treasurer Caroline Burris. In the 8th grade, we still had Mr. Delon as our sponsor. Our class officers were: President Carolyn Ritter Vice President Billy Earnest, Secretary-Treasurer Delmonte Wagner. Freshman Initiation was a day to remember. Mr. Paul Potts was our sponsor. Our officers were: President Billy Earnest, Vice President Richard Joyner, Secretary Carol Long, Treasurer Carolyn Ritter. We helped with the concessions at the county tourney. We lost two members, but were happy to have Lynn Turner join us. As Sopnomores we had three long years left. Mr. Robert Hine was our sponsor. The officers were: President Lynn Turner, Vice President Richard Joyner, Secretary Ralph Kramer, Treasurer Sandra Webster. We ordered our class rings and were really happy when they arrived. In January of '55, Bettie Hauntz.arrived to join us. Our Junior year was part of our journey that we had been waiting for. We chose Mies Betty Rlugh as our sponsor. Our officers were: President Ralph Kramer, Vice President Billy Earnest, Secretary Caroline Burris, Treasurer Lynn Turner. That year we undertook many money-making projects to help toward our Senior trip. Selling candy was our main project. We presented a play entitled nFeudin Over Yonderu, which was directed by Miss Betty Klugh. Hurray, Seniors! We are now on our last step of our journey. We have really looked forward to this year. We have as our sponsor Mr. Ralph John. Our officers are President Richard Jgyner, Vice President Freddie Wilson, Secretary Sandra Webster, Treasurer Ralph Kramer. Ne presented our play and dedicated our year book. The trip was a great event of our Senior year. Finally came our graduation, the long awaited day of our twelve years. We are sorry we lost three members. There were eight of us out of the eighteen which started that finished our education here. Twelve Years Together Freddie Wilson was assent Carolyn Ritter did not complete One night as I was sleeping, a strange dream came to se. I dreamed I was walking down Broadway :Ln New York City, when I just happened to see I 1977 Chevrolet Jet. As I stopped to inspect it, I found the driver to be an old olasllate, Ralph Kramer. We talked for a good while. I found he was at this time s pilot in the U. S. larines and had done very well for himself. We had nothing to do so we started to take a ride in Ralph's ear. As we started out of town to try it out, we saw Warren Nelson, another olasllats, in his Jaguar. Warren, at this time, was the father of twins, and had s nice home. He was the owner of a large industry in Detrcdt which conducts a profitable business. See- ing us, he stopped. With him was Bob Beach, another classmate, Bob was not married as yet because the New York women had taken him for quite a ride. After saying our h:l's and good-bye's, I borrowed Bslph's car and quickly sailed toward Texas. I thought I would look up another classmate, Harold laple, who was in the Air lbrce. He was married and had six children plus a 1975 lord Soatterbird. leaving him, ll hastened over to San Diego, California. I thought I would go to the race track and see the flashing Spirit No. 29021. Curious, I went out to see who the driver was. A fairly tall, black headed, dirty man crawled out. As he removed his hel- met and glasses, I saw it was the flashing Dellonte Wagner. Dsllonte had won the Pan American Road Race from Alaska to Cuba. I would have asked to take his car for a spin, but I was afraid I would beat his record. Journeying on, I went into Canada and saw a hunter with enough clothes on to cover an elephant. Stopping for information, I saw it was another classmate, Lynda Pitts, coming back from a bear hunt. I found out she had been hunting men for ten years and having no luck, started hunting bears instead. After getting the information I needed, I miled on to Alash. 1 :racked up on the North Pole. Being uninjured, I crawled out. Who should cole running up but Caroline Burris and Lloyd Kennedy. They said they had been married for about fifteen years, and had three little papccses. Lloyd, who had been a mechanic in the states, helped me get the flying car going. I decided to head on around the world. As I flew into Africa, I cams upon a small village and stopped for rest. There I renewed acquaintances with the great lion hunter, Dick Joyner, and his companion, Bettie Haunts. After getting food and a little rest, Dick and Bettie took me for a tour through the jungle. In coming hack, we saw a large TRo2 locket Ship, which was having engine trouble. Before we realised what was happening, it had crashed a few hundred yards away. We ran over to its aid and saw a tall, skinny man come staggering out. He wasn't hurt, but a little shaken up. We went to his and saw it was lynn hrner, an old classmte from way back. I a ked him who was with him and if thq wus hurt. He said that Alma Noble, another classmate, was with him and was unhurt. While talk- ing, I learned that lynn had married shortly after graduation and had five very nice children. He was taking Alma, whose husband was in the Navy, to visit his at his base :Ln South Africa, when the ship failed. As I went back to camp, I decided to take them with me. I delivered lynn and Alma to South Africa. Then I sailed over the states to Hawaii. As I pulled into port, I saw the great water skimar I-82-6. Curious, I started looking it over. Inside, who should I see, but lies Sandra Webster, who after a tragic love affair, had decided to devote her life to aeronautics, She had made several record runs around the world. She also said that she had seen the one classmate Heat I hadn't found as yet. I asked her where and me said in Cuba. I was told this one was Susie loore, who was the dmamplon skier at this time. She was married and had two children, who were Junior champion skiers. Saying good- bye to Sandra, I stopped in Cubs to see Susie for awhile. Then, I headed back for New York. As I reached New York, I stepped out of the car and trying to recall all my experiences, started down the road to home. I stepped off the curb and about this time it seemed like a whole barrel of water hit me in the face. Waking up, I saw my wife standing over with an empty glass. She awakened me because ay emotions had arous- ed the kids. After rocking them to sleep, I went to bed to dream of good old Arlington. 55 Cl Q. fc x0 Y er 0 , SENIOR CLASS WILL Ne, the undersigned, being members of the Senior Class of 1957 of Arlington High School, and being adjusted of sound mind, do make, publish, and declare this to be our last will and testament, in the following manner: ARTICLE I, TO THE PRINCIPAL We, the Seniors, will to Mr. Hardin our thanks for the patience to put up with a class such as ours. ARTICLE II, TO THE FAQULTY To the faculty, we will our gratitude for doing the impossible, UGetting us through twelve years of schooln. ARTICLE III, TO THE CLASSLS To the Juniors, we leave the last row in the assembly. To the Sophmores we leave our ability to keep our class rings. To the Freshmen, we leave our masterful conduct of initiation. ARTICLE IV, TO THE JUNIOR CLASS Lloyd Kennedy, will my power to speed shift to Steve Woolridge. Delhonte Wagner, will my beautiful legs to Philip Hester. I, Susie Moore, will my ability to be popular to Rosemary Henby. I, Caroline Burris, will my ability to get along with teachers to Phyllis Logan and good grades to Donna Joyner. I, Freddie Wilson, will my ability to neck to Roy Newhcuse. I, Alma Noble, Will my ability to go with college boys to Joyce Mann. I, Lynda Pitts, will my height to Janet Heath. 1, Ralph Kramer, will my ability to get along with teachers, and my extreme shyness with girls to Bill Smith. 1, I, I, I, Warren Nelson, will my quietness to Keith Fansler. Sandra Webster, will my ability to go with boys to JoAnn Binder. 1, Bob Beach, will my ability to be cheerleader to Bonnie Rucker. I, Bettie Hauntz, will my ability to stay clear of the office to Joy lrvine Dick Joyner, will my bald spare tire to Lawrence Parks. Harold Maple, will my blond flat-top to Florence Parks. I, Lynn Turner,will my ability to go steady to Albert Thompson. 1, I' ffff' ' W WMV' XYJAJA els W, W- wwf if if I 2 WW' MW PW! C9950 www y GAJMJ fm V, fin, , fwlg. SPONSOR PRlhClPAL Senior Play "So This is Bliss" In the play, Dexter Smith, the troubled one, will soon be eighteen and ready either for college or marriage. Deck is wise in math, baseball, and gas-station operations but not about women. Spring and Marcella Payne hit him "socko", and he finds himself engaged to Marcella. Reluctantly, he abandons college hopes, and urged by his fiance, announces he would like to get married as soon as he becomes eighteen. Mother Smith says "nonsense", Dad Smith says O.K., but that he wants Deck to take care of the service station, tourists rooms and even Baby Chips, his sister's baby, for a week-end. Dad, Mother, and Kid Sister go to the lake for the week-end. While they are gone, the service station overflows with tourists wanting rooms., a truck driver, a college field man. a pair of irresistible co-eds, Deck's older sister. his insurance selling brother-in-law. his baby nephew, Mar- cella this fiancej with her mother and her three little hellion cousins. Dutch Kelley. one of the co-eds, is stuck with a varsity show. She finds some of Deck's poems and music to fit them. More important she finds Deck and helps save him from a matrimonial trap that is about to spring. Deck's experience over the week-ond at the service station. helped by the attractiveness of Dutch, convinces him that he is not ready for mar- riage but that he should go to college where he can not only continue his education but also become better acquainted with Dutch. Dexter Smith Mrs. Smith .. Mr. Smith .. Dotty Smith . Joe Pauley . . . Marcella Payne Dash Harris . Dutch Kelly .. Liz ........ John .. Beef ....... Felix Finley .. Jack Hubbard Mrs. Payne . . Pinky ...... Blinky .. Stinky .. CAST A high school senior Deck's mother .... Deck's father Deck's sister . . . College field man . . Deck's girl .... College co-ed .. College co-ed ...... Deck's older sister .... . Liz's husband ..... Truck driver . . . a traveler . . a traveler ........ Marcella's mother . Three ............ little .... kids . . . . . . Lynn Turner .. Betty Hauntz Dick Joyner . . . . Lynda Pitts . . . Ralph Kramer . . . . Susie Moore . . . . Alma Noble . Sandra Webster . Caroline Burris . . . Warren Nelson . Lloyd Kennedy DelMonte Wagner .. . Bobby Beach . "Harold Maple" Warren Kemple Tommy Nelson . . . Tamara Dye Soph ANNUA ST F Q C vw . 1111u1n11:1111111u111111n:n1:1111111111 11111111111 111n11n1: 11. -. Philip HGSW' steve woemriage .mum Binder pun Pres. Y. Pres. Seo. T1-gg, Phyllis Logan Keith Faneler Joyce Mann 30, yukon. Joy Irvine Rosemary Henby Bonnie Rucker lidrenoe Parke Donna Joyner Billy Smith Janet Heath Albert Thompson Joy Irvine ..... . Bonnie Rucker ..... Phyllis Logan ..... . ...Aunt Mary Janet Heath ..... Donna Joyner.. Lawrence Parks Florence Parks.... Rosemary Henby JUNIOR CLASS PLAY ..Betty lou Maxwell ..Connie Maxwell ..Mrs.Maxwell ..Mrs. Jennings ..Grover Jennings ..Gertrude ..Clara Smith JoAnn Binder... Billy Smith.... Keith Fansler....... Philip Hester. . . . . . Steve Hoolridge..... Roy Newhouse... Joyce Mann... Mrs. White... Bernadine Wilbur Maxwell Hercules Nelson .Mr. Maxwell J. C. Mallory Louie Gladys Director The Junior Class presented the 5 act comedy HIt's Great to be Crazyu October 18th and 19th. The Maxwell family keeps us in suspense and laughter from beginning to end. Our misedventure starts when Betty Lou Maxwell has a poem printed in the school paper, and she and her chum, Bernadine, write to a firm that looks up family trees, in the hope of tracing their ancestry back to Elizabeth Browning Maxwell. Mr. Maxwell intercepts the reply and gasps when he reads that his ancestors include some notorious criminals. He reads that mental change usually occurs at about forty and imagines he is cracking up. His wife is amazed at his actionsg Aunt Mary believes he has started drinkingg and his boss has his faith in Mr. Maxwell almost shattered. Wilbur and his friend, Hercules, become magicians and produce the family skeletonsg Gertrude, Louis, and Lady Macbeth. The older daughter, Connie, has developed an interest in Grover Jennings and the progress of their courtship is often interrupted. His mother, s soc- iety matron, becomes disgusted with the Maxwell clan. It requires the services of Clara Smith, a policewomen, aided by the magic tricks of Wilbur and Hercules, to bring every- thing to a happy conclusion. 4 Q x X . 's 111111111111 JOB-nn Kramer Linda Winkler Bobby Cooley Rosemary Miller Pres. V. Pres. Sec-. Tren. Lynn Catt Pat Wolf Steve Kennedy Fay Va.nOsdo1 Kay VenOsdo1 Becky Patterson Jane Kemple Diane Stout Carol Buchanan Ivana Farlow David Mann Anthony Hauntz Jimmy Emmons James Hiner L f Jeanie Hull Carole Offutt Bill Beckner Jerome Wooldridge Pres. V. Pres. Sec. Trees. Betty VanCsda1 Jere Seitz Bonnie Heath Leroy myers Brenda Jlilrylllple Ronnie Linville Janet Veatch Max hnple Sharon Beebe Richard James Jackie Doddridge Marjorie Hill Donna Cullison James Hadley Harlan Burris 9 P Dn X! Gbwwmwl WW mlm WWE . fl, ? Sue Carol Whipple Henby Sars Hiller Jerzy Thrall Smara Jane De lhagen Sammie Killer Ava. Cynthia Irvine Patterson Norma Gowdy larry I-0118 QJXQQXW , aww' Linda. Kermedy Kathy SY?3ff'?Y Philip Newhouse 1i,rvz -frf ' 'm,5i 1:- ,il il' ijzz if f 'ZQQF ' x ,f-,g Xxnyf VV 52358 Algyme A Vicki 10113 Egg , Jerry Binder W.. Wu if ,r 1- 4 r Allen Beckner Eddie Vandeventer Gary De tamoro Tommie Swain James Readle Jerry Winkler Tommy Tucker Gary Chrisman Pres. V. Pres. Sec. Trees. Carl Farlow David Sohondelmeynr Ronnie Myers Vhrgil Hendershott Susan Stout Alice Burris Violet Linville Illlulll! Vlleric Cloudis 'ff my 674057 loore Maurice Starkey Larry B111 Websier Mary Lou Vhndnyn Jerry Hoare 1 Q 4 Nancy S tout Allen Burris Jimmie Parks Q ., xv ku- .:...-w., mkfgefz' " Freddie H111 K W .QE Larry it. 'Ga Helo on Shirley Thompson Anita Janet Myers Henby Eddie Malcolm Wooten Beckner Philip Victor Dalrymple Irvine Paul Allen Schondelmayer Prugtt Karen Sandra Davis W Benson f 1, ff :V l f . , X ,xz'f'ff9 4 W Q aiu Q 1 f ,X W lx Addison mf X IN a S 0 Glenda Whi pple Clifford Maple Edwin Beclcner James Wolf Sammy Addison L Rebecca Connie Billy JOB Barnard Bitner Carter Catt Alan Be tty Suze tte Ronald Chrisman Hampton Haywood Higgins Mary Lee Warren Morris Paul Juan Kemple Kennedy Linville Alvin Donna J met Suzanne idge Nels on Ronan Sunman David Richard Johnnie Aleta Va.nOsdo1 Walks We 11s Wooten FIFTH GRADE Franklin Jones 22 f iii mk, Fred Fancher kenneth Thomyson Judith Burris Sharon Stout Tanya Steffey Cynthia Wicker Lax Ward Arenda Koss Albert Kramer Steven Nelson Karen Norris David Readle Hoy Winchester Dennis hill!!! Delbert Kramer Lyle Long Tamzra Dye Wanda Smith Linda Hendershott .5 QQ, " '.,.:. Ronnie Cline Larry Mull Joyce Kemple ,KEQY ,Lv Q 4:25.14 Diane woods Mark Wainscott James Irv1ne Johnny Tucker Pamela Swain Barr! , McFa r1dge Largo Macy Eva Kennndy FGURTH GRADE David Hamilton Carolyn Hannigan E352 Eileen MoFatridge James Hampton n-may Linville Elizabeth McMichael gggllxivan Vickie Workman Kenneth Beckner Phillip Bobby Geiae Smith Susan Kaye Price Chrismsn Sue Sheila Thompson Wooten Sue Barbara Boucher Eakins QW af ,, 9 H' wi? wgv Marilyn Karen McFatridge Hannigan Mary Jane Sue Ellen Steward James Manta Stephem Adkins Bitner Lloyd Charles Israel Hampton Patti Karen Pruet Wainacott Janie Denny S tout Woods W Tommy Beth Ann Nels on Cadwallader J onny Diane Price Adkins Regina Beach F103 sie Hampton Jerry David Logan Brenda Norris Leroy S E C G NS5Liva.nG R A 6eEersh0tt N J imngy Eddie Wooten Higgins Sharon Catt Gary Karlyn Rema Beth Ron Irvine Stevens Rebecca Israel David Clevenger Carla Steffey Linda Davis Michael Winches ter . Barbara Parks Marion Adkins 5t,v,n Connie Joe Robert Sharon Rita Carter Dalrylple Stark Van0ado1 Bun-is Kennedy Billy Smith W Patty Jo Hamilton Jerry Hannigan Paula Anderson Marlin Linville Bill Ross Donna Long N Patti Richard Merritt Chrisman Marita Pamela Stout Buchanan Lonna Long Nancy Mcmichael 91191 cd'-W f- Seeing Double Donna and Lonna Long Carol and Karen Hannigan Albert and Delbert Kramer Jerry and Larry Moore Fay and Kay VanOsdo1 Florence and Lawrence Parka September 4 1-1-15 18 19 20 20 20 24 27 29 October 6 18-19 20 22 25-26 31 31 November 2 3 8 13 16 21 30 December 7 7 12 14 18 19 21 January 2 4 10-12 18 25 29 February 1 2 6 8 9 15 22 23 March 13 15 29 April 6 13-21 28 30 May 4 2.. .fclwol Calendar First Day of School Fish Fry CBand Playedl Baseball Game High School went to Rushville for T. B. X-Rays Baseball Game Freshman Initiation 8th Grade Class Party Patch Test - 1-2-3-8 grades Senior pictures were taken at Indianapolis Ninth grade party Land Judging Contest Junior car-washing project Junior Class Play Sophomore Party Teen-age Conference at Rushville. Upper 4 grades went Teachers Institute Masquerade in gym Senior Pictures arrived Lost Basketball game to Morristown in overtime Went to I. U. to see a football game Senior Skating Party Defeated Straughn in a Basketball game Defeated Mays in Basketball game Defeated Milroy in a Basketball game Defeated New Salem in a Basketball game Defeated Carthage in a Basketball game Cat got loose in the assembly Seniors put up the Christmas tree in the assembly Defeated Carthage in a Basketball game Defeated Mays in a Basketball game Christmas Program Starting of our Christmas vacation We came back from our Christmas vacation Defeated Morton in a Basketball game County Tourney tWe Wonl Defeated Carthage in a Basketball game Defeated St. Paul in a Basketball game Defeated Charlottesville in a Basketball game Defeated Clarksburg in a Basketball game Junior High Tourney tWe Wonj Defeated Laurel in a Basketball game Played Lewisville in a Basketball game tWe lostl State Solo and Ensemble Contest at Ball State Played New Palestine in a Basketball game CWe Wonj Played Orange in a Basketball game CWe Wonj State Solo Contest at Butler Community Concert Senior Band Festival in the Rushville gym Band Concert in the gym Band Contest Senior Trip Baccalaureate Commencement Last Day of School 111111u111111111111111u111n1111u11111 f .. ,ff X 1 .ik - Y' '--.F '2:s"'! L N s -S. ff' 11n11111n:1:111u111nm11111111u11nu11uu1111 TRIPLE TRIO SENl0R CHURUS JUNl0R CHORUS REED 0 QUARTET SENICDR BAND JUNIOR BAND 111111111 .Va -ff' fr A 1221! ,Hu Ai ,Mis 11111111111111111111111g111111111111111111111111:1111111111: 1111111111 1111,11,111111111,,11J i - ..- VARSITY CHEER LEADERS HBH TEAM B" TEAM JUNIOR HIGH VARSITY F.F.A. 0 MAJoP.m'rEs VARSITY IUNIOR HIGH RUSH COUNTY TOURNEY The tourney was held Thurddny night, January 10 and Saturday, January 12. Three games were played Thursday night. Arlington defeated Milroy by the score of 77 to 61. In the second game Morton won over New Salem. In the last game of the evening, Carthage defeated Mays. Saturday afternoon, Arlington defeated Manilla in an overtime by the score of 50 to 48. Morton won over Carthage. ln the final game Saturday night, Arl- ington defeated Morton by the score of 68 to 52. The veteran Arlington five proved to be the cool, calm, and collected team all the way through the tourney, except in the Saturday afternoon game with Manilla. ln that game they looked just a mite jittery in winning an overtime decision, 50 to 48. Ralph Kramer, Lawrence Parks, and Philip Hester were chosen on the All County Tourney Team. Steve Kennedy and Del Monte Nagner received honorable mention. C' Q' X X 0' 'X 0 m F' u o 1 5 5!DVf77T0f'f l .ro -1 '11-A..Ian377H1 V5 MJ 'HG Basketball We They We They We They Morristown KOTD 71 72 Carthage 62 56 Laurel 50 29 Moral 78 53 Morton 50 46 Lewisville 43 57 Straughn 65 43 Carthage 64 54 New Palestine 65 58 Mays 86 41 St. Paul 64 50 Orange 92 38 Milroy 75 68 Charlottesville 70 55 Manilla 66 53 New Salem 66 55 Clarksburg 70 25 Mays 63 47 COUNTY TOURNEY SECTIONAL TOURNEY Arlington 77, Milroy 61 Arlington 67, Manilla 52 Arlington 50, Manilla 48 Arlington 65, Rushville 51 Arlington 58, M01-ton 42 Arlington 61, Morton 66 COT! ALL COUNTY SELECTIONS ALL SECTIONAL SELECTIONS Iigfgfqffqgiiks Lawrence Parks Steve Kennedy Philip Hester Ralph Kramer Player Goals 070 Foul Total No. Games Re- Shots '70 Points Avg. Fouled Out bounds Parks 185-438 420 104-185 .560 472 19 2f3 6 276 Kennedy 106-273 .396 84-117 .720 296 12 1f3 4 130 Kramer 106-310 .340 63-112 .560 275 11 1f2 4 257 Hester 96-236 .410 97-159 .610 289 12 1f24 1 85 Wagner 71-186 .380 30-55 .550 168 . 7 7f23 2 38 Cooley 19-55 .345 12-23 .520 50 38 Wooldridge 13-32 .400 6-13 .460 32 SEASON AVERAGES: Offensive 66.8 pts. Defensive 50.6 pts. Difference 16.2 pts. Arlington completed a successful season. We lost to Morton in the semi-final round of the sectional tourney in an overtime by a score of 66 to 61. We lost two games during the regular season both of them to very good teams, so even though it hurts to get beat, we are still proud of our team, our fine coach and our school for amassing a fine record and topping it olf by stop- ping Rushville in the sectional proving that the little school is still in there as far as Indiana basketball is concerned. GAFETERIA WORKERS , a , , Vu H Y. ..,,' , . W, ,ff . I lvl P7 li ns 5 CB H M f TS ff -'Z-'H .-' Qi' IA- 7 1 A 'X - E - ,ff-New X LJ. U Br-J vii, K3 T UQDTCK JANITQR BUS DRIVERS O -1906-- Zula Addison Houston Gernie Swain' Roy Swain Flossie Addison' Ralph Munden' -1907- Mossilene Hester Swain Leslie Allender -1908- J. C. Bagley -1909- Ethel Alexander Tribby? Grace Shaffer Sullivan Mabel Linville Leasure' -1910- - Ethel Northam llufferd Gladys Gardner Drake John Hutferdli Albert Reddick Edmond Foust' Clark Offutt Lesner Allender -1911- Chester Northam Eunice Gardner Hardini' Goldie Shaffer Beckner' Frank Gardner' Vida Swain Beckneri -1912- Blanche Spencer Bogue Eston Macy Darst Beckner' Oneta Macy Richardson Maud Spencer' -1913- Margaret Edwards Swain Leland Gardner Edith Hardin Higgins -1914- Jennie Macy Graham Zeno Hodge' Ralph Hufferd' Nellie McMichael Hardin Everett Hester -1915- Elizabeth Nelson Gepharti' Clara Sunman Addison Mary Woods Dearinger Nellie Woods Rose Beatrice Bagley Foster ALUMNI -1916- Omer McKibben Effie Offutt Bagley Thomas Saunders Della Hufferd Orme Mae Gardner Mcliibben Arthur Conaway Emma Posey Six Mary Conaway Gaylor Everard Johnson -1917- Clarence Northam Edna Hardin Ewing Mary Northam Hester Lillian Lee J unken Lillian Jordan Nelson Melvin Woods Weldon Beckner Swain Barnard Charles Sullivan Daniel Merrill -1918- Leon Stanley Wilmer Blanton Wallace Brown Charlotte Tribby Downey -1919- Wilma Newman Andrews Fon Miller Blanche Hardin Miller Edna McMichael Dooley Nola Barnard Linville Oren Veatch Thomas McCoy -1920- Vivian Hinton McCloskey Alta Lee Jordan Lorrayne Kennedy Gephard"' Mable Mitchell Phillips Dale Ronan Tom Huiferd Mildred Woods Hyatt Emma Allison Benner -1921- Stella Irvine Soudersii Nina Seward Taylor Russell Macy Roxy Kuhn Long"' Iris Gardner Frasca Velma Ronan Fisher Arnold Birt -1922- Denning Nelson Nelda Arnold Mohr Marie Alsman Schuneman William F. Marshall Donald Birt ' Mildred Casterline Sullivan Lee Mitchell Florence Shaffer Cooley Dwight Beckner Mable Lee Whiteman Lowell Offutt -1923- William Barnard Earnest Beckner Marjorie Winslow Cherry Ruth Arnold Dyer Mary Sharpe Hill Kathryn Readle Hufferd George McCoy Auvie Ruff Roe Lowell Poer -1924- Everett Sunman LaVaughn Hardin lVlae Addison James Francis Readle Zelda Hutchinson Offutt Maud Woods Paul Kennedy Mary Barnard Enyart Celia Kelso Pittenger Constance Noble Pearl Macy Helen Downey Beckneri' Anna Ridlen Oldham Harlan Lee -1925- Margaret Bitner Seitz Veva Seward Fisher Donald Price Jesse Woods Alta Tweedy Miller Worth Brown Juanita Brown Morgan Russell Beckner Pauline Macy Schwartz Louise Ennis Fon Kemple Edwin Stark Owen Gowdy Grace Addison Newhouse -1926- Stanley Williams Lowell Ritter Virgil Ronan Lucille Nigh Wall Joseph McCoy' Raymond Overleese Mary Baldridge Williams Beryl Wicker Kennedy Harold McFatridge Leota Ritter Crim Ruth Ramsey Wilson -1927- Helen Collins Bagwell Herman Bundy Cedric Carwein Opal Bundy Ferguson Frank Downey Howard Haywood Miriam Woods McDaniel Mary Bird Heath Florence Houston Kemple Merle Kemple Hugh Kennedy Opal Ennis Readle ' Marlin Sharpe -1928- John Barnard Phyllis Noble Hill Roy Kennedy T. S. Macy John McDaniels Paul Miller Vivian Northam Ritter Kathryn Marshall Stark Virgil Thomas -1929- Carl Carwein Marguerite Addison Daubenspeck Marceille P. Henby Lavern Houston Fred Hufferd Marjorie Macy lvei,-sr-n Evelyn Wicker Kemple Wilbur Mann Graydon McFatridge Darrel Ronan Howard Tribbey' LaVaughn Ryse Mix Helen Edwards Sunman -1930- Alta Addison Irvin Bitner Marguerite McDaniel Farlow Muret Frazier Marshall Gardner Wilna Woods Gardner Evelyn Kemple Beggs Max Long Crystal Macy Joy Downey Randall James Rigdon Clyde Rucker Merle Stout Fred Thomas Frank Tribbey Eileen Macy Thorburg Cyrus Winkler -1931- Franklin Addison Mary Marshall Addison xg: ALUMNI Ora L. Addison Marjorie Tribbey Beaver Earl Carwein Bevan E. Dearinger Howard Earnest Floreine Sharpe Haywood Mary Bitner Hester Wilna Tribby Moore Vera Hauk Kehl Constance Peirce Schwartz Helen Long Warfuelm Samuel Webster Max Williamson Eileen Barker -1932- Laurel Gardner Bradburn Rhoda Rigdon Brewer Ruby McConnell Lockwood Opal Bogue Cooley Wayne Price Catherine Macy Omer Richey Mary Houston Ryan -1933- Bill Guy Addison Anna Louise Corn Bitneri' Spencer Bogue Dallas Earnest Gail Ging Robert Gosnell Helen Beaver Hardin Paul Joyner' Tommie McConnell Mary Stout Myers Miriam Peirce Rhodes Frances Winkler Rucker Howard Stout' Gilbert Tinsley -1934- J une Fancher Ball Lois Carwein Beckner Jean Brown Goslin Berneice McMichael Dearinger Beatrice Draper Kenneth Earnest Morris Kendrix Ermadell Eaton Boyer James Kemple Howard McMichael Janice Downey Renegar Frank Riddlen Hazel Marshall Ritter William Ryse Louise Nelson Herberg Thomas Webster Mary Ellen McDaniel -1935- Carl Adams' Tommie Alexander William H. Beckner Willetta Winkler Beckner Byron Bitner Maribel Marshall Coates Nellie McCloskey Dearinger William T. Hufferd Fred E. Lee Caroline Macy Linville Margaret Richey Mcltyre Charles W. Nigh Maribel Readle Maross Ralph Ritter Kathryn Earnest Swain Wendell Tribbey Ferald Ward Mary A. Dearinger Ward Helen Maple Wilson -1936- William F. Catt Bueford C. Downey Claribel Dyer King Loyd 'Glenndenning McConnell Floyd Gosnell Gladys Steele Kemple Ruth Richey Mitchell Edwin Northam Charles Ryse Kathryn Beaver Smith John W. Swain Norma Haehl Walke -1937- Virginia Bennet Kathryn Stout Blanton Maxine Kennedy Darmer Edna Downey McFatridg'e Wayne Draper Helena Dyer Brown John Paul Essex Robert Earnest Francis Fancher Mary Steele Fancher Marjorie Houston Richard G. Cecil Roscoe Newhouse Dorothy Sharpe Norris Doris Winkler Northam Thelma Ryse King Russell Siders Dorsey Slain Delphia Collins Smith Loretta Tribby Guffin Albert Jack Wedding Helen Drake Wilson -1938- Nadine Tinsley Bogue Fern I. Brown Pearson James Cadwallader, Jr. John E. Coffin Robert Macy Ralph McFatridge Evelyn Newhouse Russell Northam, Jr. Zelda Drake Patterson Dorothy Richey Carlos Tribbey Maxine Lee Van Osdol Marjorie Ray Wagner Wilburn Ward -1939- George Ball Norma Fancher Brown Wilfred Catt Maurice Coffin Betty Colestock Eloise Ging Davin Donald Drake Lloyd Dyer Gene Long Juanita Winkler Long Lowell Nelson Pharaba Nichols Charles W. Northam Fritz Patterson Earl Robbins Maxine Swain Wilson Jean Gardner Vandeventer Frances Jean Woods -1940- Norman Alexander Phyllis Beckner Wilt John Brugge Virginia Stout Catt Carl Gaylor Marjorie C. Johnting Howard Hauk, Jr. Leroy Hauk John W. Hester Hubert Hutferd Marcella Downey .Kalp Norma Alsman King Jenny Lou G. Leisure Bernadine Macy Phillips Carson Jean Mclvlichael' Bert Redden, Jr. Alfred Rigsbee Harold Stark Edwin Wedding Robert Demunbrum -1941- John Downey Luster Gaylor Roscoe Ging Doris Coffin Hamilton Frances Miller Hardin Rosemary Northam Johnson Robert Hyatt Eugene Kemple Jack Long ALUMNI Marcella Hutchinson Maze June McMichael Chrisman Ralph Mohler, Jr. Arnold Parks Betty Heifner Reuille Dale Siders Robert Woods -1942- Kathleen Alsman Callahan Francis Dyer Clyde Fisher Robert Cadwallader Beulah Jordan Lord Edwin Macy Jo Macy Mildred Jordan Merritt Roy McDaniel Helen Sanders Anabel Starks Walter Lee Swain Mary Stout Swain Melvin Tinsley Ann Lou T. Brown Jean Wicker Miller -1943- Betty Kemple Atkins Janet Coffin Justus Betty McDaniel Eunice Adkins Sparks Robert Enos Joretta Six Rosaline Newhouse Ramsay Pauline Addison Kemple Norma Shockency Rigsbee Sarah Six Springman Sylvia Noble Stalker Lova Ward Wooten Leota Robbins Stevens James R. Hamilton Jesse Bob Nelson David Gurley, Jr. Robert Stout Elmer McMichael, Jr. Forrest McMichael Thelma Macy Riley John H. Rigsbee Bernard Hoff, Jr. Robert Gaylor Charles Greenup' Vernon Parks Carl M. Hutchinson Vernon Riley, Jr. Lucille Moore Woods -1944- Dorothy Adkins Ora Callahan Helen Munden Cameron Thelma Colestock Wilma J. Cobb Roe Florine Christian Logsdon Alta Downey Wainscott Kellas Drake James Geise John Heifner Barbara Hyatt Miller Norman McCloskey Richard Northam Jeanne Sparks Ridout William Ross -1945- Louise Adkins Piles H. Ray Anderson, Jr. Ester Dearinger Bateman Morris Gardner Laura Hester Asplin Dean E. Hodge Betty Jo Hoff Sarah Hoff Clemadine Hutchinson Barnard Ellena Myers Margery Orme Drake Edith Tribby Rouse Raymond Keith Wicker -1946- Donald Bright Morris Fisher Harold Logan Billy Long Carole Moore Rigsbee Lowell McMichael Opal Reynolds Dalrymple Clara Rigsbee Rodebaugh Katherine Ross Ellison Bill Schmauss Tom Stapp Roberta Stark James Stultz George Wedding -1947- Lois Mitchell Anderson Beatrice Coffin Johnson Evelyn Hill Cole Rema Nelson Cotton Leatha Carwein Sterrett Rose Marie Orme Gordon Eileen Gardner Lutton John W. Nelson Robert L. Rouse John Shauck Robert Veatch John Winslow Joseph Swain -1948- Verlin Fisher Virlin Goforth Malcom Fancher Robert Williams Myron Hyatt Richard Thrall Richard Oldham Charlotte R. McCarty Ruth Logan Osborn Billy Wilkes Noel Callahan Philip Cherry Marvin Becker Donovan Kennedy Ramona Noble Lewis -1949- Franklin Henby Marjorie Henby Santoro Donald Hill Patricia Long' Elizabeth Moore Kathleen Orme McJunkin Martha Stultz Johnson Raymond Turner Miriam W. Hultquist Lavon Wilkes Una Clarkson Harlan Mary E. Rigsbee White Marion Beckner Thomas Hinton -1950- Billie Mitchell Mary Ritter Thrall Clark Goforth Jane Martin Werking John Newhouse, Jr. Kathleen Williams l-line Marvin Beckner Bonnie Mitchell Jackie L. Love Earl Noble Mary Louise Hutchinson John Reynolds Josephine Davis Reyn Robert Beckner William Moore Wanda Newhouse Liggett Glenn Stout -1951- Carolyn Wicker Callahan Joan Gardner Williams Gene Clarkson Mary Elizabeth Addison Paul Enyart, Jr. Ravenna Hunt Davis Max Fanchcr Christine Adkins Self Robert Coffin Marlene Moore Wesling -1952- Ira Turner Mona Lea Robbins McDaniel Ruby Gowdy Sheppard John W. Nelson ALUMNI Kathleen Goforth Kathleen Ronan Piles John 0. Moore Rosalyn Heath Webb James Maple James Wagner Larry Tucker Marilyn Miller McMickel Mike Wolf -1953- Helen Rouse Montani Philip Stultz Theodore Wagner Robert Stout John West Helen Logan Perkins James Whipple Virginia Bright Wesling Virgie Sunman Pitts Peggy Hill Wycliff Randal Hinton Robert Buck, Jr. -1954- Lula Nelson Kuhn Garth John Richard Heath Roxie Earnest Reuman Martha J. Tucker Ray King Betty King Jackson June Posey Patricia Kennedy James Martin Bob Fancher Shirley Bailey Porter Richard Moore Arlene Maple Spence Roberta Renegar Pratt Colleen Moore Wesley -1955- Jeannie Van Osdol Betty Mae Heath Long Ruth Ann Turner Priscilla A. Offutt Martin Rodger Young Norman L. Winkler Ronald L. Coilfin Ronald E. Rucker Ronald L. Haywood Glenn R. Orme Calvin Eugene Wagner La.wrence William Cherry Willis Edward Ronan David E. Henby -1956- Judy Love Haywood Betty Carol Cooley Anita Haywood David Fansler Norma Hunt Elaine Wilson John Sandra Kennedy Howe Marolyn Kramer Phyllis Schrier Lossie Bailey Charles Kemple Bill Sunman Fred Earnest Janet Binder Earnest 7 W ff X ' TH Compliments of E RUSH COUNTY NATIONAL BANK of Rushville I t I I I I I I RIPLEY : CENTER U 1 WASHINGTON I I I ' 3:0- I-. I ' , I I - eggs-gfg1..., - -- -I- -.. -... .. Poser ' . I I II I "I AINOINGTON I JACKSON I UNION HIGH SCHOOL I , II 4,--u--------,I, I , I I H I I , Us OO IITY NATI AL 1 I I B NK ..--..---1 I0 1 I------- I I I 7 3 ..I WALKER I 6 4 I NOBLE ' 'I S' ' I I 6 , I I -.. .....- ...-....I.-...- -... ...----.4 I I l.....- - .. - .. ORANGE I ANDERSON I I I RICHLAND I : I Q I , I , I I , Y I I Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 810,000.00 Maximum Insurance For Each Deposits? f' - X YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER BE FOR WILL ALL WE OCCASIONS Est. 1909 ME. 5-9114 PORTERS ST D10 312 lllinois Bldg., lnclianapolis WEDDING PICTURES fAt home or at churchl BIRTHDAYS VALENTINE DAY MOTHER'S DAY FATHER'S DAY CHRISTMAS FURLOUGHS FAMILY REUNIONS - Pictures Made Any Time Any Place - - Pleasingly posed, popular priced photos, please particular people - K 1 J SCHAEKEUS Community Grocery low Prices Every Day PHONE 1 Arlington, Indiana 'Tongratulation and the best of luck to the graduating class. " Rushville National Bank "The Oldest Bank in Bush County" 185 7 - 1957 Member F. D. I. C. Lowell Cooley ARLINGTON GARAGE -- GENERAL REPAIR - A l gt I d F g Ph 1 28 R Ph 3 28 FOR GOOD GRADES OF COAL AND SWIFT'S FEEDS - FERTILIZERS Also General Trucking -- Lime 81 Fertilizer Spreading Berlcemeier Bros. Rush Ile Phone 3027 Mays Phone 2419 Offi t3d dSt -R h'll Rush County Farm Bureau Co-up FARM-QIZPIIES ll Grain Marketing II Arlington Rushville Mays New Salem Brcwning's Shell Service lst and Main Open 24 Hours Goodyear Tires Rushville, Indiana B 8. B Service Station - Lubrication - MOBIL GAS - MOBIL OIL Car Wash - Batteries Phone 2101 1003 W. Third Rushville leadhettcr Pharmacy Nelson's Lumber 8: Hardware Co. DRUGS - PRESCRIPTIONS Phone 4-24 FOUNTAIN Arlington Ind. Carthage Phone 57 Raymcnd Ilverleese WATER WELL DRILLING Arlington Indiana Phone 82 Stevens ras. Haberdashery - Shoes WHOLESALE CLEANERS 109-111 W. 2nd Street Rushville Indiana Carthage Coal Co. Phone 44 Carthage, Ind. Guy Ewing and Fred Parish Gatewood Bros. IMPLEMENT Minneapolis Moline "Sales 8: Service" A Complete Line of Farm Machinery Wilbur Bill ' Compliments of The IJ. H. Goble Printing Co. Armegtan State Bank GOOD LUCK SENIORS 2"7o Interest Paid on Sa visngs Farm - Real Estate- Car - Personal IGHMY Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation e Welcome pause J, ,if . 'f N, , . THE ,Y 1 .og THAT f ff e rrreoe- PAUSE W! S REFRESHES r Frank Alexander Gravel Co. ' SAND l GRAVEL -i- CEMENT BLOCKS PHONE 93 ARLINGTON INDIANA fire Sportsman 3' Store Everything in - SPORTING GOODS - "We Pledge to Please" CONNERSVILLE INDIANA Compliments of Homer Lumber Co. HOMER, INDIANA Gwynneville Elevator GWYNNEVILLE, INDIANA PHONE MORRISTOWN 24 Compliments of Uriginal Tractor Bah Co., Inc. Hut hin on 84 Son GRAIN - SEED - FEED - COAL - FERTILIZER - PHONE 4-38 - ARLINGTON INDIANA State Bank of Car lmge CARTHAGE - CAPITAL S100,000.00 - Member - Reserve System Member - Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation - 2970 Interest Paid on Deposits - DEPOSITS INSURED FOR 310,000.00 Compliments of , l l Bausback s F ertlllzer Co. Inc. W elding' Horseshoeing l. M Ilaulc L- C- Schutt Funeral flame BLACKSMITH SHOP phone 164 Truck Bodies - Rebuilding Machinery Morristown Ind. Phone 58 Manilla. I d Batch Jverleese - WELL DRILLING - Arlington, Ind. Phone 83 Arlington Barber Shop OPEN 12-9 Closed Monday Carthage Tractor 8: Implement Co. Earl'.s Plumbing O 8: Heating - JOHN DEERE - Phone 76 Sales and Service Arlington Ind CARTHAGE Phone 155 IND. Manilla Grain Co. Robert Sutherlin, Owner Kelso's Beauty Shop OPEN 12-9 Grain - Feed - Coal - Fertilizer Wed., Thurs., Fm Manilla Indiana 9'3 Sat- Phone Arlington 2 47 Ph0Il9 4-59 f- W . u Curtis Television 8c Appliances - Complete Home Furnishings - Rushville, Indiana R. R. 1 Phone 2183 Compliments of Rodefeld Co., Inc. - DISTRIBUTORS - Automotive Parts 8: Supplies Rushville, Ind. Compliments of Rush County Hatchery 101 North Main Phone 2276 Rushville Ind. Conroy's Food Market FRESH MEATS and GROCERIES Phone 3455 509 W. 3rd St. Rushville, Indiana lla well Bras. Tire Recapping 8z Recapping ROAD SERVICE Rushville Indiana Phone 3057 Manuel's Market GROCERIES 8: MEATS Phone 8 Carthage Indiana Compliments of Rushville Pharmacy 216 North Main Rushville Ind. Compliments of Wyatt8.MuoreMurtuary Rushville, Indiana T' - - ' W Q illrelm 3' Cafe DELICIOUS FOODS Dial 3003 Rushville Indiana laff Furniture Store Complete Line of Home Furnishings - FRIGIDAIRE 8: MAYTAG - 309 N. Main Phone 2081 Rushville Ind. Arlington Coffee Shop Charles 8z Kathryn Ryse "Good Coffee" Arlington Ind. Compliments of Blue River Packing Cn. Morristown, Ind. Phone 101 - Good Luck, Seniors - Carl Dearinger - Your Local Trucker - Feed - Livestock - Grain Arlington Ind, Rushville Service tester Parks 6 Sons Dealers in Grain 8: Livestock - GENERAL TRUCKING - Arlington Phone 2-10 Rushville Free Service THE SENIORS OF '56-'57 Wish to thank all who have given us Advertisements and Donations for The Rambler. Compliments of laren R. 0rme - General Insurance Agency - Arlington State Bank Phone 45 Res. Phone 10-77 Compliments of I I , .llm Mlller s The Store For Men 81 Boys 114 West Second Street Rushville Ind. Jordan Cleaners Pickup 8z Delivery ALTERATIONS - TAILORING CLEANING - PRESSING "When It's Flowers Call" Fortney's Greenhouses 359 E. SiXll'l St. Moth Proofing Phone Rushville Phone 3033 320 N. Morgan 2409 Ind- Rushville, Indiana Abercrombie R. W. Innes . Jewelry Store Banning Company Phone 2649 ARLINGTON Rushville Indiana Compliments of Dairy Queen Marie Stationers Gifts - Notions - Stationery Rushville, Indiana 121 W. 2nd Rushville Indiana West on U. S. 52 1010 W. Third Phone 2403 y - - - - .J f: -- x 7 , Dr. O. B. Curry Wooten s I I Service Station - VETERINARIAN - Lubrication -0- Tune Up - 24-Hour Road Service - Phone 194 MOBILGAS ----- MOBILOIL n I d. Car Wash - Tires - Batteries Mornstown' n 'ana Phone 26 Arlington, Ind. I oyneriv tak Wesley Hungerford Home Cooked Meals - MILK ROUTE -- Sandwiches - Home Baked Pies Red 73 Creamery Cold Drinks Arlington Ind. Arlington Indiana Phone 4-71 Compliments of Carmuny Funeral Home Manilla, Indiana - AMBULANCE SERVICE - - Phone Arlington 7-81 - - Free Rushville Service - Henclren-Foster 3rd and Main Rushville Indiana Rush County Motors, Inc. 1111 West 3rd St. "Your Friendly FordB Dealer" rthur Wilsau --FORD SALES and SERVICE - Gas - Oil - Fuel Oil 5 Phone 3903 Q Phone 3551 . Rushville l Rushville Ind. Q ,A , A - ..-.,,-1s 11A, f P -P -P other x John . clzerer Pitman-Wilson Co, - PHARMACISTS - - General Merchandise - The REXALL Sf0l'9 Phone 2038 Morristown, Indiana Rushville Ind. loann's Home Bakery - Home Made Pies and Cakes - Phone Arlington 41 VIRGIL and JOAN PARKS . CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS Moster 8: Sons Mortuary Rushville Ind. R. T. Skillman 8. Son 20 Years Experience in Spreading kirkdo Motor Sales A INC. WE DELIVER We Go Anywhere and Guarantee 120 S' Morgan St' Satisfaction at Lowest Cost 13110110 3316 Phone Collect Shelbyville Rushville Indiana 57R1 Ol' 13R4 R. R. 6 Morristown Elevator First Federal Savings Br Loan Ass'n of Rushville Co., Inc. Insured Savings - Liberal Dividends Morristown, lnd. Home Loans .. . To Build, Buy or Phone 23 Improve your Home Grain - Feed - Seed l Fertilizer - Fence - Grinding Rushville Indiana x -- .4 f - -- x Compliments of Ross Pharmacy GEORGE G. EBERT Morristown Indiana Phone 264 COMPLETE DRUG SERVICE The House of Harter Indiana's Largest Wholesale Sporting Goods Distributor GOSHEN INDIANA W. P. Wolfal Co. Compliments of Citizens State Bank Manilla, Ind. - Your Business Appreciated - Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation I'armer's Tractor 8 Implement Co. W. S. WINSHIP John Deere Tractors 81 Implements Phone 2323 E. 2nd Rushville Ind. R. E. Neff, Florist Excavating " Grading - A Complete Floral Service -- Gravel - Sand - Dirt Phone 3228 - MOTEL and RESTAURANT - 130 East 10th Street P11099 2816 - We Telegraph Flowers - Rushville R. F. D. 4 Indiana Successor to Worthington Gardens -1 Best Wishes to the Seniors 1 Frazier Funeral Home Phone 204 Morristown Q Ind. Tweedy lumber Co. - Since 1908 - THINK OF LUMBER- -Call Our Number Phone 82 Carthage, Ind. ' no lremaye no mir CUSTOM SLAUGHTERING CURING - SMOKING PROCESSING FOR FREEZERS Al-dayton, Indiana Phone 2-12 Arlington I ' A PATRONS WILSON BROTHERS ............ .. New Castle, Indiana CURLEY HEAD BEAUTY SHOP .... Rushville, Indiana THE CARTHAGE CITIZEN ...... .... C arthage, Indiana GARD'S GREENHOUSE .............. . Rushville, Indiana KOPPER KETTLE ....................... Morristown, Indiana WILLS PURE OIL SERVICE Phone 2019 . . . .... Rushville, Indiana FRANK WILSON STORE ....,.......... . Rushville, Indiana 20th CENTURY CLEANERS .... . . Rushville, Indiana CARTHAGE HARDWARE ...... . Carthage, Indiana FORREST STOUT Phone 2-34 ...... . Arlington, Indiana WILKINSON LUMBER CO. .......... .. Morristown, Indiana MARY'S BEAUTY SHOP Phone 3-27 . . . ...... Manilla, Indiana WILSON STANDARD SERVICE ..... . Rushville, Indiana JOE PIKE HOME OUTFITTERS Rushville, Indiana JIM IRVINE ............. . . . Arlington, Indiana Compliments of the "Fat Man" SANDMAN BROS. ........... .. Shelbyville, Indiana T. G. DEPREZ CO. ......... . . Shelbyville, Indiana PERKINS ELECTRIC ....... ..... M anilla, Indiana HAROLD QPUNKJ LEVI .... Rushville, Indiana DR. W. J. MEYER ........ . Rushville, Indiana BILL HAUK .............. . . . Morristown, Indiana MILLERS INSURANCE . Arlington, Indiana THE VARIETY STORE . .. .... Carthage, Indiana I I ! I I 1 INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS Publrshers fnvev Manuluuurers Bo0kBIv1deIs FACIURY HOME Ufflff Knnsus City s.. 'I 'U I 1 4 r Y 4 3 w,Q..4.,. . ' f ,, 'P - --v- f.-:'f:r- :fw-'-- rw M.. E ..,i, W..,N W L ALQ w ,w, ,W, V 1 L M ,M WM A 'A "Qi-.l1g":"' T A 'pn T lv E . LT I JJ 5 , Q' n-.,... . , 7 Nyf--fu ':. rn . , Wglg g- ,N w I I 9 A , , A .-.U-7.. n I n ,s 3-.H,'f, iv V f A .4-. 3gur1'?""1rI"'Z-w--ng "" apt" 'AW an f.- , i - i IM:-'+P ..-1-wc . . ' 153,31 Wfavmdmdtlw 74 . eww 1 iw-., J I iz., K-Jrw if ug Q , , ffwum-M K v an K4 51 gm ,T :is sv 4 ,egg fi' , ,Z ,, s, X 1? VJ:

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