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w -321: A ., . ,.,, , . J, V, wif fl gui' X. 1. If 'ua' . EE S' .. ::f?':-Z' fi 445' Hs 1 0 . I Aa I w I 1 1 A wiv' .......--""', -rw' Q, Q f Annual fa FRONT ROW: Marilyn Hurst, Lovella Bailey, ,lack West. SECOND ROW: Evelyn Blom, Darlene White, Norma Hadley, Shirley West, Lee Macomber, Miss Lloyd. THIRD ROW: Nancy Marston, Betty Huxel, Barbara Lo- gan, Donna Krebs, Rich Sherrell. CAMERA SHY: janet West, Betty Hutson. ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Arlington, Oregon 1951-52 Editor ........ Asst. Editor .... Business Manager . Asst. Bus. Manager Sports Writers . . . Class Reporters . . Feature Writers Advisor . . . . Marilyn Hurst Lovella Bailey . . . Janet West . Betty Hutson . Rich Sherrell ,lack West . . Norma Hadley Lee Macomber Betty Huxel Nancy Marston Evelyn Blom . . . Darlene White Donna Krebs Shirley West Barbara Logan . . Miss Lloyd Qftw- Robert S. Brigham Linfield College - 1949 Senior Problems Math Algebra Geometry Physics Assistant Coach Senior Class Advisor aculfy John R. Orr Gegen State College - 1947 Biology Bookkeeping Student Council Bobbie ,lean Lloyd University of Oregon - 194-8 English II, III, IV Home Living Girls' P. E. Junior Class Advisor Honker Advisor Annual Advisor Leslie A. Wright University of Oregon - 1948 Head Coach U. S. History Science Shop Freshman Class Advisor Jack Mahoney University of Oregon - 1951 Band Typing World History Orientation Glee Clubs Sophomore Class Advisor PHIL HICKEY Football ........... 2-3-4 Paper staff . . . ...4 as Basketball . . Baseball . . . Dramatics . . Band . . . . . . . Class officer . . . Track ..... , ..4 ..4 ..3-4 ..2-4 ..2 ..4 MARILYN HURST KD Qi ' 1 :H ,EU QP E? Q 4 -4 2,1 3 'U 5 5 " if- ' ' F, U. 2 W m It t , .A ' 'L rn 5- 0 , ,,,,, , , ' " 5? 3 5 -U tfgff Q A ' ' F-41 '-:'nifiA-" f, '-'iaffasfa I in , , .1--" ' ' . 2 :U ' 1, 1 at-f 1 1 ' . ' , f r'-rl - 1 2 S Q 'ft57:.i? I O A ' . Z a I Vw-,W , V . , . , WW W H, -1- 4- -1- 4- -P if! A 3 Q' Y?-itz' , , , mlfi14if5nQ2gg'4:,:,,f f I , ' 1 1 ff fffrf 1 E 'N V 1 f f 5232-:ff f',' ' Y' 5 4,731-f' piifzll l ,L ,Q f , af SHN Annual editor Class officer Drill team . . Dramatics . . Paper staff . . . . 4 1-2-3-4 1-2-3-4 1-2-3-4 . 1-2-4 DONNA KREBS Yell Leader ........ S. B. Officer . . . . . Drill team . . Dramatics . . Sextet ..... . . Typing Award Annual staff . . 1-2-4 . . . 4 1-2-3-4 1 2-3- 4 1-2-3-4 .. .... .3 .. ..... .4 Paper staff . . . . 1-2-3-4 Class officer . . . . . 1-2 Act. Letter . . . . 1-2-3-4 Glee Club . . 1-2-3-4 Band .... . 1-2-4 Band ..... Act. Letter . Typing Award Glee Club . . . 1-2-4 1-2-3-4 . . . 3 1-2-3-4 NORMA HADLEY Yell Leader ........ 1-2-3-4 Class officer Paper staff . . ...1-3-4 Annual staff . . . . 1-2-3-4 ....4 Dramatics . . . . . . 1-2-3 Drill team . . . . . . 1-2-3 Act. Letter . . . . . 1-2-3 Glee Club . . . . . . 1-2-3 ga-it 1- . M X' - f reet ., ': :s'f.,' f V , Z-,,' Q5'!f'f 31' 7' I 5? 4 QWIOTS 52 I yi r ,T gL ,2 C N rg 4 lm ti, Ig r til E t 1 fs' O , -main . r ' M I , 1 iflle A il C 4 "Q' A 'A Q 3 yurr ,, L3 . pp lg Q HK A 4,12 DON ARCHER ROLAND POTTER S. B. President ....- - - - 4 Basketball .......... . . 4 Honker Editor . . .... 4 Baseball , , . , , , , , , 4 Football .... .... 1 -3 Band .... . . 1-2-3-4 Dramatics . . . 1-2-3-4 Dramatics . . . . l-2-3-4 Band ........ . . I-2-3-4 Paper staff . . . . . . . . 4 Class officer ..... . . . l Tl-ack ,,,, , , 4 Letterman's Club . . . - 3 Baseball ....... . - 4- Track ........ . . 4 JANET WEST Drill Team ........ Class officer . . . S. B. Officer .... Student Council . . . . . Dramatics ..... . Annual staff . . ILA MACKEY Paper staff . . . . . Drill team . . . Dramatics . . . Band ...... Glee Club . . . Typing Award Activity Letter Paper Staff . . 1-2-3-4 1-2-3-4 . 1-2-4 1-2-3-4 . . . 3 . . . 1 . . . 4 Glee Club . . . . Sextet ,, .... . Act. Letter . . . . Typing Award . . 1-2-3-4 . . 2-3 . . . 4 . . 2-4 I-2-3-4 . 1-2-4 . 2-3-4 1-2-3-4 . 2-3-4 l-2-3-4 . . . 3 DARLENE WHITE Drill team ......... l-2-3-4 Class officer . . . . 3-4 Annual staff . . . . 3-4 Paperstaff... ....4 Dramatics . . . . l-2-3-4 Clee Club . . . . 1-2-3-4 Act. Letter . . . . I-3-4 .F enior Class History The class of 1952 began its high school career as sixteen frightened freshmen, who found, to their surprise, that they lived through initiation. They soon overcame their shyness and fell into the routine to take their share of duties and honors under the leadership of class president, Marion Nixon. Donna Krebs and Tootie Bailey were elected yell leaders and Marilyn Hurst became a sub- majorette in the drill team. Several members served on the paper and annual staffs and the girls joined the drill team. A one-act play, "The Little Red Schoolhouse",was given in the fall. It was a view into the schoolroom ofyesterday and received a warm response. Their May Day float, "Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary", won first prize. A few members were lost during the summer but most of the class regathered as sophomores. Donna andTootie were again yell leaders and Marilyn, sub-majorette. Marilyn was also class presi- dent. "Glamorous Gloria", with Donna Krebs as Gloria, contributed to the success of the annual open house. With money as the main objective, the class started a busy year as juniors. Janet West was elected president. Tootie was again yell leader and Donna, Marilyn, and Darlene became sub- majorettes. Marilyn was chosen assistant editor of the annual and Don Archer, assistant editor of the "Honker." A carnival was given in November which brought in a good profit. Food sales and pop sales boosted the treasury. A three-act play, "Growing Pains", with Don and Janet as the center of the plot, was declared a hilarious success. "April Showersnproved to be a beautiful banquet and prom. The ceiling of the gym was hung with longicicles. The walls were decorated with trellises and ivy. A huge rainbow of paper flowers circled the orchestra and ended in a pot of gold. Baccalaureate and commencement found the juniors bidding the seniors goodbye. By the time they became seniors, the class had dwindled to only ten. Don was elected stu- dent body president and also became editor of the "l'bnker." Donna and Janet became student body secretary and treasurer respectively. Darlene was elected main majorette with Marilyn and Donna as subs. Marilyn edited the annual and served as class president. Tootie was elected yell leader. ln November she became Mrs. Dale Hadley and was replaced by Donna. Phil Hickey worked his way to captain of the football team and the other boys tumed out for various sports. Donna and Phil took leading parts in the operetta "The Governor's Daughter". Marilyn and Janet were the accompanists. The class presented a three-act comedy, "Star Crazy." On May 3, 4, and 5, the class sneaked off on their skip day. The three days were fun for everyone. Mr. Brigham, class advisor, and his wife accompanied the seniors as chaperones. The final events of the school days were baccalaureate, May 25, and commencement, May 29. The girls wore white caps and gowns and the boys were dressed in blue. Mr. Kip Taylor, head football coach at Oregon State College, delivered the address. After four jolly years of high school, the seniors separated to each make his own way. enior ass Prop ecy As I became so attached to the class of 1952, I decided to save my money so in later years I would be able to look them all up. The time has come. As I go on my way, I find my first stop is Toppenish where I see Tootie on her way to the grocery store. What's this we see behind her, the boy scouts? No, its only her ten children. I go on over to Blalock where the latest Olympic games are being held. There I find Arlington's football hero, Phil Hickey, who has just won the most spectacular contest in the history of the Olympic games. He has just been crowned tiddledy-wink champion of the year. I continue on my journey to the thriving metropolis of Mikkalo, where I find .Ioe Potter, a successful farmer. According to Joe, the weather has been unfavor- able and the wheat refuses to grow, but my, what a crop of weeds. I stop off at Ciro's in Hollywood one afternoon and who should I see but Percy Rock, interviewing female talent for Ciro's latest bubble dance. As I go on to Kentucky I see one lone person sitting forlornly in the grand- stand at the Kentucky Derby waiting for her thoroughbred champion, Oakwood Gal to round the last bend. Lo and behold, it's my best Physics student, Donna Krebs. Stopping off at New York,l happened to pick up the latest edition of the New York Times. The editor's name was Don Archer. Could this be the Don Archer I knew? I then noticed the news in it was six months old. I realized this was the Don Archer I knew, for no one else could be that late in getting out a paper. As I go on to Greenwich Village, I dodge into a third-rate night club and find none other than Janet West, who after four years of college, has finally achieved her life long ambition as a torch singer. As I was traveling on to Washington D.C., I turned on my radio to get the latest news and what should I hear but another familiar name. Marilyn Hurst, the famous English Channel swimmer who bested the world's record by twelve hours, is now attempting the first trans-Pacific swim. When last seen she was zooming by the coast of Australia. On arrival in Washington, I noticed the town was in an uproar and all Icould hear were crys of "lla for President." On further investigation, I found this was lla Mackey from the class of "52". I attended her campaign speech and the theme of her speech were those four familiar words, "I can't afford it." While in Washington, I attended the Ice-Capades, where I find Darlene White, star of the show now for ten years, practicing the act she will do tonight. She has just accomplished the figure eight and is very proud of herself. Exhausted by my travels, but glad that my favorite class is doing so well, I turn my car homeward to the peace and quiet of my sixteen children. enior We, the class of 1952, being of both sound mind and body, do hereby be- queath the following. First--To the faculty, we leave the remembrance of our good behavior. Second--To the 1953 Seniors, we will our roll of gold tinfoil paper. They tried to steal it anyway. Third--To the Sophomore Class, we will the pleasure of planning the Junior- S6I1i0l' Prom and Banquet. Fourth--To the Freshman Class, we will our ability to stay in class or they may not graduate as we are doing. I, Janet West, will my steady date, Lee Macomber, to any nice girl who promises to take good care of him and get him in as early as I always did. I, Don Archer, the brilliant, ambitious, editor of the school paper, will my position to anyone who thinks he can do as wonderful a job as I have done. l, Ila Mackey, will my book on "How to Become Engaged" to Nancy Hodge. 1, ,Ioe Potter, will my ability to get along with Miss Lloyd in English class to Barbara Logan. 1, Norma Hadley, will my last name to Sharon Bailey, who by the looks of things will acquire it soon. I, Percy Rock, will my ability to flirt with girls to that good looking freshman who is well on his way, Johnny Hutson. 1, Marilyn Hurst, will my ability to get along with Dons to Nancy Marston, who has a good start. 1, Phil Hickey, will my place as football captain to that manly freshman, Paul Pruett. I, Darlene, White, will my smallness and shyness to that amazon, Bernita Lloid. Last---but not least, I, Donna Krebs, leave ---- --- The Class of 1952 makes this their last will and testament in the presence of the witn ses, h have su cribed their names hereto. Witness' J Written and witnessed by: X. Witness: -Y Sfuclenf Boa! y Ofjqcers President ......... .. ..... Vice-president.. Secretary ......... Treasurer... Sargeant-at-arms. .. .. . .. . . Don Archer Rich Sherrell Donna Krebs . janet West Paul Pruett i fuclenf Counci The student council, headed by Student Body President Don Archer, and advised by Mr. Les Wright, had as its job this year, the appointment of several students to set up the constitu- tion for the new school. The council is the head of student government. Early in the year, the members of the student council went to Bend to attend the annual student council conference, and it was reported that a gent deal was learned. Council meetings were held every two weeks to take care of questions confronting the student body. ,E,,,,,,,k Lovella Bailey Alan Carr UVIIO1' GSS Mcers Secretary Vice-President K l if e R l www Merritt Mc Kay I President W Shirley West Treasurer unior ass H1'Sf0ry The class of 1953 began their year's activities by electing the following officers: President, Merritt Mc Kay, Vice-President, Alan Carr, Secretary,Lovella Baileyg Treasurer, Shirley West, Sergeant-at-armsg ,lim Baumang and Representa- tive, Stanley Rock. On November 16, 1951, we presented an old time Minstrel Show. The show was very successful and a portion of it was used in an exchange assembly with Condon. We were granted permission to all rights of concessions at athletic con- tests. This project was one of our ways of building up our treasury. Our biggest project of the year was the Junior-Senior Prom and Banquet, held April 12. The music for the prom was furnished by a college combo from Eastern Oregon College. The banquet was held in the Pheasant Room of the Pheasant Grill. The Junior class was well represented in athletics. The football team in- cluded five junior lettermeng ,lim Bauman, Lee Macomber, Merritt McKay, Rich Sherrell, and Alan Carr. Basketball season rolled around with Alan Carr, Merritt Mc Kay, Rich Sherrell, and Lee Macomber earning letters. Spring found the junior boys turning out for baseball with Lee Macomber, Rich Sherrell, Merritt Mc Kay and Alan Carr as probable lettermen. The girls also took many honors with all of them participating in the drill team and Shirley West and Chloe Deen acting as majorettes. Lovella Bailey was elected yell leader and Lovella and Merritt were chosen assistant editor of the annual and paper respectively. M WT: Lee Macomber Betty Hutson h ' Aslgmo-f-"""" unfor Class 'Q tx , SI A Stanley Rock .lim Bauman Betty Huxel Chloe Deen Rich Sherrell if-' ii ? i lgis -A X i 3 .-.... -. ... fi! op omore ass History The Sophomore Class again had the record of being the fastest growing class for 1951-52. New students joining the class this year were Sarah Baker, from Morton, Washington, Carol Lemon, from St. Mary's in The Dalles, Romaine Wold, from Menomonie, Wisconsin, Bemita Lloid, from Pomeroy, Washingtong and Ivy Skaggs, from Bickleton, Washington. Serving as class officers this year were President ,Barbara Logan: Vice-Preside nt, Phyllis Seeley, Secretary, Sarah Bakery Treasurer, Sharon Bailey, Representative, ,lack West, and Ser- geant-at-arms, Bernita Lloid. The sophomores were well represented in school activities. Karen Farley was on the yell squad. Working on the p.ublication staffs were Barbara Logan and Jack West, serving on both the annual and paper staffs, Nancy Marston, annual staffg and Sharon Bailey and Karen Farley, paper staff. All of the girls participated in the drill team. Musically speaking the sophomores did their part this past year. Sarah Baker and Enoch Hickey had two of the leading roles in the operetta, The Governor's Daughter, on March 14-. In the school band were Nancy Marston, Sarah Baker, Bernita Lloid, and Barbara Logan. The annual Christmas party, December 21, 1951, was sponsored by the sophomores,servingg noon luncheon for the entire student body. ln the field of sports, the class of 1954- was well represented with ,lack West, Bob White, Enoch Hickey, Bay Hoard, and Darrell Harford earning their letters in football. lncidentally, Darrell Harford was the only serious football casualty,suffering a broken leg. On the maple court, ,lack West was the only sophomore rating a regular starting berth,while Enoch Hickey and Harland Bilyeu were on the reserve squad. Baseball practice in the spring found most of the sophomore boys turning out. op omore Class Qfficers fri, ,Q .ix Barbara Logan Sarah Baker President ,Yum Secretary is Phyllis Seeley Sharon Bailey Vice-Preside nt Treasurer J Ray Hoard op omore C ass .lack West Enoch Hickey Nancy Marston 3,-nm. 'ff' Karen Farley Darrell Harford oplzs M 5. Harland Bilyeu TOIII Leonard Bernita Lloid CAMERA SHY Ivy Skaggs Bob White 'V Romaine Wold Carol Lemon f -an .lay Wheelhouse President fix i?f,,g,,.am.- Paul Pruitt Vice-president .lohn Hutson Treasurer in Nancy Hodge resflmen C ass History The class of 1955 began their freshmen year activities by electing the fol- lowing students as their class officers: ,lay Wheelhouse, President, Paul Pruitt, Vice-president, Nancy Hodge, Secretary, and john llutson, Treasurer. The first social function of the year was the Freshman Initiation, held on September 21, 1952 in the high school. The initiation ceremonies were limited to one day and one evening, with the other classes having a sp ecial duty to perform, the seniors were in charge of the actual initiation, the juniors, in charge of games, and the sophomores, in charge of the refreshments. After the initiation, the fresh- men were welcomed as official members of the student body. In the field of sports,the freshmen were certainly in for their share of glory. Football season found the freshmen turning out, and those making the squad were John liutson, Dean Weatherford, ,lim Sharpe, and Monte Rhinehart. Jay Wheelhouse acted as manager for the squad. Basketball season rolled around and the freshmen made up most of the U squad. John llutson was the only freshman to rate a place on the regular A squad with Paul Pruitt, Dean Weatherford, ,lay Wheelhouse, and Monte Rhinehart on the B squad. The girls were members of the drill team and members of the chorus. Socially, the Freshmen were responsible for the Heart Hop, on February 14. The climax of this affair was the election of a King of Hearts, with candidates from each class. Elected King was ,lack West. The boys selected as candidates were Paul Pruitt, ,lack West, Stanley Rock, and Phil Hickey. Secretary Ij1'QSl11'7'lCl1'l GSS J im Sharpe Evelyn Blom Don White Dale Curry r WZ Dean Weatherford Monte Rhine hart FRONT ROW: Sarah Baker, Chloe Deen, Barbara Logan,Nancy Hodge,Shirley West, Betsy Hutson, lla Mackey, Donna Krebs, Roland Potter. BACK ROW: Nancy Marston, Bernita Lloid, Marilyn Hurst, Mr. Mahoney, Lovella Bailey, Phil Hickey, Don Archer. Banc! Under the leadership of music instructor, Mr. Jack Mahoney, the Arlington Band improved a great deal during the year, but was rather small, having only sixteen members. One of the first appearances of the band was at the Basketball Jamboree, December 1, when the combined bands of Heppner, Fossil, and Arlington played during the games. During basketball season, the band played at all of the home games, and 'added a great deal to the spirit of the event. ln the spring, several of the band members went to La Grande to the dis- trict music contest taking instrumental soloists, the saxophone quartet and a saxophone duet. Officers for the year were: Donna Krebs, president, Don Archer, vice-presi- dent, Nancy Marston, secretary-treasurer, and Barbara Logan, librarian. .1 qwx QQ exfef The girls' sextet is composed of six members of the glee club, Barbara Logan, Janet West, Phyllis Seeley, Karen Farley, Chloe Deen, and Donna Krebs. The group is directed by Mr. Mahoney. The girls sang at various events during the year, including P.T.A. meeting, the annual football banquet, and the Women's Club. W5 ' 9 '4 Sag --if 1 ., ,,1f,,.,. . f wife- W if 5 The Governors Dauglzier The mixed chorus had as its major production of the year, the operetta, The Govemor's Daughter, by Alfred Wakeman and Ira Wilson, given in the high school gymnasium March 14, 1952. The musical was di- rected by Mr. Jack Mahoney, music instructor in the higi school. The play opens on the night of the election of Mr. Horace Coodspeed, as the govemor of the great state of Calibama. The governor's wife, Mrs. Goodspeed, is an ambitious woman who would like to take af- fairs of state into her own hands. lt is she who directs the publicity, and who tries to dictate the policies of the new governor. Her ambition goes further. She wishes to marry her only daughter, Jane to Senator Snow, a wealthy old man who has political influence. ln order to accomplish her ends, she plays upon the unselfish good nature of John Sumner, a struggling young author, Jane's fiance, and persuades him not to stand in Jane's way. John is in a quandry. He has promised Mrs. Goodspeed to break his engagement to Jane, without dis- closing the wily plan which Mrs. Coodspeed has forced upon him. The most difficult task is to give a plau- sible excuse for breaking his troth. He tells Govemor Goodspeed that he loves Jane, but that he is too deeply in debt to marry. Governor Coodspeed then offers to liquidate the fictitious debt. John, driven to ex- tremity, feigns insanity, and is so convincing in his role that he commands the situation and with sparkling comedy puts Mrs. Coodspeed and Senator Snow to a disadvantage. Meanwhile, Mr. Octavo, of the Leverlung Publishing Co. arrives on the scene with a contract for the publication of John's book. When Mr. Octavo hears that John is mentally deranged, he seizes upon this fact as a choice bit of publicity and boosts t.he contract price of the book to 850,000. John signs the contract. Upon arrival of his Aunt Mary from Oshkosh, the hoax of his assumed insanity is disclosed. Mrs. Coodspeed impressed with John's importance as an author, is now anxious to make amends. John and Jane renew their troth, and the Senator is routed. Leading singing roles for the operetta were taken by the following students: Governor Coodspeed ............................... Phil Hickey Mrs. Coodspeed ....... . . . . . . . Donna Krebs Jane Coodspeed . . . .... Sarah Baker John Sunmer .... ....................... M erritt McKay Senator Snow . . ......................... Enoch Hickey Four Reporters ....... . . . Paul Pruett, Rich Sherrell, Dale Curry, Jack West Other roles were taken by Darlene White, as Marge, Lovella Bailey, as Dot, and Bemita Lloid, as Louise, Mr. Octavo was played by Ray Hoard, and Aunt Mary, by Phyllis Seeley. Accompanists for the oper- etta were Marilyn Hurst and Janet West. M a gn ol I a sas , Ay' A 5:3 S M 521' is 91-, iigfrfflii' Q if gi-22 B 6 's if , o f X35 ii, if 1 :Q EEE 2 .f ,, Qiiiiwi its' fb QM., .igswk ff 1f'FLi-Uv' .3 ,i , ,magic .. Y : H" " 1.43 7' Gutter Nose Marble Head Minstrel Zzow The Junior Class presented their Ministrel Melodies on November 16, 1951, with the first production in the new gym. The scene was that depicting those good days in the deep south when blackface shows were the fashion. Merritt McKay acted as master of ceremonies for the occasion, with all the members of the junior class taking part. Four members of the soph- omore class were "borrowed" for the affair. It was somewhat surprising the amount of talent discovered in the cast. In a few short weeks, a fine dance band was organized and several outstanding vocalists were discovered. Some of the outstanding numbers from the show included the follow- ing: Is It True What They Say About Dixie in the inimitable manner of Sherrell, Dry Bones, by the boys quartet, Jim Bauman, Lee Macomber, Alan Carr, and Rich Sherrell, I'm-a-tellin' ya, Sam, done only as ,lack West could do it, In the Cool, Cool, Cool of the Evening, by Barbara iFrankie Lainel Logan, Sometimes I'm Happy, by Shirley West, Moonlight Bay, by Lovella Bailey and the chorus, Shine, by Stanley Rock, and Ball- in' the Jack, by Shirley West, with Four Leaf Clover, as the finale number. Plans were made for a portion of this to be presented in an ex- change assembly with Condon. M1.WSfVQl Ow Satch and Flourescent Chocolate Drop and Satch Rastus, Magnolia, Emerald, and Chocolate Drop Satch Fireball, Marble Head, Cueball, and Eight Ball "Oh, Dickl!" Senior Class Play "What do you mean by standing me up? ' 'Pm gonna qui t. " Something terrible has happened." "Call a doctor, quickly. "Get the note." rr far Professor Andrews Jerry Andrews . . . Bill Andrews . . . Donna Andrews . . Isabella ...... Beth Rohison . . ,Ioan Mayberry . . . Dick Mallon . . . Joe Alcott . . . "Don't you dare hit my brother." 77 razy . Percy Rock Marilyn Hurst . Don Archer Donna Krebs . . Janet West . . Darlene White . . . lla Mackey . . Phil Hickey . . . Joe Potter "Cather round me, fellow conspiratorsf' This is the end!!" Honleer faff Editor ............. hIfl'011 Asst. Editor .... . SportsWriters.... Feature Writers.... Class Reporters.. . Typists ...... Publishers ....... Advisor Don Archer Merritt McKay . Rich Sherrell J ack West Lovella Bailey Barbara Logan Sharon Bailey Ila Mackey Shirley West Karen Farley Paul Pruett Marilyn Hurst Donna Krebs Janet West Darlene White Joe Potter Phil Hickey 'Percy Rock Miss Lloyd Maforeifes Drfif Team a Fooflnafl Yell Leaolers A i 2 , L23 ., gg ,1 V A " 'e' Ai? Ai 'Al N i . 4 , ,,.b ' -V , w e e e V X i x . W -L ,V i ii :A , - 4 H I 1 Q ss 3 ,a . J, may ' . . Fm 8 ,W ,ieu ' ,,ii3 fi, f p Karen Ann fl, e e 1 :ff Q . , K K i,,,3y5g4- ,nz fQe'e e e ' ' Lovella Tootie Basleeflnall Yen Leaelers D0lll1H Karen Ann Lovella :Sz-5 iris Physical Eclucaffon The physical education class for girls was organized into one large class, meeting on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. ln the fall, the classes were held outside, before the completion of the new gymnasium. During the winter months, the 'Tuesday class was selected for drill team practice. Other class periods were devoted to badminton, volleyball, basketball, table-tennis and tumbling. A softball team was organized in the spring, with other games of soccer and field hockey. The class is advised by Miss Lloyd, physical education instructor. Smw ?4d Wddeq .lu 701694: 7606054 7757 - 7 752 .L-.:u' . .. .,...i.............f..... FRONT ROW: Ray Hoard, Lee Macomber, Alan Carr, Jack West, Enoch Hickey, Rich Sherrell, Merritt McKay, Phil Hickey. BACK ROW: Jay Wheelhouse, Johnny Hutson, Jim Sharpe, Don White, Harland Bilyeu, Dean Weatherford, Jim Bauman. ooffvall When football practice started early in September, about 20 young gridiron aspirants geeted the new Honker coach, Les Wright. Working with inexperienced players, Coach Wright concentrated on the teaching of the fundamental elements of football, blocking, tackling, passing, and pass receiving. Along with the new coach, Arlington also began its first season in Six-Man Football. The Honkers, starting off rather slowly showed progress and improvement throughout the season and the best performance was the second game against the traditional rivals of Condon High School, when the Honkers defeated the Blue Devils, 45-12. The season schedule is as follows: Arlington - 35 Glenwood - 42 Arlington Mitchell Arlington Wasco Arlington Boardman Arlington Spray Arlington Condon Arlington Condon Basleeflrall fyx Q7 Basketball Emphasizing a building year, Coach Les Wright's Honker maple court hoopsters this year compiled a record of four won and seventeen lost. ln league play, the Honkers won one and lost five with their lone win over the Fossil Falcons. Perhaps one of the most outstanding features of the basketball season was the Dis- trict Jamboree which took place in the new gymnasium on December 1, 1951. Participating schools included the Condon Blue Devils, the Heppner Mustangs, the Fossil Falcons, and the Arlington Honkers. The District 6-B Tournament, held in The Dalles, March 3, 4, 5, and 6. Arlington drew Fossil for the first game. Built arolmd returning lettermen and former B-squad players, the regulars included four juniors, Merritt McKay, Lee Macomher, Alan Carr and Rich Sherrellg and ,lack West, the only sophomore on the squad. Other squad members were: seniors - Phil Hickey and Joe Potter, sophomores - Enoch Hickey and Harland Bilyeug freshmen - Johnny Hutson. Team manager was Jim Sharpe. The statistics below give the record of wins and losses. Arlington - 36 Wasco - 37 Arlington - 36 Rufus - 43 Arlington -42 Prairie City - 43 Arlington - 35 Boardmen - 59 Arlington - 47 lone - 71 Arlington - 40 Culver - 46 Arlington - 45 Pilot Rock - 54 Arlington - 36 Heppner - 48 Arlington - 45 Boardmen - 38 Arlington - 29 Prairie City - 39 Arlington - 46 lone - 56 Arlington - 29 Umatilla - 64 Arlington - 41 Fossil - 30 Arlington - 48 Rufus - 46 Arlington - 24 Wasco - 41 Arlington - 33 Condon - 41 Arlington - 25 Heppner - 62 Arlington - 53 Pilot Rock - 40 Arlington - 38 Umatilla - 63 Arlington - 32 Fossil - 49 Arlington - 49 Condon - 62 Baseball With a nucleus of four retuming lettermen, Coach Les Wright was concemed with a building year this season. The squad counted on lettermen Rich Sherrell, Jack West, Dar- rell Harford, and Lee Macomber to carry the team through their season schedule. The Honkers were included with Condon, Rufus, and St. Mary's of The Dalles in league play, due to the new sub-districts created by the re-zoning of various districts in the state. The winning team of each sub-district will meet on May 3, district playoffs, May 10, interdistrict playoffs, May 17, and the state championship B tournament at Drain on May 23 and 24. The probable varsity line-up included the following squad members: Darrell Harford, Bud Weatherford, Phil Hickey, Catchers, Jack West, Enoch Hickey, Harland Bilyeu, First Baseg Bud Wold, Lee Macomber, Second Baseg Monte Rhinehart, Shortstopg Bud Weather- ford and ,lim Bauman, Third Base, Right Field, John Hutson and Joe Potterg Alan Carr and Jay Wheelhouse, Center Field, Don Archer and Percy Rock at Left Field, Rich Sherrell, Jack West, Enoch and Phil Hickey composed the Honker pitching staff. The squad was helped by the return of veteran catcher Darrell Harford, sidelined for football and basket- ball season, because of a broken leg suffered early in the gridiron season. Bob Brigham assisted Coach Wridit in tl1e capacity of assistant coach. The 1952 diamond season for the Honkers included the following games: March 28 Rufus at Arlington April 4 Arlington at Condon April 11 Rufus at Arlington April 18 Fossil at Arlington April 25 Arlington at Fossil May 8 Sub-district playoff May 10 District playoff May 17 Interdistrict game May 23-24 State B Championship tournament at Drain Mighty Seniors Ice cream cone gals Levl Kid Out in the wide open spaces Girls, girls Q? 'Q " J ,Q Q fwiiif? 3555 ng-"SQ el ,.-. , ,QQ Ve is 315' e ?':fZ'l,Q ails Bemita Queen Barbara Babyface K ii What happened? Goins our way? Fight, team, fight v ,, . 1-ri V ff Q I my + 0 4. 5 i F lb f Q, f 5 P f Q A 4 'fig H3253 1 ,ff 'Calf tx: mga. e W, wax? 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MIIIEII Arlington ., ..-v-. . .-:-:-:3:5:3:5:7:3:5:f:2:Z2 wg?51515:735:5:5:g:5:g:5:5:3:2:1:r:r: saliiiiss:2:5:sei:s:s:5:2:5:s:s:5:s:s -"' 26 W:.:,.. a H Home ff we ,,. D f ":1 IIZZ d :ZZ .1 4e:s:s:s:s:s2sEs::. 'rrff2112s2g5as:s:::':'-1 - , A s2s::..' :3g:E:E:E5E::3:52gg.i.,. , "'1:f:f:Q:f:::Qf', " '-1g:5:f:::-.V . ,. f In G ':lf:f2fI 'f Come in today for a no-obligation demonstration of Powerglide automatic transmission . . . easiest, smoothest driving you ever experienced! Discover the "drive thrill" of the low-price field. Find out how easy Powerglide driving is . . . how smooth . . . how different! Powerglide gives a continuous How of power . . . no "steps" and "surges" between speed ranges. Come in and try it today! Powerglide is owner-proved over a billion miles. '4" SHERREU. CHEVROLET ARLINGTON coNooN Phillips Cash Store Groceries - Fresh Meat Frozen Food Lockers and Storage Phone 81 Melvin D. Hayes Texaco Station Registered Rest Rooms Free Parking Washing and Grecxsing WE GIVE SERVICE Arlington Beauty Shop Beauty Service as You Like lt. INDIVIDUAL DESIGNED PERMANENTS AND STYLING HAIR SHAPING HAIR TINTING Operators: Bernice Bauman and Carolyn Hurst Phone 370 or 254 TOP QUALITY BUILDING MATERIALS See Us for Low-Cost Inside Finishing, with U. S. Gypsum Sheetrock Feeds We carry the finest for Cattle, Turkeys, Chickens, etc. FERTILIZERS FOR DRY LAND AND IRRIGATED FARMING KERR GIFFORD Feed and Supply Store Phone 290 or 84 Arlington, Oregon ARLINGTON HARDWARE HARDWARE-HOUSEWARES ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES GIFTS Telephone - - 190 ARLINGTON, OREGON MARSHALIJS RED and WHITE STORE ROCERIES FRESH MEAT EMPIRE MACHINERY COMPANY Eleanor's Dress Shop Ladies Ready to Wear Men's Furnishings Notions Gifts Phone 366 Union Oil Company STAN'S STATION Dependable, Friendly Service Phone 76 Arlington Appliance Center Your dealer for General Electric, Bendix, and Maytag. "We service what we sell." Phone 179 DON and BILL'S SHELL SERVICE STATION COTTAGE INN GILLIAM COUNTY BANK UGILLIAM COUN'IY'S OWN BANK" ARLINGTON, OREGON Complete Banking Service Loans for all Purposes Member: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation CLOUGH DISTRIBUTING COMPANY STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS and A. B. CLOUGH CHEVRON STATION Standard Lubrication Atlas Tires and Batteries R. P. M. CHEVRON MOTOR OIL SUPREME 24 Hour Service Arlington, Oregon Phone 42-W Rio Theatre Best of the latest Pictures Phone 275 Arlington, Oregon Congratulations to the class of '52 The Austins Hotel Welcome C offee Shop Pacific Power and Light Co. Serving the Electrical Needs of the Territory with Efficiency Arl ington, Orepn Ea ton's Red and White Store Groceries - Meats - School Supplies Condon, Oregon NX N -1 I ' 1 Lf Much Obligedl .glsjjv Mobiviv for the opportunity to serve you. We have appreciated your patronage and friendship. Mr. and Mrs. Dick Logan Mobile Station Arl ington, Oregon Phone Best Wishes to the class of "52" M a r v a I Condon, Oregon 's Condon Machine Shop Luth - Welding and Repairs Massey Harris Equipment Dealers Condon, Oregon Miriam ThouveneI's Beauty Shop Best Wishes to the class of "SZ" from a former Arlington Graduate Class of "17" Condon, Oregon Hollen and Sons Hardware and Appliances "We Stock Over 100 Nationally Known Brands of Hardware, Tools, Appliances, 'Sporting Equipment, Housewares, etc." Phone 92 Condon, Oregon Congratulations to the Class of "52" Jerry Schreiner Condon, Oregon Your Portable Dealer All Makes of Typewriters Remington ond Sundstond Adding Machines Condon Globe Times Condon, Oregon Stoctons Rexall Store Prescription Specialists Condon, Oregon Lloyds Clothing "From Head to Toe" Botany "500" Suits Manhattan Shirts Rand Shoes 217 East 2nd St. The Dalles, Oregon C ng atulations to the Cl ss of 1952 Dr. P. E. Smith - Dentist Dunn Brothers Incorporated General M h d Condon, Oregon SMITH CALLAWAY CHAPEL Funeral Directors and Advisors Union at Third Telephone 31:35 The Dalles, Oregon Chevrolet - Oldsmobile - Cadillac A U. S. Royal Tires Sunset Motor Company 523 E- Third The Dulles, Oregon Service Laundry and Cleaning For friendly, courteous service, let us give you house to house pickup cmd delivery. 'Tuesdays - 'Thursdays - 'Saturdays Lile Hoover Pot Foley Phone 2264 The Dalles, Oregon Arden Farms Company Arden lee Cream "Where 'The Best ls Served" 721 E. .3rd St. The Dalles, Oregon Dial 2848 Elite Studio E. H. Olmstead - Prop. "Complete Photographic 'Service The Dalles, Oregon 212 E. 2nd St "For Dependable Laundry and Dry Cleaning" Model Laundry 205 Washington St. The Dalles, Oregon "Roy's Jewelry" Complete Selection of Jewelry - Silverware - Watches Exclusive Dealer for Elgin Watches Condon, Oregon Stranix Men's Wear Best of Luck to the Class of "52" Condon, Oregon Condon Grain Growers Cooperative Owned and Operated By and For Gilliam County Farmers Phone 492 Condon, Oregon Vendome Hotel Daily and Weekly Rates Louis and Betty Olson, Proprietors Arlington, Oregon Ph9"" 180 Compliments of Condon Shoe Shop Rod Finneg's 212 E. 2nd The Dalles We Wish to Thank The Advertisers For Helping Make This Book Possible THIS YEAIIOOK PUBLISHED IY PORTLAND, OREGON Zepaauted Suluadq gy U mmH Company ' . -V ,, ' -nz 1 L fx f V 5. r 4- -Q v- .,,.,f ,, . , - 5 5 , . v , , .. . A, Nr. 1' . jx , .xv . Q- . . 4, Q3 5? 33 'a :J L if 1 Wi ' 5 1 2 Aa pf , 'F 1 fi H, 11 1' if . . H if: it . .L 3 X f J . 'fi 1 f .. 'fa Q, '51 'if . BE . AQ5 , 3 . . .ga - a , E1 , G: ' W 22 ' 5 -- Nliw- Vr' W . ,. 5351, . , .. 1.4

Suggestions in the Arlington High School - Honker Yearbook (Arlington, OR) collection:

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1952, pg 53

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