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3. ,. .. 4 J 3 'F I "4 Qdhyeegoiaff TAYLO PUBLISHING COMPANY YI 1 DALLAS, X TEXAS '74yIaz-wade Munysrren vwzsooxs 74? HEIGHTS 952 -Iii ARLINGTON HEIGHTS ILLINOIS Arlington Heights Township High School FOREWORD We like to think of the HHEIGHTSI' as a summary of our high school career It shows the Heights we try to attain This year we are going to start with the foundation, the faculty, and review the complete construction of our high school career Our blueprint will be .Iames W Foleys poem, THE BUILDER THE BUILDER James W Foley I am the builder of castle and hall And I lay the stone in the temple wall I lay the tone and I raise the tower And mme is the glory of trength and power For I am the builder Oh hear me ing The ong of the ledge as its echoe ring I am the builder who walk with me The glory of cities upraised shall ee And the towers that rise To the arch of the skies For I am the builder come walk with me' I am the BUIIIIPI' of forest and glade I am the Hand that has hewn and made lhe prak of the mountain the case of the sea I am the Maker of worlds that be Y I am the Builder of sun and seas The 'IIa ter of human destmles I am the Builder who walks with 'Ile The glory of ouls risen up hall ee And I build with the soul That 1 clean and whole For I am the Builder come walk with Me' V , I if X , ' - 9 64 99 I 1 I E4 Q T Q A Q ' I A r A. l- . I I, rr I W S tsl S , , X S I - yy . . Y :rj-6, I H- 7 if Y 9 f ru .K I1 l YI. A X' A ' - t, ' p 'N I A 1 I es, Q . . 'sl . , .L -. N A 1 r K Et . ' sl ', s Ts I ' I - - , f I g I E f ' I all I t A I ' 'P 1 I " V TABLE OF CONTENTS FACULTY CLASSES Yes, I am the Builder of suns and seas, The Master of human rlestinies. And the towers that rise to the arch of the skies, ACTIVITIES SPORTS HI LIGHTS I am the Maker of worlds-that be, And I buzlcl wzth the soul That zs clean and uhole I am the Builder who walks wzth Me? UNDERCLASSIVIEN .IUNIGRS SENIORS And I lag the stone and I razse the tower The glory 0 souls rzsen up shall see I am the Hand that has hewn and made The peak 0 the rnountazn -gm X LJQ x 'Gi ry lxtsv 1 I ""'- N . , y , , If ' , f ' f QQ if , VN 24. T, A, f 1 .. , ,U 2 Arif" ' ,J 5, 4 I 5. Lx 1 nfs , L Q . ' V 1 52 HEIGHTS STAFF Editor in Chie Assistant Editor Copy Editor Assistant Copy Layout Editor Assistant Layout Faculty Editor Senior Editor furzzor Editor Underclassman Editor Activities Editor Sports Editor Assistant Sports Girls Sports Art Editor Assistant Art I D Editor Photographer Assistant Business Manager Faculty Sponsor LEICH PETERSEN FRAN ZOLLNER BARBARA RANSDELL ANN JUNG CARRIE KADOYAMA IUDY GREGG VIRGINIA CARROLL ANITA PETERSEIN CAROL HEISS NANCY BROWN RLSSELL RENNAKER BOB SIM'VIONS BOB BOWER CAROL GLAESER JOAN PETERSON CAROL KIRKEBY SUE HENNING BOB GLABE DICK GASSEN DIANE PERRY MRS M A FARRIS Assistant Activities ,,,t,,, ,sI,t,,,,,t,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,, B ONNIE BARROW f d 'Yo aii members oi "HEiGH'YS', Staii: Now that we haye successiuiiy passed through the turhuient waters oi rush an preparation and reached' the quiet harhor caim oi accompiishxnent, i NN ant to say in sincere appreciation to aii oi you tor a ioh weii done, "Thank you." At the risk oi iurther comment heing anti-ciimatic, X must add you have heen most generous oi your time and taient, and without each part or person's contri- hution, this issue oi the "i'iEiGi'i'YS,' wouid not now exist. it is thc end resuit oi good team spirit and cooperation which is one oi the hasic principies oi our great natiorf s success. By continuing that spirit and cooperation through iesser organiza- tions or groups within this nation and particuiariy in its educationai groups, it shouid reassure us that we wiii continue in greatness tor ah tree men to witness. heretore, hy the "i'iEiGi'YY'5" and through your schooi, have aiready con- e to the very iiie hiood ot our country. Yiememher this ah your tributed in iiie. Thanks again. LEXGH YETERSEN Editor , fix- s saga 4' i You t a measur ft .1 N Q FACULTY Yes I am the Builder of suns and seas The Master of human destlnles sfx if 'Wi 45 . xx-93 XP! ff I flff 'Ziff 33 Q'x 9 ' f . 9 s e . M, , A k,7, i Q ' W x ,f fs: fx if ' ' 2 if X f, , , 5 gf' 1 V 'Q " "if J s s i s 'S . 'ff K f .X ,h X ,fi s , V19 e K e' f 2' ff? , 4 rf, , ' A 4 1 53 ,4 ' V 0 f f ,I Ml! y s 'W jg e .W R 2 lj Qu!! 1' Q' x , f fu' ff' A Q .J ,, , 3 ? '. C1 4 " J ' ,y ,J 11 Q. rj 5' IQ 6 Q '71 , 'I' x X' 'X A Q, K fr . X 1 1, I f ' I' 1 1 f 'f w I X. 'W 0 A 0 ' 'ff' ff M, '1 I ' V 1,47 , ' 'Ig 7 f 1 1 ' 4 iff J x"" V 03 3' , '-r an ,JI bs' , vip . J, -SX ' - I A 0 P '9 4, X 0 '7 x f , ,X I rw LL 1 X "1 -.. ,. ,Y 3 e-AM v ,gtg K - ' sO5fv.MTi:iv:!,N x 1 '9'wl R I, xv 4 , , x -. ff' 'Y' , H ff 2:7 lj Cl gx f' K ! f I- '7 P , I 1, -5 fr ,, l Kb X UE Jw. ' ,A m , Ls Q 5 A v 'Q 4. ' X L , 4 ' N " ,f x N- : .1-c X x 1 , " s. I 5? 'I ffl 'X 5 A iw a -.K 1- ,g X W , og M, AR dfgftq 1 ' I 095 Ek I Q' I . "J of , " if Lv x E' 1 PM 1 ' ff '., , 2' "4 I' , '75 ' u A 14" 'fr 1 I I' 4 ,il . nfl 5' Q. 1, Y' Q .1 , 47k ff ' . ll , ' ' - " 4169 'l.f, of "ul i. xv ,X 4 , V, I Q i Q lx HAZEL BEVERLY Girls with problems .7 That was what occupied Hazel Beverly, who was Mr. Slichen- myer's counterpart for the girls. She helped with Student Senate. kept a watchful eye on the Girls' Club, and also was advisor for the girls. She also, las did Mr. Slichenmyer with the girlsj helped any of the boys who asked for her aid. fr , 5 ae 2 S Q f' vw ' in n igga' aff J in ., lj f I E4 is Q' tlgggiv 2 Ei . R ll ' o v. ' ff' iff Q Here the Heights extends its thanks on behalf of the entire student body for an infinity of patience and understanding. g v' H. L. SLICHENMYER Boys with problems .' That was what H. L. Slichenmyer, our Administrative Assistant and Director of Guidance here at A. H. T. H. S.,-had to contend with from morning to night, every hour on the hour. Directing the activ- ities of Student Senate, helping students adjust their schedules, and advising them on their proh- lems kept Mr. Slichenmyer busy. Q vs. -Q MR. RUSSELL R. ATTIS Physical Education Varsity Track Coach Field Coach Varsity Cross Country Coach MRS. NANCY BIERMA Clothing I and II Homemaking Point System Future Homemakers of America MISS MILDRED BOPP Librarian Library Club MR. DON C. CARMICHAEL Common Learnings I English I Intramural Sports MR. R. M. CONRAD Common Learnings IV Curriculum Director fe nj? "Cul MR. WILLIAM BECKMAN Math Driver Training Assistant Varsity Football Coach Freshman Basketball Coach MISS DORIS L. BLACK American History Social Science Club MR. J. D. BRYSON Vocational Agriculture Future Farmers of America MR. FLEET COMBS Journalism English Common Learnings The Cardinal Quill and Scroll MISS ANN COX English I Common Learnings II Honor Society MR. RAY DeGREEFF General Business Physical Education Basketball Tennis MISS MARIAN A. ELLIOTT Speech Correction MRS. HAZEL M. FAULKNER Bookkeeping Office Practice MR. WALLACE GRACE Athletic Director Varsity Baseball MISS MARY S. HANDLIN Home Economics Cafeteria Director MRS. FLORENCE ELFELD World History American History MRS. MARY ANNE FARRIS English II Common Learnings I The Heights Quill and Scroll MISS MARGARET FIRTH Spanish I and II Los Hidalgos MR. JOHN CRIFFITH Electrical Shop Machine Shop MR. JOHN HOOKOM Algebra I Geometry Drivers Training .lunior Class Sponsor Math Club MISS DOLORES HUDSON German French English German Club French Club MR. ROBERT KEMMAN Biology Advanced Biology Senior Class Sponsor Biology Club MR. ALVIN L. KULIEKE Chemistry Physical Science Ushers Club Chemistry Club MR. CURTIS R. LARSEN Mechanical Drawing A Club MISS ALMA LEONHARD English IV MR. GAY C. HUGHES Biology Driver Training Cheerleaders Trampoline Group Biology Club MR. MAURICE KLOTZ American History American Government MR. NICHOLAS KUSHTA Mathematics MISS JUNE LEICK Freshman Girls'Chorus Choir Triple Trio Madrigal Concerts Contests Minstrel Show MRS. DOROTHY LIBNER Shorthand Typing Dictation and Trans- cription MR. JOHN LIGON Industrial Arts Sophomore Football Sophomore Track MR. NELSON LOWRY Biology Physical Science Science Clubs Audio Visual Club MR: RODERICK MCLENNAN Plane Geometry Physics Aeronautics Sophomore Class MR. ROBERT C. MEREDITH Cadet Band Adv. Band History of Music Adv. Girls' Chorus Dance Band MR. CLAYTON E. Speech Radio Workshop Debate Debate Squad Speech Activity National Forensic Sponsor MOTT League ,pw nw -:FUD MISS EDITH LINDSEY English III MISS JANE MAHIN Common Learnings I Common Learnings II MISS LETA McMILLIN Social Typing Vocational Typing Shorthand MISS SYLVIA M. MOLLER English II Dramatics National Thespian Society Paint and Wig MR. E. ORMSBEE General Business Physical Education MR. EDWARD PAULUS General Shop General Metals Machine Shop Head of Shop Department MISS ETHEL RIORDAN Counselor of Social and Emotional Problems MISS PATRICIA SCHIPPER Physical Education Band Front GAA Girls' Intramurals MR. THEODORE SEILER Common Learnings III English III Guidance Counselor MR. GEORGE TORHAN Sociology American History Wrestling Coach Freshman Football MR. BRUNO WAARA Economics Distributive Ed. D. E. Club MISS DOROTHY WILSON Algebra Math Club MRS. THELMA CARROLL 'W' OFFICE STAFF MISS KAY WEISENBURGER Girls Physical Ed. Pep Club JEAN HANAUER YAAN ELA NXAWQRT FLA INE G09 Cc 5--K N 5 all MRS. HELENA GUNTHER if S x - L ..- a4Q" ik ' .X mf I P Stan Woznick Alex Stonefield Ira Ellis Walter Fiene Art Miller Irving Grotefend Oliver Lynk P2 Miss Garms Mrs. Kastning Mrs. Koch Mrs. Martini Mrs. Fiene CLASSES And the towers that rise To the arch of the skies x FW gr! 4,, 199 'bm '52- fx 7- Q 'iv 'iii fo 60 100: '19 1055 61-6, Z9 1, fad Pr I 0 abd C072 ZS! ofjf 6' 01021 Ik PSO 0 iff 61? Z8 6' ,"w., I' . omg Oo!! 6' S """' 3085216 Z els 569 IP Q49 00 0,72 Gif! Qc feel? U2 8 6660 I' Q 4 KZZJQIZCQQI ff f 34' 0 0 Qfff S Qzwiw '62 61 00 Qs 0012.1 9 nf ACTIVITIES I um H10 II'lflI1'l'I' of 'IVUTIIIS - II1uI Iw by! T4 v NI x, we K.. fl 'if -XM Y 0 : I5 II' ff. infix mg If R K If IGH I rv ,J X I I I' N l,f X R v 7' feed? " Y Agn, 1 4 V5 2 ,Q ff ff .f hw VG .1 4 21 M :Q YJ. w gy, 'P -'M5fi:'55x,Q553Lw -' Mr X95 ,fai- aj s Wah, a Ls -9 -M- 'fs X F559 sqfff 'KW ff v A f Spf '41 m-.U"f'vE ws if hiv mx JVM '31 EE, -sf? fa, 'iv ku 'Q r :,w 1 nf xx 2 nh! xg: -. K 1 Qu! 1 wk JY.-A fnf ev if 2 wig 1 Ji I J 'a 'J 0 1 L 1 v1 'V f 'H f M, a 'K ,- 3 S in iq. K ft fm J. Lundstrom, P. Miller, B. Ar- nold, M. Tawney, T i STUDENT SENATE Under the able leadership of Barbara Ar- nold, President, Carwood Leckband, Vice Presidentq Paula Miller, Secretary, Myrna Tawney, Treasurer, and ,loan Lundstrom, Corresponding Secretary, the Student Senate has greatly aided the administration and the student body. The Senate started the year with one of the best magazine drives A. H. T. H. S. has ever had. This was quickly followed by the Homecoming celebrations. Various committees within tthe Senate worked to promote sportsmanship, initiate the point system, plan for safety in case of fire or atomic attack, and aid the Crusade for Freedom drive. Aniong the Senateis contributions to the music department were the uniforms pur- chased for the color guard. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The qualities of a member of the James Scott Chapter of the National Honor Society are Leadership, scholarship, character, and service. Striving toward this goal helps in the building and development of our students. NATIONAL Hdnon soclETv 3 ,Z Each spring five per cent of the E 3, junior class and ten percent of the -3 1 senior class are initiated into the or- 2 S ganization. W First row: F. Hubbard, J. Hinds, M. Zepp. Second row: J. Bernthal, J. Groth, Miss Cox. Third row: J. Winterhauer, E. Jung, B. Arnold. Fourth row: C. Knapp, J. Vawter, T. Cleaver. fm mv if 2 qvfi P? X., '- FRESHMA CLASS B OARD an ff' Ill ,VV A AQ NnA""V First row: R Moore Abel, C Sch Sec , If Burns, N Qemens, J. Theis, edler. ond row: B. Currie, 71 Brayg D. Felli phrey, B. Weise, C. Koeppe, li ' ngham, B. Hum- Rezd. SQVHONNORY: BCPXD CLF SS '1- Q., S? . cwectexavgg S. Yehu- Osbum, U. Yxrex sow: M. Suxbet, M. XCmgeXey, , soo, 'Yxeaeurexg S. Ueavex, Vkce Yxe-adam-, C. Doman. Second vow: NX. Wade, M. Schaeiet, S. Nkkson, 5. Skg- -Nau, S. Wkmer, NX. Xvereon. 'Ufxtd iowa C. Turk, Ym. BXIVXXOX1., B. YAXXQ, Yteskdemg B. Fisk. .IU lOl? CLASS AR 1' First row: J. Peterson, N Clokg D. fllaivrllofvr, C Hin- neberg, K. Jfogren, Sffcretary,' D. Hoyln. Second row: B. Caliente, Vice Pr Ewart, D. .Vcfiulifff-, Pre ' H Gustafson, Tre ffsident szdvnt ,' C 39UI'f'r. :TR C1 e-Hd, li aeser, J. Moreth, CLP ENXOR RD SS B CF. 'Q 90 5 's- E 'iv' . I.. 5 fn tgxzly LJ Yktex sow '. G. Xveieen, X. Lnehxkng, G. Raedner, Y. Amend S. Gfoxh. Vice Yxeekdenxg S.Yaw1er. nd tow: B. Semen. E-ecxexaxgg L. Yredexkcbe. Yxe ver, Y. Hubbard. Y. Brki. D. Kennedy. G Treaensex. Seco - 'Y . CXea 'Y'0eXs . dent , Uaesonvikz. NX. NURSES' AID Front row: Mrs. Carroll, V. Carroll, A. Ford, D. Schuetz, P. Carroll. . Second row: J. Beatty, N. Clow, L. Coyke, J. Peterson. Third row: L. Petersen, C. Ledyard, P. Ryan. USHERS' CLUB First.row: D. Keppler, R. Taggart, J. Eakins, R. Grace, L. Frederichs, C. Iverson, B. Chamber- lain, B. Mealins. Second row: G. Leckhand, M. Theis, B. Clube, L. Claus, W. Moehling, R. Hutchinson, D. Straus, J. Moreth, Mr. Kulieke. Third row: B. Caliento, W. Hesch, T. Theis, D. McAuliffe, T. Cleaver, S. Mundy, N. Lauben- heimer, B. Ellis, R. Birkholz. D ,Ha nn' is .if 'mn in -ew-rflfw. ,J ff I X r te' pi iggrf.. M7911 'si' L K-... . , , l +L,,,Q..f'- 3 HALL MONITORS First row: E. Flink, G. Janisch, J Sanders, B. Burke, I. Lingren, E. Greschner, D. Hoym. Second row: G. Holgreve, D. Botterman P. Cieseke, G. Rasher, C. Hoffie, B Maher. Third row: C. Engelking, S. Schroeder E. Heimsoth, I. Kun, F. Hubbard, C Wetterman, A. Milnamow, M. Land meier. SODOLITAS ROMANA Sodolitas Romana better known as the Latin Club had lnterestmg and well planned meet lngs based on Latm customs The offlcers of the club were Joan Lundstrom Flrst Consul Paul Gustafson Second Consul and Amta Petersen Scrlba Mlss Volz 15 the club spon sor I-Ilgh pomts ln the clubs act1v1t1es 1n cluded Saturnalla CChr1stmasJ 1n1t1at1on o new members mstallatlon of offlcers and the Pan Language Banquet Sodohtas Romana or Roman C1t1zens belongs to the Junlor Classlcal League LE CIRCLE FRANCAIS Enthuslastlc French puplls Jolned Le Clrcle Francals to have fun as they learned many thmgs about France ltS language and lts customs Betsy Jarrett Hazel Mueller and Marlene Brown served as thls years Presl dent VICC Presldent and Secretary Treasurer MISS Hudson supervlsed the year s act1v1t1es PAN-LANGUAGE BANQUET As the language clubs worked toward better understandlng of forelgn peoples lt fol lowed that they should deslre to do some thmg together Thls year the clubs celebrated the Second Annual Pan Language Banquet Every club contnbuted son1eth1ng approprlate to the menu wore costumes llke those worn IH the COUUIIICS they represented and pre sented acts ln the entertalnment DIE SCHNICKEL FRITZE Dre Schnlckel Frltze was formed for the pur pose of furtherlng the classroom study of Cer man The members learned many lnterestmg thlngs about the German country and people Carol Tlmmermann Presldent John Russell Vlce Presldent Marlene Landmeler Secre tary and Robert Ryan Treasurer wlth the ard of Mlss Hudson dlrected the club throughout the year LOS HIDALGOS A wanderer ln the v1c1n1ty of room 205A around Chrlstmas mlght have ambled ln to wltness thls scene Amld cheers ln another language a bllndfolded party goer tr1es to outwlt the uncanny dodg1ng of a colorfully decorated bag hanglng from the ce1l1ng Wham' He hltS lt' Suddenly the floor IS l1t tered wlth candles and pr1zes Thus by act ually part1c1pat1ng d1d Los Hldalgos under the dlrectlon of Mlss Flrth Sponsor and Carol Hoffxe ,hm Whltelaw and Dlck Mc Aullff 1ts offxcers make the study of forelgn customs lnterestlng 5-Chl Xt S .5 -A AL., i t S AWD! Second row! Bebber, T. Hawk. Third row: AUDIO VISUAL First row, standing, left to right: T. Bowersox, B. Cummisford, J. Brazelton. Second row: Mr. Lowry, C. Huber, J Sheppard, D. Johnson, Jack Mayer, D. Straus, S. Meyer, D. Gronert, A. Cal vert, P. Knoepper. R. Krouse, B. Cali ento, R. Runge. Seated on the floor, left to right: W Lynch, T. Wetterman, B. Schynder, L. Hendricks, L. Sieck, G. Skoog. At mike: D. Karstens. G. Williams. B. Catherwoot, T. Swington, R. Moritz. errill. E- QE! Q22 'IF' 'QM Pi ?'CJ QU: 'UE E2 :. 'P' Q1 'T C2311 ESF iw rg. QE "'o- U' O 'X .- fri EU 3 U1 Q :- : FD '1 in P AERONAUTICS s lf BIOLOGY CLUB Front row' D K . . arstens. B. Martin. S. Winters, Mr Kemman. Second row: F. Zollner, D. Iverson, D. Rehm, L. Nien- hold, C. Anstedt, S. Crawford, J. Drews, B. Cermer, C. Tice, B. Ewert, C. Rehfeldt, M. Creviston. Third row: D. Johnson, L. Cordon, F. Barns, J. Horcher, D. Hinrichs, T. Livingston, B. Siegel. .. 1 I li, K-vig' 1 ' X ir Qi: it 1 CHEMISTRY CLUB .. Q ' '75 A Q' L e iff. I . . 5 L 4 iw" '1 W- i ' A L Front row: B. Martin, G- Lechban .Q I , f ei fig, I 4 HinCiS- 22 . I Nj Second row: C, Kadoyama, K. Bressner " o M . J. Timmermall, Mr- Kulieke' Third row: W. Fellinghamv B' Pgai' son, D. McAul-life, P- Green' A' ai vert. Rf - Kent, : N. Laubenhelmer, C: lgncguxxisford, D' Brant, R. Birkholz. Q Q Joan Lundstrom, President, and Miss Black. Sponsor. MATH CLUB Front row: T. Cleaver, J. Hinds, C. Leckband, V. Ashcraft. Second row: Mr. Hookoni, C. Meeker, P. Gustafson, A. Zepp R. Claas, W. Fellingham, A. Dei ball. T T xi i C7 SOCIAL SCIENCE CLUB N. Emig, ,l. Bernthal, E. Jung, J. Lundstrom. I. Kun. F. Hubbard. Second row: P. Watkins, I. Metre, N. Turpin, E. Johnson, J. Hinds, B. Ransdell. This year two new clubs have joined the chain of organ- izations which are open to the students of A. H. T. H. S. The Social Science Club. started in the spring of 1951, studied various social problems. Among its activities were collecting toys and books for a children,s home, having speakers on social problems, and visiting various social centers. The Math Club, sponsored by Mr. Hookom, planned a newspaper and worked on projects not offered in math classes. GIRLS CLUB if Xa J JHZCAQQI. Af 'lu 1883 V3 AI W M C Land 510,-661116, H Girls Club the largest club at A H T H S boasts of having all the girls in school as members The officers this year were Joyce Jannusch President Fran Zollner Vice President Carol H0ff1C Secretary Janet Packard Treasurer Myra Landmeier Freshman Representative and Miss Beverly Sponsor. This was a very successful year for the club with several outstanding events. The first big event was a coke-party in September for all the new upper classmen girls and their big sisters. The Style Show in November was the next item on the long list. It showed appropriate clothes for most occasions modeled by the girls. There were also little skits in which the boys participated. The highlight of December was the annual Christmas Potluck Supper' it was enjoyed by everyone. In June several members attended the Girls Club Conference at Lew Wallace High School in Gary Indiana. The theme of the conference was Act Well Your Part ,e. H A FUTURE FARMERS of AMERICA First row, seated: W. Gallee, R. Price, K. Jacobson, K. Recramp, H. Recramp, W. Stade, J. Bryson Second row: C. Bumgarner, C. Osburn, B. Rowe, E. Linneman, B. Kouse, E. Wilson, R. Thone, D Wille, R. Moellenkamp, B. Rasher. Third row: J. Grimmer, E. White, K. Allison, H. Rikert, W. Wegreyn, J. Raupp, P. Theobald J. Johnson, H. Foss, R. Von Bergen, W. Keolling, R. Moehling. Fourth row: R. Kessro, R. Hintz, R. Charles, E. Foss, D. Clark, W. Bruhn, M. Meyer, C. Jarmuth R. Busse, R. Petersen. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS of AMERICA Front row: J. Coert, B. Flowers, J. Benedett, P. Pitzen, M. Wenzlaff, M. Behrens. Second row: C. Petersen, B. Meszaros, H. Grimm, C. Lenhart, J. Busse, J. Neitzke, H. Hassil M. Raupp. Third row: P. Toy, C. Rhefeldt, F. Reckamp, C. Henricks, R. Riemer, H. Galuk, M. Emig, M Heiden, G. Mitch. Fourth row: B. Winkelman, J. Drewes, E. VonBergen, M. Krambeir, S. Heiden. E. Rowader D. Riemer. F. DISTRIBUTORS' CLUB Members of the Distributors, Club were a part of the Distributive Education Program of our school. The club was organized to give its members some social activity within the school because they worked during the afternoon and couldn't join the regular extra-curricular program. As part of the Distributive Education Program, they worked at various places in Arlington Heights, Mount Prospect, Wheeling, Des Plaines, and Barrington. Following is a list of members in this program and the places in which they were employed: Jean Heidorn .,..,a,,av,,,o,,oo,, MARTINS' BEAUTY SHOP John Webster lt,,,a,... ,,,ttttto,t,.,t. N ELSON SERVICE Jim Intravartolo ,,l..t, , , .,,, TRAVAS RESTAURANT Dick Maloney a,t,,,, lt.,, .,tut,,t,, .ito, K N A ACK MOTORS Margie Walt ..,,, .l,,,t,,,,,,,ts, B ROWN'S DRESS SHOP Jean Miller .,,u l.,,a,,,,..,. H AGENBRINKS DIME STORE Helen Tidd Y,D.......,,,.,,l,,,,,,,,a,,,ot.,,...,.,a,.,,, WOOLWORTH'S Shari Lou Boroughf ............,,t,,,,,,,,I.,,..,,. VAN DRIELS' Ray Heppner HMOUNT PROSPECT MILL and LUMBER Bob Wieland .,,,.,,,,ttt,,,,s,,..,,, BACHMAN,S HARDWARE Glen Blohm .....,l.. ottto,,,o,,,, J EWEL FOOD STORE Ralph Gjoen .,,a,,,a ..,........,....a.t,a T RANGLE MOTORS Dick Bliele ,att.a Lts,.ts,,,,.,,,a,,,,,,,,t,, P OOLES, GARAGE Bob Schuler L ,,,a,tt RODEWALD NEWS AGENCY Front row: Mr. Waara, J. Heidorn, J. Webster, J. Intravartolo. Second row: D. Maloney, M. Walt, J. Miller, H. Tidd, S. Boroughf, R. Heppner. Third row: B. Wieland, C. Blohm, R. Gjoen, D. Bleile, R. Schuler. ll! DEBATE First row: T. Cleaver, R. Peltier, K. Bressner, K. Ford. Second row: C. Knapp. J Nilsson, Mr. Mott, C. Hed- emark, D. Walton. fl! T M 01 Q 5 I 5 N Q 6 v.0'.I ' as 9 nil: 'u:.. l 2222: 3: sm, Maru 'Ls NATIONAL THESPIANS Seated: B. Bowman, B. Morrow, Miss Moller. Standing: J. Bernthal, F. Hubbard, J. Mette, S. Henning, L. Petersen, B. Pearson IN """-M K PAINT and WIC Front row: B. Morrow, B. Maher, M. Brown, R. Peltier, N. Glow, J. Bernthal. Miss Moller. Second row: N. Scott, E. Wvilson, D. Johnson. J. Jarret, S. Franke, V. Jeffery, B. Ewart, P Mors. S. Johnson. C. Peterson. J. Votava. Third row: S. Henning, B. Smith. A. Milnamov, D. Perry, F. Hubbard, A. Boyland, H. Brownell, C. Cowen. P. Watkins, J. Leth, J. Schroeder. Fourth row: J. Nilsson, N. Emig, C. Hoffie, Pat Ryan, A. Calvert. H. Beyer, L. Petersen, J. Peterson. D. Klingber, J. Lingren, V. Carroll, J. Mette. Paint and Wig, during the year, attended plays, presented interesting programs and sponsored the all-school play. ln addition to a program paralleling that of Paint and Vlfig, the National Thespian Society also presented a play for the speech contest. PEP CLUB Pep Club kept sp1r1t at games at fever pltch wlth 1ts constant cheermg They pro Vlded entertamment at pep assembhes by glV mg sluts Therr lmpresslons of our players school sp1r1t and opposlng teams as well as ofthe A H T H S coaches were enjoyed by exeryone 'SN if 7 PEP CLUB OFFICERS P Ryan Presrdent J Gllman V108 Pres1dent N Walker Secretary Treasurer PQ X 51 1 sp,-a ll ysrsfipl? N Q 'T' Q f C cr' , 32 ff 0 'fn M' j, K, N , is P ,ff i ' ' .. I . I a . S . . 7 . . 7 7 . THE MUSIC MAIDS-Our Twirlers Santa Claus' visit to A. H. T. H. S. on the last basketball game before Christmas has become an unbroken tradition. With an accompaniment of sleigh bells Santa entered complete with sleigh and brightly dressed reindeer. The reindeer came out of the shafts long enough to entertain the spectators with an exhibition of twirling. Then they returned to the old grind of pulling Santa about. As he dashed around the gym for the last time before he left, Santa tossed candy to all the people. Santa was brought to us by our twirlers, the hard-working members of the band- gym class. The twirlers were divided into several groups, as can be seen by their uniforms. Julie Hinds was the Solo Majorette. There were also a quartette and a corps. The twirlers practiced many long hours for acts that were destined to failure be- cause of difficulties in the weather. However, outstanding among their performances were their routines with black lights, and the acts they took to the state and district contests. To a group that receives little recognition for long hours spent preparing for a relatively short performance we give our heartfelt thanks. First row: S. Scanlon, B. Smith, V. Rechberger, J. Meyer, S. Hendrichs, M. McMahon, P. Thompson. Second row: M. Wenzlaff, M. Kerschke, N. Wood, C. Rehfeldt, S. Franke, J. Hinds, M. Berhens, J. Schumacher, M. Lagorio, B. LaBonne, A. Heiss. XX af v' .ffz ' if 'Vw' s A... , 'wir p J ,631 ?Ef?Imf X - fi ,rw is gf , 5 if ,QA 5.1 Q., Z ,X , if fyr5,.f4,Wfy,?2gg . 5 . ,E .Qt 3' 'S 'K 'xy V T . , , .,-5 , , fm 7. . Hz Q 5 ' s . - ' A 1 I Z , ik, X HA ' 4 1,35 ,Tix ly If im JR y . -QA 5 X X 'kg W N ' ' N ' w pw, -Ji'f-+1 f , 3, Q . i - X Wy - ' ' 145' se- W9 W sg, if ,X 5 4 kt' 1 Ei iw ' afefkx f K t N ll E J Q , I ""' Sf X63 , X' XA 'Rv Q? X ,5Q,"1QV'z+ W X A Lv-3 Lx, 'llan hx Q Wh , I . 4 it 8 if iv 1 X. LJ ...nv ""' 'G R i few ? M X X 1 4, ,.,' x. 'vw .N ,iv Q! A Q ,tx X 3 5 f , Msn u a - ,g f' 5 Y K -aw , W, ., X si fx Qw 4 3 :mfr-famrfmawf-Q, ,- gg 5 Q , , X X. Q 1 1 1 'w . ' x . Q K as W L I'.".."" Q Q' ff 1 gm' Q fi fix N 'VW f2 fgiX f A ,, ,gf -xx 3 L W ku Y XQAQ K, 'fi . .- 9' ik 'K Sy , Q ,V -W .pf "':TAX 5, If gg Vx 4 V' V 'W X. , , if ix - N' fy m i X Q4 M i NE ,. f vii, k Q sg? ...... 1' 4 f r 3 - 1 .N W ,Q ,, .www I .L-A KM, 'T' X yy. Q' 3.5, 4 ax . xx 'iw ' . 13' x Q -rv - 4-F ff gf- il , -fi L ' A gp L Alf? ' " V X W lb . qw Cv. 'g sa- ' ' .Q ' " sr , f. - ,if K A r" , 4 :LW ' i , 2 5 i 4' WI 37 li 543' is-. Q 1. 1 . wi " ,V - K gl ix 2,5 AD If 'RIA Gia! 3 Lind' g my l 1 fi ,N 312 ' ' 1 ' A - Q XX .X , , A l 1 g :N I G 'ff . , 1 ,I g L , E f , L , 5 5 A I H I t if ' ,L H 4 S X! f "TM W K ," ,7 A 1 f'A A , q i X A f ' V . 12239 'H 1 'N A :ge BAND ENSEMBLES 5 4 1 " x X15 X sg 4.-1 L "" I f--.f A MS', -Af FRESHMAN GIRLb CHOIR Front row C Haclland J Bent-dettl 9 Barr M Ruggles C Peter en. Second row D Faulkner C Qorensen B Baumann Q Crawford. M. Mates, L. Nienhold, C. Anstedt G Moore J Hertel I Osborn N Clemens M Peters N. Green. Third row B Meszaros R Muller B Russell J Keppler F Gorcica, J. Speers. C. Henricks, J Coert R Johnson B Flowers G Wallgren D Brodahl U Stachurski. Swanson ,I Meyer L Petersen J Burnett, H. Grimm, P. Mors, Lagorlo C Swanson. ADVANCED GIRLS, CHORUS First row: J. K6-rtche-r, C. H1-de-mark S. Engelking, J. Votava. Second row: B. Reed, S. Johnson, J Meyn, R. Schoenbeck. B. W'hittaker. Third row: A. Alta-nhurg, N. DiValI S. Caughen, D. Marcy, P. Kerschke J. Falkanger. Fourth row: L. Beige-1. J. Feind, N Rasmussen, Schroeder, S. Sigwart 5' ,J ?W" XXRX Fay gm N e-. TRIPLE TRIO Early 1n the year n1ne out standlng glrls were chosen from the mixed cholr to form a new organlzatlon the Trlple Trlo These glrls performed at many commumty functlons and con certs Pxamst Jane Torreyson V Rechberger Rahn L Jacobsen E Ewart P Mo lumby R Landmeler Carrylng on the fine tradltlon of the past Madrlgal Slngers tlus years group presented many outstandlng programs Not only were such school affalrs as the Chrrstmas programs contrlbuted to by thls group but lt also performed for many communlty orgar MADRIGAL Farsi row B Jarrett G Cowen L Coyke J Drews H Mueller Second row I Lee B Rankm G Hass J Ahmer P Wmtergurst P Knoeppel L ,f X X fl E 14 wi g -U - . X of L, V. Ashffaffi N. Tnrpln, BQ MIXED LHGIR I 'Fisting' K .L -. 1 .11 v., W -Lv,-5 .,.f ..f K 'Y xx Y. v1V A Y-,., K- ng Y AY, , fi First row: M. Schorr, L. Anderson, P. Eaton, P. Pitzen B. Jarrett, D. Maierhofer, M. Votava, J. Neitzke, L. Meyer H. Brownell, J. Schroeder, M. Kingsley, A. McNeely, D Johnson, D. Perry, J. Shelkop, N. Boettcher, V. Ashcraft S. Winter, V. Rechberger, B. Swanson. Second row: Miss L. Blaschke, N. Turpin, L. Coyke, D Dionne, J. Oltrogge, L. Kamps. S Cleaver, M. Brown A. Allmann, L. Jacobsen. R. Landmeier, E. Ewert, B Rahn, N. Middleton, J. Gilman, H. Mueller, J. Drewes J. Torreyson, J. Bernthal. Third row: G. Cowen, B. Ewert, J. George, K. Johnson D. Mueller, H. Peters, D. Bower, F. Zollner, C. Stadelman L. Gordon, L. Dobbins, B. Rankine. J. Lee, J. Whitelaw P Wintergerst D Riley G Haas W Stoeckel. J. Ahman, P. Knoeppel, W. Reis. MIXED CHOIR All the Mixed Choir s accomplishments-from their impressive part in the baccalaur eate and graduation exercises to their presentation of the minstrel show-showed hard work with loads of fun for reward. l Hsx g e":"Ql' S0 Ls- mfg s 9 wb if 41' 4'- 'T' 427'J.,fQ'1s"2."S's ?'5' '. .f ,.4'ai. , A B P+., f.f-,alexa ia B-f'a'.:+v..,x' QW 4- ""s," ,Q Q' Q ,' .'f'Q',--V. qf ' as ."f3'K i 'JUS LIBRARY CLUB Around table: Miss Bopp. ,l. Siegel. U. Stachurski, L. Peterson, D. Rehm. D. Faulkner, C. Timmermann, M. Cosman, M. Emig, L. Erwin, M. Larson. E. Johnson. H. Tidrl. ov Standing: D. llrewer, B. Mealins, E. Fritz, S. Boroughf, J. Mcfllaughry, J. llorclier, E. Schroeder. By providing better libra- ry service, the Library Club tried to make the library a a sw! 5 better place for students to relax and studv. "'4?3tW fi 355323, we as if "i mfr.:-r 'M' e - ,- Miki' Y ,W as W ' ' QUILL and SCROLL First row: F. Zollner, B. Rans- dell, P. Watkins. J. Peterson. Second row: Mr. Combs, Mrs. Farris, E. Jung. .l. Jannush. Third row: L. Peterson. 'Na gif? FV? 'Sf Ei-f rw. A 5 UL Q J ls. CARDINALS Erica ,lung Edztors tn Chze Sports Edztor Asszstant Sports Editor Business Manager Asszstant Buszness Manager Art Editor Faculty Sponsor Photographer Jung P Watkins R Page B Virgil ,I Bernthal J Lmgren G Rascher B F Combs B Glabe Reporters T Anderson E Blake B Bourseau E Brandon B Burke N Emlg J Felnd S Henning F Hub bard M Modjeske B Ransdell G Keithley G Bascher B Virgil A Wester C Wetterman G Cowen A Jung E Wilson B Bower J Nilsson D Zmkel A Calvert G Leckband Cub Reporters J Christman E Helfers V ,larmuth L Kamps B Lyon M Meyer J Seigel I Wlnterbauer C Lockwood. Art Staff H. Beyer C. Kadoyama D. Marcy B. Martin J. Peterson P. Sim L. Williamson. Ralph Page and Bob Virgil Pat Watkins Business Staff N Middleton A Milnamow I Peterson N Reed R Rehllng J Schroeder J Falkanger L Car man S Gaughen B Hlllyer J Llngren N Scott .l Stenborg Problems complications and more problems' The Cardinal editors were ID a chaotic state won dering whether they would get enough copy The business manager rushed to get his quota of ads Reporters feature writers photographers business and art staffs were busled with various asslgnments But promptly every other Thursday everyone found his Cardinal in his locker The Cardinal staff was composed of students from the journalism class and other souls who yearned after such work As the result of the com blned efforts of 1tS editorial board staff and edl tors a well rounded paper was produced This year the Cardinal has succeeded in its ef- forts to give students something to say about what they want of the paper and has been a service to the school. SPQRTS And I build with the soul That is clean and whole. M5 KXX J LU ,ffm g ff x AX fx X A, f - V .Tjk km xx N fx X f X, f7Vv L 1 0 ,X M K - Axff ff fff" H' K S-xo Q O X7 i" " 4, i-Ss... f X-"' 1 Q W- . f , .Q,,,, K, ""'f- .V ' J lfffif-wa ., vf K it A,-'.11-xi-.M .Q A 'vzf ,Mimi E K" , a.ffvLf'E ' aff! g J ff' ' 2 fgf 135.315 I R h k 'Rafi'-,-254 . 1. I, -sp .iv-: ' in 2- 1 A, ffrfr Q 4: , 4, 1 ,M .f rf ' fs, K f "-.WR maj Qawsxs... W. X x if Q ig!-JQ Qiflf 1 ' k J ' Lfiijf .M jf! 1: . 5, ff '-1 '- --:1'pwiw, K ,If.,.j.a, mug gg. '3'v'!f 7 '... ,,- i k ,Wx .A Mt ml 4 x 4.4 J -Q A' Seated left to right Ormsbee Grace Larsen qtandmg Carmichael Beckman Klotz DeGreeff Llgon Hughes Torhan Attls were the vltal force behlnd our athletlc program Here was one group 1n the faculty both respected and well hked by those wlth whom they came ln contact Our coaches are bullders hullders of character creators of moral lntegrlty, preservers of the tradltlons of good sportsmanshlp whlch have bullt AHTHS slnce IIS begmnlng lnstilling the spirit of sportsmanship, pride, and fight into their teams, the coaches - . 7 . . E 33 98 Above Thlrd row Coach Llgon D Myer R Markow B Butler C Harm D Hutchlnson Manager Coach Klotz Second row B Schaeffer B Ellls D Moore D Wllll3mS J Coggln B Wilson D Mlchalekl B Schoenfeld C Turk D Hauff K Goodman Fxrst row D Hoth B Dotts K Lemke J Mllnamow J Glueckert C Werner J Selberg D Ryden B Krause SWS Below Fourth row T Wagner C Ekerhardt J Hoth D Malcolmsom erson Third row C Walters D Lynk W Brumm B Dahlqulst F Burne J Grlmmer P Cutler J Johnston Second row Coach Torhan C Ham merl J Thels R Drutlern W Mueller L Dobblns R Kyska D Maher J Laughlm D Brumm Coach Iarsen First row K Johnson M Ennls J Sauter J. Campbell Manager' K Schulze E. Kueking W. Klowsky. 66 as 2832 FRESHMAN 122 r37g,3S,,40 'B 41 'M' V GE 2U 15 28 FROSH SOPH i l K J 'Q,C Q tm' il' 4 77 5 27 ' 9 , 34 , gf tcrr 'Q S ' 31, 35 423 17 M. oesehner, cf Slcelton, ,ojxmanil H. Kennicottl R. vlfeinlich, B. Wilk 'KY Ai t E 14 ' ct' X. ' " ' 1 I ff , , f v 1 fr I l BASKETBALL Back row Coach Klotz G Skelton D Hutchlnson W Mueller B Turner D Wmterhauer L Bjorklund D Moore Flrst row R Thomas M Shanklm R Thomas J Selberg D Ryden D Maher G Skelton oYH 90595 P5 lu Y' ...J-Ar I' rf' F89 41, VU 21, Q59 Back row D Lynk C Walters B Dahlqulst L Gordon D France D Malcomson Mr Beckman Second row J Laughlm W Brumm F Burns T Wagner I Thels Fxr t row S Fletcher K Leark R Kyika G Sauter J Stockton 1 l I I z , , . , , . ' , . , . , . ,, . : . , .. , . , B. , . , . ,, . , . O 5 Y fl SH: - 4--' mi- lgzqfd F A B S .. .. - Q ,I J X .Z l Jays R , Y R c Wise 4 x 5: 4. 5 Qi S 'Q ll 7 .. m S .,, W .. 1 1 Y W 'D , B Sr V :Ffa We fe, REQ .W , .,.,-f- ' JV A Lg 1 13528, ,. : . , . , . ' , . , . , . , . . I . , . , . , . , . . s : . , . , . - , . , . . Iii!! EK! P. Miller, J. Winterhauer, Miss Schipper, B. Day. F. Zollner. J. Gregg SPORTS HF.-XDS First row: J. Scliroe-el:-r. F. llulwlmarfl J. Sander, J, 'l'immerman. M. Surlier. Seconnl row: J. Jarrett. J. Beatty. J Gilman. H. Mueller, ll. Ralin. G. A. A. Ranking high in girls' organi- zations is the Girls, Athletic As- sociation. This vital organization promotes interest in sports and the out-of-doors and encourages its members toward health. strength, and good sportsmanship. The GAA plays an important part in the ac- tivities of all sportsmincled girls. '27 'H .JR :- r Z 'S 'ff-IU lil' ,kifv 4-ai fm ' ' j'L?,f'A 4 xxx? A B .xv ivy 35, Us. I' fy2?'?1. 9 "iw v 2 sf Y I A tif A , L A 0 . ,"f.' ko C "' W3 4 , Q - W 55' ' i sw' A ' ,I 8 at 5 ' V. . -,j '1 v is ,' " ' -Qr. Q. V' , Q 'Q . K s . Q -, Q, s , v - m 1 v ., Q, n" , .fx . 'P ? w K Nt n , A -4-,.. 1 f t yn' Envixjihja, ,A f , 4 K ,ff -- yr ' A f 4 I, A e, K. 1 zz. .. Back row: Coach Beckman, Goetschel, Keithley, Rezek, Hawk, Hinneberg, Simmons, Creviston, Eakins, Strauss, T. Theis, Hollahan, Coach Ormsbee. Center row: Manager Carlson, Brant, Winterbauer, Kroeber, Ragland, Klink, Sanders, Intra' vartolo, Grace, Leckband, Rickert, M. Theis, Klehm, Thomas. Front row: Hutchinson, Cummins, Krause, Nolte, Jacobsen, Davajon, Vartanian, Caliento, Mitch, Martin. no 3317 ,Qs IRQ Q! At the first kick-off of the season our grid men began their unsuccessful fight toward victory. Game after game they dropped by the smallest margin. The fall of '51 marked the beginning of competition on the gridiron as a member of the West Surburban Conference. With the exception of five returning lettermen the squad was fresh from the previous frosh-soph team. Returning lettermen were Joe Rezek, who played tackle, Norbert Leckband, our outstanding line backer, Roger Ragland at halfbackg ,lohn Eakins playing at the quarterback spot, and Jim lntra- vartolo at center. Jim was chosen All-Conference center. "Buz7' Ormsbee and Bill Beckman, the varsity coaches, watched many of the games thinking the game was to be chalked up as a victory for Arlington. Throughout every game, whether the red and white was winning or losing, the Cards played with the same vigorous spirit that they played with when they started down the field after the first kick-off. 9 itil ,-11113111 iiig CR SS COUN RY ! Bottom row: Emrick, Rankin, Taggart, Aldrich, Klatt, Friesendorf. Second row: Coach Attis, Hornbostel, Heintz, Fontaine, Welsh, Mealins, Iversen. Top row: Reinke, Drever, Dahlstrom, Dallstream. giigiiii iiig QQ: I TRA URAL SPQRTS Intramural sports have played an lmportant role 1n former years at Arhngton A new aCt1V1ty has now been added to the llst of these sports Thls year track IS a hlgh light of sprlng along wrth soft ball The rest of the year the tlme IS well fllled w1th football basket ball and other act1v1t1es Q rm.. WM Thls broadened program of 1n tramural sports creates an even greater opportun1ty than before for more boys to partlclpate IH thelr favorlte sport Mr Carmlch ael has worked hard along wlth the boys to make Arllngtons m tramural program blgger and bet ter each year lv fav We 3 av wi JH Ttiilt f Back row: R. Hutchinson, Managerg B. Klink, T. Bowersox, L. Frederichs, D. McAuliffe, J. Whitelaw, R. Hinneberg, H. Gorder, W. Hesch, M. Dahlstrom, Manager. Returning for another season on the floor were four lettermen: Jay Vawter, centerg Bob Chamberlain, guardg Ron Grace, guardg ,and LeRoy Frederichs, guard. John- ny Eakins, forward, and Hans Schmidt, forward, were new additions to the Cardinal five. . fy a.?L1 f X fa of . 4W'N t fi 5 M, A, Kneeling: Ray DeGreeff, Coachg R. Grace, H. Schmidt, J. Vawter, J. Eakins, B. Chamberlain. Arlington's hardwood men made a good showing for themselves when they met the tough schedule of the WSC. This was our first year in West Suburban Conference basketball competition. The honor of all-conference forward was bestowed on Jay Vawter, who was one of the top scorers in the con- ference. x :im 4 S , . ag, K -1 a., MUSCLE BUILDER fl' 7 i fx I 1 ' gi' ' J. First row: J. Zikniund, C. Bick. W. Mulso, N. Leckband, D. Brandt, W. Rapp, N. Sargent, R. Harth. B. Thompson. Second row: R. Rerlemacher. J. Worley. F. Welsh. N. Barr. V. Carlino. K. Piepenbrink. B. Scott. F. Borgarclt. B. Schoenfelclt. T. Wetterrnan. Last row: Coach Torhan. H. Kennicott. J. Milnamow, M. Deschner. B. Schaeffer, B. Butler, B. Wilkerson, B. Moritz, B. Dixon. C. Turk. Making up the returning lettermen on our outstanding Wrestling squad are Norb Sargent and Norb Leckband. The Cardinal matmen made an excellent showing for their second year. Norb Leckband took the Cardinal red and white downstate. WRESTLING V' 1 y ,J FORE , W' f .N-P""' 1-'JJ' ' When spring arrived the AHTHQ f uv f ,f f f ..r""'f . golfers brandished ,wwf their clubs again. These boys strived to do their best. h Hauff George Skelton Igiweciiiii gfiziheicngipgie1tI4.ir2iSCTiiiner D1 ter Coach LarS6U an Back ,ow TRACK : M A . O. Albright r Artis, L. Badchau gvergon' , N. Barr, 0. Kiliifl, CAKC-ithley D M D 18, . ' - C I Hgxlidgoxycjllgpfrgardt, M. Thai D Ragland, T. Tqlilgigl C. . 1 e, B, Klink s, . Winterbauer ' ' C' Kent T The feet began to fly early this spring as Coach Russ Attis began to get his cindermen in condition. With re- turning lettermen Coach Attis got an early start to whip his boys into shape for a good showing at the state meet. Running the quarter mile' were George Keithley and Roger Ragland. Chris Kent jumping the hurdles, Louis Barkhausen in the dashes, Mike and Tom Theis in the sprints, Bill Klink running the quarter mile, and Norb Leckband running the hurdles and relays and doing the pole vault proved to be an outstanding squad. gil'-.6 ..4'5,4. A 'wkifx I A -s J I x 74' s, ,af ef v- ' 'Nw .WW H if ,N'wj?94,gL R ,, .. , .V A 'Cf' 618 in VARSITY Back row: M. Creve-ston, J. Intravartolo Simmons, G. Dassonville. H. Schmidt B Virgil. The clack of horsehide on hickory tells us that "Pappy,' Grace is working out Arlington,s baseball team. Out of the nine players who make up the nucleus of the team, six are returning lettermen: Jim lntravartolo behind the plate, Bob Simmons and Tom Meyer on the pitcher's mound, Bill Lynk at short stop, Hans Schmidt in the out- field, and Ronnie Grace at second base. There is a possibility that Grace may be shifted to the outfield, BASEBALL Front row R. Grace, B. Lynk, W. Hesch, T. Meyer J Eakins, R. Grace. One other previous squad member is Gene Dassonville, who will be given a trial at first base. Two juniors, Wayne Hesch and John Eakins, tried their skill at second and third bases respec- tively. With a hard schedule ahead of them and their second year in WSC competition, the Cardinals looked for- ward to a good season. 4 H i fl. Qu " ll M 'N i 5191010 A . N ' Q Q? r is ,,,-" 1,- 2334 X . l A ,,,: 1 . ,,: F xv, J ' . in V 4 , 2 , :nl K, 3. , , JD? A A-CLUB Pinnacle of success for all ath- letes of AHTHS is initiation into the A-Club. The A-Club recognizes the importance of its members' conducting themselves both on and off the athletic field so as to al- ways be a credit to our school. Through the A-Club the expres- sion: "Our school-may it always win-but win, or lose-OUR school" gets its meaning. Fourth row J Rezfk ll Simmons, B. Racsher, D. Tang, K. Holmes, C. Knapp Mr Larsen Third row B Lynk T Williams, L. Frederichs, A. Ross, T. Theis, P Knoeppel R Carlson Third row C' Skelton D Lockhart, B. Klink, L. Barkhausen, J. Eakms C Kent G Kelthley Second row N Sargent R Birkholz, H. Schmidt, C. Werner, G. Iverson D Hauff T Meyer Front R Grace M Theis R Ragland. 1 HIGHLIGHTS I am the Builder uho walks wlth Me? qkf-'L-z::'19 F BK 937 I 1 E M7775 X WL Gixxg-f RC M X X arf ,ffi , ' 5 1 ' , 4' M ,S ,pf HUA , V, .X ?f"iT 7 x- 1 f f ,ff ,C f N Q ,wwf f if? ,, - , Lf" , X I I 63 xx!!! x H X- f f ' f if f ff! f ' 1 X Y X 1 .lx H X J nffkl 512' -,I I 1 X X I ', I LA K x 'Q ,1 x X KX N 1 , 'X XX X , K xxg, ff X f k x I , QX XX x X, X XXX X -1 x H K I, 3 Ni' , 7' f, fa 'X ' 5 . X K xi 'X 1 1- X x y '17 tl, x x ' .' J I ff 0 On A ,f 4 X ' .g 4 f ,K Q- gs ,f 1 V. JA S X. 1' wa A I ,XXX 1 XX L 'Y X X N .x . X x'x f ' X x x T27 .. 'E 5' iv Q ii r"""' 1' I HOMECOMING With the new Pep Rally as the spirit rouser, Homecoming-1951 got under way with bursting enthusiasm and excitement. Everyone drew a deep breath when the curtains parted on the beautiful coronation ceremony, and a resounding cheer arose from the darkened gym when Queen Dianne Botterman and King Mike Theis stepped forward to reign over our Homecoming festivities. The big parade began with bustling merriment. The fact that we didnit have a victory did not make us despondent, but gave us more desire to show the spirit and sportsmanship which has always been character: istic of AHTHS. The dance sponsored by the NAV Club provided the final superb touch to end another wonderful Homecoming. Q y I KW' 'H , A ity, ,, X HHNEUINE NE y! , TU sum HHINE5 U 5 FE A T F ga ,ii.lf a if lk . H md Une 'K -I .pf 1, , -qw 'WN if ?xWJ32Ef 'Fv,i'! X 'Q'- A K-.. Y ,wh lvx XM QA HKONC N E QL5 Lu EL SCROOGE 9 W5 EN BED I x., sf J' ww-ff-"""'d Nw-...M on 'Q -x,- C., 1 4 Y Q , W. . M, .,,,. ,, , V 'm ,,f..,K X i J 'X ', I, . ' f . ' 4 4 A. is' I 0 . J.. M . K Q fu Q ., A i I . f ,A " K, A-'A Y fa ' ' rf T -- 1 f I K A -'w ' 2 , A -m s r 1 - XA L W Q N , 1 K .. , S 2 S M L Hi.: -if m UNDERCLASSMEN I um the BIIIICIQT X ,fi X 'Q 7-49? x., '7 ,xxzwfllj 2111? Exiy j PK? fd ?f2fmzfl .. f ' 'CJ ff' px ,gff X04 l XJ X ' T 1 5 m y' if ga 6 54, G15 Jef' Q . 8-5 - , 2 ,, ,M,,,mW, ,e, 9.,,,-,,,W.,,- , ..... ,m..n, .-..., . U .. 5114. GCC K- Q 4 Q 'E 1 1 x ' A : Q'f ..' W - ,4 H'-4+ 'Q 4. i f Q 'gg ?Eve.. o Zfomm gg f N9 2 0 23 , , A TF ' gl H' , . 4 'P-f 'Q' ' nt.,:U:I ' wM,,,,-V Q . y ' .52 ii i fl 'Q MHKWMTW tgvl Mw,,,,,,..., , , ,, ,A . J X .9--zv.xQE9,ov!:.!l- I I -- " 5. f A Y T E. 4.--x m Q x 'P cw n fgi , ghxkkm i ea Oo? l . fiwx ? 5'o fr' 1 ' V5 , H cane, , . K mio 'Gm 5 lqf- lol Www..-:qggli ...W. -?15,,,....----.A., ,Q Q TI I ' X 1 X GX xg.. QR r . , : uncut xz.Au. A A ' U! THE FIRST STEP .A..... John Thels Pres1dent Floyd Burns Vlce Presl dent Kay Abel Treasurer Nancy Jo Clemens Secretary Could you tell me where room 111 IS? Well you go umm you go say would you hke to buy an elevator pass cheap? lNo elevator passes for us none of that QSWIIH Ililflg pool on the thlrd floor stuff Thanks to our teachers and the Student Culdes the class of oo the largest cla s exer to walk the halls of AHTHS got off to a flung start 1n hlgh school Led by our peppy cheerleaders Phylhs Thomp son and ,loanle Keppler we cheered our teams on to uctory after vlctory The whole school sat up and took notlce when the Frosh football team turned IH an undefeated season We made a show mg IH basketball too wxth Wayne Mueller and Dennle Maher dlsplaylng thelr talents on the Frosh Soph team Nor were our boys lackxng when lt came to sprlng sports Under the leadershlp of Mr Seller and our class offlcers John Thels Floyd Burns Nancy ,lo Clem ens and Kay Abel we accomphshed some worth Whlle thmgs Among other thmgs our class has year To ralse money for thls cause we worked d1l1gently at our only concesslon the cloak room On March 8 our class sponsored a dance Although putting on a dance was new to us and we en countered many problems we had fun planmng It and everythmg turned out qulte well Our record of scholarshlp IS an excellent one and many of our names appeared on the honor rolls more than once Our class has much talent and we were well represented IH the Talent Show and the D1Xl6laDd Mmstrel Show This our freshman year has been a wonderful one and we are looklng forward eagerly to next year and all the fun lt wlll brlng -4 l 9' 3 , l I ' 1 ll l I f A f, V . 7 . 3 'Y , . .- S f 2 v as - 77 - ' A 7 - . , , I. 44 Y Y 1 9 V Y ' . 7 - -i -H V . . s . I lr ' ' l ' pledged itself to give a gift to the school each 7 7 kgs' Y. T - v . Y n , v - - as 7 ' . a 7--e , l A ' s ' ' , ' ' ' . 7 ' 1 V ' . . 9 Y T 7 9 Y. v . 2 . . D ' I 7 ,Y 7 Third row: Harrison Kennicott, Keith Keller. Darlene Katz, Jack Johnston, Ruthann Johnson, Kenneth Johnson. Second row: Beverly Jackson, Diane lversen. W'indsor Innis, Elizabeth Humphery, Carol Huber. John Hoth, Raymond Harbostel. First row: Peter Holloway, James Hodges, Roger Hintz. Donald Hinrichs, Judy Hertel, Charles Herrig, Victor Herman, Beverly Jewell, Mr. Attis. Fourth row: Daniel Grahm, William Heinze. Lewis Gordon. Third row: Mary Jane Harth, Andrew Hacker. Arlene Heiss. Paul Haupt, Carol Henricks. Second row: Helen Grimm, Carl Hammerl, David Hasse, Mary Beth Hyden, Dick Hengl, Charlene Hagburg, Gordon Gullicksen. Joyce Harth, First row: Ronald Haas, Nancy Green, Ronald Hanns, Carol Hadland, Bill Gregory, Arlene Gorder. -'.:":?-... ":..."'.:'..':.':. W ..'.'::..."":.1 :""'...'I.."E"i .., BLA-iii in 3 ,nt 1 99 ' Bc of W' if I' Fourth row: Dena Klinger. Carol Lange. jim Knaus. Eugene Kueking. Pat Krause. Third row: Mary Lagorio. Dawn Kussow. Richard Kyska. Ada Kilbury. Marlene Kerschke, Miss Mahin. Second row: Joan Keppler. Judith Laird. ,lim Laughlin. Myra Landmeier. Bill Klowsy, Barbara Kilburn, Roberta Landnieier. Dennis Langguth. Joyce Kompelien. First row: Raymond Kessro. Barbara Krohn. Vernon Koepke. Jo Knuth, George Koepke, Dorothy Kraus. Fourth row: lrene Osburn. Mark Morland, Wayne Mueller. Camille Pfeifer. John Olson. Third row: Cail Moore. GQ-ogia Mitsch. Pat Molumlwy, Karen Pork:-. Pat Peterson. Second row: Dee Mueller, Lois Petersen, Pat Mors. Walter Mulso, Louise Nienhold, Dick Palmer, Bob Peters. Miss Volz. First row: Rog Mueller. Maureen Peters, Brain Mitchel, Cheri Peterson. Don Parnell. Cleone Nickol. 7'-A 'bl T4 'rt 9 if agua g .:w'UP? Wig!! f 5 wif 3 5"t5"fEi- ' f . 5 mmm: i Q " 5531 fag? . Q ,, 5139i if :Eli-il I1 I 44, :mm I "JY aif' Fourth row: Mr. Beckman, Wayne Brumm, Kurt Black, Carl Bick. Third row: Tom Bray, Wally Bruhn, Don Brumm, Dave Bower, Clayton Baumann. Second row: Howard Alton, Kenneth Baker. Corrine Anstedt, Janet Bendetti, Vivian Aurnham- mer, Frances Boeger, Carol Beigel, Bob Bloecker. First row: Kay Abel, Dorothy Balch, Mary Ann Arnold, Donna Brodahl, Sandra Barr, Barbara Baumann. Fourth row: Marilyn Wagoner, Karen Smith, Art Taillon. Third row: Charles Watson, Barb Smith, Jane Speers. Mrs. Elfeld Second row: Carol Swanson, Gwen Swanson, Phyllis Thompson, Gwen Wallgren Sue Smlth Peggy Wax, Tom Wagner. First row: Peter Theohald, Una Mary Stachurski, Kurt Tradvetter, Charlene Sorenson Ron Voll man, Marlene Smeed. if 36 X-gfjisf 'T 1- 7 iv- Fourth row: Evelyn Lindberg, Mary Meineke, John Tukan, Mr. Snap, Frank Lueth, Dick Mal- comson, Janice Lindskoog. Third row: David Lynk, Mildred Maas. Mary Lou Marx, Bonnie Malchow, Ed Lysen, Margo Mates. Second row: Suzanne Marsh, ,lim Lynch, Beverly Meszaros, Glenn Meyer, Pat Loy, Ray Miller, ,lulia Meyer. First row: Ken Teark, Carolyn Lenhart. Melvin Meyer, Rosemary Miller, Dennis Maher, Janice Mackprang. Fourth row: Bob DeNapoli. James Dever. Bob Dahlquist, lvan Dvoracek, Floyd Burns, Paul Cutler. Third row: Bruce Bydal, Raymond Dierking. ,lean Burnett. Barbara Coffman, Clyde Eberhardt, Mr. Grace. Second row: Ronald Dritlein, Joyce Coert, Billie Curry, Victor Carlino, Wanda Eakins, Carol Busse, Lowell Dobbins. First row: Bob Charles. Sandra Crawford, ,lon Busse. Nancy Jo Clemens, Joe Campbell, Kay Dodge. 41- 63 C, I v-up 3 .pw Fourth row: Dick France, Mr. Conrad, Mike Ennis. Third row: Donna Kay Faulkner, Mary Emig, Barbara Flowers, Judy Elwess. Marlene Ciesler, Joanne Claeser. Second row: Joe Coggin, Marlene Engelking, Karen Glade, Stanley Fletcher, Julie Fuhr, Jeanette Gallee, Larry Ficher. First row: Harold Gjoen, Mary Cloden. Howard Foss, Frances Gorcica, Dick Gassen, Phyllis Coodenough. Fourth row: Joseph Zikmund, Ronald Weinrich. Phil Wille, Bob Weise, Doug Winkelmann. Third row: Sharon Weaver, Charles Wesley, Bruce Wolter, Franklin Zollner, Charles Weinrich, Miss Riordan. Second row: Bruce W'ilkerson, Barbara Weidner, Margaret Wenzlaff, Laird Williamson, Nancy Wood, Jean Zentner, Earl White. First row: Roy Zinkel, Nancy Wintergerst, James Weiland, Carol Winkelmann, Teddy Wetterman, Janet Winkelman. Fourth row: John Sheppard. Bob Russell. Hr. Lowry, Lawrence Siech. Third row: Barbara Sheets, Arthur Schulze, Clayton Schedler, Allan Schock, Carol Schoepke, Bob Schaefer, Janie Schumacher. Second row: Eileen Rowader. Karen Runo, Mike Sandberg, Martha Ruggles, Ronnie Schoenfeld. Lucille Schwind, Harold Slotta xr D. First row: Bern Schnyder. Barbara Russell. Gerry Sauter, Betty Schuett, George Skoog, Shirley Scanlon. Fourth row: Griffith Pritchard, Howard Plontke. Lodiegard Reinke. Third row: Mary Jane Ross. Florence Reckamp, Mrs. Faulkner, Victoria Pratchen, Elizabeth Reid Second row: Charlene Rehfeldt, Wally Rapp, Jean Ann Ross, Kenneth Postlewait, Kay Rask Rick Radeniacher, Clifford Pfeifer. First row: Richard Prouty, Rosemarie Rozint, William Reis, Judy Pohlman, Kenneth Piepen brink, Dorothy Re-hm. Q0 SCPHCMGRE CLASS 1 JP Judy Peterson Treasurer Bob Ellls Presldent Mary KlHgSlCy Secretary Sally Cleaver V106 President lt certalnly IS H106 belng a sophomore' Dont the freshmen seem httle' Were we llke that last year? We the class of 34 had la1d our foundatlon and we were startlng on the ma1n structure of our educatlon Led by our f1ne class offlcers Bob Ellls Sally Cleaver Mary Klngsley and Judy Peterson we started off the year Wlth a bang By Homecomlng our two wonderful cheerleaders Sana Franke and Lenaye Gabel had been chosen In the Homecom mg float contest Bob Dotts T C homeroom placed fourth with ltS barber shop float and several sopt homerooms recelved honorable mentlon Our flrst class project was the football conces slon on November 3 Desplte the raglng snow storm everyone turned out to sell and our treasury got a much needed l1ft When December 1 rolled around the class of 54 sponsored a turnabout the Wlnter Whlrl The cafeterla was a wlnter wonderland of snow men and silver snowflakes The dance was a great success and we were proud of our efforts The sophomore class was well represented ln all sports Roger Thomas Dave Brant and Dlck W1nterbauer made a flne showmg on the varslty football team Our soph basketball team was red hot and the boys chalked up a good record for themselves Sprlng sports found our boys very actlve too Oul class ranked qulte hlgh scholastlcally Wlth many names on each honor roll We had a wonderful foundatlon on Wh1Ch to bulld and now after addlng another successful year we feel that we fullv deserve to be ln the upper halls ,. gy A L 6 5 if if "' H, K 7 7 7 ' 9 9 a an - - - - we - a 7 LC ' ' 79 GS 7 ' ' 5 ' va ' ,- . . s 9 7 ' ' 7 7 9 1 - s a 9 ' u , 7 , . , . - v ' ' 7 . . .. , 9 A V . . . , 7 1 -, Y 9 7 ' Fourth row: Don Bedingfield. Dave Crittenden, Mr. Hughes. Jay Bressner, Roger Cook. Third row: George Eckardt. Paul Doerr, Bernie Chims, Marilyn Meyer. Nancy Boeger, Dave Brant. Second row: Barbara Day. Gene Campbell, Ginger Cowen, Sally Cleaver, Norm Anderson, Helen Galuk, Nancy Clark. Joyce Nilsson. First row: Bob Birkholz, Barb Ewert, Don Cameron. Pat Eaton, Ken Miller, Marge Schorr. Fourth row: Elwood Wilson, Herb Ward, Dick Winterbauer, Bill Webster, Ralph VonBergen. Third row: Mr. Meredith, Tex Coert, Paul Sampson. Bud Wilson, Gar Williams. Second row: Barbara Meinken, Martha Baumgartner, Dave Williams, Marilyn Iverson, Carol Bach, Betty Winkelniann, Albert Wallberg. First row: Cynthia Tice, Carroll Werner, Violet Jeffery, Barbara Felker, Audrey Altenburg, Alden Zepp. -es'-H. x Fourth row: Marvin Johnson, Roger Moehling. Tom Harting. Victor Grimm Clyde Hartlng Dick Jannusch. Third row: Arnold Goeddeke. Bob Krause. Ethan Foss, Norman Plontke. Eileen Weidner Marlon Ward. Second row: Mr. Mott. Nancy Schroeder. ,lanet S1-ig:-l, Darrel Clark. Arlene Ford Marlene Wede, Don Hoth. Don Moore, Ann Jung. First row: Darlene Tang, Bill Garrett, Mary Surher, George Honeman. Dolores Comes Ronnie Grove. Fourth row Rlchle Dreyer Phil Wintergerst. Burt Emrick. Jack Albrecht. Third row Bob Dotte Xl Blohm, Ronald Busse. Marvin Engelking. Chuck Bencic. Second row Miss Co Joanne Busse, Nancy Brown, Mary Ann Keyes. Sana Franke, Jim Ahmer. First row Ranny Thomas Jeanette Drewes, Bernice Germer, Dean Erwin, Edith Helfers, Charles g ine.. jll9U11ll1 pe nail gluisezuin Qumran 51:11 ll Eli: iiqn izllg iiqg 31:1 iiqm iii sql ""4X P-' ! i 3 Ti :Q i D 125 Fourth row: George Bullwinkel. Don Martin. Bob Jackson. Ken Lemke. Bob Butler. Third row: Bob LeFevre. Shirley Peters. Judy Peterson. Marcella Surber, Dick Hauff, Al Lidberg. Second row: Miss Leick. Elaine Schnell, James Coggin. Pat Sperling. Elwood Coebbert, Judy Hall, John Glueckert, Harriet Moellenkamp. First row: Paul Froehler, Barbara Opels. Ray Boroughf, Barbara Ryan. Bob Ryan, Lenaye Gabel. Fourth row: Dick Amann. Bob Rowe. Bill Gappert, Roger Thomas, Don Hutchinson. Third row: Bob Schoenfeld. Wayne Williamson, Dick Klatt, Brian Jacobsen, Bob Moritz. Seeoncl row: Ruth Bitter, Charlene Ledyard. Peggy Bourland, Marge Raupp, Pauline Cehrke Pat Rascher, Ellwooql Luerssen. First row: Bonnie Barrow, Don Drever, Darlene Dornan. Bob Lyons, Janet Packard. Howard Pearson. O fb. i Fourth row: Charles Jarmuth, 'f..,, V-+1 1-'U Fourth row: David Ells, Bob Turner. Daxid Aldrich. Donald Volkmann. Third row: Louis Bos, Warner Stoeckvl. Larry Taylor. Grant Skelton. Ray Birkholz. Second row: Nlr. Kulieke, Richard jackson. Marilyn Be-lirens, Marlene Brown, Dick Claus, Ted Bakalar, Bob Ellis. First row: Ronald Wegrzyn, Daniel Ewing. Roger Lindskoog, Helen Brownell, Alise Boyland, Gail Peterson. Tom Livingston, Ronald Crandt, John Lee. Third row: Joe Horcher, Burt Coldthwaite, Carolyn Osburn, Tom Bauer, Don Leonard. Mr. Ligon. Second row: Dianne Cameron, Cynthia Lockwood, Mary Kingsley, Janet Neitzke, Kay Hassil, ,Ianann Jarrett, Pat Friedel, Doris Marcy. First row: Leroy Hoeft, Mary Whittington, Bill Malcolm, JoAnna Falkanger, Charles Meeker, Lou McDougall. 1 ln: :Qt + I aww fe-a QC all 31' Q 'i ' 2 I I Fourth row: Fred Moeller. Naomi Rassmussen, Bob Raven. Third row: Bob Rankine, Bob Molumby, Tom Williams, Barbara Petersen, Martha Schaefer Bill Schaeffer. Second row: Mr. Carmichael, Marion Rienier, Tony Raef, Beverly Magnussen, Dale Meyer, Vir- ginia Rechberger, Doug Morrissey. First row: Dorothy Rim-mer, Bruce Mealins, Nanci Reed, Sue Revers. Bob Petersen, Priscilla Pitzen Third row: Jack Mayer, Winfield Koelling, Joy Leth, Ed Friesendorf, Edwin Linneman. Second row: Mr. DeGreeff, Dorothy Kaup, Barbara Hummel, Joyce Haemker. Gilbert Haas, Phyllis Kerschke. First row: Lorraine Kamps, Marilyn Hullison, Jim Hopper, Carol Hedemark, Eddie Fritz, Vivian Jarmutb, Sheila Gaughen. H-4 55" 5 x 2' Fourth row: Robert Crandt, Jack Meyer, John Milnamow, Mike Deschner. Third row: Roberta Schoenbeck, Sue Sigwart, Harold Coryell, Dick Michalski, Roderick Mette. Second row: Miss Weisenburger, Jeanne Sporleder, Pat Legge, Joanne Votava, Diana Schuetz, Marvin Pelletier, Nancy Stocking. Betsy Swanson. First row: Judy Schroeder, Ruth Staudenbauer, Dick Harting, Mona Stadell, Dave Ryden, Judy Walters. Fourth row: Bill Siegel, John Schockmel. Third row: Lowell Bjorklund, Ray Feind, Art Smith. Second row: Miss Lindsay, Marshall Sherrill, Jack Sieburg, Ed Schroeder, Jerry Spears, Florence Whittaker. First row: Sandra Winter, Bob Scott, Jane Wiederhold, George Skelton, Ellen Wilson, Ed Schultz. I' W ' 1 .ani Qi 3 JUNIORS The glory 0 f souls risen up Shall see 110-KM4 43 X lxkx K W N. , 4- ff, I I Cgf X H T Y ,,,,,,,i,,,,,,.... , - ,. .......,T...,1 .A .....,. -N -.4--.......,......, K fn 'V 4, , efgsl, , ' S Q f-. -Q ,M ... - -M f if w ml, il' Hip, ia ... - .- .... --- --- 1--. ... , ...- .-V ff..- ... ....... ........5.,, .... .... :Wh F,-17,-g...-. , ev , L Q - 'Wig' Q Y lkfwgi J HP 75,-if , 'Q V1 . Ii, 'I fav v A 1' Q ,Wien , W - Y ,, My -gf A-nan i , ' kff K,LA W.. M.. ...... .... ,,, .......'ih.- -..Y .gy ........ ....f 1'-1' . 1 in I ,.,...., ..,. .., ,-... , . o E s 5 ? ini -og ,, 'ja Taq :'z Q 3 ,g ..,n .. , -W, 'R ,f 9 2 Si -'fi "s , f ifzli, ,LA 936' N.- ,MQ Q- S- 1' 'F My - F 5 -4- 4 1 ff 'Q 'sf 4 i , 1 4' if U B if ..,..,,, A --.v...-,.. .... ..............,,,g.n....q.,-zu-M .- , ,..,,,.,..., . , i . v ,. 1 TM i , i i 9 i 9 5 L- .L X 1 A l, I Y. ,f If 4Auuos.Y . 9 4' FL. DB- - Q K Q if 4, usummq gl ,ff - ., 21'-104-i2 'fe.. ,..... W my N Vg 4 ,Q t +- M- W M- -M M- -W V w - Q 5 ' 'A 5 3.1 Q X .SA l ,A ,Q , A 5 J K ,b r I , rf y., A? 7 v 1 E 4 f L., ..,, ,,.,.,,v,, ,,,,., Q- .,- -.-' Tgw.. .- ...,., -,. ,.,. ,... W. .4 ' ' f .A B- fa uw iE,"Q'bg'5o' 2 - 5 , Q A I A :noe . T be' -?i Q ,' 4"grp. r of , 5 Q anne. sum . ' f g f ' ""."" A A '234" , W , ' 4,,.W-s i k u Kew uw.. .........-....-v-- --0 0--up A-L,-1 M, 1 ' --ao ni V 1 , . if 5 3---------5-----. 4 M , A A E. t F , 1 h i 'V 0 " Ac W K 0- - ' S- ' J' Y IV 7 ,-...-..,.,,..-, ,,,, . .---,..,.A,..,f,.. -..... .... ,W M... . 7 N... ..... b Vf,f -, ,. 3 WH A ? F... L . Y 2 f h f nqM5,w9w-an F 1 K Q ' 55' 5' ' ezine" ' 9 1 , ' v.,:fL.wwfg--fr-a, ...Y :af-f -V-fm 'rffxwrr :G 1,14 jfirzf ,-Aww-f--4 fy-4 1 V: ,' A :ff 3- '-" f'f4"'- -V fiLx+i'7W - ' 4- ff' "':?'f' 'H' fm "L"""""""'TA,? I, , kahuf' A- ww ...fn ---fun ,v.,...-y .A.-,..- ...F 0 I .,....,,...,.M...,,.,.,,.,U..,.n.2:ff'. '5Z...-,h.,-.... ve- W--- ,..-..,-1.71- Aw. ,W .,....,..,,..,.,, ,M ,W . ,Q.w..+,,,,. .M ...M .,,..v...V...,.......,...-.,,..Q, ls Through the cold, dismal rain came the jolly vender calls. In spite of the fact that our garments were sagging with the added weight of H20, and wet hair was hanging from our heads like strings, we never ceased the selling. We ambitious young people were members of the junior class at Arling- ton Heights Township High School. Through our constant effort the concessions which we sponsored were a success. We have left a trail of never-to-be-forgotten memories behind us. Our class officers, Dick Mc- Auliffe, president, Bob Caliento, vice president, Karen Mogran, secretary, Paul Gustafson, treas- urer, did a laudable job in leading us. Our class rings were chosen early this year. In November most of us sent our orders in to the company. We were all happy with our selections. When semester honor rolls were made public, we ranked high. Many four semester honor roll pins were distributed in our class and many stu- dents were initiated into the National Honor So- ciety. The versatility of the junior class was surpris- Paul Gustafson Treasure: Karen Mogran Secretary Dick McAuliffe President - Bob Caliento Vice President ing. We represented people from all walks of life. Athletics, there is a word which must not go for- gotten. ,loe Rezek, Johnny Eakins, football, Chris Kent, Tom Theis, track, Herb Gorder, Tom Bower- sox, basketball are just a few of the names which shared the sport,s limelight. Music is important too. ,lim Whitelaw, Eunice Ewert, Alice Rindlis- bacher, and Darlene Chidley did their jobs in the various music fields. To mention the athletic teams and not their supporters would be a crime. We juniors were among the 125 members of the Pep Club when they cheered with the cheerleaders, Carol Hoffie and Darlene Maierhofer. The junior class is certainly a buoyant one. The Prom, one of the largest, most publicized and talked about events of the year at our school, was both festive and gay. The upper and lower classmen enjoyed the stellar occasion immensely. This, the greatest year in our high school ca- reer so far, has left little to be desired. Even though we regret to have it end, we are ready and eager to begin the future. Our most cherished hope is that our senior year will stand out in our minds as much as this year has. JUNIOR CLASS Don Albright Kenneth Allison Laurnell Anderson Marilyn Archibald Audrey Armstrong Valerie Ashcraft Shirley Asren Charles Barley Gladys Baker Nell Barr Jean Beatte Clayton Bebber Erika Beck Vnrgmma Behrens Herbert Beyer Ed Blake Nancy Boettcher Bob Bourseau Bob Bower Tom Bowersox Shirley Boyd Dolores Bradley Earl Brandon Bob Braun llm Brazelton Kay Bressner Grace Brocato John Bruun Charles Bumgarner Bob Calxento Pat Carroll Bob Catherwood Darlene Chldley Don Clark Nancy Coffman r, ac.: 'Q 53' ur Y hc' ix .rf L A wu- .,,.f ilu 1 'ST .1 SST' 'lf 6 'V' 1:19 it an -Q4 Q P BNA V A L, v A lim J A 1 .J . 1 an . .. :y ' . 55" . A sw- B ' ' 6' v . ' Jr- 'l y Y C ,Q af . e X' b .x gi , gr? xi Q3 ti E. ri I xl , , i A . C T A iii U ..-' A B Q' , B- Z 1 f 4' B X 'I ,af , 'ish 'V 45 f 1 1 NCQ i - 3 ' I , X. 3 V A 5 e e ' X fl in 1 frm ' K. 'A AH B f Aix . Q S .,., -f in 1 , I ' gi ,, P , K5 Y Y A35 1 ., X .'l" 34 J Darlene Collard ' Marjorie Cosman V. A ff ' i .lack Cragg y " U' Q 5 David Creamer , hi- X E '--..,2' an Mark Creviston E' 5A V m K" M- ft. A a Q V A n ll ' ii ,mg Mary Ann Csanadi Bob Cumminsford 5 Marshall Dahlstrom W ' Walter Dahm "1'f'7'h-I . W t ' A 4 9' Jerry Dallstream ' gl' ' W 5422 19 r N Norine Dever , Bob Dierking .. .. L ' e I 'Q -9 Bob Di Piero 1 Victor Di Piero is - Joe Dister 4, V 5 A 4 ' ig L--.': . 7 i I 1 X rez J ' Q ik , f John Di Vall Mike Dutton Johnny Eakins C 5 X Shirley Engleking ' A i A , if 4 N Pat Ennis Eunice Ewert as ' ,Q Rita Felbinger ' , r V Marilyn Fisher ' 'WE 4 Y Russell Ford V V Carol Fues W V' X 7 - L Aqkufn Sandy Cage Walter Gallee r V Anna Cannon it 'xl gi Delores 'Gehrke V ',, I 'Eva 1 .loanne George XX , " f 'W ' , , . dx Marilyn Gerken W. Carol Claeser Nita Glow Charles Coetschel , 'R' Q C' ' i ' ,A .' Sa M 'va tl- ,i uc, Barbara Golden 4 V , . ' J 3 , ph- . . fr is A - , ww., ii-af Mic , .i f' N' Arlene Goodenough Loretta Cora Herben Gorder Judy Gregg Phillin Grimm Don Gronert Paul Gustafson Jerry Hall Marilyn Halstead Joyce Hamburg Marlene Hammerl Q : Ronald Harth L , I '3 -' t. Norma Hartmann - V , , John Hauck J 'sax K . Z. vgv- 'X Tom Hawk ' 533' 3 , f f J for 1 1 ! 'Br Q A .5 1 A 4 , , .X gd 5 I r -. HM! 'K " ' ,gr-Q, 'H ,W , Elaine Heimsoth .- ' 4 ' p K Carole Heiss - ' 4' Q ' '. 'Q V Don Helfers ' Q 2 ' P i, ' -. Ronald Hengl Y-. L A i 1? - f,, J K . Sue Henning ' in , ji J ixffi 1 J' A 1 r Shirley Henricks Mary Ann Herbst -. H , 5 1 i'ir ' S fb V Wayne Hesch W 'ff Barbara Hillyer Carolyn Hinneherg , 1 W L 2' Roy Hinneberg Q Cary Hoch L - 'M ' f, 'N 6' J Carol Hoffie 'I 3' ' Jeanette Hoifman lf f H, T1 Joyce Hohnstock W4 X Q Maurie Holahan W sf. 'R Ann Holander K ey, i ,Q ' wk- ', A ,Q s Shirley Holznagle f f x ,J , NV c : -..,.- Donna Hoym ,, A ,L J , Ron Hutchinson K f h 'J it h . ' X r 4 1 X y Lois Jacobsen Dan J anis Doris Johnson Dwight Johnson Emily Johnson Gerry Jurs Carrie Kadoyama David Karstens Myrna Keiser George Keithly Chris Kent ,loan Kertcher Claudia Kile Bill King Elmer Klehm Kenneth Koeppen John Koester Phyllis Kolze Mary Ann Kovacik Marlene Krambeer Marlene Landmeier Mari Lou Larson Norman Laubenheimer Roger Lawbaugh Garwood Leckband Bob Leihy Bob Le May Ted Lisec J oe Locascio Rick Mac Donald Barbara Maher Darlene Maierhofer Bob Martin Franis Matt Dick Mc Auliffe if f 'Q 1 Lam Q 32 L Lg, Ve If if Z I,y A ' gl .M are L it Q M a l a 'ef L + fm NY ss., v a K - 7,195 . .. '94 J if . ,V Q rv -Qs , 3 A is 4 , 4 A Q ms Vrana :KF F" .5 fn ' 'sf T? .Ay wo. . if-, 6 y. o J' Q 71 . ',.. I g f 9' V K I L D 'wiv J :-zsfr fr l., f 1 - , ig ,if A .J Ala X ,Q -23frE5f:E3fqw?: " I Ms. ' ' fi I ,, . ,, f , wr- "W Q L X B 'N B M . 1. Marilyn McMahon Alice McNeely Virginia McRenolds Kenneth Meissher loan Meyer Stan Meyer 6- 5 1 .loan Meyn A '55 ' Nancy Middleton A 4 P P ik P James Miller ' 1:-' - 'QV fu Paula Miller A L' L ,P if f 'QV gf? - ,ff f I Pat Milligan '- Ann Milnamow ,- - Paul Mitsch 8 .,'x ' 5 P3 'J Gerry Moehling - r ' Q37 Jerry Moellenkamp vi-W! Lois Moeller P P L P Karen Mogren ' 64 H Q Q.. -gy Jerry Mollenkamp W V ' ' ' Jerry Moreth y V Don Niemeyer - r g ,i , V VI fy N- l"'n X :L Irene Nightengale ' ' 5 ,-.GJ Benny Olmstead f fy Jeanette Oltrogge ' if may , ,f Leonard Ostrom f , , L '27, 4 Joyce Palmer .1 , ' L ' 'N ' , 14 I 1 ,k ,V TT 4 K ' Ronald Pape Bob Pearson Charlie Pederson Rodney Peltier Judy Peterson .-f Louise Peterson Roger Pfeifer Barbara Postlewait -. . sy, , wr Q 1 - - ' 41,5 mfg! 4 i in M-1 aff' Bob Price ' "V 'PL 1 'xi 'X 4 .loan Prouty l g I Sis' -trv' Bernard Quintalini Barbara Rahn Don Rash Barbara Reck Kenneth Reckamp Tom Reed .loe Rezek Benita Riley Dick Riley Alice Rindlisbacher lim Roberts Pat Ryan Norbert Sargent Lillian Scammahorn Paul Schaefer Edrene Schmidt Barbara Schroeder Shirley Schroeder Nancy Scott Don Selof Joanne Shelkop Jack Shell George Sheppard Pat Sim Beth Smith Jean Smith Anne Snyder Sue Spicer Clem Stacy Bill Stade Margie Stiefbold Denis Straus George Stuthridge Charlotte Swanson Tom Theis A in L, 1' " 491 .l at is ,ef fin. ,v A - ln W l ',n. .. pu Q ' Q ,ffgggu ,,rl 31, Af. ii J f, N- :ff ff." Elgff Q5 fa-gl A ,r -, t 36? K VV fl 1 . it ,khdfgfo ff 45 y f ,, , , qt A, ,,,, K ""l7f 1 Bob Thompson .llm Thompson Ronald Thon Carol Tlmmerman by Lorralne Tlscher ,lane Ann Torreyson Norma Turpm lan Van Duesen Esther Von Bergen Norman Von Kampen Mary Lou Votava Nancy Walker Barbara Ward Ellen Weaver Sue Weckerly Mary Jane Wledner Fred Welsh Jrm Whltelaw Herb Wxckstrom Donald Wllle Dlane Wlnters Jlm Worley Clark Foss Mary Geddes Jlm Gllman 1 is Egg J ' S' Jumors not pzctu red Melv1n Banaszak Harry Munn Donald Bates Art Oakley Rlchard Collard David Page Gerald Collxgnon Jerry Scheuber John Johnston Tom Threlkeld Walter Kost Otto Wagner Frances Lyons Phllllp Wallwle Ronald Mal-kow Delores ZbllSkl 'Wim 'E' 'C' 1- L if M-,,... V ,ky A . A r . r no se- -f 'Q' Q o f Y ' , 1'- w - Q Q! .sa r I- ,Y Qfgfa, if 'F ' ,T f 7 ' X E ' ,L A 1? 7 IN .. U ya, if L, J . I t ri, . ji . Q, f . 'ai 5 A .. :Tr - ,fe K Q . M 1.35. 1 A 1 I l by ,L A N M I 'mf- I ' V D ,F ly l I' ' Q 5: ' ,lr ,J ' K gf' l SENIORS I am the Hand that has 11011711 - and made The peak of the molmluin. M, L, KG I If Vw"B x C f 7f Q l"'w A 'W -' O X fx '5- ,X QVQFM M 1? ffxqla W 'F ! X 1 fx Q jf V, 7 ', 6 I ,ff K ,Q I 1 4 ,ff X ff S37 Uk W, ,..- ,af , im 1-sm ,. , 3' fi w 4 FM 1 'WUIW 1 ,M 7 gm' Me, , 'X' J X SVQXQI ,lf is A x, 4' 'XY N50 . vw Q i Jeux Iv ,X - il if - ffrwf-f" rrwf' fi g , NX f xi. . if , -- Lf. of rf :Awgx ,Eg A "Q ,Q Q , Our flrst year was labeled Freshmen on the March Well the long march has flnally come to an end as we have reached the helghts of our hlgh school career Let s Sllp back to our freshman year and repeat the march 1n memory Ron Grace presrdent Mlke Thels v1ce presldent Barb Arnold secretary and Joyce Jannusch Treasurer led our class through a successful freshman year w1th the ard of Mr Boland our faculty advlser The word sophomores means WISC fools Were we? perhaps but we had fun The Bobby Sox Bounce was a wonderful success We were very proud of Norb Leckband who was added to the varslty football squad Our offlcers were Phll Knoeppel presldent Mlke Thels v1ce presrdent D1anne Botterman secretary and Itchy Carlson treasurer Mr Gallant was our class advlser What was most lmportant ln our junlor year? Was xt just belng so close to our semor year I'CCClVlIlg our class rlngs seelng B1ll Klmk Mlke Thels Bog Ragland and Jlm Intavartolo added to the football l1neup wlnnlng all three PTIZCS for our Hornecomlng floats struggllng Wlth Amerlcan Hlstory asslgnments admlttlng Joan Groth Tom Cleaver Jay Vawter Joan Bernthal Julle Hlnds Barb Arnold Erlca to the Honor SOCIETY or our perfect Junlor Prom Whlchever 1S the most lmportant to you we all enjoyed them together Mr Hookum advlser Keach Hayden presl dent LeRoy Frederlchs v1ce presxdent Joan Groth secretary and Charles Knapp treasurer led us through our junior year Then lt h1t us' We were semors' Unbellevable at first but true' Homecomlng fCStlV1tlCS were topped off by the electlon of Dlanne Botterman and Mlke ThC1S as queen and klng The senlor play came next John Loves Mary w1th Arnold Cal vert and Pat Watklns ln the t1tle roles The Chrlstmas Ball was our most lmportant dance EYIC3 Jung and Pat Watkms together edlted the Cardmal and Lelgh Petersen edlted the Helghts The Student Senate was headed by Barb Arnold the fxrst glrl ever to hold that offlce Our class offlcers were LeRoy Frederlchs presldent Joan Croth VICC presldent Betsy Jarrett secretary and Mlke Thels treasurer Our class advlser was Mr Kemman After many act1v1t1es we close our senror year and hlgh school career wlth grad uatlon Our thanks and appreclatlon to our faculty We have truly reached the helghts ' of our hlgh school career ' SL 77 ' 9 . . . , s , n . , ' 2 ' ' , ' ' 5 , a 7 7 . , . GG 77 . . W W . , . n . . , Z a 3 1 Z , . . . . y . . . , . . . 9 . . , 7 , 4 n n 7 7 ' 7 7 7 7 9 7 Jun Fran Hubbard Sue Dress Charles Kna Jon Wlnterbauer, and Martha Ze gv v 1 PP, P , . 9 i ' ' e 9 a ' s , l a , 5 , , . - - in 91,1 - - ' . 7 ' 4 A , u n . 7 g ' 1 Q , Q , . GC ' . 7 ' l JACK ALDRICH Transferred from Clayton High School as a Junior. TI-IOR ANDERSON Football 23 Basketball 23 Trans- ferred from Evanston High School as a Senior. BARBARA ARNOLD uBarhn Four Semester Honor Roll 3g CAA 1, 2, 3, 4g Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Student Senate Secretary 3, President 43 National Honor Society 3, 4g Sen- ior Play Crew 43 Candidate for Homecoming Queen 43 West Sub- urban Conference Chairman 4. LoU1s BARKHAUSEN "Louie" Latin Club 13 Baseball l3 Travel- ers Club 23 Football 1, 2, 33 Track 2, 3, 43 A Club 3, 4g Intramural Basketball 4. LORRAINE ALICE BEIGEI. "Laurie" Sing Sing Club lg Handicraft Club 13 Knitting Club 1, 23 FHA l, 23 Girls Chorus 1, 3, 43 Triple Trio 43 Senior Play Crew 4. l IR? ANDERSON lntrafgural Bowling 3. PATRICIA AREND 6LPat!7 Girls Glee Club 23 GAA 1, 2, 3g Girls League 2, 33 Chorus 33 May Queen Attendant 33 Night of Plays 33 Masquers Club 33 Junior Play Cast 33 Senior Play Crew 43 Trans- ferred from Berea High School as a senior. GERALDINE BAILEY "Geri" GAA 2, 33 Pep Club 33 Girls Club Rep. 2, 43 All Star Basketball 1, 2g Knitting Club lg Tumbling 2, 33 Paint and Wig 3, 43 Senior Play Cast 3g Office Receptionist 43 HR Sec. 13 Pres. 2. ARLENE RUTH BEIIRENS Knitting Club 23 Nurse's Aide. SHIRLEY BENTZ Nurse's Aideg Sing Sing Clubg Card Club. JOAN BERNTHAL ".loanie" Four Semester Honor Roll 3, GAA 1, 2, 3, 4,1 Cardinal Business Staff 3, 4: Mixed Choir 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Social Science Club 3, 4, Treasurer 4, National Thespian Society 43 Senior Play Cast 4. MARY ANNE B1sTA "Anne', Sing Sing Club 1: Library Club 1, 2, 3, Secretary-Treasurer 1, Vice President 2, President 3. Lois BLASCHKE GAA lg Girls Chorus 1, Latin Club 1, 2g Travelers Club 2, Home- room Secretary 2g Four Semester Honor Roll 3, Choir 3, 43 French Club 3, 4. GLEN BLOHM acclensv Card Club, Handicraft Clubg Track 1, 2. SHAR1 BOROUGHF Knitting Club 1, Homemaking Club lg Sing Sing Club 23 Hostess Club 2, DE Club 4g Library Club 4. :SENIOR x I A' 'y 'M-W, WALTER BERSCHET JR. aswallyuv Football 1, 2, Track 1, 25 Square Dance Club 1, 23 Metals Club 23 Golf 1, 2, 3. 4. CAROLYN BLASCHKE "Mickey" Knitting Club 1, 2g Card Club 2: Girls Chorus 1, 2, 3. RICHARD BLEILE 64Dick9! Fish and Game Club 2g Wrestling 3, 43 DE Club 45 A Club 4. FREDERICK BORGARDT erred" Football 1, 23 Discussion Club 2, Intramural Basketball 2, Biology Club 23 Track 1, 2, 3, 4g Wrest- ling 3, 4. DIANNE BOTTERMAN AsDis9 Vice President of Class 23 Tum- bling Club 1, 2, 3, All Star Bas- ketball l, 2, 3, Volleyball 2, 3g Cirls Club Representative 2, 3g Cheerleader 3, 43 Homecoming Queen 43 Homeroom Secretary Treasurer 4. WILLIAM H. BOWMAN "Bill" All school play cast 3, Softball 35 1. M. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Foot- ball 4g Senior Play Cast 4g Trans- ferred from Palatine High School as a Junior. BETTY BURKE 6LBabe97 Library Club lg CAA 1, 23 Sing Sing Club 1, 2: Card Club 2, Girls Club Representative 25 Homeroom Vice President 3, President 4, Hall Monitor 45 Cardinal Staff 4. ARNOLD C. CALVERT "Arnie" Track lg Biology Club lg Radio Club 1, 25 1. M. Basketball 1, 27 Card Club 2, All School Play Cast 35 Audio Visual lg Tennis 3, 4g Cardinal Sports Staff 3, 43 Senior Play 43 Thespian 4. MYRTLE CAMERON "Min" Art Club 2. VIRGINIA CARROLL aacinnyvs Homeroom Treasurer lg Girls Cho- rus 1, 2g GAA 1, 2g Cardinal Busi- ness Staff 2, Heights Staff 2, 3, 45 Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Secretary 4g Paint and Wig 3, 4g Nurse's Aide 4g Homeroom Vice President 4. SENICRS 'iffy -sy- has 'C' .' PRIs2:1LI.A BRIF aprisn Sing Sing Club lg Card Club 2, Handicraft Club 2g Cardinal Staff Sf GAA 1, 2, 3, 4g Girls Club Representative 2, 4, Senior Play Crew 4. CAROL BUssE Homemaking Club lg Sing Sing Club lg Square Dance Club 2' Spanish Club 2: Pep Club 3, 4 CHARLENE CAMERON "Willie" Transferred from Blytheville, Ar- kansas as a Junior. RICHARD CARLSON ahchy-I Biology Club 1, 25 Baseball 1, 25 Basketball Manager 1, 2g Secretary of Class 23 All School Play Cast 25 Homeroom President 1, 2, 3, Basketball 3g Football Manager 1, 2, 3, 4, A Club 1, 2, 3, 4. DOROTHY CARTER 6KD0t!7 ROBERT CHAMBERLAIN HB0b9! Baseball l, 23 Basketball l 2, 3, 43 Cross Country 43 I. M. Football 33 I. M. Basketball 3: President of Homeroom, 3. JUDY CHRISTMAN GLJ udy9! GAA l3 Card Club 13 Sing Sing Club 1, 2g Cardinal Reporter 4. LA RECE CLARK A'Shorty" Transferred from Proviso Township High School as a Soohomore. THOMAS W. CLEAVER A:T0mss Chemistry Club Vice President 2g Four Semester Honor Roll 33 Track 1, 2, 43 National Honor Society 3, 4, President 43 I. M. Basketball 3, 43 Varsity Debate Squad 4g Ush- ers Club Vice President 43 Senior Play Crew 4. THOMAS O. COOPER JR. scTOm19 Radio Club lg Square Dance Club 1, 2g Football 1, 23 Track 1, 2g Treasurer of Class 23 I. M. Bas- ketball l, 2, 3. SENICRS RONALD CHRISTIANSEN 'iChristy" Radio Club 1, 2, Presidentg Foot- ball l, 23 Aeronautics Club 23 In- tramural Basketball 2. 3g Intramur- al Softball 33 Cross Country 3, 4g Wrestling 4., DONALD CLANCY ..D0n,. I. M. Basketball 1, 23 I. M. Base- ball 3. LAURANCE R. CLAUS "Laurie" Ushers Club 4. JOHN COOPER Handicraft Club 13 Homeroom President lg B Basketball 13 Pep Band 23 Biology Club 23 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Football 1, 2, 3, 43 I. M. Basketball 2, 3, 43 French Horn Quartet 2, 3, 43 A Club 4. CLYDE CORYELL Transferred from Maryville Acade- my as a Junior. JAMES CUMMINS uB0b99 I. M. Softball 3g Football 43 Trans- ferred from Kelvyn Park High School as a Junior., DARLENE CURTIS Square Dance Club 1, 2g Sing Sing Club 13 Card Club 2. ALAN DIEBALL AGAIN Math Club 43 Aeronautics Club 2, 3, 43 Daubers Club 1. NANCY DIVALL Band 1, 2g Pep Band 1, 23 Choir 1, 23 Sextet 1, 23 Advanced Girls Chorus 43 Transferred from Wood- bury, New .Jersey as a Senior. ELAINE DUENN Hostess Club3 Sing Sing Club3 Twirling 1. SENIORS SARAH CURRIER "Sally" Library Club 23 Spanish Club 4g Transferred from Lyons Twp. High Schdol as a Sophomore. GENE DASSONVILLE Baseball 3, 43 Football 43 Class Board 4g Transferred from Taft High School as a Junior. DOLORES DIONNE 64DeeY! Girls Chorus 13 Biology Club 13 Sing Sing Club 13 Homeroom Presi- dent 23 Card Club 2g Square Dance Club 2g GAA 1, 2, 3, 43 Senior Play Crew 4. JOYCE DREWES GAA 13 Girls Chorus. 13 4 Semes- ter Honor Roll 3g Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 43 Madrigals 3, 4. JOAN Lois ELLIOTT "J oannie" Homeroom Vice President 13 GAA 1, 23 Card Club 23 Homeroom Sec- retary 2. NANCY EMIG Athletic Club 1, 2, 33 School Paper 2, 33 GAA 3, 4g Paint and Wig 43 Social' Science Club 43 Senior Play Crew 43 Transferred from St. Scholastica Academy, Chicago' as a Junior. LA VERNE ERWIN Nchipn FHA 13 Sing Sing Club 13 Band 23 Library Club 4. JUDITH FEIND 5iJudyY! Girls'Glee Club 1, 2g GAA 1, 2, 33 Ushers Club 2, 3g Mixed Choir 33 Cardinal Reporter 43 President, Advanced Girls' Chorus 43 Pep Club 43 Senior Play Crew 4a Trans- ferred from Niles Twp. High School as a Senior. THOMAS FENNELL ..Red,, I. M. Football 33 I. M. Baseball 33 Wrestling 3, 43 Transferred from Austin High School as a Junior. ELAINE FLINK "Flinkie" Life Savers Club 13 Sing Sing Club 13 CAA 1, 23 Homeroom Secretary- Treasurer 33 Homeroom President 4. SENIORS CONNIE ENGELKING Pep Club 3, 43 GAA 23 Handicraft 13 Biology Club 13 Girls'Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Vice President of home- room 3g Transferred from Spring- field High School when a Sopho- more. ADA FAULSTICH Sing Sing Club 13 Knitting Club lg GAA 13 Card Club 2g Handi- craft Club 23 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Social Science Club 4. WARREN FELLINGHAM Camera Club 1, 23 Homeroom Vice President 23 Handicraft Club 23 4 Semester Honor Roll 3g Chem- istry Club 3, 43 Treasurer of Math Club 43 Senior Play Crew 4. HELEN FILANTRES Homemaking Club Vice President 13 Hostess Club 2. QUENTIN Form sLKerms1 Camera Club 1, 23 Football 1, 23 Track 1, 23 Square Dance Club 2, 33 Dance Band 33 I. M. Football 33 Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 43 1. M. Bas- ketball 1, 3, 43 Chemistry Club 1, 3, 43 Trombone Quartet 1, 2, 3, 43 National Forensics 43 Debate Squad 4-3 Senior Play Cast 4. RICHARD EDWARD FRASIER 6SRiZzy!! Football 1, 23 Discussion Club 2 Homeroom Treasurer 23 4 Semes- ter Honor Roll 4. Lois GARMEN Sing Sing Club 1, 23 Knitting Club lg GAA 13 Card Club 23 Spanish Club 33 Cardinal Business Staff 43 Stage Crew, Senior Play. RUSSELL CHRIST "Jim" I. M. Baseball 3g Transferred from Leyden High School as a Junior. JUDITH GILMAN ulludin Camera Club 13 Sing Sing Club 13 All Star Volleyball 1, 23 Girls ChoruS.23 Girls' Octette 23 Card Club 23 Cheerleader 1, 2, 33 All Star Basketball 33 GAA 1, 2, 3, 4 Sportshead 43 Pep Club 3, 4, Vic President 43 Choir 3, 43 Homeroor Secretary-Treasurer 4. LOIS GOYKE ul'-'een Girls Chorus 23 Girls'0ctette 2g Handicraft Club 33 Girls' Club Rep- resentative 33 Nurses Aide 1, 2. 3, 43 Paint and Wig 2, 3, 4, Sec- retary 33 Mixed Choir 3, 4g Mad rigal 3, 43 Homeroom Vice Presi dent 3, 43 Thespians 4g Senic Play Crew 4. SENIORS l.EROY FREDERICHS ulfredn Biology Club 23 Track 23 Home- room Secretary-Treasurer 2, Vice President 33 Vice President of Class 33 Cross Country 33 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g A Club 3, 4g President of Ushers Club 43 President of Class 43 Candidate for Homecoming King 4. MAGDALEN A. GEIMER Sing Sing Club3 FHA. PATRICIA GIESEKE MPa!!! Girls'Club Representative 13 Sing Sing Club 13 GAA 1, 23 Cheerleader 1, 23 Card Club 2g Square Dance Club 1, 2, Secretary 13 Homeroom Secretary 1, 33 Girls Chorus 3g Cardinal Staff 43 Homeroom Presi- dent 43 Hall Monitor 43 Senior Play Crew 4. ROBERT GLABE uB0b91 Camera Club 13 Handicraft Club 13 Chemistry Club 33 Ushers Club 43 Heights Photographer 43 Card- inal Photographer 4. RONALD LEE GRACE 4AR0nny19 Class President 13 Spanish Clul. Secretary-Treasurer 23 Sportsman Club 2g A Club 3, 4, Vice Presi- dent 33 Metals Club: Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Base- ball 1,' 2, 3, 43 Homeroom President. JOSEPH P. GREEN GAJPQS - Sing Sing Club 13 Camera Club 1g Radio Club 2g Metals Club 2g Chemistry Club 4. JOHN GRIMM Boys Chorus 1, 2, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, Metals Club 2. GLORIA HAEMKER Sing Sing Club lg Card Club 23 Knitting Club 23 Girls Chorus 2: Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer 3g GAA 1, 2, 3, 43 Pep Club 3, 4g Senior Play Crew 4. AUDREY HARTWIO Sing Sing Club lg Knitting Club 13 GAA 1, 2, Girls'Chorus 1, 23 Handicraft Club 2, Card Club 2, Pep Club 3, Mixed Choir 33 Four Semester Honor Roll 3, Hearst History Contest 3. JOHN KEACH HAYDEN "Keach" Sportsman 2, Metals, Hunting and Fishing, Football 1, 2g Junior Class President. SENICRS ELAYNE DORIS GRESCHNER "Greschie" Discussion Club lg Sing Sing Club lg Card Club 1, Biology Club 1g Daubers Club 1, 2g GAA tl, 2g ' .vel Club 25 Pep Club 4g Card- I Art Staff 4. JOAN GROTH Four Semester Honor Roll 33 Sec- retary of Class 33 Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 49 GAA 1, 2, 3, 4, Sportshead 3g National Honor Society 3, 4, Vice President 43 Candidate Home- coming Queen 4g Vice President of Class 4. JIM HALLQUIST Audio Visual 3, 4g 1. M. Bowling President 4g Transferred from Schurz High School as a Junior. FRED LEROY HARTWIO Boxing and Wrestling Club 1, 2g Sports' Officials Club 2, Track 4. ROBERT HEIDEN JR. uB0bn Transferred from Lake Geneva High School, Lake Geneva, Wis- consin as a Senior. DAVID A. HELFERS UDave79 Baseball 1, 2g Homeroom Treasur- er 23 Basketball Manager 2g Aero nautics Club 2, 33 I. M. Sports 1 2, 3, 4. JULIE DIANA HINDS GAA 1, 2, 33 Spanish Club 2, 33 Square Dance Club 2, 33 All Star Volleyball 33 Class Board 33 Twirl- er 1, 2, 3, 4, Lead 43 Chemistry Club 3, 4, Vice President 4g Na- tional Honor Society 3, 4, Treasurer 43 Senior Play Cast 4. RAYMOND HOLMES ALRay99 Audio Visual 13 I. M. Tennis 13 Homeroom President 23 French Club 2g I. M. Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 4a Tennis 2, 3, 4 I. M. Bowling. ART HORCHER Track 1, 2g Football 23 Hunt and Fish Club 2. FRANCES HUBBARD Four Semester Honor Roll 33 GAA 1, 2, 3, 4, Sportshead 4g Paint and Wig 1, 43 National Honor Society 3, 4, Secretary 43 Cardinal Reporter 3, 43 National Thespian Society 4g Class Board 4g Senior Play Crew 4. SENIORS .Swv , ar 'T RAYMOND F. HEPPNER J L6Ray7! Radio Code Club 2g Radio Con struction Club 2. GERALDINE HOGREVE licerryil Sing Sing Club 13 Card Club 23 GAA 1, 2. RONALD HOLMES GGROHQU Lettermans Club 1, 2, 3, Vice Presi- dentg Basketball 1, 2, 33 Football 1, 2, 33 Track 1, 2, 33 Wrestling 1, 2, 33 Golf 1, 2, 3g Transferred from Decatur High School as a Sen- Ior. MICHAEL HORCHER lSMike!7 FFA 1, 2, 3, 4. SHIRLEE MARIE INCAPREO "Shirl" Homemaking Club lg Library Club 1, Awardg Sing Sing Club lg Girls Chorus 1, 23 Card Club 23 Life Savers Club 2. GORDON IvERsEN 7, 1 "Gordie" :1 .. Track 13 Football 1, 23 Camera Club 23 Aeronautics Club 23 Foot- ' ball Manager 33 Track Manager 3, 43 A Club 3, 43 Cross Country Manager 43 Ushers Club 43 Class Board 4. GLORIA JANISCH Senior Play Crew 4g Hall Monitor 43 Homeroom Vice President 43 Transferred from Barrington High School as a Junior. BETSY JARRETT nBetzn Mixed Octette 23 Daubers Club 23 Class Board 33 Pep Club 3g Mixed Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, President 43 French Club 2, 3, 4, President 43 GAA 3, 43 Madrigal 3, 4g Senior Play Crew 43 Secretary of Class 43 Four Semester Honor Roll 4. CHARLOTTE JOHNSTON "Charlie" FHA 13 Square Dance Club 23 Cardinals of the Air 4. DAVID KENNEDY Radio Club 23 Basketball Manager 23 Football Manager 33 Math Club 43 Class Board 43 Trans- ferred from Pasadena Junior Col- lege. SENICRS ' u. KENNETH J ACOBSON GLKCHS! Track 1, 2, 33 Football 1, 2, 43 FFA 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, 4. JOYCE JANNUSCH Class Treasurer 13 All Star Volley- ball 1, 2, 33 Mixed Choir 2, 33 Homeroom Vice President 33 All Star Basketball 33 GAA 1, 2, 3, 4, Sportshead 33 Quill and Scroll 3, 43 Senior Play Crew 4. ROBERT JOHNSON HB0h9, Football 23 Fish and Game Club 2. ERICA JUNG Four Semester Honor Roll 33 Lat- in Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 33 Cardinal Copy Editor 3, Editor 43 Social Science Club 3, 4, Vice President 43 Quill and Scroll 3, 43 National Honor Society 3, 4. DON KEPPLER csKePs1 Homeroom President 1g Baseball 13 Football 1, 23 Homeroom Vice President 23 Sing Sing Club 2g Intramural Sports 2, 3, 43 German Club 43 Ushers Club 4. WINIFRED KESTNER "Winnie" Clee Club, ,Transferred from Aus- tin High School as a Junior. DOROTHY KIRCHVOGEL "Kircn" Biology Club 2, Handicraft Club 3, GAA 1, 3, 4, Radio Club 4, Transferred from Steinmetz High School as a Freshman. CHARLES E. KNAPP ucv: Chemistry Club Secretary-Treasurer 2, 3, Class Treasurer 3, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4, A Club 2, 3, 4, Pep Band 2, 3, 4, Tennis 2, 3, 4, I. M. Sports 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Debate 4, National Forensics 4. RUTH KOELPER 6iWinky7! Sing Sing Club 1, GAA 1, 2, Life Savers Club 2, Girls Club Repre- sentative 4. MARVIN KRAUSE "Marv" Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, I. M. Basketball 2, 3, 4, A Club 4, Boxing and Wrestling Club. SENIORS j F f-elf, '23 DANIEL C. KIBBEE "Kib" Intramural Baseball 1, Track 1, 3, Cross Country 1, 2, 3, 4, Trans- ferred from Oak Park High School as a Senior. CAROL KIRKEBY f'KIrk" Biology Club 1, Card Club 2, Handicraft Club 2, Sing Sing Club 2, A11 Star Volleyball 2, All Star Basketball 1, 3, Art Club 2, 3, Cardinal Business Staff 2, 3, Card- inal Art Staff 3, GAA 1, 2, 3, 4, Sportshead 3, Heights Staff 4. PHILIP LEROY KNOEPPEL lSPhilY9 Sportsmans Club 1, 2, Class Presi- dent 2, Four Semester Honor Roll 3, Audio Visual 1, 2, 3, 4, Presi- dent 4, A Club 2, 3, 4, Madrigal 3, 4, Football, Basketball, Golf. ROBERT KOSTKA iiB0b!9 Football 1, Football Manager 2, Homeroom Treasurer 2, I. M. Soft- ball 3, l. M. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 4, 1. M. Football 3, 4' Homeroom Vice President 3, 4. JUNE KRITSCH Sing Sing Club 1, Card Club 1, Square Dance Club 1, GAA 1, 2: Hostess Club 2, Pep Club 3, 4. DONALD KROEBER AADOHJQ Homeroom Treasurer 1, Science Club 1, 2, Baseball 1, 2, Chemis- try Club 3, Football 1, 2, 4, 1. M. Basketball 2, 3, 4, Homeroom President 2, 4. BETTY LABONNE "Boobie" Knitting Club 1, Sing Sing Club 1, 2, Twirler 3, 4. BOB LANGE "Lang-Wang" Handicraft Club 1, Mixed Choir 1, 2, Discussion Club 2. NORBERT LECKBAND sssonnyn Homeroom President 1, Boxing and Wrestling Club 1, 2, I. M. Bas- ketball l, 2, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Wrestling 3, 4, A Club 2, 3, 4. JOAN LINGREN ".loanie" Square Dance Club 1, 2, Home- room Secretary 2, Girls Octette 2, CAA! 1, 2, 3, Mixed Choir 2, 3, Four Semester Honor Roll 3, Girls Club Representative 1, 2, 4, Sen- ior Play Crew Chairman 4-, Pep Club 4, Hall Monitor 4, Paint and Wig 4. SENIORS IRENE MARIE KUN Sing Sing Club 1, French Club 2, 3, Four Semester Honor Roll 3, Social Science Club Secretarv 4. RENATA LANDMEIER Sing Sing Club 1, Homeroom Sec- retary 1, Girls Chorus 1, 2, Latin Club 1, 2, Girls Octette 2, Handi- craft Club 2, CAA 1, 2, 3, Pep Club 3, Mixed Choir 3, 4, Triple Trio 4. FORREST LAUDE '4Forrie" Baseball 1, 2, Transferred from Lewis and Clark High School Spokane, Washington as a Sopho- more. JANYCE LEWERENZ Transferred to Kenosha, Wisconsin as a Senior. DONALD EDWARD LOCKHART LAI-locks: Varsity Track 3, Cross Country 3, Class Board -3, A Club 3, 4, I. M. Bowling 3, 4, 1. M. Basket- ball 3, 4, I. M. Tennis 4, Senior Play Crew 4, l. M. Softball 4, Transferred from Senn High School as a Junior. - SENIORSP MARY ANN LoEFI-'LER ssMert1s Camera Club 15 GAA 1: Sing Sing Club 15 Girls Chorus 15 Biol- ogy Club 25 Radio Club 4. MARY ANN LUEMPERT Homeroom Secretary 45 Trans- ferred from Schurz High School as a Junior. JOAN LUNDSTROM Homeroom President 1, 35 Latin Club 2, 3, 4, President 45 Social Science Club President 45 Cardi- nal Editorial Board 45 Senior Play Crew Chairman 45 Corresponding Secretary Student Senate 45 WSC Secretary 45 Transferred. WILLIAM LYNK 66Bil1!9 Football 15 Basketball 15 Base- ball 1, 2, 3, 45 Biology Clubg A Club. MARY Lou MCCALL Sing Sing Club 15 Square Dance Club 1, 25 Pep Club 3, 4. JA-JQUELYN LUEHRINC "Jackie" Sing Sing Club 15 Biology Clubg GAAg All Star Basketball 1, 2, 35 All Star Volleyball 2, 35 Class Board 3, 45 Homeroom Vice Presi- dent 4. SHIRLEY LUETHJE Sing Sing Club 15 Knitting Club 15 Handicraft Club 25 Card Club 25 GAA 25 Pep Club 3, 4. BARBARA LYoN Haart," Knitting Club 15 Sing Sing Club 1, 25 Card Club 25 Square Dance Club 25 GAA 1, 2, 35 Girls Club Representative 35 Cardinal Staff 4. BARBARA JEAN MARTIN ffaafif' Card Club 25 Four Semester Honor Roll 35 All Star Volleyball 35 Bi- ology Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President 45 GAA 1, 2, 3, 45 Cardinal Art Staff 3, 45 Pep Club 3, 45 Chemistry Club Secretary-Treasurer 45 Vice President Junior Academy Sci- ence 4. MARY ANN MCDONALD Homeroom President 35 Cheerlead- er 1, 25 Sing Sing Club 1, 25 Homeroom Vice President 1, 25 Treasurer Girls Club 25 GAA 1, 2, 3, Sportshead 15 All Star Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3. 1 DARLENE MCDOUGALL ' Handicraft Club 13 Sing Sing Club 13 Camera Club 13 GAA 1, 2g Girls'Chorus 1, 23 Knitting Club 23 Pep Club 3, 4. JOAN METTE Freshman Play Cast 13 Cis-Repre- sentative lg Good Council Congress 13 GAA 23 Library Assistant 2g All School Play Cast 3g Four Se- mester Honor Roll Pin 33 Latin Club 2, 3, 43 Paint and Wig 2, 3, 43 Social Science Club 43 National Thespian Society 43 Transferred from Notre Dame H. S., Chicago as a Sophomore. LORRAINE MEYER Girls' Chorus l, 23 Girls Octette 23 GAA 1, 2, 33 Four Semester Honor Roll Pin 33 Mixed Choir 3, 4g Triple Trio 4. GWENDOLYN JEAN MILLER "Gwen" Biology Club 23 FHA 3. MARLENE MODJESKE seMar1s Library Club 13 GAA 1, 2g Sing Sing Club 1, 2g Card Club 23 Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer 1, 3g Homeroom Vice President 4. SENIO RS 9. .x 1 ROBERT MEEKER 55B0b,, Camera Club 13 Sports Officials' Club 2g Radio Code Club 23 Bas- ketball 23 Cross Country 33 1. M. Basketball 3, 43 l. M. Softball 33 Track 1, 2, 4. KAREN MEYER LLKay!9 THOMAS MEYER ssfrornn Homeroom Treasurer 13 Sing Sing Club lg Football lg Biology Club l, 23 Homeroom Vice President 23 Baseball 1, 2, 3g A Club 4. JEAN MILLER 'fleanien Sing Sing Club 13 Card Club 2g Life Savers Club 2g DE Club 4. WAYNE MOEHLING 1. M. Baseball 3g 1. M. Basketball 3, 43 Homeroom Vice President 43 Senior Play Crew 4. BLYTH MoRRow "Nitro" Play Crews 1-4, Homeroom Presi- dent 2, Director Talent Show 3, 4, Dir. Clenbard Assemblies, Varsity Cheerleader 3, Pep Club 3, Paint :nd Wig 1-4, Vice President 4, National Thespian 2, 3, 4, Vice President 3, Tennis 2-4, Cardinal Prog. 4. STEPHEN ARTHUR MUNDY "Steve" Secretary of Radio Club 1, Football 1, 2, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, I. M. Base- ball 3, Vice President of Chemistry Club 3, Spanish Club 3, 4, Ger- man Club 4, Ushers'Club 4, Four Semester Honor Roll, Senior Play Crew 4. JUDITH ELLEN OAKLEY "Annie" GAA 1, Sing Sing Club 1, Knitt- ing Club 1, 2, Latin Club 1, 2, Handicraft Club 2, Secretary-Treas- urer of Homeroom 3. ALICE JEAN OLLMANN Girls'Club Representative 1, Sing Sing Club 1, Girls' Chorus 1, 2, Handicraft Club 2, Hostess Club 2, Homeroom Secretary 2, CAA 2, 3, Mixed Choir 3, 4. LENORE PAULMEYER Sing Sing Club 1, Knitting Club 1, CAA 1, 2, Handicraft Club 2, Card Club 2, Four Semester Hon- or Roll. SENICRS .IAZEL MUELLER "Haz-ze1le" Student Council 1, Girls Chorus 1, Mixed Choir 1-4. LEON NoLTE HRed!! Basketball 1, 2, Boxing and Wrest- ling Club 2, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 4, l. M. Basketball 3, 4, A Club 4. EILEEN OEHLERKING Homeroom Secretary 1, All Star Volleyball Team 1, Sing Sing Club 1, GAA 1, 2, Square Dance Club 1, 2, Hall Monitor 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 3, 4. RALPH PAGE upachyn Basketball 1, Frosh-Soph Football, Homeroom Vice President 1, As- sistant Sports Editor Cardinal 3, 1. M. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Home- room President 4, Magazine Drive Chairman 4, Sports Editor Cardi- nal 4. DIANNE RUTH PERRY Gir1s'Chorus 1, 2, Four Semester Honor Roll Pin 3, GAA 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3, Paint and Wig 2, 3, 4, Mixed Choir 3, 4, Heights Business Man- ager 4, Cardinal Reporter 4, Sen- ior Play Crew 4, Pep Club 4, National Thespian Society 4. J ANITA PETERSEN SSJOU Library Club 1, Knitting Club 1, Handicraft Club 2, Girls Chorus l, 2, 3, Four Semester Honor Roll 3, Pep Club 3, Latin Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4, Heights Senior Class Editor 4, Senior .Play Crew. LEIGH MEREDITH PETERSEN Biology Club 1, Library Club 1, Homeroom President 1, Paint and Wig 1, 2, 3, 4, Heights Staff 2, 3, 4, Editor-in-Chief 4, All School Play Cast 2, Crews 2, 3, Senior Play Director 4, Social Science 3, 4, Prog. Chair. 4, Thespians 3, 4, President 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4. MARLENE PLANT GAA, Sing Sing Club, Biology Club. MARIAN ROSE PYTLIK Girls Chorus 1, FHA 1, CAA 2, Sing Sing Club 1, 2, Band 2, Biology Club 2. JOHN RANDAG uBuckyn Audio Visual 1, Square Dance Club, Card Club, I. M. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, I. M. Football 4, Trans- ferred from Marmipn Military Aca- demy as a Freshman. SENIORS DONALD E. PETERSEN "Pete" Football 1, FFA. JOAN PETERSON utlonin Library Club 1, Sing Sing Club 1, Card Club 1, 2, Travelers Club 2, Cardinal Business Staff 2, CAA 1, 2, 3, Sec.-Treas. French Club 3, Homeroom President 3, Pep Club 3, 4, Heights Art Editor 3, 4, Cardinal Art Staff 3, 4, Paint and Wig 4. BETTY PROEBSTLE Sing Sing Club 1, Square Dance Club 1, 2, Library Club 2, Award, Nurses Club 2, Biology Club 2, Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer 4, Girls Club Representative 4. ROGER A. RAGLAND caR0g99 Spanish Club 2, 3, President 3, Discussion Club 3, Class Board 3, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, A Club 3, 4, Candidate Homecoming King 4, Honorable Mention All West Suburban Football Squad 4. BARBARA RANSDELL Biology Club 1, Library Club 1, 2, GAA 1, 2, 3, Four Semester Honor Roll 3, Heights Asst. Copy Editor 2, 3, Copy Editor 4, Span- ish Club 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4, Social Science Club 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Cardinal Report- er 3, 4. :- BERWYN RASCHER A Cluhg FFA3 Golf 1, 2, 3, 4. HERB RECKAMP Homeroom President 13 Square Dance Club 23 FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, fice President 3, President 4. RUTH MARY REHLING LSR-uthvf Card Club 13 CAA 13 Sing Sing Club 1, 23 Knitting Club 23 Span- ish Club 2, 3g Cardinal Business Staff 4. HERBERT RICKERT :LI-Ierhn Hunting and Fishing Club 2g Base- ball 1-43 Football 2-4. ALLAN WILLIAM Ross HAI!! FFA 13 Football 13 Creamer's B Team lg Fish and Came Club 23 Homeroom President 2g I. M. Ten- nis 1, 33 I. M. Basketball 1'4Q Tennis 2-43 1. M. Bowling 3, 43 A Club 3, 43 I. M. Football 4. SENIORS- - 3 , 4 4 'z . GAYLE RASCIIER Music Club 1, 23 Square Dance Club 1, 23 Vice President of Home- room 23 Biology Club 33 Student Senate'33 Advanced Girls' Chorus 3g Senior Play Crew3 Cardinal 3, 4. RICHARD REED HDick!7 Camera Club 13 Square Dance Club 13 Biology Club 1, 23 Sports- mans Club 23 Handicraft Club 23 1. M. Basketball 1-43 Wrestling 4. RUSSELL RENNAKER, JR. "Russ" Football 13 Track 13 Orchestra 13 Biology Club 23 Radio Club 23 Homeroom President 33 Brass Sextet 33 Band 1-43 Heights Ac- tivity Editor 43 Senior Play Cast 43 National Thespian Society 43 Transferred from Nutley Junior High School, Nutley, New Jersey as a Sophomore. JULIA ROCHE Homeroom Treasurer 13 Sing Sing Club 13 Card Club 23 Girls' Chorus 2g Knitting Club 23 GAA 1'3Q Spanish Club 33 Four Semester Honor Rollg Nurses Aide 4. ROBERT C. F. RUNGE HBOb9! Audio Visual 1-4. JOHN RUSSELL "Big John" Football Manager 2g Biology Club 2g Sing Sing Club 29 I. M. Bas- ketball 2-4g I. M. Football 3, 4g I. M. Baseball 3, Homeroom Vice President 3, 43 German Club Vice President 4g Senior Play Crew 4. DENNIS J. SANDELIN Glsarldyv Transferred from Oak Park High School as a Junior. RICHARD SANDER "Dick" or "Rich" Basketball 2g I. M. Basketball 1, 35 Baseball 1-4g Football 2-4g A Club 3, 4. JOSEPH SCHAEFGES JR. 66JoeH Boxing and Wrestling Club. HANS SCHMIDT Baseball 1, 2, 3, 43 I. M. Basket- ball 2g Basketball 4g A Club 3, 4 SENIORS .1 MARY LOU SALGE Knitting Club 2. JOAN SANDER i'Joanie" Life Savers Club lg Sing Sing Club 13 Freshman Representative to Girls Clubg Homeroom Presi- dent 3g Candidate for Homecoming Queen 4-3 Cardinal Reporter 45 GAA 1-4g Hall Monitor 4g Pep Club 3, 49 Cardinal Art Staff 3g Handi- craft Club 2g Card Club 2. J OYCE SCANLON ESJOYYY Sing Sing Club 15 Knitting Club 1. WALTER A. SCHARRINGHAUSEN 4'Zeckel,' I. M. Basketball 13 Audio Visual I, 2g Football 1, 23 Baseball 2. ROBERT SCHULER i6B0bH J 0 ANN SCHULZE GGJOH Handicraft Club lg Sing Sing lg Card Club 1, 2g Secretary-Treasun er Nurses Aide 2g Nurses Aide 2, 33 All Star Basketball 3g Four Semester Honor Pin 33 GAA 1-4. CHARLES ROBERT SIMMONS 66BOb!! Rifle Club 23 Ski Club 2g Football 1-42 A Club 3, 43 Candidate for Homecoming King 43 Transferred from St. Paul, Minn. as a Junior. DORIS Sxooc GAA3 Daubers, Secretary. JAMES STENBORG Kitlimif Discussion 2g Track 1-43 Spanish Club 2, 33 All School Play Crew 33 1. M. Basketball 1-42 I. M. Foot- ball 3, 4. RICHARD WILLIAM TANG J R. "Dick" Basketball 3g Golf 3, 43 A Club 3, 43 Transferred from Pontiac, Mich. SENIORS '53-'F' sv CLAUDETTE MARIE SEMINATORE "Claudy" Sing Sing lg -Discussion lg Latin 1, 2, Secretary 23 Homeroom Sec- retary-Treasurer 1-3, President 4. BETTY SIMMONS Transferred from St. Paul, Minn. as a ,lunior3 GAA 1, 2. JANET MARIE STADE I uilann FHA 13 Sing Sing Club 13 Hos- tess Club 23 Nurses Aide 23 GAA 1-3. ARTHUR RONALD TAGGART 4aR0n19 Algebra Contest 13 Track 1-33 Bas- ketball 33 Boys State 3g Cross Country 43 Transferred from Indi- anapolis, Ind. as a Junior. MYRNA TAWNEY Biology Club 13 Knitting Club 13 Card Club 23 Square Dance Club 2g Tumbling 2, 33 All Star Volleyball 2, 3g GAA 1-43 Board 1-43 Sec.-Treas. Homeroom 2-43 Pep Club 3, 43 Cardinal 2-43 Stu- dent Senate Treas. 4g Senior Play Crew. RUTH M. TRUTSCH Handicraft 1, 23 Art 2g Social Sci- ence 4. JOAN TIMMERMANN Homeroom Sec.-Treas. 13 Biology Club lg Knitting l, 23 Latin Club 33 Four Semester Honor Pin 33 GAA 1-4, Sportshead 43 Band 1-43 Dance Band 43 Chemistry Club 3, 43 Secretary Math Club 4. LESLIE ANN TOLLEFSON GAA 1, 23 Sing Sing Club 1, 2: Homeroom Vice President 1. DELORES TRosT uDe199 Sing Sing Club lg Girls Club 1, 23 Nurses Aide 23 GAA 23 Card Club 23 Four Semester Honor Pin 3g Class Board 3. MARY JANE UTTERBACK nM' Jin Girls Chorus 13 Knitting Club 23 Homeroom President 3g Twirling 1-43 GAA 1-4. SENIORS MICHAEL THEIS x4Mike11 Vice President Frosh Class3 Sing Sing Club 23 Basketball 1-33 Track 1-43 A Club 2-4, President 43 Homeroom Vice President 2, 43 Treasurer of Class 2, 43 Home- coming King 43 Ushers Club 4g Class Board 4. CAROL JANE TOLLEFSON GAA 1, 23 Sing Sing Club 1, 23 Card Club 1, 23 Homeroom Vice President 3. CAROL TOSSMAN GAA 1, 23 German Club 3, 43 Treasurer of German Club 4. MARGARET TWIGG "Margie" Spanish Club 1, 2, Secretary of Spanish Club 13 Biology Club 23 Student Representatives 1, 2, 33 GAA 1, 2, 33 Swimming 1, 2, 33 Pep Club 43 Senior Play Crew 43 Transferred from Senn High School 4. WALTER VARTANIAN "Vartaning-One" Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 I. M. Base- ball l, 2, 3, 43 l. M. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g Football 1-43 Track 1'4Q Wrestling 1-43 Transferred from Lane Technical High School 4. JAY E. VAWTER "Jayson" Camera Club 1, Track 1, 2g Tra- velers Club 2g Chemistry Club 2, Cardinal 33 Basketball 1-4g Na- tional Honor Society 3, 45 As- sistant Director Senior Play 4, Class Board 4. MARILYN VOLKMAN Sing Sing Club 1g Knitting Club 2, GAA 2. CLARENCE Voss "Shorty" Metals Club 23 Radio Workshop 25 Homeroom Vice President 2. MARY LOUISE WALTERS GGMBTY Lou!! Homeroom President 23 Glee Club 2, 3g All Star Basketball 2, 33 Class President 3g Senior Play Crewg Transferred from St. Patrick Academy as a Senior. PAT WATKINS Band 13 Mixed Choir 1, 25 Report- er 1, 25 Pass Aid 2, Cardinal Copy Editor 3g Four Semester Honor Pin 33 Spanish Club 1-4g GAA 1-43 Social Science Club 3, 4g Paint and Wig 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Pep Club 4, Senior Play Cast 4, Thespians 43 Card- inal Editor 4g Transferred from Rochester, NNY. as a Junior. SENICDRS ROBERT LEIGH VIRGIL HBOb9! Football 13 Biology Club 1, 2, Baseball 25 Sportsman Club 2g Four Semester Honor Roll Pin 3g I. M. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Home- room President 2, 4, 1. M. Foot- ball 3, 4. ANITA VON DER FEHR "Nita" National Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Office Squad 2, 33 Pep Club 4, Transferred from New York, New York as a Senior. MARGARET WALT "Margie" Knitting Club 2g Girls Chorus 1g Hostess Club 2, Sing Sing Club, DE Club. DAN WALTON wrexn Football 13 Band 1, 2, Sec.-Treas. 2, Latin Club 2, Homeroom Pres. 1, 3, Debate 43 Senior Play Cast 4. ROBERT WEILAND "Bob" Audio Visual lg Football lg Base- ball lg Sing 'Sing Club 1, Card Club 25 Square Dance Club 23 Wrestling 35 I. M. Basketball 2-43 DE Club 4. WAYNE WEGREN "Weed" Fish and Game Club. ERICK WENZLAFF :LI-Ierrnu Basketball 1, 23 Baseball 1, 2, 43 Fish and Game 2. KEN WETENDORF S5Ken,! Audio Visual 1, 23 Baseball 1, 2g Football 2. NORMA WHITTINGTON Class Officer 2, 33 National Honor Society 33 Clee Club 1-32 GAA 1-3, Ticket Seller 1-33 Dramatics Club 1-33 Librarian 1-33 Student Senate Rep. 3g Latin Club 4. VERN WINKELHAKE Biology Club 23 Transferred from Palatine as a Freshman. SENIORS- - 'Z -. . MARGARETE WEMLINGER uMargen Sing Sing Club lg Nurses Aide 23 Card Club 2g Spanish Club 3. ANN WESTER Sing Sing Club 13 Art Club 13 Handicraft 23 All Star Bowling 23 GAA 1-3, Sportshead 3g Pep Club3 Girls Club Rep. 33 Senior Play Crew 4g Cardinal 4. CYNTHIA WETTERMAN Handicraft 13 Sing Sing Club 13 Knitting 23 Nurses Aide 23 All Star Basketball 23 Four Semester Honor Pin 3g GAA 1-43 Hall Moni- tor 3, 43 Pep Club 3, 43 Sec- Treas. Homeroom 4g Girls Club Rep. 43 Cardinal 4. A? WILLIAM A. WIEDERHOLD S6BiuH JOAN WINTERBAUER Sing Sing Club 13 Cardinal lg Girls Club Rep. 23 Homeroom Sec. 23 Card Club 23 Square Dance 23 Hall Monitor 33 Paint and Wig 33 All Star Basketball 33 CAA 1-4, Sec. 3, Pres. 43 Pep Club 3, 43 Candidate for Homecoming Queen 43 Honor Society 3, 4. 'Qt MARTHA LOUISE ZEPP Transferred from Mame Twp H1gh as a .lumor Jr A Cappella Orches t 1 2 Latm Club 2 B1ology Club 2 Muslc Masters 2 Honor Soclety 2 Glrls Clee Club 2 Band 1 2 3 4 Secretary Treasurer 4 Natlonal Honor SOCICIY 3 4 French Club 3 4 FRANCES ZOLLNER Fran B nd 1 2 3 Polnt Secretary Treasurer 3 Four Semester Honor Roll 3 Latm Club 3 Homeroom Secretary Treasurer 3 GAA 1 2 3 4 Vlce Pres 4 Bxology Club 2 3 4 ulll and Scroll 3 Pres 4 Hexghts Staff 3 4 As soclate Edltor 4 Glrls Club Vxce Pres 4 Pep Club 4 SENICRS 'MQ N ot Pzcturea' RALPH N ALLEN Basketball 1' 'Baseball 2' Football 1 2 3' 1. M. Basketball 1 2 3 4' I. M. Softball 4. MARILYN BLAZEK Transferred from Steinmetz High School as a Sophomore. EDWARD AMES KCJimY7 1. M. Football 33 Math Club 4g Homeroom Pres. 4g Transferred from Amundsen High School as a Junior. MORRIS G. CLARK uM0ren Swim Team 25 Transferred from Proviso Twp. High School as a Sophomore. DONNA JEAN ZINKEL Square Dance Club l Smg Slng Cu 1 CAA123 Band12 3 4 Pep Band 3 4 Pep Club 4 Cardlnal Staff 4 SENIORS CA or JEAN ALBRECHI Kmttm Club 2 GFORVE D XVAION BaQ1ball 2 Square Dance Club 2 Cuuwn Club 2 l X 1 ketball lr1 R XLPH GJOFIN 410 Con trurt1nI1 flub l ll1n41 l C ll olugy Club 2 Baml I 2 3 French Horn Q arte! 2 3 Br 19 Sextet 3 UE I lub 4 DOLORES GRAF 6 JEAN HEIDORIN Jnanne r a K Hoare Ppruentitm 1 retarw lr1as11r11 Erlucatlon Club 4 Smv S1n Club 2 Claw Board 3 Secrf- arv l'r1a urxr of DE flub L W ILLIAM KLINK l ub 2 4 Spa 1 lu1 Trankl 2 3 Ba kctball 2 3 Foot 1 DONAI II LECCI Don Transferred from Oak Park H l1 Srlmol a a Jum r RICHARD MALQXIEY 'N oc cus Ion U1 D zta flum Handmraft Club 3 DE Club 4 RICHARD GI Y QARGENT Bar 1 Transferred from Cape El1zabetl1 H1 h Qbhool Cape Ebzabeth 'Nlame unmr Iar 1 na Mllllllllfl 2 1 ,all I NI Ba ketlnall 3 4 A Club 4 HEI EW Tmn Bmlogy Club 2 Squarm Dann Clun 2 L brarw Club 1 2 V106 Pre Iclcnt 3 Pre Iclent 4 Dig l. 1 .,I. BIQ l l. 2. 3, -lg Footlmull 1.2. 3,A1: H Lck l. 4g A Club 2, 3. 4. R21 l' I s ' ' f Q . l'- vraf ,Ilub l: Pc-p unll 1.24 lli- 11' I , .3 2.35 f ..D,l.. J. Cl'sf l R r"- 35 511' " 1' 5 " uf ll14t1'lb11IiI1- 1. : -- l 'TCCIJ "l5'll" A Cl . 3, g . n'slI C l 23 ' ' - I Z 5 ' 1 Q ' ball . 2. 3. 4. . S 'o . sh-I '77 Dis Cl l lg l- 'ls l l 21 iff' .Iv 1 11115-1 ll' 1, 2f S " ' ,g 1 Bask-tl' 1, 2, 32 I 1 I ,I ' , . 3, 4, Along wrth many others you may feel that opportun1t1es for you ln todays world are llllllted and that there IS not much to look forward to There IH and wrll always be room at the top for those who bulld and who have the ambltlon to get there l helleye your most lmoortant c mstructxon w1ll me your contrlhutlon to the solutlon of whether the world wrll contrnue wrth two confllctlng types of government or whether the world w1ll decrde that democracy communlsm or some other lsm wlll prevall Democracy ltself w1ll be 1n danger rf thls type of goyernmen contlnues to control and spread ltS bellefs to other major LOUIIITICS You as young cltlzens must and w1ll I am sure assume whatever responslblllty 15 necessary to see that the type of democracy we haye IS preserved You w1ll see that 11 IS extended throughout the world so that freedom thrnkmg people may contmue to l1ve ln countrres whrch wrll not and cannot lnmrt thelr opportun1t1es and achlevements Opportunltres for young men and women were neyer greater than they end We neyer wlll' Choose your goals wlsely then that yours may be llyed rn a world of freedom and love f f 1 I LJK f Lf' ky y 6- f ii sap FUTURE BUILDER are today. We have not reached the . Y 4. ', ' 'V' y . . . ' c.- N , ff l as , rx Q X X A E.. f X' 3 - K XY! X e-7 1 y Lg A X! V 1 Kr 1 r Q S 4 5 l x 1 . X V f P THE FUIURE, , Aff Q- 3 X K P X N 3 I F 1. QD1. . , 4 6 . yfx X X ff NQ K , ""' ' nw' 1 A LEASE SIGN MY YEARBOOK - PLEASE SIGIY MY YEARBOOK -f PLEASE SIGN NIY YEARBOO I I I I l I 1 LEASE SIGN MY YEARHUUK PLEASE SIGN NIY YEARBOOK PLEASE SIGN NIY YEARBOO 'LEASIC SIGN MY YEXIIISUUK - I'I,IQXSI+I SIGN NIY YFIARIIIJIJK I'I.ICIXSE SIGN XIY YICAIZIIOU 3 w I A E S I G N NI Y Y If A Ii I 3 0 U K P L IC A S E S I G IN NI Y Y E A II B IJ 0 K PLIQJXSE SIGN NIY YIEAIIIIIJUIX I'I,IIfXSI'I SIGN NIH XI'I,XIilIUlJIx - I'I,ICXSI'I SIGN NIY YIQXII ' V , JJ. Q -1 nv A "1

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Arlington High School - Heights Yearbook (Arlington Heights, IL) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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