Arlington High School - Heights Yearbook (Arlington Heights, IL)

 - Class of 1947

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I 1 if -N ,QL - - V. ---- .. - W-A, , ,.,'-f.-32 -na.. Q-- YS , lvlli Ax.. 1--4 x.. 4..1 5. 7, , 5 f ' a. E Lx. 4 A 'X 1 H g w., 1 'Lk- l D K J? . '93 " Hxa ' 1 1 jj.'A'g V 4 'ff' .2 i vu M r., , , .A 1 i rum 'In .. r r ..4.1 I , -x-H f , -, - . W m. f N- w I ' X ' I u J- -4. 'n . X, .Y I' C?"-'.'r ' 4.. ,,- 1 in.. , MH. . 1-. -FY '1 'mv' 1 V31 ,' , at . , - -v .' m"l'5-I., Vim" ' K 7 , .' 'vfilfv' ' 'E Ivji r 'r ' "- ' -. L '1 '- ML..f . gif.,-mi' 77: - wx-.QD -. :Nr 'M 1 54.1-. t .- - .Jen fc J- 'QSM 'f W .2-,ilk ,EA 'mr' L.g A.-Q-'21 ,'1.W'1g -.K-gg-' AJ.. ,gmai A 4,1..+ 1,,,12L v - . ,1 , x ' 'ilffw - .a, ' "--."- A , Hm3WWa ?1eh'f'!f--3.- X ,+'e"f' Q: V' X' x,.,q - Q54 . x .4-g f7 , A 'W ' Q L Q gil Sfcj' .5 K' 3 1. .5 L, gb , K U1 V'-1, 4 if V ' 2a'f".'1-,'-,if . , I .2 . ,, '17, V . K-, , g.1,.N i -F 1?.2a w'J 'i, '-A -Ah . V .- ,Q V whfryu, -I ke. ' '-QW 4 1 4 4 - : -16? , jke .ileigkfd I 9 4 7 LINGTON HEIGHTS HIGH SCHO LINGTON HEIGHTS, ILLINO 0l"lfUCll" jfe Alefgffi, I947 We, the staff, are sending you into the world as a testimony of our sincere effort to preserve, in a few pages, glimpses of our high school days and to portray the spirit and environment in which we have spent them. Though We concede your faults, we hope that your merits will overshadow them. And if, in later years, your soiled pages bring fond memories to the heart that has forgotten, We are sure your mission will have been accomplished. Elaine Kehe Pat Kule Mary Ann Heimsoth Mary Lou Fasick Annabelle Hogreve Bob Blackburn Ronald Weigand Dale Williams 2 Confenfzi ADMINISTRATION CLASSES ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS ADVERTISERS + .!4l"Al'lgi0l'l Arlington High, Arlington High, Plunge right through that line: Send the ball clear down the field, boys- Boslcet sure, this time. Uh Hc1h-Horh- Arlington High, Arlington High, Fight on for her fame: F ight, fellows, fight, And We will Win this game. 3 Wnfef SRDM! C8118 Dark against a Winter sky, but bright in the heart of athlete and fan alike. 4 .fdrgngfon .yeighfd jownfihgo ,gihoof Through these portals youth posses in seorch of that freedom which knowledge alone can give. 5 P, J. U in 1 E' 1 pu. jv- H 1 'Kf X Q ' ,A : ' L at K V Q , 1 my x Q ,trip . 5 . X, ' ya, . an . ,S " 11,1 ., ui Xxx , AWS 1 l mzhuku it Sh ' - 'A ' " i . ' , 1, Ju, Wm. -L, -Y J .. . M I S x t R v , K .4 ' - bf l . , If 1 ,f I YW. .I f ' P 7 V ,Y -. P ' ' v ' . 1 - u '- 1, , M 1 U, , r L , . h K si. QA, A 7 I Lv, ek 1 , , , .X s 5 ' X . , .. ' s V, , . if. s, v A , A In Q . A . .- A X. Mfi v 41 .,L lngk 'M-2,5 L O Jrro ,Q ns. E I .'.- V, 'xxx' 'fa :- '1' "-x. 'Q' sf 3, 4 V N v ,, 4' mf J A WI vw' ,M 4 -up-Q... Af A ' 4 1 5 . 5: '7 -2 U .. ' ?'f s,ff,,5l , ' -, N' .wfSfj9A,?R nl A . V, X ,-31, xx '51, " J 52" fiqifk md'i ,TL N Y Msg xiylk fy My w 15? , K ya E .N . 5 jr' N Qfwi .. ig ,...,..Q ,ff-A - 3? Q gCLfA8I" AQFQ fo ACLIWL IJLI16! fo LQ Ql'liQl"iCLiFlQ6 li V 44 w F6 gimf- 9' . We 5 77' f' 1 ' . f,:f21?9' Vw , xmxkx X K N f f 1 5' " " A ,,, W f if .. -as-2 'fx XM 'W W' Rnmfl-1.-. XZHm .Tl X .X A Jw' -Ll S-41 n lit-717-4 k?'x3-L M113 N X Wifafffrw, yi, fa, 5 - , ' QA , M 4vI'l,V4f,'W 47 jxxlbg I-7' Lv o dx N N W. rims -T1 wh, rv.q-fbveufm., s.5 5, ' , ' 7 X , WNW .fwmim . V N M011 run L-1f,,iI'f.,, Xi 1 N I QU' lt,-J'7 'IBTIH 5 7: ms " M M1 ' XX 'I Ya UN' N v R xl ' X YM. 'ik 'T 1""""' " Rc Q,lfwmw ,K N- XX jf A , 1 1 r' , ' NN K i HJ'-S :P 1-A js.. . 2 . ,J I 4 I A -, 1 V, AQADL, em X ff? 1Xh+Pf+M TQINNQ 4 'Q -'lfmww ,gif gl , Sw " wifi: J- 3 1:11 If 'fifff jp,,. ..,,, 11,, ,fm4lm I ---f x I ,T 41' ,gil l'l'lel'l'l0l"g OKOLLI' gd 6l"0ll,gA.f do gfeat Cl, MA431- WW N. . - 1, ,,-,....- ' 5- ffanf oofakem wlwrie cfeuofion fo olufy lww n Aonor- fo fAem5eZfe:i unc! fo our afma mafer. 8 f IIIUIHIHISTRITITIUH rincilaag W. gzrhorn His was cr task of foreseeing our every need and guiding us wisely in the ways that lead to nobler cmd richer lives. 10 Zgoaral of glclucafion 'ss WM' P. E. Collins, M. F. Maher, A. Skelton, E. F. Laurin fpresidentl, A. C. Haake tsecretaryb, W. Kroeber, C. G. Klehm. Theirs is a high calling, for upon the integrity of these civic minded citizens rests, in great measure, the welfare of our community. It is through their work and foresight that the students and citizens of Wheeling Township are assured of an efficient educational program. 11 Gilda? BLACK, DORIS L. Am ' erican History B.S., South Dakota State College M.A., University of C olorado BRADLEY, VIRGINIA E. Social Typing, General Business, Dictation and Transcription B.M., MacMurray College CONRAD, R. M. Sociology, Assistant A M.A., Un' ' thletic Coach iversrty of Illinois CREAMER, W. I. Wood Shop, Mechanical Drawing, I. V. Football, Head Track Coach B.S., University of Ill' ' 1no1s ELFELD, FLORENCE R. World H' istory, English I B.A., Beloit College M.A., Universit y of Wisconsin FAULKNER, HAZEL M. Bookkeeping, Office Practice, Social Typing B.S., Kansas State Teachers College F IRTH, MARGARET E. Spanish I and II B.A., Grand Island College M.A., University of Iowa GRACE, WALLACE Athletic Director, Varsity Baseball Coach, I. V. Basketball Coach, Boys' Intramurals, American History, Soph. Class Advisor B.A., M.S., University of Illinois HANDLIN, MARY S. Girls' Counselor, Homemaking B.S., Iames Millikin University M.A., Columbia University HOOKOM, I OHN Physics, General Science, Science Club Sponsor B.A., Iowa Wesleyan College Graduate work at University of Iowa IBA, CL ARENCE Varsity Basketball Coach, I. V. Base ball Coach B.S., Oklahoma A Cr M INGLIS, I ANE Art B.F.A., University of Illinois KESTIN, ELEANOR Girls' Physical Education Instructor, G.A.A. Advisor, Pep Club and Cheer Leading Sponsor B.S., Northwestern University KULIEKE, ALVIN L. Chemistry B.S., Unversity of Chicago LARSON, C. R. Boys' Physical Education Instructor, Assistant Varsity Football Golf Coach Coach, LEONHARD, ALMA C. English III and IV, Head of English Department B.A., Illinois College M.A., University of Chicago LIN DSEY, EDITH L. English II and III B.A., Ohio Wesleyan University Advance work at Harvard University and University of Mexico LOWRY, NELSON L. General Science, World Geography B. Ed., Eastern Illinois State Teachers College M.S.. University of Illinois Advance work at University of Illi- nois MAHIN, I AN E English I M.A., University of Iowa B.A., Cornell College MCMILLIN, LETA I. Vocational Typing, Shorthand B.A., Iowa State Teachers College M.A., Columbia University ,110 MORS, IEAN M. Speech Correctionist M A . ., Northwestern University B.S., Northern Illinois St t a e Teachers College NELSON, l EAN E. Librarian, Library Club Sponsor B.S., in Librar S ' y cience, M.A. U versity of Illinois PAULUS, EDWARD Machine Shop B.S., University of Wisconsin M.A., Northwestern University Graduate work at Unive ' ni rsity of Illi- nois PETERSEN, DORRINE A. English II, Speech, Dramatics Club Sponsor, Iunior Class Advisor B.S., Northern Mich' igan College of Education, Northwestern University POOL, M. S. English IV, Iournalism, Senior Class Advisor C , ardinal Sponsor, Year Book Sponsor B.S.C., Kearney College M.A., University of Nebraska Graduate work at Univers ity of S. C. PRIDDY, LAWRENCE Varsity Football Mathematics SCHMOYER, FREDRICK C. Music Director B.M., University of Michigan M. Mus. Ed.. University of Pennsyl- vania SLICKEN MYER, H. L. Biology, Boys' Counselor, Freshmen Class Advisor B. Ed., Illinois State Normal M.S., University of Illinois SMITH, CAROLYN Homemaking I and II B.S. in Ed., Southern Illinois Normal University VOLZ, DONNA MARIE Latin I and II, Modern History B.A., Northwestern University M.A., Columbia University Mrs. Ethel Oli WHIPPLE, VELMA D. Biology, Sponsor of Science Club M.S., University of New Mexico B.S., Chicago University WATSON, V. Plane Geometry, Algebra B. Ed., Western Illinois State Teach- ers College WILSON, DOROTHY Plane cmd Solid Geometry, Ad- vanced Algebra B.A Olivit College veson Miss lean Hanaver Miss Lucille Mayhew Mrs. Carroll Mr. Stanl Secretary Attendance Secre- Secretary Nurse tary ey Woznick Chief Custodian 18 i IIDUII IIDIIE ll Il gag lr ll " 9 ' 4 f U- '- : , ' - , . 1 r 4' , 5? Q 3, ' ,, 'f 5"" QF 'Ill' 3 '34 "P biiup , . :Ii , ' -.. YEQXS Tl-IE IILFIEEEE X5 A Semov i Jxpnxov X' 452' 6 MX SQXDXQOYQOY. 1 Ffa SYXTKX3-Q0 M 1 R -, ff V I 1 enior crm 0 President: DANIEL MAGNUS Vice President: BURTON DAHLSTRCM Secretary: PAT PAGE Treasurer: MARGE PETERSEN At the beginning of the school year, the duties of the Senior Class were placed in the hands ot these four capable seniors. The Senior Class acknowledges the part these students have played in making the year of 1946 and 1947 a success. 20 . Row One Row Two EDWARD ALBRIGHT Intramural Basketball-2, 4: Track-1. DOROTHY APPLEYARD Girls' Chorus-3, 4: Pep Club-4: Girls' Club -1, 2, 3, 4: Camera Club-1. DON ARMSTRONG Student Senate-2: Varsity Football-2, 3: Ir. Varsity Football-1: Intramural Football -2: Track-47 Swimming-2, 3: Ice Skating- 2, 3. tTransferred from Taft high school in senior year.J RICHARD ARNOLD Mixed Chorus-2, 3, 4, Boys' Chorus-4: Sci- ence Club-45 Vice-President ot Science Club -4: Dramatics Club-4: Intramural Basket- ball-17 Camera Club-15 Intramural Wrest- ling-3: Track-2, 3. GAIL BACH Student Senate-4: "A" Club-l, 2, 3, 4: In- tramural Basketball-l, 2, 3, 4: Baseball- l, 2, 3, 4. ELWOOD BAHR Baseball-l, 2. THEODORA BAILEY "Teddy" LEONARD BAKALAR "Bucky" Varsity Football-43, 45 Ir. Varsity Football- 1, 2: "A" Club-3, 4: Intramural Basketball -1, 2, 3, 4: Intramural Football-3: Intra- mural Wrestling-3. ROBERT BLACKBURN Band-l, 2, 3, 4: Student Senate-4: National Honor Society-4: Vice-President-1: H. S. 4: Yearbook Staff-4: lFeature Editorl-In- tramural Basketball-4: Intramural Football -4: Track--1, 2. Row One CARLA BLOECKER Girls' Chorus-l, 2, 3: Cardinal Staff-l, 2, 4: Yearbook Staff-2: Girls' Club-l, 2, 3, 4: Dramatics Club-1, 2, 3, 4: G. A. A.-2: Cam- era Club-l. ROBERT BOECKH Student Senate-3: Ir. Varsity Football-2: Varsity Basketball-4: Ir. Varsity Basketball -2, 3: Track-3: President of Class-3. CHARLES BRACKE Ir. Varsity Football-1: "A" Club-3, 4: In- tramural Basketball-2, 3, 4: Camera Club- l: Baseball-2, 3. 4. VIRGINIA BRADLEY "Ginger" Cardinal Staff-1: Pep Club-3, 4: Girls' Club-1, 2, 3, 4: G. A. A.-2, 3: Camera Club -1: Treasurer of Class-1. PATRICIA BROCK Triple Trio Acc.-4: Girls' Chorus-1, 2, 3: Mixed Chorus-l, 2, 3, 4: National Honor Society-4: Cardinal Staff-l, 2, 3: Yearbook Staff-3: Pep Club-3, 4: Girls' Club-l, 2. 3, 4: President of Girls' Club-4: Leadership Club-3: G. A. A.-2, 3, 4: All Star Basket- ' ball-4: Camera Club-l: President of Cam- ers Club-1: Solo Club-1, 2. Row Two LOIS BUDLON G Girls' Chorus-l, 2: Cardinal Staff-4: Pep Club-4: Leadership Club-4: G. A. A.-4: Nurse's Aid-4. LaDONNA BUSSE "Don" Girls' Chorus-l: Pep Club-4: Camera Club -1. NORMAN BUSSE Intramural Basketball-l, 2, 3: Camera Club -1, 2: Track-1: Boxing-4. IAMES CAMERON Camera Club-1: Bowling-4. 5: N . Row One FORREST CAMP Science Club-4 tpresidentl: Intramural Bas- ketball-2, 3, 4: Intramural Wrestling-3: Projector Club-3, 4 Cvice presidentl. ELEANOR CHAMBERLAIN "Ellie" Girls' Chorus-l, 2: Cardinal Staff-2: Girls' Club-2, 3, 4: Girls' Club Board-3: Dram- atics Club-2: G. A. A.-2. DOROTHY CHASE Mixed Chorus-4: Pep Club-3, 4: Library Club-3: Girls' Club-1, 2, 3, 4: Dramatics Club-3, 4: G. A. A.-2, 3: Camera Club-1. ALLEN CHRISTIAN Ir. Varsity Football-1, 2: Camera Club-1. ROBERT CLAUS Student Senate-l: National Honor Society -4: Cardinal Staff-l, 2: Intramural Basket- ball-l, 2. How Two MARY LOU COBURN Pep Club-4. DOROTHY CLEM "Cleo" G. A. A.-3, 4: A11 swf Basketbcnl-3, 4. ROBERT CREAMER Varsity Basketball-1, 2, 4: Ir. Varsity Basket ball-3: Track-1, 2, 3, 4. I ACK CSEPP How One BURTON DAHLSTROM "Burt" Band-1: Student Senate-3: Varsity Foot- ball-4: Varsity Basketball-3, 4: Ir. Varsity Basketball-2: "A" Club-3, 4: CVice-Pres. Senior yearl: Intramural Basketball'-l: In- tramural Football-3: Baseball-2, 3, 4: Track-1, 3, 4: Vice President of Class- 4: Secretary of Class-2. HARRIET DAVIS "Sandy" Girls' Chorus-l, 2: Pep Club-3, 4: Girls' Club-1, 2, 3, 4: G. A. A.-2, 3, 4: Camera Club-1: Mixed Chorus-3. IOAN DEARIE "Ioni" Girls' Chorus-1, 2, 3: Mixed Chorus-4: Cardinal Staff-1, 2, 3, 4: Pep Clube-3, 4: Library Club43: Girls' Club-1, 2, 3, 4: Dramatics Club-3, 4: CSecretaryJ G.A.A.- 2, 3, 4. LUCY DONLEA Triple Trio-4: lSubstitutel Girls' Chorus-l, 2, 3: Mixed Chorus-4: National Honor So- ciety-4: Pep Club-4: Girls' Club-1, 2, 3, 4: G. A. A.-3: Solo Club-l, 2. LUANNE DURLAND ULU., Girls' Chorus-3, 4: Pep Club-4: Girls' Club -1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Club Board-4: lSr. Repre- sentativel Dramatics Club-3: G. A. A.-2, 3, 4' Camera Club-1. Row Two RICHARD EVERET String Ensemble-1, 2: Mixed Chorus-2, 3. 4: Boys' Chorus-4: Solo Club-1, 2, 3, 4: Bowling League-4. MARY LOU FASICK Girls' Chorus-l, 3, 4: National Honor So- ciety-3, 4: Yearbook Staff-4 CFacu1ty Edi- torl: Pep Club-4: Girls' Club-1: Girls' Club Board-1: Leadership Club-3: G. A. A.-2, 3, 4. IEAN FAULSTICH Triple Trio-3, 4: Girls' Chorus-1, 2: Mixed Chorus-3, 4: National Honor Society-3, 4: Pep Club-4: Girls' Club-l, 2, 3, 4: Leader- ship Club-3: G.A.A.-2, 3, 4: Camera Club -1: Solo Club-1, 2: Dramatics Club-2, 3, 4: String Ensemble-4: D.A.R.-4. LOIS FEDERWITZ NLC., Girls' Chorus-l: Pep Club-3, 4: Girls' Club -l, 2, 3, 4: G. A. A.-3. How One RICHARD FLORENCE Intramural Basketball-1, 2, 3, 4: Camera Club-l: Baseball-3, 4: Projector Club-3. LORRAYNE FOWLER Cardinal Staff-3: Science Club-4: Pep Club 3, 4: Library Club-3: Girls' Club-l, 2, 3, 4: Leadership Club-4: G. A. A.-3, 4. VIRGINIA I-'REDERICKSON Girls' Chorus-1: Girls' Club-1, 2: Dramatics Club-3: G. A. A.-2: Camera Club-l. IEAN FREYERMUTH "Pre " Y Twirler-1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Chorus-l, 2: Triple Trio-3, 4: Mixed Chorus-l, 2, 3, 4: Cardinal Staff-3: Pep Club-3, 4: Girls' Club-l, 2, 3, 4: Dramatics Club-1, 2, 3, 4: G. A. A.-2, 3, 4: G. A. A. Board-4: All Star Basketball-3, 4: Cheerleadingwl, 2, 3, 4: Solo Club-1, 2. LECNARD GARMS "Lennie" Student Senate-4: Ir. Varsity Football-4: Ir. Varsity Basketball-l, 2, 3: "A" Club-4: Intramural Basketball-3: Camera Club-l: Varsity Basketball-4. Row Two IOANNE GILMAN Girls' Choruss-1, 3, 4: Cardinal Staff-l, 4 tExchange Editorl: Yearbook Staff-1: Pep Club-3, 4: Girls' Club-1, 2, 3. 4: Girls' Club Board-4 tSenior Representativel: Dramatics Club-1, 4: G. A. A.-2, 3, 4: G. A. A. Board -4 lSocial Chairmanl: All Star Basketballd 2, 4: Camera Club-1. MARY ELLEN GLUECKERT "Med" Twirler-al, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Chorus-1: Pep Club-3, 4 CVice-Pres.D: Girls' Club-1, 2, 3, 4: Dramatics Club-2, 3, 4, tTreasurerJ: G. A. A. -2, 3, 4: All Star Basketball-3. IAMES GOEBBERT Intramural Basketball-4: Baseball-f3, 4. MARCELLA GOEBBERT "Marcey" Girls' Chorus-I, 4: Pep Club-3, 4: Library Club-3: Girls' Club-sl, 2, 3, 4: G. A. A.- 2, 4. Row One DOLORES GRANT Pep Club-3, 4: Girls' Club-l, 2, 3, 4: Dram- atics Club-3: G. A. A.-2, 3, 4: Tumbling! 4: Swimming-l: Leadership Clubw4. IRIS GRIMM Library Club-4: Camera Club-l. ROBERT HAGEN OW Intramural Basketball-4: Intramural Foot- ball-3: Baseball-1, 2, 3, 4. LOIS I EAN HANSA Girls' Chorus-1: Pep Club-3, 4: Girls' Club l, 2, 3, 4: G.A.A.-3, 4: Camera Club-1. Row Two IEANNE HANSEN Library Club-3: Girls' Club-1, 2, 3, 4: G. A. A.-2, 3, 4: Camera Club-l. WILBERT HARTMANN, lr. Intramural Basketball-l, 2, 3, 4: Track-l, 2. IOAN HAUGEN Triple Trio!-4 6Substitutel: Girls' Chorus-1, 2: Mixed Chorus-4: National Honor Society -4: Cardinal Staff-2, 4: Pep Club'-4: Dram- atics Club-4 fSocial Chairmanl: Cheerleader -1, 2, 4. LORRAINE HEIDORN "Lorry" Pep Club-3, 4: Girls' Club-l, 2, 3, 4: G. A.- A.-2, 3, 4: Camera Club-l: Nurse's Aid-4. How One IANE HILDEBRAND Cardinal Staff-1, 2, 3: Pep Club-3, 4: G.- A. A.-2, 3, 4: Camera Club-1. CARYL HOFFBAUER Girls' Chorus-1, 2, 4: Girls' Club-1, 2, 3, 42 Library Club-4. ANNABELLE HOGREVE "Bel1e" Girls' Chorus-2: Mixed Chorus-3, 4: Na- tional Honor Society-3, 4 CSecretary, last half sr. year.l: Yearbook Staff-4 lClass Edi- tori: Pep Club-4: Girls' Club-1, 2, 3, 42 G. A. A.-2, 3, 4. WILLARD HOGREVE "Wi1l" Varsity Basketball-4: Ir. Varsity Basketball -2, 3: "A" Club-4: Intramural Basketball -l, 2: Intramural Football-3: Track-l, 2. BETTY IO HOHMAN Girls' Chorusfl: Science Club-4: Pep Club -4: Girls' Club-l: G. A. A.-2, 3, 4: All Star Basketball-3. How Two FLOYD HOLSTE Camera Club-1. ROBERT HORN BOSTEL "Hornie" Ir. Varsity Basketball-3: "A" Club-2, 3, 47 Intramural Basketball-l, 2, 3, 4: Intramural Football-3: Track-l, 2, 3, 4: Bowling-4. ROGER IANNUSCH Intramural Basketball--1, 2, 3, 4. RALPH HULL Varsity Football-2, 3, 4: Ir. Varsity Football -1: Intramural Basketball-1: Intramural Football-3: Camera Club-1: Intramural Wrestling-3. Row One VERDELL IARMUTH Pep Club-4: Girls' Club-1, 2, 3, 4: G. A. A. -2, 3, 4. PAY ANN IOHNSON Twirler-2, 3: Girls' Chorus-1: Student Sen- ate-3: Vice-President of Student Senate- 3: Cardinal Staffwl: Pep Club-3, 4: Girls' Club-l, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Club Board-l: Dram- atics Club-1, 2, 3, 4: G. A. A.-2, 3, 4: G.- A. A. Board-4: President of G. A. A. Board -4: All Star Basketball-3, 4: Camera Club -1: Camera Club Vice-President-1: Cheer- leading-2, 3, 4. GORDON IOHNSON WALTER I OHNSON ARTHUR IOHNSTON Intramural Basketball-l, 2, 3, 4: Camera Club-1: Track-2. Row Two MARIORIE IOZE Triple Trio-4: Girls' Chorus-l, 2, 4: Solo Club-l, 2: Mixed Chorus-4: Cardinal Staff I:-Pep Club-4: Girls' Club-l. ALBERT IUHNKE HAP, Intramural Basketball-l, 2, 4: Track--2. ELAINE KEHE "Shorty" Girls' Chorus-l, 2: Mixed Chorus-3, 4: Na- tional Honor Society-3, 4: Secretary of N. H. S.-4: Cardinal Staff-l, 2: Yearbook Staff-3, 4: Business Manager-3: Editor-4: Pep Club-3, 4: Girls' Club-l, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Club Board-4 CProgram Chairmanl: Leader- ship Club-3: DramaticsClub-1,2,3: G.A.A. 2, 3, 4: Camera Club-1, 2: President of Camera Club-2: Nurse's Aid-4. I OE KERN Ir. Varsity Basketball43: Intramural Basket- ball-l, 2, 3, 4. Row One EARL KERSCHKE Bandvl, 2, 3, 4: Intramural Basketball-l, 2: Track-l, 2, 4. KENNETH KESTLER Intramural Basketball-1, 2, 3, 4: Intramural Football-3: Intramural Wrestling-3: Track -1, 2, 3, 4. DOROTHY KIRCHHOFF "Kirk" Girls' Chorus-1, 2, 3: Mixed Chorus-4: Student Senate-4: Cardinal Staff-2, 3: Pep Club-3, 4: Girls' Club-1, 2, 3, 4: Vice Pres- ident of Girls' Club-4: Leadership Club-3: Girls' Club Board-3, 4: Dramatics Club- 2, 3, 4: G.A.A.-2, 3, 4: All Star Basketball-3. GLADYS KLEINER "Klink" String Ensemble-l, 2: Cardinal Staff-2: Pep Club-3, 4: Girls' Club-2, 3: G.A.A.-2, 3, 4: All Star Basketball-2, 3, 4. WILLIAM KLEINER "Bill" Student Senate-3, 4: President of Student Senate-4: National Honor Society-3, 4: Varsity Basketball-3, 4: Ir. Varsity Basket- ballhl, 2: "A" Club-2, 3, 4: Intramural Foot- ball-4: Track-1, 2, 3, 4: President of Class -2: Vice President of Class-l. Row Two IOE KNOLLMUELLER "A" Clube-4: Intramural Basketball-1, 2, 3 CManagerl, 4: Camera Club-1: Manager of Football Team-4 Warsityl: Track-1, 2. IOANN KOESTER ,,Io,, Tfirler-1, 2, 3, 4: Triple Trio-4: Girls' Chorus-1, 2: Mixed Chorus-3, 4: Student Senate-2: Cardinal Staff-2, 3: Pep Club- 3, 4: Girls' Club-1, 2, 3, 4: Dramatics Club- l, 2, 3, 4: G.A.A.-2, 3, 4: All Star Basketball -4: Cheer Leader-1, 2, 3, 4. ROBERT KOVACIK Varsity Football-2, 3, 4: Ir. Varsity Football -l: "A" Club-4: Intramural Basketball- l, 2, 3, 4: Intramural Football-3 tCaptainl: Track-1. CAROLYN KRAYBILL National Honor Society-4: Pep Club-3, 4 tPresl, Girls' Club-l, 2, 3, 4: Leadership Club-3, 4: G.A.A.-2, 3, 4: G.A.A. Board- 3, 4: All Star Basketball-3, 4: Cheerleading -2, 3, 4. Row One GUS LADAS Cardinal Staff-3, 4 lSports Editorb: Varsity Football-4: Ir. Varsity Football-2, 3: Ir. Varsity Basketball-3: Intramural Basketball l, 2, 4: Intramural Football-3: Camera Club -1: Track-1, 2. WILLIAM LANG National Honor Society-4: Varsity Football -2, 3, 4: Ir. Varsity Football-l: "A" Club- 3, 4: Intramural Football-3: Intramural Wrestling-3: Track-3, 4. EDNA LAUBINGER Triple Trio-4: Girls' Chorus-4: String En- semble-l, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus-3, 4: Cardinal Staff-4. ART LEIMETTER Intramural Basketball-1, 2, 3, 4: Intramural Football-3: Track-1, 2. EMILY LESEBERG G.A.A.-2, 3, 4: Camera Club--1. Row Two WALLACE LUETTSCHWAGER Mixed Chorus-2, 3: Library Club-4: Dra- matics Club-4: Camera Club-1. FLORANCE LUN NIN G Girls' Chorus-l, 3: Mixed Chorus-3: Libra- ry Club-3: Camera Club-1: Solo Club-1. DANIEL MAGNUS "Tiny" Student Senate-l, 2, 3, 4: National Honor Society-3 tVice Presb, 4: Ir. Varsity Football -1, 2: Varsity Basketball-4: Ir. Varsity Bas- ketball-l, 2, 37 "A" Club-3, 4: Track-l, 2, 3, 4: Pres. of Class--4. IAMES MALONEY "Moe" Intramural Basketball-l, 2, 3, 4: Intramural Football-3: Intramural Wrestling-3: Track -1. How One IUDY MARKWORTH Pep Club-4: Girls' Club-4: G.A.A.-4. MICHAEL MCDONALD "Mike" Student Senate-4: Varsity Football-3, 4: Ir. Varsity Football-1, 2: "A" Club-3, 4 CTreasurerJ: Intramural Basketball-l, 2, 3, 4: Intramural Football-3: Track- l, 2: Vice President of Class-2. CAROL MILLER Girls' Chorus-1, 2, 4: Mixed Chorus-l, 2, 3: Cardinal Staff-3, 4: Girls' Club-l, 2, 3, 4: Leadership Club-3: Dramatics Club-1, 3, 4: G.A.A.-3: Camera Club-l: Quill 6. Scroll Society-4. TED MIZUNO Science Club-l: Camera Club-1: Projector Club-2, 3, 4: Track-4: Secretary-Treasurer of Class-l. DOLORES MOELLENKAMP Girls' Chorus-2: Pep Club-4: Girls' Club- l, 2, 3, 4. Row Two MARY MORROW Girls' Chorus-2: National Honor Society- 3, 4: Treasurer-4: Cardinal Staff-3: Pep Club-3, 4: Library Club-3: Girls' Club-1, 2, 3, 4: Leadership Club-4: G.A.A.-2, 3, 4: All Star Basketball-3, 4: Camera Club-1. PAUL MUEHLFELT Track-3. lTransferred from Palatine High School in Senior year.J BERNICE MUELLER Cardinal Staff-1: G.A.A.-2, 3, 4. VICTOR MUELLER Varsity Football-3, 4: Ir. Varsity Football- I, 2: "A" Club-4: Intramural Basketball- l, 2, 3, 4: Intramural Football-3: Intramural Wrestling-3: Track-1, 2. Row One IAMES NEBEL Intramural Basketball-1, 2, 3, 4. WAYNE NEBEL Intramural Basketball-l, 2, 3, 4: Camera Club-1. ROGER NEITZKE Band-1, 2, 3, 4: Camera Club-l. I EANNE NELSON "Sunny" Girls' Chorus-1, 2: Mixed Chorus-3: Stu- dent Senate-4: Girls' Club-1, 2, 3, 4: Dra- matics Club-el, 2, 3, 4: G.A.A.-2, 3, 4: Solo Club-1, 2. PHYLLIS NELSON Cardinal Staff-4: Dramatics Club-3, 4. KTransterred from Post Rc. Vr. High School. freshman, and White Plains High School, sophomore.l Row Two LEWIS PAGE Mixed Chorus-2, 3, 4: Boys' Chorus-4: "A" Club-4: Intramural Basketball-1, 2, 3, 4: Intramural Football-3: Manager of Frosh and I. V. Basketball Team-3: Manager of Var. Football Team-4: Track-1, 4. PATRICIA PAGE "Pat" Band-l, 2, 3, 4: Vice President of Band-45 Triple Trio-4: Girls' Chorus-1, 2: Mixed Chorus-2, 3, 4: Cardinal Staff--2, 3, 4: Pep Club-3, 4: Girls' Club-1, 2, 3, 4: Dramatics Club-2, 3, 4: G.A.A.-2, 3, 4: All Star Basket- ball-3, 4: Secretary of Class-4: Orchestra -1, 2. DALE PATE Student Senate-4: Cardinal Staff-1: Varsity Football-3: Ir. Varsity Football-2: "A" Club -3, 4: Intramural Football-3: Intramural Basketball-1, 2, 3, 4: Camera Club-1: Track -1, 2, 3, 4. ' BARBARA PAULUS National Honor Society-43, 42 N.H.S. Pres- ident-4: Pep Club-4: Girls' Club-41 G.A.A.-4. Row One GEORGE PAYNE Band--l, 2, 3, 4: Varsity Football 4: Ir. Varsity Football-l, 2: Varsity Basketball-4: lr. Var- sity Basketballhfl: "A" ClubW3, 4: Intra- mural Basketball-l, 2: Intramural Football --3: Baseball-l, 2, 3, 4: Golf-3, 4. MARIORIE PETERSEN "Pete" -4: Triple Trio-4: tSubstituteJ Girl's Chorus Club-1, 2, 3, 4: Dramatics Club-2, 3, 4: G. -l: Mixed Chorus-3, 4: Pep Club-4: Girls' A. A.-2, 3, 4: Camera Club-1: Treasurer of Class-4. PERNET PIN GEL Girls' Chorus-l, 2: Pep Club-2, 3: Girls' Club-l, 2, 3, 4: G.A.A.-2, 3, 4: All Star Bas- ketball-3, 4: Solo Club-2. RICHARD PREST Varsity Football-2, 3, 4: lr. Varsity Football -1: Varsity Basketballe3: Ir. Varsity Track 1, 2: "A" ClubM3, 4: Wrestling-3: Intra- mural Basketballql, 4: Intramural Football -3. BETTY I ANE PRICE Girls' Chorus-1, 2, 3: National Honor Society -4: Cardinal Staff-l, 2, 3, 4: Feature Editor -4: Yearbook Staff-2, 3: Science Club-4: Secretary of Science Club-4: Pep Club-3, 4: Girls' Club-1, 2, 3, 4: G.A.A.-2, 3, 4: Camera Club-1: Quill and Scroll Society- 3, 4. How Two ELAINE PRITCHARD ALLEN REIS Intramural Basketball-1, 2, 4: Intramural Football-1, 2: Track-1, 2, 3. MARILOU RICHARDS "Louie" Twirler-2, 3, 4: Girls' Chorus-1, 2: Cardinal Staff-1, 2, 3, 4: Pep Club-4: Girls' Clube l, 2, 3, 4: Dramatics Club-1, 2, 3, 4 tpres- identl, G.A.A.-2, 3, 4: All Star Basketball- 4: Camera Club-1, 2: Cheerleading-2, 3, 4. IACKY RILEY Girls' Choruskl, 2: Pep Club-3: Girls' Club -l, 2, 3, 4: G.A.A.-2, 3, 4: All Star Basket- ball-3, 4: Camera Club-l: Tumbling,--4. Row One CLARKE ROBINSON Student Senate-4: National Honor Society -4: Secretary of Class-l. CARLYLE RODERICK Ir. Varsity Football-1, 2: Intramural Basket- ball-I, 2, 3, 4: Intramural Football-3: Intra- mural Wrestling-3: Track-l, 2. NORMAN ROHLFING Ir. Varsity Football-1: Intramural Basket- ball-l, 2, 3, 4: Intramural Football-3: Base- ball-3: Track-1 , 2. JAMES ROWADER Intramural Basketball-1, 2, 3, 4: Track-1, 2: Intramural Football-3: Golf-3, 4. ELMER RYPKEMA ,,Rip,, Varsity Football-2, 3, 4: "A" Club-3, 4: Intramural Basketball-4: Intramural Foot- ball - 3: Intramural Wrestling - 3: Track - 3, 4. Row Two ROBERT SAPP Student Senate-3, 4: Varsity Football-3: Varsity Basketball-4: Ir. Varsity Basketball -3: "A" Club-4: Intramural Basketball- 1, 2: Intramural Football-3: Baseball-2: Track-1: Golf-3. DONALD SCAMEHORN Band-3, 4: Intramural Basketball-2: Cam- era Club-l. I BETTE SCHAAF Cardinal Staff-4: Yearbook Staff-3: Pep Club-4: Leadership Club-2, 3, 4: G.A.A.- 2, 3 fViCe Pres.l, 47 All Star Basketball-2, 3, 4: G.A.A. Board-2, 3, 4: Secretary of Class -3. IRENE SCHARRINGHAUSEN G.A.A.-3. Row One LOIS SCHARRINGHAUSEN G.A.A.-2, 3. CHARLES SCHILLER Cardinal Staff-2, 3 CFeature Editorl, 4 CEditor- in-Chieflg Library Club-2. 3: Dramatics Club -3, 4 lVice Pres.J: Quill 61 Scroll Society- 3, 4. BARBARA SCHNELL "Barb" Girls' Chorus-1, 2: Pep Club-3: Library Club-2: Girls' Club-1, 2, 3, 47 Girls' Club Board-2: G.A.A.-2, 3. HAROLD SCHUBERT String Ensemble-l, 2: Track-4. CLARENCE SCHULDT Intramural Basketball-2: Baseball--l: Intra- mural Wrestling-3. How Two HOWELL SCHUMAN N Band-l, 2, 4: Intramural Basketball-1, 2, 4 Camera Club-1: Baseball-4: Track-1, 2, 4 IEANNE SIMON ,,Si,, Pep Club-3, 45 Girls' Club-1, 2, 3, 47 Dra matics Club-2: G.A.A.-2, 4: All Star Bas ketball-3 lManager5 Camera Club-1. STUART SMITH Cln service.J GEORGE SODE Dramatics Club-lp Intramural Wrestling- 3: Track-2, 3, 45 Boxing-4. Row One How Two CHARLES STADELL AUDBEE VAN BOSCH Ir.Varsity Football-27 Intramural Basketball Cardinal Staff-3: Pep Club-3, 4: Library -3, 4: Baseball--3, 4. Club-2, 3: Girls' Club-l, 2, 3, 4: G.A.A.-- 3, 4. ALAN STROKER 1 Mixed Chorus-2, 3, 45 Student Senate-4: DON VOGBL Dramatics Club-3: Varsity Football-1, 2, Intramural Basketball-1, 2, 3, 4. 3, 4 lcaptainlg Varsity Basketball-1, 2, 3, 4 Ccaptainbz "A" Club-1, 2, 3, 4 Kpresidentbp BCIS6l.'JCIll-l, 2, 3, 42 T1'CICk-2, 3, 4. Mixed Chorus-1, 2, 3, 45 Boys' Chorus-4: C d' 1St fi-3, 4. CARL TEUTSCH Q' 'na G Band-1, 2, 3, 45 Intramural Basketball-1, 2 CCaptair1D, 3, 4 KCaptair1J: Camera Club-el KTreasurerD, 25 Track-1, 2, 4. ELMEB WEGREN Seniors Without Pictures- WAYNE THOMPSCN Intramural Basketball42, 4. BILLIE TRUNKEY Girls' Chorus-1, 2, 3, 4: Cardinal Staff-1, 25 Yearbook Staff-31 Girls' Club-1, 2, 3, 4: Leadership Club--3: Dramatics Club-1, 2, 3, 4: G.A.A.42, 3: Solo Club-l, 2. 36 Row One ARDELLE WILLE Girls' Chorusfl, 2: Mixed Chorusf35 Girls' Club-1, 2, 3, 4: G.A.A.-2, 3, 4. ELMER WILLE "A" Clubf3, 4: Intramural Basketballel, 2, 3, 45 Intramural Football--3: Baseball-2, 3, 4. ROBERT WILLE Varsity Basketball-W4: Ir. Varsity Basketball 43: "A" Clubi45 Intramural Basketball- l, 2: Intramural Footballw3g Baseball----l, 2, 3, 4. DALE WILLIAMS Band-1, 2, 3, 4 Cpresidentlp Mixed Chorus! l, 2, 3: Boys' Chorusf-4: Student Senate-l, 2: National Honor Society-3, 4 tpres. lst semesterl, Yearbook Staff-4 tSports Editorl, Varsity Football-1, 2, 3, 45 Ir. Varsity Foot- ball-15 Varsity Basketball-45 Ir. Varsity Basketball-l, 2, 3, "A" Club-2, 3, 45 Intra- mural Basketball-l, 25 Intramural Football --35 Projector Club--4 tpresjg Track-l, 2, 3, 47 President of Class-lg Vice President of Classg3. ROBERT WOLF How Two CHARLES WOLFARTH Intramural Basketball-l, 2, 3, 41 Intramural Football-3: Camera Club-l. 'HUME YOUNG "Skip" Mixed Chorusel, 2, 3, 45 Boys' Chorus-4: Science Clubef4: Dramatics Club-3, 4: Var- sity Footballf2, 3, 4 tManagerl: lr. Varsity Football-I tlVIanagerJ: "A" Club-3, 45 Intra- mural Basketball-l, 2, 3, 4: Intramural Foot- ball-----3: Camera Cluhflg Intramural Wres- tlinge35 Track--1, 2, 3, 4: Varsity Basketball Manager-4. I OAN ZEIDLER Science Club-445 Pep Club-f3, 45 G.A.A.ff 3, 4. MYRON ZINKEL Intramural Basketballff-2: Camera Clubfl: Track-2. .S7en1'or.i 7M'fAozlfMa'fl11'4'.i IAMES THOMAS VIRGINIA KLINK RONALD BROWNE ,Maforg o flue Cpaafs o X17 It was a big step from grammar school to high school but we confident eighth graders were sure we could make it. What an ego- deflating we received from the upperclassmen! That was our very first high school experience Remember all our other wonderful firsts? The first Homecoming game, bonfire, and snake dance was a special thrill. How we freshies worked! The aching bones are now forgotten but the memory lingers on. We remember our first class officer elections. Our first president was Dale Williams: vice presi- dent, Bill Kleiner: secretary, Clarke Robinson: treasurer, Virginia Bradley. Remember your first crush, your first date, the first time you got the car? Remember your first report card? Don't forget that tinge of pride the first time we saw our class represented in athletics. Al Stroker played varsity football as a freshman and how we bragged about that. We got a little of our ego back when we became sophomores. That year, 1944, was the time we all got out of school early to rebuild our bonfire woodpile after someone had set fire to it the night before. School spirit ran high and despite a 27-0 defeat at the hands of Libertyville there was an outstanding crowd at the Homecoming dance. We were buying war bonds and watching some of the upperclass fellas leave for service. It was tough trying to run your arc on an A card. We elected Bill Kleiner as our class presi- dent. Mike McDonald was our vice president. Burt Dahlstrom, secretary and "Med" Glueckert, treasurer. After school at the FREEZE you would invar- iably find the gang hashing out the latest gossip, listening to their favorite discs on the juke box, and crunching the traditional order of fries. That fall the girls got a real chance at athle- tics when Miss Kestin helped us form our first Girls' Athletic Association. We've seen it grow and watched our own group of girls take the honors in intramural basketball championship two times. We really felt like big guns the day we be- came Iuniors. We had a big task ahead of us and so we chose capable leaders. Bob Boeckh was our Iunior class president, Dale Williams served as vice president, Bette Schaaf was our secretary, and Bill Haney Know with the U.S. Armyl was our treasurer. Our big project of the year was the Iunior Prom. We worked hard on the decorations and it was one of the most beautiful proms ever given. We beat Woodstock 53-0 at a very cold Homecoming game. Some of us went into the building during the half, wrapped a blanket around our petrified feet, and tried to thaw out. Ramble lnn opened and provided us with a place to park our carcasses, dance, play ping pong, or just gab. One September we awoke to find a new in- dependence and self-confidence. We were Seniors at last! There were no upperclassmen to hero-worship. We were on our own and it was wonderful. "Tiny" Magnus was voted our senior presi- dent. Our new vice president was Burt Dahl- strom, our secretary, Pat Page and our treasurer, Marge Petersen. We were honored at Homecoming with vivacious Faye Iohnson as our Queen. Will we ever forget the happy day when our sur- prised and misty eyed queen had the royal crown placed upon her head? Her maids of honor included the cream of the crop from the senior class: Ellie Chamberlain, Iene Freyer- muth, Ioan Haugen, Dorothy Kirchoff, IoAnn Koester, Iean Nelson, Pat Page, and Marge Petersen. We proudly presented them at a pep assembly and on the afternoon of the game we paraded through town with the girls riding in long, gray twin convertibles. At the football field we trounced Libertyville 43-7 and it was a victorious, happy Homecom- ing dance that night. At Christmas time came the Senior Snow Ball, the formal dance presented by our class. The decorating committee worked hard to make it a success. One of the clever trim- mings was a huge cotton snowball suspended from the center of the ceiling of the gym. There was confetti and serpentine to add to the gayety. There were approximately 100 cou- ples in the Grand March. lean Faulstich received the DAR award for dependability, service, leadership, and pa- triotism. Iene Freyermuth and Faye Iohnson were runner-up candidates. As the second semester started we began to get spring fever and that peculiar feeling about "last t1mes"-the last football game, the last basketball game, the last Prom, the last time the cheerleaders led us in the pep yells, the last time we saw the band and majorettes on parade, and that final last of all high school experiences-graduation. We've come a long way together, gang. We are going to miss the good times, the good friends and the wonder of growing up in four short years. We've come a long way but there is a long road ahead, too. We aren't seniors long. There is always a new expe- rience. We'11 always be freshmen at some- thing. Let's go! unior Cfcwd icerfi The students that we, as Iuniors, elected to lead us through our Iunior year have proved worthy of our confidence and we're surely proud of them. Let's take a quick glance back to the year 1944, the year We entered the halls of Arlington High as freshmen. 39 President: IOSEPH SALZMAN Vice President: ROBERT HELLER Secretary: IOAN DODGE Treasurer: IOANNE LECKBAND 5 f tr. V . . 07118 00l'l'l s First Row: Peggy A Taylor, Catherine Wille, Virginia Biermann, Iecm Wolck, Raymond Wilke, Marilyn Schlemmer Second Row: Miss Ioseph Brodman. Pat Meehan Petersen, Barbara Crysler, Earl Weseman, Ioseph Salzman, Third Row: Vernon Rascher, Iames Boroughf, Eva Maseng, George Beach, Ronald Wiegand Fourth Row: Tom Wiserky, Howard Sporleder, Victor Heimsoth, Theodore Schulze, Donald Dewey The dance we gave that year was a great success. After a short time elapsed, however, We found ourselves Sophomores. What a pleasure to Watch those poor Freshmen suffer at home- coming time, knowing that we were safe. 40 ome nom 273 Top Row: Iack Csepp, William Lathen, Thomas Griffith Second Row: Roy Goetschel, Ronald Meier, lames McNeely, Harriet Holz- nagel, Richard Mates Third Row: Lorine Grimm, Carol Koeppen, Ioan Linville, Iack Hinneberg. Ioy Hermesdori, Patricia Kule Fourth How: Mr. Iba, Ioan Malzahn, Virginia Goebbert, Frederick Bista, Carl Graves, Arlene Meyer, Ioanne Leckbancl Bottom Row: Barbara Lloyd, Delores Rasmussen, Dorothy Lehnert, Ann Lyman Many things have happened since then, but we shall never forget our freshman days. The "Homecoming" of that partic- ular year was especially exciting because the night before, our bonfire had been burned down so we were let out of school a rebuild the bonfire and get hazed by upperclassmen. half-day to 41 First How: Andrea Kennedy, Irene Scharringhausen, Elsie Warner Second Row: Miss Lindsey, Dolores Isaacson, Arleen Piepenbrink, Betty Linneman, Wesley Kurtz. Aileen Pitzen Third Row: Charles Dresser, William Rehling, Leonard Dervocheh, Dick VonKampen, Preston Pinqel, Mary Vormiltaq, Edwin Svikhcrrt Fourth Row: Blair Tice, Robert Daqqett, Wallace Krueqar, Phillip Roche Fifth How: Iohn Gabel, Robert Haberkamp First How: Marion Warner, Ioan LalVIar Second Row: Shirley Wetendorf, Kenneth Gilson, Miss Firth, Marion Goebert, Charles Beach Third Row: Douqlas Schimmel, Bernice Schwaniz, Dolores Worley, 'William North Fourth Row: Norman Stadtler, Irsne Schoenbeck, Paul Ransdell Fifth Row: Wallace Rascher, Loren Hollemback, Wayne Busse, Kenneth Gronert, Robert Striqqow ' mmm' l . i,s as wrn 01418 00171 208 01718 00141 I 02 Finally We were up' per classrnen. We're the ones who have the upstairs lockers and classes, we're the ones who Welcome the Freshmen. 42 00l'l'l KGHCI .Home First How: Ioan Cahill, Ioan Dodge, Bernice Blume Second Row: lean Busse, Doris Fuhr, Anita Fraze, Betty Bridenthrall, Dorothy Cosman Third How: Ioann Frisk, Marty Carncross, Pat Collins, Bob Dieber Fourth Row: Bob Cubley, Melvin Behn, Ralph Engelking, Bob Engelking Firth Row: Marvin Berschet, Lew Draper, Albert Claus, Iohn Buterbauqh Miss Peterson, our class advisor, Whom We elected in our sophomore days, has been an inspiration and help in the projects that our class has undertaken. 43 First Row: Mary DeFalco, Bonita Walt Second Row: Mrs, Elteld, Sue Schuet, Rosita Allen, Florence Stceckel, William Utterback, Gladys Schwerman Third Row: Evelyn Boesche, Marilyn Beigel, lean Baldwin, Ioyce Wendorf, Irene Bleile, Betty Borqardt, Marjorie Stoelk Fourth Row: William Lasley, Walter Beckman, William Wagner, George Schuman Fifth Row: Robert Schelkop, William Lancelotti, Herman Keller, Ralph Stevens First Row: Elinor Staudenbaur, Ieanne Mueller, Barbara Page, Dorothy Schlemmer, Virginia Tidd, Nancy Nichols, Pat Peterson Second Row: Mrs. Iba, Ieanne Miller, Elinor Luclin, Marjorie Hienzs, Rosemary Oehlerking, Doris Oehlerkinq, Ann Schwartz Third Row: Shirley Helters, Iune Schimming, Doris Meier, Ingrid Sherrin, Ioan Mors, Evelyn Moellenl-:amp Fourth Row: Iohn Shanley, Norman Spralt, George Wiclrman, Robert Heller 0I'l'lQ 00l'l'l 206 07118 00l'l'l 104 And now, We are advancing still an- other step to become the Seniors of 1948. h 44 .SQOFAOHQOPQ CJZCLJJ QMACQIJ Secretary: DOLORES WINDHEIM Vice President: PHOEBE ELLIS Treasurer: TONI IVIOHETTI President: KEN BORK The class of '49 has now become upper classmen. We sponsored two big dances, both great successes. We have been on varsity football, basketball, baseball and track teams. We are well represented in every organization in the school, and from all indications, the future of the class of '49 looks very promising. 45 'Z' 0l'I'l,8 00I'l'L 0I'l'le 00771, II4 Front How: Dorothy Oslager, Pat Mulligan, Elaine Schuler, Mr. Grace Second Row: Lois Iacobson, Delores Schulize, Iackie Ryan. lane Page, Mary Anne Heimsoth Third Row: Ibby Nichols. Elaine Henke, Gladys Nebel, Ioy Heidemann Fourth Row: Irene Herring, Beverly Freitag, Dick Peterson, Sally Kellog Front Row: Mr. Pricldy, Ianice Hackbarlh, Bob Cowan, Carol Hanley, Marie Boder, Nancy Baumann Second How: Norman Ashcratt, Elaine Hagerxow, Bruce Sloneking, Vorsilla Bohrer, Art Brownell Third How: Henry Bouitard, Priscilla Baumgartner, Rosemary Clark, Franz Burnier ld Busse, Clair Baker, Gene Busse, Raloh Becker, Vic Bittner Fourth How: Richard Brown, Arno 46 0I'l'l e nom 204 ft. il? Front Row: Iean Wartenberg, Sara Lou Ackley, Iudy Lams. Betty McCall Barbara Camps, Rose Moreth Second Row: Edna Pankonin, Delores Wilke, Iack LaMay, Lorraine Wangen Iecme Scharringhausen Third Row: Norma Warrson, lone McNeely, Iackie Lindgren. Taylor Lewis. Carole LaPlante Fourth Row: Iack Kem, Howard McElhose, Wally Goebbert, Bill Mitchell The two dances which the sophomores put on were both turnabouts. The one given in our freshman year was the W. P. A. CWomen Pay AID. This dance was quite a success so we decided to give another in the following year. This one was called the "Shamrock Shag." We intend putting over more successful dances and a Junior Prom. 47 , Audrey Wille, Shirley Elliot, Miss Alfred Deittrich Fred Faye Front How: , McMillan Second How: Leroy Horches, Ioan Florence, Arlene Hoth, Shirley Thorson. Ruth Fasich, Kathy Shanklin, Maynmie Folkmann Third How: Ioyce Seigert, Betty Suerth, Barbara Drake, Alvin Kehe, Wayne Hildebrandt, Dick Engelking Fourth Row: Sue Gasset, Irene Lattoif, Lois Glave, Audrey Sujack Fifth Row: Dick Durland, Ken Bork, Ed Lang, Roger Hogreve, Ronnie Gran- bs rg. Leroy Grandt Front How: Mr. Paulus, Lois Harting, Adeline Deeke, Peggy Ashe, Donnie A d Iones, Ioan Grever ' . Lorraine Gustafson. Edwar Second How: Mary Tolleison, Ruth Greener A ust Hansen, Betty Feddler Third Row: E Alice Desche, Ralph Hemze laine Gowey, Elroy Volgo. ug vN""M'--favsfwfcxrmr my Olflfle 00771, Qll 01718 5.,--was 00I'l'l OIWLQ 00111 First Row: Audrey Fiddler. Lynn Freitag, Mary Freeman, Carolyn Garnier Carol Dempsey. Miss Voltz Second Row: Roger Held. Lois Krober. Donna Kohler, Dorothy Heidorn. Ioan Bartlett, Adeline Kerschke Third Row: Margaret Borgardt. Lawrence Fernekes, Marjorie Clark, Phebe Ellis, Wayne Kruse Fourth Row: Chuck Iohnson, Frank Pytlik. Robert Schoenbeck, Walter Page Both girls and boys are very active in the athletic program. We are well represented in the Student Senate with some sophomores holding office. Among the many other individual activities in which the sophomores participate, is the original instrumental trio which is composed of a ' and drums. piano, a bass fiddle, 49 0l'I'lQ 00l'l'L Ill 0I'l'lQ 00I'lfL IO9 First Row: Mr. Creamer, Dolores Windheim, Ioan Davis, LaVerqne Lancellote, Marvin Prellberg. Andy Palm Second Row: Ted Taillon. Ioan Randag, Bob Stueber, Dawn Neimeyer, Mildred Olsen, Gordon Stade, Don Pellitier Third Row: Clarence Peterson, Ronnie Obermann, Bob Ragland, Bill Robinson, Ierry Robinson, Clarence Niven First Row: Miss Bradley, Don Tidd, Margaret Reidenitz, Eileen Schumacker, Sally Williams Second Row: Roger Meyer, Lloyd Meyer, Marlene Holmes, Ioan Unger, Albert Voltz, Bill Sapp Third Row: Robert Heinze, Carl Skooq, Ed Bunscik, Carl Gibson, Toni Morretti, Seclelia Ashcraft Orv Schaeffer Fourth Row: Dorothy Klages, Roberta Skelton, lane Schimning, Ernest Simmons, Phil Theis David Archibald Ms.. 50 .7Ae ,grefilimen aw icem Vice President ..we.,. .v....... B ARBABA TICHY President ....,..,,,e, ........ R OGER KENNEDY Secretary .....,., ....,.. M ARY BEE FOWLER Treasurer ,... ,r,..,.. W ILLIAM SPEERS The four lanes and Ioes pictured above are what is known as the Frosh class officers. They were elected by their fellow classmates of '50, because of their good sportsmanship and citizenship. This "Big Four" has done a good job. Here are the Freshmen, and in view of the fact that in three years they will be seniors, they deserve good mention. But they aren't waiting for their senior year. Pencil stubs and elevator passes, this year, hit an all-time low, due to their aggressiveness. 51 07118 00141 ce Hansen, Iames Front How: Miss Smith, Sam Valenzo, Pat Kahling, Ioy Theis, Natalie Hanley, Shirley Stade wsky lean Cullman, Arlene Malzahn, Mary Lou Sander, Second Row: lack Kia , r, Joann Ibbotson h' ley Busse, Iim Peterson. Nancy Car Third Row: Frances Chabercek, Mary Flentge, S ir Louis Raef, Patricia Annen Fourth How: Lynette Nordmeier, Shelby Stewart, Max Deethhart, George Palmer hool they t day of sc As they entered the green doors the tirs found out what freshman initiation was like, and for the next ' ' 'deas on how they want this cere n they hav be conduc e definite 1 seaso mony to ted. 52 . A lr ' fi 01712 OOITL I0 OIWLQ 00711 106 First Row: Mary Bee Fowler, Lorraine Gathman Second How: Dolores Langguth, Constance Claire Iohnson, Audrey Gieinke, Miss Mahin, Henry Kaup, Raymond Bauer Third Row: Betty Oslager, Sylvia Ann Brown, Sue Husted, Elsie Laudauer, Carol Lams Fourth How: Franklin Kile, Robert Iackisch, Burton Lesemann, Kenneth Rash, Norman Sarqsnl, Harvey Moellenkamp Fiith How: William Spears, Norman Pastor, Ronald Nagel First Row: Mrs. Watson, Donna Golden, Richard Morrow, Roe Chidlcy, Shirley Dodge, Kathryn Kraybill. Albert Peters Second Row: Robert N. Arnold, Ioyce Richards, Charles Evans, Patricia Boyles, Marilyn I-larlwiq Third Row: Roger Kennedy, Walter Boeger, Marilyn Bach, Patricia Enqelkinq, Marlene Becker, Carol Faulstich Fourth Row: Nancy McCarthy, Rick Shoup, Merlin Wille, Donald Linneman, Icseph Poc 53 01718 00144, First Row: Vivian Hasemann, Robert Schanley, Pearl McDonald, William Schumann, Mrs. Faulkner Second Row: Carol Lee Schnell, Dolores Meyn, Edgar Pfingsten, Raymond Lumpp, Ieanine Schelkop, Gloria Cherwin Third Row: Sedelia Ashcrait, Ioan Laiher, Iames Gieser, Iames Brown, Bernard Brock Fourth How: Dolores Goldthwaite, Richard Spratt, Iames Keithley, Robert S. Arnold, Aubrey Neville 84 girls and 90 boys-is The sponsor for the 174 freshmen- Mr. Slichenmyer, with Whom they cooperate excellently. 54 01712 oom Cakferia ome oom ,. First Row: Evelyn Goeddeke, Willard Rasmussen, Lois Busse, Barbara Tichy, Jeannine Bumier, Miss Wilson, Mr. Hookum Second Row: Ronald Knollmue11er,Iane Osburn,I1a Miller, lane Rowles, Ioanna Cameron. Vina Terry, Margaret Mizuno, Carol Worthington Third Row: Lorraine Berchet, Eldon Miller, Barbara Bradley, Carol Skoog, Gerry Markworth, Margaret Koelker, Verne Busse, Magdalene Heidi Fourth How: Kent Lihme, Betty Iean Milligan, Ioanne Portman, Barbara Callendar, Catherine Gosenski, Fred Thomp- son Fifth Row: Raymond Beaumont, Donald Neumann, Bruce Kohlhose, Bruce Wittlestodt. Ronald Anderson, Robert Neumann, Eugene Howel First Row: Adrienne Peterson, Ioan Dempsey, Inger Marie Cosman, Laura Fritz Second Row: Kenneth Schroeder, Anita Glade, Kenneth Schmoldt, Suzanne Behrens, Bernice Bleile, Gordon Busse Third Row: Robert Gathman, Maryann Gerbosi, Mr. Lowry, Verdell Duenn, Kenneth Mueller, Patricia Campbell Fourth Row: Nancy Iane Baumann, Iames Besander, Arthur Hansen, Richard Malone, Iean Simmons Fifth Row: August Krause, Douglas Gilman, Donald Smith 55 .1414 ,Nome oom First Row: Donald Drake, Richard Wickman, Nicholas Opels Second Row: David Kurtz, Harold Dolts, Miss Ingles, Ioseph Weber, Iohn Filantres, Arthur Cameron Third Row: Vernon Wandersee, David Meineke, Frederick Haas, Raymond Huffman Fourth How: William Revers, Donald Havrenek, Arnold Goebbert Fiith Row: Iohn Deimimger, Donald Innis, William Wimm, Emmei McDougall, Donald Mueller, William Froembgen There is not a single organization that excludes freshmen from its membership. Some boys show remarkable talent, and promise to give the school some excellent teams in the near future. Scholastically, too, the class of '50 is high, with several students making straight A's! 56 --.J - 1 D.-iffff mme s JMKJ .1 . bf -Ari M M: .17 E Misfigv X xg I . , ,I ,N , Q . Rst 5 1 . -mg .. ' wifi N r-xx "' nv- R-. L' ,,....,.. ww, w ..., A NSN . Hi? X X ,. 'f'i"-Q'-Q54 .X R .kg uf N swf? fmf A v-5 HETIVSQITIES arclzing oncerf Kano! Percussion: Kenneth Gronert, Robert Daggett, Max Deethhart, Charles Iohnson, Earl Kerschke, William Schumann Clarinetsi Pat Page, Betty Bridenthrall, Carl Teuisch, Marlene Holmes, George Payne, Irene Lattol, Wayne Busse, Mary Bee Fowler, Kenneth Gilson, Sylvia Brown, Burton Lessman, Aubrey Nebel, Roy Goetschel Trumpets and Coronets: Robert Blackburn, Loren Hollemback, Howard Sporleder, William Utterback, Edward Lang. Howell Schumann, Elinor Staudenbaur, Clarence Petersen French Horns: David Archibald, Albert Volz Baritone: Dale Williams Bass: Donald Scamehorn, Theodore Schulze, Kennth Rash Flute: Martyn Schlemmer, Margaret Ashe, Cedelia Ashcrait Saxophones: Marjorie Petersen, Roger Neilzke, Richard Brown, Marvin Berschet. Alvin Kehe, Robert Haberkamp. Gloria Scherwin Trombones: Norman Spratt, Patricia Kule, William Lathen, Bernard Brock The marching concert band is composed of titty musicians. They play at all of the basketball and football games, and also march in the Home- coming and Memorial Day parades. Two open-house audiences have been entertained by them, as have the people at the Festival and Spring concerts. This year, again, they competed in the district contest and placed second. which is something of which We can be mighty proud!! 59 , , f, if 5' , fsdlm N' ww - W 1 f N.. 2 www eff' jwirLr5 fling xi-Q sf Q-fexgyg Q if Front Row: Iocmne Koester, lean Freyermuth tmajorettel, Mary Ellen Glueckert Back Row: Peggy Taylor, Ioan Lamar, Iean Baldwin, Marilou Richards, Hosita Allen Arlington has long been proud ot its twirlers, and this year is no exception. The girls showed their accomplishments by marching with the band at parades. Their performances were appreciated by all who saw them. 61 je .Siting nfiemgg an e rio The String Ensemble plays at many community affairs. This group provided a beautiful musical background for the National Honor Societ Y initiation service. The Triple Trio is a versatile group of singers. They can sing anything from Bach to Berlin and make it sound beau state district contest which entitled th at Canton. tiful. They placed first at the em to compete at the state contest held Mardie Carncross, lean Faulstich. Connie Iohnson. Frank Pytlik, Edna Laubinger, Pheobe Ellis, Nancy Mc- Carty. Robert Hinds, Carol McE1hose l 'JJ' First Row: lean Freyermuth, Ioanne V4 Koester, Dorothy Schlemmer. lean Faulstich C7 , Second Row: Patricia Page, Edna Laubinger Third How: Ioan Haugen, Marjorie Petersen, Marion Warner, Ingrid Schuerin, Marjorie Ioze, Patricia Brock ixec! 6AOI"ll:i Ogfi 6AOI"ll,5 First Row: Bernice Blume, Pat Brock, Dorothy Chase, Dorothy Kirchoti, Dorothy Heidorn, Marjorie Petersen. Second Row: Ioseph Poc, Iackie Ryan, Adeline Kerschke, Iune Schimmaig, Anne Lyman, Annabelle Hcgreve, Lucy Donlea, lean Faulsiich, Harvey Moellenkamp. Third Row: Elaine Kehe, Willard Rasmussen, Roy Reindl. Elroy Wilke, Ronald Nagel, Henry Kaup, Richard Morrow, Robert Shanley. Raymond Bauer, Ioan Unger. Fourth Row: Taylor Lewis, Robert Arnold, Dorothy Schlemmer, Ioan Haugen, Bargara Page, Arlene Meyer, Dorothy Lenhert, Roger Kennedy, Kent Lihme. Fifth Row: George Wickman. Pat Page. Allen Reis, Roberta Skelton, Chuck Evans, Ioanne Leckband, Iames Keithling, David Warner. Six Row: Hume Young, lean Freyermuth, Lewis Page, Ingrid Schuerin, Walter Goebbert, Marion Warner, Richard Everett, Ioanne Koester, Orville Schaeffer First Row: Willard Rasmussen, Robert Arnold, Robert Held. Richard Morrow, Robert Shanley. Second Row: Dale Williams, Lewis Page, Kenneth Gronert, George Wickman, David Warner, Dick Everet. Third Row: Orville Schaeiier, Taylor Lewis, Kent Lihme, Richard Arnold, Allen Reis. Hume Young The Mixed Chorus this year has entertained assembly audiences numerous times, has sung for other organizations, and entered the district contests in which they placed second. The Boys' Chorus, new this year, is already very popular with everyone who has heard 1t. These 16 boys turn out excellent music, singing four parts. They, too, have entered the district contests and having placed first, are headed for Canton. We wish them the best of luck. 63 3X QQIA C 0l"U,:5 First Row: Ieanne Muller, Marian Iaacks, Audrey Fiddler, Bernice Bleile, Dolores Worley, Ioan Davis, Edna Laubinger, Ioan Cahill Second Row: Gladys Nebel, Patricia Peterson, Ann Schwartz, Carol Faulstich, Sally Kellogg, Eva Maseng, Marjorie Ioze, Mary Lou Fasick, Carol Koeppen Third Row: Natalie Hanley, Ioan Paulman. Betty Oslager, Francis Chrabarchek, Nancy Baumann, Carol Miller, Carol Hoiibauer, Patricia Boettcher First How: Shirley Dodge, Lavergne Lancelloti, Elinor Bach, Luanne Durland, Donna Golden, Lorraine Anderson, Kathy Shanklin, Billie Trunkey, Elaine Schulet, Betty Suerth, Rosita Allen Second Row: Ioyce Richards. Carol Lams, Ioan Meyn, Marcella Goebbert, Ioan Gilman, Dorothy Appleyard, Elsie Warner, Patricia Boyles, Laura Fritz, Nancy Carr Third Row: Lorraine Gothman, Barbara Camp, Vivian Haseman, Ioan Malzahn. Dorothy Cosman. Ioyce Seigert. Ingeborq Neinhold. Iean Baldwin Here we have the soprano section of the Girls Chorus. These girls are given a chance to use their voices by belonging to the Girls' Chorus. They have sung on numerous occasions. 64 ir :S Ckorufi foo N 5 First Row: Shirley Thorsen, Sara Lou Ackley, Margaret Borgardt, Carol Demp- sey, Virginia Tidd, Carol Freitag, Audrey Wille, lean Miller. Dolores Wind- heim Second Row: Iane Page, Patricia Engleking, Delores Wilke. Ila Miller. Ioan Lathen, Vae Holtz, Elizabeth Nichols, Dorothy Cosman, Doris Meyer. Gerry Markworth, Bonnie Peterson Third Row: Mary Ann Heimsoth. Pearl McDonald, Ieannine Shelcop. Marlene Becker, Peggy Koelker, Ieannine Burnier, Dolores Golthwaite A11 of the girls who sing in the alto section of Girls Chorus must meet certain requirements: they must be able to sing well, read notes, enjoy singing, and have deep, resonant voices. These girls meet such requirements and so are able to sing in the Girls' Chorus of A. H. T. H. S. They have added much to the color and music of our school and they enjoy doing it. Sing on, fair maids of melody! 65 jlle yqafionafojwlonor ociefg ana! .SJfuclenf .gznafe The Iames Scott Chapter of the National Honor Society is made up of students chosen for out- standing qualities of scholarship, character, service, and leadership. This year has been a very successful one and eighteen new members have been added. The new members are: Patricia Brock, Robert Blackburn, Robert Claus, Lucy Donlea, Ioan Haugen, Carolyn Kraybill, William Lang, Betty Price, Clarke Robinson, Kenneth Gronert, Patricia Kule, William Lasley, Ioanne Leckband, Ioan Mors, Nancy Nichols, Dorothy Schlemmer, Marilyn Schlemmer and Marion Warner. The Student Senate is an organization composed of representatives from each home room. Its purpose is one of helping the administration and students to have a better school. As a result of the cooperation of all members and the help of the advisor, Mrs. Elield, this group has done an outstand- ing job in student government this year. First Row: Daniel Magnus, William Kleiner Second Row: Annabelle Hcgreve, Mary Morrow, Dale Williams. Miss Bradley, Mary Lou Fasich. lean Faulsiich Third Row: Barbara Paulus. Elaine Kehe .w"""' ..-f !f""' ll. iw st First Row: Ioan Unger, Carol Demp- sey, Dorothy Hsidorn, Pat Mulli- gan, Robert Arnold Second Row: Marvin Preiberg, Ver- dell Duenn, Dorothy Sclemmer. Andrea Kennedy, IoAnn Leck- .arms band, Robert Heller, Michael Mac A Donald 33 Third How: Roger Kennedy, Ieanne Nelson, Dorothy Kirchoff, Norman Spratt, George Beach, Ioseph . Salzman, Clarke Robinson, Wil- K , X 1, liam Kleiner x Q Fourth Row: Thomas Stockdale. ' ' Iames Peterson, Kenneth Rash. Robert Daggett, Douglas Schimmel Wt Fifth Row: Mrs. Elield, Richard Durland, Roger Breda. Vernon Wandersee, Robert Blackburn, Dan Magnus Sixth How: Kenneth Bork. Walter Goebbert, Robert Sapp, Allan Stroker, Dale Pate 68 Oggfafg If you've ever set foot in our new library you've noticed how neat and orderly it has been kept. The Library Club, organized for the purpose of helping our librarian, Miss Nelson, does just that. The members help keep files straight, the room in order, and the books in their proper places. This literary group serves a very important function. First Row: Eleanor Ludin, Miss Nelson, Barbara Kamp, Walter Luettschwager, Ioyce Hansen, Delores Wilke. Second Row: Betty Borgardt, Margaret Borgardt, Ioan Ibbotson, lane Bowles. Barbara Calendar, Deliah Deeke, Elaine Busse, Irene Bleile 87 Q14 ug KOCH!! hlemmer, Mary Lou Dander, Ioanne Leckband. First Row: Miss Handlin Cadvisorl, Patricia Brock fpresidentl, Marilyn Sc Barbara Tichy, Patricia Kule Second Row: Ioan Florence, Dolores Windheim, Luanne Durland, Dawn Neimeyer, Elaine Kehe Third How: Ioanne Gilman, Dorothy Kirchhoif, Mardie Cclrncross First Row: Patricia Collins, Audrey Wille, Carol Dempsey. Patricia Peterson, loanne Gilman, Pat Campbell Second Row: Miss Kestin fadvisorl, Patricia Kule, Fay lohnson fpresidentl, Ioan Florence, Dorothy Heidorn, Carolyn Kraybill. Betty McCall, Ioan Ranclag, 'lean Freyermuth, Betta Schaat The Girls Club and Girls Athletic Association play very important parts in the girls extracurricular activities. The Girls Club sponsors teas, fashion shows, and a special "Dads' night." There are several divisions of the G. A. A.: bowling, basketball, volley ball, horseback riding, hiking and cycling, and baseball. Awards are given for the accumulation of points ipation in these activities. from partic G8 ramaficd First Row: Iane Bowles, Ioan Ibbitson, Barbara Tichy, Ianet Weiland, Ioyce Hansen, Mary Lou Sanders, Andrea Kennedy, Mary De Falco, Mary Glueckert, Billie Trunkey, Dorothy Chase, Marilyn Schlemmer Seqond Row: Dorothy Schlemmer, Barbara Chrysler, Miss Peterson, Ioan Dearie, Ioan Haugen, Marilou Richards, Fay Iohnson, Rosita Allen, lean Mueller, Marlene Becker, Peggy Taylor, Doris Fuhr, Ieanne Busse, Barbara Calendar, Iane Osburn, Ioanne Koester, Io Gilman, Bonnie Peterson, lean Faulstich Third How: Loraine Anderson, Dolores Worley, Wallace Luettschwager, Anita Frase, Pat Kule, Iean Baldwin, Dick Arnold, Ioan Cahill, Marion Warner. Pat Page, Skip Young, Elmer Wegren, Ioan Mors, Kent Lihme, Dorothy Klages. George Wickman, Ioanne Friske, Charlie Schiller, Doug Schimmel, Iean Freyermuth, Bill North, lean Geiske, Carol Miller, Marjorie Peterson The Dramatics Club, under the direction of Miss Peterson, gives outstanding performances. The giving of a dramatic reading is required of every student who wishes to become a member. 69 fe, Cm Wu Wil. -. fi .NY ,W At every football or basketball game the Pep Club can be heard cheering the teams on. Their boost has decided the outcome of many games, and their leader- ship has brought out more cheering than our school has ever had. The club also travels to out-of-town games, so Arlington is always well represented. Carolyn Kraybill, President of the Pep Club, has led its 300 members to great success, as has been shown by the club's activities. 70 The Pep Club has been Well represented at all of the football and basketball games during the year. It has led the student body in all the cheers. This club is open to any girl Who Wants to join and she is a member as long as she continues to come to the regular Pep Club meetings and comes out for the games to help cheer. 71 CSAQ ,jwleigfzffi ,xglaffl Take eight energetic students, add an enthusiastic advisor, like Mr. Pool, and you have our 1947 yearbook staff. These young people really Worked hard to make this "Heights" the best ever and they had a great deal of fun doing it. Each gal and fella had his own special job to do. Led by the Editor-in- Chief, Elaine Kehe, We find an Assistant Editor, Patricia Kule, a Business Manager, Mary Ann Heimsoth, a Feature Editor, Bob Blackburn, an Assistant Feature Editor, Ronald Weigand, a Class Editor, Annabelle Hogreve, and a Sports Editor, Dale Williams. The staff as a whole would also like to thank all other students who helped make the yearbook. They express their thanks especially to Betty Price who wrote the Senior Class history and to Betty Io Hohman and Elaine Goewey who took all of the "candid shots." The advertising staff along with the business staff really worked hard to pay for this yearbook and so we also say, "thank you" to them. 72 C,,,,l,,,,f ,staff Seated: David Warner, Douglas Schimmel, Bill North tforegroundl, Marvin Pollard, Ioan Worthington, Ioanne Malzahn, Doris Meyer, Mary Lou Richards, Dorothy Lehnert, Gus Ladas Standing: Donald Dewey, loanne Gilman, Phyllis Nelson, Carla Bloecker, Carol Miller, Marjorie Stoelle, Barbara Crysler, Ieanine Schelcop, Betty Schati, Dolores The Iournalism class plus a few outside members constitute the staff of the Cardinal, the bi-weekly news- paper that spreads the latest gossip, conducts the polls, and tells all the news. It is edited by Charles Schiller and is a member of the National Scholastic Press Association. The Cardina1's annual dance, the Stork Club Ir., was, this year, a huge success. The last thing in night clubs, it featured the Blue Notes and an entertaining floor show. 73 fljdfd L ig KAQQPLGCJQPLS Mar lou Richards, Iean Freyermuth, Io!-inn Koester, Faye Johnson, Ioan Haugen, Carolyn Kraybill The cheerleaders are divided into two sections, the Iay Vees and the Varsity. All girls who have the pep and stamina to be elected to this organization by their superiors are first put into Iay-Vees to lead cheers for the underclassmen games and then, after a year or so of experience, are moved up to the coveted position of Varsity cheerleaders. Being a Varsity cheerleader doesn't alto- gether mean you are better but it gives the upper-classmen a chance to cheer for the men in their classes. 74 dy " Q85 Ioan Lamar, lane Page. lean Baldwin, Iackie Ryan The cheerleaders in A. H. T. H. S. are the best. They have all shown up in rain or shine to back every event which has come along and have shown enthusiasm and pep, whether the going is tough or our score is beyond reproach. The cheerleaders are the only gals in school who are allowed to wear the A-Club sweaters and don't think they aren't proud of it. We know our cheerleaders as the unsung heroes of our athletic contests, for they are the few girls who lead our school in yells as our team pulls through to fame. 75 jrenkmen unc! .Simior KAQQFACLJQPJ Pearl MacDonald, Ieanine Burnier, Donna Golden, Kath- erine Kraybill This year we have added something new to the cheerleading groups, freshmen cheerleaders. We feel that this will give the girls a chance to prepare themselves to be lay-Vees and later on Varsity cheerleaders. They have cheered with the Iay- Vees for a few games this year and I think all will agree that they were pretty good. Keep it up, girls, and you'll be the future Varsity cheerleaders pictured here. 76 AJ-l.'lT H aw 13656965476 4 Q W7 lTHLETiC5 77 Bottom Row: Dan Magnus, Bob Willie, Bob Cubley, Bill Robinson, Paul Ran: dell, Burton Dahlstrom, Leonard Bakcrlar, Mr. Iba Advisor Second Row: Dale Williams, Charles Bracke, Richard Pre-st, Elmer Rypkemr Allan Stroker Third How: Bob I-Iornbostel, Vic Heimsoth, Elmer Willie, Gail Bach Top Row: Mike McDonald, Bob Striqqow, George Payne, Bill Kleiner, Bil Lang, Dale Pate, Marvin Berschet, Lewis Draper, Ken Gronert '24 " CM This organization is a group Whose purpose is to promote boys' athletics in the high school. These boys take great pride in upholding the standards of the "A" Club. They set the example of good sportsmanship to the underclassmen. This year's officers of the "A" Club are: president, Aller Stroker, vice president, Burton Dahlstrom, secretary-treasurer Mike McDonald. The requirements to enter this club are a major letter, the coach's recommendation, and the members' vote. 78 ww- , it ,review .7412 .clam Bottom Row: Marvin Berschet, Allan Stroker co-captain, Elmer Rypkema, Richard Prest, Dale Williams co-captain, Tony Moretti, Walter Berckman Second row: Mr. Priddy lCoachl, Leonard Bakalar, Tom Wisersky, Lewis Draper, Vic Mueller, Mike McDonald. George Payne, Mr. Larsen tCoachl Third Row: lack Csepp, Bill Robinson, Paul Ransdsll, Bob Striqgow, Pat Meehan Top How: Ioe Knollmueller tmanaqerl, Burton Dah'strom, Phillip Roche, Ken Gronert, Bill Lang Front Row: Vic Mueller, Tom Wisersky, Walter Beckman, Allen Stroker, Tony Morretti, Marvin Berschet, Lewis Draper Back Row: Richard Presl, Dale Williams, Elmer Rypkema, Mike McDonald 79 we Code ing .Qu if 1551 H V sim Acrsvmfg t Qzuw fi.: :Ne tau , A - s, ' s ai! Q K S in Asst. Varsity Coach, Mr. Larson: Frosh Coach, Mr. Conrad: I.V. Coach, Mr. Creamer: Varsity Coach, Mr. Priddy Director of Athletics, Mr. Grace tnot picturedl Under the able direction of a superb coach- ing staff, Arlington's power packed football team had an excellent year. They started with a bang by defeating Barrington 38 to 0. In the next two games, rated as the "under dog," they surprised everybody by tying Crystal Lake 12 to 12, and Niles won only by shaking loose for an 80 yard run, the score was 12 to 7. In the next two games Ar1ington's high spirited team walloped Leyden 38 to 0, and had a field day with Warren, defeating them 26 to 0. Woodstock's upset of Arlington was the only time Arlington didn't click and was defeated 20 to 6. With the defeat at Wood- stock still in their memory and spurred on by the Homecoming spirit, Arlington ran all over Libertyville. They practically scored at will and defeated Libertyville before a homecoming crowd of over 1,000 by a score of 43 to 7. The last game of a brilliant season was against the undefeated Northeast Conference Cham- pions, Lake Forest. Lake Forest had to fight every inch of the way to make their 25 points. The final score was 25 to 0. There were no outstanding stars, but every player was a consistent and hard fighter. Allan Stroker and Dale Williams were selected as Co-Captains for the season by their team mates. These two also held positions on the Cook County Herald's selected Northeast Conference All Star Team, which is proof of their consistently fine playing. Arlington ......,....... 38 Barrington .............. 0 Arlington ..... ...., l 2 Crystal Lake ........,. 12 Arlington ..... ...., 7 Niles ......................,, 12 Arlington ..... ..... 3 8 Leyden .......... ...,.. 0 Arlington ...,. ..... 2 6 Warren .................. 0 Arlington ,v,,, ...., 6 Woodstock ..,r......,, 20 Arlington ..... ..... 4 3 Libertyville ............ 7 Arlington ,,,,,. ,,,,, 0 Lake Forest .......,.... 25 Total ...................... 170 Total ........................ 76 Won-4 Lost-3 Tied-l "A team is as strong as its reserves" is one of the truest things ever said. And the only way to get great players and strong reserves is to develop them from the freshman year. This year's Iunior Varsity and Freshman squads look exceptional. The I. V.'s won 3, lost l, and tied 27 the Freshmen tallied 3 wins, 3 losses and 0 ties. From these indications Arlington's future teams should be great. Tackles: William Lang lack Csepp Tom Wisersky Marvin Berschet Centers: George Payne Allan Stroker Ends: Paul Ransdell Victor Mueller Lewis Draper Backfield: Allan Stroker Bill Robinson Burton Dahlstrom Patrick Meehan Kenneth Gronert Guards: Robert Striggow Leonard Bakalar Walter Beckman Tony Morretti Backfieldr Michael McDonald Richard Prest Dale Williams Elmer Rypkerna Q1 are cane- ,, .fdcfion on flue gricbon Punt-formation!! . . . Follow that interference! . . . "The Four Horsemen" . . . Sleeper! 82 unior amify joofgaf First Row: Frank Buscik, Charles Dresser Ralph Heihze Arth B , , ur rownell, Robert Heller, Ralph Engelking, William Wagner, Ralph Stevens Second How: Philip Theis, Ed Lang. William Lathen. Gen. Beach, Charles Beach, Richard Durland, Victor Bittner Third Row: Robert Ragland, Norman Spratt, Howard Mclillhose, Kenneth Bork, Wayne Kruse, LeRoy Grandt, Iohn Shanley, Taylor Lerid, Fred Bista, Walter Page 314264111 ell SWG! First Row: Gordon Busse, Wm. Winn, Iames Brown, Iames Theis, Lester Zoellner, Franklin Kule, Bob Shanley. Wm. Schuman Second Row: William Revers. Richard Spratt, August Krause, Vernon Wandersee, Raymond Huffman, Iim Kiethley, Dave Kurtz. Aubrey Neville, Roger Kennedy, Bob Iackish Third Row: R. M. Conrad, Don Mueller. Bruce Middlestodt. Iohn Deininger, Richard Wickman, Norman Sargent, Doug- las Gilman, Dave Nemineke, Rich Shoup, Harold Datls, Bernard Bruck. Lloyd Meyer, Manager Fourth Row: Allen Peters, Emmett McDougall. Dick Morrow, Ken Rosla , 2 E jllvrlseyw ---f C ix X' 5 an 'W E nn-1 83 am if? gaffefdaf jam First Row: Burton Dahlstrom, Dan Magnus, Allan Stroker, Vic Heimsoth, Bill Kleiner Second Row: Mr. lba tCoachl, Bob Sapp, Leonard Garms, Willard Hogreve. Bob Wille, Dale Williams, Bill Robinson Third Row: Hume Young tManage-rl, George Payne, Bob Boeckh, Bob Creamer, Charles Iohnson tlVIanagerJ Our varsity basketball squad of this year is one of the best teams that we have ever had. These fellows really worked and practiced hard to keep on the team and to keep the team standing on the high level it is now, with only two conference defeats, both of which were to Crystal Lake. The boys played hard to make their record: and the whole student body is proud of the splendid group ot athletes it has turned out. We are also proud of Coach Iba for his superb coaching. Our basketball record is as follows: VVON - LOST RECORD Arl Maine ic,c.,., ,,,,,,.. 4 9 Barrington LL LLLL47 Lake Forest err. .,..,,,, 4 l Crystal Lake ,,,,,, ,,,,,,., 3 8 Palatine ...,..,.,, .rerreer 3 5 Warren ,,,,.. ,,,,,... 5 7 Leyden ,ee,., ,.,,,,,, 3 6 Barrington .,,,rc L L LL56 Woodstock .,,,.,, L cccrcc 51 Niles c,c,,,,,.,,,,, L L 63 Palatine cc,,cccc. ,,,,,, 4 2 Libertyville LL L L49 Woodstock .,,, L L LL L50 Leyden ,,,,, L. ,,,,,,,, 51 Belvidere c,,,,,,,,,, c,cc,,,, 4 8 Warren ,,,.cc ccc. L L LL55 Crystal Lake LLLLLL LLLLLLLL 4 3 Lake Forest LLLLL LLLLLLLL 4 4 Niles LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL , LLLLL, 60 Libertyville Hebrow-tourney LLLLL LLLLLLL, 3 1 OPP as so 40 39 as 21 33 39 29 47 27 21 32 36 31 23 48 23 34 37 40 Tiny Magnus, Guard QT P--687 Leonard Garms, Forward CT P-387 Burton Dahlstrom, Guard CT P-53? B111 Robinson, Guard KT Pf77J Robert Sapp, Guard CT PW105 Allan Stroker, Center CT P-72635 gaagefgaf Bob Boeckh, Forward QT P fill Bob Wille, Forward KT P 49 George Payne, Guard KT P 55 Dale Williams, Guard CT P ---' 43 Bill Kleiner, Forward CT P f228l Bob Creamer, Guard CT P - lOl 86 1' I1 X 9 f . if wa J' ,Q x ui unior amify an cl 3:4054 m on g6l15Le!LCl,fj IZMIIJJ First Row: Ronald Obarman, Tay- lor Lewis, Marvin Prelberg, Chuck Dresser, Paul Rarisdell Second Row: Thomas Stockdale, Walter Beckman, Marvin Berschet, Iohn Shanley, Lewis Draper, Phil Roche. Orville Schaeffer, Lloyd Meyer Third Row: Mr. Grace CCoachb, Eugene, Busse, LeRoy Grandi. Don Dewey, Philip Theis, Ralph Stevens tManagerl First Row: Iames Keithley, Roger Kennedy, Iames Rask, Robert Shanley, Bernard Brock, Rob- ert Iackish, Verne Busse, lack Klowsky Second Row: Lester Zoellner. Iames Geisler, Iohn Deininger, William Winn, Richard Spratt, August Kruse, Douglas Gil- man, Donald Muller, Iames Brown, Emmett MacDougall, Gordon Busse, Ray Huffman Third Row: Mr. Grace tCoachJ. Kenneth Mueller, Aubrey Ne- ville, Bruce Kolhase, Iames Peterson, Robert Arnold, Rich- ard Wickman, David Archi- bald tManagerJ This year's Iunior Varsity played good ball all season. All their games were close and they fought hard to the last game. The Freshman squad looked exceptionally good. Among these players there is some excellent varsity material for the future. Their coach deserves much credit for developing them into the fine bunch of players they have turned out to be. IUNIOR VARSITY RECORD Maine Barrington , Lake Forest Crystal Lake Palatine Warren .. Leyden , Barrington Woodstock , Niles , Palatine ,, Libertyville . Woodstock Crystal Lake Lake Forest Niles ., . Libertyville Arl, Opp 36 Z1 31 21 33 30 30 23 39 25 75 22 24 46 34 33 22 34 25 31 27 25 39 26 20 27 35 32 26 32 32 24 33 30 Lower Left Picture: Robert Deiber, Fredrick Bista, Howard Sporlecler, Robert Cubley, Paul Ransdell, Elmer Rypkema, Victor Mueller, Vernon Rascher, Marvin Berschet, William Lang Boxing Picture: lack Armstrong, Victor Mueller .9l'lfI"6Llfl'llfll"CL W'Q5fAng Intramural Wrestling is a sport which has become very popular in the last few years and is now a permanent part of our intramural program. Most of the bouts were held after school. This group has also put on some wrestling performances between the halves of our basketball games. 89 ogfs gm CAM The mighty muscle men of A.H.T.H.S. are revealing the secret of their biceps-calis- thenics. They also go in for rigorous games of basketball and volley ball in the Win- ter, and football and baseball in the fall and spring. In be- tween seasons they tumble and do exer- cises to keep those bravvny forms in good condition. To supervise and in- struct these boys is the number one mus- cle man himself, Mr. Larsen. 90 aww ana! sgnframuraly Zgaalfefgali ya , Well organized gym classes are healthful, educational, and fun. Bas- ketball provides training for future basketball players and encourages a competitive spirit. l furnishes practice for intramural games. Basketball in gym c asses 91 5 if 5 jk? QQ' if gin C065 Girls gym classes include tumbling-in the actual sense of tumbling, They have soft mats to land on so they won't be injured. Even though they're girls, they play a might rough game of basketball. Fellows-they use different rules from yours, so don't expect the same kind of game. lt's a mighty good one, though. Our beautiful Homecoming Queen, Faye Iohnson, and our handsome Student Senate President, Bill Kleiner . . . Long announcements this morning Hail to the queen and her court . . . Watch your step, Mr. Pool . . . That heav- enly music at the Youth Center . . . Careful, We Wouldn't Want the school to blow up! . . . An old A. H. T. H. S. tradition---locker leaning . . . On with the show . . . Isn't anyone Watching the game? . . . Do people study that hard? Snappy girls in a snappy car . . . the teachers eat too . . . the line up of cheerleaders, that is . . . I-Iere's Stan to clean up the confusion We left . . . "Go team, go-o-o" . . . You tell 'em, Mr. Schmoyer . . . Time out . . . Oh, my splitting eardrums . . . "What cheer should We give next?" R WWW 95 The cafeteria is a cozy place . . . remember the Y. C. HalloWe'en party? . . . students help, too, in the library . . . the line is long but the food is good . . . there's our Student Senate at Work. . .come on, team, let's tight . . . the senior hall . . . oh! those homecoming queens! . . . Who's ahead now, Mr. Paulus? . . . basketball attracts the gals . . . a science enthusiast. 96 The Homecoming parade . . . no snake dance or bonfire but the kids had a swell Week-end anyway, for we beat Libertyville 43 to 7 . . . Big attendance at basketball games . . . Studies look boring, but there is always the Freeze for refreshments . . . Floats look like a lot of fun . . . Always time for a big lunch at the cafeteria . . . Perchance, Miss Whipple has discovered a new pteridophytic flora? . . . They should make the hoops bigger. 97 ArIingIon Chevrolef Co. NICHOLAS M. LATTOF, Prop. SALES REPAIR COMPLETE REPAIR SERVICE I By F actory-Trained Mechanicsl We have cne of the most complete parts stock in th1s area High Prices Paid for Used Cars Tires and BaH'eries 0 Towing 0 Tire Recapping Service Phone 32 S. Evergreen Avenue ArIingIon Heighis 35 LATTOF'S HOME AND AUTO SUPPLY STORE I2I EAST DAVIS ARLINGTON HEIGHTS 98 SCHIMMING OIL CO. Disfribufors of Conoco Producfs TANK - TRUCK SERVICE SERVICE STATION O I I I Easi Easfman Phone: ArIingI'on Heighfs I63 HARRY H. KNAACK MOTOR SALES 6 Norfh Vail Avenue Arlingfon HeigI1+s 2I ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, ILLINOIS When Beffer Aufomobiles Are Bullf Buick Will Build Them 99 ARLINGTON HEIGHTS NATIONAL BANK O "The Sole Purpose of Business is Service" -Lew's H Brown O MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION MIDWEST BINDERY COMPANY Finishers for Prinfers and Adverfisers 549 Wesi' Washingfon Sireei' Chicago 6, IIIinois Phone Randolph 3696 100 Mal wakes fo Our 1947 Cfaafs BIG FREEZE , ICE CREAM COMPANY wnLe!mann 25 SINCLAIR SERVICE Northwest Highway and Busse Ave. SINCLAIR INDEXED LUBRICATION Tires, Batteries, Recharging Rentals and Repairing hone 900 Mt Prospect, Illinois MEESKE'S like 3006! .SQOFQ v Groceries 0 Meats 0 Fruits o Vegetables I07 Main Street, Mt. Prospect, IIIinois AII Phones 840 We congratulate the Class of 1947, and wish you Happiness and Success in your future endeavors. 101 LOHR'S PHARMACY "on The Highway" RELIABLE PRESCRIPTIONS FINE TOILETRIES ARLINGTON HEIGHTS ?fMnLLman if TIRE AND BATTERIES ELROY J. WINKLEMAN, Propriefor Phone 349 115 Easi' Davis S'l'ree1' Arlingion Heighfs. III. Compliments of , Best Wishes to the GIESKE S STORE cms of 194, my QOOJ5 groceriea o 0 Ph 29 Iclofhes for The very ygungl One ARLINGTON HEIGHTS 102 .fdrdngfon .iwleigkfzi BOWLING LANES KINCORPORATEDD 8-I0 North Vail Street Phone I577 E. H. LINDGREN, Pres. E. A. WOLF, Secy.-Treas. "Consistently The Best in CIeaninq" Cham Ill North State Road Phone 230 Arlington Heights, Illinois 60llgI'dtll Kafi0l'l5 gfdflllatw ! To those of you who are going on to greater educational fields, we add our "Godspeed." To those of you entering the business world, we say-"Do not forget the value of a Bank Account! MT. PROSPECT STATE BANK Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation GEORGE C. POOLE, Inc. 320 West Northwest Highway Arlington Heights, lllinois COMPLIMENTS or Comfggmenb 0 Karstens - Fairbanks L. G. O ,D unerafyome Arlington Heights, Illinois Phone I68 103 Established 1880 Compliments of Wille Co I and Material :Service B U S S E LUMBER, FEED, COAL, FERTILIZER a I S 0 C I a 1. I 0 n Paint' Rough Material and Loans - REAL ESTATE - Insurance Building Material Telephgne Phone 867 George L. Busse, Treasurer Mt. Prospect, Illinois Mt. Prospect, Illinois RADIO SALES G SERVICE G. E. APPLIANCES ELECTRONICS .I. B. Crotoot Co. SERVICE , STAPLING DEVICES 22 E. Northwest Highway Tel. Arl. Hts. 700 - Arlington Heights, Illinois MT. PROSPECT Compliments of I I I South Main Street H E N R Y K R U S E Mt. Prospect, Illinois Telephone 8l5 104 Eat At vegan if I2 Dunton Avenue Arlington Heights SUNDAY DINNERS OUR BIG FEATURE Telephone l576 JGMQ EEJQAQ 0 Insurance o Real Estate o Mortgage Loans o Currency Exchange Arl. Hts. 252 I E. Campbell Street Arlington Heights, Illinois er Carpef Co. State Road and Davis Street Arlington Heights, Illinois Arlington Heights 555 Arlington Heights I 333 ,xdrdngfon RADIO AND RECORD SHOP I7 Miner Arlington Heights, Illinois C. SCHAPANSKI HIEBER-MULLER Gm SCHNEBERGER S T E R L I N G Z',?,'L?.i?,L'iI on COMPANY G. E. Small Appliances Radios Oil Burners Roper Gas Ranges I I W. Davis St. - Phone 39 Arlington Heights, Illinois Northwest Highway and State Road Arlington Heights, Illinois 105 HARTMANN'S SHOE STORE Shoes - Hosiery - Repairing X-ray Fitting 2I0 N. Dunton Ave. Phone 702 Arlington Heights, III. Compliments of I .I s I2 West' Busse Mt. Prospect' Phone I 286 Courtesy o Service o Quality W 0 L F COAL coMPANY Established 1928 COAL - COKE 208 Evergreen Phone 820 Mt. Prospect, IIIinois SWEAZEY'S 9211124125 N. Dunton Ave. Arlington Heights, III. SIEBLIRC DRUG CO. The Rexail Store DEPENDABLE PRESCRIPTION SERVICE Telephone I9 Arlington Heights, III. Women's Distinctive Apparel SILHOUETTE SHOP I9 W. Davis Telephone I766 Arlington Heights, III. Greasing - Washing - Brakes - Tire Service Repairing - Batteries - Tires - Accessories DIEBER'S Sinclair Service Station I02 Northwest Highway Phone I572 Arlington Heights, lllinois ARLINGTON BOOTERY CARL H. EWART, Proprietor HIGH GRADE SHOES For Men, Women and Children and Complete Line of Men's Furnishings and Clothing 8 Dunton Street Phone 738 Distinctive Beauty Service For The Smartest Women COLD WAVES A SPECIALTY Phone: Arlington Heights I65 W A R S O N 'S I03 West Campbell Street Best Wishes from MEYER BROS. DAIRY KLEHM'S PEONY FARM "GOOD FOOD IS GOOD HEALTH" ARLINGTON CAFE "Where Eating is cr Pleasure" Delicious 7 Course Table D'Hote Evening Dinners Phones Northwest Highway 708 and I463 Arlington Heights, III 107 STUDTMANN BROTHERS Esrabzfshed 1921 FURNITURE Venetian Blinds, Window Shades, Rugs, Awnings, Carpets, Linoleum Phone 206 Arlington Heights Congratulations to the Graduating Class WM. F. GRANZIG I2 I 5 Emerson Phone 98I Mt. Prospect, Illinois Compliments of VOSSE'S DELICATESSAN HOWARD'S DAIRY Home Delivery with Pet Milk Homogenized and Pasteurized 4 N. Dunton Phone 24I Arlington Heights, Illinois T H E merafol .Slap Ladies' and Children's Apparel and Furs I0 Dunton Avenue Phone 362 Arlington Heights, Illinois Compliments of , Tibbits, Cameron FRED S Quality Meat Market Corners ot Minor and Evergreen Lumber Co. Arlington Heights, Illinois pall olldfle R LAUNDERE ilncorporatedl 7I0 El Northwest Highway Phone 2090 Arlington Heights, Illinois Telephone Arlington Heights II Arlington Heights Roller Mills ALVIN A. POPP Poultry, Hog and Dairy Feeds General Custom Grinding Corner State Road and Wing Street Arlington Heights, Illinois Compliments of DUNTEMAN' DAIRY S Compliments of BUSSE MOTOR SALES A Sales and Service 30 S. Main St. Mt. Prospect, III B E H R E N S .yl'l:iuI"6LI'LCe .fggellcy Mobilgas - Mobiloil Mobil Tires ESQUIRE ALL 'TYPES ' SERVICE STATION OF 0 INSURANCE Fred I. Hertel I I4 N. Dunton Avenue Phone 580 Nodhwesf Highway UIS. I4 Arlington Heights, Illinois Arlington Heights, Illinois 109 Wagfair RUG CLEAN ERS II5 North State Road Phone 666 Arlington Heights, IIIinois R E E S E HARDWARE stone I2 E. Northwest Highway Phone 540 Arlington Heights, IIIinois WILLSON 6 FLORENCE REALTORS LOANS - INSURANCE Northwest Hgy. - Opp. - C. 8: N W. Depot Arlington Heights, IIIinois Telephone 285 HAGENBRINGS 51: to 51.00 Store "Where You Buy For Less" HAROLD O. KLOPP 0 Landscape Architect 0 Landscape Contractor 0 Landscape Maintenance Pruning and Spraying 5 North WiIIe Et. Phone 939-W Mt. Prospect, III. Compliments of A R L I N G T O N ELEVATOR at coAL COMPANY Northwest Highway at Chestnut Street Arlington Heights, Illinois 110 COURTESY LIST Arlingfon Candy Shop M'l'. Prospeci' Beiier Shoe Service Arlingfon Sea'I'ing Company Neumann's Barber Shop Suburban Cleaners Master EIec'I'ric and Radio Service MiIlay's Ice Cream Service Moler Barber Shop Krause's Markei' Fred Busse Florisi' N. C. Barber Shop V 81 G Priniers 81 Si'a'l'ioners Mors Bakery Van Driels Drug Siore Masny's Bills Service S'l'a1'ion SheIkop's Radio Mari' 111 x 'Q Aft' e 1 1 ' f : Z . ' xg ' A . . .W . ,N . ' LQ. fx, fl, 4' ,M MX M 1 Q. . - 1, ' ,vw - I .4-oh Q kv a 'V' ' tj , ' . P .5 wyq 3 kxw KP 4: VAT? 7 f J ,4Y,. f I 4, kfw-1. J -1 1 I .- , . 5, yy.. . ,. be , 1? X 1 A . ,JN A 1 U .. 1 A 'ff Q M ' ,. . 'H f . Mr : Y Y ' . i :fi A 3 . ln., ' 3 x 1 P J' 4 a L h I RA' Y J as , , ' Lv, 44 W4 K 4, f ,Mq"k r., ie- 5' 5 X A f' A A Q 4 if 'f f . 43' V .rf KT. Q' ui TY 9, ' ff, . . ,J il' WA fa f x , , , b . .A v . ,f y , '. x W -in ,Q . gl rt I, Q 'X X fig' 54 1- 'i I 1' 0-,A fe. .v J ' su- A ., f, 3 4 t Q ' 'I Q 1, ' Q ' , , 4 'Q 4 Q ay? - M, ' M 4' 7 'Y' -,E kig' 15 ' qv . V, . Jw . ., ,x Y C t Q . I , y ,xt .Z M ' K NM! . ,54..w A 0 gf. . , 1 Nix 1111? x A , . K 5 A X . Q, RK A ' f'f X . ,', at N 1, 1 A, L m ,lg Q, Ayn - Q- -1 . J , .xr Q ' ' ,N ,WW S125 Y, I , R va' ' ., 5 'B .hs ' If XX .4 v SQA .1 'E' , '. XQL' - x -L 'f V ' ' 2 N " -xx h, " H, W .I .Aff 'Lx' "W ' ,WV ' 1 ' , Q, . . , ' f' M -9 Y' - -xi Q .' -Y 'B fl. 5, ru'R4?i,, i ., X Ki . v, '-.1 :ff " " gf zf. 'idx U ,lx i7"'1h?v -' - " f' W 1 y ' .'k . fl 4. i fy.. y Q. .. Q. as ,X wg 1, , K p -Pr A , 4,2 .N-MLM 'Si' If' f"S3'7' ff 'U-,J . ,Q , -. fl. 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"Y ' 'X gg, -' 1:15, .5 Y. . ni' UK ., , U ,. .15-1, . qi.: '18 'L 'f M454 -1, fi' M, Q , . 4,---Y, 11, 1' -' -'Er' CSM ". 1 - 1'f1M4':'ei ., iia? 5 I Aluvthwi pjw-' ui' A QW? ff- Jig ff T. .- , ' . r,.- ,X . . , . L., .,1,!,, wif" y,:, WST, .V g 1 6 J w - 'JF 'L' "gf .x.1 " ' " V L - ,-,. .1'fw.:.'5iN3f?37fhf,.k3r' f . '- . , ' ' ' ' ' -'I' Tai.: f ,, - ' -1 WJ .pie-,-:LJ Nw' :qw . 'Vi ' "ff '3e2".f'--'J-' "1 15f5,fg.,E',"a?q'I'Q?-"-, ji maxi- W - mi' ,. 7' H . .1 r,,g,,, ,. . :-- - -f , S. .N . - ,v,.-.-- a ,N fm, r f,,- 1 , . 'fr nv. - '- ,-f, .,. .4 1 W "qz,,H ,P , ,, Qing.: .,.-f lb., fy, --,AST ., .V ll N5-H.. ' , -,.5q.4.. Fifi . ' :A -'ff ' ' 5 Q2 . , 1 x ,. . .fic f' ',-vw :Mt zfff,-':'.-fazgav Af ,wlgxw ' f..Qs.':-',-.Qfigifra p,,2fX!Q2'4f"'Wf1 V I, ,' . a-Leg, mv.-,. . U., f',,1--'uf , . 'e::'qw,' .3 . ' .Q,,' , , Qggyjdibb af-N-' ' - ' ' ' -vlwgfa-,L",,--V -,106 ,. . ,...'gg- ,' , 3 hw' wssfff 11-.1-Y - .Wi 1 . 1 ,-"' ' - .45-I v ag- -' . A, .1 ,tv L. ,. -,jV1gml:,,Lg. 1 4 , , ,. I- x--sl ,, X,,wL,'- , 'P f 1' 4+ -H' Y -vm .- -111. .nnxzry 'g,,,.-261.-5'-ark' w, . V - q,:,51,,LLpg,, L-kv W- ., -. Bain ... . . V: '7 ' 9:1-an ., el. . H.. 5531, 'WL' 'Zf?f,if , fig 3265? 'I '.'95'1f 425 5 .mf fig" ln Wi 'ENV ' 1, V1.3 ,,. 1 . Qs., . u. . W EL, : 371-.fw '-23-ug' , yw V 1' ,, ' .-v 5 , . .- kf'.j,3A'. I I-Y r :'4"I"f-' . .. Vw " ' .:- 7 ' - ,- ,,,,1,.,.-Fe .4,,,-, J, .1 .., . . ,, Nl, Y .' 11, 1 1 Y 1- , f fx f -:Vx J ., nw i ",. 4-. . . . . ,. - .. T1 -"rf -Af Y,-, . J.-' WLT" I A . fur' ' .. .mg f f - ',...wFYg5U4w'1--fvi.14' f.-'.,.w,,e:'1 1 I ' - r ' , 1 .1,,,f --3 ' gs 3.354 ? 15.--fkvwi ' ' ' A ,, I . , X w-4. 1 v N ' .,, 'X A , r 1 . , rv Y, 1 , .1 , ...: ,- :Q -fs la.-L mliiaiz.. .,us'u.',Y: ,Kr . Y,'Vg 1 ' ff H!! 'W ,..,c 114 1 . ie' 424 nf--4 iii! ' 1! 353: wif-,. "HE .fi ,'9F" Fi! ff 5 .HZ A dl' 'if 3: WK HL, wi . ww . rg' 'I-T1 wa? 'Hu , , H .ggi . ga-11 fllfiq .,, mf' 2: i :Qf id 'ii :fly ,, Jw rrf. -5:5 :wf ml 5,2 ' lf!! 1 :pf J :Hg f My i iff? I gil' VE? 'fe Ffa! iq VI I aff' 559 PV W: wif, Wig. . 'gr'5: EH Ui 3? HI Li? iff? ' ,. we . L ' xg s ,, ' f. -nu J -- sy F?7!?Ff.,. 1 Wmtfw .eve mf Nm' ?1f?':1:f wfff .mr iff? 9 'IHS 'FTW .4 , v':r-4g-4.5-up . ,V , i':w"f3D1e'r gi 4Y'If"l , 1 :ff 1 1 . Q A .P ' L X 1 'mr 'T' -I : . -rf! ir , . v . Q52 ff3'f'5?i 2 . I if gf-M11-,.+:f.fff .V A- , '- 4: . 11-I1- 1--,:1r:: , .., f ':f ggi." f Jfiri'-3... . fxxzpfgifi .ms ' ' -721' I A ' ' " ' ' Y' " "' ' - " J - . ff' ' - .LTTIFQ-:-.nw "'-f- cr-1'-....,g. 6"-1:44 ' , - -.- --1. ' .,, .-. -L-4..1-3-'ir-f --4' 75157157 ,- ' , .?"':i:gf-.. , Z1 ,, ' - g - ' --Vg-fy7?' -'-1':efi22f':.'.:f5vi'fLf-.:5-f::1---1':.?-f'f-IEE:.-,f-5?-'.f.1:'I::-ir-,rm "-

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