Arlington High School - Heights Yearbook (Arlington Heights, IL)

 - Class of 1946

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Arlington High School - Heights Yearbook (Arlington Heights, IL) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Cover

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f iff Jj,04f,fQCM,L,n, X W ,ggffiserif JW fed fiylf 'IWW Hu 2 QW .wmfpyw UNM M ' cWe, flzgifsfcLf6g, ,fy -9 ' J L A ' ,W ff? 9, fffolgg! W Q WDW iv iff f' 3 bw. ADIVIIIXIISTIQATICDIXI CLASSES ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS -sv.. ln. L iw , VQZY jf' I' , 1 I v 1 if-'4,,,f g' ' 4 VT I fx ., , "-f' sw .13,,,ir" ' A " V . Y' 4, V I 'V QW' 'EY .4 1 f 4 Q 4 ' X1 ' ' GIA I . 'E ..:,:,':",' 1 al . - " - - v ,, 5 ' 4,365 ,. 6-041' :'. aa' '- , nf, . . 040, l fa ' '- '!l'y I ' 0 L I ,,,, 941, i .+,:" ax' g- 1!!.6 x J Y it 1 . . ..,1. ,, sylvan f-3... 'ix' ' ' ' a . . I , ., K. i ,,, , V , ,j 'y jf ft .. Xp, , L' 5 , ii Q-4 1 aug' ',' ,f 1 .,,,.:,g, 'f , ,. ft. . 175' 1. 'QLWQ' l'r'1. ' 45 t a piss! ' -. , 1 , an v l . . 1 4 x" in Q . ,A 1 H... o ,: f 6,- f ,.1 EA W-.V , HK Vi 3 sz fr: 235' :if , !" aww v ' V in 03 1.- 'Ii 'll' 49 i wir any . lau- am 'M' me 'sua is as sv in-u uv .1 , vi vo ,. . 2 if vs ar w ww Wu.. , 2: A ' fy W, , nw: I+. ,yu wil' " -14W 4, . 4.4: 2:9 fykhf- M of '14 q 0 nk lR'4Jvs1 .. W W.. A 41 wh. sw... ,401 gunman- .QQ V.- . nge. se 4 fi-'ai' fl! 1 .491 . -2154! ., .nba-gm 1 -2. ni O ...J ,Q-4' V f,.'t'npt.:ti by the lrbrary .and the other by the Stufly hall ur Lrbrd y CHIISIIV Ill!! HBR 'T lhe lubrary has played a very Important part ID the daily lxle ol ur school, The dum rs not only serve the students vyuth thenr regular Class reference worlc, but to be ol some help to the student body rn nts extra-currrcular actuyitres. lhus year the lrorary has been moved to ci new loeatuon lhat IS study hall Q05 has been oryrdeo unto two parts one part luetntg Pug: I :glut Welcomes You vm, Y xfllss Nelson tle lnbrman lwas done mor w nas seen to ttatvv Q tlman suoernor Nor e lna e had current rragdzlnes, and news D e s as Nell as tlwe newest books ol Interest .tv to tlwe stu ents lle on vocatxonal oamplwlets dS undoubtedly Clllllcult or. We o tlm, many tlwungs tlat caused dellq lmted comments -ta 1 e 'f 'RIIKTUS tl 't Nlnss Ne son nmnaq ef lro 1 tlwe st 't ey, W tx , lf t t - Cf I ' . etl Q 'rss t I' Jlllfljtif? Corn lfl l P , P45 Nine lX!lZlWCl6VS dDCl l3l2I'1Cl6l'S lhe gurls ID the sewmg and coolclrmg classes have learrue subjects well orth whzle lor their future lule Throughout the year the gurls In th coolurmg classes served at several school GHGIVS such as the faculty clsrmer e g rls the cloth ng casse also ave grve t err service to school Among rhe varrous outles oerlormecl was the rremdmg ol the uthlet c eouvpmermt Q c c r ho we Pwr ru Studious Lads and Losses FCQ J JVQ carpentvrs VIC C 6 NCIS V? a usy of Nor m our s p and lab classes turmng out safe ratmer me exoermvntgl Nor nm New sur-Qrvs Num Come m 1 er ears mm us Ha wor ers Ar frm C cw 0 r 3 F3 mf' H m, vaybv N tum U ' amo Vw Nia ,WW Curw Puge I 181541 Preparing For Tne Business We Id W' f f A -4,1 to J? ones Qmte 1 coffpetenr workers ffnen t ese Stu ents Gr fm 'e no n sm nf' fyne J u PVUFUCY ac u O Su K v lu ,Y f work ,. Pwr luelu Q 0 Tne bunness .-.jrls ws .eraarly jffng V, sl 'd 1 -few , A ,' ' n d - QQ e, learm. J 'N Veal 5 Q , F, c , K Q X I 'K 1, 3. V, s fa Mtw onref s. s ' GU ' cs Q I nme - , , , 7, Dvtt enliven! ness? ire.-.fn Vw nw: ' . ' f .af P 1 l-ligh School Einsteins . Watch those pencils Flyl And a few erasers too no doubt Ye ether nts mechanical drawrng ohysrcs t 3 alge ra t tll ta raan work and these stuoents ha e It on the hall o you want to Fund the V DS when the wave length as two meters ano the tension DOO gm ' re you puzzled at how ax Qy can equal 7z7 or that sun coo X 7 o you lfnow how to malte a three sectronal yleyv of a stove oupe beno These stuoents oo and are all out to fnalce Arlvn gton l-lvfzh orouo ol their abslrty Page fbxrleexl ' L 4 -, , . Sf wh " . ' , V, ri , or b , I su lces b , l y , D ' A A . , 'fx' 1:7 D - , . H lf, r l I ' , A T V05 C4 Www C Q U60 Qcur me VMC, SCMVYPC ,V 'WSWS 'TIG V' ,U KZQQ 'W ca Kem ef moon wwf -I-:me Gut 1 Pagv loin lcrn Na 4.4 C Lwcf ivz The mf J 'SETS Si'JC5ffV3 ever WF -1 V?Q,jf'j, 1 VJ KY'-A F' c ' the arc! ' of :Outh watering F990 55? We SNWPQN xf. ' - N, Jwfl. A 1 x 1 .X K. 1 U V K B , .. ,I 4 9 . Q I 3: I . 7 r Y 'x For Lunch' 57' 'X S 'ilf ff ffl 'VU U 7 C3 IUS D Jmness of psnochle and gosmp be ns Lveryonv f 6? dl ur 1 t tlrfe O ffhoo Fay Q... 1. Page ldteen O QF' 5. x if X rv , J i W ,, , n,A, , 0' V ' , Y' wg . J. Q . A 4 P - I SUCH ifhff HOVVFJFF DlnOCh'F CQVCLS riff: FTQHFFQ out CH S a 7 d XY up I cwcl,s nd t th. bi . gl . C XJM,dQV th IUHCH Ho 'S be ben , fthe Jw l Jx. if-'iQ"i" -4-' , ffl gli -- -' , f ..-. . .- ,,.,.f ..-v- ,I -f 9 1 ,,l A H-ZZ' MQ ' f sum- , -fX.,. qv , D,,, "' '-Q. 47' W, "'--- , .-. M S, , --.. m 1 -W., ,- V., Y M -..,, , al . f E ' ,f 5if'3ff""'W'x -.lT""'-Q, ,xk!W4'?f1:"'? 7tWg"f5 ---23: - ,f QQ ..2f:::r-' ? xmxii is-f Ili-f1'uXH.:if-' 3' 'iff' QQ gi? ,.,-"I 1:15 ' ',,,,ff wi -:i .-...N N ,..- f M- Ww- l'.'g'4 I ILIIIM VI new l Q, 1 1. i 1 1 V-,....1. ., W, ur Prmclpal .- -5 ,....- ,'Q 4 I 'N . . .. - v-4' :Ng W: Igjr' ,CJ 524' " ":"1g 'fr' - ' 1 .f ri., ,CJ fp UU' f irq ZH jg fic" :"j.:'."f'ir:E.1, i'f Inf' , ,X I FR. fm , if 'ff :e"s,S Y - h f few new ,QQ rQ1'NlpJfQL 1 , f , ,, V. , ,Q C V Y :jf ' fn.: v-pg-f ff Jg 'J '55 TCF. . ,.f . .,,,f A gfAf- w --f nf Pg' 'rg vwggjf F N mf ' " ":' . vi 1 4' Kuff: " 1 . -1'7- f' - L f Ir ., VFWNO M odrc of LJUCGLIOD E F LAURIN Presldewt H W CARLSON P E COLLINS W C HANAUER A C HAAKE Secretary C. G. KLEHM M. F. MAHER X F I D Mary S PV' Handlm G J Hn H. Staugaard o Smith- 2 Carolyn M. . BI.QdlQy-H virginia E Hmlirlfi. YFa.,limQf-Aff Mgwiallinlik ' Leta' I' ICLL' 'lin' I -Iicq ., f ff 1,1 i Y C 'J 1 'w Viwf 'Sr 5 -Q! . me av- , fem Top Row Right to Left arod L Sllchenmeyer Boys Counselor B S Normal Umversutv Vx Uh versity ol lllmols l-lead ol Scrence Dept Bnology Teacher a mond F Fraes Chermstry Teacher B Q West lllmorsS T C N n verslty ol lllmors Gereral Scleru e leacher Aljebra leacher Ve rooolq A vrsor Bottom Pow Left to Rlght eoclore C Klump Phys: s Teacher R S N rth Ce r l College Nl 5 Um versmty olfVlnch1ga'1 Geheral Scuerce Teacher Mon pro e tor lmstra tor Ve ma Whipple Blologv Teacher B D lmwersrtyo Chrcajo fV'l N Umfersvty ol New Nlexuco Geheral Scvehce leacrer P we Tu P1111 fm- ll W H I . l i V . . r' l 'rf r . R y . ' - ' 'A .off ' . . ,f .Ar S. 'WU 1- Richarcl G. Lester-General Science l'eacherf'B, Sf 'lllIV'lOlS llllesleyao Umversrty. . ,J A Th . - c ,. r o nt a , . F. - ' .. . . - . 'ff l,c ' c. . I I " ,F l X l . 'R j 3 ' X l' . . ' A ll . :L ' '-1 Q Q O C Alma C Leonhard Em fwfr vafrer 'W clue wer 151 O VGC c mne Petersen E P es er'1Ur vrwy x C rn 'N Nowak Koo J re QSSX orence Elfeld Dacnar C ev? T 'N emu f' ece 2 lr: rape n cr' 7 rr r Catton ow ' Sarah Jane Mahrn Edrth L Lrnosey Gleah D Brown F Nebraslq O ew P Cf far: NJ E rrp gov f fn wr 1' qv H TQGCVIVF 'W Qrfx V 9xlC'3 IXPVSI y JMS c rQVSrtf Puur lru 1111 lun a ,ar- f 17' is ,df if.-v W,-1 ,mu-,K lop Row a ace Grace Athletrc Drrector B S Southern l M Unrversrty o lllrnors Coach ot Baseball econd Row Lelt to l2r:,h Assrstant Coach ol Varsrty Football Assistant Coach ol Baseball ran C Volcac C ch ol Varsrty Football B S U lverslty o llr Northwestern Llnnversrty oys Physucal Ecu atron leacner eanorKestm G ls Phys al lfducataon lea her A B 'Nl rthwe e r Ur JQFSI G A A Advusor pep Club Advrsor lhrro Row Left to Rrgh W1 lam Creamer-Co ch ollrack B S U ferrty ollnrnols Coach otj V F o Curtis Larsen Replace Mr XfOl4dC who leltAprr l T946 Absen l tt, oys Phys cal Educatron Teacher B E Nortnern S l C Coacn argareth Furth Spanush le cher B S G c l a Col ege er 4 v ol lovva Advusor ol school paper Donna Marne Volz Latrn Teacher A B Nornwesern Unwersuty M A C a br Unwersnty JW -aqgg lg! 111 , ,. at c-9, , Q, , 7- f . -2? g 7 l , Le!! my .QW X ' r '37 ,., W Q f I I l f . S 1 ' tr Clarence lba-Coach ol Varsity Baslcetball, B. S. Qlclahorna, Unuversntv of Nrssoorr- j . F lx . - oa ' , . n ' 5 l note M S j B V V C l , EI ' rr sc D 3 . r o st ,rr ra' ry, 'II' a ,..f nr- s' , I ' .A o tball ' -Q , S . X , l t ron pac -ref, B 1 , ' , , ,j l ol M ' - a , . . ran l sl rd l g lvl S, L,lr:r.' st, f , ' - ' . . t' t . ' ,. olr rr. a 'ax e ' 'rreu '- Tor: VC.-.V Left to Ergwt Edwin L. Godfre -l'leeo ol lfletl-erfletlcs De artrfemt 5 S lrwclana Uweersrtv n A F r Y D r , U D Vofeoi lor1lferSlfy Geometry leiclwer Aofamieo Azgeore lY2dC'? f 15312 Ceyfetw leather lrrgorwofretry leeclwer. C. J. O'Donne T . ll-fllgeore leacver B. S. Crelglwtoo College Drectacel 'fer' eecfe' Center Pow. ,eff to l2,5ht Virgene Watson-fl-.geore leaewer B, S, .West l S C me e V T erm ll mo: S T , F off tr leierer Doris L. Black-l-leaf: ol Soclal Stuoies Department 'B S: South Djlwrj btaze Coll l' F W l f ege. 5 Lmeersvty ol Colorado Pxrnerlcao l-llstorv leaclwer Pity' Do.-. Le't if Prjlwt R. M. Conrad-Arclem l-lnftory leaclwer B, S. Blulltorw College, lx!! S of Umverslzv ol llllrwols Ecorwowcs leaclwer. Social Stuones leaclwer, Coeclw ol J V Football Coach ol J lf Basketball. Coaclw ol Froslwgoplw lraclc. Glad sE.B lc-l-lei! T y roo s nth eccher B. S. Mrclwrgdrw College Eoucatron, lfrg Umverslty ol Nllclwlgarw Eff QIQN P ge fuenfm fam up -1-.0 Top row Frednclr C Schmoyer Musnc Dlrector B M Unuverslty ol Michigan M Musical Education Unlversuty ol Pennsylvania Jean Nelson Librarian B S Umversntyoflll1nousM S Unnversulyolllllnons Bottom row Loname Haalce Clerk no Clerk Cplcture not lwownl C vv replaced by Jean l-lanauerb Jean Hanauer Ethel Ollveson Secretary Lucille E Mayhew Secre aw Page Tu en!! fr e 'S 2 f H 1 A' l 1 ,N fl 'CSX 1 X 4 ,. 5 ,, , ., by ,LY ,, T ' F 2 E 1 6 3 Z Z Q 1 3. 1 Senior Class Qfficers CHARLES ALDRICH DRESHDENT FRED BORK MCE DREQIUENT GUNHILD NORDIN WEA URE5 BERNICE WILLE --- - SECQETAQV I L ,IA Aly-flgll llme Class ol 1946 RICHARD ACKERMAN "Red" lraef 1 Q, 3, 4 Football 1 Q 4 Dramatfes Club 1 3, 4 lmramwal Baslfetball Q, 3, 4 Haslfetball 1 CHARLES ALDRICH Ollie otball 1 captain of Football Team 4 a etball 1 4 ase A u Secretary to C u 4 Vice president of t vor Cass Preslclent of Semor Class Dramatucs Club 4 Studer1tSer1ate GORDON ALLISON Gordo ootball r elf 1 n 1 3 4 Band r I nt 4 Camera u rzmural Easlfe ball Q SHIRLEY BAUMGARTNER leb Cla Repre en A ep Cl b ead I ce f I Cl 'J ,ILE Ibn!! HELMAR ADAM Football 1 Q, 3 Football Manager 4, Camera Club 1, library Club 3 Track 1, Q, ELAINE ALLISON urs ub urs Club Class Representatnve 4 matucs Club 'I 9 ar mal Stall A 3 4 Pep u 4 Yearbook Stall 4 Library C u 4 Leadershup lu LLOYD BALDWIN n 1 Q 3 4 Orehe Ir C 1 lntramural B etball 1 Q 3 4 Cam a C u 1 Muxed Chorus 4 EMERY BAXTER val awe Ba lfet al manafler Footoa manacer 9 " ' " I ' Cl 1, Q, G I l lo , Q, 3, 4, Co- Dre 3 4' Bat ,Q,3, , B Q gf A 9' 8,54 ball 1,Q, 3, 4, " "Club M f A ' ' , I - Qf 3f 4f A I b I ' C ta l b f - 4 lm I I C 4' . " " Ba d , , , , stra I' 1 1 a , Q 1' k d lt ' b Ba cl ,Q, , 1 P es - 'fb , ' ' ' ' er de , Cl b 1 ' Int f t , 3, 4 I Gul! Cluo 1, Q Qlrlf l had 1 lrwxm B I , C I is 5 tame 4 ' ' 'C ' r " QS A 3 4 Cardmel Stal' ball Al Q0 33 44 3 I: 4 D 4 ertlv o ' ' , flub 4 Natvoeal I-loft' 0 1, 4 3 4 A CMC fi I ',' 4 'wt T Y . Dowd 1' C I , ' ' '. EDGAR BEHN JEAN BLACKBURN Irs Club Q GlrlS Entertaunmen Chalrman rs Orus ra fn rcs Club A 3 Leader tp u 4 Mlxed Chorus 4 Pep Club 4 Cardunal Stal' 4 Yearbook Stall 4 Sensor Allstar Ba ketball team BYRON BOHRER flalt and Lane Tech l-lS l-lonorSocrety 1 Q Mag: u Q Spur an Saddle u Q Danclng C ub Intramural Basketball 3 4 THEODORE BRACKE EMMET BROWN n amural Basketball 1 Q 4 Camera Club 1 Orches V FLORENCE BESANDER u C o G Peo Cl o MARTIN BODOR Marty n amu etball ack Foo a FRED BORK otball 1 4 r Band 3 4 Nataonal l-lonor Socnety 3 4 President and Vice presldent ol N H S 4 A Club 3 4 lreasurero A ClJb 4 Vlce president of Sentor Clas DONA LD BR OSSART Football 1 Ba et all 1 lntramu al Basketball 1 GEORGE BUSSE oball 1 B ck Q A Cu 4 Presrdentol A u 4 Student Senate 3 Preslden ol lun or Class Page fbrrly rue Gul! CI b 1, 9 Gtrlsl h 'us YQ, 3, AA, 3 G l V 'l, 'Clr b U H , ig ' tr ral Bask 1, 2, 4 o. I ' Ch 1, Q, 4 D 4 lr? 1,2 314 'b I' at 1, 52, 3, 4 G.A, . , 4, sh Cl b , ' Fo , Q, 3, , l ack -rl Q54 ' ' ' 1, Q, 3, 4, Basketball Q , r C f Cl b 1 d - Q f ' Cl b , I Q, .. ' ' , r - 1- V- V - , sk b V , y U x 3 Fo t , Q, 3, 4- Basket- , X ' ball 1, Q, 3, 4,1 aseball 1 Qv 'lVl'd ,3,4,r H Q, ld 3, , ct a . I 4 , . -I ELLYN CAESAR 5 A 4 Deo CHARLES CARLSON Chuck emera Club e evbell mamaqer Q yector Club 4 NAN COWLING 1 A 3 4 Pep LEONARD DES JARDINS et ool rmd 6 o Sensor yearl MARY DITTRICH lllll O ,TAA 14 PQQCIKO 4 Page lhlrtm Iu ff ARVID CARLSON V1 trgmur l e ball Or he ac Camera u lrwtramure o a m W ROBERT COSMAN o ADELINE DEEKE orus Ir Club 'l Q Sophomore Class Treawrer Student Senate 3 ub 4 AA Dramatucs Club 3 4 Mlxed Chorus 4 Natronal l-lonor Qocvetv ROBERT DIBBLE O Ban FLORENCE DOLINAJEC 1 , ,A 3 Cho A Ba d 1 Q 3, 4 lr -a Edflii l,Q,3,4. r S- !'d 'l Tr lf 'l Clb 1 l F cb II 4 Wwe ural festlmg A Urcreoor Club 4, A l .. .. ..B b.. Band T, 9, 3, 4 Qrclmevm Operator of Mcvre Drorggeg T, C . 1 l-V B sl H Pro- QA , A, . Club 4 Cwlglch 1, Q, 3, Q 15' l3'2pCl ,G, , . 3,4l - 4. rm Sch rn dl f "9 b" f cl 4. DONNA LEE DOUGHTY Uvlelvm Community l-l S 13 lrreshmen Class P esrdent rs Chorus 19 3 T 1 Plano Accompamr for Triple Trro and Gnrl Chorus Lnbrary C u Dramatucs Club 4 Natforual l-lonor Socrety 4 LLOYD DUZELL uz otball 1 BOWMAN EVANS wan l-l S B n 1 Q 4 Spanish b T1 V5 m ra Baslcetball 1 4 r li Football 3 KENDALL FRANZEN fGrant l-l S 1 n 1 Box Gee Club 1 lntramural B etball Q 3 Football 4 RONALD FUES on C lrwt amura Basketball Q 3 DOROTHY DUEBALL r Cho us 1 Q Cam ra U 1 2 Club 4 Mfxed Chorus 4 r p Q Trro EDWARD ENGELKING Eddle V Football 1 lntramura Ba etball Q 3 ROBERT FIENE o GLENN FREDERICHS ALBERT GATHMAN Page Thirty three X Cn: ls' r , e ,N Cl b f G.A,A. 4, D p Gul , , , SNT, TI I f 4- 1 Q, 3, 4, ' I b 4, V Trl UD M .. . .. J- , l FO 'QA slr , . l KWheaton l-LS. -9, 3: Sul- B b l' . .Y 35. a dm , , , ' Clu 41, Q, Ha-Y 41, Q, I t - u l - , , Tac Qi T' 1 Ba cl' ,Q,3,4, mg 1: l z aslc , , . 1 A l ..R .. Trak Q, 3, 4g r l , , 4. MARION GATHMAN Qnnrls' Chorus 1, Q, 3, Solo Su Q,. FRED GOLCHERT IRIS GRIMM Camera Club 1 Lrbrary Cu 4 NORMAN HANSEN HOWARD HASEMAN ramural I3 lfet all b Page Ilnrtm f ur BETTY ANN GOEBBERT GAA 3, 4. ALLAN GRIFFITH eball 1 4 an 3 4 Intramural Bas 3 Frosh o Basketball Team Baslcetball u 4 r men Class President Jumor Class Treasurer Student Senate 9 4 Mrxed Chorus 3 National I-lonor Society EILEEN GRONFELDT Clie vyn parlc I-I S 1 Q an 1 Orchestra Q vrsron Subscription Manager AA PETRA HANSEN rs Club 1 Q G 3 4 I-lead of I-lorse aclc l2Id:nQ DIVISION 4 LESLIE HASEMAN mura F ba a QI b 3 HAI.. Bas , Q, 3, , I3 d AI, Q, , , lCCt- ball 1, Q, , -S ph- 3, 4, HA" ofa , Fash- 4f , I , D. Ib . B d , , Dr- 1, G, . .- 3, 4. -A l Gr I' ' , , .A.A. I f , 'lj lm ,as b 9 3 4 f ' ' fnfra I aslfet ll Q, 3, 4 EM el' Qt 3f 4 Baseb ll Q, 3, 4. VIRGINIA HASZ If hom CJ A 3 4 Pep u LOUISE HEINEMANN Irs Club Q G DOLORES HENKE Camera Club 'I Girls Club 4 C ub Sensor All star Baslcetball team EVELYN HEUER urs Club 1 Q G 4 LrbraryClub BETTY HOGREVE rs horus Q ra maICSClub Q 3 4 GAA 3 4 Pep Club 4 Max Chorus 4 DONALD HEIDORN Don n 'I Came a ln ra Basketball I Mixed Chorus 3 4 MARION HEINEMANN nr s horus ramatlcs Club If S Club Q G GLORIA HENKEN G A JAMES HEUER lntramural Basketball 'I HUMBERT HOLLEMBAEK n ramural Ba lfetball 1 Int amu al Wrest Inq otball Page Fbxrty -fx e G lil C ug 'l, Q, 4 II II FA. . , . CI b 4. Bd d , Q, 3, 4, I Clu, I Track 1, Q, Intra- mu l , Q, 3, 4 b l' 1 I .AAI G l' C 123, 4, 22, f I D 1, Q, 3, l ' G l' 'I, , .A A. 4. "Dee" Grr!s'Cl'1orus 1, Cusrls' Club , 4 I 1, Q, . A. 44. 1,Q, G.A,Al 3, , pep l Q 4. G l' , , .Afx f Qf 3, j ' ' Q4 3, 4. Gu l' C , 3, D - l t 5 , Q, I I I I - - - 3I 4i ' ' l . I I : Ed 4, FO- Al, lfdClC Cl, Q, . 3, 4. BETTY HOLMBERG band 'l, Q, 3, 4 Solo Club Q, 3 Orchestra 'I Girls! Chow: Q, 3 Dvamatle: Cl--b 3, 4 Cardrnal Stal? 3. 4 Q PMA. 3, 4 Leaderslmp Cleo 3, 4 Yearbook Sta? 4 Clulll ano scroll secret-r A NORBERT IMMEL "Bud" flje Paul Academy 'l, QD lootball l, 3, 4, Bovvlrng Club 'l, Q, Captarn of Bowllng Club Q, lntramural Basketball 3, 4, Track 3, 4 'AH Club 4 National Honor Socletv 4 Band Q AURORA JACKISCH urs horus rs ub Q Camera u Dramatlcs u C r r 4 Mrxe o us 4 Tennis C ub CHARLES JIRAK Charloe Otb Il B n Camera Club Q Dramatacs Club 4 Youth Center Com WALTER JOHNSON I we Ilrrrly JAMES HOLSTE "Jimmie" Track 1, Q, 3, 4 lntramura Basketball 'l, Q, 3, Basket- ball 3, 4, Football Q, 3, 4, MAH Club 3, 4 Camera Club 'l, PAUL INTRAVARTOLO EVELYN JAPP A 3 Senror All star Basketball team JOSEPHINE JOHNSON GLORIA JORGENSEN Camera u V ce pre I en mera C u nal Stat' 4 CJ rn u N l nal l-lonor oc ety 3 IN S Bee e ary 4 ore 1, 23,47 QA.. ,4. Gr I' Cl 1, , ' - . Cl b 1, Cl b Q,3,4, adnalStal'l Q, 3, 4 G.A,A. 3, , ' d Ch r , l 3. Fo a 1 Q, 3- a cl 'l mrttee 4 - Gwlsl Club 1, Q CI b T, Q, 3 r - S- d t ol Ca lb 3 Cardl. C " Q, AA 34 l2rdgClrb 3,4 'aio S l ,4 ll-l. 3 vt 'lx -tix FLORENCE JUHNKE u 1 oru Q Ca Wa ESTHER KARSTENS ur s ub rr Club Secretary 3 Grr Club Presndent 4 G A A 3 4 Bowlnng Charrman of G A A 4 Dramatncs C ub Q 3 4 Camera IV S orus rr s Ensemble 1 C eer er Q 4 Solo u Q 3 Maxed Chorus 3 4 r e Trro 3 4 Natrona Honor Socnety 3 4 N H S Treasurer 4 Gnrs ub Class Representatrve Q Year b o Stall 3 4 Pep ub F2 Car anal Stall DOLORES KERSCHKE rr s ub urs orus 1 Q C3 A A pep Club 4 BETTY KULE n 1 4 Cnrrls u 4 r ma :cs Club 4 Girls ub Class Representatrve Leadershup Club 4 Year boo StaH 4 Sensor All star Basketball team LAUREL LAWBAUGH If U ITS orus 1 4 Dramatncs u 1 4 Pep u G A A 3 4 Car ma S 4 Yearbook Class Edntor 4 Nauonal HONOR Socrety 4 MARVIN KAMPS Marv otball 1 Ba Q rebe tr U TTT V ce o e den RALPH KEHE Cornflakes r ck 1 lntramura Hez otball 1 ntra mura Basketball 1 Bas et Tr Ck Q Student Senate Q Club 3 4 Natronal Honor Socretv 4 Freshmen Cas Treasurer THOMAS KURTZ Om F Otball 1 3 4 Cbrclxes ra 1 J V Basketball Manager Q 3 Intramural Basketball an rag 3 4 Natronal Honor Society 3 4 Vice presvdent an D esldent ol N HS 4 Club DIANE LEWINSKI rrs Cub rrs oru r :nal S Ft 1 r matncs Club 1 e Tro Mixed orus 3 4 AA Presudent of Pep Club 4 Senvor All tar Ba ketball team Page Flurh .vezeu Clfrlsl CI b , Q Cznrlil H H Six SO , 3, 4 rd FO H I 4 fbi- "' L' ball 'l, Q, 3, 4, Track 1 Q, 3, 4, Q E d Q, 3, 'A Cl b 4, Soplwo ore Cla? l HKN.. G l' Cl 1, Q, G ls' .. ,. : 'ls' , . . . Ta , l Basket- , , ' ' ball 1, Q, 3, 4. , . . , l 1, , , , Club 1,GI'Ch 1,Q,3,4, G l ' - h - lead ,A3, , Cl b 11,41 f at , , ' 1 fr-are , o k --- , , I Cl T , 4j 4i l DA, . 4. HARRY KNAACK GhI'CI 1,Q, or' FOI 1913141 lkj C ' l ' ' ' 34' ball Q, 3, 4, I a . A Z MAN A I ,V ,l S Ba d , Q, 3, , ' 'Cl b "T " 1, Qi G.A.A. 3, , D a- O I t tt I - I - 1 1 1 I ' 41 I . k T - Q, 3, 41 B Cl 3, T k ' Q1 1 1 V d r I ll -. . A "A" 4 ..Di.. G' ls' Cl bf' 1, Q, Cu' G l I l T1 Qi G l A Ch H l Q, , ' Ch s Q, 3, 4, Band 1, Q CI br , Q, 3, , Cl b C6 dl fd K 1 91 31 4 41 . . , , , d I Da , 9, 3, 4 MH I Tripl I 3, 4, ' , Ch , ,Ci . . 3,4 JOHN McARDLE "Jack" Football 1, Q, 3, 4, Basket- ball 1, Q, 3, 4, Track 1, Q Baseball 3, 4, "A" Club 3, 4, "A" Club Vrce-presw dent 4- Dramatics Club 4, MARILEE McDOUGALL STANLEY MENSCHING tan Intramural Basketball 1 Q 3 Frosh Soph Basketball LAUREL MIDDEL n 1 Q 3 4 Orche ra Grrls C orus olCardrnal 4 Trrple Trro 4 Mrxed Chorus 3 National Honor Society 3 4 Quull and Scroll Soclety Yearbook St Fl 3 A 3 4 Member o CJAA board 4 Senror All star Basketball team GUNHILD NORDIN Gundy urs Club Q Camera Cu 1 Cardrnal Cla Reporter 1 Dramatrcs Club Senror Class Treasurer Year book Art Edrtor 4 Natronal l-lonor Soc erv 4 Pep Club Page flurry right LOIS McCOY Band 1, QA Dramatrcs Club 1, Q, 3, 4, Cardrnal Stall 1, Q, 3, 4, Assrstant Edrtor ol Cardrnal 4, Girls' Club 1,9, Orchestra 1, Grrls' Chorus Q, Mixed Chorus 4, Girls' Club Treasurer 3, G.A.A. 3,4- G.A.A, Board Member 3, G.A,A. Presl- d nt 4 Yearbook Stall 3 Natronal Honor Socrety 3 N l-l S T ea urer 4 H CLYDE McNEELY RUTH MEYN r s Chorus 1 rr s C u 1 Q Lubrary Club 9 A 3 Leaders rp C u 4 BARBARA MORS 4 Pep C ub VIRGINIA OEHLERKING C V , I , 4, . .. r s , Peo Chl- 4 "5 " Gil' 19, GI' 2 f I I I b I f 1 A77 I 4i , 6.15. . , 4, h' , 1, Q' l b , Ba d , , , , st 'li ' I ll 9, 3i , . Cardinal Stall 9, 3, 4, Editor girls Club 'Alf 9f4GrAAA 31 Ai I I -W 1 4? I I 3f 4, a , GTA, - r 1 l x . A xx' ? K, G l' 1, , l b , ss Q, 3, 4d GAA. 3, 4 4. l l l MARION PAGE n 'I MARY PRICE urs lub Q Secre ar o Grrls Club 4 Secre ar reasurer ol G A A Board Member of G A A 4 r matrcs Club I Q C estra I Band 'I G r s Chorus Q 4 C eer er Q Car una Stalf 3 4 Yearbook Stall 4 Mrxed Chorus 4 Sensor All star Basketball team JENS RASK c estra 'I Q 3 4 r 3 4 Intramural Basketball Bas etball ear book Boys Sports Edutor 4 Secretary of Junror Class Presrdent of Student Senate Vlce presrdent of ra malcs Club 4 BEVERLY ROGERS rs Club 'I Dramars Cu 'I Q 4 Camera ub Q 3 Secretary Treasurer of Camera Club 3 GAA Library Clu 4 Rndrng Club 4 ROLAND SCHAPANSKI Camera Club 'l, Basketball "I, Q, 3, 4, Baseball Q, Track 3. JOAN PATE ramatrcs Club G ls lub Execu we IVS OVJ Mrxed Choru hee er Q G 3 4 G A A B ard Member a una ta Pre :dent of Dramatuc Cluo 4 en or All ketb ll e HAROLD RADLOFF PETER RODGERS C 'I 4 lntramura etball 'I Q nra mura Wrestling 4 C u 4 LUCILLE RUFFINO G rls Chorus Q G A A Vrce presuden of Pep C u 4 GEORGE SCHARRINGHAUSEN lntramural Basketball 3, 4 Band 3, 4, Page Thirty-rlirle LOIS SCHNELL G.A,A. 3, 4, Peo Club 4 WILLIAM SCHREIBER otball 1 rac 1 Q Intramural Basketball Q lntramural Wrestlrng 4 ESTHER SCHWANTZ rs Chorus 1 Q G JAMES SCOTT lm n 1 3 4 Camera u 1 Intramural Basketball 4 Secretary Treasurer of Band 4 Mrxed Choru ROBERT SKARBOVICK O Amerrcan chool rn Me Q otball 1 So n 1 3 Glee u evball retlrn Page I I rly DOROTHY SCHOEPKE Camera Club 1, Q Cnrlsl Chorus Q. 3 4 Dramatrcs Cl b Q 3 L4 ,..,, DUANE SCHROEDER clc n mpet Trro ntra ra B lmetball C mera Club Mrxed oru Q MARVIN SCHWARTZ ntramural Basketball 1 4 Camera Club DOROTHY SIEBURG Com matacs Club 1 r orus Mrxed Chorus 4 Grrls u 1 Q Grrls Clubcas Representatrve 4 Cardunal S 3 4 Exchange E :tor o Cardrnal 4 Year ook Feature Edntor 4 G A A 3 4 Natuonal l-lonor Some Y ecretary 4 Peo C ub lrbrary Club Vrce ore rden l eade h o u N ATALIE SPASOVICH T U V C o mar t, Tenn u A nal 5 eo Club T lt FO ' Q' 4' Tre 1 Bd a 1, Q, 3, 4 l l fu 3, 4 l - ' mu l as 1, Q, 3, 4 a 1 Ch s , 3, 4. ' , .AJN G13l,4I , I I Q! 3, 1, B653 "' Gb Dm ,Q,3,4, 1, jf I - Gi ls' Ch 1, Q, 3, 3A 4. ' S CI b , ' 1 S talf , 1 V d I , b , S' 1 213 l , 'S r H4, A lla bil ll 1 35 5 'lic C11 lil CI b 'l, Q G1 li h r s 1 Q 4 Dr' t 5 Fo 19,3 cw 1 Clrbu1, Q 3, 4 G Bd d , Q Cl b Cl 5 1 G A . 3, 4 130 Q, 3 Vcll Q Card, Zyl Q 3 4 D 5 5 4 ' 4 AI DONALD SPORLEDER Hera Cl b an rtrarnurd LOIS UNGER U9 ecretary of Freslwmen Clas ecretary of Sophomore Class rr s l'1o u rr s tr J r lr Board Member 1 Dramatrc u T Ca una an 3 G A A 5 4 G A A Board Nlember 4 Mrxed Cboru 4 Band Vuce presldent 4 enror All tar Ba lcetball eam ROBERT WANGEN o eball ARLINE WIEGAND D matrcs Club 1 Q Ca d tall Q 3 Dnstrrbur arrman of Cardrnal :rs ub urls orus 1 Mrxed orus 4 T e r o amera Club 'I o O u Q 3 Lrbrary Club G A A 3 4 Board ern er ol Cn A A rr s Club Class Representative 4 Yearbook Editor IU clwrel 4 Leadership Club 4 ep u 4 Natronal l-lonor Socrety 4 enror All Bas etball team BERNICE WILLE urs ub rrls Chorus Q 3 Lubrary Club A A 3 4 Pep u 4 Secreta y ol Senror Cla s qenro All ta Baslfetball team LUCIA BETH STEVENS Stevie a 0 G fed Cb DONALD VALLELY rrer Irb ARLENE WHITTENBERG rs Club Q G OVU Pe Cl Jb 4 MARGARET WIENEKE Pessv rs Clworu Grrls Dramatucs C ub Club 4 Leaderslwrp Club CardrnalStal4 4 Na Iona :Jnor 906 etv WILLIAM WILLE eball n a m ral B ball Ba et J Page l'm'l1'-Inn' DOROTHY WILLIAMS MDM.. Drarnatvce Cluo T, Q, 3, 4 Cardlnal S'a3 1, 4 Glrlfl Club 'I Q Cllrls Club Board 3 Glrlsl Club Class Pepresentanfe 4 Student Senate 3 4 Student Senate Secretary 4 CJ.AA. 3,4 Secretaryflrreasurer cl G,A,A. 4 Leaderslmo Club 4 DeoClub A Natlonall-lonor SOCIQKY 4 ft3nrCfAlI,54if Q.1:Lfa'lmall'e-irn MARILYN MOSKAL DAGMAR LUNDSTROM CORA ANN COX Ann r s lworus Tr ple Trlo 4 Mrxed Chorus 4 and 3 Gurls u G l Club Execu we Board Q Drarnatlcs lub 4 Cardlnal ta A 3 Club Solo C l C I DOROTHEANNE MILLAY Honey lenrl I rg: rn FRANK WOLCK lnrrarrural Baslcetball T, z 3 4 Carnera Club T LORRAINE LEWERENZ ALLAN HANLEY ust n I-l S Q Camera Club I Chess and heclcers 'I Q 3 Motorcycle Club Q 3 Wretlrno 3 AUDREY LITTLE Grrls Club Clas Representa Ive G rs C u B ard olllrrectors 1 E2 3 4 Vlce Pres ol Gnrls Club 4 Student Senate Secretary Q Student Senate Vrce Pres 3 Student Sena e Trea urer 4 Student Senate Conference D AIS C 5 r :nal Stall Busnne Manager ol Ca dlnal ramatlc lub orus 1 Mlxed Cboru Carrer u 1 ea oc a Wa Bond S le Clwa J 1 A A d l re Honor e CHARLES DOELLEFIELD Charlle KA 4 . . 'l, , 35. Q ' , Rome 1 , S V ,, ,, t 'l,Q,3,4 nl'lb O I I ! Glu' C 1, Q, 3, 4 - . ' I A - , B , ' 'Cl b ' I 'l, Q- IYSV t Y 5 C I,Q,3, SH rN,E,,,.. Q3 4 1, Q, 4 GIA, , 4 Cad 1, 9 3, 4 Dqp 4 K lub 3 SS r Gull and rroll Soi etv 4. 4 P V SC 19, 3, 4, Clrrls Ch , Q, 3 , s 4 r I Cl b Y rb lf St l' 3 f ' r a S lrrnan 3 1 4 Q A A 3, 4 LI . boar G Dr e"orf 3 Natl Sect fr 3 DEE H Club 4 Os ll ard S 'cl' ,toilet-r 4 lflllt Crump T T , Club W Cheerleader Y' ln ,A ,AA .1 U I H Drarnatei CI-b l 'fair Club 1 Hays Cnzrs. D C1 il C 2 'T jf.. :- llri Tllfll -1 Rsfln' -lun Z KENNETH KLEINER "Ken" otball 1, Q, 3, 4, Intra- mu Track Q, 3, "A" Club 3, 4 ral Basketball 1, 9, 3, 4 ELMER MILKA Sensors Without Pictures ERWALD WEIDE RAYMOND KOPECKY ROBERT FRANCISKOVICH IW! ffl! JACK INNIS French Club'-Q, lntramural Basketball' Q, Vice-president of Health Club Q. Hg 'HW P :ge Farly lbree Junior Class Qfficers l I H I fl-fullf' DALE WILLIAMS ROBERT BOECKH BETTY SCHAEF WILLIAM HANEY JICE PRESIDENT PRESIDENT ECIQETAIRV TIQEAXLIQEP Class ol 1947 Edward Albright Dorothy Appleyard Theodora Bailey Robert Blackburn Charles Braclce Vllglnll Bradley l.aDonna Busse Norman Busse Robert Claus Dorothy Clem Harnet Davrs Joan Deane Ruchard Everett Pzge I 1 Richard Arnold Elwood Bahr Carla Bloeclcer Robert Boeckh PQQTICIB Brock Loss Budlong Forrest Camp Allan Christian Burton Dahlstrom Harry Daniels Lucy Donlea Luanne Durland Loss Federwlt Rrchard Florence Hfie Mary Lou Fasiclc 1 frr U - l' Virginia Fredericlcson Jean Freyermulh Lorrayne Fowler Leonard Garms Jean Gieselre Joanne Gilman Mary Glueclcert Marcella Goebberl Dolores Gran! Robert Hagenow William Haney Jeanne Hansen Wilbert Hartrnann Dolores Harvel Lorraine Heidorn Jane Hildebrand Irene Hoeft Caryl Hoffbauer Annabelle Hogreve Wrllard Hogreve Betty Jo Hohmann Floyd Holste Rober! Hornboslel Roger Jannusch Verdell Jarmuth Fay Johnson AlberfJul'1nlce Elaine Kehe Kennellr Kesiler Dorothy Krrchhofl Gladys Klerner Joseph Knollmueller Page I orllr -Six Joanne Koester Robert Kovacilc Carolyn Kraybill William Lang Wallace Luettschwager Florence Lunning Eva Maseng Carol Miller Teddy Mnzuno Dolores Moellenlza mp Mary Morrow Bernice Mueller Victor Mueller James Nebel Wayne Nebel Roger Nertzke Jeanne Nelson Phyllis Nelson Duane Overton Patricia Page Dale Pale George Payne Marjorie Petersen Pernet Plngel Richard Pres! Elaine Pritchard Dolores Rasmussen Allen Revs .lacquelrne Riley Clarke Robinson Carlyle Roderick Page lorry sereu Betty Jane Price Norman Rohlfing James Rowader Elmer Ryplcema Robert Sapp Audrey Sauer Donald Scamehorn Bette Schaal Irene Scharringhausen Lois Scharringhausen Barbara Schnell Clarence Schulclt Howell Schumann Stuart Smrth Charles Stadell Allred Stoeclcel Allan Strolcer Carl Teutsch Brllre Trunkey Audree Van Bosch Davrd Vogel Darlene Wagner Elmer Wegren Geo ge Wrckman Evelyn Wrlke Ardelle Wrlle Elmer Wllle Robert Wrlle Robert Wolf Charles Wollarth Hume Young Joan Zerdler I :ga I rtx erglr I . Dale Williams 3. ' 0' - ' J Myron Zinlcel Jean Faulsticlr Gall Bach Jeanne Srmon Robert Creamer Ralph Hull Ieanor Chamberlarn Leonard Balralar Earl Kerschlce Patrrcra Johnson Eugene Schaefges Lors Hansa Gus Ladas James Cameron ,lumors Without plctures Dorothy Chase LeVern Greseke Ralph Gustafson Arthur Johnston Marlone Joze Wrllram Klerner Arthur Lermetter Emrly Leseberg Michael McDonald Damel Magnus James Maloney Lewrs Page Robert Pape Delwrn Roberts Charles Sehuller Harold Schubert Prrscllla Smith George Sode Wayne Thompson David Warner Ruth Wrkman Kenneth Wrll Page Forty mne E . Edna Laubinger Qophomore Class QIIICZVS JOHN KATHREIN JOHN FELLINGHAM MARILYN SCHLEMMER VIRGINIA KEENEY X Class ol l91l8 Front row lelt to r ght Vrrqrnra Brerrnann Betty Borgardt Evelyn Boesehe Betty Brrdenthrall Posrta Allen Jean Baldwrn l-lelene Balcer Barbara Atltrnson Glady lean Busse Bernrce Blume Bac row left rrflh Mary Bentz Joseph Brodnan Georfze Beach Charles Beach Marvrn Eersehet Walter Beckman Melvrn Behn Jarnes Boroughl lfenneth Busse lrene Blerle Front row Klelt to rrgh N Anrra Fase Joan Mary Cahrll Barbara Crysler Marrlyn Bergel Dorothy Back row lelt to rreht Robert Derber Robert Enjelkrng John Beterbatah Wayne Bus e Robert Cubley Lewrs Draper Albert Clam John Fellrngham Ralph Engelltrng Charle Dresser James Dean Absent are Gab rel Buterbatlgh la lt C epp Pobert Daggett Phrllrp Erb Page Ig't3 one Y a jr r 1 ,r r - , r r , s . , , lt K to V tl' , 4 r s r r ., , , , X , :,. V I ' l I Cosman, Mardre Carncross, Joan Dodge, Datrrera Collrns, Mary DeFalco. K tx, - 1 A r ' - ', r 5 r ' c V r -f r , r V, , C s , , , Class ol 1948 lhgc I fflm -lu rf 'lr Front row Cleft to rnglwtj Carl Graves, Vurglnra Goebbert l-lellers,Nlaryor1e l-lemze, Lorzne , Maman Goebbert, Dems Fulwr, Slwley lw mas Qrlultll Curlfnm, E lame Gosenslr, T O 'lef' to rrglwt' Ck Ile orc' Kenneth Cllson Po mood Back row L Fred Rnsfa, Gerald Geurner, Weiley Jw S ,, Cnoetsclwel, Pobert Habercamp, Vlctor Heurnsctlw l34cl1ardCa1nQSl3v,k l-laale, Kenneth Cronert,'-Pcbert l-leller, Frcnt 'QW flelt IC rsglwfx ' f' Cion, lor llevrvdtrl, llvoava llmd ea ""f'a' J lelwrprf ."'Jml 'Can llnnlle Dclcrea laa a llennecr Qcsewaw lfaxe E, ,lv La Mar, Andre, leenev Anne lvwn X ,A Pack 'cw r.. cenne lecvcand Pafrlcle P-,lc keile' a lmeqer, lclwn Fatnreln NXfl'l--r' letlwen l3'en ll2lle'Oec- 16", Eerw l nnernan Carol Kceocera AWCSCVWI are ,lack H nneoerg Plame' l-lolzneqel Lfle fclwnicn Elzarf' ' 1.Ff5"fEIll flex. .3 MCH! lil rf r'z Vfll af' .islam .X.,lla fr l-l l' . ' Q 5 I ' W r 2 3 Front row Cleft to rlghtlz Nancy Nrchols, Joan Mors, Barbara Page, Jeanne Muller, Elalne Pastor, Dolores Oehlerlcung, Dorrs Gehlerlfrng, Arlene Meyer Evelyn Moellen- lamp, Dolores Martun, Patrlcua Peterson. Eaclc row fleft to rughtl: Jeanne Muller, James P. Meehan, James McNeely, Wvllran Qvertcc Prchard Mates, Davrd Pendleton, Elmer Malone, Dots Meyer, Absent are: Ronald Merer Donald Pavne, Nellre Morrls, Front row 'left to rlghtl' Plta Propst, Sue Schuett, Dorothy Schlemmer, Manlyn Schlemmer, rngrra Schuerrn, Arlene Prepenbrrnk, ,lane Schrmmrng, lrene Podewald, lrene Schoenbeclc, Bernrce Schwantz. Baclc row Cleft to rrghtfx led Schulze, Preston Pingel, Phrlllp Roche, Wallace l?asher, lllchard Peterson, Vernon Pascher, Paul Pansdell, Douglas Schrmmel, Joseon Salzman, Wrllram Pehlrng, Absent are' Eugene Schoenbeck Grace Posen, Arlene Prtzen Page I :fir-Ilrru Class ol 1948 lop row lelt to rlglwt l-loward Sporleder George Schum n Qobert Slwelltop Norman Spratt Blalr lace Jolrmn Slmanlev Pober C rrogow Edwun Svlltltar Norman Stadler Wtllram Utterback Bottom row flelt to VIQl1ll P lpn Stevens Vnrctnla Tudd De ylavlor V r a Srltor Pl ElrnorStaudenbaor Ann Schwartz Gladv Sclrtwerrnan Florence Q oeclcel Marlor e Q oellc Robert Slottat: l row left to rn L1 lc ard Vonlkampen Mar n D ll 59 na e l ter v rn d penb rl We err Mar, c m e n enc r or h n r e por' Q tx lugr lzfia fur C 32 0 o N tr J 5 r ., r EE r VE nl' 5-r 1 5 ,Z , 1 ot , op I 3. ty l? lt 't , '-1. o ard 3 -lc JV, :and XX! lltem 'kXfla:ner ll'to'naS We Elf A ol Dre rnl Prfnvd Wernclw Par Wtlbe ci ll ,ei t.1r'm Bottom row. 'left to rtgnt r f Vt' tttag Cath une l.lf:llQ 'ea llolc-f cwce W' fl na. W tr 5-!Cn,fl1t l V ltX'eterd:'l l.A.1':nlX.f'1'ce' lVlf2l"Z Vfrrlev C ffl ,Ve ., Wal: Elf e l ffne' In r' -fl I:V2SI'ITTIZI'I CIGSS QIIICZTS QF ROBERT COWEN REASUREI2 THOMAS STOCKDALE VICE PRESIDENT KENNETH BORK ECRE AIN WILLIAM ROBINSON DIPEQIDENI :ge I Class ol 1949 Frrst row Cleft to rughtj: Norman Ashcralt, l-lenrr Bouhard, Roger Breda, Rrchard Brown, Arzhar Brownell, Richard Balser, Margaret Bogardt, Marte Bodor. Back row Cleft to rrghtbz Edward Bunclk, Frank Buncuk, Ralph Becker, Clare Baker, David Archrbaldr X1'-sA, Duma. Yenftzvln Qfvl, Dfrffrlla Qarrmnafrner Imam Qanlpn lr-nam? ,..,t.,. ., ..k.. .,.. ,... ...--.t,,...-,.., .,,-..:-... ,,-- ,,.,,.,,- , a Anderson, Geraldrne Baumann Margorre Clark, Vorsrlla Bohrer Cfxbsent from DICIUYCEI Pheobe Ann Ellns. Frrst row Cleft to rlghtl: Barbara Drake, Bettre Emrick, Shirley Elllot, Joan Davls, Carol Dempsey, Joanna Cameron, Dellalah Deeke, Barbara Camp. Back row Cleft to rr9htD: Richard Engelking, Marilyn Busse, Arnold Busse, Rnchard Durland, Robnn Cuscaden, Ronald Granberg, Eugene Busse, Franz Burnrer, Robert Cowen, Allred Dittrich, Jr., Rosemary Clark, Fred Faye. N 'r,' Q xx, ,........-11-v l Pzge ljtm sn r 4 '- ,' Class ol 1949 Frat rc fl flef: ro rlgh:,. acar Grefer Lorralne Gustafson, Carolrr Garnler Maynrnne Follrnar, fAmJC'2Y Flcdler, Carclrne Fremag ,can Florence Path Ann Faslclc, Maw l:ree'nan, Elalhe Henlfe. Eaclf row flefz to ng-htQ: Cather ne Gosenslcn, Beverly Grant, Lore Glare, Walter Goebberr, l.el?of Granct Lawrence Fernelref awe: Frlzle Pyh Greener, Elalne Gcewef .fanlze Hackoarrh Fmt row fleft no rlghtjz Mary Ann Herrneoth, Carol Hanley, Elalne Haqenow, Vlvlan Hasernan, Mabel Hansen, Lore Harhng, fxrlend Hoth, rrene Henng, Dorothf l-lerclorn, Nlarlene Holmes. Baclr row flelt to rlghtj: Vae Cora Holtz, Roger Held, Walyne Hrldebrand, Pxaqe Hansen, Ralph Helnze, Charles Johnson, l?oger Hogrefe, l.el?oy Horcher, Eugene Hamel, Albert Heuer, ,loy Ann Heldeman. Page FHM' sez en Class ol 1949 I :ge llflx ugh! F st row lelt to raght Donna Jean Kohler Jacquelvn Lmgrem Loss Kroeber Pxdelme Kersclwle Carole Laplante Irene Lattol Dorothy Klaoe Sally Kello ane C 1 Jud rh Lam acl row flelt to mg t lolm Lafvlay Wavme Km e flxlvm Kelwe ack Kem Ed MQ Vermetlw lo non lo n lofwef Donald love V lan carmna lfwfr l lee Cluoa er nr 6 o ale V5 L. e rev r Z "'llTlCf" D e C - fx n U X . ll' .lf 7 ." IV C Q: , I XJ , , , a ' , , J s, gg, J- z 3:i'!6f I 5. B l' hh. , , , S ,J X ' .-.yd Lan: la.lo Levy, X lu S lm . 1 Fwer vo.-, ilelz zo lchv e' Slw r nh men lane ffh l: llrre fzlwale' ine .Eiv?'f Robert Sclmell lwllvaw .ADO lfCoe": lveltio L' , fit' lu'-' .1 D , N D Hai. row fl lf TC 'lgllli llwcoaf St eldo fr C fro w 5 awe, ftawo' J. ll 1" Pio-Fil' Em ez Sl. .f ,evw Pfam Coe" ghieroeo '1:'o:' ,raece Pzoe' 3t-eo ' .a'l Sho: I , ' ,A .5 - x gf?-+ Class ol 'l91l9 Ikzl rtha Rropst Jane Page Frrst row Cleft to rlght Mrldred Qlson Deloref Rreus Dorothy Qslage Marqaret Reudenrtz Ma Jacqueline Ryan Joan Randag Edna Panltonrn Back row left to rrghtx Andrew Palm Robert Ragland Harvey Ra mo er Walter R ge Geor e Ralfner Frank Rytlrlf Qlarence Peterson James Rapp Maryam Prelb r t row left to I3 tl a y Nordrn Eluz beth N chol n eborc Nrenhold Be y MQC ll R a Moll 3 Mo eth Loralne Menschrn Dawn Nerrneyer lone MeNeely Bac row flelt to rr ht Erwln Mattes Raul Mueller An onro Morrettr Dayrd Nao Ronald Qbermann Wrlllam Mlnsholl Donald Neoses Clarence N en Eldo Mller Lloyd Meyer Roger Meyer Flrst row tleft to rljht Norrna Warson Shrrley Thor en oan Llnce Dolores Wnndhelw Loause Vahrenw ld Be ty Sue h Delore Wllke Abdrey Wllle Ca y Wll 'n N'-araare Wanjen Jean War enberj Back row flelt to rlQhtJ Albert Volz Edward Tollelson ac Westermann Theodo e Talllon Albert Weber Rh Iro The nelme Donald lldd Robert Teotsch Roy leech Robert Wle Page Ijlp -nim ? 4 f rf ' I J . , , , , , ,A 1 ' , V ' -. r 1 , , , , 4 , , I K i .V 1 ' ,, f N : ' '5 ' Qt lf E if ML L T ' , Q g 7 , 4 5 , 5 2 f l , , i tw? . V 5 , ' . '. 1 U AA' . C V f 4 -V ,I , f r , . , , , , , s ss r, . a , Q V , ., 1 r ' '3 E- Frrs C . r hy M r , a I 2,5 3 , ', tt , a , atrrcr- I an, Rose r , 9, f l 4 - le L 3 D: r r 5 r f , r , , W , n r , , y , f F 7. , S J Q r, r, 1 a , 1. r: , S , - , o ll ' lar 5 l H t ' , t ' , , J R , ' , . , l ri, 5 E E E -I-wirlers 4- x A--" -of kj! 'Zo 'ff'- x! Pugf Xnfx lu ff I in V s at A IU? J w P5 VT D 7 f cv f' ZF uf ef e r r fw 2 VG 0 'Hn fe dwg ,Q rwrvy ? M ' ' ,, 3 f I v Z , v 3 1 6- . - -, Q f 1 . f A' A L41 bd! qfirfes et FG,.LDi! :ewes V2 ,Je gms thru me ,N vw 1 :rv the tv. 'ers fXrMr:t3n has 175 See' HJPC fir rts ecce Khei Cf W ,,,.. e , f .1 R-. L en A , ,W ,Q M Mm, Mm M .K Af .F ny. wr: YQUV. QVC., -ug! JYMQ, JJ 'ur-f,e-.1w .cr P., 3Ne,.w-, Uwew-- ,J-f 'war efi tie :mis :ew CefFC"'i'i2S Vi' :Wi iw., iwitefl Tw e -252 Sir. ff' 'iz page Weil t: ' :ht :'-'1.ce'C-'- 'keEEv T- fvr Egr-ff Xfeft Fe. lghnszv eff 7' vemfh "5 5'ete if ez Qi' 5 V' -752 te AN , 'ace 'c.-. New C J ,Levi 'Cer F3 ite' -l- :ple -l-H0 ...,....... l eff to Hgh Donna Lee Douglvtv, olamet, Lucas Beth fleverv feen Freyervmrlw, lea Faulstlclc, Duane Levvmsb, Dorotlwv Duebell, E:'l1ef l!'E'fY2f'lf, level Mrddel Arm Cox, Pvlme Wxegand fese fre our mee mgbtmge agree :fat :Hey afe essenzlal Di? le o'3g'e's gwen at We l-ll me SCHOOI A me Succ VTVCVWZ -'v'7C 'TdS WZTZVC T72 TUC 655 ol ff? "UNC C2D:i'T"'2VZI -lhney CdVflCl CFNA l ll ull ,e Mol as New as programs cnsnce Cl tle sclfcc. Tr allen. ,' l f..x..l7 L ly wr vm ,l1. l pase has me 1flfn'Jl. ev are we ries Cl tlwe school Page Sit!-1-tbrez Flutes Mar r lyn Schlemmer Clarinets CJO'ClOn AlllSOn Wayne Busse Pov Goetsclwel Ken Grlsen Donald l-lerdorn ,lack Hrnneberg Marlene l-lolrne: 'rene Lartof Donald Sperlede' Da! pace fluerrge D-avne Qneirge Qclwarrrnzne Carl leaficlv l??oeri Droole Few' Enoentnrall French Horns ,.jv.',jfC fsjrlpcp, Aroer' -fl: lxer C ,ATN Calc Page ,S'i.1't1Jo1n' . 3 I Nagy, . Saxaphon es Marvrn Bersclwe' Qobert l-laberkarno ,lames Dean Betty Holrnber? Marrorre Petersen Laurel Mrddel Vernon Paseher Lore Unger Poger Nertzke Comets lfjren FlCllZ"'3ir. rlo-yd Efildr. " PCE lilaefiy' Qlwarle' Carlin Ferrer lfple Pd.-.ard lan: 'gegrce pil'e' .Urllrarr l."e'oa'- rx Q F .vane azfxeoe' lred Ft'- Baritones 'C' .K rl i" , ,.7,Cl.,- Trombones Arurd Carlmn Charles Dresser Ken Franzen Pat Kele Wrllran Latlren Stuart Serin Norman Soratt Basses Drums lie,-,fman lvanf Robert Daggett Allan Grrllrqlw Donald Scamelworn Kenneth Gmmeyt ,lanes Scott Charles Johnson Earl Kerselrlfe ,loseplw Salzrnan Qur Band! llwus year A l-l ll-lg can boast 5 band that lwes done a swell yoln at tlwe games and otlwer events, rneludung tlne Concert. Everyone tlworouglwly agrees that tney are Capable ol wearlng tlwe new unllorrns tlwey all worlced so nero lor, Also 5 solenoid perlorrnanee -.vas given at tlne Spring Concert. Cl course all tlwus could not lweve been rnece possible witlwout tlwe suoervlsnon ol fa line drreetor Mr, Senrnoyer Page Sixlj fre L Page Si.x'tj -six l' X I 6 Maids Ql Furs! row flelt to rnghti' Mary Prrce, Uatrrcra Brock, Jean Blackburn, Evelyn Moellenltarnp, lorune Grrrnrn, Aurora Jaclctsch, Natalre Spasovrch ,Joan Dearre, lngrtd Schuerrn, Joan Cahrll, Carol Dempsey, Patrrcra Mullrgan Second row Cleft to rrghtl Mary Vorrnnttag, Arlene Meter, Carla Eloeclfer, Lucy Donlea, Peggy Taylor, Dorothy Appleyard, Dorothy Oslager, Delores Wrlle Mary Ann l-letrnsoth, Dorothy Schoeplfe, Vrrgrnra Hasz, Marlon Hernernan Vae Holtz Thrrd row flelt to rlghtfbz Yathy Shankrn, Vrrgrnra Trdd, Carol KCZDOWW Lorratne Anderson, Joan Date, Esther Karstens, Qoberta Slfeltor Uafrtcra Colltns, Betty Suerth, Joy l-lerdefnan Mary Lou Pastel, locrrarne Menfhrni ADW COX First rovv Cleft to rightb: Sally Kellogg, Dolores Windheim, Mary Nordin, Adeline Kerschke Dcrothy Millay, Florence Juhnlce, Elizabeth Nichols, Louise Vahrenvvald Mar ar t B d g e orgar t, Dorothy Schlemmer, Jo Gilman, lngeborg Nienhold Second rovv Cleft to rightj' Diane Levvinslci, Billie Trunlcey, Dorothy Kirchott, Laurel Lavvbaugh, Lois Scott, Donna Doughty, Mildred Ol D l ' son, e ores Dreuss, Judy Lams, Florence Lunning, Janice l-lackberth, Elaine Goewey. Third rovv Cleft to rightlz Joan Davis, Luanne Durland Joan Dodge, Margaret Car s J , ncro.s, can La Mar, Pose Moreth, Bettie Emriclc, Mary Freeman, Betty Price, Marilyn Eusse. C 4 D 7 Une cl the older activities in our school is the 'irl ' s chorus, Any girl may ioin and a lot ol lun is had at allj our rehearsals. lhis year the chorus participated in the Christmas program the choral concert an' th , , o e spring concert. Not only did it provide pleasant listening For the audience, put it gave the girls an opportunity to sing songs that are favorites ol everyone r r Page SLTU'-SKl't'll ixeol Clworus I' Page Snh ezgfvl 1, K CC VlIf.V2 1 A A, .,,, ,f W, ,MQ Dm,- F . W .u . cw 'fl en. e oer: Cr .re r. rxe: T Gnome rnefsangaoaetrf 'ne Lnoraf Lonierf or Ay. 11 qjif VXJJ YC f' Q ne rmsre roof' nn ues oay anr' lnursday 3rd oerrod ann eno o asQes tenors es anc sooranoes ano a l lcnow t eou o e f otner tlwan th Nlrxeo Clnorus norng ortn some Q Xarrnfz arrangements F st row Cleft to rrglrtl Pa Page Laurel Mrddel nn Cox, Ann Lyman Betty Brrden thrall Joanne Leelcband Jo Ann Koester Jean Freyermutn Joan Date, Lors McCoy Second row Cleft to rlglwt Joan Unger Annabelle l-logreye Ardelle Wrlle Betty F-logreye Mary Prrce Jean Blaclcbu n Par rock ean Fau strc aro Mr er Jean Nelson, Dar ene Wagner Audrey Lrttle Drane Levylnslcr, Mr Sclrmoyer lhrrd row Clelt to rrglrmt Hume Young, Allan Stroker Lewrf Pane Kenneth Gronert Gordon Allrson Dale Wrllram Drelc Everett Drclf Arnold Duane Schroeder Donald l-lerdorn Lloyd Baldwrn 'Af P lnqrrd Qglnueren Earbara Atkrnron Ponta Allen Andrea Kennedy Jean ald -van l-lelene Halter Joy l-lerrnidorl B ara Lloy a ln ra Cryfler Lo nce e on a ne elne arrnry e'e on C e e ent A ro aqkr eh Aderrne Deelfe D rotlw Jgball gr are gn D r e Jl n Af rnan pf n arg 5 2 ln l-lerd V' l "r P f Len l-ledl re a V' 1"C Dc'-to -'-C' 2' sruomr SENME 7, !M,,?5,i Left to rrght top row' Burton Dahlstrorn, Bob Sapp, John Kathreln, Charles Pxldrrch George Basse, Allan Grrurth, Tony Morettr, Blll Robrnsor Torn Grlb-th, Nlrs Elleld Left to nght, bottom row: Ellzabeth Nlchols, Pat Deter- son, Fay Johnson, Jens l?aslc, Dorothy Wrllrams, Audrey Lrttle, Norman Spratt, NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Left to rnght, top row: Laural Laubaugh, Dorothy Sneburg, Harry Knaaclt, Mrss Bradley, Allan Grihlith, Gun- hlld Nordrn, Dorothy Wrlluams, Left to right, bottom row: Esther Karstens, Audrey Lrttle, Glorla Jorgensen, Fred Bork, Torn Kurtz, Lows McCoy, Laurel Mlddel STUDENT SENATE Th S d S t s n or anrzatuon formed of representatryes from each class lor the purpose ol helprng the admlnustratron and eotu ent enaer a g students create a better school. Student gusdes are statroned rn the halls all day to dlrect guests, watch halls, tame attendance, and do T -' C lsh ' thus ear was errands for the oltrce. They also post posters lor Improvement oF the school appearance. rhelr ment y the lormrng of party rules and regulatrons. Wrth the wonderful help ol :he advrsor, Mrs. Elleld, :hrs group has done a supero rob of handlrng our polrrlcal alrarrs. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The James Scott Chapter ol the Nl-l.S, has contrnued .well throughout the year tri servrn: nts purpose of strmulatrng servlce and provrdung a goal For underclassmen to seelt. On December 11, sux new members from the Senror class were rnntrated ln, whrch added to the seven students chosen rn therr Junror Year. Then, ln March, seven more seniors and erght lunlors ,ovned These new members, whose prctures are absent, are, Adellne Deelfe, Arlrne Wregand, Margaret Wlenelte, Norbert lmmel, Shrrley Baumgartner Donna Lee Doughty, Lucra Beth Stevens, Wrllram Klerner, Danrel Magnus, Mary Morrow, Mary Lou Fasrck, Dale Wrllvams Annabelle l-logreye, Elarne Kehe, and Jean Faulstlch. All students are chosen by thelr character, scholarshrp, servlce, and leadershrp, and we hope that the 'emarnrnq Junrors wrll carry the torch ol success hugh agaln next year Page S'i.rt7-uirze H-l-he Cardinalll 41 93325. 5 Upper left plcture Audrey Lrttle Busrness manager Upper rrght picture Dougla Schrmmel Davld Warner Lower left prcture Lots McCoy Assrstant Edrtor Charles Schrller Feature Edrtor Laurel Mrddel Edrtor IU chtef Lower rrght pncture Dorothy Sneburg Exchange Edntor Mary Prnce Morgue Editor STAFF Editor ID chnel Laural Mlddel ASSISLGUL Editor Lots McCoy Business Manager Audrey Luttle Feature Edltor Charles Schiller Morgue Editor Mary price Exchange Edrtor Dorothy Sleburg Sports Ecutor Gus Ladas Advisor Miss Flrth ass Reporters Duane Levylnsltl Joan pate Sensor Scandals Jean Freyermuth Joan Koester Junror J ye .lean Baldwrn Peggy Raylor Strrctly oph Joan Florence Dolores Wrlson Frosh Fllngs e Carcunal our sc ool paper rs a or yyeeltly pu lrcatron put out by the students t ernselyes It belongs to the Natronal Scholastrc press Assoclatron ano last year started t Q cnc crol oclety tts year many Wore Stucents were a rrtlttec to YLIS or anlzatlon ID accordance vvlt t e arnount an QUc1llY o the rlt they old lor the paper ne ol the hnghllghts ol the year W s thenr annu 4 torlc lub un or a Gaf1CelOOl46C or r to y rnany all year lney also sponsorec: t re Mnss o ely ups contest nn f nnc e A lub was presen e a group ol up prnnts rorn the ctrls rn scnoo and orc o A c hey lrlted es. rarles chil er who orc a gy a ,cf as eat 're ' or Nfl 'x years ,, j hm." Congratulations are rn order to he y ha e sf I tor a fob well do el ll ll The l-leights ,-4-. 42 ,-0-JY 1 , x . s . , I ' M ' , L x ' I H Q "' ,ff . A VW A its l K 'Wm Niiirliif' Top picture, left to right: 1 Arline Wiegand, Editor-in-chief. Q Elaine Kehe, Business Manager. 3 Dorothy Schlemmer, Assistant Editor, Mr. Lester, Advisor. Center right picture, left to right: lop: Ernie Simmons, Arthur Brownell. Bottom: Mary Nordin, Elaine Goewey. Bottom pictures, left to right: 1 'tops Shirley Baumgartner, Betty Price. Bottom: Elaine Kehe, Elaine Allison, Mary Ann l-leimsoth. Q Jeanne Mueller, Barbara Atkinson, Virginia Keeney, Faculty Editor. lhe editors thanlt their stalls lor grand team worlc. Everyone has chipped in, putting a great deal ol time and ellort on the boolc, and as a result it has doubled in size. Dorothy Siehurg, whose picture was omitted, has done a wonderful job ol copy worlc as our Eeature Editor, and she was certainly appreciated. ln years to come when you loolt paclc on this boolt we hope it will furnish you with some wonderful memories. STAFF Editor-in-chiel .,... ....... . .Arline Wiegand Assistant Editor .,,... .. . Dorothy Schlemmer Business Manager .... .... E laine Kehe Feature Editor .,..., ,,., D orothy Sieburg Class Editor ....., ...Laurel Lawbaugh Eaculty Editor ...... ... .Virginia Keeney Boys' Sports Editor. ,, ...Jens Raslt Advisor ......... .... lv lr. B. G. Lester Page Seventy-mze Page Yr lfilfl tu 0 S if ,f Pep Club rr the scr o year l 437 came t e orrrator e pep lub Hr ers elected were Dlane Lemnslne Preslcent Lucrlle Rulhn Vlce prestcent Dorothy Dcnlerrrner ecretary Treasurer A te rreerlngs the old cheers were l prufec and neff ones were Introduced and IU Decerr er eo laclfets 16 s rea xl 1 chee rn ectnon ed y tre creer leaders Gaye our ooys trte needec 1 oort that led trernf yr r IrO 1 Marcella Cnoebber Jeanne l-lan en Fay John on tary and Treasurer betty Borgard Marvaret Borgardt Second row flef to rlghtj orothy nebur rce r rent Elarne All n Audrey Jan Bosch Lorrayne Fowler lrls Cmrnrn M Nel on Donna Lee Douwhty Beverly Rover Barbara Camo Carl Slfooa Luvmuy Cihlb IS organrzatro con rrhuted rs annua adte l-lawlon s Dance nd has done excellent worlc an the gurdance ol good luterature lor the students ol thus school Through the oatrence and understandlng ol Mass Jean Nelson our lrbrarlan the l lbrary Club has aqarn made tts cause a yyorthy one To roy tl rt to rrght Rt Farcln Shrrley Baurngartner Deores Wt e Dorothy Krrcholl Eleanor Chamberlarn Flalne Alllson Peggy Taylor patfollrns pat Kule lrea urer Andrea Kennedy ememen CEMS CJuh Boaml Jean Blackburn Audrey Lrttle Vace Pre dent Mrss H ndlrn Adyl or Esther Yarsten Pre :dent Mary Pr ce Secre ary lhe olhcers ol the G rls lub are Esther Karstens pres :cent Audrey l.rttle Vace presldent Mary price Secretary Pat Kule Treasurer and lVllss hlandlrn Adyrsor Page Ser enty three l'1 l ,, tO l e' ol Q P- c' l'l F r.:'l 7 ol tn C . Q c ' l X 1 N A -4 W A t - - r " I S t - I h l .V t l '- rfurty o . arrr o lor the grrl. to -r, hs r 5 S' y l l b r t J l ,i ' ' so Q 1 r .o c.ory' Fur: 1 'left to rrzhtl f . Q ' 9 Charles Schrller, Presrdent, GlOVldJJOlVQCHSZH, Secre- D K5 3, V Pesd , ' Iso, X K . rii s , A J , , d , Q Th' ' ' n has t' 't . l US ' K . 1- 6 r . . r Q . I Y X K , I 1 p Q p 1' e' if uh s , , l llc, f A f r - 1 , f I f l . X: , J , - Sr , -J ' ' ' a , s s s, s , . , t I i Q I A- Dramatic Club inis year the Dramatic Club has outdone itseif in its rnany activities in past years tne Ciub ferrbers have aivvays been proud oi their organization but they have a right to be even proucer this year In piace of the usuai Pali Festivai this year the Drarratic Ciub and rriusic departniert eorrbined and put on an operetta. it vvas the First one Ariington had ever Cone and a huge success. At Christmas they added to the Festivities with a one act piay Sorne oi the more ambitious members took part in tne state speech contest :IUC cane out adrnirabiy, Then too, rnany of the cembers participated in the Senior pray and aiso in the one act piay vvtiich was presented in an ex- itiange assembiy with Crystai Laice Afong with the regular rneetxngs they have had instructions in stage pro- cedure rnanagerrient procedure and other aspects oi drarnatics besides acting These instructions vvere given by Miss Peterson, our sponsor, and were found interesting and vvorth while by ail. The oiiicers this year were: Joan pate, president, Jens Rash vice presidentf Laurei Lavvbaugh, secretaryf and Fay Johnson, treasurer. naman? M 'Ill ,Il Page Se: eulji :four mam-ha, X63 142-Q In An CDICI Kentucky Garden n p ace o t e usua I est: QI tnrs year 'ne rrusrc anc drarratrcs cepart rrents gave an operetra enfrted In An d Ifentuc y arcen Inrs was Qsen on e musrc o teven Oster gnc f as rn he setrrng OI a Jrnern p an 0 ron or UI costurres eautr UI 0 ers ro v uc C ewer cmces mvs e row ortme teIIers at were present to 'fm e tfe operettu e sufcess t N s r cnrnoyer one rss eterson nw Q me 0 o nrrectrms an err e or s we e weI rewar e Pzge Ter fun fr 6 Q I X' I f V s I I' s I In IFjI F w L. I I - r r I 'I CI I4 G ' I' X In' U in r ' FS F ' 'nf t . ' r So- I I - t't . COI I , In I II W , I III MBI- Icres I' I In V ,tr'.I . I NI rrI4 H 'tn - r e.NI,SI,, -Ifvi P ,.f'I grbf, 'nw din II T- J I cd fa f K -W, ,.4 4 , in wx, as ff , . . 4. Q. ,. Q 0 , " 5" ' X if l , W- 2. , , Y' 5, 4 I " 1' N f ,B , 4 x , K xx is ik Q E M' ,Q W, A nn- W Danny Q ' .- e ,QI I 5 55 ,, 15 . Varsity Football lXlQl2lll EAST CGNFERENCE 'l945 - lf?-46 Scoring Won Q 'lied l Los l3 Bensenville O Barrington O Lake Eorest O Crystal Lake l3 Nrles 6 Leyden 7 Xxfarren 53 Woodstock Chlomecomrngl O Libertyville 99 to O O o o 19 l8 19 O 19 86 Cor spirited gridiron eleven started the year ohl vvith a Mbanghl by winning the lirst game but went into a slump, losing the next couple, The season was highlighted by our overwhelming victory on Homecoming Day V-llill everyone on the team playing brilliant balll lop row, lelt tc right' Mr Vokac fcoaehj, Hill lang, Tom Wrserskv. leonard Bakalar, Dale Pate, Dale Williams, Home Young, Richard Prest, Elmer Pypkema, Bob Sapp, Allan Stroker, Mike McDonald, Ralph Hull, fic Mueller, Bob Kovacgik, Lewis Draper, Bob Strrggow, l-lelma' Adam Cmanagerf. Bottom row, left to right: Emery Baxter Cmanagerb, Ted Braeke, Red Ackerman, Bowman Evans, Bill Schreiber, Ken Kleiner, .lrrn l-lolste, George Busse, Charles Aldrich, slack Mcflxrdle, Bud lmmel, Marvin Kamps, l-larry Knaack. lbigsldn Petter 436 0 Malce tlwat taclcle boy ., , .Eu ya, fellas , .We want a touclwdownl.. ., .Remember that bonF1re7. ,llwe balls on the ten yard lme . Next tfme try tlms play, youse guys A ..,. llwrow anotlwer log orw tlxe victory borulxre Page Sl'l'6lIfl'-llilll' Cheer Te-:rn "lei: -5 rrclwrp loo Pow. Wrllram Laelef, Jrrn Frrgke, Bob l-leller, Vrc Bltfner Ted Sclnotze LePoyGrandt Ed lang lfennefln Horlf l-lo.-.ard MQEll1ose, Dayrd Nam Dlvrllro llwers, Dru Dmland, Lloyd fvleyer Fiegzorn F2 F30 ert Cooley Wrllram Pansdell Wrllram Latlwen Gus Ladas John Shanley ny Morre r Qobrnron Walter Beckman 1 rp Poclwe Maryrn Berclnet Wayne l-lrlde brand Nlar rn Prelberg learn flelt to rrglwtl Top Pow Wayne lr-lrldebrand Lloyd Meyer Kenneth Bork Bll Robinson M Creamer C aah Dhrllrp Theus I lf Durland Marwnn Prelberg Bottom Pow. Lelloy Grandt Jam Frrclce hd Lang Tony Morrettl Dayrd au Howard McEll1ofe Vrc Brttner 'W J r rp err Qqrrllon rr yfyc n o ll ., To rr , Brll om , ' r ! I l r V' r o , , Dc N r J' 'WCV lXv'liVSll,f ' r I W J fir ol lo Jn pr mf- pf 5 ace an ol Coed Creamer T PC H r n ar , ,rnlJf'a,i '. loc' l:rq'5"':Pn if r' q r p Twll r' 'affi lr .verf ' r I Igfllgbfl Football Banquet 'TX pmt' The 'lhird Annual Football Banquet was held this fall in the dining hall ol the Presbyterian Church in Arlington Heights in honor ol the members ol the football team The principal spealcer was Hugh Gallarneau a hallbaclq on the Chicago Bears Football Team who told of his experiences which included playing in the Pose Bowl. During the course of the evening an HA" lub initiation was held lor those boys who had earned their letters during the previous Football season ano who successfully passed the "AU Club inita- tion tests, Page Iillqhlj Varsity BGSIQZHD all 1: , HAT 1,,f,,C . -M. , ,- W? . 1- .,. ,,AH,5f f,f,9v x-,4 ,QAHV r fi.: P W Q "9 41- 1. 1 "2 pri 'T ' 'V' fvf'v':ff.'f2 , -N '.w,,, pw- A-, ':"Q' T12 fC H,-MTM :5.4v,? Q ', A "Y L h.,,,,::Q, L., .,,, ,54-: L-,.,w ,-'.. mm, Aw, Page l'iglvf1-ruff ,:. ,..-.,., .4-nffiqfth M v 'QV a-.qv-P' wish Kids . 2, eff, 1 f or 1 1 A A J' 2 , A , F H 9 by ' Y ' 4 Q ' ,n QUINUOQ VAPSITAY Fwfzt row 'left to nglfwt 'ohm Sharwley, Boo Creemef, M' Corved, :oach Bvll Pcomsoff B90 3400 Secord 'ow fleft to H352 Qewrs Wage fmemcgerfy Leung Dmoer Jefm HH, Chuck D'esser, Dfw Poche Wllldfd Hogfeve, Bob Boecifh Geofqe DGYPE Waite' Bedfmao Leonard Gdrmf, DeFe Vf'II1amf FFZESHMEN- Fwst row fleft to rwgbzp. Alvm Kehe, Lloyd f'.f1efe' fXAr Cgrvgd 'ggdghf fXA5'v'n DreI0e': Bob Co New iecond row 'fefz to fwght, QZWIS page 'marwagerg Dewo Na- V sto' Bwtrner, Leiov Gram Qomio Obermar, Walter page, Ken Bow, EJ! Pobmson Tom Stockdale, Boo Xxfveneke Dhvlluo Them Page lfigbl 1-lbrvt' Varsity Boys .qv-' 1 4 1 '7"'N,i - , . -,ff l,.lkUL' I Igfvfi Jens Rusk, forward Q :txt Jack McArdle, guard Ffa Y A7 FT.1' .. , 4, Data- fe Viv' ,Q L Aff :V i' Ip- fra ,rr-error" b Li:rnr'LC.'.i'd Ce' 'e Ozzie Aldrich, guard Lfr - ip Fi - W5 TD , 41 left Al Griffith, guard FQ - 7 FT - 0 TP - Q Fight Hez Knaack FG - 14 FT - C TP - 34 :C Arlington Varwty Storinf 1945-T946 Northeast Conference Won '15 lov 3 32 Maine 41 30 Lake Forest Q5 Q6 Barrington Q4 35 Woodstock 18 39 Llbertvville QQ 44 Leyden Q3 33 Palatine Q6 41 Warren 31 38 Barrington Q8 39 Crvstal LaLe 30 38 Trlden 41 57 Nilef 48 37 Warref Q8 47 Levde' T51 3 Libe"w.rIi2 if! fr Xxfafarff- '14 gf -f 4? fa 'f'?47 'bi VARSITY BOYS Arlmgvon Jumor Varsvty Scomng Burton Dahlstrom, guard T945 - 19465 lin - T5 FT - 15 rxheacz Ccmfe lp ' 45 won 11 Bill Kleiner, forward QQ Meme FG - Q0 93 Hake Forest FT - -I 'I7 arrmgtorw Tp 11 Q7 Woodstocl ' 5 29 L.bem.rrre Bill Willa, forward 5f Eegrde' J: 5.3.-PZ IES F 35 Vlfavrew ' Q5 Earrrmcon TP ' 769 3-5 Cwfidl L1 Al Slrolcer, center Q? lllden 1, Nwles FG ' 54 QL Warren FT - 47 38 Leyden TD 3 149 19 Lrbeffwlle Vic Heimsoth, forward FG W 3 3-1 Live Fire-. FT - 6 TP - QQ 'r7f'lfC' 10367 Q5 47 31 77 P3 Q7 13 QA QQ 43 40 Q6 79 Q7 Q0 23 Q3 33 fl' -4" Rzge Frlghn fr Pugr llkllff mn " " Club Names for bottom plcture lop row left to rlght Dale Wnllnams Bob l-lornbostel, Foy Goetselwel, Norbert lrnmel Blll l-lanev Mllfe McDonald l-lavrv Knaaclc Bull Wulle Marvln Kamp Clarence lba advlso Center row lelt to rluht Allan Grllllth BcloStrlgQow Quchard pref! amel Macnt. ll Klelner Qlchard Ac e fna mer Pypkema Leonard Bakalar l3e'er Podcer B ll Lang All Q roller o tom row let to nent r Bork Kenneth Klelne lorf lk rz Erne ax ' e ar eC lf u o laclr fvlcfovdle OrCan za lon r w on Noela e am e' Qnct, ln rarfora ererce ' lst ve 'W ance 1 v o ta S ea-JW .JC 'v We' er wr ear no a 'e w afeencnen S ere Ace, orcer 'O CQCOVQ er S hal t FU e e r ew p v f' 5 w 'fur C ff Crt He e LD K .gamut K' ws oy S ym QVWQVIV ar Nec: ur 1 D C 1 .H 'ww Jn er Lgrsons 500 are are t ese JSCUNVWP Jscwe 'adm vm 9 he cwassef us' 5 U D U US OOM CQJ VW .J JCF .urs merefa UCC? mm w5revt rwtdsl y3urr'an 'O 1cy'WlSCOdtC3vvP me Cqrrv ygq ,J C' Am www Jr J' .Jer Frooovf' Wferv Pr Q C U if r n um v N525 Page llghh wzrn I 1 V - I . f Wy- "J ' K-Q, ' 4 E , ' Ff ' t 'F P0 'Mme XNfCkif 'oyf xr, ,' N C NAL x ' ' 3 Q ' ' H f" H, rf! -' N 4 1 ff. QY7 WN ., Sli- , QLVF- p' mwomg-facks aff these the boys cal gafmtwemcs inc they Mean long ham: New F! 3 ., ANC: arlfm QF the "' ,Jes Soj I Nz' '.'p 'I ILQT i co 1 . ' , , " Huff - N a:r'S. C GQ' t .f f QQ. L' wg Q Q, ,b, HQ Fro A In .gb Q 'W Q' ,N 4 GSW Ab0UtAtH'm G A A BOARD fwddel an " 2 m an er Pflwe Sand La r Ol V7 rfr Id"T V v' 3 f J BALL TEAM Top row Cleft to nght Jaclfve Pvley Jean Freyermulh Gladys F' mer Pernet Pmgel Pat Page ere Sched? Mary Gluedcer UNIOR BASKET Borrom row Clefz ro ugh Fay Johnson Carolyn Ymyb IF Mary Morrow Dorothy Kr noi? Dorofhy Cierr SENIOR BASKETBALL TEAM Top row Heil to rwght evy Kula Dorothy Wlllvamf, lear- Blackburn Eyel , yn Japo Befnvoe WIIIQ Lois Unger! Joan Pate Bowom row fleft 'O nglwf DOIo'es Henke, Arlfne W4ewand Naam Dnce ESIBQV Karftenf lame! My ddel Page Eighty-rl ine Leadershup CI X! x OHV art CHEERLEADERS r P SENIOR CHEERLEADERS EQ Pwr Xmrly Fashion Comer Z H fe I we fcczasms cm: sicc as gears 3-aacwts pqasterec 'f "5 A1 frg-frg Cabbys K 5 ics argy 25 fi 3 cs -ma' Ny? :JC sw 2 5 :wh ,r w- 'E was Nuff tvs' :ucv spa 'dw grand ufyf r ?W?,' .. , liryr Xirlvip-mir Lighter Moments With Qur Faculty fr -1 Plgr Xnlrly lu 0 Hur Ns-... S V ,VU VHWLI TJ CJVV' "Z JV 1 V 5 5"WOU? mr' jf F713 Y V K, CJ J J f . R 4 1 ' wx 1 xl Sgt A 141, n','.a s?,,15'3'f, A 3 2 7: . .,., , Q ,, J A 1 ' 1 f H. 4 I 252- w ' Y 9 - 5.14- V qt, Q -5.1 ' A - 4 7 t - , -MA 4 v 'i mt , A Fw t il : J: itfwf ff ttw 5-ffl tiff-f' ' Sw' fu M D f D' . t V X X E. -etltv WMC 'Jr Liufm ' ,, Ur V,. if QHVWQ HQ' rl K tw A CN f 1 Y Bt ,I '2 3 est Va V25 mes? 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W' , Jx W' , , - Page Nrirlely -fb rm Qdds "N" Ends 1 , 1 , p , ,Y - A . , . 1, ,, YQ, ,,, ,mi f T rf if , A f-W w ,M 4 , n.S' f guru-v.,-1.9-4 .-n-an-.4-a,.,,,,, - " -vb' Mal M5 V27 ii 2,172 7 , A is :U 0' div wanna ,aww in 'Plates '11 Dwi 'ali QW. W1 4, K' 'WMU' , , , G ,-nv'-Jig, fvgry-fimkvi ' w Wm. ' ' , y 4, 'A ' . ' v- 421, mum .. V, fa.-,dr V , ' Bliwh '4, F Q, , .4 0 .,, L' 5 ' ., Q ' 3 1 fl X y wad. if 01 as numb Q ,. qu. kg ., W mn wa .nw vp ' O , .. . X Dvba JCM: A has.. 'f N! ww ., A vt , 1 B g Qrfl 'r he '71 ,, :A f YQFNR Q LI I 1-q Advertising plus Beauty Page N mera v 1 Back row Cleft to rrglwt Bernree Willie Slwrrley Baumgartne Gunlmrld Nordnn Front row Cleft to uglwtl Elarne Allrson Elarne Kelwe CBU :ness Manager? Mary l-lermsoth Altlnouglw tlwe adyertrsement lor tlwe year book rs a touglw rob requrrrng muclr tame and lrard worlc tlmese grrls taclclecl It and put our goal over tlne top malclng possrble tlwe publrslwrng ol tlme year boolc llwey certainly dad a wonoerlul rob Mr L M Draper ol rrngton l-lexglws was In uentral rn secorrng 3 pages o ads or wlwrelw lwe nas our tlwanlfs . D: Al t Fl ' ' l l E rmnsuum XL FLORSHEIM SHOES FOR 54 YEARS AMERICAS STANDARD OF FINE SHOE VALUE HARTMANN S K AT 9 f Y 1RLlANGT0N HEICIITS Inv MIDWEST BINDERY COMPANY I IIIYXCI fl I llllfllf 1111! izfzcrlnu 549 Vent XX 21ShlDAQ,IOI'l Strut IL lg, J 6 I s PHONI RANDOI PH 5696 if 'M,,.5-fl. Ju ,.A r A, " " q ' I Q 1- . . . Ch' un fm , lllimi I N 1 111. RR ll fold of .fuck fl 111 NEXX INIANAGIINIENT f Arlington Heights Bowling Lanes KINCORPORATEDJ 810 North Vaal Street Phone 1577 F H LINDGREN I If XX OLI Se 3 I1 Arlington Chevrolet Co NICHOLAS M LAITOF P p SALES SERVICE COMPLETE REPAIR SERVICE AUTO BODY and FENDER WORK XXL HAXF ONE OI' THI' NIOSEI IONIPLITI PARTS STOC lx IN IHIS ARIA eqcgfa paced paul fall Zfdef 06214 TIRES IBATTERIES 0 'IOXXING I l'IRf RLCAPPING SERXICE PHONE 32 S EVERGREEN AVENUE ARLINGTON HGTS IgX . .0 'f ' 4 , 0, I I I .. . ' . Jresk en! E. A. 7 Q v' '-' "ef1.v. I l . , rc . :flgq .L ,- , I ...I C ' :1ICU"" ' ' 1 , 1' 1 II: 7. LII ' 1. .III ff .. I' I". .I f . HUC 'f I "LI ' 1 'Q .I 'Q SCHIMMING OIL CCDMPANY ISfI'ILllf0IS OIIOCO llc S' TANK TRUCK SERVICE SERVICE STATION H Eh 65 Harry I'I KnaacIc Motor SaIes ARLINGTON HEIGHTS ILLINOIS zen Better Alztolrzo 165 A 1 f Buwlf Wil B IJ Them Ill! D. gf C Pm! I f U 111D-IE ' Ph :Al'5,r 'r'1. 16 North Vail Avenue Arlington Heights 21 f WI ' re B 11.1 , I I. UI. HOOK'S NURSERY EVERGREENS TREES SHRUBS FRUIT TREES Central Road and Rye 83 Mt Prospect Phone 1086 Arlington Heights National Banlc The Sole Puxpose of Busmess 1S Serx 1Cc L 115 H Bmzzu MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION O I I I O Lg . . . 7. J, f'l'A . ' ' O PL 0 ll X10 GOOD FOOD IS GOOD HEALTH ARLINGTON RESTAURANT tele Ec1l1r1g 15 a 6051116 DELICIOUS 7 COURSE TABLE D I-TOTE SUNDAY DINNERS PHONES ON THE NORTHWEST HIGHWAX 708 and 1465 ARLINGTON HEIGHTS ILL When at s for JUNIORS ,VJ LX L05 I caiways -f 'I say SILHOUETTE SHOP ,Aw Wh XR 'LS N' G xii' om It s the store that understands gun or taste kno 5 that lumor as m re ihon c matter of sze rs he young I gh! headed approach io foshuon It s the spurs! of our Do s Dodson Or g nols lgllllffl WI - ' '- Pl - ll 1 V' 1' T' n- ' I Q ? Q, K fig ,I ' I RN X .IJZXXA I ' i 4 E X 1 -in . To I5 . l . . , .. ri i i . mlrrrz M1411 est V151 O BIG FREEZE ICE CREAM CO GIESEKE S STORE DRX COODS C RUC FRIIS ARI INGTON HEIGHTS HAGENBRINGS WINKLEMANS TIRES and BATTERIES E TIBBITS CAMERON LUMBER CO ARLINGTON HEIGHTS ILLINOIS I H iff! , - 1 B . 15 iv' o lll' J Cflchsxs Compfnnwlls WI Ci0lllfl!l'lll6'I1fj cf l 7 Q .I - 1 fl f Sc to 51.00 Store Phone 29 "lI"l ' " I' lin' for I. l I Phone 349 115 .Davis St. Arlington Heights, III. Complzmeuts 0 Compliments of HELLER LUMBER CO DUNTEMANS DAIRY qgenvlq, ESOUIRE SERVICE STATION Northwest Hlghvnay U S 14 EIGHTS ILL ARLINGTON H WILLSON 8K FLORENCE o INSURANC I' LOANS C 8- N W Opposite Northwest Hughway HEIGHTS ILL ARLINGTON ONCE ALWAYS OIL COM JEWEL t H1g 505 E Northwes Phone 1491 IGHTS ARLINGTON HE PANY hway ILLINOIS LOHR S PHA 011 The Hzg RFLIABLE PRFSC IINL TO Depot A LINGTON RMACY bu ay RIPTIONS H E I G H T S ILO Ill ' f l 'Q It 2 l ? KJ CD ' ' , v . I P R E A L T 0 R 5 ' . I T I ILETRIES , . R Mgr ue mu ref! loin' IIERCL R I 8 Lznfolu Zephyr FORD GEORGE C POOLE GEORGE C POOLE I 390 W Northwest Hugh ay Arlr gton Helghts III Bus Arlnngton Hts 88 Wmkelmann s Smclalr Service Nortwest Highway and Busse Ave SINCLAIR INDEXED LUBRICATION Txres Batterxes Recharglng, Rentals and RCPJIFIDQ, Phone 900 Mt Prospect III Complzments MT PROSPECT PASTRY SHOP 111 South Mann Street elephone 815 Mount Prospect III BUSSE REALTY ASSOCIATION Loans REAL FSTATE Insurance TELEPHONE 850 Telephone A Irngton Herghts 11 Arlmgton Heights Roller Mrlls ALVIN A IOII Poultry Hog and Darry Feeds General Custom Grmdrng, Corner State Road and Wrng Street ARLINGTON HEIGHTS ILL VIRGIL K HORATH SUPER SHELL SERVICE Belmont and Northwest Hrghway Telephone A Ir gton Herghts 750 ARLINGTON HEIGHTS ILLINOIS gr ll A , , . I l . of . . , nc. . ' w 'n ' , . . ' , T I i . , . . . . V . V I Y. Y I ' . . I George L. Busse, Treasure Mount Prospect, III. . , . I . , I . . . I J J B T si . . Y I r 'n ' 1 - 1 ' Ijnls e ble uuzlrezl llir MAYFAIR RUG CLEANERS 115 North State Road Phone 666 ARLINGTON HEIGHTS STUDTMANN BROTHERS I nbhsln I ll 1 FLRYITLRI X LIILIIJII Iilmds XX mdoxx SI 1Ies AXSIIIIIIHS Rl s K nrptts Imoluxm Phone 906 Arlmgton Henghts S111 It II 1111 Ilouefc EDWIN HABERKAMP ILORI QT Ifouers Im All Ucu1v1o11s North EImhurst Ave Phone 1187 MT PROSPECT ILLINOIS MEESKE S I be 011111111 food Stfne Croucrlcs 'N LJIS frults Y f.1.,Lt1 LS 107 Mann Street Phone 840 MT PROSPECT ILL HAROLD O KLOPP I AINDSC APE ARK HITI C T IANDSC APE KONTRAC FOR IANDSC API NIAINIINAINC I P1 lllllllg mm' 5j11 1111115 5 North WrIIe Ct Phone 939 W MT PROCPECT ILLINOIS COIlYItf0llfl1 Ike Hes! 111 ffe llllllg NEW EMERALD ELEANERS North State Road Phone 230 ARLINGTON HEIGHTS fHU1lIll 1 L51 ' '1 'J -' 1 ' 5 '- ' , "' 'fmt-..1 're . lgj. :L - ' H I : I.., . H .. I : -1 1 r-1 v V -Q 5 . . , It 11 .1 I A. N.,-U V K I . ilu - ' 1 . - , 7 H. .4 !,. 1 . I . ., U,. .11 , .,, x V - 1 A 2111" ,N Z1 ' ZZ7'Y'1ITI'f 1 E . , . ' rr l?lll't'l!s,!' FLENTIE 8K BEHRENS REAL ESTATE INSL RAIN CE 114 N Dunton Ave hone ARLINGTON HEIGHTS ISI HSI ISIII 12 H240 W1IIe Coal and Maternal Servlce LUMBER COAL FEED FERTILIZER IAINI ROI C II HARDXX ARI AND III ILDINC NIATIRIAI Phone 857 MT PROSPECT ILLINOIS MILBURN BROTHERS Inc Pzzmg Crum futon MOUNT PROSPECT ILLINOIS PARK LANE LAUNDERERS fl corporatedj 10 I No Vvut Hlghw IN Phone 2090 ARLINGTON HEIGHTS ILLINOIS I"IrdIlcIca s Restaurant I. NT JN AY N ARLINGTON HLIGHTS Phone 1576 KRAUSE 8g KEHE INSURANCE REAL ESTATE MORTGAGE LOANS CURRENCX EXCHANGE Campl'JeII St Phone 252 ARLINGTON HEIGHTS ILL lg1UIl1l!S I . N v v 1 . I .'k A' .1 . .t- . . P seo I . n I I I - 2. f. 'f J HT, 'I " f I' ' .III 'S .. I T . I . D 12 Jlff Cf 'E.'L'If , v v , 1E. . 'Jgr ue' mr rn ' Complmzents :url Best ll zsbef Me ber Federal Depost Insurance Corporation ARLINGTON BOOTERY RLH ua HIGH GRADE SHOES nn! C nljzlflf I 111 Nlen s IllI'f'llShlf'lf.,S incl C lothmg 8 Dunton Street Phone 738 COIllfIllII16'l1fY o BUSSE MOTOR SALES AUTHORIZED BUIK K Sales and Servlce 30 Mann St Mt Prospect III C0lII1lfIII16'7lfS KARSTENS FUNERAL HOME KLEHM'S PEONY FARM Conljlllnlellis FRED'S OUALITY MEAT MARKET Corners of Mrnor and Evergreen I g Um llllmflfrfllulfl , ' 1 . CA . rix ' il '13 Pr-f,pf-1w,r Mount Prospect State Bank fur Mm, xxurmm and cihamfm . gf, 1 I 4 U ,rf m i .Q - . . . A 1 ' . ' . 'Q 2 . K' . ' of Cfiufe IQIZD S. ' . . , . . h of C fo 111 fl I 1.111 evils of ARLINGTON ELEVATOR 81 COAL COMPANY Northwest Highway at Chesnut ctree ARLINGTON HEIGHTS ILL CUNG R A 'I 'C 'l. A 'I'10X.S' T0 THE GRA DCA TIXG CLASS WM. F. GRANZIG 1215 Emerson Phone 981 MT PROSPECT ILL Colnfen Sezzzce 61111111111 WOLF COAL COMPANY COAL com: 218 Evergreen Phone 820 MT PROSPECT ILL HARTMANN S SHOE STORE X R111 Fztlmg N Dunton Ave Prone 702 ARLINGTON HEIGHTS ILL TER iLr5ftIn'1g SER CE SALES and SERVICE lo: E1 Uytbnzg Eleztucul CAIL 1259 r 1880 110 E Northeast Hwy Mt Prospect III C0lllfl!lll1t'.I1fY of VOSSE S DELICATESSAN C 0 H e Baked Han Il HOLESALE AND REFAII HOWARDS DAIRY e el ers et 'N I .ist r 4 N Dunton Phone 241 ARLINGTON HEIGHTS ILL liz, I ... I J . ,, . , ' . .' . O - I - -. . . , , D Cold Meats. Groceries. Milk, Ir am. Butter, Eggs, Home Made Potato Salad. on y r 210 . . I. Hom D iv 1' with P' I Ii k Htnnugcnizcd and P1 u ized 21k L' f nc lllmzfrczf .N CJFLASIDL, XXr1SI'1lI1L, Hmkcs I1rLSerx1cc Rcpurlng, Butcrlns I1rc.s Aucsiorxcs DEIBER S SINCLAIR SERVICE S ATION 109 Northwest Hlghway Telephone 1572 ARLINGTON HEIGHTS ILLINOIS SIEBURG DRUG CO The Rem!! Store DIEPFND XBLP PRLSC RIPTION SERX Il L Telephone 19 ARLINGTON HEIGHTS ILLINOIS Iv! zlzlfvberl Ill IRM C :ble Adrhzvs R u les 11111111 ucflzzen 1 BI AC KBOARDS XVIINDOXV SHADES PUBI If SEATING Sf HOOL SPH IALTIES ARLINGTON HE GHTS ILLINOIS DISTINC TIVE BEAUTX SERVILI: fm The Smart II 01111111 KOLD XXAXES A SPEC IALTX Phone Arl ngton I'IengI1ts 165 VVARSON S West CampI9eII Stre qc Ulu Illlllllillf lr 1 E. W. A. Rowuas co. 1 1 K I If 3 I ' 3 ' I , 103 et COURTESY LIST N III SH I XIIRAI IJ SHUI' JSPIC I IC HIS PHARX III SSI GRIIN H01 SI XRIINCIIUN HIIC HFS CANDX SHUI' IJROSPI C T HLIGHTS SFRX IC I STATION XX ILIxh IFXX ELRX XIASNH S MI AT XIARIxI I IROSIJIK I HI IGH FS HARDXX ARI A SI PPIX CU N XII XIANN S ISARISIR SHUI' XIURS ISARIRX PI 'I UO XI 'Nl A N J IC I RINNINC DRX CUUIDS I f S RI C R PROSPIC I SHUI RI Pf X X I IORIIIR DINIISI PRUSPI4 I HIIGH I rg fill H1 1 flfclcu U X'A.' IDI ZI. IJRI 'Cr JRI1 PIU ff' IIIf I I .IALY 9 .I H .',..I.'f. .Xl'I'. QQJSI KIT XY' -If I I.I.IiY 'I'I"I'.XIfX.' II. SIQIIFRPIIZ. IXI. IJ.. IJROSI IX,'I' IIIi I ITS XX :X III I,Ii Cr XIIRIIII ICJN-SIIIQIQINSIJIQ III 'XXIII W I IZISNH .'XI'I'. II f QM .I ' f f XIII SIZR I- I' - Y'IfI.I. IJR.A.A.: I' f . i."'.f" ,I f f I TS 'Xjc L' lI1!!'L'! f' ' CQMMERCIAI. ILLUSTRATORS, INC adverhsmg ark and photography I I I .lf - WV COMPAN "f'mcaat'.2 o Dwfcacfcoa P "'NN F FIOR ENGRAVINUCUAPA's,wuwf:1'Hs' CCM uve Pnonucuon Inova covrn 11, 111. a PERS- EL AND EQUIPMENY OF SU 'E 1 ' ". .XNV

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