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? Nw w,,:. ,iv L 4, J W , .-W' ' 1, ., , W, . ,rf ', qv. W wx' A A X E .,,v. 1, . ,fgifig ,Q i. . If k. 7 in-ny sf' MM' .- ,Xl :FEV ,ggi AL: , 5' iwwyfgf 3 .xiii f '19 ,Q if ' Q 'LW new-K 'Ms-+46 f . ' k ig ' , N05-W' , A ,L fi ,, J . ,A W QW l A Y .W ' ww" ' 'TL' ,I ' V Hi 4. , wilfiffgg fwg g , MM -gg, , ,L Lgw, M, A , ZEZRY' L A .ar-'42 K 5353 -5 fi, WH" -' . .N ,,,, fy ,- W w gy W y li mb W' ,. ' . W " 3 4 .3 'MJ' giqjtar 77,1 vt ' . , . ., ..x. , . 4 asv -Hf Y Af :ef - - ii QWWY ' . if MQ lf? ' w . "K, 5 'ff 5, 1 W 1 - f' L", Q wififilc' 5 if V-"', f fl i 1 4151. . f2i?fi'ii' 5" -- ., - :QMS ' ' .,w ' 15 33 V ' A , ' ' , .,.,.Zv5--v k , M W 5 YI 'Hi' ugmwy . ' A M s:g,,,gjM:"' an ,L 4: " 'K f . -":"JA--',p-y. ' ' '.-43:51 .3mi2g...m,f-nigh w -, if 's ,,,, 1' 1 eh QYYZE7' Q55 O H 630 frayed? P f fv! 64 J 1 . ,4 .a ,fu QS TQQQD GALQQ DEDICATIO With sincerest appreciation for her years devoted to the education field, the "Excelsior" staff wishes to dedicate the 1970-1971 yearbook to Mrs. Elizabeth B. Pat- terson Knight. Mrs. Knight graduated form the Washington Township High School, Centerville, Ohio and received an A.B. Degree from Wilmington College, Wilmington, Ohio. She has done additional study at Miami-Jacobs Business College in Dayton, the Uni- versity of Utah, Indiana University, the University of Wyoming, Louisiana State Uni- versity, and Northwestern University. Mrs. Knight is certified to teach business sub- jects, history, English and home economics. Jamestown High School, Jamestown, Ohio, was Mrs. Knight's first teaching posi- tion. There she taught three years. The 1970- 71 school year completes her 26th year at Arlington High School Mrs. Knight enjoys music, reading, and traveling. She also takes an active inter- est in such professional organizations as the Ohio Education Association, the National Education Association, the Northwestern Ohio Education Association, the Ohio Busi- ness Teachers Association, and the Arlington Teachers Association. 2 SENIORS x XXX L P K X X E IOR Jl DAVE ROSSMAN KENT BROWN KATHY PORTER "BOB" The usual scene in the gym. PEGGY TREECE RICK OATES BARB WAGNER JANET WILSON What you see is what you get. 4 E IGRS MW i Seniors solving Economic problems. MIKE ALGE LUANNE HOYT v This is English Literature? ROSALEE BILAGLE DEB BRANAN "Wav Nhat are you hiding from Brenda? CAROL BUTLER CHUCK CRAMER GLORLA FARISON 5 E IOR DAVE FEATHERINGILL JOHN GILLETTE Peggy getting ready for Christmas. Tell it like it is Doug. ROCKY HARTMAN LARRY HINDALL JIM INNIGER PEG JOLLIFF NADINE KREPPS PAT KROUT 6 E IOR -gf "7W:L if SUSAN KROUT HERB LAUNDER Did you lose something Mark? ROSE ANN LAUNDER F fill' . BONNIE LINE ,.,. , "flaw i. , , 7 I 2 .f E I. A fx . ov QSQQQ-. ' rfffax fi .a,-. , ,. wx W vi 1 ' 5 E EE Eo 1 , kQ,. ' A in 19 5 A i W 5 ,L ff! 5' I 'f 5 :fix f L Q fl? 5" x ki. l 'pk PAUL MAIN MARY MARQUART This group had 25M fewer cavities. iso, 43' 1 S CONNIE MCCLELLAND MARK MIETZGER E IOR GEORGE MIDDLETON DOUG MOREHART JANE MOSES JENNY MOSES Mary I'eCE1V1I1g announcements. Got an itch Denise? JILL MUSGRAVE ERIC PEARSON BOB PONGTANA DAVE REDDICK Do your thing Kent. 8 E IOR "Winn 13' GLORIA REIGLE JOHN REINKING S? Trouble in the hall. Hey Kathy. Wake up john. DENISE RETTIG PAM RODABAUGH .pf f fm 'Iv' CHERIE ROWER CINDY ROWER DAVE SMITH TOM SOLT 9 -.M 1, ...N 3 , ri E IOR 45.11 DOTTIE STALEY BRENDA STEINMAN -sv-""" ,.,gij ,,'f 5 is -i t - 1 ,4 LJ? ,1- 7 V N f"' A ','5Qfg iil? ra T 554114442-is Q Q-M 5 E IOR ACTIVITIE MIKE ALGB: Football 1, 2, 35 Golf 3, 45 Class Play 3. ROSALEE BEATLE: FHA 2, 3, 45 Qfficer 3, 4, Pep Club 45 ChO2Q2I5i1,2, 3,4g,FHA State Convention 2,3,,4g Li- bf2fY1Q1i5b.4ra 0ffiQ???!2521Pef ,4i 4444 1, 2: GifiS5!s39-Skef' 1 ball 1'ff2ife"f3Award ofmfmgorit Delegigfisgi 1.C C 4C":4 1 1 DEB BRZSNAN: Honof'Society 3,f4g' Chorus 1,2,'3, 4g Baud 1,2, 3, 43 District Chorus 2,45 A11- Couniy Chorus 4 - 4 a , KENTMBRQWN: Footigall 1, 3, 43,'1R,9,5ketba1l 1,,Q,,3, 45 39 3, 45 Smderiifoiailouncil Igbmdggfbfficer OffiCeff?I:iC'C CAROL BUTLER: Honor Society3,4g GAA 1, 2, 3, 4, Off. icer 4g,Annua1 Staff 3,43 Chorus 1, 2,3,4g Band 1, 2, 3, 4g Pep Band 2, 3, 45 AH- County Band 43 Gir1s',fBasket- ball 1afzgri13i45 012151255911evbali. 4o11, 4 , 2,-31gQiEig1Sketba11 o,C', Drager 15' Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Golfziigy 'Indust:'ia1'Z5.rts Club 152,135 Art Club 4. C C 1 1 GLORIA FARISON: Honor Society 3, 43 Chorus, 1, 2, 33 QJT 4, ,,,,,, , y ,,,,1 ,iw C 5 Footbajllgisflanagery Zffgxggifigj Vary CCCC ,CCCC C JOHN GIILLETTE: Football 1, z,3gf4g Track 1,12j mam. 4 um Am Club 1,2,3,,4. 4 ROCKY HARTMANg,Pootba11 1,z,, 3, 4, varsity Club 4, FFA 1,,,,2.?,,,3,4g OfflQQ1f',4S- Basketb:gilManager.,1,,25 Class, 4 1 3 ,Councilffggigggywrest1ix1g3Qg,Q:,.Choruso,A 45 A11+1C6iH1W Ch0f1isl144. 4 C DICK TAYLOR STEVE VAN ATT A Cherie and Gloria reading Cindy and Pat at noon hour signs in the hall. Ne' www, 'S--'Y BRIAN WELLY SADIE WILLIAMS DAUN WOLFORD How does that grab you Rocky? LARRY I-IINDALL: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Varsity Club 3, 43 Football 1, 2g Trek 1, 43 Baseball 1, 29 Golf 35 Chorus 1 2 4- Industrial Arts C1uhA'1A,2. ' ' LUANN1z'Hbwf'T: chorus 1, 2, Latin Club 2, Officer 2, Honor Society 4. JIM INNIGER: Football 152, 3, 45 All- County 3,45 A11- State 45 Co- Captain 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4g 'Student Council 2, 35 Officer 4g Honcsr5Society 3, 43 Varsity Club 3, 43 Class Officer 2, 3. PEGIJOLLIFF: FHA 1, 2,3,45 Officer 2, 3, 45 County Officer 23 GAA 1, 25 Girls' Basketball 23 Art Club 3g OIT 4- Chorus 1. NADIILTE KREPPS: FHA 1, 2, 3, 45 Officer 2, 3, Library Club 25 Pitchfork Stafff23 Studentuflouncil 3. PAT KROUT: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 All-County Chorus 45 Annual Staff 4' Honor Society 4' GAA 1, 2. SUSAN KROU'i': Band 1,2,3,43 ,Chorus 1,2,3,4g In- ternational Club 4g Honor Society 3,43 All- County Chorus 4',Office Helper 1. L HERB LAQJNDER: FHA 12, 3, 43 All- County Chorus 4g FHA State Convention 33 Chorus 2, 3,45 Cafeteria 3, 4. BONNIE LINE: Band 1, 2, 3, 45 A11- County Band 3, 45 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Ohio Weslyan 3, 45 GAA 1, 2, 3, 45 Officer 4g Annual Staff 3, 45 Honor Society 3, 43 Office Helper 3 4. PAUL MAIN: Football Manager 3, 43 Wrestling Team 45 Varsity Club 4. MARY MARQUART: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Honor Society 4. CONNIE MCCLELLAND: FHA 1, 2,3,4g Officer 45 Pep Club 15 GAA 1, 23 Girls' Basketball 12 Library Club 13 'Pitchfork Staff 4. MARK METZGER: Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 35 Varsity Club 3, 45 Indusirrial Arts Club 1. GEORGE MIDDLETON: Industrial Arts Club 1, 2 , 3, 4. DOUG MQREHART: Student Council 45 Honor Society 3, 45 Officer 43 Band 45 Chorus 3, 45 FFA 45 Art Club 3. JANE MOSES: GAA 1,'2'53, 43 Gir1s"Basketba11 112, 3, 45 Girls' Volleyball 3, 45 Pitchfork Staff 35 Cheerleader 35 Homecoming Attendant 3g Annual Staff 45 Pep Club 35 FFA Queen 3. JENNY MOSES: GAA 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Basketball 1, 2, 3 43 Annual Staff 3, 4, Cheerleader 25 Honor society S, fi, Class Officer 2.5 Student Council 43 Art Club Officer 4. JILL MUSGRAVE: Band 1, 2, 3, 49 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Hon- or Society 3, 45 Officer 45 GAA 2,3, 43 Girls' Basket- ball Zg Art Club Officer 4s Class Play 35 A11- County Band 3 4. RICK barns: Footba11j1,2, 3, 45 ce. Captain 4, Basket- ball 1, 2, 35 43 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Student Council 3, 45 Varsity Club 3 4- Officer 4g Annual Staff 45 A11- cofmw Footbail 2, 3, 4, A11- County Basketball 3, 4, A1 - State Football 4. ERIC PEARSON: Varsity Club 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Annual Staff 43 Industrial Arts Club 13 Baseball 25 Golf 3 4. , SOMPCSNG PQNGTANA: Honor society 4, International Club 45 Officer 4g Student Council 45 Band 43 Track 4. 11 KATHY PORTER: Chorus 19 Band 1,2,3,45 GAA 1,2,3, 43 Pep C1ub,35 Officer 4g,Internation,g1 Club Officer 45 Honor Society 3, 45 Student Council 43 Class Officer 2, 4g Homecoming Attendant 25 Queen 4g Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4. GLORIA REIGLE: Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Majcrette 1, 2, 3, 45 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 GAA 1, 2, 3, 4g Girls' Basketball 2, 3, Class P1'ay,3g Annual Staff 45 Studeint Council 43 u Cheerleader 43 Library Club 4. h ' JOHN REINKING: Football 13 Class Play 35 Golf 3, 43 Varsity Club 45 Industrial Arm Club 1. DENISE RETTIG: Band 1, 2, 3,4g Chorus 1, 2,3,4g GAA 1, 2, 3, 43 Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Student Council 43 Annual Staff 3, 4311 Honor Society 43 All- County Chorus l'-4g District Chorus 35 Pitchfork Staff 4. PAM RODABAUGH: FHA 43 GAA 15 Chorus 13 Honor Society 45 Student Council 4. DAVE ROSSMAN: Football 1, 2, 3,45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g Track 35 Band 1,2,k.j3,4j Chorusul, 2,3, 45 Vuagsity Club 3, 45' Student Council Officer 43 Class Officer 2, 43 All- County Chorus 3, 45 Class Play 3. CHERIE ROWER: Honor Society 3,45 Officer 45 District Chorus 45 All- County Chorus 45 Pep Band 1, 3, 43 Class Officer 33 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. CINDY ROWER: Band.1,2, 3, 4g Chorus 1, 2,3,4g GAA 1, 2, 3, 45 Officer 2, 3,45 International Club 4g Officer 45 Basketball Attendant 3. DAVE SMITH: Football 1, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 1, 2, 3, 43 Varsity Club 3, 4. TOM SOLT: Football 1, 2,3,4g Basketball 1,2, 35 Var- sity Club 35 Officer 4gjC1ass Officer 3g Class Play 3. DOTTIE STALEY: Band 1, 2, 3, 43 GAA 1, 2, 3, 4g Girls' Volleyball 45 Chorus lg Class Officer 25 Homecoming Attendant 1, 45 International Club Officer 45 Pitchfork Staff 45 All- County Band 4. BRENDA VSTEINMAN: FHA 1, 2, 3, 43 Officer 2, 35 GAA 1, 2, 3g Officer 25 I-Iondr Society 44" ' Y' DICK TAYLOR: Track 1, 2, 3, 45 All- County Football 3, 45 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Chorus 2, 35 All- County Chorus 33 Varsity Club 3,4. PEGGY TREECE: Class Officer 3,45 Band 3, 43 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 A11- County ,Chorus 45 Honor Society 3, 49 Annual Stiff 3, 4, International Club 45 Honor Guard 33 Presidential Classroom 4, Scholarship Team 1, 2, 3. BARB WAGNER: GAA 1, 2, 3,4g Girls' Basketball 1,2, 3,45 Girls' Volleyball 3,43 FHA 1,2,3,45 Officer 2, 3,45 County Officer 35 Annual Staff 43 Pitchfork Staff 45 Stu- dent Council 4 5 Class ,Play 35 Honor Society 4. BRIAN WELLY: FFA 1,2, 3,45 Officer 45 Art Club 43 Basketball Manager 23 livestock Judging Team 2, 3, 4. SADIE WILLIAMS: GAA 1, 2, 3g FHA 2, 3,45 Officer 35 Band 15 Girls' Basketball 1, 23 Pep Club 3,4. JANET WILSON: Band 2, 3,45 Chorus 1, 2, 3,45 GAA 1,25 All- County Band 35 All- County Chorus 45 Class Play 35 International Club 45 Pep Band 2, 3, 45 Student Council 4. DAUN WOLFORD: GAA 15 FHA 1,2, 3,43 Officer 35 Li- brary Club 45 Library Assistant 2, 3. SENIORS - 12 YEARS TOGETHER CLASS MOTTO THE DREAM OF YESTERDAY IS THE HOPE OF TODAY AND THE REALITY OF TOMORROW T l CLASS FLOWER CLASS COLOR RED CARNATION SCARLET AND SILVER , LL. FIRST ROW: Carol Butler, Peggy Treece, Gloria Reigle, jill Musgrave, Rosalee Beagle, Cherie Rower, Dottie Staley, Dave Rossman. SECOND ROW: Denise Rettig, john Reinl-Qing, Daun Wolford, Cindy Rower, Peg Iol- liff, Eric Pearson. THIRD ROW: Dave Featheringill, Deb Branan, Chuck Cramer, Pat Krout, Bonnie Line, Kent Brown. FOURTH ROW: Brian Welly, Rocky Hartman, Mike Alge, Paul Main, Brend St nnman, janet Wilson, Sadie Williams, RoseAnn Launder, Connie McClelland, Rick Oates. O PONGPO TA AHBOBU Getting Settled. 5? Endless Speaker. Bob observes scrabble. Good Morning Bob ! The Reinking Family. Story Time. Songpong Pontana "Bob" Bob, from Ayuthaya, Thailand, is the first AFS student from his government commercial school and is also the first here in Arlington. Bob has studied business and plans to go on to a business college. Presently acting as Bob's parents are john 8 Phyllis Reinking, who have four children of their own. Two who are in high school, johny, and Tish. Bob is a member of the National Honor Society, vice-president of the International Club, and a member of the Student council. Bob plays the bass drum the band and is taking part in the jr. -Sr. play. During his year here, Bob has been a speaker in great demand for various schools, organizations, and clubs. SENIOR ACTIVITIES 'QZSF jew? Q 1 Mews, ' V .. 1 4 SPORTS l Q v fy? N 45 3 rdvjf A Z? I IGN -4 - I Ji ? a DEVILS GRAB 0. 1 CHAMPS FRONT ROW L TO R: Coach Basinger, Mark Metzger, Tom Solt, john Gillette, Dave Rossman, jim lnniger, Rick Oates, Kent Brown, Rocky Hartman, Dick Taylor, Dave Smith, Coach Davis. SECOND ROW: Coach Rogers, Tom Bateson, Robin Rettig, james Nicholson, Dennis Woodard, Ken Chamberlain, Steve Rodman, Kerry Hindall, Tim Bash, Randy Frysinger, Jim Businger, Dewayne Woodard, Mark Wagner. THIRD ROW: Rolland Russell, Dean Branan, Bruce Alexander, Mike Pepple, Henry Reichley, Dan Riegle, Mark Phillips, Larry Beagle, Bill Hartman, jon Inniger, Mark Pepple, Randy Coldren, jim Russell. FOURTH ROW: Bill Halsey, jim Riggs, Ron Porter, Scott Brewster, Kelly Boutwell, Scott Brown, Mark Rossman, Dave Neal, Dave Main, Van Follas, Steve Ebert, jack Musgrave, jeff Staley, Bill Beach. FIFTH ROW: Harry Launders, Dennis Hendricks, Gary Reichley, Richard Long, Mike Clifford, Bruce Riegle, john Beagle, Tim Glick, Mark Price. TOP ROW L TO R: Rick Oates lst team Off. Tackle, lst team Def. Linebacker, Dick Taylor lst team Def. Tackle, Ken Brown 1st team Def. End, 2nd team Off. End, jim lnniger 1st team Def. Halfback, qnd team Off. Halfback, Dave Rossman Honorable Mention, Randy Frysinger Honorable Mention, Tom Solt fabsentj Honorable Mention. 16 junior Varsity Team Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Co Arlington Arlington Arlington O- 12 Leipsic 20- 6 Arcadia 40- 6 McComb 14- O Pnadora-Gilboa 36- 6 Hardin-Northern 40- 6 Liberty-Benton 36- O Patric-Henry Freshman Team 7- O Cory-Rawson 8- 0 Hardin-Northern 36- 6 Delphos-Jefferson Kent Brown, Mr. Football. COBY-R W ON GETS ZAPPED! ARLINGTON vs LEIPSIC 6-0 The opening battle for the 1970 football season started in Red Devil country when the Vikings came in. With both teams starting a new year, the Devils stuck to the old of victories and won, 6-0. The TD was made in the first quarter, the second play of the game. Jim Inniger broke lose for 55 yds. on a quick open. The defense was put to the test when the Vikings threatened on the two yard line. ARLINGTON vs ARCADIA 13- 12 Moving onward 8 upward, the Devils invaded Redskin territory. An 11-yd. pass from Mark Wagner to Kent Brown S an extra point kick by Dewayne Woodard gave us 7 points. At the half, it looked bad, with Arcadia 12, Arlington 7. Coming back, the Devils scored when jim Inniger passed a "thriller" to Brown. With this, we slipped into the lead, 13- 12. ARLINGTON vs MCCOMB 0-6 McComb was a big disappointment for all as the Devils met their first downfall. Even though the Panthers scored only 6 points, it was just 6 points too many. The Devils began practice with determination in their eyes for next week's game and next year's revenge. ARLINGTON vs VAN BUREN 68-0 The Red Devils came hurtling back with a 68-O victory over Van Buren, when the Black Knights tried to invade us. jim Inniger scored four touchdowns on runs of one, 18, 9, S 60 yds. Frysinger ran up two TD's 8 Staley, Wagner, Reigle, S Russell put their contributions on the score board. Dewayne Woodard did 4 extra points. That was a night for the jV's to remember as well as the Varsity. ARLINGTON vs PANDORA GILBOA 14-22 With a run by jim Inniger, a 48 yd. pass from Wagner to Staley S help from Woody, the score was 14-O in the fourth quarter. Unfortunately, with a pass interception on us, they ran ahead with 21 seconds left in the game. The Devils LAST defeat. ARLINGTON vs VANLUE 22-0 Vanlue, being our homecoming S the boys determined to go farther than last Week, was tossed for a loss, 22-O. Staley scored in the second quarter, followed up by a safety when Kerry Hindall tackled Phillips. Inniger fired up 8 ran 22 yds. for the second TD. In the 3d quarter, Wagner ran in for another, while Woody pitched in his two extras. ARLINGTON vs CORY- RAWSON 7-0 THE HORNETS MEET DEFEAT! The winning touchdown came with 3:21 left in he game when Staley caught a 60 yd. pass from Wagner. The play wasn't even in the Devil play book. Woody helped out, putting in the extra point. Our defense did a GREAT job by holding the Hornets to 71 yds. 8 Tom Solt carried the load of holding Falk. ARLINGTON vs LIBERTY-BENTON 39-0 Still fired up from last week, the Devils stopped IfB Eagles 39-0. jim Inniger led the scoring with 12 points. He also passed to Brown for a TD. Staley, Wagner, and Frysinger also brought 6 pts. each to the lights. Woodard added 3 extra. ARLINGTON vs HARDIN-NORTHERN 21-0 Staley ran the kickoff back for an 85 yd. TD. We scored again on a 10 yd. run by Staley S a one-yard plunge by Wagner, making it 21-0. This was our 4th straight shut out 8 sixth in the nine games. The defense was a key ingrediant as they held the Bears to minus 15 yds. rushing! ARLINGTON vs RIVERDALE 22- 14 The old rivalry is renewed. jim Inniger put us on the board first with a one- yard plunge. Woody kicked for 7-0. Frysinger went in from the two S Dave Rossman passed to Kent Brown for 2 pts. extra. The score held 15- 14 till Frysinger went over from the one. 22- 14. 15 ' A I A I sri 'W nh 5' ,J BD " A fr., . I M K a 3 ,, iw A 1 FF... 3' ,Q . , .P . g tp 7-' i"?' 5' y f f' 1 Q J R A, E 59 K - A nl' , g f 'ls 3? 'L bw .:,, ' ., X, 1970 FOOTBALL HOMEOOMINO Q EE MISS KATHY PORTER ., .ff -'MsT'?-"1W?1E21""'41'q:v-.. -,1,1ff.fWsff -,mwah , . 4r?:994'2'3S1:.!-n- ,:..,:.:.r- - . 'fl2B1WQfTW::f . .-s -,-fgjiyw V N V - vx, 1,0 fwffffw ' ga 1' - v4'W'ff' ' -Q-A:'--wav ' 'E'S?JE'sf-ww ,,.,,,5 5.1 V ,ng- ' -1 15 - 1 . i5y17,""-..,A,,., -if-1, 3- ,.16EQ115Y: ' ,.1f-fa' Q ' ' ,IH QQ V245 Ai!! sk 3,11 .A l- N 4 V 5,5 I H ,FFA E N pq-lily h vw--JH? -'34 , , 4 f X T. x G usp? 'W -- - -L . .x 'S-N. fi., f' M' W ' -- - N 'w M1 .miyf ,gjflyfi NN' --,-----"-' "N-,N "Cz, ' XX Tvs. .1-.Ek O W - NN - - 4-aaa. Af? - ki ' ' X NN A ' ' Mx, E52 if -v x X I ,gil- 51 wg? - X N 1 L1 S :E :1 " N ' ' Wt- . -' " , 4' ,, "- -' 'v f - '1, fi? ' K -HQ, ,ga Off" fem :QV nit' lfli 915 ff .fa - T fi?" .,,yff' - 953, 12, ,r , . -, 'X ,-'42 x ,,,- 41 ' fx XL I if Q :ffm , .Q ef? - 'P-1 f uf , 'gy-fi . an 4' ' 'L 3 1 f ,'. K! fy, L TA 51 4' f af fix ' N ags f f 1 M 1 Wie.- . ' we w"?3u.V , . ' if we, -O -fx., V' W'-Ts 'W , ' bi ' T , ef fel? wg +14 "in, ""-va . . ' J' Q, g -My 'Xf:y,q'.,'T-'f,.., , -. , -4' ""miw fa- , 'K-vg1:'4iy." - "'72z1"e ' " "":J9Zwf.f 'Y' 1 , V- . 'EAW' "2" - vi? . -1331 - 1. . ', , lfu.. NL V . , - '- , ' ' q pmm I Mmm .- :,5Qg,, , K Y - . , L fi, i gr' Y' fff5f::-,gf-:, ' ' A , .- ,, - I-. v 0 " .-.971fL':3AE6Effi5fa'o-.9wg uf -f ' J ... f. 'L' i" Jiigv' -. A ,f :. V. Q' T '.,,ff'w .a, .V WU iw?ghaqs.QfQir7Y-5+-1-fu' , .. ,- ,. . . ' ' . - 1.. -f V m6GZx h1.1I5n5:t"f'rM1'm Escorted By CO-Captains jim Inniger And Rick Oates 20 Attendants And Escorts SENIOR ATTENDANT Dottie Staley Escort Tom Solt JUNIOR ATTENDANT Becky Powell Escort Randy Frysinger SOPHOMORE ATTENDANT Sandy Line Escort Dean Branan FRESHMAN ATTENDANT Pam Moses Escort Van Follas 21 CROWN BEARERS SCEPTER BEARERS FOOTBALL BEARERS Linda Riegle jennifer Solt Brenda Wooten Patrick Carey Kevin Sheets jonathan Match Moments to Remember was the theme of this year's homecoming. For Queen Kathy and her court there were moments to remember. After being honored during pregame festivities the Red Devils presented the Queen and her court with an overwhelming victory over the Vanlue Wildcats. Kathy and her court watching the game. Crowning of the Queen. 22 A ' - . g , Q 4 J Q1 k ' . P ig 1-Q, , 'f L- ti my i- . QEX I' Nfl i , V' x ' if 5 hx, ,W 'f y , N li. Y M9 .Bmw S-X nd Javkw 5. -lf i B 14 if-ag., ,jf 951 A -.4 f 'N nllilg 7 ' . 'N "1 .f I if i 'z X 1 F" I Q 45' 'f I X X 'I Qi xy 'I """"' 1 , W fi if K j Jgfkx 24' X---' 5 42 . ? 1 31 1 jagfgg i' 5 f ,W .5 ii I Y is 'Y JA! NV " e ,mf . vw fl 'L TOP FOR 2ND YEAR! TOP ROW L TO R: Coach Wagner, jim Businger, Dan Yates, Dave Decker, Dave Smith, Kent Brown, and Mark Metzger. 2nd ROW L TO R: jim Inniger, Dave Rossman, Rick Oates, Larry Hindall, and Eric Pearson. The Varsity won 16 games throughout the whole season and placed number 1 in the BVC Title. This is the 2nd year it was controled by the Devils. This year it wasn't expected, but you can expect the unexpected with Devils. A championship team can only be made by hard work on the part of young men with desire and determination and a good coach. Congratu- lations to all of those men! Schedule WE THEY Spencerville 79 --- 66 Elmwood 59 --- 56 Pandora Gilboa 40 --- 76 Leipsic 75 --- 61 Van Buren 74 --- 54 Bettsville 65 --- 47 McComb 63 --- 54 Otsego 74 --- 47 Arcadia 77 --- 69 Benjamin Logan 60 --- 46 Nth. Baltimore 64 --- 46 Wapakanetta 70 --- 76 Hardin Northern 69 --- 52 Jefferson 67 --- 73 Liberty Benton 82 --- 43 Cory Rawson 80 --- 72 Carey 70 --- 65 Qovertimej Vanlue 77 --- 46 TOURNAMENTS: Liberty Benton 53 --- 38 Cory Rawson 47 --- 51 26 POINTS Oates Pearson Rossman Inniger I-lindall FIELD Rossman Inniger Oates Pearson Hindall 292 290 246 21 1 185 52M 44M 42M 42'Xn 32'X1 REBOUNDS Oates Hindall Rossman Pearson Inniger SHOOTING LINE lnnig er Oates Pearson Hindall Rossman 294 154 94 84 61 72'Xu 6 906 66M 61M 50M FUTURE CHAMPS TO COME RESERVES won 13 and lost 5. E S WE THEY E Spencerville 52 --- 37 R Elmwood 63 --- 55 V Pandora Gilboa 34 --- 35 E Leipsic 36 --- 40 Van Buren 48 --- 39 T Bettsville 60 --- 22 E McComb 53 --- A Otsego 63 --- M Arcadia 52 --- 44 Benjamin Logan 37 --- 44 Nth. Baltimore 60 --- 31 Wapakanetta 41 --- 53 Hardin Northern 40 --- 31 jefferson 45 --- 41 Liberty Benton 23 --- 44 Cory Rawson 45 --- 31 Carey 45 --- 34 Vanlue 54 --- 31 FRESHMAN TEAM james Beard, Dennis Hendricks, Charles Comb and Russell Yoxtheimer. 2nd ROW: Van Follas Steve Ebert, Kelly Boutwell, Rolland Russell, Ron Porter 8 Mark Rossman. 3d ROW: Scott Brown, jim Riggs, Chris Combs, Dave Main, S Richard Long. 7th TOP ROW L TO R: Mike Woodard, G Tom Reamsnyder, 8 Dave Clevenger. 1- 2nd ROW: Greg Feller, Rick Wolford, 9, Dave Patton, Tim Morrow, jay Follas, d Mark Hartman 8 Brad Beach. 3d ROW: e Kelly Combs, jon Gillespie, jim Ebert, Doug Alge, Dean Rankey, and T Mike Howard. e a In TOP ROW L TO R: Coach Echols, Russell Field 52 ffm gg .A K 3 K jjj. R V 0 . Affl, ., f '-. ...Z . xx '1 K , ? w wf K x 3:2 SZ Iii .. ' 'Qi J V A' M Q f as A K ' ., .L Qwrf i ,- mf 'S - -, , w 'eff' I 2 VL 5 f i , ' Y 1 AHLHQM 1 WH? f" 4 1 1 BASKETBALLQ EE JA Dottie Staley--Varsity Club Candidate Escort Rick Oates QUEEN JANE MOSES Sopliiliefvilfiskiiiiidate ESCORT Becky I-Ioudeshell DAVE ROSSMAN The Basketball Court viewing the game. E MOSES 1 jill Musgrave--Art Club Candidate Escort Kent Brown Denise Rettig--Senior Class Candidate Escort jim Inniger Dave crowning the Queen. The crowning of this year's Bas- ketball Queen took place during the half-time of the Reserve game with the Carey Blue Devils TRACK TE M BACK ROW, L TO R: Coach Basinger, Dan Reigle, Bruce Alexander, Ken Chamberlin, Bill Hartman, Rolland Russell, Dean Branan, Jeff Staley, Larry Beagle and Gary Reichley. 2nd ROW, L. TO R, : Bill Halsey, Kelly Boutwell, Dave Main, Russell Yoxthiemer, john Beagle, Ron Porter, Dave Neal, Scott Brewster, Mark Rossrnan, and Tom Main. FRONT ROW, L, TO R, : Randy Frysinger, Larry Hindall, Dave Smith, Kent Brown, Dick Taylor, "Bob" Pongtana, Dennis Beard, and Steve McClelland. I just can't believe it! l Relay Run. N Broad jump. Go Gary Go!!! It' s pretty high. The track team had a very good season in the event that they broke several school re- A cords. The 880 relay team set a new record of 1. 36. 2 at the County trials and Kent Brown set a new pole-vaulting record of 11'6". Arlington placed eighth in the Hancock Coun- ty track meet. Dick Taylor received the Outstanding Track Athlete Award. Maybe we'll have a few more records set next year. How about it Boys ? Dedicated! ..,,,.,,,.,.-w-- BASEBALL CHAMPS STANDING: Coach Echols, jim Inniger, Rick Oates, Kerry Hindall, Mark Wagner, Dwayne Woodard, Dan Yates, Rodney Griffith. SECOND ROW: Tim Bash, Tom Solt, jim Businger, Charles Combs, Mike Grieser, jim Russell, Terry Huffman. THIRD ROW: Mark Pepple, Robin Rettig, james Nicholson, jon Inniger, Richard Long, Van Follas. SEA S ON REC ORD we they we they New Riegle 6 5 Benjamin Logan 3 1 Pandora 9 3 Upper Sandusky 6 2 Lima Perry 2 7 Miller City 8 O Allen East 14 5 Riverdale 5 4 Vanlue 9 6 Fostoria 3 2 Bettsville 18 7 New Riegle 4 O Most Versatile Most Consistant Van Follas Dan Yates Most Improved Most Valuable Kerry Hindall Jim Inniger Best Batting Average SEASON WON 14 TOURNAMENT WON 5 Sectional Champs District Champs Regional Runners-up McComb Liberty Center Riverdale Leipsic Pettisville Old Fort LOST 1 LOST 1 we they 7 4 1 O 7 13 2 1 2 O 7 2 Best Attitude Tom Solt Most Valuable Rick Oates GOLF TEAM ENDS SEASON 13-7-1 L. TO R, Randy Coldren, james Beard, Scott Brown, jeff Diermeyer, Matt Pfirsch, Carl Hemminger, Eric Pearson, Mark Phillips. The golf team finished its second year with a fine 13-7-1 record. Randy Coldren had the low average for the year and received a trophy for this honor. Randy finished the year with a 45. 6 average. Scott Brown had a 46. O, Dave Rossman, 47. 4, Eric Pearson, 49. 2, and Matt Pfirsch 55. 8. Arlington finished 4th in the sectional tournament after only being down 4 strokes at the halfway mark, next year with our no. 1 and 2 men back, things could look good for the high school team again next year. WON LOST Leipsic 8-1 Ottawa Leipsic 9-2 Van Buren New Riegle 7-2 Ottawa Bluffton 8 112-112 Old Fort Findlay I, V, 5 112-3 112 Van Buren McComb 9-0 Bettsville North Balt. 7-2 Old Fort New Riegle 7 112-1 112 Mohawk Patrick Henry 6- 3 McComb 7-2 Patrick Henry 6 112-2 112 Bluffton 6 112-2 112 7 112-1 s 112- 11-o 5-4 112 5-4 7-2 112 9-o TIED North Baltimore 4 112-4 112 Tournament at Tamarace 4th Place RE TLI GFORU " Go Tom. The Red Devils placed 4th at the county meet. Meets Won 81 Lost Senica East. , Arcadia. . . . Van Buren. . . . McComb . . . Columbus Grove. . . Senica East . . Columbus Grove Lost Lost Won Lost Won Lost Won 1-4'-l"'V"JUTP4 TOP ROW L TO R: Ken Chamberlain, Paul Main, Kerry Hindall, Bruce Alexander, jim Russell, Dean Mengert, Tom Main, Coach Davis. 2nd ROW: Robin Rettig, Steve McClelland, Henry Reichly, Dennis Woodard, Dewayne Woodard, Rick Wolford, and Ron Wilch. R Fighter Bruce E S E R V E S TOP ROW L TO R: Tom Bateson, Scott Brewster, Dave Neal, Bill Halsey, Coach Davis. 2nd ROW: Gary Reichly, Harry Launder, john Beagle, and Tim Glick. Gang Spirit. Deep Concentration. Kerry holds on! Come out Henry! N ACTIVE PORT F OR GIRL FROM L TO R: jane Moses, Alice Von Stein, Carol Butler, Barb Schmell, Deb Reigle, Anne Decker, Barb Wagner, and Nancy Weber. Reserve Scores WE THEY Mc Comb 39 - 1 9 Riverdale 15 - 14 R Donnell 9 - 1 1 E Arcadia 16 - 1 1 S Findlay 1 S - 1 2 E Van Buren 43 - 9 R Liberty-Benton 21 - 1 9 V Cory-Rawson 3 1 - 6 E RESERVE SEASON RECORD S WON LOST Varsity Scores V WE THEY A McComb 29 - 22 R Riverdale 17 - 33 5 Donnell 29 - 38 I Aracadia 1 7 - 23 T Findlay 3 1 - 1 9 Y Van Buren 44 - 7 Liberty-Benton 10 - 29 Cory-Rawson 21 - 23 VARSITY SEASON RECORD WON LOST 3 - 5 , - FROM L TO R: Donna Gillette Marci McDevitt Penny Suter, jan Pepple, coached By' Mrs' Basmger' Pam Moses, Laura Risser, and ,Sharon Yoxthiemer. Devil Gang ! Barb gets a rebound. Alice comes on! E ICR THLETE Mike Alge--golf. Kent Brown--football, Chuck Cramer--golf. basketball, track. 3? ai E5 EE li ,. ,. ,S al IY Qi if Z? ii 72 fi is Rocky I-Iartman-- football, wrestling. Larry I-lindall-- jim Inniger--football, basketball, track. basketball, baseball. Mark Metzger--football, Rick Oates--football, 35 Eric Pearson--golf, basketball. basketball, baseball. basketball. -w ima? 'f wlwiixinfa 1 john Gillette--football. Paul Main--wrestling. i 1 E "Bob" Pongtana--track. SENIOR ATHLETE During The Year . . Arlington held their basketball banquet Monday April 29, 1971, Recognition of all players on both reserve and varsity were announced. The following received trophies for outstanding playing for the Arlington Red Devils. Rick Oates--Top Rebounder, Larry Hindall--Most Improved, Eric Pearson--Most Assists, jim Inniger--Best Defensive Player, and David Rossman--Best Offensive Player. Now that the year is over in basketball, there were some awards given to some of the boys and an adult. The two boys receiving awards were Rick Oates and Eric Pearson. The adult was, of course, Mr. jerry Wagner. Rick made first team all county B. V. C. league and was invited to attend the Review Times Banquet. Eric Pearson was selected to the second team all B. V. C. and second team all Republic- an-Courier. I-Ie was also invited to the Review Times Banquet. Coach Wagner was Coach-of-the-Year in the B. V. C. and all Republican-Courier. He also received a trophy-bowl at the Review Times Banquet for the best "A" record. Track this year went as far as the Regional in several events. These were as follows: The Shop Put with Dick Taylor, Pole Vaulting with Kent Brown flying, 220 yard dash with Larry Hindall running and the Mile Relay team composed of Larry Hindall, jeff Staley, Dave Smith, and Ken Chamberlain. 36 Gina:- fl A X U3 5 1 Si glam I if-,nl X llf-12 USIC 6th Grade Band FIRST ROW: L TO R: Lori Morehart, Jolene Schaaf, Cindy Bosse, Becky Launder, Shelly Reamsnyder, Arlene Gossman, Frances Smith, Jody Hartman, SECOND ROW, Beth Staley, Patti Pepple, Beth Riegle, Lori Hartman, Cindy Main, Roger Beagle, Steve Feller, Mark Match, Brian Reigle, Todd Corbin, Andy Miller, THIRD ROW: Jeanie Businger, Wendy Moses, Jill Wright, Craig Woodard, Kevin Risser, Tyler Smith, Kevin Hill, Judy Bateson, Jean Branan, Kay F enstermaker. 5th Grade Band FIRST ROW: L TO R: Tami Sink, Tom Neal, Becky Businger, Patti Line, Dawn Beach, Julie Alspach, Patty Wentz, SECOND ROW, Bill Cramer, Jeff Sals- bury, Steve McMillen, John Bond, Jen- ny Oates, Brenda Riegle, Barbara Grove, Jenny Pfirsh, Junior Band FIRST ROW: L TO R: Sheryl Hendricks, Mollie Jolliff, Linda Dodge, Mark Hart- man, Pam Businger, Debra Davis, Allen Fields, Tom Reamsnyder, Judy Reichley, Cynthia Grohoske, Kit Byal, Pam Porter, SECOND ROW: Joe Hindall, Tom Smith, Bill Ebert, Ginger Nicholson, Becky Coldren, Jill Bishop, Sally Bateson, Susan Bame, Greg Feller, THIRD ROW: Rick Wagner, Marcia Deter, Bob Houde- shell, Jim Gillette, Jonathan Gillespie, Dan Wilch, Meg Herninger, David Cle- venger, David Musgrave, FOURTH ROW: Becky Bash, Doug Reigle, Rick Wolford, Michael Woodard, Keith Rob- inson, Julie Bibler, Chevone Kasunic, FIFTH ROW: Kent McMillen, Jim Ebert, Nathan Russell, Keith Phillips, Jay Follas. DEP RT E T FIRST ROW: L TO R: Mary Marquart, Nancy Krout, Peggy Morehart, Susie Walters, Karen Powell, Marci McDevitt, Pam Moses, Penny Suter, Janice Pepple, Ann Decker, Cindy Crawford, Anna Clevenger, Linda Bower, Andrea Woodard, Cindy Rower, Laura Lobdell, Karen Cramer, Roxanne Strait, SECOND ROW: Denise Rettig, Deb Branan, Sharon Yoxtheimer, Rosalee Beagle, Patty Yates, Cathy Smith, Bonnie Line, Peggy Treece, janet Wilson, Deb Kas- unic, Cherie Rower, Pat Krout, Carol Butler, Margaret Smith, Helen Taylor, Laura Risser, Andrea Morehart, Susan Krout, jenny Hartman, THIRD ROW: Rocky Hartman, jim Riggs, Steve Rodman, Terry Huffman, Rose Ann Laun- der, Richard Long, Ken Chamberlain, David Neal, Rolland Russell, Becky I-Ioudeshell, jane Prochaska, LouAnn Bateson, Alice VonStein, Nancy Wright, janet Shellenbarger, jonna Schaaf, Karen Yoxtheimer, Scott Brown, FOURTH ROW: David Rossman, Larry Hindall, Bill Halsey, Karl Heminger, Ronald Wilch, Steven Ebert, james Beard, Bruce Alexander, David Decker, Bill Beach, Tim Deter, Tim Bash, David Main, Mark Rossman, jeff Dir- meyer, Harry Launder, David Reamsnyder, Dennis Woodard. , 15 icffff ll S anim, mm, , T ll.5'7'Y1f,u The high school stage band ' ll Eggs: Efnsvggnii f'il1'j15o5f?t Fifteen members of the football march- quired Ehis year Also outfits ing band ended their year after partici- were Purchasedbr mage for pating in ten pre-game shows and half- each of the members giving time shows of the 1970-71 football season. the band a total1Y new and "in" 'Q highlight in this yesws Shgvf gms our ,, - - ,, orei n xc an e stu ent, o on tana look' The Pocket Edmon on uf "big bas? drum, H who helped to a,dd Eiifoggnxigsfggsir Egvmstsjiket- that final touch to the big band sound. school functions. THE " LL BR SSN 22 '- i a 5 "W f 2 or mf g I ,,q,, .4L. in . ,wi L... vs:---4 L TO R: Andrea Morehart, Kevin Light, Carol Butler, Chuck Cramer, Cherie Rower, jeff Dirmeyer, Robin Corbin, jonna Schaaf. L TO R: Sharon Yoxtheimer, Karen Cramer, Karen Yoxtheimer. 40 L TO R: FIRST ROW: Kent MCM len, Deb Honecker, Dottie Stale- Kathy Porter, Nancy Wright, Na- L TO R: FIRST ROW: Andrea Woodard, Peggy Morehart, I K Q Q . Vx ff L TO R: janet Wilson, Treece, Nancy Weber, MARCHING B cc FFT E an Russell, SECOND ROW: Bob ngtana, Vicki Line, cvs 2444, L TO R: FIRST ROW: Tim Deter, Bonnie Line, Susie Walters, Ron Wilch, Alice VonStein, Becky Houdeshell, Penny Suter, Lou Ann Bateson, SECOND ROW: Susan Krout, Rick Tidd, Dennis Fox, Cindy Rower, Janice Pepple, Nancy Rinehart, Laura Nicholson, Laura Risser, Deb Branan, THIRD ROW: jenny Hartman, jill Musgrave, Karen Powell, Nancy Krout, jane Hartman, FOURTH ROW: Margaret Smith, Anna Clevenger, Deb Riegle, Beverly Wolford. Q V I g A .---.--4 DND ROW: Pam Moses, Gloria Keigle, Marci McDevitt . Q, L TO R: FIRST ROW: Denise Rettig, Marlene Cleven- -. - ger Becky Powell, SECOND ROW: Peg Krout Ann 'laser' Tom Launder' Dean Men 41 Decker, Catherine Smith, jane Prochaska. J art, Gregg Feller. ,tb Q, .L Si,,,W K i :' : ,, " H 'gh Q M. if 41 ' "' fs M fi, W Ly -S , ' I k if - 4 as ' ,yr My 'E J ,QE 5 ? 5 5 i sf 35 gg f ' 5 'N if ' a r if 3 r I ik ,N mv' L TO R: Karen Powell, Deb Branan, Susan Krout, Cindy L TO R: Dennis Fox, Becky Houdeshell, Laura Nicholson, Rower, jenny Hartman, Sharon Yoxtheimer, Karen Gloria Reigle. Yoxtheimer. TO R: Becky Powell, Pam Moses, Peg Krout, Peggy Treece. FRONT ROW, L TO R: Andrea Woodard, Marlene Clevenger, i TO R: Vicki Line, Deb Poole, Dottie Staley, Kathy Porter, Iancy Wright, David Main, Dan Reigle, Randy Coldren. Nancy Rinehart, jill Musgrave, jan Pepple, jane Hartman, BACK ROW, jim Riggs, Kevin Light, Anna Clevenger, Deb Reigle, Rick Tidd, Doug Morehart, Dennis Woodard, Bob Pontana . By tradition, the Arlington "All Brass" Band participated in various Homecoming Parades during the summer months. The school year began for band members with the junior Fair Night activities at the Hancock County Fair. Hard work and sweat went into the making of the foot- ball band. QEven marching in rain and mudlj The band never failed those anxious spectators. With cold weather and snow, came the concert band. Modern music led to a "Pops Concert" in late February with all of the band members looking forward to the annual Spring Concert. 1. . K 3 .kwa A., ,MW 145 fl ' ,uv-V' fn xi Deb drlmehl if f ff xx C1 time for ociivikies cl firms 'Co do whdlt is imporbcxnk to each individudlu.. d time for living life 'Fully -THE-JOB TR INING WORK EXPERIENCE 5: f , ,, Peg jolliff Steve Van Atta Mark Hosafros Johnny Appleseed Restaurant john's Body Shop Sohio Through the course offering of on-the-job training in association with the agriculture and business departments, students are given the opportunity to use their learned skills in actual working situations for a part of each school day. l 1 Mike Salsbury Dick Taylor Gloria Farison TI3,uCht'S I, G, A, Ed I-Ieminger Arlington Elevator 8 Supply VOCATIO AL AGRICULT RE mf Wifi? I 'P , I -4 , 'wifi ' A K A .AI I .. , Go ahead. I dare you. Pest hunt? I thought it was The three stooges at work? ! ? leftovers from dinner. I know it has to start sooner or later, but this is I give up, What is ridiculous. this thing? Cleaning house? The odd couple. The machine is faster than the BRIAN. Hey, Dean. When do we get to stop and eat this IND TRIAL ART The industrial arts department encompasses much territory--drafting, machines, woodwork- ing, etc. Watch the fingers. X , .gh I can't see a thing! The showcase near the industrial arts room never lacks the accom- plishments of those boys involved with some phase of industrial arts. 1 1 What do you think I'm doing? This is making me sick. 1 Here goes nothing! 48 just wait until he spills some. .,...---....,,w-MV' HO E ECUNOMICS .gf 54' an! .J ...f"" lun, Connie, and Pam find that their cooking 1't too bad. The skills learned in home ec. e useful to any girl, regardless of her major urse of study. Here, Miss Gavron, the home economics teacher, samples the work of her class. Linda and Rose Ann seem to have enjoyed their meal, The advanced foods class goes beyond the basic study of food preparation as studied in general home ec. courses to concentrate on more complicated recipes. It is a course of specialization. COLLEGE PREP - COMMERCIA That once in a lifetime fete-- They call this physics class? D011g'S SP66Ch studying, demonstration. Scientific-minded Becky with her mode of Mike's from Mars. Who ate your apple, Dave? transportation. Dan always has a smile for the earth Since when do Got any news? people. they teach knitting? T 7 In F This French sounds like Greek to me. 50 Secret formulas. RT - U ORK The art department offers creative development for many students. The art room also serves as a resting spot for related activities. Too many fingers in the dough. Full-time artist. The devil made her do it. The making of a flying mm' An industrious group of girls--letting the teacher do it. It can't be that difficult, Patty 51 T DE TCOUNCIL A look of concern? ELECTED MEMBERS Jim Inniger Dave Rossman Doug Morehart Kent Brown Bob Pongtana President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Honorary Member Rick Oates Dan Yates Van Follas Tom Smith Barb Wagner Deb Drummelsmith Pam Moses Jim Staley janet Wilson Mark Pepple David Neal Jim Ebert Mark Wagner jeff Staley Marcia Deter Clayton Washburn CLUB REPRESENTATIVES Rocky Hartman Pat Krout jenny Moses Kathy Porter Gloria Reigle Denise Rettig Pam Rodabaugh Cherie Rower Marlene Clevenger Tim Deter Rodney Griffith Steve Miller Randy Coldren Nancy Wright David Main james Essinger Tim Morrow The Student Council helped to bring about better administration-student relationships and several changes in the school this past year. A dress code was decided upon and with the approval of the school board was put into effect. The annual Christmas ,dance and a full-length feature movie "Wait Until Dark" were sponsored by the Student Council. Members also took part in skits for Pep meetings during football and basketball. Mr. President! One of the meetings held in the evening for more detailed discussion. Kent Brown Mr Football THE PITCHFORK STAFF This year the Pitchfork Staff tried something new, a paper that was printed rather than mimeo- graphed. This gave a new look to the paper. The staff this year consists of: Steve Hart Connie McClelland Mark Metzger Gloria Reigle Denise Rettig Dave Rossman Dottie Staley Peggy Treece Barb Wagner Rodney Giffith Tish Reinking Beth Welly Barb and Tish make last minute corrections. Rodney explains the up-coming Looking over the daily Beth is busy typing the latest news. Issue' schedule. Mr. johnson passes out more work to be typed. Dave doing a little creative thinking. G.A.A. ROW ONE: fTOPj jan Shellenbarger, Sand Y Line, Deb Drummelsmith, Alice VonStein, Tish Reinking, Beth Welly, Andrea Wood- ard, Pam Frantz. ROW TWO: Lou Ann Bateson, Pam Gant, Donna Gillette, jane Prochaska, Becky Houdeshell, Marci Mc- Devitt, Ann Decker. ROW THREE: Nancy Weber, Peg Krout, jonna Schaaf, jan Pepple, Pam Moses, Deb Riegle. ROW FOUR: Deb Harris, Paula Smith, Nancy Wright, Laura Risser, Karen Cramer, Diane Taylor, Margaret Smith, Karen Powell. President - Carol Butler Vice President - Cindy Rower Secretary - Becky Houdeshell Treasurer - Bonnie Line Historian - Becky Powell ROW ONE: QTOPJ Vickie Line, Dottie Sta ey, Jane Moses, Jenny Moses, Cindy Row Kathy Porter, Barb Schmehl, ROW TWO: Marlene Clevenger, Bonnie Line, Barb Wagner, Delia Fields, ROW THREE: Susir Walters, Becky Powell, Laura Nicholson, Denise Rettig, Sharon Yoxtheimer, ROW FOUR: Gloria Reigle, Nancy Rinehart, jill Musgrave, Patty Yates, Carol Butler. During the school year of 1970-71 the members of the G. A. A. have kept very busy with various activities as follows. Our first BIG CONCERN was the Football Homecoming, which included the Pre-game ceremony and the Homecoming dance the following evening. We sold Red Devil Cushions in order to help with expenses for the Homecoming. Other accomplishments were: Bake Sales, Style Shows, we spon- sored Basketball Homecoming, the "Spring Dance", and traveled to the Y. M. C. A. for an overnight party. Several girls participated in the "athletic" events offered: Volleyball and Varsity and Reserve Basketball teams who participated inter-scholastically with area schools. 54 NS' l :fe Rosalee Beagle Deb Kasuinc Barb Wagner Donna Gillette Laura Bibler Karen Yoxthiemer President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Historian Re porter Miss Gavron, what are you teaching h1m'P? Daun and Pam mastering the twirly-whirly of chop-sticks. It must be good . . . whatever it is. MEMBERSHIP Connie McClelland Pam Rodabaugh Sue Bowling Beverly Wolford Peg jolliff Brenda Steinman Susan Rodabaugh Glenda Perkins Nadine Krepps Sadie Williams Daun Wolford Laura Lobdell Rose Ann Launders Catherine Smith Margaret Smith Peg Morehart Teresa Martin as K P TTY C110 ED QUEE ff- l":"a"' lt tar Green Hand. Mark Hosafros - Crop. F. F. A. Queen - Patty Yates. l W, if X M ,gg . fgknupg rm A.. lonorary Chapter Farmer. Parents and friends enjoy banquet. President - Rocky Hartman Vice President - Mark I-losafros Secretary - Brian Welly Treasurer - Gary Wilson Reporter - Tim Hill Sentinel - Herb Launder Student Advisor - jack Musgrave "2.....,,.4-4" Officers training at Bluffton College. LIBRARY CLUB It must be an interesting meeting. President Tish Reinking Vice President R0d1'1CY Griffith Secretary Becky Houdeshell Treasurer Pearl Harris Student Council Rep. Gloria Reigle Diane serves punch at a tea for teachers in the Library. Flowers to decorate the library More punch anyone? Mark Metzger Gloria Reigle Sadie Williams Daun Wolford jim Businger Rodney Griffith Pearl Harris jenny Hartman Susie Walters Dean Branan Donna Gillette Debbie Harris Becky Houdeshell Mike Miller Peg Krout Teresa Price Tish Reinking Susan Rodabaugh Beth Welly Cindy Crawford Ann Decker Pam Frantz Pam Gant Barb I-Ioudeshell Jan Pepple Diane Taylor Donna does research . I DUSTRI LARTS CLUB STANDING: Mr. Wagner, Randy Frysinger, Bob Houdeshell, John Gillette, Mark Price, Douglas Billingsly, Tom Main, Clinton Judy, Ron Porter, Charels Combs, jim Beard, Harry Launder, George Middleton, john Beagle, Steve Miller. SEATED: Fred Hartman, Bruce Cook, jim Krout, Wayne Bradford, Dan Anderson, Dave Hindall, Mike Clifford, Greg Van Atta, Tim Glick, Richard Cook. Randy receives the Golden Hammer award. Randy Frysinger President john Gillette Vice President Dennis Beard Sec. -Treas. Steve Miller Student Council Rep. Chuck takes a break on the glider that was built by the I.A. Dept. 59 L , ATIONAL HO OR SOCIETY ROW ONE: KTOPQ Kent Brown, Jane Moses, Barb Wagner, Beth Musgrave, Becky Powell, Mark Hosafros. ROW TWO Pam Rodabaugh, jenny Moses, Kathy Porter, Deb Kasunic, Barb Schemhl, Mark Wagner. ROW THREE: Brenda Stein man, Bonnie Line, Pat Krout, Susie Krout, ROW FOUR: Carol Butler, Peggy Treece, Gloria Farison, Karen Weirauch Delia Fields, Dan Yates, jim Inniger. ROW FIVE: Cherie Rower, Deb Branan, Mary Marquart, jill Musgrave, Denise Rettig, Doug Morehart, Bob Pongtana. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY X I 7 ? W President - Doug Morehart Vice President - Kent Brown Sec.-Treas. - jill Musgrave Student Council Rep. - Denise Rettig 60 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY EL xx 'f 7 5 E71 xg VAR ITY CLUB .--H I' 4015 A Fe' si - G 'E ' Kent Brown Dave Featheringill john Gillette Rocky Hartman Larry Hindall jim Inniger Mark Metzger John Reinking Dave Rossman Dave Smith Dick Taylor President - Tom Solt Vice President - Mark Wagner Sec. -Treas. - Rodney Griffith Sgt. at Arms - Rick Oates Eric Pearson Paul Main Tim Bash jim Businger Kerry Hindall Steve McClelland Dwayne Woodard Dan Yates Larry Beagle Ken Chamberlain Bruce McClelland e f+ I 1 VI i ci Matt Pfirsch Henry Reichley Dan Riegle Jeff Staley David Reamsnyder Gary Reichley Bruce Alexander Dennis Woodard jim Russell W ' sri? td: ' , 4 - me f Q l Y' A4 -L 61 Us 'Z' ix ART CLU SEATED: jill Musgrave, Patty Yates, Deb Drummelsmith, Paula Smith, Pearl Harris. STANDING: Tish Reinking, Jenny Moses, Sandy Line, Mike Miller, Chuck Cramer. President - jill Musgrave Vice President - Patty Yates Sec. -Treas. - jenny Moses This year the Art Clul made money be selling confetti at the football 1 games and by making ' posters and signs for var- ious clubs that wanted their activities advertised Class activities included oil, water, and tempra painting, rug making, advertising design, and the study of color and effects in art. Vickie refinishing her chest. Pearl decorates the Art Room. I TER ATIO AL CLUB OW ONE: QTOPQ Denis Fox, Catherine Smith, Paula Smith, Nancy Wright, Beth Musg-rave, Mike Salsbury, Mike Pep- le, jon Inniger, jane Cole. ROW TWO: Jan Shellenbarger, Beth Welly, Lou Ann Bateson, Pam Gant, Janet Wilson, am Frantz, Ron Wilch, Mike Grieser, ROW THREE: Barb Schmehl, Karen Morrow, Andrea Morehart, Tish Reinking, Nancy Ellis, Delia Fields, jane Prochaska, Cindy Rower, Bob Pongtana, David Reamsynder. ROW FOUR: jane Hart- an, Karen Weirauch, Lois Fry, jenny Hartman, Susie Krout, Deb Drummelsmith, Peggy Treece, Kathy Porter, Dottie Ettaley, Mark Pepple, Randy Coldren. President - Kathy Porter Vice President - Bob Pongtana Secretary - Cindy Rower Treasurer - Dottie Staley rm ' l 12: , , A , A ls it THAT boring???? What's so interesting Bob? ?? 63 SCHOOL ASSISTA Cafeteria Workers, ROW ONE: QTOPJ Brad Beach, Mark Hartman Rose Ann Launders Sharon Yoxtheimer D , eb Harris, Karen Yoxtheimer. R,OW TWO: jonathan Gilles- pie, David Baldwin, Darlene Yantis, Maxine Helms, Ruth Frey, Andrea Morehart. ROW THREE: jeff Glick, Donald Harris, Kit Byal, Mary Marquart, Deb Gant, Lois Frey, Beatrice Welly, Susan Bowling. Ushers, ROW ONE: QTOPJ Rodney Griffith, Dean Branan, Larry Hindall, ROW TWO: jim Staley, jay Follas, John Beagle. Office Help, ROW ONE: QTOPQ jim Russell, Tom Solt, james Nicholson, john Reinking, Rick Oates. ROW TWO: jeff Staley, jim Inniger, Dave Rossman, Eric Pearson, Kent Brown, ROW THREE: jan Shellenbarger, Barb Wagner, Bonnie Line, Rosalee Beagle, ROW FOU jane Moses, Brenda Steinman, Pam Rodabaugh, Nadin Krepps, Lou Ann I-loyt, Kathy Porter, Dottie Staley. Public Address Announcers: Rodney Griffith, Peggy Treece, Jim Inniger. LEADER HIP AWARD "I Dare You" Award from the Danforth Foundation Leadership Banquet. to Dave Rossman and Cherie Rower. ww i ie Good Citizenship Award from the Daughters of The American Teachers as well as suidents attend the banquet. evolution presented to Dan Wilch, Peggy Treece, and Deb anan. .,.awlF .A .A. Awards for outstanding girls in Football Awards. Varsity Basketball Cheerleader Awards. olleyball and basketball. ther Awards Include: The American Legion Senior Award, which is the highest award presented to high school students, was Narded to Denise Rettig and Doug Morehart. The Student Council School Service Award was presented to Dave Rossman and m Inniger. 65 U IORA D E IOR PLAY TOP ROW: Barb Schmehl, ' Dave Smith, Rick Tidd, Brian Welly, Nancy Rinehart, Beth Musgrave, Dave Pifer, Rodney Griffth, Dwayne Woodard, john Reinking. BOTTOM ROW: Becky Powell, Patty Yates, Gloria Reigle, Susie Walters, janet Wilson, Dave Rossman. TOP ROW: jim Inniger, jenny Moses, Bob Pongtana, Doug Morehart, Mark Wagner, Rick Oates, Chuch Cramer, Cindy Rower, jenny Hartman, Catherine Smith, Susan Krout, BOTTOM ROW: Karen Weih- rauch, Gloria Farison, jane Moses, Kathy Porter, Marlene Clevenger, Tim Bash. This was the first year that the junior and Senior plays were combined. The play was given on April 16 and 17. It was titled "PAINT THE TOWN PINK". Our directors were Mrs. Kaye Claphan and Mrs. Vera Musgrave. Our student directors were Nancy Rine- hart and Cindy Rower. 'CAGE OF AQ ARI ,v THEME FOR PROM One of the highlights of every school year is the junior-Senior Banquet and Prom. This night is looked forward to by the members of the junior and Senior Classes as well as members of the Sophomore class who participate as servers at the banquet. The 1971 Banquet and Prom took place Friday evening, May 28. The gym was decorated in the fashion to carry out the theme "The Age of Aquarius." Zodiac signs were placed at varying angles on the crepe-paper walls which enclosed the dining and dancing areas. At each place at tables set for four was centered with a small zodiac charm. The menu consisted of a Toast to the Dawn, followed by Roast of Taurus, Moon in the 7th House, Planets in the Milky Way, Potato au Mars, Cresent Rolls and Star Dust, and ending with Golden Dream, Aquarian Brew, and Gemini Sweets. The announcement of the tragic death of Beth Musgrave shocked everyone in attendance. The prom, being planned with so much of Beth's help, went on as originally scheduled as a tribute to her. The music for dancing was provided by "The Boxcar" featuring both fast and slow songs. Post-prom activities took place at Lehmann's Lodge in Fostoria, Ohio, where swimming, bowling, miniature golf, and pool highlighted the early morning hours. Also cards, snacking , and napping were enjoyed by many. The Banquet, Prom, and Post-Prom offically ended back in the school district with the class break- fasts. The Senior class and chaperones were served in the home of Peggy Treece, and the juniors and Sophomore servers in the home of David Pifer. Many thanks are to be extended to the junior Class and their sponsor who made the prom a reality for all those involved. 68 E IOR RECEIVE 43, 301 CHOLARSHIP Gloria Jean Reigle Pamela Gail Rodabaugh David Alan Rossman Peggy Belle Treece Barbara Sue Wagner Kent Theodore Brown - 3120 annual scholarship from BGSU--totalling 3400 for 4 years, also a 3100 scholarship from the Marathon Oil Foundation Inc. Larry Alan Hindall - 32, 700 scholarship from Davis jr. College of Business. james Paul Inniger - 32,000 annual scholarship hom Otterbein College totalling 38, 000 for 4 years. Susan Marie Krout - 3100 grant from the Arlington Lions Club. ni Bonnie Jean Line - 3400 nursing scholarship from the Blanchard Valley Hospital Guild. Mary Ellen Marquart - 3150 scholarship from the Arlington Teacher Association. Douglas Lee Morehart - 3100 grant from the Arlington Church Basketball League. jill Ann Musgrave - 3100 grant from the IOOF Lodge in Arlington. Richard Anthony Oates - 33, 000 annual scholarship from Capital University totalling 312, 000 for 4 years. 3100 practical nursing scholarship from Blanchard Valley Hospital Guild. 3300 scholarship from the Zonta Business Womens Club of Findlay and a 31, 200 annual scholarship from Tiffin University--totalling 32,400 for 2 years. 32, 200 annual scholarship from Otterbein College totalling 38, 800 for 4 years. 3650 annual scholarship from Stephens College--totalling 32, 600 for 4 years. 31, 350 annual scholarship from Otterbein College--totalling 35,400 for 4 years. Many seniors received various awards at the general awards assembly. Gold Medal Awards were presented to the following Seniors for completing courses of basic studies in business education: Nadine Krepps, Mary Marquart, Bob Pongtana, Denise Rettig, Dottie Staley, and Sadie Williams. Susan Krout completed her senior year with a perfect attendance record for which she was awarded a certificate. The Betty Crocker Award in Home Economics went to Pat Krout. 69 BACCALA REATE Sunday, june 6, 1971-2:00 p.m. High School Auditorium THE ORGAN PRELUDE PROCESSIONAL. . "Pomp 8 Circumstance" . . Elgar THE CHORAL CALL TO WORSHIP ...... Porter "O Worship The Lord" THE INVOCATION ..... Rev. Richard O. Kasunic fArlington United Methodist Churchj THE HYNEN ........... The Congregation "Faith of Our Fathers! Living Still" THE SCRIPTURE READING . . . Rev. Robert Farison Qlformer Pastor, Bible Fellowship Churchj THE ANTHEMS . . . "Questions" ............... Cohen "We've Only just Begun" ......... Nichols fMixed Chorusj THE CLASS SERMON ...... Rev. Robert Farison THE BENEDICTION . . . SPOKEN ........ Rev. Richard O. Kasunic CHORAL ............... Woodbury "May The Grace Of Christ Our Saviour" THE RECESSIONAL .......... Mendelssohn "War March Of The Priests" fThe audience will remain seated during the Proces- sional and Recessionalj THE ORGAN POSTLUDE Organist - Mrs. Thomas McDougle , Director - Ronald C. Cable Rev' Robert Fanson Senior Escorts Karen Weirauch, Mark Wagne Mrs. Thomas McDougle Kathy, you can't cry yet! The juniors are invading! just think, you can wear caps and We've got to do this again tonight?! gowns next year. COMMENCEMENT Sunday, june 6, 1971 High School Auditorium -8:00 p. rn. - PROCESSIONAL . . "Pomp 8 Circumstanceu . . Elgar INVOCATION ......... Rev. Richard Match QGood Hope Lutheran Churchj PRESIDENT'S FAREWELL ADDRESS ........... David Alan Rossman SALUTATORY ....... Kent Theodore Brown VALEDICTORY ......... Peggy Belle Treece INTRODUCTION OF SPEAKER .... Donald Follas QPresident, Arlington Board of Educationj COMMENCEMENT ADDRESS ..... Mr. Bob Clark Washington News Correspondent American Broadcasting Company ANNOUNCEMENT OF SCHOLARSHIPS ......... Robert E. Cooper Peggy Belle Treece Kent Theodore Brown lprincipalf Arlington High Schooll Valedictorian Salutatomn PRESENTATION or CLASS .... Robert E. Cooper ACCEPTANCE OF CLASS AND PRESENTATION OF ' DIPLOMAS ............ Robert A. Smith fSuperintendent, Arlington Local Schoolsj and Donald Follas BENEDICTION ........ Rev. Richard Match RECESSIONAL ............ Mendelssohn "War March Of The Priests" fThe audience will remain seated during the Proces- sional and Recessionalj Organist-Mrs. Thomas McDougle Mr. Robert Smith, Mr. Robert Cooper, Minister Counselor Payong Chutikul from the Royal Thai Embassy, Washington, D . C . Mr. B b Cl k w sh' - C BroadcoastinZr6om:anilngton News Correspondent, American Smile, ws au over! ! IS that au? David Alan Rossman Senior AND. . .l'm not coming I wonder if it's signed? Would ya look at Class President. baflkl Y l That! ! SCENE AT GRADU TIO ARLINGTON REE DEVILS NCEMEN A Kent, is the diploma for sitting down? ! Well, it's like this. . . '2-rw .mini - , H to walk. Mr. Cable, It's graduation not a honeymoon! I d1dn't realize it was this far Bob and Minister Counselor Payong Chutikul. H . Congratulations Bonnie . Af last, my diploma' 72 Let's go! We're on in 10 minutes. Q 1 S HE i 2 gi Ed Ilnnnrnu l -M Tj1J'f'4 C 2 Q :U F1 r'- 3: UW UW 51 FUD-"I Q02 -4-ITC CLASS OF 19 3 KI DERGARTE 1 E' H --fv ' . be K W 1 Bruce Bill Barry Rosanna Fawn Daryl Lisa Nanette Bame Bateson Boutwell Boyko Butte Camper Claphan Cole isllss f - sallsrll T F l : n as C, C H 3 ,-Yf- . i,Sffl,? -- KP, : 9 ' ' zt' lns a l E - - as 1 T VAQ A 6 ls W' ,L YL Y Nihr ,,' Vkyv ingmleh -lll .g.f::j f,, V My . ..,,., l QSQQE Q , y if L , A ,fe y y Neil jeff Steve Mike Karen Tammy Diana Lisa Cole Coppler Dirmeyer Dreru Ferrell Fletcher Follas Frantz P Kim Beth jerry Tammy Lee Beth Kevin David Gillette Gossman Hartman Harvitt Houck jolliff jolliff Kaberna R Q ir ,anasaisa 1 aaaa aaal s .f s grey ,.-- ,K KK ,, Ronnie Tony Chris jim Tina jeff Ike Philip Kagy Kuhlman Matheny Morehart Pearson Pepple Poole Rankey Tony Cindy Scott jennifer Redick Reigle Risser Romick Absent. David Alspaclz Todd Best Timmy Fink David Haugh Cindy Rose Robby Linda Sink Zorn 74 MISS PAULA HOFFMAN Cedar Cliff High School Findlay College 4:- PECIAL EDUCATIG Ricky Loren erry Tonya Chris Billy Rodney Davld Best Crawford Fletcher Fletcher Mc Clelland Miller Re ichley Relgle David S alsbury MRS. ETHELANN STUMPP Special Education Whitmer High School Bowling Green State University MRS. LORETTA G. SMITH Special Reading Teacher Buckskin Valley High School Ohio State University Ohio University 2?"fWsf2Y : li in H Anita Worsti ne MRS. NEVA KEMERLY Neurological Handicapped Mt. Blachard High School Findlay College CLASS OF 1982 FIRST GRADE 43. M -W4 -S':-- any if- 2,632 RJ? new K Us jf if SS S f H'-' K fi US"? ,SA" TJ 1 ril 1 I if wiwsmi Gary Gene Timmy Kelly Debra Sam Brauneller Brinkman Crawfonil Davis Decker Elias .fi T +5 Mark Sandra Barbara Greg Lisa Neil Gillespie Glick Greiner Hartman Jolliff Karhoff 22 lrsfiirffg jonathan Kala Karen Scott Lisa Kim Match Myers Oates Saum Schaller Smith Tammie jennifer Smith Solt MRS . ETHEL WILLEKE jeff Brenda Dunkirk High School Spurck Wooten Ohio Northern University 76 Retired - 1971 CLASS OF 1982 FIRST GRADE it Pamela Charles Denise Anderson Beagle Boyko fi " I W .Q 3, ?'N-af 4 Z.-23 33 f 1 Cheryl Elizabeth Shelley Freed Goings I-lackenberger HIN- if A fe W ln. V LOri Wesley jeff jolliff Knickel Lowder MRS. MURIEL MUSGRAVE Arlington High School Bowling Green State University Jeff Breitigam Richard Hartley All Robin Meador f ' 1 ' Yfxeiimfl f -mum? Scott Riggs 77 Patrick Beth Carey Fagan .. ynt 'X-uf S u i: Rita Tom Horton Inbody la ,.fi"'ra' , Wa. ,if Tammie Linda Meador Riegle Cindy Kevin Shearer Sheets 5 .1-, Kenneth Rodger Slough Wolford CLASS OF 1981 SECOND GRADE joyce Ronald john Micha Bond Bower Businger Byal Anne Bonnie Drerup Fletcher el al-gg-awsgegwwfwwzeyezwmiegg-efzw ,'.' r S. ygmiq we, A I Douglas Debra Bradley Robin Todd David Greiner Harvilt Hendricks Houdeshell Howard Inbody .,.,, . L'-L - ,U Amy Virginia Randall Rian Scott Sheryl Mc Clelland Middleton Miller Myers Reigle Rettig Terry jerry Connie Romick Ruppright Smith 78 MRS. WILLO HUFFMAN Continental High School Bowling Green State University Bluffton College CLASS OF 19 1 SECOND GRADE jimmy David Beach Bibler Carole Tyler Frey Gossman Pam Greg Lowder Rankey , Tiflf. .Q if . Q 0. ,r ,gs if Y ' fi I Kathy Lance Shelly Businger Butte C016 f f T 2 4, W mr 5553 Eric Krepps Duane Brad Hubbell jolliff aw if S . S, ,E uvlvkll in . , M ,Sh.,. Lriki 5 :-' , 73 3 Scott Tonja David Redick Saum Shearer Vicki Shoemaker MRS. JUNE KASUNIC Dothan High School Transylvania College Lexington, Ky. f -. Cherie Coppler Dawn Lobdell f A 1:53 EW! . Lisa Shellenbarger clayi , '-' is jimmy VonStein X CLASS OF 19 0 THIRD GRADE Peggy Bateson my 5 14' .5 J, i ,F 'Sai ffl- fe4X 7? Y' f X if. ,J 5 544 ie Stephen Gillespie :lt Amelia Richard Beach Coppler Danny Sarah Grohoske Grostick ,W A . jan Danny Cynthia McClelland Morrow Myers ,a .f iv e E Z,, - A Scott jeff jackie Rose Ruppright Schaaf 'S 13" -rr W I , X Q grim- 5 Ish 1 2 1 4 ' Ladd Christina Corbin Dennis Douglas Brenda F re ed Gillen 1 fl w- 1. 15, 11 Linda Billy Chris Tim Halsey Holland Luehmann Match A eyye if gig we , 'f QS ' fu 2 ff" : il A su 5 Randy Douglas Jolene Ricky Myers Oates Rader Rettig Pam Shearer Holly Darlene Randy Connie M W Suter Van Atta Wolford Yates Iv1RS , EVA KING Absent: Mike Fink Lenny Lee Arcadia High School Bowling Green State University ,P Ad ina? CLASS OF 19 0 THIRD GRADE in f Q X. Phil Donald Wanda Tom Debra Karen Beatrice Alge Anderson Baldwin Best Brauneller Drerup Elias 2 zar ,nnei e 1 Carl Alan Melonie Susan Jennifer Kurt Steve Fagan Farrell Gillette Grohoske Grove Heminger Horton Mi Renee Penny Robin David Eddie Bill Bob H011deSh911 johnson johnson Kroske Martin Nicholson Nickell ERS. MARCIA SHELLENBARGER ,rlington I-Iigh School lndlay College Karen David Todd Rankey Romick Sabbe Kim Bonnie Kent Slough Smith Wi1SOn CLASS OF 1979 FO RTH GR DE Nicki Beach , .is + 'wi' 1 Ls, fm . l 1 We My '35-YL 'iiljsiiiw' ' R is s A S l 51 Ronny Cooper Debbie Meador Amy Rodman Danny Van Atta . - Wiz E- - 1 1 f Q35 Sis TI'aCy Brad Susan jeff Brenda Best Bibler Bibler Branan Combs , g f ,'o75 :na i i Valerie Rose Troy Chris Mindy Crawford Essinger Gossman Grostick Lowder Becky Robin Susan Clark Steve Mille Myers Neal Phillips Reichley Laurie Lisa Russell Spurck MISS BETTY FOLTZ Findlay High School Bowling Green State University Tammy Bobby VonStein Zorn CLASS OF 1979 FO RTH GRADE jane Dennis Cheryl Penny Bill Beagle Billingsley Claphan Farthing Framz Jeanine Bruce Lisa Kenny Cena Harris Higgins Hindall Horton Hubbell Big , 'B : M .X gi" . s B X TOm Darryl jim Vicki Linda Marquart Needles Orwick Patton Pepple MQW PCSSY Rodabaugh Wentz MRS. SUSAN FERGUSON Rossford High School Bowling Green State University l 83 David Greiser jill Krepps Jackie Rader April Wilkinson CLASS OF 1978 FIFTH GRADE Bruce Dawn Sandra Sam Mike jamie Bill Alge Beach Bower Bowling Businger Cooper Cramer ui Joe jeff Greg Barbara Lori Patti Glen Dl'Llm1T191Smith Freed Glick Grove Holland Line Luehmann 5 3 i R W Sgr f ,ia is X jeff Towana Tom jenny jim Ted Kathy Myers Myers Neal Pfirsch Riegle Romick Waldman lima ' : ft? W K 553, X L , 1: K 5 xi ra' Shane Patty Washburn Wentz MR. DREW ROGERS Berner High School, N.Y. Senior at Findlay College Intern Program MRS. WAVELLENE MCDEVITT Robert Darlene Lima Central High School Wolford Ya,-,tis Miami University 84 8- :52 "Z 'af ja: R W1 .Aff 1 ,gi ,, 2 , S , Jiri , r 'U . ,, , julie Alspach RiCh211'd Pam Lori Fagan CLASS 0F 19 FIFTH GRADE Dan john Becky Steve BH-H165 Bond Businger Byal Donnie Line Connie Gillen Howard Judy :W s -V if Tom Davis Steve Mclviillen -J-5-2-Q?'ffjEk?S?'f'?A?f "": 'F - AV, . ., S m,,.:a.s,iig is?if S?iSEa -eiiiiif-51251 R if F v v r gg n g . F ne,1 , . A F Danny Brenda Dan jeff Tami Bart Prochaska Riegle Romick Salsbury Sink Smith agar f W E , fide mb, f rog , ara, ,fi r!Cfg?i,-zsygg xayii ? KVWY31 jeff Drummelsmith Jenny Oates mg! 'Q r Z s ,X in Nettie Smith .M Arlington Elementary School has 'S' 5 til had the privelege this year in having two Findlay College seniors in the College's intern program: spending ' - .- S the entire year teaching under the direction of a cooperating teacher. This is a plan where selected stu- dents complete their senior year of " " - college in the classroom. W Not only does the intern benefit 3 ' FW515 as from this program in acquiring prac- tical experience, but the school ben- Charles Beth efits, also, by the interns' eagerness Stfalt V9-D Atta and zeal to recruit good teachers. The fifth grade interns this year have been Miss Ann Riley of Findlay, Ohio, and Mr. Drew Rogers of Mec- hanichsburg, Penn. They will receive their Bachelor of Science in Education degrees in june. MISS ANN RILEY B . Findlay High School ermce Senior Findlay College 85 Wally Intern Program CLASS OF 1977 SIXTH GRADE Roger Cindy Jeanie Tom Steve Greg Jody Beagle BOSSe Busing er Ess inger Feller Grostick Hartman Lori Brian Kevin Herbert Becky Debbie Judy Hartman Hendricks Hill Judy Launder Lobdell Lowder F P . E Q A .. fgdilwigfifb? ' 5 . ikiy R gi' SVI' ibm Scott Andy Lori Cindy Patti Shelly Beth Luehmann Miller Morehart Nicholson Pepple Reamsnyder Riegle Linda Jolene Sabbe Schaaf Frances Smith MR. JOHN L. MORRIS Sharon Senior High Tyler Jin Findlay College Smith Wright CLASS OF 1977 SIXTH GRADE nrgjii 5--a'f?ign,k 1E5e' M, min' t Dennis Paula Judy Beth jean Connie janet Anderson Anderson Bateson Betz Branan Busing er Chortie 4 ,L '--, Llv A M' ix: , ,. K Q X Avi 3i S3i'5:fiX- ' it is Slime W Ega n? 9 n 23611432 A ,fy 22 Todd George Kay Tim Natalie Arlene Billy Corbin Elias Fenstermaker Frysinger Gant Gossman Higgins 'f jill Cindy Mark Wendy jane Cindy Tommy Long Main Match Moses Porter Redick Reffitr me K A "',,, X, fm egix 2 . 3. fi Brian Kevin Ruth Beth Reigle Risser Smlth Stalel' MRS. JOSEPHINE H A-" '.., 5 . :.,.,.. WILLEKE -f 3 Ada High School S Ohio Northern University Elementary Principle David Craig Tom Steinman Woodard Yates 87 2 X 4. id! I Q.. , I - z Q' ul lllflwv S s-. un- 1 5, '--.."f..--"" -"...-'S' al' Mm . 1. x df ? --I..-an if -cz ! as-ann-wav 44.21 . Tw -f iw ffl: gb-f.."'5-""'Q .: P -.NN-.:.f"-,:-..f-'Q Lfiiirg R I 's M, Nx., 3.f3"ff A 'xxx- J igfggyl: , ,A : . I .xv e L Z Q35 mf- .ff S-1s'a4 x v f my 49 'ww nf , I I 'Y ,A .ff . m 'sg A nf ? Mm ? ? Q A meat' .x we 451,951 " Q f Y JW if iq ef, 47,l,?C,, K 2 nf' vw . I mf-.L my f A Y i , 3 - as - Q A M . '-' 2Q 3 f' 'W v ' 'E i y X .- x 3 X 1 w J . ' X 6 -Q e Z 5- f. - K F ' f. sesfvlf'-' 3, ,Wy nw ?M,.,,, .,,-.Mi-aw' tg fk-' ' 'I .: 3- '-:SE K , Doug Alge L1,. LLL- f julie Chortie Greg Feller 1 21222 X 1-.0 4- 2 1 is S E David Baldwin M is r' V, y 4 5 . X ix 5 is . Y 5 'X L ,V.k: : David Clevenger z' ' if Charles Finerd , ,M ai 4 D D .. R 8 1 E3 nw s . Q , SEVE TH GRADE as 's T E ,L Q K K 5 Q ws? A I ,, ,,..:- wlwsffs 3 ::3?I:i- - fl5if.':i fs 1 Q Q 1 Be cky Bash ,gl f JE tag? 9 , if Kelly Combs Q 2 RQ .in 8 H - ,wa was , 3 fe W4 J, Cheryl Fletcher xi Qgz , z " " Jim Gillette Kenneth Johnson Keith Phillips ,E L21 i 3 f Q., I K L '94, ff , , ,. , , ,es lshl.s 1 Xills - ., ' W 2 Jeff Glick "2-,j -a:gL"a.'i: ' 5: . Jamey Lobdell 3' ::.,.:. .::. . r G Pam Porter 5f'?Q?22E?Li?ii5isf73 Cindy Grohoske -mr,-5 -f.,f, 4 me ,J 5' mi!! 'kwa L Z ' ,sa 5 ., , -sll , -,..:, wx' L A W +51 Jodi Long David Prochaska H r ,XJ amd, U-,-"Mr E str' rf rr f Y 9 as 42 wwmffffz:--' -'fwywsfm M S ally Bateson Cheryl Crawford JHY Follas Denise Grohoske .,,Q: I .35 Tim Morrow rl twig? ,-' s LX De an Rankey M M WW, m,,A-Q5s'Q?saseza ,- f-m,r'Ws, a -em 3 :Qu -' 'lfvgwszimsfleif , . -ff,-ami :xv ' - ' 'If' ala ' ,, tw ,Stl 1-,.. A aj, . .1 ff""' ,, W i ' A." wa :-T gig- A, ,yi f7? vw ,,1vv ' - affair, im. :C we Brad Beach julie Bibler in my 8, T5 Kit Byal if -al V2 X. ,K ,sauna X Wiz rr: ,af W X si? Q 1 ! 2 25593 Debbie Davis -1 Lou Ann Frantz jim Ebert his aw. Daryl Frysinger Kathy Essinger ri X 4 Jonathon Gillespie if L. ,,,:: .. - i f V FT" ifs i ' Fi :Z - . BL l N 'i'a:5':: - if-'Miz-F '- :wt " fifsf: if 'E 'S S nfgila h, .' . N, Q, 1 71 ia, - ff: If A - V, ig, 5- :s,,::--J.:ff:r:,5,j'f.. ' w l Donald Harris 1 elrr C " if -if Brenda Needles Tom Re amsnyder Mark Hartman 5 x K .. A .HV .. ' K :H F 1" -5531.1 42 :-' , if 1, , W K Q gg, M 4 . iw' Kaiba as David Patton Judy Reichley Mike 7' Howard .5 , a fwf A ggzlgggf Q Barbara Pfirsch llr Us Keith Robinson EVE TH GRADE ,gk A E 4 if A . get . be A.., ,, VV W, NW A ,, 5, g g W ,f,ff-ff-M-f" 5 g el S W Danny Clayton Larry Waldman Washburn Weihrauch NO PICTURES A A Kathy Strait 1" Ei rrvve H' 'tr'ffur'w5?5 E. i-v oo, ' , 5 l Rick Mike Wolford Woodard i Late again. What's so funny Follas? Hard at work. Seventh grade gossip section. Wonder asks how big do you want to be? was ar Qs no f Dan Anderson Pam Businger Allen Fields Cheryl Hendricks Chevone Kasunic Kent McMillen .2 EIGHTH GRADE ' . e l 1 M F ,, -- , f - 1 r l ,, I K: 3 H A 'mv -we ,,::, -S are K K, V, r2a','EMWaSf3Li.h1 E i f F ' 1. s. Ugg' Susan Reed Jill Zack Wayne Dennis Bame Bash Bishop Bowling Bradford Branan if irxg ., x is r s f F if J w A , ig V ' is it I , E , ti A ,K . 5 V'- r ig M 1 . ..- A L . - Becky Robin Marcia Linda Bill Jim Coldren Cooper Deter Dodge Ebert Essinger A r n .. ' ,., yrk G L' 7' I .3 , 2' ' .Ejjt 'Lf - ' . v '4""""' I -L , V jane Lois Debra Kathy Maxine Meg Fields Frey Gant Grove Helms Heminger A .:,, I ,a vi It as -V J 4: f. .. I -A I I fl 4 E i g l i leyl y ' an M 5' g r Q, . r B i i s i illl B 'B' t :,. ,. M F -- ' F- .. lg as ky Q f' Az w igs . .. Dave joe Bob Steve Mollie Clinton Hindall Hindall Houdeshell johnson jolliff Judy ,Q fs 5 in s-1i E ffl: 'rr' - . m's3"'f K ' Yi A' QQ 1 Jim Roy Mark Terri Willard Roger Krout Launder Line Line Long McClelland W gg K V My E, H I l 'Vl' M .r 'ilir g t we K .gif A v-ip 1 A' fl ' X My Dave john Larry Ginger Dan Andy Musgrave Myers Neal Nicholson Oates Pifer Us EIGHTH GRADE ggg A g ff l ! Q . . , , Wwggm , , i A-' S M K .--Q ,Q K fi? Q5 , 13 'ii is Y'L--Lg of 95 "lv l il .Lf ' --Mg 2 - : , Paul Kevin Doug Prochaska Rankey Riegle my :V p U 0 'K 1 -w, K vi' g 'tix 'A , In A Tom jim Rick Smith Staley Wagner -' ' NO PICTURES Bi11Mi11er .4 if 'i"",W Dan Miller i, Mary Strait Bonnie Yates Paul Be cky Nat Riegle Rodabaugh Russell . K S S95 Kevin Keith Beatrice Walters Weidman Welly Rita S alsbury Dan Wilch Bashful Marcia. That again! 9fi ' That's no fair! Does it taste good? FRE HME B Q W 1,,. ,. 5 ' "' W V gk ,. " 5 .if-." ' ssl , 3: U 'L f -- 63 it ,'.. '2'::' Z L"' --1' Tom Bill John Jim Doug Kelly Linda Bateson Beach Beagle Beard Billingsley Boutwell Bower fl "B:" yL" E 1..: ,::.: If e eee ee B -'---. gra s 'lzi ll 'SEE' fl' 1 :,' 1. , .:,, .. 2 A M . Scott Sharon Anna Mike jane Charles Chris Brown Chamberlain Clevenger Clifford Cole Combs Combs , I A AMN v,lri..: yykl, I B ,.,. z A -f , I- ,..L a": . C , ' biliii " ., :ff ' 1 A L ..-:- E. r oono T 1 -at i i-a B if -w e ln ':r.: B W n-a, R lg fl : B C "B' B 4' EL Bruce Robin Karen Cindy Ann Steve Rusty Cook Corbin Cramer Crawford Decker Ebert Field it T 's,VQ 1 ' ' , T - ,,,. ' ICVIVC ii A li' T T w i f T alnn fr P T T ' . ,, 'i'ri . ,K 7'- - iry - :lv ' ii A A New :tk - v- ,.:.:" - "l la Van Pam Ruth Tim Rhonda Deb Bill Follas Frantz Frey Glick Gossman Grove Halsey g b A Q rigs ll A? 1. if 1' -Q .:.. 4' 1 ' . . jane Sharon Karl Dennis Barbara Terry Nancy Hartman Hartman Heminger Hendricks Houdeshell Huffman Krout I .. - ,Ti kyrky K b . ., -130,3 -- X ":L ' ' Q ., A rf ... 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I A f X, I, 3 mx Gary Dennis Nancy Karen Wilson Woodard Wright Yoxtheimer -X vs ,x 'e QP' , E. , ,,,. 3 R , , X fi i ,f . ,. , . 1 V V tg V , What are you doing, Alice? sb, :eff Q What a Masterpiece! lwfrli K Sandy and Deb at the bookstand. Something wrong jon? Sophomore "goof offs". Tim Bash 1 1w1111m1m m1ra1a,1 F, . 1,1y,,EmE,,,5mE 11,ws11111m111 11111111mmfs. 1m911w11211111 111-1111-111111211m ,:: we Zlizwtfszfiusag ' ' " fi Pigizfmxx gl n A 1 1 111 if :ZESEEWQFYSWQ 'Tai E5 1 2 25,531 :21g1:si1'1:" ' 1 .,,.. fa, w111.W1 .11 1111 11 --115131511311 Tim Deter QQ 1 is gg a R l 95, is K x Fred Hartman UNIOR Dennis Be ard Laura Jim Marlene Richard Dave Bib ler Businger Cle ve nger Cook De cker 1 ' '-,..-of. ' -' ...Maw L w11.1U1 111 11111-111e11m,-W-ASW 1 L 11 1 1--1111a1.s11a1Q1 mf ' :fzz iizifki 1111114111111 Q fi X ig ,EI . 'sHs1. 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Vickie models for the camera The Karens hard at work. Your kidding W Our new cheerleaders--Dan, Dave, jim, Tim. v ADMINISTRATIO SUPERINTENDENT: ROBERT A SMITH PRINCIPAL: ROBERT E. COOPER Mr. Smith has had to face many difficult problems Mr. Cooper handles all the problems that arise in this year. This is his second year at Arlington High a school day. He is always there to help students and School and he has continued through his tireless efforts faculty when help in needed. Through his ideas and to make this small school an outstanding one in the organization the school has been able to achieve things state. He takes great pride in the school. never before thought possible. He aids students in planning their future after graduation. He continously strives to heighten the school's educational standards. School Board LEFT TO RIGHT: Vice President, Kieth jolliff, President, Donald Follas, Robert Wagner, Elden Smith, and Paul Pepple. SCHOOL EMPLOYEES SCHOOL SECRETARY: Mrs. Peggy Corbin As school secretary, Mrs. Corbin does her best in helping the school affairs run smoothly. Tele- phone calls, typing, and organization are a few of her many jobs. STUDY HALL MONITOR: Mrs. Doris Weihrauch The key for creating good study habits is to provide a quiet place in which to study. Mrs. Weihrauch undertakes this challenge full time. SCHOOL CLERK: Mr. Rayniond Carey As well as providing a more efficient method of handling the school's finances, Mr. Carey with his sense of humor, adds real meaning to pride for our school. SCHOOL PATROL: Mrs. Dorothy Wagner Mrs. Wagner promotes safety for the child- ren of the school. Her job is to help the children across the busy street in the morning when school begins, at lunch time and when school is out at the end of the day. HIGH SCHOUL FACULTY I-IISTORY--ENGLISH: MR. JAMES EDIE Mr. Edie, informs his students about the events of the past and present. By communicating through History and Eng- lish courses, he presents these ideas, LIBRARY: MRS. CHIERYL MATUSIK In our library, Mrs. Matusik, is our guide for seeing the world through the eyes of books. LANGUAGES: MRS. LUCIA WELLY Mrs. Welly helps students learn the art of under- standing different languages. She teaches French, Latin and English. HISTORY--ENGLISH: MRS. KAYE CLAPHAN Mrs. Claphan instructs her students to understand the usage of words so that they can convey their thoughts on the issues of everyday life. HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY BUSINESS: MRS. ELIZABETH KNIGHT Mrs. Knight is the leading exponent in business education. She teaches Office Practice, Steno- graphy, Typing and Bookkeeping. She is also the sponsor of the National Honor Society. BUSINESS: MR. DAVID JOHNSON Mr. Johnson teaches Business Math, Consumer Economics, General Business, Record Keeping, Personal Typing and journalism. By his teaching, he prepares students to enter in business careers. I MATHEMATICS: MR. DONALD TRIER Here, Mr. Trier is helping, Dave, one of his many math students with a problem. IO SCIENCES: MR. GLOVER WEBB Mr. Webb is busy preparing to meet his Science students to show them the aspects of developing pictures. 3 HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY fum-y 1 GUIDANCE COUNSELOR: MR. DAVID ECHOLS The possibilities for furthering ones education are endless. Mr. Echols aids the students in the planning of their future careers and education. He is also the head Baseball Coach. ART: MRS. JOAN SCHMIDT The Art department holds many of the students interest, Mrs. Schmidt grades her students on the quality of their work. 4 55 MUSIC: MR. RONALD CABLE The field of music is taught by Mr. Cable. He highlighted the year with the creation of the Pocket Edition, and with numerous concerts. HOME ECONOMICS: MISS MAUREEN GAVRON Miss Gavron teaches Home Economics, Tailor- ing, and Family Living. In these subjects the stu- dents learn home management and other domestic subjects. HIGH SCHOUL FACULTY Mx. AGRICULTURE: MR. FRED MENGERT Mr. Mengert is the sponsor of F. F.A. , O. I. T. , and the annual staff. He is very dedicated in his work with the students and the school. PHYSICAL ED. : MRS. BONNIE BASINGER As well as teaching Phy. Ed. to elementary and high school students, Mrs. Basinger has a great in- terest in school athletics. She advises the G. A. A. , Pep Club, and the Cheerleaders. INDUSTRIAL ARTS: MR. GERALD WAGNER Mr. Wagner is always willing to help students. He helps the students develop their skills of craftsmanship in his Industrial Art classes. I-Ie also shows great skill in his coaching of the B. V. C. Basketball Champs. PHYSICAL ED: MR. MICKY DAVIS Mr. Davis teaches physical education to elem- entary and high school students. He helps the students to develop strong bodies. I-Ie also is the Wrestling coach. THE BLOCK SYSTE GRADE 8: MRS. NANCY BROBST Under the block system, Mrs. Brobst teaches English, Spelling and History. She also instructs an experimental class of English Composition. GRADE 7: MR. STEVE BASINGER As well as being an outstanding football coach, Mr. Basinger, is also a Science and Soc- ial Studies teacher. SPECIAL EDUCATION: MR, JOHN SPARKS Mr. Sparks, aids those students that need more time in learning new things. ELEMENTARY STAFF LIBRARY: MRS. RACHEL I-IARTMAN MUSIC: MRS. SALLY MCDOUGIE Mrs. Hartman works vigorously in her new Mrs. McDougle is kept very busy teaching the position as Elementary Librarian. She helps the elementary children the basic fundamentals of students to learn the proper use of the library. music. She plays a very important part in the This will give them an advantage in high school. development of the students voices and other Mrs. Hartman also works as a cashier in the musical talents. Mrs. McDougle knows how to cafeteria. make music interesting and fun. TEACHERS AID: MRS. EVELYN OATES Teacher's Aid is a new position this year in the elementary. As a teacher's aid Mrs. Oates is the secretary to the elementary principal. She also is playground and studyhall monitor. She assist the County Health Nurse in giving hearing and eye test to the students. Mrs. Oates helps all the elementary teachers so that they can have more time to devote to their classes. lO7 SCHGOL E PLOYEE COOKS: LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Opal Best, Mrs. Ester Bormuth, Mrs. Isabelle Marquart. CAFETERIA MANAGER: Mrs. Dortha Mengert. CUSTODIAN: Mr. Oscar Fields. I CUSTODIAN: Mr. Raymond Essinger BUS DRIVERS: LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Ronald Gossman, Mr. Windell Grieser, Mr. Robert Russell, Mrs. Elenor Rettig, Mr. Dale' Hartman, and Mr. Wilbur Garlinger. TEACHER PARTICIP TEI EARTH D Y Teachers and students arrive school after a long ride. Mr. Rogers and Mrs. Brobst still have a smile after their journey. Miss Gavorn hiding behind Mr . Switzer. ww-,Hwy K Teachers eating a good breakfast at the johnny Appleseed Restaurant. Some students joined the teachers on their hike. 109 Teachers are Very hungry after their long pedal. ANNUAL STAFF LEFT TO RIGHT: Carol Butler, Bonnie Line, Patty Yates, Denise Rettig, jenny Moses, john Remking, Doug Morehart, Barb Wagner, jane Moses, Susie Walters, Gloria Reigle, Beth Musgrave, Peggy Treece, Patty Krout, Karen Morrow, Kathy Porter. Co- editors--jenny Moses Peggy Treece Elementary editor--Bonnie Line Faculty editor--Carol Butler Music--Denise Rettig Cheerleaders Majorettes Art Work--Doug Morehart Snapshot editor--john Reinking High School editor--Pat Krout Senior editor--Barb Wagner Sports editor--jane Moses Club editor--Gloria Reigle Advertising, sales--Kathy Porter Eric Pearson Faculty advisor--Fred Mengert junior assistants: Delia Fields, Patty Yates, Nancy Ellis, Mark Wagner, Barb Schmell, Susie Walters, Karen Morrow, Beth Musgrave. The 1971 Excelsior Staff sincerely hopes that everyone enjoys this year's annual. We would like to thank everyone who gave their time and efforts in making this possible. We thank the students and the teachers who posed for the pictures used to make up the annual. A special THANKS to Mr. Mengert for his time and efforts. 1 10 MMM? Congratulations ARLINGTON PHARMACY Alan Ray Wolford, Sr. R.Ph. Arlington, Ohio 45814 Complete Prescription Service Congratulations ARLINGTON GIFT SHOPPE Gifts for all Occasions Trudy J. Wolford Arlington, Ohio 45814 I , N t,.,. I ARLINGTON NATURAL GAS CO. i1-by "' Portage an Buren "' Mt. Blanchard "' rlington 'Arcadia Phone 299-330 P.O. Box 277 Van Buren, Ohio , . N. " 4f.gW,,' givf-.irg-fugnw-, pf. L7 .:, 1 K ffgfkfggl- R M .. f 2,5 5,-Qt y R: rm W ' . Jr' '9 ".f1t'.-.fl-Q 1' ' - N- "' 'G " 5 ,, 4. . . . F ' - 'aff' 'F .If ' 7 f N' JOHN S BODY SHOP I in O ,, .5 .fs??fsl?f ' H r A K' 5 O," fire, m M. .,,, , ,Q-"K: 1 , , If ' f" 1 or ttre VVVL .,,,.. ,,.f,.,::,1 ,,.A.,,.A. , , 'Auto Palmmg F , , ... 2 ,..1 2? 'f 4, :Auto Repglr. E lj - A ' A A A Wreck Rebuilding P H' it A - , ' A . Free Estimates f, t iff H 6 1 QVIIIAI gl l32 West Liberty Street Phone 365-5227 ' ge ..,,r ...51 Q ' Arlington, Ohio www " -A r.... 6 PLAIN VIEW DAIRY K ' .Q . 5 mm a..,, E . .,,Q,..,, .-:-- l , F, i fl? A ,. .,,L V, H K J ,R Y , ,L E .kkr ,gg r,i..Wi.? ,, ...Q 5 D fl . It ,L 4 Jffmm, , I --.-- 51315 i K Kk"V P 3 ff- , . .7 tj ,mf F jwmuf S i""i'a'l ' 5 fmq 5 A 1 U UW' ' '- tis :mu 5 -f -f 'i . lb -' A 7' V kk Q Qi Q J W" . , su nun 7 - NX" -1 -- , 5 ' " 5 A "'k A' . , . T E I .ikvs i K , 5 ,fgemry - . N L-'. .. , ' ' ' Vff- ' V 1- ' fix' 33 2 V 3 A if -l 5 A ' 3 'ffl fl, lf . Q , s L PM. -, 7 r fi-gw..r,r P . ,..2w-5- igg .. rr. ef: fa Q t st - f ,, 1 'M W . 5 fi f' .,v,,rf' 1 5: - W' " ,..,.,.,..u.f-'wwf - .. ., A-s -ar' '- ' ,,,.,,......,.f--A-.MQ W 7 . f ...Q-.L:-cb Q.-1 ,,,,,......,.....-..--A I . ,kk. K UMXFQSQ , M .Q J- Q Rtail Jenera, Ohio Phone 326-4373 "We Make Our Own Ice Cream" DALLY FUNERAL HOME Arlington, Ohio J. G. DRUMMELSMITH EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLY One Mile North and One Mile West of Arlington, Ohio Phone Arlington 365-5521 "Acres of Used Equipment and Tiresu MARGARET'S BEAUTY LOREN E. BIBLER HARTMAN HARDWARE VILLAGE BARBER SI- SHOP INSURANCE Arlington 110 N. Main Street Arlington, Ohio North Maifl Ash Hardware, Paint, Arlington, Ohio Arlington, Ohio Shoes Hairstyling Tax Service Razorcutting Phone 365-5642 Phone 365-5667 Phone 365-5136 Phone 365-5522 ARLINGTON HOUSE ANTIQUES South Main Street R. H. COLDREN 8: SON Standard Oil STELLA'S RESTAURA Main Street Distributor ' h' . A l' , Oh' Arlington, O 10 Arlington, Ohio r lI'l-55651414 10 45814 45814 Compliments of DeWAYNE HINDALL SNYDEWS GARAGE ARLINGTON SOHIO BRANAN'S GULF INSURANCE General Repair . . , A1'l1n8t011- 01110 Arlington, Ohio Arlington Ohio . . ' A l , Oh r IHEEZT4 10 Phone 365-5011 Phone 365-5143 The man from Nationwide is on your side. PAUL WAXLER TRUCKING AND C. at W, CONCRETE STANLEY WOODWARD EXCAVATING INSURANCE AGENCY Arlington, Ohio Arlington, Ohio Arlington, Ohio Phone 365-5040 45814 Phone 365-5332 MORROW'S EEQEQEZIJIEIE LAUNDROMAT AND CAR WASH Main Street Arlington, Ohio 45814 North Main Street Arlington, Ohio 45814 Compliments of H. K. TREECE M.D. LEASE TV Zenith 4 Color TV B8cW 4 Stereo Sales and Service Compliments of S. W. FINK M.D. BUTLER'S IGA Mt. Blanchard WAYNE'S BARBER SHOP 123 North Main St. Findlay, Ohio Open: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Fridays to Mt, Blanchard, Ohio Ohio 8 om- Closed Mt. Blanchard Mondays Ohio Parking in Rear 422-5547 l Compliments of BLUFFTON PRECAST 1 GEIGER AND DILLER CONCRETE PRODUCTS SMITH HARDWARE BLUFFTON STONE CO. Mer1'5 Wear CO- , , Foot Wear Plumbing and Heating P,O, Box 26 Route 2, P.O. Box 104 J Oh- Bll1ffiOfl, Ohio 124 Main Street mera' lo BlllffIOI'l, Ohio Bluffton, Ohio Phone 358-6941 Phone 3264343 Phone 358-6946 THE JENERA SO-OPERATIVE ASS'N Jenera, Ohio LAUNDEEEHBARBER Phone 326-4444 C4195 . Grain - Seeds - Coal Jenera' Ohm F '1' Farrirgdggies Phone 326-4201 Phone: 422-6579 Sundays 84 Holidays Call 423-1037 Phone 422-4462 MAC AND BOB SERVICE GARAGE 24 Hour Wrecker Service 5 Wreckers 231 East Front Street Findlay, Ohio LOUISE,S BEAUTY SALON 107 Allen Ave. Findlay, Ohio 45840 Compliments of BRINKMAN'S TURKEY FARM Rural Route 4 Findlay, Ohio Compliments of EGBERT'S 404 E. Sandusky St. Findlay, Ohio Compliments of TRAUCHT I.G.A. QF Compliments of BEST FORD SALES Arlington, Ohio "BEST" in Transportation Needs! SMITH FARM IMPLEMENT, INC. 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Phone 365-9165 Compliments of HELDMAN'S INSURANCE Phone 365-5311 427 South Main Arlington, Ohio COBBIN BROTHERS Chevrolet Dealers Arlington, Ohio 'Selling America's Number One Car DICK,S AUTO SUPPLY All Parts and Accessories 349 Midland Avenue Findlay, Ohio GOSSMAN'S WELDING SERVICE Aluminum, Brass, Tool Steel, Etc Cumberland Street Phone 365-5445 Arlington, Ohio 45814 Compliments of JOHN STEINMAN LUMBER CO. Arlington, Ohio Phone 365-5454 Compliments of SOHIGRO SERVICE COMPANY "Custom Blend Fertilizers" Two Miles East of Arlington on State Road l03 One-I-Ialf Mile North on County Road 182. Compliments of DR. SPRAGG AND DR. WINTERS, INC. 612 N. Main Arlington, Ohio Compliments of THE FARMERS 8: MERCHANTS BANK COMPANY Arlington, Ohio A Full Service Bank The NEW DIMENSION in Yearbooks A publication technique that My Adm n a, :-:nl adds depth to your year. . . ':.:,' . , .your yearbook , H AMERICAN YEARBOOK COMPANY ...big enough to give you all the ad- IV M, , vantages of superior research and technical 5 I -A . . -J, , I ' ' A " f't'bf'f:i 1 knowledge. . .small enough to give you ,:'., I I I.- individual attention 0 N 'I--,Y tnifwf -wi at I L wi' WT' SERVICE X QUALITY X CREATIVITY f RELIABILITY AMERICAN YEARBOOK COMPANY . A DIVISION or Jos'rI3Ns, INC. HANNIBAIHNHSSOLVRI f TOPEKA, KANSAS f VISAIIIA,CAIJFCURNIA f CANIBRIDUE, MARYLAND R p d by Asnmnnn DIL at Rnmmrmo Coimmlsrxr Findlay, O Z I I Congratulations Class of '70 TRAUTMAN MOBILE HOME SALES INC. 4400 North Main St. Findlay, Ohio 45840 . . , juli .-' CLEVENGER WELL DRILLING Route 1 Arlington Ohio 45814 365-5293 TRICO PLATE GLASS CO. DIE-I-SCH BROTHERS 213 East Crawford - F dl Findlay, ghigy Ohio 422-6872 JAQUA'S SPORTING Gooos Findlay Ohio K-T EQUIPMENT RENTAL INC. 445 Western Avenue Findlay, Ohio 422-4549 Construction Industrial Home Tractors And Tools, Air Compressors, Mowers Tillers, Floor Sanders, Polishers, Concrete Tools, Wallpaper Steamers, Electric Hand Tools, Vacuums, Scaffold, Heaters, and Pumps. ..... .f-.qu-us. ' . "A" .'.'.'.'.'.'.' l. . 1.1.g.g.g.:.:.g.g.g.g.g.:.g. .:.'.'.'.'.'.-.-.-.- - ' . - s 4 . . - .qt .. .41 f ' f ., .. .r . , v e v - '- MARATHON GUARANTEE Marathon Oil Company guarantees satis- faction with the Marathon petroleum prod- ucts and the automotive services available at this Marathon service station lfyou are not satisfied with such products or services send us your evidence of purchase within thirty days from the date of such purchase and your money will be promptly refunded MARATHON OIL COMPANY FINDLAY OHIO I '-' :ga EE:2:E:i5.-2221151523155 5251: J- 0 H U . .-..----- I - ""." " " ' " . ' -.-.-.-:-:-:15::r:r:::zr:zr:::E'-'I' - ' N - "+ ' . " . l- . ' - - . . H U Compliments of HANCOCK READY MIX IN C. Findlay, Ohio G d Mornings S With THE REPUBLICAN COURIER The All American Sound i' WFINEWSSE HOBBS BROTHERS TRUCKING 81 EXCAVATING CO. H 81 M SAND gl GRAVEL co. EPSI' UM 1022 Blanchard Avenue Findlay, Ohio Phone 422-5923 PEPSI COLA BOTTLING CO. B ad8LRockwell F dl y Ohio45840 - o VA". 11" ' . H-W u V- , ii, 5- -. ' -- . U--. . ...U algal my Sai-1 ea-1 W- W 'min www Cm Tw in' fi was 0 new dwxwgied 00 a vewle . .. ' .. OC ' The gpqnsmudw 'B he Said' ingfe' oe' "ubee- fo" " nwll . z. ,i mini :imcula-t may we ' " - I G LI. pie are He" lglqmi cbmenscr TGSVO. I . gT0u:l0li'iIg:foETo- 21:11:15 ID mcgeaxr expe' meh p E .- - ' Meiwngeons mer WW' oi Anglo' Mme r W' Pe' f ' J bm 'I 'mates to ' - gm bg ' n sume pg-o 6 that the di I occagio Owe' l ,- - nw "l me mst w re iOnfxlrZovea1'S:f" HOV oi L0 be ask cm?- XI E gactule tend ting. 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Nll7l1irl13OggRgg1 Findlay Division TREECE'S CARPET sHoPPE C In f plment P i , i 7 C X A APAPP , 1 ' CENTREX CORPORATION A "OO'Of PPAll5'vli5fl3wi:ifX Findlay, Ohio cx CENTF! EX HANCOCK ASPHALT 8: PAVING CO. Asphaltic Concrete Products Rural Route4 F dl y Oh 423 1474 Box 126 Carey, Ohio 423-2909 Compliments of FINDLAY FLORISTS Bo-ka Flowerland Sinks Waaland Koehlers Findlay, Ohio al ,CQ gi Compliments of NAPOLI PIZZARIA Findlay, Ohio Specializing in Pizza, Submarine Sandwich, and Spaghetti "More for Less ai B.V.S." I LUMBER H0 ME BUILDING C E N T E R MATERIAL FREE TRUCK LOAD DELIVERY WITHIN 25 MI. RADIUS BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '71 FORT FINDLAY VILLAGE Findlay, Ohio Raymond Carroll Beauty Salon 0 LUMBER 0 ROOFING 0 CEILINGS 0 Purwoon 0 wmnowsanooas 0 HARDWARE 0 PANILLING 0 cmmrrms 0 PAINT I 0 Gm sz-IOP 0 smear. nunnmc 0 xrrcrmus BFIIVS Air-Condifioned Showroom N0bil Shoes Paul Harris lancha rd cllley upply 13161352335 CO. Mode-A-Day Shop Jo-Ann Fabrics Osterman Jewelers FREE PARKING WEST' OF BY-PAS ON STATE RTE 224 W. Over the By-Pass and Under Your Budget Gray Drugs Hello Shop Singer Co. Terri Tyler Hobby Center Findlay Toggery Moore's Barbers Household Finance ROSE VILLA NIGHT CLUB Steaks, Seafood And Chicken Open 7 Days A Week SHELL Irv Heuerman Gasoline v Fuel Oil Batteries Auto Parts STUDIO OF WONDERS 101 Perry Street Fostoria, Ohio 44830 Phone 435-3615 Senior Picture Photographer ol Complete Line Of Farm Seeds HANCOCK HYBIRDS INC Findlay, Ohio Phone: 422-9372 700 WESTERN AVENUE FINDLAY, OHIO 45840 MILLER MOTOR SALES For the best in Used Cars 1212 Blanchard Ave. Findlay, Ohio ' 9 Business 8L Farm Business Accounting Management OHIO CONVEYOR 8a SUPPLY INC. 1310 North Main Street Findlay, Ohio W" N : 3 I DEIPGQK WORLD S LARGEST TAX SERVICE koe 423-9962 917 E. Sandusky St. General Office Hancock Co. Carl Kliesch Fairgrounds 237 W. Center - 435-8589 Findlay, Ohio 45840 Fostoria, Ohio 448 30 BRlNDLE'S WAYSIDE FURNITURE CO 2716 North Main St. Findlay, Ohio Open evenings till 9P.M. Free Parking HYWAY CONCRETE PIPE CO. Manufacturers Of Quality Concrete Culvert Pipe - Sewer Pipe f Drain Tile John M. Stough, Pres. and Gen. Manager Robert L. Niswander, Sales Manager 14191423-0862 Findlay, Ohio Compliments of FINDLAY INDUSTRIES 400 Walnut St. Findlay, Ohio TASTY TATERS INC. 37 Years Experience 237 Prospect Ave. Findlay, Ohio 422-1365 Compliments of B 8a J PHOTO, INC. "Your Photographic SL Audio Visual Supplier" We're Close for Your Needs "The Hub of Northwestern Ohio" REMEMBER TODAY IN PICTURES Bob McManness President LITTLE'S MARATHON 464 Sandusky Street Findlay, Ohio 423-0553 STRAIT AND HATHWAY South Side Marathon Service South Main And Sixth Street Congratulations To The Class Owl FORNE'S BRAKE SERVICE 123-125 East Front Street P O Box 450 Findlay, Ohio Findlay, Ohio NATIONAL LIME 84 STONE Complete Line ofNational Products Ag. Limestone Pulverized Limestone Hydrated Crunched Ready-Mix Limestone Findlay - Carey HANCOCK GAS SERVICE INC- THE TARBOX-MCCALL Lima AVCIIUC at RI. 68 Manufacturers Of By Pass Crushed Stone Findlay, Ohio 422-4373 852 Western Avenue Complete Lp Gas Service Findlay, Ohio And Appliances DON COURTNEY REALTY KIRKPATRICK HAWKINS 232 Center sr., Findlay, 0. FUNERAL HOME , 422-3100 500 Lima Avenue Fmdlay' Ohm Bud Warren 8L Larry White Associates NORTHWESTERN MASONRY SERVICE CO., INC. DfBfA Bruce B. Bryan 8L Son Cement Products And Building Supplies 409 W. Main Cross St. - 422-1182 ' Bottled Under Authority , l Of The Coca Cola Co. I i lm By The Findlay MIM , COCA COLA BOTTLING nnnvk CQ. Q. , 6565 I lx, 122 Clinton Court 2-1 Findlay, Ohio JOHNNY APPLESEED RESTAURANT AND BOWLING LANES Congratulations to the Class of 1971 Arlington, Ohio .lv f,- l.El'l'EH'S MARKET AND FHUZEN F0011 Wil Ierry and Iinny Loy - - DEALERS IN IRON, METAL AND PAPER STUCK if Phone 326-5273 'P P O BOX 367 MAIN STREET IENERA, OHIO F NDI- OHIO GERALD S FENBERG PHONE 422 7763 Findlay, ohio JAMES RISSER LUMBER CO. Route if 68 Arlington, Ohio 45814 Phone 365-5241 CLAIRE C. BASH Builder 423 S. Main Arlington, Ohio BLANCHARD VALLEY PRINTING 214 South Main St. Arlington, Ohio Phone: 365-5246 Mt. Blanchar IAM PURE OIL Union 76 Products Be Sure With Pure d, O. 694-3461 Compliments Of HICKLES BARBER SHOP Mt. Blanchard, Ohio REEDS TIRE SERVICE Corner of Rt. 103 And 37 Mt. Blanchard, Ohio 694-341 l Compliments Of WARD'S LIVESTOCK Mt. Blanchard, Ohio 694-2700 Daily Market Hogs - Cattle 4 Lambs MILLER'S KITCHENETTE 621 s. Main sp, Findlay, o. CENTER STREET RESTAURANT 110 Center Street Findlay, Ohio BELTZ CLOTHING 329 South Main Street Findlay, Ohio Men - Students WALTER SHOE STORE 331 South Main Findlay, Ohio FINDLAY EQUIPMENT SALES INC. 828-30 N. Main St. Findlay, Ohio BLANCHARD STREET CARRY-OUT 625 South Blanchard Findlay, Ohio Ph. C4191 422,4872 Phone 422-5714 FINDLAY compliments of PORTER Music co. ELECTRIC SUPPLY, INC. DR MILES R. KARDATZKE 530 south Main 413 N h M . DR FRED R. ROSEBROOK Findlay, Ohio Siiet am Practice Of Optometry 422-3015 Findlay, Ohio Phone C4195 620 south Main street Findlay's Complete 422-2984 Findlay, Ohio Music Store Wholggalg Only FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS 8: LOAN ASSOCIATION 127 E. Main Cross Findlay, Ohio Compliments of DR. M. D. BAIR AND ASSOCIATES DR. M. D. BAIR DR. R. A. O'HEREN DR. R. J. HERR Optometrists Contact Lenses Ph. C4193 422-3472 125 West Sandusky St. Findlay, Ohio Compliments of HUGHES DRY CLEANERS 701 Howard 8L 112 W. Front St. Findlay, Ohio Compliments of ENCK'S CARRY OUT Trenton Avenue Findlay, Ohio ROYAL TIRE SERVICE 615 Trenton Ave. West on Rt. 224 Findlay, ohio 45840 Best Wishes to The Class of"71" HERBERT A. MAHL M.D. Findlay, Ohio E C0mP1imCHtS Of Compliments of Compliments Compliments of of DR. RICHARD C. hgQ?5.FIiIg12TO8L JOHN SAUSSER RHOTON ' OLD TAVERN Findlay, Ohio 227 Rector Avenue Findlay, Ohio Jenera, Ohio STEEL CO. INC. Findlay, Ohio FRUEH'S BAKE SHOP Findlay, Ohio 422-1464 "'Hot from the Oven', At GROMAN'S MUSIC Ph. 423-1952 THE BAND-ORCH SHOP Sales - Rentals - Repairs 729 N. Main Findlay, Ohio Walt Dommer Compliments of MILLER'S LUNCHEONETTE 203 North Main Street Findlay, Ohio TROUT FU RNITURE CO 508 South Main Findlay, Ohio Quality Furniture since 1886 PRODUCTION CREDIT GARNER TRUCKING ASS'N OF NORTHERN FINDLAY POWER Compliments of INC. OHIO EQUIPMENT COMPANY 1509 Logan Ave. Findlay, Ohio 1206 Lima Avenue Findlay, Ohio 1331 Lima Avenue Findlay, Ohio EDDY FLYING SERVICE, INC. Findlay Airport 45840 See Us for Phone 422-5111 Findlay, Ohio Education Loans LANAGAN 1 1 CONSTRUCTION CO. . Compliments of Robert L. Lanagan WILSON . . SANDWICH gesidential, SHOP ommercial Steel Buildings Findlay- Ohio Pole Barns L Compliments of RECREATION MAX'S BARBER BOWLING ZIEROI-F53 BINDEL'S MAYTAG SHOP LANES HOME APPLIANCE Clothes Men Like CENTER 113 N. Main St. 132 W E. 422-6954 F irldlay, Ohio Crawford St. Downtown Findlay 214 South Main St. Open Bowling for i Findlay, onid Ph' 423-9121 Students-45a i 45840 per lane Compliments of . 1 Compliments of PLOTTS Compliments of ST ACY LEIQJSEER INSURANCE MONTGOMERY PHOTO CENTER WARD SADDLERY AGENCY Phone 423-2365 Findlay, Ohio 215 South Main Findlay, Ohio Findlay, ohio 913 North Main St. Findlay, Ohio Phone 422-0544 Enterprise 8633 Open Monday's till 9 p.m. Compliments of McDONALD'S STURMS MARKET PI b CIIUCICS SOHIO am urges C fs h 800 Lima Avenue 1225 Tiffin Ave. Ofnislo, out Findlay, Ohio d L, mst t Findlay 3I'l Ima FCC - J A d Findlay, Ohio Ohio 'm n mon "Come on Over to Phone 424-9187 Mcuonam Landp, p CRAMER MARINE, FINDLAY BODY CAPITAL TIRE INC' REPAIR CO. SHOP GRENER,S Evinrude Motors MARKET Complete Body and Goodyear Tires AMF Power Equip. 717 Western Ave. Findlay, Ohio Blanchard Avenue Findlay, Ohio Fender Repair Expert Mechanics- Dependable Service 873 S. Blanchard On The Farm Service 414 W. Main Cross St. Phone 423-0774 Findlayi Ohio Findlay, Ohio 422-8172 Compliments of JONES RADIO 88 TV SIMON 88 SMITH Compliments of 504 BARBERS GRIBBENS E. Sandusky SI. MARINE THE OHIO BANK Findlay, Ohio 6 Fnll Time INC. 84 45840 Barbers SAVINGS CO- Sylvania Sales 107 East Sandusky Rural Route 2 8L Service St., Findlay, O. Findlay Findlay- FOI' App01I'lUl'1Cflt ' 423-1916 call 422-3485 SPORTSMAN LANES BRINK'S WISHING aid Tianidn Ave. DOWN SUDS THE WELL Findlay, Onid DRIVE-IN BANKERS LIFE 441 East Sandusky Bags, Bans, 8L 70l.Trenton Ave. 260 East Pine Shoes in Stock Findlay, Ohio Ave. Findlay, Ohio School Rates Mon.-Fri 406 422-3365 423-2042 per lane until 5:30 MIDLAND MOTOR Congratulations SALES NEFF LUMBER CO. ld ina Class of '71 Guaranteed Used 125 Fair Street Cars REGAL BAR 1' my August Findlay, Ohio 229 S. M in St. 350 Midland Ave. a Findlay, Ohio Phone 423-3091 422-0822 Findlay, Ohio Compliments Of Best Wishes KENTON-DUNKIRK Torhe Class Ofl97l CRATES FUNERAL S. Main St., Kenton, Ohio E Phone 674-401 l , WQLN3? J. far r'i'i9fi9 I 1 , 19- ' I s . 'sg HANCOCK CO. FARM EQUIPMENT DEALERS ASS'N Arend Oliver Sales Bowman Implement Co. Case Equipment Co. Findlay International, Inc. l Lenhartis Implements Sc Hardware Smith Implement Streacker Tractor Sales . g", if 5 . R ff I J . I , , 'SY . A 1, .VW sv .Q i,,,,,aw P ? W' if ig,-Wwyfgg NWQW ' ' . N. ,. ' V . q,f 'Mq5," . . ,.yfqf.ijggi1" . f ' . 4 mf' f Q 'U NHL' u. 'M 2'-M..

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