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.-s 'F ,L f 4 0. I 4 4 'r fi! ' "f ' 1 1 fix" 1- ,r ,, --74 If 1 r 9,-'-u '. ff! JG . fx Q, Ns 1 1 1, ,gl f z . 1. ., 4.- 1-' 7' A mf f I ' M' f X' .ff 4 f Q vw N X1 Ax I, M xt 1 . 1 . "W, :g.,:,L:.f1.f..',.:.f.ef! QZLQQH " ,,, 1 4 1 1 The l964 Excelsior Published by Senior Class Arlington High School Arlington, Ohio Dedication MR. LOREN E. BIBLER To each of us, he was a loyal friend and always ready to lend a helping hand, His words of cheer, his fine sense of humor, and his friendly smile will always be remembered as we go forward on our way. We treasure with deep gratitude our years of schooling under his guidance and counseling. As a token of our appreciation we, the Seniors of 1964, dedicate this year's "Excelsior" to Principal Loren E. Bibler, Welcome The students, faculty, and patrons of the school district extend to you and yours a hearty welcome. May our school, through your leadership, continue up the ladder of success to even greater heights yet to be attained. To this goal we will support your efforts. CHARLES BLA ZER--County Co- ordinator GENE LINE- -President :YWFWWQ TED BROWN dministration E. I. JOSEPH- -County Superinten- dent IOHN REINKING- -Vice President ROBERT ORWICK ROSANNA DUNN--Elementary Co- ordinator DR. E. R. BURSON H. H. WARNER--Clerk FE'PoT-?T CHFD I S First Semester I Secind Semester 1 2 3 Ex. 4 5 6 Ex.Av. I A as c .B A .B I g s 6 5 5 6 I Mh xB .5 A a as c l 6 'S S S 5 s C QB G 4 43 I lflliF"'Q711ll i W' A--Il , HZQII llill -IH-ll 1--ll N' 11ll Ai1ll ...J I--ll l-1ll , 8, lil-ll Qnll 1nll 1 '1: Jh '11 FACULTY Facult 4 SUPERINTENDENT DONALD K, DENNISON Smithfield ll. S., West Virgihiag Fairmont State U1llViI'SlIy A B Ohlo Umverslty M A Lastcrn Mlch Umv PRINCIPAL LOREN E BIBLER Arlmgton Illgh School Bowlmg Green State Umv Ohlo State Umv B S M A MR STANLEY TRUPO Elyrla H1gh School Bowlmg Green State Umv B S Enghsh Phys1calEcl Football Coach MR. HAROLD ll CASTOR Arlmgton H1011 School Fmdlay Colleffe A B Kent State Umv B S Umv Of-lNl1ChlU3I'1 H1st Dcmo GLl1Cl"tHCL ANN MR HOWARD TROSTMILLLR Er1e East Hlgh School Erxe Penn Fmdlay College Geography Sclence Basketball Coach , ..: , ..: 0 V. ' , .5 D 9 D, --9 ., .. 1 A ., . .g . O: ' 5 A N. ., ., C I 'I , .1 5 Faculty MR, FRED MENGERT Lucas Iligh School O.S,U.g University of Toledo, Vocational Agriculture MRS. ELIZABETII KNIGHT Centerville High School, Miami-Jacobs Business College, Wilmington College, A. B., Commercial MRS. SALLY CAMMELL North Baltimore lligh School, Findlay Collegeg So- cial Science MR, DEAN BADERTSCHER Bluffton High School, Ohio Northern College, Industrial Arts MRS. RUTII WELTY Bluffton High School, Bowling Green State Uni- versityg Biology, Home Economics MR, WILLIAM EVERIIART Upper Sandusky HighSchool, Heidelberg University, B. M. g Music bg MR. GLOVER WEBB Lo raine High Schoolg Bowling Green State Univ. 3 Science. Math. MISS DORIS DePUE Bure Oak High School, Mich.g Mich. State Univ., B.A. English X, XII, Commercial Law, General Business. MRS. KAYE CLAPHAN Hardin Northern High Schoolg Findlay College, A. B. English MRS. DORRIS LaROCHE Ad a High Scho o lg Ohio Northern Univ., A. B. Arithmetic, Latin. MRS. VERA MUSGRAVE Arlington High Schoolg Findlay College, A. B. Math- ematics, English, French. MRS. KATHERINE WOODMENCY Arlington High School: Bowling Green State Univ. g Ohio Northern Univ. Sixth Grade. I Faculty MISS BETTY FOLTZ Findlay High Schoolg Bowling Green State Univ., B. S. g Sixth Grade MRS, JOSEPHINE WILLEKE Ada High Schoolg Ohiog Northern University, Fifth Grade MRS. HELEN HUTSON Cygnet High Schoolg Bowling Green State Univ.g Fourth Grade MRS, MARCIA SHELLENBARGER Arlington High Schoolg Findlay Collegeg Fifth Grade MRS. FRANCES LOADER Carey High Schoolg Bowling Green State Univ.g Ohio Northern Univ. 5 Fourth Grade MISS ESTHER SMITH Cory-Rawson High Schoolg Bluffton Collegeg Third Grade Faculty MRS, HELEN WARREN Findlay High Schoolg Ohio Northern, A. B. g Bluffton Collegeg Bowling Green State Univ. g Third Grade MRS. RHEUMILLA WARNER Enon High Schoolg Wittenberg Univ. , Second Grade MRS. LEO MUSGRAVE Arlington High Schoolg Bowling Green State Univ. First Grade MRS. WILLO HUEFMAN Continental High Schoolg Bowling State Univ.g Bluffton Collegeg Second Grade MRS. ETHEL WILLEKE Dunkirk High Sehoolg Ohio Northern Univ. , First Grade MRS, CLETIS WINSTEAD Bloomdale High Schoolg Bowling Green State Univ., Findlay Collegeg Kindergarten Seniors Class M otto Our Aim: Successg Our Hope: To Win Class Colors Class Flower Ice Blue and White Red Rose Annual Staff Bottom row Mary Crates, John King, Steve Smith, Wayne Wilch, Nancy Drummelsmith, William Alge Second row Mr Mengert, Julene Hindall, Rebecca Mitchell, Linda Bishop, Paulette Beard, Miriam Tegtmeier Dottie Clinger Mary Ellen Hartman, Trudy Green, Sue Long. Top Row: Don Steinman, Bill Brewster Rex Bishop Dean Davis Marv Rower, Bill Davis, Ron Price. Editor ....... Asst. Editor . . . Business Manager . . . Asst. Business Manager Sales Manager .... Asst. Sales Manager , Snap Shot Editor . . . Asst. Snap Shot Editor Sports Editor ..... Asst. Sports Editor . . Senior Editor .... Asst. Senior Editors. . Faculty Editor .... Asst. Faculty Editors . Artist . . Typist. . Advisor . . Helpers . . . Wayne Wilch . Stephen Smith . Mary Crates , , John King . Don Steinman , , , , Linda Bishop Nancy Drummelsmith ......BillAlge . . . . . Ron Price . . . , . Rex Bishop . Miriam Tegtmeier . , , , Dean Davis Lee Best Sue Long Trudy Green Mary Ellen Hartman . . . . . Bill Davis Dorothy Clinger . . Bill Brewster , Julene Hindall Becky Mitchell Paulette Beard . . Fred Mengert . . . Ron Russell Marvin Rower Seniors PAULETTE BEARD Treasurer Class Play 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4 Girls' Chorus 1, 2 Girls' Ensemble 2, 3, 4 Class Officer 3,4 GAA 1, 2, 4 Annual Staff 4 Nat'l Honor Society 4 Cornet Quartet 1, 2 "Wl'Z"'TS?' RONALD RUSSELL President Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 All County Football 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 All County Music Festival 2, 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 Boys' Chorus 1, 2 Mixed Ensemble 2, 3,4 Class Play 3,4 MARVIN ROWER Vice President Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Officer 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3,4 Nat'l Honor Society'3,4 President of County Honor Society 4 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Honor Guard 3 Scholarship Team 1, 2, 3 DONALD STEINMAN Reporter Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Boys' Chorus 1, 2 Class Officer 2, 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 ,g,.,,? JOHN KING Secretary Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Play 3,4 Band 1, 2 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 All County Music 2, 3,4 Class Officer 1, 2, 3, 4 Nat'l Honor Society 4 Latin Club 1, 2 54' J. WAYNE WILCI-I Editor of "64" Excelsior Football Manager 3, 4 Class Play 3,4 Boys' Chorus 2 Scholarship Team 1 Newspaper Staff 2 Annual Staff 4 Seniors STEPHEN SMITH Assistant Editor Football 2, 3, 4 Basketball Manager 2, 3, 4 Track 2, 3, 4 Class Play 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3,4 Boys Chorus 1, 2 Boys Ensemble 2 Annual Staff 4 Scholarship Team 3 Latin Club 1, 2 MARY CRATES Business Manager Class Play 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Girls Chorus 1, 2 Mixed Ensemble 1, 2, 3, 4 All County Music Festival 3 G. A. A . 1, 2, 4 Band Announcer 3,4 Latin Club 1, 2 Annual Staff 4 Mixed Chorus 2, 3,4 mmwwsgsxi LINDA BISHOP Sales Manager Class Play 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Girls Chorus 1, 2 G.A. A. 1, 2,4 Annual Staff 4 Latin Club 1 Snapshot Editor Class Play 3, 4 Band 1,2,3,4 Mixed Chorus 2,3,4 G.A.A. 1,2,4 Annual Staff 4 Scholarship Team 1, 2 Latin Club 1, 2 Cheerleader 1, 4 Homecoming Queen 4 NANCY DRUMMELSMITI-I Nat'l Honor Society 3, 4 WILLIAM ALGE Assistant Snapshot Editor Football 1, 2, 3, 4 All County Football 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 Class Officer 1 Annual Staff 4 Latin Club 1, 2 Latin Club Officer 2 Honor Guard 3 Seniors '-'W MIRIAM TEGTMEIER Editor of Senior Activities Latin Club 1, 2 Class Play 3 Cheerleader 4 Majorette 3,4 Band 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4 All County Music Festival 2, 3 Mixed Ensemble 3,4 Girls Ensemble 2, 3 GAA 1, 2, 4 MA RY ELLEN HARTMAN Grade Editor Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Play 3,4 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4 Girls Ensemble 2, 3, 4 All County Music Festi- DOROTHY CLINGER Faculty Editor Class Play 3,4 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3 Girls Chorus 1, 2 Business Manager 3 GAA 1, 2, 4 Annual Staff 4 Latin Club 1, 2 Pep Club 4 Paper Staff 2 val 2, 3 GAA 1, 2, 4 Girls Chorus 1, 2 Annual Staff 4 Clarinet Trio 3 Pep Band 4 RONALD PRTCE Sports Editor Football 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2 Track 4 Band 1, 2 Mixed Chorus 1, 2 Boys Chorus 1, 2 Annual Staff 4 REX BISHOP Sports Editor Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3 Nat'l Honor Society 3,4 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 Band 1, 2 Latin Club 1, 2 Mixed Chorus 2, Boys Chorus 1, 2 Annual Staff 4 DEAN DAVIS Assistant Editor of Senior Activities Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 1, 3 Class Play 4 Class Officer 2 Annual Staff 4 BECKY MITCHELL Organizations Editor Nat'l Honor Society 3, 4 Honor Guard 3 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4 Girls Chorus 1, 2, 3 Girls Ensemble 2, 3, 4 Class Officer 2, 3 G. A. A. 1, 2, 4 G.A.A. Officer 2 Annual Staff 4 Seniors JOE BISHOP Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 1, 2 Boys Chorus 1, 2 Annual Staff 4 BILL DAVIS Football 1, 2, 3, 4 All County Football 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Play 4 Band 1, 2, 3 Mixed Chorus 2, 3,4 Class Officer 1 Latin Club 1 Annual Staff 4 TRUDY GREEN ASSistant Organization Editor Girls Basketball 1 Class Play 3 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Latin Club 1, 2, Scholarship Team 1 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 Girls Ensemble 2, 3, 4 Girls Chorus 1, 2 Honor Society 4 SUE LONG Honor Guard 3 Cheerleader 1,4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Nat'l Honor Society Mixed Chorus 2, 3,4 Girls Ensemble 2, 3, 4 Mixed Ensemble 3, 4 Wood Wind Quintet Latin Club 1, 2 G. A.A. Officer 4 3,4 JOHN REILLY Football 1, 2, 3, 4 All County Football 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3 Track l, 2, 3, 4 Boys Chorus 1, 2 Annual Staff 4 E w....,mmm E Seniors ROGER FAST Annual Staff 4 T M :9'j,,,s- .9235 1 3 V W 35 gigwwm CYNTHIA CRATES Girls' Chorus 1, 2 F.H.A. 1.2 G.A.A. 1.2.4 Pep Club 4 Annual Staff 4 DANIEL SMITH Football 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 1, Boys' Chorus 1, 2 Annual Staff 4 DIANE HARTMAN Class Play 3 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Girls Chorus 1, 2 F.H.A. 1, 2 G. A.A . 1, 2, 4 Annual Staff 4 Pep Club 4 G.A.A. Show 1 Style Show 1, 2 WILLIAM BREWSTER GLENDA BAUGHMAN Football 3,4 Mixed Chorus 2 3 4 Track 2, 3 Girls Chorus 1 2 Annual Staff 4 G.A.A. 1, Pep Club 4 F.H.A. 4 2,3,4 SHIRLEY MILLER Class Play 3 Girls' Chorus 1, 2 F . H. A. 1, 2 G. A. A. 1, 2, 4 Annual Staff 4 Pep Club 4 Style Show 1, 2 G.A.A. Show 1 Sen JERRY HICKLE Football 1, 2 Football Manager 3 Track 1, 2 LEE ALAN BEST Football 1, 2, 3, 4 All County Football 4 Nat'l Honor Society 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3 Class Play 3 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3,4 Latin Club 1, 2 Scholarship Team 2 All County Music Festival 2, 3 iors JANE BAME Girls' Chorus 1, 2 F.H.A. 3,4 G.A.A. l,2,4 F.H.A. Officer 4 Annual Staff 4 Pep Club 4 Style Show 1, 2, 3,4 G.A.A. Show 1 SANDRA GOSSMAN Girls' Chorus 1, 2 F.H.A. 1 G.A.A. 1, 2,4 Annual Staff 4 G.A.A. Show 1 Style Show 1, 2, 3 Pep Club 4 fart? TOM MERCER Annual Staff 4 Q IULENE HINDALL Class Play 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, Girls' Chorus 1, 2 G. A. A . 1, 2, 4 Annual Staff 4 Latin Club 1 Cheerleader 1, 4 Majorette 1, 2, 3, 4 3,4 Homecoming Attendant 2,4 G.A.A. Show 1 DAN PATTON Football 1 Annual Staff 4 JEFF RETTIG Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2 Track 3, 4 Band 1, 2 Mixed Chorus 1, 2 Boys' Chorus 1, 2 Annual Staff 4 Seniors GLORIA SHUCK F.H.A. 4 G.A.A. 4 F.l-I.A. Officer Style Show 1, 2, Annual Staff 4 4 3,4 DALE RALPH Football Manager 4 Annual Staff 4 BETTY BREWSTER Girls' Chorus 1, 2 F. H. A. 1, 2 G. A. A. 1, 2, 4 Annual Staff 4 Style Show 1, 2 Pep Club 4 Seniors Together Twelve Years SEATED, Left to Right: Iulene Hindall, Dorothy Clinger, Sue Long, Becky Mitchell, Mary Crates. Sec ond Row: Danny Smith, Dianne Hartman, Sandra Gossman, Nancy Drummelsmith, Mary Hartman, Linda Bishop, Trudy Green, Jeff Rettig. Third Row: Danny Patton, Steve Smith, Rex Bishop, Bill Davis, John Reilly, Ron Russell, John King, Don Steinman, Joe Bishop, William Alge, Lee Alan Best. Senior Band Members F ront Ro w: Left to Right: Linda Bishop, Dianne Hartman, Mary Crates, Paulette Beard. Back Rom Julene Hindall, Nancy Drummelsmith, Trudy Green, Mary Ellen Hartman, Danny Smith, Ron Russell, Lee Alan Best, Sue Long, Becky Mitchell, Miriam Tegtmeier. 1 Junior Class Play Cast SEATED, Left to Right: Iulene Hindall, Mary Crates, Dottie Clinger, Sue Long, Paulette Beard. Second Row Mrs. Claphan, Dianne Hartman, Nancy Drummelsmith, Mary Hartman, Miriam Tegtmeier, Trudy Green, Shirley Miller. Top Row: Wayne Wilch, Rex Bishop, Ronnie Russell, John King, Marvin Rower, William Alge, Lee Alan Best. Senior Class Play Cast SEATED: Left to Right: Mary Crates, Dottie Clinger, Linda Bishop. Second Row: Mrs. Kay Claphan, Nancy Drum melsmith, Mary Hartman, Sue Long, Paulette Beard, Iulene Hindall. Top Row: Wayne Wilch, Rex Bishop, Ron Russell, John King, Bill Davis, William Alge, Steve Smith. Class Will I, William Alge, will my ability to have teeth knocked out to Steve Rinehart. I, Jane Bame, will my height to Paula Deter. I, Glenda Baughman, will my accordian playing to Linda Robinson. I, Paulette Beard, will my ability to play 3rd cornet in my Senior year to Dave Inbody. I, Lee Best, will my football ability Qwhat ability?j to Ron Griffith. I, Joe Bishop, will my good arm to Jim I-Iindall. I, Linda Bishop, will my ability to be the only girl in Typing I to Vicki Dennison. I, Rex Bishop, will my complete and unending attentiveness in Advanced Algebra to Barry Fox. I, Betty Brewster, will my ability to have blond hair to Betty Wells. I, Bill Brewster, will my ability to miss parked cars to Diane Bishop. I, Dorothy Clinger, will my ability to look blank in chorus to Marilyn Kemerley. I, Cynthia Crates, will my ability to understand bookkeeping to Doyne Wilkins. I, Mary Crates, will my ability to lose weight to Nancy Launders. I, Dean Davis, will my ability to make layups to anyone who can. I, William Davis, will my ability to have three passes intercepted in one game to Gary McMillen. I, Nancy Drummelsmith, will my ability to get on the honor roll to Sherry Fahl. I, Roger Fast, will my little red wagon to anyone who thinks they can get anything out of it. I, Sandra Gossman, will my ability to be shy to Karen Hartman. I, Trudy Green, will my ability to get blamed for doing things I didn't do to anyone brave enough to want it. I, Dianne l-Iartman, will my ability to play the piano to Ruth Anne Mengert. I, Mary Ellen Hartman, will my ability to get bawled out by Mr. E. to Judy McClelland. I, Jerry Hickle, will just leave. I, Julene Hindall, will my majorette boots to Brenda Brinkman. I, John King, will my long legs to Steve Porter. I, Sue Long, will all my broken bassoon reeds to Dan I-Iartman. I, Tom Mercer, will my ability to oversleep to Tim Rinehart. I, Shirley Miller, will my ability to talk a lot to Patricia Businger. I, Rebecca Mitchell, will my natural brown hair to Sarah Reinking. I, Dan Patton, will my ability to get along with my l. A. teacher to my English teacher. I, Ron Price, will my love for old junky cars to Dale Nicholson. I, Dale Ralph, will my esquire billing to anyone smart enough to use it. I, John Reilly, will my ability to throw shot-put to Vicki Alge. I, Jeff Retrig, will my ability to play pingpong to Ken Rertig. I, Marv Rower, will my ability not to study to Dennis Rower. I, Gloria Shuck, will my ability to get bawled out by Mrs. Welty to Karen Krepps. I, Don Steinman, will my ability to crab block to Mike Brant. I, Dan Smith, will my 260-V-8 sign to Connie Strouse. I, Steve Smith, will my ability to make mistakes on layout mats to Dennis Rower. I, Miriam Tegtmeier, will my ability to get to school in time for first period class to Pam Meyers. I, Ron Russell, will my ability to play basketball to Charles Edgell. I, Wayne Wilch, will my ability to talk in Physics, that was willed to me by Jeanne Williams, that was willed to her by Lois Powell, to Jeri-Jean I-Iartman. To the Juniors we will our ability to be prosperous. To the Sophomores we will our love for "Southern Enchantment." To the Freshmen we will our ability to turn light switches on and off, to break bricks, and all our other angelic traits. To our advisors, Mrs. Knight and Mrs. Musgrave, we will our ability to type good English. To the school, we will our used books, pencils, tablets, etc. , that we no longer need and want. We, the Seniors of 1964, Arlington High School, Hancock County, Ohio, being of sound mind and body, real- izing the impossibility of forever keeping these things we hold so dear, do hereby make, publish, and declare this to be our last will and testament. Class Histor In 1953, 48 bright eyed children toddled into the first grade. Our teachers were Mrs. Castor and Mrs. Wells. Marvin Rower joined us late in the year. Our second year, Mrs. Huffman and Mrs. Simpson, welcomed David and Donald Drefke, Anna Rice, Dean Davis, Brenda Humaqband Nancy Haley. We lost Dallas Schaaf, Sharon Wilch, Lynn and Linda Beck and Steve Babcock. Mrs. Fields and Mrs. Jacobs taught us in the third grade. We gained Paulette Beard, Everett Riegle, John Reuter, Randy Jacobs, Glenda Baughman, Betty Brewster, Douglas Rhodus. Leaving us were Anna Rice and Mary Ann Roof. Forty-seven of us spent our 4th year under Mrs. Hudson and Mrs. Loader. We welcomed Leora Wright, Al- ma Gonzales, Diana Moser. We lost Cheryl Hughes, David Lafferty and Sandra Rogers. In 1957 we welcomed Shirley Smithers, Larry Bibler, and Dale Ralph. Departed classmates were Jimmy Price, John Reuter, Nancy Haley, Douglas Rhodus, Leora Wright, 2-Hd Steve ESSif1gCI- Mr. Gobrecht led us in a successful year in the 6th, Our new classmates were Bryan Cavins, Tom Mercer, Joe Bishop, Jerry Hickle. We lost Freddy Saum and Alma Gonzales. In our last year of grade school Cynthia Crates, Jane Bame, Mary Burton, Shirley Miller, and Glen Laf- ferty joined us. Byran Cavins and Evertt Riegle left us. LOOkif1g forward to the eighth grade test, Mary Coburn, Roger Fast, Cheryl Hile and Miriam Tegtmeier came, We lost Glen Lafferty and Larry Bibler. High School at last, we gained Wayne Wilch, Betty Brewster, lost Cheryl Hile and Shirley Smithers. In our sophomore year Bill Brewster joined us. Mary Burton, Mary Coburn, Lavern Steinman, Hazel Bur- ton, Brenda Human, and Dean Hinger left us. As we advanced to Juniors, Ron Price, Gloria Shuck, and Mary Coburn came. Stephanie Hendricks moved to Findlay. In our final year Mary Coburn left and we are grateful to all our teachers for the fine job they did in in- structing us. The number of students in the Senior Class is 41. NAME Jane Bame Glenda Baughman Paulette Beard Linda Bishop Betty Brewster Dorthy Clinger Cynthia Crates Mary Crates Nancy Drummelsmith Trudy Green Sandra Gossman Diane Hartman Mary Ellen Hartman Iulene Hindall Sue Long Shirley Miller Rebecca Mitchell Gloria Shuck Miriam Tegtmeier William Alge Lee Alan Best Joe Bishop Rex Bishop Bill Brewster Dean Davis William Davis Roger Fast Jerry Hickle John King Tom Mercer Dan Patton Ron Price Dale Ralph John Reilly Jeff Rettig Marvin Rower Ronald Russell Dan Smith Stephen Smith Donald Steinman Wayne Wilch Who's Who NICKNAME Janie Glen Paud Lynn Bett Dot Cindy Crates Nance Trud Sandy Di Mary Leanie Emmy Sam Bec Glory Mirum Alg Lee Smoe Rex Willy Deany Carman Rog Jer Hondo Tommy Red Cheese Ralph Candy Jeff Big Marv Ron Daniel D. Scratch Don Wayno BY W ORD Well Gee Oh Gee Oh shoot Heck Hey Kid Golly Ned Gees Fiddle sticks Huh? Gee Golly Ha! Ha! Ha! La de da Yes Sir Well Golly Oh pot OooooooooooooooooH! Huh? Hey Coach Hey Censored That's tough Shoot Scag Huh? Scrounge Sheesh Yuk! Yuk! Yuk! Give me time Candy Another too bad What? Unfair Keen Steady as a rock Hi Fellas Yes Sir Love those CI's fChamp Jacketsl Shoot a mile WEAKNESS Driving Clark 60 Chevies Blue Converts Big Boy Fostoria Burchman Singing Fullbacks ONU Larry Larry Red 8s White Mercury Angora Sweaters Jan Russell King Liberty Street 60 Fords Farm Machinery Carol Tomatoes Girls Girls Paulette's Cats Watkin's Products Cars Algebra Class Findlay Sohio Clev's Shuck's His Car Little cars Knives Arcadia Fags Bishop Butterscotch bars Food NOTED FOR Fast Talking Accordion Skippin' Expensive clothes Boys Driving Typing Losing weight Oboe Flute Little fingers Car Hop Hot rodding Sharp clothes Watching Hockey Long Hair Sweetness Going Steady Gear shifts Slow talking Getting hurt Blushing Broken wrists 50 Ford Driving Going down to Bishop's His speed Hot rods Paper gc Pencils Skippin' School Pumping Gas Pauncho 800 O Word Reports Doing nothing Wrestling Feats Smart Answers Long Blond Hair Fast Falcon Statistician Typing Football manager Who's Who AMBITION Waitress Receptionist Beautician Teacher Dancer Medical Secretary Beautician Singer Nurse Nurse Wife Housewife Beautician Office Worker Teacher Clerical worker Nurse To get married Medical Secretary Banker Owned a 427 To be ambitious Settle down Artist Business Executive Pro-football Race-driver Mechanic Veterinarian Draftsman Mechanic Auto Mechanic Welder Coach IBM Operator Doctor Printer To be ambitious Matheniatician To get through college Engineer PROBABLE FATE Horseback rider President Wife Singer Model Car Hop Housewife Actress Banker's wife Tramp Home Ec. Teacher Old Maid Music Teacher Typing and Short- hand Teacher Babysitter Typing Teacher Queen Six kids Democracy Teacher Farmer Chevy salesman Executive Town Marshal Car Salesman Honey-mooner Postmaster Track Star Traffic Judge Great Scientist Truant officer Executive Ghoulardi Fan Club President Cleveland Brown Manager State Patrolman English Teacher Singer Music Director Choir Director Track Stari' Editor of LIMA NEWS Marriage Counselor WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF? Gained weight Became a professional musician Didn't like Jer Liked Steve Lost her '57 Ford Couldn't talk Couldn't laugh Lost her voice Wasn't busy Did it Could drive Wasn't going steady Couldn't drive Grew Taller Got her license Got her hair cut Got taller Wore her own ring Studied FAVORITE GRIPE Radio knobs Bob Beck Tomato pickers Dan Hartman Onions Hickle Hardin-Northern School Middleton Blackie Cars Drawing The marshal Working Girls Pests Everything Bonnie Girls Linda Roundball Odd jobs Flirtin' Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! What a night! ! Where's I ane Happy New Year! ! So there! ! ! ! Tea Time Boo All Tu ckered Out Romeo 85 Ju11et ! ! Go tta Post Party Prom Blues Llght Eeee Gads! ! 1 The Honeymooners Watch it Ron! I Tonight's the Whew! ! ! l Night .. .- 'K WIP? frr 2 . . ?l ":"' y -WZA ? h E .V 5 I f - "" zri y f . X W Qs my N2 , Q X fi. S Q11 .. . L' -Mx. 'i i d . , Q r f . U s . . 'Nz - - ROD P. HE' " QM 9' ' aa. a ...Wy . A., ,.w.w..Q..Qg. ' 'ir fiflx Tk ., 'f ' my-g Us k r A. 5 -. S . h -.I . s A ' ' , A 'R i y, E 5 ' ill 1, 1: . X K "A M : ef , r 5 , Q ,l y 52" ,, Q- F- V A4 .ZKH .X 'THQ - 'I JV- r L jxiffklf if .iii-fv. r-' , -M .ill ' . Ufrsfr . M y K . ! .IA ,W , Mary H. 'gl R E ss' .. .. .... if x xx if V K X , M , -gg .--xg, . - if . ..,, 1. - - fp. . X X . Dianne H. Don S. Becky M. B111 A. Nancy D. Miriam T. Tom M. Bill D Jeff R. Joe B. - ., . 454- . 3. ,NRS , , . . Hi K " - . , ,. ,,,,f :, 2.5 M- wifi- . : .- - 4. E x 1 'S x 1 gif., .K A Marv R. ' J."?.. , ' ' gif.: 5'-is " 'f x Naam Betty SL Bill B. f .,-' J ' Aw .. J 'Wir - Q iikgq QR. Ere Nl QQ. f--- .,. .M 1 M M il.. L - 1 5,-'vu-V:1i.' sg , .5-fgiii f I 55sggf!-gf4:,.5f:i12i.sg1g . 1:41 - , '73 Jane B. ISFFY H- Glenda B. Lee B' SI... Q' iPz'F?x'.1-:,s, A212235 A jis . .f .-gs f.fs.11 ... -A... - .g.....f"F ?lE??-.if--sig. N v --1--wk. -vfmlf.. -1..' - -.1 :QA- M-SS.. -- fix .Ns 1 b ' fe S, A .fe . Af. A is j '5f1Ei...,, 1 3 RL . 5 S ., . ss'-21. fm guy .. .... K .. , K ...-af gr s .J i E S ... 1' . . S ss 2 K S . .S . 3 g S J: Eg V Q F . A .QS . 21555555 - .aw . if H. in a if X 5 gg wgsf fe 2 ig EA X' X R X . -AA 5? X SS X X Al' Nea 3 Eh Q.. M, P2 . eg .Q -Wg., . swf. iii M! 5.5 l..i..A?5...f-.i.5S,k 5 X gi S ,....,..V....- .A X,A. A... A 1 S. -.egg 3 X Egg? 92 1... is Q. iw A. X SAWMQSSSQSX si A .. . 2 5 Exim E2 Exsxflw iggssiff RSS? ga X R. .A A X 25554.53 Egihfgsi . ...M AE 9:5 x .mf 9 Sh X22 W 5 if gg 22: E , 4 Q. eg . E A Egqgsg . w. ik' 33 X:-1 Linda B. 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Trudy G. -. . . -V f 1- --'Sz SW: K :-,',-e. ig.S..1f1' A- 1-, fs2.s::2s:1sz.A. ....... f . . 555' i wife- A " N 125525 X' QA! - f:21'-1-1-1 ' nw N" " X X x X A . S53 S M Q -GGG'GG - .325 .Q-ialiigifli-E Paulette B. Dean D. Sue L. RSX B- Y I 4 A I ,-,.,. .,.. W.. ..V..,..A......,...M..N ,.,N,,..,m.,,....Q.m.......,......Nm,W.,.m,,m.,..,A.M..w.Ma.-My QM,.Lww.w,.Nwm.,LM,,,f-Wm.E,L-mmm,WWW.w.',,-:,,w,w-ff q,,..,,. ,,,, N, W,,.,,q vw-, ,,..v M V, ,,. K, A. ,.,, , ,...,. ,, , ,. , . .. Mn. Q.. . .., f W Class Officers Junior Class Officers Sophomore Class Officers STANDING, Left to Right: Jeri-Jean Hartman, Judy STANDING, Left to Right: Barry Fox, Betsy Beagle, McClelland, Shirley Houdeshell, Marilyn Kemer- Keith Morrow, SEATED, Jim llindall, Steve ley. SEATED, Lonnie Pepple, David Inbody, Porter, Freshmen Class Officers STANDING, Left to Right: Susie Drummelsmith, Susie Coldren, Craig Brown. SEATED, Linda Wright, Dan Frantz. Eighth Grade Class Officers Seventh Grade Class Officers STANDING, Left to Right: Barbara Steinman, Doug STANDING, Left to Right: Doug Coldren, Steve Rossman, Cindy Porter. SEATED, Mike Solt, Deb- Prochaska, Robert Musgrave. SEATED, Ronnie Sny- bie Fox. der, Pamela LaRoche. I' Juniors Left to Right, First Row: Karen Metzger, Judy Jolliff, Joan Tegtmeier, Doyne Wilkins, Mary Shellenbarger. Second Row: Diane Bishop, Judy McClelland, Rubetta Wilch, Pam Meyers, Cheri Corbin, Sharon McKinley, Vicki Dennison, Linda Butte, Patricia Businger, Brenda Brinkman, Sue Bishop, Nancy Fox, Rita Smith. Third Row: Dennis Rower, John Gehtisch, George Schwartz, James Reddick, Ronald Griffith, David Inbody, Chris Eibling, Jesse Wilch, Lonnie Pepple, Kenneth Rettig, James Dillinger, Tom Otwick, Ronnie Kemerley. First Row, Left to Right: Jill Roberts, Cheryl Clevenger, Marilyn Kemerley, Carol Taylor, Deanna Tong, Marcia Van Den Eynde, Karen Hartman, Second Row, Mt. Mengert, Paula Deter, Phylis Hoyt, Barbara Nessler, Shirley Houdeshell, Sarah Reinking, Jeri.-Jean Hartman, Sherry Fahl, Jane Grohoske, Connie Strouse, Alice Williams, Betty Wells, Diane Steinman, Cindy Bash, Janice Treece, Miss DePueg Third Row: Ronald McMillen, Dale Nickelson, Fred Riegle, Steve Rinehart, Don Kemerley, Mike Franks, Mike Musgrave, Donald Musgrave, Fred Arrington, Paul Patton, Ronald Jolliff. Sophomores al mn.A...mQ. Seated Left to Right: Nancy Dillinger, Diane Fields, Patty Patton, Marcia Businger, Karen Krepps. Middle Row Mrs. Cammell, Steve Dilgard, Cindy Fahl, Joyce Wilson, Cheryl Essinger, Elaine Oates, Lynette Bibler, Jean Marquart, Steve Beach, Mr. Trupo. Top Row: Eric Greiser, Bob Steinman, Larry Evans, Bub Frantz, Earl Launders, Keith Morrow, Tom Honecker, Joe Traucht, Jim Hindall. Seated Left to Right: Betsy Beagle, Peggy Price, Ruth Marquart, Mary Hartman, Barbara Hartrnang Second Row Greg Ward, Rosemary Feller, Vicki Alge, Pam Garman, Barbara Patton, Waneta Corner, Linda Robinson, Delores Rettig, Steve Porter: Third Row, Charles Smith, Ray Worstine, Joe Metzger, Bob Green, Paul Tegtmeier, J. D. Richards, David Wilch, Larry Wilch, Tim Rinehard, and Bob Groff. Freshmen First Row: Left to Right: Nancy Launders, Ruth Ann Mengert, Christine Greiser, Sandra Traucht, Yvonne Gross- man, Second Row: Mr. Badertscher, Martha Middleton, Debbie Pepple, Christine Reilly, Belinda Hoyt, Sharon Bach, Linda Brinkman, Rebecca La Roche, Anna Salsbury, Sharon Williams, Paulette Rettig, Mr. Webb. Top Row: Martin Gresiser, Max Hosafros, Danny lolliff, Charlie Edgil, Mike Brant, Clyde Bame, Douglas Miller, Donald Plotts, Sam Butte, Greg Snyder, Robert Hartman. , , - a 4, ,, ,,f.,.,,n, First Row: Left to Right: Linda Wright, Jacqulynn Schey, Romona Hartman, Donna Houdeshell, Susie Bibler. Second Row: Linda Harris, Darlene Wilch, Linda Houdeshell, Martha Powell, Cynthia Reamsnyder, Susan Drummelsmith, Nancy Treece, Susie Coldren, Sharon Nicholson, Chris Businger, Karen Brauneller, Top Row: Craig Brown, Jim McCleland, Gary McMillen, Ralph Green, Dana Davis, Marvin Bame, John Steinman, Rodger Russell, Terry Suter, Danny Frantz, and Dale Dawson. Eighth Grade Seated: Left to Right: Linda Weber, Jenny Bash, Retha Salsbury, Betsy Wilson, Teresa Businger, Second Row: Mr. Castor, Junior Weihrauch, Cynthia Bishop, Pamela Burson, Shirley Jolliff, Cathy Patton, Deborah Fox, Steve Morrow, Mrs. La Roche. Top Row: Jack Pearson, Russell Stahl, Mike Van Den Eynde, Mike Solt, Joe Coburn, Terry Metzger, Douglas Smith, Dennis Tidd, and John Brant. Z 4 I ' 2 2 , ' 2 Iwmm Seated: Left to Right: Mary Featheringill, Cynthia Porter, Carolyn Middleton, Barbara Steinman, Elaine Beard, Second Row: Debbie Rinehart, Brena Clevenger, Linda Brauneller, Carol Reigle, Diane VanAtta. Top Row: Pat Price, Byron Dennison, Alan Dillion, Jack Crates, Tom Hoyt, John Van Den Enyde, Carl Brewster, Steve Walters, Doug Rossman, Gary Weihrauch, and Allen Giesey. Seventh Grade Left to Right: First Row: Elizabeth Launder, Janie Traucht, Deborah Hindall, Marjorie Williams, Linda Suter. Second Row: Tom Davis, Nancy McMillen, Barbara Reamsnyder, Bonita Williams, Beverly Williams, ,Dorothy Salsbury, Susan Alge, Alberta Hartman, Roberta Mitchell, Vic Krout. Third Row: Mr. Howard Trostmiller, Robert Hartman, Keith Beard, Richard Worstine, Allen Essinger, Dennis Helms, Doug Wilkins, Fred Cramer, Robert Musgrave, Ronald Hartman, Doug Coldren, Mrs. Kaye Claphan. Left to Right: First Row: Marsha Morrow, Kay Wilson, Janet Decker, Betty Taylor, Cynthia Beucler. Second Row: David Muelhbrad, Ray Spaeth, Patty Alge, Kathy Wagner, Pamela LaRoche, Karen Hartman, Kathy Pifer, Joan Butler, Ronnie Snyder, Jon Fahl. Third Row: Wayne Riegle, John Edgell, Ray Wilson, Douglas Coburn, Steve Prochaska, Marvin Alexander, Joel Fenton, Clair Baughman, Norman Beach. Sixth Grade Left to Right: First Row: Judy Reamsnyder, Rosemary Beagle, Nancy Marquart, Dottie Weihrauch, Laurie Pro- chaska. Second Row: Freddie Waugh, Eric Shey, Christine Musgrave, Linda Alexander, Patty Taylor, Susy Gul- lett, Kathy Hartman, Ruth Ann Rodman, John Nicholson, Mathew Musgrave, Mrs. Woodmency. Third Row: John Orwick, Jack Metzger, Jim Carey, Karl Best, Dennis Hartman, Joel Batchelor, Don Bash, Gary Dodge, Don Davis, Joe Wolford, Jim Main, Wayne Smith, Mark Bishop. Left to Right: First Row: Mary Feasel, Judy Shank, Geri Long, Linda Evans, Susie Bidlack, Second Row: Ken- neth Worstine, Mike Dilgand, Larry lnmon, Melodee Theodore, Jane Schaller, Jackie Hindall, Elaine Wright, Lynda Bibler, Don Steinman, Third Row: Keith McClelland, Steve VanDen Eynde, Larry Corbin, Gary Cleven- ger, Dennis Fields, Dale Ireland, Jody Weidman, Jeffery Frantz, Rodney Russell, Dana Jameson, Philip Burson, Miss Betty Foltz. Fifth Grade Left to Right Bottom Row: Susan Krout, Peggy Treece, Daun Wolford, Jill Musgrave, Deborah Branan. Second Row: Pamela Rodabaugh, Dottie Staley, Denise Rettig, Carol Butler, Rose Ann Launder, Patty Krout, Cherie Rower, Janet Wilson, Cheryl Muehlbrad, Bonnie Line. Third Row: Bill Dawson, DeWayne Salsbury, Melvin Hoyt, David Featheringill, Kent Brown, Michael Alge, Paul Main, Steven Van Atta, Mark Metzger, Eric Pearson, David Rossman, Mrs. Josephine Willeke. , .Wm Left to Right Bottom Row: Gloria Reigle, Sharon Yoxtheimer, Julie Waugh, Connie McClelland, and Sadie Wil- liams. Second,Row: Charles Cramer, Kathy Porter, Cindy Rower, Patty Miller, Brenda Steinman, Peggy Jolliff, Donna Brewster, Pamela Businger, Rosalee Beagle, Rocky Hartman. Third Row: Mrs. Marcia Shellenbarger, Larry llindall, Brian Welly, Tom Solt, Donald Coburn, Dick Taylor, James Yantis, Ricky Oates, Dennis Beard, George Middleton, John Reinking, Terry Hindall, Fourth Grade Left to Right: First Row, Nancy Rinehart, Jennifer Hartman, Laura Nicholson, Linda Van Atta, Wilma Coburn Second Row, James Businger, Delia Fields, Susan Walters, Linda Bibler, Cheryl Businger, Rebecca Powell, Beth Musgrave, Mearl May, Mrs. Loader. Third Row, Steven McClelland, Dennis Fox, Steven Miller, David Pifer, Ricky Miller, Michael Keck, Richard Helms, David Decker, Timothy Deter, Richard Tidd. Left to Right: First Row, Dolly Salsbury, Pamela Zimmerly, Brenda Russell, Karen Weihrauch, Marlene Clevenger, Second Row, Mrs. Hutson, Fred Hartman, Sandra Reese, Vickie Line, Cathy Shank, Cynthia Giesey, Debra Honecker, Nancy Ellis, Karen Morrow, Dwayne Woodard, Third Row, Timothy Bash, Tom Main, Tom Launder, Max Hosafros, Rodney Griffith, Paul Hindall, Mark Wagner, Edson Fahl. Third Grade First Row, Left to Right: Patricia Reinking, Jane Prochaska, Susan Rodabaugh, Teresa Price, Nancy Weber, Sherry Reese. Second Row: Dennis Woodward, David Reamsnyder, Timothy Feasel, Deborah Drummelsmirh, Barbara Woods, Janet Shellenbarger, Peggy Krout, Michael Miller, James Nicholson, Bruce McClelland, Miss Esther Smith. Third Row: Dean Mengert, Mark Pepple, Steve Rodman, Bill Hartman, Roger Bishop, Bruce Alexander, Larry Beagle, Daniel Riegle, Michael Williams, Michael Salisbury. First Row, Left to Right: Pamela Gant, Lou Ann Bateson, Karen Yoxtheimer, Carolyn Dilgard, Nancy Wright, Ionna Schaaf. Second Row: Jack Musgrave, Randy Coldren, Steven Inbody, Barbara Weber, De11iSC Meuhlbrad. Beth Welly, Becky Houdeshell, Sandra Line, Bruce Riegle, Gary Wilson. Third Row: Mrs. Warren, Bob Jolliff, Mike Pepple, Jeff Staley, Dan Groff, James Russell, Henry Reichley, Kenneth Chamberlain, Ronald Wilch, Dean Branan, Mark Phillips. Second Grade Left to Right Bottom Row: Rhonda Gossman, Karen C r am er, Vicki Price, Laura Risser, Anna Clevenger, Kathie Helms, Second Row: Steven Johnson, Greg Van Atta, Linda Bower, Barbara Houdeshell, Ann Decker, Diane Taylor, Patty Keck, Penny Suter, Jane Hartman, Scotty Brewster, Billy Joe Hindall. Top Row: Mrs. Willo Huff- man, Timmy Glick, Gary Reichley, Harold Christopher, Steven Ebert, John Beagle, Jimmy Baird, Terry Huffman, Billy Halsey, Richard Long, Jim Riggs, Tom Bateson, Absent Russel Yixtheimer. Left to Right, Bottom Row: Karen Powell, Marica McDevitt, Sharon Chamberlain, Sharon Hartman, Nancy Krout, Andrea Woodward. Second Row: Scott Brown, Frederick Inmon, Thelma Coburn, Pamela Frantz, Debra Riegle, Janice Pepple, Beverly Wolford, Connie Leisure, Becky Rodabaugh, Mark Price, Douglas Billingsley. Top Row: Kevin Light, David Main, Reed Bash, Harry Launder, Dennis Hendricks, Alan Steinman, Rolland Russell, Joseph Long, David Neal, Perry Jolliff, Mark Rossman, Robin Corbin, Mrs. Warner. First Grade y First Row: Left to Right: Tommy Smith, Ginger Nicholson, Dennis Branan, Maxine Helms, Claudette Reese, Denise Grohoske, Debra Gant, Teresa Prater, David Musgrave. Second Row: Danny Waldman, Sheryl Hendricks, ' Jim Staley, Richard Salsbury, Roy Launder, Larry Weihrauch, Peggy Burson, Mollie Jolliff, Colleen Dennison, Billy Ebert, Keith Phillips. Third Row: Marcia Deter, Danny Oates, David Patton, Allen Fields, James Essinger, Keith Weidman, Nathan Russell, Bobby Houdeshell, Joe Hindall, Danny Wilch, Terri Line, Linda Dodge, Kent McMillen, Mrs. Ethel Willeke. SEATED: Left to Right, Deborah Feasel, Rita Salsbury, Kim Theodore, Becky Coldren, Jill Bishop, Pamela Bus- inger, Penny Burson, Eilene Dilgard. Second Row: Michael Groff, Danny Miller, Wayne Bradford, Jane Fields, Brenda Dennison, Donna Coldwell, Kathy Rogers, Mary Fahl, Timmy Horn, Roger,McClelland, Andy Kim Pifer, Kevin Walters, Top Row: Paul Riegle, Ricky Wagner, Larry Neal, David Hindall, Mark Line, Jim Krout, Douglas Reigle, Billy Miller, Kevin Rankey, Darrel Coburn, Paul Prochaska, Wilard Long, Jimmy May, and Mrs. Musgrave. ABSENT: Beatrice Welly Kindergarten BOTTOM ROW, Left to Right: Bonnie Rogers, Lou Ann Frantz, Becky Bash, Cheryl Fletcher, Julie Bibler. Jodi Long, Shelly Reese. Second Row: Mrs. Jane Winstead, Jimmy Ebert, Ricky Wolford, Timmy Morrow. Jackie Keck, Gregg Fellers, Jeff Glick, Doug Alge,Ronny Reamsnyder. Absent: Connie Businger, and Debby Davis. BOTTOM ROW, Left to Right: Kit Byal, Cindy Grohoske, Diana Giesey, Pam Porter, Doug Zimmerly, Gary Butte, David Clevenger, Kathy Essinger, Jonathan Gillespie. Second Row: Mrs. Jane Winstead, Keith Robin- son, Randy Woods, Kenny Johnson, Bradley Beach, Peggy Dietrick, Sally Bateson, Judy Reichley, Mike Wood- ard, Dean Rankey. Absent: Mark Hartman, David Prochaska. f f N J " NATIONAL uouonsoclnv . w I, 0 ,i a 46114 i is if fa W Egfr- Nr. I nY'hY'MAKER'YO A 1 'Ze' ' '0 , . 1 1 N 0, 5? K 432 5 R EQ, ri if-116 :-. -1-'- , 1 Jr W m. 557 ' Q., QNoe,'-TI'9fv1'P i 4 1' O? - J 44,0 px Q -"4 f' 'W : -L gav.f-r D NEW Hb 6,01 .ogg cf'Y!T,'f,1 5 ' L 6 I P Ex W 1 Activities arsity Football Left to Right, First Row: Bill Davis, Joe Bishop, Don Steinman, Ronnie Russell, John King, Marv Rower, Bill Brewster, John Rielly, Stephen Smith, William Alge. Second Row: Mr. Stanly Trupo, Dale Nicholson, Don Kemerley, Dennis Rower, Dean Davis, Ron Kemerley, Steve Rinehart, Ronnie Jolliff, Mr, Howard Trost- miller, Floyd Clinger. Top Row: Dale Ralph, John Gehrisch, George Schwartz, Ken Rettig, Jessie Wilch, -Ron Griffith, Bub Frantz, Chris Eibling, Lonnie Pepple, James Rettig, Bob Steinman, Tom Honicker, Jim l-Iindall, Wayne Wilch. BLUFFTON AT ARLINGTON Bill Davis scurried his left end from 14 yds. out to hit paydirt. ln lead ing the Red Devils toward their first win of the season. Arlington had to call on it's defense to hold Bluffton as they threaten twice in the last quarter. Arlington later forfeited the game due to an ineligible player used in the game. Final score was Arlington 6 ---- Bluffton O ARLINGTON AT ARCADIA Arlington exploded for two touchdowns in the second period to wipe out a 6-O deficit. Arcadia scored first but Arlington tied with Bill Alge plunging from the one yd. line after a '75 yd. sprint by Bill Davis. The winning score was a 3 yd. plunge by Bill Davis. Dean Davis was injured early in the first quarter. Final score was Arlington 12 ---- Arcadia 6 ARLINGTON AT VAN BUREN Bill Alge opened the scoring on a 32 yd. sprint to paydirt. Rex Bisho p then scored on a 36 yd. jaunt down the middle. His second TD came on a 3 yd. plunge, and his third after a pass interception. The scoring ended on a conversion pass from Bill Davis to Alge. Steve Smith was injured in the second quarter. Final score was Arlington 26 ------ Van Buren O ARLINGTON AT CORY-RAWSON The Red Devils scored twice in the final period to overpower Cory-Rawson in their 3rd straight league win. Bill Davis passed for two TD's and ran for the other as the Red Devils downed the Hornets on route to an undisputed league championship. The first score was set up after Lee Allen Best recovered a John Reilly kick on the 25 yd. line. Ron Price started after an injury sidelined him early in the season. Final score was Arlington 18 ---- Cory-Rawson 12 ARLINGTON VS LIBERTY BENTON Arlington coasted to an easy win as Queen Nancy reigned over the game. Rex Bishop opened the scoring on a 4 yd. plunge in the first quarter. In the second quarter the Red Devils rolled for three TD's. The first on a 34 yd. sprint by Rex Bishop. The second on a one yd. plunge by Bill Alge and the third on a Davis pass to Gherisch and the pair converted by the air twice on conversions. The final score came on a safety as Don Steinman crashed through and nailed the Eagle in the end Zone. In this ball game we lost Rex Bishop with a broken wrist. Final score was Arlington 36 ------ Liberty Benton 14 1 19 A i .M Wm N Junior Varsity Left to Right: First Row: Ralph Green, Ray Worstine, Terry Suter, Roger Russell, Dana Davis, Craig Brown Steve Porter, Jim McClelland, Gary McMillen, Second Row: John Steinman, Martin Greiser, Robert Green, Larry Wilch, Paul Tegtmeier, Sam Butte, Robert Steinman, Greg Snider, David Wilch, Steve Beach, Tim Rine hart, Mr. Jerry Staley. Third Row: J. D. Richards, Jim Hindall, Tom Honecker, Keith Morrow, Earl Launders Doug Miller, Barry Fox, Donald Plotts, Mike Brant, Bob Hartman, Larry Evans, Danny Iolliff, Dan Frantz. Arlington vs Perry Arlington spotted Perry 20 points and roared back to tie the score on three separate Bill Davis passes. The first a 6 yd. Pass to Ron Russell. The second on a 31 yd. scoring thrust by Bill Alge who blocked a punt on the previous play. The third a tieing 6 pointer was an aerial from 6 yd. out to Ken Rettig. The conversion was a pass, to Jeff Rettig. Final score was Arlington 20 ----- Perry 20 Arlington vs McComb Bill Davis opened the scoring with a plunge from the one and one from the four. -Bill Alge then scored the next three touchdowns. One from the 47 yd. line one from the 4 yd. line and from 9 yd. Marvin Rower blocked a punt and Jim Dillinger scored a safety in the first period. The final score was Arlington 32 ----- McComb O Arlington vs. Vanlue For their final league game the Red Devils faced a fine Wildcat team. Ken Rettig scored the first two touchdowns for the Devils and split the uprights for one extra point. Arlington was down 20-13 when the Devils got the ball with 2 min. to play. They drove to the one and Bill Alge took it over. Bill Davis then passed to Ron Russell for the conversion. This win clinched an undisputed championship for the Red Devils. John King was very instrumental in holding the Wildcats. Final score was Arlington 21 ----- Vanlue 20 Arlington vs Hardin Northern Bill Davis, Bill Brewster, Steve and Dan Smith were captains in the final game with Har- din Northern. The Polar Bears were turned back by a 33 yd. run by Bill Davis. Davis passed to Jeff Rettig for the conversion. This win gave the Red Devils an undefeated season. The final score was Arlington 3 ----- Hardin Northern O Senior Football Bill Davis All-County Offensive Unit Quarterback William Alge All-County Offensive Unit Fullback Alan Best John Reilly All-County Offensive Unit All-County Offensive Unit Guard Center Ronnie Russell A11-County Offensive Unit End ' Jeff Rettig Halfback Senior Football John King Marvin Rower A11-County Honorable Mention A11'C0U11fY H0HO1'2b1S MGHUOH End Efld Donald Steinman Rex Bishop Tackle Halfback fif w' ' 44,211 f z W . 1 f V ' 1 f I ' , 1' fl f , af fig.,A .4 in r , ., ' 2 2 ' 2., 113. +'f,',Z2,'iZ'fif'n'ZLf. " :silV'?':,,,'S 'MQ-zfq1jh,,54i??I'nw5THrfa-, yffogli Q ., ' J 2, ii 11 J :zfiiarw ., I .,,, ' H 1 H 1 ,f '75 ,gk -wfg fw Lie' Q-,ef W- af HZJ"ffa .w .- ' -,yimf vWzAs,wr,1'fw-ff, 74, M4, A ffl f ' M :'fwwx,fswzwf ir Steve Smith Dean Davis Halfback I-Ialiback Senior Football Football Managers Wayne Wilch Dale Ralph Danny Smith Joe Bishop Tackle Guard Ronald Price Bill Brewster Tackle Linebacker Nancy Drum m els m ith aff Y Cheerleaders Julene Hiridall Miriam Tegtmeier Sue Long Jane Grohoske Left to Right: Miriam Tegtmeier, Nancy Drummelsmith, Jane Grohoske, Sue Long, Juleue Hindali. Homecoming Andy Kim Pifer and Sherylliendricks, Foot- ball Bearers. Bobby Houdeshell and Terri Line, Scepter Bearers. Rm Sophomore Attendant, K a re n Krepps and Escort, J. D. Richards. Nathan Ru s s e 1 1, C ro w n bearer and Kim Theodore, flower bearer. Freshman Attendant, Debbie Pepple and Escort, Gregg Snyder. Junior Attendant, Judy McClelland and Es- cort, Dennis Rower. Homecoming Senior Attendant, Julene Hindall, E s c o r t, Rex Bishop. Queen Nancy receives s c e p t e I from Sue Long. Her Highness, Queen Nancy. Queen Nancy Drummelsmith, Escorts, Bill Alge and Bill Davis Queen Nancy receives flowers from Kim Theodore. Queen and Court Varsity Basketball Kneeling: Manager, James Reddickg Coach, Howard Trostmillerg Statistician, Stephen Smith. Standing: Ken Rettig, Lonnie Pepple, Bub Frantz, Dean Davis, Bill Davis, Marv Rower, Ron Russell, Bill Alge, Chris Eibling, David Inbody, Iohn Gehrisch, Tom Honecker. BASKETBALL WRITE-UP NOVEMBER 29, 1963 ARLINGTON vs. ARCADIA The final score was Arlington-62 and Arcadia-49. Alge was high s corer with 18 Points, supported by Bill Davis's great defensive game. Reserves lost 43-38. DECEMBER 6, 1963 ARLINGTON vs. VAN BUREN Arlington over Van Buren--63-36. Top scorer for the game was Bill Davis with 18 points. He also was in- strumental in stealing the ball. Reserves won 43-24. DECEMBER 7, 1963 ARLINGTON vs. MCCOMB Arlington, in a close game, nosed out McComb by a score of 49-42. Russell was high-point man with 214 and also commanded the backboards. Reserves won 33-25. DECEMBER 13, 1963 ARLINGTON vs. ARCADIA Arlington ran away with a score of 56-36 over Arcadia in their first league game. Bill Davis, with 14 points, was supported by the combined efforts of Marv Rower and Ron Russell on the backboards. Reserves won 40-31. DECEMBER 27, 1963 ARLINGTON vs. INDIAN LAKE In the first game of the Christmas Tournament held at Riverdale, Arlington nosed out Indian Lake, 46-34. Russell was high-point man with 22. DECEMBER 28, 1963 ARLINGTON vs. RIVERDALE Arlington, suffering its first defeat of the season, went down to the hot Riverdale five by a score of 63-44. JANUARY 3, 1964 ARLINGTON vs. VANLUE Arlington, in their second league game, went home with a victory of 53-41 over Vanlue. Russell scored 15 points. Reserves lost 33-36. JANUARY 4, 1964 ARLINGTON vs. PANDORA-GILBOA In a cold night for both teams, Pandora-Gilboa went home in defeat, 42-29. Russell was high-point man. Davis, Rower, and Russell came through with fabulous rebounding. Reserves won 31-27. JANUARY 10, 1964 ARLINGTON VS. VAN BUREN Arlington ran away in their third league game by defeating the Black Knights 60-32. Russell, being high point man with 23 points, was supported with the good defensive effort of Bill Davis. Reserves lost 32-38. Reserve Basketball FRONT: Dennis Rower, Managerg Tom Honecker, Lonnie Pepple, Chris Eibling, Bub Frantz, David Inbody, John Gehrisch. BACK: Joe Metzger, Paul Tegtmeier, Bob Steinman, Ken Rettig, Tom Orwick, Jim Hindallg Coach, Howard Trostmiller. BASKETBALL REWRITE-UP CONTINUED JANUARY 11, 1964 ARLINGTON vs. HARDIN-NORTHERN Arlington in non-league competition downed the Polar Bears 42-34. Bill Davis was high-point man and high rebounder in the Arlington effort. Reserves won 60-48. JANUARY 18, 1964 ARLINGTON vs. CAREY Arlington in a third quarter effort sent Carey home in defeat 61-53. Russell, being high-point man with 21 points, was supported by Rower's great defensive work on the backboards and in stealing the ball. Reserves won 44-32. JANUARY 24, 1964 ARLINGTON vs. MCCOMB Arlington was handed its second loss of the season and first in league by being defeated 62-68. The pair, Bill Alge and Dean Davis, were high-point men with 16 points a piece. Reserves lost 37-39. JANUARY 25, 1964 ARLINGTON vs. LIBERTY-BENTON In over time, Arlington racked up another victory with a score of 43-42. Russell being high-point man with 19 points was supported by Rower's backboard effort. Reserves won 64-18. JANUARY 31, 1964 ARLINGTON vs. CORY-RAWSON Arlington sent home Cory-Rawson in defeat by winning with a score of 74-54. Bill Davis And Bill Alge to- gether were high-point men with 18 points a piece. They were supported by Rower and Russell's command of the backboards. Reserves lost 39-40. FEBRUARY 7, 1964 ARLINGTON vs. LIBERTY-BENTON Arlington captured second place in league competition by defeating Liberty-Benton on their own court 70- 60. Alge was high-point man with 21 points supported by Rower, Russell, and Frantz's commanding backboard effort. Reserves won 43-23. FEBRUARY 8, 1964 ARLINGTON vs. RIVERDALE Arlington closed its regular scheduled season by walloping Riverdale 74-52. Alge being high-point man with 23 points was supported by Rower's fabulous re-bound effort of 21 rebounds. Reserves won 46-43. COUNTY TOURNAMENT FEBRUARY 21, 1964 ARLINGTON VS. CORY-RAWSON After Arlington received the bye in County Tournament drawing, they were to play Cory-Rawson at Arcadia. Arlington gained the right to compete in the finals by winning over Cory-Rawson, 60-44. High scorer for the Red Devils was Ron Russell with 20 points. He was supported by the great ball handling of his four teammates. FEBRUARY 22, 1964 ARLINGTON VS. VANLUE Arlington regained the County Tournament Championship Title for the 3rd straight time in 3 years by de- feating Vanlue, 53-51. This was also the 3rd time the Red Devils defeated the Wildcats in the finals. The game was so exciting and close that we decided to give the game in detail, quarter by quarter. The first quarter started out with a back and forth action. The largest spread was five points in the favor of Arlington. The score at the end of the first quarter was 14-11. After two minutes of the second quarter, Vanlue's Roark put the Wildcats ahead 15-16. But it was to no avail, for Arlington regained the lead from the charity strip. Arlington could not find shooting room in the first half, after they only shot 19 times to Vanlue's 30. The score turned out at the half in the favor of the Red Devils, 31-25, a six point margin. In early seconds of the second half, Van1ue's press brought them within three points. Then the scoring went back and forth, stimulated by Arlington's Bill Alge and Vanlue's Tom Morgan. After three minutes, Arlington saw a lead of '7 points dwindle down to one. In the last two seconds of this quarter, Arlington's Marv Rower sunk a hook-shot that put Arlington ahead, 45-42. The fourth quarter brought the fans to their feet, as Harold Hinkle sunk a charity shot to tie the score 49- all. With two minutes remaining and later again with one, Bill Alge sunk three free throws to put the Devils ahead by three points. The Vanlue Wildcats were not to be denied, as Hinkle put in a two pointer to bring Vanlue withon one point of the Red Devils. The ball game was put on ice as Ron Russell sunk a charity shot with less than a second to go. Bill Alge received the honors of being high-point man with 22 points. Arlington received three of the six trophies given out that night. They received a trophy for 1963 Foot- ball Championship, 1964 Hancock County League Runners-up in Basketball, and for the 1964 BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT CHAMPIONSHIP. By winning the County Tournament Championship, Arlington was entitled to go to the sectional Tourney play at Findlay, where they would meet the Ada Bulldogs. The winner of this game would proceed on to Tiffin and play the winner of the Fremont-Upper game. Arlington 62 ---- - - - Arlington 63 Arlington 49 Arlington 56 Arlington 46 Arlington 44 ---- - - - Arlington 53 Arlington 42 ---- - - - Arlington 60 Arcadia 49 VanBuren 36 McComb 42 Arcadia 365 Indian Lake 34 Riverdale 63 Vanlue 414' Pandora-Gilboa VanBuren 32" Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington 42 ---- ---- 61 ---- ---- 62 ---- --- 43 ---- --- 74 ---- --- vo ---- --- 74 ---- --- eo ---- --- ss ---- --- Hardin Northern 34 Cary 53 McComb 685 Liberty Benton 42 Cory Rawson 544' Liberty Benton 6O"' Riverdale 52 Cory Rawson 44 Vanlue 51 'F Denotes League games Junior High Basketball First Row: Byron Dennison, Terry Suter, Dan Frantz, Greg Snyder, Gary McMillan, Donald Plotts, Mike Solt, Craig Brown, Alan Dillion. Second Row: Ralph Green, Doug Rossman, Dennis Eibling, Jack Pearson, Dennis Tidd, Dennis Clevenger, Doug Miller, Roger Russell, Dwight Martin, Steve Morrow, Jack Crates. Coach Stanley Trupo. Arlington 23 Arlington 11 Arlington 39 Arlington 33 Arlington 23 Arlington 33 Arlington 23 Arlington 36 . SEASON GAMES . . . 37 . . . . 21 . . . . 10 . . . . 12 . . . . 29 . . . . 58 . . . . 22 . ..38 Arlington 35. . . . 25 Arlington 32 COUNTY TOURNAMENT .. ..51 Ada Arcadia Vanlue Van Buren Ada Cory Rawson Lakota Hardin Northern Liberty Benton Cory -Rawson Susan Drummelsmith, Linda Wright, Chris Businger Debbie Pepple Q left to rightj Senior Basketball Players William Alge Bill D Marvin Rower R ld R 11 Majorettes Standing: Connie Strouseg Kneeling: Cindy Bash, Miriam Tegtmeier, Julene I-Iindall. Head: Connie Strouse. Cindy Bash, Junior - W if k i L-1:-I ., A ' v ii - sei :-- , ,V 1 :, if ' . MQ fe- T :S 1 is X 5 igzyiaj -is-,fa- :N Q.--W' ..,. , izg wf: Mi, ga 1 ff' 1 if ,, aww i Q gi K i fi . ' : 5' ' ' , . . sf H Julene Hindall, Senior. Miriam Tegtmeier, Senior i .qw ,it .ae Senior FRONT ROW, Left to Rightg Cindy Bash, Julene llindall. SECOND ROW: Ronnie Griffith, Ronnie Russell, Karen Metzger, Karen Brauneller, Marcia Businger, Mary Hartman. THIRD ROW: Doug Smith, Jack Pearson, Janie Traucht, Janet Decker, Linda Robinson, Mary Ann Shellenbarger, Rita Smith, Diane Steinman. FOURTH ROW: Mike Solt, David lnbody, Becky Mitchell, Paulette Beard, Nancy Treece, Charles Smith, Terry Businger, Junior Wiehrauch, TOP ROW: Elaine Oats, Martha Powell, Lee A1311 Best, Donald Plotts, Bob Green, Roger Rus- sell, Doug Rossman, Sandy Traucht, Donnie Kemerley, Danny Smith. 'Band FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Connie Strouse, Miriam Tegtmeier. SECOND ROW: Judy McClelland, Nancy Drum melsmith, Mary Crates, Sue Long. THIRD ROW: Trudy Green, Vicki Dennison, Ruth Ann Mengert, Dianne iartman, Cheryl Essinger, Linda Wright, Brena Clevenger, Marvin Bame. FOURTH ROW: Cheri Corbin, Diane ishop, Betty Wells, Linda Bishop, Cynthia Reamsynder, Sharon Nicholson, Belinda Hoyt, Susie Coldren, ,hristine Reilly. FIFTH ROW: Debbie Pepple, Becky LaRoche, Phyllis Hoyt, Joyce Wilson, Nancy Fox, Pam Burson, Debbie Fox, Joe Traught. TOP ROW: Max Hosafross, Rosemarie Feller, Betsy Beagle, Waneta Corner, Hack Crates, Ralph Green, Mr. William Everhart. I Q Mixed Chorus Bottom row: Paula Deter, Ruth Marquart, Cindy Bash, Betsy Beagle, Barb Nessler. Second row: Jill Roberts, Mary Crates, Jackie Schey, Cindy Reamsnyder, Linda Bishop, Debbie Pepple, Sue Long, Marilyn Kemerley. Third row: Yvonne Gossgnan, Rubetta Wilch, Sherry Fahl, Rita Smith, Carol Taylor, Mary Shellenbarger, Sue Bishop, Karen Metzger, Cheri Corbin, Ioan Tegtmeier, Mary Hartman. Top row: Roger Russell, Dan Hartman Dan Smith, Dennis Clevenger, Marvin Bame, John Gehrisch, Rex Bishop, Lon Pepple, Don Steinman, Marv Rower, Clyde Bame. Senior Girls' Ensembles Senior Mixed Ensembles Becky Mitchell, Mary Crates, Paulette Beard, Sue Mary Crates, Nancy Drummelsmith Marv Rower Long, Trudy Green, Nancy Drummelsmith, Miriam John King, Ron Russell, Miriam Tegtmeier, Sue Tegtmeier, Mary Hartman. Long. Absent: Lee Best Mixed Chorus First Row: Susie Coldren, Julene Hindall, Becky Mitchell, Trudy Green, Dorothy Clinger. Second Row: Waneta Cotner, Sarah Reinking, Connie Strouse, Paulette Beard, Martha Powell, Rosemary Feller, Diane Steinman, Nancy Treece, Paulette Redick. Third Row: Elaine Oats, Cindy Bash, Glenda Baughman, Ruth Mengert, Judy McClelland, Diane Bishop, Nancy Fox, Nancy Drummelsmith, Miriam Tegtmeier, Lynette Bibler, Mr. Ever- hart. Fourth Row: John King, Ronald Russell, Chris Eibling, Bill Davis, David Inbody, Stephen Smith, Lee Alan Best, Dennis Rower, Ronnie Kemerley, Donnie Musgrave, Donnie Kemerley. Junior Boys' Ensemble Left to right: Ronnie Kemerley, Donnie Musgrave, David Inbody, Chris Eibling, Lonnie Pepple, Dennis Rower, Danny Hartman, Donnie Kemerley. Junior Mixed Ensembles Left to right: Sarah Reinking, Mary Shellenbarger, Ronnie Kemerley, Dennis Rower, David Inbody, Donnie Kemerley, Karen Metzger, Judy McClelland .lunlor Girls Ensemble Sophomore Girls Ensemble Left to rrght D 1 an e Sternman Judy McClelland Cherr Corbrn Mary Shellenbarger Karen Metzger Sarah Rernkrng C I a run et rlo Left to rrght Cherr Corbrn Mary Hartman Susre Coldren Left to rrght Ruth Marquart BetsyBeag1e Rosemary Feller Waneta Corner Lynette Brbler Elarne Oats Flute Trlo Left to rrght Trudy Green Vrckr Dennrson Ruth Anne Mengert 1 . , 0 y Sherry Fahl, Marilyn Kemerley, Connie Strouse, Junior Band Bottom row: Chris Reilly, Dottie Weihrauch, Kay Wilson, Debbie Fox, Pam Burson, Barb Dawson, Cindy Beucler, Debby Rinehart, Linda Suter, Elizabeth Launders, Kathy Pifer, Susie Alge, Christine Musgrave, Judy Shank, Melodee Theodore, Mr. Everhart. SECOND ROW: Larry McDevitt, Vic Krout, Doug Coldren, Steve VanDen Eynde, Rodney Russell, Larry Corbin, Clair Baughman, James Main, Karen Hartman, Junior Weihrauch, Mike Solt, Kathy Wagner, Terry Businger, Nancy Marquart, Nancy Treece, Pam LaRoche, Sharon Nicholson, Becky LaRoche, Phil Burson. TOP ROW: Ralph Green, Wayne Smith, Karl Best, Jim Carey Merv Alexander, Dennis Tidd, Koug Smith, Jack Peraron, Janie Traucht,Janet Decker, Jack Crates, Doug Rossman, 'Elaine Wright, Brena Clevenger, Ruth Ann Rodman, Martha Powell. Beginners Band BOTTOM ROW: Mark Metzger, Herb Launder, Nancy Krout, Cheryl Muehlbrad, Sharon Yoxtheimer, Gloria Reigle, Denise Rettig, Pam Businger. TOP ROW:ChuckCrammer, Kent Brown, Paul Main, Cherie Rower, Jill Musgrave, Patty Miller, Linda Alexander and Mr. Everhart. Track Team First Row: Tim Rhinehart, Tom Honecker, Donnie Kemerley, Paul Tegtmeier, David Wilch, Steve Porter Second Row: Fred Arrington, Jim Hindall, Jesse Wilch, Bub Frantz, Bob Steinman, Steve Dilgard, John Geh- risch, Coach Stanley Trupo. Third Row: John Reilly, William Alge, Steve Smith, Bill Brewster, Ron Griffith, John King, Marvin Rower, Bill Davis, Rex Bishop, Dean Davis, Ronnie Kemerley. Ev ent High Hurdles 100 Yards Mile Run 880 Yards Relay 440 Yards Dash Low Hurdles 880 Yard Dash 220 Yards Mile Relay Shot Put Discus High Jump Pole Vault Broad Jump HANCOCK COUNTY TRACK AND FIELD RECORDS ARLINGTON TRACKSTERS WHO PLACED IN THE FOLLOWING EVENTS Ht. Dist. Name School Time High Hurdles Mile Run L. Falk CR 16. 0 880 Yards Semler VB 10 . 3 Relay DeBouver VB 4:55. 6 Shoemaker, Aukerman MC 1:40. 3 Aukerman, Tate 440 parker CR 55, 5 180 Low Hurdles L. Falk CR 21. 3 Mile Relay Freed VB 2:14. 5 Semler VB 23. 8 Roberts, Winzeler, VB 3:51.2 Shot Put DeBouver, Freed Discus Reilly Arl 42'7" High Jump Leatherman LB 118'2" Pole Vault L. Falk CR 5'7 lf2" Wolfe VB 10'6" Broad Jump Davis Arl 18'1O" SCORES OF SCHOOLS IN THE MEET Van Buren Arlington Liberty-Benton Cory-Rawson McComb 70 46 lf3 41 1X2 33 5f6 is lf3 John King Marvin Rower John Reilly Bill Alge John King Charles Crates Stephen Smith Rex Bishop John King Ron Griffith Bob Steinman Stephen Smith Rex Bishop John Reilly John Reilly Bub Frantz Bill Brewster Jeff Rettig Bill Davis Vanlue Honor Society ,E J First Row: Jane Grohoske, Jeri-Jean Hartman, Judy McClelland, Rex Bishop, Becky Mitchell, Mrs. Knight. Second Row: Alice Williams, Marilyn Kemerley, Connie Strouse, Sue Long, Sharon McKinley, Joan Tegtmeier, Mary Shellenbarger, Nancy Drummelsmith, Paulette Beard, Trudy Green, Shirley Houdeshell, Cindy Bash. Third Row: Ronnie McMil1en, David Inbody ,John King, Marvin Rower, Lee Best, and Dennis Rower. Latin Club First Row: Debbie Pepple, Martha Powell, Chris Businger, Rosemary Feller, Nancy Treece, Sharon Nicholson, Susie Coldren, Betsy Beagle, Linda Houdeshell, Peggy Price. Second Row: Mrs. LaRoche, Craig Brown, Susie Drurnmelsmith, Chris Reilly, Sharon Bach, Yvonne Gossman, Cheryl Essinger, Becky LaRoche, Nancy Launders, Linda Wright, Diane Fields, Donna Houdeshell. Third Row: Greg Ward, Ralph Green, Marvin Bame, Joe Traught, Tom Honecker, Keith Morrow, Clyde Bame, Steve Dilgard, Steve Beach, Paul Tegtmeier, Bob Green Larry Wilch, and Steve Porter. J I FFA Left to Right: First Row: Mr. Mengert, Donnie Musgrave, Tom Orwick, Mike Musgrave, David Inbody, J.D Richards, Joe Metzger. Second Row: Jim McClelland, John Steinman, Paul Patton, Eric Greiser, Robert Hart- man, Larry Evans, Jim Dillinger, Earl Launders, Mike Brandt, Donald Plotts, Charles Smith, Mike Franks, Max Hosafross, Martin Greiser. The Arlington Chapter ofthe Future Farmers of America has participated in many activities during the 1963-64 year. They were on the local, county, state, and national level. Locally we held a Corn Picker Safety Campaign, conducted our annual Pest Hunt, sold garden seeds, planted and harvested our Corn Test plot, observed National F. F. A. week by attending Good Hope Lutheran Church as a group, had a Record Hop for the High School, and had our annual Parent 85 Son Banquet. County activities included the Parliamentary Procedure contest where we received a silver rating, County Dairy 85 General Livestock judging contests, and we entered a float in the Junior Fair Parade at the Hancock County Fair and received first place. Our state activities were the Dairy 85 General Livestock judging contests, and the State F.F.A. convention where one of our members received the State Farmer Degree. This year two of our members and advisors attended the National F. F. A. Convention at Kansas City, Missouri. While there, they witnessed the American Farmer Degree presentation. William Bame a graduate member, received this high honor. Bill is the third member to receive this degree. As F.F.A. members we believe strongly in our Motto: Learning to Do Doing to Learn Earning to Live Living to Serve FHA ra f ftf if grwv- ff? at ' Z Half U ' Q S 2 . A 'Yf' may Hb? AMERICA Left to Right, Front Row: Marcia Businger, Judy Jolliff, Brenda Brinkman, Karen Krepps, Gloria Shuck, Mrs. Ruth Welty. Second Row: Mary Hartman, Karen Brauneller, Jill Roberts, Martha Middleton, Sandy Traught, Linda Robinson, Cynthia Reamsnyder, Darlene Wilch, Janice Treece. Third Row: Jackie Shy, Susie Bibler,'Belinda Hoyt, Pam Garman, Joyce Wilson, Glenda Baughman, Ruth Mengert, Jane Bame, Kathy Patton, Sally Salsbury, Paulette Redick, Barbara Patton. The Arlington Chapter of Future Homemakers of America met the first Monday in October 1963. We discussed activities for the rest of the year and had our election of officers. We decided to meet the first Monday of every month. At our November 4th meeting we decided on a bake sale held at Traught's IGA Store November 19, 1963. Nineteen members were initiated that night. For a week we wore a ribbon bow of our club colors, red and white. At our December 2nd meeting we discussed a Mother and Daughter Tea, set for January 6, 1964. We decided to make some extra money for our banquet by selling candy. During the business meeting of January 6th, three more girls were initiated. We discussed a bake sale for February 1, 1964, and a dance in the near future. There were eighteen mothers there. Mrs. Loren Bibler was our guest. A short program was given by members of the club. February 3rd was the date for our fifth meeting. We discussed committees for the F. l-I. A. banquet set for March 13, 1964, and all the necessary work to be done. At our March meeting we finished the details for our banquet. The parents of all the F.H.A. girls were invited. We went to the Bi-County F.H.A. meeting in Arcadia, held the first Wednesday of the month. During the April Meeting we discussed the annual F.H.A. picnic for all the girls. At the May meeting we had the election of officers and enjoyed a covered dish picnic plus "hotdogs" and marshmallows. AA Left to Right, First Row- Cynthia Reamsynder, Martha Powell, Linda Houdeshell, Sharon Nicholson, Susie Coldren, Nancy Treece, Susan Drummelsmith, Belinda Hoyt, Anna Salsbury, Paulette Redick, Jackie Schey, Ramona Hartman, Linda Brinkman, Donna Houdeshell. Second Row- Linda Wright, Nancy Launder, Ruth Anne Men- gert, Sharon Bach, Martha Middleton, Chris Businger, Darlene Wilch, Mary Hartman, Barbara Hartman, Rose- mary Feller, Linda Robinson, Diane Fields, Vicki Alge, Peggy Price, Betsy Beagle, Ruth Marquart, Linda Brauneller, Susie Bibler, Mrs. Cammell. Third Row- Sandy Traucht, Christine Greiser, Becky LaRoche, Deb- bie Pepple, Chris Reilly, Pam Carman fmovedj, Nancy Dillinger, Patty Patton, Joan Marquart, Sharon Wil- liams, Yvonne Gossman, Karen Krepps, Elaine Oates, Cheryl Essinger, Joyce Wilson, Marcia Businger, Cindy Fahl, Lynette Bibler, Barbara Patton, Waneta Cotner, Delores Rettig. Left to Right, First Row- Karen Hartman, Phylis Hoyt, Shirley Miller, Becky Mitchell, Sandra Gossman, Cynthia Crates, Betty Brewster, Paulette Beard, Mary Crates, Dianne Hartman, Cindy Bash, Janice Treece. Second Row- Paula Deter, Diane Steimman, Diana Tong, Shirley Houdeshell, Connie Strouse, Betty Wells, Nancy Fox, Jane Grohoske, Diane Bishop, Rita Smith, Marilyn Kemerley, Linda Bishop, Cheryl Clevenger, Sarah Reinking, Alice Williams, Barbara Nesler, Jeri'Jean Hartman, Jill Roberts, Pam Meyers, Sherry Fahl. Third Row- Judy McClelland, Patricia Businger, Judy Jolliff, Sharon McKinely, Cheri Corbin, Karen Metzger, Mary Shellen- barger, Carol Taylor, Jane Bame, Mary Ellen Hartman, Joan Tegtmeier, Doyne Wilkins, Sue Bishop, Glenda Bau-ghman, Gloria Shuck, Vicki Dennison, Brenda Brinkman, Linda Butte, Rubetta Wilch, Miriam Tegtmeier, Dorthy Clinger, Trudy Green, Marcia Van Den Eynde. Student Council ities. The Student Council is represented by a student from each class in the upper six grades and a representative from extra curricular activities, such as sport, band, G.A.A., F.F.A. , and F.l-l. A. The duties of the council are: 413 The Q25 The 439 The Q41 The Q55 The Q65 The C75 The Q83 The Student Council serves as a means for the expression of students' opinions toward school activ Student Council initiates school activities of value to every student. Student Council encourages balance in the activities offered by clubs and classes. Student Council provides training in parliamentary procedure. Student Council provides opportunities for extemporaneous speech and public debates. Student Council encourages public service for benefit of others. Student Council maintains a good public relations program. Student Council builds school spuit. Student Council Officers for 1963-1964 President ........ Marv Rower Vice Pres. . . . Sue Long Secretary . . Linda Wright rr Treasurer . . Dave lnbody Reporter . . ..... Ron Russell Advisor . . .Mr. Donald Dennison f Miss R1TA PINE Attica Local BGSU-Bs Art, English Miss Pine joined us after midterm exams. 52 School Secretary Bus Drivers MIS' Glen Corbin Patrol Boys Dale Hartman, Bob Russell, Wilbur Gar- Jeff Frantz, John Nicholson, Karl Best, linger, Clifford Beagle, Ira Rettig, Floyd Dana Jameson, Denny Hartman, Rodney Clinger. Russell, Phil Burson, Mathew Musgrave. Custodians: Paul Gallant Cooks--Left to Right: Mrs. Isabella Mar- Raymond Essinger quart, Mrs. Wava Nessler, Mrs. Patricia Frantz, Mrs. Catherine Hutton, Mrs. Opal Best, Mrs. Ester Bormuth, Mrs. Doris Weihrauch, Mrs. Wanda Steinman. College Preparatory French ---- Parlez vous frangais? fra E Is that right, Mr. Bibler? Now this is. . .No. . . That is. . . Or is it S - 1X2 GT2 Pythagorean Theory Physics and Chemistry Pheno lphthalein Kid fMr. Webby What Happened? !? I Ser1i0r?'?????'?? ??'????'?'????? IUI1iOfS at Accuracy Ccunts Biology Seed Project i Insect Collection Don--the great Biologist Biology at work Craig at the bioscope Home Economics Too Tight???????? Did you burn them???? It better be good! ! ! I W Do it right!! Ithink I'm sick! ! I I! Vocational Agriculture Doodlebugf Y It doesn t flt , . Oooo what a mess! I ! F. F. A. Banquet Dem onstr ation Industrial Arts All Dirty! I I II Sf Does it fit? Esquire! I I I I I Jerry at work?????! I I I I It's supposed to be green, not red 3 5' Commercial Speed Demon?????? Beginners It's Greek to me! I ! ! ! No Peeking How many mistakes'?????? Bonum Musicum Lose Something? The Royal Court Wanta Fight Monkey Business Fumble Not Bad is She? Moonlight Serenade Pass the Water Kingfish and Saphire What's Cookin Merry Christmas HANCOCK BRICK AND TILE COMPANY Manufacturers of Vitrified Drain Tile Fittings Phone: H22-652i Findlay, Ohio The Compliments of The Findlay Florists BIGELOWS-FLOWERLAND-KOEHLERS-SINKS-WAYLANDS Findlay, Ohio EVANS OFF ict EQUIPMENT t,': slls .. QQQQ5w?,m :A ivtt Lggf-E .,i,t..,t,- .:,'l t tl L l9l'l it ttst 1 A lsla Findlay, Ohio fjf 5 Wwawf t t s y s .,,y,qq: " ":""- If .. ........ ,L R Compliments of FINDLAY COLLEGE Findlay, Ohio LAFFERTY PLUMBING 5 HEATING Phone: 365-57Al Arlington, Ohio CORBIN BROTHERS Chevrolet Dealers Arlington, Ohio WILLIS HUMPHREY General Insurance 5 Real Estate 2lO North Main Street Dunkirk, Ohio Phone: 759'33Ol Or 759-3342 Compliments ot KING MOBILE HOMES Arlington, Ohio Phone: 365-565A MCDEVITT PHARMACY Prescriptions, Drugs Arlington, Ohio Compliments of NEUHAUSER HATCHERIES, INC Arlington, Ohio Compliments of CARSON C. DAVIS, SHERIFF Findlay, Ohio Compliments of GOLDEN CUE BILLIARD CENTER Findlay, Ohio Belles of the Ball Ya' Don't Say, Don! Get Back! Try It, You'11 like it Milkmen You dance divinely, Trost! Well, here we are The Stars' R "' 4' 4' " 4' 'f' f F An old friend Let's Twist A aiu Free for all Recovuize Usif???? A O That's Us ??? Let's Get'em Clean Schrunch! ! ! Brrrrr! ! Amen Pep Rally! Victory Bell Sign of the Champions! Happy Birthday John So Long Mike Jason and Granny Goooooo Team! E! For Me?? Work'n Hard Big Marv Mammy Its gotta go in Let's See ........ How'd we do? Our Prom Censored Shall I drop Her? Is that Playboy? La Le La Le--- oooopsr I1 spiked!! Tough Break -the D. 1. 24583 X 71 5 96 TRAUGHT'S I.G.A. Main Street Arlington, Ohio ARLINGTON ELEVATOR 5 SUPPLY COMPANY Arlington, Ohio JOHNNY APPLESEED RESTAURANT AND BOWLING LANES HCongratulations to The Class of '6AH Arlington, Ohio PLAIN VIEW DAIRY Jenera, Ohio 'EN HANCOCK BRICK AND TILE COMPANY Manufacturers of Vitrified Drain Tile Fittings Phone: M22-652l Findlay, Ohio The Compliments of The Findlay Florists BIGELOWS-FLOWERLAND-KOEHLERS-SINKS-WAYLANDS Findlay, Ohio Compliments of EVANS OFFICE EQUIPMENT Findlay, Ohio Compliments of FINDLAY COLLEGE Findlay, Ohio LAFFERTY PLUMBING 5 HEATING Phone: 365-57Al Arlington, Ohio CORBIN BROTHERS Chevrolet Dealers Arlington, Ohio WILLIS HUMPHREY General Insurance 5 Real Estate 2lO North Main Street Dunkirk, Ohio Phone: 759'33Ol Or 759'33A2 Compliments of KING MOBILE HOMES Arlington, Ohio Phone: 365-5654 MCDEVITT PHARMACY Prescriptions, Drugs Arlington, Ohio Compliments of NEUHAUSER HATCHERIES, INC Arlington, Ohio Compliments of CARSON C. DAVIS, SHERIFF Findlay, Ohio Compliments of GOLDEN CUE BILLIARD CENTER Findlay, ohio Main Street ARLINGTON HARDWARE Arlington, Ohio ARLINGTON FORD SALES Arlington, Ohio Compliments of I-lICKLE'S BARBER SHOP Mt. Blanchard, Ohio SHEARERS RESTAURANT Mt. Blanchard, Ohio Compliments of FARMERS' AND MERCHANTS' BANK Arlington, Ohio Compliments of JOHN STEINMAN LUMBER COMPANY Compliments of FACULTY AND STAFF ARLINGTON LOCAL SCHOOL Compliments of COLDREN FUNERAL HOME Findlay, Oh io Phone: 365-5451+ Arlington, Ohio IENERA CO-OP ASSOCIATION Ienera, Ohio MILLERS RESTAURANT Mt . Blanchard Ohio CRILLY'S DAIRY BAR Mt. Blanchard Ohio BOLLANDER ELECTRIC MOTOR SERVICE Mt. Blanchard, Ohio ROBERT R. RUSSELL Grange Insurance Auto - Fire- Liability Phone: 365-5404 Arl. R. F. D. 4-Findlay, Ohio BEACH'S CLOVER FARM Arlington, Ohio ESSINGER APPAREL Arlington, Ohio Compliments of WEB ER' S BARBER SHOP Arlington, Ohio Compliments of Compliments of ARLINGTON GLICK APPLIANCE LAUNDROMAT SERVICE Arlington, Ohio BIBLER INSURANCE AGENCY Phone: 365-5667 Arlington, Ohio STELLA'S RESTAURANT Arlington, Ohio LeMAR'S UPHOLSTERY SHOP On Route 12-Mail Route 1 Arcadia, Ohio Arlington, Ohio Compliments of CAPITAL TIRE SHOP Findlay, Ohio Compliments of DIETOCH BROTHERS Findlay, Ohio Compliments of GORDON'S DRESS SHOP 419 South Main Street Findlay Ohio FENSTER.MAKERS'S For Shoes 415 South Main Street Findlay, Ohio Compliments of STRUM'S MARKET Findlay, Ohio PAUL WAXLER TRUCKING Arlington, Ohio MARGRET'S BEAUTY SHOP 501 North Main Street Arlington, Ohio Compliments of BRANAN'S GULF Arlington, Ohio SNYDER AND COMPANY Phone: 365-5082 Arlington, Ohio BRlNDLE'S WAYSIDE FURNITURE CO. 2716 North Main St. Arlington, Ohio KEUBLER-BURGER SHOE STORE 507 South Main St. Findlay, Ohio EDGAR QGEASERJ NESLER Interior And Exterior Painting-Phone: 365-5145 Arlington, Ohio FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Findlay, Ohio -i- Compliments of HOCH'S HARDWARE Rawson, Ohio MOREY'S NEWSTAND 501 South Main Findlay, Ohio ALICE BEAUTY AND THOMAS JEWELERS DRESS SHOP Diamonds-Watches- 411 South Main Street Silverware Findlay, Ohio Findlay, Ohio OHIO CONVEYOR 85 SUPPLY Findlay, Ohio Compliments of PRODUCTION CREDIT ASSOCIATION Findlay, Ohio TROUT FURNITURE Findlay, Ohio N? ,af fQ I i , f Q 2 Compliments of 'l y HANCOCK SAVINGS RL , I LOAN f , Findlay. ohio ifl II' FF,: ,IIIIII Courtesy of COOPER TIRE AND HANCOCK COUNTY RUBBER Co. FARM EQUIPMENT Phone: 422-5603 DEALERS ASSOCIATION Findlay, ohio BUSINGER WELDING Jenera , Ohio REPUBLICAN COURIER WF IN Findlay, Ohio DR. BAIR 85 DR. BURNETTA Findlay, Ohio FINDLAY EQUIPMENT SALES Findlay, Ohio HANCOCK I-IYBRIDS INC . A Complete Line of Farm Seeds Phone: 422-9372 1205 E. Sandusky St. Findlay, Ohio .T.G. DRUMMELSMITH Sales And Service Phone: 365-5521 Arlington, Ohio Compliments of AVERY TENT as AWNING Compliments of DR. JOHN I. SOLT, D.V.M. Arlington, Ohio Compliments of THE ARLINGTONIAN Your Weekly Newspaper TARBOX AND MCCALL COMPANY Findlay, Ohio DR. TREECE AND DR. BURSON Arlington, Ohio JAMES RISSER LUMBER COMPANY Phone: 365-5241 Arlington, Ohio IUANITA RINEHART BEAUTY SHOP Telephone: 365-5571 Arlington, Ohio C 1. f KENNY RL SHEARER Omp ments O STAN wooDwARD INS. Electrical 8, WEBER BARBER suop Arlington, Ohio Insulation Arlington, Ohio DALLY FUNERAL HOME Arlington, Ohio Arlington, Ohio MITCHELL'S WATCH REPAIR 85 SI-IAVER SERVICE Findlay, Ohio C. B. MOORE Hardware Arcadia, Ohio FINDLAY BODY REPAIR Phone: GA 2-8172 Findlay, Ohio LeROY'S JEWELERS Compliments of Diamonds-Watches- I.C. HOCHSTETTLER Silverware Sc SONS STACY GRANGE INS. 913 North Main Street Findlay, Ohio 401 South Main Findlay, Ohio PATTERSON'S Findlay, Ohio MAJOR APPLIANCE CO. 223 N. Main Phone: GA 2-1620 Findlay, Ohio MONTOOTH GENERAL INS. Findlay, Ohio DAVENPORT INS. AGENCY Mt. Blanchard 85 Findlay, Ohio MEDLOCK IEWELERS 225 South Main Findlay, Ohio MAURICE S . ALEXANDER Findlay Hearing Aid Center 1210 N. Main Street Findlay, Ohio SMITH HARDWARE Jenera, Ohio BURGER CHEF North Main Street Findlay, Ohio LEITERS MARKET Jenera, Ohio R. C . WINELAND Jeweler Jenera, Ohio EDWARD BOSSE AND SON Jenera, Ohio Compliments of ARNOLD PALMER PUTTING COURSE 200 W. Crawford St. Findlay, Ohio GAS Findlay, Ohio 303 N. Main Street Sporting Goods PHILLIPS 66 Findlay, Ohio SMAN HARDWARE Paints 85 Glass TASTY TATERS-POTATO CHIPS 237 Prospect Avenue Findlay, Ohio Phone: 422- 1365 ARMBRECHT APPLIANCE Maytag Washers 85 Dryers 422-6954--116 Center St. Findlay, Ohio l..i1, Compliments of WILLIAM V. BEACH PHOTO CENTER 209 South Main St. Findlay, Ohio 1 MONROE CRATES, DRAINAGE Ienera, Ohio W ang Compliments of COMMUNITY OIL 85 GAS Compliments of LANDMARK FINDLAY GRAIN TERMINAL Mt. Cory- Williamstown Mt. Blanchard JAQUA'S SPORTING GOODS 225 North Main St. Findlay, Ohio Compliments of MONTGOMERY WARD Findlay, Ohio HOMER BEAN Jeweler Findlay, Ohio WARREN BELTZ. CLOTHING CO. Men 85 Students Clothing Findlay, Ohio Compliments of BARNETT'S SOHIO Compliments of AL'S JEWELERS Findlay and Fostoria Ohio MEEKS HEALTH CENTER Dunkirk, Ohio FRANK'S GARAGE Complete Magneto 85 Ignition Service- -General Repairing 86 Welding Dunkirk, Ohio Dunkirk, Ohio Compliments of WYKES AND WILSON Dunkirk Dunkirk, Ohio GERBER'S STUDIO Creative Color Photography 122 South Main Bluffton Class Prophecy Leafing through my scrapbook, I came upon remembrances of the class of "64". As I looked at them, I wondered what had become of my former pupils. Since I was getting ready to start my long-planned, around-the-world trip, I de- cided to look up these prize pupils. On the trip to New York to board the plane, I went through Slippery Rock, Pa. Passing through, I noticed a man dragging a little boy up a walk in front of the school. It was Tom Mercer. I found out later he was the truanr officer. Walking into the travel agency in New York, I noticed a gold plaque that read "Dean Davis, President. " After a little chat with Dean, I decided it was time to eat, so Istopped at the famous LeRalph. As I walked in, I was greeted by the owner himself, who was none other than Dale Ralph. He personally escorted me to my table and summoned a very attractive blond waitress. As I gave her my order, I noticed her to be Mary Ellen Hartman. While I ate, entertainment was furnished by the well-known Daniel Orchestra. Silence lingered as the conductor approached the podium. When he reached the podium, I could see his face and I realized he was my own Danny Smith. Summoning the waitress for my check, I commented on the delicious meal I had just eaten. Mary smiled and said, "Didn't you know that the chef here is another of your pupils, Roger Fast? " My next stop was the airport. As I boarded the plane, I was welcomed by the hostess, whom I recognized to be Linda Bishop. After I was seated, an announcement came over the loud-speaker--"fasten your seat belts and ride in con- fidence, because the plane is in the capable control of Dianne Hartman. Our first stop-over was at Manchester, England. Manchester is noted for her great car races, so I decided to attend one. I arrived just in time to hear the winner of the first race, the fearless dare-devil, Jerry Hickle. During the second race there was an unfortunate accident. The announcer called for a doctor several times, but it seemed there was only one physician present, the famous neurosurgeon, Dr. J. Marvin Rower. A large field in Holland was the site of our emergency landing. As we walked up to the farm house, we noticed a woman who was evidently going to do her morning chores. To my amazement, she turned out to be the former Miriam Tegtmeier, now wife of the owner of a chain of dairy farms. After repairs were made, we headed for Norway, the land of snow and ice. While there, we visited the wor1d-fa- mous reindeer farms owned and operated by Lee Alan Best. It seems that Lee was the trainer of the Champions in the reindeer-pulling contest. Leaving Norway, we headed for West Germany. I wanted to pick up some souvenirs for my grandchildren, so I stopped at a doll shop. This shop, I found out later, was one of a chain of stores, owned by Julene Hindall. The store was currently having a sale on its specialty, Teddy Bears. The Switzerland Alps was our next stop. While there, we stayed at the Algea Ski Resort. Tobogganing was one of the favorite sports at this resort, so I decided to try it. As I went to get the necessary equipment, I thought Irecognized the tobogganing instructor, I was right. It was the former Nancy Drummelsmith, now co-owner of the Algea and wife of the President of the First National Bank of Switzerland, William S. Alge, Ir. After tobogganing, I noticed that the crys- tal from my watch was missing. Nancy suggested Igo to Mitchell's Jewelry Shop in the Valley. It seemed Becky Mit- chell inherited the shop from her uncle and was a very skillful repairer of jewelry. We boarded our plane again and headed for Austria, where it's that time of year for the winter olympics. Since I didn't want to miss the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of seeing the Olympics, I decided to attend. I arrived just in time to watch the final participant in the women's figure-skating contest. When she finished, the applause was mighty for this tall, graceful girl. As the gold-medal winner approached to receive her award, I recognized Iane Bame. The day's events were highlighted by the men's speed-skating contest. As the contestants lined up, I thought I recognized the United States entry. When the names of the contestants and their country were announced, I found out that it was Jeff Rettig who represented the United States. we then departed for Russia. Our escort in Moscow suggested we visit the U. S. Embassy in Moscow. There we were introduced to all the high officials representing our government. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that our Am- bassador to Russia was none other than Stephen Smith. Our next scheduled stop was Siam. Here we had the opportunity of visiting a cat-food manufacturer. As I watched the owner approach, lrecalled one of my pupil's love for cats. It was this same pupil--Bill Davis. As we were crossing the Himalayas, the pilot announced that if we looked closely, we could see the world renown mountain climber, I. Wayne Wilch. Wayne has climbed many mountains for exploration purposes, but this one was purely for enjoyment. Class Prophecy Qeon'tj France was our next stop. As I toured the city, I came upon an extravagant salon of beauty--The Dorthea. My curiosity overwhelmed me, so I entered the salon. I was escorted to a chair by one of the hairdressers. She asked me if I would like the owner to do my hair. I consented and the owner was summoned. To my amazement it was Dorothy Clinger, a famous hair artist. She suggested I attend the Opera while in France. The world-famous soprano, Glenda Baughman, was going to present Madame Butterfly, and Dottie thought that I'd enjoy the performance of my former pu- pil. Proceeding on, we came to the quaint city of Venice. There we took a guided tour through the city in a gondola piloted by Dan Patton. Dan thought that while we were in Italy we'd enjoy a real Italian pizza, so he suggested a visit to the Pricia Pizzaria. When we arrived, we found that the proprietor was in the kitchen preparing one of his world- famous pizzas. I discovered it to be the Native?? Italian, Ron Price! We were then off to the land of matadors and bull fights. As we landed in Madrid, we saw mobs of people on their way to the bull fights. The grand finale was the fight with Ferocious Ferdinand the Bull and the matador, the greatest and mightiest of all bull fighters, Shirley Miller. After the fights, we went to Shirley's dressing room and were intro- duced to her trainer, Cindy Crates. The mysterious land of Egypt was our next destination. We toured the pyramids, and we were told by our guide that Ronald Russell was investigating the Case of the Stolen Mummy and had the key to the whole mystery. Our plane was re-routed to Tanganyika, where we were housed by the Peace Corps during our stay. And to our amazement this branch was headed by Gloria Shuck. One of the outstanding highlights of my trip was a visit to the Kangaroo farms in Australia. There were acres and acres of open plains for the kangaroos. I was introduced to the Kangaroo King of the whole Australian Commonwealth, John E. King. Next we were off to the land of the Orient. One of the more outstanding features of Japan is the Geisha House, owned and operated by Rex L. Bishop. Missing my plane, I had to take a boat to Okinawa. On the boat Ibecame interested in a hard-fought game of shuffleboard arranged by the recreation leader, Sandra Gossman. From Sandy I learned that Trudy Green was the direc- tor ofthe U.S.O. in Okinawa. From Okinawa I boarded an Ocean Liner, headed for Hawaii. As we were resting on the sands of Waikiki, we no- ticed, on an incoming wave, the famous surfer, John Reilly. It seemed that John and his side-kick, Joe Bishop, were practicing for the world-surfboarding championships. Taking a chartered plane, we journeyed to Alcapolco, Making a movie there was Elvis Presley. As we tried to get his autograph, we were confronted by his personal secretary, who turned our to be Paulette Beard. Before we returned home, we decided to watch the International Hockey Championship Team, owned, trained, and coached by Sue Long, which was playing in Vancouver, Br. Columbia. At the hockey game, we ran into the editor and artist of the International Press, Don Steinman and Bill Brewster, respectively. The circus has always been one of my favorite pastimes, so I decided to visit Georgia, where Ringling Brothers' Circus was in winter quarters. There I met the famous trick horse-back rider, Betty Brewster. Having found that I gained fifteen pounds during my excursion, I thought I'd better reduce before going home to Ohio. I'd heard of a wonderful reducing salon in Chicago, so I thought it'd be worth a try. When I got there, I discov- ered, to my amazement, that Mary Crates was the owner of the prosperous establishment. After returning to Ohio, I recorded all these wonderful memories of the "class of 64" in my scrapbook. This trip was a rewarding experience and I hope that I will someday meet these people again. Annual Staff wgffk La ,mv 15251 g 1 2 L iv 42,2 suv k K 25? 2 53 X Ref' se ' 4 5 E S , 5 , 5 1 5 E , if? 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