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Q 1 F Q E A 3 i S E 5 a i 3 5 2 5 EQ 1965 EXCELSIOR PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL ARLINGTON OHIO IN MEMORIAM TOM DETER What mean you by this weeping To break my very heart! We all are in Christ's keeping, And, therefore, cannot part. You there, I here, though parted We still at heart are one, I only just in sunshine, The shadow scarcely gone. What through the clouds surround you, You can the brightness see, 'Tis only a little way That leads from you to me. I was so very weary, Surely you would not mourn, That I a little sooner Should lay my burden down. Then weep not, weep not, Classmates, God wipes away all tearsg 'Tis only a little way Though you may call it years. Author Unknown DEDICATIO MR. C. F. ROST We, the Senior Class of "63", dedicate this year's Excelsior to Mr. C, F. Rost, whose many years of faithful service in the teaching profession at Arlington High School are greatly appreciated. We are indeed grateful for the help and assistance you gave to us while producing the "63" Excelsior. We wish to express our deepest respect and grati- tude to you, at this, the end of your successful teaching career. "The Class of'63" CHARLES BLAZER H.S. Coordinator DR. E. R. BURSON Pres. Bd. of Educ. WARREN WEBER Bd. of Educ. Administration E. J. JOSEPH ROSANNA DUNN Co, Supr, 0fSCh001g Elem. Coordinator EVERETT KEMERLEY JOHN REINKING Vice Pres. Bd. of Educ.. Bd. of Educ. Gene Line I-I. H, WARNER Bd. ofEduc. Clk. Bd. of Educ. FINDLAY COLLEGE Findlay, Ohio A Fully Accredited Institution '4'-Ir-4C1ODfv-1-1 SUPERINTENDEN T C, F. ROST Defiance High School Defiance College. A.B. Chicago University DEAN OF BOYS HAROLD CASTOR Arlington, Ohio Findlay College, A.B. Kent State University, B.S. University of Michigan Social Sciences Ohio State University, M.A. PRINC IPA L L, E. BIBLER Arlington, Ohio Bowling Green State University Ohio State University, B.S. , M.A MR. DEAN BADERTSCHER Bluffton H. S. Ohio Northern College Industrial Arts 5 5 LARRY RIELGLE Student Teacher Findlay College MRS. CAMMELL North Baltimore H. S, Findlay College Social Science 5 MRS, CLAPHAN MR. WILLIAM EVERHART Hardin-Northern H. S. Upper Sandusky H. S. Findlay College Heidelberg College, B. M. English Music MRS, KNIGHT Centerville H. S. Miami-Jacobs Bus. College Wilmington College, A.B. Commercial MRS. LEO MUSGRAVE Arlington H,S, Bowling Green S. U. MRS. LA ROCHE Ada H. S. Ohio Northern University, A. B Arithmetic, Latin MR. FRED MENGERT MRS. VERA MUSGRAVE Lucas High School Arlington High School Ohio State University Findlay College Vocational Agriculture Librarian, English ivx X 3 MR. HOWARD TROSTMILLER MR. STANLEY TRUPO Erie High School, Pennsylvania E1Y1'i-3 High School Findlay College Bowling Green State University Basketball Coach Football Coach s l MR. GLOVER WEBB MRS. RUTH WELTY . . . h 1 Loraine High School I 1 EVANS OFFICE EQUIPMENT Bluffton Hig Schoo v ' Bowling Green State Un1vers1tY B0W11f1g Green State UHIVCISIIY 400 S C S Science, Math Fiigiayfrghigeet Biology, Home Economics MRS. KATHERINE WOODMENCY--Arlington High Schoolg Bowling Green State Universityg Sixth Grade. MRS ROBERT WILLEKE Ada I-hgh School Oh10 Northern Umversrty Flfth Grade ,f'awN MRS CHARLES LOADER Carey Hrgh School Bowlrng Green State Umversrty Oh1o Northern Unrversrty Fourth Grade MISS BETTY FOLTZ--Findlay High Schoolg Bowling Green State Universityg Sixth Grade. MISS KAREN WEITZ F1ndlayH1gh School Oh1o Northern Un1vers1ty MRS BOYD HUTSON Cygnet Hrgh School Bowl mg Green State UDIVCISIIY Fourth Grade . -- 3 -- P Z - - ,- N-g-,ergsffff X it E . "' 5 . " 9 " S S - Q . MRS WILLIAM WARREN F1ndlayH1gh School Oh1o Northern Un1vers1ty A B Bowlrng Green State Un1vers1ty Thrrd Grade MRS HOWARD HUFFMAN Contlnen tal Hrgh School Bowllng Green State Un1vers1ty Second Grade MRS CLETIS WINSTEAD Bloomdale Hlgh School Bowlrng Green State Un1vers1ty Frndlay College Krncler garren MRS JANE NYMAN Fmdlay I-hgh School Ohro Un1vers1ty Th1rd Grade MRS H H WARNER Enow Hlgh School Wrttenburg College Second Grade Bu my if MRS PEGGY ANN MYERS L61pS1C MRS WARREN PRATT Arlrngton H1gh School Bowlrng Green State Oh1o Bowhng Green State Un1vers1ty Un1vers1ty F1rst Grade Ohro Northern Un1vers1ty Fust Grade J 5 ' ' ' , . .g : ' ' ' : ' 3 , G1 rf A w . 3 , . S . 3 . s .I . Z u . . S . . 5 . - u at VZVZ 'Q sam, , , ' , "' l ' . " , 1 . s . . S . . . 3 . . 3 . . . . . 3 . i VUFUC'-4Zl'11cn lass Officers Z 's FS Sz C X 4 , if ii STANDING, Left to Right: Barbara Beard, Treasurerg Ann Long, Rep.: Janet Jolliff, Sec- retary. SEATED: Jim Steinman, President:David Powell, Vice-President. Editor Dave, Assistant Editor Cathy, Business Manager Ann, Assistant Manager Jane, Sales Manager Barbara. Assistant Sales Manager Judy, Typist Melanie, Typist Janet, Typistfleanne, Vocational Agricul- ture Editor Jim . Typist Gretchen, Snapshots Cheryl, Stamper Charles C. , Basketball Charles N. , Football Bob. Football 1, 2, 3, 4, All County Football 4, Class Play 4, Class Officer 2, 3, 4g F, F,A. l,2,3,4g F, F. A, Officer 3, 4, Parliamen- tary Procedure 2, 3,45 Nat'l Dairy Judging Team 33 Honor Society 45 Boy's Chorus l,2,3. Class Officer 3,45 Annual Staff 4, G,A,A,l,2,3,4g G.A,A,of- ficer 2g Scholarship Team 1,2, 3g Latin Club 1,25 Girl's Ensemble 1,2,3,4gGir1's Chorus 1,2,3g Honor Society 4. Football 1,2,3,4g Nat'l Honor Society 3,4g Track 3,4g Boy's Chorus l,2,3g Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4g Senior Class Play 4, Latin Club l, 2g Band 1,2,3,4g Boys' Ensemble l,2g Honor Guard 3. JAMES STEINMAN DAVE POWELL President Vice-President "A leader of men, a "There is no great genius follower of wom en. " without some touch of madness. " Honor Guard 3g Cheer- leader 3,43 Class Of- ficer 3,4g All County Music Festival 3,45 Class Play 3,43 G,A,A.Officer 3, 4, Girls' Ensemble l, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club of- ficer 1,2g Chorus l,2, 3,4g Band l,2,3,4. JANET JOLLIFF Secretary "Romance used to be in strife, now its just a part of life. " Honor Society 45 Class Officer 1,2,3,4g Annual Staff4g Cheerleader 1, 3,4g Homecoming Queen 4, Homecom- ing Attendant 1gBand 2, 8, 45 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4g Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3. BARBARA BEARD ANN LONG Treasurer Reporter "I make the most of "Personality plus as all that comes, and the saying goes, from the least of all that the top of her head to goes, " the tip of her toes. " Football 1, 2, Track 33 Boys'Chorus 1,2g F.F.A. l,2,3,4g AnnualStaff4. BILL BAME "If school is liberty give me death. " CHARLES CRATES "It 's better to learn late than never. " All County Music 3,45 Girls' Chorus l,2,3g Mixed Chorus l,2,3,4, Girls' Ensemble 1,2,3, 45 Band l,2,3,4g Clari- net Quartet lg Latin Club lg Cheerleader 4g Class Play 4, G.A.A. Officer 3. JANE GILLESPIE "Her spirts are like a MIKE BEUCLER "Can we ever have too much of a good thing? Football 1,2,3,4g Bas- ketball 1,2,3,4g Mixed Chorus l,2,3,4g Boys ' Chorus l,2,3,Boys' Ensemble 1,2,3g Class Officer 1,2,3g Class Play 3,4g Track 2g Latin Club 1.2, Annual Staff'4. CAROLYN HARTMAN "Why tell me your geyser--always bub- troubles, I have enough bling over . " of them myself. " Football l,2,3,4g Class Play 3,4g Band l,2 ,3,4, Mixed Chorus 1, 2,3,4g Boys' Chorus 1,2,3g Class Officer 23 Mixed Ensemble 3, 4, Boys' Ensemble 2, All- County Chorus 3,4g Honor Society 4. G.A.A. 1,2, 3,4gG.A.A. Show lg Style Show 1,2,4g F. H. A. 1,2g Girls' Chorus 1,2, 3, An- nual Staff 4. Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3,43 Track 3, Band 1,2g Mixed Chorus 1,2,4g Latin Club 1, Boys' Chorus 1,2, 3, Ensemble 1, Annual Staff 4. Football lg Track 3g Band 1,2g Mixed Chorus 2, 35 Latin Club lg Boys' Chorus 1,2,3g Annual Staff 4. IAN KEMERLEY "A man must have his faults. " Football 1,2,3,4g Bas- ketball 2 g Basketball Manager 3, Track 3,45 Boys ' Chorus 1,2,3,4g F.F.A, 2,3,4g Parma mentary Procedure 1, 2,3,4g Class Play 3, An- nual Staff 4, Honor Guard 3. Girls'Chorus 1,2,3g Mixed Chorus2,3g F,H.A, 1,25 Style Show 1,2g G.A.A. 1,2,3,4g G.A.A. Show 1, Annual Staff 4g BOB MARQ UART "Just call me Doc-- I can operate any- where. " Football 1, 4g Basket- ball 1,23 Track 3, 4g F.F.A. 1,2,4gParlia- mentary Procedure 2, 4, Mixed Chorus 1,2 ,3g Boys ' Chorus 1,2,3g Mixed Ensemble 3, Boys' Ensemble 2, 3, Annual Staff 4. BETTY MARQ UART "Why should I talk, others do enough of it .- ALAN MCMILLEN STEVE METZGER "Of all the classrooms "I IIILISI COHf6SS the east and west, I love women like me. " the classroom ofnature best. " Girls' Chorus 2, 35 G. A. A. 1,2, 3, 4-gAl1- nual Staff 4. MELANIE MEYERS JUDY MIDDLETON "They can 't say am- "Good natured and sen- bition ruined me. " sible is this girl, in CHARLES NICHOLSON "Worry kills me, why die?" Honor Guard 35 Nat 'l Honor Society 3,45 Honor Society Officer 45 Annual Staff45 Play Cast 3,45 Majorette2, 3, 4, F.H.A. 1,25 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Style Show 1. our midst she is apearl. Football 1,2,3,45 Bas- ketball 1,2,3,45 Track 3,45 Latin Club 1,25 Latin Club Officer 1,25 Mixed Chorus 1,25 Boys' Chorus 1,2,35 Class Of- ficer 15 Class Play 35 Annual Staff4. CATHY SINK JANE SPAETH "Of all the animals, "I live to eat,not eat boys are the most un- 5 to live. " manageable . " National Honor Society 3,45 Honor Society Officer 45 Latin Club 1,25 Girls' Chorus 1,2, 35 G. A. A. 1,2, 3, 45 AnnualStaff4 Girls ' Chorus 1, 2, 3g Mixed Chorus 25 F. H. A. 25 F. H. A, Style Show 25 G. A. A. 1,2, 3, 4g Girls' Basketball Team 25 Girls' Volleyball Team 25 G. A, A. Show 15 Play Cast 3,45 Annual Staff 4. Majorette 3,4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Girls Chorus 1,2, 3, G. A. A. 1,2, 3, Annual Staff, Class Play 4, Girls Ensemble 1,2, 3,4, Latin Club 1. National Honor Society 3,4, Honor Society Officer 4, Schol- arship Team 1,2, 3,4,Band and Chorus 1,2, 3,4, Brass Sextet 2, 3, 4, Girls Ensemble 1,2, 3, 4, County Music Festival 1,2,3,4, Class Play 3,4, Latin Club 1,2, Mixed Ensemble 3,4. Cheerleader 1,3,4, Homecoming Attendant 2, Class Officer 1, Latin Club Officer 1, Class Play 3, 4, County Music Festival 1, 2, 3, 4, District Music Festival 3, Ensembles 1,2, 3,4, Band and Chorus 1,2, 3,-4. ELAINE SMITH "A little girl with a Big heart. " IEANNE WILLIAMS "Of all the wonders, men are the most wonderful. " LOIS WILSON Band 1,2, Girls Chorus 1,2,3, Mixed Chorus2, 3,4, Girls Ensemble 1, 2,3,4, Mixed Ensemble 3, F.H.A. 1,2, G.A.A. 1,2,3, Style Show 1,2, 4, AnnualStaff, County Music Festival 3, 4. F.F.A. Queen 3,At- tendant 3,4, Ohio F.F.A. Queen 's Court, Style Show 1,2, Band 1,2, 3, 4, Chorus 1,2, 3.4, Class Play 3,4, G.A.A. Officer 3, F. H, A, Officer 2, F. H. A. Bi-County Officer 2. ' Rest ma y Football 1,2,3,4, All County 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Track2,3,4, Boys' Chorus 1,2 ,3, Mixed Chorus 1,2,3, Ensemble 2, Mixed Ensemble 3, County Music Festival 1, 2, Annual Staff. "It 's not what comes in boxes WHY 161 6dllCaf1OH lmeffefe that counts, it 's what comes in Crates. " Seniors Together Twelve Years S515 si? TOP ROW, Left to Right: Lois Ann Wilson, Ron Wolford, Alan McMillen, Jan Kemerley, Bill Bame, Bob Marquart, Jim Steinman, Mike Beucler, Charles Crates, Jeanne Williams. BOTTOM ROW: Elaine Smith, Barbara Beard, Jane Gillespie, Carolyn Hartman, Cathy Sink, Ann Long, Gretchen Wilson, Janet Jolliff. Senior Band Members X is, ll LEFT TO RIGHT: Cathy Sink, Gretchen Wilson, Ann Long, Mike Beucler, Janet Jolliff, Jane Gillespie, Lois Ann Wilson, Elaine Smith. ABSENT: Jeanne Williams. Compliments of HANCOCK BRICK 8a TILE CO. Telephone 422 -6521--Findlay, Ohio unior Class Play Cast SEATED, Left to Right: Janet Jolliff, Lois Ann Wilson, Gretchen Wilson, and Jeanne Williams. STANDING: Cathy 'Sink, Mike Beucler, Bob Marquart, Charles Nicholson, Charles Crates, Jane Spaeth. Senior Class Play Cast SEATED, Left to Right: Lois Ann Wilson, Janet Jolliff, Jane Gillespie, and Gretchen Wilson. STANDING: Elaine Smith, Cathy Sink, Jim Steinman, Mike Beucler, Charles Crates, Jane Spaeth, Jeanne Williams. ' NAME William Bame Micheal Beucler Charles Crates Ian Kemerley Robert Marquart Alan McMillen Steve Metzger Charles Nicholson David Powell Jim Steinman Ronald Wolford Barbara Beard Jane Gillespie Carolyn Hartman Janet Jolliff Ann Long Betty Marquart Melonie Meyers Judy Middleton Elaine Smith Cathy Sink Jane Spaeth Cheryl Waxler Gretchen Wilson Lois Ann Wilson Jeanne Williams NICKNAME Mutt Mike Charlie Jan Dr. Bob Mac Steve Nick Dave Bloody Jim Bird Dog Barb Jane Carolyn Jan Ann Betty Mel Mouse Spring Cathy Janie Cheryl Scratch Liza Jeanne BYWORD Huh? Oh Bull! Just checking That's tough You Scab! Gaucho Ask me if I care! Who me? Shut up Too bad Oh Bull! I don 't care! Swingin' Oh shoot! Neat! Golly! Oh nuts! WHAM! ! I DiPPY Oh Bugs! Oh Sugar! Oh shoot! Oh Crap! ! Horse Feathers! WHAT ???'?? Do you have any gum? WEAKNESS Green houses Hunting Girls! North of town Kemerley Pool Room Findlay Station wagons Blitz Union Street Deter's Footballs Liking people Babysitting Sharp clothes Future engineer Honor Roll Cigarettes Driving ONU Good-looking Guys Food Dtuikirk Glamor Mark Findlay College Boy NOTED FOR Brg feet Chrcken plucker Wrse cracks 6 cylrnder Chev Doctor Abrlrty QMDy Yellow Canary Sports Wrse sayrngs Parkrng Mrler Solvrng problems Belng dreamy Tallness Neatness Personalrty Quret ways Her SIZS Her smarts Sweetness Her looks Her shorthand 55 Ford Abrlrty to pass Democracy? 98 pounds Her good looks AMBITION To graduate To sleep Playboy Engrneer Accountant Motel Manager Farmer To be ambrtlous Trght rope walker Marrne Busrnessman Commercral Teacher Elementary Teacher To frnd HIM Elementary Teacher Elementary Teacher Typrst Beautrcran Secretary Teacher Commercral Teacher RCA Worker To get marrled Model Home Ec Teacher Hrgh School Teacher PROBABLE FATE Brlltown Mayor Chlcken farmer Harem Boss I A Teacher Tomato farmer Carry out boy A A A Jamtor Anrmal trarner Playboy Pmboy Marrrage Counselor The Dean s Favorrte Found HIM Dancrng Teacher Lonelyhearts Columnrst Sunday School Teacher Check out grrl Pol1t1c1an Brrde Fashlon Model News reporter Almost marrred Runnmg Snyder s Saloon WIFE Peace Corps FAVORITE GRIPE School? Workrng Assocrate wrth boys BAME Takrng Marrlyn home I A Teacher Treece s mother Gettrng up early Castor s teasrng Berng henpecked Senlor boy s teasrng WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF Drdn t lrve by the Telephone Offrce Went steady Had to curl her own harr Couldn t Twrst Could Twrst Entered a debate Came to school every al' Couldn t pass Hrstory Hadn t met Joe Had a curfew Werghed less than 120 pounds Drdn t have a car Had to wear her glasses Grew up Hadn t worked at Mrsamore s 13 ' d Class Wrll BILL BAME w1ll the neck tres on my rear vrew mlrror to B111 Alge BARBARA BEARD w1ll my Treasure s Book to Paulette Beard MIKE BEUCLER w1ll my abrlrty to go huntrng Qfemalesj to Ron Prrce CHARLES CRATES w1ll my hearty chuckle to Marrlyn Kemerley JANE GILLESPIE w1ll my abrlrty to get along w1th Sherry Fahl to Crndy Fahl CAROLYN HARTMAN wrll my abrlrty to run a cautron lrght rn front of a state patrolman to anyone who has enough nerve JANET JOLLIFF w1ll my abrlrty to express my arrstocratrc oprnrons to Sue Long and Nancy Drummelsmrth JAN KEMERLEY w1ll my abrlrty to sleep rn chemrstry class to LOl'1I11e Pepple ANN LONG w1ll my abrlrty to have drsorderly functrons to anyone who Nose what they are BETTY MARQUART w1ll my qurtness to Dorthy Clrnger BOB MARQUART w1ll my doctor s degree to anyone smart enough to have rt ALAN MCMILLEN w1ll my good looks to Fred Mengert STEVE METZGER wrll my abrlrty to ask grrls for a date to John Rerlly MELANIE MEYERS w11l my ab1l1ty to mrss school and get away wrth II to Marcra VanDenEnde and Sherry Fahl JUDY MIDDLETON w1ll my nrck name Mouse to my srster Martha CHARLES NICHOLSON w1ll my abrlrty to wrrte neatly to B1ll Davrs CATHY SINK w1ll my rnterest rn Hardrn Northern boys to Dlane Hartman JANE SPAETH w1ll my abrlrty to garn werght to Jane Bame ELAINE SMITH w1ll my abrlrty to become a teacher s pet to anyone who lrkes teachers JIM STEINMAN w1ll my abrlrty to play football to John Rerlly he needs rt CHERYL WAXLER w1ll my herght to Mary Ellen Hartman JEANNE WILLIAMS w1ll my ab1l1ty to talk rn Physrcs that was wrlled to my by Lors Powell to Wayne Wrlch GRETCHEN WILSON w1ll my grfted abrlrty to Keep Amerrca Smrlrng to Mary Rower LOIS ANN WILSON w1ll my abrlrty to be a lab partner wrth B111 Alge to Nancy Drummelsmrth RON WOLFORD w1ll my ab1l1ty to b1rd dog to anyone who has the nose for rt Class HISIOIY cont dl In our Junror year we were advrsed by Mr Mengert and Mr Mapes We lost and garned no one As the struggle for our graduatrng drploma comes to an end we are helped through our last year by Mr Rost and Musgrave We lost and garned no one thrs year leavrng 26 of us We hope to walk down the arsle soon recerve our drplomas and go out rnto the world We w1ll be ready too thanks to the wonderful teachers whose knowledge helped us through our struggle to graduate To each and every one of these wonder ful people we would lrke to express our apprecratron and thanks MARATHON MIRATNOH on COMPANY Frndlay 01110 O L 3 . . . . . . I, , ' ' . I, ' . . . . . ' I, , ' ' . I, a ' . . . . . ' I, , . . . . . . L , . . . . . . . . L i . . . . . . . I. I . . . . . ,, ,,, i L 1 . . . . I, , ' ' ' . I, , ' . L . . . . - . 5 I, , . . . . . . , I, s . . ,, ,, . , ' L , . . . . . . . I, DAVID POWELL, will my ability to make low grades to Democracy to anyone in love. L , .... . ' L V . . , . . i L , . , . , . . I, , . . . . -U . . I, , ' ' . L , . . . . . 1 . . y I, , . . . . ,, . . . ,, . I, , . .. ,, ,, . . . i I, , . . . ,, . ,, . I ' 9 125 Ocean Drive Honolulu, Hawaii May 24, 1973 Dear Jane, I thought I would write to tell you of an interesting experience I had. You remember Ron Wolford, don't you? Well, Ron is considered the Casanova of Hollywood, as you probably already have read. Ron was on lo- cation in Hawaii and flew down to my home for a visit. As Ron and I sat on the terrace overlooking the Pacific Ocean, we started reminiscing about our classmates. Of course, the first name that came to our minds was our class President of "63" Jim Steinman. Jim is a Mess Sergeant in the United States Marines and is still seeing our class treasurer Barbara Beard. Barb is now treasurer of the Q. P. Accociation in California. I hear it is really making money. Barb reminded us of Ann Long and I know that Ann was still living in her little house trailer on the Ohio Northern University campus. Ron said that Steve Metzger and Alan McMillen were having a blast spending the money they're made on their special product "Aleve's Secret Blend." Melanie Meyers is operating a beauty shop shop of her own, known as Mel's House of Beauty. One of her assistants is Betty Marquart. Cathy Sink and Cheryl Waxler are operating an exquisite Dress Shop in Paris, France. We're sure they have looked up all the eligible French men. We didn't know what David Powell was doing so we called up Jane Spaeth at her Nevada ranch. Jane told us that Dave was roaming around the pyramids of Egypt trying to decipher the hieroglyphic symbols. The evening newspaper related to us that Jeanne Williams, the noted Mathematician, was giving a lec- ture at Lincoln Hall on the university campus. Ron and I decided to attend. Proffessor William "Mutt" Bame Cisn't that shockingj introduced Jeanne. As we were leaving the lecture, we recognized a familiar voice none other than Mike Beucler, who is sports editor qHa! Halj for Playboy Magazine. With Mike, was one of the models for the magazine, Elaine Smith. Elaine told us that Carolyn Hartman had been selected "Mrs, Home- maker of 1973, " When our cab arrived, we noticed the driver, much to our surprise, was Charles Crates. We asked Charles to suggest a good nightclub. He took us to the "Champagne Club, " which is owned by the wealthy Jan Kemerley. Jan told us that the famed Wilsonettes were appearing at his club. This we couldn't missg Lois and Gretchen sang beautifully and later joined us for the evening. We four went to Charlie's Coffee House, this we discovered was owned by another classmate Charles Nicholson. As the waitress approached our table we noticed she was Judy Middleton. We then began to talk of old times and Ron and I asked them if they knew what Bob Marquart was doing. Gretchen said "Doc," as we called him in high school, was still areal good operator! Judy asked what you were doing and I told her that you were writing short stories for Life Magazine. I hope you have enjoyed hearing about our classmates as much as I, but I must close as my art students will be arriving within the hour. Sincerely Janet CORBIN BROTHERS ARLINGTON HARDWARE Chevrolet Dealers ArlingF011 Arlington, Ohio Ohio Class Histor On a bright, shiny Monday morning, September 10, 1951, thirty-one children started their long struggle to graduate. We were the bright, eager to learn, first graders taught by Mrs. Castor. During the year, we lost Bob Chamberlin, Jim Schultz, and Mary Ellen Tousley. In the second grade, we were ably taught by Mrs. Simpson. During the year we gained Gary Haley and Larry Bibler. We lost Naomi Guinn. The third grade was taught to us by Mrs. Fields. By the end of the year, we had gained Cheryl Waxler and Carl Rice. We lost Everett Reigle. Advancing into the fourth grade, we were guided by Mrs. Loader. During the course of the year, we gained Jack Dunn, Charles Nicholson, Glenn Lafferty, and Bill Brewster. We lost Alma Gonzales, Marianne Kain, Charles Rice, and Mary Dionne. Miss Foltz led us through the fifth grade. That year, Donald Vanderhoff, Mary Lou Patton, and Martha George joined us. Gary Haley, Larry Bibler, Carl Rice, and Jack Dunn left us. ln our last year of grade school, Mike Gobrecht was our educator. During this year we welcomed into our class Wayne Hartman, Gloria Carnahan, Steve Metzger, Ron Carnahan, and Carolyn Hartman. We lost Walter Saum, Ioe Hindall, Joe Bishop, Tom Mercer, Glenn Laffterty, Donald Vanderhoff, amd Martha George. The seventh grade, our first year in Junior High CBoy, did we feel lostlj we had as our advisors Mr. Daley and Mr. Trostmiller. We lost Gloria and Ron Carnahan that year. We gained Hazel Burton and Ed Reigle. In the eighth grade, under the supervision of Mrs. LaRoche, we prepared to enter high school. We lost no one this year and gained Gary Stevens, Judy Middleton, and Tom Deter. As Freshmen, we were directed down the straight and narrow by Mr. Trostmiller and Mrs. Musgrave. We lost Hazel Burton and Gary Stevens. We added Jane Spaeth and Betty Marquart. As Sophomores, we were guided forward by Mrs. Knight and Mrs. LaRoche. We gained Margaret Morgart, Melanie Meyers, and Bob Sink. We lost ten classmates this year. They were Mary Lee Richards, Wayne Hart- man, Mary Lou Patton, Ruth Ann Nessler, Bill Brown, Bob Sink, Bill Brewster, Ed Steinman, and Margaret Mor- gart. Our class was stricken by the death of our good friend and classmate Tom Deter. In our Junior year we were active in athletics, music, and other activities. Our Junior-Senior Banquet was the years high light. We are now seniors. lt's been a busy year. Gee if we could to it all over again. ZIEROLF Compliments of REPUBLICAN COURIER Clothes Men Like HANCOCK SAVINGS 85 LOAN WFIN Findlay, Ohio Findlay, Ohio ' Findlay, Ohio 'UQ mf-4' 'llB ' Gretchen Wilson B1 ame fl as PSV ' V 'go A J Rakim s s M i J Alan Mcmnlen Sal , J N . Steve Metzger Barbara Beard Dave Powell Jim Steinman Ron Wolford f Mike Beucler Janet Jolliff ef Jane Spaeth NX X f . Et Q: i gk X Melame Meyers Judy Middleton Carolyn Hartman g Jeanne Wrlhams E Charles Nicholson is NNN Jane Gillespie Lois Ann Wilson Cathy Sink Betty Marquart Bob Mal-quart Elaine Smith " 50"-X 3 'Yi . f-- A sf Tiiiiiim A f e , 5 ,pw -yzfm k H5 x xx 'Q My L V . 5 :,. fi" ' -in fv ....., ' i ' J an Kemerley fi Cheryl Waxler -f Charles Crates Ann Long TASTY-TATERS COMPANY BEISTLE FURNITURE MART Congratulations Made in Findlayh Ohio 1600 Lima Avenue BAUGHMAN'S GREEN HOUSE 237 Prospect Avenue Findlay, Ohio Kenton, Ohio uniors SEATED, Left to Right: Mary Crates, Julene Hindall, Shirley Miller, Cynthia Crates, Dianne Hartman, B Mitchell. SECOND ROW: Mr. Badertscher, Sue Long, Trudy Green, Dorothy Clinger, Glenda Baughman Mary Ellen Hartman, Mary Coburn, Miriam Tegtrneier, Nancy Drumrnelsmith, Betty Brewster, Paulette ec ky Beard, Mrs. Chaphan. TOP ROW: Ronnie Price, Bill Alge, Steve Smith, Don Steinman, John King, Marv Rower, Lee Alan Best, Bill Davis, Dean Davis, Wayne Wilch. N, Q? BOTTOM ROW, Left to Right: Mrs. Cammell, Jeff Rettig, Gloria Shuck, Dale Ralph, Jane Bame, Sandy Gossman, Linda Bishop, Mr. Rost. TOP ROW: Rex Bishop, Danny Patton, Bill Brewster, Tom Mercer, Roger E'ast,Ronnie Russell, Joe Bishop, Jerry Hickle, John Reilly. , E 9 Sophomores SEATED, Left to Right: Janice Treece, Alice Williams, Shirley Houdeshell, Cheryl Clevenger, Betty Wells, Diane Steinman, Barbara Nesler. SECOND ROW: Nancy Fox, Diane Bishop, Brenda Brinkman, Judy Jolliff, Linda Butte, Rubetta Wilch, Sharon McKinley, Sherry Fahl, Rita Smith, Patricia Businger, Mr. Trostmiller. TOP ROW: Fred Reigle, Paul Patton, Danny Smith, John Gehrisch, Jesse Wilch, Jim Dillinger, David Inbody Torn Orwich, Mike Franks, Mike Musgrave, Don Musgrave, Dan Hartman. SEATED, Left to Right: Sarah Reinking, Connie Strouse, Jerri-Jean Hartman, Ronnie McMillen, Phyllis Hoyt, Paula Deter. SECOND ROW: Cindy Bash, Marilyn Kemerley, Ronnie Jolliff, Ronnie Kemerley, Sue Bishop, Karen Metzger, Cheri Corbin, Dennis Rower, Donnie Kemerley, Dale Nicholson, Karen Hartman, Mrs. Welty. TOP ROW: Judy McClelland, Mary Shellenbarger, Doyne Wilkins, Lonnie Pepple, George Schwarz, Ronnie Griffith, James Reddick, Joan Tegtmeier, Chris Eibling, Fred Arrington, Steve Rinehart. ABSENT: Pam Meyers, Jane Grohoske, Marcia Van Den Eyne. Freshmen K SEATED, Left to Right: Betsy Beagle, Mary Hartman, Charles Smith, Bob Groff, Joe Metzger, Ruth Marquart, Barbara Hartman. SECOND ROW: Vicki Alge, Martha Middleton, Barbara Patton, Pam Garman, Lynnette Bibler, J. D. Richards, Nancy Dillinger, Linda Robinson, Delores Rettig, Mrs. LaRoche. TOP ROW: Karen Brauneller, Ioan Marquart, Steve Beach, Karen Krepps, Eric Greiser, Earl Launder, Larry Evans, Cindy Fahl, Joyce Wilson, Marcia Businger, Patty Patton. SEATED, Left to Right: David Wilch, Peggy Price, Rosemary Feller, Ray Worstine, Steve Porter. SECOND ROW: Waneta Cotner, Larry Wilch, Jim Hindall, Tom Honecker, Bob Green, Diane Fields, Tim Rinehart, Mr. Webb. TOP ROW: Steve Dilgard, Joe Traucht, Elaine Oates, Bub Frantz, Barry Fox, Bob Steinman, Cheryl Essinger, Keith Morrow, Paul Tegtmeier. ABSENT: Clarence Decker. Elghth SEATED Left to Rrght Jrm McClelland Gary McM111en Susan Drummelsrnrth Darlene Wrlch Dale Dawson Crarg Brown SECOND ROW Donna Houdeshell Susre Brbler Dan Frantz, Lrnda Brrnkman Anna Salsbury Sharon Bach Danny Jollrff Jacqulynn Schey Rornona Hartman Mrs Knrght TOP ROW Gregg Snyder Nancy Launder Chrrstrne Grerser Clyde Bame Rlcky Rrce, Doug Mrller, Bob Hartman Yvonne Gossman, SEATED Left to Rrght Chrrs Busrnger Nancy Treece, Susre Coldren, Martha Powell Lrnda Houdeshell Sharon Nrcholson SECOND ROW Terry Suter Dennrs Clevenger Behnda Hoyt Lrnda Wrrght Martrn Grerser, Debby Pepple Ralph Green Cynthra Rearnsnyder TOP ROW Roger Russell Marvm Bame Chrrs Rerlly Max Hosafros Ruth Anne Mengert Charles Edgell Don Plotts Sandy Traucht, Becky LaRoche Dana Dav1s , . : . ' . , . ' . , , n : , . . , . . , ' , ' , , , . ' . : , 1 . . . ' , . . . ' Sarn Butte, John Steinman. , . : . . I . , . , . . : l . , . ' . . , , . . , I . i z , . , . 1 7 3 I I I I Seventh SEATED Left to Rrght Ronme Crates, Charles Hartman Allen Drllon Gary Werhrauch Pat Puce SECOND ROW Steve Walters Lrnda Weber Barb Sternman Elalne Beard John VanDenEynde Lrnda Brauneller Crndy Porter Carol Rergle Mr Trupo TOP ROW Steve Morrow Jenny Bash Kath1eMcDougle Terry Metzger Joe Coburn Mary Feather1ng1l1 Retha Salsbury Mrke VanDenEynde, Russell Stahl SEATED Left to Rrght Debby Rlnehart Lynn Nrcholson Doug Rossrnan, Brena Clevenger Dlane VanAtta SECOND ROW Mr Trupo Tom Hoyt, Junror Werhrauch, Jack Crates Terry Busrnger Betsy Wllson Cynth1a Brshop, DC11l1lSE1b11I1g Carl Brewster TOP ROW Jack Pearson Carolyn Mrddleton Mlke Solt Cathy Patton, Shrrley Jollrff, Doug Srmth Pam Burson Debble Fox 11m Groff Dennrs Trdcl ' . z . ' . , . , . ' 1 1 I 1 I 1 . 1 1 I 1 I 1 I 1 1 . I 1 1 0 1 1 ' . . l , . . 1 . 2 . ' . , . . ' : . , . . ' . , . , . . . , . ' . : D . I . . . . . 1 I . ' . ' . . . Junior Class Officers STANDING, Left to Right: Becky Mitchell, Don Steinman, Paulette Beard. SEATED: John King, Marv Rower. Eighth Grade Officers STANDING, Left to Right: Marvin Bame, Susie Coldren, MaxHosa- fros. SEATED: Debbie Pepple, Dan Frantz. 1 Class Officers Freshman Officers STANDING, Left to Right: Steve Porter, Barry Fox, Rosemary Feller. SEATED: Cindy Fahl, Paul Tegtmeier. Sophomore Class Officers STANDING, Left to Right: Shirley Houdeshell, Judy McClelland, Jeri Jean Hartman. SEATED: Lonnie Pepple, Dennis Rower. Seventh Grade Officers STANDING, Left to Right: Dennis Eibling, Jack Pearson, Doug Ross- man. SEATED: Debbie Fox, Mike Solt. Sixth l l SEATED, Left to Right: Linda Waugh, Bonnie Williams, Keith Beard, Dennis Light, Ronnie Hartman, Robert Hartman. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Woodmency, Freddy Cramer, Joan Butler, Richard Worstine, Susan Alge, ' Allen Essinger, Patti Alge, Roberta Mitchell. TOP ROW: Ronnie Snyder, Jon Fahl, Karen Hartman, Cynthia Beucler, Mervin Alexander, Kathy lone Pifer, Marsha Morrow, Ray Wilson, Linda Suter, Wayne Riegle. SEATED, Left to Right: Barbara Reamsnyder, Dorothy Salsbury, Elizabeth Launder, Alberta Hartman, Nancy McMillan. SECOND ROW: Doug Coldren, Janie Traucht, Deborah Hindall, Pam LaRoche, Janet Decker, Barbara Dawson, Kay Wilson, Kathy Wagner, Tom Davis, Miss Foltz. TOP ROW: Ray Spaeth, Doug Wilkins, Clair Baughman, Norman Beach, Ronnie Colburn, Steve Prochaska, David Muelhbrad, Robert Musgrave, John'Edge1l. ABSENT: Dennis Helms. k Flfth SEATED Left to Rrght Terry Hrndall Larry McDev1tt Judy Shank Dan Sternman John Nrcholson Penny McDougle Judy Reamsnyder SECOND ROW Mtke Rrce Gerr Long Ruth Ann Rodman Kenneth WOISCIHS Gary Clevenger Larry Corb1n Melodee Theodore Wayne Smrth Ke1thMcC1el1and Ph1l1p Burson TOP ROW Rodney Russell Dennrs Hartman Llnda Alexander Ela1neWr1ght Gary Dodge Jaca1ynH1ndall Dale SEATED Left to Rrght Fred Waugh John Rlnehart Laurre Procaska Susle Brdlack Mary Feasel Roger Brauneller SECOND ROW Mrss Wertz John OIWICR Mark Brshop Dottre Welhrauch Patty Ktrk Susan Gullett Jane Schaller Chrrstrne Musgrave Kathy Hartman Rosemary Beagle Lrnda Evans EIIC Schey Mathew Musgrave TOP ROW Steve Van Den Eynde Jack Metzger Joe Wolford Jlm Carey Dennls Frelds Joel Batchelor, Jeff Frantz Don Bash Karl Dean Best James Marn Dana Jameson Mrke Drlgard I I : A i l D I . I . 3 n - 5 I I 1 U 1 1 l 1 I I Y I I I I l ' , ' : 1 I 1 ' 1 I . 9 a . 1 Ireland, Jody Weidman, Lynda Bibler, Nancy Marquart, Don Davis, Mrs. Willeke. I I : I h I I I . I I I . : . . s . , . ' . . , . ' , . . . . 7 I l U I I l D 9 D I 9 I ' I ' Fourth SEATED Left to Rrght Dottre Staley Jul1e Waugh DeWayne Salsbury Davld Rossman Wllllam Dawson Peg Belle Treece SECOND ROW Mrs Loader Errc Pearson Deborah Branan Conme McClelland Daun Wolford Kathy Porter DaV1d Featherlnglll C1ndy Rower Charles Cramer TOP ROW Paul Mam M1chael Alge Donna Brewster Thomas Solt P3l1I'1C13 Krout Peggy Iollrff Carol Butler Janet Wrlson Denms Beard George M1ddleton John Re1nk1ng SEATED Left to Rrght Glor1a Relgle Sadle W1ll1ams Mark Metzger Melvln Hoyt Rocky Hartman Sharon Yoxthe1mer SECOND ROW Rrchard Helms Larry Hmdall Pamela Busrnger J1ll Musgrave Pamela Roda baugh Cherle Rower Herbert Launder Steven VanAtta Rosalee Beagle TOP ROW Brran Welly Kent Brown Cheryl Muehlbrad Rrcky Lee Mlller Rlchard Oates Rose Ann Launder Donald Coburn Brenda Ste1nman, Demse Rett1g Bonme Lrne . I . . . . . I 0 I I I I I . . . 0 I ' I I I I . . . . D . . I I I I 0 I I I I I I I I I I , I I . . . . . . . . I I l D D I I . . . . . , - 1 I I I I I I I I I ' : I l I I l 9 I , 1 Third SEATED, Left to Right: Dolly Salsbury, Danny McDougle, Fred Hartman, Jack Musgrave. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Nyman, Wilma Coburn, Laura Nicholson, Delia Fi elds, Beth Musgrave, Marlene Clevenger, Jimmy Businger. TOP ROW: Eddie Fahl, David Decker, Mike Bacon, Debbie Honecker, Laura Bibler, Mark Hosa- fros, Steve Miller, Tommy Main. fx SEATED, Left to Right: Mark Phillips, Jennifer Hartman, Rebecca Powell, Timothy Bash, Karen Morrow, Linda VanAtta, Timothy Rowe, Steven McClelland, Nancy Rinehart. SECOND ROW: Karen Weihrauch, Ricky Tidd, Denis Fox, Susan Walters, Diana Grohoske, Cathy Shank, Vickie Line, Timothy Deter, Mrs. Warren. TOP ROW: Michael Keck, Thomas Launder, Rodney Griffith, Cheryl Businger, David Pifer, Mark Wagner, Paul Hinuall, Nancy Ellis. ABSENT: Sandra Reese. Second SEATED, Left to Right: Patricia Reinking, Karen Yoxtheimer, Steven Inbody, Russell Branan, Timmy Feasel, David Reimsnyder, Jonna Schaaf. SECOND ROW: Ronald Wilch, Barbara Weber, Denise Muehlbrad, Lou Ann Batson, Nancy Wright, Randy Coldren, Mike Salsbury. TOP ROW: Mrs. Huffman, Beth Welly, Henry P Reichley, Billy Hartman, James Russell, Bruce Alexander, Roger Bishop, Mike Pepple, Steven Rodman, Peggy Krout. ABSENT: Jeffrey Staley, Ricky Tellez. SEATED, Left to Right: Pamela Gant, Carolyn Delgard, Debbie Drummelsmith, Susan Rodabaugh, Barbara Woods, Janet Shellenbarger, Jane Prochaska, Sandra Line. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Warner, James Nicholson, Gary Wilson, Mike Freed, Deborah Kirk, Nancy Weber, Bruce McClelland, David Hindall, Bruce Riegle, Mike Pepple, TOP ROW: Bob Jolliff, Dean Mengert, Danny Riegle, Kenneth Chamberlain, Dan Groff, Larry Beagle, Mike Miller, Mike Williams, Greg Grohoske. First SEATED, Left to Right: Sharon Hartman, Rhonda Gossman, Kathie Helms, Beverly Bacon, Laura Risser, Mark Price, David Bess, Scotty Brewster, Paul Riegle, Deborah Feasel. SECOND ROW: Donavan Smith, Thelma Coburn, Terry Huffman, Tim Glick, Steven Ebert, Ann Decker, David Main, Penny Suter, Tom Bateson, Richard Long, Billy Halsey. TOP ROW: Harry Launder, Dennis Hendricks, Debra Riegle, Rolland Russell, Patty Keck, Janice Pepple, Jimmy Beard, Reed Bash, Linda Bower, Robin Corbin, Mrs. Myers. SEATED, Left to Right: Maxine Helms, Steven Johnson, Douglas Billingsley, Perry Jolliff, Michael Gerald, Russell Yoxtheimer, Greg VanAtta, Acott Brown, Billy Hindall. SECOND ROW: Anna Clevenger, Karen Cramer, Barbara Houdeshell, Marci McDevitt, Beverly Wolford, Becky Rodabaugh, Carol McDougle, Sharon Chamberlain, Jane Hartman, Karen Powell, Mrs. Pratt. TOP ROW: Kevin Light, Jim Riggs, Billy Miller, Joe Long, Alan Stienman, Terry Grohoske, Jimmy Baird, David Neal, John Beagle, Gary Reichley. Kindergarten TOP ROW, Left to Right: Mrs. Jane Winstead, Danny Miller, Ricky Wagner, Mark Line, Kevin Rankey Allen Fields, Jimmy Essinger, Dennis Branan, Keith Phillips, John Harrington. MIDDLE ROW: Danny Waldman, Tommy Smith, Andy Pifer, Paul Prochaska, Terri Line, Jill Bishop, Roy Launder, Cuff Salsbury, Jimmy Staley. BOTTOM ROW: Marcia Deter, Teresa Prater, Eilene Dilgard, Sheryl Hend- ricks, Debra Gant, Rita Salsbury, Debra Hartman, Becky Crates, Jane Fields, Linda Dodge. ABSENT: Mike Groff, Larry Neal, Debora Swartz, Larry Weihrauch, Beatrice Welly. TOP ROW, Left to Right: Virginia Nicholson, Roger McClelland, Kim Theodore, Billy Ebert, Pam Businger, Davey Hindall, Danny Oates, Mollie Jolliff, Doug Gerald. MIDDLE ROW: Jim Krout, Kathy Rogers, Nat Russell, Keith Weidman, Joe Hindall, Danny Wilch, Douglas Reigle, Willard Long, Mary Fahl. BOTTOM ROW: Claudette Reese, Kevin Walters, Diane Lafferty, Wayne Bradford, Becky Coldren, Penny Burson, Peggy Burson, David Musgrave. .4 Mini, ZSKMQEF5 Varsity Football KNEELING, Left to Right: Wayne Wilch, Steve Metzger, Jan Kemerley, Mike Beucler, Bob Marquart. MIDDLE ROW: Mr. Trupo, Jeff Rettig, Ronnie Price, Bill Brewster, Bill Alge, Rex Bishop, Lee Allen Best, Don Steinman Ronnie Russell. TOP ROW: Dale Nicholson, Ronnie Kemerley, Donnie Kemerley, Mike Musgrave, John Gehrisch, Chris Eibling, Lonnie Pepple, George Schwarz, Jesse Wilch, Ronnie Griffith. A. H. s, 8 Bluffton 6 A. H, S. 6 Arcadia 6 A. H, S. 35 Van Buren 12 A. H. S. 18 Cory-Rawson 12 A. H. S. 0 Liberty-Benton 18 A. H. S, 26 Perry 14 A. I-l. S, 0 McComb 34 A. H. S. 14 Vanlue O A. H. S. 28 Hardin-Northern 6 THE SEASON'S RECORD Bluffton vs Arlington The Red Devils won their first game with a squeaker, 8-6. The crippled Arlington team waited until there was only -five minutes left to score. Bluffton scored first, a Benroth to Lugibihl pass, for 7 yards and six points. His conversion attempt failed. ' Arlington scored when Kernerley took a punt and went to his left and looked trapped, but a key block sprung him loose for 49 yards and the tally. Alge added the two point conversion. ' TRAUCHT I. G. A. Arlington, Ohio Phone - 365-5111 Varsity Football Awami' An.. .alum ' .. KNEELING, Left to Right: Bill Bame, Ronnie Wolford, Dave Powell, Charles Nicholson, Charles Crates, Jerry I-lickle. MIDDLE ROW: John King, Marvin Rower, Steve Smith, Bill Davis, Dean Davis, Joe Bishop, John Reilly, Mr. Trostmiller. TOP ROW: David Dillinger, James Reddick, Dave Inbody, Mike Franks, Danny Smith, Tom Orwick, Steve Rinehart, Paul Patton, Dennis Rower, Ronnie Jolliff. ARCADIA VS ARLINGTON We played a highly fired up Arcadia team and came out with a 6-6 tie. Inexperienced players were in this game because of our injury-riddled team. The first half was mainly a defensive game with neither team able to score. In the third quarter, Arcadia scored from four yards out to go ahead. We bounced back in the fourth with a 60 yard pass play from Davis to Kemerley. Both attempts failed. Later in the fourth quarter we were stopped on the 20 with fifty seconds to go. VAN BUREN VS ARLINGTON This was our Homecoming Game and we played a strong Black Knight 's eleven to a score of 85-12. Arlington opened the way in the second frame with a 30 yard pass to Wolford, Russell ran the conversion. Com ing back from the half-time all fired up, Davis scored twice from 40 yards out with Kemerley adding one con- version. Kemerley proceeded with a six-pointer from four yards out. Davis then came back in the fourth TRAUCHT I. G. A. Arlington, Ohio Phone - 365-5111 Football Write-Up cont 'd VAN BUREN VS ARLINGTON CONT 'D to reach paydirt from 35 yards away, Kemerley added the last conversion by kicking it through the uprights. Van Buren pushed into the end zone from four yards out to give their first score. In the last frame they scored again from four yards out to end a 60 yard march. CORY-RAWSON VS ARLINGTON Arlington played one of its best games and capitalized on fumbles and a blocked kick to give them the upset. ln the first quarter a fumble set up the first score when Davis ran down the middle for 20 yards, then Nicholson rounded end for the score. A blocked kick set up the second tally as Davis fired to Kemerley from the 20 for six points. A third quarter fumble recovered by Arlington gave way to another Arlington touch downg as Crates scampered 35 yards for the score. Falk scored the Hornets' first score from the one to end a 50 yard march. Falk then gave the crowd a thrill as he scored on a 80 yard pass play from Crawford. There were no conversions. LIBERTY-BENTON VS ARLINGTON Unbeaten, the Red Devils expected an easy game only to come back defeated 18-6. We scored quickly on a pass to Kemerley to end a 35 yard march. Crates' try for extra points failed. The Eagles then came back in the second quarter to score from one yard out. Later Arlington tried a pass, an Eagle defender intercepted it and scooted 55 yards for the score. An Arlington fumble resulted in the last score from three yards out after driving fifty yards. No points after touchdown were completed by the Eagles. PERRY VS ARLINGTON A highly-rated Perry Commodores' team came over to Arlington with a win in mind only to go home beaten 26-14. Nicholson was the big gun for Arlington scoring three touchdownsg one from the five in the first qua-rter, his second was an interception from the 25 yard line, later in the third quarter he scampered right end for 10 yards for his last touchdown. While he was doing this he made one conversion. Jan Kemerley then took a Bill Davis pass for 15 yards and Arlington 's last score of the evening. Perry then hit for two six-pointersg one a 65 yard run, the other a 30 yard run. Their conversion was a pass. MCCOMB VS ARLINGTON Arlington suffered its worst setback in years at the hands of the new champions, 34-0. On the opening kickoff a fumble into the end zone gave them their first score. Getting the ball on downs they scored from the seven to make it 12-0. Then from the three yard line they hit paydirt againg attempt good. From 16 yards they scored again with extra try good. Coming back from the halftime we held them to one touchdown while threatening time after time, once losing the ball on the one yard line. VANLUE VS ARLINGTON We played Vanlue on their own field, but even the snowy, soggy field seemed not to be able to stop us. Our first score came in the second period when Davis broke loose for a 40 yard sprint. Alge ran the conversion to make it 8-0. Charles Nicholson scored in the last quarter to end a 45 yard march. Vanlue seemingly could not go due to the wet, soggy field and the bitter cold. This caused many fumbles during the game. Final score was 14-0. HARDIN-NORTHERN VS ARLINGTON Arlington found itself playing a good Bears' team for their last game ofthe season. But two touchdowns in the first and last quarter gave us the victory. A touchdown came with a pass to Wolford, Nicholson ran the conversion. Nicholson then scored late in the period, attempt failed. The last frame Davis hit for another touchdown pass to Kemerley. Alge made the last touchdown on a one yard plunge. In the second period the Bears completed a forty yard pass play to give their score, 28-6. Freshman Football TOP ROW, Left to Right: Steve Beach, Tom Honecker, Keith Morrow, Earl Launders, Bub Frantz, Barry Fox, Bob Steinman, Larry Evans, Jim Hindall. BOTTOM ROWg Ray Worstine, David Wilch, J. D. Richards, Paul Tiegtmeier, Bob Green, Tim Rinehart, Charles Smith, Steve Porter. Mr. Stanley Trupo, Elyria, Ohio graduate of Bowling Green State University assumed the toga of football mentor this fall at the Arlington High School. He did a fine job filling the shoes of Mr. Harold Castor, dean of the Hancock County Football Coaches. The Red Devils had a six won, one tied and two losses for the season's record. Mr. Trupo also coached the Junior High Varsity assisted by Larry Reigle of Findlay College. The Junior High broke even on their schedule, and have some members who will be fighting for varsity berths next year. Howard Trostmiller assisted Mr. Trupo with the varsity squad. M. H. CRATES C0I11D1i1T16f1fS Of Drainage Contractor Since 1919 JOHN STEINMAN LUMBER COMPANY Tel. 326-4374 JCHCIB., Ohio Tel. 365-5454 Arlington, Ohio 326-4273 1 l Jim Steinman Charles Crates Ronald Wolford All County Defensive Halfback All County Defensive Unit - Guard Unit - End Mike Beucler Jan Kemerley Bob Marquart Tackle Fullback Tackle Charles Nicholson David Powell Steve Metzger Halfback Guard End ARLINGTON ELEVATOR an SUPPLY co. ' - Arlington, Ohio Homecoming Cx STANDING, Left to Right: Sophomore Attendant, Marilyn Kemerleyg Freshman Attendant, Cindy Fahlg Junior Attendant, Nancy Drummelsrnith. SEATED: Senior Attendant, Gretchen Wilson: Homecoming Queen, Ann Long. Her Highness Royalty Enthroned SENIOR ATTENDANT Gretchen Wilson ueen and Her Court -S5 QUEEN JUNIOR ATTENDANT Nancy Drummelsmith Ann Long ir' SOPHOMORE ATTENDANT FRESHMAN ATTENDANT Marilyn Kemeriey Cindy Fahl MCDEVITT PHARMACY Pfegcrjptjgng, Drugs ARLINGTON FORD SALES Arlington, Ohio Af1iHgtO11. 01110 ucen and Her Court SENIOR ATTENDANT Gretchen Wilson Escort Jan Kemerley SOPHOMORE ATTENDANT QUEEN Ann Long JUNIOR ATT-ENDANT Nancy Drummelsmith Escort John King Esc ort Charles Nicholson FRESHMAN ATTENDANT Marilyn Kemerley Cindy Fahl Escort Escort Mike Musgrave Bub Frantz Varsity Basketball Squad STANDING: Coach, Howard Trostmillerg Dean Davis, John Reilley, Rex Bishop, Marv Rower, Don Steinman, Lee Best, Manager, Steve Smith. KNEELING: Bill Davis, Bill Alge, Charles Nicholson, Ron Russel, Jan Kem- erley, and Charles Crates. SCORES A. H. S. 38 Hardin-Northern 47 A, H, S, 44 McComb 43 A.H.S. 45 Vanlue 46 A.H.S. 39 McComb 33 A.'H. S. 51 Arcadia 27 A. H. S. 49 Liberty- Benton 60 A. H. S. 44 Carey 48 A. H.S. 49 Cory-Rawson 60 A. H.S. 63 LaFayette 43 A. H.S. 37 Arcadia 41 A, H. S. 56 Ada 77 A. H.S . 47 Liberty- Benton 43 A. H.S. 39 Vanlue 45 A. H.S. 37 Van Buren 36 A.H.S. 36 Van Buren 37 A.H.S. 44 Pandora Gilboa 47 THE SEASON 'S RECORD NOVEMBER 20 The Red Devils opened their basketball season entertaining Hardin Northern on the home court. This was a rebuilding year as only one regular. Charles Nicholson, returned to the wars from the 1962 tournament champs. The Polar Bears triumphed 47-38. Alge and Russell were high men with 15 and 12. SCHECK'S SHOP-RITE SUPERMARKETS compliments of L. at K. PASTRIES NEUHAUSER HATCHERIES INC. Findlay, Ohio' Arlington, Ohio Reserve Basketball STANDING, Left to Right: Coach Howard Trostmiller, Dennis Rower, Chris Eibling, Lonnie Peppel, David Inbody, George Schwarz, Tom Orwick, John Gehrisch, Dale Nicholson, Manager James Reddick. KNEELING: Jolui Reilly, Rex Bishop, Marv Rower, Don Steinman, Lee Best. Nov. 30 We ventured to Vanlue next. We led all the way until the last 30 seconds. Then a Vanlue V player was fouled and sank both free throws to give them a 46 to 45. Kemerley scored 17 and Nicholson, 16. , Dec. 4 We played Arcadia trying for our first win. The Red Devils played a good ballgame and came out on top 51-27. Alge was high man with 18, followed by Nicholson with 16. Dec. 21 We traveled to Carey looking for our second victory, but came back on the short end of a 48-44 count. Nicholson was high with 11. It was a rough battle with plenty of fouls. Dec. 27 We drew Lafayette for our first game in the Christmas Tournament at Ada. We coasted to an easy 63-43 win. Nicholson was high scorer with 18, followed by Kemerley with 12. Dec. 28 The following night, we played Ada in the Championship game. Ada employed a full court press which gained them an early lead and a '77 -56 victory. Alge was high with 12, followed by Nicholson and Russell with 10. Congratulations to the Class of '63 JOHNNY APPLESEED RESTAURANT AND BOWLING LANES Arlington, Ohio unior High Basketball Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington TOP ROW, Left to Right: Coach Stanley Trupo, Jim Hindall, Paul Tegtmeier, Bob Steinman, Bub Frantz, Tom Honacker, J. D. Richards, Joe Metzger, Tim Rinehart. KNEELING: Terry Suter, Greg Snyder, Doug Miller, Dan Frantz, Gary McMil1en, Craigg Brown. SCORES 42 4 7 44 ..., . 27 31 43 46 .,..... 48 2,7 42 .,...,. 28 TOURNAMENT GAMES 4,5 27 18 Hardin Northern Carey Hardin Northern Vanlue Van Buren Bluffton McComb Liberty Benton Arcadia Cory Rawson Lakota Liberty Benton Arcadia Van Buren Charles Nicholson '63 Charles Crates '63 Ian Kemerley '63 Charles Nicholson '63 M. Charles Crates '63 Jan Kemerley '63 Ann Long Lois Ann Wilson of ,ess 'fwgs 1 f ,Q , 1 ' 4 Y' ,gi Wiffiw We J 5 K X 3 Q53 3 W, G , G we f',' jy 'V , I y ,131:,',3 Lf 1 ,V K, ,'-Vf:k if I K K ffaiiff f ,' L ,V go' E fx 52, 'g 4 Ann Long, Janet Jolliff, Lois Ann Wilson, Jane Gillespie. Jane Gillespie Janet Jolliff FINDLAY BEAUTY COLLEGE 108 South Main Street Findlay, Ohio Ann Long Lois Ann Wilson Ann Long Jane Gillespie Janet Jolliff Lois Ann Wilson Janet Jolliff Jane Gillespie PLAIN VIEW DAIRY Ienera, Ohio Grade A Milk and Ice Creams ' Senior FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Julene Hindall, Cindy Bash, Elaine Smith. SECOND ROW: Lois Ann Wilson, Karen Brauneller, Marcia Businger, Steve Smith. THIRD ROW: Ron Griffith, Mary Shellen- barger, Linda Robinson, Rita Smith, Diane Steinman, Janet Iolliff. FOURTH ROW: Betsy Beagle, Rosemary Feller, Waneta Cotner, Nancy Treece, Terry Suter, Earl Launders, Max Hosafros. FIFTH ROW: Martha Powell, Mary Hartman, Jesse Wilch, Dave Inbody, Paulette Beard, Becky Mitchell, Chris Eibling, Ronnie Kemerley. TOP ROW: Mr. Everhart, Ann Long, Gretchen Wilson, RonRussell, John King, Don Plotts, Sandy Traucht, Bob Green. Band FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Connie Strouse, Miriam Tegtmeier, Cathy Sink. SECOND ROW: Trudy Green, Dennis Clevenger, Nancy Drummelsmith, Sue Long, THIRD ROW: Steve Rinehart, Ruth Anne Mengert, Cheryl Essinger, Belinda Hoyt, Chris Reilly, Susie Coldren, Debby Pepple. FOURTH ROW: Karen Metzger, Diane Hartman, Cynthia Reamsnyder, Marvin Bame, Cheri Corbin, Nancy Fox, Becky LaRoche, Joyce Wilson. FIFTH ROW: Diane Bishop, Phyllis Hoyt, Betty Wells, Jane Gillespie, Linda Bishop, Judy McClelland, Dennis Rower, Joe Traucht. TOP ROW: Donnie Kemerley, Danny Hartman Danny Smith, Bill Davis, Mike Beucler, Lee Best, Elaine Oates, Ralph Green. Mixed TOP ROW, Left to Right: Ronnie Kemerley, Danny Smith, Charles Crates, Chris Eibling, David Inbody, Rex Bishop, Bill Davis, Jan Kemerley, Marvin Rower, John King, Ronald Russell, MIDDLE ROW: Judy Jolliff, Sherry Fahl, Rita Smith, Judy McClelland, Jane Gillespie, Sue Bishop, Cheri Corbin, Diane Bishop, Joan Teigtmeier. BOTTOM ROW: Ann Long, Julene Hindall, Elaine Smith, Lois Ann Wilson, Diane Steinman, Janet Jolliff. Mixed Ensemble LEFT TO RIGHT: Sue Long, Nancy Drummelsmith, Marvin Rower, John King, Ronald Russell, Lee Best, Miriam Teigtmeier, Mary Crates. Chorus J TOP ROW, Left to Right: Don Steinman, Mike Beucler, Steve Smith, Jesse Wilch, Lee Best, Lonnie Pepple, John Gehrisch, Danny Hartman, Dennis Rower, Donnie Kemerley. MIDDLE ROW: Mary Ellen Hartman, Glenda Baughman, Mary Shellenbarger, Miriam Teigtmeier, Gretchen Wilson, Nancy Drummelsmith, Dorothy Clinger, Trudy Green, Connie Strouse, Marilyn Kemerley, Rubetta Wilch, Mr. Everhart. BOTTOM ROW: Sue Long, Sarah Reinking, Mary Crates, Jeanne Williams, Becky Mitchell, Cheryl Waxler. Senior Girls Ensemble LEFT TO RIGHT: Ann Long, Jane Gillespie, Janet Jolliff, Barbara Beard, Gretchen Wilson, Lois Ann Wilson, Jeanne Williams, Elaine Smith, Cheryl Waxler. unior Ensemble LEFT TO RIGHT: Becky Mitchell, Mary Crates, Paulette Beard, Sue Long, Trudy Green, Nancy Drummelsmith, Miriam Tegtmeier, Mary Ellen Hartman. Sophomore Ensemble LEFT TO RIGHT: Ronnie Kemerley, Lonnie Pepple, Chris Eibling, Jesse Wilch, David Inbody, Danny Hartman, Donnie Kemerley, Dennis Rower. Sophomore Ensemble LEFT TO RIGHT: Sarah Reinking, Cheri Corbin, Rubetta Wilch, Mary Shellen- barger, Judy Jolliff, Karen Metzger, Judy McClelland, Connie Strouse, Diane Steinman. unior Band TOP ROW, Left to Right: Elaine Oates, Douglas Rossman, Jack Crates, Douglas Smith, Donald Plotts, Mike Solt, Dennis Eibling, Junior Weihrauch, Mervin Alexander, Waneta Cotner, Rosemary Feller, Nancy Treece, Terry Suter, Max Hosafross, Jack Pearson, Roger Russell, Sandy Traucht, Ralph Green. MIDDLE ROW: Mr. Everhart, Linda Wright, Janet Decker, Karen Hartman, Terry Businger, Susie Alge, Elizabeth Launders, Linda Suter, Cynthia Beucler, Belinda Hoyt, Martin Greiser, Dennis Tidd, Pam Burson, Debbie Fox, Sharon Nicholson, Debbie Rinehart, Cathy Wagner, Barbara Reamsnyder, Janie Traucht, Douglas Coldren, Dennis Clevenger. BOTTOM ROW: Christine Reilly, Becky LaRoche, Cynthia Reamsnyder, Pamela LaRoche, Brenna Clevenger, Kay Wilson, Cheryl Essinger, Ruth Anne Mengert, Martha Powell, Debbie Pepple, Susie Coldren, Marvin Bame, Joe Traucht. Beginnefs Band -. ., TOP ROW, Left to Right: Jackie Hindall, Gary Clevenger, Larry McDevitt, Wayne Smith, Michael Rice, Claire Baughman, Steve VanDenEynde, James Main, Cathy Pifer, Larry Corbin, Rodney Russell, Nancy Marquart, Elaine Wright, Carl Best, James Carey, Ruth Ann Rodman, Mr, Everhart. BOTTOM ROW: John Nicholson, Patty Kirk, Dottie Weihrauch, Melodie Theodore, Judy Shank, Dorothy Salis- bury, Barbara Dawson, Christine Musgrave, Susie Bidlack, Patty Jo Miller. Music Cathy Sink Elaine Smith Brass Sextet Woodwind uintet J Q J STANDING, Left to Right: Gretchen Wilson, Lee STANDING, Left to Right: Nancy Drummelsmith, Best, Jesse Wilch, David Inbody. SEATED: Mike Cheri Corbin, Jeanne Williams. SEATED: Sue Long, Beucler, Jeanne Williams. fRosemary Feller replaced Lois Ann Wilson. Lee Bestj THE TROUT FURNITURE CO, THE SUNDRY SHOPPE ASHLAND OIL 85 REFINING CO, 508 S. Main St. 826 N. Main St. Petroleum Products Findlay, O. Findlay, O. Findlay, O, ational Honor Society TOP ROW Left to Rrght Ann Long Rex B1shop Jrm Sternman Marvrn Rower Mlke Beucler Lee Alan Best Nancy Drummelslmth SEATED Barbara Beard Cathy S1nk Jeanne W1111amS Judy Mrddleton Becky Mrtchell Sue Long Latm Club TOP ROW Left to Rlght Ron McM111en Dale Nlcholson Larry Wrlch Ron Kemerley Paul Tegtmeler Tom Honecker Kelth Morrow ChJ.'1S Erblmg Bob Sternman Bub Frantz Lon.n1e Pepple Joe Traucht McClelland Shrrley Houdeshell Dlane Frelds Lynette Brbler Mary Shellenbarger, C1ndy Fahl, Chen Corbln Cheryl Essmger Elarne Oates JoanTegtme1er Sue B1shop Karen Metzger Sharon McK1n1ey Nancy D1111nger Jane Grohoske Mar11ynKemer1ey Conn1eStrouse Mrs LaRoche SEATED Paula Deter Karen Hartman Peggy Prlce Ahce W1111ams Jen Jean Hartman Waneta Cotner V1ck1 Alge Rosemary Fe11er Crndy Bash Betsy Beagle U . : I l 9 . ' l , l I I . . I : ' . , . . , l I ' O a Q 3 . 1 U 9 I 9 o ' I I 9 I I . I . I I I I I Steve Rinehart, Steve Beach, Bob Green, Dennis Rower, Ron Jolliff, Steve Porter. MIDDLE ROW: Judy , . , . . , . , . . . . , , . ' . , 0 . I l 1 I 1 I l ' l . I f . I O Future Farmers of America STANDING Left to Rlght Paul Patton Don Musgrave I D Rlchards M1ke Franks, 11111 D1111nger Steve Metzger EIIC Grelser, Earl Launders Tom Orwlck Joe Metzger SEATED Fred Mengert Danny Hartman Mrke Musgrave, J'11'I'l Stemman Dav1d Inbody Bob Marquart, B111 Bame F F A OFFICERS Presutlent, Jrm Sternman Vrce Presrdent, Mrke Musgrave Secretary, Davld Inbody Treasurer, Danny Hartman Reporter Bob Marquart Sentrnel B111 Bame Advlsor Fred Mengert The Arlrngton Chapter of the Future Farmers of Amenca engaged ID many act1v1t1es durlng the 1962 63 season They won the Hancock County Parlramentary Procedure Contest and the State Dalry Judgrng Contest The team, composed of 11111 Stemman Gary Inbody and Russell Brauneller, won a s1lver rat1ng at the Natlonal Contest ln Waterloo, Iowa The two State Farmers for the year 1962 were Gary Inbody and Ronn1e Essrnger The F F A float placed second at the Hancock County Farr and 95 per cent of the boys projects recerved A ratlngs Gretchen Wrlson Arltngton F F A Queen, was elected to the State Queen s Court fconststmg of three gl1'1SD and was selected as Arlrngton Homecom1ng Queen Durlng F F A Week, the Chapter presented a rad1o program over WFIN and attended the hngton Methochst Church as a group On Ianuary 18, 1963, the chapter sponsored a dance In the school gym Wlth a drsc Jockey from WFOB at Fostorxa , . . , . , 0 : , F, F. A. ACTIVITIES ' . . . ' Ar- G. A. . BOTTOM ROW--OFFICERS: Becky Mitchell, Lois Ann Wilson, Jane Gillespie, Gretchen Wilson, Ann Long, Janet Iolliff. MIDDLE ROW: Karen Brauneller, Janis Treece, Cynthia Reamsnyder, Alice Williams, Linda Wright, Debbie Pepple, Martha Middleton, Belinda Hoyt, Donna Houdeshell, Martha Powell, Nancy Treece, Susie Coldren, Darlene Wilch, Mrs. Cammell, TOP ROW: Linda Houdeshell, Sharon Bach, Christine Reilly, Linda Brinkman, Nancy Launder, Linda Butte, Sandy Traucht, Judy lolliff, Ruth Anne Mengert, Brenda Brinkman, Christine Greiser, Rubetta Wilch, Becky LaRoche, Susie Drummelsmith, Susie Bibler, Sharon Nicholson. BOTTOM ROW: Debbie Rinehart, Lynn Nicholson, Cynthia Porter, Linda Brauneller, Barbara Steinman, Brena Clevenger. MIDDLE ROW: Mrs. Cammell, Linda Weber, Mary Hartman, Terry Bussinger, Jenny Bash, Peggy Price, Deborah Fox, Mary Featheringill, Pam Burson, Karen Hartman, Betsy Wilson, Cynthia Bishop. TOP ROW: Cathy Patton, Jacqulynn Schey, Diane Fields, PamGarman, Yvonne Gossman, Karen Krepps, Cheryl Essinger, Patty Patton, Shirley Jolliff, Barbara Patton, Nancy Dillinger, Ramona Hartman, Carolyn Middleton. JANUARY JANUARY JANUARY JANUARY JAN UARY FEBRUARY FEBRUARY FEBRUARY FEBRUARY FEBRUARY Basketball fcont'dj We played Vanlue here in our first league game. After playing good ball the first half, the Red Devils cooled and Vanlue won 45-39. Nicholson had 14 points. We played our second league game at Van Buren losing 37-36 in a heart breaker. Nicholson was high with 11. We played at McComb winning our third ball game by a 44-42 count. Nicholson was high with 15 We hosted McComb in a league game and won 39-33,making our league mark Q1-21. Nicholson was high man with 13. We played a non-league game with Liberty-Benton on their court. Russell was high with 14, fol- lowed by Nicholson and Alge with 12 and 11. We went to Cory-Rawson, trying to even our league record. It was a close game until the third quarter when Cory-Rawson started hitting and went on to win 60-49. Russell was high with 19. We traveled to Arcadia looking for our second league win, but lost 41-37. Russell was high rnan with 15, followed by Nicholson with 12. We played Liberty- Benton on our court and won our second league game 47-42. Russell was high with 16, followed closely by Alge with 14 and Nicholson with 12. We entertained Van Buren and won 37-36, having reversed the score of the last game. Alge led with 14 points. We went to Pandora-Gilboa to play our last game of the regular season. We lost in an overtime 44-41. Alge and Nicholson were high with 12 and 11. COUNTY TOURNAMENT In the first round of tournament play, Arlington beat Liberty-Benton in a close game of 55-49. Alge was high scorer with 20 points. Great praise must be given the defense for this victory. Arlington met the Arcadia Redskins in the semi-finals at Vanlue. The night was cold, stormy, and disagreeable. After a slow start, the Red Devils pulled away to a comfortable lead and won 43-31. Nicholson was HIGH POINT MAN with 14 points while Russell, Kemerley, and Alge excelled on the boards. Crates was outstanding as a player maker. This brought the Red Devils into the finals against the perennial league champions, Vanlue, who, by the virtue of their 17-0 record, were the overwhelming favorites to add another trophy to their case. Both teams played careful control ball and the Red Devils stunned the spectators by leading 9-2 at the end of the first quarter, 22-15 at the half. Both teams scored 8 points in the MARATHON TRUCK STOP Compliments of LANDMARK FARM BUREAU CO- OP Home Cooked Food BLUFFTON COLLEGE Williamstown, Mt. Cory Williamstown, Ohio Bluffton, Ohio Mt. Blanchard 84 Findlay Terminal 1962 AUGUST 2 17 SEPTEMBER 6 7 14 21 28 OCTOBER 1 5 12 16 19 22 23 25 26 NOVEMBER 2 8-9 10 14 15 16 20 22-23 27 30 DECEMBER 1 3 4 7-10-11 -12 13 14 18 20 21 27-28 1963 JANUARY 1 2 4 8 11 15 Calendar. Senior Pictures--"Don't blink your eyes! " Football practice--"Oh, my aching bones." School opens--shoulder back to the wheel Bluffton--first victory game of the season Arcadia--first league game- -tied 6-6 Van Buren--Homecoming Game and Dance--"A victory for Queen Ann Cory-Rawson--We took the sting out of those Hornets! First Group annual pictures--Say Cheese Liberty-Benton--first loss of the season Perry--We beat the Commodores School night--"Do they have to hold it at night, too?" McComb--second defeat of the season--" Watch those fumbles!' Assembly--William Hacker at the piano- -"No candelabra?" College Night at Cory-Rawson--"Send for your free copy." Vanlue--Congratulations, boys Q14-0, favor of our Red Devilslj Teachers' meeting--No School--WHOOPEE! v Hardin-Northern--End of football season with a victory 28-6. Senior Play--"A Family Crisis" --Success! Football Team to O.S. U. game. Honor Society Meeting--"Take your partners." Hunting season opens--"Remember your excuses." Senior Scholarship Test--" You can't answer what you Hardin-Northern--first basketball game of the season Thanksgiving vacation--" Every few days off help!" Assembly--"Peter and the Wolf" Vanlue Basketball game. don't know." Basketball team to O.S.U. game Bandmother's program--"Clarinets not so long!" Arcadia basketball game Snow--"No School!" "Hurray! " Back for a half day Snow again Elementary Christmas Program--"Here comes Santa Claus" High School Christmas Program--"Sing along with E." Christmas Vacation starts Carey basketball Christmas Tournaments at Ada Happy New Year! School reopens--Ugh! Vanlue Basketball Game--first league game Assembly- -Robert Verbeck--"Back to the Reservation" Van Buren Basketball Game McComb Basketball Game FINDLAY AUTO DEALERS Jim Herrin, Secretary Findlay, Ohio FLO ER Compliments of Your dowluxgnwll Efljvir Sh Comphmems of MIDLAND GROCERIES INC 610 O Op BEACH S 'LOVER FARM S M S Fmdlay Oh1O Findlay aghlg Arhngtou Ohlo STAN WOODWARD 3 INSURANCE Comphments of Comphments of phone 366 9666 MORROW POULTRY OHIO CONVEYOR AND SUPPLY Arlington Ohm Arhngton Oh1O Fmdlay Oh1o Compllmems of Comphmeuts of Comphments of ARI INGTON LAUNDROMAT AIR PORT CAFE PLOTT S HARNESS LUGGAGE SHOP Arlmgton Oh1O Fmdlay Oh1O Fmdlay Ohlo Compliments of Compliments of Compliments of PAUL WAXLER TRUCKING DE WAYNE HINDALL DR. TREECE 8a DR. BURSON Arlington, Ohio Arlington, Ohio Arlington, Ohio JAMES RISSER LUMBER compnmems of SMITH FARM-IMPLEMENT AND ALLIED MATERIALS BRANAN'S GULF 13110116 3555101 Phone 365-5241 Arlington, Ohio Arlington, 01110 Compliments Of MARGARET 'S BEAUTY SHOP Compliments of ESSINGER APPAREL 501 North Main BUSINGER WELDING Arlington, Ohio Arlington, Ohio Jenera , Ohio WARREN'S Compliments of Compliments of The Young Men 's Shop JENERA CO-OP ASSOCIATION KOEI-ILER'S FLOWERS South of Fort Findlay Hotel Jenera, Ohio Findlay, Ohio MAJOR APPLIANCE COMPANY Cgmphmemgs gf Compliments of 223 N Main SI SIMON gc SMITH BARBER SHOP STURM S MARKET Findlay Ohio Findlay Ohio Findlay Ohio Compliments of Compliments of Compliments of B at J PHOTO SERVICE EGBERTS HOME FURNISHINGS BRUCE BRYAN gc SON Findlay Ohio Findlay Ohio Fmdlay Ohio - v . 1 1 , I -vi, ' iff. , lefziijzh I V. 1 l , Basketball Write-up fcont'dj 3rd quarter while Arlington rang up 12 points to Vanlue 's 11 in the final stanza. The King is dead, Long live the King. The entire team gave more than their best and we are proud of them. In the Sectional, Arlington drew Ada and were defeated '75-37 at Cory-Rawson. The Bull Dogs were hotter than a fire cracker and Arlington colder than the weather. It was a good season after all PATROL BOYS STANDING Left to Right CUSTODIANS LEFT TO RIGHT Raymond Ray WIISOH Fred Cramer Steve Prochaska ESSIHQCF P3111 Gallant Norman Beach KNEELING Bob Musgrave Ron Snyder Compliments of CENTRAL RUBBER AND STEEL CORPORATION Findlay Ohio . -- ' u -- l , . . 9 n I U ' . A - 1 n I Compliments of J'AQUA'S SPORTING GOODS FINDLAY MOTORS ARMBRECHT APPLIANCE Athletic Equipment Next to Country Market on Route 224 Findlay, Ohio Findlay, Ohio Findlay, Ohio THE PHOTO CENTER DR. M. D. BAIR FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS 209 S. Main Street DR. E. L. BURNETTA and LOAN ASSOCIATION Findlay, Ohio Findlay. Ohio Findlay, Ohio COHIPUITIGHYS Of Compliments of Compliments of SUPERIOR CLEANERS MONTGOMERY WARD MILLER'S KITCHENETTE FiHd13Y, Ohio Findlay, ohio Findlay, ohio if-V-WW DIETSCH BROTHERS MILLERS LUNCHEONETTE CO1'1'1DllIT16I1IS of Ice C1'63,1'1'1S 203 N. Main SI. FINDLAY EQUIPMENT SALES Inc Findlay, Ohio Findlay- Ohio Filidlay. Ohio Compliments of Compliments of Compliments of MEDLOCK JEWELERS FORNES BRAKE SERVICE KENNEDY PRINTING PRESS Findlay, Ohio Findlay, Ohio Findlay, Ohio Compliments of Compliments of FENSTERMAKER5 ASSETS OFFICE MACHINES PATTERSON'S F91' Fine 311095 Findlay, Ohio Findlay, Ohio 415 S- Main Street Findlay, Ohio Cooks and Bus Drivers LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Virgil Marquart, Mrs. Raymond Steinman, Mrs. Leroy Borrnuth. LEFT TO RIGHT: Floyd Clinger, Robert Russell. LEFT TO RIGHT: Ira Rettig, Dale Hartman. Compliments of CARSON DAVIS, Sheriff Findlay, Ohio LEFT TO RIGHT: Clifford Beagle, Paul Gallant. Compliments of Compliments of WARD'S STOCKYARD GLICK APPLIANCE SERVICE Mt. Blanchard, Ohio Arlington, Ohio COOPER SERVICE Compliments of Main SL Hardin Sts. BLUFFTON STONE COMPANY Findlay, Ohio Bluffton, Ohio 1963 Calendar Continued. JANUARY 16-17 Midterm Exams 23 18 E'.F. A. Dance--"Let's Twist Again." 19 County Music Festival at Arlington -28 Snow, No School 25 McComb Basketball Game 26 Liberty-Benton Basketball Game 30 Individual Pictures--"Smile, Please" Teacher's Workshop FEBRUARY 1 Cory-Rawson Basketball Game 2 Arcadia Basketball Game 8 Liberty-Benton Basketball Game 12 Van Buren basketball Game 13 Honor Society Meeting at Cory-Rawson MARCH 1-2 County Tournaments 9 District Solo and Ensemble Contest--" Good Luck" Sophomore Boys Ensemble won a 1. 16 Science Day 20 Career Day and Government Day 21-22 Preliminary District State Scholarship Test 23 District Band and Chorus at Elida--"We just have to get a one." 29 F. F. A. Banquet--Watch that gravy. " APRIL 5 Eighth Grade Test--"Let's come in first in the county." 6 State Solo and Ensemble Contest--Don't get nervous." 12 Good Friday--School closed 19 Junior Play 26 Spelling Contest G, G. A. Dance 27 State Band and Chorus Contest 22-26 On-the-Job training MAY 4 Final District State Schoolarship Test--" Live up to the AHS Standard. 8 Honor Society Banquet at Van Buren--"Be sure to be there." 10 Style Show--"Mrs. Welty's Revue" 14 Spring Concert 16 District Track Meet 17 Junior and Senior Banquet 24 School Closes--" Three months to breathe." 26 Commencement and Baccalaureate Mr. Perle Whithead, Cincinnati, Ohio, speaker for Commencement Finally! ! J. G. DRUMMELSMITH Sales and Service Arlington, Ohio Phone 365-6521 ' Arlrngton Laundromat Walter Morrow Prop Arhngton Oh1o Beach s Clover Farm Arllngton Oh1o Hartman s Garage Wrllramstown Oh1o Branan s Gulf Ma1n Street Arlmgton Oh1o Margret s Beauty Shop 501 North Ma1n Arlrngton Oh1o Cornphments Paul Waxler Truckrng Arlmgton Oh1o Flower Land 610 South Ma1n Street Fmdlay Oh1o Keubler Burger Shoe Store Fmdlay Oh1o Butler s I Mt Blanchard Oh1o Sternman Lumber Company Jenera Oh1o Complrments of Country Market Fmdlay Oh1o Complrments of Smrth Hardware Ienera, Oh1o Complrments of San A Pure Darry Fngdlay Ohro Complrments of I C Hochstettler 8L Sons Rawson, Oh1o Daffodrlle Beauty Shop 101 1X2 W Sandusky Street Fmdlay, Oh1o Patron A Dav1s Garage Wrlllamstown Oh1o Dally Funeral Home Arlrngton Oh1o B1ll s Mobrl Coffee Ba Dlnlng Room Wlllramstown Oh1o Natronwrde Insurance DCWHYHC Hrndall Arllngton Oh1o Rrsser Lumber Arlrngton Oh1o Essrnger Apparel Arlrngton Oh1o Plotts Harness Luggag Fmdlay Oh1o A1 Bass Clothes Ma1n Street Fmdlay Ohro Fmdlay Body Repa1r GA 2 8172 Fmdlay Oh1o Lelters Market Jenera Oh1o Cornplrments of Forest Farm Servrce Forest Oh1o Compllments of Lancer Karts Fmdlay Oh1o Comphments of Alrce Dress Shop Fmdlay Oh1o Homer Bean Jeweler Fmdlay Oh1o Complrments of Butcher Boy Meats Fmdlay Oh1o Morrow Poultry Arlrngton Oh1o Shop Kenny 84 Ed Shearer Electrrcal 86 Insulatron Arlmgton Oh1o Brrnkman s Turkey Farm Route 4 Fmdlay Oh1o Smlth Farm Implement Phone 365 5101 Arllngton Oh1o Complrments Dr Treece8LDr Burson Arlrngton Oh1o Stan Woodward Insurance Arlrngton Oh1o R C Wrneland Jeweler Ienera Oh1o Peerless Oh1o Glov Corp Fmdlay Auto Club Frndlay Oh1o Complrments of Mldland Grocerres Inc Fmdlay Oh1o Comphments of Fmdlay Hearmg Ard Center Fmdlay Oh1o Complrments of Busrnger Weldrng Jenera Oh1o Compllments of Caprtal Trre Shop Fmdlay Oh1o Comphments of Brmdle s Wayslde Furnrture Fmdlay Oh1o Comphments of Barnett s Sohlo Dunkrrk Oh1o . . . I . ' . . . - 9 I ' ' - ' e . - I I Bluffton, Ohio ' G A I ' Compliments of Hickle's Barber Shop Mt. Blanchard, Ohio Compliments of Hoch's Hardware Rawson, Ohio Compliments of Bishop's Body Shop Bluffton, Ohio Wahlie Service Agency Hatchery Famous H 85 N "Nick Chick" Bluffton, Ohio Mt. Blanchard Stock Yard Mt. Blanchard, Ohio Robert Russell Grange Insurance Route 4 Findlay, Ohio Compliments of Renners Pure Oil Bluffton, Ohio Patron A Thomas Jewelers 303 S. Main Street Findlay, Ohio Blue Drugs Walgreen Agency Dunkirk, Ohio Creative Color Photography Gerber's Studio 122 South Main Bluffton, Ohio Compliments Dr. Fink M.D. Mt. Blanchard Air-Port Cafe Route 25 Findlay, Ohio Compliments of Ernsberger Jeweler Bluffton, Ohio Compliments of Coldren Funeral Home Findlay, Ohio Compliments of Plotts Harness 86 Luggage Findlay, Ohio Compliments of Ohio Conveyor 86 Supply Findlay, Ohio The Bosse Hay C. Jenera, Ohio Miller 's Restaurant Mt. Blanchard Compliments of Lathams Sohio Station Rawson, Ohio Jackson 's Furniture Find lay, Ohio Crilly's Dairy Bar Mt. Blanchard Ohio Shop ,A-,V 2 1 I J . Q-2 INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS Kansas City - Winnipeg Publishers - Manufacturers Yearbooks - Yearbook Covers Diplomas - Graduation Announcements USA .fx ' s Q.. 1 -.-- ..... Y.- .M W ...F - Q --4: ', ..-V .,-.... .....,-v . ....-,-...-- H - 1 1- . ,, , l , V...- .W , ,,,,.-.,a.---- 4 A 71 -gd ol.,- .sri 11 U' 1 'Y' '-4 4. 15.- . Y 14 ' v '-. A . -. A 7 N- -.. -P 1. ,QA lg . I -,- ., Q 1 5 . 1 w y 4 A 1 . I, . AJ S ' ,V . ss - i".k " ,x 1" r 1 4, . j , .44 X1 A 41" 'I' A 1 . 5 4a ah' 4 . l I rv - I 1 ' - 'I , l ' 'I " . -.,. llvh I I .. 1' 1 v .5 ' N" 'I 'r-Q. . ,I I '1. . ,. 161: 1-.,,, 'Q I.: I uk.. r C. 4 1 - y. ,. 'N Q I 11 1. 1 , J LJ A A Wm' -.. I I, 1 11 s n L 1 Q s ,. 'A Yr'.N - .X , r A' ' .4 4 I: ' ji A ?.'r. . ly I l :K-'L ll' ' .J Q1 4 5 '- ,g. s Af 3 'ig fi J S9-.Q 9 P ' 'cg 1 45, ,-, .-,t .1 s JJ K ,. 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