Arlington High School - Excelsior Yearbook (Arlington, OH)

 - Class of 1961

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Arlington High School - Excelsior Yearbook (Arlington, OH) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 88 of the 1961 volume:

1 4 , Q4 VJ' 0 1 ' gf 53, 5 H" 1 X A Y Zum " sf? in 1., v , J We M , I K J lf L, fM:"'f f S3 if 4? 4+- ' 5 ' gig.. -L-.-i2 an - , ' ,Fw The Class of 1961 Presents the Excelsior . .- .-.-,-':-"Pig: . -- -- ::-. - -1'1-1'1'J..-2-": 7-' "7-.ff.l'f 1 'iiil i ' . - ...... -.--:'.'.-'-.Wi-'e-1.15--:C.'.'..'-I-1?---2. 11-L' .'::-- '- f-.--'ff .15- 1 - .. . -'-'ITL-' ---1r,':1.- 5- - -, -. .:- . ' -f'-X . . .-1 -. -- 1 uf V ' - . -. I ..,.,--,U-,.-v 5, .-.U.AV u - ., ,.'A- . ,---, -...- ,,..,:...-.-- --5,-.-... . ..,.,..,.l-.., , .. -- .-'- rf- ,' --.:.v, -rx -- .snr--5.-' -': .- '. fs -.' .::,'--- -- -A .- .:- 4- --,'- - -1:1 ,. - -. -9:1312 - 5,1,-5-.-Y!,-'..L-?'--.1-'v'- '-ff. z-, --:A -.-,:- -V. rj.-,-gr.-2-:,'.',, .4 ,- ,--..'::.--,.-lg,---... ,-,-',- .1-j,'.- - 1,-gf if ff, - 11.-SL.---, :','. - -, ,F lg -' , ' , . . - . ... 1 .Y , . , .- - 1. -. . ..- . , . r.,.. .. . , .4 . - M-gg".fQ.Z:fL?',,"'j,-1f-.','-'1.'.'.'r1' .-L--,-,.--5---,ag-r,.,f 3.w,.-- ,avr-g .--J . ff.---. z-- ,---.-f.' .. -: .:-' ,. ' QR., 'a-.-13'Z-:Si-ai-',:,E:EZ-".--'1'JfL,1.5-',l! J.-. g.--- .,2,-,':1-Z'.2z'g,..'- T:-Z1"'-'il' 2 -1- ff- .': .2 . .J -I ,- " ' - ff- 1,'.3-.v,'f'1-,'.-.'-,3,1.--.-1Ig.'- ,.4.,,'.-, - ,- :-1-F-.A -,'g-331 -- ' -2- -', 5,1 1.7 15 'QQ -- . ' ,Q-. I--,T .- ."'x'.' .- " ,I-..,. --.- 's-.:.'-3.1-1,-Lf 4. , -J,-'1. .fj.'.-.'--.,--3.3-.',',-3-1---5.115-1.---3. ,r '. .- js..-g'j -j,.',: ..--. - .-in - - 3' 'N -. gg..-.3-,e-,-I l,.g.f:4',-'fr-n -gf:-S.'3 f."-,'.-I 5.-"X: J -:Q ng',':,.-,5-gg.:-Q,1-.-,.,1-h-,,1.g:,--'Z-gf.-.f2, ' 1, . .1'-,-.:g.- g- 5',- .1 - -C. - -.,-I-:,c.'.-.,.,. E-.f"-'i-,.c-....',:':149-'.:'.?-f'-9--i---QEL:'Z,1 ',ff,-.L-.f- Y-'eg--, .- ga-,c'3' --.g,'.-.15-5 Ea.-gf.-,, :Irv .:-::,---gl1'-'-.- 'Q-. ' g,.,.f.'--'.'.'-: -1-,-.'-'-12-3: iff "Q" "ll fl'-f'-5'-jf-53.21--'H' 1 -f'-1---fpr4:-jail'1'-'F-If-'..7"LL"ff:'-Z :-' 'V11-.'.'-. "7'.'5-":.f1' 'f. 11.35-.'-1'-fu --'I-'if -- '11--VLH 1 ' ' '- -',-1---- -:fy md- 1.72 .-ff.,-R- 5.2 -,,C-7-151, .qu-ai"'j.q-I'-,-f-gn- 1 ---..-11,-7, -,-.Q gr'---ff. - --51 4-Hg 11 g.-,-.'f.1.j,"-'HQ-:.'j. '- - -' f -': '..".:.,1: -: - 2. X-1-f ri: - .1'-1:-- '-' .' - fi.'-.-.-- ':. 5 - -.1-- N:-,-1.-1 1 .' --z'f.-.- " 1-e' 1'-r' "3 f1g',.1 ,'..'- .'-'g-,-', f.'. 1,.'-A'-,1,1.1'-1'-g-1-.q,.i .Tf,,"1:--j':':-,1.'g."f fig: -, :-1--,-3-.3-:F-'y,1,, rg 1---,-. 1'-1. ': '. 'J -' '- . --..P,-' - -1 . .". , . :, . .---.2 gg.--.--.,-,,g-.1-gh.. 3, -U--.., gp,-..-,---.V -- . f,,-,.- gg., - r-gg -,-,- ,.'.--- ..- :Ag-'gg -'Y ,Q -1 , x.--214,-.',. .L-..--,---,.-gf.,-g.: Ffa -'.------'-,f:f.-.,'... -1 -.-.,.,-- --..-1-.y 1- - .':'zf'- -'-'5'- f-. '.'--7-5-f"5.1.I'af.fi1j ---r. f..-'- -1- - -.:i1, -,iii-' 11.1-H' 1 wg! gL-,- .'g!:,1-g-"-2-.Q.:'1 -. fi- - " --1 -- - ' A ' ' '. -.--1' -f.. --3. 2:-: -----.-:::' .-nz'-.-.1-' -- - " - ' :::."-- .1 .-...E,,Y::--I,-E,-:-,A V...-1,4..,J,h ., ... . , . , s -...JY I-2 : - - Lim,-:Ty-Q5 jg':-' ' -A'T- 21' ":l'15f' gfii.T:,'?.7'i"'i'f."'. - - - - ' ' - 'Z '.5'. gi'-l:q'g,ah ,-3 F:-Qiwj-,':L,'.ig 14' W ,ggi 42.1 -if.-'Q ,-.--.-.,.-.'.g.w,:--r ---pw L- . - L' 5:7- -.ig 1 .-1:55--1: -ilk ' --. 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',-.--., f.-'- -'.-'1523-' . .-g'.1-, 31.2-Y' .-71, -y'.,.:5g..- .L4.f,,-j,.,-.-:- p. 11: ' 5 . -rf .'-g'g:7:'f:'-- 5- 55-4-' , .-.j.-.,4,,-.2:g.-'-'.,'.-:-.'.-.lair-,:1 , g'g:I1,'..., -ff i'e-' ,---,j:3.-fr 1'f'--3,9-.2-.g'-.'-Ilff, fi-f.pE:4,gi'5f-:xy.-g--1-rf-2:y,:.-,2:g,:f.:'-2-, ,211-.-,'q,--.--'.gf1.-,:,- :l---, .--t..-.1 5.-, -.I---5 : .- --5-5-h ' rv-5.: .- - . 552.-.V-,V---.-51.1. 5-,-L I,-:L-5 :-,-,Q-. ,ga-'-4.-1-1 rf1.-,,z-- .,-., 1 ,guts ,',.-:.f,'-x:1..--.'- . -U:-',"y: . -, 3. -:A 3, -. -. . - 'f , - 1 3 - -K. K . . -5 - - '. I .---1" -'I :, .v-',n':.-11.-,'-1,1-.-14--g-1, ,- 3 ,-g,-.f,,-.',- f.'..'..1.:- --.f, .54-.-. . -: 5.-.5 -ogg ,-,- -4 , . ."g:-- ' ' 5'-"' "" ""' V' '2--- '-'-'1'u'.?1'ZF' I-'-.2-,-ijt.:-.'f1-Q 'J- - f:-'El '75-2-.i'-1.15-'i-"-',"-Jiri'--T-'I 1'-:EIL-2-'-'."'f.'-11-2-' - "-. 531 '. -'12 'l"fg T-. 1.r- 51 "-- 114'-"' 134 ',- 'I-"-,Q-"gif,,-j-3.-,:.::1172.-..'1,ji:5 ff:-175'-'.:LjQ:3.y5.fg-"5-yi-gg:'f-'it'-:.lQE:Q:': 3:-.2 -- --' - --- -'.- -.-'-..-.--, -z.. --I--..-A., ,. V!-.iiiox Aflingmli Local Schools Afllngf0U, hio dministration SUPERINTENDENT C, F, ROST Defiance High School Defiance College, A, B, Chicago University Ohio State Universit M A V Y, .. PRINCIPAL , COUNTY SUPERINTENDENT LOREN E, BIBLER ELMER J, JOSEPH Arlington Local Schools Manchester College, A, B, Bowling Green State University Ohio State University, M, A, Ohio State University, B, S, , M, A, Courtesy of W, Hg O'BRIEN Sc SONS CO, KING MOBILE HOMES C01'I'1D1i1T1CHf5 Of Ready Mixed Concrete - Building Supplies and ARLINGTON FORD SALES Findlay 'Ph. GA 5712 KING WELL DRILLING Board of Education LEFT TO RIGHT: H, H, Warner, John Reinkiug, C, F, Rost, Dr. E, R, Burson, Everett Smith, Everett Kemerley, Warren Weber. Co - ordinators iw:-.uwxx LLOYD DULL ROSANNA DUNN HOWARD TROSTMILLER East High School, Erie Pa. Findlay College, A,B, Coach, Geography, Physical Education FOREST PENETON McComb High School Miami University, A, B, Ohio State University Social Science, English rf 'nw f1"?qf, aka HAROLD CASTOR Arlington High School Findlay College, A, B, Kent State University, B, S, University of Michigan Coach, History, Democracy RUSSELL WILLEKE Dola High School Ohio Northern University, B, S, Bowling Green State University M. S. Music FRED MENGERT Lucas High School Ohio State University, B, S, Agriculture RAY POTTER Oakwood High School Ohio Northern University, B, S, Industrial Arts DORRIS LA ROCHE Ada High School Ohio Northern University A, B, Latin, Arithmetic ELIZABETH KNIGHT Centerville High School Miami-Jacobs Business College Wilmington College, A, B, Commercial MARY SCHAFER Liberty High School Bowling Green State University B, S, Physical Education, English VERA IVIUSGRAVE Arlington High School Findlay College, A, B, English, History, French, Arithmetic CORA BEACH Arlington High School Wittenberg College, A, B, Chicago University Bowling Green State University English RUTH WELTY Bluffton High School Bluffton College Bowling Green State University Home Economics, Biology BEA CASTOR Arlington, Ohio Bowling Green State University Ohio Northern University First Grade HELEN HUTSON Cygnet'High School Bowling Green State University Fourth Grade BETTY FOLTZ Findlay High School Bowling Green State University B. S. Sixth Grade HELEN WARREN Findlay High School Ohio Northern University, A, B, Bowling Green State University Bluffton College Third Grade WILLO HUFFMAN Continental High School Bowling Green State University Second Grade FRANCES LOADER Carey High School Bowling Green State University Ohio Northern University Fourth Grade RHEUMILIA WARNER Enow High School Wittenberg College Second Grade RHEA ,IEAN MORRIS Arlington Local Schools Ohio Northern Unviersrty Third Grade CQNNH3 MILLER MARILYN BAME JERRILYN FALK Fmdlay High SQh001 Cory Rawson Cory Rawson High School Bewlmg Green Stare University Ohio Northern University Bowling Green State University Frfrh Grade First Grade Fifth Grade Cooks Custodians Wanda Raymond Essinger, Paul Gallant Esther Bormuth, Isabelle Marquart, Steinman, Bus Drivers Doren Kemerly, Paul Gallant, Robert Russell, Harry Smith, Roland Shellenbarger, Floyd " Shortie" Clinger, Compliments of THE HANCOCK BRICK Sc TILE COMPANY Manufacturers of Vitrified Drain Tile Fittings Telephone - GArden 2-6521 Findlay, Ohio Flower vmnrn Royal Blue and Whifg Variegated Carnation H il Ll Ml li ll ll all ll ll KES lil lil mei SE! Wi? WWW lc qw, ,, Colors R ' l oya Blue and . Whlte few.- +5-M Tegpggergyiroi iiifjftff' Us - ,, I frail . zsfiftmi 53. If e, ,.e, a ,,l,,,.. L 4 il, Q or , 'jg 5,21 --- ----1 g "' gm Ill lll Ill if X. jlll Ill 2351 '4v"r'-W'-f1wmmw'r"1"M"'V"'W' Q ll ll El'mlf7 . 1 . ????5'l'Af',ll II 'M to "'l'r' gfifmlfil 'I mfg eg-pw-5 ul Ill Ill? Ill ll if ."'f 4 535, , 2 Qf, Ill iii l Ill Ill Ill Ill Ill Ill f A Ill Qs! fs: n N t l L- ll ll ll ll ge il ll 52 I 4 ua ..1. i "Success Awaits at Labors Gate" LANNY DILLON Vice-President "A handsome g1uy,couldn't be neater5 his car's equip- ped with a one-arm heat- er," Football 1, 2, 3, 45 C la s s Play 3,45 Boys' Chorus 1, 2, 3,45 Basketball Mana- ger 35 Honor Guard 35 Class Officer 45 Annual Staff 4. SA LLY IN BODY Treasurer "Never say more than necessary. " Band 1,2, 3,45 Girls' Cho- rus 1, 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 2, 3,45 Girls' Ensemble 2, 3,45 Woodwind Quintet 1,2,3,45 County Music Festival 1,2,3,45 Latin Club 1,25 Scholarship Team 2, 35 Honor Society 3, 45 County Honor Society Officer 45 Class Play 4. LARRY CRATES, Editor "If'brilliancy and wit ever bring one fame, among, the g r e a t will be his name." Scholarship Team 1, 2, 3, 45 Honor Society 3,45 Latin Club 1, 25 Class Of-- ficer 25 Band 1,2,3,45 B o y s Chorus 1,2, 3,45 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,45 Wind Ensembles 1,2, 3,45 Class Play 3,45 County Music Festival 1, 2, 3, 4. JACK GLICK, President "There are three good things in life5 Freedom of thought, freedom of ac- tion, and me. " Class Officer 1,2,3,45 Football 1,2,3,45 Boys' Chorus 3,45 Mixed Chorus 3,45 County Chorus 45 Latin Club 15 Scholarship Team 1, 45 Class Play 3, 45 Honor Guard 35 Annual Staff 4. ROSEMARY BISHOP Assistant Editor "All lovely things must come to an end--Good- bye world. " G.A.A. 1,2, 3,45G.A.A, Show 1,25 G.A.A. Offi- cer 45 Honor Society 3,45 Class Plays 3, 45 LatinClub 15 Girls' Chorus 1,2, 3,45 Mixed Chorus 3,4. SHARON REICHLEY Secretary "A nice personality, full of vitality. " Maiorette 1,2, 3,45 Girls' Chorus 1,2, 3,45 Mixed Chorus 3,45 Cheerleader 1,45 Class Officer 2, 3,45 G.A.A. Officer 1,35 F. H.A. Officer 35 Honor Guard 35 Latin Club 15 Annual Staff45 Class Play 4. CONNIE WILSON Reporter "Another bead on the string of confusion. " Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Cho- rus 1, 2, 3,45 Mixed Cho- rus 2,3,45Queen Attendant 15 Homecoming, Queen 45 G.A.A. Officer 1, 2, 35 F.H.A. Officer 3, 45 Class Officer 2,45 District Music Festival 35 Girls' Ensem- ble 2, 3,45 Class Play 4. r STEVEN RITER 'De one and only-- Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Basket- ball Manager 1, 25 Boys ' Chorus 1, 2, 3,45 Senior Scholarship 45 Class Play 3,45 Class Officer 25 An- nual Staff 4. CONNIE BOWERS "The most dangerous situ- ation the human race has faced in all history. " F.F.A. Queen 35 Queen Attendant 3,45 Class Play 3, 45 Cheerleader 3, 45 Majorette 2, 3, 45 H e a d 3,45 Scholarship Team 45 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 45 En- semble 2, 3,45 Gir1s'Cho- rus 1,2,3,45 Class Offi- cer 1, 3. CAROL RETTIG "Quiet and serene this gay colleen." Band 1,2, 3,45 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3,45 Girls' Chorus 1,2, 3,45Mixed Chorus 2,3,45 G ir ls ' Ensemble 2, 3,45 Cornet Quartet 1, 25 Class Play 35 Honor Guard 35 County Music Festival 25 Annual Staff 4. BOB PENROD "Nobody could call me a fussy man--but" Football1,2,3,45 Baseball 35 Tennis 15 Boys' Chorus 3,45 Mixed Chorus 3,45 Class Play 45 Annual staff 4. BARBARA BADERTSCHER "She's often seen and al- ways heard. " Band 1,25 3,45 Girl's Cho- rus 1,2,3,45 Mixed Cho- rus 1,2,3,45 G.A.A. 1, 2,3,45 Class Play 3,45 Latin Club 1,25 Scholar- ship Team 1,25 Honor Society 3,45 Annual Staff 4. CATHIE SOLT "A friendly girl, a charm- ing lass, a worthy addition to our class. " Band 1, 2, 3,45 Girls' Cho- rus 1,2,3,45 Mixed Cho- rus 3, 45 Girls' Ensemble 2, 3,45 County Music Fes- tival 1,2,3,45 Class Of- ficer 1,35 Class Play 3,45 Honor Society 3,43 Cheerleader 3, 45 Scholar- ship Team 4. DAVID DAVIS "lf you got'er--us'er I always say. " Footballl, 2, 3,45 Basket- ball1,25F.F.A. l,2,3,45 Boys' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 45 Class Play 45 Annual Staff 4. DEAN SUTER "A hot-rod driver such as he, someday will end up a tree, " Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball 1,2,3g Boy's Chorus JOE WAGNER "l can't work for thinking of THEM. " F.F.A. l,2, 3, Class Play 3, Annual staff 4. 1,2,3,4g Mixed Chorus l,2,3,4g F.F.A. 1,2,3g F.F.A. Officer 33 Annual Staff 4, County Music Festival4. ALAN WOLFORD "When duty and pleasure clash, let duty goto smash. " Honor Society 3,45 Senior Scholarship Teamg Latin Club 1,25 Mixed Chorus 1,2, 3,4g Boy's Chorus 1, 2,3,4g Class Play 3,4g Class Officer 3, Band 1,2, An- nual Staff 4. PAUL DEAN WELLS "My ambition is to be ambitious." Football1,2g F.F.A. 1,2g Annual Staff 4. GENE WOODS "This guy acts like he flipped his lid, that's be- cause he's a Billtown kid." F.F.A. 1,2,3,4g Annual staff 45 Boy's Chorus 1,2, 3,4. MIKE BISHOP "It is complete ly unimpor- tant, that is why it is so interesting. " Boy's Chorus 1, 2,3,4g F. F.A. 2, Driving 45 Annual Staff 4. RICHARD SMITH "Thought I to rnyself5 we shallnever come off scott free." Football 1,2,35 Boy's Cho- rus1,2,3545 F.F.A. 1,2, 3,45 Class Officer 15 An- nual Staff 4. BETTY REIGLE "An innocent appearance, but looks are deceiving. " G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 G.A. A. Show 1,2,45 Style Show 1, 2, 45 Girl's Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Annual Staff 4. LOUVELLA SMITHERS "Here I am and here I'1l stay . " Girls' Chorus 2,3,45 G. A.A. 1, 2, 35 G. A. A Show 1,25 Style Show 1, 25 Annual Staff 4. wmv.wm1ma,as TED MITCHELL "You can't lose what you never had." Bandl, 2, 3,45 Boy's Cho- rus 1,2,3,45 F.F.A. 1, 2, 3,45 Annual Staff 4. FRED SMITH "Greater men have been born, but I doubt it. " Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Basket- ball 1,2,3,45 F.F.A. 1, 2,35 Baseball 15 Boys' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 2,3,45 Annual Staff 4. DIANE RETTIG "There shall be music where 'er she goes. " Band 1,2, 3,45 Girls' Cho- rus 1, 2, 3, 4g Mixed Chorus 2, 3,45 G ir ls ' Ensemble 2,3,45 Sax Quartet 1,25 Honor Society 3,45 Class Play 3,45 Class Officer 35 AnnualStaff 45 Latin Club 1,2, DIANE BRAUNELLER "What can't be cured must be endured." Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 45 County Chorus 45 Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,45 Girls' Ensemble 2,3,45 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 F.H.A. 2,3,45 Latin Club 15 Latin Club Officer 15 Annual Staff 45 Class Play 4. SHARON BUSINGER "I never met a manl didn't like." Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 3,45 Band 1,2,3,45 Jazz Band 1,2, 3,45 County Music Fes- tival35F.H.A. Officer 45 Bi-County Officer 3, 45 Girls' Basketball 3,45 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 An- nual Staff 45 Class Play 4. LINDA FOLTZ "100 words a minute-- no typewriter." F.H.A. 1,2,3,45Bi-county Officer 2,35 G.A.A. 1,2, 3,45 G.A.A. Show 1,25 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Play 3,45 Band An- nouncer 45 Annual Staff 4. 5 .555 .. rg, - ws , 'HY J. we M.r -1-fl-mv-V f - -naw 1 -Wh -if 1' -1 5-:espn riff-f-...x.11.sia..-:liq-rm.11u1.u.1 DENNIS DAY "What he doesn't know would make a great book. " Boys' Chorus 1,2, 3,45 F. F.A. 1,2,35 Annual Staff 4. JERRY GROHOSKE "lt's funny the things teachers will do5 they try to appear smarter than you." Football 15 Football Man- ager 3,45 Annual Staff 4. L! NNN,-.Q BILL GROSTICK "Why worry about my size? Napoleon was a little man too." Garden City H.S., Michi- gan. Football 1,25 Baseball 1. 25 Spanish Club 1, 2, 35 Spanish Club Officer 25 School Newspaper 15 Ar- lington H.S., F.F.A. 35 Annual Staff 4. JAMES JOHNSON JOYCE KEMERLEY "Don't try to out talk me --you'll lose." Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Girl's Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 2,3,45 Queen At- tendant 25 F.F.A. Queen 25 Honor Society 3, 45 Cheerleader 3, 45 Scholar- ship Team 45 Clarinet Quartet 35 Class Play 3,4. "If school is liberty, give me death." Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Basket- ball 1,2, 3,45 Baseball 15 Boy's Chorus 1,2,3,45 F. F.A. 1,2,35 G.A.A. Show 25 Annual Staff 4. BECKY LONG "If orneriness were a crime, l'd be serving time." F.H.A. 2, 3, 45 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Style Show 1,2, 3,45 Girl's Chorus l,2,3, 45Mixed Chorus 3,45 G. A.A. Show 1,2,3,45 An- nual Staff 45 Class Officer 1. -CW MARGARET HARTMAN "Her stature tall--I hate a dumpy woman. " Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Girl's Cho- rus 1, 2, 3, 45 Mixed Cho- rus 3,45 F.H.A. 1,2,3,45 F.H.A. Officer 3,45 G.A. A.1,2,3,45G,A.A. Show 1,2,35 Mixed Clarinet Quartet35 A1lCounty Cho- rus 45 Annual Staff 4. FRANK JOLLIFF "They can't say ambition ruined me." Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Boy's Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Play 35 Annual Staff 4. ROSELLA HORTON "Who needs an attic? I have a purse. " Band 1,2, 3, 45 Girl's Cho- rus 1,2,3,45 Mixed Cho- rus 3,45 Girls' Ensemble 2,3,45 Mixed Clarinet Quartet 3,45 G.A.A. 1,2, 3,45G.A.A. Show 1,2,35 Latin Club lg Office Help 3,45 Annual Staff 4g Class Play 4. Annual Staff Editor. . . . Assistant Editor Business Manager ..... Assistant Business Manager . . Sales Manager Assistant Sales Manager . . Art Editor . . Typists . . Snapshots . . Industrial Arts Football. . . G.A.A. . . Who's Who. . Basketball. . Grade Editors. Music. . . Latin Club. . Class Will . . Class History . F.H.A. . . . F.F.A. . . Calendar . Assistants . . . . .Larry Crates . . Rosemary Bishop . . . .Carol Rettig . . . . .Steven Riter . . .Barbara Badertscher . . . . Connie Bowers . . Bill Grostick . . .Sally Inbody . . Dia ne Brauneller ..--......... , Cathie Solt . Dennis Day and Frank Jolliff Lanny Dillon and David Davis , Diane Rettig . .Joyce Kernerley, IOC Wagner, Sharon Businger, and Becky Long , , , Iim Johnson and Fred Smith Sharon Reichley and Rosella Horton Connie Wilson ,Alan Wolford , , ,Bob Penrod and Dean Suter . Linda Foltz Betty Reigle and Louvella Smithers . Ted Mitchell and Richard Smith . ,...,, Margaret Hartman . Paul Dean Wells, Jerry Grohoske, and Gene Woods EVAN'S OFFICE EQUIPMENT Royal Typewriter Office Equipment 400 S. Cory, Findlay Class Histor We were the little forty-niners of Arlington High School, for on September 12 of that year 48 bright students invaded Mrs. Castor's and Mrs. Well's first grade rooms. Our classmate, Donni Sauers, left us during the yea r. Our second year of school was under the leadership of Mrs. Simpson and Mrs. Wells. Over the summer we lost Lana Fekete, Tommy Sims, Danny Rodabaugh, Larry Swank, Jayne Yates, Glenn Lafferty and John DePuy. We had 7 new classmates, Barbara Badertscher, Dennis Day, Sue Soloman, Phyllis Redick, Jimmy Sparks, Mary Chamberlin and Wallace Spurlock, to join us that year. Mrs. Uonesj Marshall and Mrs. fPrattJ Miller were our third grade teachers. We lost Wallace Spurlock and Phyllis Redick. Bonnie Decker, Edward Reigle, Colleen Deitrick, Thomas Deahl, Edgar Patton and Connie DiOnne joined giving us a total of 50. Again Mrs. Marshall along with Mrs. Beeson was in charge during our fourth year. We lost Bonnie Decker, Colleen Deitrick, Thomas Deahl, George Loach, Jimmy Sparks and Mary Chamberlin. Our class gained Danny Hughes, Terry Poe, Carol Fletcher and Karen Haley. Our fifth year was led by Mrs. Connell, Mrs. Hutson and Mrs. Jacobs. Connie DiOnne was our only loss that year. Becky Bishop, Wayne Smith and David Rice were our new classmates. Miss Foltz and Mr. Gobrecht guided us during our sixth year. We lost Wayne Smith, Becky Bishop, Carol Fletcher and Terry Poe. Larry Dunn joined us that year. Our seventh year of school was spent with Mrs. Falk and Mr. Willeke, We lost Larry Dunn, David Reigle, and Edward Reigle. During the year Dick Mercer, Beverly F easel, Addie May Rice, Dale Costello, and Richard Cannode joined the class giving us a total of 46. Our last year of Junior High was guided by Mrs. Welty and Mr. Bibler. We dropped down to 37 students when David Rice, Addie May Rice, Beverly Feasel, Dale Costello, Richard Cannode, Sue Soloman, Janet Musgrave and Norris Beach left. But we reached 39 with the addition of two, Louvella Smithers and Lanny Dillon. , September 5, 1957 was our first day of high school. Our Freshman advisors were Mrs. Knight and Mr, Castor. We lost none and gained two, David Middleton and Janet Cavins. Our Sophomore year was spent with our advisors Mrs. Knight and Mr. Trostmiller. We lost Janet Cavins that summer, Donni Sauers, Dean Suter and Doris Halsey joined our class. Donni Sauers left later that year. Our total was 38. Our advisors during the Junior year were Mrs. LaRoche and Mr, Mengert, Doris Halsey, David Middleton and Edgar Patton left. Bill Grostick and Bob Penrod joined our class of 39 students. Mrs. Beach and Mr, Rost advised us our Senior year. Howard Skeeters leftover the summer and David Smith came back that Fall. With his leaving, our total was 38. NA ME Barbara Badertscher Rosemary Bishop Mike Bishop Connie Bowers Diane Brauneller Sharon Businger Larry Crates David Davis Lanny Dillon Linda Foltz Jack Glick Jerry Grohoske Bill Grostick Margaret Hartman Rosella Horton Sally Inbody I im Johnson Frank Jolliff Joyce Kemerley Becky Long Ted Mitchell Bob Penrod Betty Reigle Sharon Reichley Carol Rettig Diane Rettig Steve Riter Fred Smith Richard Smith Cathie Solt Dean Suter Joe Wagner Connie Wilson Paul Dean Wells Alan Wolford Gene Woods Bits About Seniors NICKNAME Barb Bishop Beetles Red Diane Sophie L. G. Rock Lanyard Linda Andy Gus Bill Margie Zellie Sally Jimmy Frank Kembo Beck Tiger Pinhead Betty Reichs Carol Di Steve Freddy-Mip Clem Cath Dean Joe Connie Lou P. D. Yulford Ching BYWORD Chicken Fat I mean, you know I don't know Idgit Stop it My word! Yes Honey How-bout-that Think it'll snow Shut up Censored Same to you Andy Oh Yeah! I'm sorry Bet that smarts Oh quit that Hey Smith Oh nuts Watch it! Oh whee Take'em out Gross up, kid Silence Pardon me Oh great! I l'm cold Good morning Censored Imagine that Hey good buddy Listen to the old dad Ouch! You dumbee Censored By cracky When I was-- NOTED FOR Parties Sewing Driving old cars Red Hair Long hair Drumming Smarts Sharp clothes Pencil behind ear Screaming Main Street Going north Long hair Tallness Gum cracking Quiet ways His Impala Convertible Hair styles Curly hair Shortness Skipping S .H. Blond hair Good nature Combing hair Writing letters Lab abilities Teeth 51 Ford Sharp clothes 3 door car Pegged pants Personality Driving Truck Figure Trap shooting WEAKNESS Coffee Shoes Findlay Tall males Bulky knit sweaters Vanlue She males Sports Pretzels Kittens Math Phillies Taking pictures Others Guys Music Pin ball machine Car payments White cars Converts Long black hair Lakers Driving around Ohio Oil Chevies U.S. soldiers Food Mufflers Sheep Short skirts BGSU Findlay Styles 103 Girls Hunting AMBITION Linguist Engineer Doing least possible Liberal Arts Secretary Elementary teacher Doctor Agriculture Coach Airline stewardess Math teacher Airplane pilot Architect Secretary Housewife Music teacher Get out of school Barber Nurse Catch her man Farmer Mechanical Engineer Matrimony Secretary Secretary Secretary Engineer Boiler operator Farmer Medicine Mortician Race driver Elementary teacher Truck driver Business executive Gunsmith Bits About PROBABLE FATE 80 year old lifeguard Commercial teacher Post Master General Old maid Bosses wife Old hag Nurses aid Dog trainer Meter reader Ground crew Paper boy Manager of Browns Cartoonist Model Big Boy car hop Gossiper Ind. Arts Teacher Grocery owner Senator Check out girl Music director Train engineer Housewife Head waitress Beautician Bosses employer Ranch owner Knight of the road School teacher Test tube washer Own client Telephone man Seamstress Truck driver Soda Jerk Great White Hunter PASTIME Busingers Sleeping Sohio Shopping Linda's Badertscher's Match making Dogs Chemistry lab Talking Driving Playing cards Drawing Washing eggs Findlay Smiling Playing pool Hair styles Making new acquaintances Reading magazines With Steve Down south Combing her hair Seed Beck's Playing piano Watching TV Johnsons Goofing off Shelly Berman Arguing Girls Running around Sleeping Office Billtown Seniors WHAT WOULD HAPPEN Couldn't talk Didn't have an answer Drove slow Couldn't find Billtown Cut her hair Couldn't drive Could write Likes' cats Allergic to hair spray Was allergic to cats Couldn't find Main Street Didn't get embarrassed Lost his pencil Gained weight Liked her own class ring Quit smiling Took his own Dem. notes Got a flat top Disliked the opposite sex Didn't have some kind of trouble Had a fight with Richard Make 20 wam in typing Had short hair Wore her glasses Went home on the bus Couldn't write letters Played basketball Came to school on time Had a fight with Ted Lost her convertible Could spell Got lost in Findlay Went steady Read a lesson Went to study hall Didn't like to hunt Seventh Grade Officers Sophomore Class Officers Eighth Grade Officers junior Class Officers Freshman Class Officers School Patrol I, G, DRUMMELSMITH GLICK APPLIANCE SERVICE SMITH FARM IMPLEMENT New dc Used Farm Equipment Authorized G, E, Service Station Phone 5-3091 1 Mile North 8: 1 Mile West Arlington, Ohio Arlington, Ohio of Arlington Q my .ww R '4 fshlw 5 ,,. -W W L. f V 1 M. ,M Q .f , - it ,K X. nM,wM-www ' nwwasg www .Asif s N ygwgg ,L if i 1 uniors FIRST ROW: BeverlyReigle, CherylCrates, NancyRower, Lois Powell, JoyceRossman, Marietta Arrington, Kathy Houdeshell, JanetTreece, Jean Krout, Patricia Wells. SECOND ROW: Mr, Potter, JoeClevenger, David Reigle, Larry Hickle, Gary Inbody, Jeanette Cole, Karen Bishop, Linda Warner, Gary Hindall, Steven Grieser, John Middleton, Dennis Feasel, Mrs, Musgrave. THIRD ROW: JoeRomick, Dennis Gerschutz, Dexter Wilson, Ronnie Essinger, Donnie Essinger, Merle Ireland, Brian Bibler, Jon Treece, Bob McKinley, Darol Jameson, Russell Brau- neller, Bob Elsea, David Gerschutz, Sophomores FIRST ROW: Ruth Ann Nessler, Cheryl Waxler, MaryLou Patton, Elaine Smith, Jeanne Williams, Lois Ann Wilson, Mary Lee Richard, Jane Spaeth, Judy Middleton, Barbara Beard, Betty Marquart, SECOND ROW: Mrs, Knight, Ann Long, Janetjolliff, Jane Gillespie, Melonie Myers, Gretchen Wilson, MargaretMorgart, Cathy Sink, Carolyn Hartman, Bi1lBrown, Eddie Steinman, Mrs. LaRoche, THIRD ROW: Tom Deter fdeceasedj, Steve Metzger, Jim Steinman, Ed Reigle, Bill Brewster, Bill Barne, Bob Sink, Mike Beucler, Bob Marquart, Ronald Wolford, Alan McMillan, David Powell, Jan Kemerley, Charles Crates, Charles Nicholson. J, G, BAME Arlington, Ohio HANCOCK HYBRIDS, INC. INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER Complete Line of Farm Seeds Farm Tractors 8x Implements GA 2-9372 - Findlay, Ohio Freshman FIRST ROW: JeffRettig, Lavern Steinman, Rex Bishop, Dean Davis, DannyPatton, DaleRalph, Bill Davis, Wayne Wilch. SECOND ROW: Stephnie Hindricks, Julene Hindall, Becky Mitchell, Shirley Miller, Diane Hartman, Brenda Human, Paulette Beard, Cynthia Crates, Glenda Baughman, Linda Bishop, Betty Brewster, THIRD ROW: Fred Mengert, Mary Crates, Sue Long, Sandra Gossman, Dorthy Clinger, Hazel Burton, Trudy Green, Miriam Tegtmeier, Nancy Drummelsmith, Jane Bame, Mary Ellen Hartman, Mary Burton, MaryCoburn, Mr. Troastmiller. FOURTH ROW: Danny Smith, Donald Steiman, John Reiley, Bill Alge, Ronnie Russel, John King, Roger Fast, Tom Mercer, Joe Bishop, Lee Alan Best, Steve Smith, Marvin Rower, Dean Hinger, Jerry Hickle, Eighth Grade FIRST ROW: Paula Deter, JaniceGreece, BarbaraNessler, SueBishop, JerriJeanHartman, SaraReinking, Shirley Houdeshell, Pamela Myers, SECOND ROW: Mr, Peneton, Jane Grososke, Rubetta Wilch, Mayr Taft, Judy Jolliff, Sherry Fahl, Linda Butte, Sharon McKinley, Joan Tegtmeier, Brenda Brinkman, THIRD ROW: Don Musgrave, Dean Steiman, Paul Patton, George Human, Mike Franks, Mike Musgrave, Freddy Reigle, Freddy Arrington, Ronnie McMillian, BEACHES' CLOVER FARM PORTER'S MUSIC Choice Meats, Groceries, and Vegetables Findlay's Complete Music Store Arlington, Ohio Phone GA 2-3015 - Findlay, Ohio Eighth Grade FIRST ROW: Alice Williams, CherylClevenger, Karen Hartman, Diane Steinman, Diane Bishop, Patricia Businger, Betty Wells, Rita Smith, Nancy Fox, Karen Metzger. SECOND ROW: Danny Hartman, Tom Orwick, Cindy Bash, Judy McClelland, Connie Strouse, Cheri Corbin, Mary Shellenbarger, Lonnie Pepple, DonnieKemerley, Ronnie Kemerley, Mr. Bibler, THIRD ROW: Ronnie Jolliff, Chris Eibling, John Gehrisch, Ronnie Griffith, Jim Dillinger, Clarence Decker, Jim Reddick, Steve Rinehart, David lnbody, Jesse Wilch, Dennis Rower, Dale Nicholson. Seventh Grade FIRST ROW: Mike Smith, David Wilch, JohnSteinman, NormanChamberlain, Dana Davis, Ray Worstine, Charles Smith, Tim Rinehart. SECOND ROW: Karen Brauneller, Mary Hartman, BetsyBeagle, Carolyn Human, Waneta Cotner, Peggy Price, Barbara Hartman, MarthaMiddleton, Linda Robinson, RosemaryFeller. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Welty, Joe Metzger, Eric Grieser, Joe Traucht, Everett Riegle, Barry Fox, Wayne Frantz, Diane Fields, Cheryl Essinger, Marcia Businger, Barbara Patton, Patricia Patton, Joyce Wilson, Mrs. Schaffer, FOURTH ROW: Bob Steinman, Jay Dee Richards, Steven Beach, Charles Hartman, Larry Evans, Keith Morrow, Tom Honecker, Paul Tegtmeier, Elaine Oates, Cindy Fahl, Janet Burton, Nancy Dillinger, Jim Hindall, Richard Brown, Robert Green, FINDLAY FAIR 237 S, Main St, DAVENPORT INSURANCE AGENCY DR, LEROY DAVIS, Optometrist Findlay, Ohio All forms of insurance 116 W. Crawford Street Congratulations All! Findlay and Mt, Blanchard GA 2-2718 - Findlay, Ohio Sixth Grade FIRST ROW: Cynthia Reamsnyder, Sharon Nicholson, Darlene Wilch, Rebecca LaRoche, Jackie Schey, Sally Salsbury, ChristineGrieser, Linda Brinkman, SECOND ROW: Steven Willeke, MartinGrieser, Yvonne Gossman, Linda Wright, Christine Reilly, Susan Drummelsmith, Dale Dawson, Ralph Green, Mrs. Woodmency, THIRD ROW: Gary McMillen, Ralph Slayter, Danny Frantz, Douglas Miller, Robert Coburn, Robert Hartman, Roger Russell, Greg Ghaster, Craig Brown. FIRST ROW: Martha Powell, Nancy Treece, Debra Pepple, Linda Houdeshell, Linda Smith, Donna Houdeshell, Susie Coldren, Ramona Hartman, Chris Businger, SECOND ROW: Max Hosafros, Sandy Traucht, Ruth Anne Mengert, SusieBibler, Nancy Launder, ClydeBame, DennisClevenger, MissFoltz. THRID ROW: MarvinBame, James McClelland, Danny Jolliff, Donald Plotts, Greg Snyder, Terry Suter, Arnold Longworth, Terry Metzger, Harold Human, ABSENT: Sammy Butte, ROBERT R, RUSSELL INSURANCE ZIEROLF'S Automobile - Fire - General Liability HANCOCK COUNTY FARM Clothes Men Like Arlington 5-3457 Equipment Dealers Association Findlay, Ohio Fifth Grade FIRST ROW: Carol Reigle, Lynn Nicholson, Patricia Longworth, Linda Brauneller, Kathie McDougle, Kathy Chamberlain, Cynthia Bishop, Betsy Wilson, SECOND ROW: Mike Solt, Jennifer Bash, Teresa Businger, Mary Feadaeringill, Pamela Burson, Douglas Smith, Mrs. Miller. THIRD ROW: Charles Hartman, Russell Stahl, Dennis Tidd, Jack Pearson, Jack Crates, Patrick Prise. ABSENT: Carl Brewster, FIRST ROW: Debby Rinehart, Brena Clevenger, Linda Weber, Barbara Steinman, Elaine Beard, Deborah Fox Phyllis Wilson, Cathy Patton, SECOND ROW: Allen Dillon, Ronald Crates, Joe Coburn, Gloria Houdeshell, Shirley Jolliff, Steve Morrow, Dennis Eibling, Miss Falk. THIRD ROW: Gary Weihrauch, Douglas Rossman Steve Walters, Junior Weihrauch, Roger Steinman, Harvey Taft, ABSENT: Retha Salsbury. Congratulations to the Class of "61" REPUBLICAN COURIER MARTIN MOTOR CLINIC Radio Station WFIN 127 W, Main Cross Street Findlay, Ohio Marathon Service - Findlay Fourth Grade FIRST ROW: Roberta Michell, Barbara Reamsnyder, Dorthy Jean Salsbury, Joan Butler, Carol Smith, Barbara Dawson, Cynthia Beucler, Kathleen Wagner, Deborah Hindall. SECOND ROW: Kathy Ione Pifer, DavidMuehl1rad, Clair Baughman, Steven Prochaska, NormanBeach, Ray Wilson. THIRD ROW: Ronald Hartman, JonFahl, Dennis Helms, Richard Worstine, William Human, Thomas Davis, Mrs. Hutson. ABSENT: Dennis Light. FIRST ROW: Nancy McMiller, Alberta Hartman, Linda Suter, Janie Traucht, Susan Alge, Kay Wilson, Marsha Morrow, Daren Hartman, Pamela LaRoche, Janet Decker, SECOND ROW: Bonita Williams, Bobby Musgrave, Ronald Coburn, Mervin Alexander, Frederick Cramer, Ronald Snyder, Mrs, Loader. THIRD ROW: Robert Hart- man, Keith Beard, Allen Essinger, Ray Spaeth, Wayne Riegle, Douglas Coldren, Michael Brown, THE FARMERS 8a MERCHANTS BANK NEWHOUSER HATCHERIES INC. Arlington, Ohio Ph, 5-2251 - Hy-Line Chicks "A Full Service Bank" Arlington, Ohio Third Grade FIRST ROW: Judith Reamsnyder, Linda Evans, Susan Bidlack, Sue Human, Penny McDougle, Dottie Weihrauch, Nancy Marquart, Laura Prochaska, Carolyn Ecldington, Geraldine Lond. SECOND ROW: Gary Clevenger, Rod- ney Russell, Jeffrey Frantz, Carol Wilson, Linda Slayter, Lynda Bibler, Dale Ireland, Jody Weidman, Mrs. Warren, John Nicholson. THIRD ROW: Mathew Musgrave, John Orwick, James Carey, Wayne Smith, Kenneth Worstine, Philip Burson, Keith McClelland, Rodger Brauneller, Dan Steinman. ABSENT: Joel Batchelor. FIRST ROW: Mary Feasel, Patty Jo Miller, Barbara Steinman, Karen Willeke, Judy Shank, Kathy Hartman, Patty Kirk, Rosemary Beagle, Christine Musgrave, Elaine Wright, Linda Alexander. SECOND ROW: Don Davis, Karl Best, Dennis Hartman, Gary Dodge, Jacie Hindall, Donald Bash, Dennis Fields, James Main, Mrs. Morris, THIRD ROW: Terry Hindall, Larry McDevitt, Dana Jameson, Joe Wolford, Larry Corbin, Jack Metzger, Eric Schey, John Rinehart. ABSENT: Eugenia Sanders, Mark Bishop. TROUT FURNITURE COMPANY SEARS ROEBUCK COMPANY HOMER BEAN 508 South Main Catalog Sales Office Jeweler Findlay, Ohio Findlay, Ohio--Phone GA 2-8801 Findlay, Ohio Second fade FIRST ROW: Peggy Treece, Deborah Branan, Paulette Human, Cheri Rower, Rosalee Beagle, Carol Butler, Bonnie Line, Cheryl Muehlbrad, Donna Brewster, Brenda Steinman. SECOND ROW: Mike Alge, Patty Krout, Peggy Iol- liff, Ricky Oates, Ronald Penrod, David Hoge, Mrs. Huffman. THIRD ROW: David Featheringill, Eric Pearson, Charles Cramer, Paul Maine, Roy Miller, David Rossman, Billy Dawson. ABSENT: Brian Welly. FIRST ROW: Gloria Reigle, Dasie Williams, Sharon Yoxtheimer, DaunWolford, Cindy Rower, Connie McCelland, Denise Rettig, Pamela Businger, Janet Wilson, Dottie Staley. SECOND ROW: Kent Brown, Donnie Coburn, Jill Musgrave, Pamela Rodabaugh, Ruth Ellen Richard, Tom Solt, Dennis Beard, Mrs. Warner. THIRD ROW: Rocky Hartman, Mark Metger, Larry Hindall, Richard Helms, Steven Kirk, John Reinking, Tim Salsbury. ABSENT: Rose Ann Launder. "Landmark" HANCOCK COUNTY FARM BUREAU HULLENKREMER CONST. CQ., INC. CO-OP ASSOCIATION INC. Congratulations Class of "GI" 400 Sguth Main SU-get Williamston-Mt. Cory TROUT MOTOR SALES Findlay, Ohio Mt. Blanchard-Findlay 1301 Lima Avenue First Grade FIRST ROW: Dolly Salsbury, Wilma Coburn, Karen Morrow, Jennie Hartman, Beth Musgrave, Delia Fields, Susie Walters, Vickie Line, Cathy Shank. SECOND ROW: Jack Musgrave, Tim Bash, Tim Deter, Bob Jolliff, Mrs. Castor, Danny McDougle. THIRD ROW: Frank Eddington, Henry Reichley, Steven Miller, Paul Hindall, Rod- ney Griffith, Mark Wagner, Mike Keck, Steven McClelland, Eddie Fahl. FIRST ROW: Nancy Rinehart, Marlene Clevenger, Laurie Nicholson, Becky Powell, Karen Weihrauch, Debbie Honecker, Diana Grohoske, Nancy Ellis, Cheryl Businger, Laura Bibler, Tommy Cornette. SECOND ROW: Freddy Hartman, Miss Bame. THIRD ROW: Jimmy Businger, Darl Steinman, David Decker, Ricky Tidd, Tom- my Launder, David Pifer, Mark Hosafros, Tommy Main, Dennis Fox, Ricky Burton. HUGHES CLEANERS DICK'S AUTO PARTS STELLA'S SODA GRILL 701 Howard St, 35 112 W, From 347 Midland Avenue Phone 5-3955 Fi11d19,y, 01-110 Findlay, Ohio Arlington, Ohio Kindergarten FIRST ROW: Tishy Reinking, Karen Yoxtheimer, Barbara Weber, Deborah Kirk, Debra Essinger, Sandra Line, Lou Ann Bateson, Debra Waltermire, Jane Prochaska, Debra Drummelsmith. SECOND ROW: Timmie Feasel, James Nicholson, Mike Williams, Peggy Krout, Barbara Woods, Janet Kay Shellenbarger, Scotty Traucht, Dean Branan, Ronnie Miller, Timmie Cornette, Mrs. Winstead. THIRD ROW: Mike Salsbury, Mike Miller, Kenny Chamberlain, Bruce Alexander, Roger Bishop, Mike Pepple, Danny Riegle, Jeff Staley, Mark Pepple. FIRST ROW: Ionna Schaaf, Nancy Weber, Pamela Gant, Nancy Wright, Denise Muehlbrad, Cynthia Arnold, Susan Rodabaugh, Shelia Hoge, Beth Welly. SECOND ROW: Gary Wilson, Greg Grohoske, Jim Russell, Billy Hartman, Stephen Smith, Maurice Marks, Dean Mengert, Randy Coldren, Mike Chamberlain, Mrs. Winstead. THIRD ROW: David Houdeshell, BruceMcClelland, Bruce Riegle, Mike Freed, Brad Ghaster, David Hindall, David Reamsnyder, Steve Inbody. ABSENT: Ronnie Wilch. LANCER KARTS ESSINGER'S APPAREL SHOP AMBRECHT MAYTAG 2425 Park Street Dry Goods, Jewelry, and Children's Wear Washers and Dryers Findlay, Ohio Arlington, Ohio Center Street, Findlay, Ohio 1 . Nea N I .ll A QMAKFR5 ,S ,fs 3- 1: ue" T' g' l A i 'Q' O 51 ft V f fin :en 9 Lx I Qso x . x . . f . O .xxtxxx l!:!,Y,f,"XX A El lJ'U -' A ' f V 9? 4 5 w u- V 0 4' f.-psi 49 ,,, o 4 , xx 1' P X 2:2 E . f' 'wk' ,fg- If x oP"".5Iv 9 5 fir ,V ,N hp. A. , ,, I VVKVVL My M, . Ab - - H ' ia:.,. - . ifi-'f ,,1a1v2,w,, - Lge' I 7,:Q,:5 wwgzew - 23,.ff5,i' , . ' ' "z7x3f"J an , . ,, . 5-5 W Af k ---' f A H , -3... V, M 'Ml " M, M, ,. ,. . , i , . H -"-' A A A ,. fi 'A 1 :W 7 ..,- , R53 Wx? 12,43 My ,, W I . V -V ,,. - f E ,q,, V Q, .4 ., H:-f::f -A wa f 0 ,. ..' ,. -LQ,-.fy , M., 1 A. 'vfgw Lv... - I '- in , M., V M..-M 4 -. -I VW ,lr - 114. ,. .M . ' E,...:. w w' , L M 1- N' L ' ' A5 Q '. -Q ' H? - if My , Q ' ,N :Hr f4li:l 0 U0 x HT! f 4 F 'Q zsfifm W Q Q M. 'Z af , Q 5.1, . "1 V 'iii H . . f , .. ... ,, A , .. .. ' O "' w 1- ."' A .fs xg Q X X rl I af :Q ' -J f law my if ik- - '-:': ' N NX I Q ,EM , X, W - z, ' Z3 M wk M ,Q A L S . ' I ,,,, F 'D a hu 7 L ' x wg XX ' K gp . f , N X. A FX - 1: gx ' . '5 6 '?I""""'1o 0 J A ' ' fl .W ..-, ,, 'Hz' ' -I ' 'iff 215' , 1 . . . A b. 7. E - H ::,, .V - ---:. f . W ' -' f 5' 2, gm, nu if- . .f.,, .. , , .I Actiw NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 55 xx 'f 7 5' ffl xXx A.. 4 Y! nr LA FIRST ROW: .Terry Grohoske, J im Johnson, Lanny Dillon, Steve Riter, Dean Suter, Frank Jolliff, Fred Smith, J ack Glick, Bob Penrod, David Davis. SECOND ROW: J on Treece, Ronnie Essinger, Donnie Essinger, Brian Bibler, Gary Hindall, Dennis Feasel, Bob Elsea, Gary Inbody,John Middleton, David Reigle, Daro1,Tameson, J oe Romick, Russell Brauneller, Dexter Wilson, FOOTBALL REPORT On August 19, 1960, 48 eager boys gathered at the schoolhouse to receive their practice equipment, September 16: ARCADIA This team was a lot rougher than expected. Jameson and Davis ledthescor- ing attack, Arcadia managed to penetrate our defensive unit once for atouchdown and aconversion, But we still won 18-8, September 23: VAN BUREN The Red Devils were overconfident for the first few minutes, Van Buren took advantage of this and scored a touchdown and a conversion, From there on it was Arlington all the way, Essinger, Jameson, Davis, Feasel, Smith, Johnson and Crates were all effective in the scoring department, We finished with a 32-6 lead, September 30: CORY RAWSON This was considered one of the important games of the season, How- ever it did not prove to be a contest, The defensive unit played an excellent game in holding Cory Rawson to nothing while the offensive unit tallied 28 points to give us a 28-O win, October 7: LIBERTY BENTON We played a weak LB eleven, This proved to be no contest, Everybody got to play and we went home with a 44-0 margin. October 15: MT, BLANCHARD To the squad this was the most important game of the year, No offen- sive action was seen in the first half, However midway in the third quarter Mt, Blanchard opened the scoring gates for a six pointer. The conversion failed, Arlington tied the score early in the fourth quarter as the Red Devils recovered a fumble on the twenty-five, and Jameson went over from the three yard stripe. Conversion failed, With the first half of the final stanza gone, a Blanchard halfback ran twenty- five yards to the AHS five and two plays later they scored. Conversion failed. With two minutes left in the game Arlington again capitalized on a miscue by recovering another fumble. Dennis Feasel then went over from 13 yards out to tie the score. "Two point" Charles Crates then put the game on ice by scoring the first conversion of the game, When the gun sounded, we hat a 14-12 victory, nr-1 W- .zu fl fx ii se i w uf... THIRD ROW: Assistant Coach, Howard Trostmiller, Charles Nicholson, Jan Kemerley, Steve Metzger, Ronnie W01fO1'd. Mike BCUC1C1'. Bob MCKiH1CY. Bob Marquart, Jim Steinman, David Powell, Tom Deter fdeceasedl, Charles Crates, Coach Harold Castor. FOURTH ROW: Jeff Rettig, Dean Davis, Danny Patton, Jerry Hickle, Dean Hinger, John Reiley, Joe Bishop, John King, Bill Alge, Lee Alan Best, Don Steinman, Marvin Rower, Bill Davis, Rex Bishop. October 21: MC COMB In this game Arlington again took advantage of miscues by turning two fumbles into touchdovms. David Davis provided all the scoring punch going over from the 2,3, and 4 yard stripes for T.D.'S Charles Crates scored the only conversion of the game. Russell Brauneller did an excellent job of punting and helping the defensive unit to contain McComb in their own territory. With this 20- O win Arlington clinched a tie for a county- loop crown. October 27: VAN LUE This game decided whether or not we would have to share the championship crown. ln tne second quarter Van Lue scored from one yard out. Conversion was good. After the half Darol Jameson shocked everybody as he returned the kickoff eighty yards for our first T.D. Conver- sion failed. We had to get another touchdown to win. However, midway in the fourth quarter, the Red Devils showed they were not to be denied as Jameson went over from the five on a boot-leg play. This time Davis scored the conversion. We won the game - 14-- 8 as well as the championship. November 4: HARDIN NORTHERN Darol Jameson did nost of the scoring with a pair of touchdowns on a six yard drive and a sixty yard sprint. Dennis Feasel scored the other T.D. for Arlington on a one yard plunge. "Two-point" Charlie Crates scored the conversion for all three touchdowns. Hardin Northern scored one on a ninety yard end-around play in the second quarter. The conversion failed. This was the last game. We won 24-6. Several on our team received outstanding awards. Bob Penrod, Dave Davis, Darol Jameson, and Lanny Dillon placed on the All-Country frist team. Bob Penrod and Darol Jameson placed on the CLASS A All State teams. To Mr. Castor the team desires to express their appreciation for his splendid services to them We realize now, more than ever before, what a masterful coach he is. Squad of 1960 Senior Tackle, Lanny Dillon End, Fred Smith End, Jim Johnson Center, Jack Glick Tackle, Steve Riter Fullback, David Davis Football 1 Guard, Dean Suter Guard, Bob Penrod Guard, Frank Jolliff CORBIN BROS CHEVROLET ASHLAND OIL AND REFINING CO. Arlington, Ohio unior High Basketball Dean Davis, Dale Ralph, Marvin Rower, Lee Alan Best, Ronald Russell, John King, William Alge, Don Steinman, John Reilly, Dean l-linger, Bill Davis, Rex Bishop. .Teff Rettig, Mr, Trostmiller, center, unior High Cheerleaders Pam Myers, Sue Long, Nancy Drummelsmith, Julene Hindall. We Salute the Class of "61" HANCOCK SAVINGS SL LOAN Findlay, Ohio "Savings Insured" ueen Connie Reigns YM ,, 5 I E, Queen Escort, David Davis f-mg' Queen Connie and Court Senior Escort, Fred Smith ski israel i . Freshman Escort, Bi11A1ge Sophomore Escort, Jan Kemerley Junior Escort, Gary Iubody Over Homeeomin David Decker and Vickie Line Senior Attendant, Connie Bowers Us Sophomore Attendant, Lois Wilson S Mark Wagner and Jenny Hartman Junior Attendant, Linda Warner Queen, Conn ie Wilson Freshman Attendant, Sue Long XXX Senior Basketball F dS th David Davis J Jh Senior Cheerleaders J y K merley C B S lt Sh R h1 y 3 3 5 1 E if E i Joyce Kemerley, Cathie Solt, Sharon Reichley, and Connie Bowers. we -' , 'am-iz kk" Wi I f A K 1? .A -7 .D - ' '..-1:,.,v':i4 x. .7- 'W if "Lu, ff Varsity Jim Johnson, Jon Treece, Fred Smith, Darrol J ameson, Ronnie Essinger, Gary Inbody, J an Kemerley, Charles Nicholson, David L, Davis, Charles Crates, CENTER: Jack Glick, Coach, Mr, Trostmiller, The Arlington Red Devils, coached by Mr. Howard Trostmiller, faced a rebuilding job for the 1960-61 season, Lost by graduation were such point makers as Bill Bishop, Lynn Orwick, and Gene Fast. We did not have the height that is necessary for a winning combination, The boys steadily improved as the season progressed and they ended their league record tied with Van Buren for second place, On December 2 we went to Vanlue, although Don Essinger, made 13 points, the Wildcats beat us by a score of 49-35, Reserves lost 33-22, On December 6 we hosted Arcadia, We lost a close contest 38-36, Don Essinger was high with 16 points. Reserves won 35-18, Mt, Blanchard visited us on December 9 and went home with a win of 58-41. Don Essinger had 15 points. Reserves lost 34-29, We migrated to McComb on December 10 and chalked up our first win 58-41, Don Essinger was again high for the Red Devils with 24 points, Reserves won 59-46. On December 16 we went to Arcadia and fought a hard, close game but lost 55-53. Don Essinger had 18 points, Reserves won 38-29. In the Christmas Tournament at Ada on December 29 and 30 we lost the first game to Ada by a 48-34 score, Donnie Essinger had 11 points, In the second game we defeated Lafayette 43-38. Jim Johnson was high with 13 points, On January 6 the Wildcats visited us for our second league game. Another close game at home. They won 44-39. Donnie Essinger again high with 14 points. Reserves lost 48-20, On January 10 we played Hardin-Northern in a non-league game at home, Lost by a score of 57-49, Jim Johnson paced the Red Devils, Reserves lost 48-31, On January 13 we invaded Van Buren and won our first league game, We were ahead all the way by the score of 55-48, Don Essinger had 21 points, Reserves lost 39-35. On January 27 we played McComb at home for our second win in league, We led most of the game JOHN STEINMAN LUMBER COMPANY RUSSELL BISHOP IMPLEMENT COMPANY Lumber Sc Builders Supplies Ceco Steel Buildings - Dow Chemicals - Silos Arlington, Ohio - Phone 5-2201 Rural Route 4 - Findlay, Ohio Reserves Jan Kemerley, Micke Beuchler, Gary lnbody, Bob Marquart, Ronnie Wolford, Jon Treece, Brian Bibler, Manager, Steve Grieser. and won 48-33, Donnie Essinger paced the Red Devils with 18 points. Reserves won 48-27. On January 31 we traveled to Liberty-Benton for a non-league game, It was a close game for the first two quarters. They completely dominated the third quarter by which proved to much for us to over- come. The game ended 53 -46, Don Essinger had 21 points. Reserves lost 28-19. On February 3 we traveled to Cory Rawson. It was a very close game up to the last four seconds when Don Essinger slipped in two free throws which Cory Rawson couldn't overcome. The game ended 52-50. Don Essinger paced Arlington with 18 points. Reserves lost 35-30. On February 10 the Red Devils closed out their regular season with a victory over Liberty-Benton 51-42. Don Essinger was high again with 26 points. Reserves won 52-20, In the first round of theHancock County Tournament, Arlington had little trouble disposing of McComb. The Red Devils paced by DarolJameson, with 17 points, ended the game with a score of 57-32, This made us eligible for the second round. In the semi-finals the Red Devils made the Vanlue Wildcats earn every point. The final score was 43-49 in favor of Vanlue but praise should be given our boys for their spirit and scrap throughout. Donnie Essinger, with 17 points, and followed by teammate Darol Jameson with 11, David Davis and Fred Smith were standouts on defense with teammate Jim Johnson rebounding, The Arlington J r. High had a good season ending with a 7-3 won-lost record. They won the county tournament by beating the Cory Rawson Jr, High, lt was pretty much a one-sided game, the final score being Arlington 32g Cory Rawson 19, Bill Alge was high point man with 13 points, Arlington Hardin Northern Arlington McComb 35 Arlington Arcadia Arlington Cory Rawson 14 A1-lington Pandora Gilboa Arlington Liberty-Benton 41 Arlington Van lue Arlington McComb 26 A1-nngton Van Buren Arlington Liberty - Benton 17 Aylingtgn Mt. Blanchard DICKENS at WONDERS STUDIO 3011001 Ph0t021'aPhY ARLINGTON HARDWARE ac ELECTRIC Phone - Arlington 5-2111 Fostoria, Ohio Arlington, Ohio Majorettes Steffany Hendricks, Julene Hindall, Connie Strauss, Sharon Reichley, Cathie Sink, Connie Bowers Senior Band Members Connie Wilson, Ted Mitchell, Joyce Kemerley, Sally Inbody, Larry Crates, Margaret Hartman, Mr. Willeke, Cathie Solt, Carol Rettig, Sharon Businger, Diane Brauneller, Barbara Badertscher, Rosella Horton, Diane Rettig, Majorettes: Sharon Reichley, Connie Bowers. Girls' Basketball FIRST ROW: Jeanette Cole, Sharon Businger, Linda Warner, Karen Bishop, Joyce Kemerly, Jane Spayth Kathy Houdeshell, SECOND ROW: Mrs, Schafer, Janet J oliff, Sue Long, Melanie Myers, Joyce Rossman Lois Powell, Janet Treece, Beverly Reigle, Cheryl Crates, Margo Mogart, Jean Krout, Jane Gillespie Nancy Drummelsmith, Trudy Green, Betty Reigle, Jeannie Williams, Miriam Teghtmeir, Maryetta Arring- ton, Becky Long, United Nations FIRST ROW: Kathy Sink, Jane Gillespie, Jeannie Williams, Janet Jolliff, SECOND ROW: Elaine Smith David Powell, Charles Nicholson, Mike Beucler, Charles Crates, Mr, Peneton. Consider FINDLAY COLLEGE: Ohio's Fastest Growing Liberal Arts School. FIRST ROW: Cathy Sink, J ulene Hindall, Stephanie Hendricks, Jeff Rettig, Sharon Businger, Ronnie Russell, Rosella Horton, Diane Brauneller, Nancy Drummelsmith, Sue Long, Barbara Baderstcher, Connie Strauss, Sharon Reichley. SECOND ROW: Diane Hartman, Lois Wilson, Judy McClelland, Karen Metzger, Trudy Green, Steve Smith, Mary Hartman, Margaret Hartman, Joyce Rossman, Sally Inbody, Cheri Corbin, Linda Bishop, Jane Gillespie, Joyce Kemerly, Dennis Rower, Dale Nicholson, Connie Bowers, Head Majorette: Connie Bowers BLUE DRUGS Walgreen Agency BA ZLEY AND J UNEDALE MARKETS CO, Compliments of Dunkirk Ohio 4659 South McDowell Ave, DR. JOHN .T . SOI-T D.V.M Phone2491 Phone Frontier 6-1500 Arlington, Ohio THIRD ROW: Mr, Willeke, Cheryl Waxler, Becky Mitchell, Paulette Beard, Rex Bishop, David Inbody, Ted Mitchell, Jeanette Cole, CarolRettig, CathieSolt, Mary Shellenbarger, Diane Steinman, Mary Richards, Janet J olliff, Janet Treece, Diane Rettig, FOURTH ROW: Jesse Wilch, Jeanne Williams, Linda Warner, Lois Powell, Lee Alan Best, Larry Crates, Ann Long, Elaine Oates, Gretchen Wilson, Danny Smith, Bill Davis, Karen Bishop, Pat Wells, Connie Lou Wilson. Senior Majorettc: Sharon Reichlcy BOWMAN IMPLEMENT COMPANY Massey - Ferguson 148 E, Sandusky Street - Findlay, Ohio Phone GA 2-1494 af 3' S Mixed Chorus FIRST ROW: Jean Krout, Carol Rettig, Betty Marquart, Pat Wells, Cathie Solt, Rosemary Bishop, SECOND ROW: Stephanie Hendricks, Cheryl Waxler, Connie Bowers, Barbara Badertscher, Cheryl Crates, Nancy Rower, Jane Spayth, THIRD ROW: Mary Crates, Diane Rettig, Rosella Horton, Maryetta Arrington, Lois Powell, Trudy Green, Diane Brauneller, Sharon Reichley, Karen Bishop, FOURTH ROW:JoeC1evenger, Steve Smith, Don Steinman, Dennis Feasel, Lee Alan Best, Charles Crates, Bob Elsea, Gary Hindall. FIFTH ROW: Jan Rossman, Ronnie Wolford, Darollameson, Larry Crates, ,Tohn King, Jon Treece, Brian Bibler, BRASS SEXTET--Karen Bishop. Jeanette Cole, Gretchen Wilson, Larry Crates, Lois Powell. Mixed Chorus FIRST ROW: Margaret Hartman, Jeanette Cole, Linda Warner, Joyce Rossman, Gretchen Wilson, SECOND ROW: Becky Long, Jeannie Williams, Lois Wilson, Connie Wilson, Elaine Smith, Julene Hindall, Beverly Reigle, THIRD ROW: Sally Inbody, Ann Long, Dorothy Clinger, Kathy Houdeshell, JanetJolliff, Sharon Businger, Joyce Kemerley, FOURTH ROW: David Powell, Bob Penrod, David Davis, Charles Nicholson, Jack Glick, Russell Brauneller, David Reigle, Marvin Rower, Jeff Rettig, Mr, Willeke, FIFTH ROW: Alan Wolford, Dean Suter, Tom Mercer, Dexter Wilson, Mike Beucler, Fred Smith, Ronnie Russell, Steve Greiser, Danny Smith, CLARINET TRIO--Joyce Kemerley, Joyce Rossman, WOODWIND QUINTET--Sally Inbody, Lois Wilson Margaret Hartman, Larry Crates, Joyce Kemerley, Sue Long. Girls' Chorus FIRST ROW: Stephanie Hendricks, CheyelWaxler, Connie Bowers, Connie Wilson, Shirley Miller, Cheryl Crates, Cynthia Crates, Mary Richardst SECOND ROW: Paulette Beard, Mary Crates, Linda Bishop, Diane Rettig, Rosella Horton, Janet Jolliff, Trudy Green, Betty Brewster, Nancy Rower. THIRD ROW: Judy Middleton, Maryetta Arrington, Betty Marquart, Betty Reigle, Sally lnbody, Karen Bishop, Carol Rettig, Janet Treece, Barbara Beard. FOURTH ROW: Gretchen Wilson, Glenda Baughman, Miriam Teghtmeir,MargoMog,art, Nancy Drummelsmith, Linda Warner, Kathy Sink, Jeanette Cole, Margaret Hartman. SOPHOMORE BOYS' ENSEMBLE--FRONT ROW: JUNIOR BOYS' ENSEMBLE--FRONT ROW: ,Toe Charles Nicholson, Charles Crates, Marvin Rower, Clevenger, Steve Greiser, Russell Brauneller, BACK BACK ROW: Jan Kemerley, Mike Beucler, David ROW: Dexter Wilson, Darol Jameson, Jon Treece, Powell, Ronnie Wolford, Ronnie Russell, Dennis Feasel, PLAIN VIEW DAIRY Grade A Milk and Ice Cream Jenera, Ohio qw,- Girls' Chorus FIRST ROW: Linda Foltz, Sue Sheldon, Lois Ann Wilson, Barbara Hartman, Barbara Badertscher, Elaine Smith, Julene Hindall, Beverly Reigle. SECOND ROW: Dorthy Clinger, Sue Long, Sharon Businger, Joyce Kemerly, Becky Long, Jane Spayth, Jeannie Williams. THIRD ROW: Jane Bame, Jane Gillespie, Jean Krout, Sharon Riechley, Diane Brauneller Carolyn Hartman, Lois Powell, Kathy Houcleshell. FOURTH ROW: Rosemary Bishop, Cathie Solt, Melanie Myers, Pat Wells, Joyce Rossman, Ann Long, Sandra Gossman, Mary Hartman. FLUTE TRIO--Cheryl Waxler, Lois Wilson, Trudy Green, CORNET QUARTET--FRONT ROW: David Inbody, Becky Mitchell, BACK ROW: Paulette Beard, Jesse Wilch. THE ARLINGTON ELEVATOR SL SUPPLY COMPANY Phone 5-3275, 5-3270 Boys' Chorus FIRST ROW: Mr, Willeke, Rex Bishop, Bill Davis, Joe Clevenger, Danny Smith, SECOND ROW: Don Steinman, John Middleton, Lee Alan Best, I oe Bishop, Charles Nicholson, David Davis, THIRD ROW: Bob Penrod, Bill Alge, Jim Steinman, Bob Elsea, JanRossman, Steve Greiser, Ronnie Wolford, Darol Jameson, FOURTH ROW: Larry Crates, Fred Smith, John King, Frank Jolliff, Jon Treece, Alan Wolford, Brian Bibler, "Musical Memos " Sixty-three members reported to summer-band practice Tuesday, June 19, to begin another season of rehearsals and entertaining the public. The homecoming parades were highlighted by the Arlington High School Band at McComb, Rawson, Mt, Blanchard, Forest, Vanlue, Dunkirk, and Arlington, Marching at the county fair concluded the season, Throughout the summer and into the fall, at football games, the crowds applauded as the snappy band came into view, doing high stepping, precision marching, On October 22, we marched in the Findlay College Homecoming Parade and received a trophy for first prize, There was much pep and enthusiasm as we helped to support our champion team, The marching band climaxed its season by attending the Ohio State vs, Indiana football game, Both the practice session at St, Johns Arena and the half-time show were very inspiring to all of us, Then the mixed, boys, and girls choruses were organized. Our first project was the annual Christmas program, We initiated a new type of program this year, The combined choruses performed during the first portion of the program and rendered a variety of selections, For the second portion, the mixed chorus presented an outstanding cantata, Boys' Chorus FIRST ROW: Marvin Rower, Richard Smith, Ted Mitchell, Wayne Wilch, JeffRettig, SECOND ROW: Charles Crates, ,T ack Glick, David Powell, David Reigle, Mike Bishop, Steve Smith, THIRD ROW: Steve Riter, Gary Hindall, Ronnie Russell, Bob Marquart, Alan MacMillan, Russell Brauneller, Dennis Feasel, FOURTH ROW: .Tim Johnson, Lanny Dillon, Dean Suter, Bill Bame, Tom Mercer, Mike Buecler, Dexter Wilson. "Musical Memos" After the vacation the music department made themselves very busy during the year preparing for the mid-winter band concert and the contests. Several members were selected to participate at the County Music Festival, January 21, at Vanlue. Eleven students were chosen to take part in the District Music Festival February 4. Many of our musicians held responsible positions and added to these festivals immensely, The music department presented the annual "Spring Musicale" with all the large groups and many ensembles performing, It was an outstanding success, Many thanks, Mr. Willeke, for the fine instruction and patience during the past year, It is certainly appreciated by everyone, unior Band FIRST ROW: Cheri Corbin, Dennis Rower, Judy McClelland, Dale Nicholson, Martha Powell, Mary Crates, Nancy Drummelsmith, Ruth Ann Mengert, Cheryl Essinger, Steve Rinehart, Karen Metzger, SECOND ROW: Susie Coldren, Steve Willeke, Debbie Pepple, Chris Eibling, Jesse Wilch, THIRD ROW: Nancy Fox, Betty Wells, Diane Bishop, Joyce Wilson, Linda Robinson, Rita Smith, Diane Steinman, Donald Plotts, Ronald Griffith, Mary Shellenbarger, Charles Smith, Betsy Beagle, Rosemary Feller, Ronnie Kemerley. FOURTH ROW: Becky LaRoche, Christine Reilly, Joe Traucht, Marvin Bame, Cynthia Reamsnyder, Sally Salisbury, Sharon Nicholson, Martin Greiser, Jim Hindall, Dennia Clevenger, Marcia Businger, Linda Brauneller, Ralph Green, Elaine Oates, Roger Russell, Karen Hartman, Sandy Traucht, Robert Green, Danny Hart- man, Donnie Kemerley, Earl Launders, Gary McMillan, Max Hosafros, Nancy Treece, Terry Suter, Miss Jenkins, Mr. Willeke, Mrs, Tolford, Beginning Band FIRST ROW: Brena Clevenger, Douglas Smith, Dennis Tidd, Pamela Burson, Gloria Houdeshell, Debrah Fox, Debrah Rinehart, SECOND ROW: Teresa Businger, Greg Ghaster, Junior Weihrauch, Dennis Eibling, Michael Solt, Jack Pearson, Douglas Rossman, Mr, Willeke, Senior Girls' Ensemble Connie Wilson, Joyce Kemerley, Diane Brauneller, Sally Inbody, Cathie Solt, Carol Rettig, Rosella Horton, Diane Rettig, Connie Bowers. unior Girls' Ensemble Nancy Rower, Maryetta Arrington, Karen Bishop, Linda Warner, Jeanette Cole, Joyce Rossrnan, Kathy Housdeshell, Lois Powell, Beverly Reigle, Sophomore Girls' Ensemble i Cheryl Waxler, Elaine Smith, Lois Ann Wilson, Jeannie Williams, Jane Gillespie, Barbara Beard, Janet J olliff, Ann Long, Gretchen Wilson, DALE KROUT gc SONS, Asphalt Products, RR, H14-, Findlay, Ohio, Latin Club FIRST ROW: Stephanie Hendricks, Becky Mitchell, Paulette Beard, Judy Middleton, Jeannie Williams, J ulene Hindall. SECOND ROW: Mrs. LaRoche, MaryCrates, Sue Long, Linda Bishop, Nancy Drummelsmith, Dorthy Clinger, Miriam Teghtmeier, Trudy Green, Ann Long, Barbara Beard, Janet J olliff. THIRD ROW: Bill Davis, Steve Smith, Lee Alan Best, Charles Crates, Bill Alge, John King, Charles Nicholson, Ronnie Russell, David Powell, Marvin Rower, Rex Bishop, sara. . Five years ago a Roman banquet was held at Arlington High. The students who were then taking Latin invited as their guests, students who had taken two years of Latin, The banquet was held in the original tradition, The guests wore togas and sandals as did the Romans in ancient times. Every year since then, a Roman banquet has been held. Every year the Juniors and Seniors who have taken two years of Latin look forward to this banquet in the spring. This year's was held April 21, 1961, During the five years since the Latin Club was organized its members have done well academically in the state, Every year, one or two of the Latin students rank high in the Scholarship tests. Former members who ranked high are: Carolyn Boehm, Judy Grieser, Ann Jameson, Larry Crates, Lois and David Powell and Barbara Badertscher, Good luck this year. All of this work is done under the capable guidance of Mrs, LaRoche. She has helped us beyond the classroom in many ways. With all of our gratitude we thank you, Mrs, LaRoche. The present Latin Club consists of 27 members. The officers are: President, Charles Nicholson, Vice-President, Ann Longg Secretary, Janet J olliffg Treasurer, Charles Cratesg and Reporter, Marvin Rower, Congratulations to the class of "61" JOHNNY APPLESEED RESTAURANT Kc BOWLING LANES Arlington, Ohio Honor Society FIRST ROW: Diane Rettig, Carol Rettig, Cathie Solt, Rosemary Bishop, Sally lnbody, Sharon Reichley, SECOND ROW: Mrs. Beach, Connie Bowers, Joyce Kemerley, Joyce Rossman, Maryetta Arrington, Kathy Houdeshell, Beverley Reigle, THIRD ROW: Barbara Badertscher, Larry Crates, Alan Wolford, ,T ack Glick, Jon Treece, Ronnie Essinger, Lois Powell. . . ,Activities The purpose of the Girl's Athletic Association is to help its members practice and enjoy sports and sportsmanship, We can truly say that the past year has been a most enjoyable one. Under the guidance of Mrs, Schafer, we have participated in such sports as golf, archery. badminton, SCQQP ball, shuffle board, table and court tennis, and soccer, We also must not forget the outstanding program of inter-school volleyball and basketball. This was added last year and has proved to be very popular, The official business of our organization was in very good hands this year, The following officers were elected in September: Karen Bishop, President: Linda Warner, Vice-President: Lois Wilson, Secretary: Barbara Beard, Treasurer: and Sally lnbody, Reporter, The GAA once again sponsored the football homecoming and dance, Highlighting the evening was the crowning of Queen Connie Wilson, Her attendants were: Connie Bowers, Linda Warner, Lois Wilson and Sue Long, In the spring Cindy Bash, defending champion, will defend her title in the Table Tennis Tournament. After the tournament, our annual spring dance will be held. This event is always popular and ends the year with the right touch, G. A. . M. H. CRATES Drainage Contractor "With over 40 years experience" Ienera, Ohio Last Will and Testament Barbara Badertscher, will my dieting ability to Nancy Rower. Rosemary Bishop, will my ability to get out of Mrs. Welty's study hall to next years assistant editor. Connie Bowers will my lab abilities and schemes to get a grade out of Mr. Rost to Roger Fast. Diane Brauneller, will my long hair to Trosie. Sharon Businger, will my route to Vanlue to Jane Gillespie. Larry Crates, will my musical ability to Melanie Meyers. Dave Davis, will my coon dog to Dexter Wilson. Dennis Day, will my dingy red Ford to the Arlington Park. Lanny Dillon, will my holes in the ceiling to anyone who can shoot them. Linda Foltz, will my eyebrow pencil to Elaine Smith. Jack Glick, will my math books to Jon Treece and Gary Hindall. Jerry Grohoske, will- ----- leave. Bill Grostick, will my tight levis to Dennis Gerschutz. Margaret Hartman, will my cherry baking skill to Bob Elsea. Rosella Horton, will my winter driving ability to Mrs. Knight. Sally lnbody, will my eyes, while laughing, to my Chinese ancestors. Jim Johnson, will my fast black Impala to Darol Jameson. Frank Jolliff, will my ability to chase birds in Mrs. Welty's study hall to Steve Smith. Joyce Kemerley, will my conversational ability to Cathy Sink. Becky Long, will my ability to work out everyones problems except mine to Ann Long. Ted Mitchell, will my ability to make reports in agriculture to Russ Brauneller. Bob Penrod, will my football socks to Elaine Smith. Sharon Reichley, will my "Here's My Heart" cream sachet to Margo Mogart, for her nose. Carol Rettig, will my ability to play the wrong keys in band to Jeanette Cole. Diane Rettig, will my nerve to take off my glasses in democracy to anyone who feels over- dressed. Betty Reigle, will my senior home economics class to Jean Krout. Steve Riter, will my ability to not be moved in Trosie's study hall to Charlie Crates. Richard Smith, will my ability to be worth 1,000 points in a pest hunt to Gary lnbody. Fred Smith, will my slow eating ability to Danny Smith. Louvella Smithers, will my height to Mary Lou Patton. X , Cathie Solt, will my unsuccessful attempts to skip school to Janet Jolliff in hopeshmit she will have more luck than I did. Dean Suter, will my safe driving ability to the Essinger boys. Joe Wagner, will my ability to get out of standing up in first period study hall to Tom Mercer. Connie Wilson, will my ability to be called teachers pet in Business English to Dexter Wilson. Paul Dean Wells, will my results of education to anyone who can hold a thimble. Alan Wolford, will my excess height to Joe Clevenger, if he thinks he can reach it. Gene Woods, will my deer hunting ability to John Middleton. Mike Bishop, will my gangreen Bonneville to Lakey's speed shop. Future Farmers of America FIRST ROW: David Davis, Ronnie Essinger, Darol Jameson, Russell Brauneller, Donnie Essinger, Dexter Wilson, SECOND ROW: Ed Steinman, Ted Mitchel, ,T oe Clevenger, Richard Smith,,Tohn Middleton, Ed Reigle, David Gerschutz, Bill Bame, Bob Marquart, Steve Metzger, I im Steinman, Gene Woods, Mr, Mengert. ,IWW w 230, EW w Em, Safuwzq to live, .lwmq to Save The F.F,A, is composed of 40 members, 8 seniors, 11 juniors, Ssophomores, and 12 freshman, The members presented 66 production projects and 42 improvement projects. The officers for the year 1960-61 are the following: President, Daro1.Tameson:Vice- President, Gary lnbodyg Secretary, Russell Braunellerg Treasurer, Ronnie Essingerg Reporter, Connie Essingerg Sentinel, Dexter Wilson and Advisor, Mr, Mengert. Some of the years activities included the pest hunt, the Parent-Son Banquet, Parliamentary Procedure Contest in which they won a silver medal, corn test plot, seed corn and garden seed sale, and county and state judging contest, They placed first in the county dairy judging. One of the major recreational trips of interest was a trip to Cleveland to see a professional football game, also the chapter took a trip through the Ohio Farmer Fertilizer Company at Fostoria, Ohio and the Lime plant at Carey, Ohio. Future Homemakers of America FIRST ROW: Margaret Hartman, Connie Wilson, Becky Long, Jean Krout, Gretchen Wilson, Linda Warner, Karen Bishop, Sharon Businger, SECOND ROW: Ruth Ann Nesler, Linda Foltz, Diane Brauneller, Sharon Reichley, Carolyn Hartman, Cynthia Crates, Diane Hartman, Shirley Miller, Mary Lee Richards, Beverly Reigle, Mrs. Welty, THIRD ROW: Cheryl Waxler, Sandra Gossman, Betty Marquart, Betty Brewster, Jane Bame, Jane Spaeth, Cathy Sink, Pat Wells, Janet Treece, Kathy Houdeshell, Cheryl Crates. H 70llldfld 7Zew flougomn The Arlington Chapter, Future Homemakers of America organized in October for the year of 1960 and 1961, elected the following officers: President, Gretchen Wilsong Vice-President, Jean Kroutg Secretary, Linda Warnerg Treasurer, Karen Bishopg and Advisor, Mrs. Welty, The club had many activities during the year, The first one was the exhibit at the Hancock County Fair in September. All the girls in Home Economics of the past year brought either the garments that they made or baked goods, In November the Freshmen were initiated, Our Annual Bake Sale was held November 18, The F,H,A, cake raffles were held December 6. The F,H,A, and F,F,A, joined together and held a successful dance January 20, The F,H,A, served at the annual Hancock County Teachers Meeting, January 27th at Arlington, The F,H,A, Parent and Daughter Banquet was held on March 17. All in all it was a very enjoyable year, and educational for all the girls, HANCOCK COUNTY FARM EQUIPMENT Dealers Association GEIGER 86 DILLER V. A. Blide Men's Wear SL Footwear 905 Lima Avenue Bluffton, Ohio Luisa Our New Industrial Arts Lab 3 2 nm gre?-rf Top Left. Scene in drafting and recitation room. Top Right. One of our work tables. Right. Lathe operation. INDUSTRIAL ARTS this year has been an orientation for the high school students, covering such areas as woodworking, draw- ing, metalworking, electricity, and ceramics. It is hoped that each student found indus- trial arts interesting and useful this past year, and able to establish a hobby from his experiences in the laboratory, It is also hoped that the experience gained in group planning, organizing, and group project work helped in the social growth of each student. Because this is an industrial age in which we are living, the student should have gained a better understanding of industrial methods and a better appreciation for our American way of life, During the students study of industrial processes, it is hoped that a better understanding of manufactured products was gained and that the student will exercise better consumer judgment when making purchases, It is also hoped that some interest and thought has been made by the student toward preparation of an occupation, Since this year was the first for Industrial Arts, a great deal of effort has gone into the department by both students and teacher in the construction of tool cabinets, tool holders, and general laboratory ar- rangement of equipment, Many thanks to all of the students that helped make Industrial Arts a success this year, "Papa Says No" JUNIOR PLAY CAST--FIRST ROW: Connie Wilson, Carol Rettig, Cathie Solt, Rosemary Bishop, Diane Rettig, Barbara Badertscher, Connie Bowers, SECOND ROW: Mrs, Beach, Joe Wagner, David Davis, Lanny Dillon, Alan Wolford, Larry Crates, Steve Riter, Jack Glick, Joyce Kemerley, Linda Foltz, "Off The Track" SENIOR PLAY CAST--FIRST ROW: Connie Wilson, Sharon Businger, Cathie Solt, Rosemary Bishop, Diane Rettig, Linda Foltz, Barbara Badertscher, Connie Bowers, SECOND ROW: Rosella Horton, Sharon Reichley, Sally Inbody, Diane Brauneller, Joyce Kemerley, Margaret Hartman, Carol Rettig, Mr, Rost, THIRD ROW: Bob Penrod, David Davis, Alan Wolford, Larry Crates, Steve Riter,Jack Glick, Lanny Dillon, Seniors Together Twelve Years FIRST ROW: Sally Inbody, Carol Rettig, Becky Long, Rosemary Bishop, Diane Brauneller, Margaret Hartman, Rosella Horton, Diane Rettig, Linda Foltz. SECOND ROW: Connie Bowers, Connie Wilson, Sharon Reichley, Cathie Solt, Betty Reigle, Sharon Businger, Gene Woods, Paul Wells, Jerry Grohoske, Mike Bishop, Richard Smith. THIRD ROW: Ted Mitchell, Joe Wagner, David Davis, Fred Smith, Jim Johnson, Alan Wolford, Frank Iolliff, Larry Crates, Steve Riter, Jack Glick. I1113' '7 Senior Pictures - "Say cheese! " August 20 Football practice begins - "Work hard boys. " September 8 School opens - "Here we go." 9 Senior High Cheerleading tryouts - "Everybody ready?" 12 Junior class rings arrive - "Let me see! " 13 Election of Homecoming Queen and Attendants - "Congratulations, Connie. " 23 Homecoming dance after Van Buren game - "Our Victory. " 24 Football team sees O.S. U. Game. 27 Seniors sold ads - "Tried to." October 13 Pictures taken for annual - "Please smile." 25 Sophomore Achievement Day. Night school - "Time for parents to come." 28 No school - "Teachers are catching up with seniors! " 29 Band at Findlay College Homecoming parade - "Won trophy. " 31 Senior pictures arrived - "May I have one?" MC DEVITT PHARMACY Reliable Prescriptions Phone 5-3851 November 5 Band at O,S.U. 6 F.F.A. Boys see Cleveland football game 9 Honor Society Meeting at Van Buren 11 Band banquet at Johnny Appleseed Restaurant - "Pass the rolls 14 College night at Arcadia - "Shall we study more?" 16 F.H.A. Bi-County meeting at Arcadia 17 Senior class play - OFF THE TRACK 18 Play repeat - "Again a terrific success." December 2 Junior High Cheerleading tryouts - "Congratulation, girls." 5 Band Mothers Christmas Party 14 Grade and Junior High Christmas program 21 No school - "Broken Hearted" 23 High School Christmas program - "There's a song in the air." Vacation begins - "Time to relax! " January 1 Happy New Year - "Remember your resolution. " 3 School opens again - "Everybody make it back." 18 Rest of pictures taken for the annual 20 Senior Scholarship Tests at Van Buren - "Brains went. " F.H.A. and F.F.A. dance - "1-2-3-hop. " 21 County Music Festival at Vanlue 23 Individual Pictures 27 No School - Teacher 's Meeting at Arlington February 4 District Music Festival at Bluffton 8 Honor Society Meeting at Vanlue 17 County Tournaments - Good Luck Boys." 19 Arlington Band Concert - "The Best Ever! " March 1 F.H.A. Bi-County Meeting 4 District Ensemble and Solo Contest at Lima 11 District Band and Chorus Contest at Bluffton 15 Career Day at Cory Rawson 17 F.H.A. Banquet - "No gravy on us, Please!" 24 F.F.A. Banquet April 6 Junior Class Play 7 Play Repeat Eighth grade tests 15 State Ensemble and Solo Contest - "Good Luck." 19 Honor Society Banquet at Liberty Benton 29 State Band and Chorus Contest at Springfield - "IF! " May 19 Junior-Senior Banquet - "For the Best Ever - Seniors '61." 24 Seniors last day of school - "Good-bye, everybody. " 26 Last day - "School's Out." 28 Baccalaureate and Commencement - "We finally made it." S f l , " 'LEWQGWEWQS HH: :M ffwzfrjhr ' mtg., A . -'ffm . -un-un Compliments of STEINER 'S BARBER SHOP MARATHON TRUCK STOP BUTLER 'S IGA MARKET Jenera, Ohio Route 68 SL 30 Mt. Blanchard Williamstown, Ohio Mt. B. 42527 ,si -N..m, ,M .,.,. , HUMPHREY INSURANCE 85 REAL ESTATE DALLY FUNERAL HOME OHIO CONVEYOR AND SUPPLY INC 210 North Main Street Arlington, Ohio 1310 North Main Street Dunkirk, Ohio Findlay, Ohio Phone 3308 KOEHLERS FLOWER SHOP 84 GARDEN CENTER NORTH SIDE PHARMACY B. P. O. ELKS "Please us to please you" 301 North Main Banquets, Wedding Receptions 1022 Liberty Street, Findlay, Ohio Findlay, Ohio and Private Parties Meeting Rooms Available TASTY TATERS COMPANY MORROW POULTRY Compliments of WARD 'S LIVESTOCK "Tasty Potato Chips" 526 N. Main Ph. 5-5375 BRINKMAN'S TURKEY FARM Mt. Blanchard Findlay, Ohio Arlington, Ohio MY 4-2700 DAISY MAID BAKERY For Your Business Needs JENERA CO-OP ASSOCIATION 260 East Pine Avenue M. S, NEFF LUMBER CO, Echo Feeds--Master Mix Feeds--Farm Supplies Findlay, Ohio 125 Fair Street Phone Jenera 4444 Findlay, Ohio f STEINMAN BROS. LUMBER COMPANY THE HOUSE OF GUEST . INC- RAUCH HARDWARE Ada, Bluffton, and Jenera 201 East Foulke AVS- HardWafe'APP1i3nCe Jenera 4111 Findlay, Ohio Bottled Gas Phone GA 3-2062 Jenera, Ohio A Z. is L STANLEY WOODWARD LE1TER's MARKET FRICIVS BIG BOY Motorist Mutual Insurance "We aim to please" .224 NOrth'Main Street Auto - Fire - General Casualty Jerera, Ohio Fmdlayf Ohm GA 2-3646 Y , ,Y , BUTCHER BOY IAQUA 'S SPORT - MARINE, INC. Compliments of BLACKFORD GARA Phone GA 2-8232 Athletic Equipment BRANAN'S GULF WIGCRGI Service R,R,H5 Findlay, Ohio Findlay, Ohio Arlington, Ohio Fifldlay, Ohio mf - 'Qi 1- LE ROY 'S JEWELERS MILLER'S LUNCHEONETTE B SL B PUBLISHING CO. , INC Diamonds-Watches-Silverware 203 North Main Street Commercial Printers 401 South Main Findlay, Ohio 130 North Main, Findlay, Ohio Findlay Ohio GA 3-1232 fail QUE MEDLOCK JEWELERS FORNES BRAKE SERVICE TIMBER LANES "Considering Wedlock, See Medlock" Specialist Since 1,929 l400 Sixth Street 225 South Main Findlay, Ohio Free Instruction Findlay, Ohio SINK'S FLOWER SHOP AND GREENHOUSE FOREST FARM SERVICE MONTGOMERY WARD Deliver in Arlington Area ll-I Sc New Idea Sales gl Service 227 South Main 404 Second Street Findlay, Ohio Phone CR 3-2491 Findlay, Ohio Forest, Ohio xsgm-W WARREN 'S FORT FINDLAY HOTEL PLOTT'S HARNESS LUGGAGE SHOP Men's and Boy's Clothing Findlay, Ohio 2l5 S, Main Street South of Fort Findlay Hotel Findlay, Ohio 21.63 mgixw , Wffiflil z F W 5' 1 4, xg " wig' 3' 2? EI ,V Q., sau M, , mm as :J 1514 . 4, M Lk 55 gi :Z gyiwfi ff. ,,, 'T?f?5i5SiW g ,, ,W,.4fw..g,, V' Ji: "M H mwmmtw g 1 W T ,. sw" 3 if X l 9 Yi? A Q .1 ff fa N i 33 W5 .Mx W, 'ln M of S K ,Q r' 4 22 ? sf f 1 4, an 43 'Z nf' his X ZZ -Q.: 5, 1 1 7135 :E::"ii'5:'Ef':.:fj 3. gm MQSQQQQ. A ,L .,.,, , AVA.., Q- V my 1. W, 4 S H. J' 2- f ww, 14 " 25 Ex ,ff r 4 f , 4 ' DIETSCH BROTHERS THE KENNEDY PRINTING COMPANY THOMAS JEWELERS 400 West Main Cross 210 South Main Street Diamonds - Watches - Silverware Findlay, Ohio GA 2-182 Findlay, Ohio Findlay, Ohio GA 2-4474 FRED ADAMS SHOE REPAIR Compliments of CAPITOL TIRE SHOP lil lf2 East CIOWfOl'Cl THE KIRK MILLING COMPANY Good YC31' Tl.1'CS Findlay, Ohio Findlay, Ohio 414 W. Main Cross St. Findlay, Ohio BLACK AND WARNER Compliments of LA SALLES DAVIS ELECTRIC Men's Wear-403 South Main Street 514 S, Main GA 3-0363 Findlay- Ohio Fifldlay. Ohio 318 W, Main Cross St. Findlay, Ohio is 4 fp '45 3 i iv I will 'U 1 he 3 9 Z HV ii l if A' Mi v K.-....... ? n -ig J6- Q Q wh H4 0 MAJOR APPLIANCE SERVICE CO, BRUCE B. BRYAN AND SON Authorized Service 409 W. Main Cross 204 West Crowford St. Findlay, Ohio 1107 WCSISIH Avenue Findlay, Ohio l I FINDLAY AUTOMOBILE CLUB Oomlmmems of Phonix Hotel Building GORDON S DRESS SHOP Findlay, Ohio 419 South Main Street Findlay, Ohio WAYNE'S BARBER SHOP 113 North Main Street n . Findlay. Ohio Findlay, Ohio "3 Chairs" POWELL RADIO - T. v. 2619 N. Main sr. E I 1 X E Q 3 "-' WMP, 1 idf?E!5L4S, 'V Qsnziifm K gm W,.. M. My V X QQ SF x A f MMS Na. F 4, Q sim. xi J 2 ,S if S S 8212 up M :Y " 1 S, ,,,. X 3 xr? :K-K 2 1 Q i ' vigrx if USE Um "fu xv wk, gg Q, A f f, W 5 r -sb fr,g3',M in WA YA., ,1W"" N.. ,S up Quik' 4' U' 1' 5 We -igffgg - I 215 f 'Y 9' H-J ,gi-:MF -1 fn. 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