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.qziff GW 5 - w . 'L' , MV we . w.m.c2 1957 E S I O R Published By Semor Class Of Arhngton I-hgh School Dedication We, the Senior Class of 1957, dedicate our yearbook "Excelsior to our parents in appreciation for the patience and understanding given us during the past twelve years. The Class of 1957 n Annual Staff Editor....... Assistant Editor . Business Manager Assistant Business Sales Manager . . . Snapshot Editor . . Calendar .,... ...nun .- -..Qu-U . Prophecy ......... . . Who's Who .......... . . Last Will and Testament . . . . . F.H.A ............. . . F.F.A ........... . . Music ..... . . Basketball . . . . Football ..... . . . Honor Society . . . . . Joke Editor History . . Art Editors Grades.... .. HighSchoo1. ..................... . Assistants . . . . . Manager . . . . . . . . Catherine Hartman Larry Woodward . , John Hindall Fred Stevenson . . Leila Wolford . . Kemp Young . . . Sue Hindall . . Sally Grimes . Charlotte Smith . . . Tom Long Ruth Ann Klotz Raymond Bower Brenda Bowman . Lewis Frantz . Duane Warner Barbara Waxler . Judy Hartman Gary Houdeshell . . . . . . Janet Ward and Mary Ann Alexander . . . Dorothy Waltermire . . Phyllis Stahl . .Terry Businger, Marlene Clinger, Richard Fink tKenneth Fink, Harold Bower, Mary Jane Bishop, Norma Jean Beach, Larry Rettig Absent ....... . Mary Ann Alexander, John Hindall, Larry Rettig Dorothy Walterrnire, Dick Fink, Kenny Fink, Jerry Businger, Lewis Frantz EVANS TYPEWRITER CO., Royal Typewriter-Office Equipment, Findlay, Ohio School Board FIRST ROW: Everett Smith, Presidentg Alva Grieser, H.H. Warner, Clerk. SECOND ROW: Clair Houser, Carl Traucht, Don Rossman, Vice -Presidentg C.F. Rost. T EY , 1 5 wx COUNTY SUPERINTENDENT: E. I. Joseph EDWARDS BOSSE Dealer of Hay, Grain, Straw, Coal Phone Jenera 4403 STELLA'S SODA GRILL Phone 5-5955 Arlington, Ohio TASTY-TATERS COMPANY Made in Findlay 237 Prospect Avenue Phone 291 Findlay, Ohio l I I Wx 'I ,I lg: vp' rp' nu. 1 1. iii, --n1-.-Q,,.,-,- -QQ.,-, Y Faculty ""'--...- Principal E. BIBLER Arlington, Ohio Bowling Green University Ohio State University, B.S., M.A. Superintendent C. F. RUST Defiance High School Defiance College, A .B. Chicago University Ohio State, M.A. EARL G . GOBRECHT Arlington High School Ohio Northern University Sixth Grade BETTY FOLT Z Bowling Green University Findlay High School Sixth Grade HELEN HUTSON FRANCES LOADER Cygnet High School Carey High 5Ch001 Bowling Green University Bowling Green University Fifth Grade Fourth Grade CLARA I AC OBS Mt. Blanchard High School Bowling Green University Third Grade HELEN WARREN Findlay High School Ohio Northern University Bowling Green University Bluffton College Third Grade WILLO HUFFMAN Continental High School Bowling Green University Second Grade LUELLA PARISH Mt. Blanchard High School Bowling Green University Second Grade BEA CASTOR Arlington, Ohio Bowling Green University Ohio Northern University First Grade GWENOLYN WELLS Arlington , Ohio Ohio Northern University Bowling Green University First Grade RUS SELL WILLEKE Dola High School Ohio Northern University Bowling Green State University Music RUT H WELTY HAROLD CASTOR Arlington High School Findlay College, A.B. Kent State University, B.S. Coach, History, Democracy University of Michigan Bluffton High School Bowling Green State University, B.S. Ohio State University Home Economic, Biology DORIS LA ROCHE EVELYN FALK Ada High School Mt. Cory High School Ohio Northern University, A.B. Bowling Green State University B S Latin, English, Arithmetic English, Physical Education HANCOCK COUNTY FARM EQUIPMENT DEALER'S ASSOCIATION, Findlay, Ohio ELIZABETH KNIGHT CORA BEACH Centerville High School Miami-Jacobs Business College Commercial JOSEPH DALEY Arlington High School Wittenberg College, A.B Chicago University English Carrollton High School Ohio Northern University History, Arithmetic, Speech FRED MENGERT HOWARD TROSTMILLER Lucas High School East High School, Erie, Pa Ohio State University, B,S. Findlay College Agriculture Coach , Geography W Class Class Class Class Class fficers President ..... . . Vice-President . , . , Secretary . . . . , Treasurer . . . . . . Duane Warner Fred Stevenson Brenda Bowman Larry Woodward Motto Be sure you're right, men go ahead Flo wer white Rose COlO1'S Aqua and whine Advisor Mr. Rm Compliments of DICKENS AND WONDERS STUDIO Photographers for Arlington High School Bill Wonders, Manager, Fostoria, Ohio TOM LONG "He doesr1't have wings but he gets there just the same." Football lg Basketball 1,2,3g Latin Club lg Class Play 3,4g Class Officer lg Annual Staff 4. CATHERINE HARTMAN "A noisy miss in aquiet way, stores up knowledge day by day." Girls' Chorus l,2,3,4g Mixed Chorus 2,3,4g Operetta 1,33 Class Play 3,4g Honor Society 3,43 F.H,A, 1,2,3g Girls' Ensemble 2,3,4g Annual staff 4. DUANE WARNER "Thus ends the first lesson." Football l,2,3,4g Basketball 1,2,3,4g Latin Club 1,23 B3,Seb3,ll 1,2,3,4g Boys' Glee Club 1,2,3,4gMixedCho- rus 1,2,3,4g Band 1,2,3,4g Class Play 3,4g Operetta 1,3g Class President 3,4g Honor Society 3,4g Dance Band 2,3g Band Officer 3g Boys' Ensemble 35 Mixed Ensemble 2g Brass Sex- tette 2,3,4g Annual Staff 4. Phone 5-3851 MC DEVITT PHARMACY, It's a fact-It's a complete Drug Store Drugs-Prescriptions, Photo-Gifts "Best in the Long Run" OHIO OIL COMPANY Findlay, Ohio LARRY WOODWARD "A lot of fum, an awful teaseg just sits around and "shoots the breeze." Class Treasurer 3,43 Football 1,2,3, 4g Baseball l,2,3,4g Class Play 35 Annual Staff 4. PHYLLIS STAHL "For her there is only one." Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,4g Mixed Chorus 2,3,4g F.H,A. 1,2,3g F.H.A. Officer2g Operetta 1,35 Girls' Ensemb1e2,3,4g G,A,A, 33 Annual Staff 4g Class Play 3,4. GARY HOUDESHELL A handsome guy, couldn't beneaterg His car's equipped with a one arm heater. F,F,A, 1,2,35 Class Play3,45 F, F.A, Officer 35 Football 1,2,3,45 Annual Staff 4. MARLENE CLINGER She's here, Ihear her giggle. Girls' Chorus 1 ,2,3 ,45 Mixed Chorus 3,45 Operetta 1,35 Class Play 45 Annual Staff 4:G.A.A.4gPr0l'I1pter 33 F.H.A. 1. BRENDA BOWMAN A studious girl and keen of mind, a nicer girl you will never find. Band 1,2,3,45 Girls' Chorus l,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 45 Mixed En- semble Accompanist 1,2,3,45 Band Officer 25 Latin Club 1,25 Honor Society 3,45 Operetta 15 Operetta Accompanist 35 Class Officer 1,3,45 Class Play 3,4g Dance Band 3,45 Annual Staff 45 Flute Ensemble 1,2, 3,4. ARLINGTON ELEVATOR 85 SUPPLY CO. Phone 5-3275 - South End Phone 5-3270 - North End Arlington, Ohio JANET WARD Small but mighty. Girls' chorus 1,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus 2,3,45 F.H.A, l,2,35 F.H.A. Officer 3g Class Play 3,45 Class Officer 2,35 Annual ,Staff 45 Operetta 1,35 Honor Society 3,45 Girls' Ensemble 2,3,4, J' ERRY BUSINGER What he doesn't know isn't worth knowing, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Football 1, 35 Baseball 2,3,45 Boys' Chorus 2,3,45 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 45 Operetta 35 Latin Club lg Annual Staff 45 Stage Manager 4. JUDY HARTMAN Full of vim, a real high stepper: She's the one who put pep inpepper. Band 1,2,3,4g Head Majorette 3,49 Mixed Chorus 2,3,4g Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,4g Operetta 1,3g G.A.A. 4g G.A.A. Officer 4: Cheerleader 3, Class Officer lg Girls' Ensemble 2,3,4g Annual Staff 4, Queen's Atten- dant 4g Class Play 4, .TOHN HINDALL You don't have to hang on a tree to be a nut. Football 1,2,3,4g Baseball 1,3,4g Basketball 1 ,4g F.F. A. lg Stage Man- ager 3,45 Class Officer 1.2, Annual Staff 4. FRED STEVENSON Boys, it's terrible, I just can't work for thinking of her. Band 1,2,3,4g Boys' Chorus 2,3,4g Mixed Chorus 2,3,4g Operetta 33 Dance Band 2,3,4g Brass Sextette 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Honor Society 3,4g Class Officer 3,4g Class Play 3,43 Annual Staff 4. PLAIN VIEW FARM Grade A Mi1k8t Ice Cream Phone 4373 Jenera, Ohio BARBARA WAXLER Her hands are never still, neither are her eyes, Band 1,2,3,4g Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,4g Mixed Chorus 2,3,4g F,H,A, 1,2g Operetta 1,3g Brass Sextette1,2,3,4g Girls' Ensemble 2, 3, 45 Honor Society 3,43 Annual Staff 43 G.A.A. 3g Class Play 4, RAYMOND BOWER A willing smile, a friendly face, A credit to the htunan race. F. F.A. l,2,3,4g Mixed Chorus 2,3,4g Boys' Chorus 2,3,4g Boys' Ensemble 25 Operetta 3, Stage Manager 3, Annual Staff 4. LEWIS FRANTZ What he wants most out of school, is himself. Football 1,2,3g Basketball 1,2,3,4g Baseball lg F.F.A. 1,2,3,4g Annual Staff 4. RUTH ANN KLOT Z She sighs at many, but loves only one. Band 1,2,3,4g Mixed Chorus 2,3,4g Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,4g Operetta 1,35 G.A.A. 4g G.A.A. Officer 45 Mixed Ensemble 35 Annual Staff 4g Class Play 4g F.H.A. 1,2,3. CHARLOTTE SMITH If silence is golden, Pll never be rich. Band 1,2,3,4g Band Officer 3g Dance Band 1,2,3g Mixed Chorus 2,3,4g Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,4g Operetta 1,3g Sax Quartet 1,2,3g Class Play 3,4g Class Officer 3,4g F.H.A. 1,2,3,4g F.H.A, Officer 3g G.A.A. 4g G.A.A. Officer 4g Annual Staff 4. HANCOCK SAVINGS 8a LOAN South Main at Sandusky Street Findlay, Ohio LEILA WOLFORD The nicest girl and full of zest. For her we wish the very best. Band 1,2,3,4g Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,4g Mixed Chorus 2,3,4g F,H,A, 1,25 Operetta 1,3g Girls' Ensemble2,3,4g Honor Society 3,4g Annual Staff 4g Class Officer 1,2g Class Play 3,4, LARRY RETTIG If school is liberty, give me death. Football 1,2,3g Basketball 33 Stage Manager 3g Baseball 1,2,3g Annual Staff 4. SALLY GRIMES Quiet and serene, this gay colleen. Band 1,2,3,4g Baud Officer 2, Girls' Chorus l,2,3,4g Mixed Chorus2,3,4g Operetta 1,3g Class Play 3,4g Girls' Ensemble 2,3,4g Brass Sextet 3,4g Dance Band 35 G.A,A, 4g G,A.A. Officer 45 Honor Society 3,43 Home- coming Queen 45 Annual Staff 4. HAROLD E. BOWER If silence is golden, he will be a millionaire. F.F.A. 1,2,3,4g Boys' Chorus 2,3. 4g Operetta 3, Stage Manager 3g Annual Staff 4. SUE HINDALL It's funny the things teachers will do, they try to appear smarter than you. Band 1,2,3,4g Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,4g Mixed Chorus 2,3,4g Operetta 1,35 Class Play 3,45 Latin Club lg Latin Club Officer lg Ensemble 2,3,4g Dance Band 2,3,4g Annual Staff 45 G.A.A. 4. BEACH'S CLOVER FARM Phone 5-3011 Choice Meats, Groceries, 85 Vegetables A rlington, Ohio ARLINGTON HARDWARE 85 ELECTRIC Lee H. Gillespie General Electric and RCA J' EAN BEACH A friendly girl and a charming lass, a worthy addition to our class. Girls' Chorus 2,3,4g Operetta 33 Annual Staff 4. MARY ALEXANDER Busy hands, a gentle faceg In the race of success, she'l1set the pace. Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,4g Mixed Chorus 2,3,4g Band l,2,3,4g Brass Sextette 3,4g Operetta 1,3g Latin Club lg Class Play 3,45 Ensemble 3g Annual staff 43 G.A. A. 4. RICHARD PINK A, blush is nice, but sometimes in- convenient. Football 1, 2, 45 F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 F.F.A. Officer 4g Class Play 3,4. MARY JANE BISHOP There lies a deal of deviltry be- neath this mild exterior. Girls' Chorus 2,3,4g Annual Staff 4g Operetta 3. KENNETH DEAN FHXIK A studious one, not too shy, Always asks the question, "Why?" Band,1,2,3,4g Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4g Boys' Chorus 1,2,3,4g Operetta 1,3: Flute Ensemble 1,2,3,4g Mixed En- semble 3,4g Honor Society 3,4g Boys' Quartet 4g Class Play 3,45 Latin Club 1,23 Latin Club Officer lg Annual Staff 4. DOROTHY WALTERMIRE She's always out for a good time. Band 1,2,3,4g Mixed Chorus 2,3,4g Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,4g DanceBa.nd 3, 4g G.A,A, 4g Girls' Ensemble 2g Operetta 1,35 F .H,A, 15 Annual staff 4g Class Play 4, Sax Quartet 3,4, LYNN KEMP YONGE Honesty in honor. Librarian 1, Class Officer 2gAnnua1 staff 43 Latin Club 1. NO PICTURE U11 1 laugh!! SP9 42 sfcuw dere! assay 612 .nn eg 3" 9' S 23:21-'S YES' uniors FIRST ROW: Kay Hartman, Phylis Houdeshell, Brenda Badertscher, Joyce Wilson, Rhea Jean Kimmel, Ann Fink, Shirley Brown, Janice Wagner, Anna Reichley, Myrna Businger. SECOND ROW: Mrs, Falk, Cecilia Skeeters, Shirley Feister, Jerry Lafferty, Larry Steinman, Loris Ward, Larry Brinkman, Bobby Arrington, Ronnie Brauneller, Jim Middleton, Larry Riegle, Ruth Ann Walters, Mr. Mengert. THIRD ROW: Diana Frantz, Sandra Marquart, Roberta Inbody, Donavon Kemerly, .T. .T . Solt, Randy Porter, Eugene Grieser, Eddie Wisner, Harold Butte, Julia Bishop, Sue Beagle, Joyce Roddick. Sophomorcs FIRST ROW: J aniceMarquart, Beverly Smith,John Paul Cole, Doris Rausch, Tom Hendricks, Ed Woodward, Vera Jean Wilson, Barbara Maruart, Mary Braunelier, J ona Essinger. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Welty, Judy Crosser, Jeannette Butler, Carolyn Boehm, Robert Maruart, J ack J olliff, David Dillinger, Mary Jean Apaeth, Paul Hartman, Deanna Warner, Gerald Glick, Jean Cronbaugh, Roy Riegle, Mr. Trostmiller, Steve Sink. THIRD ROW: Elaine Bame, Karen Grieser, Linda Rettig, Larry Oman, Tom Bidlack, Ronald Bibler, David Hartman, James Wilch, Jerry Riter, Mike Smith, Larry Brauneller, Karen Baumgardner, Diane Beach. inth Grade FIRST ROW: Keith J olliff, Billy Bame, Ben Mitchell, Jan Rossman, Buddy Stienman , David J olliff. SECOND ROW: Nancy Baugnman, Ar1eneMarquart, J oe Brinkman, Susan Rienking, Ann Jameson, Ann Dally, Mary Alice Nesler, Sandra Gossman, Judy Garlinger, Jo Ann Beagle. THIRD ROW: Mrs, Knight, Sally LaRoche, MarilynBame, Mary Lou Davis, Keith Houdeshell, Gerry Mann, Ober F easel, Carol Inbody, Sharon Richard, Betty Krout, Judy Bates, Billy Leymaster, Marie Waltermire, Mr. Bibler. FOURTH ROW: Diane Turnbell, Darlene Kemerly, Sue Wisner, Sandra Crates, Gene Musgrave, Larry Day, William Bishop, Neil Bushong, Lynn Orwick, Jerome Glick, Rachel Kimmel, Judith Grieser, Karen Hosafros, Diane Knight. Eighth rade FIRST ROW: Michael Bishop, Connie Bowers, Joyce Kemerly, Barbara Badertscher, Linda Foltz, Connie Lou Wilson, Carol Rettig, Jerry Grohoske, Richard Smith, Joe Wagner, Ted Mitchell. SECOND ROW: Louvella Smithers, Eugene Woods, .T ack Glick, David Smith, Becky Long, Alan Wolford, Rosella Horton, Steve Riter, Dick Mercer, Lanny Dillon, Frank J olliff, Diane Brauneller, Sally Inbody, Mrs. LaRoche. THIRD ROW: Betty Riegle, Sharon Reichley, CathieSolt, David Davis, Edgar Patton, James Johnson, Larry Crates, Howard Skeeters, Denis Day, Paul Dean Wells, Fred Smith, Rosemary Bishop, Margaret Hartman, ABSENT: Sharon Businger, Diane Rettig, THE SPOT MARKET HINGER'S BOTTLE GAS SERVICE Ar11ngton's Favorite Spot to Shop KlMMEL'S SOHIO STATION Country Market Phone 1517 Phone 5-2011 Arlington, Ohio Findlay, Ohio Seventh Grade FIRST ROW: Joe Clevenger, Karen Bishop, Nancy Rower, Gary I-lindall, Steven Grieser, Gary lnbody, Norris Beach, Bobby McKinley, Larry Hickle, Beverly Riegle, Carol Gonzoles. SECOND ROW: Bobby Elsea, Lois Powell, Russell Browneller, Jon Treece, Susan Gossrnan, David Reigle, Patricia Wells, Linda Warner, Richard Gallent, Janet Treece, Joyce Rossman, Mr. Daley. THIRD ROW: Jean Krout, Dennis Feasel, Maryetta Arrington, Joe Romick, Donald Gary, Darol J ameson, Donnie Essinger, Roy Carnahan, Ronnie Essinger, Janet Musgrave, Jeannette Cole, Dexter Wilson, Eddie Reigle, Bob Sink.AEENT: Les Gonzoles. Sixth Grade p , FIRST ROW: Cheryl Waxler, Billy Brown, Jerry I-Iickle, Charles Crates, Wayne Hartman, Walter Saurn, Eddie Steinman, Mary Lou Patten, Ruth Ann Nesler, Gloria Carnahan. Jeanne Williams. SECOND ROW: Cathy Sink, Elaine Smith, Steve Metzger, Charles Nicholson, Donald Vanderhoff, Allan Mclvlillen, Ronald Carnahan, Bobby Marquart, David Powell, Torn Mercer, Jane Gillespie, Ronald Wolford, Mr. Gobrecht. THIRD ROW: Janet Jolliff, Lois Wilson, Billy Bame, J immy Steinman, Barbara Beard, Martha George, Carolyn Hartman, Ann Long, Gretchen Wilson, Mike Beucler, Jan Kemerley, Mary Lee Richard. ABSENT: Glenn Lafferty, James Roberts, Joe Bishop. THE HANCOCK BRICK Sc TILE COMPANY Vitrified Clay Drain Tile Yees, Ells, and Curves BRANDMAN IRON COMPANY Telephone 780, Findlay, Ohio Findlay, Ohio Fifth fade FIRST ROW: Lavern Steinman, Alma Gonzales, Billy Davis, Brenda Human, Randall Jacobs, Everett Reigle, Trudy Green. SECOND ROW: John Reilly, Marvin Rower, Damiy Smith, Paulette Beard, Donald Drefke, Shirley Smithers, Mrs. Woodmency. THIRD ROW: Glenda Baugn-nan, Clarence Decker, Diana Moser, Lee Alan Best, Larry Bibler, Mary Ellen Hartman, Dorothy Clinger. ABSENT: Danny Patton. Fifth fade FIRST ROW: Julene Hindall, Jeffrey Rettig, Dale Ralph, Dianne Hartman, Becky Mitchell, Stephanie Hendricks, SECOND ROW: Brenda Brinkman, Billy Alge, Steve Smith, David Drefke, Freddy Saum, Sue Lon, Rex Bishop, Miss Foltz. THIRD ROW: Linda Bishop, Mary Crates, Ronald Russell, Dean I-Unger, Sandra Gossman, John King, Nancy Drummelsmith, Donald Steinman. DONNA'S BEAUTY SHOPPE Compliments of I OHNNY APPLESEED BOWLING LANES Modern and Air Conditioning JOHN I. SOLT D,V.M. and Phone 5-5244 Arlington, Ohio Arlington, Ohio Restaurant Fourth radc FIRST ROW: Cynthia Bash, Ronnie Kernerley, Sarah Reinking, J eri-J ean Hartman, Freddy Reigle, David Lafferty, Steven Rinehart, George Htunan, Donald Musgrave. SECOND ROW: Sue Ann Bishop, Faye Smithers, Ralph Shackelford, Michael Musgrave, Gerald Dean Stein- man, Harry Scholz, Jr., Rita Kay Smith, Nancy Fox, John Gehrish, Daniel Hartman, Mrs: Hutson. THIRD ROW: Linda Kay Butte, David L. Inbody, Betty Wells, James Dillinger, Everett Musgrave, Martin Randall I-Iig1ey,Judy AnnJolliff, Judy AnnMcClelland, Karen Dee Metzger, Janet Smith, Cheryl Lynn Corbin. Fourth Grade FIRST ROW: Ronnie J olliff, Karen Hartman, Cheryl Clevenger, Dennis Rower, Lonnie Pepple, Charles Hartman, Dale Nicholson, Paul Patton, Thomas Orwick. SECOND ROW: Phillis Smithers, Donald Kernei-ley,JaneGrohoske, Jesse Wilch, Connie Sue Strouse, Freddy Arrington, Samuel Roberts, Joseph Carnahan, Diane Bishop, Mrs. Loader, THIRD ROW: Chris Eibling, Sherry Fahl, Rubetta Wilch, Barbara Von Stein, J anel Shank, Sharon McKinley, Chris Wolford, Mary Shellenbarger, Wayne Bushong, Diane Steinman, Patricia Businger. ABSENT: Alice Williams, Janice Treese, Third fade Q is Q 952 el' ii gg. ii ti 511 3 5:51 3, 2? ia is? a, 9 E 31 mu 2 E is gs, FIRST ROW: Barbara Hartman, Karen Brauneller, Joe Metzger, Lynette Bibler, Bobby Green, Carlyon Human, Linda Shackelford, Timmy Rinehart. SECOND ROW: Linda Robinson, J, D, Richard, Robert Steinman, Kay Gray, Jimmie Hindall, Stephen Beach, Janet Gallant, Ray Worstine, Susie Bibler. THIRD ROW: Joyce Wilson, Earl Launder, Cheryl Essinger, Wayne Frantz, Elaine Oates, Mrs. Jacobs, i Cindy Fahl, Eric Grieser, Nancy Rayle, Gary Tong, Third rade s K s it 'Q FIRST ROW: Betsy Beagle, Richard Brown, Ray Gonzales, Daria Lea Hale, John Steinman, Dana Davis, Norman Chamberlain, Mary Hartman, SECOND ROW: Pamela AJ.ler, David Wilch, Barbara Patton, Marcia Businger, Michael Smith, Keith Morrow, Charles Smith, Sharon Roberts, Waneta Comer. THIRD ROW: Nancy Dillinger, Barry Fox, Eugene May, Ronald Saum, Wanda LaRoche, Mrs. Warren, Johnny George, Joey Traucht, Diane Fields, Rosemary Fellers, Patricia Patton. MARATHON TRUCK STOP, Route 688s 3ON, Williamstown, Ohio Compliments of DR. H. K. TREECE, M. D., DR. E. R. BURSON, M.D. Second Grade FIRST ROW: Cynthia Reamsnyder, Darlene Wilch, GregGhaster, Chris Businger, .Tacqulynn Schey, Ramona Hartman, Linda Smith, Jennifer Betts, Linda Houdeshell. SECOND ROW: Gary Mclvlillen, Dennis Livingston, Susan Drumrnelsmith, Marvin Bame, Becky La Roche, Dannyjolliff, Connie Babcock, Sherry Baughman, Barbara Hal. THIRD ROW: Glen Moser, Martin Grieser, Jimmy McClelland, Sandra Salsbury, Christine Reilly, Ruth Anne Mengert, Mrs. Huffman, Robert Hartman, Max Hosafros, Sammy Butte, Mike Von Stein. Second rade FIRST ROW: Terry Suter, Nancy Treece, Linda Hauman, Ralph Green, Debra Pepple, Sharon Nicholson, Martha Powell. Karen Hartman, Dennis Shulaw. SECOND ROW: Joe Gonzales, Terry Metzger, Roger Russell, Danny Shulaw, Linda Brinkman, Anna Salsbury, Susie Coldren, Dennis Clevenger, Harold Human. THIRD ROW: Linda Wright, Greg Snyder, Peggy Cullen, Danny Frantz, Yvoxme Gossman, Mrs. Parish, Nancy Launder, Mary Heuberger, George Lanning, Dale Dawson, Steve Willeke, William Shackelford. ABSENT: Christine Grieser. ARLINGTON FORD SALES, Phone 5-3511, Arlington, Ohio M. H. CRATES, Drainage Contractor, Phone 4374 or 4273, J' enera, Ohio First Grade FIRST ROW: Brena Clevenger, Doug Rossman, Lynn Nicholson, Dixie Bibler, Barbara Steinman, Gary Weihrauch, Debby Rinehart. SECOND ROW: Betsy Wilson, Denny Helms, Jennifer Bash, Kenneth Frankhouser, Randy Gallant, Junior Weihrauch, Steven Walters, Elaine Beard. THIRD ROW: Debby Sue Fox, J' ackie Pearson, Steve Morrow, Gloria Jean Houdeshell, Mike Solt, Mrs. Castor, Cheryl Higley, Dennis Tidd, Teddy La Roche, Beverly Shulaw. ABSENT: Kathy Chamberlain. First Grade FIRST ROW: Roberta Mitchell, Connie Livingston, Mary Featheringill, Linda Brauneller, Charles Hartman, Wayne Reigle, Carol Reigle. SECOND ROW: Linda Weber, Roger Gray, Allen Dillon, Kathie McDoug1e, Russell Stahl, Terry Businger, Cynthia Bishop, Roger Steinman. THIRD ROW: Retha Salsbury, Dennis Eibling, Van Shank, Shirley Jolliff, Douglas Smith, Mrs. Wells, Pamela Burson, Cathy Patten, Jack Crates, Steven Neskr. ' . . gf, C CORBIN HQUFHERS CHEVROLET FARMERS AND MERCHANTS BANK COMPANY, Arlington, Ohio r. Basketball FIRST ROW: Billy Bame, Lynn Orwick, Gene Musgrave, Larry Day, Keith Jolliff. SECOND ROW: Buddy Steinman, Billy Leymaster, Joe Brinkman, David Davis, James Johnson, Ian Rossman, Mr. Trostmiller. Cheerleaders Cathie Solt, Sharon Reichley, Linda Warner, Connie Bowers X X Senior Football Larry WO0C1ward - - Quarterback Gary Houdeshell- - Left Guard Fred Stevenson--Left End Duane Warner--Right End John Hindall--Fullback Dick Fink--Left Tackle I. G. DRUMMELSMITH New and Used Farm Equipment One mile North, and one mile West of Arlington Football Saturday, August the 18th, 34 players reported at the school house to receive their un.iforms. On August the 20th we went to work. September the 7th, the team traveled to Findlay to play Ada in the preview. We returned home victorious 13-0, with Warner scoring from 6 yards out and Woodward from4 yards out. Lafferty kicked the extra point, September 14th we went to Liberty-Benton and returned with an 18-0 victory. Wisner scored on a 35 yard run and Warner scored twice on a 10 yard rim and a 10 yard pass play. On September 21st, we were visited by Mt. Blanchard who went home defeated 18-0. Warner scored first on a 35 yard pass play. Woodward then scored from the 2 yard line and an intercepted pass which he ran back 50 yards for the touchdown. September the 28th, we returned from McComb victorious 28-7. Warner scored on 50 and 10 yard pass plays. Wisner scored on a 10 yard jaunt and Hindall on a 5 yard plunge. October the 5th, we were defeated by Vanlue 26-0. Vanlue scored twice in the first and second quarters. Arlington came out fighting the second half but was unable to score. The next week Arcadia returned home on top 27-7. Arcadia scored in each quarter. Gary Houdeshell intercepted a pass and raced 90 yards for our only score. Lafferty kicked the extra point. We played Van Buren in our Homecoming Game on October 19. We outscored them 56-0. Hindall, Stevenson, Ward, Warner, Wisner and Woodward all scored touchdowns. Lafferty, Wood- ward and Cole scored the extra points, October the 25th, we defeated Cory-Rawson 12-0. Woodward scored on a 1 yard plunge and Warner scored on a 40 yard pass play. On November the 2nd we played the first game in the history of Arlington with Montgomery Local We defeated them 27-20 after trailing 13-0 at the half. Woodward scored on a plunge after Wisner retumed a plmt 50 yards to the 10. Warner scored on a 20 yard sweep around left end and an pass play. John Hindall scored last on a slant off right tackle. Lafferty kicked the extra points. We would like to thank Mr. Castor for teaching us the most important lesson in life, team- work. WISE TV 8a RADIO ZIEROLF'S LEITER'S MARKET Appliance Sales Service 513 South Main "The Best fOr LeSS.' Jenera, Chic Findlay, Ohio Jfller-S. Ohio FIRST ROW: J. J. Solt, Donovan Kemmerly, Loris Ward, Fred Stevenson, Duane Warner, John Hindall. SECOND ROW: Mr, Castor, Gerald Glick, Jerry Lafferty, Robert Max-quart, David Hartman, Harold Butte. THIRD ROW: Steve Sink, Ben Mitchell, Billy Bame, Joe Brinkman, Ober Feasel, Gene Musgrave. TRAUCHT STORE Frozen Food Lockers Arlington, Ohio FIRST ROW: Larry Woodward, Gary Houdeshell, Eugene Grieser, Eddie Wisner, Larry Oman. SECOND ROW: Ronald Bib1er,J'ackJ'o11iff,Iohn Paul Cole, Larry Riegle, Tom Hendricks, Mr. Trostrniller. THIRD ROW: William Bishop, Lynn Orwick, Roy Riegle, Billy Leymaster, Keith Jolliff, J an Rossman, Paul Hartman, COOPER TIRE and RUBBER COMPANY Lima 8a Western Avenue Findlay, Ohio Senior Basketball Lewis Frantz -- Center John Hindall -- Forward Jerry Businger -- Guard VARSITY Arlington 54 Arcadia Arlington Arlington 43 Cory -Rawson Arlington Arlington 35 Vanlue Arlington Arlington 55 Mt. Blanchard Arlington Arlington 63 McComb Arlington Arlington 66 Mt. Blanchard Arlington Arlington 48 Forest Arlington Arlington 58 McComb Arlington Arlington 49 Cory -Rawson RESERVE A -'iwgton 24 Arcadia Arlington Arr- -an 21 Cory -Rawson Arlington Arlingtc. 42 Vanlue Arlington Arlington 43 Mt. Blanchard Arlington Arlington 43 McComb Arlington Arlington 43 McComb Arlington Arlington 46 Cory-Rawson TROUT FURNITURE COMPANY 508 South Main Street Duane Warner -- Guard Hardin-Northern 42 Liberty-Benton 55 Arcadia 72 Vanlue 54 Mt. Blanchard 50 Van -Buren 47 Cory -Rawson 41 Liberty-Benton 58 Hardin-Northern 43 Liberty-Benton 50 Arcadia 62 Vanlue 45 Mt. Blanchard 42 Van-Buren 34 Findlay, Ohio FALK'S MARKET EGBERTS HOME FURNISHING 404 East Sandusky, Phone 2440 Mt. Cory, Ohio Findlay, Ohio arsity-Basketball We started our basketball season on November 20 with a winning 54-59 victory over Arcadia on our home court. Frantz led the Red Devils in scoring 24 points. On November 30 we beat Cory-Rawson43-32 on our own court. Frantz and Hindall led with 12 and 10. On December '7 we journeyed to Vanlue for a non-league defeat. Vanlue scored '15 against our 35. Wisner was high-point man with 10. The next week Arlington went to Mount Blanchard for our first league game. We led all the way winning 55-36. Warner scored 21 points. On December 19 wewent to McComb fora non-league victory of 63-41. Frantz and Warner were high- point men with 21-20, On December 28 we went to Ada to play Mount Blanchard in the "Holiday Tournament." It was a close game, but we came out on top with a 66-63 score. Frantz led with 31. The following evening we went back to Ada to try our luck with Forest. Trailing 22-24 at half-time, we went on to win 48-43. Lewis Frantz was high-point man with 19. On January 4 we went back home to beat McComb 58-45 in a league game. Frantz scored 26 points. On January 11 we went to Cory- Rawson to beat the Hornets 49-36. Frantz made 17 points. Qir league record was now 3-0. On Saturday night, January 12, Arlington played another non-league game. Led in scoring by Lewis Frantz, we defeated Hardin-Northern 55-42 on our home court. With Liberty-Benton coming to Arlington on January 18, the Red Devils gained another victory by wimiing with a score of 64-55, led in scoring by Frantz with 22. On January 25 we went to Arcadia for our first league defeat. Arcadia, playing very good ball, won 72-65. High point man was Frantz with 32 points. February 1 finds us in thebiggest gameof the season. If we can beat Vanlue we will be tied with them for county championship. They cameto our floor for a very close and exciting game. Luck was with us and we defeated them 57-54. Lewis Frantz topping the score with 33 points. February 5 we won another close non-league victory over Mount Blanchard on our court. Wisner led the Red Devils to a 51-50 voctory with 14 points. On February 8 we won championship on Van Buren's court. Frantz making 23 points to make a victorious 59-47 score. Vanlue defeated by Arcadia left the Red Devils take the lead and go on for the county championship. We started our tournament on February 15 by playing Cory-Rawson at McComb. Let by Frantz and Wisner we won 59-41. Our next game, on February 22, was played at Cory-Rawson with Liberty-Benton. The Red Devils jumped off to an early lead and maintained that lead until the last four minutes of the game when the Eagles finally caught up and won 58-52. On behalf of all the basketball boys we wish to thank Howard Trostrniller and all the " ...rat were behind us at all the games. STANLEY WOODWARD, Motorists Mutual Agent Auto- Fire-General Casualty BYALS RADIO AND TV. Service all Makes 8: Models Phone 5-3025, Arlington, Ohio PIFER STONE COMPANY, Crushed Stone and Agricultural Lime Phone 5-5132 A1'1il'l8I0I1. Ohio arsity FIRST ROW: I ack Jolliff, Duane Warner, Lewis Frantz, Eddie Wisner, .Terry Businger. SECOND ROW: ,Terry Rider, Larry Reigle, Tom Hendricks, Loris Ward, Larry Brinkman, Donovan Kemerly, John Paul Cole, Mr. Trostrrriller. Reserves FIRST ROW: Paul Hartman, John Paul Cole, Steve Sink, Larry Reigle, Tom Hendricks. SECOND ROW: James Wilch, Harold Butte, David Hartman, Donovan Kemerly, Loris Ward, Mr. Trostmiller. .TOHN STEINMAN LUMBER CO, Lumber 8: Builders Supplies Arlington, Ohio REPUBLICAN COURIER RADIO STATION WFIN Findlay, Ohio BIGELOW'S FLOWERS, across from the Hospital Findlay, Ohio Corsages, a Specialty, and Funeral Designs ' A-A ff: ""l-- 0'9"- Activities FIRST ROW: Phyllis Houdeshell, Janice Wagner, Shirley Feister. SECOND ROW: Ann Dally, Sue Beagle, Ann Fink, Joyce Kemerly, Sally La Roache, Sally Inbody, Margaret Hartman, Edwin Wisner, Deanna Warner. THIRD ROW: Karen Hosafros, Jeannette Cole, Carol Rettig, Cathie Solt, Fred Stevenson, Keith Houdeshell, Ted Mitchell, Bill Laymaster. FOURTH ROW: Sharon Businger, Diane Brauneller, Joyce Wilson, Leila Wolford, Kennett Fink, Brenda Bowman, Rachael Kimmel. FIFTH ROW: Gary Hindall, Karen Bishop, Alanwolford, Mary Jean Spaeth, Julia Bishop, Barbara Waxler, Vera Jean Wilson. All of our music groups have increased in size this year. We have 68 band members, 65 members in the Mixed Chorus, '76 girls in the Girls' Glee Club, and 38 members in the Boys' Glee Club. The band performed at several homecomings and festivals this summer and put on some very entertaining half-time shows at the football games this fall. We were honored with a request from Heidelberg College to share the half-time program with the Heidelberg Band at their DAD'S DAY football game. We accepted the invitation and had a lot of fun preparing the show. The band and choruses are preparing a Christmas program to be given December 20. They are also getting ready for a concert to be held in the latter part of January. CARL BISHOP EXCAVATING Arlington, Ohio SALISBURY"S RESTAURANT "Finest of Foods" - "Reasonable Prices" Findlay, Ohio HAR'l'MAN'S HARDWARE Phone 5-2133 Arlington, Ohio Q i ti V 35 5. QE HIGH ff, .sa FIRST ROW: Jeanette Butler, Judy Bates, Judy Hartman. SECOND ROW: Elaine Bame, Judy Crosser, Betty Krout, Sue Wisner, Tom Bidlack, David Dillinger, Jean Cronbaugh, Rosella Horton, Ann Jameson. THIRD ROW: Sandra Gossman, Marilyn Bame, Sally Grimes, Charlotte Smith, Rhea Jean Kimmel, Mary Lou Davis, Connie Wilson, Dorothy Waltermire. FOURTH ROW: Roberta Inbody, Larry Crates, Sandra Marquart, Sharon Richard, Mary Anne Alexander, Ruth Ann Walters, Myrna Businger. FIFTH ROW: Sandra Crates, Duane Warner, Sue Hindall, Ruth Ann Klotz, Diane Knight, Mr. Willeke, Barbara Badertscher. Selected members of the band and choruses are looking forward to participating in the A11- County Music Festival to be held at Mt. Blanchard, January 26, 1957. It's always a lot of fun, hard work, and a good experience. We are also getting ready for the contests. Individual and small groups are preparing for the Solo and Ensemble contests. The band and choruses are getting ready for the District, and we hope State, Band and Chorus Contests. Of course it's almost impossible to do as well as we did last year, but we can certainly try. Many, many thanks to Mr. Willeke for his patience and untiring efforts to make us have a really outstanding music department. Thank you, Mr. Willeke. PORTER'S MUSIC BOSTON STORE Findlay's Complete Music Store "Where spending is saving." Phone 525 Findlay, Ohio Findlay. Ohio Senior Band Members FIRST ROW: Leila Wolford, Barbara Waxler, Charlotte Smith, Sally Grimes, Brenda Bowman, Fred Stevenson. SECOND ROW: Judy Hartman, Duane Warner, Sue Hindall, Ruth Ann Klotz, Dorothy Waltermire, Mary Alexander, Kenny Fink. Majorettes . 5 ,,, 5 Head Malorette . 1""'w ...K yi ...f-P", K JUDY HA RTMAN FRONT: Judy Hartman. SECOND ROW: Janice Wagner, Phyllis Houdeshell, Janette Butler, Shirley Feister, Judy Bates. NATIONAL LIME 8: STONE COMPANY, Findlay, Ohio ASHLAND OIL 81 REFINING COMPANY, Findlay, Ohio Cheerleaders Jeanette Butler, Judy Crosser, Tom Bidlack, Jean Cronbaugh, Sandra Marquart. Seniors Together 12 Years FIRST ROW: Jean Beach, Leila Wolford, Charlotte Smith, Barbara Wander, Catherine Hartman, Ruth Ann Klotz, Judy Hartman. SECOND ROW: Sue Hindall, Brenda Bowman, MaryJane Bishop, Harold Bower, Duane Warner, Tom Long, Gary Houdeshell, Larry Woodward, Raymond Bower. .Terry Businger, Marlene Clinger. ABSENT: Kenny Fink. Sr. Girls'-Ensem ble My E FIRST ROW: Charlotte Smith, Barbara Waxler, Sally Grimes, Leila Wolford. SECOND ROW: J' udy Hartman, Brenda Bowman, Catherine Hartman, Phyllis Stahl, Janet Ward ABSENT: Sue Hindall. Mixed Ensemble FIRST ROW: Duane Warner, J. J. Solt, Donovan Kemmerly. SECOND ROW: Brenda Bowman, Ruth Ann Klotz, Roberta Inbody, Julia Bishop, Sue Beagle. ABSENT: Kenny Fink. Mixed Chorus FIRST ROW: Janet Ward, Judy Hartman, Brenda Bowman, Phyllis Stahl, Jan Rossman, Loris Ward, Tom Bidlach, Tom Bates, Lynn Orwich, Charlotte Smith, Mary Ann Alexander, Leila Wolford, Sue Beagle. SECOND ROW: Phylis Houdeshell, Barbara Waxler, Ruth Ann Klotz, Ann Fink, Rhea Jean Kimmel, Gerald Glick, Larry Reigle, Duane Warner, Fred Stevenson, Ed Wisner, Jerry Riter, Donovan Kernerley, Sue Hindall, Dorothy Waltermire, Catherine Hartman, Sally Grimes. THIRD ROW: Joan Essinger, Ruth Ann Walters, Diana Frantz, Vera Jean Wilson, Marlene Clinger, Bob Arrington, Tom Hendericks, David Hartman, David Dillinger, Ronald Bibler, Jack Jolliff. J .J . Solt, Roberta lnbody, Brenda Badertscher, Joyce Wilson, Julia Bishop, Mryna Businger, Mrl Willeke. FOURTH ROW: Diane Beach, Beverly Smith, Jeanette Butler, .Tean Cronbaugh, Carolyn Boehm, Raymond Bower, Eugene Grieser, Harold Butte, Paul Hartman, Gene Musgrave, Larry Brinkman, .Terry Businger, Judy Crosser, Deanna Warner, Linda Rettig, Joyce Rettig, Janice Wagner. MUSIC MEDALS The 4 medals shown above with Mr. Willehe, our music teacher, are the ones we won at the State Contest in Granville last year. Each medal represents a'Superior rating or a I. The medals were earned for the year 1955-56 by the band, mixed chorus, girls' chorus, and boys' chorus. Boys' Chorus K 5 FIRST ROW: David J olliff, Ben Mitchell, Keith J olliff, Larry Reigle, Tom Bates, Tom Henderichs, Joe Brinkman, Billy Bame, Jan Rossman, Buddy Steinman. SECOND ROW: Gerald Glick, John Cole, Mike Smith, Bob Arrington, Lynn Orwick, David Dillinger, Jerry Businger, Loris Ward, Tom Bidlack, Larry Day, Gene Musgrave, Jack J olliff, Jerome Glick, Paul Hartman, Mr. Willeke. THIRD ROW: William Bishop, Harold Butte, Ed Wisner, Eugene Grieser, Fred Stevenson, Raymond Bower, Ronald Bibler, David Hartman, Harold Bower, J . J . Solt, Duane Warner, Donovan Kemerley, Larry Brink- man, Neil Bushong, Jerry Riter. Girls' Chorus FIRST ROW: Barbara Waxler, Ruth Ann Klotz, Phyllis Houdeshell, Roberta Inbody, Sue Beagle, Phyllis Stahl, Sue Hindall, Carolyn Boehm, Julia Bishop, Charlotte Smith, Leila Wolford, Sally Grimes, Dorothy Waltermire. SECOND ROW: Ruth Ann Walters, Jeanette Butler, Diana Frantz, Rhea Jean Kimmel, Beverly Smith, Judy Crosser, Anna Reichley, Vera Jean Wilson, Jean Cronbaugh, Marlene Clinger, Betty Krout, Kay Hartman, Doris Rausch, Sandra Crates, Elaine Bame, Deanna Warner, Rachel Kimmel, Joyce Wilson. THIRD ROW: IanetWard, Ann Fink, Brenda Bowman, Shirley Feister, Diane Beach, Barbara Marquart, Nan Bishop, Mary Jean Spaeth, Arlene Marquart, Nancy Baughman, Diane Turnbell, Joan Essinger, Sue Wisner, Janice Marquart, Catherine Hartman, Sandra Marquart, Brenda Badertscher, Linda Rettig, Joyce Reddick, Mryna Businger, Janice Wagner, Mr. Willeke. FOURTH ROW: Judy Hartman, Sally LaRoche, Ann Daly, Sharon Richard, Mary Alice Nesler, Judy Bates, Susan Reinking, Diane Knight, Ann Jameson, Sandra Gossman, Jean Beach, Mary Jane Bishop, Mary Brau- neller, Marilyn Bame, Judith Grieser, Marie Waltermire, Mary Lou Davis, Carol Inbody, Karen Hosafros, Karen Baumgardner, Carolyn Grieser, Mary Ann Alexander. RUSSEL BISHOP APPLIANCES WONDER BUILDINGS 8: POLL BARNS, Findlay, Phone 6013 NEWHAUSER HATCHERIES Hy-Line Baby Chicks Phone 5-2251, Arlington Boys' Ensemble FIRST ROW: Duane Warner, Larry Reigle, Tom Hendricks, Kenny Fink. SECOND ROW: Ed Wisner, Loris Ward, Donovan Kemrnerly, Fred Stevenson. Speech Class , 4 X 5 2 fi 1, FIRST ROW: Julia Bishop, Phyllis Houdeshell, Diana Frantz, Joyce Roddick. SECOND ROW: Ruth Ann Walters, Jerry Businger, Donovan Kemmerly, Mr. Daly. Bus Drivers LEFT TO RIGHT: Robert Russell, Paul Gallant, Wilbur Garlinger, Roland Schllenberger, W e nd ell Bates, Floyd Clinger. J a I1 ito r Mr. Essinger Cooks LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Ruth Kroske, Mrs. Wanda Steinman, Mrs. Ester Bormuth. COUNTRY MARKET Groceries, Meats, General Merchandise Findlay, Ohio HANCOCK HYBRIDS INC. Farm Seeds Phone 3493 Findlay, Ohio HANCOCK COUNTY FARM BUREAU COOP. ASSN. , 429 Lincoln St. Phone 2885 Findlay, Ohio FIRST ROW: Rhea Jean Kimmel, Jeanette Butler, Janice Wagner, Sue Beag1e,Anna Reichley,Ann Fink, Charlotte Smith, Kay Hartman. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Welty, Sandra Gossman, Phylis Houdeshell, Mary Alice Nesler, Ruth Ann Walters, Marilyn Bame, Barbara Marquart, Marie Waltermire, Beverly Smith, Joan Essinger, Arlene Marquart. THIRD ROW: Doris Rauch, Diane Turnbell, Nan Bishop, Sharon Richards, Judy Bates, Joyce Redick, Diane Beach, Linda Rettig, Karen Baumgardner, Darlene Kemerly, Carol Inbody, Myrna Businger, Joyce Wilson. The Arlington Chapter, Future Homemakers of America, organized in September for the year of 1956 and 1957, electing the following oficers: President, Sue Beagleg Vice-President, Alma RSiChleY: SSCISIHFY. Janice Wagnerg Treasurer, Rhea Jean Kimmelg Reporter, Ann Fink, Parliamentarian, Jeanette Butlerg Club Mother, Mrs. Wagnerg and Advisor, Mrs, Welty. The club had many activities this year. In November, the Freshmen were initiated. Our bake sales for the year were held November 30, January 18, and February 1, For a project the girls made rag dolls. The F,H,A. Banquet was held on March 22. The F,H.A, and F,F.A. Christ- mas Party was held December 21, Altogether it was a worthwhile and prosperous year. BLUFFTON COLLEGE, An Accredited Liberal Arts, Christian College, Bluffton, Ohio O, H, LAFFERTY PLUMBING AND HEATING, Lennox Furnaces, Phone 5-5105, Arlington, Ohio ESSINGERS APPAREL SHOP, Dry Goods, Jewelry, 85 Children's Wear, Arlington, Ohio F. F. A. FIRST ROW: Larry Brauneller, Gene Greiser, Loris Ward, Gerald Glick, Raymond Bower, Larry Brinkman, Mike Smith, Mr. Mengert. SECOND ROW: David Jolliff, Roy Reigle, William Bishop, Lynn Orwick, Larry Oman, Ronnie Brauneller, Robert Marquart, Larry DaY. John Cole. THIRD ROW: Paul Hartman, Gene Musgrave, James Wilch, Ronald Bibler, Harold Bower, David Hartman, Jerome Glick, Ober Feasel, J oe Brinkman, Billy Barne. ANENT: Richard Fink, Lewis Frantz, Buddy Steinman. 'I'he Arlington F.F.A. Chapter is made up of 31 members: 2 graduates, 4 seniors, 7 juniors, 11 sophomores, and 10 freshmen. The officers for the year 1956-57 are: President, Gerald Glick, Vice-President, Raymond Bower: Secretary, Richard Finkg Treasurer, Loris Ward: Reporter, Larry Brinkmang Sentinel, Gene Grieserg Advisor, Fred Mengert. Some of the years activities are: Parent and Son Banquet, parliamentary procedure contest, pest hllllt, corn test plot, seed corn and garden seed sales, and county and state judging contest. One of the major trips of interest was a tour of the National Lime and Stone Company at Carey, Ohio. The chapter alsotookatrip through the Ohio Farmer Fertilizer Company at Fostoria, Ohio. Arlington Ford Sales Collingwood Motor Sales Corbin Brothers-Arlington Duffield Motor Co. Gleasons Sales 85 Service Wiggins Nash Sales 8: Service Grubb Motor Sales-Mc Comb Harrington Chevrolet Co. Hollington Motor Sales Findlay Truck8u Farm Equipment Guilford Motor Sales, Inc. Latham Motor Sales Laub Sales Co. Mc Cullough Motor Sales Willard Sales 8a Service .A. A. FIRST ROW: Sharon Richards, Joanne Beagle, Janet Musgrave, Darlene Kemerly, Carolyn Grieser, Mary 'Jean Spaeth, Judith Grieser, Judy Crosser, Roberta lnbody, Joyce Reddick, Sandra Crates, Dorothy Walter- mire, Sue Hindall, Ann Fink, Karen Bishop. SECOND ROW: Nancy Rower, Beverly Reigle,Judy Bates, Doris Rausch, Connie Bowers, Nancy Baughman, Becky Long, Ruth Ann Klotz, Sally Grimes, Sandra Marquart,.,Char1otte Smith, Judy Hartman, Brenda Badertcher, Joyce Kemerly, Lois Powell, Barbara Badertscher, Sharon Businger, Shirley Feister, Rhea Jean Kimmel, Sharon Reichley. THIRD ROW: Mrs, Falk, Sandra Gossman, Joyce Rossman, Janice Marquart, Arlene Marquart, .T oan Es- singer, Patricia Wells, Ann Dally, Linda Warner, Sally LaRoche, Mary Alice Nesler, Jean Krout, Diane Knight, Anna Reichley, Rosemary Bishop, Marilyn Bame, Diane Brauneller, Nan Bishop, Betty Reigle, Barbara Marquart, Phyllis Houdeshell, Diane Rettig, Mary Brauneller, Janet Treece, Jeanette Cole, Connie Wilson, Kay Hartman, Lowella Smithers, Carol Rettig, Linda Foltz. FOURTH ROW: Beverly Smith, Mary Ann Alexander, Marlene Clinger, Diane Turnbell, Rosella Horton, Mary Jane Bishop, Margaret Hartman, Vera Jean Wilson, Rachel Kimmel, Mary Lou Davis, Marie Walter- mire, Sue Wisner, Carol lnbody, Betty Krout, Jean Cronbaugh, Jeanette Butler, Karen Hosafros, Joyce Wilson, Elaine Bame, Deanna Warner, Julia Bishop, Linda Rettig, Karen Baumgardner, Cathie Solt, Diane Beach, Carolyn Boehm, Maryetta Arrington, Ann Jameson, Susan Reinking, Sally lnbody, Susan Gossman. Patrol Boys FIRST ROW: J immy Steinman, Joe Bishop, David Powell. SECOND ROW: Charles Nicholson, Charles Crates, I an Kemerley. unior Play Cast FIRST ROW: Janet Ward, Leila Wolford, Catherine Hartman, Charlotte Smith, Sally Grimes, Phyllis Stahl. SECOND ROW: Marlene Clinger, Brenda Bowman, Dick Fink, Fred Stevenson, Gary Houdeshell, Tom Long, Raymond Bower, Harold Bower, Duane Warner, Larry Woodward, Sue Hindall. ABSENT FROM PICTURE: Kenny Fink. Senior Play Cast FIRST ROW: Catherine Hartman, Barbara Waxler, Leila Wolford, Charlotte Smith, Sally Grimes, .T udy Hartman, Phyllis Stahl, ,Tanet Ward. SECOND ROW: Duane Warner, Ruth AnnK1otz, Brenda Bowman, Fred Stevenson, Jolm Hindall, Gary Houde- shell, Kenny Fink, Marlene Clinger, Dorothy Waltermire, Mary Ann Alexander. ABSENT FROM PICTURE: Sue Hindall, Tom Long, Dick Fink. Honor Society FIRST ROW: Leila Wolford, Barbara Waxler, Sally Grimes, Brenda Bowman, Catherine Hartman, Janet Ward, Brenda Badertscher. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Beach, Julia Bishop, Larry Steinman, Sandra Mai-quart, Ed Wisner, Fred Stevenson, Duane Warner, Sue Beagle, Loris Ward, Roberta Inbody. Latin Club FIRST ROW: Mary Lou Davis, Rachel Kirnmel, Judith Greiser, Annjameson, Ann Dally, Diane Knight, Sally LaRoche, Nancy Baughman. SECOND ROW: Gary Mann, Veralean W:ilson,,Tean Cronbaugh, Elaine Bame, Carolyn Boehm, David Dillin- ger, Sandra Crates, Sue Wisner, Betty Krout, Karen Hosafros, Ben Bob Mitchell, Mrs, La Roche. HANCOCK COUNTY FARM BUREAU CO'OP ASSN., INC. Phone5-3211, Williamstown, Ohio F INDLAY COLLEGE A Good Liberal Arts College Findlay, Ohio Brenda Leila - Q X Q P X z I , , J 4 1' - w' 5' K WW t X ,L .. ,Q X E Q -Q W'- " 'D " , , my , . .J J Larry Barb 13.11612 Fred M Kenny Mary Jane Lewis Tom Ruth Ann Judy Sally ,, Q NLT' 'i5?g"' -3, ,. 55 35? ..', ' QS' , in if fiffiff ,ff 1 gkfkfw ff : as- ,,.: rx . . fvs?2fL1ee2d1ir:e4:e' " 'k'Vk I Ad Ai, E d dyyd - " A . yy d f .yyy y- M V - 7,-YM " ' X gif? QE? Y Yfwifffee ' :gsm ,.-,, 7 MS W1 1 ,,k. 2 x , d d.dd R 2 2 I erry Ka te Cha rlotte Duane Kemp I Sam Q , , .E Q ' Q 3 125 5 sm . .M ,L :,,i5.,,g5Mi5vi :Qi - Wy, xwkszlffa -ww-.mis eiW,Q,,,m.,,, .,., ki . MN, mM L ,msgs emmiqfgse rqv, sw X ' 1, fe mmm.. . n -5 - M ,L., :xg Q. A ' F -Lfigffi' ff 'z K1 f X ,Q f 4 A ' 4 , K U-i5',!'f 5. - My gr J A, -L V -Jggfw. ,N A fi. f' '-'5 1i' T ,- E - fi 41 - Sflgsyv V , .::. X., Q - d Y ff ' .':2J' --N A A 20 5 W, .: " "" X' Q ., QQ, ,. W . ,,A:l,, . 1 1:- 1 ,N 'fixifm :ff , ks' Q if gm , mmf " s -,, . JM., fm I 1 . .,gifswzzwsiiffgiw- . w jokes Mr. Rost: Pm sure this theory will prove correct. I've had it in my head for ten years. Kemp Young: Sort of aged in the wood isn't it? Tom Long: Could you love two girls at once? Gary Houdeshellr Immediately, where are they? Lewis Frantz: Why do they put holes in swiss cheese? ,Terry Businger: Beats me, it's limburger that needs the ventilation. Fred Stevenson: I've an insane desire to take you a.nd squeeze the breath out of you. Brenda Bowman: That's not insane, that's talking sense. Marlene Clinger: Isn't Frank married? Phyllis Stahl: No, and I don't think he ever intends to be. Marlene: What makes you say that? Phyllis: Well, he's studying for a Bachelor's Degree. Harold Bower: My uncle was kicked out of the submarine corps. Dick Fink: Why did they do that? Harold: He liked to sleep with the windows open. Leila Wolford: Why did they put you out of the antique shop? Ruth Ann Klotz: I don't know. All I did was walk in and ask, "What's new?" Mr. Castor: The exams are now in the hands of the printer. You have three days in which to review the six weeks work. Any questions? John Hindall: "Who's- the printer?" Barbara Waxler: Whenever I'm in the dumps I get a new hat. Duane Warner: I was wondering where you got them. Larry Rettig: Do you think Mr. Rost had enough fire in his speech? Larry Woodward: My opinion is he didn't put enough of his speech in the fire. Sally Grimes: CA pedestrianl What's the matter, are you blind? Catherine Hartman: Blind! I hit you didn't I? Mr. Daley: When rain falls, does it ever arise again? Raymond Bower: Yes Sir. Mr. Daley: When? Raymond: In dew time. Janet Ward: What does R.S.V.P. mean on this invitation? Charlotte Smith: Rush in, Shake hands, Vanish Promptly. Mary Ann Alexander: The trouble with you is, you're always' wishing for something you haven't got. Dorothy Waltermire: What else can Iwish for? Sue Hindalli When I looked up and saw that big bear, chills ran up my spine. Mr. Bibler: You mean chills ran up and down your spine. Sue: No sir! They were too scared to make the return trip. Mary Jane Bishop: Do you like conceited boys or the other kind? .T ean Beach: What other kind? Mr, Willeke: Do you play by ear? Kenny Fink: No, my neck doesn't stretch that far. 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OBEHUHQZ SHOES Eggggw UUE :Em WERE EE-W MEOEEU mugm E-3 gg EOF NHOQ EE E5 :Niggaz EWU :SEE gm :SEE HEOH ENE:-WE Zvi EWEENZ 21226 QEEU bam NEEL 333 VEE V-OE VEE E2-EDM swag 32:22 awigm NEB ENE-50m gdsm 530m HEOEZE 530m E032 QOLWE gg ENE :gg GSH BHESABQ E2 ENE EZ 42 ll Last Will and Testament We, the Senior Class of 1957, of Arlington High School, and the State of Ohio, being of sound mind and body, do make and declare this our last will and testament. We bequeath to our under- classmates, these qualities which we think will help them to be as successful as we were. Mary Ann Alexander, will my ability to go steady with Findlay College boys to Shirley Brown. Jean Beach, will my ability to sit still in typing class to Julia Bishop. Mary Jane Bishop, will my shyness to Sue Wisner. Harold Bower, will my Bookkeeping book to Donavan Kemerly. Raymond Bower, will my ability to get a red face without having a drop to drink to Ed Wisner. Brenda Bowman, will my ability to play the piano to anyone who wants to practice. Jerry Businger, will my crewcut to David Dillinger. Marlene Clinger, will my shortness to Rosemary Bishop. Kenneth Fink, will my blond hair to Connie Bowers. Richard Fink, will my black Chevy to Roy Riegle. Lewis Frantz, will my basketball ability to Randy Porter. Sally Grimes, will my ability to lose my band music to Cathie Solt. Catherine Hartman, will my slimness to Brenda Badertscher. Judy Hartman, will my ability to run over the curbs to anyone who can afford the new tires. John Hindall, will my ileetness on the football field to David Hartman. Sue Hindall, will my ability to wreck U49 Fords" to anyone who can afford the repair bills. Gary Houdeshell, will my conduct ability in Mrs, F alk's English class to Larry Steinman. Ruth Ann Klotz, will my ability to bethrown from a horse to anyone who thinks they can fall a.ny harder. l, Tom Long, will my printing abilities to David Davis. l, Larry Rettig, will my short fingernails to Randy Porter. I, Charlotte Smith, came in with nothing, left with nothing, so nothing from nothing leaves nothing. I, Phyllis Stahl, will my sideburns to David Dillinger. L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L Fred Stevenson, will my ability to say "Yes Brenda" to anyone who can. Dorothy Waltermire, will my ability to ride in Sue I-Iindall's car to anyone who thinks they can stay alive. Duane Warner, will my ability to play the trombone to Alan Wolford. Janet Ward, will my love of older men to Joyce Reddick, Barbara Waxler, will my ability to go steady with Findlay boys to Darlene Kemerly. Leila Wolford, will my ability to hang out at the Drug store to Betty Krout. Larry Woodward, will my Quarterback position to I. J. Solt. Kemp Yonge, will- my ability to get along with Mr. Castor to Donavan Kemerly. L L L L L L Class History In 1945, 37 bright, young, eager students trooped into Mrs. Castor's room. During the year Sally Grimes came giving us a total of 38. Our second year was spent xmder the guidance of Mrs. Simpson. During the year Bud Lafferry, David Eddington, and Phyllis Stahl joined us. We lost Mary Ellen Yoakurn, and Norman Lafferty. We ended up with 39 in our class. Our third year was under the guidance of Mrs. CPrattJ Miller. Robert Hempy, Vicky Crill, Ronald Brauneller, Ronald Liggett, Patricia Donaldson, and Carmen Gonzales joines us. During the year David Eddington and Norman Lafferty left us, We now totaled 43. Fourth year, Mrs. fFarmerJ Remaley was our teacher. We gained Ronnie Cooper, Larry Schaller, and Barbara fKeifery Marguart and Roy Reigle. We lost Robert Hempy, Vicky Crill, Carmen Gonzales, Bud Lafferty, Kay Hess, and Jerry Lafferty. 37 of us trooped into Mrs. Sem1er's room for our 5th year in schooL Gene Butler, Mary Anne Alexander, and Robert Reigle joined us. Ronnie Cooper, Barbara Marquart, Mary Ellen Oldham, Norman Rettig, Patricia Donaldson and Ronald Liggett left us. Our last year of grade school was spent under the direction of Mr. Gobrecht, and Mrs. Firsdon. We gained Connie Miller, Larry Klingler, and Lewis Frantz. We lost Connie Swank, and Larry Bosserman. Our 7th year was spent with Mr. Mengert as our advisor. We gained Janet Ward, Betty Lou Kitchen, and J' anet Scholtz. Welost Connie Miller, Roy Reigle, Gene Butler, Larry Klingler, Sandra Pirtle, Glenn Gibson, Larry Schaller, and Robert Reigle. At the end of the year we had 33 in our class. In our 8th year Mr. McClary was our advisor. We gained Connie Miller. We lost Larry Baird, Betty Lou Kitchen, and Janet Scholtz. We had 33' again in our class. Freshmen at last, Mrs, Welty and Mr. Mengert were our class advisors. We gained Fred Stevenson, Joyce Smith, J' erry Fletcher, and Patricia Donaldson. We lost Carol Errett. We totaled 34 at the end of the vear. Our sophomore year we had 31 in our class with Mr. Bibler and Mr. Trostmiller as our advisors. We gained Kemp Young, Larry Rettig, George Crohoske. We lost Lee Ann Pifer, Patricia Donaldson, Connie Miller, Ioyce Smith, Jerry Fletcher, and Larry Baird, Our Junior year was spent tmder the supervision of Mrs. LaRoche, and Mr. Daley. We lost George Grohoske, We had 30 in our class at the end of the year. Seniors! We still totaled 30. Gained and lost none. Our advisor is Mr. Rost. Editor Gary Houdeshell Class Prophecy THE OLD GAZETTE August 1, 1980 Larry Rettig and Larry Woodward have just broken the track record at Indianapolis Speedway, which is owned and run by Richard and Kenneth Fink, Inc. The trophy was presented to them by the famous movie star, Mary Alexander. The first woman to reach Mercury in her rocket-XV2 was Catherine Hartman, where much to her surprise she met Kemp Young who was busy splitting atoms. Duane Warner is replacing Groucho Marx on"You Bet Your Life." His first contestants, Raymond and Harold Bower, were previously on the 364,000 Question where Tom Long is master of cere- monies. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Stevenson, the former Brenda Bowman, have just opened a new Animal Hospital at Williamstown. Their first patient was a new type of furless cat, owned by Marlene Clinger. It seems the cat put up quite a furry. Sue Hindall and Jerry Businger have just opened the new Hall of Fame dancing school. The nominations for the Presidential election of 1980 was announced over the wide-wall television screen. On the Republican ticket isjanet Ward and John Hindall. Representing the Democrats are Gary Houdeshell and Charlotte Smith. Attention! All women who want to eat and still lose weight will be able to do so by entering the Slirnette Salon where Misses Leila Wolford and Barbara Waxler will guarantee you to look as good as two of their past patrons, Phyllis Stahl and Ruth Ann Klotz. Mary J' ane Bishop and Jean Beach, owners of the Bishop and Beach Doll Factory, have come out with a talkable doll. The first customer was Judy Hartman, who purchased three of them. Lewis Frantz, the 6'4" center star of the Fort Wayne Pistons made the startling record of 90 points in the game against the St. Louis Tigers. Perhaps he was inspired by the enthusiastic cheerleader, his former classmate, Dorothy Waltermire. Reporter-Sally Grimes Calendar AUGUST 27 School opens with one-half day 28 Second day of school 29 Third day of school SEPTEMBER 3 No school - Labor Day 6 Back to school 13 Seniors decide upon yearbooks Juniors order class rings 14 Liberty Benton game - there 21 Mt. Blanchard game - here 29 McComb game - there OCTOBER 2 Senior pictures taken at Dickens Studio A 5 Vanlue game - there 11 Sally Grimes voted homecoming queen 12 Arcadia game- here 18 Senior play cast selected 19 Van Buren game, homecoming game - here 20 Football boys went to O.S.U. game 25 Cory Rawson game - here - No trophy this year 26 No school - Teacher's meeting Community Halloween Dance NOVEMBER 2 Montgomery Local game - here 5 Rally day at school 6 Election day at school 15 Junior class rings arrived Hunting season opens 20 Basketball season opens Arcadia game - here 21 Sophomore Chapel Program 22 No school - Thanksgiving 23 No school - Thanksgiving 28 Honor Society meeting at Van Buren Sr. Play - Stranger in the Night 29 Sr. Play repeated 30 Cory Rawson game - here DECEMBER 7 Vanlue game - there 8 Senior pictures arrived 10 Seniors went to Findlay to visit Court House 14 Mt. Blanchard game - there 17 Sr. boys went to Elks for dimer 18 McComb game - there 20 Christmas program 21 FFA Sa FHA Christmas Party 28 Arlington vs Mt. Blanchard - at Ada 29 Arlington is declared winner of Basketball Camival at Ada JANUARY 2 Back to school 4 McComb game - here 9 Mid -term exams Calendar 10 No. school - icy roads 11 Cory Rawson game - there 12 Hardin Northern game - here 14 All-county music practice at Van Buren 17 Senior scholarship tests at Findlay 18 Liberty-Benton game - there 20 Mid -winter band concert 21 All-county music practice at Van Buren 23 Jr, High cheerleaders chosen 25 No school - teachers meeting Arcadia game - there 26 All-county music festival 28 Individual and group pictures taken 31 Seniors selected invitations FEBRUARY 1 Vanlue game - here 5 Mt. Blanchard game - here 8 Van Buren game - there - Arlington won the county championship Speech class presented a chapel program 13 Evangelist minister presented a chapel program 14 Honor Society meeting at Van Buren 15 Basketball tournament at McComb - Arlington vs Mt. Blanchard 20 Assembly program presented by Mr. and Mrs. Stewart 21 Freshmen presented a chapel program 22 Basketball tournament at Cory-Rawson - Arlington vs Liberty-Benton No school - Washington's Birthday 25 County Music auditions at McComb - solos and ensembles MARCH 6 Teachers Fish Fry at Cory-Rawson 7 Seniors Career Day at Findlay College 18 P.T.A. meeting 22 FHA Banquet 23 Solo and Ensemble auditions at Lima High School 29 FFA Banquet 30 District chorus and band auditions at Ohio Northem University APRIL 5 Ir. class play 12 8th grade tests 13 State solo and ensemble auditions at Bowling Green University 15 P.T.A. meeting 19 No school - Good Friday 26 G.A.A. show 27 State band and chorus auditions at Ashland College MAY 3 Style show 4 Scholarship Tests at Bowling Green University 10 Junior and Senior Banquet 13 Achievement night 17 Last day of school for Seniors 19 Baccalaureate and Commencement Eff f V ,,,,4, gf ,wg 3W" y Z golf! Q 4 2iggagaE:'ge Z' I MN Z' 4 JK X Z4 W J Advertising P TRO DAISY MAID BAKERY Findlay, Ohio ARMBRECHT APPLIANCE STORE Maytag Appliances 116 Center Street Findlay, Ohio THE PHOTO CENTER 207 South Main Street Phone 5925 Findlay, Ohio PDOTTS HARNESS LUGGAGE SHOP Pet Supplies - Gifts 215 South Main Street Findlay, Ohio WARREN'S MEN SHOP 213 South Main Street Findlay, Ohio CAPITAL TIRE SHOP 414 West Main Cross Findlay, Ohio I Sz M DISTRIBUTING CO. Distributors Gulf Oil Products Phone 490 Findlay, Ohio HANCOCK COUNTY FARM BUREAU Mt. Blanchard, Ohio JACKSON FURNITURE CO. 311 South Main 320 North Main Findlay, Ohio DAVIS GARAGE and TIRE SERVICE Phone 5-5491 Williamstown, Ohio HI-WAY FURNITURE Complete Home Furnishings Arlington, Ohio STEINER'S BARBER SHOP Ienera, Ohio RAUCH HARDWARE Hardware Appliances - Bottled Gas Ienera, Ohio BOWMAN BROS. BLACKSMITH and WELDING West Liberty Street Phone 5-5163 Arlington, Ohio HARTMAN'S GARAGE Williamstown, Ohio TH ADS Compliments of the ARLINGTONIAN Compliments of a Friend Dr, William Brown Mt. Blanchard, Ohio STEINMAN BROTHERS LUMBER CO. Lumber- Roofing- Millwork Jenera, Bluffton, Ada JENERA CO-OP ASSOCIATION Echo Feeds-Water Resistant Cement Blocks Phone Ienera 4444 LYNN A. LYON CO. Frigidaire Appliances Phone 3755 Findlay, Ohio S gl S DRUG STORE 223 South Main Phone 409 Findlay, Ohio AL BASS Findlay, Ohio DALE KROUT 82 SONS Phone 4761 Findlay, Ohio SPORTSMAN LANES Northwestern Ohio's Finest Alleys 616 Trenton Ave. Findlay, Ohio FINDLAY EQUIPMENT SALES 828-30 North Main Street Phone 1224 Findlay, Ohio E OHIO FARMERS GRAIN and SUPPLY A Wholesaler of Farm Supplies Phone 7761 Fostoria, Ohio LOUIE the BICYCLE MAN Authorized Schwinn Dealer Findlay, Ohio THOMA S IEWELERS Diamonds- Watches- Silverware Findlay, Ohio BEACH RADIO 85 TELEVISION Prompt Television Service Phone 268-G Bluffton, Ohio H. E. WEIHRAUCH TRUCKING Phone 5-2741 Arlington, Ohio SS'N P TRON I, G. BAME McCormick-Deering Dealer Arlington, Ohio BRANAN'S GULF SERVICE Service with a Smile Phone 5-2631 Arlington, Ohio GEHRISCH IMPLEMENT SALES Farm Implement and Supplies Phone 5-3091 Arlington, Ohio M, B, VAN ATTA, JR, Interior and Exterior Painting Arlington, Ohio MORROW POULTRY Call To-Q"Morrow"j-Today Phone 5-5375 Arlington, Ohio FENSTERMAKER'S SHOE CO. 415 South Main Street Findlay, Ohio BLACK AND WARNER Men's Wear 403 South Main Findlay, Ohio SMITH HARDWARE Ienera , Ohio SAN-A -PURE DAIRY Finest in Dairy Service Phone 613 Findlay, Ohio THE TARBOX-MC CALL STONE CO, Crushed Stone 86 Stone Sand Phone 171 Findlay, Ohio KENNEDY PRINTING COMPANY 219 South Main Street Phone 296 Findlay, Ohio BERNARD DECKER 'S PONY FARM Registered and Grade Ponies Phone 5-2715 Arlington RR. 4, Findlay, Ohio DEWAYNE HINDALL Nationwide Mutual Insurance Fire - Auto - Life ADS STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS R. H. Coldren 8a Son Phone 5-3795 or 5-3790 Arlington, Ohio CARL'S TRUCK STOP Carl 85 Mildred Bidlack R. R, 4, Findlay, Ohio BECKWITH WATCH REPAIR 844 Liberty Street Phone 2829-R Findlay, Ohio Compliments of RUSSELL BUSINGER PRODUCER'S STOCK YARD Mt. Blanchard, Ohio George Price, Manager TIFFIN AVENUE SOHIO Tiffin 85 McManness Avenue Findlay, Ohio SHERIFF CARSON DAVIS ARLINGTON BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. Phone 5-2581 Arlington, Ohio HUGHES DRY CLEANERS Findlay's Leading Cleaners 'Phone 617-1175 Findlay, ohio FINDLAY BODY REPAIR CO. Complete Body and Fender Repair 873 South Blanchard Street Phone Main 2816 Findlay, Ohio KUM-ON -INN Fine Foods Earl 85 Gladys Clum M, D, NEFF LUMBER CO, 125 Fair Street Findlay, Ohio BUTLER'S IGA MARKET Phone 4-2527 Mt. Blanchard, Ohio LOREN E. BIBLER Life - Fire - Auto Insurance Arlington, Ohio Autographs I J i'E'b- 2 INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS FACTORY ' HOME OFFICE Kunsus City

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