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.4 f Q nzfwggymwfv 11 0 I 0 ! 3: Q , .Q ,-. f 5 uf: Y LL f K ..,-- Q 4 1 , 1 1 ef v . ' 1 -1. nv 4 w fl? , V . 55, I 3 . , 1 I f'--.-s- f 'fg '1 QQ 239, hr :Wi fi , - i -3 ' QF' 'I' 4: - If :L "LEA : .- '- '--4. .-n .il .. Ti ,:. : ..:::S Q31 N, .ag :W a,- ,. wx, ' .1 :N f 2? ,-l 'Ez 15k ,. 'QF ,J .MSI , ilk' ,1 1-1' 1 ,Ls 1 - ,- Z V if , Q. Q iii ef I ' ' 1-'P' . ' JT! ff? SF? ' if v+i2. ,-11 :'ffQ:, . 39 N9-. Ha 55 .,1 I :Q 513' PATRON Compliments of DAISY MAID BAKERY Findlay, Ohio HI-WAY FURNITURE Arlington, Ohio FARM BUREAU INSURANCE COMPANIES CAuto, Fire, Lifej Phone 45 Arlington Compliments of DR. BROWN, M.D. Mt. Blanchard, Ohio RUSSELL BISHOP Genuine Deepfreeze 8 Blackstone R.R. 4 Findlay, Ohio Compliments of J. G. BAME HYour International Harvester Dealern Arlington, Ohio Compliments of BUTLER'S IGA MARKET Phone 46 Mt. Blanchard, Ohio KIMMEL SOHIO STATION Arlington, Ohio ADS ARLINGTON PAINT AND REPAIR Body Repair and Spraying C. E. Sink, Proprietor Arlington, Ohio GEHRISCH IMPLEMENT SALES Arlington, ohio Compliments of THE ARLINGTONIAN Cal Longworth DR. GORDON BIXEL Optometrist Bluffton, Ohio Compliments of NORRIS BOWMAN nYour Stock Hauleru Arlington, Ohio STELLA'S SODA GRILL Stop a Bit - Rest a Mite Eat a Bite! Phone 214 Arlington, Ohio STANLEY WOODWARD Motorist Mutual Agent HBest Company at the Time of Lossu PATRON ADS MOREY'S 501 South Main Street ALICE BEAUTY AND DRESS SHOP 411 South Main Street Findlay, Ohio ARLINGTON BUILDER'S SUPPLY CO. Arlington, Ohio Telephone 41 BRANAN ' S GULF Arlington, Ohio HARTMAN'S GARAGE Williamstown, Ohio JENERA CO-OPERATIVE ASSOCIATION Feeds - Grains Waterproof Cement Blocks Compliments of STEINER'S BARBER SHOP Jenera, Ohio RAUCH HARDWARE Hardware-Appliances-Bottle Gas Jenera, Ohio STEIMAN BROS. LUMBER CO. Lumber-Roofing-Millwork Jenera, Bluffton, Ada R. C. WINELAND, JEWELER HFor Gifts That Lastn Jenera, Ohio J. C. ARRINGTON Stone, Dirt, Lime Hauling Phone Jenera 5223 Jenera, Ohio JAQUA'S SPORTING GOODS Athletic Supplies Team and School Supplies Compliments of THE SHERIFF CARSON DAVIS HUGHS CLEANERS ll2 West Front Street 701 Howard Street Findlay, Ohio Compliments of SMITH HARDWARE CO. Jenera, Ohio Compliments of ARMBRECHT APPLIANCE STORE WAALAND'S GREENHOUSE Flowers for All Occasionsn Phone 369 Findlay, Ohio DAVIS ELECTRIC Appliance Sales-Service 318 West Main Cross Street Findlay, Ohio EGBERTS HOME FURNISHINGS 404 East Sandusky Street Phone 2440 Findlay, Ohio CAPITAL FIRE SHOP 414 West Main Cross Street Phone 959 Findlay, Ohio BLACK AND WARNER Men's Clothing 403 South Main Street Findlay, Ohio JACKSON'S FURNITURE CO. 311 South Main 320 North Main Findlay, Ohio SAN-A-PURE DAIRY NFinest in Dairy Productsn Findlay, Ohio Phone 613 Findlay, Ohio LOUIE, THE BICYCLE MAN THE PHOTO CENTER Authorized Schwinn Bicycle Dealer Quality and Service Findlay, Ohio 207 S. Main St. Findlay, Ohio Q I ,,.4x I 0 ff , I ff! ,ff f 'X 1 ' . ' f , 1 A ff,f, X I 1 ff X 7 1 ' It 1 X, f f 1 ' n R P I 1-4 TT vzfx, -r ,,.- Q ,T ' u -- 5' lxllsx Xfi ffff N X X ff . QQ M", rn-A' qs IF' ,fffk fy - 1--X-I M or,"-H:-76? f XMJQL-f1Q1 N X 5-1: ' f f uwhwizfnl' , gi" A Q ff. S 2- -f ' ff ' ,ff V- -'fr' ,iii "" .-- , - 41. , 1 7 'f1 Xu' ' -- gm, -4' X - . -M--Y-A P"-' '.-lg - , I, - W, i-,.-'---- ,-. ' - A N. . ff' -3 5 Q ll --:rw - X ' -T f Ag- .Q .l.14ff6m7, 1 : N CLASS PROPHECY CCONT'Dl Roberta Hindall has just been hired by the Arlington Fibers, Inc. as a private secretary to the President of the firm. She is being paid as a start- ing salary S1000.00 a month. We have just received word that Harold Marquart has just signed a contract to play fullback on the Professional Football Team owned by Jerry Jolliff. They say Harold has been paid 840,000 for one season, and if he proves himself, he may get more money next year. They have the great backfield coach, Donald LaRoche, and the great line coach, Gary Hickle. The public is expecting quite a team with this combination. Kathleen Smith and Carol Riegle have just purchased the Kim-on-Inn Restaurant. They are serving as owner and worker. While one is away, the other does the work. The devastating young singer, Eileen Feller, has just released another smash hit that is sweeping the country by storm. In regard to this she has been given a television program of her own. She will be on from 7:00 to 9:00 each night of the week. If she keeps on, she will be the most popular singer of the nation. Martha Rausch, the manager of a branch office of the Plain View Farm Dairy, will be promoted to the regional manager in Findlay.It is becaus'e of her, that the business has grown to what it now is. The famed David Gillespie, a member of the Philharmonic Orchestra, will strat a tour of the world. He will tour all the major cities, and he will pass through Arlington in about three weeks stopping to give a concert at that time. He will be accompanied by an up-and-coming young artist of the keyboard, Miss Phyllis Garwood. We are happy to announce the wedding of Miss Barbara Hindall to a former graduate of this school. We are wishing them the best of everything. We have received word that Carol Armentrout is engaged to the good- looking millionaire, "I. M. Loaded". For a wedding present he gave ner a new Cadillac Convertible. We have been notified that Miss Barbara Mercer has been promoted to Major in the W. A. F. 's. Miss Mercer enlisted after she had been out of school for only two weeks. She will be sent to Europe next month to ,take command of the forces over there. Miss Mary Jane Riegle, who is the owner of the Fashionable Resorts and Hotels, has just bought another motel. She is planning to remodel it, and she is hoping to make more than she invested. The Forence Nightingale of today, Miss Jeannine Hartman, has just in- vented a cure for the common cold. .One of the chief ingredients is alfalfa meal. This should be a boom to alfalfa farmers. The reporter of this current news, Lyle Hendricks, Jr., was given a pro- motion because of the fine work he did on finding out the occupations of the 1955 graduates of Arlington High School. CLASS PROPHECY New York Herald Tribune Reporter-Lyle Hendricks, Jr. Bill Alge, who was sworn into office of President of the United States, has promised his voters that if they voted for him he would lower the taxes and boost the pay of the poor workers. For thoses who do not have a job he will see that they get one. The poor workers said that if they do not get a job they will assassinate him. So Bill will have to be on his toes. Robert Fink has just been appointed head of the Department of Agri- culture by the President, Bill Alge, Mr. Fink will make his home in Arling- ton, Ohio, and will report back to Washington D. C. every couple of weeks. He is a strict believer in sanitation and he is in a position to do something about it. So beware all you unsanitary farmers! Allen Woodruff, an up-and-coming young State Highway Patrolman, nabbed his sixth offender in two days last night. Among those cited to ap- pear before Judge Lelan Pifer, is Donald Buess, notorious Mayor of Wil- liamstown, Ohio, and his bride-to-be, Miss Ruth Waltermire. It seems that Miss Waltermire was in a hurry to get home to make sure that her goldfish had enough water. I The brighter side of the news finds a dinner party held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Beagle. The dinner was held in honor of Admiral Harold Seek. Mrs. Seek, the former Marjorie Butler, looked stunning in an elaborate creation by the noted Parisian Gown Designer, Janice Hindall. Richard Bowman, Esq., who joined a circus as the strong man, will ap- pear in Arlington for a feature performance. In advertisements it is said that he can lift 800 pounds over his head as if it were nothing. iHe lifts people's spirits, it seems, a1so.J James Arrington, a great business executive and part-owner of a thriv- ing busines firm, has just hired the very fine bookkeeper, Miss Marie Mar- quart, to keep his accounts straight. Carol Bishop and Nancy Smith, who have just graduated from a Nur- ses' College, will soon start to work in the Arlington Community Hospital. They hope to have a lot of PATIENCE. Sally King, fascinating young starlet, was in New York last week to at- tend the opening of her new picture, "Edna", which, if it meets all expecta- tions, will shatter all previous box office records. Donald Smith, Owner-Manager of Custom-Craft, Inc., has finally bro- ken the land speed record of 452.18 m.p.h., which was set by Bob Crosser in 1961. Don's fastest one-way speed was 458.98. His rod was built around a 1946 Ford Chassis. The company has turned out many fine customs since it had its beginning in 1958. Robert Wells, owner of Transportation, Inc., has been awarded a Gov- emment Contract to haul uranium from Juneau, Alaska, to Tampa, Florida. Before receiving this contract, he hauled farm produce for Mr. James Smith. Mr. Smith owns "Snug Havenn, an experimental farm, located near Arling- ton, Ohio. 21. 22. 24 29 30. 31. 25. 27. 28. F. H. A.-F. F. A. Christmas Party. Christmas Program. One-half day of school. QBefore Christmas Vacation.J Christmas. Christmas Vacation. Christmas Vacation. Band Dance. Christmas Vacation. Christmas Vacation. Christmas Vacation. JANUARY: 1. Happy New Year. 3 7 15 16 21 24 28 31 . Back to school. . Cory-Rawson-there. . Congratulations to Susanna and Dewey. . Afternoon Band Concert. . No school. Teachers' Meeting. . Practice at Liberty for County Music . Senior Scholarship Tests. Vanlue game-here. . Practice at Liberty for County Music FEBRUARY: 4 5 7 8 11 15 18 19 22 24 25 26 McComb game-there County Music Festival at Arlington. Teachers' Banquet at Arlington. Carey garne-there. Cory-Rawson game-here. Honor Society Meeting at Vanlue. . Toumament Games. Toumament Games. Firemen's Talent Show. No School. Washington's Birthday. Senior Commercial Students visited O Tournament Games. Toumament Games. MARCH: 4 11 12 17 County Music Auditions at McComb. . Junior Play. . Solo 8a Ensemble at Lima. Festival. Festival. hio Oil Co . "Career Day" for Seniors at Findlay College. 18 F. H. A. Banquet. 21 P. T. A. Meeting 25 F. F. A. Banquet. 26 Band SL Chorus at Bluffton. 30 Preliminary District-State Test. APRIL: 2 District Finals-solo Sz ensemble-at Bowling Green 5. Honor Society Banquet at Van Buren. 8. No school. Good Friday. 15 Eighth Grade Achievement Tests. 18 P. T. A. Meeting. 20 School Masters' Banquet at Arcadia. 23 State Finals-band 8a chorus. 30. Jr. High Music Contest at Shawnee. MAY: 6. Style Show. 7. Final District-State Scholarship Test. 13. 22. 23. Jr. 8a Sr. Banquet. "We finally made it." Baccalaureate 8z Commencement. Grade Cards. CALENDAR SEPTEMBER: 1. School opens with one-half day. 2. Second day of school. 3. Third day of school. 6. No School. Labor Day. 7. Fourth day of school. 8. Half day. Out for Fair. 10. No school. Out for Fair. Football Preview at Findlay. 17. Juniors ordered class rings. Football game at North Baltimore.- 24. Football game at Cory-Rawson. 25. Band went to Ohio State Game. OCTOBER: 1. Football game at Liberty-Benton. Program. The Table Tennis Stars. 2. Football boys went to Ohio State Game. 8. Mt. Blanchard football game-here. 9. Band played at Democratic Ox Roast in Findlay 14. Senior Pictures taken at Fostoria. 15. Football game at McComb. 20. Program. Sound Effects. 22. Football game at Vanlue. 23. Band played at Findlay College Homecoming. fReceived trophy.J 27. Band played at Halloween Parade at Findlay. QNancy Smith was crowned Queen.J 28. Arcadia Game-here. . iFootball show sponsored by the band.J 29. No school. Teachers' Meeting. Community Halloween Party at school. 31. Halloween. NOVEMBER: 5. Van Buren Football game-here. Senior Play cast selected. 10. County Honor Society Meeting at Arlington. 11. Vacation. Armistice Day. 12. Seniors sold ads for Annual. Freshman Initiation. 15. No school. First day of hunting season. 19. Basketball season opens at Van Buren. 20. F. H. A. Bake Sale. . Cooking School for F. H. A. girls of county. . Thanksgiving Day Chapel by Sophomores. Mt. Blanchard game-here. 25. No school. Thanksgiving Day. . No school. Thanksgiving Day Vacation. . Senior Play. 22 24 26 30 DECEMBER: 1. Senior Play repeated. 3. Arcadia game. 4. Hardin-Northern game. 6. Seniors choose invitations. 10. Senior pictures came. Liberty game-here. 11. Vanlue game-here. 17. McComb game-here. CLASS WILL We, the Senior Class of 1955, Arlington High School, the village of Ar- lington, the county of Hancock, and the state of Ohio, being of sound mind and memory do make, publish, and declare this our last will and testament. We submit to our under-classmates and our teachers, these qualities which we think will help them to be just as successful as we are: Bill Agle, will my ability to work math to Neal Davis. I. I, Carol Armentrout, will my stoutness to Lewis Frantz. I Jimmy Arrington, will my good behavior in English class to Robert Es- singer. I Jerry Beagle, will my ability to get in trouble in Mr. Bibler's Math Class to anyone who is dumb enough to try it. I, Carol Bishop, will my ability for liking Hurricanes fMt. Blanchard! to Tom Kroske. Don Buess, will my old 40 Ford to George Grohoske. Marjorie Butler, will my ability to play the piano to Kenny Fink. Bob Crosser, will my Ford to George Grohoske. Eileen Feller, will my quiet ways to Charlotte Smith. Bob Fink, will my typing skill to anyone who wants a headache. Phyllis Garwood, will my ability to play my cornet loud in marching band to Sally Grimes. I, David Gillespie, will my 33 Plymouth to anyone who can afford to keep it running. I, Jeannine Hartman, will my ability to avoid parallel parking to anyone who can afford to keep driving around the block. I, Gary Hickle, will my fondness of Mrs. Welty to George Grohoske and Jean Hartman. I, Lyle Hendricks, will my ability to park on a certain bridge without getting caught to Jerry Beach. I Janice Hindall, will my tall stature to Ann Dally. I, Barbara Hindall, will my long black hair to Jane Smith. I Roberta Hindall, will my ability to hit cement tanks to anyone who can afford to have the dents pounded out of the car. I, Jerry Jolliff, will my excess weight to .Larry Riegle. I, Sally King, will my stolen saxophone to who ever can find it. I, Don LaRoche, will my end of the football bench to anyone who can sit on it for folu' years. I Harold Marquart, will my silence to anyone who has the ability to keep his mouth shut. I, Marie Marquart, will my knowledge of history and current events to Dick Fink. Barbara Mercer, will my long red hair to Ruth Ann Klotz. Lelan Pifer, will my English Lieterature to anyone who can stay awake in Trostmiller's class. Martha Rausch, will my short hair to Norma Jean Beach. Carol Riegle, will my ability to get along with Mr. Castor in Driving Class to anyone who thinks he can. I, Mary Jane Riegle, will my ability to talk in second period study hall to Janice Flick. Harold Seek, will my ability to play football to Herman Riegle. Don Smith, will my Findlay girl friends to Terry Redick. Jim Smith, will my habit of going to Mt. Blanchard to Wayne Sink. Kathleen Smith, will my ability to get Math. to Janice Flick. Nancy Smith, will my neat handwriting to Mr. Castor. Ruth Walterrnire, will my driver's license to anyone who can get a car to go with it. Bob Wells, will my assigned seat in Welty's study hall to Louie Rettig. Dick Bowman, will my ability to get in trouble with Mrs. Knight to Ken- ny Fink. D I 7 I I I. I I I, 9 I, I, I, I I D Y 7 I I I. I I I, I. I, 1-um, M ff -. , - ,f.. gs- A A wi Q . . 6 v s V1 5 .X X X ,130 K " 5 f U Y X. W QP f y. Ag: wg, M PASTIME Sleeping Reading Pestering Whistling Chewing gum Trojan TV Branan's Gulf Gigghng Typing Music Plain View Farm Playing Piano Correcting Mrs. LaRoche Mt. Blanchard Clothes Allen Cory-Rawson Findlay Findlay Talking Reading Gisslins Sleeping Dipping ice cream Restaurant Findlay Finding Trouble Hindall Cleaning Cars Studying Writing Letters Combing Hair Sleeping Gulf Station Studying Driving WHO WEAKNESS Women Eating Arithmetic Cory-Rawson Girls Fords Cars New Cars Sophomores Cooking Jokes Studying Sonja Juniors Greene Barbara Hardin-Northern Olds-88 Paul My car Dogs Girls Mischief Football Players Gals Ball Games Chewing Gum Radio My Little Marjorie Red Heads Girls Dogs Cats Boys Nancy Chevrolets Eating Apples Sophomores NOTED FOR Meanness Giggling Butch Haircut Singing Cracking Gum Hillbilly Singing Playing Piano Parking Driving Wise Cracks Playing Piano Cowboy Hats Baby Sitting Fixing Cheves Playing Pool Late Hours Temper Red Hair Skipping School Saxophone Teasing Grades Red Hair Bashfulness Quiet Ways Quiet Ways Quiet Ways Strength Speeding Driving Car Milking Cows Cheerleading Talking Curly Hair Dancing Quietness Messing Around NAME Bill Alge Carol Armentrout James Arrington Jerry Beagle Carol Bishop Don Buess Marjorie Butler Robert Crosser Eileen Feller Robert Fink Phyllis Garwood David Gillespie Jeannine Hartman Lyle Hendricks Gary Hickle Janice Hindall Barbara Hindall Roberta Hindall Jerry Jolliff Sally King Donald LaRoche Marie Marquart Barbara Mercer Lelan Pifer Martha Rausch Carol Riegle Mary Jane Riegle Harold Seek Donald Smith James Smith Kathleen Smith Nancy Smith Ruth Waltermire Robert Wells Dick Bowman Harold Marquart Allen Woodruff ' WHO'S Pacos Arm Jim Beagle Bishop Buess Marje Bob Feller Fink Phyl Dave Hartman Bud Hickle Jan Barb Berta J essee Sal Donnie Jasper Mercer Pifer Martha Rig Janie Zeek Smitty Jim Kate Nance Ruthie Frig Syke Sam Al FAVORITE SAYING What? Whoa Nellie! Huh! Aw! I just about died! I don't know. Gee Whiz. iCensoredJ Oh My Gosh! Holy Cow! Oh Gee! That's the way it goes! Oh No! How about that? Do I care? Shut up. That's for sure! Alla' Time I don't care. Who said? Gosh! Anything else? Quit. Understand? For Heavens Sake. Now! For crying out loud. Don't know do you? W-H-A-T I say Oh Hector! What are you talking about? Oh shut up. That's life. QCensoredJ Aw! ' fCensoredJ SENIOR PLAY FIR T CAST First Row: Nancy Smith, Kathleen Smith, David Gillespie, Sally King, Jerry Beagle, Janice Hindall, Don Smith. Second Row: Carol Armentrout, Marie Marquart, Jeannine Hartman, Don LaRoche, Marjorie Bulter, Carol Riegle, Bob Fink, Harold Marquart, Bill Alge, Gary Hickle. SECOND CAST First Row: Roberta Hindall, Jim Smith, David Gillespie, Sally King, Barbara Hindall, Carol Bishop, Eileen Feller. Second Row: Carol Armentrout, Mary Jane Riegle, Harold Seek, Don Smith, Carol Riegle, Bob Fink, Lelan Pifer, Jim Arrington, Gary Hickle. Compliments of: HANCOCK COUNTY AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASSOCIATION Arlington Ford Sales Kirk Motor Sales Collingwood Motor Sales Grubb Motor Sales-McComb Latham Motor Sales Corbin Brothers-Arlington Harrington Chevrolet Co. Laub Sales Co. Duffield Motor Co. Hollington Motor Sales McCullough Motor Sales Gleasons Sales 8: Service Findlay Truck 8z Farm Equipment Willard Sales 8: Service UNIOR PLAY 1954 First Row: Jerry Beagle, Roberta Hindall, David Gillespie, Eileen Feller. Second Row: Lelan Pifer, Mary Jane Riegle, Phyllis Garwood, Bob Wells, Jim Arring ton, Harold Seek. THE GOSSIP PROM DATE First Row: Marjorie Butler, Sally King, Nancy Smith, Janice Hindall, Martha Rausch. Second Row: Bud Hendricks, Bob Crosaer, Don Buesa, Don LaRoche, Don Smith. Absent: 'Tom Hendershot. GHOST FOR RENT First Row: Kathleen Smith, Carol Bishop, Jeannine Hartman, Jim Smith. Second Row: Marie Marquart, Carol Riegle, Bob Fink, Bill Alge. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Seated: Mr. Mengert, Lelan Pifer, Bob Essinger, Jerry Beagle, Jerry Beach, Bob Fink, Paul Dean Smith, Terry Redick, Bob Grieser. Standing: Loris Ward, Donald LaRoche, Raymond Bower, Dick Fink, Virgil Cotner, Harold Bower, Lewis Frantz, Bob Schaller, J. J. Solt, Eugene Grieser, Ronald Brauneller, Larry Brinkman. The F. F. A. is made up of 24 members, 4 Seniors, 9 Juniors, 5 Sopho- mores. and 6 Freshmen. The officers for the year 1954-1955 are: President, Bob Fink, Vice Pres- ident, Jerry Beach, Secretary , Jim Bameg Treasurer, Paul Dean Smithg Re - porter, Jerry Beagle, Sentinel, Bob Essingerg Advisor, Mr. Fred Mengert. Some of the years activities are: Parent Sz Son Banquet, seed com and garden seed sales, parliamentary procedure contest, pest hunt, com test plot, and county and state judging contest. One of the major trips of interest was a tour of The National Lime 8: Stone Company at Carey, Ohio. The chapter also took a trip through the Ohio Farmers Fertilizer Company at Fostoria, Ohio. First Row: Sonja Grieser, Rosalyn Gossman, Kay Wagner, Jean Foltz, Marilyn Smith, Edna Reichley, Anna Reichley, Janet Ward. Second Row: Mrs. Welty, Phylis Houdeshell, Janice Wagner, Ann Fink, Sue Beagle, Rhea Jean Kimmel, Joyce Wilson,Cecilia Skeeters, Myrna Businger, Kay Hartman. Third Row: Charlotte Smith, Leila Wolford, Phyllis Stahl, Barbara Waxler, Janet But- te, Joyce Redick, Ruthann Walters, Ruth Ann Klotz. F.H.A. The Arlington Chapter of the Future Homemakers of America organized in October for the year of 1954-1955. The following officers were elected: Jean Foltz, president, Marilyn Smith, vice presidentg Edna Reichley, secretary, Sonja Grieser, treasurerg Kay Wagner, parlimentariang Rosa- lyn Gossman, reporter. Our club mother was Mrs. Merritt Foltz. The club has had many activities this year. In November the Freshman members were initiated. The F.F.A. was entertained with our annual Christ- mas party in December. A bake sale was also held in December. In February a talent show was presented for the public. In March our anual Mother- Daughter Banquet was held and in May we gave a final farewell picnic. The club attended both Bi-County meetings at Vanlue and Cory-Raw- son. Several membes received the Chapter Homemaker Degree. It was a worth-while and very enjoyable year for all of us. DRIVING CLASS First Row: Janice Flick, Bernadine Businger, Barbara Mercer, Marilyn Smith, Sonja Grieser, Carol Marquart, Rita Schafer, Jean Foltz, Clara Jean Hartman, Kay Wagner. Second Row: Mr. Castor, Gary Hickle, Bill Arrington, Harold Bower, Marjorie Butler, Nancy Bishop, Carol Ann Traucht, Janet Butte, Rosalyn Gossman, Edna Reichley, Jane Smith, Larry Beach. Third Row: Ronald Brauneller, Neal Davis, Virgil Cotner, Bob Grieser, Robert Schal- ler, Jerry Beach, Paul Dean Smith, Wayne Sink, Maynard Steinman, Terry Redick, Jim Bame, Bob Essinger, Tom Kroske. SCHOOL PATROL Jack Glick, Frank Jolliff, Gene Crates, and David Davis. NEUHASUER HATCHERY, Phone 38, Arlington, Ohio. DONNA'S BEAUTY SHOPPE, Modern and Air-Conditioned, Phone 116 J, Arlington. PIFER STONE COMPANY, Crushed Stone and Agriculture Lime, Phone 161-F 21, Arlington Seated: Brenda Bowman, Brenda Badertscher, Cecilia Skeeters, Janice Wagner, Phylis Houdeshell, Diana Frantz, Roberta lnbody, Sally Grimes. Standing: Phyllis Garwood, Sandra Marquart, Julia Bishop, Judy Brubaker, Duane Warner, Eddie Wisner, Jerry Brubaker, Harold Marquart, Larry Steinman, Kenneth Fink, Mrs. LaRoche. LATI CLUB HO OR UCIETY .gli First Row: Rossalyn Gossman, Rita Schafer, Carol Marquart, Edna Reichley, Kay Wagner. Marilyn Smith, Jean Foltz. Second Row: Mrs. Knight, Marie Marquart, Kathleen Smith, Nancy Bishop, Farol Traucht, Jerry Beagle, Roberta l-lindall, Jeannine Hartman, Phyllis Garwood, and Marjorie Bulter. if-Q qi ,f"'7C,,'5. Amnqimng, MIXED CHGRUS First Bow: Jane Smith, Nancy Smith, Phyllis Garwood, Barbara Hindall, Ruth Wal- termire, Barbara Mercer, Janice Hindall, Sally King, Kathleen Smith. Second Row: Larry Riegle, Sonja Grieser, Charlotte Smith, Jeannine Hartman, Janet Ward, Sally Grimes, Phyllis Stahl, Marilyn Smith, Edna Reichley, Carol Marouart, Kay Wagner, -lean Foltz, Rita Schafer, Dorothy Waltermire. Third Row: Mr. Vlfilleke, David Gillespie,Boberta Hindall, Carol Bishop. Rosalyn Gow- man, Martha Bausch, Judy Hartman, Leila Wolford, Brenda Bowman, Marjorie Butler, Janet Butte, Barbara Waxler, Carol Ann Traueht, Nancy Bishop, Catherine Hartman, lii- leen Feller, Sue I-lindall, Kenny Fink, Bob Arrington. Fourth Bow: Jim Smith, Raymond Bower, Bob Essinger, Loris Ward, Jerry Beagle, Terry Redick, Robert Schaller, Bob Crosser, Duane Warner, Virgil Cotner, Fred Stevenson, Donovan Kemerley, J. J. Solt, Eddie Wisner, Paul Dean Smith, Jim Arrington, Wayne Sink, Maynard Steinman, Tom Kroske, MIXED ENSEMBLE Quest 'ua --we First Row: Rosalyn Gossman, Charlotte Smith, Barbara Hindall, Nancy Smith. Second Row: David Gillespie, Wayne Sink, Duane Warner, and Tom Kroske. I, G. DHUMMELSMITH,New and Used Farm l'Iquipment, l Mile North and l Mile West of Arlington GIRLS' CHGRU First How: Sonja Grieser, Rhea Jean Kimmel, Mary Jane Bishop, Joyce Wilson, Ann Fink, Ruth Ann Walters, Anna Reichley, Sally Grimes, Marilyn Smith, Charlotte Smith. Second Row: Judy Hartman, Nancy Smith, Roberta Hindall, Phyllis Houdeshell, Ja- nice Wagner, Myrna Businger, Marlene Clinger, Kay Hartman, Kay Wagner, Janet Ward, Brenda Badertscher, Edna Reichley. Third Row: Jane Smith, Carol Bishop, Phyllis Garwood, Ruth Kalb, Leila Wolford, Jeannine Hartman, Brenda Bowman, Marjorie Butler, Janet Butte, Barbara Waxler, Carol Traucht, Nancy Bishop, Catherine Hartman, Eileen Feller, Jean Foltz, Rita Schafer, Mr. Willeke. Fourth Row: Shirley Feister, Sue Beagle, Diana Frantz, Barbara Mercer, Kathleen Smith, Barbara I-lindall,Rosalyn Gossman, Martha Bausch, Janice Hindall,Sally King, Ruth Waltermire, Roberta Inbody, Joyce Redick, Julia Bishop, Sandra Marquart, Phyllis Stahl, Dorothy Waltermire, Sue Hindall, Jean Beach, Carol Marquart. BOYS' CHORUS First Row: Bob Arrington, Jim Smith, David Gillespie. Harold Seek. Fred Stevenson, Kenny Fink, Harold Bower, Harold Marquart. Second Row: Mr. Willelzc, Maynard Steinman, lionald Brauneller, Eugene Griescr, Bob Crosser, Paul llean Smith, Jim Arrington, Harold Butte, Larry Riegle. Third Row: Jerry Beagle, Terry Redick, Wayne Sink, liziyniond Bower, lioliert Schul- ler, J, J. Solt, Virgil Cotner, Uonovan Kernerley, Duane Warner, Eddie Wisner, Lori:-z Ward, Bob Bssinger, and 'l'om Kroske. Compliments ot ll. K, 'l'lil'il'X'l'l M. IJ.. Al. li Wll,l.lAMS M. ll. EVANS 'l'Yl'l'lWHl'l'Eli CO., Royal Typewriler'Ufi'ice lflquipinent, Findlay, Ohio, ,Vt S w-Y'z ,Jig i , DA CE BA D Fira! Row: Kathleen Smith, Charlotte Smith, Bill Alge, Sally King, Jeannine Hartman Sec-und Row: Jim Smith, David Gillespie, Fred Stevenson, Phyllis Garwuod, Jerry Bea- Sue Hindall, Duane Warner, qv!! BOYS' ENSEMBLE First Row: Raymond Bower, Jerry Beagle, Terry Redick, Tom Kroske. Second Row: David Gillespie, Wayne Sink, Virgil Cotner, Jim Smith. M J ORETTES J ORETTE Phylis Houdeahell, Judy Hartman. Roberta Hindall, Barbara Hindall R0l79l'f8 Hindall First Row: Phylis Houdeshell, Judy Hartman, Roberta Hindall, Barbara Hindall. Second Row: Judy Bates, Bill Alge, Jim Smith, David Gillespie, Bob Crosser, Leila Wol- ford, Sandra Marquart, Myrna Businger, Roberta Inbody, Ruthann Walters, Mr. Willeke, Janice Wagner. Third Row: Ann Dally, Ann Jameson, Ann Fink, Rachel Kimmel, Sonja Grieser, Nan- cy Bishop, Carol Traucht, Sue Beagle, Charlotte Smith, Rhea Jean Kimmel, Judy Bruaker, Sally King, Kathleen Smith, Dorothy Waltermire, Jeannine Hartman, Sharon Richards, Mary Ann Alexander, Sandra Gossman. Fourth Row: Nancy Smith, Rita Schafer, Kay Wagner, Elaine Bame, Brenda Bowman, Carol Ackerman, Kenny Fink, Fred Stevenson, Virgil Cotner, Phyllis Garwood, Eileen Fel- ler, Jerry Beagle, Sally Grimes, Jerry Brubaker, Billy Laymaster, Keith Houdeshell. Fifth Row: Eddie Wisner, Leontine Wise, Deanna Warner, Judy Crosser, Jean Cron- baugh, Sue Wisner, Barbara Waxler, Vera Jean Wilson, Marilyn Smith, Julia Bishop, Sue Hindall, Duane Wamer, Ruth Ann Klotz. BAD Russell Willeke took over in August as the director of band. During the month we were invited to several socials, homecomings, and fairs in the sur- rounding area. In going, the band earned some money and also spent some. September means the opening of school, the beginning of football games, band practice, marching, marching, and more marching. Many new mem- bers were added to the marching band, making it a fifty piece unit, with two flag bearers and four majorettes. We are very proud of the trophy we received by doing a precision mar- ching stunt in a parade at the Findlay College Homecoming Festivities. Three other county bands were also competing. The outstanding halftime show of the football season was "Fancy Stepping." In each formation we played the appropiate music and also did a dance routine. The seniors plan- ned the Halloween Show.The last show of the season was titled "American Thanksgiving." It was performed on a very muddy football field. The anual trek to Columbus was made by the members of the band who wished to see the Ohio State vs. Indiana football game. We were quite im- pressed and thrilled after watching the Ohio State Marching Band put on an excellent halftime show. The band sponsored a Community Christmas Dance this year. The first band concert of the season was held January 16. Plans and preparations are being made for the County Music Festival which will be held at Arlington this year on February 6, 1955. The guest conductors will be iBandJ Harold Clark, Music Director of Lima Schools and lChorusesJ Earl Lehman, Instructor of Music at Bluffton College. We are also looking forward to the Music Contests to be held this spring. Solo- ists and ensembles are practicing for the first one which will be March 4th at McComb. TASTY-TATERS COMPANY, Potato Chips, Made in Findlay, 237 Prospect Ave., Phone 291, KUM ON INN Good Food at All Times, Phone 65. COUNTRY MARKET, Groceries, Meats, General Merchandise Findlay Ohio . 11 i . . ff 3 ' ' , . ' ', r, f X , 3 M 7 Jane Smith, Marilyn Smith, Nancy Smith. SENIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS Judy Bates, Betty Krout, Judy Crosser, Mary Lou Davis MERS AND MERCHANTS BANK CO., A Good Bank in a Good Town, Arlingt VARSITY fcowni Our next engagement saw us playing the Findlay Reserves. With close playing in the beginning of the game, but unable to hold out,we lost 50 to 41. On January 7 we attempted to overcome Cory-Rawson on their court. We failed by going down in defeat 63 to 58, but not before Wayne Sink had collected 23 points. The next night Van Buren traveled to Arlington to gain another victory by defeating the Red Devils 52 to 51. Arlington again lost from the foul line. Paul Dean Smith was high scorer with 14 points. On January 14 the Red Devils went to Mt. Blanchard with a reduced first team. After close play during the first-half, we fell behind and lost by a score of 47 to 36. David Gillespie and Paul Dean Smith made 11 and 10. The next week Arcadia came to Arlington to go home defeated 71 to 64 TheDiebly brothers again scored high for Arcadia, and Louis Frantz for Ar- lington. On the 22 of January the Red Devils played Liberty on their court. We came home with another victory of 54 to 47. Jerry Beach played great defen- se and scored high with 22 points. January 28 Vanlue came to Arlington to go home with another win, and sent the Red Devils down for the second time 64 to 46. Don Lay scored 24 points for Vanlue, and Louis Frantz scored high for Arlington with 13. On February 4 the McComb Panthers led by Sheidler's 21 points hand- ed Arlington its 10th defeat with a score of 58 to 55 after close play. Paul Dean Smith and Louis Frantz each gained 12 points. On February 8 we played our third non-league game of the year. The Red Devils, playing one of their best games in every way, defeatd a strong Carey teagm on their court 81 to 67. Wayne Sink and Paul Dean Smith scor- ed'22 and 21,respectively, for Arlington. February 11 brought Cory-Rawson to Arlington for a game-of-all-games. Trying to get revenge from the first game, the Red Devils played an out- standing game all the way. With Wayne Sink and Paul Dean Smith each collecting 13 points the game ended in a 49 to 49 TIE. Playing an overtime, the hornets led all year long by George Keller who was high for 22 points, collected 5 points to Arlington's 3 and won the game 54 to 52. Starting tournament play on February 19, we drew Mt. Blanchard for our first game. Playing on the Cory-Rawson court and leading the game all the way, we won 58 to 39. Our second game, played at McComb on the 25th of February, was with Cory-Rawson. Again playing a good game the Red Devils, coached by Ho- ward Trostmiller, ended the game with a loss of 76 to 72. The year's record was 7 wins and 12 losses. Compliments of JOHN J. SOLT D. V. M., Phone 166, Arlington, Ohio VARSITY First Row: Duane Warner, Jim Arrington, Bob Grieser, Larry Beach, David Gillespie, Tom Kroske. Second Row: Jim Smith, Maynard Steinman, Paul Dean Smith, Jerry Beach, Lewis Frantz, Bob Crosser, Wayne Sink, Mr. Trostmiller. We started the season on November 19 by playing Van Buren on their court. Playing a good game but being outscored from the foul line, we lost a close one with a score of Van Buren 64, and Arlington 62. Paul Dean Smith and Maynard Steinman led the team on points with 15 and 14. On November 26 Mt. Blanchard came to Arlington to go home defeated by a score of 54 to 30. For Mt. Blanchard the high scorer was McDaniel, and for Arlington Maynard Steinman and Wayne Sink. The next week Arlington went to Arcadia to play them on their court. Being outscored from the court, we were defeated by 13 points. Led by the Diebly brothers Arcadia score 69 to Arlington's 56. Louis Frantz scored high for Arlington. On Saturday night, December 4, Arlington played its first non-league game on their home court. Hardin-Northern playing fine ball went home with a victory by defeating the Red Devils 65 to 45. December 10 saw Liberty playing the Red Devils at Arlington. Led in scoring by Wayne Sink, we defeated Liberty 53 to 30. December 11 the Red Devils went to Vanlue. Playing good ball, but un- able to hold Vanlue in a close game, we were defeated 66 to 56. Frantz was the high scorer for Arlington and Barger for Vanlue. With McComb coming to Arlington on December 17 the Red Devils led by Wayne Sink's 21 points gained another victorytby winning with a score of 66 to 51. DAVID GILLESPIE, Forward 'N N SENIORB KETB LL BOB CROSSER Guard wil funk JIM ARRINGTON Forward fx -""' W ' F - X ' X 3 - Se i" X K 'filiiffks . -if - x 1, si, ,Q in K 5-5 retail ' ikkhkif? fi X355 + L Tb, -3 X- -A .F f ,ei ' f ,wgzsif I - FRIGIDAIRE HOME APPLIANCES, Findlay, Ohio M. D. NEFF LUMBER, 125 Fair Street, Findlay, Ohio HENRY REAMSNYDER Sz SON, Red and White Super Market, Phone 6, Arlington, Ohio. SE IOR FOOTBALL HAROLD SEEK Left Tackle DON SMITH Right Guard BUD HENDRICKS Left End BOB FINK Center HAROLD MARQUART Fullback ARLINGTON HARDWARE AND ELECTRIC,Lee H. Gillespie, General Electric and R. C. A. THE HANCOCK BRICK 8: TILE, Vitrified Clay Drain Tile, Fitings, Yees, Ells, and Curves, Telephone 780, Findlay, Ohio SENIOR FOOTBALL BILL ALGE Right Guard BOB cnossnn Right End DAVID GILLESPIE Right Halfback DON BUESS DON LAROCHE Left. Guard Right Tackle LEITER'S MARKET, The Best For Less, Jenera, Ohio. HANCOCK HYBRIDS, INC., Farm Seeds, Phone 3493, Findlay, Ohio. ESSINGERS APPAREL SHOP, Dry Goods- Notions-Children's Wear, Phone 1 Arlington, Ohio FOOTBALL First Row: Don Smith, Don Buess, Bud Hendricks, Harold Seek, Bob Crosser, David Gillespie, Bill Alge, Donald La Roche, Harold Marquart, Bob Fink. Second Row: Mr. Trostmiller, Duane Wamer, Maynard Steinman, Terry Redick, Paul Dean Smith, Robert Grieser, Jerry Beach, John Hindall, Wayne Sink, Virgil Cotner, Tom Kroske, Mr. Castor. Third Row: Dick Bowman, Larry Riegle, Larry Brinkman, Jerry Brubaker, Loris Ward, Edwin Wisner, Donovan Kemerley, J. J. Solt, Lewis Frantz, Larry Woodward, Fred Stevan- son, Richard Fink, Jerry Lafferty, Lelan Pifer. On August 19, 35 members answered the call of Mr. Castor. We started the season at Findlay, in the preview against Ada, which came out a scoreless tie. We then went to North Baltimore, where we were handed a 26-0 defeat from a strong team. Next we played Cory-Rawson, but we were edged out by a 6-0 score. We went to Liberty and rolled to an easy 53-0 win, with second string- ers playing most of the second half. Mt. Blanchard came here and we were able to squeeze out a 7-6 win on a pass from Smith to Crosser. Terry Redick made the extra point. We went to Vanlue and played to a scoreless tie which was mostly a de- fensive game. At McComb we were able to win a 6-2 victory, despite a very muddy field. Wayne Sink was our hero that night. The Arcadia game was here and they upset us with a 6-0 score. The last game of the season with Van Buren was also at home. Our of- fense clicked for the first time during the season and we downed them 47-13. One touchdown was scored by Smith, two by Crosser, four by Redick, and five conversions by Redick. Although Cory-Rawson took the "Little Eight" championship trophy, we came in second. That's really not so bad. The Seniors would like to thank Mr. Castor for his patience and wish the team of "55" GOOD LUCK. TRAUCHT STORE, Frozen Food Center, Arlington, Ohio 'N Rx , ' My .,, Wanda Steinman, Vera Smith, Ruth Kroske. Raymond Essinger BUS DRI ERS Left to Right: Fred Mengert, Ronald Shellenlmrger, Uoren Kemerley, Howard 'l'ros1- miller, Wilbur Garlinger, Boll Russell, Floyd Clinger. Absent: Herbert Stillherger ELDON FI. KING, Well Drilling and Trailer Sales, Phone 120, Arlington, Ohio. '-LT. Wa, First Row: Clayton Wright, Greg Ward, Martha Hoover, Betsy Beagle, Dana Davis, Jimmy Steinman, Barbara Hartman, Betty Jo Rice, Linda Shackelford, Carlyon Humon Linda Robinson, Sharon Roberts, Richard Brown. Second Row: David Wilch, Charles Smith, Tim Rinehart, Waneta Cotner, Jimmy Hin' dall, Lynette Bibler, Dale Dawson, Wanda LaRoche, Karen Browneller, J. D. Richard. Third Row: Earl Launder, Marie Abbott, IBarhara Kain,,3 Rosemary Feller, Mike Smith Cynthia Fahl, Diane Fields, Wayne Frantz, Ronald Saun, Chris Bishop, Elaine Oates, Barry Fox, Mrs. Castor. Fourth Row: Mrs. Wells, Pamela Aller, Joyce Wilson, Gary Tong, Joey Traucht, Mar- cia Businger, Joe Metzger, Nancy Dillinger, Bobby Green, Patty Patton, Dannie Reuter, Stephen Beach, Robert Steinman, Susie Bibler, Cheryl Essinger. Absent: Nancy Rayle, Mary Hartman. FIR TGRADE FIR TGRADE 1943 First Row: Harold Marquart, Jerry Jolliff, Jerry Beagle, Billy Alge, Norman Harvey, Dick Bowman. Second Row: George Grohoske, Maynard Steinman, Jim Arrington, Barbara Rader, Carol Armentrout, Mary Jane Riegle, Jimmy Smith, Janice Flick. Third Row: Jeannine Hartman, Roberta Hindall, Ruth Waltennire, Marlene Buminger, Marie Marquart, Shirley Gibson, Esther Essinger, Ruth Ann Smith, Carol Marquart, Mar- tha Rausch, Donna Bihler. Fourth Row: Mrs. Castor, Bob Crosser, David Gillespie, Bob Fink, Myron Bower, Bob Wells, Neal Davis, Glenn Pirtle, Lelan Pifer. CORBIN BROS., Your Chevrolet Dealer For Over Thirty-One Years. BEACH'S CLOVER FARM, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Frozen Foods. THIRD GRADE First Row: Dianne Hartman, La Veme Steinman, Stephanie Hendricks, Julene Hin- dall, Jimmy Price, Jeffrey Rettig, Charles Hartman, Cheryl Hughes, Rebecca Mitchell, Ste- vie Essinger, Everett Riegle, Danny Patton, Betty Brewster. Second Row: Stevie Smith, Brenda Brinkman, Sandra Rogers, Linda Bishop, Dorothy Clinger, Brenda Human, Mary Crates, David Lafferty, Rex Bishop, Donald Steinman, John Reilly, Marvin Rower. Third Row: Sandra Gossman, David Drefke, Donald Drefke, Lee Alan Best, Douglas Rhodus, Dean Hinger, Danny Smith, Ronnie Russell, Clarence Decker, La Donna Feister, Nancy Drummelsmith, Mrs. Jocobs. Fourth Row: Mrs. Fields, Trudy Green, Sue Long, Dean Davis, Freddy Saum, Glenda Baughman, John King, Mary Ellen Hartman, John Reuter, Randy Jacobs, William Alge, SECOND GRADE First Row: Michael Musgrave, Cynthia Bash, Sarah Reinking, Linda Hoover, Cheryl Clevenger, Ray Gonzalez, Dale Nicholson, Donald Musgrave, Terry Underwood, Tom Or- wick, Karen Hartman, Susan Porter, Dennis Rower, Jesse Wilch. Second Row: Eric Grieser, Jane Grohoske, Freddy Reigle, Ronnie Jolliff, Ralph Shack- elford, Donald Wright. Freddy Arrington, Richard Smith, Lonnie Pepple, Sammy Roberts, Rita Smith, Connie Strouse, Jeri-Jean Hartman, Danny Hartman. Third Row: Kin-en Metzger, Randy Higley, Janel Shank, George Human, Wayne Bush- ong, Sharon McKinley, Sandra Benjamin, Mary Ann Shellenbarger, Judy Jolliff, Ida Lee Abbott, Paul Bishop, Betty Jane Wells, Everett Musgrave, Jimmy Dillinger, Diane Bishop. Fourth Row: Mrs. Huffman, Sue Bishop, Diane Steinman, Anna Rice, David Inbody Chris Eibling, Tommy Fuhrer, Sharon Dunn, Janet Smith, Linda Kay Butte, Cheryl Cor- bin, Barbara Von Stein,Dean Steinman, John Gehrisch, Patricia Businger, Alice Williams Rubetta Wilch, Judy McClelland, Nancy Fox, Mrs. Simpson. Absent: Sherry Fahl, Steven Rinehart. Nancy Haley. 1 MARTHON TRUCK STOP, Rt. 68 and 30 N., Williamstown, Ohio JOHN STEINMAN LUMBER CO., Phone 28 Arhngton Ohio Page 23 FIFTH GR DE First Row: Steven Metzger, Wayne Hartman, Joe Clevenger, Robert Elsea, Larry Hick- le, Robert McKinley, Russell Brauneller, Gary I-lindall, Steven Grieser, James Roberts. Second Row: Teresa Price, Marianne Pifer, Lois Powell, Nancy Rower, Beverly Riegle, Karen Bishop, Carol Gonzales, Janet Treece, Linda Warner, Jean Krout. Third Row: Jon Alan Treece, Maryetta Arrington, Joyce Rossman, Donnie Essinger, Darol Jameson, Carolyn Ann Hartman, Brian Bibler, Leas Gonzales, Ronnie Essinger, Jea- nette Cole, Dexter Wilson, Joe Romick, Patricia Wells, Mrs. Hutson. FOURTH GR DE First Row: William Brown, Jack Dunn, Walter Saum, Charles Nicholson, Eddie Stein- man, Jerry Hickle, Glenn Lafferty, Gary Haley, Charles Crates, Tommy Mercer. Second Row: Cathy Sink, Cheryl Ackerman, Elaine Smith, Jeanne Williams, Jane Gil- lespie, Janet Jolliff, Leora Wright, Ruth Arm Nessler, David Powell, Ronald Wolford, Lois Ann Wilson, Mary Lee Richard. Third Row: Robert Marquart, Carlos Rice, Michael Beucler, Alan McMillen, Billy Bame, Jay Rice, Larry Bibler, Marianne Kain, Ann Long, Barbara Beard, Gretchen Wilson, Billy Brewster, Joe Bishop, Jimmy Steinman, Mrs. Loader. Absent: Alma Gonzales. FARMERS MERCHANTS BANK, Arungwn, Ohio DALLY FUNERAL HOME, Arungmn, ohio SEVENTH GRADE First Row: Gerry Mann, Joe Ray Brinkman, Jimmy Dunn, Buddy Steinman, Jan Ross- man, Keith Jolliff, Billy Bame, Lynn Orwick, Keith Houdeshell, Dick Mercer, David Jol- liff, Ben Bob Mitchell. Second Row: Joanne Beagle, Carol Inbody, Addie Mae Rice, Mary Alice Nessler, Judy Bates, Sharon Richards, Lilea Pifer, Phyllis Lafferty, Judy Garlinger, Arlene Marquart, Rachel Kimmel, Ann Dally. Third Row: William Bishop, Freddie Gonzales, Jerome Glick, Neil Bushong, Margaret Decker, Diane Turnbell, Betty Krout, Sandra Crates, Sue Wisner, Marie Waltermire, Wil- ma Wright, Judith Grieser,Mrs. La Roche. Fourth Row: Ann Jameson, Sandra Gossman, Larry Day, Mary Lou Davis, Nancy Baughman, Sue Reinking. Billy Leymaster, Marilyn Bame, Diane Knight, Eugene Mus- grave, Sharon Hosafros, Sally La Roche, James Porter, Nan Bishop. SIXTH GR DE First Row: Mike Bishop, Richard Smith, David Smith,.Jack Glick, David Reigle, Ed- die Reigle, David Davis, Jerry Grohoske, Norris Beach, Bobby Sink. Second Row: Connie Bowers, Sally Inbody, Steven Riter, Frank Jolliff, Larry Dunn, Fred Smith, Rosemary Bishop, Dennis Day, Alan Wolford, Diane Brauneller. Third Row: Mr. Gobrecht, Diane Rettig, Jimmy Johnson, Karen Haley, Sharon Reich- ley, Janet Musgrave, Larry Crates, Cathie Solt, Rosella Horton, Dan Hughes, Howard Skeeters, Paul Dean Wells, Gene Woods, Miss Foltz. Fourth Row: Becky Long, Joe Wagner, Ted Mitchell, Sharon Businger, Linda Foltz, Barbara Badertscher, Carol Rettig, Betty Riegle, Edgar Patton, Margaret Hartman, Sueann Soloman, Connie Lou Wilson. BOSTON STORE, Where Spending is Saving, Findlay, Ohio Best Wishes for Success in Every Field, COOPER TIRE AND RUBBER CO., Findlay, Ohio FRESHME First Row: Bob Arrington, James Middleton, Larry Steinman, Jerry Brubaker, Loris Ward, Ronald Brauneller, Jerry Lafferty, Larry Reigle. Second Row: Brenda Badertscher, Kay Hartman, Rhea Jean Kimmel, Myrna Busing- er, Ruthann Walters, Kay Hess, Joyce Redick, Anna Reichley, Shirley Feister, Joyce Wil- son, Cecilia Skeeters. Third Row: Mr. Castor, Janice Wagner, Ami Fink, Larry Brinkman, Sandra Marquart, Eugene Grieser, Eddie Wisner, J. J. Solt, Randy Porter, Donovan Kemerley, Judy Bm- baker, Roberta Inbody, Julia Bishop, Sue Beagle, Diana Frantz, Phyllis Houdeshell, Mrs. EIGHTH GRADE First Row: Larry Oman, John Paul Cole, Steve Sink, Tom Hendricks, Paul Hartman, Mike Smith, Gerald Glick, Roy Riegle, Tom Bidlack, Jack Jolliff. Second Row: Jerry Riter, Jeannette Butler, Vera Jean Wilson, Elaine Bame, Norman Rettig, Deanna Wamer, Judy Crosser, Barbara Marquart, Mary Jean Spaeth, Joan Essinger Third Row: Diane Beach, Linda Rettig, Karen Baumgardner, Carol Ackerman, Robert Riegle, Ronald Bibler, Karen Grieser, David Hartman, Jean Cronbaugh, Carolyn Boehm, David Dillinger, Mr. Daley. Fourth Row: Larry Brauneller, Tom Bates, Leontine Wise, Kathryn Smith, Joyce Hughes, Beverly Smith, Mary Brauneller. Absent: Edward Woodward, James Wright. Knight. NATIONAL AUTOMOTIVE FIBRES, INC., Findlay, Ohio BRITTON SHELL SERVICE, Restaurant and Gas Station, Williamstown, Ohio Page 20 JU IORS First Row: Jean Hartman, Kay Wagner, Edna Reichley, Carol Marquart, Tom Kroske, Janice Flick, Jane Smith, Sonja Grieser. Second Row: Mr. Mengert, Bob Essinger, Maynard Stienman, Terry Redick, Larry Beach, Wayne Sink, Bill Arrington, Rosalyn Gossman, Jean Foltz, Rita Schafter, Mrs. Welty. Third Row: Bemadine Bussinger, Janet Butte, Carol Traucht, Robert Grieser, Robert Schaller, Jerry Beach, Paul Dean Smith, Virgil Cotner, Nancy Bishop, Marilyn Smith. OPHOMORE First Row: Marlene Clinger, Kenneth Fink, Larry Woodward, Tom Long, Jerry Bu- singer, Kemp Young, George Grohoske, Larry Rettig, Dick Fink, Janet Ward. Second Row: Mr. Bibler, Sue Hindall, Mary Jane Bishop, Sally Grimes, Dorothy Wal- termire, Charlotte Smith, Ruth Ann Klotz, Jean Beach, Leila Wolford, Mary Ann Alexan- der, Judy Hartman, Mr. Trostrniller. Third Row: Barbara Waxler, Fred Stevenson, Catherine Hartman, Harold Bower, Lew- is Frantz, Duane Warner, Brenda Bowman, Raymond Bower, John Hindall, Phyllis Stahl. PORTERS MUSIC, Findlay's Complete Music Store, Findlay, Ohio BRANDMAN IRON 8m METAL COMPANY, Findlay, Ohio i A 3 I r z 'Q SENIOR GIRLS' ENSEMBLE First Row: Eileen Feller, Carol Bishop, Roberta Hindall, Sally King. Second Row: Kathleen Smith, Martha Rausch, Jeannine Hartman, Janice Hinflall, Marjorie Butler, Phyllis Garwood. SENIOR MAJORETTES SENIOR CHEERLEADER l Barbara Hindall, Roberta Hindall Nancy Smith 9--Q-el X . , A x is? 1716 T , aili- qgfgilw if lg ,- , , A .a K ' " Mil Q as S. ogy:-. V A 1 fx-av 'M as 'S' W? Q as s. A S s .siege ,- JAMES SMITH f "Take ua aa a joke and it will not provoke." Wi- 5 Boys Quartet 3 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chonis 2, 3, 4 Boys Chorus 2, 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 S Band Officer 4 it opmm 2, 3, 4 gli' Boys Ensemble 3, 4 K Dance Band 4 , Annual Staff 4 , , "" ,Y Q2 Nw-f , ROBERT WELLS X , 'Never buy what you do not need even if it is Q cheap." 3351: Football 1 ,St F.F.A, 1 Clan Officer 3 Annual Staff 4 'W KATHLEEN SMITH - f "If you've anything to say, say it." Qf -A Band 1, 2, 3, 4 2 1,-R, Girls Chorus 1, 2, a, 4 5 ' 'T Mixed Chonis 3, 4 " V 'fl Honor Society 3, 4 15551-.3 , ' r Cheerleader 2 li Class Ofticer 1 , fax , Annual Staff 4 i' 4 Q-'Ffh Av.. Ph ' al Ed ' yBlC ucation 1 ,. . Dance Band 4 2 Clam Play 3, 4 1.1! Operetta 2, 3, 4 f wif", Ensemble 3, 4 A, Latin Club 1, 2 Sax Ensemble 4 , , ,V lv RICHARD BOWMAN No man can lounge into succem. Football 1, 2 l Football Manager 4 Basketball 1, 2 Boys Chorus 1 A t Mixed chem 1 We , Annual Staff 4 1 " K RUTH WALTERMIRE "Men are no better t han F.H.A. 1, 2, 3 F.H.A. Officer 3 Girls Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 4 Physical Education 1 Operetta 2, 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 their conversation." HAROLD MARQUART Quiet manners are a make of good breeding. I-'.F.A. 1, 2 Class Omcer 2 Latin Club 3. 4 Boys Chorus 4 Class Play 4 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 'vw-,naar Compliments of DICKENS 5 WONDERS STUDIO, Photographers for Arlington High School, Bill Wonders, Manager, Fostoria, Ohio AGN L, s. 2- "N LELAN PIFER "One cannot always be a hero, But one can always be a man." Football 1 , '1"""' s-df' MARY JANE RIEGLE "Speak not when others speak." Class Play 3, 4 'fi Annual Staff 4 MARTHA RAUSCH "Kindness wins friends." Girls Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4 Class Play Prompter 3 Annual Staff 4 Girls Ensemble 3, 4 Operetta 2, 3, 4 f ffy HAROLD SEEK "Abstain from all appear Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2 Latin 1, 2 Boys Chorus 4 Class Play 3, 4 Baseball 3 Annual Staff 4 ance of evil." A CAROL RIEGLE ,F Q 'Be quick to forgive, slow to anger." ' 3 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3 Girls Chorus 1 "'t' Class Play 3 ' -Jiri. l Class Play Prompter 4 ,J Physical Education 1 Annual Staff 4 3' Y DONALD SMITH , "Earn money before you spend it." XM Stage Manager 3, 4 X Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball l, 2 Annual Staff 4 PLAIN VIEW FARM, Grade A Milk and Ice Cream, Phone 4373, Jenera, Ohio Basketball 2, 3 , it F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 N Class Play 3, 4 Football Manager 4 ,gil-'I' Annual Staff 4 3 hvfv dw"-nm ann- "-if 'tn---Q-nj -wand 4 X an BARBARA HINDALL f The only way to keep a secret is to say , nothing. A Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4 Girls Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Play 4 Majorette 2, 3, 4 Q if F,H.A. 1, 2,3 A Physical Education 1 Operetta 2, 3, 4 Mixed Ensemble 4 Girls Ensemble 2 Nbr f SALLY KING "Let his faults be what they may." Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4 Girls Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Cheerleader 2 Band Officer 4 Class Officer 1 Physical Education 1 Saxaphone Trio 1, 2 Saxaphone Quartet 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 Latin Club 1 Dance Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Operetta 2, 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 Girls Ensemble 4 " ""' IANICE HINDALL ' 3 "Buy the truth and sell it not." F.H.A. 1, 2, 3 F.H.A. Officer 3 ' mn-5 Girls Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4 Physical Education 1 Girls Ensemble 3, 4 Class Play 4 Operetta 2, 3, 4 ' :W -nyc., T"f5"' ' ri P DONALD LaROCHE 'It always pays to be a gentleman." 'A Latin Club 1 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3 Class Play 4 F.F.A. 3, 4 Baseball Manager 3 Annual Staff 4 JERRY JOLLIFF an We live and leam. Football 1, 2 Annual Staff 4 -nf' ,,..-new P"""' wall' BARBARA MERCER "Life is what you make it." Mixed Chorus 3, 4 Girls Chorus 2, 3, 4 Operetta 2, 3, 4 , 1 , Physical Education 1 n , A F.H.A. 2, 3 T A Annual Staff-1 1 A i - ' , E, A . I x TROUT FURNITURE co., sos s. Main sn, Findlay, ornn TROGAN SANDWICH SHOP AND BUS TERMINAL, Findlay, onin 1-11NGBR's BOTTLE GAS SERWCH. Route 224. Findlay. Ohio EILEEN l"ELLER 2' 'It pays to wear a smiling face.' Band l, 2, 3, 4 Girls Chorus 1. 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4 Brass Ensemble 2 ' Girls Ensemble 3, 4 Kr Operetta 2, 3, 4 gs? Latin Club 1 mv, Class Play 3, 4 Annual 4 4' JEANNINE HARTMAN ' , 'Kind words are the music of the world." Q .l7Q"" N Band 1,2,3,4 2 ,,r, ff' Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4 Girls Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Operetta 2, 3, 4 Band Officer 4 Class Officer l, 4 Physical Education 1 Class Play 3, 4 Latin Club 1, 2 5 Q Honor Society 3, 4 ' Ensemble 3, 4 ,2 " ,.,.,,.,. . Brass Ensemble 2, 3, 4 ' 'F Dance Band 4 Annual Staff 4 ' Vf ROBERT FINK Q , 'Better late than never, . but better still never late." A 'wil Football 1, 2, 3, 4 ' 45" . 'r""" gi .I Class Play 3,4 3 "'--Q . ' F.F.A. 1, 2, 3,4 Class Officer 3 ' iiii V ,,,. 4, LYLE HENDRICKS f l f 2 Q ,fig 'Pleasure before business." K 2 2 l Basketbau 2,3 Q wa rg 1 --,' i --gi f, Football 2, 3, 4 2 m , ws,as,,j, Mixed Chorus 2 g ,H I Boys Ensemble 2 "f- ff-- , ,I ' 7 , Q X X , Class Play 3 X .Lf 2r" jjf1QQ?2.- A ',gfi'fg- . ,lg ,IA Van Buren 1 PHYLLIS GARWOOD "Silence is one art of conversation." Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Dance Band 4 Comet Trio 1 Brass Quartet 2, 3 Girls Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Q ""' Operetta 1, 2, 3, 4 Accompanist 2, 3, 4 Physical Education 1 1'-vc' Latin Club 4 .-....--.f Class Play 3 Annual Staff 4 Honor Society 3, 4 GARY HICKLE "When in Arlington, do as the Arlintonians do." Mt. Blanchard 1 Football 1, 2 Basketball 1 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Boys Chorus 1 Class Play 3, 4 Compliments of AL BASS, Findlay, Ohio ZIEROLF'S, Clothes Men Like, For Dad and Lad. FARM SERVICE CENTER, Phone 118, Arlington, Ohio K . CAROL ARMENTROUT "Eat to live, do not live Girls Chorus 1 Stage Prompter 4 to eat." Q? in-2... -,Qnv . 7 -Vg DONALD BUESS "Of all the schoolrooms east or west, The schoolroom of nature I love best." Football 1, 2, 3, 4 S, JAMES ARRINGTON "Never buy what you do you,can always borrow." Latin Club 1, 2 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4 Boys Chorus 2, 3, 4 not need when , 5 Q P f Operetta 3, 4 Class Play 4 s my 'vw 2 H "WM MARJORIE BUTLER ,I , "Better bread your work we vw, r than do worse in keeping it." Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Girls Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 F.H.A. 2 T Physical Education 1 Operetta 3, 4 Latin Club 2 Girls Ensemble 4 Acompanist for Boys Chorus 3 Honor Society 4 X CAROL BISHOP Joy, Temperance, and Repose Slam the door on the doctor's nose. Girls Chorus 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 3, 4 Operetta 2, 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 Latin Club 1 Girls Ensemble 4 Annual Staff 4 Physical Education 1 ss? QNQQ, in .N P xg VIP' ROBERT CROSSER 'Schools are work houses not play houses." Football l, 2, 3, 4 A Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 , Boys Ensemble 3 , Q Class Play 3 . Operetta 3, 4 l Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Boys Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 1 7 Boys Quartet 3 ' HANCOCK CO. FARM BUREAU COOPERATIVE ASSN.. Findlay, Williamstown, Mt. Cory, Mt. Blanchard. FINDLAY FOOD CENTER, 820 N. Main St., Findlay, Ohio. NEUHASUER HATCHERY, Phone 38, Arlington, Oh io N9- ,fe BILL ALGE "When the cats away the mice will play." Band 1, 2, :l, 4 I Dance Band 2, 3, 4 " . ' ' 'T Qhvu I ., ' Football 1, 2, al, 4 fi ,. .... . -4' Basketball 2, 3 ' Q Baseball 3, 4 W Class Play 3, 4 'f' i Class Olficer l, 2, 3, 4 4: .,, - Annual Staff 4 3,3 ge Latin gill: 2 'wwf 5 Lam' U 'ce' ' DAVID GILLESPIE gr ' 'I live for those who love mef jf ,, Football l, 2, 3, 4 'W' Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 ,W aff almdl,2,:s,4 PRESIDENT NANCY SMITH "Fair words won't feed Band I, 2, 3, 4 Band Officer 4 Mixed Chorus I, 2, 3, 4 Girls Chorus I, 2, 3, 4 Operetta I, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Ensemble 4 Girls Ensemble 2, 3 Class Play 3, 4 Latin Club 1 Class Officer 2, 4 Physical Education 1 Halloween Queen 4 Cheerleader 2, 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 Ti 'ul SECRETARY MARIE MARQUART Class Play 3, 4 Honor Society 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 EDITOR a cat." Clarinet Ensemble 2, 3, 4 "Don't Bluntly contradict anyone," R Boys Ensemble 3, 4 Clars Play 3, 4 Operetta 3, 4 Mixed Chorus I, 2, Boys Chorus I, 2. 3. Boys Quartet Il. Annual Staff 4 Band Officer 4 Claw Officer 8, 4 Latin Club 1 Dance Band 4 3, 4 OBERTA HINDALL 4 "You cannot please everybodyf Band I, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 8, 4 Girls Chorus 2, Il, 4 Girls Ensemble 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 Honor Society JI, 4 Operetta 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 Physical Education I JERRY BEAGLE "He has an eye for a Band I, 2, fl, 4 Boys Quartet 3 heautyf Boys Ensemble 2 'X 4 Mixed Chorus 2 I I I ,d,4 Boys Chorus 2, 3, 4 Dance Band 3, 4 Band Officer 4 Class Play 3, 4 Operetta 3, 4 l",I".A. 2, 3,4 F.F.A. Officer 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 Brass Sextet 2, 3, 4 Hnnor Society 4 'nb 'NX-an , mmm 25 VICE PRESIDENT ff! TREASURER .5 gs., Q, If' 5 , Wm! gil T87 if iii .4 W I I 5? - f ff xp, ' 1 . I BUSINESS MANAGER Phone 123, MC DEVITT PHARMACY, Phone 123, It's a Fact-It's a Complete Drug Store, Drugs - Prescriptions - Photo - Gifts ,X xi ,X 0 Z X- if AMX if 5 I I fx? . , 1 G Z , ' 'Z 'ln . Z', 'ff f X 19 R Z 0 f -5 5 '-5 4 1 1 I v 4 5 Q I 1" x f f, X f - I 1 EDNA FIELDS Crawfls College Bowling Green State University Third Grade 1 CLARA JACOBS N Mt. Blanchard High School Bowling Green University - Third Grade Mfg. H , N I - -- in O A, w1LLoHU1-'I-'MAN ' 7 . H .Q , Continental High School V ' 4 i- .Q Bowling Green State University ,tif ' .ix ' W ' 11 ' Second Grade ,, 1, . , , . lf ,. A A, M nein . ., 4155 NAOMI SIMPSON Findlay High School Findlay College Bowling Green University Second Grade BEA CASTOR Arlington, Ohio Bowling Green University Ohio Northem University First Grade GWENOLYN WELLS Arlington, Ohio Ohio Northem University Bowling Green University First Grade HANCOCK HARDWARE, Opposite Court House, Phone 203. MEDLOCK JEWELER'S,Come in, Browse Around, 225 S. Main, Findlay, Ohio 6iI!U DORIS LaROCHE Ada High School Ohio Northem University, A.B. Latin, English, Arithmetic ' CORA BEACH y Arlington High School W Wittenberg College, A.B. Chicago University English, Speech EARL G. GOBRECHT Arlington High School Ohio Northem University Sixth Grade BETTY FOLTZ Bowling Green University A' . Findlay High School Sixth Grade HELEN HUTSON Cygnet High School Bowling Green University Fifth Grade R FRANCES LOADER a X-N, Carey High School ' Ng A 'ii Bowling Green University Fourth Grade X THE ARLINGTON ELEVATOR 8: SUPPLY COMPANY, Phone 98 HOWARD TROSTMILLER East High School, Erie, Pa. Findlay College Coach History RUSSELL WILLEKE Dola High School Ohio Northem University Bowling Green State University Music ELIZABETH KNIGHT Centerville High School Miami Jacobs Business College Wilmington College, A.B. RUTH WELTY Bluffton High School Bowling Green University Ohio State University Home Ec., Biology FRED MENGERT Lucas High School Ohio State University, B.S. JOSEPH DALEY Carrollton High School Ohio Northern University Geography, History, Arithmetic ARLINGTON FORD SALES, Phone 55, Arlington Ohlo SUPERI TE DE T C. F. ROST Defiance High School Defiance College, A.B. Chicago University Ohio State, M.A. hw. PRINCIPAL L. E. BIBLER Arlington High School Bowling Green University Ohio State University, B.S., M.A. HAROLD CASTOR Arlington High School Findlay College, A.B. Kent State University, B.S. Coach, History, Democracy A Good Liberal Arts College, FINDLAY COLLEGE, Findlay, Ohio SCHOOL BO RD Seated: Clair Houser-Vice-President, C. F. Rost, H. H. Wamer-Clerk. Standing: Everett Smith, Guy Kimmel, Alva Grieser-President, Carl Traucht. COUNTY SUPERINTENDENT, E. J. Joseph. WARREN'S MEN SHOP, 213 South Main Street, Findlay, Ohio. THE S Kc S DRUG STORE, Everything Photographic, Trustworthy Prescription, 223 South Main Street, Findlay, Ohio ANNUAL STAFF Editor ................................ Marie Marquart Assistant Editor ............ . . .Roberta Hindall Business Manager ............. ..... J erry Beagle Assistant Business Manager ..... .... . .Jim Smith Sales Manager ............... .... C arol Bishop Snapshot Editor ............ .... D on Smith . . . . . .Eileen Feller . . .Lyle Hendricks Calendar .......... . . Prophecy ................ . Who's Who ................. .......... S ally King Last Will and Testament .... ....... M artha Rausch F.H.A. ................... .... P resident of F.H.A. F.F.A. .................. ............ B ob Fink Music ....... ..... P hyllis Garwood Basketball ..... .... D avid Gillespie Football ......... ........ B ob Crosser Honor Society .... ....... K athleen Smith Joke Editor .... .................... J eannine Hartman Assistants Nancy Smith, Bill Alge, Janice Hindall, Carol Riegle, Mary Jane Riegle, Carol Armentrout, Marjorie Butler, Ruth Waltermire, Barbara Hindall, Barbara Mercer, Gary Hickle, Don La Roche, Don Buess, Bob Wells, Harold Seek, Jim Arrington, Dick Bowman, Harold Marquart, Lelan Pifer, Mr. Rost. Absent from picture .......... Allen Woodruff, Jerry Jolliff E IOR WHO WE T HERE 12 YEARS First Row: Barbara Mercer, Ruth Waltermire, Roberta Hindall, Jeannine Hartman, Sally King, Janice Hindall. Second Row: Carol Armentrout, Mary Jane Riegle, Carol Riegle, Kathleen Smith, Phyllis Garwood, David Gillespie, Jerry Beagle, Carol Bishop. Third Row: Dick Bowman, Bob Wells, Bob Crosser, Jim Arrington, Lelan Pifer, Bill Alge, Jim Smith. Absent: Jerry Jolliff CLASS MOTTO: "The Road Called Toil Leads To The City Called Success." CLASS FLOWER: White Carnation CLASS COLORS: Blue and White CLASS ADVISORS: Mr. Rost and Mrs. Beach DEDICATION The Senior Class of 1955 takes pleasure in dedicating their annual to Mr. and Mrs. Harold Castor for the splendid services rendered to the pupils of the Arlington School. Many of the graduating class received their first lessons in educa- tion from Mrs. Castor While most of the boys played on Mr. Castor's football teams. We respect and esteem both of you. The Class of 1955 MRS. CASTOR MR. CASTOR 1955 qw-Q XX . .I i 'lm 4 llln PUBLISHED BY SENIOR CLASS OF N GTON H 3 , I . . E ' ' 1 it? -HM i I fy n I l P 1 , , I A w Fi 11 .A- , 1 4 ' v 1 'F-"FA 1" ' , , - 1 ,. . . L I ' U 1 . , ' - . x - . - 1 , 4 v 1 .. n il , ,,x n I x J H. 1, .. 3+ f . .V .".7 4. , . ,Cm f., ij. '. Q:-1, , L , :Q ,xl Q I by J ,, ,, , , . ' , 1 .A 1L' V 1.-1 X V L a ' , ., I f , wx S i I' 'I . A' v x. ' fs , -'.l,!- ' - wr-, 1. I n ., ' in , K . A . ,, W, - - .IQ ' ' ' VCA-iw? Q5 f' . , 1 ' . . x -' 1 ' "PV , Q, Q, ., Q' '+i' .- ' ,. '--1, " -3,1-,-r Q I . .4 w a B Y ' H2523 Q X Y i , Q - 1 gs f. .ff 1- is Lv ' wW.f1,41. Jv-fm-Kiwi E53 1 5 sen

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