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ual 1 Y M14 - ,, F 'MNA 'H '77 jx- A wi. Y I 0 4 1 m x ?'s,Cgyff- , ', 'A - :'- "1 Y JH, Q- zu .. ., .- J 51. 'W-,err 'fgkf' 'I it 'pix' , .- - w , ' 5. 5. ua 31" -1" 7 mf .3 1, I , I f ' , 1 m' mTfitZ3'iZ ,L5aum .uf -2.2. +1 ,..,h', 4 ' .1425 MA g::....z:V1a.w EXCELSIUR Ill! ' I um Q-ff-gilg , f f5 MZ Published By Senior Class of Arlington High School Page 1 THAT OUR YOUTH MAY HAVE A RICHER AND BROADER PERSONAL LIFE Faculty... Semen ...... .. ,, 45 V ,J mu., gmzf.,-w, af 5 1-I,-my - V-in gjIQ,gg..rg 'I DEX Undorcluamen . . Athletici. . . Activitiel. . . Pup! ..,1...z.s1e',.., - DEDICATIUN We, the members of the class of 1954 of Arlington High School, dedicate our year book "The Excelsior" to our Moth- ers and Fathers as a token of our appreciation for time and effort put forth to enable us in making our schooling a success Page 4 ANNUAL STAFF Editor .................. Assistant Editor ........... Business Manager ........... Assistant Business Manager .... Sales Manager .... Assistant Sales Manager.. '. L Art Editor ............... Assistant Art Editor .... Class History ..... Snapshot Editor .... Joke Editor ...... Calendar ....... Prophecy ................. Who's Who ................. Last Will and Testament ..... F. H. A. ................ . . F. F.A. ......... , Music ...... Basketball .... Football ........ Honor Society .... ....................JohnFahl .Phyllis Ackerman . .Richard Wolford . . . .Isabel Latham . . . .Robert Houser .Marlene Traucht Mary Ann Schaller . . . . . .Arlene Pifer .Normajean Rettig Marna Romick Arthur Houdeshell ..........AllenAlge . . Wayne Reichley Lucille Stahl . . . .Nancy McKinley . . . . .Nancy Butte . . . . .Vivian Freed .Audrey Arrington . . . . . .Bob Meyers . . . .Barbara Cook . . . .Eldon Smith . . . .Jack Babcock . . . .Ronald Beach THE OHIO OIL COMPANY Refiners and Marketers Marathon Gasoline 8: Motor Oil Findlay, Ohio Page 5 Seated left to right: Clair Houser, Presidentg M. G. Kimmelg and H. H. Wamer, Clerk Standing: Alva Grieser, Vice Presidentg Everett Smithg and Carl Traucht. C. J. JOSEPH County Superintendent Compliments of DALLY FUNERAL HOME, Arlington, Ohio Page 6 UPERI TE DE T C. F. ROST Defiance High School Defiance College, A.B. Chicago University Ohio State, M.A. PRINCIPAL L. E. BIBLER Arlington, Ohio . Bowling Green University Ohio State University, B.S., M.A. PLAIN VIEW FARM Pasturized Jersey Milk - Ice Cream and Dairy Products Phone 48F4 Jenera, Qhio Page 7 FACULTY HAROLD CASTOR Arlington High School Findlay College, A.B. Kent State University, B,S. Coach, History, Democracy ROBERT McCLARY Copley High School Akron University Bowling Green University, A.B. Coach, History ELIZABETH KNIGHT Centerville I-ligh School Miami - Jacobs Business College Wilmington College, A.B. Commercial FRED MENGERT Lucas High School Ohio State University, B.S. Agriculture CORA BEACH Arlington High School Wittenberg College, A.B. Chicago University English, World History RUTH WELTY Bluffton High School Bowling Green University, B.S. Ohio State University Home Ec. Belt Wishes For Success In Every Field COOPER TIRE 8: RUBBER CO. Findlay, Ohio Page 8 FACULTY DORRIS LA ROCHE Ada High School Ohio Northem University, A.B. Latin, English BE'I'I'Y FOLTZ Bowling Green University Findlay High School Sixth Grade DAVID ZOLL 'Piflin Columbian High School Heidelberg College Bowling Green University, B.S. Music HELEN HUTSON Cygnet High School Bowling Green University Fifth Grade EARL G. GOBRECHT Arlington High School Ohio Northem University Sixth Grade BONNIE CONNELL Jackson High School 1Mich.l Miami University, A.B. Bowling Green University Fifth Grade ARLINGTON FORD SALES New 8: Used Cars Complete Service - Phone 55 Page 9 FACULTY FRANCES LOADER Carey High School Bowling Green State University Fourth Grade NAOMI SIMPSON Findlay High School Findlay College Bowling Green University Second Grade EDNA FIELDS Crawiis College Bowling Green State University Third Grade GWENDOLYN WELLS Arlington, Ohio Bowling Green University First Grade WILLO HUFFMAN Continental High School Bowling Green State University Second Grade BEA CASTOR Arlington, Ohio Bowling Green University Ohio Northem University First Grade ,....-- Compliments of your Chevrolet Dealer CORBIN BROTHERS, Arlington, Ohio Page 10 Ai 54 Ugg CLASS OFFICERS President .................... Bob Houser Vice President ............,... Eldon Smith Secretary ............. Lucil ahl C LASS MOTTO We live today for CLASS FLOWER Yellow CLASS COLORS Orchid Mr.Ros PHYLLIS ACKERMAN Good natured and sensible is this girl, in our midst she is a pearl. Band l,2,3,4g Mixed chorus 1, 2,3,4g Girl's Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Oplretta 1,2,3,4g Class Play 43 Lltin Club 1,2g Latin Club Offi- Cel' 25 Band Officer 3,45 Honor Society 3,45 Ensemble 4, Brass Enllmble 2,3,4g Dance Band 2, 3,45 Accompanist 3,44 Annual Staff 4. ALLEN ALGE He attends to his business and wastes his time. Band 1,2,3,4g Mixed Chorus 2,3,4g Boy's Chorus 2,3,4g Foot- ball l,3,4g F.F.A. 1,2,3,4g F.F.A. Officer 43 Operetta 2,3,4g Trum- pet Ensemble 2g Class Play 4' Annual Staff 4. 9 AUDREY ARRINGTON She's happy, She's gayg She's always that way. F.H.A. 1,2,3,4g F.H.A. Officer 4, Girl's Chorus 1,2,3,4g Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4g Girl's Ensemble 1,3,4g Class Play 3,45 Operetta 1,2,3,4g Physical Education 15 Annual Staff 4. JACK BABCOCK The muscles of his brawny arms are strong as iron bands. Football 1,2,3,4g Basketball 1, 2,3,4g Class Play 4. RONALD BEACH Love is the greatest educator. Mixed Chorus 2,3,4g Operetta 2,3,4g Class Play 43 Boy's Chorus 2,3,4g Ensemble 43 Annual Staff 4 NANCY BUTTE Nancy's really on theball when it comes to a dancing hall. Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4g Girl's Chorus 1,2,3,4, Ensemble 3,4g0p- eretta 1,2,3,4g Class Play 45 Hon- or Society 4g Annual Staff 4, Physical Education 1. McDEVITTS PHARMACY Drugs Prescriptions Sodas Gifts Page 13 BARBARA COOK Busy in this way and that, but is willing to stop and chat. Band l,2,3,4, Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4, Girl's Glee Club 1,2,3,4, Latin Club 1,2, Latin Club Ofi- cer 3, Class Officer 1,35 Band Officer 3, 4, Honor Society 3,4, Clal Play 3,45 Operetta 1,2,3,4, Ensemble 3, Drum Ensemble 4, Annual Staff 4. JOHN FAHL All great men are dead, I feel sick myself. Band 1,2,3,4, Mixed Chorus 1, 2,3,4, Boy's Chorus 1,2,3,4, Dan- ce Band 3,4, Class Play 3,4, Ma- drigal 8, Football 1,2,3,45 Basket- ball 1,2,3,4, Class Ofiicer 1, Band Ofioer 4, Operetta 1,2,3,4, Boy's Ensemble 4, Boy's Quartet 4, Drum Ensemble 4, Annual Staff VIVIAN FREED She appears serious, but is full of mischief and glee. F.H.A. 1,2,3, F.H.A. Officer 3, Girl's Glee Club 1,3,4, Oper- etta 3,4, Class Officer 3, Class Play 3,4, Physical Education 15 Annual Staff 4. 4. ARTHUR HOUDESHELL His spirits are like a geyser, always bubbling over. Band 1,2,3,4, Mixed Chorus 1, 2,3.45 Boy's Chorus 1,2,3,4, Bram Ensemble 2,3, Dance Band 2,35 FF .A. 1,2,3,45 F.F.A. Officer 3,4, Football 1,2,3,4, Basketball 1,2,4, Operetta 2,3,45 Annual Staff 4. BOB HOUSER With his ability he will be a success, we wish him all luck and happiness. Band 1,2,3,4, Band Officer 1, 2,3,45 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,45 Boys Chorus 1,2,3,4', Operetta 1,2,3,4, Brass Ensemble 1,2,3,4, Madrigal 3, Boy's Quartet 4, Boy's Ensem- ble 4, Dance Band 2,3,4, Honor Society 3,4, County Honor So- ciety Officer 4, Class Play 3,43 Latin Club 1,2, Latin Club Offi- cer 3, Class Officer l,2,4, Foot- ball 1,2,3,45 Basketball l,2,3,4, Annual Staff 4. ISABEL LATHAM Issy is one who's hep, and so full of pep. Findlay H.S. 1,2, Leader's Club 1, Tri-Hi-Y 2, G.A.A. 25 Band 1,2,3,4, Girl's Glee Club 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4, Ensem- ble 45 Cheerleader 4, Operetta 3,4, Class Play 4, Physical Ed- cation 1,2, Honor Society 3,4, Annual Staff 4. Page 14 NANCY McKINLEY O, If I only had a man. Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,43 Girl's Glee Club 1,2,8,4Q Ensemble 3,43 3 Operetta 1,2,8,43 Honor Society 3,43 Clase Play 43 Physical Edu- cation 13 Annual Staff 4. BOB MEYERS I'm half asleep3 but seldom a- wake. Mixed Chorus 2,33 Class Play 3,43 F.F.A. 1,2,3,43 F.F.A. Offi- cer 43 Football 1,2,33 Basketball 1,2,33 Annual Staff4. ARLENE PIFER It's better to be short and shining than big and cast a sha- dow. F.H.A. 1,2,3,4Q F.l-l.A. Officer 3,43 Class Play 43 Mixed Chor- us 13 Physical Education lg An- nual Staff 4. NORMAJEAN RETTIG A career in music is her goal, WAYNE REICHLEY An innocent appearanceg but looks are deceiving. F.F.A. l,2,3,43 F.F.A. Officer 43 Football 1,2,3,4Q Class Play 43 Annual Staff 4. but in latter years wedding bells may toll. Mixed Chorus l,2,3,43 Girl's Chorus 1,2,3,43 Ensemble 3,43 Operetta 1,2,3,4Q F.H.A. 2,32 Ba- nd 1,2,3,43 Class Officer 23 Band Officer 43 Class Play 3,43 Physi- cal Education 1,23 Dance Band 2,3,43 Madrigal 33 Sax Ensem- ble 3,43 Annual Staff 4. MARNA ROMICK She has a style of her own. Band 3,43 Girl's Glee Club l,2, 3,43 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,43 Ope- retta l,2,3,4Q Ensemble 3,43 Cla! Play 3,43 Honor Society 3,43 Class Officer 13 F.H.A.. 2,83 Band Officer 43 Physical Education 13 Annual Staff 4. Page 15 y-1-'tr' ...g,u" ,. MARY ANN SCHALLER Sweet and classy5 sweet little lassy. F.H.A. 1,2,3,45 F.H.A.Officer 3,45 Girl's Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Mix- ed Chorus l,2,3,45 Ensemble 35 Class Play 3,45 Operetta 2,3,45 Class Officer 1,35 Physical Edu- cation 15 Annual Staff 4. X sa... 5, 5 wal' ' 1 l f 5 1 5 i I' ELDON SMITH Ever level, ever true, to the task he has to do. Band 1,2,3,45 Band Officer 3,45 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,45 Boy's Chorus 1,2,3,45 Operetta 1,2,3,45 Madrigal 35 Boy's Quartet 45 En- semble 45 Dance Band2,3,45 Hon- or Society 3,45 Class Play 3,45 Latin Club 1,25 Class Officer 3,4' Football 1,2,a,4g Basketball 1,2,3:45 Annual Staff 4. 2 .WMYFY .l LUCILLE STAHL Who put that dream in her eyes? F.H.A. 2,35 F.H.A. Officer 35 Band 1,2,3,45 Band Officer 3,45 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,45 Girl's Chorus 1,2,3,45 Operetta 1,2,3,45 Class Play 45 Dance Band 2,3,45 Brass Ensemble 3,45 Physical Education 15 F.F.A. Play 15 An- nual Staff 4. MARLENE TRAUCHT With mischief glowing in her eyes, she can do what e're she tries. Class Officer 2,35 Mixed Chor- us 1,2,3,45 Girl's Chorus 1,2,3,45 Girl's Ensemble 3,45 Operetta 1, 2,3,45 Honor Society 3,45 Class Play 3,45 Band 1,2,3,45 Band Of- ficer 35 Drum Ensemble 45 An- nual Staff 4. RICHARD WOLFORD Happy is he, as the day is long what's the use to worry if some- thing goes wrong? Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,45 Boy's Chorus 1,2,3,45 Operetta 1,2,3,45 Class Officer 1,3,45 Band 2,35 Madrigal 35 Boy's Quartet 45 En- semble 3,45 Class Play 3,45 Bas- ketball Manager 35 Honor So- ciety 3,45 Annual Staff 4. HWS 1 myth? me x ' 1? 1 A Good Liberal Arts College FINDLAY COLLEGE Findlay, Ohio Page 16 Un L xx,:5:. ,ss env .7 5 4 s N E U x Zvi' E 2 K ' mv' Q UMW W 5 Dgafi Hs S S S S X 'C Smgn JU IOR lst Row: Carol Bishop, Martha Green, Roberta Hindall, Nancy Smith, Kathleen Smith Carol Armentrout, Jeannine Hartman, Martha Rausch, Ruth Waltennire, Barbara Hindall Barbara Mercer 2nd Row: Mrs Knight, Jim Smith, Donald LaRoche, Harold Marquart, Tom Hender- shot, Bob Wells, Jim Arrington, Susanna Rettig, Eileen Feller, Marie Marquart, Mary Jane Reigle, Carol Reigle, Gary Hickle, Mr. Bibler 3rd Row: Jerry Beagle, Don Smith, Dick Bowman, Phyllis Garwood, Sally King, Janice Hindall, Sara Benjamin, Marjorie Butler, Jerry Joliff, Donald Buess, Lyle Hendricks, Bob Crosser, David Gilliespie, Robert Fink, Harold Seek, Bill Alge OPHOMORE lst Row: Marilyn Smith, Edna Reichley, Jane Smith, Jean Foltz, Rita Schafer, Carol Marquart, Kay Wagner, Sonja Grieser, Jean Hartman, Janice Flick 2nd Row: Mrs. Beach, George Grohoske, Wayne Sink, Maynard Steinman, Jim Bame, Neal Davis, Virgil Cotner, Lewis Rettig, Larry Beach, Tom Kroske, Bobby Essinger 3rd Row: Bill Arrington, Terry Redick, Robert Schaller, Paul Dean Smith, Bob Grie- ser, Jerry Beach, Nancy Bishop, Carol Ann Traucht, Janet Butte, Bemadine Businger, Roe- alyn Gossman, Marlene Newlon STELLA'S SODA GRILL Compliments of On the Square, H K .Treece, M.D. Stop a bit-Rest a Mite-Eat a bite E.R. Burson, M.D. Phone 214, Arlington, Ohio Arlington, Ohio Page 18 FRESHME lst Row: Richard Fink, Jerry Businger, Mary Jane Bishop, Connie Miller, Janet Ward, Marlene Clinger, Pat Hindall, Sally Grimes, Judy Hartman, Jerry Fletcher 2nd Row: Mrs. Welty, Joyce Smith, Charlotte Smith, Leila Wolford, Mary Ann Alex- ander, Leanne Pifer, Sue Hindall, Norma Jean Beach, Tommy Long, Duane Warner, Larry Wodiward, Raymond Bower, Mr. Mengert 3rd Row: Ruthann Klotz, Dorothy Waltermire, Phyllis Stahl, Barbara Wazler, Brenda Bowman, Harold Bower, Lewis Frantz, John Hindall, Gary Houdeshell, Fred Stevenson, Lar- ry Baird, Kenny Fink. EIGHTH GRADE lst Row: Janice Wagner, Phyllis Houdeshell, Rhea Jean Kimmel, Joyce Wilson, Shir- ley Brown, Bren Li Badertscher, Bobby Arrington, Virginia Greene, Larry Steinman, Larry Reigle 2nd Row: Ruthann Walters, Jerry Lafferty, Harold Butte, Jerry Brubaker, Eugene Grieser, Larry Brinkman, Anna Reichley, Myma Businger, Cecelia Skeeters, Kay Hartman, Ann Fink, Mr. McClary 3rd Row: Loris Ward, Randy Porter, Edwin Wisner, Judy Brubaker, Diana Frantz, Sue Beagle, J. J. Solt, Sandra Marquart, Roberta Inbody, Julia Bishop, Shirley Feister, Ronnie Browneller. BEACI-I'S CLOVER FARM, Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, Meats, Frozen Foods ARLINGTON HARDWARE 8: ELECTRIC, Lee H Gillespie, General Electric Sz R C.A. Page 19 SEVE TH GRADE lst Row: Paul Hartman, Tom Hendricks, Stephen Sink, John Paul Cole, Mike Smith, Tom Bidlack, Eddie Woodward 2nd Row: Diane Beach, Mary Brauneller, Joan Essinger, Beverly Smith, Joretta Flet- cher, Mary Jean Spaeth, Gerald Glick, Larry Oman, David Dillinger, Larry Brauneller, Bar- bara Marquart 3rd Row: Larry Day, Katherine Smith, Jerry Riter, Jack Joliff, Tommy Bates, Linda Rettig David Hartman, Joyce Hughes, Judy Crosser, Ronald Bibler, Larry Fletcher, Mrs. LaRoche 4th Row: Bob Reigle, Carol Ackerman, Vera Jean Wilson, Jean Cronbaugh, Karen Grie- ser, Deanna Warner, Carolyn Boehm, Elaine Bame, Norman Rettig, Jeanette Butler, Karen Baumgardner, Leontine Wise, Kenneth Powell We, the editorial staff of the Excelsior of 1954, wish at this time to express our thanks and appre- ciation to Mr. Andy Glick, for the fine photographi- cal contributions he made for us, so as to help us ma- , ke our annual a success. Q'-HH? Compliments of HANCOCK COUNTY AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASSOCIATION Laub Sales Latham Motor Sales Grubb - McComb Corbin Brothers-Arlington Kirk Motor Sales Findlay Truck 8: Imp. Arlington Ford Sales McCullough Motor Sales Gleason's Sales 8x Service Collingwood Motor Sales Harrington Chevrolet Hollington Motor Sales C.O. Duffield Motor Sales Page 20 lst Row: Ann Dally, Nan Bishop, Arlene Marquart, Diane Knight, Sally LaR0che, Bud dy Steinman, Billy Bame, Billy Houdeshell, David Greene 2nd Row: Ian Treece, Gary Mann, Nella Greene, Ann Jameson, Freddy Gonzales, Ju dith Grieser, Sharon Richards, Judy Bates, Mr. Gobrecht 3rd Row: Nancy Baughman, Mary Lou Davis, Carol Inbody, Addie Mae Rice, Margar- et Decker, William Bishop, Neal Bushong, Billy Laymaster, Gene Musgrave, Jim Porter SIXTH GRADE lst Row: Jan Rossman, David Jolliff, Joe Brinkman, Ben Mitchell, Keith Jollif, Mary Alice Nessler, Susan Reinking, Sandra Gossman, Dick Mercer 2nd Row: Lila Pifer, Marilyn Bame, Jo Anne Beagle, Judy Garlinger, Rachel Kimmel, Marie Waltermire, Bobby Roof, Lynn Orwick, Miss Foltz 3rd Row: Jerome Glick, Phyllis Lafferty, Linda Sue Dawson, Sue Wisner, Sandra Cra- tes, Diane Tumbell, Betty Krout, Karen Hosafros. A Good Bank in a Good Town, FARMERS Sz MERCHANTS BANK CO., Arlington, Ohio EVANS TYPEWRITER COMPANY, Royal Typewriter-Office Equipment, Findlay, Ohio Page 21 lst Row: Mike Bishop, Norris Beach, Jerry Brogoske, David Smith, Jack Glick, Becky Long, Joyce Kemerly, Barbar Badertcher 2nd Row: Gene Woods, Connie Dionne fwithdrawnl, Rose Mary Bishop, Dennis Day, Fred Smith, Rebekka Bishop, David Reigle, Sally Inbody 3rd Row: Allen Wolford, Jimmy Johnson, Larry Crates, Wayne Smith Karen Haldy, Janet Musgrave, Cathie Solt, Margaret Hartman, Carol Jean Fletcher FIFTH GRADE lst Row: Ted Mitchell, Joe Wagner, Carol Rettig, David Davis, Sharon Businger, Con- nie Wilson, Linda Foltz, Richard Smith, Diane Brauneller 2nd Row: Diane Connie Bowers, Betty Reigle, Eddie Reigle, Edgar Patton, Bobby Sink Paul Dean Wells, Mrs. Connell 3rd Row: Sue Solomon, Steven Riter, Sharon Reichley, Roeella Horton, Danny Hughes, Howard Skeeter, Frank Jolliff, David Rice REPUBLICAN COURIER, Radio Station WFIN, Findlay, Ohio BRANDAMAN IRON 81, METAL COMPANY, Findlay, Ohio Page 22 FOURTH GRADE lst Row: Glenn Lafferty, Steven Grieser, John Dawson, Wayne Hartman, Bobby Mc- Kinley, Steven Metzger 2nd Row: Teressa Price, Nancy Rower, Carol Gonzales, Beverly Reigle, Mary Ann Pif- er, Lois Powell, Joe Clevenger, Karen Bishop, Janet Treece 3rd Row: Linda Warner, Jean Krout, Maretta Arrington, Jeanette Cole, Patricia Wells, Marvin Wilson, Larry Hickle, Russel Brauneller, Donnie Essinger, Joyce Rossman, Mrs. Loader 4th Row: Gary Inbody, Joe Romick, Dexter Wilson, Daral Jameson, James Roberts, Gary Hindall, Jon Allen Treece, Carolyn Hartman, Francis Powell iwithdrawnj, Ronnie Es- singer, Bryan Bibler, Less Gonzales Absent: Bobby Dean Elsea. THIRD GRADE 1st Row: David Powell, Lou Hindal, Walter Saum, Billy Brown, Tommy Mercer, Jerry Hickle 2nd Row: Alma Gonzales, Cheryl Ackerman, Elaine Smith, Charles Crates, Inis Wil- son, Kathy Sink, Everett Reigle, Jeanie Williams, Gary Haley 3rd Row: Kathy Bishop, Charles Rice, Joe Bishop, Eddie Steinman, Ronald Wolford, Jimmy Steinman, Janet Jolliff, Jane Gillespie, Ruth Ann Nessler, Mary Dionne, Mrs. Fields 4th Row: Michael Beucler, Jan Kemerly, Ann Long, Bobby Marquart, Gretchen Wil- son, Mary Lee Richards, Barbara Beard, Billy Bame, Larry Bibler, Carl Rice, Allen McMil- len, Marianne Kain Page 23 1st Row: Jimmy Price, Oscar Gonzales, Stevie Essinger, Danny Patton, Lily Tellez, Charles Hartman, Brenda Human, Sue Long 2nd Row: Sandra Rogers, Rex Bishop, David Drefke, Trudy Green, Anna Rice, William Alge, Marvin Rower, Mrs. Huffman 3rd Row: Linda Bishop, Nancy Drummelsmith, John King, Dean Hinger, Sandra Goss- man, Nancy Haley, Danny Smith. Absent:Billy Davis ECO DGR DE lst Row: Jeffrey Rettig, Michael Courtney, Stephanie Hendricks, Julene Hindall, Mary Crates, Cheryle Hughes, Dianne Hartman, Lavern Steinman, Raymond Martin 2nd Row: Donald Steinman, Donald Dretke, David Latferty, Brenda Brinkman, Terry Dionne, Larry Dionne, Freddy Saum, John Reilly, Rebecca Mitchell 3rd Row: Dean Davis, Dorothy Clinger, LaDonna Feister, Mary Ellen Hartman, Lee Alan Best, Ronald Russell, Clarence Decker, Mary Anne Roof. Absent: Stephen Smith Compliments of CAL LONGWORTH, Arlington, Ohio BUCKEYE ELECTRIC COMPANY, TV. and Appliances, Phone 78, Findlay, Ohio Page 24 1st Row: Cheryl Clevenger, Susie Bibler, Diane Steinman, Yolanda Tellez, Karen Hart- man, Connie Strouse, Rita Smith, Barbara VonStein 2nd Row: Lonnie Pepple, Nancy Fox, Cheryl Corbin, Sandra Benjamin, Janel Shank, Sharon McKinley, Sherry Fahl, Judy McClelland, George Humon, Pert Hindall, Donnie Kemerley, Ralph Sheckelford, Mrs. Castor 3rd Row: Billy Wilson, Steven Rinehart, Rormie Kemerley, Richard Smith, John Geh- risch, Charles Dawson, Paul Bishop, Jimmy Dillinger, Larry Smith, Chris Eibling, Robert Hendershot,Randy I-Iigley, Donald Musgrave FIRST GRADE lst Row: Diane Bishop, Tom Orwick, Ronnie Jolliff, Alice Williams, Susan Porter, Ray Gonzoles, Cynthia Bash, Linda Hoover, Sara Jane Reinking, Freddie Reigle 2nd Row: Sammy Roberts, Eric Grieser, Jeri-Jean Hartman, Danny Hartman, Tommy Fuhrer, Karen Mitzger, Jane Ann Grohaske, Dennie Rower, Dean Steinman, Sue Ann Bis- hop, Everett Musgrave 3rd Row: Mrs. Wells, Pat Saures, Ruth Ann Fletcher, Betty Jane Wells, Janet Smith Rubetta Wilch, Judy Jolliff, David Inbody, Michael Musgrave, Wayne Bushong, Jesse Lee Wilch, Patricia Businger, Linda Kay Butte Absent: Freddy Arrington, Mary Ann Shellenbarger THE HANCOCK BRICK 8 TILE COMPANY, Vitrified Clay Drain Tile, Fittings V Yees, Ells, and Curves, Telephone 780, Findlay, Ohio NATIONAL AUTOMOTIVE FIBRES, INC, Findlay, Ohio Page 25 QXBRGTO Ruth Kroske, Wanda Steinman, and Agnus Crosser Paul, Catherine, Mrs. and Mr, Hartman Y l Left to right: Doren Kemerly, Hugo Smith, Orlin Weber, Robert Russel, Herb Price, Victor Helms, and Floyd Clinger DAVENPORT INSURANCE AGENCY, Insurance of All Kinds Findlay Office-201 1-2 Crawford Street-Phone 442 Mt. Blanchard Office-South Main Street-Phone 109 Page 26 .- SENIOR FOOTBALL BOB HOUSER ELDON SMITH Right Halfback Quarterback ALLEN ALGE JACK BABCOCK Right Guard Fullback JOHN FAHL WAYNE REICHLEY ART HOUDESHELL Right End Left Guard Left End LEITER'S MARKET, 'I'he Best For Less, Jenera, Ohio EDWARD BOSSE, Dealer in Hay, Straw, 8: Coal, Phone4403, Jenera, Ohio ELDON E. KING, Well Drilling, Pumps for all Types of Wells, Phone 120, Arlington, Ohio Page 28 Nga. FOOTBALL lst Rowzg Jerry Fletcher, Lyle Hendricks, Wayne Reichley, Bob Houser, Arthur Houde- shell, Jack Babcock, Eldon Smith, John Fahl, Allen Alge, Paul Dean Smith 2nd Row: Jim Smith, John Hindall, Donald Buesa, Don Smith, Tom Hendershot, Lar- ry Woodward, Maynard Steinman, Harold Marquart, Harold Seek, Lewis Frantz, Richard Fink, Gary Houdeshell, Tommy Kroske, Lewis Rettig 3rd Row: Mr. Castor, Tom Long, Bill Alge, Wayne Sink, Bob Crosser, Jerry Beach, Bob Grieser, Terry Redick, Bob Fink, David Gillespie, Duane Wamer, Fred Stevenson, J. J. Solt Champions Again! The outlook for a successful season was extremely dim when Mr. Castor issued his first call for candidates on August 20, 1953. Only two regulars, Art Houdeshell, end, and Jack Babcock, fullback, were left from last years team. The season opened with our annual preview game at Findlay with Ada High School. After battling fiercely for two eight minute periods. The score was 0 to 0. North Baltimore opened our regular schedule at Arlington on Septem- ber 18. The game was a thriller with the Red Devils coming out on top 15 to 13. The Hancock Little Eight League opened the next week with Arlington entertaining Van Buren. The boys started rolling in the first quarter and won 25 to 0. The next game was at McComb and both teams were primed for battle. A narrow 7 to 6 victory kept the Red Devils in the victory road. John Fahl intercepted a pass on the opponent's 45 and went over unscratched. The following week Arcadia invaded the lair of the Red Devils and turn- ed back 38 to 0. Eldon Smith returned fully recovered of a leg injury. Liberty was next on the schedule and gave the locals quite a battle be- fore subduing 19 to 7. Babcock, regular fullback, came back into action in this game. The big game of the season as usual was with our neighbors, Cory-Raw- son. The Hornets had been running up high scores on their opponents and were the favorites to down the Red Devils. The teams battled up and down the gridiron for three scoreless quarters. The fourth quarter supplied the fire- works with Arlington scoring 18 points to 7 for the Hornets. It was an upset to put it mildly. Babcock, Houser, and Eldon Smith scored the T.D .'s. Vanlue came to A rlington the following Friday and went away with a 19 to 0 defeat. Art Houdeshell played an outstanding defensive game. The season closed with a triumph over Mt. Blanchard who played a bet- ter game than the score indicated. Houser snagged a pass in the end zone while John Fahl caught two passes and run for T.D.'s. The score was 20 to 6. Among the seniors who closed their careers with this game were, Wayne Reichley and Allen Alge who saw a lot of service during the season. We the graduating seniors of the 1953 football team, wish to thank Mr. Castor for all his time and patience he put forth in enabling us to win our 10th Championship in 13 years. Mr. Castor, we salute you. TRAUCHT STORE Arlington, Ohio Page 29 Top: Eldon Smith Middle: i Jack Babcock Bottom: Bob House John Fahl Arthur Houdeshell TASTY TATERS COMPANY, Potato Chips, Made in Findlay, 237 Prospect Ave Tele. 291 PIFER STONE CO., Crushed Stone and Agricultural Lime, Phone 161-F-21, Arlington MARATHON RESTAURANT 8 TRUCKSTOP, 24 Hour Service, Pqe30 Williamstown, Ohio A.H.S A.H.S. A.H.S A.H.S. A.H.S. A.H.S. A.H.S. A.H.S. A.H.S. VARSITY BASKETBALL S lst Row: Paul Dean Smith, John Fahl, Jack Babcock, Arthur Houdeshell, Eldon Smith, Bob Houaer, Maynard Steinman 2nd Row: Mr. McClary, Wayne Sink, Lyle Hendricks, Jerry Beach, Bob Cromer, David Gillispie, Tom Kroske SECOND ROUND FIRST ROUND 57 VS Cory-Rawson 68 A.H.S. 48 VS Cory-Rawson 40 VS Hardin-Northern 51 A.H.S. 57 VS Van Buren 60 VS Van Buren 40 A.H.S. 45 VS Mt- Blanchard 37 VS Mt. Blanchard 38 A.H.S. 54 VS Afclldil 56 VS Arcadia 58 A.H.S. 65 VS BQIBCOIII 52 VS Liberty 61 A.H.S. 40 VS Llbefty 46 VS Vanlue 59 A.H.S 36 VS VBIIIUG 61 VS Carey 73 A.H.S. 45 VS McComb 52 VS McComb 43 After two short weeks of practice we invaded Cory-Rawson for our first game in which we were defeated. Fahl was the high scorer of the game with 19 Points. Van Buren here. It was a close ,battle until in the third quarter E. Sm- ith made 10 of his 19 points which helped get the lead that we retained. Mt. Blanchard there. Although they were a considerable bit taller in places than we were, we managed to end the game in a tie. We beat them in an overtime. Arcadia here. They also had us in height, but with Fahl's 21 points and P. D. Smith's 15 we were able to overcome them. Hopewell-Louden here. A. Houdeshell showed his spirit with 16 points along with B. Houser's 10. Final score A.H.S. 65 Hopewell-Louden 57. Although we had some knowledge of this next team, we were unable to turn the tide on them on their own court. Score A.H.S. 40 Liberty 60. Still recovering from our loss to Liberty, we played host to Vanlue, who was undefeated, and they remained undefeated. The following week we attempted to get revenge on our losses but failed against McComb. A. Houdeshell and M. Steinman connected with 14 and 11 points respectively. Score A.H.S. 45 McComb 58. Having taken two weeks off to rest up a bit, we played Cory-Rawson on the eighth of Jan. but was once more conquered but not until P. D. Smith had racked up 20 points. Score A.H.S. 57 Cory-Rawson 68. Our next engagement required us to report at Dunkirk, to tangle with Hardin-Northern in which we were once more defeated in a close game. Score A.H.S. 40 Hardin-Northem 51. fContinued on Page 341 Compliments of THE JOHN STEINMAN LUMBER CO , Phone 28, Arlington, Ohio A Good Bank in a Good Town, THE FARMERS AND MERCHANTS BANK CO., Arlington, Ohio Page 31 P 33833528 RE ERVES lst Row: Donald LaRoche, Jimmy Arrington, Bob Crosser, Lewis Frantz, Jerry Beach, Lyle Hendricks, David Gilliespie, Bill Alge 2nd Row: Mr McClary, Larry Beach, Jim Bame, Terry Redick, Virgil Cotner, Bob Grie- ser, John I-Iindall, Lelan Pifer, Jim Smith UNIOR HIGH lst Row: Gary Houdeachell, Jerry Businger, Larry Woodward, John Hindall, Lewis Frantz, Tom Long, Duane Warner, Larry Baird 2nd Row: Mr .Rost, Loris Ward, Larry Reigle, Larry Brinkman, J.J. Solt, Jerry Burba- ker, LeRoy Reigle, Eddie Wisner. Compliments of JOHN J. SOLT, D.V.M., Arlington, Ohio Phone 166 Compliments of BLUFFTON COLLEGE, Bluffton, Ohio Compliments of BUTLER'S IGA MARKET, Mt. Blachard, Ohio, Phone 46 Page 32 CHEERLEADER Left to Right: Martha Green, Nancy Smith, Marilyn Smith, and Isabel Latham Compliments of TROUT FURNITURE CO. Findlay, Ohio Compliments of THE KENNEDY PRINTING CO., 219 South Main, Findlay, Ohio SIMON 'S, Skirts, Dresses, 8: Blouses, Findlay, Ohio Page 33 Continued from page 31 The next week we traveled to VanBuren and finally forced our oppo- nents to bow with A. Houdeshell and E. Smith duping in 15 and 14 respec- tively. Score A.H.S. 60 Van Buren 40. The next week Arcadia played host to us and with their height and sm- all gym, were able to overcome us by only a very small margin. P. D. Smith and A. Houdeshell collected 20 and 12 points respectively. Score A.H.S. 56, Arcadia 58. Liberty was our next game here. They, for the second time, defeated us, but with a closer margin than before. High that night was Fahl with 15 and P. D. Smith with 14 points. A.H.S. 46 Liberty 61. Vanlue played host to us the second game in which we led the scoring most the way but was unable to hold the lead in the end. E. Smith was high that night with 17 points. A.H.S. 46 Vanlue 59. We played at Carey next and showed up especially well for the first three quarters, but was unable to hold the lead. Fahl and P.D. Smith were high with 12 and 19 points respectively. Jerry Beach, a prospective, young 6 ft. Sophomore showed up especially well in the last quarter as he collected 8 points. The last game of the league seasonal rounds ended with the playing of McComb at home. We succeeded in subduing them in a close contest. P.D. Smith and E. Smith led the scoring with 15 and 13 points respectively. AH. S. 52 McComb 43. We drew Liberty in our first tournament game. E. Smith, P.D. Smith, gg. Steinman scored 12, 13, 13 points respectively. Score A.H.S. 53 Liberty After winning that game we had to play Cory-Rawson. It was a close game up to the half. It ended up in another defeat for us to end our basket- ball career for another year. JOKES Art H.. Teacher, I can't go to class today." Mr. Mengert: "Why?" Art: "I don't feel well." Mr. Mengert: ' Where don't you feel well? Art: "In class.' Policeman: "Don't you know that you should always give half of the road to a woman driver?" Bud Hendricks: "I always do, when I find out which half of the road she wants." Mrs. Welty: "Tom, you may leave the room." Tom Hendershotzg "Well, I didn't expect to take it with me." Mr. Castor: "This is the third time you've looked on Bob Houser's paper." Bob Myers: "Yes, sir, he doesn't write very plainly." Mrs. Knight: "Where is your book?" Dick Bowman: "Somebodyadopted it." D! Page 34 Sophomore: Say, Father, what's the faculty? Father: ' Well, son, they're just a bunch of men and women hired to help the Sen- iors run the school." OUR FRESHIES Little grains of knowledge, Little sprigs of grass, All when put together, Make up a freshman class. The Freshman is grassy and grows, The Sophomore is sassy and blows, The Juniors are brassy and doze, The Seniors are classy and knows. Mr. Rost: "What is a gram?" David Gillespie: "A kind of cracker. 5! xfxxu ai ,C I S . V I' SIX DRIVING CLASS 5 ,, ' 1 99' Pkg 5 x I AW QQ MUSIC S 1 1' F3 AK 2 .nf ' ' S' -no 07 ' Q' n 111:-.La,,A1x-in-S . z, ,, xl ' ,D 9 all QAQI. :lf yfs Nl" S 9 C 5 wax .Q v . 5 ' B G55 NATIONAL HONQR S9ClE'l'Y Y Z Z A V5 Q? DNEW R I umm, fi NsulhI1ur7n,,,,ll Q ' yi V . mfs 4 J, xx 'Nl I EA xo xxwsoxmx N- . e.. ANW60 DANCE BAND S HI 5? SENIOR PLAY I SPORTS fi .,.v'I'F 5 15 9 I J X f . lx i - Xfa -S BAD lst Row: Phyllis Houdeshell, Judy Hartman, Barbara Hindall, Roberta Hindall 2nd Row: Ruth Ann Walters, Leila Wolford, Bob Crosser, David Gillispie, John Fahl, Jim Smith, Marlene Traucht, Myrna Businger, Mama Romick, Barbara Cook 3rd Row: Isabel Latham, Ann Fink, Rita Shaffer, Deanna Warner, Edwin Wisner, Carol Ann Traucht, Nancy Bishop, Sue Beagle, Nancy Smith, Sonja Grieser, Kay Wagner, Leon- tine Wise, Judy Crosser, Mr. Zoll. 4th Row: Rhea Jean Kimmel, Dorothy Waltermire, Norma Jean Rettig, Sally King, Kathleen Smith, Charlotte Smith, Brenda Bowman, Carol Ackerman, Kenny Fink 5th Row: Jeannine Hartman, Eileen Feller, Phyllis Garwood, Virgil Cotner, Robert Houser, Arthur Houdeshell, Fred Stevenson, Jerry Beagle, lea Ann Pifer, Sally Grimes, Ma- ry Arm Alexander 6th Row: Jerry Brubaker, Marilyn Smith, Barbara Waxler, Lucille Stahl, Phyllis Ac- kerman, Eldon Smith, Duane Warner, Ruthann Klotz, Sue Hindall Phyllis Houdeshell, Judy Hartman, Isabel Latham, Roberta Hindall, Barbara Hindall Head Majorette Isabel Latham PORTER'S MUSIC, Findlay's Complete Music Store, Findlay, Ohio RED 8: WHITE STORE, Dry Good, Groceries, Fresh Meats, Phone 6, Frozen Food, Arlington, Ohio Page 36 1. : l - ' MIXED CHORU Ist Row: Marlene Businger, Kathleen Smith, Eileen F eller, Sonja Grieser, Rosalyn Gos- sman, Marilyn Smith, Janet Butte, Susanna Rettig, Marjorie Butler, Barbara Mercer, Nan- cy Smith, Roberta Hindall, Martha Greene 2nd Row: Mr. Zoll, Eldon Smith, Nancy McKinley, Marna Romick, Isabel Latham, Nancy Butte, Sally King, Maryha Rausch, Phyllis Garwood, Carol Bishop, Barbara Hindall, Phyllis Ackerman, Lucille Stahl, Janice Hindall, Audrey Arrington, Mary ann Schaller, Bar- bara C ook, Marlene Traucht, Normajean Rettig, John Fahl 3rd Row: Richard Wolford, Arthur Houdeshell, Norman Harvey, David Gillispie, Way- ne Sink, Duane Warner, Terry Redick, Bobby Essinger, Jimmy Smith, Kenny Fink, Jerry Beagle, Fommy Kroske, Virgil Cotner, Maynard Steinman, Jimmy Arrington, Allen Alge, Paul Dean Smith, Ronald Beach, Bob Houser BOYS' OHORU lst Row: Duane Wamer, Tommy Kroske, Jerry Beagle, Kenny Fink, Jim Smith, Bobby Essinger, Terry Redick, Virgil Cotner 2nd Row: Mr. Zoll, Richard Wolford, John Fahl, Bob Houser, Allen Alge, Nomian Har- vey, Wayne Sink, Maynard Steinman, David Gillespie, Jimmy Arrington, Paul Dean Smith, Eldon Smith, Arthur Houdeshell, Ronald Beach. PALMERTON - RADIO - TELEVISION, Sylvania Television - Service 712 N. Cory St Findlay, Ohio M. D. NEFF LUMBER, Main St. 8: Nickle Plate R.R. Findlay, Ohio HANCOCK HYBRIDS, INC., Farm Seeds, Phone 3493 Findlay, Ohio Page 37 GIRLS' CHORU lst Row: Carol Ann Traucht, Janet Ward, Loretta Wright, Marlene Clinger, Edna Re- ichley, Marlene Traucht, Nancy McKinley, Vivian Freed, Mama Romick, Martha Greene, Isabel Latham, Sonja Grieser, Kay Wagner, Audrey Arrington 2nd Row: Mr. Zoll, Normajean Rettig, Phyllis Garwood, Barbara Waxler, lee Ann Pif- er, Joyce Smith, Judy Hartman, Barbara Hindall, Roberta Hindall, Jean Foltz, Carol Mar- quart, Jane Smith, Rita Schafer, Nancy Smith, Barbara Mercer, Carol Bishop, Sally Gri- mes, Mary Ann Alexander, Kathleen Smith, Ruth Waltermire, Mary Ann Schaller 3rd Row: Nancy Bishop, Marjorie Butler, Catherine Hartman, Martha Rauch, Eileen Feller, Sally King, Marlene Businger, Ruthann Klotz, Charlotte Smith, Leila Wolford, Mar- ilyn Smith, Sue Hindall, Susanna Rettig, Nancy Butte, Janet Butte, Janice Hindall, Rosa- lyn Goesman, Brenda Bowman, Lucille Stahl, Barbara Cook, Phyllis Ackerman SENIOR GIRLS' ENSEMBLE lst Row: Nancy Butte, Lucille Stahl, Audrey Arrington, Isabel Latham, Mama Romick Phyllis Ackerman, Normajean Rettig, Marlene Traucht, Nancy McKinley COUNTRY MARKET, Groceries, Meats, General Merchandise, Findlay, Ohio NEUHASUER HATCHERY, Phone 38, Arlington, Ohio MILLER'S KITCHEN ETTE, Fine Food, Next to the State Theater Page 38 ANCE BAN 1st Row: Phyllis Ackerman, Sally King, Normajean Rettig, Charlotte Smith, John F ahl 2nd Row: Jerry Beagle, Robert Houser, Lucille Stahl, Eldon Smith SE IOR BOYS' QUARTET DALE KROUT 8: SONS, Asphalt Contractors, Residental - Industrial, Phone 4761, Findlay, Ohio H. W. RICHARD, Distributor Marathon Products, Phone 21F14, Arlington, Ohio Page N LATI CL B lst Row: Mrs. LaRoche, Lee Ann Pifer, Sally Grimes, Mary Ann Alexander, Sue Hin- dall, Brenda Bowman 2nd Row:Kenny Fink, Duane Warner, Tommy Long, Harold Marquart Jerry Businger, DRIVING CLASS lst Rowzg Martna Rausch, Carol Reigle, Marlene Businger, Kathleen Smith, Sally King, Phyllis Garwood, Susanna Rettig, Marie Marquart, Mary Jane Reigle, Carol Armentrout 2nd Row: Mr. Castor, Jim Smith, Donny LaRoche, Eileen Feller, Ruth Waltermire, Martha Greene, Roberta Hindall, Nancy Smith, Carol Bishop, Jerry Beagle, Lelan Pifer, Bob Fink, Lyle Hendricks 3rd Row: Jerry Jollif, Harold Marquart, Jimmy Arrington, Norman Harvey, Bob Cros- ser, David Gillispie, Bill Alge. Kemp Young Page 40 SENIOR PLAY Seated: Jack Babcock, Eldon Smith, John Fahl, Art Houdeshell, Ronald Beach, Allen Alge. Standing: Nancy McKinley, Barbara Cook, Lucille Stahl, Phyllis Ackerman, Mama Ro- mick, Marlene Traucht, Normajean Rettig, Nancy Butte, Arlene Pifer, Isabel Latham, Au- drey Arrington, Mary Ann Schaller, Vivian Free, Wayne Riechley, Richard Wolford UNIOR PLAY 1953 Compliments of DICKEN'S 8s WONDERS STUDIO, Photographers for Arlington High- Bill Wonders, Mgr., Fostoria, Ohio Page 41 I . ' -rr f ge - lsr X QHO OR,CKHETY First Row: Nancy Butte, Kathleen Smith, Marna Romick, Barbara Cook, Nancy Mc- Kinley, Marlene Traucht, Phyllis Garwood, Susanna Rettig 2nd Row: Mrs. Beach, Isabel Latham, Marie Marguart, Eldon Smith, Richard Wol- ford, Bob Houser, Phyllis Ackerman, Roberta Hindall. P TROLBOYS Keith Houdeshell, Jim Porter, Billy Laymaster, Gene Musgrave. ONE STOP, City Laundry and Dry Cleaning, Findlay, Ohio PALMERTON-RADIO-TELEVISION, Sylvania Television-Service, 712 N. Cory St. Findlay, Ohio NEUHAUSER-HATCHERIES, INC., Poultry Feeds Ka Supplies, Phone 38, Arlington, Ohio Page 42 'sg N Page 43 lst Row: Sonja Ann Grieser, Marlene Clinger, Janice Hindall, Jean Foltz, Mary Ann Schaller,Audrey Arrington, Ruth Waltermire, Janet Ward, Martha Greene, Kay Wagner 2nd Row: Mrs. Welty, Janet Butte, Marlene Businger, Dorothy Waltermire, Rosalyn Gossman, Ruth Ann Klotz,Kathryn Hartman, Barbara Waxler, Barbara Hindall, Lela Wol- ford, Carol Reigle, Edna Reichley, Barbara Mercer, Marilyn Smith, Charlotte Smith Nancy Bishop FUTURE HGMEMAKER OF AMERICA The Arlington F.H.A. Chapter of 1953-54 organized in September, elec- ting the following officers: President ....... .... M ary Ann Schaller Vice President .... ........ Ar lene Pifer Secretary ....... .... A udrey Arrington Treasurer ..... .... R uth Waltermire Reporter ....... .... J anice Hindall Parlimentarian .... ..... J ean Foltz A bake sale was held in December and one in February' They Were very profitable. A Christmas Party was held with the F.F.A. The Bi-County meetings were attended at Van Buren on November 10, and at Liberty on March 23. Altogether the club has had a very prosperous year. Page 44 1st Row: Jerry Beagle, Bob Fink, Bob Meyers, Allen Alge, Arthur Houdeshell, Wayne Reichley, Terry Reddick, Gary Houdeshell 2nd Row: Mr. Mengert, Virgil Cotner, Harold Bower, Bobby Grieser, John Hindal, Don- ald LaRoche, Lelan Pifer, Norman Harvey, Lewis Frantz 3rd Row: Raymond Bower, Richard Fink, Larry Baird, Paul Dean Smith, Jerry Beach, Robert Schaller, Jim Bame, Neal Davis, Bobby Essinger FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA supervised practices. The officers for the year 1953-1954 are, Arthur Houdeshell, President, Allen Alge, Vice President, Bob Fink, Secretary, Jerry Beagle, Treasurer, Bob Myers, Reporter, Terry Reddick, Sentinel, Wayne Reichley, Student Advisor, Mr. Fred Mengert, Advisor. The activities of the year included scrap drive, pest hunt, parent and son banquet, chapter parliamentary team, state judging contest, corn test plot. Nine greenhands were initiated into the F .F.A. chapter in November, 1953. Nine Sophomores earned the Future Farmers degree at a joint meet- ing held at Liberty the same month. Eight Juniors and Seniors had been members for one year or longer. Officers for the year beginning July 1, 1954, are, Bob Fink, President, Jerry Beach, Vice President, Jim Bame, Secretary, Paul Dean Smith, Trea- surer, Jerry Beagle, Reporter, Norman 'I-Iarvey, Sentinel. The chapter inspected the insemination farm at Tiffm, Ohio. They also toured the Intemational Sales 8z Service and the Gehrisch Implement Sales on the study of farm mechanics. Future Activities will include among others, taking of soil samples, county and state judging teams, state and county fairs, and the Arlington Homecoming. Page 46 WHO'S WHO IN THE NEWS " NEW YORK DAILY TIMES" Reporter-Nancy McKinley Now for the latest head-line news, brought to you straight from the wires of the New York Daily Time's. Presses were running until the wee hours of the morning to bring you this up to date news. Of course you've heard of the election returns, and what returns! The lst lady ever to become president of the United States is just as excited as can be. Miss Marlene Traucht, in her acceptance speech, says she owes it all to her Vice President, Arthur Houdeshell's, campaign. Audrey Arrington, at tops in CBS Television, now is the emcee of her own show, "It's a Joy to Live ." Last week her guest was Arlene Pifer, fa- mous hair designer. Next week her guest will be Barbara Cook, world cham- pion skier. Miss Vivian Freed, horti-culturist, has just produced the 1st rosum, a flower created by joining the crysanthamum and a rose. It is reported to be very good for weddings. The wedding of the year was held in a small town in Ohio, named Ar- lington. It was a plush affair as the bride, Lucille Stahl, joined her bride- groom in matrimony . As she threw her boquet, the lucky recipiant was Mar- na Romick, the maid of honor. It seems that Jack Babcock, philanthropist, went to the moon, "To get away from it all." While there, he got furiously sick from eating green che- ese. Allen Alge, ace pilot, while on an exploring trip to the moon, found him and brought him back to earth. He is now being treated by the world fa- mous surgeon, Robert George Houser. The doctor says there is recovery in sight. Touring night spots all over the country, the ' 'Cool Muscians", are ma- king outgwell. Its success is owed to its members: Ronald Beach, guitarist: Nancy Butte, singer, and Wayne Riechley, dancer. Miss Normajean Rettig, metropolitan opera star, was just announced the best dressed woman of the United States. She is also rumored to be the richest. Miss Phyllis Ackerman, concert pianist, has just written a new opera called, "Dandelia". While recently on a concert tour, in Australia, it is be- lieved that Miss Ackerman met a man who has won her affections. Eldon Smith, western rancher, is selling his last herd of Bison. It seems he is restocking his ranch with goats .The buyer of the Bison is the businos executive, John Fahl. He plans on making Bison coats, and selling them at a reduced rate. His business manager will be Bob Myers. Richard Wolford recently bought a factory for making bee-bee guns. He figures he'll make a killing! Miss Mary Ann Schaller was acquitted of the crime she was recentlv accused of. This is surprising, for Isabel Latham, chief mistress of the Su-- preme Court, was very much against it. It seems Miss Schalleris crime was that of running over the President's cat. Page 46 CLASS WILL We, the Senior Class of 1954, of Arlington High School, and the state of Ohio, being of sound mind and body, do make and declare this,our last will and testament. We bequeath to our under-classmates and teachers these qualities which we think will help them to be as successful as we were . We, the Seniors, as the class of 1954, will to our under-classes the abili- ties to be "small but mighty" to any class who meets the qualifications. I, Phyllis Ackerman, will my ability to be Cupid's helper to Jeanine Hartman. I, Allen Alge, will my strength and weight lifting ability to Sam Mar- quart. I, Audrey Arrington, will my ability to get Commercial Law to anyone who thinks they can. I, Jack Bobcock, will all the help I have gotten through high school to anyone who needs it. I, Ronald Beach, will my ability to play the guitar to Norman Harvey. I, Nancy Ann Butte, will my red hair to Edna Reichley. .I, Barbara Cook, will my bells to anybody who has the strength to car- ry them. I, John Fahl, will my little black book to Maynard Steinman. I, Arthur Houdeshell, will my ability to confuse the ladies to Tom Hen- dershot. I, Bob Houser, will my excess gray matter to Harold Seek. I, Isabel Latham, will my key to Hartman's house to Wayne Sink. I, Nancy McKinley, will my ability to get along with Mr. Castor in De- mocracy to Mary Ann Alexander. I, Bob Myers, will my abilities to get along with the teachers to Sam Marquart. I, Arlene Pifer, will my ability to skip school a half day to anyone who thinks they won't have to see the judge for it. I, Wayne Reichley, will my quietness to Bob Wells. I, Normajean Rettig, will my liking for snakes to Kenny Fink. I, Marna Romick, will my ability not to listen in on the switch board to anybody who can curb their curiosity. I, Mary Ann Schaller, will my understanding of Algebra to Jerry Bus- inger. I, Eldon Smith, will my abilities to be a wheel to anybody who can go around. I, Lucille Stahl, will my ability to go steady to Judy Hartman. I, Marlene Traucht, will my size three class ring to Jerry Beach. I, Richard Wolford, will my excess height to Jerry Beagle, that is, if he can reach it. I, Vivian Freed, will my bashfulness around boys to Sonja Greiser. Page 47 IL... .. . CALENDAR School opens with one half day. Only one half day again. Out for fair No school today. Time to see the fair Preview at Findlay. No Score. North Baltimore game. Here. Van Buren game. Here. Juniors ordered class rings. OCTOBER 1 Dance-band played at Lions Club supper McCombe game. There Arcadia game. Here Band and Football team saw Ohio State Football game Jack Raymon Program. Was anyone scared? Schoolmasters banquet at McComb. Liberty game. There Cory-Rawson game. there No school. Teachers meeting at Toledo Senior pictures taken at Dickens Studio Community Halloween dance. Vanlue game. Here. NOVEMBER 2 Band and Football pictures taken. F.H.A. Initiation. Ford Circus program. Mt. Blanchard game. Here. Seniors sold ads in Findlay. Seniors initiated Freshman. Senior Play "Hillbilly Weddin". Repeat performance of Senior play. Basketball at Cory-Rawson. F.H.A. Bake sale. Band Mothers Festival A.F. Goldsmith Magic program Van Buren basketball. Here Thanksgiving Day. No school. No school. Thanksgiving Vacation. Junior class rings arrived. DECEMBER 2 Valentines Pets program. Armual pictures were taken. Mt. Blanchard game. There. Arcadia game. Here. Hopewell-Loudon game. Here. Commercial class visited Ohio Oil. Liberty game. There. Vanlue game. Here. Senior Pictures arrived. F.F.A. and F.H.A. Christmas party. Grade school Operetta. McComb game. There. Half day of school. Christmas vacation Seniors worked on annual. JANUARY 4 Back to school. 5 Art Jennings program 6 Jr. High game at Carey Page 48 CALENDAR 7 Senior boys went to Rotary for dinner Cory-Rawson game. Here. Hardin-Northern game. There 14 School left out at noon. Power was off. 15 Van Buren game. There 16 Senior Scholarship tests at Findlay. 18 All-county practice at Liberty. 19 College Lecture for Seniors. 21 Jr. High at Benton Ridge. 22 25 25 27 29 30 8 9 Arcadia game. There All-county practice at Liberty. Corgan Program. Carey Jr. High game. Liberty game. Here All-county music festival at Cory-Rawson FEBRUARY 5 Vanlue game. There. 8 Jr. High Tournament at Mt. Blanchard 9 Heinz Tomato Banquet. 11 Ken Smith Program A 12 McComb game. Here. 16 Coimty F.F.A. Public Speaking Contest 20 Tournament at McComb. Played Liberty. 26 Tournament at McComb. Played Cory-Rawson MARCH 1 N o school. Snow. 2 No school. Snow. 3 No school. Snow 4 No school. Snow. 5 County music auditions atMcComb 14 Spring music concert 15 F.H.A. Talent show for mothers. 19 Jr. Play. 20 District solos and ensembles at Lima 26 F.F.A. Banquet 30 No school. Ice APRIL 1 State Scholarship Preliminary Tests 2 State Scholarship Preliminary Tests 3 District band and choruses at Bluffton. 5 Honor Society banquet at McComb 10 State solo and ensemble at Bowling Green. 13 Dr. Chiles Program 14 Ken Foster Program. 16 Eighth grade Scholarship tests. 23 F.H.A. Banquet 23 Dance-band played at Liberty Prom. 24 State band and choruses at Marion. 29 High School Operetta. 30 High School Operetta. MAY 1 Final State Scholarship tests. 7 F.H.A. Style show. 14 Jr. and Sr. Banquet 18 Achievement Day 20 Exams 21 Exams 23 Baccalaureate and Commencement. Page 49 JOKES Ronald B.: "And now, Doctor, that I've told you I'm going to marry Anne, I want to get something off my chest." Doctor: "You just tell me all about it, my boy". Ronald B.: ' 'It's a tattooed heart with 'Lulu' on it." Eldon Smith: "So you dress according to your moods." Nancy McKinley: "Yes, that's right." Edlon: "Well, what do you wear when you feel snappy?" Nancy: "A turtle neck sweater." Marna Romick: 'I've been asked to get mar- ried a lotetimesf' Marlene Traucht: "Who asked you?" Marna: "My Mother and Father." "My figure used to be my fame," said Isabel Latham, "but that was when I was ir1 the third grade, and now my fame has spreadf Mrs. Beach: ' Jerry, name a collective noun." Jerry Beagle: "A vacuum cleaner." Page 50 We overheard this little bit of dialogue in the hall the other day. Mr. Rost: All extremely bright men are con- ceited. Eldon Smith: fgraciously shrugging his shoulders! Oh, I don't know: I'm not! Mrs. LaRoche: "How many times have I told you to be on time to class?" Jack Babcock: "I don't know, I thought you were keeping track." Mary Ann S.: "I fell last night and struck my head on the piano." Lucille S.: ' Hurt yourself?" Mary Ann: "No, luckily I hit the soft pedalf, Bob Crosser: "What's the meaning of pede- strian?" Jim Smith: "Raw material for an accident." Audrey A.: "Hooray! Mr. Castor said we'd have a hostory test today, rain or shine." Vivian F.: ' Well, silly! What are you hooray- ing for?', Audrey A.: "It's snowing." JOKES "Young feller," said Mr. Schaller, "I ain't blind, and I reckon you've been sparking my gal, Mary Ann a lot lately. Is it all on the square or ain't it?', ' Nope,' replied Jim Smith, "Tain't. Mostly on the back porch." Barbara C: "Why are you late for school?" Normajean R. "The reason I was delayed was because there was a man following me." Barbara C: "I don't see what difference that would make." Normajean R. ' But he was walking so slow it took a long time for him to catch up." Vivian F.: "Do you know the three Chinese girls who aren't married?" Audrey A.: "No, who are they?" Vivian F.: "Tu-Yung-Tu Tu-Dumb-Tu No-Yen-Tu." Mr. McClary: "You're out of condition again, Houser. Watch'a been doing? Studying?" Mr. Bibler: ' My boy, do you believe in life ,after death?" Jack B: "Yes, Sir." Mr. Bibler: "Then that makes everything fine, because about an hour after you left yes- terday to bury your grandfather, he came to see you." Page 51 "What," asked Allen A., "do you have in that beautiful vase on the mantel?" " My dad's ashes." replied Art H. "Oh, I'm sorry," was the embarrassed re- joiner, "I didn't know he had died." Mr. McClary after running his team fifty laps said, "All men who are too tired to run another lap, take two steps forward." The entire team stepped forward except John F. Mr. McClary: "Well John, are you ready to take another lap?" John F., ' No sir, I'm just too tired to take them two steps." Mr. Pifer fsarcasticallyj: "Say young man it's past midnight. Do you think you can stay with my daughter all night?" Richard W.: "Gosh, I reckon so sir, if you in- sist. But I will have to telephone my mo- ther first." Nancy' B.: "You say you were 35 feet away from the scene of the accident? Just how far can you see?" Phyllis A.: "Well, when I wake up I see the sun, and they tell me that's 93 million miles away." Bob M.: "Rest is coming! Quick! Jump out the window." Wayne R.: "But this is the second floor." Bob M.: "This is no time to be superstitious. CLASS HISTORY In the year of 1942, 29 eager, bright eyed childrenl trooped into Mrs. Castor's first grade. During the year we gained two new classmates, Audrey Arrington, Allen Woodruff. Our classmates, Marilyn Bibler, Barbara Radar, Nancy Fox, Bobby Bame, and Myron Bowers left us during the year. Our second year was spent under the guidance of Mrs. Simpson. Norman Hasson left. The third and fourth grade teachers were Mrs. King and Miss Farmer, now Mrs. Remaley. In the third grade Mary Ann Grieser, Earnest Moss, and Hilda Hobbs joined us. Lucille Stahl left us for Van Buren School, and Ruth Ann Pickens left for Colerain, Ohio. In 1946 Miss Brickman, took 28 fifth graders in hand and gave us a vast store of knowledge. Kay Stoddard, Louise Corbin, David Taylor, and Lucille Stahl came. Isabel Latham left us. Mike Gobrecht led us in a successful year in 1947. Barbara Cook, Jack Babcock, Gerald Rettig, Leroy Smith, Mary Ann Beach, Arlene Pifer, Bar- bara and Marilyn Hindall, Joarme Rodabaugh, David Rismiller joined us. Al- len Woodruff left us, also Mary Arm Schaller. In 1948 we left the last lap of grade school and started the first lap of Junior High School. Phyllis Ackerman, Dana Kimmel, Ronald Beach, Don Smith, joined us. Joanne Rodabaugh and Howard Huston left us. Our eighth grade tests were completed in the spring. We found out that we didn't know as much as we thought we did. Lynn Wolford came, and Barbara Hindall and Paul Reichley left. High school at last! We were under the direction of Bob Houser, our president. Miss Bumpus and Mr. Strickling were our sponsors. Mary Statler and Mary Ann Schaller joined us. The class officers of our Sophomore year were: President Marlene Trau- chtg and Vice President Bob Houser. Mary Statler, Janice Kimmel, and Mar- ilyn Hindall, left. We advanced to the rank of Juniors. We acquired Isabel Latham and Francis Chedister. We lost Joe Blem and Francis Chedister during the year. We finally made it. Seniors at last! We arrived Septembr 7, 1954, when 24 members answered the roll call. Mary Ann Beach left us during the year. The baccalaureate and commencement was held May 23,1954. Page 52 2':go5555fo35Q: IICJT3 IIC? 1' s E 5 Q E 26 2 Q . :- . if , P 5 'QE E+-Ike E - wg Q 6 :ai E 5 a :ska Sp P Q Q' D 2'iQE5 3535 -5 as N -Biz 'EE'w: s E5 an 3 2QWi'S 285, W QE 9 A 5 'D 5 5- ,Q .5 -El-1 E59 aeigiexioiaisi 30025353 ' -um Q9 Q ' ' g2i2EE3'FgiggdgHEgEgQQO -5gQQ5QE5gs5mg QmgEEFQ2 89- .Gsm-E sb.-. Q +3 ,, Ci EE5P5i5Ee5EaE5QEiE62Es3 h -:' ' -CIO,-.poo 'G'2.- N 'UZ gnu--8 al-gg? 5 lq Q " .-4 u SmeS,wssm2g3m25wgEis2a2 O h,--Cop ,Q su. ddpf-."5 U2 Q 25g?25Es3iigQi5misEF5E2 m ..f 26 p Q 5 : h Egggggsgfzgigugggxgggwi rE'g ef Qwgnmg. 55.2151 Qaiaggifgiggadgaigggsef '-2 - A5 .' -U A u "-v-1 Q IBI elhj-gozzigal '35 3 af eemdmuvxisiuziaagggi alia lggggx ge 5 ,m.0 25f335giammiEiE55iEEmF3 Eggsgzgmggffmfoggmqgggg 'SGx:o9i-SBBQQEA ETOEIA 591851 QU mE4wmzmwS4m-zm43z22E52E Page 53 W"?9'rvw'-vw-W.M x . ,sigh Plge 54 NX u LF. y 4. +07 2 . il 3, ' I ' :Qin W ls- Nu x 1 -Hi S af Z5 ar Q T J' PATTERSONS P EGBERTS HOME FURNISHING Now in Our Second Century 404 East Sandusky St. Phone 2440 418 So Main St. Findlay, Ohio Compliments of AL BASS Findlay, Ohio IACKSON BANNER FURNITURE 311 So. Main St. Findlay, Ohio BLACK AND WARNER 403 So. Main St. Findlay, Ohio SPAYTH DECORATING COMPANY Gifts - Wallpaper - Paints Phone 3946 II7 W, Sandusky St. LYNN A., LYON ELECTRIC Appliances 622 South Main St. Findlay, Ohio LESTER THOMAS Diamonds - Watches - Silverware Findlay, Ohio THE S. 8: S. DRUG STORE Everything Photographic Trustworthy Prescription Service 223 So. Main St, Findlay, Ohio RUMMEL'S 2217-18 N. Main Sr. Findlay, Ohio FINDLAY HOBBY SHOP Novelties - Toys - Games II5 So. Main St. Findlay, Ohio WARREN'S Men Shop 213 So. Main St, Findlay, Ohio DAISY MAID BAKERY 317-321 North Main St. Findlay, Ohio Compliments of ARLINGTON BUILDER SUPPLY Arlington, Ohio Page 55 Findny, ohm PEGGY'S CREDIT IEWELRY Findlay, Ohio LOUIE, THE BICYCLE MAN Authorized Schwinn Bicycle Dealer Findlay, Ohio KOEHLER'S GREENHOUSE It Please: us to Please You 1022 Liberty St. Phone 3030 L 8: L MARKET 412 W. Main Cross St. Findlay, Ohio TURNER 8: FENSTERMAKER SHOE CO 415 South Main St. Findlay, Ohio DELANEY TRAILER SALES 1055 Tiffin Ave., Findlay, Ohio, Ph. 2442 2414 N. Main sr.. Findlay, Ohio, IAQUA'S SPORTING GOODS Athletic Supplies Team 81 School Outfitters SAN - A - PURE DAIRY Finest in Dairy Products Phone 613 Findlay, Ohio PRICES AUTO CLINIC Auto Repair and Used Cars Ph. 3827 Arlington, Ohio Phone 102 - W REIGLES RESTAURANT Home Cooked Food Arlington, Ohio HI - WAY FURNITURE Phone 222 - W Arlington, Ohio Compliments of FARM SERVICE CENTER Arlington, Ohio Compliments of P S Compliments of RUSS BUSINGER ANDERSON AND JOHNSON GARAGE Arlington, Ohio Ienera . Ohio RUSSEL BISHOP Certified Seeds and Hybrids Phone 4o6lM4 R.R. 44 Findlay, Ohio Compliments of LANNING SHOE REPAIR Arlington, Ohio BRANNAN'S GULF SERVICE Midge - Bud Service With a Smile Arlington, Ohlo Compliments of KIMMEL SOHIO STATION Arlington, Ohio Compliments of SNYDER CO. Arlington, Ohio ARLINGTON PAINT AND REPAIR Body Repair and Spraying C. E. Sink, Proprietor Arlington, Ohio I. C. ARRINGTON Stone, Dirt, Lime Hauling Phone Ienera 5223 Ienera, Ohio Compliments of IENERA TAVERN Ienera, Ohio Feeds, Fence, Paint Farm Supplies, Grain IENERA COOPERATIVE ASSN, Jenera, Ohio STEIMAN BROS. LUMBER CO. Lumber - Roofing - Millwork Ienera, Ohio Page 56 RAUCH HARDWARE Hardware - Appliances - Bottle Gas Ienera, Ohio Compliments of STEINERS BARBER SHOP Ienera, Ohlo BUSINGER BLACKSMITH Electric and Acetylene Welding Ienera, Ohio MONROE CRATES Drainage Contractor Phone 4374 Ienera, Ohio Compliments of DAVIS 'l'lRE SERVICE Phone ISI-F2 Williamstown, Ohio CURL HOTCH 'Back of Theater' Dunkirk, Ohio BLUE DRUGSTORE Walgreen Agency Dunkirk, Ohio CONN'S STORE Your Patronage Appreclated Dunkirk, Ohio BEACH RADIO 8: TELEVISION Television, Appliances, Service, Repair Phone 2686 Bluffton, Ohio A. HAUENSTEIN 8t SON Prescription Pharmacy Bluffton, Ohio DR. GORDON BIXEL Optometrist Bluffton, Ohio BERT'S GENERAL STORE Houcktown, Ohio Mt. Blanchard, Ohio Lf' f Q 2 v 1-' ik. wk . 6 nl .fy ,. A ',l .. " -' 4 :J - ,., 5, ' 1 wt, ' rx x -- - -f W. Af. I1 If E, 5 re . , .IQ 5, A 1 ce f- " YY' , ffl 4 ,, .N Q 4 I , , 1,4 fm' -V 'K 1 4 ' L N 3 ' 1 . g , , V 1 ,. 'I V 1 2,7 ,--, F ,n--.- 1 1 '!,, 41 l f I , - 1'W: C n 1 .1,. . 1.1 e. A Q v. 4 A.. n. R 1 '-- 4' , y,.. Q R, s. K, ,X4 fs. I .gf 1 Q :1 S., x T' . r? ,. 4,.,, , . pw. .' A ' " u- -P 'Y - . , yn.-4 . Q NM. ' - 1 4 D' . - 14. .v 1 if ,IU 4 Iltf. ' N -' ' f- . 'VK fx ' l .. Q, ps-, -A c .' 5 '--."wf.6-'I .' .. U iw" 'H -a Wx 'I ' 'iii' S... ' 4 xh , ' 'i , I , - 'g una 4 ,, . . Y lx I k L, . L. I lc! f I .I ,' - , F i":'-f"5,, .'L'.1vw' , . 1-Pm'frfssL , 3 'f - H : 1 ,nw 'Q W 4. H x f ' , n x u' f u , . .75- 9 x . 1. 'uf .Tx 44, Q, Q..- 1 4 , , X ,, . 1 ' --1' 4 , x , 1 1 .1 v x 1 ' 1 , 'E f-' Y 1 4 I 4 W -. 1 ' ' u -1 2 1 1 1 V' , ,p -' 12 , 5 1 , 1 , u ' " W- .r I D-'. , if vn- r - ' -QA .,, 1 A Q 3 M L .- rl

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