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1 K - . X, v ,sr ' , x - Q--wr . 1 I. .wb - n,.L.',' N . , f , , A. . , .N . x. , K Y rw ,. 1 , 5 - yr P Bi . VF ' , , ' .'. "'l4f'fi ' nn.,k4.!..zhd4.a. mam w .mn 'f n ,, A 'rl .J 44 E m I U, N r W Published by THE SENIOR CLASS of ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL DEDICATION We, the Senior Class of 1953, dedicate this Excelsior to all former students ot Arlington High School who have or are now serving in the present Korean conflict. 2 SQFLJQX FACULTY . . SENIORS .... UNDERCLASSMEN SPORTS .... ACTIVITIES . . . Superinfendenf C. F. ROST Defiance High School Defiance College, A.B. Chicago University Ohio State University, M.A. rincilaa! L. E. BIBLER Arlington High School Bowling Green University Ohio State University, B.S., M.A. PLAIN VIEW FARM Pasfeurized Jersey Milk-Ice Cream and Dairy Products Phone 48f4 Jenerd, Ohio 4 SCHOOL BO RD H. H. WARNER Clerk E. E. KING M. G. KIMMEL President County Superintendent f-hw! ROI BAILEY Complimenis of DALLY FUNERAL HOME Arlington, Ohio 5 CLAIR HOUSER Vice-President ALVA GRIESER HAROLD CASTOR Arlington High School Findlay College, A.B. Kent State University. B.S. Coach, History and Democracy DELPHINE M. PATNALES Eastern High School Michigan State Normal College, B.S. Fifth Grade E f 2, Phone 6 Q iw K I, yt ELIZABETH KNIGHT Centerville High School Miami-Iacobs Business College Wilmington College, A.B. Commercial Teacher DAVID ZOLL Tiffin Columbian High School Heidelberg College Bowling Green State University, B.S. Music Teacher MARIE HICKMAN Montgomery High School Bowling Green State University Fifth Grade 5 , ,, Q ff it ROBERT MCCLARY Copley High School Akron University Bowling Green State Uni- versity, B.S. History, Coach HULDA SCHLAACK Arlington High School Capital University, A.B. Ohio State University Bowling Green State University Latin, English FCLTY MIRIAN LOU IONES Dunkirk High School Ohio Northern University Third Grade RED AND WHITE STORE Dry Goods-Notions-Groceries Fresh Meats-Fresh Fruits and Vegetables-Frozen Foods 6 LOIS FORD BEESON Roundhead High School Taylor University Ohio Northern University Fourth Grade 1 Arlington, Ohio 4.92 CORA BEACH Arlington High School Wittenberg College, A.B. Chicago University English MARGUERITE PRATT Arlington High School Bowling Green State University Ohio Northern University Third Grade li ! 3 S if fi ,v:. gf . FRED MENGERT Lucas High School Ohio State University. B.S. Agriculture F C NAOMI SIMPSON Findlay High School Findlay College Bowling Green State University Second Grade dwg . Q Q X.. X er NELLIE L. NEFF EARL G. GOBRECHT Arlington High School Arlington High School Bowling Green State University. B.S. Home Economics, Biology LTY GWENDOLYN WELLS Arlington High School Bowling Green State University Ohio Northern University Second Grade ARLINGTON FORD SALES New 81 Used Cars Complete Service - Phone 55 Ohio Northern University Sixth Grade BEA CASTOR Arlington High School Bowling Green State University Ohio Northern University First Grade 'Nam 'Ki o 6 W I COOKS Agnes Crosser, Ruth Kroske. Y . AN ITO RS Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Nessler. BUS DRIVERS Top How-Floyd Clinger, Hugo Smith, Marvin Davis. Bottom Row-Bob Russell, Clement Smith, Bob McClelland. Absent-Glen Beck. Complimenls of Your Chevrolet Dealer CORBIN BROTHERS Arlington, Ohio 8 I WAYNE PEPPLE This guy is like a teakettle- full of steam and always singing. l".I".A. l, 2, 3. 4: F.F.A. Northwest Sectional Officer 4: F.F.A. Officer 3. 4: Honor Society 3, 4: County Honor Society Officer 4: Football 1, 2, 3. 4: Basketball l, 2, 3, 4: Class Play 3, 4: Class Officer 1. 3. 4: Annual Staff 4. IANEI. FRANTZ A nice personality: full of vitality. Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee l, 2, 3, 4: Band 2, 3. 47 OP- eretta 2, 3. 4: Girls' Ensemble 4: Latin Club 1: Honor Society 3. 4: County Honor Society Officer 4: Class Officer 1. 2. 3. 4: Class Play 3, 4: Physical Ed. 2: Annual Staff 4. DARWIN WILSON An innocent appearance. but looks are deceiving. Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3. 4: Boys' Glee l. 2. 3: Operetta 2, 3, 4: Boys' Ensemble 3, 4: Madriqal 4: Latin Club l, 2: Latin Club Officer 2: Honor Society 3, 4: Class Play 3. 4: Class Officer l, 2, 3: Annual Staff 4. IAMES STALEY The Don luan of Arlington. Football l. 2. 3, 4: Basketball l, 2, 3. 4: Class Play 3. 4: Annual Staff 4. DOROTHY GLICK Her mind is cleaner than a man's- she changes it more often. Mixed Chorus 1: Girls' Glee 1, 4: Girls' Ensemble 4: Honor Society 3, 4: Class Play 3, 4: Physical Ed. 2: Annual Staff 4. MCDEVITT PHARMACY Drugs - Prescriptions Sodas - Gifts 10 LEON GOSSMAN This is the guy with the horn- rimmed glasses. He has fun in Miss Schlaack's classes. F.F.A. 1. 2. 3. 4: F.F.A. Officer 4. Football l, 2, 3, 4: Basketball l. 2, 2 Class Officer 2, 4: F.F.A. Play Annual Staff 4: Mixed Chorus 42 Operetta 4. EILEEN SCHMEHI. My idea of an agreeable person is one who agrees with me. Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3. 4: Girls' Glee l, 2, 3, 4: Operetta 2. 3. 4: Girls' Ensemble Z, 4: Class Play 3, 4: Class Officer 4: Physical Ed. 2: Annual Staff 4: Honor Society 3. 4: Madrigal 4. MARY I OYCE BOEHM Better late than never. Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee l. 2. 3, 4: Band l, 2. 3. 4: Honor Operetta 2, 3, 4: Ensemble 4: Society 3. 4: Class Play 3. 4: Clari- net Quartet 3: Anual Staff 4: Clari- net Trio 4. PHILIP ROGERS lf loafing were a crime, this guy would be serving time. Honor Society 3, 4: Class Play 3, 4: Football Manager 3: Annual Staff 4. CARL OMAN I wish there was some other way of starting the day besides waking up. Mixed Chorus 4: F.F.A. l, 2, 3, 4: F.F.A. Officer 2, 3. 4: F.F.A. Play 2: Football 1. 2, 3. 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3: Annual Staff 4. IOAN HINGEH She came, she saw, she conquered-lr. Effingham H. S.. Illinois l, 2, 3: Arlington H. S. 4: Latin Club 1. 2: Student Council 1. 2. 3: Literati 3: Commerce Club 3: Pep Club l. 2. 3: G.A.A. 2, 3: Physical Ed. l. 2. 3: Class Play 4: Annual Staff 4. EILENE PIPER Shes always out for a good time. Mixed Chorus 1, 2. 3, 4: Girls' Glee l. 2, 3. 4: Operetta 2, 3. 4: En- semble l. 2. 4: F.H.A. l, 2, 3. 4: F.H.A. Officer 3, 4: Class Play 4: Business Manager 3: Physical Ed. 2: Annual Staff 4: Class Officer 2. NANCY BAME Its terrible, l lust cant work for thinking of him. Mixed Chorus 2, 3. 4: Girls' Glee l. 2, 3, 4: Girls' Ensemble 2, 4: Op- eretta 2, 3, 4: F.H.A. l. 2, 3. 4: F.H.A. Officer 4: Class Play 3, 4: Physical Ed. 2. DONNA CHONBAUGH This gal's a corkerg she's a New Yorker. Mixed Chorus 1. 2. 3. 4: Girls' Glee l. 2. 3. 4: Operetta Z. 3. 4: Madrigal 4: Ensemble 2. 3. 4: Brass Sextette 3, 4: Band 1. 2. 3, 4: Band Officer 3, 4: F.l-LA. l, 2, 3: F.H.A. Officer 3: Class Play 3, 4: Physical Ed. 2: Annual Staff 4. COLENE BIBLER Call for me whenever there's tun, I can laugh from sun to sun. Mixed Chorus 2: Girls' Glee 2: Operetta 2: F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: F.H.A. Officer 4: Class Play 4: Physical Ed. 2. bww DAVENPORT INSURANCE AGENCY Insurance of All Kinds Findlay Office, 2O'IV2 Crawford Street - Phone 442 Mt. Blanchard Office, South Main Street - Phone 'IO9 11 LEONARD GROHOSKE Ha is torn between vice and versa. Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2. GERALD INBODY Big broad shoulders: what a sight, he belongs to the manly type. I-'.P.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: F.F.A. Officer 2. 3. 4: F.F.A. Play 2: Football l, 2. 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Class Officer 2. 3: Annual Staff 4. ALVIN FELLER His eyes run over with glee. Mt. Blanchard H. S. 1: Arlington H. S. 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Boys' Glee l, 2, 3. 4: Band 4: Operetta 3. 4: Boys' Ensemble 3, 4: Madrigal 4: F.F.A. 1. 2. 3, 4: F.F.A. 1. 2, 3. 4: F.F.A. Officer 4: Class Play 3. DON WALTERMIRE The only thing wrong with doing nothing is that you can't stop to rest. Band 1. 2, 3, 4: Latin l, 2: Foot- ball l. 2, 3. 4: Basketball l, 2, 3, 4: Class Play 3: Annual Staff 4. IERRY STAHL He is fond of argument. F.F.A. 1, 2. 3: F.F.A. Play 2: F.F.A. Officer 2. 3: Football l, 2. 3. 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3. ANN SMITH Short and neat and candy sweet. Michigan Lutheran Seminary l, 2: Arlington H. 4: Mixed Chorus 1. 2. 3, 4: Girls Glee 1. 2, 3, 4: Band 4: Operetta 3, 4: Ensemble 4: Madrigal 4: Latin Club l. 2: Class Play 4: Class Officer l, 4: Business Manager 3: Annual Staff 4. MARILYN HUNTER There lies a deal of deviltry beneath this mild exterior. Mixed Chorus 3, 4: Girls' Glee 3, 4: Operetta 3. 4: Ensemble 4: P.H.A. l: Class Play 4: Physical Ed. 2. BEVERLY BIBLER lt's nice to he natural when you are naturally nice. Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3. 4: Girls' Glee l. 2, 3, 4: Operetta 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 1, 2: Honor Society 3, 4: Class Play 3, 4: Business Manager 3: Annual Staff 4: Class Officer 1. .Z All , , Xi AA S 15 ,1 S X :- 3 '1 5 A bi Q ,Q , 4 a 2' T A I :Va -- '4 E 'Q ' Quit' i E 4 'ig 'W 1 ' pf f A Good Liberal Arts College FINDLAY COLLEGE Findlay, Ohio 12 IOE SCHAAF He never enters a roomy he raids lt. Mixed Chorus 1: Boys' Glee 1: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1: Annual Staff 4. MELVIN HARVEY This guy acts like he flipped his lid, but that's because he's the Bill- town Kid. F.F.A, 2: Stage Manager 3, 4. ARDEN WOODS A hot-rod driver such as he: some day will end up a tree. F.F.A. 1, 2, 3: F.P.A. Play 2: 5.F.A. Officer 2: Stage Manager 3, NNUAL STAFF Assistant Editor ........... ....... M ary Ioyce Boehm Business Manager ........................ ...........Iim Staley Assistant Business Manager .................. Phillip Rogers Art Editor .................................... Assistant Art Ed itor .... Class History ............... Snapshot Editor .......... Ioke Editor ............ Calendar ....... Prophecy .......... .........Dorothy Glick .........Carl Oman ..Wayne Pepple .......Ianel Frantz ........Ann Smith ...............Carl Oman ..........Eileen Schmehl Who s Who ........................ Last Will and Testament ......... Latin ......................... . .......... F. H. A ......... F. F. A ............. Basketball ........ Football ......... ........Ioan Hinger ..........Dorothy Glick ....Beverly Bibler .........Eilene Pifer ........Leon Gossman ........Gerald lnbody Don Waltermire Music ...... ......... D onna Cronbaugh THE OHIO OIL COMPANY Refiners and Marketers Marathon Gasoline 81 Motor Oil Findlay, Ohio 13 QQSQL fwfy if ,,..41 'lm K fix Y gf Po B i lx ,A - 'os qx l E' " gflif. ' AS J, ,'Q 'f'?y ff?-MQQ sf' 5 L gh ELI-NX M ' ' ' fy I , J 'M A FRESHMEN FIRST ROW: Rita Schaler, Bobby Essinger, lean Hartman, Ianice Flick, Tommy Kroske Ireporterl. lane Smith. Edna Reichley, Kay Wagner, Sonja Ann Grieser, Larry Beach. SECOND ROW: Mr. Zoll, Terry Redick tVice-Presidentl, Robert Schaller, Paul Dean Smith, lerry Beach, Robert Grieser, Nancy Bishop tSecretaryl. Marlene Newlon, Marilyn Smith, Carol Ann Traucht, Bernadine Busin- ger, Miss Nett. THIRD ROW: Iames Bame, Ruth Ann Smith, George Grohoske, Maynard Steinman, Icmet Butte, Wayne Sink iTrea- surerj, Rosalyn Gossman, lean Foltz, Carol Marquart Presidentl. ABSENT: Virgil Cotner. HGHTH GRADE FIRST ROW: Iudith Hartman, Sally Io Grimes ISecretaryl, Ianet Ward tTreasurerJ, Marlene Clinger, Connie Miller, Mary lane Bishop, Mary Ann Alexander, Ierry Businger, Kenneth Fink, Raymond Bower, Duane Warner. SECOND ROW: Larry Barid, Leila Wol- Iord lPresidentJ, Barbara Waxler, Norma Iean Beach, Carol Errett, John Hindall, Phyllis Stahl, Brenda Bowman, Catherine Hartman, Lewis Frantz, Harold Bower, Mr. McClary. THIRD ROW: Richard Fink, Neal Davis, Larry Woodward, Tom Long tI.ibrarianl, Gary Houdeshell, Leanne Piter, Charlotte Smith iVice-Presidentl, Dorothy Waltermire, Vina Sue Hindall, Ruthann Klotz, Billy Arrington. STEll.A'S SODA GRILL Compliments ot On the Square H. K. TREECE, M.D. Stop a Bit - Rest a Mite - Eat a Bite E. R. BURSON, M.D. Phone 214 Arlington, O. AI'iiI19T0t1, O- 16 FIFTH GRADE FIRST ROW: Billy Bame, Lee Wallace, Ann Dally, Sandra Gossman, David Iolliif, Keith Houdeshell, Buddy Steinman. Susie Reinking, Nan Bishop, Ben Mitchell, Ian Rossman. SECOND ROW: Gerry Mann, Billy Leymaster, Keith lolliif, Ian Treece, Lynn Orwick, Jerome Glick, Karen Hosatros. Nella Greene, Sally La Roche, Sharon Richard, Carol Inbody, Marie Waltermire, Nancy Bauqhman. THIRD ROW: Mary Lou Davis, Freddy Gonzales, Margaret Decker, Turnbell, Sandra Crates, Iudith Grieser, Neil Bushong, Bobby Roof, David Greene, lim Porter, Iohn Errett, Marilyn Bame, Diane Knight, lameson, Io Anne Beagle, Iudy Garlinger, Marlene Van Cleve, Ice FIRST ROW: Connie Lou Wilson, Ted Mitchell, Richard Smith Grohoske. Linda Foltz, Sally Inbody, Barbara Badertscher. SECOND' Hartman, Terry Poe, Sharon Reichley, Carol Fletcher, Betty Riegle, Bishop. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Beeson, Howard Skeeters, Stephen Riter, Danny Hughes, Larry Crates, Cathie Solt, Frank Ioliif, Dennis Day Dean Wells, Rosemary Blshop, Fred Smith, Sue Solomon, Iack Glicicf Betty Kzout, William B'shop, Sue Wisner, Phyllis Laiierty, Diane Gene Musgrave, Mary Alice Nesler. FOURTH ROW: Mrs. Firsdon, Lilea Piier, Rachel Kimmel, Arlene Marquart, Iudy Bates, Ann Brinkman, Mrs, Patnales. ABSENT: Dick Mercer. GR DE Ioe Wagner, Ioyce Kemerly, Sharon Businger, Becky Lonq. Ierry ROW: Iimmy Johnson. David Reiale, Alan Wolford, Margaret Connie Di Onne, David Davis, Bobby Sink, Eddie Reigle, Mike Diane Rettig, Karen Haley, Janet Musgrave, Rosella Horton, Miss Iones. FOURTH ROW: Connie Bowers, Eugene Woods, Paul Diane Brauneller, Carol Rettig, Norris Beach, David Smith. THE REPUBLICAN COURIER Radio Station WFIN Findlay, Ohio 18 BRANDMAN IRON Sr METAL CO. Findlay, Ohio TWHRD GR DE FIRST ROW lleit to riqhtl: Wayne Hartman, Glenn Laiierty, Joe Clevenqer, Carol Gonzales, Teresa Price, Janet Treece, Marianne Piier, Steven Grieser, Larry Hickle, Karen Bishop, Beverly Reiqle. SECOND ROW lleit to riqhtlr Stephen Metzqer, Richard Gallant, Bobby McKinley. Gary lnbody, Jeanette Cole, Carolyn Hartman, Lois Powell, Patricia Wells, Helen Smith, Linda Warner, Jean Krout, Marylyn Schafer, Maryetta Arrington, Joyce Rossman, Bobby Elsea. THIRD ROW llelt to rightl: Marvin Wilson, James Roberts, Don- nie Essinger, Leas Gonzalez, Brian Bibler, Ronnie Essinqer, Dexter Wilson, Gary Hindall, Joe Romick, Jon Treece, Darol Jameson, Russell Brauneller, and Mrs. Pratt. ABSENT: Dee Ann Davis. NEW PUPIL: Francis Powell. SECO D GRADE FIRST ROW lleft to riqhtl: Janet Shafer, Lois Ann Wilson, Alma Gonzalez, Jeanne Williams, Elaine Smith, Ruth Ann Nessler, Everett Rieqle, Walter Saum, Billy Brown, Joe Hickle. SECOND ROW lleit to rightl: Janet Jolliii, Ronald Wolford, Cathy Sink, Jimmy Steinman, Charles Crates, Joe Bishop, Eddie Steinman, Nancy Haley. Ann Long, Naomi Guinn, David Powell, Gary Haley. THIRD ROW lleft to rightl: Jane Gillespie, Mary Lee Richard, Mary DiOnne, Barbara Beard, Billy Bame, Jan Kemerly, Alan McMillen, Gretchen Wilson, Marianne Kain, Larry Bibler, Michael Beucler, Tommy Mercer, Bobby Marquart. Q HARRIET M. GREEN STUDIOS THE HANCOCK BRICK sn TILE COMPANY Official Photographers for Arlington High Vitrified Clay Drain Tile Portraits - in the Modern Trend Fittings-Yees, Ells, and Curves Findlay, Ohio Telephone-780 Findlay, Ohio 19 FIRST GRADE FIRST ROW: Cheryl Hughes, Iulene Hindall, Dianne Hartman, Stephanie Hendricks, Micheal Courtney, Lily Tellez, Oscar Gon- zalez. Iimmy Price, Rebecca Mitchell, Sharon Wilch, Ierey Rettiq, Charles Hartman. SECOND ROW: Sandra Gossman, Linda Bishop, Mary Ellen Hartman, Danny Smith, Dallas Schaai, Iohn Reilly. Donald Steinman. Billy Davis, Freddy Soum, David Lolferty, Sue Long, Mary Crates, Dorothy Clinqer. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Castor, Mary Ann Root, Nancy Drummelsmith, Linda Beck, Dean Hinqer. Lee Alan Best. Lynn Beck, Stephen Smith, Ronald Russell, Steven Babcock, Clarence Decker, Iohn King, Mrs. Wells. FOURTH ROW: Lavern Stein' man, Brenda Brinkman, Terry DiOnne. Larry DiOnne, Sammy Roberts, William Alge, Stevie Essinqer, Sarada Kay Rogers. Trudy Green, Rex Bishop, La Donna Feister. ABSENT: Raymond Martin. How Times have Changed We Appreciate Your Potronage NATIONAL AUTOMOTIVE FIBRES, INC. HANCOCK SAVINGS 81 LOAN Findlay, Ohio Findlay, Ohio Members of the Federal Banking System 20 I TS xgavf FOOTB LL Arlington High School opened its 1952 football campaign in the Findlay Preview where they fought a losing battle against a tough Ada team S-12. The following Friday Arlington gained sweet revenge over the North Baltimore team who had previously broken Ar1ington's 45 game winning streak the year before. Score 19-7. On September 19th Arlington traveled to Van Buren and by defeating the Black Knight eleven 47-0 the Arlington Red Devils showed promise for a successful season. For their next contest the Red Devils took on McComb on the home gridiron. The McComb boys showed a lot of scrap but the Red Devils again came out on top 13-7. Continuing their winning ways, the Arlington team defeated Arcadia at Arcadia 39-0 on a cold wind-swept gridiron. October 10th the Arlington Bed Devils mastered the Liberty eleven 33-6. The following Friday, October 17th, the Red Devils suffered their first league defeat in eight years and their only reversal of the '52 season. They lost to Cory-Rawson, who became the league's Champs, 14-0. The Red Devils then started to click again the following week when they defeated the Vanlue team 20-7 in a well played game. The Red Devils met a highly determined Mt. Blanchard eleven in their last contest of the season and came out of the fray with a 13-13 tie. All in all the season has to be considered a successful one although it didn't come up to the standards of previous Red Devil undefeated records. s..Q'QSl'f: K: FIRST ROW Cleft to rightj: Leon Gossman, Don Waltermire, Leonard Grohoske, Iim Staley, Gerald Inbody, Carl Oman, Wayne Pepple. Ierry Stahl. Ioe Schaaf. SECOND ROW: Mr. McClary, Don Smith. Wayne Reichley. Iohn Fahl, Bob Houser. lack Babcock, Art Houdeshell, Eldon Smith, Allen Alge. Bob Meyers. Bill Alge. Mr. Castor. THIRD ROW: Bud Hen- dricks, Bob Fink, Don Buess, Paul Reichley. Ierry Iollift, Norman Harvey. David Gillispie. Harold Seek. Bob Crosser. Harold Marquart. FOURTH ROW: Larry Beach, Donald LaRoche, Tommy Kroske, Terry Rettig, Ierry Beach, Bob Greiser, Paul Dean Smith, Maynard Steinman. Wayne Sink. Gary Hickle. WATER BOY-I. I. Solt. TRAUCHT STORE Arlington, Ohio 22 . P5 w.1'2'?'2Hi'K?' Sf 1 Q k 4, A A RA . E V. ' ivglQfx1'f'Eiw' :ff , 'W Avwefiw . , gggff.. L 1 R If xg? , Q. f' gf wfxm, Www, , fu , M 1 35 A :J A 5.3 gi ' 8:9 7' Q-if Sw , P' W QS-FU' -fha' ff, ki XF Y mzww N mr'-fyqy A,.,x,A. .,,. x Wqkw i 1 v xl J 9W?fI'R2?Sws Qv3Qx'QWfN x5 1 W - ' X' D. ,qw 1 an if I X 'H A A if-K'WSY ?W1W1?Tfgi ,yiwfflif , TJ 1'f2W'9':?"? 4X +1 :fvw-IAQQ-' . K M .M 1fjqf - Q , W 'af ww wz9f+.xJex ,lwwrwfwfvvar 1' ,,,,A , jgffii b .- Ci hx K 5 Ng. Wt ' Q ,x ' 1111 fwrfm ffm f 1. 5.5 hi H- LE jug: A ' K fx , 7 3, i ,. A , 'F 1? W g , gl K 1-fre as W K. vii? xy 9 Y Z 5 A ks: twig sk 1 TM L - . M10 .fi V. .N wii?.M . K , ,Mg K ' 111552136 Vs A MN 'E- M L ,.A. ,, x.., 4 0 3 fy ffm W' wp LM. f 15?-af? My A ah , U1 , Nw 'M ww .wc ma 5 ik CHEERLEADERS Martha Greene, Nancy Smith, Kathleen Smith, Sally King. H EAD MAJORETTE Isabel Lathem FOOTBALL COACH Harold Castor -. . Compliments of Feeds, Fence, Pc nt EDWARD BOSSE ILUFFTON COLLEGE Farm Supplies, Che in Hay, Shaw, and Coal Bluffton, Ohio JENERA COOPERATIVE ASSN Jenera, Ohio The Truth Makes Free 24 Jenera, Ohio ASKETB LL Arlington opened its basketball season for '52-'53 at Lykens on November seventh. They led all the way and won 43-30. The following Friday we played at Arcadia and defeated the Red- men 68-45. On Saturday night we played host to Hardin Northern who became the Hardin Coun- ty Champs. Again the Red Devils came through, 60-51. Our next league engagement was Lib- erty, who we defeated 59-26. We played Vanlue who had won the County League last year, and came out on the long end, 58-46, as Waltermire swlshed 23 points. On Friday, December fifth, Mt. Blanchard carne to Arlington with high hopes, but they came out on the short end, 47-37. Van Buren came to A. H. S. on Saturday night and received the same treatment, 47-37. December ninth we went to Bascom to play Hopewell-Louden, who were to become league champs of Seneca County. Final score, Arlington 56, Hopewell 42. On Friday night Cory-Rawson came to Arlington to absorb their worst defeat of the season. Arlington led 48-16 going into the final quarter and won 61-31. The Red Devils went to McComb with a record of 9 straight victories, but lost the game in the final min- utes, 43-58. Following the Christmas vacation, Arcadia came to Arlington and led the first three quarters, but Arlington won out, 53-46. Friday, Ianuary ninth, we played on Liberty's small court and won 67-55. On Saturday night we played Forest, who became the Hardin County Tourney Champs, and A. H. S. lost 65-67, with Pepple scoring 40 points. Vanlue came to Arlington to beat our flu ridden team 62-69. Staley scored 15 points. We played Mt. Blanchard on Saturday night and Pep- ple scored 41 points as Arlington won 79-48. January 30 the Red Devils traveled to Cory-Rawson to down them 63-43 as Smith scored 19 points. On Saturday night Carey came to Arlington and it VARSITY FIRST ROW Cleft to rightj: Iohn Fahl. Bob Houser. Eldon Smith, Wayne Pepple, Art Houdeshell. Gerald Inbody. Ierry Stahl, Iim Staley. SECOND ROW: Tom Kroske. Bob Meyers, Maynard Steinman, Wayne Sink, Ierry Beach, Paul Dean Smith, David Gillispie, Donald Lalloche, Richard Wolford. THIRD ROW: Mr. McClary, Don Smith. Harold Seek. Bud Hendricks, lack Babcock, Lelan Piter. Iim Arrington. Bill Alge. Compliments of THE ARLINGTON ELEVATOR 81 SUPPLY CO THE JOHN STEINMAN LUMBER CO. Grain, Seeds, Feed, Coal, Etc. Arlington, Ohio Phone 28 Arlington, Ohio Phone 98 25 SENIOR VARSITY DON WALTERMIRE GERALD INBODY n. c. wlNu.ANo Registered Wcfchmaker O. H. LAFFERTY l.El'l'ER'S MARKET Jewelry-Woich Repair Plumbing-Heofing-Lennox Furnaces The Best for Less Jeneru, Ohio Phone 140 Arlington, Ohio Jenerc, Ohio 26 JUNIOR HIGH FIRST ROW Cleft to rightj: Loris Ward, Eddie Wisner, Tommy Long, Bill Arrington, Larry Reigle. SECOND ROW: Larry Beach, Wayne Sink. Maynard Steinman, Bob Greiser, Ierry Beach, Paul Dean Smith, Lewis Frantz. THIRD ROW: Mr. Rost, Larry Baird. Tommy Kroske. Larry Woodward. Terry Redick, Iohn Hindall, lim Bame, Duane Warner. Gary Houdeshell. was a close game all the way. lnbody sank two fouls in the last ll seconds to gain the victory for Arlington, 57-55. In our last league game, McComb took the measure of the Red Devils, 52-71, with four players fouling out for Arlington in the second half. COUNTY TOURNEY: Arlington drew Van Buren and held them to one field goal in the last half as the Red Devils won, 49-31. Vanlue was Arlington's next victim, 64-51. lnbody scored 14 for high scorer. We lost to McComb in the final game, 42-45. Smith collected 20 points. DISTRICT TOURNEY: We drew a bye and were to play the winner of the McComblOntario game, which was McComb. The Red Devils were not to be denied this time, and Arlington won out, 38-35. Fahl scored 8 points in the last quarter after taking hte injured Smith's place. Our next game was with Lucas, who had a tall team, but Arlington came out the victor, 58-57, in a thrilling ball game. Pepple hit 32 points. Smith was forced to the sidelines permanently with the injury sus- tained against McComb. This victory earned Arl ngton the right to play in the finals and a chance to go to Toledo. But more hard luck dogged the team. Waltermire injured his ankle in dummy scrim- mage and the injury would not heal in time for Don to do his best. Paul Dean Smith and Iohn Fahl took the injured players' places and played excellent ball. Don gave all he had and quite a bit more before leaving the game on fouls, caused mostly by his injury. Pepple, Staley, and lnbody tried to make up for the injured regular players but Sycamore was not to be denied. They led all the way, coping the game 60-47. The boys composing the basketball squad this year are a credit to anyone associated with them. The loyalty, cooperation, and sacrifice that they displayed will be a lesson for future teams. Mr. McClary is to be commended for the skill, insight, and foresight he used in directing these ag- gregations. The odds were never too great for them to tackle. They never quit. Boys and coach, we salute you. lER1'S GENERAL STORE SNYDER AND CO. Compliments of Houcktown, Ohio Mt. Blanchard, Ohio Phone 42 JOHN J. SDLT, D.V.M. Phone 30F2 General Garage Service Arlington, Ohio Phone 166 Groceries, Meats, Hardware Sport Goods - Hallicraffer TV Electrical Repair Service 27 SNAPSHOTS 4 FOR DAD AND LAD ZllR0l.F'S NEUHASUER HATCHERIES, INC. FlSl'lER'S SHEIJ. GAS AND RESTAURANT Clofhes Men like Poulfry, Feeds, and Supplies Open 24 Hours Phone 38 Arlingion, Ohio Williomsfown, Ohio Findlay, Ohio 28 2 ,W 2, if ,rf is gs V' THE S815 DRUG STORE HARRY M. WARD CO. NEUHAUSER HATCHERIES, INC. Everyfhing Phoiogrcphic Educafional Publications and Equipmenf Ross E. Morrow, Manager Trusfworfhy Prescription Service Bryan, Ohio 452-454 E. Sandusky Findlay 223 S. Main St. Findlay, Ohio 29 'fmf YQ ,Mug ---,U HINGERS BOTTLE GAS SERVICE COUNTRY MARKET HERFF JONES COMPANY Rouie 224 Groceries, Meal, General Merchandise Class Rings, Medals, Trophies Findlay, Ohio Findlay, Ohio P. D. Cook, Representative 30 P K 5 :Hon19r'S!ooiC+j G X Y l N L.8'Hh Club M M M WJKQWW, 5: 5 .531 E!-2135 A - . 1 . 'f S w ., , , . 11, I -, ...i."' ' M . AN FIRST ROW Qleft to rightjz Leila Wolford, Isabel Latham, Barbara Hindall, Iudy Hartman, Leontine Wise, Nancy Smith. Barbara Cook, Ianel Frantz, Alvin Feller, Marlene Traucht. Mama Romick, Iohn Fahl, Iim Smith, Sonja Greiser. Kay Wagner, Phyllis Houdeshell. Roberta Hindall, Mr. Zoll. Ann Smith. SECOND ROW: Sally King, Kathleen Smith, Don Wal- termite, Iudy Brubaker, Charlotte Smith, Rhea Iean Kimmel, Ieannine Hartman, Mary Ann Alexander, Kenny Fink, Carol Ackerman, Brenda Bowman, Mary Ioyce Boehm, Carol Ann Traucht, Rita Schaffer, Sue Beagle, Ann Fink, Eileen Feller. Phyllis Garwood, Ierry Beagle. THIRD ROW: Barbara Waxler, Donna Cronbaugh, Sue Hindall, Ruth Ann Klotz, Lucille Stahl, Duane Warner, Eldon Smith, Phyllis Ackerman, Richard Wolford, Leanne Pifer, Marilyn Smith, Sally Grimes, Art Houdeshell. Allen Alge, Bob Houser, Virgil Cotner. Arlington has a right to be proud ot their music department, which is under the able direction of Mr. David Zoll. The band has given some stirring performances at every football game, and gave an excellent concert in December. They received a superior rating in the district contest held at Ada and will participate in the State Contest, April 18, at Denni- son University. Individual members participated in the Hancock County Music Festival held at Arlington, which was under the direction of Prolessor Weidner of Ohio Northern University. M AJ O R E TT E S IEFT TO RIGHT: Iudy Hartman, Barbara Hindall, Isabel Latham, Roberta Hindall, Phyllis Houdeshell. Compliments of THE M. D. NEFF LUMBER CO. DELANEY TRAILER SALES lt SERVICE HANCOCK COUNTY DEALERS Main St. 81 Nickel Plate R.R. 1055 Tiffin Ave., Findlay, O. Phone 2442 ASSOCIATION Findlay, Ohio 2414 No. Main St., Findlay, O. Phone 3837 32 333 FIRST ROW Cleft to right D: Lucille Stahl. Ieannine Hartman, Martha Raush, Sally King, Terry Rettig, Norman Harvey, Robert Schaller, Susana Rettig, Sara Benjamin, Phyllis Garwood, Phyllis Ackerman, Barbara Hindall, Martha Greene, Ann Smith. SECOND ROW: Audrey Arrington, Nancy Butte, Eileen Feller, Beverly Bibler, Mary Ioyce Boehm, Alvin Feller, Carl Oman, Iohn Fahl, Barbara Cook, Normajean Rettig, Mary Ann Schaller. Marna Romick, Marlene Traucht, Nancy McKinley. Nancy Smith, Isabel Lathem. THIRD ROW: Marilyn Hunter, Eileen Schmehl, Donna Cronbaugh. Iim Arrington, Allen Alqe, Bud Hendricks. Don Waltermire, Ronald Beach, Art Houdeshell, Richard Wolford, Bob Hauser, Eldon Smith, Darwin Wilson, Ianico Hindall, Marlene Businger, Ianel Frantz, Mary Ann Beach, Nancy Bame, Eilene Piler. IXED CHORUS The mixed chorus, under the direction of Mr. David Zoll, has 55 members. With Phyllis Gar- wood as accompanist, this group sang in the fall concert and participated in the contest held at Ada, in which they received an excellent rating. Individual members participated in the Hancock County Music Festival held at Arlington, which was under the direction of Professor Carl Roider of Ohio Northern University. They are looking forward to a highly successful operetta this year, Rio Rico. OPERETTA, CAST OF CHARACTERS: "Lewis Morgan", Bob Hauser: "lane Morgan", Eileen Schmehl: "Iulia Morgan", Mary Ioyce Boehm: "Professor Amos Molecule", Darwin Wilson: "Clara", Normajean Rettig: "Nan", Ann Smith: "Pansy Borealis", Donna Cronbaugh: "lack Davis", Eldon Smith: "Tubby Tompkins", Iohn Fahl: The Black Spider", Leon Gossman: "Dead-Eye", Richard Wolford: "Spade-Beard", Ronald Beach: "Skittles", lim Smith. INSLEY SEED STORE S I M 0 N ' S Your Headquarters for Compliments ol Skirts, Sweaters, Blouses, Dresses Garden 8. Lawn Seeds 8. Supplies THE KENNEDY PRINTING CO. S. Main St. Findlay, Ohio IO6 W. Front St. Findlay, Ohio 2l9 South Main Findlay, Ohio 33 FIRST ROW Cleft to rightbz Mr. Zoll, Phyllis Garwood, Bob Essinger, Virgil Cotner, Iim Bame, Terry Rettig, Robert Schaller, Norman Harvey, Bob Myers. Iim Smith, Ierry Beagle, Duane Warner. SECOND ROW: Darwin Wilson, Bob Hou- ser, Eldon Smith. Art Houdeshell. Ronald Beach, Richard Wolford. Carl Oman, Alvin Feller, Bud Hendricks, Iohn Fahl, Allen B O Y S ' C H O R U S This fine group of boys has added much to our music department under the capable direction Alge, Iim Arrington. of Mr. David Zoll. The members of the club have appreciated the work of their accompanist, Miss Phyllis Garwood. DANCE BAND FIRST ROW Cleft to rightj: Sally King. don Smith, Lucille Stahl, Phyllis Ackerman. This group made their first public appearance at the All-County Music Festival, Ianuary 24, where they were well received. SWITZER BROTHERS THE TROUT FURNITURE COMPANY Good Bakers Since l895 PORTER5 MUSIC Phone 'IS Findlay, Ohio Findlay's Complete Music Store Findlay, Ohio 532 S. Main St. Findlay, Ohio 34 Normajean Rettig, Bill Alge, Iohn Fahl. SEC- OND ROW: Art Houdeshell, Bob Houser, El- FIRST ROW qleit to right 5: Sonja Greiser, Roberta Hindall, Carol Marquart, Nancy Smith, Isabel Lathem, Sally King, Marilyn Smith, Ianice Hindall, Marlene Businger, Phyllis Garwood, lane Smith, Edna Reichley, Kay Wagner, Rita Schaffer, Ann Smith. SECOND ROW: Vivian Freed, Mama Romick, Audrey Arrington, Nancy Butte, Eileen Feller, Rosalyn Gossman, Ianet Butte, Ruth Waltermire, Martha Raush, Carol Ann Traucht, Nancy McKinley, Iean Foltz, Martha Greene. THIRD ROW: Mary Ann Schaller, Ieannine Hartman. Kathleen Smith, Mary Ann Beach, Beverly Bibler, Marilyn Hunter, Eileen Schmehl, Donna Cronbaugh, Mary Ioyce Boehm, Sara Benjamin, Susana Rettig, Dorothy Glick, Nancy Bishop, Ianel Frantz, Nancy Bame, Eilene Piler, Barbara Mercer. GIRL ' GLEE CL B This year the club sang in the fall concert December 16, 1952, and attended the county and district contest in which they received an excellent rating. SENIOR GIRLS' ENSEMBLE FIRST ROW Cleft to rightj: Ann Smith, Eilene Pifer, Dorothy Glick, Bev- erly Bibler, Nancy Bame. SECOND ROW: Eileen Schmehl, Ianel Frantz. Mary Ioyce Boehm, Marilyn Hunter. Donna Cronbaugh. These girls participated in the spring contests, the first of which was held at McComb on March 13. The "A" group won a superior rating, and the "B" group were rated excellent. They went on to participate in the district contest held at Lima March 27, and both received excellent ratings. EVANS TYPEWRITER COMPANY The editorial staff wishes to express their Royal Typewriters - Office Equipment appreciation to Mr. Andy Glick for his Findlay, Ohio photographical contributions to our annual. 35 FIHST ROW: Donna Cronbaugh, Eileen Schmehl, Normajean Hettig, Ann Smith. SECOND ROW: Darwin Wilson, Eldon Smith, Richard Wolford, Bob Houser, Alvin Feller, Iohn Fahl, Norman Harvey. M DRIG L This newly organized group made their first public appearance in the fall concert and are planning many more. BGYS' ENSEMBLE son, Eldon Smith, Bob Houser. Richard Wolford, Alvin Feller, Bob Hendricks, Iohn Fahl. Norman Harvey. This group participated in the contest held at McComb on March 13th and received a high rating for their efforts. 36 FIRST ROW: Iim Arrington, Darwin Wil- TOP ROW Qleft to rightj: Martha Greene, Marna Romick. Barbara Hindall. Normajean Rettig, Lucille Stahl, Rosalyn Gossman, lean Foltz, Barbara Mercer. SECOND ROW: Marlene Smith, Ianet Butte, Sara Benjamin. Carol Reigle, Marlene Businger, Nancy Bishop. Mary Ann Beach, Ianice Hindall, Ruth Waltermire. Miss Neff. THIRD ROW: Sonja Greiser. Edna Reichley, Colene Bibler. Mary Ann Schallar, Eilene Pifer, Nancy Bame, Arlene Piter. Vivian Freed, Kay Wagner. NEW MEMBER: Marjorie Butler. F TURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA The Arlington F.H.A. Chapter of 1952-53 organized in September, electing the following officers: President, Eilene Piier: Vice-President, Mary Ann Schal- lerp Secretary, Nancy Bame: Treasurer, Lucille Stahl: News Reporter, Vivian Freed: Sergeant at Arms, Colene Biblerp Recreation Leader, Arlene Piierg Club Mother, Mrs. Floyd Pifer. Some of the various activities which the members of the F.H.A. have enjoyed during the present year are: Caj A Christmas party held in December with the F.F.A. QbD A skating party in February sponsored by the group to which the public was invited. CCD A Mother-Daughter Banquet was held on March 10th with fifty-four present. Qdj Bi-County meetings were attended at McComb and Ml. Blanchard. The organization is planning a Style Show in the spring. Altogether the club has had a very prosperous and enjoyable year. Compliments of FARM SERVICE CENTER Arlington, Ohio 37 FIRST ROW: Bob Fink, Alvin Feller, Carl Oman, Wayne Pepple, Gerald Inbody, Art Houdeshell. Leon Gossman, Fred Menqert. SECOND ROW: Ierry Beagle, Bobby Essinger, Bob Meyers, Bob Schaller, Allan Alge, Lelan Piier, Sam Marquart. THIRD ROW: Terry Redick, Iames Bame, Paul Reichley, Paul Dean Smith, Ierry Beach, Wayne Reichley, Bob Greiser, Norman Harvey. FUTURE FAR ERS OF AMERICA The Arlington F.F.A. is composed of 28 members, four of whom are graduates. They have com- pleted 54 productive projects and 45 improvement projects. Throughout the year we have had many activities. We participated in the county pest hunt and came in second. Arlington had high individual achievements, and also high judging team honors. Robert Woodruff was a member ot the National F.F.A. Boy's Chorus, which sang at the National F'.F.A. Convention in Kansas City, Mo. Mr. Mengert, Wayne Pepple, and Alvin Feller also attended the National Convention. Wayne Pepple was elected Vice President of the Northwestern Ohio District. Wayne Pepple, Iim Myers, and Gene Treece brought home the coveted honor of first in Dairy Cattle judging at the state contest at Columbus. They then achieved the more coveted honor of a gold award in the National Dairy Show at Waterloo, Iowa, as one of the seven top teams in the United States. They also participated in contests at Van Wert and Wooster, Ohio. Ar- lington placed third in General Livestock judging at the Hancock County Fair. We also placed second in the State Safety Contest. There were two chapter farmers that received State Farmer Degrees. The two were Wayne Pepple and Gene Line. Chapter in the National F.F.A.: therefore many activi as the theme. A te1evis'on program which was on Feb ruary 25, 1953, over WSPD-TV, Toledo, was also cele brating this occasion. The chapter officers for the '52-'53 year were as iol Fink: Sentinel, Art Houdeshell. 38 It is the twenty-fifth anniversary oi the Arlington ties were planned in celebration of this occasion. A banquet on March 20, with the twenty-fifth anniversary lows: President, Wayne Pepple: Vice-President, Gerald Inbody: Secretary, Leon Gossman: Treasurer, Carl Oman Student Advisor, Alvin Feller: Reporter, Bob LTI CLB as Q ii In 4 I Ia 3 , I . -5 ,r I 4 W It Qs ' I 3 5 2 I , 1 2 ' X FIRST ROW: Iim Arrington, Ieannine Hartman, Kathleen Smith, Bill Alge. SECOND ROW: Lyle Hendricks Miss Schlaack. Harold Seek. DRIVING CLASS cm- .mime , M -MLW FIRST ROW: Normajean Rettig, Arlene Piier. Mary Ann Schaller, Vivian Freed, Nancy McKinley. Marlene Trauchl. Marna Romick. Isabel Latham, Barbara Hindall. SECOND ROW: Iohn Fahl, Darwin Wilson, Philip Rogers, Arlhur I-Ioudeshell, Richard Woliord, Ronald Beach, Bob Houser, Wayne Reichley, Allen Alge. THIRD ROW: Bob Meyers, Harold Seek, Nancy Butte, Ianice Hindall, Phyllis Ackerman, Barbara Cook, Lucille Stahl, Ioan Hinger, Ad- visor-Mr. Castor. ABSENT: Iim Staley and Audrey Arrington. 39 FIRST ROW Cleft to rightj: Beverly Bibler, Eileen Schmehl, Dorothy Glick, Marlene Traucht, Nancy Butte Isabel Latham, Mama Romick. Barbara Cook, Phyllis Ackerman. SECOND ROW Cleft to rightj: Mary Ioyce Boehm, Robert Houser, Richard Wolford. Wayne Pepple, Philip Rogers, Darwin Wilson, Eldon Smith, Ianel Frantz. HO OR SOCIETY Arlington was privileged to have 17 members in the Hancock County Chapter of the National Honor Society. This membership is based upon the scholastic average of the student, their character, leadership, and service. The officers of our Arlington Chapter are: President, Darlin Wilson: Vice- President, Beverly Bibler: Secretary, Dorothy Glick: Treasurer, Eileen Schmehl: News Reporter, Philip Rogers: Chaplain, Mary Ioyce Boehm. Wayne Pepple, President: and Ianel Frantz, Secretary: are ofliicers of the County Chapter this year. McComb was host to the only meeting of the Honor Society this school year. The annual formal banquet was held at Arlington as it is an unwritten custom that it be held in the school of the president. 40 LEFT TO RIGHT: Eilene Piier. Philip Rogers, Eileen Schmehl, Marilyn Hunter, Nancy Bame. Colene Bibler, Donna Cronbaugh. Ianel Frantz, Ioan Hinger, Ann Smith, Wayne Pepple. OTHERS, ON FLOOR: lim Staley. Dar- SENIOR PLAY, "MISTER COED" PLAY CAST: Bernice Bramberry ....... ....... N ancy Bame Carol Wood ............ ................ Ianel Frantz Ruby Nolan .......................... ..................... E ilene Pifer Miss Eustacia Hayworth ........ .......... M ary Ioyce Boehm Homer Quackenbush ......... ............ P hillip Rogers Miss Pauline Pooley ....... ......... D orothy Glick Miss Geraldine Carr ....... ......... B everly Bibler Mr. Oliver Lee Oliver ......... ....... W ayne Pepple Emily Manning ................ ......... E ileen Schmehl Lotus Smith .............................. ................... I im Staley Cobina Colgate Brewster .......... .,...... D onna Cronbaugh Gilbert Glyer ................................................................ Darwin Wilson Dormitory girls ........ Ann Smith, Colene Bibler, Marilyn Hunter, Ioan Hinger. 41 gw is ' s '1fg5m-'s:- lg emigl 1 ...Ay CALENDAR SEPTEMBER 5. Played Ada. Lost! 8. One half day school. "Good start?" 12. Visited North Baltimore. "Revenge." 19. Played Van Buren there. 47-0-"Guess Who?" 26. McComb our guest. "What hospitality!" OCTOBER 3. Played Arcadia there. 39-0. 10. Liberty here. "Won again." 16. Seniors got pictures taken. "Watch the birdie!" 17. Played Cory-Rawson here. "Defeat." 23. Played Vanlue at home. 31. Visited Mt. Blanchard. "Tie"-13-13. NOVEMBER 7. Basketball at Lykens. 12. Annual pictures taken. 14. Played Arcadia there. 15. Beat Hardin-Northern here! 18. Seniors sold ads for annual. "Day off!" 19. Honor Society Meeting at McComb. 21. Played Liberty. Guess who won. 24. Senior Play "Mr. Coed." 25. Senior Play CProfessional Actorsj. 26. Played Vanlue. DECEMBER 5. Mt. Blanchard our basketball guests. 6. Van Buren played here. 9. Met Hopewell-Louden there. 12. Played Cory-Rawson. "We won!" 16. Senior Christmas party. Whoopee! 19. Vacation starts. Short eternity. 19. Lost to McComb. IANUARY 1. Happy New Year! 2. Met Arcadia here. 9. Defeated Liberty there. 10. Conquered by Forest at home. 12. All-County music practice at Liberty. 16. Vanlue defeated us at home. 17. We whipped Mt. Blanchard again. 23. Defeated Van Buren. 24. County Music Festival at Arlington. 29. Senior boys guests of Findlay Rotary. 30. Senior Scholarship Tests at Findlay. 30. Defeated Cory-Rawson again. 31. Defeated Carey here. FEBRUARY 2. Individual pictures taken. 6. McComb beat us again. 7. F.H.A. Skating Party. Bounce! 9-21. County and District Tournament. Runner-up! MARCH 13. Music Contest at McComb. "Music?" 17. Senior Career Day at Findlay College "Another Day Off!" 21. District Music Contest at Ada. 24-25. Scholarship Tests. 27. Iunior Play-"Seventeen is Terrific." 28. District Music Contest at Lima. APRIL 1. Fools Day. "We were all there." 7. Honor Society Banquet at Arlington. "Only brains allowed." 11. State Music contest at Bowling Green. 18. Band to State at Dennison University. MAY 2. District State Scholarship Test at Bowling Green. 8. Iunior-Senior Banquet. "Thanks Iuniors!" 14. High School Operetta-"Rio Rico" 15. High School Operetta-"Rio Rico" 17. Baccalaureate. 22. Commencement. "At last" CLASS HISTORY On September 8, 1941, twenty-nine first graders toddled into Arlington High School. Our first year was spent under Miss Fahl, now Mrs. Castor. Our second year teacher was M ss White. That year one of our pupils, Richard Reigle, died. Paul Gossard, Iohn Hasson, Marilyn Hindall, and Paul Reichley left us. We had two new classmates, Patsy Wentz and Gordon Hess. Miss De Witt, now Mrs. Statler, was our th'rd grade teacher. We lost Iohn Hasson, Robert Leiber, and Norma lean Crates. Miss Farmer, now Mrs. Remoley, wss our guide for the fourth year. Charles Ballinger, Leonard Grohoske, Marlyn Hunter, Colene Bibler and Irene Retiig joined our class. We lost Ierry Stahl and Mary Ann Beach. Again in the fifth grade Mrs. Statler was our teacher along with Mr. Gobrecht. We had one new classmate join us, Rita McKee. Our sixth year was spent under the guTdance of Mr. Gobrecht and Miss Brinkman. Our new classmates were Bob Corbin, Ethel Hempy, Norma Edding- ton, Bob Harper, Gerald Bibler, Mary Ioyce Boehm, Harold Benjamin, Gerald Rettig, and Leroy Smith. Our fellow classmate, Ierry Stahl, rejoined us. We lost Barbara Bame and Patsy Wentz. At last we reached the seventh grade. Miss Schlaack, was our home room teacher. lim Staley, Norma Iean Eddington, Gerald Rettig and Leroy Smith left us but in their place we gained Eilene Pifer, Gerald lnbody, Melvin Harvey. Marilyn Marohn, and Dean Schaller. Our last year of grade school was under the guidance of Mrs. Beach. We lost Ethel Hempy, Rita McKee, Eileen Schmehl, Bob Harper, Ann Smith, Mari- lyn Marohn, Harold Menjamin, Gerald Bibler, and Dana Kimmel. Our former classmate, Iim Staley, moved back. In the year 1949 we entered High School. Mrs. Knight and Mr. Strickling were our sponsors. We elected the following officers: Beverly Bibler, presi- dent, Darwin Wilson, vice-president: Ianel Frantz, secretary: and Wayne Pepple, treasurer. Charles Ballinger, Bob Corbin, and Lynn Wolford left us. Eileen Schmehl, Patty Lee, and Alvin Feller joined us. In our Sophomore year Mrs. Knight and Mr. Castor were our sponsors. The following officers were elected: Darwin Wilson, president: Beverly Bib- ler, secretary: and Ianel Frantz, treasurer. Rilla Chamberlain and Phillip Patton were our new members. We finally reached the rank of juniors. Mrs. Knight and Mr. McClary were our sponsors. The officers for that year were Gerald lnbody, president: Darwin Wilson, vice-president: Ianel Frantz, secretary: and Wayne Pepple, treasurer. We regained Ann Smith. On April 4 and 18 we presented our class play, "The Big Help." On May 14 we honored the Seniors with a banquet. The addition of Ioan Hinger brought the number of seniors to twenty-six. We elected Wayne Pepple, president: Leon Gossman, vice-president: Ianel Frantz, secretary: and Eileen Schmehl, treasurer. We presented our class play, "Mister Coed", on the evenings of November 24 and 25. On May 8 the Juniors honored us with a very delightful banquet. On May 17th our Baccalaureate services took place conducted by Reverend Glen Beck. And last but not least, the Commencement exercises were held on the 22nd day of May. 44 THE NEW YORK SUN lULY 23. 1965 Who's Who in the News A weekly column of the happenings in the social world by Eileen Schmehl The two prominent multimillionaires, Mr. Arden' Woods and Mr. Melvin Harvey, have just contributed 525,000 to the Society for the Preservation of Old Mice. It seems Messrs. Woods and Harvey made their fortune by build- ing a better mouse trap which has succeeded in ridding the world of all but a few mice. The distinguished banker from New York, Mr. Iames Staley, has returned to his home town for a visit. Remember girls, Mr. Staley was voted the most eligible bachelor of 1965. The marriage of the movie idol, Leon Gossman, to Margaret O'Brien was announced yesterday. The ceremony was performed by an old classmate of Gossman's, Rev. Alvin Feller. The couple will honeymoon at the Hula House in Hawaii owned by Carl Omen. Pete Waltermire and his Hot Iazz Five were jailed last night for starting a brawl in a fashionable night club where they are currently playing. Ierry Stahl, trombone player, took over during the bartender's absence and the drinks were flowing freely. Iuclge Grohoske said the case comes up on Monday. Miss Colene Bibler gave cr lecture on good English usage at the home of the socialite, Mrs. Rodney Courtland Cthe former Nancy BameD. Celebrities present were the football pro Wayne Pepple and the Champion Lady Wrestler Ianel Frantz. The famous Inbody quintuplets celebrated their 6th birthday on Iuly 21. Marilyn Hunter, the children's nurse, says they are model children especially Gerald Ir. The proud parents, Gerald and Eilene, are Mr. and Mrs. America of last year. A 310,000 jewel robbery took place last night at the home of the Metro- politan Opera Star, Donna Cronbaugh. Miss Cronbaugh's companion. Ioan Hinger, was locked in a closet by the robber. Detectiev Wilson says clues are abundant and he is confident that the thief will soon be caught. After having shut herself up in her laboratory for several years. Dorothy Glick has finally come up with, she declares, a cure for the common cold. Her human guinea pig during the experiments was Ann Smith. Miss Glick said that she will call her cure "Annies Remedy" in honor of her assistant. Miss Mary Ioyce Boehm writes me that she has been given the appoint- ment of Professor at Vassar. She is filling the positions vacated by the retire- ment of Prof. Philip Rogers. Prof. Rogers says he retired at an early age in order to enjoy his student acquaintances more fully. Mr. Ioe Schaaf, the first man to fly to the moon, has cornered the market on green cheese. Congress has gone into special session to declare this monopoly unconstitutional. Beverly Bibler, lawyer for Mr. Schaaf, declares that the moon is out of the jurisdiction of the United States. This should make an interesting case. 45 JOKES Ioan H: "How are you getting along with your driving?" Nancy M: "Oh. fine. Yesterday I went 50 miles an hour, and tomorrow I'm going to try opening my eyes when I pass another car." Ioe S: "Gosh, this liniment makes my arm smart." Iim S: "That's fine. Try rubbing some on your head." Sing a song of sulphide, beaker full of lime, Four and twenty test tubes, Breaking all the time. When the cork is opened, Fumes begin to reek- lsn't this an Awful Mess To have five times a week? Leonard G: "Something came into my mind and then went out again." Ioan H: "Maybe it was lone1y." Eilene P: "Last night Gerald tried to put his arm around me six times." CSome arm.j Dorothy G: "Have you taken a shower, Mary Ioyce?" Mary Ioyce: "Why no: is one missing?" Phillip R: "What position do you play on the football team?" Carl O: "Oh, sort of crouched and bent over." - - W--an Mr ss. -. .f ip 4, '- JOKES Alvin F: "Is your girl spoiled?" Darwin W: "No. it's just the perfume she's wearing." 0 A man's head is remarkably sensitive. Pat him on the back and his head swells. 9 Miss Schlaack: "Use denial in a sentence." Ioe: "Cleopatra lived and loved on denial. 0 Mr. Host: "Didn't you have a brother in this course last year?" Bob H: "No sir. it was I. I'm taking the course over again." Mr. Rost: "Extraordinary resemblance, though." Wayne P: "There is a certain question I've wanted to ask you all week." Shirley C: "Well, get a move on you: I've had the answer ready for months." 0 Donna C: "I found a splinter of wood in my soup today." Eileen S: "What did you do with it?" Donna: "Oh! I ate it with the rest of my board." 6 Arden W: "Pop, what do they mean by a gentleman farmer?" Mr. Woods: "A gentleman farmer, my son, is a farmer who seldom raises anything but his hat." 0 Perhaps some jokes are old, And should be on the shelf: But if you knew any better. You should have sent in a few yourself. ,X- 5 mimi H0 D355 Usta BAUUQR H2520 M025 HOB 2908 SLWU-A 2580353 an HOESQO engage OWBOHTB Hmgmdgh anew USED Bug BAUU2 EHHUQUSUOD H0553 :DECOR Oa EUEE H392 B36 is BHEUW gm 5850 Epggme 63055 QQVMEUE H0-EB H3052 U0 NECA OESQOA R852 EEA EH: mE0AU Omg QBEHMDS an EEK M00-any Eiga hm-me HUMUMUSUUQ QUE 03N AOS gms :B 3202725 S- QED! 202 Smeg mmwganm WF? AWEPBU Snag M032 ECM -EPO! QE WtOnm ada :S mails Ugg me m-'MMOG gdgm mag Ugg-A EMU :HUSBAND YQOOU EHUBSAM MEUNOWSQ Bev mga WMU? EM-5 M256 EEN gg ESO: RU- :Un UNESCO how B002 EO3U50m WEBB EEE Emi M2582 ESA :UH msgs EMWOMV M83 EEUU 03000 mga ggi EWCA :U SEOAONU BDU OEUOH QNEOB :Wm BSU 09000 E053 gwmah given EUAUQUE JE gsm OBO ggmbss J was Cup-Oggv :OB -A0 gugv new 38 303 Quesdouv SEED .AO TEOA ,UN E raw as 323 :su H gundam ,shi :Q SEG FH E2 35 05 :UAB Fm H FEA? OM E03 he A25 MVOOMV gm -A0 wig M58 HON Huawei nog AO 33052 EEO: EQFOW -AO msgm 2:95a 0:34 559 20A Pa gsm Q h W 8- 0280 M5053 ONE Shams 280 EXE SEER 2-EOM bam NCEE MEOHH QOQ BBE H4 BHEONU as 3-can mem dbz Ekgogamm 3 B024 585.5 B 0553353 BOD rim E: Bdsm its swam nam HUUAUW SH EOEAUW -BBE naman QE-E has M526 Shawn UFWU3 UU :UO ,MUOAE E200 Moana E582 swim Q52 ,Oxfam 3302 BHWOSOK-U EUROS COEMMOG B00-H xusw MEOHOQ Nash H2-EH azym 524 ngaeaho USED Eamon wang 52 E35 gm-OO 535 rabmm Ogm ggz 2552 CLASS WILL We, the members of the Senior Class of Arlington High School, village of Arlington, State of Ohio, being of sound mind and memory, do hereby solemnly bequeath to our underclassmen and teachers, those several qualities and characteristics which have distinguished us, being found in our Last Will and Testament, thus: I, Nancy Bame, will my liking of blue eyes and black hair to Barbara Mercer. I, Beverly Bibler, leave school. I, Colene Bibler, will my ability to use good English to Mrs. Knight. I, Mary Ioyce Boehm, will my stature to Carol Armentrout. I, Donna Cronbaugh, will all my injuries to anyone who thinks they can stand them. I, Alvin Feller, leave my bass drum to Rich Wolford. I, Ianel Frantz, will my secretarial abilities to anyone who can balance my books. I, Dorothy Glick, will my ability to take Shorthand dictation to Phyllis Acker- man. I, Leon Gossman, will my long hair to Art Houdeshell. I, Leonard Grohoske, will my ability to play cards to Bob Wells. I, Melvin Harvey, will my ability to perform on flying trapezes to Mr. McClary. I, Ioan Hinger, will my Illinois Driver's License to Nancy McKinley. I, Marilyn Hunter, leave my telephone in Beach's English Class to anyone who thinks they can talk over it. I, Gerald lnbody, will my ability to behave in Schlaack's English Class to Bill Alge. I, Carl Oman, will my little Brown Iug to lack Babcock. I, Eilene Pifer, will my ability to stay awake at slumber parties and giggle to Carol Reigle. I, Wayne Pepple, will my basketball suit to Sam Marquart. I, Philip Rogers, will my ambition to be a hard worker to Wayne Sink. I, Ioe Schaaf, will my stature to Ronald Beach. I, Eileen Schmehl, will my ability to argue in class meetings to Ierry Beagle. I, Ierry Stahl, will my quiet temper and quiet ways to Sam Marquart. I, Ann Smith, will my ability to get into the movies at half price to anyone who thinks they can get away with it. I, Iim Staley, will my little black book to Iohn Fahl. I, Don Waltermire, will my football uniform to Ierry Beagle. ' I, Darwin Wilson, will my ability to drive a '38 Chevy to anyone who can afford to buy it oil. I, Arden Woods, will my good driving habits to Mr. Castor. 49 PATRONS Compliments of Hoover Roofing 81 Supply Co. Arlington, Ohio Compliments of DAVIS POULTRY CO. Arlington, Ohio PRlCE'S GARAGE Automotive Repair and Used Parts Arlington, Ohio Compliments of RUSS BUSINGER Arlington, Ohio Compliments of KlMNlEl. SOl"llO STATION Arlington, Ohio BRUBAKER'S RESTAURANT Home Cooked Food Arlington, Ohio EARL R. MCCANN Plumbing 81 Heating Dunkirk, Ohio HUDSON PRODUCTS INC. Makers of Hudson Quality Feeds BUSINGER BLACKSMITH Electric and Acetylene Welding Jenero, Ohio HARTMAN'S GARAGE Williamstown, Ohio RAUCH HARDWARE Hardware-Applionces-Bottled Gas Jenero, Ohio Compliments of STEINERS BARBER SHOP Jenero, Ohio Steinman Bros. Lumber Co Lumber-Roowing-Millwork Jenero, Ohio Compliments of .IENERA TAVERN Jenerci, Ohio HARTMAN'S HARDWARE Arlington, Ohio PATRONS Louie, The Bicycle Man Authorized Schwinn Bicycle Dealer Findlay, Ohio SAN-A-PURE DAIRY Finest in Dairy Products Ff one 613 Findlay, Ohio You Can Get It At C H A D ' S 630-632 So. Main St. Findlay, Ohio PATTERSONS Now in Our Second Century 4I8 So. Main St. Findlay Spayth Decorating Company Gifts-Wallpaper-Paints Phone 3946 'l'I7 W. Sandusky St. The Great Atlantic 8g Pacific Tea Company Findlay, Ohio HOTEL FORT FINDLAY Formerly Altmeyer Hotel 201 So. Main Findlay, Ohio Compliments of Your Borden Ice Cream Dealers Arlington, Ohio Hoadley's Rug 8K Cleaning Co 131 North Cory Street Findlay, Ohio Compliments of Jackson Banner Furniture Co Findlay, Ohio DR. GORDON BIXEL Optometrist Bluffton, Ohio LEIBER'S JEWELRY STORE Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry Bluffton, Ohio STEINER 8a HUSER Arrow Shirts - Freeman Shoes For Lasting Portraits NEU - ART STUDIO Bluffton, Ohio Compliments ot Anderson and Johnson Ga rage Jenera, Ohio PATRONS SINK'S FLOWERS Quality Flowers and Prompt Service 404 Second St. Findlay, Ohio Ph. 3665 LESTER THOMAS Diamonds-Watches-Silverwa re Findlay, Ohio Turner-Fenstermaker Shoes 415 South Main St. Findlay, Ohio BLACK AND WARNER 403 So. Main Street Findlay EGBERTS HOME FURNISHINGS 404 East Sandusky St. Tel. 2440 Findlay, Ohio Compliments of U H L M A N ' S Findlay, Ohio W A R R E N ' S MEN SHOP 213 So. Main St. Findlay, Ohio RAY'S BAKERY 3071321 North Main Street Findlay, Ohio MEDLOCK JEWELERS Trophies - Medals - Engravings 225 So. Main St. Findlay, Ohio Gleason's Sales and Service Packard Dealer 335 E. Main Cross Findlay, Ohio sooo LUCK SENIORS FINDLAY FOOD CENTER FINDLAY HARDWARE 220 South Main Street Findlay, Ohio RUMMEL'S 2217-18 N. Main St. Findlay, Ohio Lynn A. Lyon Electric Appliances 622 South Main St. Findlay, Ohio SCHWAB'S SPORTS CENTER Athletic Supplies Team and School Outfitters PEAT'S FLOWERS Complete Floral Service Across from Hospital Phone 2252 Findlay, Ohio . ::....4.- . , , L, . ,. ' - ' -gf -J-III ' '- N , w 42 V1 H . 54.- , . . U , MN-i1 A 45'-wg! L-'.1 fb..-.M-,' - . .,,.,5,, ,A 5..- . . ' Q ' 'vial . N :QV Q-w I., .. M,- ',f- 1', ' n,' ,, ,.- ' A . 1? -fi' L ' :- i 4 ,- x rv 1 1 F Lliih-' Q -. 1: -H-. V ,. 1 1 win 'lL ,'."'HaLu -nf- Q'. m i I I 1 f A,, .E. H -.-' . ,i .,l, ,.,, lf. f 1'. wg--.'-S27 .- 1 .-iw'-e. ,,. ' i f F21-' fi., ' ' 1 1 - s 1. .1-Q-.r9Vi'1,-'ef "3'fZ1fS'.".'.lLF39' SJTI' , ,W ba- .J .hi-.1'i,fEj5,a SUS. ,lx -K-.Fx :inf C- .4 V . , A U f. . i f 1 PWIQA ip 5 ' 11 :ny-:.' ,"wr,sl 'j,:l nc, . ' L ' ibuifn, Ang. .,-ZA, .

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