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is Jim EXCEL IOR 7947 Published by Senior Class ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Arlington, Ohio Qrwlcx, Dedication ...... Board of Education .,.,... Administration and Faculty Seniors ...... Other Classes, ...... Athletics ..... Activities ..... Advertisements ..... Q . Jn Wonlal P The Class of' l947, Arlington High School, dedi- cates this book to the ideal of World Peace. After centuries of strife and warfare, the countless toll of human suffering and destruction, we pledge our efforts in future years to promote the brotherhood of man and the message of the angelic chorus, "Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Men." N150 634. , Bowwl, Lee Gillespie Roi Bailey President Vice President -M-Q f V Wad" Alva Grieser H. H. Warner Clerk M fducafwn, Eldon King C. F. Hartman SSTJPQF S Q gummfmdmf C. F. Rost Loren E. Bibler Principal Vera Rossman English Walter M. Furboy Vocational Agriculture Elizabeth Knight Commercial ' n,. , .A . . 5 0 , 2 , mf" .fi M :wa . . T , 8 7 4. 3 f-, 'Vg T? '91 uv ws haf WN, li' 1 Harold H. Castor Coach, History irace M. Woodruff Home Economics Huldo Schloack Latin, English Eureto B. Schuff Music Virginia McKinney Social Science Myrtle Brickman 'Sth grade Marguerite Pratt 3 rd g rade Beatrice Castor I st grade 4'9'i1zw E. G. Gobrecht 6th grade Eva Farmer 3rd grade Naomi Simpson 2nd grade Norris Bowman Custodian H A I 2 if 'M ,M , If If f ,A + 4 . 1 r gf' , za f X ,X ' 4. . Men of few words are Elmer Wilch "Cedric" best of men," Pres.-4 V. Pres.-l F.F.A,-l,2,3,4 Class Play-3 Newshound-3 Basketball Mgr.-3 Arlene Schaller "Lena" She has a smile for everyone." Sec'y.-4 F.H.A.-l ,2,3,4 Glee Club-l ,2,3,4 Ensemble-2,4 Newshound--3 V. Pres. of FHA.-4 Sextet-3 Mixed Chorus-2,3 Operetta-3 Dorothy Brown "Dottie" As merry as the day is long." News Reporter--4 Glee Club-2,3,4 F.H.A.-I ,2,3,4 Newshound-3 Cheerleader-2 Treasurer-I V. Pres. of FHA.-2 Sec'y. of FHA.-4 Mixed Chorus-2,3 th E Vernon Trautwein "Percy" "Nature might stand up and say this is a man." V. Pres.-4 Pres.-l F.F.A.-l,2 Class Play-3 Cheerleader-4 Glee Club-4 Mixed Ensemble-3 Newshaund-3 Mildred Branan "BIondie" Here's Blondie - Where's 'Dagwood'?" Treasurer-4 Band-l,2 Class Play-3 Honor Society-3,4 Latin Club-l,2 Rolland Bibler "Rollie" "All great men are dead, and I feel sick." F.F.A.-l,2,3,4 F.F.A. Pres.-4 Class Play--3 Newshound-3 Parliamentary Proce- cure-3 Annual Editor-4 9 Reed Alge ,.AIge,, "A blush is beautiful, but often inconvenient." F.F.A.-l,2,3,4 V. Pres.-3 Class Play-3 Parliamentary Proce- dure-3 Football--3,4 Basketball-3,4 Ellen Bishop "Effie" 'Good things come in small packages." Ensemble-4 Honor Society-3,4 Glee Club-l,4 Latin Clubil,2 Newshound-3 Mildred Essinger "Milly" "I love my job." Glee Club-2,3,4 Class Play-3 F.H.A.-l,2,3,4 F.H.A.-Hisf.--3 I0 Neva Bibler "Burgatroy" "Speechless-Not I" F.H.A. l,2,3 Betty Davis "Davis" Eager to be in for anything." Glee Club-l,2,3 F.i-LA.-i,2,3,4 Sextet--3 Band-'l,2,3,4 ll Paul Essinger "Smiley" "Worry kills me-Why die F.F.A.--l ,2,3,4 Football-l ,2,3,4 Edson Fahl llEdll "Don't let studies inter- fere with education." Football--l ,2,3,4 Basketball--l ,2,3,4 Class Pres.-2,3 Betty Hartman "Boliver" "She's here, I hear her giggle." F.H.A.-l,2,3 Eva Harvey IIEVQII "Let peace envelope the earth." F.H.A.-l,2,3,4 Glee Club-l ,2,3,4 Mixed Chorus-1 ,2,3 Latin Club--l Ellen Freed "Freed" "You'd never know but she's bashful." Latin Club-1,2 Sec.-Treas.-3 Class Play--3 Mixed Chorus-2 F.H.A.--l Forrest Hartman "Toad" "Don't bother him, he having too much fun." Football-l,2,3,4 Basketball-l,2,3,4 Class Play-3 F.F.A.-1,2,3,4 F.F.A. Rep.-4 Everett Helms "Frankie" "A married life for me.' F.F.A.--l ,2,3,4 - F.F.A. Lib.--2,3 ll Genevieve Henry ,,Genny,, 'Oh I wish I had wings like on angel." Glee Club-2,3,4 Mixed Chorus-2 Class Play--3 Cheerleader-2 Bus, Mgr.-3 Newshound-3 Honor Society-3,4 Sec'y of Honor Society -4 Raymond Jameson "Fuzzy" "They can't say ambition ruined me." Football-2,3,4 Softball-I ,2,4 F.F.A.-I Ruth Latham "Latham" 'm Don't bother me, I too busy having fun." Newshound-3 F.H.A.-3,4 Band-I ,2, 3 I2 IT! llwh Milton Hindall "Pete" ust confess that women like me." Football--2,3,4 F.F.A.-I Basketball Mgr.-4 Newshound-3 Dorothy Jolliff ,,Dot,. y aren't they all con- tented like me?" F.H.A.-l,2,3,4 Treas. of FHA.Q2,3 Pres. of FHA.-4 Glee Club-2,3,4 Sextet-3 Newshound-3 F.HA. Reporter-3 Thelma Mercer Hshortyu "Just Plain Bill." Majorette-I ,2,3,4 F.H.A.-l,2,3,4 Sextet-3 Ensemble-4 Glee Club-l,2,3,4, Operetta-3 Betty Myers lIBetll 'She has a smile for one." Glee Club-l ,2,3 F.H.A.-l ,Z,3,4 Opal Riegle llopayll "lf silence were golden, She'd be rich." Glee Club-2,3 F.H.A.-l,2,3,4 Dean Waltermire "Deanie" Why hurry? There's time after l'm dead." Basketball-l ,3,4 Football-3 Cleva Price "Missy" "Music hath its charms." Band-l,2,3,4 Glee Club-l,2,3,4 F.H.A.-l ,2,3,4 Operetta--3 Class Play-3 Sextet-3 Quo rtett-2 Girl's Ensemble-4 Honor Society-3,4 Newshound-3 Arzella Tackett "Zuke" "Women of few words best." F.:-LA.-1 ,2,3,4 Marilyn Wykoff "Shorty" ' "Size isn't value." Latin Club-l,2 Glee Club-l,2 F.H.A.-l Class Play-3 Honor Society-3,4 Newshound-3 I3 Gfe TOP ROW: Elmer Wilch, Dorothy Jolliff, Mildred Branan, Neva Bibler, Ellen Bishop Marilyn Wykoff, Mildred Essinger, Arlene Schaller, Pete Hindall. BOTTOM ROW: Cleva Price, Rolland Bibler, Dorothy Brown, Genevieve Henry, Forrest Hartman NOT PRESENT: Vernon Trautwein, Betty Hartman. Editor ..............,... Assistant Editor ..... Business Manager Sports Editor .,.... Art Editors ...... Calendar ............ Sales Manager ..... N ..............Rolland Bibler .......Vernon Trautwein ...................Cleva Price . ......................... Forrest Hartman ......Arlene Schaller, Pete Hindall .....................Mildred Essinger .......Genevieve Henry F. F. A. ........... ................................ E lmer Wilch F. H. A. ........ ................................ D orothy Jolliff Snap Shots ...... Mildred Branan, Marilyn Wykoff Typists ................. ........ E llen Bishop, Dorothy Brown Literary Editors ....... ......Neva Bibler, Betty Hartman laatldilanrlj We, the senior Class of I947, Arlington High School, the village of Arlington, the county of Hancock, and the state of Ohio, being of sound mind and memory do make, publish, and declare this our last will and testament, in manner following-that is to say: We, the Senior Class, leave to the faculty, the rest of the student body, and, to the student body, the faculty. We hope they will get along as well together as we did. We, the Senior Class, leave to the Juniors our Democracy class. Remember, we were brilliant students, so don't disappoint Mr. Castor. We, the Senior Class, leave to the Sopho- mores our independence, and two long years of hard work and lots of fun. We, the Senior Class, leave to the Fresh- men our quiet ways, willingness to work, and ability to get out of the hall when the bell rings. We, the Senior Class, leave to the Junior High our ability to get out of study halls and roam through the building. I, Reed Alge, will my basketball trunks to Dee Rankey, and hope they fit him better than they did me. I, Neva Bibler, will my Commercial Law book to anyone who has nerve enough to become a lawyer. I, Rolland Bibler, will my position lwith all headachesl as president of F.F.A. to Joe Byal. I, Ellen Bishop, will my excess weight to Colene Traucht. l, Mildred Branan, will my blonde hair and blue eyes to Jo Ann Noonan. I, Dorothy Brown, will my ability to handle the Navy to Betty Kimmel. I, Paul Essinger, will my ability to play the piano and get into trouble with the teachers to Olson Bash. I, Eddie Fahl, will my football suit -to-any- one who thinks they can catch as many passes as I did. I, Ellen Freed, will my ability to write with my left hand to Mr. Castor. I, Betty Hartman, will my ability to gig- gle to anyone who thinks they can get a laugh out of it. I, Forrest Hartman, will my ability to wise-crack in Ag. class and not get away with it to Walter Beach and Dale Romick. I, Eva Louise Harvey, will my liking for Home Economics to all those who can't cook. I, Everett Helms, will my ability to sing to Erry Dee Longworth. I, Genevieve Henry, will all my spare time to Mr. Rost. I, Milton Hindall, will my crorwn and title of "King of the Bench" to Walter Calvin. I, Raymond Jameson, will my appetite to Harold Grohoske. I, Dorothy Jolliff, will my big smile and white teeth to Keith Alge. I, Ruth Latham, will my clarinet to who- ever can play it and get a credti for it. I, Thelma Mercer, will my ability to be a good majorette to James Baird. I, Betty Myers, will my Shorthand to Helen Dyer. I, Cleva Price, will my love for music to Mildred Warner. I, Opal Riegle, will my talkative ways to Betty Elsea. I, Arlene Schaller, will my ability to skip school to Mary Edna Henry. I, Arzella Tackett, will my ability to not talk in class to Norma Rupright and June Mercer. I, Vernon Trautwein, will my cheer-Iead- ing ability to Clarence Riegle. I, Dean Waltermire, will my ability to get kicked out of music to John VanAtta. I, Elmer Wilch, will my driving ability to Dee Rankey. I, Marilyn Wykoff, will my stature to Dean Decker. 'I, Mildred Essinger, .will my giggles to Rachel Essinger. SI'GNED: The Senior Class of I947. flaaa, Plnophmcqv This is station XYZ broadcasting to you from the Empire State Building in New York City on the l6th day of Oct. 1967. We now bring you a news broadcast con- ducted by Edson Fahl. Last night Raymond Jameson, ambassa- dor to Russia, left Moscow by plane to bring important news to Pres. Elmer Wilch. His pilot was Captain Dean Waltermire. Miss Genevieve Henry, Secretary of State, left for England this morning, with her secretary Miss Betty Hartman.- A well-known restaurant in this city, owned by Mildred Essinger, was destroyed by fire early this morning. Three of her waitresses were injured slightly. These were: Misses Opal Riegle, Thelma Mercer, and Betty Myers. Fire Chief Vernon Traut- wein and his crew were unable to extin- guish the flames, but managed to save the surrounding buildings. Miss Mildred Branan, teacher of English at Ohio State, Miss Cleva Price, Music teacher at Ohio Northern, and Miss Ellen Bishop, Commercial teacher at Bowling Green, were named as three of the nation's outstanding teachers in the October issue of Who's This, edited by Eva Harvey with the aid of her able assistant Arzella Tackett. Dorothy,J,olliff, an airline hostess for. Eastern Airlines, was highly commended for her bravery and quick thinking when she assisted passengers from the burning plane which crashed this morning near Washing- ton, D.C. The United States Convention of Nurses will be held Oct. 20, at Philadelphia. Miss Ellen Freed and Miss Marilyn Wykoff have been chosen to represent New York at this meeting. Miss Arlene Schaller, star of the recent Broadway hit, "The Darling Dolls of Tomor- row", and her secretary, Miss Neva Bibler, are hospitalized after a train accident in the South. President of the railroad, Mr. Rolland Bibler, said the cause of the acci- dent had not been determined. Dorothy Brown and Ruth Latham, form- erly models here in New York, have both won coveted roles in the movies. Everett Helms, who is rapidly taking Frank Sinatra's place as crooner of the na- tion, will present his new radio program to- night. Consult your newspaper for time and station. Cartoonist Pete Hindall has again cap- tured the hearts of the people of America with his new comic strip which is found in all the leading papers in the country. Now for a sports item: Coach Reed Alge of Harvard, will take his football team to Ohio State to play Coach Forrest Hartman's team October 18. This is one of the most important games of the season. Your announcer has been Edson Fahl. This is station XYZ. Please stay tuned to this station to hear Questions and Answers with Paul Gene Essinger as Master of Cere- monies. kt? x x Y A 1 NA ' 'x E QM KIA f ggx K n 'l f I 'X 1ni'j 1'A 64 Q l X X U ff? 1 W 1 ff? w e 2 I ,fy 'E Ajwubmfhu FIRST ROW: Shirley Davis, Ruby Benner, Betty Kimmel, Helen Dyer, Jeanette Davis, Carol Lehr, Jack Blem, Agnes Tackett, Raymond Reigle, James Essinger. SECOND ROW: Miss Woodruff, Glenna Wolford, Wilma Reichley, Colene Traucht, Eldon Bus- inger, Joan Crosser, Mary Ellen Essinger, Betty Povenmire, Evelyn Waltermire, Harold Weih- rauch, Mr. Furbay. THIRD ROW: Joe Byal, John VanAtta, James Baird, Edward Rankey, Richard Kimmel, Walter Beach, Keith Bibler, Herbert Rettig, Gene Hess, Ed Gossman. ABSENT: Dale Hosman, Dale Romick, Dee Rcmkey, Robert Coldren. 'fL67fw1-6'Mf- TOP ROW: Jack Blem, Keith Bibler, Dale Ramick, Walter Beach, Richard Kimmel, Robert Coldren, Eldon Businger, Jimmy Essinger, Joe Byal. BOTTOM ROW: Ruby Benner, Helen Dyer, Jeanette Davis, Colene Traucht, Wilma Reichley, Mary Ellen Essinger, Betty Kimmel. Svlzhff ig TOP ROW: Don Schmehl, Bill Ellis, Dwight Bibler, Norman Schaller, Don Greiser, Otho Businger, Earl McClelland, Clarence Cronbaugh, Carl Bower, Middle Row: Mrs, Elizabeth Knight, Mary Myers, Helen Ballinger, Jane Cramer, Norma Rupright, Elaine Swank, Ruth Fink, Rachel Essin- ger, Mr. Loren Bibler. FRONT ROW: Erry Dee Longworth, Patty Houdeshell, Esther Hindall, June Mercer, Rose Mary Smith, Russell Branan, Marjorie Roclabaugh, Peggy Metzger, Clarence Reigle. NOT PRESENT: Gerald Bishop, Marilyn Parrott. TOP ROW: Victor Helms, Robert Reichley, Louis Greiser, Frank Eddington, Dean Decker, Gerald Essinger, Bob Rettig, Junior Nesler, Jack Treece, Wayne Bibler, Keith Alge. MIDDLE ROW: Mr. Harold Castor, Marilyn Miller, Jo Anne Noonan, Anna Christoff, Eva Povenmire, Keith Corbin, Walter Calvin, Mary Edna Henry, Carol Grimes, Nan Hite, Mrs, Eureta Schutt. LAST ROW: Betty Elsea, Arthur Line, Peggy Schaaf, Gene Bishop, Louise Bame, Dorothy Rausch, Carmaletta Businger, Jerry Blem, Harold Grohcske, Don Smith, Mary Jo Smith. NOT PRESENT: Olson Bash, Jim Keotley. , ,-,, . 5 TOP ROW: Billy Freed, Danny Romick, James Traught, Bumell Boehm, Darl Waltemiire, Raliegh Beach, Rex Beach, Ralph Hartman, Richard Noonan, Ronald Wells, Jim Bob Rettig. MIDDLE ROW: Miss Rossman, Nancy Beach, Ilene Salsbury, Bonnie Wagner, Evelyn Houde- shell, Joan Hartman, Carolyn Greiser, Richard Beach, Albert Wolford, Jerry Staley, Jesse Houdeshell, Norma Houdeshell, Mr. Gossrnan. BOTTOM ROW: Jack Metzger, Billy Huber, Twila Luneack, Lois Povenmire, Luella Bibler, Irene Tackett, Mildred Warner, Jimmie Lafferty, Clair Hartman, Neil Huston, Ted Morrow. NOT PRESENT: Marion Harvey. jlevnnflu Hluwlc, TOP ROW: Charles Hindall, James Essinger, Gene Line, John Houser, John Wolford, Donald Weber, Richard Knight, Martha Vollrath, Bob Stacy, Sheila Steinman, Jerry Arras. THIRD ROW: Robert Corbin, Robert Reigle, Shirley Grimes, Jo Anna Clinger, Jack Davis, Dorothy Garwood, Mary Bower, Norma Buess, Virginia Beach, Mary Lou Wilkins. SECOND ROW: Billy Houdeshell, Maxine Stoddard, Bernice Rodabaugh, Ruth Ellen Hindall, Shirley Gillispie, Ethel Eddington, Don Wilkins, Jim Myers, Mildred Helms, Geraldine Walters, Rema Fink, Miss Schlaak BOTTOM ROW: Eugene Marquart, Ted Essinger, Raymond Fink, Melvin Harvey, Tommy.Christoff, Eddy Rettig, Gene Treece. NOT PRESENT: Kenneth Kimmel. gazwzm I SEPTEMBER 3-School started, Good opening 5 Good Ending lWe Hope! 4-Hancock Co. Fair lHurray no schooll l I-Boggs lPenitentiary Showl I3-Friday l3th Unlucky NO! We took Vanlue there 6-O. 20-Wonderful Weather! Beautiful Moon! A.H.S. 20, Rawson 7. 23-24-25 - Photographers interviewed Seniors, Boles Dandurand was chosen to take Senior Pictures. 27-Another Victory! AHS. 20, Mt. Blanchard 0. Nice rainy day! OCTOBER 3-Johnson Picture's for High School 4-Home game under moon let lights Liberty 7, Arlington 27 9-Juniors order rings from Herff-Jones ll-Arlington visits Arcadia full of pep We over take again Arcadia 0 AHS. 24-Mt. Cory O, Arlington 45. Good try Mt. Cory! 28-Highway Patrol lChapell 29-Perry Hayden ' NOVEMBER l-Rainy weather! AHS. l9, McComb 0 8-Muddy struggle! Arlington scores over Van Buren ll-Armistice Day Taps blown at ll A.M. 2l-Football Banquet -Rev. Grant lChapell -Thanksgiving Vacation Starts 25 28 DECEMBER 2-Thanksgiving Vacation Ends 2-F.H.A. Meeting 3-Arlington 3l, Salem 56 lTherel 6-Arlington 24, Vanlue 30 lHerel ll-Seniors received Graduation Pic- tures l3-Arlington 29, Rawson 36 lTherei l7-Arlington 45, Bluffton 52 lTherel 20-Arlington 40, Mt. Blanchard 28 lHerel 20-Christmas Vacation Started 2:l5 JANUARY 3-Arlington visits Liberty 6-Christmas Vacation Ends l9:l5l 6-l0-Exams lDark Weekl lO-Arlington 43, Arcadia l5 lHerel I4-Arlington 40, Salem 62 lHerel l6- l 7-Farmer's Institute 2l-Arlington 3l, North Baltimore 47 lHerel 24-Arlington 54, Mt. Cory 30 lTherel 27-Arlington 54, Mt. Cory 30 lTherel 27-Honor Society Meeting 28-Arlington 52, Liberty 68 lTherel 31--Arlington 30, McComb l2 lTherel FEBRUARY 3-Juniors received Class Rings 4-Arlington 30, North Baltimore 32 7-Arlington 3l, Van Buren 27 lHerel l l-Junior Class Play l3-l5-20-22 - County Tournament, Findlay 28-Bascom Tournament Arlington 49, Tiro 28 MARCH ' l-Bascom Tournament, Lexington 43, Arlington 39 lovertimel 3-F.H.A. Meeting I0-Sent for Class Play APRIL 8-Bluffton Music Club in Chapel ll-F.H.A. and F.F.A. Banquet 24-25-Senior Play MAY 2-Jr.-Sr. Banquet l l-Baccalaureate I6-Graduation FIRST ROW: James Staley, Don Woltermire, LeRoy Smith, Jerry Stahl, Darwin Wilson, Gerald Rettig, Phillip Rogers, Norma Eddington, Colene Bibler, Ann Smith, Beverly Bibler. SECOND ROW: Carl Oman, Wayne People, Arden Woods, Cerald Bibler, Robert Harper, Horold Beniomin, Donna Cronbaugh, Janel Frantz, Mary Joyce Boehm, Gordon Hess, Marilyn Hunter, Mr. Gobrecht. THIRD ROW: Junior Grohoske, Lynn Wolford, Charles Ballinger, Leon Gossman, Barbara Bame, Nancy Bome, Irene Rettig, Dorothy Glick, Eileen Schmehl, Dana Kimmel, Rita McKee. ABSENT: Joe Louis Schaof, Ethel Hempy. 121111, ylltldl FIRST ROW: Kay Stoddard, Marlene Traucht, Mary Ann Schaller, Norma Jeon Rettig, Bob Meyers, Johnny Fahl, Vivian Freed, Nancy McKinley, Joe Blem, Isabel Latham. SECOND ROW: Dovid Toylor, Mary Ann Beach, Marna Romick, Nancy Butte, Paul Reichley, Louise- Corbin, Lucille Stahl, Eldon Smith, Richard Wolford, Miss Brickman THIRD ROW: Allen Woodruff, Arthur Houdeshell, Woyne Reichley, David Rismiller, Donald Buess, Howard Huston, Bob Houser, Allen Alae. Janice Kimmel. ri Jnwztlz, Blinds, -S l--s-- BOTTOM ROW: Maynard Steinman, Jerry Beagle, George Grohoske, Dick Bowman, Jimmy Smith, Jimmy Arrington, Barbara Mercer, Mary Jane Riegle, Roberta Hindall, Nancy Smith, Carol Bishop, Janice Flick, Carol Armentrout. MIDDLE ROW: Jerry Jolliff, Carol Marquart, Carol Riegle, Martha Rausch, Bobby Wells, Glenn Pirtle, Shirley Gibson, Janice Hindall, Phyllis Garwood, Sally King, Susanna Rettig, Esther Essinger, Marie Marquart, Miss Farmer. TOP ROW: Harold Marquart, Bobby Fink, Jeannine Hartman, Bobby Crosser, Neal Davis, Norman Harvey, Marlene Businger, Lelan Pifer, Kathleen Smith, Billy Alge, David Gillespie. luiut Hfzadv, BOTTOM ROW: Sonja Grieser, Rita Schaffer, Jean Foltz, Jane Smith, Rosalie McKee, Nancy Bishop, Robert Schaller, Clara Hartman, Carol Lee Essinger, Bobby Essinger, Larry Rettig. MIDDLE ROW: Janet Butte, Ruth Ann Smith, Rosalyn Gossman, Marlene Newlon, Ralph Wolford, Bobby Grieser, Paul Smith, Jerry Beach, Dick Eddington, Mrs. Pratt. TOP ROW: Janey Stoddard, Wayne Sink, Bernadine Businger, Robert Reigle, Tommy Kroske, Virgil Cotner, Larry Arnold, Rath Ballinger, Carol Traucht, Billy Arlington, Terry Reddick, Jimmy Bame. NOT PRESENT: Kay Wagner. .ieconal Hfzade Gififho TOP ROW: David Eddington, Dorothy Waltermire, Judy Hartman, Tommy Long, Glen Gibson, Marlene Clinger, Phyliss Stahl, Kaye Hess, Carol Ann Errett, Leila Wolford, Garry Houdeshell, Larry Baird, Dick Fink. MIDDLE ROW: Sue Hindall, Barbara Waxler, Catharine Hartman, John Hindall, Charlotte Smith, Jean Beach, Harold Bower, Duane Warner, Larry Woodward, Ruth Ann Klotz, Sandra Pertle, Brenda Bowman, Leanne Pifer, Mrst Simpson. BOTTOM ROW: Raymond Bower, Larry Bosserman, Buddy Lafferty, Sally Grimes, Mary Ellen Oldham, Mary Jane Bishop, Jerry Lafferty, Roy Reigle, Kenny Fink, Norman Lafferty, Connie Swank. buf, 5 TOP ROW: C-areth Bame, Denny Huston, Larry Oman, Harold Butte, Bobby Arrington, Donnie Bass, Larry Reigle, Rhea Jean Kimmel, Ruthann Walters, Joyce Wilson, Louise Cunningham, Sally Spaeth. MIDDLE ROW: Joyce Redick, Julia Bishop, JoAnn Wertenberger, Donovan Kemerley, Gene Greiser, J. J. Salt, Eddie Wisner, Sandra Marquart, Randy Porter, Brenda Badertscher. BOTTOM ROW: Janice Wagner, Anna Reichley, Phyllis Lafferty, Shirley Brown, Myrna Businger, Kay Hartman, Sue Beagle, Phyllis Ruth Houdeshell, Ann Fink, Karen Rismiller, Rosalyn Rader, Mrs. Castor Y f I ,-1' 11 X , 1 Ax. f.' ff" 1: ff' f Ns 'i '4' 'fx ,jxffl 'ss' Q Nb! DSQQ, v X QQ Q.: A . - ., tgp. jnoflrall. FIRST ROW: Paul Essinger, Dee Rankey, Walter Beach, Raymond Jameson, .lack Blem, Reed Alge, Eddie Fahl, Dean Decker, Pete Hindall, Donnie Smith, Harold Grohoske, Gerald Essinger, Edward Rankey, Bob Rettig, Frank Eddington. SECOND ROW: Heorold Weihrauch, Joe Byals, mgrs., Forrest Hartman, Jim Essinger, Clarence Cronbaugh, Dale Romick, Eldon Businger, Keith Bibler, Victor Helms, Robert Reichley, Walter Calvin, Otho Businger, Jack Treece, Jerry Blem, Keith Corbin, mgr. ABSENT: Bob Coldren, Gene Hess, Junior Nesler, Olson Bash. Arlington played its opening game of the I946 football season with Vanlue at Carey under the lights. The Red Devils got off to a great start and scored early in the first quarter. The rest of the game was played very evenly with neither team making much progress. The Red Devils won the game 6-O and figured their greatest hurdle of the season was overcome. Rawson came to Arlington the following week and kept the Red Devils in hot water all the first half but couldn't score. The second half the locals took to the air and scored twice in the third quarter and once in the final to win 20-7. Arlington playing at Mt. Blanchard the following week played inspired ball the first half and rolled up 20 points. The last half was a very even game and Arlington rang up its third victory 20-O. Passes, mixed line plays opened the Mt. Blanchard de- fense. Arlington's next foe was the "45" de- fending champs, Liberty. Arlington scored first and Liberty tied it up in the second quarter 7-7. The last half Arlington scored Ehrc-ae more touchdowns to win the game 7- . Arcadia came to Arlington, Friday, Octo- ber ll, to take an artistic drubbing 27-O. lt was the Red Devils fifth straight win and the boys looked exceptionally well on of- fense and defense. Arlington, having a week's rest ran over the small, inexperienced Mt. Cory team 45-O. Everyone on the squad saw action. October 24th, Arlington played its most important game of the season with Mc- Comb, who also were unbeaten. The largest crowd ever to witness a local game turned out that evening. Arlington held a 6-O half time lead. ln the last half the Red Dsvgs broke loose twice, to win the game Arlington traveled to Van Buren to play in the mud and won the game easily I9-O. This game was Arlington's eighth straight victory without a defeat and their fourth Championship in six years. V Alge Ed Fuzzy Forrest Hartman Paul Essinger, Pete Hindall, Ray Jameson, Reed Alge, Ed Fahl F Toad Smiley Pete TOP ROW: Eddie Fahl, Reed Alge, Walter Beech, Pete Hindall, Mgr. BOTTOM ROW: Forrest Hartman, Keith Bibler, Robert Coldren, Jimmy Essinger. 2. TOP ROW: Dean Waltermire, Clarence Cronbaugh, Gerald Essinger, Carl Bower, Harold Gro hoske, Mgr: BOTTOM ROW: Russell Bronan, Eddie Gossman, Jack Blem, Gene Hess, Bob Rettig. . 'ftaaglefufwau TOP ROW: Jerry Blem, Gene Bishop, Keith Corbin, Junior Nesler, Olson Bash, Gerald Essinger, Walter Calvin, Keith Alge, Donnie Smith. BOTTOM ROW: Jessie Houdeshell, Lee Beach, Ronald Wells, Richard Noonan, Jerry Staley, Clair Hartman. a6'a.4A.at6alL 46-47 ln the opening game of the season with Mt. Cory at Arlington the Red Devils proved to be too strong for the Green G White and won 44-l7. Arlington went to Salem the following week and went down in defeat 56-3l. Vanlue, a strong contender for the League Championship came to Arlington and proved to be too good for the Red Devils. Vanlue came off the floor victors by a score of 30-24. Arlington, playing at Rawson the follow- ing week couldn't get the scoring machine started soon enough and went down in de- feat 36-29. Arlington traveled to Bluffton in a non- league game on Dec. l7. The Red Devils put up a good fight but went down in de- feat 52-45. Arlington leading all the way over Mt. Blanchard, won its first league game 40-28. Arcadia came to Arlington the following week to take a drubbing 43-l5. Arlington, playing the highly rated Salem outfit on its own floor couldn't do very much and went down in defeat 62-40. North Baltimore came to Arlington and geadismg all the way trimmed the Red Devils l-4 . Arlington played at Mt. Cory and leading all the way won the game easily 54-30. Arlington, playing a postponed game at Liberty, lost 68-52. Arlington playing at McComb, played outstanding ball and limited the McComb lads to l2 points while racking up 30 for themselves. Arlington played its last league game be- fore the tournament with Van Buren at Ar- lington. The Red Devils were the victors by a score of 3l-28. Arlington played North Baltimore in a return engagement at Baltimore to lose 30-32. iContinued on Page 68l 'mffiv Mme, Judy Hartman, Irene Tackett, James Baird, Thelma Mercer Rita McKee, Isabel Latham Peggy Metzger, Pat Houdeshell, Norma Rupright, Vernon Trautwein .-u-ui, aw A-S253 1.3.6. FIRST ROW: Hearold Weirauch, Reed Alge, Walter Beach, Rolland Bibler, Forrest L-lartman, Eldon Businger, Eddie Gossman. SECOND ROW: Robert Reichley, James Baird, Elmer Wilch, Earl McClelland, Louis Grieser, Frank Eddington, Norman Schaller, Dwight Bibler, Jim Essinger, Herbert Rettig, Victor Helms, Raymond Reigle. THIRD ROW: Gerald Essinger, Joe Byal, Dale Romick, Edward Rankey, Donnie Grieser, Otho Businger, Paul Essinger, Bill Ellis, Carl Bower. FOURTH ROW: Arthur Line, Clarence Reigle, Gene Bishop, Jack Treece, Wayne Bibler, Bob Rettig, Keith Alge, Connie Smith, James Keatley, Everett Helms. The F.F.A. is composed of 40 members having lO5 projects and 65 other Super- vised Practices. The activities of the year include: Scrap Drive, Pest Hunt, lCo. Winnerl, Parent 6' Son Banquet, Chapter Parliamentary Pro- cedure Team, lwinnerl, State Judging Con- tests lseveral high honorsl. Next year the chapter expects to enter exhibits at the County and State Fairs, send delegates to Camp Mushingum, and take a vacation trip during the Summer. Besides these activities, the chapter has a regular meeting one night every month. Fourteen Greenhands were initiated into the F. F. A. Chapter in September. Eight Sophomores earned the Future Farmers degree at a joint meeting held at Liberty School in October. Eighteen Juniors and Seniors had been members for one year or longer. Officers for the year beginning July l, are elected in May. A party for prospective ninth grade agriculture students is held during the May meeting. The Arlington Calf Club is sponsored by the F. F. A. Chapter. Twenty-five of the thirty4two calves this year belong to chap- ter members or their brothers. The chapter encourages church attend- ance and participation. Radio broadcasts frequently describe the chapter activities. Several movies have been shown during chapter meetings and class periods. FIRST ROW: Thelma Mercer, Mary Ellen Essinger, Dorothy Brown, Colene Jolliff, Arlene Schaller, Rachel Essinger, Betty Myers, Cleva Price. SECOND ROW: Miss Woodruff, Carol Grimes, Jeannette Davis, Rose Mary Smith, Mary Myers, Ruth Latham, June Mercer, Corma- letta Businger, Patty Houdeshell. THIRD ROW: Esther Hindall, Dorothy Rausch, Arzella Tackett, Marjorie Rodabaugh, Norma Rupright, Carol Lehr, Evelyn Waltermire, Wilma Reich- ley, Betty Povenmire, Betty Davis. TOP ROW: Mildred Essinger, Shirley Davis, Peggy Metzger, Eva Harvey, Betty Elseo, Agnes Tackett, Marilyn Miller, PegQY Schaff. We started off the new year with Miss Grace Woodruff as our new advisor The program for the years activities had been planned by the members. For September we organized the Chapter and elected new officers for the year. During October and November, we increased our knowledge of the Future Homemakers of America and initiated six Freshmen girls. For December the girls collected a large box of used toys which they repaired and took to the Children's Home. The project for January was Cooperating for School Betterment at which time the girls improved the Home Economics room. February goal was Promoting Recreational Activities. In March they carried on another project for the improvement of the school. For April the girls made a study of the Careers open for the girls of today. The month of May was devoted to planning and serving the Mother and Daughter Banquet. We de- cided to continue holding our meetings the first Monday of each month. The F.H.A. girls have been earning their money by serving dinners twice a month to the Lions Club. A combined F.F.A. and F.H.A. hay-ride was held in Octo- ber with Miss Woodruff and Mr. Furbay as chaperons. a6'arwL TOP ROW: Virginia Beach, Dorothy Garwood, Eugene Marquart, David Rismiller, Arthur Line, Jim Bob Rettig, Marilyn Miller, Keith Alge, Ronald' Wells, Richard Knight, Jerry Stahl. THIRD ROW: Joe Blem, Shirley Gillespie, John Houser, Jack Metzger, Janel Frantz, Betty Elsea, Jesse Houdeshell, Jimmy Lafferty, Bobby Houser, Cleva Price, Mildred Warner, Martha Volrath. SECOND ROW: Thelma Mercer, Charles Hindall, Richard Beach, Joan Hartman, Betty Davis, Nan Hite, Evelyn Houdeshell, Norma Houdeshell, Neil Huston, John Fahl, Ann Smith, Keith Corbin, James Baird. FRONT ROW: Rudy Hartman, Rita McKee, Irene Tackett, and Isabel Latham. The Band displayed some outstanding performances at the football games this year. Led by Mrs. Schuff, they have improved a lot and have reason to be proud of their achievements. jnlzmahbn, we gm gm, TOP ROW: Marjorie Rodabough, Jane Cramer, Norma Rupright, Joan Crosser, Colene Traucht, Betty Povenmire, Ann Christoff, Betty Davis, Mary Edna Henry, Colene Jalliff, Genevieve Henry. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Schuff, Dorothy Rausch, Marilyn Miller, Nan Hite, Louise Bame, Arlene Schaller, Eva Povenmire, Mary Myers, Helen Ballinger, Ruth Fink, Betty Elsea, Carol Grimes. SECOND ROW: JoAnne Noonan, Peggy Metzger, Rose Mary Smith, Eva Harvey, Ruby Benner, June Mercer, Mildred Essinger, Carmaletta Businger. FRONT ROW: Mary Jo Smith, Dorothy Brown, Rachel Essinger, Peggy Schaaf, Patty Houdeshell, Ellen Bishop, Cleva Price, Thelma Mercer. Bmpr ' gm gm, TOP ROW: Mrs. Schuff, Pete Hindall, Gerald Bishop, Edward Rankey, Bill Ellis, Carl Bower, Keith Bibler. BOTTOM ROW: Harold Weirauch, Elmer Wilch, Vernon Trautwein, Keith Corbin, Gene Hess, Dale Hosman. Jlvnofz, TOP ROW: Keith Bibler, Arlene Schaller, Genevieve Henry, Rolland Bibler, Elmer Wilch, Colene Traucht. BOTTOM ROW: Mildred Branan, Ellen Freed, Marilyn Wykoff, Cleva Price, Ellen Bishop, Neva ' gm, TOP ROW: Betty Lou Kimmel, Nan Hite, JoAnne Noonan, Ruth Fink, Helen Ballinger, Elaine Swank, Miss Schlank. BOTTOM ROW: Russell Branan, Keith Corbin. Dean Decker, Don Schmehl, Erry Longworth. Bibler. ' me Manny 2 A M,,m'f" W WN' Home Economics Room Cafeteria i DD Typing Room Dining Room sus onlveni Ami Arras, Arthur Rismiller, Marvin Davis, Eugene Sink, Raymond Davis Herman Rettig, Carson-Davis A 39 A Gi ,,-,Q...N nkkbjlww V , . 4 nz, -, gi V, ' .. ,. ' w ,fi ' f, 9 ' ..A. 5 , :W-" ' , if ' ' '1- iz Qu , k 1 N V A ,Q ggggg-my K S i X X , ,, g ,4 mas-A f M F A Q i. , 2 W5 Q K ,. 4 2. . ' v , 1 NW . - ,. , ,W 455, Y 1 1 gr Q 1 6 if KV N 52 V5 iii 2 . . if 5? L .,i- L m was ' fu ww- L ' L,'11 -Wu L Q. fa? we A M K A , Mi . E fx, Pc dairy, i L - 5 J , 'rm - 2- -as av: .mf , v.. . H 2 1 5-Swiss V, Mg f wk ,-, ,sm 1 Q bf Jn. .' -. : N53 1.7 'iiwflli' fx , Qin A V 4 6 K , , V : QA' in , I' fag A ,V .2 Y 5 ' f M 'S-Q5 n .:, K 5 v , . wg ' aa 5 , V Q Q K 5 4.15 M 1 A A E1 J ' gl , ., A H , 3, N A A f'3",.wa2 W, , . ew in ,,, rf 5 i s, as , .Q at 4 K 'W . K f -ir Z f-, JM. N I 'A I rib ef 'I . P Fl' -1 ag' QA I 3 ' ' , .,:-.. , 1 ', 1 1 . A we A' '-ur! A qw 11 EV 1 31 1 - 'V new , kid ' Z L .. s ,, V M, ' A A gs ,. N JL z 3 ., . vv- if ' l "5 . , .. il I 'ff' W , " . ggi' A X5 Q,,.. -V 4 V7 Wk I x 254. N W , ., . -f1,.- ,.f4,"-- ' , g f. ,.. kk ,yfrllr K L? . f, 485 wwf xg.h .V , ,K +5 ,.. 4 , ,. Y X' 3 K, ,s"""-Qu. 5, ,H 4,w,,,.,V,Q A ,, -4 ' '99 'K , ' ',fm??1F.1f1-if .,,,, , ,sk 1 TQTIM " 4- A h. M.. -,,..5. L L n 'f - ' . ,-,Q ' . Q , , A 'ffgsaiff . " A i V -fr' i A I 1 S f f 3 ,3 S 2 ff V, gnu: M1439 .- 41 vt msmrgxnu ' 'fx A ""n , .ff ,L Jw I I ilk - ,Q f-, 2- ' 1i2'.f:QQ,' Z? ,W 14 fm. , , 25,14 "h ,1 Q X pg 2 AJ 1 tn" 1 , le, 1,4 Navi i , f ,Q ., Qin Ls lil? Q S if ,p Q X 4 1 + 1 , f Q? W if W f , ? 2 yigy. 42,92 Mi 'V 533 wif , s.,f-.., QQXQXQXTU S6 69 Q X1 6-ff-fA 1 'S W T 'Eli-21 ,I f f' . 'N ,X I ff x e ff7Aff' RQ EVANS TYPEWRITER COMPANY ROYAL TYPEWRITERS 628 So. Main St. Findlay, Ohio EARL D. RUMMELL Furniture 22I7-I9 North Main Street Phone 408 Findlay, Ohio Twining's Music Store and Studios Lessons Given on all Musical Instruments Expert Piano Tuning-King Band Instruments Compliments of The Hancock County Farm Bureau Cooperative Assn., Inc. Feeds-Fertilizer-Petroleum Products Coal-Electrical Appliances Farm Implements - Findlay, Ohio Phone 2885 209 South Main St. Mt. Cory Phone 235 Findlay, Ohio Mt. Blanchard Phone 74 Williamstown Phone 70 FINDLAY IMPLEM ENT CO. Massey-Harris John Deere DeLaval Milkers C1 Separators Farm Implements 445 E. Main Street Phone - 598 Findlay, Ohio RADIO 6' ELECTRIC SUPPLIES Wiring Cr Radio Service Zenith, Clarion fs' Automatic Radios Shearer Radio G' Electric Mt. Blanchard, Ohio HOBART MARKET The Spot to Buy Quality Merchandise at a Saving South Side of Findlay 244 E. Hobart St. 44 KUHLMAN, IEFFERY 8' MILLER Radiators, Bodies, Frames 227 East Front St. Findlay, Ohio Compliments Compliments of of The Friendly Gamble Store Broadway Sandwich Shop 230 South Main St. Sandwiches Pie Findlay, Ohio Coffee Compliments Compliments of of UHLMAN'S DEPARTMENT STORE Across from the Court House Findlay, Ohio KANEL'S CLOTHING CO. Findlay, Ohio S I M O N S KENNETH S. BIBLER DRESSES-COATS-SUITS Groceries-Meats FURS-MILLNERY NEW FASHIONS Now Being Displayed Findlay, Ohio Qua I i ty-Service 415 Second St. Findlay, Ohio We Correct Foot Troubles Scott Bryant's Shoe Store Findlay, Ohio GORDON'S First in Fashions 4l9 S. Main St. Findlay, Ohio Dresses Coats Suits Millinery Sportswear Lingerie 45 PRODUCERS OF FULL LINE GOOD-LUCK-CHICK POULTRY FEED SEMI-SOLID-MILK NEUHAUSER'S CHICK HATCHERIES Ross E. Morrow, Mgr. ARLINGTON, OHIO Phone38 POULTRY FEEDS ROYAL-HUDSON Cr WATERINC EQUIPMENT CYCLONE ELECTRIC-BROODERS TRAUCHT STORE Food Lockers dc Slaughtering ARLINGTON, OHIO Compliments EGBERTS HOME FURNISHINGS of 404-406 E. Sandusky St, SAN - A - PURE DAIRY Findlay, Ohio Findlay, Ohio Pl1On9 2440 DYSINGER MEAT MARKET l22 E. Sandusky SINKS FLOWERS 404 Sec. St. Findlay Findlay, Ohio DISTINCTIVE FLOWER Phone I78 ARRANGEMENTS WRIGHT MARKET Frozen Food Lockers Groceries Meats Phone '53-Jenera, Ohio PHILGAS-BPS PAINTS FINDLAY HARDWARE CO. General Hardwa re-Housewa res Phone l902 220 S. Main Findlay, Ohio HOADLEY'S RUG fr CLEANING CO. Compliments of New Rugs-Carpets-Linoleum BEACH RADIO SERVICE Phone Main l00 l3l N. Cory Street FlV1dl0Y, Ol'15O Jenera Ohio 4-'I i""'- 'A RED AND WHITE STORE Arlington-Ohio Groceries - Fresh Meats - Vegetables Dry Goods - Notions Phone 6 Arlington Walla FUNERAL HOME AND MEMORIAL ART Phone lOl Arlington, Ohio ARLINGTON PAINT cf REPAIR Compllmems of C .E. Sink Owner IOHN I. SOLT Phone I82 Cumberland Ave. Veterinarian Arlington, Ohio Phone II6W Arlington, Ohio PERFECTION STOVES 6 FURNACES Decker Tire 5' Electric store AUTOMATIC GAS G OIL Tires-Batteries-Radios ORVILLE IOHNSON Arlington, Ohio Phone l95W Arlington, Ohio Wall Paper-Paint Compliments Paper Hanger C1 Painting of , P. N. SUTER DR. W. F. LEHR Phone III Arlington, Ohio LONGWORTH PUBLISHING CO. DR. I. W. H. BEACH Distinctive Printing Publishers of A"lln9f0n OPIO The Mt. Blanchard Journal The Arlingtonian Phone I S Telephone 53W Arlington Ohio 49 iments of Compliments of mxui BEAUTY SHOP W0LF0HD Arlington IMPLEMENI SALES Compliments of CORBlN BROS. Arlington SMlTH'S CLOVER FARM STORE Arlington 1. c. BAM: yniefumbbnal Jlafwmtm Tractors 6' Farm Implements Sales Er Serv' omp :ments of THE FARMERS 81 MERCHANTS BANK C0. 6 .ZGVLJULPQVL LSQMTFJLO School and College Photographs Photographer For The I947 Excelsior 123 V2 South Washington St. Phone 2439 Tiffin, Ohio International Trucks 81 Farm C . ompliments Machinery of 20 ft-24 ft.--40 ft.--Quonset Steel Wllit, 9 R t t Buildings For Farm Use Parts C1 Service 905 Lima Ave Phone 368 Findlay, Ohio V. A. Blide C. I. Shrader 52 ' NEXT TO CITY HALL IN FINDLAY OPEN DAILY SUNDAYS 3 7 A.M.-8 P.M. 7 A.M.-3 P.lvl. of THE REPUBLICAN COURIER FIN DLAY, OHIO CARL L. DAVIS Sz SIINS Poultry, Eggs Cr Cream Marathon Gasoline Oils C1 Grease Phone IO2 Arlington, Ohio KENNETT MURRAY Sz CII. Live Stock Buyers C. E. Lanning, Mgr. Phone 76 Arlington, Ohio WATER- WELL DRILLING PHONE IZO ARLINGTON OHIO 54 ARLINGTUN BUILDERS SUPPLY CONCRETE BLOCK BRICK TILE CEMENT LIME MASON SAND PHONE 4l-W ARLINGTON, OHIO Compliments of TURNER AND FENSTERMAKER SHOE COMPANY Findlay, Ohio Compliments of H. I. Harrington, Chevrolet Dealer Findlay, Ohio 2l5 W. Main Cross St. Phone l l7 Compliments Compliments of of PERRY MILES FUNERAL HOME AMBULANCE SERVICE TASTY TATERS Potato Ch ips phone 60 Findlay, Ohio Phone 29l ZOOV2 Lima Ave. HURRYl All students of Hancock County who have oll D I E T S C H ' S A's on your grade card. d Bring your card in for a free soda, sun ae, or milk shake made with that delicious, creamy, FINE CANDIES . . . ICE CREAM Sealtest lce Cream. Where? ? ? at Two Stores MILLER'S DAIRY BAR 529 N. Main St. Findlay, Ohio Hosiery and Anklets Lingerie and Scarves THE PERSONAL SHOP 528 V2 S. Main St. Findlay, Ohio "Across from the Ohio Oil" AMBRECHT APPLIANCE STORE Maytag sales washer Parts for Oll Makes aoz N. Moen sf. Findlay, ohio Phone 2253 55 J- I. CUSS Fdfm MOCWHGVY MINNICK'S HI-SPEED STATION New Cr Used Auto Parts Gas Cr Oils WYKOFF IMPLEMENT SALES .mesa Accessories Arlington Groceries G Meat Ohio Dunkirk, ohio Phone l64 Phone 731 Friendly X , L F pause S X Wise Farquar G' ennox urnaces wi, ' Roofing G Sheet Metal Work 'a ' ' 2Ol N. Main St. I Phone Main 4l2 FINDLAY COCA-COLA BOTTLING Fi"1dl0Y, Ohio COMPANY GEO. FRAN KLI N CONN'S Dunkirk, Ohio KEI PER'S FUNERAL SERVICE Notions - k Dry Goods Dunk" Shoes Paint Ohio Appliances Floor Covering Congratulations C0ml3iime"lf5 of of - GRAND THEATER Dunkirk, Ohio 56 BISHOP BROS. Williamstown, Ohio KROGER DRY CLEANERS Compliments PlantQl7O4 Lima Ave. of We own and operate our cleaning plant TOWN HOUSE I3' W' Mom Sl' phone 3' 24 hr. service Findlay, Ohio Compliments of BU-CKEYE INSULATION CO. H Off' Ti-is s cf s DRUG stone me 'Ce 319 5. Main 51, 306 East Main Cross Street Findlay Findlay, Ohio Ohio Congratulations HARTMAN'S HI-SPEED from Lubrication-Gasoline Lee Tires-l yr. guarantee RAYIS DANCE STUDIO Accessories Phone l63 Arlington, Ohio Phone 909 Findlay, Ohio Compliments ComPlimef1fS of A L B A s s W F I N Clothes i330 on Your Dial NEWS EVERY HOUR Findlay, Ohio 57 For Courteous Service Stop At lVl0BlLGAS STATION HAZEIIS RESTAURANT For Gas E7 Oil- For good food and courteous service We Fix Flats Cr Grease Cars. phone 482 Phone 73Fl l Dolay Ohio Arlington, Ohio Open 24 hrs a day Open 24 hrs. a day For Good Eats and Courteous Service Stop at I-IAZEIRS IN WILLIAMSTCIWN The Mobi lgas Restaurant For Special Dinners Call Arlington 73Fl l Open 24 hrs. a day Everything In Fine Foods and Phone 7l l Builders' Supplies Phone Dunkirk, Arlington, Ohio HARTMAN'S GARAGE General Repairs Cas 6' Oil Phone 73F4 Williamstown, Ohio DOTSON NASH COMPLETE STOCK OF NASH PARTS LUBRICATION I MOTOR REBUILDING NEW MOTOR'S AT LOW COST BODY REPAIRING AND PAINTING FINDLAY, OHIO 333 E. MAIN CROSS ST. PHONE 2778 FINDLAY CIILLEGE LIBERAL ARTS EDUCATION PRE-MEDIC PRE-MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY PHYSICAL EDUCATION COMMERCE RELIGIOUS EDUCATION Compliments of SUNBEAM HATCHERY 2433 S. Main St. Findlay, Ohio Congratulations Class of 1947 FARM SERVICE CENEER T. W. smith H. P. smith Arlington, ohio Phone ua There's a Ford in Your Future lOO Horsepower V8 90 Horsepower Ford 6 Cars-Trucks Complete Repair and Lubrication Department Genuine Ford Parts Tires-C-as and Oil ARLINGTON EORD SALES HERFF 1oNEs co. Designers and Manufacturers of School and College jewelry Graduation Announcements Medals Cups and Trophies jewelers to Arlington High School Indianapolis, Indiana P. D. Cook, Representative 61 Kelp, Jo Hchiwnmcni Keys not carried in the pocket or the purse. But in the mind. Keys that open not just ordinary doors . . . but vast areas of achievement in the sciences, the arts, the humanities. lt is one of the purposes of education not only to tit the student with a basic ring of keys to knowledge . . . but also to teach him how to make his keys for all the doors to achievement he will want to open throughout his life. How many keys to achievement are needed? Enough to keep one' busy for a lifetime, tashioning them out of knowledge, reason and experience. For no matter how many doors you unlock, there is always another door to even greater achievement still to be opened. THE 0lll0 0IL CUMPANY Findlay, Ohio Producers of Petroleum since l887 KUM-ON-IN-RE TAURANT Fine Foods at all Times Open 24 hrs. ARLINGTON, OHIO PHONE 65 Compliments ot KIIVIIVIEES Compliments of GULF SERVICE STATION BLUES DRUG STIIRE DUNKIRK, OHIO ARLINGTON OHIO Your patronage appreciated. -ii-ECHO-1 CIIAWEIIRD THE JENEIIA C0-IIP ASS'N. INSURANCE AGENCY lenera, Ohio C-ra i n-Seeds-Coa I Flour-Farm Supplies ECHO FEEDS Co-operative Shippers of Livestock-Cement Building Blocks Phone I8-W -i'-ECHO-3- Auto-Fi re-Cyclone-Accident Hai I-Etc. The place to get courteous treatment together with fair and quick settle- ments when you have an accident. Ask our policy holders who have received settlements. C-et a policy that saves you premium and at the same time has more protec- tion written in it for you.- Ottice in Basement of residence. Phone 2I3 Arlington, Ohio 63 E. NI. HINDALL AND SON WATER WELL DRILLING AND PUMP REPAIRS PHONE IS3 ARLINCTON, OHIO HUGHES DRY CLEANERS Findlay's Leading Cleaners Visit our new plant 702 Howard St. CLARENCE SCHENCHER, PROP. I I2 W. Front St. Findlay, Ohio COMPLIMENTS OF KENYIIN FINDLAY, OHIO PHONE lOl2 3lO-3I4NORTH MAIN STREET 64 PATTERSIINS' TEEN TOC-C-ERY A DEPARTMENT CREATED IUST FOR YOU! FINDLAY OHIO COMPLIMENTS of LESTER THOMAS Diamonds-Watches-Si Iverwa re Findlay, Ohio LONG'S BAKERY Fine Quality Breads and Pastries 23l South Main St. Phone l638 Findlay, Ohio Ask for them at your grocers PEAT'S FLOWERS Complete Floral Service Across from Hospital O.L. Peat, Proprietor The Arlington Elevator 6' Supply Co. Grain, Seeds, Feed, Coal, Etc. Findlay' Ohio Arlington Ohio Phone 2252 Flowers Wired COMPLIMENTS FO' QUa'ifY jewelry, of Diamonds Watches Silverware THE POOL ROOM Radios See Owner Russell Businger MEDLOCZIS 3EoklAEi!EWELER s. cf s. BEAUTY sl-lor ' C0MPL'MENT5 of Helen Curtis Cold Waves and F. W. Woolworth l. D. Healey, Mgr. Machineless Waves Findlay Ohio Call phone SQ COMPLI MENTS of By Appointment y . REESE'S CONFECTIONARY Manager Miss Elenora Solt F'ndlaY Ohio ARE YIIU LIVING IN CIIIVIIIORT? Is your home cold, drafty, difficult, and costly to heat? Do you realize you can save as much as 40? of your winter's fuel by insulating your home with EAC-LE-PICHER WOOL? Keep scorching summer heat out of your bedrooms, insulating your attic and sidewalls will make your rooms as much as I5O cooler in summer. EAGLE-PICHER MINERAL WOOL is fireproof, will not draw moisture and will not settle. Call us for a free estimate of your home 3 no obligations. IVIIIIIEIIN INSULATIIIN CIIIVIPANY 22I NORTH MAIN STREET PHONE 235 FINDLAY, OHIO REMEMBER COMPLIMENTS of just as important as what kind of a Diamond you buy.- -Where you buy your Diamond is HARRY M- WARD C0- NISWANDER'S IEWELER BRYAN, OHIO I I5 West Crawford St. Findlay, Ohio COMM-I MENTS AVON PRODUCTS of - az: si: chester P. smith-Monuments Cosmetics Household Products Cift Sets I 32 West Crawford Street Local Representative Mrs. Franklin Reigle Flndlay' Ohlo Arlington, Ohio ARLlNGTON HARDWARE X1 ELECTRIC General Electric 6? Philco ARLINGTON, OHIO ' PHONE 19 HUNTING and FISHING LICENSE COMPLIMENTS 1. C. WILCH of L. SCHAAF Bicycle Repairs 6' Wheel Goods We can service what we sell In Findlay it's Zlerolf's Clothes Men Like For Dad and Lad Hart Schaffner 6' Marx Clothes Arrow Shirts Dobb's Hats Florsheim Shoes GREAT LAKES SUGAR CRMPANY FINDLAY, OHIO 67 fx DAVENPORT INSURANCE AGENCY Robert C. Davenport Representing Aetna Life Insurance Co. 6' Affiliated Companies Providing practically every form of Insurance 6 Bonding Protection Findlay Office Note our new location 2Ol V2 W. Crawford St. Phone 442 BASKETBALL CONTINUED Playing Mt. Cory in the tournament made the Red Devils work for every point. The final score was 4l-38 in Arlington's favor. Arlington, meeting Liberty in their second tournament engagement, played a slow de- liberate game to upset Liberty 32-l7. Vanlue, the tourney favorite was the Red Devils last foe for the championship. Ar- lington put up a great fight and held Vanlue to a ll-9 half-time score. The Red Devils couldn't make their shots the last half and lost 28-22. Arlington played Tiro in the district meet at Bascom. The Red Devils playing heads- up ball won the game easliy 49-28. Lexington, the Richland Co. Champ played Arlington, Mar. l, and won the game in a hard fought battle which was tied up at 39-39 at the end of the game. ln the zsgemme they outscored the locals and won JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL The Junior High, consisting of players of the Sth and 9th grade, organized before the Christmas vacation in anticipation of the Junior High Basketball Tournament to be held in February at McComb. The team played one game before the tournament with Liberty Jr. Hi., which they won 27-l2. In the tournament they vanquished Ar- cadia 39-34, Mt. Blanchard 59-12, Mt. Cory 32-27, and entered the finals at Find- lay pitted against McComb. This was the preliminary to the main game between Van- lue and Arlington. After trailing by one point in the first quarter, the locals rallied and won out 42-27. Next year's high school squad will see Alge, Blem, Essinger, Corbin, Calvin, Nes- ler, Decker and Bishop battling for places. Staley, Wells and Houdeshell will be the backbone for the next Junior High team. PLAIN VIEW FARM REGISTERED JERSEY CATTLE Producer and Distributor of Pasteurized jersey Milk and Dairy Products I of CIIOPER TIRE AND RURRER CRIVIPANY aufvf1MPfw WE NNE PRUUN TU PRESENT of the World to their favorite voca- represent the nucleus of our organi- tion at The Gray Printing Company. zation for many years to come. 5:3 - E. H-PPRECIATING how priceless your Annual may be in later years-a forgotten face or name-happy events recalled--these many Veterans along with the others in the Gray organization consider it a privilege to be of assistance in such a Worthy achievement and to help you produce books of exacting quality and good taste. THE EBAY PRINTING EUMPNNY-Enslnria, llhin Y

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Arlington High School - Excelsior Yearbook (Arlington, OH) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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