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Activ Faculty. . . . Academics . Sports ....... Advertising . 92 196 206 218 270 i P I ' Q Excellence enhances school's reputation Pam Y Dressing up like little kids, Chuck Giles, lim Lacy, and Mike Bindel model their costumes at the Halloween Dance. 0 2 OPENING o wr? 'iffizifwlsiei it fe ef-:w.:-fc'-H, f- rm- Jt., .i eg, , WL'-,, V ,, f,, ,.,f, , 355, .me 21, 'rf' ' " 1 3 A f seam y f 1 Stating a simple fact, a "Colts are it" sign hangs at the Lamar basketball game. Rushing to finish the decorations, Kelly jones and Tiffany Thomas tie up balloons for the senior hall during Spirit Week. Pam Finley Maul iq! I f W t V V, X ' .-1-iw N :' W A , fjjgf fem During summer band camp at Camp Carter, jim Adams tries to spice up lunch by giving his corny dog a personality. OPENING 3 1390? Green hite yield enthusiasm, spirit -- Q-L., ' ig, T. Wa. 1 4'Vp,,'4 In their victory over Bell, Becky Martin spikes a set from Kristi Phillips as Lori jones and Carol Estrada prepare to help. Shaking the balloons out, Student Council members provide a breathtaking balloon release at the game against Lamar. Hard work pays off for Tommy Bates as he receives a Grst place trophy after showing his sheep, Bo, at a local contest. The Gentleman's Quartet, Brian Sepulveda, Chris Kelsey, Brad Scott, and Russell Ware take the spotlight at the Iamboree. OPENING 5 A Upperclassrricn set standards lulie Moulton Kristi Nedderman Another example of Classic Colts can be found Silently watching times change, the 20-yearnold among faculty members. Mrs. Pat Thompson ene Little Arlie mosaic stands guard al the end of the joys a comment from one of her students during downstairs middle hall. an Accounting I class. , f 1-. ., gf f at .-wig---fcsw , ,..., , . .M , it mg' .ii MW Sys, 'rdf' at 2"' 4 2 f' -ina, " + f ' R ' was ,Q 5 ., ii5'iiif5f5ixi, .W --.-. X35 6 OPENING A , The During An Angel Comes to Babylon Crown Prince fChase Perrettj ridicules King J. Nebu chadnezzar1Troy Obregon ame day Kyle White receives a morale X 011 s I booster from his secret spirit sister. me MAX in Q . E Q va E 2 ' Lf-.A 1 1 , Ei -K V LR J: I jk Q V4 " , An 5 5 ' fi? i 5 :Sie 1? Wil-Q 'li ij f ' -.- Tim Elkins ' 5 ,. vu Tim Elking Q if 'fit If -QR . ei. , 4 ' .imtggft A-is 1. Q, ew 11 . e - Rf Q 4 9 , 'ix 4 X Q t W K N get, ,- gm a l Q Newcomers join prideful ranks if X In her homemaking class, Dominette Gabriel prepares some yummy grape jelly. Showing their spirit, Russ Taylor, Lisa Goodman, and Bill Mauldin hang streamers while Rachel Mullin cuts out clouds. 8 OPENING Showing his support, new Principal jerry McCullough gets acquainted with parents and students at the Ag barbecue dinner. During the sophomore assembly, Matt Long leams the song for his new alma mater. To encourage players to defeat Lamar, numerous signs are hung at UTA stadium. Kristi Neddennan OPENING 9 10 DEDICATION ' ' ' ' ' 25 Wwrwmwnwwn A -In WWW' ' W """ YQ." ' H 'M' s ssss : 1, ' ssssss O ssssss sssss . ssssss ssssssss sssss PM o o oooooooo so soos so 1, ,, or allace earns Q as yearbook honor J! ' 'aw ,rs ,. Beautiful Hawaiian uwater provides Mrs. janet Wallace a relaxing vacation spot, Interrupting her paper grading, Mrs. Wallace answers a question about Beowulf, a sg, I A2 if . gf ,T 1. 5-, 5' 2 as 1 .Sw , Kristi Neddev-man Accompanied by their dogs, Sugar, Cricket, and Trish, Mr. and Mrs. James Wallace enjoy a Sunday aftemoon outdoors. Basking in the Hawaiian sun, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace visit a sugar plantation. f-Qi i 4- s 1 Z' 4 4 A i a If f-?z'-xr, VI l ' 5 K 1525- ' ' 1 I Q I , fl I Y:-K V, ., Mi, ,.,.i , I, U -t ,- -, ,-, 3.5-r , ,.,. , -11: r , -:ir ""'N-a 35? as WWE we sf? iSi'sX1Qmi v Playing with Miss Kitty, Mrs. lane! Wallace takes it easy after a long day. DEDICATION 1 1 .52 6 R s I RILQW, E C X nl"' Q Hot ummer sun I relaxes student Think for a moment of summer. Yeah, you were lying on the beach, catching a few ra s, when, suddenly, the best-filled blikini you ever saw passed in front of your eyes. Even better, its occupant gave you one of those looks . . . Or maybe you spent most of the summer behind a counter, taking people's money and sayling, "Ya' come back, now," or, " ave a nice day." However you did it, though, you simply made monely . . . Maybe you went to urope with some friends from school, spent all of your time and money just learn- 'fl iss Exploring the ocean floor, Elizabeth Mindel enjoys scuba diving during the summer. With the Youth for Understanding Scholar- ship program, Mary Abell tours the castle of Versailles in Paris, rance. 14 ACTIVITIES ing new things and having fun . . . Or maybe ou just hung around the house and, talked on the phone. But no matter how you spent your summer, you had a great time at it, right? During the summer months, many students hit the road. The foreign language clubs went toget er as groups on trips to foreign countries to learn first hand about the cultures. Mary Van Vickle, a member of the French Club, said her trip was "interesting, and I liked it." Colts worked at Six Flags and Wet 'n Wild, plus at many of the restaurants and shops near their homes. "I was able to relax and earn some money," Stuart Erickson said, "by stayin close to home." Still other golts, such as the sports teams and pep clubs, spent t e summer preparing for the big year ahead. Cheerleaders went to a camp at SMU to ractice and learn new routines. The drill team attended camp for the same reasons, and pub ication staffs went to workshops to get new ideas. Performing with the band, Rick Rivers marches in the sun at the 4th of luly parade, wigs julie Moulton Showing his "We care about you" smile, Shelby Rogers enjolys hegning-lguests out of the caveri eat Six lags ver exas. The varsity cheerleaders qfrontj Nancy Moon, Bryrme Keeris, Gina O'Dell, Kandv Cobb, Kvndal Cravens, Ashley Arnold, Shauna Tynes, Qmiddley Steffani Cafaro, Daletta Dietrich, Brandee Bush and Qtopb jamie Lawrence compete at San Marcos. H .-A7 ACTIVITIES I5 ew school year .1 A sw Wi'- fb PE -f ' f ' 1 "f" f fl- e 1 . .. I t '-57 5 " NNNX .MI "School's in!!" Whoop-dee-do. "Aren't you excited about Howdy Day, Hint Week, senior magazine sales, and the many pep rallies? Yes, the dreaded month came - September. School began, summer ended, students panicked - And yet, peop e had fun. The first Friday of the year became known, officially, as Howdy Day, unoffically, as 'po-or sophomore" day. just when they thought it was safe to go back into normal life, sophomores were ex- I Pam Finley Mentally psyching themselves up for the game, Chuck Giles and Andre Turner con- centrate on the advice of Coach O'Brien. Filled to capacity, students find traveling to class an almost impossible task. 16 ACTIVITIES posed to any and all forms of armless harassment including penny racing, baby food swallow- mg, and, worse yet, their own ren- ditions ofthe Fight Song. Also with September came Hint Week, a time set aside for the ladies to take their turn and ask out that or eous,s ecial . g fsthoughp the glylear had just begun, seniors already began rais- ing money for their prom by selling magazines. Seniors were inspire to sell more by S100 drawings. Wendi Keeney, a winner of 5100, said, "When we were told they would have one hundred dollar drawings, it encouraged me to sell more." Pep rallies were moved from the aftemoon to 7:55 and 8:15 a.m. This bothered some juniors and seniors, who had gotten used to the afternoon schedule. "The u ose is to get the whole student boldly together to cheer on the dpla ers. It is almost impossible to o this at an early hour of the morning," senior Angie Woolver- ton said. "Peg rallies should be considered sc ool activities and held during school time." Mitch Lakey Overflowing with enthusiasm, the senior class shows its spirit at a pep rally. Mmm good!!! David Wiener and Nick Mur' zin give Chad Byler a taste of Howdy Day. Enjoying Open House, Brian Sepulveda and mother Laverne talk to Mrs. Billie Nelson. ,R ,,,,.......--1-' Doug Winker VK Mitch Lakey 'f , ,W "WV X .X Homecoming game -Wal?t'?5l2r4L9,iY2r'51555355 - axffgsw-masfagiiefsafxsfitaxs fi-f s11"4ft-lksfui' ,,a.s,1rrs-ag--.far fa-sftzwilirsgtg-fsaa:1wss-f--if rt. gaffarts , , M, . - -. t - .. ., . 'I ' - . . 8 115- 5- .- gg. sz fi-rg.,,.-'vggmgjsri.g5ggag5-qggs-sggg fgs51,i?es5'a2 E is 5-1 sign-fri.-iii-effgggif. - 1. .t M f-- , . f--,ff ff .W ' - -. J, --1. la- ,. . egg. rg at g ,Q . 'iFsS'Qf11,Qqg-,-,JZ-1 wtf--7,.,g55-,ga K - -- 'r -' fa AE 3' Q 4 4 , f. -- ' Y ff- f 'fav -p-"fir"-1.5--l' 7,-. ,,,'-js: 7' fe'zfihiflrigil-Q'---EgigrrQxsfiifflfr,-54953r1!'z2g3gi.1gssf55252521--:zggi3s?z.1FSfa .-.rss it - N, 4 - ,- ' J '1' 1' 4-' 71, .1 'k-ll? iffls 551- fs-Ia .Q -J ' I A :. -ga 551- :T st as QT' of W ItQqiiifssifi-ip?Tiixiiiifigff ffjsz--i'-fkzwff ,Ei1ifii5!5'??5,,g - . . - -. f t.. Q. -.-ig 1155- .ss sg -:P wtf. -. .rs ,Sf of .. I raw 1.54-.7-wav:--, 555,11-,,,.,.---s.gygs,z-Q- .L I - r . - - 1 .- 1- wr, 'U' -' avr ri, ti - waz- if f 1, 1- 'I -,.arssf.'-sg,-.l:g.2-e ' W fr f i fi '- . X -E - T - 'wif -fflif-'fav-st--:viiiifit--Swffl-152531fs-?S':22?is7'Xi?ia'?:f15336552515-eefsfvffr 25:53145f5fviiSQ?f,'i51:-'.s1g.1-,rssa-iiiisauvg.-'rfgyrg1115.g-sgsflfi:Q??eg,fg-5gi?l3a5.f32r59gttsHte?l2'Q9frfi-'rf?fsss,ijs5Srf-gg,.5gli,v5UrEjfQ5g-953. at - 1 t f ' .- S Z I l 1 I ' . . . Suspense. tory they so richly deserved. Saluted by the ROTC corps, the King Finally, it was Homecoming night. Time for the game. They came in all manners of dress -- sophomores in blue jeans and sneakers, juniors in whatever it is juniors wear, seniors all dressed up with everyplace to go - to see a foot- ball game. But this was no ordinary run-of-the- mill football game. This was the Homecoming Game, and pride was at stake. By the time halftime blew in, the Colts were well on their way to the vic- We interrupt this Homecoming to bring you a very special news bulletin. Yes, the highlight of the day, the an- nouncement of the Homecoming King and Queen, had arrived. An arch was set up, the ROTC corps fell into formation, and every Colt held his or her breath. The tension mounted as the sophomore and junior princesses Holly McFarland and Melissa Hubbard, joined by the '84 Queen and King Stephanie Patterson and Nathan Moore, appeared on the field. yi and Queen nominees passed through the arch. Kristin Petty, Pat O'Brien, David Michener, Sandy McFarland, Gayla Godfrey, Doug Eisner, Ann Edens, Bob Deller, Mike Carrell, and Brandee Bush all stood together and awaited the fateful words. "The 1985 Homecoming King and Queen are - Bob Deller and Brandee Bush!" Homecomin nominees Sandy McFarland, Brandee Bus , Ann Edens, Kristin Petty, and Gayla Godfrey await the halftime festivities. -Q3 'K ,.-. f 3 cg, 18 ACTIVITIES Ah' ,fm 'J u v 0 A x X ' X X mf .-Q , x 3' , . rf X Q, ' Q 4 X. x.i J. .EEF Q! W' Tx Q 314 V 4. . V -4, 5 s i . . :A , m "" W m 5, ' ,Q 5 1 5 .. . , ,sh ff -1 gi2'2'i'w x K .- Q-X . fx ,. A 1 5 ,S 'X -' 4 ,Q- Q S 3 Ig Kr . S 1 2 .Ax 4 xii, . Q 41 , Q i . 1 x , , 4 1 I . 2. ti 2221525 . -1 H Graduate Mayor Harold Patterson ad- dresses the crowd at the Homecoming pep rally. Wi X oo.o LVQI L L W ig 'U' r e I X51 . -1.5: e ii i A 20 ACTIVITIES Dougwinker Lackadasical Little Arlie makes his grand appearance for the student body. Herr William Fink enjoys a cup of coffee as Carl Clements serves pastries at the tradi- tional Homecoming breakfast. Eric Dietz .J ,f,f- fya, ttttgr . tv.-..., WW.. , ,, J Susie Bloom The Homecoming nominees Sandy McFarland, Gayla Godfrey, Ann Edens, Kristen Petty, Brandee Bush, Doug Eisner, David Michener, Pat O'Brien, Bob Deller, Mike Carrell accept flowers from Melissa Hubbard. :ia-' ..-L' V' 1? yi Many Beebe Homecoming Da draws exes back This is it. Cheerleaders all pepped up and jumping around. . . Exes ining the halls . . . Massive assortments of flowers and feathers engulfing the shoulders of girls . . . Anxious football players, ready to kick Burleson . . . The signs of Homecoming. The big day began with a large breakfast for many visiting exes. This gave them a chance to visit with old, but good friends, teachers, and this year's class while stuffing their faces with breakfast delicacies. Midday brought with it the Homecoming Pep Rally, which was attende by almost the entire student body, not to mention several hundred exes and faculty. Mayor Harold Patterson showed u to 've an ins irin s eech agout AES. P g P Colt spirit ran hi h throughout the pep rally. Cgolts cheered through performances by the drill team, band, and through the ex- citement of sophomore Stacey Beasley's baton-twirling. As the pep rally wound to a close, the time came for a few very important announcements. The nominees for Iunior Princess were called down to center stage. One-by-one, Ashley Arnold, Carlo Estrada, Melissa Hubbard, Heather Shelton, and Shauna Tynes worked their way down to the gym floor where Melissa received the title. Next down were Sophomore Princess nominees Jennifer Hilton, Holly McFarland, Kelly Shipley, Tammy Welch, and Krisha Williams. The exciting words echoed, "The winner is Holly McFarland!" But all was not over. King and Queen Nominees, Brandee Bush, Mike Carrell, Bob Deller, Ann Edens, Doug Eisner, Gayla Godfrey, Sandy McFarland, David Michener, Pat O'Brien, and Kristen Petty also lined up on the gym floor. But the Colts had to wait for the game later on that night when the winners were announced. ACTIVITIES 2 1 6 9 reveals talent 9 a f me W' WN may ww S S QW' 1 Q M S. efiee ..:L' gzz , sa, :e' 2122 zli ,:D:,.E' fit ef' 1 1 ..... .W ' "" ' M . f E - '-" i gihlga ::.4:. :.,.,:,:5:.i . M ig 5 "M'5,,,:gg if f 53,523 . -Y nw 'W .Mass N lf ww? wma. I X Q 1 , i E .... 2 it V5 5 fgf X iz 1 I 2 X M I , 'H i . 5 , ft X , K . I i 3 I... r I I fi V fi X 3 , " x 1 3 5 ' E N3-1 x 6 1 I X M . ...... ,. .Q . f , e e fee ee e eee eee e ee v ec e . In came October. Students had begun to get into the swing of things - Mondays, homework, morning announcements, Mrs. Francis' English class. A deadly epidemic of routine swept the school. And, in fact, the cure didn't real- ly come until later on in the month. But it came in large doses. On October 17, 18, and 19, the drama de artment performed The Man Who game to Dinner. At the last moment, a cast member was taken out of the show, another victim of no-pass, no-play. Understudy Danny Blackshear was called in to take the part of Dr. Bradley. At 7 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 17, the curtain rose. How would it be? Good? Bad? Would the janitors be cleaning fresh vegetables up off the stage? How could it have been anything but ood? After all, it was AHS! "'Fhe play was excellent and the cast was reall talented. I did not know how well some of the people in our school could act," Iennifer Brett said. Friday the 18th also saw the Masquerade Dance. From 8-12, AHS was crawling with peo le such as G. I. Ioe, Peter Rabbit, 'Ilhe Great Pumpkin, Charlie Chaplin, good ol' Uncle Jed, and even Dee nider. "Most everyone was dressed up," Wendy Warner said. "That's what was good about it because that's what the dance was for." Merri Brewer, Maggie, gives Chase Perrett, Mr. Whiteside, a eadache in the drama Eroduction, "The Man Who Came to inner. 22 ACTIYITIES Mitch Lakey RK is K HD fi' i iw? assilah Fx -qi 'vi 5 S ,xi i -gf fm il li Us X I .VK la- an fi. , XW 4 x Q" I ! , I i if aff' I , 1. s PI, If fi 'sim li l .ilu-x . 1 Dancing hand in hand, genie Teresa Mad- dux and Sheik Blake Boles enjoy the evening. Catching the dance fever, Chip Joslin and Kelsey Tanner get down with the music, 'vim h l alan Togas are it! Brian Pokrifcsak, Richard Roth, David Mattlage, Cary Snowden, and Larry Herman model at the Halloween dance. Helping the senior class, IoDee Brecheen and Colleen Butson decorate their hall. Iammin' to the beat, the drumline marches through the halls before the pep rally. MXH Iulle Moulton ,.. Julie Moulton Rambunctious students leave behind the remnants of a rowdy lunch at McDonald's. 24 ACTIVITIES Monely's no object, Dana Iones, Kelly Vett, and eri Hoffman wear their homemade sweatshirts to the Lamar pep rally. Preventing vandalism, Mrs. Carol Winter, Mrs. Nancy Kidd, and Mr. Robert How- ington watch the school during lunch on Friday. Kristi Nedderrnan Week generates limi . X. , .,,, I ,,.. . . - . . . .. . innyl . I . . Y. I 2f..y,.Q.,f ...Mc an ., . . .f tt' . ti. st- fr 1. .tfM,aff.2fiWf ...r .f fi'a5'::1....,-A ff.: X M fl I -at I. I. tw .. ' . ' ' :fe Lvffaffsafgfefggfffr.2.f3fgfa.2teLfg , , - n x . . ti. s -wl,t-s...- ' tp .vw-W wfitikif 2:1 32:45, ,pf :22Zize-Haze .-rfizsiafviifliie-rls F1H lyvf.tW'm V.. I- + . L: t,,5ga.e..: ffygafa., fffz ssffffffafsete, , I it I nw i. ' -.i qi.-we ' w.fi1-gearfasxf fffrem.e'f,i2.2a:f9eQg-fgggfixf.1a..amsJfiR?flwffEjs:.5-?E55.Qai5333iv.ww-itil-' I Y 5 5 I f w , if ig. f I I I 'Y it A I x fs 2 a f a at ,j':':'fI2s , 1 , an f g A Q , . . f ff V H- S :ff , 1' Z . if ff ,555-X, The time had come. A time for friendly rivalry, a time to show intense school spirit, a time to buy a few more bottles of white shoe polish, a time to find some use ffinallyj for those funny- looking old ties in Dad's closet, a time to duck flying Chicken McNuggets. The annual Lamar game cli- maxed a series of events that started on the Monday before the game. Spirit Week ave the Colts a chance to blow off some excess school spirit, to dress a little strangely Qso what else is newj, to redecorate a few hallways, and, yes Ross Perot forbid, even to have a little fun. Day One of Spirit Week '85 en- couraged Colts to come to school wearing sweat suits, white socks, and sneakers for "Lamar, No Sweat Day." Colts wore Hawaiian shirts, beach hats, and some even had shorts Qover their bluejeans, of course, Mr. Perotj on Tuesday. Wednesday, "Clash Lamar," saw an incredible arraly of colors per person. For once, t e Colts showed a total lack of taste. Somehow they did even this tastefully. Thursday called for a black tie af- fair - but since not all Colts owned black ties, they wore any color they could dig up for "Tie up Lamar Day." Friday, the grand finale of Spirit Week, crowded a lot both officially and unofficially, into one day. As the day began, green and white-clad Colts dressed for the traditional Green and White Fri- day, found themselves in the gym at one last Colt ep rally. As the pep rallly ended, the Colts exited the ym and noticed that on the first goof, the front, middle, and back hallwa s were decorated. The back hall belonged to the sophomore class, whose theme was "A Colt Heaven." Colts pass- ing down this hall were sur- rounded by clouds and a number of "haloed" hoofprints. A casual stroll down the middle hall allowed the traveller to kick Lamar all the wanted, as a result of the senior theme, "Kicks in '86," which featured end-to-end carpeting with Lamar written all over it. The junior class won the com- petition with "Fast Times at Arl- ington Hi h." Their hall was made to look lige a race track, comcplete with banners depicting the olts' lonlgmroad to victory. e game was directly preceded by yet another Sep rally, this one on the spot at A stadium. The Colts were 'ven one last send-off before Worlglwar III began. The game itself was spectacular, dazzling passes, awe-inspiring receptions - Aw, heck. We beat 'em, 17-7. ACTIVITIES 25 Y Ui tn it-72577, colorful scenes ss i 92. Qs its tssm sg, 1 Q77 sf ss fish itsaa 3 fs xg was ix W7 tim? Y au-55 Pi asv awww 5 77,7 W 7. E1 Wg? 15371 gg gr sd an 74 'H ws 'im he Ei I WEE STS' hgh if gjsgig aigxgwig QMYSKN gsm sag? may was is be stat 'K W gagging ight? s BH?KRaQQw TQ, sw www 7, 7? was wqQi 31 g e E2s? ffEY'?a77 ssitfltwsak E7,f77,7ys,L it R3 I3 Q We it 7.77 ts s asus 52377713 are at assi lifmt www: mmm? S577 img-avg tsl-37597377 "5TWH7? Pt srss 77 27777N777 2355 M7 773s-7 74357 77 7 as 59 77r7ssW3 4573, s s177,,s .X 'sTi7gs7.d :img -Q Emir 53 slmfestti stag? 777 7, 7777 ew 771577, we sw 5 3 KW 77- Q has 0175- as MQW was FH 52777 -fi sr Hifi ss as at ftwg777 is a7 77 Q saws Egvgiqkykggwghqww ,wh , 3 .. mmhk - . - ,AS it 7 7. 7a 7. 7, .7. ,,7 usa. .. 7 7 .. 77 7 .. 7 . 7, . 7,77 7 77. 7.7 .W S 77 Q . .- - XL 7 B357 , .. . m5, mE773:g. . 7 ., s . . .., 7,.:s7. 7 ,. ., . 7 ,..s.K.77. jk. . Wig gi,7.Xe77,,,,,7i,Lg'7 L ' . as s tex. wma s 77 772 Q, it 78 is s is N7 its ' ' R I I Is' 1 X . Ls. as ,, .. . H7 7 7 ""' ., .' L . - f - .9 - - F-ssfz.57lSiss - g f rr . iffse 777- 7 21 1 " 17 ..... 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' , : Q'-7,1 1 Although December contained fewer school days than any other month, it felt like the longest. U toacertain oint, at least. T e 20th at 2:3 p,m. Past that point it slipped away faster than standin' room at a pep rally. From the moment the 8:30 bell rang on Monday, Dec. 2 - Colts became trapped in the Christmas Zone. FALALALA-LALALALA The anticipation was unbearable. Christmas - so close yet so far. People began to get antsy. Who Tim Elkins Winning first place in the door decorating contest, Mrs. jan Henderson's class tries to alert everyone about world hunger. Frantically swatting at the pinata, Melissa Koziolek tries to knock it down, while the rest of her Spanish class watches. 26 ACTIVITIES could concentrate on conjugating verbs when Christmas vacation was only days away? Yet it wasn't sooo bad, thanks to the many clubs and organizations. The Student Council held a dance on Frida the 13th. This event had the eflfect of scaring off bad luck implied by the day and date - ever one had a great time. On the lgth, the Orchestra er- formed in concert in the olt auditorium. They performed several classical tunes as well as some pop music for the younger crowd. The Spanish Club had fun on their own as they made pinatas to celebrate Christmas and then shared them with children in local hospitals. Student Council once again sponsored a door decorating con- test and after careful consideration, the door to Mrs. Ian Henderson's class which reminded Colts of the famine in Africa, took the top spot. Mr. Iohn Robison's class came in second. Then, the final bell rang. Merry Christmas to all and Hap- py New Year. Q. 7L Pam Finley 7.7.7.-v""""MW 4 . 7v"""', la. . ,--7-. 2 ff XJ .f -'K ,jp 5?- iifa 1 f xr gp Q. -T ' .Sf U' f? v ,g N J AC , .xwgy-Q wqnyz-.1 gyms . v' J 60 ' ' U ln. iYlN"!M' -gli-x 1 x r G ' 4 X . Collecting food for needy families. Greg CdeBaca, David Michener, Damon Graham, and Mike Meyer pitch in cans. Mr. William Fink, Mrs. Madeleine Lively Mr. Kenneth Offill, and Mrs. Lou Baker en- joy a few laughs at breakfast, gag ae X 5 is 5 -W -f .-.f- Tim Elkins Susie Bloom Preparirrig an elaborate breakfast for the faculty, r. Robert Lewis serves muffins. Supporting the Samaritans, Matt Trostel, Terry Wi cox, jason Buffington, Scott Gilbert, and Shannon Reichert give to Shan- non McKee for the annual Shoe-Fund. 28 ACTIVITIES Tim Elkins if J ts. Q x I 5 x , Q, I . e., Xa 5 . mmap nw., ,.,,,,, , "WL, S MLLQ4 ,Alu n-'f ij: A1,- . Raising over two thousand dollars, Mrs. Sheron Gore's psychology class hands the check to Mrs. Peggy Irving and Mrs. Lynn Buffington of the ocal Humane Society. lim Bloom 15 1519 -jg 5 QL A. g if '- fffs?fff.l.f'-at-at I , , 'f-s25?:1f,5: ,,.- llt.-Xl 3 I g ' 2 r f ,, f Yf,, . I , iff , wal ll , l .I ,sr . 'Y ' 453555 I 1 I V 1 It's the most wonderful time of the year, right? Most assuredly. Christmas is the time for giving freel of oneself, for being among familly and friends, for sharing and warm thoughts. Heck, its hauling off with as much loot as your family and friends can ossibly afford. Partly, at east. In the weeks prior to Christmas vacation, many groups did things for people less fortunate than themselves. Mrs. Lou Baker's Algebra II and trigonometrv classes contributed money daily to the "Good Samaritans Shoe Fund" for several weeks. Everybody contributed what they could, from spare pen- nies dug out from the bottoms of pockets, to lar er amounts col- ected from fami y and friends out- side the school. Money came in from all over the country as exes who had taken Mrs. Baker's classes sent mone to hel what she called "The chilcfien wit out any shoes." One check even came from California. By Christmas, Mrs. Baker and her classes had collected 51,407 Mrs. Sheron Gore also convinced her class to ive something of themselves. er classes pulled together to give to the Humane Society. They collected 52,000 for this cause. Student Council members s on- sored a canned-food drive to elp Arlington's needy families. Colts brought cans of food to their homeroom classes. The classes of Mrs. Mary Margaret Basham, Mr. Gerald Brown and Mrs. Sheron Gore brought more than the rest and were rewarded at a party. ACTIVITIES 29 During biology class, Chi-Suk Pak and Tracy 'ngsbury take their semester exam. In the january performances of An Angel Comes To Babylon, Todd Minshall prepares to be hung, while Chase Perrett speaks. ' 'NNN . 3 'Q G' 4 T 'I V 3 I' 5 . Elkins Getting ready for baseball practice in the unusual January weather, Kurt Shipley ties up the tarp on t e fence. 30 ACTIVITIES f 3 4 us M X 1- 'TVN 4 -as " 77 f" fp ' ' 1 "- nn, ' I. Tim Elkins Eg, 1- Nur, A,.k Y w.,.,LM La.. - iw. .lm X, 9 L ----..i,,,, 'I' . ,...,. 5 Marty Beebe - - Appearing on High School Highlights, Kristin Su ivan interviews Paula Kennewell and Carla He renes from Sam Houston and Mary Abell from Arlington on life as a foreign exchange student. Climbing out of her barrel, Robin Doyle portrays a poet in the drama production. Tim Elkins Ianuary weather electrifies all On january 6, there were exactly two people in the entire school who weren't wearing clothes they had otten for Christmas. And that was iecause they hadn't asked for any. he halls were filled with new clothes - shirts, dresses, jeans, scarves, sacks, stirrup pants, and any other imaginab e forms of clothing. One weird sophomore even wore a Chicago Bears sweatshirt. However, clothes, Christmas, and the new ear weren't the only things on Colts' minds. Upcoming was the annual post-Christmas slaughter known as semester finals. Finals had Colts quakin' in their boots, hightops, topsiders, sneakers or whatever. Dark circles appeared under eyes as Colts began to do some serious cramrning. Another pressure, new this Iyear, was the 1'Official H. Ross erot New and Improved Exam Schedule." This wonderful new schedule crammed what used to be three days of exams into two. Later in the month, long after ex- ams were forgotten, fit took about a ' .sw-N' .. 4 ' rw., . . . V X I 'ss ja. xjqf A 1 f k A:-Q, 1 73531 ef' 5 aw s 4" gy if t I f if .232 minute and a halfj, the drama department treated Colts to three wonderful performances of the plaly, An Angel Comes To Babylon. he nights of the 23rd, 24th, and 25th saw the auditorium stage transformed into the ancient city of Babylon. january gave Colts another gift. This month put absolutely no rain or snow on Colt Country and treated its occupants to several beautiful days in the 6O's, 70's, and even 80's. So, while those Chicago Bears shovelled their snow, t e Colts swam and played baseball. ACTIVITIES 31 Surprise! Ami Harry delivers a Val-a-gram to Kelly Peel from his sweetheart. Carefully checking over the selections, Paula Dillhoff votes for the senior song. Tim Elkins Counting down to the Camfel production, students scurry to find the best seats. 32 ACTIVITIES N .t:,.,.. sf t-'- fifwsfwiwxizt ,:ff:5g,t1,.,g .-,mg Pam Fl Tim Elk ,,... X The 1985-86 Teacher of the Year, Mrs. Kathryn White emphasizes to her psychology class the importance of the new Care Team. Beeboppin' the night away, Tony Stell and Barbie Smith enjoy the Valentine's Dance. w.. Hearts, flowers kick off spring Valentine sweethearts announced, Kathryn White receives TOTY Valentine's Day wasn't the only thingthathappenedin February. Early in the month, the senior class voted on the song to be the theme at prom. From among the three nominees, "Time Goes By" tTriumphJ, "Friends" CMicheaI W. Smithj,and"WeSaid Hello Goodbye" fPhiI Collinsj, the seniors chose their favorite,"We Said Hello Goodbye." About midway through the month, teachers voted for this year's Teacher of the Year. They chose Mrs. Kathryn White, a 20-year veteran to be the TOTY. "I am very flattered and very hum- bled to receive this honor because this is such a strong faculty and good teachers teach here," Mrs. White said. February also brought a pleasant sugprise to Mrs. Phyllis Forehand an the staff members of the 1984-85 newspaper staff. Mrs. Forehand had entered five issues of The Colt in the Columbia Scholastic Press Associa- tion's annual contest. The results that came back early in February said that The Colt had scored 991 out of a possible 1,000 points and had earned the highest possible rating - Medalist. And, of course, February brought St. Valentines Day. The Student Council sold Val-a- grams. For 51.50 a Colt could send a carnation with a special message at- tached to his or her Valentine. A Valentines Dance was also held by the Student Council. At the dance the sophomore, junior, and senior sweethearts, nominated and chosen beforehand, were announced. So homore sweethearts were, Heather Carter and jeff Lemonds, juniors were Carol Estrada and Chip Joslin, and the seniors were Ann Edens and Walter Virden. ACTIVITIES 33 l - i 1 A-iiliikis, V .v.,1s:wf-iffivaseszlxxz ,Law rar Mlm'---f!'? 5452 .cz-vi Wggsrg,:1w51g53fZfff:iiS5!95iZ'i'U 541. iesaws if w.a,.,w iiii 2.2552222522Szrssffftgfiigssstfkf- fi 555Ile5::x5'E5iEEii?Wfi'.5?E5052'its ,351as,miq5gs,m.111r5gw:L1 W pffessas 1 - M: wasmxfgwssmswsmarm, .fsafsaisims,ifrnigrg,5,,1sa11gytqgs gggsmm,aQ,sw.s:g.ggwas . sfsisgisewfffg gariesmssif wfwmsiwifilgt sfawisfieiss M am-,M.g . ff- a1.m1a,,,,, .ii :Seimitsu W , Maw M . sw, .5 w ill f ,,W,w ,N am an--Stewie rgrffsaisf Hem-ra, ,,.,,,,,.v,,lW?,,,..,,,Ms iQ:,,a,qL S, Wars,Afe,1w,,g,rv,gggg,:,if,,ai, as,1gfQwf,ftsHa1-azure,s,ff.,uff5ggWgszs1fs misss-s,ffa,ff11-fm-wzzsf'aaams.:wsswiff24A-svmmssssafM' M 21 Stir- wlmsiiw- sie-mzm,s,,ss, gsm., .. .. . r. , ,,.2,s,-raw, .,...,aa. ,.,. Wi, W,,,..t,-gr,,W,sfts. ,,,, 2,,asf-si,.mst-s,us-w52ffsraf'fs1a2fwM1ssa,..., A-wi wr-effleiiftifttyiifrmsfwfixesziwfiww'ffswrlri1 :J ff-is Hftifmfrmsfwmelsi Q Q L,X5i,9m,,7..k.,Q3..,iqiwrigigg,,,i5m7M ,,5:,MmM,,g.i,A.W,.W9i?,,iWA,S,,sH5rg,L,w35,,f,..,i.,5,55,5Msfias,q,!,,.2,-,Q,,,.r5,ggg,fgWM5s,,i,asm.zfgszaffgimgeggggem:fa.,121,'tg'rgwsS:r:i,,ffs,Q4QiL.uwzzizziaflsegfrffsizisasvfwfsr:sx1:s1s1:g1wewzzzwsefrs51'---ssesissssfizfmss9, -.image-gf: EGGS-vftiszssaiisrff WmgmM.,,,:s,,:.,MMem?,,M,,,,5,.,F.,sEmk,S,.,,,,95,,,,HWQa,as,fg.M.,M1,,,-,W,s,,,.,,, ,.1,,,s,.f,w::a,ffg:+.sz14sw:f+s:: 5 afaiwgggwsssvrmweww1rs,...sw,.i1:,,rmfgmt-2s,4.siwSf-sz:qggwsrigqgwffraimr-SWKfr?wsffffwismrgmwe-2s11z,, ,wfsrfzwe sg-.qmeffiiiisrffffiasyiwwfsffa gms.,z-M25-frwmsz, atitsas.,i:g,,,.wg,grs,t..a511:s:H,. .awww+eesir11rgsH..w:ffg::.,,-.-,w::,:rf-:f:::m.f'zz.sxzffsss+:fwsS1fwfm 5224'2ff9F:22f 1rffffw:e-vfw'-5211ssvsi"s1rf- fw:ffseS1fssfm's-'Msm'sisisrfscsizifrfs-:Sztsateagsssfsfvzf.mvw,w,.ziw,f--mcgtaw .Uflsfsfevaii swfsfffsafzwaasgsirtbfg giwgmgi, ,gi,HH,:M.E...,.,,. l5s 5i,,, 55 fsf?iig!tgQ1g5Qg,gi,,gsgfzQf.gwt,sgg35.s,t,2fg QQ55gg551W5rg4fe1z4assiiZEH5z5anQ2biI1Qg55,52ggQtsas5ri52Q1Qg3QQ51-zz-t2gsgggg5fg,iI,.:.fg.f,,,,-yftzgtswg?g ismzyagggiggggggiiiwigsg wg ' s.13ggg,1Qs. Em.,..,..,,-1,0.s.,,,,, .,,g,,Qw,,,,5 .i,,fW,3,s., ,aw--fffs,,i .---fm' --gp A--- fag.-,, at swat, A -Q -,gi ff'-urge' new 7 ...W rg fy -:gays W its 5, ,y ., Q W .. if,-g:gyg'2s,..,zzssvsi Qw- iissffesisi wax. ff sm fn- we ,sz - f :ss as W2 sf: 'wg :fi Q 'I as sz :lg sfsiiieiiii 1125- - isis' -if ET? 'ffffai 52: List' 'K ig: as f f Sli: ff -Q si, f-- :fit fi vase 'V km :Ligier W5 in 5:13 ,ig EEE S.i,,r. Z4 .iggwg sig? if Mi I... :gf .M 56. Wgyigg ji, 1511? ggggf 55? SEL. VMEQEE ll?-5 iiifii if iii: 953' iii , WJ - TFT IJ QT' :qi .2555 .1235 5,5337 'ssrwfggilgiiii-1515425322515: W., sg.. :fs 42 Q sf? .uf if a . 1-.1 1 -sf we 'rf 1--:wif :iff -2 4455 L U as rf f 6 rs fi ni- 1, gf f, f ---,Q,5t,gf5,fwggg5g3g5gs,5s,gr,g1flg1'e5-fg,.tg-flg asf.: Q ,- in f,-.11..-11igiliiiiifssiwiiftfiifilsELL'h?5i..111iElf fi- -:fi fiiwialfff 'ELPWmssiiiigegiiiirigsfliii:'n:2,.q.z. - :fi rg, ---- ...air2215211as:seisiilsiiiiiiitiiitffflffz-SP:Sii ,g ..,,,kk. ,,:-,,,L:f , , . .1 kf,::f,..: we ii: 5 ,-:y,,-. .f-- v'.:h1,: f "-- V .,,, A:-,,.:,, ,,i: .,,.,,A, .,. .v,, kk,khh . .A . I I .... K ,A,5,,,m, , How's that ol' sayin' go - .. In like a lion and out like a lamb"? That's exactly the way March went - nobody seemed to notice it. Ever body was too caught up in Spring Brea . But that's another story . . . However, March was not the forget- table, useless, boring month it always appears. A heckuvalot happened. or instance, March rought the nomination of the Graduation name callers and the speakers at Vespers. Teachers Mrs. Sandra Campell, Mrs. Lou Baker, Mrs. Pam Matthews, and Mrs. Billie Nelson were chosen to call the names of the graduating seniors at the june 1 ceremony. Seniors also ,H I jj i k' :L . ix-. Q Mr. Barry Wilmoth explains the voting pro- cess as Ann Edens writes down the nominees for Vespers and Graduation ceremonies. 34 ACTIVITIES chose David Hussey, jim Lacy, Pat O'Brien, Kristen Petty, and teachers Mrs. Mary Beth Ward, Mrs. Bonnie Shelley, and Mr. Gerald Brown to say a few inspirational words at Vespers, May 25 at Texas Hall. March also saw the first edition of the AHS Honor Roll. This new poster- sized, eye-catching list prominently listed all the names of AHS's finest - the all-"A" students. At least one copy found its way into each classroom in recognition of these accomplished students. The National Honor Society's annual "Pin Day" came in March. On this day, the old members tapped those juniors and seniors who had met the re- quirements to join the society. Many organizations went to con- tests, and just as many received very high scores. Both Drama and Orchestra went to UIL contests. Drama returned with first lace honors. Orchestra com- peted an came away with its eighth straight "sweepstakes" Meanwhile, The Drill Team took a little trip to a Galveston contest. They not only took swee stakes, but they also won the Gussie ell Davis Award of Excellence. Cosmetology also com- peted and won eight first-place ribbons. .-, 1' Y '9' ' ,, . - .v-is -4. ' - his .3 mr. .gpg Qt '- Q af' Y., Q. -e ,' ,'g:.W.E. 2 -'Q 1' ,.,, .s -at , ,F . V mf f, . M I Xi UQ AS Pam Finley Helping a little girl find hidden eggs, Charla Burkins and the rest of Mrs. Matthews' sociology class host the hunt for underprivileged children in the area. Rapping to the heat, Tim Fuller and Kevin Brandon audition forthe Senior Saloon. Finalists Debbie South, Anne Cregerson, Mark Castleberry, David Walters Qstandingj and joel Elrod hang a Youth Art Month poster which contains one of Annes works. I , Q U V ,,it ' t" n fa ' f 'iti I iwz'f:f7 2 ,Gif E'-r 1 Tim Elkins OC Erik Dietz Enk Dietz Principal jerry McCullough congratulates newli pinned National Honor Society mem ers. ACTIVITIES 35 Stacey Thulin, Suzanne Merrill, Lori Brassell, Catherine Thorbum, Wend Heape, and Vicki Morgan take a breall on the slopes while vacationing in Monarch, Colorado. Dodging the snowball that Michelle Davis has just thrown, Mamie Ward runs carelessly through the snows of Ruidoso. -. is eff ' ii X I Michelle Davis 1 I' webs, 'UDV' R: 'if if " fr St 2 , fl X 9- ee,,r a Catching a few zzzz's, Stuart Erickson Enjoying the boat ride down the Rhine found rest and relaxation very appealing River, Mr. William Fink tapes the during his Spring Break vacation. students as they tour Germany during Spring Break. 36 ACTIVITIES uaddng Ampeg Vickie Morg r' j il 'wg wi es I Touring Switzerland, Carl Ifink, jim Lacy, Albert Yen, I.isa Absher, Jerald Caffey, and Scott Martin stop to see the stone lion. Relaxing by the hot tub after a long day at the beach, Susie Bloom, Tricia Bowen, and Pam Finley party at Padre Island. it . si N 6 I I .. .' , p 1 , lg Q -v F , ' I i .sr , .4 f . iz.. 5, Scott Martin I' m Finley - - I I id-month break enerates tra el i i i t i RRRIIINNNGGGIII Alri ht, so my watch is a little off. WEO cares - SPRING BREAK!! This one week of freedom, of simplly living, happened somew ere around mid-March and came with all the insanity and ex- citement that usually accompanies Spring Break. In other words, people enjoyed themselves Qso what else is new.j. And they did it however they wanted. Many Colts did nothing but ed wherever they worked - Mickey D's, Six FIags,themaII. Cther Colts traveled. Some packed a swimsuit and a toothbrush Qsometimes forgetting all about the toothbrushj, and headed south. Places like Padre Island became fill- ed with high school and college studentsfromallover. "Even though the weather was bad, it was great to get away and relax,"MichelleMiddIetonsaid. At least one group of students and-yes-a few teachers went to Ger- manytoseeitssights. Peo le from all over North Texas floclied to a place called Colorado to slide fhopefully uprightj down high hills covered with snow on long, thin slivers of highly polished fiberglass, using two metal poles to steady themse ves or steer away from obstacles. And of course, there were those who stayed home and relaxed. They just hung around Arlington. They got toget er with friends and partied, went to Six Flags, or just ung around together. But we all had fun, right?I ACTIVITIES 37 Fair increases f W 311161, l ite res f r I m M 5, with make up sn w da on Saturda var a rf M +L-7 :f rr 17144-411.,w-medilwiaz. Ag.. ,UW w43f,+rgJ1w. 4943. Hgrzqwiwmtmlwf-,+'f:,i-gzip: i,:fr:pW:Wf -ff-fi,'rrf:r4u-c- -f w'i-nfl - 15:19 sf 'N mr 'f-2 ,, fr lm, -, 1- ,r, fr an '12 ,:- f - waz, ,L ri. pg ,S Ijinzfzilie 35:1 'I .. 4-1,"'w'fk: Iwi! " Li, if M, rr- -H V TJ e-fe-I-, 'till Sm JV' if-Im-ft'iFI lfiit as 'J 'Lam " ' 5-Hgtq-ref-H'fgwirMMGwzzwzf-:,m'trzfti-15351 , W 5 y'.5'mMv'xt,:'imir?az4.9521:21-piegjgj-f.rggrwif5Iw:pg12',p,u,:wvw1 Magi, MW2f,:rrL,Lw'2 wrw,:wu,:p45-I-a,Ji,5:p:JQ1+f-2241?f4-mfntrw2u:'f:,':'1:::w,mmfliwfe1,37-tw .riiwirrfifimiii-MW.l'!x!at2Mf ,, ,,,,,,,., ,.t,S,.+,.i M,,A,,4,,,W-f97r,W.,,,,H,,,r.,,,M,,,tfge,oi.m4.a.,.l.+:t. ,.++f,,w,r. ,J4,,,4f,,, .yen ,.,.,4,eua.rt., if ,,r,4,ffrff4r,,or,r,.,w 17-fir'-,-tam ...wc-,f'ff,'ff,,' mr-4ff ww mNQe+:4-t'rt.f-1-f -lvHIM'4f.ffif"J"wI!f''4""'-'Ml-H71'f'cVVI--5Hfr" ':'f,W'mi-Cr: 'Wifi?'mEUflyE4Wvl'w'i:li'llFM'?7iit5l.''-rhJ?ftftJk'lf-H'l'liJf-lfVJLf'Il':5Ef'l,Qf-11-VW-l W-H:'41'l'lIJI"!-tl!-ll' ''l?!1:fJ:i1"ft1fvii:5il-ll:-7'f','l3,w-'M lfW5W'l""'ltwthlr-.33-ei-3iEEii'2f4'WW'E'fY"'M"':',liW'IlwfllgfwMl b'fW',',Q f, -Vffmgi 7-iii, ,-QE' JN Wi.Z4'W' CW,'Fg,"g!,,0"!':-f'L Jwifg- jjfliy-gt1j'f!Lj ii' 'Hill all '-.4 I-'L I"ji'lig-I-3-3151 H ',-,gyl Q," WW' 'ff 5' H H ,,T5J'T-E'-43'H-'LJ-I HHH , ,f 4'Ff3,,,I, .1 "' "if'Q1iif-fi'-ff 'H'Hjf NHL rf'flrJQ139Qf",l'Cy 'iiiflfiiggiiifl -,, ..,,,,e:,-., ,,c.,,. kwa.,-, ,, , ...aa-, , . a f.,-rf.,-,vera f -, Y ff e ,,,. it -r Y Y 44 --7.-.-L--a:.+-1: Everyone needs money, right? It takes money to eat, to be well- dressed, to own and operate a set of wheels, to party, to catch a flick, to rent a tux for prom, to catch some rays at the tanning salon, or to catch some real rays at some far-off beach. It takes money to do anything at all. And money isn't exactly all that easy to get. But, making money can be fun. Take, for example, the Colt County Fair. organizations a great way to make money and have fun, too. For instance, the Senior Saloon held in the auditorium, featured all sorts of talented Colts doing everything from dance to comedy. These entertainers, aside from making the audience have fun, had fun themselves and also earned more than a little money toward their prom. The junior class presented the junior jam, which featured lip- synced and live music performed by several local bands. The sophomores presented the annual This annual event, sponsored by Cake Walk. the Student Council, 0 fered AHS s Tim Elkins Spending Friday night at Colt County Fair, Dana Tabler takes a cat nap in her geometry class early Saturday moming. 38 ACTIVITIES Other attractions were the seniors' Colt Cafe, the Student Council's casino, ROTC's nightclub, AFS's fortune-telling booth, the debate team's dunkin booth, fstep right up and dunE your favorite teacherj, FHA's wed- ding booth, Care Team's suicide in- formation booth, and FFA's buck- ing barrel. And, on top of all that, Spanish Club sold nachos, the German Club sold pretzels, the French club sold French pastries, the Poetry Club sold their yearbooks, and the Art Club painted faces. As Mr. Allen Van Zandt prepares to clean the lab table, he carefully explains the pro- per way to clean in his chemistry class. if 5 g 1 X . I .1 43 .iii I . ,f , ry A JV' , 6 alt!-3' x 1 i, , , g fn 1 , ,Q 1 A In ' - -4 it ,I nr AE? V r h fi - fa Making the best of a bad situation, Mrs. Gale Allen, Blake Calhoun, Mr. Jerry McCullough, and Kevin Richard wear their jams for an unlucky Saturday school day. X'fif,f Tim Elkins Strutting to the Super Bowl Shuffle, Seniors, Melanie Clark, Pat O'Brien, Kristin Petty, Lance Moffett, Gina, G'Dell, and Brandee Bush perform at the Colt County Fair. Watching tentatively, Kip Yates, Chris Cauthern, Paul Lutz, and Steve Miller per- form the one-act play "A Gap in Generations." Tim Elkins 'i In the award winning one-act play put on by the Drama Department, Todd Mins all plays the part of crippled old Tofano. Tim Elkins ACTIVITIES 39 Being a member of a gang is everything as Chris Kelsey oints out to gang mem ers john Kelley, lguss Ware, Pat O' rien, Russ Taylor, Brent Gault and Jim Lacy. Kindly asking Bernardo CBrian Sepulvedaj to leave, Lt. Shrank fMike Carrellj breaks up a fight between the Sharks and jets. Tim Elkins '73,---vs .,,, m C S l-Ll .E i- 4O ACTIVITIES Members of the Sharks, Brian Sepulveda, Chase Perrett, Paul Lutz, Steve Miller, Gerald Caffey, and Monte Eliff discuss the rumble during the musical West Side Story. "There's a place for us," Maria fPat Mebusj reminds Tony fBrad Scotty while he lies dy- ing in her arms breathing his last breath. Fighting Bernardo tBrian Sepulvedaj after the dance, Anita tLori Spivyj is angered to find out about the war council at Doc's. Filled with terror, Chino tChase Perrettj realizes he just shot Tony tBrad Scottj, T Elk I O Sprlng muslcal attracts crowd West SideStory g A as combined talents j 0in s Nice town. But, just like every other cit in America, parts of it can be roughi. And the West Side can be really tough. But, it can also be magical. Ierome Robbin's musical West Side Story illustrates the halp- piness, the sorrow, the love, t e ate-magic in the infamous West Side area of NYC. West Side Story is the story of two rival street gangzs, one American and the other uerto Rican im- migrants, the lets and the Sharks, them when the lets' leader, Tony, falls in love with Maria, the beautiful young sister of the Sharks' leader, Bernardo. This happened right here, too. May 1- saw the Fine Arts De artment's production of West Sidi Story. Three 7 p.m. showings and one 2 p.m. "Saturday Matinee" let Arlington have a taste of that magic. Opening night came with a few surprises, such as the Uboomerang dart" and the falling mannequin, but by the second performance, sound problems from the first night, went beautifully. I never knew that anyone at AHS could sing and dance. Wow. There's some really incredible talent here. Pat Mebus and Brad Scott starred as Maria and Tony, with Lori Spivy as Anita, Brian Sepulveda as Ber- nardo, Chris Kelsey as Riff, Russ Ware as Action, Chase Perrett as Chino, Mike Carrell as Lt. Schrank and Stacy Conaway as Anybodys. ACTIVITIES 41 Prom oers find 8 Hyatt enjoyable 55: BY I3 tri aijlfgfiwaa? RL Q- attassit'vaf3s a IEi4N'? w If tt t 155 Q ,fa Wh as 'Q in sssghg at all S was 3. ,amass a aaweea w Ji' saw usd fa. E ft 'vig fa risk IWW stray rate Mitt My are rig 'N wettisaaf Q mia? W ft as kia ai Q fe M ts. We as Qs, W fd M Q ww CQ Ma.. 'difewws .2 fi Q. it sa, Q 2 1 rfitwfswgsa fe ft swag i'tfff,aN nf. 9, N M gamma Qkwame ts- ,gags .M 5 AQ X gags trams? Q mrs rr aw QQ bra g as t or .ateamig ease ti sir It ft ..... L T H2 :fm f 'Q 73525 it as as tam? 1 sr swag sv ia.. P as x. rmfiwgilw New Mamma MLNMW as HW NXT? sid sat Rims, Tfbflf e wk QE' if iasgmis was rats? as M wi fe at Hs SQ.'-Eiga! 5 PET ig is 9?QfgWW??lQ klmxgwgysewgigie .fezliggs lgigtwiililbrlllqwal 'ggi 7... xliiifeggmm sllhibxlx Nr Ex is SAW? Q, Qsiisg' im a was ga W Sglkgixv? Swami.. at MSY QW at xx at at la RWE' X' 55 Q ga tr M51 mwrglgxr is-tif 2--we WK YBAXT S gp wgtasaw ,ies any Wa tag wr xg QQ was-K ra g YSKQBAXK N -ig? is gxtgxlgs Q x R Qfggaagagkeflia Nl5!".,.3 W... fe.. 'arms at Rag that ti L +I. X a ...tgp gsm... Mast fa ,c Rabat by W W fe Us M., as Q sr it tr Nik 4 ef its ss 'tv .gs F4 may Q ts. at-M 2 W we M at X M r aetiigbf. tw It as M2512 WWW was 'NL A3 tt' FT W as 2? 'lg if Q Mlnwivftr Mm xg Q QTEK ,QW szislfgllisibllst M it I W? va wktwlllmll 1 ii? 't' rs " if ... --.1".':'?l:i1-9 3 ? -- ' arf-W' ' fg,iQ5E' .' I. : me sfli: E . . M R., we -.h ,, .. . 7 5, .L ff ,.,:.qgf ,f+ffga.f-,L . -1- - 335.3 , aaa fa X g- r A 1 . t .. it f -- 1 . . . ' ' . 5 If ' - - Q f , ggmig . , .1 .1-- .-.r . H 'g .. Q- - ', - ' , -. I :L .. " . t-. XXII V 'Aw'-."" . "a-:....':"'.aaf' ...J H ' "-.51-V .. - -W ww' , . - - j I f- -- - N 1 " - : I , Q r A I - V . :i ' -, .. i we-a. : ' rffwea Mk... .5-Q-gg-.-H K V ., ... 1... -i.,5..::N..ff:..,...x,gW,Et-.Q J, -- ...lfm- 3. ,: b - - V Mg -E... 1 1 K D H was-. H -,. ,Q El Y. ,, . MN M H Q51-is ,.,i.,5g,.5 .ik -A 5:-g1. ! .k,: -. - ..-:,,,-.3 1, , -as Nast ' f A . : L- . 'Wi' , H-,:,::...'Z'?- .. -:- , I-:." f:- '23s ii- P' e 5 A . ' ,, RE: 'i ls V " .V ' 'R QI- i X 'tu ' 'i :::'z.'t':WiC':':: i5i?::.i," ' HF- : ' ' :as 1 -,"ti:1.iaia"::2aZ25a't?'3a.1,"a: "rn .?'::' :"E:H:::,, , 4. .WSF-na' f-1f'fs..i1. - X s M . " - . They wanted me to write about prom. They should have known that I wouldn't be able to competent- ly write about all the pre ara- tions, all the excitement, all the money Qbig money - S15 a per- son for the ban uet, S10 a cou- ple forthe use o the dance floor, not to mention the cost of gowns, tuxes, corsages, limos, and after-prom parties. Hey, dude, can you spare a dime?J, all the plain fun. Anyway, this event was the last bi party, the final si n, of the eng of the best ears o these people's lives fso arj, and they wanted me to write about it. I hope I got this right. The pre arations for prom began at the beginning of the year, as the senior class used every possible money-making scheme to raise bucks for the big event. A little later on, QNovember?J girls began to be fitted for their dresses and pick out the styles they wanted. These massive preparations continued on u until May 9, at which point t e male seniors decided it was time to get mov- ing and went out to be fitted for and pick up their tuxes, get hold of a matching tie and a cummer- bund, raid the florist shop for a corsage f"Did she say her dress was pur le or peach? 'J, and rent a limo "Could I possibly get a ink one . . . that's the color of er dress . . . Ithink?"J. This is called fun. And then it happened. May 10, 1986. li. 1 , ,A ra -L.. A Tim Elkins While waiting to get their prom pictures taken, Katherine Hinson flashes her smile as her date Doug Seymour admires the hotel. 42 ACTIVITIES z ' ff 5: Taking a moment to smile, Pat Yarnell and Jeanne Caffey relax after the banquet. Lance Moffett shares pleasant conversation with Mrs. Loveta Stovall at the banquet. Tim Elkins X B Tim Elkins v- - x V, Tim Elkins Tim Elkins Strutting his stuff, Clint Howard gets down with Kristi Nedderman during "Rock Lobster." Patiently waitin? for his keys, jer fl Bartlett pays for the Va et Parking at the Dallas Hyatt on prom night. ACTIVITIES 43 Intent on each other, LeAnn Coppedge and Chad Pruitt take a break from dancing. As an onlooker, Mary Lisa Thomas watches jim Lacy and IoDee Brecheen hand Tim Elkins the Tarrance Award at the Prom Banquet. ,f , 'i'i' Iwi n ' , Q , 'Magus' if 5 5 2 44 ACTIVITIES Tim Elkins Dancing with Meghan Saleebey, David Hussey carries on the tradition by wear- ing the same kilt his dad wore to his senior prom. H-me' Dancing up a storm, Russell Ware enjoys the bub le machine at the Senior Prom. 1 bfi , ' -6, N I' I A jj ""' '- Ext i - nlns j q ns I f Timmkiis j . Tarrance award recognizes f IVE BHHQuei,S1i e Prom Night. The limos, along with the occa- sional VW bug QLook, Iennifer, I'm sorry . . . the limos were all booked up at least this thing's got a good stereo . . .j, lined up in front of the prestigious Qexpensive, tooj Hyatt Regency Hote in Dallas. Then several hundred well-dressed senior girls were escorted into the actual event by several hundred well-dressed fwhite socks and allj senior guys. And then the fun really began and the nervousness melted. Those who had decided to dish out the S15 for the banquet chowed down Qeveryone else just went to McDonald's or simply ordered from Domino's.Q After dinner, the dancing started. The danced. Andy danced. And danced. And danced. Even the one man who made us all into "Ierry's Kids," Principal jerry McCullough joined the crowd on the dance floor. Sometime during the night some people in high positions, like the senior president lim Lacy and his other officers, announced the win- ners of the coveted Tarrance Award. The Tarrance Award goes to those seniors who have shown up time and time again to work for their class. Seniors Tim Elkins, Pat O'Brien, Lisa Absher, Ami Harry, and Lance Moffett took home the awards. Afterwards, the general opinion could be summed up into three im- mortal words, "It was great!" Good. I'm glad they had a good time. They deserved it. ACTIVITIES 45 Seniors gather Q ':5'ET5'f,f'XW? i 2 ,X ...WX -- , X Xwff. or ho S who i X. - .,--XX,Xt.- ,X,stfXXf1-f X ,sw X. ga .. .. ., .. ,X , A X .... ww egiwfgz swag? tm it 5tN5x , L Q 5 Lm,, - ,., , , kv 'K f JX-ics X, Xe gtiiefkrr ,X f X Xa- X .. ,. rg. giigka .. k T , 7z',f2i?5?E'1tT5f 73X 55355 .ifffii va fi' XXQX-gf X if . -W., gxX,.i ,X-,g,.i,,.L.X,,L,h.X..,.,. ff.,gf.X,XX.Xf5,5geftX,,f ., X, . ,. ,, JZ JX X-XX?-X X S gms? Ji su 'f iles J' X XX X Sharif? r ti flliffla X BEXXZX Ll Y .1211 Wai? if Marg? M N X,v 5, vi M5 X twig 5 5 5 sz Q X X X Q XL at XVXNXS as ,X age? ff if 5 x e X Agar ff X X1 xv XXXX . .. . . - .X ,, 5.-twat:ff?i5'.:Q?itEi21:-K5swiss?I , ,,X XXXXXH zts2,XX,f,tti22XgQtX X f X S f 'rf-gg X, . Q tw tier t,25.-Xa XMQXQ S X X Jr kv v X X X , X X: X, X , X W, XX -K X' X ffsx,g5f,.,c X X 2 ,XX X A--- . . A' sn f 5 - - : i .'-'11,-':1fjr.Qf3. - 'I .'-:fi'"ifT:?':7iE5Ifiitiiiifilyii'fQiQfX:i:l-el:-,". , ' Q X, A , -X AV.,h., , ,ZLA ww., ZZ.. ,.., , . k..,.. ,A .. . ,.... .....g:,.I .... ..,. , X X X X ,. .X . .. . .... X ,. ,, -, , .X , -- fH1Xs+-'-. -X 2 X, X R 5 1: 3 J .. ' K, . S 5 . in A Q -1 mi 1 t ---- I 2-QX-:ii -Xa if :vs--lr X -- -X 5 ,X ,Nh 5, ,gn-. ,gps f- Xe , .- -rr, e.--'ag ,-2 ,ga t ' - w :...,-'fi:tS, ,,,gk.g'c,5,,,. ,... ji' ,Xef5s,.. 1- 5:-A XX-1-xg' KKjk,-,.at:Eg-eg-,gsg:saf:fe:3-X,-zz:ff,Xing..--,, . ' , ., XX X, X X X, X-.X X X ,, .... gp , ., K, . . 'Q C' X M fifftti-Misfit X YW, M we X .. Q. X, X. . X . X fit X rf ik with M fiiklff " -f X X at WXXXXH 625,-33:15. 1 X ,gg JXXEX S f ci 5 5 X, Q Q , X X , 5 l'Tf2S1X,TZM'S-R., X K , 1 yim EX.-XX X F gg , .,.. M, .,A. , X.. ,..,,. . XX . , 3,315 KNE5,fSjfi,,X M M XX X? XXQEERXXS ZXJXXM tm ,8 i,Xrfrgi , N gb? ,fs .Xa ff is s as KXYXH X 1 X XWHXXXX XXf , X aww -X X XX S X -cf if me S X Xu X XX ge XX .XX M Q X X X X if X ww Xa-S wt 2 sw 1 K ,XX X X X, X, S c mf X Krf'X,JZ,pZi'X1X, 4 im? Qfwgwt iigftiig X33 XX Wt fic g,gg,,Xig rfgfgck tisli XX 3t2Xp 1 ZW , ff XM X X 3-Q-s,gfft'l1,ggfXXi X ' 1 Ulf ZQQXM-fsa'?gfEX t 15 S, , X 1 XXXXXXQ HX as MXXi+XcgteXXf 5 fywfg XX, 33, ft3,,X5,a if Xia if if: X ,K is Xf,gf,,XXX ,Xa X32 av X M S X ,XiXfXJXwglXXsXrXiX,,,3,?f , L , X M, ,ww XXX ,tw ,fa A Wim, wi Xa f M XX who ww y ,Xt X wt ,X X JXX ,XX X w,Xf1XrX fi? X ace X ZFX? XX 1 XXX fiiiffy 3' itwXZ.XX?X K ftiiia-X? +X?fiXfi1 f XS 1 Z X' HXZX-X I tlfifw ZW U X, We ttf DMV X- t if f 'f Even though the baseball team was playing an area game, a large group showed up May 20 for the Senior Awards Assembly, which was highlighted by the announcement of Trent Turner and Lori Spivy as the 1986 Fielder Award recipients. Mr. Robert Fielder was present to name the Most Outstanding Senior Boy and Girl. Mr, jerry McCullough accepted for Trent, who was with the baseball team. Numerous other seniors were also cited for scholarship, leadership, and citizenship at the assembly, which also saw yearbook editors julie Moulton and Kristi Nedderman an- nounce that the 1986 Colt Corral was being dedicated to English teacher, Mrs. Ianet Wallace. Among the many awards an- nounced were the departmental Who's Who. Kevin Flahaut was nam- ed Who's Who in Art, janet Murray, band, jill Iobe, business, Chase Per- rett, speech, Kristin Crouch, VOE, Eastlyn Wilborn, home ec, Michelle Montgomery, cosmetology, Marshall Castleberry, DE, Io Luttrell, orchestra, and Lance Moffett, agriculture. Others included Jim Holmes, shop, Iimmy King, ROTC, Rita Meeks, CVAE, Lisa Cunningham, choir, Kristi Nedderman, PE, Cindy Alex- ander, HECE, Pam Finley, photog- Lori Spiv Qfounder oty the Robert Fielder. X at . 'ts E' ' f A x lt f' X, X -if X . .. . raphy, Sharon Sandlin, journalism, Merri Brewer, drama, jim Lacy, social studies, Allan Fitts, German, Kathy Kalin, French, Lee Moore, Latin, Martin Vasquez, Spanish, David Hussey, English, Scott Martin, math, and Albert Yen, science. Several business and civic organizations presented awards to seniors. jonathan Stewart, Mike Car- rell, Philip Benge, jim Lacy, jimmy King, Scott Martin, Stephanie Foster, Christine Stuchly, Alex janovsky, Kristin Crouch, Lori Spivy, Keith Bat- tles, Samantha Hill, Mary Martin, Iennifer Rosenbower, Eastlyn Wilborn, jenny Zitek, Chris Baughman, and Lee Moore were among those honored. Others included Vic Prichard, David Michener, Margaret Bane, Sharon Sandlin, Rod Taylor, Deanna Bagley, Doug Seymour, David Walters, Lisa Absher, and Linda Watson. School honors went to Merri Brewer, Ioy Fitzgerald, Mike Park, Eastlyn Wilborn, Kristin Crouch, Monique Couser, Deanna Bagley, Kristi Shear, Kathleen McClintock, Rod Taylor, Amber Elwood, Dorothy Ray, Chris Naughton, Valerie Smelley, Kim Clarke, Chuck Toxey, and Thomas Berner. College and university grants were Receiving the prestigious Fielder Award, a certificate from the presented to Kristin Crouch, Greg Timmons, Alex Ianovsky, Aaron Hensell, Scott Martin, Mary Martin, Mike Murphy, Eddie Seward, Chris Baughman, Doug Seymour, Doug Eisner, Stephanie Hurn, Liz Mindel, Albert Yen, Lanny Hubbard, Pat O'Brien, Linda Watson, Lisa Cunn- ingham, jennifer Griggs, Cindy Dillender, and Troy Obregon. Principal jerry McCullough presented his awards to Lisa Absher, Margaret Bane, Rick Bay, Tricia Bowen, IoDee Brecheen, Merri Brewer, Lara Broome, Brandee Bush, Steffani Cafaro, Ieanne Caffey, Mike Carrell, Stacy Conaway, Gary Cooper, Kristin Crouch, Chad Crow, Kelly Cunyus, Bob Deller, Ann Edens, Tim Elkins, Brad Gautney, Anthony Greer, Ami Harry, Stephanie Hurn, David Hussey, Iohn Ingram, Karen Knodel, jim Lacy, Rob Mauldin, james McNichols, David Michener, Lance Moffett, Chris Naughton, Gina O'Dell, Pat O'Brien, Mike Park, Cindy Peterson, Tom Poalinelli, Chris Puempel, Rob Ray, joel Richardson, Brad Scott, Brian Sepulveda, Todd Slinkard, Lori Spivy, Kim Stearns, Ann Stehn, Karen Sullivan, David Taite, Tiffany Thomas, Stacey Thulin, Trent Turner, Greg Wallace, David Wiener, and Albert Yen. - X, s it X -ag- . 3 X 5 2 Z CVT 5 5 X P six 1 .k,., W . , . . at it ,IM ,ips 1 Mr. Frank Gault of the University of Texas Dedicating the yearbook to Mrs. Janet at Arlington gives Alex janovsky one of Wallace, co-editors Kristi Nedderman and many awards he received at the program. ng. -as julie Moulton honor her more with flowers. 'W 1 ,eas Us ii? 5 mx' NNN 5 x xt.. E wifi ii? E TimElkins i J Q gfgyif fi 4 I is ,ag A ' . i,jV i X7 I Ii- sr im., 5, if H .fgiiirv if 55? Q -3 H i Q? X as ., ff ,ft A1 A. . Aggie 1? j, , f f""Q'a ' A r 'wif' xx A 3 5 , .eg i i g .i 49? gi 5 A eb 'E ' A! ' -.1 Z an tl' Ik gy rii, W as I it . .t g A !1?,f! .E Q5 5 x it fs. 3 AL.' 'Q-4 ir f xr Q Q, 6' 'Q 'Q " .afgg 1 ggggg gg? gy Y. . t 5 f "' gf? f it 1 . Y' ' -safe A 3? ag T43 gf? Ray . 1. CLVV XE I .ann-At file 4 ee-.1s so . int, J I Tim Elkins gorilla 4.Sbi-,-' -...--'Fix Tim Elkins Tim Elkins Troy Obregon wins Texas Wesleyan Col- lege's McFadden Scholarship. Announcing the Elizabeth Amos English Award, Mrs. Flo Francis presents Kathleen McClintock a plaque and certificate. ACTIVITIES 47 Waiting for Vespers to begin, Lisa Landolt puts the final touch on Kelly jones' cap. Ready to get out of her ca , Anita Sulak walks out of Texas Hall with Riike Trudell. J GD E 'ui 3 O no 2 t O Greg Glusing . C, - 1 N 2,-if 0 I ' Y 3 .I , X Q? 1 I llla r A I si , E ef 1 1' F Q' , V ' Hi 'V,, 'adm K xi 'A -'fr . Q, . . .' ' " ' The combined choirs forrnasenior ensem- Processing in to "Pomp and Cir- ble to sing "Al1 I Needed To Say" for cumstancef' Pat O'Brien and Chris Vespers. Naughton cautiously make their way down the aisle to the Stage. 48 ACTIVITIES Proclaiming that reality is better than fan- tasy, Mrs. Bonnie Shel ey talks about life after high school to future graduates. Relaxing after the ceremonies, Kurt Shipley talks to fellow seniors at Texas Hall. QS' 0 Y , J C. K 2? 1' J X,4x X t 1, , 5 'i 'fi' F- 1-eff f , H1' I fwggvigg I.- - I Ifsfsgeeifgs 537:-W 291' f 'ff 7 XHBDQQ i.., V, , yt wff g,ZF:f'4 N . - ek, v,1q1?is,,an,j ff, 'S f :few l . , , if 1 ,L-L: 1-4 vft,':1s f:::wf,f2,'e a f2 .z. e g. . H , 4 , -. - fe K M51 .V ts,, If sa.,-,s,s.,,t,,,,, a. .H,,s,s,trfa,t ,ew , , Q I .I wa-,,.a..aa. 1,,ma,a,f I. we-sflif. -wa- Hrr-,fffg ,A -f,-ggg:Qgjf5itf:'j1fj f,, ,Hifi fii?1:2s'?fis?sQz2si3sSzz2zS.4y-7,16 fQTs1tHgfifi?Ig,liI,f:Sr5ff2 w t'W" : ' 1 M-f ' ' H u V I 3 I - - Q , , gtg, .,. if, . 'sa 1 , , 3 5 , 'f ,f - , V 'L 4 , , Q, " 1 ', , . .- , B 6 M, 'g:,,'. W . ' 5' Mint, Irv ,frmtvw,xe.ekn,W:ew:,. I 4s,s ,, ,,.. . N .t,, , .t,,, A W ,t.,t. .. .t , tttsa , . . .... I ,, . ,, ., , ,, I , ,c., , , ,A A,,. 5, M, I. .. ,, ms ,L 1 xp :,ize,a ,,A5w,,..r,, so V-t i. .. ', -,I , Msn new f.efffm,,,r.e2fm,., . ' ' 1-17' ' L fa. , 3 ,. 1,:',. ' fri? za ' ' Q: r.?5gf"Qgi21' I g, f- a f Q as ' , If gs ,. , , t- -fr , I , 4, ,I af -zu 455 ,,- gt .Ka Nw f if-ew - 1 me ' - f " - w , U 'ii' At 8 p.m. May 29, the band and orchestra began playinfg the proces- sional as 577 seniors iled into the UTA Texas Hall for Ves ers. IoDee Breecheen deTivered the invocation and Chris Naughton delivered a message to be happy now, so as to have fond memories later. A s ecial senior ensemble san "All Needed To Say." Davi Hussey then told the storyivbehind his cam aign to make " e Said Hello, Ciaodbyeu the senior song. Afterwards he performed it. Mrs. Bonnie Shelley, who like all the other speakers was elected by the class, told the group how to ac- cept reality and not fantasy. Pat O Brien spoke of Bruce Springs- teen's "Glory Days" and of how it says not to get trapped in the hole that living solely in the past can get you into. Then the choir, band and or- chestra performed the "Battle Hymn of the Republic" to intensify the general feeling of love and ho e in the giant room. ristin Petty gave a summary of the school lives of probably everyone in the room down to the very intense fear on that very first day of school. Mr. Gerald Brown came to the podium and told us to make the most of now so as to have the most later, jim Lacy dried the sea of tears flowing in Texas Hall by telling of his misadventures with his Fred Flintstone lunchbox. He found a humorous way to tell us to accept ourselves above all, for only then can we accept others. Mrs. Mary Beth Ward followed with the messa e to use what you are en- dowe with to its fullest. The band and orchestra played "Old Scottish Melody" which was followed by Ann Edens' Benediction. ACTIVITIES 49 Ready or not here they come!! 'fb Of As other im ortant or especially good days had, come to be known y the name of the event that hap- pened on that day fl-Iomecoming, or onej so june 1, 1986 came to be known as Graduation, even before it happened. At 8:03 fwould you believe it, they were late on the most impor- tant night of their Iivesj, 577 seniors resplendent in their beautiful white caps and glowns, entered the main meeting all of the new Arlin ton Convention Center and marcT'ied to their seats on the front dozen-or-so-rows reserved for them. The event itself came and went without major incident talthou h Walter Virden, instead of shaging Mr. McCullough's hand as he received his diploma cover, knelt and kissed it.J Unless, of course, you count the fact that 577 seniors at Arl- ington Hagh School became 577 citizens o the "real world." Yes, no more of the protective shelters tadmittedly sometimes shakyj of high school-life began the moment Principal Ierry Mc- Cullough said, "I hereby pro- ' - -' in ' nounce you graduates of Arlington High School. You may now shift your tasselsf' Yes, real life had begun - the real life of pain, of sorrow, of love, of hope, that they had all worked twelve all-too-short-years to prepare for. And the real world we comed them with all she had. As for those of us left behind and those of us the graduates joined, we gave them our best, our fondest wishes. Since Graduation was held at the Arlington Convention Center, teachers were required to sit with and assist all seniors. 50 ACTIVITIES Greg Clusing Protecting her hair from the rain Cindx Thanking the senior class for a successful Glenn is escorted by Daxid Baker t year Mr. jerry McCullough recaps the graduation events and memories during his speech. Cregfilusing At the Graduation ceremony, Mrs. Billie Nelson calls on the next graduate. Gaining special recognition, top ten honor graduates, Scott Martin, Doug Eisner, tefhanie Hum, Albert Yen, David Hussey, an Mike Park stand before their peers. ACTIVITIES 31 X ac c 7 .2 U an nf L. U f P Y Q ,K rsrrr .Q A ' by as 5 0 Q. 1 4: 52 ACTIVITIES 5 I ff K. 'b-- n. w I I I in , 'fn 5 if JI Li Greg Glusing After graduation, Charlyn Cross accepts her dip oma from Ms. Elaine Spittler. Sharing a tearful moment, Chris Kelsez thanks Mr. Barry Wilmoth for his hard wor being a teacher and senior sponsor. WC WR my u Awaiting Mr. jerry McCullough's word, the graduating class stands in preparation to switch their tassels from left to right. Anxious to get their diplomas, Keith Bat- tles, Chris Baughman, and Rick Bay recess as Mrs. Flo Francis leads them to their room. I -. I 5 .. N ,. . sf X' . - ff Y Q Q i Greg Clusing - - - - K 1 - il 1 V1 F,-n,-NVQ, ,V A. . .. . k -' 1 1 f' -. . . -. K .f 'ii if U- uni? M. 'i. . Vi. '-1 'rn VI: . . , 'UT ., 3" 5 '- ' . 555 f 'K Ev -I2f7'5' - 7 . f -ff I . if IU 7 iv. 'sf -rf' inf: . QSJQ5' '-2. ,.. Wi--WIT ig Z.. 57. . .5 '19l'h55qlE.1 flisiatfis--feIffffl'QI 5' :Egfr if- . 255 52 rf sg sf f - , 32 gi- -at-'J all :Ls all ty: rx 58 ttf? it --fi .f 'S K if 525 is? if 19 ff1.:i'f1:r1S f - 11-. is .513 . r Q L9 1 'Sys .g t-eg .K -if af- -:..'lpfi Ur l. 115 ' TSE.. viii ist? 'll' '1' T' f- m2135551 3.gt55,3? q., 5 .H .sy .. va X .Q 3 , tg, . -- .f. -1,5337 N 2 '1 'ew Y -. I ...Qui .ff W :sf fa.,-gg-'f w.f2fs'f:1:ff'e.3.s- -- - i 1 ' -V ' 1 ,.., ,., . ,.., M., . .. . . . . ,.., . .. ,. . .. . .. . . M .. .. Jggygf ,..H,L .1.. .-gi.fuJgggfoigL5j..5VSf rf, f k .gy y .-jgiikgggggzgggi-Egfi2555- I ,V I K A " iL?:,igfiHf5fj3Efj:. . "wi-'E 2759155512L-vf"gg557gEj1fQfff'S"ff" .' Q'I"f ff:'I1:5I4QGf'"5":fI?P"M..' : 5 L . ff? I"455fs15'f"1f'l. ' 'Q' 7f:'71'fI5Q'J.f'f.9f.5fL57: fe- I " ' f,' - ' IfTf.'Mf,:fEg,5S'Eg3fIlQ' A .. f. ' ,ff..'ffM5'fi5'lLT'fk. ', - : , - .V ., 1 -. 2 K' as Q Q g 5 - i f g .- Ilhfla.'ijiitifgsfyjfffivfjjggjggi'QS 11.11"effL?Fi?iiS?37ff?7f?-72515223lifl-l.'f'l'I':''.fffriiviifiiii152557f?3Eg?7221lEVlf:flflSILfiff. f.'11552'I3JTSl?'f?3si922l2g1'IsPfE5f5E'I??45.5 -5 925'?Ef-FEP-slilsi'i55ZiEf.?fiSEs7775f5'f f- ' fl-'NP-2wifi'i'fQfieQE?EfJZfl3U"f .fiwfk 1f'ef'f'IQ7,? f-ff II'k'ff5flf 555... . f fx- 4 , fsigiefefgegiqggasweszrtx4w...e.-ifesfi .ni,,z1 sz'1wgs.5f5?'ig35am..s2se2i.2zz:Q24ffzTs-ifff11:1 521-sPzggSz4:S2g'gQ55w?eife?1s?1sQfs4e.1writings-f-fvz.-1,5fwlkjtlggxsmaifsissrrg giffaiwf:-7'-.'.fsf fl' 1ffiii-ifaiifvziszgfwttwe ' -f' fifmei.sszffS1ffffffSfm?1f A -va . f 4 2.vf.:H :ftf2fs1fsii'sz'smg - - f iw wi f-. msisersww -ffv -1-4 wi.-:...w.fii .. -vrmswsiwil i e is Sr zsffffiilzw SIQMS Qfiiisuaiiieaa saiP1 s2v -HM:-Ifg: I.:I-ft.:wf?irs:aaeiGe2sz 3 : -ffrsfifsifff'w-if I sims? iisww f fitfiaifei im... .i -.1 1. iv-.f.1:f' 1v.-fi -H s: sgfei iz sif -fgfigw ggi geiifff e ezz si afiiffii'-1.r.1 ,.W,..2 .r'1 reg Glu It was a rainyl night on Sunday, june 1, 1986, w en the senior class and their families and friends con- verged on the infant Arlington Convention Center for what was officially called "Commencement Exercises." Unofficially, it was "Graduation" At about 7:50, Mrs. Charlene Dorsey began to play the organ to tell audience and seniors alike that the event they had all been waiting for was about to begin. After all had entered and the en- tire audience had risen, Chris Naughton delivered the Invocation to truly begin the event. lim Lacy briefly told the au- dience, especially those in it who hadn't yet graduated, of the uses for the caps and gowns as um- brellas. Iim then introduced the school's administration and the school board. Su erintendent Dr. Donald Wrigllit told the reasons for having Commencement at the Convention Center for the first time. He also said that the word 'commence- ment' meant start or be inning and that most people thouggt of the ac- tual ceremony as the celebration of the end of their schooling, when it actually celebrated the beginnings of the rest of their lives. Co-salutatorian Michael Park told of the possibilities open to all the graduates and related how he had risen from a scared 8-year old coming to a new country. Co-salutatorian David Hussey informed his fellow seniors of the importance of both a sense of morals for strength, and a 'univer- sal compassion for all creatures'. In his Valedictor Address, Albert Yen spoke oty the many memories the graduates would carry with them and reminded them they all would remain 'now and forever more - Colts'. IoDee Brecheen introduced Prin- cilplal jerry McCullough, saying, " e ot throu h the year and brouggt us with lgiimf' Mr. McCullough said that the graduates would always remember AHS and would be remembered for years to come, Afterwards, he officially, "commenced" the rest of the graduates' lives by giving them permission to move their tassels. Mrs. Billie Nelson, Mrs. Pam Matthews, Mrs. Sandra Campbell, and Mrs. Lou Baker took turns an- nouncing the names of the graduates as they advanced across the stage to receive their diploma covers and shake Mr. Mc- Cullough's hand. The Choraliers sang "You'll Never Walk Alone," and Ann Edens delivered the Benediction, Mrs. Dorsey played Handel's "Finale from Concerto Number V" as the grads left the convention hall to turn in their caps and gowns and receive their actual diplomas. ACTIVITIES 53 Wi?1f9HHhod:1S? i2'Si?i4QiiW dYs.0i1Q2f28-zf' 51 gL c HMS Hwfisnwiihwhamfhey1iaY?sS0'1i1?i11i1i4E1i?5fQ1iG' Colwwii? Yswilafivnsandcslvbsaid Sfuaewi t' li 5 maffhiniu PwvlewiihssimilafiHffefeSiS'WYfefh6fH iiwasaC111Wralbi00dieSfiVa1GIwiflsvflfaf1 EdelweissfflubsCouldbeufvundceiebfafin c 1 .V.L VVVV i :L:h: Lzii f ccoc 1 f1111sift 2riSeIS'i afihf siirgiiiiiivifiifiii'-f'i s' st 3 stroll down the nuddlephalhfoiiefcouid c s f of the respective courittiesf ent on parties, strips? s ju various foods gathered by the clubs were sp and sponsoring foreign exchange students. Checking hex pitches, first violinist Nancy Hummer tunes to Robin Coiieh. r 3 1 3011 CO 'x -jk if Erik ORGANIZATIONS 55 Beverly Davis tastes foreign dishes at their annual French club picnic. Members of the German club include Qfront rowj Katherine Hinson, Leigh Ellen Key, Alan Fitts, Kristi Nedderman, Lisa Absher, jenny Lichtenwalter, jennifer Harqer, fsecond rowj Will Whitley, Deanna Bagley, Beth Ganser, Ann Edens, Rachel Mu len, Vickie Morgan, Alan Sticht, fthird rowj yle Kemp, Ami Harry, Elizabeth Mindel, Kris Ann Young, jeryl Bartlett, Melissa White, Qfourth rowj jason Lichtenwalter, Chris Throckmor- ton, Martha Lu McKaig, johnny Parker, jim Lacy, john Vant Slot, Qbackj Mike Hardin, joel Wheeler, Nick Murzin, Mr. William Fink. Th 5 Q 1 2 J'f"?i 5 ,R 1: is pvc, 318 mf E f Q t Q L i .pv- wr. 8 ef'- ig ar v 4 4 , L y if . ,ks-1,11 lx o m, S ,,, , 3 , 5 2 A a :A A Sf' Tim Elkins Working at the French Club booth are members Kirk Lynch and johnny Parker. At Colt County Fair German club members Audra Webb, and Shannon Hill sell sausage to Bill Richards and Walter Virden. 56 ORGANIZATIGNS X l N B' if fa. , , ' i y with ,W nw ' if -V 'ka Tim Elkins Foreign Clubs learn customs ' LT Parlez vous francaise? Sprechen Sie Deutsch? If you didn't understand, don't worry. But, if you do slpeak French or German, chances are t at ou were a member of their club. And this year the French and German Clubs kept their members very busy. The German Club began the year with an annual dinner at the Edleweiss restaurant in Ft. Worth where new members met older German students and enjoyed eating authentic German cuisine. Later in the ear some German students prepared, for a trip to Ger- many over spring break. "It's one t in to learn to speak Ger- man," stated German Club member Iim Lacy "but to actually hear authen- tic German and to see the land and people, is something I won't soon orgetf' he German Club held their annual Christmas arty at Kristi Nedderman's house. And, March found them selling pretzels at the Colt County Fair. The French Club began by holding a pool side orientation meeting where new members held candles and new officers were sworn in. Next, they participated in a langua e fair in Dallas where they did very well. "I enjoyed comcpeting in the language fair," sai French Club member Michelle Middleton "because you meet so many people who also speak French and who have the same problems with it that you do!" The French club ended their year by sellin pastries and other deserts at Colt County Fair. Members of the French club include ffront rowj Kell Lawrence, Cheryl Stevenson, Theresa Smith, Steve Stallones, Beverly Iglavis, Lara Broome, Rhonda Duwaji, fsecond rowj Leimira Lyman, Sarah Van Siclen, Karen Lawrence, Amelia Rothenhoefer, Mary Lindquist, Mary Abell, Beth Mar- tin, Lindsay Mounce, Cris Dharmagunhrate, Bonnie Green, Katie McGee, fthird rowj Ms. Laura Pingel, jessica Osborne, Nancy Reid, Karyn Moore, Anna Darling, Lucia Lary, Ste hanie Nickelson, Kendall Marsee, Elaine Clark, Christina Walton, Mrs. Rladeline Livel , ffourth rowj Bill Neaves, Melody Warner, Debbie Binion, Kim Van Nleter, Ellen Garrett, Cecilia Coats, Lisa Landolt, Shannon McKee, Tim Hallcroft, Heidi Linderman, fback rowj Russ Tayljor, Sarah Wetzel, Tammy Heinz, Ann Christenson, Angie Iulie, Shawn alters, and Holly McFarland. Strains of "O Tannenbaum" emerge from German Club members Doug Dean and jim Lacy at the annual Christmas party. ORGANIZATIONS 57 lil i ub 1 nC t1 La Clubs broaden their horizons O TAC American Field and Service Club, Spanish Club, and Latin Club shared one thing in common they all tried to give students a culture. Even though AFS did not have any exchange students this year, they enlarged their knowledge of foreign cultures in a fulfilling way going to foreign restaurants and sampling food of different na- tionalities. Their outings were rather spontaneous. Either one of the members would ask Herr Bill Fink fthe sponsor, or Herr Fink would ask one of the members if they wanted to go out to eat. Throughout the year they went to Don Pedros, Spaghetti Warehouse, Emilianos, Mandarian Palace, and Fort Night at Neiman Marcus. The reason we go to these restaurants," explained member Amy McDonald, "is to learn more about the culture of different coun- tries My favorite place that we went to was the Spaghetti Warehouse because I like talian food and the atmosphere was great." Spanish Club also went out to eat to experience the S anish culture. After nominees for club of- ficers campaigned with posters in the classroom, officers were in- stalled at a club meeting at Dos Gringos. At the Homecoming breakfast Spanish Club members prepared tortillas with eggs to give interested students and teachers a sample of a traditional Mexican brea fast. Instead of taking part in the Stu- dent Council can food drive, Spanish classes found their own needy families to hel . Spanish I and III classes colllected food, money, and clothes to help two boys found through the Boy's Club. Spanish II helped a family found through Carter junior I-Iigh. Later in the year the club met to make and to eat fajitas together. Latin Club kept their social ac- tivities to a minimum. They put most of their emphasis on academics. They had a beginning of the year picnic to elect officers. At Christmas, Latin Club members celebrated at a party. 58 ORGANIZATIONS .-D 'J U .-CI CD ct CU D-1 U5 , X adened interest in a foreign X n CD I-I-4 Standing in front of Hai-ry's American Bar AFS members, Amy McDonald and Cathy Mills wait to be seated at Neiman Marcus' Fort Night. Latin Club members include Cclockwise from center- jason Ankele, Eastlyn Wilborn, Bobby Barzyk, Lori Kinnard, Stace Brouillette, Lee Moore, Sharon Sandllln, jean Ford, Wendy Howard, lo Dee Breuheen, Ian Park, Elizabeth Gonzales, Erika Rocher and Gerald Wilcox. j i' a L Z 3 4 ,W ! .32 .fz' ,a: Q is R Q- r 1 Tim Elkins William Fink Taking a break from the Senior Saloon, Lee Moore and Mike Carrol go to the Alamo Cafe for burritos served by jane Weatherlin, Ian Remmert, Carol Estrada, and lack Hattendorf. At the Homecoming breakfast, Deanna Ellis and Iana Agee help themselves to tor- tillas and eggs at the Spanish Club booth. Susie Bloom ORGANIZATIONS 59 ff ta S ook rb B3 Q Modern style improves annual When the Colt Corral staff assembled at the beginning of school, few had any idea what was in store for them. "I thought Annual Staff would be really easy," staffer Cindy Slocum said. "I didn't realize the time and work it takes to get a yearbook done!" The staff kicked off the year with record breaking sales using the theme of "Colt Corral, a sign of good taste." They easil met their first deadline and a tranquil first semester ended. Soon, late nights and deadlines became more frequent and, it seemed the staff was living in the journalism room. "The extra time didn't bother me," PHI staff member Cathy Ruppert said. "Ex- cept when I had to miss the Cosby show," she added. The yearbook was headed by Co- editors, Iulie Moulton and Kristi Ned- derman, who incorporated new designs and techniques in the yearbook. "We had a lot of fun, and having so- meone to help with decisions made it a lot easier," they commented. Other staff members included Kristin Eichelberger, Sarah Mansfield, Marnie Pitz, Jennifer Robertson, Cathy Rup- plizrt, Cindy Slocum, Rachel Barrett, att Daniels, Suzanne Merrill, Vickie Morgan, Kim Clark, and Kris Ann Young. f 11. A fzw' -I A, '. 1 , . . fwavt- V., x - "4" , , " I 4, ,if f . , I I ' fri! N ..,,, , I , 5 of A , is - .4 'A A ,- V , ,, . ., , lt X ,Q '-Q. M V a Y' fl. .. z O 4, I A df ' .4 ,,,,.ow MW, I 60 ORGANIZATIONS Susie Bloom Yearbook sponsor Mrs. Phyllis Forehand, edits copy for the organizations section. Marnie Pitz, organizations editor, goes over plans for her section with co-editors Iulie Moulton and Kristi Nedderman. 1 .f N x kt Nw ,if 1.. .-.. f .. ...,,, g gi q ' My 'XT NWIIIFQ' Q. If Deep in concentration, Cathy Ruppert types cutlines for the activities section. Members of the yearbook staff include, Qfront rowj jennifer Robertson, Kristi Ned- derrnan, Cindy Slocum, fsecond rowj, Kris Ann Young Kristin Eichelburger, Marnie Pitz, fthird rowj, Vickie Morgan, Sarah Mansfield, att Daniels, Cathy Rrulppert, Rachel Barrett, Qfourth rowj Kim Clarke, Mike Bindel, Doug Winker, Suzanne errill, and Susie Bloom. ei'efs iiif' as K .... iff t Staffers Vicki Morgan and Rachel Barrett crop pictures for the sophomore section. Banquet caps yearlong rush EACH' The International Honorary Society for High School journalists. Sounds intimidating, doesn't it? I.H.S.H.S.j. Cgaspj, more familiarly known as 'Quill and Scroll" or "Teach's kids," was essentially a mess of newspaper and yearbook type people who got together every now and then to visit, learn new techniques, cgive and receive advice, and trade i eas about their ublications. Quill andp Scroll members attend- ed the annual picnic early in the year. This event, which included Q6cS members from all four Arl- ington high schools, gave hopeful members a chance to get to know other members and to ain Q8:S points Q10 are required Eur official membershipj. In November, Q8:S members and recruits went to San Antonio for a journalism workshop. This helped participants ain experience in gfearbook and or newspaper pro uction. The end of April brou ht the City-Wide Quill and Scroql Ban- quet, at which the best staffers of all four schools were honored for their performance over the course of the year. There was also a special, elite group that fell under the re- quirements for Q8zS known as photogratphers. These people took pictures or both the paper and the ook. They were at every volleyball game and every AI-ISPAC meeting to take ictures. But did they complain about all these assignments? Of course! 3 1' Kristi Neddemian Members of the photo joumalism staff include Qfront rowj Erik Dietz, Susie Bloom, fback rowj Doug Winker, jim Bloom, Pam Finley, and Tim Elkins. 62 ORGANIZATIONS Pam Finley Photographer jim Bloom checks his camera w ile covering the Burleson football game. , . J ' ,., Suzanne Merrill, Vickie Mor an, and Sharon Sandlin get a good laugh Rom Mar- ty Beebe's present at the Quil and Scroll Pixie party. Newspafper editor Stacey Thulin receives an awar from Mrs. Phyllis Forehand at the annual Quill and Scroll City Wide Banquet. p c raaa - .ttf L 5 t K? X 1 V. Xxx A . -Sgifzskeef z Q . Erik Dietz 'N V Q i '4' 5 A 9 .I gf 4 U ,,,. 1 , - z' Q, Q W 17 .,k' Q 1 42 W.: f Wm W W 52 , H if ' 452, f.,,,,Q,,,4,M.W!gW, , ,it, , Erik Dietz gi . paw- Newspaper staffers Mike Bindel, Sharon Sandlin, and Pam Hutchins share a joke at the early Quill and Scroll picnic. Photographer Tim Elkins prints a picture for use in the next issue of the newspaper. Erik Dietz ORGANIZATIONS 63 Staff Cmdy Bowman and Margaret Duff work at the llght table to f1I'llSl'1 a deadline Hard at work, Rod Taylor draws a dummy layout for the next newspaper Co-editor Sharon Sandlin checks out a source for a Christmas story in the Ads section. t rrt.. W ,t.,ttt ,v-"""""'. -.4-l -bd-W 64 ORGANIZATIONS - f 13,2251 .. s 51199 L . .. 5 '- mass " 4. sq , 5- ,Lf i . -x K , 1, s. X pf sy. v ' rg. ff- - L'-' H sag W Working toward final deadline STE-U If you mentioned "paste-up" or "DEADLINE" to most people, the only response you would have received would have been a blank stare or a muttered 'lwhateverf' However if you had mentioned those two words to a member of The Colt staff, you would have received a totally different reaction. Stacey Thulin, co-editor of the paper, said paste-up and deadline meant to her " a lot of hard work, which in the end pays off to produce an extraordinary school newspaper." Most students didn't consider the hard work that went behind the tri-weekly publication of The Colt. Upon receiving the paper third eriod, they merely turned to their Favorite section. To the staffer, however, the paper represented a lot of spent time and energy. Three weeks earlier they had begun the roduction with a critique of the last paper, getting story ideas, and writing copy. The third week was spent on paste-up and last minute details necessary before publication. U unnoticed, as the Colt earned high honors. Early in the s ring, staffers learned that the had? received the Medalist Award from Columbia Scholastic Press Association earn- in 991 points out of a possible 1500. Then at the Interscholastic League Press Association conven- tion, the Colt took the ILPC's highest rating, the Award of Distinguished Merit. Editingl the Colt were co-editors, Stacey T ulin, and Sharon Sandlin. Other staffers included Rod Taylor, news editor, Margaret Duff, Ahs editor, Tammy Speer, organiza- tions editor, Ginger Dickens, feature editor, Pam Hutchins, entertainment editor, Cind Bowman, sports editor, Rob Grimes, sports editor, Mike Bindel, editorial editor, Stephanie Bohn, opinion editor, Kim Hodnett and Jennifer Robertson, advertising managers, and Jennifer Baker, business manager. i Newspaper staff members include ffront rowj Mar aret Duff, Pam Hutchins, Tracy Hudechek, Qsecond rowj jennifer Robertson, jennifer Bager, Stacey Thulin, Cind Bowman, Qthird rowj Deanna Bagley, Sharon Sandlin, Kim Hodnett, Tammy Spear, Qfourtli rowj Rob Grimes, Zack Haston, im Elkins, Mitch Lakey, and Eric Dietz. Planning out the next paper, Co-editor Stacey hulin assigns the stories to the pages as Ginger Dic ens looks on. ORGANIZATIONS 65 Dates filedg data recorded - ROCES If you like books or business, then the Library Club or FBLA QFuture Business Leaders of Americaj is what ou need. The Library Club performed its usual duties this year of checking out books and answering any ques- tions other Colts had. For their social events, the club held a Halloween party, a Christmas arty, a skating party, and an end? of the year party. t this final get-together, they ate din- ner at a nice restaurant. The even- ing honored the seniors, and the most deserving graduate received the Library Award for Outstanding Service. As with the Library Club, FBLA had several parties, too. To start the year off, they had a pot luck dinner at Christy Palmer's house. At Christmas, they held a can drive to provide food for the elderly. ln district competition, Cindy Peterson placed first in shorthan , Danny and Donny Denton-lplaced third in entrepreneurship, iffany Thomas placed third in imlpromptu speaking, Susan Camgbe placed fourth in accounting, athy Curbo placed fifth in economics, and argaret Duff placed fifth in Ac- counting II. FBLA ended their year with a dinner party. A , iz 66 ORGANIZATIONS ,A 'N " AJ The Homecoming Breakfast allows FBLA members Margaret Duff and Danny Denton to serve sweet rolls and chat with friends. 1 After finishing dinner at an FBLA party, Karen Sullivan and Cathy Curbo enjoy hearing a joke from another rlub member. Members of the Library Club include Qfront rowp Bhooma Murugan, lim Hamel, Nat Bellamy, tmiddle rowl Ruth Bach, Carrie Cirherslci, Stacy Sims, Qback rowj Ronnie Harris, and Garth Hill, ft if X. -1 L Pam Finley Q? ls .--.. Y at K 2 5 , : Pam Finley ""'x , I , ,V Q C - .,,, Hx" ,u lim Bloom Working diligently, Nat Bellamy and Ron- nie Harris decipher a code to receive their dinner at the Library Club Halloween party, Recording the date, library aide Craig Ar- cher checks out a book to a student. ORGANIZATIONS 67 OIIOI' Pu -o-J GJ I-1 U O UD X CU GJ -Ci' -i-1 cd Mrs. Flo Francis addresses the new Honor society officers Lori SpiVg', Brad Scott, Stacey Thulin, Albert Yen, haron Sandlin, Pat O'Brien, and Mike Park. Speaking to new and old honor society members, Mr. jerry McCullough con- gratulates the new ones for completing tap al' y 7 , ,5,mSWf'i1 fr fgfigffwf rw -I Erik Dietz l . Q f av' -im Q ' ' , H .ff 11 .. - - 'R A ,r M All Q dh -'wi Y Math team members include tfrontj Rachel Mullen, An ie Herrin ton, David Richardson, Doug Eisner, Mr. Ieff Farmer, f2nd rowj Bill Lace, Garth I-ill, Doug lglooper, 13rd rowj Kevin Ha er, Byron King, Richard Garth, Doug Seymour, Mike eston, Qback rowj Brian Wiirfliaeger, Scott Limer, Donny Lofland, Chris Throckmorton, and jason Ankele. 68 ORGANIZATIONS V F' U E if 3 V rj 55 5: 31 i is W ' i Math, NHS add up honors BILIT Did you ever wonder why some peo- ple study constantly, and actually do all their homework? They turn in assignments on time and even enjo their math and science classes. All those late nights spent on schoolwork paid off for those lucky people who were members of the Honor Society, and those who were on last year's mathfscience team. The mathfscience team began last year in October when they sponsored a junior high school invitational contest which was attended by over 150 students from area junior highs. The team members were involved in every asipect of the contest from writing and a ministering the tests to scoring the results. Antonio, and brought home the top score in science for 10, 11, and 12 grades. As a result the team was rated est in the state by TMSTA. In spring UIL comtpetition at District, Scott Martin took irst place in both Numbersense and Calculator. Scott went on to finish 3rd in no. sense at Region and 2nd at state. Dou Eisner, Albert Yen, and Chris Throcimorton swept District in Science with 1, 2, and 3rd l. Doug and Albert went on to finislg lst and 2nd at region, and lst and 7th at state. This year the National Honor society inducted 12 seniors and 61 juniors into their organization after talpping them during their second perio class. The roup also presented a scholarship to .-.Z- .. Over the sprincg break the team at- Thomas Berner at the end of the year tended the TMS A state meet in San seniors assembly. S09 990 'o 'f- Q tw.. np- . Honor society members include ffront rowj Mike Carrell, Pat O'Brien, Stuart Erickson, Rob Mauldin, Kristi Nedderman, Caye Wright, Erik Dietz, Kristin Petty, Doug Seymour, David Husse , fsecond rowj Nancy Moon, Doug Eisner, Ann Edens, Laura Liston, am Morford, Mike gark, Kurt Thomlinson, Qthird rowj Julie johnson, Lisa Absher, Lori Spivy, Elizabeth Mindel, Scott Odom, Qfourth rowj Meghan Saleeby, Sharon Sandlin, Merri Brewer, Sarah Mansfield, Ami Harry, Kris Ann Young, Carrie Gunther, Stacey Thulin, Nancy Davis, Cfifth rowj Io Luttrell, Scott Martin, Stephanie Hum, Lsixth rowj Troy Obregon, Keleigh Ahmann, joel Richardson, Martha Lou McKaig, Qseventh rowj David Dunning, Albert Yen, jeff God- bold, Alex Ianovsky, Zack Haston, and Brad Scott. Math team members Scott Martin, and Albert Yen compete at UIL in calculator. ORGANIZATIONS 69 Band prov1des experience, fun IFDR Ever wonder who all those people were making noise out in the back parking lot a ter school? That was the marching band putting together their half-time show. Last Iuly the Colt Band marched on the scorching pavement in the an- nual Fourth o july Parade. They received a first place trophy for the best musical performance as a result of their efforts. In pre aration for football season, the bancfspent the month of August at camp. very morning mem ers practiced from 10-11 and ended with a weekend at Camp Carter in Fort Worth. At the UIL contest held at UTA stadium, the band was awarded a se- cond division ratin . On January 15 new marching uniforms arrived from the Bandman "We were ho in that they would arrive before foogoall season was over. I'm kind of disappointed that l'll never get to wear one," senior Ioel Wheeler said. Fall changed to winter and the 136 members were split into two concert bands. Each member was required to submit a taped audition for this division. On April 19 the Symphonic band went to UIL. They scored a second division rating. April 24-27, the band journeyed by plane to Durango, Colorado where they scored a first division superior rating at the Durango Arts Festival. "Band is really fun. I've met a lot of people that have similar interests because of it," jenny Lichtenwalter said. VJ, company in Dallas. 70 ORGANIZATIONS .:...--I . t a ii t 41 Q "' . . R Clad in green and white the Colt Band marches down Abram Street during the 4th ofluly parade. Adding a little style to the show, Will Bell wears sunglasses during the band's last halftime performance. Seconds before the curtains open, sym- phonic band members scurry to their seats. H E ' 1 r Q km R H pc I .. . .,.M,,..-.,, ,-i,.. Y .t . . ,K . . 3 g, M51 ' s L." f W' ' Q- ' ., if K E ' 'af 'mfr J' "' - .Q ,he 7 my , A E , Members of the band include Cfrontj Mary Abell, Shelby Rogers, Qsecondj Tiffany Noecker, Tracy Franklin, Rita Sessions, Erika Rocher, Amy Girod, Angela Taff, Monica Briones, An- nette Brooks, Beverly Davis, Christine Hewlett, Laura White, Denetta Wren, Stacy Brouillette, Andie Lively, jennifer Brett, Launa Ryan, Vicky Merrell, Emily Sessions, Helen Sessions, Denise Laughlin, 13rd rowj jason Cooper, Sherrie Nelson, Amy Callahan, Linda Watson, Cathy Baker, Pam Bayless, Amy Leboutillier, Monica Brown, Alan Sticht, jennifer Denham, Karen Knodel, Rachel Balsam, Deanna Mullins, Michelle Davis, Robin Steinschnider, jimmy Hankins, Stephanie Nicholson, jenny Lichtenwalter, Michelle Geilhart, Matt Hester, Lisa Steager, 14th rowj Paul Lawrence, Danny Blackshear, Don Harrelson, April johnson, julie Moulton, Stacey Beasley, Laura Hubbard, Cathy Curbo, Laura Buchanan, Scott Carter, Terisa Clark, Dawn Nix, Carol Cravens, Michelle Cawthron, Deanne Prince, Sarah Mansfield, 15th rowj Karl Kerr, Doug Renfro, Eric Wine, janet Murray, Amy Gaylor, Chris Ruby, Tim Hallcroft, Rusty Thompson, Larry jordon, Cathy Woodell, Angie julie, Eric Lotz, jim Parrow, Aurelia Countess, 16th rowj john Hoffman, Steve Stallones, Marci Leduc, Cari Davis, 'Michelle Carter, Dan Stewart, Alan Stiebing, Barry Lassiter, jo Luttrell, jace Wagstaff, Sandy Snell, Cliff Elliott, jeff Dunnihoo, Q7th rowj Rick Rivers, Shawn Prunty, Steve Koenig, David Huffman, Will Bell, Bobby Barzyk, Kyle Dailey, David Pocai, Mike Sirneone, Donny Loftland, jason Lichtenwalter, Larry Lassiter, Chuck Toxey, ftop rowj Tres Moulton, Steve Springer, Doug Gideon, Phillip Smith, Lonnie johnson, Bill Kapsos, joel Wheeler, Alyn Mer- rill, Pat Mahaffey, Sean Halleck, Mark Guidry, and jim Adams. ly Collectively conducting the last song, drum majors Mary Abell and Shelby Rogers lead the closer, "All Night Long." ORGANIZATIONS 71 Members of the jazz band include Qfrontj Arigie julie, Bobby Barzyk, Dawn Nix, Sean Halleck, Danny Blackshear, Steve Stallones, Chuck oxey, Eric Lotz, Don Harrellson, Alan Stiebing, Alyn Merrill, Doug Gideon fbackj David Smith, Eric Wine, Victor Romero, Janet Murray, Shelby Rogers, Kevin Cox, Steve Springer, Cliff Elliott, Rick Rivers, Alan Sticht, Dan Stewart, and Karl Kerr. Tim Elkins In deep concentration drummer Eric Wine waits for the measure he will enter. To raise funds for their trip, jazz band members conclude the concert-chili supper with 'Flight to Nassau.' 72 ORGANIZATIONS The Rifle line, Angie julie, Carol Craven, Shelby Rogers, David Huffman, and Sherrie Cauthron performs a routine at an exhibition April 2. Frequency Unknown members Angie julie and Sandy Snell dance to 'Baby I'm a Star! Tim Elkins 1--1 , r V Q X, x L X '1 if ps 9 y .., dump. A PFI 1 ,fxkwlf an A 'M .. it F AT X Jf' Tim if .a f!L,. Elkins Ti Elkins Iazz, Unknown develop status XECUT Have you ever heard of the band? Of course ou have. But, how much do you llnow about the jazz band and the color guard? The color guard was that group who gave the marching band color, snaipl and pizzazz. ey began rehearsing in August and s ent many afternoons and Saturdgys with instructor Laura B rd. yUsual1y the color guard ends its season with the end of the march- ing season, but not last year. they formed a group of winterguard per- formers, and titled themselves, "Frequency Unknown." Lead by co-captains Karen Knodel and Shelby Rogers, their first competi- tion in Gar and was a success. The group placed third, which qualified them to travel to the state meet in Houston. The jazz Band was a group of students who met during seventh period, and, under the direction of Mr. Rand Garmon, learned a dif- ferent styfe of music than taught in other classes. With this knowledge they entered the UTA jazz Festival. The group made an excellent showing totaling up over 400 oints. Four members received top lionors. Cer- tificates from the National Associa- tion of jazz Educators were award- ed to David Smith, guitar, Alan Stiebing, trombone, and Eric Wine, drums. Sean Halleck was named to the All-Star jazz Band. -L-Ag - f't, iQ t,f fi, t.. s f s-r,-g-w- JM, . If L t rx I A fl gy I!! 1 it glg ,fb :gpg z Tim Elkin Members of the winterguard include ffrontl Angie julie, Carol Craven, Shelby Rogers, David Huffman, Amy Gaylor, Sherrie Cauthron, fbackj Sandy Snell, Rachel Mullen, Karen Knodel, Laura Hubbard, Lisa Steager, and April johnson. ORGANIZATIONS 73 Chamber Singers entertain many RESEN The Chamber Singers were that elite group of people who excelled above the ordinary choir member. 'tit takes a lot of hard work and monotonous ractice," commented three-year Chamber Singer Pat Mebus "but once you make it, it's all worth it!" This year's roup, directed by Mr. Mark Moeier, participated in several interesting projects. They spent time giving concerts for area e ementary schools, singing at private parties for fund raising, and they went caroling at Christmas time. The highlight of the year for the singers was con-Inpleting in the Teen Talent Follies. e Follies was an Arlington area talent competition sponsored by the Kiwanis C ub. After spendinfg much of their free time practicinig or the competition, it finally pai off. They were vic- torious in the group competition and several members won monetary scholarships. Although being a member of the Chamber Sin ers take a lot of hard work and dedgcation, winning a big competition made it all seem worthwhile. Members of the Chamber Singers include ffront rowj Michael Nutter, Lori Spivy, john Kel- ly, Lesa Christensen, Amy Goreham, Brian Sepulveda, lane Siebenthal, Brent Gault, fsecond rowj Michelle Crowther, Monte Elliff, Pat Mebus, Ann Edens, Steve Price, Lisa Cunn- ingham, Cback rowj Stacey Wildman, Brad Scott, Andrea Norris, Pat Yarnell, Chris Kelsey, Terri Merrill, Russ Ware, and Mary Lisa Thomas. Chamber singers, Brian Sepulveda, Pat Mebus, and Terri Merrill sing "Skylark" at the choir's annual chili supper. 74 ORGANIZATIONS Performin to "Careless Whisper," Chamber singers Brian Se ulveda, Pat Mebus, Steve Price, Michelge Crowther, Monte Eliff, Andrea Norris, Brent Gault, entertain their guests. At the s a etti su er Chamber Sin ers Steve Ig-ig? IunepPSiebenthal, Bien Sepulveda, Lesa Christenson, Monte Elliff, Lori Spivy, and Pat Yamell perform to "Lullabye in Birdlandf' Tim Elkins -K.. 'SPY K 2? 914 V1 in ws X i , A I 1' i S , w 4, - 5 Tim Elkins ORGANIZATIONS 75 Choir members close the annual jamboree with the song, "Down on the farm." With enthusiasm, Bill Neaves, Russ Taylor, and Peter Fortenbau h sing "Stand'in on the comer" at tge choir jamboree. Tim Elkins Tim Elkins The choir chili suqaper allows Bill Neaves to perform an origina composition. 76 ORGANIZATIONS . Q X Tim Elkins I 5 shi ii X5 fi Tim Elkins Practically everyone has at one time tried to sing at least a few notes. Whether it was in the shower or in the car it's a fact that we all like to sing. But, have you ever thought about performing, in front of an audience, or actually learnin how to control your voice to do wiat you want it to do? The choir certainly did all of that, and more. They sang at vestpers, graduation, and other school unc- tions. They also took on more challenging projects such as, the annual choir 'amboree, and rehear- sing for a Christmas performance of Handel's "Messiah," Then they capped the year with a four- per ormance run of the Broadway Choir blends harmony, talent ELODI musical "West Side Story." Directed by Mark Moeller, the Choraliers attended UIL in March, and did very well. The combined choir received straight ones in con- cert, while the individual boys and girls choirs did the same. Five members were selected to sing in the All-Area Choir, with three alternates. Pat Mebus, Lori S ivy, and Caye Wright placed? in soprano, while Russ Ware, tenor, and john Kelley, bass, also made the choir. Alternates included Brent Gault, baritone, Lisa Cunningham, soprano, and Brad Scott, tenor. Two members of the choir were named to the All-State Choir. They were Lori Spivy and Russ Ware. Members of the Choraliers include, tfirst rowj, Caye Wright, jason johnson, Michelle Crowther, Cal Cartwright, jane Siebenthal, Peter Fortenbaugh, Kim Steams, Steve Price, Hope Kawamoto, Pat MacAffe, Kayce jones, Mike MacDonald, Kim Clark, Greg Daniels, fsecond rowj, Brian Sepulveda, Lesa Christenson, Russ Taylor, Amy Gorham, Baylor Wit- cher, jeanne Caffey, Mike Carrell, Kathy Dombroski, jeff Patel, Tricia Turliiy, Chris Young, Shannon Hughes, Bobby Wilson, fthird rowj Brad Scott, Lori Spivy, ark Frayer, Pat Mebus, Tommy Harrell, Stacey Wildman, Brent Gault, Amber Elwood, Steve Appleman, Ann Edens, Monte Elliff, Mary Lisa Thomas, Chris Kelse , Stacey Shriver, Qback rowj Bryan Rumse , Martha McKaig, john Kelley, Andrea Norris, hiichae Nutter, Kelly Hamill, Pat Yamelg Amy Agee, Carl Clements, Susan jones, Russ Ware, and judy johnson. Monte Elliff, Brent Gault, Andrea Norris, Pat Yamell, Lori Spivy, Michael Nutter, and Stacey Wildman sing at the choir chili supper. ORGANIZATIONS 77 This year began for the orchestra when they taped for the spot of "All-State Honor Orchestra." the competition was tough, but they were edged out by enton Hig School. Once again AHS had more members in the All-District Or- chestra than any other school. Those making All-District on violin were David Hussey, Della Olvera, Scott Martin, Albert Yen, Leann Stephens, Robin Coffelt, Caryn Moore, Susan Campbell, Stacey Brouillette, Leslie Harris, julie Chen, and Nancy Hummer. On the viola were Io Luttrell, Rachel Mullen, and Leigh Ellen Key, Strings, Winds earn top honor OTABL and Kevin Cox was on bass. Eventuall , UIL a roached and after many llong hardpllours of rac- tice, the orchestra performed, to perfection. Obtaining a standing ova- tion from the judges and an eighth running "Sweepstakes," they played Elgar Serenade for Strin sg Die Meistersingerg Wagner, ang Dance Bachanale, from Sampson and Delilah. To wind down the year the group took a journey to the mountains of Colorado, where they earned the title Outstanding Orchestra of the Durango Arts Festival. "I really enjoy being in orchestra. Some of my best memories are here," Iames Major said. 4. ,,. . Wg 94 lf , 54 Tim Elkins Playing her violin, Leigh Ellen Key enter- tains at the Chrismas faculty breakfast spon- sored by Student Council. 78 ORGANIZATIONS Raising funds for their trip, Robin Stein- shnider, Anne Marie Ruppert, and Scott Martin help to wash over 168 cars. Tuning in their tuxes, Scott Martin, Albert Yen and Phillip Benge warm up before their annual Christmas concert. High atop a Pantego fire engine, Stuart Erickson earns money towards his spring trip to Durango, Colorado. tjr K, I ff-aff-gig 'www V it N T E G ef' Q 1 ENGINE Fm:-: DEPT. o iTl'i cg ,S an Cathy Ruppert Members of the orchestra include ffrontj Anne Marie Lei, Lisa Richerson, Alyssa Walters, Kayce jones, Stacy Brouillette, Kim Wilson, julie Poplp, Cari Duckett, Rachel Mullen, Leigh Ellen Ke , james Major, tsecondj Henry Wang, Mike ' ravis, Andrew Lao, julia Chen, Eunice Chen, Cheryl Grote, Caryn Moore, Susan Swick, Susan Camgabell, Della Olvera, Pat Mebus, Diane Campbell, Paula Moore, Shanna Morgan, tthirdj David ogdell, Robin Steinshnider, An- die Livel , auna Ryan, jenny Lichtenwalter, Erika Rocher, Denise Laughlin, Anne Marie Rup- pert, Cathy Rugppert, Brian Smith, Susan Kennedy, Irene White, Robin Coffelt, Andrea Kerstens, ffourthj Dan tewart, julie Moulton, Angie julie, janet Murray, Dawn Nix, Kim Meire, Kim Baker, Leslie Harris, jo Luttrell, Scott Martin, Albert Yen, Stuart Erickson, Heidi E Ier, jennifer Peimann, Qfifthj Doug Gideon, Shawn Prunty, Rick Rivers, Steve Springer, WiII, Bell, David Huffman, jason Lichtenwalter, David Hussey, Meghan Saleebe , Mary jackson, Brian Flynn, Pat Crump, Verna Sorgee, Hope Carter fsixthj Chuck Toxey, Slhelby Rogers, Alan Stiebing, Phillip Benge, Scott Gil ert, Kevin Cox, and Mrs. Linda Keefer, director. 4, Cathy Ruppert With Colt County Fair just around the cor- ner, Lisa Richerson, Anne-Marie Ruppert and Rachel Mullen prepare for t-shirt sales. ORGANIZATIONS l by at, i ilii1 . ,T ,.,,,, E Vocational Office Education student, Jennie Zitek answers the phone at her after school job with MFG. Clubs and students in Search of career REPAR TIO Gffice Education Association QOEAJ members had a year highlighted with many different activities. OEA members were busy keeping the records for senior magazine sales. They also attended a fall leadership con- ference at North Texas University in Denton. They planned a fund raiser during which they sold cheese, sausage, and candy. And in March, they discussed their plans over dinner at La Copa Cam- po Verde. In the State Leadership Conference, OEA member Kristen Crouch placed first mlm' I ,,,..-.-.......,,...1 , . ., . . . CVAE members include Qfront rowj Shan n Boat- man, Tammy Marton, Mary Morales, Russ hiuilphy, Mark Wetzel, Rosie Coon, Rhonda Welch, Mr. Ro ney Gann, fsecond rowj Corry Cavazos, John Knuckles, Jackie Bradford, Todd Boone, Darin Sutton, Tommy Bowers, Qthird rowj Chris Eastwood, Kelly Clark, Jerome Clanan, Pat Clifford, Mark Milbum, Dale White, and Steve Bonesteel. 80 ORGANIZATIONS and later laced eighteenth in the Na- tional Leaalyershi Conference. The Coorcllnated Vocational Academic Education QCVAEJ prograir works with different students to provide them with the knowledge they need for the type of job they want. The prograrr allows students to pick any field they would like to work in. Some of the different places the CVAE program had students working in in this year were grocery stores, day care centers, dry cleaners, video stores, motorcycle shops, and secretarial offio ri VOE members include Qfront rowJ Terri Deana Shelby, fsecond rowj Terri Shandele Mayberry, Mrs. Diane Marlar, Qthird Susie Pierce, LeAnn Coppedge, Rhonda Welch. Kacy Shady CVAE members Rhonda Welch and Shania Jackson carry clothes to their racks at the Hillcresi Dry Cleaners. O O L fl L ' 9 The pause that refreshes You will now depart for a few pages rom the normal layout in the yearbook. This section is commonly known as the gini-Mag, and it recounts the Year in olt Country aside from Lust what hap- :ened in those hallowed alls. Discuss- ng occurrences in the school, the city, he nation, and the world, this magazine lescribes the events which affected everyone in the 1985-86 school year. We would also like to take this small space to explain how we got the theme idea for this book. Last summer, we thought of the Coke theme but could dream up no wonderful way to expand it, however, while attending a jour- nalism workshop in San Antonio, the idea hit us. It was a bit sudden since it X vb we 'H i.n , ' r awww, 6 . 4... Q struck us as we walked by a Coke machine on the way back to our hotel. Crouched on a bench, we sketched the cover and division page design. People were driving by and laughing at the two girls tracing a Coke swish-mark onto a spiral in the rain. So, for trivia pur- poses, the 1986 yearbook was born on the corners of 5th St. and Crocket Dr. Inside. . Erik Dietz The metroplex grew . . . Erik Dietz America helped itself . . . Erik Dietz The comet fizzled . . . Flipping out! New yellman Jeff Wolpa displays his physical agility while fellow injured yellman Baylor Witcher extends his vocal support. WHAT HCT. . . Magazines, peers dictate latest styles ln every magazine these days, fashion editors and staff writers project an image of what is "in" and what is "out" for the public of today. ln order to capture the year of 1986, we took a poll of "what's hot and what's not." This is as accurate an account, as far as we can figure, of what was popular during the 1985-86 school year. Clothes-wise, everything was in. lf you wore it, no matter what it was, you ra- tionalized it as your personal statement, so it was never out. Fluctuating hemlines highlighted the look for girls. They ranged from mini-skirts to long, straight skirts pleated only at the knees. Many forms of shorts were disguised as split skirts in order to con- form with school dress codes. Stirrup pants hit the scene in all prints and colors. Coordinating sweaters with a Favorite Movies l. The Breakfast Club 2. Pretty in Pink 3. Back to the Future 4. Rocky 5. lron Eagle Andrew McCarthy leads new date Molly Ringwald into a party in one of the year's top movies "Pretty in Pink. " blinding sea of paisley usually topped off the ensemble. Loud print Hawaiian shorts, better known as Jams, were popular in the spring. Another new craze in clothing was that distributed by the Coca-Cola Company. Everywhere you looked, you could find the Coke logo emblazoned across brightly col- ored shirts. Fashion no-no's included any clothing made of plastic. Jelly shoes were definitely out along with the "Madonna-Wanna-Be" O-ring bracelets. Looking in just the right clothes was just as important as driving the right car. Porsches topped the list of favorites with Corvettes, BMW's, and Ferraris running closely behind. Yet with a quick scan of the school parking lot, one could easily tell that most voted for the car they planned to pur- chase when they earned their first million. On weekends, most enjoyed going to the movies. Arlington possessed 6 theaters with over 36 screens and had plans for even more additions. A new type of youth film was developed that captured the hearts of young adults. The media quickly labelled this over-night success group "The Brat Pack." Consisting of Molly Flingwald, Judd Nelson, Emilio Estevez, Anthony Michael Hall, Ally Sheedy, Flob Lowe, and Andrew McCarthy, they combined to make four of the most suc- cessful teen films yet. "Sixteen Candles", "Pretty in Pink", "Breakfast Club", and "St. EImo's Fire", educated the adults of the 80's to the fact that teens were becoming more sophisticated and, as usual, Sylvester Stallone hit it big with "Rocky IV", "Rambo: First Blood Part ll", and "Cobra." Paramount Pictures Xt WHATS OT . . . CATCH THE WAVE! Favorite Songs 1. Let's Go All the Way ' 2. Amadeus 3. Why Can't This Be Love? 4. Addicted to Love 5. Say You, Say Me Each day, students had to deal with earning andfor spending money. Just eating lunch every day ran up quite a tab since no fast foo places were competing n any "price wars." Evenings out on the town were general- y not cheap affairs, either. lEspeciaIly if fou were the one payingll To even stay iome and rent a movie, about S5 was shelled out. Some typical prices for 1986 were: Jeans ............. S25-S40 Gas ...... . . . 5.75 Wet'NWiId... ...S11.95 Six Flags . . . . . . 514.95 Class ring .... . . . S80-S250 Coke ..... .... S .50 Fries .... .... S .60 Movie .... ..... S 5.00 Hamburger . . . .... 851.40 Displaying their personal taste in clothes, Amy Henneman and Kevin Ryan carefully review for their American History exam. Favorite TV Shows 1.The Bill Cosby Show 2. Family Ties 3. Moonlighting 4. Miami VlCe 5. Cheers Budgeting their allowances, students find McDonald's to be an economical lunch spot. """'h, 1 X r , sf 1, i 5 ' ,W 5 -- A .F . ,. ,, '- .s -V 1'-, ' ,- , QQ fy 1. .W -. 49 PF 'N if - sr ,Sf if if'-feiff I .l -, K 4 f as? ,pv- AV , E 5? n xiii z - . , ag: LL 5 i, Q 5 L gf A f g g ses. . 'NJ E Gr6gClus1ng With a feeling of jubiiation, the class of '86 changes their tasseis thus signifying their graduation. Training, education prepare for success PPORTU IT Leavin school every day most students Took forward to going home and relaxingp however, some students only have time to think about whether they're gnoing to be late for work or not. Distri utive Education members were some of these articular students. They left school at dgfferent times during the da to work at various jobs. DECA members organized two business meetin s through the year. One at Daniel's and tie other at Taco Bueno. In the Area contest Traci Self, Ross Ferrill, and Marshall Castleberry represented the DE organization. Traci and Ross both took laces and traveled to Austin for state. Pfacing in the second division in state, Traci then went to Atlanta, Georgia to compete in national competition. Did you know some of the greatest homemakers start preparing for their lk., at ui! eml-ployment in high school? ome Economics Cooperative Educa- tion was a vocational program which helped students prepare for the par- ticular occupation they want to be in- volved in. This organization, though, mainly dealt with areas such as coping with children, helping the elderly, or nursing those that were sick. This year HECE held a Halloween and Christmas party, a banquet, and several fund raisers. Sponsor Mrs. Becky Counts and HECE members worked hard selling bandannas and cookbooks to raise enough money for their Employee- Emkplcgfer banquet. E E members honored this year were Cindy Peterson as outstanding employee and Stephanie Foster who received the Altrusa Scholarship at the senior assembly. HECE members Kacy Glidwell, Meghan Mc- Clellen, Kim Hamilton, and Kayce Shady dress up for Halloween. - f l l O I 9 4 . I .r,, T f ' , f tf' Q It . f W .W Erik Dietz Lisa Martin On the job at Montgomery Wards, Distributive Education student Susan Par er assists a customer. HECE members include ffront rowj Lori Seager, Kim Hamilton, Marcia Livingston, Qsecond rowj Liz Gay, Stephanie Foster, Michelle Gipson, Cindy Alexander, Kelli Merk, Mrs. Becky Counts, Qthird rowj Stac Owen ulie Mickleson, Me han McC1el an, Kristi Craig, Qfourth rowj Debbie Owens, Keith Bat- Y f l tles,1errod Henderson. g ORGANIZATIONS 81 If you looked behind the scenes at practicallly any school function, you'd find t e Student Council was probably a large part of it. That group of people who were so dedicated they didn't mind stay- ing after school preparing for a dance or decorating for Spirit Week. Among many of their duties, Student Council was responsible for cprovidinig entertainment for the stu ent bo y. They fulfilled that duty by organizing the Homecom- ing activities, Sadie Hawkins Week, Val-o-grams, and the finale of the year, Colt County Fair. Student Council members also Leaders plan eventful year UNCI participated ia the commmunity by elping with the annual canned food drive. Amidst all their duties the Stu- dent Council even found time to start several new traditions. They recognized some "True Colts" from the student body, and they bought and installed the two message boards, which informed students of important activities around school. "Student Council is a lot of work and dedication, but it was one way I could show my love for AHS!" commented senior representative Ami Harry. 82 ORGANIZATIONS Tim Elkins At the Secret Santa breakfast Mrs, Kathryn White thanks Ami Harry with a present. Student Council sponsor Mr. Dillard Isabel works on the annual food drive. if -,,:. ,ly I I 'ii ifl. tb! , -an-F A Eco slcsc '25 . - ,r.,. 1513545 NNW pr.. k -1 -s f ' iscci t'1cc or A C. my 2. fzszzsiszz2e2szs1zssgg,gg3 W ., ...t. aus, Q f -tmc:,.:g1.A,c-,I Nc, -. i't' - :N MI X QQ me we l Q X 0 X W, . e .W-P V' Ni Tim Elkins Susie Bloom At the sophomore assembly, Student Council Members Cheryl Stevenson, Kreg Connor, Mandy Schaller, Melissa Melissa Preparing for College Night, Brian Hubard, Damon Graham, jim lacy, and Tit- Naughton draws a sign for Phillips fany Thomas sing the Alma Mater. University. 2' Z E 5 "'l'IIIcI SAB! Student Council members include ffront rowj Mike Carrell, fsecond rowj Tiffany Thomas, Brandee Bush, Ami Harry, tthird rowj Melissa Hubbard, Kristen Petty, Lisa Absher, Charr Self, ffourth rowj lim Lacy, Tammy Dunlap, Cheryl Stevenson, Mandy Schaller, Amy Peebles, jennifer Adams, Sarah Van Siclen, Ann Edens, tfifth rowj Pat O'Brien, Kreg Conner, Chris Cadero, jay McMickle, Cliff Bowman, Margaret Bane, Martha l.u McKaig, Csixth rowj john Vant Slot, Aaron Estrada, Chris Naughton, Damon Graham, Brian Naughton, Greg CdeBaca, Qseventh rowj jeff Carver, Mike Meyer, jody McKenzie, David Weiner, jay Whillock, David Michener, and Trent Thomas. Student Council members jennifer Adams, lody McKenzie and Kreg Conner work diligently on the signs for College Night. ORGANIZATIONS 83 I-4 VICA members include Qfront rowj Traci Howe, Michelle Montgomery, Qsecond rowj Shierlle Eberth, Angela Simpson, Carrie Glenn, Qthird rowj Barbie Smith, Missy Mollman, Kim Hall, Katey McClung, fbac rowl Vicky lung, Paula Webb, Glenda Hampton, Lisa Sammons, and Kathy Lutrick. During Teacher Appreciation Week, FHA students jill lobe, Wendy Shineman, Kristi Lynn, Valerie Smelley, and Eastlyn Wilborn begin to serve the cake at the breakfast held in on or of the teachers. 'SI S+ ,L Q of p ,H , we i Q ' L xt ' 3 1- 3, sr Q t W' t , fe , C33 A QLBV. f A I A , ft f . XM , Ns x 1' v 1 U K, . , of P . ' t,.. as 'H c 5 , R sf f a t , if f , 1 . K A f 1 it I f ug, K X .., ia l I Pam Finley L I vv. 84 ORGANIZATIONS nil F11 CD U X ll it l I ag? , sa K' . ,, Getting a pro's advice, Barbie Smith and Lisa Sammons isten to a judges critique on their mannequins' hairstyles. Attending the FHA teachers' breakfast art teacher rs. Ian Henderson helps herself to cake and coffee. Tim Elkins ,Af w,j't: ' 7 -.. ' -'P 'ff'-If-ff .,. ti 9- A c ' WV .Q an ln.. G tm, M ' V " 0- Al, fatgyw bp 'T' L , ,Q ...P ""K,, A r fus- . .,- --- -'-wfr:'T5.:-:1- W-9' ff "xg, :T v' A ' ., . c ' .GNL if E- , 5' 4 1 . Li' 2: 4 if' V I 34 V" .' .5 ,f fir r u. e A 4 4 tl s,'. ' - A mf. 'QM e-'ff 'fl Pam Finley Plans include family, Careers UT lf competition and fun-filled ac- tivities make a good club, FHA and VICA were the clubs to belong to this year., FHA members went to a regional meet in San Angelo during March. They then went to the state meet in Dallas during April. Club vice- president, Kristi Lynn, was the only member to compete at these com- petitions. During the second semester, FHA made Care Boxes to send to the Red Cross. These boxes were filled with the basic necessities for families who have been burned out of their houses, FHA capped off the year's activities RE and events with a dinner at Red Lobster which was open to all FHA students. Seven cosmetology students, who are members of VICA, brought home first place ribbons from the state competition in San Antonio during April. VICA also sent sixteen seniors to the State Board to attempt to get their license. VICA celebrated the year's end with a banquet at the Arlington Hilton. Both cosmetology students and school administrators attended this banquet. 1 f ,A of Perfecting their hair-styling, skills, Susie Huber gives her mannequin a asic cut, while LeAnn berhardt gives hers a perm. X! 5. v5""i' lg - r ORGANIZATIONS 83 TC XR FF AHS provides on-job training REER Most students considered high school as a stepping stone to reach college where they wou d pursue a higher education re aring for a career. However, members of RSTS and FFA saw their high school years in a different light - an opportunity to begin their careers early. ROT members had a busy year. Drill team members attended com etitions in Birdville and San Antonio and the rocket team com- peted in Houston. During football season, OTC members were responsible for checking tickets and usherin , as well as watching the drill team and bans members' belongings as they performed on the field. At the Homecom- ing game, they were in charge of rolling out the re ca tfor the Homecoming nominees. ROTICQ members took time to relax, also. They started the iyear off with a picnic and in November visite the Arlington Adrninistra- tion Building where the head of the ROTC organization spoke on the importance of recognizing accomplishments of young people In January, they held a military ball where they crowned a queen and princesses. Many of the members intended to use the education the received through ROTC. One of the cadets, Iegf Kikel, was enrolled in the army reserve during the school year, Two other cadets, Vic Pritchard and jimm Keen, had future Iplans to go into the Air Fierce. Phillip Ben e o ed to go into the Marines. FEA liliewise had a busy year. Members were in several competitions and stock shows throu hout the year - including the Ft. Worth Fat stock Show. Members showed their dedication to FFA by spending a great deal of time caring for their animals - an avera e of 20 to 25 hours a week. Many of them difthis in hope of reaching goals of becoming a veterinarian or going into the farming and ranching business. Ioe Paruszewski summed up his goals by saying, "I hope to be a rancher when get out of school and raise purebred Charolais cattle." . ,139 ROTC members include Qfront rowj Dion Gabriel, Ha Nguyen, James Iustitz, Eric Fellenbaum, Robbie Wilson, Io Dorosk, Trey Baumann, Keith Kanyuh, Tawyna Mooney, Elizabeth Riley, fsecond rowj Dan Iustitz, jason Buffington, john Thompson, Dennis O'l-lare, Curtis Steinle, Ann Christianson, Andre Allen, Mark Middleton, Susan Ken- nedy, Tony Owens, fback rowj Bob Moyer, Bill Gorin, Robert Crater, Philli Benge, Robert Owens, Bill Walker, Terry Tgeadwell, Kenny Mills, and Robb Brian. Ha Nyugen congratulates John Thompson as Jimmy King announces Iohn's promotion to first lieutenant. 86 ORGANIZATIONS L. P4 F' OJ? ffl? .793 Fl Tim Elkins 1 I Former graduate Hoang Nguyen and ROTC member Alicia Taylor take a breather from the dance floor at the military ball, At the stock show, Alex Eaves, Marshall Matthews, Terry Devine, and Nikki Mann present their sheep before the judges, Tim Elkins gals? Tim Elkins vii 4, W Tim Elkins Susie Bloom .. 1-f' ' ,2-"" At the Iunior Livestock show, Eddie Steb- bins takes first and second prize in the Champion Senior division with his prize heifer. Melissa Hubbard ?rooms her trophy- winning cow and cal who received first in Champion Iunior Simmental division at the junior Livestock Show. ORGANIZATIONS 87 4 Clubs attract Talks, Talent TENS Three of AHS's many clubs, Poetry Club, Art Club, and Al-ISPAC, are very unique in the ways they operate, in that the all are set up in ways previouslby unheard of. The Poetry Club's one main goal over the year was to create the Poetry Yearbook. This annual publication con- tained the ear's best poetr coming from AHS. The club, under thle leader- ship and uidance of Mrs. Anne Iones, met and giscussed ideas for the book. They wrote and chose the poems that appeared inside it, and they created a cover design they felt was appropriate for their book. They sold the books at the Colt Count Fair. The Art Club was composed mainl of - you guessed it - artists. The club showed their works in area shows, fil- led the middle hall display cases ...mfs 'avr V Eric Dietz Mrs. Ann jones, Erik Savitch, joseph Blair, Dorothy Ray, and Amy Stewart decide on a cover for the Poetry Club's Yearbook. P. K. LeMasurier and Berta Dillon attend a customer at the Art Club's art sale. 88 ORGANIZATIONS with new art every few weeks, used their talents to raise money at the Colt County Fair by decorating kids' faces, and finally sold many of their master- pieces at an art sale at the end of the year to raise money. This club was s onsored b art teachers Mrs. Betty Cgntwell anal, Mrs. Ian Henderson. The Arlin ton High School Political Awareness Club QAHSPACJ was pro- bably the school's most different and most unusual club. ASHPAC's meeting usually took the form of a presentation by a guest speaker followed by a discussion of the resentation. P Guest speakers ranged from john Aqnril, a South African lack attending U A, to Kent Grusendorf, the Republican state representative of this district. r t E irrf fi 1 i 'S is , V D' 1 V,,, ,fu , l, ., 1i3i"f p 41 U T 3 MQQQ. 3 'sr 'H Y , 1 at B . X "'. 1 f r X K Tim Elkins mi I A Members of AHSPAC include Qfrontj Allison Mindel, Sarah Van Siclen, Mrs. Bonnie Shelley, 12nd rowj Pam Morford, Katherine Hinson, Elizabeth Mindel, 13rd rowj Bill Neaves, Holly McFarland, Keliegh Ahmann, Evan Brooks, ftop rowj Mark Haslett, Rod Taylor, joel Richardson, Todd Minshall, and jim Lacy. Mrs. Ann jones discusses with Poetry Club members Mar Smith, Dorothy Ray, Annie Iau, Garth Hill, and Ioy Fitzgerald an idea for their annually published poetry yearbook. Art club members include ffront rowj Deanna Bagley, Beth Surface, 12nd rowj Mrs. Betty Cantwell, jennifer Vance, Mrs. Beg' Hicks, Holly arpenter, Mrs. lan Henderson, 13rd rowj jerry Pickering, Keliegh Ahmann, arth Hill, Qtop rowj joseph Blair, and Mike Watson. l 1 '51 ,ff-rv Principal jerry McCullough observes as Iamie Howell paints Mark McCullou h's face at the Art Club's booth at the Colt County Fair. Art Club member P. K. LeMasurier carefule ly puts finishing touches on the huge green "Colts" in the downstairs east hallway. ORGANIZATIONS 89 Actors unite in shows, plays Rolisc Probably the most outspoken of any clubs were National Forensic Leaglue and the Thespian Society. T e National Forensic League QNFLQ was an organization based on speech. Sponsored by Mrs. Ian Walker, these eople learned how to talk to peo Ilje one-on-one, how to make s eeclies to crowds of peo- ple, and lsow to win arguments or debates. The NFL kept itself busy by com- peting in several speech tour- naments, including one they hosted at AHS. The Colt teams won many honors. As NFL was based on speech, the Thespian Society was based upon drama. brought many awards back from contests. This drama club backed and pgesented a series of plays. The an Who Came to Dinner began the year's schedule. At Christmastime, they presented An Angel Comes to Babylon. And later in the year the one-act lay A Gap in Generations. Early in Iliflay they worked with the choir department in producing the musical West Side Story. New Thespians had to complete an "initiation" These harmless ac- tions, such as singing or acting in the middle of shopping centers, helped new members get a feel for the club, while the ol er members get a few good laughs out of the Headed by drama teacher Mrs. initiation. Carla Posey, the Thespians li-1.--1 ..........,,..,.....,M,,,. ,,.s..,,A...M, ..., .ai M ...seq - - WW e --- f -l Members of the National Forensic Lea ue include ffrontj Mrs. Ian Walker, Lucia Lary, Stacey Conaway, Chase Perrett, Kristen Petty, Io Dee Brecheen, 12nd rowj Shannon Stats, jessica Osbome, Melinda Bell, Chris Cauthem, Merri Brewer, Robin Doyle, 13rd rowj Suzie Erichsruud, Sara Wetzel, Richard Veteikis, Robert Harrington, Nicole Case, jennifer Whitley, ftop rowj Ricky Viegas, Clay Hummer, Steve Miller, Brad Putnam, and Wendy Saxman. Mrs. Ian Walker gives Stacey Conaway a few tips as she practices her pu lic speaking. 90 ORGANIZATIONS in 1 t ,,, , Thespians Merri Brewer and Kristin Petty practice a part for their drama class, Mrs. Carla Posey instructs Thespians in one of the many techniques of good acting. Y I 2 11-vligl 1,.1,g,"gQ f ' ,Manly Pam Finley s K A-'I-Q ' U 4 ' - A-0 it QSM-34 -1 -,al ,MF 'lb e in ' , 'Q er' f .as . r X ,Y n L f .-'fi f xg .ru X" Tim Elkins Q V: a ,Tqgea ' H Members of the Thespian Society include Qfrontj Anna Darling, Chase Perrett, Anne Mc- Connell, jenni Griggs, Thomas Walker, Kathleen McClintock, Chris Cauthern, Merri Brewer, Stacey Conaway, 12nd rowj joel Elrod, Paul Lutz, Sara Wetzel, Keleigh Ahmann, jessica Osbome, Lori Iones, Nicole Case, Kristen Petty, 13rd rowj Ellen Ganett, Lee Updengraff, Faith Rankin, Meghan Saleeby Troy Obregon, Roger Huebner, Cecilla Coates, ftop rowj Mrs. Carla Posey, Steve Miller, l lang, Robert Ray, Scott Schoenecker, Todd Min- shall, and Danny Blackshear, ORGANIZATIONS 37 ,..- 7777,, 7 - 717-1777.7 11, 75777752175 -7,. 711771. ,. 1 I 7777,.1-777- .. ,,.. 7. U--L.- ---- 7-1.7. ,,,, .,,. 7.771-1.--1.-.117.-.--e1.--11-775-711-1777-17.7-gs: 7.1-77.--771---1752.-7:71.17-177 77 11.7 71 .,.. 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IEQ,vIiK77j-,K ,MM vig. mL..,3IiEm f5hj5.Q3L1b.m2 -1777.1 K-4 1.,Q.,5,-Q K 1.7,--755575-753.6-5,IK3.,,,i-ZH7..gig,imggfgigg--jgggggjggETS5Z?i3?7gS7i?i7gi!g'5?2'-if7775f?ifiE7gf52Z5Qi5Q,EE5?ig32ii9?.71-5?5555575551757115gg52521555552gi52553315275gN2Si22Tfi571i,??fi?55E5552153732917512575.??232,55iS72faiS?3i?'?i 'L Um'N"77 7-H717 ' V' 7 2111- -1 Vi 7 -771771 - 7.-'7- AW.-71775 9551577 'IL?77-- 7 757-1779.-F17171-nffffstlfliiisi'f:il27ge,7-7171777171?:E,'15i755FSI?swf'7-f1277?'iiE?i'?17's3Ye?531135155221'ffLiiii5iE177?iS91.,qf'fs75i'1'71253557135555225177?'i3?i-iwiiiiiiifxfi-F511?i1f1i??E5-715175377-7s -SiE7gf?7fi27flE5Pi7i525f733521f?iM'M55?iSE155157517-7399351 17:1 7, ' .741-,,177-7,. -1 17177717717771117:.1fL7711f77s77-17771-1177177,,,g:11777.f7-177-71-77-7 ' .- .1 , 1- "Ll '7 -9- ::1'177777'7- .qj11'fE,1 - ,q, 177'1 7:,1f77'771 V" 7.1 '1--11 457,127-. 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She. was a ,yfreppingi the list ,was Valedic- member of both the All-Area Choir .torian s Albert Yen. Following behind after a tight struggle for Salutatorian in an unusual tie were David Hussey and Michael Park. A Finishing the list of the Top 10 were Steiphanie Hurn, fourth, Eunice C en, fifthg Lori Spivy, sixthp Dougas Eisner, sevent g Meghan aleebey, eighth, Elizabeth Mindel, ninthg an Scott Martin, tenth. Albert participated in a wide range of extra curricular activities from beinlg a member of the All- State Orc estra to being a state finalist in UIL science meets. David was a member of the Ger- man Club, National Honor Society, Thespian Society, and was also president of the symphony orchestra. Mike's outstanding qualities ex- tend into athletics as well as academics. He was a receiver on the varsity football team and a fullback on the varsity soccer team. He also was president of the Na- tional Honor Society and a member of the German club. Stephanie's honors include academics, club activities, and sports. She was a member of the ational Honor Society, AFS, Na- tional Latin Honor Society, and the Science1Club. and All-State Choir. She was a member of the Choraliers, Chamber Singers, and Concert Choir for the past three years. Doug was an active person' out- side of school as well as in school. ln 1980 he founded his own business, Pantego Lawn Care. In addition to being a National Merit Finalist, he was a member of the Math and Science Team, Gere man Club, and president of the Science Club. Meghan was both a member of the orchestra and active in the drama department. She was a member o the state UIL one-act play in 1984 and the Regional UIL one-act cast from 1985. Meghan was also a member of the National Honor Society. Elizabeth's honors ranged from National Merit Finalist to Who's Who Among American High School Students to the National Enlglish Merit Award. lizabeth had been active in Na- tional Honor Society and German Club. "I would like to major in political science and continue on to graduate school to become a political consultant or a college professor," Elizabeth said. Scott Martin completed the list of .Fil-7l"l.P1t111 maufmd Texas Wesle an the To 10 with man outstandin fm. Val Mcpadden, Scholar' achievsments. He wot! first place ig tail Fndg malt? In to sa the state UIL number sense contest gjfi9lS,,,eVenma1lY and haswon over 60 awards in 9f7'd9cll9ff issl ssiiiphamej mathand science competitions. c c ii, .itilii tssl. siic cssiii c c ii.l, 1 c . Scott. was a member of the A114 .ilic eyii Regbilw Orchestra ,ter along with they . Nasossi A1-tenor .soasryl German i tclcisascsaa Arsg He wsslsaisaprasisc - iisisiileiif..Oifiih6?Matth and15Ci6'I1Ce ilteaml .'i' if "st.1 L ..ioi' A .i,1.. fitii. krrhk ktir iii, krk, I k:.i.:.V. is Vk,V.k.V . .kh- i k',VV- ii Vki. ii, k.V.... at A Valedictorian Albert Yen shakes Principal jerry McCullough's hand whiie preparing to receive his diploma at Graduation, x Mme E an-,, li im-6, .D Scrapmg the water fountain Mxke Park and Doug Elsner take samples for AP Bloiogy Dressed to a T Da vxd Hussey celebrates the ,V Colt football team s Wm over Lamar lon .tf..y-f Scott Martm E ' .E Q F ' ' , ' . . . 1 52 ' David Hussey Mike Park Stephanie Hum Eunice Chen Lori Spivy Doug Eisner Meghan Saleeby Elizabeth Mindel SENIORS 95 MTM" Agriculture Lance Moffet lf!! Art Kevin Flahaut 49- Gs Band Janet Murray f- - 40 Business Jill Jobe Lance went to every stock show, made good grades, and as FFA president was a Kevin Flahaut has always done outstanding work. He has a very positive attitude and has done many projects, Janet is one of the most talented students l've ever She's just an all around good student who's taken the ma- jority of courses our depart- good chapter leader. - Mr. such as the newspaper car- R,idFgg?1gr'g:?T?Of1o teach' " ment offers. - Mrs. Pat William Polster toons, purely on his own. - ' y Thompson Mrs. Betty Cantwell Future Business Leaders of Yearbook Staff French Club . .. German Club .. . Band . . . Or- Spanish Club Spirit Sister America . . . Arlington Future Newspaper Staff Cartoonist .. chestra . . . All-State Orchestra Future Business Leaders ol Farmers of America , , , Junior Var- Joyner Art Award Runner-up Jazz Band . . . National Honor America Secretary . . . Future sity and Varsity Football Captain . . . Society . . . Presidential Academic Homemakers of America . . . Honor Varsity Track .. . Class Council . .. Fitness Award . . . University ln- Roll Latin Club . . . FFA President , . . David Tarrance Award . . . Presiden- tial AFA . . . Principal's Award 96 SEN IORS English David Hussey terscholastic League Scholar Award X French Kathey Kalin 'Qi German Allan Fitts Complementing his consis- tent excellence in the Honors Program, David entered writing contests, took the AP exam, and published poetry With a real flair for the French language, Kathey constantly strives for perfection and never loses enthusiasm. Alan was chosen for his devotion to the program and his continuing support in extra-curricular activities in- volving German Club. - Herr in the Poet Club earbook. -Mrs. Madeleine Livel r . -- Mrs. Janrgt Wallace y Bm Fmk Drama . ,. Presidential Academic French Club . . . Drama Stage Crew Officer of German Club .. . Student Fitness Award . . . University ln- . . . National Merit Commended Stu' Development terscholastic League Scholar Award dent . . . Presidential Academic . . . Co-Salutatorian . . . Principals Fitness Award . . . University ln- Award terscholastic League Scholar Award 1 Choir Lisa Cunningham Cosmetology Michelle Montgomery CVAE Rita Meeks X' .- A is Drama Merri Brewer She's one of the all-time talented, worker bees. - Mr. Mark Moeller Michelle has a good relation- ship with her classmates and knows how to get along with the public. She has won many ribbons in competition and is a Rita Meeks has had an ex- cellent attendance record all year. Also, she has stayed with one employer, Oaks Cleaners. the whole year. Her work is Merri has great organiza- tional ability and leadership. She gets along well with everybody. She qualified for state and has been in all the good student. - Mrs, Norma very good and consistant. - Shows atAHS, - Mrs, Cana Love Mr. Rodney Gann posey toir . . . National Honor Society . . . Cosmetology . . . President of Spirit CVAE International Thespian Society . . . iture Homemakers of America . . . Sisters . . . PTA Student of the Arlington Thespian Vice President est Side Story Cast . . . Choraliers Month . . .French Club. . . VICA . . . FBLA . . . Drama Club , . . French . Texas Wesleyan College Club... National Honor Society . .. :holarship National Forensic League .. . West ii HECE Cindy Alexander Side Story Cast . . . PTA Scholarship . . . Principal's Award , . . Presiden- tial Academic Fitness Award . . . Choir Home Economics Eastlyn Wilborn ay- Journalism Sharon Sandlin Cindy Alexander has been a good student throughout the year. She was elected Out- standing Employee for her work at the Berry Patch and is very pleasant to work with. - Mrs. Becky Counts Eastlyn is very conscientious and thorough with her work. She is quick to volunteer whether it is for FHA, home economics class, or just the department. - Mrs. Jonella Northcut Not only has Sharon excelled in journalistic skills, as co- editor she also has been an effective leader, - Mrs. Phyllis Forehand iture Homemakers of America . . . Future Homemakers of America . . . 'ench Club . . . Drama Club . . . Stu- Latin Club . . . Latin Honor Society ent Council . . . Spirit Sister . . . . . . Student Development Award . . . 'ack ' Honor Roll . . . PTA Scholarship Rotary Scholarship . . . Presidential Academic Fitness FBLA ... Spirit Sisters ... Newspaper Co-editor . . . Latin Honor Society National Honor Society Secretary interact Latin Club American Field Ser- vice. . . Quill and Scroll. . . Chamber of Commerce Girl of December . . . Presidential Academic Fitness Award . . . UlL Scholar Award SENIORS 97 'UUA . l Latin Marketing Math Orchestra Lee Moore Marshall Castleberry Scott Martin Jo Luttrell ln the three years l had him he showed the most improve- ment in understanding the language and l realized that he had the academic poten- l flOmlfl319d Jim LSC because Marshall was active in all marketing activities. He entered the area contest and attended all of our business Scott has been an excellent math student and has par- ticipated in many math con- tests. He helped make up the test for the junior high math She is the most dedicated hard working musician to ever be in the AHS sym- phony. - Mrs. Linda Keefer tial to succeed. - Ms, Leslie meetings. - Floyd Spracklan contest, also. - Mrs. Lou Latham Baker Varsity Football Captain . . . Track Certificate of Achievement National Honor Society . . . German National Honor Society . .. . ,. National Latin Honor Society . , . DECA Club . . . Science Club . . . Math chestra . . . German Club . . . Latin Club Co-President Presidential Academic Fitness Award United States Military Academy Appointment 98 SENIORS Shop Jim Holmes Team President Student Development Award . . . UIL Scholar Award Presidential Academic Fitness Award American High School Math Award UTA Freshman Academic Scholarship ... Rotary Scholarship ... Orchestra Social Studies Jim Lacy State Orchestra Band Presidential Academic Fitne Award . . . University Interscholas League Scholar Award Spanish Martin Vasquez He completed a really difficult project and earned a lot of experience this year. - Mr. Ken Grunewald he is curious and scholarly, and has an active interest in peo- ple's rights, a love for learning about world affairs, and a great sense of humor - Mrs. Bonnie Shelley Martin has an unquenchable fascination with languages. He's constantly comparing French, Latin, Spanish and English that he studies and subsequently is developing into a true polyglot! -- Mrs. Madeleine Lively Track Senior Class President . . . Class Council ... German Club ... AHSPAC . . . National Honor Society . . . Choraliers . .. West Side Story Cast . . . Principal's Award . . . Presidential Academic Fitness Award . . . American Legion Award Student Development Award . Spanish Club Latin Club . French Club Spanish Nation Honor Society Latin Natior Honor Society lnternation Thespian Honor Society Ch: Drama WA Photography Pam Finley Physical Education Kristi Nedderman ROTC Jimmy King Science Albert Yen Pam does a really good job in Photography ll and has done a lot for the publications. - Mr. Robert Lewis She is consistently hard working, energetic, and always gives 100010 participa- tion. - Ms. Kristin Bloom ln his four years Jimmy has shown academic excellence and was Squad Commander. He is an excellent young man, who knows who he is and what he wants to be. - Col. lvy McCoy Albert is a superior student in all areas of science. He has taken all the courses we offer, and has successfully competed in many science contests. He always had a very positive at- titude. - Mrs. Barbara Brown rench Club Youth Guidance ouncil Yearbook Staff dewspaper Staff . . . Spirit Sister . . . Photography Club Care Team :upport Group interact senior Slide Show Co-Producer . . . Iiuill and Scroll Yearbook Jrganizations Photography Award x . Ngwspaper News Photography war Speech Chase Perrett German Club President . . . Honor Reserved Officer Training Corps . . . German Club . . . American Field Quill and Scroll . . . Band Officer . . . American Legion Award . . . Air Service . . . Science Club . . . National Honor Society . . . Year- Force Reserved Officer Training chestra Treasurer . . . National book Co-editor . . . Honor Roll . . . Course Scholarship . . . Presidential Honor Society Treasurer . . . Math Certificates of Achievement Academic Fitness Award Team Science Team Pnn Presidential Academic Fitness cipal's Award . .. Presidential Award UIL Scholar award Academic Fitness Ull Scholar Society of Distinguished American Award National Merit Scholar High School Students ship ... Texas Excellence Scholarship VOE Kristin Crouch Chase has an A average, is NFL president, served as director of the AHS Junior High Speech Tournament, and has entered and done well in many speech tour- naments. -- Mrs. Jan Walker Kristin was chosen for this award because of her profes- sional attitude, leadership and academic abilities. - Mrs. Diane Marlar Thespian Club Secretary . . . French ub National Forensic League President .. . Future Business Leaders of America . . . Drama Club . Honor Thespian Future Business Leaders of America . . . Spanish Club . . . Office Education Association National Honor Society Junior Achieve- ment Scholarship . . . National English Merit Award . . . Principal's Award UTA Freshman Scholar- ship . . . Mildred Shupee Award SENIORS 99 Flnallsts T lt's nice to be appreciated, isn't it? y You work hard, you do your best, you stick it outrall the way --,you tv be rseeseiledi . A... f5Q?i.iiAnd when tlieiappreciation it feels good inside. A That's just the way National Merit Scholarship Contest finalists and the outstanding girls chosen by the Womens Division of the Arlington Chamber of Commerce felt. C , National Merit finalists were seniors Chris Baughman, Doug Eisner, Stephanie Hurn, Elizabeth Mindel and Albert Yen. These students became finalists by achieving highscores and thus high percentiles fthe top one-half of one percentj on their PSAT tests at the beginning of their junior year. As finalists, they may look forward to their choice of usually four-year scholarships for their choice of C0Hege5',?.52li.51',.., V T said, Mem and recognizeslthe top students, who all too often go through 'school unrecognized." Every year, the Wornen's Division of the Arlington Chamber of Com- merce recognizes four outstanding senior girls from each AISD high school. , In October, Stephanie Hurn was announced as the winner, Sharon Sandlin in December, Ann Edens in February, and Lori Spivy in April. Teachers nominate their choices in the fall of the nominees' senior year. The winners are then chosen by a faculty committee. Speaking his mind, Chris Baughman presents his oral supplementary analysis in AP English about e Stranger by Albert Camus. ai' HN" 'g 100 sergiioizs at the Supper singing it f ru if f ,t 9 4 M grae, 14" 1 'M f Q' 3 wk Q V.pV . , V 4 V i,,. .. h sw' i if fuiwF"5 , MMV? , A i -IQ' CHAMBER OF CQQMMERCE Ann Edens Stephanie Hum Sharon Sandlin Lori Spivy NATIONAL MERIT Chris Baughman Doug Eisner Stephanie Hurn Elizabeth Mindel Albert Yen SENIORS 101 Q ' y ollowing surnrner delay, as Mr. Miss AHS '86 EigA1Ong many Prestigious and as the l,.l awards available to senioi'5i5one of hoiiiiers- of Mr. lf llf Miss S the most important was theiiiltitle of Mr. and Miss AHS. Seniors who were nominated by three faculty members were given an activity sheet to fill out. The 12 candidates with the highest point totals were then selected as nominees. Only then was thefstudent body allowed to vote for the can- didate they thought most deserving. Mr. AHS nominees included Scott Martin, David Hussey, Bob Deller, Albert Yen, Mike Carrell, and Trent Turner, Kristin Petty, Margaret Bane, Lori Spivy, Ann Edens, and Meghan Saleeby vied for the Miss Al-IS tit e. The Colt Corral staff, after a sum- mer long delay, proudly reveals Bob 102 SENIORS Captain of both' the baseball and football teams, Bob won the District 7-SA Pla er of the Year award in baseball. During his sophomore and junior years, Bobgwas elected class favorite and Valentine sweetheart, and this year was crowned Homecoming King. Ann was in Student Council as a class officer. She was very active in choir and held an office there, too, She .was elected junior class favorite and was a Homecoming Queen nominee this year. ln February, Ann was given the Girl of the Month awar . 47 'X - . 'ffl-rM.r.. re., ,. iv .. avg. V il: f .1 , . '3 .Pit ta aww, iwfi W as but T k Dlsfalaying that well known smile Bob Del er participates in a class discussion jan. A spot in the playfoffs allows Bob Deller the chance to play in Ranger Stadium. 4 .. r U ,Q Q I 'Il ' ui 3 i hd i 1 L Tim Elkins 'WM Aw. if Q ' I, , I is 'Q Bob Dellet and Ann Edens wait to walk down the red carpet on Homecoming night. With prom just around the corner, Bob Deller and Ann Edens visit Debbi-Lynn Florist to pick and price the flowers. After sin?ing songs and eating chili at the choir per ormance, Ann Edens personally entertains guest Christopher Barron. Tim Elkins - - 1 Tim Elkins SENIORS 103 Outstanding as two seniors receive . lte,tm7li., . eth,,t . e igiliifgl:,, 54th and Choifl Fielder Award wasipresented to a senior boy and girl chosen by the faculty and stu ent body as the outstanding senior students. Nominees for the Fielder Award included Trent Turner, Pgt O'Brien, Margaret Bane, and Lori ivy. ' As the Senior Awards Xssembgf came to a climax, Mr. Robert E. . Fielder announced Lori Spivy and Trent Turner as the 1386 vyinners. Trent was a mem er o the Na- tional Honor Society, Latin Club, and the Latin Honor Society. A varsity baseball player for three years and a varsity basketball player for two, Trent served as cap- tain for both teams. He received the District Most Valuable Player honor in both sports. He was also elected Sophomore cgi the year. Lori, a member o both the All- Area and All-State Choirs, was a member of Choraliers, Chamber 'was also given the PTA Student lr 1 Development Award in her three years. She was a member of' the Latin Club, Latin Honor Socie' ty, and served as girls' social chair- man in NHS. She was a Homecom- ing princess nominee her sophomore and junior years. Lori sophomore gear and was a Na- tional Merit ommended Student. Pat, a member of Student Coun- cil and Class Council, participated in the German Club. He was also a member of the National Honor Society and the football team. Margaret, captain of the girls basket all team, also played on the golf team, and was on the cross- country team. She was on the All? District golf team this year. Margaret was a spirit sister and a class representative for three years. She had also served as a Student Council representative. Picked as Fielder Award recipients, Trent Turner and Lori Spivy sign the scroll. 104 SENIORS ,-., HJ Performing in the West Side Story musical, Lori Spivy sings and dances to "America" While attending the basketbal! banquet, Trent Turner receives the Most Valuable Player award from Coach Robert Gill. J, I--r , ' X N.. X -.., dry .. g x r, W I' X X v Tim Elkins lm in ,-- Erik Deitz Margaret Bane Pat O'Brien Lori Spivy Trent Turner SENIORS 105 iiffiiif-3":a.'ff:af:-QE:-'E : -'i:.i .i:Z- i:n5Eis.fIH'Q:? .:-Qt r.. ': - ,: :.' f-" ' Q VQQQ-' QW it E. Q. ti iii is it 'ass - 1 5 if S me Q Seniors say farewell Leading the Class of '86 through their merry chase of class activities was a group of energetic class officers. lim Lacy served the group as president and splent a good bit of the year talking otel ba lroom and disc jockey contracts. Helping jim plan for the magazine sale, the talent show at Colt Count Fair, and the fabulous pfom at lgallas' Hyatt Retgency otel were his fellow class of icers. Kristin Petty served as vice presi- dent, Tiffany Thomas, secretary, Pat O'Brien, boys social chairmang and Iodee Brecheen, girls social chairman. They were guided by a group of hardworking senior sponsors chair- manned by Mrs. Lou Baker. Helpl- ing her were Mr. Barry Wilmot , Mrs. Ienny McDowell, Mrs. Betty Cantwell, Mrs. Norma Love, Mr. Bill Fink, Mrs. Kathr n White, Sgt. Clamp Lawley, Ms. eslie Latham, and Mrs. Loveta Stovall. Other senior sponsors included Mrs. Mary Hamrick, Mrs. Beverly Stebbins, Mr. Rodney Gann, Mrs. Mary Margaret Basham, Mrs. Pat Thom son, Mr. Earl Childers, Mrs. Carla liosey, Mrs. Cheryl Buckner- Till, Mrs. Ann jones, Mr. Gary Blackshear, Mrs. Io ce Shultz, Mrs. Cindy Curr , Mrs. an Walker, Mrs. Mary Beth ard, Mrs. Betty Pettit, and Mr. Robert Lewis. Putting the finishing touches on the senior hall, c ass garesident Jim Lacy hangs the "Kicks in '8 "class motto sign. 106 SENIORS F:-:S SENIORS 107 AID HELL G C Even though it was their third year at Arlington High, seniors soon found out that it was not going to be the same old song and ance. To begin with, they would be breaking in a new principal. Mr. jerry McCullough took over the Colts' reins and fell right into place. Several changes were brought about by House Bill 72, but the Class of 86 managed to cope. Early in the year they gathered all their old shoes and ecorated the middle hall using "Kicks in 86" as their theme. The next big event was the senior magazine sale when they earned big bucks for the prom. Class copes with change The other major money-making event was the Senior Saloon. Composed of over 15 acts, the show played to two capacity audiences. Topping off the year was the gala prom. Decked out in tuxes and glamorous gowns, seniors danced the night away after din- inglon chicken portafino. espers was a beautiful pro- gram, but it was followed by yet another chan e. The Class of 86 became the grst to raduate in the new Arlington Convention Center. Don Harrelson, Alan Stiebing, Cathy C b d S h M f ur o, an ara ans ield make their way down the aisle during the vespers recessional. Cl 108 SENIORS r X Adding his name to the list David Walters Because of a slight misunderstanding, receives his five graduation tickets from seniors and guests wait for the slide show to Mrs Annette Archer and Mrs Pat Saxman begin. In preparation for graduation and vespers, Chris Hitt picks up his cap and gown from a josten representative. Congratulating him on a fine job, Mr. jerry McCullough presents Brad Gautney with a Principals Award, while Mrs. Carol Winter calls up the next honoree. eaoher bound Morning arrives. Yawn. Nothing new. I uess I'll spend yet anotlger day crammed in this dark closet with no one to talk to but some ants that are trapped in here with me. No biggie. I'm used to it. But wait! I hear footsteps and OH NO!! Someone turned on the light! Momentary blindness. Now someone is dragging me across cold, wet pavement. Oh well. just another day in the life of a set of bleachers. So off to AHS we o. YAY! QActually, it's too earTy in the morning to get very excitedj OW!! Now I have somewhere between 500 and 600 destructive teenagers stompiing all over me. I s ould have known! It's Lisa Absher Blair Admire Keleigh Ahmann Cindy Alexander Fred Alexander Paul Alukonis Steve Anthony Dianna Atkins Kevin Augostini Shelley Auten Candy Autry Andrea Ayotte Susie Ayres Ruth Bach john Baez 110 SENIORS the ever-feared SENIOR GROUP PICTURE!! This school is better than most, though, because at least the kids dress up. They don't let just any bum off the street be in their picture. QThat still doesn't make them weigh any lesslj They finally get lined up and situated in their places. The picture taking process begins. They have to actually stand still for more than five seconds! And they do it! Amazing! After what seems forever, they begin to get off me. Eventual y, I am packed up, a little worse for wear and with a few more ants inhabiting me, am taken back to my closet. Safe inside. Light out. Spiffed up for the senior roup pic- ture, Chris Kelsey, Brad Scott, and Blake Calhoun wait to line up like sardines on the bleachers. Bleachers strain While seniors prepare to pose in group photo pop A p I ,f ,, ff t My JTX pi M' Filling up the bleachers row by row, ea. members of the senior class arrange themselves by height 5 5 I Kyle Baggett Deanna Bagley Tracy Bagwell D bb' B ' e ie am Iennifer Baker Margaret Bane Ieryl Bartlett Rhonda Bates Keith Battles Chris Baughman Iulie Baum Rick Bay Troy Beal Staci Bedford Yvonne Behrens SENIORS 111 eroie efforts Phillip Benge Q, Debbie Bentley A Q p Thomas Berner ' " " Michael Bindel 1 Cindy Binion n Danny Blackshear 'is Debbie Blackstock ' Sharon Blackstock Crissy Blakeslee Susan Blankley - Qi' i Jim Bloom Lisa Bodnar Stephanie Bohn Steve Bonesteel s Todd Boone "I don't want to be treated any different than before the awards," stated Mary Winsett modestly about her honors. The award bestowed on the AFIROTC Cadet and her brother, Richard, was the gold AFROTC Valor Award. On Nov. 6 prompfly at 4 Em. Brggadier eneral ichard earne, National Reserve Officer Training Corps commander pinned the prestigious medal on their apels for the "risk of life above and beyond the call of duty." ' Only six or seven of these awards are given annually," Gen. Heame said. These two heroes were recognized for their brave? during the event of May 3 , 1985. The brother and sister team rescued a 10-year-old boy and his mother from a burning house. Mary and Richard were on their way home after working at Six Flags, when they spot- 112 SENIORS ted tho house fire. After receiving no response after knockin , they broke in the house. lxiary knew a little boy lived in the house because she had sold stuffed animals for the ROTC in the nei hborhood. Vshile Mary took care of the 10-year old, Richard went to the bedroom to awaken the mother. "lf I had been by myself, I might not have been so brave," Mary said. After the rescue, Richard ran back in the house to gist the lady's purse and keys. e then used a garden hose to douse the flames until they forced him back. "I hate it," Mary said. "I get embarrassed w en I get recognized for it in my classes." While Mary and Richard Winsett en- joy the moment, their fellow cadets applaud vigorously in admiration. I 59 Steve Bornsen Patricia Bowen Cindy Bowman Kelly Bowsher Ronnie Boyer jackie Bradford Kevin Brandon Angie Braun Io Dee Brecheen jennifer Brett Keith Brewer Merri Brewer Kelly Bridges Lara Broome Shara Brown insetts team up against flames, are presented gold Valor Award wi QQ.. 5, W -3 LE Standing at attention, Mary Winsett E and her brother, Richard, accept f f N awards for their uncommon valor. SENIORS 113 Dianne Campbell ubbl , bubbl Remember in elementary school when the big assign- ment was to memorize your address and telephone number? Your teacher told you that you needed to know this is caselxyou got lost. Well, she lied! hat she intended to say was tyou needed to know this in ormation to fill out all those forms throughout your school life. Have you ever stopped to think how many test applica- tions with the bubbled-in let- ters you filled out? You know, last name first, first name, middle initial, etc. If you were blessed with a name that con- tained all 26 letters of the alphabet, then your name never fit. How about filling out those SAT registration forms? You might as well have written an autobiography. What did an achievement test have to do with the fact that you liked to watch Lacrosse matches on TV? Did one religious group score hilgher than others? How cou d you know if you'd have to request tutoring in college? You were taking that test to see if you could go to college. Were you supposed to rat- tle off t e top of your head how many science, history, English, foreign language courses, and extra-curricu ar activities you'd taken in four years of high school? You didn't know, you just went to class. When you finally com- pleted your application, did you cross your eyes to see all the neat shapes the dots made? You should have? You deserved to be silly after that workout! One form to be filled out was really weird! You were supposed to write down where you would be five years from then. How were you supposed to know? The strangest question of all was, "write down some- one who would know where to reach you in five years." Not a re ative or a friend, mind tyou. You were suppos- ed to md a complete stranger and tell him to send you your five-year reunion invitation. Since some seniors were college bound, questions about money arose. Ask your parents how much fun it was to fill out a financial aid report. One lparent said, "My hus- band t inks that filling out the financial aid reports is worse than filling out income tax." Forms were so frustrating! Since he was absent on Senior Infor- mation Day, Mike Murphy completes his future plans data sheet. Troy Brown Valarie Brown Tina Brownlee jack Burkett Charla Burkins Cynthia Burks Tracey Burnett Brandee Bush Colleen Butson Kris Cabal Steffani Cafaro Jeanne Caffey Blake Calhoun Arthur Callaway 114 SENIORS 39 ,' ' ir? x Q- l Aaron Hensell fills out one more form as he requests his transcript. Gina Cancemi Lisa Cardella Amy Carpenter Holly Carpenter Mike Carrell Hope Carter Iimmy Carter Scott Carter Ieff Carver Marshall Castleberry Lucky Chadwick Kim Chambers Eunice Chen Lesa Christensen Lynn Christian SENIORS 115 Chris Clark Kelley Clark Lisa Clark Melanie Clark Terisa Clark Kim Clarke Leryn Clawson Gary Cleveland Patrick Clifford Iana Cline Damon Clovis Anissa Cole Bryan Conard Stacy Conaway Shawn Conley I I 5 I I I I u t 0 1 C e r I I I You were cruisin' along, "I got my first ticket one ,M-MMW""'r"t A' 'I windows down, stereo afternoon on my way to get f ,, cranked. You glanced into the my car inspected. I thought I t l ' f ' I rearview mirror and caught a had 90 days to pay for my W e ,, ff glimpse of red and blue lights. But Officer I thought the speed limit had changed to 65! Sound familiar? To many Arlington High students, this nightmare had become all too familiar. From speeding in a school zone, to im eding traffic on Cooper, Arlington High students were pulled over for everything ima inable. Clglris Naughton received his first ticket for running a red light on his bike. "I was so mad! Everyone thought it was really funny, but it wasn't that funny when the ticket cost 5B31!" Tiffany Thomas had her own bout with the law. l l6 SENIORS ticket, instead of 10, so I didn't pay it." Another experience was that of Troy Brown. "I was driving down the road and was stopped. The cop gave me a tic et for a loud muffler." Cathy Zier related, "I was drivin down Cooper, and this 051 cop walked out into the road and said that I was impleding traffic. No big deal rig t? It was fB45!. Yes, I was slightly mad," Cathy said. At any rate, the olice look- ed out for the studlents at Arl- ington High. Good or bad - they always seemed to be around whenever a law was being broken! "Did you know you violated the speed limit?" Officer Britt Snipes in- quires of offender Mike Hardin. ' ' lf' Wflldrt vor' William Conley Cindy Cook Rodney Cook Gary Cooper LeAnn Coppedge Kevin Cox Charlyn Cross Kristin Crouch Chad Crow Terry Crowhurst Michelle Crowther Lisa Cunningham chool zone? What school zone'?! law-breakers describe encounters bl ' l I 3, :Cyl ,f W A, ,ga-"'x,n. N X 5 ff Q., of ", ". V l 1 he 5 32 E K 1 f- BUSTED BIG TIME! Law-breaker Mike Hardin waits anxiously as Of- ficer Britt Snipes writes out the ticket. SENIORS 117 Marianne Dalrymple king Gard g You might think that work- ing at a restaurant isn't out of the ordinary. But how about working at your family's restaurant? For Annie Iau, working with and for her parents was not so strange. Ever Thurs- day, Friday, saturday, and Sunday night Annie and her sister, Helen, worked as waitresses, hostesses, or just doing odd jobs around the Peking Garden Restaurant. Annie prefers performing waitress chores the most. "I enjoy the direct contact with the people," she said. The late hours required to perform the job are not among Annie's favorite thin s. "Ighe responsibility does have its disadvantages," An- nie said. "I don't always have all the free time I want, and I can't exactly call in sick when I have something I'd rather do " The job did have its benefits, however. "I get to meet a lot of in- teresting people," she said. "One time a person came in and asked me to tell his friend when he arrived that he was too tall to enter the restaurant," Annie recalled. "That really embarrassed me," she said. Annie also feels closer to her family than most families do. "Sure I get mad at my sister, but I would in any other situation, too," Annie commented. Taking a reservation, Annie jau talks to a customer over the phone. T2 ., ,,....t.,s 3 i'1.,-rg. 50 D + MXN .S F -v 1 mg 1 U' Agijfjii,5QQ-iii? iiixx,.gfa Karri Davenport Darrell Davis Larry Davis Nancy Davis Billy Dawson Doug Dean Bob Deller Robert Denney Danny Denton Donny Denton Lenny Depweg Amy Deruell Terry Devine Scott Diduch 118 SENIORS ixing household and work time yields famil fun, ea med money Working at her parents' restaurant, Annie jau brings out hors d'oeuvres. Trying not to spill the egg drop soup, Annie jau serves a patron. Erik Dietz Cindi Dillender Paula Dillhoff Peggy Dillhoff Margaret Duff David Dunning Dodd Duvall Sondra Eaves Shirelle Eberth Ann Edens Kristin Eichelberger David Eigel Doug Eisner Camay Elahi Teri Elkins SENIORS 119 Candy Fethkenher Tim Elkins Amber Ellwood Stuart Erickson Mark Evans Mark Field Allan Fitts joy Fitzgerald Kevin Flahaut Amy Fletcher Iean Ford Claire Forrester Stephanie Foster Tim Foster Melissa Freeland -YN vii dopted grann Have you ever needed a friend? No, not just someone to have some fun with, but someone to talk to, to understand, to be happy with, to lift your spirits when you're down, or to make you feel needed. Sometimes finding a friend is not always easy, especially for someone without any family, liv- ing his or her last few years in the loneliness of a nursing home. It was for this reason that the "Adopt a Grandparentu program was formed. This program, which operates mainly through churches, pairs kids up with an elderly person to do things with. Cathy Guthrie began the "Adopt a Grandparentn program with her church at age 14, and was still active in it when she was a senior. During this time, Cathy visited her adopted grandmother, Elsie, 120 SENIORS every week. On these visits, the two would mostly talk. Accord- ing to Cathy, Elsie always asked the same questions: "Have you stayed out of trouble? Have you been studying? Are you ground- ed this week?" Cathy often did things for Elsie, such as bringing her flowers. On Elsie's birthday, Cathy would bring her balloons. Elsie and Cathy got so close over the years and grew to know each other so well that Elsie could tell when her "grandchild" was in a bad mood or not feeling well. Cathy knew it would be a dif- ficult adjustment for Elsie when Cathy went to college. However, she intends to continue keeping in touch with Elsie. "I may only be able to write her once a week and see her when I come home, but I'll do it. I'm not going to just quit." Tim Fuller Stacy Gann Ana Garabedian Iody Garcia Silvia Garcia Brad Gautney Liz Gay Doug Gideon Mike Gilbert Michelle Gipson Carrie Glenn Cindy Glenn Kacy Glidwell Ieff Godbold Gayla Godfrey jath uthrie adopts grandmag senior citizen discovers friend 7 ".. iq, f 'K , f Va 'Hi Reminiscing, Elsie Anderson tells Cathy Guthne of her younger days SENIORS 121 Cherise Gregston Glenda Hampton ashion fre zy When Thomas Walker was a senior, he had his own unique style. "I don't like following the crowd," he stated. "I've been interested in cosmetolog , clothes, designing, mainlly just fashion, ever since I can remember." Thomas was an ac- complished jewelry designer. Some of his pieces were shown at Arresta and Deb- bie's New Antiques in Dallas. "I want to be a designer. I have my own look, and I don't want to change even the smallest detail of it," Thomas stated. "Sure the clothes are the major part of it, but the hair, the make-up, and the accessories are also a part of my look." Lory Goodman Amy Goreham Kristi Green Iennifer Griggs Q Carrie Gunther Cindy Gunther Cathy Guthrie Bob Haddock Kim Hall Kelly Hamill Mike Hardin Iennifer Harper Don Harrelson 122 SENIORS Thomas learned how to do everything from his mother and sister, who are both cosmetologists. He used his talents in many lays. Although lge enjoyed drama during his free time, he also liked to redecorate his room and to find bargains on anti ue furniture. After high school, Thomas planned to attend Ogle School of Hair Design. He wanted to end up in either New York or New Orleans. "I'm not in this to make money," Thomas said. "I just want to make people look as beautiful as they can possibly be." Thomas Walker uses a warm, sunny day to contemplate a design idea. lew ideas help student designer dream about Broadwa billions Q' f" g" K-L L L M fse D Revising a script, Thomas Walker adds new characterization ideas. 'Uv' Q..- fi-X Q' xl QD Tracy Harris Troy Harrison A ' H vs V m1 arry N' Zack Haston Gary Hatch el Iohn Hauch Jennifer Hecks '. Ierrod Henderson Aaron Hensell Eric Hereford a 5- Larry Herman Deborah Hill Q , Leslie Hill A Samantha Hill - ' ' Katherine Hinson 'E SENIORS 123 Chris Hitt Veronica Holly lim Holmes Mark Hott Danny Houghton Clint Howard Traci Howe Lanny Hubbard Vicky Hubbard Tracy Hudechek Grady Huff Shannon Hughes Stephanie Hurn David Hussey Pam Hutchins on ideration Life after high school. What's next after graduation? Work? College? One must ex- amine all of his options before making such an impor- tant decision. To aid Arlington High School students in makin these decisions, the school district sponsored College Night, Dec. 5. Over 80 col- leges, universities, and in- stitutes were represented. Everything from lon - horns, aggies, bears, and ovis were in attendance. Each with his own representative trying to capture prospective students. "It really was neat. I was able to compare two schools I was interested in," com- mented Kelly Cunyus. The night enabled students from all over the city to at- tend three lectures. In be- l24 SENIORS tween the second and third sessions there was a 15- minute browsing time. The universities that at- tracted larger crowds were placed in larger areas. During the informative ses- sions, questions about courses, living arrangements, scholarships, rules, and regulations were answered. "I ot to find out about the possible music scholarships I might qualify for. Also, it made me realize what courses I was required to take," said Shelby Rogers. For those in need of finan- cial assistance, Texas Chris- tian University served as the financial aid representative for all the schools. Parents were allowed to ask about what kind of assistance they could qualify for. Making her sales pitch, Sandra Ayula tells futuristic college students what UT has to offer. john Ingram Tammy Isakson jarrod jackson Kelvin jackson Sarah jackson Rochelle jamison Alex janovsky Annie jau jill jobe Darla johnson jill johnson julia johnson Veronica johnson Bob jones Dana jones Zollege Night presents students info on high school after-life ll OODS l,0LLl.lrl. ILXRDIN XIX ww s f-A-as s fiia'b'5f"' ' .. . rf any-rfif ' .1 '- ' 3- LAX f' 3? 5' Examining all his options, Kyle White looks at Hardin-Simmons. Listening to the Texas College representative, Robert Vanlfoote signs the prospective student list. SENIORS 125 Kendall Kincheloe Deidre Kitterman ower for hlre Doug Eisner may not dress up for work but he is one of the most successful young businessmen in the area. Doug runs Pantego Lawn Care, a small company that makes money by mowing, trimming, edging, and vacuuming lawns. Since forming the company almost five ears ago, Doug has been able to purchase more than 512,000 worth of lawn equipment, 554,500 worth of com uters just to kegp up with his customers, an a 1984 Chevy Blazer to transport equipment. He has also purchased "small" things for himself such as a telescope, scientific equipment, and arcade games. Doug also has become an active commodity trader. The business began with earnings Doug saved from selling concessions. "Peo le seemed to have a need for dependable lawn care," Doug said. I-Ie currently employs six people and operates the usiness on a full-time scale during the summer. Doufg supplies the equip- ment or his employees who work up to 30 hours a week during the school year and 50 hours a week during summer. "Although most of my employees are my own age, I have employed workers up to 64 years old," he said. Lawn Doctors Doug Eisner, jimmy Price, Regan Polone, and Chris Poulsen get ready to begin the work day. Iudy jones Kelly Iones Vicki Jung Kathey Kalin Wendi Keeney Chris Kelsey Karl Kerr Chris Kevil Ieff Kikel lim King Annette Kino Sonya Kirby Kim Kiro 126 SENIORS Grass-euttin' King makes moneyg Doug Eisneris business booms 4 :bil '21 1 M ,is f"k'tx5.sqiEf 75 Y uni' 22M Taking the job into his own hands Doug Eisner demonstrates the proper way to use a Weed Eater Karen Knodel Piphat Kovitkanit Vipop Kovitkanit Young Kwon Russ Lackey lim Lacy Mitchell Lakey Lisa Landolt Karyn Lawrence Kelly Lawrence Hanh Le Marci Leduc Chris Lefebvre Philip Lemasurier Laura Liston SENIORS 127 Meghan McClellan Kathleen McClintock Iana Litherland Tommy Loeber Laura Loggins Carl Lok Vicki Longworth Monisa Lott Kathy Lutrick ,ma Io Luttrell Duong Luu Kristi Lynn Heather McBride Iennifer McCall Kathey McClung 4: Mary Lisa Thomas: I go to Taco Inn for a 35 cent taco and a glass of water. Then I go sit across the highway rom the drive-in and watch a free silent movie. Or if it's raining I sit in the car and watch the thunderstorm to an old Led Zeppelin tune. Tara Zang: Go to the 51.75 movie, then out to eat at McDonald's. Rodney Cook: Go to the 51.75 movie and watch a show that's already on cable. Then go to Mr. Gatti's and let your date eat off your buffet. lizabeth Mindel: Rent a movie and watch it at home. 128 SENIORS . no prob Vghen it's over, go to Iack-in- t e Box. Brent Nicholson: Share a light dinner of a Coke and a candy bar. Then go over to a neighbors yard who has cab e and watch a movie through the curtains of their livin room window. After- wardi, go to Skaggs and sqlilieeze the Charmin for a W ile. Finally, stop by 7- Eleven on the way home for a nightcap consisting of a cherry slurpee ftwo straws, one cupj. Troy Brown: I've never been out on a cheap date. If I don't have money, I don't go. Sharing a Slurpee, Danny Denton and Margaret Duff enjoy their inex- pensive night out. lft Y?"-v Lee McCormick Bobby McCoy Sandra McFarland Miki McGee jimmy McGrath Martha McKaig Dana McMickle Michael McNatt Iames McNichols Shandele Maberry Michelle Mabry Robert MacRander Shannon Madden Shawn Maddock Teresa Maddux maginative minds work hard to master mone problems expertl .ww jp- 41, in 1 2 Q4 5 f X N' ,I H-'S - f H., I 6 7 T! Y '- 1 -':3.' k E Q I s m A gg .l s ' rates 1 e -w 'rn' 51 . I , . E ,.ss 2 ,M M Peering over a neighbor's fence, jim Holmes and jennifer Whitley catch a free flick. "Is BabBRuth okay?" asks Margaret Duff of anny Denton during a night on the town. SENIORS 129 ace for space Whether, you were a sophomore driving to school for the first time or whether you were a junior or a senior with plenty of experience, the AHS Cooper parking lot presented problems for everyone. Basically, there were three places to park: in the very ack behind the pizza place, in the center, or in the two rows in front of the gym. If you risked your life and your car, you parked out be ind the pizza parlor. After you parked, you made your way through the loud music and the broken beer bottles and into the school. "lf you don't get here by 7:30 a.m., you have todpark in the back with the hoo ums," Ieryl Bartlett remarked. "Seriously, there's not much you can o. There's too many cars and too few places to put them." Then it came LUNCH TIME!!! Trying to park in the morning was cheesecake com ared to lunch because at lunch everyone was attempt- ing to leave together. "I think it's basically a free for all," Deanna Bagley remarked. The second semester was even more of a nightmare since more and more of the sophomores turned 16. All in all, the Cooper lot was a hazard. If your car door wasn't bashed in by millions of other car doors, your life was endangered by all the crazy drivers trying to park. "My new car looks ike it's about five years old 'cause of all the people messin' with it," Gina Cancemi said. Parking lot blues . .. Want to park on the Cooper Street lot? Forget it! Nik, 'ai ,lx-T ES - J ai f if -- C s..s. x rsss . , C . ' ,,..... . fg K . A ' .1 ,.. . - SY ff' " ww kk" .t.. . ..,. ' f . -.,. 5 .- f " W . , . if Likkk A as ,Ls K .sag .,,.....t .R A ff , s it - "',:::i.f gf at ..., . ' a' ' . ,,.. 1- .1 ... I .. r ' A ' W" "T kk... . .,.... Q! ' L If Q. f ' if J . Hmm 'sn W s N 5 L h g W Q i N- A... Iohn Magee Holly Mahoney Nikki Mann Sarah Mansfield , J- 1- , X Laura Markey Tracy Marshall Todd Martensen Lisa Martin rN.w,' Mary Martin Scott Martin Nick Mathios David Mattlage Rob Mauldin Niki Maumus Ellen Maurer 130 SENIORS !,. Parking in the Cooper lot is a challenge but getting out is worse Kim Maurer Melissa Maxwell Pat Mebus Alyn Merrill Rory Merrill David Michener Iulie Mickelson Michelle Middleton Lori Miller Iulie Mills Kenneth Mills Rachelle Mills Elizabeth Mindel Todd Minshall Lance Moffett SENIORS Michelle Montgomery Missy Mohlman Ion Moody Nancy Moon Shannon Moon Deana Moore Lee Moore Shawn Moore Monica Mora Bryan Moree Phil Moreland Pam Morford Lana Morgan Terri Morgan Bobbie Morrison eepl in d bt "Oh wow! lt's my senior year!" Every senior exclaimed this at least once during this il- lustrious year. Actually the golden mo- ment when it really hit you that you were a senior Qthat awe inspiring wordlj lasted, oh maybe a total of 10, maybe 15 thrilling seconds. Then life went on just as usual. Since we were seniors, the faculty and other well- meaning organizations decid- ed it was fair to approach us with oodles of wonderful thin s to purchase from them. QPerga s they mixed it up with the eighth amendment which mentions something about cruel and unusual punishmentj. Before the school year even started, we had our senior ictures taken. No cheap af- flair, mind you. At least S20 132 SENIORS was needed to buy the most inexpensive package, while some ranged up into the S70 bracket. And that expenditure was the first of many to come. Oh, boy! flnterest in school spirit waning any?J Sometime in early November, we ordered our announcements. On first glance of the form, when you saw the fine print reading, H530 down payment," didn't you panic just a little? lt became evident all too soon that these prices added up all too quickly. When we had to choose between two types of memory books, be- tween three types of thank- you cards, various pendants, charms, rings, and everything else, why . . . the mere thou ht of it was mind bogging! Next were the cap and gown orders. Big thrill there! At least fyou got to keep the other stu f. You thought it was over. You had plenty of better things to spend money on Ccollege clot es, for example, or your senior trip to Iamaicaj, but . . . no hope! Because now it was slpring - time to pay the ba ance of everything you'd wanted so desperatey in the fall! You just knew you'd have S40 in March. You finally had all the previous debts paid and now you had to buy prom tickets and all the prom attire. lust because we were seniors, it became apparent that we were doomed to debt! fMaybe this was the school system's way of lpreparing us for The Real Wor dll Vic Prichard, Marianne Dalrymple, and Paula Dillhoff take another step towards graduation as they place their cap and gown orders. .V Q' ' , , -ww' 'f if " fiw ' W I 3 5 ,,,, W t . .,,,,',,,, I ,. . is Iohn Morrow Iulie Moulton Ron Mulligan Brad Munson Mike Murphy Russ Murphy janet Murray Chris Naughton Kristi Nedderman Sherrie Nelson Stacy Nelson .af g, Bill Newberry I-Ia Nguyen Thuy Nguyen Gary Niblack hxpenses during celebrated year Robert Denny smiles as a Don Painter representative poses him for his picture. Iosten's rep helps Walter Virden measure his head size while ordering cap and gown. SENIORS 133 ann does it Everything was ready. The sets were up, the costumes were waiting to be put on, the actors knew their lines, the programs were printed - then the terrible news came. The actor who was portray- ing the character of Dr. Bradley in "The Man Who Came to Dinner" had failed one of his classes and couldn't participate in the play. They had trouble. Trouble with a capital "T" and that rhymes with "P" and that stands for Perot. Enter: Danny Blackshear. Danny was orilglinally to have been the lig t techni- cian, but that quickly changed. "I was worried about the play," Danny said. "I hadn't een in a lay since the sixth rade and? had just started Teaming the lines that morn- ing." He was also a little uneasy about being such a late addi- tion to the cast. "The other performers felt cheated, I think. Here they had been working for six weeks with the cast, and now they had to change it. I thought they would be resentful, but I was wrong. They did everything in their power to help me out and make me feel like part of the cast." The play went smoothly, however, and all tensions were eased by the second night. "You could tell I was new to the part, but I got through without missing any lines or cues, so I guess it was a suc- cess." Dann went on to say, "The secondlnight was better because I was more comfort- able with the part." Carefully studying his lines, Danny Blackshear crams before the show. Brent Nicholson Ieff Nickle Mary Nolan jeff Noon Larry Norris Amy Nowell Dean Null Troy Obregon Pat O'Brien Gina O'Dell Scott Odom Greg O'Quinn Iimmie O'Quinn Chris Owen Stacey Owen 134 SENIORS 2 of E lnderstudy squeezed for timeg no pass no play victimizes star Practicing his cues, Danny takes a last minute look at the script. 11' 6. nf-. .Q W ' 1 -,. R '--ev Q f .V A A1 ' K ,M ' dl 8 , is lt -'3 5-r 'rv ff, Q os YT"' . 'QW 68" lla? v' - N Debbie Owens Robert Owens Christy Palmer Peter Panagopoulos Mike Park Christopher Parker Luke Pate Amy Penland Brandee Perrett Chase Perrett Amber Perry Cindy Peterson Kristin Petty Ieff Phillips Micheal Phillips SENIORS 135 Jerry Pickering Suzanne Pierce Marnie Pitz Tonia Plunk Tom Poalinelli Karen Podsednik Brian Pokrifcsak Terri Polk Stacy Pool jim Price Vic Prichard Chris Puempel Brett Quillin jenny Rabbitt Lisa Racioppa fs, 1 XT? ap,-. x ws., opular? mayb Chris Baughman: Popularity shows who's really popular among the "in" crowd and onl sometimes reflects the reaflpopular opinion. Mike Park: I feel the popularity polls do give the students a chance to ex ress their favorites in scgoolg however, it sometimes gets out of hand because some students do not want the same people winning all the time. These students take ad- vantage of the situation by makin the polls a little ridicuTous. The favorites should be recognized as a deserving spirited people. Sharon Sandlinz Popularity polls only show who is popular among certain peo- 136 SENIORS ple. The same people win every time and most of the time people do not vote for who they think is really popular. They vote for who they have heard of. Iim Lacy: I feel that most in- dividuals vote for the peolple that are considered popu ar. Very few actually vote for the individuals who have the qualification of true populari- ty such as really caring about eople and being well-liked. iperyl Bartlett: I think people who take popularity polls choose people who would impress others. They do not necessarily choose t eir own personal preference. Gina Cancemi: Because there are different groups of people at school, there are also dif- ferent people who would be considered popular in each group. Being a jock or a cheerleader doesn't make a erson popular. lim Adams: I believe that each group will put forward their most popular person. Since the groups vary in size, the largest group's person wins. T e number of people who voted for a person may only represent 20 Ipercent of the entire school. ersonally, I could care less who is popular. I don't tend to judge a person because of other people's opinions. The winner is being decided. Students choose their favorites for Homecoming King and Queen. ost feel fame falsely deservedg favor popularit in each group I Aff! P Fly Shara Randall Lance Ratliff Dorothy Ray Robert Ray Robin Redden Alan Reed Bill Richards Joel Richardson Lisa Richerson Iina Rigstad Lisa Rincon Jennifer Robertson Shelby Rogers Stacie Rogers Nancy Rogstad SENIORS 137 Iennifer Rosenbower Rhonda Scarborough ana en pomte For senior Dana Rouse, dance was no soft shoe. Dana has been dancing for seven years, with only one in- terference. From age 7 to 10, she danced at two studios in Florida. At these studios Dana got her start in tap, jazz, and ballet. From Florida her family moved to Kalamazoo, Michigan where she was a part of Kalamazoo Iazz, the dance company for adults and kids. Here Dana taught kids jazz and ballet. She performed for church- es, fairs, and the state theaters. "Teaching the little kids was a fun experience for dance and for real life," Dana stated. Dana lived in Michigan for four years and performed in H100 Years of Dance," which was designed to help restore the state theaters in Michigan. Her second major perfor- mance was in the movin company which Pperformeg "Body Rock" at t e Village Playhouse. At the age of 17, Dana's family was transferred to Arl- ington where she joined the Ft. Worth City Ballet. Dana had classes on Tuesday, Fri- day, and Saturday at the Southwest Ballet Center, which is s onsored by the Ft. Worth Ballet. Durinlg the Christmas season, ana danced in the City Ballet's production of "The Nutcracker." Going through her part of the show, Dana pauses in an arabesque penchee. T'm Elk Richard Roth Cathy Ruppert Meghan Saleebey Lisa Sammons Carri Sanders Mark Sanders Sharon Sandlin Brian Schmitt Amy Schultz Brad Scott Lori Seager Cheryl Seely Brian Sepulveda 138 SENIORS 5 .Q ziiyvn A Aa , X Q- .saw . .4 ... to ww' ba C say,-Qafslw ' - "-' i - N W ' ,,mB,,,,,,f.,,.s,,.,,,,,W.e-1 . 'Z E3 "5 P T? 10 ,l Fort Worth Cit Ballet star hopes dancing makes her famous Rehearsing for a performance of "The Nutcracker," Dana Rouse limbers up her feet for a strenuous workout. 'T' Eddie Seward Windee Sexton Doug Seymour Ralph Shackelford Kayce Shady Kristi Shear Deana Shelby Wendy Shinneman Kurt Shipley Shelly Shipman Angela Shipp Philip Shoults lane Siebenthal Angie Simpson Bernard Sims SENIORS 139 Anne Marie Stehn Todd Slinkard Cindy Slocum Valerie Smelley Barbie Smith Tammy Smith A flaw-. C.-Jann rxuaul .Ji uric: Cary Snowden Lori Spivy as Mike Sproba Shawn Stallones Angela Stanford Kimberly Stearns Curtis Steinle Tony Stell tvzva' ll-state star Spent a boring time in high school? You didn't achieve much? For janet Murray, this was far from the truth. "Being in the AHS band has given me many advan- tages. I've been able to audi- tion for All-State and win medals at solo and ensemble contests," janet commented. Throughout her high school career, Ianet's oboe playing gained her much prestige. She was a member of the All-State Orchestra for two years. Her sophomore year janet made second chair only to a senior. Her junior year she was third behind two seniors. Her senior year she hoped to be first chair. Preparing for the All-State 140 SENIORS com etition was not easy. She had to make a tape of the music and send it to the All- State judges. "I kept wanting to record it over and over t inking that the next time, it would be perfect," Ianet recalls. "Then after I finally mailed it in, waiting to hear the results was nearly impossible." After graduation Janet planned to go to North Texas State University. "I've already started work- ing on a solo. I'm just waiting for an audition time," Ianet said. janet ho ed to get a scholarship lar her oboe play- ing, she hadn't decided whether or not to major in music, Since oboes can not march, janet Murray plays the bells during halftime shows beside Paul Lawerence. anet Murra pushes for firstg takes top position in orchestra Practice makes perfect, Ianet Murf ray puts the finishing touches on her All-State oboe tryout music. Marc Stevenson Blake Stewart john Stewart Alan Stiebing Iohn Stoecker Amy Stokes Robert Stokes Michelle Stone Rochelle Stone Iames Story Scott Strickland Iacque Stroud Christine Stuchly Anita Sulak Karen Sullivan SENIORS 141 arly graduate At graduation, to walk across a giant stage all alone was a bit scary. But, knowing your friends were doing the same thing, you kept your composure, plastered the smile on your face, and head- ed for the outreached arm holding your diploma. Knowing your friends were with you and just as nervous provided you with a sense of security. But what if you were the only one in your graduating class? Todd Martensen was presented with this problem. Todd officially graduated after taking his semester exams in january. He accomplished this goal by taking a zero hour class both his junior and senior years and by taking the second semester of senior year English class in sum- mer school. Todd's decision to graduate early had nothing to do with the school. "I love Arlington High and the people here," Todd said, "I'm just ready for a change of pace." People warned him about the loss of experience his early graduation caused, but Todd said of their statements, "By the time my friends are freshmen, I'll almost be a sophomore." Todd left the day exams were over to begin his college life at Arizona State University. "I love Arizona! It's almost like California without the coast," Todd remarked. For his first semester, Todd enrolled in 16 hours of classes. His major was business and marketing. Preparing to take a trigonometry quiz, Todd Martensen searches through his folder for some paper. Cindee Sutton Darin Sutton jeff Sweat Catrece Taylor Rodney Taylor Mary Lisa Thomas Tiffany Thomas Kurt Thomlinson Alan Thompson Beth Thompson Iohn Thompson Lisa Thompson Stacey Thulin Greg Timmons Chuck Toxey 142 SENIORS L Qui 34... ust ready for change of pace, senior says of January exit I Selecting his course of study, Todd Martensen looks through an Arizona State University catalogue. Q... 'L Scott Tribble Mike Trudell Toni Trujillo Thomas Tucker Aimee Tullos Ken Tully Andre Turner Lori Turner Trent Turner Angie Tyner Allan Underwood Anthony Underwood Robert Van Foote Brett Van Hoosier Shane Van Kuilenburg SENIORS 143 Sarah Van Siclen Mary Van Vickle Cari Vau hn 8 Craig Vaughn Tori Vaughn David Veteikis Kelly Vett Rick Viegas Beth Villemaire Walter Virden Kelly Waldrup Thomas Walker Greg Wallace Marnie Ward Russell Ware aturday blues The first time you heard, "Guess what? You get to get up at 8 on a Saturday morn- ing and spend three hours pouring your brain on a piece pf paper!" Didn't it sound un. So on that dreaded cold winter morning you dragged yourself out o bed, wis ing that you hadn't just this once stayed out later than curfew the night before. You even resort to drinking coffee, try- ing to revive yourself because, after all, you're go- ing to stare at bubbles all mornin . Finallif, you find the room where you're going to spend the next three hours. G anc- ing around the room, you scout the people y0u'll be sharing this experience with. 144 SENIORS Four hours later you're sur- prised that your body is detached from the desk. Your back is permanently in a hunched over position. Everyone walked out of the room in a daze, their brain turned to mush. "I didn't realize a foreign language was included on it." "No, that was English vocabulary!" Months later you received your scores. If your grade was a disappointment, you wrote it off saying, "aptitude tests are not a very good measure of intelligence." But you knew that once again you would be forced to take that dreaded test, except maybe this time you'd know what to expect. Finally finding the right drawer, Rhonda Bates searches for the ever-dreaded SAT forms. Wendy Warner Larry Watson Linda Watson Scott Watts Melanie Wells Marc Wetzel Mark Wetzel joel Wheeler Kyle White jennifer Whitley David Wiener Eastlyn Wilborn Stacey Wildman Kim Williams Alan Wilson Bubblmg endlessly, Amy Carpenter prepares her SAT forms for mailing. SENIORS 145 Denise Wilson Kim Wilson Mary Winsett Wade Wolosencuk Tom Womack Cindy Wooddell Becky Woodruff Angie Woolverton Caye Wright Amie Wylie artial arti t You came in from a hard day's ardwork. It was Sun- day. gweaty and tired, you flopped in an overstu fed chair and snatched up the TV remote control. The first thing you came to was a show with a mess of oriental actors each carrying lon sticks and getting the heci beat out of them by one empty-handed guy l To some peop e watching Kung Fu Theater on a Sunday afternoon was more than just cheap entertainment. To jim Adams, it was an art form. lim became interested in martial arts during his sophomore year. Tao Chi turned out to be a martial art form that is based on both the mental and physical state of a erson. P "Through Kung Fu, I have 146 SENIORS learned more about peo le. It makes you accept peoplle, for who they are and that all are basically the same," Jim stated. As jim sat cross-legged in his Hi Fu, he said, "There are ei ht basic rinciples to Tao Clgti. I foundp the most impor- tant one was to know yourself and to accept yourself and others unconditionally, which means don't assume anything falsely." When Iim told others that he was taking Kung Fu classes, most thou ht he meant Karate, but 'Igao Chi was different because there were no belts or competitions. I-Ie found many new friends through this art form and stated, "It has given me a better and more philosophical outlook on life." - Preparing for the enemy, lim Adams steps into the side block stance. ' s 5 1531: ,,,. at it S 1 .Q 9 :if .E 5- - 33243 S" A-2 iff'- :T 5' f . T' v,f'?g? 11 li' C 45551 ,I 1' Y, ., A Q9 v A V t P1 wa? I W ,Q W ff- -av- tudent of Oriental practices I O O learns mner peace, tranqu1l1ty e ts.. X ff efl a is. , . ' . 1 ic, at X E, V. X , r.rr-r J rsef f e eaa A A .5 ,IA AAA.A as t A t .Y . A A at T cr A 'FF' v -Q fifru png A 5, , A - ,X . it sf ti, ,KR Maintaining his balance, Jim Adams sustains the Angry Heron Stance. Concentrating on a defense method, Iim Adams demonsizates the Fu Tui Karen Ziegler Cathy Zier jennifer Zitek Patrick Yarnell Albert Yen Kris Ann Young Tara Zang jing Zhang SENIORS 147 Absher, Lisa Care Team 2, 3, Student Council 1, 2, 3, NHS 2, 3, Class Council 1, 2, 3, Jr. Class President, Gennan Club 2, 3, AFS 2, 3, Spirit Sister 1, 2, 3, Dance-A-Thon 2, 3, PTA Scholar- ship, Association of Texas Profes- sional Educators Scholarship, Tar- rance Award, Outstanding Senior Student Council Member, Prin- cipal's Award, Presidential Academic Fitness Award. Adams, lim Marching Band 1, 2, 3, Jazz Band 1, 2, German Club 1, 2. Ahmann, Keleigh Thespians 2, 3, One-Act Play 3, French Club 1, 2, Art Club 2, 3, NHS 2, 3, AHSPAC 2, 3, Presiden- tial Academic Fitness Award, Alexander, Cindy Who's Who HECE 3. Alexander, Fred Football 3, Track 1, 2,3, ROTC 2, FBLA 3. Anthony, Steve Perfect Attendance 1, 2, FFA 3, DE 2. Augostini, Kevin Football 1, French Club 1, 2. Agee,Iana Spirit Sister 1, Thespians 1, FHA 3, Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, President 3. Ayotte, Andrea French Club 2, Achievement Cer- tificate in Record Keeping 3, Bagley, Deanna Quill and Scroll 2, Art Club 2, 3, President 3: German Club 2, 3: Goode Scholarship, PTA Cultural Arts Award. Bain, Debbie Drill Team 1, Spanish Club 3, Care Team 3, Presidential Academic Fitness Award. Baker, Iennifer French Club 1, 2, 3, Spirit Sister 1, The Colt 2, 3, Student Council 1. Bane, Margaret Volleyball 1, Basketball 1, 2, 3, All-District Honorable Mention 3, Golf 2,3, All District 2, 3, Spanish Club 1, 2, Student Council 3, Miss AHS Nominee 3, Basketball Captain 1, 3, Fielder Award Nominee, Army Award, Principal's Award, Presidential Academic Fitness Award. Bartlett, Ieryl German Club 1, 2, 37 Art Club 2, 3, Cross Country and Track 1, Honor Roll 3, Certificate of Achieve- ment in Accounting 3, Senior Coun- cil 3, Presidential Academic Fitness Award. Battles, Keith HECE 3, FHA Hero 3, Grace United Methodist Church Scholarship. Baughman, Chris UTA Academic Scholarship, UTA National Merit Scholarship, UTA College of Engineering Scholarship, Rotary Scholarship, Presidential Academic Fitness Award, Math Team 2, German Club 1, 2, NHS 2, 3, Science Contest 2, Baum, Iulie DE 2, 3. Baez, john Football l, 2, Spanish Club 1, 2. Bay, Rick Student Development Award 2, Honor Roll 3, Principal's Award 3, Presidential Academic Fitness Award. Begum, Qudsia FHA 1, 2. Behrens, Gail OEA 3. Benge, Phillip ROTC 1, 2, 3, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, French Club 1, Choir 1, American Legion Award. Bentley, Debbie FHA 1, 2, German Club 2. Berner, Thomas German Club 1, 2, 3, AFS 1, 2, 3, Math Club 3, NHS 3, National SENIORS Senior Activities Honor Society Scholarship, Presidential Academic Fitness Award. Bindel, Michael Football Manager 1, 2, True Colt 3, The Colt, UIL Editorials, Outstan- ding Speaker 2, Latin Club 1, Quill and Scroll 3, NFL 3, Outstanding Senior Debater 3, Binion, Cindy Art Club 2, Spanish Club 1, FBLA 1. Blackshear, Danny Band 1, 2, 3, jazz Band 1, 2, 3, UIL Solo Ensemble 1. Blakeslee, Crissy Drill Team 1, 2, 3, jr. Lieutenant 2, Captain 3, NHS 3, Spanish Club 1, Spirit Sister 1, FHA 3, Presiden- tial Academic Fitness Award. Blankley, Susan HECE 3, Hero 3. Bloom, Iim Football 1, 2, French Club 1, 2, Photo Club 3. Bloom, Susie FHA 3, Photo Club 2, 3, Colt Cor- ral 3, Swim Team 2, 3, French Club 1, Spirit Sister 1, 2, 3, Senior Slide Show Producer. Bodnar, Lisa FHA 1, 2, 3. Bohn, Stephanie The Colt 3, Drama Club 2, 3, French Club 2, Speech Club 2, Thes- pians 3, Spirit Sister 1, 2. Bonesteel, Steven CVAE 3. Bonner, Dee Dee OEA 3. Boone, Todd CVAE 1, 2. Bowen, Tricia Volleyball 2, 3, Spanish Club 1, 2, True Colt 3, Honor Roll 3, Rotary Award, Principal's Award, Presidential Academic Fitness Award. Bowman, Cindy Basketball 1, 2, 3, Sports Editor 2, 3, FBLA 3, Spanish Club 1, Golf Team 2, 3, Presidential Academic Fitness Award. Boyer, Ronnie Basketball Manager 2, 3. Brandon, Kevin French Club 2. Brecheen, Iodee NFL 3, Latin Club 3, Girls Social Chairman 3, True Colt 3, Class Council 1, 2,Principa1's Award. Brett, Iennifer Band 1, 2, 3, Secretary 3, Spanish Club 1, 2, Spirit Sister 3. Brewer, Merri Choir 1, Thespians 1, 2, 3, Clerk 2, Vice President 3, FBLA 2, NFL 3, State Qualifier in Humorous Inter- pretation 3, UIL One-Act Play 1, 2, 3, State 1, Regional 2, District 35 NHS 2, 3, Best Supporting Actress 2, Spoon River Anthology, Rosen- crantz and Guildenstem Are Dead: The Real Inspector Hound, A Cry of Players, The Man Who Came to Dinner, An Angel Comes to Babylon, A Gap in Generations! West Side Story, PTA Scholarship: Principal's Award, Who's Who in Drama, Presidential Academic Fitness Award, Bridges, Kelly Soccer 1, French Club 1, 2, Spirit Sister 1, Broome, Lara FBLA 2, 3, French Club 1, 2, 3, Principal's Award, Braun, Angie Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, Spirit Sister 1, Basketball Statistics 1. Brown, Shara The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man in the Moon 2. Brown, Troy Football 1, 2, 3, Gemtan Club 2. Brown, Valerie Spanish Club 2, 3: Presidential Academic Fitness Award. Burkett, jack Football 1, German Club 1, FFA 1, 2, 3. Burkins, Charla Volleyball 1, Spirit Sister 1, 2, 3, Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, Class Council 2, Presidential Academic Fitness Award. Burnett, Tracey Spanish Club 2, 3. Bush, Brandee Student Council 1, 2, 3, Represen- tative 1, 2, Vice President 3, NHS 2, 3, Vice President 1, Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, Spanish Club 1, 2, Homecom- ing Queen 3, Princess 1, Favorite 1, FBLA 3, Princess Nominee 2, Sweetheart 1, Spirit Sister 1, Na- tional Leadership and Service Award 2, Rotaryfs Outstanding Stu- dent 3, DRT Scholarship 3, Class Council 3, Principal's Award, Presidential Academic Fitness Award. Butson, Colleen Basketball Manager 1, Spirit Sister 1, 2, 3, Football Trainer 2, 3, Choir President 3, FHA Social Chairman 3, True Colt 3, Student Council Class Representative 1, 2, 3. Cafaro, Steffani Honor Roll 3, Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, Spanish Club 1, 2, FHA 3, Spirit Sister 1, 2, Tennis 2, Student Coun- cil 1, Principal's Award, Presidential Academic Fitness Award. Caffey, Ieanne PTA Girl of the Month 2, West Side Story 3, Volleyball 1, 2, 3, Cap- tain 2, Soccer 2, Spanish Club 1, Z, Spirit Sister 3, Choir UIL 3, Defen- sive Player ofthe Year f Volleyball 2, Quill and Scroll 2, True Colt Award 2, 2nd Team All-District 3, Colt Corral 1, 2, Choir 3, NHS 3, Principal's Award, President's Academic Fitness Award. Calhoun, Blake Spanish Club 1, 2, GolfTeam 1, 2. Callaway, Arthur Basketball 1, 2, 3. Campbell, Dianne Orchestra 1, 2, 3, German Club 2, 3, Drama 1, 2, Presidential Academic Fitness Award. Cancemi, Gina German Club 1, 2, 3, Art Club 1, 3, Spirit Sister 1, Honor Roll 3. Carpenter, Amy Spirit Sister 1, 3, Spanish Club 1, 2, HOSA 2, FBLA 3. Carpenter, Holly Spanish Club 1, Art Club 3, FHA 3. Carrell, Mike Student Council President 3, Representative 2, NHS 2, 3, Football 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, Boys' Social Chairman 1, Choir 3, PTA Student Development Award, Homecoming King Nominee 3, Mr. AHS Nominee 3, Honor Roll 3, james Crouch Fighting Heart Award 3, DAR Award, Optimist Scholarship, Prin- cipal's Award, Presidential Academic Fitness Award, UIL Scholar Award. Carter, Hope Drill Team 1, 2, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Drill Team Most lmproved 1. Carter, Scott Band 1, 2, 3, Section Leader, lst Division Rating at Ensemble Con- test, Golf 1. Carver, Ieff Football 1, 2, 3, FFA 2, 3, Student Council 1, 2. Castleberry, Marshall Honor Roll Economics and DE 32 Who's Who in DE 3, Chambers, Kim Soccer 2, 3, Spirit Sister 2, FHA 3, Volleyball 1. Chen, Eunice Math Team 1, 2, 3, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, NHS 2, 3, Latin Club 2, 3, Latin Honor Society 2, 3, AFS 1, Presiden- tial Academic Fitness Award, UIL Scholar Award. Christian, Lynn Ag-coop 3. Christensen, Lesa FBLA 1, 2, choir 1, 2, 3, Chambers 1, 2, 3, German Club 2, 3. Clark, Kelley CVAE 1, Ag-coop 2, CVAE 3. Clark, Lisa Cosmetology 2, 3. Clark, Melanie Volleyball 1, 2, Spirit Sister 3, Latin Club 1, 2, Presidential Academic Fitness Award. Clark, Terisa Band 1, 2, 3, Squad Leader 2, 3, Section Leader 2, Spanish Club 1, 2, 3. Clark, Vicki VICA 3, Cosmetology 3. Clark, Kim Basketball 2, 3, Honorable Men- tion 3, FHA 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, Colt Corral 3, Presidential Academic Fitness Award, FHA Scholarship. Clawson, Leryn Drama Club 1, 2, Spanish Club 2, Art Club 3, FHA 3, Poetry Club 3. Clifford, Pat Band 1, 2, CVAE 3. Conaway, Stacy German Club 1, 2, Poetry Club 2, Spirit Sister 1, NFL 2, Vice President 3, Thespian Clerk 2, President 3, UIL One Act Play 1, State Speech Tournament 3, West Side Story 3, Principal's Award. Cook, Cindy Baseball Statistics 2, 3, Basketball Statistics 3, Spirit Sister 1, 2, Spanish Club 1. Cooper, Gary German Club 1, 2, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Student Development Award 2, Principal's Award, Presidential Academic Fitness Award. Cook, Rodney Soccer 1, 2, 3, German Club 2, 3. Coppedge, LeAnn Spanish Club 1, 2, OEA Historian 2, President 3, Spirit Sister 1, FBLA 2, VOE State Winner 2, Girl of the Year 3, Zonata Award 3, Senior Class Representative 3. Couser, Monique Choir 3, Speech 3, HECE 3, Art Award 3. Cox, Kevin Orchestra 1, 2, 3, All-State 3, All- Region 1, 2, 3, Iazz Band 1, 2, 3, All-Region Band 2, Full Scholarship WTSU. Craig, Kristi Spanish Club 1, 2, 2nd place in National Spanish Exam 2. Cross, Charlyn Choir 1, HOSA 2, DECA 3. Crouch, Kristin FBLA 1, 2, 3, 2nd in District 2, Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, OEA 3, lst in Regional 3, 2nd in State 3, 18th in National 3, 3rd in Written Spanish Exam, junior Achievement Scholar- ship, Principal's Award, Shupee Award, UTA Freshman Scholarship, Crow, Chad Football 1, 2, 3, Captain 3, Offen- sive Player ofthe Year 1, All-District 2, All District 3, Most Valuable Player 3, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Captain 3, German Club 1, 2, Student Development Award 2, PTA Award, Presidential Academic Fitness Award, Principal's Award. Crowhurst, Terry Science Club 3, Latin Club 2, Latin Honor Society Award 2, Senior Council 3, Industrial Art Club 1, Presidential Academic Fitness Award. Crowther, Michelle Choraliers 2, 3, Chamber Singers 3, Choir Librarian 3, UIL Choir 2, 3, West Side Story 3, Library Aide 3, Spanish Club 3, Presidential Academic Fitness Award. Cunningham, Lisa Who's Who in Choir 3, West Side Story 3, Choraliers 3, TWC Scholarship. Curbo, Cathy Spanish Club 1, 2, FBLA 3, 4th ir Economics 3, Band 1, 2, 3, Representative 2, Librarian 3, Spirit Sister 3. Cunyus, Kelly Principal's Award, Presidential Academic Fitness Award. Daeley, Robb Band 1, ROTC 1, German Club 1, 2, 3, Track 1, Soccer 1, AHSPAC 3. Dalley, Andi Soccer 1, 2, Spanish Club 1, 2, 3. Dalrymple, Marianne Soccer 2, 3, Spirit Sister 3, Ger- man Club 1, 2, Drill Team 1. Davenport, Kari French Club 1, Spirit Sister 1, FHA 1, 2, 3, DECA 2, OEA 3. Dean, Doug Soccer 1, 2, 3, German Club 2, 3. Deller, Bob Spanish Club 1, 2, Class Representative 1, 2, 3, Colt Country Calendar 1, 2, 3, Super Colt 1, 2, Class Favorite 1, 2, Valentine Sweetheart 1, 2, Homecoming King 3, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Player of the Year 2, All-City 2, All-District 2, All Metroplex 3, Baseball Scholarship tc UTA, Football 1, 2, 3, All-City 3, All-District 3, Mr. AHS 3, Prin- cipal's Award. Denton, Danny French Club 1, 2, Basketball 1, 2, 3, FBLA 3. Denton, Donny Spanish Club 1, 2, Basketball 1, 2, 3, FBLA Z, 3. Devine, Terry Baseball 1, 2. Diduch, Scott Soccer 1, 2. Dietz, Eric Photographer 2, The Colt Photo Editor 3, Quill and Scroll Feature Award Yearbook 3, Newspaper 3, Quill and Scroll Sports Newspaper 3, Photography 2, News 2, German Club 1, 2, 3: NHS 2, 37 Presidential Academic Fitness Award. 1 Dillender, Cindi ' Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, NHS 31 TWC Scholarship. Dillhoff, Peggy German Club 1, 2. Duff, Margaret Volleyball 1, Basketball 1, 2, 3 Most Improved 1, Most Outstan ding Player 2, Spanish Club 1, Gol 2, 3, FBLA 2, 3, President 3, Spiri Sister 3, 4th in Accounting Contes 3, Honors Achievement Certificat 3, The Colt AHS Section Editor 3 Quill and Scroll 3, loumalis Layout Award 3, Presidential' Academic Fitness Award. Duncan, Mike Forensic League 3, Football 3, Spanish Club 3. Dunning, David Math Team 1, 2, 3, Science Club 3, German Club 2, 3, Scholarship to UT, NHS 2, 3, 2nd on National Math Exam 1, 3, Presidential Academic Fitness Award, UIL Scholar Award. Duwaji, Rhonda French Club 1, 2, 3, Class Council 2, 3. Earley,Ion DECA 2, 3. Eberth, Shirelle VICA 2, 3, 2nd in Speech Com- petition Znd 2, 3rd 3. Edens, Ann Student Council 1, 2, 3, Class Of- ficer 1, 2, 3, NHS 2, 3, Spirit Sister 1, 2, 3, German Club 2, 3, AFS 2, Choraliers 1, 2, 3, Chamber Singers 3, Jamboree 1, 2, 3, Celebration 1, 2, West Side Story 3, Homecoming Princess 2, Valentine Sweetheart 2, Class Favorite 2, Homecoming Queen Nominee 3, Valentine Sweetheart 3, Miss AHS 3, ACDA National Convention 2, Choraliers Vice President 3, Chamber of Com- merce Girl ot' the Month 3, 'residential Academic Fitness tward: Principal's Award. Eisner, Doug National Merit Scholarship: UlL Aath 1, 2, 3: UlL Science 1, 2, 3: UIL icholar Award: Presidential tcademic Fitness Award, Elahi, Camay Soccer 1. Elkins, Teri Student Council 1: Latin Club, .atin NHS: NHS 2, 3: Baylor tcademic Scholarship: Honor Roll 1: Presidential Academic Fitness tward. Elkins, Tim Photo journalism 3: Principal's Award 3: Tarrance Award 3. illwood, Amber Library Club 1, 2, 3: German Club , 2: Library Award 3. Elrod, joel Man Who Came to Dinner 3: Soc- 'er 1, 2, Evans, Mark Football 1, 2: Art Club 2: German :lub 1. iethkenher, Candy German Club 1, 2: Spirit Sister 2, iield, Mark Band 1, 2, All-City 1, 2: Stage land 1, 2, All-City 1, 2: Orchestra 1, ': Chamber Singers 2, iinley, Pam French Club 1, 2, 3: Youth luidance Council 1: Colt Corral Ltaft' 2, 3: The Colt Staff 2, 3: Spirit Lister 1, 2, 3: Photography Club 1, 1, 3: Care Team support Group 3: nteract 2: Senior Slide Show Co- uroducer 3: Quill and Scroll 2, 3: 'earbook Organizations and 'hotography Award 3: Newspaper Jews Photography Award 3: Who's Vho in Photography. fittl, Allan German Club, 2, 3: Student Development 1: Who's Who in Berman. fitzgerald, joy Band 1, 2, Superior Rating - ilute 2: Spanish Club 2, 3rd in Na- ional Spanish Exam 2: Math Team 1, 3, 4th in Geometry Contest 1: 'oetry Club 2: PTA Scholarship: 'residential Academic Fitness tward. ilahaut, Kevin Colt Corral Staft' 1, 2: French Club : The Colt Cartoonist 3: Who's 'Vho in Art: Runner-up for joyner trt Award, iletcher, Amy HOSA 3, iord,jean Drill Team 1, 2, "Miss Crazy" award 2: Latin Club 3, Latin NHS 3: Science Club 3: FHA 3. iorrester, Claire Choir l: Soccer 1, 2, 3: Spanish :lub 1, 2, 3, 2nd in Extemporaneous ipeaking 2, 3rd in Regional Spanish Exam 1: 2nd in Regional Spanish Exam 3: UIL Scholar Award: ,residential Academic Fitness kward, ioster, Stephanie FHA 1, 3: HECE 3, Hero 3: DECA I: Altrusa Club Scholarship: FHA State Meeting 3. ioster, Tim Cross Country 1, 2, 3: Track 1, 2, l. ireeland, Missy Volleyball 1: Spirit Sister 1, 2, 3: YBLA 2,3: FHA 3. iuller, Tim Soccer 1: FHA 1. Gann, Stacy FBLA 2: Spirit Sister 1, 3: Spanish Slub 1: Honor Roll 3: Senior Coun- il 3. Garcia, Silvia French Club 1, 2, 3: Art Club 2, 3: ipirit Sister 3. Gautney, Brad Football 1, 2, 3: All-District 2, Outstanding junior Award 2, All- City 3, All-District 3, Defensive Player of the Year 3: German Club 2, 3: Spanish Club 1: True Colt Award 3: Principal's Award. Gay, Liz HECE 3: HERO Secretary 3: French Club 1. Gilbert, Mike Football 2, 3, Gideon, Doug All-City Band 1, 2, 3: All-Region Orchestra 2: All-Region Band 3. Gillett, Scott French Club 2, 3. Gipson, Michele HECE 3: FHA Hero 3. Glenn, Carrie 2nd in Cosmetology Regional Contest 2: VICA Treasurer 2, 3, 1st in Regional Contest 3. Glenn, Cynthia French Club 1, 2: FBLA 3: FHA 3: Presidential Academic Fitness Award. Glidwell, Kacy HECE 3: FHA 3: Hero 3. Godbold, jeff Basketball 1: NHS 2, 3: Spanish Club 1, 2: Presidential Academic Fitness Award. Godfrey, Gayla Cheerleading 1: German Club 1, 2: Homecoming Princess Nominee 1, 2: Spirit Sister 1, 3: Senior Saloon 3: Homecoming Queen Nominee 3. Goodman, Lory French Club l, 2, 3, Vice Presi- dent 2, 3: Representative 1: Soccer l, 2, 3: All-Toumament Fullback 2, 3: Choir 1: Spirit Sister 1: FBLA 3: lnteract 2: NHS 2, 3: All District Fullback 2nd Team: UIL Scholar Award: Presidential Academic Fitness Award. Goreham, Amy Choraliers 1, 2, 3: Chamber Singers 3: Choir Secretary l, 3. Green, Kristi Volleyball 1, 2: German Club 1, 2: FBLA 2: Spirit Sister 2, 3: FHA 3. Greer, Anthony Football 1, 2: Perfect Attendance 1, 2, 3. Gregston, Cherise Ag Coop 3: FHA 1. Griggs, jennifer Presidential Academic Fitness Award: TWC Scholarship: Drama Historian: NFL: Drama Club: French Club: Latin Club. Gunther, Carrie Latin Club 1, 2: Drama Club 1, 2, 3: Thespians 2, 3, Treasurer 3: NHS 3: Presidential Academic Fitness Award. Gunther, Cindy Volleyball 1: Football Manager 1, 2: Spanish Club 1, 2: Presidential Academic Fitness Award. Guthrie, Cathy Speech Club 1, 2: Choir 1, 2, 3. Hall, Kim French Club 2: Senior Council 3: Art Club 1: VlCA 2, 3, lst Place in Cosmetology District, Regional, and State 3, Hamill, Kelly Girls Choir 1, All-District Choir 1, Choraliers 2, 3, ACDA National Convention 2: Spirit Sister 1: Colt Corral Staff 1: Class Representative 1, 2: Spanish Club 2, 3: FBLA 2: Honor Roll 3. Hampton, Glenda VICA 2, 3. Hardin, Mike NHS 2, 3: German Club 1, 2, 3: GTE Scholarship: UTA General Scholarship: Math Team 2: 7th on National Math Team 3: Science Club 3: Presidential Academic Fitness Award. Harper, jennifer Spanish Club 1, 2, 3: Gemtan Club 2.3. Harrelson, Don Band 1, 2, 3: jazz Band 1, 2, 3: Spanish Club 2. Harris, Tracy Soccer 1. Harry, Ami Student Council 1, 2, 3, Treasurer 3: NHS 2, 3: German Cub 2, 3: AFS 2, 3: Spirit Sister 1: Concert Choir President 1, Choraliers 2: David Tarrance Award: Rotary Award: Care Team 2, 3: Presidential Academic Fitness Award: Prin- cipal's Award. Haslett, Mark Thespians 1, 2, 3, Librarian 3, lst Place in Henry Rollins Poetry Reading Contest 3: AHSPAC Founder 2, 3: Latin Club 1, 2, 3: Band l, 2, 3, lst Division at Solo Ensemble 2: Presidential Academic Fitness Award. Haston, Zack Golf l, 2: German Club 1, 2: Science Club 1, 3: NHS 2, 3: Na- tional English Merit Award: Organizations Editor of The Colt 2, 3, joumalism District Gold Medalist 2, 2nd Place in Headlines 2, 2nd place in Editorials 2, Quill and Scroll 2, 3, Most Valuable Staffer W jour- nalism 3: 9th place in Math Exam 2: Presidential Academic Fitness Award: UIL Scholar Award, Hazelwood, Tony German Club 2, 3. Hecksel, jennifer Band 1, 2, Flute Choir 2, Solo Contest l, 2, Squad Leader 2: Ger- man Club 2, 3. Hensell, Aaron Scholarship to UTA 3: Presiden- tial Academic Fitness Award. Herman, Larry Football 1, 2, 3. Hill, Deborah Spanish- Club 1, 2, 3: Youth Guidance Council I. Hill, Leslie Spanish Club 1, 2, 3: Presidential Academic Fitness Award: Colt Cor- ral Staff 2. Hill, Samantha Spanish Club 1, 2, 3: 3rd place in National Spanish Exam 1: Spirit Sister 1: lnteract 1, 2: lr. Women's Club Scholarship: Women's Council of Realtors Scholarship. Hinson, Katherine Gen'nan Club 2, 3, Vice President 3: Drama Club 1: Spirit Sister 1: ln- teract 2: Presidential Academic Fitness Award. Hodnett, Kim The Colt 2, 3: French Club 1, 2, 3: FHA 3: Quill and Scroll 3. Holly, Veronica Choir 1, Choraliers 2, 3: Thespian 1, 2, Spoon River, jamboree, Celebration: UIL Solo Ensemble 1: FHA 3: Spanish Club 3: Class Representative 3. Holmes, jim Track 1, 2, 3: Who's Who in Shop. Hott, Mark ROTC l, 2, 3: Speech 3. Houghton, Danny FFA 1, 2, 3, Vice President 3, Secretary of Arlington FFA 2: Speech Club 2, Howard, Clint DE 2: Ag Coop 3. Hubbard, Lanny Basketball 1, 2, 3: Baseball 1, 2, Most Valuable Player 2: Spanish Club 3: FBLA 3: Football 1: Swimm- ing 1: Presidential Academic Fitness Award: UIL Scholar Award: TCU Scholarship, Hubbard, Vicky OEA 3: Spanish Club 1. Haddock, Bob Soccer 1, 2: Track 1. Huff, Grady Hughes, David Soccer 1, 2, 3. Hughes, Shannon Drill Team 1: Spirit Sister 1, 2, 3: French Club 1: Choir 3: FBLA 3: Honor Roll 3. Hum, Stephanie Latin Club 1, 2, 3, Latin HS 2, 3: Basketball 1, 2, 3: Track 2: NHS 2, 3: Science Club 1, 2, 3: Principal's Award: UIL Scholar Award: Presidential Academic Fitness Award: TWC Scholarship: National Merit Scholarship. Hussey, David Presidential Academic Fitness Award: UIL Scholar Award: Who's Who in English: Co-Salutatorian: Principal's Award: German Club 2, 3, Hutchins, Pam Drill Team 1: Spanish Club 1, 2: FHA 3: Spirit Sister 1, 2, 3: Enter- tainment Editor on The Colt 3: Quill and Scroll 3: Presidential Academic Fitness Award. Ingram, john Thespian Club 1, 2, 3: PTA Stu- dent ofthe Month Media Award for Computer Programming 1: Science Club 3: Principal's Award. Isakson, Tammy Volleyball 1: German Club 1, 2: HECE 3: FHA 3: Hero 3. jackson, jarrod Football 1: DECA 2, 3. jackson, Kristin French Club 2, 3, jackson, Sarah Spanish Club 1, 2. janovsky, Alex Gennan Club 1, 2: Basketball 1, 2: NHS 2, 3: National Merit 3: 4th place in Algebra ll 1: National Math Exam 1: 7th place in Math Exam 3: Scholarship for UTA: DAR: Presidential Academic Fitness Award. jobe, jill Spanish Club 1, 2: Spirit Sister 2: FBLA 2, 3, Secretary 3: FHA 3: Honor Roll 3: Who's Who in Business. jones, Dana Drama Club 1: Spanish Club 1, 2: DECA 3. jones, Kelly FBLA 1: Spanish Club 1, 2: Drill Team 2: Football Manager 3. johnson, Darla Spanish Club l: Choir 1, Choraliers 2, 3, Chamber Singers 2, 3, ACDA 2, johnson, julie Drill Team 1, 2, 3, Lieutenant 2, Captain 3, judges Award 1: NHS 2, 3: Presidential Academic Fitness Award. johnson, jill Spanish Club 1, 2: Spirit Sister 2. johnson, Veronica Volleyball 1, 2, 3: Track 1: Basket- ball 1, jung, Victoria French Club 2: VICA 2, 3, Most Improved 2, Certificate of Achieve- ment 3: Honorable Mention 3. Kalin, Kathy Presidential Academic Fitness Award: UIL Scholar Award: Who's Who in French. Keeney, Wendi Spirit Sister 1, 2, 3: Spanish Club 2. Kelsey, Chris Chamber Singers 1, 2, 3: Choraliers 1, 2, 3: Tennis 1: Senior Saloon. Kerr, Karl Band 1, 2, 3, jazz Band 1, 2, 3. Kevin, Chris FHA 1: OEA 3: ArtClub 1. Kikel, jeff ROTC 1, 2, 3: DAR for ROTC. Kincheloe, Kendall Volleyball 1, 2: Spirit Sister 3: FHA 2, 3: Spanish Club 2: Soccer 1. King, jimmy PTA Award 2: ROTC 1, 2, 3, American Legion Award 2, Scholastic Excellence 3, Military Order of World Wars 1, Outstanding Cadet 2: AFROTC Scholarship: Who's Who in ROTC: Presidential Academic Fitness Award. Kino, Annette ROTC 1, 2, 3: FHA l. Kirby, Sonja Volleyball 1: German Club 1: OEA 2, 3. Kitterman, Deidre Spanish Club 1: FHA 3: FBLA 2, 3. Knodel, Karen Marching Band 1, Color Guard 2, 3, Winter Guard 3, Concert Band 1, Symphonic Band 2, 3: Presidential Academic Fitness Award: Prin- cipal's Award. Lackey, Russ Student Council 1, 2: German Club 1, 2. Lacy,jim Class President 3: Class Council 2, 3: Student Council 3: German Club 1, 2, 3: AHSPAC 2, 3: NHS 3: Tennis 1, 2: Choraliers 2, 3: West Side Story: Who's Who in Social Studies: Principal's Award: Presidential Academic Fitness Award: American Legion Award, Lakey, Mitchell French Club 2: Photo Club 3: Quill and Scroll 2. Landolt, Lisa Drill Team l: French Club 1, 2, 3: Drama Club 1. Lawrence, Karyn French Club 2, 3: Spirit Sister 3, Lawrence, Kelly French Club l, 2, 3: Spirit Sister l, 3. LeFebvre, Chris Spirit Sister 1, 3: Spanish Club 1: FBLA 2: Class Representative 3: Honor Roll 3: Senior Saloon 3: Presidential Academic Fitness Award. LeMasurier, P. K. French Club l, 2: FHA 3: Decora- tion oi East Wall - COLT 3. Lingo, Scott Baseball l, 2: German Club l. Liston, Laura Spanish Club 1: Science Club 3: NHS 2, 3: Presidential Academic Fitness Award. Litherland, jana Band 1, 2, Flute Choir 1, 2, Color Guard 1, 2: VOE 3, Lok, Carl Baseball 1: Spanish Club 1, Luttrell,jo Orchestra l, 2, 3, Outstanding Student 1, 2, All State Orchestra 1, 2, 3, lst place in UIL Orchestra Con- test l, 3: German Club 2: Band 3: NHS 2, 3: Presidential Academic Fitness Award: UIL Scholar Award: Who's Who in Orchestra. Lutrick, Kathy VICA 2, 3, 2nd in State Cosmetology Competition 3, lst in Regional and District Competition. Lynn, Kristi FHA 1, 2, 3, Vice President 3, State FHA Meeting 3, 5th in area FHA meeting 3: OEA 3. Maberry, Shandlele Basketball 1: French Club 1: FBLA 2: OEA Historian 3: lst place in Historian Scrapbook 3. Macrander, Robert German Club 2: ROTC 1, 2, 3. Madden, Shannon Science Club 3: FBLA 3. Maddock, Shaun German Club 2: Care Team 3. Maddux, Teresa Spanish Club 2, 3: lnteract 1, 2: FBLA 1, 2: Presidential Academic Fitness Award. Magee, john Track 1, 2, 3: Soccer 1: Cross Country 1. Mansfield, Sarah Marching Band 1, 2, 3, Sym- phonic Band 1, 2, 3, Assistant Librarian 1, Librarian 2, President 3, Squad Leader 3: German Club 1, 2: FBLA 3: NHS 2, 3: Spirit Sister 1, 3: SENIORS Colt Corral Staff 3, Quill and Scroll 37 Presidential Academic Fitness Award. Markey, Laura Spanish Club 1, 27 Art Club 17 FBLA 37 Spirit Sister 1, 3: Soccer 1, 2, 3. Martensen, Todd Honor Society 2, 37 Student Council 17 Sophomore Class Presi- dent 17 Latin Club 1, 2, 37 NFL 1, 27 Secretary 27 Basketball 1, 27 Tennis 1, 2. Martin, Lisa Drill Team 1, 27 French Club 1, 27 HECE 3. Martin, Mary French Club 1, 2, 37 FHA 2, ln- teract 17 Choir 17 NHS 2, 3, PTA Award 27 HOE 37 junior Womens Club Scholarship, Counts Nursing Scholarship: Saxe Scholarship, Presidential Academic Fitness Award7 TWC Scholarship. Martin, Scott UIL Scholar7 Presidential Academic Fitness Award7 Who's Who in Math7 UTA Freshman Scholarship7 Rotary Scholarship: American High School Math Award. Mauldin,Rob Principal's Award: Presidential Academic Fitness Award7 UIL Scholar Award. Mathios, Nick FFA 2, 3. Mattlage, David Football 1, 2, 3, Track 1, 27 Spanish Club 27 Valentine Sweetheart Nominee 1. Maumus,Niki Spirit Sister 2. Maurer, Ellen National Merit Scholar 37 German Club 1, 27 Presidential Academic Fitness Award. McBride, Heather German Club 1, Cross Country 27 Track 2, FBLA 37 FHA 3. McCall, jennifer Band 1, jazz Band 17 German Club 27 FHA 3. McClellan, Meghan Spanish Club 17 HECE 37 Spirit Sister 1, 27 Photo Club 2, 3. McClintock, Kathleen Spanish Club 1, 2, 3: Band 1, 2, Orchestra 1, 27 NEMA Award 37 TCU Creative Writing Contest 31 Elizabeth Amos English Award. McCormick, Amy Spanish Club 1, 27 Drama Club 2, 3, Thespians 3, Track 1, 27 Cross Country 1, 2. McCormick, Lee Student Development Award 1: NHS 2, 3: Football 1, 2, 3, Captain 2, 3, Track 1, 2, 37 French Club 17 UlL Scholar Award, Presidential Academic Fitness Award. McFarland, Sandy Spirit Sister 1, 2, 37 Spanish Club 1, 27 FBLA 37 NHS 37 Class Representative 17 FHA 37 Presiden- tial Academic Fitness Award: Homecoming Court 3. McKaig, Martha Lu Choir 1, 2, 37 FBLA 27 NHS 2, 3, Student Council 37 Class Represen- tative 17 Spirit Sister 1, 27 ACDA 27 UIL Spelling Contest 17 Nominee for Miss AHS 37 West Side Story7 UIL Scholar Award: Presidential Academic Fitness Award. McNatt, Mike Student Council 1, 27 FFA 37 Ten- nis 17 Latin Club 1. McNichols, james Football 1, 2, 3, All-District 37 Track 2, 3, All District Hurdles 3, Principal's Award. Mebus, Pat French Club 2, 37 Choir 1, 2, 37 Orchestra 1, 2, 37 Spirit Sister 1, 27 West Side Story, AHS Calendar Girl 37 Chamber Singers 2, 3. Meeks, Rita Who's Who in CVAE. Merrill, Alyn German Club 1, 37 Band 1, 2, 37 SENIORS Stage Band 1, 2, 3, All City Band 37 Full Orchestra 2, Band Officer 2, 3. Merrill, Rory Soccer 17 Honor Roll 17 Track 1. Michener, David Football 1, 2, 3: Baseball 1, 2, 37 German Club 2, 3, Student Council 37 Colt Country Calendar 37 Army Award 37 Memorial Award All District Quarterback 37 Homecom- ing King Nominee 37 Sweetheart Nominee 1, 2, 37 Presidential Academic Fitness Award. Mickelson, julie HECE 37 Class Representative 17 Spirit Sister 1, 2, 37 German Club 1, 2. Middleton, Michelle French Club 1, 2, 37 Art Club 37 Orchestra 1, Z7 Presidential Academic Fitness Award. Mills, Kenny ROTC Drill Team 2, 37 Com- mander 37 Veteran of Foreign Wars Medal 3. Mindel, Elizabeth AHSPAC 2, 3: German Club 2,37 NHS 2, 37 National Merit Finalist 37 Presidential Academic Fitness Award. Minshall, Todd Football 17 Choir 1, 2, Chamber Singers 27 UIL One Act Contest 3. Moffett, Lance FBLA 17 Football 1, 2, 3, All District and All City 2, 37 1st in District Pole Vault 1, Track 27 Latin Club 27 Herdsman of the Year in FFA 2, President of FFA 37 David Tarrance Award7 Presidential Academic Fitness Award7 Prin- cipal's Award7 Who's Who in Agriculture. Mohlman, Missy VlCA 2, 3. Montgomery, Michelle Cosmetology 2, 37 Spirit Sister 17 PTA Student of the Month 37 Won 1st in District and State VICA Con- test 3: French Club 27 Who's Who in Cosmetology. Moody, jon Orchestra 17 Tennis 27 Presidential Academic Fitness Award. Moon, Nancy Choir 17 Choraliers 1, 27 Spanish Club 17 Spirit Sister 1, 27 Cheerleader 37 lnteract 27 Contact 2, 37 Care Team 37 NHS 2, 37 Class Council 1, 2, 37 Presidential Academic Fitness Award. Moon, Shannon Ag Coop 37 FHA 2. Moore, Deana Drill Team 1, 2, Officer 2, German Club 1, 27 OEA Officer 37 VOE 37 FBLA 37 Honor Roll 37 Spirit Sister 1. Moore, Greg Band 1, 2, 3. Moore, Lee Football 1, 2, 3, All District 3, Lineman of the Year 37 Latin Club 2, 3, Latin NHS 2, 3, Vice President 2, President 37 Track 1, 2, 37 Presiden- tial Academic Fitness Award: US Military Academy Full Scholarship: Who's Who in Latin. Moore, Shawn Baseball Statistics 1, German Club 2. Mora, Monica Art Club 2, FBLA 37 Photo Club 3. Moreland, Phil Band 1, 27 German Club 1, 2. Morford, Pam French Club 1, 27 NHS 2, 37 AHSPAC 37 Presidential Academic Fitness Award. Morgan, Lana German Club 1. Moulton, julie Marching Band 1, 2, 3, Sym- phonic Band 2, 3, Flute Choir 1, 2, 37 Orchestra 2, 37 Honored Ensemble 27 Squad Leader 2, 37 Colt Corral Staff 1, 2, 37 Co-Editor 3, Quill and Scroll 1, 2, Honor Q Sr S 37 German Club 1, 27 Band Letter 37 Award for Layout Design 2, 3: lst Division at AISD Solo Contest 1, 2 and AMTA Solo Contest 1, 2. Mulligan, Ron FBLA 2. Murphy, Mike Spanish Club 1, 27 Golf 1, 27 NHS 37 Honor Roll 37 UTA Freshman Scholarship: Texas Wesleyan Fellow Scholarship7 Business Scholarship: Student Development Award: Voice of Democracy Scholarship: Presidential Academic Fitness Award. Murray, janet German Club 1, 27 Band 1, 2, 3, All City Band and All Region 1, 2, 32 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, All Region and All State Orchestra 1, 2, 37 jazz Band 2, 37 Outstanding Band Member 1, 2, NHS 37 Presidential Academic Fitness Award, UIL Scholar Award: Who's Who in Band. Naughton, Chris Football 1, 2, 3, Offensive Player of the Year Award 2, 3, Special Teams Player of the Year Award 3: Captain 37 Baseball 1, 2, 3, Captain 37 Student Council 37 Class Officer 37 NHS 37 PTA Award 27 Honor roll 37 Super Colt 37 PTA Scholarship? Presidential Academic Fitness Award, Principal's Award. Nedderman, Kristi Band 1, 2, Symphonic Band Of- ficer 1, 2, Letter7 lst at AMTA Solo Contest and UIL Solo Contest: Ger- man Club 1, 2, 3, President 37 Colt Corral Staff 2, 3, Co-Editor 3, Quill and Scroll 2, 3, Honored 37 NHS 2, 37 Society of Distinguished High School Students7 Honor Roll 37 Perfect Attendance 1, 2, 37 Award for Layout Design 37 Presidential Academic Fitness Award, UIL Scholar Award: Who's Who in PE. Nelson, Sherrie Band 1: French Club 1, 27 Band Color Guard Captain 3. Nelson, Stacy Drill Team 17 French Club 27 Photo Club 37 VOE 3. Nguyen, Ha PTA Award 37 American Legion Scholastic Award7 German Club 1: ROTC Drill Team 2, 37 ROTC Color Guard 3. Nicholson, Brent Football 17 Track 17 French Club 1. Nolan, Mary Cross Country 1, 27 Track 1, 2, German Club Secretary 2: Cheerleader 17 Spirit Sister 1, 27 Trainer 37 Honor Roll 3. Noon,jeff Football 1, 2, 37 German Club 3. Norris, Larry Track 17 Golf 1. Obregon, Troy ASHPAC 2, 3, Science Club 37 Latin Club 2, 37 NHS 2, 37 National Latin Honor Society 2, 37 Thespians 1, 2, 3, Drama Club 1, 27 Improvisa- tional 1st place7 Cry of Players Cast: Angel Comes to Babylon Cast: Spoonriver Cast: Senior Saloon 37 McFadden Scholarship to TWC 37 Presidential Academic Fitness Award: UIL Scholar Award. 0'Brien, Pat Football 1, 2, 37 Student Council 2, 3, Outstanding Member 37 Class Council 1, 2, 37 NHS 2, 37 German Club 1, 27 Dance-A-Thon 2, 37 NHS 2, 3, Vice President 37 Boys' Social Chairman 27 Tarrance Award 3, PTA Student Development Award 17 Homecoming King Nominee 3, Valentine Sweetheart Nominee 2, 37 Colt Country Men 37 Lions Club Sportsmanship Award 37 National English Merit Award 3, Rotary Award 37 Vespers Speaker 37 UT Exes Scholarship 37 West Side Story 37 Fielder Award Nominee 3, Prin- cipal's Award 37 Presidential Academic Fitness Award 37 UIL Scholar Award 3. O'Dell, Gina Cheerleader 1, 2, 37 Soccer 1, 2, 3-D Award, Offensive Player of the Year, All-City, All-District, All- Region, All-State7 Spirit Sisters 1, Spanish Club 1, 27 AHS Ladies Calendar 37 Principal's Award 3. Odom, Charley Football 1, 2, 37 French Club 1. Odom, Scott Soccer 1, 2, 3, jV Defensive Player of Year, All-District 2, 3, All-Region 37 NHS 2, 3, German Club 1, 2, Vice President 27 True Colt Award 37 Presidential Academic Fitness Award. O'Quinn, Gregg German Club 1, 2. Owens, Deborah Choir 17 French Club 27 FHA 37 Thespians 1. Panagopoulos, Pete Spanish Club 17 French Club 2, 3. Palmer, Christy FBLA 2, 3, Vice President7 lnteract 2, 37 Spirit Sister 1, 2, Choraliers 3. Park, Mike Football 1, 2, 3, Willoughby Award 37 German Club 17 Soccer 1, 3, All-District 3, Defensive Player of the Year 37 National English Merit Award 37 AHS Honor Roll 37 NHS 3, Optimist Outstanding Student Award 37 Presidential Academic Fitness Award 37 UIL Scholar Award 37 Principal's Award 37 PTA Scholarship 3. Perrett, Brandee German Club 1, 27 Spirit Sisters 1, 27 German Club Soccer 1, 2. Perrett, Chase ' Who's Who Speech: Thespians7 French Club7 NFL, FBLA7 Drama Club, Honor Thespian. Peterson, Cindy French Club 2, 37 FBLA 3, lst place Shorthand 37 UIL Shorthand District, Regional lst, 4th State7 NHS 37 FHA 37 Student Develop- ment Award 27 National French Ex- am 2nd 37 Presidential Academic Fitness Award 37 Principal's Award 3. Petty, Kristin Vice President 37 Thespians 1, 2, 3, NHS 2, 37 Cheerleading 1, 27 NFL Treasurer 37 Student Council 3, Girls Social Chaimwan 1: Spanish Club 1, 27 lnteract 27 Homecoming Queen Nominee 37 Miss AHS Nominee 37 junior Princess Nominee 27 Spirit Sister 1, 37 NFL Student of the Month 37 National English Merit Award 37 Sweet Heart Nominee 1, 2, 37 UIL Scholar Award 37 US Speech and Drama Award 37 Class Council 27 District One-Act Play Cast 37 Presidential Academic Fitness Award 3. Phillips, Micheal PTA Award 37 Library Club Secretary 27 Clothing and Textiles Achievement Certificate 3. Phillips, jeff Soccer 1, 2. Pierce, Suzie VOE 3. Pitz, Marnie Band 1, 27 Colorguard 17 Rifle Capt. 27 French Club 1, 27 FBLA 17 Thespian 1, 2, 37 Yearbook 37 Quill and Scroll 37 NFL 27 Spirit Sisters 2, 37 Volleyball Manager 37 Flute Choir 1, 2. Plunk, Tonia Volleyball 1, 2: Soccer 1, 2, 3, MVP 2, All-District 2, 3, All Regional 2, 3, All-State 2, 3. Poalinelli, Thomas Track 17 French Club 27 Photo Club 2, Senior Slide Show 3, Prin- cipal's Award 3. Podsednik, Karen Track 1, 2, 3, Most Improved 17 Cross Country 1, 2, Most Outstan- ding 27 German Club 1, 27 Spirit Sisters 17 NHS 2, 3, Presidential Academic Fitness Award 37 UIL Scholar Award 3. Pokrifcsak, Brian Football 1, 27 FFA 2, 3. Polk, Terri HOE 27 HECE 3. Porter, Gerald Basketball 1, 2, 3: Football 17 Track 1, 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, 37 Latin Club 1, 2. Price,jim FBLA3. Prichard, Vic PTA Student Developmer Award 27 Air Force Associatio Citation 27 Order of Dandelior Award 37 jROTC Color Guard 1, I Drill Team 1, 2, Squadron Con mander 3, ROTC Scholarship . Presidential Academic Fitnes Award 3. Puempel, Chris 7 Basketball 1, 2, 3, Captain . Baseball 1, 2, 3: True Colt 37 Ge man Club 1, 27 Presidenti. Academic Fitness Award 3: Prii cipal's Award 3. Rabbitt, jenny Volleyball 1, 2, 37 Soccer 1, 2, S cond Team All-District Z7 Track 1 Regional Qualifier 37 Spanish German Club 2, 3, Racioppa, Lisa OEA 37 Baseball Stats 1. Randall, Shara Art Club 2: HECE 3. Raney, Dalis Spanish Honor Society 17 HEC 1, 37 Perfect Attendance 1, Spanish Club 2, President 27 Chc 17 Track 27 Cross Country 2. Ray, Dorothy Drill Team 1, 2, 3, Colt Kicker 1 the Year, Best Line Membe Spanish Club 1, 27 Latin Club Poetry Club 2, 3, Spirit Sisters Foo ball 1, 2, 3, Baseball 3, Croux Scholarship 37 Poetry Award Presidential Academic Fitne: Award 3. Ray, Rob Principal's Award 3. Redden, Robin Spanish Club 17 German Club FHA 3. Reed, Alan FFA 1, 2, 3. Richard, Kevin Golf 1, 2, 3, District Medalist All-District 3. Richards, Bill Spanish Club 17 Tennis 1, 2. Richerson, Lisa Orchestra 1, 2, 37 Soccer 17 AFS Latin Club 1, 2, 37 NHS 2, 37 N. tional Honor Society 1, 2, Presidential Academic Fitnes Award 3. Richardson, joel Cross Country 1, 2, 3, Track 1, 3, Regional, State 3: NHS 2, . Spanish Club 1, 27 AHSPAC 37 Prir cipal's Award 3, UIL Scholar Awar 3. Rincon, Lisa Volleyball 1. Robertson, jennifer Newspaper Staff 3, Yearboo Staff 37 Quill and Scroll 37 Spanis Club 27 FHA 3. Rodgers, Terri Spanish Club 1, 27 Art Club 2, 3. Rogers, Shelby Band 1, 2, 3, Drum Major 2, El All-City 2, 3, jazz Band 1, 2, 3, Al Region 37 Orchestra 1, 2, 37 Frenc Club 27 UTA Scholarship 3, Rogstad, Nanci Drill Team 1, 2, judges Award 2 37 Spirit Sisters 1, 2, 37 Spanish Clu 2. Rosenbower, jennifer Spirit Sisters 1, 27 NHS 2, 37 N tional Latin Honor Society 1, 2, 3 Latin Club 1, 2, 3, Secretary 37 AF 1, 27 SADD 2, 37 FHA 27 FBLA 17 ln teract 27 Presidential Academi Fitness Award 37 junior Women, Club Scholarship 3, Rouse, Dana French Club 17 Latin Club J Honor Roll 1, 2, Choir 1. Ruppert, Cathy Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Secretary All-Region 17 Spirit Sisters 2, Spanish Club 2, West Side Story O chestra 37 Yearbook Staff 37 Yout Orchestra 17 Quill and Scroll 3. Sandlin, Sharon FBLA 1, 27 Baseball Spirit Siste 17 Feature Editor The Colt 2, Feature Editor 3, Co-Editor 37 Lati onor Society 2, 3: NHS 2, 3, 'cretary 35 Interact 2: Latin Club 2, AFS 25 Quill and Scroll 2, 3: amber of Commerce Girl for cember 35 Presidential Academic tness Award 35 UlL Scholar ward 35 Women in Communica- 3ns Scholarship 3: Whos Who in iurnalism 3. rnders, Mark Tennis 1, 2, 3. rmmons, Lisa Spanish Club 1: VICA 2, 3, :arborough, Rhonda Spanish Club 25 Drill Team 25 OE 3. chultz, Amy Drill Team 1, 2, 3. cott, Brad 'Latin Club 2, 3: Latin Honor ociety 2, 3: NHS 2, 3, Social Chair- ian5 Choraliers 1, 2, 3, President 3, ll-Area 2, 3: Chamber Singers 2, 3: rteract 25 Tennis 15 West Side Story : jamboree 1, 2, 35 Presidential cademic Fitness Award 35 UIL cholar Award 35 Celebration 1: vening On Broadway 2: UIL Solo ontest 1, 35 Principals Award 3. eager, Lori HECE 35 DE 2: Student Rep. 2. eely, Cheryl Volleyball 1: Sign Language Club :French Club 2. epulveda, Brian Football 1: Choraliers 1, 2, 3, All- 'istrict 1, 2, All-Zone 3, Section eader 25 Chamber Singers 1, 2: lievus Award 25 PTA Student 'evelopment Award 3: UIL Solo 'ivision l Rating 1, 2, 3: ACDA onvention 25 Class Rep. 35 Iam- oree 1, 2, 3: Celebration 1, 2: West ide Story 35 Principals Award 3. eward, Eddie NHS 35 Math Team 2, 35 Spanish lub 2, 35 Texas Energy Science ymposium 25 Presidential cademic Fitness Award 35 UTA reshman Scholarship 3, exton, Windee Spirit Sisters 1, 2: Art Club: FHA eymour, Doug Tennis 1, 2, 3: Swimming 15 NHS . 35 National French Exam lst 1: lath Team 2, 35 French Club 2, 3: TA Freshman Scholarship Proctor Gamble Scholarship 35 Presiden- al Academic Fitness Award 35 UIL :holar Award 3. lrackelford, Ralph AFIROTC 1, 2, 3, Rocket Team. trady, Kayce Drill Team 15 French Club 25 FHA HECE 35 HERO President 3. hear, Kristi Spanish Club 1, 25 Art Club 35 Art ssociation Honors 35 PTA Art ontest 3rd 3. helby, Deana Drill Team 15 OEA 3. hinneman, Wendy FHA 1, 2, 3, Treasurer 1, ecretary 3, Historian 2, State leeting 1, 2, 3: Spirit Sisters 25 panish Club 2: FBLA 3. hipp, Angela FFA 1, 2, 35 German Club 1. hipley, Kurt Science Club 35 Spanish Club 25 aseball 1, 2, 3. hoults, Philip Football 15 FFA 1, 2, 3, Parliamen- irian, Certificate ol Merit, Extem- oraneous Speaking, iebenthal, lane Choraliers 1, 2, 35 French Club 1, Chambers Singers 35 Football pirit Sisters 2. impson, Angie Cosmo - VICA 1, 2, Most lm- roved 3. linkard, Todd Soccer 2, 35 German Club 15 NHS , 35 Principals Award 35 Presiden- al Academic Fitness Award 3. locuxn, Cindy Spirit Sister 1, 2: Gemtan Club 2, Soccer 1, 2, 3: FBLA 2, 3, Vice resident 3: Yearbook Staff 35 AFS Shipman, Shelly Basketball 1, 2, 35 Baseball Stats 35 Presidential Academic Fitness Award 3. Smelley, Valerie Latin Club 1, 2, 3: Spirit Sisters 15 Class Council 25 FHA 35 Latin Honor Society 3: Presidential Academic Fitness Award 35 FHA Scholarship 3. Smith, Barbie Spirit Sisters 1, 25 Drama Club 25 VICA 2, 3, Vice President 2, Presi- dent 35 PTA Student Development Award 3: VICA lst Place District, Regional, State. Smith, Tammy FHA 25 Historian 3. Snipes, Adam Snowden, Cary Football 1, 25 Spanish Club 1, 25 FBLA 35 Senior Saloon 3: Baseball 1, 2: NFL 35 Class Representative 35 Colt Calendar 2, 3. Spivy, Lori Choraliers 1, 2, 35 Chamber Singers 1, 2, 3, Chairperson 35 All- State Choir 2, 35 All-Area Choir 1, 2, 35 NHS 2, 3, Social Chairman 35 UIL Solo Contest 1, 3: UIL Ensemble Contest 1, 35 Latin Club 2, 35 Homecoming Court 1, 25 Latin Honor Society 2, 35 Chamber of Commerce Scholarship 3: West Side Story 3: lamboree 1, 2, 3: Celebra- tion 15 An Evening on Broadway 25 Fielder Award 35 Principals Award 35 Presidential Academic Fitness Award 35 UIL Scholar Award 3. Sproba, Mike Spanish Club 1, 2: Golf 1, 25 Presidential Academic Fitness Award 3. Stallones, Shawn Drill Team 1, 2, 3: Football Spirit Sisters 3. Stanford, Angela DECA 1, 25 Spirit Sisters 1, 25 FBLA 1. Steams, Kimberly Track Mgr. 1, 2, 35 Choraliers 2, 35 Treble Choir 15 Iamboree 1, 2, 35 Celebration 15 Evening on Broad- way 25 Student Development Award 1: Cross Country Mgr. 2, 35 Class Representative 15 UIL Choir Division l Rating 1, 2, 3: Presidential Academic Fitness Award 35 UIL Scholar Award 3. Stehn, Anne-Marie German Club 1, 2, 3: Honor Roll 35 Principal's Award 35 Presidential Academic Fitness Award 3. Steinle, Curtis ROTC 1, 2, 35 Band 1, 2, Stell, Tony Football 1, 2, 3: Soccer 15 Spanish Club 1. Stevenson, Marc ROTC 1, 2, 3: German Club 1, 2, 3. Stewart, Blake Golf 1, 2, 3: Presidential Academic Fitness Award 3. Stewart, jonathan Kiwanis Scholarship 3, Stiebing, Alan Band 1, 2, 3: Stage Band 1, 2, 3: Orchestra 2, 35 West Side Story Or- chestra 3. Stoecker, john Basketball 15 Football 2, 3, Honorable Mention All-District 35 French Club 25 FHA 3. Stokes, Amy Band 1, 25 Track 1, 2, 3, Most Outstanding 25 Cross Country 1, 2, 35 French Club 2, 3. Stokes, Robert French Club 1, 25 Industrial Arts Club 15 Football 1, 2, 3. Stone, Michelle Spanish Club 2, Officer 25 Class Representative 3. Story, james Baseball 15 German Club 1, 2, 3: AHSPAC 3: Choir 2. Stuchly, Christine FBLA 15 AFS 1, 25 Yearbook 25 Latin Club 1, 2, 3: Vice President 35 Spirit Sisters 2,35 NHS 2, 35 lnteract 25 FHA 15 Presidential Academic Fitness Award 3: Chamber of Com- merce Scholarship 3. Sulak, Anita German Club 1: OEA 2, 3, Secretary 3. Sullivan, Karen Student Development Award l: Spirit Sisters 25 Spanish Club 25 FBLA 3: FHA 35 Principals Award 3. Sutton, Darin ROTC 1, 2. Sutton, Cindee Track 1, 2: Cross Country 1, 25 FHA Vice President 25 Drama Club 1, 2, 35 Spirit Sisters 1, 25 Football Trainer 1, 2. Taite, David AFS 2: German Club 1: NHS 3: Student Development Award 2: Presidential Academic Fitness Award 35 Principals Award 3. Tate,Ioe11e Student Council 1, 2: Spanish Club 25 Band 15 Senior Council 35 FBLA 2. Taylor, Catrece French Club 1, 2, 3. Taylor, Rod German Club 1, 2, 3: AHSPAC 2, 35 UIL 2nd - News 2, 2nd - Editorials 3: Newspaper Staff 2, 35 Women in Communications Scholarship 3: Emma Ousley Outstanding Ioumalist 35 Presiden- tial Academic Fitness Award 3. Thomas, Mary Lisa German Club 2, 35 Interact 25 Class Council 1, 2, 35 Tennis 15 Choraliers 1, 2, 3, All-District 1, 2, 3: All-Region 1, 2, All-Area 1, 25 Chamber Singers 1, 2, 35 Spirit Sisters 1, 2, 35 West Side Story 35 Soroptimist Citizenship Award 35 Cribbs Scholarship 35 TCU Scholar- ship 35 Texas Tech Scholarship 35 NHS 3: Celebration 2, 35 UIL Solo Ensemble 1 1, 3: Presidential Academic Fitness Award 3. Thomas, Tiffany Student Council Representative 1, 2, 35 Spirit Sisters 1, 2, 35 Spanish Club 1, 2, Vice President: Student Development Award 2: Student Body Secretary 35 FBLA Social Chairman 35 Class Council 1, 2, 35 Principals Award 35 Presidential Academic Fitness Award 3. Thomlinson, Kurt Soccer 1, 25 Band 15 French Club 2, 35 NHS 2, 35 Presidential Academic Fitness Award 3, Thompson, Beth Spirit Sisters 1, 35 Art Club 2, 3, Vice President 35 NHS 35 French Club 2, 35 Presidential Academic Fitness Award 3. Thompson, Lisa Gen'nan Club 15 FBLA 15 OEA 3. Thulin, Stacey Spanish Club 15 Basketball 1, 2, IV Captain 25 Golf 2, 3, Regional 35 FBLA 2, 35 Newspaper Staff 2, 3, Ahs Ed 2, Co-Editor 35 NHS 2, 3, Reporter 35 UIL Spelling 1: UIL Headlines, Features, News 2, Headlines, Features 35 Quill and Scroll 2, 3, Honor Quill and Scroll 3: Principals Award 3: Presidential Academic Fitness Award 3, Timmons, Greg Soccer l, 2, 3: NHS 2, 3: French Club 1, 25 Presidential Academic Fitness Award 35 UTA Presidents Leadership Scholarship 3. Toxey, Chuck Band 1, 2, 3, Vice President 3, All-City 3, Squad Leader 35 Sym- phonic Band 1, 2, 35 jazz Band 3, Section Leader 35 Spanish Club 1, 25 1st Division Medals UIL, AMTA, AlSD 1, 2, 3, Honor Performer: Math Team 15 West Side Story Or- chestra 35 Harrington Scholarship 3. Stibble, Scott Golf 1, 2, 3, Trudell, Mike Track 1, 2, 3, District, Regional, State 35 Spanish Club 15 Latin Club 2: Presidential Academic Fitness Award 3. Trujillo, Toni VICA 2, 3, 3rd in District 2, Most Congenial 3. Tucker, Thomas ROTC 1, 2: Latin Club 1. Tullos, Aimee Spirit Sisters 15 AHSPAC 2, 35 German Club 2, 35 Art Club Historian 3. Tully, Ken French Club 1, 25 Presidential Academic Fitness Award 3, Turner, Debbie VOE Treasurer 3. Turner, Lori Soccer 1, 25 Spirit Sister 35 FHA 2. Turner, Trent Fielder Award 35 Baseball 1, 2, 35 Basketball 1, 2, 35 Latin Club 1, 2, 35 NHS 2, 35 Principals Award 35 Presidential Award 3: UlL Scholar Award 3. Underwood, Allan Basketball 15 Class Representative 2, 35 Spanish Club 2, 3. Underwood, Anthony Baseball 15 Football 1, 2, 35 Track 1, 25 Gemran Club 2, 35 FBLA 2, 3. Van Hoosier, Brett Baseball 2: Latin Club 1, 2, 35 Science Club 3. Van Kuilenburg, Shane Football 1, 2: Spanish Club 1, 25 FHA 3: Soccer 1, 2. Van Siclen, Sarah Soccer 1, 2, 35 French Club 1, 2, 35 AHSPAC 35 3-D Award in Soccer 25 3rd place Poetry Reading 25 Student Council 1, 2, 3: Outstanding Stu- dent Council Member 25 Class Council 1, 2, 3. Van Vickle, Mary French Club 1, 2, 3: Presidential Academic Fitness Award 3. Vaughn, Cari Soccer 15 French Club 2. Vaughn, Tori FFA 1, 2, 3, Grand Champion Steer 2, Officer 2, 35 Cheerleader 1. Vetekis, David Soccer 2. Viegas, Rick Student Development Award 15 NFL 3, Student ofthe Month 3. Villemaire, Beth French Club 1, 2. Virden, Walter Tennis 2, 3: Spanish Club 1, 25 Soccer 1: Valentine Sweetheart 35 TCIC Math Contest 1: Presidential Academic Fitness Award 3. Wallace, Greg FFA 15 FHA 3: Spanish Club 1, 25 Football 1, 2, 3, Fighting Heart Award 3, All-District Honorable Mention 35 FBLA 25 Presidential Academic Fitness Award 3: Prin- cipal's Award 3. Ward, Marnie German Club 2, 3: Spanish Club 1, 2, 35 Choir 25 Spirit Sisters 1, 2, 35 Presidential Academic Fitness Award 3. Ware, Russ Choir 1, 2, 3, All-State 1, 2, 35 NHS 35 Chamber Singers 2, 35 Ger- man Club 1: Presidential Academic Fitness Award 3. Warner, Wendy Spirit Sisters 1, 2:Gem1an Club 1, 25 FBLA 3: Council Representative 2, 3, Watson, Linda TWC Scholarship 35 Association ot' Professional Educators Scholar- ship 3. Watts, Scott Band 15 Tennis 1, 2, 35 French Club 1, 2, 3, Webb, Paula VICA 2, 3, Secretary 3. Wells, Melanie Drill Team 15 Latin Club 1: DECA 25 HECE 3. Wetsel, Marc German Club 1, 2, 35 Swim Team 2, 3: HOE 2, Reporter 2. Wheeler, Ioel Band 1, 2, 3: Iazz Band 1, 25 Golf 3: German Club 2, 3. White, Kyle Football 1, 2, 3, All-City 35 Basketball 15 Track 1, 2, 3: German Club 1: FHA 3: Art Club 25 Class Representative 2. Whitley, Iennifer Band 1: Colorguard 25 Spirit Sister 2, 35 NFL 35 Thespians 1, 2, 35 Foot- ball Mgr. 35 Drill Team 25 Class Council 3. Wiener, David Basketball 1, 2, 3, All-District 35 Student Council 35 Spanish Club 1, 25 Rotary Award 35 Principals Award 35 Presidential Academic Fitness Award 3. Wilborn, Eastlyn FHA 1, 2, 3, Secretary 1, 2, Presi- dent 3: Latin Club 1, 2, 3, Certificate of Achievement 35 Student Development Award 35 Latin Honor Society 1, 2, 3: Honor Roll 35 PTA Scholarship 3: Rotary Scholarship 35 Whos Who in Home Economics 35 Presidential Academic Fitness Award 3, Wildman, Stacey Cheerleader 15 German Club 2, 35 Choir 2, 35 Chamber Singers 35 lam- boree 2, 3: Evening on Broadway 25 Class Representative 35 West Side Story 35 UIL Solo 35 UlL Choir 2, 3. Wilson, Kimberly Orchestra 1, 2, 35 French Club 1, 25 Spirit Sister 3: FHA 2. Wolosencuk, Wade Latin Club 1, 2, 3: Latin Honor Society 1, 2, 3, Latin Certificate of Achievement 35 Presidential Academic Fitness Award 3. Womack, Tom German Club 1, 2, 35 Track 15 AFS 1. Wooddell, Cindy Band 1, 2, 3: Spanish Club 2. Wright, Caye Choir 1, 2, 3, All-District 1, 2, All-Region 2, 3, All-Area 2, 35 lst Division Solo 15 FFA 1, 2, Talent Team 1, Parliamentary Team 1, Greenhand 1, Secretary 1, Chapter Farmer Degree 25 NHS 2, 35 Student Development Award 3. Wylie, Amie Drill Team 1, 25 Spanish Club 1: HOSA Secretary 25 FHA 2, 35 Spirit Sisters 2, 3. Young, Kris Ann Drill Team 1: NHS 2, 35 Yearbook Staff 1, 2, 35 German Club 2, 35 FHA 3: Quill and Scroll 2, 3, Honors 35 UIL Spelling 1. Yantis, Dan Football 15 German Club 1, 25 HOSA 2, 3, Vice President 2. Yarnell, Patrick Soccer 15 Choir 1, 2, 35 Chamber Singers 2, 35 West Side Story 35 Evening On Broadway 25 lamboree 1, 2: Celebration 1: German Club 1. Yen, Albert German Club 1, 25 AFS 1, 25 Or- chestra 1, 2, 3: NHS 2, 3: Science Club 3: Math and Science Team 1, 2, 35 National Merit Scholarship, Texas Excellence Scholarship 3: Principals Award 35 Whos Who in Science 3: Presidential Academic Fitness Award 35 UIL Scholar Award 35 Valedictorian 3. Zang, Tara German Club 2, 3: Spirit Sister 1, 2, 3: FHA 2, 3. Ziegler, Karen Student Council 1: DECA 35 Soc- cer 15 FBLA 15 Choir 1: Spirit Sister 1. Zier, Cathy Cross Country 1: Track 15 Spanish Club 15 FBLA 3. Zitek, Iennie Student Development Award 2, 35 UIL Shorthand Region 3rd Place 25 OEA 3, lst Place Shorthand Region, 4th Place State 3: Honor Roll 3: Rotary Scholarship 35 UIL Scholar Award 3. SENIORS f A. A, Ass. ,QMS ,E,,,, Af. sAfwi.,'-,fi fb' Aims .A'vAssfw:fs1f.t, aefsssfmzs eg, ,. -fsfft - f ,sw egg :ragga fsffsfessmgffgmwsfg:gtg isieegfmis s,,,,,s Af - -1s..,, W, .ss .A Am .,. ,NA . ,A watt , i55iif5iLf2eLi5i5?ief'ifaf4S5f95filli5? isffilililalv 22912552 -Q2 at 555552 a s 293559ifftszsissgesggrsvgszaiii 52 'sftzzsggggtfigtggittsgts D, sgrszisfgszrw .wmaas-19s1f5,gf?5iisg?tsQ2 2"f5sfsef1sS1 A-As-wsstf Essis ggg- QA AS' Q e f w e V QQQQQA A. Q 1ggtgg:AwzfM,i-vmal-lifalf Q Q21 -P2-Swett .esrfszsglgsg-gtyA:ffw.f1A Awfigfzs Aa,A12zAeq,gfte,3,2s- yfwtiwgwgfg gfgwgfgt .tigigeiggs s,1 W ts. f ,3. - Qs A. 13553 -S' at -a X2 2,2193 2SX"2'Ei2m's-e-'xx-1552 9 Q X 3 ,SH inf'-twig Q 3d,2W'R?b X Q, 2 get V LU.L.,X A.V,A,. A A ,,,i,.mA,, N, , A. . A is s Q W iit25aattaisstferlsszsfsigf-iisifigft 54 2 mimfsmiszs s rgwsm ftss 2S:Afatf5??a as H 2' it at JSHJB XX H f 'X' W Q as , ss -Q H fi X a SWS mfs? H K S M Q' 5 'it Y X ,. A ,.., uniors experience action-packed year juniors had a sense of accomplishment. They had survived the dread- ed sophomore year! Of course, they still had a long road ahead of them . . . They had yet to undergo those tortuous last two months. Nooooo! As juniors, though, they had man great moments. Afller all, they got to sing "Po--or sophomores!" along with the seniors at the year's first ep rally. What more could anyone ask? This specific junior class was the first - you heard me, the first - to take the new required TEAMS test. They also perform- ed in the Junior Iam at the in- famous Colt County Fair. Dur- ing Spirit week they decorated the front hall in the theme "Fast Times at Arlington High." junior class officers were president, Ted Robertson, vice president, Chip Joslin, secretary, Melissa Hubbardg boy's social chairman, john Vant Slot, and irl's social chairman, Heather helton. Carrying out the theme of "Fast times at AHS" junior Lisa Alcala helps Chip Joslin string a traffic light in the middle of the junior Hall during Spirit Week. 152 IUNIORS Pam Finley Ted Robertson Presldent Chxp Ioslm Mehssa Hubbard Vxce presndent Secretary Heather Shelton John Vant Slot Bo s Socxal Cui s Social C an-man Chairman I ni ' r. ' ' 5 JUNIORS 153 ultiple guess Early in October, the junior class took the first ever TEAMS tests, the new exit level exam. Many juniors took TEAMS serious y, but few worried over it. Said Mary Abell before the test, "I haven't been sweating bullets or reviewing fourth grade math, but I'm taking it seriously because I have to." Stephanie Patterson said of TEAMS, "If it is as eas as the teachers say it is, then I dIon't see why everyone is making such a big deal a out it." Andie Lively shared her sen- timents, "I am not worried about it." She did add, however, "I am just worried about what is riding on it." A lot did ride on the test. Anyone who didn't pass the newly adopted test would not graduate in '87 with the rest of is class. For this reason, some juniors, such as Bill Kapsos, did feel some apprehension about taking the test, not knowing what to expect. "I'm kind of nervous about it," stated Bill. "It will definitely be challenging." He also said that some of his teachers had .. played it up to be easy, but Terry Abbott Mary Abell Amy Agee Eva-Lisa Alcala Rusty Aldridge Andre Allen Mike Allen Gene Anders Chip Anderson Serena Angell Jason Ankele Craig Archer Ashley Amold Cheryl Amold Kelly Arnold Gena Atwood Robert Austin Nick Ballay jeff Banules Davina Barnett Kelley Barnfield Rachel Barrett Bobby Barzyk Tommy Bates Winnie Battles julie Bauer Troy Baumann Pam Bayless jamie Becton Marty Beebe Will Bell Kris Bena 154 IUNIORS hard." Many thought the tests were a good idea. atterson said. "I think it's good because some kids do graduate high school without being able to read or write." Kap- sos agreed. The test itself disappointed quite a few. "It was so easy," quoted Lively, "it was insulting." Abell said of the test, "Boring!" and stated that she had com- pleted it quickly. Patterson agreed, saying that the test was quite easy. "I knew the stuff in junior high." Most considered the test easy, but some still were unsure as to their performance on the test. Kapsos also maintained that the test was easy, saying, "There wasn't anything new or hard on it. There wasn't any reason to study. I put down an answer for every question, but," he added, "whether it was right or not, I don't know." Carefully thinking on each ques- tion, juniors Paula Lindquist and Shalonda Iones take the TEAMS test. ' , ,,.. V-A ,... Iumor students taking the TEAMS test concentrate to meet new gradua- tion requirements for them. Amy Benoit Kenny Benton julie Bentrum lim Bema Robert Bigham Tommy Bird Karen Bishop Iulie Blakeslee Rob Bloodworth Shanyn Boatman Crickett Bodkins Dian Bolinger Mike Bonifert Kim Bottenfield Tommy Bowers Ierry Box Tammy Brandon Mike Bransom Brian Brauninger Jeff Braziel David Brewer Ioey Brignac Sonny Briones Annette Brooks Evan Brooks Darrell Brown Laura Brown Monica Brown Carl Browning Thomas Bryant Aaron Buchanan Ienny Buckler IUNIORS 155 Micky Budnik Iason Buffington Claudia Buisson April Burdett Sean Burnett Mike Burns Ieff Burrow Roger Busch Vince Buss Sherrill Caddel Bubba Cadden Ierald Caffey Susan Campbell Sherri Cantara Greg Caram Kim Carpenter Andrew Carroll Mike Carroll Sondra Cartwright Nicole Case Dee Cassity Mark Castleberry Sherri Cauthron Greg Cde Baca Paul Chaplin Cami Chestnut Selina Childres Scott Childress Ann Christianson Tony Clark Debbie Clark Carl Clements tuff tud While trying to study for that impossible test over bor- ing American authors, a strange hankering overtakes you. he saliva starts pooling in your mouth over the thought of a nice big bowl of buttery popcorn, topped off with a cola slurpee from 7-11. Or how about a thick, rich Hershey's Big Block and an icy cold g ass of milk? Satisfied yet? Now how are you supposed to stud while all Cyou can think about is foo ? "I usually eat a popsicle while I study," commented Amy Girod. ' Since they're on a stick, the 're easy to hold and read a book at the same time." "It's very simple," said Launa Ryan. "I eat cand corn. Not only does it satisfy my hunger, but I reward myself with it. For example, if 156 IUNIORS I can recite so man prob- lems, I can eat so much candy corn." While some use food as an incentive, others just like it for its taste. "I eat eanuts because I like the salty taste," said Bob- by Barzyk. "Usually I munch on Eotato chips and dip," related yle Dailey. "Although it is kind of em- barrassing when you tum in your papers with grease stains a lover them," he said. Although most have a favorite snack, others are reduced to making do with whatever is left in the refrigerator. During their lunch hour, juniors Brad Mann, David Friesen, and Clint Lewis snack while studying. Y """" --t, -"N M A Y? 7 1 57 ungry students tackle homework, fill brains, stomachs in a gulp xktti 'I SX. .' , 96 Cecilia Coats Kandy Cobb jason Coble Robin Coffelt Kreg Conner Iimmye Cook jason Cooper Everett Cottrell Aurelia Countess Ginger Covey Tammy Cox Eddie Crafton Brian Craig Robert Crater Carol Craven Kyndal Cravens Kyle Dailey Anna Darling Jeff Davenport Beverly Davis Bryan Davis Kristi Davis Michelle Davis Steve Davis Christy Dawson Robbie Deible jennifer Denham Ronda Dents Steve Desanto joe Devine Cris Dharrnagunaratne Ginger Dickens V L 4 Doing last minute homework, Carol ' C' E 'i'i' i ' lg Estrada and Chip Ioslin eat in the hall ' f in front of their lockers. IUNIORS eenage models How would you like to be in the world of high fashion? Picture this. You spend an hour or two sit- ting in a chair while a profes- sional make-up person makes you look absolutely stunning. You then get into the first of the several outfits you will show off. Suddenly it is your turn to go out . . . you gracefully walk down the "Runway," stop, and tum slowly around, accompanied by the ap- plause of the audience. You walk backstage again and rapidly change clothes, waiting for your turn to come up again . . . Sound like fun? For a group of AHS girls, this scene was more than just imagination. Juniors Cheryl Grote, Iulie Popp, Amy McDonald, Kathey Kalin, Karen Massengill, and Tracy Shuford, were all members of the Dillard's Teen Board. As members of Teen Board, they had many responsibilities. They performed four fashion shows a year, one for each season's line of Daletta Dietrich Tin Dinh Theresa Ditingo Brian Doak Kim Dollins Kathy Dombroski Ion Dorosk Mike Downing Robin Doyle George Drake Cari Duckett Mary Dunn Lara Eaton Alex Eaves Leann Eberhardt A Monte Elliff A Ron Elliott Deanna Ellis Georgina Ellis Saul Escamilla Tricia Escovedo Carol Estrada Ann Everett Sean Fagan S. Diana Farris Ross Ferrill Kelli Fethkenher john Fetters Mike Finley Erin Flack Lara Flahaut Andria Flowers 158 IUNIORS clothes. "The shows are the highlights of being on Teen Board for me," stated Cheryl Grote. The Teen Board spent most of its time doing these shows, but they were not all the Board was responsible for. "We do a lot of public service projects, too," julie said. "Dillard's had a 'safe kids' pro- gram where they fingerprinted kids. It was a lot of fun, and we got to help the police. It was real- ly great." To become members of the Teen Board, they had to go through a series of interviews, and then model for the director. "I was so nervous," said Cheryl Grote. "I didn't think I could walk, much less model." "It takes a lot of time and devotion," Iulie said, "but I'm really interested in fashion and hope to become famous in the field someday." For the Dillards Teen Board, julie Popp, Karen Massengill, and Cheryl Grote model school fashions. f"'3fr,96fl if :w 3, I unior girls receive experience for possible career in modeling ,wiv W. .wx wwe, 'fa-E At the Northeast Mall style show, Cheryl Grote models casual wear. .ll Adrianne Flowers Daryl Ford Peter Fortenbaugh Iason Foutch Pat Fowler jim Frederick David Friesen Kathleen Fry Jerrold Fryar Michael Furrh Ieanna Fuston Deion Gabriel Beth Ganser Ellen Garrett Richard Garth Milycia Garza Brent Gault Amy Gaylor Steve Gebext Michelle Geilhart Darla George Nikki Giddings Liza Gil Chuck Giles Amy Girod Heather Gist Irish Godwin Carrie Goebel Leah Gonzales Melissa Gonzales Christen Goodenough Angela Goodwin 1UN1oRs 159 Garth Gorden Bill Gorin Scott Grady Sean Graff Damon Graham jerry Grasso Keary Graves Catrice Green Rob Grimes Vivian Grisser Cheryl Grote Shondra Guess Anne Guffey Margie Guinn Bonnie Gulyas Todd Haas Stephen Hackney Scott Hamann Lori Hamilton Tom Hamilton Vernon Hanes Wesley Harkricler Kevin Harper Sherry Harper Tommy Harrell Angela Harrington Leslie Harris John Hattendorf Tammy Heinz Carl Heiser Marc Heitzman Kim Hendren unday esson When the sounds of Sun- day morninfg church and gay laughter o small children were heard at St. Matthews Catholic Church, Kim Hend- ren and Lisa Williams could attest that Sunday school teaching was "an ex erience they would not soon target." Kim taught rambunctious fifth graders because "I adored children and some day hope to be an elementar teacher. I feel that the youtli of today should have good morals and I hope to aid in the process," Kim stated. Kim felt that the children responded well to her because she was close to their age. She planned to continue teaching for another year or two. Lisa Williams, who was in charge of three-to-five-year- olds, found joy in smaller children. She also planned to become a teacher. She re- 160 IUNIORS called one humorous incident when a four-year-old girl glued her hair to her art project. Lisa, in hysterics, im- mediately rippled the art project rom t e girl's hair eaving her in tears. "I've definitely learned m lesson, and the next time I'll be a little more careful," she said. Both readily agreed that this was a earning experience. 'It's a lot of fun if you en- joy kids. Mainly I learned to have great patience and understanding. This is ex- perience that I will need in my career in teaching," said Kim. "I would recommend this to anyone. It's very worth- while when a child says you're his best friend or something. It has its own special rewards," concluded Lisa. 1 D X 'v Y' -v K ,Q Small children provide glimpse of teaching career for juniors Finding another outlet for her love of children, Kim Hendren helps her sociology class prepare a Christmas party for underprivileged tots. et'1ff'fgl'f?f Amy Henneman Brian Henson Kevin Herd Belinda Hess Matt Hester Candi Heathcox Garth Hill Shannon Hill Shannon Higgins Susan Hipple Mike Hitchcock john Hoffman Don Hoffner Iulie Hogan Bobby Hooker Douglas Hooper Monte Horst jeff House Wendy Howard Melissa Hubbard Susan Huber Iay Hubler Darcy Humphery Lottie Hunt Millie Hunt Kirsten Hurder Iim Hutchens Samantha Hyatt john Ickes Sandy Imhoff Ricky jackson Robert Iames IUNIORS 161 luable card Collections. Whether or not they care to admit it, everyone collects something. People will collect anything - coins, stamps, cars, bottle caps, boyfriends, girlfriends, marbles, beer cans, clocks, posters, old Coke, records, ats- Baseball cards. Kevin Har er started to col- lect baseballp cards when he was four, but not seriously until much later. "I bought baseball cards and just threw them into a box and didn't worry about them," Kevin said. "When I was about 13, my dad gwave me his old collection. hat was when l realized the value of baseball cards." Kevin had around 10,000 cards in his collection. Although most were "Com- mons," Qcards of players that never really were famousj many were worth quite a bit of money. His favorite was a 1957 Brooks Robinson card. It was also his most valuable card, it was worth 585. Several of the cards in his col- lection ranged in value from S30 to 550. His oldest cards dated from 1911 and 1912 and are worth about S50 each. They featured such baseball greats as Cy Young, Christy Mat- thewson, and Walter Johnson. These cards were put out by the Sweet Cor- poral Tobacco Company, a company more recently replaced by such companies as Topps Bubble Gum and man smaller ones, like Fleer and Eondrus. By keeping his baseball card collec- tion organized, Kevin easily finds the cards that he is looking for. Helen Jau Richie Jaynes Monte Jernigan John Jobe Julie Jobe April Johnson Charles Johnson Janet Johnson Jason Johnson Judy Johnson Phillip Johnson Ronald Johnson Scotti Johnson Kayce Jones Lori Jones Shalonda Jones Susan Jones Todd Jones Chip Joslin Lisa Julian Angela Julie Dan Justitz Tom Kale Bill Kapsos Paul Kapsos Hope Kawamoto Amy Keen Chad Keeney Brian Keeney Brynne Keens John Kelley Kyle Kemp 162 JUNIORS all card collector finds worth, gains enjo ment from old hololo ,S " T Qs? is Y., r e A - ',ffir'!!Ill5 Pam Thumbing through his collection, I Kevin Harper finds his favorite and most valuable baseball cards. ...ming T l 4-x Terri Kempin Susan Kennedy Tammy Kennedy Ingrid Kessner Nhun Kham julie Kiefer Byron King Salondra King Steve King Connie Klem Charles Knerr Amy Knippenberg Don Ko jamie Kolmer Steve Kosta Doug Krotz Michelle Kuhr Bill Lace Dejon Lacour Iahnvieve Lafontaine Leah Land Don Landry Michelle Landry Kyle Lane Craig Larsen Lucia Lary Steve Latta Doug Laughlin Iamie Lawrence john Lawrence Joanna Lawson Tammy Layton IUNIORS 163 Brad Leatherwood Amy Leboutillier Bridget Lee Dana Lee Sean Lehr Iennifer Leonard Clint Lewis john Lewis Matt Lewis Scott Limer Charlotte Lindley Paula Lindquist Andie Lively Betty Lopez Linda Lopiccolo james Lott Robin Lyday Leimira Lyman Ann Mabry Katy Magee Jennifer Magnus Patrick Mahaffey Chris Mall Brad Mann Trey Marchbanks Sabine Marek Sondra Markum Joey Marsh Doug Marshall Beth Martin Michelle Martin ' ' Misty Martin v is-v portant info "There may be many paths up the mountain, but the view from the top is always the same." Sound familiar? Or, rather, look familiar? This was just one of the many wise sayings run across the new message boards this year. Purchased by the Student Council, these messa e boards provided general ingormation, wisdom-filled sayin s, and even private messages tgor a small charge, of coursel. So, for a couple of months, the message boards informed Colts of the winning candidates for the offices, football and volleyball scores, Homecoming King and Queen nominees, then winners, the days yearbooks could be ordered, and other information necessary to the continuing liveliness and mental health of the Colts. Then it happened. One moming someone noticed that the small message board by Performing Arts was not quite getting the message through. It wasn't even there. Gone. 164 IUNIORS Poof. Later that morning, "the anouncements" began. ". . . The Student Council message board placed by the band hall has disappeared. This object is useless to whoever has it without the proper programming instrument, which is still where it belongs. There is a S100 reward for information leading to the safe return of this message board The Colts listened for any new news over the intercom. Who had it? Would it ever be returned? Will I be the one who finds it? l sure could use the hundred clams Then it un-happened. One moming, someone noticed that the small message board by Performing Arts was getting the message through, again. It was there. And once again, all was well in Colt Country. Reading the school message board, Berta Dillon leams the week's events. . P32622 ., ' . ,,.eU4'-re I if 1. Rick Martin Sandra Martin Karen Massingill Elizabeth Matlock Marshall Matthews Greg Mayes Felicia McAlpin Lisa McBrayer Tim McBride Erick McCallum David McCann Mike McCauley Geney McClelen Ron McClure Ann McConnell Heather McCormick Cindy McCraw Deanna McCraw Keith McDaniel Amy McDonald Deanna McGinnis Elizabeth Mclnnis Iody McKenzie Howard McKim Alan McLemore Teena Meads Iason Measures Jenny Medford Francisco Medrano Kim Meier Brooke Menton Kelli Merk hanks to flashy message board, students know of future events junior students find out about future school events by reading the message board in the morning. IUNIORS 165 1 ear-round ta Dark skin in january? Where did everyone go? During the winter, many people walked the hall look- ing ike thety had just stepped of aplane rom Hawaii. Getting a tan sure has changed. It used to be lying on t e beach enjoying the scenery all day. Now it's ly- ing on a lighted bed with a fan for 30 minutes. The tanning salon business grew into a booming one and quite a few Arlington High students contributed to their success. Ianet Rhone joined the tanned group for a while, but quit after a bad experience. Instead of getting the savage tan, janet got an orange tan. She also thought that it wasn't worth the money. "I'd rather la out for two hours instead 0? paying for an oranged tan," Ianet commented. Kyndall Cravens re orted she had a roblem with skin irritation the first time she went to a tanning salon. However, Margie Guinn had a different opinion. "I like tanning salons because they are relaxing and you can keep lyour tan year-round," she re ated. Tammy Speer probably was the biggest fan of tanning salons, however. "They're the best thing since chocolate chip ice cream," Tammy said. xx' 9 Q 5. J ....,...,. .... i r 'S Suzanne Merrill Terry Merrill Mike Meyer Mark Milburn Miles Miller Roy Miller Cathy Mills Susan Montgomery Jarrod Morgan Vickie Morgan Ianna Morris Lindsay Mounce Millice Muh Donna Mullens Cindy Murphy Kim Murray Nick Murzin Giles Naeseth Bryan Nance Susanna Nation Bill Neaves Robert Neil Patricia Nejmanawski Hoang Nguyen Thuy Nguyen Ioe Nicks Todd Nicol Andrea Norris Lisa Nowell Shae Nugent Tonya Nutall Michael Nutter 166 IUNIORS Heather Shelton and Amber Olson, two of many dark-skinned juniors, enloy relaxing at a tanning salon. Victor Nwatulegwy Yzoma Nwatulegwy Amber Olson Amy Osbom Diane Ostrander Percy Owens Debbie Parker Johnny Parker Ioe Paruszewski Donna Pate Jeffery Patel Timmy Patria Stephanie Patterson Pam Pedigo Amy Peebles Kelly Peel Melissa Pelton Will Pender David Perkins Tanya Pevsner Kristi Phillips Marsha Phipps Bryan Pierce Cindy Pilkington Vince Pippin Chanida Pisitkasem Iim Polimerou Iulie Popp john Post Blake Price Steve Price Ginger Prickitt IUNIORS 167 Keely Pridham Deanne Prince Polly Proctor Shawn Prunty Iim Purvis Brad Putman Daniella Raimo Travis Ramsey Max Reed Ienni Reineck Ian Remmert Todd Remynse Scott Renfro Melissa Rice Shelly Richardson Raschelle Richey Michael Ricketts Rick Rivers Ted Robertson Trevor Robertson Julie Robinson Erika Rocher Clark Rodenmayer Mark Rodnitzky S I Robert Rone Terry Roper Llena Ross Amelia Rothenhoefer Michelle Rudman Bryan Rumsey Anne Ruppert jacquline Rutherford 1 Es. rx . RN - - eck th wall just think, a little over 29 graduating classes have strolled through our school building. That's 29 years of Homecoming, Spirit weeks, first days of school, last days of school and an un- countable number of naive sophomores at 818 West Park Row. If a locker is closed five times a day, 180 days for 29 years, that's an estimated 26,100 slams. The faculty had gone through a lot of chaos and confu- sion. If the walls could talk im- agine the stories we could have heard. Last winter an effort to liven up the building was launched by Principal Ierry McCullough. Art students brightened up the east downstairs hallway by painting a green "Colts" with, an extended green line on either side. "We're very pleased with the results," Mrs. Betty Cantwell, art teacher said. "lt took about three weeks from design to touch-up and it sure turned out nice." Principal McCullough re- 168 IUNIORS quested it because, "l've seen it done in others schools and l felt like the halls needed it," he said. Art students submitted designs for the hallway and Principal McCullough chose the one to use. "lt looks very professional. The students really did a super job," the principal said. Art students, P. K. LeMasurier and Michelle Watts, along with several art students, spent several hours working on the wall. "I really enjoyed painting something that will be at AHS for many years," P.K. said, "I like contributing to the school and l think it adds a little class." V Mr. McCullough planned to do more things like this in other parts of the building after it is painted. Starting on the stripes, Mrs. Betty Cantwell instructs P. K. LeMasurier on proper paint mixing. s... ., . .,.,.k, L 77 9 X s f l xxf: 5 : :.x 1:- Art club decorates school hall with green "Colt" illustration Launa Ryan Francesca Sabara Jaime Salinas Lesley Samuels Becky Sanchez Erich Savitch Monique Savory Wendy Saxman Mandy Schaller Lisa Schlielig Scott Schoenecker Shannon Scoper Melissa Scott julie Seale Roger Seekins Tracalene Self . 1 Rita Sessions Tony Settles Cherre Short Traci Short Tracy Shuford Sheryl Singh Michael Slater Cris Smith David Smith Dustin Smith Lisa Smith Phillip Smith Scott Smith Teresa Smith Heather Shelton Michelle Simmons Under the request of Mr. Jerry Mc- Cullough, Rhonda Rogers and P. K. LeMasurier paint the hall mural. IUNIORS 169 arroooooomm!! odd spends dangerous Weekends racing around motorc cle tracks Many might have thought that Todd Haas was just an everyday student. However, on t e weekends, Todd led a dangerous and exciting life racing motorcycles. "I irst began racing when I was five years old," Todd said. "M uncle raced, and so I decidedy to." When Todd was 12, he was ranked Number 1 in flat track racing in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Arkansas. His junior year, he was ranked second in the nation in flat track. Although the sport was Wendy Smith Whitney Smith Sandy Snell Stephanie Snowden Debbie South Tammy Speer Shawn Speigel Charles Starkey Mike Staton Eddie Stebbins Dung Steele Lisa Steger Robin Steinshnider Katie Stell Leann Stephens Cheryl Stevenson Amy Stewart Alan Sticht Michele Stout Angela Strebeck Jana Stroud Dana Tabler jonathan Tate Chris Tawil Alicia Taylor Sherile Taylor William Teachy Kevin Thornton Chris Throckmorton Leslie Thurmond Tammy Tiner Hien Tran . fy 1 70 IUNIORS very expensive, Todd kept at it. One weekend, he had to replace S200 worth of tires. But Todd's sponsors, Kawasaki and Loubuck Rac- ing Team helped him get dis- counts on motorcycle parts. To prepare for a race, Todd lifted weights, ran, and kept his bike in perfect condition. "I hope to have a future in motorcycle racing, especially if Icget a good sponsor," Todd sai . Todd raced all over the United States and won over 400 trophies. Balancing on his motorcycle, Todd Haas banks around a curve during a race. if 'Winans-D 1 My . Michael Travis Terry Treadwell Kevin Trunk X X Q 5 X 'S' l Q PQ 1 I P.....A : h ...l Ieff Tucker if Patricia Tully Michael Turpin Chris Vanawtwerp Jennifer Vance Eddy Vanderveen 1 f john Vant Slot Tiffany Vaughan Dung Vu Bryan Waldrop Dave Walker Noelle Walker ,N joe Walsh Ginnie Warford Charles Warren Eric Washington Michelle Watts Audra Webb Gary Webb ,fx iv . f 'S 0- k"4'ii "1 X R . xxx ,,,. 3, . wise.. lane Weckherlin Rhonda Welch Chris Wenzel Mike Weston Kevin White Lara White Mark White Bethany Whiteacre Will Whitley Mike Whittemore jim Wilhoit Carla Williams Lisa Williams Gary Williamson Atryce Wilson Bobby Wilson Michelle Wilson Cynthia Wimpee Eric Wine Doug Winker Baylor Witcher Brian Withaeger David Woessner jeff Wolpa Renae Wood Lisa Wood Matt Woolford Donnetta Wren Wes Wright Melissa Wrightsman Alex Yandell Kim Zeigler IUNIORS 171 jr ,g'f2gg'WW "Q t K .:. 5 g Q ,Ja fs gaw- .tc as gm '21 : 1,1545 x sf H , A . . 3 EW Q Wi W it 52 Wm W E it W' Q2 E it 'WEE at z 'Haw 5 1 rf -, t Q:-' E as 5 '3 sswifim mimi Pilmlgaws? We KH ' it mi li vw QQESQSPIWW Fas gig? gmsst eg? 3 fee www? 553953 at-ak E. SRS sf 5 Q F QVPVEYEQ 5' te 9' Kmwg 525 Q 132,38 it Wilma 3 zgfigfffgissv T5 5 E EX. 2:58 as ggtgiipiw 35:15 1-E m Em gg N at M Qiiflhw Q WW if 'tt W fit W 3 li FW H M U Q WW it tt O in Colt Countr Ever felt like you're at the bot- tom ofthe heap? Yeah? Lemme guess - your en- tire sophomore year, right? Bingo. But really, contrary to what juniors and seniors sa , sophomores aren't bad peop e. They're just a little less . . . experienced. And that's what they're here for - to gain Experience with a capital IIEDII Anyway, so hs really do love sophomore 'o es, just as A8rM students real love Aggie jokes. Don't they. No offense, Guys, it's all in fun. Okay? The elected sophomore class of- ficers were president, Chris Cor- dero, vice-president, Krisha Williams, secretary, Andrea Williams, boy's social chairman, Ross Talkington, and girl's social chairman, Emily Etie. Sophomores got their first dose of Colt s irit when they decorated the back liiall to the theme of "Colt Heaven" during Spirit Week. Showing dedication to their class spirit, sophomores Krisha Williams and Christy Conlelyi prepare to hand the "Colt Heaven Ends ere" sign. 172 SOPHOMORES 11 1 X Knsha. Williams Vice president Rm 'fazlawqn xdem President who 1 4 Andrea W Secre Enmiy siiogzxazl 11 1 Gul Czar ws 11-as Q1 2 Q11sm's 2. 11111 11111 11111 Q11 1.1 1.111111 111115 1 2 1, 11 fs. xg .1 Q1 1 1 AQ 11 -1 QM M fy 5.11 1 Q1 1111 111111111 11111158 1 5 1 f .115 . ..1,11-111111-111-111 1 1- 1-11111111111191-1f 1 .. 11 1 1 1-1 111111 1111111 11111511ss111a1xs111S1w11as1e11i1.11.15-11s1.1111111f111111111-Q11-11111 11112111 11-Q -11:12111::11f11w12 -11 411 '1 Wfsi1S1f15i5isi?'E3d5i5'rS5xi?Jis3?1.2-1 -f11.1f11ss1fs111 vzsufwsnzsz 111 11.6511151121 111?i-ifYf3EY!'2K 11fs1111v1.1111zs-11x111s11s111111111111111s1.1gs111-11111-sf 111211. f. ffwvrfwviff 1.111111121-32111111111f11111H11S1,-1 .11.11-1111111111811 111 -fm: 1:111g1-1111 111 1:11ez11s111:wu.111111111-111 1111111.11 1.1 131.111 1 , 1,11111111111,11 1 111.11..11..11..111.1111.11 . 1 111 11 -111111111111m4111exg5a11si1a1i1e11 19.11 1 11-1111211.11511fs1111111.11s1g1s1g1f1 1. " ' "1"f5??5FQ9E11?'111"7 1 ' . .fi 151'-' 11 51? 1 11111111i1s1a1:11111.11:1-11.-- 1 1 1 111n111vs13g11,1f11111.-1 11 1 ..i135lZ551f9fVf:1..1i-X' 11. 3 .1 . I 1 1 .." 11- 11 -'-.,, 1 .. .-', 1--111112.15-111111 . 11 .1 111111-1111111111 .--'.- 1- 1111-.1111111-111115111-111-..1111111111111-11 1 1 111-.11111111a111Q111a1e11:111 1-1 11 1 1 1311.11115115251511211111211111 1 111.1 5 f 5 5 1551 1115115155514 . 1 111111111111111111m1111112-111111-.11--1-1 111 1511111151 .111111 .1g1s1z1s1i111g1111.11 111111111111111--f11f2gf51112.ge911fS111111111111.115111111111155 11111111111 1115111?1135511:51525Q'sfi1sg51s1'1L1i111'E1152is sftfwiii -1 1. 11' 1.111'11111121f2ZsS?521sf?1:511s?L1f' 111.1l'i'1" Hifi11-1iii1S11fQ1a1e1ise?3a1is1i1?1f11sf'1S1.1f21f51 -1 -111-111111151111111111a1:1Q1.e11111:1.11 1 .1 .111.11111Wg515Lg111111521 11 1 11 1 1 1--T11 111711-11-111'11-1:11-2112 1 111 11.1111151's1f1s1'111'.11 1 1 11- . . -1--1,11-1111 1- 1 .111-11111fz11Sxs111'11 1 1 1 .1 f1?55?E'1z1'15'1117ff11 .1 1 11f11.s11:11111:111f1111:1 1 1 1 1 1115111111 111111.111i11111221-211131531111551g1?E1?Pf:1111111111111 1 11111.11-151111 12ggf152g1111151g1111 1111111111111 1.11-s 1ss1111111sf11111 21111215 11h1f11 2L1fff2fif 111111:11:11.4i1i51zlsi115551111 1 111 11111s'1L1f1?Es11xf13215:ss21b-11511111 1-1121.11.251111111111111111111 .. 111111 1- . 111111111111111111111111115-.Q11s111f11 -,::, 1 1 i-- 1-1 ,--' 11 -::: -ff-:'- 111 11111.111.111151.111111111111-11..--- .11k.111-511. 1- 11 Q 2 . . 111131 I 1 V11 K. 11 . V. 11 - . 111,13 - f I 1,111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1lJv'1f ,f . 1 . 1 1 1 1 ' 1 -1 151. 11 W 1 11511 1 ..1'i111i111i11111a.11 9 1 -1 1, 1 11111. 1 1 11--...111.:111 :P ' 1' 1. i2 Qliiiif 1 1111 5 ' 'N' ' In ' - ' 1 151 1112 1 - wg V1 -1111111112 -Hi..11151512i1g5211fsg1fsg5g15111151515111655.1111.1111111515 11 1 11-I 2 1 ' 1332! 111.111111g1s1gss11:.1zs11111i111.1111-11111s111,1i11111:f11111g ' X- 1 1+ 1. . 1 . 1 1111.11 -11 1 1 1 Q, 1 1 .1T1 f. 111 1 11 1. ' 11' ' 1 1 1.1 ffa'fE41f11'.v'1 .L k kk 1. W' N f 1 11111-111111 Q' 1111-11111:1111a111:11111111 .1-11-1 11111 11 11- 1 1. 1111111111111211111.111-1111- 1- 1 1 1.1111111111Q111:1ig21g1s15111111111.1s11111.11111111111,i111111131WM111 1111 11' 1 I"112112121i?fs2ff12ffs2ff15-11'1:111-11111111111111111111a1efs1zs11'Q1:1e1111111111s111.-1 1.-1111111111111111f11ff1f111fw1111-11wr11f1115111111111.1:e1as111:111s11Qi'ff25f?1sf11fW1Lf2HT1ffi1ffY11m 11-1 11 ff1'11111111111111111ga1.1s11g111g111'51.-11-11111-i11gf111v,2z52y2zg1sg1111121.-Q1-1-1111111-111111112111fP1w1::21s111zs115f?11f?1if1f1f1-11,-.111:11111111111111111251215161111111111111111'11111l2l'2i2if??7i 111 1'11111111111111111111115111-'i1f12111111..i'1525111Q71as11g51ggQsesa:,1i1sg11s11'1.111115,131111111f11115:1:1azsgssgszg51311131.11111111111-iff1.f11121 . 1-1. K. . 1 1 v11 g.s1i11y1g111 ' 1 .1 ' ' 1 1 1 11 I 1'1fl1-'19 1 - l ii . 111111111.s11S1g12111:11.t111111 1 1171 1,1 iL115.111,.1 1515115 1 -f,,. w,.. ,,.,,. 1 1 1.-11 1 -1111-111111111Q211111111 .-11- 1.51.11 Y .1 11 111 ,-11 111111111-11111111111111--1 ,-1..11 1 1. 1 1'1z1111.1"11s11 1111111'1z1i1a1:11ag1z1s1111gs111f1111:11..s111-111-11111411111 111S2f12fi2Z1Qi 5311111131 5-1112111111151 1111.111 111 1112112222 1 11 1111211311111 111121.sszzwfwv15512112111311-121-1-111.111 1111111121111 A 1 .1 111111 1111if-21111111111.11111Sz:s2z51:1g21g21121x-111121 1-.11-k11,11g1111 1 '11 1111 ' 1 1 1 1 .:111111111 11111. 1 1 1 .11 -111151 ' K 5154411 '?11h11!iI: 17.111111111111171 111 11111111111 11.111111 1 11111112111-12511 1111111Q-.111111f111p11sf11 1. . 1 1111-11-11111111111'1111Q111 1511111.111111gEs1s12111f11111k1'1e1111111111s1 Y Y -fi-1215111111 111 11111-1111-21211211151111111151111151111111111.1111111f1sw f1111111,5, 1 11111111111111119151515211:1s51:1111.1-1 11 1111-11-111-11-11 1 511511-' 1 11111111 -1 " "1 117192 12?2521i222iY'1 1 --11.1111- , k 1 . ..1 111111.1111.11.11 1 1 ' 1 1 111111,z1w111111 1 1 . 11-111111111111-11.,-111 1 . . .111 1'111 1 11 1 1'l2Si2C1Qsf?11111.1111- 1 18Qg111-11111:a111111-1- 1 11111111g1m111f111v11fv11 1 1 1:11-1 1 . 1 1 a111111::111211111111:11:111:1 4111111111111 1 1:1 .1..11..11.f1114111f11' -111 1111111111121i2i11?1211111111-1.1111111511171115111911111111-1511121153111 1411311.11 11 1 11111 1 . 1 1 1 . 1 1 111111111151-.111.111g1-11.--1 1 1 1 11 1,111 1 g1,g,gg1A1g1111111gg1g 1 Christopher Anderson oppertone kld What usually happens to all that spare change that you take out of your pockets every night? Does it just sit at home on your dresser? Have you ever wondered how many pockets, cash registers, and coin purses it's been in? lust think what stories a 1951 penny would have to tell? "So far 1951 is my oldest," said Heidi Linderman about her penny collection. ' Heidi has been collecting pennies for seven years. It started out as a hobby. "When I was in the third grade, some friends and I had a carnival. Since all of our customers were kids, all they had was small change," she said. "When we split u the profit, I got stuck with 52 in Cristy Adams V Debbie Adams . V jennifer Adams f ' A Tracy Adams Troy Adams "f- , t Tracey Absher if "-,Eg 4. m 23 Andrew Ailara . 5 Greg Alexander I Ken Alexander jason Allison Terri Alls Bill Anderson Chris Anderson Ron Anderson Shanna Anderson Theresa Anderson Ben Apperson Juan Arbelaez Ricky Armstrong Tijuanna Amett Kasey Amold Mike Amold Audra Atkins Kelli Augostini Melissa Ayala Eric Baccus Claudia Baez Dayana Bailey Sean Baise Kathy Baker Kim Baker 174 SOPHOMORES pennies. That's when I got in- terested and turned it into a collection." Heidi's collection is made up of over 1,097 pennies and grows every day. She keeps er lpennies in a gallon wine bott e on her dresser. By the end of the year Heidi expected to have over 2,200 pennies, yet none so far have any sentimental value to her. So the next time you empty your pockets, sift through and check out the contents. You might find some pretty valuable coins. Maybe 5522 in lpennies doesn't sound like a ife sav- ings but can you imagine the pants with pockets big enough to carry all of them? Heidi displays the bottle in which she collects her pennies. Earnings from childhood carnival begin I-Ieidi's penn collection A "Find a penny, pick it up." is Heidi Linderman's motto as she adds another to her collection. Samantha Baldridge Steve Baldwin Brigett Ballow Rachel Balsam jerry Banner Mark Barger Damon Barker jennifer Bartlett Todd Baughman Iason Baum Brice Beard Robyn Beasley Stacy Beasley Bryan Beaty Denise Behrens Melinda Bell Natasha Bellamy Karen Bellfield Kurt Benge Wade Bennett Deric Bently Mike Bergner Kenneth Bema Roland Bemer Shawn Berray Michelle Bertelsen Deborah Berumen Teresa Bethke Mary Biedenbender Holly Biggs Patsy Bindel Peggy Bindel SOPHOMORES 175 Bryan Bigham Scott Bingham Deborah Binion Scott Blackman Joseph Blair Desira Blake Dorian Blasingame Lisa Blue Kimberly Boggs Pa-trick Bohn Rosalyn Booker Terri Bornsen David Bower Iason Bowers Cliff Bowman Lance Bowman Elizabeth Brame Marty Brandt Ernest Bridgeforth Monica Briones Andrew Bristow Vicki Brooks Stacey Brouillette Christopher Brown Irene Brown V Lisa Brown Robert Brown jennifer Bruton Chase Bryant Laura Buchanan Virginia Buckner Cheryl Bullock YL cean oyagers Most students who participate in sports do so here at school. Two sophomores, however, pur- sue an activit that is impossible to do at school- scuba diving. Allison Mindel and Leigh Rhodes both enjoy exploring in- ner space. Leigh has been certified for over two years. She started when her father, who also dives, enrolled in advanced classes and wanted someone to keep him company. She usuallly goes to Squaw Creek near C eburne or Lake Murray in Oklahoma. She said that one of the ex- citing things that happened to her was when they brought food to feed the fish. "The perch followed us around, biting on my leg and try- ing to eat my mask," she said. Allison has been certified for almost a year and a half. She started when friends convinced her family to raduate from snorkeling to scuia. They took lessons for four weeks in Ianuary 176 SOPHOMORES in order to be certified before Spring Break. Allison said her most exciting dive was the wreck of the Oro Verde. "It was an actual shipwreck!" Allison said. She also admitted to bein a bit nervous when, on lgrer checkout dive in New Mexico, her instructor accidentally knocked the air piece out of her mouth at 100 feet down. Both girls enjoy their hobby. "I love it!" said Leigh. She ad- mitted that it's not for everyone, though. "You have to want to do it," she said. Allison considers it "the most exciting thing l've ever done." They agree that it recjluires no s ecial skills or strengt besides tffe ability to think under pressure and not panic. Allison conceded that the only real problem with it was that, "You have to remember to breathe." Adjusting to the temperature, the Mindel family waits before diving. ,. F. "!hs 3:-'-vi' nv ,gwbq ,vf "W ,W W. up ,, " 5214+ ,, . A -W S ,f ax aking up holob of scuba diving, two girls explore deep sea life .an -nl' of op' 1 M ,, ,, ,ws .me asv s. lk . .H 'x"'-N. . nv' A, 3 '55-4-4 J 'L it M Q71 41, we 'fi' 1 f M' - ..- his 'W s, '19, 'f 'ifvruy 5, , ,ii sw... . N 3 X-wzw 1 ' ,K V, .i 1 :--s...- Iason Burross Mark Busby Renee Busby Rachelle Butler Brian Butson Stephen Byler Candy Cain Chad Caldwell jennifer Callaway Vann Campbell Rob Carey Kelvin Carlisle Michelle Carlson Laura Carr Gregg Carroll Derek Carter Heather Carter Cal Cartwright Kimberly Carver Doug Cassidy Gina Caudillo Chris Cauthem Cory Cavazos David Chadwick Quoc Chau julia Chen Tammy Chenevert Maria Chlamon Carrie Cicheiski Jerome Clanan Craig Clark Elaine Clark . 1 . .Fi ,.- 4 v , ,nf - .- jj- 5 ' T' 'Q3 W' lbw. - -. Y gli.. "Q - ' J P , ...,, '00f..f' fx .4-d7'4"" , nn" V 'Mi l., .- A ,,6.4,kA- I t wc. -, -f "3 ' N.. ,,., W' V va' 4' Q ' , i .ii V ,af f . "I Q'-,k x 4 f Q K . ' H ' I ,I M , ... i P D '91 , l se- g U.-rf . , M M' slii Mfr if ruse .., 6. 1 Hg' r l ...M ?" .t P, .-wav Positioning their mouthpieces Allison and Elizabeth Mindel tread water before setting out to dive. Checking her air tank, Allison Mindel prepares to scuba dive. SOPHOMORES 177 espon ibilit How did you spend your time after school? Doing homework, watching TV, or working, maybe? How about taking care of approximately 25 children between the ages of five and eleven? Donna Fitzgerald did just that. Donna said, "I love little kids. I couldn't think of anything I'd rather do!" For four years duringx the summer and after sc ool, Donna took care of children at the YMCA. She picked them up and watched them while their arents worked. "The children are so much fun! It's great because we learn new things from each other just about every day," Donna commented. She had to plan many dif- ferent things to keep them oc- cupied throughout the day. 'We do lots of things such as crafts and aerobics. Really, just about anlything I can get them to do!" onna said. Suddenly, her class changed somewhat. Donna had a deaf child join her class and because of this, she decided to learn how to learn sign language. "l've just begun learning how to si n, and right now it's reall hard. But each day gets a little easier," Donna said. Imitating Donna Fitzgerald, one of her little students watches as she uses sign language to talk to a deaf boy. David Clay Marcus Daniel David Cogdell Paul Cogdell David Cole Chris Collins Christine Conley Christopher Conley Ladon Conley james Connelly Rosetta Coon Paul Cooper Chris Cordero Joseph Cotter Mike Cowan Mike Cowin Dale Craig jennifer Crow T. 1. Crowson Derek Crump Patrick Crump Rebecca Dalrymple Robert Daniel Greg Daniels Matt Daniels Steven Daroche Dana Dausch Chase Davidson Gari Davis john Davis Alissa Dawson jennifer Dawson 178 SOPHOMORES Donna ., A A' 7 0, R K K ' -1 'ifztl y S ' f Yrs . nvesting time as well as effort, helps entertain children .lx -.' , Y it O44 Wearing an Indian headband, a little deaf boy plays a game with Donna. Brandon Derry Michelle DeWolfe Berta Dillon Gladys Dillon Ruth Dillon Brian Dobucki Amie Dodd Dee Ann Dodson Michelle Dominguez Erin Donaldson Patricia Doughty Shannon Downing Ian Drechsler Nicole Droubie Michael Dryg Ben Duff Sarah Dunlap Tammy Dunlap jeffrey Dunnihoo Chris Dyer Iulie Dyer Sonya Edmondson Ryan Edwards Veronica Eliason-Nye Cliff Elliott Mike Ellis Debbie Emery Keith Epperson Sue Erichsrud Natalie Ermish Leidiana Escamilla Matthew Eslick SOPHOMORES 179 Tony Espinosa Aaron Estrada Emily Etie Brandy Evans Charles Evans Heidi Eyler Kathleen Eyman Carol Fazzone Ken Fellenbaum Cathy Filley Deborah Fisher Donna Fitzgerald Eugene Fletcher Christy Floor Pam Flowers Brian Flynn Kiki Foster Ronald Foster Amy Fouts Brian Francks Tracy Franklin Melanie Frazier Andrew Frisina Michael Fuller Melanie Furniss Demetria Gabriel Dominette Gabriel Brett Gaishin Brian Gallagher Regina Garth jonathan Garver Kristin Garza ' Q 4 . W alma mater AHS has it all - a long history, good ideas, incredible amounts of spirit, great people. I moved to Arlington late in August of 1985, with about 10 days to go before school began. During those days my head filled with thoughts of a new school, new people, new surroundings, and I have to admit, I had high expectations. I had a large advantage, though, and a largie disadvan- talgle. I, along wit about 800 ot er people, came to AHS as a sop omore, a definite ad- vantage because most of my peers would also be going to a school that they didn't know. An extremely lar e majority of them, thougT1, came rom schools in the AISD such as Carter or 180 SOPHOMORES Baile , and alread had friends in the new school to help see them through. I, on the other hand, had nobody. The thought of being alone rather scared me. My head filled with the first doubts I had felt since mov- ing. I began slightly to wish I were back in Plano, along with my fexj fellow Wildcats and Panthers. Still, I came to school at the necessary time. Within 15 minutes after sitting down in my first tperiod class, contrary to my ears, I had a total change of heart. I turned in my cat's claws and readilly joined the ranks of the Ar - ington Colts, forever. Adios, Cats! It's been nice knowin' ya. But I'm home now. Learning Colt traditions at the sophomore orientation assembly, students stand to sing the fight song. Ma Iason Gibbons Scott Gilbert Charles Gill Bobbi Gillen Carolyn Gillispie . Nfl' UN! Brian Gilmore Scott Glenn Greg Glusing Gregory Goebel Frank Gonzales Clara Gonzalez Lisa Goodman Bill Goodwin Raymond Goodwin Tommy Goss Carl Gough Heather Grady Andrew Grammer Victoria Grant Michael Lee Green Michael Griffin Amy Grisser Christa Groves Scott Grund Mark Guidry Laura Gunderson Derek Gumell Kellie Hale Matthew Hall Richard Hall Timothy Hallcroft I , N lim Hamel " 1 Iohn Hamilton 3. Nlewcomer has high expectationsg quickl feels at home as Colt 9!U"!lr"'G"'v1n give E2 QQ , , 7' i ,I l Y " ' .ft 1 si' Q '7 Susie Bloom T Pi ,, pigs, 'il gg,iu,u,j'1': 1- A, .. .ltl X 5 K I.-I PJ! 'az' Vl- Qr M re 3 E K - I7-E K ' 3 Shouting, "Sophomores, Sophomores!" the class of '88 gets rowdy at the Lewisville pep rally. On Howdy Day, junior Chip Joslin initiates sophomore john Racioppa by forcing him to eat baby food. SOPHOMORES 181 Christopher Henderson "The Colt tradition means a lot to me and I'm so glad to be a part of it," stated Stacy Beasley. Stacey was a newcomer this year, as a sophomore, and the first feature twirler in a long time. "The student body has given me so much support, it's made my twirling here, the best thing I have ever done." Stacey began twirling at the age of 5, but didn't begin taking private lessons until four years ago. During that time, Stacey was a captain of the Arlington Darling Twirling Corps. She twirled in three Fourth of july parades and two Tarrant County Day Parades fat the state fair groundsj. "I was given the privilege of marching in the International Lions Club Parade in Dallas. There, I met people from In- donesia, Iapan, New Zealand, Australia, and from all over the United States," Stacey said. Stacey has a collection of over Iohn Hamilton Daryl Hamsher James Hankins Larry Haragan Matthew Hare Sandra Hanner Michele Harmon Demetrius Harper Robert Harrington Tommy Harris Ronnie Harris Mike Harskjold Bret Hart Darrell Hart Dawn Hartman Michael Haskins Sean Hatfield Keith Hatley Timothy Hatton Sally Haugh Sherri Hayes Neida Headrick Mark Hedman Kristin Heitmeier Annette Henry Chris Hensley Kara Hickman Bryan Hiett Bryan Higbee Ieana Hiler Eric Hill 182 SOPHOMORES ert spinner I 100 trophies and medals. She has also twirled twice for Texas Ranger games. "I was the first twirler ever at Gunn my freshman year," Stacey said. She won the talent show in both her 7th and 8th grade years. "I loved Gunn. My most memorable twirling experience there was at the 1985 talent show where I gave a command perfor- mance," she said. As for her plans after high school Stacey said, "I would real- ly love to twirl at Notre Dame, or preferably a school in Texas such as UT Austin or Baylor." Stacey's other interests include traveling, swimming, running, and playing the piano. She was a member of the National Honor Society, her freshman year, and a DAR recipient. She is also very involved in First Baptist Church Arlington youth activities. After twirling it into the air at the Homecoming pep rally, Stacey spins before catching her baton. 'Jw "'. .,.., .W ,. ..-,mfg 'M' 1L.....,,,, 9614 9 M- 3 wah . t I S .. ,qi A 5 i r 1 fears of practice give finesse to baton tWirler's performance , 'V r,,feg11 j5.,3 . , 'f x' , 2 g,,,,,,M I on-"" "" s X V R X r--5, ,S Q W . . I' .ij 5 nag 'cf lj' - E 9 t f V7 , 1 ug! , Q ' Fixing her concentration on her A 5 ' ' K 5 . baton, Stacey twirls it rapidly, Modeling a costume in front of her house, Stacey does the splits. Susie Bloom Sean Hill Iennifer Hilton Derrick Hinkle Eric Hinson Charles Hipple Ban Ho lim Hobby Kevin Holder ps Gina Holley Lana Hollinger Lyra Hollinger Darrell Holmes Brent Hoodenpyle Sharon Hopp Michelle Horton Keith Hough Gretchen Houston Le Le Hua Laura Hubbard Annette Hudson X 2 Roger Huebner Iason Huet Cody Huffines David Huffman Kimberly Hughes Chrstine Hughlett Clay Hummer Nancy Hummer Mark Humphrey Grant Hunking Pat Hunstable Tricia Hunt SOPHOMORES 183 Scott Hunter Nick Huntley Dennis Hutchins Michael Hyde Stephanie Hyde Robert Israelson joey jablonka Allison jackson Becki jackson Mary jackson Scott jackson Amanda jaggers Brian james Eric janak Il jang Teresa jeffrey Robert jenkins jimmy johnson Lonnie johnson Rhonda johnson Scott johnson Monica johnston Amy jones Andy jones Christopher jones Gerry jones Lori jones Larry jordan james justitz Angela Kaatz Martha Kalina Keith Kanyuh it if msg. f 12 :uf at -I SN if 1 mpic dream Remember when we had time to play in the yard dur- ing summertime? Everyone alwa s did cartwheels and handjsprings in the grass. Can you imagine being able to do up to 10 back handsprings in a row and end with a flip? Keith Watson has been working at his flips since he was 5 or 6 years old His prac- tice schedule included 6 to 7 days of the week and 3 to 5 hours a day. Starting at such a young age has helped Keith develop more as a person as well as a gymnast. "I was the only little guy when I started gymnastics," Keith said. "Everyone else was a lot bi ger and older than I was. 'Fhis helped me develop respect, responsibili- 184 SOPHOMORES ty, and mature a lot quicker." Although the Olym ics are his goal ultimately, lgeith is looking at, and working, at more immediate goals. "Right now I'm training for the junior Olympics. I'm also working towards scholar- ships, the 1988 and 1992 Olympics, and doing some coaching," he related. He has already been to the junior Olympic Nationals four years where he placed in the top 20 last year. He won the State Championship in 1980, and placed in Regionals in 1981. So, the next time you tune in Wide World of Sports you might just see someone from Ar ington. With any luck it will be Keith. Doing the scissors on the pommel horse, Keith Watson proves his great momentum as a gymnast. -L Z L 2 Rachel Kay Bryson Keens jason Keith Scott Kelley Daniel Kelly Sue Kennedy Andrea Kerstens Billy Kester Leigh Ellen Key Monica Key John Kidd Kyle Kimery Kristin Kincheloe Steve King Tiffany King Tracey Kingsbury Lori Kinnard Laurie Kiro Iennifer Klein Lee Knight Merishia Knight Iames Knowles Tariq Kobty Steven Koenig Yama Kohistani Lori Kotzur Melissa Koziolek Bret Krinn Tammy Kunkel Anne Lai Mark Land Robert Landolt hong hours of hard work pa off as Keith reaches for his goals is U1 Il, fa 9 2 N Suspended in midair, Keith does a handstand on the parallel bars. SOPHOMORES 185 C at not me' Do you remember when you came up to school to get your schedule for your sopihomore year? ou ot to stand in line for half an iour before you got it. Holding it tightly, you raced home and sat own to examine it for the first time. Surprise. "Hey! I did not sign up for Ag. Someone has messed up my schedule big-time." Most of you probably remember it like that, at least up to the "surprise" For four sophomores, Patrick McGrath, Chris Anderson, Patrick McGrath and Chris Anderson, this scenario became a reality. For the Patrick's, this was the first year that they'd gone to the same school, but not the first time they'd been con- fused with one another, Patrick Number 1 tHe Andre Landry Jay Lanham Tony LaQuey Barry Lassiter Larry Lassiter Denise Laughlin Patrick Laughlin Iohn Lawing Paul Lawrence Lisa Lear Mike Leathers jeffrey Lemonds Karyn Lester Marcus Lewis Mark Leyh Andrew Liao Jason Lichtenwalter jennifer Lichtenwalter Heidi Linderman Bryan Lindly Andy Lipscomb Vicky Lipscomb james Livingston Tracy Locke Terriann Lockett Ken Loeber Donny Lofland Sunnye Loftin David Loggins Mike Lohman Matthew Long Darren Looker SOPHOMORES knows who he isj told of how he and the other Patrick got mixed up in their freshman year. "I guess the school ad- ministration made a mistake or something because they had me registered at Carter as the other Patrick instead of me at Baile ," he said. Patrick Klumber 2 related another of their biggest problems. "The people in the office are always calling me to the office when they really want him and call him when they want me. It's really frustrating." The Chris Andersons have had some similar problems. According to one of the Chris-es, "At the beginning of this year, they mixed up our schedules, and it too forever for them to fix it," he related. rlaving identical names presents man complications to four guys il N' . 5 N I S- I ly -5 sg . i mmAA ji! h if as l Q: - .ill ' 2 1,-Sas 3 ' 5 L 'Q x . ' E - , I . -if-j .,,..,-v""" L Q "' M K , K L K 5 l p Lockering near each other, Patrick V 4 5 - l 2 McGrath and Patrick McGrath have As' I Q X become accustomed to mix-ups. Maria Lopez Eric Lotz Daniel Luce Paul Lutz Kirk Lynch Richard Maassen Kelly Madden Juan Madrid James Major Kirk Mallett Stacy Malone Krista Mans Kendall Marsee Ronda Marth Michelle Martin Lance Martinez Alan Marusak john Mathios Bill Mauldin Tonya Maumus Michael McAfee Patrick McAfee Eric McAlpin Tami McBrayer Iulie McBride Dennis McCarty Wayne McCraw Kenneth McCullough Gabriel McCurley Misty McCutchen Holly McFarland Beth McGovem SOPHOMORES 1 Patrick McGrath Patrick McGrath Faith Mclnnis Shannon McKee Ioe McLaughlin jeffrey McMickle Kelly McN att Kyle McPherson Melisa Mencke Vicky Merrell Rob Metcalf Chris Meyer Mark Middleton Charlyn Miles Jeffery Miller Kevin Miller Steven Miller King Milligan Richard Mills Allison Mindel Kenneth Miner Todd Minor Michelle Miskimins David Mitchell Shannon Mitchell Alvaro Moncada Mitch Monson Tawnya Mooney Caryn Moore Karen Moore Paula Moore Philip Moore 'Lew' - At the thought of turning sixteen, visions of that perfect car come to mind. On that majestic day, one was to awaken to find keys under your pillow to the jet black Corvette that materialized in your driveway. For most that car remained just a dream, but for jennifer Peimann it has become a reality. "I've always loved the way '65 Mustangs looked," len- nifer said, ' so last May my dad and I picked one out and decided to restore it." Restorin it was not an easy job. aogether she and her father rebuilt the engine, replaced the clutch, replaced the transmission, and decided what color paint job to give it. jennifer admitted that her dad did most of the work, but she 188 SOPHOMORES stang f ver. helped as much as ossible. She was mainly in charge of cleaning the parts as her dad took them out. "It took a while to get used to getting so dirty," related Jennifer, 'although it's not as bad as those commercials that you see on T.V. where the guy is covered from head to toe with grease. Mainly just my hands get greasy." Working on the car gave Iennifer a real sense of achievement. IIAJIBHT ago I would have looke at an engine and said forget it, but now I know basically how a car works." She hocped to have the car complete by her sixteenth birthday in june. "I know this will mean more to me than if I had bought a new car." After cleaning the breather, jennifer Peiman inserts it inside the car. iiit K 94' ' A f- 'ir , .. Ly, My , Q L it f JZAQ' 5 if A , ,gf I., Q af A1',, 35 AN I? 1' z It ff , H ,. I A ,. ' "'tt . . .W :J V , it tlnl V I N, ij, M'-flif'?vS rftf'i 'W . . f -I I ' - - Vgyy V my A V 1 '11 I t""li ig , ,,...' ' j ,,,,, I MQ H VM, Nh iill I ophomore restores Vintage earg hopes to complete b 16th lo-day rm-9, . e Tim Elkins Gary Morgan Shanna Morgan Tracy Morgan Linda Morigi Craig Morris Craig Morrissey Marc Morton Robert Moseley William Moulton Robert Moyer Rachel Mullen Diane Mulligan Deanna Mullins Cory Murray Shelly Murray Bhooma Murugan johnny Muzyka Wesley Myler Kourush Nafisi Adrienne Nash Brian Naughton Ronnie N eises Saint Nelson Stephanie Nicholson Todd Nickle Dawn Nix Tiffany Noecker Ianet Nolen Larry Nolen Frank Nordel Tracey Nowell Rebecca N oyce Installing the breather, Jennifer makes sure the hoses are secure. SOPHOMORES 189 ump right in It seemed like all I heard was "Homecoming." "What are you wearing to Homecoming?" "Who are you taking to Homecoming?" "What the heck is Homecom- ing?" I, a sophomore, asked just that. I asked good ol' mom hoping she could remember back that far. I received a slightly more helpful response: "It com- memorates the last game of the season." Right. That sure was a short season - Sept. 3-27. Sorry. I asked Mr. Dictionary, an old friend of mine. He said something to the effect of, "A coming.. back to school, college, etc., w ere one has worked hard or s ent a great deal of his life." Close, but no cigar. I was desperate. I even stooped so low as to ask a senior. He responded with something in- credibl un rintable. Finally, If broke down and asked a teacher. "It's a time when all the exes who can make it, come back to visit their old Michelle Obregon Dennis O'Hare Della Olvera Iessica Osbome Brandon Owen Michelle Owens Tony Owens Chisuk Pak 1 John Panagopoulos Iin Park Paul Park Mary Parker Benita Pate Darshan Patel Marcia Patterson Troy Patterson Denise Paulin Audri Paulos Shelly Peacock jennifer Peimann Chris Pennington Stephanie Perez Rodney Peters Thy Pham Richard Phillips Teresa Pierce David Pocai Patricia Podsednik Tony Porras Steve Postlewate Michelle Potts lay Primavera 190 SOPHOMORES alma mater." What are exes? Ex-students of AHS - last year's class, 75's class - anyone who has graduated from this school. Thanks. Still it sounded a little too im- personal to have made such a uss over. Anyway, how did it af- fect sophomores? It looked like I was on my own. I watched. Ilistened. Ilearned. lliked. The answer. Homecoming is a state of mind, brought on annually by general agreement. This state of mind puts excitement and love in the air. It puts people in the mood to celebrate .. . leaving a loved school, friendships, new loves, new lives, new dreams, to celebrate . . . Life. And that they do. Enjoying their evening, Tim Halcroft and Kathy Baker pause before dining at Bobby McGees restaurant. ,, 5 rts B ' A f '-sc, s f 4 1 . H" fi ,At .1 ig qewcomers question Homecoming find answers by seeing, hearing Going out on the traditional Homecoming date, Mary Abell pins the boutonniere on date, Tres Moulton. l Casi Pruett Ieff Pullin Chau Quoc John Racioppa Michelle Rainey Deke Rains Mark Rainwater Kim Ramirez Faith Rankin Kimberly Ratliff Todd Ratliff Alfred Rearick Kim Reddehase Michelle Redden Shannon Reichert Nancy Reid Laura Reineck Todd Relinski Karen Remme Carl Renfro Doug Renfro Ralph Reyes Rene Reyes Michal Reynolds Dawn Rhodes Leigh Rhodes Iamie Richards Bryan Richardson David Richardson Iared Richardson Ieff Rigstad Elizabeth Riley SOPHOMORES 191 Gregory Rine Brian Robb Krystie Roberts Monica Roberts Cody Robertson Suzanne Rodda jennifer Rogers Melody Rogers Rhonda Rogers Ianet Rohne Tisha Rojas Victor Romero jason Rose Scott Roth Christopher Ruby Michael Rucker Beth Salvage Sandy Sample Michelle Sanders jill Schmeisser Matthew Schmidt Bradley Schmitt Lori Schmitt jill Schnable Lynn Schwettrnann , Chad Scott Mark Seekins Charr Self Miriam Sellers Emily Sessions Helen Sessions Melissa Seward ouble troubl Although twins may look alike they are usually entirely different eople. "One soctor said we were identical, another doctor said we were fraternal, and our mother said we were iden- tical, so I guess it's two out of three. We're identical," said Emil and Helen Sessions. Whether they were iden- tical or not, their personalities were different. They liked dif- ferent food and played dif- ferent instruments in the band. Patsy Bindel was good at academics, where as Pegg ran track and played softballl Their goals in life were quite different, also. Patsy hoped to become a doctor, and eggy would like to be a secretary. Danny and Donny Denton, Emil and Helen, and Chase and grandee Perret all had to dress alike when they were little, but as soon as they 192 SOPHOMORES dressed themselves, they wore different clothes, although, Emily and Helen accidentally wore the same clothes sometimes. Sophomores, Demitria and Dominette Gabriel, although identical, also had separate personalities. Demetria liked to read and was shy. On the other hand, Dominette likes sports and enjoyed being rowdy. "You always have a friend and you get noticed, too," Demetria said. They depend- ed on each other and enjo ed the closeness that they had? Helen and Emily felt they had grown closer than most sisters because they were twins. Chase felt that he and Brandee had grown closer in high school. Three's company, Gladys, Ruth, and Bertha Dillon tell of triplet life. 4-Y -ff f f qw Q' ish? li aj g L f T52 Nh gl in-jl'll I Q-'fa 'tie-s',"' Vhether 1dent1cal or fraternal, twins strive for individualit Why? ' How? F CZ-N Susan Seward jamie Shaulis Angela Sheen Cheryl Sheets Kelly Shipley Danny Shobe julie Shook Chris Siddons Gregory Silva jennifer Silvey Michael Simeone Amy Simmons Kellie Simpson Michelle Sims Stacy Sims Les Slater Brian Smith Bryan Smith Michael Smith Michelle Smith Mike Smith Mike Smith Tokolo Smith Tracye Smith Ches Snider Ricky Snoddy Verna Sorgee Melissa South David Spicer Steven Springer Denis Springfield Mary Springfield Telling humorous stories, jason and jenny Lichtenwalter relate the pros and cons of twinship. SOPHOMORES 193 Sophomores Russ Taylor Elaine Clark, Tammy Dunlap R1Chl9 Phillips, and Amy Fouts decorate their hall for spirit week. Robby St. Iohn Shannon Staats Greg Stacy Steve Stallones Tracy Steams Brandy Stewart Daniel Stewart Dawn Stewart Jeff Stewart Loma Sticht Gina Stigall Lea Ann Stinson Bill Strickland Elizabeth Surface Ialise Sutton jim Suydam Susan Swick Angela Taff Ross Talkington Lionel Tambunga Beth Tangeman Kelsey Tanner Latrice Tatum Russell Taylor Iohn Teachey Tim Thacker Iennifer Thomas Trent Thomas Teffanie Thomason Dennis Thompson Scott Thompson Patti Tice Eric Tidwell Marsha Tieken jason Tienhaara Brenda Timmons Matthew Trostel Sherri Troupe Iason Tucker Glen Turner Lee Updegraff Bart Utterback Helen Vaituulala Terry Valosek Kimberley Van Meter Christine Van Siclen Theresa Vangundy Ienifer Vasbinder SOPHOMORES '1 . . Q Jromg all out for pint eek, sophomores decorate class hall 4' 5 3' V --si ff -A ,. 1 Z :: Christy Vasilio Steve Vass Ed Velez Richard Veteikis Jesse Villanueva Jace Wagstaff Aaron Walker William Walker Jeannie Wallin Laura Walls Alyssa Walters Stephen Walters Christina Walton Henry Wang Melody Wamer Brenton Warren Keith Watson Ron Watson Melissa Weaver Jennifer Weber Mark Weiss Gary Welch Tammy Welch Cheryl West Sara Wetzel Scott Wheeless Jay Whillock Irene White Kristen White Ronnie White Victoria White Cheryl Whiteley Kris Whiteside Beth Wiener Gerald Wilcox Kristi Wiley Shawna Wilkenin Andrea Williams Kim Williams Krisha Williams Tony Williams Artryce Wilson Brett Wilson John Wilson Natalie Wilson Nicole Wilson Robert Wilson Steve Wilson Wendy Wiser Sharon Womack Amy Wood Jeanie Wood Tracy Wood Trent Woody Wesley Wright Kip Yates Brice Yingling Chris Young Diana Young Nasser Yusuf Bill Zawodniak Michael Zick Tamera Zimmerman Brian Zitek SOPHOMORES 195 The opening oi the 1985-Q86 school 'yearn Sound chers inthe spotlights All eyes turned toward l how they would cope with the new p tirne teachers were fe-. cl quite tea n teachers to see hool rules. For the first tency test, which cause V 11, state SC quired to pass a coxnpe aprotest. p t 1 With the addition oi Principal jerry NleCullong rules saw slight alteration. he iaculty and staff adapted easily to his ideas and in no time at all l'ke a finely tuned machine. Through all the tion, it was cas! to see that tia elemen . worked 1 controversy over ecluca on our campus, teachers are the essen Explaining her suspicions, MIS. Ann 6 'Yurney accuses Mike Meyer and Kristin Pet- N ' h r 'Secret Santaf ty oibemg e YH Jax p4s?""' xA 6 174 . A KUNG? Tim Elms FACULTY 197 ew on campu "It's been fun for me at Arl- ington High School," Prin- cipal Ierry McCullough said. "l've real y enjoyed it." When Principal Mc- Cullough first came to AHS Iune 3, 1985, he was very ex- cited. Over the summer he met with many of the teachers on a one-to-one basis. August 26 he met with them as a group. He was im- pressed with the quality of the teachers. "My belief in the quality of the teaching we have here has rown even more througqi classroom observa- tion," he said. Principal McCullough was also impressed with the maturity of the students. "l've enjoyed the maturity level of the students," he said. "They are goal oriented and very serious." Mr. McCullough put in Mr. Dale Archer Mrs. Anita Buttram Mr. Rick Cline Mrs. Alice Davisson Mrs. Charlene Dorsey Mr. Robert Howington Mr. Wendell Lackey Mrs. Ann Morris 198 FACULTY hours of overtime attending as many activities as he possibly could. He could be seen at an ag stock show one night, a symphony concert the next, and watching one of the many Colt athletic teams in action the next. "This is a super school, and it's been a hard ear," he said. "My work and, activities have increased, but I have had a lot of help and support that made it easier." Mr. McCullough's goals for his first year were to meet teachers and students and to keep AHS Number 1. He also wanted to build on the foun- dation Mr. james Crouch, former principal left. "Improving on excellence becomes har ," he said. Mark McCullough and his father Ierry cheer on the Colts at the season's first cross country meet. ookie principal brings new ideas, strives to keep traditions alive 711121. K ...QS The new Colt Country boss, Mr, Ierry McCullough catches up on paper work. Principal jerry McCullough congratulates Richard and Mary Winsett at their Gold Valor Award ceremony. Q3 as Dr. Don L. Morris Mr, Gary McClaskey Mr. jerry McCullough Mrs. Diane Patrick Dr. Ken Talkington Dr. Tom Telle Mrs. Iozelle Whitfield 5 Mrs. Carol Winter Test. . . The mere word is enough to instill terror in the hearts of even the bravest, most experienced seniors, let alone a 'po-or sophomore' The mere word fills the mind with thoughts of unpleasant hours spent studying, a sweaty hand slipping and sliding on the plastic of a pen, aching wrists tired of filling in little bubbles, and mad races against time to finish. Face it. Nobody likes tests. Some, however, make the best of them, supplying some, well, "out-of-the-ordinary" answers to the dreaded tests. These unusual answers ranged from spelling mix-ups to word misuse, to the simple misunderstanding of terms. Mrs. Betty Pettit reported, "on a vocabulary test, the word 'mi- crocosm' was given. Directions were to define it and use it in a sentence. Answer: 'Microcosm means small world.' Sentence e answer i "After not seeing Iohn for three weeks, I ran into him in the neighboring city yesterday - microcosm, isn't it?" Mrs. Mary Margaret Basham volunteered the following answers: American History Question: "List the United States presidents." Answer: "13. Mil- dred Fillmore." On a world his- tory test, the name "Eric Stotler" replaced that of the philosopher Aristotle. English question: "What did Edgar Allen Poe die of?" Answer: "Alcoholism falcohol consumptionjf' Correct answer: "Consump- tion Qtuberculosisjf' Mrs. Sandra Campbell said that an American government class was asked to define the word reactionary, a word mean- ing of or concerning a return to a previous manner of business. The answer one student gave, however, differed just a tad from this definition. "Control of the atomic energy produced." Mrs. Ruth Cannon related, "For an essay on why school is for is notj important to me, one student answered, 'I already got passed nine years, I think I could handle three more.' " Another said, "When I get out of high school, I am going to a trait school." One other answer to the same question was, "School is a drag. I think school should be were you can choose all your class. Not make it were you have to take certain class." Mrs. Cannon also told of the incident that happened one day after she had explained that one oriental student in the class had escaped to the United States from South Vietnam when the Communists took total control of that nation. She said that once she had finished, a "blonde" raised her hand and asked, "What's Communism?" So, humor exists, even in the realm of the hated test. Checking for correct answers, Mr. Allen Van Zandt grades his tests. Mrs. Gail Allen Mr. james Anton Mrs. Lou Baker Mr. Frank Banell Mrs. Mary Basham Mrs. Audie Bearden Miss Kristen Bloom Mrs. Barbara Brown Mr. Gerald Brown Mr. I. W. Brown Mrs. Willene Brown Mrs. Cheryl Buckner-Till Mrs. Ruth Butler Mr. Mike Cade KP' N. Mrs. Carlene Cafaro Ms. Sandra Campbell Mrs. Ruth Cannon Mrs. Betty Cantwell Mr. Earl Childers Mrs. Ieannine Cooley Mrs. Becky Counts Mr. jack Covington Mrs. Cindy Curry Mrs. Marcia Elizandro Mrs. Becky Evans Mr. jeff Farmer Mr. Iim Farmer Mr. William Fink i' 200 FACULTY K x QL' 1 pr 'QTY df ax W i Mr. jerry Fisher Mrs. Phyllis Forehand Mrs. Flo Francis Mr. Rodney Gann Mr. Randy Gannon Mrs. Stephanie Gamer Mr. Robert Gill Dr. Myra Gipson Mrs. Sheron Gore Mr. Ken Grunewald Mr. Eddy Hamilton Mrs. Mary Hamrick Mrs. Ianice Henderson Mrs. Martha Hubble Mr. Dillard Isabel Ms. Vicki Iohnson Mrs. Anne Iones Mrs. Linda Keefer Mrs. Nancy Kidd Ms. Leslie Latham Sgt. Clamp Lawley Mrs. Theresa Leo Mr. james Lester Mrs. Sue Lester Mr. Robert Lewis Mrs. Madeline Lively Mrs. Joyce Louis Mrs.ANorma Love FACULTY 201 Col. Ivy McCo l Mrs. jennifer McDowell Mrs. Emily McGee Mrs. Diane Marlar Mrs. Pam Matthews Ms. Cynthia Mitchell Mr. Mark Moeller Mr. Iohn Moore Mrs. Martha Moore Mrs. LaNelle Morgan Mrs. Nancy Morris Mrs. Pat Moses Mrs. Diane M ers Mrs. Billie Nelson Mrs. Ionella Northcut Mr. Mike O'Brien Mr. Ken Offill Mrs. Betty Pettit Ms. Laura Pingel Mr. Trey Polster Ms. Theresa Pool Mrs. Carla Posey Mrs. Darlene Rector Mr. lack Reeves Mr. Allen Roberts Mr. Iohn Robison Mrs. Carlita Ross Mr. jim Saxon The longtime dream of students everywhere had finally come true: teachers had to take a test. But this test came not from the students, but from the man who had made all of education harder on them Qdoes the name "Perot" ring a bell?j. lust when you thou ht it was safe to go back into tie school, still another facet of that in- famous 1984 Texas Public School Reform Bill, known as HB 72, existed. It was given one of those ridiculously long names that state-administered tests have a funny way of acquiring, but it became known simply as "TECAT." And it was administered in a way so uncharacteristic of Perot's reforms that it totally floored everybod . The kids were actually given a day off. magine that! Anyway, the whole idea 202 FACULTY -eachers exam behind this test was to "weed out" the bad teachers. But what characterizes a bad teacher? And can a test tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? More im- portantly, what person has been given the right to decide? "Competency cannot be deter- mined by a test," stated English teacher Mrs. Billie Nelson. "A teacher may know every answer on that test, but that's not all of what teachin is about. Sure, you need to Enow what you're teaching, but if you can't get that over to the students, you're not doing them any good." The test consisted of 55 ques- tions about reading selections, 41 of which had to be answered, and a 150-word essay. If the essay was "clearly acceptable," the multiple-choice section wasn't counted. If the essay was "marginal," teachers had to answer correctl 23 out of 30 of the multiple choice. If it came back "clearly unacce table," the teacher failed the TECJAT. After taking the test, Mrs. Bon- nie Shelley said that the whole thing was "Unnecessary and tedious. It had nothing to do with competency. It was rather traumatic for teachers - the belittlement the whole idea im- plied. It was an unnecessary waste of millions of dollars of taxpayers' money." Mrs. Shelley also said, "The reading selections on the test were all taken from education joumals. Now, how's that sup- posed to test someone's ability to teach . . .? Through all the opposition, many exas teachers were, however, in favor of the com- petency test. S Math teacher Mrs. Cheryl Buckner-Till said she thought the test was "an excellent idea. But," she added, "the test should be administered at the university level as a requirement for receiv- ing the teaching certificate." Ki- nfl 7 14.1 VS T' Y ECAT test ruffles feathers as No Pass, o T 1 ir l .ffl C , O O Pay k1CkS 111 Mrs. Lesia Schoenfeld Mrs. joyce Schultz Mrs. Mary Shackelford Mrs. Bonnie Shelley Mr. David Slight Ms. Elaine Spittler Mr. Floyd Spracklen Mrs. Beverly Stebbins Mr. Terry Stewart Mrs. Loveta Stovall Mr. Mike Stovall Miss Judy Stricklin Mrs. Christina Swan Mrs. Michelle Sweeney Mr. Ricky Theobalt Mrs. Pat Thompson Mrs. Oleta Thrower Mrs. Mary Turk Mrs. Ann Turney Mrs. Mary Van I-loose Mr. Frank Van Zandt Mrs. Ian Walker Mrs. janet Wallace Mrs. Mary Beth Ward Mrs. Kathryn White Mr. Barry Wilmoth Mrs. Mary Yantis Teachers Mrs. Nanc Kidd, Mrs. Oleta Thrower, Mrs. fanet Wallace, dM R thC tud h df an rs. u annons y ar or their upcoming TECAT competency tests. ,. I FACULTY 203 Mrs. Phyllis Schmoekel upport staff t takes good group to operate Probably the most unap- preciated members of the staff of a school are the support staff. Sure, the administration and teachers run a school, but the support staff keeps it running smoothly. Take the cafeteria staff. They precpare the hot meals that keep stu ents and teachers from having their stomachs growl in the middle of class. And look at the office staff. These people do hours upon hours of paperwork. And then there are the custo- dians. Their job is to keep everything clean and working right. building Not only do these supplort staffers do their jobs well, t ey have for a long time. Especially joe. Mr. joe Terrell, custodian, was known affectionately to the students and faculty of AHS as simply "Ioe." Mr. Ter- rell retired this year, after 29 long years of service. Mr. Wendell Lackey said of "joe," as his look turned to one of remembrance, "I guess Ioe's been kind of a fixture around here. We'l1 all miss him." Retiring custodian Mr. joe Terrell performs one of his daily tasks of fill- ing the Coke machines in the Student Lounge and gymnasium hallway. Mrs. Annette Archer Mrs. Becky Cretsinger Mrs. Kathy Husselman Mrs. Diane Maassen Mrs. Terri O'Neil Mrs. Pat Saxman Mrs. Karen Taylor Mrs. Betty Wheeler Cafeteria workers Mrs. Kathryn Short, Mrs. Barbara Dawson, Mrs. Sue Fabian, and Mrs. Sara Mapela prepare Fri- day's popular Fiesta Salad. 204 FACULTY FACULTY I DEX fright, Dr. Donald 4 EdD, University of Kansas: uperintendent lcCullough, Mr. jerry 4 MEd, North Texas State University: rincipal ackev, Mr. Wendell 4 MEd, Sam Houston State University: ice Principal lowin ton Mr. Robert 4 MEd, North Texas State University: ice Prkincipal linter, Mrs. Carol 4 MEd, Sam Houston State University: ice Principal uttram, Mrs. Anita 4 MEd, North Texas State University: ice Principal jrcher, Mr. Dale 4 MEd, Texas Wesleyan College: jounselor arroll, Mrs. Carole 4 MEd, Amerian Technical University: ocational Counselor lavisson, Mrs. Alice 4 MEd, University of Texas EI Paso: ounselor 'orsey, Mrs. Charlene 4 MA, Texas Woman's University: ounselor llhitfield, Mrs. jozelle 4 MEd, Texas Christian University: lounselor trcher, Mrs. Annette lookeeper Perrick, Mrs. joann Bscretary Iussleman, Mrs. Kathy Birl's Attendance chmoekel, Mrs. Phyllis lata Clerk laasen, Mrs. Diane witchboard Operator 7'Neill, Mrs. Teresa ittendance Accountant iaxman, Mrs. Pat legistration 'ayIor, Mrs. Karen Boy's Attendance fretsinger, Mrs. Rebecca .ibrary Aide iontekoe, Mrs. Kathy flinic Aide tllen, Mrs. Gail 4 BA, University of Texas at Arlington: fnglish I, III tnton, Mr. james - BS, University of Texas at Arlington: 'und. Math, PrefAlgebra, MOCE, Algebra II Laker, Mrs. Lou 4 BA, Trinitv University: tlgebra II, Trig, Elementary Analysis: Senior Class Banell, Mr. Frank 4 BS, University of Texas at Arlington: Biology I, Physical Science: Sophomore Class Basham, Mrs. Mary Margaret 4 MLA, Texas Christian Universitv: American History, English III, Senior Class Bearden, Mrs. Sarah 4 MA, University of Texas at Arlington: 'rigeAnalytical Geometry, AP Calculus Blacksher, Mr. Gary 4 BS, University of Texas at Arlington: Drafting, Consumer Math Bloom, Miss Kristen 4 BS, University of Texas at Arlington: terobics, Weight Training, Volleyba I, Golf, PE Brown, Mrs. Barbara 4 BS, University of Texas at Arlington: 'hysics, Trig-Analytical Geometry: HS, Science Club rown, Mr. Gerald 4 BA, University of Texas at Arlington: .merican History, Football, Basebal Brown, Mr. j. W. 4 BS, Oklahoma State University: kg Coop Brown, Mrs. Willene 4 MEd, Texas Woman's University: Economics Buckner Till, Mrs. Cheryl 4 BS, University of Texas at Arlington: Xlgebra I, Il, Pre Algebra Butler, Mrs. Ruth 4 MA, Clark University: Xmerican History Sade, Mr. Mike 4 MS, East Texas State University: Ihemistry: Golf, Sophomore Class Iafaro, Mrs. Carlene 4 BS, Texas Christian University: Biology I, Applied Biology: Cheerleading, Sophomore Class Sampbell, Ms. Sandra 4 MA, Texas Tech: Sovemment, AP American History Iannon, Mrs. Ruth 4 BA, Universit of Texas at Arlington: English Il, Correlated English Arts, Ili Sophomore Class fantwell, Mrs. Betty 4 MA, Texas Woman's University: Art I, II, III, IV, Clay Shilders, Mr. Earl 4 MA, University of Texas at Arlington: Sovernment, Economics fooley, Mrs. jeannine 4 MA, North Texas State University: English III, IV Eounts, Mrs. Becky 4 BS, East Texas State University: 'IECE, Child Development: HERO, junior Class Sovington, Mr. jack 4 MA, University of Texas at Arlington: Englis Ill, Correlated Language Arts Surrv, Mrs. Cindy 4 BA, Trinity University: Algebra I, Geometry Elizandro, Mrs. Marcia 4 MS, Texas Woman's University: Child Development, Clothing And Textiles, Homemaking II: FHA Evans, Mrs. Becky 4 MS, Texas Woman's University: Geometry, Algebra I Farmer, Mr. jeff 4 BS, Texas Christian University: Algebra I, ll, Trig-Analytical Geometry Farmer, Mr. jim 4 BA, University of Texas at Arlington: English Ill, Correlated Language Arts III: Sophomore Class Fink, Mr. William 4 BA, George Washington University: German II, III: German Club, American Field Service Fisher, Mr. jerry 4 MEd, Texas Christian University: HealthfPE Forehand, Mrs. Phyllis 4 MA, North Texas State University: joumalism I, Newspaper Staff, Yearbook Staff, Photo- joumalism, Quill and Scroll, Sophomore Class Francis, Mrs, Flo 4 BS, Henderson State University: English Il, IV: Sophomore Class ' Gann, Mr. Rodney 4 MS, Tarleton State University: CVAE I: VOCT Garmon, Mr. Randy - MME, North Texas State University: Band I, Il, Ill, IV, Inst. Ensemble Garner, Mrs. Stephanie 4 BA, University of Texas at Arlington: German I, Cheer eading Gill, Mr. Robert 4 MEd, North Texas State University: PE, Weight Training, Basketball Gipson, Dr. Myra 4 MEd, University of Arkansas: English III: Senior Class Gore, Mrs. Sharon 4 MEd, Stephen F. Austin College: Psychology Grunewald, Mr. Kenneth 4 BS, Southwestem Oklahoma State University: General and Advanced Woodworking Hamilton, Mr. Eddy 4 BS, Southwestern Oklahoma State Universty: American istory, j.V. Soccer, j.V. Football Hamrick, Mrs. Mary 4 MA, North Texas State University: Voc. English, American History, Resource Math Harvey, Mr. Steven 4 BS, Texas A6rM: Computer Math I and II Henderson, Mrs. janice - BA, Wayne State University: Art I, Commercial Art Hubble, Mrs. Martha 4 BA, University ot' Madrid: Spanish II, Spanish Club Isabel, Mr. Dillard 4 MEd, Hardin-Simmons University: Economics, Tennis: Student Council johnson, Ms. Vicki 4 BS, University of Texas El Paso: Advanced Typirgg, Business Law, Computer Programming: FBl.A, junior ass jones, Mrs. Anne 4 MA, University of Hawaii: Geometry, ESOL: Poetry Club Keefer, Mrs. Linda 4 MA, West Texas State University: Orchestral, ll, III, IV Kidd, Mrs. Nancy - BBA, North Texas State University: Tyging I, Data Processing: Interact, Basketball Boy's Spirit isters Latham, Mrs. Leslie - MEd, North Texas State University: Latin I, II, Ill, Latin Club, junior Class Lawley, S t. Clam 4 San Antonio College: ROTC, RCSTC DrillJTeam, ROTC Color Guard Leo. Mrs. Theresa 4 MS, Herbert H. Lehman University: Business Management, Record Keeping: FBLA Lester, Mr. Andv 4 MS, East Texas State University: World Geography, V. Football, Track Lester, Mrs. Sue - BBA, Baylor University: Typing I, Data Processing Lewis, Mr. Robert 4 MFA, Texas Christian University: General Photography, Advanced Photography Lively, Mrs. Madeline 4 MA, North Texas State University: French II, Ill, Spanish III, IV Louis, Mrs. jo ce - BA, University of Texas at Austin: Spanish I, II: Slpanish Club, junior Class Love, Mrs, Norma 4 International Beauty College: Cosmetology I, II: VICA McCoy, Col, Ivy 4 MA, Ball State University: Military Science: ROTC, Senior Class McDowell, Mrs. jennifer 4 MEd, North Texas State University Biology I: junior Class McGee, Mrs. Emily 4 BS, North Texas State University: Home Furnishings, Family Living, Homemaking I: FHA Marlar, Mrs, Diane 4 BBA, Texas Wesylan College: VOE I, II: OEA Matthews, Mrs. Pam 4 BA, East Texas State University: Sociology Mitchell, Ms, Cynthia 4 BA, University of Texas Austin: Geometry, Algebra I Moeller, Mr. Mark 4 MME, Texas Tech: Vocal Ensemble I, II, III, Choral I, II, Advanced Choir Moore, Mr. john 4 MA, Austin College: American History: Football, Track Moore, Mrs. Martha 4 BS, West Texas State University: English III, IV Morgan, Mrs. LaNeIle 4 MEd, North Texas State University: Eng ish III, Correlated Language Arts III: junior Class Sponsor hairman lgloyris, Mrs. Nancy 4 BS, Baylor University: Chemistry I, Intro io ogy Myers, Mrs. Diane 4 BA, University at Arlington: Consumer Math, Pre-Algebra Nelson, Mrs. Billie 4 BA, West Texas State University: Correlated Language Arts, English IV, Senior Class Northcutt, Mrs. jonella 4 MS, Texas Woman's University: Home Management, Family Living, Child Development, Foods and Nutrtion: FHA O'Brien, Mr. Mike 4 MEd, University of Texas: PE, Football Offill, Mr. Kenneth 4 MA, Northwestern Michigan State University: Algebra I, II, Geometry Pettit, Mrs. Bett 4 MA, University of Texas at Arlington: English IV: NHS, Senior Class Pingel, Ms. Laura 4 BA, Texas Woman's University: French I, French Club Polster, Mr. Trey 4 BS, Tarleton State University: AG l, II, Ill, FFA Pool, Mrs. Teresa 4 MS, Louisiana State University: Correlated Language Arts, PE: Volleyball, Track Posey, Mrs. Carla 4 BA, Texas Tech: Drama I, Il, Ill: Drama Club Rector, Mrs. Darlene 4 MS, Georgia State University: Applied Biology, Biology I: Science Club Reeves, Mr. jack 4 BA, University of Texas at Arlington: Biology, Soccer: jV Football Richey, Mr. Gerald - MEd, Abilene Christian College: Health: Cross Country, jV Football Roberts, Mr. Allen 4 BA, University of Texas at Arlington: American History, Football, Baseball Robinson, Mr. john 4 MEd, Texas Tech University: Special Education Saxon, Mr. james 4 BS. North Texas State University: General Metalworking, Advanced Metalworking, General Power Systems Schoenfeld, Mrs. I.esia 4 BA, University of Texas at Arlington: English II: jV Basketball, Track Schultz, Mrs. joyce 4 BS, Texas Wesleyan College: Typing I, Intro to Computer Programming Shackleford, Mrs. Mary 4 BS, Southwest Texas State University: Typing I, Personal Business Management Shelley, Mrs. Bonnie 4 MEd, North Texas State Universitv: American Government: AHSPAC ' Slight, Mr. David 4 BS, Southwest Texas State University: Bio ogy I, jV Basketball, Baseball, FCA Spittler, Ms. Elaine 4 BS, Stephen F. Austin State University: English II, Soccer ipracklen, Mr. Floyd 4 MEd, North Texas State University: arketing Education, DECA, Sophomore Class Stebbins, Mrs. Beverly 4 MA, Texas Christian University: World History Stewart, Mr. Terrg4 BA, University of Texas Arlington: English II, Spanis I: Spanish Club Stovall, Mrs. Loveta 4 BA, University ot' Texas at Arlington: English II, Ill: Senior Class Stovall, Mr. Mike 4 BS, Abilene Christian College: American History, Football Stricklin, Miss judy 4 MS, North Texas State University: Basketball, HealthfPE Swan, Mrs. Christina 4 MBA, Texas Christian University: Res. English IIIfExtension Classes Sweeney, Mrs. Michelle 4 BA, University of Dallas: English Il, Psychology Theobalt, Mr. Riclgf 4 BS, University of Texas at Arlington: Consumer Math, eology: junior Class Thompson, Mrs. Patricia 4 ME, North Texas State University: Accounting I, II, Shorthand: FBLA, NHS, Senior Class Thrower, Mrs. Oleta 4 MA, North Texas State University: English II: Interact, Sophomore Class Turk, Mrs. Mary - BS, Central Missouri State University: English lll, IV Turney, Mrs. Ann 4 BA, Hendrix College: American Culture, Economics Van Hoose, Mrs. Mary 4 MA, East Texas State University: Biology I, Drill Team Van Zandt, Mr. Allen 4 BS, Texas Wesleyan College: Chemistry Walker, Mrs. jan 4 BA, University ofTexas at Arlington: Speech, Debate Wallace, Mrs. janet 4 BS, Texas Christian University: AP Eng'ish, English IV: Sophomore Class Ward, Mrs. Mary 4 MA, Baylor University: English IV: Senior Class, NHS White, Mrs. Kathryn 4 MEd, North Texas State University: English IV, Psychology: Senior Class Wilmoth, Mr. Barry 4 BS, Texas Tech: Algebra I, II: Senior Class Yantis, Mrs. Maily 4 BS, Texas Christian University: Sociology, Worl Geography FACULTY 205 SOIUC. 011 semester they were ne seventh of a student s duced to only countxng 0 - SCIIIESYCI 3V BI age. With intense concentration and fingers Hy- mg, Lanny Hubbard 'nurries to perfect a pro- gram during computer math. jim 5160113 ACADEMICS 207 Todd Minshall and Amelia Rothenhoefer build one of the sets for An Angel Comes to Babylon. During the Christmas concert, Angie julie per- forms with other members of the jazz band. Tim Elkins lllll s f ,, ll ll 208 ACADEMICS I Wm 41 fare: Rachel Barrett joins Mrs. Bobbie Schrock and julie Moulton in Taylor's yearbook library. The Choraliers sing their praise for the U.S. during the patriotic finale of the Iamboree. ana Escamilla molds her clay coil during Mrs. lan erson's Art l class. 5 is , Susie Bloom Tim Elkins "The Choral Depart- ment underwent many changes this year. Of coarse we lost some good voices with the gradua- tion ofthe '85 class, but we got in some great voices this year. hoir has become a combina- tion of many of the school's organizationsg we have several of the football team, the presi- dent of Student Council, and the senior class president. "West Side Story" is apt to be the most exciting event the AHS Arts Department has ever sponsored, and Choir members are most excited." - Chris Kelsey hat does "fine arts" mean to you? For some, it meant simply another obstacle on the way to graduating on the advanced program. For others, it meant a break in the day - a break from the endless work of the everyday, Hpa er shuffing," note-taking, lecturing classes. For most it stood for a way to ex- press some artistic, musical, or dramatic talent that is all too often ig- nored in other classes. Art taught students how to create. These classes showed them how to take a visual idea and put it on paper, mold it out of cla , or build it from anything they can lind. According to Kristi Shear, the key word here was creativity. "ln art, you Performing plays, building props for drama, tooting horns in band, plucking strings in or- chestra, molding clay in art, dancing in drill team assist in escaping Hum-drum classes basically do what you want. I get good grades by doing what I want." Another branch of fine arts was music. Made up of band, orchestra, and choir, this area let a person show his or her talent through concerts and other performances, such as football games. Music also kept up a com- petitive spirit, for the several bands, orchestras, and choirs who went to contests during the course of the year. The third arm of fine arts was drama. These classes taught not only acting, but also the technical aspects of putting on stage productions and the art of self-expression. Drama pull- ed these together several times a year into plays performed for live au- diences. These students also went to many contests each Cyear where they won numerous awar s. ACADEMICS 209 1 i - Q Bloom Miss Cindy Mitchell explains a difficult geometry proof to Mike Whittemore. Trying to create humor out of a disgusting situation, Chuck Gill dissects his crayfish wit lab partner Melissa Weaver. ACADEMICS After speaking to Mrs. Bonnie Shelley's government class, former Congressman Tom Vandergriff answers Michael Phillips' question. Computer Math students Cathy Zier and Amy Deruelle seek Mr. Steven Harvey's expertise. , -1 ef - a K. 'Q ,l,l' -- f 1 4 Q as - awww' K Q7-Q t:..- K 9 t.-'1-1 ,tg ,Qs ,., h ff- C is-s W S' '. 5 2 - 'll 5: Kristi Neddennan as nh ,,f1 . Q YE X K "I really enjoyed government this year, probably because I had a great teacher who knew what she was do- ing. I liked talking about Pfesenf happen' Mathematics courses continue to ings instead of hfSf0"V"' bafle young minds, biology turns - jennifer Brett ,W ath, science, and social studies are all large sub- jects, yet they all have to share a few slgort paragraphs. Oh well - that's 1 e. Math consisted of the number- oriented courses - classes like algebra and geometry that challenged the mind and taught it to think logically. Also in this area was com- puter math, which taught the ins and outs of using those logic-based machines. "Computer math opened the world of computers to me without cramming it down my throat. It's modem an sophisticated, but enjoyable," Chuck Toxey said. Biolo , chemistry, and physics all fell ungler the heading of science. Those courses offered a variety of in- stomachs, and economics begins a new year with Texas education. Together, science, math, and social studies help employ necessities o Logical learning teresting and useful information on all sorts of subjects ranging from anatom to "1001 uses for the atom." Sociallstudies covered humanity as a whole. History taught about man's past, his mistakes, and his victories. Government showed how man rules his societies by focusinion the United States ovemment. conornics il- lustratecf how people deal for what the want. This year economics was added to the requirements for gradua- tion. Instead of a full year of govern- ment, seniors took a semester of government and a semester of econorrucs. "Economics is a lot of fun. We have to keep up with certain type of stock for the whole semester, and Coach Isabell teaches ,practical things in a fun way," Greg immons said. ACADEMICS 211 Guest Speaker joe jesko discusses character traits with jim Adams and jim Holms during their sociology class' unit on people. Brent Warren and Mike Lohman prepare the wood for a general woodworking project. , , it ,..,..., ii... W , Q 1 1 um .tl 1-mxm,,,, I ,mu ,,4.wnums if an g , , , ui, Hn sr vm an om tm ' fm umm 5 nw, , ,,,5g1:1z.H. ,.,,,pn4.urvsr:n-an 4' , W amz ,rwm m ..,.mmm.4 + Y -X , K , ff, ,, , . irvzwfziem 2. to 'QW ' Qttliiwffu' "' 4 nw U " 1 , fmamnw 1 mm w L 'fmfmnn me .mummm .L ' my xzztsnaaurevfg .mum--vgfl aanufffftfamn lv!!! gf L mi-:ff"" I V ' ' , " .dii c "'wb...mW lim Bloom 212 ACADEMICS Mrs. Norma Love carefull explains the perma- nent rolling process to N iklli Giddings. A Nick Mathios' animal receives one last shear- ing before they go into the judging ring. f 'Aw V- 'I F'-"..f'ft...5' N' 'I ?.g':fe','.c"g'?5'.f' 'F -1-' 2 :'i"Jl5:"a . 'Qg'1?:'fi. 5- I I .3 HS-"" - 3 af 33 D it .. 2 EQA FS 9 Pam Finley Tim Elkins "I took cosmetolog to help improve myself and help other people improve themselves. I enjoy Cosmetology because of the at- Psychology explains much about mosphere, the eople, ,he ,e,,Ch,,,, ,,,,,1'jf0, ,he people and their minds, child future that I am building for myself." - Victoria lung n every curriculum there's that all-encompassing category unofficially labelled "miscellaneous" and of icially labell- ed separately as a whole mess of miniature categories. "Miscellaneous" included all of those classes which didn't really fit in- to one of the major categories of - English, foreign language, history, math, science, fine arts - and yet achieved some form of credit. These included cosmetology, drafting, metal shop, agriculture, woodworking, psychology, and homemaking. n other words, these were all the classes that people didn't have to take, but wanted to take, because of a certain interest or aptitude, or simply for the heck of it. development teaches all aspects o bringing up kids, and agriculture educates about caring for animals All of these courses and more combine to ojferfun and interesting Schedule fillers Lisa Rincon said of her chosen class, "Psychology is interesting. We talk about how psychologists work, and we begin to understand how and why people behave as they do." Althou h challen ing, these classes offered ainreak in tie regular routine - a sort of fun class to 'fget away" from English and math and science and history, yet still learn something. These classes also taught skills useful in a variety of occupations, such as carpentry, farming, air design, and arc itecture. "In drafting, you have no homework, and you get away from regular classes," Rick Rivers said of his miscellaneous class, "Anyway, I want to be an architect." ACADEMICS 213 jennifer Vance and her friends diligently work in the library on their junior themes. ' The annual Scarlett Letter video engrosses Mrs. Loveta Stovall's third period English class. uf .gy A K I mm scuoon. lulie Moulton 5 lat ea -..-4- - -Q in 'Uv 214 ACADEMICS 'S julie Moulton Mrs. Betty jean Pettit's Enilish class joins in a group project over the Eliza ethan age. Kristi Neddennan iii 1 A x lim Bloom'vfdh With savoir faire, Mrs. Madeleine Lively ex- Elains French, while Nancy Hummer studies ard. W J 2 J at 1 I I Z .H "" "M iv' Q, M: . ff' 'K i 5 l ' N jf! rm . wh: I f V ,Aix X I PJ PM .X Cathy Ruppert Playing Ulpresidente secretario," juan Madrid tries hope essly to outwit Mrs. Joyce Louis. "I like English Com- position and British Literature a lot because we don't have to do much rammar like the rest of the classes do. We get to use our creative juices to create skits, draw pictures, and do other special projects for what we are study- ing. Thefeople in t e class an Mrs. Ward make the course more interesting than regular English class." -Kelly Cunyus v a s t , v a s t percentage of high school students took English. After all, four years of English is the state requirement. Many students found their English classes really interesting and informative. "I enjoy writing, analyzing what I read, and formin my own opinions about what I read and write,' Iennie Zitek said. "English also lets me use my imagination." And a major part of English was reading various styles of iterature, from short poetry to long mega- novels. Many of these, however, were classical works or m thology, and could be difficult to undserstand. Chris Baughman summed up the feelings of many students. Some students enjoy writing term papers, analyzing poetry and reading classical novels in English, but a few enjoy a flair of foreign language to experience a bit of Classroom culture "Some examples of the forms of literary works should be taken from contemporary literature. Most people find it easier to comprehend something which holds some interest for them." A large number of students also took one of the four foreign languages offered. Many, though, took a foreign language just because they wanted to learn another lan uage and a little bit about different cultures. "People really should take another language," Elizabeth Mindel said. "Students in other countries take years and years of English and other anguages that aren t their own. Besides, you never know when you might have to be able to discuss the weather in another language." ACADEMICS 215 Typing industriously, Mrs. Ioyce Schultz's class practices horizontal spacing skills. 216 ACADEMICS julie Moulton Xl VOE student LeAnn Copfaedge, t pes a taped dictation while following a ong in time book. ssing around" in data processing, Marshall Mat- 's and Alex Eaves lay a game, whi e Carrie Gunther, Knippenberg andp Al Rearick work tediously on their rams .N L, X 5' ' ri-'vt Iulie Moulton 'ng to keep the books, Amy Peebles and Curtis Eile work on accounting packets. "Typing is a dif- ficult challenge if you are not coordinated, but it's worth it." - Darla George develop yping, data process- ing, and Business Law were all designed to teach students something of business. Typing taught a skill that was not only useful in school and college, but also in the business world. Knowing how to type helped in obtaining any job, and it didnt exactly hinder the advancement of an executive-type. B Data processing taught students the basics of entering and storing infor- mation into computers. It revealed the many uses of computers and how to best store information into them. Ion Moodly said of his data process- ing class, " ata processing is a good introduction to computers. It helps prepare you to enter the computer world, w ich is growing rapidly. ' Typing improves coordination, data processing presents new worlds to students, business law discusses citizens' rights, and accounting teaches how to mathematically handle business. These courses help Future executives Business Management showed the student how to run a business. It goes into organization, finance, and customer relations. "Business Management taught me how to handle all the paperwork in- volved in running a company," Andie Lively said. "More importantly, this class taught me how to best com- municate with employees and customers." Still another business-related course was Business Law. It discussed the re ulations and restrictions found in the iusiness world. Rob Mauldin said, "Business law is a very informative class. Much of the class is devoted to real life discussions of the laws concerning business. It is a very practical class." ACADEMICS 217 218 SPORTS weakest link," this isiii "A chain is only as strong as r a echoed during many a lockerroom Colt teams statement was chat. Throughout the past stports season, developed a certain type o unity felt by no other. Loyalty to teammates and alma mater was evident in ev-gg t 'e V ' you're representing the first, the g best,itheitiriginall" Even all seasons en gt ed in total victory, a of championship as 1o1sn was earned. Every team members could boast thatfhei lsl had pushed himself to his full potential and every' i effort was made towards victory. This attitude and pride was the edge that our ath etic program taught each individual, one that will be even more evident later in life. Gary Webb goes up against three Richardson-Pearce defenders to shoot the jumper at the prestigious Reunion Arena game. if Y. Tw Tim Emma SPORTS 219 I V ,uf Q., W 9- . 5, ,yn , I f , ff. ' A We r i 'L' I., an ' Q lp ., H Mft Lindsay Mounce, a Colt Kicker officer, performs her high kick during a routine at the pep rally. 220 SPORTS Mitch Lakey joining "hoofbeats" for the Alma Mater, Wendy Saxman and Amy Schultz feel a sense of unity. The Colt Kickers perform during the Lewisville pep rally to show the student body their skill. i W in 1 -Hffrrffw' it 'e Practice hours pay off Kickers give halftime entertainment Long hours aim at perfecting skills Making up a lar e portion of the reen and white were tie Colt Kickers. gfhey were on hand each week to cheer at the pecp rallies and also at the games to pro- vi e halftime entertainment. On Iuly 31, the drill team officers at- tended a three-day camp at SMU called Superstar. The first Monday in August, practice began and the officers taught the drill team members what they had learned. A four-hour practice continued every day until school started. New members leamed the fundamentals which enabled them to perform a routine. The drill team practiced three times weekly for two hours the week of a game. These practices helped perfect their halftime performances. To be a member of the Colt Kickers, the girls had to follow rules. Because of the new No Pass-No Play rule, members had to ass all classes to perform each week. 'lllie drill team also had a list of rules given to them by sponsor Mrs. Mary an Hoose. By following these rules, the drill team achieved t e Colt Kicker image. Fund raisers helped the drill team pur- chase necessary protps for their routines. During August, t e rill team sold boxed M8zM s, had a large garage sale, and worked at Texas Ranger Stadium. Performing at both football and basketball games, Colt Kickers practiced throughout the year. At the end of A ril, the members began preparing for their spring show. "Our spring show is always produced by the gir s," said Mrs. Van Hoose. Because Wilemon Field was wet and muddy at the game against Martin, Colt Kickers Amy Schultz and Shawn Stallones wait for the music to begin to perform their Halloween routine on the track. SPORTS 221 l . Fans' spirit helps teams Cheerleaders, students boost morale, Spirit Sisters fire "locked-up" energy By attending summer camp again, varsity and junior varsity cheerleaders gained more explerience and expertise in their abilities. arsity cheerleaders earned excellence in many areas of comietition, junior varsity won superior blue ri bons for their perfor- mances. Michelle Smith and Gina O'Dell were named candidates for the All-American Cheerleader Award. Cheerleaders hosted a NCA regional com- petition in November. Winning a first place trophy cgualified them for the National Cheerlea ers Association contest in Orlando, Florida in February. At competition Nov. 23, the varsity squad took second place in na- tionals and the junior varsity team took first place. With the spirited cheerleaders arousing them, fans played a large role in the team's successes. Whether at ep rallies, games, or in the hall, team members were cheered on by the fans. Students, as well as parents and teachers enjoyed watching any Colt team strive for a victor . Spirit Sisters played their own "secret" role in appreciating athletes. On game days, athletes found their lockers decorated and filled with surprises. At the end of the season, Spirit Sisters were revealed and usually received an appreciation gift themselves. r e 061: ", X 9' Lv. Y 5' t ie-,sw .ff ft -as 5' gi' 1lr'5'4 . i ' at T! tv rssse H . 1 :if ssr ., X, T A rs' sres " i . " a 'i.i 2 C iii? tit? . iii 1 Tim Elkins Following the Arlington vs. Bell game, the varsity Boosting spirit at the Trinity pep rally, Shauna cheerleaders join the football team and stand at at' Tynes and DaLetta Dietrich show the senior class tention for the Alma Mater. their excitement by jumping whole-heartedly. QL Xi-Kira . 1-: 5 .iff an 3 th Preparing to surprise her spirit brother for the Sam Houston ame, Jeanne Caffey decorates the footbagl players' locker the morning of the game. Showing the real wag to 'get downf the senior class cheers ent usiastically at a pep rally. SPORTS 223 Players add to games Individual performances provide winning varsity season for Colts To compile the winning 6-2-1 varsity football season, the Colts managed dur- ing the '85 campaign, numerous players had to turn in outstanding erformances. Leading the Colts' oftlzensive attack was quarterback David Michener who had numerous touchdown passes and finished the year with 1,392 ylards. Chris Naughton managed 28 catc es for 463 yards and five T s. The runnin of Chad Crow, Lee Mc- Cormick, andiee Moore provided addi- tional excitement for Colt fans. Crow led the city in rushing with 1,108 yards on 200 rushes on his way to eight touchdowns. Leading the defensive attack were Bob Deller and Brad Gautney. Joining the group, who held opponents to only 106 ppints, were seniors Troy Brown, Lance offett, David Mattla e, James McNichols, Mike Gilbert, and Jeff Noon. "Even though we didn't reach our goal of goinlg to the play-offs, this was a very specia season to me and to the other football coaches at Arlinglton High," Coach Mike O'Brien said. ' he great group of seniors that we had to work with made the year a great ex- perience for everyone." Aidin Coach O'Brien were assistant coachesgvlike Stovall, John Moore, Andy Lester, Allen Roberts, and Gerald Brown. Mike Gilbert struggles for extra yardage in the Quarterback David Michener dashes from Trinity Colts' district win over the Martin Warriors. players to achieve yardage and make a touchdown. 224 SPORTS Ai sf il t ' was A Tim Elkins vw, . Comerback james McNichols intercepts a pass in the Colts' upset win over Trinity. Driving through Martin's defensive line, Chad Crow attempts to go all the way for a touchdown. ' fihiiii-Nm. 5 ' FEW? 226 SPORTS A' f A M L' 'V , "" Y Q V7 44 6 A 'f i g A , V , , , ,V,, . ,,,. QA , , f - 2 'WVWQ 'H av ' 9, , gi sf Www? in a My ij 'qi X' 2 j ' ,M , ,. : 53- ' ,fn I V' , . ,f ., I .f-f' On the second down, running back Chad Crow prepares to receive a handoff from David Michener. Chris Naughton strives for extra yardage before Martin's defense tackles him on the third down. S lgpw' f 'nf a?Ws 4. .M mi if 222 V Q 7 , . - V V W 4 4 1-main' 1 ww, it , as-x. f ,. ' W7 YK: .T , t -.ra ,fgQfrgiJa:g:.x M 'tl .. e . , .- -3+ "" I1 4- ess' at i' - , 'QVV' I.. L' ' -:M , .3 Colts lose play-off spot Sam Houston tie dims title chancep Coach gives seniors success credits Coming off a somewhat poor season last year with only three victories to their credit, the varsity football team showed plenty of improvement this year. They raise their season to an impressive 6-2- 1 and the district tally to 4-1-1. Starting off the year against the always strong Lewisville Farmers, the Colts lost their o ener 28-15. However, the Green and alhite came back with three consecutive victories over O. D. W att, Denton, and Burleson. lin the second week of district play, the Colts faced L. D. Bell and suffered a disa ointin 24-l6loss. TPR? highlaht of the season came in the third wee of district action when the Colts knocked off highly touted Trinity 10-0. This lifted the play-off hopes to new heights. However, those hopes were dampened a little the next week Greg Cdebaca carries the ball while Robert Stokes runs interference, and Ronnie Everage blocks. when Sam Houston managed to tie the Green 14-14. The tie was a major factor kefiqpling the Colts out of the play-offs. e team went on to down t e Martin Warriors 24-17 and then topped off a fine season by trouncing Lamar 1 7-7. After the victo over Lamar, the Colts still had play-oflyhopes. A Bell victory over Trinity would put the Colts in the play-offs as the District 7-5A second place team. However, Trinity upset Bell, thus pptting Trinity and Bel in the la -o s. P Gloach Mike O'Brien credited the seniors with contributing to the year's success. "The leadership provided, the examples set, and the ca iber of play were all attributed to our senior c ass. That oup set some real high standards for ag: the young players in the pro- gram," Coac O'Brien said. SPORTS 227 IV takes championship After slow non-district start, team races through 7-5A undefeated District Champs was the title earned by the junior varsity football team as it rushed through an undefeated District 7-5A season. After a brief non-district schedule that saw the Ponies fall to predominately tough Lewisville and Denton and down O.D. Wyatt, the Green set their sights on the district crown and never ooked back. They swept through the District 7-5A play without a single defeat. Opening district action, they downed Burleson 20-7 and then the others fell like dominoes - Bell 13-6, Trinity 13-6, Sam Houston 19-2, Martin 21-7, and Lamar 13-0. Leading the way were Offensive and Defensive Players of the Year Andrew Grammer and Chris Cordero. "Playing on the IV squad was organ- ized, hard, and fun," Grammer said. Coachin the District 7-5A winners were Head Coach Gerald Richey and assistants jack Reeves and Eddy Hamilton. If 228 SPORTS I Lau. +7 S-.,, it +ve K . The Colt defensive line prevents opponents from breaking through and scoring a touchdown. x .,,,,,, ,. , , .. MT.. ,,4, .-.,...,,..,,-. ,,., .,.- . , ,,--..,,......,q,,,.......A,.,. - W A.MW, ...N , N M I ,.,.,,.,,,,,. H" ' A 2 A A A A p, G!! av , 1 - at f A, in 5' ft - ' rf l, :.5::g:, v - L5 Y. ,, gr , , , t K ....r4i:'f"'j1'f L 1, .. wi of 'WA,.'Q. to L1 T ,. lL'fef!f'r.. '-',, 42 L 4, VW.. Y, Al'gi'M-fax, ., A 1 .Q ,., 24.2. 2 p :pl f ,roof at f i A iii is Lnifazii' tl an SEFEWLQS 1-rm is .- -f......- ... A - .,.... .- ...- . r ,..Wf.-t.u.-.IJ"'i3"T f .. M? 'M -in .1 A P-1.4 O'D'f 'A 'I I I D'Z1'U?l'f'SA.'S S412 l'lfllIlI,1A'9 I Qi I QQQ +11 1 . , .. .. .. - -...x . . -......,-..-.-.- ,,f,f emo.: .ns-Q. ,. .-- . ,'.-1.- -- U...-.. .- .-s. L t I - - 1 -- M' F1 D M1 fps-, , -4 K5OJ0L014.?'..9L'?L9 i1 t451'Eq e-a 4 A , "fif4"e'o':Cb1"l1 1 , """"5'3W".'52'Q N "X ' "'W 5' . ff .. .e.1e.I'i'E2:r:zi '4z4'.s'5'o on to r 39 Q 'ogy - , , Members of the junior varsity football team include ffront row, Kenn McCullou h, Kip Yates, james Su dam, Steve Baldwin, Kyle McPherson, Rob Moseley, Tommy Gyoss, Andy iilara, Charles Warren ay Whillock Brandon Owen Saint Thomas Nelson Greg Alexander Andy Grammer Mark Rainwater second rowj Todd Baughman Ioe McLau hlin Brian Nau hton Ross Talk- in ton Ieff McMic e Ches Snider Andrew Frisina B an Big am Aaron Estra a Richie Philli C ris Anderson Terry Valosek Deric Bentle Qthir rowj Kyle Kimery Tomm Hams Io n Wilson Trent Woody Chris Cordero Trent omas Mike Leathers james Knowes Wade Ben- nett Demetrius Harper Greg Rine Ladon Conley Crai Clark Dennis McCarty Qfourth rowj Matt Long Brian Gilmore Shawn Hatfield Andre Lan eith Hatley Bryan Higbee Jared Richard- son Cal Cartwright Andy Lipscomb an itch Monson Steve Kin Qfifth rowj Guiller- mo Moncada jason Keith B Lassiter evin iller David I-leme Juan Ma 'd Mike Fuller Bill Maudlin l.arryHeraman and eff Lemonds. Junior Vars1ty Football AHS b Opponent Lewisville O. D Wyatt Denton Lg D Bell Triruty Sam Houston Martin Lamar During a time out in the game against Martin 'L if Lx I I Q 5 I E I I 1 I I 3 I I v l gs! f , ' , , Ti' , , ' 2, ,I ' I f l ,wiki , I 1 , ' , I , affly I , 5 , 1 If gl , I A? I I 4? . . ll we 0 28 " ' 19 . 0 14 28 -if 20 Burleson 7 13 . 6 13 ' 6 19 2 21 7 13 0 , Coach Eddy Hamilton explains an offensive play. I ii E I g ff' S- SPORTS 229 Predictions favor Colts Volleyball advances to bi-districtp Lack of play-off experience hurts Long before the Lady Colts started their volleyball season, the predictions were in their favor. In their three non-district games, the Lady Colts had no roblems with vic- tories. They stompedp Southwest 15-11, 15-13, Newman Smith 15-12, 15-1, and 1.1. Pearce 15-6, 15-9. The Colts now faced their district 7-5A opponents. As the newspapers had predicted, either Martin or Arlington would receive the district title, and the Lady Colts did just that. ln district the Colts had one loss against Sam Houston in the first round, but defeated Burleson, Bell, Trinity, Mar- tin, and Lamar twice. Advancinlg to the bi-district pla -offs, the spikers eld the 7-5A title and, were up atgainst the Duncanville Pantherettes. A ter three matches, celebration was in the air for the Green and White as they downed Duncanville. Practicing hard for the area play-offs against the Richland Rebels, the spikers had the skill and determination to win, yethfhey coElclln't quite pull it off as Ric and too t ewin. "Having so many. young, inexperi- encedlplzgfers hurt us in the area 'play-off game, oach Teresa Pool sai . 'Our team really had not acquired the dplay-off game exlperience that we nee ed and they let t e pressure get to them." 'I thought the two most outstanding pla ers were Tricia Bowen and Jeanne Caffe for their outstanding leadership," Coach, Pool said. ?l."'!W --L .J 'Q ,5 230 SPORTS Becky Martin goes down to the floor to pick up a serve from Martin and gives a pass to her setter. Tricia Bowen reaches up high to spike the ball straight down on the opponent's court at Martin. 5 if In the play-off game against Duncanville, Jeanne Caffey backsets the ball for a teammate to spike. With Lori jones behind her to recover, Becky Mar- tin leaps to spike over a L. D. Bell defenders block. J . fl 4 B . :ft 9 ax 4 6 2 E W4 HK ez. 54 Q 1. SPORTS 231 We ,...,,4 L Volleyball team earns title August start puts Spikers on target to claim Bi-District championship The bi-district varsity volleyball cham- pions started long before school began in their uest for the title. Eartly on a Monday morning in August, the Lady Colts began what is known as two-a-day workouts to prerpare for their successful season. he varsit volleyball team was made up of only three seniors, jeanne Caffey, Tricia Bowen, and jenny Rabbitt, along with seven juniors, Becky Martin, Lori jones, Kristi Phillips, Leimira Lyman, Belinda Hess, Carol Estrada, and Kim Greenwood. During the play-off games, Coach Teresa Pool moved junior Michelle Watts up to help the Lady Colts. "We started out pretty good," Coach Pool stated. "We made some mistakes that were caused from our youngness and inexperience. However, we over- came these problems and improved in every game we played," she continued. Many of the varsity players received high honors at the season's end. Tricia Bowen gathered in numerous awards in- cluding All-State nomination. She was also named Player of the Year in Tarrant County and Most Valuable Player for the district and All-City team. Becky Martin was named Rookie of the Year and Kristi Phillips was the Most Outstanding Setter in the district. Lori jones and jeanne Caffey were placed on the All-District second team, while jenny Rabbitt, Carol Estrada, and Belinda Hess were named All-District Honorable Mention. "lt was a su er year and we had great team unity," jlones said. "We did fan- tastic in the Duncanville play-off game, but didn't have the strength to ull ahead against the Richland Rebels. This was a very devastating loss we experienced.' Reaching Kristi Phillips goes for a spike as Lori jones prepares to help in case of a block. 232 SPORTS 4Y"':' 7 1-. X'v'f '84 S. ' .XJ- '1 'I 4. f if n 0 M 44' 'W ,Q "l , J , . xi N4 ,.,, ,, A F A 5 Wfirf ,ff . ,Q k ...-.....f.-, , 'f .......-.--V., , ,. EQ GK 'QX .fx gm u K f .. -3 if 4 Tri ' E-J'A'E ' MI W Q W- Q , Q We We 9332 We S92 Si! ggi is QQ f on on Y h I ,QQ 3924 if V ff '12 Q H9 ' ff' 9 in Q X cone C 2 5 kan? JY 1 .2 i 1 i ,W We L, 3, YI Q X ww: - R fi 451 . Ay, fm, E, ff: . 4. .nw .4 IV gains experience Volleyball teams boast 500 seasons through tournament, district action junior varsity and B-Team volleyball players both boasted near 500 seasons as they sought the improvement they would need to become members of the varsity squad. IV spikers played in three tour- naments before they began district ac- tion. At the Trinityl tourney they came home with the second lace trophy, while at the Arlington IV event they placed 5th, and captured the 9th place spot at Northlake College. They tallied an over-all season record of 8-9 and a district record of 3-9. The squad took district wins over Bell and Trinity and non-district wins over Southwest, Newman Smith, Berkner and 1.1. Pearce. Making up the IV team coached by 234 SPORTS Kristen Bloom, were Kim Baker, Debbie Binion, Aurelia Countess, Erin Flack, jennifer Hilton, Melissa Koziolek, Chi Suk Pak, Mary Parker, Anne Marie Rup- pert, and Michelle Watts. B-Team members posted a 6-7 season record and had four wins and five losses in district action. They captured first place at the Richardson Tournament and took 5th place at the Martin event. Makin up the squad were Kiki Foster, Christa Cgroves, Gretchen Houston, Mar- tha Kalina, Melissa Koziolek, Merishia Knight, Shannon Mitchell, Kim Ratliff, lvsrna Sticht, Cheryl West, and Beth iener, Managers for both schuads were Monica Johnston and Miche e Potts. ' 'FEW ,Jw Q if V1 5- ii S! 3 E wr' Kiki Foster sets to Debbie Broom as Tammy Alon- so looks on and waits for the return pass. During the B-Team game, Kiki Foster sets the ball to Kim Boggs for a spike. K SPORTS 235 Vigor leads returners Individuals extend efforts for goals Combined talent took the lead for the boys cross country team. With half of the runners returning from last year, the team had many runners place high in all meets. The team was led primarily by senior Ioel Richardson, and junior Don Landr . Other members, however, trailed closely behind. Dominating the District Meet by plac- ing five runners in the Top 10 earned the team a trip to Lubbock for the Regional Meet. Third lace in Regionals qualified them for the gtate Meet in Georgetown. "The overall team effort ave us the power to go to state." genior Ioel Richardson said. Individuals on the girls cross country team stood out more than the team as a whole. Senior Iulie Mills and sophomore Peggy Bindel placed 21st and 26th respectively in the District Meet. ' The lac of members on varsity reall affected the team's placing." Coach Lesia Schoenfeld said. ' The No Pass, No Play rule also had a large impact on the number of runners on the team." Q. . . . me - - .5 .:-: .-,rr . , -it , . 1 -vgdbail'-t.,ak,-., , - .,. Q P ' r i '- . I S I I' ppzp if X' I 1.i W Sophomore Scott Glenn strives to pass up a Trini- Ioel Richardson and Tim Foster attempt to pass ty runner in the Trinity Invitational Meet. two contenders in a meet at Vandergriff Park. ORTS Strong runners dominate CC meets' I WW D .mc Q L... ,gf ll. I ., ee ' W b a Q, . J A Wkskw A KN .- ua Amy Stokes paces herself for the last mile of the Bell Invitational where she received second. ,r 4 L QM XN 953528 E-M: zbgsils- meg .. :sham flew? -fists.. e ., FA ,. K fm 'tvx 'va J 9 I ' 11 I : Zi "c 1 --'NJ' " "' ft' sf- 413. Ugg. 1? +V - -lb: .- 'KW 143-if M Q SPORTS 237 2 Expectations set high 14-7 record begins race, Prestigious pre-game won at Reunion Letting nothing hold them back, the boys varsity basketball team went through the district season with only two losses and advanced to the first round of the state play-offs. Sporting a one win and one loss non- district record, the Colts traveled to Reunion Arena where they beat Richard- son Pearce bly 18 points in 'a pre-game for a Maveric game. Traveling to Cleburne to play another important non-district game, the Colts beat the Yellow Iackets 72-70 in over- time forthe first time in four years. Winning the consolation trophy in both the Grand Prairie and West Side Lions Tournaments, the Colts ended non-district and be an racing with six other teams for the Eistrict 7-5A Cham- pionship Title. Boosting the Colts' morale was the 21-point victory over L. D. Bell. This led to a game with Sam Houston on Thurs- day and Martin on Saturday during semester exams. With an 18-point vic- tory over Sam, and a four point victory over Martin, the Colts were in sole possession of first place with a 6-0 record. Putting an arm out, Gary Cootper defends his op- ponent, while Lanny Hubbard efenses the post. an 2 4 1 O fp ' at E , ., .rffy rv V. , 3 W Taking his turn, David Wiener cuts down his strand of the net after winning District 7-5A. 3 During a crucial time out, Coach Robert Gill, showing one of his infamous expressions, explains to Gary Webb how the play should be run. Preceeding the Maverick game at Reunion Arena, Trent Turner leaps to lay it up against defense. 5 5 rn E SPORTS 239 Champions win in DT District captured in play-offs by two, Starters, coach earn district honors Two teams came to the Colt gym prelpared to win. L. D. Bell overcame the Co ts by one and Martin tallied a win by 10 points. This ended district cplay for the Cots with a 10-2 record an a tie with Martin for first place. The pla -off game was held at Martin. Winninlg 450-47 the Colts were ecstatic. As istrict Champs, representing District 7-5A, the Colts traveled to Bird- ville Coliseum to play South Grand Prairie in the first round of the state la -offs. P Liading a great first quarter 22-7, the Colts seemed to be ready to move up the ladder to State Champions. But XM ai .-mi. i W' 5 Tim Elkins Danny Denton shoots his baseline jumger in the game against Richard Pearce at Reunion rena. Driving ast an Eastern Hills defender, Chris Puempel lleads the Colts in a fast break. 240 SPORTS guickness and jumping ability took over or the Warriors. he Colts suffered a major loss 63-59 ending their 85-86 season with 24 wins and nine losses. All five starters received All-District honors. Senior Trent Turner was named Most Valuable Player. Seniors, David Wiener and Danny Denton made First and Second Team respectively. Honorable Mention went to Senior Chris Puempel and Iunior Gary Webb. Rounding out his seventh year of coachincg at Arlington, Coach Robert Gill receive the honor of being named Coach of the Year. Shootrn over a Denton Bronco Robert Brgham atms tot e rum to add two pomts to the score After a dlS3pp0lI'ltlIlg flrst half Coach Robert Glll encourages h1s team to return to the court and wm H' rx A 1' L. f-f-P M SPORTS 241 .9 S I posts 00 season After shaky start, group finds unity, Even district record ties for third Learning to play together as a team and not focusin on one individual was the goal needec? to accomplish a good season or the boys junior varsity basketball team. The boys basketball program set goals that athletes must strive for. These goals were introduced to the team and they were reminded of them every da . Non-district started with a lyot of in- dividualism and not a team image. The players had talent from previously earned skills but none of the positions held dominance. "A lot of the games we won by a couple of points," Coach David Slight said. "The won based on heart." Unity began showing during the Sam Houston game in the first half of district, in which the Colts won 49-43. Two losses to Martin and Lamar and one loss each to L. D. Bell and Tinity gave the Colts a district record of 6-6. Sean Lehr, James Livingston, and Chad Fife were high scorers, while Doug Cassidy was leading rebounder. "It's not where you start, but where you finish," Coach Slight said. "We won a lot of games early because of talent. We won a lot of games late because we had a good team." Mark Humphrey leaps to pass over Bronco The ball loose for a moment, both Doug Cassidy defenders in the non-district game at Arlington. PORTS and Iason Baum charge into the lane to retrieve it. - :Mr 40 M. A Eff Maria 1 Taking the short jumper over Sam Houstorfs defense, Everett Cottrell follows through as Mark Humphrey tries to get the rebound. fjBlf'.s2 5 1' YJGLTS gl s 3, to ' ' wrrg 215.45 6 C 2 5 x I 4 if. ., 55' l Members of the junior varsity boys basketball team include Qfront row, Cliff Bowman, Richie Phillips, Darrell Brown, Ben Duff, Sean Lehr, fmiddle rowj Derek Hinicle, Mark I-iumggrey, Everett Cottrell, Chad Fife, Iohn Kidd, Iames Livingston, fback rowl Coach David Slight, ug Cassidy, Tommy Goss, Aaron Buchanan, Lee Knight, and jason Baum. Iumor Varsity Boys Basketball AHS Opponent 51 Burleson 29 51 L. D. Bell 69 65 Trinity 54 49 Sam Houston 43 39 Martin 51 54 Lamar 62 45 Burleson 36 51 L. D. Bell 50 50 Trinity 58 47 Sam Houston 45 52 Martin 54 35 Lamar 51 SPORTS 243 l- Being sealed by a Martin opponent, Raschelle Richey looks to pass an assist to her open teammate. - - - 1 - .1 1 "" Varslty Girls Basketball """" AHS Opponent 36 Martin 38 53 Lamar 42 45 Burleson 33 38 L. D. Bell 42 48 Trinity 40 41 Sam Houston 48 58 Martin 55 55 Lamar, 39 42 Burleson 34 47 L. D. Bell 49 44 A Trinity M 31 43 Sam Houston 45 A Taking the ball down the court, Becky Martin Iulie Mills attempts to hit the second end of a one passes four Lewisville opponents for a fast break. and one in the first district game against Martin. 244 SPORTS - .4--it eat. OT loss dashes hopes Sam pins 45-43 defeat on Colts to end District 7-5A competition A chance for the play-offs up until the last game made the varsity Lady Colts give 110 percent every minute of their season. Non-district started with a traditional game against Duncanville. The Colts ad trouble defending the Pantherettes and lost 57-36. Returning from Thanksgiving Holida s, the team hosted the Lady Co t Cage Tourney. A close game against Lewisville was needed to s ow the Colts their capabilities. Playing the Farmeret- tes a very tight game until the last minute, the Co ts fe l short by three. After losing to South Grand Prairie the next mornin , the Colts faced Duncan- ville for third place. Starting slow, they never recovered and lost 62-47, placing fourth. The Arlington Classic brought on another game against Lewisville. After several turnovers, the Colts ended with a 63-53 loss. At this point of the Colts' season, Coach Iudy Stricklin said, "It's taking us too long to adjust to our opponents. We stand and watch for two and a half quarters and then glive all we've got. We need to start with t at." A huge win over Dallas Skyline .gl .r Forming her shot over a Lewisville defender, Belinda Hess shoots in the Lady Colt Cage Tourney. preceded a loss to Sam Houston and the end of the Classic. Eager for district play, the Colts began with Martin but lost 38-36. Wins over Lamar, Trinity, and Burleson, lus two losses to Bell and Sam, made the Colts' record for the first half of district 3-3. The second round brought on an ex- citing win over Martin by three. Rolling past Lamar, Trinity, and Burleson, the Colts added one more loss to Bell. The Colts, Sam, and Martin were in a three- way tie for second. An important game with Sam was held at AHS. The Colts knew what this game meant and fought hard. A shot in the last nine seconds by Raschelle Richey tied the game and three minutes overtime were added. Blood, guts, and desire could not help the Colts in their 45-43 loss which ended their 85-86 season. Several players received All-District Honors. The Most Valuable Player title went to 'unior Raschelle Riche . Senior Iulie Mills received Defensive Player of the Year. Iunior Beck Martin made First Team, while seniors Margaret Bane, Kim Clarke, Shelly Shipman and junior Lori jones received Honorable Mention. , NM 4 - 1 . 11.11 I4 SPORTS 245 jenny Crow takes the baseline drive to open up her teammates for an assist under the basket. 246 SPORTS During a non-district game, Coach Lesia Schoenfeld takes time out to discuss the 1V's defense. 4+ Q11 , 5 r Q .iw 1 ,sm . Ma sw X l I xi S as turf! I 4, 1 . cagers show promise Team learns important fundamentals, Lack of players weakens girls' season Combining newly learned skills and plays, the girls junior varsity basketball team played together well as a small team. Spending over three months focusing on undamentals before the season, the girls found out that high school basket- all is a big jump from junior high ball. Grades proved to be a plroblem that eliminated layers from t e team. Il- lnesses andp injuries also occurred to minimize the team to nine players. "We didn't have many payers and that made it hard if someone was injured if Ea or sick," sophomore jenny Crow said. "But I think everyone grew to be a better player by the end of the season." Before district play, the team played in the Martin junior arsity Tournament. Obtaining one win and one loss put them in a game against Sam Houston for third place. Losing by nine points, however, they received fourth place. The team did not reap rewards at the close of the District 7-5A season, either. Lacking team experience, with just one junior, they ended the year with a four- win and eight-loss record. V l x .,'A6 Post Kim Boggs takes her shot under the basket as Kim Baker blocks out her L. D. Bell defender. SPORTS 247 ...... Strugglin against his Lamar o onents, Tommy Loeber figits to get possession olptge ball. Mmm EMF' .,gMi:,L .ra-'Fil f' f5l5f5l1Zf??jv j -Q fuf iiifgzis f L-mg,-.f-11:4 w m a-:si-:s..ffs i5sgj,.ga- 3 5 574 af A 5 zffgl.-gg an---ugh. , 1 W V. H1 V JI' 1 Q12 Q V. .. wwf ne... 'f .. '..M ...,, s,s.,,, f ,- f ' IL ,' igigfs W 0- - - ' r , , .4 X. .f - ,, . """""' " l R V.. - was "" H V N, , ,-. ' XVL' 111 HR' "Y ' Q ' ' ' s 4 rar. 1 l . , Q xi -'fa R ' Laugh !iiifiSC0t5fHuUiEl'z ' 11513416 saa i sasass a I lf3f0S90,n Ja aass J Tim Hatton, Ra! h Reyes Greg Tihiirions, top 'Scot O omglerald Caffey, Troy Adams,sCoatIi'faik' Q Vars1ty,D1str1ct Record fe AHS R Qpponent R Martm R 1.. . 1 Sam Houston , e 1 Martm 0 , 0 Lamar 2 . 1 Sam Houston 2 e3.f. 1 . Lamar N Y ,Z 1 M gpgwas Km eg. -,QV nfs X xz,,,se,wfes,.,mEa..agig, , ., sg, ,, Z gig 2 xf gf . , .J 1 5.42235 ,.. 1 5 ' A F K 4 -P " . X Y. 'ZZ ' ' I N s sn 'S f -Q f ,N 3 I' .n ' .4 v .4 va.. ERE 1- .. M - Y, 1 ...Y ... ,., eggs I V1 1 .. -. .L Q Y 1 kx ' W u ll 2 , u ,R S ia X 1 I N: t i X K 2 is if Q. 4 f f , W. . as - i 3, 1 'JF' Y 5 X '24 sk 5 egg , S :J lwvwih v af. f, QQ , i ,faq 531 at ,, , 1 , S5332 sa mrff f' A 4' it f SEE Z f 252 l J' - F .Elf 5 I Essay . A .A , , 5 .,, . 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" e were in every game," Coach lack Reeves said. "All our osses were by two or less points." The team consisted of only three seniors, but Coach Reeves liked what he 4 , , A X Q Q W T. 4 T'm Elkins saw in his younger players. "The had a lot of hustle, and were ready tjdr every game," he said. "Next year looks goo Other players agree. "This season was disappointing trying to keep up with our long reputation of winning," junior Clark Rodenmayer said, "But next year looks to be exciting." Highlights of the season were two vic- tories each over the Richland Rebels and the Sam Houston Texans. J' 'n,'Z7f. 'f"Wf Tim Elkins Coming up from behind, Greg Timmons steals the ball from his Lamar opponent. The varsity soccer team celebrates in the middle of the field after scoring against Lamar. SPORTS 249 Soccer team struggles Iunior varsity squad players gain experience through rough season Though their season began a bit unsteadily, the junior varsity boys and girls soccer teams matured as the year pro ressed. T e boys ended their season with a 2- 8 district record and a 4-10 overall record. "This season didn't go as well as I ex- ected. We had a lot of good players, owever, nothing seemed to go our wa ," junior jim Polimero commented. hough the season was a trying one for the Colts, the outlook is better for next ear. " arsit should be good next year, because t e whole team is returning ex- cept for about five or six players," junior Clark Rodenma er said. The outstan in players of the 1986 season were Mar Busby at halfback, Clark Rodenmayer at fullback, Steven Daroche at forward, Craig Archer at halfback and Todd Ratliff at goalie. The most valuable layer title was awarded to Ryan Edwar s. Coach Eddy Hamilton was pleased with the efforts and the success of the team. "We had 10 so homores move up to the varsit . We p ayed hard with what we had. eam wins were few, but the kids played hard." The junior varsity Lady Colts ot off to a weak start with three straight osses to Duncanville, Martin, and Sam Houston. As the season wore on, the team which consisted solely of sophomores, began to unify. "We improved a lot throughout the year," sophomore Dawn Stuart said, "We learned to get along with each other in trying situations." The team ended their season with a 1-5-1 record. 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Practicing in the gym, junior varsity player Mark Busby takes a long shot on goal. ,MKZWZ W Marty Beebe SPORTS 251 N -5-suv A, I X- . x if . .w des erately tries to keep the Brenda Timmons p ball in bounds during the Lamar game. ,--L J 'Q l froivb ,LSQCQQ e Chmfa- n Melissa- .iff 09? Kim- ' ,VVW Kei, ki ,::V:. ,...:, . ,Q ,.:,, . , f -M -Kg-J 'ih' 9- Q nneenn w Q w M X -3 2 'QW f 2 3 WIN f ' . " ., ,A " . . aff-W1 .f g 1 7-. 4- H55 ffff-Q W WwL'QQwi5V'iL55Q K M ,,- A N, K' new-I"ii45zf1fmz'4s'2,,f:-.1 ,. 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Q ,- .mer--W.a.,-fw--mfv:m-,- A xv- ---a1:,m-- - ,,--wefezgsszffafsz-:Milam ' L: meme-12:,'f Q, X s2 S a.e, .L,.,, ,.e,, ,..e, , A my L31 My -V ff- U -aft. ,- K xmmw,,,fa2KW H s Pxmwax W ,Q Y, ,WW f awww up ,- my 3 rs 5 SE 5' .5 Qi R 'A "' -R1 A.': s .'-- P Ladies earn play-offs After taking Bi-District win, Colts fall in Area competition The Lady Colts soccer team took on a busy schedule in the 1986 season. The results were a 2-3-1 district record, a 15- 6-2 overall record, and a spot in the play offs. The Colts placed fourth in the Arl- in ton Invitational Tournament, defeating Sam Houston, Martin, and Mes uite. They fared even better in the Ft. Igorth Invitational Tournament over the Christmas holidays, where they con- quered Southwest, L. D. Bell, R. L. urner, and Duncanville. Losing to Newman Smith in the final game, however, the Colts took second in the tournament. In district play the squad defeated Martin twice, tied and lost to Sam Houston, and suffered two losses from :: is - i'ii is ssrr- ,... Lamar. With a 2-3-1 record, the Colts became district runner-ups. The team advanced to the playoffs with hopes for the state championship in their hearts. They destroyed L. D. Bell 4-2, taking the Bi-District title for the third year in a row. They pro ressed to the area championshi s, gut their dreams were crushed wfijen they lost a close 2-1 game to Duncanville. "All the hard work paid off, but deep in my heart, I still dream about winning state," Sarah Van Siclen commented. The team consisted of all sophomores and eight seniors, including Kim Chambers, Marianne Dalrymple, Claire Forrester, Laura Markey, Lory Good- man, Tonia Plunk, Cindy Slocum, and Sarah Van Siclen. As she dribbles the ball down field, Gretchen Houston tries to keep it in bounds. Playing atggressively, Kim Chambers steals the ball away rom the Sam Houston team. SPORTS 253 A fag sz ww ,Q G CWI X fx' 4 Followin through on his swing, Kevin Richards X g X i U practices or the Regional tournament in Lubbock. 4 , , ' ' iosi is , 4' , 2 WWW- - H' iii'Aii QL. 'W wr- . . V "fJ:1!fff,gif.f ,. K , f- -fp WIA ' I : ,ff . ,- V 5, f i,o iii L iissiio R .iooio ssioisi . o oiisiiss asii - R R-. . E is , ioii siis R E indudgfosgrhsiwiener, Deblgib Jonesymgrggfefsimff, 2 gjgggfiiligfargaret Baneg wman, Stacey Martha Kaiinagifapdg Leigh Ellen Keyqtjj1g:4e - ' QQ ' M Q , fi? A , if R N a iisi L iiii 2 1 ' 'soiihi L isii E 5 In .2 S U1 SPORTS ,aQl,mwm:,f:-w,HawfQ ,f.. w W , ff-iuwfwww flie'-mm,,,.,,,,,,,f,i .. , . - ff Golfers go to Region Girls earn 1st in District 7-5A, Guys advance after 2nd place finish The girls and boys golf teams had ex- ceptional seasons as both teams traveled to ubbock for Regionals. The Lady Colts placed in each tourna- ment they participated in. After captur- ing a first place finish in district, they qualified for the Regional Tournament in Lubbock. Senior Marggret Bane and sophomore Leigh Ellen ey qualified for the All-District team. During the Regional Tournament, all players shot their best rounds. Their team totals were 397 and 413. Those scores earned them a ninth place finish. The individual two-day totals were Margaret Bane, 197, Lori Jones, 203, Lei Ellen Key, 203, Stacey Thulin, 2075 and Cindy Bowman, 217. Also doing well in tournaments was the boys team. The received second place in their first district tournament and senior Kevin Richards advanced to regionals as the overall first place medalist. Ending their season at Regionals, the boys team placed fourteenth out of six- teen teams. Individual scores were Kevin Richards, 165, Brad Munson, 163, jim Purvis, 1615 Iason johnson, 166, and Blake Stewart, 161. . ga Getting her shot lined up, Cindy Bowman shoots a game of 217 at Shady Valley. At the seventh hole, senior Stacey Thulin puts the ball in with a low score. SPORTS 255 Tennis survives year R' X Varsity team takes 6th in district, next year looks more promising "This was a rebuilding year," Coach Dillard Isabel said of his 85-86 tennis squad. "I've had most of these kids for two years now, and I will have them again next year," he continued. During t e fall season, which was en- tirely team play, the Colts finished fourth in District 7-5A. Their dual match record for the fall was 17-11. When spring rolled around, the action switched to individual efforts as singles matches were platyed. The Colts posted an 8-6 record an no one got past the flluarter finals in the district tournament. he overall effort netted a sixth place finish in the district. "I am looking forward to a much im- proved team next year," Coach Isabel said. "My entire squad will be with me again next year." He is banking on the action of Mike Furrh, lim Hutchins, Mark Heitzman, and David Walker along with Tammy Speer, Kristin Hurder, Leigh Rhodes, Michelle Sanders, Tammy Zimmerman, and Desira Blake. At the season's end Scott Watts was elected captain by his teammates. The team also honored other players with special recognition. Watts was named t e Most Outstanding Boy Plalyer and Kristin Hurder was egge Most Outstanding Girl Player. garsity Reserve Most Outstanding Players were Paul Park and Michelle Sanders. The team also elected the most im- Rroved players. Walter Virden and Leigh hodes were the varsity players chosen and Chris Henderson and Leigh Rhodes were the varsity reserve winners. 54:04 ,I E 'T ...... 6 256 SPORTS Concentrating on his form, Marc Heitzman follows through with a backhand swing. Sophomore Leigh Rhodes concentrates on her backhand form in practice. ii X mi. 75 .. -f .-.t 't :E -fx x EN X Si, 5 ,R we , if 3 L ,X5 5 "' '1 s a T X 1, ' . xajfx, ,.X. 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V' 'N I .1.k 2. Q an 2 , ...k Q5 n 222222212 - 2 is X X . '12 1 1 51 C 1 it ,. 2 1,. . E E- , In the 100 dash competition, julie Mills ac- complishes first and strides to finish, Easily clearing the pole, high jumper jennifer Hilton stays in competition. 258 SPORTS HM? 2:1122 2 21: 22. 2 --22121 -1s1442 1-M3131 1421 ffff . 2 22 2 11 22 N X2 2421 K 1 ....1 1. A 2 2. 22 N K gs K Qs 2 Pm 2 -2 2 222 Qc 22.1. "ww il E33 l 2 1 8 2 2 13 -- 2212+2.2..,2.2 32 ,,. 2 .-il 1 1 111' mmm 1--221222 2. -2 .1 izisilwhfi i'i32l.fs22- .2 .. . ,k .129.1,.11m.Ak .22k5,.:. .25.,Q.,.212ig57.21222222222224422e12s221m2221.124N222222-22-2f11W21-141111 1112-1 -V12 4 2 2 +:.:ffa2i11g 2g1m12'1ass22:-2422235222212-isxffm kkkk N2 2w:ff2'111+ W Xu 9.522 ...1 we 2555422 W Visas H gtg, sam 2 ' 22 Q22 2 ' 2- H 1 .ieg 2 ,ig W . 11 ---- 1 :yi ' . .g 2 2gf' 5322 f 242-fwg 2 1553 E 2 . ,K 1" ,fa ci . ' Q T 231.5 ,LVI . Ni a T ON , ' , 'S . UT ARLING E ,f t E it f .9 .2 L I 3 awy my - 5' gpg: -5 k gs. , f Ri . iw Qriff ' I ., Q T K DP4 A ' - Wading.-t'wssfsNa:5'e:iv. 1. - A " Mt55i'W""Y'H iifzfi' .."'21' '1t?Zi5lQ"3 1 . - 'vg'iSQs'2s3xt 5.5, f 5. 3. r- 'fc 55.58.3415 .3Nfw5:g,j2, gkfqlfggifggfr 5 4... - .1 . ,:::'Lz,7ip-. A 5,-3 Tp.. - ,kk .N 1 fsislirfff arg: 3 1 .1 ,g,4.f.,.,f,x.. .8 zgfflif-EE! ,qs . 1f2.:.'i3 ,, 1 '.,sf.. ... " V-4 " 2:-t.1g1"' S ' .4 sssifisgiiisrr-.Q fn.: aww.. 1 . l if , . ' . Q I ' "' . . fy K Q Iyar. y . ,R F , .Ji W i . .. U . 'lv A ,cgi .f + v- - ,..... V . , . fx? f ss" A , .- ,Q .9 -1 no 'J 'I . 1 -1 . .af 1 25. - . . N- 'gigg in , -f '..N,-ww.-..v.W. Girls earn high places District winners run to Regionals, 4th place season provides experience Starting off their season at an increas- ingly steady pace, the girls track team proceeded to send several athletes to Re ionals. The Lady Colts placed fourth overall in the Arlington Invitational. Numerous athletes earn high places. Sophomore jennifer Hilton cleared in the hi h jum to take fourth. Senior Ienn Rabbitt tool? sixth in the shot put and, third in the discus. junior Carol Estrada jumped to fourth place in the long jump. The sprint relay, consisting ot juniors Estrada, Belinda Hess, Kristi Phillips, and senior Iulie Mills, received third. Phillips also strode to first in the 110 hurdles. Mills made fourth in the 100 yard dash. Sophomore Jill Schmeisser placed sixth in the 400 yard dash. Taking sixth in the 1600 meter run in the district meet was mile relay, Hess, and sophomore Kim Baker. The including Estrada, Phillips, Schmeisser, received second. Making up Striding ahead of her competition, Kristi Phillips leaps toward each hurdle, the 800 meter relay was Mills, Estrada, Hess, and Schmeisser. They placed fourth. The sprint relay team received first in the district meet and went on to run 48.8 in the Regional meet, placing seventh. This time set a new school record. Rab- bitt took first in the district meet for the discus. She threw her best throw of 111 feet which is also a school record. Estrada set another school record in the long jump with 17'7". She placed second in t e district meet. Placing second in the 100 yard dash at Regionals was Mills, who placed third at the district meet. Hilton set a new school record in the high jump clearing 5'4" in the district meet and placing fourth. "Our season was extremely suc- cessful," Coach Lesia Schoenfeld said. "I'm very excited about next ear because most of my athletes willy be returning." jenny Rabbitt throws the discus at a distance that qualified her for Regionals. f-Wfssfriff-8 , A W . ?T!3f':+ , . ff-ii' ff' it . Ay, i ' .1 4 1 1li,.g?.a,f1z,5..f::.-H n ,A if ' ,'u,4,.,M.w ...J-v""?i'Hr'?"f2'SP4:f1Sf'i ' A V, 5.47. 'E- 25 Putting his muscle behind it, Lee Moore releases the shotput for a long throw. 1 " ' , ea it Ei .A Individuals Stand Out i Track squad loses title, but vaulter, hurdler, distance runners finish high Finishing their district with a disap- ointment, the varsity boys track team ljailed to achieve the district title after claiming it for the past two years. Several athletes performed tremen- dously during the district meet, however. In the two-mile run, senior joel Richardson and junior Don Landry finished first and second with times of 9:35 and 9:36 respectively. Senior Tim Foster took first in the mile, while Kevin Har er finished third. Pole vaulter Mike Trugell soared above his opponents clearing 14 feet to take the varsity title. Also taking first place was Iames McNichols in the 110 hurdles and se- cond in the 330's. The junior varsity team did well in their city meet although not in the district meet. Taking first and second respectively in the two-mile run were 260 SPORTS Scott Glenn and Rob Grimes. In the mile, Glenn took first, Kevin Harper se- cond, and Grimes placing third. City Championship tit es went to Lan- dry, Foster, Trudel , McNichols, and high jumper Kyle White. Hurdler Nick Murzin took a I city title. Several members of the Colt team qualified for the regional meet and one member traveled to Austin for the State tournament. Senior joel Richardson made State by taking second in the two-mile run. Mike Trudell competed in the pole vault and placed fourth. Richardson advanced to State com- petition and ran a spectacular race set- ting a personal best at 9:25. Finishing fift overall, joel left Arlington High with one of the top five times ever run in the two-mile. Clearing the pole at 6'6", Kyle White went on to jump 6' O" during district meets. H As Mike Trudell clears his jump, he releases the pole and prepares to finish. TmElu '71 fr 5 "' if Q -at-Q 443,34 5 NASA? 'Emil'-gi R lisp -MLK Q11 X sA4.A 17 Xfxv it lwff .QQ Af , ,X X, , , f fxf fp ffxfyff ffffjf 1' 1 Members of the bo varsity track team nnclude Qfront row, jason Huet Don Landry John Stewart le Kemp Trent oody Chris Cordero leff McMickle Aaron Estrada Craig Momsse Terry alosek, and Damon Graham Qsecond rowj Rob Gnmes Mark Fryar Mike llen lim olmes Richie Phillips Kevin Miller Andre Landry Matt Trostel and Tim Foster Qthird rowy Raymond Goodwin, Sean Hatfield, Ronnie Everage, james McN1chols, Bernard Sims, Joey Bngnac, Kyle White, Charles Warren and Kevin Harper, Qfourth rowy Tomm Goss, Chip Ioslm, Doug Krotz, Baylor Wxtcher, john Wilson, Ross Talkmgton, Scott Glenn, 1 th row, Francisco Medrano, Nxck Murzm, Joel Rxchardson, Brandon Owen, Bnan Braumnger, Chuck Giles, and Bill Neaves Leading the 1600 run, Kevin Harper sets his pace wit h Scott Glenn trailing. SPORTS 261 :ml m .E if Lu .E I- During a run down, Iody McKenzie and Monte Sliding into first base, Tommy Bates is called safe Horst put a Texan out. during the game at Sam Houston. fa ga: if , P? f4 -fwiw M -M, VK: Amir M" uw wwf ge, .gg ,, V? 7,1 .,,,,W J M' .-lf: IL wma..--Va " ,,,.':,f t W ws , w A r 4" -wr V N' Y 'ak QT' W M3 - Q , 3 - av. 5 gafpf I -rv 3 "',O W Wi.. . Q ' 3 4 9 vas +43 A ,I - we - 11, Q , 5 'Bch K if Y' Q.. Baseball captures first Colts gain victory at countdown, Grand Prairie in tourney play Showing a spectacular season, the var- sity boys base all team advanced all the way to the state playoffs. Pre-district play began with the Cowtown Tournament, Beating Trinit , Paschal, Trimble Tech, and L. D. Bell, the Colts won first place behind the pit- ching performances of Mike Fuller, I. D. Lawrence, Kurt Shipley, and jeff Burrow. Outstanding hitters were Iody McKen- zie, David Michener, Chris Naughton, and Bob Deller. The Colts then conquered Greenville, South Garland, Grand Prairie, and Dun- canville to take first place in the Grand Prairie Tournament. Bob Deller was named Most Valuable Player and Kurt Shipley, Chris Naughton, and David Michener made the All-Tournament Team. Hitting the ball deep into left field, junior Iody Releasing a pitch against the Warriors, Trent McKenzie prepares to sprint to safety on first. Tumer throws a strike as the Colts win 8-7. SPORTS 263 f . .- f -1 .1:mf,:fft:11Q,:.,,,-fsigafsviswiswilt,.1-iswe.1z,,:,g.,ggi.:-get.,,.1bi,..,v5-5-Vf5f,,,.,i.,lg,kgV5-,,,,,,,.,.,.,3V,: , :L ' 1 v - . f mxfief.--'f.:':,z:f-1f.-'iff''fs'sss,s'v.:ft-.suseisE1-sisswe:aiiisisfwigs'faiwtgrffiazgslfsv:1:1fziwfii512-sr''vwsf: 1-I 'f f . . . . . , - -,-, .. .f,- ..,,.. q,.W,.. .,,..,.W .Wk ,,kk , ,..,,,, ., ,.,. L.,..,,. ,.,,L . .. . M . l lgf F f U g i qAER i l .. E 5 ,,, i f ? , 5 A i 417 Members of the bo s yumor varsity baseball team mrflutled Qfront rowj Andy Bristow Brett Hoodenpyle tsecon :owl lay Primavera Brian H1 bee ii y R9 rtson Trent Thomas Kyle McPherson Brad Putnam Steve Baldwin third :ew ash Qavxd Slight Charlie Htpple Mark Rodnitzky Eric Tressler Mike Fuller Kelly eel Kim igler ilhacl Fife and Brian I-het: Junior Varsity Baseball AHS Opponent Burleson L D Bell L D Bell Trinity Sam Houston Martin Lamar Burleson Lamar Martin Sam Houston s , IV plans for new year After promising non-district record, B-Team falls behind in 7-5A play Starting off their season with a non- district record of 9-1, the junior varsity baseball team couldn't keep up the con- sistence for their district season. "We plzgyed some very competitive teams," oach David Slight said. "Because of the talent we had, we had a great non-district." Durin non-district, the pitchers achievec? and maintained their peak, while the hitters hadn't yet reached theirs. When district pla ot underway, the pitching started to decline while the 264 SPORTS Beginnin district with a 7-1 win over Burleson, t e Colts went ahead to win the next three games. Then, Sam Houston, Martin, and Lamar gave them three consecutive losses. Facing Burleson again, the Colts managed a 1-0 win and then took three more losses from Lamar, Martin, and Sam Houston. "This ball club is a highly talented ball club that has ca abilities of advancing to the play-offs when they become varsity players," Coach Slight said. hitting got better. gg, if f' it , Perseverance pays off Superlative efforts win district 7-5A Colts rank in State within Top 10 Going into district pllay with several pre-district wins, t e Colts were prepared to take all that they deserved. Beating every team twice, except Trinity, Martin, and Sam Houston, they finished their district with a record of 9-3 and with a second place finish that sent them to the playoffs. Throughout the year, the Colts were ranked in the to 10 in the state. During the first week ot? district they were rank- ed second in state. The Colts accomplished wins over No. 3 ranked South Grand Prairie twice, No. 7 Duncanville, No. 5 Sam Houston, No. 4 Thomas Iefferson, and run ruled No. 6-ranked Abilene Cooper. At the end of district play, honors were heaped on the Colts, Pitcher Trent Tumer, who won five and lost none, and Outfielder Bob Deller were named Co- Most Valuable Players. Turner had an .86 ERA and a .333 average. He was also named All-Tarrant County Pitcher. Making his run to first, senior Chad Crow loads the bases against Sam Houston. A.. Deller had a .400 average and was also named All-Metro Outfielder and All- Tarrant County Outfielder. He was chosen to play on the Coaches All Star team for the North. jeff Burrow was also named to the All-District itching staff. He won three, lost one, anshad an ERA of 1.32. Other All-District picks included An- dre Turner, desi nated hitter with a .350 average, and Sutfielder Chad Crow, .341 and David Michener, .341. "This was a tremendous group of young men, that dedicated themselves to ard work, sweat, and a desire to win," Coach Gerald Brown said. "We had great leadership and a competitive nature about us. This team was exciting and will leave a lasting impression on Arlington High School baseball. They have strengt ened the tradition and made Arlington High No. 1 in the hearts of many. Receiving the throw from outfield, first baseman Andre Turner gives the Vikings an out. SPORTS 265 Colts enter pla offs Baseball squad takes giant steps over SGP, Denton, Abilene Cooper After finishing second in district play, the Colts began post district action by defeating Thomas jefferson 4-1 in a pre- playoff game. Mike Turpin was the big at for the Colts as he drove in three runs with a single and a home run. Bi-district play began with a best of three series with South Grand Prairie at Arlington Stadium. The Colts drop ed the first game 5-3. The hitting was ledjby Bob Del er's triple. A sparkling pitching performance was turned in by Kurt hipley with a shut out relief appearance. he second game of the series saw the Colt outlast the Warriors 15-11. Ieff Bur- row earned the victory. The hitting was scattered around several players. Chad Crow, Andre Turner, Bob Deller, David Michener, Iody McKenzie, Trent Turner, Mike Turpin, Chris Naughton, and Tom- my Bates all swung the bats well. The third and decisive ame went down to the wire as Chris ilaughtons two-run double in the bottom of the seventh put the Colts in the area playoffs with a 8-7 win. The Colts swept the area playoffs from Denton 3-1 and 11-7. Trent Turner and Shipley each picked up wins in the series. The hitting attack was led by An- dre Turner, Deller, Trent Turner, Crow, McKenzie, Turpin, and Naughton. The first Regional game against Abilene Cooper ended after onl five in- nings due to the 10-run rule. 'lyhe Colts had a 15-hit attack. Turner pitched a shutout, while also leading the batting assault with two home runs and five RBl's. Andre Turner also added a solo homerun. In the deciding game in the series, An- dre Turner was the hero when he hit a two-run homer to right field in the to of the ninth with the scored tied 3-3. The next batter, Deller, cinched the win for the Green and White when he smashed a 350 foot homer over the centerfield wall to make the final score 6-3. Coach Gerald Brown dances with joy after his Colts take their second win over state ranked Abilene Cooper. . QP' Q X 4 S j sk 1 ,g-vars its i-1, Q. to 1 ig ft awaits , Erik Dietz Kurt Shipley comes on to ice down the victory in the Colts' 15-11 win over South Grand Prairie. 266 SPORTS A. it , .s if 4: N ,, Q Q aim A..'i.xg:',-ff--sa ' W' - . w ..N.fq3't. , xfw 'E+ -mge. .irq .3 'Q 1 rs . ,ata .sa '5 WW' ...W . 44" .1 . K ,nk i M f"'3x Us-we 4,--gy nm.,.""t Members of the varslty baseball team mclude Qfx-ont rowj Kam Zexgler Chris Puempel Deke Rams john lobe TommLBates Monte Horst Andre Turner Qsecond rowj Cmdx Cook Charlie I-hpple Chad Crow Iody :Keane I D Lawrence Riclue faynes Mikel' in MxkeFu1ler Kristi Green Qtlurd rowl Coach Gerald Brown Trainer Ierry Fisher Kurt Shipley avid Michener Jeff Burrow I6ann Slggllrbard Trent Turner Bob Deller Chns Naughton Coach Allen Roberts and Coach avi t Varsity Baseball AHS Opponent Burleson L D Bell Tnmty Sam Houston Martm Lamar B1 District 3 15 8 South Grand Prame 5 11 7 3 I 1 Denton Regionals 10, 6 Abilene Cooper 1. if i 4 ' oeyx " t.- v...v'-fy L. A MW. , -. - 1' . fine in K 4 ' l,i,j,fEi 5'2 V ' C ' L i Q 9,9 C in . . t ' face t. C i aeea E 2,7 i i' ' ' 54,2 2, 9 ' 3, 3 0, 4 ' l 5, 0 C C 4,5 2,1 o ,C t , t j eael i l ' ' i 1 ollle i ollell alelll i C Chris Puempel gets a base hit in the bi-district series with South Grand Prairie at Arlington Stadium. SPORTS 267 Receiving the team's congratulations, the dug out clears after Trent Turner's omerun. Trying to keep morale high, Chris Naughton gives Chad Crow a "high five." V 2m Qs. f of I Erik Dietz 268 SPORTS X his .mm wr E I of 4. A, ,AQ A 4 in andvifli-fe' S P in l Q ' hi l Q I .k.a Erik D11-tl f T T J. : 1. - qg, dt' ll 3 . ff' f"0.-4 Hair' 1 Colt make final four Semifinalists eliminated by Westwood, Season concludes with 30-4 record Not since 1968 had Colt Country seen the final four state baseball competitor in its midst. In 1986, the tide turned as the varsity squad rode a mile-high 30-4 wave of a record into Austin's Disch- Falk Field june 12 to take on a tough Round Rock Westwood team. The road to the state tournament was a rocky one despite the tremendous record. The four losses were very crucial ones. The Colts started the season with a 11-game winning streak. Going into district play, however, they hit a 3-game skid that eventually cost them District 5-A title. The play-offs, however, were very good to the team. The squad lost only two out of 10 games in post-season play. They lost t e first game of the play- offs and the last game. In between they swept three top-ranked teams in best-of- three series. AHS lost 5-3 in the opener to South Grand Prairie, but came back to win 15-11 and 8-7 in the final two games of the series to advance further. Ar- lington then took two games each from Denton, Abilene Cooper, and Richland. The road ended in Austin, however, as the Colts played a one-game elemination contest wit Westwood. The Colts salvaged only one hit off a potential star Westwood pitcher as they fell 2-0 to close the year. In post season the Colts batted .325 with 98 hits, 78 runs, 11 homeruns, and 72 RBl's. Capping the successful year was the news in mid-june that Bob Deller had been named to the All-State Baseball Team. 45 Hopes for a state crown fade as David Michener contemplates the end of a successful season. Making one of his mangappearances at the plate during the playoffs, Bob e ler steps into a pitch. if Cl f Brent Winn SPORTS 269 :P 2 if QQ Q 2 vw W swfe ..J.,,.fb , ,J W f , 4, v -+4 WMA" ADVERTISING 271 Ciiclucafion oea nof mean feaclzing peopdz wlzaf ine? clo noi now . . . .gf L4 a painfug confinuafand clifhcug worL fo Le clone y Linclneab, y wafclting, y warning, g precepf, unc! Ly praiae Lisa Absher L.J. and Elizabeth Absher Jana Grace Agee Mr. 8: Mrs. Stanley D. Agee Kyle O'Niel Baggett Tommy 8: Sharon Baggett Deanna Ruth Bagley Bob 8: Nita Bagley Deanna Ruth Bagley Joe 8: Vonice Nix Debbie Bain Patrick 8: Cheryl Bain Margaret Bane Jerry 8: Marsha Bane Jeryl Bartlett Jerry 8: Jean Bartlett Yvonne Gail Behrens Kenneth 8: June Behrens Cynthia Ann Binion Jim 8: Shirley Binion Jim Ed Bloom Mayor 8: Mrs. Hank Bloom Stephanie Bohn Roger 8: Connie Bohn Tricia Bowen Bette Bowen Jennifer Brett Ray 8: Pru Brett Jack B. Burkett Raymond 8: Carylon Burkett Charla Burkins Charles 8: Barbara Burkins Brandee Bush Johnny 8: Mary Ann Bush Jeanne Erin Caffey Mr. 8: Mrs. James E. Caffey Blake Calhoun Martha Jo Trostel 8: Ross Calhoun Amy Carpenter Don 8: Beverly Carpenter Mike Carrell Judy Carrell Mike Carrell Larry 8: Sharon Carrell Hope Carter Sam 8: Glenda Carter Jeff Carver Carroll 8: Juanez Carver Marshall Castleberry Doug 8: Brenda Castleberry Terisa A. Clark Mr. 8: Mrs. David A. Jones 8: E.C. Kim Clarke Jim 8: Cathy Clarke Jana Cline Cecil 8: Lenell Cline Gary Cooper Barbara Hucley Charlyn Cross Charles 8: Carolyn Cross Nancy Davis Joe 8: Katherine Davis Terry Devine Jack 8: Carroll Devine Paula Dillhoff Ed 8: Janet Dillhoff Eggy Dillhoff Ed 8: Janet Dillhoff 272 ADVERTISING Clark Cl OU? 66 -1 y eXCll7l,9 9. Radha- Margaret Duff James 8: Jane Duff Rhonda Duwaji G.B. Duwaj i Ann Edens Barbara Edens Kristin Eichelberger Virginia Eichelberger Doug Eisner Leonard 8: Betty Eisner Tim Elkins Tom 8: Mitsuko Elkins Stuart Erickson James Erickson 8: Shirley Malandro Pam Finley Jim 8: Sandra Finley Allan Fitts Beverly Fitts Allan Fitts Mr. 8: Mrs. Don C. Phillips Jean M. Ford Tim 8: Mary Lou Ford Claire Malli Forrester Thomas F. 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Jackson Brad 8: Gail Jackson Darla johnson vir. 8: Mrs. Ray Arnett julia Elizabeth johnson vir. 8: Mrs. Ronald E. johnson Robert Earle jones II vir. 8: Mrs. Robert Earle jones Sonya Kirby Sary 8: Mary Beth Kirby Lisa Landolt Bob 8: Margaret Landolt Laura Liston -larry 8: judy Liston Kristi Karen Lynn Bob 8: joy Lynn Holly Mahoney tobert 8: Glenda Mahoney Nicole Mann Jr. Doyle 8: janice johnson Sarah E. Mansfield ane E. Mansfield Ellen Maurer iharley 8: Mary Maurer Kim Maurer :harley 8: Mary Maurer Heather McBride an McBride Amy McCormick Dale 8: Sally McCormick Martha Lu McKaig Jr. 8: Mrs. Calvin N. McKaig Lori S. Miller irank 8: Ann Miller Michelle Montgomery Dennis 8: Deanna Montgomery Pamela Elaine Morford Ken 8: Paddy Morford john Morrow lichard 8: Kaye Watkins julia Leigh Moulton fir. 8: Mrs. Bill Moulton Chris Naughton Iay Naughton Kristi Nedderman loward 8: Terri Nedderman Billy F. Newberry its. julie Newberry Larry Norris, jr. 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Snowden Bo 8: Connie Snowden Lori Spivy Mr. 8: Mrs. Ron Spivy Shawn Stallones Ron 8: Ellen Stallones Darin Sutton Ross 8: Brenda Sutton Rod Taylor Dale 8: Gayle Taylor Mary Lisa Thomas john Mack 8: Anne Thomas Tiffany Thomas Larry 8: Bettye Thomas Kurt Thomlinson Harold 8: Sandy Thomlinson Lisa Ann Thompson james 8: Ann Thompson Robert Alan Thompson Bob 8: Carol Thompson Scott Tribble Ron 8: Sandy Tribble Andre Lamar Tumer Lamar 8: joan Tumer Allan Underwood jerry 8: Rhonda Armstrong Brett VanHoosier Bill 8: Roma Vanl-loosier Greg Wallace Ron 8: Carol Wallace joel Wheeler joe 8: Betty Wheeler jennifer Whitley Wayne 8: Glenda Whitley Kimberly Anne Wilson Lanelle Wilson ADVERTISING 273 LOCATED TO EET LL YUUR AN KI G EED b 7 3 2 FIRST CITY NATIONAL!201 EAST ABRAM 395 95151339529 :5'1t1L. "J:- FIRST CITY BANK-CENTRAL f 700 W. ARKANSAS LN. You 've got us right where you want us! Fl RSTCI I Yi First City National Bank of Arlington First City Bunk-Central Arlington, NA. 201 E. Abram f Arlington, TX 760ltl X 588-Oltlil 700 W. Arkansas Ln. I Arlington. TX 76015 f 460 274 ADVERTISING Your Official Senior Photographer Julie Moulton Kristi Nedderman 1986 Colt Corral 1986 Colt Corral Co-Editor Co-Editor ,I ...f Don Painter School Pictures 10920 Indian Trail, Suite 105 Dallas, Texas 75229 ADVERTISING Best Wishes CULT GRADS! -...,,,-. 'Q-'s!F' E Congratulations from Texas Commerce i Bank Arlington Working For Your Suc e erce Bancsnares. Inc You've get a bright future. We'll do our part to help eep it that way -wt R 5? 2 9 5 S2 Your generation will need as much electricity as is being used these days. Maybe more. We at 'Ib-xas Electric are working to provide you With the electricity you'll need for college, your homes and your jobs. In the past, we've used mostly natural gas and oil to make electricity. 'Ibday, We're making almost half of our electricity in plants built to use lignite coal. And, we're building a plant to make electricity using uranium fuel. By using these cheaper and more abundant fuels, We'll help keep . 'W I Y Our future E Texas 1 ce Q 1 I i looking bright. Divisnon of U s Electric C p y i AUTO, PICKUP 8: VAN ACCESSORIES HIGH PERFORMANCE C D , S 8: ECONOMY EQUIPMENT SUPER LOOKIN' WHEELS T F SKYPORTS a. wlNDows W 6 twe Install Tooll SHOP S-f i"'xe X LJ. 8:30-1 M-F , a-6:30 sAT X Xa'-i-lf-jp iff' -Sw-. . X .f - . 277-6608 'n'w'2k..,'.s, 'Q on 265-aeoo my -M ff 4,4 9 , "OUR orscoum PRICES ARE HOT STUFF TOO!" Between 505 E. ABRAM ST. CENTER 81 COLLINS Advertising 277 Supporting the Colts for 41 years igg - 1 Q 6 EF? ,.Q.MM 12 N,,dg.,,q5N Z . A my 5 541, 4 ' "-" W' 1 r- r ,, lf! A H i. ,,., Wa, i 1 Tim Elkins 1985-1986 Cheerleaders, Brandee Bush, Shauna Tynes, Brynne Keens, Kyndal Cravens, Gina O'Dell, Nancy Moon, Tammy Layton, Iarnie Lawrence, Ashley Arnold, DaLetta Dietrich, and Steffani Cafaro choose their favorite Chevrolet. 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Jimmy Fife 3637 Gardner Blvd, Phone: 261-5434 Arlington, Texas 76013 -we lll 4: Pam Finl Mike Sproba and Shelley Rhodes select new OP fashions from the Runner, Congratulations to Arlington High SChool's 1986 Graduates EY 3535 West Pioneer Pkwy. - Metro 461-2281 neuron l 2507 7ll..M,. JJ, 7... 71,0 fongmfufatzonf. Swim llfwfln Spefzaf gong,-afulaafiona fo Jom JJ0.Jne1f if Jennifer ,QoLerl5on from .ibomflry Farrar IZMJ cflfafe 'Ga ADVERTISING 281 N M530 fin M50 '4 v R. 94, 5 11 ATLOWRY 1. X 7 A r JDJ '55 74 un IMPACT ci Z L l -1 , .A III mom I g I mmm ' Gvu E cusxom I muon V' um cowasncm 1 5 LAN! 4 I I T K ENTRANCE " 'X' un TOYOTA New vehicles Used vehicles ,I U leases . Metro 469-7711 PTOHCCI' 711 E. Divason TX wang 1-800-633-5347 BLAZING A TRAIL OF SERVICE A . Mex 9103804663 HOURS: rlmgton, Texas 76011 LOBBY MOTOR BANK Mon -Thurs, 9.00 am,-3:00 p m, Mon:Fri. 7:30 am.-6:30 pm. 9:00am-3'0Opm Sal 9:CXJam.-12-30 400 p m -600 p m. pm, MEMBER F D I C 4002 WEST PIONEER PARKWAY X ARLINGTON TEXAS 76013 817-860-2265 SecurityBank ofArIington STUDENTS TODAY - LEADERS TOMORROW "Our Future Depends on You" - HARDWARE - - PLUMBING - - ELECTRICAL - - HOUSEWARES - - LAWN 8. GARDEN - .fqrlingtgm HARDWARE 1705 W. Park Row Near Fielder 282 ADVERTISING Best Wishes from LUKE HO DA ,M V, mi-, - is N te V Designing - Precious Gems - Fine Jewelry W 0 a y10"A 5 M164 C t t if" J U C QD S h t AAA 'Q fn D J a 6 i 5' g w I' . -I 5- 'T 4 Q r 'O 4' y 'VEER pr' . W tHiway 303 West of Bowenl Arlington 469-8621 . Texas 76013 469-8621 Congratulations Class of '86 N 4 we O0 c 1 11 tear Gre A' 0 op on 0 A MNRAS sf QPQQ Keep a deep Golden Tan All year round We Offer Student Discounts 1030 W. Arkansas Lane, Suite 304 fCorner of Cooper St. 8: Arkansas Ln.J The 1986 Colt Corral contains 296 pages, and 1300 copies were printed by Taylor Publishing Company on 80 pound enamel Cover: Helvetica type Cordova grain Emerald green 35 and white embossed End sheets: 4006 Emerald green Division pages: 407: black Body copy: 10 pt. Palatino solid Cutlines: 8 pt. Palatino solid Cexcept Mini-Mag and Who's Who section - Helvetica Standardj Headlines for Opening: Garamond Activities: Melior Organizations: Melior Honors: Korinna Classes: Century Schoolbook Academics: Bodoni Sports: Palatino HOURS Monurfhursl 8-10 Mini-Mag: Tip-in fold is on Vivi' text Fri' 3-3 ' A 0 green paper Sat' 9-6 E Helvetica Standard type sun. 12-6 W- A"'a"SaS Ln' 861-9534 tbody COPY and Cuflinesb Albertson's g I- I-U up Hwy. sos tw. Pioneer Pxwyy E- I l W I Q ADVERTISING 283 A ABBOTT, TERRY, 154 ABELL, MARY 14, 31, 71,154,191 ABSHER, LISA 37, 83, 110 ABSHER,TRACEY174 ADAMS, CRISTY 174 ADAMS, DEBBIE 174 ADAMS,JIM 3, 71,147, 212 ADAMS, JENNIFER 83,174, 252, 292 ADAMS, TRACY, 174 ADAMS, TROY 174, 248 ADMIRE, BLAIR 110 AGEE, JANA 59, 80d AHMANN, KELEIGH 88, 89, 91,110 AILARA, ANDREW 174, 229 ALCALA, EVA-LISA 152, 154 ALDRIDGE, RUSTY154 ALEXANDER, CINDY 81, 97,110 ALEXANDER, FRED 110, 226 ALEXANDER, GREGORY 174 ALEXANDER, KEN 174 ALLEN, ANDRE 86,154 ALLEN, MRS. GAIL 39,200 ALLEN, MIKE 154, 267, 293,261 ALLISON,JASON 174 ALLS, TERRI174 ALONZO, TAMMY 235 ALUKONIS, PAUL 110 ANDERS, GENE 154 ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON, ANDERSON, ANDERSON, , THERESA 174, 246 ANDERSON, , CHIP 154 , CHRISTOPHER 174, 229 , CHRISTOPHER 174 BILL 174 ELSIE 121 RON 174 SHANNA174 ANGELL, SERENA 154 ANKELE, JASON 58,154 ANTHONY, STEVE 110 ANTON, MR. JAMES 200 APPERSON, BEN 174 ARBELAEZ,JUAN174 ARCHER, MRS. ANNETTE 109, 204 ARCHER, CRAIG 67,154 ARCHER, MR. DALE 198 ARMSTRONG, RICHARD 174 ARNETT, TIJUANNA174 ARNOLD, ASHLEY 15, 154, 222, 222, 2 ARNOLD, CHERYL 154 ARNOLD,KASEY174 ARNOLD, KELLY 154 ARNOLD, MIKE 174 ATKINS, AUDRA174, 222 ATKINS, DIANNA110 ATWOOD, GENA,154 AUGOSTINI, KELLI 174 AUGOSTINI, KEVIN 110 AUSTIN, ROBERT 154 AUTEN, SHELLEY110 AUTREY, CANDY 110 AYALA, MELISSA 174 78 I AYOTTE, ANDREA 110 AYRES, SUSIE 110 B BACH, RUTH 67,110 BAEZ,CLAUDIA174 BAEZ, JOHN 110 BAGGETT, KYLE 111 BAGLEY, DEANNA 65, 89,111 BAGWELL, TRACY 111 BAILEY, DAYANA 174 BAIN, DEBBIE 111 BAISE, MICHAEL 174 BAKER, DAVID 51 BAKER, JENNIFER 65,111 BAKER, KATHY 71,174,190 BAKER, KIMBERLEE174, 234, 246, 264 BAKER, MRS. LOU 28, 200 BALDRIDGE, SAMANTHA 175 BALDWIN, STEVE 175, 229, 260 BALLAY, NICK 154, 257 BALLOW, BRIGETT 175 BALSAM, RACHEL 71,175 BANE, MARGARET 82, 105, 111, 244,254 BANELL, MR. FRANK 200 BANNER, JERRY 175 BANULES, JEFF 154 BARGER, MARK 175 BARKER, DAMON 175 BARNETT,'DAVINA 154 BARNFIELD, KELLEY154 BARRETT, RACHEL 61,154,208 BARTLETT, JENNIFER 175 BARTLETT, JERYL 43,111 BARZYK, BOBBY 58,71,72,154 BASHAM, MRS. MARY MARGARET 200 BATES, RHONDA 111, 144 BATES, TOMMY 5, 154, 226, 258, 267 BATTLES, KEITH 53, 81,111 BATTLES, WINNIE 154 BAUER, JULIE 154 SAUGHMAN, CHRIS53, 100,101,111 BAUGHMAN, TODD 175,229 BAUM, JASON 175, 242, 243 BAUM, JULIE 111 BAUMANN, TROY 86 BAY, RICK 53,111 BAYLESS, PAM 71,154 BEAL, TROY 111 BEARD, BRlCE175 BEARDEN, MRS. AUDIE 200 BEASLEY, ROBYN 175 BEASLEY, STACY 71,175 BEATY, BRYAN 175 BECTON, JAMIE 154 BEDFORD, STACI 111 BEEBE, MARTY 63,154 BEHRENSDENISE175 BEHRENS, YVONNE111 BELL, MELINDA 90,175, 250 BELL, WILL 70, 71, 154 BACCUS, ERIC 174 DEX BELLAMY, NATASHA 67,175 BELLFIELD, KAREN 175 BENA, KR1S154 BENGE, KURT 175 BENGE, PHILLIP 79, 86,112 BENNETT, WADE 175, 229, 254 BENOIT, AMY 155 BENTLEY, DEBBIE 112 BENTLEY, DERIC175, 229 BENTON, KENNY 155 BENTRUM,JULIE155 BERGNER, MIKE 175 BERNA,JIM155 BERNA, KENNETH 175 BERNER, ROLAND 175 BERNER, THOMAS 112 BERRAY, SHAWN 175 BERTELSEN, MICHELLE 175, 250 BERUMEN, DEBORAH 175 BETHKE, TERESA 175 BIEDENBENDER, MARY 175 BIGGS, HOLLY 175, 235, 252 BIGHAM, BRYAN 176, 229 BIGHAM, ROBERT 155, 241 BINDEL, MICHAEL 2, 61, 63, 112 BINDEL, PATSY 175 BINDEL, PEGGY 175, 237 BINGHAM, SCOTT 176 BINION, CINDY 112 BINION, DEBORAH 176, 234, 254 BIRD, TOMMY 155 BISHOP, KAREN 155 BLACK, DAVID 226 BLACKMAN,SCOTT 176,254 BLACKSHEAR, DANNY 71, 72, 91, 112, 134, 135 BLACKSTOCK, DEBBIE 112 BLACKSTOCK, SHARON 112 BI.AIR, JOSEPH 88, 89, 176 BLAKE, DESIRA176, 257 BLAKESLEE, CRISSY112, 221 BLAKESLEE, JULIE 155 BLANKLEY, SUSAN 112 BLASINGAME, DORIAN176 BLOODWORTH, ROB 155, 251 BLOOM, JIM 62,112 BLOOM, MISS KRISTEN 200 BLOOM, SUSAN 37, 61, 62 BLUE, LISA 176 BOATMAN, SHANYN 80,155 BODKINS, CRICKETT 155, 221 BODNAR,I.ISA112 BOGGS, KIMBERLY 176, 246, 247, 264 BOHN, PATRICK 176 BOHN, STEPHANIE 112 BOLES, BLAKE 23 BOLINGER, D1AN155 BONESTEEL, STEVE 80,112 BONIFERT, MIKE 155 BOOKER, ROSALYN 176 BOONE, TODD 80, 112 BORNSEN, STEVE 113 BORNSEN, TERRI176, 250 BOTTENFIELD, KIM 155 BOWEN, PATRICIA 37, 113, 230, 233 BOWER, DAVID 176 BOWERS, JASON 176 BOWERS, TOMMY 80, 155 BOWMAN, CINDY 64, 65, 113, 244, 254, 255 BOWMAN, CLIFF 83,176,243 BOWMAN, LANCE176 BOWSHER, KELLY 113 BOX, JERRY 155 BOYER,RONNIE113, 241 BRADFORD, JACKIE 80,113 BRAME, ELIZABETH 176 BRANDON, KEVIN 35,113 BRANDON, TAMMY155 BRANDT, MARTY 176 BRANSOM, MIKE 155, 226 BRAUN, ANGIE 113 BRAUNINGER, BRIAN 155, 226, 267 BRAZIEL,JEFF155 BRECHEEN, JO DEE 24, 44, 58, 90,107,113 BRETT, JENNIFER 71,113 BREWER, DAVID 155 BREWER, KEITH 113 BREWER, MERRI 22, 90, 91, 97,113 BRIDGEFORTH, ERNEST 176 BRIDGES, KELLY 113 BRIGNAC, JOEY 155, 226, 261,267 BRIONES, MONICA 71,176 BRIONES,SONNY155 BRISTOW, ANDREW 176, 260 BROOKS, ANNETTE 71,155 BROOKS, EVAN 88,155 BROOKS, VICKI 176 BROOM, DEBBIE 235 BROOME, LARA113 BROUILLETTE, STACEY 58, 71,176 BROWN, BROWN, BROWN, BROWN, BROWN, BROWN, BROWN, BROWN, BROWN BROWN BROWN MRS. BARBARA 200 CHRISTOPHER 176, 254 DARRELL 243 GERALD 226,266,267 IRENE, 176 LISA 176 MONICA 71 ROBERT 176 SHARA 113 , TROY 114, 226 VALARIE 114 BROWNLEE, TINA 114 BRUTON, JENNIFER 176 BRYANT, CHASE 176, 251 BUCHANAN, AARON 243 BUCHANAN, LAURA 71,176 BUCKNER, VIRGINIA 176 BUCKNERYTILL, MRS. CHERYL 200 BUDNIK, MICKY 156 BUFFINGTON, JASON 28, 86, 156 BUFFINGTON, MRS. LYNN 29 BUISSON, CLAUDIA 156 BULLOCK, CHERYL176, 226 BURDETT,APRII.156 BURKETT, JACK 114 BURKINS, CHARLA 34,114 BURKS, CYNTHIA 114 BURNETT, SEAN 156 BURNETT, TRACEY114 BURNS, MIKE 156 BURROSS, JASON 177 BURROW, JEFF 156, 267, 293 BUSBY, MARK 177, 251 BUSBY,RENEE177 BUSCH, ROGER 156 BUSH, BRANDEE15,18,19, 21, 39, 83, 114 222, 278 BUSS, VINCE 156 BUTLER, RACHELLE177, 221 BUTLER, MRS. RUTH 200 BUTSON, BRIAN 177 BUTSON, COLLEEN 24, 114 BUTTRAM, MRS. ANITA 198 BYLER, STEPHEN 17, 177 CABAI., CHRIS 114 CADDELL,SHERRILL156 CADDEN, BUBBA156 CADE, MR. MIKE 200 CAFARO, MRS. CARLENE 200 CAFARO, STEFFANI15,114, 222, 278 CAFFEY, JEANNE 43,114, 223, 231, 233 CAFFEY, JERALD 37, 40, 156, 226, 248 CAIN, CANDY 177, 222 CALDWELL, CHAD 177 CALHOUN, BLAKE 39,110,114 CALLAHAN, AMY 71 CALLAWAY, ARTHUR 114, 241 CALLAWAY,JENNIFER177 CAMPBELL, DlANNE114 CAMPBELL, MRS. SANDRA 200 Gettin' rowdy, fans keep the baseball team's morale up during a playoff game against South Grand Prairie. AMPBELI., SUSAN 156 AMPBEI.I.,VANN177 ANCEMLGINA115 ANNON, MRS. RUTH 200, 203 ANTARA,SHERRI156 ANTWELL, MRS, BETTY 89,168,200 ARAM, GREG 156 ARDELLA, LISA 115 AREY, ROB 177 ARLISLE, KEI.VIN 177 ARLSON, MICHELLE 177 ARPENTER, AMY 115, 145 ARPENTER, HO1.I,Y 89, 115 ARPENTER, KIM 156 ARR, LAURA 177 ARRELL, MIKE 21, 40, 59, 83,115, 226 ARROI,I., ANDREW 156 ARROI.L, GREG 177 ARROI.L, MIKE 156 COUNTESS, AURELIA 71,157,234 COUNTS, MRS. BECKY 87,200 COVEY, GINGER 157 COVINGTON,MR.1ACK 200 COWAN, MIKE 178 COWIN, MIKE 178 COX, KEVIN 71,117 COX, TAMMY 157 CRAFTON, EDDIE 157,254 CRAIG, BRIAN 157 CRAIG, DALE 178 CRAIG, KRISTI 81 CRATER, ROBERT 86, 157 CRAVEN, CAROL 71, 72, 73,157 CRAVENS, KYNDAL15, 157,222,278 CRETSINGER, MRS. BECKY 204 CROSS, CHARLYN 52,117 CROUCH, KRISTIN 99,117 CROWJENNIFER 178, 246 ARTER, DEREK 177 ARTER, HEATHER 177 ARTER, HOPE 115 ARTER,IIMMY 115,226 ARTER, MICHELLE 71 ARTER, SCOTT 71,115 ARTWRIGHT, CAL 177, 229 CROW, CHAD 117, 225, 226, 227, 267, 265 CROWHURST, TERRY 117 CROWSON, T. I. 178 CROWTHER, MICHELLE 74,75,117 CRUMP, DEREK 178 CRUMP, PATRICK 178 CUDDY, DAVID 226 ARTWRIGHT, SONDRA 155 ARVER,IEF1-'83, 115, 225 ARVER, KIMBERLY 177 AsE, NICOLE 90, 91, 155 ASSIDY, DOUGLAS 177, 242, 243 AssI1Y, DEE 155 ASTLEBERRY, MARK 35,156 ASTLEBERRY,MARSHAI.L98,115 AUDILI.O, GINA 177 AUTHERN, CHRIS 39, 90, 91, 177 AUTHRON, sHERRI 71, 72, 73, 155 AvAzOs, CORY B0, 177 OEBACA, GREG 28,83, 156,226,227 HADWICK, DAVID 177 HADWICK, LUCKY 115 IIAMBERS, KIM 115, 252, 253 HAPLIN, PAUL 155 HAU,QUOC177 HEN,EUNICE95,115 HEN,IULIA177 HENEVERT,TAMMY 177,250 HESNUT,CAMI156 HILDERS, MR. CARL 200 HILDRES, SELINA 155 HILDRE-ss. SCOTT 155 IILAMON, MARIA 177 CUNNINGHAM, LISA 74, 97,117 CUNYUS, KELLY 117 CURBO, CATHY 67,71, 108,117 CURRY, MRS, CINDY 200 D DAILEY, KYLE 71,157 DALLEY,ANDI117 DALRYMPLE,MARIANNE118, 132, 252 DALRYMPLE, REBECCA 178, 252 DANIEL, MARCUS 178 DANIEL, ROBERT 178 DANIELS, GREG 178 DANIELS, MATT 61,178 DARLING, ANNA 91,157 DAROCHE, STEVEN 178,251 DAUSCH,DANA178 DAVENPORTJEFF157 DAVENPORT, KARRI 118 DAVIDSON, CHASE 178, 251 DAVIS DAVIS DAVIS DAVIS DAVIS ,BEVERLY 55, 71, 157 ,BRYAN 157 ,DARRELL 118 ,GARI71,178 ,lOHN178 RISTENSEN, LESA 74,75,115 RISTIAN, LYNN 115 RISTIANSON, ANN 86,156 ICHERSKI, CARRIE 67,177 I.ANAN, IEROME 80,177 ARK, CHRIS 116 ISARK, CRAIG 177, 229 LARK, DEBBIE 156 ARK, ELAINE 177, 194 ARK, KELLEY 80,116 ARK, LISA 116 ARK, MELANIE 39, 116 ARK, LARK, TERISA 71,116 TONY 156 DAVIS, KRISTI 157 DAVIS, LARRY 118 DAVIS, MICHELLE 36, 71, 157 DAVIS, NANCY 118 DAVIS, STEVF 157 DAVISSON, MRS. ALICE 198 DAWSON DAWSON DAWSON DAWSON ALISSA 178 DAWSON, ,MRS BARBARA 204 ,BILLY118 ,CHRISTY 157 ,JENNIFER 178 DEAN, DOUG 57,118 DEIBLE,ROBBIE157 LARKE, KIM 61, 116, 244 LAWSON, LERYN 116 LAY, DAVID 178 EMENTS, CARL 156, 226 EVELAND, GARY 116 IFFORD, PATRICK 80,116 LINE,lANA116 LINE, MR. RICK 198 LOVIS,DAMON116 OATS,CECIl.IA157 ,OBB,KANDY15,157, 222 OBLE,IASON 157,226 OFFEI.T, ROBIN 54,157 OGDELL, DAVID 178 OGDELI., PAUL 178 OLE, ANISSA 116 OLE, DAVID 178 OLLINS, CHRIS 178 ONARD, BRYAN 116 ONAWAY, STACY 90, 91, 116 ONLEY, CHRISTINE 172, 178, 222 ONLEY, CHRISTOPHER 178 ONLEY, LADON 178,229 ONLEY, SHAWN 116, 226 ONLEY,WII.I.IAM 117,226 ONNEI.I.Y,jAMES178 ONNER, KREG 83,157 OOK, CINDY 117, 267 OOK,1IMMYE157 OOK,RODNEY117 OOLEY, MRS. IEANNINE 200 OON, ROSETTA 80,178 OOPER, GARY 117, 238, 241 OOPERJASON 71,157 OOPER, PAUL 178 OPPEDGE, LEANN 44, 80,117,216 ORDERO, CHRIS 83, 172, 173, 178, 229, 261 OTTER, IOSEPH 178 OTTRELIEEVERETT157, 243 DEI.LER, BOB 13, 19, 21, 102, 103, 118, 226, 267 DENHAMJENNIFER 71,157 DENNEY, ROBERT 118, 133, 254 DENTON, DANNY 66, 118, 128, 129, 240, 241 DENTON,DONNY 118,241 DENTS, RONDA157 DEPWEG, LENNY 118 DERRY, BRANDON 179 DERUELLE, AMY 118, 210,226 DERUELLE, JENNIFER 226 DESANTO,STEVE 157,254 DEVINE,IOE157 DEVINE, TERRY 87,118 DEWOI.FE,MICHELI.E179 DHARMAGUNARATNE,CRIS157 DICKENS, GINGER 65,157 DIDUCH, SCOTT 118 DIETRICH, DALETTA 15, 158, 222, 223, 278 D1ETZ,ERIK 62, 65, 119, 80d DILLENDER, CINDY 119 DII.LHOFF, PAULA 32,119,132 DILLHOFF, PEGGY 119 DILLON, BERTA 88, 164, 179, 192 DILLON, GLADYS179, 192 DILLON, RUTH 179, 192 DINH, TIN 158 DIT1NGO,THERESA158 DOAK, BRIAN 158 DOBUCKI, BRIAN 179 DODD, AMIE179 DODSON, DEE ANN 179,221 DOLLINS, KIM 158 DOMBROSKI, KATHY 58 DOMINGUEZ, MICHELLE 179 DONALDSON, ERIN 179 DOROSK,ION 86,158 DORSEY, MRS. CHARI.ENE 198 DOUGHTY, PATRICIA 179 DOWNING, MIKE 158 DOWNING, SHANNON 179 DOYLE, ROBIN 31, 90, 158 DRAKE, GEORGE 158 DRECIISLER,jAN179 DROUBIE, NICOLE 179 DRYG, MICHAEL 179, 254 DUCKETT, CARI 158 DUFF,BEN 179,243 DUFI1, MARGARET 64, 65, 66, 119, 128, 129, 244, 254 DUNLAP, SARAH 179 DUNI.AP, TAMMY 83,114,179 DINN, MARY 158 DUNNIHOO, IEFFREY 71,179 DUNNING, DAVID 119 DUVAI.L,DODD119 DUWAII., RHONDA 80d DYER, CHRIS 179 DYER, IULIE 179 E EASTWOOD, CHRISTOPHER 80 EATON, LARA 158 EAVES, ALEX 87,158,222 EAVES,SONDRA119 EBERIIARDT, LEANN 85,158 EBERTH, SHIRELLE 84,119 EDENS, ANN 18, 21, 34, 74, 83, 101, 103, 119 EDMONDSON,SONYA179 EDWARDS, RYAN 179,251,251 EICHEI.BERGER, KRISTIN 61,119 EIGEI., DAVID 119 EISNER, DOUG 21, 51, 95, 100, 101, 119, 126,127 EI.AHI,CAMAY119 ELIASON-HYE,VERONICA179 E1.KINS,TERI 119 E1.KINS, TIM 44, 62, 63, 65, 120 ELLIFI1, MONTE 40, 74, 75, 77, 158 ELLIOTT, CLIFF 71,179 ELLIOTT, RON 158 E1.I.IS, DEANNA 59 EI.LIS,GEORGINA158 EI.LIS, MIKE 179 ELIZANDRO, MRS. MARCIA 200 ELLWOOD, AMBER 120 ELROD, IOEL 35,91 EMERY, DEBBIE 179 EPPERSON, KEITH 179 ERICHSRUD, SUE 90,179 ERICKSON, STUART 36, 79, 120 ERMISH,NATALIE179 ESCAMII.I.A,LEIDIANA 179,209 ESCAMILI.A,SAUL158 ES1.ICK, MATTHEW 179 ESCOVEDO,TRIClA158 ESPINOSA, ANTHONY 180 ESTRADA, AARON 83, 180, 229, 261, 267 ESTRADA, CAROL 4, 59, 157, 158, 233, 264 ETIE, EMILY 173, 180, 252 EVANS, MISS BECKY 200 EVANS, BRANDY 180, 252 EVANS, CHARLES 180 EVANS, MARK 120, 292 EVERAGE, RONNIE 261 EVERETT, ANNE 158 EYI.ER,HEIDI180 EYMAN, LAURA 180 F FABIAN, MRS. SUE 204 FAGAN, SEAN 158 FARMER, MR, IEFF 200 FARMER, MR, IIM 200 FARRIS, DIANA 158, 221 FAZZONE, CAROL 180 FELLENBAUM, KEN 86,180 FERRII.I., ROSS 158 FETHKENHER, CANDY 120 FETIIKENHER,KELLI158,221 FETTERS,1OHN 158 FIEI,D, MARK 120 FIFE, CHAD 243, 260 FII.I.EY,CATHY180 FINK, MR. WILLIAM 20, 28, 36, 201 FINK, CARL 37 FINLEY, PAM 37, 62, 99 FINI.EY, MIKE 158 FISHER, DEBORAH 180 FISHER, MR. IERRY 201, 267 FITTS, ALI.AN 96,120 FITZGERAI.D, DONNA 178, 179, 180 FITZGERALD, IOY 89,120 FI.ACK,ERIN 158,234,264 FLAHAUT, KEVIN 96,120 FLAHAUT, LARA158 FLFTCHER, AMY 120 FLETCHER, EUGENE 180 FLOOR, CHRISTY 180 FI.OWERS,ADRIA,158 FLOWERS, ADRIANNE 159 FLOWERS, PAM 180 FLYNN, BRIAN 180 Guinea pig Sarah Van Siclen demonstrates how the ca s should look as Mrs. Lou Baker goes overt e dress code for vespers. FORD, DARYI 159 FORD, IEAN 58,120 FOREHAND, MRS PHYLLIS 60, 63, 101, 201 FORRESTER,CI.AIRE 120,252 FORTENBAUGH, PETER 159,226 FOSTER, KIKI 180, 235, 264 FOSTER, RONALD 180 FOSTER, STEPHANIE 81,120 FOSTER, TIM 120, 236, 237, 261 FOUTCHJASON159 FOUTS, AMY 180, 194, 222 FOWLER, PAT 159 FRANCIS, MRS. FLO 47, 53, 68, 201 FRANCKS, BRIAN 180 FRANKLIN, TRACY 71,180 FRAZIER,MELANIE180 FREDERICK,1IM 159 FREELAND, MELISSA 120 FRIESEN, DAVID 156, 159 FRISINA, ANDREW 180, 229 FRY, KATHLEEN 159 FRYAR,IERROI,D159 FRYAR, MARK 226, 261, 267 FULLER, MICHAEL 180, 226, 260, FUI,I.ER, TIM 35,121 FURNISS,MELANIE180 FURRH, MICHAEL59, 257 FUSTONJEANNE159 GABRIEL, DLION 86,159 GABRIEI.,DEMETRIA180 GABRIEL, DOMINETTE 8,180 GAISHIN, BRETT 180 GALLAGHER, BRIAN 180 GANN, MR. RODNEY 80, 201 GANN,STACY121 GANSER, BETH 159 GARABEDIAN, ANA 121 GARCIA,IODY121 GARCIA, SII.VIA 121 GARMON, MR. RANDY 201 GARNER, MRS STEPHANIE 201 GARRETT, FI.I.EN 91,159 GARTH, REGINA 180 GARTH, RICHARD 159 GARVERJONATHAN180 GARZA,KRISTIN180 GARZA,MII,YCIA159 267 INDEX 285 GAU1.T, BRENT 40, 74, 75, 77, 159 GAUTNEY, BRAD 109, 121, 225 GAY, LIz111, 121 GAY1.OR, AMY 71, 73, 159 GEBERT, STEVE 159 GEILIIART, MICHELLE 71,159 GEORGE, DAR1.A 159 GIBBONS, IASON 181 GIDDINGS, NIKK1 159, 212 GIDI-.ON, DOUG 71, 72, l2I GIL, I.1ZA 159 GILBERT, MIKE 121, 224, 2211 GII.BERT, SCOTT 28, 181 GILES, CHUCK 2,16, 159,226,261 GII.I., CHARLES 1111, 210 GI1.1., MR. ROBERT 105, 201, 239, 241 GII.I.EN, BOBBI 1111 GII,I.ES121E, CAROI.YN 181 GILMORE, BRIAN 181, 229 GIPSON, MICHELLE 81,121 GIPSON, DR. MYRA 201 GIROD, AMY 71,159 GIST, HEATHER 159 GLENN, CARRIE 84,121 G1.ENN,CINDY51, I2I G1.ENN, SCOTT 1111, 2311, 237, 261 GLIDWELI., KACY 81,121 GI.USING, GREG 1111 GODBOLD, lEIfIf IZI GODFRIZY, GAYLA 111, 21, 121 GODWIN, IRISH 159 GOEBEI., CARRIE I59 GOEBEL, GREGORY 181 GONZALES, IIRANK 181 GONZALES, MELISSA 159 GONZALEZ, CLARA 1111 GONZALEZ, ELIZABETH 511 GONZALEZ, LEAH 159 GOODENOUGH, CHRISTEN 159 GOODMAN, LISA 11, 1111, 250 GOODMAN, LORY 122, 252 GOODWIN, ANGELA 159 GOODWIN, BII.I. 181 GOODWIN, RAYMOND 1111, 2111 GORDON, GARTH, 1110 GORE, MRS. SHARON 29, 201 GOREHAM, AMY 74,122 GORIN, BILI. 1111, 160 GOSS, TOMMY ISI, 229, 243, 261 GOUGH, CARI, 1111 GRADY, HEATHER 1111, 221 GRADY, SCOTT 1110 GRAIJE, SEAN 1110 GRAHAM, DAMON 113, 1110, 2211, 261 GRAMMER, ANDREW 1111, 229 GRANT, VICTORIA 181 GRASSELI., I.ORI 36 GRASSO,1ERRY 1110, 248 GRAVES, KEARY, 1110 GREEN, CATRICE 1110 GREEN, KRISTI 122, 2117 GREEN, MICHAEL LEE 1111, 254 GREGERSON, ANNE 35 GREGSTON, CHERISE 122 GRIFFIN, MICHAEL I8I GRIGGS,IENNIFER91,122 GRIMES, ROB 115, I60, 237, 261 GRISSER, AMY I8I GRISSER, v1v1AN 1110 GROTE, CHERYL I58, 159, I60 GROVES,CHRlSTA 181,235,252 GRUND, SCOTT 181 GRUNEWALD, MR. KEN 201 GUESS, SHONDA 1110 GUEEEY, ANNE 160 GUIDRY, MARK 71,181 GUINN, MARGIE 1110 GULYAS, BONNIE 1110, 221 GUNDERSON, LAURA 181 GUNTHER, CARRIE 122, 217 GUNTHER, CINTY I22 GURNELI, DEREK 1111 GUTHRIE, CATHY 121, 122 H HAAS, TODD I60, I70 HACKNEY, STEPHEN 160 HADDOCK, BOB 122 HALE, KELLIE 181, 222 HAI.L, KIM 84,122 HALL, MATTHEW I8l HAl.L, RICHARD 181, 248 HALLCROFT, TIMOTHY 71,181,190 HALLECK, SEAN 71 HAMANN, SCOTT 160 HAMEL,IIM 67,181 HAMII.L, KELI.Y 122 HAMILTON, EDDY 226 HAMII.TON,jOHN I82 HAMILTON, MR. EDDY 201 HAMII.TON, KIMBERLY 81 HAMILTON, LORI 160 HAMILTON,TOM 160 HAMPTON, GI.ENDA 84,122 HAMRICK, MRS, MARY 201 286 INDEX HAMSHER, DARYL182 HANES, VERNON I60 HANKINSJAMES 71, I82 HARAGAN, LARRY 182, 229 HARDIN, MIKE 116, II7, 122 HARE, MATTHEW I82 HARKRIDER,WESLEY160 HARLEY, MARI 80d HARMER, SANDRA 182 HARMON,MICHELE182,250 HARPER, DEMETRIU5 182, 229 HARPERJENNIFER 122 HARPER, KEVIN 160, 163, 237, 261 HARPER, SHERRY 160 HARRELL, TOMMY 160 HARRELSON, DON 7I, 72,108,122 HARRINGTON, ANGELA 160 HARRINGTON, ROBERT 90, 182 HARRIS, HARRIS, HARRIS, HARRIS, HARRIS, LESLIE I60 PHILIP 182 RONNIE 67,182 TOMMY 229 TRACY 123 HARRISON,TROY I23 HARRY, AMI 32, 82, 83, I23 HARSKIOLD, MIKE I82 IIART, BRET I82 HART, DARRELL 182 HARTMAN, DAWN 182 HASKINS, MICHAEL 182 HASLETT, MARK 88 HASTON, ZACK 67, 123 HATCH, GARY 123 IIATFIELD, SEAN 182, 229, 261 HATLEY, KEITH 182, 229 HATTENDORI5, IOHN 59,160 HATTON, TIMOTHY 182 IIAUCH,lOHN 123 HAUGH, SALLY 182 HAYES, SHERRI 182 HEADRICK, NEIDA 182 HEAPE, WENDY 36 HECKSELJENNIFER 123 HEDMAN, MARK 182 IIEGRENES,CARLA 31 HEINZ, TAMMY 160, 221 HEISER, CARI. 160 HEITMEIER, KRISTIN 182,250 HEITZMAN, MARC I60, 256,257 HENDERSON, CHRISTOPHER 182 HENDERSON, MRS. IANICE 84, 89,201 HENDERSON, IERROD 81,123,257 HENDREN, KIM 160 HENNEMAN, AMY 80,161 HENRY, ANNETTE 182 HENSEI.I., AARON II5, 123 HENSLEY, CHRIS 182 HENSON, BRIAN 161 HERD, KEVIN 161, 226 HEREFORD, ERIC 123 HERMAN, LARRY 23,123,226 HERNE, DAVID 229 HESS, BELINDA 161, 233, 244, 245, HESTER, MATT 71,161 HETHCOX, CANDI 161, 221 HEWETT, CHRISTINE 71 HICKMAN, KARA 182 HIETT, BRYAN 182, 260 264 HIGBEE, BRYAN 182, 229, 260 HIGGINS, SHANNON I6I HILERJEANA182 HILL, DEBORAH I23 HILI., ERIC 182 HILL, GARTH 67, 89, 161 HILL, LESLIE 123, 80d HII.L, SAMANTHA 123 HILL, SEAN 183 HILI., SHANNON 56,161 HILTONJENNIFER 183,234,264 HINKLE, DERRICK 183, 243 HINSON, ERIC 183,251 HINSON, KATHERINE 42, 88, 123 HIPPLE, CHARLES 83, 260, 267 HIPPLE, SUSAN 161 HITCHCOCK, MIKE I6l HITT, CHRIS I09, 124 HO, BAN 183 HOBBY, IIM 183, 251 HODNETT, KIMBERLY 67 HOFFMAN, IOHN 71,161 HOFFMAN, TERESA 25 HOFFNER, DON I6I HOGANJULIE161 HOLDER, KEVIN I83 HOLLEY, GINA183 HOLLINGER,LANA183 HOLLINGER, LYRA 183 HOLLY, VERONICA 124 HOLMES, DARRELL 183 HOLMES, IIM 98, 124, 129, 212, 261 HOODENPYLE, BRENT 183, 260 HOOKER, BOBBY 161 HOOPER, DOUGLAS 161 HOPP, SHARON, 183,221 HORST, MONTE 161, 226, 258, 267 HORTON, MICHELLE 183 HOTT, MARK 124 HOUGH, KEITH 183 HOUGHTON, DANNY 124 HOUSE,jEFF16I HOUSTON, GRETCHEN I83, 235, 252, 253 HOWARD, CI.INT 43,124 HOWARD, WENDY 58,161 HOWE, TRACI 84, I24 HOWELL,IAMlE 89 HOWINGTON, MR, ROBERT 25, 198 HUA, LE 1.E 1113 HUBBARD, LANNY 124, 204, 238,241,267 HUBBARD, LAURA 7l,73, 183,246,264 HUBBARD, MELISSA 2I, 83, 87, I53, 161 HUBBARD, VICKY 124 HUBBLE, MRS, MARTHA 20I HUBER, SUSAN 85,161 HUBLER,IAY I6I HUDECHEK,TRACY 65,124 HUDSON, ANNETTE 183 HUEBNER, ROGER 91,183 HUET, IASON 183, 237, 261 HUFF, GRADY I24 HUFFINES, CODY 183 HUFFMAN, DAVID 7I, 72, 73, 183 HUGHES, KIMBERLEY 183 HUGHES, SHANNON 124 HUGHLETT, CHRISTINE 183 HUMMER, CLAY 90,183 HUMMER, NANCY 54, 83, 214 HUMPHREY, DARCY 161 HUMPHREY, MARK 183, 242, 243 HUNKING, GRANT 183 HUNSTABLE, PAT I83 HUNT, LATTIE I6I HUNT, MILLIE 161 HUNT,TRICIA183 HUNTER, SCOTT 184, 248 HUNTLEY, NICK I84 HURDER, KIRSTEN 161, 257 HURN, STEPHANIE 51, 95, 100, I0 244 HUSSELMAN, MRS. KATHY 204 HUSSEY, DAVID 44, 51, 95, 96, 124 HUTCHENSJIM 161 HUTCHlNS,DENNIS 184,257 HUTCHINS, PAM 63, 65, 124 HYATT, SAMANTHA I6I HYDE, MICHAEL 184 HYDE, STEPHANIE I84 I IMHOFF, SANDY 161 INGRAMJOHN125 IRVING, MRS, PEGGY 27 ISABEL, MR, DILLARD 82, 201 ISAKSON, TAMMY 125 ISRAELOW, ROBERT 184 ISRAELSON, ROBERT I84 ICKES,IOHN 1111 1 111 .E .x 1.1.1 .E I,I24, r ,i ivan 1 z vu I-',',1 1A11I.ONKA, IOEY 1114 IACKSON, ALLISON 1114 IACKSON, BECK1 1114 IACKSON, IARROD 125 IACKSON, KE1.vIN 125, 241 IACKSON, MARY 1114 IACKSON, RICKY I6I IACKSON, SARAII 125 IACKSON, SCOTT 1114 IACKSON, SHANIE110 IAGGERS, AMANDA 1114, 221 IAMIZS, BRIAN 1114 IAMES, ROBERT 1111 IAMISON, ROCHE1.LE 125 IANAK, ERIC 1114 IANG, IL 1114 IANOVSKY, ALEX 47,125 IAU, ANNIE 119,1111,119,125 1AU,MEI-CHUN 1112 IAYNES, RICHIE 162, 226,267,293 1E1f1fREY, TERESA 1114 IENKINS, ROBERT 184 IERNIGAN, MONTE 1112 IOBE, IILI. 84, 911, 125 IOBE, IOHN 1112, 267, 293 IOBE, IULIE 1112 IOHNSON, APRIL 71, 73, 162 IOHNSON, CHARLES 162 lOHNSON,DARI,A125 1OHNSON,IANET 162 1OHNSON,1ASON 1112, 254 IOHNSON, IILL 125 lOHNSON,1IMMY 184 IOHNSON, IUDY 1112 IOHNSONJULIE 125,221 IOHNSON, LONNIE 71,1114 IOHNSON, PHILLIT' 162 IOHNSON, RHONDA 1114, 221 IOIINSON, RONA1.D 1112 IOHNSON, SCOTT 1114 IOIINSON, SCOTT1 1112, 221 lOHNSON,VERONICA125 IOHNSON, MRS. vICKI 201 IOHNSTON, MONICA 1114 IONES, AMY 1114 IONES, ANDY 1114 IONES, MRS. ANN 1111, 89, 201 IONES, BOB 125 IONES, CHRISTOPHER 1114 IONES, DANA 25,125 IONES, GERRY 1114 JONES, JUDY 125 IONES, KAYCE 1112 IONES, KEI.I.Y EI.IZABETH 3,48, 126, 226 IONES, LORI 4, 162, 231, 232, 233, 244 254 IONES, LORI 91, 184 IONES, SHALONDA 154, 162 IONES, SUSAN I62 IONES, TODD 162, 226 IORDAN, LARRY 71,184 IOSLIN, CHIP 23, 152, 153, 157, 162, 226,261 -9 Aw ln, fffwgvw 1 - -- S. 11116 At a city-wide Stock show, Jeff Carver Ime- his Cow up for judging. I8I MARTIN MARCUS 186 SANDRA 165 LEWIS, S! K? A-1 A A 6, F.. an . Q 1 15? ,leg aff" 2 iv A gy . -6 6, 4: 4 A4 JLILAN, LISA 162 JLIE, ANGELA 71,72,73, 162,208 JNG,VICKI84,126 JSTITZ, DAN 86,162 JSTITZJAMES 86,184 AATz, ANGELA 184 ALE, TOM 162 ALIN,KATH12Y96, 126 ALINA,MARTHA 184,235,254 ANYUH, KEITH 86,184 APSOS, BILL 6, 71, 162 AESOS, PAUL 162 AWAMOTO, HOPE 162 AY, RACHEL 185 EEFER, MRS. LINDA 201 EEN, AMY 162, 221 EENEY, BRIAN 162 EENEY, CHAD 162 EENEY,WENDI126 IEENSBRYNNE 15, 162, 222,278 EENS, BRYSON 185 E1TH,IASON 185 ELI.EY,IOHN 40, 74, 162 ELLEY, SCOT 185 ELLY, DANIEL 185 ELSEY, CHRIS 5, 40, 52, 74, 110, 126 EMP, KYLE 162, 226, 261 EMP1N,TERRI163 ENNEDY, SUE 185 IENNEDY, SUSAN 86,163 ,ENNEDY,TAMMY163 IENNEWEl.L,PAU1,A 31 .ERR, KARL 71, 72, 126 IERSTENS, ANDREA 185 ESSNER,1NGRID163 ING, ESTER,B11.LY185 EVII., CHRIS 126 EY, LEIGH ELLEN 78,185,254 EY, MONICA 185 HAM, NHUN 163 IDD,lOHN 185,243 IDD, MRS. NANCY 25,201,203 1EFER,jULIE163 IKEI.,jEFF 126 IMERY, KYLE 185, 229 INCHELOE, KENDALI. 126 INCHELOE, KRISTIN 185 ING ING BYRON 163 ,IIM 86, 99, 126 ING, ING, ING, ,TIFFANY 185,221 SALONDRA163 STEVE 163,229 STEVE 185 INGSBURY, TRACFY 30, 185 1NNARD,LORI58,185 INO, ANNETTE 126 IRBY,SONYA 126 IRO, KIM 126 1RO,LAUR1E185 ITTERMAN,DEIDRE126 LEIN,1ENNIFER 185 ff Trading places, Brad Scott and Russ Ware 7' KLEM,CONNIE163 KNERR, CHARLES 163 KNIGHT, LEE 185, 243 KNIGHT, MERISHIA 185 KNIPPENBERG, AMY 163, 217 KNODE1., KAREN 71, 73, 127 KNOWLESJAMES 185, 229 KNUCKLESIOHN 80 KO, DAN 163 KOBTY,TAR1Q185 KOENIG, STEVEN 71,185 KOHISTANI, YAMA185 KOLMERJAMIE163 KOSTA,STEV1E 163 KOTZUR,1.0R1185,250 KOV1TKANIT,PIPHAT127 KOVITKANIT,VIPOP127 KOZIOLEK, MELISSA 26, 185, 234, 252 KRINN, BRET 185, 257 KROTZ,DOUG 163,261 KUHR, MICHELLE 163 KUNKE1.,TAMMY 185 KWON, YOUNG 127 L LACE, BILL 163, 237 LACKEY, RUSS 127 LACKEY, MR.WENDEl.l. 198 LACOUR, DEION 163 LACY, IIM 2, 37, 49, 44, 57, 83, 88, 98, 106, 107,127 LAFONTAINEJAHNVIEVE163 LAI, ANNE 185 LAKEY, MITCHELL 65, 127 LAND, LEAH 163 LAND, MARK 185 LANDOLT, LISA 48,127 LANDOLT, ROBERT 185 LANDRY,ANDRE 186,229,261 LANDRY, DON 163, 237, 261 LANDRY,M1CHEI.1.E 163,221 LANE, KYLE 163, 241 LANHAMJAY186 LAQUEY, TONY 186 LARSEN, CRAIG 163 LARY, LUCIA 90, 163 LASSITER, BARRY 71, IB6 LASSITER, LARRY 71, 186 LATHAM, MS. LESLIE 201 Tim Elkms LE,HANH127 LEAR, LISA 186 LEATHERS,MIKE 186,229 LEATHERWOOD, BRAD 164 1.EBOUTlLL1ER, AMY 71, 164 LEDUC,MARC171,127 1.EE, BRIDGET164 LEE, DANA164 LEFEBVRE, CHRIS 127 LEHR, SEAN 164, 243 LEMASURIER, PHILIP 88, 89, 127, 168, 169 LEMONDSJEFFREY 186,229 LEO, MRS. THERESA 201 LEONARD,IENNIFER164 l.ESTER, ANDY 226 LESTER, MR.jAMES 201 LESTER, KARYN 186 1.ESTER, MRS. SUE 201 dress up like girls forthe choir Iamboree. ITUTRICK, KATHY 84, 128 LUTTRELI., IO 71,98,128 LUTZ, PAU1. 39, 40, 91, 187 I.UU,DUONG128 LYDAY, ROBIN 164 1.YMAN,LEIM1RA 164,233 LYNCH, KIRK 187 LYNN, KRISTI 84, 128 M MAASEN, RICHARD 187 MAASSEN, MRS. DIANE 204 MABERRY,SHANDE1,80,129 MABRY, ANN 164 MABRY, MICHELLE 129 MACRANDER, ROBERT 129 MADDEN, KELLY 187 MADDEN, SHANNON 129 MADDOCK, SHAWN 129, 80d MADDUX, TERESA 23,129 MADRID, IUAN 187, 215, 229 MAGEE,jOHN 130 MAGEE, KATY 164, 237,264 MAGNUSJENNIFER 164 MAHAFFEY, PATRICK 71,164 MAHONEY, HOI.1.Y 130 MAlOR,jAMES187 MALL, CHRIS 164,226 MALLETT, KIRK 187 MALONE, STACY 187, 246, 264 MANN, BRAD 164,254 MANN,NIKKI87,130 MANSFIELD, SARAH 61, 71, 108, 130 MAPELA, MRS. SARA 204 MARCHBANKS, TREY 164, 226 MAREK,SABINE164 MARKEY, LAURA 130, 252 MARKUM,SONDRA164 MARLAR, MRS. DIANE 80, 202 MARRS, KRISTA 187 MARSEE, KENDAL1. 187 MARSH,jOE164 MARSHAL1., DOUG 164 MARSHALL, TRACY 130 MARTENSEN, TODD130, 142,143 MARTH,RONDA187 LEWIS LEWIS, LEWIS, LEWIS, , IOHN 164 CL1NT156, 164 MATT 164 MR. ROBERT 28,201 LEYH, MARK 186 I.IAN, ANDREW 186 LICHTENWALTERJASON 71,186,193 LICHTENWAI.TER, IENNIFER 71,186,193 LIMER, SCOTT 164, 257 I.INDERMAN,HEIDI174,175,186,221 L1NDLEY,CHAR1.0TTE164 1.INDLY, BRIAN 186 LINGQUIST, PAULA 154, 164 LIPSCOMB, ANDY 186,229 MARTIN, MARTIN, MARTIN, MARTIN, ,MICHELLE 164, 187 , MISTY164 , RICK 165 MARTIN, MARTIN MARTIN BECKY 4, 230, 231, 233, 244 BETH 164,221 LISA 130 MARY 130 LATTA, STEVE 163 LAUGHL1N,DENISE 71,186 LAUGHLIN, DOUG 163 LAUGHLIN, PATRICK 186, 248 LAWING,IOHN186 LAWLEY, SGT. CLAMP 201 LAWRENCE LAWRENCE LAWRENCE ,1AM1E15, 163, 222,278 ,IOHN 163,267,293 ,KARYN 127 LAWRENCE, LAWRENCE, KEI.I.Y127 PAUL 71,140,186 LAWSONJOANNA163 LAYTON,TAMMY163,222,278 LIPSCOMB, VlCKY186 LISTON, LAURA 127 LITHERLAND, IANA 128 LIVELY, ANDIE 71,164 LIVELY, MRS. MADELEINI5 28, 201 LIVINGSTON, IAMES 186, 243 LIVINGSTON, MARCIA 81 LOCKE, TRACY 186 LOCKETT, TERRIANN 186,250 LOEBER,KEN 186,248 LOEBER, TOMMY 128 LOFTLAND, DONA1.D 71,186 LOFTIN, SUNNYE186 LOGGINS, DAVID 186 LOGGINS,LARUA128 LOHMAN, MIKE 186, 212 I.OK, CARL 128 I.ONG, MATTHEW 186, 229 LONGWORTH,VICKl128 LOOKER, DARREN 186 LOONEY,1UL1E 80d LOPEZ, BETTY 164 LOPEZ, MARIA 187 LOPICCOLO, LINDA 164,226 LOTT,lAMES164 I.OTT,MONISA128 LOTZ, ERIC 71,72,187 LOUIS, MRS, IOYCE 201 LOVE, MRS. NORMA 201,212 LUCE, DANIEL 187 MARTIN, SCOTT 37, 51, 69, 78, 79, 98, 130 MARTINEZ, LANCE187 MARTON,TAMMY 80 MARUSAK, AI.AN187 MASS1NGILL,KAREN 158,165 MATHIOS,jOHN 187 MATHIOS, NICK 56,130, 212 MATLOCK, ELIZABETH 165 MATTHEWS, MARSHALL 87, 165, 217 MATTHEWS, MRS. PAM 202 MATTLAGE, DAVID 23,130,226 MAULDIN, BILL 8,187, 229 MAULDIN, ROB 130, 248 MAUMUS, NIKI130 MAUMUS, TONYA 187,250 MAURER, ELLEN 130 MAURER, KIM 131 MAXWELL, MELISSA 131 MAYES, GREG 165 MCAFEE, MICHAEL 187 MCAFEE, PATRICK 187 MCALPIN, ERIC 187 MCAI.P1N,FEL1CIA165 MCBRAYER, LISA 165 MCBRAYER, TAMI187,221 MCBRIDE, HEATHER 128 MCBRIDE,IU1.1E187 MCBRIDE, TIM 165 MCCALLJENNIFER128 MCCALLUM, ERICK165 MCCANN, DAVID 165 MCCARTY, DENNIS 187, 229 MCCAULEY, MIKE 165 MCCLASKEY, MR. GARY 199 MCCLELEN,GENEY165 MCCLELLAN, MEGHAN 81,128 MCCLINTOCK, KATHLEEN 47, 91,128 MCCLUNG, KATHEY 84,128 MCCLURE, RON 165 MCCONNELL, ANN 91,165 MCCORMICK, HEATHER 165 MCCORMICK, LEE 129, 226 INDEX 287 PEEBLES, MCCOY, BOBBY 129 MCCOY, COL. IVY 202 MCCRAW, CINDY 165, 221 MCCRAW,DEANNA165 MCCRAW, WAYNE 187 MCCUI.LOUGH, MR. IERRY 35, 39, 51, 68, 89, 100, 109, 169, 198, 199 MCCULLOUGH, MARK 198 MCCULLOUGH, KENNETH 187, 229 MCCURLEY,GABRIEI,187 MCCUTCHEN, MISTY 187 MCDANIE1,, KEITH 165 MCDONALD, AMY 58,165 MCDOWELL, MRS, IENNIEER 202 MCFARLAND, HOLLY 88, 187, 250 MCFARLAND, SANDRA 18, 21, 129 MCGEE, MRS, EMILY 202 MCGEE,MIKI129 MCGINN1S,DEANNA165 MCGOVERN, BETH 187, 250 MCGRATHJIMMY129 MCGRATH, PATRICK 188 MCGRATH, PATRICK 188 MCINNIS, ELIZABETH 165 MCINNIS, FAITH 188 MCKAIG, MARTHA 83,129 MCKEE, MICHELLE 251 MCKEE, SHANNON 28, 188, 250, 292 MgKg?NZIE, IODY 83, 165, 226, 258, 263, 6 MCKIM, HOWARD 165 MCLAUGHLIN,jOE 188,229 MCLEMORE, ALAN 165 MCMICK1.E,DANA129 MCMICKLE,IE1f1fREY 83, 188,229,261 MCNATT, KELLY 188, 221 MCNATT, MICHAEL 129 MCNICHOl,S, IAMES 129, 225, 261 MCPHERSON, KYLE 188, 229, 260 MEADS, TEENA 165 MEASURESJASON 165, 251 MEBUS, PAT 40, 74, 75,131 MEDFORDJENNY165 MEDRANO, FRANCISCO 165, 261 MEEKS, RITA 97 MEIER, KIM 165 MENCKE, MEL1SA188 MENTON, BROOKE 165 MERK,KEI.I,I81,165 MERRELL, VICKY 71,188 MERRILL, ALYN 71,131 MERRILI,,RORY131 MERRILL, SUZANNE 36, 61, 63, 166 MERRILL, TERRY 74,75,166 METCALF, ROB 188 MEYER, CHRIS 188 MEYER, MIKE 28, 83, 166, 196, 226 MICHENER, DAVID 21, 28, 83, 131, 224, 226, 227, 267 MICKEI,SON,IUI,IE 81,131 MIDDLETON, MARK 86,188 MIDDLETON,MICHELLE131 MII.BURN, MARK 80,166 MII.ES, CHARLYN 188 MILLER,jE1fFERY188 MILl.ER, KEVIN 188,229,261 MILLER, LORI 131 MILLER, MILES 166 MILLER, ROY 166 MILI.ER, STEVEN 39, 40, 90, 188 MII,L1GAN, KING 188, 229 MILLS, CATHY58, 166 MII,LS,lU1.IE 131, 244, 264 MII.I.S, KENNETH 86,131 MILLS, RACHELLE, 131 MILLS, RICHARD 188 MINDEL, ALLISON 88, 95,177,188, 250 MINDEL, ELIZABETH 14, 88, 100, 101, 131 177 MINER, KENNETH 188 MINOR, TODD 188 MINSHALI., TODD 30, 39, 88, 91, 131, 208 MISKIMINS, MICHELL188, 237 MITCHEI.L, MISS CINDY 202, 210 MITCHELL, DAVID 188 MITCHELL, SHANNON 188, 235 MOELLER, MR. MARK 202 MOFFETT, LANCE 37, 43, 96,131, 226 MOHLMAN, MISSY 84,132 MONCADA,ALVARO188,229 MONSON,MITCH 188,229 MONTGOMERY, MICHELLE 84, 97,132 MONTGOMERY, SUSAN 166 MOODY,jON 132 MOON, NANCY 15, 132, 222, 278 MOON, SHANNON 132 MOONEY, TAWNYA 86,188 MOORE, CARYN 188 MOORE, CHARLES PATTON 294 MOORE, DEANA132 MOORE, IOHN 226 MOORE, MR. IOHN 202, 294 MOORE, KAREN 80,188 MOORE, LEE 58, 59, 98, 132,226,260 MOORE, MRS. MARTHA 202 MOORE, PAULA188 MOORE, PHILIP 188 MOORE, SHAWN 132 MORA, MONICA 132 MORALES, MARISELA 80 MOREE, BRYAN 132 MORELAND, PHIL 132 MORFORD, PAM 88,132 MORGAN, MORGAN, MORGAN, MORGAN. , SHANNA 189 ,TERR18O, 132 , TRACY 189 MORGAN MORGAN MORGAN MORGAN GARY 189 IARROD 166 LANA 132 MRS. LANELLE 202 VICKIE 36, 62, 63, 166 MORIGI, LINDA IB9 MORRIS, MRS. ANN 198 MORRIS, CRAIG 189, 257 MORRIS, DR. DON 199 MORRIS, IANNA 166 MORRIS, MRS. NANCY 202 MORRISON, BOBBIE 132 MORRISSEY,CRA1G 189,261 MORROWJOHN133 MORTON, MARC IB9 MOSELEY, ROBERT 189, 229 MOSES, MRS, PAT 202 MOULTON, ILILIE 47, 60, 71, 133, 208, 291, 275 MOULTON, WILLIAM 71,189,191 MOUNCE, LINDSAY 166, 220, 221 MOYER, ROBERT 86,189 f gan. 9' MUH, MILLICE166 MULLEN, RACHEI. 8, 73, 79, 189 MUL1,ENS, DONNA 166 MULLIGAN, DIANE 189 MULLIGAN, RON 133 MUI,I,1NS, DEANNA 71,189 MUNSON, BRAD 133, 254 MURPHY, CINDY 166 MURPHY, MIKE 114, 133 MURPHY, RUSS 133 MURRAY, CORY 189 MURRAY,jANET 71, 72, 96, 133, 140, 141 MURRAY, KIM 166 MURRAY,SHELLY189 MURUGAN, BHOOMA 67,189 MURZIN,NICK 17,166,261 MUZYKA,jOHNNY 189, 254 MYERS, MRS, DIANE 202 MYERS, KRISTA 226 MYLER, WESLEY 189 N NAESETH, GILES 166 NAFISI, KOURUSH 189 NANCE, BRYAN 166 NASH, ADRIENNE 189 NATION, SUSANNA 166 NAUGHTON, BRIAN 83,189,229 NAUGHTON, CHRIS 48, 83, 133, 226, 227, 267 NEAVES,BILI,76,88, 166,237,261 NEDDERMAN, KRISTI 43, 47, 60, 61, 99, 133, 291, 275 NEIL, ROBERT 166 NEISES, RONNIE 1119 NEIMANOWSKI, PATRICIA 166 NEI,SON, MRS. BIl.LIE 17, 51, 202 NELSON, SAINT 1119, 229 NELSON,SHERRIE 71,133 NELSON, STACY 133 NEWBERRY,BILI,Y133 NGIIYEN, HA 86,133 NGUYEN,HOANG166 NGUYEN,THUY133,166 NlBI.ACK, GARY 133 NICHOLSON, BRENT 134 NICHOLSON, STEPHANIE 71, 169 NICKLE,IEIfF134 NlCKLE,TODD 189,257 NlCKS,jOE166 NICOL, TODD 166 NIX, DAWN 71,189 NOECKER, TIFFANY 71,189 NOLAN, MARY 134 NOLENJANET189 NO1,EN, LARRY IB9 NOON, IEEE 134, 226 NORDEL, FRANK 139 NORRIS, ANDREA 74, 77, 166 NORRIS, LARRY 134 NORTHCUT, MRS, JONELLA 202 NOWELL, AMY 134 NOWELL, LISA 166, 246 NOWELI., TRACEY 169 NOYCE REBECCA 189 NUGENT,SHAE16b NULI., DEAN 134 NUTAI,I,,TONYA166 NLITTER, MICHAEL 74, 77, 166 NWATULEGWY, VICTOR 167 O OBREGON,MICHEl,I,E 190,221 OBREGON, TROY 7, 47, 91, 134 OBRIEN,MR,MIKE 107,202,226 OBRIEN, PAT 21, 39, 40, 48, 68, 63, 105, 134,226 ODELL, GINA 39, 134,222,278 ODOM, CHARLEY 226 ODOM, SCOTT 134, 248 OEEILI., MR. KENNETH 28,202 OHARE, DENNIS 86, 190 OLSON, AMBER 167 OLVERA, DELLA 190 ONEIL, MRS. TERRI 204 OQUINN, GREG 134 OQUINNJIMMIE134 OSBORN, AMY 167 OSBORNE, IESSICA 90, 91, 190 OSTRANDER, DIANE 167 OVERAGE, RONNIE 226 OWEN, BRANDON 190, 229, 261 OWEN, CHRIS 134 OWEN, STACEY 81, 134 OWENS, DEBBIE BI, 135 OWENS,MICHEL1,E190 OwENS,PERCY167 OWENS, ROBERT 66, 135 OWENS, TONY B6, 190 P PAK, CHISUK 30, 190,234 PALMER,CHRISTY135 PANAGOPOULOS,IOHN 76,190 PANAGOPOULOS, PETER 135 PARK, IIN 58,190 PARK, MI KE 51, 68,95, 135, 226,248 PARK, PAUL 190, 257 PARKER, PARKER, CHRISTOPHER 135 DEBBIE 167 PARKER, IOHNNY 56,167,226 PARKER, PARKER, PARROW MARY 190, 234, 264 SUSAN 81 ,IIM 71 PARUSZEWSKLIOE 167 PATE,BENIDA190 PATE, DONNA 167 PATE, LU PATEl,, D KE 135 ARSHAN 190 PATEl,,lEFFERY167 1"ATR1A,TIMMY 167 PATRICK, MRS. DIANE 199 PATTERSON, MARCIA 190 PATTERSON, STEPHANIE 167 PATTERSON, TROY 190 PAULIN,DENISE190, 237 PAULOS, AUDRI 190 PEACOCK, SHELLY190 PEDIGO, PAM 167 AMY 83,167, 217 PEE1,,KELLY 32,167, 260 PEIMANNJENNIFER188, 189,190 PELTON, MELISSA 167 PENDER, WILL 167 PEN1,AND, AMY 135 PENNINGTON, CHRIS 190 PEREZ, STEPHANIE 190 PERKINS, DAVID 167, 226 PERRETT, BRANDEE135 PERRETT, CHASE 7, 22, 30, 40, 41, 90, 91, 99, 135 PERRY, AMBER 135 PETERS, RODNEY 190 PETERSON, CINDY 135 PETTIT, MRS, BETTY 202 PET'1'Y,KRISTIN 18, 21, 39, 83, 90, 91,107, 135,196 PEVSNER, TANYA167 PHAM,THY190 PH1I,l.IPS,jE15F135 PHII,l,IPS, KRISTI 4, 167, 232, 233, 244, 264 265 PHII,l,IPS,MICHEAL135,210 PHILLIPS, RICHARD 190, 194, 229, 243, 261 P1IIPPS,MARSHA167 PICKERINGJERRY89, 136 PIERCE, BRYAN 167 PIERCE, SUZANNE 80,136 PILKINGTON, CINDY 167 PIPPIN, VINCE 167 Eyes red from thousands of flash bulbs, Cathy Ruppert, Lisa Richardson, Kim Wilson, and Scott Martin manage a Iast smile. I'ISITKASEM,CHANIDA167 PITz, MARNIE 60, 61, 136 PI.UNK,TONIA 136,252 POALINELLI, TOM 136 POCAI, DAVID 71,190 PODSEDNIK, KAREN 136 POOSEDNIK, PATRICIA 190, 250, 251 POKRIIICSAK, BRIAN 23,136 POI,IMEROu,IIM 167,251 POI.K,TERRI136 POLONE, REGAN 126 POLSTER, MR, TREY 202 POOL, STACY 136 POOL, MRS. THERESA 202 POI'P,lU1,IE158,167 PORRAS, ANTHONY 190 POSEY, MRS. CARLA 91,202 POST, JOHN 167 POSTLEWATE, STEVE 190 POTTS,MICHELLE190 POLILSEN, CHRIS 126 PRICE, BLAKE 167,257 PRICE, IIM 126, 136 PRICE, STEVE 74, 75, 167 PRICHARD, VIC 132, 136 PRICKETT, GINGER 167 PRIDHAM, KEEI.Y 168 PRIMAVERAHIAY 190,248,260 PRINCE, DEANNE 71,168 PROCTOR, POLLY 168,264 PRUETT,CASI191 PRLINTY, SHAWN 71,168 PUEMPEL, CHRIS 136, 240, 241, 267 PuI,LIN,IEEEREY 191 PURVIS, IIM 168, 254 PUTMAN, BRAD 90, 168, 260 QUILLIN, BRETT 136 R RABBITT, IENNY 136, 233, 264, 265 RACIOPPAJOHN191 RACIOPPA, LISA 136 RAIMO, DANIELl.E 168 QUOC, CHAU191 AINEY, MICHELLE 191 AINS,DEKE 191,267 AINWATER, MARK 191, 229 AMIREZ, KIM 191 IAMSEY, TRAVIS 168,251 IANDALL, SHARA137 IANKIN, FAITH 91,191 IATLIFF, KIMBERLY 191, 235 IATLIFF, LANCE 137, 226 IATLIFF, TODD 191, 251 IAY, DOROTHY 88, 89, 137, 221 IAY, ROBERT 137 IEARICK, ALFRED 191, 217 IECTOR, MRS. DARLENE 202 IEDDEHASE, KIM 191 IEDDEN, MICHELLE 191,222 IEDDEN, ROBIN 137 REED, ALAN 137 IEED, MAX 168 IEEVES, MR. JACK 202, 226, 248 REICHERT, SHANNON 28,191 REID, NANCY 191, 221 lEINECK,JENNI168 IEINECK, LAURA 191 KELINSKI, TODD 191 IEMME, KAREN 191 REMMERT, JAN 59,168 ZEMYNSE, TODD 168 RENFRO, CARL 191 IENFRO, DOUG 71,191 IENFRO, SCOTT 168 IEYES, RALPH 191,248 KEYES, RENE191, 248 IEYNOLDS, MICHAL191 RHODES, DAWN 191 RHODES, LEIGH191, 256, 257 ZICE, MELISSA 168 IICHARD, KEVIN 39,154 RICHARDS, BILL 56, 137 RICHARDS, JAMIE 191 RICHARDSON, BRYAN 191 ZICHARDSON, DAVID 191 ZlCHARDSON,JARED 191,229 IICHARDSONJOEL 88, 137, 236, 237, 261 IICHARDSON, SHELLY168 ZICHERSON, LISA 79,137 RICHEY, MR. GERALD 226 RICHEY,RASCHELLE168, 244 RICKETTS, MICHAEL 168,226 RIGSTAD, JEFF 191 RIGSTAD,JINA137 RILEY, ELIZABETH 86, 191 RINCON, LISA 137 RINE, GREGORY 192, 229 RIVERS, RICK 6, 71,168 ROBB, BRIAN 86,192 ROBERTS, MR. ALLEN 202, 226, 2 ROBERTS, KRYSTIE 192 ROBERTS, MONICA 192 ROBERTSON, CODY 192, 260 ROBERTSON, JENNIFER 61, 65,137 ROBERTSON, MR. JOHN 202 ROBERTSON, TED 153, 168 ROBERTSON, TREVOR Iss ROBINSON, JULIE 168 1ZOCHER,ERIKA 50, 71, Iss RODDA,SUZANNE192 RODENMAYER, CLARK 168, 251 RODNITZKY, MARK 168,260 ROGERS, JENNIFER 192 ROGERS, MELODY 192 ROGERS, RHONDA 192 ROGERS, SHELBY 15, 71, 73, 137 ROGERS, STACIE 137 ROGSTAD, NANCY 137 ROHNE,JANET 192,221 ROJAS, TISI-IA 192 ROMERO, VICTOR 72, 192 RONE, ROBERT 168 ROPER, TERRY 168 ROSE, JASON 192 ROSENBOWER, JENNIFER 138 ROSS, MRS. CARLITTA 202 ROSS, ILENA 168 ROTH, RICHARD 23,138 ROTH, SCOTT 192 ROTHENHOEFER,AMELIA168, 208 ROUSE, DANA138, 139 RUBY, CHRISTOPHER 71,192 67, 294 SAMPLE, SANDY 192 SAMUELS, LESLEY 169 SANCHEZ, BECKY 169 SANDERS, CARRIE 138 SANDERS, MARK 138, 257 SANDERS, MICHELLE192, 257 SANDLIN, SHARON 58, 63, 64, 65, 68, 97, 101, 138 SAVITCH, ERICH 88,169 SAVORY,MONIQUE169 SAXMAN, MRS. PAT 109, 204 SAXMAN, WENDY 90,169, 220,221 SAXON, MR. JIM 202 SCARBOROUGH, RHONDA 138 SCHALLER, MANDY 83, 169 SCHLIELIG, LISA 169 SCHMEISSER,JILL 192, 252, 264 SCHMIDT, MATTHEW 192, 254 SCHMITT, BRADLEY 192 SCHMITT, BRIAN 138 SCHMITT, LORI 192 SCHMOEKEL, MRS. PHYLLIS 204 SCHNABLE,JILI.192 SCHOENECKER, SCOTT 169 SHOENFIELD, MS. LESIA 203, 237, 246 SCHULTZ, AMY 138, 220, 221 SCHULTZ, MRS. JOYCE 203 SCHWETTMANN, LYNN 192 SCOPER, SHANNON 169 SCOTT, BRAD 5, 40, 41, 68, 74, 110,138 SCOTT, CHAD 192 SCOTT, MELISSA 169 SEAGER, LORI81,138 SEALE, JULIE 169 SEEKINS, MARK 192 SEEKINS, ROGER 169 SEELY,CHERYL138 SELF, CHARR 83,192, 222 SELF, TRACALENE169 SELLERS, MIRIAM 192 SPULVEDA, BRIAN 5, 17, 40, 41, 74, 75,138 SESSIONS, EMILY 71,192 SESSIONS, HELEN 71, 192 SESSIONS, RITA 71, 169 SETTLES, TONY 169 SEWARD, EDDIE 139 SEWARD, MELISSA 192 SEWARD, SUSAN 193 SEXTON, WINDEE139 SEYMOUR, DOUG 42,139 SHACKELFORD, MRS. MARY 203 SHACKELFORD, RALPH 139 SHADY, KAYCE 81,139 SHAULIS, JAMIE 193 SHEAR, KRISTI 139 SHEEN,ANGELA 193,252 SHEETS, CHERYl.193 SHELBY, DEANA 80,139 SHELLEY, MRS. BONNIE 49, 88,203 SHELTON, HEATHER 153, 167, 169 SHINNEMAN, WENDY 84,139 SHIPLEY, KELLY 193, 222 SHIPLEY, KURT 30, 49, 139, 260, 267, 293 SHlPMAN,SHELLY139, 244 SHIPP, ANGELA 139 SHOBE, DANNY 193 SHOOK, JULIE 193 SHORT, CHERRE 169 SHORT, MRS. KATHRYN 204 SHORT, TRACI 169 SHOULTS, PHILIP 139 SHUFORD, TRACY 169 SIDDONS, CHRIS 193 SIEBENTHAL, JANE 74, 75,139 SILVA, GREGORY 193 SILVEY, JENNIFER 193, 250 SIMEONE, MICHAEL 71,193 SIMMONS, AMY 193 SIMMONS, MICHELLE 169, 221 SIMPSON, ANGIE 84,139 SIMPSON, KELLIE 193, 226 SIMS, BERNARD 139, 261, 267 SIMS, MICHELLE193 SIMS, STACY 67,193 SINGH, SHERYL 169, 221 SLATER, LES 193 SLATER, MICHAEL 169 SLIGHT, MR. DAVID 203, 241, 243, 260, 267 SLINKARD, TODD 140 SMITH SMITH, SMITH, SMITH, SNELL, I I . A ' II ,I In "That Was No Lady, That Was a Private Eye" resented by a Drama I class, Phyllis Harlow fKathIeen cCIintockJ becomes angered by Milly Barling QThereSa Smith.J ,TOKOLO193, 221 TRACYE193 WENDY 170 WHITNEY 170, 221 SANDY 71, 72, 73,170 SNIDER, CHES 193,229 SNIPE, BRITT 117 SNIPES, ADAM 140 RUCKER, MICHAEL 192 RUDMAN, MICHELLE 168 RUMSEY, BRYAN 168, 226 RUPPERT, ANNE 78, 79, 168,234 RUPPERT, CATHY 61,138 RUPPERT, CHRIS 138 RUTHERFORD, JACQULINE 168 RYAN, KEVIN 80 RYAN, LAUNA 71,169 SABARA, FRANCESCA 169 SALEEBEY, MEGHAN 44, 91, 95, 138 SALINAS,JAIME169 SALVAGE, BETH 192 SAMMONS, LISA 84, 138 SLOCUM, CINDY 61,140,252 SMELLEY, VALERIE 84, 140 SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH, SMITH, SMITH, SMITH, , BARBIE 33, 84, 140 , BRIAN 193 , BRYAN 193 , CHRIS 169 ,DAVID 72,169 , DUSTIN 169 LISA 169 MICHAEL 193 MICHELLE 193, 222 MIKE 193 MIKE 193 PHILLIP 71,169 SCOTT 169 TAMMY 140 TERESA 169 SNODDY, RICKY 193 SNOWDEN, CARY 23,140 SNOWDEN, STEPHANIE 170 SORGEE, VERNA 193 SOUTH, DEBBIE 35,170 SOUTH, MELISSA 193 SPEER, TAMMY 65,170,257 SPEIGEL, SHAWN 170 SPICER, DAVID 193 SPITTLER, MS, ELAINE 52, 203 SPIVY, LORI 41, 46, 68, 74, 75, 77, 101,104,105,140 SPRACKLIN, MR. FLOYD 203 SPRINGER, STEVEN 71, 72,193 SPRINGFIELD, DENIS193 SPRINGFIELD, MARY 193 SPROBA, MIKE 140, 281 ST. JOHN, ROBERT 194 STAATS, SHANNON 194 STACY, GREGORY 194 STALLONES, SHAWN 140, 221 STALLONES, STEVEN 71, 72, 194 STANFORD, ANGELA 140 STARKEY, CHARLES 170 STATON, MIKE 170 STATS, SHANNON 90 STEARNS, KIMBERLY 140 STEARNS, TRACY 194 STEBBINS, MRS. BEVERLY 203 STEBBINS, EDDIE 87, 170 STEAGER, LISA 71,73,170 STEELE, DUNG170 STEHN, ANNE MARIE 140 STEINLE, CURTIS 86,140,217 95,100, STEINSHNIDER, ROBIN 71, 78, 170 STELL, KATHY 170 STELL, TONY 33,140,226 STEPHENS, LEANN170 STEVENSON, CHERYL 83, 170 STEVENSON, MARC 141 STEWART, AMY 88, 170 STEWART, BLAKE 141,254 STEWART, BRANDY 194 STEWART, DANIEL 71,72,194 STEWART, DAWN 194, 250 STEWART,JEFF194 STEWART,JOHN 141, 226, 261, 267 STEWART, MR. TERRY 203 STICHT, ALAN 71, 72,170 STICHT, LORNA 194, 235 STIEBING, ALAN 71,72,108,141 STIGALL, GINA 194 STINSON, LEA ANN 194 STOECKER,JOHN 141,226 STOKES, AMY 141, 237, 264 STOKES, ROBERT 141, 226 STONE, MICHELLE 141 STONE, ROCHELLE141 STORY, JAMES 141 STOUT,MICHELE170 STOVALL, MRS. LOVETA 43, 203 STOVALL, MR. MIKE 203,226 STREBECK, ANGELA 170, 221 STRICKLAND, BILL 194 STRICKLAND, SCOTT 141 STRICKLIN, MISSJUDY 203 STROUD,JACQUE141 STROUD,JANA170 STUCHLY, CHRISTINE 141 SULAK, ANITA 48,141 SULLIVAN, KAREN 31, 67,141 SURFACE, ELIZABETH 89, 194 SUTTON, CINDEE 142 SUTTON, DARIN 80, 142 SUTTONJALISE 194 SUYDAM,JIM 194,229 SWAN, MRS. CHRISTINE 203 SWEAT, JEFF 142 SWEENEY, MRS. MICHELLE 203 SWICK, SUSAN 194 SWORD, MISSY 194 T TABLER, DANA 38,170 TAFE, ANGELA 71,194 TALKINGTON, DR. KEN 199 TALKINGTON,ROSS173, 194,229,261 TAMBUNGA, LIONEL 194 TANGEMAN, BETH 194 TANNER, KELSEY 23,194,226 TATE, JONATHAN 170 TATUM, LATRICE 194 TAWIL, CHRIS 170 TAYLOR, ALICIA 87, 170 TAYLOR, CATRECE 142 TAYLOR, MRS. KAREN 204 TAYLOR, RODNEY 64, 88, 142 TAYLOR, RUSS 8, 76, 194,240 TAYLOR, SHERILE170 TEACHEY, JOHN 194 TEACHEY, WILLIAM 170 TELLE, DR. TOM 199 THACKER, TIM 194 INDEX 289 290 INDE TIIEOBALT, MR. RICKY 203,204 THOMAS, IENNIITZR 194, 222 THOMAS, MARY l.ISA 44, 74, 142 T HOMAS, TII I'ANY 3, 83, 142 TIIOMAS, TRENTON 83, 194, 229, 260 THOMASON, TE1-'1fANl14 194 THOMI.INSON, KURT 142 THOMPSON, ALAN 142 TIIOMI'SON,BET1I142 TIIOMPSON, DENNIS 194 THOMPSON, IOIIN 86,142 THOMPSON, LISA 142 TIIOMPSON, MRS. PAT 6, 203 TIIOMPSON, ROBERT 71 THOMPSON, SCOTT 194 THORBURN, CATHERINI- 36 TIIORNTON,KEVIN170 THROCKMORTON, CHRIS 170, 237 THROWER, MRS. OLEI A 203 T1IUI.IN, ST ACEY 36, 63, 65, 68, 142, 254 255 TIIURMOND, LESLIE 170 TICE, PATTI 194 TIDWEI.l., ERIC 194 T1EKEN,MARSHA194 TIEN1IAARA,IASON194 TIMMONS, BRENDA 194, 252 TIMMONS, GREG 142, 248, 249 TINER,TAMMY170 TOXEY, CHUCK 71, 72,142 TRAN,11IEN 170 TRAVIS, MICHAEL 171 TRI-.ADWELl., TERRY 86,171 TRESSLER, ERIC 260 TRIBBLI5, SCOTT 143,254 TROSTEI., MATTHEW 28, 194, 261, 267 '1'ROU1'E,SHERR1194,221 TRUDELL, MIKE 48, 143, 261, 267 TRUIII,LO,'1'ONI143 TRUNK, KEVIN 171 TUCKER,IASON 194 TUCKER,1EIfIf171 TUCKER, THOMAS 143 TUI.LOS,AlMEE143 TUI.I,Y, KEN 143 TU1.LY, PATRICIA 170 T URK, MRS. MARY 203 TURNER, ANDRE 16, 143, 226, 265, 267 TURNER, GI.EN 194 TURN1fR,1.0R1 143 TURNER, TRENT 104, 105, 143, 239, 241, 263, 267 TURNEY,MRS. ANN 196,203 TURPIN, MICHAEL 171, 267, 293 TYNER, ANGIE 143 TYNES, SHAUNA 15, 222, 228 U UNDI-RWOOD, ALLAN 143 UNDERWOOD, ANTHONY 143, 226 UPDEGRAEI5, 1.1515 91, 194 UTT ERBACK, BART 194 V VA1'1uu1 ALA, 11151,12N 194 VA1.o5E1c, TERRY 194, 229, 261 VAN 1foo1'1-, Ro1s15R'1 125,143 VANHoosE, MRS MARY 20,203 VAN Hoo511eR, BRETT 143 VAN KU11.ENBURG, 5HAN12 143 VAN M15'11fR, 1c1MBER1.1fV 194, 221 VAN 51C1.12N, CHRISTINE 194, 250 VAN 51C1.EN, SARAH 113, 88, 144, 252 VAN V1c1c1.E, MARY 144 VANZANDT, MR. A1.1.EN 38,200 VANANTWERP, CHRIS 171 VANCE,IENNIIfER 119, 171, 214 VANDER VEEN,E12DY 171 VANGUNDY, THERESA 194 VANT s1.o1',1oHN 83, 153, 171, 226 VASBINDER, 112N11fER 194 VA511.1o, cHR151'V 195 VASQUEZ, MARTIN 98 VAs5, 5TEV1f 195 VAUQHAN, 1'11f1fANV 171 VAUGIIN,CAR1144 VAUCHN, CRAIG 144 VAUGHN, T6R1 144 VE1.1az, EDWARD 195 VE151311415, DAVID 144 VE'1'1f11c1s, RICHARD 941, 195 VETT,RE1,1,V 25,144 V11acA5, RICK 90, 144 V11,1.ANuEVA, 1E55E 195 V11.1,EMA1R1s, BETH 144 VIRDEN, wA1.TER 56,133,144,257 W WAGSTA1-T-, IAC1: 71, 195 WALDROP, BRYAN 171 WAI.DRUP,KEI.l.Y144 WAI.KER, AARON 195 WALKER, BILL 86 VU, DUNG 171 Goin over last minute plays, Coach Mike X Stova I tries to psyche up the defense. WAI.KER, DAVE 171 WALKI-R, MRS, IAN 90,203 WA1.KIfR,NOEI,IIfI71 WA1.KI'R,TIIOMAS91,122,123,144 WAI.KI-R, WILLIAM 195 WALLACI-, GREG 144, 226 WALLACE, MRS. IANET 10, 11, 47, 203 WA1.I.1N,IEANNIE195 WALLS, LAURA 195 WAI.SH,IOE 171 WALT 1-RS, ALYSSA 195 WAI.TERS, DAVID 35,109 WAI.'I'15RS, SIIAWN 221 WALTERS, STEPHEN 195, 251 WAI.TON, CHRISTINA 195, 221 WANG, HENRY 195 WARD, MARNIE 36,144 WARD, MRS. MARY BETH 203 WARE, RUSSELL 5, 40, 45, 74, 144 WARIfORD,GINNIE 171,221 WARNER, MELODY 195 WARNER,WENDY145 WARREN, BRENTON 195, 212 WARREN, CHARLES 171, 229, 248, 261 WASHINGTON, ERIC 171 WATSON, KEITH 184, 185, 195 WATSON, LARRY 145 WATSON, LINDA 71,145 WATSON, MIKE 89 WATSON, RON 195 WATTS, MICHELLE 171, 233 WATTS, SCOTT 145, 257 WEAVER, MELISSA 195, 210, 226 WEBB, AUDRA 56,171 WEBB, GARY 171, 218, 241 WEBB, PAUl.A 84 WEBER,IENNI1fER 195 WECKHERLIN,IANE59,171 WEISS, MARK 195 WEl.CH, GARY 195 WELCII, RHONDA 80,171 WELCH, TAMMY 195 WEI.LS,MELANIE145 WENZEI., CHRIS 171 WEST, CHERYL 195, 235 WESTON, MIKE 171,257 WETZEL, MARC 80, 145, 8041 WETZEI., MARK 145 WETZEL, SARA 90,91,195 WIIEEI.ER, MRS, BETTY 204 WHEI:1.1:R,IOEL71, 145,254 WIIEELESS, SCOTT 195 WHI1.1.0CK,1AY 83,195,229 WHITI-, DALE 80 WHITE, IREN1- 195 WIIITE, MRS. KATIIRYN 33, 82, 203 WHITE, KEVIN 171 W1I1TE,KRISTEN195 WHITE, KYLE 7, 125, 145, 226, 260, 261 WHITE, I,ARA 71,171 W1I1TE,MARK171 WHITE, RONNIE 195 WHITE, VICTORIA 195 WHITEACREBETHANY171 WHITI:I.EY, CHERY1, 195 WHITES1DE,KRIS195 WHITFIELD, MRS. IOZELLE 199 W1IITLEY,1ENN1FER 90, 129, 145, 226 WHI I LEY, WILL 171, 226 WHITTEMOREMIKE 171,210,226 WIENER, BETH 195,235,254 WIENER, DAVID 7,83, 145,239,241 WILBORN, EASTLYN 58, 84, 97, 145 WILCOX, GERALD 28, 58,195 WILDMAN, STACEY 74,77, 145,293 WII.EY,KRISTI195 WIl.HOIT,IIM171 WILKEN1NG,SHAWNA195 WIIIIAMSANDRIA173,195 WII.IIAMS,CARI,A171 WII LIAMS, KIM 195 WILLIAMS, KIM 145 WI1.I.IAMS,KRISIIA172,173,195 WII I IAMS, I ISA 171 WII I IAMS, IONN 193 WILLIAMSON,CLARY 171 I W I I .MOT WII SON, WILSON, WILSON WILSON WILSON WILSON WILSON WILSON WILSON WILSON WILSON WII.SON WIMPEI: I, MR. BARRY 34, 203, 52 ALAN I4-R ARIRYC1-171,195 BOBBY 171 BRI-TT 195 DI-NISI-146 IOIIN 195, 229, 261, 266 KIM 146 MICH1-I I I 171 NATALII519R NICOLE 195 ROBERT 86,195 STEVI' 195 ,CYNTHIA 171 WINE, ERIC 71, 72, 171 WINKER, DOUG 61, 62, 171 WINSETT, MARY 113, 146, 199 WINSETT, RICHARD 113, 199 WINTER, MRS. CAROI. 25, 109, 199 WISER,WENDY195 WITCHER, BAYLOR 80,171,261 WITHAEGER, BRIAN 171 WOESSNER, DAVID 171 WOLOSENCUK,WAD1f 146 WOLPA,1EIf1-811, 171,248 WOMACK, SIIARON 195 WOMACK, TOM 146 WOOD, AMY 195,250 WOOD,IEANIIf195 WOOD, l.ISA 171 WOOD, RENAE 171 WOOD, TRACY 195 WOODDEI.I., CINDY 71,146 WOODRUITIQ BECKY 146 WOODY,TRIfN1' 195, 229, 261 WOOLEORD, MATT 171 WOOLVERT ON, ANGII' 146 WREN, DONET TA 71,171 WRIG1IT,CAYE 146 WRIGHT, DR DONALD199 WRIG1IT,WES171,195 WRIGHTSMAN, MELISSA 171 WYLlE,AM1E146 Y YANDI-I I , ALI-A 171 YANTIS, MRS MARY 203 YARNELI ,PATRICK 43, 74, 75, 77, 147 YAT1:S,KII' 89,195,229 YEN, A1.BERT 37, 51, 68, 6 101,147 YINGI.ING,BRlCI4195 YOUNG, CHRIS 195 YOUNG, DIANA 195 YOUNG, KRIS ANN 61,147 YUSUENASSER195 Z ZANG,TARA1-17 ZAWOONIAK,BILL19i ZEIGI.I-R,KIM 171,267 ZHANCLIING147 ZICK, MICHAEI 195 ZIEGLER, KAREN 147 ZIEGLER, KIM 260 ZIER,CATHY 147,210 9, 79, 95, 99, 1110, ZIMM14RMAN,TAMI4RA195,257 !III-K,BR1AN195 7111-K.II'NNII1R80,147 'fn L S 2 E E V1 L fm 7 EDITORS' NOTE E rs.i. , +--x 3 it Q. s.,. ' XJ. As you reach the end of this yearbook, we, the edictors, have a few closing remarks. Although we changed a few things this time around and put in some more complex desigxns, hopefull , you have enjoyed everyt ing we trier? to do with the bolder graphics, a bit more color, and the fold-out section. And if not, well . . .what can we say? For the most part, we've had a great time working with everyone, Qboth staffers and studentsj. Grante , we've run into our share of roblems, but who hasn't? So, rigrht now we want to take the time to thank everyone for any help you might have iven us. Forgstarters, we'll thank, in a major way, Mr. Tommy Talbott of the Coca-Cola Bot- tling Company. Without his help and authorization, this yearbook would pro- bably have a cpurple and gold cover aid for from fun s raised by holding Fello wrestling matches and gummy worm eating contests. Next in line comes Mr. Allen Roberts. Having to share the I-room with Coach Roberts was an experience that was mostly fun and sometimes, well .... Anyway, thanks for all the sports info and the Trivial Pursuit ames, Coach Roberts. Because of our help, we now bestow upon you the honor of being honorary yearbook sponsor. fBy the way, this book turned out pretty well without the YOU-KNOW-WHATS, right?J Okay, now that that's taken care of, we want to thank extra specially Mrs. Audie Bearden, who tau ht us more than she realizes and who aqso did the index, Mrs. Flo Francis, who helped with hoto ses- sions and secret missions for the dedica- tion, and finally, Mr. Tim Elkins, who did everything expected plus, but who mainly justxput up with us. e're nearing the end now, but we Uulie and Kristi if you didn't know by nowj wish to send just one more set of thanks. These go to Mrs. Bobbie Schrock, Daddy Teach, ocky, Go, TEACI-Ill, Cathy Ruppert, Rod Ta lor, Mrs. Annette Archer, Mrs. Lou Baker, Ms. Vickie Proffitt, Erik Dietz, Matt's Computer fyes, you too, Matty Chris Naughton, and finally joe Barbara other- wise known as joe-Bo . ,O Q ..g ,guf A After goingl over countless numbers of idea for the themes oft is yearbook, Kristi Neddrman and julie Moulton spotted this Coke machine at a journalism convention in San Antonio, and finally an idea clicked in their minds. This thou ht matured and eventually became a reality insteag of just an idea. EDITORS' NOTE 291 New principal leads Colts Ierry's kids. That was us. The "new kid on the block" CML jerry McCu1loughD brought with him a whole ist of new ideas about the Colts and how to uphold the old traditions with a little help from us, of course, The Colts worked hard, played hard, and learned hard The Ross Perot way. But sometimes we made up our own rules. And when the end came, we cried hard, and held onto our dreams harder. Especially the graduating seniors. May 30 was the end of their reign over Colt Country A great reign which, on gra uation, ended perfectly. But when they left, when it all ended, everyone cried. It was a mixture of hellos and goodbyes and wonderful memories. But we also laughed. And wished them the best, Always. t ' 'A-u-1 I5 Tim lzlkms Enjoying the mess he's in, Mark Evans carefully and articulately throws his clay pot. Chemistry students Shannon McKee and jennifer Adams try to find the volume of gas 2 S. ""."i ff, 1 2, wt. af? lx 'I wt' 292 CLOSING QQ 6 lim Bloom Tim l-lkins sqm, Q N Teresita fStacey Wildmanl, readies herself for a confrontation with the female lets. With the bases loaded, Mike Turpin, Kurt Shipley, Richie laynes, jeff Burrow, Mike Allen, john lobe, and l. D. lawrence wait for the tying run to be batted in. it ,, ,Q-. Before school begins on the Dreaded Satur- day, Colts camp out by their lockers in lams and enjoy the suspension ofthe dress code. 'f?t7i 'v t i, -'Q -...Q si, . il' CLOSING 293 I WHITE AN Hoof beats of pride It took Land still takesl a special breed of person to be a olt. t Bein a Colt re uires lo alt - to Eiends, to tge Greenyangil White, and to life. It demands pride in ourself and others as well as fove for family, friends, and Colt Country. Being a Colt takes a lot. But we all performed 'the job beautifully. And, once a Colt, ALWAYS a Colt. No matter where you go or what path you follow, you will always carry the honor of being an Arlington High graduate. Honorary yearbook sponsor, Allen Roberts, escapes from the confusion momentarily by absorbing the latest top ten tu nes. 294 CLOSING 6 v 5'?f"i W 5 ., xx' vb.. S W if: ' Tim Elkins Prom goers crouch on the dance floor dur- ing an enthusiastic rendition of 'Shoutl' joining his father after a home game, Charles Patton and Coach john Moore raise their hoof beats to the Alma Mater. Q Tim Elkins Kee ing the Colt pride alive, the varsity footgall team listens to the alma mater after a disappointing tie to Sam that dashed the squad s playof hopes. Following a spirit sparking pep rally, the downstairs middle hall fal s prey to over ignited students. CLOSING 295 1 , so cons so CULTS U I e UIHNGS ..... 7 O O O O ' E q I E Texas Commerce QEFEK A"i"9f9P

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