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1982 CULT CQRRAL Arlington High School 818 W. Park Row Arlington, Texas 76013 Volume 37 A Y iM ...... .... . ..,. .........i ...... .. 4.......... 55,5 ? A 4n1Q M ,,.W W ,U ww N "V' " Q .A1i 4 M ' um M' M ' my I ' V L ag A mr Q i f ' Q59 i g 1 4 M Mun W YW! R . -- Msn.. Q - .. ilk 5 I H 5 1 u i J 1 Table of Contents Activities ..... Academics . . . Honors ...... Organizations . Sports .....,. Faculty ...... Classes ...... Ads QAJ High gasoline prices indicate the state of the economy. KBH The lights of Ft. Worth illuminate the horizon. QCJ Touring concert groups visit the metroplex and play to packed houses. fDj Hosting two Arl- ington High football games, the facilities of the new UTA Maverick Stadium adds extra excitement to the Friday night games. fEj In the same style as the Main Library, Arlington enjoys the use of the new Municipal Building. QFQ Colt Bumper Stickers say it all. 1.303 ARLINGTDN IIIBII Wea KICK 'EM... 5 Darryl 'Hegre 4 , l P -v -XX Q C272 IAQ The mural of little Arlie remains a symbol of the scl1oo1's lost mascot. fBj As the sunlight streams in, the girls' basket- ball team practices in the new gym. QCQ Arlington High's gymnasium provides new facilities for athletic competition. QD5 During an after-school practice, the jazz Ensemble enjoys their new found home. fEjRenovations made to the auditorium make Senior David Grogan's job as lighting technician for "Paint Your Wagon" easier. 60.63- E' a ffl D WG Z QAj During Spirit Week, sophomores try to CZPIUI6 the spirit hall prize. QBQ Art students relieve the Xerox room walls by painting a mythalogical mural. KC Sophotnores Christie Brown, Alisa Pechacek and Kim Linderman have fun at a football game. KD, For spirit week, seniors prepare multicolor balloons for "Colt Heaven." QEJ Paul "Poal" Belauskas throws Walter "Wok" Evans over the balcony during a poster party. CFJ The night before the Lamar game, Moody Alex- ander sports his special T-shirt while decorating the senior hall. m : Us -v 4. -1 -Q f....f1-- CA, The activities during a pep rally are filled with traditions. U35 juniors proclaim "How Sweet It Is To Be in Colt Country!" QCB Football team members exclaim "We're iii!" after winning the district game against the Lamar Vikings, fDj Colt Kickers perform a high kick routine at the first pep rally in the new gym. fEj Prin- cipal james Crouch rips off his shirt as he proclaims, "I had a dream . . ." K ' if Wffv, M41 'NEWER 4 'M 'F mmf gi' 'VY "" S Wm f ' ' . fi , Ev he , V., ' I M, My Q ' i ' 1 if 1' af, , -, Q U? 4 www Y A aww 3- wa k 'EQKJ Q ww W1 , was H www 2 0133 A ' Yi ,Q Ms Q ' Nflfni' , ' , wa, if 3 ' Alf "W' Wm , .df 'H -. aw' M 2 . :w,H5,,,g-l- Hx ffm wsu gf' ,Q r w gg A 1, .. wmv imma ww Q S f Q Q Af y . W , Q, U if , , M 4 590 WM W K A Ng? M' ,M r M Nw- F ff u QR? , W its F A, ML 1 .WW " 'j , wi. W Wi ' ,xfwwfiz 1 y A' M , W5 m , , 'W V N 3 : W W" L: v N Y ' mn ! 'I W MQ W MF" .L LLM. w, , K W l J A w ' .SB N5 it Q- .-"""' -Paw , 5 F k 8 3 ff E Q 5 W 3 walkin Mww' ,MW 13 C -b -I 0 cs. n.. Z 2 OG is :I H O Q. Q. Z 9. on nw :: f fAjSeniors Steve Davidson,-Iohn Pack, Paul Frye, Mark joeckel, Steve johnson, and Keith Lane cut up during a basketball game. fBj Stephanie Brown,jean Murphy, and Cheryl Klase enthusiastically cheer the Colts during the Lamar game. KC, Arlington High produces a "stairway to heaven." fDj Sophs Jodie Murray, Carla Batchelor, and Samatha Egnot take a break from the Masquerade Dance to compare costumes. QEQ Balloons take off as a symbol of victory for Arlington, as the football team runs onto the field. , Giving. Often it is hard to believe that a school could give more than just an education. At most schools that is alla student can receive. Arlington High School, though, bestowed us with several gifts that can never be reapaid nor forgotten. Arlington enriched us, it inspired discovery and created a sense of security to which we soon became accustomed. It was our second home as we became seasoned veterans of halls, lockers, rooms, and teachers. The school changed and we changed with it. As it added new dimensions to itself - the new gymnasium, band hall, photography lab, and im- provements to the auditorium - we seemed to add more depth to our own lives. Arlington High School pushed us to dreams of higher diversity. In those variations we strived to achieve, we found fun, traditions, and pride. Arlington High School is boastfully filled with traditions. Our traditions kept memories of past classes, friends, and graduates alive in our minds. They also united us with the future as we laid the foundations for new traditions. These traditions brought us together and were accented with enthusiasm. Our pep rallies, athletic competitions, and all the work we put into ourselves were enlivened by participation. These activities reflected upon our school and gave us an intense sense of pride. Only Arlington High School students truly know the sensation at a pep rally as arms are raised to sing the alma mater. Another Arlington High tradition was excellence - excellence in our stu- dent body, our school, and especially our faculty. Our teachers gave totally to us. Their unending willingness to pass their knowledge on to us won the ad- miration of the entire student body. Cne such teacher who nourished us through learning was Mrs. Mary Margaret Basham. A teacher of history and English, Mrs. Basham expanded our knowledge in many ways. We learned about ourselves and gained. an understanding of the world that could ,not always be attained through a text book. She always demonstrated concern and support whether for an individual student or an all-school activity. We are grateful for her enrichment. With the greatest love, appreciation, and respect that can be given, we on the Colt Corral staff are pleased and proud to dedicate the 1982 yearbook to Mrs. Basham. 0601 . I C30 0 18 'K A C T I V I T I E S As summer ended and school began, sophomores started hearing of the Howdy Day rituals and of the jokes that the "Big" seniors would pull. When Howdy Day finally arrived, sophomores began to wish they were at home, juniors were overjoyed because they were at last able to "strike back" for all the stunts that had been pulled on them when they had been the "poor sophomores." Then the first pep rally came into light and the students were in for a change. The pep rallies were no longer in the morning but at the end of the day. All students were required to at- tend. This caused a few uproars. Students knew school had surely begun when Principal james Crouch shared his first dream of the year ex- claiming "How sweet it is to be in Colt Country." W' -i,. Todd Green 20 ACTIVITIES uniors strike back While sophs fear Howd Da ,QV fAj Lane Lackland, Valerie Stebbins, and Keith Wright exclaim over their new annuals. fBj john Saleebey and Tom Hussey show their spirit by dress- ing up at the pep rally. KCH "You'd bet- ter sing," says Chris Southard to Sheri Felber, a lowly sophomore on Howdy Day. QDQ Walking down the stairs in chains are "Pep Rally Prisoners" Fred- die Loeber, Doug Everetnjimmy Cecil, and Brad Gordon while Brenda Forester takes a laugh-filled look. QEQ "Here, I'l1 even hold the music for you," says jeff Everly to a petrified Sophomorejonathan Key. ACTIVIT IFS 21 Homecommg opens old memones, starts new ones We ws, QAQ At the Homecoming breakfast Pam Rohrbaugh and Brian Duval enjoy the Spamsh Club s table fB Mrs Lanell Goodman bends over ln HIIIICIPBIIOU as she llstens to her teammates questions dunng the teacher s skn at the Homeeommg pep rally QCJ Coming Home King and Queen Mr Tom Eaton and Mrs Natalee Parr are congratulated by Lauri Tillman and ico t Cam QD Former students enjoy the Welcome Back Ex s receptzon Tracey W ll an s Spoof 22 ACTIVITIES Vrrkiirr 2 Hi! ,i , . . AT Cl ' i i 1 tl I I J 1 i! ' A . ' ' ' Eifl . , , 7 . D r V a 7 s - v I u - - U . 7 . . y v 1 . . , v 1 ' - y l V . . V u , , 1 N ' ' 7 V - , ' 1 Ker owell B1 Sprmgmg on the October horlzon w1th a Hurry of act1v1t1es that beg early 1n the rnornlng and contmued late 1nto the evenmg was Homecom mg, 81 For early nsers the second annual Homecomlng breakfast got underway rn the Student Lounge before school Clubs 1o1ned w1th the Student Councxl rn provrdmg 1u1ce donuts sweetrolls and fruit for the affalr Th1s year s pep rally was moved to the afternoon and spawned another trad1t1on change The Exes recep t1on usually held m the mormng after the pep rally was moved to before the rally at 1 p m Thmgs though d1dnt sway from the trad1t1onal rn the pep rally The teachers were therr usual h1lar1ous selves when they presented the AHS vers1on of Fam1ly Feud Of course the Colt Fam1ly won One of our own Amencan H1story teachers Mrs Natalee Parr was named Cornmg Home Queen Her counter part th1s year was Mr Tom Eaton from the Class of 31 Mr Eaton was also presented a football autoyaphed by the 81 Colts to commemorate the 50th anmversary of Mr Eaton s squad He served as captam of the 1931 Colt football squad ryN Tracey Wxlhams ACTIVITIES 23 i Nowell e Sulzen, Lauri Tillman get Homecoming titles As the evening began couples dressed in their finest, shuffled to find a place to sit, and waited through the first half for the Homecoming ac- tivities to get underway. The Royal Couple was about to be announced. All of the nominees waited anxiously for the moment when all would know who the 1981 Homecoming King and Queen would be. As the anticipation became great, the names were proclaimed, "the 1981 Homecoming Queen is Lauri Tillman and the Homecoming King is Mike Sulzen." The suspense was broken. After the traditional Homecoming kiss and the royal ride around the field, the Homecoming King and Queen went their separate ways, each to always hold the memories of the night. fAj DeeDee Askew looks on as Chuck Mullins drives Mike Sulzen and Lauri Tillman on their traditional ride around the track. fBj Strolling off the field after putting away the Homecoming game is number 15 Mike Sulzen. 1Cj Tiffany Naughton assists Lauri in putting on her robe. fDj Elise Brown happily awaits the Homecoming festivities. QEQ Lauri is con- gratulated by the other nominees. Kerry Newell ACTIVITIES 25 Students nomrnate erght frnalrsts for Royal Court As Hornecomrng approached students became forever busy order rng corsages and houtonnreres mak rng reservatrons at the frnest restaurants and makrng preparatrons for all of the actrvrtres to come on Homecomrng Day The tradrtronal electron of sophomore and runror prrncess nomrnees along wrth Hornecomrng Queen and Krng kept others runnrng rn crrcles Nomrnees for sophomore prrncess were Connre Crawford joy Watson Laura Whrte and Leslre Wrrght Recervrng the honor for the sophomores was Junror varsrty cheerleader Laura Whrte Nomrnated for junror class prrncess were Brrttney Mrllholland Su7re Santrellr Lorr Seal and Barbara Wrllrams Wrnnrng the posrtron of rumor class prrncess was Lorr Seal also a Colt cheerleader Candrdates for Homecomrng ueen were Elrse Brown Sara Reed Suzanne Rrsrng and Laurr Trllman Nomrnated for Krng were Moody Alexander Mark oeckel Rrchre Mrller and Mrke Sulzen The royal couple was announced at halftrme Mrke and Laurr became Krng and Queen of the roval court QA Laurr Trllman and Mrke Sulzen rergn as Homecoming Kang and Queen QBI Homecommg Kmg nominees Include Moody Alexander Mrke Sulzen Rrchre Mrller and Mark joeckel KCI unror Prrncess Lorr Seal and Sophomore Prrncess Laura White show off therr mums at the game fDj Homecoming ueen nominees mclucle Suzanne Rrsrng Elrse Brown Laurr Trllman and Sara Reed ,nun R 'road C C A 26 ACTIVITIES 7 72 . ' Y . Y . Y L , I , - - - , ' , , , . 2 4 n - v 1 fy if . . . . ' . 'E eeea ' 4 A s y fl fi r e' - .... -- Q . . W" ,,,, ,.,, . as . -I A ws d .S . , , K kkk, -so 45, Q f 1 W ,.. , J , , ' . . I - 2 x, I 9 l K H U I , . J - ' ' , 'A JIS II 5 O z 5 az W ac ACTIVITIES 27 fAj Marching through the halls the per Lusston secnon sports executtoner outfnts whlle playing the Bowie Death March CBD Btlly Martm and Greg Txcknor show thexr sptnt by dressxng up on Halloween fCj Mark Mattlage Rod Hutchmson eff Burnett and Bruce Kunz compete for Mtss Corn County at the Colt Country-Iamboree fDj Carolyn Young portrays a bag of jelly beans at the semor sponsored masquerade dance QEQ Lookmg on wtth expectatlon the Student Body awaits another touchdown at the Cram Sam game Todd G een loddG e 28 ACTIVITIES Mrghty Colts surge past Sam Vols to D1str1ct The month of October started on ICS way wxth the mrghty Colt football team stampedmg past the Sam Houston Texans 28 to 7 This memorable game opened rn the newly bullt UTA Stadlum At the end of the month on Halloween the Colts surged by the Bowre Volunteers 7 to 0 The day of the game everyone prompted team sprnted by dressrng up rn scary Halloween attrre The week before Halloween the was performed Included rn the fun was a beauty pageant rn whrch four boys drsplayed femxmne charms After thejamboree everyone head ed down the hall to the senror sponsored masquerade dance held rn the cafeter1a A D furnrshed musrc and flashbulbs popped as a photographer snapped the w1ld and crazy dancers traditional Colt Country Jamboree ACTIVITIES 29 Colts capture District title November was a month full of ac- tivities including Spirit Week. The week began with everyone dressing up in the latest western fashion. Tuesday everyone was decked out in Hawaiian outfits for "Beach the Vikes Day," Wednesday the student body dressed punk for "Rock the Vikes Day," and Thursday the students decorated their hats for "Crazy Hat Day." Friday end- ed the week with the traditional Green and White day. During the week, spirit sisters decorated the football players' lockers and the different classes decorated the halls for a con- test, which the sophomores won. The week's pep rally not only climaxed Spirit Week, but it also inaugurated the new gym. Friday night the tried and true Colts stormed past Lamar 31-6, gliding into the District Championship. The following week the Colts played Eastern Hills for bi-district and were barely beaten by a score of 34-27. Later in the month the drama department presented the play "The Matchmaker," the play from which the musical "Hello Dolly" originated. Darlene Cox, who portrayed the main character Dolly Levi, brought about a sense of reality and professionalism to the play. Students came in swarms to see the show. QAQ Tara Clawson enjoys being a "punk" on "Rock the Vikes Day." QBQ "Mat- chmaker" cast members take a bow. QCJ Darlene Cox fDolly Levij assures julie Mitchell Qlirmegardej that she will get her man, as .Iowanda Graham fGertrudej looks on. IDU Paul Frye's house displays his spirit sister's handiwork. QEU The senior girls present "Colt Heaven" at the Lamar pep rally. 50 ACTIVITIES Sf P00 V AC I IVIF1 IES 31 Twinkling Yule lights relfect spirit As Arlington High students bustled around busily trying to purchase presents before the final day arrived, Arlington citizens enjoyed the many twinkling lights of Christmas. The entire City shined with the thought of the com- ing holidays. December opened at school with a HO! HO! HO! of a time. Most classroom doors were decorated for the Student Council Decoration Contest. The door of Mrs. Barbara Brown's room took top honors. During the same week, Council members decorated the Student Lounge with a green and white tree and students attended the Choir Christmas Assembly, Seniors attended the annual College Night, this year hosted by Lamar High School. 32 ACTIVITIES ifffffs u'l"'fi 3' 1 5 Sigh! af KAJ Martha Moon helps decorate the Christmas tree in the Student Lounge. KBJ Concert Choir and Choraliers combine to sing in the Christmas Assembly. QCj Mrs. janet Wallacels door wishes everyone a "Cold Colt Christmas". QDj Arlington High students listen to a Texas A8rM representative during College Night at Lamar High School. fEj An Interlochen family shows their Texas spirit by lighting up their truck at Christmas time. ACTIVITIES 33 1 E 5 5 ax u u E E- E E c as 34 ACI 'Ni-t ,wi sf-N" an tn E 5 5 u o tu -. I-1 Constructton causes hassles The month of january was filled wrth hand orchestra and choir variety dtnners Each frne arts department had a large turnout and good food The band drnner consisted of chili rn the cafeterra and a concert rn he audltorlum afterwards The orchestra dtd much the same except they served lasagna The choir also had chili but they gave a concert featurmg a vartety of vocalists singing pop songs Trafflc yams became an everyday occurrance because of the construc tron being done on Park Row This caused extensrve traffrc wrecks and much hassle Often times students found themselves late to school after maktng the many detours During anuary the CIVICS classes patd a vrsrt to the Tarrant County Courts in Ft Worth s courts systems The classes were dtvtded into two groups with one group spending time at the crvrl courthouse and the other group at the crrmrnal one Ihe v1s1t lasted approxtmately three hours with both groups having a chance to wttness both branches of the court system QA Virginia Cogdell smiles at the thought of the food awaiting her at the Band s Chili supper. QBQ A normal day of construction makes it difficult for AHS students to get down Park Row to school. ICJ Seniors listen intently as lawyers present their case to the courts. QDQ The Band plays enter- taining songs for a listening audience. ACTIVITIES 35 Council plans birthda part February bustled by for AHS students because of the many ac- tivities. Included was a visit by the ninth graders to learn about our school. Students got a tour of the school and an introduction to the organizations that they will be able to take part in the following year Also during the month Student Council members carefully planned a birthday party for Principal ames Crouch They bought a specrally decorated cake and brought him car nations Everyone had a fun time ex cept Mr Crouch who was out of the building FHA got together and sponsored a dance for the senior citizens in the community The members of the group got in and boogied down with the older folks and helped them all to have a fun time The varsity girls basketball team rolled to victory in the district cham pionship In the bi district game Dun bar barely slid past them to win Student Council members sold valograms at Valentines They bought multicolored carnattons to distribute to students and teachers Along with the flower the recipient received a message from the giver People bought flowers for their teachers friends and of course their sweethearts fAj Drillteam members Stacy Wtlkey ulie ones and Susan Hannabus entertain their audience with a fifties routine Wade Andra Averttt Nancy Norris Ttf fany Naughton Chuck Mulltns anis Mtkeska Dee Dee Askew Mary Swore Ritchie Miller Brtanjaynes and Gretchen Polhemus help Principal James Crouch celebrate his birthday fCj The marquee boasts of the varsity girls basketball team s success KDE Two senior citizens boogie down at the FHA sponsored dance QEQ Kelly Mueller drstrtbutes carnations to anxiously awaiting recipients Wu' 'kwa -E' lt. '55-Q ak, A x awk? fl ts N N at t as sE UNGTUN CDU Wirral is Sv m WWW www meat Mwwesrfwea 'tim 55 may was YS NY 'Sas-aaMswx"l'X'iras 36 ACTIVITIES , . I . . J V . - : Y . V . . . - . ' gig. t tu gif . M -xg ? i, ,N eZ4 Q of F t. N gg- -1 -V -. .K y ta , H-.age-yt K H 1 C ' y 3--f tt r ' " . X . . . I NXKQQQV A cv 1,5 v ,, . f t gg 1 , ki page , , it as ., y , Y X - A - ' .... ' I ' , I , I , . j ai L L , t r , ' .... , r 4 at ' I sa I sa . I - - , I ..., 2 R 1 I 1By Student Council members Roshell .,.. ,... .,,. - - - 1 1 n ' Q ' , ' , J ' I ,.-, 1 . H - - ., ' ' ' I .,.f,,,, ,,.,,. V ' ' ' N " M- W' ,W .W K ., V- -ff' , -- .2-,eat-t 1 t . . i as C I I . , , , g . . . '. ' f . ,,, ,..,. - - ' - c .... - , K K ,V V V an New ,I K WK if 'biiff ,WM 59,12 WN 'kk f 12 N M 'W w..,Nw-W gig, sz S fifwiif' ACTIVITIES 37 , N I T acey Wlllrams Tod Morgan Clubs host fair 1n Colt Count On February 26 the doors swung open at AHS for the annual Colt County Farr Trckets cost B150 and the event lasted from 6 10 p m Most of the clubs and organrza trons took part 1n the fa1r as a money mak1ng means Student Counc1l members who organrzed and spon sored the event set up a casmo wlth a vartety of games Senrors entertalned the1r audtence wrth the Senror Saloon Wlth saloon grrls amldst the crowds three shows were gtven and 13 groups performed acts Senlors also sponsored the rock group The Magnums who performed rn the old gym and they conducted a raffle w1th trckets gorng for twenty flve cents lmpnsonment not entertamment held the junrors posrtron rn the farr They had a formal jarlkeeper who for a small fee would cast 1nto 1a1l your worst enemy jumors also planned the teacher target dart board game Changmg from then usual farr pro gram sophomores replaced thetr cake walk for a booth whrch offered several games and had popcorn avarlable Most of the language classes and clubs sold dehcacres from therr coun tnes Spantshl however gave people the chance to pose as a macho toreador or a sexy senor1ta to get thelr prctures taken A Senior Steve Davldson and Paul Belauskas show therr smgmg abrhty rn the Semor Saloon at the CC Farr fBj A future Colt throws a dart at a target whrle Heather Foster hopes he ll wrn her a prrze fCj Parrish Mrehener drsplays a double talent as he plays and slugs for the Magnums m therr concert QDQ Cheryl Klase dances wnth her hat and cane rn the Semor Saloon fEj jumors Robert Bloom Mike Everhard! Mark Mattlage Pat Woodruff Mrke Coble jeff Kerth and Ed dxe Frelds show off therr brute strength at thejunlor all ACTIVITIES 39 . 7 , - 7 D , 7 D Y 3 I V H . . . MW' 1: sl L3172Z'if32:7t7?iN?7'lf7:' ' . f Riff' fig. I aggf5gwQ,.,:f.f:-'mn ' 7 7 -12 t 6 4 5 . . . . . .. . - , , , 5 3 - : u 'L' O -u -1: Q E-' 1 1 .22 ' 4, Z. 1 W,.. 5, :. 5 1 ' za X, AT ,,,. 1 11 2, '1 ' ii ' HW, , 1 2:-113511111111-f 1 I f . p:f1fxzgg1 2, 1 ' 21 ' J 1 - 1 , 51 . 11 11'-i-W6 111-5T"?f1?5:E5I"'J1?5iV ff ,W ET'i':91'i' ,JY 2 , I1 " - Iaxfiegffl- 1 ' I W1 :?11i:1'f 71751 gyi , "Mes:-4 1- ' ' . ,- :,111xW?vggg1 1 11311 1'111:11Q1'31- :1m :a,,f: 'V , - , - A 1 1 1 ff' 1 .- 3 1 ' I ' -I 1 if- if 125 ' T ' .iii 1, U "L:f' f'5fi1IIf:-" , X , ' '1 L5 ' - ,V N ,X 11 ,V H D J 1 1, 5 . ' , 11117 V 3" QV' 3 11111 - 1 r" '15 1I'ff11ggL1 ,1 rf: ' 1 -1: I 11-. 1 ' 1 .fi E. ' iw --ms, 1, ,..z 5 W 1 , KU, 1 , Us X ',- I 1 11 f , I 5' - W f-'W' I 0 fa? 1 3 em H5151 ,, I , 1 ' . - + ,awpfsi ' , H' .. f .1!4""2 1111 1a,,'s.,1y Q 1 15,04 qw Q , 111 'ii I 1 53 1 , If 1 11 ' .... 1.. ww Ei i1f1M iu W' , 5, 5' S311 I vf . , W 1? , " 'I 1 we . A . A 1 1 :,:w::,'Z!fz" v WI M1 ' 561 1 W 1 E95 ,ff Sz 11 1 1 1 K fx 1 45 11 15 11 1 11 1 'I yf11:?? 'I'w 1l M5 gf gifs? 1312191 1 1 I M ?52iW 1 ,I 1 I I 11 11 Ni?IW 1 i'1 fx, 1 1 5 1 112 W as 2, 2 11 53 egg Q 1 1 1 1 1 2 2115 5 1 2 M, 1 1 5 Ii: Zigi f "" , MW K 1 WW ! 1 1 15 1 SJ! I n 2 "Ze , JI 5 , .. f, 111. "" U 'Q H if " W ww gm wi, 2 Q 5 , uf' Q I 1. fa 411111111 , 1 -11 1 'E 1 .0 V I f ig 1 11 ' :- 1 I .. me ,Z . 1,1 , use ,111 1 - ' 257 , , . 13? 11 I ,,,, ,1 M1 '11, may 40 ACTIVITIES March reveals vanety of student, facult talents Scaprno was the Drama Depart ment s entry rn UIL one act play com petrtron The frrst contest was held at Bowre Hrgh School and awards were recerved by Charles Peters for best ac tor Mrke Wrlhams and Prescott Coleman made All Star Cast Tonr and Angle Poncettr made honorable mentron rn the All Star Cast Besrdes these honors the group won Drstrrct From there they headed to Area con test at TCJC where Charles Peters was named to the All Star Cast Parnt your wagon and come along were famrlrar words to a song sung dunng the month of March as the AHS Musrc Department prepared for 1ts musrcal All therr hard work pard off as crowds gathered for th1s major productron The musrcal was performed three nrghts two of whrch sold out with all three nights recerv rng a standrng ovatron Cast members rncluded Doug Barber as Ben Rum Moody Alexander as ul1o Bruce Kunz as jacob Mrchelle McGee as Ellzabeth and Molly Costen as Sarah The rnusrcal was based on the Gold Rush of the 19th century Also dunng the month Mrs Grace Roberts was named Teacher of the Year Honor Socrety members were selected and rnducted and next year s varsrty cheerleaders were chosen Future Colt Cheerleaders rnclude Mary Ellen Hughes Gretchen Polhemus Laura Whlte Connre Nuckols Lon Seal Greg Campbell Rod Hutchrnson eff Burnett Kyle Talkrngton and Scott Carn QAQ jrmmy Cecil Tony Poncettn and Charles Peters use actors expressron and poses as they perform thexr parts rn the one act play 1B Mrs Grace Roberts receives the clty Teacher of the Year Award CCQ Russel Guthrie grows old as he IS made up for Paint Your Wagon QDQ Dory Lawrence enjoys the Natlonal Honor Socrety Inductron KEJ Mary Ellen Hughes flnlshes her tryouts wlth a bang 7 , 7 - son, Dena Magazine as jennifer, 7 , , 7 , 3 V , , -I . n 5 . ACTIVITIES 41 L Actors, singers present PYW The "Paint Your Wagon" cast was headed by Doug Barber and Dena Magazzine. The dates were April 5 and 6. Doug played Ben Rumson, while Dena took the role of jennifer Rumson. Moody Alexander played julio, Clay Kelley, Steve Bullnackg Bruce Kunz, jacob Woodling, Michelle McGee, Elizabeth Woodlingg Molly Costen, Sarah Woodlinggjeff Lawson, jakeg Russell Guthrie, Edgar Crockerg andjeff Burnett, Sandy Twist. Becky Miner played Cherry, Walter Evans, Salem Trumballg Robynne Thaxton, Yvonneg Rusty Crosier, Pete Billingsg jimmy Cecil, Sam, Mike McLaughlin, Jed, Matt Phillips, Mike Mooneyg Randy Schnieder, Reuben Sloan, Mark Mattlage, Raymond jan- neyg Kyle Talkington, Dutchieg Scott Richerson, johanseng Rod Hutchin- son, jasper, Glen Hudspeth, joe, and Bryan Wheeler, Bill. The principal dancing fandangos were jennifer Kay, Julianne Raines, Laura White, Tracey Williams, Connie Crawford, Dory Lawrence, Dawn Conley, Marilyn Rising, and Renee Matsler. Fandagos included Martha Moon, Janette McPherson, Paula Moore, Nancy Burton, jackie Mance, Marla Richardson, Connie Bridges, Kris Daulton, Kelley Ivey, Dorothy Cutler, jean Ann Longgreer, and Cathy Dunning. QAH Cast members of "Paint Your Wagon" take a curtin call. KBQ Ben Rumson fDoug Barberj makes a deal with Raymond jan- ney fMark Mattlagej while Salem Trum- ball fWalter Evansj nods in agreement. fCj jennifer fDena Magazzinej woes over julio fMoody Alexanderj as he sings about his love for her. fDj Pete Billings QRusty Crosierj sorrowfully dances his last dance with his girl Yvonne fRobynne Thaxtonj. U55 The main characters of "PYW" in- clude Rusty, Robynne, Matt Phillips, Russell Guthrie, Mike McLaughlin, Clay Kelley, Molly Cosren, Bruce Kunz, Michelle McGee, Becky Miner, and jeff Lawson. ACTIVITIES 43 Cast prepares behind scenes The musical "Paint Your Wagon" was performed March 4,5,6. Often the work that is put into a musical of this kind is forgotten, and the people who work behind the scenes are never given any of the glory they truly deserve. Tryouts for the musical were held in November, and the next week the characters were posted on the call board. Immediately the work began. Over the Christmas Holidays, the main characters met and went over their lines and memorized them. Then the committees were selected in dif- ferent areas and their work began. The largest committee, scenery, spent hours of time building sets and pain- ting. Planning costumes was the job of the clothing committeeg further- more, the tickets and program com- mittees started printing processes, Other committees got the dressing rooms prepared, learned the art of make-up, gathered materials, prepared props, and learned stage managing techniques. The main characters worked every day on their parts from january till the day of the first performance led by stage manager Kris Daulton and Mr. Rash. KAJ The principal dancing fandagos Dory Lawrence, jennifer Kay, Marilyn Rising, Dawn Conley, Connie Crawford, Renee Matsler, Robynne Thaxton, Julianne Raines, and Laura White ruffle their skirts while Cherry fBecky Minerj gives her lover Ueff Lawson, a warm hug. CBI The miners lift Elizabeth fMichelle McGeej as they sing "It's My Wedding Day" in celebration of their marriage. KCI Fan- dagos Dorothy Cutler, Kelly Ivey, Janette McPherson, Paula Moore, Connie Bridges, jackie Manee, Nancy Burton, Martha Moon, Cathy Dunning, Marla Richardson, Kris Daulton and jeff show their stuff. fDj jennifer fDena Magazzinej listens as her father fDoug Barberj tells her about her mother. CEJ Elizabeth and Sarah fMolly Costenj scowl at one another as they fight over the affection of their husband jacob fBruce Kunzj. 44 ACTIVITIES I I 1 April brings out Twirpsg picnic Roles changed during April when the girls did the asking during Twirp Week. Powder Puff Football had an alteration, but the annual Twirp Assembly came off as usual. Honor Society members hosted their annual picnic for students of the Veda Knox School and this year didn't have to fight the weather. Basketball members and their fans gathered for the annual banquet and handed out numerous awards to the Colt cagers. Elections came on the scene during the month as next year's Student Council and class officers were chosen. fAj Brent Magnuson talks to a young boy at the Honor Society's picnic for Veta Knox School. fBj Roshell Wade carries refreshments to the children. QC, Kathy Srarnes gives promises of a bright future for Colts. fDj Russell Guthrie, Tina Taub, Richard Lain, Lisa Moffett, and Greg Ticknor await their turn to be embarrassed at the Twirp Week Assembly. QEQ Scott Hughes, Russell Greer, Bob Fahey, john Roy, and Coach Dale Archer display their awards from the basketball season. 46 ACTIVITIES B 4- C -1 I Sli? I 5 s I I I E i 55.5 Isla 5 fgii Mi if :Ng , g , , J, I , an c UL' I: Ia 25329 J ,UQ bl I, I A X , :gl 3 u A 1 gills Hx 5 if 1? aww wma' g . - 1. -A -5 E fx I I 11 Eg ,I 'Q ZX' IIZIVSQ Q I I I 5 I V 5 25, 5 I Ig Q' ffv gg If if gi L s Ia iii! I I fm Q I Sffwwf 'Sf . I5 5 ' Q 5 QE? ig fr If H g I2 1 P2 If QQ 5 viii ff! I I Q A ,ki 3, E 5 SI N .. V..., E ,E 5,5 Y gm , I I ,SW gi Rv 2 S ig El ew I X I 's I X'SH4-1wRf I Ss X' KM' IE 5 . I I Q K W YS 5 Y I :gli I I I , 51? S as 5, X I 2 Q 1' Q, is I ' 1 ' I I 5 I I I E E 1 . QQ J I f ,M Y 5, I 4 I EI I , . 3 V In v .E .E ,: U I , - I , " - I , I - ' f - r . . W I ' , f I ., 3 E: I I ,, r . Ib I If I j . f' -I xll gr I 5 I I I " I ,ig I kf'-VCXEQIIQ5 I fvI I41'M' I H,II I I1. Iiff' if, IIE1 ' 'Ii m m :III W I I E , W 1 5 315 I. 1 fix gi , egg I I--I-QE: vu , ' , ' :I g, 15 wigs J s n -' I , I 1 ' I " M151 -rw: :I I.. 1: , ' I n 4. 5 , . I - . 2 F " f' Ii I ' 'f , Iii , ' , I , ' 1 I I I I ,, ----L -? I Q- , I sfq I I, iikfA IJ q4gg I Q+ II QW .www w' IIQQ -I ' - -' I if 15:2-am fa " "...j5f.:w.f,M., : -wa. V i .. -i .... gjfgfx I f .'f:f:.f,,'7.'. , I P' S i U -QI U ACTIVITIES 47 QAJ Who's Who winners ffrontj Rusty Phillips, Sara Green, john-Uribe, Doug Barber, Vernon Kirkland, Kevin Weaver, Doris Arbelaez, Donna Harwell, Cathy Dunning, Christine Hoag fbackj Walter Evans, Kathy Singletary, Terry Arnold, Kaye Patterson, Rhonda Marusak, Lou Ann Lee, Kynda Carter, Karyn Young, Becky Miner, john Kennedy, and Lauri Frye show off their awards. U35 Editor Wendy Miles congratulates Mrs. Mary Margaret Basham and gives her flowers after she receives the yearbook dedication. QCD Scott Moffett and Freddie Loeber pro- tect Daryl Eng and Tara Clawson. fDj jeff Caffey and Karyn Young play Carol Burnett and Harvey Korman during the Who's Who Assembly. '1,..1 S 55' ,rt si I ,eee t M 9 I x i ,, I ,, - e-.Ei A is if v Qsggvm Q. Yi leafs Q tts NW 'H 'am' Qs ii ,,,, eesf,-eauw.: "Un, W ' . .,,.. ?, :,i..,,.,I:5:: ,- ,,,,,,. i .V..VV e,-5', I-X L? 'Nw RNS 'Sis W opts, E 2 5 -' - l , 1' ,s I 5' qw pfgggglias, iliigf' at it fig? Q. , tx-- Q .- x A I 1, lggf, if , g li! I' l i Kill X I ie! 5 f ii f ii' 5 , , ' ll ,, ,X I ' it 'N 'fm ef: I I aviiit ' t N F I Ed-Qs A 2 t M Q, Y I LM? E s if 3 ' ,153 I I. , V k ,,. f - I . 1 F sg tit I 5 W5 , , ' gg Qgieg g I we -er , f I ' s Robert F -- s I -' 's I an fl: lil H eiiigg, Msg yi, ge scsi, .1 If Q 3 , - f 1 M: fl? Ei" tttyytty , ,E I " iii 21555 we iq .U may ,nw ,.:., e '51 1 ,V f , ,-.,- ...,.,,, N . ,,,. . . z-gh iw I ' 1 5, .. , an ues... .Y ....... , .,. s, M . ,t ewes: ,gee . iff ,--- . gvzmii , :I K.: " A n Diet K Ti 'TH .5 l Q E 1 'CN 21:5 2'-'brasil W i H tw . 1 'eia - x f?-35'1::s4?k--'fis . -. ,t e Q E Q, K f wt, , en wg-my gp . Q is 5 :S 1, 5 ' :Sf 7, -1,-Q-::,. :, f i n i 48 ACTIVITIES el . R F me X Q . M 1 mga Arlre Awards Assembly reveals yearbook honors Dubbed the Arlie awards and slightly resembling the Academy Awards, this year's journalism assembly saw a number of outstan- ding students honored. Members of the publications staffs portrayed famous stars as they an- nounced Who's Who, Mr. and Miss AHS, and class favorites. Charlie's Angels included Kirsten Dietzjeanine Drake, Ann Loynachan, and Susan Moore, while Scott Mof- fett and Susan Garth played Donnie and Marie. Mr. and Mrs. Hart were portrayed by Kevin Weaver and Alicia Stone, while Gray Matlock was David Naughton and Rhonda Patton was juliet Prowse. The ever popular Carol Burnett and Harvey Korman were played by Karyn Young and jeff Caffey. The Bunkers were Freddie Loeber and Cheryl Oldham, while Kelley Ivey and john Uribe took the roles of Angie Dickinson and johnny Carson. There was also a special appearance by Ron- nie and Nancy Reagan, Darryl Eng and Tara Clawson. Highlighting the assembly was the announcement that Mike Sulzen and Dee Dee Askew were this year's Mr. and Mrs. AHS. Class Favorites included john Deller and Laura White, sophomore favoritesg Cody Smith and Suzi Santerelli, juniorg and Moody Alex- ander and Lauri Tillman, senior. Climaxing the assembly was editor Wendy Miles' announcement that the 1982 Colt Corral will be dedicated to Mrs. Mary Margaret Basham. ACTIVITIES 49 50 'fkwjff Prom starts end Arrrvrng rn everythrng from motor cycles to lrmosrnes members of the semor class gathered at the Amerxcana Hotel rn Ft Worth May 7 for the long awarted Senror Banquet and Prom Followrng a candle lrght drnner the semors heard that Paul Baluskas Bryan Hunter Martha Moon Mark oeckel and enna Lambert had won thrs years Tarrance Awards The award IS presented to semors who are not offrcers and who have contrrbuted to the actrvrtres of the class A multr media Senror Slrde Show was then presented whrch featured slrdes and movres of senror actrvrtres throughout the year set to musrc After the meal the prom got rnto full swrng wrth musrc berng provrded by Dj Craig Bandy fAj Mlke Foster and Kathy Broyles share a romantle moment dancmg cheek to cheek fBj Steve Noyce and jucly Smgleton pose for thexr prom prctures QCD Steve ohnson and ohn Pack boogie on down D Connxe Nuckols and Bruce Kunz chat over dmner at the Prom KEJ Bob Fahey and Kxm Evans laugh at a pxcture ln the Senior Slide Show fFj Couples share an mtnmare moment as a slow song xs played ACTIVITIES 51 Nm 4.- -w fm wi,gp'Wg3wR'?' 9 yu fwvw, my , U N L NN glue IQ gy 3 3,332-.iffy qv W IQQW I are' .2 'W al R 5 I ,kr Q 911 351 4 1 Hank M New Magik N554 'Q Q ZW F' H4 1 Q R wks AQ if wgg TW? 4 rg: I as 52 ACTIVITIES ,N , , 5,:1,3,w,,.,I,,,,,,5,.MEW3,,,h,.,mill, ,M,..,,1gU,Am,.:,V,LLk,L,.,.,'5,w My-7 .::,,,,,,,,,-,3. gk ,r 5:-':gLg,'fg?,:,:,:-. .1-'wig gg'ff:.ff.ww1,ss?Wwn-"IK: vffff ff'-:.'f.x'ii 'Wm gEgg51i51,5gifQ:g5Qfz,3g .55 5igQgy?9Qu5,g,:fi'nie-'QM if-i jf'swf?i5,1'45f'g:5:'Uf5?:E55,, 5lfFS2a,fr?iQ1i23f I Mig,RLVgiiywggblgggfw-Z,Efiwfgfgfhgbgb3::g:'5,,,gi,,5,57'.gg.fyq.wE.Ygge:55,,ggjHg-gLwg,fQ,,I: gif, -3 .2fffljgifihgjir'.ii"fi'5igIgf,yE5fL'5'f52ZMi"W13??E'F?"'5'ff"'1iW357?553519535 - , - I I Q15.fqiwywjnfi255931:5fi!3fi54"14'QQ?Q?i"1'i5,LfYNmEf,Qi'rgifzf:'.i'-'b:CSf2aEi,,-Sw:V ' ' ' V .lfffaiw-7 J,,l1if" g2,'agM,,-gi"13U35Hiagy3,5i-422"iU3'iEfi55d,3"5f'I ,1ef'szf2eiY'JfEkLIUYQE1,fxs5u5f25fL:ZL2V111-'3Tl:nvH!JEE:.-E,'f--L'L':fffff' f ' I I' -?T'fff:,,2l1f' 1-"iiG5:fl'f'fHVM ' lm'WI?Wiiwfiizlllffwfm I 'l:w'f4i:,g?gQ5-3':i-?ifffQEg3Efg, i9'H'lfif,,f,,,- 7' f' f i'7ff-Qffffflim'-'W?1555Ii2'f9-23'fffY5f5Eiifi7'3" A - f ' , -' f1P'fff-,,,g-jh :gf gr,-: i1y?f2j'if9lm5z,SfLf'tfi?bUE:'g.-' 1,12 I.:wig,',f- "1 , Iiqiirfi''y5Z'ffi5m1fj','.ifV"fQTi5 - ' - V- - i -"' 'lfS5if2"ifiiVL - " ff "" wen, ' - H - -TW: -g"11Y-'gfgfifm ZT31 -1Wig:pi,:T::E'L'S'JfEfFf5,g5j,2-fi9i,:,35IlwIEifiEw,TF,Qlf'f'A9ffEimil, ' 'If Ilf'ffH' M55 - ' , ---' - f if , H, ,W5 Ekng5:,,,,s-5 gggaghn-If 1--fig'g,f,, s gi.':iff,5,EiQj'g2-.'U-IUEQQYIeyf,,55,1fggg'fI:sgii::g,, g:,'f:":'1,',3,, 5'j"f5H,' Hn, ,.'.fifjfQ2::,fs"'-23'fZQ'fZgTj,' !i'f:Ln'-:-2 ' ,mf ' QQ 5 - g ' I ff 1 A ,V D I - fi ' 1, Students recall year s passing As the end of May and the end of school approached students recalled the expertise of the Colt varsity baseball team the journalism annual senior lasagna drnner and much more The Colt baseball team was crown ed with the achievement of capturing the district championship Honoring seniors in the journalism department Mrs Phyllis Teach Forehand held her annual lasagna din ner and bid a fond farewell to her departing seniors As the teachers throughout the school district prepared tests and the students prepared to take these awesome exams a former teacher of AHS prepared to retire Missjane Ellis was Choraliers director at AHS for 25 years She set up many traditions such as the Choralrers singing You ll Never Walk Alone at graduation and many more When Bowie High opened Miss Ellis departed AHS to become a vice principal there After 41 years of con retiring this year Former students of Miss Ellis honored her by singing You ll Never Walk Along on May 20 at a banquet for her Speaking on the history of England and Shakespearean literature M Thomas Hunt of Stratford England expanded AHS knowledge He related how the Bards writings still applied today and explained much history of England that began in 55 BC fAj Freddie Leober and Scott Moffett en ,oy eating out fBj Mr Thomas Hunt from Stafford England speaks to AHS English students fCj Mike Madrid has a close call in the bi district game ID Miss ane Robin Ellis can t resist directing the choir at the banquet rn her honor QEQ Mayor S Stovall presents Miss Ellis with a plague proclaiming May 20jane Ellis Day , . tribution to education, Miss Ellis is ' , r. I . . A . 'i' Q . -. ? V J . ACTIVITIES 53 82 senrors f1le rnto aud1tor1um for fmal assembly On May 19 the senrors frled 1nto the audrtorrum for one last trme and spent the next two hours applaudrng each other for honors rangmg from academrc to athletrc The annual semor assembly was under drrectron of the class offrcers and was complrmented by the AHS azz Ensemble Over 15 communrty orgamzatrons chose seruors to honor most wrth scholarshrp awards Among these were the PTAs Art Assocratron St Mana Garden Club Rotary Club Polrce Assocratron DAR Lrons Club Optrmrst Club UTA TWC Dr Zack Bobo Texas Ex Students and the Athenran Club Arlrngton Hrgh honors rncluded the Davrd Tarrance Elrzabeth Amos Emma Ousley and Mrldred Shupee Awards all named after former teachers Athletes who recenved honors and Natronal Merrt frnalrsts Prrncrpal ames Crouch s tearful Prxncrpals Address set the stage for the remarnder of the program whrch saw Vrce Prrncrpal Wendell Lackey present gold cords to the top ten and Mr Robert Frelder present the 50th Flelder Award to Dee Dee Askew and Mrke Sulzen After one more screenrng of the senror slrde show presrdent Moody Alexander thanked faculty and classmates for a good year and lorned ln the s1ng1ng ofthe Alma Mater fAj Prmcrpal james Crouch pauses for a moment m order to let hrs speech smk rn fB Steve Shrller Paul Frye and Mzke Sulzen are recogmzed as outstandrng senxor football players ICJ Martha Moon Dons Arbalaez Wendy Mules and Karyn Young gxve Mr Crouch a standmg ovatton for has speech QDQ Mr Robert Fnelder presents Dee Dee Askew with the 1982 Fielder Award QEJ Anne Toxey Cathy Dunnmg janet Prckermg Karyn Young Walter Evans and Dons Arbalaez recexve thexr gold cords for their hard work at becomrng the top ten Larry LeBlanc Todd G ee 54 ACTIVITIES , . . . . . . I , , . . - 7 I I 7 ' I V Y D ' - 3 P 7 . 7 7 7 ' Y - 7 , , 7 , l , ' AT D1 scholarships, were cited as were the - , , m ' , H , j - 7 - ' 7 Y , I H 'ff Q, . Sf , I ..Lfs5VMl.I" I ,ij , 3551.3 31 3 gf I Us A K, N, ..kk I Q is if ,Q .. I 1 - QW H fig? .4 E' V 2. V ff'2:": fW4'i5i5' , 5 Sl. I J nv Q MM" asv I QQ? w. -'IME ze ig s Q- fe Y 5 'T ...Q K .3 .ff Vg: gf-me ' if .1 ,, , ii, f fa M47 ,. I. Q. i, Q hw ia Qsw Wi g WM If 452. W ww? 112' Q 1 Qiiww MQ I Larry I.aB1anc Todd Green ACTIVITIES 55 Seniors enjoy special service Each year, as the end of school draws near, another senior class goes through many assemblies on their way to graduation. Vesper services were held May 23 at UTA's Texas Hall. The seniors entered the spirit-filled auditorium in orderly form as the band and or- chestra played. Seniors Freddie Loeber, Moody Alexander, and Dee Dee Askew ex- pressed what Arlington High meant to them through speeches, while Lou Ann Shoults sang her song of "memories" AHS faculty members Coach Ben Bailey, Mrs. Mary Margaret Basham, and Mrs. Bonnie Shelley, told students, in short, to "Never give up, never give up, never give up." The choir sang "Hymn for our Time" and "Sea to Shining Sea." At the end of the service, seniors had a processional out of the auditorium and sighed as there were only two more days until their graduation. QAj Mrs. Mary Margaret Basham looks at the '82 graduating class with high hopes and a touch of grief. QB, Coach Ben Bailey gives his last speech as a AHS coach. fCj Dee Dee Askew says her farewell to her fellow graduates. QD, Class President Moody Alexander reminds the seniors that high school is something to remember and cherish. fEj AHS graduates, their parents, and friends listen to each touching speech and realize that it's not a game anymore. Todd Morgan 56 ACTIVITIES B +- C Todd M0 Em ACTIVITIES 57 1982 Graduates earn drplomas Throughout the years senror classes come and go but the class of 82 wrll lrve on rn the hearts and mmds of parents teachers and frrends always On May 25 1982 one ofthe most honored classes graduated from Arl mgton Hrgh School at 8 p m IH Texas Hall Speeches were grven by salutatorran Cathy Dunn1ng erghth place graduate Drana Powell honor graduate Martha Moon and valedrc tonan Anne Toxey As Prrncrpaljames Crouch spoke to the class and tears started f1ll1n mothers eyes graduates thought back on the past 12 years of study and fun realrzrng they were about to enter the real world That thought was not only starthng and scarry but also challeng The graduates recerved therr drplornas to the applause and cheers of famrly and frrends When the chorr sang You ll Never Walk Alone senrors knew their days were over at AHS but We re the best at what we do Senror Class of 82 wrll remarn a class of prosperrty forever fAj Prxncnpal james Crouch addresses the Graduatxon crowd QBj Martha Moon gnves her honors speech QCD Top Ten Member Drane Powell receives her drploma fDj Doug Husted Blake Hyde Melodee Ingram Roberta Ito Alvm jacobs and Rlch james awart thenr dlplomas QEj You ll Never Walk Alone ns sung by the chorr to the Graduates of 1982 , ' ' g ing and thrilling. 58 ACTIVITIES ACTIVITIES 59 A C A D E M I C S '-I 2. , Q. Z 2 Mystical Kingdom comes to life Feeling closed in? Visit the Xerox room and enter a mythological kingdom where Centaurs roam free and a cool breeze forever blows. The original idea of the mythological scene was created by Doyle Beuke. Students in Mrs. Elizabeth Free's Art 3 and 4 classes submitted ideas for themural to Mr. james Crouch. Mr. Crouch chose the mythological scene. The scene represents a serene place filled with forests. The mural is an entertaining picture that is not something that will become old to the eye very soon. The four students who participated in the project were seniors Doyle Beuke, Darryl Eng, Lauri Lendley, and 62 ACADEMICS Kathy Singletary. The first step was to draw the scene on the wall with char- coal pencils then the students, using latex house paint, started painting the scene. The mural went through many mutations and was finished in the spring giving Mrs. Annette Archer and the other office workers a creative and interesting view. fAj Painting the mural on the Xerox room wall, Darryl Eng shows off his artistic ability. fBj Rochelle Gillet rehearses her part as Miss Flora Van Huysen for the fall play, "The Matchmaker." CCJ Mrs. Ruth Butler uses the map to aide in her teaching program. fDj Rowdy jones finds the discussion in his English class exciting, while Bernadette Baisley could think of better things to be doing. Social Studies "Our hope is for the students to achieve an understanding of our na- tion's government and their part in it," social studies department chairman Mrs. Bonnie Shelley stated. "Also, hopefully, they will participate in our government. In social studies students, she continued, were taught to be better citizens and to know their rights and responsibilities." Students learned how to change things in the democratic society for the better. Fine Arts "The study of drama can reveal a lot about yourselfg the way you feel, think and act, as well as the way other people are, too," stated Mr. Dan Man- ning, director of the drama depart- ment, which is only one of the depart- ments in the AHS fine arts department. Fine arts included many different areas of learning. Students involved in fine arts classes received the oppor- tunity to learn more about themselves and also learned creative ways to ex- press themselves whether through drama, journalism, art, music, or photography. "I want my classes to encourage self motivation and hard work through the art of speech and drama," commented Mr. Manning. English "The goal of the Arlington High English department is academic ex- cellence," Mrs. Martha Roark, depart- ment chairman, said. The teacher chooses this material for the students to help them attain the necessary skills which they will need through life. "This material not only helps the students to satisfy the requirements of the English department or AISD, but also to attain skills needed throughout life," said Mrs. Roark. ACADEMICS 63 Mathematics "Math offers something to everyone," claimed Mrs. Lou Baker, department chairman. College bound students and students going to work directly after graduation benefit! From math, students gained the ability to organize facts, not only numbers, about daily things and apply them to a decision. The decision may be which way a person would like to pay for something, what he should invest in, or how much interest he is paying on a loan. Mathematics in school this year offered each student a course that was challenging and essential. Shop The shop department headed by Mr.jim Saxon gave students a chance to work with metal tools, cars, and many other things involved in in- dustrial arts. The course helped the students to be able to decide what Career they would like to pursue. Be- ing involved in the industrial arts pro- gram helped many students enter into a career right after high school. Science Leading the science department, Mrs. Alice Biggs claimed that the goal of the department was to provide students with a general background in various areas of science. Any general knowledge of science may make it easier for a student to relate to any other subject the student might be confronted with. "All areas, profes- sional or not, give students a better understanding of themselves and things they are around everyday," said Mrs. Biggs. fAj Mrs. Gay Anderson demonstrates a new Tri roblem to her students B Mr , SP -f l - jim Saxon teaches his students the in- tricacies ofa car engine. QCD joe Black studies the wonders of animal mitosis through the microviewer. 64 ACADEMICS Timeg effort increase knowledge Students involved in shop classes learned several aspects in the planning and making of their projects. The first step in a project was to figure the dimensions. The students must plan out the height, width, and depth of their project. After they plan out what they are go- ing to create, they must prepare the wood or metal for construction. Each student must pay for every project he makes after his initial project. Students work at different speeds depending on their time, effort, and capabilities. By working at this con- struction, the students gain knowledge that they may use in their future years in careers or hobbies. Among some of the projects students made were desks, cabinets, lamps, bookcases, and gun cases. 'Y e ACADEMICS 65 Ruthie, Richie tie knot in class Nerves are tense fingers flutter ner vously trying to hold flowers mothers cry while fathers shake hands The music begins the process1on starts and the crowd stands as the bride escorted by her father slowly waltzes down the aisle The wedding has begun Two people are about to com mit their lives to each other In the Home and Family Living class this year a mock wedding was held Students chose to do this as the height of their study on what makes a good marriage Students go through budgeting and complete planning of the wedding They plan everything from the rnvita nons to the final ceremony From the wedding students can take a look at marriage and see that it is a very important step in a person s life Hopefully from being involved in this mock wedding stated Mrs Becky McDonald the students will now go into marriage as a life time commitment Also they will see that it takes both parties working very hard to make a good marriage A Cold weather drives Coach un Shoemake Steve Otto and jimmy oblont 1ndoors for batting practice fBj David Blackstock escorts Ruthie Wendell as bride whxle Kelly Nugent acts bridesmaid rn the FHA mock wedding QCQ Richie Harder and Ruthie Wendell seal their mock wedding vows fDj Scott Curtis is relieved after making xt around the block for as Coach john Moore signals the fxrst time 66 ACADEMICS Drivers Ed Students involved in the driver's education program faced many situa- tions. One of the departments many goals was for the student to gain the knowledge, understanding, common sense and maturity to successfully ex- ecute decisions made in life and death situations. The students also gained the advantages of driving in controll- ed situations, an insurance discount, and got one-on-one assistance with their driving techniques. Home Ec Preparing students for the future was the goal of the home economics department. Students learned how to better prepare themselves for the future mentally and emotionally. They learned how to care for children, how to handle household finances and most important to the student, per- sonal care. "The Home Economics courses are geared to teach students the skills to be able to care for themselves in the future," stated Miss. Deana Koonsman, department chairman. Physical Ed Students involved in a physical education class or on a sports team gained advantages from staying active in recreational activities. "We hope to interest the student in some activity to the extent that he or she will continue to participate in physical activities throughout adulthood," commented Coachjudy Stricklin. The coaches also hoped to increase the students' level of physical fitness and awareness of the importance of recreational activities to improve en- durance and to keep themselves in condition. ACADEMICS 67 VOE creates insightg money How many students would like to have a schedule like this? Go to school 20 hours a week and work 20 hours a week during the first semester, and during the second term go to school only 15 hours a week and work 20. This was the schedule of Robin Pfluger, a senior who was involved in the Vocational Office Education program. Robin worked as a secretary for Century 21 Elaine Southerland, Inc. She wanted a part-time job and knew that the VOE program could give her what she wanted. "Being involved in the program gave me an insight to my chosen career, as well as some extra money," said Robin. UU A resource student works on his homework. QBQ Keith Clark learns the trade of a skilled mechanic. QCQ Herr William Fink explains. the mystery of Ger- man verbs to his students. 68 ACADEMICS Special Ed Special Education courses were provided for students who needed special assistance. These students were placed in a small learning environment where they received individual atten- tion. The students were met at their own functional level and taught skills to compensate. Students were not taught such skills as geometry or how to write an excellent essayg but were taught how to check bank statements and how to read insurance policies. Work Programs The work programs, known also as training programs, trained students in specific areas. Students involved in the work program gained many advan- tages from their experiences. They also earned extra credits. Many of these students will go to college and many of their employers will pay for their schooling while the student works for them. Being involved in a work program helped the student to be able to gain a position he otherwise would not be qualified for. Languages Foreign language teachers had as their goals student proficiency in the language and an understanding of the culture ofthe language. Taking a language helped students learn to appreciate foreign customs, food, and art. Being involved in a foreign language course gave students a greater understanding of the world they live in and the ability to ap- preciate the difference in life styles of various countries. ACADEMICS 69 FFA president grooms animals Students involved in FFA were forever participating in the up-keep of their animals. Animals must be brush- ed or combed year round to build up a good coat. Senior, Rusty Phillips, president of FFA, had a heifer named Princess. When Rusty prepared his heifer for shows, he went through a long pro- cess of washing, brushing and trimm- ing which is called "fitting out". First Rusty would wash Princess to make sure that she was clean. Then using shaving cream to pull up her hair, he would trim and groom her, blending in her hair to correct defects. At the show he would put spray paint or shoe polish on her hoves and clip close to her belly. judges look for a feminine look in the heifer's face, and check for height, length and muscular build. QAU Lewis Crow helps a lost father find his way at open house. fBj Darrell Reddahase peeks away in his typing class. fCj Placing 9th at the Fort Worth Far Stock show, Larie Williams makes a check over her Charolais heifer. fDj Phil Harvey talks to his Charolais heifer before entering the judging area. 70 ACADEMICS ROTC Reserved Officer Training Corps CROTCD is a unique program in which young people gained information about aerospace, the last frontier. Col- onel Wallace Keehr and Sgt. C. H. Lawley trained the students in drill routines and rocket demonstrations. Students also entered in drill team competitions. ROTC strove to train students in leadership techniques in the all-volunteer program. FFA Leadership is a major factor in all areas of life, not excluding the FFA. The Future Farmers of America is not only a club but also a class. In produc- tion agriculture students learned about animal science, plant science, soil sciences, agricultural mechanics, and much more. "We try to train the students to be future agricultural leaders," stated Mr. Kevin Hamilton. The agricultural department contained two classes. In the co-op program students worked for one-half day at an agricultural business. Production agriculture combined agricultural sciences and a production project in which the student raised and showed an animal. Business Preparing students for future business careers, the business depart- ment offered typing, accounting, shorthand, record keeping, business law and personal business manage- ment. The courses helped students decide if they would like to pursue their chosen course in college." When the students finish the courses, they should have a workable knowledge of the skill they have chosen," stated Mrs. Pat Thompson, department chairman. The students also have enough knowledge for their own per- sonal use. ACADEMICS 71 5 K I , H 0 N 0 R S c v 2 O 'u -a o I-' 74 HONORS HONORS 75 Grade point averages determine top ten grads 76 HONORS Pickering - Third Karyn Young - Fourth Walter Evans - Fifth Doris Arbalaez - Sixth Flynn Diane Powell - Eighth Barry Cunningham - Ninth Julianne Raines - Tenth HONORS 77 Who's Who winners reflect scholastic excellence Once again, seniors from various Arlington High departments were honored at the annual journalism Awards Ceremony. Dubbed the "Arlie," the award was presented to those seniors who ex- hibited not only scholastic excellence, but who also participated in extracur- ricular events and activities related to their fields of study. Named as Who's Who students were Cathy Dunning, mathg Karyn Young, social studies, john Uribe, English, Doug Barber, choir, Kevin Weaver, journalism, Kathy Singletary, artg and LouAnn Lee, photography. Also chosen were Linda Meyer, bandg Kari johnson, orchestra, Sarah Green, band, Walter Evans, German, Donna Harwell, French, Sang Park, Latin, Laurie Fry, Spanish, Becky Miner, business, jean Ann Longgrear, speech, jim Cecil, dramag and Rusty Phillips, agriculture. Completing the list were Teri Ar- nold, CVAEg Rhonda Marusak, HECEg Doris Arbalaez, HOEg Vernon Kirkland, Industrial Arts, Kaye Patter- son, VOEg john Kennedy, ROTC, Christine Hoag, Cosmetology, Lisa Webber, PE, and Doug Ridenour, Ag Co-op. 78 HONORS Karyn Young Social Studies SW ww ,,,, qw, .am-f"' ww W , gfiiilnqdi , rf, Pr 'E ly'.4v"'wi'4 dial' V lv' ,Q Q I , if My Walter Evans Laurie Fry Sang Park Donna Harwell German Spanish Latin French Karijohnson Linda Meyer Sarah Green Orchestra Band Band HONORS 79 f HHN LouAnr1 Lee Kathy Singletary Kevin Weaver Photography Art journalism jean Ann Longgrear jim Cecil Speech Drama 80 HONORS Rl or -4'-w ...ra- Ken Doug Barber Choir K V PM Q - ,L e,Q Wi Q i 46 Q, - Vw A .Wie ,., win. ., Z ye A25 id Z s W V A55 i ir , ,fr 0. W if john Kennedy Rusty Phillips ROTC Agriculture Rhonda Marusak Lisa Webber HECE PE HONORS 81 Amikawtw Kay Patterson Doris Arbalaez Teri Arnold Christine Hoag VOE HOE CVAE Cosmetology 82 HONORS Vernon Kirkland Industrial Arts Darryl Kyncla Carter DE Belauskas, Dietrich display spirit, pride for award AT iirr Darryl Eng Darryl Eng Darryl Eng Who has the most school spirit in Arlington High? This question was answered when the students elected seniors Paul Belauskas and LaSchell Dietrich Mr. and Miss AHS Spirit. The two earned the title by atten- ding pep rallies, going to poster par- ties, participating in senior class meetings, and showing genuine pride in their school through their actions and interests. In addition, LaSchell was active in Student Council, a member of the Art and Spanish Clubs, a spirit sister, and the senior class secretary. Paul was in- volved with senior class functions and played varsity baseball. fAj LaSchell Dietrich and Paul Belauskas pause to reflect on their high school careers. fBj LaSchell makes "clouds" as hall decoration for the district champion- ship football game. fCj Providing his usual useful services, Paul demonstrates lightpole climbing. HONORS 83 Finalists active in campus life Out of 12 finalists, the other 10 nominated for the Mr. and Miss AHS ti- tle included Walter Evans, Martha Moon, Anne Toxey, John Uribe, Moody Alex- ander, Becky Miner, Mark Joeckel, Janette McPherson, Julianne Raines, and Kevin Weaver. Walter was vice president of the senior class, played soccer, was in choir, and participated in German Club, NHS, and AFS. Martha's activities included Choraliers, NHS, FBLA, and German Club. Fall president of NHS, Anne also served on the Youth Guidance Council and participated in French, Latin, and Spanish Clubs. John served as editor of The Colt, was soccer team captain, a member of French Club and Quill and Scroll, and a National Merit finalist. Senior class president Moody also served as Student Council boy's social chairman, played football, ran track, and participated in choir, NHS, and the Ger- man Club. As spring president of NHS, Becky was also in choir, FBLA, and the drill team. Class president and favorite his sophomore and junior years, Mark played football and basketball, was in German Club and on the Student Council.Janette was involved in FBLA and choir. Julianne was active in choir and NHS. A sports writer and opinions editor for The Colt, Kevin played varsity tennis and was in Quill and Scroll. fAJ Martha Moon and Walter Evans take a break from choir practice. QBJ Moody Alex- ander and Becky Miner sport "Paint Your Wagon" costumes for publicity. CCJ Homecoming King nominee Mark Joeckel thinks about the upcoming football game. QDJ Anne Toxey portrays the scarecrow in the Senior Saloon. QEJ Colt editor John Uribe listens to editorial ideas. QFJ Julianne Raines and Janette McPherson prepare to warmup. QGJ Kevin Weaver checks his camera settings at a football game. 84 HONORS HQMUN MJQX B C Todd Green +.. -Q Chrisleen Spoor Kerry owell N HONORS 85 Sulzen, Askew capture prestigious award at AH This year, the procedure for select- ing the recipients of the Mr. and Miss AHS title was changed in order to give the title more prestige than in the past. Students had to be proposed by members of the faculty, and those nominated were given "point sheets" to fill out. Nominees listed their high school activities for the past three years, with each activity being worth a certain number of points. Those students, six boys and six girls, having the greatest number of points were then voted on by the entire student body to deter- mine a winner. The winners this year were Mike Sulzen and Dee Dee Askew. Mike lettered in football and baseball, was Homecoming King, played basketball, participated in Spanish Club, was a football team captain for two years, and received numerous honors and awards for his football abilities. Student Council president Dee Dee was active in Youth Guidance, a member of Future Business Leaders of America, National Honor Society, and Latin Club,-was in choir, and served as vice president of her sophomore and junior classes. fAj Mike Sulzen scans the sports page for the latest word. KBH Dee Dee Askew in- vestigates A8:M University as a possible future school. QCJ Taking a break from their activities, Mike and Dee Dee relax in the library. 86 HONORS A B 1 W :mm Christen Spoor C1 Christen Spoor ,,,,, - wax-A.. H iw Pike Principal-james Crouch congratulates National Merit scholars Steve Noyce,-Iohn Uribe, and Scott Dickey. Not pictured is David Yandell. National Merit awards scholarships to 4 finalists Four seniors were named as Na- tional Merit Semi-Finalists during September. These four were represen- tative ofthe top half of one percent of all students who took the PSAT dur- ing their junior year. In the spring, Steve Noyce, john Uribe, Scott Dickey, and David Yandell all made it to the Finalist level and became four of the 112 Texas high school students awarded 88 HONORS renewable Merit Scholarships. Although Steve declined to accept his scholarship, he was involved in high school as a member of the golf team and participant in drama. john accepted his four-year Tex- tron Merit Scholarship and planned to use it at the University of Texas in Austin. john was active as a soccer captain, editor of The Colt, reporter of the National Honor Society, and state-level UIL newswriter. Scott likewise accepted his scholar- ship. His four-year Merit Scholarship from the Vought Corporation was to be used toward an electrical engineer- ing degree from UTA. David plans to major in Christian Education at Moody Bible Institute, therefore he declined his Merit grant from the University of Lincoln - Nebraska. Mike, Dee Dee receive right to sign Fielder scroll For the 50th time two AHS students were presented the Fielder Award designating them the Outstan- ding Boy and Girl at Arlington High. On hand to present the sorh award to Dee Dee Askew and Mike Sulzen at the Senior Assembly was Mr. Robert Fielder, founder of the award. Nominated by the faculty, four students were then voted on by the entire student body. Other nominees this year were Moody Alexander and Roshell Wade. President of the Student Body, Dee Dee also served as class vice president during her sophomore and junior years. She was a Student Council member for three years and served as secretary and treasurer of Interact. Dee Dee was also an officer in Youth Guidance Council and was a member of the Choraliers and Para- Med Club. Other honors heaped on Dee Dee included the Miss AHS title, Athenian Girl of the Month, Kiwa- nian Student of the Month, and the Soroptimist Award. Mike had an outstanding football career at AHS. A captain for two years, he was named junior Varsity Player of the Year his sophomore year and All-District his senior year. He received the james Crouch Fighting Heart Award and will attend Drake next fall on a football scholarship. Baseball was also one of his talents as he was named to the All-District Honorable Mention Team. Mike was elected Homecoming King and Mr. AHS and was the Class Sweetheart his junior year. He also served as Rotarian of the Month. Mike Sulzen and Dee Dee Askew pause to admire their signatures on the new Fielder scroll. HONORS 89 Athen Girls of the Month honored at the banquet include fbackj Dee Dee Askew, Amy Robinson, Sara Reed, Martha Moon, Nancy Norris ffrontj Karyn Young, Becky Miner,-Iudy Singleton, and Diane Powell. Committee honors nine girls for Athenian aard Nine senior girls were chosen by a faculty committee to be named Athe- nian Girls of the Month during the year. The Athenian Club, one of the oldest women's groups in Arlington, then presented Amy Robinson with a bond at the Senior Assembly as the Girl of the Year. Other Girls of the Month included Dee Dee Askew, Sara Reed, Martha Moon, Nancy Norris, Karyn Young, Becky Miner, Diane Powell, and Judy Singleton. Athenian Club members honored the girls and their mothers at a dinner in May. President of Student Council, Dee Dee was chosen as the Athenian for September. Dee Dee was an active member of Future Business Leaders of America, Interact Club, Youth 90 HONORS Guidance Council, and received the prestigious Fielder Award. October's Girl of the Month, Amy was vice president of FBLA, a member of German Club and a par- ticipant in many community services. Sara Reed, November, was the girls social chairman for the senior class. She was also a member of the Na- tional Honor Society, Choraliers, and the French Club. November's Girl of the Month Karyn Young, was active in NHS, FBLA, and was business manager of the Colt Corral. Martha was chosen Girl of the Month for December. Martha served as secretary of the Choraliers and was an active member ofthe Senior Coun- cil. She also served as treasurer of FBLA and as girls social chairman of National Honor Society. Nancy, the choice for january, spent some of her spare time as a tutor for the Youth Guidance Council. She was treasurer for the French Club and a member of Student Council. President of NHS, Becky Miner was the March Girl of the Month. She was girls social chairman for FBLA. As a member of Choraliers, she was named to the All-District and All- Region choirs. The April choice was Judy Singleton who served as president of Para-Med Club during her junior year and was a member of the National Honor Society. Diane Powell, May, was a Top 10 graduate and a member of the Latin Club, NHS, and played on the varsity volleyball team. Rotary Club bestows community honors upon six Five senior boys were invited by the Arlington Rotary Club to serve as Rotarians of the Month and attend the weekly luncheon of the club. Named to the group were Moody Alexander, Richie Miller, Mike Foster, Mike Sulzen, Chuck Mullins, and Brent Magnuson. President of the senior .class, Moody also was a member of the football and track teams and sang in the Choraliers. He received the American Legion award. Also a football player, Richie was vice president of the Student Council, junior class vice president, and a member of the German Club. Captain of the football team, Mike Foster was named All-District and was a member of the German Club. Another football player and cap- tain, Mike Sulzen was named Mr. AHS and received the Fielder Award. Chuck was on his class councils all three years and was named Outstan- ding Senior Representative on the Stu- dent Council. Brent was on the basketball team, Student Council, and received the UT Exes Scholarship. He served as vice president of the National Honor Society and was an honor graduate. QA? Rotarians of the Month include Moody Alexander, Mike Foster, Mike Sulzen, fBl Brent Magnuson, Richie Miller and Chuck Mullins. HONORS 91 Kiwanis Club honors nine faculty-chosen students Nine seniors were honored by two Arlington civic clubs this year. The Women's Division of the Chamber of Commerce named Anne Toxey and Doris Arbalaez as Girls of the Month, while the Arlington Noon Kiwanis Club invited Kiwanis Students of the Month Sara Reed, Walter Evans, Dee Dee Askew, Russell Greer, Kelly Ivey, Mark joeckel, and Alicia Stone to their monthly meetings. Chosen by a faculty committee, the seniors were involved in the total life of AHS. Doris was named Who's Who in HOB and was active in Para-Med, French Club and HOSA. Valedic- torian Anne was a National Merit Commended Student and a nominee for the Tarrance Award. Girls social chairman of the senior class, Sara was in National Honor Society, and a Homecoming Queen nominee. Vice president of the senior class, Walter was on the soccer team and received the DAR award. Dee Dee received the Fielder Award and was named Miss AHS. Russell Greer was on the basketball team, while Kelly Ivey was active in Choraliers and was entertainment editor of The Colt. Mark was on the football and baseball teams, was a class favorite, and was in the band. Drill team officer Alicia was also news editor of The Colt and French Club secretary. fAj Kiwanis Students of the Month in- clude Mark joeckel, Alicia Stone, Kelly Ivey, and Russell Greer. fBj Chamber of Commerce Girls are Doris Arbelaez and Anne Toxey. QCQ Seniors also named Kiwanians include Walter Evans, Sara Reed, and Dee Dee Askew. 92 HONORS f...f,f4nx.aMf f, . , 'mag www . , ifrrsrr 4? wg ' 4 . Madam, 'Q mmm? . .. - .AAT Cl .4 .-.....zi M , ,V . W Slim-1 ff s . eq.- my H 3 SQ: E W G HONORS 93 Final assembly pays tribute to scholarship Seniors gathered late in May for the Senior Assembly during which they hauled in numerous honors and scholarships from school and com- munity organizations. Civic groups presented over 20 awards to the graduates. Melony Clark received the AHS PTA grant, while Dee Dee Askew took the City Council PTA award. Others receiving community honors were Janis Hall, Altrusa Clubgjeff Field, Arlington Art Association, Anne Toxey, Chamber of Commerceg Roy Phelps, St. Maria Garden Clubg and Kathy Olson and Danny Bindel, Rotary Award. Additional winners were jenna Lambert, Police Association, Walter Evans and Karyn Young, DAR Awards, Pam Schoenecker, Lions Club, john Kennedy, Optimist Clubg Brent Magnuson, Texas Ex-Students Scholarship, and Amy Robinson, Athenian Club. UTA granted Presidential Scholar- ships to jeff Arrendell, Lewis Crow, Stan Parrish, and Shawn Straight. Dr. Zack Bobo Scholarships to Baylor University went to Laurie Frye, Michelle McGee,julianne Raines, and Roshell Wade. Moody Alexander received the American Legion Award, Nancy Bur- ton the Texas State Teachers Associa- tion grant, and Susan Moore took the Kiwanis Scholarship. fAj -Iliff Field receives a handshake and a S300 scholarship from Mr. Bill Barter of the Arlington Art Association. fBj Anne Toxey exits through darkened steps after receiving her award. fCj Danny Bindel ad- mires his Rotary Club award. fDj The Arlington City Council PTA's Mrs. Dorothy Rencurrel honors Dee Dee Askew with the Council's annual scholarship. QE, Mrs. Phyllis Forehand looks on with ap- proval as john Uribe walks away with another award. fFj Mrs. Becky McDonald escorts Tammy White off the stage with her HECE award. 94 HONORS HONORS 95 E. 96 HONORS 1 , seg: f N , mwifwg? A .., 2211. riiiikiyt Seniors receive awards, honors A bevy of Arlington High Awards were also handed out during the Senior Assembly. The coveted Fielder Award, the highest honor to AHS students, went this year to Dee Dee Askew and Mike Sulzen. Other honors included the Elizabeth Amos English Award to David Liles, the Emma Ousley Outstanding journalist Award to john Uribe, and the Mildred Shupee VOE Award to Valerie Crafton and Sheryl Devoll. Library Service Awards were presented to Georgia Fairchild, Kathy Olson, and Lou Ann Lee, while Tam- my White received the HECE honor. Bob Flynn was named the recipient of the National Honor Society Scholar- ship. Becky Wiese was named the Outstanding Homemaking Student, and Monica Forbes earned the CVAE Award. Vocational Agriculture awards went to Randy Phillips, Kenny Hughes, and Ty Vaughn. Suzanne Barret, Suzanne Hoag, and Suzanne Rising were winners of the HOE Most Deserving Student Award. Bob Fahey received the first Stephen Goode Memorial Scholarship. QAJ Lt. Col. Robinson praises Moody Alexander for his accomplishments in receiving the American Legion Award. QBQ Nancy Burton holds her Texas State Teachers Association scholarship as Mrs. Bonnie Shelley looks on. KCl Pam Schoenecker eagerly accepts her award from the Lions Club. CD5 jenna Lambert is congratulated as she receives the Arlington Police Association's scholarship. QEQ Mar- tha Lawing presents Amy Robinson with her award as the Athenian Club's Girl of the Year. QFJ David Liles examines his Elizabeth Amos Memorial Award as Mrs. Martha Roark accompanies him down the stairs. HONORS 97 12113 41228 51532 iff!! iii!! Qiiii ii iii!! Iitli Qi!!! iiili ill!! 44523 fuaw X959 gwag H "5 Mwiigf i H s Q Q MH if , - 3 5 i U 2 me 1' 9132! A N I Z A T I 0 Council designs years activities Leading Arlington High, the Stu- dent Council sponsored many fun- filled activities this year. Early in the year the "poor" sophomores were welcomed with Howdy Day and the Howdy Day dance. Later, carnations and Valagrams were purchased for "Loves" on Valentine's Day and were distributed by Council members. The Student Council got its laughs during the TWIRP week assembly. They abused people, and threw pies in two student's faces. Girls had their faces painted with lipstick and guys shows off their legs during this annual assembly. In February, the Student Council gave Principal james Crouch a birth- day party with a gigantic birthday cake made just for him. Officers included DeeDee Askew as presidentg Richie Miller, vice presi- dentg Janis Mikeska, secretaryg and Tiffany Naughton, treasurer. fAj Nancy Norris and Student Council president DeeDee Askew plan for the year's activities. fBj Kyle Talkington, Reecie Reeves, Gretchen Polhemus, Anna jackson, and Tiffany Naughton add to the Student Council scrapbook. CCD Tiffany helps Homecoming Queen Lauri Tillman adjust to her new title. QDJ Mark -Ioeckel announces the next TWIRP Assembly game. fEj Barbara Williams, Chuck Mullins, and Reeci plan Valagram delivery schedules. 100 ORGANIZATIONS Mm P1 Christine Spoor E1 Kerry Nowell 5 S. an .. .E E , u ORGANIZATIONS 101 Honor Society plans busy year Early in the fall, National Honor Society members met to install of- ficers and kick off a busy year. Mr. Billy Richter, youth minister at Trinity United Methodist Church and Mr. Herbert Fagan installed Anne Toxey and Becky Miner as presidentsg Brent Magnuson, vice presidentg Doris Arbelaez, secretaryg Cathy Dun- ning and Roshell Wade, treasurersg Martha Moon, girls social chairmang Bob Flynn and jeff Lawson, boys social chairmeng and john Uribe, reporter. In March, seven seniors and 49 juniors were tapped during their se- cond period classes and invited to become members of the society. Later that evening, the oath of membership was administered to the new group before an audience of their parents in the cafeteria. A reception for the new members was held immediately following the induction. Climaxing this year for the Honor Society, as has been the case for several years, members hosted students from Veda Knox School at a picnic in April. 102 ORGANIZATIONS Darryl Eng KAJ Mr. Herbert Fagan installs Becky Miner as spring president of the National Honor Society. fBj Members of NHS Brian Denheyer, Sarah Edwards, Donna Harwell, and Karen Young entertain students from Veda Knox. fCj Dee Dee Askew pins an Honor Society ribbon on Charles Ford. fDj Jeff Lawson, Martha Moon, and Cathy Dunning enjoy the NHS picnic. ORGANIZATIONS 105 Countr amboree spawns 'Paint Your Wagon' The 1981-1982 school year was ex- tremely busy for members of the choral department. The year began with the Country Jamboree in Oc- tober, which included pop and coun- try songs, show tunes and skits modeled after the television show "Hee Haw," all with a country flavor. After watching the students perform the Country Jamboree, Mr. Dan Rash, decided he definitely had students who could dance and act, as well as sing. The decision was made to pre- sent the Broadway musical "Paint Your Wagon." The production became the highlight of the year as each choral student had a part as a cast or crew member. Countless hours were spent in rehearsal and set con- struction. Tryouts for parts were held in December, and diligent work con- 4, 5, and 6. performed an all-school assembly of pop and country music. May activities I included the Spaghetti Supper, Car Wash, Spring Concert, and Choir Ban- 1 quet. The year ended with perfor- AT BI mance of special music at Vespers and W Graduation. IAQ Cherie fBecky Minerj bids farewell I to her lover jake Ueff Lawsonj during a rehearsal for "Paint Your Wagon," fBj Rod Hutchinson, Dena Magazzine, and Doug Barber help prepare scenery for "Paint Your Wagon." QCH Members of the Choraliers sing for the student body at Christmas. 104 ORGANIZATIONS tinued on the production until March E The choir also performed a E Christmas Concert and a Christmas I Assembly. In january, choir members I ,L ki ms-,. ,A The 1982 Choraliers include ffront rowj Dorothy Cutler, Connie Bridges,-Ianette McPherson, Mark Mattlage, Kyle Talkington,-Ieff Burnett, jeff Lawson, Rusty Crosier, Moody Alexander, jackie Mance, Martha Moon, Dory Lawrence frow 21 Shelly White, Julianne Raines, Kris Daulton, Randy Schneider, Mike McLaughlin, Bruce Kunz, Clay Kelley, Doug Barber, Rod Hutchison, Chris Southard, Robynne Thaxton, Sara Reed, Michelle McGee Crow 3j Sherry White, Kelly Ivey,-Jean Ann Longgrear, Tom Wilson, Bryan Wheeler, Scott Richarson, Glen Hudspeth, Larre Greene, Brad Gordon, Russell Guthrie, Bryan Hunter, Becky Miner, Nancy Burton, Marla Richardson Qrow 45 Molly Costen, Lou Ann Shoults, Keren Hixon, Paula Moore,jimrny Cecil, Troy Meeks, Mark Hixon, Scott Summer, Scott Pierce, Cathy Sexton, and Kathy Kilinski. i ji C I ORGANIZATIONS 105 Concert Choir, Chamber Singers enjoy busy year Two music groups, the Concert Choir and the Chamber Singers spent the year in numerous musical endeavors. The Concert Choir, consisting of first year choir members learned many singing techniques such as dipthong, scales, and sight singing. The Concert Choir helped on work days for "Paint Your Wagon" and helped with the chili dinner. Concert Choir girls presented a song during the Jamboree "Doin' What Comes Naturallyf, Members also held a car wash to raise money for Choraliers next year. Chamber Singers, a select ensemble composed of members from the entire choral department, had an exciting year. They performed more challeng- ing choreography than attempted in previous years. In addition to school performances, they performed for the Arlington Art Association, Kiwanis, Rotary, and area rest homes. The group won first place in the Arlington Teen Talent Follies. They also made a guest appearance as the winners of the '80-'81 Roosevelt Madrigal Festival. fAj Chamber Singers dance a hat and cane routine to "New York, New York." fBj Combined choirs perform at Christmas for the student body. QCH Concert Choir members practice their scales during class. QDQ Meeting the challenge, Concert Choir members sightread a new piece. 106 ORGANIZATIONS ORGANIZATIONS 107 New leader adds excitement, success in Orchestra Led by Mrs. Joanne Hall, the AHS orchestra had a productive year. The group played concerts at the Eastern Star Home during the Christmas season and at the school Christmas program. Then later in the year, several members were a part of the "Paint Your Wagon" orchestra. Probably the highlight of the or- chestra's year came when they walked away from UIL competition with the Sweepstakes Award. In April orchestra members went with the band to Lake Charles, Loui- siana for the 1982 Contraband Days. To raise money for the trip, the musi- cians hosted a spaghetti supper and conducted a car wash, which proved very profitable since it followed a severe sand storm. Closing their busy year, the or- chestra held a banquet and played for Vespers. Orchestra officers included Tom Hussey and john Saleebey, presidents, Darci Paredes, vice president, Leslie Suggs, secretary, and Pam johnson, treasurer. QAQ Mrs. joanne Hall conducts the or- chestra at a performance. QBQ David Sides, Brad Roberts, and jeff Brown join the or- chestra in playing Schubert's "Unfinished Symphony." fCj David concentrates dur- ing a concert. QDJ Showing off his musical talent, john Saleebey plays his bass. CEJ Orchestra members work together to play beautiful music during the fall concert. 108 ORGANIZATIONS sw t 5 wi K Members ofthe 1981 82 Orchestra mclude ffrontj Laurre Fry, Nancy Green, Edith Chen, Mnchelle Edwards, Paula johnston, Gretchen jones, julxe Green, Marlanne Moody Kartjohnson, Brad Roberts, Brian Prxddy jeff Brown frow 25 Darcx Paredes, Tern Walters, Leslne Suggs, Suzanne Atkms, Anna Martm, Kxm Fredrxcks, onathan Imsande, Brxan McDonald Chip Buckner, Mrs Joanne Hall john Saleebey, Tom Hussey frow 3j jull Ellxott, Linda Doyle Rohm Cox, Ellzabeth Garrett, Mlchelle Hardnn, Roger Fulmer, Davnd Stdes frow 41 Kun Kilpatrick, Tammy South Mtchael Galloway, and Mlke McMahon w Us A 4- E -v 'sa 1 it SSS R ww Sv sm ,ef MMA: 5955 f Xia - ,KZ , . Ginza ve zaiif. f, f H S 1, 511: 3 , 155 is . L,"S f . its 521, .3 MS -1 tw X 'x so sis 5 Yd5fzi: '29i 1 F. f E. s 'Q ,,.. Q my ' i i - :sim so sl., :mx 7 . N - 1 . ,:,, 1, V- mf M . s. 1 . Q I f i --+ -t . :Q 'Signs Y K : Mfg , - - , 'ki tt . tlt, L-,4 M ., ,, W QQ t W.. . ""' . Slff if , 's 'Q A-tt . X 63315 ' .I , ' . Mysq l fi 4, 'RF' .1 T5 ,Q H' t ug: t as Sew N. gs rfi Qtr Q 2 Qi ... K .t:v,.,.Qi.s'tw. . .-F Sr: kt f G "-' 35 . . , . . . , . . . . J , - , , , . ,w 1' 1' -' fit-ir ."" fsGtf 2as2 '2 fkiiiztk 1 'N 14 T' K fgws S5-I--WW F2253 at Q :fluid ,tmzgizuit 1535 12 s ttf-Sw ,f ,qw u :'i,5?gQ,Q 5: f-wg ft mem -tf we sim: '.,m11f1Efs 'S'-wi -ff ti' Mi. it ug ss E22 wif 32535 ff 5 Egsltli .J , gg 5: f-,ti - at 5 7 5553-S5.12f QM, If 1. 1-tai, H' 17 f 5 rt fw ' fl- 23' th: Wi lf 5, ig-gig 1'Lf:55fgrEv5' . t gc-glggii QE ,1 gf. 'E :tw 1 new gtg 15 wi: 3515512 pisses? , s ,wg if ,.sg2tf1'1 f'g!Sf2 f sf,-.'2.f-me 1 W E -5552252 5 ii? Q55 5 1 .2 5 1' f rt- 4 11: :wry ' . N1 -K , . . Q ,as 1, - ix' : Sa LS, ? 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S p it .Q as ?t.,'i'g,gi1,fiQtg Ztiiiiifi, '?!,5tSi12i2','5 "2ixff'5, Q,i k lglirf gsgii ' E S 'w a 25 5 mstztsf ff-gaze .mass Zfghii m l i. MSW b mi C Mt 'slfifigfilkmf--2'fit f isffftsifiisvf Q i fzlfniti ik 55252 is Mit gf iw 11522, 5 SS, '3 'U ' ,is Z' 2 4- 3-51 mfs, -if 5'7Q . Q w- 1 . "S 2512 tt' Q is N fg,25f,,ee5ag5: 5515 is 1:-gp! 5 , Q25 ,tis 5 in 5 , Q Eififiszg 32 ,gg ' Ali, '!, "ii fi-R31 , 3 fg fffi'.'g! 'W , 16 52 if twig he 't D il ww tssiagigsitsit ii? p Et it if . eggs' of 'J .ll-villlyiilg 'fi -ZW tn fix f 'f new it efs 252f'2ff'?evt SSW? wiki "vii Q it FXS 526 ,gggig igfgsi ,ggi ggigtfifggig ft? gigs EEE GRS' iff? 'S lit- ii R N SWE? 5552 in misiilggit Elias? 'ASEE My tt ? , fs 855' '5 5 Q bi ,K Vfsmsagggg , . if . -ilitff ' 'fi EF? i2l135e'51': 'HSSP H X. tim. 4,2 ,mlggk fl-gwkw gigs 5 RE-mgf f gs.,-53? iii ifg f a if -1 tgif Q 3 . ae 3 is mfg gi Slsfw teiigttst t sig? f Q ,sift grit 5 gtfiif ZJQL EQR' yi:-S1 " :'f?S?fg3, vt f, 'te 2525 ,sift r g, gl --5 2 Q -, iii gtliii gftti 1 W mit ? ix 2,5igQs5Q4t,if.,1sttagSf aw w , ww we aw w st s toet ts 2 R is RSV 5292 3 1 15 sw W Y wt ' 4 t ,Q Q W .3 2 23355 js ,Q s aw s get ' i'5' ' 1, ' 2 'fl 5 1, qi st! "WS" "Qf' " FFA R ' ftsgttget tgtgf ir as , as tx M as r".a222.ts 3559? we f get N W t as as s X 'Ht f sf sfigg sfislgfsifsfk i , Hr Q 3 Legg QM if +1 , t'tfsfwtg.,Qg5sgf Q, ,wtf 2 . ittti 'Eff 525356 gi l ? 2 St' t if 4 W waits . fu :fi -me 'vt 2f ,s'S't-,t r - Q f st is 55:1 N366 Slat, Sim ., t ' X " ,, ill' ASQ, M5 t:,,tgg f:iiagt' gsf? . g w iv mt ff' x WE QP Q be mfs i?fg s'5g5wgf,11' 15+ ww me M t Q A tts ,ti i f sstilg fff f "JQee,i Q ' .N 3, 5 Q L t,,t .t . A N, 2, G E sg fl sg if . m .5'?N Q M W? QQ 'J ,,k' f',,',T,.'LJ" kkkt ' ' 5'g2iQ'l121 1 M' Q 4 Y: 5-'S+ -. f: 2- -, Y. 3 1:1263-s wge K 'H Q 'W 'QQ' Y w -1 t,,' 1. ,e", 1 EV K ,t V53 Msg? 4' . - 4 .. , , , ,,,,. . - A , , - V A t, t t ls w .Q r w 2 azz Band wins outstanding title in Lake Charles 1981-82 was busy for thejazz band. The band played at the Chili Supper and the opening of the Bridgestone Tennis Tournament which was broad- cast over cable television as far as japan. The group attended jazz festivals at UTA, TCU, and Lake Charles, Loui- siana. In these contest the band receiv- ed first division ratings. At Lake Charles, they were named as outstan- ding stage band. Glen Singleton, Sarah Green, jim- my Orr, and Keith Rogers were recognized at both the UTA and TCU contests with the National Associa- tion jazz Educators Award, while Dee Dee Flynn and Carla Duval also were awarded at the TCU contest. In Lake Charles,jimmy Orr received the NAJE Award and Sarah Green was Named Outstanding Musician. QAI During the jazz Band performance at the Senior Assembly,jirnrny Siddens enjoys playing his drums. QBj Sarah Green,jim- my Orr, Carla Duval, Dee Dee Flynn, and Glenn Singleton display the first division trophy from the TCU jazz Competition. Thespian drama makes a scene Led by officers Melanie Morgan, presidentgjimmy Cecil, vice presidentg Rochelle Gillett, secretary, Robert Obergon, historian, and Lisa Birke, treasurer, the Thespian Society had a very active year. In the Fall they held a Halloween Party and informal initiations. Some of these initiations may have been weird, but most members participated. One initiate, Tony Poncetti, was told to try out for drill team Che didn't make itj. Thespians had a banquet at Bobby McGees. They awarded the Best Ac- tress Title to Darlene Cox for her per- formance as Dolly Levi in the "Mat- chmakerf' Best Actor was awarded to Charles Peters for his interpretation of Scapino in the UIL one-act play. Awards were also given to Angie Poncetti for Best Supporting Actress for her portrayal of Giacenta in "Scapino" and jenny Mann for Best Technical Direction for her work as stage manager in "Matchmaker." Thespians also attended plays in the Metroplex and participated in several tournaments. fAj Darlene Cox displays the talent that won her the Best Actress Title in "Mar- chmaker" as Mike Williams ponders her words. fBj Paul Cesario prepares for one more performance. ORGANIZATIONS 111 Band members prepare earl for marching season Practice, practice, practice. Does it ever make perfect? The AHS band started practicing early before the school year began. They played in the evening hours between 7:30 and 9:00 during the summer. The band kept the spirit strong by playing at all the football games and pep rallies. This year's band was the first to perform in the new gym. Led by senior drum major Ken Spence and junior drum major Kyle Pope, the band received an excellent rating in the UIL contest held at Maverick Stadium. At midterm the band was sorry to see their assistant band director Mr.-Ion Stutler resign to enter the business world. The band carried on under the direction of Ms. Barbara Ecabert. fAj Band members Bert johnson, Larry Swink, and jimmy Siddens beat their drums at the Arlington Heights pep rally. fBj The band entertains the crowd during pregame activities at UTA Stadium. fCj Showing his spirit, Tom Hussey dresses up in his ucamoflague-Hawaiian combo" for a pep rally. 112 ORGANIZATIONS embers of the 81-82 Marching Band are ffrontj Beverly Bennett, Pam Kubala, Bonnie O'Haver, Brenda Garza, Stephanie Schwob, Donna cott, Kit Green, Nancy Balfour, Cindy Murray, jody Murray, Cheryl Mitchum, Glenda johnson, Kim Newman, Tania Wooten, Kim Baker, amantha Wood, Keri Dublin, Roberta Ito, Winky Huffman, April Nixon, Amy Squires, Kim Brown fRow 25 Ken Spence,joe Estrada, Cathy ruscemi, Drew Mounce, Harold Brooks, Cnythia Doyle, Virginia Cogdell,-jennifer Moulton, Kym Waddell, Ann Loynachan, Mary Wilson, obin Agee, Kim Barrett, Lea Lund, Karla Duval, Brian Christian, Mike Yarbrough, Linda Meyer, Scott Schwendiman, David Harlow, Kyle ope fRow 3j Leland Simpson, David Driggers, Lisa Strother,jimmy Orr, Gary Gatrel, Hal Harrington, Larry Swink, Greg Dunnihoo, Bert ohnson, David Clark,jimmy Siddens, Pam johnson, Mike Palmer, Vinny Lecca, Steve Bain, Darren Greer, jackie Postlewate, Robin Murray, Sarah Green, Tony Ponceti QRow 45 George Williams, Lee Pierce, Markjackson,jeff Henry, David Lotz, David Ricketts, Cindy Rogers, Keith Rogers,jimmy Dyer, Susan Stoessel, Kelly Fenn, Mike Clifford,james Steibing, Keith Ray, joe Sessions,james Matthews, David McCraw, Mark Hanlon, Hal Elliot, Kim Latham, Ricky Filline, Russ Kost, Tom Fahey, Phil Magness, Ronnie Anderson fbackj Darrell Posey, Gary Thomas, Tommy Curbo, Sammy Ramirez,jeff Arrendell, Brian jersak, Glen Singleton, Paul Boone, Charles Bell,-james Gebhardt, Paul Arrendell, Ron Whitaker, Rob Ellis, Doug Arnold, David Grogan,john Saleebey, Tom Hussey, Rob Noland, Scott Harmon, Andy Knox, Mike Kramer, and Pat Welborne. ORGANIZATIONS 115 Band students earn lst division at Lake Charles Finishing out the football season, the marching band entered the con- cert season. The band was dismayed at the beginning of the second semester to see the assistant director, Mr. jon Stutler, leaveg but they continued in full spirit. Throughout the year band members held many different ac- tivities to raise money for their trip to Louisiana. In February, the band held a chili supper. They also had a rum- mage sale and a car wash. Band members sold fruit cakes during December. At the end of April and the beginn- ing of May, the AHS Band joined the orchestra and traveled to Lake Charles, Louisiana for the Contraband Days. The band received a I in contest there. The AHS Band closed the year with a band banquet at the American Airline Training Center and Vespers. IAQ Concert band demonstrates the talent of the brass section. QBj Virginia Cogdell and Ann Loynachan enjoy themselves at the chili fund raiser dinner. 114 ORGANIZATIONS "'-1 if if if " mf: If ,' C 'P' .. . to , . . I A Members of the 1981-82 Concert Band include ffront5 Carol Popp, Ronnie Anderson, Kim Baker, jimmy Dyer, Roberta Ito, Susan Stoessel, Robin Murray, Kim Latham, Ricky Filline, Glenda-Iohnson, Robin Agee frow 25 Beverly Bennett, David McCraw, Cheryl Oldham, Kelly Flynn, jeff Henry, Cindy Rogers, David Clark, Kit Green, Pat Welborn, Bonnie O'Haver, Tony Poncetti, Rhonda Patton frow 35 Harold Brooks, Brian Christian, April Nixon, Mark joeckel, Andy Knox, Phillip Magness, Sammy Ramirez f row 45 Vinnie Lecca, Gary Gatrel, Larry Swink, Gary Gustafuson, Steve Bain. Members of the 81-82 Symphonic Band are ffront5 Cheryl Mitcham, Nancy Balfour, Kyle Pope, Rob Ellis, Ann Loynachan, Keri Dublin, Kim Barrett, Mary Wilson, Amy Squireshlames Gebhardt, Kathy Bruscemi, Linda Meyer frow 25 Cynthia Doyle, Tania Wooten, Cindy Murray, jody Murray, Tom Hussey, Virginia Cogdell, Sharon Doyle,jennifer Moulton, Kim Brown, Stephanie Schwob, Lisa Strother, David Ricketts, Scott Harmon, Mike Kramer, Samantha Wood, Doug Arnold Qrow 55 Ken Spence, Carla Duval, Lee Lund, David Driggers, Sara Green, Paul Arren- dale, Russ Kost, Keith Rogers, Tom Fahey, Brian jersak, Leland Simpson,jeff Henry, Sandy Faussett, Glen Singletonulames Stiebinghjeff Arren- dale,jonathan Imsande,john Saleebey frow 45 Charles Bell,-Ioe Sessions, Keith Ray, Rob Noland,Mike Clifford, Markjackson, Scott Schwen- diman, Mike Palmer, jackie Postlewate, Bert johnson, Pam johnson, Karen Tranon, Greg Dunnihoo, jimmy Siddens,jimmy Orr, Darrell Posey, Ron Whitaker,joe Estrada, Tommy Curbo, Gary Thomas, Darren Greer, David Lotz, David Harlow. ORGANIZATIONS 115 Drill Team performs for students at pep rallies After spending a good bit of the summer preparing, members of the Colt Kickers took to the football field during halftime early in September and wowed the crowd. Each morning, prior to the game, the girls strutted their stuff during Colt pep rallies. Helping make their appearances near perfect was the experience they gained during the summer when they attended drill team camp at Kilgore junior College, home of the famed Rangerettes. The Kickers brought home a first division rating in the Military Division. Theresa Edmonson, Tammie Stewart, julie jones, Debbie Eaton, and Alicia Stone received recognition as outstanding dancers. Officers also attended camp at SMU. After football season ended, the Kickers continued to entertain with their routines and high kicksg however this time it was at basketball games. The team climaxed their year with a banquet in May when they announced new officers and several awards before a slide show of the year's events was shown. QAB Reve Dvorak, Mary Ellen Hughes and Laura Kaska perform for the student body at a pep rally in the new gym. QBJ First Lieutenant Alicia Stone leads her squad on the football field during half time. QCJ At the pep rally, the girls entertain for a full house. 116 ORGANIZATIONS E . . ,.-- H -2 AT Bl 'N Arlington High School 1981-82 Colt Kickers include fback rowj Rene Matsler, Lorrie Hankes, Debbie McLeod, Theresa jose, Lori Langham, Lorie Hightower, Alice Virden ffifth rowj Giselle Carter, Susan Hannabas, Stacey Wilkey, Susan Bohl, Kim White, Aureen Berry ffourth rowj Becky Rogers, jennifer Culbertson, Leslie Dumesnil, Katie Flnley, Samantha Egnot, Belinda Younger, Alison Rasdale fthird rowj Lois Massey, Mylinda Tubbs, Ann Bethke, Christy Anders, Shelby Whitaker, Marilyn Rising, Kim Warren fseconcl rowj Sheila Singh, Stephanie Carter, Reve Dvorak, Dottie Swan, Laura Kaska, Kathy Furgeson, Valerie Stebbins ffront rowj jan Grimsley, Theresa Edmondson, Debbie Eaton,julie-jones, Alicia Stone, Tammie Stewart, and Laura Smith. W -K 1 ,WW DW 1 1' is D W L . QF' -'V-1-IEHN , ,, Dx ' 1 'L bfi LW 1, My W 1112 s 3 . 1 " Mfg 5 -.l v l ' 115211 ' :1iLiQ1?"2 ,. 11 111- sw 1- e. at 1DLW.?Wgzc:,511,.i -2-A W: -., L QD: 1, 1 Q -,gg 5 .W E , s We get - WW WW LW.. 11 ..,, - 5ffgg 1f1E ' dai? SE l L'1L,1f1 1 1f elf- 'fr 55,31 ,,... 1 1 L -stt 1 1, ,11 J 'S' ff IQ 33 1, 4- -55' S12 3 S, f5liW' I' f7 1l?1, ?1Li ' 1 . ...,. , ef gs W1 11 ,,, . 1 1, , ,ig , .. ,. .N .. .Q , .WM W 1' D X 1 1' 'law 11 F33 1112? lf W QL' 1' 19 -1 ':' W 1, 11 t 1 1' . 1 L 1. L L - 1 . 1 ,-. 11 13 W , W1i11 2 ,gl W 521 51 1111512 ' ' 5 11 ,1 ,DW 1vLWWf,11 1 ',1. ggi , 1 1 W, L 1 L' 1 ' L1 D 11 We 1 1 215111 11 5 if 1 111. ' 5 tw 1 5 1 ,E K. ,gy Na 1 1 Q 1, s , X, gg, ,, '11 1, 1 " ,11 LJ: ' L if t L J X' 'W:.5 1 LW1 1 ef 1 ' 1 Q 1 1 1113? 2 3353555 1 1g,,1.i11g5E1L1 W1 ,1 'Lg , 415335: 1 1 WWLN P" 215625 2 2igV1l1,DW."2f"1'f . VELVHW-15 'L 1' 557- gf 2' 1 1 HLf'W.W11 A L' 5 ix 51 1 s 1 1 1' 1212 2 Ml fl 'iii '1 355 1 1 f'i-iff lf ' W1 lfi li, liitggl 5 M51 ,151 W 5251115 1:52 L1 . 1 W1 1" ' '5f'1fW11+1fQ11'1 Q L 21 ffW,1,.,1,WiW'1i,ii F L L'11' 1' :L L1 1 2 ' W 1. 1 1 L 1 11' 1 1 1 1 W 1 11 wif. L L 1 1 1 1511L L L W L 1 +L ,111 1L?1f 3W 511 1 L 1 if 1 1 1W W 13 1' ,, W1 W 1 :f 115111 L1 Llffi' . y 1 W 1, W1 3 L 11 it ,Def 11 1 , D1 W11L 1 Sl? 'g 1 1 lf -fn L1 W Lf L 1 1 1 1521 , L L 1'L11 11 L1 , 11 W 1, D 1 f E1 1. 1 L ' 1 aWa' f , .1 W 151 1 s W 1 5. .- ,a 2 'L 1 1, 191' 5 fy: L EWWQ1 LW1 1W W-f1 Qi 15 Ws sf- 'W 11 if 1211 3 2 1, 51 51 311 3251 Lzs Lm13i1L,s11 1 31 1 2 f, 1551 1 1W1W, 1-3 11 L 3 if E111 51 1 L L 11 11 9 22 , 5g3111,, 1 L13sxW ,,11EQ31g: ,LL1L1LW1gs1,,1W1 1 E1 EQ W 11 1 1111 'W 1 ,1 11 gn W 1111 552 24 55151 '1 ,D 2 1.1 113111 1.51 gg, 1 Li 2 5 W '51 1 1 'W ' iff! -gl' "Visit L- Af-1 11 5 E' if -I: 23. V7 2WWiFW!u"i1 15' .--Hifi 9' -:U W L: 2: ' ' ' tl: ' 15 WS11 Ni' ff? " U. X 'E W if 4551 251 W ' 1 - 11 11,3 1 ' 3 1511 ft L 1,115 .53 1. 1 .D .12 ., .. 's111x.tgY 95,3 Q . . -1 A 21 11 WA . 111:-W 11 111,1 11 W 5 11 .1 WW s 11 ,W 1,,1, wm...11,M , Wa 1: S ,W Wqrrmiw t y D ff 5,-si p sgw 1 55 5 3 11 1 at ! 11 , : WW WL..f 1 Eta if ,..,, W 1's's f it? W1 TW .2 W ' 1 1 LW W W W W 2 -1 S1 as WWSL L E L 1 L11 ' E. 1 WL- L-35 5,52 111 L3 1 . 111511 511' W 1 L he Ei ,z 1 1 L 5 W . it 1 5 5' 1:1 215 ' 1 f ' 1111 1 1 1 .QW 1 W W5 f 11 11 , W :ai ,211 I- ,1 3 13 ,W 11 . 'L 1 fi 253 ..'z W :WY 1, . S " 1 , 'W i w i -.Sl.wXk +..:-:,,.' -Vs- i,'1-.wav 2- 'r v 3 11 1 1 t N is mf? " " ef 'H2'+AsxzRf'iv : Q11 asf 4 1 11 Wi 1 lin ,Q 22. 1. 4 13 3: 1 L , 1 ,, 1 a:4 i14 ax1 1 Wz 5 LW? ' 1: .1 255 L 4, -A W1 .W 12,1 - ?Wf.,.: m i . QW g s- 1. .V Www ' ,. , 1 ew as I 11 2, ' 3 W, 5-fz211vLD L S D 1 L 1, .W, - fi g -q w 5 5: A gas., - issggzwsr Wt 2 1291 1 W W WW .5 4 Y. 21 11- QW -. ,41 2 as N RS? 1 5 x tag? .D 5 -.W e- pW4.L.2 -s .1.,, .. : 1,1 1, . w- - g g, ww WfWW W , L 1 33 s D- sf W- 35, . D DDDD W 1 D ..DD D. D 1 u 1 W. - M. , 1 11 .. .1 1 French . . . German . . Spanish Latin Members absorb forei n cultures through clubs Parlez-vous Francias? Hablas Espanol? Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Scitisne Latinum? The French Club, led by president Wendy Milesg vice president Donna Harwell, secretary Alicia Stone, treasurer Nancy Norrisg ambassadors jackie Mance and Shelia Singh, and counselors Rene Matsler,jeff Cannon and Tatiana Alkhazaschvilly, had a French Pastry Booth at the Colt Coun- ty Fair. French Club members created their own pastries and received dona- tions from local bakeries. The German Club held many ac- tivities throughout the year and par- ticipated in German Day at the State Fair, Octoberfest in Ft. Worth, Novernberfest student competition at Paschal High School, and visited Ger- man restaurants in Ft. Worth and Dallas. German Club officers were Walter Evans, presidentg Mark joeckel, vice presidentg and jenny Mann, secretary-treasurer. Led by president Kris Martin, vice president Scott Thompsong and secretary Tatiana Alkhazaschvilly, the Spanish Club attempted as did the other language clubs, to achieve a bet- ter knowledge and understanding of the life of a foreign culture and the people in that culture. The club had a very successful booth at the Colt County Fair where they served typical Spanish and Mexican foods. The Spanish I Club, led by presi- dent Vinny Leccag vice president Bar- bara Williamsg and secretary Mary Beth Thompkins hosted dinners, went Christmas carrolling, worked at Six Flags to raise funds, and held Spanish folk dancing classes. Mary Foley, presidentg Patricia Pacillio, vice president, and Heather Foster, secretaryg were the officers of the Latin Club. This group held a fruit booth at the Homecoming breakfast and had Christmas and toga parties. 118 ORGANIZATIONS BT D1 QAQ Alisa Pechacek,-Iucly Parma, Lisa Lively, and Suzanne Rising live it up in a hotel in Europe. fBj jackie Mance and Robert Ellis sell pastries at the French pastry booth while Rochelle Gillet wipes the remains of an eclaire from her face. fCj Tatiana All-:hazaschvilly assists Dr, Cecilia Silva De Rodriquez at the Spanish Club booth during the CCF. CD1 Latin Club officers Mary Foley, Patricia Pacillio, and Heather Foster display a map of Rome. W 32 5 Q Mi X ORGANIZATIONS 119 AFS welcomes Robert to AHS Imagine yourself attending a high school in another country. Maybe you don't speak the language at all or not very well. You don't know anyone else there. Robert Schult came from Costa Rica to live in Arlington as a foreign exchange student with the American Field Service, the interna- tional student exchange. AFS, led by president Mike Palmer, vice-president Greg Barry, and secretaryftreasurer, Wendy Miles, tried to help Robert adjust to his new home. AFS hosted a fall welcome par- ty and a spring farewell party for Robert. Besides visiting foreign restaurants, they held a coin toss at the Colt County Fair to raise money for the next exchange student. "This is a big experience for me," Robert stated. "I want to learn the language and meet many people." fAj Mrs. Laura Adams, American Field Service representative explains the pro- cedure for hosting a foreign exchange stu- dent to Mrs. Lonnie Porter and daughter, Greg Barry, and Herr William Fink. fBj Foreign students Robert Schull, Frederi- que Mur, and Zimena Montiel meet for lunch to share some typical southern fried chicken and exchange information about their countries. fCj AFS advertises their booth at the Colt County Fair. KDQ Wendy Miles, Robert, Laura Annis, Mrs. Joyce Louis, and Mike Palmer watch a film about the experiences of an exchange student. i L-l sc . si ce 5 Q f i i A i 120 ORGANIZATIONS Group earns money at fair In order to promote a common in- terest in art, the AHS Art Club spon- sored several activities this past year. Along with sponsors Mrs. Betty Cant- well and Mrs. Roni Brittain, President Kathy Singletary, Vice President Mike Kegley, SecretaryfTreasurer Lauri Lindley, and Historian Danny Bindel, the Art Club sold Colt jewelry, printed football ribbons, and held an art sale. In addition, the club printed t- shirts, did the posters for "Paint Your Wagon," and took a field trip to East Texas State University to take art courses. The club also participated in the Colt County Fair by having a special "funny photo" booth and by having a "guess the amount" contest with jars of jellybeans and M8cM's. IAQ Danny Bendel and Laurie Lindley use their creative artistic ability to silk screen t-shirts for "Paint Your Wagon." fBj Mrs. Elizabeth Free and Robert Bloom prepare the fire for pottery making. ORGANIZATIONS 121 Staff produces Colt new look "Paste-up, Wednesday - 3:30!" shouts the fearless editor to the responsive staff. As that dreaded time approaches, the staff files into the om- niscient j-room to finish production on THE COLT, one of the oldest and finest traditions of Arlington High School. THE COLT staff began work on the paper in june when they attended a re-design session at the University of Texas at Austin. Being one of only 13 schools asked to attend, john Uribe, editor, and Kirsten Dietz, feature editor, gave THE COLT a face lift. With the new look, THE COLT in- formed the students on AHS events, features, human interest stories, and current events, followed all the Colt team activities, and voiced students' opinions through Letters to the Editor and Viewpoints. The staff participated in the Texas Association of journalism Directors Convention held at the Americana Hotel in October. In the TAJD write- off contests, Kirsten took third in Feature Writing, and Scott Moffet, editorial editor, received an Honorable Mention in Editorial Writing. They also attended the Dallas Times Herald journalism Day in Dallas. Besides john, Kirsten, and Scott, the staff was comprised of Alicia Stone, managing editor, Freddie Loeber, sports editor, Kevin Weaver, opinions editor and sports writer, and Gray Matlock, sports writer. Though the staff was quite a bit smaller than previous years, Mrs. Phyllis "Teach" Forehand, felt that "they worked well together and produced a fine paper, for their size." 122 ORGANIZATIONS , ff it fAj Colt Editor, john Uribe gives a page a final check before sending it to the printer. fBj Alicia Stone and Kirsten Dietz paste up the COLT. QCj Freddie Loeber and Gray Matlock finish the sports page. fDj Kevin Weaver, Scott Moffett and Kelly Ivey dummy their page. ORGANIZATIONS 125 Staff enjoys productive year Hardwork, understanding, and cooperation attributed to the produc- tion of the annual. In September members of the annual staff went on a tour through Taylor Publishing Com- pany, the yearbook publisher. That helped prepare the group for creating the annual. Staffers also attended the TAjD convention at the Americana Hotel in October. Amid the work, there was often time for play. The staffers loved to party. They went on picnics, and every birthday and completed deadline was celebrated. Posing as editor for the year was Wendy Miles. Activities were run by Ann Loynachan and .Jeanine Drake. Organizations were planned by Darci Paredes and Cheryl Oldham.joel Pat- terson stood as faculty editor and Darryl Eng worked on honors and the cover. Karyn Young was business manager and Susan Garth, Robbin Shawn, and Stacy Knight worked with classes. Kristen Keilstrup worked on the index. Sports copy writer was Kevin Weaver and sports editors were Susan Moore and jeff Caffey. Copy editor was Tara Clawson. IAQ Corral editor, Wendy Miles figures another deadline. QBQ jeff Caffey, Darryl Eng, and Tara Clawson express their frustrations for deadlines. fCj Karyn Young readily accepts money for yearbook receipts from Cheryl Odham, Darci Paredes, joel Patterson and Rhonda Pat- ton. QDE Mrs. Phyllis Forehand announces "best staffer" awards. fEj While thinking of how it will be to give orders next year, Ann Loynachan daydreams. QFJ Looking for "good pictures,"jeannie Drake mutrers under her breath. fGj Stacy Knight, Rob- bin Shawn, and Kristin Keilstrup index the Corral. QHJ Susan Garth, Kevin Weaver, and Susan Moore try to fix the typewriter. 124 ORGANIZATIONS 4... -r G H :EEE f A .fm 5 J 5' . '34 W wdggg 1:5Qf, "4 . . . 'EMA i .gg f -.'fiQ.i ..... Y- . M5-V '- ff iff" -E. 'I,.: f'e.ef Z m E21 5 ,A hL , Q: A - 1 A - L . -, M- f K 3 wqm, H' L.JQiV:' S V ..... ,. An- ew: "" - J V , QS?-f 'QQ-If -- 252 :if i 'Tin K ' k H5 NH M5 . f K. f-f.s1Mi,: , . , -'sq-2 W. -5 M, .--4,-A-Q - 1 ,, ,, .iw . - W-., -- , . gaewr i --f2,..sf- 5 - ,,,kL,urz-1-. ,, if x ' ,, L.,,..LV,, .ff,.-,. 1 ,f, , ii. , ,, ...V f -- f :v fvfl: 'h 1-fw -A--1, :Wa '-m-...W HH ----ff, : -. 1:2-1-15 K, 1 , ...-. -, . 1 ,s,,,,-.,, ..... ,mm .95 wefl?'-11,?i?ftwsi4-i'ifEv- ., ,,. ,f,,..1-15---wk -- mf"-gwm-.- , fi-L ft'1?w3:--sw i. EQ-rj. -ff- -,-' -,Hpw -'z -Qian -lm ,.----sy fsfif. Qsfivff-QM-. ag ..k. - - . .if wrigic--w A5532-slzgzeiwi L RW JBC- k f Q25-'35-gi.-9-a- .g'g:..w' La-vii . : fi -I , -I :5-1' Q-L, 1- U Q "..'A'I'.- - :.. " 'ni " 1- f - fi- if :Sf-5512 f-I fi x I ' ,5.?5'7i:f fl K .W . f.-S-ff 111:-'gf' L. , ' 2 - -5.-wrszlmsz-dr, f A -. .. iliiffi2':. f L , A I A , gf-Q. . , It ' .Lf--li? 3 : J, , .1219 .24 .-.- ... .Y .. . ,- Staff captures school events Capturing the '81-'82 year at AHS on film was the job of the photo jour- nalism staff. From choir to football and dinners to band concerts, a photographer could be seen somewhere in the crowd. With publication deadlines an ever present headache, the staff' s pictures were put to good use on both the yearbook and newspaper. The photo'journalism staff con- sisted of Kerry Nowell, Rory Day, Todd Morgan, Larry LeBlanc, Christine Spoof, Todd Green, and Tracey Williams. fAj Todd Morgan, Tracey Williams, and Rory Day mix chemicals to develop their pictures in the darkroom. fBj Todd Green, Christine Spoor, and Larry LeBlanc prepare to print newspaper pictures. QCj Kerry Nowell works on the senior slide show. ORGANIZATIONS Banquet awards top journalists Quill Bc Scroll, the journalism honor society, found time after meeting deadlines to relax at parties and picnics. AHS members joined with jour- nalists from the other three high schools for their annual Quill 8: Scroll back-to-school picnic at Vandergriff Park. Then in their own territory, junior and senior members hosted an ice cream party at Howard Moore Park to meet new staffers and J-1 Babies. Around Christmas, secrets were abundant as Q8zS members began pixieing. A pixie party at joel Patter- son's house gave everyone a chance to find out who his pixie was. In competition, the journalists faired well at two conventions. At the Texas Association of journalism Directors convention in Ft. Worth, Colt Corral Editor Wendy Miles took first place in the yearbook copy write-off contest, while Kirsten Dietz took third in Feature Writingg and Scott Moffett earned an honorable mention in Editorial Writing. At the Dallas Times Herald jour- nalism Day, The Colt won third place among Class A papers and Gray Matlock was named best staffer. fAj Freddie Loeber receives the award for best sports column at the Quill 8: Scroll banquet from Mrs. Phyllis Forehand. KBQ Best Staffers Gray Matlock and Susan Moore help themselves at the lasagna din- ner. fCj Gray Matlock, Freddie Loeber, and joel Patterson sport their blue blazers at the city Quill Sr Scroll banquet. fDj Scott Moffett enjoys one of Mrs. Forehand's rolls. ORGANIZATIONS 127 FBLA members place high in state competition Future Business Leaders of America was one of the most active clubs at Arlington High School this year. FBLA participated not only in activities to benefit others, but also in state and district conventions. The club sold "pumpkin grams" in October and collected Christmas goodies for needy families. january found members going to the district convention and bringing home a number of top honors. Win- ners included Kaye Patterson, Karen Bonds, Amy DeVito, Russel Kost, Becky Miner, Mairi Boley, Karyn Young, Stan Parish, Kim Bowman, and Kim Kidd was elected District XI vice-president for the 82-83 school year. Mairi, Stan, Kaye, Karyn, and Russel advanced to state competition where Kaye took second in Office Procedure, Russell took third in Business Math II, Mairi took second place in Accounting I, Stan took fifth in Mr. FBLA and Karyn earned fourth place in Accounting II. Striving for more communications and fellowship throughout the business department, the AHS FBLA gave students the opportunity to develop their leadership abilities. Of- ficers included Janette McPherson, who served as president, Amy Robins, vice-president, Vanessa Washington, secretary, and Becky Miner, Stan Parish, and Dorothy Cutler, social chairmen. IAQ FBLA State Winners include Karyn Young, Russel Kost, and Kaye Patterson. U35 President of FBLA,jeannette McPher- son conducts a meeting to plan the up- coming picnic. QCX Mr. and Mrs. Max Kidd discuss future plans as Mrs. Sara Williamson "munches out" at the FBLA picnic. IDD FBLA members, Mariyln Young, Jeannette McPherson, Carolyn Young, Martha Moon, Dorothy Cutler, Robynne Thaxton, Nancy Burton, and Becky Miner enjoy their annual picnic in September at Vandergriff park. 128 ORGANIZATIONS it ,r EVM - , S ii? -.He .r 0 -- it AT Cl ORGANIZATIONS 129 Interact, YGC provide service The Youth Guidance Council and the Interact Club were organized for students who were interested in help- ing and providing services for others. Both clubs worked for the betterment of their community. YGC was respon- sible for all prayers given at football games and sponsored tutoring for students needing help. They also col- lected all sorts of goods for the Paris tornado victims. Interact provided ser- vices for the community. They hosted a Christmas party at Watson's Nursing home and made tray favors for Meals on Wheels. Leading the YGC this year were president, Tom Wilsong vice president, Mike McLaughling secretaryftreasurer, Rob Nolang sunshine chairman, Dee Dee Asl-:ewg and tutoring chairman, Nancy Norris. Heading up Interact were president, Kim Kiddg vice- president, Diane CdeBacag secretary, Suzi Santerellig and treasurer, Carolyn Young. CA, Interact members, Anne Toxey, Darla Askew, and Kim Kidd, pitch in to keep AHS clean and beautiful by polishing the trophies in the trophy case. QBJ Youth Guidance Council members, Dee Dee Askew, Nancy Norris, and Donald Baldwin, gather clothes for the Paris tor- nado victims. 150 ORGANIZATIONS -b -u 5 Z 3 fs at Club maintains resource area Winning first place in the Senior Audio-visual contest at district, the Library Club worked together to maintain a smoothly-functioning learning resource center for all students and teachers. The AHS Library Club sponsored by Mrs. Pat Moses, participated in many activities this year. They had a putt-puttfpizza party and a Christmas party. The students attended the District Conference of the Teen-Age Library Associaton in Everman, and worked as boosters at Six Flags for two weekends. For Christmas the club donated 3375 to "Arlington Senior Citizens Home-Delivered Meals." Library Club officers were presi- dent, Louann Lee, vice president, Lin- da Ratliffg and secretary, Georgia Fairchild. fAj Louann Lee, president of AHS Library Club, displays her winning poster in the District VII TALA Audio-visual contest. QBQ Mrs. Virginia Coker, Linda Ratliff, Mrs. Pat Moses, Amy Kennedy, Mike Car- tier, John Kennedy, Kathy Olsen, Georgia Fairchild, Donna Gooch, Brenda Garza and Susan Hill celebrate Christmas with fun, food, and games.fCj Georgia, Susan, Louann, and Linda get ready for a swim at the water gardens. QD, Members of the Library Club, Georgia, Mrs. Moses, Linda, Susan, Louann, Donna, and Mike have a good "ole" time at Crystal's Pizza in Ft. Worth. Chancery Club . . . Cosmetology . . . Para-Med . . Career interest clubs help students decide on jobs To help students decide on possi- ble job fields, Arlington High School offered several clubs to help students decide. Three of these clubs were the Chancery, ,Cosmetology, and Para- Medical Clubs. The Chancery Club was started this year by Senior Wendy Miles, who also served as president. Vice president was joel Patterson, and Alicia Stone served as secretary. Stated founder Wendy, "we got off to a slow start, but I feel that we accomplished something." Cosmetology Club members went to district competition in Ft. Worth, where they carried away several awards. They also sold cubic key rings and headbands at the Colt County Fair. Officers were Kristen Krotz, presi- dent, Tammy Baker, vice president, Kristi Taylor, treasurer, Michelle Santerre, reporter, Mary Kay Alton, Sergeant-at-Armsg Karri Scott, historian, Janice Phillips, secretary, and Vickijohnson, parliamentarian. Para-Medical Club was for students interested in the medical field. They heard talks by Dr. Ewing Cooley, a phychologist, and Veterinarian, Dr. R. M. Sanders. Para-Med members had a games booth at the Colt County Fair. They also sold popcorn jars, salt shakers, and Para-Med T-shirts. Of- ficers included Pete Lecca, presidentg Karen Little, vice president, Keren Hixon, secretaryg and Donna Harwell, social chairman. 132 ORGANIZATIONS 'Xi sun Q 'M Ulu A un 1 x if Qlalfav 3 -I . . . s-- r. tt- , Y 2 "" 1 Wm, 1 , "" " . K .... L-a f Kffz.:.v-'- 4,5222 ,- 112- fsglt-S Ng-ua 11. 11 ..ff-m sg, y"5s':f3 1473--11,,-A at gf: Qwk r 'gf 1 --ig: if ,, i 11ki.f.-g355 - 1 5,11 , 1 13:1 - --afzagafiiis.-rf i-1 -i ---- .iq--s ,xi 1 ' ' ' Hp' A 1. t ---- 1 ' ' 1 ' f"2f'411y11'fP-i Neff 4..if5g1V.Qa'-5!',3f -':- i' E'5gI-153 . 1 ' 'fi' V' JF?-A 5152 - 11 , 11 ' ' 1 1 1 ll of as 151+ 1 " ,,-.y5?, 535391 11 . . .. 1, '11 :gi 11 E 1 1 , M f l l rf -- - 1 ' 1 1 1 11 1,11 , 1 1 --ill ' ' 1 1111 1 at - 1 1 . '1 ' rf . . 11 K Y 'K If "1 ., t1 1 " . 1 ' . 1 " - 1: - K 11 1 tt at 1 H 1 '1 ' 1 , 1 '21 ' 'I 1 ,l " ! K Q X N l K -if -Q 1' V '1 ' ' 1' 1 1 1 C 11 gig. n 1 1 1 1 '- '::-eel '. Q1 1- 5::::-sL:--f-1'1:-neg' 'E., - .g egggyf-S' 11 kkkk 7g5.,,ge.Zg:::.'f-:::2:52 sfsfi -- 5if5::i'Q'?'Q15 1 17i:t 11 i - ' 1 1 E '1 ' 1 H 1111- 1 1 in Sl? ...f:Q.gf15- ,, ..1Q511-.:ta.:g..11gi.11:ft1ra1f.fv. "" 1 r :tg '- 5 - I 11 ' fI1tl'?3":1t- 'Y 'V ' uarii . : Vfi'L:ffZsS'.:i I'J-1I5iI4SEfs:"!?:72":E?JgS:3E'S'i19--1Wi'ifl J 1' if qifxii '1..:-41.1-, t--1151-5551-il 5?s:'l:S:Q11Q " 'E '1 1 1 'll ' 5,353 1 H1 Y '--- . S F I-5J:121if,:S1i21255fs95fi'3T5i5!E??EE5i:55-:SSEESQTZ'f5i3??f-.2755 ' .'E:1,.:-kg:-,fp-J1?:55f'ff , l , 1 E ' i't'1--if-!'f'l 1 11 -1:-:A-2'111-F55-7,a:,11v 4 1:31.-",: V1:-11--f-553:55-1'r-ff" P'1g-::11'i'f'11'.1T5'2i,f'11E':'f"J ""' L Efifgg- ---' J fs ' .... 1 '1i..ji5l?:.11I . r 'f szz f Y ' 1 'j Chan ,je-ff I. If'iiflsisfe-5zlfssieire-lf,- i 'Nw as-'09 MM Lg 1.. , i .wh LLXLg ' I ' 1 VVVV .. sf sl-,,,..-t K s X1 tt x f at, BT fAj Para-Medical members, john Barry, Karen Little, Diana Roblyer, join other members in making plans for the Colt County Fair. fBj Wendy Miles tells joel Patterson her plans for the newly founded Chancery Club. QCJ AHS VICA members host Sam Houston VICA members at their annual joint meeting. QDH jay Dickens, Keren Hixon, Cynthia Sylvester, and Karen Little listen to Dr. Ewing Cooley of Metro Counseling talk about dreams. ORGANIZATIONS 153 FHA...FFA...ROTC.. Club activities range from fundraising to parties Students enrolled in homemaking, agriculture, or aerospace courses were offered an opportunity to get to know one another better through club activities. Future Homemakers of America, provided extra training and extra cur- ricular activities in the field of home economics. During the fall FHA held a covered dish dinner and a pizza party. The annual Senior Citizens Dance was held at AHS and decorations were provided by the Arlington High FHA. The Arlington Future Farmers of America strove for agricultural educa- tion of the public, training leadership through parliamentary procedure, practice in public speaking, and recreational activites for its members. Sponsored by Mr. Kevin Hamilton and Mr.j. W. Brown, FFA officers in- cluded Rusty Phillips, president, Ken- ny Hughes, vice president, Dale Latham, treasurer, Larie Williams, reporter, Ty Vaughn, sentinel, Phil Harvey, student advisorg Ken Hu- bard, parliamentariang jeff Hutchison, chapling and Steve Perkins, historian. FPAers participated in the State Fair, Ft. Worth and Houston livestock shows, the national FFA convention and the state convention. The local chapter won the Superior Chapter Award. ROTC members had a busy year entering drill competition, going on field trips, and being of service to the school. ROTC members provided the color guard for PTA meetings and acted as guides during open house. They competed in the Birdville, UTA, andjudson Drill competitions. The group was led by Captain George Williams, commander, and Second Lt. Rhonda Coates, executive officer. 134 ORGANIZATIONS fAj Lewis Crow directs a parent on open house night. fBj Rusty Phillips, president of FFA presents Mr. Tommy Vandergriff with Honary Chapter Farmer Degree. fCj FHA entertains senior citizens at a Valen- tines dance. fDj Ken Hubbard shows his heifer at the FFA - 4-H Project show. QED The queens court at the ROTC Military ball gets ready for the Coronation. ORGANIZATIONS DE...HECE...HOSA... Students find activities through school program Along with the hard work that comes with the vocational education program at AHS, students still found time for fun club activities. Health Occupations Student Association KHOSAJ, Distributive Education Club CDECAJ, Home Economics Cooperative Education QHECED each kept their members busy. HOSA participated in both area and state competitions, walking away with numerous awards. Placing in state were Debbie Loazna, Suzanne Barrett, Laurel jentgen, Suzanne Ris- ing, Robin Goode, Gretchen Polhemus, Amy Dunlap, and Doris AT T 7 C 1 Arbelaez. The club also held a blood pressure screening at PTA, sold first aid kits, - i and Christmas candy-grams, and at the Colt County Fair they sold pizza. Suzanne Barrett and Suzanne Rising were named "Most Deserving HOE Students" at the HOE Banquet. DECA members took part in the Glen Rose Leadership Lab as well as area, state and national contests. Bumper stickers and DECA candy bars were sold at the fair and members held the DE olympics and a car wash. Kynda Carter led the club this year along with Maureen Dillon, vice presi- dentg Lou Winchester, secretary, and ' Yvonne Dillon, reporter. I HECE students had their share of activities, also. Tammy White and Sandy Schwettmann both placed in the club's state convention. A garage sale was held at Traders Village in ad- dition to a combined Halloween party with Sam Houston HECE students. The annual employerfemployee ban- quet climaxed the year. QAJ HECE members Carol Smith, Lisa Odom, and Sandy Schwettmann concen- ' trate on their class project. QBQ Lori Seal waits patiently in a HOSA line at the Colt County Fair. fCj Kim Bowman smiles pro- udly as she shows off her DE trophy. KDJ Mrs. Gloria Dunbar and HOSA member ' M' Margret Olson sell pizza during the Colt County Fair. 136 ORGANIZATIONS V W5 ORGANIZATIONS 137 OEA...CVAE... Leadership develops through participation program Striving to develop leadership abilities through participation in educationl, vocational, civic, recrea- tional and social activities, Office Education Association COEAJ and Coordinated Vocational Academic Education, CVAE participated in many activities this year. OEA members, led by president Mike Smith, attended the OEA Leadership Conference in Denton and the Area I West Region Leadership Conference. The club also planned breakfasts and had a large Christmas project for needy families. CVAE participated in the area and state leadership workshops, area and state contests, and many social ac- tivities such as collecting paperback books for veterans and having a Thanksgiving dinner for a needy family. Awards received by CVAE members went to Anita Wilson, who was elected Area State Representative and state treasurer for VOCT and to Teri Arnold who was elected to repre- sent Area II at Wimberly for a workshop. fAj OEA members Cindi Walton, Denea Crump, Mary Swor, Janis Mikeska, and Mike Smith attend Officer Training Workshop at North Texas State University in Denton. QBQ CVAE members Paul Cefa- ly, Monica Forbes, janet Spears, Mark Neal, George Ryder, Anita Wilson, and Teri Arnold display their contest notebooks. 138 ORGANIZATIONS Choraliers Administration Officer: AFS President: Mike Palmer Vice President: Greg Barry Secretary-Treasurer: Wendy Miles Art Club President: Kathy Singletary Vice President: Mike Kegley Secretary-Treasurer: Lauri Lindley Historian: Danny Bindel Band President: Tommy Curbo Vice President: Leland Simpson Secretary: Keri Dublin Quartermasters: Doug Arnold and Greg Dunnihoo Chaplain: Rob Noland Librarians: Lisa Strother, Kym Waddell, and Cindy Murray Drum Majors: Senior Ken Spence junior Kyle Pope Chamber Singers Chairmanzjulianne Raines President: Doug Barber Vice President fSocialj:janette McPherson Vice President iAdministrativej: Dorothy Cutler and Tom Wilson Secretary-Treasurer: Martha Moon The Colt Editor:john Uribe Managing Editor: Alicia Stone Editorials Editor: Scott Moffett Opinions Editor: Kevin Weaver Features Editor: Kirsten Dietz Entertainment Editor: Kelly Ivey Sports Editor: Freddy Loeber Spons Writers: Kevin Weaver and Gray Matlock Advertising Manager: Rhonda Patton Photographers: Kerry Nowell, Rory Day, Tracey Williams, Christine Spoor, Todd Morgan, and Todd Green Colt Corral Editor: Wendy Miles Honors Editor: Darryl Eng Activities Editor: Annie Loynachan Assistant Activities Editorzjeannine Dreke Organizations Editor: Darci Paredes Assistant Organizations Editor: Cheryl Oldham Sports Editor, Susan Moore Assistant Sports Editorzjeff Caffey Classes Editors: Susan Garth, Robbin Shawn, and Stacey Knight Advertising Manager: Karyn Young Faculty Editor:-joel Patterson Copy Editor, Tara Clawson Index Editor: Kristen Kielstrup Colt Kickers Captaimjuliejones Lieutenants: Tammie Stewart, Debbie Eaton, Teresa Edmonson, andjan Grimsley Fall Lieutenants: Alicia Stone and Laura Smith Concert Choir President: Scott Richardson Vice President: Leslie Suggs Secretary-Treasurer: Gwee Bender DECA President: Kynda Carter Vice President: Maureen Dillon Secretary: Lou Winchester Reporter: Yvonne Dillon FBLA Presidennjanette McPherson Vice President: Amy Robinson Secretary: Vanessa Washington Treasurer: Martha Moon Social Committee: Dorthy Cutler, Becky Miner, Stan Parish, and Steve Schiller Club Index FFA President: Rusty Phillips Vice President: Kenny Hughes Treasurer: Dale Latham Reporter: Larie Williams Sentinel: Ty Vaughn Student Advisor: Phil Harvey Parliamentarian: Ken Hubbard Chaplainzjeff Hutcheson Historian: Steve Perkins FHA President: Lorrie Hankes Vice President: Lorie Hightower Secretary: Melinda Eaves Treasurer: Kim Yusaf Publicity: Christine Rendia French Club President: Wendy Miles Vice President: Donna Harwell Secretary: Alicia Stone Treasurer: Nancy Norris Ambassadorszjackie Mance and Shelia Singh Counselors: Rene Matsler and jeff Cannon Parliamentarian: Mary Swor Sergeant-at-Arms: judyjustice Orchestra Presidents: Tom Hussey andjohn Saleebey Vice President: Darci Paredes Secretary: Leslie Suggs Treasurer: Pam johnson Photojournalism Larry IaBlanc, Todd Green, Kerry Nowell, Rory Day, Williams, Christine Spoor, and Todd Morgan Quill and Scroll President: Wendy Miles Vice President: Gray Matlock Secretary: Kevin Weaver T reasurer: joel Patterson Historian: Darryl Eng Boys Social Chairman: Freddy Loeber Girls Social Chairman: Ann Loyanchan Reporter: Kirsten Dietz ROTC Squadron Commander: cfMajot Lisa jones German Club President: Walter Evans Vice President: Markjoeckel SecretaryfTreasuret:jenny Mann HECE President: Tammy White Secretary: Kathy Broyles Deputy Squadron Commander: cfCpt. Lewis Crow Operations Officer: cfC pt.john Kennedy "A" Flight Commander: cfMSgt.janetjones "B" Flight Commander: cfCpt. MaDora Burks "C" Flight Commander: cf2Lt, Rhonda Coates "E" Flight Commander: cf2Lt. Tommy Dunn Squadron First Sergeant: cfMSgt. Patsy Harris Personnel Officer: cfCpt. Dora Burks cfSSgt, Amy Kennedy Historian: Sandy Schwettman Advisory Council Representative: Rhonda Marusak Honor Society Fall Semester President: Anne Toxey Spring Semester President: Becky Miner Vice President: Brent Magnuson Secretary: Doris Arbelaez Treasurer: Roshell Wade Reportenjohn Uribe Fall Semester Girls Social Chairman: Cathy Dunning Spring Semester Girls Social Chairman: Martha Moon Fall Semester Boys Social Chairman: Bob Flynn Spring Semester Boys Social Chairman:jeff Lawson HOSA President: Suzanne Rising Vice President: Gretchen Polhemus Secretary: Suzanne Hoag Treasurer: Doris Arbelaez Sentinel: Suzanne Barrett Parliamentarian: Kim Leasor Reporter: Doug Arnold Historianzjoe Brown Interact President: Kim Kidd Vice President: Diane CdeBaca Secretary: Suzi Santarelli Treasurer: Carolyn Young Latin Club President: Mary Foley Vice President: Patricia Pacillio Secretary: Heather Foster Library Club President: Louann Lee Vice President: Linda Ratliff Secretary: Georgia Fairchild Para-Med President: Peter Lecca Vice President: Karin Little Secretary: Keren Hixon Social Chairman: Donna Harwell OEA President: Mike Smith Secretary: Kathy Blakely Treasurer: Denea Crump Reporter:janie Mikeska Historian: Cindi Walton Librarian: cf1Lt. Golden Adams Logistics: cf2Lt, Rhonda Coates Finance: cf2Lt. Tommy Dunn Information: cf1Lt. Dawn Kerruish Color Guard Commander: cf2Lt. Tommy Dunn Drill Team Commander: cf2Lt. Rhonda Coates Spanish Club President: Kris Martin Vice President: Scott Thompson Secretary: Tatiana Alkhazaschvilly Spanish I Club President: Vinny Lecca Vice President: Barbara Williams Secretary: Mary Beth Tompkins Student Council President: Dee Dee Askew Vice President: Richie Miller Sectetary:janis Mikeska Treasurer: Tiffany Naughton Thespians President: Melanie Morgan Vice Presidentzjim Cecil Secretary: Rochelle Gillett Treasurer: Lisa Burke Historian: Robert Obtegon VICA President: Kristin Krotz Vice President: Tammy Baker Secretaryzjana Phillips Treasurer: Kristi Taylor Reporter: Michelle Santerre Sergeant-at-Arms: Mary Kay Allen Parliamentarian: Vickyjohnson VOCF President: Teri Arnold Vice President: Robert Welch Secretary: Anita Wilson Treasurers: Monica Forhes and Allison Kelly Sergeant-at-Armszjanet Spears YGC President: Tom Wilson Vice President: Mike McLaughlin Secretary-Treasurer: Rob Nolan Sunshine Chairman: Dee Dee Askew Tutoring Chairman: Nancy Norris Tracey 140 I S P O R T S c n E9 o 2 -vc -u o I" Ve Q -u E cn .fi Q 0 -'a 'E Running backs include ffrontj Calvin McKenzie,-jeff Field, Mark Rhodes fmiddlej Robert Bloom, Bruce Kunz fbackj Blake Hyde, Coach Gerald Richey, and Pat Woodruff. A .Q 'S '5 Receivers include ffrontj Brian Galis, Billy Martin, Greg Carver, Brent Thompson fmiddlej Cody Smith, Richie Harder, Randy Schneider fbackj Clay Kelley,-john Pack, Steve johnson, Nathan Sewell, and Coachjohn Moore, 142 SPORTS L hd Quarterbacks include ffront eff Lawson fbackj Mark Mattlage and Charlie Grimm. C Called by Coach Mike O'Brien "a great group of players, who were committed to becoming district champs the 1981 Colt football team proved what they were made of as they captured the 8 5A district crown, and in dorng so finished with an im- pressrve overall record of 8-2 and district tally of 5 1 skilled assistants were determined to turn the team rnto a contender after a disappointing 3 3 district finish in the 80 season The team started off the season with a 200 pounding of Arlington Heights The Colts then travelled to Fort Worths Clark Stadium, where, led by rumor Pat Woodruff, the squad fought their way to a 14-7 victory over Eastern Hills The third victory came when the Tigers from Irving travelled to Cravens Field where the Colts easily handed them a 24 6 beating. Known as one of the best teams in the state the Iewisville Farmers were the opponents m the Colts' pre-season finale After battling the Farmers through the first half and taking a 15- 14 lead into half-time the Colts fell when Lewisville scored what was to be the winning touchdown early in the third quarter. When the gun sounded the scoreboard read Lewisville 20 Colts 15, and gave the Colts their first loss. QAQ Mike King, Mike Sulzen, Mark oeckel, and Paul Frye smother a Lewisville Farmer. SPORTS 145 Committed players capture District 8-5A crown CCM Simi mg with his U , , A J New UTA stadium hosts Colt victory over Sam Cross-town rival, Sam Houston, im- planted new tradition for the Colts when they played their district opener on UTA's new Maverick stadium. The AHS team adapted to the new surrounding very quickly as the Colt defense led the team to a slashing 18-6 victory over the Texans. Offensive StartS of the win were seniors jeff Lawson and Steve johnson who con- nected for two touchdowns. The "big night," Homecoming, was next as the Colts faced the foes from Burleson. Excellent showings from both the offense and defense proved to be too much for the Elks as they were shut out by an overwhelm- ing score of 38-0. The Homecoming victory was highlighted by a fantastic perfor- mance from Lawson who carried for 106 yards and threw for 57 more. After a week layoff, the well rested Colt team travelled to Birdville Stadium to meet a tough squad from Haltom. Senior jack Dombroski set up the first Colt score by recovering a Buf- falo fumble. The recovery was soon followed by a Bruce Kunz one-yard run. The momentum soon changed as the Buffaloes took the lead in the third quarter and it remained that way until tailback Mark Rhodes rambled over for the winning touchdown with only 40 seconds remaining. The defense held and in doing so gave the Colts a 3-0 district lead into the se- cond half of play. QAQ Field goal kicker Brad Burgess con- centrates on Billy Martin's hold for another three points. QB, With the aid of Steve Shiller, Quarterback jeff Lawson sweeps outside on a quarterback sneak. Tony Coney Prescott Coleman David Creek ack Yarbrough Coach Mike Stovall fbackj Mark oeckel Brian Polhemus Mike Sulzen Paul Frye and Mike Foster efensive backs include ffrontj Richard Apel David Brewer Greg Ticknor Brad Burgess fmiddlej Brad ones Mike Williamson Dan Hou ngton fbackj Bill Barney Jack Dombrmki Moody Alexander Blake Hyde and Coach Larry W adiworth SPORTS 145 Members of the forcing unit include ffrontj Randy Hinson, David Blackstock, Mike Kingkleff Pollard, Eddie Fields, fmiddlej Tim Eidson, 3 5 , ,J Q ' J' ' , if , ' - , ' .E Ei w 1: as Members of the offensive line include ffrontjjim Dickenson,jeff Perry, Ken McCray, David Reimer fmiddlej Richie Miller, Lee Maurer, Bra McGinnis fbackj Steve Shiller,-Ieff Keith, Brian Wheeler, and Tommy Stinson. vi -. is an 'ci as E Members of the coafhing staff include ffrontj jim Shewmal-ze, Ben Bailey, Qmiddlej jerry Fisher, Mike O'Brien, Gerald Richey fbackj Larr Wadsworth, Andy Lester,john Moore, and Mike Stovall. 146 SPORTS 2 i Green salvages rainy win over Bowie Volunteers .Q l l l S' in A , .. , Mig . i .. , .-,' , 1,--.f 'fer il A r r . .r., ,rzr T s. X ,WXW L t ,QQ5 K if aural. i l 4 lsr 355--I' ' " . . .,.. . r wx, T . . yt Ill, ik , , .: .ljgw .,,.,. . rr24"r iizr , at if f i ,, ,.,' L . . 1- 5:.,v:-- .- si ,r,. Y , :s--"5 -s, iv Q f , gba' is E' rl. 'Q .V,,, '.,, ,,.r,.l . Qg,,Q 1 1 ki a t 5 l if t ll -x ' - as Eri k r-, rg . . 1 Ill l iii 1 aa' if a ll jj? 'i 0: .pk ri .Q iaamw J A so Zwyfgaav if W W 'ln W .2 1 Q, A ...... ?-fmaqs W Warm ia, W ....... M , fy :iw ...W 1.--. AM I M if Cl, A M W -M me N- X ,QM g . -Q-J, ,K A 7 fa V J ' Q W a f a H M 256 aa-an -- lisa me s he ' -Q-W .,... sms. in 1 - "W"-..w. 4 W im iw: W 4 --wanna PH" M L A -au. W M Q. Q0 ' T N ,4 :B-1' MM an ,W A , gb WWW 'I an A Q 'W-" V 42 A A j -mfg 5 , Qibfafa. " '-- 75. 'WW M - J, Q-fake' xml 'W ' ' " H " f j 'glam' 7 nr f . MM? . S A A ' MW Wu A A wiv-Zi, V, W W ka. ' I M-. 'W'- , me -we -9 AQ ee v L M mxa 4 M... 'WM A ...M M -f ., 'Lump c In 'M W W W A A , U' M 'W M H3 rg .i ff W - Q , nw W., M QQ M as M- "- e , mem .. 4 -nu W ?W ' ' 'l ' om' 4 - Mgffw ' 'WP ,Vg Mmm M A sm. .W M ' C 3a,Z,a,. W' mmrgffe LMTWY rg 'WW' ' , ummm WW , , aw. ,mg W M fr M ee' me WMWJW' ff- mn ,Q , .. "' 'ff a a - -V-1-1 ,1.-, 25, 552 T B o Z 33 54 The excitement ended after the Haltom game as the Colts took on a very confident Bowie Volunteer team. Due to the rainy conditions, the game was all defense as the Colts held the Vols to a total of only 97 yards. The Vol defensive effort was almost as im- pressive as it held the Colts to a nonexistent passing attack and to a minimal running game. The only score of the game came when middle linebacker Paul Frye picked off a Troy Clanton pass and dashed 49 yards for the lone touchdown. Apparently some of the Colt players must not have heard Coach O'Brien tell them "don't take the Rebels lightly" even though the Richland team was having a disap- pointing season, as the Colts were blown out by a dismal score of 29-0. The loss put the Colts out of the tie for first in district 8-SA with rival Lamar, but the loss made possible a district showdown with the Vikes for the crown the ensuing Friday. QAj Sidestepping jeff Lawson's block, junior Pat Woodruff heads for the goal line. SPORTB 4 The showdown was set, Arlington against arch-rival Lamar for the 8-SA crown. A packed house at Cravens Field cheered the Colts on to a 31-6 victory and a title which had eluded them for several years. The Colts took command from the beginning as the offense, led by seniors jeff Lawson, Bruce Kunz, and Mark Rhodes tallied over 400 yards. The defense, which was highlighted with excellent performances by Cap- tains Mike Sulzen and Mike Foster, held the "awesome" defense of the Vikes to a disgraceful 33 yards on the night. The AHS offense, which had been "sleeping" in previous weeks woke up, as they tore gaping holes in the Lamar defense and successfully moved the ball up and down the field. Rhodes capped off the opening drive with a 1-yard run around right end. Topping off a 73-yard drive, quarterback Lawson rannbled around left end for another Colt touchdown. Opening up the second half, Charlie Grimm added to the Colt margin with an 18-yard field goal. Kunz continued the AHS scoring with an 18-yard sprint, which was the conclusion of another 75-yard Colt drive. With only 5:42 remaining, junior fullback Robert Bloom burst through a huge hole in the line to finish the scoring. The only bleak moment for the Colts came after an interference call on Blake Hyde which set up the only Viking score. The win put the Colts into a bi- district face-off with Fort Worth's Eastern Hills. fAj Fullback Bruce Kunz searches for an opening in the Lamar defense. fBj Kunz stumbles for extra yards in the bi-district game against Eastern Hills. QCD Senior Brian Polhemus wraps Lamar's quarter- back in a crucial play. QDJ Like a profes- sional, Mark Rhodes breaks a tackle while Guard Richie Miller wards off a potential Highland tackler. 148 SPORTS 'It's been a good season - it just ended too soon' The district championship was well-accepted and the excitement soon began to build for the bi-district game against Eastern Hills. The game proved to be the last for the Colts as the boys in blue and grey defeated AHS by a score of 34-27. "We had them stopped," stated Coach Mike O'Brien but they made the big play and we didn't, that was the difference." The ground game, as it had done all year, performed excellently as the team pounded out 309 yards. The ma- jority ofthe yardage came from the workhorses of Bruce Kunz, who gain- ed 176, and Mark Rhodes, who finish- ed with a 116. The Colts opened up the game with two quick touchdowns, one resulting from a Highlander special team error. Eastern Hills soon answered with a 65-yard TD bomb which closed the gap on the Colts' lead. The gap was closed even more when Hills' quarter- back Vincent Spruell rambled in from 6 yards out right before half to make the margin only two points. Things began to go down hill for the Colts on the opening kickoff of the second half. Hills' running back Gary Lockett ran 75 yards for the go- ahead touchdown. AHS soon answered back and re-took the lead as Kunz capped off a long drive with a 7-yard run. After the Highlanders again took the lead with a 25-yard sprint from Spruell, the Colts made what would be their last score of the season, a 5- yard jaunt by Mark Rhodes. Hills still had one last drive left and they used it as they travelled from their own 38 and after an assortment of mistakes by the Colts, capped off the victory with a jeff Atkins 3-yard sprint. "It's been a good season - it just ended too soon" were Coach O'Brien's last words as the lights went out at Maverick Stadium on the '81 season. SPORTS 149 'QM L CWS I tm' CMS tturrs. Members of the junior varsity football squad include ffront rowj Tom Remaley, Mike McMahon, johnny Fields, Scott Franks, Nick Coney, Brad Robertson fsecond row, Todd Gafford,joey Faircloth, David Moses, Greg Chambers, Adam jones, Robert Hogg, Dean Marusak fthird rowj john Wilson, Darren I-Iayclen, Keith Smith, Tim Isakson, Steve Lee, Chuck Sponslor Cfourth rowj Rusty Garrett, Lawton Stewart, john Webb, Sean Klase, Gary Hewett,john Deller ffifth rowj Steve McNeil, Matt Egan, Steve Bosillo, Kim Rodda,jeff Huskins, Gary Rumsey fback rowj Steve Minor, Darren McDonald, and Tom Pustejovsky. K tr Now 150 SPORTS The 1981 versron of the JV football team was one of rnexperrence as the team consrsted of 32 sophomores and only four yunrors The team conclud ed the season wrth a drsapporntrng 3 7 record The Pon1es opened pre season play wrth a loss at the hands of Arlrngton Herghts The team soon regrouped and led by sophomores Chuck Sponslor and Scott Franks, were able to wrap up a 21 0 shutout agarnst Eastern Hrlls The defense was overtaken rn the next outing as the POHICS were beated 20 6 by a tough team from Irvrng The losses contrnued as the Colts fell to Lewrsvrlle and rrval Sam Houston, desprte the excellent showrng by Franks, who ran for 190 yards and four touchdowns After a brtter loss to Burleson the Colts strll could not get on track as they agarn fell to Haltom Another loss was taken when Bowre tacked a shutout on the Ponxes, plus addrng a mark by the team of erght consecutrve quarters w1thout a score Gorng rnto the last two games of the season Coach Iester was deter mrned to capture vrctorres That deter mrnatron proved to be vrtal as the Pon1es traveled to Brrdyrlle Stadrum to face the Rrchland Rebels The out come was well accepted by Coach Lester as the V squad shut out the Rebels by a margrn of 28 0 The Colts closed out the season agarnst arch rrval Lamar Led by the throwrng of quarterback Dean Marusak and the running of Franks, the team f1n1shed the year wrth an 18 0 wm over the Vrkmgs Aj Members of the yumor varsity football team burst into the new season QBQ Nicky Coney challenges two Eastern Hrlls defenders QCJ Trm Isakson wresrles an opposxng player for the ball 5 if 4 Q5 nee? ... '2f3?:'ff'.Q1ri m5,1?P,zi.ff."'rs'es -S:2ffa'sfLsas. W fe .1 re? ' . 1 sgxxwx ,.,g1,-x,,1.W.Y11.11 -.. gf--15. ..1,s,..Txa,tta,2.1 1...sga...fg,.wat.gkaii...,,.s ,, ,1g,Q,,93..gg1gSTqE aagswg X 1 i fi? 1 f V' f F ff." rm I: 'I E5-i15fs7:1f1'fW -SWE. tis f - sw Q 'am' Qeyawafgrl :F , 1 a - , ..., 1 ..1a..w. -, -.H .. 114- 1.1, .:is-1'.gwg.s1,--f1a..fe:t 1 ,, K,. f:rgs --e.gag2i1f'11?1'.1f1 x - ' f -.. .. ss ..- -1- 1. , . ..:.e1.s--.J1 11 ..1....agr.-fm sss .11 'f.1.f,..-g--fart,-H'S ...g1,.s2tsz121aQ?'v1ef1..eQ... -' , , . sssf ssfs ' ' Halwm rtrr 1:ifw5ii setr :Q 1,.fQ..f.Q tty , 1 1, 1 t.,,, ...', . -- ,, .1-. fa -. . :.t 1 ..t. BOWIE..--ff ,ri i:1':1.f 121-.f,1--1 Irl r... ,s.1 Rrzshlaadf 1 sssra - - ,, . .1 ..,. ,, ,, . 1 ,..,, '11 .....,. :gay :fist E za 1,i.s.5Zs12s1522:121S'Sis? "r,'.fi7:5?v'iffzT:i'i'jg1r..s1-.15---5-f,31'111 :,,t..ff, ' -- ---- 1' N ff '1 Q' at ' xv I -ini ,ee - 1: 1 -1. 1 1, f 1 5' f P 1 1 -- s ' ag ' -f 1 X V, , .... 1 H 52:-if 1' 2:5 L' 11"-i'f ,, .. , . 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I 1 l : l E' W O ,Z F Q A C ff dans rf1'fr11r:1ew's11 Y ,fagffef are gf if mae sw, Jw 115 if 1 was we saws .gs,P,11af11a1f 2f"5e,,1aegl erm' ,gpm gg-Q arsgaxsstxg 11 Mya w 1 M, M111 Masta uza1ie111a11ef11 JfKs1f1q at 11, 5 eat 3111 ,ii A t.,1,1t,,1as1a111111-wewan Paw 1 31, 3.1, were 11311, 1 sw Mwg t, Seat 3, G1 Zffq,12a1 My , 1, rsf-fa af? ,a1.f1Q1iMt1gt11 3 A Q 551,28 11,11 111 ev 1 ,fefamt 1a11t,w Ektwfff , 12 wfirstii 1,,aM:ft1s gy ft Q .W1Q"'Xee2sf 'Mia W' st K wirif tl i, , Egafsfew 3 1 gg naw, ggsawwh 35.1112 S fe gay E' www ,Qtek gf' .mag Mg 1M 1 SM, na 113111 A F ea smut 1 aa ,rf,1a1 was 11 8 rmaaf 1 Q s.aa11f1 f at M11 55511 1 1 U VW, mr W 3 ltr M1 F532 Sasaki' alxigf KJ' M5 as '1sjt'fkfy1i 1 taxa -515356111 at 1 if 5? a ykk 's at 3 is as we we at 11 rf 1 E 1 It , . 1 we 1 1 at 11 M rt sf ff ii aiu? ss aj as k fa sl ay 4815 4 To 3521 Kwik L 'L baggy ga Mawerasirl 3? KK! l as INR as f E M 91 '1 f 515 HQ 11 1 3 a11?i1xiijx5'sg ijt 1 gag bag yea SEM fe 15' at 1? il 5 1 f s by Egg SA Q 4, 1111 13 5 as 2219 sxagafgg 15 s it 5 L mb 5 1 ,rf 9 af 31318 we ar 511 ug fy Wav t 331255 , 5, 1 , it as 1 gs, r Wi 55, L 552, QA rs QQXJ is I fa 1 5 14 as li 1 S 5 as .,, rr J S 35 1 s fel 1, W 331214 if is ft lil 8 1? 5 iii 'B wtf is 5 ss ' his 9 ft'2a1 112?1??2 at 18 f H -ef ar 1 11 9 we R Wt Y L? " are 3 8 511 -1 139' 2515 ll as ri ft to lr 1 l 931 12 N 1 gig kg swf, 4 3 they 11 WE s 51399235 2 36 is 55 35. 5 V sig? fr a 2 Vmrat C s 1, s A lsr 1, va 1 'SE is 1 'Ui 333311 XM :A if 45 'gif lair 5 s S is 5 N H W3 1 F S ray 31 1 e 1 is A 1 T ta 121295 1 t gg? 1 as .,, :1 S , 4 s 5 H ft. f 1 is 5 'I ..... r.. . ,,,, .... 11 ,, , : . .... - 1 -- , 1, .125-1 s-19195579111 J .... 115- :s1'vF" 1: 5.1.1-'1-'f.:EEf 515111 . nrwusumsmnsnurqnnmmmm mumummwnvt Colts capture first place at Birdville tournament With the return of only one starter from the '80 season, the volleyball team was still able to add another year of volleyball excellence to the annuals of Colt history. In preparation for the '81 season, Coach Lynda Bradham entered the squad in a series of competitive tournaments. First on the list was the Arlington Classic tournament, where a weak at- tack hurt the spikers. The bright spot for the team was a good defense plus the All-Tournament honors presented to co-captain Mary Viner. The losses continued for the spikers as they traveled to Duncanville and after losing a close match to Ellison in the first round, the Colts were pitted against the reigning state champs from Big Spring. AHS fell by scores of 15-3 and 15-4. just like all Colt teams, the spikers soon asserted themselves and in their next outing at the Birdville tourna- ment, the squad was faultless and cap- tured the first place trophy. All- Tournament honors were given to Mary along with juniors Laura McDonald and Kathy Pyle. With the conclusion of pre-season, the team moved right into district play where they repeated last year's record of 9-3. The loss to Bowie in the opener was a tough break for the team. The Colts soon rebounded and claimed sweeping victories over Richland and Lamar. Even though in the next outing Haltom handed the spikers their second loss, they gained their composure and rattled consecutive victories over Sam Houston and Burleson. The team finished up the first half of the district play with a record of 4-2 and a tie for second place with rival Sam Houston. fAj Laura McDonald bumps the ball as Kathy Pyle and Mary Viner lend en- couragement. KBJ During pregame prac- tice, junior Shelly Sulzen digs a spike. CCQ Seniors Mary Viner and Amy Shemwell carefully listen to Coach Bradham's in- structions. QDQ Laura concentrates on sen- ding back a dink. A B Aa yr rf 1. ". 152 sPoRTs Y nik 40" embers of the varsity volleyball team are ffrontj Diane Powell Sandy Faussett Darlene Hammond Wendy Gathany Kathy Pyle Laura McDonald fbackj jenna Lambert anette McNutt Amy Shemwell Kathy Chapman Mary Vmer Beth Norrls Shelly Sulzen Connie Sudduth nd Coach Lynda Bradham 'E 5 to Z E EJ :A SPORTS 1571 fAj Blockers Kathy Pyle and Diane Powell stretch high in a crucial game against Bowie. KBJ Spiker Darlene Hammond slams the ball in pregame practice. QCQ Kathy and Amy Shemwell set a block in the Haltom match. fDj Sandy Faussett executes a perfect set for Laura McDonald as Kathy looks on. 154 SPORTS l Young spikers tie for first in second half of play In repetition of the first half of play, the Colts fell to Bowie in a tough three-game match. The loss motivated the girls to try harder and in their next outing they defeated a fierce Richland squad by scores of 15-9 and 15-7. The Colts were on a roll, and after decisive vic- tories over foes from Lamar and Haltom, the team was prepared to take on district contender Sam Houston. The Colts jumped out to capture the first game, but Sam fought back in the second to tie. The team from AHS proved too powerful as they took the third game. After a victory over Burleson, the Colts cap- tured a first place tie with Bowie for the second half of district action. The determined efforts of the AHS team were soon recognized and as the season ended, the awards time began. After serving as co-captain, Mary Viner was presented with All-District honors. When asked how to describe her senior season she stated, "the team was very talented and had a lot of potential." Mary felt that "there are a lot of returning juniors who will make up a strong '82 roster." The awards didn't stop with Mary. Named to the second team were juniors Laura McDonald and Kathy Pyle. Named to the Honorable Mention All-District squad were juniors Kathy Chapman and Sandy Faussett along with senior Diane Powell. Coach Lynda Bradham was pleased with the team's outstanding perfor- mances and felt that if injuries hadn't plagued the team, they could have gone all the way. SPORTS 155 junior varsity squad goes undefeated in district fAj Encouraged by Liz Kalina Kathleen Colby humps the ball over the net. B Taking on two Texans Liz fights for a point. fCj Lori Eberhardr watches anx- iously as Karen Crocker spikes the ball. 156 SPORTS R277 l i A B Z' 3 2 i c i i ae. .3 4 Girls'-IV volleyball team members include ffrontj Linda Shirilla, Kristin Colby, Lori Pyle, Diana Roblyer, Christie Cain, Lynn Sulzen, Lorijor- dan, Kathleen Colby, Susie Paussett fbackj Karen Shuck, trainer, Lori Eberhardtklane Ford, Eddi Sticht, Karen Crocker, Margaret Daugherty, aaffa , W gin W W' at gaaagyg-1-,aaa ,E 6, , swiaffw agar S65 an ra ,ig gil? wig? Wag R, 1 g Q kwa WWW3 5 752 0 aa. aa sa ZW 1 Lijgrifefifiifaliiafii ,lf -is ea 5 Gfeiffggf' fig, 9 i. af We 5 ogg Mi, M1 Zfzfffazhwiig C get W at rdf' af , aaiaaa J , A ,rx kgsa1ia,,i3 X aaa E Flew Q51 tsrwftgg, az aaawaq, ,ta eiaaaaaa re ,fa as ag MQW ir 5 4 M47 32" gg? 'Y Wea ag at ru 3? 'Q t W 5, Maja 'Z WWW W as, C r 5? 5909? 6 91193 7215502 Q faiaifmi ,X 'faw a fe 1 ' ' - nr , ,,, . 1't , .,,,,,, ,,,, W. . .. . N., itet .1'if..5'i7: in 3 i"'w'--Q-wa. ,, x - .-..,.sw'I-f'fffmia,,.:m,Me- , , sw. ..z,,,,,,,,,. f , W ..,, ,,,, ,,,, t,,,, . ..,,, ,,,, ,, , - ' - 7.51 L Z - ' JV volleyball coach Joni McCoy was quoted at the end of the '80 season saying I will be starting over in the 81 season." The team started over in style as they claimed their se- cond consecutive district title. The team was flawless in district play and finished with a district record of 12 0 and a 27-3 season. Under the junior leadership of Liz Kalina, Susie Faussett, and Kathleen Colby the squad participated in a tour- nament at R. L. Turner where they claimed third, Taking All-Tournament honors at the Richland tourney were spikers Kathleen and Susie. Coach McCoy was well pleased with the results of the season and remarked that the season was "suc- cessful not only because of the winn- ing record but also because of the Timi Greene,Liz Kalina, Annette Powell, and Karen Bryan, manager. , 1555 4 , flf:-iw-:-'ief w . ,... f, , ,f,.. ,,,....,, ., .., f , " rg :I- sea? f wfa,E:f.,,iag:J h f fffiilglfif-:wr swarm G A 1 1 2 . . ' i 5' I-"1 -:E f aa-' f", 'e:" ' 95 ifffiw' ' 5 f Q i: if , , W 'i .. f - A, at-.vary ,,.ag- if , W ,mf , , , .f,,,,,a-tr., fif - '. -5 we 4' -' ""' it - a 1 29 1' fig' giaiv f f':1"l 'mare .Y ' W as -' ' 'Ha"?!a.155, gag, , A -3 . V, 3-0 ,Ln .. -f,-gg age, E ,Q , 1 a P r 1 1 a 9 3 e -i, Zi ,ag-I 1, 3 v .W 2 ff Q at as ea L agar R Z iw vf5'5'fg-vii' 0 A A 329 af J' 4. as Zi'-ff , fa Zi., 54 f , f at Jia is f ' g f ta f fat' rg .3 , , 3 ,L 5 J xanga :gt 444,42 fury? . . we bil ana a Q 2 kaaxiaw-T i-QM E Nb A Niki ?,af?"f,,at5w, .lei fx w F, J, ,ai sb fer, 1 X Y Sjgtia, Mi Q ,5-Q, . . . 1 Si 4 M a if' . Q is f 14 xi Us is fi, 7 fe 5, i 'N a J ref W ,a 5 6, tremendous improvement of each player as well as the players learning how to work as a teamf' In "B" team action, teamwork was the key as Coach McCoy employed the utilization of all her players in the right spots to finish up with an 8-0 district finish. The squad played in tournaments at Plano and Grand Prairie, where An- nette Powell earned All-Tourney honors and in doing so helped the team earn a spot in the district JV tournament as they recorded the best "B" team record. Coach McCoy stated that "good front line play by Margaret Dougher- ty, and Timi Greene along with con- sistent all-around play by Lori Pyle, Lynn Sulzen, and jane Ford made the season successful." SPORTS 157 Sw Q 1 it BOYS CC RESULTS L'AwMAB.,, ETQTWGT N SUIT T MARKS TRI MEET ISTRICT REGIONAL A '2 B 3 ,E li lat Members of the Cross Country Team include ffrontj john Olsen, john Tucker, Steve Parker, Dick Lange,john Bowen fbackj Nathan Cask Alan Mathisklohn Hill, Mike Ashcraft, C. K. Cartwright and Rob Noland. W 158 SPORTS J W' fem ff N, 2 at soc R MESQUITE a RICHARDSON f Cartwright H1ll lead runners to Znd in district A fine cross country team is a longstanding tradition at AHS. This year's team was no exception. Even though many unfortunate accidents hampered the team physically, they withstood the hardships and earned a well-respected 2nd place in the District Meet and a 5th place in the Regional Meet. Seniors C. K. Cartwright and jon Hill led the team with high finishes throughout the year. C.K. ran to a lst place in district and a 2nd place in the regiong thus, earning him an honored spot in the state meet. There he placed 35th out of approximately 130 ofthe best runners in the state. Before being injured in a car wreck, jon placed in every meet he par- ticipated in. In the Dallas South Oak Cliff Meet, he led all runners with a 1st place. He then raced to a 5th in the Mesquite run, Sth in the Richardson run, 9th in the Lamar run, 7th in the AHS run, and 7th in thejesuit run. Backing up C.K. and ,Ion were other outstanding performances by Mike Ashcraft, Rob Noland, Nathan Cash, and Alan Mathis. They placed 6th, 7th, 8th and 11th respectively at the District Meet. KA, Mike Ashcraft and ,Ion Hill pace themselves with a pack of runners during the District Meet. fBj State-qualifier C. K. Cartwright displays his winning form in the Regional Meet. SPORTS 159 Members of the girls cross country team include ffrontj Chris Poalinelli, Dory Lawrence, Dawn Smith, Mary Foley, Lynn Reston, Kim Trainor, Heather Moffett, Susan Whitwell, Tracie Alexander, Melissa Godsey fbackj Michelle Schmidt, Kim Evans, Mary Sue Kalina, Chris Ellis, Shana Fife, Suzie Santarelli, Lisa Rabe, Holly Masters, and Coach Glenda Kramer. 160 SPORTS 2 , v ...ffl 'E J, K ,,,, 'fffanw : li' Q Q C I 1, K . ,,,, K ,,,,,..,.., 3- t.,, an , , ,,,, ,T ,t f , . e e f .LSE 2932 , Lady Colt thincladders win 3rd place in district When the school year began, the girls cross country squad set their sights on performing well at the 8-5A district meet in October. With only two seniors, the task of doing well in the meet became a goal for all the ladies. Coach Glenda Kramer was there to help the girls, as she set up a rigorous training program which helped im- prove many of the girl's personal times. The team participated in meets throughout the metroplex, including their own Arlington meet, where the team placed fifth. When time for the district meet rolled around, Coach Kramer's ladies were ready and, led by senior Mary Sue Kalina and junior Melissa Godsey, the lady thincladders cap- tured a third place team finish. Some of the better finishes for the Colts in- cluded juniors Dawn Smith C16thj, Susie Santarelli f18thQ, and Holly Masters C19thj. Senior Kim Evans closed out the field as she claimed the 27th spot. Coach Kramer will prove to be a threat in next year's district race as she will have eight returning juniors and two returning sophomores. QAQ Tracie Alexander jogs around the school's cross country track. QBQ Dory Lawrence leads a pack of lady thincladders in a practice run. KCJ Kim Evans displays her winning form. SPORTS 161 in usng cow u , ' Q. t C- . Bob Hin M Members ofthe varsity team mcluded ffrontj Trey Vardeman Russell Greer Bob Fahey Mlke Foble fmncldlej Rodney Wnllnams Dan Drper Brent Magnuson Doug Rlchards Randy Hmion Bob Berndt Rxthard Walker ason Sharp fbackj Coach Dale Archer Richard Plppms oh Pack Scott Hughes Steve Strxckland john Roy Paul Frye Ann Danlels and Coach Robert Glll 162 SPORTS All-Tourney honors bestowed on Fahey in Classic c no :i o O V F i n C1 ur 5. si : o 9 fs Although the '82 version of the boys' basketball team was not able to repeat the district championship per- formed by their predecessors, the team proved to be full of determina- tion and pride as they fought hard throughout the season and concluded the year with three decisive wins which exemplified the character of the players. With four seniors, Dan Dipert, Bob Fahey, Scott Hughes, and Russell Greer, returning from last year's team, Coach Dale Archer skillfully used the foursome to add experience and leadership to the semi-young team. Behind the defensive play of cap- tain Greer, the Colts were able to hold the opponents to a fairly low amount of scoring. The team opened its pre-season play November 17 against, at that time, 11th ranked Denison Yellow- jackets. The game which was the first in the Colt's new gym, proved to be the highlight of the season as the Green Machine overtook the Yellow- jackets by an awesome score of 51-37. Coach Archer then took his troops to nearby UTA for the Arlington Classic where the team placed well. Fahey was the only player to receive the All-Tournament award. T he other tournament appearances by the team included the Big 4 Tournament where senior john Roy captured All- Tournament honors, and the Fort Worth Lion's Club Tournament. QAj Guard Russell Greer prepares for two easy free throws. fBj Senior Dan Diperr looks for an opening in Lamar's defense. QCJ Bob Fahey shoots high over a Bowie defender. SPORTS 163 R, axooyq uesng W 4, ,. SPORTS .. . ,, M., .M QLTE Determination, pride lead cagers to final victories wa... Mr 'F After concluding the pre-season with losses at the hands of Cleburne and Duncanville, the Colts made final preparations and adjustments for the upcoming district play. Behind the outside shooting of seniors Bob Fahey and Dan Dipert, the boys in green and white were able to pull off a thriller and defeated the tough Buffaloes from Haltom in the season opener. The thrill of victory eluded the Colts for many weeks as the team was handed defeats by teams from Burleson, Richland, Bowie, and Sam Houston, The Colts finally added a mark in the win column as they prov- ed to be too much for cross-town rival Lamar and handily defeated the Vikes 61-42. The close of the first half of district, which left AHS with a 2-4 record, was soon copied in the open- ing of the second half in that the Colts could not put things together. The road to a possible district title was soon blocked as the Colts fought hard but fell to teams from Haltom, Burleson, and Richland. Even though the cagers were clearly out of the race for the district title, they reached inside themselves to decisively beat rivals Bowie, Sam Houston, and Lamar which boosted their district record to 5-7. "The fact that the team finished with three decisive victories demonstrates that pride and character of the players" was Coach Archer's feelings at the conclusion of the season. fAj While Scott Hughes dumps in two points, john Pack and Bob Fahey prepare for a possible rebound. U35 Roy jumps high in a tip-off. QC, Senior Paul Frye jerks down a Bowie rebound while Roy stands aside for aid. CD5 Guard Brent Magnuson dribbles up the court for a fast break. CEU Randy Hinson executes a jump- shot for an easy two points. QFQ Senior John Pack elbows his way for a baseline pass. SPORTS 165 A B -n 4 l 1 Cary Chris Rlsenhoover Jana Reed fback rowj Coach Glll Doug Richards ohn Deller Scott Rlcherson Steve Gomez Will Duff Eddie Crout Richard Lam andjxll Bowman 166 SPORTS 5 5 r Z Z 2 2 l .. ft E 3 l 1 l 1 i ll i l X i gf 1 U' 1 S S 5 1 1 Team members of the boys junior varsity squad include ffront rowj james Spencer, Paul Shaffer, Mark Able,jay Puempel, Brian Hood, Stuart - , ' A , , ' , ' , ,I , l ' , , ' , ' r , .ak V " -at W 1 S510 nf, 5 r R x 'ai-lag, tg ,ra-,aa ma gjaf' H 9 :ra va 5 W fir .ff ga Q r 1, K , t i .i if Q 'ff gi Y at , J We 3 -ri, , ai t i 1 gf 5 3 if 'Q iwgjiff Q fl fag! W 4 LM , .wi ea ,W Q me , ,E Q1 l 4,43 K. g gk alas, 1, , xt 311, a K5 3 , H' Q, rf: ilfi Qt. . i A ,5 W. a A r 'Z 4 an . . 54 "ra 15 Q Mb ' , r aa. Q, ,M .Q P QW ' M " a 4' ,aa kde, 2 3 165 ff J if 435 H . . Y ag, ag... , AL af J' X Y .2 'DV AVL:-4 HS r, . X 3. W. +-wi,-Q if' ogg fm' ae . ia-Mfr a . gt +. a H52 we 1 Q if 5 as M W 9. f' r 5- rap g ag f 9 it rage AHSM W -. 4 . aa + H .. aa . . ,, sa, Q jg: a ig AH Z? as r a ise ' 1 f as' '15 5,25 a Q ra 9 P gg? 1 9 H All p ll K t 2 nay , A 5 H V f A W1-3,4 . W i ,f 5, fe fa J r ,gg w L me qt a . Yfksgrvm .WN at-'Ciba K Z' was s at wg, 5 if 5 Li .- , Z t 2 5 a W re wks V boys squad rages through district take troph rrtrt'rrt'r tttt l A rr rr , ,Vi .,,, . . ,.r' 1 ,--' Vt . . , ag i . tttr t4,f trr vi rrttrrrt 2 H rrt rrr . . ttrt t r trrr i f - :va -"1- :fm 'f',- r,'1, i i-ef 'yryyr 1 -f',- i ' A A. , rrrr Q.. . -t 43 OL 3 't"tt" . S, - ' ...L ., cn : v- s: :I Z O '91 to Since coming to AHS, Coach Robert Gill has produced very suc- cessful teams, and this year's .IV basketball team proved to be no ex- ception as they earned the title of district champs. The Colts debut in the new gym proved gratifying as the team outlasted a tough Denison team and came out victorious with a 39-34 finish. Leading the scoring in the home opener was postman Steve Gomez, who had an impressive 25 points. The young Colts exploded onto the tournament scene as they captured first place in the Mansfield tourney, the Colts beat teams from Duncan- ville, Irving, MacArthur, and Mansfield in the finals. After the conclusion of pre-season play, the team dropped the district opener to a tough Haltom team. The boys in green soon rebounded and anihilated a struggling Burleson group. Coach Gill stated that the team was not quite "fundamentally sound," and that proved to be evident as the team lost to the Rebels of Richland Hills. Something muSt have happened after the Richland game because the young Colts came out in the next game and overtook an aggressive Bowie Volunteer gang. This victory would prove to be one of 10 in a row for the team. After crushing a defenseless Sam Houston team, the Colts edged out nemesis Lamar by a score of 39-35. The open of the second half proved to be a little scary as the Colts pulled out a "squeaker" against Haltom by a 47-46 result. After easily handling Burleson, Richland, and Bowie, the team battled a reborn Sam Houston team, who fought them to the wire, but AHS prevailed. The Colts concluded 'ithe season with a joyous win over cross-town rival Lamar. fAj Doug Richards eyes an opponent. fBj Stuart Cary fires a freethrow fCj Brian Hood takes aim at the basket. fDj Steve Gomez drives past an opposing player. SPORTS 167 Cupps, Pippins, Chapman gain honors at tourne s Last year, the girls basketball team faltered in district play because of in- experience and the maturity of the young players. This year those ladies grew up and combined to form one of the best teams to ever come out of AHS. Coach judy Stricklin was determin- ed to overcome the third ranking in district which was placed upon them by their critics. Coach Stricklin entered the team in tournaments thoughout the metroplex in order for the players to sharpen their skills before the start of district play. The Colts didn't do as well as ex- pected in tournament competition, but they were able to place second in the Fort Worth Thanksgiving Tourney, were senior Brenda Cupps claimed All-Tournament honors. The team also competed in tournaments in Duncanville, where senior Zina Pip- pins received the All-Tournament statue, and their own Arlington Classic where junior Kathy Chapman took home the All-Tournament title. Coach Stricklin stated that the rout- naments provided good competition and built confidence for the players as they prepared for the district opener. IAQ Senior Zina Pippins shoots high over a SOC defender while Kathy Chapman prepares for the rebound. fBj Brenda Cupps searches around the arms of a Vik- ing for an open Colt. fCj Elise Brown and Nancy Burton celebrate a Lady Colt win over the Volunteers. fDj janet Barter tightly guards a Burleson Elk. fEj Laura Abbott looks for an opening in defense. 168 SPORTS a.E?H?QMQQQi T.. siisi - - AHS AHSsaQ3+ M5 AHS i'ii :,. AHS7 S A1-is ' l :-: RHS S . .--- ...fra py DHS. 4- S Sn un axoow may WW 3? ally' ,wmwo-Hao vm z: -A w : SPORTS 169 .E I .13 0 CD Members of the girls varsity basketball team include ffrontj jenna Lambert, Darlene Hammond, Elise Brown, Brenda Cupps, Zina Pippins Laura Abbott,-julie Greene, fbackj janet Barter, Maura Hickey, Sherri Hauch, Kathy Chapman, Lisa Moffett, Susie Santarelli, and Lisa Rabe. 4, - -51..,st,, " " 324 1-W' sss 4,, " ,sf K 'W iz :-1i' iiiii' ' ' N' 5 L3 Wm S Lady Colts astound foes for 12-O season mark at 5 , W 'ia Pre-season play proved to be useful as the Lady Colts opened district play with a 64-59 win over a Bowie Vols team. At the time, the team didn't know it but this win would spark a flurry of 12 consecutive wins plus a district title for the team. Next, the ladies faced a struggling Burleson team, where the Colts simply out-classed the Elks by an overwhelm- ing score of61-51. After dominating wins over crosstown rivals Sam Houston and Lamar, the Colts played host to a well-balanced Haltom squad. The cagers put on a show for the fans as they knocked Haltom off behind the scoring of seniors Brenda Cupps and Zina Pippins. The team was on a roll as they easi- ly demolished Richland by a margin of 65-24. Laura Abbott was a standout in the defense, while Capps did it again pouring in the baskets. The Lady Colts would soon be faced with their toughest foe, the Bowie Vols. The Vols hosted the tilt, which prov- ed to be an action packed game and also a victory for the Colts. The final score showed AHS 44, Bowie 43. The Ladies hardly broke out a sweat as they overtook the sinking Burleson team 51-29. After winning a squeaker over Lamar, 42-40, the roundballers hosted Sam where they again claimed a victory. QAJ Post Sherri Hauch smoothly glides upward for an easy layup. IBD Maura Hickey stretches high for another two points in the Arlington Classic. Darlene Hammonds ignores the reaching hand of a Lamar Viking to continue to lead the fast break for the Lady Colts. CED Laura Abbott and a Viking race for a loose ball. SPORTS 171 NH km 3 mm SPORTS Cager s dreams fade away at paws of Wildkittens The dream of winning district was fulfilled and new dreams for the Lady Colts soon appeared as the team prepared to take on the Wildkittens from Dunbar for the bi-district championship. Even though the girls from Dunbar were considerably taller than the Colts, Coach Judy Stricklin was op- timistic about the team's chances and believed the battle on the boards would decide the victory. From the opening tip it was evident that there was a battle brewing. Each team exchanged baskets and the ef- fort throughout the first quarter of play was extraordinary. The Colts soon fell behind and found themselves playing catch up ball through the second quarter and closed the margin to six, 25-19, at the end of the first half. The third quarter proved to be vital as both coaches battled strategies and tried various offenses and defenses, but the Colts were still behind. The Wildkittens started to smell vcitory at the opening of the final quarter. The roundballers from AHS weren't through yet. Maybe they still had it in them for one final comeback with eight minutes remaining.The Colts began to slowly trim the margin, but the win was hampered by the in- ability to hit from outside. The Colts closed it to six points, four points, three points. That was the closest they could get and when the buzzer sound- ed, the scoreboard read, Dunbar 46, AHS 43. When asked to describe her district championship '81-'82 team, girls basketball Coach Stricklin stated " I had nine talented players who thought 'teami instead of 'me', and that was the key to the success ofthe team." CAJ Senior Elise Brown encourages the Colts to not give up. KB? Laura Abbott stays close to Dunbar's ballhandler. CCD Post Zina Pippins at- tacks her opponent in manato-man defense. Guard janet Barter closely watches a Wildkit- ten. Pippins concentrates on a valuable free throw. QFD Brenda Cupps slides in defense in the Colts' fabulous full-court press. SPORTS 173 Winning for the girls junior varsity basketball team is slowly becoming a tradition at AHS. Coach Glenda Kramer has put out some excellent teams in the past and the '81-'82 ver- sion was no exception. The team led by captains Lori Eberhardt and Dee Ann Archer, swept the district field and finished tops in the district race with a 11-1 record. The road to the district champion- ship was not easy for the squad. The other Arlington teams such as Lamar Bowie and Sam posed the biggest threat to the JV cagers. One of the threats Bowie was soon eliminated in the opener as the Colts overwhelmed the Vols by a score of 45-39. After an easy win over a strug- gling Burleson, a team the Colts sur- prisingly dominated, they eliminated another threat with a victory over the Texans from Sam Houston. The final tally showed the Colts 42, Sam 53. A showdown with arch-rival Lamar was next and the girls in green and white pulled out a "squeaker" as they I . f'i. G rea. ,,,,' r 1 r 1- 9 S 'I .is ' 2 a 2? ' 1 2 .1 1 rg ,f ' , w 4 ' ' 1 Ja, . ' ' i 1 , ' ' H - ,- rg: ,, ..,, I ' . . as ,Qian ' ' ,F l ' "5 "ik l" .ef f li i ' ' 4,1 we ,,r. .. JE gyy V! Z G fy-is a r I ' iifvllf--fibf iefi. 5-ESL ' ' . . Ein: . f T V n . A '-iw ' - - .. ,, ' ar.. .. -5 fl! raar my iili 1 1-1- QQ ...., .tff .r I ii: i iiii my " it 2' . .,,. 9 I K - 41 fr, it tfs i ,,,' . AHS ...... srr 1 " fr. ff . . -"' ,..,,k 2 5 . AH N 314 ri' . . .L Ezofr I i AHS?. . y AHS 5 AHS . s . if .W r- 4 r . - i 5 " I2'ffr -. W.,-f,.iWr5i .Nfl "Tr, 5 :fV'Ei:"'?1e.' I X ' QW , .:"l' 91' ga edged the Vikes 34-30. The ladies finished out the first half of district with victories over Haltom and also over Richland where the Colts only allowed 12 points on the night for the Rebels. The Bowie team opened the second half of district play by handing a loss to the Colts by a score of 59-31. The team soon bounced back and trounc- ed a hurting Burleson squad 48-24. The ladies coasted in from there as they beat the teams from Lamar Sam Haltom and Richland convincingly thus giving them the district title. Coach Kramer stated that the players performed as a team not as in- dividuals and that they improved their skills. She also claimed that many of the players will go on and be varsity champions. QA Becky Boyer searches for an open player. QBJ Kristy Hoffman sends the ball toward the basket overan opponent. fCj Lori Eberhardt plans her attack. QDJ julie Green watches Suzie Santarelli put in a basket. rrr .,..f , . -. . 1 Qi 1 1 - 1 i ,y E. i r if 'jf ' 1 , lv ll ff: . 52 Q A A ff r f E , pr Fw mat r SHH5 - at 5 Q5 24 get at ef g s A1 y .ipy AHS ri: th xr ... f rewarwf-ar..,,,, . 7 1 r 75:5 . if wg! SL Pi' r !,, 5 r 5 K g 1 ---"' 'Q O Girls junior varsity basketball takes district title 5 iw V ax I M if ' , ' 1 ,. 6 rf? pg, if ,ti 4,-r , un : M u :I Z 0 9. rv Hin ob 5 B U' no Fl UI O 'Q ,-. D' na Q. I1- Ill E. E. O H 4 nv -u ID :. Nc U' N W 7-' ro .-. U' su I: ,-. fb ro B 5. n .- F D- rn A :X C D .-. 'I O 2 V 'N-4 I I na Q n fb na P I" O -I -. ffl U' rn -1 B' N -n Q- I' U fn 5 D 5 3' -n n IT' ro J' W w .- D' Q D cn 5' ro B 2 fo F A 3' 9, B W rowj Coach Glenda Kramer, Kelly Butson, Susie Santarelli, Brenda Walther, Kristey Hoffman, Becky Boyer, and Manager-Jeanette Davis. -9 SPORTS 175 4- -v W f,tg2:f'4t E km?-, W7 fg av ga .rw-fer' t A W, iz ,W 4 ,Q 'QT Efwwkai it Qiaiiiw remit? W J . ,... , vu, ,,....,tM f 4-rr fAj Linda Adams reveals that the seniors win the spirit stick. QBJ The -IV cheerleaders urge the crowd to cheer louder. QCJ Gretchen Polhemus prays for the football team. fDj David Wiese lifts Lauri Tillman through a practice session 176 SPORTS reen Todd G Members of the varsity cheerleader squad include Connie Nuckols, Linda Adams, Lauri Tillman, Scott Cain,-jeff Burnett, Rod Huchinson, Lori Seal, and Gretchen Polhemus. uzsng a ooyq Todd Mo gan Cheerleaders work hard, place well in competition While Colt athletic teams were ex- celling in football and basketball this year, the Colt cheerleaders were doing the same by boosting spirit and arous- ing enthusiasm in the student body. Head cheerleader Laurie Tillman was the only senior on the'81-'82 squad that consisted of juniors Connie Nuckols, Scott Cain, Linda Adams, Greg Campbell, Lori Seal, David Wiese, jeff Burnett, Gretchen Polhemus, and Rod Hutchinson. junior varsity cheerleaders were headed by Dena Magazzine and in- cluded Cindy Muzyka, Connie Crawford, Sherry Felber, joy Watson, and Laura White. Working vigorously through the previous spring and regularly during the summer, often at 6 a.m., the cheerleaders were ready to show off their talent. Though the Colt spirit squad was a young one, they performed like a seasoned group during the National Cheerleaders Association CNCAJ cheerleading camp at SMU. Com- peting with 120 other schools, the cheerleaders landed a sixth place finish, won blue ribbons every night, and two spirit sticks. Camp instructors expressed an in- terest in the yellmen's skills and sug- gested trying out for their staff the following summer. To qualify for the NCA staff, applicants must have graduated high school. Pep rallies played a big role in rais- ing spirit around AHS. That spirit took the Colts to a district champion- ship. The cheerleaders gathered the student body every Friday, during fall, to get everyone hyped-up for the game that night. Spirit leaders carried the exalted en- thusiasm on into basketball season, this time sporting double duty, atten- ding guys and girls games. ess- Cheerleaders on the V squad include Connie Crawford, Laura White,joy Watson, Dena Magazzine, Cindy Muzyka, and Sherry Felber. SPORTS 177 1 R E r i I Members of the varsity soccer squad include Qfrontj Mike Williams, Terry Christie, Fred Loeber,-john Uribe, Scott Moffett, fmicldlej R 4- -v rgf Mliff, N' Q J 54, ,, -2: uw, 5:1 it 4 A . .5 iff. .- N ,,,,,, Q . ' f - ,W " 7' " W' . ' naw. .52 3 ' i i ii 1 U1 e , 3 :I O 1 9. G w and .... .ww ,,,..., ,... c i fy, m i, i f ie Q ,. 2 Ug g 5 , 4 M gf . iii 5 Z 1, ,S ,:, li-- Q V,,. is ' v 1 , I ci' 4 ,,a,.' va is 4 f 3 H 4 5 5 Zi Q f Sur ffkfariiii-VI . ,ww . . , 2 W A "it 5 f 5 W ii f .7V,,. 4 ky z,,. A Sims, Chris Ba b ,ScottMorr1son,Walt Evans back Nick Shad Mark Rhodes, Emmett Devlin, Rick Stell, and Tom Bullock. Y Y 1 MX 5 is gg any f. f 529' f ,Lg w 5 f - 5,2 w. , 4, f f if W ta, fx. Z 2 ,iw fe: S H dmv 1 gp 1 J "' ' 1 af is 5121.12 ,J fi 4 5 S 5 A. K Mia' 5 5 5 e ,Z my lg Q . fn 125 1 , , , H, 55,5 " af Yf' f . ' f M wa , , , Z 1 3 if if M. il i 5 S s f . ' ' f w 2 ! 0 ' we as , W, in B E 9 s if 5 'H 5 asf Q s I R W E E 35 zf 5 Z , . C .2 5 Xi ii a iii? 2 i in ul Z 22322 J 2 3 , ,,ig2?g, J V1 252 sin X: 2' veit r fi . yes S ,L , , 2 X ze S2155 Jimi 2 22 5 , E ,gs f mg ugwfm H s if ff W2 M 355525 f Q 115 s gig K ii? ff sf ft 5 2532 9 E, z 2 251 W Em' fy? 4 Q 2 VE? W ,mx if Viwzwf if W2 "ii 2 35 s 1 4, . 4 f M253 fi 2 QQEVM 2252 V 2 af, , 5 Y 5 QQ fv S gg, me 5353 3 F Q53 gi I s i fi!" X 5 si wr Y Sli , X Z ?' 1 agp M M ?iH5qf:,g,5'2 . X21 Q 12, if 1 m y .Q il at s ' 1' 1' 5 5 12 fi L f M J 3 fi x Q 1 ,fy I ,AQ H2 f , ,Qs , it Els -522,2 'fb ,, 59 , 2 ,R f Y ,df M ff gg me f Q , S 3 Q25 ,5E6?"i9saki3i W 1 fr 's W ,J ff J, .J 71 - , , , 521 X53 fc H, f ag , ,iU, , ,,M.,. A, as ,SE .',., 164 f,,,f ,y "', --':. 'ii ' J VAIVVK i .,..a ,Q 4 M, m.,, . ,..Vk ,, M JEL' K ., mia Kickers breeze to season opener win over WHH E 1. ., D V1 ff-it 11 csfwaa: gs ,ff far vfgwtfwfr-5255"-3 djs, vgmffff5'fg:ggf.irris: igfwgxggwi 51,,z2:Q24Qig?.,szs9Mifiif?Ef'fW'H- 'iI'?T:Y"j:r' m.fC::f:l,z,, ff,E,.!i-J .. ---- . ,. . , ,,:iii,si,iss:,..s,,.,.,,.ft,iiii iirmes. ,,,,, agrt,,,a,w.iQ-,vs any ... i A ywrtw. .tw , . , .. 'iw J' " HL-fi,:f2f'.m-.wagkifz,---"s5:z2fwf'fffiq.,.mf-H':Wm'M'E,'s5, Sift'.g5bw5L?1f,,,?iz'wi4f1iH 1 f. e 1' ' eeee ' ' ' ' . . . '-muy..milf',f.cgig.q',',..fmeSai,.,,g5,,ggf.awfggfwi,g:wrdw1..'2vajft'-: :Vipfi?Ile,-.rsfy1fff'.iffg-'fm--1 71551122-', .L::Q,l4H,,--fwg-Q5-fi if-fszt,Z4i'j12,yMr5515 ?,iif.g'f-ff'Z,f-If'ff'PE1.l..ff'.:ee-SQFZ is I nf ' ff' fr. I It 5 ,rg 'ii V wr W - g .1 f, , , , , i "fj,'-," - 4 "" ' r qgg.'gyf'7Q , i " ' - K . J ' H 'f K r f 'f , f , - . . ' . -- f , ,L , K , - - k , V , , , ff ' ' I ., . e , , - If one word could describe the 1981-82 soccer season it would be "short." The reason for this is that soccer hasn't become an addition to the University Interscholastic League athletic system. Coach Larry Wadsworth was very relieved to find that next year soccer will finally become a UIL sport. The fact that soccer was, for the most part, ignored as a major sport didn't stop the determination of the AHS players. Led by a senior- dominated squad, the team was able to post an impressive 6-3-1 record. The return of many All-District players from the '80 season brought about a bright outlook for the team's chances of a district championship. The returnees were part of the squad that snapped Lamar's 32-game winn- ing streak in last year's season finale. Before the opening game of the season, the members of the team choose seniors Scott Morrison, john Uribe, Freddie Loeber, and Nick Shady to lead the team as their captains. In the opener the Colts breezed to a 2-0 victory over a mediocre Western Hills squad. Led by outstanding of- fensive showings by seniors Mark Rhodes, jeff Everly, and Scott Mor- rison, the Colts came out victorious in their next outing against the Irving Tigers by a margin of 5-1. The Colts then returned to Irving to participate in the Irving tourney. The tournament hosted a variety of state ranked teams including that of Irving MacArthur. The team lost the opener to a tough Irving Nimitz squad but soon rebounded to annihilate a helpless Grand Prairie team 4-0. AHS then faced their toughest competition in that of Irving MacArthur. fAj Senior Bill Barney clears the ball from Arlington's half of the field. Q85 jeff Fields dribbles the ball down the field. QC, Rick Stell and jeff leap high in attempt to head the ball. SPORTS 179 Soccer title washes awa from squad in mud, rain The soccer team fought MacArthur tooth and nail till the Cardinals were able to squeeze in a goal in the late going. Claiming All-Tourney honors were Nick Shady and jeff Fields. Coach Wadsworth felt "it was the team's biggest challenge yet, and I'rn proud ofthe team's showing." The team returned to Arlington to face a stubborn Bowie squad, Stub- born was a perfect description of the Vols as they fought the Colts to a 0-O tie. After days of bad weather, the Colts took on a struggling L. D. Bell team where the Colts proved to be awesome. The scoring was led by senior Richard Aikens, who had two on the night. Goalie Emmett Devlin recorded a spectacular shutout as AHS overtook the Raiders 5-0. Another shutout would soon be recorded as jeff Everly's lone score proved to be enough to take victory over city opponent Sam Houston. Lets make it a hat trick as the Colts claimed yet another shutout against Bowie. The flawless defense of seniors Nick Shady and Walter Evans was more than the Vols could handle. Shady added two goals along with senior forward john Uribe who added yet another goal. The victory proved very gratifying as it set up a district ti- tle game against arch-rival Lamar. In the mud and rain the district title washed away from AHS as the Colts were stunned by an excellent Lamar team 6-1. QAQ Mark Rhodes turns to pass the ball to center half Scott Morrison. QBQ Center for- ward Randy Sims intercepts the ball from a Western Hills defender. fCj Rhodes bat- tles a Volunteer. Members ofthe junior varsity soccer squad include ffrontj jimmy Tucker, Dannyjohns, Evan Hines, Peter Hatton, Marc Haga, Adam Weiss Vennie Lecca fmiddlej Dan jones, Kevin Smith, Mike Patterson, Hank Kimery,-Ion Bedison, Paul Cesario, Chris Hoar, Sean Harrell Alan Beavers fbackj Matt Koziolek, Dino Panagopoulous, Dennis Christie, Brian Beebee, Lennie Bocian, Mike Reagor, Nat Phillips, David Tulley Ray Walters, and Brad Lee. 180 SPORTS 35 ,S mx Q8 M aw M ,Q R AE AE-I AHS . AHS AHS AHS AHS 1 Ii-iigiiifiik1i'Y5E?"lf5Efl225:FfiZ3'lLi :iw .iii 2"wf-f"":' ' iii-5415! ' " 'ii W' '--ww 191' 'ififfii YI' f. :?l .. .: : ,,A .M , MA .L Q32 ,'iYf,aw5Z:' 2-VW H A V 'fkffif flirt:ifwk..fl'-fff?"'V2'1S 5Vife"Z1f.ii:-wif.'Ez f "'f,E,TE?7i 'i7if1':' VVI- A f.,,2fi,,f?fe,: Zl'HiE:,Lf?Qf - " " fi5IC1zlJ5i,Z ., ii . 5525 . ASV?l'Wii12"iii1E2f --fn flf " " 'WT' fd 'M - - 3 - . . 8 a Swimmers work hard perform excellently in meets It started with 5 a.m. workouts at Hugh Smith Recreation Center and ended with two Colt swimmers finishing in the top ten in the state meet. This is a description of the 1981-82 version of the AHS swim team. Coach Carl Tillery, who coached all four high school squads, took the Colts to meets throughout the metroplex. The team participated in the SMU Invitational, the Trinity In- vitational, and the TISITA Invitational in Dallas. Coach Tillery also added a variety of duel meets, against local foes as well as district rivals. The Colts dominated the duel meets, as the girls were led by seniors Nancy Stucker and Diana Stephens. Leading the boys were seniors jay Kuhlman and sophomore Chris Smith. With Spring came the district meet, the goal of all district swimmers to win. AHS came out smelling like a rose as the girls took second place in the meet, and the boys took third. The ladies were paced by Diana and Nancy. Diana won the 100-yard breast stroke, and the 200-yard medly, while Nancy took first in the 200-yard freestyle and 100-yard butterfly. Together, the tankers racked up 74 points. junior jay Dickens and Senior jay Kuhlman led the boys to a third place. Dickens had a victory in the 100-yard backstroke and a second place in the 50-yard freestyle. Kuhlman finished second in the 200-yard individual medly. After the regional meet, the field was narrowed and the results came in. AHS would be represented by two seniors Nancy and Diana. They both captured top ten honors in their events in the state meet. QAQ Practicing her backstroke, Nancy Stucker warms up for a meet. QBJ jennifer Hayward rests after a race. QCQ Before div- ing under, Linda Ratliff fills up with air. 182 SPORTS -o B 4- C ,,,,M,, 'P .VH gay, rr , , '- , M ' f his 'iff i 1 ' H ,, ,':--iii? " e- , f --Q-sff'W,.7--bg-1 4 'J , .fr M :E 1" "" ' ' ' mb L Y 1 H Uikbazfffvf-93-"!,,1, gt-ser' ' . .1 ..:Q.3f..f? ,.: , . I I M M e V L 1, ,,.qw,-sgg.:J:---',, fy- 7:-1-fgz:-Lx--ee-1gg:-.T-agsfgrfffqw .ggrww f V -H'-1's.:fz:g1:ggii:...+g...sfg.:ff,..5-,gfj:5:.ffx44f5,N ' " W' V ' .:i:.:ii..sfw-:,' 'f:f'I '!2:'mf':f2f.-wr, '-Il-ff - " 'K a . 7 fr.. 1 .,, Q,,,1f.f W f J 'T 1 S S 5 K U A Q ,S r Members ofthe swimming team are fbackj Darla Askew, Stephanie Lathouras, Terry Conaway, Mark Romack, Chris Smith,-jay Dickens, Wes Dingler,jennifer Hayward, Kimjackson ffroutj Angela Hubbard,joanie Schneider, Nancy Stucker, Linda Ratliff, and Margaret Olson. SPORTS 183 AHS swats MacArthur for first time in 12 years The members of the Colt tennis team knew that this year would be the toughest year for them to capture their annual district crown, a title which the team had won for four con- secutive years. Coach Dillard Isabel knew this and used his fall season to try and prepare his netters for the district meet in the spring. This year's team was one of great experience and maturity as it con- sisted of 11 seniors and 4 juniors. Coach Isabel quickly put his ex- perience to work as the team was put through rigorous workouts and a great amount of dual team matches. The team soon perfected their strokes and at the highlight of their performance ran off a string of 18 consecutive wins, a school record. In route to this impressive highlight, the Colts knocked off Irving MacArthur, a team which AHS had not beaten in 12 years. After concluding the successful fall season, the team went into a rest period due to the inclement weather. But soon as the skies cleared, Coach Isabel had the team on the courts tak- ing their daily 200 serves. QA, District champ Shari Slater displays her perfect service form. QBJ jim Pujats places a forehand winner down the line. fCj junior Brian McDonald practices his backhand before a dual match, fDJ Kim Leasor returns an overhead with a skillful lob. QEQ Senior Mark Fairchild exhibits his awesome forehand stroke. 184 SPORTS W . few Wvwussmwf-.4 ,- D 1- E SPORTS 185 A B Members of the tennis team include ffrontj Diane Davis, Laurie Rosenbower, Laurie Baker, Shari Slater, Kim Leasor, Karen Knippenberg, Rebecca Barksdale, Amy Sessions, Shannon Shackelford, Nivia Baxlle fbackj Darren Crumptonhjames Pujats,jim Crouch, Bob Kalin,john Roberts, Kevin Weavelgjimmy Haddock, David Swope, Sammie Dimsdale,-Iuan Duran, Mark Fairchild, Glen I-Iudspeth, and Craig Fisher. 186 SPORTS Mark trave i Denton for regionals The layoff definitely proved to be hazardous as the Colts opened the spr- ing season with a loss to MacArthur, a tie with Grapevine, and another loss to Burleson, a team which proved to be the Colts' toughest competitor. Coach Dillard Isabel soon had the team on the winning side and remain- ed optimistic about the team's chances of winning district. Coach Isabel made all his final pair- ings for district and the morale of the team was intense and the Colts entered the district meet with a good chance of capturing the title. Apparently the district counterparts had a little bit better chance as the Colts were denied the championship by teams from Burleson Clstj and Lamar C2ndDg the Colts took third place. Some personal highlights of the tournament included district winners. Capturing first place in girls singles was junior Shari Slater, Taking second in boys doubles was the team of seniors Glen Hudspeth and Mark Fairchild. All three captured All-District honors as well as a trip to Denton for the regional tournament. The players performed well, but were defeated in the preliminary rounds. fAj Senior jim Pujats retrieves a forehand during the Arlington tournament. fBj Senior Kim Leasor disputes a line call. QCJ Glen Hudspeth perfecrs his daily 100 serves. SPORTS 187 Varsity baseball A blessing came to Coach jim Shewmake's varsity baseball team this year as seven starters from last year's team returned to the diamond this year. The experience proved too much for the district counterparts, and the 81-82 edition of Colt Baseball claimed the 8 - SA district championship. The returnees who played a major role in capturing the title included seniors Mike Sulzen, Blake Hyde,jack Dombroski, Richard Apel, Tommy Stinson, jeff Lawson, and john Childress. The Colts opened their season with a few pre-season games and tour- naments including one at Texas Wesleyan, in hopes of improving the pitching staff. fAj Senior Blake Hyde crosses first in time for a single. fBj Leftfielder jack Dombroski awaits the pitch. QCQ junior Pat Woodruff winds up for a pitch in the Bowie game. fDj Speedy Martin Oustad takes a lead off of second. fEj Catcher Mike Sulzen turns the tables and tries to score a run at home. KFQ Slugger john Childress takes his stance in the Sam game. 188 SPORTS S quad takes District 5 - 8A title Wits, - tw- - tW,.,, -, tw: wat. ,.,, -wv.::fem,,,- ,,r-as,iewgfvfrvzfat,-twfm as .sffs.W,:,,,,e . ti, .sa- iifiig M,-Q.. 22.133 ,.. W 52 wt L' . , ,,, if , L , si' A It , f W, at ..ff. we ,,,,.,r. .. K., . ,,,,,,,, ,W - ,,w,,,.r-,aisle t .,,',, k ,,, .i ggg viff .r sf, fffr.,,,. it -. -.t aff - rf ,,f, r- ,M . W in rw- wrwf r a, at , ,ss Q? X Kg, f K 2 g ,,i K if ,ife V .. , ,ge 2 5 ,err K 4- -b I" 0 . N a . E B C a S 2 5 E F A B -, C Members of the District Champion baseball team include ffrontj jeff Perry, jeff Lawson, Martin Oustad, Taegar Sutphin, Rich Apel, lf Bindel fmiddlej Mike Madrid,jack Dombroski, Blake Hyde, Todd Elrod, john Childress, Billy Martin, Tommy Stinson Qbackj Coach Shewmake, Lola Gallowaynleff Hutchison, Pat Woodruff, Mike Sulzen,joe Phillips, Teresa Edmonson, and Coach Robert Gill. 190 SPORTS T undamentals propel Colts to bi-district showdown .Vg 3 1 , 1 -sfstv' 1- 5.1, l i 'K , K . :,, ,eg :,, L.v:' t .. -- . if F in Q , . . t . t mififiiii' . ay. . .I I .,-,-Q-,,-:,,,-,mass f V . K 1, ...S i 1 , 1, l uzsng Z 5 DT El .1 1 l 5 E r The pitchers definitely were im- proved as the Colts entered district play. The Colts opened district with an awesome show of hitting power and defeated Lamar 18-4. The hitting power continued and the Colts racked up another victory with a win over Richland. The domination by AHS continued through the rest of district play and one of the wins included a 9-4 romp- ing ofa tough Sam Houston team. What a difference a year makes! A team which was 9-9 last year, this year posted a 9-2 record. "They were young and inexperienc- ed last year but this year they've im- proved 100 per cent,', Coach Shewmake commented. "I could see it in their eyes," he stated when asked about his district championship players' motivation. The Colts' next step was a 2-out-of- 3 playoff series with a very offensive Southwest squad. The Colts fought hard, but the bi-district title came out in the Rebels' corner. Coach Shewmake will be the first one to say that he was not angry about the loss. "The team showed great athletic ability and excellence," the coach stated. QAj Coach jim Shewmake discusses a bad call with the umpire in the Sam game. fBj junior Billy Martin listens to Coach Shewmake's strategy. fCj Speedy Taegar Sutphin hustles to first base. QDj First baseman jeff Lawson stretches for a low throw. fEj Senior Rich Apel tags up on a fly ball. SPORTS 191 unior varsity experiences lean year despite effort The Colt junior varsity baseball team finished the 1981-82 season in third place with a 6-5 record in district play. Leading the way for the young Colts were pitchers Steve Otto and Paul Hawrylak. These two flame throwerseach won five games while dropping two. The Colts had four players hit over .300 during the spring campaign, joe Thompson, Dean Marusak, Chuck Sponsler, and-Iohn Deller. Coach john Moore's team possess- ed three outstanding outfielders. Marusak's, Deller's, and Thompson's arms proved to be strong and should help the baseball team again next year. Coach Moore's squad went up against tough competition throughout the year playing teams from Ft. Worth, Richland, Grand Prairie, Irv- ing, and the district teams. QA, While watching his hit, Chuck Sponsler starts toward first base. f B, Steve Otto takes his turn at bat as teammate Paul Schaffer looks on. QC, After getting a hit, john Deller Sprints to first. QD, Crossing the plate, Paul Hawrylak adds on another run. QE, Paul reaches for a low throw at first base. QF, Steve Minor slides in safe for a run. 192 SPORTS ,K 'few 155 Gb tv was-V tn 9,5 ,sm- ekwgesv s ,ff Ms F igvgmrw wwe, E M, at ,M 'tr M1 iw if lit W ii wrwmfltw Kagpgernfiyfyi W 4, as MW tw? 314 re 4 Q? Jmfffi ,is adj W9 84' 'if 'fra we MW wgmwiiigrg ww -MW A ,- B -r J s -Q iw, lbw 21544-. fifty? WA ww M W A Z ki fer li at My ffizgjwr 5 gy? 'ZW Et?" if MMM we M, Wg 'fig 'ee' ffizfa f 7? page wgejitgwgtbigm 1.3555 A ,Easifix W 3553 t WW3 ,Q M are r-Ns 3? miie 55 r i iii fi? 5 QW 5 fi iw wif' if www WM' 155, awww it ii it WW lm av 'JW 435 ,ew ef rg Wi LM in at as iw 'MZ ,fwfr rw W Q at mg, W M its WW 'Q' if firwjram N-agen tfifge MQW 'ii 52122 were tamesggaw .asm if-F? QKKWQQW tg' T W A mtv JGWWQAA ig? ir Mifrrfa l W5 W W wwawm M foam W WSW EW 'I tr any is lib M 'l5 'ft M eat va, ,Q Ak 5525 if I -WW' '32, M18 ,W Q 4 fwgwiieislff 'WMM .MEM arte? 'J we Qawm ,nw Z 'Wt " if gran Q W W ,W f-assert WW fi QW WM: as 'gfmiefwi wr Mm 'mf li were .1 we me M1 , 1 wttiagbiaym rg-ef' if ,Www Wvya Mgr Wm: rf Mae WW A gf MQW 'fn' We k wwhww, 4 if www W Zag' it remeber ff ' ., I' ,,,'s1w - -z+v:a,,,' 1414 Iwi? .'f:,,'fLK.:ivi - W . . ig,,,,- Vt.: Virgin' , V, t:N,f,V-Vg., .V kr,1r :L,,,k-: , ,L I If H fi f wr ' - v 5 V, if 1 ' ,V .L - Qiifvfl., 1 t- J-ffl-' ' I --r- ,K H , "" - H ,,,, 1' H I "" ' V- of , , , ,W . ,ftfff a H, f,, wg: ff 1. . , f ' . ,t:.,,gy,-ff ww att-1-if.wfw...gff41,'2fffT w..si455e?a13fs,fmwzatit-flew" if! QE. 'f ,, , ' ' . 2 - , .. , r wi f V ,,e,,,,,f,,., j,' V, ff-- , J - - ' 3-eg fr - 'fi "" ' U ew,YYF"5f.:V":,gff"5552-Y iw ,iffy tgw, 25,5 .gt5::z'E:gf"fiS'PfF, A ff2,5Sg,g- 151 , 1 .ogg V +I ' .Zl"1'5- NL V ' 5' t - ffl ' ' t - S' I- 2 1 V- 'mf 11,-T13lhw?9:E:I ff 'fl ' iwil 5 1W,,,f'-liQwiso,'i"i??'aif'fJif'5,7..."v,'fQ " "ann 'HT V"' 7 'u 'Y' 5ia." ,::C' 422, 195 -- ff 'K lrwtffug it iff: , H -. " . ' t i -- 1, t , r"' rf , Q ,, , , 2 f - -- -- .t --kv f r ,,,, . ,,,, f ,W ,W ft its ,' a5...?wgp3,1f??'v'w:e, Mew X, ga, tafm ,f,:, ,,,,, ' ,R MT ,Ha I row- M-- - asf' as-44' K ,',,M,', ,-,rf,,,'W5,,,"K 'L- 3 "ifiw','dV'i . -E-pgffff, ,V I t -. ,- K 7, I ,Tr ' . g H , H . ' its ' wwe , y H - 1:igis,, " ,.,, ., ' " 'r- . W . ,,,,, , .V 15lfT?2ivffF!:l15l5-:'r 1 ' ' ' X HM M ' MW "" " f . ,nf gmmggg ,' ' '. I -W wtf' fit .J ,Wt 1 , ,gf ,we 15: 'Ember ,, "" , 7 2 SPORTS 193 Members of the boys varsity track team include ffrontj Dean Marusak, Wally Mahler, Darren McDonald, Nicky Coney, Mike Ashcraft, Alan Mathis,john Olsen,jeff Honolka, Greg Chambers fmiddlej Chris Southard, Nathan Cash, Rob Noland, Sean O'Donnell, Edwin Heard, Rodnej johnson, Tim Isakson, Nathan Sewell,-jeff Keith,-Ieff Pollard ftopj Danny Howington, Robert Bloom, Mike Williams, C. K. Cartwright, Danl Craig, Richard Lain, Cody Smith, Darren Hayden, Greg Carver. Bl 194 SPORTS J WQSQWN ' aa... . xii,,.:s,'gt?'1f:.vsr.gfzea at - -. . K ..., .. Q X ik ig , Ut", me ,Q ,., rr as "" f . . 1 -:ww .X ,,,, ,..- .... . US F, Q A eos'-'iiglgvx' W gig 'K ggi 5 .. - - ' ., Mer . L ff" The Colt track team put together another successful year in 1982. Under the guidance of Coach Gerald Richey, the Colt thinclads placed well in the meets they entered. Senior C. K. Cartwright dominated the distance events this year topping off with a second place in the State 3200 meter event. After several warm-up meets in- cluding the Fort Worth Coaches In- door, the Arlington Relays, and the Ir- ving Relays, the Colts headed for the district meet. Cartwright won both the 1600 meter run and the 3200 meter run with times of 4:19.10 in the 1600 and 9:16.34 in the 3200. Mike Ashcraft was close on Cartwright's heels in the 1600 com- ing in second with a time of 4:34.15. jon Hill came in third with a time of 10:04.72 in the 3200. Another Colt, Alan Mathis, came in fourth with a Runners participate in man meets before finale wa Al Cl 6:14 ew.. . , 4 , .t 1 f , at . nel mana time of 10:13.54 AHS finished fourth in the mile relay with a time of 323359. Pole vaulter Brent Thompson was an early season favorite before he broke his arm in a meet. KAJ Senior-Iohn Hill leads a Lamar runner in the 3200 meter event in the District Meet. fBj "Runners take your mark!" screams an official. fCj Flying through the air is a favorite hobby of junior Pat Woodruff. SPORTS 195 C. K. Cartwright captures double honors at region Distance runner C. K. Cartwright highlighted another successful year for the Colts by placing second in state in the 3200 meter run. Cartwright won both the 1600 meter run and the 3200 meter run in district. The senior thinclad's times were 4:19.10 in the 1600 and 9:16.34 in the 3200. Cartwright later advanced to regionals in Denton and there he won both distance events. Cartwright then competed in the state meet in Austin. There he finished second in the 3200 meter run with a time of 9:12.03. He was not as successful in the 1600 be- ing as it was run right after the 3200 meter competition. Some of Cartwright's awards this year consisted of being named All- District, All-Regional, and All-State. Other members who were named All- District were Mike Ashcraft and jon Hill. 196 SPORTS Girls capture laurels at 8 AAAAA District meet Pure determination is the simple reason for the success of the 1981-82 district champion girls track team. The ladies worked hard during class and many times after hours to prepare for the meets. Led by Coach joni McCoy and Coach Glenda Kramer the team was able to place in two very competitive meets. The squad captured second in the Duncanville meet behind the win- ning efforts of junior Kathy Pyle, sophomore DeAnn Archer, and senior Zina Pippins. The Colts placed behind a skilled Ellison team who finished with 192 points compared to AHS 117. The new track at Maverick Stadium proved to be the site for the next showing of the lady tracksters' talents. The meet was dominated by Kathy as she captured firsts in the triple jump, long jump and the 200 meter run. Even with Kathy's fantastic efforts the team just fell short of first as they finished second to the Trinity girls. QAJ Sensational C. K. Cartwright leads a Richland Rebel in the 5200 meter run at the District Meet. Q85 Kathy Pyle strains for more valuable inches in the long jump. fCj Zina Pippins races for the tape in a meet at the new Maverick Stadium. SPORTS 197 B Li we ............ AT 2 2 I: 3 :Z Members of the girls track team include fbottom rowj Christie Cain, Kim Evans, Melissa Godsey, Dawn Smith, Tracie Alexander, Dory Lawrence, Mary Foley, Liz Kalina 12nd rowj Chris Poalinelli, Susie Faussett, Lori Pyle, Mary Sue Kalina, Heather Moffett,jill Bowman, Kathy Pyle Ord rowj DeAnn Archer, Holly Masters, Chris Ellis, Kim Trainor, Lynn Reston, Lori Eberhardt, Zina Pippins Mth rowj Wendy Gathany, Timi Greene, Kathy Chapman, Sheri Hauch, Susie Santarelli, and Shana Fife. 198 SPORTS Kathy Pyle leads lady tracksters through season Coach Joni McCoy soon began the process of fine tuning the team for the district meet. The Colts' toughest competition was presumed to be either Burleson or Lamar. The meet again proved to be great for Kathy Pyle as she captured first in the triple jump, first in the 200 meter run, and was part of the first place 800 meter relay team. The main reason for the district vic- tory wasn't just the first place finishes, but the many second and third place finishes. The Colts combined for over nine second and third place finishes which proved to be enough for the Colts as they captured the 8 - 5A crown with an impressive 127W points. The nearest opponent was Lamar who finished with only 111. The outstanding talents of the Colt ladies didn't go without recognition as they were honored at the annual Girls Sports Banquet. Taking home the Most Improved Awards were juniors Melissa Godsey and Laura McDonald. Voted as Most Dedicated was Mary Sue Kalina and High Point Award went to the outstanding Kathy Pyle. fAj junior Wendy Gathany flys over a hur- dle. QBQ Sprinter Lori Pyle keeps pace over a L. D. Bell runner. SPORTS 199 Young boys golf team does well in district action Boys golf team members include Scott Pierce, Russell McPherson, David Clark, Ken Hubbard, and Adrian Littlefield. Lovelady. Not pictured is Kyle C nl 200 SPORTS Jmiwfw The Colt boys golf team was made up of young inexperienced golfers. Fortunately, the Colts did not let the youth bother them as they finished the tournament year with a third place finish in district. In tournament action the results in- cluded Sam Houston Invitational, seventhg Irving Nimitz Invitational, sixthg Denton Invitational, tenthg Arl- ington Golf Classic, eighthg and South Grand Prairie Invitational, seventh. The best finish was the South Garland Invitational in which the Colts placed fifth. 'Leading the way for the boys was Adrian Littlefield. Littlefield was nam- ed first team All-District and was a third individual medalist in district. David Clark was named Sophomore of the Year. fAj David Clark drives a shot. QBI Russell McPherson works on his form. QCI Scott Pierce checks out the fairway before teeing off. CD1 While following through on his shot, Adrian Littlefield watches the ball. fEj Using a wood, Ken Hubbard sends his shot toward the green. SPORTS 201 Lady Colt golfers capture district championship The girls golf team also was made up of young players. Leading the way for the ladies was Karen Crocker. Karen was named Sophomore of the Year as well as being named to the first team All-District squad and was a district medalist. Also contributing were Margaret Daughtery, janet Barter, and Lisa Rabe. Both Janet and Lisa were nam- ed first team All-District. The girls finished fourth in the Paschal Invitational and as a team won district and advanced to regionals where they finished ninth. Coach Mike Cade felt that his team will need to be more poised and ac- quire a high higher level of competi- tion. This will be their goal for 1983. KAQ Lisa Rabe, after having driven her shot into a sand pit, has to fight her way out. fBj Watching her ball fly toward the green, Margaret Daughtery follows through with her shot. 1 C1 Karen Crocker, district medalist, knocks her ball out of sand. 202 SPORTS A B --1 Girls golf team members include Coach Mike Cade, Margaret Daughtery, Karen Crocker, Lisa Rabe and fnot shownj janet Barter. F u x x I K 204 F A C U L T Y E ' r 0 G Administration make changer, new gym rem!! Arlington High School students started off the year facing several changes - a newly completed gym- nasium, a new band hall, and an enlarged photography lab. All of these changes were made possible by the Arlington School Board. Members of the 1981-82 school board included Dr. Tom Telle, presidentg Mr. Eroy Harry, vice presi- dentg Mr. Rick Cline, secretaryg Mr. Clyde Godfrey, assistant secretary, Mr. Gary McClaskey, Mrs. Diane Patrick, and Mnjoejesko. Working closely with the school board were members of the central administrative staff including Mr. W. Counts, superintendentg Dr. Ken- neth Greene, assistant super- intendant-instructiong Mr. B. L. Davis, assistant superintendent-adminis- trativeg Mr. Bob Beene, assistant superintendentg Mr. Tom Dabbert, ad- ministrative assistantg Mr. john Webb, administrative assistant-financeg and Mrs. Mildred Helms, administrative assistant-secondary instruction. Keeping AHS running smoothly was Mr. james Crouch, who for the fourth year, met regularly with the Faculty Relations Committee to hear teachers' opinions on various policies. fAj Sitting patiently, Mr. james Crouch poses for a portrait drawn by Ora Lee Small. fBj The 1981-82 AISD School Board includes fbackj Mr. Clyde Godfrey, Mrs. Diane Patrick, Mr. joe -Iesko, Mr. Gary McClaskey ffrontj Mr. Rick Cline, Dr. Tom Telle, and Mr. Eroy Harry. fCj Mr. james Crouch gets ready for a busy day. fDj Mr. Crouch shows the student body just " . . . How sweet it is . . . to be in Colt Country." BT Mr. Rick Cline Mr.j. W. Counts Mr. Clyde Godfrey Mr. Eroy Harry Mr.joe jesko Mr. Gary McClaskey Mrs. Diane Patrick Dr. Tom Telle 206 FACULTY Principal runs school effeciently For a school to be run effeciently, there must be at the head, quality leadership. For Arlington High, this came in the form of principal Mr. james Crouch. Mr. Crouch started at AHS 12 years ago when the dress code "made little sense," said Mr. Crouch, "the girls wore mini skirts, but boys could not have their hair touching their ears," he went on to say, "I had more teachers in my office complaining about boys hair than teaching." After changing the dress code his first year, Mr. Crouch went on to complete his first year as principal. He also started a traditional saying that almost every graduating senior has remembered, " . . . How Sweet it is . . . to be in Colt Country." Besides working closely with the students, Mr. Crouch also keeps his door open for parents and teachers, along with students, to hear their comments about any policies or procedures. . , ' .2 'l' ii'l,vLEf55y'i:L c , AT C1 fAj Mrs. Charlene Dorsey unlocks her bike after school and prepares to depart from Arlington High. fBj Starting her four mile bike ride home, Counselor Dorsey gets ready to leave. QCD Mrs. Dorsey and jerilyn Kear discuss her schedule. fDj Mrs. Dorsey puts up her bike. A . Q .,.. - f f f 3 ?T:s,sEi -1 Mr. Robert Howmgron M 5 , V .aegyg fgl Mr. Wendell Lackey 5 - 1 ?21 2f2T,iJ Mrs. Carol Wmter " . e AJ Qi '-' S ZZ 208 FACULTY g Advisor rides 3-speed cycle, continues fun Riding a bike to school? In high school? Be seen on a three-speed? Never. This healthy activity, riding a bike, is experienced almost every day by counselor Charlene Dorsey. "It is really refreshing for me to ride my bike, because the cool air seems to make me feel alive," stated the counselor. Mrs. Dorsey started eight years ago when she was teaching at an elemen- tary school and she wanted to do some exercise, and riding her bike sounded exciting. She now rides her bike to and from work almost every day. The only days that she does not ride her bike is when it is raining out or there is snow on the ground. Her bike ride starts early in the morning when she rides up side streets, through parking lots, down several busy streets, and finally up to Arlington High. "The only time I don'r like is when I get caught in rain storms on the way home," said Mrs. Dorsey. Mrs. Alice Davisson Mrs. Charlene Dorsey Mrs. Carolyn Hammonds Mrs.jozelle Whitfield FACULTY 209 Workers keep from ojjqcey in goodjhrm Answering phones, typing memos, notes, and letters, running errands, working the computer, and counting money, were jobs all done by the "Of- fice Ladies." Mrs. Jeanne Butler, Mr. james Crouch's secretary, kept the wheels running smoothly in the front office, while Mrs. Annette Archer took care of bookkeeping. Mrs. joAnne Derick and Mrs. Lin- da Ratliff manned the attendance records and answered all the atten- dance calls. The counselor's office was in the good hands of Mrs. Carol Ferrell, while Mrs. Sharon Dollar fed the data to the computer. H Taking care of bumps and bruises, pains, aches, broken bones, and such was Mrs. Lucille Ward, while Mrs. Nancy Stephens served as registrar. . . 1 .rrp z M375 :wif .5 " 2 4 .VV... J .. , gssaf ,--1y:gy-,vm f-swf:- ,es iff., Y 1 iff --.,,-- -51.5313 .i.,:...fV. ...f,:?. ki - 1. - .... t :'fsj,,!s..f',,.+. .,- gy of . ff! fgrs-e+."i,'fA . age. mrs ,r 8 if :,- 3-A gift. 5. .9 'mi 1' ' A-ss -Q .fve:'Hf." M 'f ' 1- . ff 3l"'m - A X " . . aw" 5 Sf' ' . Y wr Y' ,Garvey niwie- 3 -as - ,-1 - gf 1 .f '. I ww' I Q :A JJ W, ' . '15, 2, Q 3 . . sff-f'.-'s'i. r Q V55 . r ..,. r ..... 4 . s ,. . - , , ,- . A", A ' 'T i ' ' f ' .. ' . -"if--s ' ' .jg 5 Q , 'haf-'Af'-ivs'sY,x11u' - 1. . . - I r ' - ij' gf R H - NNN-".,.+ ,Y 1 1 ' uv. .re - .r 'ir ' . U -Swsfrir ses .fr A L Vis.. ' . ' , ii ,. . . Todd Gree 3 Mrs. Annette Archer 210 FACULTY Mrs. Carol Ferrell Mrs. Linda Ratliff in In Todd Green fAj Bookkeeper, Mrs. Annette Archer, protects the school money from thieves. QBQ Mr. Crouch's secretary, Mrs. Jeanne Butler takes a break from her busy schedule. fCj Mrs. Joanne Derrick, records the days absences. fDj Mrs. Sharon Dollar writes up a program to put into the computer. .-A-"""'M Mrs. Nancy Stephens Mrs. Lucille Ward MN it Darryl Eng FACULTY 211 Teachers dance their way to fun O.K. ladies, get your knees up . . . don't stop stomach in keep your postures up. Does this sound like fun? It does to Mrs. janet Wallace, Mrs. Flo Francis, and several other teachers. They did aerobic dancing each Monday and Wednesday of every week. "It keeps you physically fit," said Mrs. Wallace, "and you get to dance also." The Arlington High teachers who participated in jacki Sorensen's Aerobic Dancing class were Mrs. Becky McDonald, Mrs. Carlene Cafaro, Miss Deanna Koonsman, Mrs. Wallace, Mrs. Francis, Mrs. Martha Moore, Mrs. Laveta Moore, Mrs. Lou Baker, and Mrs. Lanell Goodman. They danced for one hour straight without stopping, doing such steps as the 7-up, the Banana Hat, the Pony, the Charleston, the Cha-Cha, and chorusline kicks. They also did warm ups before, cooldowns after and took heartbeats between dances. The teachers participated in a dance-athon at the Tarrant County Convention Center in November to raise money for under-privildged children. They took pledges or straight donations. Dancing from 10 a.m. till 2 p.m., the teachers did a total of 50 dances in the four hour period. jacki Sorensen's Aerobic Dancing started in the early 60's and is still growing stronger with all the different variations of aerobic dancing. fAj Mrs. Lanell Goodman jogs in place to music atjacki Sorenson's Aerobic dancing class. QBJ Doing the latest steps, Mrs. Becky McDonald dances to "9 to S". QCQ Mrs.janet Wallace, Mrs. Flore Francis and friends dance the fun way. Mrs. Gay Anderson Mrs. Carol Ankele Mr.james Anton Mr. Dale Archer 212 FACULTY l Mrs . Tracy Baines Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Lou Baker Mary Margaret Basham Audie Bearden FACULTY 215 Teacher turns pilot on weekends "The biggest thing that I've ever dropped was a road grader," said Mr. jim Saxon. When most people think of dropping things, they think of maybe dropping a pencil to the floor. Mr. Saxon, a shop teacher, drops all sorts of cargo, even a road grader, from an airplane via parachute to the ground. They call him a "drop master." He began in 1966 when he joined the Air Force and asked to be a drop master. In C-135 cargo planes, he flew drop missions in Viet Nam - trying to drop cargo in the right place at the right time. Mr. Saxon experienced two crashes that were "hair raising." Once the plane on which he was a crew member ran off the runway and crashed. Another time the plane was taking off and hit a tree. Luckily, he wasn't hurt. Nor was he hurt when the enemy would shoot at his plane. As a member of the Dallas Navy Flying Club, he flies privately on weekends. He is also an air crew member in the reserves, where he still is a drop master. Usually Mr. Saxon flies two or three times a week with the Reserve. During the week he "drops" locally and on the weekends, he flies cross country, even to Panama, with cargo loads. Though his wife worries and the hours are long, Mr. Saxon doesn't seem to mind. "I've always wanted to fly," he said. QAH Mr. jim Saxon rides an Elephant in Thailand. fBj Mr. Saxon and his friends pose after winning "crew of the month." fCj Waiting to leave Abilene for the Philippines, Mr. Saxon checks our the plane. Mrs. Beverly Behgam Mrs. Alice Biggs Mrs. Lynda Bradham Mrs. Barbara Brown Mr.j. W. Brown Mrs, Ruth Butler Mrs. Carlene Cafaro Mr. Mike Cade s-M ' 214 FACULTY Mrs. Ruth Cannon Mrs. Betty Cantwell Mrs. Mary Clements Mrs. Virginia Coker Mnjack Covington Mrs. Becky Cretsinger Mrs. Gloria Dunbar Ms. Barbara Ecabert FACULTY 215 216 FACULTY Mrs. Betty Evans Mrs. Bea Falvo Mr. William Fink Mrs. Phyllis Forehand Mrs. Flo Francis Mrs. Elizabeth Free Mr. Robert Gill Mrs. LaNelle Goodman Todd G Excuses, excuses, excuses teachers hear them all A teacher has many things to do, one of which is to listen to excuses given to them by their pupils. Almost every period of every day, teachers have to listen to excuses. Even though most people would not believe some of the excuses given to teachers, still, the excuses continue to come, Such as the one told to Mrs. 'Sharon Phemisterg "I couldn't do the lhomework because I had to wash my hair," or the one told to Mrs. Lou Baker, "My dad stole my homework." Or there is the one about the dog who attacked the report card, but there was only one hole, over the grade, on the whole report card. Although some excuses become very elaborate and complicated, there are still the popular ones. The dog having very abnormal craving for paper, or the little sister who, along with the dog, had a craving for paper. Then there is the one about the mother cleaning the room for the first time, and accidently throwing the paper away. It seems that teachers have to listen to all of the various types of excuses. Can you imagine the teachers compar- ing excuses in the teachers' lounge, and them not laughing at the excuses. But by and by, it seems that no matter what the excuses are, or how elaborate the excuse is, teachers always seem to see through the smoke. You would think they really don't believe the excuses. QA, junior Bonnie West gives Mrs. Martha Moore another excuse. fBj A report card shows that battle wound ofa fierce clog. ,gkvV,,y':JHVM we 23541. 5 J P M43 . .. ...,,- . W tm ff' at 2 its y if it use ll' ta if Q X55 ferr. all Q 25? , , V if "." i"' A' ' Hai ' ' 'si M A . H .V , A -, as af-2 H J, A Tgiff t K . .i V.k7 ...V . K S W i W , 4 g , L '1 . Writ Vg Y .'-', VV 'f V- H -1 " , JU Q ,ar N rrxaa 'ati' H or -, 1 ...- 4' - - - -"" 'irx rw MW "' f -f" W . xg Z"-42, Q, ts '. 't, i',, K gb il V 4 ,. ,r -fi' ar 4' ff 'fr' V af ji 4 an --- 2 V' ' - H rrlcs it rrr 1 lrr Q - Ml' 'ig If i, V1 lt' rwm ' tif ' 'i WV, VVr.V1:r,f fy, 5:3 3' 4' TTTV . ,,,., V- -.-tv. .,, ., .,,.. Q at ,Jw.'l M "" 1 V , V -gm' , ' tsrwws, ,- it . .. i wb E555 l 2 rl Za Tig -I . 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Q f l"'Jl" "" 'mi' :TWT Wlwii V' "" - 'fa ,fx H V ,, ,.. ,W ,Y if"f'uw.mV'mfr-22,Z"Ei7i3"5'YIff?l''W' 'f"l"'W fr r if Ng f ax 4' 'M ai V 4- EM K V ,,,, - 'M--..-,fa VVVVVV ' wif, ' "' 1:12, E' 5135 'F 'I' 1 W '1Vv f.':f'l"" 'EV VV:" L t Nj an it .fi 52? liar it 3 ,, -ir , Q 1, H Q. Q it Y' r r W rf '-f f f' fa ra 2 i r ,,- , --are-.,V YV ,f si , rV radiant,-,,a,i..1aa-r 1: sr., ,Qgt,,... V -4- T it ,r , ,r r J L ri 4 A Qg z" ,wx Q 4 ff as ff a 2 .2 J K isa , ,VVr::rV1fgrV..fV ll ix i' 365. F3353 Q ,. ,jg 3? E jx Rf M, ,Ki W 7eVe"1'V'V 522,52 ri rim? i 5451- U iifiiw QV 'Q -.fl dw? ,, 4 K J f W RV 'ff r 4' 1- 'fr ,rms r gag at Q! f lu' ll K 1 ,J f je eg f 'W r ' ii V .ff Q M ' V y f VQ'e l ill e : - W HY an HQ ' f 5 f M N3 f , . , ,,... ,,,, , ' , at ' K Q fm , "'- .rf Q. , -,fra , 1 x if Q Q Q W , 4 1 ,, if ,. 2523 '55 rw A M H ' t- l f than V . , VV, at , -s at ,f,af aeVf-rwilaa ,J fa 3 r at 2 T, 2 ft' es, is arf-, S -4' an 'fafrfsegw e f if a 'H if f we 5 rf as SW it Ll' Q K K? fr 1 Mn - w cur- it S ew F ll 7 fr D , Qi ' elif faaVr?rrtfl rl W' 5 'lf rx 'S ee r' as J i a l -, ifagggyf' li? F .Q Q My , Y r rf "1 .fV as-3'2fv t -t f, f " is gil , 2 2, H fp,- ,ffl Mi Et' wi mr if 1 ft rf . - . :J 'S' 'HW k "fl ' 2784 Rafi? 5.3-i 21" 575: mlm' L Q a 4 ,A s i riff , al l w 1 Rf if L r K' t If X " 5, . f ,,,,Is1 5 as . l xl 'S f +' -rV., 2L - 1 f' ' J 2, V t . + la 'iff x . "' ri I rr? Ei ,flu na "r fe r 3 at r af t . ir Walk? + Ali Q Wm.. W Q az .Vi . My is tl M .Zi aQ,srW?a?2'i an Q3 gs, x , . silt aw r ' r , fa fe 1 r H f + at rf we rf f at, 4 at t rr X ti' te? Ar we r rw fm 5' llilva Wi 13' ., ,ff -rr-, gif- 4V rr-,,.r. . .. su n- f ,,,,kVq..eV,,f?rrx ' Tw gg er , 5 are rf W fx ., Jr ga rr 3, rg ff ,K gs nt 'Qt r , rr ft . . ,xi ...- ,r U , 1 r 95 a at ,Q f 5 as . 4, ,V a-it-. ffff .ya we a a gf ru 35 K ts we , r WM ir Y Fw M X2 Mg , .1 4 as far Wat tl rat. 'T i ff. fi 7' ,E af at H at 4 or .S i--at .Q has at ft V W' ff al are K, ,gk J to -- f, UQ. xi yt r ,mia MH fr We r t ff ,lr 3 r C - , tiewx f rr X it K L y af Jr . wa rwiirfzlifffi , M f" 'f -4 V af. 'ss BT 4 Q V1 4 ,V2 aaa f if 'ffl .. 3 ,eee Ge , W - V r ,, , .itt ,, ,..,,,. ,.s,,,,,. .,,. , ,,,A, , - .. . . A ff rv r ,,'-, egg..-fr -"" ""' . 5 .',,,. " r t...r . t V '--, ' ,J ,5r,w.rVVVVf za,-firti.-V' ff,, we-'fi' 'T V- ef . V... ,,,., . ,K i ,,,,, ,,,, , , ia VV A 1 . , ,, .5 .V ,,,, u . 'fVfV55Q-515141-V-at ,,,,, ,, ,,,, ,,r . 1- ' V-12-,V is .22 l VV VVVWV .. .- . ,gs - 'lgyix ifiryrxh, .2 .fyf tg "ij'i2:i..yV:- VifVi'Veeea'+ Sir 'Kb - V YVVVV ,V, H.. V .. sly, .,,, it "ff .,,. . x it Kenneth Gruenwald Kevin Hamilton Miss janet Harner Mr. Dillard Isabel Mr. Mr. Ms. Vickijohnson Col. Wallace Keehr Mrs. Nancy Kidd Miss Deanna Koonsman FACULTY 217 QA-Bj Mr. james Anton uses Algebra to figure out how to "divide" a hind quarter of beef. 218 FACULTY Miss Glenda Kramer Mrs. Yvonne Lambert Mr.james A. Lester Miss Leslie Latham Mrs. Sue Lester Mr. Robert Lewis Mrs. Madeleine Lively Mrsjoyce Louis Math teacher turns butcher on weekends When is a teacher not a teacher? When he is a butcher, of course At least this is true when it comes o Mr. james Anton, Algebra teacher who spends his Saturdays as a part ime butcher. This occupation is not newly learn d To earn extra income in college he worked in a butcher shop It was t here he received the training which Because Callaways is individually wned, Mr Anton feels he enjoys his he now applies at Callaway's Meats 0 . job more. 'I wouldn't want to work in a chain-store butcher shop," he stated and went on to add, "Callawa s ro vides me with a friendly relaxed at mosphere and no pressure." Miss joni McCoy Mrs. Becky McDonald Mrsjennifer McDowell Mrs. Diane Marlar Mrs. Kathy Mills Miss Cindy Mitchell Mr.john Moore Mrs. Lovetta Moore Mr. Gruenwald keeps on trucking "I'll never forget when I was driv- ing across some railroad tracks, and my engine died. There was a train coming down the tracks, but luckily I was able to coast across the tracks just in time before the train got to the tracks. It must have missed me by on- ly a couple of feet," remembers Mr. Kenneth Gruenwald. Besides being the shop teacher at AHS, Mr. Gruenwald is also a weekend and summer truck driver. He drives an eighteen wheeled Ford truck. Mr. Gruenwald has been all over the eastern part of Texas, from Wichita Falls to Laredo, east. "I started driving for Central Freight Lines because they offer good money. I enjoy driving to Houston, because it pays the most money." Although he has to pay for his own food, the bigger truck stops offer free sleeping quarters for truck drivers. All truck drivers are allowed to drive 500 miles a day, then they must take a "rest" time, which is for eight hours. "I usually talk on the CB. at night, to someone I know, or if there is no one, I talk to myself, or I sing." Mr. Gruenwald plans to continue to drive his truck for a while longer. Y f :sg w c 3 H ta. ,,,-fs.,--vw f:E'.sf:a:gff--was I mf, kinase 'Qies .2ee::-saw: Ks 1 I , I H H ss..... ..,,,, gg . ..., . Q: ' I . gs ., .. , i s V A . I -- ....r. If Y ' ' X I Se? fmt? ass Q ca Q aj , A s -as r af . t Q 4, ,r . 5 is I Higgs CI 2 li Q K I r M X, t 3, 3 Q is t X 5 3 , fat If Q ' S I is . ft.. it -1- -:::.W.w. rf 5? . I. . . . Q . r... L, ,, .. ,, tr , Q is rg.ia22r,,fzf-w- fffiwsr:-1:-:tot tg 5 I S X K . . X ...I .......... . Darryl Eng T r fAj Mr. Kenneth Gruenwald waits for' students to board the bus. CBJ In his shop class, Mr. Gruenwald talks to his students about working with shop tools. Mrs. Martha Moore Mrs. Pat Moses Mr. Mike O'Brien Mrs. Natalee Parr Mrs. Sharon Phemister Mr. Dan Rash Mrs. Martha Roark Mr.john Ritter 220 FACULTY A Todd Mrs. Grace Roberts Dr. Cecilla Rodriguez Mnjarnes Saxon Mrs. Bonnie Shelley Mnjarnes Shewmake Mr. Floyd Spracklen Mrs. Patsy Spracklen Mrs. Beverly Stebbins FACULTY 221 fAj Mrs. Grace Roberts passes out another set of Algebra I papers. fBj One can always find one of Mrs. Roberts' roses on her desk. 222 FACULTY Miss Judy Stricklin Mr. Mike Stovall Mr.Jon Stutler Mrs. Michelle Sweeny Mr. Ricky Theobalt Mrs. Pat Thompson Mrs. Oleta Thrower Mrs. Mary Turk Roberts garden boasts winners White, yellow, red, two tones, and combinations. All of these different color roses can be found in Mrs. Grace Roberts' garden. Mrs. Roberts has been raising roses for almost 40 years. She and her hus- band started raising the blooms in East Texas, which is noted for roses. When the algebra teacher and her husband moved to Arlington, she missed all the roses so she decided to raise some of her own. Belonging to the Mid-Cities Rose Society, Mrs. Roberts and her hus- band have entered several contests and won awards for their blooms. Along with raising roses, she also has a small greenhouse added onto her house, where she grows house plants. "I enjoy growing roses, red roses in particular, because they represent something special to me," she said. Mrs. Ann Turney Mr. Larry Wadsworth Mrsjanet Wallace Mrs. Kathryn White Mrs. MaryLou Wiggins Mrs. Sara Williamson Mr. Barry Wilrnoth FACULTY 223 Workers help feed students, clean hallways Fixing thermostats, filling drink machines, and making cinnamon rolls are not jobs done by little elves around Arlington High School. These chores and many more are performed by a Crew of hard working, friendly people. Custodians had a tougher job since almost the entire school was carpeted. But they seemed to cope with broken pipes, chewing gum, and locker decorations as they answered the red light in the halls paging them throughout the day. Feeding the tummies of AHSers were the ladies in the cafeteria who dished up the favorites such as Monster Burgers, Taco Rolls, and Cinnamon rolls. Two new items serv- ed this year were fish platters and tacos. fAj Arlington janitors include joe Bragg, Rosa Fuentes, Ed Shaw, and joe Terrill. fBj Ladies who feed the tummies of AHSers are Joyce Bogkin, Karen Mack, Dottie Rogstad, Pat Wilkie, - Barbara Brooks, and Valla Butler. 224 FACULTY -lr in ""...':' 'Phu Crouch, Mr.james -2 MEd Texas Wesleyan College, Principal. Lackey, Mr. Wendell -2- MEd Sam Houston State University, Vice Principal. Howingron, Mr. Robert 3 MEd Midwestern University, Vice Principal. Winter, Mrs. Carol - MEd Sam Houston State University, Vice Principal. Davisson, Mrs. Alice - MEd University ofTexas at El Paso, Counselor. Dorsey, Mrs. Charlene - MA Texas Womens University, Counselor. Hammonds, Mrs. Carolyn - MEd Texas Womens University, Counselor. Whitfield, Mrsjozelle - MEd Texas Christian University. Archer, Mrs. Annette Texas ARM. Butler, Mrsjeanne UTA, Secretary. Derrick, Mrs.,Io Ann Secretary. Ratliff, Mrs. Linda Secretary. Ferrill, Mrs. Carol Registrar. Dollar, Mrs. Sharon Data Clerk. Stephens, Mrs. Nancy Secretary. Moses, Mrs. Patricia - BS East Texas State University, Librarian. Coker, Mrs. Virginia Library Aide. Cretvinger, Mrs. Becky Library Aicle. Ward, Mrs. Lucille C- BS Texas Womens University, Clinic Aide. Anderson, Mrs. Gay - BA UTA, Geometry, Trigonometry, Analytic Geometry, Senior Class. Ankele, Mrs. Carol- BS TCU, Driver's Education. Anton, Mr.james - BSEE UTA, Math. Archer, Mr. Dale - MEd Texas Wesleyen College, Basketball Coach, Drivers Education. Bailey, Mr. Ben - MEd Central State University, America.. Government, Football Coach. Baines, Mrs. Tracy H MEd University of Houston, English II, Ill. Baker, Mrs. Lou - BA Trinity University, Algebra II,junior Class. Basham, Mrs. Mary Margaret - AB Baylor University, English III, American History,-Iunior Class. Bearden, Mrs. Sarah - MA UTA, Computer Math, Calculus, Analytic Geometry. Bcgham, Mrs. Beverly- ME University of Kansas, Special Education. Biggs, Mrs. Alice - BA UTA, Biology I, Il, Para-Med. Bradham, Mrs. Lynda - BS East Texas State University, Head Volleyball Coach, P.E. Butler, Mrs. Ruth - MA Clark University, American History, Senior Class. Cade, Mr. Mike - MS East Texas State University, Chemistry, Golf Coach. Cafaro, Mrs. Carlene - BS Texas Christian University, Biology l, Applied Biology, Senior Class. Cannon, Mrs. Ruth - BA University of Kansas, American History, World Geography. Cantwell, Mrs. Betty - BA UTA, Art I, II, Clay, Painting, Art Club. Chambers, Mr. Andy - MEd North Texas State University, Driver's Education. Clements, Mrs. Mary - MEd Baylor University, Chemistry I, Biology I. Covington, Mrjack - BA North Texas State University, English III, Senior Class. Facult Index Dunbar, Mrs. Gloria - BS Wayne State University, Health Occupations, HOE. Ecabert, Mrs. Barbara - BME Texas Christian University, Band. Evans, Mrs. Betty Texas A6zM, Cosmetology, VICA. Falvo, Mrs. Bea - MA UTA, Algebra Il, Trigonometry, Analytic Geometry, Senior Class. Fink, Mr. William - BA Rutgers University, German I, Il, III, Sophomore Class. Fisher, Mr.jcrry - MEd Texas Christian University, Health, Drivers Education, Athletic Ttaincr. Forehand, Mrs. Phyllis - MA North Texas State University,journalism I, II, Photo -jour - nalisn-i, Annual Production, Quill Bt Scroll, Senior Class. Francis, Mrs. Flo - BSE Henderson State Teachers College, English Il, IV, Senior Class. Free, Mrs. Elizabeth - BS University of Arkansas, Art, Ceramics, Commercial Art, Art Club. Gill, Mr. Robert- MEd North Texas State University, P.E., Basketball Coach, Baseball Coach. Goodman, Mrs. LaNelle - MEd North Texas State University, English III, Sophomore Class. Grunewald, Mr. Kenneth - BS Southwestern State University, Industrial Arts. Hall, Mrs.-JoAnn -- MS University ot' Illinois, Orchestra. Hamilton, Mr. Kevin -1 MA Texas A6rM, Vocational Agriculture, FFA. Hamer, Missjanet - BS West Texas State University, Algebra, Drill Team. Isabel, Mr. Dillard - MEd Hardin-Simmons University, Psychology, Economics, Student Leadership, Tennis Coach, Student Council. johnson, Ms. Vicki- BS University ofTexas - El Paso, Typing I, Il, Business Law, FBLA. Keehr, Mr. Wallace - MA, BA Western Washington College, ROTC, Rocket Team, Key Club, Drill Teams. Kidd, Mrs. Nancy g BA North Texas State University, Typing I, FBLA, Interact, Sophomore Class. Koonsman, Miss Deanna A BS, MS Texas Tech University, Home Management, Child Develop - ment, Homemaking I, Il, FHA. Kramer, Miss Glenda - BA Sam Houston State University, Biology, Girls Cross Country, Girls Basketball. Lambert, Mrs. Yvonne - MEd Central State University, English IV,junior Class, Interact. Latham, Miss Leslie A BA, MEd North Texas State University, Latin, ESOL, Grammar, Creative Writing. Lawley, Master Sgt. Champ San Antonio College,jAFROTC. Lester, Mr.james - MS East Texas State University, Driver's Education, World Geography, Football, Track. Lester, Mrs. Sue - BBA Baylor University, Typing I, Bookkeeping, FBLA, Sophomore Class. Lewis, Mr. Robert - MFA Texas Christian University, Photography, Printmaking. Lively, Mrs. Madeleine - MA North Texas State University, French, Spanish. Louis, Mrs.joyce - BA University of Texas, Austin, Spanish I, Geometry, Spanish Club. McCoy, Mrs.joni Q BA UTA, English II, Track,j.V. Volleyball. McDonald, Mrs. Becky H BS East Texas State University, Home and Family Living, Child Development, HECE. McDowell, Mrs.-Jennifer - MEd North Texas State University, Biology I. Manning, Mr. Dan - BS North Texas State University, Drama I, II, III, Speech I, II, Thespians. Marlar, Mrs. Diane e-1 BBA UTA, vaeaiimiai ofiee Education. Mills, Mis. Kathy 1 BS Stephen F. Austin State University, Geometry, Algebra I, Il. Mitchell, Miss Cynthia 3 BA University ofTexas, Austin, Algebra, Geometry, Cheerleading. Moffatt, Mrs. Lee - MEd UTA, Special Education. Moore, Mr.john - MA Austin College, Driver's Education, Baseball Coach. Moore, Mrs. Loveta - BA UTA, English II, III,junior Class. Moore, Mrs. Martha - BS West Texas Stare University, English III,junior Class. O'Brien, Mr. Mike - MEd University ofTexas, Coordinator of PE and Athletics, Head Football Coach. Parr, Mrs. Natalee - BA SMU, American History. Phemister, Mrs. Sharon I MA UTA, French I, II, III, French Club. Rash, Mr. Dan - MME North Texas State University, Choral Music. Richey, Mr. Gerald - MECI Abilene Christian University, Health, Psychology, Track. Ritter, Mr.john -Q MA UTA, ICT. Roark, Mrs. Martha - MA UTA, English IV,junior Class, NHS. Roberts, Mrs. Grace - MS TWU, Algebra I, II. Rodriguez, Dr. Cecilia Silvia de - PhD Texas Wesleyan College, Spanish II, III, Spanish Club. Saxon, Mr.-James f BS North Texas State University, General Metal Working, Power Mechanics, General Drafting. Shelley, Mrs. Bonnie - MEd SMU, American Government. Shewmake, Mr.james B. - BS UTA, World Geography, World History,jV Football, Head Baseball Coach. Spracklen, Mr. Floyd - MEd North Texas State University, Marketing, Distriburive Education. Spracklen, Mrs. Patsy - MS North Texas State University, CVAE. Stebbins, Mrs. Beverly - MA Texas Tech, American History, World History. Stovall, Mr. Mike -e BS Abilene Christian University, American Government, Football. Stricklin, Ms.judy v MS North Texas State University, Girls Basketball, Girls Golf. Stutlcr, Mr.-Ion - BMe UTA, Band,jazz Ensemble. Sweeney, Mrs. Michelle - BA University of Dallas, English II, Speech, Debate. Theobalt, Mr. Ricky -e BS UTA, Geometry, Geology, POM Il. Thompson, Mrs. Patricia - MEd North Texas State Unviersity, Accounting I, Il, FBLA, NHS. Throwet, Mrs. Oleta - MEd English Il, Sophomore Class, Interact, Chess Club. Turk, Mrs. Mary Y BS Central Missouri State University, VAC. Turney, Mrs. Ann - BA Hendrix College, American Government, Sociology, Sophomore Class. Wadsworth, Mr. Larry 0 MEd North Texas State University, Biology, Math. Wallace, Mrsjanet - BS Texas Christian University, English II, IV, Senior Class. White, Mrs. Kathryn- MEd Baylor University, English II, IV. Wiggins, Mrs. Mary Lou - BA SMU, Special Education. Williamson, Mrs. Sara - BBA Texas Tech, Shorthand, Typing. Wilmoth, Mr. Barry - BS Texas Tech, American History, American Government,junior Class. 225 226 V C L A S S E S Seniors design awesome year "It was an awesome year," said senior class president, Moody Alex- ander. Awesome seemed a good word to describe the well planned year of activities. The planning started, early in the summer when the officers chose the Americana Hotel to host the prom. Seniors started to raise funds to help pay for the big event. Magazine subscription sales amounted to 531000, their biggest money making project. They sold confetti at football games and senior shirts. A highly successful masquerade dance was also sponsored. As the prom got closer, seniors par- ticipated in the Colt County Fair. Sponsoring the annual Senior Saloon, they produced three shows with 13 different acts. A raffle and a rock band in the old gym added to the coffers. Meetings became more frequent as graduation, Vespers, and prom night decisions were made. Working with Moody were Walter Evans, vice presidentg Laschell Dietrich, secretary-treasurerg Sara Reed, girls' social chairperson, and Mike Foster, boys' social chairman. KAJ Moody Alexander and john Pack rake selling senior shirts seriously. fBj Mrs. Flo Francis, senior sponsor chairperson, gets a council meeting underway. fCj Senior of- ficers for the class of 1982 include Mike Foster, Walter Evans, Moody Alexander, Sara Reed, Lashell Dietrich. fDj Mrs. Phyllis Forehand, Mrs. Carlene Cafaro, Mrs. janet Wallace, and Mark .Ioeckel share a few laughs at a senior class meeting. fEj Mary Swor, Carol Charet, Kathy Broyles, Laurie Tillman, Christi Boosa, and Connie Bridges rehearse for the senior saloon. fFj john Pack, Clay Kelly, Paul Blauskug, Steve Davidson, and Bob Fahey portray the Rolling Stones for a Senior Saloon audience. 228 SENIORS Wrammq W-Y' V ffef.zfufs152' B 4- C -n I HM :i:A fKE5,i,,75 ,,,kL, L.L: 1 4 f J, .W mm: lf ' " ' 2 W 3 gn, N wf 'VASE 5iN5?'f5Wif5.fh1 X,:.lW7i'ff'7:V Q ,, H, ,mA, , ,an 7 M X ,,,..,, A,', Q QQ SENIORS 229 Class selects Moody, Laurie Moody Alexander and Laurie Tillman were voted by their classmates as senior favorites. Moody was active in German Club, Concert Choir, Choraliers, Chamber Singers, National Honor Society, Stu- dent Council, and Class Council. This year he served as senior class presi- dent, was named to All-District Choir, and was Rotarian of the Month for September. Laurie, head cheerleader this year, has been a cheerleader for all her three years at Arlington. Laurie was named Homecoming Queen this year. QAH Moody Alexander enjoys a between the periods snack. KBQ Laurie Tillman ac- cepts a bouquet of roses as Homecoming Queen. 230 SENIORS SENIORS 251 Seniors attend prom, assembly As the time drew closer for seniors to graduate, excitement mounted. The Senior Banquet and Prom and the Senior Assembly were looming over the horizon. May 7 proved to be a beautiful night for the prom as seniors dressed in their elegant gowns and spiffy tuxes treked over to the Americana Hotel in everything from motorcycles to limos. There they dined on sirloin and chocolate mousse, and after seeing themselves in the senior slide show, danced til midnight to music provided by Dj Craig Bandy. A week later the members of the Class of 82 filed into the auditorium for the annual Senior Assembly. Many of the classmates were cited with honors and awards. Principal james Crouch received a standing ovation when he prepared to give his Prin- cipal's Address. After one more look at the slide show, the seniors tearfully sang the Alma Mater and departed. 232 SENIORS fffrisiffi ffl! iff fgggkgf QAJ Melanie Morgan and Ward Thulin rock to the music provided by Dj Craig Bandy, QBQ In his final address to the Class of 82 Principal james Crouch explains the theme "Roll With the Changes." fCj C. K. Cartwright and Laurie Lindley pause for a breather. QDU Prin- cipal Crouch receives a standing ovation for his continuous support through the years. QEJ Seniors enjoy their final moments of prom night. SENIORS 255 Grads end year with ceremony When the Texas Hall curtain went up at 8 p.m. sharp May 25, the au- dience was treated to an awesome sight of nearly 500 white robed seniors ready to go through their final gather- ing as Arlington High School students. They listened attentively to honor speeches by Martha Moon and Diane Powell and to the Valedictory address by Anne Toxey and Cathy Dunning's Salutatory remarks. Principal james Crouch praised the group fortheir efforts throughout their three years before he pronounced them graduates and told them to "change your tassellsf' As Coach Mike Stovall, Mrs. Phyllis Forehand, Mark joeckel, and Mrs. Flo Francis called out their names, the seniors strolled across the stage and received their diplomas from Mr. Crouch and Vice Principal Wendell Lackey. The traditional "You'll Never Walk Along," sung for the 31st time by the Choraliers, closed a K beautiful ceremony and high school career. fAj Principal james Crouch presents Shawn Batchelor with his diploma. fBj Valedictorian Anne Toxey says a few words to the 1981-82 graduation class. fC, Senior sponsor chairperson Mrs. Flo Fran- cis and president Moody Alexander go over procedure for graduation. fDj Mrs. Loveta Stovall helps Kelly Nugent with her gown before the curtain call at Graduation. fEj Seniors David Gray, Dan Dipert, Mike Riley, and Richie Harder gather together at graduation. 234 SENIORS , ..h, SENIORS 235 236 SENIORS Laura Abbott Susan Adkinson Richard Aiken Doug Akins Moody Alexander Willie Allen Tammy Anner Richard Apel Doris Arbelaez Douglas Arnold Teri Arnold jeff Arrendell Robert Ashcraft Dee Dee Askew Shannon Auten jamie Axelson Angela Baker Todd Baker Donald Baldwin Doug Barber Greg Barnes Bill Barney Suzanne Barrett Greg Barry janet Barter Shawn Batchelor Nivia Batlle Paul Belauskas Charles Bell Vicki Bentley Sara Bielecki Danny Bindel Robert Berndt Sean Bethmann Doyle Beuke julie Beuke Pat Blain Stacey Blair Kathy Blakely Bill Blinn Magazine sales net big bucks for senior activities Seniors hoping to cut down the price of a prom ticket hit the road to the tune of 37,000 in magazine sales in the year's biggest money raising endeavor. Funds from a successful mas- querade dance and confetti sales at football games were added to the magazine profits and the loot pulled in at the Colt County Fair to bring down the cost ofthe "Big Night." Helping the senior class treasury, Lasehell Dietrich calls a neighbor to sell a magazine subscription. SENIORS 257 David Blum Susan Bohl Stacy Bolding Paul Boodee Christie Boosa john Bowen Kim Bowman Susan Bracken Connie Bridges Matt Brinkley Elise Brown Stephani Brown Kathy Broyles Lee Buck Tom Bullock john Bunce Dora Burks Allison Burt Nancy Burton Daniel Callicutt David Carpenter David Carr jeff Carter Kyncla Carter CK. Cartwright Clay Caruthers Linda Cassidy Micah Causey jim Cecil Paul Cefaly Frank Chapman Carol Charette Preppies invade in Zods, Polos As the school year started a new "group, was seen around the halls. The "Preppies" had arrived. Though a few "preps" had been spotted before, this was the first time that "pink and Green" was intensely seen at the school. Air hose and Weejuns loafers, pink oxford cloth shirts and khakis, L.L. Bean blue jeans and duck motif belts, and of course, Calvins and either "'Zods or Polos" appeared to be the key part of a "prep's" wardrobe. Students even went as far as to use nicknames like Muffy, Biff, Cuffy, or Tripp instead of real names. Non-preps who observed this change in their fellow schoolmates found them to be a "real hoot" - who wears top siders when there is not a boat in sight? Though the "preps" went for "Za" - pizza and "Scream" - ice cream, and felt that anything really fun was "intense" or "awesome" and even "drop trou" for car caravans, most non-preps found them to be "spaced white-bread." With his oxford-cloth button down and his navy pullover sweater, senior Leland Simp- son sports the latest "prep attire." SENIORS 239 john Childress Zach Childs Terry Christie Cary Clark Melony Clark Kelly Cockrell Sean Coleman Tony Coney Seniors pull together to form spontaneous class Finally after years of waiting, seniors came together to form the most spirited, funniest, and outrageous class of the school. At least they though so. Several students suggested that spirit was just part of senior activities, but the spontaneous moments just could not be called "regular." Spirit stick scandals, senior sheets, pep rally prisoners, gym and hall decorations, dance preparations, and glittering halos for the senior hall added to the craziness ofthe year. "With such outrageous events we will always remember the feeling we had this last year," senior Martha Moon said. It appeared to be a com- ing together not just an "activity." The seniors felt "Were the best at all we do, Senior class of '82!" QAJ Janette McPherson smiles her ap- proval of Mr. Crouch's speech. fBj Seniors show their "class." QCQ Lisa jones leads the "Pep Rally Prisoners" to the mandatory pep rally. fDj With her Green Colt Power wig, Stacy Smith enjoys another pep rally. fEj The senior class chants "We're the best at all we do Senior Class of '82." 240 SENIORS Christine Spo ,susaw+.W..,... 11- - Scott Conroy Party Cook Steve Coppinger Norman Cowart Rickey Cox Valerie Crafton john Crawford Lewis Crow wx MSW 'fi is 242 SENIORS Darren Crumpton Barry Cunningham Brenda Cupps Tommy Curbo Dorothy Cutler Kris Daulton Steve Davidson Belynda Davis Melynda Davis Tiffany Davis Rory Day David Delaughter Brian Denheyer Amy Depweg Emmet Devlin Cheryl Devoll jim Dickenson Scott Dickey Laschell Dietrich Nadja Dimicelli Dan Dipert jack Dombroski Bill Doyle Linda Doyle Seniors pose in cap, gown Finally, after a long hot summer of waiting, seniors received THE card in the mail, notifying them that senior portraits would be taken. With tube tops and formal white shirts, students gathered in the choir room ready to pose for photographers. Three "stations" were set up. Feathers, drapes and cap and gown were worn by the girlsg tuxes with bow ties and cap and gown were available for the boys. While waiting for his senior portrait to be taken, Mike Martin receives last minute adjustments. Joyce DuBois jackie Duncan Amy Dunlap Charlie Dunn Greg Dunnihoo Cathy Dunning Coco Duwaji Carla Duval Brian Duvall Daphne Durham Tony Duran juan Duran SENIORS 245 Steve Eaton Duane Eberhardt Larry Eddleman Brandon Edge Sara Edwards Leland Eggleston Todd Elrod David Emerson Darryl Eng Steve Eskew Carol Estes joe Estrada Seniors freeze for old timer All the guys wearing a suit? Im- possible! It happened, though, Oct. 13 when the seniors gathered to have their group picture taken. Although the girls disagreed, the photographer said the rainy day was perfect because there were no shadows. The camera used, a ten-inch circuit camera, was discontinued in 1936. Many of its features are out- dated. Because of this, seniors had to stand still for an extremely long time as the camera slowly swept the risers. Gathering for the group picture, members of the senior class listen ro instructions given by the photographer. 244 SENIORS Kim Evans Walter Evans Doug Everett jeff Everly Paul Faecke Robert Fahey Georgia Fairchild Mark Fairchild Kerry Fallman Carol Falvo jeff Field Rick Filline Bob Flynn Chris Foster Kim Foster Mike Foster Freddie Fowler Eddie Freeman Laurie Fry Paul Frye Larry Gallas julia Galloway Lola Galloway Karon Gandy SENIORS 245 Show portrays senior events Who's covering the action who's got the crown the cheerleaders . . . the sidelines . . .? These questions and many more were faced by the senior slide show committee who covered every activity involving seniors and then presented their finished product at the banquet and assembly. Photographer Kerry Nowell captures the victory over Lamar for the senior slide show. Susan Garth Becky Gibbs junior Gomez Robin Goode Brad Gordon jowanda Graham David Gray Sarah Green Russell Greer jimmy Haddock Deena Hall Janice Hall jeff Hall Ron Hall Lester Hankes Susan Hannabas 246 SENIORS Andrea Hansen Dottie Harbort Rich Harder Scott Harmon Mike Harrison Phil Harvey Donna Harwell Sherri Hauch Russell Hawkins Cynthanne Hawpe Dennis Haynes Shelly Hellyer jeff Helm Chris Henneman David Henry Maura Hickey jon Hill Brian Hitchcock Karen Hixon Chris Hoag Suzanne Hoag Eric Holsopple james Hornaday Colleen Horrigan 'Poal, Wolt' lead seniors in spirit Who are those two seniors whose motto is "Walk proud and carry a big fspiritb stick"? Who are those "wild and crazy guys" from New York who brighten announcements with "Hey Poal . . . Hey Wolt"? Who just loved that "junior table cloth"? Paul Belauskas and Walter Evans, alias Poal and Wolt, tried to instill spirit in- to the school with crazy antics. The two, in fact, did instill spirit in the school and senior class. They brought about the spirit stick scandal. For several weeks they awarded "The Poal and Wolt" spirit stick to the senior class when the seniors did not win the traditional spirit stick. Paul and Walter could be seen at most of the school's sporting events heading car caravans and leading cheers at the games. Some of their an- tics received disapproval from a selected few, but almost everyone found their stunts humorous and spirit raising. "Poal and Wolt" said their main reason for doing it was "to make the Class of '82 forever remembered as THE Class of THE high school." fAj At the senior mas uerade dance Paul . 'I r Belauskas, alias Mick Jagger croons into the microphone, "I can't get no satisfac- tion." fBj Paul and Walter Evans en- thusiastically yell the senior class chant at the pep rally in the new gym. AI B1 248 SENIORS as m at A V wa Miracle Horsman Katrina Hostettler Joanne Houk Terri Howell Glen Hudspeth Kenny Hughes Pete Hughes Scott Hughes Connie Hukill Grey Hunstable Bryan Hunter Doug Hustad Blake Hyde Melodee Ingram Roberta Ito Kelly Ivey Alvin Jacobs Richard James Teresajamison Brian jersak Markjoeckel Cathy johnson Deanna johnson julijohnson SENIORS 249 250 SENIORS Markjohnson Steve johnson Susan johnson Vicky johnson Charlie jones Christy jones Eric Jones julie jones Lisajones Mary Sue Kalina Alan Kaplan jerilyn Kear Mike Kegley Katrice Keith Scott Keithley Clay Kelley john Kennedy Doug Kern Martin Kerstens Kimberly Kilpatrick Ralph Kinder Mary King Mike King Vernon Kirkland Spirit Sisters up Colt morale "I've got a garbage sack full of can- dy," one football player bragged after finding his surprise from his Spirit Sister. The activities of the sisters involved more than just Candy giving. They decorated lockers, front yards, and even bedrooms of the football players. Not stopping here, they gave spirit boxes, pumpkins of candy, and balloon grams. They even presented the coaches with a decorated cake. And did the players like it? "It meant so much to come and see my locker all decorated on Fridays, I knew the school cared," senior Richie Miller said. Senior john Pack surveys the new decor of his locker left by his spirit sister. Cheryl Klase Karen Knippenberg Russell Kost Kristin Krotz jay Kuhlman Bruce Kunz Lane Lackland jenna Lambert Keith Lane Tammy Lane Norman Latham Susan Lauer SENIORS 251 s jeff Lawson Kim Leasor Peter Lecca Frank Lee Lauri Lee Louann Lee Bobby Lemons Dennis Lewis Weekly poster parties help bring class together Tuesday night. Nothing to do? When seniors found that they had nothing to do or wanted to delay do- ing homework, a faithful few attended the weekly senior poster party held at a different senior's house each week during football season. At the weekly event, seniors made the posters for up coming football games and decided upon themes for pep rallies and class spirit halls. The general opinion about the par- ties was very positive. Seniors enjoyed making the posters and trying to out- do the other classes. It also helped to bring the class together, "Iris a great way to keep the students off the street," joked DeeDee Askew about the parties. All in all, poster parties were a lot AI of fun while being a "productive meeting" for the senior class. The finished results adorned the walls of the gym early Friday morning. fAj At Janette McPherson's poster party, seniors Becky Miner, Robynne Thaxton, and DeeDee Askew have a sticky job of sprinkling glitter on halos for Spirit Week. fBj Janette and Sara Reed aid in the preparation for the senior spirit hall by making glitter stars. Darryl Eng 3 a - 'EP X Us Kelli Lewis David Liles jim Liles Kim Lindert Laurie Lindley Renee Lininger Karin Little Adrian Littlefield Lisa Lively Fred Loeber jeff Logan jean Longgrear SENIORS 253 Students tr computer cards Report cards took on a new look this year as AHS joined Bailey junior High in volunteering to try out a new computerized system. All grades were combined on one card instead of the individual ones for each class. Accumulative and current grade point averages and graduation credits were also shown. A numerical code enabled teachers to comment about the students. Report cards were distributed dur- ing homeroom, eliminating the necessity of teachers having to pass them out every period. fAj The report card takes on a new com- puterized look this year. QBJ Dianne Powell receives a good report card. s S ' i E 6 ii aa. 2. 1 l Q f 4 ILS!! Hiawif f:i,Hl"lml ,. . ' 6215.44 ,Q ragga tVV.f fgtii I,, .- F ' srugemzl yyy, 5 ts Revom isa f y"r. 52 ... , M M , sgafnswfes eww .ey ati ?5,x,,f1.... ami, uastgaggggrg My tl er e'fe-e1'?ffrfs'ff1Pi1'e-WaW"MTQQMfff'f'eC"'S rvaggflffi ll' , ll' 1555 rr' 1?'23fvg2fi: 5f3l?i7limLM3'milF' y M Eff fill :sito Q L S 5 2 .,,..,, , V M I E E K 2 1 W ill' 2, 5 I 2 ,,-'r',,,,,. 5 ,.--,. ri ia . 5 r 1 I I . ,- , ,f, . . i 3 ' l i A M' 1 ' f ,-1- t s fr fi 2. Q- .f wear 1 rw if fy 5 5 l l l .r.s r. y I 2 so A 3 M7 fs +3 z i l "-t . .,' ie q E ig Titelwitliii srlwtalxix g l ' l 5 3 l 1 5 H 5 5 r l l i r V 5 f A 1 'fi't T ' i , ' ' i 4 t ..i'r' - L. 1 t K i i l'.."' ' s l -r r i f i . . i i i r .,.,.-Q ,,,,, .--..Q,- .L .1.-.,l ,,,, W . .... ig., ...laid FIIIYSFEY uaaig ppol Aung rr: :: U: Kyle Lovelady Leanna Lund Huong Luong Tom Lyle Mike McCallum Laura McCann Mike McConnell Carol McCord 254 SENIORS Michelle McGee Leland McGinnis Clark McKaig Joe McKinney Tammie McNeill Jacque McNutt Janette McNutt Janette McPherson Debbie Maddux Brent Magnuson Marsha Mahaffey Maureen Markey Keith Marshall David Martin Rhonda Marusak Gray Matlock Brian Mattingly Sandra Mestyanek Linda Meyer Parrish Michener Ronda Michener Wendy Miles Richie Miller Michele Milner SENIORS 255 Seniors master computer logic "OUT OF DATA ERROR LINE 90" This was one of the most frustrating things for students in Com- puter Math. But this year, more students were submitting themselves to the unreasonable logic of the terminals. Mrs. E. G. Bearden had four Com- puter Math classes with about 30 students in each class. Along with more students, she also had the added responsibility of seven computers, five CRT terminals, one Compucolor, and one Hewlett-Packard. With all the tangled colorful wires hooking up the computers, Mrs. Bearden had all the logic she could handle. Mrs. E. G. Bearden helps Senior-john Sher- rill with his new program. ..... . 1 ,tax K , V ff? ga Becky Miner Scott Moffett Ximena Montiel Martha Moon Kyle Moore Paula Moore Susan Moore Tom Moore Melanie Morgan Scott Morrison Chuck Mullins 1 Scot Munson 256 SENIORS jean Murphy Cynthia Murray Tiffany Naughton Chuck Nevans Penny Newcomb Tom Nichols Tony Nielsen Beth Norris Nancy Norris Glenn Nowlin Steve Noyce Keli Nugent Kathy Olsen john Pack Elisa Padgett Stan Parish Sang Park Jeff Parr Terri Parrish joel Patterson Kaye Patterson Gay Perry Robin Pfluger Marty Pflurn SENIORS 257 258 SENIORS Roy Phelps Rusty Phillips janet Pickering Patrick Pierce Zina Pippins jeff Pokrifcsak Tony Ponceti Kim Pool Diane Powell Sabrina Pratt Scott Price Brian Pricldy jim Pu jats Lisa Rabe Allyson Ragsdale Keith Ray Doug Reed Greg Reed Mark Rhodes Marla Richardson Mike Riley Suzanne Rising Mark Roberts Amy Robinson David Robinson Keith Rogers john Roy Charles Russell Seniors host costume dance The time was set, Nine o'clock to twelve o'clock. It was an open week during football season - Friday, Oc- tober 22. The preparations began for the most awesome dance the seniors would present all year. Theme topics were discussed at Senior Council meetings and finally the "Masquerade Dance" was decided upon since Halloween was just a week away. The work had just started, though. Decorations had to be bought, a photographer needed to be called, just plain old hard work needed to be done. But the final result, the first senior dance, was one of the most successful of the year. The cafeteria was decorated with multicolored ribbons, streamers, and balloon clusters. A photographer was there to snap for posterity the Playboy bunnies, bags of jelly beans, and the basketball team, who took the prize for the best costume. Music for danc- ing was furnished by Dj Micah Causey. fAj Kelly Ivey and Richard Apel boogie down at the seniors' masquerade dance. fBj Blake Hyde shows off his "tartan" as Roshell Wade smiles her approval. SENIORS 259 260 SENIORS Karen Russell George Ryder jimmy Salyer Sandy Sanders David Schmidt Randy Schneider Amanda Schrader Karen Schroeder Sandy Schwettmann Cathy Sexton Nick Shady julie Sharp Beau Shatto Steve Shiller LouAnn Shoults Leland Simpson Kathy Singletary Glen Singleton Judy Singleton Darla Sloan Andy Smith Sammy Smith Stacy Smith janet Spears 'BME cpiyy .S Rusty Spencer Ken Spence Jana Stanfield Rob Steadman Scott Stebler Angela Steele Mark Stenseth Charles Stephens Diana Stephens Leslie Stephens Phil Stephens Brad Stewart College trauma plagues seniors Every year seniors go through the trauma of selecting a college to meet their needs. They wildly send off let- ters asking for applications and finan- cial aid. For the first time, seniors were not allowed to take a day off to visit the colleges. Instead the colleges visited the school and further information was made available at College Night hosted by Lamar High School. In the career center, senior Keith Rogers discusses financial aid with a represen- tative from Texas A8zM University. SENIORS Senioritis hits Class of '82 The miserable senior stared dreami- ly out of a classroom window. What was wrong with this usually energetic senior? The dreaded senioritis, the disease that affects even the best of students had attacked. Who would sit and listen to history notes when he could be home wat- ching his favorite soap opera? It was absolute torture! As graduation neared and the warm sun tempted seniors, it became almost impossible to find a senior doing his homework. This disease had been determined hazardous to a ser1ior's health but not completely fatal. As Mark joeckel and Richard Apel head for class, they burst into their rendition of "Singin' in the Rain." Tammy Stewart Tommy Stinson Doug Stockford Alicia Stone Shawn Straight Nancy Stucker Connie Suddeth Mike Sulzen Scott Summers Mary Swor Lara Tabor Dan Taylor 262 SENIORS Roberta Taylor Michelle Terry Cathy Thain Robynne Thaxton Brent Thompson Anne Toxey Paul Tully john Uribe Patrick Van Deventer Trey Vardeman Mike Vasquez Delton Vaughn Mary Viner Kenny Wagner jill Walker Ivy Ward James Walclrip Cindi Walton Scott Warren Cindy Wayland Kim Weathersby Kevin Weaver Terry Webb Robert Welch SENIORS 263 264 SENIORS Ruthie Wendel Tom Wentz Bob Werner Bryan Wheeler Ron Whitaker Beth Wieberg Greg Wieberg Becky Wiese Stacey Wilkey Alisa Williams Mike Williams Randall Williams Rodney Williams Susan Williams Tracey Williams Anita Wilson Kenny Wilson Mary Wilson Steve Wilson Tom Wilson Lori Winchester Todd Winter Keith Wright Travis Wright jack Yarbrough Karyn Young Scott Zrmmerman Semors jam Wrth Stones, Pat Benatar, Alabama cf' ai' ,xx -A. 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X. . - "" X I , ' , f'-,Q '-" ww , M 'XX " ax.: 5 Tyggajw,-7-:'g ,,,Q,,ix,g gf 11 NHS 2 AMTA johnsqygyjdli ,M . 1059595 Mafk johnson Swv? ohnson Lee, Louann Library Club 1, 2, 33 Whds Who in Photography 3. glgemon, Bobby lewis, Kelli Anne Drill Team 1, 21 Spanish Z. Liles, David NFL 31 Chess Club 33 Strare ist Club 5' Elizabeth 8 A 1 by A Amos English Award 3. it Club 1552 3 Clu 1 2 5 1, 2, 3s5pmjgh 4? 1 2 3 Outstanding Debater 1 lI 1! WWI Matlock, Gray Tennis 1, 23 Spanish Club 23 ,, Miller, Richie Sports Writer The Colt 3, - German Club 1 Outstanding Staffer 3g Quill 2 Council 2 and Scroll 3. I, Brian 5' Miner, 2' Spanish II McGee Team IZFTA Bec Choraliers 2.Il'l fiwflgg far' 'ah 'Ni s Hi :m4I11'i"3T:s2P2"' 2 Q 5 E 6 K f E 2 fmw,,MwW..QWw.,M,,m....Q.W.,,, W4 ,,,,. ,, , unior spirit reaches high The junior Class of 1983 "went all out" to put it in the words of class president, Kyle Talkington. Fund raising began as early as june when several ambitious juniors got off to a headstart selling light bulbs. Later during the year class members sold their class T-shirts and co- sponsored a dance with FFA. A special source of pride for the juniors was their pep rally participa- tion. Weekly themes and mega balloons and other decorations added to reach a spirit high, Four booths were sponsored by the junior class at the Colt County Fair. juniors hosted a Ring Toss, thejunior Cafe, the junior jail, and the Teacher Dart Throw. Leading the junior class with Kyle were Diane Cde Baca, vice presidentg Andra Averitt, secretary-treasurerg Connie Bouchard, girls' social chair- mang and Eddie Fields, boys' social chairman. KAJ Darla Farris, Kelly Laughlin, Barbara Williams, and Tamarah Winters take a breather from decorating the junior hall for Homecoming. fBj junior officers in- clude Andra Averitt, Eddie Fields, Connie Bouchard, Kyle Talkington, and Diane Cde Baca. fCj Mrs. Lou Baker demonstrates her two-sizes-too-big T-shirt for Andra, Diane, Kyle, and Connie, 1Dj Kyle takes the initiative at a class meeting. QEQ Mr. Barry Wilmoth trys out the junior jail. 272 JUNIORS if , ,1 V V 5 - i V A , .. V V V ' V H W V . , L' , , 1 ' V I - lg . K K kkry V ,,,,,. ,A ..., A' V V V ii 77 L , V' W L , '- V . - ' V ' V - x ' . V ' , , V V A .. H A A 4 i .L , , MV- - , sum ., V- ,- VV V ,, , .f if V, VV , VF ' -.3-y,. VVVVV .V ,- K, , 1. 5, VV, W ,,,V.,, , , k, , .11 my M, ., :wx , wi-. ,V My g,.i:gg,,kdf : ,,, M.,,,ELx .. ,U K L V V V ' A' 1 :V ,,,x,,2VV K ,VVLV, . A -VV 'nf-fc:-W V' mf - , ,VV fi V- "Vg V- wg. L,,,m 'VV :p. , "V -wo, fn , V , V Q' -E f f- VM: .--:VL K V-.: ..,, V 'Miz I " QV Q: - Wi' v,VVV...:ieaiiQV.:VVVg-QVVV w g 'VV V In , , A 'VV x A H , V' V' V " . fix - Aff , "V, -V f f mm Q W? ,,, ,.,,, , .,, J :'v' i" . .-:W sigmmmwgbaqggfw ,, W 4, Q V A 'QSIWHS1 M .,,, ,,,,,. , N5 I ' " R Q V ,, .. -1- fi r - ,, LLLL M , 1, wwf A ,V- L. , 2 , W f gwffk PJ Zezyww Q W 1 Awww 1, k ww .WV 7 sy 595 3 Q53 if , W mf? New M 2' V25 Q ew MW, W, Maxim ,gym Vw W wfxfk Y ali Q V ,km Z an K' J 4 fqgsfwizzsg Vw. V 4. -A W Susan Moore JUNIORS 275 ,sa - . ,, K f -5i?KfllEgWEE2- 'SBS' E ll in 53 life. 'Vi 5" lil I Il l1QfS ClCCt ga we in sm isa 5 : L v ' SIE P Q fl: HH ...,, Ml,,,,Lv,,Mx,.lg5K3,lxi.mg9,l,n K , E ...A V Y .. , I E ,f on 5 ' lglg ll 3 in ' so Els S5 s ffl! E5 J 1' -X f 1 - If - - gifs! ll K R Wil? A fef fa lY1fl8 flle Voffs Of 1l1f110f so all J i li siillgglgsgiigg - ' ' 1 M-' i Q f z- '25,-f fl?-A .5 JP class favorites, Suzie Santerelh and ,K elis l ,X li ill 55,5 2 lingl gig g ' lie!! C0dY Smlfh fame Ouf OH f0P as the ll f l f m iol e - - - l fl ' V- inf i f , Il YE SS, . f- .Q -: lunlor ass avorl e UO- . z g' ' l I ... , log: g i 1 i ' - l -1 0+ L. K?-1-gi, .. , e ff -- :O t .U if . S Suzie was the secretary for Interact all , me .5 W J . P H X 1 .'1l:41."-fi54'T1'-- a1g:4,Gfi Wi 'if f'fi,FEf32g " AQ ' 1 'iii ffl? " an was a mem er 0 ' 6 gi 5 f ll gi V ' . PlaYefl on the Vaf5lfY basketball team 5 . -W " g and ran for the varsny rrack team. ev if ' . R- - ' - in - Suzie and Cod 1 were both umor A - ale 25 - . I ' class represenrauves. L,,, --ll - - C0ClY also PlaYed fof the Wlflfllflg - ,, .. i ., T-1WSFff'if9:2f"'f'1l7i-flefifflf' "N g : V 1- - f "Zi 2' M,5,ifILis1'!!l?l,?'tf5P.'dJl--he:zfi?fYE2'QZi'.?'lf:,llii,ia3im0ii J 'G'-Y' L' 5' 1,-1 '11l,5esf4:f Colt football team l aw ' ---- fi. , , 2 -I . , L. ,,5,,,fLL L,,,,, ,, L fAj Cody Smith watches the football game intensely in anticipation of the "win," QBH Cody and Suzie dance the "Cotton-eyed joe" at the Halloween dance. 274 JUNIORS Kerry Nowell dd Green To n ' ,. " f'1:""wi.i mi:2w12fii+,wils.-l:Szz5-11,1-Elmer'VMFT-2'fi,,Qi,,f2T1,'+,::?Si,i?:?."L fi"lan--Hz,fl:2f':i33i."'-l'Ql'" ' " i l T':,'515145 , H Q - 1 4 . ,, ,,,, IIII Q K 3 l - 1: Y l K Q 71 2, -. :- 'E ur ru .IUNIORS zvs 276 JUNIORS Mandy Abbott Golden Adams Linda Adams Sirlestine Adams Robin Agee Kacie Ahmann Tracie Alexander Jana Allen Mary Kay Allen Angie Alston Jeff Amber Chris Anderson Laura Annis Jorge Arbelaez David Archer Paul Arrendell Lamia Assaf Wendy Atkinson Norman Auten Audra Averirt Glenda Ayala Cindy Ayers Chris Bagby Fred Bailey Steve Bain Bernadette Baisley Kim Baker Laura Baker Tammy Baker Suze Barker Rebecca Barksdale Julie Barton Angela Barthold Alan Beavers Debra Beck Donna Bedison Jon Bedison Kathryn Bender Beverly Bennett NA Ann Bethke David Blacksrock Gary Blake Jana Blakely Cathey Bloom Robert Bloom Lenny Bocian Chaun Bodin Chelly Bodin David Boese Chuck Bogard Christy Bolding Sandy Bolen Mairi Boley NM' it Wi we!!! P00 Tame Rings carry on class tradition Whoever said Diamonds are a girls best friend should have added class rings are a juniors next best friend 1983 class rings arrived for juniors rn many different shapes and sizes Choosing the just right ring was a major decision of the lunror year ranking right up there with a junior theme subject Should it have a green stone or a birth stone what should the inscription be lunrors found themselves making these decisions and then warring anxiously for the results Kirsten Drer becomes left handed wnth her new class r-mg Paul Boon Connie Bouchard Kathy Bourn john Bowers john Boyle Gary Bramall Mark Breedlove David Brewer Stewart Brewer Harold Brooks Karen Brooks Gary Brown Kim Brown Sonlra Brown joe Broyles Karen Bryan Dana Bullrngton Brad Burges Lisa Burke jeff Burnett Julie Burton Tim Bush Tresa Byrd Martin Cabal Cynthia Caldwell Scott Cain Greg Campbell Mary Campbell Greg Cannon David Cantrell JUNIORS 277 Machine adds life to school It knows all the soft drink junkies personally. It likes to eat money. And on top of all this, it can even make change well sometimes. Who is this active and important member of the school? It's the Coke machine. For 5011, it offered students brand name drinks - Cokes, Dr. Pepper, and Sunkist. Located outside the cafeteria, four machines attracted students who had missed the cafeteria or even the kids waiting for the bus. Two more machines by the locker rooms gave those tired and thirsty athletes a pick-me-up. As it became more and more used, the bright little red machine became a vivid part of the school as it spurred out those twelve-ounce drinks. fAj After the Coke machine "eats" Romy Rawlinson's money, she administers a swift kick. fBj Outside the cafeteria, the Coke machine provides refreshment for thirsty students. Sharon Carey David Carroll Ken Carter Giselle Carter Greg Carver Stuart Cary Tana Casey Nathan Cash Lynette Cates Diane Cde Baca Paul Cesario Diana Chaney AT Darryl Eng 5 Kathy Chapman Keith Christenberry Keith Clark Mike Clifford Rhonda Coates Mike Coble Virginia Cogdell Kathleen Colby Mark Cole Prescott Coleman , Tracy Coleman i Tammy Collins i 278 jUNIORS Chris Collard Terry Conaway Eddie Coney Debbie Cook jeff Cooper Kyrn Cooper Carrie Cosby Molly Costen Darlene Cox Dane Craig David Creek Kendyl Crosby Rusty Crosier Jim Crouch Denea Crump Randy Crutchfield Scott Curtis Ann Daniels Chris Darby Diana Davis Kelly Davis Barry Day jennifer Deible Wendy Deisher Chip Dennis Marty Derusha Amy DeVito jay Dickens Kirsten Dietz Sam Dirnsdale Wes Dingler Dean Dolejsi Chanda Douglas Cynthia Doyle JUNIORS 279 unior reveals Cube answer Fifty-four little squares. Red, blue yellow, orange, white, and green. Relaxation, Frustration. It's a puzzle. It's Rubik's Cube. Rubik's Cube - the new craze across the nation - took AHS by storm. Cubes were seen in every class. Some students could solve the cube in a few seconds, but others would need a lifetime. It appeared that everyone had his own secret to solving this cube - dif- ferent strategies for better time.-Iunior Paul Cesario, though, had the best strategy of all, "Take a sledge hammer and destroy it!" juniors Greg Cannon and Tom Tur- nacioglu try their strategies at Rubik's Cube. Sharon Doyle Daniel Drake David Driggers Keri Dublin Robert Duff james Dunn Denise Dumesnil Mike Dunning Debbie Eaton Melinda Eaves Mike Eberhardt Tommy Eddleman Teresa Edmonson Steve Edwards Tim Eidson Hal Elliott Chris Ellis Robert Ellis Dawn Engs Chuck Evans Travis Falck Lisa Farnum Darla Farris Kristi Farris Sandy Faussett Susie Faussett Ed Feliciano Teresa Fenner Angie Fethkenher Eddie Fields zso JUNIORS 9 Shana Fife Craig Fisher Erin Flandermeyer Dee Dee Flynn Mary Foley Charles Ford Bobby Foster Lisa Free Sylvia Fuentes Liz Fugett Kathy Furgerson Brian Galis Russell Garrett Brenda Garza Wendy Gathany Denise Gatrel Mike Gersbach Michelle Gillen Rochelle Gillett Brian Gilroy Andy Ginn james Glenn Melissa Goclsey Lia Gomez Donna Gooch Brian Goodwin Caroline Graves Julie Green Kit Green Larre Green Todd Green Lisa Gresko Tim Gresko Martin Griffin Charlie Grimm jan Grimsley David Guinan Christy Gunn Russell Guthrie Marc Haga Rusty Hague Betty Hahn Shirley Haiduk Gregg Hall Darlene Hammond Martha Hand Harden Harrison Sherman Hatch Peter Hatton Daren Hayden jennifer Hayward Scott Heinzman Sheryl Hendrickson William Hewett JUNIORS zsi Shane Hibler Edwin Hiebert jane Higham Robert Hines Randy Hinson Mark Hixon Chris Hoar Cliff Hogg Linda Holsomback Sue Honolka Danny Howington Ken Hubbard Dan Huber Trinna Hudson Lorraine Huebsch Wendy Huffman Billy Hurst Tom Hussey Library becomes junior hangout Question: What single-most event in junior English class causes more fear, dread, anxiety, and panic than anything else? Answer: The junior theme. The entire class experienced the tension which steadily mounted as "theme-time" approached. When the paper was finally turned in, many emotions were felt. The one feeling that stood out among all others was relief - relief that the dreaded theme was over, never to do again. fAj Alan Beavers patronizes the library looking up information for his junior theme. fBj Alan's typewriter makes a good pillow. fCj Triumphantly, Alan turns in his finished theme ro Mrs. Loveta Moore. Rod Hutchinson jeff Hutchinson Courtney Imhoff Sue Innes Tim Isakson Donna Ito Kimberly jackson Mark jackson Stephen jackson Danny jahns Brianjaynes Laureljentgen Amyjohnson Bert johnson Glendajohnson Pam johnson Rod johnson Stephanie johnson Steve johnson Terri johnson Terry johnson Bobby jones Brad jones Donna jones Gretchen jones Rodney jones Mike jordan Teresa jose Kelly jowell jerry juarez JUNroRs 283 Rayjuarez Kent Kalhoefer Liz Kalina Laura Kaska Sharon Keesee jeff Keith Allison Kelley Brian Kelly Scott Kerr Dawn Kerruish Cindy Kester jay Kettler Cafeteria provides nutritious food for Juniors It's lunch time and there is no lunch money left. Where to go? This question was often faced by the juniors. Usually they end up in one of the most criticized places of the school - the cafeteria. However, there they often found a variety of selections at reasonable prices. While eating Monster Burgers or tacos, juniors finished homework and even caught up on the gossip. All in all the cafeteria wasn't such a bad place to eat, work, and socialize - all without costing too much. fAj Paul Cesario munches down on his "nutritious lunch" in the Arlington High cafeteria. QBQ Though the wait may be long, students take advantage of the cafereria's nutritious food. 1,-awww iw? -:Q .s ,- .- Annie Key Kim Kidd Charlotte Kilgo Kathy Kilinski Hank Kimery James King Kristi Kleebauer Gary Kornegay Mike Kramer Pam Kubala Kim Kunkle joe Lachimia Norman Lange Penny Lappen Letitia Largent Sue Larsen Matt Larson Stephanie Lathouras Kelly Laughlin Kandise Lavallee Mike Lawing Henry Lawson Doty Lawrence Larry LeBlanc Brad Lee Steve Leyh Eddie Linn Mike Loewen Scott Loggins David Long jeff Long Kenneth Long Frank Longoria Maggie Lowe Ann Loynachan Randy Lynch Mike Madrid Brad Mahler jackie Mance jenny Mann Nikki Marler Billy Martin Kristine Martin Holly Masters jeff Matasso Mark Mattlage Lee Maurer Kenneth McAnulty Sondra McCallum Macky McCann Steve McConnell Keith McCoy Kenneth McCray Mark McDaniel jUN1oRs zas 286 jUNIORS Brian McDonald Damon McDonald Laura McDonald Brad McGinnis Pat McGough Tiana McHaney Shannon McKelvain Calvin McKenzie Mike McLaughlin Mark McMillen Russell McPherson Troy Meeks Shane Melton Kim Mercurio Mark Merrill jill Mickelson Audie Miller Brittany Millholland jeanie Mills Lisa Mills julie Mitchell Stephanie Mitchell Lisa Moffat Marianne Moody Beau Moore Nathan Morehouse Richard Moreland Todd Morgan jennifer Moulton Kelly Mueller Carla Mullins Carey Murphy Sharon Murphy Shelly Myler Bruce Nation Mark Neal Gary Nelson Rob Noland Wayne Norton Connie Nuckols Robert Obregon john Odell Lisa Odom Bonnie O'Haver Sarah Oller Margaret Olson Pam Oren Curtis Orrick Stephen Otto Martin Oustad Dawayne Pace Patricia Pacilio Steve Parcells Darci Paredes Larry LeBlanc iz 'wx 1' Haw'-1-1,4 ,. .f', .f rf- f , ' . .2 fi Y: 2? - i J ,, aww 1, - - r" L., if " , fr nfl , Imfuff"':Z"fe.W"L-eamszf z".hzE'W'iEEf': ' ' L . s L L .. . , 5, . Q 'J , ' 1 I - 7 ' Q f is 4 I A .vs . , 4 .V 1 we , i' r a if ' 1' H ---- " 0 GEL!"4w?v?'frYfiiiusiakiiflfSiilli ' ' I ' " " " " xii: f ' ' .f , N . I r. 7 ' ,, if V i' ftwlvt 7 ay f .V - in t r, ,g f I f if "Q L H f 2 rx .t -vvlv ' . G . N .,.,,, ,V - Q1 A , L ,, ' ' .V " 2 ', I t L r . , . x , Q, , .. . X 6 , . - . - sg' - , 'A ' ' P W lf f I . . 1 W 4-Y' i ' 15- f, ,. . ' . ss ffi if O ' ' ,nw ' , wr ' " Iii' - , f ' V ,, , 2 - ---- f rf ,m.,a,:.he We -v V yy - ff" .. f?gr:!g 1 'I gf ffrr flgiir 1 '53, 1 'w LL.. . f ' - t'-'. am., ., ,, ,, K, Z. , , .-.M .fW,..a.r . We Q. , ,,,, A . .M 2, . , -- r, . .r .... U .. ., -iziiirz "T9f4ir-,,-f"'.a' Y r'f5::,fu "Q"-.:f "" , WH? r f" - ::3i,.a5l'?W" a71'5 ',,e'fe '2w 'fJZ...:w--1'5:s1L Mm'W".., ,- ' - -- , f -- 2 44 7 H f,aw,w,, ar. ,,--.5 H. at ,aw 5, gf if ff wr f ' - H -, 1 uniors enjo trick or treat Hells angels, witches, and even punk rockers stormed through the hall of the school on Halloween. On Costume Day, juniors got to portray their wildest fantasies - bags of jelly beans, killer bees, old "sockh0ppers," hippies, and even Olive Oil. In fact Olive Oil, Beatriz Rodriguez, won the 310 prize given by Student Council for the best dressed student. On Halloween, all those costumes came into good use. juniors got to play "trick and treats" on friends and neighbors. QAJ Rod Hutchinson, David Wiese, and jeff Burnett turn Hell's Angels on Hallo- ween. fBj Mermaid Greg Carver swims down the hall on Costume Day. QCH Brad Lee "punks out" on "Rock Lamar Day." -v Larry LeBlanc JUNIORS 287 Steve Parker Judy Parma Laura Parrish Helen Patel Skip Patterson jeff Peebles Ronnie Pelton Steve Perkins jeff Perry Kelly Petty Sandy Peyton Jana Phillips joe Phillips Marr Phillips Mike Phillips Nat Phillips Tamari Pierce Nina Pieropan Keith Pike Lori Pike Richard Pippins Chris Poalinelli Gretchen Polhemus Jeff Pollard Pamela Poller Angie Ponceti Chris Pongrate Kyle Pope Robin Pope Darrell Posey Nancy Powell Lynn Price Mike Price Suzy Price Greg Pugh Kathy Pyle Pamela Rainey Sammy Ramirez Carlos Randol Linda Ratliff Romy Rawlinson Dwayne Ray Darrell Reddehase Marisa Reeves Reci Reeves David Reimer Charles Renfro Lynn Reston Gary Rhodes Becky Richardson Brian Rick David Rickets T Theresa Riley Brad Roberts I John Roberts Gary Robertson Earline Robinson Kelly Rodda Beatriz Rodriguez Cindy Rogers Pam Rohrbaugh Chrisy Rosenbaum Patty Rosenbaum Laurie Rosenbower Dale Rothenhoefer Chris Rudman Elias Saadeh john Saleebey Darrin Sander Kelly Sanderson Kim Sanderson Suzie Santarelli Tim Saulmon Pamela Scheffers Michelle Schmidt joan Schneider Stephanie Schwab Chris Scott Donna Scott Kay Scruggs Lynn Scully Lori Seal Tara Self Amy Sessions Nathan Sewell Greg Shelby Brent Shellhorse Brenda Shemwell Linda Shirilla Marty Shobe jimmy Siddens Cynthia Silvester Angela Simpson Chris Sims Mike Sims Sheila Singh Shari Slater Cheryl Smith Cody Smith Dawn Smith Laura Smith Lori Smith Stephanie Smith Theresa Smith Chris Southard Michael Spaulding Chris Speaks james Spencer JUNIORS 289 Thelma Spong Christine Spoor Scott Springer Teri Stapleton Roy Staton Scott St. Clair Valerie Stebbins Rick Steeno Ricky Stell james Steibing Stephen Strickland Lisa Strother Brian Sulak Paula Sullivan Shelly Sulzen Taeger Sutphin Dottie Swan Jeffery Swift Larry Swink Mary Sypinski Kyle Talkington Tina Taub Kristi Taylor Robin Taylor jackie Thomas Adam Thompson Scott Thompson Ward Thulin Annette Tickle Greg Ticknor Mary Beth Tompkins 290 JUNIORS Mike Torres Mylinda Tubbs Carolyn Tucker john Tucker Tom Turnacioglu julie Turner Debbie Tuton Angela Underwood Scott Underwood Geula Unger Ann Van Deventer Anthony Velasquez Kym Waddell Bill Wade Joanne Waits Beth Waldrop Russell Waldrup Richard Walker Todd Walls Cathy Walters Ray Walters Brenda Walther Sharon Walton Byron Ward David Warden Vanessa Washington Valerie Webster Kenneth Weinert Suzanne Wenzlau Bonnie West Tamara Westbrook Michelle Wetzel Greg White Michelle White Sherry White Sally Whitley Sarah Whitley David Wiese Barbara Williams George Williams Larie Williams Treasa Williams Mike Williamson Kerrie Wilson Sandra Wingate Tammy Winters Ted Woltering Jeannette Wooddell Pat Woodruff Tania Wooten Randy Wright Mary Wurzbach Peter Yamamoto Carolyn Young Marilyn Young Belinda Younger jon Yowell Rim Yusuf Tammy Zang JUNIQRS 291 Sophs display dashing colors Entering high school from junior high can be an exciting or even scary adventure. The 1981- 1982 sophomores pulled through with dashing colors. Soon after school began, the sophomores elected their officers to guide their class through the forth- coming year. Leslie Littlefield took the office of president. Others chosen were Darlene Snowden, vice presidentg Lynn Dee McGahey, secretary, Darla Askew, girl's social chairmang and Tom Fahey, boy's social chairman. The annual hall decorating contest most often won by upperclassmen, this time was taken over by the "Super Sophsf' The sophomore class held a game booth and a gambling hall at the Colt County Fair. To top off the year, sophomores hosted a dance for the entire school during April. KAJ Shelli Rehfeldt, Nicole Stewart,jill Devlin, Brooke Burton, and Holly Green help decorate the sophomore hall. KBQ Rick Slape and Chris Filine "enthusiastically" cheer on the Colts at a pep rally. CCD Doctora Cecilia Rodriguez, Miss Rony Britton, Mrs. Sharon Phemister, Mrs. Nancy Kidd, and Mrs. Grace Roberts plan sophomore activities. IDD Sophomore class of- ficers include Darla Askew, Tom Fahey, and Lynn Dee McGahey. Mrs. Phemister, Tom, Lynn Dee, and Darla plan the sophomore dance. 292 SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES 293 Sophs Select White, Dellar Being chosen as favorites of one's class is truly an honor. Receiving this honor from the sophomore class were Laura White and john Dellar. Laura was a junior varsity cheerleader and was elected as a varsi- ty cheerleader for the 1982-83 school year. Laura is also a member of the German Club and serves on the Sophomore Council. john spends a great deal of his time competing in athletics. He played on the junior varsity football, basketball, and baseball teams. john is also a member of the Sophomore Council. fAj john Dellar looks for an opening in the action. QBQ Laura White joins in the Halloween fun as a pumpkin. 294 SOPHOMORES M . Laura White ,--fswgf 1,31 is L,XL.k fx U '33 Aa P11 D W SOPHOMORES 295 Mark Abel Molly Adkins Melissa Aeilts Kathy Ailara Mona Akkawi Tatiana Alkhazaschvilly Kathy Allen Kathy Altal Christy Anders Chris Anderson Michael Anderson Ronnie Anderson Chandra Andrews Deann Archer Grant Arlington Greg Arlington Scott Ashbrook Mike Ashcraft Sharon Ashcraft Darla Askew Suzanne Atkins Lauralee Ayres Christine Baadsgaard Rodney Baccus David Baker Steve Baker john Baldwin Nancy Balfour Greg Bannon Lana Barber Sherry Barker Tom Barnes Kim Barrett john Barry Ralynn Barton Karla Batchelor David Bates Mary Beasley Brian Beebe Veronica Behrens Amado Benavidez Teresa Benavidez Gwee Bender Deka Bennett Scott Benson Keith Bergen Leslie Besley Lana Best Chris Bethmann Ricky Bibb Molly Biedenbender Alison Black Teresa Booker Dana Boon 296 SOPHOMORES aug aa ' pa k im 5 rf ,. , Q 5, X gs it 5 X ea, . .. E as ,Q sa? " A S 115.152, y 1 . . ,Q yt 2. 5 i f 'iw ,- it W , XE .. , ,,,, .. at---5 f- if V.: ek X 9 if V. , s 1 2, Q1 W is X Q3 'SQ , '. - . V ,,... .J,h. ,V ...yky V V V. q,,N ZI- Y , ,V J iw! V ' f K .Lv fuss ' V tt..,.,. , . , 5 Q gs, ,Q D- t W, V- r- . Q K 3 W ts Xs Y Q 2 'S' ,X :LEW .- g. w, V: f I ' .5 t ' xg -gfw ff 555.5 K, .,,, it : 3 7 " K A' 1 A fra 33555155 .Q 'K aa . is at Y Ji it W Rory Day I L-HM ei? H s... V - g ' - L- f7 'iii . X Kristen Borth Steven Bosillo Alicia Bowen Clarence Bowers jill Bowman Beckie Boyer Michael Boyer Teri Brewer Laura Britton Holly Brown jeff Brown Kristie Brown Steve Brown William Brown David Brunson Cathy Bruscemi Chip Buckner Dirk Bullard ,,,c ,i , , J 1 '-'5'wWi4'3 ' -'gp ""' ' f' r r- .f e W . ,. . Q' - r- jg f, 1 ' -f -' , -V f ,m fg V. I v.:c' usa ' 3? 5 "5 Vi' rl 1 ,V w- " 1 , V, Ii! , - 3 1 , ,, y, Sw - It -r'- rrar 52 1" ' ' 1 ' f Sill- ,,,,.,. ,. it v giatrywiw if V ,, :ff-'W' "ii' - i lu i vs ,,r3Q2?f1f'ff 'fill ' WW' V, . ,"', 1 ' 4 'EVE T . lf Q 5 A ffl it ,- r t 1- , if l . it I at 5 Q I lVm ,, , t, I ' sfg rffil QV ia I ,,,, ,i n f V' r i ,ga aafra - llf.s V Wi I 'f l ' QV , ,ilv V V I ,vf:?f:'f .. V , ..... ,, ,, ,,,. H, 4 ,, .ar ,r.. --W , .. 0 1 . ,:a.:J..V,, I V. V. V,. f W ft-as-lf We V i .tt-rW t,ttt 1, t,rr . 112, lffqfii' Wil. ' . :. mv, V : ,. r , W iii'ii rykaaw riff 'f-3 fwfr: friti, Neff:- :zyiv W Vgzfil QL Qfi.-f. i1,':",':'M 'uf '-?.2':3s5lff':'Vf: Nfl-t, 'IG il J- W2 Q' 5 , ig N ,V , 1 K5-2:23--cf.,fV ln- JS 3 52.51--352255. 4.75.-. 'Q' w UTP? 'Tir--:4 3 is 343 33?-f M W wer fir-sf x fmt? I lliiiw mf fr H X Ie in Jackie Burgen Belinda Burkins Kelly Burrows Brooke Burton Brenda Bush Kelly Butson jeff caffey Christie Cain jeff Cannon Barbara Carson Stephanie Carter Michael Cartier Simulators aid driving process Where can a sophomore run a red light, go 80 MPH on a residential street, hit a pedestrian and not be ar- rested or show any signs of destruc- tion? In the Driver's Education simulator, all these hazards can be ex- perienced without any side effects. Driver's Ed brought to sophomores the realities of driving a vehicle. With three phases - classroom, simulator, and actual driving - the classhelped sophomores on their way to that priz- ed possession - a TEXAS DRIVERS LICENSE. john Middleton learns to drive friendly. SOPHOMORES Mark Cartwright jack Cassidy Greg Chambers Edith Chen Brian Christian Adrian Christianson Dennis Christie Tina Clanan David Clark Tara Clawson Kevin Clouse Wendy Cockrell Nervous sophs arrive at AHS Confusion, panic, nerves, and but- terflies are symptoms felt by almost every sophomore on the first day of school. Looking for lockers and try- ing to find that English room always plague these newcomers. Old timers at the school, seniors and juniors felt that the way to suc- ceed in finding the way around was to learn the hall system. First, second, and third halls were the keys to the problem. But what did a senior say when a confused sophomore asked the location ofthe elevator??? QAQ junior Billy Martin gives sophomores Holly Green and Kristi Geter his books to carry on Howdy Day. fBj Sophomores Lisa McDermid and Sarah Thompson sing the fight song. fCj With much enthusiasm sophomores Shannon Shaekelford, Molly Adkins, and Michelle Snyder join in sing- ing "Sons ofthe White and Green." 798 SOPI IOMORES Z: K -O b R 'Mi N3 va X as Y if We vw i . fr Eiga QW Kirsten Colby Nicky Coney Dawn Conley Robin Cox Sandee Cox Connie Crawford Kevin Crawford Louise Crawford DeAnna Creek Karen Crocker Susan Cruise jennifer Culbertson Dee Dee D'Agost1no Margaret Darby Kevin Davidson Jeanette Davis Kim Davis Ray Davis Terry Davison Tom Dawson jay DeBaun john Deller Gayla Denham jill Devlin Jessie Diduch Deann Doggett SOPHOMORES 299 Margaret Dougherty Jeanine Drake Till Drechsler Louis DuBois Will Duff Leslie Dumesnil Tommy Dunn Reve Dvorak jimmy Dyer Cliff Eaton Lori Eberhardt Becky Edwards i J Costumes lend Halloween fun Along with football and volleyball games, Colt Jamboree, and the Senior Masquerade Dance, the month of Oc- tober also brought Halloween. October 29 was Costume Day at AHS. It was held the Thursday before Halloween so that the drill team, band, and football team members could participate. In the midst of the halls, everything from the traditional ghosts, goblins and witches to Mickey Mouse could be seen. Punk Rockers, Greeks in togas, Mick Jagger, and playboy bun- nies were also seen for the first time. Student Council gave a ten dollar prize for the best dressed student. Later, on Halloween, everyone headed out to the traditional "Spook Houses." The March of Dimes, Wax Museum, and "The Greatest Little Horror House in Texas" were all fre- quented by students. And, of course, Halloween would not have been the same without the regular "tricks" and "treats" that always come with it every year. fAj Susan Adkins, Terry Walters, Edith Chen, and Elizabeth Garret show their favorite costumes on Halloween dress-up day. KBJ Robin Murray contributes to the spirit by dressing as a scarecrow. fCj M-I- C K-E-Y sings Holly Brown in Biology Class. fDj Lesley Wright tries to spook Renee Masters. 300 SOPHOMORES W 5,22 Michelle Edwards Matt Egan Samantha Egnot Elaine Ellis Joanne Emms Gail Enright Stacey Exum Alan Faecke Tom Fahey joey Paircloth Scott Fearka Sheri Felber SOPHOMORES 301 Kelly Fenn Bill Ferguson john Fields Chris Filline Catherine Finley jane Ford Mary Ford Heather Foster Scott Franks Kim Frederick Carol Friesen Roger Fulmer Monte Fultz Todd Gafford Michael Galloway Cathy Garman Elizabeth Garrett Gary Gatrel james Gebhardt Kristi Geter Kelley Gilson Becky Gimbert Andy Ginn Bobbye Glenn Chris Glenn Kevin Goin Steve Gomez Sherri Grant Lisa Gray Holly Green Nancy Green Timmi Greene Darren Greer Bobbie Grizzle Lorrie Hankes David Hanks Mark Hanlon joy Hansen Michelle Hardin David Harlow Sean Harrell Silas Harrington Ben Harris Gary Hart Lance Harvey Greg Harwell Shannon Hawkins Paul Hawrylak Edwin Heard Cindy Heinz jeff Henry Debbie Herman Sylvia Herrera Brian Hert 502 SOPHOMOR ES Grady Hicks jimmy Hiede Glenn Higgs Lorie Hightower Susan Hill Evan Hines Pam Hipple Doug Hodson Kristi Hoffman Robert Hogg jeff Honolka Brian Hood Dean Horton Caren Hout Traci Howell Angela Hubbard Mary Ellen Hughes jeff Huskins Sophs dissect frogs in Bio I When "the Day" finally arrived, sophomores entered with a stiff upper lip and gruesome tales in their minds. It was the day that Biology I was dissecting frogs. With the smell of formaldahyde looming over the biology rooms, sophomores got to examine all the parts ofa lifeless amphibian inside and our. This would not be their only ordeal with lifeless creatures. Pulling crayfish pinchers off, pinning worms, and dismembering grasshoppers would all have been endured during biology. QAJ Sophomores Kathy Starnes, Marty Taylor, and Michelle Schneider courageously probe the insides ofa frog. SOPHOMORIZS 605 Kellie Hutcherson Matt Hutchison jonathan Imsande Anna-jackson Selenajackson Sheilajackson Carolyn janovsky james johnson Jan johnson jim Ryan johnson Paulajohnston Adam jones Angie Jones Danjones Lorijordan johnjudd Bob Kalin Kerbi Kane jennifer Kay Lonny Kearney Kathy Keeton Kristin Keilstrup Stacy Kellogg Amy Kennedy Brand new gym brings triumph At long last, the new gymnasium opened and shifted into full gear as students began to see results from the long anticipated project. Features of the gym complex in- cluded permanent seating for over 1,800 people, a high quality sound system, a weight room, a classroom, a training room, an officials room, locker rooms for visiting and home teams, and a locker room for all AHS sports teams except the football teams. Physical education classes will use the lockers in the old gym. Students, teachers, parents, coaches, and administrators agreed that although the gym was long over- due, it was an excellent addition to Arlington High School, Bob Fahey, 25, makes two points in the first game held in the new gym. 304 SOPHOMORES Lance Kewley jonathan Key Pinn Kham Bill King Chris King Jeran King Martin King Julie Kirby Lance Kirby john Kirchner Sean Klase Chris Knapp Stacey Knight Andy Knox Matt Koziolek Kate Kunz john Lacy Richard Lain jeff Langas Lori Langham john Lankford Ann La Pointe Kim Latham Torn Latham Ngoc Le Vincent Lecca Marydell Lee Steve Lee Pete LeFevre Lisa Lenoir Julie Lester Kim Linderman Lana Lindley Clark Lindquist Diane Litrio Neil Little jim Littlefield Leslie Littlefield Carol Long janet Long Jeff Long Stephanie Long Tarnmie Lorenzen David Lotz Kim Lynch Deborah Lynn Alison Macejak Chris Maclea Dena Magazzine Phil Magne-ss Wally Mahler Karen Malec jackie Manire Chris Marks SOPHOMORES 505 K, ,,,, ,.... , - 'rss . - ,,, - ..r, 0 3 , at an 1 is 1. .5 4 5 sg e s' 5 i .S gga itis f -Q, - S5 gg 'WAA l if al ' :li-fi I Q. f Q 1 Q H gf ,. . . 5 Lunch choices in it s fliiiin .Q lt L 2 is 'Vi dl? ie ., .. u f .. ee- 1. -,,, ter: 1 3' Qi :CEB .. ' fan ' Email' l ll 1 a me at E te... t i: ..,Q ' i S .gj K' " ' k ' in ": fy ggi S Wh fh ' 2 'rn l lgaesff . .. 6l'6 KO CHI Ol' VS BFE DOI to Eat. i ft f - . x. slll L lissi L I' hat was the biggest question at the ihih W h..h . . . hh' . in beginning of the lunch Pennds- The ,. ' "hh i fetal' cafeteria offered Monster Burgers or l l H . k.,, . M 5 burritos, while the Cooper Street restaurants furnished hamburgers or pizza. This freedom was especially nice for the sophomores who had never had open lunches. Their problem, though, was asking Mom and Dad for three dollars a day for lunch money. So, usually you could find the sophomores hitting the cafeteria for another nutritious lunch - cinnamon rolls and french fries??? QAJ Ray Davis and David Young watch the girls go by while lunching at Arby's. QBQ Mike Patterson, Mike Webb, and Chris Glenn munch on Mama's famous bread sticks. Al Martin Anna Martin Pam Marshall Dean Marusak Lois Massey Cris Massingill Laura Masters Alan Mathis Renee Matsler james Matthews Ritchie May 306 SOPHOMORES .L 3 .W 5 ,M 5 1 as I lil l iq , -,M ,. . .Y X , I 3 2 X i E F Q n 2255 E 5 fl 5 s Q e 5 x . ,,..k .. ...W 5 --1 i p rrrs t.t t.t , .-..' i if f e'.1 il is 'lei L s 2 in N f 'QE S ,.. . 1 4 315, ,,,. S r 3 5 .i 1 i' I N 2 , i N R , .I it! ' , xl Q 353 it .a, gang 2 xi kits ii ' 5 , f eng 5 lift si ar e 'L .l 2 . 1 L . sri-elif? we .S -i N 5 1 :H ' Q igfel . if . 3 C ,, I ,1, fgfgliiilltgrtsls fa 1 y gg y P X is r s 5. ll ' A' 2 li . ' f Esta 2 fi 5 l ,E 2 .t.... tt. . . 'tt - .,.. an .rg : .ri,t. . ..,t...,. .,t. si f .5 .l 5 l str . .5 il. Lis'-xx s,lgfa'l- 52 . i aa if iailiiiiiiif Q is lin .2 sl y. . -: .. sm s E K N Q, ' 1 Q ty ' ii? N at tg i 1 ss a lla. naw IE - ss .S . L 1:25 . , N.. -5? ' its ws . ..... .:i... fl .sy l -- li it R , . , in 1 -is E I.. .V fl gi 9 . l l 312 5, I 1 sf 4 3 QE Ti 54 l s it 'E sf? sf'-' L i ali ,. ,--1. if it is 'll 1: 5 . like L eil E, l mga . .5 .fir ,. in ,mi 2 on e -fa :,-. U' iw , . as 5 5 r ei 'v E ,A E na . S 1. 4 S. l i gi! ,i si, lg r Qf ,ill if E: i 1 t K ba K K' S - Fl ys x Q , X f f an . VT' X kr Mwggs if .... .f Q kkhk " a 7 tfatfzm -1. 4 :If if 'S bf 1 ff , Q L srttttt I, r ig a s 3 x i- we iq rar sf 4 K Q ,1 L ' . , ., , L,W,,,Q11. , arg if s iso S fi R L Q? s 3 gig W3 , f 'ur Y K 5' 33" tl . .'- 2 1 ag an 5, A s.. sq, 1 aaa 1 i A 4' ra, fist Q Q Z .... L V , , we lu-W 1 ' 1 as 3 'PV 2 r 3, 21.1.1 . K 1 elif? ri 9 K 5 is 3 3... ,,,.. . W jk ' ff 935 Q w 'R Mrs Q e QQ Q S 2 mf e r ,gldggxrf K . ,, M Wg Saga, aff yin ttt his , fy ,'LL" 1 QQMS Mike MCAnulty David MCCraw Lisa MCDermid Darren McDonald Brent MCFarlin Lynn Dee MCGahey Mary McGough Debbie McLeod Mike McMahon Rhonda Meeks Steve McNeil Kathleen Meier jacki Menefee Rose Mercer Chris Merrill john Middleton Sandra Middleton Michelle Mikeska Deedie Mikusek Scott Miller Steve Minor Wayne Minson Cheryl Mitcham Heather Moffett Randall Moran Martha Morehouse Lisa Morgan Randy Morgan David Moses Drew Mounce Amy Mowery Jayme Mowery Robert Muh Frederique Mur Jody Murray Robin Murray SOPHOMORPS 301 Cindy Muzyka Alan Nevans Kim Newman David Newson Le Ngoc Kirk Nichols April Nixon john Norris Greg Nowlin Clea Oakes Brian O'Dwyer john Olson jim Orr Dino Panagopoulos Debbie Parten Sarah Patel Daran Patterson Mil-ce Patterson Kevin Peel Frank Pellichino Derek Phillips jennifer Pierce Tamie Pleska john Polimerou jerry Pollard Brad Post Annette Powell Tonya Powell Arthur Prihoda Jay Puempel Steve Pullin Greg Punchatz Thomas Pustejovsky Lori Pyle Cynthia Ramsey john Reagor Marie Reagor Mike Reagor David Reed Jana Reed Paul Reed Shelli Rehfeldt Tom Remaley Douglas Richards Kyle Richards Barbara Richardson Scott Richerson Chris Risenhoover Marilyn Rising Brad Robertson Tammy Robertson Scott Robinson Diana Roblyer Kim Rodda 308 SOPHOMORES ls 'w ll Agfa QS' ,rar Big, yellow bus delivers kids Through the mist it appears. More powerful than a house, traveling at a speed of 20 mph and able to take cor- ners in a single turn, well sometimes . . . lt is bus 54149 or maybe 5146. The faithful bus, whether rain, sleet, snow, or winter's cold winds, gave students, more than two miles away from school, a passage way to school and something to complain about. It was equipped with 24 seats, which most of the time could seat two students comfortably. lt picked up students as early as 7:15 and made them rush to meet a 5:50 departure time or hang around until 4 p.m. jeran King, Tonya Powell, Neal Staton, and jack Cassady, anxious to leave school, pile on the bus to go home. Joanne Rode Becky Rogers Eric Rohne Mark Romack Rhonda Rone Gary Rumsey Kelly Ryan Teressa Ryder Chris Sallee Holly Sander Kelly Sanderson Ron Savage Michelle Schneider Stephanie Schulz Scott Schwendiman Jerry Scogin Kristin Scoper Wendy Scoper Blake Scott Kim Scott Mike Scott Sandy Self Tami Self Mike Seward SOPHOMORIZS B09 Shannon Shackelford Paul Shaffer Teresa Shanks Craig Sharp Robbin Shawn Kathryn Shemwell David Shoults Karen Shuck David Sides james Simon Aaron Sims Mark Skinner Wesley Slack Rick Slape Chris Smith Harold Smith Keith Smith Kevin Smith Darlene Snowden Tammy South Kim Speaks Christy Spencer Stephanie Spiller Billiejean Spong Pam Spong Chuck Sponsler Kendall Spooner Amy Squires Suzanne Stanfield Tami Stapleton Kathy Starnes Robert Staton Liz Stephens Lawton Stewart Nicole Stewart Eddi Sticht Susan Stoessel Stuart Stout Lesli Suggs Greg Sulak Lynn Sulzen Scott Swearingin Scott Swope Patricia Tankersley james Taylor Marty Taylor Lori Thomas Mike Thomas Gary Thomas Tracie Thompson Sarah 'Thompson Pam Thorns Chris Thwing Chris Tice 310 SOPI IOMORES Larry Tice Robert Tickle Shannon Tillery Kevin Timmons Paula Tischler Kim Trainor Gina Trusty jimmy Tucker David Tully -IeffTurney Al Valdez Laurie Vetter Alice Virden Kelley Vizurraga Scott Wagner Michael Walsh Terry Walters Rick Warden Gary Warren Kim Warren Marie Warren Cindy Wash joy Watson jon Webb Mike Webb Adam Weise Don Wells Chris Westbrook Chris Wetsel Shelby Whitaker Anita White Kim White Laura White Whitney White Susan Xxfhitwell Brett Wieberg james Willis Melissa Wimpee Deana Wimpy john Wilson Karen Womack Samantha Wood Amy Wright Catrina Wright Leslie Wright Stephan Wright Gina Xenophon Debbie Yarbrough Mike Yarbrough Charlotte Young David Young Candy Zacharias jim Zack ,Y SOPI IOMORI S 511 2 A D S Congratulations Seniors of Charles and Earlene Richardson Marla Richardson Bill and Sherry Foster Kim Foster Cal and Liz Pratt Sabrina Pratt Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Wright Travis Preston Wright Mr. and Mrs.john Sulzen Mike Sulzen jim and jeanette Haddock jimmy Haddock Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Warren Scott Warren Homer and Ann McGinnis Leland McGinnis Mr. and Mrs. Grady O. Rude Beckyj. Gibbs Bob and Cheri Wilson R. Paul Frye Ruel and Carolyn Hudspeth Glen Carter Hudspeth Mr. and Mrs.james W. Devoll Cheryl Devoll Herman and Ruth Crow Lewis R. Crow Bill andjo Rhodes Mark A. Rhodes Don and Nancy Galloway Lola Galloway Glenn and Annajean Stockum Shelly Rae Stockum Mr. and Mrs. Carltonj. Duval Carla Duval Gene and Carlene Young Karyn Young Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Whitaker Ron Charles Whitaker Mr. and Mrs. Sam Carter Kynda Carter Nedra Mestyanek Sandra M. Mestyanek jimmie and Koleta Scott Tim Scott Mr. and Mrs. Bill Lackland Lane Lackland Harvey and Ruth Brown Elise Brown Dick and Nita Price Scott Price Gary and Mary Matlock Gray Matlock jean Miles Wendy Miles jeremy andjudy Coleman Sean Coleman Louise and William Blinn Bill Blinn Robert and Ruby Welch Robert Lee Welchjr. Bob and Louise Batchelor Shawn Batchelor Dan and Sandra McGee C. Michelle McGee Bill and Pat Kelley Clay Kelley Bob andjoAnn Askew DeeDee Askew jim and Frances Harwell Donna Harwell jerry and Lanelle Hyde Blake Hyde Mr. and Mrs. T. D. Nichols Tom Nichols Winona and Tom Childress john Childress john and Carol Christie Terryj. Christie George and Rosemary jersak Brian D.jersak Tommy and Delores Moore Tom Moore Ray and Barbara Dickey Scott Dickey Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Rabe Lisa Rabe Dr. and Mrs. Ernest E. Rising,jr Suzanne Rising Mr. and Mrs. Monty C. Pflum Marty L. Pflum Mr. and Mrs.john V. Russell Charles E. Russell john and Margaret Denheyer Brian Denheyer Rev. and Mrs. George Straight Shawn Marie Straight jim and Yvonne Lambert jenna Lou Lambert Constance E. Kern Douglas S. Kern Otto and Doris Schroeder Karen Schroeder Mr. and Mrs. K. L. McNutt jacque McNutt Mr. and Mrs. K. L. McNutt janette McNutt Mr. and Mrs.john Lawson jeffrey B. Lawson Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Kost Russell Kost Mr, and Mrs. Gene P. Roy john Roy From Your Parents Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Weaver Kevin Weaver Fred and Pat Loeber Freddy Loeber L. R. "Buck" and Frankie Simpson Leland Roy Simpson Donald and Maryjo Klase Cheryl L. Klase Mr. and Mrs. George Morgan Melanie Morgan Mr. and Mrs. Tom Dietrich LaSchell Dietrich Nellie Dipert Dan Dipert Dan Dipert Dan Dipert David and Linda Hunter Bryan D. Hunter Dr. and Mrs. R. G. "Wick" Alexander Moody Alexander James and jane Murphy jean Murphy Mr. and Mrs. William E. Palmer Mike Palmer Charles and Rosemary Wade Roshell Wade Chuck and Carol Williams Susan Williams Bill and Sara Singleton Judy Singleton Mr. and Mrs. George McNeill Tammie McNeill Howard and Michener Parrish Michener jim and Loretta Mahaffey Marsha Mahaffey Mr. and Mrs. Bob Kirkland Vernon Kirkland Larry and Nancy Robinson Amy Robinson Dr. and Mrs. Larry G. Norris Nancy Norris Louis and Rosemary DuBois joyce Rene DuBois Sandra Hughes Kenny Hughes Clyde and Betty Reed Sara Reed Noel and Patsy Carter jeff L. Carter Neil and Gatha Singleton Glen Singleton Mr. and Mrs.j. N. Robinson David Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Bridges Connie Elizabeth Bridges Ed and Bettye Hannabas Susan Hannabas Norman and Susan Cowart Paul Cowart Dick and Sunny Murray Cynthia A. Murray Mr. and Mrs, Richard Dunlap Amy B. Dunlap Mr. and Mrs. B. P. Kennedy john Kennedy Ron and Mary Magnuson Brent Magnuson Dr. and Mrs.john S. Moon Martha Moon Carl and Shirley Shady Nick Shady Mr. and Mrs. Lenard Lane Tammy Lane Sandra Harder Richard Brooks Harder Mr. and Mrs. R. Dell Greer Russell Greer Mr. and Mrs. Kris Pujats jim Pujats Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Hawpe Cynrhanne Hawpe Rev. and Mrs. David joeckel Markjoeckel Mr. and Mrs. Rex Bell Charles Bell Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Cupps Brenda Cupps David and Louise Nielsen Tony Nielsen Angel F. and Nereyda R. Martinez Marilyn Martinez Bill and Pat Stinson Tommy Stinson Gerald and Nancy Keith Katrice Keith Charles and Lynn Duran Tony Duran Mr. and Mrs. Rayjohnson Vicky-Iohnson Mr. and Mrsjackson Eng Darryl Eng Ed and Sharon Noyce Steven Noyce Mr. and Mrs. Weston Winter Todd Winter jerry and Sue Gray David Gray Dr. and Mrs. Calvin N. McKaig Clark McKaig Mr. and Mrs. Harold K. Wilson Mary F. Wilson - Fielder Award - THA K YOU MR. R.E.B. FIELDER 1 f .- l 1 N F W , For 50 years AHS most outstanding boy and girl have been honored with the prestigious Fielder award. Nearly 100 students I have been recognized by Robert Fielder, a 1925 AHS graduate who established this award in 1932. His loyalty to Arlington High School is greatly appreciated by alumni and students alike. ' He has also been instrumental in improving the quality of life in Van Alstyne, Texas. Both ofthese communities salute you. It is an honor to have the opportunity to express my gratitude to a man who personifies the true meaning ofa humanitarian. Your Friend, Don Griffin T 316 I Tackle the Greenback Gobbler Stop letting your cash be eaten away! We can show you how to start making money today. Arlington Savings Arlington Bedford Mansfield You Get More Out of Us Than You Put ln SPROCKET 8 GEAR, mc. ARLINGTON, TEX if sam. mmm. First City ational - you'd like your bank to be . . . Attractive, functional and staffed by professionals who know their business. Who understand your banking needs and truly enjoy serving you. Twenty one motor bank lanes open when you want them open- 7 to 6 pm Monday through Friday, 9 'till 12 on Saturdays. Two twenty four hour automated teller machines CTeller 2!Pulsej. Plenty of easy-access surface parking. And Arlington's most beautiful build- ing, First City Bank Tower, an integral part of Arlington's tinest banking center. First City National-Why not make it your bank? Beautifully and conveniently located in downtown Arlington. IRSTCITY. First City National Bank of Arlington 201 E. Abram! Arlington, Texas 76010 275-6644 X Member FDIC s-N... Varsity cheerleaders Gretchen Polhernus, Connie Nuckols, Scott Cain, jeff Burnett, Lauri Tillman, Rod Hutchinson, Lori Seal, Linda Adams, and Greg Campbell pick out their dream car at Vandergriffs. VANDERGRIFF li C EVR LEG Serving Arlington Since 1937 Metroplex National. An old friend with a new twist. T herels a new vitality at Metroplex National. New faces, new direction, new services and big plans for the future. We still offer the Comfortable and personal service ofa small bank. But welve strengthened our services to rival the best of the big banks. So, if you've not been by lately then pay us a visit. We think youll like the Changes welye made. We may be small, but weave got big ideas. Metroplex National Bank 720 North Watson Rd, Arlington. Texas 76011 817 261-2901 Member FDIC Member Firs1Unilsd B p I 'wi QFLOWER4 rw fs- ' Sh i? sf gg. W mc. X CE fl J 1 2 xl , ,.....1f'V...-...:' Homecoming Mums and Prom Corsages 1126 S. Bowen Rd. 261-8023 Woodland West Shopping Center Pontiac Honda PARK ROW Luke ACE Pontiac-Honda HARDWARE 922 East Park Row 261-3900 400 W. DIVISION 275-3371 ARLINGTON1SPOF-WING GCDCDDS Open 9 am 1 to 6pm Serving Arlington Since 1966 Royce Wornble - Owner 2411 S. Cooper 261-4911 +45 JL Randol Mill Gene AIlen's Gifts The Other Place Thgggfsfin Skpgon Pharmacy 1640 w. Randal Min nd. 2717 w. Park Row ' 3' 1638 w. Randal Min nd. 277-7501 277-9541 461261 1 - 274-1883 - Your Hallmark Store Your Hallmark Store Prescriptions Cosmetics cards and Gifts GOUl'm9f COOKWBFG Bridal Registry Aubrey Keal Co 325 S. Mesquite 6 0 8 Best Wishes COLT GRADS! Congratulations from Texas Commerce Bank Arlington Pace-Setting Bank ofthe Mid-Cities EDDIE WILLIAMS MAN'S SHOP Complete Line of Foreign Car ,, I Parts and 1 Accessories We Deliver to Garages Mon-Fri. 8:30-6:00 Sat. 9:00-3:00 IMPORT AUTO PARTS 1739 SOUTH COOPER 261-7183 Mr. Williams shows Mr. Walley Hardin one ofthe new arrivals, a suede sport coat in platinum gray. I , . 13':!4 QMLIW W Q 1' AND PLANTS L Check Our Weekly Cash and Carry Specials Complete Wedding Arrangement Service Bob and Linda King - Owners Q Major Cards by Phone 4535" Park Row You Deserve the PHARMACY Very Best Delivery Service 801 W. Park Row 'eng' 15093161-vzzic A CW 01' Ve. 275-3238 at cooper Park Plaza Shopping Center You've got a bright future. We'11 do our part to help In--,,., . ,,f:5!7SP:s keep lt that way. ,, ,D , - Your generation will need as much ff if rx electricity as is being used these days. ICF! ::: 'I L3 Maybe more. We at 'llexas Electric are I rr-V,-'X Working to provide you with the elec- X tricity you'll need for college, your Y homes and yourjobs. -Y: 'I " A In the past, We've used mostly natu- 5 1 ral gas and oil to make electricity, , S Today, We're making as much electric- rd- .Q ' ity as possible in plants built to use 4 lignite coal. And, We're building a .Q v X plant to make electricity using 3 'A ' uranium fuel. By using these T- ' 3 K ,. cheaper and more A A xQ f., 4 abundant fuels, ' Lf I 1 V-, we'll help keep , E , 13? Q your future looking i " Q bright. N I ' 16 i 3 X L r .S fi , L Q if V. 1 0 5 Y " . , Q ,Ax - Y I ' ervice : ' , i 1 5 Company 2 I I 1 1 Bank of Arlington We Have the Time for You. 1600 E. Pioneer Parkway ' P.O. Box 3416 Arlington, Texas 76010 18171461-4600 ' Member FDIC Guns - Repairs - Stock Work Reloading Supplies Blueing - E-Nickel - Gold and Nickel Plating PEEBLES GIIIII SIIUP, INII. Jerry Peebles 1705 South Cooper St. Owner ICooper Street Centert 275-6946 Arlington, Texas 76010 You'll look so good. TEXAS STATE OPTICAL DESIGNING ' PRECIOUS GEMS ' FINE JEWELRY c . kb Q U W U0 5 3 Q g o 3 AAA T I V Sv E E P L 'T 1 R R T JEWELRY Your gold and diamond store 2887 PIONEER PARKWAY W. ARLINGTON, TEXAS 760 I 3 469-862I "CADILLAC SERVICE AT FORD PRICES" , : 0 Juniors 1-13 Pre-teen 6-14 Petites 2-14 The fun place to shop - 929 W. Pioneer Pkwy. Arlington, Texas 76013 Metro 265-7792 " g'Z6Zfl2C' Cjwagfld Custom Framing Art Reproductions f Ready Made Frames Limited Editions Prints Needlework Stretched Posters Open Monday Special Rates for Commercial Framing thru Saturday 1709 S. Cooper St. 10-6 277-9885 lAcross from Arlington High Schoolj Ft A s at -Meme 'I FS3?tILit SI-'LESITG BASEBALL RAXMQGS BiSEE?S'Ah SPOT BU iiiiii' c?3'3533E RACQUET BALL TROPHIES TEAM giggcouurs Mon-sn - I 7fg0gfgf,L22,'g1'3,5fQ,, LETTER JACKETS - ATHLETIC BAGS - CUSTOM T-SHIRTS A .CLQ2'QS152.flt:gL JIMMY and PHYLLIS FIFE and ALAN AUSTIN 5 W "'i 'WU gi - o 5 ARLINGTON FLORIST Flowers for All Occasions Prom - Homecoming - HRTCZIRVED' g .fn I Weddings I All major credit cards accepted De,ig,,t,,m Graduation Day Q or any day that deserves a special V L , celebriagion. Pixie her xthleJprec:ous " T' t im eaut' u ewe , A 'I w, gt irtCarv?ecIl. ImagInat.ive ry ,A x . X C designs in 14 karat gold adorned i I ul' with dgamomgls otleem-decioui , 'lyk 1 ' ems. reale rt a wil: Q 'x ffgq 42, xl 0 'L' S' cooper gifinite expertisi Come, choose X ' her gift today. ' ?: ' A - J Arlington ' TBXBS ,A K 6 91106 fy f0l"e f 277-2278 2223-6 weaf PML ,gow Century 21 Tarver 81 Eppes, Inc. 725 Lamar Blvd. E. 461-7771 2411 Westwood Dr. 469-8661 4800 W. Arkansas Ln. 429-3950 Jan Grimsley proudly displays the Tarver and Eppes Century 21 sign. 'F FINGER FURNITURE RENTAL Bank I I ISC' ' ' Individuals Apartment Complexes Office Furniture CENT RAL1ze We Shows Modern Homes Conventions Monthly Rental or Yearly Lease - Option to Purchase Arlington U . Serving Texas 469-6141 First CRY Bank-CCW' Aflmgm NA' Since 1928 zzoa s. colrns Corner Matlock 84 Arkansas Lane f Member FDIC, I FINGER FURNITURE CENTER Also Located in Oklahoma City and Tulsa Forum 303 Mall 1 Arlington, Texas 76010! 48173 649-1111 MEMBER FDIC Friendl People Better Banking Lobby Monday-Thursday Friday Saturday .Motor Bank Monday-Friday Saturday 9:00-2:00 pm 9:00-2:00 and 4:00-6:00 pm 9:00-12:30 pm 7:30-7:00 pm 9:00-12:30 pm Sclwoll Uwhmea hw. K Zan Uffdcdaf 5605504 Z9 ez 7752 6465604145 sdlffdfl Selma! pwtwum, uw. 10920 INDIAN TRAIUSUITE 105fDALLAS, TEXAS 75229 ai? Dan Dipert and his A.H.S. Senior son, Dan, Jr., stand in front of the new Dan Dipert's Travel Service, Inc. agency, 709 West Abram, in Arlington "ArIington's No. One TraveIlTour Agency" - SALUTES THE - 1982 A.H.S. SENIOR CLASS and invites you to "LET US BE YOUR PERSONAL TRAVEL CONSULTANT" Our Service Costs You Nothing! AIR TICKETS AT AIRPORT PRICES O B ALL ADVERTISED TOURS AND CRUISES HOTEL AND CAR RENTAL ADVANCE RESERVATIONS AMERICAN EXPRESS TRAVEL REPRESENTATIVE INCLUDING ISSUANCE OF AMERICAN EXPRESS TRAVELERS CHEQUES MOTORCOACH CHARTERS ' PASSPORT PICTURES FULL-ESCORTED DAN DIPERT TOURS For Fast, Courteous, Etticient Travel Service, ir CALL 265-2236 if Or Come By 709 West Abram Street in Arlington ' :r- w A AuTo PICKUP a. vAN 7 AfICESSORIES X655 SUPER LOOKIN' WHEELS J M sKYPoRTss.wlNDovvs Q wb c D , S qvve msrau To WI gms? STUFF Dfg ' 1-52a in ' I 1 -'xNiQw X 'ELS' X51 1 M QQ, i Bg3?6ZJJ2,A'i G W, MamQQ,Q1Lg f b "Gum DISCOUNT f J HOr22sf:?5O, ' 277-6603 M ll ' ' OF. 265-QQ00 I - CENTER at comms QI, 6 - ""f. 505 E. ABRAM ST l Ashcraft, Robert S. 256 Ashcraft, Sharon C. 296 Askew, D'Andra 23, 36, 54, 57, 86, 89, 90, 92, 96, 1113, 103, 130, 236, 252, 342 Askew, Darla 130, 183, 292, 296 Assaf, Lamia 276 Atkins, Suzanne 109, 296, 300 Atkinson, Wendy C. 276 Auren, Shannon 1.. 236 Averitt, Andra Cv. 36, 272, 276 Axelson,jamie Sue 236 Ayala, Glenda L. 276 Ayers, Cindy Lynn 276 Ayres, Lauralee 296 Baadsgaard, Christine L. 296 Baccus, Rodney Byron 296 Bagby, Christopher L. 178, 276 Bailey, Mr. Ben 57, 146 Bailey, Frederick C. 276 Bain, Steven A. 113, 115,276 Baines, Mrs. Tracy 213 Baisley, Bernadette M. 62, 276 Baker, Angela Kay 236 Baker, Qvid A. 296 Baker, Kim 113, 115 Baker, Laura L. 186, 276 Baker, Mrs. Lou 213, 272 Baker, Marjorie K. 276 Baker, Steven Arnold 296 Baker, Suze 276 Baker, Tammy R. 276 Baker, Todd A. 236 Baldwin, Donaldj. 130, 236 Baldwin,john Thomas 296 Balfour, Nancy Lynn 113.115, 296 Bannon, Greggory S. 296 Barber, Douglas C. 43, 44, 48, 80, 104, 105, 107, 236 Barber, Lana Rene 296 Barker, Sherry R. 296 Barksdale, Rebecca 186, 276 Barnes,james G. 236 Barnes, Thomas E. 296 Barney, William E. 145, 179, 236 Barrett, Kimberlee A. 113,115, 296 Barrett, Suzanne R. 236 Barry, Gregory P. 120, 236 Barryhlohn F. 133, 296 Barter,janet K. 168,170, 173, 237 Barthold, Angela M. 276 Barton,-Julie R. 276 Barton, Ralynn 296 Basham, Mrs. Mary Margaret 17, 48, 56, 213 Batchelor,-joe S. 234, 237 Batchelor, Karla L. 15, 296 Bates, David T. 296 Batlle, Nivia M. 186, 237 Bearden, Mrs. Audie 213 Beasley, Mary E. 296 Beavers, Alan L. 180, 276, 282 Beck, Debra D. 276 Bedison, Donna 276 Bedison,jon S. 186, 276 Beebe,james Brian 180, 296 Begham, Mrs. Beverly 12, 214 Behrens, Veronica L. 296 Belluskas, Paul A. 8, 39, 83, 228, 237, 248, 340 Bell, Charles D. 113, 115, 237 Benavidez, Amado 296 Benavidez, Teresa Marykay 296 Bender,jacqueline G. 296 Bender, Kathryn s. 276 Bennett, Delta 296 Bennett, Beverly E. 113,115, 276 Benson, Scott D. 296 Bentley, Vicki D. 237 Bergen, Keith F. 296 Berndt, Robert R. 162 Berry, Aureen M. 117,276 Besley, Leslie D. 296 Best, Lanaj. 296 Bethkc, Ann M.117, 276 Bethmann, Christopher R, 296 Beuke,julie Farmer Bibb, Ricky 296 Biedenbender, Molly A. 296 Bielecki, Sara 237 Biggs, Mrs. Alice 214 Bindel, Daniel-Joseph 95, 121, 190 Black, Alison McColl 296 Blackstock, David L. 66, 145, 276 Blair, Stacey 237 Blake, Gary E. 276 Blakely,Jana L. 276 Blakely, Katherine A. 237 Blinn, William A. 237 Bloom, Cathey 276 Bloom, Robert R. 39, 121,142, 194, 276 Blum, David A. 238 Bocian, Leonard S. 180, 276 Bodin, Chaun C. 276 Bodin, Chelly S. 276 Boese, David G. 276 Bogatd, Charles M. 276 Bohl, Susan K. 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CKevinD 293 Coates, Rhonda S. 278 Cohle, Michael D, 39. 162, 278 Cockrell, Kelly L. 240 Cockrell, Wendy K. 298 Cogdell, Virginia C. 35, 113, 114, 115,278 Coker, Mrs. Virginia 131, 215 Colby, Kathleen E. 156, 157, 278 Colby, Kirsten-J. 157, 299 Cole, Mark A. 278 Coleman, Prescott B. 145, 278 Coleman, Sean S. 240 Coleman, Tracy 1.. 278 Collard, Christopher P. 279 Collins, Tamaraj. 278 Conaway, Terry W. 183, 279 Coney, Anthony C. 8, 145, 240 Coney, Eddie F. 279 Coney, Nicholas G. 150, 194, 299 Conley, Celina Dawn 44, 299 Conroy, Scott Robert 241 Cook, Debbie K. 279 Cook, Patricia E. 241 Coopenjeff S. 279 Cooper, Kymberly A. 279 Coppinger, Steven K. 241 Cosby, Carrie P. 279 Costen, Mollyj. 43, 44, 105, 107, 279 Covington, Mr.jack 215 Cowart, Norman P. 241 Cox, Caroline D. 30, 111, 279 Cox, Rickey A. 241 Cox, Sandra L. 299 Cox, ft Verne C. CRobinD 109, 299 Cra on, Valerie K. 241 Craig, Dane H. 194, 279 Crawford, Connie D. 24, 44, 177, 299 Crawfort.l,john D. 241 Crawford, Kevin Duane 299 Crawford, Louisej. 299 Creek, David L. 145, 279 Creek , Deanna Darlene 299 Cretsinger, Mrs. Becky 215 Crocker, Karen A. 156, 157, 202, 299 Crosby, Kendyl 279 Crosier, Russell K. 43, 105, 107, 279 Crouch, Mr.james 10, 18, 36, 54, 58, 233, 234, 239, 344 Crouch,-Jim B. 186, 279 Crout, Eddie 166 Crow, Lewis R. 70, 134, 241 Cruise, Susan D. 299 Crump, Denea G. 138, 279 Crumpton,-james D. 186, 242 Crutchfield, Thomas R. 279 Culbertson,-jennifer G. 117, 299 Cunningham, Barry E. 77, 242 Cupps, Brenda S. 168, 170, 173, 242 Curbo, Thomas M. 113, 115, 242 Curtis, V. Scott 66, 279 Cutler, Dorothy L. 44, 105, 107, 128, D'Agostino, Doloresj. 299 Daniels, Ann 162, 279 Darby, Christopher L. 279 Daugherty, Margaret 157, 202, 299 Daulton, Kristen E. 44, 105,242 David, Tiffany 242 Davidson, Kevin W. 299 Davidson, Steve G. 15. 39. 228, 242 Davis, Belynda R. 242 Davis, Melynda 242 Davis, Diana D. 186, 279 Davis,jeanette S. 175, 299 Davis, Kelly R. 279 Davis, Kimberly S. 299 Davis, Raymond L. 299, 306 Davisson, Mrs. Alice 209 Davison, Terryj. 299 Dawson, Thomas P. 299 Day, Barry D. 279 Day, Rory Todd 126, 242 DeBaun,jay 299 88 242 Deible,jennifer L. 279 . C X Deish r, Wendy Kay 279 DeLaughter, David M. 242 Deller ,john M. iso, 166, 193, 244, 294, 299 Denham, Gaylajean 299 Denheyer, Brian 103, 242 Denni s, Lawson G. CChipj 279 Depweg, Amy R. 242 DeRodriguez, Dr. Cecilia 119 Dcrric k, Mrs.-Joanne 211 DeRusha, Marty A. 279 DeVito, Amy E. 279 Devlin, Emmetj. 178, 242 Devlinhlillmaric B. 292, 299 DeVoll, Cheryl I.. 242 Dickens, Waverleyj. 133, 183, 279 Dickenson,jimmy C. 146, 242 Dickey, Scott A. 88, 242 Diduc h,jessie T. 299 Dietrich, Laschell 83, 237, 242 Dietz, Kirsten L. 123, 277, 279 Dimicelli, Nadja 242 Dimsdale, Sam W. 186, 279 Dingler, Wesley D. 183, 279 Dipert, Ilan W. 162, 163, 234, 242, 332 Doggett, Cara Deann 299 Dollar, Mrs. Sharon 211 Dolejsi, Dean 279 Dombroski,john Uackj P. 145, 189, 190, 242 Dorsey, Mrs. Charlene 208, 209 Dougherty, Margaret E. 300 Dougl as, Chanda K. 279 Doyle, Cynthia A. 113, 115,279 Doyle, Linda A. 109, 115, 242 Doyle, Sharon M. 280 Doyle, William A. 242 Drake, Daniel j. 280 Todd A. 126,281 Eaves, Walter E. s, 43, Aa, 55, 76, 79, 54, 92, l Drake,jeanine E. 124, 300 Drechsler, Till E. 300 Driggers, David T. 113, 115, 280 Dublin, Keri D, 113,11'5, 280 Dubois,joyce R. 243 Dubois, Louisj. 300 Duff, Robert D, 280 Duff, William j. 166, 300 Dumesnil, Denise 280 Dumesnil, Leslie A. 117, 300 Dunbar, Mrs. Gloria 137, 215 Duncan,jacqueline 243 Dunlap, Amy B. 243 Dunn, Charles A. 243 Dunn,james D. 280 Dunn, Tommy W. 300 Dunnihoo, Gregory A. 113, 115, 243 Dunning, Catherine L. 44, 48, 55, 75, 81,103, 243 Dunning, Mike L. 280 Duran, Anthony L. CTonyj 245 Duran,juan R. 186, 243 Durham, Daphne D. 243 Duvall, Brian 243 Duval, Carla M. 110,113, 115, 243 Duval,j0hn S. 20 Duwaji, Carolyn S. CCocoj 243 Dvorak, Reve R. 116, 117, 300 Fenner, Teresa M. 280 Farrell, Mrs. Carol 210 Ferguson, William A. 302 Fethkenher, Angela K, 280 Field,jeffC. 94, 142, 179, 245 Fields, Edcliej. 39, 145, 272, 280 Fields,-Iohn P. 150, 302 Fink, Mr. Herr William 68, 120, 216 Gray, Lisajane 302 Graves, Caroline 281 Green, Holly L. 292, 298, 302 Green, Katherinej.fKirj113, 115,281 Green, l.arre P. 105, 281 Green, Nancyj. 109, 302 Green, Sarah E. 48, 79, 110,113,115, 246 Green, Fife, Sh ana E. 160,198,281 Filline, Chris Edward 292, 302 Filline, Rick 113, 115, 245 Finley, Amy Catherine 117, 302 Fisher,jerry 146 Fisher, Craig Allen 186, 281 Flick, Sanja Leilani Handermeyer, Erin 281 Flynn, Deanna M, 110, 281 Flynn, Robert E. 77, 245 Flynn, Kelly 115 Foley, Mary V. 119, 160, 198, 281 Forbes, Ford, C Monica L. 138 harles F, 103, 281 Ford, Eleanorjane 157, 302 Ford, Mary fAnnl 302 Forehand, Mrs. Phyllis 95, 124, 127, 216, 228 Forster, Foster, Brenda R. 19 Bobby R. 281 Foster, Chris Mark 245 Dyer,jimmy Raymond 113, 115, 300 Eaton, Clifton E. 300 Eaton, Debbie L. 117,280 Eaton, Steven Craig 244 Melinda L. 280 Eberhardt, Duane G. 244 Eberhardr, Lori L, 156, 157, 174,175,198, 300 Eberhardt, Mike D. 280 Ecaben, Ms. Barbara 215 Eddleman, Larry G. 244 Eddleman, Tommy W, 280 Edge, Brandonj. 244 Edmondson, Teresa 117, 190, 280 Edwards, Michelle 109, 300 Edwards, Sara H. 103, 244 Edwards, Stephen M, 280 Egan, Mm D, iso, 301 Eggleston, Leland Edwin 244 Egnot, Samantha L. 15, 117,301 Eidson, Timothy G. 145, 280 Elliot, Hal 113, 280 Elliotr,julianne 109 Ellis, Christabel S. 160, 198, 280 Ellis, Elaine Kathryn 301 Ellis, Robert L. 113, us, 119, 280 Elrod, Todd M. 190, 244 Emerson, David R. 244 Emms,joanne C. 238, 301 Eng, Darryl J. 48, 62, 124, 244 Engs, Dawn L, 280 Enright, Gail E. 301 Eskew, Steve R. 244 Estes, Carolj, 244 Estiadajoe III 113,115,244 Evans, Charles B. 280 Evans, Mrs. Betty 216 Evans, Kimberly Dawn 51, 160,161,198,245 Evans, Foster, Mike 51, 91, 340 Foster, Heather L. 59, 119, 302 Foster, Kimberly Sue 245 Foster, Michael N. 145, 228, 245 Fowler, Freddie 4Earonj 245 Franks, Scott H. 150, 302 Francis, Mrs. Flo 212, 216, 228, 234, 302 Frederick, Kim A. 109, 302 Free, Mrs. Elizabeth 121, 216 Free, Lisa M, 281 Freeman, Edward A, 245 Friesen, Caroljean 302 Fry, Laurie L. 48, 79, 109, 245 Frye, Robert P. 23, 55,143,145,16Z,165,245 Fuentes, Sylvia H, 281 Fugett, Elizabeth C. 281 Fulmer, Roger K. 109, 302 Fultz, Monte E. 302 Furgerson, Katherine A, 117, 281 Gafford, Todd W, 150, 302 Galis, Brian M. 28, 142 Gallas, Larry M. 245 Galloway,julia A. 245 Galloway, Lola L. 190, 245 Galloway, Michaeljason 109, 302 Gandy, Karon M. 245 Garman, Cathleen E. fCarhyj 302 Garrett, Elizabeth K. 109, 300, 302 Garrett, Russell W. 150, 281 Garth, Susana M. 124, 246 Garza, Brenda 113,131,281 Gathany, Wendy A. 153,197,193,Z81 Gatrel, Gary Wayne 113, 115, 302 Gatrel, Kathleen "Denise" 281 Gebhardt,james P. 107, 113, 115, 302 Gersbach, Michael 281 Geter, Charles B. fChuckj Geter, Kristin 298, 302 178, 228, 243, 248 Everett, Douglas D. 19, 245 Everhardt, Mike 39 Everly,jeffrey A. 19, 245 Exum, Stacey M. 301 Faecke, Alan R. 301 Faecke, Paul D. 245 Fahey, Robert G. 51, 162, 163, 165, 245, 340 Fahey, Thomas P. 46, 113- 115, 228, 292, 301, 304 Fairchild, Georgia A. 131, 245 Fairchild, Mark Andrew I. 185, 186, 245 Faircloth,joey D. 301 Filet, Travis R. zoo Fallman, Kerryj. 245 Falvo, Mrs. Bea 216 Falvu, Carol A. 245 Farnum, Lisa A, 280 Farris, Darla K. 272, 280 Faussett, Sandra Ann 115,153,154,230 Faussett, Susan L. 157, 198, 280 Fearka, Scotty R. 301 Feliciano, Ed 280 Felber, Sheri A. 19, 177, 301 Fcnn, Kellyj. 113, 302 Gibbs, Becky J. 246 Gibson, Marc A. Gillen, Michelle 281 Gillett, Rochelle Y. 62, 119, 281 Gill, Mr. Robert 162,166,190,216 Gilroy, Brian P. 281 Gilson, Dina Kelly 302 Gimbert, Rebecca Gay 302 Ginn, Charles A. fAndyj 281 Glenn, Bobbyej. 302 Glenn, Christopherj. 302, 306 Godfrey, Clyde 206 Godsey, Melissa K. 160, 198, 281 Gomez, Fabranio 246 Gomez, Lia S, 281 Gomez, Stephen R. 166, 167, 302 Gooch, Donna 11,131,281 Goode, Robin M. 246 Goodman, Mrs. LaNelle 212, 216 Goodwin, Brian 281 Gordon, Bradley W. 19, 105, 246 Graham,jowanda A. 30, 246 Grant, Sherri 302 Graston, Connie M. Gray,jerry David 234, 246 Greene,julie B. 105, 170, 174, 175, 281 Greene, Timij. 157, 198, 302 Greer, Darren D,113, 115, 302 Greer, Russell R. 46, 92, 162, 163, 246 Gresko, Lisa A. 281 Gresko, Timothy D. 281 Griffin, Martin W. zsz Grimm, Charlie R, 143, 281 Grimsley,janiece M, 117, 281 Grizzle, Bobbie 302 Grogan, David N,7, 113 Grumbeck, Carl B. Grunewald, Mr. Ken 220 Guinan, David M. 281 Gunn, Christy E. 281 Gustafson,john Gary 115 Guthrie, Russell A. 28, 41, 43, 46, 105, 112 Haddock,james B. 186, 246 Haga, Eric M. 281 Haga, Marc 180 Hague, Rusty 281 Hahn, Betty E. 281 Halduk, Shirley L. 281 Hall, Deena 246 Hall, Gregory Wayne 281 Hall,janice K. 246 Hall,jeffrey T. 246 Hall, Mrs,joanne 108, 109 Hall, Ronald P. 246 Hammond, Darlene 153, 154, 170, 171 Hammond, Dana D. 281 Hammonds, Mrs. Carolyn 209 Hamilton, Mr, Kevin 12, 216 Hand, Martha Frances 281 Hankes, Lester L, 246 Hankes, Lorrie Lee 117, 302 Hanks, David S. 302 Hanlon, Mark A. 113, 302 Hannabas, Susan A. 36, 117, 246 Hansen, Andrea Y, 247 Hansen,joy M. 302 Harbort, Dorothy A. CDottiJ 247 Harder, Richard B. 142, 234, 342 Hardin, Margaret Michelle 109, 302 Harner, Missjaner 217 Harlow, David 5,115,115,502 Harmon, Scott T.113,115,247 Harrell, Sean R. 180, 302 Harrington, Silus H, 113, 302 Harris, Ben Lee 302 Harrison, Harden H. 281 Harrison, Michael R. fMikej 247 Harry, E. Roy 206 Hart, Gary W. 302 Harvey, Charles P. 70, 247 Harvey, Lance C. 302 Harwell, Donna R. 48, 79, 103, 246 Harwell, Gregory A. 302 Hatch, Shermanj. 281 Hatton, Peter A. 180, 281 Hauch, Sherri K. 170, 171, 198, 247 Hawkins, Russell A. 247 Hawkins, Shannon S. 302 Hawpe, Cynrhanne L. 247 Hawrylak, Paul G. 192, 193. 302 Hayden, Daren D. 150, 194, 281 Haynes,jack D. 247 Hayward,jennifer F. 182, 281 Heard, Edwin R. 194, 302 Heinz, Cindy M, 302 Heinzman, Scott E. 281 Hellycr, Shelly N, 247 Helm,jeffrey W. 247 Hendrickson, Sheryl L. 281 Henneman, C. Harold 247 Henry, David T. 247 Henry,jeffreyB.113,115, 302 Herman, Debbie 302 Herrera, Sylvia 302 Hert, Brian K. 302 Hewett, William Geary 150, 281 Hibler, M. Shane 282 Hickey, Maura R. 170,171,247 Hicks, Grady M. 303 Hiebert, Edwin W. 282 Higgs, S. G. 303 Higham, L,jane 282 Hightower, Lorie A. 117, 303 Hill,jon K. 158, 159, 195, 247 Hill, Susan Christine 131, 303 Hines, Evan Morris 180, 303 Hines, Robert G. 282 Hinson,jamesfR. fRandyJ 145, 162, 165, 282 Hippie, Pamelaj. 303 Hitchcock, Brian D. 247 Hixon, Keren E. 105,133,247 Hixon, Mark W. 105, 282 Hoag, Christina A. 48, 82, 247 Hoag, Suunne M. 247 Hoar, Christopher L. 180, 282 Hodson, Douglas Howard 303 Hoffman, Kristi Kaleene 174, 175, 303 Hogg, Robert E, 150, 303 Hogg, William C. 282 Holsomback, Linda D, 282 Holsopple, Eric C. 247 Honolka,jeffrey T. 194, 303 Honolka, Suzanne K. CSuej 282 Hood, Brian Edward 166, 167, 303 Hornaday,james 247 Horrigan, Colleen 247 Horsman, Miracle G. 249 Horton, Austin D. 303 Hostertler, Katrina S. 249 Houk,joanne 249 Hout, Caren D. 303 Howell, Terri L. 249 Howell, Traci Dee 303 Howington, Mr. Robert 208 Howington, Scott D. 145, 194, 282 Hubbard, Angela R. 183, 303 Hubbard, Kennethj, 134, 200, 201, 282 Huber, Danj. 282 Hudson, Trinna 282 Hudspeth, Glen C. 105, 107, 186, 187, 249 Huebsch, Susan L. 282 Huffman, Wendy L. 113, 282 Hughes, Kenneth M, 249 Hughes, Mary E. 41, 116, 303 Hughes, Hughes, Peterj. fPetej 249 Scott C. 46, 162, 165, 249 Hukill, Connie S. 249 Hunstable, Gregjohn 249 Hunter, Bryan D. 105, 249 Hurst, Billy 282 Huskins,jeffrey H. 150, 303 Hussey, Thomas A,19,109,112,113,115,282 Husred, Doug A. 58, 249 Hutcherson, Kelliej. 304 Hutchinson, Rod A. 12, 28, 104, 105, 176, 220, 283, 287 Hutchison,jeffery C. 190, 283 Hutchison, Matthew W. 304 1-ryan, William B. ss, 142, 145, iss, 195, 249, 259 Imhoff, Courtney A, 283 Imsande,jonathan W. 109,115,304 Ingram, Melodee A. 58, 249 Innes, Sue 283 lsakson, Timothy R. QTimj 150, 194, 283 Isabel, Mi. Dillard 217 Ito, Donna D. 58, 283 Ito, Roberta A. 113, 115, 249 Ivey, Kelly I.. 44, 92, los. 123, 249, 259 jackson, Anna M. 100, 304 jackson, Kimberly A. 283 jackson, Mark A. 113. 115, 283 jackson, Selena 304 jackson, Sheila R. 304 jackson, Stephen H, 283 jacobs, Alvin Richard 58, 249 jahns, Daniel S. 283 james, Richard H. CRickj 58, 249 jamison, Teresa 249 ' janovsky, Carolyn M. 304 jaynes, Brian K. 36, 283 jentgen, Laurel T. 283 jersak, Brian D, 113, 115, 249 joeckel, Mark T. 15, 23, 24, 84, 92,100,115, 143, 145, 228, 249, 262, 343 johns, David 180 johnson, Amy C. 283 johnson, Bert L. 112,113, 115, 283 johnson, Cathy L. 249 johnson, Deanna 249 johnson, Glenda L. 113, 115, 283 johnson,james L. 304 johnson,janis I.. 304 johnson,jim Ryan 304 johnson,juliane 249 johnson, Kari S. 79, 109 johnson, Mark A. 250 johnson, Pamela L. 113, 115, 283 johnson, Rodney A. 194, 283 johnson, Stephanie 283 johnson, Stephen L. 142, 283 johnson, Steve L. 15, 51, 250 johnson, Susan G. 250 johnson, Terri L. 283 johnson, Terry R. 283 johnson, Ms. Vicki 217 johnson, Vicky R. 250 johnston, Paula L. 109, 304 jones, Adam L. 150, 304 jones, Angela R. 304 jones, Brad B. 145, 283 jones, Charles P. 250 jones, Christy R. 250 jones, Dan W. 180, 304 jones, Donna M. 283 jones, Gretchen S. 109, 283 jones,julie L. 36, 117, 250 jones, Lisa Y. 240, 250 jones, Robert L. 283 jones, Rodney A. 62, 283 jones, Timothy Eric 250 jordan, Lori D. 157, 304 jordan, Mike 283 jose, Teresa L. 117, 283 jowell, Kelly K. 283 juarez,jr.jeronimo 283 juarez, Reynaldo 283 jrrf1r1,J0lm D. so-1 Kalhoefer, Kent T. 284 Kalin, Robert E. 186, 304 Kalina, Elizabeth A. 156, 157, 198, 284 Kalina, Mary S. 160, 198, 250 Kane, Kerbij. 304 Kaplan, Alan S. 250 Kaska, Laura M. 116,117,284 Kay,jennifer Helen 44, 304 Keanney, Lonny 304 Kear,jerilyn M. 208, 250 Keesee, Sharon E. 284 Keehr, Col. Wallace 217 Keeton, Kathy R. 304 Kegley,james M. 250 Keilstrup, Kristin T. 124, 304 Keith,jeffrey L. 39, 146, 194, 284 Keith, Katrice Y. 250 Keithley, Scott M. 250 Kelley, Allison L. 284 Kelley, Clay M. 43. 105. 107, 142, 228, 250, 342 Kellogg, Stacy K. 304 Kelly, Brianj. 284 Kennedy, Amy Kathleen 131, 304 Kennedy,john B. 48, 81, 250 Kern, Douglas Scott 250 Kerr, Scott 284 Kerruish, Dawn M. 284 Kerstens, Bernhard M. 250 Kester, Cynthia D. 284 Kettler,jay 284 Kewley, Lance 305 Key,jonathan 305 Key, Patricia Ann 285 Kham, Nhua Pinn 305 Kidd, Mrs. Nancy 217, 292 Karla, Kimberly K. 130,285 Kilgo, Charlotte K. 285 Kilinski, Kathy K. 105, 285 Kilpatrick, Kimberly A. 109, 250 Kimery, Henry D. 180, 285 Kinder, Ralph P. 250 King, Bill E. 305 King, Chris T. 305 King,james R. 285 King,jeran Henry 305, 309 King, Martin S. fMartyj 305 King, Mary L. 250 King, R. Michael 23, 143, 145, 25 Kirby,julie A. 305 Kirby, Lance Wayland 305 Kirchner,john Lowell 305 0 Kirkland, Vernon L. 48, 82, 250 Klase, Cheryl L. 15, 39, 251 Klase, Sean T. 150, 305 Kleebauer, Kristi K. 285 Knapp,james Christopher 305 Knight, Stacey 124, 305 Knippenberg, Karen A. 186, 251 Knox, Andrew Douglas 113, 115, 305 Kornegay, Gary T. 285 Koonsman, Ms. Deanna 217 Kost, Russell S. 113, 115, 128, 251 Koziolek, Matthew F. 180, 305 Kramer, Miss Glenda 160, 175, 218 Kramer, Michael C. 113, 115, 285 Krotz, Kristin L. 251 Kubala, Pamela M. 113, 285 Kuhlman,jay 251 Kunkle, Kim F. 285 Kunz, Bruce M. 28, 43, 44, 51, 105,142, 148, 251 Kunz, Kate 305 Lachimia,joseph 285 Lackey, Mr. Wendell 208 I.ackland, Lane A. 19, 251 Lacy,john D. 305 Lain, Richard Edwin 46, 166, 194, 305 Lambert,jennaL.96,153,170, 251 Lambert, Mrs. Yvonne 218, 341 Lane, Keith R. 15, 251 Lane, Tammy L. 251 Langas,jefr'rey P. 305 Lange, Norman R. 158, 285 Langham, Loryn 117, 305 Lankford,john A. 305 Lapointe, Ann M. 305 Lappen, Penny R. 285 Largent, Letitia 285 Larsen, Susan M. 285 I.arson, Marshall fMattj 285 Latham, Kimberly I.ynn 115, 115, 305 Latham, Miss Leslie 218 Latham, Norman D. 251 Latham, Thomas M. 305 Lathouras, Stephanie 183. 285 Lauer, Susan C. 251 Laughlin, Kelly l.ynne 272, 285 Lavallee, Kandise K. 285 Lawing, Michael H. 285 Lawrence, Dori 41, 44, 105, 107, 160, 161, 198, 285 Lawson, Henry 205 Lawson,jeffrey B. 12, 43, 103, 104, 105, 143, 144, 146, lw, 252 Le Ngoc, Thanh 305 Leasor, Kimberly G. 185, 186, 252 LeBlanc, Larry H. 126, 285 Lecca, Peter V. 252 Lecca, Vincent C. 113, 115, 305 Lee, T. Brad 180, 285, 287, 341 Lee, Frankie A. 252 Lee, Laurie M. 252 Lee, Louann L. 48, 80, 131, 252 Lee, Marytlell 305 Lee, Steve B. 150, 305 Lefevre, Peter 305 Lemons, Bobbyj. 252 Lenoir, Lisa 305 Lester, Mr. Andy 146,218 Lester,julia K. 305 Lester, Mrs. Sue 218 Lewis, Dennis W. 252 Lewis, Kelli A. 253 Lewis, Mr. Robert 218 Leyh, Stephen E. 285 Liles, Davidj. 97, 253 l.iles,james A. 252 Linderman, Kimberly A. 8, 305 Lindert, Kimberly 252 Lindley, Lana K. 305 Lindly, Laurie Denise 121, 232, 252 Lindquist, Clark R. 305 Lininger,justine "Renee" 252 Linn, Herbert E. 285 Litrio, Diane T. 305 Little, Karin L. 133, 252 Little, Neil Wayne 305 Littlefield, Adrian L. 200, 252 Littlefieltl,james E. 305 Littlefield, Leslie 305 Lively, Lisa G. 119,252 Lively, Mrs. Madeleine 218 Loeber, 252 Frederick M. 19318, 52, 123, 127,178, Loewen, Michael D. 285 Logan,jeff M. 252 Loggins, Scott L. 285 Long, Carol A. 305 Long, Davidj. 285 Long,janet I.. 305 Long,jcffrey A. 305 Long,jer'frey S. 285 Long, Kenneth 285 Long, Stephanie A. 305 Longgrear,jean Ann 80, 105, 252 Longoria, Frank A. 285 Lorenzen, Tammie Lynn 305 Lou, David J. us, 115, sos Louis, Mrs.joyce 120, 218 Lovelady, Kyle D. 254 Lowe, Margaret E. CMaggiej 285 Loynachan, Ann M. 113, 114,l15,124,2'R5 Lund, Leanna Gayle 113,115,254 Luong, Huong 254 Lyle, Tom 254 Lynch, Kim D. 305 Lynch, Randy P. 285 Lynn, Deborah Suzanne 305 Macejak, Allison L. 305 Maclea, Christine D. 305 Marldux, Deborah S. 255 Madrid, Mike E. 53,190, 285 Magazzine, Dena M. 43, 44, 104, 177, 305 Magness, Philip Lawence 113,115,305 Magnuson, Brent A. 46, 91, 162, 165, 255 Mahaffey, Marsha K. 255 Mahler, Bradley K. 285 Mahler, William Wally 194, 305 Malec, Karen Sue 305 Mance,jackie L. 105, 107, 119, 285 Manire,jacqueline C. 44, 305 Mann,jennifer L. 285 Markey, Maureen 255 Marks, Christopher Dean 305 Marler, Marler, Marsha Marsha Mrs. Diane 219 Nikki M. 285 ll, Keith Alan 255 ll, Pamelaj. 306 Martin, Alanj. L. 306 Martin, Martin, Martin, Martin, Anna M. 109, 306 Billyj. 28,142, 144, 190, 285, 298 David M. 243, 255 Kristine Ann 285 Marusak, Dean L. 150, 194, 306 Marusak, Rhonda L. 48, 81, 255 Massey, Lois E. 117, 306 Massingill, Cristina D. 306 Masters, Holly M. 160, 198, 285 Masters, Laura R. 306 Marasso,jeff B. 285 Mathis, Alan M. 158, 194, 306 McGinnis, Leland P. 255 McGough, Mary "Kathy" 307 McGough, Patricia S. 286 McHaney, Tiana S, 286 McKaig, Clark C. 255 McKelvain, Shannonj. 286 McKenzie, Calvin W. 142, 286 McKinney,joseph 255 McLaughlin, Mike W. 43, 105, 107, 286 McLeod, Debra A.CDebbiej117, 307 McMahon, Michael Vincent 109, 150, 307 McMillen, Mark 286 McNeill, Steven K. 150, 307 McNeill, Tammiej. 255 MCNutt,jaCqueline R. 255 McNutt,janette M. 153. 255 McPherson, Russellj. 200, 201, 286 McPherson, T.janette 44, 84, 105, 107, 128 240, 252, 255 Meeks, Rhonda 307 Meeks, Troy 105, 286 Meier, Kathleen E. 307 Melton, Wesley 286 Menefee,jacqueline R. 307 Mercer, Rose M. 307 Mercurio, Kim 286 Merrill, Christopher 307 Merrill, Mark A. 286 Mestyanck, Sandra M. 255 Meyer, Linda K. 79, 113, 115, 255 Michener, Parrish L. 39, 255 Michener, Ronda 255 Mickelson,jill A. 286 Middleron,johnie Kevin 297, 307 Middleton, Sandra 307 Mikeska,janis 36, 138 Mil-teska, Michelle 307 Mikusck, Deedie 307 Miles, Gwendolyn A. 48, 55, 120, 124,133, 255, 542 Miller, Audie 286 Miller, Richie R. 24, 36, 91, 146, 148, 255 Miller, Scott Allyn 307 Millholland, Brittany E. 24, 286 Mills, Daisyjean 286 Mills, Mrs. Kathy 219 Milner, Michele R. 255 Miner, Rebecca A. 43, 44, 48, 81, B4. 90, 103 104, 105, 128, 252, 256, 342 Minor, Steven P. 150, 193, 307 Minson, Thomas Wayne 307 Mitcham, Cheryl R. 113,115, 307 Mitchell, Miss Cindy 219 MitChell,julie A. 30, 286 Mitchell, Stephanie 286 Moffat, Eliubeth R. 46, 170, 286 Moffett,james S. 48, 52, 123, 127, 178, 256 Moffett, Mary Heather 160, 198, 307 Montiel, Claudia Ximenia 120, 256 Moody, Marianne 109, 286 Matlock, Gray 123, 127, 255 Matsler, C. Renee 44, 117, 300, 306 Matthews,james Byron 113, 306 Mattingly, Brian L. 255 Mattlage, Mark B. 28, 39, 43, 105, 143, 285 Maurer, Lee D. 146, 285 May, Ritchie Aaron 306 McAnulty, Kenneth 285 McAnulty, Michael Patrick 3407 McCallum, Michael E. 254 McCallum, Sondraj. 285 Moon, Martha A. 35, 44, 55. 59, 84, 90, 103 105, 128, 256 Moore, Mr.john 66,142,146,219 Moore, Kyle Z. 256 Moore, Mrs. Loveta 219, 234 Moore, Mrs. Martha 217,222 Moore, Michael B. 286 Moore, Paula E. 44, 105, 107, 256 Moore, Susan L. 124, 127, 256 Moore , Wm. Tom 256 Moran, Randall D. 307 McCann, Freddie M. fMackyj 285 McCann, Laura S. 254 McConnell, Mike B. 254 McConnell, Steve L. 285 McCord, Carol Ann 255 McCoy, Missjoni 219 McCoy, Kieth 285 MCCraw, David K.113,115,307 McCray, Kenneth A. 146, 285 McDaniel, Mark D. 285 McDermid, Lisa A. 298, 307 McDonald, Mrs. Becky 95, 212, 219 McDonald, Brian K. 109, 185, 286 McDonald, Damon R. 286 McDonald, Darren F. 150, 194, 307 McDonald, laura L. 152, 153, 154, 286 McDowell, Mrs.jennifer 219 McFarlin, Parker Brent 307 McGahey, Lynn D. 292, 307 McGee, C. Michelle 43, 44, 105, 107, 255 McGinnis,james B. 146, 285 Morehouse, Martha K. 307 Morehouse, Nathan S. 286 Moreland, Richard S. 286 Morgan, Lee Todd 126, 286 Morgan, Lisa Deann 307 Morgan, Melanie G. 232, 256 Morgan, Randy 307 Morrison, Scott Alan 178, 180, 256 Moses, David W. 150, 307 Moses, Mrs. Pat 131, 220 Moulron,jennifer M. 113, 115, 286 Mounce, Drewjason 113, 307 Mowery, Amy 307 Mowery,jayme R. 307 Mueller, Kelly L. 36, 286 Muh, Robert F. 307 Mullins, Carla L. 286 Mullins, Chuck 23, 36, 91, 100, 256 Munson, Scot E. 256 Mur, Frederique C. 120, 307 Murphy, Grey D. 286 Murphy,-lean M. 15, 257 Murphy, Sharon F. 286 Murray, Cynthia A. 115, 257 Murray,-Iody E. 15, 115, 115, 507 Murray, Robin E. 115, 115, 500, 507 Muzyka, Cynthia A. 177, 508 Myler, Shelley L. 286 Nation, Bruce F. 286 Naughton, Tiffany A. 25, 56, 100, 257 Neal, Mark S. 158, 286 Nelsen, Gary L. 286 Nevans, Alanj. 508 Nevans, Forrest fChuckj V. 257 Newcomb, Penny S. 257 Newman, Kimberly K. 115, 508 Newson, David B. QDavisH 508 Ngoe, Le sos Nichols, Kirk 508 Nichols, Tom j. 257 Nielsen, David A. 257 Nixon, Emily A. 115,115,509 Noland, Robert C. 115, 115, 158, 194, 286 Norris, Elizabeth N. 155, 257 Norris,-john E. 508 Norris, Nancy F. 56, 90, 100, 150, 257 Norton, Wayne H. 286 Nowell, Kerry B. 126, 246 Nowlin, Glenn W. 257 Nowlin, Greg Y. 503 Noyce, Steve A. 51, 88, 257 Nuckols, Constance L. 51, 176, 286, 520 Nugent, Kelly E. 66, 254, 257 Oakes, Clea M. 503 Obregon, Robert S. 286 O'Brien, Mr. Mike 146, 220, 540 Odell,john D. 286 Odom, Lisa M. 156, 286 O'D0nnell, Sean MCCh0rd 194 O'Dwyer, Brian Timmothy 508 O'Haver, Bonnie 115, 115, 286 Oldham, Cheryl A. 115, 124 Oller, Sarah Sally 286 Olsen, Kathy L. 151, 257 Olson,john B. 158, 194, 508 Olson, Margaret M. 157, 185, 286 Oren, Pamela S. 286 Orrhjames C.jr. 110, 115, 115, 508 Orrick, Curtis G. 236 Otto, Stephen R. 192, 286 Oustad, Martin E. 188, 190, 286 Pace, Dawayne L. 286 Pacilio, Patricia L. 119, 286 Pack,john M. 15, 51, 142, 162, 165, 228, 251 Padgett, Elisa E. 255 Palmer, Mike 115, 115, 120 Panagopoulos, Constantino 508 Panagopoulos, Konstantino 180 Parcells, Steve R. 286 Paredes, Darci A. 109, 124, 286 Parish, Stanleyj. 257 Park, Sang Uk 79, 257 Parker,john S. 158, 288 Parma,juclith R. 119, 288 Parnjeffrey L. 257 Parr, Mrs. Natalee 20, 220 Parrish, Laura K. 288 Parrish, Terri L. 257 Parten, Debbiejeanne 508 Patel, Helen Z. 288 Patel, Sarah E. 508 Patterson, B. Kaye 48, 82, 128, 257 Patterson, Darnell R. 288 Patterson,joel S. 124,127,155,257 Patterson,john Daran 508 Patterson, Michael E. 180, 506, 503 Patton, Rhonda 115, 124 Pechacek, Alisa K. 8, 119 Peebles,-jeff S. 288 Peel,-Iames Kevin 508 Pellichino, Frank S. 508 Pelton, Ronnie D. 288 Perkins, Steven S. 288 Perry, Gay 257 Perry,jeft'rey R. 146, 190, 288 Peters, Charles M. 41 Petty, Kelly M. 288 Peyton, Sandy 288 Pflugel, Robin N. 257 Pflum, Marty L. 257 Phelps, Roy A. 258 Phemister, Mrs. Sharon 220, 292 Phillips, Derek A. sos Phillips,james N. 180, 288 Phillips,jana D. 288 Phillips, Matthew Allen 45, 288 Phillips, Mike W. 288 Phillips, Russell L. 48, 81, 155, 258 Pickeringulanet K. 55, 76, 258 Pierce,jennifer 503 Pierce, Patrick S. 258 Pierce, Tamari A. 288 Pierce, W. Scott 105 Pieropan, Nina Marie 288 Pike, D. Keith 288 Pike, Lori A. 288 Pippins, Richard E. 162, 288 Pippins, Zina B. 168, 170, 175, 197, 198, 258 Pleska, Tamiej. 503 Poalinelli, Christine E. 160, 198, 288 'okrifcsak,jeff S. 258 folhemus, Brian 145, 148 Polhemus, Gretchen L. 56, 100, 176, 288, 520 Polimerou,jQhn G. 508 Pollard,jeff145, 194, 288 Pollard,jerry Vee 508 Poller, Pamela M. 288 Ponceti, Angela A. 288 Ponceti, Anthony A. 41, 115, 115, 258 Pongratz, Chrisj. 288 Pool, Kimberly D. 258 Pope, Kyle H. 115, 115, 288 Pope, Robin L. 288 Popp, Carol A. 115 Posey, Darrell L. 115, 115, 288 Post, Bradley K. 54B Postlewate,jacqueline 115, 115 Powell, Annette Lenae 157, 508 Powell, Diane E. 59, 77, 90, 155, 154, 254, 258 Powell, Nancy A. 288 Powell, Tonyajoy 509 Pratt, Sabrina L. 12, 258 Price, Della 288 Price, Scott R. 258 Price, Mike 288 Price, Sunnne R. 288 Priddy, Brian D. 109, 258 Prihoda, Arthur W. 508 Puempel, Andrewjay 1661 508 Pugh, Greg A. 288 Pujats,-Iames P. Uimj 185, 186, 258 Pullin, Steve Kurt 508 Punchatz, Greg 508 Pustejovsky, Thomas Wyne 150, 508 Pyle, Kathy L.152,153,154,197, 193, zss Pyle, Lori M. 157, 198, 199, we Rabe, Lisa S. 160, 170, 202, 258 Ragsdale, Allyson P. 117, 258 Raines,julianne 44, 77, 84, 105, 107 Rainey, Pamela D. 288 Ramirez, Sammy A. 115, 115, 288 Ramsey, Cynthia 518 Randol, Carlos 288 Rash, Mr. Dan 222 Ratliff, Linda 182, 183, 283 Ratliff, Mrs. Linda 151, 210 Rawlinson, Romy K. 278, 288 Ray, Charles K.113,115,258 Ray, Dwayne M. 288 Reagor,-john W. 548 Reagor, Leslie Marie 54B Reagor, Mike W. 180, 508 Reddehase, Darrell R. 70, 288 Reed, David N. 5413 Reed, Douglasj. 258 Reed, Gregory S. 258 Reed,jana Gayle 166, 508 Reed, Paul D. 508 Reed, Sara E. 24, 90, 92, 105, 228, 252 Reeves, Marisanne G. 288 Reeves, Reci L. 100, 288 Rehfeldt, Shelli Lynn 292, 508 Reimer, David S. 146, 288 Remaley, Henry Tom 150, 503 Renfro, Charles F. 288 Reston, Lynn M. 160. 198, 288 Rhodes, Gary W. 288 Rhodes, Mark A. 142, 148, 178, 180, 258 Richards, Douglas C. 162, 166, 167, 308 Richards, Kyle F. 508 Richardson, Barbara Kay 508 Richardson, Becky S. 288 Richardson, Marla A. 44, 105, 258 Richerson, Gregory Scott 107, 166, 508 Richey, Mr. Gerald 105, 142, 146 Rick, Brian E. 288 Ricketts, David M.115y115,288 Riley, Mike tl. 255, 258 Risenhoover, Christopher 166, 508 Rising, Marilyn 44, 117, 508 Rising, Su1anne 24, 115, 258 Ritter, Mr.john 220 Roark, Mrs. Martha 97, 220 Roberts, Brad E. 108, 109, 288 Roberts,john W. 186, 289 Roberts, Mark S. 258 Robertson, Brad 150, 508 Robertson, Gary 289 Roberts, Mrs. Grace 41, 221, 222, 225 Robertson, Tamera Kay 503 Robinson, Amy L. 90, 96, 258 Robinson, David N. 259 Robinson, Earline 289 Robinson, Scott B. 503 Roblyer, Diana Sue 155, 157, 503 Rodda, Kelly R. 239 Rodda, Kim 503 Rode,-loanne M. 509 Rodriguez, Dr. Cecilia 221, 292 Rodriguez, Maria B. 289 Rogers, Cynthia K. 115, 115, 239 Rogers, Keith E. 115, 115, 259, 261 Rogers, Rebecca I. 117, 209 Rohne, Eric T. 509 Rohrbaugh, Pam 20, 289 Romack, Mark A. 509 Rone, Rhonda Anne 509 Rosenbaum, Christine D. 289 Rosenbaum, Patricia A. 289 Rosenbower, Laurie A. 186, 289 Rothenhoefer, Dale M. 289 Roy,John P. 46, 162, 165, 259 Rudman, Christopher 289 Rumsey, Gary M. 150, 509 Russell, Charles E. 259 Russell, Karen M. 260 Ryan, Kelly Shawn 509 Ryder, George R. 158, 260 Ryder, Teressa A. 509 Saadeh, Elias Z. 289 Saleebey, David M. 115 Saleebey,john F. 19, 108, 149, 115, 289 Sallee, Chris E. 509 Salyer,jimmy L. 260 Sander, Darrin W. 289 Sander, Holly M. 509 Sanders, Sandra 260 Sanderson, Kim 289 Santarelli, Suzann 24, 160, 170, 174, 175 274, 289 Saulmon, Tim A. 289 Savage, Ronald D. 509 Saxon, Mr.jim 64, 214, 221 Scheffers, Pamela Marie 289 Schmidt, David C. 260 Schmidt, Michelle Susan 160, 289 Schneiderhloan M. 185, 239 Schneider, Michelle D. 509 Schneider, Randy 12, 105, 107, 142, 260 Schoenecker, Pamela L. 97 Schrader, Amanda T. 260 Schroeder, Karen L. 260 Schult, Robert 120 Schulz, Stephanie L. 509 Schwendiman, Scott C. 115, 115,549 Schwettmann, Sandy A. 156, 260 Schwoh, Stephanie 1.. 115, 115, 289 Scogin,jerry G. 509 Scoper, Kristin L. 509 Scoper, Wendy G. 509 Scott, Chris 289 Scott, Donna L. 115, 289 Scott, Kimberly A. 509 Scott, Michael B. 509 Scott, Noel B. CBlakel 549 Scruggs, Kathryn M. 4Kayj 289 Scruggs, Raymond A. CRayj 289 Seal, Lori L. 24, 157, 176, 220, 239 Self, Sandra L. 509 Self, Tamra Lynn 509 Self, Taraleigh 289 Sessions, Amy E. 186, 239 Sessions,joseph W. Qoej 115, 115 Seward, Michael 509 , 198, Sewell, Nathan E. 142, 194, 289 Sexton, Cathy M. 105, 260 Shackelford, Shannon G. 186, 298, 510 Shady, Nick B. 178, 260 Shaffer, Paul B. 166, 510 Shanks, Teresa-I. 510 Sharp, Craig 510 Sharpulacob Uasonj 162 Sharp,-lulie A. 260 Sharp, Lonnell 260 Shatto, Halj. CBeauj 260 Shawn, Angela R. CRobbinj 124, 510 Shelby, Gregory D. 289 Shellhorse, William B. 289 Shelly, Mrs. Bonnie 96, 221, 259 Shemwell, Amy R. 152, 151154, 510 Shemwell, Brenda G. 289 Shemwell, Kathryn Elaine 154, 175 Sherrell,john E. 259 Shewmake, Mr.jim 146, 190, 221 Shiller, Steve S. 55, 144, 146, 259, 260 shiriila, Linda L. 157, 239 Shobe, Marty T. 289 Shoults, David 510 Shoults, Lou Ann 105, 107, 260 Shuck, Karen E. 157, 510 Siddens,-jimmy R. 110,112, 115. 115, 239 Sides, David M. 108, 109, 510 Silvester, Cynthia L. 289 Simon,james D. 510 Simpson, Angela K. 289 Simpson, Leland Roy 113' 115, 250, 260 Sims, Michaelj. 289 Sims, Aaron G. 510 Sims,james C. 289 Sims, Randy L. 178, 180 Singh, Sarita S. 117, 289 Singletary, Kathy A. 48, 80, 260 Singleton, Glen R. 110, 113- 115, 260 Singleton,judy A. 51. 90, 260 Skinner, Mark E. 510 Slack,john Wesley 510 Slape, Dalton Richard 292, 510 Slater, Shari A. 185, 186, 289 Sloan, Darla E. 260 Smith, Andrew C. 260 Smith, Cheryl E. 289 Smith, Chris-I. 185, 510 Smith, Cody R. 142, 194, 274, 289, 542 Smith, Dawn L. 160, 189, 299 Smith, Harold Todd 510 Smith,james M. 158 Smith,john S. 260 Smith, Carole 117, 156, 289 Smith, Paul Kevin 180, 510 Smith, Stacy L. 240, 260 Smith, Stephanie S. 280 Smith, Steven Keith 150, 510 Smith, Theresa D. 289 Snowden, Darlene G. 510 South, Tammy Sue 109, 510 Southard, Christopher W. 12, 19, 105, 107 194, 289 Spaulding, Michael W. 289 Speaks, Chris T. 239 Speaks, Kim Lynn 510 Spears,janet L. 158, 260 Spence, Kenneth L. 115, 115, 261 Spencer, Christine D. 510 Spencer,-Iames L. 166, 289 Spencer, W. L. 4Rustyj 261 Spiller, Stephanie E. 510 Spong, Billy 510 Spong, Pamela Michelle 510 Spong, Thelma 290 Sponsler, Charles E. 150, 192, 510 Spooner, Kendall E. 510 Spoor, Karen Christine 126, 290 Spracklen, Mr. Floyd 221 Spracklen, Mrs. Patsy 221 Springer, Scottj. 290 Squires, Amy M. 115, 115, 510 St. Clair, Lloyd S. 290 Stanfield,-Jana 261 Staniield, Lana Suunne 510 Stapleton, Tami L. 510 Stapleton, Teri D. 290 Starnes, Katharine A. 46, 505, 510 Staton, Robert Shawn 510 Staton, Roy N. 290 Steadman, Rob 261 Stebbins, Mrs. Beverly 221 Stebbins, Valerie A. 19, 117, 290 Stebler, Scott L. 261 Steele, Angela A. 261 Steeno, Richard-I. 290 Stell, Richard 178, 179, 290 Stenseth, Mark Paul 261 Stephens, Charles Thadis 261 Stephens, Diana L 261 Stephens, Lesley S. 261 Stephens, Liz Ann 310 Stephens, Mrs. Nancy 211 Stephens, Timothy P. 261 Stewart, A. Nicole 292, 310 Stewart, Brad C. 216 Stewart, Lawton G. 150, 310 Stewart, Tammie A. 117, 262 srirhr, Eddi Lynn 157,310 Stiebing,-james E. 113, 115, 290 Stinson, Tommy W. 146, 190, 239, 262 Stockford, Douglas E. 262 Stoessel, Susanj. 113, 115, 310 Stone, Alicia L. 92, 116, 117, 123, 262 Stout, Stuart Carl 310 Stovall, Mr. Mike 145, 146, 222 Straight, Shawn M. 262 Strickland, Missjudy 222 Strickland, Steve K. 162, 290 Strother, Lisa E. 113,115,290 Stucker, Nancy M. 182, 183, 262 Stutler, Mnjon 222 Sudduth, Connie M. 153, 262 Suggs, Lesli A. 109, 310 Sulak, Brian K. 290 Sulak, Gregoryj. 310 Sullivan, Paula R. 290 salma, Mike 23, 24, 26, ss, 89, 91, 189, 190, 239 Sulzen, Lynn P. 157, 310 Sulzen, Michelle R. 24, 86, 143, 145, 152, 153, 290 Summers, Scott D. 105, 262 Sutphin, Taegtr E. 190, 290 Swan, Dorothy L. 117, 290 Swearingin, Stephen S. 310 Sweeny, Mrs. Michelle 222 Swift,-Ieffery K. 290 Swink, Lawrence R. 112,113,115,290 Swope,james S. 310 Swor, Mary A. 36, 138, 228, 262 Tabor, Lauraj. 262 Talkington, Kyle C. 12, 100, 105, 272, 290 Tankersley, Patricia D. 310 Taub, Tina E. 46, 290 Taylor, Daniel B. 262 Taylor, Taylor, Taylor. Taylor, Taylor, james L. 310 Kristi K. 290 Marry Mmm sos. 310 Roberta L. 263 Robin R. 290 Theobolt, Mr. Rickey 222 Terry, Michelle 263 Thain, Cathy L. 263 Thaxton, Robynne E. 26, 43, 44, 252, 342 Thomas, Eliabeth L. fLorij 310 105, 107, 128, Cover Design - Darryl Eng Thomas, Gary L. 113, 115, 310 Thomas,jacquelin 290 Thomas, Kenneth M. CMikel 310 Thompson, Adam L. 290 Thompson, Brent 142, 263 Thompson, Sarah L. 298, 310 Thompson, Scott S. 290 Thompson, Traciejoe 310 Thompson, Mrs. Pat 222 Thoms, Pamela G. 310 Thrower, Mrs. Oleta 222 Thulin, ward M. 232, 290 Thwing, Christopher A. 310 Tice, Chris R. 310 Tice, Larry Paul 311 Tickle, Carie Annette 290 Tickle, Robert 311 Ticknor, Gregory-1.46, 145 Tillery, Shannon M. 311 Tillman, Lauri L. 19, 23, 24, 100, 1 230 Timmons, Kevin M. 311 Tompkins, Mary B. 290 Torres, Mike A. 290 76, zzo, 228, Toxey, Anne P. 55, 74, 84, 93. 95, 130, 235 263, 344 Trainor, Kim Renee 160, 198, 311 Trusty, Regina M. 311 Tubbs, Mylinda 117, 290 Tucker, Carolyn C. 290 Tucker,jimmy Don 180, 311 Tucker,-John L. 158, 290 Tully, David M. 133, 311 Tully, Paul B. 263 Turk, Mrs. Mary 222 Turnacioglu, Tom F. 280, 290 Turner,julie A. 290 Tumey, Mrs. Ann 223 Turney,jeffrey Allen 311 Tuton, Deborah A. 290 Underwood, Angela P. 290 Underwood, Wilmer S. 290 Unger, Geula 290 Uribe,john Edward 48, 78, 84, 88, 9 17s, 263 Valdez, Alvaro Artupo 311 Vandcventer, Ann M. 290 Vandeventet, Patrick Lee 263 Vardeman, Martice A. fTreyj 162, 263 Vasquez, Michael L. 263 Vaughan, Delton E. 263 Velasquez Anthony 290 Vetter, Laurie Ann 311 Viner, Mary L. 152, 153, 263 Virden, Alice E. 117,311 Vizurraga, Kelley E. 311 Waddell, Kymberly R. 113, 290 Wade, Anne R. 36, 46, 259 Wade, William J. 290 Wadsworth, Mr. Larry 145, 146, 2 Wagner, Arthur Scott 311 Wagner, Kenneth A. 263 Waits, Donna Uoannej 290 Waldrip,-Iames R. 263 Waldrop, Beth A. 290 Waldrup, Russell H. 290 23 5, 123, Walker,jill 263 Walker, Richard G. 162, 290 Wallace, Mrs.janet 212, 223, 228 Walls, Stephen T. 290 Walsh, Michael 311 Walters, Anne T. 109, 500, 311 Walters, Cathy C. 290 Walters, Ray R. 180, 290 Walther, Brenda G. 175, 290 Walton, Cynthia 138, 263 Walton, Sharon D. 290 Ward, Byron E. 291 Ward, Ivy 263 Ward, Mrs. Lucille 211 Warden, David R. 291, 311 Warren, Gary B. 311 Warren, Kimberly A. 117, 311 Warren, Marie 311 Warren, W. Scott 263 Wash, Cindy Michelle 311 Washington, Vanessa L. 291 Watson, -Icy M. 24, 177, 311 Wayland, Cynthia M. 263 Weathersby, Kim P. 263 Weaver, Kevin G. 48, 80, 84, 123, 124, 186, 263 Webb,jon A. 150, 311 Webb, Michael L. 306, 311 Webb, Terry Wayne 263 Webster, Valerie A. 291 Weinert, Kenneth M. 291 Weiss, Adam H. 180, 211 Welbotne, Patrick B. 113, 115 Welch, Robert L. 263 Wells, Don R. 311 Wendel, M. fRuthj 66, 264 Wentz, Tom L. 264 Wenzlau, Suzanne E. 291 Werner, Robert E. 264 West, Bonita S. fBonniej 217, 291 Westbrook, Chris Guy 311 Westbrook, Tamaraj. 291 Wetsel, Christopher C. 311 Wetzel, Michelle A. 291 Wheeler, Bryan A. 105, 146, 264 Whitaker, Ron Charles 113, 115, 264 Whitaker, Shelby Renee 117, 311 White, Anita M. 311 White,james G. 291 White, Mrs. Kathryn 18, 223 White, Kimberly Rebecca 117, 311 White, Laura L. 24, 44, 177, 244, 294, 311 White, Michelle L. 105, 291 White, Sheryl D. 291 White, Tamara D. 95, 105 White, Whitney R. 311 Whitfield, Mrsjozelle 209 Whitley, Sally A. 291 Whitley, Sarahj. 291 Whitwell, Susan C. 160, 311 Wieberg, Beth A. 264 Wieberg, Brett A. 311 Wieberg, Gregory E. 164 Wiese, Becky L. 264 Wien, David rt. 176, 287, 291 Wiggins, Mrs. Mary Lou 223 "Library Becomes Second Home" Wilkey, Stacey A. 36, 117, 264 Williams, Alisa 264 Williams, Barbara D. 24, 100, 272, 294 Williams, George F. 113 Williams, Larie E. 70, 291 Williams, Michael Keith 111, 178, 194, 264 343 Williams, Robert R. 264 Williams, Rodney G. 162, 264 Williams, Susan P. 264 Williams, Tracey M. 126, 264 Williams, Treasa A. 291 Williamson, Michael S. 145, 291 Williamson, Mrs. Sara 128, 223 Willis,james Bently 311 Wilmoth, Mr. Barry 223, 272 Wilson, Anita K. 138, 264 Wilsonulames S. 264 Wilson,john N. 150, 311 Wilson, Kenneth R. 264 Wilson, Kerrie K. 291 Wilson, Mary F. 115, 264 Wilson, Thomas 05, 264 Wimpee, Melissa A. 311 Wimpy, Deana G. 311 Winchester, Lori L. 263 Wingate, Sandra L. 291 Winter, Mrs. Ckrol 218 Winter, W. Todd 264 Winters, Tamarah D. 272, 291 Woltering, Ted A. 291 Womack, Karen 311 Wood, Samanthaj.113,115. 311 Wooddell,-Jeannette M. 291 Woodruffhjames P. 39, 142, 146, 189, 190, 195, 291 Wooten, Tanja Y. 113, 115,291 Wright, Amy E. 311 Wright, Catrina K. 311 Wright,james K. 19, 264 Wright, Leslie L. 24, 300, 311 Wright, Randall D. 291 Wright, Stephan A. 311 Wright, Travis P. 264 Xenophon, Gina L. 311 Yamamoto, Peter 291 Yarbrough, Debra G. 311 Yarbrough, Gary M. 311 Yarbrough,jack Clint 145, 265 Young, Carolyn 28, 128, 291 Young, Charlotte 311 Young, David L. 306, 311 Young, Karyn-I. 48, 55, 76, 78, 90, 103, 124 128, 265 Young, Marilyn H. 128, 291 Younger, Belindaj. 117, 291 Yowellulon L. 291 Yusaf, Rim 291 Zacharius, Candy 311 Zack,-james P. 311 Zang, Tami Lyn 291 Zimmerman, Scott S. 265 Special Thanks to: Endsheet Design - Darryl Eng 1150 copies 344 pages Body Copy - Garamond Cutlines - Garamond Headlines and Table of Contents Garamond Opening and Closing Sections Garamond Italic Division Page Headline Garamond Taylor Publishing Company by Donna Gooch "Sophs Dissect Frogs in Bio I" by Laurie Rosenbower "Mr. Gruenwald Keeps on Trucking" by Kirsten Dietz - "Teacher Turns Pilot on Weekend" by Wendy Miles Darryl Eng Pliyllis Forehand Rusty Forehand Daddy Teach Don Griffin Gray "McBride" Matlock Col. Chuck Savage 1 it 2 . ..,+.,.,. M., .:.. , , ws ts ,sa if 5 QI - .H 00802 601004 6' E V fAj Mrs. Bonnie Shelly inspires seniors and family at Vesper Ceremony. QBQ Mike Sulzen and Tommy Stinson confer during the bi-dictrict game. QCJ Arlington Colts relied heavily on three-year letterman Steve Shiller in their battle for the district 8 - SA crown. QDj Principal james Crouch displays his underlying school spirit dur- ing one of his dreams at the Arlington Heights pep rally. I r r E r N p r ' Q. ffzqfe i BI E1 1 I 5 v D 541 Z . Nile 1 V QAj During "Scapino" rehearsal Mike Williams threatens-jimmy Cecil over a girl. QB, In a rare moment the tennis courts stand empty. fCj Senior Girls Becky Miner, Robynne Thaxton, Dee Dee Askew, and Wendy Miles pretend to be angels from Colt Heaven while they finish halos for the Senior hall. fDj Cody Smith, Richie Harder, and Clay Kelly prepare to enter the new gym for a pep rally. CEJ Kari Dublin enters into Colt Spirit. fFj Mark joeckel imitates Mr. Universe as he displays his bicepts. +.. -n QV .. .M .Q Y 00 00 0 Ending - a time to move on, a time to move up. As the class of 82 moved on and the lower classmen moved up, there was a common bond between the students, classes, and faculty - Arl- ington High School. Arlington High was an ultimate limit for all. just as seniors before them and seniors after them will do, the graduates of 82 left with only fond memories of AHS and a vision of the future. Their vision would take them on many different paths which would lead them high and low, and to many different places. Somewhere, though, the paths would cross, and the bond that had released them and the bond that they had believed in would tie them together to relive the memories they parted with. We on the Colt Corral staff, have tried to show the uniqueness of the bond that seemed to be matchless against all. We have displayed Arl- ington High School and its speciality. May the bond continue to live and always tie us together. fAj Colts gather for the first pep rally in the new gym. fBj Valedictorian Anne Toxey expresses her appreciation for her three years at Arlington High as she hugs Principal-james Crouch after receiving her diploma. "i f k 1 4 I 3 5 1 A n 1 i 4, l 1 fr I 11 i 1 x H A ,u , L J - t My -fl 9 . , if ' g , 4 4, . vi X- V 1 11 v 4 'r A f 'N F, I, '1 1 1 . V1 X.. , A ,

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