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11 iVi ' CORRAL • " v «4 r ?;; " . e r n - ' ' ill i- ' -= i3 . i« aJlfe?Uj America 200 years of . . . ething known as lerican Way. 200 years of a lot of chi but still a holding of the tr itions that set our country opart oil the others — giving us a - =- " - d. " ,.. ' bicentennial lore and more as the i. Fire hydrants, ns, billboards, and iced the land hite, and blue. Even Way. It had taken on ultimate test — the test of time. And it hod proved over the 200 years it could stand against the destruction of wars, political turmoil, and could rise above these with pride. History was made in 1976 and ijTi iiMiiiiiii££l immiHliiiHrmiriMfim T ttLT -HaODT W I ttLT -WLOOT w iu =2r The Texan Theatre on Main Street in 1 950, " 1, ! fel in ' i. 111 T - • :i:«- iHI Bi .tii ■• - -. i s MS ' ; OL, ARLINGTON. HIGH SCHO AHS in 1 928 on Cooper Street. TEXAS 1 00 years of . liiiniii lunity of Arlington began as a suit of the railroad in 1 876 but f. In 1930, 5,000 (not counting co chickens!) And from 1960-1970, Wmmmmmmm I population of over 1 25,000, kriington has gained recog- The first high s built in 1 902 ancf behind where Wy is today. Life at sc It then. Rules ore strict for students; ■i Rude or vulgar language was imimmm m eren ' t so high bock then either. For 50 cents, a student could buy Arlington high 50 years of . . . tradition-setting through the many talents efforts, and We found unity in things we did together because they mode each of us feel like we " belonged " — we weren ' t just another face in the crowd. Remember the second hall and getting " smushed? " We couldn ' t help but find unity there, right? And what about the unity we felt in competition. Whether on the grueling football field, basketball court, or track, we always strived to be the 1 team; sometimes winning and sometimes losing, but always united. r Mrs. Crouch is someone you can count on to count on you. She could be called the window to the world because she urges us to open our eyes to the possibilities of life. She has on overwhelming desire to shore and give herself to her work and overcome the many misunderstandings that happen every day. Cindy Green Mrs. Crouch is not only a great typing teacher, but also a teacher of determination, effort and patience. Debbie Brown When one tries to describe Mrs. Crouch with words, one faces the problem of not knowing where to start. Her teaching does not stop at 3:30 when the last bell sounds. Each student is indivi- dually important to her as she strives to teach not only typing, but also self discipline and logic. Through encouragement, praise, and helpful guidance, Mrs. Crouch usually succeeds in helping each student discover his own spirit of self motivation. Andy Wolfskin Marie Crouch is a truly dedicated teacher. She is interested in the total development of her students — attempting to prepare them for successful careers and happy, useful lives. Mrs. Mildred Shupee Mrs. Marie Crouch is a professional, conscientious, dedicated, and enthusiastic teacher interested in the future welfare of her students. Principal James Crouch (A) After 1 9 years at AHS Mrs. Crouch plans another lesson for her 1 973 typing students. (B) In the year 1 970, at the annual faculty Homecoming skit, Mrs. Crouch leads some faculty members in the Hawaiian hula dance. Mrs. Crouch — More Than a Teacher Teachers are many in the land of the Colts. Some teach math and science, others are skilled in art and English. Their chores are innumerable from grading papers to singing in the Christmas Choir. We see their faces every day. In fact, we spend about 1 ,1 90 hours with one teacher during the course of a year. So it ' s certain that each has some influence on our lives. This yearbook staff chose to dedicate this edition of the Colt Corral to Mrs. Marie Crouch, who has influenced many students over the 22 years she has been at AHS. She teaches Typing I and II, but she also teaches patience, character, honesty and the belief that " the sky ' s the limit " when it comes to a student ' s ability to achieve. For these reasons and more, this book, Mrs. Crouch, is ESPECIALLY FOR YOU. (A) FBLA sponsor, Mrs. Marie Crouch, becomes more than a teacher as she " ploys hostess " at an FBLA Christmas party. (B) Mrs. Crouch demonstrates the correct typing procedure during a typing II class. 5 ' 4C£ Variety of Events Initiate Red, White, Blue School Year ' — ' j- tf ' -.. _• -■ • 16 ACTIVITIES follow the hoof bealsl OLTS MJtttKi,-,-, .tM«» M»»i i. lllin nWMIiMM«llllteaaiiMM«l BlMaili ail8illila At Arlington Colts MffTY :i»-i ■finpt). (A) A giant poster in the gym cheers the Colts through the fall sports. (B) The AHS marquis has a special message for Charles Pitzer. (C) Brian Egan shows the way the T-shirt looked before falling prey to the cheerleaders ' scissors. (D) Jubilant soph volleyballers Diane Agel, Leslie Charles, Andie Otto, Nancy Dunn, and Tammy Roe celebrate a successful game-point volley. ACTIVITIES 17- Registration, Scribble Party, Howdy Day Greet AHSers Summer ' s Over . . . All good things must come to an end. On Aug. 20, 21, and 22 AHSers registered for the 75-76 school year in the school cafeteria. Old friends reunited on Aug. 22 for the distribution of the ' 75 Colt Corral. The annual Scribble Party followed the receiving of the yearbooks. " Sons of the White and Green. . . " The l hit song on Howdy Day was the AHS fight song. On Aug. 29 sophomores and juniors sang the 1 song with persuasion from the senior class of ' 76. After the dreaded Howdy Day, AHS students rested their voices while they worked their tired feet to the many rythms of the Howdy Day Dance Band " Shortchange. " (A) Anxious to see his many activities in print, David Mueller skims the senior index. (B) At the Scribble Party, Steve Skinner takes the first opportunity to thumb through his new Colt Corro (C) " You ' ll hove to take air hockey zero hour to take English, " Mrs. Wiseman tells Susan Franks as Mrs. Lovelace sympathizes at registration. (A) " Oh, when the Rams . . . " begins a confused Howdy Day victim until Senior Mike Mackey steps up to teach hir the correct fight song. (B) The trio fornned by Scott Whetstone, Charles Menefee, and Suzette LeFlore unwillingly perform for Upperclassman Don Mathis. (C) Unlearned Sophomores say, " Teach me How-dy Dance. " ACTIVITIES 19 October Features Field Dedication, Centennial Event For the second time in two years, Arlington High ' s Colts played football in a new home stadium. This year, however, elaborate ceremonies were conducted to " annex " Cravens Field to AHS. The ceremonies performed to signify the " annexation " were planting a block of AHS soil onto the field, and placing in the stadium a cement marker to show that Cravens Field is located on AHS ' " North Campus. " Arlington ' bicentennial Centennial Ci !bration was kicked off wii the help of AHS ' Chamber Singers. The program site was Middleton Tate Johnson Cemetery where one of the oldest remaining buildings in the city, Melear Cabin has been restored. (A) Banners adorning the Press Box declare that Cravens Field is Colt Country. (B) Ceremoniously annexing the North Campus, Don Larson plants Arlington High soil in the new football field. I ' Colt Country • 20 ACTIVITIES (A-B) A century of progress is voiced by Victor Vandergrift ond Congressman Dale Milford at Arlington ' s Centennial Celebration. (C) Cheryl Hardy drums for the Cho ACTIVITIES 21 Spirit Week Boasts Theme of " Revolutionize the Texans " AHS ' s annual Spirit Week got under way on September 22. The class of ' 76 decorated the middle hall on Thursday and was awarded first plac e by the faculty. On Wednesday the Juniors decorated the first hall. The third hall, decorated by the class of ' 78, won second place. " Revolutionize the Texans " was the theme for the Senior tea party which took place in the courtyard on Thursday. Paul Revere looked on as the Student Council poured Texan tea into the Colt Bay. Student Council sold green and white " spirit bells " on Tuesday and Wednesday to jingle in the Colt Spirit Week. To show its support to the Green Machine, the AHS student body wore green and white on Thursday, and on Friday wore hats and overalls. (A) " Wow, can those flying Pickles soar! " admires Vernon Jones, although Rick Allen seems less than fascinated by the green saucers. (B) Margaret Keim models typical Spirit Week fashion. (C) Mr. Rash oompahs on the Faculty Band sousaphone. (A) Re-enacting Boston ' s Tea Party, James Cribbs hopes to inspire the AHS Spirit of ' 76. (B) " But I thought everyone else was dressing up, too! " says Don Larson. (C) Ripping through a giant poster, the Colts charge into the climax of Spirit Week. ACTIVITIES 23 Special Activities Enliven Mid-Autumn Schoolday Routine A rolicking evening of en- tertainment with cornpone songs and rib-tickling jokes hod the audience rolling with laughter at the AHS Music department ' s production of Country Jamboree. ASH Teen Age Library Association members hosted the Fall Conference for District 7. " Carnival of Media, " the theme of the convention, included silent movies, paper back sales and games with prizes. ROTC hoisted the victory flag while AHS students rallied together for a victory and bicentennial celebration. " A Lion in Winter, " starring Peter O ' Toole and Katherine Hepburn, was senior entertain- ment while juniors took the ITED test and sophs took the DAT test. (A) " A man ' s best friend is his horse, " sings the Cowpoke Chorus. (B) ROTC members Mike Wilson, Terrie Hurt, and Andrew Crossman display the AHS Victory flog. (C) One hostess for the TALA meeting is Lynda Cummings, dressed in the Carnival mood. • 24 ACTIVITIES (A) Old-fashioned barbershop ha by quartet members Lynn Fuston, Greg Devault, Ken Lasater, and Jon Stricklan. (B) " Howde Dinah Dolton voices a Minnie Pearl greeting. (C) Sharon Kimmey, Rex Schimpf, Cathy Bush, and Rusty Forehand (Hee Haw ' s Culhane family) rejoice that Junior ' s Odor-Eaters put out the fire. (D) Neel Woods trombones at the Country Jamboree. ACTIVITIES 25 • Halloween Homecoming Highlights Autumn Season Amid the pomp and pageantry of the AHS Homecoming pep rally, the junior and sophomore princess titles were awarded to Kay Kelly and Kelly Davis. Also honored at the pep rally were the Homecoming Queen nominees. Seniors Kathy Elder, Sherry Higginbotham, Regan Lyie and Jill Poss. Mr. and Miss AHS Spirit, Holly Snowden and Eric Gordon, were also announced during the pep rally. The annual AHS Homecoming parade featured the sophomore, junior, and senior class floats. " AHS will moonshine the Gophers " won the juniors first place in the float competition. As tension grew during the district game against the Gophers, Regan LyIe was crowned the 1 975 Homecoming Queen. (A) AHS parades its c I Pecan St. (B) Brian Schroder teams with Eric Gordo • 26 ACTIVITIES ACTIVITIES 27 • Crowd Gathers at ' Bus Stop; ' Awaits Dinner Theater " Bus Stop, " a dinner theater production, was presented by the AHS drama department in November. The comedy, written by William Inge, was shown two nights with two separate casts. Angela Humphrey took the lead part of Cherie one night, while Suzy Thompson assumed the role the second night. Other characters were Elma, played by Bonnie Winberg and Dee Dee Duncan, and Grace, characterized by Dinah Dalton and Jill Harmon. Will was played by Emil Friberg and Allen Brokaw. Victor Vandergriff portrayed Carl, and Don Larson played Bo. Tom Ferris and David Hudson were also featured. 28 ACTIVITIES ■■BUS STOP " ELAAA Bonnie Winberg, Dee Dee Duncan GRACE Dinah Dalton, Jill Harmon WILL Emil Friberg, Allen Brokaw CHERIE Angela Humphrey, Suzy Thompson CARL Victor Vandergriff DR. LYMAN David Hudson BO Don Larson VIRGIL Tom Ferris Director: Mrs. Vicki Tapp Student Directors: Lisa Heath Keily Easterling (A) " He grabs a girl and kisses like he was Napoleon, " complains Angela Humphrey. (B) Suzy Thompson worries over coffee and doughnuts. ACTIVITIES 29 Christmastime Brings Projects, Programs, Shenanigans 1 (A) Experiencing first-hand theheritage of the pottery kiln, Mr. Durham ' s classes learn from their Bicentennial Project that smokey was " the way it was 200 years ago today. " (B) Members of the faculty cho rehearse far the Christmas program. (C) " Pixies " use the chalkboard to send messages to their secret pals 30 ACTIVITIES (A) Karen Near poses with Mike Wade and Tim Lundy to create Mrs. Ferris ' prize-winning door. (B) An impish grin completes Dan Larson ' s elf outfit. ACTIVITIES 31 Colt County Fair Proceeds Benefit Classes, Groups Colt County Fair is to Arlington as Mardi Gras is to New Orleans. Despite the rain and muggy weather, the Fair triumphed over tremendous odds. The Senior Saloon, with dancing girls and singing quartets, was the main attraction. The Junior Jail kept many young and innocent spectators from " dens " of inequity " such as the Student Council Casino. Sophomores made a hit with the movie " Jaws, " where prizes were won. Brave teachers posed for the Art Club ' s Sponge Throw. Enthusiastic Thespions hosted a successful dime-pitch game. Among the booths clubs hosted were " La Cantina Divina, " by the Spanish Club; " Bier Zelt, " by the German Club; dart throw by the French Club; book sell, by the National Forensic League; and home-made ice cream, by American Field Service. Both clubs and classes made record profits at the event. Altogether the Fair drew young and old for a delightful evening of fun. (A) Senior Saloon performers Susan Bragg, Terry Vaughn, and Liza Lilrio follow the " leader of the pack. " (B) " And that ' s the truth, " soys Melissa Saffarrans as Edith Ann. (C) Jill Poss and Susan Malone sing and tap dance, U.S. military style. 32 ACTIVITIES ' Pooh ' , DECA Convention Fill First Two Months of ' 76 That " Silly Old Bear " delighted Pooh-Bear fans of all ages as sack lunch theater goers and children from two elementary schools viewed the Drama Department ' s presentation of " Winnie the Pooh. " The play was double cast for numerous performances in Jonuary. Also in January, juniors flaunted elegant fingers; their anxiously-awaited senior rings had finally arrived. Early in February, the School Board appointed Mr. Jim Covert to succeed Mr. James W. Martin as the superintendent for Arlington Public Schools. Superstition and sweethearts mingled on Friday the thirteenth. The sophomore class sponsored a Valentine ' s Dance featuring the band " Rush. " The same weekend, twelve hundred distributive education students and teachers gathered at Arlington High for the Area 5 DECA convention. Winners of the various contests advanced to the state competition. AHS placed three area winners. (A) Varsity roundballers celebrate Coach Dale Archer ' s 200th victory at AHS. (B) Ramon Torres is measured tor his Senior cap and gown. (C) Kongo (Donna Parish) gives Piglet (Angela Humphrey) a good scrub while Ginger Hampton, as Roo, wotche ki ' Fiddler on the Roof Upholds Tradition of Fine Musicals From " The King and I " in 1962 to " Hello Dolly " in 1974, the excitement of well-done musicals has brought life to the stage of AHS. In keeping with this tradition of fine produc- tions, the stage lived once again on March 4-6. Arlington High was alive with music and dancing, with prayers and humor, with matches, with goodbyes, with tradition . . . with " Fiddler on the Roof. " Presented by the choral department, " Fiddler " in- volved untold hours of prepara- tion by music and drama students and anyone else seen in a blue T-shirt. And their efforts were well-received; the show ' s professionalism impressed the audiences at three performances. The character portrayals were polished, the singing was excellent, and the dramatic scenes were unforgettable (who would ever forget that screeching ghost in the dry ice dream scene.) Because all involved dedicated both their talent and their time (oh, those midnight rehearsals with quarter tests the next day), when the cast and crew alike joined hands for the final curtain call, those fortunate enough to have seen much more than just a play could respond, " Another tradition lives on. " " Tevye, are you listenirig to me? " Dinah Dalton demands of Jeff Peters who prays for patience. TEVYE FIDDLER ON THE ROOF " Jeff Peters GOLDE TZEITEL MOTEL HODEL Cathy Bush PERCHIK CHAVA FYEDKA YENTE ... Jill Poss Pro Ore Tech ducer-Director: Mr. Dan Rash hestra: Miss Barbara Ecabert Mr. Mike Walker nical Advisor: Mrs. Vicki Tapp ♦ 36 ACTIVITIES (A) A tender parting saddens Cathy Bush and Jeff Peters. (B) Russian Andy Bridges executes a high, lump. (C) Comprising the ghostly pony in Tevye ' s dream are (top) Melanie Tipton, Cathy Bush, Tim Stahl, (middle) Brenda Derr, Bill McCoy, Jane Scronton, (bottom) Tyce Elkins, Mary Bohonnon, and Doniel Biggs. ACTIVITIES 37 rfl t ■V- (A) Jeff Peters forbids Valerie Vandergriff to marry outside the faith. (B) " It was a miracle, " Ken Lasater tells Regan Lyie. (C) Rabbi Scott Freeman blesses Motel ' s new sewmg maching while Dorcus Hopeman, Kim Lockett, Dinah Dalton, and Rusty Bush watch in approval. (D) Singing his congratulations, Jon Stricklon enlivens the tavern. (E) Denise Rogers delights the audience by floating through the air. (F) Revolutionist Tom Ferris teaches Dorcus Hapemon and Cindy Hombrick to never trust on employer. •wm m mmm i $ m m% flP s. « K!t (A) Tod Feazell impersonates Paul Bonyon. (B) Th mouths of Gary Martin, Lauren Roper, Si Hollowell, and George Webb will not forget tfi. Jalopeno-Eating Contest. (C) Mike Hendi and Pom Mosby snatch the " best costume " tttl 40 ACTIVITIES Patriotic Events Fill Heritage Week Seventeen dollars and seventy-six cents was the goal for homerooms to collect, the money helping to re-open the Arlington Mineral Well. So began American Heritage Week. Followed by the patriotic pursuits of wearing red, white, and blue and signing a bicentennial scroll, the week ' s activities climaxed with an assembly on Friday. Attending were such notables asaM A S H team and the Statue of Liberty. Prizes were awarded for costumes and contest winners. (A) Root beer guzzlers drown their sorrows. (B) Toni Leonard re-creates Raggedy Ann. (C) Keith Walker and Amy Scott sign the special scroll. .CTIVITIES 41 Practice Wedding Results From Twirp Week Romance April showers meant bridal showers to Home and Family Living classes. These students fully planned and carried out mock weddings to become familiar with the details of a marriage ceremony. Chances are, the " brides " nabbed their mock mates during Twirp Week, that time of liberation when the girl may ask the guy out. Also in April, art students painted a Bicentennial mural for Six Flags Mall. (A) ■Yo-a-a ' ll, it will NEVER wash out of my hair! " complains Cheryl Dyer who became the target for a pie at the Twirp Assembly. (B) Mike WocJe serves as Twirp Judge, (C) With this mural, AHS ' Art Club won the Bicentennial competition at Six Flogs Moll. 42 ACTIVITIES ) j (A-B) At the mo ck wedcJing, Best Man Gerald Br own. Maid of Honor Jean Weiler and " Reverend " Re nny Fmk cant seem to take thei eyes off the happy couple, Gary B urgland and Karen Near (C)Car rie Davis, Jane Ac oms, and Su son Bloom o e three ofth icJentifiable ttir C i e-legged Tv, irp contesta ts. ACTIVITIES 43 Students Elect Class Officers, 76-77 Council Leaders Plagued with an unreal number of run-off elections, three assemblies were held this spring to choose student leaders. The three classes united to elect Marie Wagner Student Council president, Stan Leu vice president, and Amy McGlasson secretary. Juniors chose Nick Fox, Kirk Lewis, Roxonne Cantu, Kirk Pearson, and Keili Strong for 76-77 Senior Council leaders. Brian Pierce, Rod Houghton, Lee Ann Bryce, Sam Carter, and Shelly Wendel were elected by the sophs to be next year ' s Junior class officers. (A) Amy McGlasson is mortified by her campaign manager ' s introduction, but Sport Liberate enioys ttie comedienne. (B) Social chairman hopefuls Sam Corter, Shelly Wendel, and Karla Lackey each anticipate their moments on stage. • 44 ACTIVITIES A) Badger Wade thrills the audienc encore performance. (B) Presidential candidate Allen Roberts talks of changes for the future. (C) A determined Kirk Pearson sets his jaw and " psyches up " to deliver his campaign speech. ACTIVITIES 45 AHS Clubs, Athletes Stage Numerous Spring Banquets Spring brings with it showers and Arlington High School banquets. Nearly every organiza- tion and near-organizations staged a feast of some type during the spring quarter at AHS. Clubs, classes, and athletes managed to dress up in their best and honor each other. Office Education girls and the DECA students joined their counterpoints from the other Arlington high schools to stage their banquets. Mr. James Martin, retiring school superintendent, was the speaker at the OEA affair. Health Occupations Club members held their Employer- Employee dinner at the Bodega Steak House, while CVAE members chose Underwood ' s Cafeteria as their banquet site. (A) Pr. entFc d look-alike Paul McDuffie doe his impersonation at the cosmetology banquet. (B] Horsin ' around at the Ag banquet are Julie Eichelberger, Missy Thompson, Kelly Blaylock, and Tommy Smith. (C) Cynthia Charles swings c special guest from Veda Knox at the NHS picni. Probably generating the most excitement was the VICA Cosmetology banquet at Cibola. President Ford came strolling in. Well — maybe not the presi- dent himself, but look alike Paul McDuffie. Sports banquets were scheduled nearly every weekend. Girls held a marathon dinner to honor all the girl athletes at Ramoda Inn. Footballers were feted by the Arlington Lions Club, and then in May parents of the track team treated them to smoked turkey and Mom ' s salads and desserts in the AHS cafeteria. Still other organizations gathering to eat and honor their own were Thespians, National Forensic League, Quill and Scroll, Future Farmers of America, and ROTC. Some groups chose to go the informal route and held picnics. National Honor Society, Spanish Club and Baseball team members chose picnics. 4 ACTIVITIES 47 48 ACTIVITIES Seniors Rehearse, Then Eat, Swim " And you won ' t chew gum. " " Watch Holly to sit down, watch Mr. Wilmoth to stand up. " These and several other admonitions were issued to seniors during rehearsal for Vespers service as the class of 76 began the first of two " final walks. " Meeting at Texas Hall on the UTA campus, the seniors practiced walking down the aisle to the music of the Wind Ensemble. After learning all their cues, seniors were off to Haltom City for Barbrook Park and the annual Senior Picnic. Swimming and eating were the features of the after- noon ' s final social event of the class. Frank McDade entertains Janice Nichols and Jo St. Clair instead of listening to the rehearsal. ACTIVITIES 49 Choirs ' Major Works Concert Concludes Year of Music The music department ' s final program, the Major Works Concert, ended the year on a refined note. Accompanied by the Wind Ensemble end professional musicians, the Choraliers began the evening of May 20 with THE MAGNIFICANT. Soloists in the 1 8th century piece were Dinah Dolton, Sharon Kimmey, Rex Schimpf, and Jon Stricklan. AHS exes, now members of the UTA A Capella Choir, joined the Chamber Singers for Mozart ' s REGINACOELI. Switching from classical to patriotic, the whole choral department squeezed on the stage to present three choruses from AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL. The band and choir Arion Award winners were then recognized, along with Linda Attebury, the choir ' s student teacher. Refreshments ofterwards gave music students a chance to relish their last performance together. (A) Jon Stricklan and Rex Schimpf perform their duet. (B-C) Mr. Dan Rash conducts the band ond then accepts congratulations for his efforts. 50 ACTIVITIES (A) The combined choirs end the program with a patriotic finale. (B) Meianie Tipton serves punch to Susan Maione and Mrs. Velmo Bush. (C) Errc Gordon reminisces with Gregory DeVoult. ACTIVITIES 51 Seniors ' Awards Assembly Names Outstanding Students Over a hundred seniors proved that they " knov where they ' re goin ' to. " These graduates received community, athletic, academic, and schoo awards at the Senior Assembly. Awarding Community honors were the DAR, American Legion, and other civic organizations. Ten students received athletic honors; they were cited as the best on the girls ' basketball and track teams, the volleyball, football, and baseball teams. Academic honorees were plentiful as thirty-one AHS seniors won college scholar- ships. National Merit winners and the Top Ten graduates were also announced at the assembly. School honors completed the list, with seniors winning vocational awards, English and Journalism honors, the Arion and Fielder Awards, and the new AHS Faculty Award. (A) Mrs. Moses shows her appreciation to library aides Carlo Hardy and Robbie Robertson. (B) Brian Egan, Lawton Carlton, Charlie Rye, and Don Agee accept college football scholorships. J ' |-U l ■4- (A) Seniors Terri Turner and Mendy Kennemer receive all-slate volleyball honors at the assembly. (B) The new AHS Faculty Award of Achievement goes to Julie White and Brad Burns. (C) Honored by Coach Miller ore Colt baseball stand-outs Gerald Brown and Keith Walker. (D) Joyce Dougherty is cited by Miss Judy Strickland. I « ' J|J R»f;»l ACTIVITIES 53 A limuiiir%iU SiriuHil « { Banquet Honors Past Fielder Winners I In 1932 Robert Fielder established the Fielder Award to honor the outstanding boy and girl in Arlington High School each year. Forty-four years later those who had re- ceived the award met to reminisce and honor the 1976 winners. The guest list at the Fielder banquet read like a Who ' s Who in America. Doctors, lawyers, college professors, teachers, business executives, and home- makers expressed how much AHS had meant to them. Special guests included the founder of the award, Mr. Robert Fielder of Van Alstyne, former Superintendent Ross Wimbish, Supt. James Martin, and former Principal John Webb. Many of the former Fielder winners were on hand for the senior assembly earlier in the day when the 76 winners , Susan Malone and James Cribbs, were revealed. (A) 1 975 winner Robbyn Cooley hosts her parents Qt the bonquet. (B) Col. Robinson talks with the 1 959 winner, Charles Key, whose wife also won a Fielder Award. (C) Mr. Martin congratulates Susan ' s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Malone. 54 ACTIVITIES ACTIVITIES 55 Banquet, Prom Combine for Seniors ' Most Elegant Night " We ' ve got elegance " may have come from " Hello Dolly, " but it could have come from the Sheraton Hotel in Dallas on the night of the Senior Banquet and Prom. Seniors donned nev dresses and rented Tux and headed for Dallas for an elegant dinner, followed by an elegant prom. After a " hot " dinner served by white gloved waiters, the annual banquet program got underway featuring a complete slide show of the senior class. Then many rushed back to Arlington or up the elevator to their rooms and prepared for the prom where they danced the night away to the music of Texas while sipping fruit punch. (A) Brod Burris, Mark Sampley, and Mike Ttio reflect on the elegant evening. (B) Hungry seniors converse at ttie Stieraton in Dallas. • 56 ACTIVITIES Vespers Service Challenges Graduates To understand who fhey are and where they ' re going. This was the challenge given to the Class of ' 76 at Vespers. The worship service, held the Sunday evening before Commencement, was a time of unity for a group whose lives had revolved around each other since first grade. Diverse backgrounds and lifestyles were hidden under caps and gowns, visualizing the oneness felt by each graduar e. Holly, Jill, Bryan, Mr. Durham, and Mrs. Wallace, each in his own personal way, led the class to understanding and to realize that hope and faith are essential. Mr. Wilmoth was given the chance to " challenge these kids who have challenged me for three years, " and Andy responded for the graduates. A highly effective vignette was presented by Regan and Victor, who gave their classmates glimpses of the years spent together. Reflecting on the apple wars of the past and common goals and fears of the future, the Spirit of 1 976 was complete — a final gathering as a whole, as an ending before they met together once more — for a beginning. (A) Jill Poss speaks for five hundred other faces. (B) Mr. Wilmoth, Andy Wolfskill, Mrs. Wallace, and Bryan Bishop listen to the processional. 58 ACTIVITIES Teach keeps her promise to get a picture of Brent Rule, Jeff White, ond Craig Raymond together in this book. ACTIVITIES 59 • (A) Happy graduates congratulate each other with a hug. (B) " And you ' ll never walk alone, " sing the saddened Choraliers. (C) Neel Woods listens to Mendy Kennemer ' s Valedictory speech • 60 ACTIVITIES Commencement Tops 1 2 Years Commencemenf is a time of new beginnings. Twelve years of public education end and the graduates face a new phase of their lifetimes. This moment of transition was observed by the Arlington High School Class of 1 976 at their June third Commencement Exercises. Following the invocation by Susan Malone, Senior Class President James Cribbs opened the program by recognizing the special guests. Ann Cretsinger gave the Salutatory Address, comment- ing on education. Terri Turner then spoke on believing. Mr. James Martin was given a gold pocket watch in appreciation from the Senior Class. He amused everyone with reminiscences of his involvement with AHS, as teacher, coach, principal, and finally superintendent. Speaking on the importance of inspiration, Neel Woods paid tribute to the things that inspired all his achievements. Valedictorian Mendy Kennemer ' s address explored the meaning of this time in the grads ' lives. The audience was then led by Ken Lasater in singing the Alma Mater. Mr. Crouch announced, " Graduates, you may now turn your tassels, " and the presentation of diplomas began. Colt Choraliers, in the grandest graduation tradition, managed to follow Mr. Rash ' s direction (despite tear-blurred vision) and sing " You ' ll Never Walk Alone. " nblage in prayer. ACTIVITIES 61 64 HONORS HONORS 65 75-76 Top Ten are Mendy Kei , Ann Cretsinger, Roe Mueller, Nee! Woods, Terri Turner, Toni Leonard, Carrie Meacham, Ricky Wray, Chris Carter and Norman Gutzler. Top Ten Graduate With Best Grade Average From 568 At the top of the Class for 75-76 was Valedictorian Mendy Kennemer. Mendy was vice president of the National Honor Society and a member of the Senior Council. As a stand- out on the Varsity volleyball team, she was named all state. Ann Cretsinger, salutatorian, was active in Interact, NHS ' Senior Council, and Future Business Leaders of America. Ann also participated on the varsity volleyball team. Bond Drummajor, Rae Mueller, was number three in the class. Rae was a member of the NHS and Interact. Neel Woods, also a member of NHS, was active in marching bond and stage band. Neel received the Arion Band award at the Senior Assembly. Terri Turner, fifth in her class, was active in NHS. Interact, Senior Council, and Para-Med. She also was on the allstate Volleyball team. Toni Leonard was active in NHS, Spanish Club, Choroliers, and Wind Ensemble. Carrie Meacham, participated in NHS, Choroliers, and Senior Council. Ricky Wray was active in NHS and track and Cross Country. Serving as senior class editor of the annual, Chris Carter was also named Who ' s Who in French and was a member of NHS. Chris was chosen Chamber of Commerce Girl for February. Norman Gutzler was active in NHS, Chess Club, Math Club, Key Club, and was Who ' s Who in Science. 66 HONORS Student Body Honors Susan, James as Fielder Winners Faculty members elected four Arlington High Seniors as nominees for the coveted Fielder Award. The four nominees were Julie White, Susan Malone, Brad Burris, and James Cribbs. Susan Malone and James Cribbs were elected by the entire student body as the Fielder award winners and the most outstanding senior boy and girl. Susan was very involved in the choral department. She was a member of the National Honor Society and the German Club, and was also an officer of her Senior class. James was a member of the track and football teams. He was also Senior class favorite and a Kiwanian of the Month. In addition James was Senior class president and served on the Student Council. 1 976 Fielder Award winners Susan Malone ano James Cribbs display the Outstanding Student Scroll with their names in the forty-fourth spot. HONORS 67 • (A-D) German Foreign Exchange student Suse Volk ny aspects of the American way of life. While attending AHS Suse receives a quick from Mrs. Parr and learns about the AHS library 68 HONORS Lone Star State Says ' Hello ' Suse Suse Volk from Bad Bergzbern, near Heideleberg, Germany was this year ' s foreign exchange student. Her American sister was Jane Adams. Communication was not difficult for Suse because she had hod six years of English in Germany. In her AHS classes, Suse learned about American cuisine and American culture. She also experienced the thrills at the State Fair of Texas. (A) AFS Secretary, Holly Snowden, and AFS student Suse Volk support the Colts at a pep rally. (B) Su presented the traditional pep rally overalls. (C) Suse observes Mark Wade preparing a " delicacy. ' HONORS 69 Who ' s Who .4 • • - v HOE Tammy Bice -y Elec ■? ' ■ Jeff Electronics Atwell Art Susan Barter • 70 HONORS s tctf K. ' A mh. it. k i ■ u Social Studies Rhondor Davis Science if- Nbrman Gutzler " ' Cosmetology ■ Vicki Adair 4. - HONORS 71 W; m DE Mark Roland Drama Angela Humphrey Spanish Tracey Stone Math Steve White 72 HONORS Homemaking KatlMdiuller ROTC Mike Wilson English Cary Smith Band Rae Mueller HONORS 73 ■■? Speech Victor Vandegriff German Holly Snowden Photography Bruce Ray HECE Paula Phillipl HONORS 75 ■ » »«ivt ' —syt r.srC ' - ' - ' ,a%;SK iSS;t -- , ;}g : 4| - «i Morrow - ' ' ' " ■ ' s, ' " " v-- - •— . v.- " ' • 76 HONORS Agriculture irry Buch ' ani SH ' ' ' , -y : CVAE - i ■■■jlKathy Boylan " Jj HH H A- s %- aiS-v HONORS 77 ' Homecoming nominees from the class of 1 976 include (from left) Sherry Higginbothom, Jill Poss, and Kathy Elder, who were featured in the parade and during holftime. ' 75 Homecoming Climaxes With Crowning of Regan Lyie As tension grew during the district game against Grand Prairie, four girls nervously awaited the outcome of the Homecoming queen elections. Kathy Elder, Sherry Higginbothom, Regan LyIe, and Jill Poss were chosen by their classmates to be in the Homecoming Court. Although seniors were the only ones nominating candidates, the entire student body voted on which senior girl would represent AHS as the 1 975 Homecoming Queen. With the crescendo of drums, and fanfare of trumpets, Regan LyIe was named Queen of 1 975. Attired in the newly fashioned green and white cape, Regan received the traditional crown and kiss from Senior Class President James Cribbs. Regan has been a varsity cheerleader for the post three years at AHS, encouraging student spirit in pep rallies and at games. As girl ' s social chair- man of NHS and a member of the French Club, Regan also partic- ipated in the AHS Choir. Kathy Elder was a varsity cheerleader this year. She was a member of Interact, French Club, Senior Council, and National Honor Society. Sherry Higginbothom was also cheering the Colts on to victory as a varsity cheerleader. Along with Regan, Kathy, and Sherry, Jill Poss was also honored by her classmates to be in the Homecoming activities. Jill, in both Senior Council and choir, was secretary- treasurer of the Senior Class and senior favorite. 78 HONORS 79 75 Homecoming Spotlights AHSers Amid the festivities of Homecoming, the honorary titles of Mr. and Miss AHS Spirit and Soph and Junior princess were awarded. Eric Gordon and Holly Snowden were voted the spirit leaders of AHS. Kelly Davis and Kay Kelley were crowned class of ' 78 and ' 77 princesses. Holly Snowden was involved in many activities at AHS. She was an officer in AFS and German Club, and a member of several other organizations. Eric Gordon was new to AHS this year. He was active in school as a member of the choir. Kelly Davis and Kay Kelley were cheerleaders this year. H ft ' k l ■ H EB - - T i 1 1 iIhI |HH||| B m (A) Miss Spirit, Hotly Snowden, shows her enthusiasm at the Senior class tea-party. (B) Kelly Davis, sophomore princess, flashes a " cheeeze " smile. (C) Junior princess, Kay Kelley, gives a Colt cheer at a Mean Green pep rally. (D) AHS Mr. Spirit, Eric Gordon, demonstrates his Colt spirit af a pep rally. • 80 HONORS HONORS 81 • . ' ' ' fi ' 0. Junior Favorites John Wade Kim Menge 82 HONORS » ' .♦ ff»» mm Im ?,?.?i» jiwwyi™ lit " N " i J .i Senior Favorites .. Jill Poss Japes Cribbs HONORS 83 Candidates Holly, Jill, Regan, Kathy Vie for 1 976 AHS Namesake Title Miss AHS nominees for 1976 were Kathy Elder, Regan Lyie, Jill Poss, and Holly Snowden. Seniors n ominated the four contenders and the student body chose Regan LyIe as Miss AHS. Regan served as a cheerleader for three years and was a member of Choroliers and girl ' s social chairman for the Honor Society. Kathy was also a cheerleader and a member of the National Honor Society. French Club, Interact, American Field Service, and Senior Council were some of the activities Kathy participated in. Jill spent most of her time with choir. Senior Council, and as secretary of the senior class. Holly ' s activities included NHS, AFS, German Club, senior class girl ' s social chairman and Annual Staff. (A) Holly Snowden shows her friendly smile. (B) Jill Poss portrays the matchmaker in the musical " Fiddler on the Roof. " (C) Homecoming pictures bring o grin to Regan Lyle. (D) Cheerleader Kathy Elder brings spirit at an AHS basketball game. 84 HONORS 4 Nominees Vie For Honor Title Mr. AHS nominees for 1 976 were James Cribbs, Eric Gordon, Mike Wade, and Mark Sompley. Seniors nominated the four, and the student body chose Mike Wade as the 1976 Mr. AHS. Mike was a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and the junior class favorite. He played tackle on the Colt football team for three years. James served as president of the senior class and was involved in Student Council. James was also a member of the FCA. Mr. AHS spirit, Eric Gordon, enjoyed choir and cross country track. Mark Sampley was a member of the Photography Club and participated in basketball and track. (A) Mike Wade anxiously awaits his turn to nnake a pep speech. (B) James Cribbs telis of his optimism for the up- iing game. (C) AHS nominee Eric Gordon flashes a grin. (D) Mark Sampley takes o break to read The Colt. HONORS 85 • 86 HONORS Mr. AHS Mike Wade Miss AHS Regan Lyie HONORS 87 • 1 7 AHS Seniors Receive Community Acknowledgement Both the school and community bestowed honors on several seniors this year at the annual Senior Assembly. Taking the coveted Fielder Award were Susan Malone and James Cribbs, while Julie White and Brad Burris were the first recipients of the AHS Faculty Award. Receiving community honors were Vicki Morrow, Athenian Girl of the Year; Karl Winter, Chopin Award; Martha Connell, Daughters of the American Revolution Award; and Carol Brown, DAR Lycretia Council Cochran Chapter Scholarship. Civic club honors went to Kafie Gibson, Lion ' s Club Dr. Joe Rape, Scholarship; Gerald Brown, Optimist Club scholar- ship; and Jean Weiler and Don Larson, Rotary scholarships. Arion Foundation Music honors went to band members Cheryl Hardy and Neel Woods and choir members Cathy Bush and Jeff Peters. Various Arlington High honors went to more seniors. Emil Friberg was named the recipient of the Elizabeth Amos Outstanding English Award, while David Crumb took the Emma Ousley Outstanding Journalist title. Lori Black was named the Office Education Association Outstanding Student. (A) Vicki Morrow is named the Athenian Gi the year. (B) David Crumb (standi Journalism Award, while Emil Friberg accepts the Ousley English award, the OEA Outstanding Student IS Lori Black. (C) The Arion award Band ore Neel Woods and Cheryl Hardy, Cathy Bush and Jetf Peters are the Arion Choir members. 88 HONORS (A) Service club award winners include Don Larson and Jean Weiler, Rotary; Gerald Brown, Optimist; Kofie Gibson, Lions. (B) Arlington Music teachers honor Karl Winter with the Chopin Award. (C) Seniors receiving achievement awards include Julie White and Brad Burris, winners of the first Faculty Award; Carol Brown, DAR Lucretia Council Cochran Chapter Award; and Martha Connell, Daughters of the American Revolution. HONORS 89 • SEPTEMBER Holly Palmes OCTOBER Ann Cretsinger NOVEMBER Suzy Thompson DECEMBER Jill Poss JANUARY Ann Hiiek FEBRUARY Chris Carter MARCH Holly Sanders APRIL Jean Weiler MAY Gayle Thompson Chamber of Commerce senior girls ore Ann HiIek, Ann Cretsinger, Jean Weiler, Gayle Thompson, Suzy Thompson, Chris Carter, and Holly Palmes. Not pictured are Jill Poss and Holly Sanders. 9 Girls Receive Recognition From Chamber of Commerce What could be the fitting reward for many years of outstanding achievement in the field of leadership and participation in school activities? Being one of the Chamber of Commerce Girls of the Month was the reward for nine outstanding senior girls. The nine chosen were active in many phases of Arlington High life. Chris Carter, a member of the National Honor Society and Quill and Scroll, was vs.ry active in French Club. Ann Cretsinger, also a member of the NHS, and Future Business Leaders of America, was the Salutatorian for the ' 76 senior class. Youth Guidance Council, Interact, and Spanish Club, were among her interests. As a member of the Future Farmers, Ann HiIek, was their student advisor and sweetheart. Holly Palmes was active in Student Council, Senior Council, Spanish Club, Debate, and Thespians. Jill Poss was secretary of the senior class, senior favorite, and sang in the choir. Holly Sanders participated in Senior Council and was feature twirler for band. Gayle Thompson was also very active in band. FBLA and Senior Council also kept Gayle busy. Thespians, Choraliers, and the National Forensic League were among Suzy Thompson ' s interests. Jean Weiler occupied her time with NHS, FBLA, French Club, Senior Council and Student Council. 90 HONORS Civic Club Recognizes Seniors as Rotarians of the Month Six senior boys were chosen by the Rotary Club to serve as student representatives from AHS. They attended weekly luncheons sponsored by the club. Rotarians included Bryan Bishop, Gary Burglond, Brad Burris, David Crumb, Andy Draughn, and Don Larson. September ' s Rotarian, David Crumb, was sports editor of The Colt in ' 74- ' 75 and was this year ' s editor of The Colt. Gary Burgland, October ' s Rotarian, participated on the footbal l and baseball teams. He also was a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes group. Rotarian for the month of December was Andy Draughn. Andy was active in Student Council as vice president. He was an Honor Graduate and a member of the National Honor Society. Bryan Bishop, Rotarian for January, was involved in the Spanish Club and basketball. Bryan was also the president of NHS and on Honor Graduate. Rotarian for the month of March, Don Larson, was active in Thespians and Student Council. April ' s Rotarian, Brad Burris, was involved in track, football, NHS, FCA, and ParaMed. SEPTEMBER David Crumb OCTOBER Gary Burgland DECEMBER Andy Draughn JANUARY Bryan Bishop AAARCH Don Larson APRIL Brad Burris Arlington High Seniors hosted by the Rotary Club of Arlington ot weekly luncheons include David Crumb, Gary Burgland, Brad Burris, Don Larson, and Bryan Bishop. Not pictured is Andy Draughn. «r» HONORS 91 Athenians Honor Nine Senior Girls SEPTEMBER Carol Brown OCTOBER Regan Lyie NOVEMBER Mendy Kennemer DECEMBER Carrie Meacham JANUARY Holly Snowden FEBRUARY Rae Mueller AAARCH Susan Malone APRIL Vicki Morrow MAY Mary Bodenhamer Athenian club members kept the faculty busy choosing girls to be Athenian girls of the month. During the senior assembly, Vicki Morrow, April Girl of the Month, was named Girl of the Year. Carol Brown was chosen as September ' s girl. Carol ' s interests include Future Business Leaders of America Club, Notional Honor Society, and Secretary-Treasurer of Student Council. Regan LyIe, October ' s Athenian, stayed busy with cheerleoding. She was also honored as Homecoming Queen. November ' s Athenian, Mendy Kennember, placed as Valedictorian and enjoyed AHS sports. Carrie Meacham, December ' s Athenian and January ' s Athenian, Holly Snowden participated in NHS, American Field Service and Senior Council. February ' s Athenian, Rae Mueller, was involved in NHS, Drum Major in band, and Who ' s Who in Band. Susan Malone, March ' s Athenian, participated in NHS, Choir, student government, and was named to the Fielder Award for this year. Vicki Morrow, acted in NHS, Quill and Scroll, FBLA, and was editor of the Colt Corral. Mary Bodenhamer, May ' s Athenian, was involved in NHS, Para-Med, Senior Council, and represented the Cancer Society. AliSenians are (left to right) Carol Brown, Regan LyIe, Mendy Ke , Carrie Meacham, Holly Snowden, Roe Mueller, Susan Malone, Vicki Morrow and Mary Bodenho 92 HONORS -.y |»r; ■ ' ■-f ' The Arlington Kiwanis Organi! Cribbs, Mary Bodehamer, Ger ation hosted a luncheon each month for the c lid Brown, Mike May, Dean Dillhoff, Dona La Ih who include (kn ck, OS Junior Citiz. eling) Mike Wilson, (standing) Cindy Pomplin, James IS of the Month during the months of September through May. Arlington Kiwanis Pick Nine as Citizens of the Month Nine senior students were chosen to serve as the Kiwanis club ' s junior Citizens of the Month this past year. Each student chosen attended the Wednesday luncheon meeting of the Arlington Kiwanis Club at Colonial Cafeteria during the month he served. September ' s citizen was Mike May. Kiwanis chose Cindy Pamplin as the October citizen. Gerald Brown, November ' s citizen, was followed by Lori Black, December ' s Citizen of the Month. The young citizens also included Dean Dillhoff for January and Dana Lackey for February. Also named to the post were James Cribbs, Mary Bodenhamer, and Mike Wilson for March, April, and May. Each junior citizen was involved in AHS activities in many fields. Participation included academic excellence and outside activities. SEPTEMBER Mike May OCTOBER Cindy Pamplin NOVEMBER Gerald Brown DECEMBER Lori Black JANUARY Dean Dillhoff FEBRUARY Dana Lackey MARCH James Cribbs APRIL Mary Bodenhamer AMY Mike Wilson HONORS 93 o. " A IZATIONS Student Council Members Promote Numerous Activities " For the people and by the people " was the Student Council formed. As the major government for students, the council was composed of outstanding sophs, juniors, and seniors, with a wide variety of backgrounds. Leading members of the Student Council were chosen by their fellow classmates as officers. The Council ' s officers led the student body through such activities as Howdy Day, Homecoming Parade, seasonal dances, American Heritage Day, and Twirp Week. Among the more serious events, the , - C Student Council gave an informal dedication of the new football Stadium, Craven ' s Field, at the first football home gome. Being good humanitarians, the Council helped the American Cancer Society, Samaritan canned goods drive, and the Muscular Dystrophy Rock-a-thon, by organizing the student body to participate in the activities. Again this year one of the highlights of the year was the Council-sponsored Colt County Fair. (A) Kirk Lewis runs the roulette at the Student Council Casino. (B) Emerging fi Snowden and Tammy Bice gather donati drive. (C) Pam Moore boogies at a Valentine Dance PRESIDENT Rob Morris VICE PRESIDENT Andy Droughn SECRETARY Carol Brown (A) Kerry Haney, Pam Mosby, Isy Priddy, and Missy Martin colled cans for the Student Council Samaritan Drive. (B) " You could soy excuse me! " suggests Holly Snowden as Holly Palmes grabs a cookie for Michelle Cantu. (C) " Did you soy I was sitting on green point? " exclaims Laurie Casey. ORGANIZATIONS 97 ■ I L f A sing on the steps, Treble Chorale members include, (bottom row) Missy Thompson, Darlene Smith, Kothy Brown, Dorcas Hopeman, Debbie Lewis, Diana Younger, (second v) Karen Smith, Melinda Foster, Seonne Pratt, Lisa Morrow, Dawn Cantwell, Mischell McCauley, Benji Gaby, (third row) Jane Scranton, Denise Rogers, Pam Mosby, □ Kearns, Lee Ann Bryce, (bottom row) Ann Roberts, Nancy Mclone, Cindy Bracken, Laura Lively, Kathy Kerbel, Ellen Gorthey, Linda Barthold, and Cheryl Trammel. Treble Chorale, Chambers Perform During Musical Shows Featuring the " cream of the crop " in choral music was the Chamber Singers. Members of the Choraliers also composed the majority of the Chamber Singers. The younger, but by no means inexperienced, choir students grouped together to form the Treble Chorale. Performing in all categories of music, from classical to country, the choral department created an awesome effect upon the audience by captivating their innermost feelings into music. (A) " My, I ' m certoinly glad that ' s over! " sighs Laura Lively. (B) Unable to cease her melodious singing, Nancy Malone exits from the stage. • 98 ORGANIZATIONS Members of the Arlington High Chamber Singers participating in this year ' s Spring Concert Jill Poss, (second row) Carlo Pratt, Brenda Derr, Mary Bohonnon, Rex Schimpf, Sharon Kimmey, K Cathy Bush (Junior), Dinah Dalton, Lynn Fuston, (bottom row) Cindy Hombrick, Tyce Elk lude ' (top row) Peri Loidlaw, Rusty Forehond, Tim Stahl, Tom Ferris, i. Ken Losofer, (third row) Bill McCoy, Greg Devoult, Jon Stricklan, i, Valerie Vandergriff, Andy Bridges, Danny Biggs and Cathy Bush (Seni (A) Valerie Vandergriff and Andy Bridges ore among the Chamber Singers performing during the Major Works Concert, (B) Members of the Chamber Singers present a patriotic array of songs at Arlington ' s Centennial. ORGANIZATIONS 99 • Choralier members include (top row) Brenda Derr, Jon Lowler, Dinah Dalton, Jeff Peters, Charlie Rye, Kent Erickson, Rex Schimpf, (second row) Carlo Pratt, Peri Laidlaw, Mary Bohannon, Greg Davault, Rusty Forehand, Tim Stahl, (third row) Laurie Willis, Terry Alford, Elise Childers, Jimmy Hill, Joe Muller, Tyce Elkins, (fourti row) Merrin Johnson, Kathleen Shaw, Regan Lyie, Stewart Mayers, (bottom row) Kaylo Hayes, Cindy Hambrick, Valerie Vandergriff, Ray Derr, and Patrick Ailara. Choraliers Don Overalls for Jamboree Sitiging their way into the hearts of music lovers, the 1975-76 Choraliers provided entertainment for faculty and student body alike. Choraliers participated in the Christmas program. Vespers, Country Jamboree, and topped off the year with " Fiddler on the Roof. " Practicing everyday at the stroke of 1 1 -.30 enabled the members to enter numerous contests and bring home scores of medals and plaques. Under the direction of Mr. Don Rash, Choraliers again presented two major works concerts, one at Christmas and the other in May at which they were accompanied by an orchestra. Playing to near capacity 100 ORGANIZATIONS crowds for three nights, " Fiddler " was well received by the audiences. Costumes, out- standing sets, and special props undergirded the profess- ional-like singing and dancing of the music makers. PRESIDENT Charlie Rye VICE PRESIDENT Danny Biggs SECRETARY Cathy Bush (12) TREASURER Shawn Elliot Cathy Bush and her partner Jon Stricklin hav " foot-stomping " time at the Country Jombor - 1 l Itk r f fu n 1 1 ' ! . wy ' 1 n ;» r ' fe l Choraliers are (top) Eric Gordon, Scott Freeman, Rusty Bush, Tom Ferris, Kim Lockett, Jill Poss, Susan Malone, Toni Leonard, (second) Chris Counts, Terry Emmons, Ken Lasoter, Sharon Kimmey, Susan Fronks, Jenny Kelley, Becky Dollar, (third) Ross Cypher, Bill McCoy, Mindy Monz, Cary Smith, Cathy Bush, Cathy Spivy, (fourth) Lynn Fuston, Marshall Aldriedge, Jon Strickland, Elizabeth Atkins, Carrie Meacham, Delania King, (bottom) Andy Bridges, Dan Biggs, Shawn Elliott, Lee McGuire, and Suzy Thompson. (A) " I thi nk It ' s about time for victuals, " ob- serves Farmer Rusty Forehand as he provides living proof of the effect of over-indulgence in home grown food. (B) " Hey, where ' s that guy who knows how to run this contraption? " ponders Joe Muller as he tries out the ghost ' s parachute. ORGANIZATIONS 101 Mr. Mike Walker directs the Symphonic Band during High School Band Night at U.T.A. Members of the group include (standing) Jim Black, Steve Davidson, Joan Allen, Bob Poyne, Danny Phillips, (back row) Mike Ha|i-Sheikh, Trovis Stout, Dona Motsenbooker, Richard Metz, Skip Everheart, Paul Schkade, Neel Woods, Bob Mansfield, (second row) Jamie Weise, Sandy Sheets, Maxine McBrimm, Tony Romack, Ronald Clark, Jeff Peters, Brent Rule, Marty Jerome, Brian Schroder, Jon Stricklon, Katy Langston, John Bohonnon, Joel Turner, Randy Terry, Greg Hensley, Gory Spring, Goyle Thompson, (third row) Roe Mueller, Down Pilon, Elaine Port er, Kristy Cooley, Don Richards, Kathie Cluck, Nancy Slack, Cathy Wilson, Cory Smith, (front row) Dana Pilon, Debbie Cadena, Jana Bartlett, Mary Pat Lynch, Gary Hasting, Susan Coffman, and Jane Forman. , Miss Barbara Ecobert leads the Concert Band through a series of musical or include (standing) Carol Ebert, Cheryl Hardy, Alan Tingley, Rob Gibson, (be Randy Parker, Neel Harrington, (second row) Brett Henderson, Bill Dunks, C Walker, Lisa Ponder, (third row) Bobbie Stewart, David Koltko, Tim Romack angements during the group ' s performance at High School Band night. Members of Concert Band ck row) Dixie Harris, Steve Gilbreath, Matthew Loynachon, Mike Mackey, Donald Rogstod, on Dodson, Andy Croig, Patty Foreman, Dole Bullion, John Pitzer, Tommy Hudspeth, Harold , Tom Walker, Phyllis Bolter, Chris Lessmon, Tern Browder, Kevin Meyer, Lisa Burnette, Mandy 1 Simpson, Shelly Bishop, Sharlene Hall, Jill McGuire, Melinda Manning, Kim Underwood, Glenda Gardner, Suzann ir, Janet Jackson, Theresa Taylor, (front row) Holly Sanders, Paul Turney, Cindy McCalley, Mary Down Burnett, Nancy Dur ■Whipple, (fourth r n, Melissa Saffarra v) Carol Taylor, f ,, and Kim Perry. 102 ORGANIZATIONS Members of the 975-76 Arlington High Wind Ensemble under the direction of Miss Barbara Ecabert include (first row, left to right) Nancy Slock, Cothy Wilson, Cory Smith, Kathe Cluck, Susan Coffman, Jane Formon, (second) Kathy Longston, John Bohannon, Sandy Sheets, Jamie Wiess, Gary Hasty, Mary Pat Lynch, Jona Bortlett, Debbie Codena, Dona Pilon, Elaine Porter, Kristy Cooley, (third) Jan Hudspeth, Joel Turner, Sherri Miller, Roe Mueller, Down Pilon, Rhonda Burnette, Dovid Koltko, Goyle Thompson, Gory Spring, (fourth) Skip Everheort, Paul Schkode, Bob Mansfield, Neel Woods, Richard Metz, Patty Formon, Marty Jerome, Tony Romock, Jeff Peters, Allen Tingley, Ronald Clark, Tim Romack, (fifth) Dana Motsenbocker, Mike Hiji-Sheikh, Steve Davidson, John Black, Donny Phillips, (sixth) Cheryl Hardy, and Rob Gibson. Symphonic, Concert Bands, Wind Ensemble Participate ..■ In Several Concerts, Contests, Plays PRESIDENT Neel Woods VICE PRESIDENT Cheryl Hardy PUBLICITY CHAIRMAN Cathy Wilson Mary Pal Lynch and Jono Bortlett practice their music in preparation for on upcoming concert. After locking away football mangled horns, band members opened cases to hold, once again, their cherished instruments of music. Welcoming the change to real music, the Symphonic and Concert bands performed various classical and contemporary works. The " grand-daddy " of the music department, the Wind Ensemble, produced a new sound. In their third year, the Wind Ensemble has already created a unique and ingenious organization. ORGANIZATIONS 103 104 ORGANIZATIONS Band Entertains Jubilant Crowds Decked out in their new uniforms, the Arlington High Colt Marching Bond danced its way into the hearts of AHS fans. Football halftime, pep rallies, and contests were part of the agenda for the marching musicians. In spite of hot, tired, aching feet, the Colt Marching Band led the Homecoming Parade in the same grand style it has displayed for over twenty years. (A) Feature twirlers for 75-76 are Holly Sonden Kim Perry, and Carol Ebert. (B) Lining the field, Band members present a fialftime spectacular. ORGANIZATIONS 105 W S fSH - ' j| Members of this yeor ' s Arlington High School 1 975-1 976 Arlette squad include Dedra Albritton, Pat Wilson, Pom Moore, Lynn Fitzgerald, Judy Brown, Carlo Hardy, Cathy Fuller, Trocey Stone, Diane McDowell, Terri Davis, Donna Gregg, Tenyo Wood, Nancy Urban, Cothy Flechtner, Karen Smith, Loretta Rayburn, and Doriene Smi Arlettes Perform Halftime Routines at Football Games " Rock Around the Clock " was the " bobbin " theme for the AHS Arlettes drill team. Arlettes, under the field direction of major Sydne Simpson, and Captains Rhonda Burnett, Cindy Pamplin, Leigh Barker, and Lisa Reed, performed many routines at pep rallies and half time shows. Also, Arlettes competed at contests, such as the Parade of Champions. AAAJOR Sydne Simpson CAPTAINS Cindy Pamplin Lisa Reed Leigh Barker Rhonda Burnette (A) ArleHe officers are Leigh Barker, Rhonda Burnette, Sydne Simpson, Cindy Pamplin and Lis Reed. (B) Arlettes perform during a pep rally. a ' vlll ■ . Members include (top) Director Doc Walker, Sandy Sheets, Steve Davidson, Jeff Peters, Dale Bullion, Ronald Clark, Tim Romack, Brent Rule, (middle) Sheri Miller, Toni Leonard, Neel Harrington, Paul Schkade, Neel Woods, Dona Motsenbocker, (bottom) Ray Terry, Tony Romock, Greg Hensley, Gayle Thompson, Scott White, ond Gary Hasty. Stage Band Plays Rock, Jazz, Blues What Beethoven did for classical music, the Stage Band did for the progression and acceptance of Jazz, or " Blues, " in high school. Performing several " gigs ' a year for students and at contests, the Stage Band found it necessary to rehearse constantly. Meeting everyday at 2:30, members rolled up sleeves and unbuttoned collars to prepare themselves for the onslaught by the terror of terrors — " Doc. " Running fingers through curly hair, " Doc " produced one of the finest Stage Bands and musicians in Texas. Performing an arrangement of popular songs, stage members include (top) Dale Bullion, Ron Clark, Tony Romack, (bottom) Paul Schkade, N Woods, Neel Harrington, and Dana Motsenboc ORGANIZATIONS 107 (A) Andy Wolfskill sets up the Christmas tree. (B) " I wonder if these wieners are pure beef! " ' says Karan Keathtey as Marilyn Moritz smiles knowing ly. (C) Chris Carter enjoys an old yearbook. (D) Jeni Gehrt poses in on Atlanta Park. (E) Missy Morlin reveals her skillful typing techniques. • 108 ORGANIZATIONS Busy Staff Creates 1 976 Yearbook EDITOR Vicki Morrow ACTIVITIES EDITORS Kathy Cooley Carolyn Duff HONORS EDITOR Rhonda Burnette ORGANIZATIONS EDITORS Terri Griggs Linda Heinzmon CLASS EDITORS Chris Carter Missy Martin Jeni Gehrt SPORTS EDITORS Emil Friberg Marilyn Moritz Andy Wolfskin FACULTY EDITOR Donna Smith COPYWRITERS Diane Baldwin Leann New BUSINESS A ANAGER Lee Ann Lackland AD SALESPERSONS Tracey Bloom Koran Keathley Lori Lloyd Holly Snowden (A) Business Manager Lee Ann Lackland flashes a smile as she enjoys the Capitol sights in Washing- ton. (B) Donna Smith and Terri Griggs find time to " catch a few winks " during the journey to D.C. Weeks before the school year began, decisions were being made. The group that met at Andy ' s cabin in Glen Rose decided such bicentennial issues as " should the cover be red, white, and blue? " and " Should the teachers pose in 1 776 costumes for the faculty section? " Fortunately, the annual staff agreed " No " and got busy combining creativity with practicality. Workshops and seminars in Austin, Denton, and Ft. Worth made the job easier although that job was forgotten during picnics, birthday parties, and pixie hunts. These funtimes, which have become traditions with the staffs each year, were improved by the 1 976 Colt Corral staff. Pizza-eating was added as a competition category, and journalism swept unofficial intramurals. Mike Shapiro added to the staffs ' banquet, but it was during the Easter break that, with a " field-trip " to D.C, the bicentennial staff proved they do things bigger and better. ORGANIZATIONS 109 News Staff Features Super Clot April Fools Day gave the ' CLOT ' ' Staff the idea for a blood curdling newspaper. ••CLOT " Staffers reversed the spreads and presented a totally ••backward " paper. Pizza eating contests and various sport teams were formed by talented individuals who competed against other lesser high school staffs. In their spare time, Colt Staffers could be found peckin ' away at a typewriter to complete the deadline for the day. Quill and Scroll inductions, banquets, and birthdays provided a break in the publishing routine for the Staffers and Teach. Workshops at UT, Austin, TCU, and TWU kept the journalists busy. (A) Editor David Crumb finds must in the course of journali take my Diet Dr. Pepper! " exclaims sponsor Ptiyllis Forehand. (C) The Colt Staff sets a new journalism record for piling people on the couch EDITOR David Crumb MANAGING EDITOR Dale Kummer NEWS EDITORS Chad Goetz Felecia Hays FEATURE EDITOR Jeff Cawhorn EDITORIAL EDITOR Valerie Vandergriff SPORTS EDITORS Keith Simmons Noel Walker ORGANIZATIONS EDITORS Carrie Davis Jim Ayres BUSINESS MANAGER Marty Blankenship AD MANAGER Scott Leake AD SALES Peggy Eng Harold Walker COLUMNIST Dave Uribe REPORTERS Kent Erickson Marty Jerome (A) Marty Blankenship recuperates ofter a dead- line. (B) Scott Leake draws up an ad layout. (C) " She thought that was Gerald Ford " laughs Dale Kummer on the bus to Washington. (D) Valerie Vandergriff enjoys the scenery in Washington. Quill and Scroll Celebrates at Parties Quill and Scroll, the Honor Society for journalism students in high school, involved Colt Corral and Colt Staffers. Amid the aches and pains of over indulging in peanut butter sandwiches, the Quill and Scroll inductees received their " solid gold " pins as a remembrance of that day at Howard Moore Park. (A) A decorated cake highlights a club party. (B) Kathy Cooley, Carrie Davis, and Linda Heinzman prepare to cook weiners at a picnic. (C) Dove Uribe eats " one more slice " at a pizza eating contest. (D) Terri Griggs watches Missy Martin, Chris Carter and Diane Baldwin cut their birthday cake. In April, the annual Quill and Scroll Banquet was honored by the appearance of the host of " Inside Television, " Mike Shapiro. ■ N - Photo Club Members Develop Memories of School Year Taking, developing, proofing, and printing pictures kept photographers hustling on endless amount of business in filling annual and newspaper layouts. Photographers partici- pated in the J. Thorton photo contest with several award winners. Bruce Ray, Cherie Sauce and Don Mathis received awards as did Michelle Creel. Among the Honorable Mentions were Melissa Safforans, Travis Stout, Don Mathis, Tom Bailey, and Bruce Ray. Then at the Six Flags Mall contest AHS photographers walked off with even more prizes in- cluding " est of Show. " For the Photo Club, better known as Photo Pack, members sacrificed themselves to be reincarnated as walking cardboard cameras at the Home- coming Parade. PHOTO-JOURNALISM Tom Bailey Karen Cherry Emil Friberg Koran Keathley Scott Leake Don Mathis Marilyn Mortiz Vicki Morrow Bruce Ray Cherie Sauce Rhonda Burnette D,sg, Thirty-eight pictures by Friday! " exclaims ? Ray. (B) " I haven ' t been on this sjde of the Ha in a long time! " ' smiles Vicki Morrow. (C) jised as cameras, Mischelle Creel and Tom y participate in the Homecoming parade. ORGANIZATIONS 113 Honor Society Hosts Traditional Ceremonies, Receptions Countless meetings, installations, inductions, drippy snowcones, and a spring picnic filled the year for National Honor Society members. At the annual Colt County Fair, club members perfected the somewhat sticky art of making snowcones. This money- making project helped to finance the upcoming induction ceremony. March brought the traditional tap day activ- ities where new members were persuaded to leave their homerooms for a reception of donuts and cokes. A few nights later, both old and new members and their parents gathered in the auditorium for the formal induction ceremony. The year ' s grand finale, a picnic at Randol Mill Park, was shared with students of the (A) Ann Cretsinger and Victor Vandergriff hong on tight to their little charge as they prepare to lake a ride. (B) Newly inducted Notional Honor Society officers for I 975-76 include Regan Lyie, Neel Woods, Tom Leonard, Tern Turner, Holly Snowden, Mendy Kennemer, and Bryan Bishop. Veda Knox School. Despite Ann Cretsinger ' s wet encounter with the pond, the yearly event proved most enjoyable. Under the leadership of President Bryan Bishop, the club completed a busy and exciting year. PRESIDENT Bryan Bishop VICE PRESIDENT Mendy Kennemer SECRETARY Toni Leonard TREASURER Terri Turner HISTORIAN Holly Snowden GIRL ' S SOCIAL CHAIRMAN Regan LyIe BOY ' S SOCIAL CHAIRMAN Neel Woods Pooh, Bus Stop, Shakespeare Occupy Thespian Calendar What ' s this? Someone is actually singing " hold the pickles, hold the lettuce . . . " to the Burger King lady! Boy, that guy ' s got nerve. Why ' s he doing it? Thespians know. They ' ve been through it themselves. It ' s a few moments of embarrassment that every understudy must survive, his initiation. Once inducted into Thespians, the curtain was barely up. Drama people practiced their persuasive speaking skills at Colt County Fair as crowds gathered to pitch dimes Six Flags style and bid in the actors ' auction. Marching in full costume, the troupe entertained curb- side audiences along the Homecoming parade route. But drama is a Thespian ' s specialty, and the Thespians put together some special dramas, including a dinner theatre, sack lunch theaters, and a UIL one-act entry. (A) Cowboy Don Larson clutches chonteuses Suzy Thompson and Angela Humphrey at the Bus Stop Cafe. (B) Bonnie Winberg, Angela Humphrey, ancJ Jeff Kelsch rehearse for " A Midsummer Night ' s Dream. " PRESIDENT Angela Humphrey VICE PRESIDENT Donna Parrish SECRETARY Dinah Dalton TREASURER Bonnie Winberg • 116 ORGANIZATIONS 1 (A) Ginger Hampton and Donna Parrish perform in " Winnie the Pooh. " (B) Emil Friberg limbers up for his next performance. (C) David Hudson practices his " WHAMO " pose for one-act. (D) Peggy Eng, Dav Uribe, Angela Humphrey, and Linda Barthold discuss their choices for the one-act contest. ORGANIZATIONS 117 (A) UIL Winners Robert Lowing, Allen Brokaw, Stan Leu, and Sam Carter review their evidence in preparation for the state tournament. (B) Kristi Messick and Chad Goefz enjoy their steak dinner at the NFL banquet. (C) " Oil and gas supplies must be conserved! " exclaims Robbie Lowing os h proctices for o debate. • 118 ORGANIZATIONS f Debaters Compete in Tournaments to Gain NFL Points Every weekend, the AHS Debaters packed up their evidence and traveled to tournaments. From Corpus, to Austin, to Lubbock and all over the metroplex, members competed for recognition, NFL points, and, of course. hardware (trophies). After two years of hard work, the NFL members received a charter membership to the National Forensic League. In May, NFL members, their parents and dates attended a banquet in which special NFL pins and keys were awarded. A demonstration oratory, dramatic interp, prose and poetry reading comprised the program for the banquet. PRESIDENT Dale Kummer RECORDING SECRETARY Lisa Heath hm mITTt (A) Dale Kummer, Kelly Davis, Angela Humphrey, Victor Vondergriff, Stacy Spooner, Robbie Lowing and Holly Palmes gather evidence. (B) Dale Allen Brokow, Will Bowers, Stan Leu, Holly, Sam Carter, Linda Heinrmon, Stacy Spooner, Victor and Kristi Messick display several trophies. Military Ball Highlights ROTC Year Every morning, without fail, ROTC members raised the American flag over Colt Country. With an emphasis on Aerospace, the ROTC ' ers learned about the commercial, historical, and general aspects of air navigation. The highlights of the year centered around the Military Ball. Lorraine Berry was this year ' s Military Ball Queen. The awards banquet, held annually, honored members with National Air Awards. Picnics, the Christmas party, and tournaments kept ROTC Cadets ' flying ' with fun. Learning how to identify the wide variety of planes furthered the members ' knowledge of aeronautics. (A) Recruiting officer Sergeant Corley dances the hustle at the Military Ball. (B) Andrew Grossman and Lydia Berry congratulate Military Ball Queen Lorraine Berry. (C) " Excuse me, Mike Wilson, but I do believe you ore stepping on my dress, " kindly suggests his date Lee Ann Hommett. SQUADRON COMMANDERS Mike Wilson Andrew Crossman EXECUTIVE OFFICERS Jerry Holsopple Tom Bailey FINANCE OFFICERS Melvin Howell Lorraine Berry DRILL TEAM COAAMANDER Mike Wilson AAATERIAL OFFICERS Lorraine Berry Terrie Hurt PERSONNEL OFFICERS Gary Owen Mike Wilson INFORMATION OFFICERS Terrie Hurt Melvin Howell ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS Mark Snell Gory Owen OPERATIONS OFFICERS Tom Bailey Jerry Holsopple FLIGHT COMMANDERS A — Tom Leach, Charles Schneider B — Jimmie Don Davis, David LeDuc C — Andrew Crossman, Mark Snell D — Charles Schneider, Charles Swearingin (A) Last year ' s queen, Rosie Brann ng queen, Lorraine Berry. (B) " Jerry, quit tickling me! " pleads Laura Hollingsworth to Jerry Holsopple. (C) Posing as a Confederate General, Joe Campanozzi chokes down anothe Jalopena at the American Heritage festivitie ORGANIZATIONS 121 • Livestock Shows Keep FFAers Busy Possessing qualities and attributes not abundant in today ' s society, the Future Farmers of America confronted life with an optimistic, enthusiastic outlook. This optimistic outlook created an atmosphere of awe by the student body as the misnamed goat-ropers and kickers achieved awards far beyond those of other clubs and organizations. Early in the year, the FFA displayed another ability by selling citrus during the winter to raise money for various activities. Among the FFA ' s many responsibilities were the care and grooming of the symbol of the Colt Country, Little Arlie, and the upkeep of the courtyards. PRESIDENT Larry Buchanan VICE PRESIDENT Mark Baker SECRETARY Janet Wilkerson REPORTER Julie Eichelberger TREASURER John Longford SENTINEL Charlie Carlton STUDENT ADVISOR John Parsons PARLIAMENTARIAN Lawton Carlton CHAPLAIN Kelly Blaylock HISTORIAN Beth Jones (A) Outstanding sheep judge James Hudson holds a trophy he won at Houston. (B) Larry Buchanan and Mark Baker show a prize-winning heifer. (C) Mr. Kirk Edney and Russell Brcmall arrange potted plants at Trammell ' s under the co-op program. (A) FFA officers include Charlie Carlton, Julie Eichelberger, Jon LcnkforcJ, Larry Buchanan, Janel Wilkerson, Melissa Smith, and Mark Bake (B) Mr. Kirk Edney and Sylvia Porter display her Kiwanis Award. (C) Mark Baker loads grapefn (D) Roger Kidd shows his award-winning heifer. ORGANIZATIONS 123 COSMETOLOGY PRESIDENT Sheila Montgomery VICE PRESIDENT Larry Breen SECRETARY Donna Kennemer TREASURER Cindy Bogart PARLIAMENTARIAN Vicky Hardy SERGEANT AT ARMS Cindy Bayer REPORTER Diana Jeffrey HISTORIAN Jane Moore (A) Stephanie Hopper, Vickie Adair, and Jane Moore ride in the Homecoming Parade. (B) Debbie Alien tries a new technique. (C) VICA officers include (back) Cindy Bogart, Barry Breen, Sheila Montgomery, Jane Moore, (front) Donna Kennemer, Cindy Bayer, Dionna Jeffrey, and Vicky Hordy. 1 24 ORGANIZATIONS Industrial, Cosmetology Students Sweep Area Contests ELECTRONICS PRESIDENT Jeff Atwell VICE PRESIDENT Clint Goolsbay SECRETARY George Greytak SERGEANT AT ARMS Larry Bonoit REPORTER Chris Dunson TREASURER Bill Munns PARLIAMENTARIAN Jay Myers Vocational Industrial Club of America consisted of two groups, electronics and cosmetology. Each chapter held its own separate meetings to discuss the business at hand. Electronics chapter attended meetings at Mineral Wells, Grapevine, and Dallas for further discussions with other VICA students. (A) " I want your vote in the 1976 Presidential election! " teases Ford look alike Paul McDuffie at the annual VICA awards banquet. (B) " You did turn the switch off, didn ' t you? " questions Steve Herman as he plugs the wire into o socket while classmate Doug Reed smiles suspiciously. VICA area competition was swept by AHS members. Steve Herman came in first with Ricky Ray second. Jeff Atwell placed third with Ernie Black fourth and Robert Cruise fifth. Jeff Atwell was named Who ' s Who in Electronics. Cosmetology students attended the Chapter 1 243 District Competition in March. Students also went to the Leadership Conference Meeting in November. Ford look alike, Paul McDuffie, spoke at the awards banquet. V ir ORGANIZATIONS 1 25 Talented CVAE Members Capture Distinguished Awards CVAE, Coordinated Vocational- Academic Education, gave students the opportunity to earn a living and still get an education. Many students excelled in the CVAE program. Molly McCaffrey was chosen as valedictorian of this year ' s CVAE. Keri Mayfield, Cathy Boylan, and Molly McCaffrey received various awards for their outstanding achievement in CVAE contests. Frequent breakfasts were planned and attended by early rising CVAEers. CHAPTER I PRESIDENT Cathy Boylan VICE PRESIDENT Steve Heflin TREASURER Dennis V impy (A) Andy Spurgeon and Tim Bolton en|oy an early morning breakfast as sponsor Mrs. Cloye Sherrod looks on. (B) The 1 975-76 Chapter I CVAE officers are (back row) Theron Patrick, Terry Hopkins, Steve Heflin, (front row) Susan Parker, Cathy Boylan, Mercedes Castillo, and Dennis Wimpy. 126 ORGANIZATIONS ORGANIZATIONS 127 Camps, Contests Fill DECA Year DECA members termed their year a success after concluding o long list of activities. To leorn all the ropes of DECA, members spent a weekend in October at a leadership camp in Glen Rose. The teacher appre- ciation day at Christmas was highlighted by Santa ' s visit. After the holidays, DECA members began working on Area V Leadership contests, which they hosted for over 1 , 1 00 students. Mark Roland, Chris Turner, and Phyllis Cole were all named contest winners. Phyllis earned the right to go to the Chicago national tests. DECA closed out the year with a successful employer- employee banquet with Phyllis Cole and Mark Roland being named DECA students of the year for 1975-76. irk StriftmaHer, Tina Betz, and Phyllis mine retail pr oducts. (B) Mr. Ron Durham poses with Santa Eddie Williams. (C) Jeanne Doyle Rick Lucas, Betty Mock, Brian Spear, and Bridget Rayburn sample goodies at the Teachers ' party. CHAPTER I, II PRESIDENTS Mark Roland, Jeanne Doyle VICE PRESIDENTS Brian Spear, Jerri Puryear SECRETARY Faye Photides TREASURERS Rhonda Richey, Phyllis Cole REPORTER Chris Turner HISTORIAN Bridget Rayburn SERGEANT-AT-ARMS Beth Luton, Steve Kunkle M »M «fc» Kathy Rau, Marten Nation, Tammy Bice, Terry Vaughn, Joanne Picket, Janet Barron, Linda Graha nd Rene Wadell display on assortment of their hospital equipment. HOE Allows Students to Experience Health Professions In only their second year at AHS, members of the Texas Association of Health Occupa- tions Students, managed to fill the year with a variety of activities. Parties, banquets, state contests, conventions, and chapter meetings kept the members always on the go. In March several AHSers attended the State Contest in Dallas along with over 1 ,000 other TAHOS members. AHS ' Parliamentary Procedure team placed second, and Terry Vaughn took fourth in job application. Janet Barron was a candi- date for State Parliament, and Teresa Sanders and Kathy Rau served as voting delegates. Tammy Rice enjoys o conversation with other contestants at a Health Occupations Tournament. PRESIDENT Terry Vaughn VICE PRESIDENT Tammy Bice SECRETARY Kathy Rau TREASURER Terri Weaver SENTINEL Joanne Picket PARLIAMENTARIAN Janet Barron HISTORIAN Marien Nation REPORTER Linda Graham ORGANIZATIONS 1 29 • Dinners, Luncheons, Climax OEA Year Month by month, VOE students seemed to prove that their club, the Office Education Association, was one of the busiest groups at AHS. They began the year with an installation dinner in September, followed by a covered dish dinner the next month. Apparently still hungry, OEA held a luncheon in November to honor their alumni. Christmas projects included helping a needy family and some hospitalized children. In February, the business teachers and the members ' mothers were guests at a salad supper. The city-wide banquet followed in March, and prospective OEA members were invited to a covered dish meal in May. In addition to these " lunch and dinner specials, " OEA held regular breakfast meetings every ful-filling month. PRESIDENT Frediline Vieira SECRETARY Amber Fonseca TREASURER Martha Connell REPORTER Lori Black HISTORIAN Jody Davis PARLIAMENTARIAN Cindy Liberton SERGEANT AT ARMS Cindy Harreil (A) Neil Rondel dishes out money to Lori Block for OEA ' S booth ot Colt County Fair. (B) Guest speoke Mr. James Martin folks to attentive OEA members. (C) Frediline Vieira speaks ot the OEA banquet. I r 1 ' • ■ $ Jk • 1 30 ORGANIZATIONS FBLAers Enjoy Breakfasts, Contests To start the year off right. Future Business Leaders of America had a picnic at Randoll Mill Park and later in September, a breakfast to install officers. In October, they joined the Homecoming Parade dressed very businesslike as pencils, erasers, and adding machines. December meant time for the Christmas Dinner, and the Stage Band added some musical flavor to the occasion. The new year busied FBLAers with state and district contests. Winners from state were Ann Cretsinger, Vicki Morrow, Ronda Davis, Kathy Fisher, Paula Van Dyke, Gayle Thompson, Lori Black, Karen Dombroski, and Joel Fitzek. (A) Representing various business utensils, FBLA members march in the Homecoming Parade. (B) " I feel young again! " laughs Lori Black as she swings her way to pleasure. (C) " I thought you were bringing the weiners " exclaims Dee Drigger as Carin Hughes and Liz Baker prepare for the picnic. PRESIDENT Kathy Fisher VICE PRESIDENT Carol Brown SECRETARY Vicki Morrow TREASURER Louise Regan SOCIAL CHAIRMEN Karen Dombroski Janice Burgardt FHA, HECE Demonstrate Homemaking Skills at Dinners Although they represent two distinct organizations, HECE and FHA both endeavored to educate their members in the art of home economics. Monthly breakfasts and bi-monthly luncheons were first on the agenda for busy HECE members. Guest speakers for these affairs included Council Woman Carolyn Snider and State Representative Chris Miller. December brought the annual city-wide HECE Christmas dinner which was held at the home (A) HECE officers Alice Howell and Paulo Phillips arrange delicacies for o bi-monthly luncheon. (B) " Don ' t you dare spill iti " exclaims Kito loe as Cheri Brock carefully serves the punch. (C) " You would catch me while I ' m eating! " laughs sponsor Mrs. Becky McDonald at Colt County Fair of Alice Howell. FHA members practiced home economics in the form of cooking. Corny dogs were sold at Colt County Fair. The club also sponsored a bake sale and sold cookbooks. HECE PRESIDENT Alice Howell CITY REPRESENTATIVE Paula Phillips FHA PRESIDENT Barbara Wilhite SECRETARY TREASURER Karen Smith VICE PRESIDENT Kathy Canel REPORTER Kathy Fuller PROJECTS Diane Vandiver AFS Exchange Student Experiences American Lifestyle Suse Volk, from Germany, was this year ' s foreign exchange student. She was sponsored by the American Field Service. AFS held the annual link sale to raise funds to help support next year ' s foreign exchange student. During AFS week foreign exchange students from area schools participated in a school-wide assembly. Each student discussed his views on the United States and on the customs of his homeland. AHSers were also entertained by an exotic donee which the foreign exchange student from Thailand performed. AFS sponsored Margaret Keim as a summer exchange student. (A) Jane Adams, Scott Risedorph, Suse Volk, and Margaret Keim ride in the Homecoming Parade. (B) Diane Baldwin and Sherry Scarborough make a pre- sentation. (C) Mrs. Cosondro Williams and Herr Fink show Suse Volk a familiar German pretzel. PRESIDENT Scott Risendorf VICE PRESIDENT Margaret Keim SECRETARY Holly Snowden TREASURER Mary Pat Lynch ORGANIZATIONS 1 33 Germans Enjoy Travel, Fests, Food " Wo ist Monika? Im Boot, " was the question most asked by German students. " Monika, " the most talked about lady, took part in the " Deutscher Verein, " in layman ' s terms — the German Club. The various activities of the " Deutscher Verein " took up a major part in the life of a German student at AHS. Eating at the authentic German restaurant " Edelweiss, " Christmas caroling, and Christmas parties, " Novemberfest " atUTA, " KulturTag, " (A) The mayor of Konighofen, Germany entertains AHS representatives Gary Lawrence, Herr Fink and Mark Peorl. (B) JoAnn Urban, Sam Carter, and Karmon Korleski celebrate at the Edelweiss. (C) Terrie Hurt and Glendo Gardner wait patiently OS Will Bowers prepares to sell a German delicacy. or Culture Day, and occasionally a meeting of the German III " Maximilian Society " were a few examples of the " Deutscher Verein " busy schedule. " Auf wiederseneni ' PRESIDENT Randy Parker VICE PRESIDENT Jeff Nason SECRETARY Holly Snowden TREASURER Marilyn Moritz • 1 34 ORGANIZATIONS Latin Club Celebrates ' Ides of March ' Pledging to improve the modern world through Latin study, inductees into the AHS Chapter of the Junior Classical League met the night of Open House for their first official gathering. The induction ceremony, which was covered in the state Latin Club newspaper, was done in the style of the Romans. Dressed precariously in togas, LATIN COUNCIL new members performed the symbolic ritual of throwing seeds of knowledge into a makeshift altar. Latin Club ' s Homecoming parade entry suggested this slogan for the Colts victory over the gophers, " Venimus, Vidimus, Vicimus " meaning " We came; We saw; We conquered. ' Appropriately enough on the Ides of March, Latin students mourned the death of Caesar with a funeral procession through the halls and then burned the " body. " (A) Debbie Lewis offers greetings on the Ides of March. (B) Club members participate in the Home- coming porode. (C) " How tragic! " thinks Tom Kutch as Kothy Cooley reviews the death of Caesar. ORGANIZATIONS 1 35 Club Members Experience ' Authentic ' Mexican Culture jHolalElclubde Espanol es estupendo. For laymen this is translated to " Hi, the Spanish club is stupendous! " The Spanish club not only indulged in sopaipillas and nachos, but also enjoyed eating Spanish dishes at the Cinco do Mayo party and Joe T. Garcia ' s. Students entered the National Spanish Exam and toured bilingual schools in the metroplex. At Colt County Fair, Spanish club members served Mexican food. " Adios amigos! " (A) Mrs. Dorothy Holland prepares tacos for the Mexican ■Cantinc. ' (B) Lori Block and Diane McDowell enjoy the Cinco de Mayo Fiesta. (C) Club i ride in the Homecoming Parade. (D) Chefs Stewart Smith and Amber Fonseca prepare hotdogs. PRESIDENT Tracey Stone VICE PRESIDENTS Leigh Barker Jeni Gehrt REPORTER Julie Bomberger SECRETARY TREASURER Lisa Reed „jL ' Club Members Enjoy French Cuisine " Bonjour, Ca Va? " Translated from the romantic French language into English, this phrase means, " Hello, how are you? " French Clubbers could be seen walking through the halls attired in their " La Societe Secrete Francaise " T-shirts. " La Societe " periodically traveled in mass to partake a morsol of French cuisine at the La Bistro and Marcel ' s. PRESIDENT Sally Taylor VICE PRESIDENT Margaret Keim SECRETARY Alice Howell REPORTER Marty Blankenship (A) Club members Donna Sanders, Anita Estridge, Pam Litrio, Nancy Shields, Dawn Cantwell, Sally Taylor, Kathy Fisher, ond Kothy Fuller enjoy tasty French cuisine. (B) French club officers pose for a quick picture. (C) Jere Anderson, Beth Brunson, and Cathy Moffat, examine some tempting dishes. ORGANIZATIONS 137 Para-Med Learns From Speakers Students with future medical professions in mind found the Para-Med Club helpful in selecting their careers. Beginning with a September meeting to elect officers, the club held monthly gatherings there- after. Guest speakers such as a physical therapist, mortician, and a surgeon informed as well as enter- tained club members. Sponsors were Mrs. Alice Biggs and Mrs. Ethel Williams. PRESIDENT Tammy Bice VICE PRESIDENT Sally Taylor SECRETARY TREASURER Mary Bodenhamer SOCIAL CHAIR AAN Lee Ann Moses (A) Mrs. Palmes provides a demonstration of thi various types of equipment used in th profession. (B) Lee Ann Moses, Holly Palmes, and Mischelle Cantu listen to a guest speaker. (C) Sherry Sewell learns about various health jobs. Parties, Meetings Climax FCA Year Members of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes took their organization ' s name seriously and spent the year in fellowship and Bible Study. Meeting twice a month in the homes of various members, FCAers spent their time in a period of Bible study and discussion. In March, ice cream freezers were put to use when the group hosted a homemade ice cream party in the AHS Field House. Undergirded by the Arlington Adult Chapter of Fellowship of Christian Athletes, the AHS Huddle attended several city and area meetings of the organization. Plans were also mode for Arlington High members to attend a summer conference of FCA. Mr. Bob Howington sponsored the group. PRESIDENT Mike Wade VJCE PRESIDENT Gary Burgland SECRETARY TREASURER Allen Roberts PUBLIC RELATIONS Victor Vandergriff (A] Badger Wade, Mr. Bob Howington, and Gar) Burgland select a Bible passage to be read at the next FCA meeting. (B) Allen Roberts and Victor Vandergnft discuss topics for a FCA meeting. ORGANIZATIONS 139 Art Club Makes Courtyard Plans Designing a Bicentennial courtyard was the main project of the Art Club. The Landscaping of the " shop " courtyard was designed by club members with the help of landscape architect Eric Dalton. Every student was familiar with the display of outstanding and unique paintings in the glass case outside of the art classes. However, citizens of the Metro- plex also got to view the artists ' work at Six Flags Mall where murals were painted. PRESIDENT Randy Washburn VICE PRESIDENT James Schaeffer SECRETARY Peggy Eng If «i h. - i pal j (A) Jerry Reynolds, Mrs. Judy Beckham, Jeff Kelsch, Mark Patton, and Jon Salis watch as Mr. Ron Durham demonstrates on early method of making cloy. (B) Dianne Vandive admires the courtyard landscapes drawn up by Peggy Eng. (C) Mr. Jo Swan poses as a target for an Art Club Sponge Thrt Library Club Invites Area Members to TALA Carnival Italy has her " carnival of Venice " ; and the Library Club had its " Carnival of Media, " a morning full of bright booths and contests. As the host for the district Teenage Library Association (TALA), the Library Club opened the school for eager " bookworms. " PRESIDENT Carlo Hardy VICE PRESIDENT Paula Phillips SECRETARY David Reynolds SOCIAL CHAIRMAN Robbie Robertson Student librarians from over 30 area schools were on hand for the conference. AHS was converted into a midway to implement the carni- val theme. Games, food, silent movies and an audio-visual display were available. Included in other activi- ties of the club was a trip to Houston where members attended the state library convention. Library club parties kept the members busy during Christmas and other seasonal events. Awarded the " most valuable member " title was sponsor, Mrs. Pat Moses. (A) Dressed especially for the occasion, Kathy Lucas welcomes visiting TALA members. (B) David Reynolds peddles books for the Library Club. (C) Tyler Hort, Kelly Konel, Teresa Stouffacher, Grady Herzog, Bobby Gutierrez, and Carlo Hardy make preparations for the TALA ORGANIZATIONS 141 • Youth Guidance Council Aids Students Recalling geometric theorems to help baffled students and remembering who hod to give the noon devotional were the trials of the Youth Guidance Council. Besides providing a tutoring service and prayers, YGC members created helpful guide- posts that were placed throughout the halls of AHS. A new tradition was begun in ' 75 when the club entered a float in the (A) Wendy Wilson prepares to give a noon devo- tional. (B) YGC members Wendy Wilson, Koren Gibson, Terri Griggs, and Kofie Gibson ride in the Homecoming Porade. (C) Trisha Turner and Stewart Smith pause to contemplate o guidepost sign. Homecoming Parade. Sponsored by Mmes. Ann Turney, Melba McKnight, and Grace Roberts, this organization proved profitable to both club members and students. « PRESIDENT Kafie Gibson VICE PRESIDENT Terri Griggs SECRETARY-TREASURER Wendy Wilson TUTOR CHAIRAAAN Terri Turner 142 ORGANIZATIONS Interact Members Serve Community " Youth to Youth, " the main project for Interact Club members, kept Arlington third graders busy competing in several poster contests after hearing members speak on a variety of subjects. Participating in humanitarian activities, the Interact Club sponsored a can drive during Christmas. All of the proceeds were donated to a needy family in Arlington. Interact Club members attended luncheons by their sponsors, the Rotary Club. The best parking space in the parking lot was given to the Interact Student of the Month. Boldly decorated in the school colors, the parking space proudly displayed the stars and lettering " Student of the Month. PRESIDENT Cary Smith VICE PRESIDENTS Tammy Bice Susan Bragg SECRETARY Cathy Bush (12) TREASURER Karen Cherry (A) Dana Lackey distributes pamphlets to ele tary students. (B) Third graders display safety signs. (C) Interact Student of the Month Melonie Tipton utilizes the " Number 1 " parking space. ■ ■ H Hn PP |HH|B - r jI rT Bl r mk mS WfTsm K Hv H r Bi ' . ' v ' . H vJF Bl r KvM HvM V J l ffvi HMU0J mmM mf PI Ib Wy ' ' Hi-i ( S I X ORTS ' ' I I H H k vl 1 975-1 976 AHS Varsity Volleyball team me ing) Cindy Green, Suzette Pylont, Mendy Ke are (bock row) Dorene McCall, Cheryl Aven, Sally Semler, Terri Turner, Lisa Ellis, Ann Cretsinger, Jenny Doyle, (kneel- ■r, Peggy McCaffrey, Sallv Taylor, Wendy Wilson. Coached by Mrs. Lynda Bradhom, the Colts finished with a 34-2 record. Volleyballers Seize Bi-District Crown AHS ' girls varsity volleyball team took the bi-district title. The team, coached by Mrs. Lynda Bradham was placed in the top eight teams in the state. After working together for more than three years, the girls took the district title and met Richardson in the bi-district match. Richardson downed the Colts, but due to a disqualifi- cation on a match violation, the AHS team was awarded the bi- district crown. Capturing a season record of 34-2, the girls recorded a district record of 1 6-0. Four AHSers were named to the All- District team. Taking the honors were spikers Wendy Wilson, Sally Taylor, Terri Turner, and Mendy Kennemer. Entered in three tournaments this season, AHS girls walked away with seven All-Tournament players including Spikers Wendy Wilson, Sally Taylor, Mendy Kennemer, and Setters Doreen McCall and Terri Turner. The Colts traveled to San Marcos to take third in that city ' s tourney, and grabbed the first place trophy in the Richardson-Berkner and Arling- ton Invitational tourneys. Dorene McCall skillfully sets up for a spiker. 146 SPORTS 4 %.« If - 1 ■ i ■ " V " " ■ ' i L_J r Hv tf HHF ■ ' a 1 (A) All-Regional Colt Dorene McCcll backsets to Wendy Wilson. (B) Terri Turner bumps back for oi of her teammates. (C) " Four legs are better than one! " soys Suzette Pylant as she returns the ball. 1975 VARSITY SCORES .Won .Won .Won ■ Won .Won .Won .Won .Won .Won .Won .Won .Won .Won .Won .Won .Won Grand Prairie Dunconville Sam Houston MacArthur Bowie Grand Prairie Dunconville Sam Houston MacArthur Bowie SPORTS 147 B Team Boasts 34-2 for Season (A) Sally Taylor makes an attempt to save a set. (B) Ann Cretsinger tiptoes to set the ball for a team- mate. (C) Carefully calculating her strategy, Mendy Kennemer readies for the boll. (D) Cheryl Aven snaps back and jumps up for a spike. (E) Colt Spiker Wendy Wilson drives back a boll to the opposing side. (F) Suzette Pylant and Sally Taylor stand prepared to assist, as Cindy Green bumps the volleyball to setter Sally Semler. • 148 SPORTS Members of the Arlington High 1 975 Junior Varsity Volleyball Team, which placed second in district competition, i Janet Bourland, Cathy Graves, Kothy Johnson, Lisa Machado, Lynn Joeckel, Kristi Ziegler, Renee Gay, Kristen Bio elude (from left to right) Manager Stacy Spooner, m. Managers Sharon McFarlond and Seanne Pratt. Members of the Arlington High junior varsity girls volleyball team placed second in district for their first season of winter ploy. Taking the second place ranking in district behind Lamar, the Colts rallied to a 1 3-3 district record. Under heavy district compe- tition, the girls found Sam Houston to be their main hurdle against the champion- ship title. With hard losses to the Texans in both matches, the JV found themselves matched against the Lamar Vikings in the final district game to decide the title. Competing in two tourna- ments, the junior varsity brought home a first place ranking in the 1 6-team Richardson-Berkner Tournament OS they placed two girls on the All-Tournament Team, Junior Setter Solly Semler and Junior Spiker Peggy McCaffery. AHS ' s junior varsity also entered in the Crowley varsity tournament and brought home a second place trophy. f .enee Gay bumps the boll to Spiker Kristi Ziegle JV Volleyballers Grab 2nd in District r Renee Gay completes a 1975 Junior Varsity Scores Won Grand Prairie . . Duncanville . . . Sam Houston . . Won Won Lost Won MacArthur .... Won Won Won Won Grand Prairie . . Duncanville . . . Sam Houston . . Won Won Lost Won MacArthur .... Won Won Lo ' ; Nineteen sophomores came together this year for their first season of Arlington High School volley- ball action. Racking up a season record of eight wins and one loss, the girls gained a first place ranking in district OS well as valuable playing experience for the junior varsity and varsity teams during their next two years. With the varsity team losing five of its six starters to graduation, these girls will make up the varsity team in 76 and 77. After a shaky start which saw the sophomore spikers fall to Duncanville, they made a strong comeback, and were undefeated throughout the remainder of this year ' s season. Members of the 1 975 Arlington High sophomore volleyball team includes (standing, left to right) Stacy Spooner (manager), Nancy Molo Dunn, Cothy Holland, Kim Counts, Tommy Roe, (kneeling) Judy McDonald, Lori Ticknor, Melisso Scorr, Barbara DeVito, Sherry Johnson, ; Agel, Pam Miller, Nancy :key, and Andie Otto. SPORTS 151 • Colts Follow Hoofbeats to Co-Championship: 8-2 Season Arlington High School ochieved its finest football record in the post three years in 1 975, finishing 8-2 and grabbing a share of the 7AAAA title The highly successful season was accomplished in Mike O ' Brien ' s first year as head coach of the Colts. O ' Brien was assisted by Coaches Mike Stovall, defensive line; Jim Barnette, defensive backs; and Ben Bailey, offensive line. AHS shared the district crown with Sam Houston, both schools finishing with 7-2 records. Arlington went in to the last game 1975 VARSITY SCORES of the season against Lamar need- ing a victory over the Vikings AHS 20 . . .AHHS 6 plus a tie between Sam and Irving AHS 8 . . . Highland Park 7 Nimitz to win the title outright AHS 7 . . .Sam Houston 9 and go to the state playoffs. The AHS 14 , . . Duncanville Colts took care of their business AHS 14 . . . Nimitz 16 by beating Lamar, but Sam edged AHS 9 . . . MacArthur Nimitz in the final quarter of a AHS 28 . . . Bowie game that was tied with just four AHS 14 . . . Grand Prairie 10 minutes to play. Sam Houston was AHS 21 . . . Irving 15 awarded a spot in the playoffs by AHS 14 . . . Lamar 3 virtue of o defeat they gave AHS. Members of the varsity foptball team include (first row, left to right) Manager Kevin Reichenstein, Tom Emms, Robert Goode, David Pitstick, Mike Craddock, Sean Aila Jeff Williams, Keith Simmons, James Cribbs, Jeff Broyles, Tod Feazel, Patrick O ' Brien, (second row) Manager John Caton, Manager Bernie Kincode, Jeff Kennemer, Bruce Bradham, Mike Thomas, Bob McCrady, Gary Burgland, Kelly Hyde, Eric Patton, Brian Egan, Lee Allen, Scott Parker, Mike Wade, Trainers Bill McCoy, Kirk Lewis • 152 SPORTS Nation, (third row) Coach Mike Stovall, Coach Ben Bailey, Grover Cribbs, Kyle Stanley, Dole Reston, Victor Vandergriff, Don Agee, Brett Henderson, John Shuttee, Br( Burris, Sam Roberts, Charlie Carlton, Bob Simeone, Ramon Torres, Trainer Glenn Smith, Coach Jim Barnette, (top row) John Wade, Gerald Brown, Ken Koeritz, David York, Brent Williams, Jeff Slack, Charlie Rye, Charles Pitzer, Allen Roberts, Newell Wallace, Keith Walker, Lawton Carlton, Jim Jackson, and Coach Mike O ' Brien. SPORTS 153 Defense Initiates Victorious Season Arlington defeated the Yellowjackets of Arlington Heights in the season ' s first gome played at Craven ' s Field. The 20-6 victory proved to be a preview of things to come as AHS prevailed on aggressive defense. The Colts defenders set up one score and made ano- ther. In the second quarter Charlie Carlton picked off o pass, which set up a touchdown run by Kelly Hyde. With AHHS driving for the equalizing score in the third period, Lee Allen intercepted a pitchout and went all the way to clinch the game. Hyde scored once more for AHS. (A) Allen Roberts and Charlie Carlton vigorously attempt an interception. (B) Kelly Hyde charges down- field OS Bob Simeone clears the way. (C) Senior Brad Burris aggressively demonstrates how to stop a Panther. • 154 SPORTS (A) Arlington fullback Bob Simeone plows post his attacker. (B) With the Texan line close behind. Senior Quarterback Gerald Brown clutches the boll as he bounds over offensive teammate Simeone to gain a first do Arlington met Highland Park in the first district en- counter of the season and came away a narrow 8-7 victor. Penalties, as well as the tough HP defense stopped the Colts from mounting a consistent of- fensive attack. Trailing by a touchdown with just over eight minutes remaining in the gome. Linebacker John Shuttee broke through to block a Scot punt, while David York recovered for o score. Keith Walker hit Jeff Slack for the winning points. Arlington suffered its first loss of the year against Sam Houston, 9-7, in a game where the Colts did more to defeat themselves than Sam did. AHS rebounded strongly against Duncanville the next week, however, winning 14-0. The Colt defense once again performed superbly, shutting out the explosive Panther offense. 8 « Ss| % - ' - M SfiLH District Turns as Colts Upset Cards SM 1 Probably the most heart- yard field goal with just a P H Efl 1 i breaking game all season for minute to play in the game. 1 Arlington was against Nimitz. Following Burgland ' s kick. 1 Leading 1 4-7 midway through linebacker Lawton Carlton 1 the fourth quarter, the Colts stepped in front of a Mac- K! J ■ ' HH gambled on a fourth and one Arthur pass and returned 31 K -i S play near midfield, coming yards for the score. The B|jpmj||i HH| , up just short. Nimitz struck extra point attempt failed. K 1 1 for a quick touchdown, which but AHS had won its most impor- H V l ' was aided by a questionable pass tant game of the year to date. B i l 1 1 interference call. Nimitz failed Arlington kept its hopes for a j H H l l on a two-point conversion attempt. district crown alive with wins HR V 1 I H i however, and Arlington appeared over Bowie and Grand Prairie, ■ r l ' to be safe. However, Kelly Hyde 28-0, and 14-0, respectively. l H i fumbled the ball near midfield AHS struck from behind ' ' A l l 1 with time running out, and in the last 1 8 seconds to H J l Nimitz got close enough to the down Irving 21-15. HB H 1 AHS goal line to kick a game win- The season ' s last game B ' v l 1 ning field goal with just two saw the Colt defense swarm on Phh mV I seconds to play. Lamar and defeat the Vikes 14-3 B H IB The Colts rebounded to to win the district B B H rf ' l ' ' ' ' - ' 4| | hand Irving MacArthur their co-championship. V IggjM H first loss in two years and H K H turn the season around with a 9-0 victory. Gary Burg- land added the only points Arlington needed with a 32- (A) Senior split end Sam Roberts mokes the grab to complete another Colt pass. (B) David York and Mike Thomas are in agreement with the referee as John Shuttee recovers the ball for the Coifs. H 1 y v ' J v l ' ; - (A) Allen Roberts jumps to snore a pass. (B) Quar- terbock Keith Walker hurls the pigskin. (C) Line- backer John Wade rushes to bat down a pass. (D) Low- ton Carlton concentrotes on the upcoming play. SPORTS 157 Ponies Take Second Place for Third Consecutive Season Arlington High survived a rocky start in B-Teom football competition to finish v ith a 7-3 record and second in district. Coaching the B-Team were Gerald Richey, Bud Miller, and Randy Porter. Arlington Heights won an extremely close contest in the season opener 8-6. The Ponies rebounded with a district win over Highland Park to even their record at 1 -1 . In an important game with undefeated Sam Houston, Arling- ton saw an early lead evaporate into a 24-1 3 defeat. Again AHS came back to trounce Duncan- ville as Mike Moore, Temple Aday, and David Garner all scored touchdowns. Arlington picked up its second victory in a row (A) Steve Pirl ey snares a pass despite the Texan opposition to move the ball for a first do Members of the 1 975 B-Team included (bottom row, left to right) Mike Near, Brent Wilson, (second row) Danny Stedman, Richard Longgrear, David Reynolds, Steve Pirkey, Ronny Mena, Doug McElvaney, Bill Menetee, Richard Hartwig, James Wiggins, Scott Davis, (third row) Larry Reno, Jeff Reves, Kevin Donahower, Gene Fields, Jack Rhodes, Mike Cadena, Steve Chow, Jeff Nason, Bret Springer, Alan Weaver, David Garner, (fourth row) Jeff Prihce, Chris Fallman, Tom Poston, Scott Norris, Joey Rudd, Tony Derrick, Kirk Justice, Jerry Bell, Steve Mills, Donnie Kearns, Jim Bergin, (fifth row) Steve Warner, Charlton Wilson, Jeff Schwartzer, Tim Meier, Temple Aday, Mike Wardlow, Guinn Gondy, Paul Skinner, Tim Deohl, Dixon Holman, Brian Hart, (sixth row) Brent Monetathchi, Mike Moore, (top row) Larry Coffmon, Mike Clavert, Scott Barker, Bob Young, John Miller, Bobby Rothwell, Keith Jones, Bob Stenseth, Rick Carney, and Ron Morrow. Coaches are Gerald Richey, Bud Miller, and Randy Porter. ♦ 158 SPORTS i -t- . T. w - - -amxy ' ( t» ' - «is. j _. :a l. se 5«i„ ' ' with a 20-1 7 squeaker over Nimitz. Quarterback Kirk Justice threw two first half touchdown passes to set the tone of the game for Arlington. A late touchdown on a kick return lifted the MocArthur Cardinals to a 16-13 win over AHS in another important battle. Bowie took the brunt of the fired up Colts ' revenge as the Vols fell by a score of 43- 1 4. After a close first half, Arl- ington broke the game open in the third quarter as Temple Aday scored four times. The Colts managed consecu- tive wins over Grand Prairie and Irving, before closing out the season with a convincing 34-1 4 win over Lamar. After gaining a 1 4-0 lead in the first period, the Colts coasted to a 21 -8 halftime edge. AHS added two more TDs in the second half to run the final count to 34- 1 4. B-TEAM SCORES AHS 6 . . .AHHS 8 AHS 12 . . . Highland Park 6 AHS 13 . . . Sam Houston 24 AHS 32 . . . Duncanville 14 AHS 20 . . . Nimitz 17 AHS 16 . . . MacArthur 13 AHS 43 , . . Bowie 14 AHS 28 . . . Grand Prairie AHS 14 . . . Irving AHS 34 . . . Lamar 14 (A) Pony quarterback Kirk Justic prepares to hurl a pass as he is faced with the Panther defense. (B) Pony ball-carrier Scott Davis takes a high tumble to a first down through the opposition. SPORTS 159 AHS Thincladder Takes State 3rd Entering the season full of hope and enthusiasm, the Ar- lington cross country team failed at regaining the district trophy when the Scots of Highland Park outstrided the Colts. Bob Payne captured the dis- trict individual champion- ship. After taking fourth in the regional meet, Payne traveled to Austin to be the only Colt competitor in the Texas State Cross Country Meet. Payne captured third place in the state meet. The thincladders competed for 9 straigth weeks in meets around the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. The Colts hosted the annual Arlington Cross Country Meet and a triangu- lar meet. Varsity runners included Norman Allport, Richard Rooks, Mark Hilts, Ricky Wroy, Payne, John Kopp, Noel Walker, Doug Kidd, Mark Baker, Keith Sherrill, and Cameron Bird. (A) Making up the 975-76 AHS cross country team are (top) John Kopp, Noel Walker, (center) Mark Baker, Doug Kidd, Richard Rooks, (bottom) Cameron Bird and Bob Payne (B) At the district meet, the sound of the gun signals oil runners that practice is over and their efforts will be tested as they push for the district cross country crown. SPORTS 161 Girls ' Basketball team members ore (back row) Sandy Vance, Lori Gray, Jonis Burgardt, Julie Walker, Joyce Daugherty, Mgr. Teresa Dovee, (second row) Mgr. Lisa Ponde Tricia McCarty, Bobbie Warner, Merrin Johnson, Julie White, Mgr. Michelle Creel, (kneeling) Anne French, Tracey Bloom, Barbara Cox, Jonis Nichols, and Susan Franks. Girls B-Ball Takes 2nd District Slot With five returning players, Arlington High ' s girls varsity basketball team called on seven juniors in its quest for a district title during its third year of existence. By defeating Bowie, Sam Houston, Lamar, and Mineral Wells by exceptional margins, the Colts come to meet Duncan- ville, reigning district champs eight years in a row. On their home court, the Duncanville girls hod to hold their breath as the buzzer sounded to bring them a victory by one point. 162 SPORTS The Colts went on to defeat Grand Prairie, Bowie, and Sam Houston. In a hometown match, the Colts found Lamar ready for a fierce battle. While looking ahead to Duncanville, the Colts barely squeezed by Lamar, 50-49. Meeting D ' ville on their home court would provide an advantage. The Mean Green took an early lead, 1 0-0. As the score see-sawed back and forth, the buzzer sounded finding the Colts behind by two, 41-43. Joyce Daugherty out hustles an offensive player. ■ B ' -1 wiSS m [ H Ks llQl K y3 lUH HI n 1976 VARSITY SCORES AHS 63 . . . Bowie 23 AHS 74 . . . Sam Houston 54 AHS 78 . . . Lomor 40 AHS 64 . . .Mineral Wells 39 AHS 37 . . . Duncanville 38 AHS 74 . . .Grand Prairie 38 AHS 73 . . . Bowie 33 AHS 43 . . . Sam Houston 33 AHS 50 , . . Lamar 49 AHS 61 . . .Mineral Wells 43 AHS 41 . . . Duncanville 43 AHS 74 . . .Grand Prairie 52 In her fourth season at Arlington High, Coach Judy Stricklin guided the Colts to improved district rankings from each pre- vious year. Ranked third in 1973, and tied for second in 1 974, The Colts held second a- lone for the 1 975 season. Ranked twelfth in state for December, AHS moved up in January to hold a third place ranking by the regional director. Janis Burgardt held the season average high with 20 points, trailed by Sandy Vance with 14. The Colts will return to district action next year with seven seniors. (A) Sandy Vance stretches for control of the ball in a Duncanville game. (B) Lori Gray blocks on at- tempted shot assisted by Senior Janice Nichols. SPORTS 163 (A) Guards Lori Gray and Barbara C bound. (B) Janis Burgardt adds two r the Colt score. (C) Julie Walker turns on a layup shot. (D) Sandy Vance shoots over a Vol defend Kip for a t points to Duncanville Squelches District Hopes (A) Merrin Johnson goes for two in a close game with Duncanville. (B) Barbara Cox tiptoes with Lamar opponent for possession of the ball. (C) Jcnis Burgardt shoots for desperately needed points. Girl ' s JV Basketball team members are (standing) Mgr. Camille Creel, Connie Fox, Nan Roe, Sharon Duckworth, Debbie Bronn, Janie Torres, LeeAnn Bryce, Karen Hickman, Pom Mosby, Mgr. Julie Johnson, (kneeling) Cheryl Dyer, Sharon Weaver, Lisa Lockett, Lynn Joeckel, Ann Roberts, Jane Sontarelli, Sheila Grimm, and Stacy Burris. JV B-Ball Post Excellent Season New was the motto for AHS girls basketball JV team. With a new bunch of sophomores, new uniforms, and a new coach, the girls posted a 2 1 -3 season record. Coached by Paula Slease, the team tied for first in the district with a record of 1 1 -1 . The single defeat went to Dun- canville. The girls had wide morgins of more than 10 points in all games except against Dun- canville. Early in the season Connie Fox scored 42 points for a season high. Connie also ob- tained a 1 5-point game average, while Lynn Joeckle averaged 1 6 points a gome. Guord Georgann Johnston looks for on opening. t66 SPORTS 1 976 JV SCORES AHS 56 . . . . Bowie 46 AHS 63 . . . . Sam Houston 35 AHS 61 . . . . Lamar 50 AHS 55 . . . .Mineral Wells 33 AHS 41 . . . . Duncanville 49 AHS 60 . . . . Grand Prairie 33 AHS 54 . . . . Bowie 41 AHS 56 . . . . Sam Houston 40 AHS 53 . . . . Lamar 37 AHS 58 . . . . Mineral Wells 41 AHS 68 . . . . Duncanville 61 AHS 67 . . . . Grand Prairie 45 (A) Cheryl Dyer catches the ball with assistance by Sharon Weaver. (B) Connie Fox ( 1 2} and Lynn Joeckel ( 1 4) combine forces for a layup attempt. SPORTS 167 Basketball Team Boasts Impressive 1 5-3 District Slate Arlington High School record- ed a highly successful season in basketball for the 75-76 school year, posting a 27-8 won-lost record. The Colts were coached by Dale Archer and Jud Pritchard. These two coaches deserve ample credit for building a team which had lost several talented players from previous years. Arlington did not win the district title this season, that honor going to cross-town rival Sam Houston. O. D. Wyatt provided the Colts with their opening game competi- tion, and the Chaps came away with a 50-46 win. AHS was hurt by poor foul shooting as they saw an early lead escape them. The green rebounded with a 56- 40 win over Dallas Sunset, but lost to Southwest 62-51 . Things did not look bright for Arlington at this point in the season. The offense was strug- gling, and they had to play state runnerup. Paschal. Arlington put it all together to whip the Panthers convincingly 68-54. A 26-point second period proved to be the spark the Colts needed to break out of their shooting slump. The Colts prepared for the Arlington Classic by beating Western Hills and W. T. White. Coach Dale Archer hurries to the after a close first half against Sai " " KK M MWj ,.- P r- nj p K ' np i li MP IM IfilirillilMlllf AllMlf C«l 1 l ym nm hf 23 If i I ' km te- ■0 7W1 T w i -ZliuiJ I W 1 E |M f M J»- -:5 i ft» p BHBKjjfi I E S H k ' Bbk i BBM ♦ - ' W K Zx HHP H H W 1 4 wWwBU mbers of the 1 975-76 Colt Varsity Basketball team include (lop) Manager Randy Williams, Mike May, Cole Vordem ndt, Frank McDade, Manager Kirk Lewis, (bottom) Allen Roberts, Rob Roberts, Coach Judson Pritchard, Coach Dale eve Elder, Bryan Bishop, Dean Dilhoff, David •r, Ralph McPherson, and Steve Cooles. I68 SPORTS 975-76 VARSITY SCORES AHS 46 . . . O. D. Wyatt 50 AHS 56 . . . Sunset 40 AHS 51 . . . Southwest 62 AHS 68 . . . Paschal 54 AHS 59 . . .Western Hills 58 AHS 65 . . W. T.White 59 AHS 71 . . .Pinkston 54 AHS 55 . . . Richardson 57 AHS 58 . . .O.D. Wyatt 68 AHS 67 . . .AHHS 41 AHS 44 . . . Lamar 36 AHS 47 . . . Nolan 43 AHS 48 . . . Woodrow Wilson 46 AHS 61 . . . L. Highlands 45 AHS 54 . . . Lewisville 42 AHS 62 . . .L.D.Bell 61 AHS 48 . . . Paschal 49 AHS 60 . . .HPHS 49 AHS 51 . . . Bowie 23 AHS 60 . . Sam 62 AHS 54 . . . Irving 46 AHS 69 . . . Lamar 59 AHS S7 . . . McArthur 59 AHS 67 . . . Duncanville 32 AHS 73 . . . Nimitz 48 AHS 76 . . . Grand Prairie 62 AHS 62 . . .Highland Park 48 AHS 56 . . . Bowie 44 AHS 49 . . . Sam 61 AHS 57 . . . Irving 54 AHS 78 . . . Lamar 50 AHS 76 . . . McArthur 52 AHS 90 . . . Duncanville 56 AHS 64 . . . Nimitz 52 AHS 71 . . . Grand Prairie 57 (A) Oulracing a Viking opponent, Mike May il- lustrates dribbling skills. (B) Steve Cooies skillfully lends a hand to prevent a Nimitz score SPORTS 1 69 • (A) Ralph McPherson mentally prepares for the game. (B) Exhibiting his outstanding rebound- ing techniques is Steve Elder. (C) High point man of the season Deon Dilhoff drops in another two First Half Play Produces 2nd Place In an Arlington Classic game against Dallas Pinkston, the Colts won 71 -54. Their next foe was Roosevelt. RHS won a tight game 57-55. Following a 68-58 loss to Wyatt, the Colts won the Cowtown Tourney i Fort Worth by beating Arlington Heights, Lamar, and Nolan. The next competition for AHS was the Duncanville tournament, and the cagers became the first team in AHS history to win two tournaments in one seaon, Woodrow Wilson fell 48-46, as did Lake Highlands 61 - 45. In the finals the Colts pre- vailed 54-42 over Lewisville. Arlington closed out the pre-district season with a narrow 62-61 win over Ball and a 49-48 loss to Paschal. District play opened well for AHS as they whipped Highland Park 60-49. The Colts featured a balanced scoring attack with four players in double figure scoring, Bowie High provided a breather on the sched- ule and fell to AHS 51 -23. The Vols were never in the gome as they failed to score a point in the first quarter. In the first crucial game of the season, the Colts blew an eight point fourth quarter lead and lost to the Texans of Sam Houston 62-60. Arlington would lose only one more game in the first half of the district race, that a heart- breaking 59-57 triple overtime defeat to McArthur. The Colts were hampered in the overtimes by shorthandedness. Bryan Bishop, Dean Dilhoff, Ralph McPherson, and Rob Roberts all had previously fouled out. 170 SPORTS (A) Grobbing another rebound is Rob Roberts. (B) Towering over the Vikings, Ralph McPhe in two points, (C) Cole Vardeman dribbles down court. (D) Dave Berndt prepares to score tor AHS. SPORTS 171 2nd Half Closes; Colts Split Title Between the MacArthur game, AHS handled Irving, Lamar, and Duncanville. The Colts ended the first half with easy wins over Nimitz and Grand Prairie. Ralph McPherson ' s 21 points sparked the Colts to another win over HP, and Bryan Bishop and Allen Roberts keyed a 56-44 victory over the Bowie Vols. In the game they hod to win, the Colts took a lesson in foul shooting from Sam. SHHS hit an incredible 25 charity shots in the final quarter against the Colts to pull out a 61-49 win. Arlington won the rest of its games starting with a 57-54 win over Irving. The Colts then beat Lamar 78-50, and MacArthur. AHS closed out the season v ith wins over Duncanville, i ' -Jimitz, and Grand Prairie. • 172 SPORTS (A) Teammates Allen Roberts and Ralph McPhe share their efforts. (B) Leaping in a single bound, Steve Elder grabs the ball. (C) Setting up offensive play is senior Bryan Bishop. (A) Members of the Junior Varsity Basketball team include (top row, I. David Keal, Phil Yates, Dean Archer, David Doggett, (bottom row) Cc Higginbothom, John Otto. (B) The team gathers around Coach Pntchc !ft to right) Jim Burgin, Darrell Stovall, och Jud Pritchard, Tommy Johnson, Ti rd as he explains some strategy and ti evin Copeman, Scot Smith, Stuart Hall, Doug Engle, n Keeton, Eddie McClelen, Randy Smith, Craig Wright, David es to fire-up his group ' s play on the court during a time-out. B-TEAM DISTRICT SCORES AHS 56 . . HPHS 69 AHS 75 . . . Bowie 41 AHS 56 . . SHHS 44 AHS 50 . . . Irving 47 AHS 59 . . . Lamar 45 AHS 74 . . .MacArthur 57 AHS 50 . . . Duncanville 49 AHS 72 . . . Nimitz 38 AHS 43 . . .GPHS 47 AHS 72 . . .HPHS 65 AHS 68 . . . Bov ie 57 AHS 49 . . .SHHS 33 AHS 47 . . . Irving 43 AHS 55 . . . Lamar 51 AHS 56 . . . MacArthur 42 AHS 72 . . . Duncanville 51 AHS 50 . . . Nimitz 38 AHS 52 . . .GPHS 55 ♦ 1 74 SPORTS B-Teamers Enjoy Season Winnings B-Team basketball was at the top of district 7-AAAA last season as they recorded a record of 1 5-3. Coached by Judson Pritchord, the Ponies fell to a tough Highland Park team in their first district encounter, then won seven games in a row. The Colt win streak be- gan with a 75-41 conquest of Bowie. Sam Houston and Irving fell by scores of 56-44 and 50-47. Arlington then downed the Lamar Vikings 59-45 and the MacArthur Cardinals 74-57. The Colts then won two more against Duncanville and Nimitz. In the final game of the first half Grand Prairie beat AHS 47-43. In the second half the Colts came back to beat Bowie once again. Sam Houston, Irving, Lamar, Mac- Arthur, Duncanville, and Nimitz were victims of AHS. Arlington lost to GPHS in the last game. (A) Stuart Hail leaps high over defenders to score two more for the Colts. (B) Coach Pritchord stands up to get a better view of the action on the court. Season Produces High Hopes at AHS Track season at Arlington High School produced a strong boy ' s team, which placed second in the district race behind rival Sam Houston. Coached by Gerald Richey, the Colts began the season with high hopes generated by several returning members of the previous season ' s championship squad. In the first meet of the year, the Fort Worth Indoor Meet, AHS had four individuals competing. Colts at the meet included Brad Burris, Norman Allport, Keith Simmons, and James Cribbs. i)i i (A) Distance runners include (top, left to right) Bob Payne, Doug Kidd, Frank Rye, Noel Walker, Mark Hilts, John Kopp (bottom), Kraig Smith, Jay Thompson, Mark Brown, and Cameron Bird. (B) Brad Burris goes over (C) Hurdlers for the I 976 AHS track team include Rob Sprang, Kelly Hyde, Allen Roberts, and Brad Burris. % i 4 ■ Colts Take 2nd In Own Relays The next big meet for Arlington was their own Colt Relays, in which Arlington placed second, once again behind Sam Houston. Winners for AHS included Burris in the pole vault and 1 20 high hurdles. Bob Payne in the two-mile run, Bob Simeone in the 440, and Lee Allen in the decathlon. Both the Colt mile and quarter mile relay teams finished the meet in second place. (A) Mark Baker strides past a slowing opponent. (B) Ricky Wray strains to pull away from the pack. (C) Sprinters for ' 76 include (top, left to right), Steve Elder, Bob Simeone, Allen Roberts, Temple Adoy (bottom), Lee Allen, James Cribbs and Steve Prather. (D) James Cribbs pushes for first place. 1 78 SPORTS (A) Steve Prather strains to tiond off to a determined Bob Simeone during the sprint relay. (B) Mark Bake tiis kick and overtakes a slowing runner. (C) Brad Burris shoots high over the bar for the Colts. Ci mjmM -: 1 80 SPORTS AHS Track, Field Squads Manage Successful 76 Season One of the highlights of the spring track season was Brad Burris ' superiority in the pole vault event. Burris held the top vault in Tarrant County all season long with a 1 4 ' 8 " effort. His skills earned him a chance to compete in the Texas Relays at Memorial Stadium in Austin. Although Burris, Payne, and the mile relay team of Lee Allen, Bob Simeone, Kelly Hyde, and Steve Prather qualified for regionols, no one was able to gain a trip to the state meet. John Shuttee also advanced to regionols in the shot. Burris and Payne were jointly awarded the Most Valuable Track and Field Award. Cameron Bird, Prather, Rob Sprang, and Payne were cited as Most Improved runners, while Steve Warner, Will Bowers, Scott Parker, and Burris were the Most Improved Fieldmen. (A) AHS pole vaulters include (left to right) Steve Pirkey, Steve Warner, Tom Emms, Brad Burris Will Bowers. (B) Brad Burris sails sal the bar. (C) Field events teom members include (top, left to right) Brett Henderson, John Wade, Newell Wallace, (bottom). Bob Stenseth, Scott Parker, John Shuttee, and Keith Jones. SPORTS 181 Posing with their All-City trophy ore swim team members (kneeling, left to right) Greg Devos, Jody Benson, Bruce Shields (diver), (second row) Nancy Dunn, Wendy Wolff, Laurie Stokely, Melonie Halpin (diver), Bobbi Bradley, Martha Miller, Beth Matasso — Mgr., (third row) David Taylor, Moxine McBri Julie Wolff, Cindye Rushing (diver), Eric Mahler, Mike Simpson, Barbara Byman, (back row) Kelly Sonniksen, Steve Dimsdale, Jackie Hilbun, and Paul Bock (diver). Colts Claim Title Over City Rivals Splashing and gulping their way to a second consecutive city championship, Arlington swimmers were represented at the state meet in Austin. Junior Steve Dimsdale placed sixth in the state 200 yard individual medley. The Girls ' team, captained by Jody Benson, took a first in the city meet, while the boys ' team placed second. Cindye Rushing demonstrates proper diving forr • 182 SPORTS Relay breaststroker Jody Benson dives as backstroker Bobbi Bradley touches in, buHerflier Nancy Dunn looks on. Freestyler Julie Wolff is not pictured. Swimm Martha ;rs and divers m Miller, Bobbi Br. up the I 975-76 girls swim team include (front row) Nancy Dunn, Wendy Wolff, (second row) Kelly Sonniksen, Jody Benson, Laurie Stokely, Barbara Byman, (back row) Moxine McBrinn, Jackie Hilbun, Julie Wolff, Melanie Halpin (diver), and Cindye Rushing (diver). SPORTS 183 .;S • .••■■. ■., ' , g St f v :. :f r- mA Girl track team members are (b Marie Wagner, Ann Mathis, Lis Cox, Amy McGlasson, (fourth r Tannin, Cindy Reyes, (sixtti row 3ck row) Lisa Dillon, Melinda Manning, Nancy Eichorn, Michelle Ch J Ponder, Cathy Moffat, Jennifer Stubbs, Joyce Dougherty, (third ro 3w) Susan Ward, Bobbie Warner, Julie White, Janet Crocker, Julie f Missy Paradise, Michele Cantu, Lisa Litrio, (kneeling) Sharon Weav usee, Lisa Lockett, Jane Sonterelli, Julie Walker (second row), v) Merrin Johnson, Cothy Cox, Nino Shipley, Kothy Muller, Barbara omberger, (fifth row) Cindy McClain, Andi Otto, Cathy Veselka, Becky ;r, Kelly Frye, Georgeonn Johnson, (front) and Coach Sleose. • 1 84 SPORTS Mm yr In District Race Placing second in district behind Irving High, the Colts sent the 440 relay with Lisa Lockett, Joyce Daughte ry, Julie White, and Jennifer Stubbs to Regionols. Julie White qualified for the 60 yard dash, triple jump, and the 880 yard run. Joyce Dougherty qualified for the high jump. Julie qualified for state, and won the 880 yard run in 2:1 7.0. The team competed in 8 meets, and brought home a third, second, and three first place titles. First place titles were a- chieved at Lewisville, Lake Highlands, and the Colt Relays. •► JK f? ' (A) Superstar Julie White w run. (B) Julie Walker pivots in a discus th (C) Joyce Dougherty flips over the high j the State 880-yard ] discus throw. pbor. SPORTS 1 85 • fA) Julie White outdistances all district petition in 880-yard run. (B) Barbara Cox heaves the shot. (C) Jennifer Stubbs passes baton to teammate Merrin Johnson in relay competition. 186 SPORTS CC Boasts White As State Qualifier A new flair in feminine sports was added this fall with the coming of girls ' cross country. As a team, the Colt runners placed fourth in the district meet held November 22. Julie White grabbed first place in individual standings. At the state meet in Austin, she finished in eighth place. The AHS squad was coached by Miss Paula Slease. (A) Making up the AHS Girls ' Cross Country tean (left to right, top to bottom) Liza Litrio, Janet Crocker, Georgeann Johnston, Marie Wognor, Julie White, Cathy Veselko, Cindy Hortwig, and Coach Paulo Slease. (B) Senior star Julie White hy she finished 8th in state as she leads the pock. (C) Junior Merrin Johnson feels the pain after a tough race. (D) Liza Litrio tests her will. Tennis team members for 75-76 are (top) Coach Averyt, Derrick Cawthorn, Sam Cook, Ron Harnist, Randy Davidson, Bruce Parten, (middle) Mart Jorgensen, Robin Sawyer, Brenda Hamilton, Karen Preiss, Dee Driggers, Dawn White, Lynda Landford, Amy Scott, (bottom) David Tongier, Steve Leggett, Rod Houghton, Terry Loudomy, Don Richards, Colt Tennis Team Places Fifth in District 7AAAA Race Under the direction of Coach George Averyt the Colt tennis team posted o 1 4- 1 0-6 record in 1 975-76. The Colts were led by Seniors Ron Harnist and Mari Jorgensen. Other returning captains were Randy Davidson, David Tongier, Karen Priess, and Lynda Landford. The squad placed fifth in district play, and compiled a four year record of 72-37-8. Coach Averyt feels that next year the Colts will have their strongest team in the last five years. He stressed that this year ' s team was in the .Tiidst of a rebuilding period. The Colts struggled through the early port of the fall season before coming to life in the Trinity Invitational Tourney. In that tournament 1 2 Colts were awarded trophies. David Tongier and Randy Davidson took the boys doubles championship as did Sam Carter and Terry Loudomy. Lynda Lonkford and Karen Priess won the girls double title and were followed by Amy Scott and Down White. The Colts concluded their fall slate with wins over Nimitz and Lamar. Arlington took the Vikings by a 9-5 count. The doubles teams of Priess-Scott and Robin Sawyer-Down White all won their matches. The Colts opened the spring season strong with wins in three out of their first four matches. Arlington beat Irving Nimitz in a match played on the AHS courts. Lynda Lonkford and Amy Scott both prevailed in singles, as did Derrick Cow- thron ond Rod Houghton. Trinity was the next competition for the Colt netters and the Trojans won 1 matches of five. Arlington then hosted Bowie with the Colts prevailing five to three. Stuart Cobb won in his singles match and Lynda Lonkford and Robin Sawyer also came out on top in singles. 1 88 SPORTS »J , 1 975-76 TOURNAMENTS Corsicana Fall Invitational Garland Spring Open Dallas Open Trinity Indoor Invitational Bell Invitational Irving Invitational AHS Spring Team Tournament District Tournament (A) Randy Davidson concentrates as he attempts to return an opponents serve. (B) Terry Loudamy looks on as partner Rod Houghton returns a volley. SPORTS 1 89 • Colt Fuzzballer Makes Regionals In an important tournament held at AHS the Colts saw Sam Houston and Lamar p lace higher and L. D. Bell win the tourney. It was the first time for Arlington to lose to Sam Houston in three years. Arlington managed a fifth place finish in the district in what Coach Averyt termed " not a bad showing. " Lynda Lankford come in second in girl ' s singles in the district tournament and was entitled to advance to regionals. Lynda won her first match but lost in the second round. (A) Robin Sawyer, Lynda Lankford, Randy Davidson and Derrick Cawthorn display their awards with Coach Averyt. (B) Steve Leggett waits to return his opponent ' s volley. (C) David Tongier displays his serving technique. (D) Randy Davidson stares ot the ball as he sets himself for a tough return. 190 SPORTS Returning to the varsity next year are Karen Priess, Brenda Hamilton, David Tongier, Randy Davidson, Steve Leggett, Derrick Cawthorn, Billy Munns, Don Richards, and Stuart Cobb. Sophomores back include Lynda Lankford, Amy Scott, Dawn White, Robin Sawyer, Janie Torres, Dee Driggers, Sam Carter, Rod Houghton, Terry Loudamy, and Bruce Parten. Randy Davidson and Lynda Lankford were named as Most Valuable Players on the team this year, with Most Improved Players awards going to Derrick Cawthron and Robin Sawyer. (A) Sam Carter lunges forward in an effort to keef the ball in play. (B) Amy Scott exhibits her talent by using a strong backhand in competition ot AHS. (C) Derrick Cawthorn returns a serve. Members of the AHS golf team are (kneeling) Danny Phillips, Doug Dubois, Nicky Ulrich, (standing) Kirk Pearson, Gary Garrison, John Tetens, Coach Cade, Kyle Barlen and James Johnson. Not pictured are Terry Osborn, Steve Hallowelt, Greg Miller, Brad Cox, Howard Harlon, Greg Devoll, Glenn Williams, David Clay, and Barry Osborn. Golfers Struggle To District Fifth The year started out as an exciting one for Arlington High golfers, but ended on a down swing when the linksters could only manage to place fifth in the district tournament. John Tetens was the only AHS greensmon to qualify for the regional meet. Named to this year ' s All- District team was Kyle Barlen and Tetens. The varsity squad included Barlen, Tetens, Gary Garrison, James Johnson, and Terry Osborn. Junior Gary Garrison blasts out of the sand. 192 SPORTS 75-76 GOLF SCHEDULE Diamond Oaks 10th Grand Prairie 4th Squaw Creek 1 1 th Mesquite 1 st Arlington Classic 2nd L.B. Houston 3rd Mountain Valley 1 st Austin 5th Rolling Hills, Lamar 2nd Brownwood 1 st Tyler 1 1 th District 7 AAAA 5th Brookhaven 9th (A) John Tetens powers his downward swing. (B) Nicky Ulrich attempts to make a birdie putt. (C) Kyle Barien tees off in the Cowtown Tournament. SPORTS 1 93 Scott Bair Brad Rogi Df ttie 1 976 Arlington High School Colt Varsity Baseball Squad include (left to right, front row) Manager Sands Weems, Gary Burglond, Steve Hawrylak, , Mickey Grosty, Brad Pierce, (second row), Jim Bob Litherlond, Daniel Battle, Tab Blackstone, Steve Brannon, Andy Draughn, Vernon Jones, Dusty Bogga rs, (back row) Chip Thompkins, Gerald Brown, Rex Schimpf, Jack Holmes, Rodney Kalina, Danny Smith, Keith Walker and Team Coach Bud Miller. Baseballers Begin With High Hopes for District Crown Arlington High ' s baseball team opened the season with high hopes for a district crown. AHS had several good reasons for their optimism. The Colts were coming off a strong season the year before in which they lost two close games to future state champ Duncanville. Those were the only district games AHS lost last year with the exception of a one-run decision to Highland Park. The Colts, had four return- ing starters for the 1 976 season. They included pitcher Keith Walker, shortstop Danny Smith, catcher Gerald Brown, and second baseman Gary Burgland. These players were aided by players up off a winning B-Team. The dugout contemplates the Colt situatio 194 SPORTS Jack Holmes took the mound for Arlington ' s first district contest against first year competitor Bowie. Holmes struck out 1 8 batters as Arlington outscored the Vols 8-0. Keith Walker picked up the win on o windy day against Lamar by a 9-1 count. Next the high riding Colts took Highland Park 3-2 to set up a big showdown against also undefeated MacArthur. Walker pitched o brilliant game as the Colts ran their record to 4-0 with a close win. However, just as it seemed that Arlington could not be stopped. Grand Prairie of all people turned the tables on AHS 6-1. This was to be the start of the Colts ' downfall as they dropped consecutive one- run decisions to Irving and Irving Nimitz. This left Arlington out of first place by two full games. AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS VARSITY SCORES 2 AHHS 1 SGP 6 EHHS 3 Southwest 3 Southwest 4 EHHS 6 Wyatt 5 SGP 2 Denison 5 Denison 8 Bowie 9 Lamar 3 HP 3 MacArthur 1 GP Irving 1 Nimitz 7 Duncanville Sam 2 Sam 2 MacArthur 2 Duncanville (A) Safely sliding into third is Steve Hawrylak. (B) Pitcher Keith Walker and catcher Gerald Br prepare their plans for the upcoming batter. SPORTS 195 Colts Grab 4th After Duncanville The Colts worked out their frustrations on the state champion Duncanville Panthers exploding for seven runs in the middle innings to win. Sam Houston pulled tricks on AHS one more time and preceded to knock the Colts out of the district race. With two outs in the last inning, Texan Les White scored from second base on o steal and a passed ball for a 1 -0 victory. Steve Brannon was the loser. The Colts set out to get revenge the very next night against Sam, and touched the Texans for a pair of first inning runs. Walker made the lead stand up for a 2-0 shutout win, which knocked Sam out of the running for the title. Arlington ended the season on a down note with a pair of losses to MacArthur, 3-2, and Duncan- ville, 6-2. AHS was fourth in the zone behind champion Duncanville. ■r liflianini ' i awr ' - ' " ■ (A) Slamming a double into the outfield as another Colt run comes home is Gerald Brown. (B-D) Illustrating the accuracy of his famed Colt pitch. Senior Keith Walker demonstrates the development of his windup. V % . ' »» H »ll l ' ; »» JV Posts 8-1 Record for ' 76 Season Arlington High ' s Colt Junior Varsity baseball squad concluded a highly successful season with on 8-1 district record, the best in 7-AAAA ranks. Coached by Judson Pritchard, the Ponies began the season with a loss to Arlington Heights and a win over Eastern Hills. They then managed a doubleheader split with Fort Worth Southwest. March proved to be a very wet month for the Metroplex and consequently played havoc with the baseball team. Rematches with both Heights and Hills were rained out, as was the conclusion of the Lamar Tournament, in which Arlington lost to Haltom and Lamar, and beat Bowie. Arlington ' s only loss in district play was to the Sam Houston Texans. The Colts, however, beat Sam in two previous games. B-Team members included pitchers Steve Elder, Mike Lamon, Kirk Lewis, and Mark Wade. John Wade, and Kevin Moses handled the catching. Infielders included Bruce Bowen, Darrell Agee, Jerry Bar- croft, Curt Culbertson, Pete Bruton, Carlos Battle, Mark Wade, Allen Roberts, and Joe Dunn. Playing outfield were Larry Sadler, Dave Johnson, Keith Sherrill, Eddie Bells, Elder Roberts, Barcroft, and Dunn. (A) Warming up on deck is Allen Roberts. (B) An- xiously awaiting the tag on his opponent, catcher Chip Thompkins watches guard over home plate. Bi . y - ' ' ' ' ' r« : 1t ' 9t r » l M»fcA«M » .- 1 h V ft ' B-TEAM SCORES AHS 1 AHHS 8 AHS 4 EHHS 1 AHS 2 Southwest 5 AHS 7 Southwest 3 AHS Haltom 4 AHS 8 SGP 3 AHS 6 Wyatt 1 AHS 2 Lamar 4 AHS 17 Bowie 2 AHS 12 Bowie AHS 3 Lamar 2 AHS 10 HP AHS 6 MacArthur 3 AHS 5 GP 4 AHS 3 Irving 1 AHS 2 Sam 1 AHS Sam 2 AHS 5 Nimitz 2 AHS 12 Duncanville 5 AHS 3 Sam 4 ' ' S ' Ki - ' -tv--.f- - (A) Demonstrating perfect pitching tech niques is Mike Laman. (B) Moving fielded the ball Peter Bruton turns to nail down the runner. (C) After receiving his catcher ' s signal, Mark Wade eyes the plate in preparation for a third strike. SPORTS 1 99 Soccer Goes 4-2 For City Second Soccer at Arlington High got off to a rousing start in its initial season, posting a 10-2 record and finishing second in city competition. The AHS team was coached by Randy Porter, who was new to the sport. Both of Arlington ' s losses came at the hands of Lamar, the district champions. The first year program was characterized by lack of support. The gomes drew small crowds and were not publicized very well. Arlington played their first gome against Mansfield High School and trounced them 16-0. Ail city schools fielded a team in the first year of organized soccer competition. Junior Tim Posten boots the ball during a Bowie encounter as James Schaefer stands ready to back him up Competing with area teams during its first year of existence for a 1 0-2 overall record, the 1 975-76 Soccer team members are (bock row) Coach Randy Porter, Tim Orr, Paul Liberoto, Karmen Karleski, James Schaefer, Tim Bedison, (second row) Kombiz Ghomghan, Kamrooz Majd, Barry Huhn, Tyler Hart, Forzel Fazel, David Nichols, (third row) Mike Haj-Sheikh, Tom Poston, Mike Craddock, Alan Tmgley, Mark Baker, (front row) Mark Croysdale, Rod Hartmon, Bob Lewis, Grady Herzog, and Marty Connely. ' y x -« - ' r-j: r -:-v. ' " • v Cheerleader Quantity Boosts 1 975-76 Colt Spirit Quality With the addition of several new girls sports and varsity soccer, a need arose for more cheerleaders. This need was quickly met by the election of ten girls to lead the student body in cheering on oil the Colt teams. Serving as cheerleaders were Regan Lyie, Sherry Higgin- botham, Kathy Elder, Karen Near, Lynn Jeffery, Kim Menge, Janelle Burnette, Isy Priddy, Susan Bloom, and Kay Kelly. Six sophomores made up the junior varsity squad that kept the action going in the stands at all B-Team games. Stacey Burris, Kelley Davis, Nancy Malone, Debbie Brown, Trocie Arnold, and Sherry Johnson led these chores. Leading the life of on AHS cheerleader kept the girls busy with a multitude of jobs including planning pep rallies, painting posters, and selling ribbons. AHS cheerleaders could be found on the sidelines of foot- ball, basketball, soccer, volleyball, baseball, and track events for both boys and girls teams. Miss Gay Friess acted as sponsor of the cheerleader squad for this year. 1 975-76 varsity cheerleaders include (from left to right) Regan LyIe, Sherry Higginbot- hom, Kolhy Elder, Karen Near, and Lynn Jeffery. 202 SPORTS SPORTS 203 Awards Honor Outstanding Athletes at Sports Dinners Football players took a night off for the annual Football Banquet where awards for outstanding players were presented. Award winning athletes included Defensive Player, Lawton Carlton; Most Valuable Player, Gerald Brown; Grover Cribbs Lineman of the Year, Brian Egan; Sportsmanship, Bob McCrady; James Crouch Fighting Heart, Gary Burgland and Mike Thomas. Ending the list of outstanding athletes wer e B-Teom Players of the Year, Temple Aday and Kirk Justice. Basketball players held their banquet at the King ' s Table. Awards given at the dinner were the Most Valuable Player Award, to Dean Dillhoff. " Mr. Hustle " was given to Bryan Bishop. Lettermen for the Colt squad included Bryan Bishop, Dean Dillhoff, Steve Cooles, and Mike May. Other lettermen were Frank McDade, Rob Roberts, Steve Elder, Allen Roberts, Ralph McPherson, Dave Berndt, and Cole Vardeman. Managers Randy Williams and Kirk Lewis also received letters. |A) Bob McCrady receives the Sportsmanship Aword, (B) Gerald Brown accepts the Most Valuable Player Award from lost year ' s winner Gary Wood. B ra pns ■ " H 1 w-M 1 M.-Jm ■ 204 SPORTS Ramada Hosts Fern Athletic Banquet Ramada Inn hosted the girls- sports awards banquet. With o full audience the banquet con- sisted of 275 guests. Awards were presented to athletes in all three sports. Teddi Adelman, former basketball player and recipient of both basketball awards, presented the Shirley Adelman Dedication award to senior guard Janice Nichols. Joyce Dougherty was presented the Most Valuable Player award. Paula Sleose, the new girls track and cross country coach, presented the " Most Improved member " award to Michelle Chaussee. Julie White proudly accepted both the High Point and the Most Dedicated Member awards. Lynda Brodham, girls volley- ball coach, announced the Most Improved Player award recip- ient to be Kristi Ziegler. Cindy Green was voted to receive the Three D Award, recognizing her dedication, devotion, and desire. All three teams presented the coaches with tokens of their appreciation. The Junior Var- sity basketball girls presented Coach Sleose with a plaque recog- nizing the district co-champion coach. The Varsity girls honored Coach Stricklin with a painting with several angles and expres- sions of herself. The track team presented bracelets to Coaches Slease and Stricklin. Coach Brodham showed her owe as the girls presented her with a hand quilted blanket. (A) Joyce Dougherty, all-state guard, receives " Most Valuable Player " award. (B) Janice Nich takes the Shirley Adelmon Dedication Award. (C) Track star Julie (Speedy) White gets the High Point ond Most Dedicated Athlete oward. (D) Seniors Mendy Kennemer and Terri Turner c Junior Wendy Wilson earn all-state rankings. SPORTS 205 Thincladders Recognized for Year ' s Efforts at Banquet At the annual Track and Cross Country Banquet, Colt runners were recognized for their year ' s achievements. Senior Brad Burris and Junior Bob Payne shared the Most Valuable Track and Field Award for their leadership ability and competitive spirit. Brad, after a year of state ranking in the pole vault, journeyed to Austin to compete in the Texas Relays. He placed fourth in pole vault and sixth in the 1 20 yard high hurdles. He later shattered his own district record by vaulting 14 ' 7 " at a district meet held at Wilemon Field. Bob Payne had his share of success, placing fourth in the two-mile run at the Texas Relays in Austin. At the regional meet in Denton, he set a personal record in the mile of 4:21 .1 , but failed to qualify for the state meet by placing third in the event. Other Banquet Awards given included The Most Improved Runners of 1 976, awarded to Sophomore Cameron Bird, Junior Bob Payne, and Seniors Rob Sprang, Steve Prather, and Brad Burris. The Most Improved Fieldman of 1 976 were Sophomore Steve Warner, Juniors Will Bowers, and Scott Parker, and Senior Brad Burris. Held in the AHS cafeteria the banquet was presided over by Coaches Gerald Richey and Randy Porter, who announced the awards and their recipients. Parents of the thincladders supplied vegetables, salads and breads to accompany the smoked turkey served as the main course of the dinner. (A) Bob Payne is presented the most valuable Track and Field award by Coach Porter. (B) James Cribbs and Brad Burris admire the Colt Relays trophy and receive Congrats from Coach Gerald Richey. • 206 SPORTS Varsity Scores FOOTBALL AHS 20 AHHS 6 AHS 8 HPHS 7 AHS 7 SHHS 9 AHS 14 Duncanville AHS 14 Nimitz 16 AHS 9 MacArthur AHS 28 Bowie AHS 14 Grand Prairie 10 AHS 21 Irving 15 AHS 14 Lamar 3 AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS BASEBALL 2 AHHS 4 SGP 6 EHHS 3 Southwest 3 Southwest 4 EHHS 6 Wyatt 5 SGP 2 Denison 5 Denison 8 Bowie 9 Lamar 3 HPHS 3 MacArthur 1 GP Irving 1 Nimitz 7 Duncanville Sam 2 Sam 2 MacArthur 2 Duncanville VOLLEYBALL Nimitz Won Grand Prairie Won Duncanville Won Sam Houston Won Irving Won MacArthur Won Bowie Won Lamar Won GIRLS BASKETBALL AHS 63 . . . . . Bowie 23 AHS 74 . . . . . Sam Houston 54 AHS 78 . . . . . Lamar 40 AHS 64 . . . . .Mineral Wells 39 AHS 37 . . . . . Duncanville 38 AHS 74 . . . . .Grand Prairie 38 AHS 73 . . . . . Bowie 33 AHS 43 . . . . . Sam Houston 33 AHS 50 . . . . . Lamar 49 AHS 61 . . . . .Mineral Wells 43 AHS 41 . . . . . Duncanville 43 AHS 74 . . . . .Grand Prairie 52 GOLF Diamond Oaks 10th Grand Prairie 4th Squaw Creek 1 1 th Mesquite 1st Arlington Classis 2nd L.B. Houston 3rd Mountain Valley 1st Austin 5th Rolling Hills 2nd Brownwood 1 st Tyler 1 1 th District 7AAAA 5th Brookhaven 9th ■IF BASKETBALL AHS 46. . Wyatt 50 AHS 56. . Sunset 40 AHS 51 . . Southwest 62 AHS 68. . Paschal 54 AHS 59. . Western Hills 58 AHS 65 . .W.T.White 59 AHS 71 . . Pinkston 54 AHS 55. . Richardson 57 AHS 58. . Wyatt 68 AHS 67 . .AHHS 41 AHS 44 . . Lamar 36 AHS 47. . Nolan 43 AHS 48. . Woodrow Wilson 46 AHS 61 . . Lake Highlands 45 AHS 54. . Lewisville 42 AHS 62 . .LD. Bell 61 AHS 48. . Paschal 49 AHS 60. .HPHS 49 AHS 51 . . Bowie 23 AHS 60. . Sam 62 AHS 54 . . Irving 46 AHS 69. . Lamar 59 AHS 57. .MacArthur 59 AHS 67. . Duncanville 32 AHS 73 . .Nimitz 48 AHS 76 . .Grand Prairie 62 AHS 62 . .Highland Park 48 AHS 56. . Bowie 44 AHS 49. . Sam 61 AHS 57. . Irving 54 AHS 78 . Lamar 50 AHS 76 , MacArthur 52 AHS 90 . Duncanville 56 AHS 64 . Nimitz 52 AHS 71 Grand Prairie 57 209 School Policies Headed by Hard-Working Administration For the last year, Arlington schools were headed by jovial Superintendent James W. Martin. At the end of June, Mr. Martin retired after 21 years of lead- ing Arlington schools through a tremendous period of growth. Under Mr. Martin ' s leader- ship the more than 27,000 students enrolled in over 30 schools, were exposed to a cur- riculum that was constantly being added to and upgraded. Mr. Martin took particular pride in the progress made in vocational, special, and physical education. Working with him were the members of the Arlington Inde- pendent School Board, President Truett C. Boles, Vice President J. M. Farrell, Secretary William Bondurant, and Mrs. Tye Barnett, Mr. Phil McGahey, Mr. Dan Dipert, and Mr. Elwood Priess. (A) Awaiting ttie start of a monthly meeting are school board members Mr. McGahey, Dr. Farrell, and Mr. Priess. (B) Mr. Martin and Mr. Counts head the Administration staff in decision-making activities. (C) Reviewing reports prior to a meeting is a monthly task tor school board members Mrs. Barnett, Mr. Bondurant, and Mr. Dipert. Spirited Principal Relates ' Dreams ' for Arlington High What does S-P-l-R-l-T-E-D spell? Mr. James Crouch, Arlington High principal! Always eager to find new and helpful techniques in the field of education, Mr. Crouch still found the time to keep an eye on the athletic aspect of AHS. " Decked-out " from head to toe in AHS colors, Mr. Crouch was enthusiastic and helpful to the morale of Colt Spirit. (A) Weoring his " football ' uniform, Mr. Crou flasfies a grin. (B) Mr. Crouch never forgets O spirit even in routine tasks. (C) Cravens Field is formally christened as Colt territory. FACULTY 211 Enthusiastic Vice Principals Oversee Home of AHSers AHS was blessed with three vice principals this year. Mrs. Mildred Helms, Mr. Bob Howington and Mr. Wendell Lackey could be caught sashaying down halls and policing covert corners. Among their many duties the vice principals still could find time to talk to passing students and give encouraging advice. Announcements were the prized duty of Mr. Lackey. Girls and boys attendance were closely monitored by the vice principals. (A) Mrs. Mildred Helms shows her school spirit through attendance at one of the many AHS athletic events. (B) Vice Principal Wendell Lackey t with a Texan spirit during annual Howdy Day festivities. (C) Vice Principal Bob Howington smiles patiently, while answering another Monday n bines Mexican fla ling absentee call • 212 FACULTY Willing Counselors Lend Helping Hand To Puzzled Arlington High Students " The Fantastic Four " at AHS featured outstanding women who were always ready and willing to lend a helping hand to puzzled and bewildered students. Besides individual counseling " The Four " aided in aptitude testing, class ranking, enrolling, and selecting courses for AHS students. (A) " What happened to the rest of my speech? " wonders AHS counselor Ann Schmidt. (B) Mrs. Carol Winter begins to show obvious signs of strain after o long day at registration. (C] Mrs. Cleo Keith helpfully points out an alternative to an AHSer. (D) A puzzled Jozelle Whitfield asks, " Are you sure you want to go to this college? " FACULTY 213 AHS Runs Smoothly With Help From Able Secretaries Probably the ones most responsible for keeping Ar- lington High running smooth- ly were the five ladies in the offices. Their was a constant job of answering phones and questions posed by both stu- dents and teachers. Mrs. Jeanne Butler tried to keep Principal James Crouch ' s affairs in order, while Mrs. Becky Anthony totaled up the many activity accounts in her duties as bookkeeper. Attendance accounting occupied Mrs. JoAnn Derrick and Mrs. Helen Crofford, while Mrs. Jean Pitzer manned the counseling office. (A) Mrs. Crofford, Mrs. Derrick, and Doreen Mc- Coll mark attendance. (B) Mrs. Jean Pitzer gives some helpful advice to Robbie Lowing. (C) Mrs. An- thony tries to clear up on account with Mrs. Butler. • 214 FACULTY Special Workers Coordinate Efficient School Programs Always available for assistance, the librarians were ready to help book-ridden students. Mrs. Pat Moses, Mrs. Virginia Coker, and Mrs. Rebecca Cretsinger kept the library in tip-top shape at all times. Getting students a job was a special duty of Resource Teacher, Mrs. Linda Johnson. " Sticks and stone may break your bones, " but Mrs. Ward can heal heal them. School nurses decided between true illness and the students ' fabrications. (A) Mrs. Johnson prepares for class. (B) Mrs. Cretsinger guards the door to the reference room. (C) Nurse Lucille Ward welcomes o sick student to the clinic. (D) Mrs, Coker and Mrs.Moses check out a new record they will add to the library. FACULTY 215 Soph Classes Lend Their Ears to American Literature " Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears. " This was what the soph English classes did this year . . . Sophomores " suffraged " through " The Lottery " and were miserable during " Les Miserable ' s, " a film about a poverty stricken Frenchmen. Miracles were worked by Sophs as they poured over novels such as " A Separate Peace, " " Master and Man, " " The Pearl, " and " The Miracle Worker. " " If you have tears, prepare to shed them now, " because this was only the beginning of the end. Kgg (A) Mrs. Williams flashes a smile while registering one of her first AHS students. (B) Mrs. Vincent copies one of her famous tests. (C) Mrs. Moore shows her music ability by playing the tambourine at a pep rally. • 216 FACULTY Junior Students Prepare Themes What did Junior themes, classic novels, and aptitude tests have in common? They were all a part of the Junior English curriculum. Juniors " presented " their ancestors for evaluation by the English teachers. To help their students get " into " the bicentennial spirit, English instructors asked students to prepare geneologies. " The Scarlet Letter " and " To Kill o Mockingbird " were read by Juniors. (A) Mrs. Lovelace lectures on Junior English themes. (B) Registration brings astonishment to Mrs. Wiseman. (C) Mrs. Dodgen helps Allan Broko FACULTY 217 (A) " Do your peas have red dots on them? " asks Miss Susan Ferris. (B) " Smile for the camero, Janet, " Mrs. Flo Francis urges Mrs. Janet Wallace. (C) Mrs. Melba McKnight wearily checks the at- tendance of her flu-str icken English class. • 218 FACULTY English Themes, Novels, Plays, Films Surround Seniors A fheme a day did not keep the Senior English teachers away. Besides themes, students were surrounded by novels, plays and films. " Gulliver ' s Travels, " " Lord of the Flies, " " 1984 " " Animal Farm, " and " Cry the Beloved Country, " were just a sample of the literature to which Seniors were exposed. " Whether ' tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of out- rageous fortunes " was asked by seniors while they studied William Shakespeare. Tragic was not the Greek philosopher Sophocles ' classic works. " Oedipus " and " Antigone " were a few of this man ' s great teachings that were discussed in senior classes. The climax of the Senior English year was the classic film " A Lion in Winter, " This film told about King Henry II and his decision for an heir. Vocabulary books were used by students to prepare them for college and the ever-present college entrance tests. (A) Department head Martha Roark presides over a meeting of English teachers. (B) Awaiting his cue to begin, Brian Tucker reads over his lines during an English play. FACULTY 219 Several Courses Enrich Math Art Mathematically minded students took their pick from the many math courses at Arlington High. From the Fundamentals of Mathematics to Analytic Geometry, AHS ' s Mathematic Department offered all the moth that students and teachers could handle. (A) Miss Patricia McCormack and Mrs. Judy Cask agree that there are too many A ' s in (B) " That nice young man wrote that work? " asks Mrs. Karen Lowe of Mrs. Elken Beard (C) " I could have sworn that I |ust put the test key on the lop of my desk, " thinks Mr. James Anton. 220 FACULTY M [ 1 IkJ 1 M F V (A) Mrs. Bea Falvo beams as the bell sounds the end of another day. (B) " I can ' t believe you said that Barry " gasps Miss Gay Friess. (C) Coach Barnette doesn ' t answer to " How ' s your love life? " (D) Mrs. Lou Baker says, " If I smile they will wonder what I ' ve done. " (E) Mrs. Grace Roberts is speechless. FACULTY 221 • • 222 FACULTY Squeamish Science Students Learn of Worms Disections, equations, and experiments were part of the action the Science De- partment tackled. Chemistry students fumbled around making marble models and crucifying crucibles critically. The red-beamed laser in Physics awoke uninterested students and the red Jennie in the crystal bottle amazed everyone. Worms, pigs, fish, and frogs, drenched in formaldehyde, kept squeamish girls out of Biology classes. AHS students were full of rocks during Geology classes. Fossils, besides the teachers, were scrutinized by inquisitive pupils. Although the Biology, Chemistry, Geology, and Physics Departments were important, the individual teachers themsevles were far superior. (A) " Okay, what ' s your excuse today?, " questions Mrs. Cafaro. (B) " What do you mean I look like Yogi Bear? " asks Mr. Theobalt. (C) Mr. Code won- ders about an AHSer who doesn ' t like WMe Nelso FACULTY 223 (A) " Girls, they just took our picture, ' Mrs. Mary Basham informs Mrs. Bonnie Shelley and Mrs. Ruth Butle (B) Mr. Ben Bailey cant believe the refs call. (C) " This class isn ' t a democracy — it ' s a generous dic- tatorship, " Mr. James Swan tells his history class. (D) Mr. Ricky Sherrod lectures his history class. • 224 FACULTY History Courses Stress Bicentennial Through Projects " Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country. " There was enough history " dug up " this year to keep AHS students learning the facts of the past, present, and future until the tri-centennial. Projects dealing with the country ' s birthday, coupled with election year politics kept classes alive. (A) Mrs. Natalee Parr is hard at work making Ameri- can History as interesting as possible. (B) The faculty Christmas tea isn ' t all fun for Mrs. Shirley Hagan, work in hand. (C) Mrs. Turney at- tends a bi-centennial celebration. (D) Mr. Wil- moth and Coach Stovall catch a breath of fresh air. j " ,» m Fine Arts Teachers Inspire Talents " All for one and one for oil " was the motto for the AHS Journalism, Drama, Band, Art and Choir, or the Fine Arts Department. Journalism and Art classes pooled ideas for cover designs. Both departments participated in extracurricular activities, such as art sales and workshops. Musicals, assemblies and half-time shows were presented by a joint effort of the band and choir. Thanks to the drama classes AHS was never without enter- tainment ranging from Marilyn Monroe to Pooh Rear. (A) Mrs. Phyllis Forehand approves a newspaper article. (B) Miss Barbara Ecabert conducts the band at Country Jamboree. (C) Scarlett O ' Hara (alios Drama teacher Vicki Tapp) seorches for Rhett Butler among the laugh- ing faces of AHS students and exes. (D) " What is that bug doing on my stand? " wonders Director Mike Walker. • 226 FACULTY (A) " Must you continue to entertain the class with your finger paintings of Howard Cosell? " Mrs. Martha Richardson asks James Schaffer. (B) Mr. Dan Rash dir Chamber Singers in a tribute to Arlington ' s 100th birthday. (C) " These liverwurst on pumpernickel sonc viches really make my day, ' remarks Mr, Ron Durham FACULTY 227 • Languages Provide Cultural Influence What was Latin, German, French, and Spanish? The Foreign Language Department of AHS. All Foreign Language classes participated in extracurricular activities such as parties, conventions, nationwide college placement tests, and dances. Most of the Foreign Language Clubs had their own distinctive T-shirts. Money-making projects at the Colt County Fair featured food and games. " La Cantina, " the Spanish restaurant, sold chili, nachos, and tacos. Germans dished up hot dogs, root beer, and hot pretzels. French students furnished fun as they hosted a " Jaws " peg-throw. Altogether the Foreign Language Department offered a varied curriculum. (A) " Bonbons taste best if eaten whole, " swallow Ms. Sharon Mars. (B) Hide the nachos, here come Mr. Crouch, " suggests Mrs. Dorothy Holland. (C) Randy Parker poses with Herr Fink at the Edelwei " 228 FACULTY Home Ec, Cosmetology Develop Skills For Present Enjoyment, Later Life Cosmetology featured a free haircut for interested students. While observers watched the skill and technique of the barbers, cosmetic and grooming tips were given. Home Economics classes learned the art of sewing and cooking properly. The aroma of exotic dishes lured many stu- dents close to the cooking room. Home and Family Living and Child Development classes taught AHSers the practical and functional aspects of everyday life. (A) " On the good ship lollipop, " chants Mrs. Helen Bowen. (B) Reminiscing the fabulous 40 ' s, Mrs. Betty Evans acts as a prop and holds the silver screen. (C) Mrs. Rebecca McDonald taps her toot to the tune of the Andrews Sisters. (D) Mrs. May Hum- phries chuckles at the antics at the faculty skit. FACULTY 229 Business Classes Provide Abilities For Occupations In the old rhyme " readin ' and writin ' and ' rithmatic, " one basic element of school was left out — business. Business courses enable a student to begin the makings of a career while still in high school. Typing and shorthand were just a few of the many business courses offered at AHS. Both helped a student find a job and earn money for college expenses. Business courses not only helped students earn money but business law and general business taught an individual how to budget his money. To save a student ' s hard earned money, Bookkeeping I and II, recordkeeping and clerical practice came in handy. Salesmanship courses were also offered at AHS. Students learned the art and technique of mastering the field of business and the occupation of a salesman. (A) Mrs. Marie Crouch discusses " Magic Margin " setting as James Cribbs looks on. (B) Mrs. Diane Mariar scans the paper for typographical errors. 230 FACULTY (A) " First one up gets a 7-UP, " says Mrs. Jo Ann Richey to Mrs. Pat Thompson, Mrs. Crouch, and Mrs. Gloria Shaffer. (B) Mrs. Thompson dictates rhythmically, while beginning shorthand students try to keep up. Looking over Gwyn Reddy ' s head, Mrs. Mildred Shupee finds she is counting the calories in her new diet. FACULTY 231 Students Learn Career Skills From Myriad of Courses Training in vocational courses made it possible for students to acquire skills for occupations that require tedious training. Photography, Health Occupations, Industrial Cooperative Training Coordinated Vocational Academic Education, Electronics, Distributive Education, Agriculture, and Industrial Arts were the specialized curriculum offered in the Vocational Department at Arlington High. (A) Mr. John Ritter devises a fiendishly cl. assignment for his ICT students. (B) Mr. Jei Wunderlich and Mr. Kirk Stntlmatter finalize plans for the DECA area convention. (C) Mr. Kirk Edney and Mr. Danny Schertz appear mesmerized by the thought of taking Grand Prize at the fat stock shov». (D) Mrs. Patsy Sprocklen and Mrs. Cloye od sponsor the CVAE Christmas breakfast. FACULTY 233 • Active Coaches Participate in Swim Meet, Pep Rallies Physical Education classes were a welcome change from the hum- drum or routine reading, writing, and arithmetic. Stretching those muscles and building those biceps kept athletic prone students always prepared for action. Lifetime Sports, a coeducational class, made sports a fun-but- learning experience. New lockers in the girl ' s dressing room resulted in a new record for suiting out. PE classes enjoyed the typical sports of track, volleyball, basketball, soccer, gymnastics, and tennis. (A) Volleyball Coach Linda Bradham is dubious of a refs call. (B) " We ' re from Arlington High, " chants Coach Mike O ' Brien. (C) " We just can ' t have girl trainers this year, " Coach Richey tells Mrs. Schmidt. 234 FACULTY Interested Instructors Pronnote Driver ' s Ed, ROTC Drivers education in- structors found themselves in a teann situation this year as they were presented v ith a brand new simulator to use in their teaching. Films depicting nearly every possible driving hazard were shown to the stu- dents. The novice drivers were even subjected to snow and ice driving via film. This new method enabled students to complete drivers ed during o one-quarter period. ROTC teachers weathered another battle of enrollment and gained a year ' s reprieve. They also expanded their classes to the junior highs. (A) Sgl. Childers intently watches the Colts. (B) After " swimming for his lite ' Randy Porter dodg- es a flying towel. (C) Dale Archer starts rounding up his players for some last minute instructions. (D) ROTC member Tom leach is promoted by Col. Robinson. (E) " Soy what? " asks Mr. Pritchard. 236 FACULTY irv J l Monster Burgers, " The Combo " Add Variety to Lunches " The Combo " could be seen playing in the AHS cafeteria. Despite a terrific loss in revenue, the cafeteria crew carried on serving hungry students delicious edibles. Sweet rolls and milk in the morning kept sleepy students on the go ' til the bell rang for lunch. Cafeteria workers broadened their menu to include not only the well balanced meal but also nourishing snacks. (A) Alma Pendley and Lorene McLeroy mind the counter during the lunch period at AHS. (B) The lunchrc McLeroy, Dottie Rogstad, Marie Hcuser, Rosie McLaughlin, and Mildred Waldrup. (C) Rosie McLaughlir 1 ladies tor 1 975-76 are Lee Schmit, Alma Pendley, Helen Dyer, Lorene adies the " famou« " cinnamon rolls tor the AHS hungry lunch crowd. Veteran Custodians Tackle Problems The cleanest boys hours their vigor in town were the and vitality never Arlington High dwindled. custodians. With mops and brooms Those blinkin ' as their weapons red lights they tackled kept the the enemy of maintenance all enemies — dirt. engineers Among the many on the run custodians at from sunrise AHS, the day custodians to sunset. included Wayland Terry, Despite the Gerald M. Umphress, long and tedious Mary West, and Joe Terrell. (A) Mr. Woyland Terry takes a break from his busy schedule. (B) Mr. Gerald Umphress waits for another call for his help. (C) Mrs. Mary West, Mr. Terry, Mr. Umphress, and Mr. Joe Terrell are among the day custodian; 238 FACULTY Faculty Index WIKrtR, MRS. CAROL — MEd Sam Houston Slate University; Counselor; Ameri- cans Abioad. W3SE5, AMIS. PATRIOA — BS East Te«as State University; Librarian; Library Qub. ARCHER, MR. DALE — MEd Texas Wesleyan College; Head Basketball Coach, Driven Education; Safety Council. BAILEY, AlUl BEN — ME Central State University; American History, Ameri- can Culture; Football Coach. BAKER, MRS. LOU — BA Trinity University; Algebra II, Introduction to Alge- bra II; Senior Class. BARNETTE, ML JAMES — MEd University of Texas — El Poso; Geometry; Football Coach. BASHAM, MRS. MARY MARGARET — BA Baylor University; American History, English III. BEARDEN, MRS. ELKEN — MA UTA: Trigonometry, Elementary Analysis, Calculus, btroduction to Algebro II; National Honor Society. BOGGAN, RS. ELIZABETH — RN St. Margaret ' s ffosptiol School of Nursing; Heolth Occupations; Texas Association of Health Occupa- tion Students. BOWEN, MRS. HELEN — BS Texas Women ' s University; Home Economics Cooperative Education, Home ond Family Living, Home Furnishing; HEC£, Sophomore Qass. BRADHAM, MRS. LYNDA — BS East Texas State University; Giris ' PE; Volleyball Cooch. BUTLER, MRS. RUTH — MA dork University; English III, Americon History. CADE, IWR. MIKE — MS Eost Texas State University; Chemistry; Golf Coach. CHILDERS, SGT. EARL — BA TCU; Aerospace Educotion; AFjROTC, Junir Oass. QEMENTS, MRS. MARY — MEd Baylor University; Chemistry, Biology; Junior Clos! CRCHKH, MRS. MARIE — MBA Lfciri ' ersity of Texas; Typing I, Typing II; FBLA. DODGEN, t RS. JUANITA — MA UTA; English III, Creative Writing, English IV, Debate; Debate Coach. DURHAM, MR. RON — BA Sul Ross State University; Commericol Art, Cloy, Jewelry; Art Club. ECABERT, iWISS BARBARA — BME Texas Chrishon University; Concert Bond, Wind Ensemble; Arlettes. H NEY, MR. KIRK — BS Texas A AA; Vo-Ag Cooperative Troinin(j; t-FA, biteroct. EVANS, MRS. BETTY Texas A M; Cosmetology; VICA. EVANS, MR HARRY — MEd Texas Wesleyan College; Vocational Adjustment Coordinator. FALVO, MRS. B£A — MA UTA; Algebra II, Ecofwmics, Leadership Training; HNK, MR WILLIAM — BA George Washington University; Gerrrtan I and III; German Club, AFS. FOREHAND, MRS. PHYLLIS — BA North Texas State University; Journalism I and II, English IV; Newspaper, Yeorbooli, Quill and Scroll. FRANCIS, MRS. FLO — BSE Heitderson State Teachers College; English II H, English IV; Senior Class. FRIESS, MISS GAY — BA UTA; Georrwtry, Introduction to Algebro Port II; Cheerteoders. GASKILL, iMRS JUDY — BA Midwestern University; Geometry, Trigonometry, English III; Mu Alpho Theto. HAGAN, MRS. SHIRLEY — BS Kansas State University; American Government, World Geography; Interact. HOLLAND, MRS. DOROTHY — MA Texas Women ' s University; Spanish I ond II; Spon- ish Club. HUMPHRIES, MRS. AAARY LOU — BS Univer ty of Arkonsos; Horrre Economics II, Home Management. JOHNSON, MR. GLENN — MEd Nortfrwest AAissouri State University; Physiology, Heolth; Athlehc Trainer. JOHNSON, MRS. LINDA — MA East Texas State University; Resource English and LOVELACE, MRS. IRi«A — BS Texas Tecfi University; English II and III; Senior Qoss. LOWE, MRS. KAREN — BS East Texas Baptist College; Trigonometry, Anolytic Geometry, Algebra I, Computer Moth; Junior Oass. A«cCOR «CK, MISS PATRICIA _ MA University of Texos; Geometry, Introduchon lo Algebra; Cheerleaders. McDonald, mrs. Rebecca — bs East Texas State University; Child Development, Home and Family Living, Home Economics II; FHA. AltcKNIGHT, MRS. MELBA — MEd Southern Methodist Univenity; English II and IV; Youth Guidance Council. MARLAR, MRS. DIANE — BBA Texas Wesleyan College; Typing I and II, Business Law, Salesmanship. MARS, MRS SHARON — BA UTA; FrenrJi I and II, WoHd Geography; French Oub, Sophomore Class. MJLLER, MR JAMES — BS Texos Wesleyon College; Worid History; Head Baseball Coach. NUTTER, MR. ROBERT — MEd North Texas Stote University; Wood Shop. O ' BRIEN, MR MIKE — MEd University of Texos; Speech I, PE; Head Football Coodt. PARR, « RS. NATALEE — BA Soutf em Melfiodist University; American History. PORTER, MR. RANDY — MEd North Texas Stote University; Drivers Education; Fooltmll Coach, Soccer Coach, Sophomore Ooss. PRFTCHARD, MR. JUDSON — BS Baylor; Drivers Education; Basketball Coach, Safety Council. RASH, MR DAN — BA UTA; Choral Music; Choroliers, Chamber Singe RICHEY, MR. GERALD — MEd Abilene Chnstion College; Boys PE; Cross Country, Track, B-Teom Footfxill Cooch. RICHEY, MR. JERRY — MS East Texas Shite University; Drofting. RICHEY, MRS. JOANN — BS Abilene Chnshon College; Clericol Proctice, Book- keeping I, Record Keeping, Typing I; FBLA. RITTER, MR. JOHN — AAA North Texas State University; Industrial Coopera- live Trainirtg; Vocational Industrial Club of Am " - ROARK, MRS. Ai ARTHA — MA UTA; English IV, English IVH; Notional Honor Soci- ety, Senior Class. ROBERTS, AiWS. GRACE — A S Texas Women ' s University; Algebra I and II; Youth Guidonce Council. ROBINSON, IT. COL. JACK — BS Texas Tecb University; Aerospoce Education I, II cxtd III; Junior Class. SCHERT2, AitR. DANNY — BS Texas A M; Vocational Agriculture; Future Farm- ers of Americo. SHAFFER, MRS. GLORIA — BS Texas Wesleyan College; Typing I, Generol Busi- ness; FBLA. SHELLEY, MRS BONNIE — MEd North Texas State University; An ment, American History. SHERROD, MR RICK — BA Ambossodor College; World Geogrophy, World t story, PE. SHUPEE, UKS MILDRED — BS Texos Women ' s University; Vocational Office Edu- cation; OHice Education Associotion, Notional fforKK Society. SIEASE, AlUSS PAULA — BS Konsos State College of Pittsburg; Psychology, HeaWi, Physical Educohon; Girls Trock Cooch, JV oirls Basketball Coach. SA«EDLEY, MR LARRY — BS Soutftwest Texas State University; Photography; Ftioto Club. SMITH, MR ROY — BS Sul Ross State University; General Metol, Power AAechonics, AAetol I and II; Sophomore Closs. STOVALL, MR. MIKE — BS Abilene Chrishon College; Government; Footlxill Cooch strk:kun, ahiss juoy — us North Texas State University; Physical Educohon, Lifetime Sports, Heohh; Girls Bosketfxill Coach. SIRfnAiWTTER, MR. KIRK — BBA North Texas State University; Distribuhve Educa- tion I and II; DECA SWAN, UIL JAAAES — BS h4ortti Texas State University; Psychology, lA II. IHEOBALI, A R. RICKY — BS LJTA; Geology, Oceanography, Fundamentals of Ailath II; Sophomore Class. THOA»PSON, A RS. PAT — ME North Texas State University; Bookeeping I ond II, Shorthand I and II; National Honor Society, FBLA. TURNEY, MRS. ANN — BA Hendnx College; American Government, Sociol- ogy; Youth GuidorKe Council, Sophomore Class. WALLACE, A»RS. JANET — BS Texas Chnstion University; English IV, English II H; Red Ooss Council, Senior Class. WHARTON, MR. MICHAEL — BS UTA; f hysics. Physical Science, Fundamentals of Moth II; Jets — Computer Club, Chess Club. WILUAAAS, MRS. CASSANDRA — BA Texas Tech University; German II, English II; Ger- man Club, AFS WILMOTH, MR. BARRY — BS Texas Tech University; Americon History, Texc ftistory, American Government; Senior Class. WUNDERLCH, MR. JEROAAE — MBE North Texas State University; Distributive Edui lion, DECA. ADVERTISING 239 " %{ ■ -tyg . vRr- S f A. i ' » , VH i. V V ■ 3T j3 1 1 A ► ' T ■ ■ l ii HskJ i 1 1 5 5SSES i Sponsors Direct Student-Planned Yearly Activities (A) Mr. Wilmoth wonders why registering Seni prefer gourmet cooking to civics. (B) Mrs. Ann Schmidt offers a welcoming smile and nfused parents at Open House. (C) Mrs. Baker, Mrs. Francis, and Mrs. Wallace become the Singing Andrews Sisters for the Homecoming Assembly. (D) Mrs. Moore daringly turns her back on her class. 242 SENIORS Readin ' , writin ' , and ' rithmetic were not the only concerns of one group of teachers who found themselves involved with menus, napkins, rock bands, and a million other things. Officially called Senior sponsors, Mr. Barry Wilmoth, Mrs. Ann Schmidt, Mrs. Flo Francis, Mrs. Janet Wallace, Mrs. irmo Lovelace, Mrs. Loveta Moore, Mrs. Lou Baker, and Mrs. Martha Roark stood behind the seniors prodding, urging, and once in a while, demanding. It was their job to help the seniors through building a float for Homecoming, staging the Senior Saloon for Colt County Fair, and numerous fund raising activities to pay for the gala end-of-the-year events. They were on hand to organize the ordering of graduation announcements and caps and gowns. They were also around as a calming force during the elections for prom themes and vespers speakers. Toward the end of school, sponsors managed to hold class while making the final plans necessary to get the Class of ' 76 officially graduated from Arlington High School on June 3. (A) Mrs. Roark instructs Cory Smith on the basics of Ready Writing. (B) Mrs. Lovelace laughs at the antics of her uninhibited Senior English class. SENIORS 243 Officers Promote Senior Activities (A) Holly Snowden acquaints a second period with upcoming activities. (B) Preparing to oke " Sam Houston, James Cribbs leads o y. • 244 SENIORS " GREEN AND WHITE WE GET OUR KICKS, SENIOR CLASS OF ' 76. " Spirited Seniors led the pep rallies with this jubilant cry OS they paraded their " Mean Green " T-shirts throughout the year. To lead the Bicentennial Class, James Cribbs was elected as president. Susan Malone, Jill Poss, Holly Snowden, and Steff Rury also aided in the emancipation of the Senior Class. Beginning in the Fall, the Class of ' 76 got ready for graduation by raising money with magazine sales, T-shirts, tea bags during spirit week, and raffles. They also raised money by sponsoring the American Heritage Day dance. Seniors finally realized that the day of reckoning had come when they received their announcements and caps and gowns. Taking a break from the hectic graduating life, the graduates held a picnic at Barbrook Park. Seniors also took a day off to rehearse for Vespers. Formally attired, seniors attended the traditional banquet and prom at the exclusive Sheraton Inn in Dallas. Some also gathered at Six Flags for an evening of fun. To make twelve years of school official, seniors received their diplomas on June 3 at Texas Hall. (A) Vice President Susan Malone dier ' score, (B) Jill Poss receives h trophy for Senior Favorite. (C) De his art skill is Steff Rury, boys soci r. Pepper strating SENIORS 245 (A) An alien from Mars? No, this peculiar-looking performer is merely Brad Rogers imitating the lead singer from " Kiss ' (B) Celeste Gay, Don Lar- son, Andy Draughn, and James Cribbs listen to mag azine soles talk. (C) Gary Burgiand passes Child Development classtime in hi • 246 SENIORS Full Calendar Keeps Seniors Actively Involved in Events (A) Who ' s Who Seniors take a ride on the Pecan Plantation fire truck. (B) Mrs. Pitzer distributes announcennents. (C) Saloon girl Dana Lackey enjoys good ol ' Colt County entertainment. SENIORS 247 • ■ 248 SENIORS Prom, Picnic Highlight Final Days for Graduating Class (A) Seniors enjoy the slide show at the banquet. (B) Steff Rury presents awards. (C) Couples dance to " Texas " at the prom. (D) Harold Walker and his date Suse Volk enjoy the excitement of prom night. SENIORS 249 Commencement Exercises Produce Bittersweet Emotion Members of the Senior Class of 1 976 met for the last time as they gathered for commencement exercises June 3 at Texas Hall on the UTA campus. Entirely led by the seniors, except for o brief address by retiring Superintendent James Martin, the ceremony saw honor speeches by Valedictorian Mendy Kennemer, Soiutatorian Ann Cretsinger, Terri Turner, and Neel Woods. Senior officers James Cribbs, Susan Malone, and Staff Rury also had ports on the impressive program. After walking across the stage for diploma folders, seniors returned to their seats for the traditional Choralier version of " You ' ll Never Walk Alone. " Then with a sigh of relief, they went to the basement for their diplomas. (A) Brian Egan and Greg Hughes relax after the cei emony. (B) Holly Palmes receives her diploma. (C) ' 76 Graduates turn in caps and gowns to sponsors. 250 SENIORS (A) Melody Forbes and Amber Fonseca reminisce while waiting to receive their diplomas. (B) Seniors sing the Alma Mater for the last time together. (C) Arlington High ' s Bicentennial Class bids final farewells. Ci SENIORS 251 • Howdy Day Dance Kicks Off Yearly Student Activity Terry Aa Vickie Adc Don Agee Lee Allen M ike Allen Rick Allen Norman Allport Jere Anderson Carlo Ashley Elizabeth Atkir Jeft Atwell Cheryl Aven Cheryl Aves Tom Bailey Diane Boldwm Debbie Boles Annette Banks Leigh Barker Barbara Berkley Michael Barrett Mike Barrett Suson Barter Daniel Battle • 252 SENIORS Cindy Bayer Marcia Beatty Robin Beavers Tim Bedison Jody Benson Doug Bentley Suzanne Berry Tina Betz Tammy Bice Danny Biggs Lindo Bighorn Vicki Binkley Bryan Bishop Roger Biochly Ernie Black Lori Black Tab Blackstone James Blain Cindy Charles and James Cribbs let the music move their soul SENIORS 253 • AHS School-Sponsored Clubs Attract Senior Interests Jeanne Bland Marty Blonkenship Amy Bledsoe Mary Bodenhomer Mary Bohannon Kothy Fisher finds the see-sow on odded attraction during the fall FBLA pi • 254 SENIORS Mercedes Caslil Cynthia Charles Karen Cherry Anna Cheshire EliseChilders Kim Chi! Stewart Cho Matt Clifford Leann Cline Kathie Cluck SENIORS 255 • Susan Coffman Phyllis Cole Tern Collins Suzone Conger Martha Connell Kim Connelly Marty Connelly Keith Conner Kathy Cook Stephen Cooles Rita Cooper Chris Counts Cheryl Court Steve Cox Mischelle Creel Ann Cretsinger James Cribbs Steve Crocker Laura Crockett Andrev Crossmc David Crumb Terri Cummings Creighton Curiae Ross Cyphers David Daniels Joyce Dougherty Teresa Dovee Paulo Davidson Jody Davis • 256 SENIORS Rhonda Davis Suzie Davis Daniel Debo Renee DeChanso Sally Denton Bruce Dereta Brenda Derr Greg DevGulf Dean Dillhoff Lisa Dillon New Uniform Provides Challenge for Hairy Drum Major Rae Mueller begins her hair-raising task. Hat stuffing is a very complicated proces: " A haircut may not be a bad idea, " muses Rae. SENIORS 257 ' 76 Senior Class Inspires Mighty Pep Rally Spirit Michele Cantu grits her teeth and clenches her fists in preparation to defend the " Sheboobarubic Victor DiSciullo ANce Doby Becky Dollar Karen Dombroski Russell Donaldson Jeanne Doyle Mike Doyle Andy Drajghn Debbie Drown James Ducker LuAnne Duke Dee Dee Duncan Donald Dungon Bill Dunks Jeff Dunnagon Chris Dunson Brian Egan Joni Egnol Julie Eichelberg Mike Eigel • 258 SENIORS SENIORS 259 • Melody Forbes Jane Forman Deborah Foster Kathy Foster Charles Fox Diana Fraser David Free Scott Freeman Emil Friberg Ray French Kathy Fuller Horry Golvan Gail Garner Skye Gaskill Celeste Gay Two-Headed Creature Invades AHS Campus Kambiz Ghomgha Katie Gibson Karen Gibson Robert Gibson Lisa Gildner David Gillmore Gayle Gober Tommy Goelz Carol Goldman Shirley Gonzole • 260 SENIORS David Goodmc Clint Goolsby Eric Gordon Linda Groha Mickey Grasfey Cindy Green Dana Green Donna Gregg Tom Ferris and Mary Bohannon survey the overall situatio Kevin Gregory George Greytok John Groves Jay Gutzler Norman Gutzler Karen Holpin Cindy Hambrick Ginger Hampton Carlo Hardy Cheryl Hordy SENIORS 261 • Senior English Classes Perform Skits Vicky Hordy Joni Harkridi Jill Ha Ron Hornist Lois Harper 262 SENIORS Patti Hundt Karen Hunnicutt yHurm Joe Ince Ricki Jacob! SENIORS 263 SherriJeonnes Diana Jeffrey Lynn Jeffrey Mark Johnson Eddie Jonaitis Beth Jones Vernon Jones Susie Jordan Mori Jorgensen Rodney Kalina Danny Kaylor Koran Keathley Kanel Keely Margaret Keim Mendy Kennemer Deloina King Lee Ann Kirkpatrick Lezli Kroeger Dole Kimmer Stephen Kunkle Cheryl Kuntze Dana Lackey Lee Ann Lackland Peri Laidlaw Don Larson Ken Losater Jan Lawler 264 SENIORS John Lawley Jimmy Lawrenc Scott Leake Tony Leonard Dennis Lettie Laura Lewis Dial Lexton Cindy Liberton Carol Litchfield JimBobLitherland Liza Litrio Lori Lloyd Robbie Lockhart Kite Loe Larry Logan Photographer Seeks Stuffed Company Photographer Marilyn Moritz bashfully becomes the " photographee " along with porky, her stuffed friend. SENIORS 265 Joe McHaney Sharon McKomic Susan McManis Mike McPherson Mike Mackey • 266 SENIORS Elective Courses Employ Wide Range of Senior Talents Susan Malone Erika Manly Raymond Martin Don Mothis Kenny May Mike May Carrie Meochom Lawrence Mendive Doryl Meredith Toni Miesch Seniors 267 -A- Kendell Nabors Manen Nation Karen Near Cindy New Janice Nichols 268 SENIORS Drama Department Presents Dinner Theater Tyler Oakes Lucy Orr Terry Osborn Debbie Oflo Gary Owen Stefanie Owen Mary Ann Padgitt Holly Palmes Cindy Pamplin Randy Parker Donna Porrish Theron Patrick Talitha Potterson Mark Patton Barry Payne Mark Pearl Paul Perry Cam Perryman Jeff Peters Bill Peugh Paula Phillips Faye Photides Brad Pierce Dana Pilon Dawn Pilon Charles Pitzer Bill Pollock Lisa Ponder Jill Poss Steve Prather SENIORS 269 Carlo Pratt Phil Priddy Darrill Pummill Suzette Pylant Linda Ramahi Neil Rondel Kothy Rou Bruce Roy Ricky Roy Bridget Rayburi 1 r Craig Roymon Gwyn Reddy Christy Reed Debbie Reed Liso Reed Albert Refouo Louise Regan Dole Reston Nick Reyno Becky Reynolds Dione Reynolds Jerry Reynolds Audri Richards Rhondo Richey Kothy Rios • 270 SENIORS Fuzzy-Legged Impersonators Assume Cheerleader Roles Mark Roland Tony Romock Richard Rooks Beverly Ross Brent Rule SENIORS 271 + Senior Utilizes Power of Class Rank Leslie Rule Steff Rury Robynn Rushing Charles Rye Melissa Saffarrar Sirous Saiek JonSalis Carlo Samford Daria Samford Mark Sampley Donna Sanders Holly Sanders Greg Sontorelli Sherry Scarborough Brian Schroder David Schroeder Sharon Schroeder Kooru Sekino Jonet Sewell Sherry Sewell • 272 SENIORS SENIORS 273 Colt Band Members Accompany Choir Joe St. Clair Carol Stiff Tracey Stone Travis Stout David Stovall Jennifer Stubbs Tommy Sullivan Susan Swonson Kim Totum Robert Taylor Sally Taylor Terrell Taylor Debbi Terhune Mary Thomas Mike Thomas Goyle Thompsoi Melissa Thomps Suzy Thompson Elann Tillman Charles Tingle • 274 SENIORS Melanie Tipton Senior bond members Tony Romack and Jeff Peters assist the choir in a bicentennial salute to Arlingto Terri Turner Mark Tyler Susan Van Beckum Sandy Vance Victor Vandergriff Paula Van Dyke Terry Vaughn Cathy Veselka Canice Veteikis Frediline Vieiro SENIORS 275 Float, Pep Rallies Boost Colt Spirit The final pep rally ror the 1 975 Colt football season produces this two-layered Senior Class pile up. ■k 276 SENIORS Randy Washburn Terri Weaver Sands Weems Jean Weiler Lance Wethington Kurt Wetterling Jeff White Julie White Steve White MelanieWiddas xuris; !». .« fsuiiEni) imSHiHE • I ' Hfm The 1 975 Senior Homecoming Float reflects the efforts of hard-working students. Standard material such as chicken wire and crepe paper compose this year ' s entry. SENIORS 277 ■■ . ta,s» 4 f - " ' - . 278 SENIORS Seniors Purchase Graduation Announcements Barbara Willhite JeHWillioms Mary Williams Tommy Williams Laurie Wi Sally Taylor, Dorene McCall, and Sherry Sewell order their announcements SENIORS 279 • Senior Activities — A — AARONS, TERRY ADAIR, VICKIE VICA 2, 3, Historian 3, Miss Personality 2, Queen 3; Who ' s Who in Cosmetol- ogy- AGEE, DON Football 1,2,3. ALBRinON, DEDRA Arlettes 2, 3. ALEXANDER, CINDY ALLEN. DEBBIE ALLEN, LEE football 1,2,3; Track 1 , 2, 3, Winner of Decathlon 2, 3; VICA 2. ALLEN, MIKE AFS 1,3; German Club 1, 2, 3; Boseboll Manager 1 . ALLEN, RICK Football 1 . ALLPORT, NORMAN German Club 1; Cross-Country 1, 2, 3; Trock 1,2,3. ANDERSON, JERE ASHLEY, CARLA ARKINS, ELIZABETH Melodiers 1; Treble Chorole 2; Choroli- ers 3, UIL Sweepstakes 3; Interact 3; Spanish Club 2; Senior Council 3; " Fid- dler ' Cost 3, " No No Nanette " Cast 1 . ATWEIL, JEFF Who ' s Who in Electronics. AVANT, MARK Football 1 . AVEN, CHERYL Volleyball I, 2, 3; Sophomore Council; Senior Council; Art Club 1. AVES, CHERYL VOE 3 BAILEY, TOM ROTC 1, 2, 3; Deputy Squodron Com- mander 3, Rocket Club 3, Service Rib- bon, Color Guord Bor, Leadership Bar, Co curncular Bar, Outstanding AE III Codet, Veterans of Foreign Wars Award; Photo-iournalism 3, Photo Club 3, Thorn- ton Photographic Contest Honorable Mention 3; Six Flogs Moll Photography Contest 2, 3; District 2nd, 3rd, State 1 st, 2nd BALDWIN, DIANE Concert Bond 1 , Symphonic Bond 2, Wind Ensemble 1 , 2; German Club 1 , 2, 3; AFS 1. 2, 3; Annual Staff 3; NHS 2, 3; Honor Graduate, BALES, DEBBIE Other School: Ski Club 1 , Art Club 1 , 2, BANKS, ANNEnE BARKER, LEIGH Arlettes 1, 2, 3. Captain 3; Senior Coun cil 3, Spanish Club 3, Vice President 3. BARKLEY, BARBARA BARNEn. SUE BARREn, MICHAEL BARREn, MIKE FFA 1, 2. 3; ROTC 1,2,3. BARTER, SUSAN Who s Who in Art, BAHLE, DANIEL Baseball 1,2,3. BAYER, CINDY BEATTY, MARCIA BEAVERS, ROBIN BEDISON, TIM Soccer 1, 2, 3, Captain 2, 3. BENSON, JODY Swim Team 2, 3, Captain 2, 3, Outstond ing Swimmer 2; Interact 1; Red Cross Club 3; Sophomore Council. BENTLEY, DOUG Tennis 1; French Club 1 , 2, 3; Six Flogs Moll Photography Contest I st Place 3. BERRY, SUZANNE Honor Graduate 3; NHS 3; Interact 2; Junior Council 2; Senior Council 3; FBLA 3; Tennis Team 1,2; Spanish Club 1 . BETZ, TINA BICE, TAMMY Sophomore Council 1; Junior Council 2; Girl ' s Social Chairman 2; Senior Council; Student Council 3; German Club 2; Inter- oct 2, 3; Vice-President 3; Poro-Med 3, ProsidenI 3; ROTC 1 ; TAHOS 3, Vice- President 3; AFS 2; Who ' s Who in HOE 3. BIEIICKI, JOE Other School; Photo Club 1, 2; Annual 280 SlaH 1 BIGGS, DANNY Choroliers 2, 3, Vice-Preside nt 3; Cham- ber Singers 3; Male Chorus 3. BIGHAM, LINDA BINKLEY, VICKI BISHOP, BRYAN Spanish Club 1; NHS 2, 3, President 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Honor Graduate 3; Rotorian of the Month 3. BLACHLY, ROGER BUCK, ERNIE BLACK, LORI FBLA 2, 3; OEA 3, Reporter 3; Kiwonis Citizen of the Month 3. BLACKSTONE, TAB Footboll I; Baseball 1, 2, 3; Sophomore Council; Senior Council. BLAINE, JAMES BLAND, JEANNE BUNKENSHIP,AWRTY French Club 2; Colt Staff 2, 3, Senior Council. BLEDSOE, AMY German Club 2, 3, BODENHAMER, AAARY Honor Society 3; Poro-Med 3, Secretary 3; Senior Council; Basketball Queen 2; Track 1; Kiwonis Citizen of the Month 3; American Cancer Society Representative 2,3. BOHANNON, MARY BONVILLIAN, HAMILTON BOULWARE, CURTIS BOWEN, CHARLES Spanish Club 1; Trock 1, 2, 3; Sopho- more Council; Junior Council, BOWYER, DEBBIE Band 1 , 2. Latin Club 1 ; German 1 ; AHS 1. BOYLAN, CATHY VOCT 1 , 2, 3, Sweetheart 1 ; Honor Roll 1 , 2, President 3; Who ' s Who in CVAE 3, BRAGG, SUSAN Band 1; Choir 2; Thespions 1, 2; Interact 2, 3; Vice-President 3; Lotin Club 3; Jun- ior Council; Senior Council; AFS 1, 2; Tennis Teom 1 ; Debote Team 2; FCA 3, BRANNON, STEVE Baseball 1, 2, 3; Vocationol Agriculture 1,2,3 BRITT, VICKI Spanish Club 1; FBLA 2, FFA I, 2, 3; Rodeo Club 1 , 2, 3; FHA 1 ; Senior Coun- cil. BROCK, MESHELL Spanish Club l;OEA3, BROUILLETTE, ANN BROWN, CAROL Pep Squad 1; Interact I, FBLA 3, Vice- President 3; DAR Scholarship 3; Honor Society 2, 3; Athenian Girl of the Month 3; Student Council 2, 3, Secretary Trea- surer 3, Senior Council. BROWN, GERALD Student Council 1 ; Sophomore President; Footboll 2, 3, MVP 3; Baseball 1 , 2, 3, Second Team All-District Catcher 2, All- City Cotcher 2; Kiwonis Citizen of the Month 3. BUCHANAN, LARRY FFA 3, President 3; Football 1 ; FFA 1 , 2; Who ' s Who in Agriculture 3. BUCHERT, DENNIS BUCK, ERIC Baseball 1,2,3. BUCKLEY, PAT BURGARDT, JANIS Basketball 1, 2, 3; NHS 2, 3; FBLA 3, Social Chairmon 3. BURGLAND, GARY Football 1, 2, 3, Coptoin 3, Fighting Heort Award 3, Second Team All-District Kicker 3; Boseboll 1, 2, 3, Captain 3; FCA 1, 2, 3, Vice-President 3; Rotorian of the Month 3. BURNEHE, RHONDA ArleHes 1, 2, 3, Coptoin 3; Annuol Staff 1 , 2, 3; Volleyboll 2; Wind Ensemble 3; Photo-Journolism 3; " Fiddler " Orchestra 3; Quill and Scroll 3. BURRIS, BRAD Footboll 1 , 2, 3, All-District Teom 2, 3; Track 1 , 2, 3, District Champion Pole Vaulter I, 2, 3; NHS 2, 3; FCA 1, 2, 3; Pora-Mcd 3; German Club 1 , 2; Rotorian of the Month 3; Key Club 1 , 2, AHS Fac- ulty Award. BUSH, CATHY Choroliers 2, 3; Choir Arion Award. BUSH, RUSTY Concert Bond 1 , 2; Stage Bond 1 , 2, 3; CADENA, DEBBIE Symphonic Band 1 , 2, 3; Wind Ensemble 1 , 2, 3; NHS 2, 3; Spanish Club 2. CANTU, MICHELE Sophomore Council; Junior Council; Sen- ior Council; Spanish Club 1 ; Interact 2, 3; Trock 3; Shjdent Council 3; Poro-Med 3. CAREY, CINDY CARLTON, CHARLES Football 1 , 2, 3; FFA 1 , 2, 3; Sentinel 3; German Club 2- CARITON, LAWTON FFA 1, 2, 3; Footboll 1, 2, All District 3, Second Teom Att-Doltos 3. CARTER, CHRIS NHS 2, 3; Annual Staff 2, 3, Organiza- tions Editor 2, Senior Class Editor 3; French Club 2, 3, Sweetheart 3; Quill and Scroll 3; Melodiers 1; Honor Grodu- ote 3; AHS Elks Club Teenager of the Month 3; Chamber of Commerce Girl of the Month 3; " No No Nanette " Chorus 1; Who ' s Whom French 3, CASTILLO, MERCEDES CHARLES, CYNTHIA Interact 2, 3; AFS 2; Art Club 3; Bosket- boll 1; Senior Council; Honor Graduate 3. CHERRY, KAREN German Club 1, 3; Interoct 2, 3, Treo- surer 3; Sophomore Council; Junior Council; Senior Council; Honor Society 2, 3; Photo Club 3; Youth Guidonce Council 3; FCA 3. CHESIRE, ANNA Art Club 2, CHILDERS,EUSE Treble Chorole 2, President 2, Choroliers 3 CHISAMORE, KIM Other school; Rally Club 2; Special Music Group 1 . CHOW, STEWART ICT 2, 3; Who ' s Who in ICT 3, CLIFFORD, MATT ROTC 1, 2, 3, Flight Sgt. 1, Flight Com- mander 2, Finonciol Officer 3, Outstand- ing Cadet 1 . CLINE, LEANN CLUCK, KATHIE Bond I, 2, 3; Wind Ensemble 1, 2, 3; Tennis Team 1 ; Senior Council; Spanish Club 2. COFFMAN, SUSAN Band 1, 2, 3; Squad Leader 3; Wind Ensemble 2, 3; French Club 2; Junior Council; Senior Council. COKER, PATRICE Art Club 1 . COLE, PHYLLIS DECA, National Contest 3. COLLINS, TERRI CONGER, SUSAN VICA 1, 2, 3, President 1, District First Place 1, State Fifth Place 1, Four State First Places 1 , Two State First Places 3. CONNELL, MARTHA DAR Award 3. CONNELLY, KIM NHS 3; Art Club 3. CONNELLY, MARTY CONNER, KEITH COOK, KATHY Spanish Club 1, 2, 3; FHA 2, Treasurer 2; Interact 3; Thespions I . COOLES, STEPHEN Spanish Club 1 ; Key Club 3, Senior Director 3; Bosketboll 3. COOPER, RITA Spanish Club 1 , 2. COUNTS, CHRIS COURT, CHERYL Bosketboll Team 1; Sophomore Council; Spanish Club 2; Junior Council; NHS 2, 3; Interoct 3. COX, STEVE Foottxill 1. CREEL, MISCHELLE Basketball 1,2,3; Photography Club 3. CRETSINGER, ANN Volleyboll 1, 2, 3, All-District Honorable Mention 3; Sponish Club 1; NHS 2, 3; Interact 3; Youth Guidance Council 3; FBLA 3; Slate Chompion Junior Typist 3; Notionol Merit Commended Student 3; Melodiers 1 ; Chomber of Commerce Girl of the Month 3; Salutotorion 3; FCA 3; Senior Council 3; Honor Groduote 3. CRIBBS, JAMES Football 1,2,3; Track 1,2,3, Outstond- ing Track Runner 2; Kiwonion of the Month 3; Senior Class President; Student Council 3; Germon Club 1, 2; AFS 2, Fielder Award; Senior Fovorite. CROCKER, STEVE Swim Team 1, 2; VICA 3; Germon Club 1,2. CROCKETT, LAURA CROSSMAN, ANDREW German Club 1, 2, 3; ROTC 1, 2, 3, Gui- don A Fligh t 1, E Flight Commonder 2, Flight Sergeant 2, C Flight Commonder 3, Squodron Commander 3, Superior Performance Award 3, Leadership Aword 3; Americon Legion Military Excellence Award 2; Reserve Officers Associohon Award 3; ROTC Drill Teom 1,2,3, I siSquod Leader. CRUMB, DAVID Colt Staff 2, 3, Sports Editor 2, Editor 3; Rotorion of the Month 3; Emmo Ousley Outstonding Journolist. CUMMINGS, TERRI CURLEE, CREIGHTON CYPHERS, ROSS Melodiers 1; Choroliers 2, 3; Chamber Singers 2; Mole Chorus 3. — D — DANIELS, DAVID Spanish Club 3. DAUGHERTY, JOYCE Basketball 1 , 2, 3, Coptoin 3, All-District 2, 3, All-State 3, All-Stor Gome 3, All- City Team 2, 3, All-Tournament 1 , 2, 3; Track 1 , 2, 3, Regionols 1 , 2, 3; Volley- ball 1,2; NHS 2, 3;German Club 2, DAVAULT, GREG Football 1; Track 1; Chamber Singers 1; Choroliers 3; " Fiddler " Cost 3; Library Club 2, 3. DAVEE, TERESA Spanish Club 1; Basketball 2, 3, DAVIDSON, PAUU DAVIS, JODY Tennis I; Interact 2; VOE 3, Historian 3; Sophomore Council; Junior Council; Sen- ior Council. DAVID, RONDA Youth Guidance Council 1 ; AFS 2; Latin Club 2, 3; Interact 3; NHS 2, 3; FBLA 3, State Vocabulary Contest Second Place i 3; Notional Merit Finalist 3; Who ' s Who ff in Sociol Shjdies 3. DAVIS, SUZIE Pep Squad 1; Student Council I, Execu- tive Board 1; Girl ' s Sociol Choirmon 1; Sophomore Council, Officer 1 ; Junior Council; Senior Council; Interact 2. DEBO, DANIEL Other school: Track 2, 3. DeCHANSO, RENEE German Club 2, DENTON, SALLY Sponish Club 3; Interact 3. DERETA, BRUCE DERR, BRENDA Treble Choral 1; Chamber Singers 2, 3; Choroliers 2, 3; UIL Solo 1st 3, Sweep- stokes UIL Choir Competition 3; " Fiddler " Chorus 3; All-City Choir 3; Volleyboll I . DILLHOFF, DEAN Key Club 2; Kiwanis CiHzen of the Month 3; Basketball 1 , 2, 3. DILLON, LISA Track 2, 3. DiSCIULLO, VICTOR Tennis Team 1 , 2; Latin Club 3. DOBY, ALICE DOLLAR, BECKY Melodiers 1 ; Treble Chorale 2; Choroli- ers 3; Latin Club 3; Senior Council; Inter- oct 3; Sophomore Council. DOMBROSKI, KAREN German Club 2, 3; NHS 2, 3; FBLA 2, 3, Treasurer 2, Social Chairman 3. DONALDSON, RUSSELL DOVE, DEBBIE TAHOS 3. DOYLE, JEANNE DOYLE, MIKE Spanish Club 1 ; Senior Council. DRAUGHN, ANDY NHS 2, 3; Germon Club 1 , 2; Rotorion of the Month 3; Texos Boy ' s Stole 2; Bose- boll 1 , 2, 3; Key Club 3; Honor Grodu- ate 3; Junior Council; Junior Closs Offi- cer; Senior Council; Student Council 3, Vice-President 3. DROWN, DEBBIE DUCKER, JAMES DUKE, LUANNE Interact 3; Spanish Club 2, 3. DUNCAN, DEE DEE NFL 2, 3; Thespians 2, 3; Treble Chorale 1; " Bus Stop " Cast 3; Midsummer ' s Night Dream " Cost 3. DUNGAN, DON DUNKS, BILL Baseball 2; Concert Bond 1 , 2, 3; March- ing Bond Drill instructor. Captain 1 , 2, 3. DUNNAGAN, JEFF Library Club 2, 3. DUNSON, CHRIS VICA 2, 3, Reporter 3. — E — EGAN, BRIAN Football 1,2,3, All-District 3, All-Tarrant County 3, Grover Cribbs Outstanding Lineman Award 3, Captain 3; Track 1 , 2; FCA2,3. EGNOT,JONI OEA 3; Other School; FHA 2, Secretary 2. EICHELBERGER, JULIE FFA 1, 2, 3. Star Greenhand 1, Trea- surer 1, Parliamentarian 2, Star Chapter Farmer 2, Home Improvement Profi- ciency Winner 2, Reporter 3, District Treasurer 3, Scholarship Award 3; Rodeo Club 2, Historian 2. EIGEL, MIKE . ELDER, KATHY Cheerleader 3; NHS 2, 3; Interact 3; French Club 1 , 2, Board of Directors 1 , 2; Junior Council; Senior Council; Home- coming Queen Nominee 3; Miss AHS Nominee; Volleyball 1; Boys Basketball Queen 3; Honor Graduate 3, ELLINGTON, TAMRA i Choraliers 2; Chamber Singers 2. ( ELLIOT, SHAWN r Melodiers 1 ; AFS 1 , 2, Treasurer 2, Host Sister 2; Youth Guidance Council 1 ; Sophomore Council; Treble Chorole 2, Secretary 2; Junior Council; Choraliers 3, Treasurer 3; Pep Squad I . ERICKSON, CONNIE ERICKSON, KENT Track I, 2, 3; Cross Country I, 2, 3; NHS 3; Computer Club 3; Colt Staff 3, Best Staffer 3; Choraliers 3; UIL Journal- ism 3rd Place Headlines 3; --Fiddler ' Cost 3; National Merit Finalist 3; Senior Council; 9th Place Dallas Baptist College Motb Test 3; Math Club 3; Other School; Orchestra 1, 2; All-City Orchestra 2; All- Region Orchestra 3; Audio Visual Crew 1 , 2; 1 2th in State Ohio Biology Scholos- tic Tests 1 ; LoHn Club 1 , 2; Student Coun- cil 2; 10th Place Ohio Scholastic Achievement Tests 2, ESTRIDGE, ANITA Thespians 1, 2, 3; French Club 2, 3. FAIRLAMB, CAREY Choir 1,2; Spanish Club 2. FARGO, JACKIE French Club 1 , 2; Sophomore Council. FARMER, MIKE Baseball 2. FEATHERSTON, SUZANNE VICA 2, Parliamentarian 2, Stote Cor petition 2, Excellent Ribbon 2. FEAZELL, TOD Football 1, 2, 3; Spanish Club 1, 2; Sei ior Council. FERNANDEZ, ANA FEREE, SCOn ■ FIELDS, DONNA Art Club 2. FINK, RONNY FISHER, KATHY NHS 2, 3; French Club 2, 3; F8LA 2, 3, President 3; PSAT Commended Student 3; UIL Shorthond 2; District 1st Place Bookkeeping, State 2nd Place 3; Who ' s Who in Business 3. FITZEK, JOEL FBLA 3; Other sc hool: Sophomore Trea- surer; Student Council 1 , 2; President of Class 2; Spanish Club 2; Newspaper Staff 2; Annual Staff 2; Speech Club 2; Junior-Senior Prom Organization Presi-_ dent 2. FLECHTNER, CATHY Choir 1 ; German Club 2; Drill Teim 3; FONSECA, AMBER Arlettes 1, 2; Spanish Club 2, 3; OEA 3, Secretary 3; NHS 2, 3; VOE 3, Placed in District Competition — Accounting and Related Level II, Placed in Area I Compe- tition — Accounting and Related Level I, State Compehtion Accounting and Rela- ted Level I; Who ' s Who in VOE 3. FORBES, MELODY NHS 2, 3; Spanish Club 2, 3; Art Club 2. FORAAAN, JANE German Club 1; Geology Club 2; NHS 2, 3; Band 1, 2, 3, All-Region Bond 2, All-City Band 2, 3, All Region Orchestra 3, " Fiddler " Orchestra 3; Wind Ensem- ble 2, 3; Senior Council. FOSTER, DEBORAH German Club 2, 3; Drama 1 . FOSTER, KATHY FOX, CHARLES ERASER, DIANA Latin Club 2; Senior Council; FFA 3. FREE, DAVID Basketball 1,2. FREEMAN, SCOH FRENCH, RAY ROTC 1 . FRIBERG, EMIL Spanish Club 1 , 2; Computer Club 2, 3; JETS 3; NHS 3; Colt Corral 2, 3, Sports Editor 2, 3; Photo-Journalism 3; Thespi- ans 3, Historian 3; Senior Council; Photo Club 3; National Merit Commended Stu- dent 3; " Bus Stop " Cost 3, " A Midsum- mer Night ' s Dream " Cast 3; " Fiddler " Crew 3; Quill and Scroll 2, 3, Honor Member 3; Honorable Mention Six Flogs Mall Photo Contest 3; Honor Graduate 3; Math Club 3; Elizobeth Amos Award 3; Honor Graduate 3 FULLER, KATHY Thespians 1, 2, 3, ' Bus Stop " Program Commiteee 3; French Club 2, 3; FHA 3, Reporter 3; FHA Area Meehng Voting Representative 3; Senior Council; Arlettes 3; FBLA 3; Homemoking Advi- sory Board; Student Advisor 3; Who ' s Who in Homemoking. — G — ;;;; GAL VAN, HARRY . ' GARNER, GAIL Thespians 1, 2, 3; NFL 2, 3; ' Bus Stop " Crew 3; " Fiddler " Crew 3; " Midsummer Night ' s Dream - Crew 3; " See How They Run " Crew 1 . GASK1LL,SKYE ■ ' » . Key Club 1 . GAY, CELESTE VOE 3; Student Council; Junior Council; Sophomore Council; Student Council 1 , 2; Interort I ; Colt Chargers 1 . GHOMGHANI, KAMBIZ GIBSON, KAFIE Youth Guidance Council 2, 3, President 3; HECE 2, Historion 2; FHA 1; NHS 3; Honor Graduate 3. GIBSON, KAREN FHA 1,2; German Club 2; FBLA 3; Greg Shorthand Award 3; Youth Guidance Council 3. GIBSON, ROBERT Concert Bond 1, 3; Symphonic Band 2; Wind Ensemble 2, 3. GILDNER, LISA GILLMORE, DAVID GOBER, GAYLE FBLA 3; French Club 1,2. GOELZ, TAMMY GOLDMAN, CAROL Thespians 1; Art Club 2. GONZALES, SHIRLEY , GOODMAN, CAROL Thespians 1; Art Club 2. o GONZALES, SHIRLEY " GOODMAN, DAVID GOOLSBAY, CLINT Electronics Club 3, Vice-President 3. GORDON, ERIC Choir 3, All-City Choir 3; ' Fiddler " Cast 3; Mr. AHS Spirit 3; Other School: Choir 1, 2; Honor Roll 1, 2; NFL 1 ; Yellmaster 1; Thespians 2; Sophomore Class Editor 1. GRAHAM, LINDA GRASTEY, MICKEY GREEN, CINDY NHS 2, 3; Volleyball 1 , 2, 3. GREEN, DANA GREGG, DONNA Arlettes 3; German Club 2. GREGORY, KEVIN HOE 3. GREYTAK, GEORGE Football 1; VICA 3, Secretary 3; Wood Shop Contest 2nd 2; 2nd at d 4lh Wood Shop Contest 3; Who ' s Who in Wood Shop 3. GROVES, JOHN GUTZLER, JAY Germon Club 1, 2, 3; NHS 2, 3; JETS 2, 3. GUTZLER, NORMAN NHS 2, 3; JETS 2, 3, Vice-President 3; German Club 1 , 2, 3; Football 1 ; Com- puter Club 2, 3, Vice-President 3; Key Club 3; Who ' s Who in Science 3. HALL, LISA DE3. HALPIN, KAREN Art Club 1 , 2; VOE 3; NHS 2, 3; Senior Council. HAMBRICK CINDY Treble Choral 2; Choraliers 3; Chamber Singers 3. HAPTON, GINGER Student Council 1 . HANES, WAYNE FFA 2, 3. HANTSCHE, KAREN HARDY, CARIA Library Club 1 , 2, President 3; Arlettes 1 , 2, 3; UIL Slide Rule 3rd 2; Drama Club 1 , 2; Latin Club 2; Library Award. HARDY, CHERYL Wind Ensemble 1, 2, Vice President 3; Symphonic Bond 1 , 2; Stage Bond I ; All- Region Orchestra 2, 3; All-City Bond 2, 3; Concert Bond 3; Solo ond Ensemble Contest 1 St 2, 3. HARDY, VICKY VICA 2, 3, Parliamentarian 3, District 2, 3, State 2, 3. HARKRIDER, JONI HARMON, JILL Thespians 3; NFL 3; Dramatic Interpreta- tion Stat e 3. HARNIST, RON Tennis 1,2, 3. HARPER, LOIS ij. Pep Squod 1 . ™S?i HARRELL, CINDY Drama 1 ; VOE 3, Sgt.-at-Arms 3. HART, TERESA Pep Squad 1; Senior Class Representa- HARTWIG, CINDY ,: Interact 3; Sponish Club 1 , 2, Secretary- " - Treasurer 1; Track 2, 3; Cross Country 3; Manager Volleyball 1 ; Senior Council. HASTY, GARY Concert Bond 1, 1, Wind Ensemble 2, 3; Symphonic Bond 3. HAUTSCHE, KAREN HAWRYLAK, STEVE Baseball 1 , 2, 3; NHS 2, 3; Key Club 2, 3; FBLA 3; Sophomore Council. HAYENGA, DERIK German Club 1,2,3; TAGS 1 , 2, 3. HEATH, LISA Thespians 1. 2, 3. Best Crew Member 2; NFL 2, 3, Recording Secretary 3. HEFLIN, STEVE CVAE 2, 3, Parliamentarian 2. Vice-Pres- ident 3. HELLIER, CLARK German Club 2, 3; AFS 3; NHS 3; Fool- ball 1. HENDERSON, MIKE Sponish Club 1 ; Art Club 1 , 2, 3. HERAAAN, STEPHEN VICA Electronics 2, 3, District Winner. HIEBERT, LINDA German Club 2, 3; NHS 2, 3; Honor Graduate. HIGGINBOTHAM, SHERRY Sophomore Council; B-Teom Cheer- leader; Volleyball 1 ; Student Council 2; Cheerleader 3; Homecoming Queen HILEK, ANN FFA 1 , 2, 3; Student Advisor 2, Sweet- heart 3; Chamber of Commerce Girl of the Month 3. HILL, JIMMY Shjdent Council 1 ; AFS 1 ; Key Club 1; French Club 1; Troiner-Football and Bas- ketball 1; Interact 2; Thespians 2, 3; " Importance of Being Earnest " Cast 2; Choraliers 3; " Wayward Saints " Crew 2. HILTS, MARK ' i Cross Counh7 2, 3; Track 2, 3; NHS 3. NINES, LARRY HOLMAN, BECKY Drill Team 1 , 2, 3; Treble Chorale 2. HOLMES, JACK Baseball 1 , 2, 3. HOLMES, SCOTT DE2. HOLSOPPLE, GERALD German Club 1 , 2, 3; ROTC 1, 2, 3, Superior Performance — Flight Sergeant I, B Flight Commonder — Outstanding Cadet 2, Superior Performance — Dep- uty Commonder, Operotions Officer 3; ROTC Drill Team 1,2,3. HON, WAI-LUN HOPKINS, TERRY VOa 1 , 2, 3, Honor Roll 1,2,3, Parlia- mentarian 3. HORNADAY, JOHN HOUSEWRIGHT, CHRISTY HOWARD, KATHY DECA 2, 3. HOWELL, ALICE French Club 2, 3, Vice-President; Youth Guidonce Council 1; AHS 1, 2, 3; NHS 3; Honor Graduate 3; Bond; HECE 3; Senior Council. HUDSON, MIKE HUDSPETH, JAN Symphonic Band 1,2; Wind Ensemble 1, 2; Choraliers 2, 3; Treble Chorale 3; Interact 3; NHS 2, 3; Germon Club 2; All-Region Orchestra 3; All-City Choir 3; AFS 2, 3; Honor Graduate 3. HUGDAHL, GREG HUGHES, GREG Other school: Class President 2; Football 2; Student Council 1 ; Track 1 , 2, 3. HUMPHREY, ANGELA Thespians 1, 2, 3, President 3; Senior Council; Student Council 3; " Bus Stop " Cost 3; " A Company of Wayward Saints " Cost 2; UIL One-Act Ploy Cast, Honorable Mention All-Stor Cost, Dis- h-ict. Zone, Area; " Fiddler " Crew; " Win- nie the Pooh " Cost 3; " Hobbit " — Assistant Director 2; NFL 3; Debate Squad 3; Who ' s Who in Drama 3. HUNDT, PAHI Germon Club 1 , 2, 3; AFS 1, 2; Interact 3. HUNNlCUn, KAREN HURM, TRACEY Spanish Club 1; Art Club 2. i JACOBI, RICKI : JEANES, SHERRl JEFFREY, DIANA JEFFREY, LYNN Other School: Cheerleoder 1, 2; Student Council 2, Vice President 2; Band 1, 2, Vice President, Secretary; Cheerleader 3. JOHNSON, MARK DE3 JONAITIS, EDDIE ' JONES, BETH Rodeo Club 1; Vice President 1; FFA 1, 2, 3, Historian 3. JONES, VERNON Foottxjll 1; Baseball 1,2, 3. JORDAN, SUSIE 3 Latin Club 2. JORGENSEN, MARl Tennisl,2, 3;NHS2, 3. KALINA, RODNEY Baseball 1 , 2, 3; German Club 1,2; NHS 2, 3; Notional Merit Commended Stu- dent. KANEL KELLY Library Club 3; FHA 3, Vice President 3; French Club 2. KASHI, MOHAMMAD KAYLOR, DANNY KEATHLEY, KARAN Annual Staff 2, 3, Ad Soles 2, 3; Pholo- Journolism 3; Spanish Club 2; Arlettes 2, KANEL, KEELY KEIM, MARGARET Thespians 1, 2, 3; Tennis 1, 2; French Club 2, 3; Secretary 3; AFS 2, 3, Vice- President 3; NHS 2, 3; " A Midsummer Night ' s Dream " Cost 3; American Abroad Student 3; Senior Council; " The Hobbit " Cost 2; Honor Graduate 3. KENNEMER, MENDY NHS 2, 3, Vice President 3; Volleyball 1 , 2, 3; AII-DisWct 3, All-State 3; Senior Council; German Club.l, 2; Youth Guid- ance Council 3; Notional Merit Com- mended Student 3; American Legion Award; Athenian Girl of the Month 3; Voledictorian 3. KHADIVAR, KAMRAN KING,DELAINA 281 KINKADE, KATHY Volleyball 1. KIRKLAND, JAN Tennis 1 ; AFS 3; Student Council 2; Sen- ior Council KIRKPATRICK, LEE ANN Art Club 1 , 2, President 2; Student Coun- cil 1,2,3. KIOSSNER, TOM Other School: Latin Club 1; Key Club 1 ; Shjdent Council 1 . KROEGER, LEZLI KUAAMER, DALE Swim Team 1 , 2; Thespians 1 , 2; NFL 2, 3, President 3; Debate Team 1 , 2, 3; UIL District, Regional Speech Contestant 2, 3; Colt Staff 3, Managing Editor 3; Quill ond Scroll 3, Honor Member 3; NHS 2, 3; Geology Club 1; Senior Council. KUNKLE, STEPHEN KUNTZE, CHERYL Interact 3; Pep Squad 1 . LACKEY, DANA Student Council 3; Sophomore Council; Junior Council; Senior Council; Interact 2, 3; Youth Guidance Council 3; Photog- raphy Club 3; Kiwanis Student of the Month. LACKLAND, LEE ANN French Club 1 , 2, 3; Annuo! Staff 2, 3, Business Manager 2, 3; NHS 3; Quill and Scroll 2, 3; Honor Graduate 3. LAIDLAW, PERI Choroliers 2, 3; Chamber Singers 2, 3; All-City Choir 3; All-Region Choir 3; Solo and Ensemble Division M , 2, 3; Senior Council 3. LARSON, DON Junior Council, President 2; Student Council 2, 3; Senior Council; " Bus Stop " Cast 3; One Act Ploy 3; Thespians 3. LASATER, KEN All-City Choir 3; All-Region Choir 3; " Fiddler " Cast 3; Solo and Ensemble Contest 3; Mole Quarter 3; Chamber Singers 3; Who ' s Who in Choir 3. LAWLER, JAN Choroliers 2, 3; Melodiers 1 ; French Club 1, 2, 3; NHS 2, 3; Interact 3; " Evening on Broadway " Cast ] ; " Fiddler " Cast 3. LAWLEY, JOHN LAWRENCE, JIMMY LEAKE, scon Student Council 3; Colt Staff 2, 3. LEONARD, TONI AAelodiers 1, Secretary, Pianist I ; Choro- liers 2, 3, Pianist 2, 3; Spanish Club 2, Secretary 2; FBLA 2, 3; First Place FBLA District Typing 2; Second Place FBLA State Typing 2; UIL District Typing — Third Place 2; NHS 2, 3, Secretory 3; Inlerod 3; Stage Bond 3; Wind Ensemble 3; " Evening on Broadway " Pionist 1; ■ ' Fiddler- ' Cost — Pianist 3; Top 10 Graduate. LEHIE, DENNIS LEWIS, UURA German Club 2, 3. LEXTON, DIAL LIBERTON, CINDY Interoct 2; Junior Council; OEA 3, Porlia- mentarion 3; Senior Council. LITCHFIELD, CAROL Latin Club 1, 2; Spanish Club 2, 3; NHS 2,3. LITHERLAND, JIM BOB LITRIO, LIZA Junior Council; Senior Council; Cross Country 3; Track 2, 3; Thespians 2; Inter- act 3; Spanish Club 1. LLOYD, LORI Sophomore Council; German Club 2, 3; Interact 2; AFS 2, 3; Annuel Staff 3; Quill ond Scroll 3. LOCKHART, ROBBY ROTC 1 ; German Club 1 ; Choir 2. LOE, KITA Spanish Club 2, 3; Interoct 3; AFS 3. LOGAN, LARRY VOCT 1,2, 3, Honor Roll 1,2,3. lOUDAMY, LARRY Trock 1,2, 3; Cross Country 1,2, 3. LOWE, DONALD LUCAS, KATHY Spanish Club 1, 3; FHA 2, Secretary 2; Interact 3; Library Club 2, 3; AFS 3. LUCAS, RICK DE2, 3. LUCE, CHRIS lUNDY, TIM Basketball 1 ; Class Representative 3; Thespians 3; " The Colt " Mascot 3. LYLE, REGAN 282 NHS 3, Girls Sociol Chairman 3; Cheer- leader 1 , 2, 3; French Club 1 , 2; Choroli- ers 2, 3; Melodiers 1 ; Chamber Singers 2; Homecoming Queen 3; Athenian Girt of the Month 3; Honor Graduate 3; Inter- act 3; Miss AHS 3. — M — McBRIDE, PAM McBRINN, MAXINE JETS 1 , 2, 3, Secretary 3; Computer Club 3, Secretary 3; Chess Club 3; Interact 2, 3; Wind Ensemble 2, 3; NHS 2, 3; Swim Team 3; Thespians 1; Bond 1, 2, 3; Noftonol Merit Commended Student 3; All-City Band 2; Youth Guidance Council 1. McCaffrey, molly Art Club 1 , 2; CVAE 3. McCALL, DORENE Para Med Club 3; Voileyboll 1, 2, 3, Captain 2, 3, All-District 2, All-Regional 3. McCAlL, PAM McCOY, BILL Melodiers 1; Choroliers 2, 3; Chamber Singers 2, 3; Football — Trainer 1, 2, 3; German Club 1, 2; All-Region Festival Choir 2, 3. McCrady, bob Football 1,2,3; Track 1 ; NHS 2, 3; Ger- man Club 1,2. McCULLEN, PAT McDADE, FRANK Basketball 1 , 2, 3. McDOWELL, DIANE Arlettes 1 , 2, 3; Spanish Club 1 , 2, 3; Art Club 3; Senior Council. McElROY, BECKY French Club 2; VOE 3. McGUIRE, LEE ANN Melodiers 1; Choroliers 2, 3; German Club 2, 3; Tournament Drama 3; AFS 3; Student Council 2; NHS 2, 3; Senior Council. McHANEY, JOE Football 1; German Club 1, 2; Senior Council. McKAMIE, SHARON McMANIS, SUSAN McMULLEN, PATRICIA Pep Squad I ; Melodiers 1 ; Treble Cho- rale 2; NHS 3; Senior Council. McPHERSON, MIKE MACH, CHARLES Other school: Key CLub 1 ; ROTC 1 ; ROTC 2; Football 2. MACKEY, MIKE Band 1 , 2, 3; NHS 2, 3; Key Club 3; Wind Ensemble 2; Technical Director — " Fiddler " ; PTA Representative 1; Youth Guidance Council 1; Honor Graduate 3. MAJD, KAMROOZ Soccer 3. MALONE, SUSAN Pep Squad 1, Vice President 1; Treble Chorale 1; Chamber Singers 2; Choroli- ers 2 3 German Club 2, 3; Junior Vice President 2; Junior Council 2; Senior Vice President 3; Senior Council; NHS 2, 3, Fielder Award. AAANLY, ERICA Other school: Science Club 1 ; Dean ' s List 1; AHS; Lotin Club 2, 3; Who ' s Who in Latin. AAARPE, STEPHEN MARSHALL, ROBERT Football 1,2; German Club 1,2. MARTIN, RAYMOND German Club 1 , 3; Football 1 MARTINEZ, JIM CVAE 1,2, 3;VOTC 1,2, 3. MATHIS, DON Photo Club — Contests 3. MAY, KENNY MAY, MIKE Interact 2, 3; Key Club 2, 3, President 3; Melodiers 1, President 1; Choroliers 2; Basketball 1 , 2, 3, Coptoin 3. MEACHAM, CARRIE NHS 2, 3; AFS 2, 3; Notional Merit Scholar 3; Athenian Girl of the Month 3; Senior Council; Americans Abrood-For- eign Exchange Student 2; Germon Club I, 2; Trock 1; Thespions 1; " Odd Cou pie ' " Cost 1; Honor Groduate 3; Treble Chorale 2, 3; Choroliers 2, 3; Junior Council. MENDIVE, LAWRENCE DECA3. MEREDITH, DARYL MIESCH,TONI MILLER, GREG Golf 1,2, 3; German Club 2, 3. MILLER LISA Art Club 3. MILLER, SHERI Marching Bond t, 2, 3; Stage Band 3; V ind Ensemble 3; Concert Bond 1 , 2, 3. MILLS, LINDA MOCK, BETTY DE2, 3. MONFRIES, JULIE Spanish Club 1 ; Red Cross Class Chair- man 2, 3. MONTGOMERY, SHEILA VICA 2, 3, Treasurer 2, President 3. MOODY, MATT MOORE, KIM MOORE, PAM MOREY, JOEl Football 1 . MORITZ, MARILYN Colt Corral Staff 2, 3; NHS 2, 3; Ger- man Club 2, 3; AFS 2, 3; Senior Council; Photo-Journalism 3; Youth Guidance Council 1; Junior Princess Nominee 2; Honor Groduote; Quill and Scroll 2, 3; Interact 3; Denton Writer ' s Conference — First in Essay 3; Yearbook Competi- tion — First in Ads 3; Photo Club 3. MORRIS, MARIETTA Volleyboil Manager 2. MORRIS, ROB Student Council 2; Student Body Presi- dent 3. MORROW, JOHN MORROW, VICKI Thespians 1 ; FBLA 2, 3, Secretary 3, Dis- trict Reporter 3; AFS 3; NHS 2, 3; Year- book Staff 1, 2, 3, Editor 3; Photo Club 3; Quill and Scroll 2, 3; Honor Gradu- ate; Colt Staff Photographer 2, 3; Who ' s Who in Journalism 3, Athenian Girt of the Year. MOSES, LEE ANNE Interact 3; Pora-Med Club 2, 3, Social Chairman 3; FHA 1; LibroryClub 1; Drama Club 1 . MUELLER, RAE Band 1 , 2, 3, Drum Major 3; Interact 2, 3; French Club 1 , 2; NHS 2, 3; All-State Bond 3; All-Region Band 2, 3; All-Region Orchestro 2, 3; Honor Groduote; Geol- ogy Club 2; Senior Council, All-City Band 2, 3; Wind Ensemble 2, 3; Who ' s Who in Band 3. MULLEN, REBA MURDOCK, GINA Pep Squad 1 . MURRAY, DARLA Spanish Club 1, 2; Volleyball 1; Junior Council; Senior Council; TAHOS 3. — N — NABORS, KENDELL Cheerleoder 1; NHS 2, 3; Interact 2; FBLA 3; Senior Council. NARCHO, ANDY NATION, MARIEN Health Occupotions 3, Historian 3. NEAR, KAREN Cheerleader 2, 3 ' ; NHS 3; German Club 1 , 2, 3; FCA 2, 3. NEW, CINDY NGUYEN, HOA NICHOLS, JANICE Basketball 1,2,3, Captain 3; All-District 3; Volleyball 1 , 2; Spanish Club 1 ; Poro- Med Club 3; NHS 3. — O — OAKES, TYLER ORR, LUCY Morching Bond 1 ; German Club 2. OSBORN, TERRY Bond 1,2; Golf Team 1,2,3; FBLA 3. OnO, DEBBIE Spanish Club 1; Art Club 2. OWEN, GARY Bond 1,2, 3; ROTC 1,2,3. OWEN, STEFANIE OEA 3. — P — PADGin, MARY ANN PALACIOS, JERRY PALMES, HOLLY Student Council 3; Red Cross Council 3, President 3; Senior Council; Junior Coun- cil; Thespians 1 , 2, 3; NFL 3; Chomber of Commerce Girl of the Month 3; Spanish Club 2; Debate 3. PAMPLIN, CINDY Drill Teom 1, 2, 3, Captain 3; Vo Ag 2, 3 FFA Sweetheart 2; Rodeo Team 1 , 2; Rodeo Club 2, Girls Social Chairmon 2. PARKER, RANDY PARRISH, DONNA Thespions 2, 3, Vice-President 3; Honor PATRICK, THERON VOCT 1, 2, 3, Honor Roll 1, 2, Sgt.-ot- PAHERSON, TALITHA Computer Club 1 ; Art Club 1 , 2, 3. PATTON, MARK PAYNE, BARRY PEARL, MARK NHS 3; German Club 1, 2, 3; Melodiers 1 ; Choroliers 2; Chamber Singers 2; TAGS 2; " Evening on Broodwoy " Cast 1; All-Region Festival Choir 2; UIL Choir Competition 2; Baseball 1, 2, 3; Man- ager 2; AFS 1 . PERRY, PAUL PERRYMAN, CAM Bond 1; FFA 3; Treble Chorale 2; Ger- man Club 1 . PETERS JEFF Band 1, 2, 3; Stage Band 1, 2, 3; Wind Ensemble 3, Student Director 3; Choir 3; All-Stor Stage Bond 1; UIL One-Act 3, Best Zone Actor 3; All-City Band 3; All- City Choir 3; " Fiddler " Cost 3; German Club 1 , Choir Arian Award. PEUGH, BILL PHILUPS, PAULA Library Club 1 , 2, 3, President 3; Interact 3; HECE 3; FHA 2; Who ' s Who in HECE 3. PHOTIDES, FAYE DECA, Reporter 3. PIERCE, BRAD Baseball 1,2,3; Shident Council 3; Ger- man Club 1, 2; Junior Council, Senior PILON, DANA NHS 3; All-Region Bond 2, 3; All-Region Orchestra 2; Symphonic Band 1, 2, 3; Wind Ensemble 1, 2, 3; UIL Solo and Ensemble 1st 1 , 3; All-City Band 3; " Fid- dler " Orchestra 3; " Night on Broadway " Orchestra 1. PILON, DAWN Symphonic Bond 1, 2, 3; Wind Ensemble 1, 2, 3; NHS 2, 3; Marching Bond 1, 2, 3. PITZER, CHARLES Football 1 , 2, 3; Track 1, 2; Key Club 1; Spanish Club 1. POLLOCK, BILL PONDER, LISA French Club 1 ; Senior Council; Basketball 1,2,3; Tr ack 1,2,3; PTA Representa- tive 2; NHS 2, 3; Band 1,2,3. POSS, JILL Class Secretory 1 , 2, 3; Treble Chorale 1; Choroliers 2, 3; Chamber Singers 2, 3; All-City Choir 3; Senior Favorite. PRATHER, STEVE Track 1,2,3; Football 1 ; VICA 2. PRAH, CARLA Chamber Singers 3; Choroliers 2, 3; UIL Solo Region 3; All-Region Festival Choir 3; All-City Choir 3; Melodiers 1 ; UIL Stole Solo 3. PRIDDY, PHIL PUMMILL, DARRILL PYLANT, SUZETTE NHS 3; Volleyball 1 , 2, 3; Pora-Med 3. — R — RAMAHI, LINDA Bond 1,2. RANDEL, NEIL FBLA 3; Germon Club 2. RAU, KATHY TAHOS 3, Secretory 3; Parliamentary Procedure Team 3; Senior Council. RAY, BRUCE Sophomore Council; German Club 1, 2, 3; ROTC 1, 2, Operators Officer 1, 2; Photo Club 3; Photo-Journalism Staff 3; AFS 1 ; Quill and Scroll 3; Wh o ' s Who in Photography 3. RAY, RICKY RAYBURN, BRIDGET Pep Squad 1 ; DECA 3, Historian 3. RAYMOND, CRAIG CVAE 1 , 2; FFA 3; Ag Co-op Aword. REDDY, GWYN REED, CHRISTY REED, DEBBIE REED, LISA Spanish Club 1 , 2, 3, Secrelory-Treo- surer 3; Arlettes I , 2, 3, Coptoin 3; Honor Society 3; Youth Guidonce Coun- cil 1,2, Honor Groduate 3; Senior Coun- cil; Notional Spanish Exom 1,2,3, Win- ner 3; Interoct 1 . REFOUA, ALBERT REGAN, LOUISE RESTON, DALE Football 1, Varsity Foolboll 3; German Club 3. REYNA, NICK % FFA1,2,3. REYNOLDS, BECKY DECA 2, Vice-President 3. REYNOLDS, DIANE REYNOLDS, JERRY Geology Club 2. RICHARDS, AUDRI RICHEY, RHONDA DE I 2, DE II 3, Treasurer 3. RIOS, KATHY RISEDORPH, scon Tennis 1 ; NHS 3; AHS 2, 3, President 3; Key Club 2, 3; FFA 3; Honor Groduole 3. RITCHIE, STEPHEN ROBERTS, CINDY ROBERTS, ROBERT Basketball 1 , 2, 3. ROBERTS, SAM Football 1,2,3. ROBERTS, SARA Sophomore Council; Basketball 1 , 2; FFA 3. ROBERTSON, PATTI ROBERTSON, ROBERTA Library Club 1 , 2, 3, Secretary 2; AFS t , 2, 3, Chairman 3; interact 2, 3; District Parliamentarian 3; District Miss TALA 3; French Club 2, 3; Library Award. ROBINSON, WILLIAM RODRIGUEZ, CECILIA Sponish Club 1, President 1; National Spanish Exam 3rd Place 1 , I st Place 2. ROGERS, BRAD Baseball 1,2,3. ROLAND, MARK DECA 2, 3; German Club 3; Key Club 3; DECA, Student of the Year 3, President 3; Who ' s Who in Deca 3. ROMACK TONY Symphonic Band 1 , 2, 3; AllCity Band 2; Wind Ensemble 1,2; Stage Bond 3; Swim Team 1; JETS 1; NHS 2, 3; National Merit Finalist 3; President ' s Scholar 3; Notional Distinguished Alumni Schoior 3. ROOKS, RICHARD Track 1 , 3; Cross Country 1 , 2, 3. ROSS, BEVERLY RULE, BRENT Bond 1,2,3; Stage Bond 2,3. RULE, LESLIE HOE 3. RURY, STEFF Footboll 1, 3; Shjdent Council 1; Key Club I; Senior Council; Boy ' s Activities Director 3. RUSHING, ROBYNN RYE, CHARLES Choir 3, President 3; All-City Choir 3; Football 1 , 2, 3. — S — SAFFARRANS, MELISSA Marching Band 1 , 2, 3; Stage Bond 2; Interoct 3; Thespions 1,2,3; Para Med 3; Senior Council; Junior Council. SALEK, SIROUS SALIS,JON SAMFORD, CARLA SAMFORD, DARU SAMPLEY, MARK Basketball I, 2; Track I, 2, 3; Senior Council; Mr. AHS Nominee. SANDERS, DONNA French Club 1 , 2, 3; Art Club 3. SANDERS, HOLLY Band 1, 2, 3, Feature Twirier I, 2, 3; Senior Council; UIL Twirling 1,2. SANTARELLI, GREG SAUCE, CHERIE French Club 1; Photo Club 2, 3; Photo- Joumolism 3; Six Flogs Moll Photo Con- test 3; Thorntons Photo Contest 3; Senior Slide Show Photographer. SAWYER, TONY SCARBOROUGH, SHERRY Jets 1 , 2, Secretary 1 ; Pep Squad 1 ; Library Club 1; German Club 1 , 2, 3; NHS 3; AFS 3; Senior Council; TAGS Contest First Ploce 2. SCHRADER, BRIAN Bond 1,2,3. SCHROEDER, DAVID German Club 1. SCHROEDER, SHARON Pep Squad 1 ; German Club 2,3. SCRANTON, JENNIFER SEKINO, KAORU SEWELL, JANET Who ' s Who in PE. SEWELL, SHERRY Art Club 2; Para Med 3; VOE 3; Interact 3; German Club 2. SHANKS, DANA Student Council 1. SHAW, KATHY Poro Med 1, Social Chairman 1; French Club 1, 2, 3; NHS 2, 3; Melodiers 1; Choroliers 2, 3. SHIELDS BRUCE Diving Team 1 , 2, 3, Captain 3; German Club 3; Slide Rule Team 2; Competition Moth Team 1 ; TAGS 3; Senior Council; AFS 3; Key Club ! ; Thespians 1 . SIMEONE, BOB German Club 1 , 2; Football 1,2,3, Cop tain 3; Track 1,2,3. SI MONDS, JANET ArleHes 1, 2, Coptoin 2; Spanish Club 1; Literary Club 1 ; Interact 3; Senior Coun- cil; AFS 3. SIMPSON, JUDI Spanish Club 1, 2; German Club 3; AFS 3; Drill Team 1 , 2; Student Council 3. SIMPSON, SYDNE Arlettes 2, 3, Mojor 3. SKINNER, STEVE SLACK, JEFF Football 1,2, 3. ) SMITH, CAROL ! SMITH, CARY Symphonic Bond 1 , 2, 3; Wind Ensemble 2, 3; Melodiers 1; Choroliers 2, 3; All- City Bond 3; All-City Choir 3; All Region Orchestra 3; German Club 2; AFS 2; interact 2, 3, President 3; NHS 2, 3; " Evening on Broodwoy " Cast 1; " Fid- dler " Cost 3; Junior Council; Senior Council; UIL Ready Writing 2, 3; Bobo Scholarship 3; Honor Graduate 3; Who ' s Who in English. SMITH, DIANE FBLA 2, 3; OEA 3; VOE District Competi. tion 3, Areo Competition 3. SMITH, KAREN ArleHcs 1,2,3, Miss Arlette 3; AFS 1 , 3; Interact 3; Treble Chorole 3; Melodiers 1;FHA 3, Treasurer. SMITH, MELISSA FFA Kiwonis Student of the Month 3; Rodeo Club 2, 3, President 2, Treasurer 3; FFA 1 , 3, Proficiency Award 3; Other School: Honor Society 2; Student Coun- cil Secretary 2. SNAVELY, JULIE Rodeo Club 2; Geology Club 2; Art Club 2; Senior Council. SNELL, MARK j Bond l;ROTC 1,2, 3. ( SNOWDEN, HOLLY Annuol Staff, 2, 3, Organizations 2, Advertising 3; Quill and Scroll 2; NHS 2, 3, Historian 3; Student Council 1 , 3; NFL 2, 3; Miss AHS Spirit 3; AFS 2, 3, Secre- tary 3; German Club Treasurer 3; Senior Class Girls Social Chairman; Pep Squad Vice President 1; Miss AHS Nominee 3; Athenian Girl of the Month; National Merit Commended Student 3; Who ' s Who in German 3. SONKA, DANA SPRANG, ROB Cross Country Trock 2; Track 1 , 2, 3. SPRING, GARY Band 1, 2, 3; Stage Bond 2, 3; Wind Ensemble 3; German Club 2; French Club 1 . ST. CLAIR, JOE STIFF, CAROL Sponich Club 1 , 2, 3; Interact 3, STONE, TRACEY Arlettes 1, 2, 3; Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, President 3; Youth Guidance Council 2; NHS 2, 3; Senior Council; Who ' s Who Sponish. STOUT, TRAVIS Concert Bond 1; Symphonic Band 2, 3; Wind Ensemble 2; German Club 3. STOVAIL, DAVID Basketball 1 . STUBBS, JENNIFER Band 1 , 2; Track 2, 3, Regionals 3; NHS 2, 3; Spanish Club 1; Honor Graduate; AFS 3. SULLIVAN, TAMMY SWANSON, SUSAN Spanish Club 1 ; NHS 2, 3; Honor Gradu- -T — TATUM, KIM TAYLOR, ROBERT TAYLOR, SALLY Volleyball 1 , 2, 3; French Club 1,3, President 3; Poro Med Vice President 3; AII-DisWct Volleyball 3; NHS 2, 3. TAYLOR, TERRELL NHS 2, 3; ICT 2. TERHUNE, DEBORAH Track 1,2, Regionals 1;NHS2,3; French Club 2; Senior Council; Honor THOMAS, MARY Spanish Club 2, 3; Art Club 1 , 2. THOMAS, MIKE Football 1, 2, 3, All-District 3; FCA 1, 2, 3. THOMPSON, GAYLE Thespians 1 , 2, 3; German Club I, 2; AFS 1, 2, 3; Stage Bond 2, 3; Wind Ensemble 3; Symphonic Band 1 , 2, 3; FBLA 2, 3, Sociol Chairmon 2; Library Club Secretory-Treasurer 1 ; Senior Coun- cil, Chamber of Commerce Girl of the Month 3. THOMPSON, MELISSA NHS 3; Spanish Club 2; Melodiers 1; Treble Chorale 2, 3, FBLA 3; " Evening on Broadway " Cast 1; " Fiddler " Cast 3; Honor Graduate. THOMPSON, SUZY NFL 2, 3, Vice President 2; Thespians 3; Chamber of Commerce Girl of Month 3; UIL Regionals Poetry 3; UIL One Act Play Cast; " Bus Stop " Cost 3; Choroliers 2, 3; Melodiers 1; " Fiddler " Cast 3. TILLMAN, EEANN TINGLE, CHARLES TIPTON, MELANIE TORRES, RAMON Football 1,2,3. TOWNS, JODIE TUCKER, BRYAN TURNER, CHRIS DECA 3; Art Club 3. TURNER, TERRI NHS 2, 3, Treasurer 3; Volleyboll 1, 2. 3, All-Stote 3; German Club 1, 2; Senior Council 3; Youth Guidance Council 3, Tutor Chairmon 3; Honor Groduote; Most Improved Volleyball 1 . TYLER, A ARK VAN BECKUM, SUSAN Spanish Club 1,2,3. VANCE, SANDY French Club 1 ; Basketball 1 , 2, 3; NHS 3. VANDERGRIFF, VICTOR Sophomore Boys Sociol Chairman; Sen- ior Council; Football 1, 2, 3; Trock 1; Lahn Club 2, 3; NFL 1 , 2, 3; NHS 3; FBLA 3; FCA 2, 3; Key Club 1; One-Act Ploy 3; State TFA 3; " Bus Stop " Cost 3; Who ' s Who in Speech. VAN DYKE, PAULA Spanish Club 3; FBLA 2, 3, Sociol Chair- man 2; Senior Council; Thespians 1 ; NFL 2,3- VAUGHN, TERRY Band 1, 2; Choir 2, French Club 1, 2; Interact 3, Student of the Month 3; TAHOS President 3; Sophomore Council; Junior Council; Senior Council; FCA 3. VESELKA, CATHY NHS 2, 3; AFS 3; Cross Country Trock 3; Track 3; Interact 3; Treble Chorale 2. VETEiKIS, CANICE VIEiRA, FREDILINE Spanish Club 1, 3, Executive Council 3; Arlettes 1 , 2, 3, ' Captain 3; OEA Presi- dent 3, District, Area Competition 3. VOGEL, REBECCA German Club 1 ; Senior Council; Band I . VOLK, SUSE AFS 3. — W — WADE, MIKE Football 1 , 2, 3, All-City 3; Track 1 , 2; Junior Favorite; FCA 1, 2, 3, President 3; Mr. AHS. WALKER, HAROLD Band 1,2,3; Newspaper Stoff Ad Sales- man 3; Thespians 3; German Club 2. WALKER, JULIE Basketball 1, 2, 3, All-District Honorable Menhon 3; Track 1, 2, 3; German Club 1,2. WALKER, KEITH Football 1, 2, 3; Key Club 1; Baseball 1, 2, 3, Captain 3, All-District 3, WARD, ANGELA FFA 3; Latin Club 1,2,3. WARD, DANNY WARNER, BOBBIE Basketball 2, 3; Trock 1 , 2, 3; German Club 1,2. WARREN, KEVIN WASHBURN, RANDY WEAVER, TERRI Spanish Club 1; HECE 2; HOE Parlia- mentary Procedure Teom 3. WEEMS, SANDS Baseball Manager 3; Chess Club 3. WEILER, JEAN French Club 1 , 2, 3; NHS 2, 3; FBLA 3; Sophomore Favorite, Se ni 5r Council; Colt Chorgers 1 ; Stud =nt C auncil 2, 3; Chamber of Commerce 3. WETHINGTON, LANCE Gi lo f the Month WEnERLING, KURT Other School: Drama CI jb All-School Ploy, Junior Prom Comr -It ee Football 1 . WHITE, JEFF O 2, 3, President 3. WHITE, JULIE Basketboll 1 , 2, 3; Tra ck 1, 2, 3, Stole 880 Champion 3; Cros sC ou ilry 3; AHS Faculty Aword 3. WHITE, STEVE Number Sense District 1st PI 3ce 1 , 2, 3; Slide Rule District IstP oc 3 Moth Club 1, 2, 3; Jets 1, 2, 3; Pr( t 3; Co puter Club 1, 2, 3, President 3; NHS 2, 3; Chess Club 3; German Club 1 , 2, 3; Notional Moth Club, AHS 1 st Place 2, 3; Bond 1 , 2; Who ' s Who in Moth. WIDDAS, MELANIE WILLHITE, BARBARA FHA President 3; Volleyball Manager 1 , 2. WILLIAMS, EDWARD ROTC 2, Flight Sgt,; DECA 2, 3. WILLIAMS, JEFF WILLIAMS, MARY WILLIAMS, TOAAMY WILUAMSON, ERIC WILLIS, LAURIE Thespians 2, 3; Choroliers 2, 3; German Club 2; " Fiddler " Stage Manager 3. WILSON, BUDDY Spanish Club 1 ; FFA 2, 3. WILSON, MIKE Computer Club 1, 2; German Club 1, 2, 3; Jets 2, 3; ROTC 1 , 2, 3, Squadron Commander 3, Drill Teom Commander 3; Sons of the American Revolution Award 1; American Legion Award 2; Air Force Association Award 3; Textron Scholarship 3; Whos Who in ROTC; Honor Graduate. WILSON, PAT German Club 2, 3; Spanish Club 1, 2, 3; AFS 2, 3; ROTC 3, Boll Princess 3; Girl ' s Drill Team 3; Library Club 3; ROTC DAR Award 3; ArleHes 3; UIL Spelling 3. WINSOR, SUSAN Interact 2. WINTER, KARL Chopin Award 3. WISER, THO AAS Other School: Honor Society 2, 3; Track 1 , 2; Cross Country 2, 3. WOLFSKILL, ANDY French Club 1 , 2, 3; Colt Corral Sports 3; Vespers Speaker 3. WONG, JANE WOODS, NEEL Band 1 , 2, 3, Bond Council 2; Wind Ensemble President 3; NHS 2, 3; Out- standing Jazz Soloist Amorillo 2; All- Region Bond 1, 2, 3; Honor Graduate; Presidential Leadership Award 3; All Star Jazz Ensemble Mountain View 3; Invitational State Solo and Ensemble 1; Region V Area Band 3; Band Arion Aword. WORKMAN, KERRY WRAY, RICKY Track 1 , 2, 3; NHS 2, 3; Germon Club 1 , YANCEY, ELIZABETH YOUNG, ALISA Spanish Club 2; Pep Squad 1 ; FBLA 3. 283 Officers, Sponsors Lead Class Through Memorable Year " We make hades seem like heaven. Senior Class of ' 77 ' The Junior Class and its officers, having barely survived a year of being a soph, gladly welcomed their coming of age — Juniors. Sponsors v ho aided the aspiring Junior class included Mrs. Karen Lowe, Sgt. Earl Childers, and Miss Judy Stricklin. Other sponsors were Col. Jack Robinson, Mr. Jim Barnette, Mrs. Mary Clements, and advisory, Mrs. Melba McKnight. Among the vast activities of the class was the winning Homecoming float, " Moonshine the Gophers. " (A) The 1 975-76 Junior officers include Kirk Lewis, Leann Cline, Amy McGlasson, Nicky Fox and Cindy Cannon. (B) Math teacher Karen Lowe en|oys one of her students, |okes, while football coach Jim Barnette waits for someone to explain it. PRESIDENT Nicky Fox VICE PRESIDENT Leonn Cline SECRETARY-TREASURER Amy McGlasson GIRLS ' SOCIAL CHAIRMAN Cindy Cannon BOYS ' SOCIAL CHAIRAAAN Kirk Lewis 284 JUNIORS (A) Mrs. Melba McKnight explains a story to one of her many English classes. (B) Miss Judy Stncklin studies the Colt basketball schedule. (C) Col. Jack Robinson and Sgt. Earl Childers proudly display two of their flags. (D) Mrs. Mary Clements prepares a homogeneous solution for her students. JUNIORS 285 • Jennifer Adarr Jane Adams DaneAdelma Darrell Agee Sheryl Agnew PalAilara Sean Ailara Marshall Aldnedge Terry Alford Kim Allen Joel Anderson Monty Anthony Vicki Archer Paulo Ard Mark Ashley Jim Ayres Scott Bom Mark Baker Junior Boys Choose Classes During Registration Mark Baker Eddy Boles Lori Bolke Jerry Barcroft Paul Bark Karen Barker KyleBorlen Cindy Bornett Janet Barron Cindy Barton Kurt Bauer Dory! Bayer Nancy Beech Cindy Bellamy Karen Bena Jeff Bennett Marc Berger Donna Bergstrc Dove Berndt Lorraine Berry Dan Berryhill Burr Bisch 286 JUNIORS Jim Black David Blain Kenneth Blain Pat Blanchard Evelyn Blanton Kelley Biaylock Susan Bloom Tracey Bloom Michael Blum Dennis Boehmi Dusty Boggan Brent Bolding Tim Bolton Bruce Bovee Bruce Bowen Will Bowers Paul Bowman Bruce Brodhar Noel Wolker and Chuck Schneider check the list of classe they wait their turn to register for the upcoming school ye Bobbi Bradley Russell Bramoll Susan Bi Larry Breen Stanley Brewer Andy Bridges Kim Brix Tamera Brockermeyer JUNIORS 287 Judy Brown Wayne Brown Kothy Browne Laura Brownie Jeff Broyles Beffi Brunson Julie Bruton Pete Bruton Chris Buckingha Dale Bullion Jonelle Burnette Catfiy Busfi Betty Bulla Karen Byei Ken Byrd TrishaCohala Cra.g Colon Goyle Color " I hope we ' re not the only ones out here dancing, " soys Ree Cook to Tom Ferris as they attend the Howdy Dance. 288 JUNIORS OndyCann RoxanneCantu Day n Cantwell Don no Carney Cac Carroll Kim Carter Lau ie Casey Me cedes Casti Jeff Cawborn Der ick Cowthrc Mark Chaffin Steve Chow Solitary AHS Couple Enjoys Music at Howdy Dance RickChurchwell Ronald Clark JimCline Daniel Clinkscale Stuart Cobb Lorry Coffman Lisa Cotien Julie Coker Becky Cook Suzan Cook Kathy Cooley Renee Cooper Barbara Cox Mike Croddock Grover Cribbs Wendy Cummings David Cunningharr Dinah Dclton Brian Davidson Linda Davidson JUNIORS 289 Randy David- Steve David: Came Davis Herbert Dav Jimmy Davis Jimmy Davis Sleepy Don Kondrack waits to begin his early morning PSAT test. 290 JUNIORS Carol Evans Skip Everheart Bill Faick Becky Fannin ad Fazeli Tom Fe Jeff Field Bobbie Fletcher Rusty Forehand Melindo Foster Rhonda Foster Nicky Fox Susan Frar Anne Frenc Lonnie Full Ronnie Full Tim Fuller Lynn Fuston GumnGandy Lisa Garrett Gory Garrison Julie Garvin Sleepy Junior Students Partake of Early Morning Test Mark Gearhart Chris Geisel Steve Gilbreath Cathy Ginn Chad Goetz Randy Goode Robert Goode DougGorrell Ellen Gorthey Cathy Graves Lori Gray Jerry Greenwood Tern Griggs Tommie Grover Bobby Gutierrez Mike Hall SharleneHall JUNIORS 291 Brenda Hamilton Bobby Morris David Horris Dixie Harris Cathy Harrison Brian Hart Tyler Hart Kevin Hastings John Howes Robert Hawrylok Koyla Hayes Felecio Hoys Down Heierm. Linda Heinzm. Brett Hendersi Jonno Henders Rick Heinz Karen Henry Shoino Henry Mark Hermann Class of ' 77 Supports Colts During Courtyard Rally Grady Herzog Rhonda Hilbun David Hill Bill Himstedt Gayle Hodges Melio Hopper Stephanie Hopper Kevin Horton Leslie Houk Melvin Howell Dovid Hudson James Hudson Charles Hulme Garry Hunter Terrie Hurt • 292 JUNIORS Kelly Hyde Cindy Jack " They can ' t be taking a picture of me, " thinks Nancy Engle as she helps friends Cathy Spivy and Valerie Vandergriff support the mighty Colts. Jimmy Jacks( Scott Jamisoi Kristi Janes Marty Jerom Deirdre John Jan Johnson Kathy Johnson Keith Johnson Merrin Johnsor Trent Johnson Georgann Johnston Gerry Jonaitis Nick Jones Russell Jones Kirk Justice JUNIORS 293 Don Kearns Ranee Keilstrup Jennie Kelley Kay Kelley Jeff Kelsch Donna Kenr Doug Kidd Roger Kidd COT Kim Lockett weinies ' her way to stardom during the Country Jambo Sharon Kimmey Lonnie King Bernie Kinkade Paula Kinkade Bobby Kirkpotrick Kim Knowles Ken Koentz David Koltko Don Kondrack John Kopp Kormon Korleski Tim Korolevich Thomas Kutch Michael Laman Linda Lancaster Chuck Lankford Robbie Lowing Tom Leach 294 JUNIORS Students Display Musical ' Talent ' at Country Jamboree David Leduc BeckeLee Steve Leggett Lee Lenntngton Stan Leu Joe Lew Debbie Lewis Kirk Lewis Rapunzel Lewis Sport Liberate Cindy Liles Kim Lockeft JUNIORS 295 Melinda Manning Lisa Garrett, Lisa Cohen, and Marie Wagner help with preparations for the winning float. Junior Girls Try Tom Manning Thomas Mansfield Mindy Manz Gory Martin Missy Martin Tracy Martin Stuart Mayers Keri Moyfield Vicki Mello Charles Menefe Kim Menge Sheryl Merk Richard Metz John Miller Russ Miller Sue Miller Susan Miller Kari Mitchell 296 JUNIORS Cathy Moffat Brent Monetothchi Mark Moody Chris Moore Mike Moore Randy Moore Pamela Morole Liso Morris Bobb. Mornson Ron Morrow Gary Morse Kevin Moses Dona Motsenbocker Joe Muller Billy Munns Pat Murphy Barbara Mussleman Jay Myers Jeff Nason Dick Nation Martha Natioi Brian Neal Mike Nelson Phil Nelson Their Best to Build First-Rate Float Leann New David Nichols Sandra Nowlii Debby OHorf Mark Oppie Rick O ' Toole John Otto Dale Porker Scott Parker Tricia Parker John Parsons Chris Patten Teresa Pottersc Eric Patton Robert Payne Kirk Pearson Melanis Pelton Mark Perkins JUNIORS 297 Kim Perry Nathan Phelps Danny Phrllips Phyllis Phillips Joanne Pickett David Pitstick Jim Pool Elaine Porter Brendo Posey Tom Poston Mark Potter Karen Preiss flH5 Mil ' ' flONSHiWE Arlington High Scho I their Colt spirit by building the first place float to display in the 1 975 Homecoming porodi 298 JUNIORS Donald Richards Allen Roberts Joe Robinson Buck Rogers Donald Rogstad Tim Romack Britt Ross Kothy Rush Cindye Rushing Lorry Sadler Philip Sams Teresa Sanders Keely Santerre Fred Saulmon Rex Schimpf Paul Schkode Steve Schmidt Chuck Schneidei David Schultz Jock Scott Jane Scranton Solly Semler Stephen Shedd Keith Sherrill First Place Float Shines on During Homeconning Parade John Shuttee Becky Sieber Paula Sieren Keith Simmons Nancy Slack Donna Sloan Danny Smith Donna Smith Larry Smith Stuart Smith Shelly Smuro Wendell Snoddy JUNIORS 299 • Kel ySonniksen Liec nna Soto Brio n Spear Kim Spencer Cathy Spivy Tim othy Stahl Lou rie Stambulic Jim my Stankosky Kyi ? Stanley Ter " SO Stauffache Pou 1 Stepina Laurie Stokely Tan a Stoker Kel i Strong Greg Swain Chy ck Swearingin Lisa Swor Fell cio Tanco Dav id Taylor Fra Kine Taylor Rod ney Taylor Ray Terry Joh n Tetens Pan 1 Thurman AHS Student Gets ' Sticky ' Fingers While Eating Lunch Linda Tilley Paula Toerck Chip Tompkins David Tongier Joel Turner Tricia Turner Joonn Urban Dove Uribe Valerie Vandergriff Cole Vordemon John Wade Mark Wode Marie Wagner Don Walker Mickey Walker Noel Walker Thomas Walker Michael Wardio 300 JUNIORS Keith Watson Mark Walters Neal Weaver Angela Webb Cheryl Webb Charlie Wenzia Scott Whetstone Suzanne Whipple Kirk Whisenant Mark White Randy White Janet Wilkers " Oh no, I think I got my finger stuck! " wor Roxanne Cantu as she samples a school lu Mork Wilkins Brent Williams Chris Williams Randy Williams Mark Williamson Kothy Willoughby Cathy Wilson Wendy Wilson Dennis Wimpy Bonnie Winberg r " ■ " • Mark Wiser Wendy Wolff Michael Woods David York Dianna Youngei Greg Zellner JUNIORS 301 Sophomores at Arlington High jumped right to work at the beginning of the year and went at a rapid pace until the very end. For the Homecoming Parade they built a float based on the theme of " Arlington will shine with a strike on the goal-line, " then offered a Jaws booth, a ping pong throw, and a bowling ball game for the Colt County Fair. Entertaining the rest of the student body, sophs were hosts at a Valentines Dance featuring Rush. Completing the group ' s activities was a party at the end of the year. Helping the students with class plans were the sponsors, Ms. Sharon Mors, Mrs. Ann Turney, Mrs. Alice Biggs, Miss Paula Slease, Mrs. Helen Bowen, Mr. Jim Swan, Mr. Rick Theobalt, Mrs. Becky McDonald, Mr. Randy Porter, Mr. Roy Smith, and Mrs. Bea Folvo. PRESIDENT Dorrell Stovall VICE PRESIDENT Lynda Lankford SECRETARY-TREASURER Kathy McAndrew GIRLS ' SOCIAL CHAIRMAN Shari V ebber BOYS ' SOCIAL CHAIRAAAN Steve Hollowell (A) Class officers tor 1 975-76 are Lynda Lank- ford, Steve Hollowell, Kathy McAndrew, Shari Webber, and Darrell Stovall. (B) Mrs. Turney oi Mrs. McDonald discuss plans for the soph class 302 SOPHOMORES Soph Officers, Faculty Make First Year Unforgettable • 1 H » I t (A) As soph class sponsor, Mrs. Turney preside t ; i ' -- ■ ' r - ' ' r (A) As sopH class sponsor, wrs. I urney presiaes •.■ ' ?l ' ' ' ' ■ t ' ii over o meeting. (B) Mrs. Helen Bowen is amused by ■ i ' . y ■« ' " " - -iil- ' H some of the zany suggestions from the council and ' " -S ■;:; ■ . ' -, ■ TT ♦• officers. (C) Mr. Theobalt wonders when the next f " i, V J . ' j? " ' - " ? ■L ' holiday IS. (D) Coach Porter quietly volunteers ' C " . ' ' ,- ' ;■ . to chaperone the upcoming dance. (E) Ms. Mars and ' ' » iis ■ ' ' ' " ' ' Mr. Swan kindly reject the all-night-party-plan. SOPHOMORES 303 • Temple Aday Debbie Addisc Diane Agel Joan Allen Laura Allen Eric Aim Angel Alukonis Tim Anton Dean Archer Sherry Armstrong Tracie Arnold Kathy Bailey Scott Baker Wilson Bake Casey Barnett Linda Borthold Carlos Batlle Lon Beavers Jerry Bell Ron Bellamy Matt Berndt Lydia Berry Bridget Bindel Cameron Bird Russ Bird Shelly Bishop Bill Black John Black Bobby Blair Mark Blakely Craig Blakemore Lisa Bland Bonnie Bledsoe Kristen Bloom Ricky Bodkins Phyllis Boelter Pam Boese John Bohannon Julie Bomberge 304 SOPHOMORES Sophomores, Overalls Make Winning Combo at Pep Rally Sandy BonduranI Sarah Borgstedl Janet Bourlond Ricky Bramall Gemmi Breach Jenna Brewer Steve Briggs Sherry Brock David Brown Debbie Brown Kathy Brown Mark Brown Cristi Harris takes a moment ' s rest while Kerre Tucker demon- strates Colt Spirit in AHS middle courtyard before the Bowie garr SOPHOMORES 305 Lost Sophomores Wander in Search of Lunch Don Burgordt Jim Burgin Lisa Burnett Mary-Dawn Burnett Stacy Burris Barbara Byman MikeCadena Greg Camp Jonny Cannon Lisa Cantwell Chen Carlson Carl Carnall Cindy Carney Rick Carney Donna Carpenter Don Carson Howard Carter Greg Cartwnght Luis Castillo Kim Caton Debbi Cavallei Dan Cecil Leslie Charles Robert Chatha Michelle Chaus Leslie Christens. Robert Christior JohnClanon Robert Clark David Clay Terry Cleaver Stephen Cochr. Kelly Cole Ralph Collier Karyn Conner Chip Connor 306 SOPHOMORES Kathy Cook ou mean this isn ' t the cafeteria? " asks a surprised Kathy Moiler Debra Pustejovsky points the right way and the two sophs learn AHS. SOPHOMORES 307 Spirited Drama Buffs Spice Up Last Pep Rally Tim Deahl Danny DeFrank Roxane Desforge Barbara De Vito Gregory Devell Gregg DeVos Jonis Dodenhoff Cathy Dodson Don Dodson David Doggett Ned Dombroski Kevin Donohower Karen Doyle Joanna Drake Dee Driggers Mike Driscoll Robert DuBois Doug Dubose Sharon Duckworth Carolyn Duff Christy Dunn Nancy Dunn Susan Dunn Susan Dunnogon Cheryl Dyer Robert Eogle Mike Edmonds Nancy Eichhorn Nathan Ekstrond Connie Ellefson Vikki Eller Jo Beth Embry Terry En Doug Engel Doug Engle Robin Evan! Lisa Fotzinger Gene Fields Mark Fine Cathy Fisher Patty Fisher If 308 SOPHOMORES Jerry Fitzek Patty Forman Mark Foster Connie Fox Brenda Franklir Glenn Freeman Vicki Fnberg Kelly Frye David Fuller Bengie Gaby Glenda Gordn David Garner Gwen Gates Jem Gehrt Ginger Ginn Vivian Gom MikeGorder Kevin Gormoi Vicki Graham Renee Grasty Vicki Graves Janet Gray Condace Gr Lani Gresko Kelly Gnffm SheliaGrimrr Doug Engel and Chris Robbins " ham it up " in the season ' s lost pep rally. SOPHOMORES 309 Rob Groga Glenn Groi Lorry Guenzel Marsha Guinn Colleen Gunter Richard Guthrie Nancy Urban gets a " bang " out of her locker, decorated by Tenyo Woods Mike Hoji-Sheikh Stuart Hall Melonie Halpin DiAnn Horn Lee Hamilton Rhodo Hampton Kerry Honey Sherry Haney Bryan Hantsche Dorcas Hapemon Rod Hordman Howard Harlow Goyle Harmon Neel Harrington Bobby Horns Christi Harris Richard Hortwig Steve Harvey Karen Hastings Mischelle Heiermann 3)0 SOPHOMORES Lisa Hellier Chris Henry Mike Henry Greg Hensley April Hibler Karen Hickman David Higginbolha Jackie Hilbun Rudy Hilburn John Hill Laurie Hill Tim Hoar Beverly Hohertz Cathy Holland Laura Hollingsworth Steve Hollov ell Dixon Holman Richard Hopkins AHSer Reaches Sweet Sixteen With Much Celebration Mono Hopper Robert Horton Rodney Houghto Ronnie Howell Tom Hudspeth Carin Hughes Barry Huhn Tom Hunter Tina Jannise Alon Jantz William Jarvis Tonnie Jeannet Julie Jerome Lynn Joeckel Barry Johnson David Johnson James Johnson Juli Johnson Sherry Johnson Tommy Johnsoi Kregg Jokisch Keith Jones Pomelo Jones Teresa Jones SOPHOMORES 311 Cindye Rushing, Pam Jones, Cristi Harris, Stacy Spooner, Jonis Dodenhoff, Karia Lackey, and Dawn Supe nnake up the " sophomore chorus line " in the pep roHy prior to the Colt ' s final game as they doubtfully eye the antics of the " superior " Shebobs on the other side of the gym. Jana Jordan Cheryl Kavatha David Keal Kiso Kearns John Kegley Chris Keller Jeff Kelly Greg Kempin Kathy Kerbel Karen Kilinski Bryan Kinder Donna King Tresa King Wesley King Ivo Kinkade Kim Koehler Laura Kuntze Karlo Lackey 312 SOPHOMORES Laura Lackland Bettye Lone Kathryn Langston Lynda Lonkford Derel Layton Suzette Le Flore Christine Lessmann Bob Lewis Gina Leiws James Lewis Teresa Leyh Tammy Liberton Linda Liles Robert Lininger Pom Litrio Karen Litllefield Laura Lively Lisa Lockett Karen Long Richard Longgrear Victor Lopez Terry Loudomy Matthew Loynachan Cindy Lucas What the !;?: We Know We ' re Great — Senior Class of ' 78 Steve Lynch Kathy McAndrew Robin McCain Susan McCall Cindy McCculey Machelle McCauley Eddie McClelen Judy McDonald Doug McElvany Sharon McFarland Pamela McGuire Michelle McLeod i McReynolds Bo Machado Eric Mahler Nancy Malone Richard Mann William Mansfield SOPHOMORES 3] 3 Lo i MartJn Jeff Massey Be h Matasso An n Mathis De an Mathis Ke vin Meier Tirr Meier Ro nnie Mena Bill Menefee Do ug Meneley Kri stine Messick Da rieen Middleto Ke ly Miears To n Miesch Ch eri Miller Martha Miller Pa Tl Miller Ste ve Mills Jec nnette Mock Ka hy Moller Ta nmy Moore Bob Morrow Pa Tl Mosby Scotty Muir Lola Mullen Candy Neal Mike Near Jeff Netto Gary New Shannon Newton Luong Nguyen Scott Norris Carlos Obregon Allen Oliver Lisa Oiler Tim Orr Barry Osborn Angela Osburn Maureen O ' Toole Andie Otto Patricia Plowman Perry Plunk Sylvia Porter Warren Potter Cindy Pracken Seanne Pratt Blake Prince Steve Principe 314 SOPHOMORES Steve Pntchard DebraPusteiovsky Bruce Putney Cathy Radke Laura Ramsbottom Ted Rankm Rita Rapp Rachael Ray Cheryl Trammell and Steve Hollowell show shining smiles with the sophomore float. Sophs Use Creativity in First Float-building Experience Loretto Royburn Craig Reed Greg Reed Kevin Reichensteir David Reimer Steve Reinhardl Cindy Reyes Keith Reynolds Jack Rhodes Karen Richardson Patty Riley Jimmy Rios David Ritchie Chris Robbins Kim Roberts Patricio Roberts Toni Roberts Patti Robertson SOPHOMORES 315 Barbara Robins. GlenRodriquez Nan Roe Tammy Roe Cheryl Rogers Denise Rogers Steve Ross Bobby Rothwell Joey Rudd Gory Rumenapp John Rusk Angle Saez Lanlta Salyer Sharon Sammons Jane Santarelli David Saulmon Robin Sawyer Duone Scaief Laurie Scarborough Melissa Scarr John Schaezler James Schaffer Bonnie Schoolfield Brad Schultz Carolyn Schultz Jeff Schwarzer Amy Scott Wayne Scott Sandra Sheets Jerrie Shelly Tina Shelton Jane Sherwood Jennifer Shields Nancy Shields Nina Shipley Jay Shultz April Shupe Bobby Sides Mike Simpson Pam Simpson Paul Skinner Danny Smith Daren Smith Darlene Smith David Smith Doug Smith Douglas Smith Joe Smith + 316 SOPHOMORES Kraig Smith Marshall Smith Scot Smith Tamora Smith Randy Smith Sarah Smith Joel Sparkmon Lucky Sparks Stacy Spooner Bret Springer Carol Standley Danny Stedman Bob Stenseth Janet Stevens Bobbie Stevens Gary Stiff Morcia Stifter Darren Storey Darrell Stovall Denise Stovall Jon Stricklan Greg Stricklond Dona Stripling Donna Sulak Spirit Hops During ' Sock-lt-to-Lamar ' Week at AHS Stripes, argyles, multi-colored toes, green and white " hose, " and tube sox are modeled by sophomores during the sock hopping pep rally. SOPHOMORES 317 Soph Band Member Enjoys First Homeconning Parade Stasey Tackeft Suwit Tanyaviriy Theresa Taylor Kristy Cooley marches in the Homecoming Parade MancJy Terrell Jay Thompson LeeThurman Lori Ticknor Paul Tidlund AianTingley Tish Tipton Elizabeth Tolond Cheryl Trommell Sherry Travis Debbie Trebilcock Kerre Tucker Terry Tucker Paul Turney Nicky Ulrich 3I8 SOPHOMORES Kim Underwooi Nancy Urban Sharon Van Ca Dianne Vandiv( Kevin Vandiver Susan Vernon LoyceVia Carl Von Maz Phil Woddell Kevin Wade Tony Wagner Susan Walker Susan Word Cheryl Wardlaw Steve Warner George Watson Alan Weaver Sharon Weaver George Webb Shori Webber Chuck Weems Jay Wegner Jamie Weiss Shelly Wendel Jon Wentz Robert West Cindy White Dav n White Scott White Susan White Jimmy Wiggir Beth Williams Brent Wilson Carolyn Wils. Charlton Wilsc Jeff Wilson Randy Wilson Julie Wolff Tenya Woods Robin Workmc Craig Wright Duone Wright Shari Wynn Phil Yates Bobby Young Kristi Ziegler SOPHOMORES 319 Faces in the Crowd 1(A) Mr. John Ritter subtly r Roark, Mrs. Janet Wallac ninds students wliich way t " and Mrs. Lou Baker coach -S " v. ibfj ? Ai? I N (A) Julie Bombei (B) Photographe i Ray stands ready to shoot. CLASSES 321 Rtising 709 W. Park Row Across From Arlington High School Phone:277-3812 Diamonds, Watches, Silver and Professional Watch and Jewelry Repair We have class rings. .IJ.UJ.I: Residential — Connmercial 469-9961 Intercommunity Relocation Service DORIS TAAFFE Residential Broker 716 E. Abram Arlington, Texas H. E. CANNON Florist 512 W. Division 261-2731 Metro Photo " o 31 8 E. Abram Arlington 275-1711 261-8571 Senior Sandy Vance, a forward for the Varsity Girls Basketball team, examir one of various types of plants in H. E. Cannon ' s greenhouse. Photographic Equipment ' Darkroom Supplies, Color and Custom Black and White Processing ' Nothing Sold at List Price. " 324 ADVERTISING g - OLD TIME MOVIES TOO! People Pleasin ' Pizza Spaghetti j Sandwiches Soft Drinks Salads ©STR«W HAT PIZZA PALACE 1970 ADVERTISING 325 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1 976 From the PQr b factory 303 at Cooper Next to Kroger ARLINGTON DATSUN, INC. 1931 W. Pioneer Pkwy. Arlington, Texas Datsun Sales, Parts and Service Drive a Datsun 277-7151 Then Decide 265-4595 w FHARMACV 275-3238 801 W. Park Row 326 ADVERTISING We ' re Proud of America! We ' re Proud of Texas! We ' re Proud of Arlington! Home of The Texas Rangers! K ' SIX Six Flags Over Texas! FLAGS FIRST MARK, REALTORS! IISI Combining Fun, Family, Professionalism Qi First MaRK • an lmand Realtors 1 742 W. Division 461-7771 Arlington, Texas Soccer 34 Centre The Complete Soccer and Tennis Store 1750W. Division Arlington, Texas 76012 817—261-4631 Congratulations From DR. PEPPER Brngper BONDURANT BROS. INSURANCE AGENCY 1 20 East Abram Street, P.O. Box 21 6 Arlington, Texas 7601 1 Phone: 275-2881 Fred Bondurant, Jr. ADVERTISING 327 Colt Football Booster Club Backing the ColU 76 For Membership Information Contact Warren Roberts Dixon Holman 429-3199 461-9055 John Miller Gayle Broyles 261-8587 261-4094 3:i8 ADVERTISING VANDERGRIFF 1 975-1 976 Arlington High School Varsity Cheerleaders (left to right) Issy Priddy, Kay Kelley, Regan Lyie, Jonelie Burnette, Susan Bloom, Karen Near, Lynn Jeffery, Sherry Higginbothom, and Kim Menge select the luxurious, full-sized Caprice, one of the new models on display at Vondergriff Chevrolet, as their cor ot ttie season. ADVERTISING 329 • More Ride for Your Money (conoco) CAR CLINIC COMPLETE ONE STOP AUTOMOTIVE SERVICES 303 at Cooper 261-7233 274-0946 COMPLETE LINE GOODYEAR TIRES - FLOWER INC. n 26 S. Bowen Rd. 275-3588 261-8023 We Deliver J.O. CYCLE PARTS Quality Name- Brand Motorcycle Parts at Everyday Prices. 265-8187 630 E. Abram Arlington, Texas 7601 330 ADVERTISING PVRVERcEPPESCO 9 2411 Westwood 457-2442 4800 W. Arkansas 429-3950 Complete Real Estate Service If you are buying or selling real estate, let one of our professionals assist you. ME Arlington National Bank We ' re A Lot Like You. Member FDIC 1 600 New York Ave. 461-4600 Lincoln-Mercury, AMC Serving Arlington for 1 7 Years We offer a complete line of recreational vehicles Exclusive Agents for BORN FREE ARLINGTON OFFICE SUPPLY 322 E. Abram Business Interiors 805 Ave. H East 261-1133 Division 261-5841 Authorized Sales AMC Sales Service and Parts Division 608 E. Division 61 2 N.Collins Phone 261-1021 461-3031 ADVERTISING 331 • HRST NATIONAL m BELONG HRST NATIONAL BANK INARLINGTONBSs- iperts ■ FIRST NATIONAL TRAVEL SERVICE Box 580 103 S. Mesquite Arlington, Texas 76010 265-2236 DAN DIPERT Owner CALIFORNIA 303 PAHS ARLINGTON ' S NEWEST AND FINEST FAMILY FUN CENTER 1118 California Lane Arlington, Texas 76015 AC 81 7 — 461-8844 Sae Tirade Cloth corner W7 W.MjO 811 W. Pork Row Arlington, Texas i ■FABRIC ■PATTERNS Simplicity McCalls Butterick ■NOTIONS IPANTY HOSE I S H GREEN STAMPS ■DOUBLE STAMPS ONCE A WEEK 10% Student Discount In Front of Arlington High We ' re Pulling for the COLTS All the Way! JERRY MEBUS County Commissioner Precinct 2 MILLER HARDWARE AND CABINET SHOP Plumbing, Electric, Garden Tools, Paint Hand Tools, Power Tools, Fertilizers Pesticides, Keys Made Specializing in African Violets 138 S. BOWEN 274-9982 274-9013 Congratulations Arlington High Students CityofAlngtonlexas Help Build a Community for Your Future You ' ll Be Proud of. Arlington Police Department " Ask About Comprise " RandolMill .poarmac 1 620 RANDOl MILL 274- 1 883 acG 271 7 W.PARK ROW 277-9541 uon uioi ld For Custom Built Vans For Custom Van Accessories For the Good Times won uioi ld " Where the Good Times Roll! " 2899 Pioneer i kwy. West Arlington, Texas 76013 (817)461-6017 ADVERTISING 335 • « Ai T i @ jjn f a )Vi IvM S • S l b Sk t p ■ i fll B fi L ■■ ' -: 277-6353 Serving Arlington for 40 Years LUKE Pontiac — Honda 400 E. Division 277-3371 Read About Arlington High School Sports In Arlington ' s Only Daily Nev spaper ARLINGTON DAILY NEWS 265-4241 Circulation 277-0901 • 336 ADVERTISING weckli ri i u vatu a and ie u hclelet Bridal Gowns Prom Dresses Tuxedo Rental Catering Invitations Flowers — Photography 460-52 4 ThE wildFlowER Young Contennporary, Junior Missy Four Corners Shopping Center 2235 S. Cooper Arlington, Texas 76010 MIKE WEATHERBY, Owner Tr Announcing PIZZA New Location 1 316 S. Cooper 277-1011 ALSO 31 30 E. Rosedale and 1 81 3 W. Berry St. Ft. Worth ADVERTISING 337 CENTRAL NATIONAL BANKII A First City Bancorporation Member 700 West Arkansas Ln. Arlington, Texas 817 461-2220 338 ADVERTISING ARLINGTON CHURCHES WELCOME AHS STUDENTS WOODS CHAPEL TRINITY UNITED BAPTIST METHODIST CHURCH CHURCH 2424 California Ln. 3321 W. Park Row 275-2308 274-1345 FIRST UNITED UNIVERSITY HODIST CHURCH BAPTIST CHURCH 31 3 North Center 101 3 W.Park Row 274-2571 275-4272 FIELDER ROAD BAPTIST CHURCH 201 1 Fielder Road 275-2673 PARK PLAZA STUDIO CAMERA CENTER " 20 years in this location " •Portraits •Weddings •Commercial •Industrial •Aerials •Restorations PARK PLAZA STUDIO PORTRAITS-CAMERAS I Post Film Finishing I 1 1521 New York Dial 274-4967 Color Finishing By Kodak •Cameras •Projectors •Film •Picture Frames Kodak AUTHORIZED DEALFK Authorized Deoler in Park Plaza Shopping Ctr. ADVERTISING 339 • Be4tlVcik □ Arlington Bank Trust Arungton Bank Trust ' Helping Is Our Business A FULL SERVICE BANK Member F.D.I. C. • 340 ADVERTISING •RECORD and TflPG - Across From Arlington High School Discount Records, Topes and Headgear Arlington — 469-9341 " 71 3 Park Row FmmmMmiimonw Proftssional PharmacJits 900 Doiworth — 262-2681 251 4 A W. Park Row — 275-2822 308 W. Park Row — 274-3378 900 W. Randol Mill — 274-0957 BAKER MEDICAL SERVICES 3 1 4 E. Abrams — 277-5578 The Place to Stay QUALITY INN Arlington CIBOLA MOORE BROTHERS FUNERAL HOME 121 9 North Davis Williamsburg Funeral Chapel 2101 South Cooper 341 ARLINGTON SPORTING GOODS 1701 S. Cooper 261-4911 ■So this IS what tenn.s players use, " remarks Janice Nichols as she looks the quality tennis rackets on display at Arlington Sporting Goods. EDDIE WILLIAMS MAN ' S SHOP 265-1116 1 00 S. West " This is just the jacket you need, " remarks Wally Hardin as he shows Bobby Williams one of the stylish sport coats handled by Eddie Williams Man ' s Shop. I TED illi ARENDALE FORD SALES ;3 j 201 East Division " • " Arlington 261-4261 The popular Maverick offered at TED ARENDALE FORD is a favorite of Delaina King and Elise Childe ADVERTISING 342 For Appointment With jke Gall 277-7253 Heflin ' s for Men and Women HEFLIN ' S BARBERS STYLISTS 2735 W. Pork Row • Arlington, Texas At Woodland West Shopping Center Good sport. W Ve getting leady for your generatfcNi. In the years ahead you ' ll need more electricity than you ' re using right now because there ' s a lot to be done. Like new jobs, more efficient homemaking, health care and cleaning up the environment. Right now Texas Electric is building new lignite coal and nuclear-fueled power plants that will help make sure you have the electricity you ' re going to need. TEXAS- ELECTRIG2:MliyiCE COMPAi ADVERTISING 343 • " Which things we can depend on I am not certain but of this I am certain: Men of education and means will, and by rights should, govern this and eventually, every other nation on earth. " -SAM HOUSTON m arlington bank of commerce MEMBER SOUTHWEST BANCSHARES, INC. HILLCREST CHURCH OF CHRIST The church is not the building; it is the people. The real church is people who ore dedicated, cleansed, and committed — a people whose devotions are Christ centered. They, in a word, are Christians. They are people seeking to honor Christ in their lives. The church is beautiful, not in proportion to the architectual quality of its meeting place, but in proportion to the spiritual quality of its members ' lives. The church that meets in a beautiful building is fortunate, but the church composed of people who are living beautiful lives is blessed beyond measure. Elmer L ' Roy, Minister 1401 Hiilcrest Drive Arlington, Texas Teaching New Testament Christianity in the Twentieth Century 344 ADVERTISING f Soti thit IMfferent ' omctimes we are creatures of habit. Sam cness pre- vadls adl too often. . . especiadly w hen it comes to eating. Consider the change millions of Americans have already made. The change to Chick-fil-A. A golden brown boneless breast of chicken, seasoned to perfection and served on a hot toasted, buttered bun. In this burger-crazy w orld w herc san eness aJ ounds, try something different. Chick-fil-A. The community minded shopping mall. %. ADVERTISING 345 One Hour " AAARTINIZING " The Most in Dry Cleaning 1425 S. Cooper 912 N.Cooper Be Wise ' MARTINIZING 305 W. Main Weekdays 8:00 — 6:00 Saturdays 8:00 — 5:00 riC(M ILLY » ph: 265-0401 Family Dining af Piccadilly • The Best in Family Dining • Satellite Plates • Plush Dining Room Decor • Family Tables • Reasonable Prices Serving Mexican Food • Tremendous Food Sel ection • Coffee and Tea Refills Free of Charge • Fast Courteous Service FDF!LM505 ARLINGTON FLORIST 809 W. Park Row Arlington Texas 277-2278 : 346 ADVERTISING Congratulations From me wanaertngwnee] 469-8191 Senior Lee Ann McGuire views one of the many select- ions of bicycles available nov at WONDERING WHEEL. SHELLEY company REAL ES RESIDENTIAL • COAAMERCIAL • INVESTMENT [REL.® 401-2441 M. BIG IITTLE SOMEPLACE ONES OR ONES OR TOIUIlf) YOUR OWN Jewelers yy Since 1914 128 Six Flags Mall Arlington, Texas 7601 1 Phone 817 265-6080 Robin Beavers admires the Diamona King at CORRIGAN JEWELERS. ADVERTISING 347 • . . . of all your friends, I ' m the one who died for you. Jesus 1 St United Methodist Church, 31 3 N. Center, Arlington, TX cJ liJyS miA Q%i(lk} 348 ADVERTISING Index Aarons, Terry 252 Adair, Jennifer 286 Adoir, Vicki 71, 124, 252 Adorns, Jane 43, 1 33, 286 Aday, Temple 1 58, 1 78, 304 Addisan, Debbie 304 Adelman, Dane 286 Agee, Darrell 286 Agee, Don 52, 1 53, 252 Agel, Diane 17, 151,304 Agnew, Sheryl 286 Ailora.Pat 100, 286 Ailara, Sean 152, 286 Albritlon, Dedra 1 06, 252 Aldriedge, Marshall 101 , 286 Alexander, Cindy 252 Alford, Terry 100, 266 Allen, Debbie 124,252 Allen, Joon 102,304 Allen, Kim 286 Allen, lauro 304 Allen, Lee 152, 1 77, 1 78, 252 Allen, Mike 252 Allen, Rick 22,252 Allporl, Narman 1 77, 252 Aim, Eric 304 Alukonis, Angel 304 Adnerson, Jere 1 37, 252 Anderson, Joel 286 Anthony, Mrs 214 Anthony, Monty 286 Anton, Mr 220 Anton, Tim 304 Archer, Dean 304 Archer, Mr 168,236 Archer, Vicki 286 Ard, Poula 286 Armstrong, Sherry 304 Arnold, Tracie 203, 304 Ashley, Carlo 252 Ashley, Mark 286 Atkins, Elizabeth 101, 252 Atwell, Jeff 70, 252 Ayres, Jim 286 Aven, Cheryl 1 46, 1 48, 252 Averyt, Mr 1 88, 1 90, 235 Aves, Cheryl 252 — B — Back,Poul 182 Bailey, Mr 224 Boiley, 304 Boiley, Tom 11 3, 252 Bain, Scott 1 94, 286 Baker, Liz 131,304 Boker, Mrs 221,242, 320 Baker, Mark 201, 286 Baker, Mark .., 1 22, 1 23, 1 60, 1 78, 1 80, 220, 286 Boker, ScoH 1 58, 304 Boker, Wilson 304 Baldwin, Diane 1 1 2, 1 33, 252 Boles, Debbie 252 Bales, Eddy 286 Bolke, Ion 286 Banks, Annette 252 Borcroft, Jerry 286 Bark, Poul 286 Barker, Karen 102, 286 Barker, Leigh 106, 252 Barkley, Barbara 252 Borlen, Kyle 192, 193, 286 Barnes, Steve 286 Bornett, Casey 304 BorneH, Cindy 286 Bornette, Mr 221,284 Barrett, Michoel 252 Barrett, Mike 252 Barron, Janet 129,286 Barter, Susan 70, 102,252 Borthold, Linda 98, 11 7, 304 Bortleft, Jono 108, 286 Barton, Cindy 286 Boshom, Mrs 224 Botlle, Carlos 304 Botile, Daniel 194,252 Bauer, Kurt 286 Bayer, Cindy 124,253 Bayer, Doryl 286 Beochen, Cindy 98 Bearden, Mrs ' . , , .220 Beolty, Marcio 253 Beovers, Lori 304 Beavers, Rabin 253 Beckham, Mrs 1 40 Bedison, Tim 200,201 , 253 Beech, Nancy 286 Bell, Jerry 1 58, 304 Bellamy, Cindy 286 Bellomy, Ron 304 Beno, Karen 286 Bennett, Jeff 286 Benson, Jody 1 82, 1 83, 253 Bentley, Doug 253 Berger, Marc 286 Bergin, Jim 158 Bergslrom, Donna 286 Berndt, David 168, 171,286 Berndt, Mott 304 Berry, Lorraine 120, 121,286 Berry, Lydio 1 20, 304 Berry, Suzanne 253 Berryhill, Don 286 Betz,Tina 128,253 Bice, Tommy 70, 96, 1 29, 253 Biggs, Danny 37, 99, 1 01 , 253 Biggs, Mrs 222 Bigham, Lindo 253 Bindel, Bridget 304 Binkley, Vicki 253 Bird, Cameron 1 60, 1 61 , 1 76, 304 Bird, Russ 304 Bisch, Burr 286 Bishop, Bryan 58, 9 1 , 1 1 4, 1 68, 1 72, 253 Bishop, Shelly 102, 304 Blochly, Roger 253 Black, Bill 304 Block, Ernie 253 Block, Jim 287 Block, John 102, 103,304 Block, Lori ,88,92, 130, 131, 136,253 Blockstone, Tob 194, 253 Bloin, Dovid 287 Bloin, Kenneth 287 Blaine, James 253 Bloir, Bobby 304 Blokely, Mork 304 Blokemore, Croig 304 Blanchord, Pot 287 Blond, Jeanne 254 Bland, Lisa 304 Blonkenship, Marty 1 1 1 , 1 37, 254 Blanton, Evelyn 287 Blaylock, Kelley 46, 287 Bledsoe, Amy 254 Bledsoe, Bonnie 304 Bloom, Kristen 150,304 Bloom, Susan 43, 203, 287, 329 Bloom, Trocey 162, 287 Blum, Michael 287 Bodenhamer, Mory 91 , 93, 254 Bodkins, Ricky 304 Boehmer, Dennis 287 Boelter, Phyllis 304 Boese, Pom 304 Bogort, Cindy 124 Boggon,Mrs 233 Boggon, Dusty 1 94, 287 Bohannon, John 102, 103, 304 Bohonnon, Mory . . 37, 99, 100, 254, 261 Bolding, Brent 287 Bolter, Phyllis 102 Bolton, Tim 126,127,287 Bomberger, Julie 184, 304, 321 Bondurant, Sandy 305 Borgsledl, Soroh 305 Boulware, Custis 254 Bourlond, Janet 150,305 Bovee, Bruce 287 Bowen, Bruce 287 Bowen, Charles 254 Bowen, Mrs 229,303 Bowers, Will 119, 134, 181,287 Bowman, Paul 287 Bowyer, Debbie 254 Boylond, Cathy 77, 1 26, 1 27, 254 Brodhom, Bruce 152,287 Brodhom, Mrs 234 Bradley, Bobbi 182, 183, 287 Brogg, Susan 32, 254 Bromoll, Ricky 305 Bromall, Russell 122,287 Bronnon, Steve 194, 254, 271 Bronnon, Susan 287 Breach, Gemmi 305 Breen, Lorry 1 24, 287 Brewer, Jenna 305 Brewer, Stonley 287 Bridges, Andy 37, 99, 1 01 , 287 Briggs, Steve 305 Britt, Vicki 254 Brix, Kim 287 Brock, Meshell 254 Brock, Sherry 132,305 Brockermeyer, Tomera .287 Brokaw,Allen 118,119,217,288 BrouilleHe, Ann 254 Browder, Tern 102,288 Brown, Carol 89, 92, 254 Brown, David 305 Brown, Debbie 166, 203, 305 Brown, Gerald 43, 53, 89, 93, 1 53, 1 55 194, 195, 196, 197, 204, 254, 267 Brown, Judi 106,288 Brown, Kothy 98,305 Brown, Mork 1 04, 1 76, 305 Brown, Pot 305 Brown, Wayne ' ! 288 Browne, Kothy 288 Browne, Ricky 306 Brownlee, Louro 288 Broyles, Jeff 152,288 Broyles, Keith 3O6 Brune, Claudia 3O6 Brunson, Beth 1 27, 288 Bruton, 288 Bruton, Pete 199, 288 Bryce, LeeAnn 98, 1 66, 306 Buchonon, Julie 3O6 Buchonon, Lorry 77, 1 22, 1 23, 254 Bucher, Dennis 254 Buck, Eric 255 Buckinghom, Chris 288 Buckley, Pat 255 Bullion, Dale 35, 1 02, 1 07, 288 Burgordt, Don 3O6 Burgordl, Jams 1 62, 1 64, 165, 255 Burgin, Jim 1 74, 306 Burgland, Gory 43, 9 1 , 1 39, 1 52, 1 94, 246, 255 BurneH, Jonelle 203, 288, 329 Burnette, Liso 102, 306 Burnette, Mary-Down 102, 306 BurneHe, Rhonda 103,106,255 Burns, Brad . .33,47,53,56,89,91, 153, 154, 176, 179, 180, 181,206, 255 Burris, Stacy 166,203, 306 Bush, Cathy 88,99, 101, 255 Bush, Cathy .25,37,99,100,288 Bush, Rusty 38, 48, 1 01 , 255 Butler, Mrs 214 Butler, Betty 288 Butler, Mrs 224 Byers, Koren 288 Bymon, Barbara 182, 183, 306 Byrd, Ken 288 — C — Cade, Mr 192, 223 Codeno, Debbie 102, 103, 255 Codeno, Mike 1 58, 306 Caforo, Miss 222, 223 Coholome, Tnsho 288 Colame,Craig 288 Colome, Goyle 288 Colvert, Mike . . . , 158, 289 Camp, Greg 306 Companezzi, Joe 121, 289 Connon, Cindy 284, 289 Cannon, Jonny 306 Cantrell, Tina 289 Contu, Michele ... 97, 1 38, 1 84, 255, 258 Contu, Roxonne 289, 301 Conh ell, Down 98, 1 37, 289 Confwell, Lisa 306 Corey, Cindy 255 Corlson, Cheri 306 Carlton, Charles 1 23, 1 53, 1 54, 255 Carlton, Lowton .. 52, 1 53, 1 57, 255, 262 Cornoll, Carl 306 Carney, Cmdy 306 Carney, Denno 289 Carney, Rick 1 58, 306 Corperter, Donna 306 Correll, Coci 289 Carson, Don 306 Corter, Chris .66, 74, 90, 1 08, 1 1 2, 255 Carter, Howord 306 Carter, Kim 289 Carter, Som 44, 1 1 8, 1 1 9, 1 34, 1 91 Corfwright, Greg 306 Casey, Laurie 97, 289 Castillo, Luis 306 Castillo, Mercedes 255, 289, 1 26 Coton, John 152 Colon, Kim 306 Covollen, Debbi 306 Cowhorn, Jeff 289 Covrthorn, Derrick . 1 88, 1 90, 1 91 , 289 Cecil, Don 306 ChaHin, Mark 289 Charles, Cynthia 46, 253, 255 Chorles, Leslie 1 7, 306 Chothom, Robert 306 Choussee, Michelle 184, 306 Cherry, Karen I 1 5, 255 Cheshire, Anno 255 Cbilders, Elise 100, 255, 351 Childers,Sgt 236,285 Chis Chnstensen, Leslie Chnsten, Robert Chow, Steve 255 306 306 158,289 Chow, Stewart 255 Churchwell, Rick 289 Clanon, John 306 Clark, Donald 289 Clark, Robert 3O6 Clark, Ron 35, 1 02, 1 03, 1 07 Cloy, David 3O6 Cleaver, Terry 306 Clements, Mrs 222,285 Clifford, Matt 255 Cl ' ne, Jim 289 Cline, Leann 255,285 Clinkscoles, Daniel 289 Clock, Kothie 102, 103, 255 Cobb, Stewart 289 Cochran, Stephen 306 Coffmon, Lorry 158,289 CoHmon, Suson 102, 103, 256 Cohen, Lisa 289,296 Coker, Julie 289 Coker, Mrs 215 Coker, Patrice 256 Cole, Kelly 306 Cole, Phyllis 35, 128, 256 Collier, Ralph 3O6 Collins, Tern 256 Conger, Susan 256 Conncll, Martha 89,256 Connelly, Kim 256 Connelly, Marty 200, 256 Conner, Karyn 3O6 Conner, Keith 256 Connor, Chip 306 Cook, Becky 289 Cook, Kothy ■ 256 Cook,Kathy 307 Cook, Ree 288 Cook, Sam 188 Cook, Suzon 289 Cooles, Stephen 57, 1 68, 1 69, 248, 256, 267 Cooles, Suzanne 307 Cooley, Kothy 1 1 2, 1 35, 289 Cooley, Kristy 1 02, 1 03, 307, 318 Cooper, Renee 289 Cooper, Rito 256 Copeman, Kevin 1 74 Counts, Chns 101,256 Counts, Kimberly 151, 307 Court, Cheryl 256 Cox, Borboro 162,164,165,184,186, 289 Cox, Brad 307 Cox,Cothy .■ 184,307 Cox, Steve 256 Croddock, Mike 152, 200, 289 Croig, Andy 102, 307 Crovens, Steven 207 Creel, Comille 166,307 Creel, Mischelle 1 1 3, 1 62, 256 Cretzinger, Ann 65, 66, 90, 114, 146, 256 Cretsmger, Mrs 215 Cribbs, Grover 153,289 Cribbs, James . 23, 47, 54, 67, 83, 85, 93, 1 52, 1 77, 1 78, 206, 230, 244, 246, 253,256 Crocker, Janet 184, 187,307 Crocker, Steve 256 Crockett, Louro 256 CroHord.Mrs. 214 Crosier, Carol 307 Crossman, Andrew 24, 1 20, 256 Crouch, Mrs 1 2, 1 3, 230,231 Crouch, Mr 211 Croysdale, Mark 200, 307 Cruise, Sharon 307 Crumb, David 88, 91 , 1 1 0, 256 Cruse, Donna 307 Crymes, Don 307 CuI.erlson, Crut 307 Cummmgs, Lynda 24, 307 Cummmgs, Terry 256 Cummmgs, Wendy 289 Cunninghom, David 289 Curlee, Creighton 256 Cyphers, Ross 101, 256 Dolton, Dinah 25, 28, 36, 99. 100, 248, 289 Doniels, David 256 Darby, Chorlynn 307 Dougherty, Joyce 53, 1 62, 1 84, 1 85, 205, Dov, 256 Dovidson. Lmdo 289 Davidson, Paula 256 Davidson, Randy 188,189,190,290 Davidson, Steve .102, 103, 104, 107, 290 Davis, Came 43, 1 1 2, 290 Davis, Cathy 307 Davis, Hubert 290 Davis, Jimmy 290 Davis, Jimmy 290 Davis, Jody 256 Davis, Kelly 80,81,119 203,307 Davis, Rhonda 71,257 Davis, Ricky 307 Davis, Scort 158, 159, 290 Davis, Suzie 257 Davis, Ten 106,290 Deahl,T,m 158,308 Debo, Daniel 257 DeChanso, Renee 257 DeFronk, Danny 308 Denton, Solly 257 Dereta, Bruce 257 Derr, Brenda 37, 99, 1 00, 257 Derr, Ray 100,290 Derrick, Mrs 214 Derrick, Tony 158 Deslorges, Roxane 308 Devoull, Greg .. 25,51,99,100,257 DeVito, Borboro 151,308 Devoll, Gregory 308 DeVos, Gregg 182, 308 Dickey, Donna 290 Dilholf, Dean . 93, 1 68, 1 70, 1 73, 257 Dillon, Lisa 184,257 Dillon, Timothy 290 Dimsdole, Steve 182,290 Disciullo, Victor 258 Daby, Alice 258 Dodenhotf, Jams 308,312 Dodgen,Mrs 217 Dodson, Cothy 308 Dodson,Don 102,308 Doggetl, David 174, 308 Dollor, Becky 101 Dombroski, Karen 258 Dombroski, Ned 308 Donahower, Kevin 1 58, 308 Donaldson, Russell 258 Dossey, JeH 290 Doyle, Jeanne 128,258 Doyle, Jenny 146,290 Doyle, Karen 308 Doyle, Mike 258 Drake, Joanna 308 Droughn, Andy 194, 246, 258 Driggers, Bo 290 Driggers, Dee 131, 188, 308 Driscoll, Mike 308 Driscoll, Tom 290 Drown, Debbie 258 DuBois, Robert 308 Dubois, Doug 192, 308 Ducker, Jomes 258 Duckworth, Sharon 166, 308 Duff, Carolyn 308 Duke, LuAnne 27, 258 Duncon, Dee Dee 28, 258 Dungon, Donald 258 Dunks, Bill 102,258 Dunn, Christy 308 Dunn, Joe 290 Dunn, Nancy 1 7, 1 02, 1 51 , 1 82, 1 83, 308 Dunn, Susan 308 Dunnagon, Jeff 258 Dunnagon, Susan 308 Dunson, Chris 258 Durham, Mr 30, 1 28, 1 40, 227 Durning, Bill 290 Dyer, Cheryl 42, 1 66, 1 67, 308 Dyer, Helen 237 — E — Eagle, Robert 308 Easlburn, Mr 233 Eosterling, Kellie 290 Ebert, Carol 1 02, 1 03, 290 Ecobert, Miss 103, 226 Eckols, Pomola 290 Edmonds, Mike 308 Edney, Mr 122, 123, 232 Edwards, J 290 Egan, Brian 17, 52, 152, 250, 258 Egnot, Joni 258 Eichelberger, Julie 46, 1 23, 258 Eichhorn, Nancy 184, 308 Eigel, Mike 258 Ekslrand, Nathan 308 Elder, Kothy 78, 84, 202, 259 Elder, Steve 1 68, 1 70, 1 72, 1 73, 1 78, 290 Elkins, Tyce 37,99, 100,290 Ellcfson, Connie 308 Eller, Vikki 308 Ellington, Tamora 259 Elliot, Don 290 Elliott, Shown 101, 259 Ellis, Lisa 146, 290 Elmore, Donno 290 Embry, Jo Beth 308 Emmons, Terry 101, 308 Emms, Tom 152, 181,290 Eng, Peggy 1 1 7, 1 40, 290 Engel, Doug 308, 309 Engle, Doug 174,308 Engle, Nancy 290, 293 EranI, Steve 290 Erickson, Connie 259 Erickson, Kent 100, 259 Eslridge, Anita I 37, 259 Etheridge, Marshall 290 Evans, Mrs 229 Evans, Carol 291 Evans, Robin 308 Everheart, Skip 102, 103, 291 Falck, Bill 291 Follmon, Kris 158,308 Fannin, Becky 184,291 Fargo, Jackie 259 Farmer, Mike 259 f atzinger, Liso 308 Fazel, Farzel 200 Fozeli, Forzod 291 Feotherston, Suzanne 259 Feozell, Tod 40, 1 52, 259 Feazell,Tony 291 Felder, Steve 127 Fernandez, Ana 259 Feree, Scott 259 Ferris, Tom , , 28, 38, 99, 1 01 , 261 , 288, 291 Ferris, Miss 218 Field, Jeff 291 Fields, Donna 259 Fields, Gene 158,308 Fine, Mork 308 Fink, Herr 133,228 Fink, Ronny 43,259 Fisher, Cathy 254, 308 Fisher, Kothy 74, 1 37, 259 Fisher, Potty 308 Fitzek, Jerry 309 Fitzek, Joel 259 Fitzgerold, Lynn 106 Fletcher, Bobbie 291 Fletcher, Cathy 106, 259 Fonseco, Amber 47, 77, 1 36, 25 1 , 259 Forbes, Melody 115,251,260 Forehand, Mrs 110,226 Forehand, Rusty ,25, 99, 1 00, 1 01 , 291 Forman,Jane 1 02, 1 03, 260 Forman, Potty 1 02, 1 03, 309 foster, Deborah 260 Foster, Kothy 260 Foster, Mark 309 Foster, Melindo 98, 291 Foster, Rhonda 291 Fountain, Dawn 291 Fox, Charles 260 Fox, Connie 166, 167, 309 Fox, Nicky 284,291 Francis.Mrs 218,242 Franklin, Brenda 309 Franks, Susan 18, 101, 162, 291 Frozer, Diana 260 Free, David 260 Freeman, Glenn 309 Freeman, Scott 38, 1 01 , 260 French, Anne 162,291 French, Roy 260 Friberg, Emil 28,88, 1 17,260 Friberg, Vicky 309 Friess, Miss 221 Fry, Mrs 222 Frye, Kelly 184,309 Fuller, David 309 Fuller, Kothy 73, 106, 137, 260 Fuller, Lonnie 291 Fuller, Ronnie 291 Fusion, Lynn 291 25,99, 101,291, 295 Gaby, Bengie 98,309 Galvin, Harry 260 Gandy,Guinn 158,291 Gardner, Glenda 1 02, 1 34, 309 Garner, David 1 58, 309 Gorner, Gail 260 Garrett, Lisa 291,296 Garrison, Gary 192,291 Garvin, Julie 291 Goskill.Mrs 220 Goskill, Skye 260 Gates, Gwen 16, 309 Goye, Celeste 246, 260 Goye, Renee 150, 151, 291 Gearhart, Mark 291 Gehrl, Jem 108, 309 Geisel, Chris 291 Ghomghoni, Kombiz 200, 260 Gibson, Kafie 89, 1 42, 260 Gibson, Karen 142, 260 Gibson, Robert 102, 103, 260 Gilbreoth, Steve 102, 291 Gildner, Lisa 260 Gillmore, David 260 Ginn, Cathy 291 Ginn, Ginger 309 Gober, Goyle 260 Goelz, Tammy 260 Goetz,Chod 118,291 Goin, Vivian 309 Goldman, Carol 260 Gonzales, Shirley 260 Goode, Randy 291 Goode, Robert 152, 291 Goodman, David 261 Goolsby, Clint 261 Gorder, Mike 309 Gordon, Eric .26,51,80,85, 101,261 Gorman, Kevin 309 Gorrell, Doug 291 Gorthey, Ellen 98,291 Grohom, Lindo 129,261 Graham, Vicky 309 Grosty, Mickey 1 94, 261 Grasty, Renee 309 Graves, Cathy 150, 291 Graves, Vicki 273, 309 Gray, Janet 309 Gray, Lori 1 62, 1 63, 1 64, 291 Green, Cindy 1 46, 1 48, 261 Green, Dona 261 Greene, Candace 309 Greenwood, Jerry 291 Gregg, Donna 106, 261 Gregory, Kevin 261 Gresko, Lani 309 Greytok, George 76, 261 Griffin, Kelly 309 Griggs, Tern 109, 1 1 2, 142, 291 Grimm, Sheila 166,309 Grogan, Rob 310 Grones, Glenn 310 Grover, Tommie . 291 Groves, John 261 Guenzel, Lorry 310 Guinn, Marsha 310 Gunter, Colleen 310 Guthrie, Richard 310 Gutierrez, Bobby 141,291 Gutzler, Jay 261 Gutzler, Norman 66, 71 , 261 — H — Hogon, Mrs 225 Haji-Sheikh, Mike .. 1 02, 1 03, 200, 3 1 Hall, Mike 291 Hall, Shorlene 102,291 Holl, Stuart 174, 175, 310 Holpin, Koren 261 Halpin, Melonie 182, 183, 310 Ham, DiAnn 310 Hambrick, Cindy 38, 99, 1 00, 261 Hamilton, Brenda 188,292 Hamilton, Lee 310 Hommett, LeeAnn 120 Hampton, Ginger 34, 1 1 7, 261 Hampton, Rhoda 310 Honey, Kerry 97,310 Honey, Sherry 310 Hontsche, Bryan 310 Hapemon, Dorcas 38, 98, 3 1 Hordmon, Rod 310 Hardy, Carlo 52, 106, 141, 261 Hardy, Cheryl . 2 1 , 88, 1 02, 1 03, 1 04, 262 Hordy, Vicky 1 24, 262 Horkrider, Joni 261 Horlow, Howard 310 Harmon, Goyle 310 Harmon, Jill 28,262 Harnist, Ron 188,262 Horper, Lois 262 Harrell, Cindy 262 Hornngton, Neel 35, 1 02, 1 07, 3 1 Horns, Bobby 292 Hams, Bobby 310 Horns, Cristi 305,310,312 Horns, David 292 Harris, Dixie 102,292 Horrison, Cathy 292 Hart, Brian 158,292 Hort, Teresa 262 Hart, Tyler 141,200,292 Hortmon, Rod 200 Hortwig, Cindy 1 87, 262 Hortwig, Richard 158, 310 Horvey, Steve 310 Hostings, Karen 310 Hoslings, Kevin 292 Hosty, Gary 102, 103, 107,262 Houser, Marie 237 Hautsche, Karen 262 Howes, John 292 Howrylok, Robert 292 Howrylok, Steve 1 94, 1 95, 262 Hoyenga, Derik 262 Hayes, Kaylo 100,292 Hoys, Felecio 292 Heath, Liso 262 Heflin, Steve 126,262 Heiermonn, Down 292 Heiermonn, Mischelle 310 Heinize, Rick 127,292 Heinzmon, L indo 1 1 2, 1 1 9, 292 Hellier, Clark 262 Hellier, Lisa 311 Helms, Mrs 212 Henderson, Brett 1 02, 1 53, 1 81 , 292 Henderson, Jana 292 Henderson, Mike 40, 262 Henry, Chris 311 Henry, Karen 292 Henry, Mike 311 Henry, Shoino 292 Hensley, Greg 102, 107,311 Herman, Mork 292 Herman, Steve 1 25 Herzog, Grady 141, 200, 292 Hibbler, April 311 Hickman, Koren 166,311 Hiebort, Lindo 262 Higginbothom, Dovid 174, 31 1 Higginbotham, Sherry . 78, 202, 262, 329 Hilbun, Jockie 1 82, 1 83, 31 1 Hilbun, Rhonda 292 Hilburn, Rudy 127,311 Hiiek, Ann 90,262 Hill, David 292 Hill, Jimmy 100,262 Hill, John 311 Hill, Laurie 311 Hilts, Mark 1 76, 262 Hinstedt, Bill 292 Nines, Lorry 263 Hoor, Tim 311 Hodges, Goyle 292 Hohertz, Beverly 311 Holland, Cathy 151,311 Holland, Mrs 136,228 Hollingsworth, Louro 121,311 Hollowell, Steve 40, 302, 311,315 Holmon, Becky 263 Holmon, Dixon 158,311 Holmes, Jack 194, 197, 263 Holmes, Scott 263 Holsopple, Gory 263 Holsopple, Jerry 121 Hon, Woi-Lun 263 Hopkins, Richard 311 Hopkins, Terry 1 26, 263 Hopper, Mello 292 Hopper, Mono 311 Hopper, Stephanie 1 24, 292 Hornodoy, John 263 Horton, Kevin 292 Horlon, Robert 311 Houghton, Rodney 1 88, 1 89, 311 Houk, Leslie 292 Housewnght, Christy 293 Howord, Kothy 263 Howell, Alice 48, 1 32, 1 37, 263 Howell, Melvin 292 Howell, Ronnie 311 Howington,Mr 139,212 Hudson, David 28, 1 1 7, 292 Hudson, Jomes 1 22, 292 Hudson, Mike 263 Hudspeth, Jon 1 03, 1 04, 263 Hudspeth, Tom 102, 104, 311 Hugdohl, Greg 263 Hughes, Conn 131,311 Hughes, Greg 250, 263 Huhn, Barry 200, 311 Hulme, Chorles 292 Humphrey, Angela , 29, 34, 72, 1 1 6, 1 1 7, 119,263,268 Hundt, Potti 263 Hunnicutt, Koren 263 Hunter, Gorry 292 Hunter, Tom 311 Hurm, Trocey 263 Hurl, Teme 292,24,134,292 Hyde, Kelly .. 1 52, 1 54, 1 76, 1 77, 293 Hyppo, Cloudio 293 Ince, Joe 263 Jock, Cindy 293 Jackson, Janet 102,293 Jackson, Jimmy 153,293 Jocobi, Ricki 263 Jamison, ScoH 293 Jones, Krisli 293 Jonlz, Alan 311 Jarvis, William 311 Jeanes, Sherri 264 Jeonnef, Tonnie 311 JeHrey, Diano 124,264 Jeffrey, Lynn 202, 264, 329 Jerome, Julie 311 Jerome, Morty 1 02, 1 03, 293 Joeckel, Lynn 150, 166, 167, 31 I Johnson, Borry 311 Johnson, David 311 Johnson, Deirdre 293 Johnson, Mr 222 Johnson, James 192,311 Johnson, Jon 293 Johnson, Juli 166,311 Johnson, Kothy 1 50, 293 Johnson, Keith 293 Johnson, Mark 264 Johnson, Mrs 215 Johnson, Merrin 1 00, 1 62, 1 65, 1 84, 1 86, 187, 293 Johnson, Sherry 151,203,311 Johnson, Tommy 174, 311 Johnson, Trent 293 Johnston, Georgonn .166, 184, 187, 293 Jokisch, Kregg 311 Jonoitis, Eddie 264 Jonaitis, Gerry 293 Jones, Beth 264 Jones,Keith 158, 181, 31 1 Jones, Nick 293 Jones, Pom 311, 312 Jones, Russell 293 Jones, Teresa 311 Jones, Vernon 22, 1 94, 264 Jordan, Jono 312 Jordan, Susie 264 Jorgensen, Mori 1 88, 264 Justice, Kirk 47, 1 58, 1 59, 293 — K — Kalino, Rodney 1 94 2 I Konel, Kelly 27,141 Korleski, Kormen 200 Kovothas, Cheryl 312 Kayler, Donny 264 Keal, Dovid 174, 312 Keorns, Don 1 58, 294 Keorns, Liso 98,312 Keolhley, Karon 108,264 Keely, Konel 264 Keeton, Tim 1 74 Kegley, John 312 Keilstrup, Ranee 294 Keim, Margoret 22, 1 33, 1 37, 264 Keith, Mrs 213 Keller, Chris 312 Kelley, Jeff 312 Kelley, Jennie 101, 294 Kelley, Kay 80, 203, 294, 329 Kelsch, Jeff 1 1 6, 1 40, 294 Kempin, Greg 312 Kennemer, Donna 1 24, 294 Kennemer, Jeff 152,294 Kennemer, Mendy .... 53, 60, 64, 66, 92, 114, 146, 148,205,264 Kerbil, Kothy 98 Kervel, Kothy 312 Kerr, David 294 Khadivor, Kamran 264 Kidd, Doug 1 60, 1 76, 294 Kidd, Roger 123,294 Kilinski, Karen 312 Kimmey, Shoron 25, 99, 1 01 , 294 Kinder, Bryan 312 King, Deloina 101,264,351 King, Donna 312 King, Lonnie 294 King, Tresa 312 King, Wesley 312 Kinkode, Bernie 1 52, 294 Kinkade, Iva 312 Kinkade, Kathy 264 Kinkade, Paula 294 Kirkland,Jan 264 Kirkpalrick, Bobby 294 Kirkpotrick, Lee Ann 264 Knowles, Kim 294 Koehler.Kim 312 Koeritz, Ken 153, 294 Koltko, Dovid 1 02, 1 03, 294 Kondrack, Don 290, 294 Kopp, John 160, 161, 176 294 Korleski, Karmon 1 34, 294 Korotebich, Tim 294 Kroeger, Lesli 264 Kummer, Dale 111,119, 264, 273 Kunkle, Stephen 264 Kuntz, Cheryl 264 Kuntz, Louro 312 Kutch, Thomas 1 34, 294 — L — Lackey, Dana 93, 1 43, 247, 264 Lackey,Karla 44, 151, 312 lackey, Mr 212 Lackland, Louro 313 Lackland, Lee Ann 109,264 Loidlow, Pen 99, 100, 264 Loman, Michael 1 99, 294 Lancaster, Linda 294 Lane, Betty 313 Longston, Koty 102, 103 Lonkford, Chuck 294 Lankford, Jo . 123 Lankford, Lynda 188, 190, 302, 313 Larson, Don. 20,23,28, 31,89,91, 116, 246, 264 Lowing, Robbie 1 1 8, 1 1 9, 2 1 4, 294 Lasater, Ken .25, 38,74,99, 101,264 Lawler, Jan 100, 115, 264 Lawley, John 264 Lowrence, Gary 1 34 Lawrence, Jimmy 264 Loyton, Derel 313 Leoch, Tom 236, 294 Leoke, Scott 1 1 1 , 265 Leduc, Dovid 295 Lee, Becke 295 LeFlo , Suzette 19, 313 Leggett, Steve 188,190,295 Lennington, Lee 295 Leonard, Tom 41 , 66, 1 01 , 1 07, 1 1 4, 265 Lessmonn, Christine 1 02, 3 1 3 LeHie, Dennis 265 Leu, Ston 118, 119, 295 Lew, Joe 295 Lewis, Bob 200,313 Lewis, Debbie 98, 1 35, 295 Lewis, Gino 313 Lewis, James 313 Lewis, Kirk 96, 1 52, 1 68, 284, 295 Lewis, Laura 265 Lewis, Ropunzel 295 Lexton, Dial 265 Leyh, Teresa 313 Liberolo, Poul 200 Liberalo, Sport 44, 295 Liberton, Cindy 265 Liberton, Tammy 313 Liles, Cindy 295 Liles, Linda 313 Liniger, Robert 313 Litchfield, Carol 265 Litherlond, Jim Bob 1 94, 265 Litrio, Liza 32, 1 84, 1 87, 265 Litrio, Pom 137,313 Liltlefield, Karen 313 Lively, Laura 98,313 Lloyd, Lori 263, 265, 320 LockeH, Kim 101, 294, 295 LockeH, Lisa 166, 184, 313 Lockhort, Robbie 265 Loe, Kito 48, 132, 265 Logon, Larry 265 Long, Karen 313 Longgreor, Richard 1 58, 3 1 3 Loose, Allan 295 Lopez, Victor 313 Loudomy, Larry 265 Loudamy, Terry 1 88, 1 89, 3 1 3 Loveloce, Mrs 217,243 Lowe, Donald 265 Lowe, Mrs 220, 284 Lowe, Lisa 295 loynochan, Matthew 1 02, 3 1 3 Lucas, Cindy 313 Lucos, Kothy 141,266 Lucos,Rick 128,266 Luce, Chris 266 Lundy, Tim 31,259,266 Luton, Beth 295 Lyie, Regan .27, 38, 79, 84, 86, 87, 92, 100, 1 14,20 2, 266,329 Lynch, Mary Pot I 02, 1 03, 295 Lynch, Steve 313 — Mc — McAndrew, Kothy 302, 3 1 3 McBride, Alan 1 15, 295 McBride, Pom 266 McBrinn, Maxine .... 1 02, 1 82, 1 83, 266 McCaffrey, Molly 1 27, 266 McCoffrey, Peggy 1 46, 295 McCoin, Robin 313 McColl, Dorene . 1 46, 1 47, 2 1 4, 266, 279 McColl, Pom 266 McCall, Suson 313 McColley, Cindy 102 McCorty, Tricia 162,295 McCouley, Cindy 313 McCouley, Mischelle 98, 31 3 McCloin, Cindy 184 McClelen, Eddie 174, 313 McCloud, Shoron 295 McCormock, Miss 220 McCoy, Bill 27,99,101,152,266 McGrady, Bob 152,204,266 McCullen, Pat 266 McDade, Frank 49, 168 McDonald, Judy 151, 313 McDonald, Kothy 295 McDonald, Mrs. 132, ,229, 302 McDowell, Dione 106, 136,266 McDuffie, Tonya 295 McElroy, Becky 266 McElvony, Doug 1 58, 177,313 McFarland, Sharon . 150,313 McGow, Brion McGlosson, Amy . 44, 184, 284,295 McGuire, Jill McGuire, Lee Ann . 101, 266, 347 McGuire, Pom .... 313 McHaney, Joe .... McKomie, Shoron ... 266 McKelvoin, Michelle .... 295 McKnight, Mrs. 218,285 McLaughlin, Rosie .237 McLeod, Michelle 313 McLeroy, Lorene 237 McMonis, Susan 266 McPherson, Mike . 266 McPherson, Ralph . 168, 170, 171, 172, 295 McReynolds, Suzonm .313 — M — Mochodo, Bo 313 Mochodo, Lisa 150,296 Mockey, Mike 1 9, 1 02, 266 Mahler, Eric 182, 313 Mahler, Susan 296 Majo, Komrooz 200 Molone, Nancy 98, 151, 203, 313 Molone, Susan . . .32,51,54,61,67,92, 101, 245,262, 267 Monce, Dovid 1 27, 296 Manly, Enka 77, 267 Monn, Richord 313 Monning, Melindo 102, 1 84, 296 Morning, Tom 296 Mansfield, Bob 1 02, 1 03, 1 04 Mansfield, Thomas 296 Mansfield, Williams 296 Monz, Mindy 1 01 , 296 Marlar, Mrs 230 Mors, Mrs 228, 303 Martin, Gary 40,296 Martin, Lori 314 Martin, Missy 97, 1 08, 1 1 2, 296 Monin, Raymond 267 Martin, Tracy 296 Mossey, Jeff 314 Motosso, Beth 1 82, 3 1 4 Mothis, Ann 184, 314 Mathis, Dean 314 Mothis, Don 19, 267 May, Keony 267 Moy, Mike 93, 1 69, 1 73, 267 Mayers, Stuart 1 00, 296 Mayfield, Keri 1 27, 296 Meachom, Carrie 66, 92, 1 1 , 267 Meier, Kevin 314 Meier, Tim 158, 314 Meisch, Tom 314 Mello, Vicky 296 Meno, Ronnie 158, 314 Mendive, Lawrence 267 Menefee, Bill 158, 314 Menefee, Chorles 1 9, 296 Meneley, Doug 314 Menge, Kim 82, 203, 296, 329 Meredith, Doryl 267 Merk,Sheryl 296 Messick, Knsline 1 18, 1 19, 314 Metz, Richard 102, 103, 296 Meyer, Kevin 102 Middlelon, Dorlene 314 Mieors, Kelly 314 Miesch, Tom 267 Miller, Mr 53, 1 94, 1 97, 235 Miller, Chen 314 Miller, Greg 267 Miller, John 1 58, 296 Miller, Lisa 267 Miller, Martha 182, 183,314 Miller, Pom 151,314 Miller, Russ 296 Miller, Sheri 1 6, 1 03, 1 07, 267 Miller, Sue 296 Miller, Suson 296 Mills, Linda 267 Mills, Steve 158, 177, 314 Mitchell, Kan 296 Mock, Betty 126, 268 Mock, Jeonnette 314 Moffat, Cothy 1 37, 1 84, 297 Moller, Kathy 16, 307, 314 Monetathchi, Brent 158,297 Moore, Kim 268 Moore, Mike 158,297 Moore, Mrs. 216,242 Moore, Pom . 96, 106, 268 Moore, Randy .127,297 Moore, Tommy . . 314 Morey, Joel 268 Moritz, Marilyn 108,265, 268, 320 Moroles, Pomelo 297 Morris, Liso Morris, Rob Morrow, Bob 127,314 Morrow, John .... 268 76,88,92, 1 13,268 Motsenbocker, Dona 35, 102, 103, 107, 297 Mueller, Roe 66,73,92, 102, 103, 104, 257, 268 Muir, Scotty 314 Mullen, Lolo 314 Mullen, Rebo 268 Muller, Joe 100, 101,297 Muller, Kothy 184 Munns, Billy 297 Murdock,Gina 268 Murphy, Pot 297 Murroy, Dorlo 268 Musselmon, Borboro 297 Myers, Joy 297 -N- Nabors, Kendoll Montri , Julii 268 Montgomery, Sheila 1 24, 268 Moody, Mark 297 Moody, Mott 268 Nason, Jeff . Natron, Dick Nalion, Morien Notion, Martha Neol, Brian . . 158,297 153,297 129,268 297 297 314 Near, Karen . . Near, Mike . . Nelson, Mike . . . 31,43,202 , 268, 329 .158,314 Nelson, Phil New, Leann . Newton, Shannon 314 Nguyen, Luong Nichols, Dovid Nichols, Janice Norns, Scott 48, 162, 163, 314 200, 297 205, 268, 351 158,314 Oakes, Tyler . -O — 268 314 O ' Brien, Mr. . 234 O ' Haro, Debby 297 Oliver, Allen . . . . . , 314 Oiler, Lisa . . . . 314 Orr, Lucy Orr, Tim 314 314 Otto, Andi 17, 151, 184,314 Otto, John 174, 297 Owen, Stephanie . Padgett, Mary Anr Palmes, Holly .90, Pomplm, Cindy . . Paradise, Missy . Porker, Dale . . . . Parker, Randy . Parker, Scott Parker Tricio — P — ,97, 1 19, 138, 93, ... .269 269 250, 269 106, 269 184 102, 152, 297 228,269 181, 297 297 Parr, Mrs. . Pornsh, Donna . . Parsons, John Porten, Bruce . 34, 68, 225 1 1 7, 269 297 . . .188 . . .127 Patrick, Theron , , . Patten, Chris , Patterson, Talitha Patterson, Teresa 126,269 297 . ...269 ....297_ Potton, Eric 152,297 Patfon, Mork UO, 269 Payne, Barry 269 Poyner, Robert 1 02, 1 04, 1 60, 1 6 1 , 1 76, 206, 297 Pearl, Mark 1 34, 269 Pearson, Kirk 45, 1 92, 297 Pellon, Melonie 127, 297 Pendley, Alma 237 Pena, Lorry 158 Perkins, Mark 297 Perry, Kim 102, 103,298 Perry, Paul 269 Perrymon, Cam 269 Peters, Jeff 36, 37, 38, 88, 1 00, 1 02, 1 03, 107, 248, 269,278 Peugh, Bill 269 Phelps, Nathan 298 Phillips, Danny 1 02, 1 03, 1 92, 298 Phillips, Paula 75, 1 32, 269 Phillips, Phyllis 298 Photides, Faye 269 Pickett, Joanne 1 29, 298 Pierce, Brad 33, 1 94, 269 Pilon, Dana 102, 103, 269 f ilon. Dawn 1 02, 1 03, 269 Pirkey, Steve 158, 181 Pitstick, David 152, 298 Pitzer, Charles 153,269 Pitzer, John 102 Pifzer,Mrs 214,247 Plowman, Potricio 314 Plunk, Perry 314 Pollock, Bill 269 Ponder, Lisa .... 102, 162, 184, 235, 269 Pool, Jim 298 Porter, Mr 200, 206, 303 Porter, Eloine 1 02, 1 03, 298 Porter, Randy 236 Porter, Sylvia 123,314 Posey, Brenda 298 Poss, Jill 32, 58, 78, 83, 84, 99, 1 01 , 245, 266, 269 Poston, Tom 1 58, 200, 298 Potter, Mark . . 298 Potter, Warren 314 Pracken, Cindy 314 Prother, Steve 1 77, 1 78, 1 80, 269 PraH, Carlo 99, 100, 270 Pratt, Seonne 98, 1 50, 31 4 Preiss, Karen 1 88, 298 Priddy, Isy 97, 203, 298, 329 Priddy, Phil 270 Prince, Blake 314 f ' ince.MI 158 Principe, Steve 314 Pritchord, Mr 1 68, 1 74, 1 75, 236 Pritchord, Steve 315 Pummill, Dorrill 270 Purser, Ricky 27 Purser, Lena 298 Puryeor, Jerri 298 Pustejovsky, Debro 207, 3 1 5 Pulney,Bruce 315 Pylont, Suzette 146, 1 47, I 48, 270 — R_ Radke, Cathy 315 Raffalovich, Alison 298 Romahi, Lindo 270 Romohi, Negia 298 Romsbottom, Laura 315 Ramsey, Cindy 298 Rondel, Neil 130,270 Rankin, Ted 315 Roper, Lauren 40, 298 Ropp, Rita 315 " ash, Mr 50, 227 Rou,Kathy 129,255,270 Ray, Bruce 75, 1 13,270,321 Ray,Rachael 315 Ray, Ricky 270 Royburn, Bridget 1 28, 270 Royburn, Loretto 106, 315 Royfield, Sharon 298 Raymond, Croig 59, 270 Reddy, Gwyn 270 Reed, Christy 270 Reed, Craig 315 Reed, Debbie 270 Reed, Doug 125,298 Reed, Greg 315 Reed, Julie 298 Reed, Lisa 106, 270 Refouo, Albert 270 Regan, Louise 270 Reichenslein, Kevin 152,315 Reimer, David 315 Reinhordt, Steve 315 Reslon, Dale 153, 270 Reyes, Cindy 1 84, 3 1 5 Reyna, Nick 270 Reynolds, Becky 270 Reynolds, David 141,158,298 Reynolds, Diane 270 Reynolds, Jerry 140, 270 Reynolds, Keith 315 Rhoodes, Douglas 298 Rhodes, Jack 158, 315 Richards, Audri 270 Richards, Donold 102, 188, 299 Richardson, Karen 315 Richardson, Mrs 227 Richey,Mr 206,234 Richey, Mrs 231 Richey, Mr 233 Richey, Rhondo 270 Riley, Potty 315 Rios, Jimmy 315 Rios, Kalhy 270 Risederph, Scott 1 33, 271 Ritchey, David 315 Rilchey, Steven 271 Ri«er,Mr 232, 320 Robbins, Chris 309,315 Roberts, Allen 45, 1 39, 1 53, 1 54, 1 57, 168, 172, 173, 176, 177, 178, 198, 299 Roberts, Ann 98, 1 66 Roberts, Cindy . ' . . . .271 Roberts, Mrs 221 Roberts, Kim 315 Roberts, Patricio 315 Roberts, Rob 168, 171, 173, 271 Roberts, Sam 33,153,156,271 Roberts, Tom 315 Robertson, Patti 271 Robertson, Potti 315 Robertson, Roberta 48, 52, 271 Robinson, Barbara 315 Robinson, Col 54, 55, 236, 285 Robinson, Joe 299 Robinson, William 271 Rodriguez, Cecilia 271 Rodriguez, Glen 316 Roe, Nan 166, 316 Roe, Tommy 17, 151,316 Rogers, Brad 33, 1 94, 246, 271 Rogers, Buck 299 Rogers, Cheryl 315 Rogers, Denise 38, 98, 316 Rogstad, Donald 102, 299 Rogslad, Dottie 237 Rolond, Mark 72, 271 Romick, Tim 1 02, 1 03, 1 07 299 Romack,Tony 35, 102, 103, 107,271, 275 Rooks, Richard 1 60, 271 Ross, Beverly 271 Ross, BriH 299 Ross, Steve 316 Rothwell, Bobby 158,316 Rudd, Joey 158,316 Rule, Brent 59,102,107,271 Rule, Leslie 272 Rury, Steff 57, 245, 249, 272 Rush, Kathy 299 Rushing, Cindye .182,183,299,312 Rushing, Robynn 272 Rusk, John 316 Rye, Charles . 48, 52, 57, 1 00, 1 53, 272 Rye, Frank 176 — S — Saddler, Lorry 299 Saez, Angie 316 SaHorrons, Melissa 32, 1 02, 272 Solek, Sirous 272 Sails, Jon 140,272 Solyer, Lonita 316 Sonford, Carlo 272 Sonford, Dorla 272 Sommons, Sharon 316 Samplcy, Mark 56, 85, 272 Sams, Phillip 299 Sanders, Donna 1 37, 272 Sanders, Molly 1 02, 1 05, 272 Sonders, Teresa 299 Sontorelli, Greg 272 Sonterelli, Jone 1 66, 1 84, 3 1 6 Sonterre, Kelly 299 Saulmon, Dovid 316 Saulmon, Fred 299 Sawyer, Robins 188,190,316 Scoeif, Duone 316 Scarborough, Laurie 316 Scarborough, Sherry 133,272 Scorr, Melissa 151,316 Schoezler, John 316 Schoefer, James 200,201,227,316 Scherlz,Mr 232 Schimph, Rex 25, 50, 99, 1 00, 1 94, 299 Schkade, Paul 102, 103, 107, 299 Schmidt, Mrs 213,234,242 Schmidt, Steve 299 Schmit, lee 237 Schneider, Chuck 287, 299 Schoolheld, Bonnie 316 Schroder, Brion 26, 102,272 Schroeder, Dovid 272 Schroeder, Shoron 272 Schultz, Brod 316 Schultz, Corolyn 316 Schultz, David 299 Schwarlzer, Jeff 158, 316 ScoH, Amy 41 , 1 88, 1 91 , 3 1 6 Scott, Jock 299 Scott, Wayne 316 Scronton, Jane 37, 98, 299 Sekino, Kooru 272 Semler, Solly 1 46, 299 Sewell, Janet . . 76,272 Sewell, Sherry 33, 1 38, 272, 279 Shaffer, Mrs 231 Shanks, Dono ' 273 Shaw, Kothy 100, 273, 349 Shedd, Stephen 299 Sheets, Sandra 1 02, 1 03, 1 07, 3 1 6 Shelley, Mrs 224 Shelley, Jerrie 224 Shelton,Tino 316 Sherrill, Keith 161,299 Sherrod, Mrs 126,232 Sherrod, Mr 224 Sherwood, Jane 316 Shields, Bruce 182,273 Shields, Jennifer 31 6 Shields, Nancy 1 37 Shipley, Nina 184,316 Shultz,Jay 316 Shupe, April 316 Shuppe, Mrs 231 Shuttee, John 1 53, 1 56, 1 81 , 299 Sides, Bobby 316 Sieber, Becky 299 Sieren, Paulo 299 Simeone, Bob .. 1 53, 1 54, 1 55, 1 77, 1 78, 180, 273 Simmonds, Janet 57, 248, 273 Simmons, Keith 152, 299 Simpson, Judi 273 Simpson, Mike 182,316 Simpson, Pom 1 02, 3 1 6 Simpson, Sydne 106, 316 Skinner, Paul 158, 316 Skinner, Steve 1 8, 273 Slack, Jeff 153,273 Slock, Noncy 102,103,299 Sleose, Miss 184, 187, 235 Sloan, Donna 299 Smedley, Mr 233 Smith, Carol 273 Smith, Cory 73, 101, 102, 103, 243, 273 Smith, Danny 194, 197, 299 Smith, Danny 316 Smith, Doren 3I6 Smith, Dorlene 98, 106, 316 Smith, David 316 Smith, Diane 273 Smith, Donno 109, 299 Smith, Doug 316 Smith, Douglos 316 Smith, Glenn 1 53 Smith,Joe 316 Smith, Karen 98, 1 06, 273 Smith, Kroig 176, 317 Smith, Lorry 299 Smith, Morshall 316 Smith, Melissa 123,273 Smith, Randy 174, 317 Smith, Mr 233 Smith, Scot 174,317 Smith, Stuart 1 36, 142, 299 Smith, Tamoro 46, 3 1 7 Smithson, Sarah 102 Smuro, Shelly 299 Snovely, Julie 273 Snoddy, Wendell 299 Snowden, Holly ... 69, 75, 80, 84, 92, 96, 97, 114,244,273 Souko, Dana 273 Sonniksen, Kelly 1 82, 1 83, 300 Soto, Lieonno 300 Sparkmon, Joel 317 Sparks, Lucky 31 7 Spear, Brion 128,300 Spencer, Kim 300 Spivy, Cothy 101, 293, 300 Spooner, Stocy . 1 1 9, 1 50, 1 51 , 31 2, 31 7 Sprocklen, Mrs 232 Sprang, Rob 1 76, 273 Spring, Gory 102, 103 Springer, Bret 158,317 Spurgeon, Andy 126 Stohl, Timothy 37, 99, 1 00, 300 Stombulic, Laurie 300 Stondley, Corol 317 Stankowky, Jimmy 300 Stanley, Kyle 153,300 Stouffocher, Teresa 1 4 1 , 300 St. Clair,Joe 49, 274 Stedmon, Danny 158,317 Stenseth, Bob 1 58, 1 8 1 , 3 1 7 Stepino, Paul 300 Stevens, Janet 317 Stevens, Bobbie 317 Stewart, Bobbie 102 Stiff, Corol 274 Stiff, Gory 317 Stifter, Morcio 31 7 Stokeley, Laurie 1 82, 1 83, 200 Stoker, Tana 30O Stone, Trocey 72, 106,274 Storey, Darren 317 Stout, Travis 102,274 Stovall,Mr 225 Stovoll, Darrell 81, 174,302,317 Stovoll, Dovid 274 Stovoll, Denise 317 Stncklon, Jon 25, 38, 50, 99, 1 00, 1 01 , 102,317 Stncklond, Greg 317 Stricklond, Mrs 53,235,285 Stripling, Dona 317 StrittmaHer, Mr 1 28, 232 Strong, Kelli ' 300 Stubbs, Jennifer 1 84, 1 86, 274 Stutter, Jon 27 Sulak, Donna 317 Sulok, Suzy 318 Sullivan, Tommy 274 Sumner, Rick 318 Supe, Down 312 Sworn, Greg 300 Swon, Mr 1 40, 224, 303 Swanson, Dove 318 Swanson, Suson 1 1 5, 274 Sweoringin, Chuck 300 Swiecki, Michelle 318 Swift, Cindy 318 Swinburn, Casey 318 Swor, Liso 300 — T — Tockett, Stosey 318 Tanco, Felicio 300 Tanyoviriyo, Swift 318 Topp, Mrs 226 Totum, Kim 274 Toylor, Corol 102 Taylor, Dovid 182,300 Taylor, Froncine 30O Taylor, Robert 274 Toylor, Rodney 30O Taylor, Solly .. 1 37, 1 46, 1 48, 274 279 Taylor, Terrell 274 Toylor, Theresa 102,318 Terhune, Debbi 274 Terrell, Mr 238 Terrell, Mandy 1 02, 3 1 8 Terry, Roy 102, 107 300 Terry, Mr 238 Tetens, John 1 92, 1 93, 300 Theobalt, Mr 223, 303 Thomos, Mary 274 Thomos, Mike 56, 1 52, 1 56, 274 Thompkins, Chip 1 94, 1 98 Thompson, Goyle 27, 90, 1 02, 1 03, 1 07, 274 Thompson, Joy 1 76, 3 1 8 Thompson, Melissa 46, 98, 274 Thompson, Mrs 231 Thompson, Suzy 29,90, 101, 1 16, 268, 274 Thurmon, lee 3I8 Thurmon, Pam 30O Ticknor,lori 151,318 Tidlund, Poul 318 Tilley, Lindo 30O Tillmon, Elonn 274 Tingle, Charles 274 Tingley, Alan 102, 103, 200, 318 Tipton, Melonie 37, 5 1 , 1 43, 275 Tipton, Tish 318 Toerck, Poulo 300 Toland, Elizabeth 318 Tompkins, Chip 300 Tongier, David 1 88, 1 90, 300 Torres, Jonie 166 Torres, Ramon 34, 1 53 Towns, Jodie 275 Trommell, Cheryl 98, 315, 318 Travis, Sherry 318 Trebilcock, Debbie 318 Tocker, Brian 219,275 Tucker, Kerre 305,318 Tucker, Terry 31 8 Turner, Chris 275 Turner, Joel 1 02, 1 03, 300 Turner, Tern 53, 66, 1 1 4, 1 46, 1 47, 205, 275 Turner, Tricio 142,300 Turney, Mrs 225, 302, 303 Turney, Paul 102, 318 Tyler, Mark 275 — U — Ulrich, Nicky 192, 193,318 Umphress, Mr 238 Underwood, Kim 102, 319 Urban, Joonn 1 34, 300 Urban, Nancy 106,310,319 Uribe, Dave 1 1 2, 1 1 7, 300 — V — Van Beckum, Susan 275 Van Camp, Sharon 319 Vance, Sandy 162,163,164,275,324 Vandergriff, Valerre 38, 99, 100, 1 1 I, 293, 300 Vondergnff, Victar 2 1 , 47, 75, 1 1 4, 1 1 8, 119, 139, 153,275 Vandiver, Dianne 140, 319 Vandiver, Kevin 319 Van Dyke, Paula 275 Vardemon, Cole 168, 171,300 Voughn, Terry 32, 1 29, 275 Vernon, Susan 319 Veselka, Cathy 1 84, 1 87, 275 Veteikis, Canice 275 Via,Loyce 319 Vieiro, Frediline 1 30, 275 Vincent, Mrs 216 Vogel, Rebecca 276 Volk, Suse 68, 69, 1 33, 249, 276 Von Mozo, Carl 319 — W — Woddell, Phrl 319 Wade, John 82, 153, 157, 181, 300 Wade, Kevin 319 Wade, Mark 69, 1 99, 300 Wode, Mike 31 , 42, 45, 85, 86, 1 39, 1 52, 276 Wadell, Rene 129 Wagner, Mane 29,184,187,300 Waggoner, Tony 319 Waldrup, Mildred 237 Walker, Don 300 Walker, Harold 102, I 04, 249, 259, 276 Walker, Julie . 1 62, 1 64, 1 84, 1 85, 276 Walker, Keith 4 1 , 53, 1 53, 1 57, 1 94, 1 95, 196,276 Wolker, Mickey 300 Walker, Mr 107, 226 Walker, Noel 1 60, 1 76, 287, 300 Walker, Susan 319 Walker, Tom 102 Walker, Thomas 300 Wallace, Mrs 58, 2 1 8, 242, 320 Wallace, Newell 153, 181 Word, Angela 276 Word, Danny 276 Ward, Mrs 215 Word, Susan 184, 319 Wordlow, Cheryl 319 Wordlow, Michael 158, 300 Warner, Bobbie 162, 184, 276 Warner,Steve 158, 181,319 Warren, Kevin 276 Washburn, Randy 277 Watson, George 319 Watson, Keith 310 Watters,Mark 301 Weaver, Alan 158,319 Weaver, Neol 301 Weaver, Sharon 1 66, 1 67, 1 84, 3 1 9 Weover, Terri 277 Webb, Angela 301 Webb, Cheryl 301 Webb, George 40, 3 1 9 Webber, Shori 302, 3 1 9 Weems, Chuck 319 Weems, Sands 194, 277 Wegmer, Joy 319 Weiler, Jean 43, 89, 90, 277 Weiss, Jomie 102,013,319 Wendel, Shelly 44,319 Wentz, Jon 319 Wenzlou, Charlie 301 West, Mrs 238 West, Robert 319 Wethington, Lance 277 Wetterling, Kurt 277 Wharton, Mrs 222 Whetstone, Scott 19, 301 Whipple, Suzanne 1 02 301 Whisenont, Kirk 3OI White, Cindy 319 White, Dawn 188, 319 White, Jeff 59, 277 While, Julie .53,89, 162, 184, 1 85, 186 187,205,277 White, Mork 30I White, Randy 301 White, Scon 107, 319 White, Steve 72, 277 White, Susan ' 319 Whitfield, Mrs 213 Widdos, Melonie 277 Wiggins, Jimmy 158,319 Wilkerson, Janet 1 23, 301 Wilkins, Mark 301 Willhite, Borboro 279 Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams Williams Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams Williams, Williams, Williomso Willis, Lou Beth , . Bobby Brent . Chris . Eddie . 319 351 153,301 301 128 319 319 152,279 279 Mrs 133,216 Randy 168, 301 222 279 Mork 301 ! 100,279 ughby, Kothy 301 oth,Mr 58,225,242 •n, Brent 158, 319 ■n. Buddy 279 n, Carolyn 319 n, Charlton 158,319 n,Jeff 319 n, Kothy 102, 103 Wilson, Mike . 24,73,93,120,279 Wilson, Pol 106,279 Wilson, Rondy 3] 9 Wilson, Wendy . 1 42, 1 46, 1 47, 1 48, 205, 301 Wimpy, Dennis 126, 301 Winberg, Bonnie 28,116,301 Windsor, Susan 279 Winter, Mrs 213 Winter, Korl 89,279 Wiseman,Mrs 217 Wiser, Mark 301 Wiser, Thomos 279 Wolff, Julie 182, 183, 319 Wolff, Wendy 182, 183,201 Wolfskill, Andy . 58,108,279,320 Wang,Jone 279 Woods, Michael 301 Woods, Neel 25, 35, 57, 60, 66, 88, 102, 103, 107, 1 14, 115,279 Woods, Tenyo 106, 310, 319 Workman, Kerry 279 Workman, Robin 319 Wroy, Ricky 66, 1 78, 1 79, 279 Wright, Croig 174,319 Wright, Duane 319 Wunderlich, Mr 232 Wynn, Shari 319 — Y — Voles, Phil 174, 319 York, David 153, 156, 301 Young, Aliso 279 Young, Bobby 158, 319 Younger, Diono , 98, 301 Zellner, Greg 301 Ziegler, Kristi 150,319 Zimmerman, Cindy 279 In Memoriam Roger Blachly Jeff Schwemer —J . . iSL ' i ! Bi - ' S-- ■ ' . ' ■ ' ' ' .: ' " " ' 1 v%«.J • MT ' ■■ ' ' ,1 ■■ • 1 AmeriGa Yes, we ' ve celebrated 200 American Way, and ' still celebrating! Besides the bicentennial, other happenings surfaced on the nationolscene. It was a big year for politics. Jimmy Carter was seen parading through the country equipped with a the Democratic Presidential nomination, and retired actor- rising politician Ronald Reagan as causing quite a stir among Republicans. But votes weren ' t the only thing being captured around the " " ' - " " ' ss i found as police mode a raid on the California hide-out of the In fashions, skirt lengths le down and bathing suits got skimpier than ever. Country music singers strun ■ ■■ ■ heart across America, especially with the song, " Convoy " that was ber of " good buddies. " Mrs. Gerald Ford even got into the CB act with the handle, " First Mama. " Another big headline was the Hughes and the confusion over his authentic will or wills. America ' 76 V ' " " - ' seeing it fade away, the future looks promising for America, for the American Way, for the Best Way. 1?i lik ■-•««J .1- 1 ■-.- jjj Hf P lit 1 __ i4 ; Ml I S !;■ ' » . .ti Arlington Will it ever slop growing? Sandwiched in between two Fort Worth, rumors again emerged of a consolidation Although opposition remains ywhere. Proof could be seen by all the new businesses that opened. new restaurants opened, adding to the competition already there. i expanding, too. Arlington High months of our lives for survived their roolcie year if Howdy Day and frog dissections. Juniors managed to get through the in-between stage of high school. (Senior rings helped a little.) And Seniors watched their lost year fly by via graduation announcements, the Prom and the final wallc to receive their diploma. With Activities, Honors, Clubs, we all grew to be a little older and a liHle wiser. The AHS tradition we had icn the year before still survived. Howdy Day, Spirit Week, the Christmas program, Colt County Fair, Twirp Week — we were proud of the tradition. We fought for it, hoping the class behind us would do the same. It was the one thing we alone claimed to be our very own. It set us apart and gave us a face in the r ' 1 ■ f I ]a VH mi r %. ■. 1 p. 1 M pr 4 f 1 W ] 1 •? ' " ,. j 1 k ■ ■ $?. " ran . 1 1 1 1 1 1: Now, only the momories linger Though time will surely fade thei A doss ring, a pressed flower, on athletic letter, a program. They ore our keepsakes — the reminders of the year A year that made history. A year we were all a part of. Photographs on pages 6 and 7 Courtesy of J. W. Dunlop Photograph on page 354 (A) by Bruce Ray 1 200 Copies 360 Pages Headlines — Spartan — 24 pt. Body Copy — Spartan — 1 pt. Cutlines — Spartan — 8 pt. Taylor Publishing Co. of Dallas J S?fc§i( S fe tsF . l ' .- J 4? i 9- » - % W ■A -a 1 i ' fT -»r « • v ' v. _

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