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QUEQQ Q55 " ' ' A A 'I 1 - 1- J i' "" ' ," -','- 'ffl' ' A' f 'f+-ifgfi-ii 'A.1"' '1 Q 1,'l 1 ' N5 ' cy! IX y N was , D ff J ff v X ? fiQ2W, N ijfgiifif Jggvgyfjgiffirlgfgjkbf g5iffj5f f5y ff Yffff ff 29 fifliiff Wi fy Uf Hiilpw Fifi! ff? Ei ffwfmww . A45 V 'X . I 5139! f gf . Y W MW? C7 Q i 1, , fag , Y' fgfzf QD K' - Eff XC K? rx Xia I lg Q2 c egg Cui " H Q H fx C E5 K Q CQ C X liz 'YQ c +3 Q ' 1 Qi ,.. X Y gi 4 " X ' 2 5 'X v- Qf 5 S O' JY? 7 , ily iq Q -06 , f - ff Q' cy- YU J' Q- - -.4 A LL. nv NQZ, X ww- - fhgyy 6, 4'H x, NR 1, Qf' C, E Q1-'X v TQ ici! A I . : if fy gif! v 1 1 xx f Qxgl qx 4 dbg, Q1 Ck? TC , KD QQ YQ rf. ska, C K C ,BX ff x-QQM7 Q , KJ ' ,L 7 QQ? CHQQ CH df RMC L33 Xp fx N!! X? Y? N .N X Qty Q, f,f Qlwfffi ,gh 1 Q52 V C --, ' if , ,7 X, X i K '7 ,vfff ,Q bf Fl f i am a pattern of life, followed unconsciously but still followed. i am a pattern of activities i of personalities of organizations of sports of teachers of friends and of enemies, even of myself, without me the pattern is empty, nothing. i am arlington high school. Colt Corral, Vol. 26 Arlington High School Arlington Texas H H- I, NCI?-,fff,m53Tv. W 'I R 'M' 57: 413' If 5 -'g' R ' 2sQ:.rr..: -ES, -, me f. 9 'QgN5PxQ.. A 1 ' F ' if'-21 T 1 59 ' I I I f J Q3" w II Bk" I 1111? A I V Ai. .A . V- I -5? , A :NR 'W -- S. I i ,- We L-E 5 ,21 , . - I 4 ,I qui, , - ,si , ,jug ' fa, ,,',I, I -ff 15' , ,..,I5.,f:-3-,Z ' I ' av P if-'-1-4 S .., ' ,3I,,q. . 1 . xg " A . J '7g9f?, Vg. 'QF' A-""'7,',f'f1f! ffl- 192.5 - -832153-1QZ7'ffv Rf-II-1fT.1f.-:vfm2 ,iI 13? an .af swf .'." '-21" 'f " .f' 'l - 'gui E14-Arif 35:43 I+1vf'?51?ff2L'GSw-'V f'f:.-Sewxn 1.1 .:-- -I 4' I 'V :alias vs:-g qs. l -1... -qi.-11-.- -i.....2 I1--i--.- -l.... .i.-1-i-..- I Table of Contents ACTIVITIES PERSONAIITIES ORGANIZATIONS SPORTS FACULTY CLASSES ADVERTISING 14 66 92 136 182 216 350 X ff ff 15,4 r 1' my Q if i cum life. from the evenfs which concern us oll, fa 'x fo Those which ore almost K ' overlooked. fy ,if i f ' h .X X 1 I h hkc hh h oc . h ' R AV' ' 12 Ewa ' h l N 5 ffis .n E - K' "x. X' , 5 K 1: ,L . N..-f 'swf x j HQ 'r 5 lx x f x 1 'PS w '3 1 , I' Q ,xt , ,w ,fi U 1 - ,Q A 1 ' , X Xxx Q1 - A I in e -14 .- W: cz ::. nga," ' h s c 'Q 5 iff." , -A c f 2 r Q 1 0 P , lb Fyqlh ff' 9 xg , , ,H V1 Qui 4 W 1 y X 5 5 A 1 Q il 5 Y S Q XQ N 2 A W: 1 1 X ,J a K 1 'ni 'Ki as L 1 A 1 A li, If' n x X. TN . 'NX ka A3 X, 1. A xx W' 2 'f -x . 2 i am knowledge. hidden away in books and teachers, waiting for us to release it, then use what we've learned. 621 5.1 M '5 .t Y Q 1 W 'Q , . Q -y. f'-V ! VX, l -if 1 x. . .r,,, N W' IAN Ki - iw, 5.2 X, X 1 ,. -jail my - . v X F -i-su' Q.: V . I A- N. , m. 1 A Q i am time. nine months of five day weeks, time to relax but never enough time to study. time to begin and, finally, time to stop. I -up V4-' 1 Gr.. xl 'V' U, ls 2 CAD Mrs. Barker alights her Latin chariot as Robert Whitworth and Rick Swain stand guard during the Latin Day Olympics which were held for the first time this year. QB, After the Journalism Assembly, Mrs. Dorathy Holland congratulates Mrs. Bark- er for receiving the annual dedication. CCD Gasping in surprise, Mrs. Barker opens the silver tray that her students presented her at the surprise farewell party given in her honor in the Student Lounge at AHS. Mrs. Barker Receives Annual Dedication C 4 Displaying her bewildered surprise at being announced the recipient of the 1971 Colt Corral dedication, Mrs. Nadine Barker prepares to accept the award during iournalism assembly. Latin Teacher Leaves AHS As a farewell tribute, the 1971 Colt Corral was dedicated to Mrs. Nadine Barker, who after 14 years at Arlington High School was retiring. Always highly re- spected, she was chosen Teacher of the Year this year by her col- leagues. She was further honored by her students at a surprise party given in her honor in the Student Lounge. At the party she was pre- sented a silver tray bearing the name of each of her students and 12 long-stemmed roses. Mrs. Barker had always been interested in furthering under- standing of foreign countries. For many years she was the coordina- tor of the Americans Abroad pro- gram for Arlington High. This year she sponsored the Latin Olympics in which the students participated in contests such as foot and char- iot races. Perhaps the accomplishments of her students speak most highly of her ability as a teacher. During the Latin Convocation held in Fort Worth, every one of her students was awarded at least one first place. Although Mrs. Barker expressed some regrets about leaving Arling- ton High, she was enthusiastic about the many new experiences that she was planning for the fu- ture. 1 1 l N ' Q 1 s 1 Q 14 Activities School Begins mid Sultry Summer Heat Signaling the end of summer this year as in years past, was the arrival of the i970 COLT CORRAL and the subsequent scribble party. Beginning five days earlier this year on August 31, school aroused even more groans and grumbles than usual. The first week was climaxed by Howdy Day, when seniors finally got to be "on top," forcing hapless sophs and iuniors to sing. The an- nual Howdy Dance completed the day. Along with the first football game of the year came the first pep rally, boosting spirit that last- ed until that night as the Colts won their first gridiron clash of the year. AHS's new principal, Mr. James Crouch gave a spirit-rous- ing speech and received a stand- ing ovation from enthusiastic AHSers. Welcomed by girls and greeted dubiously by boys was the deci- sion of the school board to allow girls to wear pants suits. A tunic- length top was required, and no blue leans were permitted. fAj Kathy Honeycutt, iunior, and senior Martti Matson discuss pantsuits as newly accepted wearing apparel. QB? Senior Lynne Liberate chooses her words careful- ly as she signs an annual at the scribble party. QCD Couple at Howdy Dance enioy the long and short of annual festivities. 16 ACTIVITIES C AA -T1 CY fAD Mr. Crouch expounds on his favorite topic, the Colts, at first pep rally. CBJ Jim "Hop A Long" Ward labors against an un- fair disadvantage attempting to nab fleeing Soph Laura Starrett on Howdy Day QCD Arlington iuniors show open en- thusiasm in one of AHS's pep rallies. ACTIVITIES 17 Anders Finds Arlington Full Of Activities Anders Mangen, Arlington High's foreign exchange student from Sweden, added greatly to the Year of the Colts. At the first pep rally of the year, students applauded and cheered him when he was introduced. His command of the language sur- prised AHSers although he had spoken and written English for eight years. Anders became a member of the Key Club and Thespians, and was on the photography staff. Holding a leading role in one of the dramatic productions, "Mame," Anders played the lech- erous Brian O'Bannion. At one of the school assemblies, Anders completely surprised stu- dents by playing the harmonica. KAI Brian O'Bannion pours on the Irish charm as he tries to persuade Mame fBar- bara Beesleyj to "spice up" her memoirs. QBJ "What are they all staring at, haven't they ever seen the Swedish Twist?" won- ders Anders at the Key Club Dance. QCD Anders gives a hello talk at a pep rally. 'I8 ACTIVITIES .f- QW' 1. QA, Amazed Anders gazes at the people who gaihered for the parade honoring Mayor Tom Vandergriff. QB, "I think I bet- ler shave," laughs Anders ata float build- ing session. QCJ "I sure hope this is over soon!" sighs Anders at practice for the American Field Service Fashion Show. l l l ACTIVITIES 19 QA B UQ Evangelist James Robison reflects o moment about his "special friend's" love. CBJ Kent Betts expresses his feel- ings ct an October pep rally. QCD Junior Regina Wilson takes it slow as she creates at a poster porty. CDD Lance Brown, senior, checks out prints at the Colt County Fair. 20 ACTIVITIES X. 1 .. . mf flu.: .cf , 1 ff if lllr' .J,,l,' My MA .A ' W ff' Q .XX 7 3 s 40 W X2 Tfflf 9 W-me CA DY 'X ' Q .,,yLs,Ws. ws. N Qgggei nuivsmn oi. .1 g g 14... C AQ... sf fix ' N . ,P E' QB CP AA i Faces, Signs Echo Feelings Of Students Spirit characterized the month of October as each class became responsible for boosting spirit one week of the month. During its week, the sophomore class held Beat Day in which ev- eryone was supposed to say "Beat the Cardinals" as a greet- ing. Juniors were next in line and were in charge of Sock Day to "Sock it to the Grand Prairie Go- phers." Seniors, to raise spirit, spon- sored homeroom door decora- tions. Evangelist James Robison spoke to assemblies at AHS, bringing both assemblies to their feet. At the Colt County Fair, French can-can girls, a portrait studio, and a biergarten helped raise funds for various classes and or- ganizations, with over l,3O0 peo- ple attending the fair. QA, AHS demonstrates a sign of the times. QB-CJ Seniors Gale Johnson and Lyle Via disclose a few of the many faces seen at Arlington High's annual Colt County Fair. ACTIVITIES 21 Spirits Soar To New High In ovember Beginning with Homecoming, highlighted by pep rallies, and closed out with Thanksgiving, No- vember was a busy month for AHSers. On November II, the choral, band, and speech departments combined to present two assem- blies honoring all American veter- ans. All through the month various groups sponsored door decorating contests and poster parties to back the bi-district champion Colts. On Homecoming, Novem- ber 6, the team edged Bell, I4-I 3, and Tanya Turner was chosen Homecoming Queen. Seniors and Student Council representatives sold magazine subscriptions to aid their groups. CAD November marks onset of basketball season. QBJ Snoopy adds enthusiasm to spirit week. QCD Nicky Walker expounds on American flag to somber students. 22 ACTIVITIES A CV ky,-5 I I IAQ "Gee if I could sell enough magazines to win that!" thinks Kerry Persons at the magazine meeting. IBD The mighty Colt Machine bursts with spirit at a November game. fCI "I'm not sure, but I think I'm going to cry!" sniffles Mr. Michael Cade to Mr. Larry Williams as they cart off a dead Blue Raider at the Homecoming pep rally. ACTIVITIES 23 QAJ Winning float begins with a bare frame. Q81 Future AH5er expectantly awaits Homecoming parade. CCH "My hand has to be here somewhere!" reasons Marc Stovall as he works on the iunior float. QD, "One more flower and l quit!" sighs Retha Vermillion working on a float. Q, S D b 24 ACTIVITIES Homecoming Plans Result In Works Fun After a week of float building and spirit boosting, AHS cele- brated Homecoming '70 Nov. 6. Sophomores took first place in the float contest while seniors nominated Tanya Turner, Michelle Byam, Robin McGlew, and Laurie Walker as Homecoming Queen candidates. As Student Body President George Tuttle crowned Tanya queen, Sophomore Princess Sheila Eppes and Junior Princess Nancy Pitstick looked on. This year's pep rally featured a visit from Superintendent of Schools James W. Martin, Mayor Tom Vandergriff, and Mr. Walter Echols and Mrs. Ruth Miller, who were named Coming Home King and Queen. AHS's talented facul- ty again presented the pep rally skit this year telling the story of Colt Spirit from the time of Colum- bus to man's moon landing. Breathless fans who witnessed the Colts' l4-13 defeat of L. D. Bell climaxed the day by attending either the annual Homecoming dance or a reception for exes in the Student Lounge. QAD The end product of sophs' work yields winning Homecoming float. CBJ Senior Jim Ward concentrates on tagging Key Club float for the yearly Homecoming parade. ACTIVITIES 25 Programs Add To Activities Of December December was filled with the activities of many organizations. Performing before a nationwide television audience, the Arlington- High School Colt Marching Band, and the Choraliers combined with the bands and choruses of the other Arlington high schools to present the special half-time Christmas show for the Dallas Cowboy-Houston Oiler football game on December 20. In addi- tion, the choirs staged two Christ- mas assemblies instead of the tra- ditional one. Another assembly enabled sen- iors to order graduation invitations on December 8. WBAP-TV's Texas '70 show on December 27 featured AHS stu- dents as examples of typical fans and participants of Texas high school football. QA, Assistant director Mr. Jerry Massey conducts Choraliers at annual Christmas program. CBD AHS band forms fancy snow flake patterns for the Cotton Bowl game. 26 ACTIVITIES AA B' is 'N' ' 'K h as . 0 -F 's .... - r, . ,y.. ,....,., I l . mg ,Sis t'i'iwft'.'f.!-Str'-atLf.2ss'ffW'f'f ff 'sl H tr'ti'ls"- vw-ff ' 'itvtl"ttt..iv.i ri , ,.,, . ,Z 3 1 A 57--f ' N V s I ini: . 15ef.:,.5. ' ' ff ,V 1. ff, tgp., 1 l ki ,L , A E, xml . g asf. if 2 Jay- : 1.1 .Wag t K 211. Q - K Q '.,' 9 ' ' .A L' U ,V A l ' ' I K ' lets i: w g f: A sst if t . 'ft P . at 4 is . f , wa fair: En, , ,,, g ' r' ffl zac 2 g .,, '--' .,,1j2j fig' ,, ' A, 15 zg, .Q 'I' fi iiii ' A "iis 4 l l X 'K '. 3.,' Q s'-- nf I 2 , .wi 3, fi ...... is 1 nt. x MQ Q MQ A x wi- 'Tea li lx lax' l N l i 'N l QAJ "All fhose people walching me make me nervous," worries Mr. Robert Cope- land as Miss Jane Robin Ellis conducts AHS Choraliers af the Dallas Cowboy game. QB, Greg Friess lislens affenfively as Bob Gooding explains journalism at the High School Press Conference. CCD Faye Milner and Nelda Darden patiently wail in line To order senior graduation invitations. ACTIVITIES 27 Jolly Season Brings Spirit Of Christmas Enjoying the holiday season, students of Arlington High School celebrated Christmas with parties and Santa Claus. Homerooms had many different forms of celebra- tions ranging from simple cookies and Cokes to elaborate Christmas trees, decorations, and gift- exchanges. To further get in the spirit of things, mistletoe and evergreens abounded in the halls and rooms. Some homerooms were even treated to an unexpected visit by Santa Claus. QAQ "l'll get them up eventually!" assures Mark Mohr as he struggles with his Santa Claus suit for a class party. CBJ "YOU think you have it bad!" exclaims Jerry Ket- tlecamp to Bonnie Frederick as he gets a mouthful of needles while they help Don Welch and Miriam Hailey cart off a tree. 28 ACTIVITIES W 'Wk an BA IAQ "You show me what you have and l'll show you what I have!" propositions Linda Cochran to Claudia Whitesel as they swap Christmas gifts. fBJ "And then you smear this sticky white glue all over the handle," instructs Lisa Camp as she explains how to make your own Christmas presents. CCD "No, Twyla, I'm not turning around!" laughs Bob Chatham as a smiling Twylo Weaver pursues him with the mistletoe. Qs Q-fax 1 l A E U? . 1. , i .V yy? ACTIVITIES IAQ Members of Grand Fenwick's Court lis- ten to explanations of the victory over the U.S. QB, Mary Greytak reflects the lowly post of a page. ICD Mrs. Ava Smith and Eve Vaught mix prop paints. QDQ Mark Eblen wires equipment for spotlights. 30 ACTIVITIES ,.4d' X V 1 f 1 l . ,- ' I It . ' I I dsc ' s 9939, Ii? - hir ,I iI:fi'5l If Q! I I U ' 1 I '5 rbi' fy? , A .213 Small Mouse Sneaks Into Halls of AHS Grand Fenwick, the Q bomb, and Tully Bascomb came alive on the Arlington High School stage as the drama department presented "The Mouse That Roared" on De- cember IO and ll. But the thrill of the opening night was the climax of many hours of work by students of all three classes for the all-school play. Scenery, props, costumes, memorization of lines, and block- ing of scenes all had to be pre- pared before the play could be- come a reality. Behind the leads, the make-up, lighting, and scenery crews added to the play's success. CAD General Snippet fCharlie Hukillt and .lill fGale Johnsonl attempt to explain to Tully Bascomb fJohn LaBellaJ about the Q bomb. QB, ,Duchess Glorianna XII is amazed to learn of the victory her bow- men have won over th Armed Forces. Vncaewwvy Ndoiewc, ACTIVITIES 31 QAI Stage Bond Drummer Senior Dan O'Leary concentrates on one of his drum solos at Stage Band Concert. CBJ Senior soloist Jim Salazar tootles on his flute dur- ing a solo while band members supply support in the background at Band Assem- bly. QCJ "I hope you know I'm spending all my lunch money for these things," ex- claims Eddie Farow as he pays Michele Byam f lion caps and gowns. -Qi? 32 ACTIVITIES Competitions, Trips, Outings Fill January Throughout the month of Janu- ary, the students of Arlington High School participated in a wide range of activities. All students faced the end of the first semester, which brought with it the drudgery of exams, and the flurry of schedule changes. For some students this signified the end of their schooling at AHS, as 28 seniors graduated at mid-term. ln other activities, the seniors met on January 13 to order the all-important caps and gowns for graduation. Seniors voted to go against tradition, and wear green this year instead of the usual white. On January 27 and 28, the Stage Band of AHS presented pro- grams to the student body in prep- aration for their appearance at the Texas Stage Band Festival. CAD "Oh, and I iust combed my hair," sighs Suzanne Smith as Roy'Harwell meas- ures her head for graduation cap. QB, Sev- eral Southwest Humanities students exam- ine the various levels of government in the state capitol in Austin during their field trip to Sun Antonio. QCD Relaxing during the trip to San Antonio, Humanities sponsor, Mr. David Walker, enioys a quiet moment. ACTIVITIES 33 Programs Fill Short Month Of February February, the shortest month of the year was packed with activities of all types. Several students representing Arlington High School won top honors in the city-wide Teen Talent Follies in both the senior and group divisions. Selected as one of four choirs from the state of Texas to appear at the Texas Music Educators Con- vention in Houston, the Choraliers were accompanied by AHS's six All-State Band and Choir mem- bers. H QA? "l think we better forget the bomb and concentrate on titration," suggests Emily Young to Terry Kimbel during an Open House demonstration. QBJ Mrs. Bea Falvo, Mrs. Lou Baker, and Mrs. Flo Francis dis- play their spirit at the basketball pep rally. 34 ACTIVITIES ww, If l Wm A A B.v ..?5ims, so W.. '-1 'RW' CV KAI A latecomer slushes through the unex- pected February snow fall. CBJ "You're not getting away from me again!" exclaims Elaine Ivy as she latches onto a ROTCEE at Open House. CCD Sally Phillips emotes to her audience as s n emotion- packed song for the Teen Talent Follies. ACTIVITIES 35 BA QA, Noisy seniors await moment for pic- ture to be snapped by photograper as they pose for the annual senior class pic- ture. QBQ Two students ready themselves for a shoot-out on Western Day. QCD Mr. D. J. Williams explains NASA program and some of its equipment during Space Program assembly. QDJ "Aw, this is embar- rassing!" blushes Paul Vieira as he and Stan Brown vie foTWEtTe'rn Day king. ...Ee 36 ACTIVITIES UK .fs t W SPACE SCIENCE DEMONST 7"?',, ff, ages W' f 1 Westerners, Spacemen Fill AHS's Halls February provided the students with several assemblies and pro- grams. Six-shooters and pioneer dress- es dotted the halls of AHS as the annual Western Day was cele- brated February 5. A NASA rep- resentative brought assemblies sponsored by the AFJROTC later in the month. Other annual events included the composite senior pic- ture and College Night. IAQ "Me and Armstrong!" thinks Larry Batts as he demonstrates space suit for NASA Space program. IBD "Which way should I go?" wonders Melissa Irwin, Dana Suggs, and James Demasses as they deliberate which path to follow during Col- lege Night, sponsored this year by PTA. ACTIVITIES Faces Reveal True Feelings Of Students Contrary to the old adage, March both came in and went out like a lion, with warm spells inter- spersed. Humanities classes were busy during the month visiting Austin and San Antonio March 6, and Fort Worth March I I to see exam- ples of Southwestern cultural influ- ences. For the future Student Council officers, the school elected Jim Cunningham, president, Jerry Har- low, vice-president, and Holly Lord, secretary. German students won second place in state with their comic play during their convention in San An- gelo on March 26 and 27. QAD Rick Swain non-chalontly rides across the finish line as Robert Whitworth and Weldon Middlebrooks enthusiastically at- tempt to win in the Latin Day Olympics. QBI Senior Patty Ivy shows her approval as the Colt receives an award at the Journalism Convention. QCD Mrs. Glenda Keilstrup descends the steps of the bus which car- ried students to the German Convention. 38 ACTIVITIES 'L :....-i ,.., av-."" C125 Y ,- Y ,fy ,X 5 V17 , 4 i115-ff'Y 'As X f QAJ "Maybe if I smile big enough, l'll get elected!" thinks Angela Adams at Student Council elections. QB? "And then the neck bone connects to the body wheel," ex- plains Regina Wilson in her campaign speech Qglwfent Council. QCD Some Ger- man students enioy themselves at an infor- mal lunch on way to German Convention in San Angelo. CDD A policeman dusts knob of display room hoping to catch thief who broke in and lifted the goods. ACTIVITIES 39 March Finds Students Full Cf Emotions March proved to be a busy month for almost everyone. The Arlington High School ROTC held its annual Military Ball. The Army Band from Fort Walters provided music for the event. A representative from the Atom- ic Energy Commission visited AHS and demonstrated properties of the atom. The Myrtle Lee Thornton Chap- ter of the National Honor Society held its annual induction ceremo- nies during March. AHS was also broken into dur- ing this month. The thief broke into the DECA display case and made off with merchandise from Leon- ard's Department Store. QAJ Bill Porter watches disgustedly as a fel- low ROTCer holds Jolyn Ivy captivated. CBD Pres. Don Davis swears in solemn faced members at Honor Society Inductions. 40 ACTIVITIES ,I f sf- tf Y ,Lf , f, V,-"X . I f 2 ,, I ,VWQAVLL I X , A 5 if ifgi 'Y' fAJ "Debbie, if you don't quit staring at that boy we're leaving!" exclaims Monty Moore to Debbie Swan at the Military Ball. QBJ Laura Stiles has a hair-raising experi- ence at the Atomic Energy Commission's Program. QCD "Wish I could do that," sighs Sandy Olsen at the AEC Assembly. QDJ "Much more of this food and l've had it!" says Mrs. Phyllis Forehand to Sue Cash at Austin Journalism Conference Banquet. ACTIVITIES 41 'fl CAD Barbara Beesley, as Mame, reflects one f eccentric moods of the leading lady. CBJ Vera Charles fDonna O'Dellj advises Patrick at one of Mame's parties. CCD Miss Wanda Modding sets up spotlights for Mame's opening night. 42 ACTIVITIES BA 'V s-fffgr' :f ., , U., .V N .ffw.y,. . 4 if 1' .M 23' as ft 'K 'E W' ' M . , f ,f ,J sz. E ' all Q I ,si f 1 his 'ff .,bQ X, B .y. 1, l l 6 is l W A I. W it i ' AA X if -23 5 . . BA ftihx ,. 'gg 1 i i 'Q ,Q ,- i 1 f V l l fr 5 H 1 ' s s 4 5 'W A S Stages Second Play As the second of Arlington High's dramatic productions of this year, "Auntie Mame," was the story of a wealthy woman con- fronted with the woes of the stock- market crash, accounting her memoirs to a lecherous Irish Ghost-writer, and manipulating her nephew's love life. Barbara Beesley portrayed the busy Mame with Billy Wine as her husband Beauregard J. P. Burn- sides. Anders Mangen played the ghost-writer, while Steve Moore acted the part of Patrick Dennis the nephew. Directing the play was Mrs. Ava Smith with the help of Mary Greytak, student director. I QA, Brian O'Bannion fAnders Mangen, makes a point with Mame about her mem- oirs. QBJ Southern belle Merrill Nabors tries to persuade Mother Burnsides fHelen DeVitoJ not to allow Beauregard Jackson Picket Burnsides fBill Winej to marry Aun- tie Mame. ICJ Agnes Gooch fNancy Brownj struggles as Mame tries to make her go to the party with O'Bannion. ACTIVITIES 43 Press Group To Encourage Fun, Study To promote relations between the three high schools of Arlington and to encourage iournalistic studies, the Arlington City High Press Association was formed. Composed of students from Ar- lington High' School, Sam Hous- ton, and Lamar, the club had as its officers: President Steve Maniford of SHHS, Vice-president Pat Pettit of AHS, and Secretary Janet Dan- tic of LHS. Speaker for the first meeting was Bob Gooding, newscaster for WFAA, Channel 8, Dallas. A late spring snowstorm pre- vented the second meeting's speaker from coming, but iournal- ism students managed to enioy homemade ice cream all the same. At the third meeting a panel of announcers from radio station KFAD spoke on radio iournalism. QAJ Pat Pettit, CHPA V.-Pres., talks with Pres. Steve Manifold of SHHS. CBJ "Home- made ice cream when it's snowing?" gawks a Lamar student at o meeting. 44 ACTIVITIES QA? "No, Lee, that is not a milkshake!" laughs Mrs. Margaret Fry, biology teach- er, as Lee Sweeney prepares a mixture for his Science Fair project. IBD David Forger- son puts his first place ribbon in the trophy case as Pat Pribyl, also a winner, looks on. QCD Smiling, Earlene Benson places her winning ribbon in the trophy display case. AA ii? 46 ACTIVITIES A 4 B P . , v' 3Qf7i?ili5Ziff 'f'5?fl2l'Eg6.?j' 'wfzf if"i?'!1'af: Students Cop High Honors ln Local Fair Five Arlington High students captured honors at the Fort Worth Regional Science Fair, including Best of Fair. Lee Sweeney won first place in the biochemistry division as well as Best of Fair recognition. Also winning a first place award was Sophomore Pat Pribyl in the math and computers competition. David Wall took second place in medicine and health, and won the Harris Hospital, Medical Tech- nology, Region Dental Society, and Air Force Awards. First place in Physics was won by David Forgerson, while Earlene Benson took third in earth science. QAJ David Wall checks a sample used in his winning proiect. CBJ Becky Dodge tedi- ously measures an element used in her proiect for the Fair. fC, Lee Sweeney adds last minute touches to his first place proiect before entering the National Science Fair. ACTIVITIES 47 .pk A , g.. ., I ' ink Q 'K'-:. we IAQ Students reply to the call for help in cleaning up their city during Ecology Day. CBD Members of the UIL One-Act Play Com- petition pose casually for the cameraman. 48 ACTIVITIES Students Help To Clean Llp Environment April sparkled, not with spring showers, but with the numerous activities of the students of AHS. Celebrating their own Ecology Day, biology, art, and English classes filled the halls with anti- pollution posters and slogans. Also in April was the annual Key Club Dance. Dancing to the music of the American Dog, the club also named Becky Goetz as the Key Club Sweetheart. ln UIL competition, AHS's one- act play entry, "Thieves Carni- val," won third place, while Mary Greytak captured "Best Actress" honors. IAQ Youth for Ecology truck stands guard over workers as they clean up an Arling- ton creek. IBD "No, Wally, you cannot dance with Rickyl" exclaims George Tuttle to sulky Wally Capps as Ricky Hahn dances, unaware, at the Key Club Dance. ACTIVITIES 49 A 4 g, B P Q 0 0 April Boasts Competitionsg Annual Prom I UIL district first place winners in speech were Mary Greytak and Carolyn Finley. Mary excelled in 1 her prose reading while Carolyn talked the iudges into her first in persuasive speaking. For their first formal dance, iun- iors gathered at the King's Inn. With "Knight of Magic" as its theme, the prom had music by Saratoga. The long awaited graduation in- vitations arrived in April, and stu- dents eagerly picked them up to send them out so as to rake in the presents. On AFS Day foreign exchange students from various and sundry schools came and informed AHS about their home countries. fAj District winner Mary Greytak practices for annual UIL Prose Reading Competition. QBD Dennis Hunt dazedly dances to music of Saratoga at the Junior Prom. QCD Linda Tigrett is oblivious to the fact that she has lost her partner at the Prom. 50 ACTIVITIES I Q 4 3 ,Q f. -4 i5f'F iihglit P sum, 'S ti Xb k,4r if QAJ Carolyn Finley rehearses Persuasive Speaking for UIL district contests. CBJ Mar- kus Liebold, foreign exchange student for Sam Houston, entertains at the AFS Day Assembly. CCD With smiling faces, Patty Ivy and Nancy Lucas received their long- awaited-for senior graduation invitations. Q a N 'K l 1 . Us sw ,f, 1 ACTIVITlES 51 06, Bands Choirs Wind-Up Year With Finales Arlington High's music depart- ments culminated this year's work with two spring concerts. Koral Kapers were again pre- sented by the choral department. The sophomore choir, the Treble Chorale, and the Choraliers all contributed segments to the show. Songs performed included selec- tions of both classical and modern natures. The choirs were conduct- ed by Miss Jane Ellis and Mr. Jerry Massey. Also in the field of music, the concert band presented its annual spring concert in May. Featured in the program were the Arion Award and special ensembles. Mr. Dean Corey directed the band. QA, "Now keep up with me," orders direc- tor Jerry Massey as the Choraliers practice for the Formal Concert. QBJ The Choraliers try to keep up with the music while performing for their Spring Concert. 52 ACTIVITIES 5 Ai' TF ri 3 C ,nQl ., V 1, i , Q 2 3 t s 1 Y J 5 3 . L A, :W 4? f . '- 2 fi H 2 ' 'V , ,:""g"-PPf91P'f1SWG1' 15"'-5?',5 - S "" I . fy slfxfibw W NW if xi X A.,.. CAD Choraliers cut up during rehearsals of their annual Koral Kopers. QBJ Members of the band solemnly await their cue at the Band Concert. QCD "A-one-and-a-two and-," counts band director Dean Corey at the end-of-the-year band presentation. ACTIVITIES 53 Merry Month Provides Fun In Assemblies TWIRP activities for this year dwindled into obscurity as stu- dents in general lost interest. Girls were permitted to ask boys out, but TWIRP licenses were not sold. At the end of the week an assem- bly was held where girls were used as props. The annual Journalism Assem- bly had as its theme "The Land of AHS." As Dorothy was led along the Yellow Brick Road, she man- aged to name the sophomore fa- vorites, Mollie Moore and Willie Moore, junior favorites, Nancy Pitstick and Gary Brentlinger, and senior favorites, Tanya Turner and Carl Pointer. Bill Kendrick and Robin McGlew became Mr. and Miss AHS. The I970-7l COLT CORRAL was dedicated to Mrs. Nadine Barker. QA, "Ahhh!" screams Diane Burton as she gets "electrocuted" at TWIRP Assembly. IBD "Let's follow the Yellow Brick Road!" suggests Senior Greg Friess to Junior Jan Carter at annual Journalism Assembly. 54 ACTIVITIES CAD Senior Greg Friess crowns Sophomore Favorite Mollie Moore of the Journalism Assembly. QB, Members of The TWIRP iury lisfen clfeniively Io The Iriols of the oc- cused victims during the TWIRP Meeting. ACTIVITIES 55 QA? "Yes, Sir!!" yells Sgf. Billy Wine per- forming during Senior Assembly. CBJ Susan Williams and Gene Talbot pose as couple singing "Our House." CCD "A-OK!" says Varsity team as they zoom down Main St. in "Thanks, Tommy" Parade. 56 ACTIVITIES MY Tn -.5 J May Proves Busy Month For AHSers May was a month of celebra- tion. Arlington honored Mayor Tommy Vandergriff with a parade, juniors and sophomores elected next year's cheerleaders, and sen- iors held their annual assembly. May 3, Arlington said "Thank You" to Mayor Vandergriff with a parade in which various and sun- dry clubs and classes from all three high schools participated. Cheerleaders elected to lead next year's spirit were Sheila Eppes, Karen Thomas, Sally Airhart, Jennifer Berry, Diane Bur- ton, Nancy Pitstick, and Sally Phil- lips. At the senior assembly, scholar- ship winners were recognized as well as new scholarships being given out. QAJ Next year's cheerleaders take time out from practice to pose for the cameraman. IBD Miss Jane Ellis leads the audience in AHS's Alma Mater at Senior Assembly. ACTIVITIES 57 Seniors View Foods Follies At Banquet For the scene of their last offi' cial gathering, the seniors of 1971 chose the Golden Palace of the lnn of Six Flags. After guests were introduced, the seniors launched themselves on a meal of fresh frosted fruit cup, lettuce and tomato salad, and a steak, followed closely by a chocolate parfait. Highlighting the event was a film entitled "Color My World, Seniors '7l " which was made by Mr. David Walker, senior sponsor. The movie covered such events as Homecoming and the Senior Class Picture. Later awards such as the Purity Award and the Bronze Brylcream Award were given. CAD Guests at the head table enjoy them- selves at the Senior Banquet, CBJ "Really, Kevin, I don't think Amy Vanderbilt would approve!" scolds etiquette-minded Doro- thy Tappan to her date Kevin Page at the annual Senior Banquet before the Prom. 58 ACTlVITlES f BY l Amps -Q IAQ Mr. David Walker enioys his food while Mrs. Janet Sfalcup becomes infer- esled in surroundings aI Senior Banquet IBD Charlie Hukill tries Io decipher the pro- gram while Jim Bcss and Jim Ward lend a helping hand. ICJ "I sure hope my moulh is as big as I think if is," hopes Weldon Middlebrooks at the Banquet. Q.. - J ff: ACTIVITIES 59 B P AA V QAI Members of The musical group Chesire W- enferfain seniors at the Prom. QBJ Lead singer of the Chesires croons a soulful Iune. QCD Ann Lindsey and her partner get inlo Ihe mood music at The Senior Prom. QD, Roberl Rau and Debbie Crenshaw pause Io sign in the Prom guest book. 60 ACTIVITIES mum!!! Annual Prom Holds Colors For Seniors Despite the last minute difficul- ties, the 1971 Senior Prom was carried out as smoothly as usual. Three hours before the dance was to begin, the proposed music group said they would be unable to make it, but the group Cheshire took its place, and "Color My World" went off as scheduled. Couples felt equally at ease danc- ing or iust sitting and sipping the punch that was served to refresh the tired dancers. As the clock struck twelve, the seniors left their last social event as AHS students. fA1 Linda Chick and her partner let them- selves be gently swept into the colorful world of AHS Seniors at the Senior Prom. ACTIVITIES 61 vs KQ U 1 E E1 E I I 'amfw Seniors End Twelve Years Of Education Graduation exercises on June 4 heralded the ending of the high school career and the beginning of life's adventure for l97l sen- iors. Instead of being in the usual white cap and gown, graduates received their diplomas in new keepsake green nylon mortar- boards and robes. As the curtains opened, the Class of l97l soberly awaited the ceremony that followed which in- cluded speeches by both the Vale- dictorian and Salutatorian. QAD Lee Sweeney, valedictorian, discusses a modern education experience in his com- mencement talk. QB, UTA's stage abounds with green-clad AHS senior class. ACTIVITIES 63 of 'sc Seniors End Year of Colts With Spirit Giving the invocation, Pat Workman started the Commence- ment Exercises, and was followed by the Alma Mater, led by Gale Johnson. Salutatorian Cheryl Mackey de- livered her speech "The Choice is Ours." Lee Sweeney followed with his Valedictory address, "ln- side View of a Modern Learning Experience." Choraliers gave their rendition of "These Things Shall Be. After, Mr. James Crouch awarded diplomas, seniors lost all semblance of sobriety and tossed mortarboards into the air and cheered. QAD Before the curtain opens on the Class of '71, Sarah Bourland's face reflects the excitement of the graduating seniors. QBJ Don Welch walks solemnly across the stage with his diploma. QCD Brad Poster re- turns a thrown cap at end of ceremony. 64 ACTIVITIES CV ix ,-f' X3 ffl!! A 1 4 I 1 1 1 1 I I l .Y sf n W J J 1 4 1 1 66 Z5 IZII5 2--:EE Personalities Lee, Cheryl Lead Seniors Arlington High School's valedic- torian, Lee Sweeney, earned the highest academic record in the his- tory of the school with a l2.87 grade point average. Cheryl Mackey, salutatorian, followed closely with the second highest av- erage ofthe school, a l2.765. Lee, in addition to keeping up with classwork, was involved in several extra-curricular activities. He was a member of the JETS and Math Club, as well as vice-presi- dent of the National Honor Socie- ty. He was named Who's Who in Science and won third place in Biochemistry at the International Science Fair for his proiect, "Studies on an Unknown Com- pound and the Taxinomically lm- portant Non-protein Amino Acids of Vicia Hirsuta." Cheryl also participated in the many activities at AHS. A busy member of Thespians, she enioyed working on crews for both the all- school plays and the music depart- ment productions. Also a member of the Foreign Language Club, Math Club, Literary Club, and Na- tional Honor Society, and a group leader in the American Field Ser- vice, Cheryl received recognition as a National Merit Finalist and Scholar. KAP Valedictorian Lee Sweeney addresses members of the 'l97l graduating class and guests during commencement exer- cises on the subiect, "Inside View of a Modern Learning Experience." LBJ Saluta- torian, Cheryl Mackey, discusses how indi- viduals must improve before society will. 68 PERSONALITIES Four Receive Noted Awards Honored by the faculty as win- ners of the American Legion Award were Alison Bean Chandler and Mike Pringle. Alison served as president of the Arlington Chapter of the Of- fice Education Association and was active in the Future Business Leaders of America. Mike was a member of the Key Club, Interact, Thespians, and the varsity football team. He was named Rotarian of the Month for December. One of the highest honors given to a senior is the Fielder Award. This year's recipients were Mi- chelle Byam and Bill Kendrick. Secretary of the Student Coun- cil, Michelle also won the DAR Award. She was a member of the Choraliers and was Athenian Girl of the Month for October. Mi- chelle was also a member of the National Honor Society. Bill was selected by the student body to be Mr. AHS. Captain of the basketball team, he garnered both All-District and All-Greater Dallas Honors during his iunior and senior years. He also was Ro- tarian for November. QAD Graciously admiring their medals are Allison Bean Chandler and Mike Pringle, voted as recipients of the l97l American Legion Award. QBJ Chosen by the faculty and student body to receive the Fielder Awards are Michelle Byam and Bill Ken- drick, proudly displaying the framed scroll which they will autograph as recipients. PERSONALITIES 69 Six A S Seniors Receive Various Awards Several Arlington High students were recognized by various groups during the 1970-71 year. Michelle Byam was named winner of the Daughters of the American Revolution Award. Michelle served as secretary of the Student Coun- cil and was recognized as Atheni- an Girl of the Month for October. Four seniors were named Na- tional Merit Scholarship Finalists. Carole Mork received a scholar- ship to Carlton College in Minne- sota. Linda Branz, president of Para-Med, will attend UT Austin on her scholarship. Jeff Cook was the recipient of a scholarship to Cornell University, and Cheryl Mackey, salutatorian of the senior class, will attend North Texas on a NM scholarship. David Wall was awarded the National "Tomorrow's Scientists and Engineers" Award for his science proiect on dentistry. A-44,4 !,,,,,.'Y in 70 PERSONALITIES A4 av """"n-. XNEXM. ,iff . QAD DAR Award winner Senior Michelle Byam prepares to go to Washington with the Arling- ton Betterment Association. KBJ Arlington High's 1971 National Merit Scholarship winners in- clude lfront rowl Carole Mork, Cheryl Mackey, lsecond row, Jeff Cook, and Linda Branz, CCI David Wall shows his science teacher, Mrs. Margaret Fry, the brochure he received while in Washington, D.C:, where he was honored as one of Tomorrow's Scientists and Engi- neers. Mrs. Fry accompanied David on trip which included tour of Walter Reed Hospital. x AHS's '71 top ten grads are ffirst rowj Dana Lindsay, tenth, Linda Branz, seventh, Lee Sweeney, first, JoAnne Bunkley, eighth, fsecond rowj James Demases, third, Carole Mork, fourth, Jeff Cook, fifth, Linda Jiles, sixth, Cheryl Mackey, second. Not pictured is James Ward, ninth. Top Graduates Display Varied Interests Honored as the seniors with the ten best grade point averages for their four years of high school work were this year's Top Ten. Presented with gold cords at the senior assembly, these students were Lee Sweeney, Cheryl Mack- ey, James Demases, Jeff Cook, Carole Mork, Linda Branz, JoAnne Bunkley, Linda Jiles, Jim Ward, and Dana Lindsay. Lee, third place winner at the ln- ternational Science Fair, was named as Who's Who in Science. ln addition he served as vice-presi- dent of the National Honor Socie- ty. Cheryl was active in Thespians, Literary Club, and the American Field Service. James served as president of NHS and was a member of the Math Club and the Student Coun- cil. Carole Mork was one of the National Merit Finalists. Another winner in the National Merit Scholarship Program was Linda Branz. She served as presi- dent of the Para-Med Club, and vice-president of the National Honor Society. Jeff was a representative to the National Youth Conference on the Atom in Chicago as well as a member of Mu Alpha Theta and Para-Med. Linda Jiles was active in the For- eign Language Club, Para-Med and the National Honor Society. ln addition, she was a National Merit Commended Student. JoAnne was another Commend- ed Student. She was also a mem- ber of the Choraliers, NHS, the Colt Corral staff, and the Literary Club. She served as Athenian Girl of the Month for November. Jim Ward was president of his sophomore class, secretary of the Key Club, and a National Merit Scholarship Commended Student. Rounding out the Top Ten was Dana Lindsay. She was active in the Foreign Language Club, the National Honor Society, and the American Field Service. She was the Girl of the Month for Decem- ber. PERSONALITIES 7l I 970 flvmecamiug .Queen Canya Turner 1 lfezurie Walker Royalty clds Amid the exciting festivities of Homecoming week, four senior girls nervously awaited the clima- tic moment of Friday night, No- vember 6, when one of them would be crowned Homecoming Queen of 1970. Michelle Byam, Robin McGlew, Tanya Turner, and Laurie Walker were chosen by their classmates to be in the Homecoming Court. Although the only ones nominating candidates were seniors, the entire student body voted on these four young ladies. Finally, the moment arrived and Tanya Turner was named Queen of the event, receiving the tradi- tional crown and kiss from Student Council President George Tuttle. Michelle Byam Excitement to As a two-year cheerleader, Tanya was known for her spirit in pep rallies and at games. As a sophomore she represented her class in the Homecoming festivities as Sophomore Princess. Tanya claimed as her interests horseback riding, skiing, and swimming. As Junior Homecoming Prin- cess Michelle Byam shared the title with another of the Homecoming Queen nominees, Robin McGlew. Michelle took part in many activi- ties at AHS. ln her iunior year she served as secretary of the class, which prepared her for her iob this year as Student Council secretary. She was also honored as Septem- ber Athenian Girl of the Month and with the DAR Citizenship Kelvin Jlfiegileuf if Homecoming Award. Also a two-year cheerleader, Robin participated in the Student Council, the photography staff, and the Art Club. She was inter- ested in painting, photography, traveling, and football. Along with Tanya, Michelle, and Robin, Laurie Walker was also honored by her classmates to be in the Homecoming activities. Laurie listed as her hobbies horse- back riding, both water and snow skiing, and out-of-doors sports. As a iunior and senior, she helped to cheer the Colts to many victories. ln the Homecoming Parade all four girls were dressed in formals and rode in convertibles. PERSONALITIES 73 1 5 s-.1:2.arsiesL.i .- Seniors Achieve Recognition Four seniors received awards for their outstanding contributions to various areas of school life. The music department gave two awards known as the Arion Awards. Voted on by the members of the Colt Band and the Choral- iers, the winners were Jim Salazar for the band, and Bill Carmichael for the choir. Jim was named All-Star saxo- phonist at the State Stage Band Festival. He was a member of the Arlington High Stage Band and the Math Club. President of the Choraliers, Bill was the Rotarian for April. He was also a member of the Senior Council and Interact. Arlington High's representative this year to Boys' State was George Tuttle. President of the Student Council, George attended the convention held in Austin and participated in the governmental activities there. Voted on by the membership, Joy Marrow was selected as the winner of the National Honor So- ciety scholarship. Member of the Treble Chorale and the Colt Corral staff, Joy will attend the University of Texas at Arlington on her schol- arship. While there she plans to major in sociology. QAJ Selected by the membership of the Band and Choir, Bill Carmichael and Jim Salazar try "putting it all together" as they perform a musical piece. QBJ Attending the convention in Austin, AHS's Boys' State representative, George Tuttle, displays a souvenir of his trip. fCjWinning the National Honor Society Scholarship by preferential ballot of the member- ship, Joy Marrow examines NHS records fulfilling duties as spring secretary of the society. 74 PERSONALITIES J Mr. James Crouch presents finalist letters to Cheryl Mackey, Jeff Cook, Carole Mork, Don Cravens, Linda Branz, Bill Parr, and Gale Johnson Seven Receive Honor as NMST Finalists Administered in February each lyear to nearly 170,000 students i r Il I 1 l from all over the United States, the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test is a comprehensive battery of tests designed to find out how students rank intellectu- ally in their age group. Those par- ticipants with scores in the top l4,750 are designated as Final- ists. Arlington High School had seven students who qualified for this award. Linda Branz, Jeff Cook, Don Cravens, Gale John- son, Cheryl Mackey, Carole Mark, and Bill Parr constituted this group which was the largest number named from any school in the dis- trict. All were members of the local chapter ofthe National Honor So- ciety, and were active in many other school and extra-curricular activities. Linda showed her leadership qualities as she served as vice- president of the Honor Society and president of Para-Med Club. Jeff was an active member of Mu Alpha Theta, Para-Med, and the Chess Club. Don participated in the Library Club and the Electronics Club. Gale's activities included the An- nual Staff, Choraliers, and Thespi- ans. In February she was named as a member of the Texas All- State Choir as a first soprano. Cheryl was a member of Future Teachers, Foreign Language, as well as the American Field Service. Carole was a member of the For- eign Language Club and Mu Alpha Theta. Bill was active in the Math Club. In addition to their high scores on the test, these students were re- quired to submit endorsements by school officials, Scholastic Apti- tude Test scores, and information about their achievements and in- terests. Representing less than one per- cent of the graduating secondary school seniors of the nation, the National Merit Finalists competed for over 3,000 Merit Scholarships awarded nationwide, and l,000 scholarships given by the State. PERSONALITIES 75 Junior Rotarians Represent Honor, Service, Citizenship Eight senior boys were selected by a board of faculty and adminis- tration officials to serve as Junior Rotarian Representatives. Each served for one month of the school year and attended the Rotary Club's meetings for that month. Honored this year was George Tuttle, who served as Student Council president and was active in the Key Club. Greg Friess, the vice-president of the Student Council and editor ofthe Colt Cor- ral, was the November represent- ative. Mike Pringle, serving for De- cember, was quarterback of the 76 PERSONALITIES Colt football squad and president of his iunior and senior classes. Bill Kendrick was honored in January in addition to playing on the bas- ketball team and participating in Key Club. Ricky Hahn, serving for Febru- ary, participated in the Key Club and Interact. March was repre- sented by Gene Talbot who was the commander of the AFJ-ROTC and vice-president of Choraliers. Bill Carmicheal, April, was on the Student Council and active in Choraliers. Billy Rhodes was se- lected for May, for participation in Choraliers and varsity football. AA CV QA, Making an announcement, Rotarians of the Month George Tuttle and Greg Friess render one of their many services as Student Body officers. CBD Rehearsing for Choral productions along with many other services to the school keep Junior Rotarians Bill Carmichael and Gene Talbot very busy. QCD Junior Rotarians of the Month Billy Rhodes, Bill Kendrick, Ricky Hahn, and Mike Pringle, members of Arlington's athletic department, proudly look into showcase displaying the numerous trophies each has helped earn during "The Year of the COLTS." l i l l l l l E l 1 In fgirzem. V5 Nhfv Arlington High School coeds attending May dinner given in honor of their being selected Athenian Girls of the Month are fstandingj .lo Anne ' Bunkley, Michelle Byam, Dana Lindsay, Mollie Kelley, Janie Crews, fseatedj Carol Taylor, Debbie Rogers, Bonnie Frederick, and Nancy Brown. f Athenian Club Honors Nine Senior Girls . Nine senior girls were honored this year by the Athenian Wom- i en's Club of Arlington. Each girl was named a girl of the month l r J and was selected on the basis of outstanding contribution to the 1 school and community. n , Chosen for September was 1 Debbie Rogers. Debbie spent the 1 summer in Peru as part of the t Americans Abroad Program. She served on the Colt Corral Staff for two years and was a member of l the National Honor Society and ! American Field Service. l Chosen for October was Mi- y chelle Byam. Michelle served as secretary of the Student Council L and was voted the Fielder Award. She was active in Choraliers and the NHS. Girl of the Month for November was Jo Anne Bunkley. An active member of the Choraliers and the Colt Corral staff, she was also one of the Top Ten graduates. Hon- ored in December was Dana Lind- say. Also a Top Ten graduate, she was a member of the American Field Service and the Student Council. January's Girl of the Month, Bonnie Frederick, was co-editor of the Colt newspaper and an honor graduate. ln addition, she was a member of the Foreign ,Language Club and American Field Service. Nancy Brown served for the month of February. An active member of Choraliers, she also participated in Para-Medical Club, Art Club, and Student Council. Carole Phillips was the honoree for March. A flag bearer for the Colt Marching Band, Carole was also an honor graduate. Serving in April was Mollie Kel- ley. President of the Literary Club, Mollie was also in the National Honor Society, the Foreign Lan- guage Club, and Choraliers. Jane Crews was Girl of the Month for May. She was a copy writer on the Colt Corral staff, was in Choraliers, and served as the secretary of the National Honor Society. PERSONALITIES 77 Twelve Outstanding Students nl' ERSONALITIES eceive Who s Who Awards 132:3- PERSONALITIES 79 Women Honor Seven Girls Seven girls were chosen on the basis of their school and civic work to serve as Chamber of Com- merce Girls of the Month. Marsha Pierce was an active member and pianist in the Choral- iers, as well as a member of Mu Alpha Theta. Charla Hawkes, member of the Choraliers, worked as an enter- tainer at Six Flags Over Texas. Gretchen Terry was a member of the Colt Marching Band and ac- tive in the German Club. She served as secretary for the Ameri- can Field Service. A National Merit Finalist, Gale Johnson was a member of the Choraliers, annual staff, and Thes- pians. Two more members of the Cho- raliers were also named as Cham- ber of Commerce Girls of the Month. Fredda Berryman was named as Who's Who in Commer- cial Arts, and Donna Young was active in the German Club. Lisa Camp, a member of the Art Club, was also active in the Para- Med Club, Thespians, and the For- eign Language Club. Women's Division of Chamber of Com- merce Girls ofthe Month are ffrom bottom left, Gale Johnson, Charla Hawkes, Mar- sha Pierce, Lisa Camp, Fredda Berryman, Donna Young, and Gretchen Terry. 80 PERSONALITIES l I l siffigf T i l 71, ,,,.....r rf- 5,,f3',i-es W A C. , , i i M, A'P:,,,-.1 ,, .y 1 ft! tArlington High honored seniors serving as 1971 Kiwanian Citizens of the month and attending a monthly meeting of the public service club are Tedi Young, Don Davis, Miriam Hailey, Mark Marak, Darcy Bennett, and Ken Fewel. Not pictured are Cindy Roberson and Steve Cordes. Kiwanians Recognize Eight Active Seniors i Eight seniors were chosen by the Kiwanis Club of Arlington to 1 represent them as examples of to- !day's outstanding youth. Both boys and girls were so honored, with each attending the monthly ,meeting of the club. l Mark Marak was on the varsity 'football team starting line-up for itwo years and participated in the Key Club. Para-Med, the Colt Marching lBand, and ready-writing filled the ltime of another Kiwanian, Tedi iYoung. In addition, she was a pmember of the German Club, and ythe Honor Society. l V l Darcy Bennett served as one of the Kiwanian Citizens of the Month for the fall semester. Active in all phases of school life, Darcy was a cheerleader during her sen- ior year and a member of the For- eign Language Club. During her sophomore and iunior years she served as the girls' social chair- man for her class. Don Davis was a member of NHS and served as president of that organization during the spring semester. ln addition, he was on the varsity football team. Co-editor of The Colt newspa- per, Mariam Hailey was also in Choraliers. She was a Kiwanian during the month of February. Steve Cordes was one of the outstanding members of the Colt football team. He received All- State honors as an offensive line- man. Also, he was a member of the National Honor Society and the Senior Council. Serving as one of the Arlettes' captains was Cindy Roeberson. She was active in Future Home- makers of America and named .Who's Who in Homemaking. Ken Fewel, member of the Key Club, was active in JETS and the Art Club. PERSONALITIES 81 1 Q my . fr ,.E,,,,,,,,,, ,, W. ,,, . r ,F f,ls4Wm4fwH fp W' , " r if .sm,,-- '- -. 'Q an ,.,,aWwQ Q A ' A r rrrrrl it ' lrr g b , l fi Q 3. it , : W 3 W K M A L A Av 'FW T' Q. QW. . TQ M 5' we -ush- 'w"' Wrwmq e ,, 4624 fugd eff'-' Flashing those same big smiles which helped spur the Colts to new heights of victory are 1970-7l Varsity Cheerleaders fclockwise from topf Robin McGlew, Jennifer Berry, Nancy Pitstick, Tanya Turner, Elisa King, Laurie Walker, and fcenterj,Darcy Bennett atop the Six Flags Tower. 82 PERSONALITIES Spirit Boosts CoIt's Power Diligently helping to boost school spirit was only one of the many tasks of the varsity cheer- leaders. Seniors Robin McGlew, Darcy Bennett, Tanya Turner, and Laurie Walker, plus iuniors Jenni- fer Berry, Elisa King, and Nancy Pitstick prepared for their busy year with a week long Cheerlead- er's school at Southern Methodist University during the summer. While there, they were instruct- ed on new cheers, new chants, and new ideas for pep rally skits. ln addition, the girls made posters for the pep rallies, and for special games they made signs to deco- rate the football players' houses After an extended football sea- son, the cheerleaders helped to cheer the basketball team. For the first time at Arlington High School cheerleaders were elected by the sophomore class to boost spirit and enthusiasm for the Pony Squad. Those sophomores chosen in a class-wide election were Tracey Tisdale, Sally Phillips, Lisa Woods, Sally Airhart, and Vicki Webb. Sheila Eppes was se- lected to replace Tracey when she moved in mid-season. Besides leading cheers at some of the pep rallies, these girls aided the varsity cheerleaders in selling ribbons and sponsoring after game dances. and lockers in the field house. QAJ "Yea! Colts," yells Varsity Cheerleader Junior Elisa King as she enthusiastically leads students in a cheer supporting their victorious team. KBJ Aiding the Varsity Cheerleaders and arousing spirit for the Junior Varsity gridders are Pony Squad Cheerleaders fclockwise from top leftj Lisa Woods, Tracey Tisdale, Sally Phillips, Sally Airhart, and Vicki Webb. PERSONALITIES 83 PERSONALITIES 85 86 PERSONALITIES Seniors Pick I 97 I Nominees For their outstanding personali- ties and contributions to AHS, eight students were nominated by their fellow seniors for the title of Mr. and Miss AHS. Although only two could be selected, the remain- ing exhibited the same qualities as the winners. Nominees were Michelle Byam, Tanya Turner, and Laurie Walker for Miss AHS, and Greg Friess, Mike Pringle, and George Tuttle for the honor of Mr. AHS. Michelle was secretary of the Student Council and a member of AFS and the Choraliers. She was chosen as Athenian Girl for Sep- tember. Cheerleader at AHS, Tanya was also the Regional Sweetheart of the Future Farmers of America. Laurie was also chosen as an AHS cheerleader. ln addition to these duties, she was a member of FTA and Young Life. Greg, vice-president of the Stu- dent Council, served as the editor of the Colt Corral. In addition, he was president of Young Life, and a member ofthe Key Club. Captain of .the Colt football squad, Mike was on the Student Council, Key Club, Interact, and received the Thespians best actor award for his role in the "Thieves Carnival." George led the Student Council in his role of president. He was named as the Rotarian of the Month for September. QAJ Finalists for the Mr. AHS title, who were voted as outstanding members of the senior class, are Greg Friess, George Tut- tle, and Mike Pringle. QBJ Nominated for Miss AHS by their senior class and voted on by the entire student body are Laurie Walker, Michelle Byam, and Tanya Turner. PERSONALITIES 87 l I sf:-1-c A ,- Y..f:: jf 3, r an VW is LU ,- K 2- f s- b 4 ,W .. 'M I ffl st S AA cv QAJ Convincingly portraying a Cardinal during a pep rally skit, Robin smiles mischievously as she plans her course of action against the Colts. CBD Robin shows her diversified interests as she "rocks out" at the annual Key Club dance. QCD "Boy, I guess it's my time to be a scrump- tious S," contemplates Robin as she boosts her team to victory during a Colt Cheer. Robin Wins Coveted Title Chosen by the school as the outstanding senior girl was Robin McGlew, Miss AHS. She was se- lected on the basis of her contribu- tions to all phases of life at Arling- ton High School. For her iunior and senior years, Robin was one of the varsity cheerleaders. ln this capacity she sold ribbons, organized car cara- vans, and promoted school spirit through pep rallies and cheers at the games. Robin served on the Student Council, as well as participating in both the Art Club and the Photo Club. A third year art student, her work was exhibited at the annual AHS art show. Displaying her worth as a cam- eraman during her year in Photog- raphy l as a iunior, Miss AHS was selected to be a member of the Photography Staff. As such she helped take pictures for the Colt and Colt Corral. PERSONALITIES 89 4 1 Mf- ,i 4,175 . , - ,A , 90 PERSONALITIES W ww Energetic Bill Receives Title Selected by the entire school was this year's Mr. AHS, Bill Ken- drick. Bill was active in all phases of school life including sports, gov- ernment, civic work, and academ- ics. Playing on the varsity basket- ball team for two years, he was chosen as a member of the All- Greater Dallas team and the All- District team as a forward for two years. As captain of the Colt squad, Bill was very instrumental in leading the team to the district crown. For his diligence, he was named Most Valuable Player for the team. VC Because of his outstanding abil- ity Bill has signed to play basket- ball for the University of Texas at Arlington on a four-year scholar- ship. Bill was one of the decision makers for the school as he served as boys' social chairman of the senior class. ln addition, he partici- pated in the Student Council for three years. Active in the Key Club, Bill was elected vice-president of that group during his senior year. For his outstanding contributions to all school life, Bill was named as the Rotarian of the Month for Janu- ary. QAJ During a pep rally skit white-haired Bill shows his "true superiority" as he plays a just, up-right, and wise iudge. QB, Bill "does his thing" as he aims for a jump shot during a tense basketball game. QCD At the annual basketball banquet, team members recognize Bill as the "Most Valuable Player" after the Colts' historic season as District 7-4A Champions. PERSONALITIES 91 I 4 4 Y i 1 I 1 I W 1 92 Organizations Officers Plan Active Year Throughout the year activities came and went, were planned and carried out. Behind all these activi- ties were the Student Council offi- cers. President George Tuttle, Vice-President Greg Friess, and Secretary Michelle Byam organ- ized the goings on around the school. As president, George called to order all assemblies and presided over Student Council meetings. Greg also helped with the meet- ings, and Michelle kept minutes and handled all other council rec- ords. The first activity of the year was the annual Howdy Day when sophomores were initiated as Colts. Howdy Day was climaxed by the Student Council sponsored dance. Council members also planned the annual Colt County Fair. In ad- dition to setting up the booths and taking tickets, the Council sold drinks at the Fair to add to the Council Funds. CAD V.-P. Greg Friess presided over West- ern Day Activities. QB, President George Tuttle and Secretary Michelle Byam discuss the Council's plans for Homecoming. 94 ORGANIZATIONS As Homecoming approached the Student Council was busy pre- paring the festivities, including the float building, the electing of the queen, and the dance after the game. Student Council members, along with members of the senior class sold magazine subscriptions in November. Western Day saw otherwise normal students clad in long dress- es, brief Indian and saloon girl costumes, and tough hombre suits. QA, Booth making for the Colt County Fair is not quite as easy as this ROTC group thought it would be. QBJ Vicki Webb sings out on the Student Council's Howdy Day. ORGANIZATIONS 95 I i Numerous performances kept Arlington High's largest instrumental group busy this year. Members include Cfront rowj Kaye Pierce, Jon Hand,i Gretchen Terry, Martha Fortenberry, Denise Domanovsky, Julie Camp, Carroll Taylor, Cheryl Watkins, Margaret Perry, Tonya Cotney, Donnal Irons, Carol Phillips: fsecond rowl Joanne Riordan, Lawrence Lane, Lee Ann Reese, Leslie Morse, Jeanine White, June McCart, Karen Drown, Sally Keith, Becky Collard, Kathleen Allport, Cherry Davis, Jana Garrison, Cindy Bridges, Shirley Wiese, Jenny Lundy, fthird rowl Regina Wil-l son, Debbie McBride, Susie Dodgen, Calee Ferguson, Wendy Dillenschneider, Suzanne Giradot, Linda Tigrett, Bobby Surratt, Laura Mueller, Louise Rayburn, Meg Stephans, Ruth Ann Jiles, John Longgrear, Charles Miller, Tedi Young, Carol Goerdel, Sandra Hilbun, Michelle Hand,l Luanne Sieren, Joy Wheeler, Ouida Bible, ffourth rowl Debbie Van Houten, Gary Spain, Kim Shearer, Jane Bryce, Rhonda Koch, Jay Stubble-J Bands Lead ' . ll Musical Year V l it l i l T l l Qualified members for the All-Region Band include fseatedj Kaye Pierce, Denise Domanovsky, Joanne Riordan, fstandingj Dan O'Leary, David Mays, Brad Poster. 96 ORGANIZATIONS l field, Lynn Crockett, Paul Benson, Bruce Conley, William Wade, Warren Austin, Chuck Aikman, Randy Lanier, David Woodard, Danny Cobb, Ronnie Cates, Mike Buesing, Carey Vogt, Rusty Ray, Cliff Beckett, Jerry Phillips, Kent Van Houten, David Schkade, Jenny Tinsley, Roger Allen, Dusty Thompson, Richard Kerr, Bob Aikman, Jim Salazar, ffifth rowj Charlotte Goerdel, Brad Long, Jerry Moore, Kurt Thomas, Wayne Miller, David Mays, Stephan Garmon, Gary Funderburk, Nicky Walker, Skipper Leake, Paul Mueller, Dewitt Davenport, V. H. Faris, Russell Norris, William Miller, Barbara Nunn, Jerry Austin, David Renn, Melvin Petty, Kent Betts, Johnny Balfour, fback row, Jamie Middlebrooks, Linda De- Leon, Frank Duke, Richard Dickey, Billy Chapman, Scott Sotherlund, Dan O'Leary, Jim Whitelaw, Pete Costen, Weldon Middlebrooks. LAD Leading the Colt Band through a parade warm-up are Drum Maior Frank Duke and Fea- tured Twirlers Debbie McBride and Susie Dodgen. KBD Taking practice break are flutist Kaye Pierce and perussionist Dan O'Leory, both named members of '71 All-State Band. ORGANIZATIONS 97 Colt Band Appears on T 5 Stage Band Receives Award Boasting over 140 members, Arlington High's Colt Marching Band, under the baton of Mr. Dean Corey, represented the school in numerous ways through- out the year. During the month of August, members re-grouped themselves and began daily practice for the football games. Bi-district and re- gional football games added two halftimes for the band to present this year. In December the musicians ioined with the AHS Choraliers and bands and choirs from Sam Houston and Lamar High Schools to present a nation-wide televised half-time show for a Dallas Cow- boy football game. All-Region Band's roster in- cluded the names of AHSers Kaye Joanne Riordon, Dan O'Leary, David Mayes, and Brad Poster. Kaye and Dan also played in the All-State Band. AHS's other instrumental group, the Stage Band, also had an ac- tive year. Journeying to Nacogdoches, the group played in the Stephen F. Austin College Stage Band Con- test. The AHS musicians received the Selmer Award for the best Jazz musicianship. Jim Salazar was named first chair saxophone player in the All-Star band. Mr. Mike Walker directed the band. Both groups climaxed the year with concerts. At the band concert Jim Salazar received the Arion Award. QA? Arion Award winner Jim Salazar plays saxophone solo at Stageband concert. Pierce, Denise Domanovsky, AA 1971 State Bond played a wide selection of popular music at performances during the year. Members include ffront row, Roger Allen, Bob Aikman, Jim Salazar, Brad Poster, David Schkade, fsecond rowl Dan O'Leary, John Longgrear, Cindy Bridges, Jerry Austin, Melvin Petty, Kent Betts, Johnny Balfour, David Renn, V. H. Faris, fback rowj Donna Irons, Paul McCarver, Carey Vogt, Cliff Beckett, Stephan Gorman, Rusty Ray. 98 ORGANIZATIONS AHSers Sing For Everyone Arlington High School choral department was kept busy during the year making singing appear- ances before the student body and the public. Members of the all-girl Treble Chorale, AHS's newest singing group, entertained for various civic and social organizations throughout the city in addition to appearing on several school as- sembly programs. Mr. Jerry Mas- sey directed the girls. Choraliers ioined music groups from Arlington high schools to present a Christmas half-time show for a Dallas Cowboy foot- ball game. Miss Jane Ellis directed the group. it fAD AHS Choraliers sit with Sam Houston and Lamar choirs, waiting to begin their AA Christmas program at the Cotton Bowl. i Making one of their many special appearances is AHS's newest singing ensemble, the all-girl Treble Chorale. Members include ffront rowj Mr. Jerry Massey, director, Nancy Churchwell, Kathy Clemons, Roxanne Wells, Patty Poston, Dena Derr, Donna Broyles, Joy Crawford, Le Ann Heath, fsecond rowj Debbie Lloyd, Kathy Taylor, Nancy Johnson, Marsha Webb, Janet Ward, fthird rowj Elisa Hoelke, Susan Beene, Char- lotte Padgett, Donna O'Dell, Nancy Brown, Debbie Simmons, Margaret Milligan, Mary Greytak, Pat Manire, Sylvia Laymance, ftop rowi Diana Sowell, Veva White, Jamilyn Meier, Joy Marrow, Debbie Green, Annette Born, Jeanne Moore, Lorraine Carlson, Su Ann Smith, Jolyn Ward, Judy Long, and Debbie Mosby. ORGANIZATIONS 99 Representing their school at a number of special performances kept the 1971 AHS Choraliers busy throughout the year. Members include ffront rowj Jalah Parker, Ann Baker, Lori Lake, Mark Aldriedge, Debbie Derr, Elaine Weaver, Charlie Hukill, Jane Crews, Ronnie Capps, Keith Patterson, Keifor Beauchamp, Cindy Wills, Mike Miesch, Sue Standly, Mollie Kelley, John Slusser, Jon Hand, John Morral, Janie Jarboe, fsec- ond row, Becky Moore, Retha Vermillion, Lisa Kight, Ronnie Trammel, Kathy Moore, Kathy Hunnicutt, John LaBella, Gale Johnson, Pat Work- man, Susan Williams, Michelle Byam, Bill Carmichael, Robin Lyle, Debi Hinds, Carol Bonette, Jo Anne Bunkley, Marsha Pierce, Charlsey Hape- Performances Reflect Year Many performances marked a busy year for the Choraliers. During January auditions were held for the All-State Choir, with Susie Byers, John LaBella, and Gale Johnson chosen as outstand- ing musicians. The Choraliers were honored as one of the guest performing groups at the Texas Music Educa- tors Convention in Houston during February. Completing the year, the group gave performances with the Ft. Worth Youth Orchestra, a community concert, and a formal spring concert. AHS Choraliers join with other high school choirs from Arlington in presenting a Cowboy half-time show which included familiar Christmas carols accompanied by Arlington bands. 'l00 ORGANIZATIONS man, fthird row, Debbie Woodward, Joe Heath, Susan Roth, Belinda Simmons, Charla Hawkes, Steve Moore, Donna Young, Bill Wine, Kim Shelton, Miriam Hailey, Billy Gladen, Freddr Barryman, Mary Jack Seelye, Chris St. Clair, Paula Reno, Stephan Garmon, John Edwards, ffaurth row, Gene Talbot, Signe Nothnagle, Brad Runyan, Frances Glasgow, Karry Parson, Billy Rhodes, Sara Carter, Susan Byers, Rick Bea- dles, Randy Gary, Bob Taylor, Richard Lockstead, Laurie Springer, Ed Talbot, Eddie Farrell, John Rape, Glenn Meridith, Bob Meadows. ,f QA? Charlie Hukill, John Rape, and John LaBella give a military tribute to "Old King Cole" at the Koral Kapers. QBJ John de- livers his version of "Mather Hubbard." ORGANIZATIONS lOl AV 102 ORGANIZATIONS Council Offer Inspiration To give a capacity of con- science to students, the Youth Guidance Council offered weekly guidelines, which were short devo- tionals, and daily noon prayers. Guideposts centered around problems of youth today, and presented plausible solutions. Besides these activities, the Council sponsored the invocations at Arlington High School football games. Often the committee pro- vided PTA meetings with the regu- lar devotional for the session. Officers of the Youth Guidance Council were Gene Talbot, presi- dent, Signe Nothnagle, vice-presi- dent, and Barbie Day, secretary. They organized the functions of the Council. Ac QAJ Planning the schedule of assignments, the Council meets during activity period. QBJ Officers Barbie Day, Signe Nothnagle, and Gene Talbot find an idea for the week. QCD Beth Allen checks her nerves while waiting to deliver the noon prayer. AV -...,,,,,'N ss."""'---. S-:lf wail . 1 QAQ Displaying Colt spirit, Para-Med car waits for Homecoming parade to begin. QBJ Robert Whitworth looks on as Mrs. Fry serves ice cream at the annual picnic. Club Explores Medical Fields Those students interested in medicine as a profession, once again this year combined to form the AHS chapter of the Para-Medi- cal Association. Sponsored by biology teacher Mrs. Margaret Fry and Mrs. Lucille Ward, school nurse's aide, the club held meet- ings every six weeks in order to help members learn about the uses of medicine in modern socie- ty. Officers serving this year were Linda Branz, president, Bob Aik- man, vice-president, Nancy Ruck- er, secretary, Mauri Hall, treasur- er, and Linda Jiles and Carole Phil- lips, social chairmen. The club sponsored a fall picnic, a Christmas banquet, and hosted the Northeast Regional meeting of the Texas Association of Careers for Health in November, ORGANIZATIONS 103 Corral Staff Produces I97O-7I Yearbook Taking time out from frantically trying to meet a bi-weekly deadline, the 1971 Colt Corral members pause for a picture. Staff members are fseatedl Jo Ann Bunkley, Mary Anne Metcalf, Martti Matson, Debbie Rogers, Greg Friess, Sue Cash, fstandingl Advisor Mrs. Phyllis Fuorehand, Carroll Taylor, Julie Camp, Lynne Liberato, Eddie Farow, Jerry Harlow, Joy Marrow, Gale Johnson, Beth Allen, Kathy Rice, and Janie Crews. AV BV To produce this year's annual, sixteen students, including sopho- mores, juniors, and seniors, worked each afternoon at various iobs such as designing layouts, cropping pictures, and managing finances. Of these sixteen, ten were new to the staff. Greg Friess held the position of editor-in-chief this year. Formulat- ing the over-all plan for the annu- al, he also planned the introduc- tion and division pages, and de- signed the cover. His approval was needed on everything before f g. it could be put in the book. As activities editor, Martti Mat- son, recorded the important events at Arlington High School, month by month. Three advertising salesmen, Debbie Rogers, Mary Anne Met- calf, and Beth Allen, solicited local businesses for advertisements. The money from these ads helped to fi- nance the yearbook. 104 ORGANIZATIONS - A sr.. f +W 2 KAI Colt Corral Editor, Greg Friess, checks to see how many pages are needed for next deadline. QBJ "Let's see now, does anything exciting happen in December?" wonders Activities Editor, Martti Matson, as she plans her section of the annual. El fs: s f ? s, XX W o Q 0 4 , A D A A y V is 1 V Marla QAD Completing plans for their sections are Class Editors Gale Johnson, Carroll Taylor, ond Jerry Harlow. CBD "But l hadn't finished counting those ballots yet!" sighs Julie Camp to Joy Marrow. CCD "No, no, you index Mr. Crouch under 'C,' not under 'P' for principal," explains Jo Ann Bunkley to Lynne Liberato. QDQ Embarking on their final sales excursion are advertis- ing sclesmen for the Colt Corral Debbie Rogers, Beth Allen, and Mary Anne Metcalf. ORGANIZATIONS 105 m 'SEQ A A Staff Works Working closely with the ad managers was Business Manager Sue Cash, who kept records of all business transactions and sales, and organized sales campaigns. Handling the largest sections of the book were the class editors. Senior Class Editor Gale Johnson, Junior Class -Editor Jerry Harlow, and Sophomore Class Editor Car- roll Taylor spent much of their time arranging class pictures and or- ganizing the index along with Index Editor Lynne Liberato. Lynne also worked with all other members of the staff whose sections involved pictures of stu- dents and faculty. Organizations Editor Julie KAP Sorting through her list of receipts, Business Manager Sue Cash attempts to find out who is entitled to an annual. CBJ Eddie Farow debates the relative merits of two different photographs for his sports section. CCD "There, there, it's only 200 lines of Homecoming copy," comforts a laughing Kathleen Rice to her fellow Colt Corral Copywriter Janie Crews. IO6 ORGANIZATIONS 'tgp Hard to Prdduce Yearbook V Camp kept track of club activities and recorded them in that section, while Jo Anne Bunkley, faculty ed- itor, gathered information about teachers, administration, and curri- culum for her section. Recording the major sports events during the "Year of the Colts," was Eddie Farow, sports editor. As personalities editor, Joy Marrow was busy preparing bal- lots for school favorites and other AHS notables. Copywriters, Inc., Kathy Rice and Jane Crews, re- corded the events at AHS. Working with the editor and sponsor, the group combined their efforts to produce this year's Colt Corral. .Paper Staff lnforms A S I In charge of production of the official Arlington High newspaper, the Colt staff consisted of 20 iun- iors and seniors. Sponsored by journalism instructor, Mrs. Phyllis 3Forehand, this group published jthe Colt on a bi-weekly basis. 4 Serving as co-editor were Bon- nie Frederick and Miriam Hailey. News stories were written by Deb- bie Altman and Connie Neese, while feature items were contrib- uted by Linda Chick and Pat Pettit. l Reporting on club activities lwere organizations editors Stephanie Gruenhagen and I Nancy Lucas. Editorials were writ- ten by Sarah Bourland. AHS sports were covered by Sports Edi- tor Don Welch, and Writers Mark Mohr and Jerry Kettlecamp. Con- tributing cartoons was Steve Byrd. Selling ads were Claudia Whit- 'esel, Linda Cochran, and Patty Ivy. The business manager was lTwyla Weaver. Reporters included Jan Carter, Bob Chatham, and Mark Page. Providing photographs was the Photography staff sponsored by Mr. Lowell Templin. l l l l KA, Colt Staff members Connie Neese, 'Linda Chick, and Debbie Altman help lStephanie Gruenhagen with her Club Notes. QBD Steve Byrd, cartoonist, picks up 'his homeroom's newspapers from writers ,Pat Pettit, Mark Page, Sarah Bourland, 4 and Robert Chatham. l ,?1nvw-Hwzwar' ORGANIZATIONS CV QAJ Sports editor Don Welch and Writers Mark Mohr and Jerry Kettlecamp busily record notes on the Colts. CBD Discussing plans for advertising in the next paper are Salesman Patty Ivy, Managers Claudia Whitesel and Linda Cochran, and Business Manager Twyla Weaver. QCD Displaying the many awards of The Colt, Co-editors Bonnie Frederick and Miriam Hailey hoppi- Iy show their pride in the AHS newspaper. IO8 ORGANIZATIONS Z F A -1 Ll 1-' l n E P 712' L11 2 .64 4 ' X MMD xi Paper Wins State Awards True to tradition, this year's Colt staff produced a newspaper that won high awards in newspaper rating services. In December the staff traveled to Denton to participate in work- shops and compete in the Texas High School Press Association state newspaper contest. The Colt was awarded the All-Texas Honor Rating with Special Honorable Mention. While in Austin, the lnterscho- lastic League Press Conference presented the Award of Distin- guished Merit in Journalism to the Colt. "But you're making my article too short!" complains Reporter Jan Carter to fellow Colt staffers Nancy Lucas and Patty Ivy. Members of this yecr's newspaper staff are ftop row, Robert Chatham, Mark Mohr, Mark Page, Gerald Kettleccmp, Donald Welch, Stephen Byrd, fmiddle row, Connie Neese, Linda Chick, Stephanie Gruenhagen, Pat Pettit, Jan Carter, Bonnie Frederick, Mariam Hailey, ffront rowj Ad- visor Mrs. Phyllis Forehand, Nancy Lucas, Debbie Altman, Sarah Bourland, Twyla Weaver, Patty Ivy, Linda Cochran, and Claudia Whitesel. ORGANIZATIONS 109 AA NHS Picnics With Children The Myrtle Lee Thornton Chap- ter of the National Honor Society was a club composed of iuniors and seniors who excelled in schol- arship, leadership, citizenship, and service. Sponsoring the group were Mrs. Mildred Shupee, Mr. Mike Cade, Mrs. Cloye Sherrod, and Mrs. Juanita Dodgen. Fall semester officers were James Demases, president, Linda Branz, vice-president, Jane Crews, secretary, Mollie Kelley, treasurer, and Martti Matson and Wally Capps, social chairmen. Serving for the spring semester were Don Davis, president, Lee Sweeney, vice-president, Joy Mar- row, secretary, Nicky Walker, treasurer, and Denise Ward and Danny Thomas, social chairmen. Meetings during the year in- cluded fall installation of officers, a Christmas banquet, spring induc- tion of new members, a dance, and a picnic for handicapped chil- dren. ORGANIZATIONS I 4 , I I I I I I I B Y . QA, Having a great time themselves, a group of National Honor Society members treat some handicapped children to a thrilling ride on the merry-go-round at the action-filled picnic. QBJ One of the young guests decides he would like to try again as Dorothy Tappan and Ken Wilkins prepare to help him put an end to his fast trip down the slide at the playground. QAD As inductees listen solemnly, Honor Society president Don Davis leads them in the pledge. QBD Karen McHugh lights her candle, a symbol of bright achievements. ORGANIZATIONS il i ROTC Encourages Service Although it has been at AHS only three years, the Air Force Junior ROTC has won a first place in state drill team competition two of those years. "Shafer's Volunteers," as the group calls itself, entered the unarmed division and competed in contests consisting of basic drill, fancy drill, and inspection phase. As in years past, the ROTC members chose flight sweethearts. Those selected were Connie Brice, Squadron Sweetheart, Miggy Clif- ton, Drill Team Sweetheart, Joanne Riordan, A Flight, Elaine lvy, B Flight, Charlotte Goerdel, C Flight, Elisa Holke, D. Flight, and Jalah Parker, E Flight. The third annual military ball was held March 27 in the new Lamar High School cafeteria, with the 82Ist Air Division Band from Camp Wolters providing the music for dancing. As a service project, the ROTC played a basketball game with the KFJZ disc iockeys and proceeds went to the Good Samaritan fund. 3--yn-ws.. KAI Darrell Hukill and Jimmy Sanders gladly carry out their duty of serving punch. KBD The Junior ROTC Cadets and Sweethearts pose for an official picture. QCD Under Bill Porter's supervision, Danny Cobb and Mike Russel vote for sweet- hearts. 'I I2 ORGANIZATIONS Ml. B A v A D C V KAI "Come on, you guys," yells Drill Team Commander Ron Welch, "when l say sa- lule - Salu1el" U31 "My uniform's killing mel" whispers Col. Robinson to Principal James Crouch. QCD Col. Robinson presents awards at the Military Ball. QDJ ROTC slu- denls discover team work gets the iob done. ORGANIZATIONS l 13 Photography Staff Organizes New Club, Provides Pictures Photographers from AHS's pho- tography department assisted the Colt and Colt Corral staffs by pro- viding pictures to go in the two publications. Members of the staff photogra- phically documented almost every school function. After capturing the event on film, they developed the negatives in the darkroom themselves and printed the fin- ished product. Their pictures were used both in the regular pages of the newspa- per and annual and in the adver- tising sections. This year the photography staff officially formed its own club, naming it the Photo's Pack. As a method of raising money for their newly developed club, members took group pictures of various organizations at AHS since no other group provided the service. Another money-raising proiect was selling candid shots of the football games. Sized four by five inches, the pictures were sold for 25 cents each. At the journalism assembly out- standing photographers were rec- ognized. They included Lance Brown, Robert Lewis, Janet Dupuy, Steven Byrd, Tommy Box, Jo Tuck- er, Cliff Smith, Steve Gladden, Lynne Liberato, and David Wood- ard. l 1 Photographer Steven Byrd checks a light meter before taking a Colt Corral picture. Providing pictures for the newspaper and annual are members of the photo staff ffront rowj Steve Gladden, Cliff Smith, Mr. Lowell Templin, Billy Holbert, Mike Burch, fsecond rowj Pat Pettit, Gary Steele, Lynne Liberato, Becky Goetz, Jim Brumhall, Sarah Bourland, Anders Mangen. 114 ORGANIZATIONS ZVV ' 'Zhu QAJ David Woodard and Mr. Lowell Tem- plin prove that they are photogenic as well as photographic by posing for a picture in the photography lab. CBD Lynne Liberato tries on the photography's Colt County Fair proiect for size as Steve Goolsby, Steve Byrd, and Dan Watson apply some paint. QCD Sarah Bourland and Jim Brum' hall recognize the accomplishments of the photographers at Journalism Assembly. ORGANIZATIONS 1 I5 Club Divides Into Sections Promoting further learning in each of the four languages taught at Arlington High School was the aim of the Foreign Language Club. Any second-year language stu- dent maintaining a B average or better was eligible to ioin. Sponsoring the club were Mrs. Nadine Barker, Latin, Mrs. Doro- thy Holland, Spanish, Mrs. Glenda Keilstrup, German, and Mrs. Shar- on Mars and Mrs. Earlene Stout, French. l UQ Weldon Middlebrooks flashes across finish line with competitors at his heels in Latin Olympics footrace. QBD Lion Eddie Farrell comes face to face with a fierce tiger in the German Night play. QCD Mrs. Holland offers congratulations to Anne Clark as she receives her award at the For- - eign Language Awards program. QDJ With the German convention play over, Brad Poster tries to think of another reasonable excuse to keep his extra facial hair. H6 ORGANIZATIONS Although the club was essential- Iy one group, it was comprised of units involving each of the Ian- guages. General meetings includ- ing a Christmas party as well as meetings of each group were held. French Club members went to eat authentic French food at the Old Swiss House in Ft. Worth and sponsored the Follies at the Colt County Fair. Latin students held a picnic in the fall and an Ides of March celebration day complete with Olympics and chariot races. Celebrating Cinco de Mayo, the traditional Mexican Independence Day, and venturing to the Spanish sites in San Antonio involved the Spanish Club members. Germans built a mug float for the Home- coming Parade, sponsored a car rally, and placed second in the play competition at the German convention. IAQ Senior Rick Swain decided he'II leave chariot-racing to the Latin Day Olympics. CBD Richard Baker blindly makes a low swing at a torn pinata during the Spanish Club Xmas party. QCD Riding atop a beer mug, German Club members add color and cheer to Colt Homecoming parade. ORGANIZATIONS I I 7 DECA Students Win Awardsg Teacher Enters Hall of Fame While giving iuniors and seniors practice in marketing and distribu- tion, the Distributive Education Club also allowed members to gain on-the-iob experience while still in school. These students earned school credits for iob train- ing in service and selling occupa- tions. At the Area ll DE conference AHS students attained several awards. Chris Pool was one ot 20 winners in the Sales Demonstra- tion contest, while Danny Russell was an alternate winner. Glen Aday was alternate winner in the advertising contest. At the annual banquet, Mr. Lee QAD DE student Kenny Lee discusses busi- ness practices. QBJ Chris Pool displays his Outstanding DE Student Award. QCD Mr. Lynn Brown sets up a DE display. Harring of the Grand Prairie Sav- ings Association was guest speak- er. At the National DECA conven- tion in San Antonio, Mr. Glenn Hickson, AHS DE teacher was in- ducted into the DE Hall of Fame. Mr. Hickson was a former DECA student when he attended Arling- ton High and went on to become a DE teacher. Mr. Lynn Brown was AHS's other DE instructor. Seniors Kenny Lee and Chris Pool were selected as l97l Out- standing Distributive Education Students at the tenth annual Em- ployer-Employee Banquet March 30. 1. 1 fl ..-i,..v.,.y. . ,. ' - 111, I' . . f ft J 42- 'if W . , 9' 2353.28 3,1 - y 1: 'Z . gl I m s an . ' , 2 4 . J. 4, ., ,, L , . 3. , P. I .,,, 332 . , ,sa f ' 1 a ' 'Jw' fl iff 551,55 , .. iffy'-2-f-sfw,f,M .af f A , -f-Ls: .L ',-w,g:.s- " l I8 ORGANIZATIONS 't AFS Hosts Foreign Student Sponsoring the foreign ex- change student is the primary ob- iective of the American Field Ser- vice, and this year's student, An- ders Mangen, was hosted by the A. Schellhammer family. Debbie Rogers represented the Arlington High chapter last sum- mer as an exchange student to Peru. The club selected Jerry Har- low to go abroad this summer. Holding meetings throughout the school year, the group fea- tured students from other lands currently attending local schools as speakers. t SERWCE B 4 C P Holiday Hash was the name of the AFS style show which helped to raise funds. Members and local exchange students modeled clothes and presented musical numbers. ln addition, shares of Anders and Debbie were sold to help sponsor next year's student. Sponsored by Mrs. Glenda Kiel- strup, the club's officers were Charlie Hukill, president, Brent Brooks, vice-president, Karrie Key, secretary, and Social Chairmen Ken Wilkins, Taylor Evans, and James Demases. x 7 2 Yfife ft t Q0 f, 'fT5s-,iii - ' , -.2 I ,'.. 1 E A x Q t ' -,ff 1 Sa-.43 -1, 3 .' ' 4 ' - ,L A -iw - X f S j H it sf 1ig-W' , . W1 A o f .., gc ' 'vfxs -s-- . 1 . QF f . 'W . - ssii -if st? if .X New , sm iv' 'V ,si ff, J, . - .. . if 1 A igig w iw, fm.. - Sl F fait , as 3 'f A -if r . 5 g -K KL if f. 1-.:.r,gs4..,. . --if . A , 1 4 .gig B ,. . ft s 111. F F f f ,jg so 53 an ,. it it? , , , K K . ku. 3. 1 ' ' 'Hs K ,I ery? Q be wg? f .'i' Wig . fl -QT ,gf ' F T , -: -,kk---,fL 5 .. ., , 1 .V . -- i F , it Q s T F fAD Senior Leslie Whitley takes a break during the American Field Service Fashion Show at Lamar High School. QBJ Ameri- cans Abroad Student Debbie Rogers enter- tains foreign visitors during the AFS assem- bly. QCD Anders Mangen, AHS's exchange student presents a musical solo. ORGANIZATIONS H9 li' FTA Honors Six Teachers Students who were interested in a career in the teaching profession were active in the Arlington High chapter of the Future Teachers of America. Serving as sponsors this year were Mrs. Lyndall Lands, typ- ing instructor, and humanities teacher, Mr. David Walker. The club sponsored meetings featuring speakers from the Texas State Teachers Association and other related organizations. In ad- dition they elected faculty mem- bers to be honored as Teachers of the Month. Those so honored included Mrs. Sue Dunn, Mr. Dean Corey, Mrs. Betty Pettit, Mrs. Phyllis Forehand and Mrs. Sharon Mars. 120 ORGANIZATIONS AA BV 1 QAQ FTA Sponsor Mrs. Lyndall Lands looks on as Debi Woodward and Lynn Godfrey serve Miss Carol Bartley at Teachers' Tea. CBJ Karen Chambers and Diane Burton enioy prospective members' Coke party. AA BV QAJ Mu Alpha Theta members Robert Whit- worth, Linda Chick, and David Wall enioy the annual club picnic. Q81 Dr. Charles Wall, East Texas State College mathemat- ics professor, lectures at a club meeting. Math Club Meetings Feature College Professors' Lectures Mu Alpha Theta, Arlington High's math club, promoted an un- derstanding and enioyment of math outside the classroom. Any student with acceptable grades in math was encouraged to ioin. Sponsored by Mr. Glen Sim- mons, the club was headed by David Wall, president, James De- mases, vice-president, Linda Chick, secretary, and Robert Whitworth, treasurer. In regular meetings which were held one a six weeks, the club heard lectures and talks on differ- ent phases of mathematics. Dr. Charles Wall spoke on his newly developed rationality theory, and several University of Texas at Ar- lington professors spoke on ran- dom sampling in social life. Members helped the faculty this year by serving as teacher aides in some of the beginning math cours- es. They aided in grading tests and homework papers, and were able to give individual attention to those students who needed their assistance. Proving their expertise with numbers, the club came up with a successful booth at the Colt Coun- ty Fair. The booth was a dart throw at balloons, and netted more than 3580. ln October, members were ex- cused from school to attend a spe- cial math clinic at North Texas State University in Denton. Experi- mental techniques in the teaching of math courses were tried out on the volunteers. Concluding the year, the club held a picnic in May at Randol Mill Park. Hot dogs and Cokes were served. ORGANIZATIONS 121 ..y"""2' if .. 3 ,..V L J L aw-fe. KAL Lends Artistic Talents To School-Sponsored Events Sponsored by Mr. Ron Durham and Miss Martha Corboy, the offi- cial name of the Art Club at Ar- lington High School was Kappa Alpha Lambda, a chapter of the national organization. Any art student who had main- tained a "B" average in the course was eligible to belong to the group. One of its outstanding events was the annual Art Exhibit and Sale. Held in the auditorium foyer, the sale displayed students' work in painting, crafts, and sculp- ture. In addition, students' works were displayed in the showcases by the art room throughout the year. 122 ORGANIZATIONS Besides these activities, the club lent its collective abilities to mak- ing posters sponsoring such events as the April Ecology Day and the Senior Prom and Banquet. They also designed the programs for the two activities. Meetings were held on a regu- lar basis during the year with prominent artists speaking to the club. Included in the year were Avery Faulkner, Abilene Christian College art instructor, and Joe Grandee, local western artist. Officers for the club were Lora Mreller, president, Earlene Ben- son, vice-president, and Steve Byrd, secretary-treasurer. NNT. ----- exe' - , .,, km, .,., g QAJ Earlene Benson's smile over earning one hundred dollars for her art work at the annual art show shows her ioy. QB? Mary Ann Metcalf and Jackie Bates assemble a proiect for commercial art. QCJ Sometimes Kerry Spencer laughs at his art work. Thespian Members Entertain With Variety of Productions Designed for students interested in drama and speech, Thespians was open to those who were tak- ing a speech course or had drama points. Throughout the year the mem- bers participated in the produc- tions of the two plays, "The Mouse That Roared" and "Auntie Mame." To gain insight into youthful act- ing and its presentation, the Thes- pians attended Sam Houston's production of "Spoon River An- thology." Thespians also included service in their activities. Patients at the Dallas Veterans Hospital were treated to an eve- ning's entertainment when Thespi- ans presented for them a variety show. The annual Thespian banquet was held May 18 at the Spanish lnn, and included skits and awards. Steve Choate received Best Actor in a Minor Role, while Mary Greytak won Best Actress in a Minor Role. Best Supporting Actor and Actress were Nicky Walker and Nancy Brown. Winners of Best Actor and Actress were Mike Pringle and Mary. Receiving the award for Best Thespian was Dusty Thompson. QA, Television Star Chris Conley, spon- sored by Thespians, addresses a pep rally. QB, Thespian Club members work to ready their production for the Colt County Fair. ORGANIZATIONS l23 Key Year Centers on Dance Sponsored by the Arlington Noon Kiwanis Club, the Key Club is a service organization that pro- motes better relations among the faculty and the students. Members are selected according to their ac- ademic ability and citizenship. At the Colt County Fair the Key Club entered the Basketball Shoot, and, also in October, it held its an- nual car wash, making about 3100. One of the Key Club's proiects this year was to clean up the courtyard. They also had another car wash to sponsor the yearly spring dance. The Key Club spring dance was 124 ORGANlZATlONS held April T6 at the UTA Student Ballroom from 8 p.m. till midnight. Providing music for the event was the American Dog. Junior Becky Goetz won the honor of being named Key Club Sweetheart of the year. Monthly sweethearts who con- tended for the award were Jenni- fer Berry, September, Tanya Turn- er, October, and Robin McGlew, November. Others were Karen Thomas, Sally Phillips, and Wendy Wiles, sweethearts for December, Janu- ary, and February. Principal James Crouch was named Teacher of the Year. QAQ Key Club member John Rape readies a poster for his cIub's car in homecoming parade. QBJ Key Clubbers John Rape and Billy Wine lead a number at the club dance. QCD Sponsor Mr. Glenn Hickson joins Key Club members in a clean-up and beautification campaign of the Courtyard. CV FHA Serves Teacher's Tea The Arlington High School chapter of the Future Homemakers of America was an organization whose purpose was to help girls in their practice of homemaking. Membership was limited to those girls who had taken a homemak- ing course in high school. Sponsored by Mrs. Veda Turn- ham, Miss Ann Howard, and Mrs. Carlita Ross, the club was led by Peggy Harmon, president, Jane Harris, vice-president, Cindy Rob- erson, secretary, and Beth Otto, treasurer. Events sponsored by the club in- cluded a Teacher Appreciation Tea and the International Dinner held during United Nations Week. Other activities were a Christmas Dinner, the Sweetheart Banquet, and participation in Area V FHA meetings. QAQ Marge Bellomy presents David Renn, FHA Beau, with a pen and pencil set at the annual Sweetheart Banquet. Q81 During a FHA meeting dinner, Marge Bellomy finds the breadstick a little more than crisp. QCJ Eating what they cook is part of the work of Cindy Roberson and Lori Hancock. ORGANIZATIONS 125 FBLA Members Take Wins ln District, State Competition Members of Arlington High School's Future Business Leaders of America Organization won sev- eral honors in district competition this year. Senior Kim Shelton returned to AHS with the trophy for the district Mr. FBLA title. At this assembly Karon Thompson was elected dis- trict treasurer of FBLA, and Gera Banks was one of five finalists for Miss FBLA. During the year the club spon- sored several service proiects. In December they collected canned goods for the Good Samaritan's food drive. The FBLA won first in the Busi- QAJ John Davidson counts cans for Good Samaritan canned goods drive sponsored by FBLA. CBD Mr. Jack Taylor, a loan offi- cer at Ft. Worth National, speaks at FBLA meeting. QQ Mrs. Pat Taylor admires tro- phy Kim Shelton won as Mr. FBLA. 126 ORGANIZATIONS ness Communication contest for their achievement in the drive. To rouse school spirit they had a Favorite Basketball Player Award in which students voted by contributing pennies. Senior Bob Smith won the title. At the state convention in Hous- ton Arlington High won the Doctor Vernon Paine Award for the most active participant in the conven- tion. Officers were Tom Moore, pres- ident, Kim Shelton, vice-president, Charlotte Parr, secretary, Karon Thompson, treasurer, and John Davison, reporter. A 4 B . P CY -fy, fx rw A l CAD "Does .0004 come before .0O03, or is it the other way around?" ponders Junior Lyn- nette Kirkley as she shelves books. LBJ Sophomore Keith Grinsley contemplates an easier way to reshelve books. CCD Sally Keith, Lynnette Kirkley, Vicki Peyton, and Corinne Pare- sean, Lasso Club members, prepare booth forannual Colt County Fair. CD1 Newly elected treasurer of state TALA organization, Bill Wade looks over material for his new position. AHS Junior Wins State Library Title Made up of student assistants, in the school library, the Library Club was led by President Billy Wade. Elected to serve as state treasurer of Teen Age Library As- sistants for 1971-1972, he was well qualified to help the local club. Bill was aided by Leslie Quinn, vice-president in charge of programs, Don Cravens, vice-pres- ident in charge of publicity, Kevin Garcia, secretary-treasurer, and James Bass, historian. Meeting once every six weeks, the club held a Christmas party for all members in the library on De- cember 8. During the holiday sea- son, the group also sold candy to help support an orphan of the Vi- etnamese war. ln addition, they had meetings which featured spe- cialists in the library field. ORGANIZATIONS 127 Club Pursues Literar Role Opened to all students, the Lit- erary Club was an organization whose purpose was to interest its members in further literary pur- suits. Sponsored by Miss Elizabeth Amos and Mrs. Juanita Dodgen, the club met once every six weeks. Officers were Mollie Kelley, presi- dent, Jane Crews, vice-president, Sonia Bell, secretary, and James Demases, treasurer. Literary Club's meetings in- cluded an organizational session, a book review by Mrs. Margaret Lane, a Christmas party at Mollie's home, a lecture by Mrs. Grace Smith, and a book auction and picnic scheduled for Randol Mill Park. However, Jane hosted the event at her home after a rain- storm. 128 ORGANIZATIONS A A B l QAD Making it up as he goes along, Mark Mohr entertains fellow club members with a story. QBD Another meeting is brought to order as President Mollie Kelley pre- sides, while secretary Sonia Bell looks on. CVAE Builds Job Training By giving students a chance to participate in a job experience, the Coordinated Vocational Aca- demic Education program taught them to work. The aim of the pro- gram was to combine work experi- ence with academic achievement. The organization was com- posed ot students who were at least l6. Members found iobs not requiring skilled labor, such as po- sitions at service stations, grocery stores, or cabinet shops. Busi- nesses that employed CVAE stu- dents were honored with plaques. The club participated in both the Homecoming parade and the parade honoring Mayor Tom Van- dergriff. ln May the group went to Forest Park in Fort Worth for an educa- tional tour. KAI CVAE officers ioin Arlington citizens in the parade paying tribute to Mayor Van- dergriff. QB, John White, Michael Parker, and Donnie Cornett, CVAE officers, look over clippings of chapter activities in The Colt. fC, John White accepts honors as Outstanding CVAE student for 1970-7l. ORGANIZATIONS 129 Interact Members Conduct Elementary School Program Sponsored by the Arlington Ro- tary Club, Interact members partic- ipated in service proiects this year. The main project for the year was the "Youth to Youth" program, which was to bring high school and elementary schools together. In this program, boy and girl In- teract members iourneyed to near- by elementary schools to speak to these children on various topics of interest. Knowing that children of this age are greatly influenced by their elder high school counterparts, the interacters attempted not to give lectures, but to present down-to- earth opinions from a basis of en- thusiasm and optimism. Topics they spoke on included "Respect for Authority," "Civil Obedience," "Flag and Country," "Service Above Self," "Speed and Safety," "Tobacco Usage," "Alcoholism," and "Drug Use." To close out their year on a good note, the Interact organiza- tion had a picnic May 27 at Lucas Park. Officers of the club were Mark Marak, president, Ricky Hahn, vice-president, and Karen Thomas, secretary. Dr. Truett C. Boles, Arlington pediatrician and school board member, proves to be one of the more humorous speakers at one of the monthly Interact Club meetings. .ff 1 I ....,., . .vlfc ' .. . ah ' nm 'E 2 130 ORGANIZATIONS I . ig, ..,..- f. -1-w1K V CA Hosts Area Meeting Working closely with the elec- tronics department was the Voca- tional lndustrial Club of America, Arlington chapter. The AHS chapter hosted the dis- trict convention in which contests were held to determine the skill of electronics students in areas such as testing instruments, oscilator tubes, and formulas. The purpose of VICA was to teach the members to become leaders, especially in the electron- ics field. VICA also acted in the service capacity. They voted to buy a no- tary stamp for the school to use on official documents. Members made posters and dis- played them -in halls to promote interest in electronics. CAD VICA member Terry Kimball and Carol Anthony watch as Sponsor Mr. Martin Eastburn prepares a demonstration. CBJ Chris Hart and Mr. Eastburn build fishing booth entry for the '71 Colt County Fair. ORGANIZATIONS 131 Arlettes Add To Activities Clad in green and white uni- forms, the new Arlington High School drill team represented the school at football games, in pa- rades, and pep clinics and compe- titions. Adopting the name Arlettes, the group was made up of sopho- more, iunior, and senior girls who were selected by auditions last fall. As a part of their summer activi- ties, they marched in Fourth of July parade and attended the clin- ic at SMU for drill teams, S P I E CAD Arlington High Arlettes pay tribute to Mayor Vandergriff by adding color and variety to the parade commending him. QBQ The 70-71 Arlettes attempt to keep warm and dry under an array of blankets and umbrellas during the Sam Houston football game QC We were in structed to grin and bear it," grimaces Junior Arlette Jolyn Ivy but this 30 degree weather is becoming a little ridiculous for these skimpy green and white Arlette uniforms' 132 ORGANIZATIONS 1970-71 Arlettes are fbottom rowj Kathy Johnston, Betty Davis, Pat Manire, Susie Greer, Cindy Roberson, fsecond rowj Nancy Lattimore, Ann Mclemore, Barbara Henderson, Gale Coker, Sue Beauford, Kathy Clemens, Darlene Bennett, Linda Stanley, Chris McGhee, Kathy Rogers, fthird rowj Elayne Weaver, Lorie Hancock, Pam Draughn, Kathy Falvo, Carol Goscinski, Sue Trull, Pam Bourchardt, Veva White, Roxanne Sanders, Paula Hunt, Dena Higbie, Grace Johnston, Sharon Cannon, ffourth rowj Mary Watson, Regina Hutchinson, Kim Wilson, Jolyn lvy, Sheila Bently, Susan Zelinski, Miggy Clifton, Donna Broyles, Lisa Camp, Stacy Hardison, Katy Jerome, Bebe Ulrich, and Pam Bradley. Mrs. Margaret Cleckler acts as sponsor. Performing at all football games, both away and at home, the girls entertained with routines to the tunes of "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head" and "Gentle on My Mind" as well as other melodies. They performed at the Home- coming pep rally and parade as well as for several of the basket- ball games. Sponsored by Mrs. Margaret Cleckler, the group was headed by Major Pat Manire, and Cap- tains Betty Davis, Susie Greer, Kathy Johnston, and Cindy Rober- son. Lieutenants were Jolyn lvy, Chris McGhee, Linda Stanley, and Susan Zelinski. Kathy Johnston was named Miss Arlette. "lf it rains at this game, atleast l'll be pre- pared," smiles Pat Manire, Arlette major, while executing one of the drill team routines to the tune of "Raindrops." ORGANIZATIONS 133 FFA Admits For the first time, Future Farm- ers of America admitted girls as members to the club. Formerly only boys participated in this agri- cultural organization. This year's sweetheart, Tanya Turner, was not only the favorite of Arlington High's FFA, but also was named District Sweetheart. One of the big events of the Girl Members year for the FFA was their winning sixth place in the regional compe- tition for Area V FFA. At the Springtown Dairy Judg- ing contest the Arlington team took First Place. The annual spring fishing trip, held April 16-l 8, was attended by 22 boys and l8 men. fAl James Hiett shows his first place cow in the Ft. Worth Fat Stock Show. QB, Billy Holbert's animal displays its ribbon during the Ft. Worth show. QCP Mr. Jake Kinnard teaches his female FFAers in the art of con- struction, FFA District Sweetheart Tanya Turner presents their trophy to the championship dairy iudging team, David Davidson, Paul Nation, James Hiett. 134 ORGANIZATIONS A4 av x J Girls Receive Job Training Helping shorthand, typing, and clerical practice students to gain experience in secretarial work was the aim of the Office Education Association. Mrs. Mildred Shupee served as sponsor of the group. Leading the club in its activities were Marilyn Hill, president, Ali- son Bean, vice-president, Elise Houston, secretary, Judy Lackey, treasurer, Judy Duckworth, report- er-historian, and Charlotte Goer- del, parliamentarian. During the week of February l-5, the club participated in Na- tional OEA week. They baked cookies which were placed for the teachers in their lounges, and vol- unteered secretarial and clerical services. ln recognition of proficiency in office skills, six girls were awarded commendations from the Education Services Institute. This was more than had ever been awarded to AHS students. QAJ Gayle Pastusek, president of OEA last year, installs Alison Bean as an officer. CBJ OEA Sponsor Mrs. Mildred Shupee watch- es as Mrs. Rusty Brown opens a gift after making a talk at a monthly OEA meeting. ORGANIZATIONS l 35 6 E5 I li Sports .,1li n 1 Arlington High School's first 4A Bi-District Football Champion squad includes Qtop rowj Coach Wendell Lackey, Head Coach John Reddell, Keith Geer, Doug Hirschman, Gene Arrington, Rick Bates, Dave Sullivan, Steve Perry, David Perrett, Bill Ward, Roger Samoff, Andy Roden, Coach Hugh McCrabb, Coach Bill Carter, fsecond row, John Hentze, John Evans, Tony Davis, Randy Gary, Rick Hahn, Don Davis, Jim Cun- ningham, Mark Marak, Kim Shelton, David Tibbets, Ricky Beadles, Bill Branz, Max Dodgen, Bob Tallon, fthird rowj Gary Brentlinger, Carl AHS Wins Bi-District Crown Deploying a powerful running attack and tough scrambling cle- fense, the Arlington varsity grid- men made l97O "the Year of the Colt." When it was over, the Colts had won their first 4A-7 district title and a bi-district victory only to be shut out in the regional tilt. Beginning an undefeated pre- district season, the Colts roped the Waco Richfield Rams, 42-l4. Next the Panthers met the same fate as AHS swamped Fort Worth Paschal 4l-l4 at Farrington Field. Fin- ishing off its pre-district foes Ar- lington slaughtered Western Hills by an almost carbon copy score of the previous two games, 42-13. Retaining their winning ways in district action, the Colts took the Troians from Trinity 2l-lO. Felling the first of the Irving teams, Arling- ton captured the Nimitz Vikings 42-l3. The seventh victory of the season came at the expense of Irv- ing MacArthur as Arlington de- I38 SPORTS strayed the Cardinals 61-7. Arlington High's fighting Green and White made up for their crushing loss to Grand Prairie last season by blanking the Gophers 41-O. Irving was the Colts' next stepping stone to the district title, Arlington tamed the Tigers 49-O. AHS's encounter with Bell was the Colts' closest of the season as they squeezed by the Raiders l4- l3. The AHSers finished district play by soundly trouncing cross- town rival Sam Houston 49-6. A bi-district 22-O victory over Highland Park meant the Colts would meet Odessa Permian for the regional title game. The AH- Sers' 22-O loss wrapped up the l97O season, Arlington's best ever in 4-A ball. Varsity Trainers Tip Jiles and Kelly Jones prepare for the Colt's all-important bout with the Dallas Highland Park Scotties. 2+ ' +V? , 'V . ' ' ' ' ' D 1 ' f'..4?5 if 5' 7N 55355 'V 7 ' L 51 A 7? I-jf-mi RM k .ibeL1l3 ,531 Afg45IfW 'QBEZ' 3 MM' ' x fx ' Q ,Q g- 7 'f if 1 A 'W rff?+-fl--------'TM P J' - Q ' V73 XJ W J fi a"pf,, if:?: . if QEQH'-m 1 z-J X V I 25 H , VX if 21 PN Q 1 'f ,F A ' Q .""v' -T11 M - ,wr f Y ., ,a T K -H., .gm HS Seizes Double Wins Dual pre-district victories over Waco Richfield and Fort Worth Paschal set a winning trend for the 1970 Colt gridiron season. Opening their schedule with a smooth running attack, the Colts ran up a 42-14 tally against the Rams from Waco. Craig Hayes led off the Colt scoring after Waco fumbled the kickoff return. After TD's by Hayes, Ricky Bates, Rusty Kennedy, and John Hentze the first half ended 35-0. Colt reserves came in with the start of the second half and fin- ished AHS scoring with a Hentze touchdown. Richfield's two lone touchdowns came in the third and fourth quarters. The following week the Colts traveled to Farrington Field to col- lide with the Paschal Panthers. Ar- lington's 41-14 romp over the Panthers came after all four of the Colt backfield starters - Kim Shelton, Kennedy, Hayes, and Mike Pringle - scored TD's in that order. Following the Pringle TD, reserves were generously spotted in, but the Colt score continued to mount. Sophomores John Klinger and Hentze went in for the final two TDs. Paschal didn't earn a first-down until midway through the second quarter and didn't score until the final quarter. QAD Charging downfield, Arlington's kick- off squad begins another race to capture the opposing receiver. QBJ Junior Rodney Wright draws a bead on a Waco Richfield back in Colt's season opening victory. 140 SPORTS Colts Corral Cats, Trojans Arlington's third victory of the season over Western Hills turned out to be a rerun of the previous two pre-district games. The Colts caged the Cougars 42-13 to end pre-district play. Unable to score in the first peri- od the Colts made up for it before the half ended. Touchdowns by David Tibbits, Mike Pringle, and Rusty Kennedy made it 20-7 at the half, Stellar halfback Mike Luttrell threw a halfback pass for the lone first half Western Hills score. The third quarter brought two more touchdowns by Kennedy and Tibbits to make it 35-7. The last Colt scoring drive came in the final period after Rick Hahn intercepted a Western Hills pass. Doug Woods went in for the six points. The Cougars' second and last score came in the final minutes of the game to make it 42-13. Arlington's next victory came at the expense of the Trinity Troians. Trinity began the night's scoring with a field goal after a 54-yard drive stalled on the 6 yard-line. The Colts started their scoring ef- fort when Halfback Kim Shelton raced 16 yards for the TD in the second quarter. AHS capitalized on a Trojan fumble for its second score ofthe night. End Rick Bates caught a Mike Pringle pass for six points. Trinity Quarterback Mike Ray climaxed a 51-yard drive by going for the score from the one yard line. The final score of the first half and the game came when Craig Hayes bounced over from the one. fA1 A last second pitch-out to Halfback Kim Shelton gains additional yardage as Mike Pringle is dragged down from be- hind. QBJ Senior Trainer Tip Giles adminis- ters to AHS's defenders during a lull in the play of the Ft. Worth Western Hills game. SPORTS 141 Colts Remain umber One lrving Nimitz, the newest District 4A-6 high school fell 42-13 to give the Colts their fifth straight victory of the season at lrving's Tiger Stadium. The Colts began the night's scoring in the first period when Rusty Kennedy raced 25 yards for the TD. The Colts' next score cli- maxed an 85-yard drive after Craig Hayes ripped into the end zone from the 20 yard line. The first half ended l4-0. Arlington's third touchdown came in the third quarter when Quarterback Mike Pringle bounced in from the l-yard line to score. The fourth quarter brought two touchdowns by Doug Woods and one by Mark Poss. Nimitz scored two TD's in the final periodg to make it 42-13. Destroying the MacArthur Car- dinals 6l-7, Arlington scored its highest tally of the season. AHS's first score came only five seconds into the first quarter of play when Kennedy broke away for a 68 yard touchdown. Hayes went in for two touchdowns before the quarter's end to make it 20-O. The Cardinal defense stiffened to hold AHS in the second until only ll seconds remained. That drive began when Rick Hahn inter- cepted a pass on tl' vlt 34. Poss went in for the si. points. Arling- ton tallied three more TD's in the third period by Hayes, Woods, and Mark Marak. As fourth period action began the score was 47-0. MacArthur's only points were made when Ray Jackson hit in from the two. The Colts ended the evening's scoring with TD's by David Powell and John Klinger. CAD Giving his complete concentration to catching a punt, Senior Mark Marak is unaware ofa nearby Irving Nimitz defend- er. QBD AHS defenders gather at the side- line to congratulate Senior Charles Geer after his theft of a MacArthur pass. 142 SPORTS Colts Blank GPg Take Title Revenging last year's 18-9 heartbreaker, the Colts gunned down the Grand Prairie Gophers 541-0 before an overflow crowd of 11,000 at UTA's Memorial Stadi- um. A ground attack which pro- duced an outstanding 481 yards rushing helped Arlington record its seventh straight victory of the year and its first 4A district champion- ship. AHS Fullback Craig Hayes streaked for 188 yards on 18 carries and Halfback Rusty Kenne- dy wrecked the Grand Prairie de- fense for another 120 yards. To begin the night's scoring, a 67-yard drive led to Kim Shelton's two-yard touchdown run. Kennedy went over from the 1 1 for another first quarter TD to make it 13-O. Hayes personally accounted for 84 yards in three carries which cli- maxed with AHS's first score in the second period. Shortly before halftime Quarterback Mike Pringle fired 22 yards to Ricky Bates to make the halftime tally 27-O. In the third stanza Kennedy again went in to score, this time from the two. The scoreboard showed 41-0, Arlington, after re- serve back David Powell went in for the evening's final score. QAJ Aware of upcoming Gopher defensive linebacker, Halfback Kim Shelton breaks upfield. CBJ Defensive men Don Davis, Lyle Via, Rodney Wright bury a Gopher as AHS blanks Grand Prairie, 41-O. SPORTS 143 AHS Blasts Tigers, 49-6 Arlington High's "Green Wave" continued to sweep past District 7-4A schools by soundly dumping the Irving Tigers 49-6. The Colts registered their first touchdown with only 2:02 remain- ing on the first quarter clock when Rusty Kennedy went in from the 2-yard line. The first of two second period scores came after a 22- yard pass from Mike Pringle to Ricky Bates. The last TD of the first half occured when Charles Geer blocked an Irving punt and Lyle Via pounced on it in the end zone. Steve Perry's kick made the score 2l-O at the half. Climaxing a 53-yard third quar- ter drive, Craig Hayes burst up the middle for the final six yards. Kim Shelton and Dennis Hunt went in for the final two third period TDs. John Hentze skipped in for the only fourth period AHS score. lrv- ing ended the night's scoring with only 1:38 left on the board. The Colts ninth victory of the year almost wasn't to be as AHS squeezed by the fired up L. D. Bell Raiders, 14-l3, before an enthusi- astic Homecoming crowd at UTA Memorial Stadium. Trailing l3-O, the Colts finally came alive on a three-yard Craig Hayes TD run with only l:37 in the half. Arling- ton's second and game-winning TD came in the third period when Pringle capped a 50-yard drive with a 7-yard touchdown. To the relief of the Arlington crowd, three Bell TDs were called back for vari- ous Raider penalties before the night's close. QA, Referees indicate an AHS TD when Craig Hayes bounces into endzone from the three as Colts squeeze by Raiders. CBD Charlie Geer blocks an lrving punt that eventually leads to Colt touchdown. T44 SPORTS .ik A A BY !'F' 1 ie., I avi' .- sl 3 '- 'r-- xx ,:. --ss 1 af WFS 3 if 5 4? Texans Fall to Colt's Power Insuring their first District 4A-7 championship, the Colts wrapped up Sam Houston 48-6. Losing this crosstown rivalry would have meant sharing the district title with Grand Prairie and the Texans. The game was never in doubt, though, as Arlington scooted ahead 21-O before the first quar- ter's end. After AHS recovered a Big Sam fumble in the first minute of play, Craig Hayes moved in for six points. Rusty Kennedy and Hayes again, went in for the other first period scores. Sophomore John Hentze finished a 73-yard drive with a five-yard TD sprint to make the score at the half 27-O. Coming back strong, the Texans marched 71 yards for the first tally of the second half. Hayes' third touchdown of the night came soon after to end his night's scoring. Capping an 81 -yard offensive, David Powell burst over to make it 41-6. Hentze brought the night to a close with his second touch- down. The final - District Champs 48 - Sam Houston 6. QAJ Rusty Kennedy seeks an elusive hole behind the blocking ofthe AHS line during the Colt win over the cross-town Texans. QB? Junior Doug Wood holds while kicker Steve Perry makes another extra point at the Colt's final district win over Big Sam. SPORTS 145 Colts Falter in Regional Tilt Arlington's Colts, playing their first 4A bi-district game, swept past the District 4A-8 champs, the Highland Park Scotties by a mar- gin of 22-O. A three-yard break by Senior Kim Shelton began the eve- ning's scoring midway through the first quarter, Steve Perry's kick was good for a 7-O lead. The Colts next scoring opportu- nity came in the first few minutes of the second period. Doug Wood, replacing iniured Quarter- back Mike Pringle, handed off to Shelton for his second TD. The half ended 14-0. Pringle again took the helm in the third quarter but the Colt's only third period points came after a Scottie safety. The game's final TD came in the last stanza on a l7-yard Pringle to David Tibbits pass. The point after failed but the Colts took a 22-O win. Arlington's hopes for the re- gional crown against Odessa Per- mian, who had beaten Wichita Falls the week before, faded al- most as soon as the game began. On their first play from scrim- mage, the Colts fumbled on the 20 and Permian took control. A 38-yard field goal for Permian made it 3-O. ln their next possession, the Panthers drove 51 yards to score and increase their advantage over the Green and White. Craig Hayes mistakenly stepped into the endzone for a safety and two more points for "Moio." Another field goal for Permian made it 'l5-O at the first period end. The Panthers made another TD in the second quarter to make the halftime score 22-O. The Colt defense stiffened in the second half to allow the Odessa school to score no more points. Arlington's deepest penetration of the day fizzled on the Panthers' 23, leaving the final score, as at the half, 22-O in favor of the Per- mian Panthers. fAJ Getting some good blocking, halfback Kim Shelton evades big Scottie defense as AHS seizes AA bi-district throne. KBJ Mike Pringle searches downfield for receiv- er as he is being brought down by Permi- an's strong and aggressive defense. SPORTS x AHS s JVs are top row David Middleton Horace Cox Robert Boyd Keith Patton Ronald Bentley, Gary Betts, Greg Moritz, Benny Hill, Bill Klncannon Mike Burns Carey Simmons Kevin Hurd John Remhart Greg Williams second row Leland Summerville, Paul Keeton, Terry Belch- er Danny Williamson Jim Mills Lorne Kane Alan Oslcka Marvin Jeffrey Charles Lemolne Roger Waneck, Mike Musselman, Fred Bingamon third row, Marty Anderson Richard Rumenapp Mike Abbot Tommy Schneider Mark Krumln Don McBroom, Mark Gunn, Mark Braddock, David Ball Brian Esenweln Danny Coffman Scott Weathersby Mike Brown Preston Gray bottom rowj Willie Moore, Pierre Desforges, Kevin Allara Chuck Allara George Rodnquez Randy Garrett Jerry Kettlekamp Mike Anderson Rusty Rhodes, Chris Beech, John Kosey, Steve Mor- Ponies Finish - I -I Season Arlington's 1970 iunior varsity football team experienced another successful season. Opening against Fort Worth Paschal, the Ponies took the Pan- thers 22-6. Next the JVs encoun- tered Western Hills and corraled the Cougars 53-13. Trinity was the third school to fall to the Arlington B-Team, 27-8. The pace changed some, however, as the Ponies could only muster a 14-14 tie against the Nimitz Vik- ings the following week. Getting back on the winning side, the MacArthur Cardinals were shot down, 32-26. Grand Prairie's Gophers were buried 20-0 by the fast moving Ponies in a Gopher Bowl battle. AHS's iunior varsity beat Irving in the last minutes of play by a score of 21-20. The Ponies' final victory of -the gridiron season came on Bell's 12-7 loss to AHS. The Ponies' sole defeat came at the hands of the Sam Houston Texans, 35-14. Sophomore Colt Bennie Hill outdistances opposing defensive man in one of JV's vic- tories which helped make a 7-1-1 year. SPORTS Arlington's state cross country champions are ftop rowj John Michaels, Dave McLeod, David Bristow, George Suggs, fbottom rowl James Ridley, Benjamin Pierce, and Robert Lewis. Thinclads Capture State For the second straight year the Cross Country men from Arlington captured the State Championship. Working toward this feat, the thin- clads competed in numerous meets sponsored by area schools and organizations. Beginning competition in Dallas, the Arlington distance runners grabbed a third place title at the Jesuit Meet. The following week found the Colts at Nolan High School where they earned second place overall merits. The next three meets, Lewisville, St. Mark's, and Arlington, saw the AHS cross country men take sec- ond place honors. ln Arlington's sixth competition of the season, the Fort Worth meet, the AHS 148 SPORTS cross country runners amassed an- other third place score. The Colts' final two meets before the all-im- portant state competition were the Kimball and Richardson Meets, in which the Colts took second in each. Arlington traveled to Austin for state competition which was held along the Colorado River on De- cember l2. Coach Gerald Rich- ey's thinclads came up with a magical 37 points to bring home the state crown. AHS's David McLeod set a new Division I record with a time of 9:23:Ol, only three seconds off the state record. Arlington High's David McLeod manages second place finish at Arlington meet. . ZZZ 1 gr- film Sprinting down the final stretch at the state meet held in Austin, Junior Ben Pierce comes in second behind Arlington teammate David McLeod. SPORTS 149 .., J Lions Club Fetes Colt Team Putting the finishing touches on a memorable and successful sea- son, the Arlington Lions Club hon- ored the varsity and B-Team mem- bers of this year's grid squad with the annual football banquet at Meadowbrook Recreation Center, January 23. Open to the public, the event was attended by par- ents, teachers, and friends of the players. After a buffet-style dinner, Co- Captain Mike Pringle gave the in- vocation and then Mayor Tom Vandergriff, master of ceremo- nies, introduced Mr. Joe Houston, president ofuthe Lions Club, who presented the welcoming talk. Head Coach John Reddell recog- nized coaches and varsity team members. Mr. James Cribbs presented the Grover Cribbs Award to All-State Guard Steve Cordes, the first all- state recipient for Arlington in l9 years, and Cordes was thus hon- ored as the Lineman of the Year. l50 SPORTS Quarterback Mike Pringle was awarded the Vandergriff award for the Most Valuable Player. Co- captain this season, Pringle took the Colts during the last two years to a 20-2 record. All-District Linebacker Carl Pointer then received the Sports- manship Award presented by the Lions Club. As guest speaker, ex-SMU and Baltimore Colt Raymond Berry gave his view on the parallelism of the trials and attitudes in football and those that one finds necessary in life. After Berry's talk, Pointer gave the benediction to complete the banquet and another AHS foot- ball year. CAJ Steve Cordes, Lineman of the Year, Mike Pringle, Most Valuable Player, Carl Pointer, Outstanding Sportsman, show plaques as Raymond Berry watches. QB, Head Coach John Reddell lauds Colt team at annual football banquet. x 'BLT5 msn ef 1 QDLT5 2 4 QULLQX' . 23 2.85.15 i 3 2 335 Members of the 1970 71 Colt Team are fback rowj Ernie Stripling, Charles Kilpatrick, Bob Taylor, Alvin Betzel, Bill Kendrick, Bob Smith, Dar- rah Smith Coach Dale Archer bottom row, Terry Douglas, Jack Grindstaff, Greg Schellhommer, Roy Harwell, and Ralph Harwell. AHS Downs Mac to Take 4A-7 Laurels Not to be outdone by the foot- ball team's bi-district victory and the cross country team's state championship, the Colt varsity basketball team won its first dis- trict title in the history of Arlington High School. Beginning pre-district action the Colts, led by all-district Most Valu- able Player Bill Kendrick, swept past Waco 98 to 63 only to be edged by 64-59 two days later by Arlington Heights. The following week the Arlington roundballers dropped games to Garland 92-87 and Kimball 93-80. Getting back on their winning ways, the Colts took Mineral Wells 84-53 only to fall out of conten- tion at the Arlington Classic by los- Coach Dale Archer anxiously watches his first District champs battle MacArthur. ing to Houston Wheatley 102-78 and Lake Highlands 63-62. The Colts broke even before the Garland Tourney with a 73-72 de- feat at the hands of Haltom and another victory over Waco 73-68. At the Garland Tourney, the AHS'ers bounced Dallas Jesuit and South Garland 65-49 and 67-52 respectively. Garland fin- ished the Colts 61-59 to end Ar- lington's participation in the tour- ney. Arlington's next encounter was against Forth Worth Poly who beat the Colts 69-65. Mineral Wells fell to the AHS Varsity 99-55 as did Haltom, 82-76 be- fore the Colts' loss to Arlington Heights 69-67. Arlington's Varsity squad fin- ished pre-district play at the Fort Worth Lions Tourney held in Public Schools Gym. The Colts beat Fort Worth Wyatt 81-62 then lost their second game to Trinity 57-54. AHS finished the tourney by downing Western Hills 78-49 and l.M. Terrell 70-49. Arlington amassed a 10 and 10 pre-district record. SPORTS 151 MacArthur Takes First Half The Colts finished the first half of district play with a 5-2 record with only one basket deciding the fate of four of these games. Dropping their first game to MacArthur by a 71-69 final score, the AHS Roundballers devastated the Nimitz Vikings by a 1 I2 to 63 tally three days later. Grand Prai- rie was next to fall to the Green and White 87-85. AHS's second and final loss of the district season occurred when Big Sam edged Arlington 72-70 at the final buzzer. The Colt's game against Irving turned into a victory for the varsity with a 70-60 final tally. AHS's 74-61 win over Trinity pushed the Colts into second place. The Green and White ended the first half with a 73-72 victory over Bell but could not overtake MacArthur for first place. QAJ Senior Bill Kendrick tries to score as Sam Houston defeats the Colts, 72-70. Q85 Reaching for a high rebound, Kendrick out-iumps a striving Cardinal defender. SPORTS Qgwxf Q . ,,-f ff" .ififl 'K 1 I R + r fi: if Q 2 3 1 F 3 I A giw a M x. 1 x q,uLT5 , K 18 5 ' I 55 X, QA, Alvin Betzel and a Cardinal strain to decide which one will take a iump ball. CBJ The Varsity Squad breaks the huddle prior to the important bi-district tilt. CCD Darrah Smith perfects a layeup style during a pre- game warm-up. fDJ Smith makes an at- tempt to score over blocking arms. .15 I ,, iw'- Qfiii 5 ' :swjfns DA SPORTS I? AHS Defeats Seven Teams Winning all seven of their sec- ond half games, the Colts won a chance at the district title. The first to fall were first half champs, the MacArthur Cardinals, 81-67. The next two schools to be downed by the fired up Colts were Irving Nimitz and Grand Prairie by 104-55 and 71-64 respectively. Revenging an earlier loss to the Texans, AHS took Sam Houston 58-55. Irving fell again 60-40 to make it five straight in the second half race. Trinity was finished off 80-66 before the mean green won their final game of the year against Bell 62-61. By taking the second half, the Colts won the right to meet the first half victors, the MacArthur Cardinals, to decide the district championship. QAJ Senior Bill Kendrick watches futilely as a MacArthur Cardinal makes two points. QB, Terry Douglas leads the cagers into the Colt gym as AHS supporters look on. CCD Coach Dale Archer discusses strategy with the team before an important bout. SPORTS Green Fades Before Owls With two seconds left on the scoreboard, Bill Kendrick went in to score and win a 59-58 cliff hanger from the MacArthur Cardi- nals making the AHS Colts the 4A-7 district champs for the first time in their history. The Cards began the night's scoring, but the Colts held a slim l2-8 first quarter lead. Arlington was not happy with this lead and pushed the score up to 20-12 with 5:50 remaining in the first half. MacArthur came back as the half ended to come within three points of the Colts at 28-25. ln the third period the Cardinals fought to a slim 39-38 lead before the Green and White could recap- ture a 47-42 cushion after the third stanza ended. The fourth quarter saw the lead seesaw be- tween the two rivals until the Colts took the lead in the final seconds of the game to win, 59-58. Arlington met final defeat at the hands of the Garland Owls in their battle for the bi-district crown. Be- hind the shooting of Darrah Smith, AHS took a 7-point lead, and ended the first quarter, 20-l7. With Kendrick in foul-trouble in the second period, the Colts did not fare so well as the half ended with a 42-39 deficit for Arlington. The third period was more of the same as the Colts turned a 9-point deficit into a mere 3-point Owl advantage at 57-54. Arling- ton fought back in the final stanza and tied the game at 68 all with 2:45 left in the game. Garland led briefly 72-70, but AHS pulled off its heroics again to send the game into overtime. Their luck finally ran out with the Owls outscoring the Colts five to two in extra time to win 77-74. QAD Bob Smith makes two points from the outside in the Colt's Bl-67 win over the Cardinals. QBJ Bill Kendrick prepares to pass the ball as a Garland Owl follows. 156 SPORTS B Teamers include back row Coach Judson Pritchard, Eddie Hannaras, Jim Mills, Randy Garrett, Mike Linney, Dick Reher, Kevin Cox, Jim Pit- zer and Wayne Brown front row Steve Wood, Greg Moritz, Bill Kincannon, Doug Schultz, Jon Coulter, Steve Butler, and Bob Hartwig. B's Earn 7-7 District Tally Arlington High's junior varsity basketballers completed an ambi- tious season playing 34 total games and in three tourneys. Pre-district action saw the Bees take eight of twenty games played. The Colts downed their first opponent, Waco, 45-3l only to lose to Arlington Heights in their second tip-off 65-43. Playing against crosstown Lamar for the first time, the Ponies came out on top, 44-26. After falling to the Garland Owls 57-4I, the JVs sur- prised Kimball and Mineral Wells 58-57 and 75-46 respectively. Fol- lowing this, the Ponies fell into a slump losing to Sam Houston, Irv- ing, Nimitz, Haltom, and Waco. The AHS Junior Varsity's fifth pre-district victory came at the ex- pense of Fort Worth Carter Riv- erside. Slipping, the Bees lost to Haltom again and Fort Worth Poly before dual wins over Trinity 68- Junior Bob Taylor pops in two more points as the JVs corral the Gophers 65-56. 56 and Bell 65-42. B-Teamers completed the pre- district campaign dropping losses to Irving, Haltom, and Arlington Heights before a 58-47 win over Arlington Lamar. AHS Ponies managed a 7-7 tally in the all-important district competition. The Colts were edged 65-63 by MacArthur in their first encounter. Nimitz and Grand Prai- rie were the first two Distrcit 4A-7 teams to be stopped by the Ponies by scores of 47-32 and 65-56. Victory eluded the JVs in their meetings with Sam Houston and Irving before wins over Trinity 67-64 and Bell 71-53. MacArthur's Cardinals again defeated the Bees before the Ponies took Nimitz 76-46. The Roundballers again slumped with defeats at the hands of Grand Prairie, 66-62, Sam Houston, 52- 48, and Irving, 48-46. The Cagers finished the season with a 65-58 victory over Trinity and a 68-57 romp over Bell. SPORTS Colts Finish Third Behind Irving, Sam Taking 85 total points AHS fell far short of first place and ended up in third behind Sam Houston and Irving. Sam Houston took district with ll7 points for their efforts at the meet held at Lamar High. Among the winners for the Colts were George Rodriguez, who won the pole vault at l3 feet, James Ridley with a l:59.3 in the 880- yard run, and Ben Pierce who, with a 4:23.6 time, conquered the mile. David Arbor grabbed second in the pole vault with a l2' 6" clear- ing. Keith Geer also took second in the discus with a l4l-3 foot toss. George Suggs placed third in the 880 with a l:59.5 time and John Klinger took a l0.2 third in the lO0-yard dash. Mark Krumin came in closely behind with a fourth in the lO0. Krumin also took a second in the 220 with a 23.4. David McLeod finished sec- ond after Pierce in the mile with a 4:28. Johnny Michaels also placed sixth in the mile with a 4:44.3. Arlington managed a fifth in the 440-yard relay and a sixth in the mile relay with a 3:29.5 timing. ln the Region ll meet held at Clark Field, Arlington sent seven district finalists but placed only three and not one finished in the top two spots necessary to com- pete in the state meet. QAJ COLT hurdler Cliff Heflin demonstrates perfect form as he streaks over the final hurdle. Q81 AHSer Ben Pierce strains every muscle as he kicks his way to a winning finish at the South Grand Prairie meet. 158 SPORTS QAD Senior David McLeod receives his medal for placing in the mile run at the Ar- lington Relays. CBJ James Ridley waits im- patiently for the other competitors to go to their starting blocks. QCD Colt Ben Pierce trots past the finish line at the Region Il meet for third place honors in the mile. fm' - , .Mew gg I N- ,J 'V Qlyggf' . . JN . SPORTS 159 As usual, Colts Ben Pierce and Dave McLeod compete between themselves for first place honors at the So. G. P. meet. C ,, Q K,-,K ,V Mv,V,,..,,.,, .,,. ,,,..n ,.Q,,.,,,,,,,...,,...,..:mW.w,.s..,,,,N.se3::1r,,W., F ,k,m,c,.1 Members of the 1971 AHS track team are fback row, Keith Grimsley, Mark Kline, Ron Abrams, J. W. Roberts, David Partridge, John Michael: John Morrel, Jimmy Sewell, Darin Crews, Robert Boyd, fmiddle row, Dean Graves, Cliff Heflin, Chuck Aliara, James Ridley, Keith Yokisl' George Suggs, Tony Davis, Jim Cunningham, George Rodriguez, Ben Pierce, ffront FOWD John Klinger, Mark Kruman, Kevin Aliara, Andy Foe ter, Scott Bass, Robert Lewis, Glenn Collier, Larry Burns, Mike Barns, and Rick Hinton. Not pictured ore David Bristow, Monty Moore, Charli Geer, and Jim Hovis. 160 SPORTS 'S Mffwmgwvm I A ff Q.. 5 Q KAI Mile relayer James Ridley hands the baton to Keith Sturtevant in one of the Colts' medley events. QBD Coach Gerald Richey congratulates Ben Pierce for his fine first place showing in the district mile run. QCD Mark Krumin races the clock as he takes fourth place in the 100-yard dash at the 4A-7 meet with a 10.3. SPORTS 161 ' .H UQ The agony of defeat shows clearly on ihe face of Bob Lewis afier the district meet. QBQ Vaulter George Rodriguez pre- pares for his try at 14 feet at the Regional II meef. QCD Colt Kevin Ailara stretches for every foo? in the 4 A-7 long jump trials. 1' . 155 1 f 'T-ii2i:iiigi'E'i il' f ,. ,, N1,, .. . , sg E nv!" 1 V is 1: AL A' . 1- ' . , c he 5 , 2' b NK i K vf ,f ix f 1 I lg? V 54 ,F 1 A 1 v ., g . , ,, .V ' ' , K 5' my +G' Q ' 3 f 4 S -,Q ,12ga1,a5r,i: T 5g'Qfn1K? wfJ Y 3 Kai ' A f V, g, ,fy 1 0,5 4. M wg gg .JH-Ig , i 'G A, 15, 5 ng? 4 X 5153? WZ? 2 fu D1 if " 4 4, QQ M W, if +2 asm s '55 5 e5i':i,g5f" w'9,.Q, . f ZN:.,.!5'lf ' - qw: r',,', , - f . , -w 4'f'f , M of 6 xi ,.,m,a Q ' 2 ' ,Vg , 415 1 'Q-f r e i 321, w ,, f V 'K kiln' - ' "fmfwm-1-'xi e ,v f f . ,vm A - -"' r . ' A .V ,e ,. . .. . . , .:,.. I, ,,, in Ji. 1 M 4,,., may ,,,,., P sifgpvg-' .vw 'wgiwkg ' QW? ' 3, ' Y. V4 5. -M ,U v uv 3 ,,- 78,4 . .X W ,, . .. A. ul sq' kr' 'Nl .L lg Q Colt Track Squad Displays Abilit During I9 I Season Pre-district action brought the Arlington track and field men out of their inactivity which began upon the completion of cross country. The Colts' first meet of the new year was the Fort Worth Indoor track meet 'held at the Tarrant County' Convention Center. David McLeod took the mile with an ln- door Meet record breaking 4:26.6. McLeod broke his own 4:28.8 semi-final time set the night before. Keith Sturtevant placed third in the 440-yard run after barely qualifying in the prelims. The Colt two-mile relay team also copped a third place final. The Kimball Relays in Dallas re- linquished a first, second, and sixth to the Colts and an overall team finish of seventh place out of seventeen schools. The first went to the two-mile relay team made up of George Suggs, James Ri- dley, Ben Pierce, and McLeod. Richard Whittenberg grabbed sec- ond in the pole vault and Johnny Michaels placed sixth in the mile to conclude Colt scoring. Other meets the AHSers com- peted in were the Lamar triangle meet, first meet, first place, the Ar- lington Relays, ninth place, ACC Triangle Meet, third place, and the Prairie Relays, second place. QA, Terry Belcher makes certain the baton is firmly in the hand of relayer Johnny Klinger in district competition. QBJ Senior Danny Schmidt finishes his leg of the mile relay in first during the district meet. SPORTS 163 Arlington High's district championship golf team includes fstandingj Larry Box, Mark Burum, Eric von Rosenberg, Coach Bill Carter, fkneelingj George Hafford, Mark Woolf. Duffers Snare District Title Coach Bill Carter's golf team won the district title for the second year in a row and finished well in many pre-district tourneys. The Colts' first tourney was the Abilene Invitational. Low man for the two-day tourney was Mark Burum with a l53. AHS came in sixth with a 6l6 total for their work. Arlington's second match, the Southwest Recreation, was held at Benbrook in Fort Worth. Colt Mark Woolf's two day total aided AHS in the sixth place finish. Arlington then competed in the Austin Invitational and copped a third place tally. The Bluebonnet Invitational in Brownwood proved highly successful for the Green and White as they took second. The golfers' final tourney was the Wichita Falls Invitational which I64 SPORTS yielded the Colts a 630 eighth place. The AHS golfers edged out MacArthur by one stroke to claim the district title. Two-day totals for the team were George Hafford, l575 Mark Burum, l58, Mark Woolf, l6O, Larry Box, l62, and Eric von Rosenberg, l72. By taking the District 7-4A title, AHS won the right to compete in the regional tourney. There they captured a fourth place finish out of eighteen competing teams. Sophomore Mark Woolf had the best total with a I47. KAP AHS golf team members Larry Box, Eric von Rosenberg, Randy Webber and George Hafford pose with Susie Dodgen after winning the 7-AA district title. Q81 "So close but yet so far," thinks Eric von Rosenberg as his ball lands less than a centimeter from the hole during practice. ,, 'if .,,- 9 Q G AA BY 'sw.""i?fQif'....1..."' W 5 ' 'f fi 1 . :mt EEE f., ww!-3":aE Aififfvffi -f..f:g,:,, 6' . - ftfw-:ff-.W Mwvrs . . ,,gM,g'3,.gr,. .4 ..., 1, ,, V A . 4 H 2 :.ff H V ' ffetwa J V f L. ' L - ' V A . 4. Q, .Q 52 ww' 1 ey Q' 4-W 4 13 'is K 'ft fn" M 1' R' I 7 . t 5 L Q 'Qsi'l.4v,g 'L gi, ..... W, x H 5 .4 . 1. , A 'f '.-.1 V. ' ., fyiqfwm z , - - " tm KW: 5.59,?5E2ig4f.5,f,.V,i,.. W Y , ,jg f,,??'f. V' f ,difwp 79, ,g15?if!?.2!g " 153 . 2. A " -fr... vt 'ftf Www. , -es,-,. 'Yf 2:YWW'?ff jgcfff - V1 fy whit.. Q-, 4. f-Miz ' ft ,A Q W ' iwarsffifzr 1 3f.'f,.'f M . 5,5 t2???,,'W P7 ff 1 pf f y -, 'yC',:1: .:5mwj.. jg? -' MPQQMI 'Mfr T 1 , -4 f ...Ziggy-f.. ' 1 .. timiswfysfy T f f qi if , T . gf,4.g.7'7,,.r,:www-ff ,, I. af ggnaruwyfii,-1 , , 4' ww 3- - .f.,f,.f.,,,,,,.m. ,,, , ..,.. 21f,kffyt.,,t,,,,H, dlp, W , ,, H 13141 i5?5'?"'f'L'Y'-'5 91 f5l'iff2'?5.L. 5237 'li QAD George Hofford iees up on the ninih hole during an afternoon of practice. Q81 Accuracy counts as AHSer Larry Box lines up o putt ond Eric von Rosenberg watches. SPORTS I 65 Hard Ballers for League Pla Y H Coaches and players on the l97l Colt Varsity Baseball team are ftop rowj Coach Dale Archer, Dan Day, Steve Thomas, Owen Sloan, Ricky Bates, Mark Marak, Milton Reed, David Sudduth, Coach Mike O'Brien, fmiddle rowj Floyd Marrow, Ricky Self, David Smith, Benny Hill, Johr Sullivan, Doug Wood, Todd Anderson, Qfront rowj William Holbert, Tommy Young, Mark Poss, Michael Pringle, John Bodnar, and Guy Moore Pre-District Action Readies Arlington High's l97l baseball team started slowly in pre-district competition, but quickened the pace as district action began. The team had a large number of re- turning players from the l97O season. The Colts won only 3 of 12 pre- district tilts, but the diamondmen tallied up a better overall season record of l0 wins and l5 losses. The AHS Colts' first opponents, Arlington Heights, gave them trouble as Arlington went down to a 4-l loss. Poly proved more co- operative as the Colts trampled the team from Fort Worth 5-2. Castleberry was the first team to shutout the AHSers by a final tally of 3-O. The Colts later made up for their earlier loss to Arlington Heights by edging the Jackets 7-6 on a three-run homerun by Ricky Bates in the bottom of the ninth in- ning. l66 SPORTS Arlington's next two encounters proved costly to the listless Colts as Western Hills wiped them out 9-5, and the Paschal Panthers pranced past the Green and White 4-2. 'AHS's final pre-district victory came at the expense of Arlington Heights, 4-2. The Colts came out on top two games to one in the se- ries Arlington played against Ar- lington Heights. Bogging down in the second half of pre-district, the Colts lost five straight before the first win of district play. Western Hills again crushed the diamondmen 4-2 be- fore Mesquite ravaged Arlington l2-5. Carter Riverside captured both of their games against the Green and White by close final scores of 3-0 and 2-l. Colt Pitcher Mark Marak strolls from the mound following a successful inning. 1,1- 17" ,...! fAJ Colt team members Tommy Young, Ricky Bates, and Owen Sloan discuss up- coming game. CBJ First baseman Sloan tags out Mesquiter, in action packed after- noon at Randal Mill. fCD John Bodnar sticks to second after knocking a double. SPORTS 167 Title Dreams Fade as Team Finishes Year Swinging into the all important campaign, the Arlington High baseball team began swiftly but slowed down toward the end. AHS whipped the L. D. Bell Raiders 6-4 after a ninth inning double by Mike Pringle. Trinity was next to fall to the Colts by a whopping l2-5 tally. MacArthur was the next team to fall before the AHSers by a close 2-l as Mark Marak gave up only five hits. Sam Houston was the first team to set back the Colts by edging them 2-l. Pringle went three for three in the Arlingtonites' ll-3 triumph over hapless Nimitz. The baseballers from AHS lost a sec- ond tim'e in a tight l-O battle with Irving. The Colts' victory over Grand Prairie saw Ricky Bates hit a homerun. Trinity beat the Colts in their second outing with AHS by a 4-O final. MacArthur's second bout with the Arlington team had an identical 2-l tally and this time Floyd Morrow gave up only one hit. Sam Houston ended the Colts' title hopes in their second meeting with AHS by trouncing them 9-l. Bell paid the Colts back for an earlier loss by corraling the AHSers 9-5. The game with Nimitz proved to be the final Colt victory when Arlington beat the Vikings 6-2. The Colts' final game of the season went down in failure for AHS 7-O as- Grand Prairie won. CAD Junior Mark Poss thinks "triple" cs he heads past second base. QBJ Benny Hill takes out toward first bose hoping that he can get there before the baseball does. 168 SPORTS A 'ii t If .'f..,,, ,1 , its t .r A sv l t QA, Cplt John Bodnar poises for action in the Colts' critical game against Big Sam. t CBD Doug Wood trots confidently to second , l base after a walk. QCD Coach O'Brian con- tests the umpire's questionable ruling. AA SPORTS 169 CAD Arlington baseballer John Bodnar anti- cipating a pop fly. QBD Hoping for a high fly, Ricky Bates and an unknown Gopher watch home plate action. QCD Senior Steve Thomas waits for the pitch which he knows will give him o run against Big Sam. 170 SPORTS , ,, ,., , 3 HB' 'as www " " .W - "Q 'g ,557 , , if. mezfs:-41:'4,w5" 1 W . ,,.fW,W .V mr.,-V' 4 f V. I 1 fu gl ,pf "1" K K, , W ffwfwg. 9 M , ,W , . X QA? AHS basebaliers urge a teammate from the bench. fBD Mike Pringle trans- forms his bat into a blur as he tries for a score. QCD AHS catcher Steve Thomas warms up before an important game. SPORTS 171 Capturing second place in District, Arlington High's 1971 Varsity Tennis Team includes fback row Coach Judson Pritchard Pat Lankford ' . . I n Becky Shoden Linda Chick Kare Netters L AHS's 1971 tennis team experi- enced a fairly good year coming out in second place at the all-im- portant district tourney. Before meeting for district action, the Colts performed well in pre-district tournaments. , AHS's first competition began early in Fort Worth's Thanksgiving Tourney where the netters took second place. Junior district cham- pion Patty Lankford advanced into semi-finals to come out with sec- ond place honors in the girls 18 doubles. Junior Ed Buck and Soph- omore Mike Erwin went into quar- terfinals in the boys' 16 doubles. The netters placed fifth in the Garland Tourney and fourth in the 172 SPORTS Chambers, Stephanie Chick, ffront rowj Glenn Meredith Dennis Jorgenson Mike Erwin and Dick Reher sso Second Place Irving Tournament before copping a third place in the Bell meeting later in the season. ln the District Tennis Tourna- ment in April, Patty once again claimed her title as the girls' singles champion. Following her footsteps, Senior Dennis Jorgeson and Junior Dick Reher won the title of boys' doubles district champi- ons. Advancing into semi-finals, Glen Meredith earned a position on the newly-formed All-District team. Patty, Dennis, and Dick also gained places on this team. In girls' district competition, Becky Shoden and Linda Chick ad- vanced into the semi-finals. Colt Karen Chambers perfects backhand xgaul' ""Y,q technique on Arlington High courts. C- P. f , Nxxx ii" if f' in M P 4 if .i-,.i, ,., P-. M? fa.. . ,-g.g?:a,.g.L4 M. up s C 1 X ,x llifsg . I xxfy 1 :K ,xxx IV i if ez F .1.'xWNw-. s f 2 E3 ,L A if .E x,' H Y . Xfpx fl I , sf fig, essr wings? fikgsff V Cn f?,flfKKf Q ,X by QL X I X 7-X Q !. A , , ,Q ,x.Af.v7 N 'A Y. ,Q 35 K x if af Y A txfiivrxxxxgx gf-, 'H we 3' 7,1 Y tl Y ' , Ki-. if x 6 X 4' rx x "' X , Q s ef, Ffa Fw ii g g sf' 4 4 I I .1 4, J 2 . .M i We rw' if ., J' ' . 3 A CAD Glenn Meredith improves style in prac- tice game on home courts. IBD AHSer Den- nis Jorgensen whips one over to totally confound his opponent. QQ Girls' doubles duo Karen Chambers and Linda Chick work out prior to an important tourney. SPORTS 173 Spikers Work Into Regional After last year's state cham- pionship, the Arlington High girls' volleyball team fell short in 1971 by being eliminated by Midland in the second round of competition at the regional playoffs. This year proved successful for the Colts, though, as they amassed a 19-5 total season. Be- ginning non-district action, the girls blitzed Berkner and Conroe before being beaten by Westches- ter. Big Spring was next to fall to the Colts by scores of 15-12 and 16-14. AHS fell into a slump losing to Midland and Midland Lee. The Colts bounced back onto the win- ning track to defeat five consecu- Members of the AHS volleyball team again found their winning ways by trouncing their seven last non-district opponents. District competition, in the Mac- Arthur gym, ended I3-O for AHS. Mineral Wells went down in de- feat before the Colts, 15-O and 15-1. Sam Houston proved more difficult as the Colts won 15-8, 8- 15, and 16-14. The final match against Castle- berry came out equally well for Arlington, 10-8, 3-15, and 15-4. In regional action AHS came out beating La Vega 15-4 and 15-6 but losing to Midland 8-15, 15-8, and 8-15 to be eliminated from regional competition. tive schools, La Vega, Lancaster, Westchester, Cooper, and Sam Houston before being set back by Castleberry 2 games to one. Colt Co-Captain Janice McAndrew lands a ball over the head of an opposing player. he 4 1 l l l 1 1 l The Arlington High Girls' Volleyball Team includes ltop rowy Patty Berryman, Kathy Berry, Debbie Lineberger, fmiddle rowj Nancie Turner, Holly Wileman, Deb Caudle, Cheryl Watkins, fbottom rowj Paula Furgerson, Janis McAndrew, Sheila Dodds, Cathy Reznicek, and Dorothy Brooks. 174 SPORTS A QAJ All-Star Colt Spiker Janis McAndrew drives back ci ball in one of Arlington's better games. CBJ Cheryl Watkins stands ready to assist as McAndrew spikes back. CCD Mrs. Austin prepares the girls be- fore an important pre-district contest. SPORTS 1 75 Dinner Lauds Spring Sport Participants Arlington's basketball team was honored at the annual basketball banquet this year hosted by Coaches Dale Archer and Judson Pritchard. Guest speaker for the evening was University of Texas assistant coach, Jim O'Bannon. Coach O'Bannon provided an experi- enced talk on the psyche and men- tal attitude of winners. Bob Smith and Bill Kendrick also received their all-district certificates. Kenc drick was further honored as Ar- lington High's Most Valuable Player. He was also cited for his over 1,200 points scored in two seasons of play. The Spring Sports Banquet held in May honored members of the girls' volleyball team, the golf team, the baseball team, the ten- nis team, and the boys' and girls' track squads. At this meeting Mrs. Margie Austin, coach of the girls' volley- ball team, announced Janis McAn- drew and Paula Fugerson as mem- bers of the North team of the All- State game. V Coach Judson Pritchard praised the 7-4A tennis competition win- ners from Arlington and honored Patti Lankford with an Outstand- ing Achievement Award. Heading the boys' track team was Ben Pierce who was esteemed with the Outstanding Performance Award. Finally Mrs. Kathy Standley honored the Colts' first girls' track team and told about their first year. QA, UT's assistant basketball coach Jim O'Bannon eulogizes the winning spirit at the basketball banquet in the cafeteria. QBJ Coach Judson Pritchard congratulates Pat Lankford on winning the Tennis Award. 176 SPORTS . Nix J 1 W' ff .,-f . K ' 3 , ls? r 5 3 F if VV,. in AHS track coach Gerald Richey presents Junior Ben Pierce the Outstanding Performance Award at the May annual Spring Sports Banquet. SPORTS 177 AA BA CA Individuals Lead Teams to Stellar Year Along with the outstanding team efforts displayed by the Ar- lington athletic department were exceptional individual achieve- ments. Beginning with the year's first sport, football, Steve Cordes was named All-District guard, All Greater Fort Worth, All Greater Dallas, and finally, Cordes was chosen as an All-State guard, the first for AHS in l9 years. Cordes was also honored as Arlington Lineman of the Year by the Grover Cribbs Award. Moving to basketball, Bill Ken- drick's 23.1 point average per game proved that he deserved the AHS and Times Herald All-District Most Valuable Player title. Ken- I78 SPORTS drick was also named to the all- district team as an inside man. ln track and field, David McLeod came up with some ex- ceptional performances during the cross country season with a new Division I record 9:23.l while leading the AHS squad to its sec- ond state title. Another record fell when McLeod crashed the Ft. Worth Coaches Indoor Meet rec- ord with first a 4:28.8, then a 4:26.45 clocking in the mile run. In girls' volleyball competition, Janis McAndrew stood out. Janis was named All-Region spike in the match against Midland High School. She was later named to the 4A All-State Volleyball team. QAQ This year's track season finished for David McLeod with a second place district finish. CBJ MVP Bill Kendrick enters the AHS Colt gym for another basketball tilt. QCD Steve Cordes takes the annual Grover Cribbs Award at the AHS football ban- quet. fDD All-State Janis McAndrew leaps high to return a ball in stiff competition. it 4. ll Arlington High School's 1970-1971 girls' track team includes Cstandingj Lorie Walker, Linda Allen, Paula Reno, Dedee Layton, Debbie Estep, Kim Wilson, Melissa Amsler, Betty Price, Louise Seeton, fsittingj Mary Watson, Gail Davis, Marcia Paulk, Jan Williams, Pam Fields, Sue Hollar, Holly Lord, Ann Schroeder, Susan Gorthey, and Ann Machado. Not pictured are Kristi Klinger, Gloria Curry, and Angelica Lipton. ..... at c , W.. W c ii i1 Track Girls Win Honors Beginning work in early March, the AHS girls' track team com- peted in the district meet held at Boswell High and took home a 53-point third-place trophy. ln field events, Betty Price placed fifth in the high iump and second in the broad iump. The 440-yard dash third place honors were awarded to Ann Schroeder. ln the 60-yard dash two AHSers placed, Kristi Klinger and Gail Davis took second and fourth places respectively. Susan Gor- they captured fifth in the 100-yard dash before the 880-yard relay team composed of Melissa Am- sler, Betty Ann Schoeder finished fifth. Winding up the day, the 440'yard relay team, whose mem- bers are Gail, Marcia Paulk, Susan, and Kristi, took first. The following week at the re- gional meet held at Midway High in Waco, Betty finished fifth. x Mrs. Cathy Standley accepts the 440-yard first place trophy from the relay members Susan Gorthey and Marcia Paulk, SPORTS 179 VARSITY FOOTBALL Waco Richfield Paschal Western Hills DISTRICT Trinity Nimitz MacArthur Grand Prairie Irving Bell Sam Houston Highland Park Odessa Permian B-TEAM FOOTBALL Paschal Western Hills Trinity Nimitz MacArthur Grand Prairie Irving Bell Sam Houston VARSITY BASKETBALL Waco Arlington Heights Garland Kimball Mineral Wells Arlington Classics Houston Wheatley Lake Highlands Haltom Waco Garland Tourney Jesuit South Garland Garland Poly Mineral Wells Haltom Arlington Heights Ft. Worth Lions Tourney Wyatt Trinity Western Hills I. M. Terrell DISTRICT MacArthur Nimitz Arlington High Scores Well 42-14 41-14 42-13 21-10 42-13 61-7 41-0 49-6 14-13 48-6 22-0 0-22 22-6 53-13 27-8 14-14 32-26 20-0 21-20 14-7 14-35 98-63 59-64 87-92 80-93 84-53 78-102 62-63 72-73 73-68 65-49 67-52 69-65 99-55 82-76 67-69 81-62 54-57 78-49 70-49 69-71 1 12-63 Grand Prairie Sam Houston Irving Trinity L. D. Bell MacArthur Nimitz Grand Prairie Sam Houston Irving Trinity L. D. Bell MacArthur Garland Waco Arlington Heights Lamar Garland Kimball Mineral Wells Sam Houston Irving Nimitz Haltom Waco Carter Riverside Haltom Poly Trinity Bell Irving Haltom Arlington Heights Lamar MacArthur Nimitz Grand Prairie Sam Houston Irving Trinity L. D. Bell MacArthur Nimitz Grand Prairie Sam Houston Irving Trinity L. D. Bell BI-DISTRICT B-TEAM BASKETBALL DISTRICT 87-85 70-72 70-60I 74-61 73-72 81-67 104-55 71-64 58-55 60-40 80-66 62-61 59-58 74-77I 45-31 43-65, 44-26 41 -57y 58-571 75-46N 55-589 54-63 54-57 56-71 y 47-501 45-24 60-651 52-631 68-56 65-42 51 -55- 63-64 20-68 58-47 63-65 47-32 65-56 40-51 30-65 67-64 71-53 45-50 76-46 62-66 48-52 46-48 65-58 68-51 second place Through "Year of the Colts" Jesuit Nolan Lewisville St. Mark's Arlington Fort Worth Kimball Richardson State CROSS COUNTRY TENNIS Thanksgiving Tourney Garland Tourney Irving Tourney Bell Tourney District Tourney TRACK Ft. Worth Indoor Track Meet Kimball Relays Triangle Meet Arlington Relays ACC Triangular Meet Prairie Relays District Meet Regional Meet GOLF Abilene Invitational Southwest Recreational Austin Invitational Bluebonnet Invitational Wichita Falls District Tourney Regional Tourney Dallas Invitational GIRLS Berkner Conroe Westchester Big Spring Midland Midland Lee La Vega Lancaster Westchester Cooper Sam Houston ' VOLLEYBALL third place second place second place second place second place third place second place second place first place fifth place fourth place third place second place no place seventh place first place ninth place third place second place third place sixteenth place sixth place second place third place second place eighth place first place third place fourth place won won lost won lost lost won won won won won Castleberry Mineral Wells Nimitz Sam Houston Irving MacArthur Boswell Berkner Mineral Wells Sam Houston Castleberry La Vega Midland Arlington Heights Poly Castleberry Arlington Heights Western Hills Paschal Arlington Heights Western Hills Mesquite Carter Riverside Carter Riverside Mesquite L. D. Bell Trinity MacArthur Sam Houston Nimitz Irving Grand Prairie Trinity MacArthur Sam Houston Bell Nimitz Grand Prairie District Meet Regional meet DISTRICT REGIONAL BASEBALL DISTRICT GIRLS' TRACK lost won won won won won won won WOT1 WOFI WOT1 won lost I -4 5-2 0-3 7-6 5-9 2-4 4-2 3-7 5-I 2 O-3 I -2 4-6 6-4 I2-5 2-I I-2 I I-3 O-I 5-2 0-4 2-I O-9 5-9 6-2 O-7 third place fifth place I F we Q .4 . - W ,- , - ,X 5 YQ , "1--. 1 Q T5 5 f 4 182 Faculty Pen in hand, Mr. John Webb pauses a mo- ment in his new administrative duties. FACULTY Superintendent James W. Martin peeks at the meeting agenda held by Mr. Roy Woods. School Superintendent James W. Martin and his wife are congratulated for twenty-five years of outstanding service by Student Council President George Tuttle during an AHS pep rally. 2 2 5 B 4 3 4 i Handling the many problems of a rapidly growing school system are this year's trustees, fstandingj Dr. J. M. Farrell, Mr. Charles Young, Mr. William Bondurant, fseatedl Dr. Truett C. Boles, Mr. Tom W. Foster, and Mrs. Christine Barnett. Not pictured is Dr. Wendell Nedderman. Board of Trustees Meets Schools' Needs lf he doesn't get quiet I'Il have to use my fast draw," ponders Mr. James Martin as he and Board President Mr. Tom Foster prepare to sit down at one of the School Board meetings. Meeting the needs of the Arling- ton Independent School District, its teachers, buildings, and students, are the primary concerns of the administration and the Board of Education. Headed by Superintendent of Schools James W. Martin, the ad- ministration includes Assistant Su- perintendent of Education Wood- row Counts, and Assistant Super- intendent of Finance Roy Wood. Making up the Board of Educa- tion are seven private citizens who work diligently to better the school system. They are Mr. Tom Foster, president, Dr. Truett C. Boles, vice- president, Mr. Charles W. Young, secretary, Dr.-J. M. Farrell, vice- secretary, Mr. William L. Bondu- rant, Mrs. Tye Barnett, and Dr. W. H. Nedderman. FACULTY "My door will always be open to students," promised Mr. James W. Crouch upon his selection to be the principal of Arlington High School, and he has kept that promise. Prior to the appointment to the position formerly held by Mr. John Webb, Mr. Crouch occupied the office of vice-principal at Sam Houston High school, and had held that position since that school opened in 1963. But AHS is not new to him since he was formerly a teacher at AHS. He instructed in the math depart- ment for three years, and his two remaining years at AHS were spent in organizing and teaching Distributive Education. "My office ought to be right about here," thinks newly appointed principal Mr. Crouch as he looks over the artist's conception of a then unbuilt Arlington High New Principal Begins Duties at rlington A.H.S.'s number one cheerleader encour- Mr. Crouch guides graduates of Arlington ages crowd at the Homecoming pep rally, High during the Roaring Twenties Reunion. l 86 FACULTY Proclaiming his loyalty to his new school, Mr. Crouch addresses the first pep rally. 5 Mr. Floyd Spracklen makes a belated exit from X , Vice Principal Weldon Wright stands by ,as Soph John McCoy quenches thirst. dministration i l I Fulfilling one of their many duties are first period office aide girls Debbie Greene, Joyce Wilson, and Leslie Quinn showing the list of absences to Dean of Girls, Miss Mamie Price. the drama room into a Spirit Week picture Manages A S Administrative details, student attendance, and discipline were all managed by three members of the administration. As Mr. Crouch's aide, Vice-Prin- cipal Floyd Spracklen developed open lines of communication be- tween faculty and administration and between the student body and the administration. Miss Mamie Price, dean of women, oversaw the various duties necessary to ikeep the l,2OO female students of Arling- ton High in line with School Board wishes. She helped maintain the dress code and investigated ab- sences. Serving fbr the first time as one of AHS's vice-principals, Mr. Wel- don Wright, was in charge of boys' attendance and discipline. FACULTY l 87 Secretaries of Arlington High School connected the student body and the administrative de- partment in many areas. Mrs. Alma Hardman served as Mr. Crouch's secretary, while Mrs. Jean Pitzer was Miss Price's secre- tary. In the attendance office, Mrs. Jeanne Butler and Mrs. Helen Crofford worked with boys absen- ces and acted as secretaries for the vice-principals. Responsible for all in-coming and out-going funds, Mrs. Eliza- beth Mclntosh served as book- keeper at AHS. For the first time, AHS had a full time nurse's aide, Mrs. Lucille Ward, who was in charge of all students who became ill at school. Mrs. Lucille Ward carries out the daily chore of filing reports on ill students. FACULTY 1 i i i 1 1 4 4 4 i i Mrs. Alma Hardman and Mrs. Jean Pitzer, secretaries in Mr. Crouch's office, combine efforts to maintain order among files and telephone calls which beset them many times a day. Secretaries Aid School File i l l 4 l Secretaries in the attendance office, Mrs. Jean Butler and Mrs. Helen Crofford, grin and bear the onslaught of people across the counter seeking passes, admit slips and counselors. dvisors Help A S Classes Arlington High School's counse- lors provided many services for students. Divided according to last names, students were thus able to keep the same counselor all three of their years at AHS. Counselors did all scheduling of classes during the summer as the school returned to manual sched- uling after three years with a com- puter service. They were especially helpful to seniors trying to select a college. Counselors averaged grades, mailed transcripts, and made references. ln the spring, the counselors helped iuniors and sophomores at AHS, make course selections for the coming year. AHS counselors Mrs Jozelle Whitfield and Mrs Carol Winter exchange Ideas In an effort to better provide for the needs of their students. FACULTY Mrs. Edith Moore helps sophs explore the wondrous world of English literature. A wide spectrum of literature was studied this year by Arlington High School sophomore English students. Novels, short stories, es- says, poems, and Greek myths, were included in the comprehen- sive course of study. In another part of sophomore English, writing as a form of creativity was empha- sized. Selected students were once again included in the special hon- ors and pilot classes. These cours- es were primorily inductive, and concerned world literature. 190 FACULTY MRS. CAROL BARTLEY MRS. KAY BURKE MRS. FLO FRANCIS English ll English II English ll Abilene Christian College, Sophomore sponsor Senior sponsor B.A. AFJROTC Henderson State Teachers Sweetheart sponsor Baylor University, B.A. College, B.S.E. Sophomores Study World Lit Asserting her authority on Howdy Day, Mrs. Janet Stalcup conducts her pupils in "the" song MRS. VALOISE MASSEY English ll Midwestern University, B.A. MRS. JANET STALCUP English ll Sophomore sponsor Red Cross, UIL sponsor Spelling sponsor T.C.U., B.S. Juniors Try Team-Teaching New ideas in the learning proc- ess were introduced in the iunior English program this year. As al- ways, the curriculum was mainly concerned with the development and growth of American literature. For the first time, however, team- teaching was used to link the im- portance of literature to that of history. Students remained in the same classroom for two periods receiving credit for both English and history. This allowed for long- er and fuller discussions and elimi- nated some ideas that had previ- ously overlapped. "As I have said before, footnotes are very tricky to perfect," repeats Mrs. Ruth Butler. MRS. RUTH BUTLER English lll l l l l Clark University, M.A. MRS. VIRGINIA CURRIE English Ill Texas Wesleyan University, B.A. MRS. EDITH MOORE English III Junior sponsor Texas Christian University, B.A. All students learned about vari- ous phases of American literature through their study of diaries, nov- els, short stories, plays, poems, and journals. MRS. BETTY PETIT English Ill Humanities Junior Sponsor University of Texas at Arlington, B.A. MR. JUDSON PRITCHARD English III Junior Varsity Basketball Coach Baylor University, B.A. FACULTY 191 Writing Aids Senior Skills To enable students to practice their skills in grammar, composi- tion, and creativeness, senior Eng- lish classes stressed the writing of themes. Senior English students were placed in various levels of study. Regular English involved the basic study of literature and grammar. The text used made a survey of English literature. Due to a shortage of textbooks, this year, both honors and pilot classes studies the book formerly used by only the pilot course. Not only did all the honors classes in AHS use the same book, but also the honors classes at Sam Houston High read from it. This enabled teachers to coordinate the,curricu- lum city-wide. All levels studied "Oedipus," "Macbeth," and delved into the poetry of both modern and archa- ic writers. MRS. KATHERINE BROWN MRS. JUANITA DODGEN MRS. NADINE FREIWALD English IV English Ill, IV English IV Ready Writers National Honor Society Senior Sponsor University of Texas at Literary Club Texas Christian University, Arlington, M.A. University of Texas, M.A. M.A. Don Davis, Susie Dodgen, Billy Rhodes, and Eddie Farrell appear to be intensely interested in something they can see over the shoulder of senior English teacher, Mrs. Juanita Dodgen MRS. MARTHA ROARK MISS MELBA RODDY MRS. MARY BETH WARD English IV English IV English IV Howard Payne College, Senior Sponsor Baylor University, B.A. B.A. Southern Methodist University, M.Ed. I92 FACULTY Math Teacher Uses Authoritative Power Arlington High School's mathe- matics department offered a wide range of courses dealing with all aspects of the subiect. Business and related math courses were designed for those students who planned to enter the business world upon graduation, with emphasis on adding and sub- tracting. A new technique known as a clinic in which upperclassmen with a proficiency in math aided stu- dents having difficulties in math courses, was introduced this year. Both students and their aides re- ceived credit for their work. The new innovation was well received by both students and teachers. While Seniors James Demases, Cliff Becket, and Scott Collins chirrup cheerfully, Mr. James Anton exercises his prerogative on Howdy Day, leading them in the invigorating fight song. MR. JAMES ANTON MRS. LOU BAKER MRS. E. G. BEARDEN CVAE, Related Math Algebra Algebra ll Geometry Junior Sponsor Geometry Junior Sponsor Trinity University, B.A. University af Texas at University of Texas at Arlington, MA- Arlington, B.S. MISS CHRISTINE BOYER Algebra ll Geometry Math Club Sponsor Lamar State College ol Technology, B.A. FACULTY 193 MRS. BEA FALVO 2:22:31 Math Courses Prepar 9 Sophomore Sponsor University of Texas at Arlington, B.A. MR. LARRY JOHNSON Algebra Related Math Sophomore Sponsor North Texas State University, B.S. MR. J. O. LOVE Business Math Geometry University of Houston, M.Ed. MRS. KAREN LOWE Consumer Math Geometry East Texas Baptist College, B.S. "Here's a shortcut," grins Mr. Glenn EI l l i l E Taking advantage ofa conference period, math teachers Mrs. Bea Flavo, Mrs. Elken Bearden, and Mr. Richard Rachel grade a few test papers. FACULTY Students for College Simmons as he helps Soph Charles Miller. MRS. RHONDA McNEW Geometry Related Math II UIL Number Sense Southwest Texas State University, MISS GERTIE MORRIS Trigonometry Elementary Analysis Duke University, M.Ed. MR. GLENN E. SIMMONS Trigonometry Geometry Mu Alpha Theta Sponsor University of Texas at Arlington, MRS. JUDITH WOOD Geometry Related Math Midwestern University, B.A. MRS. GRACE ROBERTS Algebra I, ll Texas Woman's University, M.S. Advanced courses of learning included subiects that are consid- ered to be college preparatory. Most college-bound students took both plane geometry and Algebra I. Geometry centered on theorems and the writing of formal proofs, while Algebra I concerned solving linear equations. More advanced courses in- cluded Algebra Il, in which both li- near and quadratic equations were studied, and trigonometry which dealt with trigonometric functions and Iogarithms. Students showing exceptional ability were allowed to further their studies and take college level analysis. FACULTY I 95 MRS. MARGIE AUSTIN Physical Education Volleyball Coach Cheerleader Sponsor Texas Woman's University, M.Ed. MRS. MARGARET CLECKLER Physical Education Drill Team University of Alabama, B.S. MR. MIKE O'BRlEN Physical Education Senior Sponsor University of Texas at Austin, B.S., M.Ed. PE Stresses Body Fitness Boy's physical education classes stressed the need for physical fit- ness and the development of pro- ficiency in many team sports, in- cluding football, baseball, and basketball. Besides regular class room duties, instructors also served as coaches on many of the athletic teams at Arlington High School. Through their diligent work and long hours they aided these teams to place highly in district and state races. Enioyment of physical fitness was evidenced by the many stu- dents who took more then their re- quired year of PE. 196 FACULTY MR. BILL CARTER Physical Education Sophomore Sponsor Football Coach East Texas, M.S. MR. WENDELL LACKEY Civics Football Coach Senior Sponsor North Texas State Univer MR, JOHN REDDELL Head Football Coach sity, M.Ed Oklahoma University, B.S. "Kill 'eml" exhorts Defensive Coach Hugh McCrabb even though Colts already lead 42 14 Darlene Bennett and Donna Broyles stand by anxiously as Mrs. Margaret Cleckler consults her notes in the Colt County Fair Arlettes booth. MR. GERALD RICHEY Boys P.E. B-Team Football Coach Track and Cross-Country Coach Abilene Christian College, B.S., M.Ed. MRS. KATHY STANDLEY MR. MIKE STOVALL Girls P.E. Civics Junior Varsity Cheerleader Baseball Coach Sponsor Football Coach Girls' Track Sponsor Abilene Christian College, University of Arkansas B.S. B.S.E. PE Develops Coordination Attaining physical fitness and developing muscular coordination were the two main obiectives of the girl's physical education de- partment. ln order to achieve these goals, classes were instruct- ed in the basic rules and skills nec- essary to play and enioy sports such as volleyball, basketball, ten- nis, badminton, ping-pong, and archery. PE courses also included many hours of supervised exercises. For the first time credit was given for a regular class consisting of the newly formed drill team, the Ar- lettes. FACULTY 197 MRS. MARCIA ADAMS MRS, ALICE BIGGS Biology I Biology I Texas Tech University, B.S. University of Texas at Arlington, B.A. 5 O Enioying a weekly pep rally are Mrs. Billie Requiring everyone to have at least Iwo science units before graduation, Arlington High School gave students a well-rounded aca- demic background. Biology I generally covered the elementary life sciences of plants, animals, and the human body. Biology II delved more deeply into life processes and their chemical aspects. Chemistry provided tools with which students could become ac- quainted with the inner workings of molecules and the compounds they formed. Physics emcompassed the studies of.heat, radiation, and me- chanics in a practical sense. 198 FACULTY Davis, Mrs. Marie Crouch, and Mrs. Nita Farmer. Students Gain Varied if 1,553 I st I sfl't'S 'lle Ruiale "OK, Where did everybody go?" wonders Mrs. Margaret Fry during Arlington High School's Homecoming activities. MR. MIKE CADE MRS. MARY CLEMENTS MR. FRANK COLLINS Chemistry Chemistry Biology I Junior Sponsor Texas Wesleyan College, Hardin-Simmons University, NHS Sponsor M.S. M.Ed. East Texas State University, M.S. Science Backgrounds Through S Classes f 1-, 'U 9. ,KM Wg, ati fe l Urban Rogers and Linda Kincade display two of many collages created by biology students under supervision of teacher Mrs. Marcia Adams. MRS, RONNELL CUNYU5 MR. WELDON K. ENGLISH MRS. NITA JAN FARMER MRS. MARGARET FRY MR, R, C, MORRISON Biology I PIIYSICS Biology I Biology I, II Biology I Ngnh Texas Sgage Physical Science Baylor University, B.A. Para-Medical Sponsor Texqs A 8. M, B,5, Unive,-sgfyl B.S. East Texas State University, Texas Tech University, M.A. B.S. FACULTY I 99 Both college-bound students and those who intended to go di- rectly to secretarial positions found valuable experience in the business department of AHS. Typing I students used both manual and electric machines while learning the fundamentals of typing. They also received helpful instructions in theme typing. In Typing Il, speed and techniques were stressed. Teaching various skills useful in the realm of the business world, the other courses offered by the department included general busi- ness, bookkeeping, and clerical practice. The Office Education As- sociation gave its members experi- ence in business positions. MRS. LYNDALL LANDS MRS. BILLIE JO DAVIS Typing I Clerical Practice Prairie View A 8. M, B.A. g . X , MRS. MARIE CROUCH Typing II Shorthand II University af Texas, M.B.A. MRS. CAROLYN HAMMONDS General Business Shorthand l Typing I Teafas Wesleyan College, B.B.A. Typing I FTA Sponsor North Texas State University, B.S. MR. TOM F. McCRARY Bookkeeping General Business FBLA Sponsor North Texas State University, B.S. FACULTY .fat I we K . 'V - -1. ,K .I wi! sf' :. ff c In f "Well, I4 errors in 25 words is still I I words correct," thinks logical Kim Shelton, Mr. FBLA while typing teacher, Mrs. Pat Taylor, notices his typing with more serious thoughts Business Department Readies Secretaries ln an attempt to ward off errors, Mrs. Patricia Thompson watches closely as a bookkeeping student makes an entry in her class practice sheet. MRS. CLOYE SHERROD MRS. MILDRED SHUPEE MRS. PAT TAYLOR Shorthand I Vocational Office Education Typing I Typing I NHS Sponsor Shorthand I National Honor Society OEA Sponsor FBLA Sponsor Sponsor Texas Woman's University, Texas Christian University, Texas Christian University, B.S. 5.5. M.Ed. MRS. PATRICIA THOMPSON Bookkeeping FBLA Sponsor North Texas State University, M.Ed. FACULTY 201 Arts Provide Talent Outlets All forms of creative expression found outlet in the Fine Arts de- partment this year. Art for beginners and advanced students was offered in Art I and II. Commercial Art provided expe- rience in business forms of art. Poise and confidence were at- tained by students enrolled in speech, while the drama courses stressed acting practice. Photography students learned camera techniques, while second year iournalism students combined to produce the school COLT and Col-T CORRAL- Journalism I SIU' "Don't you dare saw off these steps!" excloims Miss Wanda Modding to Mrs. Ava Smith, det'1lS studied writing techniques. the AHS speech teacher, while they check over the lighting sets for one of the school plays MISS MARTHA CORBOY Art I, II Art Club Sponsor University of Texas at Arlington, B.A. MRS. PHYLLIS FOREHAND Journalism I, II COLT CORRAL Sponsor COLT Sponsor Quill and Scroll Sponsor North Texas State University, B.A. MR. LOWELL L. TEMPLIN Photography Photography Club Sponsor Southwest Texas State University, B.S 202 FACULTY at , , Wt? "Oh, is that where the Senior .lack Stewart to M t 1 WD' film goes?" asks r. Lowell Templin. MRS. AVA SMITH MISS WANDA MADDING Speech Speech Drama Drama Thespians Sponsor Thespians Sponsor East Texas Baptist College, North Texas State B.A. University, B.A. "'Q""' 2 ,- Master Sergeant Jerry Shafer, AFJROTC teacher, blows out the candles on a surprise birth- day cake before opening the presents given to him by the cadets at the annual "dining-in." Cadets Enjoy NASA Tour Lending a military air to Arling- ton High, the Air Force Junior Re- serve Officers Training Corps pro- vided both training and activities for its participants. Taking field trips, Corps mem- bers visited such places as Gener- al Dynamics, Ling-Temco-Vought, and the seniors toured NASA in Houston. At Carswell Air Force Base they practiced on airplane simulators. Precision drill teams were formed that participated in various competitions in which they were in- spected in drill regulation and fancy dress. LT. COL. JACK ROBINSON Aerospace Education AFJROTC Sponsor Texas Tech University, B.S. SGT. JERRY SHAFER Aerospace Education AFJROTC Sponsor FACULTY 203 Histor Lives For AHSers Relating the past to the present, Arlington High social science teachers proved that the knowl- edge of history is necessary to the study of today. To graduate, students must have completed courses in Ameri- can history, world history, and civ- ics. Elective courses included Texas history, economics, sociolo- gy, and Humanities of the South- west. World History gave students a knowledge of the background of modern European and Eastern cul- tures. its "Well, I see you botched the stencil again," says Mrs Bonnie Shelley sternly to a laughin Mrs. Patricia Male while Mrs. Virginia Currie and Mrs. Ruth Butler look on with amusement. l l l l i MR. DAN BAILEY MRS. MARY LOU BUNTYN MISS PEARL BUTLER MRS. PAT FLATT MRS. PAT MALE Civics American History American History World History American History Economics Junior Sponsor Texas Christian University, University ot Texas, B.S. JUf'lOf SPOVISOY 1 North Texas State College, Texas Christian University, B,A. University of Houston, B.S. , B.A. B.S. 204 FACULTY MRS. VIRGINIA MARTIN Civics Texas History Texas Christian University, B,S. MR. TRAVIS POLK World History North Texas State University, M.S. MRS. BONNIE SHELLEY American History North Texas State University, M.Ed. Mrs. Betty Pettit, humanities instructor, meets with interested parents during Open House. MRS. NATALEE PARR American History Southern Methodist University, B.A. MRS. MARGIE B. RHOADS American History World History Georgia State College, B.A. Teachers Use New Method In American history students learned of the "growth" period of their country along with its funda- mental laws and statutes. A new method of teaching, called team or cooperative teach- ing, was used at AHS in some American history and English classes. Team teaching was prac- ticed in history and English to show the relation between the pe- riod the author lived in and his works. Providing students with a more intensive study, civics prepared I them for their adult years of vot- ing by examining state, local, and national government. A new course at AHS, Humani- ties of the Southwest, sought to help people understand more about cultural influences and how they shaped the behavior patterns and cultural heritage here in Ar- lington. With no set text, the course included the discovery of man through music, art, and archi- tecture. FACULTY 205 Miss Pearl Butler checks part of the read- ing material for American History classes. The library of Arlington High School provided students with a many faceted program for all types of study. Nearly 17,500 books and periodicals from many areas were available. Although some of the library's resources were for recreational purposes, most were for research and study use. Again this year, the library was the center for all audio-visual ma- terial in the school. However, for the first time an intensive study unit was set up next to the library where students needing practice or wishing to further their studies could borrow tapes for individual laboratory use. 206 FACULTY I MRS. ANN TURNEY MR. DAVID WALKER MR. LARRY WILLIAMS Civics Humanities of the Sociology Sociology Southwest Senior Sponsor Hendrik College, B.A. FTA Sponsor East Texas State University, Louisiana College, B.A. M.S. , Librarian Helps With Studies 1 ,gl Mrs. Georgia Coker and Mrs. Lois Buchert aid Mrs. Patricia Moses in sorting library tiles. MRS. PATRICIA ANNE MOSES Librarian Library Club Sponsor East Texas State University, B.S. MR. DALE ARCHER Basketball Coach Driver Education Student Council Sponsor Texas Wesleyan College, M.Ed. . Ig' id -if r MR. CHARLES L. HAYDEN Driver Education Safety Council Sponsor Junior Sponsor Sul Ross College, M.Ed. Ag Students Raise Champs Special skills were taught by the drafting, electronics, driver's edu- cation, and vocational agricultural classes. -t rti 1' s Jake Kinnard, ag instructor, aids his student, David Davidson, in showing a champion. MR, J, EDGAR CULLERS MR. MARTIN EASTBURN Drafting I, ll, lll Electronics I, ll Colorado State College, M.A. WCA SPOUSOV East Texas State University, B.S. Mechanical drawing and draft- ing classes dealt with the drawing and reading of blueprints, structu- ral design, and basic drafting. A special classroom situation in- volving two hours of work, was im- plemented in Electronics I and ll, the study of the branch of physics dealing with electrons, circuits, and other components of electron- ic technology. ln driver's education classes, students spent six weeks studying the laws of driving and the funda- mentals of car mechanics. They then progressed to actual driving experience on the roads. Conservation of soil, pest con- trol, and treatment of livestock and plant diseases were taught in the three-year vocational agricul- tural program. FACULTY 207 I Shop Classes Teach Skills Giving students valuable insight into various phases of the voca- tional world, the vocational de- partment guided business-minded . pupils toward successful careers. Providing participants with on- the-iob experience, Distributive Education, Coordinated Vocation- al Academic Education, and Voca- tional Office Education gave stu- dents a chance to learn while earning money and learning about obs. "lt looks like he cut out about a foot too much," laughs shop teacher Mr Donald Roblyer MR. LYNN BROWN MRS. RUTH ELLIS MR. GLENN HICKSON Distributive Education Vocational Resource Distributive Education Senior Sponsor Southern Methodist, M.Ed. Key Club Sponsor DECA Sponsor Interact Sponsor Southern Methodist University, B.B.A. 208 FACULTY DECA Sponsor Texas Wesleyan College, B.S. MRS. ELIZABETH MANNING Coordinated Vocational Academic Education CVAE Sponsor University of Houston, B.S Metal Shop Drafting V.l.C.A. I T ti V,ikk Mr. Glenn Hickson, Distributive Education teacher, helps set up the display window. MR. JERRY RICHEY East Texas State University, B.S. MR. JOHN T. RITTER lndustrial Cooperative Training North Texas State University, M.A. Spending their afternoons on the iob in offices, retail sales, and industries, each pupil in the pro- grams finished required courses in the morning. Distributive Education members sold programs at football games to finance activities, while Coordi- nated Vocational Academic Edu- cation members found iobs not re- quiring skilled labor, such as posi- tions at service stations, grocery stores, or dry cleaners. lndustrial art courses offered boys the opportunity to learn such principles as application of mecha- nisms, influence of automation, and mass production. in-Y"' Arlington High School Special Education students, under the direction of Mrs. Ruth Ellis with guest Mr. Del Sparks, take time from their busy schedule to plan for a Christmas tea. MR. DON ROBLYER Industrial Arts Woodwork Sophomore Sponsor Kansas State College, M.S. MRS. PATSY SPRACKLEN Coordinated Vocational Academic Education CVAE Sponsor North Texas State University, M.S. FACULTY 209 Pupils Learn New Tactics Helping the modern homemak- ing student to learn to balance her finances in today's inflationary world, Arlington's home econom- ics department taught the art of "sewing for yourself," a rare com- modity in these fashion-minded days of couture designers. Homemaking ll students learned to sew problem materials, such as very sheer fabrics or those that ravel, while Homemaking lll stu- dents studied the even more diffi- cult skills involved in tailoring. These girls learned to do all the difficult "hidden work" that makes a garment fit like a designer origi- nal. While studying sewing, home- making students also learned inte- rior decorating, and how to choose the right furnishings for their future homes. MISS ANN HOWARD Homemaking FHA Sponsor Universny of-rams, 5.5. Mrs. Vada Turnham helps Lee Ann Sherwood find information she needs from textbook FACULTY MRS. CARILETA ROSS MRS. VADA TURNHAM Homemaking Homemaking FHA Sponsor FHA Sponsor Texas Women's University, 8.5. Texas Tech University B S MR. DEAN COREY MISS JANE ELLIS Band Choir Texas Christian University, Youth Guidance Sponsor M.M.Ed. North Texas State University, M.Ed. 1 'Mr. Dean Corey "warms up" with a hot cup of coffee during one of the football games. l MR. JERRY MASSEY MR. MICHAEL WALKER Choir Band Texas Christian University, Stage Band y B.M.Ed. Kansas State Teacher's College, M.M. A in l 1 Bands, Choirs Stress Style The music departments of Ar- lington High School provided stu- dents with many opportunities for enrichment along choral and in- strumental lines. All band students were active in either the Colt Marching Band or the Stage Band. The 120 musi- cians presented Colt halftime shows and played at pep rallies. ln the choral field, students could choose from the sophomore choir, the mixed chorus, the newly formed Treble Chorale, and the Choraliers. Miss Jane Ellis, Choralier director, gets a "student's eye view" of some new music. FACULTY 211 Because of the number of inter- ested students, the foreign lan- guage department offered two new advanced courses, French lll and Latin lll. Students who had progressed beyond the offered courses at- tended classes at UTA. Latin was the only course which did not concentrate on speaking. Instead, the history of the Roman Empire and written work was stressed. French I and ll developed the basic fundamentals of the French language as well as the geogra- phy and life of France. Correct pronunciation and usage, and a knowledge of Ger- many and her peoples was the main concern of German I and ll. Spanish courses provided op- portunities for proficiency in both oral and written work. MRS. EARLENE STOUT Spanish I World History FLC Sponsor AFS Sponsor Southwestern State College, B.A. MRS. SHARON MARS French I, ll, III FLC Sponsor Junior Sponsor University of Texas at Arlington, B.A. 2l2 FACULTY MRS. NADINE BARKER MRS. DOROTHY HOLLAND MRS. GLENDA KEILSTRUP Latin I, II, III Spanish ll, lll German I, II, Ill FLC Sponsor FLC Sponsor FLC Sponsor East Texas Stage Univefgiyyl Texas Wesleyan College, University of Texas at M.Ed. M.A. Arlington, B.A. Department dds 2 Courses "I want a Hot Wheels Supercharger," says Mrs. Nadine Barker to Santa Brad Poster Workers Preserve Cleanliness, Nutrition l ton High workers. I AHS Custodian Mr. Berry Bell goes about the unceasing iob of keeping Arlington spotless. Providing the students of Arling- School with nourishing and balanced meals was the main concern of the school cafeteria Headed by Mrs. Ellen Busbee, this group of women served facule ty and students in both the regular cafeteria line and the snack line. Managing the general upkeep of the school building and grounds kept the custodians busy through- out the year. Included in their many duties were maintenance of heating facilities, control of litter around the parking lot, and, when needed, help in the cafeteria with cleaning up. Preparing another nutritious luncheon for the students and faculty of Arlington High are Mrs. Carrie Beckham and Mrs, Mary Alice Johnson. FACULTY 213 Belting out the finale, "Hello District," are Miss Jane Ellis, Miss Ann Howard, Mrs. Pat Thompson, Mrs. Rhonda McNew, and Mrs. Pat Flatt. Faculty Stars in Homecoming Pep Rally "Man, you don't know how much l dig this soul music!" exclaims Sgt. Jerry "Elvis" Shafer. A1 H0meC0mln9 PCP "9llY Miss Elizabeth Amos proclaims support of Ashley Colt. 214 FACULTY l love you all," shouts Mrs. Ronell Cunyus as the Colt Spirit in the annual faculty skit. Spirit Reigns In Rally Skit With a would-be Elvis Presley crooning "Blue Suede Shoes" and the truant Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn being rounded up by Aunt Polly, the Arlington High faculty began the traditional Homecom- ing skit. Fifty-two members of the faculty put on a skit featuring "The Colt Spirit." This was a greater re- sponse from the teachers than ever before. The skit, written by Mrs. Mary Lou Buntyn, Mrs. Betty Pettit, and Mrs. Sharon Mars, rep- resented history from Christopher "Colt" confronting King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella to a landing on the moon and planting the Ar- lington High School Banner. Dressed in 1950 vintage bobby socks and long skirts, Mrs. Kathy Standley, Mrs. Janet Stalcup, Mrs. Karen Lowe, and Mrs. Ruth Ellis giggle hysterically and make a frenzied bid for attention before they settle back to enioy the rest of the show during the Homecoming pep rally. FACULTY 215 216 as I l l? Classes Seniors ,nr 'Senior class officers Mike Pringle, Pat Workman, Bill Kendrick, and Debbie Woods gently, engrossed in making plans toward their upcoming Senior Council meeting. Leaders Bear Class Burden A Culminating their high school careers, seniors needed capable and experienced leaders to plan and execute such important activi- ties as graduation and baccalaure- ate. The five officers chosen were Mike Pringle, president, Ronny Trammell, vice-president, Pat Workman, secretary-treasurer, Debbie Woods, girl's social chair- Qman, and Bill Kendrick, boy's so- cial chairman. l Mike led this group in planning gfor the Senior Prom, senior spirit week, and the magazine sale as well as participating in many other 'school groups. He was in the Key lClub, Interact, and has had roles ,in several dramatic productions. As a three-year letterman in base- ball, he was chosen to the All-Dis- trict team, and was quarterback for two years on the varsity foot- ball team. As his assistant, Ronny Tram- mell presided when Mike was not available. In addition to these responsibilities, he served as trea- surer ofthe Interact Club, and was active in Choraliers, the Senior Council, and Thespians. As well as managing the fi- nances and correspondence of the senior class, Secretary-Treasurer Pat Workman participated in the Arlington Teen Council, Tri-Hi-Y, Young Life, the Safety Council, the Student Council, and the Choral- iers. Providing the basic planning and the carrying out of the final details were the two social chair- men. ln addition, Debbie was a member of the Future Home- makers of America and Young Life, and Bill Kendrick was Key Club vice-president and captain of the varsity basketball team. work dili- Jy -' ' V 'EZ'-:mm '- "They told me l'd have burdens to bear as president, but not THIS," protests Mike. SENIORS 219 Seniors Take Lead Roles in Productions Putting the final touches on weeks of practice, Seniors Charley Hukill, Ronnie Trammell, and Nicky Walker act out a scene from "Thieves Carnival," the AHS UIL one-act play entry. One of the many activities which seniors participated in was the drama productions. Not only did they fill most of the starring roles for the all-school play, "The Mouse That Roared," and the all- school play, "Mame," but they helped in other ways as well. A Seniors were largely responsi-L ble for the set decorations and scenery as well as for the cos- tumes and make-up work. Responsible in large part for coordinating all activities of the senior class from the prom to thel plays, from the float to the gradu-l ation were the six sponsors. Serving this year were Mrs. Flo Francis, Mr. Lynn Brown, Miss Melba Roddy, Mrs. Nadine Friel wald, Mr. David Walker, and Mrl Larry Williams. Combining ideas to make plans and arrangements for such senior activities as the banquet, prom, vespers, and graduation ceremonies are this year's senior sponsors, Mrs. Flo Francis, Mr. David Walker, Miss Melba Roddy, Mr. Lynn Brown, Mr. Larry Williams, and Mrs. Nadine Friewald. 220 SENIORS Man, this is the greatest," thinks Mike Pringle as he and Michelle Byam enioy the prom along with fellow classmates at the Golden Palace. 'What for?" wonders Tanya Turner as Billy Wine gives her the "Duh" Award at banquet. Seniors Enjo Dinner, Prom Seniors "colored their world" perfect while carrying out that theme at their last big social event as students of Arlington High School, their banquet and prom June 2 at the lnn of Six Flags Golden Palace Ballroom. Bouquets of variegated flowers interspersed with world maps clot- ted the tables at the banquet. De- signed by art students, programs were in hues of orange and pink. Humorous awards such as the Duh, Fashion, Best Orator, Cap- tain Kangaroo Look Alike, Various and Sundry Reasons, Peek a Boo, Smiley, Miss Virtuosity, Big Mouth, the All-American Flag Waving, and the Most Unforgiveable Sound Awards were presented at the dinner. Other entertainment featured a movie depicting the life of an AHS senior during 1970-7l. After a break during which most of the girls went home and donned elaborate formal gowns, the prom began. Cheshire played for the event which lasted until midnight. SENIORS 221 SENIORS Terry Anderson Tod Anderson Kim Andrews Richard Aaron Bob Aikman Jim Airheart Randy Aldriedge Andrea Almond Debbie Althoff Debbie Altman Mike Anderson Sneaking in an extra few minutes of study before an impending test Cheryl Mackey uses the Career Center's quiet surroundings for her best advantage Larry Armour Jill Athans in Lynn Auvenshine Senior Studies in Quiet of Career Center Steve Ayres Nancy BQ- Phillip Baggett James Bailey Ann Baker Ricky Baker John Balfour Chuck Balsamico Patty Balusek era Banks Nelson arcroft Ricky Barker SENIORS 223 SENIORS Cathy Barnes Dala Barnes Ray Barrett Larry Bartley Barbara Bass During the first quarter of the game against Trinity, as Arlington trails by three points, Carl Pointer looks on as his teammates try to even the odds. James Bass James Bass Barbara Bates Jackie Bates Colt Captain Watches Teammates' Battle Ricky Bates Larry Batts Rick Beadles Alison Bean Janie Bean Paul Beauford Bill Beck Cliff Beckett Bryan Beckler Gaye Becknal Barbara Beesley Sonia Bell SENIORS 225 Marge Bellomy Darlene Bennett Cheerleaders Add Spirit to Games SENIORS rfd Exuberont Senior Cheerleader Laurie Walker leads the student section in the Colt spirit chant, "Yea Colts, Kick 'em!" during a victorious gridiron clash. l Jan Benoit Sharon Benski Earlene Benson Paul Benson l l l 4 l Fred Berberich 1 Kirk Bergner Debbie Berry Mitch Berry 1 Fredda Berryman Alvin Betzel Lindy Bida Jennifer Bigham Z--"""'l' if Jiathy Blackman B R Cathy Blinn Steve Block John Bodnar Susan Boelter Terrie Bondurant Carol Bonnette Beth Bontley Barbara Bookout Pam Borchardt Frank Bosillo Q' Betsy Bocuilirp Sarah Bourland Ronney Bowling Rick Bowman SENIORS 227 Players Show bility ln Shaky Acrobatics SENIORS Larry Box fgmmmdley Trying to build a pyramid similar to the cheerIeaders', members of the Colt varsity football team demonstrate their great versatility H Mir' Randy Brady Cheryl Brake Sally Brannon Bill Branz Linda Branz Mike Bratcher James Bratone Connie Brice Bobby Bridges David Bristow Lonnie Brockwell Brent Brooks Dorothy Brooks Leslie Brooks Kurt Brouer Joe Brown Lance Brown Lillie Brown Linda Brown Marvin Brown Nancy J. Brown Nancy L. Brown Regina Brown Stan Brown SENIORS 229 SENIORS Jim Brumhall Mike Buesing .lo Anne Bunkley Tommy Burks Seniors Ready Entries in Annual Parade D. J. Burmeier Larry Burns Mark Burum Joe Bush Gwen Busharl Patty Butler M Linda Bynum Steve Byrd Ted Cabal Charles Caldwell Robin Cameron Lisa Camp Bruce Campbell Debbie Campbell Cheryl Cannon Cathy Canonico Nathan Capps Wally Capps Barbara Carle I l Fighting a brisk wind, Ken Wilkins, Karrie Key, and Brent Schellhammer busily decorate the AFS car as they ready it for the traditional Homecoming parade. Bill Carmichael Sara Carter Allen Caruthers SENIORS 231 Pat Casey Mike Castleberry Ronnie Cates David Cathey SENIORS Linda Chick Steve Choate Pam Christian Karen Chambers Chris Charles Bob Chatham Wes Chester "Just one bite and there goes his trigger finger," thinks Senior Rick Self as the photographer checks all angles to find the best position for his picture. Camera Catches Seniors for Final Time Pam Christopher Nancy Churchwell Chris Cicora Ann Clark Charlotte Clark Reed Clark John Clay Kathy Clemons Linda Cline Danny Cobb Martha Cocharo Li L Susan Cockroft Gale Coker Scott Collins Joe Compton SENIORS 233 Allhough a senior, Ronnie Coles seems lo find many new frontiers to explore in his final year at AHS. Arlene Conley Jeff Cook Sieve Cordes Sharon Corey Rick Corn Randy Cornelius SENIORS Donnie Cornet? Carl Cortez Mark Cosby John Cosien Tonya Coiney Charles Courtney Kay Courlney Larry Cox Senior Inspects 'New Frontier' of AHS Penny Crowe Silvia Cuneo Cindy Cunningham Gloria Curry Paula Curfis Gene Dalton Nelda Darden Shari Davidson Robert Coyle Goylo Crain Don Cravens Doug Crawfoird Joy Crawford Debbie Crenshaw Jane Crews Randy Crill SENIORS 235 Beverly Davis Betty Davis Cherry Davis Claudia Davis Don Davis Frances Davis Karen Davis Mike Davis Terry Davis Barbie Day Kay Dedmon Cheryl Defibaugh James Demases Launa Depweg Watching like a hawk, Billy Wine performs one of his chores as an officer of Key Club when Arlington's underclassmen apply for membership in club. 236 SENIORS Debbie Derr Gary Devereaux Paul Dickey Richard Dickey George Dionis Larry Dixon Sheila Dodds Becky Dodge ,-.Q Cfficer Stands Guard Over Applications Max Dodgen . Susie Dod en Chip Doran Linda Dory Sue Doss Randy Dradle Judy Duckworth Frank Duke SENIORS 237 Seniors Help Paint Way to Championship 238 SENIORS UEQ. ,VS Joe Dulock Rhonda Dunn Jane? Dupuy Glen Eason Rick Eckols John Edwards Gwen Elkins Greg Esenwein Lou Evans Taylor Evans Charles Fallis Kathy Falvo Scott Fanning Roger Farmer Eddie Farow Jim Farrar Eddie Farrell Tim Farrell Steve Faulkner Ruth Feicht Calee Ferguson lift-Lily Ferguson Kenneth Ferguson Susan Ferguson l i Regina Brown, painting industriously, was one of many seniors who helped make posters for pep rallies at Student Council sponsored poster parties. l Ken Fewel Gail Fikes Kathy Fitzpatrick SENIORS 239 Ken Wilkins pauses a moment before deciding where to pin his tiger tail on the seniors' Irving tiger. James Fleming Glen Fleshman Bonnie Frederick Ward Forsberg Martha Fortenberry Donald Foster 40 SENIORS Gre Friess nda Frisbee Mike Fu er .Qgly Fulmer Gary Funderburk Paula Furgerson Debbie Gale Greg Gant Senior Spirit Week Spells Doom for Tigers Martha Gardner Stephan Garmon Steve Garner Harland Garoutte Ray Garrett Randy Gary Charles Geer Keith Geer Van Gibbs If up Tip Giles Signs hanging by every clock in the school proclaim the impending doom of the Irving Tigers as a part of the senior spirit drive before the Irving game. SENIORS 241 Billy Glclden Charlotte Goerdel Shane Goetz Steven Goolsby lun. Enthusiastic band members hold the boss drum aloft os fellow Senior Weldon Middlebrooks adds his pounding to the din of o weekly pep rally. SENIORS 1 il gl it Danny Gorman Kemp Gorthey Carol Goscinski John Gouger Janet Grant Calhy Green Ricky Green Mike Greene Drum Beats Add to Pep Rally Enthusiasm Susie Greer Gerald Greig Jack Grindslaff Tricia Groom Joan Grolhe Stephanie Gruenhagen Susan Gruenhagen Lars Gustafson SENIORS 243 Twirler Sparkles 0n Front Line Wmemgood 244 SENIORS Miriam Hailey Mike Hall Nancy Hall Steve Hall Pam Halliburton Cathy Hammond Jon Hand James Haney Clint Harris Jamie Harris Danny Harrison Gary Harston Chris Hart Marilyn Hart Ralph Harwell Roy Harwell Rick Hahn Carol Hastings Pete Hatzenbuehler Randy Haugh Phyllis Havens Karen Havens Charla Hawkes Debbie Haynes Joe Heath Compllmentlng AHS s Colt Marching Band Senior Twirler Susie Dodgen flash es a smile to match her sparkling costume in one of her halftime performances SENIORS 245 Trudy Hert Ann Hieli Debi Hinds Sieve Higgins Debbie Hill Marilyn Hill Siephenie Hilton George Hinshaw Doug Hirschman Don Hobson Fred Hoelke Craig Hoernke 'T 1 Forming a 246 SENIORS -Q M g fall QQ il 331. ' 11" 3 A s. , i i i i - n impromptu chorus line reminiscenl of the Rockettes, senior members of The Choraliers swing and sway to lhe rousing fight song. 'Rockettes' Add New Flair to Fight Song .lay Huffine Charlie Hukill Dennis Hunt anlce ussey James Ingram Peggy lnsell Debby Ireland ERIE?- Mary Hollabaugh Jane Honeycutt Sharon Hooks Mike Hoslelller Donna Housfon Elise Houston Jim Hovis Sara Howard SENIORS 247 15:- Pafly lvy Janie Jarboe Surrounded by exhausted Iinemen, an equally worn-out Mike Pringle relishes lhe lasl momenls of halflime before relurning lo fight out a grueling game. Locker Room Faces Reflect Hard Game Bobby Jean Eddie Jensen Randy Jeff Linda Jiles Dean Johnson Gale Johnson Karyn Johnson Lauri Johnson 248 SENIORS Kathy Johnston Darlene Jolley Gary Jones Kelly Jones Dennis Jorgensen Bill Joyce Julie Judd Mary Judkins Mollie Kelley Bill Kendrick Joy Kennedy -Rusty Kennedy Robert Ketron Karrie Key Robert Kienlen Charles Kilpatrick Joe Kimball Terry Kimball Bill King Wayne Kirby SENIORS 249 Senior girls seem to have lost their heads, but they find that it is only one of the minor casualties of working on the Homecoming float SENIORS 'tiff Karen Kirkpatrick John Kirschner Wayne Kitts John Kraft Jean Kress Larry Krueger Mike Kunkel Susan Kurtz John LaBella Judy Lackey Karen Laney Laurie Lansing Lonnie Laquey Debbie La Roche Denise Larson Maureen Lasher Nancy Laffimore Michael Lawson Seniors 'Lose Their Heads' Over Floats David Layton Kenny Lee David Leisure Greg Lewis Pal Lewis Phillip Levy Lynne Liberalo Jim Liddell SENIORS 251 Vicki Linch Dana Lindsay Mary Littlefield Anne Litrio Sharon Lloyd Richard Lockstedf Brad Long V Judy Long Senior Meets Big World of Little Atom SENIORS Bobbie Lowe Terry Lowe Nancy Lucas Karen Lyle Janis McAndrew Lisa McCain Deidre McCormack Jackie McCown Gordon McCurdy i Sam McGhee Robin McGlew Dave McLeod I , Senior Jeff Cook takes time from hectic schedule to ready for Atomic Youth Conference in Chicago. F Patty McMullen Cheryl Mackey Danny Maggard Anders Mangen Pat Manire Mark Marak Joy Marrow Jamie Marshall SENIORS 253 "What do you mean you hope I'm not in any of your classes this year?" exclaims Nancy Lattimore as she signs an annual at the scribble party SENIORS X10- Jill Massey Martti Matson Donna Mauldin Kim May David Mays Janelle Mays Bonnie Meadows Rusty Meesey Chris Menger Richard Merbler Dorian Mercer Mary Ann Metcalf Weldon Middlebrooks Terry Miles Beverly Miller Steve Miller Sciribble Party Reunites Seniors for Fall Margaret Milligan Sieve Milligan Faye Milner Jeff Mingori ,Qhs.ncLAAsmQ. Kip Mooneyham Linda Mooneyham Debi Moore ..- . SENIORS 255 SENIORS Drum Major Directs Harold Moore Colt Marching Band Kathy Moore Monty Moore Steve Moore Tom Moore Kenneth Morey Chuck Moritz Pati Morris Floyd Morrow Debbie Moses Martha Mouck Lora Muellar Jim Murray Cindy Myers Connie Neese Cathy Nordstro Mary Norris ITI Signe Nothnagle Becky Nunnelee Terrie Odom CE amen D Perched on his stand in the middle of the football field, Senior Frank Duke leads the band at halftime. Frank Olcsvary Dan O'Leary Tom Oldham Edward Olson Sandra Olson Steve Oswalt Cathy Otto Susan Overman SENIORS 258 SENIORS Seniors Wait to Place Invitation Grders Beth Owens Diane Ozborn Charlotte Padgett Pat Padgett Kevin Page Steve Parker Bill Parr Pegilynn Parsons David Partridge Keith Patterson Steve Perry Kerry Person Rex Peteet Keith Pettit Melvin Petty Ernest Petty ii'-wa, 4,-A ' if, I 4,- fgff' Af Ewa xyjgezfflwtf y lg ua.Y'?Q,,, geqavfg S , .l"" 'W 'f ii Q Wfaiiiif A1 . 'if it . 53 -M. V, :ig 1 f2ff'w""f PW si A sk ' e.,yt.t7a Q l V1 I 53" Q, ,a5. . 117 ,, s ,QWZ l ., Q. as :Mig W W , ,.'. - W U A ff? ff ze. was W ,fs P elsif After spending all this money I hope I graduate!" mumbles Phyllis Havens as she, Ann Clark, and Julie Judd wait to order their invitations. Tommy Pfeil Aubrey Phillips Carole Phillips Lisa Phillips Robert Phillips David Pickett Arthur Pierard Kay Pierce SENIORS 259 Marsha Pierce Sandra Pierce Gregory Pitts "They didn't fell me this was such a bum camera," thinks a hurried Jo Tucker Steve Podsednik Carl Pointer William Porter Brad Poster Mike Poston Barbara Potter Sharon Prince SENIORS Larry Prine Mike Pringle David Ptacek Leslie Quinn Greg Rainone John Rage Robert Rau Rusty Ray Tracy Ray Tireless Photographers Record Float Building Amidst the flurry of float building, senior photographer Lynne Liberato has the tables turned on her as her own picture is snapped by a fellow cameraman. Steve Reece Milton Reed Kathy Reese SENIORS 261 Llpperclassmen Prove Best At Pep Rallies, Howdy Day Grinning with fiendish glee, Senior Scott Collins de- 1 l 262 SENlORS l l Kurt Reichensiein Dicky Renfro David Renn Jimmy Reynolds Mark Reynolds Cathy Reznicek Billy Rhodes Kathy Rice Bob Ridley Brenda Rivers Dennis Rivard Dorisse Rivard lights in urging Junior George Rodriques to sing. Richard Robinson Sharon Roden Melinda Rodgers Laci Roark Judy Robbins Cindy Roberson Patsy Roberts Brenda Robertson Karen Robinson , ., JQJ .K S Proclaiming their superiority as upperclassmen, senior boys meet in the center of the gym after one of the pep rallies to give the senior cheer. SENIORS 263 Paula Roffal Brad Rogers Debbie Rogers Susan Roth Nancy Rucker Garth Rudy Robert Rumenapp Linda Rupe 1-ng Elaine Rushing Darryl Rusk Kelly Russell Mike Russell SENIORS Tom Rutherford Jim Salazar David Ptacek, Brent Brooks, and Steve Osvyalt lead Roger Samoft James Sanders Mike Sauce David Shaffer anny Schmidt Ronald Schorr Brenda Scott Spirit Sweeps Students Up Into Frenzy the charge for the senior boys at the Permian pep rally armed with flags, "Panther Pokers," spirit ribbons and unquenchable vocal cords. 'i sENnoRs 265 Weldon Middlebrooks works feverishly to prepare one of the senior class entries at the Colt County Fair. Rick Self Doris Shafer Eswam Pat Shaffer Allan Shaw Kim Shelton Jim Shepard Kathy Shields 266 SENIORS David Scott Terisa Seale Mary Sebolt Randy Seiler ......-'31 wr- Van Shipley Becky Shoden Anita Shrum Charles Shuck Tom Siegele Sherrie Silman Karen Simmons Owen Sloan Seniors Earn Rewards From County Fair S John Slusser Bob Smith "lf that guy pinches me one more lime," glares Crazy Colt Saloongirl Debbie Ireland to fellow workers Marilyn Hill and Robin McGIew during a short break. SENIORS 26 Bobby Smith Deborah Smith Gary Smith Greg Smith Peggy Smith Robert Smith Suzanne Smith Uel Smith Float-Making Takes Hard, Diligent Labor 268 SENIORS John Snodgrass Bill Sodd Scott Sutherlund Josephine Soto Mike South Diana Sowell David Spain Jill Spangler Concentrating on making it perfect, Denise Ward diligently forms one of the many small parts necessary to complete the Senior Homecoming float. Cheryl Spelce Kerry Spencer Steve Sperlich Johnnie Squires Ricky Stacy SENIORS 269 SENIORS E. J. Sfarkes Sue Sfavely Jack Siewart Beth Stinson Theresa Stiles Greg Sfockum Rita Sirebeck Bob Stripling Keith Sturtevani George Suggs David Sullivan John Sullivan Mark Summers David Sundberg Ann Sury Richard Swain Rick Sweely Lee Sweeney Dan Toaffe Gene Talbot Bobby Tallon Marian Tapogna Dorothy Tappan Gary Tappe Class of l97l Votes On Graduation Gowns "Are you sure we voted for these caps and gowns?" wonders Senior Kcrrie Key as Alvin Betzel helps with her cap and gown preparing for graduation. Christy Taylor Jeff Taylor Kathy Taylor Kathy Taylor SENIORS 271 Colts Take Number One? .lubilant Senior Rejoices Rod Taylor Trisha Taylor Karen Terrell Gretchen Terry Terry Telzlaff Danny Thomas Richard Thomas Steve Thomas SENIORS Ecslatic about the Arlington victory over Highland Pork, Senior Kelly Jones expresses his happiness. Dusty Thompson Joy Thorne David Tibbets Julie Tierce Danny Tomanek Ricky Tong Ronny Trammell Rodney Tribble Debbie Tucker Doris Tucker Jo Tucker Kay Turner Tanya Turner CFTQIQ' g Jimmy Tuttle Tom Tye Becky Tyler Bebe Ulrich Steve Underwood Kent Van Houten SENIORS 273 SENIORS Donna Venable Lyle Via Paul Viera Eric Von Rosenburg Daniel Von Bose Sue Wade Steve Waghorne Lenny Wagner Daniel Waldron Laurie Walker Nicky Walker Roger Walker David Wall Wendy Wallace Judy Walls Annabel Walter Denise Ward Donna Ward Janet Ward Jim Ward Donna Ware Grady Wore Kathy Warren Tammy Warren Band Member Strives Toward Perfection Charlcie Watkins Sandy Watkins Bill Watson "I wish we'd play something besides Row, Row, Row, Your Boot," thinks N senior band member Tedi Young tootling tunefully away on her French horn. SENIORS 275 "Believe me, l am not that kind of guy!" asserts Charlie Hukill as General Snippet in a comic scene from the all-school play, "The Mouse That Roared." Dan Watson Twyla Weaver Melissa Wehmann Don Welch Ron Welch Debbie Weldon Roxanne Wells Linda Wersa Susan Westfall Sue Wheaton Bobby White 76 SENIORS Mouse Roars in Play on Arlington Stage John White Veva White Jim Whitelaw Claudia Whitesel Bill Whitis Robert Whitworth Joan Wilborn Ken Wilkins Debby Williams Lari Williams Mike Williams Randy Williams Ronny Williams Susan Williams Teresa Williams SENIORS 277 Jerrell Womble Wir' Bill Wood V David Woodard Debbie Woods Soldiers Shoot Way Through Production Wendy Woodward Pat Workman Bob Worthy Debbie Wright Larry Wright Stan Wright Terry Wright Donna Young Emily Young Letta Young Tedi Young Tommy Young SENIORS 279 - A - AARON, RICHARD DE 2, 3, High Salesman 3. AIKMAN, BOB Band 2, 3, Para-Med 2, 3, NHS. AIRHEART, JIM ROTC. ALDRIEDGE, RANDY Student Council 2, Red Cross Representative 3. ALMOND, ANDREA Red Cross Representative I, 2, FTA I. ALTHOFF, DEBBIE Other School: Tennis I, French Club I. ALTMAN, DEBBIE FLC 2, 3, French Club I, Quill and Scroll 3, Colt Staff 3, News Editor, Young Life I, Thespians I, City Press Club 3. ANDERSON, MIKE ANDERSON, TERRY Art Club. ANDERSON, TOD ANDREWS, KIM FLC I, Student Council 3. ARMOUR, LARRY Cross Country, Track. ATHANS, JILL AUSTIN, WARREN Band I, 2, 3. AUVENSHINE, LYNN Baseball 2, 3, Other School: Baseball I, Football I, FTA I, Student Council I. AYRES, STEVE Student Council, Safety Council. - 5 - BAER, NANCY Treble Chorale 3, Young Life, Senior Council 3. BAGGETT, PHILLIP BAILEY, JAMES DECA. BAKER, ANN Choraliers 2, 3. BAKER, RICKEY DECA. BALFOUR, JOHN Band 3, Stage Band 3. BALSAMICO, CHUCK Golf. BALUSEK, PATTY NHS 2, 3, Other School: FHA 2, Area Treasurer, President 2, Keyettes I, 2, Spanish Honor Socie- ty 2, 3, Junior Council, AFS I, Pep Squad I, 2. BANKS, GERA Choraliers 2, 3, FBLA. BARCROFT, NELSON CVAE. BARKER, RICKY BARNES, CATHY BARNES, DELA BARRETT, RAY BARTLEY, LARRY Thespians. BASS, BARBARA BASS, JAMES Photo Staff 3, One-Act Play 2, 3, All-School Play 3, Thespians 3, Photo Pac 3, Library Club 3, Stu- dent Council 3. BATES, BARBARA Thespians, Art Club. BATES, JACKIE Tri-Hi-Y I, Art Club I, 2. BATES, RICKY Football 2, 3, Interact, Key Club, Baseball I, 2, 3. BATTS, LARRY ROTC I, 2, 3, Officer 2, 3, Drill Team I, 2, 3. BEADLES, RICK Football I, 2, 3, Choraliers 3. BEAN, ALISON Student Council 2, Junior Council, Senior Council 3, OEA, Vice President 3, FBLA 2, FTA 2, FLC 2, American Legion Award 3. BEAN, JANIE Senior Council, Safety Council 3, FLC 2, 3, NHS 2, 3, PTA Representative 2, Library Club I, 2, FTA 2, Latin Award 3. BEAUFORD, PAUL BECK, BILL ROTC I, 2, Varsity Football Manager I, 2, 3. 280 SENIORS Senior Activities BECKETT, CLIFF Choraliers, Band, Mu Alpha Theta. BECKLER, BRYAN BECKNAL, GAYE BEESLEY, BARBARA Art Club 2, Thespians 2, 3. BELL, SONIA FLC 2, 3, AFS 3, Literary Club, Secretary 3. BELLOMY, MARGE FHA, Parliamentarian 3. BENNETT,-DARLENE Arlettes. BENOIT, JAN DECA 3. BENSKI, SHARON Student Council 3, FLC 3. BENSON, EARLENE Science Fair, Ist Earth and Space, 2nd Geologi- cal and Geophysical I, 3rd Earth and Space 3, Fire Prevention Poster Contest Ist, 2, Art Club 3. BENSON, PAUL Bond I, 2, 3, NMSQT Commended Student 3. BERBERICH, FRED BERGNER, KIRK BERRY, DEBBIE BERRY, MITCH BERRYMAN, FREDDA Choraliers 2, 3, FLC 2, 3, NHS 2, 3, FBLA 2, Chamber of Commerce Girl of the Month 3, Youth Guidance Council 3. BETZEL, ALVIN Basketball I, 2, 3, Interact 3, Key Club 2, 3, Photo Club 3. BIDA, LINDY Honor Graduate, Para-Med 2, 3, FLC 2, 3, AFS 2, 3, Math Club 2. BIGHAM, JENNIFER FLC 2, 3, Art Club 3. BLACKMAN, KATHY Miss School Spirit 3, Student Council I, 2. BLACKWELL, ROLLIE AFS, FLC. BLINN, CATHY FFA 3. BLOCK, STEVE German Club. BODNAR, JOHN BOELTER, SUSAN NHS. BONDURANT, TERRIE FLC 2, Junior Council, AFS 3, Interact 3, Red Cross Council 2, 3. BONNETTE, CAROL Thespians I, 2, 3, Art Club 3, Choraliers 3, Young Life 3, Student Council I. BONTLEY, BETH Thespians, Choraliers. BOOKOUT, BARBARA Photo Club. BORCHARDT, PAM Arlettes. BOSILLO, FRANK Other School: Band I, 2, Choir I, 2. BOUCHER, BETSY BOURLAND, SARAH Photo Staff 3, Colt Staff 3, Photo Pac 3, FLC 3, City Press Club 3. BOWLING, RONNEY BOWMAN, RICK BOX, LARRY Golf I, 2, 3, Key Club. BRADLEY, PAM Arlettes, Young Life. BRADY, RANDY BRAKE, CHERYL BRANNON, SALLY BRANZ, BILL NHS. BRANZ, LINDA Para-Med, President 3, Reporter 2, NHS Vice President 3, JETS Vice President 3, Math Club 2, 3, National Merit Scholarship, FTA I, NSF Sum- mer Program 3, Top Ten, Safety Council 2, 3, NTSU Math Honors Day 3, NTSU Science Hon- ors Day 3. BRATCHER, MIKE BRATON, JAMES Art Club. BRICE, CONNIE FLC I, 2, Para-Med I, 2, ROTC Sweetheart 3. BRIDGES, BOBBY BRISTOW, DAVID Track I, 2, 3, Cross Country 2, 3, German Club 2, 3, FLC 3, Para-Med 2. BROCKWELL, LONNIE BROOKS, BRENT AFS 2, 3, Vice President 3, Literary Club 2, 3, Thespians I, 2, 3, Para-Med 3, NHS 2, 3, Honor Graduate 3, All-School Play Crew 2, All-School Play Cast 3, Debate Team I, 2, 3, UIL Debate 2nd, 3rd, 3, NMSQT Commended Student, SMU Scholarship 3. BROOKS, DOROTHY Volleyball Team 2, 3, TCJC Freshman Scholar- ship 3, AAHPER Certificate of Merit 3. BROOKS, LESLIE Thespians. BROUER, KURT BROWN, JOE Baseball I, Art Club 3. BROWN, LANCE Art Club, Photo Club 3, National Photography Contest Winner 3. BROWN, LILLIE BROWN, LINDA BROWN, MARVIN BROWN, NANCY J. Choraliers 2, 3, Para-Med 3, FTA I, Art Club 3, Student Council 2, Athenian Girl ofthe Month 3, Young Lite 3. BROWN, NANCY L. Student Council I, 3, French Club 2, Senior Council, NHS 2, 3, Treble Chorale 2, 3, Thespi- ans I, 2, 3, Clerk 2, President 3, Oklahoma Cast I, All-School Play Cast 2, Musical Cast 2, All- School Play Cast 3, One-Act Play Cast 3, UIL Po- etry 3rd, 2, Best Supporting Actress 3, Who's Who in Speech 3. BROWN, REGINA Band I, 2, 3, Para-Med 2, 3, FLC 2, 3, AFS 3. BROWN, STAN Student Council I, Junior Council, JETS President 3, Western Day King 3. BRUMHALL, JIM Band I, 2, Stage Band 2, Colt Staff 2, Photo Staff 3, Ft. Worth Science Fair 2nd, I, Arlington Science Fair Ist, I, Teen Talent Follies 2nd, 2. BUESING, MIKE German Club 2, Band I, 2, 3. BUNKLEY, JO ANNE NHS 2, 3, Annual Staff 3, Choraliers 2, 3, All- State Choir 2, All-Region Choir 2, 3, NMSQT Commended Student 3, Youth Guidance Council 2, 3, Athenian Girl of the Month 3, Literary Club 2, Top Ten Graduate, City Press Club 3. BURKS, TOMMY ' BURMEIER, D. J. BURNS, LARRY BURUM, MARK PTA Representative. BUSH, JOE LibraryiCIub. BUSHART, GWEN Youth Guidance Council 2, 3, Art Club, Treasurer 3, AFS 3. BUTLER, PATTY Young Life. BYAM, MICHELLE Student Council I, 2, 3, Secretary 3, Junior Class Secretary, Interact 2, 3, Choraliers 2, 3, AFS 3, DAR Award 3, Miss AHS Nominee 3, Homecom- ing Queen Nominee 3, Junior Co-Princess, Athe- nian Girl ofthe Month, Tri-Hi-Y I, NHS 2, 3, FTA I, 2, Sweetheart 2. BYNUM, LINDA Junior Council, Senior Council, FHA I. BYRD, STEVE Colt Staff 2, 3, Photo Staff 3, Photo Pac 3, Art Club 3. - Q - CABAL, TED CALDWELL, CHARLES FBLA. CAMERON, ROBIN CAMP, usA FLC, AFS, Math Club, Arlettes, Senior Council. CAMPBELL, BRUCE Other School, Math Club I, FLC I. CAMPBELL, DEBBIE I I I CANNON, CHERYL Art Club 3, Other School: FHA I. CANONICO, CATHY CAPPS, NATHAN CAPPS, WALLY Student Council 3, FLC 2, 3, Officer 3, NHS 2, 3, Officer 3, B-Team Football I, Honor Graduate, Sophomore Council, Junior Council. CARLE, BARBARA FLC, AFS. CARMICHAEL, BILL Choraliers 2, 3, President 3, All-Region Choir 2, 3, Junior Rotarian 3, Student Council 2, Golf Team I, Math Club 2, Arion Award 3. CARTER, SARA Choraliers 2, 3, Student Council I, FTA 3, Youth Guidance Council 3, FLC 3. CARUTHERS, ALLEN CASEY, PAT CASTLEBERRY, MIKE CATES, RONNIE Band I, 2, 3, FLC I, 2. CATHEY, DAVID CHAMBERS, KAREN FTA I, Tennis Team 3, AFS 3, Math Club 3, FLC 3, Senior Council. CHRIS, CHARLES CHATHAM, BOB Colt Staff 3. CHESTER, WES CHICK, LINDA FTA I, 2, 3, Math Club I, 2, 3, Secretary 3, FLC 2, 3, Vice President 3, Quill and Scroll 2, 3, Ten- nis Team I, 2, 3, NHS 2, 3, Colt Staff 2, 3, City Press Club 3, AFS 3. CHOATE, STEVE CHRISTIAN, PAM VOE 3. CHRISTOPHER, PAM CHURCHWELL, NANCY Student Council I, 2, Senior Council, PTA Repre- sentative. CICORA, CHRIS CLARK, ANN FLC, VOE. CLARK, CHARLOTTE CLARK, REED FLC I, 2, 3, German Club 2, 3, AFS 2, 3, Para- Med I, 2, Literary Club 2. CLAY, JOHN CLEMONS, KATHY Arlettes, Treble Chorale. CLINE, LINDA Para-Med 2, 3, Mu Alpha Theta 2, FLC 2, 3, Safety Council 2. COBB, DANNY COCHARO, MARTHA FLC 3. COCHRAN, LINDA Colt Staff 3, City Press Club 3, Quill and Scroll 3, FTA I, Student Council I, 2, 3. COCKROFT, SUSAN FHA I, 2. COKER, GALE Arlettes 2, 3, FHA I, 2, FLC 2. COLLINS, SCOTT Track I, Student Council I. COMPTON, JOE CONLEY, ARLENE French Club I, 2, Student Council I, 2, Senior Council, TCJC Freshman Scholarship 3. COOK, JEFF Mu Alpha Theta 2, 3, NHS 2, 3, NMSQT Finalist 3, National Youth Conference on Atom 3, NTSU Honors Day in Math, Science 3, NSF Summer Program. CORDES, STEVE Football I, 2, 3, NHS 2, 3, Key Club 3, Senior Council 3, Outstanding Lineman 3. COREY, SHARON FBLA 3, Red Cross Representative 3, Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, FLC I, FBLA 3, Ist Business Communication State FBLA 3. CORN, RICK CORNELIUS, RANDY Football I, DECA I, ll, Vice President. CORNETT, DONNIE CVAE I, 2, 3, Vice President 3. CORTEZ, CARL Track I, 2, 3, Cross Country I, 2, 3, Student Council I, 2, Youth Council I, All-School Play Cast 2. COSBY, MARK COSTEN, JOHN Band I, 2, 3 COTNEY, TONYA NHS 2, 3, Para-Med I, 2, 3, FLC 2, 3, German Club I, 2, 3, Band I, 2, 3. COURTNEY, CHARLES NHS 2, 3, Honor Graduate 3, Para-Med 2, AFS 3. COURTNEY, KAY FLC 3, FFA 3. COX, LARRY Football I, Photo Staff 3. COYLE, ROBERT CRAIN, GAYLA CRAVENS, DON Library Club I, 2, 3, Vice President 2, 3, VICA 2, 3, President 3, Ready Writers 2, 3, 3rd, 3, NHS 2, 3, JETS 3, NMSQT Finalist 3, Piper Award Fi- nalist 3, FLC I. CRAWFORD, DOUG Football I, 2, 3, Junior Council, Sophomore Council. CRAWFORD, JOY CRENSHAW, DEBBIE Tri-Hi-Y, Young Life. CREWS, JANE Choraliers 2, 3, Annual Staff 3, NHS 2, 3, Vice President 3, Athenian Girl of the Month, Safety Council I, Red Cross Representative 2, 3, Honor Graduate, Literary Club 2, 3. CRILL, RANDY FLC, Mu Alpha Theta, Young Life. CROWE, PENNY FTA. CUNEO, SILVIA CUNNINGHAM, CINDY CURRY, GLORIA CURTIS, PAULA Young Life I, 2, 3, FHA I. - D C DALTON, GENE DARDEN, NELDA Choraliers 2, VOE 3. DAVIDSON, SHARI Ready Writers 2, Literary Club 3. DAVIS, BEVERLY Youth Council. DAVIS, BETTY Arlettes 2, 3, Captain 3, Red Cross Representa- tive I, 3, Miss Arlette Runner-Up 3. DAVIS, CHERRY Band, Para-Med, Young Life. DAVIS, CLAUDIA DAVIS, DON Football 2, 3, All-District 3, NHS 2, 3, President 3, Honor Graduate, Kiwanis Citizen of the Month, Junior Council. DAVIS, FRANCES DAVIS, KAREN DAVIS, MIKE AFS 3, Mu Alpha Theta 2, 3, Para-Med 3, Inter- act 2, Youth Guidance Council 3, Library Club 2. DAVIS, TERRY Honor Graduate, JETS 3, UIL Informative Speak- ing 3rd, 2, Time Magazine Current Events Award 2. DAY, BARBIE FLC I, 2, 3, Thespians 2, 3, Literary Club 2, Youth Guidance Council 2, 3, National Spanish Exam Ist, 3, All-School Play Cost 2. DEDMOND, KAY Youth Guidance Council I. DEFIBAUGH, CHERYL Other School, FBLA 3, FHA I, Raider Rousers 3, Volleyball I. DEMASES, JAMES NHS 2, 3, Literary Club 2, 3, Mu Alpha Theta 2, 3, AFS 3, JETS 3. DEPWEG, LAUNA FLC 2, 3, AFS 2, 3, Para-Med 2, 3, Student Council 2, 3, Red Cross I. DERR, DEBBIE Choraliers 3, All-Region Choir 3, FTA I, 2, 3, NHS 3, UTA Freshman Scholarship, Other School: Concert Choir I, 2, Student Council I. DEVEREAUX, GARY DICKEY, PAUL DICKEY, RICHARD Band I, 2, 3, FLC 2, 3. DIONIS, GEORGE DIXON, LARRY DODDS, SHEILA FTA. DODGE, BECKY FLC 2, 3, AFS 2, 3, NHS 2, 3. DODGEN, MAX Football I, 2, 3, Interact I, Choraliers 2. DODGEN, SUSIE Band I, 2, 3, Feature Twirler 3, Flag Bearer I, 2, NHS 2, 3, Musical Orchestra I, 2, German Club 2, 3, FLC 3. DORAN, CHIP FLC. DORY, LINDA DOSS, SUE DRADLE, RANDY DUCKWORTH, JUDY VOE 3, PTA Representative 3, Youth Guidance Council 2. DUKE, FRANK Band I, 2, 3, Drum Maior 3, Thespians I, 2, 3, FLC 2, 3, AFS 3, French Club I, 2, Student Coun- cil I, 2, 3, Senior Council 3, Music Man Cast 2, All-School Play Cast 3, Young Life I, 2, 3, Ft. Worth Youth Orchestra 3. DULOCK, JOE DUNN, RHONDA DUPUY, JANET FLC I, AFS 2, 3, NHS 2, 3, All-School Play Crew 2, All-School Musical Crew 2, National Photo Contest Winner 3. C 5 - EASON, GLENN FLC I, 2, ROTC, Flight Commander 2, Squadron Commander 3, ROTC Drill Team I, 2, Command- er 2, VFW Leadership Award. ECKOLS, RICK EDWARDS, JOHN Football I, 2, Track I, 2, Cross Country I, 2, Choraliers 3, FBLA I, Musical Cast 2. ELKINS, GWEN FBLA, FLC, VOE. ESENWEIN, GREG EVANS, LOU EVANS, TAYLOR Para-Med 2, 3, FLC 3, German Club 2, 3, AFS 3. K F - FALLIS, CHARLES FALVO, KATHY Arlettes 2, 3, Para-Med 3, Ready Writers 2, 3, FBLA 3, AFS 3, Mu Alpha Theta 3, Youth Guid- ance Council 2, FLC 3. FANNING, SCOTT ROTC. FARMER, ROGER FAROW, EDDIE Student Council 2, Senior Council 3, FLC I, 2, President 2, German Club 2, 3, Colt Corral 2, 3, Track I, NHS 2, 3, Quill and Scroll 2, 3, Honor Graduate, Optimist Representative. FARRAR, JIM FARRELI., EDDIE AFS. FARRELL, TIM Band 1, 2, 3. FAULKNER, STEVE FLC 1, Mu Alpha Theta 2, NHS 2, 3. FEICHT, RUTH FERGUSON, CALEE Band I, 2, 3, Musical Cast 2, German Club 2, 3, AFS 3, FLC 3. FERGUSON, KATHY DECA. FERGUSON, KENNETH FERGUSON, SUSAN FHA 2, 3, Historian 3, FTA I, FLC 2, DECA 3, Student Council I, Safety Council 2, PTA Repre- sentative I. FEWEL, KEN VICA 2, President 2, JETS 3, Kiwanis Citizen of Month. FIKES, GAIL OEA. FITZPATRICK, KATHY ICT. FLEMING, JAMES FLESCHMAN, GLEN ROTC I, 2, 3. FORTENBERRY, MARTHA Band I, 2, 3, NMSQT Commended Student, AFS 3, German Club 3, Para-Med I, 2, 3, NHS 2, 3. FREDERICK, BONNIE FLC I, 2, 3, NHS 2, 3, AFS 3, Quill and Scroll 2, SENIORS 281 3, Colt Staff 2, 3, Co-Editor 3, Athenian Girl of the Month, NCTE Award 3. FORSBERG, WARD Student Council I. FOSTER, DONALD FRIESS, GREG Sophomore Vice President, Key Club I, 2, 3, Young Life I, 2, 3, Annual Staff 2, 3, Editor 3, FLC 2, 3, Tennis I, Quill and Scroll 2, 3, Student Council I, 2, 3, Vice President 3, Rotarian of Month 3, Youth Leadership Award, Mr. AHS Nominee. FRISBEE, LINDA Red Cross Representative I, Student Council 3, Art Club 3, Safety Council 2. FULLER, MIKE FULMER, JUDY FHA, FTA, Senior Council. FUNDERBURK, GARY FLC 2, 3, German Club 2, 3, President 3, NHS 2, 3, Mu Alpha Theta 3, Band I, 2, 3, Red Cross Representative 3, Literary Club 3, Para-Med I. FURGERSON, PAULA Treble Chorale. - G - GALE, DEBBIE AFS 2, 3, Junior Council, Senior Council, Young Life I, 2. GANT, GREG ROTC, ROTC Drill Team I, 2, FLC 3. GARDNER, MARTHA AFS 3, FLC 3, Art Club 3, Senior Council. GARMON, STEPHAN Band I, 2, 3, Choraliers 3, Stage Band 3. GARNER, STEVE GAROUTTE, HARLAND GARRETT, RAY GARY, RANDY GEER, CHARLES Key Club. GEER, KEITH Football I, 2, 3, All-District 2, 3, Track I, 2, 3, ln- teract I, 2, 3. GIBBS, VAN GILES, TIP Varsity Football Trainer 2, 3, Key Club 3, Student Council I, 2, Junior Council, Young Life I, 2. GLADEN, BILLY GOERDEL, CHARLOTTE Band I, 2, 3, OEA 3, ROTC Sweetheart 3. GOETZ, SHANE GOOLSBY, STEVEN Photo Staff 2, 3, Photo Pac 3. GORMAN, DANNY VICA. GORTHEY, KEMP GOSCINSKI, CAROL Arlettes 3, FHA I, 2, 3, President 2, Literary Club I, 2, FLC 2, FTA I. GOUGER, JOHN FFA. GRANT, JANET GREEN, CATHY Art Club, FLC, French Club. GREEN, RICKY DECA i, II, Sgt. at Arms. GREENE, MIKE FLC 2, 3, NHS 2, 3, Football 2, Other School: Debate Club I, 2, Drama Club I, 2. GREER, SUSIE Arlettes 2, 3, Captain 3, NHS 2, FHA I, 2, FLC 2. GREIG, GERALD DECA. GRINDSTAFF, JACK Basketball I, 2, 3, Senior Council 3. GROOM, TRICIA FTA 2, 3, Parliamentarian 3. GROTHE, JOAN GRUENHAGEN, STEPHANIE FTA I, FLC I, AFS 3, Colt Staff 3, Red Cross Rep- resentative 3, Quill and Scroll 3, City Press Club 3. GRUENHAGEN, SUSAN Honor Graduate, NHS 2, 3, FBLA 2, FTA 2, Para- Med 3, FLC 2, 3, AFS 2, 3. GUSTAFSON, LARS Basketball I, Photo Staff 2, ,H- HAGOOD, WAYNE FLC I, 2, 3, Math Club 2, Senior Council, Red 282 SENIORS Cross Representative 3, All-School Play Crew 3. HAHN, RICK Football I, 2, 3, All-District 3, Basketball I, 2, Junior Rotarian, Key Club 2, 3, Treasurer 3, In- teract 2, 3, Vice President 3, Student Council 3, Senior Council, FBLA 2. HAILEY, MARIAM Student Council I, 2, 3, NHS 2, 3, Colt Staff 3, Co-Editor 3, Choraliers 2, 3, Kiwanian Repre- sentative, City Press Club 3, Honor Graduate. HALL, MIKE HALL, NANCY NHS 2, 3, FLC 2. HALL, STEVE HALLIBURTON, PAM German Club. HAMMOND, CATHY HAND, JON I, 2, 3, Choraliers 3, Library Club 3. HANEY, JAMES DECA, Top Sales Award. HARRIS, CLINT Student Council 3. HARRIS, JAMIE OEA 3, Youth Guidance Council 3. HARRISON, DANNY HARSTON, GARY HART, CHRIS Student Council I, VICA 2. HART, MARILYN FTA, AFS, Student Council, Senior Council. HARWELL, RALPH Basketball I, 2, 3, Captain 3, Key Club I, 2, 3. HARWELL, ROY Basketball I, 2, 3, Key Club I, 2, 3. HASTINGS, CAROL HATZENBUEHLER, PETE HAUGH, RANDY HAVENS, PHYLLIS HAVINS, KAREN HAWKES, CHARLA Choraliers 2, 3, Chamber of Commerce Girl of the Month. HAYNES, DEBBIE FBLA I, AFS 3, Interact 2, 3, Arlettes 2, Junior Council 2, Student Council I. HEATH, JOE Choraliers. HEDRICK, STEVE DECA. HENDERSON, BARBARA Arlettes, Art Club. HERRELL, SUE VOE. HERT, TRUDY HIETT, ANN FTA I, 2, 3, FHA I, 2, Spanish Club 2, 3. HIGGINS, STEVE DECA, President, Student Council. HILL, DEBBIE HILL, MARILYN OEA 3, President 3, Other School: JV Cheerlead- er I, Varsity Cheerleader 2. HILTON, STEPHENIE VOE 3. HINDS, DEBI UIL Contest Play I, All-Region Choir 2, Thespians 2, Youth Guidance Council 3, Choraliers 2, Young Life 3. HINSHAW, GEORGE Key Club, Interact. HIRSCHMAN, DOUG Senior Council 3, Track I, 2, Football I, 2, 3. HOBSON, DON HOELKE, FRED HOERNKE, CRAIG HOLLABAUGH, MARY Young Life I, 2, 3. HONEYCUTT, JANE FTA. HOOKS, SHARON HOSTETTLER, MIKE HOUSTON, DONNA HOUSTON, ELISE FBLA, FLC, VOE, Thespians, HOVIS, JIM Key Club 2, 3, Track 2, 3. HOWARD, SARA HUFFINE, JAY HUKILL, CHARLIE AFS 3, President 3, German Club 2, 3, Thespians 3, One-Act Play Cast 3, All-School Play Cast 3, Choraliers 2, 3. HUNT, DENNIS Football I, 2, 3, HUSSEY, JANICE - I - INGRAM, JAMES Band. INSELL, PEGGY IRELAND, DEBBY Student Counci IRONS, DONNA I I, 2, PTA Council 3. Band I, 2, 3, FTA I, 2, 3, Tennis I, FLC 2 IVY, PATTY FLC 2, Para-Me ROTC I, 2, 3, Senior Council d 2, Junior Council, AFS 3 City Press Club 3, Colt Staff 3, Youth Guidance Council 3, Red Cross Representative I, Quill and Scroll 3, Tri-Hi-Y I. - J - JARBOE, JANIE Student Council 3, Arlettes 2, Captain, Red Cross Representative 2, Choraliers 3, Junior Council, Treble Chorale. JEAN, BOBBY DECA, Senior Council. JENSEN, EDDIE Band I, 2, ROTC I, 2, 3. JETT, RANDY JILES, LINDA NHS 2, 3, Top Ten, Para-Med, Top Ten Gradu- ate, NMSQT Commended Student. JOHNSON, DEAN JOHNSON, GALE Choraliers 2, 3, All-Region Choir 2, 3, All-State Choir 3, NMSQT Finalist, Thespians 2, 3, Honor Graduate, FLC 2, Youth Guidance Council I, 2, Vice President 2, NHS 3, Who's Who in Choir, All-School Play Cast 2, 3, Annual Staff 3, Cham- ber of Commerce Girl ofthe Month, 3. JOHNSON, KAREN JOHNSON, LAURI German Club. JOHNSTON, KATHY FLC I, FTA I, Arlettes 2, 3, Captain 3, Miss Ar- Iette 3, Student Council 3, JOLLEY, DARLENE JONES, GARY JONES, KELLY Varsity Football Trainer 2, 3, Key Club I, 2, 3, ln- teract 2, 3, Junior Council 2, Young Life I, 2, 3. JORGENSEN, DENNIS JOYCE, BILL JUDD, JULIE Young Life I, 2, 3, Other School: Literary Art Magazine 2. JUDKINS, MARY 7 K 7 KELLEY, MOLLIE NHS 2, 3, Choraliers 2, 3, FLC 2, 3, Athenian Girl of the Month 3, Literary Club 2, 3, Youth Guidance Council I, 2, AFS 3. KENDRICK, BILL Student Council I, 2, 3, Key Club I, 2, 3, Boys Social Chairman 3, Basketball 2, 3, Captain 3, All-Greater Dallas 3, Fielder Award, Mr. AHS. KENNEDY, JAY KENNEDY, RUSTY Football I, 2, 3, Track I, 2, Key Club 3. KETRON, ROBERT Key Club, Photo Pac 3, Photography Staff. KEY, KARRIE AFS, Senior Council, FTA. KIENLEN, ROBERT NHS 2, 3, FLC 2, Mu Alpha Theta 3, Senior Council 3, Safety Council 3, Other School: Gym- nastics I, Radio Club I. KILPATRICK, CHARLES Key Club 2, 3, Basketball 3, Youth Guidance Council 3, Officer 3, Kiwanis Representative 3. KIMBALL, JOE KIMBALL, TERRY KING, BILL KIRBY, WAYNE ROTC I, 2, Captain, Leadership Award, Other School: Football Manager, Basketball Manager, English I Award, Math ll Award. KIRKPATRICK, KAREN FHA I, 2, Other School: Pep Squad I. KIRSCHNER, JOHN KITTS, WAYNE KRAFT, JOHN Golf Team I, Basketball I, 2, Senior Council. KRESS, JEAN KRUEGER, LARRY Art Club 2, 3. KUNKEL, MIKE KURTZ, SUSAN FLC 35 Math Club 35 PTA Representative 35 Libra- ry Club I, 25 Red Cross Representative I5 Para- Med 2. .. L - LABELLA, JOHN Choraliers 2, 35 All-State Choir 2, 35 All-School Play Cast 2, 35 All-School Musical Cast 25 NHS 2, 35 Thespians 2, 3. LACKEY, JUDY FTA 25 VOE 3, Treasurer 35 District Contest Top Ten 3. LANEY, KAREN DECA I, ll, 2, 35 Student Council 35 Red Cross Representative 2. LANSING, LAURIE LAQUEY, LONNIE CVAE. LAROCHE, DEBBIE PTA Representative. LARSON, DENISE Spanish Club 25 VOE 3, Area Contest 35 Other School: Drill Team I5 Concert Choir I. LASHER, MAUREEN DECA, Sweetheart. LATTIMORE, NANCY LAWSON, MICHAEL LAYTON, DAVID FBLA. LEE, KENNY DECA I, ll, Outstanding Student. LEISURE, DAVID LEVY, PHILLIP LEWIS, GREG Cross Country I, 2. LEWIS, PAT LIBERATO, LYNNE Outstanding Senior Phatagrapher5 Photo Staff, Secretary 2, 35 Photo Pac 35 Annual Staff 35 Youth Council 2, 3, Secretary5 FLC 2, 35 Red Cross Representative 25 City Press Club 35 All- School Musical Cast 2. LIDDELL, JIM LINCH, VICKI LINDSAY, DANA NHS 2, 35 AFS 2, 35 FLC I, 25 Athenian Girl of the Month 3. LITTLEFIELD, MARY Thespians5 Art Club. LITRIO, ANNE Student Council 25 Senior Council5 FTA I5 FHA I5 Young Life 25 AFS 2, 3, Secretary 2. LLOYD, SHARON DECA. LOCKSTEDT, RICHARD Choraliers 2, 3. LONG, BRAD Mu Alpha Theta 2, 35 FLC I, 2, 35 Spanish Club 35 Latin Club I, 25 Band 2, 35 Para-Med I, 25 Other School: Chess Club I5 Sophomore Presi: dent. LONG, JUDY Treble Chorale 3. LOWE, BOBBIE LOWE, TERRY All-School Play Cast 3. LUCAS, NANCY FBLA 2, 35 Literary Club 2, 35 Para-Med 2, 35 Quill and Scroll 35 Colt Staff 3. LYLE, KAREN FBLA 25 OEA 3. K Mc K MCANDREW, JANIS Volleyball Team I, 2, 3, Captain 3, All-State 35 PTA Representative I5 Student Council 25 Senior Council5 Young Life I, 2. McCAlN, LISA MCCORMACK, DEIRDRE AFS5 FLC. McCOWN, JACKIE McCURDY, GORDON Senior Council5 NHS 35 FLC 35 Other School: Stu- dent Council I, 25 Sophomore President. McGHEE, SAM McGLEW, ROBIN Sophomore Secretary5 Student Council I, 2, 35 Varsity Cheerleader 2, 35 Art Club 2, 35 Junior Princess 25 Favorite I, 25 Homecoming Queen Nominee5 Miss AHS. MCLEOD, DAVID Cross Country 2, 35 Track 2, 35 Photo Staff. McMULLEN, PATTY Student Council. - M - MACKEY, CHERYL Salutatorian5 NMSQT Scholarship Winner5 NHS 2, 35 Thespians 35 Math Club 2, 35 Literary Club 2, 35 FTA I, 25 All-School Play Crew 2, 35 FLC 2, 35 Latin Award 35 Science Fair 3rd, I5 AFS 2, 3. MAGGARD, DANNY Safety Council. MANGEN, ANDERS AFS 35 FLC 35 Key Club 35 All-School Play Cast 3. MANIRE, PAT Arlettes 2, 3, Maior 35 Treble Chorale 35 FBLA 25 Youth Guidance Council 2, 35 Senior Council. MARAK, MARK Football I, 2, 3, All-District 35 Baseball I, 2, 3. MARROW, JOY NHS 2, 3, Secretary 35 Youth Citizenship Award5 Annual Staff 35 Outstanding German Student 25 FLC 2, 35 German Club 2, Treasurer 25 Honor Graduate5 Treble Chorale 35 AFS 2, 35 FTA I, 25 Youth Guidance Council 35 Mu Alpha Theta 2. MARSHALL, JAMIE NHS 2, 35 Other School: Drill Team I5 Class Council I, 2. MASSEY, JILL MATSON, MARTTI Quill and Scroll 2, 35 FLC 2, 35 Annual Staff 2, 35 NHS 2, 35 Senior Council. MAULDIN, DONNA MAY, KIM MAYS, DAVID Band5 All-Region Band. MAYS, JANELLE MEADOWS, BONNIE MEESEY, RUSTY Senior Council. MENGER, CHRIS MERBLER, RICHARD MERCER, DORIAN METCALF, MARY ANN NHS 2, 35 AFS I, 2, 35 Annual Staff 2, 35 Kappa Alpha Lambda 2, 3, Reporter 2, 35 Tennis Team I5 All-School Play Crew 25 All-School Musical Cast 25 City Press Club 35 Quill and Scroll 2, 35 Honor Graduate. MIDDLEBROOKS, WELDON Junior Council5 Senior Council5 Latin Club 2, 3, President 35 Band I, 2, 35 Mu Alpha Theta 35 All- School Musical Orchestra 25 Thespians 35 All- School Play Cast 35 Student Council I. MILES, TERRY German Club. MILLER, BEVERLY FHA. MILLER, STEVE MILLIGAN, MARGARET Youth Guidance Council 35 Senior Council5 Treble Chorale 35 Other School: Choir 2. MILLIGAN, STEVE MILNER, FAYE OEA5 FBLA. MINGORI, JEFF FLC I, 2, 35 AFS 35 Para-Med 3. MOLLER, CHERYL MOONEYHAM, KIP MOONEYHAM, LINDA MOORE, DEBI Student Council I, 25 Junior Council5 Senior Council 35 Red Cross Representative I, 25 ROTC Sweetheart 25 FTA I, 25 Young Life I, 2. MOORE, HAROLD ICT5 FFA I, 2, 3. MOORE, KATHY Choraliers 3. MOORE, MONTY MOORE, STEVE Student Council I5 Choraliers 2, 35 Cross Country 25 Thespians 2, 35 Literary Club 3. MOORE, TOM FBLA 3, President5 Young Life 25 Other School: Basketball I. MOREY, KENNETH Photo Staff. MORITZ, CHUCK Football I5 Student Council I, 25 FLC 25 Math Club 25 Red Cross Representative 3. MORRIS, PATI MORROW, FLOYD MOSES, DEBBIE Youth Guidance Council 35 Other School: Aquat- ics Club I, 25 GAA I, 25 Student Congress I, 25 Pep Club I, 25 Ski Club 25 FTA I. MOUCK, MARTHA VOE5 Youth Guidance Council. MUELLER, LORA Band I, 2, 35 Art Club I, 2, President 35 PTA Rep- resentative 35 Literary Club 35 German Club 2, 35 FLC 2, 3. MURRAY, JIM MYERS, CINDY FTA I, 25 FHA 25 Arlettes 25 Young Life 2, 35 DECA 3. - N Y NEESE, CONNIE Senior Council5 Thespians 35 All-School Play Cast 35 All-School Musical Crew 25 Colt Staff 35 City Press Club 3. NORDSTROM, CATHY NORRIS, MARY NOTHNAGLE, SIGNE Choraliers 2, 35 FLC 2, 35 Youth Guidance Coun- cil 2, 3, Vice President 35 Thespians 35 All-School Play Cast 35 All-Region Choir 2, 3. NUNNELEE, BECKY FLC I, 2, 35 Youth Guidance Council I, 25 Stu- dent Council 25 Senior Council5 NHS 2, 35 AFS 2, 3. - Q - ODOM, TERRIE Art Club 2, 35 Library Club I5 PTA Representative 35 Red Cross Representative 2. O'DELL, DONNA Young Life5 Thespians5 Student Council. OLCSVARY, FRANK O'LEARY, DAN Band5 Stage Band5 Student Council5 Senior Coun- cil5 FLC, President5 All-Region Band5 Ft. Worth Youth Orchestra. OLDHAM, TOM OLSON, EDWARD Senior Council5 VICA 35 JETS, Secretary 25 Other School: English Honor Society I, 25 Mu Alpha Theta I, 25 Spanish Club I5 Memorial Student Society 2. OLSON, SANDRA OSWALT, STEVE Mu Alpha Theta 2, 35 Para-Med 35 JETS 35 De- bate Team 2, 35 UIL Debate 3rd, 3. OTTO, CATHY FLC 2, 35 German Club 2, 35 FTA 2, 3, Secretary 35 PTA Representative I5 Senior Council. OVERMAN, SUSAN FLC I, 2, 35 NHS 2, 3. OWENS, BETH Student Council5 FLC5 NHS 2, 3. OZBORN, DIANE FLC 2, 35 Art Club 25 FHA I5 NHS 2, 35 Honor Graduate. .. p , PADGETT, CHARLOTTE Treble Chorale 2, 35 Safety Council 3. PADGETT, PAT PAGE, KEVIN PARKER, STEVE PARR, BILL NMSQT Finalist 35 NHS 2, 35 FLC I, 25 Colt Staff 25 Mu Alpha Theta 25 JETS 35 Literary Club 2, 3. PARSONS, PEGILYNN Art Club 2. PARTRIDGE, DAVID Track 2, 35 Cross Country 2, 35 JETS 35 UIL Slide Rule 35 FLC 2, 35 Other School: Track I5 Cross Country I5 Swimming I. PATTERSON, KEITH Junior Council5 Senior Council5 Choraliers 2, 35 FBLA 2. PERRY, STEVE Varsity Football I, 2, 35 Key Club I, 2, 3, Officer 35 Interact I, 2, 35 Senior Council. PERSON, KERRY Football 35 Thespians 35 Choraliers 2, 35 Safety Council 2, 35 All-School Play Crew 3. PETEET, REX Interact5 Art Club. PETTIT, KEITH SENIORS 283 Photo Pac 3, Art Club I, 2. PETTY, ERNEST FFA. PETTY, MELVIN Band I, 2, 3, Stage Band 3, VICA 3. PFEIL, TOMMY PHILLIPS, AUBREY PHILLIPS, CAROLE Para-Med 2, 3, Senior Council, Band I, 2, 3, Sophomore Council, Junior Council, AFS 3, Athenian Girl of the Month. PHILLIPS, LISA Young Life, Senior Council. PHILLIPS, ROBERT ROTC. PICKETT, DAVID FBLA 2. PIERARD, ARTHUR Tennis I, 2, 3, Mu Alpha Theta 2. PIERCE, KAYE VOE 3, Band I, 2, 3, All-Region Band I, 2, 3, All-State Band I, 2, 3, Ft. Worth Youth Orches- tra 3, Who's Who in Band. PIERCE, MARSHA PIERCE, SANDRA FHA. PITTS, GREGORY PODSEDNIK, STEVE POINTER, CARL Choraliers 2, Football I, 2, 3, All-District, All- Metro, Track I, 2, 3, Sophomore Favorite, Junior Favorite, Senior Favorite, FTA Sweetheart. PORTER, WILLIAM ROTC I, 2, 3, ROTC Drill Team 2, 3, French Club 2, PTA Representative 3, Senior Council, POSTER, BRAD Band I, 2, 3, Stage Band, Latin Club, FLC, Ger- man Club. POSTEN, MIKE POTTER, BARBARA PRINCE, SHARON FLC 2, OEA 3. PRINE, LARRY PRINGLE, MIKE Football I, 2, 3, All-District 2, 3, Most Valuable Player 3, Captain 3, Baseball I, 2, 3, All-District 2, 3, Junior President, Senior President, Student Council I, 2, 3, Thespians 2, 3, Best Supporting Actor 2, Best Actor 3, Interact 2, 3, President 3, Key Club I, 2, 3, American Legion Award 3, Mr. AHS Nominee. PTACEK, DAVID ROTC I, 2, 3, ROTC Drill Team 2, 3, French Club 2. -Q- QUINN, LESLIE Library Club. - R - RAINONE, GREG RAPE, JOHN Student Council, Key Club, Choraliers 2, 3, Ger- man Club. RAU, ROBERT Senior Council. RAY, RUSTY Band 2, 3, Other School: Band I. RAY, TRACY REECE, STEVE ROTC. REED, MILTON REESE, KATHY REICHENSTEIN, KURT Football I, Varsity Football Manager 2, 3, Safety Council 3. RENFRO, DICKY DECA 3. RENN, DAVID Band, ROTC, Stage Band. REYNOLDS, JIMMY Golf I, 2, 3, Honor Graduate. REYNOLDS, MARK REZNICEK, CATHY Volleyball 2, 3, AFS 3. RHODES, BILLY Football I, 2, 3, Track I, 2, Interact I, Choraliers 2, 3, Junior Rotarian 3, Safety Council 3. RICE, KATHY NHS 2, 3, Red Cross Representative I, 2, FLC I, 2, 3, Honor Graduate, Student Council, Quill and Scroll 2, 3, AFS I, 2, 3, Annual Staff 2, 3. RIDLEY, BOB 284 SENIORS Cross Country, Track. RIVERS, BRENDA RIVARD, DENNIS ROTC. RIVARD, DORISSE FTA, FLC. ROARK, LACI ROBBINS, JUDY Young Life 2, 3. ROBERSON, CINDY A Arlettes 2, 3, Captain 3, FHA 2, 3, Secretary 3, FLC I, Youth Guidance Council I, Kiwanis Citi- zen ofthe Month, Who's Who in Homemaking. ROBERTS, PATSY ROBERTSON, BRENDA FTA 2, 3, Junior Council, ROBINSON, KAREN NHS 2, 3, German Club 2, 3, FLC 2, 3, AFS 3, Arlettes 2. ROBINSON, RICHARD RODEN, SHARON FHA I, FBLA 2, Library Club I, PTA Representa- tive, Youth Guidance Council 3. RODGERS, MELINDA ROFFAL, PAULA ROGERS, BRAD ROGERS, DEBBIE American Abroad Returnee 3, NHS 2, 3, Report- er 3, AFS 2, 3, Athenian Girl of the Month 3, Athenian Girl of the Year 3, Youth Citizenship Award 3, Annual Staff 2, 3, FTA I, Honor Grad- uate, Senior Council, Quill and Scroll 2, 3, Musi- cal Cast I, FLC I, 2, 3, City Press Club 3. ROTH, SUSAN Tennis I, 2, Choraliers 3, NHS 2, 3, FLC 2, 3, AFS 3. RUCKER, NANCY Para-Med. RUDY, GARTH Library Club 3. RUMENAPP, ROBERT Student Council, Senior Council, Math Club. RUPE, LINDA RUSHING, ELAINE RUSK, DARRYL RUSSELL, KELLY ICT, VICA. RUSSELL, MIKE ROTC, ROTC Drill Team. RUTHERFORD, TOM Thespians I, 2, 3, FLC I, 2, 3, German Club I, 2, Track I, 2. - 5 - SALAZAR, JIM Band I, 2, 3, Stage Band I, 2, 3. SAMOFF, ROGER ROTC I, 2, Football I, 2, 3. SANDERS, JAMES SAUCE, MIKE SHAFFER, DAVID FFA 3, Football. SCHELLHAMMER, BRENT Basketball I, 2, Key Club 2, 3, Interact 2, 3, Baseball I, AFS 2, 3. SCHMIDT, DANNY Math Club SCHORR, RONALD Student Council. SCOTT, BRENDA scan, DAVID Young Life. SEALE, TERISA VOE. SEBOLT, MARY SEILER, RANDY SELF, RICK Football, Baseball, Key- Club, Interact, Young Life, Boy Social Chairman 2, 3, Western Day King 2. SHAFER, DORIS SHAFER, KAREN Young Life. si-IAFFER, PAT SHAW, ALLAN sHELToN, KIM Football I, 2, 3, Baseball I, 2, Key Club I, 2, 3, Social Chairman 3, FBLA 2, 3, Vice President 3, Mr. FBLA-District 3, Track 3, Junior Council, NHS 2, Choraliers 2, 3, Twirp King 2. SHEPARD, JIM JETS 3, All-School Play Crew 3. SHIELDS, KATHY Student Council 3, NHS 2, 3, AFS I, 2, 3, Annu- al Staff 2, FLC I, 2, 3. SHIPLEY, VAN SHODEN, BECKY NHS 3, FLC 2, 3, AFS 3, Senior Council 3, Tennis 2, 3, Other School, Cheerleader I, Student Council Vice President I. SHRUM, ANITA Junior Council, Student Council 3, Red Cross Rep- resentative I. SHUCK, CHARLES SIEGELE, TOM JETS 3, Treasurer 3. SILMAN, SHERRIE SIMMONS, KAREN FBLA I. SLOAN, OWEN Baseball I, 2, 3, All-District 3, Basketball I, Inter- act 2, Photography Staff 3. SLUSSER, JOHN Math Club. SMITH, BOB SMITH, BOBBY SMITH, DEBORAH SMITH, GARY SMITH, GREG SMITH, PEGGY Art Club, Senior Council. SMITH, ROBERT Cross Country I, Track I, ROTC 2, 3, Flight Com- mander 2, Staff Officer 3. SMITH, SUZANNE DECA, Secretary. SMITH, UEL DECA. SNODGRASS, JOHN Interact I, 2, 3, German Club I, 2, FLC I, 2, Stu- dent Council 2, 3, Sophomore Council. SODD, BILL SOTO, JOSEPHINE CVAE. SOUTH, MIKE SOWELL, DIANA Treble Chorale 3, Science Fair. SPAIN, DAVID Football I, 2, Track I, 2, Library Club, Vice Presi- dent, CVAE 3. SPANGLER, JILL Other School, Arts and Crafts Award 2. SPELCE, CHERYL FHA 2. SPENCER, KERRY Art Club. SPERLICH, STEVE SQUIRES, JOHNNIE DECA I, II, Secretary. STACY, RICKY STARKES, E. J. STAVELY, SUE STEWART, JACK Photography Staff, Photo Pac. STINSON, BETH STITES, THERESA FHA 3. STOCKUM, GREG Other School, English Merit Award, Wrestling Team, Band, Football. STREBECK, RITA STRIPLING, BOB STURTEVANT, KEITH Track I, 2, 3. SUGGS, GEORGE Track 2, 3, Cross Country 2, 3. SULLIVAN, DAVID Key Club I, 2, 3, Interact 2, 3, Football 2, 3, All- District 3, All-Greater Dallas, Ft. Worth 3. SULLIVAN, JOHN SUMMERS, MARK Photography Staff, Photo Pac 3. SUNDBERG, DAVID SURY, ANN Interact 2, Safety Council 3, PTA Representative 2, Art Club 2, 3, NHS 2, 3, Arlettes 2, Junior Council, Senior Council, German Club, FLC 2, 3, AFS 3. SWAIN, RICHARD NHS, FLC, Para-Med. SWEELY, RICK SWEENEY, LEE International Science Fair 3rd in Biochemistry, 3, Ft. Worth Regional Science Fair Ist, 3, District Science Contest Ist, 2, Valedictorian, Who's Who in Science, NHS 2, 3, Vice President 3, I I I I NSF Summer Student 2, JETS 3, Mu Alpha Theta 3, Other School, Track I, Math, Science, Civics, French Awards, French Club, Key Club, Science Club, FLC, Vice President. - 1' - TAAFE, DAN Who's Who in Industrial Arts. TALBOT, GENE Choraliers 2, 3, All-Region Choir 2, 3, ROTC I, 2, 3, Junior Rotarian, Musical Cast I, All-School Play Cast 2, Optimist Representative 3. TALLON, BOBBY Football I, 2, 3, Interact I, 2, 3, Senior Council. TOPOGNA, MARIAN FFA. TAPPAN, DOROTHY FLC, NHS, AFS, Student Council, TAPPE, GARY TAYLOR, CHRISTY ICT. TAYLOR, JEFF Safety Council. TAYLOR, KATHY TAYLOR, KATHY TAYLOR, ROD TAYLOR, TRISHA Junior Council, Student Council 3, Art Club 2, 3, AFS 3. TERRELL, KAREN TERRY, GRETCHEN NHS 2, 3, FLC 2, 3, German Club 2, 3, FTA I, Band I, 2, 3, AFS, Secretary 3. TETZLAFF, TERRY Basketball I, Baseball I, 2. THOMAS, DANNY Para-Med 2, 3, Math Club 2, 3, NHS 3, Band I, WFLC 3. THOMAS, RICHARD Student Council, Youth Guidance Council, Senior Council, ROTC, ROTC Drill Team. THOMAS, STEVE Baseball 2, 3, Interact 3, Key Club 3, Senior Council, Football I. THOMPSON, DUSTY Technical Stage Manager 2, 3, Thespians 2, 3, Best Thespian 3, Band 2, 3, All-School Play Crew Head 2, 3. THORNE, JOY Library Club 3, FBLA 3, Other School: Spanish Club I, 2, Ski Club I, Glee Club, FBLA 2, Track Team I, Drill Team 2, Pep Club I, 2, Chess Club I. TIBBETS, DAVID Football I, 2, 3, All-District 3, Track I, 2, Interact 2, 3, Key Club 3. I TIERCE, JULIE FHA 1, 2, 3, FTA 1, 2, 3. TOMANEK, DANNY roNc, Ricxv , TRAMMELL, RONNY I I I Student Council I, 2, 3, Senior Class Vice Presi- dent, Choraliers 2, 3, Vice President, Interact, Treasurer, Key Club, Musical Cast I, 2, All- School Play Cast 3. TRIBBLE, RODNEY Golf I, Baseball I, 2. TUCKER, DEBBIE FHA I, PTA Representative 3. TUCKER, JO Photography Staff 2, 3, Photo Pac 3, AFS, Junior Council. TURNER, KAY TURNER, TANYA Cheerleader 2, 3, FFA District Sweetheart, Senior Favorite, Homecoming Queen. TUTTLE, GEORGE Student Council I, 2, 3, President 3, Football I, Golf 2, Young Texan of the Month, Boys' State Delegate 2, Junior Rotarian 3, Key Club I, 2, 3, AFS 3, FLC I, 2, Mr. AHS Nominee. TUTTLE, JIMMY DECA. TYE, TOM ROTC I, 2, 3, Operation Officer. TYLER, BECKY FBLA 2, FHA I. - U - ULRICH, mass Arlettes 2, 3, Miss Arlette Runner-Up 3, AFS 2, FLC 2, PTA Representative 3, Red Cross Repre- sentative 2. UNDERWOOD, STEVE Other School, Track Team I. -vi VAN HOUTEN, KENT ROTC I, 2, 3, ROTC Drill Team I, 2, 3, Bond I, 2, 3. VENABLE, DONNA VIA, LYLE Football I, 2, 3, All-District 3, All-State 3. VIERA, PAUL Safety Council I, 2, Para-Med 2, 3, Mu Alpha Theta 2, 3, Interact 2, 3, Science Fair Winner I, Art Club 3, Student Council 2, 3, Senior Council. VON ROSENBURG, ERIC VON BOSE, DANIEL O W C. WADE, SUE Thespians, FTA, Art Club. WAGHORNE, STEVE WAGNER, LENNY WALDRON, DANIEL PTA Representative 3, Other School: Football I, 2. WALKER, LAURIE Cheerleader 2, 3, Homecoming Queen Nominee, Miss AHS Nominee. WALKER, NICKY Bond I, 2, 3, NHS 2, 3,iTreasurer 3, FLC 2, 3, Red Cross Representative 2, Thespians I, 2, 3, Vice President 3, All-School Play Cast 2, 3, Musi- cal Cast 2, Best Supporting Actor 3, UIL One-Act Play Cast 2, 3, UIL Prose Ist, 2, Honor Gradu- ate. WALKER, ROGER WALL, DAVID Para-Med I, 2, 3, President, NHS 2, 3, NMSQT Finalist 3, Ft. Worth Regional Science Fair Win- ner 3, National Young Scientists Award, Honor Graduate, Who's Who in Math. WALLACE, WENDY WALLS, JUDY NMSQT Commended Student 3, FLC 3. WALTER, ANNABEL Library Club I, 2. WARD, DENISE FLC I, 2, 3, AFS 2, 3, NHS 2, 3, Young Life I, 2, French Award 2, 3, Time-Life Award 2. WARD, DONNA WARD, JANET FBLA. WARD, JIM Sophomore President, Student Council I, 2, 3, Football I, NHS 2, 3, FLC 2, Para-Med 3, Key Club I, 2, 3, Social Chairman 2, Secretary 3. WARE, DONNA AFS 2, 3, FLC 2, 3, German Club I, 2, 3, NHS 2, 3, FTA 2, Student Council 3, Art Club 2. WARE, GRADY WARREN, KATHY DECA I, ll, 2, 3, Student Council 2. WARREN, TAMMY PTA Representative 3, Senior Council. WATKINS, CHARLCIE WATKINS, SANDY OEA. WATSON, BILL ROTC 2, 3. WATSON, DAN Photography Staff 3, Photo Pac 3. WEAVER, TWYLA Colt Staff 2, 3, NHS 2, 3, AFS I, 2, 3, Quill and Scroll 2, 3, PTA Representative I, 2, 3, City Press Club 3, Young Life I, 2. WEHMANN, MELISSA AFS 2, 3, NHS 2, 3, FLC 2, 3, PTA Representa- tive 2, Art Club 2, Honor Graduate. WELCH, DON ROTC I,CoIt Staff 2, 3, Quill and Scroll 2, 3, Mu Alpha Theta 2. WELCH, RON Student Council I, ROTC I, 2, 3, Flight Com- mander 2, ROTC Drill Team 2, 3, Commander 3, Mu Alpha Theta 2, 3, Vice President 3, NHS 3, Rotary Award. WELDON, DEBBIE WELLS, ROXANNE Treble Chorale 3. WERSA, LINDA WESTFALL, SUSAN Art Club. WHEATON, SUE WHITE, BOBBY DECA 2, ICT 3. WHITE, JOHN WHITE, VEVA Treble Chorale, Arlettes 2, 3. WHITELAW, JIM Band I, 2, 3, Ft. Worth Youth Orchestra. WHITESEL, CLAUDIA Student Council I, 2, 3, City Press Club 3, Quill and Scroll 2, 3, Colt Staff 2, 3, FTA I. WHITIS, BILL WHITLEY, LESLIE Mardi Gras Princess 3, Student Council I, 3, Sen- ior Council, Red Cross Representative 2, Young Lite I, 2, Art Club 3, Secretary 3. WHITWORTH, ROBERT Key Club 3, Track I, 2, Cross Country I, 2, 3, Para-Med 2, 3, Math Club 2, 3, Treasurer 3, FLC 2, 3, Interact 2, Student Council 2, 3, Senior Council 3. WILBORN, JOAN Art Club 2, TWU Scholarship, Other School: Spanish Club I. WILKINS, KEN Interact 2, FLC 3, German Club 2, 3, Para-Med 3, Texas Nuclear Science Symposium 2, AFS 2, 3, Treasurer 3, Senior Council, NHS 2, 3. WILLIAMS, DEBBY WILLIAMS, LARI VOE, FFA Sweetheart 2, FBLA. WILLIAMS, MIKE WILLIAMS, RANDY FFA. WILLIAMS, RONNY ROTC. WILLIAMS, SUSAN Choraliers 2, 3, Treasurer 3, Thespians 3, Stu- dent Council 3, All-Region Choir 2, 3. WILLIAMS, TERESA WILSON, BEVERLY WINE, BILLY Football I, 2, 3, Student Council I, 2, 3, Junior Class Vice President, Choraliers 2, 3, Key Club I, 2, 3, Musical Cast 2, All-School Play Cast 3, Thespians 2, 3. WINTERS, JOHN Football I, All-School Play Cast 3, Musical Crew 2, Thespians 3. WOLFSKILL, RACHEL Band I, 2, All-School Play 3, FLC I, 2, 3, AFS I, Youth Guidance Council I, 2, UIL Solo Ist. WOMBLE, JERRELL WOOD, BILL Key Club I, 2, 3, Senior Council, Other School: Para-Med I. WOODARD, DAVID Photography Staff, Photo Pac, Band I, 2, 3. WOODS, DEBBIE WOODWARD, WENDY WORKMAN, PAT Senior Class Secretary, FBLA 3, Student Council I, 2, 3, FTA I, Senior Council, Choraliers 2, 3. WORTHY, BOB WRIGHT, DEBBIE VOE 3. WRIGHT, LARRY WRIGHT, STAN Library Club 2, FLC I. WRIGHT, TERRY M Y - YOUNG, DONNA Chamber of Commerce Girl ofthe Month 3, Cho- raliers 2, 3, FHA, AFS, German Club, All-Region Choir. YOUNG, EMILY Thespians 2, 3, Art Club 3, Ready Writers 2, Youth Guidance Council 3. YOUNG, LETTA YOUNG, TEDI Who's Who in English, TWU Writers Conference Winner. YOUNG, TOMMY Baseball I, 2, 3. SENIORS 285 Y nn. B l! v--any? .X W Juniors ig Y w in Q' ,' 1 Q officers of the iunior class for the 1970-7l year, Helen DeVito, secretary, Darrah Smith, boys' social chairman, Mark Poss, Vice-president, lissa Sampley, girls' social chairman, and Gary Brentlinger, president, relax after diligently searching for junior prom decorations. Five Steer Class Through Eventful Year Leading their class through an eventful year, the iunior class offi- cers were chosen by their class- mates to organize the year's ac- tivities. Officers were Gary Brentlinger, president, Mark Foss, vice-president, Helen DeVito, sec- retary, Melissa Sampley, girls' so- cial chairman, and Darrah Smith, boys' social chairman. Active in sports, Gary played linebacker on the Colt varsity foot- ball team, and was Class Favorite as a sophomore. Marc played football along with Gary, and also participated in baseball and the Key Club. Secretary Helen was a member of FTA, Thespians, and Interact. Her interest in theatrics was shown by her participation in school pro- ductions. Helping to plan social events, Melissa was in the Student Council and Young Life, while Darrah was a member of the Colt varsity bas- ketball team. These officers and the rest of the class mustered enough spirit to win the spirit stick at the second pep rally, which was the first time it was given. ln the weeks before Homecoming, the iunior class sponsored a spirit week. During this week they sold green paper horse shoes and deemed that ev- eryone wear socks to 'sock it' to that week's football opponent. To boost the player's morale, typed telegrams were sent on Friday to wish them luck. At the Colt County Fair the iun- ior class had as its entries the Dunking Booth, the Spook House and the Tricycle Race. The annual iunior prom was held April 24 at the King's Inn Ballroom. Girls appeared in cor- saged formals with tuxedoed boys to dance to the music provided by "Saratoga." JUNIORS 7 'VN Sponsors Plan Junior Year Helping the l97O-7l Junior Class to a successful year were the busy class sponsors. This year a new system was tried whereby only five faculty members were ac- tually designated as sponsors. Other teachers were divided into sponsor groups and were assigned by Vice-Principal Floyd Spracklen to help with different class events. Sponsors were Mrs. Lou Baker, Mrs. Betty Pettit, Mr. Jerry Richey, Mrs. Marylou Buntyn, and Mrs. Sharon Mars. They aided the class in organizing float and prom plans. Also, helping the juniors to out- standing class activities was this year's Junior Council. Made up of a representative from each junior homeroom, the council sold tickets to the All-School plays, made posters for the productions, and sold advertising for play pro- grams. Juniors welcomed another inno- vation this year. At their prom, April 24, a midnight supper was served for the first time. After tak- ing advantage ofa salad and des- sert buffet, iuniors and their dates were served a steak dinner. Saratoga played at the event billed as a "Knight of Magic." Held at the Kings Inn, the prom featured decorations fitting a Mid- dle Ages theme. Purple and red were the colors used. Streamers and banners in those colors were used along with purple candles on tables covered with red cloths. QAJ "And the winner of the slowest growing beard is . . . Carl Johnson!" proclaims Holly Lord at the annual Western Day assembly. QBJ Jim Cunningham delivers his winning cam- paign speech for Student Council president. QCD Mr. Jerry Richey, iunior sponsor, and Miss Mamie Price, AHS dean of girls, welcome Stewart Garrison and Pam Layton to the ir. prom. 288 JUNIORS gf? 9. Flex ., il l l ix V, I y ,v J 1 -J? H7 -F:-W' .4 f Y' I i X 2 K iid N v x f 5 'ft - f"1lv as ze .V gb.-i -. QM. fAD Calculating float dimensions are 1970-71 iunior sponsors Mr. Jerry Richey, Mrs. Lou Baker, and Mrs. Betty Pettit. Q81 Performing to Colt band music is iunior twirler, Debbie McBride. QCD "Not the wrong number again!" moans Mrs. Sharon Mars to Mrs. Mary Buntyn as they attempt M 'f,,. , f A rg! Wal.: to confirm the Junior Prom reservation. JUNIORS 289 290 JUNIORS Beth Allen Dan Allen Roger Allen Sherri Allen Susan Allen Kathleen Allpart Bob Anderson Marsha Anderson Mike Anderson Amira Angawi Tommy Antwine David Armstrong Debbie Arnett Gene Arrington Jim Ash Ronald Abrams Janet Ackerman Angela Adams Bev Adams Chris Adams Patricia Alarie Mark Aldriedge Beth Alfie ,.,W,..,..W..', 31-ll sllllt l Parading through one of the weekly pep rallies, spirited junior Junior Boys Show Colt Spirit 'sf-'.s.K l ,, fmfffi 22 52222152 Frank Aven Gary Aves Johnna Baccus Janet Bailey Charles Baker With Posters During Pep Rally BS' Richard Balkon Bobby Balusek Doug Barlen Debbie Barnett Cindi Barron Susan Baskin Jean Baxley Beth Bearden Keifor Beauchanp Sue Beauford Gail Beck Rrsun-Beene Glen Beniamin Stephen Benski Laurie Benson Ronald Bentley Shelia Bentley Jo Ann Benton Jennifer Berry Sally Best Barbara Betts Gary Betts Ouida Bible Kevin Bice Gary Bighouse Guy Bland Ivan Bland Nita Blue Ray Bodenhamer Lori Bone Dedicated Juniors Create JUNIORS Roberta Bonvillian Greg Booher Annette Born Jerry Boswell 'Q Enthusiastic iuniors diligently work on a poster intended to inspire o Colt victory Posters Supporting Colts David Brinkley Terri Britton Steve Brock Robin Brooks Todd Brooks Lee Brown Mark Brown Ricky Brown Ricky Brown Robert Brownrigg Donna Broyles Marlene Broyles Jayne Bryce Barbara Buck Ed Buck Bill Bundy Elise Bunie Mike Burch Lynn Burchfield Lynn Burgland Laura Bosworth Kay Bottehsazan Dianne Bourassa Steve Bovee Lisa Bowen Linda Box TEEFBE- Rick Boyd Scott Bradley Tony Bradley John Bradshaw Karen Branz Dale Bratcher Gary Brentlinger Shelia Brewer JUNIORS Looking more bewitching than usual, Kristi Klinger entices prospective victims into the iunior class' haunted house. Gary Burke Lynne Burks Roy Burns Diane Burton Y.,-X Donna Burum Barbara Butler Steve Butler Susi Byers Jimmy Bynum Cathy Cadenhead 294 JUNIORS Kevin Campbell Billie Canfield 'Sharon Cannon Jerry Cantrell Ronnie Capps Janet Carle Ronald Carlson Bruce Carpenter Jan Carter Susan Carter Frank Cartwright David Caruthers John Cary Debrah Cash Sue Cash Debbie Caudle Drew Causey Lynda Chandler Bill Chapman Mary Chesser Stephanie Chick Mark Chileis Dale Christenson Jewelletta Clark Joe Clark I Junior's Booth Haunts Colt County Fair Lynn Clements Christy Clifton Miggy Clifton Anita Cochran ' Larry Collet Kathie Collins Charles Cook Horace Cox Tommy Cox Teresa Crabb Kyle Creel Lynn Crockett Frank Crumb Debbie Cunningham Jim Cunningham Jennifer Dales Jill Dalley John Dardashti Scott Daugherty Glen Davee JUNIORS 295 David Davidson Sylvia Davila Becky Davis 'Bm' Davis Gordon Davis Lisa Davis Tony Davis John Davison Dan Day Dennis DeFrank Pam Demases Tony Dengler Gary Denny Dena Derr Helen DeVito Terry DeVoe David Dickey Jeanne Dicks Wendy Dillenscheinder Debbie Dimmick Juniors Reluctantly Sing on Howdy Day JUNIORS Linda DiSciullo Lynn Dodenhoff Sieve Dodson Ron Donahower Lynne Dorough Thomas Doskocil Terry Douglas Daniel Doyle Pam Draughn Terry Duckell Dan Duncan Dee Ann Dunn Cheryl Easley Laurice Edwards Lynn Edwards l Mary Pat Einhaus Nina Elder Cathey Elliott Dale Empey Oren Estep John Evans Mellissa Farrar Dianne Featherton Neal Fenn Joe Ferguson Baldemar Fernandez Martha Fernandez Warner Filley Rhonda Fishback Don Fitzsimmons Linda Flesher David Flores Kathy Fluke Lance Folse Finally getting the upper hand, Senior John Edwards uses some "friendly persuasion" to encourage reluctant Junior Ben Pierce to sing Colt Fight Song on Howdy Day. JUNIORS 297 'fu ROTC members David Ptacek, Mike Ross and Larry Wright engage in some good conversation during a dinner to welcome new sophomores RCTC Stages Dinner to Welcome Sophs HS JUNIORS Craig Ford Howard Forsberg Shirley Franklin David Franks Gordon Frederick Doug Fulton Kathy Gagliardo Nancy Garnett Randy Garrett Stewart Garrison Sherrie Gideon Barbara Gideons Al Gilbreath Suzanne Girardot Charlene Givan Allison Hagard Roger Hagen Craig Hagood Mauri Hall Ronnie Hall Tom Hallard Lawrence Hamilton Steve Hanstable Charlsey Hapeman Keith Hardin Wally Hardin Stacy Hardison Jerry Harlow Peggi Harmon Jim Harrington Steve Gladden Frances Glasgow Lynne Godfrey Car oerdel Becky Goetz Susan Goode Dean Graves Preston Gray Debbie Green Dianne Green Veronica Green Mary Greytak Elise Griffin Patrice Grimm im Grimsley Virginia Grossman Anita Grudda Jon Gustafson John Guthrie George Hafford JUNIORS Jane Harris JoAnne Hart Kurt Hauser Mike Hayenga Craig Hayes Shirley Hazen Leanne Heart Stan Hecker Cynthia Heflin John Helm 13' Little Arlie Leads Bi-District Champions l JUNIORS Mark Herndon James Hielt Dena Higbie Roger Higham Donald Hinkle Pal Hinshaw Rila Hocog Elisa Hoelke Billy Holberl Lee Hollar Sharon Holman Kalhy Honeycull Myron Hopp Brenda Horn Susan Horn Rick Hostettler Larry House Janice Houston Jerry Howell Derrell Hubbard Leading the players onto the football field, Little Arlie and his trainers, James Hiett and Billy Holbert, dash the length of the field amid the cheers of the crowd. Mark Huston Glennetta Hutchison Regina Hutchison Trice Hyden St'E7eTlFi?E' Melissa Irwin Jolyn lvy Marvin Jeffery Katy Jerome Bruce Johnson Dena Johnson Glen Johnson Grace Johnson Nancy Johnson Ronald Johnson Gerrall Hubbard Ginger Hughes Paula Scott Kevan Hurd JUNIORS 301 Sue Jonaitis Nancy Jones Jeff Journey Frank .lozwiak Connie Keeton Covered with mud and grime of long, strenuous game, Dan Allen congratulates fel- low team member Craig Hayes on another Colt victory over rival Sam Houston High JUNIORS Susan Keim Cindy Keith Sally Keith Richard Kelley Stuart Kelley Scotty Kemp B Leonard Kenworthy Richard Kerr Jerry Kettelkamp Shryl Kidd EllE1'KElT Dale Kilpatrick Steve Kilpatrick Chris Kimbley Elisa Kin 'John Klnser Lynette Kirkley Mark Kline Kristi Klinger Steve Koenig Mike Kolanko Donna Korman Gary Kramar Steve Kunkel Jerry LaCour Andy Ladyman Lorie Lake Randy Laver Patty Lankford Mike Lard Mark Laver Mark Lawing Junior Teammates Help Colts to District Bob Lawrence Sylvia Laymance Pam Layton Skipper Leake Charles LeMoine Mike Lengen Roger Lengel 'llommy LeNoir Reid Lettie Robert Lewis Susie Libotte Stephanie Lievrouw Roy Lineburger Bob Linehan Mike Linney JUNIORS 304 JUNIOR5 Bill Litrio Mark Livesay Debbie Lloyd Marsha Locke Janet Loe Chuck Longserre lia.lhL.l.ofd-. Lisa Loudermilk Prudence Lucas Yallerie Luke Jennifer Lunday Susan Lusk Barbara Luttrell Robin Lyle With poster and cigar in hand, Junior Pam Layton marches for women's rights during a study of historical reform movements. Female AHSers March for Women's Lib Debby McBride Patty McCall Mitzi McCarty Randy McCollum Marsha McCombs Martha McCombs Randy McCoy Chris McGhee Karen McHugh Linda McKinney Kathy McLaughlin Ann Mcl.emore Sara Mackie Roger Mailon Jim Manry Dan Martin Elaine Martin Randy Martin Susan Martin Pam Massingill Larry Mathis Tommy Mead Jamilyn Meier Glenn Meredith Mark Metzler Johnny Michael Debbie Miller Gaye Miller .lan Miller William Miller Patti Mitchell Linda Moffatt Mark Mohr Bill Monfries Becky Moore JUNIORS 305 Guy Moore Jeanne Moore Susan Morgan Mary Morin John Morrel Sally Morris Debbie Mosby Ricky Mosley Eric Moss Marilyn Mrkos Junior Girl Takes Role in All-School Play JUNIORS Paul Mueller Nina Mullen Pally Murphy Richard Murray Mike Musselman Cliff Mycoskie Merrell Nabors John Nation Paul Nation Forest Naylor Donna Nelson Karen Nelson Cathie Nicholas Tony Nicholas Jan Noble Chris Nordslrom David Nowlin Pafli Noyes Leslye Nunnelee Larry O'Neal Beth Offo Teresa Osgood Karl Ostheimer Tracy Orr Mark Page Carol Park Jalah Parker Lindi Parker C Parow Frank Parris Now what is my next line?" ponders Junior Mary Gretak as she awaits her next cue. Debble Parten Penny Paschal Shauna Payne Debbie Pendley Margaret Perry JUNIORS 307' JUNIORS Pat Pettit Bradley Phillips Laura Phillips Nita Phillips Ben Pierce Leonard Piggot Qgpcy Pitgtick Rickey Pittman John Poe Chris Pool Lou Porter Marc Poss Patti Poston Steve Poulter David Powell James Powell Pam Powers Doug Pratt Debbie Price Scott Price Clark Prim Bruce Prine Andrea Prochaska Neal Proctor David Pummill Antonette Pusteiosky Anne Pyburn Gary Qualls Jimmy Railey Susan Rain Sarah Ramsbottom Paul Roscoe Don Ratliff Billy Don Ray Jenny Reavis Bill Reed Dick Reher Dorene Reinhardt Paula Reno Bryan Rhodes Denney Rhodes Greg Ricketts James Ridley Russell Rinehart Shirlene Risedorph Junior Runner Enjoys Moment of Leisure R l l X Glenda Robbins Cathy Roberts J. Roberts Melinda Roberts Waiting for his track event to begin, Lance Folse dreams of another Colt success. JUNIORS 309 During a short break in the game, Junior Gary Brenflinger listens carefully as Senior Lyle Via discusses a new plan for the Coll s defense ?' Junior Learns Much From Llpperclassman 310 JUNIORS George Rodriguez Becky Rogers Nancy Rohe Susi Rocks Michael Ross Brad Runyon Danny Russell Kamran Sadighpour Mannya Sakowski Alma Salazar Melissa Sampley Jimmy Sanders Randy Sanders Roxanne Sanders Carol Sandlin 'Y Debbie Schahn Greg Schellhammer Daniel Schimek Cheryl Schmidt Brad Schrader Steve Schwemer Shelley Schwarzer Virgil Scott Mary Jack Seelye Louise Seeton James Sewell Penny Shaffer John Shaw Belinda Shelton Judy' Shoemaker Trish Shurack Marsha Siegler Barbara Sienko Ashley Sigmier Debbie Simmons Jack Sims Patti Simpson Pierce Smale Steve Smetak Cliff Smith Dale Smith Darrah Smith Jimmy Smith Judy Smith Paul Smith Ronny Smith Sandy Smith SuAnne Smith Polly Sneed Bobby Snider JUNIORS 31 l Kathy Snyder Ernest Soto Nancy Soward Gary Spain Ronald Spivey Laurie Springer Pat Stambulic Kent Stanley Steve Starrett Chris St. Claire Junior Princess Awaits Queen's Crowning 312 JUNIORS Gary Steele David Stevenson David Stevenson Barbara Stewart Billy Stinson Thomas Stout Marc Stovall Patty Strain Ernie Stripling Jay Stubblefield David Sudderth Toni Sumblin Bobby Surratt Harold Sutton Sheree Sutton Teresa Swain Debbie Swan Ed Talbot Bob Taylor Joy Taylor Karen Thomas Pom Thomas Greg Thomason Karen Thompson Linda Tigretf Jenny Tinsley Judy Tomasko Sue Trull Buster Tuggle During Homecoming festivities, Junior Princess Noncy Piistick and escort Darrah Smith anticipate the crowning of the queen. do Turner Nancie urner Claudia Tuiiie Valerie Tuifle Dole Underwood Larry Underwood David Vondiver Debbie Van Houten Ann Varga Curi Vasierling JUNIORS 313 "I went to the trouble of finding the right dress, so he better not appear in "jeans," muses Becky Goetz as she awaits the prom. JUNIORS Dana Vaught John Vaught Denise Vermillion Retha Vermillion Gretchen Von Bose Marcia Wade William Wade Mark Waghorne Richard Waldrop David Walker Junior Prom Brings Various Emotions Nancy Walker Roy Walker Darlene Wallace Debbie Wallace Teresa Wallace Linda Walsh sm 2 is .,-I Kathy Webb Marcia Webb Randy Webber Robert Wells Larry West Kris Wetterling Lou Ann White Judy Wickham Karen Wieder Holly Wilemon Darryl Walthall Roger Waneck Bill Ward Jo Lynn Ward Cheryl Watkins Mary Watson Elayne Weaver Jan Weaver "Hmm, I wonder if she's worth it. . ponders Eddie Bogard as he discovers yet another expense necessary for the Junior Prom. JUNIORS 315 Bradley Williams .loan Williams Sharon Williams Cindi Wills Doris Wills Joyce Wilson Ric Wilson Regina Wilson Randy Wimpy Evan Wincovitch Doug Wood Randy Wood Debi Woodard Robin Wooley Ronnie Wooley Clubs Sponsor Various Projects Sampling some delicacies available at Colt County Fair, Kenneth Morey and Debbie Mosby enioy atmosphere of a German biergarten JUNIORS warm. ,K .t 'W-M,.,.ms -.W y 'SV-,,..-rue.:-1 xx fvf.... .L . i s E g W : ! ,E ik 5 fs e 1 M' ,f: if ' Q "What next?" asks John Davidson to Kim Shelton as they survey the canned goods collected for the annual FBLA Samaritan drive. Susan Zelinski Debbie Zimmerman Terri Zimmerman Danny Wright Debbie Wright Ken Wright Rodney Wright Amelia Yazzo Laura Young Marcia Youngman ,i ,451 2, ,V , V, ' G' ,sew - 'gilgj ' f xg: , .,r, JUNIORS Sophomores Elected as officers of the sophomore class, John Hentze, vice-president, Susan Hollar, girls' social chairman, Mark Eblen, president, Diane Banks, secretary-treasurer, and John Reinhart, boys' social chairman, aid in making the 1970-1971 school year a year to remember for sophs. Sophs Eagerly Adopt Exciting AHS Life Fitting into the scheme of life in Arlington High School is the major concern of' most sophomores. To provide leadership for them the class elected five students as offi- cers. Mark Eblen, in addition to his presidential duties was a member of the Student Council so he was in touch with both class and school activities. ln other areas, Mark participated in the Understudy of the drama department and was active in the pilot English program. Aiding the president in his plan- ning of class functions was Vice- President John Hentze. He served on the Student Council and was on the varsity football team. He was also in the Key Club and Young Life. Keeping track of the finances and correspondence of the sopho- more class kept Secretary-Treasur- er Diane Banks busy. She found time, however, to participate in Young Life, the sophomore choir and the Interact Club. Formulating social plans and executing them were responsibili- ties shared by the two social chair- men, Susan Hollar and John Rein- hart. Susan also was active in the Student Council, Junior Achieve- ment, the Foreign Language Club, and the Future Teachers of Ameri- ca. John was a member of the Key Club and was on the iunior varsity football squad. I SOPHOMORES 319 fAD Mr. William Johnson aids students with their homework. KBJ Although quite petite, Mrs. Janet Stalcup proves she can make a lot of noise during the faculty skit. QCD Mr. Donald Roblyer never fails to have a smile. CDD "I hope these flowers do not make me sneeze!" sighs Mrs. Kay Burke. fEJ Making a decision is Coach Bill Carter. QFD Mrs. Bea Falvo claps for the Colts. 320 SOPHOMORES lele i Sponsors Aid Sophomores FV For their first year at Arlington High School, this year's sopho- more class participated in many activities, both old and new. Soon after school began in Sep- tember, sophomores held elections and voted on five fellow class- mates to lead them as officers. Then, for the first time at AHS, iun- ior-varsity cheerleaders were se- lected. Five sophomore girls were elected to cheer for both the foot- ball and basketball B-Team squads. Sponsoring a sponge throw, a car smash, and a fortune telling booth, the sophomore class netted Sl l3 in the Colt County Fair. They put this money to good use, for they won first place in the Home- coming float competition over the iunior and senior class entries. Sheila Eppes was elected by the class to be Homecoming princess. Serving as sponsors for the sophomore class were Mrs. Bea Falvo, Mrs. Kay Burke, Mr. Wil- liam Johnson, Mr. Donald Roblyer, Mrs. Janet Stalcup, and Mr. Bill Carter. Through First AHS Year B 4 C P jgenann AA fAJ Sophomore Council members suppos- edly listen to President Mark Eblen as he presides over a meeting. CBJ "I'll iust die if my flannel underwear is showingl" worries Mollie Moore as she models her Western Day attire. KCI Keeping her mouth shut is a big chore for Denise Damanovsky, even when she isn't bored. CDD "Remember Nicky, we're acting!" quips Soph Jill Scott. SOPHOMORES 321 Sophomore Turns Table on Llpperclassman Cathie Abbott Cindy Acker David Ackerman Diane Adams Kathy Adams Chuck Aikman Chuck Ailara Kevin Ailara Sally Airhart Denice Aldy Linda Allen James Alexander Mike Allgood Melissa Amsler Cindy Anderson Penny Antrup David Arber Janet Armour Karen Sue Arney Pat Arrambide Gary Ash Bruce Ashworth Jerry Austin Becky Avrett Mark Bailey Richard Baker Dru Ann Baldwir David Ball Wes Ball Diane Banks Linda Barnes Bill Barrett Theresa Bauer Elizabeth Baxter Booty Bean 322 SOPHOMORES During Annual Howdy Day Singing Battle Mary Ann Beaty Rachel Beauchamp Sue Beauford David Beck Brad Beckler Chris Beech Randy Beech 1 5 Buz Bell Cindy Bell "But you can't make me sing. l'm a senior!" protests 5' 4" Senior Jim Salazar to the towering 6' 5" Sophomore Bill Kincannon on Arlington's traditional Howdy Day. Kathy Bellamy Ricky Belzung Margie Benson Kathy Berry Patty Berryman ill , S3 F , -' , , tl , Liza Bida SOPHOMCRES Soph Gridders .loin Varsity Cindy Bice Fred Bingaman Alice Bird Dale Blakeney Greg Bland Sherri Blaylock Billy Blount Chrissie Bondurant Susan Born Scott Boss Tim Bothe Wayne Bovee Pam Boyd Robert Boyd Mark Braddock Cindy Bradshaw Danny Brady Ace Brandt John Brannon Debbie Brantley The three standing for their victory yell, the only sophomores an the varsity football team, are Andy Roden, John Klinger, and John Hentze. SOPHOMORES To Take District 7-4A Title Charles Bratcher John Brennan Cindy Bridges Carol Brister Kerry Brix Manyord Brooks Stephanie Brooks Mike Brown Patty Brown Penny Brown Randy Brown Sharon A. Brown Sharon Brown Steve Brown Wayne Brown Richard Bruton Marsha Bryant Cindy Buchanan Nona Buchanan Jean Ann Buckner Cynthia Bullington Patty Bump Jeff Burnette Mike Burns Sherry Burwick Mark Byers Debbie Byman Curtis Bynum Bob Cadenhead Angela Calhoun Cyndie Callicutt Julie Camp Brooke Campbell Wes Campbell Cindy Cantrell SOPHOMORES 325 Roberf Cantrell Danny Carlile Alan Carlfon Kim Carpenler Maxie Carson Barton Cassan Nancy Cavender Phillip Cawhorn Pal Chamberlin La Rue Chandler Billy Chapman Carol Chick Kim Childress Madeleine Churchill Debbie Clark SOPHOMORES Coke Machine Denies Choice of Brenda Cochran Sharon Cody Danny Coffman Becky Collard Glen Collier Cliff Collins Bruce Conley Nancy Collins Phillip Cone Lauri Conrad Frances Cook Jay Cook Mike Cook Cliff Cooksey Jennifer Cooley Refreshment Jerry Cooper Carl Coppenger Terri Coppenger Liz Costen Peter Costen Jon Coulter Sherry Counts Jimmy Cox Kevin Cox Steve Cox Mike Craig Kay Crawford "If I get Gatorade instead ofa Coke one more time . . ." scowls Danna Fischer at handy but undependable soft drink machine. SOPHOMORES 327 F' 7' -v""" Arlington High School's Class of '73, although sophomores of today, reflect a mood of spirited loyalty to the victorious Colt football team. Tanya Crockett M Tana Cudney Ronnie Curtis Linda Dales Debbie Daniels Elizabeth Davee DeWitt Davenport Debbie Davis Gail Davis John Davis -we N Kay Davis 5' David Defibuugh I' Linda DeLeon .'1- , 2 Barbara Delozier Craig Dempsey Q SOPHOMORES Pierre Desforges Rex Dickey Sherry Dingwerth Martha Dodgen Denise Domanovsky James Donnerlly Anita Dowdell Susan Doyle Karen Drown Janet Dudley Gary Dunn Pam Dunn Mark Eblen Teri Eichhorn Gary Elder Kenneth Eller Dana Ellington Cheri Elliott Steve Elliott Gregory Ellis Sophomores Reflect Spirit in Pep Rallies Melody Ellis Lizz Emms Sheila Eppes Mike Erwin Brian Esenwein Debbie Estep Karen Estes Sharon Eubanks Cheryl Evilsizer V. H. Faris James Faulkner Linda Feicht Debby Fell Sally Ferguson Pam Fields SOPHOMORES Sandra Fife Elaine Findlay Carolyn Findley Danna Fischer Bill File Mike Filzgerald Phillip Flores Robin Flores Sieve Floyd David Forgerson Sophs Elect First High School Cfficers SOPHOMORES Myra Fort Andy Foster Belly Fowler Ted Frazier Guy Fricks Karen Fronabarger Debra Fry Steve Fulbright Nancy Fuller Ricky Fullon Diligently campaigning for secretary of the sophomore class Diane Banks puts up a poster urging votes for her candidacy Marie Gagliardo Gera Galey Mark Gann Kevin Garcia Randy Garrett Janna Garrison Jay Gedeon Jimmy Geer Rick German Ron German Gaylynn Gilbreath Ricky Gladden Carol Glasgow Marie Glass Eric Goerte Rusty Gooch John Goode David Gorrell Susan Gorthey Sue Gossett Cathy Gott Ellen Grabast Gary Gray Jim Green Suzi Green Karen Grigsby Keith Grimsley Donna Hadden Paul Hale Randy Hale Patricia Ham Glynna Hall Donna Hamilton . J f-6. Steve Hambrick l I 4: 2 if fill ., V Lillie Hamilton - b SOPHOMORES 331 Lorie Hancock Michelle Hand Eddie Hannabas Steve Hardy Janet Harmon Adina Harrell Debra Harrelson Kenneth Harris Marianne Hartman Robert Hartwig Kathleen Harvey George Hawkes Suzanne Hayes Cliff Heflin Betsy Henchcliffe New Artist Works Hard on Masterpiece SOPHOMORES Steve Henshall John Hentze Mike Hester Sandra Hilbun Bennie Hill Gene Hill Travis Hill Jack Hinds Jon Hitt Stanley Hodges Steve Hoffman Tim Hoffman Sheryl Holland Susan Hollar Juanita Holliman Renee Holmes Eddie Holsapple Peggy Honeycull Donna Hubler Tony Huddleslon Darrell Hukill Kay Hulme Louise Humphrey Kay Hunnicuft Ken Hunt mv 1 . , , , ii., Wf"l"'i"' 1 l ii-4 ,,v.,, I J M "I iust hope Miss Corboy can figure out what this is," wishes Sophomore Elizcbeih Yarbrough as she puts finishing touches on an ari poster. Sissi Hyde Elaine Ivy Denise Jasper Terri Jeanes Billy Jeffrey Joe Jenkins Charlolle Jeff Ruth Ann Jiles Debbie Johnson James Johnson SOPHOMORES 333 4 SOPHOMORES Mike Johnson Scott Johnson Suzanne Johnson Susan Johnston Keith Jokisch Brenda Jones Judy Jones Larry Jones Cynthia Jordan Jeanette Jordan JoAnn Jorgensen Lorne Kane Bryan Kaufman Paul Keeton Claudia Keith Robert Keller Vickie Kelley Ed Kelly Jan Kelly Wayne Kelsoe Marsha Kever Kathi Key Larry Kidd Charles Killingsworth Bill Kincannon Lloyd King Linda Kinkade Pat Kinkade Jacque Kious Terri Kirkland Richard Kirkpatrick Melody Kirschner Kathy Kite John Klinger Ted Kmiec l Soph Displays Special Talent With Poise Marni Knight Rhonda Koch Heather Koeritz John Koesy Mark Kruhmin Patty Lackey Pat Ladnier Steve Lancaster Lawrence Lane Kevin Langston Amidst whistles, laughter, and the urgings of fellow "cheer- leader" Mark Stovall, Bruce Ashworth chants the victory yell. SOPHOMORES 385 15 L eb' Julie Lard Lynn Lasater Dickie Lawing Dedee Layton Vicki Leach Cathy Lee Carol LeFan Trisha Lengen Tim Liberato Becky Lindsey Debbie Lineberger Donna Livesey John Longgrear Kay Lord Sheri Love Kim Lusk Laura Lutes John MacKinnon Becky McAIister Donnie McBroom nother Woman Driver Takes to Streets SOPHOMORES June McCari Mark McCarty Paul McCarver Dan McCIanahan John McCoy Cindy McGee Pam McGee Bill McKnight Rusty McManis Ann Machado Tommy Mackie Beverly Maggard Shari Manlooth Melody Marrow Donna Marshall Carol Marlin Cindy Marlin Larrie Marlin Vickie Mayberry Susan Mayers Kym Mayfield Marla Mayfield Cindy Maynes Kirk Meacham Mike Mead Leanna Meier Vicki Mellon James Middlebrooks David Middlelon Charles Miller ,. , ,, i ,.,::., A 3, 0' . if? .fl 1 . f 'f .. all if, Q, as ZA -sa-me fa-z Wfvgpilw 4"'Hw Ea Am 1 Soph Lisa Ritter praclices in the school parking lot during driver's ed. Beware world, anolher woman driver is about to be turned loose!! SOPHOMORES 337 338 SOPHOMORES Greg Moritz Sieve Morrel Jackie Morris Mary Morrison Trena Morrow Leslie Morse Pele Moxley Sylvia Murray Glendora Myers Victoria Myers Linda Miller Mike Miller Waller Miller Wayne Miller Tom Milligan Jim Mills Ann Molen Greg Moore Mollie Moore William Moore Brenda Moran Billy Morgan Soph Llsurps "Wilh all due respecl Mr. President, I do Presidential Jurisdiction Sue Narramore 45" not lhink you can ride it in the parade," says Sue Hollar to Soph Prexy Mark Eblen. Phyllis Nay Betty Neal Michael Neaves Jeff Nedderman Linda Newcome Lesley Newman Ricky Newton Doug Nichols Roger Nicholson David Nix Russell Norris Laiuana Norton Eric Nolhnagle SOPHOMORES 339 Barbara Nunn Debbie Ohlhausen Connie Oler Janelle Onderdonck Alan Osicka PONY Oho Terry Owen Sarah Page Jackie Pcmler Bill Parker 'Silver Taps' Allows Time for Reflection 340 SOPHOMORES Joe Parker Corinne Pareseau Mike Parker John Parr Kathy Patton Keith Patton Marcia Paulk Murlha Perkins Sidney Petersen Skipper Peterson Vicki Peyton Cheryl Phillips Jerry Phillips Phil Phillips Sally Linda Phipps David Pickle Chris Pierce Eric Pierce Jim Pilzer Michelle Rapp Larry Rawdon Louise Rayburn Douglas Reed Mavis Reed Donnie Reese Lee Ann Reese Pam Reichert Rene Planche ynn Porter Bill Posey Debbie Powell Joan Powell Patrick Pnbyl Beccl Pnce Betty Price Paul Proctor Susan Putney Ml l l l 1 l l 4 l 1 l 1 l l l i l l i i 1 l i l 4 i Sophomore Carey Vogt gently plays "Taps" at the Veterans' Day assembly, while ArIington's student body listens attentively. SOPHOMORES 341 l l 342 SOPHOMORES John Reinhart Scott Reiter Cynthia Reynolds Debbie Reynolds Rusty Rhodes Diane Richardson Elaine Richardson Stephana Richey Joanne Riordan Tim Riordan Bill Ripley Jerry Rippetoe Lisa Ritter Betty Robbins Judy Robbins Lynn Robbins Chris Robinson Danny Robinson Loretta Robinson Andy Roden Jeannie Roden Adolfo Rodriquez Kathy Rogers Sonya Rogers Urban Rogers Glyn Ross Lynn Ross Richard Rumenopp Niki Rush Beverly Rushing Jenny Rusk Sue Sampley Karen Schadt David Schkade Tom Schneider Loyal Fans Help Cheer Colts to Victory Arlington s sophomore class quickly learns the school cheers and becomes an active contributor to school spirit in the weekly pep rallies Cindy Scholz Ann Schroeder Doug Schultz Dena Schwartz Ethan Scott Jill Scott Chuck Self Carol Sellars James Sells Robert Sells Jimmy Sewell Debi Sexton Melinda Sexton David Shawen Kim Shearer Sophs Experience Joys of Creating Float Patsy Shedd Vickie Shelby Pam Shelley Lee Ann Sherwood Steve Shirley Donna Shropshire Anne Shuttee Luanne Sieren Cary Simmons Randy Sims Steve Skidmore Mike Sloan Randy Smale Candy Smith Dana Smith Danny Smith Kay Smith Liz Smith Malissia Smith Neina Smith Ray Smith Sharon Smith Vicki Smith Doug Smithson Danny Sneed Leland Sommerville Patti South David Sowell Gilbert Spain Becky Sparks Lee Ann Spencer Becki Spry Cindy Staggs Jeffrey Stapleton Laura Starrett Meg Stephens Kathy Stevens Margie Stevens Jan Storey Suzy Stout 4X Delaina Strickland Charlet Stuttler Dana Suggs Taking a short break from her strenuous float making activities, Debbie Lineberger critically inspects the work she has lust completed on the Sophs' "Hurricane Arlie." Dan Sullivan Rhonda Sutton Maureen Tappe Carroll Taylor Eydie Taylor Merle Taylor SOPHOMORES 34 Eddie Terrell Roseanne Terry Pr' Patty Tetens Bill Thomas Blake Thompson Debi Thompson Homecoming Ends Susie Thompson Angelica Tipton .Wx if Pretty Sheila Eppes, sophomore princess, and escort John T'f1feYTiSdf"e Reinhart eagerly await announcement of Homecoming Queen. Sally Todd Jeannie Truitt Trudy Truitt Debby Tullous Cliff Turner Scott Turner Renee Turney Kathy Vahn Denise Vairin Kim Van Beckum Vanessa Vandergriff 346 SOPHOMORES Hours of Work Pay Cff Jacquelin Warren Kathy Warren Susan Warren Susan Watkins Susan Watts Vickie Waybourn Scott Weathersby Billy Weaver Eve Vaught Stephanie Vernon Vicki Verner Carey Vogt Laura Voss Vikki Voyles D'Niece Waldrop Karen Walker Lorie Walker Patti Wallace Wayne Walthall Bob Ward Debbie Ware Paula Ware Sondra Ware Bursting through a black cloud, Sophomores' "Hurricane Arlue storms past all other entries to capture a first place SOPHOMORES 347 Vicki Webb Terry Wegner Mary West Marianne Whaley Joy Wheeler Gary While Jeanine While Ray Whilson Ronnie Wicks Sherry Willhile Gary Williams Greg Williams Jana Williams Janice Williams Mike Williams Colt Band Boasts 'Little Drummer Girl' Phillip Williams Sherry Williams Danny Williamson Linda Willoughby Mary Kay Wills Kim Wilson Rosemary Wimelt Don Wimpy Nancy Winder Steve Wood Lisa Woods Alma Woody Valerie Wooley Mark Woolf Bill Workman 348 SOPHOMORES ,J he Q Slightly outnumbered by Seniors Jim Whitelaw, Dan O'Leary, and Richard - lout A W, .f2':?'5.'iw ag Wwe 4 r f 1 'dogg nt iizmig Txlf 'M It ff,i1ifwk.1v O Dickey, is proud Soph Linda Deleon, only gal drummer in band Wally Workman Ed Wright Julie Wright Teresa Wright Elizabeth Yarbrough Leon York Cynthia Young Paula Young Van Young Linda Zito SOPHOMORES 349 , p 4 X 'Q ze Ania 1 V 'A gf '. : ' . , f I 526 - ' Q . Y ,... .L f ft Mfg I ' 'Q' A 'A 4. -K V. v - ,. K . , nf f- - ' 2 f 251 E l il? U E A ....-'-35 : '--...-:----5 Advertising 352 Arbor, Bill Electric .............. Arendale, Ted Ford ............. Aldersgate United Methodist Church Arlington Bank and Trust ........ Arlington Bank of Commerce .... Arlington Daily News ....... Arlington Florist ........... Arlington Motorcycle Shop .... Arlington National Bank .... Arlington Office Supply . . . Arlington Printers ......... Arlington Rug and Carpet ..... Arlington Savings Association .... Arlington Sporting Goods . . . Arlington Yamaha ........... Baker's Pharmacies ............ Balfour, Johnny Electronics Inc.. . . . Baptist Book Store ............. Big State Construction .......... Bird-Elder Real Estate and Ins. .. . Bonanza Steak House ........ Bondurant Bros. Insurance. .. Bowden Real Estate and lns.. Buddy's Reproduction ..... Burger King ........... Butt's Olds-Cadillac Co. . . . . Camera Shop, The ........... Cibola Inn 8g El Chico Restrnt.. . . Classic Squire .............. Coca-Cola Bottling Company . . . Collins Park Florist ........... Conoco Car Clinic ...... Copeland Shoe Store . . . Curtis Jewelers ....... Cycle Country ...... Dale's of Arlington . . . Der Wienerschnitzel .... Doyle's of Arlington ......... Dr Pepper Bottling Company . . . Dub's Auto Parts ............ East, Stephen Real Estate . . . Equitable Savings Association . . Fielder Road Baptist Church .. . First Baptist Church .......... First Church of the Nazarene . . . First National Bank .......... First Presbyterian Church ...... First United Methodist Church . . . Food Fare ................. Fort Worth Title Company. . . Advertising Index ....385 ....374 .. .... 364 ....38l ....36O ....372 ....360 ....376 ....366 ....362 ....38O ....378 ....355 ....357 ....367 ....374 ....370 ....378 ....362 ....357 ....354 ....378 ....363 ....355 ....379 ....353 ....38O ....375 ....383 ....384 ....373 ....384 ....379 ....357 ....380 ....362 ....367 ....357 ....356 ....372 ....382 ....374 ....364 ....365 ....364 ....37l ....364 ....365 ....375 ....382 Freedlund, Al Real Estate ..... .... Goff s Shoes .,.............,. .... Great Southwest National Bank Haltom's Jewelers ............. .... Home Owner's Supply .... . .... Iva's Flower Shop ...... Jones, Pete Furniture .... Kier Building Materials .... Lane's Awning ........ Little's Texaco . . . Luke Pontiac .............. MdDonald s ..........,..... .... Meadow Lane Baptist Church .... .... Midway Office Machines .... Midway Office Supply ...... Miss Persis Studio of Dance . . . . . .. Moore Funeral Home ....... Morris Volkswagen . ..... . Mt. Olive Baptist Church ...... .... Noah, Harry Color Telvsn. Inc. . One-Hour Martinizing ........ Pantego Bible Church . . . Park Plaza Studio ..... Park Row Cleaners .... Park Row Hardware . . . Park Row Pharmacy . . . Parr'sCameras Pete 81 Tony's Alamo Restrnt. . . Randol Mill Pharmacy ....... Spectrum .......... . . . Sumwear ............... Tarver 81 Eppes Real Estate .... Taylor, Woodie Vending Co. . . Texas Electric Co. ......... . Texas Tape ............... Tom's Heating 82 Air Condg.. . . Town North Hobby Shop .... Trammell Nursery Inc ......... TravisPools................ Trinity United Methodist Church Underwood's Cafeteria ....... Unicam. ......... ..... . . University Baptist Church . . . Vandergriff Enterprises .... Wade, Bill Real Estate. . . Waldrop Jewelers ..... West Park TV .......... Whataburger Drive-Inns ..... Williams, Eddie Man's Shop . .. 373 358 369 355 353 377 368 377 373 375 363 369 365 354 354 368 358 370 364 377 358 365 361 377 360 370 366 380 359 378 353 359 383 363 367 369 366 370 382 365 372 379 364 368 372 359 383 384 375 BUTTS OLDSMOBILE-CADILLAC CO. 7II EAST DIVISION ARLINGTON,TEXAS 76010 J 4. TELEPHONE BI7 - 274-5555 AND 264-6261 Q . 'kr ' v , I ,M 4i1'3e'.7 g' 5 .. f,.i ' Ay.: ' ,Q . 2III 5 I, f. as an .Eg -- A I" ' I .. ISHN wa, . ' :S llfyx I W, .4 IElE , 1-1 4:13, ., I 'XI t Sf--""'5 -U-2 2 ' . I -lllIIl- 9 9.9 4 15 4r4, of A 02 'Inns' E-I Q !E1 T--E! PM 1 Home Owner's Supply Corner West Main and Davis Drive BUSINESS PHONE: 275-2783 HOME PHONE: 274-4448 353 Midway Ojfce Mafbiney Midway Own Szzplbb 214 E. Abram 275-2895 214 E. Abram 275-2895 l ,, ,This secretarial life may not be so bad after alll" exclaims James Demasses, inspecting office equipment available at Mid- Debbie Crenshaw, senior, while trying out a modern typewriter. way Office Supply, reflects on his future as a businessman. N t --1m: XX if JIM CROTTY Owner W Mon. - Thur. 11:00 - 9:00 , I5 2 Fri. and Sai. 11:00 - 10:30 New York Ave. , Sun. T P il ' 0 -' N tif 261-3262 '. X . " -A J OME AS Yau AREN I-lAL1'olvl's fARLlNGTDN ' , . nr, Ulf:-I ' '- .?.. 1 ' 5 - ,I x",1 ' 5 f ' " GE 2 " 'I I I Hull - ., I 1 " l ' " f ll I l' 1'I!"','5i I II I IIIIIII IIIII "' I I I I I - - I 500 W. Abram Arlinglonk Finest 161061791 Store 1 '! BUDDY'S REPRODUCTION ARCHITECT - ENGINEER - SUPPLIES PRINTING - BLUE LINE PRINTS ARTISTS MATERIALS 2 . ABRAM ST t 7 7 3438 355 356 After diligently working to meet o large deadline, Colt Corral staffers relax with cr quick game of spades and an ice cold Dr Pepper THE DR. PEPPER ROTTLI X COM ANY OF FORT ORTH DESIGNING rnzcrous uANurAc'runlNa x. ' . D Q 'fu' 2 Brrd-Elder iffilii rt gnzumnsg "Quai U A Company ' 'U' YOU' 0'A"0N0' Realtors Insurers wma conrionacl ARUNGTQNV ,Q 5, cunt, 521 EQ Abram Street Arlington, Texas Tzxu anna' Phone 261-9141 CONGRATULATIONS . . . Where Loneliness Costs So Little . . The Finest In To the CLASS of 171 From the A.l-l.S. Ex's in our Organization: EDGAR BIRD '26 JOE ELDER 132 WatCheS"D1am0ndS" JIM ELDER '32 DoRoTHY GRAY '29 Jewelry MARTHA WINEGAR '37 Arlington Sporting Goods 614 W. Pork Row 261-9661 Sophomore Chuck Self examines Adidas sport shoes from the large stock of equipment carried ct Arlington Sporting Goods. 357 Yllllllflllllllllin F ll d g d 1 t f fa h my f h es Come Visit Us 209 W. Main 275 8021 Go!-l's S-3llllCfDl3S3 Wow! What a bargain," thinks Senior Robin McGlew as she buys selferal stag f shoes from the wide selection and reasonable pric nl bl Goff's Shoes. 0 7llllH?liHml0.l7" MOGRE THE MOST IN DRY CLEANING 1425 5, CQQP61' Funeral Home 912 N. Cooper serving A rlington since 191 0 IE WISE 1219 North Davis AND EPPEQ OO. S 214 Q. Qt. 274-7871 Fon SALE 274-7371 Student Council President George Tuttle plants a sign in front of AHS to take up Tarver and Eppes on its offer to sell anything. .rj-. 1315? I J Wi JEVVELERS Arlington High Sohoolis Choice or Unique GW Ideas . cfm If A N X ' ' 1 36? 'X M235 , U - ,I 7 , su sg 0 -. ig. N ..,,.. .ft r N ews fe' ja Zan X-S' ulorlci s Finest School Rzngs ,X School Mascot School Colo s C mplete Stone Select on Personal d Fastest Delivery H ghest Quality Custom Initial Drops School Jewelry Free Engraving Diamonds 3 Locations to Serve You UNIVERSITY PARK PLAZA WOODLAND WEST 516 S. Cooper 1519 New York 2713 W. Park Row 275-3111 275-8301 274-3081 ARLINGTON TEXAS 76010 MONEY TALKS . . . Save Some Before it Says Goodbye! , gf l A ll, t l x. 5 I arlington bank of commerce 1300 S. Bowen Rd. Member FDIC Best Wishes to Arlington High Graduates PARK RDVV H A R D -VVA F2 E 922 East Park Row 261-3900 Patrice Grimm, iunior, delights in the beautiful bouquets and - rangements of spring flowers available ct Arlington Florist. 5712522 yfon gbrzlvf 309 ZW. Tar! Wow 277H227J Q? 1 For All of Your Photographic Needs- ' Portraits ' Picture Frames ' Film ' Supplies See Your Authorized Kodak Dealer Park Plaza Studio and Camera Center 1521 New York 274-4967 Honors Mrs. Phyllis Forehand for her loyalty and dedication to Arlington High MRS. PHYLLIS FOREHAND 1 W L6'ELBJ'.FB35lffJ3E53'i1'E'LQ'liE'LGiEB5B3Bfi13H5J'93 TWO LOCATIONS 322 E. ABRAIVI 805 AVE! H EAST 274-8285 261-1133 BIG STA E C ION CO. . 1 Ar Texas 6010 Hang Highway Specialty Contractors 7 I 1 W. Hugh Ross Martin P. Ross President Vice President 7 Of A R LIN G T O N 212 113. A1:11A1v1-P11. 261-8122 Oqdingfon, Usxan 700 E. Abram 261-3666 Flre -Liability-Hospitalization-Life Accident and Health- -Burglary and Theft Bonds Serving Arlington for 35 Years Luke Pontiac Company '? I D :1 mms ELECTRIC SERVICE UUMPAIVY People power at work lor you You bet the tImes are changlng Today as never before young people are contrIbutIng dIrectly to our vvay of Ilfe provIdIng fresh Ideas and energy helpnng shape busIness and Industry to the needs of people In these changIng tImes At Texas EIGCTFIC keepIng up Wlth change IS a bIg Iob But vve re vvork the energy Ideas and enthusIasm of youthful employees WITH the re sources and experIence of some grayer heads Thats vvhat Texas ElectrIc IS all about A group of people young older and In between vvorklng to DFOVIGG the GIGCTFIC SSVVICG vvhIch vvIll make posslble so many of the changes and Improvements the future holds at Arlington Ennrenes Welder Head l6'a,atist Hnnren Hrst 6'nnren af tne Nazarene 2011 Fielder Road 1516 West Pionccr Pkwy. 275-2676 274-7762 Antersgate llnitea ,Methodist Knnren Mt. Olive l5'a,atist Gnnren 2201 East Park Row 415 lmlianu 27111-0116 274-36114 97rst Presbyterian Knnren llniaersity Baptist Unnren 1200 South Collins 1013 Wt'st Park Row 274-7631 275-4272 Welwmc' AHS Students .Wrst lluitcd ,Metlwdist Hhurch ,Meadaw ,Cane l5'a,vt1Is't Ghurch 313 North Center 1901 Meadow Lane 274-7441 274 2581 Hrs! Baptist Hlzurch Zfrinity llnited ,Metlzattzlvt Ehurclz 300 South Center 3321 West Park Row 277-6353 274-2111 Pafztegv 167615 Hhurclz 2203 West Park Row 274--1315 1600 New York 0 Deposit l my Mail 0 Checking Account 0 Savings Accou t 0FreeP kg M Z 5 2 b FDIC dFd 2 7111-0933 0 Money Orders 0 All Types of Loa ws IR Sy Town North PARRQS Hobby Shop 0 bb O CAMERAS ? . See Us for H 5- 1 , , L l XXX Discounts "Your leisure time hobby shop" 973 N. Cooper 922 N. Cooper 275-7748 261-8131 texas tape center we'll make you happy in mind and body . . . With a fantastic selection of the latest tapes and records. Or - listen-before-you-buy-system Hear your tape deck through the speakers of your choice in 'our store before you buy. Our full time Service Department is expert at in- stalling and repairing all types of tape systems. For your eyes - posters, black lights and celes- tial lights. For your body, we now have water beds - deeper king size ones at reasonable prices. Everything is special at the Texas Tape Centers - especially you. Open I0 A.M.-9 P.M. Monday through Saturday l502 E. Abram 274-9991 Park Row at Bowen Rd. 274-2671 Very Big in Hot Dogs 703 Bongo EPI' wirnrrzrlpnitul 367 68 M135 Terszk QSXUQQO prouog c012yrafuQfes . , 1 Ciera Banks Debbie Rogers Les lie W Joan Nicholson Mary Anne cSfu0Qnf fzsszlvfanfs VANDERGRIFF .1544 , gv.geQ5,g,5-gf:-: Authorized Sales and Service 277-3411 264-2401 Arlington, Texas X 133,34 K' plan Y W SEM ZESULKNEQ, Mc Donald's I Mc ooNALD's ACTUALLY HAS A scaooi. cAu..eo I-mmaunsen u. wuene PEOPLE LEARN THE' FINE ART OF MAKING HAMBURGERS Ano wl-:EN wav Gmqums r MASTER s THEY GE A ? DEGREE IN H AIMBURGE ROLQGY I V EVERY BODY NEEDS A DEGREE TODAY dy ! S E. ITHINK You HAVE A MASTER'S DEGREE IN consunwnon! x C , ff 4345" 9 iff' 7 ! McDonaId'sQ, is yi kind of place, Q nm MF I L GMC . p. 1968. Q in 611 W. Abram I 7 . Big And Friendly As The Great Southwest 0 the bank for YOU 0 GREAT NATIONAL BANK HIGHWAY 360 AT GLENN DR MEMBER F.D.l.c. 4 ' CD taazmrnlmre 12553363 CZGDNDHTHGDNHJNIQQ UNCC Dependable Service On All Central Heating And Cooling Units 1202 W. Arkansas Lane 277-4493 f FQ The Name That's Thek ve Synonymous With in Arlington . . . New Larger Location 700 E. South 2 blocks east of Post Office behind Wyatts Cafeteria MIIIIIIIS IIWIIIIIIEiIIfIIIIIIfiEIIII m'Ei"'f :sox I mvlsion n AmmcvoN,1rxAs I New 2741343 Ar1ington's Longest Established TV Service and Sales Organization Where "SERVICE" Comes First! eq. IRAMMELL NURSERY, mc. 'gum I ,gp -1 fx I f tie I o 600M I 2772 3 I T VISITORS WELCOME 801 W. Park Row 275 3238 S ui: ,sf .1-www. rwv If Elf, 'ff0,:9a 1,0 Ja.: I, .1. : V,5:,,,w,q, ul 754: I -5 QU., 'I , f... 0 09+ We "N s 1.4: -W I-' 212. "mi-ff. ,W .11 - . f., g-,gf :'.w, bum, Q0 fI', "fn 1 ,lm 9. ell.: , um .2 1, ', 'fo 011:14 5 4 , , ,Q f NJ ' , . . it uf v 'The cultivated mind ls the guardian genius of democracy and. while gulded and controlled by virtue, is the noblest attribute of man." Mirabeau B. Lamar 2nd President of Texas FIRST NATIQNAL BANK IN ARLINGTQN :no sm www vosv umm: ual no Aurmvaft uns mano vmmons :ev 4111 .nu com mv uw-an ummm nvcsu wsuw-rm renown-oN ummm wmoowx urn u u a ru wsnoux ron vow: cowwmcr 372 We,ve Been in the Business ' Long 6 541113851 Time '51 Arlington Daily News 208 S. East 274-8241 11 Underwood lc 1206 E. Division 275.1131 v Seniors Jackie Bates, Connie Neese, and Potty Ivy all agree that "eating out is fun" as they stop for barbeque at Underwood's. 4 Dal' Auto Parts Center "Complete Stock of Auto Partsn Fisherman's Discount Headquarters Prices Open Sun. 9 AM to 3 PM, Sat. 8 to 9 Monday thru Friday 8 to 9 1811 E. Abram 274-3101 Arlington, Texas 274-4505 hlle dreaming of prom night, Junior Sarah Ramsbohom ad- es a nlosegcy from the mcny varieties at Collins Park F I l- ,-3 " 1 I 5 Y 5 RT 1lEYC,1,M 30913 f " '. Al. FREEDLUND CO. ' REAL ESTATE 'X..f 'w '70 f i L Collins Park F lorist 1-6311 209 E. Park Row Zljfier-e'l7iZ IS , Goon Ssmvuca. ....., LANE,S AWNING CO., inc. lorisf 121 F 274 7313 74 QE M TED ARENDALENFORD SALES '3' lg! ,,,.,.. Getting away with a steal are AHS bandits Roger Samoff, Ricky Bates, Keith Geer, Rodney Wright, David Sullivan, and Georg shaw. Our best interest is yours. E EQLIITABLE SAVINGS ASSOCIATION 1020 EAST PIONEER PARKWAYIARLINGTON Riel Professional Pharmaclsfs 308 W. Park Row-274-3378 900 W. Randol Mill-274-0957 909 Dalworth-Grand Prairie 2514 A W. Park Row-275-2882 Baker Medical Services 314 E. Abrams-275-1321 The Most Popular Spot in Town- CIBOLA INN FOOD FAKE Home Owned and Gperated by and Bill and Billie Farrar Park Row at Collins Restaurant Randol Mill at Fielder Arlington We Give S 81 H Green Stamps Eddie Williams J We at 7 N Little's Texac MGH S Are Always i Willing 2744-6792 100 S. West N' 9 X To -Serve wg- : You. A-..- ' 7 Little s Texaco iirszaxco 716 W. Park Row l Arlington, Texas .,.-..-- V ieins ecin imse in emirror a arwe senior -J Tglcilki oveioa :meer shportsliacketiifrom EddieRVllilliaIFnis Molircs Shop COMPETITION HEADQUARTERS JIM COURTNEY DAVID HICKMAN We stock the Finest: competition machines OWNERS street machines accessories parts Q A machine shop servics welding A k - 'io e A Q . SMQTQX. K f xffq O T 2 MICRO Z Q gisn MMM "Heyl This sure beats those mini bikes!" smiles Senior Robert Kienlen while he and Dona Lindsay inspect cycles at ARLINGTON MOTORCYCLE SHOP, ARLI GTO MOTORCYCLE SHOP 307 N. East St. 277.3601 .m n luafs Clown Shop AHSer Vicki Verner discovers that Ivo's Flower Shop is the "in" place for flowers to meet the needs of that special occasion. Over 300 Color TV's, Stereos, and Black-White Televisions on Display Your Authorized Curtis Mathes Dealer "Sign of Quality" All Garments Insured Against Fire and Theft 'li ' Park Row Cleaners COLOR TELEVISION CENTER INC. Free Pick Up and Delivery 277-5575 H8'120W-Aim 261-8881 1619 W.Pa1-14 ROW 274-4632 377 BONDURANT BROS. INSURANCE AGENCY 120 East Abram Street, P.0. Box 216 Arlington, Texas 76011 Phone: 275-2881 FRED W. BONDURANT, JR. Inveslm l C l BAPTIST BOOK STORE Sma wma Q Cwuafm Hamm EQ IST F S STORE 2620 Avenue E., East 261-5161 1 xv 3' 968 i oo ss BURGER o 4' gg' KING 'QV Now Serving the Lowest Priced VVHOPPER and WHALER Sandwiches in Texas 220 S. Cooper Arlington, Texas E UNO! Everything Photographic 1635 New York 261-2841 4 Across from U.T.A. Dorkroom Spoce ond U Equipment for Rent 1 I0-6 Weekdays I0-4 Sot. 261-H10 277-5579 X Z t 514 S. Cooper Street D Discovering shoe shopping can be fun at Copelcmd's, J Lynn Burgland finds it difficult to decide upon iust the righ 380 XHN fi N I . A' f . I I -V, Q X Alggvi' ' - rr", IP L 'JZ I X - I Suzuki TS-125 Duster 1, I5 I. , 9 N of A '- N eirfggf Three . " for A K ' f9 '- ' T T 1 f ' C in ': ' 3 N X h 'K ' -ml 47 ' 'Isa TWO is if N . N ,im f QP!-3 - L XX .1 "" W W I f- 'Mr l A tx r Th 25 Cl h' l , i Iflllfffflflf frLr52O5gO.::.fBg2z Let us GQ your color and black and Stoppers- Primary kick. Whlte Prmtmg- Bfllig LIS yOuI' exposed 5-way odiustoble rear su UK rolls of black and white or Kodacolor Hlrn . . . order two sets of prints from your roll . . . and welll give you a third scat FREE! .I. E. Pulliam 0 Eddie Warren Pulliam A f framers slrap shocks. CCI automatic lube. 5 speeds. High ground clearance. Built to take on the country CYCLE COUNTRY 709 Throckmorton - W. Sixth 81 Bailey V Main A "ZH Appm-ian YoarBuim-n" PRINTERS?-fe ALAMO RESTAURANT "Where Everybody's Welcome" . INVITATIONS . TICKETS . STATIONERY . . BROCHURES . BUSINESS CARDS . PROGRAMS . CIRCULARS . DIRECTORIES A-I RUBBER STAMPS "A Division of Arlington Printers, Incf' RUBBER STAMPS, PADS. INK NOTARY SEALS, DATERS FOR PROMPT CoURTEoUs SERVICE DIAL 274-7343 2015 S. Cooper P.O. Box I3 Waiting for the rest of the gang, Paula Hunt, David Woodard, and Twyla Weaver order at Pete and Tony's Alamo Restaurant. with 'the BANK on - the 'NUS r ington Tank Tiiglst MEMBER F.D.I.C. 382 l l ll Fort Wortli Home Office 1200 W. Freeway ED 2-1295 Arlington Office: Arlington Bank and Trust Bldg. 261-7711 East Side Office 6515 E. Lancaster ,IE 4-0295 FORT WORTH TITLE "First in Fort Worth" Title Insurance and Abstracts STEWART W. DeVORE President Seminary Office 410 Seminary South Office Bldg. WA 3-9852 Hurst Office 300 Bedford-Euless Road BU 2-2589 Wedgewood Office 5925 Wedgewood Dr. AX 2-3611 CONGRATULATIONS! T Rus N F E, to the Class of '71 -IIQIENEQR PTEIQANT! N from 1-ET'BTglEYIzEAD P11513 T5 DEAD STEPHEN ,ACT ACT IN THE W, uvme PRESENT HEART wmuN,Auvp S Realtor 1 2510 W. Park Row Phone: 277-4101 A '62 AHS GRADUATE 'df . . . Q8 Residential - Commercial - O Acreage - and lnvcstmcnt Real Estate Sales . ,S 1 SCTUICL Appraisals - Home Rentals 3 Property Management A W LONQFELLQW trav s CI Fill the voirl in your honn' with fine sound from our vompononl, stereo dc-pzirnm-nl lvlxillllflllg Sony, Dual, lV1z1runIx, Hitachi, Garrard. R0lTlll1IN'LlI'. Maximus Fish:-r, and Zenith Also, Zenith black and while and color T.V. West Park TV 713 W. Park Row 277-3451 "True Treasures are Found Fashions A1 NLP I'l'I1,!1Ll'fZ6'fi FB. G1 ,gm Qllawir ff Qquirv X KA, MANS SHOP Sz BOUTIQUE 1529 S. Bowen Rd. 277-241-24 Also Downtown Grapevine 1 lt's th I Real life for of your More ride for your money COMPLETE ONE STOP AUTOMOTIVE SERVICES 303 AT COOPER 261-7233 274-0946 COMPLETE LINE GOODYEAR TIRES TABURGIR1 : iii-5. x x 0 IV 41- ,-U-WL H-ek-M HFWNIIIIEIIII OF ARLINGTON Clawffwgowvondzuv l2wd5m10mzwm 274- 1936 277-6204 1404 E. Abfwuw 206 N. BowewI21L. 277-0091 16019. COIBPQIV BILL ARBER ELECTRIC RT 0 9E MANSFIEL Aaron, Richard, 222 Abbot, Mike, 147 Abbott, Cathie, 322 Abrams, Ronald, 160, 290 Acker, Cindy, 322 Ackerman, David, 322 Ackerman, Janet, 290 Adams, Angela, 139, 322 Adams, Bev, 290 Adams, Chris, 290 Adams, Diane, 322 Adams, Cathy, 322 Adams, Mrs. Marcia, 198, 199 Aikman, Bob, 98, 199 Aikman, Chuck, 322 Ailman, Randy, 97 Ailara, Chuck, 147, 160, 162, 322 Ailara, Kevin, 147, 160, 162, 322 Airhart, Sally, 83, 322 Airhart, Jim, 222 Alarie, Patricia, 290 Aldriege, Mark, 100, 290 Aldriege, Randy, 222 Aldy, Denice, 322 Alexander, James, 322 Alfie, Beth, 290 Allen, Beth, 102, 104, 105, 290 Allen, Dan, 290 Allen, Linda, 322 Allen, Rodger, 290 Allen, Sherri, 290 Allen, Susan, 290 Allgood, Mike, 322 Allport, Kathleen, 96, 290 Almond, Andrea, 222 Althotf, Debbie, 222 Altman, Debbie, 107, 109, 222 Amos, Miss Elizabeth, 214 Amsler, Melissa, 179, 322 Anton, Mr. James, 193 Anderson, Bob, 290 Anderson, Cindy, 322 Anderson, Marsha, 290 Anderson, Marty, 147 Anderson, Mike, 222, 290 Anderson, Mike, 222 Anderson, Terry, 222 Anderson, Tod, 222 Andrews, Kim, 222 Angawi, Amira, 290 Anthony, Carol, 121 Antrup, Penny, 322 Antwine, Tommy,290 Arber, David,322 386 INDEX Index Archer, Mr. Dale, 151, 155, 207 Armour, Janet, 322 Armour, Larry, 223 Armstrong, David, 290 Arnett, Debbie, 290 Arney, Karen Sue, 322 Arrambide, Pat, 322 Arrington, Gene, 138 Ash, Gary, 322 Ash, Jim, 290 Ashworth, Bruce, 322, 355 Athans, Jill, 223 Atwell, Pam, 291 Austin, Jerry, 97, 98, 322 Austin, Pam, 291 Austin, Warren, 223 Auvenshine, Lynn, 223 Aven, Frank, 291 Aves, Gary, 291 Avrett, Becky, 322 Ayres, Steve, 223 Baccus, Johnna, 291 Baer, Nancy, 223 Baggett, Phillip, 223 Bailey, Mr. Dan, 204 Bailey, James, 223 Bailey, Janet, 291 Bailey, Mark, 322 Baker, Ann, 100, 223 Baker, Charles, 291 Baker, Mrs. Lou, 34, 193, 289 Baker, Richard, 322 Baker, Ricky, 1 17, 223 Baldwin, Dru Ann, 322 Balfour, John, 97, 98, 223 Balkon, Joanne, 291 Balkon, Richard, 291 Ball, David, 147, 322 Ball, Wes, 322 Balsamico, Chuck, 223 Balusek, Bobby, 291 Balusek, Patty, 223 Banks, Diane, 319, 322, 330 Banks, Gera, 223 Barcroft, Nelson, 223 Barker, Mrs, Nadine, 12, 13, 212 Barker, Ricky, 223 Barlen, Doug, 291 Barnes, Cathy, 223 Barnes, Dala, 224 Barnes, Linda, 322 Barnett, Debbie, 291 Barrett, Bill, 322 Barrett, Ray, 224 Barron, Cindi, 291 Bartley, Mrs. Carol, 190 Bartley, Larry, 224 Baskin, Susan, 291 Bass, Barbara, 224 Bass, James, 59, 225 Bass, Scott, 160 Bates, Barbara, 225 Bates, Jackie, 122, 225, 372 Bates, Ricky, 138, 167, 170, 225 Batts, Larry, 37, 225 Bauer, Theresa, 322 Baxley, Jean, 291 Baxter, Elizabeth, 322 Beadles, Rick, 101, 139, 225 Bean, Alison, 69, 135, 225 Bean, Booty, 322 Bean, Janie, 225 Bearden, Beth, 291 Bearden, Mrs. E. G., 193, 194 Beaty, Mary Ann, 323 Beauchamp, Kiefor, 100, 291 Beauchamp, Rachel, 323 Beauford, Paul, 225 Beauford, Sue, 133, 291, 323 Beck, Bill, 225 Beck, David, 323 Beck, Gail, 291 Beckett, Cliff, 97, 98, 193, 225 Beckham, Mrs. Carrie, 213 Beckler, Brad, 323 Beckler, Bryan, 225 Becknal, Gaye, 225 Beech, Chris, 147, 323 Beech, Randy, 323 Beene, Susan, 99, 291 Beesley, Barbara, 225, 18, 42 Belcher, Terry, 147, 163 Bell, Mr. Berry, 213 Bell, Buz, 323 Bell, Cindy, 323 Bell, Sonia, 128, 225 Bellamy, Kathy, 323 Bellomy, Marge, 125, 226 Belzung, Ricky, 323 Beniamin, Glen, 291 Bennett, Darcy, 81, 82 Bennet, Darlene, 133, 197, 226 Benoit, Jan, 226 Benski, Sharon, 226 Benski, Stephen, 291 Benson, Earlene, 46, 226 Benson, Laurie, 291 Benson, Margie, 323 Benson, Paul, 96, 226 Bentley, Ronald, 147, 292 Bently, Shelia, 133, 292 Benton, Jo Ann, 292 Berberich, Fred, 226 Bergner, Kirk, 226 Berry, Debbie, 226 Berry, Jennifer, 82, 292 Berry, Kathy, 174, 323 Berry, Mitch, 226 Berryman, Fredda, 78, 101, 226 Berryman, Patty, 174, 323 Best, Sally, 292 Betts, Barbara, 292 Betts, Gary, 147, 292 Betts, Kent, 20, 96, 98 Betzel, Alvin, 151, 154, 227, 271 Bible, Ouida, 96, 292 Bice, Cindy, 324 Bice, Kevin, 292 Bida, Lindy, 227 Bida, Liza, 323 Biggs, Mrs. Alice, 198 Bigham, Jennifer, 227 Bighouse, Gary, 292 Bingaman, Fred, 147, 324 Bird, Alice, 324 Blackman, Kathy, 227 Blackwell, Rollie, 227 Blakeney, Dale, 324 Bland, Greg, 324 Bland, Guy, 292 Bland, Ivan, 292 Blaylock, Sherri, 324 Blinn, Cathy, 227 Block, Steve, 227 Blount, Billy, 324 Blue, Nita, 292 Bodenhammer, Ray, 292 Bodner, John, 167, 169, 170, 227 Boelter, Susan, 227 Bogard, Eddie, 315 Bondurant, Chrissie, 324 Bondurant, Terrie, 227 Bone, Lori, 292 Bonnette, Carol, 100, 227 Bothe, Tim, 324 Bottehsazan, Kay, 293 Boucher, Betsy, 227 Bourassa, Dianne, 293 Bourland, Sarah, 64, 109, 115, 227 Bovee, Steve, 293 Bovee, Wayne, 324 Bowen, Lisa, 293 Boling, Ronney, 227 Bowman, Rick, 227 Box, Larry, 164, 165, 227 Box, Linda, 293 Box, Rickey, 293 Boyd, Pam, 324 Boyd, Rick, 293 Boyd, Robert, 147, 160, 324 Boyer, Miss Christine, 193 Braddock, Mark, 147, 324 Bradly, Pam, 133, 228 Bradly,4Scott, 293 Bradly, Tony, 292 Bradshaw, Cindy, 324 Bradshaw, John, 293 Brady, Danny, 324 Brady, Randy, 228 Brake, Cheryl, 228 Brandt, Ace, 324 Brannon, John, 324 Brannon, Sally, 228 Brantley, Debbie, 324 Branz, Bill, 139, 228 Branz, Karen, 293 Branz, Linda, 70, 71, 228 Bratcher, Charles, 325 Bratcher, Dale, 293 Bratcher, Mike, 228 Braton, James, 228 Brennan, John, 325 Brentlinger, Gary, 85, 287, 293, 310 Brewer, Shelia, 293 Brice, Connie, 228 Bridges, Bobby, 228 Bridges, Cindy, 96, 98, 325 Brinkly, David, 293 Brister, Carol, 325 Bristow, David, 148, 160, 229 Britton, Terri, 293 Brown, Mrs. Catherine, 192 Brown, Joe, 229 Brown Lance, 229 Brown Lee, 293 Brown Lillie, 229 Brown Linda, 229 Brown Mr. Lynn, 208, 220 Brown, Mark, 293 Brown, Marvin, 229 Brown Brown Brown Mike, 147, 325 Nancy J., 17, 229 Nancy L., 43, 99, 229 Brown Patty, 325 Brown Penny, 325 Brown Randy, 325 Brown, Regina, 229, 239 Brown, Ricky, 293 Brown, Ricky, 293 Brown Sharon A., 325 Brown Sharon, 325 Brown Stan, 36, 229 Brown Steve, 325 Brown Wayne, 157, 325 Burchfield, Lynn, 293 Burgland, Lynn, 293 Burke, Gary, 294 Burke, Mrs. Kay, 190, 320 Burks, Lynne, 294 Burks, Tommy, 230 Burmeier, D. J., 230 Burnette, Jeff, 325 Burns, Larry, 160, 230 Burns, Mike, 147, 160, 325 Burns, Roy, 294 Burton, Diane, 54, 294 Burum, Donna, 294 Burum, Mark, 230 Burwick, Sherry, 325 Bush, Joe, 230 Bushart, Gwen, 230 Butler, Barbara, 294 Butler, Mrs. Jean, 188 Butler, Patty, 230 Butler, Mrs. Pearl, 204, 206 Butler, Mrs. Ruth, 191 Butler, Steve, 157, 294 Byam, Michelle, 32, 69, 70, 73, 77, 87, Bontley, Beth, 227 Bonvillian, Roberta, 292 Booher, Greg, 292 Bookout, Barbara, 227 Borchardt, Pam, 133, 227 Born, Annette, 99, 292 Born, Susan, 324 Bosillo, Frank, 227 Boss, Scott, 324 Boswell, Jerry, 292 Bosworth, Laura, 109, 293 Brix, Kerry, 325 Brock, Steve, 293 Brockwell, Lonnie, 229 Brooks Brent, 229, 264 Brooks Dorthy, 174 Brooks, Leslie, 229 Brooks, Manyard, 325 Brooks, Robin, 293 Brooks, Stephanie, 325 Brooks Todd, 293 Brouer, Kurt, 229 94, 100, 221, 230 Byers, Mark, 325 Brownrigg, Robert, 293 Broyles, Donna, 99, 133, 197 293 Broyles, Marlene, 293 Brumhall, Jim, 115, 229 Bruton, Richard, 325. Bryant, Marsha, 325 Bryce, Jane, 96, 293 Buchanan, Cindy, 325 Buchanan, Nona, 325 INDEX 387 Buck, Barbara, 293 Buck, Ed, 293 Buckner, Jean Ann, 325 Buesing, Mike, 97, 230 Bullington, Cynthia, 325 Buchert, Mrs, Lois, 206 Bundy, Bill, 298 Bunk, Patty, 325 Bunie, Elise, 293 Bunkley, Jo Anne, 71, 77, 100, 105, 230 Burch, Mike, 293 Byers, Susi, 101, 294 Byman, Debbie, 325 Bynum, Curtis, 325 Bynum, Jimmy, 294 Bynum, Linda, 230 Byrd, Steve, 107, 1 15, 230 Cabal, Ted, 230 Cade, Mr. Mike, 29, 198 Cadenhead, Bob, 325 Cadenhead, Cathy, 294 Caldwell, Charles, 230 Calhoun, Angela, 325 Callicutt, Cyndie, 325 Cameron, Robin, 230 Camp, Julie, 96, 104, 105, 325 Camp, Lisa, 29, 80, 133, 231 Campbell, Brooke, 325 Campbell, Bruce, 231 Campbell, Debbie, 174, 231 Campbell, Kevin, 231 Campbell, Wes, 325 Canfield, Billie, 294 Cannon, Cheryl, 231 Cannon, Sharon, 133, 294 Canonico, Cathy, 231 Cantrell, Cindy, 325 Cantrell, Jerry, 294 Cantrell, Robert, 326 Capps, Nathon, 231 Capps, Ronnie, 100, 294 Capps, Wally, 231 Cardwell, Charles, 139 Carle, Barbara, 231 Carle, Janet, 274 Carlile, Danny, 326 Carlson, Ronald, 99, 294 Carmichael, Bill, 74, 76, 100, 231 Carpenter, Bruce, 294 Carpenter, Kim, 326 Carson, Maxie, 326 Carter, Mr. Bill, 138, 139, 196, 320 Carter, Jan, 54, 109, 294 Carter, Sara, 101, 231 Carter, Susan, 294 Caruthers, Allen, 231 Cartwright, Frank, 295 388 INDEX Caruthers, David, 295 Cary, John, 295 Casey, Pat, 232 Cash, Debrah, 295 Cash, Sue, 41, 104, 106, 295 Cassan, Barton, 326 Coker, Gale, 133, 233 Coker, Mrs. Lois, 133, 206 Collard, Becky, 96, 326 Collet, Larry, 295 Collier, Glen, 160, 326 Collins, Cliff, 326 Castleberry, Mike, 232 Cates, Ronnie, 96, 232, 234 Cathey, David, 232 Caudle, Debbie, 295 Collins, Mr. Frank, 198 Collins, Kathie, 295 Collins, Nancy, 326 Collins, Scott, 193, 233, 262 Causey, Drew, 295 Cavender, Nancy, 326 Cawhorn, Phillip, 326 Chamberlin, Pat, 326 Chambers, Karen, 172, 173, 232 Champan, Billy, 97, 139 Chandler, La Rue, 326 Chandler, Lynda, 295 Chapman, Bill, 295 Chapman, Billy, 326 Chatham, sob, 29, 109, 232 Chesser, Mary, 295 Chester, Wes, 232 Chick, Carol, 326 Chick, Linda, 61,107,109,121,'172 173, 232 Chick, Stephanie, 172, 295 Childress, Kim, 326 Chileis, Mark, 295 Choate, Steve, 232 Christenson, Dale, 295 Christian, Pam, 232 Christopher, Pam, 233 Compton, Joe, 233 Conley, Arlene, 234 Conley, Bruce, 97, 326 Cone, Phillip, 326 Conrad, Lauri, 326 Cook, Charles, 295 Cook, Jay, 326 Cook, Jeff, 70, 71, 75, 234, 253 Cook, Mike, 326 Cooksey, Cliff, 326 Cooley, Jennifer, 326 Cooper, Jerry, 327 Copeland, Mr. Robert, 27 Coppenger, Carl, 327 Coppenger, Terri, 327 Cordes, Steve, 139, 150, 178, 23 Corey, Mr. Dean, 53, 211 Corey, Sharon, 234 Corn, Rick, 234 Cornelius, Randy, 234 Cornett, Donnie, 129, 234 Cortez, Carl, 234 Corboy, Miss Martha, 202 Churchill, Madeleine, 99, 326 Churchwell, Nancy, 232 Cicora, Chris, 233 Clark, Ann, 116, 232, 259 Clark, Charlotte, 232 Clark, Debbie, 326 Clark, Joe, 295 Clay, John, 232 Cleckler, Mrs. Margaret, 196, 197 Clements, Lynn, 295 Clements, Mrs. Mary, 198 Clemons, Kathy, 99, 133, 233 Clifton, Christy, 295 Clifton, Miggy, 133, 295 Cosby, Mark, 234 Costen, John, 234 Costen, Liz, 327 Costen, Peter, 97, 327 Cotney, Tonya, 79, 96, 234 Coulter, Jon, 157, 327 Counts, Sherry, 327 Courtney, Charles, 234 Courtney, Kay, 234 Cox, Horace, 147, 295 Cox, Jimmy, 157, 327 Cox, Kevin, 327 Cox, Larry, 234 Cox, Steve, 327 Cox, Tommy, 295 Cline, Linda, 233 Cobb, Bruce, 99 Cobb, Danny, 112, 233 Cochran, Anita, 295 Cochran, Brenda, 326 Cochran, Linda, 108, 109, 233 Cocharo, Martha, 233 Cockroft, Susan, 233 Cody, Sharon, 326 Coffman, Donny, 147, 326 Coyle, Robert, 235 Crabb, Teresa, 295 Craig, Mike, 237 Crain, Gala, 235 Cravens, Don, 75, 235 Crawford, Doug, 139, 255 Crawford, Joy, 99, 235 Crawford, Kay, 327 Creel, Kyle, 295 Crenshaw, Debbie, 235, 354 Crews, Darvin, 160 Crews, Jane, 77, 100, 104, 106, 235 Crill, Randy, 235 Crockett, Lynn, 295 Crockett, Tanya, 328 Crofford, Mrs. Helen, 188 Crouch, Mr. James, 17, 62, 75, 186 Crumb, Frank, 295 Cudney, Tana, 328 Cullers, Mr. J. Edgar, 207 Cuneo, Silvia, 235 Cunningham, Cindy, 235 Cunningham, Debbie, 295 Cunningham, Jim, 138, 160, 288, Cunyus, Mrs. Ronell, 199, 215 Currie, Mrs. Virginia, 191 113, 2 Defibaugh, David, 328 DeFrank, Dennis, 296 DeLeon, Linda, 97, 328, 349 Delozier, Barbara, 328 Dunn, Dee Ann, 296 Dunn, Gary, 329 Dunn, Pam, 329 Dunn, Rhonda, 238 Curry, Gloria, 179, 235 Curtis, Paula, 235 Curtis, Ronnie, 328 Dales, Jennifer, 295 Dales, Linda, 328 Demases, James, 37, 71, 193 354 Demases, Pam, 296 Dempsey, Craig, 328 Dengler, Toni, 296 Denny, Gary, 296 Depweg, Launa, 236 Derr, Debbie, 100, 237 Derr, Dena, 99, 296 Desforges, Pierre, 147, 329 Devereaux, Gary, 237 DeVito, Helen, 43, 287, 296 DeVoe, Terry, 296 Dickey, David, 296 Dickey, Paul, 237 Dickey, Rex, 329 Dickey, Richard, 97, 237, 349 Decks, Jeanne, 296 , 236, Dalley, Jill, 295 Dalton, Gene, 235 Daniels, Debbie, 328 Dardashti, John, 295 Darden, Nelda, 27, 235 Daugherty, Scott, 295 Davee, Elizabeth, 328 Davee, Glen, 295 Davenport, DeWitt, 97, 328 Davidson, David, 134, 207, 296 Davidson, John, 126, 317 Davidson, Shari, 235 Davila, Sylvia, 296 Dillenscheinder, Wendy, 96, 296 Dimmick, Debbie, 296 Dingwerth, Sherry, 329 Dionis, George, 237 DiSciullo, Linda, 296 Dixon, Larry, 237 Dodds, Sheila, 174, 237 Dodenhoff, Lynn, 296 Dodge, Becky, 47, 237 Duckette, Terry, 296 Davis, Becky, 296 Davis, Beverly, 235 Davis, Betty, 133, 236 Davis, Mrs. Billie, 198, 200 Davis, Billy, 296 Davis, Cherry, 96, 236 Davis, Claudia, 236 Davis, Don, 40, 81, 139, 236 Davis, Frances, 236 Davis, Gale, 179, 328 Davis, Gorden, 296 Davis, Karen, 236 Davis, Karen, 236 Davis, Mike, 236 Davis, Lisa, 296 Davis, Terry, 236 V Davis, Tony, 138, 160, 296 Davison, John, 296 143, 192, Dodgen , Mrs. Juanita, 192 Dodgen, Martha, 329 Dodgen, Max, 237 Dodgen, Susie, 96, 97, 164, 192, 237, 245 Dodson, Steve, 296 Domanovsky, Denise, 196, 321, 329 Donahower, Ron, 296 Dupuy, Janet, 238 Easley, Sheryl, 296 Eason, Glen, 238 Eastburn, Mr. Martin, 134, 207 Eblen, Mark, 30, 319, 321, 329, 339 Eckols, Rick, 238 Edwards, John, 101, 238, 297 Edwards, Laurice, 296 Edwards, Lynne, 296 Eichhorn, Teri, 329 Einhaus, Mary Pat, 297 Elder, Gary, 329 Elder, Nina, 297 Elkins, Gwen, 238 Eller, Kenneth, 329 Ellington, Dana, 329 Elliott, Cathey, 297 Elliot, Cheri, 329 Elliot, Steve, 329 Elliot, Gregory, 329 Ellis, Miss Jane, 27, 57, 211, 214 Ellis, Melody, 329 Ellis, Mrs. Ruth, 208, 209, 215 Emms, Lizz, 329 Empey, Dale, 297 English, Mr. Weldon, K., 199 Eppes, Sheila, 329, 346 Erwin, Mike, 172, 329 Esenwein, Brian, 329 Esenwein, Greg, 147, 238 Estep, Debbie, 179, 329 Estep, Oren, 297 Estes, Karen, 329 Eubanks, Sharon, 329 Evans, John, 138, 297 Day, Barbie, 102, 236 Day, Dan, 296 Dedmon, Kay, 236 Defibaugh, Cheryl, 236 Donnerly, James, 329 Doran, Chip, 237 Dorough, Lynne, 206 Dory, Linda, 237 Doskocil, Thomas, 296 Doss, Sue, 237 Douglas, Terry, 151, 155, 296 Dowdell, Anita, 329 Doyle, Daniel, 296' Doyle, Susan, 329 Dradle, Randy, 237 Draughn, Pam, 133, 296 Drown, Karen, 96, 329 Duckworth, Judy, 237 Dudley, Janet, 329 Duke, Frank, 97, 237, 257 Dulock, Joe, 238 Duncan, Dan, 296 Evans, Lou, 238 Evans, Taylor, 238 Evilsizer, Cheryl, 329 Fallis, Charles, 238 Falvo, Falvo, Mrs. Bea, 34, 194, 320 Kathy, 133, 238 Fanning, Scott, 238 Faris, V. H., 97, 98, 329 Farmer, Mrs. Nita, 198, 199 Farmer, Roger, 238 Farow, Eddie, 32, 104, 106, 238 Farrar , Mellissa, 297 Farrar, Jim, 238 Farrell, Eddie, 101, 116, 192, 239 Farrell, Tim, 231 Faulkner, James, 329 Faulkner, Steve, 239 Featherton, Dianne, 297 Feicht, Linda, 329 INDEX 389 Feicht, Ruth, 239 Fell, Debby, 329 Fenn, Neal, 297 Fulton, Doug, 298 Greene, Mike, 243 Ferguson Calee, 96, 239 Ferguson Joe, 297 Ferguson Kathy, 239 Ferguson Kenneth, 239 Ferguson Sally, 329 Ferguson, Susan, 239 Gustafson, Lars, 243 Fernandez, Baldemar, 297 Fermandez, Martha, 297 Fewel, Ken, 81, 239 Fields, Pam, 329 Fife, Sandra, 330 Fikes, Gail, 239 Filley, Warner, 297 Findlay, Elaine, 330 Findley, Carolyn, 51, 330 Fischer, Danna, 327, 333 Fishback, Rhonda, 297 Fite, Bill, 330 Fitzgerald, Mike, 330 Fitzpatrick, Kathy, 239 Flatt, Mrs. Pat, 204, 214 Fitzsimmons, Don, 297 Flemming, James, 240 Fleshman, Glen, 240 Flesher, Linda, 297 Flores, David, 297 Flores, Phillip, 330 Flores, Robin, 330 Floyd, Steve, 330 Fluke, Kathy, 297 Folse, Lance, 297, 309 Ford, Craig, 298 Forehand, Mrs. Phyllis, 41, 45, 104, 202 Forgerson, David, 46 Forsberg, Howard, 298 Forsberg, Ward, 139, 240 Fort, Myra, 330 Fortenberry, Martha, 96, 240 Foster, Andy, 160, 330 Foster, Donald, 240 Fowler, Betty, 330 Francis, Mrs. Flo, 34, 190, 220 Franklin, Shirley, 298 Franks, David, 298 Frazier, Ted, 330 Frederick, Bonnie, 28, 77, 78, 109, 240 Frederick, Gordon, 298 Freiwald, Mrs. Nadine, 192, 220 Fricks, Guy, 330 Frields, Pam, 179 Friess, Greg, 27, 45, 54, 55, 76, 87, 94, 104, 240 Frisbee, Linda, 240 Fronabarger, Karen, 330 390 INDEX Fry, Debra, 330 Fry, Mrs. Margaret, 46, 70, 199 Fulbright, Steve, 330 Fuller, Mike, 240 Fuller, Nancy, 330 Fulmer, Judy, 240 Fulton, Ricky, 330 Funderburk, Gary, 97, 240 Furgerson, Paula, 174, 240 Gagliardo, Kathy, 298 Gagliardo, Marie, 331 Galey, Gera, 331 Gann, Mark, 331 Gant, Greg, 240 Garcia, Kevin, 331 Gardner, Martha, 241 Garmon, Stephan, 97, 101, 241 Garner, Steve, 241 Garnett, Nancy, 298 Garrett, Randy, 147, 298 Garrett, Randy, 157, 331 Garrett, Ray, 241 Garrison, Janna, 96, 331 Garrison, Stewart, 298 Gary, Randy, 101, 138, 241 Gedeon, Jay, 331 Geer, Charles, 139, 160, 241 Geer, Jimmy, 331 Geer, Keith, 138, 144, 241 German, Rick, 331 German, Ron, 331 Gibbs, Van, 241 Gideon, Sherrie, 298 Ggideons, Barbara, 298 Gilbreath, Al, 298 Gilbreath, Gaylynn, 331 Giles, Tip, 241 Girardo, Suzanne, 96, 298 Giban, Charlene, 298 Gladden, Ricky, 331 Gladden, Steve, 299 Gladen, Billy, 101, 139, 242 Glasgow, Carol, 331 Glasgow, Frances, 101 Goerdel, Charlotte, 97 Goetz, Becky, 315 Goscinski, Carol, 299 Gorman, Stephan, 98 Gorthey, Sue, 179 Gott, Cathy, 331 Gouger, John, 243 Grabast, Ellen, 331 Grant, Janet, 243 Graves, Dean, 160, 299 Gray, Gary, 331 Gray, Preston, 147, 299 Green, Cathy, 243 Green Debbie, 99, 187, 299 Green Dianne, 299 Green Jim, 331 Green Ricky, 243 Green Suzi, 331 Green, Veronica, 299 Greer, Susie, 137, 243 Greig, Gerald, 243 Greytak, Mary, 30, 50, 299, 307 Griffin, Elise, 299 Grigsby, Karen, 331 Grimm, Patrice, 299, 360 Grimsley, Keith, 127, 160, 331 Grimsley, Tim, 299 Grindstaff, Jack, 151, 243 Groom, Tricia, 243 Grossman, Virginia, 299 Grothe, Joan, 243 Grudda, Anita, 299 Gruenhagen, Stephanie, 107, 109, 243 Gruenhagen, Susan, 243 Gunn, Mark, 147 Gustafson, Jon, 299 Guthrie, John, 299 Hadden, Donna, 331 Hafford, George, 164, 165, 299 Hagard, Allison, 299 Hagen, Roger, 299 Hagood, Craig, 299 Hagood, Wayne, 244 Hahn, Rick, 49, 76, 138, 244 Hailey, Mariam, 28, 81, 101, 109, 224 Hale, Paul, 331 Hale, Rick, 331 Hall, Glynna, 331 Hall, Mauri, 299 Hall, Nancy, 244 Hall, Ronnie, 299 Hall, Steve, 244 Hallard,-Tom, 299 Halliburton, Pam, 244 Hambrick, Steve, 147, 331 Hamilton, Donna, 331 Hamilton, Lawrence, 299 Hamilton, Lillie, 331 Hammond, Cathy, 244 Hammonds, Mrs. Carolyn, 200 Hancock, Lorie, 125, 133, 332 Hand, Jon, 100, 244 Hand, Michelle, 96, 332 Haney, James, 96, 244 Hannabas, Eddie, 157, 332 Hapeman, Charlsey, 101 Hardin, Harden Keith, 299 ,wQuy, 299 Hiett, Ann, 246 Hiett, James, 134, 300, 301 Higbie, Dena, 300 Huffine, Jay, 247 Hughes, Ginger, 301 Hukill, Charlie, 31, 59, 100, 112, 220, Hardison, Stacy, 133, 299 Hardman, Mrs. Alma, 188 Hardy, Steve, 332 Harmon, Janet, 332 Harlow, Jerry, 104, 105, 299 Harmon, Janet, 332 Harmon, Peggi, 299 Harrell, Adina, 332 Harrelson, Debra, 332 Harrington, Jim, 299 Higgins, Steve, 246 Higham, Roger, 300 Hilbun, Sandra, 332 Hill Bennie, 147, 168, 332 Hill Debbie, 246 Hill Gene, 332 Hill Marilyn, 246, 267 Hill Travis, 332 Hilton, Stephanie, 246 Hinds, Debi, 100, 246 247, 276 Hukill, Darrell, 333 Hulme, Kay, 333 Humphrey, Louise, 333 Hunnicutt, Kathy, 16, 100 Hunnicutt, Kay, 333 Hunt, Hunt, Hunt Hurd, I Dennis, 50, 139, 247 Ken, 333 Paula, 133, 380 Kevin, 147, 301 Harris, Clint, 234 Harris, Jamie, 244 Harris, Jane, 300 Harris, Kenneth, 332 Harrison, Danny, 244 Harston, Gary, 244 Hart, Chris, 131, 244 Hart, JoAnne, 300 Hart, Marilyn, 234 Harting, Gary, 157 Hartman, Marianne, 332 Hartwig, Robert, 332 Harvey, Kathleen 332 Harwell, Ralph, 151, 244, 375 Harwell, Roy, 33, 151, 244 Hastings, Carol, 245 Hatzenbuehler, Pete, 245 Hough, Randy, 245 Hauser, Kurt, 300 Havens, Karen, 245 Havens, Phyllis, 245, 259 Hawkes, Charla, 80, 101, 245 Hawkes, George, 332 Hayden, Mr. Charles, 207 Hayenga, Mike, 300 Hayes, Hayes, Craig, 139, 144, 300, 302 Suzanne, 332 Haynes, Debbie, 245 Hazen, Shirley, 300 Heart, Leanne, 99, 300 Heath, Joe, 245 Hecker, Stan, 300 Hedrick, Steve, 245 Heflin, Cliff, 158, 160, 332 Heflin, Cynthia, 300 Helm, John, 300 Helms, Mrs. Mildred, 189 Henchcliffe, Betsy, 332 Henderson, Barbara, 133, 245 Henshall, Steve, 332 Hentze, John, 138, 319, 324, 332 Herrell, Sue, 245 Hert, Trudy, 246 Hester, Mike, 332 Hickson, Mr. Glenn, 124, 208, 209 Hinds, Jack, 332 Hinkle, Donald, 300 Hinshaw, George, 246 Hinshaw, Pat, 300 Hirschman, Doug, 138, 246 Hinton, Ricky, 160 Hitt, Jon, 332 Hobson, Don, 246 Hocog, Rita, 300 Hodges, Stanley, 332 Hoelke, Elisa, 99, 200 Hoelke, Fred, 246 Hoernke, Craig, 246 Hoffman, Steve, 332 Hoffman, Tim, 332 Holbert, Billy, 134, 300, 301 Hollabaugh, Mary, 247 Holland, Mrs. Dorothy, 12, 116 Holland, Sheryl, 332 Hollar, Lee, 300 Hollar, Susan, 179, 319, 339 Holliman, Juanita, 332 Holman, Sharon, 300 Holmes, Renee, 333 Holsapple, Eddie, 333 Honeycutt, Kathy, 300 Honeycutt, Jane, 247 Honeycutt, Peggy, 333 Hooks, Sharon, 247 Hopp, Myron, 300 Horn, Brenda, 300 Horn, Susan, 300 Hostettler, Mike, 247 Hostettler, Rick, 300 House, Larry, 300 Houston, Donna, 247 Houston, Elise, 247 Hovis, Jim, 160, 247 Howard, Miss Ann, 210, 214 Howard, Sara, 247 Howel, Jerry, 300 Hubbard, Derrell, 300 Hubbard, Gerrell, 331 Hubler, Donna, 333 Huddlestone, Tony, 333 Hussey, Janice, 247 Huston, Mark, 301 Hutchinson, Glennetta, 301 Hutchinson, Regina, 13, 301 Hyde, Sissi, 333 Hyden, Trice, 301 lngram, James, 247 lnsell, Peggy, 247 Ireland, Debby, 247, 267 Irish, Steven, 301 Irons, Donna, 96, 98, 247 Irwin, Melissa, 37, 301 Ivy, Elaine, 35, 333 Ivy, Jolyn, 40, 133, 301 Ivy, Patty, 38, 51, 108, 109, Jarboe, Janie, 100, 248 Jasper, Denise, 333 248, 372 Jean, Bobby, 248 Jeanes, Terri, 333 Jeffery, Marvin, 301, 147 Jeffrey, Billy, 333 Jenkins, Joe, 333 Jensen, Eddie, 248 Jerome, Katy, 133, 301 Jett, Charlotte, 333 Jiles, Linda, 77, 248 Jiles, Ruth Ann, 96, 333 Jiles, Tip, 138, 141 Johnson, Bruce, 301 Johnson, Carl, 288 Johnson, Debbie, 333 Johnson, Dean, 248 Johnson, Dena, 301 Johnson, Gale, 21, 31, 75, 79, 80, 100, 104, 105 Johnson, Glen, 301 Johnson, Grace, 301 Johnson, James, 333 Johnson, Karyn, 248 Johnson, Kathy, 133, 249 Johnson, Mr. Larry, 194 Johnson, Mrs. Mary Alice, 213 Johnson, Mike, 334 Johnson, Nancy, 99, 301 INDEX 391 Liberato, Tim, 336 Johnson, Ronald, 301 Johnson, Scott, 334 Johnson, Susanne, 334 Johnson, Susan, 334 Johnson, William, 320 Jokisch, Keith, 334 Jolly, Darlene, 249 Jones, Brenda, 334 Jones, Gary, 249 Jones, Judy, 334 Jones, Kelly, 138, 249, 272 Jones, Larry, 334 Jones, Nancy, 302 Jordan, Cynthia, 334 Jordan, Jeannette, 334 Jorgensen, Dennis, 172, 173, 249 Jorgensen, JoAnne, 334 Journey, Jeff, 302 Joyce, Bill, 249 Jozwiak, Frank, 302 Judd, Julie, 249, 259 Judkins, Mary, 249 Kane, Lorne, 147 Keeton, Connie, 302 Keeton, Paul, 147, 334 Keilstrup, Mrs. Glenda, 38, 212 Keim, Susan, 302 Keith, Claudia, 334 Keith, Mrs. Cleo, 189 Keith, Cindy, 302 Keith, Sally, 96, 127, 302 Kimball, Terry, 34, 131, 249 Kimbley, Chris, 302 Kincannon, Bill, 147, 157, 323, 334 King, Bill, 249 King, Elisa, 82, 183, 302 King, Lloyd, 334 Kinkade, Linda, 199, 334 Kinkade, Pat, 334 Kinnard,- Mr. Jake, 134, 207 Kinser, John, 302 Kious, Jackie, 334 Kirby, Wayne, 249 Kirkland, Terri, 334 Kirkley, Lynette, 127, 302 Kirkpatrick, Karen, 250 Kirkpatrick, Richard, 335 Kirschner, John, 250 Kirshner, Melody, 355 Kite, Kathy, 355 Kitts, Wayne, 250 Kline, Mark, 303 Klinger, John, 139, 160, 163, 324, 335 Klinger, Kristi, 179, 294, 303 Kmiec, Ted, 335 Knight, Marni, 335 Koch, Rhonda, 335 Koenig, Steve, 303 Koeritz, Heather, 335 Koesy, John, 147, 335 Kolanko, Mike, 303 Korman, Donna, 303 Pat, 335 Keller, Robert, 334 Kelley, Mollie, 77, 100, 128, 249 Kelley, Richard, 302 Kelly, Ed, 334 Kelly, Jan, 334 Kelsoe, Wayne, 334 Kemp, Scotty, 302 Kendrick, Bill, 67, 76, 90, 91, 151 152, 153, 155,156, 178, 219 Kendrick, Brenda, 302 Kennedy, Jay, 249 Kennedy, Rusty, 139, 145, 119 Kenworthy, Leonard, 302 Kerr, Richard, 97, 802 I Kraft, John, 250 Kramar, Gary, 303 Kress, Jean, 250 Krueger, Larry, 78, 250 Kruhmin, Mark, 147, 160, 161, 355 Kunkel, Mike, 250 Kunkel, Steve, 303 Kurtz, Susan, 250 LaBella, John, 31, 100, 250 Lackey, Judy, 250 Lackey, Patty, 335 Lackey, Mr. Wendell, 138, 199, 196 LaCour, Larry, 303 Ladnier, Kettlekamp, Jerry, 108, 109, 147, 302 Kever, Marsha, 334 Ketron, Robert, 249 Key, Karrie, 231, 249, 271 Key, Kathy, 334 Kidd, Larry, 334 Kidd, Shryl, 302 Kielen, Robert, 376 Kight, Elisa, 100, 302 Killingsworth, Charles, 334 Kilpatrick, Charles, 151, 249 Kilpatrick, Steve, 302 Kimball, Joe, 249 392 INDEX Ladyman, Andy, 303 Lake, Lorie, 100, 303 Lancaster, Steve, 335 Lane, Lawrence, 96, 335 Lands, Mrs. Lyndall, 200 Laney, Karen, 250 Langston, Kevin, 335 Lankford, Patty, 172, 176, 303 Lansing, Laurie, 251 Laquey, Lonnie, 251 Lard, Julie, 336 Lard, Mike, 303 La Roche, Debbie, 251 Larson, Denise, 251 Lasater, lynn Lasher, Maureen, 251 Lattimore, Nancy, 133, 251, 254 Laver, Mark, 303 Laver, Randy, 303 Lowing, Dickie, 336 Lowing, Mark, 303 Lawrence, Bob, 303 Laymance, Sylvia, 99, 303 Layton, David, 251 Layton, Dede, 179, 336 Layton, Pam, 303, 304 Leach, Vicki, 336 Leake, Skipper, 303 Lee, Cathy, 336 Lee, Kenny, 251 LeFan, Carol, 336 Leisure, David, 251 LeMoine, Charles, 147, 303 Lengen, Mike, 303 Lengen, Trisha, 336 Lengel, Roger, 303 LeNoir, Tommy, 303 Lettie, Reid, 303 Lewis, Pat, 251 Lewis, Robert, 160, 162, 303 Levy, Phillip, 251 Liberato, Lynne, 16, 79, 80, 104, 105 251 , Libotte, Susie, 303 Liddell, Jim, 251 Lievrouw, Stephanie, 303 Linch, Vickie, 251 Lindsay, Dana, 71, 77, 252, 376 Lindsey, Becky, 336 Lineburger, Debbie, 174, 345, 336 Lineburger, Roy, 303 Linehan, Bob, 303 Linney, Mike, 157, 303 Lipton, Angela, 179 Litrio, Ann, 252 Litrio, Bill, 304 Littlefield, Mary, 252 Livesay, Donna, 336 Livesay, Mark, 304 Lloyd, Debbie, 99, 304 Lloyd, Sharon, 252 Lockstedt, Richard, 101, 252 Loe, Janet, 304 Long, Brad, 252 Long, Judy, 99, 352 Longgrear, John, 96, 98, 336 Longserre, Chuck, 304 Lord, Holly, 179, 288, 304 Lord, Kay, 336 Loudermilk, Lisa, 304 Love, Love, Lowe, Lowe, Lowe, Lucas, Lucas, Luke, Mr. J. O., 194 Sheri, 336 Bobbie, 252 Karen, 194, 215 Terry, 252 Nancy, 51, 109, 252 Prudence, 304 Vallerie, 304 Maggard, Beverly, 337 Maggard, Danny, 253 Mailon, Roger, 305 Male, Mrs. Pot, 204 Mangen, Anders, 18, 19, 43, 253 Manire, Pot, 253 Manning, Mrs. Elizabeth, 208 Manry, Jim, 305 Miller, Goye, 305 Miller, Jan, 305 Miller, Linda, 338 Miller, Mike, 338 Miller, Steve, 255 Miller, Walter, 338 Miller, Wayne, 338 Miller, William, 305 McCurdy, Gordon, 253 Lunday, Jennefer, 96, 304 Lusk, Kim, 336 Lusk, Susan, 304 Lutes, Laura, 336 Luttrell, Barbara, 304 Lyle, Karen, 252 Lyle, Robin, 304 McAlister, Becky, 336 McAndrews, Janis, 174, 178, 252 McBride, Debbie, 97, 289, 305 McBroom, Donnie, 147, 336 McCain, Lisa, 252 McColl, Patty, 305 McCart, Jane, 96 McCarty, Mark, 336 McCarty, Mitzi, 305 McCarver, Poul, 98, 336 McCoy, Randy, 305 McClanahan, Don, 336 McCollum, Randy, 305 McCombs, Marsha, 305 McCombs, Martha, 305 MacKinnon, John, 336 McCormack, Deidre, 252 McCown, Jackie, 252 McCoy, John, 187, 336 McCrabb, Mr. Hugh, 138, 139, 196 McCrary, Mr. Tom, 8, 200 McGee, Cindy, 336 McGee, Pom, 336 McGhee, Chris, 133, 305 McGhee, Sam, 253 McGlew, Robin, 73, 82, 88, 89, 253 267, 358 McHugh, Karen, 111, 305 McKinney, Linda, 305 McKnight, Bill, 336 McLoughlin, Kathy, 305 McLemore, Ann, 305 McLeod, Dove, 148, 159, 160, 178 253 McMuller, Potty, 253 McNew, Mrs. Rhonda, 195, 214 Machado, Ann, 179, 336 Mackey, Cheryl, 62, 68, 70, 71, 75, 222, 253 Mackie, Sora, 305 Mackie, Tommy, 337 Modding, Miss Wanda, 42, 203, 702 Mantooth, Shari, 337 Marak, Mark, 81, 138, 142 Morrow, Joy, 74, 99, 104, 105, 252 Morrow, Melody, 337 Mars, Mrs. Sharron, 212, 289 Marshall, Donna, 337 Marshall, Jamie, 253 Marlin Carol, 337 Martin, Cindy, 337 Martin, Elaine, 305 Martin, Lorrie, 337 Martin, Randy, 305 Martin, Susan, 305 Martin, Mrs. Virginia, 205 Milligan, Margaret, 255 Milligan, Steve, 99, 255 Milligan, Tom, 338 Mills, Jim, 147, 157, 338 Milner, Faye, 27, 255 Mingori, Jeff, 255 Mitchell, Patti, 305 Moffatt, Lindo, 305 Mohr, Mark, 28, 108, 109, 128, 139, 305 Molen, Ann, 338 Moller, Cheryl, 255 Monfries, Bill, 305 Mooneyham, Kip, 255 Massey, Mr. Jerry, 26, 52, 199, 211 Massey, Jill, 254 Massey, Mrs, Valoise, 191 Massingill, Pom, 305 Mathis, Larry, 305 Matson, Martti, 16, 104, 254 Mauldin, Donna, 254 May, Kim, 254 Mays, David, 96, 254 Moyers, Susan, 337 Moyfield, Kym, 337 Mayfield, Marlo, 337 Maynes, Cindy, 337 Meacham, Kirk, 337 Mead, Mike, 337 Mead, Tommy, 305 Meadows, Bonnie, 254 Meesey, Rusty, 254 Meier, Jomilyn, 99, 305 Meier, Leanna, 337 Meish, Mike, 100 Melton, Vicki, 337 Menger, Chris, 255 Merbler, Richard, 255 Mercer, Dorian, 255 Meredith, Glenn, 101, 172, 173, 305 Metcalf, Mary Ann, 104, 105, 122, 255 Metzler, Mark, 305 Michael, Johnny, 148, 160, 305 Middlebrooks, James, 337 Middlebrooks, Weldon, 38, 59, 97, 116, 242, 255, 266 Middleton, David, 147, 337 Miles, Terry, 255 Miller, Charles, 96, 195, 336 Miller, Debbie, 305 Mooneyham, Lindo, 255 Moore, Becky, 305 Moore, Debi, 255 Moore, Mrs. Edith, 190, 191 Moore, Greg, 338 Moore, Guy, 306 Moore, Harold, 256 Moore, Jeanne, 306 Moore, Kathy, 100, 256 Moore, Mollie, 55, 84, 321, 338 Moore Moore I , Monty, 41, 160, 256 Steve, 101 Moore, Tom, 256 Moore, William, 84, 147, 338 Moran , Brenda, 338 Morey, Kenneth, 316, 256 Morgan, Billy, 338 Morgan, Susan, 306 Morin, Mary, 306 Moritz, Chuck, 256 Moritz, Greg, 147, 157, 338 Mork, Carol, 70, 71, 75 Morrel, John, 100, 160, 306 Morrel, Steve, 147, 338 Morris, Miss Gertie, 195 Morris, Jackie, 338 Morris, Pati, 256 Morris, Sally, 306 Morrison, Mary, 338 Morrison, Mr. R. C., 199 Morrow, Floyd, 256 Morrow, Treno, 338 Morse, Leslie, 96, 338 Mosby, Debbie, 99, 306, 316 Moses, Debbie, 256 Moses, Mrs. Patricia Ann, 206 INDEX 393 Mosley, Ricky, 306 Moss, Eric, 306 Mouck, Mgrtha, 256 Moxley, Pete, 338 Mrkos, Marilyn, 306 Mueller, Paul, 97, 306 Mueller, Lora, 96, 256 Muller, Nina, 306 Murphy, Patty, 306 Murray, Jim, 256 Murray, Richard, 306 Murray, Sylvia, 338 Mussleman, Mike, 147, 306 Mycoskie, Cliff, 139, 306 Myers, Cindy, 256 Myers, Glendora, 338 Myers, Victoria, 338 Nabors, Merrell, 43, 306 Narramore, Sue, 339 Nation, John, 306 Nation, Paul, 134, 306 Nay, Phyllis, 339 Naylor, Forest, 306 Neal, Betty, 339 Neaves, Michael, 339 Nedderman, Jeff, 339 Neese, Connie, 107, 109, 306, 372 Nelson, Donna, 306 Nelson, Karen, 306 Newcome, Linda, 339 Newman, Lesley, 339 Newton, Ricky, 339 Nicholas, Cathie, 306 Nicholas, Tony, 306 Nichols, Doug, 339 Nicholson, Roger, 339 Nix, David, 339 Noble, Jan, 306 Nordstrom, Cathy, 256, 399 Nordstrom, Chris, 306 Norris, Mary, 256 Norris, Russell, 97, 339 Norton, Laiuana, 339 Nothnagle, Eric, 339 Nothnagle, Signe, 101, 102, Nowlin, David, 306 Noyes, Patti, 306 Nunn, Barbara, 97, 340 Nunnelee, Becky, 257 Nunnelee, Leslye, 306 O'Brian, Mr. Mike, 139, 169 Odom, Terrie, 99, 257 O'Dell, Donna, 42, 257 Ohlhausen, Debbie, 340 Olcsvary, Frank, 257 O'Leary, Dan, 32, 96, 97, 98, Oldham, Tom, 257 Oler, Connie, 340 394 INDEX 257 196 257, 349 Olson, Edward, 257 Olson, Sandra, 41, 257 O'Neal, Larry, 306 Onderdonck, Janelle, 340 Orr, Tracy, 307 Osgood, Teresa, 307 Osicka, Alan, 147, 340 Ostheimer, Bill, 307 Oswalt, Steve, 257, 264 Otto, Beth, 307 Otto, Cathy, 257 Otto, Patty, 340 Overman, Susan, 257 Owen, Terry, 340 Owens, Beth, 258 Ozborn, Diane, 258 Padgett, Charlotte, 99, 258 Padgett, Pat, 258 Page, Kevin, 58, 258 Page, Mark, 109, 307 Page, Sarah, 340 Panter, Jackie, 340 Pareseau, Corinne, 340 Park, Carol, 307 Parker, Bill, 340 Parker, Jalah, 100, 307 Parker, Joe, 340 Parker Lindi, 307 Parker Mike, 129, 340 Parker, Steve, 258 Parow, Cheryl, 307 Parr, Bill, 258 Parr, John, 340 Petty, Ernest, 258 Petty, Melvin, 98, 258 Peyton, Vicki, 127, 340 Pfeil, Tommy, 259 Phillips, Aubrey, 259 Phillips, Bradley, 308 Phillips, Carole, 96, 259 Phillips, Cheryl, 340 Phillips, Jerry, 97, 340 Phillips, Laura, 308 Phillips, Lisa, 259 Phillips, Nita, 308 Phillips, Phil, 340 Phillips, Robert, 259 Phillips, Sally, 35, 83, 34 Phipps, Linda, 340 Pickett, David, 259 Pickle, David, 340 Pierard, Arthur, 259 Pierce, Ben, 149, 158, 159, 176, 297 Pierce, Chris, 340 Pierce, Eric, 340 Pierce, Kay, 78, 96, 97, 259 Pierce, Marsha, 61, 80, 260 Pierce, Sandra, 260 Piggot, Leonard, 308 Pitstick, Nancy, 82, 85, 308, Pittman, Rickey, 308 Pitts, Gregory, 260 Pitzer, Mrs, Jean, 157, 188 Pitzer, Jim, 340 Planche, Rene, 341 Parr, Mrs. Natalee, 205 Parrish, Frank, 307 Parson, Karry, 101 Parsons, Pegilynn, 258 Parten, Debbie, 307 Partridge, David, 160, 258 Paschal, Penny, 307 Pastusek, Gayle, 135 Patterson, Keith, 100, 258 Patton, Kathy, 340 Patton, Keith, 147, 340 Paulk, Marcia, 179, 340 Payne, Shauna, 307 Pendley, Debbie, 307 Perkins, Martha, 340 Perry, Margaret, 96, 307 Perry, Steve, 23, 138, 258 Perret, David, 138 Person, Kerry, 258 Peteet, Rex, 258 Petersen, Sidney, 340 Peterson, Skipper, 340 Pettit, Mrs. Betty, 91, 205, 289 Pettit, Keith, 258 Pettit, Pai, 44, 109, 308 Podsednik, Steve, 260 Poe, John, 308 Pointer, Carl, 86, 150, 139, 224, 260 Polk, Mr. Travis, 205 Pool, Chris, 308 Porter, Lou, 308 Porter, Lynn, 341 Porter, William, 40, 112, 260 Posey, Bill, 341 Poss, Marc, 139, 168, 287, 308 Poster, Brad, 64, 98, 116, 212, 260 Poston, Mike, 260 Poston, Patti, 99, 308 Potter, Barbara, 260 Poulter, Steve, 308 Powell, David, 308 Powell, Debbie, 341 Powell, James, 308 Powell, Joan, 341 Powers, Pam, 308 Pratt, Doug, 308 Pribyl, Patrick, 46, 341 Price, Becci, 341 Price, Betty, 179, 341 Price, Debbie, 308 Rohe, Nancy, 310 Prine, Larry, 260 Price, Miss Mamie, 187 Price, Scott, 308 Prim, Clark, 308 Prince, Sharon, 260 Prine, Bruce, 308 Reznicek, Cathy, 174, 262 Rhodes, Billy, 76, 101, 192, 262 Rhodes, Bryan, 309 Rhodes, Denney, 309 Rhodes, Mrs. Margie B., 205 Rhodes, Rusty, 147, 342 Rogers, Brad, 264 Rogers, Debbie, 45, 77, 104, 105, 119 Rogers Kathy, 133 Rogers Sonya, 342 Rogers, Urban, 199, 342 Pringle, Mike, 62, 69, 76, 81, 139 141,146,156,171, 219, 221, 248 Pritchard, Mr. Judson, 157, 172, 176 191 Prochaska, Andrea, 308 Proctor, Neal, 308 Proctor, Paul, 341 Ptacek, David, 261, 264, 298 Pummill, David, 308 Pusteiosky, Antonette, 308 Putney, Susan, 341 Pyburn, Anne, 308 Qualls, Gary, 308 Quinn, Leslie, 261, 187 Railey, Jimmy, 308 Rain, Susan, 308 Ramsbottom, Sarah, 308, 373 Rape, John, 101, 124, 261 Rapp, Michelle, 341 Rascoe, Paul, 308 Ratliff, Don, 308 Rau, Robert, 261, 60 Rawdon, Larry, 341 Ray, Billy Don, 308 Ray, Rusty, 97, 98, 261 Ray, Tracy, 261 Rayburn, Louise, 96, 341 Reavis, Jenny, 308 Reddell, Mr. John, 138, 199, 150, 196 Reece, LeeAnn, 96 Reece, Steve, 261 Reed, Bill, 308 Reed, Douglas, 341 Reed, Mavis, 341 Reed, Milton, 261 Reese, Donnie, 341 Reese, Kathy, 261 Reese, Lee Anne, 341 Reher, Dick, 157, 172, 301 Reichenstein, Kurt, 262 Reichert, Pam, 341 Reinhart, John, 319, 342, 346 Reiter, Scott, 342 Remhardt, Dorene, 309 Renfro, Dicky, 262 Renn, David, 97, 98, 125, 262 I Rice, Kathy, 104, 106, 262 Richardson, Diane, 342 Richardson, Elaine, 342 Richey, Mr. Gerald, 139, 161, 176, 197, 209, 289 Richey, Stephana, 342 Ricketts, Greg, 309 Ridley, Bob, 262 Rooks, Susi, 31 O Ross, Mrs. Carileta, 210 Ross, Glyn, 342 Ross, Lynn, 342 Ross Michael, 298, 310 Roth Susan, 101, 264 Rucker, Nancy, 264 Rudy, Garth, 264 Ridley, 309 James, 148, 159, 160, 161, Rinehard, Russell, 309 Riordan, Joanne, 96, 342 Riordan, Tim, 342 Ripley, Bill, 342 Rippetoe, Jerry, 342 Risedorph, Shirlene, 309 Ritter, Mr. John, 209 Ritter, Lisa, 337, 342 Rivers, Brenda, 262 Rivard, Rivard, Dennis, 262 Dorisse, 262 Roark, Laci, 263 Roark, Mrs. Martha, 192 Robins, Betty, 342 Robbins, Glenda, 309 Robbins, Judy, 263 fSr.l Robbins, Judy, 342 fSoph.j Robbins, Lynn, 342 Roberson, Cindy, 79, 125, 133, 263 Roberts, Cathy, 309 Roberts, Mrs. Grace, 195 Roberts, J., 160, 309 Roberts, Melinda, 309 Roberts, Patsy, 263 Robertson, Brenda, 263 Robinson, Chris, 342 Robinson, Danny, 342 Robinson, Lt. Col. Jack, 113, 203 Robinson, Karen, 263 Robinson, Loretta, 342 Robinso n, Richard, 263 Roblyer, Mr. Donald, 208, 209, 320 Roddy, Miss Melba, 192, 220 Roden, Andy, 138, 324, 342 Roden, Jeannie, 242 Roden, Sharon, 263 Reno, Paula, 101, 179, 304 Retlif, Don, 309 Reynolds Cynthia, 342 Reynolds Debbie, 342 Reynolds, Jimmy, 263 Reynolds Mark, 262 Rodgers, Melinda, 263 Rodriquez, Adolfo, 342 Rodriquez, George, 147, 160, 162, 263, 310 Roffal, Paula, 264 Rogers, Becky, 310 Rumemap, Richard, 147, 342 Rumemap, Robert, 264 Runyon, Brad, 101, 310 Rupe, Linda, 264 Rush, Niki, 342 Rushing, Beverly, 342 Rushing, Elaine, 264 Rusk, Darryl, 264 Rusk, Jenny, 342 Russell, Danny, 310 Russell, Kelly, 264 Russell, Mike, 112, 264 Rutherford, Tom, 264 Sadighpour, Kamran, 310 Sakowski, Mannya, 310 Salazar, Alma, 310 Salazar, Jim, 132, 74, 97, 98 323 Samoff, Roger, 138, 265 Sampley, Melissa, 287, 310 Sampley, Sue, 342 Sanders, James, 265 Sanders, Jimmy, 112, 310 Sanders, Randy, 310 Sanders, Roxanne, 133, 310 Sandlin, Carol, 310 Sauce, Mike, 265 Schadt, Karen, 342 Schahn, Debbie, 311 Schellhammer, Brent, 231, 265 Schellhammer, Gregg, 151, 311 Schimek, Daniel, 311 Schkade, David, 97, 98, 342 Schmidt, Cheryl, 311 Schmidt, Danny, 163, 265 Schneider, Tom, 147, 342 Scholz, Cindy, 343 Schorr, Ronald, 265 Schrader, Brad, 31 1 Schroeder, Ann, 179, 343 Schultz, Doug, 157 Schwartz, Dena, 343 Schwarzer, Shelley, 311 Schwemer, Steve, 31 1 INDEX 395 Spelce, Cheryl, 269 Scott, Brenda, 265 Scott, David, 266 Scott, Ethan, 343 Scott, Jill, 321, 343 Scott, Virgil, 311 Seale, Terisa, 266 Sebolt, Mary, 266 Seelye, Mary Jack, 101, 311 Seeton, Louise, 179, 311 Seiler, Randy, 266 Self, Chuck, 343, 357 Self, Rick, 139, 233, 266 Sellars, Carol, 343 Simmons, Debbie, 99, 31 1 Simmons, Mr. Glen E., 195 Simmons, Karen, 267 Sims, Jack, 311 Sims, Randy, 344 Simpson, Patti, 311 Skidmore, Steve, 344 Sloan, Mike, 344 Sloan, Owen, 62, 167, 267 Slusser, John, 100, 267 Smale, Pierce, 311 Smale, Randy, 344 Smetak, Steve, 311 Sells, James, 343 Sells, Robert, 343 Sewell, Sewell, Sexton, Sexton, Shafer, Shafer, Shafer, Shaffer, Shaffer, Shaffer, James, 31 l Jimmy, 160, 343 Debi, 343 Melinda, 343 Doris, 266 Sgt. Jerry, 203, 214 Karen, 266 David, 265 Pat, 266 Penny, 31 1 Shaw, Allan, 266 Shaw, J ohn, 311 Shawen, David, 343 Shearer, Kim, 96, 343 Shedd, Patsy, 344 Shelby, Vickie, 344 Shelley, Mrs. Bonnie, 204, 205 Shelley, Pam, 344 Shelton, Belinda, 311 Shelton, Kim,101,126,139,141,143, 146, 200, 266, 317 Shepard, Jim, 266 Sherrod, Mrs, Coye, 201 Sherwood, Lee Ann, 210, 344 Shields, Kathy, 266 Shipley, Van, 267 Smith Mrs. Ava, 30, 202, 203 Smith Bob, 151, 156, 267 Smith Bobby, 268 Smith Candy, 344 Smith Cliff, 311 Smith Dale, 311 Smith Dana, 344 Smith Danny, 344 Smith Darrah,151, 154, 311, 313 Smith Deborah, 268 Smith Gary, 268 Smith Greg, 268 Smith Jimmy, 311 Smith Judy, 311 Smith Kay, 344 Smith Liz, 344 Smith, Milissa, 344 Smith Neina, 344 Smith Paul, 311 Smith Peggy, 268 Smith Ray, 344 Smith Robert, 268 Smith Ronny, 65, 311 Smith Sandy, 311 Smith Sharon, 344 Smith SuAnne, 99, 311 Smith Suzanne, 268 Smith Uel, 268 Smith Vicki, 344 Shirley, Steve, 344 Shoden, Becky, 172, 267 Shoemaker, Judy, 311 Shropshire, Donna, 344 Shrum, Anita, 267 Shuck, Charles, 267 Shurack, Trish, 311 Shupee, Mrs. Mildred, 135 Shuttee, Anne, 344 Siegele, Siegler, Sienko, Tom, 267 Marsha, 31 1 Barbara, 31 1 Sieren, Luanne, 96, 344 Sigmier, Ashley, 311 Silman, Sherrie, 267 Simmons, Belinda, 101 Simmons, Cary, 147, 344 396 INDEX Smithson, Doug, 344 Sneed, Danny, 344 Sneed, Polly, 311 Snider, Bobby, 31 1 Snodgrass, John, 268 Snyder, Kathy, 312 Sodd, Bill, 268 Sommerville, Leland, 344 Soto, Ernest, 312 Soto, Josephine, 268 South, Mike, 268 South, Patti, 344 Soward, Nancy, 312 Sowell, David, 268 fSr.J Sowell, David, 344 fSoph.j Sowell, Diana, 99 Spain, David, 268 Spain, Gary, 96, 312 Spain, Gilbert, 344 Spangler, Jill, 268 Sparks, Becky, 344 Spencer, Kathy, 122 Spencer, Kerry, 269 Spencer, Lee Ann, 345 Sperlich, Steve, 269 Spivey, Ronald, 312 Spracklen, Mr. Floyd, 187 Spracklen, Mrs. Patsy, 209 Springer, Laurie, 101, 312 Spry, Becki, 345 Squires, Johnnie, 269 Stacy, Ricky, 269 Staggs, Cindy, 345 Stalcup, Mrs. Janet, 59, 190, Stambulic, Pat, 312 Stanclaire, Chris, 312 Stanley, Kent, 312 Stanley, Sue, 100 Stanley, Linda, 133 Stapleton, Jeffrey, 345 Starkes, E. J., 370 Starrett, Laura, 345 Starrett, Steve, 312 Stavely, Sue, 270 215 Standley, Mrs. Kathy, 197, 215 St. Clair, Chris, 101 Steele, Gary, 312 Stephens, Meg, 96, 345 Stevens, Kathy, 345 Stevens, Margie, 345 Stevenson, David, 139, 312 Stewart, Barbara, 312 Stewart, Jack, 202, 270 Stinson, Beth, 270 Stinson, Billy, 312 Stites, Theresa, 270 Stockum, Greg, 270 Storey, Jan, 345 Stout, Mrs. Earlene, 212 Stout, Suzy, 345 Stout, Thomas, 312 Stovall, Marc, 20, 312 Stovall, Mr. Mike, 139, 197 Strain, Patty, 312 Strebeck, Rita, 270 Stricklahd, Delaina, 345 Stripling, Bob, 270 Stripling, Ernie, 151, 312 Stubblefield, Jay, 96, 312 Sturtevant, Keith, 270 Stuttler, Charlet, 345 Sudderth, David, 312 Suggs, D ana, 37, 345 Suggs, George, 148, 160, 270 Sullivan, Dan, 345 Sullivan, David, 138, 270 Sullivan, John, 270 Sumblin, Toni, 312 Summers, Mark, 270 Summerville, Leland, 147 Sundberg, David, 270 Surratt, Bobby, 96, 312 Sury, Ann, 270 Sutherland, Scott, 97 Sutton, Harold, 312 Sutton, Rhonda, 345 Sutton, Sheree, 312 Swain, Richard, 12, 38, 117, 370 Thompson, Dusty, 97, 273 Thompson, Karen, 313 Thompson, Mrs. Patricia, 201, 214 Thompson, Susie, 346 Thorne, Joy, 273 Tibbets, David, 139, 273 Tierce, Julie, 273 Tigrett, Linda, 50, 96, 313 Tinsley, Jenny, 97, 313 Tipton, Angelica, 346 Tisdale, Tracey, 83, 346 Todd, Sally, 346 Tomanek, Danny, 273 Tomasko, Judy, 313 Tong, Ricky, 273 Trammell, Ronny, 220, 273 Venable, Donna, 274 Vermillion, Denise, 314 Vermillion, Retha, 20, 314 Vernon, Stephanie, 347 Verner, Vicki, 347, 377 Via, Lyle, 21, 139, 189, 274, 310 Viera, Paul, 36, 274 Vogt, Carey, 97, 98, 341, 347 Von Bose, Gretchen, 314 Von Bose, Daniel, 274 Von Rosenburg, Eric, 164, 165, 274 Voss, Laura, 347 Voyles, Vikki, 347 Wade, Wade, Wade, Marcia, 314 Sue, 274 William, 97, 127, 314 Swain, Teresa, 312 Swan, Debbie, 41, 312 Sweely, Rick, 270 Sweeney, Lee, 46, 47, 63, 68, 71, 79 270 Taaffe, Dan, 270 Talbot, Ed, 101, 312 Talbot, Gene, 56, 76, 101, 102, 270 Tallon, Bobby, 139, 271 TaPogna, Marian, 271 Tappan, Dorothy, 58, 110, 271 Tappe, Gary, 271 Tappe, Maureen, 345 Taylor, Bob, 34, 101, 151, 153, 325 Taylor, Carroll, 77, 96, 104, 105, 345 Taylor, Christy, 271 Taylor, Eydie, 345 Taylor, Jeff, 271 Taylor, Joy, 312 Taylor, Kathy, 271 Taylor, Kathy, 99, 271 Taylor, Merle, 345 Taylor, Mrs. Pat, 201 Tribble, Rodney, 273 Truitt, Jeannine, 346 Truitt, Trudy, 346 Waghorne, Mark, 314 Wathorne, Steve, 274 Wagner, Lenny, 274 Waldron, Daniel, 274 Waldrop, D'Niece, 347 Waldrop, Richard, 314 Trull, Sue, 133 Tucker, Debbie, 273 Tucker, Doris, 273 Tucker, Jo, 260, 273 Tuggle, Buster, 313 Tullus, Debby, 346 Turner, Brenda, 313 Turner, Cliff, 346 Turner, Kay, 273 Turner, Nancie, 174, 313 Turner, Scott, 346 Turner, Tanya, 72, 82, 87, 134, 221, 273 Turney, Mrs. Ann, 206 Tu rney, Renee, 346 Turnham, Mrs. Vada, 210 Walker, Mr. David, 33, 59, 206, 220 Walker, David, 314 Walker, Karen, 347 Walker, Laurie, 73, 82, 87, 226, 274 Walker, Lorie, 179, 347 Walker, Mr. Michael, 211 Walker, Nancy, 314 Nicky, 22, 220, 274 Walker, Walker, Rodger, 274 Walker, Roy, 314 Wall, David, 47, 70, 79, 121, 274 Wallace, Darlene, 314 Wallace Wallace Wallace , Debbie, 314 , Fattie, 347 , Teresa, 314 Wallace, Wendy, 274 Terry, Roseanne, 346 Taylor, Rod, 272 Taylor, Trisha, 126, 272 Templin, Mr. Lowell L., 115, 202 Terrell, Eddie, 346 Terrell, Karen, 272 Terry, Gretchen, 80, 96, 272 Tetens, Patty, 346 Tetzlaff, Terry, 272 Thomas, Bill, 346 Tuttle, Claudia, 313 Tuttle, George, 49, 74, 76, 87, 94, 273, 359 Tuttle, Jimmy, 273 Tuttle, Valerie, 313 Tye, Tom, 273 Tyler, Becky, 273 Ulrich, Bebe 133, 273 Underwood, Dale, 313 Underwood, Larry, 313 Underwood, Steve, 273 Walls, Judy, 274 Walsh, Linda, 314 Walter, Annabell, 274 Walthall, Dsanqd, 315 Walthall, Wayne, 347 Waneck, Roger, 147, 315 Thomas, Danny, 272 Thomas, Karen, 313 Thomas, Kirk, 97, 313 Thomas, Pam, 313 Thomas, Richard, 272 Vahn, Kathy, 346 Vairin, Denise, 346 Van Beckum, Kim, 346 Vandergriff, Vanessa, 346 Vandiver, David, 313 Van Houten, Debbie, 313 Van Houten, Kent, 273 Ward, Bill, 138, 315 Ward, Bob, 347 Ward, Denice, 269, 274 Ward, Donna, 274 Ward, Janet, 99, 274 Ward, Jim, 17, 21, 59, 274 Ward, Jo Lynn, 315 Ward, Mrs. Lucille, 188 Varga, Ann, 313 Thomas,,Steve, 170, 171, 272 Thomason, Greg, 313 Thompson, Blake, 346 Thompson, Debi, 346 Vasterling, Curt, 313 Vaught, Dana, 314 Vaught, Eve, 30, 347 Vaught, John, 314 Ward, Mrs. Mary Beth, 192 Ware, Debbie, 347 Ware, Donna, 275 Ware, Grady, 139, 275 Ware, Paula, 347 INDEX 397 Wieder, Karen, 315 Ware, Sondra, 347 Warren, Jacquelin, 347 Warren, Kathy, 275 fSr.1 Warren, Kathy, 347 QSoph.1 Warren, Susan, 347 Warren, Tammy, 275 Watkins, Charlcie, 275 Watkins, Watkins, Watkins Watson, Watson, Cheryl, 96, 174, 175, Sandy, 275 Susan, 347 Bill, 275 Dan, 1 15, 276 Williams, Mike, 277 CSr.1 Watson, Mary, 133, 179, 315 Watts, Susan, 347 Waybourn, Vickie, 347 Wethersby, Scott, 147, 347 Weaver, Billy, 347 Weaver, Elaine, 100, 133 Weaver, Jan, 315 3 Whitworth, Robert, 12, 38, 103, 121, 277 Wickham, Judy, 315 Wicks, Ronnie, 348 Wood, Bill, 279 Wood, Doug, 169, 316 Wood, Mrs. Judith, 195 Wood, Randy, 316 Wood, Steve, 157, 348 Wiese, Shirley, 96 Wilborn, Joan, 277 Wilemon, Holly, 174, 315 Wilkins, Ken, 1 10, 277 Willhite, Sherry, 348 Williams, Bradley, 316 Williams, Debby, 277, 316 Weaver, Twyla, 29, 45, 108, 109, 380 Webb, Kathy, 315 Webb, Marcia, 99, 315 Webb, Vicki, 83, 95, 348 Webber, Randy, 164, 315 Wagner, Terry, 348 Wehmann, Melissa, 276 Welch, Don, 28, 64, 108, 109, Welch, Ron, 113, 276 Weldon, Debbie, 276 Wells, Robert, 315 Well, Roxanne, 99, 276 Wersa, Linda, 276 West, Larry, 315 West, Mary, 348 Westfall, Susan, 276 Wetterling, Kris, 315 Whaley, Marianne, 348 Wheaton, Sue, 276 Wheeler, Joy, 96, 348 White, Bobby, 276 White Gary, 348 White Jeanene, 96, 348 White John, 129, 277 White LouAnn, 352 White, Veva, 99, 133 Whitelaw, Jim, 96, 277, 349 Winder, Nancy, 348 Whitesel,-Claudia, 108, 109 Whitfield, Mrs. Joselle, 189 Whitis, Bill, 277 Whitley, Leslie, 1 19, 277 Whitson, Ray, 348 398 INDEX 2 Williams, Gary, 348 Williams, Greg, 147, 348 Williams, Jana, 179, 348 Williams, Janice, 348 Williams, Joan, 316 Williams, Lari, 277 Williams, Mr. Larry, 23, 206, 220 Williams, Mike, 348 fSoph.D Williams, Phillip, 348 Williams, Randy, 277 Williams, Ronny, 277 Williams, Sharon, 316 Williams, Susan, 56, 100, 277 Woodard, David, 97, 279, 380 Woodard, Debi, 316 Woods, Debbie, 219, 279 Woods, Lisa, 83, 348 Woodward, Debbie, 101 Woodward, Wendy, 279 Woody, Alma, 348 Wooley, Robin, 316 Wooley, Ronnie, 216 Wooley, Valorie, 348 Woolf, Mark, 348 Workman, Bill, 348 Workman, Pat, 100, 219, 279 Workman, Wally, 349 Worthy, Bob, 279 Williams, Sherry, 348 Williams, Teresa, 377 Williamson, Danny, 147 Willoughby, Linda, 348 Wills, Cindy, 100, 316 Wills, Doris, 316 Wills, Mary Kay, 348 Wilkens, Ken, 231, 240 Wright, Danny, 317 Wright, Debbie, 279 fSr.j Wright, Debbie, 317 fFr.1 Wright, Ed, 349 Wright, Julie, 349 Wright, Ken, 317 Wright, Larry, 279, 298 Wright, Rodney, 139, 140, 317 Wright, Stan, 279 Wright, Teresa, 349 Wright, Terry, 279 Wright, Mr. Weldon, 187 Yarbrough, Elizabeth, 333, 349 Yazzo, Amelia, 317 Yokish, Keith, 160 Wilson, Beverly, 278 Wilson, Joyce, 182, 316 Wilson, Kim, 133, 179, 348 Wilson, Regina, 20, 39, 96, 316 Wilson, Ric, 360 Wimett, Rosemary, 348 Wimpy, Don, 348 Wimpy, Randy, 316 Wincovitch, Evan, 316 Wine, Billy, 43, 56, 101, 124, 221, 236 Winter, Mrs. Carol, 189 Winters, John, 378 Wolfskill, Rachel, 278 Womble, Jerrell, 279 York, Leon, 349 Young, Cynthia, 349 Young, Donna, 80, 101, 279 Young, Emily, 34, 379 Young, Laura, 317 Young, Letta, 279 Young, Paula, 349 Young, Tedi, 81, 78, 275, 279 Young, Tommy, 167, 279 Young, Van, 349 Youngman, Marcia, 317 Zelinski, Susan, 133, 317 Zimmerman, Debbie, 317 Zimmerman, Terri, 317 Zito, Linda, 349 In Memoriam Cathy Nordstrom once again the pattern of life changes, changing we hope for the better, but still changing. the pattern will never be the same again for the ceaseless procession of people moves on. the elements are older or gone now, but the pattern that was me is still arlington high school, and i am nothing without the pattern. x 1 v WV' - - . , , . v . - . . . .. ., v V ' ' Lf 'zrl'-L' 1 . if V TffE'J?ijIg'-f:2'fT5,: iff iQQI1f'T'1'3?7:i33zigf "ff Q'27:21522FifiEQEi?1E7J3Qi??fZ'3I2E?QQQEQZEQZE-1733::f3i2f.f?5?Ti3Q:E2g 7 552 - :f5a5iT?fi9?22l2EQSf?f?f25E?fi?5is?5E3t1??EiiEQ2?i2E?E?3?QiG5fi33'ii5Z3I 55' ' ' 551 Z-55 :. ."" A- f..,. K - N ai "J T 1 L Q4-.1-f un, .- x A , .-1 " R F' 5 - Y V Y V. I w L ' V, X .' L k x - 1 iii A '1 ..,, 1, M ri V , iii A. -4 I, ,Q . ' . .il . 15 . A A 2 I - ' m. 1 - 5 . , IR -5 .II V R ,, , f 5. x i ji N ' .., ' W If x Q S S . QS

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