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BQ -4? Pigs N llx, 4 1 x , 4 n x QI I , 9 g , -fly xg! xx Qglll ' 'Z-Iii: Mi it , fi X , Q Q N X 'YN C ., Q X .Xi .rx A! ,- J , 4. V ,,. A - I f . y V V s gi F 5 U Wu , bv! f Q E V:-in lhbifti ,A 4 '1 W ' V e Q V. I A-4 11 a A M , '! Nj. I 2 Y yu I 'N' ,fax if , I I :' y I A Q wt ' 5 , . . X fx 1' , ' UW ' X ,WV 6.1 'cs i I If ' by I gi , 'N If W " . . gi Q, gy Q 5 " ' 'Z' 'i"" w A,W Y: . 'lik-an rv X- J , . "N .-H V " 35" ' g5-is 1, -x fw'f A WM N .H 'HLA A i' W ' A. ,, ' V,-' me wwwf - ,gg :Y A,:i5g-2,2 -,5.!,,i3,,g,2,fg,T.v:g?53 F g ,3?g4gWi5?,, yAV.:wg :t m ..,Wr 'v l-L, - . I' K ' ' ' ' ' V ,.. K ' ' N- 'f..i:1wz," fjQ?5"f WN' V-:gff -an ,f3F"" Y ' 7 ' A . L'. , 4""3'4 ' -,-ZH fuk' ' f H '- f "ff "- ''.f:'1..wFi7f'f,'-".L'Q-vf'f " 1- , ., ' - f- Q' Q,-'rx ff- a :ff-' ,X . -. AA. . w , A ff ' ' N. p ' - NV. A K W h l . N- , .Q f ' -! 1 X .- .' rf F -w A '1 A ' P24 V- - X mr, '. V - ,K - ' -Q I -, ky '. ' -Ag ., ' '51, 1' ' . .., 1 , . 1 , ' -- 154'-rs , A- uf' W' W , N of f-14 xv' 4 .jg r . Z . . A 1 I ' ,- ,H ', 5 -A 4 ,fa . -- ,.4.9..Lu.LQ ' ..4.-., .,,......,:,,:f'--- - :... - AM- A-2 4--x......u.1.4.-H-1 A-A A ' M3-wp, A , , f 1 N'-2-, ', . .+.:r,:., , NIV fW1 9 ' . M -an :if ' R, , .f.fN,, WWW, , M. ' 4WY'fazM, . ' - ,1eW,g,g -L W V ,A 5 A W ,L , nu-nn-, Wi -. ., A . - . .,!'L' , ' . 1 4, 3 W" xf, 11 -' N fy s . -ll 1,-,, Wg, ' - ,f l .- tu , ,J ,KI hgh my ,.,..,-' A v J- . . 4 ' -' m-:px lg , Q4 ' -Y ,QW 'jr-5',,. wil. MA" 'ff ,Q-vu -V' ' " ' L-.Q fm V. N .A, 11,34 .,,,k'5.-v. Q., -Y M1113 ,,.,, lm W., 5.11 ,, ' Q JJ' - .YL , ' 'wfxzab 1'-,wi 'Z-'f'NR2g?TYf34ggi1 Q H: E-f,i'1'5n 'f 'V --1.n w:w.r,f ae -,-...W-, - . .. mf, ,ws-. U v1.6 ,., W 5,1 ,Rh -ffl U. 3 4. Lf f 1 N , N53 x Q J M . ,, RJ-Q F 1 1 fig? A 4 Lie xg, Y fm .1 'r dv J , , Q Jigga? M 1 W N a Q H1 LE .4 , 'Fi-QA .. ,, ,, ,-A I Vw ' hjfaurA1gg7,'.,I a ...----A-n ff' T I' Irua I xlu n 5 1 S36-f H V H- - mfg." K, Q '- 'dy W 'N ' 'N' 1 K . I vfwfnw i EQIP' ' I, V 5 'jg' A151 .3 4 Nl ' 14 A . ' 'sql ,.., 'VUyllm,ijhg Y U A R Ewa H! f A m , -L. - . -g 4 . , I 'Q Eff: HN H -S z fl Tfwf -f 6fT" TT' - . v S f ' "2?i111'i'S, ' if - ' kc ' -1 J , 1 " ff ' 3: X . W - , I . .N A., V 1 . ri-IH LfL . - ,L I ,M hx I N I . x fkfsx My M- X . 1 S 1 k in? in fi, 1, i , 'W .1 I QW: i 6071, E. 23? 355' S. 'DE 'EVE -'I -1 v-a 252-955522 0-452 01:00 "":::' 25'-OES -4 Qtdnmgap- gEE,,5.r::U"p:t""v-ov HmH.'3"m0gj5:J" ""'D'u1"'v3'5-'E:"m 9E."'nL'eH.e'ma 05"95i"'E?. E70 o 00,0300- ""4S'-'0 455' 110411. 91'--53 .2EEg6TS.SLQ glam 'un .. ... 'Unis-USMS '-lD..HCDf"v-'-.-fp 0 W' 0D',: EB EL Swi- mQ "' 3-'Bug 30:3 Qoonf: ogg :ig-'go 'SED ruff" smvg E "4" 50- Q 'ET 9539 .4 Em 0548 5 0:2 255, U' :rm 412.3 CD H- H Q5 rn-5" Q D-I-on QU' v- Hog D LQ av o 5 5-4 QQ- .S 'ng 5:5 n"' n-O-- 3 :sg House B tz ul A foreword Fllmland te"'P0 Y ,v 44,253 E 2, 5 Z - . " j ful EDJ 'ZD5 QA2 o I- '9 2 1+ Lf Q "' of 4 'L T Afhkzgfofz Hfyb 506001 Afffhgfon, lbxas Vafzfme ,Wfl 1.9517 - 3 2' 'Z Q, .- 1-,, 1-1 -5 B E -. m my 1: sq g School Executive Faculty Page 12 Life Activities Page 36 Charm Personalities Page 90 Bo 's ife Q09 H se eevlflg H UG 'D lu -JO OU pace UMB 'Em aug '13-0 s"5 Student Lite Organizations Page 214 TV Week VOGUE E Senior Scholastic Classes Page 132 5 -., Ks.- 1, Nsii , , A-fl se v 'W' X ,g "" gc.-ww-Q V7 ww! HM .f Aplwffvr wimg iw ,mf Wk 4 Afhzgfanu HM Johan! "'-Kg. 'A fu nf - - 4, I M. ..,..,--,NN . 1 ' . .. H 1 . .X an , 1' " wing?-- .Mr .., .ww cr-scifsr-A---3-351 0 , -M- 11 ' numou iw YQ . Y Y! I- 3.:,, .u--- - ' V V M ... ftssffvvw 'f1.I".L,.,,-- M -...u...f.,- Y M, ,, . ,mv . l vip. ,, .. - -- U 4 I, W? wr di' .fr f". Afhkzyfofz MM Johan! Once again the end of the school year is here. The prospect of summer vacation sends happy echoes through the resounding halls of Arlington High School. Some will walk through these doors for the last time, never to return again. Some will be happy, some will be sad: others will be bewildered by the future ahead, but most will be prepared to face that future squarely and honestly. knowing full well they are ready. If these bricks, concrete blocks, and solid walls could speak, what secret would they reveal? Are they merely masses of rock and mortar, used only for a functional pur- pose? No, these and other buildings like them are living symbols of man's thirst and quest for truth and knowledge. As you go out the doors, down the steps, and on the sidewalks and parking lot, look back and up at the silent majesty of this two-year-old building. Give it a smile and a "Thank You" before you go on your way. ffm Hama of Me Iaffs Main Entrance Auditorium Student Lounge ...M a Q Vg P,-Q Q K '..qm:,1-a fy nm. fm NN ":: Q' NN e h' 'EFI ' :s,-- v'vrw,:- Qi -4 ,1 .,w.f:,'1.: ..,w: :maj-fu. , 1. '-+R.: ,M .. .-S.-faq.. z, : ",'.-"H 'ix' V v-'-' M, "WwT""L,,,.. "' '-in .uh w X A-4-'I'fv'Pf . Q . ff, . A , Lf. fs'1wf'MSNWa75mx!Ku 'JM' , ,WQM.f12f NSW? xi ww. . , K K Q . . ,,.k S3 ..,, .. - . i .QW . V- V. -f. Y,,:Ap6.4s:f--wfwgy 7' W f M. 3 W' ie , , ff Mg.. f f S5229-Sf 'x ' ' E :li-WS? . 1' if: , K""'V5x K f f'.s-nw, J ff-A ' h L , 7' -- ff fn 4 , aceg,.55n Ki 'lf X w 'f-s: N L E3 W as , fx . A K ' h ' ss- l""5:? .M-'F 255-Lf' ,k',L - ,-.. E fi. iff 3-"L-A , . A V A5 :M 'V -- fgssgxxawgasze? . .x .. .,A..4..,,...., ,z ,A nuf- ' Q04---J' up A -s.,,f 5 "r:Z' mpg., ,.,- --,V , fezlsjff 4 10 ledbaffbn For his understanding and promotion of our interests and activities, For his kindly humor that makes us at ease in any situation, For the time and talent so unselfishly devoted to the students of Arlington High School, For the high ideals by which he lives, For the honor and recognition he has brought our school, For the music he has instilled in our hearts and minds, For the alma-mater and fight song we love so well, We dedicate this 1957-58 issue of the Colt Corral to MR. DEAN COREY X , f Wgggi, V W? is The subjects taught at AHS are many and varied. Each of these subjects requires a different type of teacher. All teachers have one common interest--us. It is we, as students, who benefit from their help in sponsoring our clubs, conducting our activities, and guiding our lives. We are fortunate to have an understanding principal, a vice-principal that is never too busy for our problems, counselors to help us in any way possible, and an administration that keeps Arling- ton schools abreast of the times. The School xeculi 9 Board of Education: I. H. Finch, Floyd Gunn, Vice-President: Ioe Bailey, Secretary: I. C. Ferguson, President: Odell Shackelford, Fred Crook, Guy Hutcheson. Vice-Secretary. Admfhfkffaflbn--Me iaokbone Mrs. DeLoise Keating Secretary Mr. Iames W. Martin, Superintendent Mrs'SEZ,gc5,ow1er Y 14 , Mr. Harold Key Mr. Iohn Webb Vice-Principal Principal Mrs. Audine Whitten Secretary of Me Johan! Mrs. Marjorie Lowe Arlington High School. . . Secretory Mr. Woodrow Counts Director of Education Mr. Boy Wood Business Manager .9,ooor29! Porooooo! Porforro Mrs. Newana Counts Mrs. Helen Strickland School Nurse Supervisor Mrs. Dora Nichols Mr. Ierry Smith Dean of Girls Counselor 16 Mr. Mayfield Workman Athletic Director Jooo. S Mrs luanita Skelton Speech Therapist 1 err J ,QA .52 'VE ,noflff f' DD 1 r fi 'YWWN l , W N f 59,5 vwwll ' V 1 sa 4- i l , Mrs. Ann Fleming f Books Ionfafkz Knowfedye Homeroom teacher, please. own W, 6 Q M2 af G O Mrs. Lila Daniel we -,fwk,l! ,Q 4+ .A ll . , NX " A ..s..f vt -'V Li A :QL ef, .lgef irxg r Mn Jia if K gin M. '53 gli: will -1 1. 'EQ Y kv ,QV 1' pf", 1 , i f - 1 Wx g. X. , rw?-w ' Q -., ' " f 'V ' r .-4' I ar, ,,. X - I ,, . .f L "w '.m,,, is ' " 'Aft-Q ' QQ Mr. Newell Faulkner The night before .... 01 ffzyfflfb M9 fffllfb' fa 670 lmsfafe - M fa . . l ee 1 Q 9 s y l , , , , :l ,l .. 5 A V . 5 ' , , A lel 2 Miss Marian Glass Mrs. Mar Galvan Miss Flora Evans Y 18 Miss Elizabeth Amos Mrs. Vercx Lacey ...the night after. - - - Arm' .fomeffmes .fzfcoeeoff ' I L-if 'ng A , , 'O' 4 M 5 I . ' Qi f ss M s ii ' k ss s . s 3, :,: Q- gk" 1 "p'. Q ' 1' rt I iff' A "Qs ,I 1, 1' I X : .an W: ii Mrs. Frances Loyrnance Miss Melba Roddy Mrs. Dorothy Holland Mrs. Iecm King 19 tgety our fingers caught! 14s ffzs Hsssss Hal Along ffl Jozfffzsffsm... RY ,Br os- '53 -. X Q'Q?f-fs'3" V Ny .0 L fi F52 xxx iw gf 29 Mrs. Weven Kimmey 'lfjeeek flfem Jr forever Hefe' Your Peeee. Who's the ham? if 3 Let's see...uh.... Ah Saba ff flYIy0.f M D Nichols Mrs. N d B k 1- 'Say' Miss Pecrrl Butler Around the world in 180 days. Mrs. Marjorie Andrasko Wasf. Hesefnf flfflffg f' Mrs. Gertrude Iohns Miss Mamie Price Mrs. Elizabeth Gardner 23 +3 ,K I ,a f jf Q if W 3 L4 ff? xi Xi , M i Miss Maude Roark Miss Nora Butler Mrs. Marian Paysinger Mrs. Irene Price ff Can we come back to this one later? M e 1 QT 1 7 if lfgwfi' A ffeasonfbg- - lb 67.9 Proven' Mmi Roberts Mrs. Irene Fuqua Mr. Milton McC1eskey Mr. August Kilpatrick Mrs. Helen Drake 24 Mrs. Berta Mae Pope Take a look at that liver! WM! Makes Me Woffo' 60 Wound? ' ' ' A, 4 ' f iQ??F1-,alll V - 4. . ,V 4' i 5 P- V as'wa.'Qr.'awQ.'- fi 6 . 3' M Mrs. Catherine Williams Mr. Frank Collins Mrs. Lucille Burrncm f'14- l0'Jf4" Mrs. Mary Clements Mrs. Maxine Hines 25 Miss Icme Ellis Mr. Dean Corey '7Wzf.s'1Z', lllaesffa " Oh, it's hot! K 5 ' .A Q li. WXX, X 1.12 ff! Take it easy! "f ..4 In Aff We Iesgfz, We Make, We f4o'mf7e. 8 aw, - - z, .91 27 hn Ritter Mr. I. Edg leaffzmy Hy 00!77y It's this way, see. Qs I . A if , , - - . ,f .5'f0,o! look! lf2s'fef1! Mr. Icxmes Mancill Mr. Scrm Curlee 5 , 155 k Jg. it 5 nik is Come on girls. it's time for supper. Meanwhile, iowa in Me fbrm Us "L: Eff, ' 2 .f w Mr. E. A. Roqu more J' R The rise and fall of the Homemczking Department. Mrs. Ccxrileta Ros Homemakefs' Work fs flfevef Jane. K' A X Q ' QQ. x 'W' X X ,- ? 1 lu- r zeaaammm., M, I Co 1ss cme op Mrs. Vader Turnhcr 9 Three, four, touch the floor. 'frefz:12s'e.s', irefoflszns' M R b t H ly Mrs. Ann Turney W M Q f, n ,121 xg-X Wait a minute, I gotta' scratch. . Ms' Mas! U0 Har f1ef0f1s'e.s'.f " .alll 5,-4, Q . sgqinf . Mr. Fred Pennington Mr. Elo Nohavitza Mr. Doyle Malone - N-.RN my X 5 Q U YA I . .yA, , , . .X. , c Now is the time for all good men to come to the oid of their country. 5,0 ccc' Acc' Acccfccy Mckc ic ffcf fccrcfcccc. Mr. I. Don Clark Mr. Guy Thompson Mrs. Marie Crouch at if ec:cr Qoc . Mrs. Cloye Sherrod Mrs. Sarah Hudncrll Mrs. Lyndcxll Lands Cafeteria . j . Mrs. Ellen Busbee Mrs. Winona Rusk Mrs. Helen Sherrill Mrs. Mary Iohnson ff' . . . and all they do is eat! Mrs. Odie Goodwin Mrs. Blanche Iones May Work iebmo' Me .fcenes . . kj! 2 sw is I fr... 2 S R r 5 Q , ,:... ,vu or is - -r Mr. Peter Henz Mr. Walter Howell Why me kids so messy? ' . J' GRM l -:" h H Custodians . li.r if We-X , . '...ll- ll E f R' x - VLK inf x S 4 ....,i R l Qqvf Mr. Iames Davis Mr. Martin Morris Mr. Alvin Brooks Mr, lake Cox 35 You will want to remember your Life at Arlington High School. In this section we try to capture a few of the highlights of the year 1957- 1958 in pictures. You will not forget the dances, football games, dates, and other lasting mem- ories. These activities are a major part of a stu- dent's life. AHS's special talents have made a big hit at all functions. 6'Pf6Z4l !.5'.5'Uf me Af A fx X . K '--s . .f..a.'n L Q2-1 This ccxmpcxign swept hczlls of AHS Posters cs-U GN ma 'fm' Remember when f.fl!f7l0f5' ffefgfz flag went up . . . i s 5 X Q e 2 5Q 5, x 'i Q if 'o 1 ll . Here we go again. ,A+ 'is - 2. X lair, x ' "' 1+ " A rw Q f e We gf ...M L X, U,, ,Qi, It was nice while it lasted .fmoaf iegfkzs Don't be afraid, Freshmen! 52 ii J: K That first step is a dillyl fill? fs Hur Hvwfkne N0 loitering in the halls. Well, what happened in your class? l 4 s s l sf- vfw M Two heads are better than fads' Uafofz Jar fafzcfbns' Some intelligent students indulge in cr friendly game of chess. Brother cmd sister no doubt. Afro' Hofo' Mem Coke parties are cr favorite of many of the girls. 43 it 1 Oh Mother, I hcrven't a thing to wecxr! Strictly C1 feminine pastime. -5- !f3' A Mman 3' iwffdl Success! I got his jacket 44 The majority obviously doesn? rule in this Class. CJ w I'm a man. . .I have a car. ffls' 14 S 4 - 4 Wonder what she's got her eye on? Even Mr. Key and the exes agree... "It's a man's wor1d." Man 3' Woffo' c-VV 1 1 . O 5 ...L My if YN VX C44 You'd think they owned the place. l . fa" J J jf . 'S ig.. Bill Knapp and Iames Carr leave for the Na- tional FFA convention in Kansas City. Iames Boaz and "Greenbelt Valiant Gesture." 1? f A Hays .Way Easy YJ 5 The framework for the trailer Ouch! Fmatenderhead. 6 has to be welded. 4 X Calories, don't forget. flirt' Q All we need are . patience cmd ct strong constitution. We Mae! Afro' fa! Good to the last drop. P' 4. It t? a 4 I "' 'S 1,13 NY ix llzmiiaf f 5 lm lil'y Yorgli What a Buy! That' money w ll spent. Pap ef, f4!7f7!!c7f Sofa' Mfozfyfz Package Pfafz Well, anoth of the 1400 Package Plans sold. Who says Friday 13111 is unlucky? 600012 fs ff0Wl76'0l Af Pabicaffbns 0.91106 Tommy and Betty waiting to vote. Ierry and Connie comparing Senior Rings y 51 he Whit Hey ya I ff Lf Howdy mek HOWDY! At last! They're here! .fefzfbfs HHQIYI Z9l!6'y Fear .N Q 905 XT. F. X .7 N Xi i .L I 4. Lf-. rw X-W: A . x -X . Mig. Chili suppers and ccmdy sctles. .. ...The seniors had 'em nf 0.1 A ,tif I.. I- Y E faafbal f40ff'w'ffZ'.s' ffzcfzfoie WE WON! ! S? 4 EXW? , s ' ' a This bus life is the greatest! ' ' - P650 6'a!!f'a.s', Ham es, !74b.s' Hold that line. . . 9 ' . 'gf 1 v s ,xi , J , I If Qi Qgwig CCW " "'-" ,,,...... ,.N,,.. ,.,.,..,A,,h. - ,.., ,. s ., V .,:. AM ,.K...W..Mm..:.m i,. N - .2 ..,,,,. , .....,... , .. , ,Q.. ,.-: f .,...w,.,.. .,....: .Q .,,. ww, 4.,..W..,... ,,,. ..,,.:, W. q,,. .,, ....:, .. .. ,..1. ,..., ,.44.,.. : .... ,.,. W , , .. Mi 5 . .. N x,.-, ,V A... Z , vVk.V , .. Hey! They can spell, too! B-team supporters. l-T5 i 'MZ'f0fj4 Mbfofy They're going to ci game. The pep rally mob. "j"i Was Uzff IW " Whcrt's so funny, Shirley? F x l 0 X. in I An apple a day. .. The note passer. . . The ambitious boy. . . The pest. . . ifassfaom The alert student. . . in was 'L fix' , , Lg . f. LQ , , . K . . . Vwrjmkafa, I Y all K n 35 , lc If fr f 6 Q X Q . . 1 Q P , 1 1 ,L X 4 5 . A H if? X 5 u , "1 .LI K?-xg J S X '.n.2,fq M 5 5? 'aff Uzafacfefs - A' H .9 Has Mem Girls, You're lute Smuriy! Lover i Z , 5 5 t - 5 3 , E E S lfbfafy Has Woadowfz Holly cmd Ralph Reign as Western Couple ff p-f .t f - , ,.. , , Swing that little gal 'round and 'round. 60 'W ,J xiii J - it K' K :K 1- WN., . . - X W , x iwiiiw Under the spreading Chestnut tree War .5'fb'6W71e - - .5'f1fo'y172g Absorbing the news. 3 ' ina K A ? LA M 8 .0 i 1 'M X A I ,, 5 Y .L MH Am......4 Jr JL.: S, ,Rigs , .. fa .EJ '22,-:sy " . tg . - , ,. -12' if - -X ,M , 1. I fif kmviit motorless way. Bi 'Q -4-.-4... Slow f""6c. Roo, x..,, i. M A -. K, k..-',k N, MN. """""-'I .. L4 "Don't forget to get your lunch money." iii? be My 0 506001 Loitering? Certainly not! i xv Haffo wean Was 14 How! 61 Ui, A t h fi-llx Look! Another d1me! The carnival was great. 3 X WW x v8 a l ff lg X r iw i X gi gg w Y L E if N H i S 2' Ex r l ggi' FHA Sweetheart nominees were: Ierry Iones, Richard Ragland, Bennie Hollingsworth, Perry Mills. fzffzffe Homemakefs Hao! .fweeffieaff X :Que ww A-ff' 'ww 'Zlj if ,K - -A . - I ' '- Ai ea.. ll. -w ' Ann Snider crowns Ierry Iones FHA Sweetheart. l l Not even Mr. Faulkner is too old to dance 65 R '43 mm, g'M fi Ll Ann Snider is proclcxirned Homeoamfkzy 3? af 3, K. of the Homecorninq festivities. Mmaxes traditional kiss to Queen Ann. M-L.. is, ' JD . w , .W S ' N Ng, " gl: PM A-7+ L k 'v-,A 1-,X-. r 3' 'Q-uf, .A , ,L L, ,L.A. -ff . ' 3. r,,.' P "'fFL,+. ,,,. 9 , ' A,,'g?13r'L ' :F Affinia-t.k-, L .., , . ,tw-Iv' mz,.,-, HW' 2' 2fw.',,w +955 5,6 qi-1-51:15 J-. --r r xy 6 ,w..,..f,.1,. - f-v.,. -J'-,lj-1554 5 32 , m ,. 5 ,,. ., 4 'f f -tiff? , 415 . , f f is 'X '55 wig? t 4 as A " in "" , ew ,Q , . ' ff ,Yr - fig' 3 855 ff? i f a 1 fa y. ' 'X.,'.,,4 we A r U Q 'ok f AN V -HQ" '81 s iq , 'T' Ann Snider Senior Lou Beth Hatcher Senior After the game. Mafia!! And down c Wanda Yeathermon Iunior N1ce way to close a nice day. Ioyce Wommack Senior the Homecoming Dance. .99a.s'0f1,! Sandra Noah Senior Karen Huffman sxiiw' Sophomore Martha Brock Freshman G t away from that window b Jzfnfbfs Z4fsenfZ' ana' Care for some of our wine? b Charge ! Pfesenfeo' dy Wo' lace." We're staying here. lil IlfE Vi " ' 'sf 5 fs is I Ph. W" 3' , Mei Us Pfesfdes af !'H6'Pf4 6'0mfef1ff'ofz i A Iudy Young w top awards. mmm CHRISTHA :mug ,gg M if Whc1t's wrong with Holly? Mr. O'Nec1l must be giving Iohrmy ci preview of his speech. XVHJ' Has Zonfempofafy ' Ibfflffmas Banque! They finally arrived-the steaks, that is. ff ft Merry Christmas, Pete! Key says, "O 6,6017 i1111g.s' 6wfll9ffI766' 5:01717 Two silhouettes on the shade? 73 "You're all I want for Christmas." Dance with me, Henry! I crown thee, Dick Gamble 1? I A Hesefzfs fbfllf' ima: ia!! Biqgers, Mr. and Miss FTA. Ch Christmas Tree, oh Christmas Tree Rehearsal for the FTA skit. b ,,: .irv , , W .5 . 5 , , , .V,V I , , .,., -V" - P ,J . 1. 'xr . 5 39 ' Y P f r , f. fr f'k' ,, ' I A , K: V . ,V i, , , I K ti, A I ' A W L5 ,:'I.,T , K.. 'TV wikvfffkzvi Nerd jx A Mk .K I ,. ,.. EW ' X., -- M' " fe- r X , '+f"WNM-..W.,,, .. l Looks like Sheriff Bane has a prisoner. Some cowpoke! ffadenfs, feaobefs L91 by Go ahead. . . 76 I WK. I . . draw! .x. 'U Ioyce Reaves and Larry Hamilton reigned as Western Day Queen and King. Msfefn Jay ,4c171f17fl9.s' The Blenders helped provide a western atmosphere for the program. But I can't pay the rent! An inspiring speech by Dr. Walter Kerr highlighted the banquet. 78 The winners gre: Ierry Bane,Sportsmanship Award: Benny Wright, Most Valuable Player: Ronnie Duhon, Best Blocker. .im Benny Wright receives his crwcrrd from Mr Royce Womble. fbofbal Rays Aiwa iafzyzfef A , , , 1 i Bcxrhcirc Wilson, Queen Ann Wore. Ioyce Wommcxck, cmd Carol Poormon present o lovely Valentine picture. 0116617 0 Hearts' frowned af Hence The program provided ci Valentine mood for the evenin Cupid watched over the dcincers. Q Q. L x R ' 7. , '4 1 B - 4' , S., I K " fp K V P11 .5 Z? his M 3, I .g, K K f s, ,,, 4', ff 1-Mf,zs ji . ,aw .aigfv A , .,Q?9G"'-E in - .wi ,args ,if W , . ,i ,pixel ,' 5 ..f5-w,..pQ 3, ' sf as ,-,H ,HN we U Y, , gown? -,. k ,,fA,,f .353 i K- 1-gw,1Q'U-k,,, .... gg, fe- . y V o ' ' f' A .. vie: .K Q J, K K ,,ig,..Tz:A-vj,iw:,. w .. 5 ,,.- - - .Q-'vis-KAI, W- , ., L, K , A W .A Ie as ,gs ,. V , -A 3 K' 'FW' f H fi' V" 21 Q P , , v -. .P A- ,, ff f' ,, 52: any 'mf 'W Q , . H' '1 21, xi ,A I K L.Vh 17 'dye 2.757 yi 3 K ,,, - A My . ,,.. . 1 f 5 f ' M-wg-av V Q , "', if ' , ' - f 1 7 -" s www A-in n n 1 0 . X sl- 'ef X.. ,X fe- W -1 ,Y ' ,W ' -I ' .. ,H ' ji K5 ,. ,A A ...W ,f K, K5 .N-6 wi X, ,Q " ,.. x'VA'JgVQM ., K + 4 X 4' '71, i -'F' fn. Ready-aim-fire! lf .5'f10we07 155 x u x .1 Could this be Winter Wonderland? ' n ,Al 25 K sy H K, . fqwgfii-f,V k ,w..wMsrEe,f -W:sww.a,fsm:1 Z yt A - f - - n nn s k LL,,L, L m , L, s - Crossing the snow-bound wastes. New members of the National Honor Society sing the alma mater. !Va17'0f1a! Honor .5'0011efy Hofofs' fnduoffbn Ionna Beth Schug gets escorted to the Mr. Martin welcomes newcomer Shirley English stage by Wanda Turclg. into the society. Shirley Cass discusses the qualities of leadership. These boys gave their rendition of "Maggie" for the Iunior Social. The Sophomores really lived it up at their sock hop. Hass .fooflvfs have .faacessfaf This was Social. 82 a pantomime for the Freshman The Seniors enjoyed an evening of dancing after light bulbs all day. 'R We l A high-flying faculty member tries for a basket. Hollywood, here we come! fbczffzyf ffasbas' by .fenfbfs . Q : :: l , A A . l Faculty Flashes The score: 63-40. were cheered on to victory by fellow teachers. Even the cheerleaders get a shot at the basket. tlll K The cast was composed of lay Houston, Bill Knapp, Whitey Nesbitt, and Eric Manor. Une -Aofefs Peffaffn M71 0f Mkaofe' "Why pray? And for what?" "Sit down, I said." QS -v-LM, 4 A-" "A miracle, a gu11 has come close to our raft." ', 1 rig fiffii fri "?.'g,:..s' an-Unit The cast included: FIRST ROW: Chosteen, Goetz, Bone, Cooper: SECOND ROW: Giddens. Turck, Koutz, Reynolds: THIRD ROW: Cosby, Ellington, Kittermdn, Lone, Mebus, Taylor, Clements. Leeds. .Yenfbfs Pfesenf 570517 Hfaw Me Macs "How'd you like my girl I went and ketched?" ilk af? is "Don't scrooge around like you had cr ring worm or sump'n." ,?W ,iuu 5 fill! 'iz R' "Lcrurey, please, mcr'c1m-marry me! , ,, , X 5 iii 04" V. QM sr Q . L Q55 ,r A 2.1 ' 5 we Www r ,, o f eg N rr H Fw r , K !?."'f'+h "I don't know whether yu'11 know it or noi, bui. . wine A 676165 arm' Beans lack ylff fbf Me You know, I've really but it's easier on the feet. W New o X 4 P N L K s 1'-of Whdt'Chc1 thinking about? S .vi .Q gift' Must be good, Ionet. Did you soy something wrong, Bill? Jn -if Banquet never strolled before Romance was in the dir. XX -sl s 5 Kathy Woodward Patricia Watson "I Speak for DemOCrC!CY" "What the Bill of Rights Means to Me" Q State Winner? .Ffadenfs img Honors fa 14 H 5' Jerry Bane Summer Physics Scholarship to Texas Tech Ann Snider Girls' State 88 tgZsl,t Ianice Turner Sandra Noah Betty Crocker "Homemaker DAR Citizenship Award of Tomorrow" -rf' i Ianet Reynolds IimmylKGneh1 Girls' State BOYS State SA 5 i m l-ill FIRST ROW: Vernon Morales. David Herr, Richard Wright. Barbara Barnett, Linda Housewright, Iudy Savage: SECOND ROW: David Bowman, Billy Smithers, Robert Frost, Carolinda Simmons, Iody Tibbetts: THIRD ROW: Gregg Myers, David Wafer. Trey Shurmon, David Reichert. flfew Sfadenfs L97f6'f .Yahoo . E LEFT TO RIGHT: Larry Wallar, Betty Bantula, Marie Grimes, Leona Morris, Ioyce De- Long, Max Kinney. 89 I I Glamour is an outstanding quality that is dif- ficult to define. Who has it? Why? It will have a dif- ferent meaning for some than it will for others. The students featured in this section of the Colt Corral have made themselves known and are liked by many of the fellow students. Most of them are friendly. . .most of them are active in more than one phase of high school life. All of them are outstanding personalities. i,,,,,.,w-df ' J'Ai ,M N f-wwwmq www XMNMW-.wmww-M 1 Q O Favorites O Queens O Iunior Rotarians O Girls of the Month .fenfbfs Iasf M617 Vofes for Jlflllbf 6735.9 ffecfea' ... - fi YN Q dctY B 11 Sh 11 mon .5'o,oooo7ofo Woo: foo oo. .. K He mmap Vofeo' fbf . . . thc: B H yA11 k Ioyce Wommack Sandra Noah 14110 501761 lbkes Homecomfbg Hafzafs J IR. A '1,A .,x., JJ ei R ix I, X , Princesses Wanda Yeatherrnon, Martha Brock, Karen Huffman Lou Beth Hatcher nfs, f ..-V.. - D:-f an Q35 . ' if -wig N 1 fy X 3 -.vp---Q Jeanie Reaves Bill LcxVc11lee Jake la Medea and Uzfcfwss ffeazfes Hepfesenf Safran! af A .ff L' f0f0ll6'flD!7 0000119 Meyers Hefyns 14.9 fllflfs fo!! Put Bell Sandra McLellan Wanda Yeath . Am Mm' M0560 Mvfefzffize fW66l'A66'f7' 41" ..-ng 1 C 1 P man Ioyce Wommack Barbara Wilson 99 gn EL , ,idiws 1- ,wzvg f 4 .. 1 . :J.15,N,,f1g-jk. Y Pg, Q .-1 QNQSWQ-zzfzka 4 V A 0 I 1 viSiki'WZj. ww 4-V Q. 'z L 4 . ' vs fiiy-ww Q X ,E .. ,, A. f Y . , L ff ggfw 1 m - 1' X 5 . fx A 'X ' - : X s.xwigi,g,5,'L5i K' ' ' 9- 1 X . f-,wwk f 7 N: -mf w N. X511 51 we Q, ,gww wif: Egg . 5- K X ., f A - , , 1 ' -- . f X4 - , x :+,w ,w i 4 M ' Q42,1+.esgsgf'Qf: A , ' ,. -' A 2 Q : -'bla " '?5f:TY'W1"?? M"' ' K 1-ff, 7. x'QJSG2Wi-'G Q? Wf'2.:5X'wXQZ1v M5575 Q '2F?il2',E-f .f 4iIL5I1,L"A EYRQQVQ "G i'?Jiai-i?7f"fZ2X,fM if X . xwE12mf'2mQ ,fx Q Q V- wi M. V W ' f ,Q L . Aviifn 'Ng Wfgri, he :QaB5giQi.r'f' ,K .,-iwg-..'9 wv, ' -125.39 Q --,J -f - -f as fi, . f-M' X, -v w -. vw :fry xx . , ' , -Neff, Q .wa iv- Y -if. 2 1 . 2 121 7 M Nz?- Y?fi'?5W5?-?!fffLi?' F k- W ,, is a , W gem x K0 mg 5 Ab ., , . LW wif., X 34 5,- , we sg- Qgtfjs wwiq 1 - 0 'Hb First How--Morris Holmes, Craig Atherton, Bob Mebus, Pct Weir. Second Row--Ierry Cosby, lack Goeiz, Frank Luke, Paul Kuutz, Iohnny Boon, Ierxy Bane. Enya' Honored ,-'ls Jzmfbf Hofaffbns At the beginning of each school year, a secret faculty committee chooses nine boys to attend the ular rneetin s ofthe ROTARY CLUB for one month. These boys are juniors or seniors who are T99 Q outstanding in their contribution to the school. gl The competitive spirit domonstrated in athletics is a spirit that affects us all in our high school life. Without it, the school would be a somber place. With it, it is an institution that lives not only with the training of the mind but of our physical fitness. Football. . .Basketball. . .Track. . .Go1f. . .Ten- nis. . .These sports and many others have brighten- ed the campus scene. With fine teams in all these, the Colts have made a name for themselves in our division of the sports of Texas. PQ ,fm 3 134' -W. QQ fi::?f' ' jffgjgrk Q: , - ,gewfm Sc' ' M M i, was ,E , Q COACHES: Mancill, Nohavitza, Pennington, Workman, Malone, Curlee, Thompson. foffs Pfaoe Miko' X77 Mlffffbf First Row: Lumsclen, Hendrix, B, McLellan, Clark, Mills, Mebus, Ioy, Young, Marlar, C. Long, Key, Martin, Second Howl V Row: Pesnell, Moxalis, Valentine, Butler, Holloway, Manor, Kautz, Smith, Weir, Russell, Thomas, Duke, Blocker, Pirkle 3 Y 2 P SCHEDULE TEAM Greenville McKinney Garland Corsiccrna Denton Grand Prairie Denison Sherman Wichita Falls Irving THEY 14 20 14 U 7 20 7 13 45 0 Managers: Bubba Eppes, Iimmy Kotnehl, and Ronnie Jones. ODe1l Bcme Iumes Wilson, Willcxrd, Atherton, Vcrught, Wright, M. McLellan Gardner T Martin Crawley Dcxvis Duhon Third 19 -79.9111 6'ofzz,of7es 500 Record SCHEDULE WE TEAM THEY 13 North Side 12 13 Carter 7 20 Birdville 19 6 Denton 13 39 Waxahachie O 0 Garland O 12 Grand Prairie 14 6 Highland Park 38 6 Irving 14 Touch luck, but First Row -- McCrary, Redden, McLemore, Keith, Burnett, Cravens, Iohnston. Second Row -- Pillow, Martin. Blair, Fox, Middlebrook McPike, Blair. Thomas. Third Row --!Wilson, Russell, Tierce, Houston. Hough, Mazo, Risher. Inlow, Biles. Fourth Row -- Gilstrap. Brenninq, Ragland, Hollingsworth, Weir, Bowerman, Wolf, Brumhall, Moore. Hesbmefr fren fees 011, 6'-3 SCHEDULE TEAM Iefferson Grand Prairie Lee Haltom City Crockett Richland Hills Irving THEY 13 19 37 0 6 0 First Row Gowm Bell Houston Yale Burress Moore Summerford Second Row Watkins, Lively, Stiles, Pahany, Skiles Cope land Matthews Stepp Third How Mancrll Men: Hartley Ivy Garnson Cantrell Faught, Thompson. Fourth Rowe-Hawkins Iones ga we 'Bri ggi! ,p , Q in 1 am fi "". 'w ' Q0 S 57 95 Tr mr px -.,.. if wt 'Br Qt. M, I Iames Mills Charlie Key Quarterback Quarterback 6'0!f.s' 01717 lfbns Z0 -I4 The Colts began the season September 20 successfully by defeating Greenville 20-14. After Greenville scored first in the opening minutes, the Colts immediately scored with a pass from Iames Mills to lerry Bane. Greenville scored again but Grady Hendricks caught a pass and Went for a touchdown and Bobby Mebus raced 63 yards for the final touchdown. Key goes across for a touchdown. Steve O'Del1 Quarterback tl I1 L. G. Young Halfback . Kenneth Davis Haliback Who's got the ball? lfbns .Mp by 6'0!f.s' Z0-I Ar1ington's Colts suffered their first defeat at the hands of McKinney's determined Lions, Sep- tember 27, at the college stadium. The Colts came back from a scoreless first quarter to gain a lead of 7-O resulting from a Iarnes Mills to Ralph Valentine pass in the end zone. Neither team could get a drive going in the third quarter but the Lions finally broke the Colt defense enough to score and win the game 20-7. S Q! n Bobby Mel-D115 Ierry Bane Carl Long Hdlibuck Hcxlfback Halfback lUSl Butch Martin Clarence Willard Haltback Fullback Hwfs' fa!! fo 50 is if-14 The Colts scored another win against Garland's once proud Owls before a crowd of 6,500 here October 4. Corning back after the half trailing by 14-O, the heavier Colt line wore down the Owls. The slashing runs of Fullback Tommy Ioy and timely passing by Quarterback Iames Mills carried the Colts to their third victory in four outings. End Phil Lumsden was outstanding on defense for the Colts. Kenneth readies for contact. Freddie Marlar Fullback Tommy Ioy Fullback .ali AJ Kenneth Blocker Fullback in Ierry needs help' in is ff0!l7,0 Dgers 20 0 Traveling to Corsicana's home field October ll, the Colts held them scoreless throughout the ame Ierr Bane opened the scoring in the second period to climax a 96-yard drive. Mickey McLellan 9 ' Y connected with a 38-yard pass from Iarnes Mills to score the second touchdown. Ierry Bane counted the final score on a 5-yard run and Charlie Key added the final extra polnt E 'i H 1 Ronnie Duhon Eric Manor Paul Kautz Tackle Tackle 'rqckie lll ! 1 if David Duke Iames Smith Tackle Tackle 670000 6700! I0 is I-0 The Denton Broncs, quick to take advantage of the other team's mistakes, upset the Colts October 19, 7-O. The first mistake came early in the first period when Charley Key directed a fourth-down maneuver that didn't Work and the Colts lost the ball on the Denton 28-yard line. The Colts mustered two more serious threats but they both bogged down in the same place. Kenneth breaks into the open. Tommy Russell Tackle at .A . , yqbq, --, . l Mickey McLellan End Ralph Valentine End Alter it, Freddie! Hopbefs Jzfffasf faffs 20-6' After a touch-and-go first half, the startled Grand Prairie Gophers exploded for two touchdowns in the second half to upend the surprisingly tough Colt eleven here October 25, 20-6. Fullback Tommy Ioy, only one of the Colts hampered by injuries, led the Colts 60 yards to their first and only tally of the affair. Ierry Bane put the Colt gridders in their temporary 6-0 lead in the second quarter on a 2-yard plunge. , KIA L :V Q .l t .1 Lp it 1 l Philip Lumsden Grady Hendrix Pat Weir End End End 113 A fx Q i s My f? .K W Rogers Gardner Mike Pirkle Carroll Butler End End End Inks fin!! War 5601.500 I5-7 Arlington spoiled Denison's homecoming November l, thus gaining their first league Win and handed Denison their first loss in district play. The first score came on a pass from Charlie Key to Mickey McLellan. Key made a 23-yard run and also carried the ball over for the second touchdown, prov- ing himself a very capable replacement for the injured James Mills. The last 2 points came on a safety with 47 seconds re- maining in the game, making the final score 15-7. Ralph is ready' and waiting ef-' Iames Webb End X f Sp t sy of g ff Troy Vaught Center Hurry, Ronnie, Bob Needs some help! 00 is X740 Heafcafs 20-A? Ar1ington's Homecoming game November 9 was quite a success with the Colts winning 20- 13. Ierr Bane picked this game to give his best performance of the season in the Arlington Y backfield. He accounted for two touchdowns and most of the Colt rushing yardage. It wasnt a ' ' b R ' D h Bob and Micke night for offensive heroics, however, and the Colt line, led y onnie u on, y McLellan, Iohnny Clark and Thomas Martin, contained the Bearcats very successfully. Thomas Martin Don Pesnell Benny Wright Cemef Center Guard 5 G Bob McLellan Craig Atherton Guard Guard Koyofes fofye foffs 46'-I The Colts traveled to Wichita Falls November 15 to suf- fer their worst defeat of the season at the hands of the Coyotes. The Colts contained the Coyotes fairly well in the first half but the difference in the depth of the two teams began to show in the second half. Ar1ington's lone touch- down came in the final quarter on a 37-yard pass from Charlie Key to Mickey McLellan. Bob grits his teeth and plunges. Iohnny Clark Guard Iesse Wilson Guard Allan Price Guard Don't just stand there, Ierry! 60 fs' fake fflflfly 7-0 Arlington's Colts closed out their season with a cool 7-0 victory over the Irving Tigers. The game's lone touchdown didn't come until the third quarter, when Arlington drove 61 yards on the ground, with Bobby Mebus scrambling through the mud from the two-yard line. Tommy Russell kicked the extra point. f 4 ',.,-' ,r ,,-t a v Sammy Iumes Bill Long Gudrd Guard Tri-Captains of the Colts are Ralph Valentine, Mickey McLellan, and Benny Wright. 5flUl0l6'f6' Hepfesenf A ly .Sf Named to A11-District were Charlie Key, Bob McLellan, Jerry Bane, Mickey McLellan, Benny Wright, and Don Pesnell. Ronnie Duhon A11-State Honorable Mention E s ,, nw 1 rfb' 4 l D B ler Sandra Mcxrlcr IGH Me effe adefs ions! .fmoaf 5',a17f'f Q, Rey Don't Let him make it! SEASON SCHEDULE We Team They 46 Handley 36 65 Handley 42 51 Garland 58 48 Poly 57 49 Highland Park 51 33 Garland 50 55 Carter-Riverside 51 48 Grand Prairie 62 53 Whitesboro 56 55 Denison 32 50 Sherman 54 53 Denton 62 49 Irving 46 54 Grand Prairie 53 46 Wichita Falls 49 70 Sherman 67 55 Sherman 67 32 Irving 35 40 Denison 37 51 Grand Prairie 59 33 Wichita Falls 47 iayefs Have 14 5917 Season .. ABask tball Team: First row: Mike Pirkle, Charlie Key, Mickey McLellan, Rogers Gardner, Pat Weir. Second row: Ed Har ey Mke T pm Bobby Reaves, Frank. Luke, Iohn Larson, Carrol Butler, 1 9 J H -0 Q X Vv ,, A , 5 H . S 'hr- Q N 'T - ,.,. . 3 W , an-d5 '?a C 4 aw: . f i Li' f. .J H , 15 QV! 1 A H 'HH F' Ed Harvey Put We1r Iohn Larson Mlke Plrkle 1906 lbam Member Bobby Reccves M1Ck8Y McLe11cm Q If Q w-,T bg fi - 1 if "k'- sv: 1 W vi 'v'7fv:,wfggg,zjsgAef: mwgvfgw-2,:fgv5vk,5 ,,,,.. V: owe, - - -f 'fi .-,- ,W mf . . ,. , Fl " flfzf 'V' V- I .ly . L2,,..fS-iff ? ,. ,sf V- Q a n f T92 'sip-mea: if 215: ' jr "'7 -f 1 i 7 Coaches: Iames Mcmcill, Sam Curlee, Elo Nohavitza. 'v WT' WE SEASON SCHEDULE TEAM THEY Handley 35 Handley 46 Garland 35 Garland 23 Carter Riverside 39 Sherman 49 Denton 52 Irving 32 Grand Prairie 28 Sherman 49 Denton 59 Irving 32 " " feam fakes Mlffflb' f. FIRST ROW: Carlson, Keith, Houston, Hinson, Binion: SECOND ROW: Weatherall, McAmis, Wright, Richer, Hollingsworth. SEASON Team Grand Prairie Daqgett McLean Grand Prairie Lee Bowie Haltom City Crockett Hurst Iefferson Richland Lee Bowie Haltom City Crockett Hurst-Euless FIRST ROW: Williams, Klutz Ivy Burress SECOND ROW Malone Allison Menz DeMans Coach Mancxl Not shown Iames Houston, Hall. FIRST ROW: McLellan, Goetz, Newell, McLellan, Valentine: SECOND ROW: Mebus. Long, George, Flynt, Vought THIRD ROW: Bentley, Mgr.: Alexander, McFarland, Iohnson, Keith, Mahan, Hinson: FOURTH ROW: Kemp, Key Gardner, Martin, Holmes. 629.96601 6'ef.s' Jff fa f7yf71g Sfarf Well, what are you waiting for? X ,AW M,.,L 4 T' I -gg S-Qs' Take off! Daaksfefs .Yfaff Ulf! 00 f 6' Huff Track Team FIRST ROW Bcme Lumsden Ioy Shope Young SECOND ROW Menz Huffman Peters Rxce Hollomon 5 ju my iw- sm, vw g,, +gnnnvww-"N"4""'h Q F 4 as , T: ,N -.2 ff fs+f?f ,' ,,, fy' Qi' f 'L ',"'f' .. 3 ff, , 'gff59f, z. A.. A .N 'Toys is 4 128 'll9""'K, j Hit it. Frank! fu' or 4. M, f--,, A+.. 43-2.-'A M. is 4' Q' .t . ,gay P Ready for cx good game? 670fI2'f6' lbe -off IZ 676.gif Season Golf Team: Luke, Inlow, Goetz, Goetz. 2,13 M' ff ' " ' . ,V , M, iw' V. M- .. ., M5 i ,W , f z . ,fam , vu ln l,1,1 g5g 1-5 Zig, . i iam f . 1- i? I Q if X l KM F .Qu Nu - ww if I f Rm sf, Q E. S Q is W4 1 EE - Qs "J - o 1 'if 'J 3 Q . 221, K Q 4 ......,..2..... Q ,MA 7.-A...,,.... ww... -... Lv... Q N ...+.,..w..,, ,..... X-.M-..,-.- 5 , MM A L If w IL 6 .J : I 574 ...., QT W 'Q ,,Q45""' -am, X Q, Y N' fl x is 5 ,U 1 Q fx 2 W , W, lg E 1 ' f' RW., ' , fy .ggi V - . 'wa ' . S gi! Q fw 5: A im' . my .L :W . WQ,m,,W, 32 Q Boys' Tennis: First Row: Iohnston, Cremer, Burress, Collard, Cunningham, Ritt. Second Row: Holland, Reichert, Sherman, Morgan Abercrombie, Yale. 6'0m,0ef17f'Ve 72900119 ff0ff6' 560000, Fear. Girls' Tennis: Sutherland, Spruance, Coier, Taylor, Cooper, Haines. ue- 3 . Idgrijg., ' 'G ' -Emi!! x gpg. 131 The student body is the heart of a school. You as a member make the school what it is. There are people you know, people you don't know. people you would like to know, walking in the halls with you. Look through this pictorial record of the stu- dents, your buddies and friends. You will un- doubtedly use this section as a reference for re- freshing your mind in years to come. elgiog' eholfn EEC .:, ,, 'Y mn 85 .Ili-Cf L .' A Q 31.5 U, h .9 v , ,. fi! Q 5 - X1 Q I ma 6' x an Ns Q - P' 4 Q. - Y 1 ?f x ...---Q-su y-. 5. 1 4 -In 'br a-- f- "C Q, , , 161' - ',g. .k:, Q Effw' Sgwf ixmfgi 1 ' A .1754 , , . , W , . . , f Q 19? la- -H., W 's- r, , Q. -'-' Q T 'BJ Co-Presidents: Ralph Valentine G Frank Luke Vice-President: L. G. Young Secretary: Sandra Noah Treasurer: Lou Beth Hatcher Social Chairmen: Pat Heflin 'Win 1 f 'if QQ S f 4? J ,i as were Q-'EA se M iflxf ,Q r iaj kk in i , rrr. A hMQ5?9 J5if45QEg:Zr 55691 fifS'JSf-i?EH?iiv?'5'f-Blk :W'fiWE8:PFiai'E - 1 ESTHER ALBRIGHT FHA 1-25 Camera Club 2-3-4 DAVID ALEXANDER Band l-2-3-45 Stage Band l-2-3: Safety Council 1-4 VERA IOYCE ALLEN FHA 1-2, Parliamentarian l, Secretary 2: Class Secretary 1-2 , A ss, 4? ff N . 'il It va -, 1, Agfa BOBBIE CAHROL ANDERSON ' ,. 5' Glee Club 1-2: FTA 3: Camera Club r 4: Office Assistant 3-4 .- - r . I I if , 3 3 g, BARNEY ARENDER I .. I t , ' Camera Club 4: Bqskezbqii Ip 4-H Club X I I it-I ' 1 A ' D IANET IUANICE ASTON B FHA I1 camera ciub 2-3-4 --1- ff' 4 lb 7 e MLM Ano' MM y Jleffzfbfs of 15' CRAIG ATIIERION Camera Club 2-3-4: Red Cross l: PTA ' ' , ' - 2-3: Football 1-2-3-4: Track 3-47 Basket- I , ball 1 t Q ' Q Q ,I i lea f f' LAGINIA MARGARET BAKER I A . FHA l-45 FFA Sweetheart 3-41 Favorite r , 5 I 2-35 Miss Maypearl 3: FBLA 4 h" - K 5 2 I . .... V- T K , I IERRY WILLIAM BANE 3 - V., b Student Council 4, President 45 Foot- L A ball 1-2-3-4: Track 1-2-3-42 NHS 3-45 Basketball 1-2-13: Student Body Presi- ' dent 4 . -I' I I X DORIS ERNESTINE BARKER Band 1-2-35 FHA l-2-3, Officer 35 FTA 4: Spanish Club 8: Girls' State Alter nate 3: First Citizen 2 NANCY BARRON FHA 1: Camera Club 2-3-4: FN 45 Mademoiselle 25 OGA 3-4 IANE ELAINE BEENE FHA 1-25 Camera Club 2-3 Fwilg rw iffir gl f gfE3ZfQfgi5i'1?gf12 mgw .5 g tg : gleam CHARLES BELL Football l-3: FFA retary 4: Safety Co ALFRED BELTZNER l-2-3-4, Sec- uncil 2 me W 'Q- gc 314 H T7 Me 00 f f0ff6'f Heoals . lOY BENNETT FHA 1-2: Camera Club 3: FTA 2: Literary Club 35 Library Club 4 DONNA KAY BIGGERS FHA 2-4, Officer 45 FTA 2-4, Vice President 4: PTA 2: Camera Club 2-4: Student Council 1 LINDA IEAN BLANKENSHIP NHS 3-4, FTA 3-4 BARBARA ELISE BOATRIGHT FHA lg Ir. Red Cross 3: Camera Club 2-3-4 IAMES BOAZ FFA 1-2-3-4, Treasurer lg Basketball 1 IOHN DANIEL BOON NHS 3-4, President 45 Student Council 45 Choir 2-3-4: Camera Club l-2-3 CHARLEY R. BRASFIELD Student Council l-2: Slide Rule Club 1, President 1 BARBARA IANELLE BRADLEY Student Council 1: FHA L2-3, Office 3: FTA 3: Camera Club l-2-3: De- votional Council 3: Girl-of-the-Month SANDRA BRENNING FHA 1: Camera Club 2-3-4: OGA 3-4: Literary Club 3-4 NOBLE DEAN BRISCOE Iunior Achievement 3-4: FN 4 VINITA BRUNSON FHA 1,2-3: Camera Club 2-3-4: Literary Club 3-4: PTA 4: Iunior Achievement, Secretary 3, Vice-President 4: Annual Staff 4 BOBBIE DYKE BURCH FHA 1-2: Literary Club 4: Safety Council, Secretary 2-311: OGA 3-4: Camera Club 2-3-4: FTA 3 Mar las! Mar Af 14 H J' TERRY BURCH DoNNA ALICE BURLESON FHA 1:2-3e4, Officer z 5,394 LARRY BURMAN Camera Club 3-4: Football l BILL BURNEY DELORES CDEEJ BUTLER Cheerleader Z3-4: Camera Club 3-4: Litercry Club 3: Valentine Nominee 3 DAVID ROSS BUZZELL Football 1-2: Camera Club 3-4: Golden Gloves 34: Iunior Red Cross 2: Track 1 i DONALD STEWART BYERLY FFA 1 PATSY CALTA PEPPIEST: Dee Buller and Iimmy Kcmehl My Have .ffofed 177 Mar Heaffs LARRY WAYNE CANTRELL Basketball 17 FFA 4: Golden Gloves Z-3-4: Melodiers 4 CATHY CARLAFTES OGA 3-4, Award 3 IAMES DONALD CARR FFA Officer 3, Treasurer 4: Football 2: Camera Club 2-4 PATTY CARRICO Camera Club 3 IAMES CHANDLER Golden Gloves 4: Camera Club 3-43 Devotional Council 3 DON CHASTEEN Camera Club 3f4: Iunior Play 3 IOYCE LA VERNE CHILDERS Band l-2, Majorettef Camera Club 1-2, Secretary, FHA I-2-3, Vice-President 2: GAA l-2: Twirlinq Award 1-Z2 Student Council 2, Secretary IOHNNY CLARK Football 1-2-3,45 Camera Club 4 SHIRLEY ANNETTE CASS PTA l, Secretary: FHA l-2-3: NHS 3-45 Class Secretary 2: Cheerleader 4: Camera Club 2-35 Valentine Nominee I BARBARA ANN CLEIVIENTS Camera Club 2-3-4: Literary Club 3-45 FTA 3-4: FHA 1-2: FN 4 PEGGY CLIMER OGA 3-4 IOEL PAUL COLBERT Golden Gloves 2-3-4: Football I-2. Co-Captain 1: Camera Club 3: Devo- tional Council 25 Band l: Best Phy- sique 1 Many Madam! and las my fllemaffes KAROL KAY COLLINS FHA 2: Camera Club 2-3-4: Literary Club 3-45 PTA 2, Secretary: OGA 3-4: Girl-of-the-Month 4 PHYLLIS LOUISE COLYER FHA 1-2-3: Camera Club 2-3-4: PTA 2- 4: Iunior Red Cross I IAMES PAUL CONKLING PRISCILLA COOPER FHA 1-2-3-4, Officer 3-4: Camera Club 2-3-4, Officer 3: Choir 45 NHS GY4: Stu- dent Council 4, Officer 45 Girl-of-the Month: Class Officer 3 IERRY COSBY Student Council 3-41 Choir 3-45 Annual Staff 4: Iunior Play 3: Safety Council 2: Iuriior Optomist Oratory Contest Winner 2 DIANE COULTER FHA 2, President: Basketball 1-3: Choir 1-3-4: Newspaper staff 3: Pep squad 243 IEAN CRAIG FHA 124, Camera Club 24. FN 4: Grand Marshall 3: Girl's Basketball 3: Glee Club 3-4 SANDRA CRAVEN Band 1-2-3-4, Secretary 3, Presi- dent 4: Choir 4: Student Council 4: NHS 3-4, Secretary 4: Annual Staff 4: Homecominq Nominee fha !3'faM.3'!zeo' !7ao771bf1.s' -- DWIGHT ROBERT CRAWFORD Choir 2-3-4 FRANKIE SUE CRONE Flagbearer 2-3-4: FHA 1: Camera Club 3: Glee Club 1: OGA 3-4 BRENDA CROWDER Honor Math Club: Student Council GEORGE CULP Golden Gloves 3: Band I-2 KAY CUNNINGHAM era Club 3 EDWARD DAVIDSON Library Club 3-4, Oiiicer 3-4: Iunior Play 3: Student Council 2 NHS: Safety Council: Other school: Cheerleader: D, A. R. History Award: FHA I-2: Devotional Council 2: Cam- DELIA ALICE DENNEHY FHA 1-2: Camera Club 2-3 PHYLLIS DIANE DOLLAR OGA 3-4. Award 3: Library Club 1: Camera Club 243-4: FHA 2 RONNIE DUHON Football 1-2-3-4: Track l-2-3: Safety Council 2: Key Club 4: Camera Club 4: Nominee lor Mr. AHS 2 DOROTHY ANN DUNN FHA 2: Camera Club 3: Library Club 4: Literary Club 4: FTA 3 LINDA ELAINE EATON FHA 1: PTA 1: Camera Club 4 PATSY ANNE ELLINGTON FHA 1-2: Camera Club 2-3-4: Literary Club 3-4: Class Favorite 2: Western Day Queen 2: Cheerleader 3-4 'T' Q -::..'v"' . fenfbf Hfbgs, flew ffass Jfflcafs . BONNIE CARMEN ELLIOTT NHS 3-4: Devotional Council 3: FHA l-2: OGA 3-4: Literary Club 3: Inter- scholastic League, Shorthand, 3 RICHARD ELLIS SHIRLEY IEAN ENGLISH Band 2-3-4: Choir 4: Library Club 3-4, Secretary Treasurer 4: Camera Club 2-3-4: Bill of Rights Winner 3 CATHERINE FABEL FHA I: Library Club 1-2-3-4: Camera Club 2: FN 4 FRANCES VALINE FREEMAN Choir 2,3-4: Library Club 2-3: FTA 45 Madmoiselles I LaVONNE GAMBLE RICHARD EDGAR GAMBLE FTA 4: Other School: Class President 4, Vice-President 3: Treasurer 2: Spanish Club 1, Treasurer: Dramatics Club 1-2- 3. President BEN GEORGE FFA 1-2-3: Safety Council 4: Class Officer 1-3 MOST HUMOROUS: Philip Lumsden and Diane Kraft faafbaff Eames 091106.52 ANNE RAE GIDDENS FHA 1: Camera Club 3: Iunior Achie- vement 4, Secretary: FN 4, President: Student Council 4: One-Act Play 3 OLEN GOBER Football 1-Z: Track 1: Safety Council 3: Camera Club 2-3-4 TACK GOETZ Choir 2-3-4, President 3: Student Coun- cil 2-3-4, Vice-President 4: Baseball 1-2-3: Class President 3: Class Favorite 3: All-Stata Choir 4 IOHN HULEN GOGGANS BOB GOODNIGHT Basketball 1-2-3: Football 2 BILLY GREEN Football 1-2: Track 1-2: Basketball Manager 1-Z: Softball Manaqer 1-2: FFA 1 OUIDA VIVIAN GRUBBS Choral Club 35 FHA 1-45 Camera Club 2, Library Club 3 YVONNE GRUBBS FHA 1-45 Camera Club 2: Library Club 3: Choral Club 3 PATRICIA MINOT IPATJ HAINES NHS 3-45 FHA I-2: FTA 3-4: Camera Club 2: OGA 3-4: Annual Staff 42 Girls' State Alternate 3 BRUCE HALL Football 1: Basketball 1: Track 1: Saiety Council I PAUL HAMMOND Choir 3-4: FFA 2 HOLLY IOYCE HARRIS NHS 3-4: Student Council 3-45 Officer 3: FHA I-2-3-4: Homecoming Nominee 4: Class Secretary 3: Literary Club 2-3: Red Cross Council 2-3 Pep NONA HA RTLEY Devotional Council 15 Choir 3-4: OGA 3-4: PTA 2-3: Student Council 2-3 ED HARVEY Devotional Council 1-2: PTA 2-3: Foot- ball 1-2: Basketball 3-4: Choir 4: Safety Council 4 LOU BETH HATCHER Camera Club 2-3-4: Literary Club 2-3- 4: Student Council 4: Class Treasurer 45 Homecoming Nominee 4: Poet's Club l, Vice-President LARRY C. HAYNES Other School: Class Officer, President 2, Treasurer 1: Class Favorite lg Golden Gloves 2: Football 1-25 Track I-2 WALTER YOUNG HEAD, IR. Key Club 2-3-4: Devotional Council 4. President: Student Council 3-4: Choir 3-4 WILLIAM ARTHUR HEAD Gleemen 1-2: Choir 3-4: Camera Club 3: Merit Award for Koral Kapers HaM29.s: Hfbbans . fi --- u s Q E m I FFA 1-2 3 1 I 5 Q I 3 DANNY GLEN HEATH I A A I PHYLLIS PI-IOEBE HEBBARD Band 1-2-3-4: FTA 2-3-4, Secre- tary 4. Camera Club 3 4. FN 4 MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED: Iohnny Boon and Ianice Turner ffawnfbg 0 Me Homeoofmkzy 0116611 . PATRICIA HEFLIN Class Officer 4: PTA 4: Choir 4: Cam- era Club 3-4: Literary Club 3: Pan American Club 2 GRADY HENDRIX Football 1-2-3-4: Track lg Camera Club 1-2-3: Safety Council 1-2 IUDY ARLENE HERON FHA I-2: Glee Club 1-2: Choir 3-4: Camercf Club 35' OGA 3-4 BARBARA ANN HERB Safety Council 1-2-3: Camera Club 2-34: Glee Club 2: Literary Club 4 MAXINE THERESA HILL FHA 1-2-3: Library Club 1: Paper Staff CHARLES MACK HODGES Football l GLENDA RUTH HOLLOWAY OGA 3-4, Award 3: FHA 1-2, Camera Club 2-3-45 Library Club 1 MORRIS HOLMES Football 1-2-3: Baseball 1-2-4: Safety Council 1-3 MICHAEL CIVIIKEI HOOVER FFA 1-2-3, Parliamentarian 3 GLENDA RASI-I HORAN Devotional Council 3, FHA 3-4: Glee Club 3: Camera Club 2 LINDA KAY ABNEY HORAN Camera Club 3: FTA 3-45 Annual Staff 43 Psychology Club 1 IUDITH THELMA HORNER FHA 1: Swimming Team 2 Mmaxes 14 Meffzafabfe Jay FRANKIE HOWARD Football I-2: Choir I ILA RUTH HOWARD Camera Club 2-3-4: Iunior Achieve- ment 3-4, Officer 3: Cheir 41 Glee Club 2-35 Interscholastic League, Spell- ing 2 KAY HOWARD Camera Club 45 Band 25 FHA 2: Clee Club 2-3 FREDERICK A. HULL MARTHA IACKSON FHA 1: OGA 3 IUDY ANN IAEGER FHA 1-2: Camera Club 2-3-4: De- votional Council l: FN 4, Clee Club 1 IOAN MARIE IAHNS Camera Club 2-3-4: FTA 4: FHA l-25 FN 4, Secretary 4 BEVERLY ANN IOHNSON Choir 15 Y-Teens: FHA 2: Cam- era Club 2-3-47 Ir. Red Cross 2 ffimkfmas ia!! BEST PERSONALITY: Ann Snider and Bob Mebus Band 1 2 3 4 Officer 4 Devoti Council 1-4: Choir 4: Stage Iunior Play JAMES IOHNSON ' ' 1 IOHN JOHNSON IUDITH GAYLE IOHNSON NHS 3-4: FTA 3-4, Treasurer Student Council 3: FHA 1-2: Lite Club 3 BARBARA HELEN IONES NHS 3-4: FHA 1-Z-3-4, Officer Camera Club 2-3-4: Literary Club Iunior Red Cross 1 THOMAS IORDAN TOMMY JOY Football 1-2-3-45 Track 1-2-3-4: Sti Council 3-4: Class Officer 4: S Council 2-3: Key Club 4 CAROL IUMPER FHA 1-2-3-4: OGA 3-4: Camera Club 4 IIMMY KANEHL Football Manager 2-3-4: Baseball Man- ager l: Safety Council 3: PTA 1, Treasurer: Iunior Red Cross 23 Boys' State 3 PAUL KAUTZ Camera Club 2-3: Football 1-2-3-4 BARBARA KIGHT KENNETH KILPATRICK Band 1-2-3-4 SHIRLEY ELAINE KINCAID Camera Club 1-2-3'4: FN 4 - H496 fyfifs H0 May 40ffZff7fZ'.9. SHIRLEY KINNINMONTH Band l-2-37 FHA l-2-3 SHIRLEY KITTERMAN FHA 1-25 FN 4: Camera Club l-2-3: OGA 374: Iunior Red Cross 4 RITA ANN KNAPP Literary Club 2 SHIRLEY IEAN KNIGHT Student Council 3-4 LINDA KNOTTS FHA 1-2-3-4: Majorette 2-3: Choir BILL KOLB Glee Club 2: Choir 3-4 LP '72 R mf Q ,,.N.2.v J 1 'ai ,Y ff .fi A ai' l yi, A DIANNE GAIL KRAFT FHA l-2: Safety Council 3-4: Officer 3: Quill and Scroll 3: Camera Club 2-3-4: Class Officer 1, Treasurer: Girls' Basketball 1, Vice-President: Most Athletic l LEEANNE KRAMER Band 3-4 FRIENDLIEST: Bill Burney and Ioyce Wommack HHIJSAWS Appear IAMES W. LAKEY Camera Club 2-3 LaDONNA LANE FHA 1-2: Glee Club l-2-4: OGA 3-4. Camera Club 4 JOHN LARSON Key Club 3-4, Officer 3, Secretary 4: Basketball 1-2-3-4: Camera Club 4 GARY LAYMANCE Band 1: Science Club 2-3: Scholar- ship Club 1-2-3 GERALDINE LEEDS Camera Club 1: FHA 1-2-3: Glee Club 3: Iunior Achievement 4: FN 4 PATRICIA ANN LEEDS FHA 1-2-3: Student Council 1: Cam- era Club 4: Library Club Z-3: Safety Council 2: OGA 3-4 BILL LaVALLEE Football I-2: Golden Gloves 3-4: Basketball 2: Camera Club 3-4 IAMES LOUIS LEYENDECKER Student Council 2: Safety Council 4 DONNY LITTLEIOHN CARL LONG Football 2-3-4: Baseball 3-4: Track 2: Choir 3-4: Camera Club 3-4, Vice- President 4: Student Council 2 BETTY GRACE LOVE Band I-2-3-4, Officer 3-4: FHA I-2: Literary Club 3-4: Camera Club 2-3-4: NHS 3-4, Officer 4: OGA 3-4 DARRYL LOWE -14.9 Mio' farm frams Arrive SHARON LYNN LOWRY FHA I-2: Camera Club l-4: OGA 3-4: Glee Club FRANK LUKE Basketball l-2-3-4, Captain 4: Golf I-2-3-4: Student Council 2-4: Class Officer 4, Co-President PHIL LUMSDEN Football I-2-3-4: Track I-Z-3-4: Camera Club I-2-3, Officer: Class Officer 3: Safety Council 3, Vice-President: PTA 2, Officer ROBERT LUTTRELL PATSY ANN MAGEE Iunior Red Cross 1: Library Club 1: Glee Club I-2-3: FI-IA 1-23 Camera Club 3-4: Choir 4 MARSHALL NIAHURIN Football 2: Camera Club 1-2-3-4: Stu- dent Council 4: Iunior Red Cross 1 SUSANNE MANN OGA 3-4 ERIC IAMES MANOR Football 2-3-45 Basketball 3-4: Track 3-4: Key Club 3,45 Safety Council 3 BEST DRESSED: Wanda Turck and Olen Gober Jzffzfor - .fefzfbf Banque, fgfllbf PAW. FREDDIE DON MARLAR Football 1-Z-4: Basketball 1-2-3-4 LARRY IOE MARTIN Camera Club 3: Football Man- ager 2 SHERRY MARTIN Camera Club Z5 Glee Club 2 LOISE GENEVA MASON Band l-2-3: Camera Club 1-2: FHA 1: FTA 2 ELAINE MATHES FHA l-3: FN 4: Camera Club 3-45 Devotional Council Z: So- dality 2: Iunior Red Cross 2, Vice-President MARGARET MATLOCK TOMMY MAY Interscholastic League, Declamation, 2: One-Act Play 2: Iunior Achievement 4, Treasurer: Library Club 4: FTA 4: Paper Staff 4 DON McAFEE Safety Council 1: Camera Club 2-3-4: Iunior Achievement 3: Choir 3-4 IONNIE YVONNE MCAMIS Devotional Council 3: NHS 3-4: OGA 3-4: Paper Stalf 3: Student Council 4: lunior Play 3 IEANNE MARIE MCCRAW Camera Club 2: OGA 3-4 WANDA WYNELL MCDONALD FHA l-2-3, Secretary 1: Camera Club 3: PTA 3: Stinqeretts 2, Director ELLEN WANAKA McINTOSH FHA 1-3 MICHAEL KIM CMICKEYJ MCLELLAN Football 1-2-3-4: Basketball l-2-3-4, Captain: Baseball l-2-3-4: Student Council 2-3: Track 4: Class President 2 ROBERT BYRON CBOBl MCLELLAN. IR. Student Council 4: Safety Council Z-3, Officer: Football 1-2-3-4: Baseball 1-2- 3-4: Basketball l-Z: PTA 2 BOB MEBUS Football 2-3-4: Baseball 1-2-3-4: NHS 3-4, Vice-President 4: Choir 3-4, Presi- dent 4: Junior Play: Class Favorite 2: Class Vice-President 2: Paper Staff 3-4 MAURIECE DeWALD MEETZE Library Club 1-2-3-4, Secretary-Treas- urer 3, President 4: PTA 2: Camera Club 3: FHA 1 CONNIE MEYERS Literary Club 3-4: FTA 4: Quill and Scroll 3-4: Paper Staff 3-4: Devotional Council 4, Vice-President: "Miss Colt" 4 CHRISTINE MIDDLETON Other School: Prettiest Hair Mfg Xmas my facoesses. H103 BEST PHYSIQUE AND FIGURE: L. G. Young and Lou Beth Hatcher Kano' fafes M10 .911 ers Pa Uff . . W IAMES MILLS Class President lg Student Council 1-2-4: Camera Club 3-4: Football I-2- 3-45 Basketball l-2-3-4: Baseball 1-2- 3-4 LYNDA LOU MOORE FHA l-2: Camera Club 3 MARGARET ANNE MOORE Volleyball I-2: FHA lg Choir l-2: Mel- odiers 3 LYNDA IANE MORGAN Camera Club 2: FHA 1-Z: FTA 3: OGA 3: Literary Club 3 WANDA MAE MOSELEY OGA 3-4: FHA I-2-3: Literary Club 3-4: Camera Club 2-3-4: Devotional Council 3-4 PATRICIA IRIS MOSES Class Secretary lg FN l-2-3, Vice- President 25 FHA 37 Basketball 1-2-3 BETHELESE IVIOSIG Choir 3-4: Student Council 4: Camera Club 2-4: FHA 15 Mademoiselles 2 ARNETTA MUDD FHA 1-2-3 DARLENE MUNDAY FHA 1-2-3: Pep Squad l-2-3: Basketball 1: 4-H Club 1-2-3 ROXANNE ALLEN MURPHEY FHA 2-3: Class Secretary 2-3: Iunior Play 3: Annua Staff 3: Paper Staff 3: Dance Club 2-3 NANCY SUE NELSON Choir 4: Stage Band 4: Paper Staff 2: Sophomore Play 2: Iunior Red Cross 1-3: Iunior Choir 2-3 LARRY NEWELL Golf 3-4: Camera Club 4: Iunior Play 3 SANDRA DEANNA NOAH NHS 3-4: Choir 2-3-4, Vice-President 4: Flag Bearer 2-3-4: All-State Choir 3: Homecoming Nominee 4: Class Sec- retary 4: FHA 1-2-3-4: Officer 3 BOB OLIVER Camera Club 4 KAY DEANNE OLSON Student Council 4, Secretary: FHA l-2- 3-4, Officer 2: Camera Club 2-3-4. Secretary 3: Band 2-3-4, Majorette: Safety Council 1-4, Officer l-4: Choir 2-3-4: NHS 3-4 IOHN B. PARRISH Student Council 3: Iunior Achieve- ment 3 EUGENE PATRICK Band 2-3-4, Vice-President 4: Stage Band 2-3-4: Student Council 4, Choir 4 BEVERLY GAYLE PAYNE Paper Staff 3: FHA l-2-3: Annual Staff 3, Sweetheart - MM M0 ,feflfbf Mb il ' " 4 ,f,,11HI,Llz , .. . legs.: is : L , K if 1 f t .I V i. H: - fi' 44 W YQQN 3 i -.,, F iq .--- - ' ' iz 1 f ig f K, , t if-1:44 ' , ' Km- i ksv - lf 4 S73 , 'a ff E gfr- I . yyzv ,V :VVZL .. DARWIN PEEK ARLENE PAYE PHILLIPS FHA 1: Safety Council 2 Best Dancers: Freddie Marlar and Shirley Cass fn 6'a,0.s' 1401! Hawns, Senfbfs- -- ALEYNE PILLAR Band 1-2-3-4: FHA 1: Camera Club 4 SALLY POLLARD FHA 2: Glee Club 1 MARY POLLOCK FHA 1-2 ELAINE READ FHA l-2-3: OGA 3-45 Camera Club 3-4 HITA IEAN REAVES NHS 3-4, Treasurer 4: Camera Club 3-4, Secretary 45 Class Secretary 1: Devotional Council 45 Homecoming Nominee 1: Choir 4: Safety Council I RAYMOND REDDEN Football 1-2-35 Track l-2-4: Golden Gloves 4: Camera Club 2-4 BOBBY REEVES Basketball 1-2-3-4: Football 1: Safety Council 2-4 IANET REYNOLDS Girls'State 3: lunior Play 3: NHS 3-4: AHIIUCI1 Stuff 4: Class Officer 3: Student Council 4 IANE CAROL REYNOLDS Cheerleader 2-3-4: Student Council 4: Iunior Red Cross 1-2-3, Officer l-3: FHA 1-2-3-4, Officer 2-4: NHS 3-4: Camera Club l-2-3-4: Quill and Scroll 3-4 DONNIE REID RHODES Iunior Red Cross 1-2: Camera Club 2- 3-4 BONNIE LOUISE ROBERTS Band 4: FHA 1-2: OAT 3: Camera Club 4 TIM G. ROGERS Band I-2-3-4: Stage Band 1-2-3-4: Key Club 3-4. Treasurer 4: lunior Achieve- ment 4, President DAVID SCARBOROUGH Football 1-2: Golden Gloves 3-4 CARL SCHIFELBEIN Mm. IN 14 mo' blaccalyzffeafe .fefvme ig ,f RICHARD LEE SCHIFELBEIN Camera Club 4: Golden Gloves 4 IONNA BETH SCHUG Camera Club 2: Library Club 23 OGA 3-4 KEITH SESSIONS Camera Club I: FFA 1-4, Officer 4 DELORES ANN SHEFFEL Class President 1: Student Council l: Class Secretary 3: Hesperian Literary Society 2-3, Officer 2-3 l vs. RONNIE SHELTON Football 1-2-3: Track 1-23 Camera Club 25 Iunior Red Cross 1 LINDA LEE SHEPARD NHS 3-45 FTA 1-2-3-4, Officer 3, President 4: Camera Club 2-3' FHA 1-2- Annual Staff 4: Iumor Red Cross 3 Best Disposition: Ieanie Reaves and Ierry Bane Your Hays' ffl 14 H .9 Are ffzdffzg .mn LOUANA DEANNE SHULL FHA 12 Camera Club 12 PT SONORA ANN SIDES FHA 12 Camera Club 2 3 LINDA KAY SIMPSON BETTE BARBARA SMITH FHA 1-4: Library 4: FN 4 PAT SMITH FHA 2-3: DE Club 3 VIRGINIA MARIE SMITH Girls Athletic Association lg Band 1 ANN RIDGLEY SNIDER Devotional Council I-2-3, President 35 FHA I-2-3-4, President 4: Choir 3-4: Cheerleader 2-3-4: Class Favorite l 3: Gir1's State 3 IAMES LYNN SPARKS NAOMI DELORES SPEAR Camera Club 1: Band 1-Z-3-4 MARGIE STANLEY FHA 1 IOELLA ANN STEVENS Amicitia Club lg Y-Teens 2: Devotional Council 4: Camera Club 3-4: Paper Staff 4: OGA 3-4 IAMES DOUGLAS STEWART Choir 3-4: Camera Club 2: Golden Gloves 3-4 DAVID C. F. STODDARD Devotional Council 2g Iunior Red 3: Literary Club 4 Cross DELORES ANN SULAK FHA 1-2: OGA 3-4: PTA Z IOY LAVETA SULLIVAN Camera Club 3-4 THOMAS D. SUMMERS FFA1 BETH SUTHERLAND Junior Red Cross 3 VIRGINIA IONE TAYLOR Annual Staff 4, Editor: FTA 2-3-4, Officer 4: Student Council 45 NHS 3-45 Literary Club 3-4: Camera Club 3-4 ""T'P 1? X S XJ loafbe fo leave -- - WILLIAM ALLEN THOMASSON FFA 1-2-3 NATHAN THOMPSON FFA 1-2-3-4, Treasurer 3: Camera Club 1 Most Athletic: Priscilla Cooper and Iames Mills 6711! Haan' 70 Hfaduafa IOYCE ELAINE TOLLEY Iunior Classical League 2: FHA 1-4: Camera Club 4 FLOYD TRAMMEL Basketball 1-2 IERRY TUCKER Football 1-2, Manager 2: Basketball 1: Track 1: Science Club 2 WANDA VIENNA TURCK NHS 3-4: Choir 3-4: FHA 1-2-3-4, Offic- er 3: Flaqbearer 2-3-4: Camera Club Z-3-4: Literary Club 3 IANICE TURNER Annual Staff 4: NHS 3-4: Devotional Council 4: Literary Club 3-4 FHA 1-Z MIKE TURPIN l RALPH EVAN VALENTINE Student Council 4: Camera Club I-2- 3-4: Football l-2-3-4: Baseball I-2-3-4: Track 4: Class Co-President 4: Vice- President 3 MARY IO WALKER FHA I: Camera Club 2-3-4: Devotional Council 3: NHS 3-4: Safety Council 4: Iunior Play 3 GEORGEANN WARD FHA 2-3-4: Choir 1-2-3 COY WATKINS FFA 1-2-3, Secretary 3 DON WATKINS WILLIAM PATTON WEIR Football I-Z-3-4: Basketball 1-2-3-4: Golf 1-3: NHS 3-4, Officer 4: Iunior Red Cross 1-2-3-4: Camera Club 3 !77ef2 ffm Hoa! Um!! WARREN WELLS FFA 1-2-3-4, Officer 4 GLADYS PAULINE WENDLAND Band I-2-3-4: FHA 1: Camera Club 3- 4 LEE ANN WEST FHA I-2: Camera Club 2-3: PTA 4 NANCY WEST Band Z-3-4, Majorette 4: FTA 2-3-4: NHS 3-4, Officer 4: Safety Council 3: FHA 2-3: Camera Club 2-3-4 VANCE WESTON Camera Club 4: Safety Council 2 LOU WHEELER .Wt K Q- 13 1 QQ Q 24 W, i AP IIMMY WHITE Annual Staff 4: Student Council 4 Camera Club 4: Library Club 3-4, Of ficer 4: Bill of Rights Winner 3 CLARENCE WILLARD Football 1-2-3-4: Basketball I-2-3 Trackl MARGIE RHEA WILLIAMS FHA 1 IOY WILSON KAY WILSON Band 3-4: Camera Club 3 MELBA CULBERTSON WINDERS FHA 1-Z: Glee Club 2: Camera Club 1 fommencemenff .iw AQUY gi' xi L , ' if I IOYCE WOMMACK Choir 2-3-4, Officer 3, Secretary 4, Camera Club 3-4: FHA l-Z-3, Officer 3: FTA 4: Devotional Council 25 Stu dent Council 4: Homecoming Nominee 4: All-State Choir 4 IRMA LOUISE WORSHAM Band 2-3-4, Officer: Camera Club 3 BENNY WEIGHT Football l-2-3-4: Class Officer 2: Safety Council 4, President: Student Council l-3: Camera Club 1-35 Basketball 2: Baseball 4 MARILYN WYNN FHA 1: Camera Club 3: Band 4 IUDY ALAN YOUNG Paper Staff 3-4, Editor 4: Glee Club l- 2: Quill and Scroll 3-4: Student Coun cil 4: lnterscholastic Leaque 3 L. G. YOUNG Student Council l-2-3: Camera Club 2: Football I-2-4: Track l-2-3-4: Baseball 4: Class Vice-President 1: Vice-Presi- dent 4 President: Bill Bowerman Vice-President: Mike Pirkle Secretary-Treasurer: ludy Carr Social Chaizmanz Thomas Martin xllf Jug: rf ' ' -57? ,M V Paul Allen Betty Anderson 3455553 X -fizfilf V as ..3 ., ima.:-:1s,1. ' . A' ,B -- W -, Mgr ,it - .-.,.:,.r:.., .ee, t ni nnee nenn Q Q 3533 S 5, we Kami YQ 1 Q ,G 1 am i .C 3 How sweet! 5',01W7 Mrs Hgh 14.9 -- - Billy Ioe Anderson Donald Andrews Marvin Andrews Bob Arlington Ierry Autrey Bruce Avery Patsy Baize Sue Baker Jimmy Ball Ioan Bass Colene Bell Maudie Bell Iames Bennett Iessie Blackman lim Blair Charles Blair left Blakney Matt Blanton f Brad Blauvelt Howard Block Kenneth Blocker Don Boatright Penny Bost l l l We're locked out! Me Jzffzfbfs, Hass 0 Zz' Foy Brewer Linda Brewer Sylvia Brooks ludy Brouer Vernon Brunson lohn Buckler Ray Bufkin Mary Glen Burch Brian Burnett Paul Burris Medna Burton Ioe Busbee Gary Bush loanne Bush Sue Busse Ierry Caddel loyce Campbell Bobby Campbell Sylvia Cannon lo Ann Cansler W we Bill Bowerman Gary Bowers -. .,.. -2 '4 f f 1 X Dan Boyd ry SA F if M. D. Brem or 3 3 il' r VIIQIHIG Brendle B255 Ne N RN. W ' ,,.:L. " N . ' E4 a'ii 2 . , 1'-fi Eli l', " V ' rf, - A-:,,g3,rM ' ., .',- swfily ' f ' 2. fs 5 -fi j W .,,i ,i,, l,,Q ' - 'N--41 ,,,, B f r" ' W - P St ' - 74 ,Q -- ty. 3, .. FW' it x ' 2 B V iyr yr l K t " , rae ' .... '-" - V'-' e B ff. . . "'l l':' i ' qi, 1' .fr ij B iiil B an H ,V R , ,, Raymond Cantrell Phil Carpenter lt's cold out there! ffdffgdl 14 iafzfzer Hear limmy Carter Iudy Carr lerry Casey Oma Chaffin Shirley Clark Cathy Clayton Kay Coats Carolyn Cole Anita Coleman Doris Collard Barb Collins Gerrard Cook Teddy Couch Mary Ann Cox Clint Craig Brenda Creed Mike Crouch Karen Daughtery Iohn Dauquda Mike Defoore Iohnny Dickerson lim Dillion lohn Donlin A hurried lunch. if 673.95 f40ffZff7f29.s' Melvin Eddings Barbara Edwards Geraldine Eixman lirnmy Ellison loyce Erickson Bobbie Estes lanette Evans Hal Ferguson David Field Larry Fisher loe Flenniken Frances Foster Loreine Freeman lo Ann Frisbee Muriel Gann Virginia Garcia Rogers Gardner lerry Garrison Charlotte Geer lanet Gibbs 'Sf is . N is 'Eggs iv Q. Nr ' QQ: rf x W 4 wx, X fi FT 1' Xie? Qlsi 4? ' lb Si s- K ,M l .M "H ,T if ,. .. F , ,L ., , Y David Duke larnes Dunkly Glenn Boy Dunn -w Raymond Dvorak Donna East - .,zZg,,s K I N 1 j. Ur 'iff I' . I' Q if 3 A It -rr-- r sr .f .. z -1 1 .ml N? 1 . - rw v . .JTQ 5 3 ,ff K- K -1.5 ?i f l ' lf,- M . - ry-5 ' K: N1 r. 'lf 4 i Q 152 X 'sf GA K ' 2 W r if si , f lx 'D v "'x 1 xx-va RL sr F f M - Av Tis' ul Sm"+ r" 9 . 9 if r 3 -I ia if X'2?i irss G 'ffl E f gs LiL l x 'YF' '.:",,,' -lr., - ":L if ff x I st " A- ls lit? fa' V .. y Q if u y if Eg Dick Goetz Bill Goodwin .. fs. Iuniors will go through this next year X770 Jzffzfbr Pfay Mrs Ierry Gordon Roselin Gould Betty Govvan ga U Q' .ar 'Q' m if 5 A 'AS a t W, '21, "' 1 '-3 ll rr 10 ar Mimi? Ptosalynn Guinn Diane Gunn Janie Grisham Gladys Griffin Frances Green Barbara Guzolek Damon Haas Rita Haas Morris Hagley Gail Hammond Penny Handly Patsy Hanson Ianice Hardy Iudy Harmon Sue Harrelson Faye Harris Ivan Harris Linda Harris Stella Harris Martha Haywood Lana Hays Bobbin Hawkins ""' Styles of the day Q E W in 14 Rea! 697 Phillip Herr Ray Hill Tommy Hirsch Iesse Holloway Dwane Holt Sharon Holt Hilton Hopkins Gloria Hounshell Gary Howsley Helen Hull loan Hunt Harold Hurlbut Betty Hutcheson Andy Ibsen Carol James Sammy lames Marshall lobe Virginia lobe Terry lordan Patsy Keck .Z 'Z' Cookie Haynes Curtis Henderson it Gary Henson la- S l " are "' 5 Q y S4 ,, . as ' we Ah' nr gi i I 'Q is A-'ge Q-'E'-v 5 '7' 5 in 5 X n yee Gary Kelley loyce Kelso eki E , Q , 6 mx' ids 3- for 7 f U p A B , 'Ie J ,, X or :lu B ' l 11' i . l .4 in :Qi wi I 'H . 25 sf What's brewing? 14 Meam fame 006' - lerry Kemp lerry Kempe ludy Kent l M-v""""'M. 1 Z, Charles Key Golden Keys Mary Kiker Bill Kirby Bill Knapp in 1, l 1' M r .A . .af-1 1? Guy Lasater Larry Leath Ann Lemmons Ioeene Levick Bill Long Ronnie Long George Mahan Cindy MacDonald Carol Lumsden Sharon Lowe , ,. L . ,..if13 . V f X, Linda Malone Sandra Marlar Bruce Marvin Butch Martin Mary Mason war --s,J- Care for a glass of Elderberry wine? be aflffllbf - .fefzfbf iafzyzfef ludy McCreery Fleming McCoy Bobby McFarland Judy McFarland Tom McGrew Carolyn McPheeters Betty McOveary Earl Meador Charles Meisner lohn Menz lerry Mickelson Dwain Middlebrooks Perry Mills Phyllis Moody Sharon Moon Barbara Moore Mike Moore Pat Moore Charlotte Morgan Freddie Morgan Doris Matetzschk Linda Matthews 1 loy McAlpine y CC4. Q Q ,,. A Max McClellan y A it no ll W Mardell McClesky ' il rt. C' Y o l ' f - Q :sf Q- B sz rf b .- B , K Z is f xi' , Qt 2 AX ,C 1 rw., 3 Q iq ' 0 rss? ,J ti f I - -J fa 'K 'Sr rim " Mfrs x B M If C 'E . -1- H -Q P 'li A ' 1 V ,ff A 'I A .... Kf- -. .4 ?x- 7 2 wifi A .-t, - I A -N I W in A , 1. ar . 3' 'W ' Y iff, t 5 I "vs, yt fd' -rf? W 4' y 5 A ,' f ,R v "F ,mf 53" Y . Laluan Morgan Sherry Morrison "Louzing" around 100 my ,Mead Sandra Moseley V' ' my Ioy Moses 5 nfl Roger Mueller .X""y if zlv A I Q AL ,f :. ' . . ssr. ' " Zlf ,. -"" 1 f' w as - 1 -f K if xl . V, 7.9. ry. , -W , we y . any 4 S' V .X .Q s N "'r it t, if U . L Q' F ' is N3 , Q- Glenn Murray Barbara Myers Geraldine Nash Gerry Nash Herbert Naumann Whitey Nesbit Sue Neumeyer Burnell Nichols David Nivens Mary Noah Eddie Northcut Pegqy Northcut Ierry Oakes Steve O'Dell Richard O'Neal Don Orrnand Stella Oustad Annie Fave Pacl Marsha Panter lean Patterson if' i W 5 E E 2 K, Hi! From a Highland Lassie 011 Ufoiefeo' Rfngs A7Vlf6fl0!I6' Gloria Peterson Kenny Pierce Riley Pierce Mike Pirkle Carol Poe Sally Pollard Gloria Potter Ronald Presley Allan Price Sandra Pruitt Ioyce Reaves Martha Reddell Dee Rice Iudy Rice Kenneth Ridenour Nancy Rinehart Don Roach Mary lett Rosamond Tommy Russell Mary Nell Sampson David Scott Cora Scottino vf..."!-"Q A Easy Choney, easy: Hobo Hay foam' My Bill Shell Bill Shope Betty Short 19395 it?-r tw -vi Q S 'ttt tw- is it A limrny Siler Laurel Sillaway Peggy Sinclair lames Smith loyce Smith Kenneth Smith Roger Smith Kyle Smith Weldon Snell Gracie Snowden Gerald Sparks Maudie Steelman Barbara Spoon Barton Stevenson Gaylon Stewart Eugene Stribhng Tommy Strickland Betty Strong Brenda Swanner Kay Sutherland What do girls talk about? ggfflylg fn Hawke Susanne Sweny gif' loyce Tackett . K lerry Tanner Bonnie Tayler . - , Lmda Taylor no David Terrell T Ida Lou Teets T Gene Thomas - Ierry Thomas Sidney Thomas Gerald Thomasson Tom Thorsen Troy Vought Q Q lean Swofford Paul Swartz gf 4 P gr SL g X -- - 1 ' f i 2' Emma Nell Waggoner f Linda Thresher ,. T T if qi X Richard Wallace Richard E. Wallace Cynthia Waller Sylvia Ward Ann Ware it li 3 ffl , E'W7?5Q Hit J e Jak Mxiiitf . Ks 0' 8 V3 A 3 5 ,Ng N Q th ' e l ' R lk' 1' P 5 ff wa 'F W r l T , :.i5i,, . A if-3 : 2.3.1 I .sl ftrs fm wtt , . , I ll AAS, ryygwa y f' ipQ le2rfl!3iQQ?ft ef,i rwM,fmmQpaMmf att yield 54lY5X???gF -" ' El S - Lola Watkins Where's mine? for Mar! Kean! F . Q- ' I LKmm--. 6 5 fp K kg www 31 Q Iarnes Webb Marilyn Weston Kenneth Wheeler Ben Whitten Sharon Wilbur Carolyn Williams Louise Williams Bobby Wilson Denton Wilson lesse Wilson Karen Wilson Pegqv Wilson David Witte Kathryn Woodward lane Wooten Beverly Wylie Iudy Wynn Ronnie Yagla Wanda Yeathermon Carol York JE.. , .K President: Nelson Parker Vice-President: Skipper Iohnson W Secretary: Suzanne Fleming Treasurer: Karen Huffman Social Chairman: Iudy Iohnson 6. Tay Houston modem sr-' H, in wg f O CQ f up if ,. . A w . 56' 2'-NW i, Karen Abney Carol Adams And the lockers were overcrowded. l l ' W lackie Adams lo Ellen Allbright Robert Albright Ann Alexander loe Alford Pat Allen Louis Alois Bettie Anderson Kenneth Anderson Elaine Anderton Jerry Arnold Iordie Ashford E, L. Atkins Billy Dean Austin Shirley Austin Donald Axelson Linda Bailey Terry Baker Merilyn Barber Anne Barcroff Kathy Barnes Lawrence Barnet Renae Bates n O png 9,4233 Vit r Sir Q 5' M it H 'X :FP yyzy Wy ff 3 Ag " A Q y M Me Lkvss of 50. ,, ,K Q-:lit s f. K ,, 1313 SV' A rf t2 trrtr 'f , ,f Q 9 e -.9 " A Q21 r ll .7 a School starts too early. Dyril Bernius Cleta Berry Olline Berry Bobby Biles David Binion Carmaleta Bishop Ioe Bishop Brian Blackmarr Charles Blackwell Iulia Ann Blackwell Iirnmy Blanton Bobby Bland Elizabeth Bohaunon Ianice Boles Nancy Bolin Pat Bond Vernon Boyd Pat Bradly Celestine Bradtield lohn Brem 177 5 X 'pf What have we here? Riff! Bfiqqs Stacy Brown Gerald Brown lohn Brumhall Cecilia Bruns Billie Bunch Carol Burch Bobby Burkins Lucy Burney loy Burris ludy Burton Alfred Bush David Busse Louise Cagle Darryl Campbell Don Campbell lo Ann Campbell Rod Campbell Bonnie Campbell limmy Cantrell ludy Carbury ,Ji K Charlirie Broeske Shelton Brooks ,fir C' mit Jflsgofajakzg 7291611731 Abfiffes Steve Brennirrg , an Terry Brewer 9 hx sv 4 . ,. I K l , al il 2 .-a ll qi MM Hood Ufyafzfkaffbfzs. Robbie Carlson lenny Cashlon Could it be a test? David Clay Arnold Clifton Kenny Coats lane Cole Dave Collard A ooo A Ed it C y fu 'ff A QV' lo ' f w Q U FQ Glenda Combs Anne Condley Billy Conway Iimmy Cooper Linda Cooper Zeda Cosper Brenda Craig Tommy Cravens Kenneth Crawley Stanley Cremer Anita Crook Billy Cumpton Taylor Cumpton Bobby Curry lanet Dale l79 s o ffzfozfgb leaders Jfoonsofs XV' y l Marjorie Daniels X W l W f i L Bobby Daniels Keep 180 your fingers out! Dennis Davis Larry Davis Linda Davis Sammie Davis Beverly Davis loan Decker Celia Dennehy Nelda Dent ludv Devenport Kathleen DeVore Billy Dickens lim Dickson Gene Dollar Paul Drake Iames Drennan Barbara Dublin Elizabeth Dudley Douglas Duke Doug Dulaney Gayle Elliot ,V Qt La Donna Sue Davenport lames Dagirda Peggy Darst Bubba Eppes 1' T 3 1 Q F 3 Shirley Ewing 'Q iiffw My Jw' 021' Me Hes! .. :A M-k F - Nourishment while I work. Carol F abel '1 Q 1 e anning ,nv Melodye Fewel 1 vk. - K Q v 4 If ' A .Q f' . I1 . N' I A is ' 1 'LAA' ? li I f' , me 1 or F in i.,, , , W - H: f ,r l,.i,Uz3.'.:-5 sway 3 'F 1 Y F sf af' ,W K Mary Ann Field lohn Finch Kay Fisher Suzanne Fleming Sandra Foster limmy Fox George Francis Wanda Frazier Emily Fricks Robert Garrison Linda Gibbs Dale Gilbert lVla.rilyn Gilmarlin Frank Gilstrap Virqinia Glanville larry Clover Paley Graves Farol Green Bruce Grenvall Honalfl Haaq Where can I put this? Larry Hamilton Ruth Hancock David Hanncock Vici Handly Bob Hankins Dorothy Hardin Brenda Harris Harold Harris Mike Harris Pat Harrison Sammy Harrison Linda Hatcher Randy Haugh Barbara Hendrick Katherine Henson Mary Hiqhtower Darlene Hill Ann Hilleaid Ierry Hipple Ronnie Hoeniq 182 """"rw MM Haffoweefz iooifz .W Jenny Hale Leroy Hallman Diane Hamilton Betty Sue Hall Raymond Hall Q' W , .kk,.,r ,.r -V ,. 15.4 A f,mfr,,,, frrwgfi gi . , tw ,r is Q ,. , f , ,D N, K , A Q ,, SEE. . 3 x 49' 'sa W if 'X Q A Afro' Homecamfby Hoai. Pat Horsley Linda Howell Q X A 1 The winnah! Peggy Howard Jimmy Howard Evo: Howard Iczy Houston Wanda Houchin Terry Houchin Dwaine Holi Benriv Hollinqsw Don Hoaland Nancy Hubbard Karen Huffman Mike Inlow David Irons Marcia Iacobs Ronny Iames Iackie Iameson Pat Iarvis Kay Ieanes Nancy Ienkms Ronald I9IIklI1S , g I , ,M ' X, h ,"' if x 'S L if , x Q-41 xl V. x M is 1 L 'wat J we X f lee MY Remember Iirnrny lobe Don't look so happy, girls. Gary johns Skipper Iohnson Freddie Iohnston Ierry lohnston Ronny lones Ierry lordan Ronnie lordan Kenton lung Barbara Keating Cledy Keith Gary Key Carlet Kiqht Carolyn Kincaid Lester Kindred Beth Klapper Don Knight Eddie Knight limmy Knight Brenda Laney Sue Langford Ierry Lassen Sue Iennings I oe links ludy lohnson Al K -W n -Il' Me ffass .5'00f29!. 9 A P ' L Harold Lawing Bobby Leach My T. 3 y .1 4 . X y L 4135 'X Q 5 AV hEA gk gig glitxifs One shake is enouqh for us. ff' Linda Lindsey 1 5 A W ' 3 :r'.a 'H X J f Q 993 R 3 v A xx-Y' s VS x b 'Tis 1 ,F , .,,u lx' 'lk Q 3' 'i' 1 .v ilk tab , ,,g ikk 1 ' as ' al 4' L a 'f A :"': 6' I l uz .L .K is ' 1-, --,' :'f Ioe London Rita Lott Dianne Lowe Mary Lowry Rose Ann Lowry Linda Luttrall Ethel Lurnmus Gale Maxwell Paul Marlin Larry Martin lack Marty Mary Marshburn Martha May Doug Mazo Delbert McAmis Bobby McCain Freddie McCain Madelina McCoy Mary MCCraw Marqaret MCCreery 185 Gulp... gulp... gulp! Melbu MCGGIHY Ure 67116 Acffvfffes Paul McCreery Larry McDonald Sandra McLellan Travis McLemore Ted McMichael Richard McNeel Ierry McPike Carolyn Mercer Lloyd Mitchell Ronald Moffett Carol Moody Peggy Sue Moore Sharon Moore Tommy Moore Charles Morales Billy Morgan Bonnie Morrison Donnie Morrow loe Muscanere Sarah Nelson Edwina Neumyer Diane Nicholas Kathy McGee Diane McLean -J if if X lg? sm y ,gf fit 'W Q egg 00, le Y Q 4. Afro' fha Aly Uafzcest. Otis I. Niles Barbara Nolley Mike Norwell Oh, no! Not some more' Glenda Oakley Barbara Oliver lackie Oller ludy Overtree Bobbie Palmer Lucian Palmer Carol Parke Q R "- 23" s , 1 ' Q QM f s NL' Ez Q t Q 9 t 9 sf We wk K 0 r ' 1 Q N """ ya' it gk - 1 rss 1.1. . X f' ' .ik . r .V .i -- .. -.2- V- r,.. .. .J .. ,, -aft, - ' , -. - . 7 V .sf -R assi , A ',a- 11- K 'EEE r ,V -- ' .L f'ii + 4 S ,M fm Q- Ioe Parker Nelson Parker Stan Parker Ardath Payne Fred Pennington Diane Perrett Shirie Lee Perry Michael Peter Linda Peters Barbara Pickering Betty Pickering lo Ann Phears A. C. Philips Artis Phillips Beverly Phillips 4 187 . i :- .Qgj ' ' ji iii 'Y I sn. L' rf ui-Th-s 188 And ou know in one of my classes Carol Poorman Phyllis Powell Don Powers lerry Puckett Richard Ragland Carol Ramsey loyce Ramsey Ronald Ramsey loe Randall Billy Rayburn Rex Redden lanet Reed Iill Reed Gai-Lynn Resch Susan Richardson Robert Rickey Richard Riddel Linda Ross f4!s'0, Me femp 67l!l707Y7y6' ludy Phillips R Herschel Phipps lg, y 1, Porter Pierce if Y Francis Plekavic Adaire Pool r kia if y rw 1.QQ r i An if L r, Zrl sa Barbara Ritter i Q if Dawn Marie Roberts 13 f X, 1 1 1 wifi 'SW R f E!! . ff sf y on swgsciic g 5 i W5 Schools represented are: . Barbara Sampson lerry Sanders , Sandra Sanders Theda Sanderson Reuben Sandoval Louis Seay Ann Scruton Wally Shackelford Robbie Shaw S lack Shemwell Dick Shepard Bill Shope Ricky Shope Trey Shurman y 9 Sonny Sides David Simmons Carolyn Skidmore lane Slauqhter Kenneth Sleeper 189 Marydene Scholwinskr Afro' fQwoff7e lbamefs - lanet Sleppy loyce Smith You better not! IudY Smith Weldon Snell Carol Ann Snider Phyllis Snider Blake Snow Howard Snowden Wanda Sparks Barbara Sparrow Ierry Spurlock Tracy Stanley Donna Stevens Glenda Stewart Wendell Stoneker Nan Story Margie Stover Merrily St. Romain Pat Strong Billy Storud Don Sudduth Pat Summers Lynn Suhon 190 Kenneth Smith Reba Smith an N5 M - X .A6' y ay it ,,, fl' WS i, 3 a li'i 'S K , ' S S 'S'--'K We S .za lf' A' Pl ? In 1 wif: Qf .g 'K at 1 Na ,ta ' TM Zi? 4? Mesa fllemaffles My leave 1' , 9- lv ' t 'Z T ' S - rl Q wi J' , , , . il QQ 2 .tP's"a' - A X F ,S 5' 'il K Marsha Sutherland Lynn Svestka Bobby Swafford Sandra Tallon Ianice Tankersley Bill Teets 24 s t ,I Y , Z wwf 'Wm E AZ it if W if it V y wx t , . staffs:-fa.' W , 3 y mb 'Z' K E, .,,. 7 ,,,E:,, . Q:"!""' ni 1 I 1 1 -i t nj N "1-1' Y Rain! 40, 33, 82! Sharon Tidwell Iohn Tierce Linda Thomas Marjorie Thomasson Carol Tomlin Leorah Towned Sandra Trull Betty Trimble Milton Tucker Pat Tull Billy Turner Jimmy Turner Larry Turpin Bettye Usher lack Vance Linda Van Leuvan Iames Waite A M 3' 5 Priscilla Waldrop 6 . r,,' rtcr y vt Betty Walker H Charlene Walker li X 191 Q W' 1-M Sharon Walker Lavern Wallace Florence Walton 14.9 50,0 .9 of 50 Staying after school? Clydeue Warren Patricia Watson loe Weatherall Alton West Ann White Betty Williams Bill Williams Bobby Williams lanie Williams Virginia Williams Norma Wills Bobby Lee Wilson Starlett Wilson Ted Wolf Sammy Wright Wesley Wright Mike Yeatherman Rosemary Yeather Bobby Young Gary Young Sharon Young IIICIII Bobby Warriner Larry Watkins r i'l vi' 1 was ,, mf y i W "'t' ., if , A H A ""'0 ' 6 , is .sistr it 5 aa A at 5' kg ,f ' 'K . K "" 'ir' ,-fizffff ll is 1. rlt Y ,, Y y is 1 lstrs . o W 5 . kk': " MM? 15? - 'iii Q 'QQ .r,. Q I 5: 3 X ' M gf xii I f'Zf,--'gig' 1 ,S L 5, .3L: 421, x Lyra ' i M as x 1 QQ. r in t L TM was + N 1 9 2 ,.,b. f Q A JPAQ W MK F President: Harry Allison Vice-President: Brice Houston Secretary: Doris Creed Treasurer: Ruby Ann Flenniken Social Chairman: Ann Chcrsteen ,iw ,., f . ws A' 5 r A l ri f ,gg 's , u . WIN' L' 'TA1'W,v- Lk Q .'x"""9' s W 4, vs ww Lila Abercrurnbie Cynthia Ackerman Bill Adams Iulia Adams lanie Adwell Beverly Allen lo Anne Allen Harry Allison 1255 w-rm--.ffl - M- ww. -Eyrauzgzyr V'35:5l:f3l1f A B iire 2+ B an .,,. Eggs ,S x as gwvgy 4 is ,wwg . g SML s W is M' Q it , M Q Q xx 4' g x I as Q, rr. f , - 515215559 J ' f 1 -5355. 395' ' r - .fbi-xzsizisuy W. -- .,,, . ix- SMU : v. , mga? ,E f H-,5 -5Y5iii5?5i-sgfffizfi Q kt gr mm- H Q1 ws -2 1231 gifgiqgffzsvf xx r:,,- f zrfziigvizeiii WAX.-we ,rv- .ss-""' Not another step. lb ffm H296 .5 ,.., : A -' : - Q: . N ig ,tr- A y in 3 , . Q A . V D i B Q 1 if L A it A 5 . .,,. 1 Louis Alois Connie Anderson Mlcheal Angell Barbara Axelson Sandra Ayres Linda Bacon Terry Bacon Iarnes Bailey Larry Bailey Saundra Baize Carroll Baker Karen Ballew Darlene Barton Wally Bates lohn Baker lrich Baur obby Bays arol Beard ynthia Beard hirley Beard hn Backer harles Bell pal Bell at Bell arry Bellville uth Benbow oy Bennett enry Bently at Benton ckie Bernard inda Blachly hirley Bland nest Blocker ward Bodiford rry Boen harles Bond dy Bond uth Boultinghouse oleen Bourque inda Boxley bby Brady mes Bray tty Ann Brewer lenn Brewer enneth Bridges I arles Brittian artha Brock nda Brosher avne Bryant ickey Burnpass in ..- X 1 ,,. V . . li I XB d'dB l B? JV 5 dttia W W . 'W 5 q,.gA ,Q tl 3 K 5 . .3 A l"1 ,df T . K ' :"' ' ' rf -r K . fl' 1 fs r 4 N .ef ..1..,f ' - r ld l E - mm ,..,-f i Q rr " rtt B - -15,e,rr5vr mr.. N 55 ,J - :. - :. 5' .V , ' 9' . .. 12 ,5-1, 1--s Q - 1. A , t E Q . X RQ ts X x tr f . 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Lf,, r S vs S lispvwissisfizew ' 'Z' at -0 1516251-' X ,.. 1 , ., I 5 13' iwssrfgigw , I ,V r i 'S JR 2 ' tw: .i I L 1 I yfgfiim -' . - ff t , l .Qtr YQ Melinda Buntin Cathy Burke Carol Burnurn Warren Burres Ianna Burris Gerald Burton Robert Bussey Bonnie Buzzell Lovers quarrel. iegfkzfzfkzy Mar iafeef Sandra Byrorn Carol Cadwell Gilbert Cain Edward Camp Rod Campbell David Cansler Don Cantrell Doris Cantrell Kathleen Carr ludy Carter George Casey Mike Casey Nelda Caudill Sandra Cav Scott Challe aron Chapman n Chasteen irley Chester ggy Christian thy Cigainero rginia Clark nna Cobb ary Cofer thleen Coleman d Collard nald Conaway ce Conder Iton Conner wn Cook 1 Cooper ff4f9f.5T rah Cornelson ward Cosqrove my Cosgrove aron Couch anie Coulter ckie Courtney ndra lean Cox ckie Crowson - Ann Cree oris Creed nnie Cremer ymond Creswell e Cummings harles Cunningham Chard Curtis bert Cuskaden ' y Dancer eorge Davis ssel Davis m Day ,J -3? 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Norvell Dish Ted Downing Mary Doyle Ted Driver Frances Drury Richard Dublin Monia Duckett Larry Earley Clifton Eason lohn Elliott Iudy Erickson Copeland Everet Paulette Fagan George F aught Iohn Fegan ike Ferrell rry Fields by Ann Flenniken ary Ann Fletcher rbara Foreman eneva Foster teve Fowler ill Franks aymond Franz obert Franz ayne Frazier ilson Frazier ue Fricks ay Fry ete Fuentes 0600! udrey Goin ony Gaines rances Garner uane Garner inda Garner aula Garrison impson Garrison athie Geer illiam Genzel eraldine Geraldon athie Gibbs andra Gibbs hornas Gibbs arbara Gilbert " nn Gladen ike Goddard ynnette Goldman ary Goleman arry Goleman on Gordon Y Q X ami- 'F Qu A h F 1, F- KX if ,1 fi-Num " Q' ' ...Q . A if , 1 my .Lg Q F I f A , 3 .F SL ' 4? , f-F in Y- ' K , .Z viii F F ' - sv- sv " 'Q -iii F F' G X G' We 1 N xx y FF F Fi A 5 ' 6 . 1 , F' F F if 3 f: -- 1a'i. ' E " "" if , ,.,, 1: if A F F gs, " ...Q F I sf F3 ft S- JFF L F -1 ' ' 152. 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Larry Henry im Bob Hensley Velda Heron David Herr Charles Hester lirnmy Higgins ludy Higgins obby loe Hitt I ary Holbert eanie Holcroft illy Hole-man illy Holland ecil Hollingswortl esse Holloway obert Holloway lohrmy Holmes Pat Hooley Dean Hooper Robert Hopkins Robert Hopson ll L, "' ' B 1 5 90 0 I 9 -.r fa fiv- M .xr cm .A lyiy In K ,. 3. 5 . Y ,K W" y or W' A Q .f ' K .Af ' N '. r 1 ' 3, , Q X y K ' .g :'. , K -' U 5 53 X K fl 4- . A Vyyy K N. I Q Q X - my 3 2: l H is "Tir r E QE, Y ,Y I Ll if R r A, .fn y ' ' .av s K A 'ti Q: -.RE " 'flr -- fl - Q r 1" A L, B r r in 'V B .., s va 3 M ""r H Q 1 ' 55? if-rtltf ' 'rd r '1 or 3 7 ""ff't as .Q ri QR is A yr., , Ng f .-f' . ,. fi , - , we 'f , - x , r B E ' an We Y 44' X 3 gs Yi 5 ,. . 1 A . zl A ' ,,,.: s .awiii f QC :O 'TT O EVN r ,S vv- i 9 , 1 - 6 .S 44" r -" r . Va I '. l ' , . z 5 Ruth Hosey Brice Houston Linda Howell Robert Howerton Clemcr Housley Albert Hubbard Iimmy Hubbard Donna Huccxbee Go man go! Uafmg, Jfooffs, AA Richard Hue Roger Huebner Carolyn Hui Linda Huitt Reed Hunt Linda Hunter Carol Hurlbut Shirley Hus Pearl Hyndman Duane Ivy Icrmes Iackson, Iimmy Iuckson Larry Icrmes Paul lames Charles len Bernice Ieter Anita links Vickie lohns Billy Iohnson Harold Iohnson Timmy lohnson Margaret Iohnson Sonja Iohnson Darlene lones Hardy Iones Terry lones David Ioyner Armin Karbach Billy Keen Clyston Keenre Mary Kelly Nancy Kernbor loyce Kemp lssssfzs lames Kerbow Iohn Kerbow lan Anne Ketchum ' 1 ,N is if G' at f s 5 an Q. N A A - tt -fs" ' i I at Q..-Q 1 i , .fy A-Ju? K -. 'Q ,. , r , . ' Y-3' A ' w I il 1' sg 23 fp 1 -- i i 1 Q . 'tw 'et t van.. H ,V 1 N was .,,., N I Q AQ hm? 5. A . if ' K Y, f 'Y I X 1 L A , x 1 5 'Qs kt ,QQ I 2 g i s Q A' Y . A me n N 4' 523 f K' f A I ' i 1 49 Paula Kevil ,3 .4 ," ' , :Q 'rg IN R' David King yr K ' I lames Kirkpatrick " Nancy Kitterman Phyllis Kizer Iames Klutz Myrna Knapp Barbara Knight Sgr ' 1 3 ' 1 in QM- 'ix S Nancy Klatt 'Q 5- 'K M .V Q 'Z 4' 8 4 Vg bf if f ,I Q L4 arol Knight Clinton Knight erald Kraybill ecelia Kropff athy Kunkle ,eg M . Q A - .- Q f - L ' a X f ' we .g i we Q .eu Billy Kwen Raymond Lambert says here. . . J lohn Lawler Pat Layton Ianie Leath limmy Lee Michael Leeds . i ' L 4 R'.f V Mark Lamkin ' Delores Land K - ""' "F" x fi 'aw ' V Don Land in 'N K lerry Lankford Q HM90' Mar Pas - m ' -A K L Q L 5' Nita Lasater ' Rex Hanser Latham 'Z if 2 Q. 3 . ll 3 l Q rr.rr1 - . azz 1 Q +583 M L fa ' 6"V i f f: V 1 ierr ' ' ff" it f Q y we A ' 5' I K M in-. 5' -53' . if L L .L rq to ryerr1 it -N1'1' it v ..,1 + y rri y Q ir x, xx- : X r ,, . L rrry V X i f Iarneslyn Lewis Larry Lively Ianet Lockstedt Robert Love Carol Luttrell Patricia Luzm loanna Macri Barbara Ma Bruce Malone David Mans hn Martain ickie Martin mes Martin mes Mac Martin anda Nell Marlin th Marvin harlotte Mathes awin Matthews ike Mayer dy Mayes net Mayhew eorqeann Mays ay McCain nn McCorkle onald McGiffen IIII6' haron McLernon hristine McNamara dv McNeel ecil McPheeters om Menz ean Mickelson harles Miles elody Mill homas Mills loyd Miller oan Miller onnie Miller ob Minler eorge Moore oseph Allen Moore ana Moore onnie Moore harles Morales anita Morris alcom Morrow fr r , X.. 'QS J is lr. jx Km il it-SK ,W 2 Y . ,W in li U ft 4 fv M as x I Nh f 9,1 .Tel as we 1? 'I 'si 1 is 1T'f',.sff5i'-' Y if rrrssr 1 ' , Q ' J ' ,,. ' , .M lrs M s s 4 r f- - fr, V I rg' K- :sg Q m, V' al. 0' . - :.', -.k,y ' ki- ig 1:-iff? K 'J K rr wi 3 ,W . . Q . s ' 1 . 2 4 - 1. :wi 3 'Qi ff Xf v 3 f " , 7 V -P' Xa' ti., ik Q Fir , M ,Q.. S - nl! A 1 Q 1 4' W. .. . 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F ., N a 5 -a,t t ' " : we K ' E V - " H757 farm Sandra Nix Skipper Non Molly Northcutt Diane Nunn lackie Oakes Cliff O'Connell Danny O'Co Robert Ola Donald Owens Elaine Pace Laszlo Pahany S L Palmer Raymond Pc Donna Parr launita Parra Wen Parrish athryn Parrish dgar Paschal - ary Paschal harles Patterson reqory Pearce rry Pennington avid Pfarner req Pierce rover Pierce ickey Pierce lizabeth Pipes indy Pirkle rry Plemons ommy Poindexter arla Poland elia Porter Hams il Posselt mmy Powers nald Presley ale Presnell y Price lvin Ptoney tsy lane Purvis dy Race aren Raish hnny Rascoe len Rawdon eorge Ray artha Rayburn anda Reasoner ndra Reel Rehfeldt rter Reynolds ncy Reynolds WS N ,WW me 5 2 X-..,. .L Nik ,s - ,Q . iii? r fag 0 H l x an if r' is S' ,, y i d2r A S 5 Ai Nl PS, "R R nf , wr 'EE V1 Q , X It , T.. ,ff J i A 3 S, Q, was -up If -Q ,, E I9 . fi of 2 1 gc, sy ,avi -A 5 X 7'l1 "' t " wif i ii P P P P 7 r 5 - 'L A ' 5 ' , ir. X :,, , , ii my ' 5 6 0 f , R K I gi, A .kiwi M . P . 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X , n , 1 l a i ' ,Vk, , R K ,, L ' S occ dl as if S .fr ,, as R F S all l'l ' ' T sr,:' 4 R so "f" 2 an - - Mary Rivers Rickey Rivers Cathy Rogers Myrtie Rogers Stevie Ross Bill Rowland Ann Russel Don Rutland Carolyn Saun Linda Saunders Linda Scanlan Sharon Schife Carrnelle Schug Tommy Scott Carolyn Scottino Sherry Serly Kenneth Sellers Virqinia Sheffel Bill Sherman lohn Shope Wayne Shrum Karen Shurmon Barbara Sier Glynda Simmons Eddie Simpson Keith Skiles David Skinner Joke! Linda Sleeper Ann Smith Billy Smith Gary Smith lanette Smith Sandra Smith Sanford Smith Frank Snell Ronnie Spane Peter Sparrow Wayne Spear Annette Spencer Pat Spruance Carol Squires Sue Stafford Margaret Stark 5, . 4 af ,-it S vt, i xi t l Mx. 4 Q , Xiifw W Qi t if -'rx gm f .Ng :ss y -aiq i rp. A 'Hr' .. 5 K .K " .S , --tf., S... 1, . , ,,,, Q ., x f it r W W tt " I ' was 2 v 1915 Q f l 'Av 3' N. "ij . :ff KWV Ft :Q '-,,.- 5 .- I I t S in E P 4 ,Q l V' .P 5 at A .. V u-, V D t,-e f .,,.,, 5 A 1 g K 1.12-' L il V . L 42' its Z-A ' S ..,. . 1 .- A S ,,, 4 i m- l if 1 ' gt . ll ludy Steakley George Steele A1 Stepp Shirley Stevens Bonnie Stewart Mary Lynn Stew CIIl Sandra Stewart 6 Iames Thomas Stiles Kinda Crowded. 179 ffli Ierry Stiles Heinz Stocker Diane Stockton Kay Stone Linda Stovall Lynda Stroud Dianne Summerall lackie Summerford Johnny Swafford Wilma Talbot Betty Tamplin Aldah Io Taylor Glen Taylor Kison Taylor Harold Ray Terrell Betty Thompson Betty Thompson lohnny Thompson Iimmy Thornton Burton Tims Toby Tisdale Meredith Todd Butch Tomlin Ricky Townsend Suzanne Tucker 6,0076 - Mike Tull Mary Turner Nancy Turner Tommy Urie Prudence Vader Suzanne Van Riper Quentin Vennum Clinton Veres Lynn Waibel Calvin Walker Linda Wallace Beth Ward Terry Ward Clydelle Warren Kenneth Watkins -1': it F 'rr -in P Q-:et ly ' T ws ,ov I 0? X .,.. Kenneth Wayne Watkins iii 54554 'lf i . . . X ' Marie Watkins We-'P 3 RH Ruben Watson Kathleen Weatherford Shirley Webb l udy Webster I didn't really mean to! Roger Weea . 8 M Emery Whipple lk. Daryl White David White Mary Whitten Thomas Avon Whitworth Bettye Williams Ianie Williams William Williams Barbara Wilson ludy Wilson Sammie Wilson Mitch Wilsox Gary Winter lofzgeff Charlene Wise Beverly Wolff Tommy Wood Geonette Woods Ieornie Wright Bobbie Wynne Eddy Yale Robert Young Ronnie Young Sally Young Wiley Young Karen Younkin av llyr Y e , :J , 4 - uf, . S TMI' ,, W lg y . xx, Er. j i ,Q-. X A -1.1it.z - i U .. -'s'g,.Qg -re 1, , f Q 'E W .3 yl re Y W P A '. S in ,fy g i g Q .Q SR' R491 J v-:' . A , fb Q i 1 - ' . rf 2 sf so K my pw 2 f , B+' I ' ' sri " - X sg , Iimmy Zimmerman "We're singing in the rcrin...' Q QS w x . , W . .rf ,W TN 'S X N . . . Q Q L , is x 'Ei is . I ,, 4 of , Q W. in . u l l , - Qi ,gf . Y vi' 11" 1. 7 I' ' ,N z ffl? X ' , 2 0 Q n The Student Life is one of the most important phases of our high school life outside of learning. Through it you obtain friends, leaders, and a lot of fun. Clubs, musical groups, publications, and many other organizations provide the backing of our social activities. It takes these students and sponsors to pro- duce a good school like Arlington High. Partici- pation in these groups makes one's years at high school more enjoyable. s ? ai F i 3 E 5 1: 5 1 i 5 S A 5 s f l X I 's . , , A ' ef Q , 1' 1 4 A f d 3 3 , 2 , 0 5 Fi: , FIRST ROW Reed Knight Iaeger Olson Snider Cooper Wommack Craven M I M' k1 R ' ' ' f A , h R Taylor Wright McLellan Mills Key THIRD ROW Goetz Skiles, Gowin, Hartley, litrclrtt, fish? stlilnatchialj Turflf ggi Bowerman Mills ODe1l Knapp Carlson Allison Bane Head, Cosby. Luke, Mqhurin, Goegzllvlebus .5'f1f0'ef1f f0l!!70lf The Student Council promotes training in leadership, citizenship, and government. Through its many service projects it has made a name for itself cmd has done many worth- while thinqs for the growth of the school. The Student Council is a member of the Texas Association of Student Councils, and the North Texas Student Forum. Ierry Bane, Student Body President. Coferg SECOND RONV: Younq, Leczth, Mosiq, Ccinsler, Sanderson, Chczsteen, Hillicrrcl, McAmis, Reynolds Reynolds 6'mfeffz.s' Mfr fcfioof. Officers Circ: Mr. lorry Smith, Sponsori luck Goetz, V1CO'Pi'CSlCl91llf Ann Snidcir, Pcirlinimontfirictni lorry Bono President: Kciy Olson, Svcroturyg and Mrs. Gertrude lolins, Sponsor Cobb, Stockton, Blanton, Eppes, Finch, We-othcrollp FOURTH HOW: Irilow, Wright, Brenninrf Purkvr Valentino wmv 3 , W 1-wmmvwf mf, "' I-LL E, 218 FIRST ROW: Cooper, Clements, Reczves, Noah, Penn, Huffman, Lowry, Clements, Stevens, Moseley, Gorman: SECOND ROW Hinson, Turner, Richardson, Sleppy, Gann, Kiker, Kent, Gowari, Iohnson, Cox: THIRD ROW: Mebus, George, Head Turpin Shemwell, Burress, Elliot, Bell, Schuq, Blachly, Tucker, Bradley: FOURTH ROW: Thorton, Pierce, lohnson, Stewart Russell Wanker, Hardwick, Thorsen, Hubbard, Cooper, Ie Voffbfzaf 0000017 14179 t5:0lfl?l!6'f44 Wally Head, President: Maudie Bell, Secretary: Not pictured: Connie Meyers, Vice-President ffh. -V W A 1 tr' if if , - eg, , N t . g Ia EIL 'Q 4 if . Q- t Q i I E , LZ E I I I Y if I : is ' 2 if fi ii e 5, '9 if? I 5 e ww 2 If 5 I' I ' ' , 4 K, w ,rw SAFETY COUNCIL: FIRST ROW: Poe, Olson, Kraft, McAdams, Stovall, Howard, Walker, Leeds, Poorman, Burch, Briggs, Parr SECOND ROW: Martin, Price, links, Hill, Alexander, Harvey, Wright, Lumsden, Reeves, Hall, Ivy: THIRD ROW: McGrew Weed, Mitchell, Brenning, Risher, Wagon, Malone, Stoneker: FOURTH ROW: lanes, Howard, Turner, Courtney, George, Iohnston Zfafefy' Hksf fs' Jar Mafia. I President, Benny Wright: Vice-President, Philip Lumsden: Secretary, Bobbie Burch, not pictured: Treasurer, Kay Olson: Social Chairmen, Carol Poe and Bobbie Reeves. 2l9 1 Q it ,,g,,, is , . 5 . , Q Q Q 'g 5 1- -g 6 S I 3 f ' ,f " ' R I 2 L 'fs ' 1. g FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA, FIRST ROW: Hurlbut, Spencer, Huffman, Whitten, Barton, Cox, Drury, Mays, Ward, Squires, Hooley, Wise, Gorman, Ham, Bond, Wilson: SECOND ROW: Hammond, Savage, Wooten, Bass, Biaaers, Couch, Scarborough, Raish, Sheffel, Mickelson, Garner, Nichols, Beard, Pirkle, Yeathermon, Haywood: THIRD ROW: Scruton, Maves, Bell, Scottino, Hussey, Conder, Ackerman, Anderson, Schuq, Foreman, Byroe, Hamilton, Tucker, lenkins, Burton, Cunkle, Brouer: FOURTH ROW: Bussey, Trull, Roten, Parrish, Ieter, Newcomb, Halsey, i H A Prepares 6'f7!s' Officers Lett to right lohnson 3rd V1cePres1dent Gould Song Leader Reynolds 4th VrcePres1dent Peterson Secretary Biggers 2nd Vice President Slauqhter Pianist Gunn Historian Snider Presi dent Bell Sergeant atArms Iones Parliamentarian Marlar Song Green Clayton Harms S1-mth SECOND ROW Leader Bradley Sth Vice President Cooper lst Vice President FIRST ROW Sampson Shurmon lones Stone Berry Iohnson Parrish Hall Burris Elliott Ward Cansler Matlock Gilmartin McCoy Race, Leath, Wynn, Murphy, Knotts, Burleson Allbright, Kight, Slaughter. ,,,,2,i,,- W M-, S FIRST ROW: Davis, May, Oliver, Hall, Held, Nicholas, Clements, Laney, Rice, Tackett, Bradley: SECOND ROW: Burch, Walton Spruance, Story, Usher, Hillard, Keating, Rosamond, Rinehart Gould, Marlar, Snider, Iones, Turck, Harris, Grubbs, Grubbs, McGarity, Barcroft. Frazier, DeVore, Porter, Olson, Reynolds, Barker, Erickson, Pipes, , Moody, Klapper, Yea l Hancock, Payne: THIRD Kelley, Fletcher, Foster. Saunders, Phillips, Howard, St. Romain, hermon, Caldwell, Rayburn. Abncy. ROW: Bland, Barber, Skidmore, Frisbee. Cagle: FOURTH ROW: Stronq, Dublin, Cooper, Hash, Burke, Gladen, Dennis, Hartsfield, Ballew. fa we . 'warg--., -:- ud, Plekavic, McCreery, Keys, Harris, Swaltord, Handly, Ieans, ley, Ross, Higgins, Estes, Stockton, Gowan, Hebbard, Thomas, Bailey, R I . . . OW. Walker, Parr, Adams, Cigamero, Scanlan, Sier, Vader, Jumper, Wilson, FOURTH ROW: Huffman, Smith, Kitterman, Geraldon, Gann, Couch, Lowry, Luttrell, McLellan, Sutherland, Wilson, Dads take over in the kitchen. 53:31. r. ' 'iw FIRST ROW May Barker Smrth May Blankenslnp Hamas Prurtt Tompkrns Gamble Mrs Nrchols SECOND ROW Craven Clements Hebbard Payne Sparrow Woodward Held Taylor Mrs Hudnall TI-HRD ROW Wommack Lemmons Lowry f I' 14 ffmazffages feacfzfkzg. 3 mai fl lv 1 'ill if 'll' r 1 l Officers are: Linda Shep- ard, President Virginia Taylor, Parliamentarianx Donna Biqqers, Vice-Presb dent: not pictured are Phyllis Hebbard, Secre' tary: and Iudy Iohnson. Treasurer, V 3 a V. 1, K FUTURE NURSES: FIRST ROW: Clements, Watkins, Nash, Snowden, Holt, McFarland, Leeds, Campbell, Iones, Steelman, Keck, Craig, Smith, Hammond, Wilson: SECOND ROW: Hutcheson, Cowan, Scottino, Hebbard, Iaeger, Clayton, Green, Brouerg THIRD ROW: Tompkins, Briscoe, East, Carr, Tackett, Kincaid, Eixman, Frisbee, Barron, Kitterman, Wylie. Hao' 67056, Z . A Ready for fmefgefzcfles. IUNIOR RED CROSS: FIRST ROW: Barton, Hartley, Stone, Condley, Kevil, Saunders, Mayes, Drury, Holman, East, SECOND ROW: Carbary, Tucker, Kitterman, Moody, Cosper, McCreery, McFarland, Wylie, Scottino: THIRD ROW: Burkins, Oller, Creswwll, Harris, Burress, Usher, Taylor, Smith, Layton, Ware: Fourth ROW: Garrison, Winter, Donlin, Haag, Keith, Vauqht, Miss Glass, Miss Roark, Wallace, Hirsch, Holloway, Shemwell, Davis. I i l 5 FIRST ROW' Reynolds lohnson Cass Craven Snider lone SECOND ROW E11 . , , , , , sg : iott, Haines, Ellington, Blankenship, McAmis, Cooper, Walker, English, Reynolds, Olson, Noah: THIRD ROW: Love. Collins, Bigqers, Harris, Turck, Shepard, Turner, Schuq, Reaves: FOURTH ROW: Weir, Taylor, Bane, Mebus, Cosby, Leyendeckez, May, Brunson, Young, Knight. Not Pictured -Goetz. fl! H J' Hecoynfkes Spring officers--Left to right: Bane, Vice-President: Mebus, Social Chair- man: Cass, Secretary: Reynolds, Treasurer: Weir, President: Turck, W , b me Social Chairman: Cooper, Reporter. Pm eu eco S' ' ' f 3 sl 4 1 i fs fi 2 f .5 S FIRST ROW: Keys. Wooten, Green, Gunn, McA1pine, McCleskey, Marlar, Ware, Bost: SECOND ROW: Edwards, lobe, Freeman. McCreery, Short, Morrison, Matthews, Bussee, Kunkle, Creed, Mrs. Pope: THIRD ROW: Miss Price, Hutcheson, Rice, Key. Gardner. Price. Pirlcle, Smith, Shell, Daugherty: FOURTH ROW: Smith, Moore, Blanton, Bowerman, Dunkley, Flynt, Moore. Uzffsfafzohg 0113071295 2 R, I HSSKX 5l4 Fall Officers--Lett to right: Boon, President: Vice-President, Weir Reaves, Treasurer: Love. Social Chairman, Craven, Secretary: Social Chairman. ,q Y? Mebus ., 5 Order of Gregg Artists: FIRST ROW: Ellington, Read, Hartley, Iumper, Climer, Pollock, Haines: SECOND ROW: Elliott, Collins, Moseley, Crowder, Lane, Holloway, Dollar, Schug: THIRD ROW: Mann, Heron, Brenning, Tibbets, Love, Sulak, Jackson, Bennett: FOURTH ROW: McAmis, Crone, Colyer, Kitterman, Mrs. Sherrod, Barron, McCraw, Leeds. We .fmve hr Pefhoffbn. IUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT, FIRST ROW: Howard, Short. Patton, Creed, Green, Clayton: SECOND ROW: Brunson, Briscoe, Leeds Wheeler, Andrews, Campbell, Eixman. Rogers. 3 r Student Store members are: FIRST ROW: Cree, Saunders: SECOND ROW: Mayhew, Beard, Cannon Scholwinski: THIRD ROW: McCoy, Wilson, Bennett: FOURTH ROW Roach, Dunn, Allen. Workers f4.s'.svIs'f 171 Johan! Sefvfbes. Office Helpers are: FIRST ROW: Penn, Iones, Daugherty, Marlar, Magee. Heron, McAlpine, Wylie, Icicobsg SECOND ROW: Hull, Haines, Matthews, Moseley, Leeds, Brooks, Wooten, Whitten: THIRD ROW: Overtree, Hoodley, Rayburn, Powell, Townsend, Hubbard, DeVore, Pillar, Hill. I l FIRST ROW: Carol Beard, Kay Stone, Darlene Iones, Nancy Reynolds, Kathryn, Woodward, Phyllis, Kizer: SECOND ROW: Carol Fabel, Marilyn McCoy, Lynda Hunter, Virginia lobe, Mrs. Fleming, Ann Smith: THIRD ROW: Tommy Wood, Adaire Pool, Karen Huffman, Catherine Fabel, Io Arm Cree, Beth Marvin: FOURTH ROW: Mitchell Wilson, David King, Ted Driver, Sandra Foster, Sharon Young, Lynda Van Leuvan, Martha Graham. lfbfafy fflfb fizcozffages 1965077154 . . OFFICERS: Virginia lobe, Program Chairman Karen Huffman, Social Chairman Maurice Meetze, President Mitchell Wilson, Publicity Chairman I T 2 2 8 LIBRARY HELP: FIRST ROW: Nicholas, Bond, Pirkle, Parr, Fabel, Woodward, Iones, Kizer: SECOND ROW: Sampson, Fletcher, Fabel, Day, lobe, Mrs. Fleming: THIRD ROW: Crook, Pool, Marvin, Nunn, Field, Sleppy, Webster: FOURTH ROW: Wilson, Wallace, King, Norman, Baker, Bodiford, lfbfafjc I . Pfomafe JZ' aa! ffzfefesfs. P. T, A, COUNCIL: FIRST ROW: Garrison, Coats, Bell, St, Romain, McGee, Stroud, Fletcher, Condery SECOND ROW: Byron, Rayburn Strong, Rice, Garrison, Brewer, Colyer, Scotlino, Westj THIRD ROW: Heron, Harrelson, Daugherty, Foreman, Holt, Phillips Harvey, Bell, Young, Macrii FOURTH ROW: Mills, Simpson, Yale, Furguson, Weir, Alois, Brunson, Mayhew, Miss Amos, Shull. Officers: Knapp, President: Bell, Secretary: Wells, Parliamentariang Boaz, Sergeant-at-Arms: Holloway, Vice-President: Sessions, Reporter: Anderson, Historian: Carr, Treasurer. ff ff 14. Homofes Agffbuffare. FIRST ROW: Bennett, Martin, Bays, Bell, Wells, Boaz, Holloway, Knapp, Crouch, Scott, Pirkle, Anderson, Carr, Stone, Allbright SECOND ROW: Ridclel, Bray, Miles, Holloway, Patterson, Thomas, Russell, Tierce, Harris: THIRD ROW: Shackeliord, Howard Kindred, Davis, Yale, Iohns, Cantrell, Thomason, Williams, Hass, Cramley, Tull: FOURTH ROW: Shurmon, Duvall, Kirkpatrick Creswell, Norvell, Shemwell, Young, Campbell, Frazier, Webb, Sessions, Cramer, Sanders, Hipple, Bates. 230 OFFICERS: David Duke, President: Allan Price, Vice-president: Iohn Larson, Secretary: Tim Rogers, Treasurer. Key 67116 .fefves Soboof, 6'0mfmff1f7y FIRST ROW: Tommy May, Richard Wallace, Allan Price, Bill Bowerrnan, Rogers Gardner, Ir., Charlie Key, Gary Hinson, Ray Hill: SECOND ROW: Iames Smith, Iimmy Carter, Andy Ibsen, Larry Mickelson, Perry Mills, Paul Swartz, Tim Rogers, Iohn Menz, David Terrell: THIRD ROW: Bill Goodwin, Coach Doyle Malone, Don Boatright, M. D. Brem, Mike Deioore, Don Pesnell, David Duke, Iohn Larson, Ioe Weatherall. FIRST ROW: Neumeyer, Hammond, Short, Pillar, Roberts, Frisbee, Cooper, Hatcher, Olson, Clements, Reaves, Turck, Bradley, Stevens: SECOND ROW: Ibsen, May, Wooten, Hutcheson, Gould, Price, Keys, Leeds, Lane, Wilson, Gowan, Williams: THIRD ROW: Nash, Ball, Gunn, Yeathermon, Wilson, Poe, Smith, Patton, McDonald, Peterson, Gann, Sutherland, Matthews, Cunkle, Hill, Henson: FOURTH ROW: Gamble, Oliver, Middlebrook, McAfee, Gardner, McGrew, Hendrix, Burney, Wright, Lumsden, Pesnell, Boatright, Meisner, Ormand, Wallace, Mills, Whitten, Smith, Oakes, Meador. iamafa fflli Hovfies President, Perry Mills: Vice-President, Carl Long: Secretary, Patty Patton: Treasurer, Ieanie Reaves: Social Chairmen Iudy Rice and Philip Lumsden. , R Charles Hester Head Photographer FIRST ROW: Fagan, McLean, Coates, Moseley, Morgan, Rosmond. BiQQ9IS. Eaton, Rinehart, Iumper, Read, Mr. Dull: SECOND ROW: McCorkle, Ellington, Taylor, Love, Brunson, Reynolds, Grisham, Rice, Tackett, Pruitt, Matetzschk, Daugherty' THIRD ROW: Riggs, Tankersley, Wommack, Collins, Iones, Cox, Campbell, Sullivan, Kincaid, Moody, Newell, Martin: FOURTH ROW: Rowland, Peters, Townsend, Young, Weston, Builcin, Leath, Ferguson, Long, Kelley, Deioore, Chasteen. Hbfzffes fbi Pabhbaffbna SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHERS: Iohn Fagan, Fred Bill Rowland, and Ricky Townsend. Riggs, Pat McLean, Ianice Tankersley, Mike Peters, Fred Young, Lynn McCorkle, FIRST ROW: Clements, Ellington, Keys, Dauqherty, Craven, Patton, Olson, Snider, Wilson, Iones, Turck, Hatcher, Kraft, Marlar: SECOND ROW: Garcia, Brunson, Kincaid, Turner, Mosley, Wooten, McCreery,Matetzschk, Sutherland, Iohnson, Tackett, Giddens Lowry, Short: THIRD ROW: Taylor, Tompkins, Collins, Brenning, Love, McDonald, Cansler, Creed, Patterson, Smith, Bass, Suther land, Clayton, Green: FOURTH ROW: Iones, Sinclair, Rice, Gunn, Rinehart, Gould, Campbell, Poe, Pruitt, Hutcheson, Harmon, Kiker, Garrison, Peterson, Frisbee, Eixman, Wylie. lffefagf JM Hfffbefs liefagf fnfefesfa ff q President, Iudy Rice: Vice-President, Karan Daugherty: Secretary, Frances Green 5 Q z,, PUBLICATIONS REPRESENTATIVES: FIRST ROW: Annette Spencer, Charlene Wise, Gayle Elliott, Brenda Laney, Grace Snowdon Kathy Barnes, Iudy McFarland: SECOND ROW: Sandra Hamilton, Karen Raish, Mary Kelley, Ieannie Coulter, Iudy Smith Lynn Sutton: THIRD ROW: Tommy Wood, loe Cumminas, Loraine Freeman, Donna Biqqers, Sandra Pruit, Nancy Rinehart lanie Williams, Brenda Creed, Gail Hammond, Cynthia Waller: FOURTH ROW: Ierry Stiles, Ricky Townsend, William Genzvl. Randy Hauqh, Doug Duke, Bill Sherman, Charles Blackwell, Iohnny Clark, Benny Wright, Bob lVlcLellan. Hepfesenfaffves, UMW ana' fora!! Alb' .ffaffk OUILL AND SCROLL: FIRST ROW: Ioella Stevens, Kathryn Woodward, Virginia Taylor, Priscilla Cooper, Ionnie lVlcAmis, Sandra Craven Ka Olson: SECOND ROW: Iud Young, Karc1n,Dc1uqherty, Donna East, Ianice Turner, Pat Haines, Ianie Reynolds: f Y Y THIRD ROW: Iudy Carr, Vinita Brunson, Ianet Reynolds, Wanda Turck, Holly Harris. Not Pictured Ierry Cosby, Bob Mebus, Connie Meyers, Iimmy White, and Anita Coleman. ,wh an 9?f"t"!A" rf' ludy Young-Editor-in-Chief Priscilla Cooper News Editor Holly Harris Wanda Turck Feature Editor Feature Editor f A Q ,,-tVt kv ..:f- 5 E f . .: . ,ll n Lf, I , , H1 i, Donna East lud Carr Connie Me ers 4 1 . Y Sports Editor Club Editor Art Editor t iit :': ,'i " f 'f--- VV ,V ,t u I Ronnie Yagla loella Stevens Melvin Eddings Advertising Manager Business Manager Circulation Manager 236 fo!! N. is O Reporters and Assistants. From left to right: Nancy West. Ianie Reynolds, Kathryn Woodward. Kay Olson, Iimmy Ball, Ann Snider, Adaire Poole, Karan Daugherty, Wanda Yeathermon, Ronnie Yagla, Maxine Hill, Ioella Stevens, and Kay Coats. 6' aff l0l!bWlS'b6'6' H'-Week y Paper Associate Editors crowd into the Colt Room. Advertising Solicitors: Iimmy Ball, Nancy Bar- ron, Shirley Kitterrnan, and Tommy May. 237 io!! f0ffa9f .ffaff T fam' Keafbook V u I u Viv-1 1rg1n1a Taylor Editor-in-Chief 4 T' The Vinita Brunson Pat Haines Clubs Editor Typist Linda Shepard ldnef Reynolds Personalities Editor ' Sports Editor 579 E ffffig, ky h E Sandra Craven 'xi - Class Editor X Colt Corral Staff Iirnmy White Faculty Editor Janice Turner Linda Horan Ierry Cosby Activities Editor Art Editor Business Manager jfgi , f-gt Q i 1 . K Q V I ,gbwe as 5-Q. STAGE BAND: FIRST ROW: English, Campbell, Ferguson, Merchison, Smith, Rogers, Wilson, Marlin: SECOND ROW: Patrick, Moore, Moore, Plemons, Rhodes, Hensley, Nelson. First Chair Players: Hayes, Snider, Craven, Hebbard, Pillar, Rogers, Patrick, Dickerson, Pfarner, English, Norton, Stewart, Swailord. Me Fa!! 107' ffepfasenfs COLT A BAND: FIRST ROW: Wynn, DeVore, Iohnson, Creed, Bost, Love, Spoon, Slaughter, Baker, Hayes: SECOND: ROW: Cr Haynes, Camp, Pfarnerj THIRD ROW: Walker, Kramer, Hawkins, Roberts, Wilbur, Wagner, Reddell, Meador, Bush, Weather! Mosely, Iohnson, Noah, Davenport, Barber, Harris, Wendland, Roberts, Smith, Walker, Murchison, Stewart, Harsch, Olson H Iohnson, Rhodes, McCain, Matlock, Swaiiorcl, Phillips, Sweny, Howard, Ware, Thorsen, Stewart, Marlin, McAlpine, Ferguson, 240 , 3 fe my 3, ,M y- , F 1 'F , i .. 5 5,1 ex 'A ff xc D' X4 X li wiv? 0 -3 ,W bt! -, We 3 ,S , K 3- gy 5-Eh iff? P-- Y? X :fi X55 w?jg ', '- Af' 1, 'Skiing 'J ,ET V? 5 . f QQ g w wi- 1-. fx h ' - g,!x:t't'l -'E:"V'X A - I 1,45 2, "f 4.135 'XM -f :I X I "-Qs! gg Q, 1 .-5 .Q gk. ja A 7 4 4 X. A if vs? ff? 3 V53 rm A N Flag Bearers: Wanda Turck, Sandra Noah, Frankie Crone. Drum Majors: Iohnny Dickerson .5',0ec1'a! 5f0I!,06' Ado' Spike fav' 242 Little Ar1ie's Trainers: Whitey Nesbit, Bill Knapp. sh it 42" xl and Bill Shell. Majorettes: Marsha Sutherland, Nancy West, Iudy Iohnson, Kay Olson, head majorette. lb A' 3',0e0f29! ' Hana' Arlington High School Marching Band. 4 3 3 B BAND, FIRST ROW: Drury, Smith, Mentor, Snider, Parker, Stovall, Mays, Scruton, Smith, McCain, Harris, Luttrell, Tallon: SECOND ROW: Bell, Kitterman, Ward, Wise, Dennis, Flenniken, Seay, Bodiiord, Martin, Hancock, Hunt, Gorman, Taylor, Kelso, Hay, wood, Cheek: THIRD ROW: Thompson, Holman, Laney, Lynch, Clayton, Baur, Stevens, Pirkle, Burke, Dimpson, Presnell, Nor man, Letter, Hollingsworth, Andrews, Moffett, McCork1e, Ricketts, Dish, Bogiriqln, Ryq-mg FOURTH ROWg Cosgrgve, Whipple, Smith, Ioyner, Kirby, King, Foreman, Trimble, Anderson, George, Bacon, Turner, Edclings, Miles, Cameron. fevefa! fllasfbaf 5101406 MEI-ODIERS7 FIRST ROW: Chapmen, Reed, Strong, Short: SECOND ROW: lordan, Richardson, Cosper, Coates, Hill, Tompkins. Bass, Patterson, Curry: THIRD ROW: Hensley, Lively, Dauqhe-rty,Mois, Norman, Brooks, Pahany, McPheeters, Wright, McCorkle. ,kwzg ,ish , ,. , , ,, As, T , , 3 ,X W, , , , it g g l 5' 3 Y , , D 'l , ,, . , E . M, is .,VV g . 1 il K f Xt , K ,ZH , K, F453 WV, S .- f 5 , , .,f:1 .gf-4-gg , Q , ,E tg h y 3 . Q Q 1, wt Zig Y R is T , 2 9 ,C 2 .aww , ,SJ ,L V, Wi fig , I ,fag Z 1, S 1, E 5 ., , , 5 f. - Q 13,2 - . , 5 Q- :S -m4.qSsww-A-'ffb-' ' 'I' L.,k, 5 'Q ' if llf- - Q . fi 5 . -. - , fi, 62 it g- R ,. i if 2 Y ' T - 2 3 - -- , E Q . 1, E -A. .,V ui, 7. , as K ,I ,, K W V , Li. at . , T it Tl R t t f 4 . ' . - i 7 '- 4-xo flcv V V Q xl A .,. Q4 -' 1' .4 4, , f x 1 T F , . f .ls T ll Y' 'W ,gi T7 fiff fl eg R' C. if y 5 y .. r, . Sf Q' fl , fi Y" 'A l -C W TT ii nmfiit rl 9 C 9 ,El if . in NN, A . ,- X rl' I 77 V ig MADMOISELLES: FIRST ROW: Flennilcen, Bell, Belew, Gordineer, Rogers, Smith, Baize, Klatt, Schilelbein, Barnes, Holcrolt, Mc- Garity, Adams, SECOND ROW: Reynolds, Miller, Sleppy, Waldrop, Lowry, Briggs, Gibson, THIRD ROW: Adams, Iameson, Hamilton, Connolly, Reasoner, Cantrell, Bracliield, Steakly, Duckett, Broeslce, Iohnson, Mayhew, Barnum, Horner, Ramsey, Al- bright, Stewart, Gilmartin, Waibel, Harris. ffzfaffafkz .Verve Johan! GLEEMENQ FIRST ROW: Vennum, Allen, Smith, Bernius, Bailey, Wood, Cweorqeg SECOND ROW: Yonnq, Brooks, Conner, Bacon. 9 + Thornton, Spain, Stiles, Hardwick, THIRD ROW: Rowland, Phillips, Whitworth, Ienkins, Blakney, Donaldson, Blanton, Clark. 5 5 J? 5 is A 5 R fl R fi X V 2 5, ' R 3 T N I Ay A 5 EJB ' ' 0' E , -an 2,3 T - n w' R Rm. R 1. Q RR't M, , S S ., ' . fi? A A nf 1:-su .mu 9 . ...ww-fa,- W Q R x , X TFQ, 'Q NP' F 5 K , M.,g,, an Q 3 ' f l Q. 11,1 ffm, FQ. 3 ,Q 1 - .L,L i ,LLLf , . ... .,.. , ., .. L V-.E 5..1.1.M3,t55-FQ . ,. '- 5 X N Sk A fix' wx M N 9 A E Z . T y . , . 1- Snider, Sandra Noah, lack Goetz, Bob Officers: Mebus, President: Noah, Vice-President: Wommack, Sec retary: Ware, Librarian: Hartley, Robe Custodian. alll Safran! M171 fllusfb. :Gunn, Kiker, Reaves, Matetzschk, McCreery, Freeman, Keys, Coulter, Craven, Olson, Hammond, Turck, Garcia, not shownjg FOURTH ROW: Kolb, Goetz, Mebus, Goetz, Carlson, Wilson, Iohnson, Crawford, Hammond, Harvey. 247 Aafayfapbs 7'f"""'f'5" d 'F' mmsuma cowmv 'MY ..,,.X,,,,...l 277, l ...Q 'N X' ' fs x ' - .,,..---"""'w J ' , 4' L 4 v , W" r - .- f K, 8 1 A Y' 1" L 2 A M 'B - 'It Ju ' Z, 'M J wa, ,Ji f if A x 4 VA I- N , s B 'O vm I q 5 W ' ' vm' 'Q' Y rwnx in L v ' . f X W dx 8 r - X 1 A '59, ,L y 9 ' lax . :1s?0vli 1 X In 04, .499 f W A-f .v ff' ,, Xf . Ri-m. .4,-:, ,,,..f W :sf I ff MM' -I P egg! 3 A -A 35,223 aw' , in W' ., W, Tm. , ' - w 1 - A ' ' I fu ' -I 4 gif 't M :MN LA Q I I U ' :1 if ,, ,M yu Y- vwy 5, E K i , 55... . X Y 5:6 I . . nl 5, 'h vp N yy L , N . T , ' 'nf f ' 4' Q 91 f , 9 M W M ,AL 7, A I .AA ' f If . if. , - ' I ' 1 h r.: A , ' , f T A ' 4, X " Q 1 A L .Q ,. t ,I 1 W yi 2 y, 1 A it ' ' f Jw, -. ,X M: I ' 1 iggzw' gg x ' 4 5' V we-' , ,, in VW Y N M' 1 . w,,, , 1, ww , . 'ali' A me l Q.. o W I T' w1"f1."' Aff! T! fx .L hui , ,-If -Q Jig" ' gh- , 1 4. : 1 1 .-'- 5 Q In ,.:f'3 ., t . , , M . 1 ,,,., ,- - , II Im l ' Iii,., ..i . , K M ., i.,,

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