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o 0 in 4, W Q 5 Ll 2: 7: L 1 . y A R. '. 'T 1 f-" 1 ,f, f .17 I ,i , 1 ,dj ..- ,P f ' D X , , Q52 '15 X if f f v f X. f I V' 7 V 1 ,A wa VOLUME IX1 HRLINGTDN HIGHSEHUUL HHLnNf5TuN,TExH5 MAIN BUILDING FO REWO RD Using you as our leading actors and actresses we wish to present the 1954 Colt Corral Review, a pictorial resume of our memorable events in Arlington High School. May you find enjoyment with each page. BAND HALL GYMNASIUM f COTTAGE f- h Wg -n- Y. -'Q 'IUSPDWOUR IDVEANDGIUHITIK TOOHEWPDHASPBPEUS NDTONI.YASATlACEBl!'l'ASA mxmn,vrn,1'm-:s1mn,nmlcA111'ms vmummornnemr 'U 16.1 .im ' , L ' , M . , ,Y .. fha? lr, 'z :aku 'G-. 44 J' , gal . X 931, JE, iii. 9 - H B Q' 1 .V .QL Q , -ilqfiafzzy f. 5 im. :.: ,V Va S w:21f:zf45T 'f 'Y ,,, ,.1,, , gfiafm, Q -Q PRODUCERS CAST FAN CLUBS ACADEMY AXVARDS ADDED ATTRACTION PUBLICITY , PRO GRAM ADMINISTRATION CLASS ES FAVORITES SPORTS ACTIVITIES . ,, ,, ORGANIZATIONS ,.-- -4- ,-mx- 45225 R34 mfg, 1 .,.,o.,-- BO RD OF EDUCATIO ' ' Qw,,,,,,..,.. it Our sincere thanks and appreciation go to the Board of Education for the many wonderful things they do for our progress both now and for the future. Left to right: joe Bailey QSecretaryj, Floyd Gunn fVice-presidentj, E. E. Rankin fTax Assessorj, Fred Crook, Guy C.Hutcheson QAssistant Secretaryj, Superintendent W. R. Wimbish,Ode11 Shackelford, J. H. Finch, I. C. Ferguson fPresidentj. SUPERINTENDENT W. R. Wimbish To Faculty and Students: I regard it as a real privilege to work with such a fine faculty and student body. I sincerely ap- preciate your friendship and am grateful to you for your loyalty. Your lofty ideals and purposes are ever an inspiration to me. sor on the production of this,our ninth yearbook. Best wishes for your success and happiness. Sincerely, I W. R. Wimbish MRS. CAROL RIDENS Secretary to Superintendent I commend the Colt Corral Staff and their Spon- Gre e tings to the Staff of the Colt Corral and student body. Your accomplishments are out- standing. Best wishes for continued success. Sincerely, ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL Dear Faculty and Student Body: One of my pleasant duties is to work with the Annual Staff and Sponsor. It is with a great deal of pleasure that Icongratulate you on this, anoth- er fine annual. I wish also to thank the faculty and student body for the fine cooperation given in all our endeavors this year. Sincerely, Jas. W. Martin PRINCIPAL M. F. STEPHENS MRS. MYRTICE LARSON E. E. RANKIN Supervisor Supervisor Tax Assessor . MRS. H. M. NICHOLS Dean of Girls MRS. DALE WILKINS Librarian MRS. NEWANA COUNTS MRS. MARIALYCE HAUGHTON School Nurse School Nurse MRS. ARVILLA FOSTER Speech Therapist MRS. DIXIE FOWLER Secretary-Registrar ELIZABETH AMOS, B.A., M.ED. Texas Wesleyan College North Texas State College English LUCILE BURMAN, B.S. Dakota Wesleyan University General Science ' 1 NORA BUTLER, B.A., M.A. PEARL BUTLER, B.A., M.ED. DEAN P. COREY, A.B. Hardin-Simmons Univ. Hardin-Simmons Univ. Transylvania College North Texas State Texas Christian Univ. University of Cincinnati College History College of Music Mathematics Music MARIE C. CROUCH, L.I., B.A., M.B.A. Arkansas A.SM. College Centenary College University of Texas Business Administration SAM CURLEE, B.A. Austin College Drivers Education Coach Off , Q f CJYM- 'LQWQI as 4' NUM WM QW? Mew C. C. DUFF, B.A., M.ED. Southem Methodist University Howard Payne College University of Colorado A. G M. College Science JANE ROBIN ELLIS, B.A., M.FD. Texas State College for Women North Texas State College Music LUTHER FAMBRO, B B.A GERTRUDE JOHNS, B.A. HAROLD KEY, B S North Texas State College M M.A. Commercial North Texas State Texas Christian Coach College University Texas Christian Mathematics VERA B. LACEY, B.S., M.A. Daniel Baker North Texas State College English PEGGY A. MORANZ, B.S.ED. North Texas State College Southem Methodist University Mathematics DORA ELLA NICHOLS, B.A., M.A. Baylor University Spanish English EMMA OUSLEY, B.A., M.A. North Texas State College English JOHN W. POLZIN, B.S. BERTA MAE POPE, B.S. CHARLESE POWELL, B.A. Texas Christian North Texas State College Hardin-Simmons University University of Texas University History Science Speech junior Business Training Coach Rig m it V f f ELLA JOHNSON RAY, B.S. Texas Technological College Home Economics MAUDE V. ROARK, B.A. Baylor University Mathematics MELBA RODDY, B.A., M.ED. Stephen F. Austin Teachers College Southem Methodist University English E. A. ROQUEMORE, B.S., M.A. Sam Houston State Teachers College Vocational Agriculture 'Q-r CLOYE L. SHERROD, B.S. JUANITA SKELTON, B.S. VADA COLE TURNHAM, B.S Texas Christian West Texas State College Texas Technological University Colorado State College College Business Education of Education Home Economics English JOHN M. WEBB, JR., B.S,M,S, North Texas State College Social Studies MAYFIELD WORKMAN, B.S., M.S. North Texas State College Physical Education Head Coach CAFETERIA STAFF M1ss Murphy Mrs. Busbee Mrs. Wood Louder, please! dit 4:3 ,.,. , .. - 3, , -- fmf.+.QQaff b. K ,-wg.-,,,-Q Sim - H344 422 I 1' . yd' ., . .'.., Xi. .8 Aka.. me 'Newh- -bw u I IOR CLASS TAR PRESIDENT ..... . .Brian johnson VICE PRESIDENT. . . . . . Donald Gobcr SECRETARY ...... ......... S arah Watkins TREASURERS ....... . . Renae Bygci, Ruth Bama? SOCLAL CHAIRMEN. , , . . jane Brem, Gaylcn Giddcns SPONSORS .... , Mrs. Pope Mrs. Lacey Miss Amos Miss Ellis Mr. Curlvc Roqucmorv KATHLEEN AC TKINSON Quiet but dependable F. H. A. '51-'52 Library Club '53 JOHN ANDERSON You'd never know he BILLY TOM ARNOLD Work---it's a useless struggle. Camera Club '54 Football '50-'52 Base ll '50-'51 as ball Manager Y. CONNIE BASS ANNA B EESON was around. '52 LOUIS LYNN AUTREY F. F. A. Football '53 BEVERLY BARLING Red pertains to fire. F. H. A. '50-'51 Camera Club '53-'54 Library Assistant '50-'54 N. H. S, '53-'54 Literary Club '53 Student Council '53 CHARLES BARNES A penny saved is a pocket burned. Safety Council '52-'54 Colt Staff '54 RUTH BARNES Good nature and good sense go to- gether. Annual Editor '54 Student Council '52-'54 fSec. '54j N. H. S. '53-'54 fSec. '54j Class Officer '51, '53, '54 F. H. A. '51-'54 fPres. 'SZJ Girl of the Month '53 Quill and Scroll Her ways are ways ofpleasantness. F. H. A. '51-'52 Office Staff '54 One of the fairest. F. H. A. '51 Camera Club '52-'53 Safety Council '52-'53 Childress' loss is Arlington's gain Library Club '52-'53 fPres. -531 WILLIAM LIVINGSTON BELL Strong, silent type. JIMMY BINION His heart runs away with his Football'51-'54 Basketball '51-'52 Colt Staff '54 ARTHUR BIRD A nice person to be Football '51-'54 N. H. S. '53-'54 Baseball '54 Junior Rotarian '54 around. JOHN BISHOP A light heart lives longer. Football '51-'52 BONNY JO BLACK She acts as well as plans. N. H. S. '53-'54 fOfficer '54j Majorette '52-'54 Choir Accompanist '52-'54 Junior Play Co-Associate Editor of Colt '54 Camera Club fSec.-Treas.-'54, F. H. A. '51-'54 fOfficer '54, SUE BEALL BLANTON One of our capable cheerleaders. Cheerleader '52-'54 Library Club '53-'54 N. H. S. '53-'54 F. H. A. Reporter '53 Quill and Scroll '53-'54 Colt Staff '53-'54 Junior Play DALTON BLOCKER He does his best--sometimes ? ? Football '51-'52 Basketball '51 Safety Council '52-'53 JANE BREM She has pep ---- too! Literary Club '52-'54 Band '51-'54 Colt Staff '54 Class Officer '54 N. H. S. '53-'54 Camera Club '54 I J -' Red Cross '51 fOfficerj SHIRLEY BREWER Three things doth shine the moon, and her hair. F. H. A. '51-'54 Camera Club '52-'54 --the sun, head SARA JO BROTHERS Without enthusiasm we would perish. Student Council '54, Majorette '53-'54, Class Favorite '53 Class Officer '51, Colt Staff '54, Choir '54, Junior Play BENNIE BROWN A trusty worker. Durant, Okla. High School Basketball '51 PAT BROWN She's well worth knowing. San Leandre, Calif. High School RENAE BYGEL How did we get along without her! Class Officer '54 N. H. S. '53-'54 Band '54 Choir '54 Camera Club '54 GAIL CAR TW RIGHT If you don't know her, you know no OHS. Class Officer '52, Camera Club '52-'54, Band '51-'52 F. H. A. '52-'54 Office Staff '53-'54 Library Staff '52 Red Cross '54 ANNA CHANDLER Always ready for fun. Girls' Glee Club '53 Red Cross '54 Safety Council '54 VERNON CHARLTON Not afraid of work,butnotin sympathy with it. Basketball '53-'54 Baseball '54 Camera Club '54 WYNELLE BROWN What would The Colt dowithout her? Editor of Colt '54 N. H. S. '53-'54 fVice Pres. '53J Choir '52-'54 Band '52-'54 QSec.-Treas. '53J Class Officer '52-'53 Camera Club '51-'54 fOfficer '54, Student Council '53-'54 MARY BURTON Nothing succeeds like success. F. H. A. '51-'54 Red Cross '51 JACK COX All the girls swoon fGrand Prairiej Basketball '53 Dramatic Club '53 Library Club '53 JOHN CULP He never worries o F. F. A. '51-'53 Football '51-'53 Basketball '51 2 l l Q 1 DON CLAYTON A quiet mind is richer than a crown Football '51 Track '53-'54 Safety Council '53 Red Cross '51 BILLY COBLE The most reliable in th Junior Class President Junior Class Favorite Student Council '53 N. H. S. '53 Basketball '52-'53 e group. JOSIE COURTNEY Be a friend, the rest will follow. r hurries. X, PAT CURRY Always generous, generally smil- ing, and lives for the joy-of living. Annual Editor '54 N. H. S. '53-'54 Class Officer '51-'53 F. H. A. '52-'54QSec1-etary '52, Student Council '54 Band '52-'54 Camera Club '53 PATRICIA DENNIS She works with patience N. H. S. '53-'54 Safety Council '53 F. H. A. '51 CHARLES DENSON A real all-around fellow. Football '51-'54 Basketball '51-'53 Camera Club '52-'54 Track '52 BETTY JO DeVANEY A kind heart, a friendly fBaker, Oregonj Dramatic Club '50-'51 smile. DAVID DOAN It takes electricity to run the world. Camera Club '51-'54 N. H. S. '53-'54 RICHARD DUKE We really think he's Football '51-'54 BILL DUNAWAY Second thoughts are QOlneyQ Baseball '53 Golf '53 Football '51-'52 Art Club '52 A Shop '53 swell. even wiser. NANCY DUNSWORTH Never known to refu Majorette '51-'54 N. H. S. '53-'54 Junior Play '53 Baseball Queen '53 Camera Club '54 DENNIS EASLEY I-Ie's be e n with us packed years. Junior Play '53 Football '53 RAMONA ELKINS She obtains knowledge and is proud of it. F. T. A. Sec. '53, Pres. N. H. S. '53-'54 Student Council '54 Literary Club '52-'54 '54 KENNY EVERETT A ladies' man. Football '51-'54 Track '51-'54 F. F. A. '51-'54 fOfficer '53-'54J Basketball '51-'53 Junior Rotarian '54 PAUL FALK Sleep late, eat lots , and never worry. Football '51-'54 Track '53-'54 F. F. A. '52-'54 Choir '52-'54 Junior Rotarian '54 IANETTE FITZGERALD A face overspread with gladness. F. H. A. '51-'54 Camera Club '52 se a favor. for many fun TAYLOR GARDNER Life is such a lavish thing. F. F. A. '51-'53 GRACE GARTMAN Think much and speak little Band '51-'52 F. H. A. '51 Safety Council '54 ll I KY .1 Fwd JOHN FORBES Admired by all. Camera Club '51-'54 JERRY RAY FOSTER Enough good can't be said about him Student Body President, Foot- ball '51-'54, N. H. S. '53-'54, Junior Rotarian '54, Freshman Class President, Annual Staff '54, F. H. A. Sweetheart '53 MARGARET GARDNER One of many moods. Choir '51-'54, F. H. A. '50-'53, Camera Club '50-'53, Band '50-'51, Student Council '50-'51 GAYLEN GIDDENS He can do anything. Band '53-'54 F. F. A. '51 Class Officer '54 fSocial Chairmanl DONALD GOBER He ha s three v's--vanity,vigor, and vitality. Football '51-'52 Class Officer '54 fVice President, BETTYE JEWEL GRAY Tis good to be honest and true. fMorri1ton, Arkansasj Pepsquad '51 F. H. A. '51-'52 JERRY GRAY No task too steep for human wit. Football '51-'54 Camera Club '53-'54 Basketball '51 BILL GRENVALL He smiles and women wonder if he means it. L CHARLEENE HANEY I Intelligent and sweet. F. H. A. '51-'52 Girls' Glee Club '54 LINDA HARGRAVE Life's ambitions always come true. Band '50-' 54 fCo-Captain '53l Drum Major '54 Choir '51-'54 fVice Pres. '52, All State Choir '52 N. H. S. '53-'54 fTreas. '53j F. H. A. '51-'54 fOfficer '5Zl Camera Club '54 IIMMIE LEE HARRIS One to be admired. F. H. A. '51 if 'fli-f will Literary Club '53 Library Club '53-'54 ' Library Assistant '51-'54 Camera Club '54 PAUL HARRIS This man ha s tarzan eyes--they swing from limb to limb. Football '51-'54 A "' Basketball '51-'54 ' . Junior Rota rian '54 sl 'E as DOROTHY ANN HARRISON She knows what she wants. F. H. A. '51-'54 Majorette '51-'53 Western Queen '53 F. F. A. Sweetheart '54 DORTHEY LOUISE HARRISON Capable of anything. fClovis, New Mexicol F. H. A. '52-'53 Library Staff '52-'53 DEAN HARROD A little learning is a dangerous thing. F. F. A. '51-'53 Football '51-'54 Track '51 DONALD WAYNE HARTLEY Eyes that pierce the darkest night. Football '50-'51 Camera Club '53-'54 ADRIAN LEON HILL So modestthat half his worth is not known. Camera Club '53-' 54 TOM WEAVER HILL Whose nature is so far from doing harm, that he suspects nothing. N. H. S. '53-'54 Camera Club '53-'54 CHARLOTTE HARVEY She is just naturally nice. Camera Club '54, F. T. A. '54 N. H. S. '53-'54 Choir '53-'54,Librarian I SUE HEATHERLY Unpredictable as the weather. F. H. A. '51-'53, Band '51-'53 Camera Club '52-'53 SANDRA HEMMLE There is no wisdom like frankness Choir '52-'54 fPres., Treas.J ' ' All State Choir '52, Band '52-'54 Red Cross '51-'54 Q V. Pres. '52, N. H. S. '52-'54 Student Council '54 HARVEY WAYNE HOPKINS Great life if you don't weaken. fMount Plea santj Freshman Class President fCookvillej Basketball '51-'52 MARGARET ANN HORAN She loves life. F. H. A. '50-'54 Band '50 Safety Council '53-'54 KAREN HUNT She believes two can live as cheaply as one. F. H. A. '50-'54 Camera Club '52-'53 Safety Council '53-'54 Literary Club '52-'54 IO ANN IOBE Will her dreams ever come true? F. H. A. '52-'53 Band '52-'53 Camera Club '53 Office Staff '51-'53 BRIAN JOHNSON Notjust good but good Class President '53- Football '52-'54 Sophomore Favorite Camera Club '53-'54 Basketball '52-'54 PRESTON JORDAN for something. '54 Always ready for a little mischief. . V. A. '53, Football '50-'51 HAROLD KEY A smile that reaches all. fPilot Pointj Baseball '50-' 52 Vice Pres. Junior Class Football '51-'52, Basketball '51-'52 Sports Editor of school paper 'f DYANN W. KERBOW DICK KIRK fSunsetl L i fe without laughing is a dreary blank. F. H. A. '50-'51 Sophomore Class Secretary Cheerleader '50 SARAH KINDRED Her voice is her Choir '52-'54 N. H. S. '53-'54 Junior Play Musical Comedy F. T. A. '54 What would he do without women? Camera Club '54 Sound Engineer '53-'54 JOHNIE KLAPPER The mysterious me rnb senior class. Football '51-'54 V. A. Camera Club '54 Basketball '50-'51 KAY KLOTZBURGER Always where duty calls N. H. S. '53-'54 Camera Club fVice Pres. '54J Choir '54 7. V con staff '54 ' gl student councu '54 I ' Q ph Safety Council '53 ' ,lf Quill and Scroll '54 JOYCE KNIPRATH One of tho s e minute-sized addi- tions. F. H. A. '53-'54 COfficer '54j Choir '53-'54 N. H. S. '53-'54 er of the us H A, A fo rtune. ' 52 H5 I FRANKLIN LOVE Everybody's own good buddy. F. F. A. '51-'54 BILLIE JOY MARSHALL A light heart lives longer. F. H. A. '51-'54 ROYCE LAWSON What would Kelly-Sawyer do with- out him? Football '52, Baseball '52-'54 MARSHA LEHEW Always a smile for everyone. Colt Staff '53-'54, F. H. A. '51-'53 Camera Club '54, Library Club TILLIE LESTER She talks niceg she acts niceg she is nice Annual Staff '54, N. H. S. '53-'54 Class Officer '53 Choir '53-'54 QOfficer '54, Band '51-'54 fOfficer '51-'54J Red Cross '52-'54 fPres. '54Q Student Council '52-'54 DONNA MATETZSCHK Why couln't we all be as sweet as Donna ? BYRON MATTHEWS "Pete" will do. Camera Club '54 CARROL MCALPINE Just call him "Oscar". Football '51-'52 F. F. A. '52-'53 Colt Staff '54 Baseball '54 Camera Club ETHEL Mc FADIN A friend to all and sincere in her efforts. N. H. S. '53-'54 Colt Staff '53-'54 Quill and Scroll '53-'54 F. H. A. '51-'53 Literary Club '52-'54 IO ANN MCQUEARY They never fail, those who try. F. H. A. '51-'52 Library Club, Office Staff '54 DON MIEARS A typical Westerner and proud of it F. F. A. '50-54 fVice Pres. '54j Football ' 50 Student Council '54 DOUGLAS MILBURN One of our fine outstanding boys. N. H. S. '53-'54 Annual Staff '54 Student Council Quill and Scroll fVice Pres. '54l '5 '54 L DONNA MITCHELL '51 She has a sweet smile. Glee Club '54 Library Club '52-'53 F. H. A. '51 TOMMY MOORE What Tommy can't do with ahorse no one can. F. F. A. '51-'54fDistrictPres. '53, Track '52-'53 Colt Staff '54 Class Officer fTreasu1-er '52l "Little Arlie" Trainer '54 Band '51-'53 GRADALYN MORRIS Long blond curls are added attrac tions to her personality. N. H. S. '53-'54 Colt Staff '53-'54 Quill and Scroll '53-'54 F. H. A. '51-'54 Literary Club '53-'54 PAT MORROW One we can recall with pleasure. Choir '54 Mad'moiselles '53 fPresidentl F. H. A. '51-'54 QVice Pres. '52, Pres. '51-U Student Council '52-'54 N. H. S. '53-'54 RICHARD NARCHO He is certainly interested in sports Basketball '51-'54 Football '51-'54 Track '51-'54 Camera Club '51-'52 DAN NORMAN He could if he would, but he won't Football '51-'54 Basketball '51-'53 Baseball '54 Safety Council '54 QReporterl GEORGE PETERS Girls , don't look at meg I'm too bashful. Choir ' 52-' 54 PATRICIA ANN POWELL Men may come and men may go but not if I can help it. F. H. A. '53 DANNY OSBURN There will never be another like him. ' Basketball '53-'54, Baseball '54 Track '53, Choir '54 ROGER PARSLEY All the great men are dying---I don't feel so good myself. Band '51-'52, F. F. A. '51-'52 Choir '54 WANDA PEEK Always willing to help. N. H. S. '53-'54, Colt Staff '53-'54 Literary Club '52-'54 F. T. A. '53-'54, QReporterJ, F. H. A. '51-'52 EUGENE PRATER N Here's to love , the only fire you can't buy insurance on. Band '53-'54 Choir '53-'54 Safety Council '54 BILLY RANDALL He does his best at all times. fMansfieldj Football '51-'52 F. F. A. '51-'52 DALE RASH He hasn't decid work yet. F. F. A. '51-'54 SUSAN REDDING Always around wh Choir '52-'54 Safety Council '54 F. H. A. '51-'53 N. H. S. '53-'54 Junior Play Musical Comedy e d on his life's en you need her. RUTH REDMOND Scatter-brained, but we love her. Colt Staff '54, Library Club '53-'54, F. H. A. '51-'54, Office Staff '53, Camera Club '54, Quill and Scroll '54 GAYLE REEVES Luck's with her all the way. Colt Staff '54, F. H. A. '51-'54 Iunior Play, Red Cross Council SANDRA ROEBUCK Lovely to look atg nice to be with Literary Club '54, F. H. A. '51- '53, Camera Club '53, Jr. Play 'Au PAULA SARTAIN All who know her, love her. Camera Club '54 Library Club '54 BARBARA SHERWOOD Always cheering for t Cheerleader '54 Sophomore Favorite F. H. A. '51-'52 N. H. S. '53-'54 HARRIET SHOTOLA We hear her, we see her. Cheerleader '54 Literary Club '54 N. H. S. '53-'54 Camera Club '54 RONNIE SMITH He goes quietly about his work. Camera Club '51 Football '53-'54 Track '53 AL RUSSELL 5, 4. He has heard thatmen of few words are the best men. F. F. A. '51-'54 Football '51 BOB RUSSELL Time and tide wait fo fHudson High School, Hockey '51-'53 Football '51-'53 Soccer '53 I' HO 111311. he Colts. her, we like I 3 ' ,F 1 . we F 'Y' SUE SMITH RICHARD WRIGHT STEPHENS He is always ready when you are. Football '51-'54 Safety Council '53-'54 Student Council '53 Leathercraft '51 Baseball '51 WANDA JO STEPHENS Always there when needed. N. H. S. '53-'54 Student Council '53-'54 F. T. A. '52-'54 fPres. '53J Band '51-'54 fTreas. '54l Red Cross '51-'54 fVice Pres. '54j F. H. A. '51-'53 Annual Staff '54 MARY ALIC E STEWART wants it. F. H. A. '51 N. H. S. '53-'54 HELEN STRICKLAN fLindenl F. H. A. '51-'52 Band '51-'52 Camera Club '53 JAMES SWAFFORD Football '51-'54 Baseball '51-'54 Leathercraft '51 Choir '54 F. F. A. '51 HAYDEN VICTOR TERRY Satan often hides behind an face. Football '51-'54 Baseball '51-'54 Student Council '52 Junior Class Vice Pres. Choir '51-'54 Junior Play Jr. Rotarian '54 He grows some everyday. A truer friend could not be found Band '52-'54 F. H. A. '5l- 52 Camera Club 53 54 F. T. A. '52 ALFRED WAYNE SMITH A quiet mind is richer than a crown Camera Club 54 MARY CATHERINE SOHN Talks little and says much ' F. H. A. '51- 52 Girls Glee Club 54 She knows what she wants when she Personal appearance alwayscounts. innoc e nt Quiet as a mouse but you know she Literary Club 53 54 CPres. '54J Colt Staff 54 ChO1r 53-'54 Red Cross 52 53 fSec. '5ZQ Nomen are not of great inte rest--yet. A 51 54 Pres. '54J heerfulness 1S a great asset. urls Glee Club 53 54 VICTOR WAGNER Why be silent today ma y be dumb. Library Club '52-'53 Debate Club '51-'52 Camera Club '54 SARAH WATKINS You can recognize her by that laugh. Class Officer '52-'54 fSecretaryD Student Council '53-'54 Annual Staff ' 54 choir '53-'54 fsec. '54J R 54 N. H. S. '53-' Band '52-'54 F. H. A. '51-'52 fOfficer 'say GLEN DOYLE WATSON A most reliable man is he. Football '51-'52 Baseball '51-'52 Science Club BARBARA WHALEY We needed her at A. H. S. fNetuchen High, New Ierseyj Lady in Waiting at Band Formal. IOYE TOMPKINS A quiet tongue sho w Colt Staff '53-'54 F. T. A. '54 fSec.D Student Council '54 N. H. S. '53-'54 Quill and Scroll '53 54 MARGIE TUCKER She brings sunshine to the lives others. N. H. S. '53-'54 Band '52-'54 Colt Staff '54 Red Cross '54 Camera Club '54 F. H. A. '51 tomorrow I KENNETH WOLFE Give him time for thought. Football '51-'53 F. F. A. '51 JACK WOMBLE A man of few words. F. F. A. Officer '51 Junior Rotarian '54 Football '51-'54 Track '51-'54 Basketball '51 BEVERLY ANN WHITE She's just as cheerful as her face shows. fSidney, Texasj Advanced Choir '51-'52, F. H. A. '52-'53, Choir '54, Colt Staff '54 PATRICIA WILLIAMS "Peaches" suits her better. Freshman Favorite, F. H. A. '51-'53, Student Council '51-'53, N. H. S. '53-'54, Safety Council '51 TULIA ANN WILSON Kind-hearted, friendly and full of life. Student Council ' 53-' 54, Annual Stafi '54, N.H.S. '53-'54, Band '52-'54, Choir '53-'54, Office Staff '51, '52 MARLYN WOOD F. A good heart's worth its weight in gold. JIM WOODMAN A determined will to serve. N. H. S. '53-'54 fPres. '54J Camera Club '51-'54 fPres. '54l - Annual Staff '54 I Choir '54 Student Council fVice Pres. '54J Band Announcer '54 Quill and Scroll '54 BARBARA WOODWARD Another interstate product. Girls' Glee Club '52-'53 H. A. '51-'54 DURWOOD WORKMAN Q Where there'sawill there's Football '51-'52 Basketball '51 Camera Club '51-'54 away. There's sunshine in her big brown eyes. F. H. A. '51-'52, Camera Club '51-'54, F. T. A. '52-'54 fV. P. '54J Student Council '53-'54 Always ready to help her class- mates. F. H. A. '51-'52, Office Staff '52-'53, Colt Staff '52-f54 Quill and Scroll '52-'54 Camera Club '51-'54 F. T. A. '52-'54 FAYE WORKMAN Whose high endeavors are an inward light. N. H. S. '53-'54 Camera Club '53-'54 F. H. A. '51-'54 f RAYMOND WRIGHT He spreads laughter. Football '51-'52 Golf '52-'54 Red Cross Council '53-'54 . Camera Club '53-'54 R e me mbe r Annette and J'annette's 18th birthday party? Linda and Arthur delivering circulars. ANNETTE WORKMAN -5 Office Staff '52-'54 2 x if IANNETTE WORKMAN F UNIOR CLASS UNDER TUDIE w 4 ....--duncan.. PRESIDENT ...... VICE PRESIDENT. . SECRETARY ..... TREASURERS .... SOCIAL CHAIRMEN REPORTER ...... SPONSORS . . . . .Charles Munson . . .james Hyden .............AnnI-Iufcndick . . .Henry Armstrong, Barbara Horton . . . Linda Reavesil-Iarvey Pippin . . . . . . . . Harriett Slaughter . . . . Mrs. johns Mr. Key Miss Nora Butler Mrs, Wilkins Nell Ruth Adams Dora Lee Alford Raymond Andre Eva Juanita Alford Frank Anderson Henry Armstrong Peggy Austin Grace Bell Jimmy Autrey 5 Freddie Lou Beltzner Tommy Bennett Richard Bennett I E 5 . ggi. , r. X ff 1- 3,1 : is y- ' Martha J'o Birdwell Don Boring Ann Bond Berley Bowen Charles Bradley Terry Buchan Jeanette Bowerman Grover Brendle Milton Bullock N . , f Ioan Yvonne Chaffin K C C Paul Caines A V Dorothy Cass Dollye Belle Chapman Wayne Christian Rodger Coble Tomm Clayton U ' Mary Nell couins Anita comer Dx J A1 ,fgj CW JW? Dwain Cox Mary Louise Fred Dalton l n 0'Y'l Helen Demases Michael Ditto Corinne Eixrngan ' , Joyce Diggs Wanda Eckelrnan L'ynette Beatrice English "' ' J.-:J - ,t 'U ip 1' 5 N 0' 1' Dm ' l 51, 5 ' E X s fue l !! fv-,ki 11' is K ' f W Ah , 1 'I . ' - :asf 2 ff X gsm 1 1 A I e- V flag Kenneth Fabel Warren Fro K L! Annie Lou Gartman Jimmie Finch Harry Garman Billie Jo Gaston Q ,AFX , ,W ,mf vi , 9 ll - I ' Y ' - 'i ' 5. 9, J' " if Iii ,A I, A' .,-'J lik ,law f ,f ,' I ' if 1 'L' ,X ' ,C Aff, Q y-far ' -' ' 'A Cl d Godfre ' ' Y 9 Y Patsy Goodwin l' Carol Ann Goerdel 5,9135 l K 1 Q' A ' -:E ' s A' G aj 4 1 T 4 Benny Gyraeff Letha Laynette Grligin Jerry Bob Griffin . f 4'-, , 'W , ' I . ' w 4 . Royce Grimes Sherrod Harris d Lee Harris Weldon Hall ji ff f,r,,fj,'a 'M' 'd A Carolyn Heath Sylvia Hodges Jo Ann Hebbard James Holland ffif? ' G EL A 141- 1- 3435 5, - W if E L , 1 . .- in xii Maryetta Holley Barbara Horton Johnnie Holloway Nancy Ann I-Iufendick ' , E' ,,f,, L L " L ooa Bryan Hundley Leo Iahns James Hyden .X ' A vw 3 ' we K, 4 .gll I W, x is X f -'fl Vx X .1 ,ny F in f Jr V ' .l xgx Glenn James Ian S53 W Delores Kin .J ,Q L Ruth Kurtzweil Eileen Anne Liddy Travis Looper I I f J 4 4 . M W fy ww Joe Byron Lindsey GH 59- rt Luke Nelda Luton 3 J 5511 E42 fi V6 -gf S rf ' , 1 iv , if ' 4' ,f . .k X L53 is 1 X We 1 Mann Bever1yL,Mat10ck Gerald Martin Carolyn Matelzachk y, U 'P ' cilla Matlock .ww L 1 QW - N ,I MM V0 ,Lf K X 0 fl' 555 V1 ' i ,nj WM 7 l f we ,Jw in f, Qt by ' 'Lf Ierr McCarter Jer j Y fl!!! IPL! Nelda Mc Cullum X04 Gene McGarity Carol Ann McKinzie Marian McIntosh va-J David Melton Bill Mickett Kay Maxfield ry Glenn McDaniels Nancy Moody . A Q V f A Jerry Moore Norma Moore Betty Moser June Moore Dennis Morrison My Charles Munson H I 5 , . .1 '11 ' . , 1 T " - , X"'i5i53Fi5 "ff S fl 'S K Y . ,ag 9 Q 5 0 ij ly ,lift L3E'TYAN0TIiS, 1 Ledawn Ogletree ,' J'ali'1i.S'!NeTfson 7 I' PfDarre1 orwood O. T. Oiler 1 is ,ow - l y 1. VM! Q R vw efnfw 7 Q '7 -V de 04- .79-V4 f " 41' ,fi 'g Q,,,,ffJ2:jf A., -11 ja! rker .Terry Par 'f.L.,f4"!"' Joy Flow Parker gp A ff X ffjpi I Maxine Payne 'V L Harvey P pen L5 Florence Pikauskas 'Q Q-C1 nl' Q fx xgtpfq fry bbq qt!! fwfr f Q R , R Jw' ' W Jivw ' ' fm 1 D 'SueRay ppfjgj Linda Reaves Bonnie Richey Ian Rogers 6 Robert Reynolds Jay Edward Riddle Florencef ampson v' f mQf5?fifjiif an Q or up 'E ' Q S l d or o K S J Marcel Santerre Sherry Shannon Betricia Smith lnfl K RFU Fred William Selleck Harriet Slaughter Devaun Smith If Ka " - .2 iff l, an sl ia y '2 ia, f 7' 5 Iames Harold Taylor Hayden Templeton . Kathryn Taylor lily QW William Ray Stone J'udy Swafford Ioan Marie Sulack M? . 2 x D i KP Af". 065 'J,,f7 Qi , ' -.4 X 'fl 's 1+ 'Z 1 nil nda Joyce Thomasson l Edward Tracy ' X Rosie Lee Thomason Gerald Lee Tracy Fred Tucker Gary Venrick Autry Tucker Paul Vader Joyce Vicara J'ean Wagoner Bobby Dale Walker Dorothy Watkins Bill Walker Carol W , Ray Watkins Xp! 5 10 'Q i M Q if . Avi gn Virginia Watkins Frances Web Namon Watson E I I E E Mb' '- '- an Deanna Lou White Kenneth Wickliffe J?-9 A ' ' Jerry whiff: fi' E ' 4 X Zi i ik, Bill Woodman W Sandra Wyatt John Loyd Winkle r 1 ,q 5 'J ' V' f 'I' A W' iff fl x .sw i E' X3-, 9 X fx ff' , 4 1, ' -1 5' J' M v I Gossiping in study hall. iQ- ---V---- f W, il The junior booth at the Halloween Party. Dick's in deep meditation OPHOMORE CLASS PROP PRESIDENT ...... VICE-PRESIDENT. . SECRETARY ..... TREASURER ..... SOCIAL CHAIRMEN. . . SPONSORS . . . . Dick Dalton . . . .Phil johnson Meri1ynBrown ..............JosieBird Beth I-Iankins, Kermy Hart . . . Miss Roddy Mr. john Polzin Mrs. Cloye Sherrod Mr. Fambro Mrs. Skelton Ola Actkinson Howard Aldriedge Richard Almond Iona Fay Adams Pamelia Alford Walton Anderson Don Frank Andre Ioan Ashford Lynda Arthur Jim Bailey Barbara Barnhill Arthur Babitt Jane Barton Christine Bell Lagatha Bearden Corine Bellomy Anne Binion Josie Lu Bird Ann Bentley Peggy Birchfield Dee Ann Booker 1811165 BOOIIS Sharon Bourque Carol Ann Bradford Don Bourne Grady Box Patsy Brendle Maxine Brewer Merilyn Brown Clita Brown Lanette Buck Jimmy Burton Charles Buckins Io Ann Busbee David Cantrell Ruth Lauchette Bygel Shirley Cantrell Casey Chandler Billy Clark Josephine Carranza Marion Chism Helen Claxton Janis Coffee Ann Conner Wayne Crowley Ch-31'l6S Collier William Crouch Bobby Culbertson Richard Dalton Betty Nell Deering Marlene Day Jean Dennehy Ion Alan Dews Oscar DeVaney jf' 'iq "" ' lj-9? ' E , E a E 1 l 4 ' la 1 Charles Dillon Roger Doherty Earnest Dillon David Eaton Betty Ellis Jane English Nolan Edler Ianeice Ellison Shirley Evans Tommy Fanning Charles Field Charles Garman Wanda Farr Kay Fillmore William Donald Goggans id'. Ti' . 'e,--i gg: 'gfsfjk : , .. 'if ' G' I , Sylvia Golden Laura Gotcher Howard Lee Goodwin Laurene Gotcher Don Graves Betty Gray Mark Grisham Eddie Hadley Sandra Haas Pasty Hale Dale Hammonds Beth Hankins Donnie Hamilton Beverly Handley Janice Hardwick Bobby Harris Q! bfloyd Harrison Sydney Heard " ' " "' ' Kenny Hart Jackie Henley V- Olivia Herndon Jim Highfill Victoria Hiett Jimmy Lee Hinson Tip Horsley Gertrude Hoover Eldon Howard Jerry Hunt William Hudson William Inlow Roberta Jewett Phil Johnson Carol Ann Jachalke Mary Ann Johnson Marvin Kelley Nancy Kevil Benny Kiker Diane Kinzer Patricia Kiehn Barbara Kilpatrick James Kitterman 1-M James Knapp Gene Lam Carman Kolb - ' 2235- ,elf A A 1 ' 4, .mg Lfllgilid' .. ' " H an ii.'fi2:" 3if . ,. " ' 2 kpg,q'3Q4 N I. .. A Elmer Lapierre Jerry Lawrence David Larson Sandra Leazer Lanelle Levick Charles Lehman WVZ4 1 A Wanda Io Longdon Pat MacCarthy Chloe Mann Barbara Lumsden Wesley Madsen Leak Ann Mann Edwain Marlow Margie Martin Daniel Marty Henry Marshall Rubin Martin Gary McAdams James McAlpine Joan McCarty Delouris McCarrol Ruby McDonald Melba McQueary Bonnie McNeel ' 1 Ruth Meador Mary Mendez Billy Meisner Richard Metcalfe Gayle Miller Daniel Mills Georgie Milam Helen Ailene Miller Donny Moore Pansy Moore Glenda Morrison Sue Musgrove ' Dennis Morgan Susan Murchison Jimmy Musil Sylvia Myers Billy Nelson Scott Neel Clarence David Nelson Don Newsome Lalu Ne sbit Marian Nichols Eloise Payne Ted Olson Mary Ann Pierce Don Prater Betty Puckett Mary Pikauskas J'o Ann Prater Ronnie Reddell ' il ' , ., ,.L e 'gf - 1 ,f fi? ' - if XY V 5: Jerry Reeves Penny Rhett Wayne Rivers Bernard Remynse Bobby Richardson Lunita Roberts Nancy Russell Charles Ryan Thomas Russell Joyce Sampson David Scruton Carol Sawyer Ion Lee Seaborn Elizabeth Sessions Sherry Sechrist Robe rt Shade Danny Smith E1-nes-time Smith Loveta Sherrill Dennis Smith Judy Smith Doris Starks Sandra Sutherland Jimmie Ioyce Thomas - Kerry Stephens Phil Sutton David Thompson Donald Thompson Margie Tibbetts X Billy Tibbetts Jimmie Trarnrnel Joan Troth Jane Troth Connie Tucker Gary Vanderslice Phyllis Vader Jack Wages Ion Walker Leonard Walters Floyd Walker Margaret Wallace Barbara Warren N.,-1-,M-,V ,,,1l....,, E, ..-., . . - 1 .. I. Y , I ,. -I, Y vw K Clarence Watkins Norma Weatherford James Wilson Jerry Watson Eugene Williamson Louis Wilson Kenneth e rs Jim Woodward Wayne Wright ' Kermit Workznan Marilyn Yates Bobby Young FRE H AN CLASS PROMPTERS PRESIDENT .................................. . . john Young VICE-PRESIDENT .... . . Benny Handley SECRETARY ...... . . TREASURER ....... . . . SOCIAL CHAIRMAN. . . . . SPONSORS ....... . David Snider Lonetta Gibbs .Wayne Hodges . . . Mr. Duff Mrs. Moranz Mrs. Burman Mrs. Crouch Mrs. Tumham Mary Nelle Ashcraft Kenneth Ray Autrey Billy Wayne Bailey Elizabeth Bailey Charles Ray Barnes Dorothy Maxine Barnes Louis Reginald Bass Vonacile Bea rden Terry Dean Bell Dell Bellomy James Franklin Adams Sheila Kay Adams Ester Mary Albright Larry Wayne Allen Judith Virginia Andrasko Paula Jean Arthur Judy Carol Biggers Deward Lee Bigham Phillips Patrick Bingham Penny Ann Block Berry Woodrow Blocker David Brown Boatwright Kenneth W. Boen Peggy Jean Bolin Freddie La Nell Braucht Donald Erwin Bredthauer C. V. Brewer Sunny Joyce Brewer Cynthia Ann Callis Ginger Campbell Larry Wayne Cantrell Sharon Sue Carroll Sheila Carroll Dorman Lee Carson S R Ruby Brewton Richard Dale Brigman Margret Ann Britton Peggy Joyce Brown David Ray Bruce Jerry Robert Buck Geana Lou Bufkin Sue Ann Burns James Carlton Caddel Dolores Cales ME., , ' wr, ,RM Connie Cheek Lois Jeanne Christopher Annie Clark Bobby Cole Buddy Lynn Cook Sarah Cook Virginia Ann Cooper Nora Jeanne Cotton Carroll Ray Courtney Elaine Cox Barbara Ann Carter Jerry Faye Carter George W. Cates Eugene Chaddick Brenda Karon Chandler Mary Louise Chavoya Winson Darrell Crabb David Bruce Craig Mar'y Cecelia Cravens Gary Crosby Charles Lawrence Davis Patricia Ann Davis Charles Waynard Day Jacqueline Ann DeBard Grace Devenport Iyrone Terry Dickens Shirley Dean Diggs Jerry Lynn Dillard 5' . Tlx, , 193.gif in ff? -567 -F Sarah Ann Foster Britten Fuqua William Gardner Juanita Gardner Hiram Joseph Gartman Mary Faye Geer Jim Millard Dillon Edward Joseph DiMinno Patricia Ann DiMinno Sandra Duncan William Howard Elliott John Fairchild Carl Gene Fiveash Joe Perry Forbes Charles David Ford James Elliott Foster N 1 J.- a X J A 11, rlll James Harold Gragg Ronald Graves Tommy Melvin Jerry Newell Gray Mavis Louise Gregg Carroll William Griffith David Lynne Gutkowski Kenny Richard Haines Mary Evelyn Hall Michael Ham I Lonetta Chloe Gibbs Roy Gill Bill Goforth Freeda Dorothy Goodwin Ruth Eudell Gotcher Glynda Nell Gothard Graves V Shirley Cleo Hamilton Byron Lee Hancock "' ' ,,,, A5 f Bennie Harold Handley G e i ' ' William Garland Hanks Judith Lynne Hargrave Elizabeth Ann Harris 'Wa-5 , Donna Cheryl Harrison Kenneth Conway Hartgraves Sylvia Raye Harvey Rupert Leon Hayes Edward Allen Heinlein Patsy Iennell Henderson oannn A Betty Lou Hendrix Darla Faye Hensley James Carroll Hill Frank W. Hilliard Sonja Yvonne Hinshaw Kenneth Earl Hinson Hubert Wayne Hodges Ruth Mar1e Holloway M- l H Beverly June Hooper Jack Franklin Horan Gene Autry Hottel Charles Terry Howard Claude Vernon Howard Jane Hufendick Donald Ray Hull Millard Humphrey K-'X 14- .- S w Charles Jacobs Richard Lee Jobe Nancy Cleon Johns 4 W ' an Q 14: 0 L' 0 ' up an 'fx X, 0' 55 r , Q' , Linda Jean Johnson Richard Elmo Jones Howard Sajon Joyner Celia Jean Kelly Rose Marie Kevil Colby Lee Kight Mary Knowles James Lakey Merrill Lankford Donald Lasater Jacqueline Laurence Barbara Lawson Donald Leach 'Q 5 A W. A il ,A if if ,. I , 0+ H, ,,,.. i f X -2' .Y ll sfr cyy is is 71 s hu it James Leach Stuart Wayne Leath Jimmy Leazenby Frederic Lehew Elizabeth Lewis Donna Jane Little 4 'V 5 G' Barbara Jean Littlepage James Edward Long Jerry Lowe Billy Don Lowrance Cecil Warren Lowrie Daisy Jane Lowry Joyce Jean McCarthy Rosalyn Dianna McClain lan Cameron McDonald Larry Neal McFadin Thomas Franklin McNamara Ava Maria McReynolds :VK L L wf e Lynda Ruth Lynch Helen Jean Martin Judith Elliot Martin Kenneth Garland Martin Mary Alice Martin Nancy Carol Martin Robert Martin Judith Mae Mathews Veneice Matlock Robert Warren Mayes Merlene Milner Jesse Floyd Minatra Juanita Jo Moody Richard Lee Moon Linda See Moore Robert Wayne Moore Patricia Anne Morris Niles Warner Mullennix Charles E. Murray Glenn Carroll Nance L... Joan McRoberts Lavella Melson H Doris LaVe rne Melton Robert Samuel Miles Charles Miller Marilyn Sue Miller Barbara Jean Nash Patsy Wilhelrnina Neel Lynda Norwood Sharon Olson Wilbert Lee O'Neal David Edwin Orr Barbara Jean Parks Manuel Soto Parra Major Paul Patterson . , ,- '1"aFPg., H ':. my Martha Louise Patterson Shirley June Patterson Arthur Lee Payne J' V 'yT Ierry Herbert Rech Kay Remynse James Prentice Rhodes Paula Iune Richney Bonnie Ritter Virginia Fay Roberts 1 Harold Gene Petty Charles Douglas Phillips Edward Lee Phillips Marsha Ann Pierce Robert Kenneth Polk Darwin Price Kenneth Prikryl Joe Provence Elise Ragland Patricia Rash l'- ' ir ' . -V, 3 ., X' if " -A H 'E-"' in-'Y . K va' ii: Ji H ,Q . ' ' I E' Norman Ryder Royce Edward Sandefer Wayne Sawyer W. M. Scott, Ir. Suzie Seiler Peggy Shackelfo rd Patsy Shope Hugh David Sibley Jeanine Smith is Murell Dean Smith I. Vernon Lee Robertson W. H. Robins Martin Rose George Rozelle Gwen Hayes Rumbaugh Kenneth Russell f'3 Walter Huston Smithers David Snider J'. T. Spear Martin Wayne Spear Dana Lou Sprinkle Annette Spruance Charles Robin Steakley Carroll Ann Stewart Jo Ann Stewart Joyce Ann Stewart Rufus Hay Stewart Billy Wayne Taylor Geraldine Waldo John Ward Jay Weldon Warner Evelyn Margaret Watkins Allan Wade Webb Anita Sue West Thelma Louise Temples Marilyn Gail Thomas David Larry Thomasson James Harvey Thompson Mary Ann Thresher David Roscoe Thurman Joseph Eugene Touchon Sharon Trimmier Philip Underwood Frances Vicars V Q eww. 1, N M.. .- iz. Dorothy Sue Williams Frank Williams James Ray Williams Phillip Taylor Williams Dora Ann Willingham Betty Wills Bobby Wills Donna Workman Gail Workman Charles Whaley Ann Wheeler James S. White Phyllis Alice White Paul Andrew Wilbur Anne Lou Williams if Travis Preston Wynne Billy Wayne Yeatherman Charles D. Young Diane Young John Young Betsy Ann Zimmerman The Freshmen take the prize!! Studying ----- in class? F 11 Es HM EN Oh, those tiring band trips! Jim Bailey seems comfortable! What's the main attraction? Judy doesn't seem interested. That old gang of mine. Why so solemn, Jane ? Ready for the take-off. Bobby and Dale on the loose. xl ESTERN U5 'HVU4 'O UNION b . WP. ,, N I C WU uf L' 1 m','f.fs , , ' "7" n - 7.1, '4 fig +,,' 0 XXI' 45, ,fm Sm? 'tv' N Xa, X . K. f, 43:5 . f 1 IEDM' MJ 1 5,132 X "Q AN CLUB CLUBS STUDE T CGUNCIL The Student Council is the governing body of the school. Two representatives from each class and club compose its membership. This organization plans assembly programs, conducts all school elections, and sponsors all-school festivities. Planning homecoming day is one of the main duties of the student council. The president of this group is also Student-Body President jerry Ray Foster OFFICERS President --- Vice-Pre sident ---- ---- Secretary ---- Sergeant-at-arms --- jerry Foster jim Woodman - - -Ruth Bames -- ---jimmy Finch Parliamentarian - - - MV, 4 ,--. Sponsors - - - - - -Eddie Myers --,l,,,- Miss Ousley Mrs. johns Mr. Webb J U IOR RGTARIAN The junior Rotarians are chosen by a secret faculty committee to attend the regular Ro- tarian meetings for one month. These senior boys are selected for outstanding leadership sportsmanship and scholarship. Left to rightg Brian Johnson, jack Womble, Paul Harris, Kenny Everett, Dick Stephens, jerry Foster, Ar- thur Bird, Hayden Terry, Paul Falk, fnot pictured Tommy Moorej. VATI0 WM The Myrtle Lee Thomton Chapter of the National Honor Society is composed of members from the junior and senior classes on basis of qualities of high character, service, leader- ship, and scholarship. The purpose of this organization is to stimulate interest in scholarship. Left to right: Back Row: Raymond Watkins, Marcel Santerre, Mr. Webb, Glenn james, Mrs. Pope, Mrs. johns, Charlotte Harvey, jo Stephens, Nancy Dunsworth, jane Brem, Harriet Shotola, Wy- nelle Brown Eddjg Myers, Kenneth Wickliffe, Beverly Barling, Bob Reynolds, Susan Redding, Andy Cos- by, Sue Beall Blanton, J. Gilbert Luke, Sarah Watkins, Tom Hill, julia Wilson, David Doan, Gradalyn Morris, Gail Cartwright, Cormie Bass, Patricia Williams Ray, Nancy Pat Houston,fgP,v-,oatg Sandra Hemmle , Janie Howard Kay Klotzburger, Ledawn Ogletree, Renae Bygel, Margie Tucker, Barbara Thomas, Dorothy Watkins, Corinne Eixman, Beverly Matlock, Maxine Payne, Barbara Horton, jan Knight, Betrecia Smith, Virginia Watkins, Ann Hufendick, Pat Curry, Peggy Austin, Tillie Lester, Ruth Kurtzweil Ramona Elkins, Michael Ditto, jerry Ray Foster, joye Tompkins, Ruth Bames, Mary Alice Stewart, Patricia Dennis, Faye Workman, Joyce Kniprath, Wanda Peek, Pat Morrow, Pris- cilla Matlock, Sarah Kindred, Ethel McFadin, Frances Webb Arthur Bird, Douglas Milburn, Bonny Black, Sara Brothers, Linda Hargrave, jim Woodman. Y HC GR SGCIETY The new spring members are: Left to right: Nancy Moody, Iannette Bowerman, Billy Coble, Bill Walker, Harold Key, Betty Jo DeVaney, Beverly White, Wanda Thomasson. Fall Officers Spring Term ' President ----- Vice-President - - Secretary ----- Treasurer - - Social Chairmen Repo rte r ---- - -Jim Woodman Douglas Milburn Sara Jo Brothers - - Linda Hargrave - - - -Arthur Bird Bonny Jo Black - - -Jane Brem President - - - - - Douglas Milburn Vice-President ---- Arthur Bird Secretary ----- Treasurer- - - Social Chairmen Reporter- - - - Ethel McFadin - - Michael Ditto - - - Eddie Myers Bonny Black - - -Frances Webb SOPR.A.NO ALTO BROTHERS BIRCHFIELD HARVEY BROWN M. HEMMLE QPresidentj BROWN W. KINDRED BYGEL KNIPRATH GARDNER MO RROW HARGRAVE PIKAUSKAS KLOTZBURGER REDDING KURTZWEII. WATKINS fSecretaryj LESTER QTreasurerj WHIT E LEVIC K WILSON MAT LOCK WYATT SLAUGHT ER THOMAS WEBB X k, AC COMPAN IST BONNY BLAC K COLT GLEE N PRESIDENT . .... . . . VICE PRESIDENT. . . . . . SECRETARY. . . . . ACCOMPANIST. . . . . . Clyde Godfrey Phil johnson . T erry Buchan Barbara Kilpatrick COL ARLI C g Q -nt F A Bi a Left to right: Renae Bygel, L i n d a Harg: Cartwright, Wynelle Brown. TENOR ARNOLD X DALTON D. NDALTON F. LEV IC K LOWRAN CE O SBURN PET ERS PRAT ER SELLIC K SWAF FORD DIRECTOR BASS CROWLEY FALK FOSTER HOLLAND KIKER , MYERS PARSLEY REMYNSE TERRY WALKER WINDERS WOODMAN B WOODMAN J MISS JANE ELLIS OI ELLE 'T PRESIDENT -Hmmm VICE PRESIDENT ..... janeice Ellison SECRETARY .... Ann Binion ACCOMPANIST . . .Sandra Sutherland COLT - , MAJORETTES Left to right: Sara jo Brothers Nancy Dunswornh Bonny jo Black Linda johnson Josie Lu Bird ,AN M he JMS wb! WMJWJJZM wp Left to right: jan Knight Barbara Horton Nanc DRUM MAJORETTE Linda Hargrave T 3 'fi FLUTES Slaughter Gardner Smith Smith Warren CLARINETS Austin Ogletree Hunt Wages Miles Leazar Barnhil kwebb Hodges - Haines Bailey I-lorsley Kevil Levick Miller Me ador Morrison Bygel SAXAPHONES CONCERT BAND Prater Busbee Ellison Binion james BAS SOON Sutherland OBOE Brown BASS CLARINETS Stephens Bygel Curry Sutton Wright Lindsey CORNETS Kittefman Sandefer Lester Elliott Ritter Brem Wickliffe Armstrong FRENCH HORNS Williams Santerre Hemmle A Hargrave Wilson BARITONES Watkins Birchfield Mugil Carter Fillmore Marshall Laurance Wilbur Hinshaw TROM-BONES Hayes Brewer Prater Joyner Spear BASS HORNS l1'lv0':?' r Myers ,J Davis jones Giddens BELLS McIntosh DIRECTOR Corey PERCUSSION Lamb Brown Woodward Provence Fairchild Matlock Walker OFFICERS PRESIDENT ------------ Henry Armstrong , g . VICE Esm7E1Qf3Qf4 SECRETARY ----------- T REASURER ---- - - - CHAPLAIN ------------- I -, ..,.-,.-. ,..., LIBRARIAN ------- --- SOCIAL CHAIRMEN ----- Sandra I-lemmle jo Stephens Eddie Myers Tillie Lester julia Wilson Marcel Santerre CHEER LEADERS I school owes a vote of thanks to Miss Melba Roddy and a group of cheerleaders who have I X on a fine job of keeping up the school spirit. They have brought to us many original pep if, A - ral les. After each home football game, the student body has enjoyed a dance sponsored by this W 'I gr p. f X ding: Beth Hankins, Ann Hufendick, Harriet Shotola eelingg Delores King, Sue Blanton, Barbara Sherwood. This year Little Arlie, our mas- cot, has been cared for and trained efficiently by Tommy Moore and Don Bourne. Little Arlie has become widely known in the district. COLT CORRAL Editors - - - Business Managers Sports ---- Art ------- Class Editors ---- Typist ---- Photographer --- -- RUTH BARNES PAT CURRY - - ---- JO ST EPHHSI S DOUGLAS MILBURN ---- JERRY FOSTER --- EILEEN LIDDY --- SARAH WATKIINTS - WMA ANN WIIQSOIZI. ---- TILLIE LESTER ---- JIM WOODMAN MRS. H. M. NICHOLS Sponsor THE CULT TAFF Left to rightg Janette Workman Ethel McFadin ------ Sue Beall Blanton ---- Bonny Black -------- Joye Tompkins ------ Wynelle Brown -- Make-up Ed. Feature Ed. Sports Ed. Co. Ass't. Ed Co. Ass't. Ed Editor Left to right: Gayle Reeves QAd SOIICIIOT, Gradalyn Morus fBus1ness Mana J gerj, Ruth Redmond fAd So1icitory,j:-me Brem QAd SO11C1f0l', Sara jo Brothers QPage Editorj, Kay Klotzburger fPhotographerj i wg-.7 ,aw TURE HO EMAKER DIC K DALTON RICA GF AM The james W.Ma.rt:in Chapter of F. H. A. has nearly two hundred members t h i s year. Its purpose is to further in- t e r e s t in home economics. National F. H. A. Week in November is observed by par- ticipating in specific activi- ties and projects each day. Climaxing the week's activi- ties is the dance where the F. H. A. Sweetheart is crowned. Left to right: Standing--Pat Curry QSecretaryy,Mrs. Ray, Mrs. Turnham QSponsorsj, Sandra Leazar fCivi1 Defensej, Harriet Slaughter Q2nd Vice Presidentj, Joyce Kni- prath QSong Leadery, Priscilla Matlock Qkeporterj, jan Knight' QHistorianj,Seated-- Janis Nelson fl-Iistorianj, Barbara Kilpatrick fPianisty, Barbara Horton Qlst Vice Presidenty, Josie Lu Bird QSergeant-at-Armsy, Wynelle Brown fReporterj, Maryetta Holley Qarliamentarianj, Sara jo Brothers QSong Leaderj, Pat Morrow fPresidentj. Sweetheart starts the dance. FUTURE FARMER OF AMERICA 1: Sweetheart Dottie Ann Ha rrison v The Arlington Chapter of F. F. A. ha s been outstanding on both local and state levels. Each year the boys, who do outstanding work on different p roj e c t s, enjoy a vacation tour to some section of the United States. Left to right, Back Row: Don Miears, V.-Pres.g Kinney Everett, Treas.g J'erryPrice, Sec.: Louis Autrey, Historian. Left to right, Front Row: Mr. Roquemore, Spon- sorg Andy Ande rson, Rep.g Tommy Clayton, Pa rl.g Franklin Love, Sentinelg Floyd Harri- son, Song Leader: Fred Thomas, President. Camping on the F. F. A. trip. CA ERA CLUB This year the Camera Club mem- bership h as increased g r e atly . Each member is required to tum in snapshots each six weeks. The Colt Corral Staff is most grateful to the Camera Club for submitting snapshots f ro m which the most suitable pictures may be selected for the annual. Left to right: Top row--jim Woodman QPresidentj, Bob Russell fSocial Chair- manj, Wynelle Brown fReporterj, Mr. Duff QSponsorj, Second row--Charlotte Harvey QSocia1 Chairmanj, Kay Klotzburger Nice-Presidenty, Bonny jo Black fSecretaryj. SAFETY CDUNCIL O ur traffic problems and o ur crowded h all conditions have been lessened through the co- operation of the students with this efficient safety council. Left to right: Reporters ---- Vice-Pres.--- President ---- Sec.-Treas. Sponsor--- Charlie Barnes Dan Norman Henry Armstrong Weldon Hall Susan Redding Mr. Curlee 2 FUTURE TEACHER OF AMERICA The Maude V. Roark Chapterof F.T.A, was organized to interest students in learning more about teaching and to help them decide on their future work. Left to right: Back Row: Mrs. Lacy, Mrs. Nichols fSponsorsj, joye Tompkins fSecretary- Treasurerj. Front Row: Annette Workman Nice- Presidentj, jo S t e p h e n s fParliamen- t ari any , Ramona Elkins QPresidentj. QUILL A SCRGLL Quill and Scroll is an international so- ciety for high school journalists. This ch apt e r is composed of members of the Colt Corral and the Colt Staff. Left to right: Back Row: jerry Ray Fost e r, Andy Cosby, Kay Klotzburger Pat Curry, Sara Jo Brothers, Gradalyn Morris, Sarah W a tkin s , jane Brem, julia Wilson Mike Ditto,Paula Sartain, Ruth Barnes, jannette Workman, Tillie Lester, Ethel McFadin, Joye Tompkins jim Woodman, Eileen Liddy, Frances Webb, Gayle Reeves, Wynelle Broum, Bonny Black, Priscilla Matlock, Sue Beall Blanton, Ruth Redmond. I I 1 RED CRGSS Y' 1 ilk- all One student from each home room c om pos e s the membership of the Red Cross. They sponsor the Na- tional junior Membership Drive and present an out st and in g program each year in co-operation with F. H. A. at Veterans Hospitals. Left to right: Program Chairman- Margie Tucker Sponsor ---- ---- M iss Roark Secretary ---- ---- W ynelle Brown Social Chairman -- Gail Cartwright President ---- --- Tillie Lester Program Chairman- Ruth Kurtzwell Vice-President ---- jo Stephens Qnot picturedj DEVCTIO AL COUNCIL The D e v ot i on al Committee is new this year. In addition to givin g inspirational messages Monday over the Intercom, they present a thought for the day, and offer the blessing at noon. Left to right: President --- ---- Ruth Barnes Secretary --- ---- julia Wilson Reporter ---- --- Merilyn Brown President ---- ---- S andra Hemmle LITERARY CLUB The Literary Club helps to promote an ap- preciation for good literature and plays 4 Regular meetings are held twice a month. Left to right: Social Chairmen --- ---Harriet Slaughter Phil johnson Vice-President --- --- jane Brem President ---- --- Barbara Thomas Secretary --- -- Barbara Horton Program Chairmen ------ Michael Ditto Qnot picturedj Kathryn Taylor LIBRARY CLUB 1 The Library Club helps to create interest in both current and class- ical literature. They have made many attractive posters throughout the year, keeping us aware of new books in our library. Left to right: Treasurer ------ Peggy Birchfield Publicity ------ Beverly Barling Vice-President- jerry Hunt President ------ joe Provence Publicity ------ Gary Venrick Reporters ------ Ruth Redmond Sue Be all Blanton Secretary ------ jimmy Harris Sponsor ------- Mrs. Wilkins Left to right: Barbara Sherwood, Pat Morrow, Connie Bass, Sylvia Hodges, Kath- leenActkinson, Io Ann McQueary, B e v e r ly Hooper, Kay Klo tz - burger , Sue Smith, Annette Workm an, jannette Workman, Gail Cartwright. LIBRARY HELP Left to right: Joyce Sampson, Lynette Eng- lish, Betty Nell Deering, Ruth Meador, N orm a Weatherford, Peggy Birchfield, Margie Tib- betts, Florence Sampson, Bev- e rly Handley, Virginia Wat- kins, Doris Starks, Mrs. Wil- kins QSponsorj. 5 5 1 Q 5 . , Annan.-an -A ik.. SENIOR FAVGRITES JU ICR I o L 1? 1 f 4 FAVORITES I, Q21 4,02 I- lla Bwc -mf L'z"'mZw" 9 M 4 J flfv--'44 ff' 5 y-Shaw, f DVI ' 'gfgy SQPHQMQRE FAVORITES FRESHMEN I FAVORITE S.C. CORD TIO 3xyf'ff'+ "inf in I .. Wg' Wgw si-da. f 4 K eg-vg 'Q -mi .M 1, 3 Will? HOMECGMING QUEEN VALE TI N QUEE 'x rx L M ,il M W' 5 ,Y ,P , x v X f , X U MK X :X J , . -idj 'gkkjlj 3 I WYNELLE BROWN BE T RESS ED E E R, DICK STEPHENS DONNA HARRISON , Mw"'L' - '--,,,, ,.,. V .3 VQQLNW --Amm,,, , Qi? 1 K MW , wwf Y """" , www' ADDED ATTRA CTIQN fSPORTSJ COACH IOHN POLZIN In his third year as line coach and baseball coach, john Polzin has gained the respect not only of the students but of the entire town for his fine coaching ability. Always good for a joke, he is as popular in the classroom as he is on the field. COACH LUTHER FAMBRO Coach Luther "Bugs" Fambro is making his de- but at Arlington this year as track and Freshman football coach. He also helped with the scout- ing chores. Coach Fambro has made a fine showing his first year here and we are sure that he will be a great success in the years to come. P 'DH COACH SAM CURLEE AA One of the most well-liked men on or off the campus is Mr. Sam Curlee. He has coached basket- ball here for the past two years with good results and, besides being the B team football coach, he is quite valuable as a scout against other teams. COACH LEO BEBENSEE Another new member of the coaching staff, though not a new face around Arlington, is Leo Bebensee. Coach Beben- see has coached football at West Side for several years. His duties this year consisted of assisting Coach Fambro with the Freshman team and scouting. COACH MAYFIELD WORKMAN Not many schools can b oa st the fine coaching staff that A. H. S. has. In the number one position on the staff we find Mayfield Workman. It is the duty of a coach not only to teach the game of football but also to build char- acter in a boy. We are proud to say that Coach Workman is tops in both respects. Sept. Sept. Oct. Oct. Oct, Oct. Oct. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. SCHEDULE Denton Ft. Worth Tech, Weatherford Terrell Pleasant Grove Irving Open Cleburne Brownwood Garland Grand Prairie FOOTBALL "A" QUAD THEY 26 19 68 19 52 13 40 41 31 13 Q MANAGERS Left to Fight: Jerry Whitt, Phil johnson, james Harvey Thompson, Carol Wamer. "B"TEA Sept. 17 Sept. 24 Oct. 1 Oct. 8 Oct. 22 Oct. 29 Nov. 5 Nov. 19 SCHEDULE Garland Denton Pleasant Grove Terrell Irving Highland Park Cleburne Grand Prairie Top Row: Donald Thompson, David Thompson Wayne Cmwley, Charles Burkins, C.V Howard, Mr. Curlee Second Row: john Dews, C l Rivers, Dwain Marlow, Kenneth Polk jerry Price, Gary Vanderslice, Charles Lehman yde Godfrey, Wayne Bottom Row: David Eaton, Dennis Morgan, Tommy Clayton, Dan Marty, jerry Moore , B . ucky Workman, David Cantrell. FRESH TEAM Top Row: Coach B e b e n s e e , john Young, Don Lasater, Earl Henson, Huey S i b l e y , Wayne Leath, Coach Fambro A Second Row: Deward Bingham, Niles M ul 1 e n i x , Darwin P ri c e , Carrol Courtney, I a n M c D o n a ld , Ronnie Graves, Manuel Parra Bottom Row: Bobby Cole, Charles Jacobs, David Orr, T r avi s Winn, David Snider, Richard jobe, Frank Hillard. SCHEDULE Sept. 17 Cleburne Oct. 1 Pleasant Grove Oct. 8 Irving Oct. 22 Garland Oct. 29 Denton Nov. 5 Grand Prairie Nov. 12 Highland Park There Here There There There Here Here 'iff 'xy sw 'Q THEY 26 0 0 23 26 6 21 1. F f 5 -EP, L ' ff many ? 1' Q 1 any J '25 w " Ari ,A 111 aw . DON BORING No. 47 Fullback CKIE BIRCH No. 77 Tackle CHARLES DENSON No. Z3 Halfback RICHARD DUKE No. 82 End KINNEY EVERETT -- J.. in -- TIM BOONE No. 78 Tackle PAUL FALK No 89 End No. 10 Ouarterback . B ,J I .- ,J I 1 A 5 7 We ,hm 1 I fr F we I 14 Q in , N Sui 3 1 .I me THUR BIRD JIMMY BINION No, 81 End No. 50 Center The boys prouc JIMMY FINCH JERRY FOSTER No. 76 Tackle No. 88 End ,HW , ,- I' J ii 'if' ,ifllff 35435 - V f H -' ' f 1 " : 7 . il ' - ff " LW-' 4 , . J I :jf "M I b Y' - ' . 'Q' " 9,5 a, '47 VVV R ing!!! .41 D... A l'W5 Q X JERRY GRAY JERRY GRIFFIN ROYCE GRIMES PAUL HARRIS NO. 55 Halfbaflk NO. 75 Tackle No. 65 Halfback No. Z0 Fullback .1 . T, DEAN HARROD y an No. 71 Halfback ' ZJUMW JAMES HYDEN No. Z2 Halfback nr their jackets. BRIAN JOHNSON No. 64 Guard I f DAN RICHARD NARCHO CHARLES MUNSON IOHNIE KLAPPER No. Z8 Quarterback No. 63 Guard No. 73 Halfback V 1 Ee ".',' - Q f H A e ' A 0 xx . V LP x fr... .-n H Q' 45 1, 'fi -i.fQQ?5- ' A 43 DANNY SMITH BUD REMYNSE BILLY RANDALL LARRY NORRIS No. 40 Fullback No. 83 End No. 15 Guard No. 11 Quarterback RONNIE SMITH No. 30 I-Ialfback BOBBY WALKER JACK WOMBLE No. 85 End QCapt.j No. 44 Fullback DICK STEPHENS No. 72 Tackle J JAMES SWAFFORD HAYDEN TERRY AUTRY TUCKER No. 62 Guard No. 61 Guard No. 74 End DENTON Moving up into a higher bracket this season, the Colts Joumeyed to Denton for their first game in high spirits and with hopes of making themselves known as well in the 3A ranks as they had been known in ZA. They were met by Coach Walter Parker's Bronchos, who proved they wanted to win also. By scoring in three periods of the game, they set the Colts back with a 26- 7 defeat. FT. WORTH TECH iw. Mtg Leggo of my foot! In Arlington's first home game the Ft. Worth Tech Bulldogs snapped out a 15 game losing streak and in doing so handed the Colts their second loss of the season by a score of 19-O. In the first quarter the Bulldog's Irby inter- cepted a Colt pass and raced over for the score. The second tally came late in the second quarter when a 43 yard punt retum, together with five running plays set the score at halftime, Tech 13-- Arlington 0. The Colts came back with renewed spirit, but were unable to make the needed yard- age for a touchdown. Three minutes before the final whistle, Irby again intercepted a pass and fell ovcr for the score. WEATHERFORD The Colts moved into Weatherford only to be set back for the third time in so many weeks by the score of 68- 19. The Kangaroo fullback, Willard Dewveall, knocked the props from under the Colts in the first few seconds of play by taking the opening kickoff and going 84 yards for a touchdown. It was the 'Roo's game all the way with Arlington unable to get a foothold long enough to stop the fired up 2A eleven. The Colts scored three times,but none came from scrimmage, Charles Denson legged a stray Kangaroo pass back for 79 yards in the third period. james I-Iyden scored in the same period on a beautiful 91 yard kickoff re- turn. Tackle jackie Burch managed to grab a free ball in the last quarter and lumbered across for the final Colt tally. TERRELL The fourth game of the season brought the Colts against their keenest non-conference op- ponents and the defending 2A Champions---the Terrell Tigers. The game -which was feared to be a run-away in favor of Terrell-kept the fans on the edge of their seats from start to finish with the Colts playing their best defensive game thus far and holding the visitors to a 19 - 6 victory. After their 68 - 19 defeat the week before, the Green and White bounced back and surprised the high riding East Texans by holding them to a six point lead during the first half. The Tigers managed to push two more touchdowns across before the end of the game, and with 2:47 left on the clock the Colts scored their lo ,tal-ly with Larry Norris throwing a screen pass to erett. The play climaxed ailgigfrorn the Terrell 43 which began when Norris passed to Bobby Walker who went all the way down to the Terrell 17 before being stopped. That's far enough, buddy! PLEASANT GROVE The Colts opened their 3A-2 conference slate against Pleasant Grove on the Bobcat's field and minus four of the starting line-up. The result was a smashing 52 - 0 victory for the hosts. Pleasant Grove scored in every period taking advantage of every Pony miscue and held them scoreless throughout the entire game. The only Colt threat died on the three yard line after they took the final kick-off and moved there in 15 plays. IRVING Playing one of their best games of the season the Colts held the Irving Tigers to a 13 - 7 victory. Neither team showed much drive in the first period, the only score being made by the Tigers. Their conversion point was blocked and the half ended 6-O. Play was confined to the middle of the field in the 3rd quarter. Score came in the fading moments when Irving made a T. D. and extra point. The Colts took the next kick-off and moved 56 yards for the final score. 7 V jack Womble carried most of the at- tack and a two-yard pitch to end Bob- by Walker ended in the T. D. Don Boring converted the extra point. Out- Which way now, Walker? s t a n d i n g players in the game were CLEBURNE Charles Munson and Dan Norman. The Arlington Colts had one of their rough- est times with the Cleburne Yellowjackets. Faced by the strong 3A team and being i weakened by injuries to key players, the Colts, nonetheless, fought a good game. The h i g h 1 y - favored Yellowj ackets were held scoreless the first quarter. The first half was climaxed by three Cle- burne touchdowns and2 extra points. The Colts momentarily he aded goalward during the opening minutes of the second l half, gaining a pair of first downs before a Norris pass was intercepted. Clebume scored three more T. D.'s leaving the final score to read Arlington 0, Cle- bume 40. Womble coming around the horn. BROWNWOOD The Lions led by All-State Ray Masters overwhelmed the Colts with a score of 41 - 8. It was the annual A. H. S. Homecoming. The first quarter ended in a Brownwood margin of 21-O. The Colts cou1dn't get a drive started without losing the ball on fumbles and the first half ended 27-0 in the Lion's favor. Bobby Walker set up the final Colt score by blocking a Master's punt which was received behind the Lion's goal. A few minutes later the Colts moved to pay dirt, with Paul Harris making the touchdown. james looks determined. GRAND PRAIRIE The Colts met one of their roughest opponents on Thanksgiving afternoon and showed surprising defense and at- tack to an estimated crowd of 3200 fans. Danny Smith proved to be the leading ground gainer in the contest and also made the Colt's only T. D. The halftime score was tied 6- 6. The tie was broken in the third quarter by an intercepted pass which was tumed into an undeserved touchdown. The Colts tried valiantly in the last quarter to tie the score, but without success. Since this was the last game of the season, several seniors put out unusual effort which resulted in very fine foot- ball. These boys were jimmy Binion, centerg Paul Harris, back5 and Bobby Dale Walker, end. GARLAND The Colts lost their ninth straight game to the Owls wit.h a score of 31 -O. Danny Smith started the first real drive early in the first quarter as the Colts moved 32 yards before losing the ball on downs. The first quarter ended 6-0 in favor of Garland. The second quarter was a repeat of the first with a drive spear-headed by jack Womble and Danny Smith which moved 58 yards. This spirited drive ended in an intercepted pass from Larry Norris intended for Bobby Dale Walker. The half ended 6-0 in Gar1and's favor. Garland dominated the ball during the sec- ond half, scoring 25 points. miss, it L2 ' , Qi We almost had this one. GUTSTANDING PLAYER Mayor Tommy Vandergriff congratulates Richard "Chief" Narcho onhaving received the Vandergriff Award. ', This award is presented annually to an outstanding football player of Arlington High School. Chief was selected by a majority vote of the coaches of the opposing teams. This year, he also received Honorable Mention on the All Greater Dallas Football Team. These players are selected by the Dallas sports writers. Dan Norman is being congratulated by Mr. Mickey McGuire fo r having received the Mickey McGuire Award. Each year Mr. McGuire presents this award to an outstanding Arlington High School football player. Dan was s e le c te d by a committee that attended most of the Colt games. fx is W Q l fp!! fo ff' ,, U' Km In 5 V fl 5 WLT 4 ix . .. A wg. V Y ..:,,,.,i- fi ...f 5 Y K 1, ,, vm M L 1' WW Ll ' W.. Q JP' if Q. ff' . 4, ,QV vt is , 4, H! if M55 , . Q 'B f fray 'X-fi, I . 5 , X.. ,Af if b f 19- , Vx ! 1 P Y' ' 1 v.. ff- "A" TEAM Left to right.: Richard Narcho, .Tames Hyden, Charles Munson, Roger Coble, .Terry Moore, Bobby Wa1ker,Iimn1y Finch, Bud Remynse, Don Boring, Paul Harris, Kermit Workman, Dennis Mor- gan, Coach Sam Curlee. -. x., ' 3,5 MANAGERS Bob Rus sell Wayne Sawye r Chief jumps high for the score BACK ROW Left to right: Elme r Lapie rre , Wayne Crowley, Charles Berkin, Don Prater, Terry Buchan. Bud looks forthe basket. Paul scores a point. B TEAM FRONT ROW Left to right: Tommy Clayton, Bobby Culberson Billy Meisner, Howard Aldridge Roger takes his time. Chief takes the ball. .QUS DOG' . man' R0 1 men gef and K 16 age erfhft and gud a reach fo 1' I' the 30 FRESHMA TEAM BACK ROW Left to right: John Young Ronny Graves David Snider David Thomasson George Rozelle Who has the ball? Jim watches Bud make a basket. FRONT ROW Left to right: Louis Bass Bobby Cole Frank Hilliard Jimmy White C. V. Brewer BACK ROW Left to right: J'im Boone, Paul Falk, Kinney Eve rett, David Orr, Harold Key, .Terry Price, Jim Hinson. TRACK I, no Jim puts the shot. FRONT ROW Left to right: Royce Grimes Tommy Moore Gary Crosby, Danny Smith, Dennis Easley .uffx?' Th. 6 high 3 IS SP1-int I . 569 er 15 P we 6 , aul ,A In K - . f 'hiff"'?f ' 'W' W L .. a,,,.,,,.,,.. .. , W 5. Q , 1 F X' x if - M . Me.:-:5s:ie5,f1'j,.,-: ig 1 ' lf' ' ' 1 'f'f'.'2l2'. K," ,f K' - f K ' ' A ' if lf'-JU!" , V K . gy, . V V ' fx. X' A J., .ww M Y 0 . rf' . w--mmlr A. Q 1 .iigim "fu-er ,ffl ..-r nl Harold and Kenney make ready for the yard dash. .., 1 Start the game! '51 'E' - H- """, ,, . 9- 1' 1 , W, .. W- M- 'F' , - . Q.. i - ,. x ' .W ., "' R naw 5 Mia, , ,Ni 'K 4 X i All set for a home run. Who will be in town first? GIRLS ' P. E. The Girls' Physical Education classes which consist of basketball, volleyball and baseball, are directed by Mrs Gertrude Johns. Ready for the serve? ,dui f c, J " CULT X 7554 CURRH gear' XQ ITY PUBLIC QXCTIVITIES, IW 4 .lf-fjil9'1f.AR l lx X ON 915955 QQHOOL A B 555 5333" CHARACTERS Sarah Kindred Wynelle Brown Danny Osborn Jerry Foster if Afwu MMG! 53,55 aw" SIUAL Charlotte Harvey Hayden V. Terry Renae Bygel Julia Ann Wilson Charles Denson 225112229 ACCOMPANIST Bonny Jo Black DIRECTOR Miss Jane Ellis wr ". M jk 4 . -.,-...s -ug, -ea... A-, -W . be-e-fa.qpq..i., U , Cn.-will 'ale f- . GOTB LL BA ET Coach Gilstrap speaks. 1, . W., ,. M- . ' K 'P-v 4 x " "I,-fswmwd ,W-.,...v.L Q, .Awww-qggi f , fa ,, K WNMYV, A vu. -a ,bw I . , ' WM-Q Al, Andy, and Franklin, winners of the poultry judging contest. F.F.A fa 3 'hw Climbing the mountain. T Q, 0112 Jin node' my' w 321 1161- , 6 e S 'CE' ,Vo 6 UI- h FUN ON THE SUMMER TRIP l '55 Donny and Floyd have a nice looking pal. -1 ,I Gil. RO J ECTS COW ' B '1 Xhabitg, YX15 1 ly and Fr GHTV 2 ed Pose. 17' " ,,. ,- .JC "lx- wwf Q f ,A1 .QffM ,fy-if vyfxfxff f7C J, Tommy and his sheep. . nf' ' F1 . Cmcke OYd f 5 h15 ee-ds his D099 a Quivey Pigs. V9 ,flaw Wx . ell' 1 J M6 ayu, ua, atiffleg' unch' me anifqnd Sb Su? 6,6195 1-7 S t we 51631091 D oqxng 11 e I' Y, B to be aM enjo Janice and Florence watch the Home Nursing demonstration. FHA 0 qt: W. 11 I , ev Ju 'Uri , I C-W Se tb inffa atlonb Sf-ty yin I 8 -1 the M nd Same keeP Gajnlry Louise Da I - 8 1 a ' 1- Maimexk dean. Pose' ndshiz-ley a'Fay, . a Sf sldew luke a PROJECTS '44 Theg K-:XS P p 110 Camp' ' ' t, Y' 'HMA' The 0Se 8 can! Use, 1 B The S js-X. S Pafw' The S1- ' tffla ' Qllint their C5115 et Sing Sweetheart, Dick Dalton, is crowned by Pat Morrow. ids 69307 S for th e Swee maart 3 0 2.2 UW? go, 9? 0 Q 'LA 2,2 I4 KD O dx an O J 57 U 55? s 333' 5'f-15' W 0.56, ,ff-rw 0109- fr-W' Wwg QQ gs - Sf VD :7 lb 4-'0 fi . l ,lv - 1 . "' W'-. :nlelulg I L . A xv LL . xr ' 135 1 ' ,V X 1 ' ,fm-Jeff-fc. A new modeling job for Sandra and Nancy? W Mary and Faye-- just posing! Peaches, Danny, and Dennis involved in U "classroom dignity." ' C Ou? 'ng N0te and hafffn - ag. tb fel, he C ana YW 8 TIE, fy R Bonhv ay. WESTER DAY Eijt K 411009 09056 ' P+ U. 9- sifxvsc Fhe rescue of Little Nell. XZ , Lunch time --weste rn Style . in x .Q U ' F s F3 Z- . mill! Ar h A i '77-1-if Mrs, Sherrod and Miss Roark attired in their western garb. Sheriff Martin and his deputies. "Legs" Slaughter and "Fingers" Milburn. Little Nell and Dumbbell plead for mercy. Freshmen in the limelight. All the Sophomore girls Watch the birdie. 'CP' 15 i' CAMERA The eligible shutte r-bugs. Everyone seems to be Lunching with Mr. Duff. l l Four choir members har- monize for a picture. engrossed in studies. .r.fg CLUB 5 e Mr. Duff and his harem. The Camera catches the Freshman girls. David -- on the other side of the camera. Ierry has fun at the Camera Club Social. W hx . Y Seven Senior girls smile sweetly. Annette and Iannette join the crowd. .af -3 ' V m W. at S il , - L Q Aly f -- IS' s Bonny, Wynelle, Floyd and Pat start their ride , 1 I 7:7 Q MM' Jerry Ray and Sara Io waltz, as the winners of the dancing contest. F TA BALL The Christmas Ball, sponsored annually by the Future Teachers of America, was held in the eer School Audi- Maxie Sp toriurn. The evening was highlighted by an en- joyable program and a dancing contest. A huge Christmas tree. h 2 Co . Kenny 11285 gi, and T0 C ' Paul Orme Y'al1C ohfi Arthur and Jane enjoy a dance. Falk sing to heal. Jn' The attentive audienc e . JU IOR PLAY r I J uf Mrs. Lattimer Gran -------- Jennie Lattime r--- "WISH ON THE MOON" -- Harriet Slaughter -------- ---- Janie Howard - ----- ---Eileen Liddy Tess --- ---- ---- P riscilla Matlock Eddie--- - ----- ---- E ddie Myers xf ,X Pat ---- ------- - -- ---- ---Bhgb Reynolds Barbara ---- -------- A nn Hufendick Vivian ---- ------- - --C- Beverly Matlock Martin ------- ------ - -- -Harvey Pippin MISS CHARLESE POWELL DIRECTOR Q 9 , . fx- Lx Q 'S av -'Y 53531 4 V154 5 Q, H , ff fi, if K EQ 'E 1: M LI if-. f il Xu", -1 ikwu Q v ' 5: 'f'-'U Y if A 1' 5' if X L , ,lv 1 ,M ., ,Q . TZ? ng .lg ' 'KR' 3:-li wr 'r x, 1 HO 'e5 V ECOMoING W., - 6 E if Qi K,,k A V:--wi I -- if 'A 11 G11 Memo Is th. OCX DQ! Place no fs the th, I Sch U Yung. Uunat. 1rd Thelf ,Q begin That F. F. A. Lion Stew took 1011 ? are 305 first place--Some Cooks! ww. A gf, not Q 5991 effo he aio-Y 5 iafi 53 Com wee. A 6? JSI A b loa ubbly so t pfov Pho compe - . edit mofe t1t10n een ae mea ,195 3 Oh! Those last m1nute deta11s. The Twins at A. H. S. are left to right, Back Row: Bobby and Betty Wills, Annette and .Tannette Work- man, David and Donald Thompson. Left to right, Front Row: Joyce and .To Ann Thomasson, Jane and Joan Troth. . E W S DE TS Left Row Top to Bottom: Gilbert Ballard David Marvin Patricia Thedford Sharon Gibbs Patricia Flenniken Patricia Gallagher Jane McCreery Right Row Top to Bottom: George Daughtry Ronald Burgeson Betty Puckett Barbara Dorrach Deanna Daniels Naomi Cox Elaine Bayer Ann Chattin Le Rayne Donaldson David Smith Q' Q v r 52932 1 s-09 1-'X 1, 1 Q3 '23 b WYNELLE BROWN ,Z Jew ,EK 14,53 N GIRLS oc, O ffm OF THE MGNTH 1953 DECE 12 13 MBER 1953 3 19 2 303 HARRIET SLAUGHT ER 0 'J' 22 159 0 oN Wi 1 'E 19 20 26 27 ili. fo 4 I I: '37 25 SANDRA HEMMLE 3 LINDA HARGRAVE 19 5 4 M A R C H 1954 8 2 WW 15 Aga 195A P-W' PAT CURRY A M'ifY1'N S24 MON Lf KAY 5 13 A 3 1 "I SARAH WAT KINS SUN M '9 20 52 'I 795 BONNY IO BLACK 9 76 RUTH BARNES TILLIE LESTER 4 Pe PAT MORROW Ju 7 If e 2 HU , 79 4 75 3 ., ss 70 4 4' 1 1 5 2 7 1 29.9324 78 72 Y ff 229 wf 1 mm. H' " A , f XQH . , I Chosen for All-State Choir are representatives from the past three years. They are left to right, Back Row: Sarah Kindred, Eddie Myers,Wynel1e Brown, '52-'53, Linda Hargrave, Sandra Hemmle--'51-'52, Front Row: George Peters, Ruth Kurtz- weil--'53-'54, Selected for Citizenship awards from Boy's State are left to right: Hayden Terry, Billy Colle, and Jerry Foster. Golden Gloves--Danny Osburn and Dan Nor- man. D a n n y--Featherweight C h a m p io n---High School Divison at Ft. Worth. Dan--Runne r-up for Champion of Light Heavy, Donna Sherrill Harrison Cl Novice ass at Dallas' Rodeo Representative from Arlington U J E ACT PLAY ' 'WOMEN WHO WAIT Left to right: Harriet Slaughter Wynelle Brown Charlese Powell Director Sara Io Brothers Harriet Shotola Jane McCreery Renae Bygel HALLCM7 EE TWH The witches at work. Crazy trio Careful, Mr. Martin, you might choke. M1- X-.aP'9 OW-If. , what v te S, HKU Us it all W f 1 f Frank Anderson, Mr. Files, and Raymond Watkins keep our building clean. l. Ui 'wx if!" 14" Fire Hall-Barney's headquarters now. , , Maxine, Joe, and SUZIE. fs-V Margie and Diana register for the new term. K M me i F Oh! That Colt Corral Work! if 3, 1 r . , ". 'f ' Q 1 gil-5, f 6 "f"Tf rin: ., X. ,Y ..a...,. , V.-, wr? ' gy , " -I' M" . , V M- x 4-- 'R , J, ' - 5, ' ' U e 1' i i V' -mi 14 , A 2 . ' 'A ti' 'A' K'!'.'Zi-ii 'ii ' KJLLA f w51ii.3,s.s.,H, 1- .- - F F Q ff' 1' .2 'I .ejmst ' ' 4 5' H i," . i iii-:L -f" s: nj , ,D U gg:-,u.l gl, ,5 .ui-. - , - , " '5"-'Q2" " " .-1 lg, ' 1 F F.. 1 ...J-' W- 1 J - " ----,1 E 'E' 14" aff' s ' X 1 H. , ., , J -.., g- W U .5 'rj' ' .ff F 45F"f9 . X We '- A egg: .eii .5-.1 ig--QU, - if Q4 m5f""- 1E ig-5449" , .Quiz H a , iw -eik 'Q ' The Band Dlays the "Alma Mater". Runners-off for Western Day. The Thompson twins and Don. I S Paftyx Chemist 57 . 1 1 . ew I YOu bothered I some Ghrisima ' b0Ys ? The M are glam M1-S -X ,r 4 . I 0 H. of and Our boys The girls pose. Tofflm wg 3 W0 Seruol clrcular folders at work. 6 get A02-6 wet ' ,pf What have you got, Jerry? such 'V Sff if Out! a h aPPy bane 11. luowe Just - X 7LC1tXng tryin gtolh 'Pike an Seepefs lrnprgs sion Y! ixy ,q ..,.: vkrlr , 'gk 'Q fgk ' va , -5 M ,VLV W 1 fir X 2 V 5 "", d 7 ii omg, 9 te h xt 32 Something we OW' Miss Ousle s f 0 2" A 0 'S ill so s - Q .i J ll. ' - ff? x :EI F . is boy is in danger. I Watch it, Ioe . Jlmfhy, are yo Pat and Grady look sweet. --M GQ Ll Sick? Joyce and Eddie make a lovely couple. JUNIOR I f SENIOR 'n BANQUET 7, ,sin 35 6 . ,,g.w' ' A ' f-'1 ,F , .,Z1 mf ,, 1, --'4"Qgs x fir A 'ff ff? Y 1 1 -K - .jg 1, wg., K ,f March I2 1954 xg Clen Gardens Country Club Fo I Worth Texas i 5 :- The Boys Quartet Jackie Burch Maryetta Holley Jimmy Finch Linda Reeve s vuxl Ve rnon Charlton Do rothy W atkins Kenneth Fable Barbara Woodward .Z ' L, Henry Armstrong Ba rba ra Horton .Terry McCarter Harriet Slaughter vh I IWW." Dan Norman Sue Blanton Franklin Love Sandra Wyatt Andy Cosby Ruth Kurtzweil Durwood Workman Arlene Campbell Arthur Bird Wynelle Brown James Swafford Joyce Kniprath Charles Denson Sarah Watkins al Jimmy Binion Renae Bygel J rl... Bob Russell Ruth Barnes John Culp Jim Woodman i Ramona Elkins Linda Hargrave Bill Dunnaway Tommy Bennett Dennis Easley Sandra Hemmle Julia Wil501'1 Jane McCreery Tom Hill Raymond Wright Danny Osburn Joye Tompkins Barbara Sherwood Jane Brem Don Clayton Jack Womble Billy Coble Sue Smith Barbara Thomas Ruth Redmond 17- fn at XL' -sf.f""' . ,,.,. ., .sn '1 i . x W Siva' A ' "f' Q L " . Q-' 1 1 1 Ill A on ZNX1 .L . , R fm r ' 6 1..,? ,, x A September lg::Zcollt351rr?j5talDenton ZZ--First Student Council meeting 25--Colts play Ft. Worth October 2--Colts meet Weatherford 9--Colts play Terrell 13--Student Council meeting 16--Colts vs. Pleasant Grove Z3--Colts play, Irving Z4--Journalism Day at S.M.U. Z8--N.H.S. Assembly 31--Halloween Party in the gym November 4--F. H. A. Assembly 6--Colts vs. Cleburne 7--F. H. A. Sweetheart Dance Dick Dalton crowned sweetheart 13--Bonny Io Black crowned Homecoming Queen during Arlington Brown- wood game. 16--N. H. S. meeting Z0--Colts play Garland X December 8--Student Council meeting 10--Library Club party 11--Ir. Play "Wish On The Moon" 14--Choir program for Lions Club 15--Nativity Assembly 16--Choir sings for Pre-School 17--P. T. A. is entertained by Choir 18--Annual Christmas pro- gram by Choraliers. Christmas Ball January 5 -Colts meet Cleburne 1 -Student Council meeting 25- --Mid-term exams --Musical Comedy "A Bold Front" February 5--Western Day 10--Band Concert Assembly 13--Valentine Dance--Wynelle crowned Queen. 17--Brotherhood Assembly 19--Sophomore social 22.--High School P. T. A. Z6--Senior Play "Junior Miss" March Z--Miss Powell resigns 3--N. H. S. spring induction 5--Freshman social 10-ll--Choraliers go to Sherman ll--District F. F. A. Banquet 12--Ir.-Sr. Banquet 19--Band Concert Z6--Assembly by Texas Tech Choir April 9--One -Act play at Denton F. H. A. Mother and Daughter Banquet 10--F. F. A. Project show 16-19--Easter Holidays Z0--Invitations arrive Z3--Spring Music Festival Z4--Solos and ensembles go to Denton F. F. A. Trip Z9--N. H. S. attends assembly at A. S. C. May 1--Band concert at Denton 7--Senior Day at New Orleans 11--Student Council meeting 12-15--Band goes to Enid 14--Freshman party Annuals arrive! Z2--Camera Club trip 27-Z8--Final exams Z9--Baccalaureate Service June 3 --Graduation mgwwgmwmw Y9?fQ,,5,,W,b0f6Lg,,,U+z0fwfA74fv14,u,Z0wkSlfffweff Amfzfcmacwwqwflfmffzwk WWMWWQAAJVMQWM Sum! WMWQ W WW gmiwwbwdwwfcww, AmQQ3x9jfl2pWLAfW4J6"g 4M27'1LZL?mL XQVOXQML ,Z-Myllwdf of QJOQPAM. WLAMMMQWWWMMM :Q f dy, gala! 7406 ,Af jizagw Af Q, .E if ' P Z'Zl4fL,v J ,mjwwjlw W vb , ska ,S IWW QM! NMZMJKSSE eil? ,,f '1?g?EEig 5. Q! QNTQ Q W' QM Q GRE ff si 2 SW 32 N Q T. Xi Q x X b 3 ,Q -S ff Q fi 4 ,wma W 3 1 1

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