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.55 114-f' Sw 1 :bf Aff' YZ br gi- . I L I' in J L. 'x R' f ,M ,ff X Y 'Ewa ,f .Il H:J:?"'E,,V2Ar' ig " 'E :haf nv' f Nxlzi' 'IM94 . , X,jxl ,BZ K ' -. wx RQ Na, r I . 1 4 f , M4:a.,. 5' - X F15 , 5 f Ji 'N W ff 4 ffm + 1 x -w 4 W X5 ' - ' V 'dffffvf a . . -X Q' 'if faux? Q is 3 . RN -N Q Epi N' N b .3 X -v- N x .- X xx- Q -X V 7 -.5 Q .ggx -ASB.-F 1 N vi -ff 'Q -Q 3' .isxgixiix fr- Xu ,It 3,125 ,5 Q, NJ X is M L rw E 2 ' 'Q 9 . Tlxpvgi X, is N N Q X: Y N-NJ N' Q Q93 V+ 1 1. S 5 Who, U .Vi ' ' , -,Z Q ww- ,' , "' . X ,f 1 , , , L I, Agn, L. LW., , ,LK ' i ,f 'x REA Jima NS? CL 95,1 Lvjf fc QL? ,... L 1 5 f Z' Z ' 9 EJ' O To Ofi MK U Janie Al J r WOO Likeibe e, COLT CORRAL 1+ ff ' , Oi ,Q G Q I 1 VOLUME VIII ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL ARLINGTON , TEXAS MAIN BUILDING FOREWURD The purpose of this edition of the Colt Corral is to silhouette the happenings in the lives of the boys and girls. We have endeavored to give the students a. yearbook which they will treasure with the memories of the fri e nds they knew and the memories still dear to them. if ' ' J" -"' "'fr,+r4.,,,,, ,.., , COTTAGE GYMNASIUM 1 CGNTENTS ADMINISTRATIDN BGARD QF EDUCATIG I. C . Ferguson President joe Bailey Se cretary Floyd Gunn J. H. Finch A. G . Donovan Guy C. Hutcheson Vice President Carlisle Cravens Retiring President SUPERINTENDENT W. R. Wimbish x Q? Q I I am happy to convey my sincere appre- . ' ciation to you for your loyalty and friendship. ' My confidence in you has been confirmed by the wholesome lives you live and your worth- while accomplishments. Icommend the Colt 'S Corral Staff and their Sponsor on the product- S ion of this, another fine year book. Best wishes for your success and happiness . Sincerely , .. - ' X7 I I 1 W. R. Wimbish MRS. CAROL RIDEN Secretary to Superintendent Greetings to the Staff of the Colt Corral and student body. Your accomplishments are outstanding. Best wishes for continued success. Sincerely, ASSISTANT PRINC IPAL I wish to express my appreciation to the Colt Corral Staff and sponsor for a fine annu- al. We are prone to accept the annual with- out thinking how much work has gone into it. To all who have worked on the annual, directly or indirectly, let me say thanks. Sincerely, uf PRINCIPAL r-f5ix.Fi1-' il" '- J' . l 2 Y. M. F. STEPHENS E. E. RANKIN Supervisor Tax Assessor MRS. H. M. NICHOLS MRS. NEWANA COUNTS MRS. DALE WILKINS Dean of Girls School Nurse Librarian MRS. ARVILLA FOSTER Speech Therapist MRS. DIXIE FOWLER Secretary- Re gist:-af PEARL BUTLER, B, A., M. ED. Hardin-Simmons University Texas Christian University History DEAN P. COREY, A. B. Transylvania College University of Cincinnati College of Music Music ELIZABETH AMOS, B. A., M. ED. Texas Wesleyan College North Texas State College English NORA BUTLER, B. A., M. A. Hardin- Simmons University North Texas State College Mathematics f A . .HW SAM CURLEE, B. A. Austin College Social Studies DONNA LOUISE D'ARCY, B. Tarleton State College Texas Christian University Texas University Business Education B. A. X. C, C. DUFF, B. A., M. ED. University of Colorado Southern Methodist University Howard Payne College Science JANE ROBIN ELLIS, B. A., M. ED. Texas State College for Women North Texas State College Music JOYCE LAURITZEN, B. S. North Texas State College Home Economics DORA ELLA NICHOLS, B. A., M. A. Baylor University Spanish English GERTRUDE JOHNS, B. A., M. North Texas State College Texas Christian Univeisity Social Studies VERA B. LACEY, B s., M. A. Daniel Baker North Texas State College English MW swf" gi lyy 91. sm My 'lf W ' r K 0 5 v .iw ..,. .32 4 ef-51 if Mfg ' .J is 2:14 -S ., I3 1 :A .""1 ' BERTA MAY POPE, B. S., B. S. QH. EJ North Texas State College, University of Texas -f' I Science ul CHARLESE POWELL, B. A. Hardin- Simmons University Speech EMMA OUSLEY, B. A., M. A. North Texas State College English JOHN W. POLZIN, B. S. Texas Christian University History Junior Business Txaining MAUDE V. ROARK, B. A. Baylor University Mathematics f' A Q MELBA RODDY, B. A., M. ED. Stephen F. Austin Teachers College Southern Methodist Univexsity English E. A. ROQUEMORE, B. S., M. A. Sam Houston State Teachers College Vocational Agriculture JEAN ROW!-1, B. S. North Texas State College Mathematics JOHN M. WEBB, IR., B. S., M. North Texas State College Social Studies MAYFIELD WORKMAN, B. S., North Texas State College Physical Education Head Coach S CLOYE L. SHERROD, B. S. Texas Christian University Business Education VADA COLE TURNHAM, B. S. Texas Technological College Home Economics M1ss Murphy Mrs- Wood Mrs. Busbee CAFETERIA STAFF .,,..M.,M,,.,.1...M- i K - Is It always open Paul What 'ya got Hamet? 'Q CLASSES SENIOR CLASS QFFICERS PRESIDENT ...... ...... H arold Hill VICE PRESIDENT . . . .... Valton Crossnoe SECRETARY .... ..... B illye Baumgardner TREASURER ...... ............ H elen Petty SOCIAL CHAIRMEN . . . . Lee Woodward, Gene Cootes REPORTER ....... ......... S hirley Hoffman SPONSORS .... . . Miss Charlese Powell Miss Pearl Butler C. C. Duff I . W. Polzin -LINTON ARNOLD Large in thoughts too. LILLY ASHCRAFT He knows how to hold on. Cheerleader '50 HAR LOTTE AUSTIN We follow where she leads. Band '49 ' '53 Drum Majorette '51 - '53 N.H.S. '52 ' '53 Student Council '52 - '53 F.H.A. '50 " '53 '19 ' , 1. K' "" Q SSL . , . X My ' f ' All X. Ai'-5 A gy . 1 DORIS ANN ALEXANDER Small packages are often the most attractive. F.H.A.'51- '53 Literary Club '53 Camera Club '50 - '53 LILA ALBRIGHT An added attraction to our class. fNewport, Delawarej MARY ANN APPLE A smile for everybody. Flagbearer '51 - '53 Camera Club '50 - '53 Colt Staff '51 - '53 DOLORES BARDIN She has the light, fantastic toe. Choir Sec. '52 -'53 Class Sec. '49 -'51 N.H.S. '51-'535 F.H.A. '49-'52 DAN BARKER He has found angels on earth. Football '49 - '51 Basketball Mgr. '49 - '50 Literary Club V. Pres. '51 - '53 Student Council '52 - '53 BILLYE BAUMGARDNER Her colors fly high. F.H.A. '49-'53g Colt Staff '51-'53 Flagbearer '51-'53g Class Sec. '52-' Office Staff '51-'53 5 DAVID BOHANNON Sleep late, eat lots, never worry. Baseball '51 "Little Arlie" Trainer '51 - '53 Safety Council '52 - '53 F. F. A. '51 - '53 Literary Club '52 - '53 TOMMY BRIDGES Not looking for work all the time. Band '49-'52gGlee Club '52-'53 Leathercraft Club Camera Club '52-'53 BETTY .TO BULLARD Think much, speak little, write with care. N.H.S. '51-'53: F.H.A. '49-'52 F.T.A, Pres. '51-'52 Student Council '51-'52 CHARLES BAXTER Smooth tempered and red-headed toc Colt '53 Red Cross Council JERRY BENTLEY Work is a useless struggle. Football '50-'52 Basketball '50-'52 F.F.A. '51-'53g V. Pres. '53 Student Council '53 Choir '53 ANNE ROSS BERG Affable and most dependable all the tin Jr. Play '52 Choir '51-'53g Musical Comedy '52 N.H.S. '51-'535 Soc. Chairman '52 Student Council '51-'53 Annual Editor '52-'53 Pres. Literary Club '51-'53 Quill and Scroll ANNE BURCH A good heart's worth gold. Library '49-'sogaedcross '50-'51 F-H-A- '49 - '51 Girls Glee Club '52 - '53 JEAN HELEN BURMAN One of the most versatile and gentile Annual Editor '52-'53 Student Council '52-'53 N.H.S. '51-'53gChoir '51-'53 Camera Club '51-'53 Office Staff '51-'52 F.H.A. '49-'51g Quill and Scroll JOHN BURMUM He sometimes says just what he thi1 Camera Club '50-'51 Football '51-'523 Baseball '49"53 Safety Council '52-'53 Choir '52-'53 HIRLEY BUSBEE Always ahead is her motto. F. H. A. '49 ' '53 Literary Club '51 - '53 Camera Club '52 - '53 Red Cross '51 - '52 PJUANA BUSBY Being married isn't interfering with study. F.I-l.A. '49-'51g Camera Club '51 Colt Staff '51Q N.H.S. '51-'53 Quill and Scroll '51g LiteraryClub '51-'53 O ANN CAGE Eyes for one just now. Literary Club '52 - '53 Quill and Scroll '52 - '53 Q ERRY COLLINS He is as full of valor as of kindnessg princely in both. Choir '50-'53g N.H.S. Pres. '52 Student Council '52-'53 Annual Staff '52-'53 Basketball '52-'53g Baseball '52-'5 EHIRLEY ANN HEATON COOK Her thoughts are of others. fHouston, Texas, ETTY SUE COOTES Brunettes are also most attractive. F.H.A. '49 ' '53 Office Staff '49 " '53 Colt Staff '52 ' '53 Camera Club '52 - '53 GENE CATON The man with the harem. Band '49-'50gChoir '49-'50 Camera Club. Pres.'523 V. Pres. 53 Colt Staff'51-'53gF.F.A. Student Council '51-'53 GEORGE CHAPMAN Texas is so different QBuffalo, N.Y STANLEY COLE When he sings he adds a smiles. Choir '50 - '53 Glee Club '49 ' '50 '49-'53 yard of JOHN DENNEHY He has no malice in his mindg no ruffles on his shirt. Football '49-'52g Baseball '50-'53 Student Council '52-'53 Choir '49-'5lg Junior Rotarian JOHN B. DENTON Second thoughts are even wiser. Football '50 - '51 Track '48 - '49 Camera Club '51 LEON DUFFEY Not ready to settle down yet. Football '50-'52g Baseball '48-'49 Track '52g Golf '51-'53 Basketball '48-'51g Colt Staff '52-'53 D GENE COOTES Why be silent todayg tomorrow I may be dumb. Football '49-'52g Track '49-'52 F.F.A. '51g F.H.A. Sweetheart '49 Class officer '49-'505 Basketball '50 Student Council '49-'53 Safety Council President '52-'53 Colt Staff '51-'52g Choir '52-'53 VALTON CROSSNOE Life is such a lavish thing, and I love life. Basketballg Baseball '49-'53 Jr. Playg Musical Comedy '52 Class Officer '52-'53g StudentCounc REBA DAVIS Always ready to carry on the good name. Class Sec. '50g F.H.A. '49-'52 N.H.S. Sec. '525 Cheerleader '52-'5 MARY ANN DUKE Just a friend to all. Camera Club '52 - '53 Literary Club '51 - '52 F.H.A. '49 ' '52 Band '49 ' '52 ANN EAST As good natured a soul as ever trod on leather. F.H.A. '51-'5Z: N.H.S. '51-'53 Red Cross '51-'52 Choir '51-'53g Junior Play '52 THOMAS EATON Fun even with that project. Football '49S F.F.A. '49-'53 Class Officer '51 Basketball Mgr. '50g Junior Rotaria PLENDA ECKELMAN Welcome to wear the green and white . fPasadenal lAROI..YN ELLIOTT Personal appearance always counts. F.F.A. '49 ' '51 Camera Club '52 - '53 'ALE ELLIS Time and tide wait for no man, Choir '51-'53: Glee Club '50 Colt Staff '535 Baseball '50 - '53 Football Mgr. '52p Basketball '49-'53 CLAIRE FORD Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. Student Council '50 -. '53 fSeC.l Class Sec. '51 - '52 Choir '50 - '53 fSec. 8: Pres.J N. H. S. '52 - '53 QV. Pres., Flagbearer '51 - '53 LOWELL GARDNER Anything to substitute for work? F.F.A. '49 - '51 Colt Staff '52 - '53 RAYMOND GLASGOW God's gift to women. Football '49-'52g Baseball '50-'53 Basketball '50-'535 Track '51 Class Favorite'5l-'52 Junior Rotarian '52 pn 'Q ANN EVERETT A good heart's worth gold. F.:H.A. '50 ' '53 Girls Glee Club '52 - '53 Library Club '52 - '53 JUDITH ANN FILLMORE They never fail. . . those w N.H.S. '52 ' '53 Band '49 - '53 FHA. '50 ' '53 SYDNEY ANN FINLEY Busy and most capable. Band '48-'53 Camera Club '51-'53 F.H.A. '49-'51 goal ho try l SARA JEAN HANEY Studious and trueg she's a girl to be admired. F.H.A. '49-'51g N.H.S. Camera Club '52-'53 Office Staff '52-'53 WYVON HARRIS A marvel of efficiency. F.H.A. '49-'51g N.H.S. Library Asst. 5, '51-'52 Office Staff '52-'53 Camera. Club '52-'53 Safety Council '52-'53 MONNIE HAWKINS Red-headed people don F.H.A. '49 ' '53 Literary Club '52 - '53 Colt Staff '51 ' '53 Jr. Play '52 - '53 NORMAN GOBER A8zP couldn't do without him... nor could we. Annual Staff '52-'53 N.H.S. '51-'53g Camera Club '53 Quill 81 Scroll '52-'53 PEGGIE GREEN Where there's a will, there's a way F.H.A. '49-'51 Camera Club '52-'53 Office Staff '52-'53 TERRY GREGG Hail fellow, well met! CAr1ington Heightsl LE LAND HAY ES 'Tis good to be honest and true. '5lj F.F.A. '49 - '51 KPres. Band '49 ' '53 QV. Pres. '53, BE N HE INLE IN On the field, in the halls,we see him. Football '51-'535 Track '51-'53 Literary Club '51-'52 Glee Club '51-'52 Student Council '51-'52 MARY KAY HIGHFILL' We hear her, we see he her. Cheerleader '52 - '53 FHA. '51 ' '53 r, we like HAROLD HlLL A blonde who gets "Baumed'.' Football '49 ' '51 Basketball '49 - '51 Track '50 - '51, Student Council . Class Pres. '52 - '53 MARGARET HOBART '., Cheerfulness is a great asset. A Q 1 F.H.A. '49 ' '52 ' Camera Club '49 - '51' SHIRLEY HOFFMAN She does the impossible twirls. , Majorette '49-'53 Camera Club '49-'53 fSec. '51J N.H.S. '51-'53g F.H.A. '49-'53 Colt Staff '51-'52, Football Sweetheart '52-.'53 Quill A Scroll '52,-'53 - g DONOLA HUDSON U g g She goes quietly about her work. ii fNocona, Texas, ' VVV M ,, -4 :C A A 'all - as --.:, .4 C: by in LARRY HUFFORD He was a hard worker--in athletics. 1 Football '49-'53 ,e"- 1 Class Pres.'51-'52QV.Pres.'50-'51, ttt' 5. student Body V. Pros. 'sz-'53 7 ,E Choir '49-'51g Track '49-'50 IQ' A A student Council '50-'53 DAVE HURN "Little Arlie" isn't the only thing that attracts him. "Little Arlie" Trainer '50 - '53 Literary Club '52 - '53 Colt Staff '52 - '53 MARGARET J-AHNS "Voice of Democracy" Winner '53 A quiet tongue shows a wise head. F.H.A.'49 -'51 - 4 N.H.S. '51 - 53 JDELL JONES Better late than never. I 1 o fl: .f 1 Q .J VILLIAM ROY JOHNSON ' Whose nature is so far from doing harm that he suspects none. Student Council '50-'53 Football Mgr. '50-'53 Track Mgr. '50-'53g Jr. Rotarian'53 W' 5 HARDY LEATH We judge him by his ways. F.F.A. '50g Band '49-'52 Leathercraft Club '52 Camera Club '535 Choir '49-'52 Musical Comedy '52 WILL ANN LUTTRELL Confident, capable, and "Gene"uinel Band '51-'53g N.H.S. '51-'53 Ch,0il' '49"53gCamera Club '52-'53 F.H.A. '49-'53 Literary Club '51-'53 Red Cross '52-'53 Cheerleader '50-'51 FREDDIE LYNCH Live, laugh, and let live. TOMMY KILPATRICK Not just good, but good for something. Leathercraft Club '52 Baseball '52 Colt Staff '53 JOAN LANKFORD Eyes that speak kind things to all. Colt Staff '51-'53 J Literary Club '52-'53 F.H.A. '49-'53 Camera Club '52-'53 AUDREY LAURANCE A Yankee--but we love her. F.H.A. '49-'SZQ Band '51-'53 QSec N.H.S. '51-'53g Jr. Play 1 GARY MARTHQ Great life if you don't weaken. Football '49 ' '53 F.F.A. '49 - '53 qsec. '53, Junior Rotarian BETTY MCINTOSH A most dependable helper. Camera Club '52-'53 N.H.S. '51-'53 F.H.A. '50-'5Zg Band '49-'53 KENNETH MCMASTERS He makes the old wheel turn. Football '49-'53 Basketball '49"53 Track '51-'53g Baseball '50-'53 Camera Club '53 ,URT MEYER He is gentle, he is shy, but there's mischief in his eye. Basketball '50 ' '53 Favorite '51g Annual Staff '52 - '53 Student Body President Iunior Rotarian '52 Baseball 'sig Football Mgr. 'sz Class Officer '50 Student Council: Choir '53 WDDIE MULLENIX A future sports writer. Football '48-'52g Baseball '48-'52 Track '49-'52g Basketball '49-'51 Colt Staff '51-'53p Glee Club 4ORRIS ED NELSON He speakes for himself. wi ffl X , fl I V GRADY OWEN Choir '52 F.F.A. '49 ' '50 Colt Staff '53 HELEN PETTY Class Officer '50-'53 F.H.A. '49-'53i Band '49-'53 Colt Staff '51-'53 Camera Club '52-'53 Student Council '52-'53 or N fyrf N.H.S. '51-'53 A, In " Quill at sewn '51-'53 T Fl, Lf , - 4,yL,,y HARVEY PRICE X The longer you know him the 5,,.,,.x you like him. .AWRENCE DOY LE RASH We don't hear "rash" things about him. F.F.A. '49 - '53 BETH RAWLINS She always gets there. Choir '50-'53 Band '50-'53 N.H.S. '5Zg.Tr. Play '52 BARBARA READ She yells for ole A.H.S. F.H.A. '49 ' '53 Camera Club '51 - '52 Colt Staff '51 - '53 Office Staff '52 - '53 V QRahway, New Jersey, Jbr... A "dreamer-upper" of tunes. She, too, attracts a second look. be tte r I 1 WALTER RUCKER Count on him for Annual Staff '52-' N.H.S. '51-'53 Literary Club '53 PAU L R USSE LL. I results. 53 g Baseball '52 There's a "rustling" at the water fountain. Baseball '49 - '52 FREDA RUST Her friendly smil favor of many. Literary Club '51 F. H. A. '51 - '53 e has won the - '53 EDMUND ROBERTS He knows how to be a "regular pal". Student Council '53 Basketball '50 - '52 Band '50 - '53 QPres. 'szp Junior Rotarian '52 CARL ROGERS We see his pleasing ways. Football '49 - '50, '52 Basketball Mgr. 'so - '52 ALBERT ROSS No task's too steep for human wit. Band '49-'53S F.F.A. '49.J53 Student Council '51-'53 N.H.S.: Safety Council CAROL RYAN Full of pep and personality. F.H.A. '49-'53 Camera Club '51-'53 fPres. '52, N.H.S. '51-'53: Choir '52-'53 Student Council '51-'53 fV.Pres. '5 Cheerleader '51-'53g Jr. Play '52 NANCY SALES Calmly 81 peacefully, she treads 1ife's way. QBuna, Texasj BILLIE SEALE All pleasure isn't at school F.F.A. '49 ' '51 IEVA LOU SHULL She knows what she knows when she knows it. F.H.A. '49 ' '51 N.H.S. '52 ' '53 KSSC. '52, Student Council '52 Library Ass't. '51 - '52 Office Staff '52 ' '53 Annual Staff '52 - '53 Quill 8: Scroll '52 - '53 Safety Council '52 - '53 TEPHEN SPEARS How he "spears" those opponents! Football '49-'5Zg Track '51-'53 Colt Staff '52-'53g F.F.A. '49-'50 ARBARA STEWART No "Barbs" in what she says. F.H.A. '50 ' '51 'OHNY T ILLINGHAS T Real worth requires no interpreter. Band '52 - '53 ANGELA TOUCHON Life is not life at all without delight. QI-Iamlin High, 'EGGY UMPHRESS Ready for fun at any time. F.H.A. '49 - '51 DARRELL STEWART My days are not long enough. Camera Club '50 Choir '51-'525 Cheerleader '51 Literary Club '51-'52 JO ANN STULTS A light heart lives longer. JOYCE THURMAN Sweet in disposition. Qlvlagnolia, Arkansas, JERRY WALKER Be a friend, the rest will follow. F.F.A. '50 ' '52 Band, Captain '53 Student Council '53 RAMONA HARROD WALKER Longs for her Joe. F.H.A. '49 ' '51 Band '50 - '52 KENNETH WHITT He helps when he can. Basketball '51 - '53 Glee Club '51 - '52 Colt Staff '52 - '53 Safety Council '52 - '53 MARY VAUGHAN Being a good friend to all . . . F.H.A. '50 - '53 Red Cross Council 'Band '51 - '53 BUDDY VERMILLION What matter if I stand alone. Baseball '49 - '53 Literary Club '52 ' '53 JANE WALKER She accomplishes what others doubt. N.H.S. '51 -' '53 Annual Staff Choir '51 - '53 F.H.A. '50 - '51 DORIS WILLIAMS She pushes obstacles aside. F.H.A. '49 ' '50 BETTY WILSON It's worth your While to know her. F.H.A. '49 - '51, Choir '51 - '52 Literary Club '52 ' '53 Camera Club '52 - '53 HOWARD WILSON He loves ladies, but their de- votion last only a day or two. Choir '51 - '53 IO ALICE WOLFE ' ' Work, fun. . . and then sleep. Colt Staff '51 - '52, Editor '53 Student Council '51 - '53 . N.H.S. '51 - '53 F.H.A. V. Pres. '51- '52 Red Cross '49 - '50 Literary Club '51 - '53 JANE WOOD An attractive personality. F.H.A. '49 - '53, Pres. '53 Majorette '50 - '53 Camera Club '50 - '53 Class Favorite '51 LEE WOODWARD He finds fun wherever he goes. Choir '47 ' '49 Colt Art Ed. '48 Class Officer '53 'fi f , , 4 W '- ' l k,i s 1 . ' fi 9 l ' ' I I I' 4 J 1 1 in- 5 I fm ' I 1 V grl- .ff H 1 W 5 Those State Jackets - Another Tom Sawyer 1 ru-., HQ 5 il 1 Hobo Day Gray Hair Fad UNIOR CLQSS OFFICERS ... .. ...,, , , Z 1-. D . n 1 5, PRESIDENT ..... ....... B i11y Coble VICE PRESIDENT . . . . .Hayden Victor Terry SECRETARY ...... ........ W ynelle Brown TREASURER ....... ........... T illie Lester SOCIAL CHAIRMEN . . . . . . Johnny Bush, Ruth Barnes SPONSORS . . . . . . Miss Elizabeth Amos Mxs. Berta May Pope Mrs. Vera Lacey Miss jane Ellis Kathleen Actkinson John Anderson Billy Tom Arnold Beverly Barling Charles Barnes Ruth Barnes Connie Bass Anna Beeson argaret Bentley Arthur Bird Jane Brem Melba Io Brewer Shirley Brewer Sara Io Brothers Angela Brown Bennie Brown Wynelle Brown Ivan Burch Bonny Io Black Dalton Blocker Sue Beall Blanton ,.q:yu3giJ , 'rlk I fa John Culp Jo Ann Duck Richard Duke Nancy Dunsworth Dennis Easley Ramona Elkins Kinney Everett Paul Falk Janette Fitzgerald Mary Burton Johnny Bush - J Gail Cartwright Anna Chandle r Vernon Charlton Don Clayton Billy Coble Josie Courtney David Doan Charles Densc L , if Pat Curry Patricia Dennis 1: I iz". JHWW "Til "ff 'ii' , C Imax Q, tt, J ,pw-4 .. :Fifi n, '1iEf?f?U5L-3: W? I ,4,, , iii?" ' L M' John Forbes Jerry Ray Foster Margaret Gardner G Taylor Gardner .,iE 5 X W . eaaz eelee Grace Gartman Douglas Gassaway Gaylen Giddens Donald Gober ?J'f 1 W A I 1 ., X X I-eo Goebel Charlene Haney Jimmie Lee Harris Jerry Gray Linda Hargrave 1 1 5 Paul Harris Dottie Ann Harrison Bobby Dean Harrod Don Hartley ' K Charlotte Harvey I' xl Sue Heatherley Richard Hegarty Sandra Hemrnle . 1' fs' Adrian Hill Tom Weaver Hill Wayne Hopkins Karen Hunt 1 A g, :liek a 'di - -- f Dic k Kirk Marsha Lehew Tillie Lester Alice Love Franklin Love Joy Marshall Ioan Nlain Ethel McFadin Carroll McA1pine .To Ann .Tobe Brian Johnson Patricia Jones Sarah Kindred were , 4 wx is Y S 4 L, J' 5 F y 6 .. w, Kay Klotzburger Royce Lawson Iohnie Klapper Joyce Kniprath I i . f- IM!! I , J ' W 1 ,Alley 7 f. - ' VA 'ii 1. ' - ., as - , ' i ' 9 Jo Ann MCQueary Wayne McCarre1l Don Miears Douglas Milblurn Donna Mitchell T ommy Moo re Gradalyn Morris Patricia Morrow r' 'H e , ff, V Richard Narcho K Dan Norman Roger Parsley me I 1454 Q2 . 4 1 WH- ' V - . -' ., ff? .way is . e' ' Y 5. ' nl 4 I . Owens Wanda Faye Peek George Peters Delores Jean Porter Patricia Powell Norma Powers Eugene Prater Billy Randall Dale Rash Susan Redding iv t J, , -N Q , i 4 15? 'ng Geraldine Siddell Alfred Smith Beverly Spear Richard Stephens IO Stephens Mary Alice Stewart Helen Stricklan James Swafford Hayden Victor Terry Barbara Thomas Mary Ann S mith G ay 1 e R e e v e s .I V iezy A V G e r a ld R obe rt s ' Sandra Roebuck V1 A 1 Ru s s e 11 if., ., ,S S - 'F . g if 'H ' r eeei gh Ruth Redmond Paula Sa rtain ' Barbara Sherwood Ann Sheppard Sue Smith Ronnie Smith Mary Sohn Fred Wiley Thomas Jo Ann Tidwell Anna Io Tillery Joye Tompkins Margie Tucker Sarah Watkins Glen Watson Ralph Webster N 'T W1 i We 1' 4, fi J' 'U 2 I Barbara Whaley Patricia Williams Kenneth Wolfe Morris Williams Julia Ann Wilson Jack Womble Marlyn Wood Jim Woodman Barbara Woodward Durwood Workman F Wo V A Qtte Worknian annette Workman R aymond W right OPHOMGRE CLASS GFFICER PRESIDENT .......... . . . Eddie Myers VICE PRESIDENT ........ . . Bob Reynolds SECRETARY-TREASURER . . . ............. Ruth Kurtzweil SOCLAL CHAIRMEN ...... . . . Marcel Santerre, Barbara Horton REPORTER ...... .............. Be cky Ford SPONSORS . . . .... Mrs. Gertrude Johns Miss Donna D'Arcy, Miss Nora Butler Mrs. Dale Vbhlkins lenneth Adams ell Ruth Adams ichard Almond rank Anderson aymond Andre I--7' 'rover Brendle Jsephine Bridges 'erry Buchan iilton Bulloc k xckie Burch Henry Arm strong Peggy Austin Jimmy A shc raft Don Boring Charle s Bradley Berley Bowen f ., ,i -f A 5 ,Eh ' Y: 'ui-241533 ' f, ' 1 tv 'Y X A' 5-2 JN, fed' 1 4 , L ,, f , X 5? I gf: 1, 419' I Y 'gk gf 4' 5 VI' Arthur Babbitt Freddie Beltzner Jimmy Binion John Bishop I sr.- A 5 Ric hard Bennett .1. ., N , f . I . , i Tn. stil .34 we ' ir- , Q I L ' . lf 1 E' ' A 11 PSU P ,-sf Q Q . -Lf' fi teea 4-?fsf?"'s ' -f ,ee ,, if n uv ' Xi' v S I M y .. 11:-.-w v.: . -Q . T... ,. ......, s if , ,. y . Q . ..,. . . 1 5. l l it M C 'E a a . A Us . 1 ig. T I fl w H I s 31. 'T " XL l it Q' H ll 'W P iw' li, 'if H af N-1. sw. z 'X u 3 Wi' 2 XL: 1 is ,- 1 'ei is 'gf Y 'ny ' nf fe A Fred Dalton Dwain Cox Robbie Lee Dawson Qflwsflll i W LoganDalton U Mary Louise Da -... .. ..., V . , .... if . .I W W . .,,.. , . W5 ,...2 . ,. Hag., iv' , g 1 4 Sammy Cole Mary Nell Collins Anita C otte r Helen Demases Michael Ditto Wanda Eckelman .WW W 1. I 1 1 s ,f-S. Paul Caines Arlene Campbe Dorothy Cass Tommy Claytor Roger Coble . Wit M Corinne Eixmal Hettie Elder Lynette Englisl Kenneth Fabel Jimmie Finch :cky Ford arbara Frazier arren Frost ancy Fuller arry Gorman Annie Lou Gartrnan Clyde Godfrey Carol Ann Goerdel Howard Goodwin Patsy Goodwin Roddy Graves Nadine Gray , " i 5 or., Cf'l41f--4-iff. "LV" .1-flj!AL1 edgy Vieland Harris herrod Harris 'hirley Harris Zarolyn Heath o Ann Hebbard ,414-V V, Lf Qx Qv-'fc Jerry Griffin Royce Grimes Weldon Hall M Q F il , , 3' Benny Graeff v me QL! gi' I V '53 of Www., he 3 of if l E, '+R' 1' , M , A of Nancy Pat Housiggp William Holloway Ann Horan I Barbara Horton ? 9 Janie Howard Z, kj Z3!f A J- J J- f - - I ., u Q I N I A'n - ', , , ' ' " .1 'Vey Q .fly V A :l'l!' f' ' yu V 4 1 1.1 ,J 1: A rw'-fi " I 'aff J .1 I lab' ,I 'li ' V if 4- f'!,,J ' ..fA"l!"4 1 fy "R" ' f" A rl yy, 7 . Q 55 1 Z Eg: Bryan Hund ley EQ if W V James Hyden Leo Jahns Glenn James Delores King .f ,ff ' 5zyf,. "f!'es1: W V, f we :Jig ,- .fl,q.l -5 :,-Vg I- gg vw ' Sylvia Hodges Jo Ann Hollabal James Holland Maryetta Holley Johny Holloway S Jan Knight Ruth Kurtzwei Charlotte Lal-u Alva Levick Danny Lowran Gilbert Luke lda Luton :ert Lee Mann ferly Matlock lscilla Matlock 1 x I fl . ' Va, I IM A , f Q Aw ' Gerald Martin " ' -, - n W !! M David Melton Bill Mickett Nancy Larry Moon .Tune Moo 21 4' ,E rife Ted McCarty fy 'nl E ,, f 1 iii 55 - ,B milf, , M, 2 "1 Qs. ,b s 1 f Q Eh i fe- ! 'Fr 5' Mali aiu? , , . . M4552 RN 5 A., . 4 Eng 1 i :WF .RM V Q S 'WF 3 -,, , 1- gag Q 7 .kv . F ' gg ti if yr Jerry Parker .Toy Flow Parker Darrel Norwood Ledawn Ogletree O. T. Oiler . ..,,,, 11. . Q" Y I Hr' :H .I ag 'A we Q' X' 2, Us , , . ' - '-fffiffizffu, . ' ',,-fffiflfll. ,g gys'U?5v.. IWL flfv A-4. fdgfylxf Reeda Moore Charles Muns Eddie Myers Janis Nelson Larry Norris if J' ' 7 if A Af 'I fl.. ' lf? Vigflgili , f ,ALM M y M M .Terry Parks 1 N24 M 21.-QP4' if 1f'fai.4,.fl"'1W A mwgtv , . '-'N 1 w ii' W HQ Maxine Payne Barbara Pie rce 'aw P 9 f . , ' 'I L . 25 3 5 Florence Pikauskaws Harvey Pippen Elizab r Paper' , W3 Larry Powell Jerry Price Ora Ann Quie Sue Ray Linda Reaves Bud Remynse Bob Reynolds Wirt Rhea Jan Rogers Chester Rivers Florence Sampson Marcel Santerre Sherry Shannon I Suzanne Simmons Harriet Slaughter 3 Devaun Smith Rita Starr Bobby Stembridge ' , ' Q, - Barbara Sudduth A ' w . Joan Marie Sulack V V, - A V1 'L or ,fb W v.s ,TS Q J ,,., l.:l ,dy Swafford xthryn Taylor xyden Templeton anda Lee Turner my J . ff xtry Tucker 'S I Betrecia Smith Ev' 1. Y I 4. T591-J: f if QE: 5 A or , :4 ' Virginia Watkins Dorothy Watkins Ray Watkins Billy Walker Bobby Walker Gene Warren Freddie Tucker Paul Vader Gary Venrick Joyce Vicars Jean Wagoner WMM W Z Wf W 2' W Namon W Jerry Whitt U Kenneth Wic kliffe Franklin wilbur Xue Opal Williams Louis Wilson Kenneth Winder Bill Woodman Bobby Young FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT ..... VICE PRESIDENT . . SECRETARY ...... TREASURER ...... SOCIAL CHAIRMAN SPONSORS . . . . . . . .KennyHart . . . jim Comstock . . Sandra Leazer . . . Dick Dalton . . Josie Bird . . . . . Mrs. Rowe Mrs. Cloye Sherrod Miss Melba Roddy Ola Actkinson Don Frank Andre Anne Binion Iona Fay Adam s Barbara Barnhill Jim Bailey Josie Bird Peggy Birchfield Walton Ander son C orine Be llomy Dee Ann Booker B, . .Q Ann Bentley P531 rr- V fr B - rl, 'Tl' 1-Q Q. I - I. -, r'r,, ' n rrnr , . -r-. -W ,. , ya A ,M ,W . - , . . 1 f-V 'fl g l ii 'iz v 5 V' ' zk A , ' B 1 r -x f"" ', .- . "" ': '7 I J--4 "if ufff " ': ff: f' . - f ' l 3 A -' I - L 1: .5 'fs '--, L ' 1 Q B B M , 3 2' ' ' - was if rel'e ' f' - 5 E Jim Boone Don Bourne Carol Bradford Sharon Bourque Grady Box Patsy B rendle Ruby Brewton Maxine Brewer C lita B rown .. 4, ,.-'j.-ff-w-- -me-r-'15 -'mv Q' 372' Hr? ,w ffs'f-gina, , Fw . X I K -I 1 A -z Floyd Brown ' Jimmy Burfon Merilyn Brown Jo Ann Busbee . r ., ,., James Caddel Virginia Campbell Shirley Cantrell Ginger Campbell David Cantrell Josephine Carranza Eugene Chaddick I George Cates Casey Chandler Marion Chism Helen Claxton Janis Coffee Billy Clark , Q Shirley Clem Charles Collier Ann Conner James Comstock Buddy Cook' ' - -4 44 1,53 -'s 1 li William Crouch Sherry Crew Wayne Crowley Richard Dalton Deanna Daniels Betty Nell Deering Grace Davenport Marlene Day ik s 'T if Y ' "Il ',, if . s "ffl " 2 , ? Jean Dennehy ,f 31' e Charles Dillon Ion Alan Dews Roger Doherty David Eaton Betty Ellis Jane English Ianeice Ellison Harold English Wanda Farr Gerald Evans Tommy Fanning Charles Field "Wu-0 5 Kay Fillmore James Foster Bobby Fiveash Leta Fuqua - f iH'ffYW'fi?tl ' - vii? QE.: i-N gi fffig .77 Q r 'L . ,, - , , 41. if J 'af Q A X . Eg ii ,A ii , y-'E sg :N 'sl'nf.El ,. ' A5521 f if Q af? U. A' .-: Jog. . V 'H It v .- I I ll' ,Y Hn . if 'Vis V l gp . , ,. .713 , -. k 1. , 42163 f' .,,g.1 wr ' Charles Garman Sylvia Golden Don Graves William Coggans Laurene Gotcher E ,f I' Betty Joyce Gray Patsy Hale Mark Grisham Donnie Hamilton wa K Y A X gk 3 J ' ids 1 if M R 1, . is F 45? if 3' ' -. ' , v V 4-9 Dale Hammond Beth Hankins Bobby Harris Beverly Handley Janice Hardwick s ssll Q , ,N fl.. . " ' ,, -,gfgglplirj ' in i 3 11- wg? 4 cf K K 522: David Harris Floyd Harrison Barbara Harrison Kenny Hart I 4 - Judy Henderson Jim Highfill Sydney Heard Patsy Henderson Frank Horan C . V. Howard Jerry Hunt Tip Horsley Eldon Howard Y. H, Mary Ann Johnson Mary Jones Nancy Kevil Phil Johnson Marvin Kelley " H ,R ,du Benny Kiker ltd 'X V' Ar James Kitterman NCa.rmen Kolb Barbara Kilpatrick X James Knapp Elmer Lapierre Jerry Lawrence Gene Lam David Larson ,f'M,,fL,5 Barbara Lumsden Ruth Meador Sandra Leazar iff' , Nw my N 4 'Wir My 4 X15 w 2 K if gg' 51:1 G ,Z :gf Q F5 5, 31 -1 2 " Y ,Z 1 Q Wesley Madsen Chloe Mann i 3 f wal ,,.,R.,,b ' if .3 V 1 Henry Mar shall 5.51 "L.k P ' 1 W hub M 1 Louis Martin Mary Mendez L . ' . . 'I v Leah Ann Mann nne Ligon Wanda Io Longdon I WW rf" -N X Edwain Marlow v ,al Erie, XE D Margie Martin ,gf r A Richard Metcalfe Billy Meisner 'ia' fwen freer ' A ,L:. A . . i is Q as N' ik fxe era no M 1 or gfffv Gayle Mille r Daniel Mills Donny Moore M 'SHE . M , Laois L 1 f s ! Rubin Ma rtin Georgie Milam Pansy Moore e sJ 4' U H ' 554-V , 35' fiwml? 9542 5 ,, .. . w 11' yi :Vw I ,i H, :f iif1w,',k41M11Y ' . . . 5: if 1g ' : . f- F 3 :magic ., I, 15 . I fig Q : 4 v' f 1 rm w K Q , 31 2-, J 1 k W 3 if M H gym F Q I ,, . ' . L ,, -- rv... my-' 1. -Q 1 ' - W' ' V,,q,r yw uw Jes f 1.37. 2 ., 1. V A Q 2 W WJ s ' -4' 9 W Y , Q N f ' , W f :Mamma .We pc' I H I V ,. :nw , ., , -1 :ff . , .. :ir-:rw , 1 'Q' Q . : J . ' ' f 5 1 , fr 5 be 1? J G lenda Mor ri son Dennis Morgan Betty Moser 5!!!!F Mary Musgrove Jimmy Musil Susan Murchison ,aff - 2 Q ' ' J JQW WQM syyy wiiigwf A L f, :zwzzgzgk fm. ' - , , r - ',-' fx ' "' R. Sylvia Myers James McA1pine Garry McAdam s Ruby McDonald Joan McCarthy Delouris McCarre11 Pat McCarthy Kenneth McGinnis Melba McQueary Thomas McNamara ,ff 'WZ .glviiig s v I ' 433 3 . H J 4.f4..- ,, . jggfyg, 'kV, I 2 f jig-gi' ig' E - -.ef f' Q' 1 vj' ME QW 'w-f ' laid? Q qu' E.: - fl ' J y ggfi D011 NCWSOIIIS Marian Nichols Bert Norman . Eye :W EF ! if ' 1551 Scott Neel Jim Norwood Latha Lou Ne shit Ted 015011 Eloise Payne Shirley O'Neal Mary Pikauskas Don Prater Betty Puckett My 73 Ann Prater Mary Ann Pierce Ronnie Reddell JU 1, J 4 ' 'I 1 lid is u 'jk Jerry Reeves Dalton Rhodes Peggy Reid Bobby Richardson afila M 1 5 T eoel S P l rl Vi Y 'Elf Lunita Roberts Jimmy Russell Gordon Russell Kenneth Russell i r Charles Ryan Joyce Sampson Norman Ryder I Thomas Russell 4 5 Edith Sanders David Sc ruton Paul Sheppard Danny Smith Jon Lee Seaborn Elizabeth Sessions Sherry Sechrist Dennis Smith Judy Smith Loveta Sherrill E1-nestine Smith Betty Spradlin '51-f. xl wg AliCe Spivey Doris Starks f' . ,, i S it reee i " ff ieee -, M- .2 Raldo Stewart Mike Sullivan Marjorie Stewart William Stone Sandra Sutherland Patsy Taylor Phil Sutton Jimmie Thomas - --,v.y,,':-V .. ' v ' W 1 . xx if xi Q David Thompson Donald Thompson Eugene T ouc hon Bobby ward 'Q' A M A o. V .Q l , Connie Tucker Jimmy Trammel Yi ' W ',, e fl M W s N? Q W- y Q1 Jon Walker Margaret Wallace Margie Tibbetts - i g t' TW Phyllis Vader 'fi . l ,Lyla iz .5 '-V ' iff i f 'Q--q Leonard Walters g a .Q zzy. ,f I 5 ""! Billy Tibbetts Floyd Walker ,,,,,, in A. j, ,am Billy ward Clarence Watkins Marian Watson Barbara Warren Norma Weathe rford Jerry Watson John Willis Gloria Williams Jim Woodward Kermit Workman Marilyn Yates Wayne Wnght Olivia Yeary Future Homemakers 7 ? ? Brush hard Beth! Those "Fish"l FAVGRITES ,li1,-T-'f2'E,l,9f:, 1, V .W , 1 W ,lwim - W - - Q. ,KL Z + Q' H www. Af,- 3 'E ws 'K'-008' 'fa- V?- f-slr FAVURITES xg. Qi 1 P f ,Q Q, .,,e, 2222 ff Es? '. 454: ai A 25 iii f , A 'gr 5 ' .,, 1 iw 'NVH . asf, s I Cf- 995: Q3- 415--'H P+! f 3 -1 'ifu 4 14-lf' fwszig V 7 vid A -155 fi 4 Ac 'T 'fr T900 gg? tj, R BASKETBALL QUE E N FGGTBALL QUEEN X fm ' 'F re J Q . BEST DRESSED WESTERNERS Carroll McA1pine Dottie Ann Harrison Tommy Kilpatrick VALENTINE QUEEN NOMINEES Glenda Eckelman . . . Senior Harriett Shotola . . . . . . junior Barbara Horton , , . . , Sophomore Beth Hankins . . . . . Freshman ' GRGANIZATIGNS STUDEW COUNCU, xr' ft dj EJ Hn V . 'li-4 The Student Council is the acting goveming body of the school. It is composed of two represent- atives from eachc1ub,c1ass, and publication, in most cases, the president and vice president or editors Kurt Meyer This organization plans assembly programs and devo- tionals, sponsors all-school dances, conducts all-school elections, and acts as host to the exes on Homecoming Day. The president of this group is also the president of the Student Body. OFFICERS PRESIDNET-Kurt Meyer VICE PRESIDENT-Larry Hufford SECRETARY-Claire Ford SERGEANTS-AT-ARMS-John Dennehy, Harold Hill PARLIAMENTARIAN-Albert Ross SPONSORS: Mrs. johns, Miss Ousley UNIOR RCDT RIANS The junior Rotarions are chosen by a secret facutly committee to attend the regular Rotarion meet- ings for one month. The boys are Seniors or Juniors who are outstanding in their contributions to our school Front now, left to right: Thomas Eaton, Gary Martin, Walter Rucker, john Dennehy, and Albert Ross Back now, left to right: Kurt Meyer, Raymond Glasgow, Harold Hill, Edmund Roberts, and Bill johnson ATIQ AL Members for the National Honor Society are chosen each semester on the basis of scholarship, lead- ership, service, and character from those jrmiors and Seniors having an "A" average. The object of this organization is to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote wo rt hy leadership, and to encourage the development of character in pupils of Arlington High School. These are the Senior members, left to right: First Row: jane Wood, Helen Petty, Carol Ryan, Audrey Lauranc e, jane Walker, Reba Davis, Dolores Bardin, Sara Haney Second Row: Judy Fillmore, Charlotte Austin, jo Alice Wolfe, Margaret Ialms, Walter Rucker, Mrs. Pope, sponsor, Anne Ross Berg, Neva Lou Shull Third Row: Ann East, Claire Ford, Mr. Webb, sponsor, Mrs. johns, sponsor, Wyvon Harris Fourth Row: Albert Ross, jerry Collins, Will Ann Luttrell, Jean Burman, Norman Gober H0 GR SQCIETY These are the Junior and Senior members chosen in the 1952 Fall semester, left to right: First Row: Barbara Thomas , Barbara Sherwood,Ann Owens, Sara Ki.ndred,Mary Ann Sm.ith, Sandra Hemmle, Pat Curry Second Row: Jane Brern, Sue Beall Blanton, Susan Redding, Nancy Dunsworth, Gradalyn Morris, Ruth Barnes, Ethel McFadin, Wanda Peek Third Row: Linda Hargraves, Faye Workman, Mary Alice Stewart, Sara Watkins, Bonny jo Black, MaryVaughan, jerry Ray Foster, Margie Tucker, Wynelle Brown, Ramona Elkins Fourth Row: David Doan, Tom Hill, Jim Woodman, Edmund Roberts, Arthur Bird, Billy Coble SOPRANO DOLORES BARDIN ANNE ROSS BERG GAIL CARTWRIGI-IT BECKY FORD CHARLOTTE HARVEY SANDRA HEMMLE JOYCE KNIPRATH WILL ANN LUTTRELL REEDA MOORE FLORENCE PIKAUSKAS SUSAN REDDING JANE WALKER SARAH WATKINS JULIA WILSON SARAH KINDRED ALTO BONNY JO BLACK WYNELLE BROWN JEAN BURMAN ANGELA BROWN ANN EAST CLAIRE FORD MARGARET GARDNER LINDA HARGRAVE RUTH KURTZWELL TILLIE LESTER BE TH RAWLINS CAROL RYAN BARBARA THOMAS BETTY WILSON DIRECTOR ...... Miss Jane Robin Ellis ACCOMPANISTS ....... Bonny Jo Black The officers of the PRESIDENT. . . V. PRESIDENT. Sandra Hemmle . .... Pat Morrow . ........ June Moore SEC.-TREAS ........ Winn McIntosh ACCOMPANIST, .fxif . . L.A.Jan Knight 2 J, .?wFA?'k ,y 1 K AY f "Mad'rnoise-Iles H are 2 lo... COLT 40, .lf fx 625 G SY .L- L 2 f f F 533 55. 7?ff?9 -E - 4 "' . , 1: l'1.'..5i -I ' Pri, " .E yi' tag .14 . a::....., p-1 I ." W' .JHORALIERS , q-b. Y vc I VK:-A I I :L 4? , 1 1 QR? CPM NX 06' QS TENOR BILLY TOM ARNOLD JERRY BENTLEY STANLEY COLE GENE COOTES VALTON CROSSNOE FRED DALTON CHARLES DENSON BASS JOHN BURNUM JERRY COLLINS DALE ELLIS PAUL FALK JERRY RAY FOSTER LARRY HUFFORD WAYNE MCCARRELL KURT MEYER GEORGE PE TERS EDDIE MYER DARRELL STEWART HAYDEN TERRY HOWARD WILSON OFFICERS PRESIDENT .... .... C laire Ford V- PRESIDENT. . . . . Linda Hargrave SECRETARY. . . . .Dolores Bardin TREASURER. . .Sandra Hemmle The "Colt G1eemen" PRESIDENT .... V. PRESIDENT. . SEC.-TREAS ...... ACC OMPANISTS. . 'l,7 :JI ,il Nxjdlxf E officers are: 'LH fe-1 mm.. . . .Eddie Mullenix , . . . . . Bud Remynse f"'V'4f . . . . Bill Woodman A451- . . Sandra Southerland Barbara Kilpatrick Wg ,I ifjjg-96 EW C harlotte Ann Austin wr X 02 DRUM MAJORETTE S Lf My W rf MAJ ORE T TE S cleft to rightl Shirley Hoffman Sara .To Brothers Bonny .To Black XQXKJJ3 COLT BAND ll Ai 5,14 its if ,X I, 19' I . ' Q' L-VA 1' 'L V I .1 ,Q if ll FLAG BEARERS Mary Ann Apple Billye Baumgardner Claire Ford MAJ ORE T TES fleft to right, Jane Wood Dottie Ann Harrison Nancy Dunsworth 'x xl V Y TQ, LM if .I a . F Q WVVN jggj f,j.:,,?N LV V-A,jlfi,. rjflilrfxf 1' N S X .lx 0 Q FLUTES S laughte r Rawlins Smith Smith CLARINE TS Frost Owens Webb Austin Finley Petty Barnhill Leazar Og letree I Y! Jobe Hodges Stephens Bailey Levick Kevil SAXAPHONES Binion Ellison Busbee Prate r James BASSOON Cartwright CONCERT BAND CORNE TS Leste r Brern Armstrong Santerre Tillinghast Harg rave C urry Watkins Vaughan Rogers FRENCH HORNS Fillmore Hemmle Wilson OFFICERS Main TROMBONES Roberts McIntosh Prater Wickliffe Tucker Spear BARITONE HORNS Hayes Ross Marshall BASS HORNS Giddens DIRECTOR .Tones Davis Dean P. Cory PERC USSION Walker Laurance Walker Moore Brown Heathe rly BELLS Luttrell Mclntosh CAPTAIN ....... Jerry Walker CO-CAPTAIN .... Leland Hayes SECRETARY .... Wynelle Brown REPORTER ....... Jane Brem LIBRARIANS ..... Tillie Lester Linda Hargrave HEER LEADERS This year's football team was accompanied t h r o u g h a fine season by the se cheer leaders under theleadership of Miss Melba Roddy. fLeft to right, Ann Hufendick Reba Davis Mary Kay Highfill Pam Workman fmascotj Mary Ann Sm ith Sue Be:-111 Blanton Carol Ryan The care and training of "Little Arlie", our mascot, was d o n e very efficiently this year by David Bohannon and Dave Hum. CULT CCDRRAL Editons . . Business Manages . . . . Sports... Art... Class Editor and Typist . . . - - Calendar and Typist .... . .JEAN BURMAN ANNE ROSS BERG . . JANE WALKER WALTER RUCKER . JERRY COLLINS . . KURT MEYER NEVA Lou snuu. NORMAN GOBER Sponsor . . . . . . . . MRS. H. M. NICHOLS THE CULT STAFF EDITOR-Io Alice Wolfe ASSISTANT EDITOR-Helen Petty MAKE-UP-EDITORS-Mary Ann Apple, Gene Cootes, Billye Baumgardner, Betty Sue Cootes, Monnie Hawkins, and Barbara Ann Reed BUSINESS MANAGERS- Shirley Hoffman, Stephen Spears SPORTS-Eddie Mullinex FEATURES-joan Lankford IOURNALISM FUTURE HUMEM KERS off yy AMERICA The purpose of the F.H.A. is to further interest in home economics. They observe National F.H.A. Week each year, during which they do an outstanding activity each day. To climax the week's activities they sponsor a Sweetheart Dance, whena boy is crowned F.H.A. Sweetheart. S eated: Ian Knight, pianists Sara jo Brothe1s,secretary-treas- urerg Pat Morrow, lst vice-presidents jane Wood, presidentg Carol Ryan, 2nd vice-presidents Sue Beall Blanton, reporter. Standing: Barbara Horton, historiang Tillie Lester, sergeant- at-armsg Priscilla Matlock, historiang Becky Ford,song leader, Nancy Pat Houston, parliamentarian. Chapter Sweetheart Sponsors JERRY RAY FOSTER MRS. TURNHAM MRS. LAU RITZEN I FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA This chapter of the F.F.A. is a very active and enthusiastic group of young men. Their projects on the 1ocal,state, and national levels have been given wide acclaim. In add- ition to judging tx-ips,there is the annual vacation trip to a different region of the United - States, Left to right: Marcel Santerre, reporter, Kinney Everett, sen- tinelg jerry Be ntl e y, vice president, Pinky Eaton, historian, Albert Ross, president, David Bohannon, 2nd vice president, Paul Falk,song leader, Don Mieais, treasurer, Tommy Moore, 3rd vice president, Gene Caton, photographer, Gary Martin, secretary, not pictured Franklin Love, parliamentarian. Sponsor Chapter Sweetheart MR, ROQUEMORE Becky Ford LITERARY CLUB The Literary Club d velops an interest in ow. standing books a nd pla' During the year thecl previews plays at the Lit Theatre. PRESIDENT Ann Ross Berg VICE PRESIDENT Dan Barker SECRETARY Ann Hufendick SOCIAL CHAIRMEN julia Wilson jane Brem PROGRAM CHAIRMEN Dave Hum I0 Ann Cage SPONSOR Miss Amos FT. A. The Future Teachers of America was organ- ized this year and chose for the name of its chap- ter The MaudeV. Roark Club. The purpose is to interest young men and women in education as a I life-long career, r .f PRESIDENT-jo Stephens v v1cE PPLESUJENT-Eddie Meyeis if SECRETARY-TREAS.-Ramona Elkins , J 1 l REPORTER-Janette Workman ff 1 ZX' f SPONSORS: Mis. Nichols L ' Mrs Lacey ,, CAMER CLUB This organization has encouraged the young photographexs in our school to improve their picture-taking and to learn more about the camera. The Colt Corral staff wishes to express its appreciation for the splendid co-operation in pxoviding snapshots. PRESIDENT Carol Ryan SECRETARY Wynelle Brown CO- SOCIAL CHAIR- V. PRES. Gene Caton REPORTER Bonny Black MEN Jerry Foster SPONSOR Mr. Duff Gail Cartwright vi Q lr-5 1, ., mf-. an . - . 4 ,V in The Library Club, the newest club on the campus, was organized to make the students aware of the library. Members of this club observed National Book Week with many dis- plays and posters. The officers are left to right: Ruth Barnes, vice-president, Beverly Barling, president, Sue Beall Blanton, secretary, Phil johnson, treasurer, Ruth Redmond, reporter. 5 -,-- N- Q. . , , W ,,,,, -, ' we H.-K .il . QI 1 QUILL AND SCROLL Quill and Scroll is an international ho no ra ry society for hig h school journalists. First row: jane Walker, joy Tompkins, Sara jo Brothers, Mary Ann Apple, jo Alice Wolfe, Neva Shull, jean Burman, Bonny jo Black, Sue Beall Blanton. Second row: Ethel McFadin,Gradalyn Morris, Wanda Peek, Walter Rucker, Norman Gober, jerry Collins, Kurt Meyer, Anne Ross Berg, Janette Workman. OFFICE HELP First Row, Left to Right: Sue Heatherly, jane Wood, Sarah Haney, Peggie Green, jo Stephens Second Row: Ruth Redmond, Gradalyn Morris, Annette Workman, Neva Lou Shull, Betty Sue Cootes Third Row: Billye Baumgardner, Mary Louise Davidson, Barbara Read, Wyvon Harris HELP 4 l 1 I Left to Right: Ba rba ra Pierce , Lynette English, Ann Everett, Be v e rly Barling, Jimmie Lee Harris, Mrs. Wilkins, Libx-arian,Virginia Watkins, Patricia jones,Donna Mitchell 4 L E XX ATHLETICS X COACH MAYFIELD WO RKMAN During the five yeaxs Mr. Workman has worked with the Colts, he has done much toward making the athletic depart- ment outstanding in this district and in the state a1so.Through him and our other coaches, the whole community of Arlington has helped support our players. COACH SAM CU RLEE Although this is Mr. Curlee's fiist year here he has made himself well known and liked among the students. He has coached the A, B, and Fresh- man teams in basketball, and B foot- ball team. He was also a scout during the football season. 'J' COACH Jol-IN PoLz1N Mr. Polzin has not only been a bus man in the classroom and on the foot ball 1ine,but he coached the basebal teamto their Regional Championshi last year. A FOOTBALL TEAM ,-..,--Q.-. Sept. 19 Sept. Z6 Oct. 3 Oct. 10 Oct. 17 Oct. Z4 Oct. 31 Nov. 7 Nov. 14 Nov. Z1 , SCHEDULE WE Garland Z5 Irving Hillsboro 19 Weatherford Terrell Diamond Hill White Settlement Z5 Handley 14 Birdville 34 Mineral Wells 13 C Conference games THEY 0 0 12 13 34 O C 6 C 0 C 6 C 32 C ---1-Q. L W, ' MANAGERS Johnny Bush Jerry Whitt Bill Johnson B FOOTBALL TEAM First Row: James I-lyden, Milton Bullock, Charles Munson, Larry Norris, Charles Bradley, Carl Rogers, Franklin Wilbur, Kenneth Wolfe. John Culp- Second Row: Norman Rider, Fred Tucker, Jimmy Binion, Paul Harris, Jackie Burch Bud Remynse, Jim Holloway, Charles Denson, James Swafforcl Third Row: Ronnie Smith, Autry Tucker, Coach Curlee, Dwain Cox, Clyde Godfrey, Namon W atson SCHEDULE i WE THEY Garland 13 0 Irving 19 12 Terrell 0 53 Grand Prairie 0 7 Handley 0 0 FRESHMAN TEAM Schedule Sept. Z4 Oct. Z Oct. 9 Oct. 15 Oct. 29 Nov. 6 Nov. 13 First row: Irving Garland Birdville Pleasant Grove Grand Prairie Highland Park Denton .Terry Lawrence, DannySmith, Raldo Stewart, Eugene Touchon, Kenny Hart Charles Ryan, Bill C rouc h, C . V . H ow a r d, Billy Meisner, Dennis Ivlorgan Jimmy Trammel. Second row: Bobby Fiveash, Benny Kiker, David Thompson, Dick Dalton, Daniel Mills Bucky Workman, David Eaton, John Dews, Bobby Ward, James McAlpine, Gordon Russell, Don Newsome Third row: Donald Thompson, Floyd Harrison, Kenneth Russell, Phil Johnson, Wayne Crowley, .Timmy Boone, COACH BEBENSEE, David Scruton, Kenne thEnos Ruben Martin, David Cantrell, Ronnie Reddell T! 11 9 RAYMOND GLASGOW LARRY HUFFORD STEPHEN SPEARS No. 30 Back No. 73 Tackle No. 11 End KENNETH MCMASTERS JOHN DENNEHY No. 22 Back No. 47 Back GARY MARTIN BUD HEINLEIN GENE COOTES No. 10 Back No. 44 Back No. Z3 Back BOBBY WALKER RICHARD NARCHO BRIAN JOHNSON No, 55 Center No. 62 Back No. 72 Guard KINNEY EVERETT DAN NORMAN No, 75 Back No. 66 Guard HAYDEN TERRY DOUGLAS GASSAWAY No. 65 Guard No. 83 End JACK WOMBLE No. 61 Back DICK STEPHENS TIMMIE FINCH GERALD EVANS No. 71 Tackle No. 53 Tackle NO, 82, Back KENNETH MARTIN No. 40 Back TERRY RAY FOSTER No. 88 End WELDON HALL. No. Z0 Back PAUL. FALK No. 89 End ARTHUR BIRD No. 81 End JOHN BURNUM BOBBY HARRIS .TERRY GRIFFIN N 50 Center No. 64 Guard No. 85 Tackle GAR LAND Withthe stirring memory of the incident at Waco in 1951 which gave the Colts their first State C hampions hip in the history of Arlington High School still in mind, the 1952 ColtSquad opened the season against Garland. The outstanding player of the night was Richard Duke, a con- verted guard, who snagged two passes for runs of five and fifteen yards w hir- h accounted for two of the Colts' touchdowns. Stephen Spears, a converted half-back, also snare d a pass from "Slick" Glasgow for a run of twenty-five yards and a third Colt touchdown. With Glasgow adding one extra point to the total, the Colts came out on top of a 25-0 final score with the Owls in the season's opener. IRVING With the opening g a me with the Garland Owls won and behind them, the Colts from AHS were host to the lrving AAA Tigers. The Tigerswere the firstto cross the Colt goal line in the 1952 season, as Bruce Outlaw picked up fifty -nine yards in the first quar- ter to make it a 6-O ballgame at the end of the first period.The Colts were soon to catchfire and come back, as early in the second quarter they drove 46 yards in 6 plays withGlasgow going overfor the touchdown from the Tiger six yard line. Glasgow connected the extra point and the Colts were ahead 7 -6 . A Tiger fumble recovered byJohnDennehy on the Irving 49, paved the waywiththe Colts'final touchdown in the second quarter. John Dennehy went over to score from the 1 yard line, though Glasgow's extra point try was wide to the right. The half then ended with the Colts on the big end ofa 13-6 score. The scoreless second half brought out the importance of the fine defensive, as well as offensive play of the rugged Colt forward wall. HILLSBORO The Colts traveled to Hillsboro on O c tob e r 7 for their third game of the season against the Eagles of Hillsboro High. The Colts s c o r e d early in the first period with a touchdown pass fromGlasgow to Martin and the Colts led 6-0 with Glasgow's failure to convert the extra point. The Eagles then tied the ball- game up 6-6 mid-way in the first half. Late in that same half an- other Colt score was s e t up with a 30 yard pass from Glasgow to G as saw ay to the one, with Glasgow going over two plays later. Glasgow's kick was good and the fir st half ended with the Colts leading 13-6. The Eagles scored again in the second half to make the s c o r e read 13-12, but Glasgow clinched the game by scoring from the two yard line. With the clock running out, the game ended with the Colts on top of a 19-12 decision. WEATHERFORD October 10th the Colts were host to their second AAA foe of t11 year. The "Roos" from Weatherford handed the Colts their fir: defeat of the season with a score of 13-7. Despite the hard charging Colt line, consisting of Spears,Hu: ford, Norman, Walker, Terry, Finch, and Duke, and the hard rur ning backs by the name of Glasgow , Martin, Mc Master , and Dennehj the "Roos" came out on top of this hard fought game. After a scoreless first half, the Colts scoredwhenGary Mart broke through the center ofthe Weatherford line for Z5 yards, wi' Glasgow going over on the fourth down. Glasgow's kick was goc and the Colts led 7-0. The "Roos" came backin the last quarts to score twice and make one extra point to hand the Colts the sho end of a 13-7 decision. TERRELI.. The Colts traveled to Terrell October 17, only to be set back for the second time in so many WEEKS. to the tune of 34'6 by the mighty Tigers. The rampaging Terre ig with four conversions for extra points. The Tigers rolled chiefly behind the brilliant running of James HaI'1'iS and Lavon COX- The Colt offensive finally caught fire in the third quarter to drive 60 yards in fift e en plays, with John Dennehy running over from the two for the score. Although outc la s s e d, the Colts made a good showing. Out R' h rd Narcho, fine defensive standing players of the night were ic: a back, and big Larry Hufford, g iant ha r d charging tackle for the Colts. ll T' ers scored a total of five times DIAMOND HILL The Colts took a big step toward retaining their district crown by defeating the Diamond Hill Eagles 6-0 October Z4 at Handley. The Colts seemed tohave their hands full with the hard run- ning of Kenneth Bannister and Frank Praslicka as the first half ended scoreless. A major factor in favor ofthe Colts was their fine d e fe n s iv e play and especially on the part of Bobby Walker, who inte r c e pte d an Eagle pa s s on the Colt 20 yard line, therefore bringing to a halt an Eagle drive deep in Colt territory. The Colts finally scored in the third quarter ,with Ken Mc Master going 46 yards fo r the touchdown. The Eagles threatened in the closing moments but fine defensive play by Glasgow , Huffo rd , Finch, and Norman stalled the Eagle attack and the game ended 6-0 in fa- vor ofthe Colts. WHITE SETTLEMENT The encounter with the Brewer Bruins was originally scheduled to be played at Brewer, but because of lack of facilities the game was played here at Arlington. The C o lt s had practically no trouble at all building up al3-0 lead in the first quarter, and then Coach Mayfield Workman turned the game over to the reserves. Bud Heinlein set up the third Colt touchdown w hen he intercepted a pass on the Bruin Z5 yard line. He then s c o r e d from the five several plays later. A fourth Colt touchdown was s c o r e d by Weldon Hall in the final period on a 38 yard scamper. The Bruins finally pushed over one score inthe final period for their only tally. The game then ended 25-6 in favo r of the Colts withBrian Johnson heralded as the outstanding lineman of the night. HANDLEY The Colt's pow e r ful line le d by "Foots" Hufford, Hayden Terry, Dan Norman, and Jim Finch led the Colts running attack to a smashing 14-Ovictory over the Handley Greyhounds November 7 at Memorial Stadium at Arlington. The first Colt score came when Glasgow gambled on a fourth down on the Handley 44-yard line. "Slick" scampered around left end to score Standing UP- It was then a game of punt and fine d e fe n s iv e play until Ken McMaster s ne ake d across from the Handley five for the final touchdown. The Greyhounds g av e an impressive account for themselves, but the Colts werejusttoo much for them, as shown by the impres- sive 14-0 final score. BIRDVILLE The Colts opened their final home game of the 1952 season a- gainst the Birdville Buffs. The Colts roared into the incounter with a total of four touch- downs in the first halfg made by Spears, MacMaster, Glasgow,and Gassaway, Two of the s e touchdowns were made on passes from Glasgow, and the others by runs of three and four yards. Glasgow attempted all four extra points , converting three ofthem. The Colts again scored inthe final period witha fine run by Ken MacMaster, with Glasgow kicking his fourth conversion of the e v e nin g. The Buffs scored their only touchdown in the third period. The end of this game brought to an end the "hometown" careers of such well known figures in Colt football circles as Ray"Slick" Glasgow, Larry "Foots" Huffo rd, Gene Cootes, John Dennehy, Stephen Spears, Douglas Gassaway, Ken McMaster, Gary Martin, John Bu r nu m. and Bud Heinlein. These stalwart members of the Class of '53 will be remembered down through the years by many of us. The score ofthis finalhome game was a fitting 34-6 in favor of the Colts . MINERAL WELLS The Mountineers of Mineral Wells brought toa close the Colts' domination of the IIAA crown for the past three years. The Powerhouse of Mineral Wells rolled over the Colts time and time again to rollupatotal of five touchdowns and two conver- sions for a total of thirty-two points. The best the Colts could do was thirteen point s when "Slick" Glasgow counted for both Colt counters, one in the second and the other in the third quarter. He converted one extra point making the Colt total. Tony Munger was the thorn in the Colts' Side a 5 he led his team-mates to the 32-l3win over the Colts, and the District1lAA C I'OW1'1 - RAYMOND GLASGOW does it again. As quarter- back for the Colts for the past four years he has been considered one of the best high school "T" quarter- backs in the state. Co- captain Raym ond did the kicking,p1mting, passing and often the running when he shifted to fullback during this last season. For the past two years he has been on the mythica1A11- District team. Last year he received honorable men- tion on the official A11-State team. T his year he was chosen to the first string on the A11- State Team. Good luck, Raymond, for a bright future! 4 - '21 'Sz A LinemanDAN NORMAN received a berth on the Dallas Moming News sec- ond team for his steady work on the Colt line. JOHN DENNEHY, Colt fullback was given honorable rn e nt io n on the same team. Also chosen to the second string was RICHARD NARCHO. LARRY HUFFORD faithful tackle of the same mighty teamwhich has gone so far in past seasons was chosen for the A11 District team. Larry Co captain of the C o lt s was a stalwart in the Colt line for the past three years. Receiving honorable men- tion on the Dallas Morning News tearnwere GARY MARTIN and JOHN DEN- NEHY .Though not pictured, S T E PH EN SPEARS and BOBBY WALKER received this same honor. These boy s helped considerably in pacing the Colts to vic - tory. KENNETH MCMAS - TERS, one of th e leading s c o r e r s and mighty men on the Colt tea m was se- lected on the second string. jan . jan. jan. Jan. jan , jan . Feb. Fe b. Feb Feb District Schedule Birdville T Handley H Mineral Wells H Brewer T Diamond Hill T Birdville H Handley T Mineral Wells T Brewer H Diamond Hill H Managers Carl Rogers Terry Gregg TEAM We They 47 53 49 35 47 38 69 59 52 60 47 73 61 5 1 54 59 68 54 75 40 Kenneth Kenneth Mac Ma ste r s il Whztt Valton ' ' V l Crossnoe ' Jimmie Finch if Mey e r 'T 1 if ' r iid, Q fn , 'A A 'fivi' ., L P "R RiCh3.1'd Rayrngnd Narcho Glasgow Bobby Dale Walker J' e r ry C ollirrs Paul Harris Dale Ellis The B Basketball Team is composed of the following: Front row Qleft to right, Don Boring, J. Gilbert Luke, Bobby Ward, Kenny Everett, Eddie Myers, Bud Rernynse, James Hyden Back row Qleft to right, Dan Norman, Charles Munsonv. Jerry Whitt, Roger Coble, Fred Tucker, Vernon Charlton, Franklin Wilbur, Daddy Osburn, Gene McGarity The Freshman Basketball Team is composed ofthe following: Front row fleft to right, James McAlpine, Norman Rider, Wayne Crowley, Don Prater, Roger Doherty, Thomas McNamara Back row fleft to right, Leonard Walters, Grady Box, Elmer Lapierre, Billy Tibbetts, Dennis Morgan, David Eaton, Kermit Workman, Howard Aldriedge, Michael Sullivan--Manager Knot pictured, TEAM e C LYDE GODFREY Manager FRESHMAN TE M Q Q 17 jp 9 'Q R ,561 i 1- 62gs..f fs' sg ., .r .D S FR 'wifi jf , ,i xx jX,,Air'y I 7 1 - . x ' tliyw "' 2 1 . fri-2 1,, 2 A J J' 1 ff fb W L l :seam ,ni wi ' . ' 5 , L X f .Q M dx Y-S5221 KB, K W 'D L.. E Q 5 Who had the ball, Chief? jump, Raymfmd Arlington's Colt Basketball team in 1953 had a fairly successful season, though bad breaks and upsets did not bring to A. H. S. any material evidence of victory. The Colts finished in second place with a 6-4 record in district play. The Colt squad, consisting of Kurt Meyer, Ray Glasgow, Valton Crossnoe, Ken McMaster, Richard Narcho, Kenneth Whitt, Dale Ellis, jerry Collins, Paul Harris, and jimmy Finch, played a fine brand of basketball throughout the entire season. Among the leading score rs of the district for the Colts we re Kurt Meyer and Raymond Glasgow. For the entire year the Colts had an impressive record of 13 wins and 12 losses, including tournament play. The Colts participated in the Garland,Waxahachie, and Dr. Pepper QDal.lasj Tournaments,though they did not meet with exceptional success. Even with seven graduating seniors on the '53 squad, there promises to be a very fine basket- ball team to look forward to next year. 'sw A. ,. - --f- M., A I V, "Choosing up" for that big game are fleft to right, Wanda Farr, Helen Claxton, Susan, Murchison, Carmen Kolb, Yvonne Ligon, and Betty Ellis. GIRLS' P E . Suzanne Simmon s, Carol Goerdel, Grace Gartman, and Glenda Morrison are running a relay. TRACK Q Q U Kneeling: I , - I4r.v.Q'ib Standing Don Clayton Weldon Hall Aubrey Hoover Kinney Everett Stephen Spears Tommy Moore Don Graves Walter Rucker Bud Heinlein Danny Osburn Coach Workman Bill Johnson fManagerJ -'C' P'-X -C ' 7 if 11,1 V4 'Nz A C SC JLF Dale Ellis Coach Curlee Paul Vader J. Gilbert Luke Raymond Wright A A r 1 f Q4 Q., - ' . - 5' we .1Q l , W 3iL'f?f 1' 1 5 17252305-vgizzliffkiif'2Pf5f25i2f1f?zf?Z4VEET . 1 ' W '- 2'1'1f'i:i'7'sfi:f,n, my ,' W k ' 5-' . 'M' 'Hg "5:fffi:?2m!J'?3f5 :x ff: is 1 - 1 N . 4' 1' Qt .1 J 113- ggbf 5 T2 i25?' . 'Jl",,f Z L"X'J'. 914. n c N QHQMECQMING n W - 4 Ntwu Nhll K gm X mm NQNINXL DAY NATIGNAL HQNGR SGCIETY DINNER x ' if FOOTBALL DINNER if Courtesy of ARLINGTON CITIZEN First Baptist Brotherhood dinner honoring 1952 Colt team and coaches. EW l STUDENTS The following students have entered school since class pictures were made last fall. Front row, left to right, Juniors: Preston Jordan, BillGrenval, Kenneth Williams, Mac Pendley, Byron Matthews, Norma P ha r r , fSeniorJ, Christine Schmidt fSeniorj, Harriet Shotola, Donna Matetzschk, Danny Osburn, Robert Hoover Second row, Sophomores: Carol Warner, Jerry Moore, Ann Bond, Sandra Wyatt, Joyce Diggs, Norma Moore, Carolyn Matetzschk, E ile e n Liddy, Wayne Christian, Andy Cosby Third row, Freshmen: Jean Woodward, Judy Henderson, Donna Deason, Patricia Kiehn, Lanette Buck, Joan Ashford, Beverly Roberts. F. F. A. ACTIVITIES The Thompson twins, Donald and David, with their turkeys. I-'ovess little Pig 8095 to market- Kinney Everett's lamb goes to the show. Don Miears at the auction showing his calf to Mayor Vandergriff ' Tflfi Q13 H The grand prize pig is owned by Pinky Eaton. 1 vain?" XM' The pigs take much of Franklin Love's time. Don Bourne feeds his calves. ' -' v I ,, in ' 1' f .Ln e.,-.4.n Jerry Reeves has brushed his pigs. Dale Rash practices for the show. of v"" .4-w :sawn , 4 ,A in 'Q .iv fi 4 U. . - K 1 in if, Zag' , gas? Back1ng Western Day Drug Store cowgirls Tell 'em, Mr. Curlee Those J'-mi-OTS! The! Harmone tte s Is ing in What you got, Phil? - .EUrbiy, Another Annie Oakley? ? ? You got me, J' lk Pall Dudes! Mrs. Pope and her chemistu class. g."."'?' 1 Don't fence me in. The cowboy serenades. Cowgirls in the Coffee Shop. NJ Give me the wide open SPBCES. The cowgirl and the basketball player. -.-'Lx' agffggq 3 :ld gl 35.1.4 high! 3' ,'. 1:4 WP all Two little hobos as 5' T ' , 'Flu .mv A,-"' f 4 if Q5 5 I Lady? The Brotherhood - 1 G . " .1 Vt I . A , . ' ilu 15 ' , 5, -i l 1 3 , 1-us.-SSKHIWI . lr' .ui-fmgpgi 1 in Ja.- E- I . . LN A if ' If 2 plz. Hi L W " ' Q1 A 1- 1 .. F J off 'M Barefoot ub0YSH 5' Gorgeous Gene Smoke that pipe That hat! Will Ann, a hobo 451, 'L dab r 4 A pl K 4, 5 Wynelle says so! P wg 'Lp " .4 ,,, Camera Club entry , N ,y I ,. .l' Mr. Duff on the job Ready for demonstration P , C VW" A A y 1. , t, , ff f ,. S-4 Where next? Floyd and Tom get one. Io Ann and Margaret Snap it this way! At the corner AW I Q I 7 'D kg X fic 1. 3 AU . if-S X ' g' "" rs"-xg.. ? Q' Q A ' 1 . If 4' That's fine, girls!" fMr, Duff speaking., Two Dicks 3 e s I Q'- '-Q4 Our time next Time to eat Let's go! WhY run: Jean 7 Contemplation Me ? F I Tom Oh, Mr. Duff! Sara Jean, Wyvon, Neva Three pals A train for Christmas Too many cooks... I Constitution at Christmas ?! nmy, don't you like the train? Smile, Jack .H li? Time out from typing Merry Christmas, Mrs, Sherrod , Yum Yum - QHZIWF- ,J I l, ' W Billy s learning ,-.K :UW 7 .W ','. V. - 5 v Mr. Corey supervising gl ,- Refreshments for the hostess .Tim got you, Mrs. .Tohns Waiting for the pictures Mr. Allen at work if H11 Larry Norris and Alva Levick built this project for Miss Roddy's English II class to illustrate the village in Silas Marner. These All-State choir members, Sarah Kindred, Wynelle Brown, Stan- leyCo1e, and Eddie Myers,were se- lected with sixteen others from this r e g ion to go to Galveston. There they s ang with the other All-State Choristers from Texas. The .T unio r Quartette, composed of Sandra Hammle, Gail C a r tw r i g ht, Linda Hargraves, and Wynelle Brown, has sung together all through high school. e,-1. Li GIRLS CDF THE 0 TH The Epsilon Nu Chapter of Epsilon Sigma Alpha composed of young womenin Arlington makes this award to increase the desire of girl s of Arlington High School to attain poise and charm along with leadership in the school and in the community. Six girls are chosen during the year from any or all classes. One of this group, a Senior, will receive a S50 S avings Bond and be designated as the Girl of the Year. Seated: Anne Ross Berg, Helen Petty Standing: Charlotte Austin, Claire Ford, jo Alice Wolfe, Ruth Barnes 3 2 l if if , ff s . 2 A . ' -EQ 1 3 , 9 ' L gi Q,, 1 . fp A 3, t 58 '1 in ,sax Q ki., 5 1 H, S sf. 1X T? ' ., ,hx 1 '. I L :K W I y . :Q 'v 5, W ir 1 -ef fi V X, ' 135 .1 gil SMARTER AND SMOOTHER CAST Seated: Standing: GENE COOTES KENNETH WHITT JANE WOOD ANN EAST Director BETTY SUE COOTES VALTON CROSSNOE MISS CHARLESE POWELL MARY KAY HIGHFILL BILLYE BAUMGARDNER ANNE ROSS BERG KURT MEYER E - ACT PLAY F5 qunpnmpnsgmnv- FE3 THE DAY AFTE FOREVER CAST Seated: HARRIE T SLAUGHTER GENE COOTES Standing: ANN EAST MISS POWELL QDirecto MONNIE HAWKINS ANNE ROSS BERG R rl Midnight snack Cooking something up Ching Ching Chinarnen Beth and the Crew F.H.A. Camp Shirley's slumberless pai Time out for Bobby and Kurt H. V. in the spotlight Sandra, don't you think it's fun Sara Io and Jerry Ray Johnny, you're so surprised Pat and Jerry posing Kurt and little I At the pep rally for the final game. All dressed up Freshman helpers BARNEY LOWRY Junior Day '52 K The old swimxning hole f X r 4 A 1 .ff- 'r v - - 'fi.:'v+19! , l l i ' ' - - ldon 5 dolng some roplng. i min! Junlor-Senlor Girls, Football Game , Llttle Arhe and h1S tra1ners E ANNE ROSS BERG BUD HEINI.-EIN 2 f- '1T22?' Q vii 4 ? ' , f if S WM , , ,Q 7 ,. ,Qi ,L V. A ., ,p A .... . H. , ik x ,fp M REBA DAVIS h ,f n H V , .4 ' .1 D. aww". 'kv I f .f . , ' J' n .,.,, 1 I J. ,h , , .1 QP r 1 , . ,f A Tu.. "-'sling-5 sz r .4 Q, tx, 1 , -4 ":, ' 4 I , ' v f , - C! L' , 1 ,b ,-3, :- - -,tw 1 - P1 xy ' '- ,' fvff 'ff --'f -7 .--4, . .. V I ' " , rf 'f A 'C-1 5 ' .-qu. - 'fa 2 SEPTEMBER 3-School begins 10-Colt B plays Garland 15-F.F.A. elects Becky Ford Sweetheart 17 -Student Council Presi- dent campaign 18-Balloting for President 19-Colts defeat Garland ZZ-First COLT announces Kurt Meyer President Z 6-Colts down Irving OCTOBER Z-Colt B's at Terrell 3 -Colts take Hillsboro 10-Colts trim Weatherfordg Senior Rings arrive 15-Mrs, Maddry guestat Poetry Day assemblyg Back to Schoolg Choir sings at Fair 17-Special train to Terrellg 4 Colts lose -Colts take Diamond Hill -Colts defeat White Settle CALENDAR 3-Colts vs. Handley 4-Assembly withPastor 10-Colts play Brewer 12-N.H.S. Induction 13-Colts vs. Diamond Hill 14-Valentine Dance 19-N.H.S. College Program JANUARY 5-Back to schoolg Football Banquet 6-Colts meet Hillsboro 9-Colts meet Birdville 13-Colts meet Handley 19-Colts meet Mineral Wells 21-Mid-Term exams begin 23-Colts VS. Diamond Z6-Colts vs. Birdvillep Basketball Dance FEBRUARY 53 Sigwalt 6-Colts vs. Mineral Wells ' Western Day V. Beth Hankins , Sweetheart if ment NOVEMBER 3-F',H.A. Week begins 4-F'.H,A, Assembly 8-Jerry Foster named Sweetheart at Dance 12-N.H.S, Induction 14-Shirley Hoffman crown- Z7-Ir.-Sr.Banquet ed Homecoming Queen 27-Thanksgiving Holidays 28-Band Parades in Fort 2 5-Assembly with Doug Dillard 27-Band Concertg F.H.A. Mother-Daughter Banquet 28-Senior Midnight Show and Dance MARCH Z-6 Public School Week Assemblies 10-College Choir visits us 13-N.H,S. Faculty Tea 19-Z0 Band Contest-Oklahoma I Worth DECEMBER APRIL -5Basketball in Grand 3-N.H.S. Picnic Prairie Easter Holidays begin -Region X Band Clinic 9-One-act Play -Colts meet Irving 11-Band Contest-Wichita Falls -N.H.S. College Program 18-Band and Choir Contest- -Garland Tournament D6l'1tOI1: F.F.A. Area judging -Waxahachie Tournament Z4-Senior Play -N.H.S. Banquet Z5-F.F.A. Meat and Dairy Judging -F.T.A. Christmas Ball MAY Christmas Holidays 1-Music Festival Z6-Dr. Pepper Tournament Z'State F.F.A. Judging 9-Local F,F,A, Project Show 11-Invitations arrive 13-Annuals arrive Z1-Caps and Gowns arrive 24-Baccalaureate Service Z9-Graduation 1 4 , 2 V il ' .4 ps Y. M. I , 15'- . 'sf ,' Lv,-' .,.L,,. H '-QT:-1. 3-QA a13f.??!-f. fy -V 12:22 ' L., . 1'i1',fA are -. " H7 Ed fn' .vf.'1'f '5 K ' ' 1 ,ff-.rf ' HTF-EA, - ' Q' .ff7,f,1:g4 1 . ' -ggwp 4 15 bi? 'Af - Q , JM. 1 ILS? E' . I J. .-1:.zf15y p '.. 1 .191 3 H ' iff' 7 Yfyl- ' - J' ' Q, ,,. Q V E., .gig V - 4- .1 p A H: ufif- "'. ..-y,,,. . "na N 'le K-N. . N , YN l w , . :7.':', if qw -1 .kfx V . . -, 1 MIX ztft , .J v I "f 1' ,- Y.. y. J.. , . w 1.-1"-'LST -f X. .f-, 5. .ix LA., - J 'fy' i""' F.. 1+ ru LC 4 Lp .. 15- 1 . L, .-w ! 2-" -s I.--1 1' 1 1. ' ,Lp-Q, . ,I - Q "J, '.g mg, ' :al .1 .Q-F 35. ,, , 1 , vtk. H 5 ,- ,. .. " .-L -VA-'V ." J, ' N 131, Y ' ' v ' , .1" , B- W 1 1 4 , 4.-I. me 1 x 1. Wa- mf 1 ' 1' +, 'J , was?-Q'-V P 4. N I-rr im I wx E .F .I .5 5 N Aff, 1 , 5 1 r Ii ' -vin .. i ,1 4 1 f Vx n I , Q .M I., . . A' L f- f Tim .' f . : - V . - , . . A . 11411. ix ' ' 3'0" .1-'jx ,. . '- -, , , ' Hg:-w. 'FV i v, .,, -4-, . 1 , f:.."-..,!.f-1.95, A- ' - M f 1 - . if fy 'ff .' -'C ,. "1,f'.-. 1 .157 wi .Ag 7" ' H xii ' 1 - ' ' , :'. 2 ",'xfJfjWf7 --',- -1. -5 - 1724 ' !" " '- 1 . ' . il, 1. kg ,g 'Rf' ,J TQ-".:, , ' 1 ' ,ii -' klgxzp, 1i77f',' 1,3 ff.: f- F, .- A M, w r" ff -wmfx 3.1-f,ja.g .w -V .gay '-,V v f . 1- -' 117 '- -, ' -J Q wifi?-4.3-3, vi-.4 '5' Y .f ' + 1 . .V ,V ,,, .. 1: ,' .. ,fy ---V. .-.1 H - . 2 .. ,... 3 . N Q 52' .. ,. i ' 'Eijfif .Q . ., we-lc-'cf' ' -'O A -wQ,, - ,, 1,2 ":2"""C'6EAL"7LMf'b"l 7? X 5240 "uf f , .,AQ,W-n2,fLQ,.--' JL-vnfpfyf w,A,7 f"ZA M 2f.,x.,,,JvA7,Q: fl !dL,V.kL n 7,5-LL, , J JK WW' ww Q: ff WJ? W Q,vWW, ei OM ' L Q U ww-wa G- 6 vje, R thai VV ' MGMJAU' fy-aldvfu f L01-tgllit 6 A4-.V-cz 1 GLA., ' 0 Zfll ffpfg .M , ,sign I 0 P . 1 ,Q K X N055 'CC ',?fd1Alfu'f: ' C?,gf4f' W5JW FP 'J 1556-v..,-? ' . QM of ke ' WCA, YL I W x ,f .df 55 el, dk Wolf mwjiafx' XO Ox T! u-3 A1355 U 2' O ge! WO

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Arlington High School - Colt Corral Yearbook (Arlington, TX) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Arlington High School - Colt Corral Yearbook (Arlington, TX) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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