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I ,..' , 1 V LJ gb GX 60154 0 Q D335 GX 6552 0ix,Qfx?,iOxP QQiiQijg,fZX?Q 3326 55300 IVAKJVKCAX, 152535, 0? cf KSWM www Qjx K Q 4. ' ' if , ' 1 K. . 1 'v f' flu. , ,. 1 , . V ' ff, -.4 . . I 1 . 'US ' 0 QV" 1. -1 F, uv , ' "', ' ' F ,f::::Q: 1 : "lin -b -T ' ' if IJ!!! ' 4' I l . I' 0 o ', - 1, 5 ' .' ' ' '1 4 Aff-,,,,,4: .TQ :fgw .Af ' Q , iw . ' 2 T' :ff-1 . K f '. -'23 ' ' h 4 Nu- 4. Q KLM Qfrf ' .-'-C ff- . x-1-' , pl 46 SQA, 4 LOPJA Lk QXLV - M, xX!.f fg f ' CfP5L3'l4'C1l fx WU iHr!L1Ae,Q ,QmilQQ , N XL . Q- A , f L k S' f X , Wk: i X H QC 'l1Q eL N 379 MQKLUQ LQ .Lk Lbfqu Y Q yX ffm X NCQ kim YN .AQ T L!UC' d xxx L' 5W lf'10n 5' m Q LJAB Evil - Wd fb mg IMNBCVX LEW LJ , A, 3 U 3 ,L-Q6 .LJ 'A ' Q Uliiwx . M-i ,J M 9 is MUl,CLCf1gLc,EiJ '13 N uLW4,Qf ' , U VLbLf1xQNv.XXX N KX1 '. X 'L ..,,. p,,, , W4,.,.,, qvbjgf 3??ffi2j?gi 4 jf sifiiyw W 2 2555555 if? 352553535555 54522535 Q52 95? 55,30 5 Qin? 42656 fc, Wixg Z5 ifmgaf 1984 AN CHORS Table of Contents Faculty 8a Administration ..... Events ..................... Music . .. ............... . 'Clubs 8a Organizations .... Sports . . ., ........ . . . Undergraduates . . . Seniors ......... Advertising . . . Andrea Stern, Editor Mrs. Buergers, Literary Advisor if Mr. Landolfa, Financial Advisor Arlington High School Pleasant Valley, NY 12569 I love my "little" sister. Live your life off the wall. The few, the proud . . . 2 ism if QM- Fil fy gf . p 2 Y..-d""W ,ali Many roads we have traveled ffflf 1 Q-5 Lima e. -Mo ...e,., -ee Arlington's got class, and don't ever forget it! What did you say'?'?'? YR I haven't known you long but we have so much in common. 3 Don't l look like Mick Jagger from lhe side. Just hangin' out! 4 Many miles we have come . Homework is time consuming. School's a battle-field. QQ, I know! . . . Purple makes me look even more fascinating. 5 For we know we've only a moment to share We just got our failure notices! Stop! Don't eat that! new H A! Mirror, mirror. , . ,gm 3. School food'7'l" Let me explain Yes, I am a star. Now would we lie to you??? A moment to realize our dreams Us? Popular?'?? What does it look like we're doing? ,g- 4 I wonder what I'll Ain't he cute IO For soon we must go be doing in the 25th cemury. ? "r"'7l EL .. 4"Nv I 1 'V W Thank God for calculators! 44 ,a. . L Excuse me, Miss ThaL's the worst joke I've heard in a long time. A test! Today??7 No way, I'm goin home! 2 ,sr- .OPZXL ,ri OMF separate WClyS I3 Well fans . . . what's the verdict'?'?'? i 'P YJ ,111 Y ' ,,. ,gfg.,f,,,,r.,g,,,,,,, , , MM,w?,,4,,, an ,,, Il's like a cool breeze blowing through my hair. I J .T 41 M --.ew WM 2 2 0 ww 3 ,u GX v me No, it's my last piece. f. A,-va, An apple a day. It wasn'l me! i e p f 1, in QT Many roads we have traveled Many miles we have come . . For we know we've only a moment to share A moment to realize our dreams . . . For soon we must go our separate ways BE' Mon-D-fc Q QI- H H In-di3.b.T!f:JJsr, u. cl bv permission. , . FJ - 1 ik., , TW? TUE LT FY AWE -1,. i ww U my WXGA Q f 1 Board of Education and Principals .TM A . V V s ..:, X i 5 V V Q. :VI A My he 2 fi - t fa . ,B a s A f H, h L , ' ' 'V , , X ,,v,f , K , . ggi, 'jk Y , l '-1. M w 17 i 7 - """" Sitlingfrom lej to right: Mrs. Valerie Suter, Vice Presidentg Mr. Donald Lear, Mrs. Barbara Wardell, Clerkg Mrs. Joan Beckham, Presidentg Dr. Thomas Hasenpflug, Superintendentg Mrs. Janet Berger. Slandingfrom len to right: Dr. Bert Kanwit, Mrs. Catherine Goldstein, Dr. Duane Smith, Mrs. Sally Kuralt, Mr. James Loveday. Mr. Folster Dr. Kuklis Mr. Rothman 'Qfifl' Mr. Patynski J" Mr. Moore Guidance Throughout high school, the guidance counselors play a very important role in helping us shape our future. They carefully aid students in choosing courses which will best fulfill the students' educational needs. Our counselors are always ready with informa- tion about career choices and college admissions. Whether a stu- dent has questions about military or vocational training, financial aid or college applications, the counselors are always willing to help. All of this vast information is available either in the Guidance Office or from the many experienced counselors whom Arlington is V so appreciative to have. Mr. Duggan Coordinator li Mrs. Bachor Miss Miller Mr. Lacey Mr. Mueller 4.. Miss Hall Ms. Panson X i'ii . Mrs. Hanlon Mrs. Stanton Guidance Secretary Guidance Secretary X.. E if QGXXQ 18 W.-. ...... -- ..... ,w.--.,..,,.-,.. . .2 Secretaries Qs' ft . J. :Ulf 5-'M 2 Mrs. Whitely Miss Lund Mrs. Whyte Mrs. PiCrSOr1 English Department Secretary A. V Secretary Nurse's Office Secretary Nl1fSC'S Office Secretary Mrs. Kerzner Mrs. Biasotti Mrs. English Mrs. Maio Guidance Secretary '99 -T . I ,Y if ,. ,- I - gal - Mrs. Thomas Mrs. Yade Mrs. Kerzner Miss Cussick 19 if ttendance Health Gffice Mr. Southwick 1 'VK Psychologists 20 ,,.,5g:.-W. W Mrs. Loeb Camera Shy Ms. Larson Mrs. Peters School Nurse l Mrs. Bork School Nurse Teacher Arlington's libraries serve not only as an excellent source of reference books and literature, but also as a college and career information center. The computer in the North Campus library can print out information about college and job opportunities. The South Campus library, although without a resource career center, has an up-to-date collection of career materials. Students are urged to make use of these materials as often as possible. Future expansion of the library is still being planned. As of yet, a grant to update resource references has not yet been obtained. Both Miss Buthmann and Mrs. Davis stress the need for an enlargement of the libraries and a general overhaul of the references now avail- able. In its present state, however, the library has proven itself invaluable to all students. fl' s - X .. Mrs. Walsh Mrs. Mutter Aide Aide Library 'S' f w-f-W Miss Buthmann MIS. D21ViS Librarian Librarian .L V. . 1 Mrs. J asinski Mrs. Gibson Secretary Aide Mrs. Rauf Mrs. Iori Aide Career Center 21 i 5 CVS AV Mrs. Buergers Computer Lab ,I , ,, 54, Mr. Kovar 'fi'-Y, Mrs. Cottrell Mrs. Sauer 22 .Z North Campus Cafeteria taff ' ' ' " I C K . L,,,L,L .. , - Q C ' , ' ' ' , r -2' e- . -I. - - P, 2' ' ' ' mf-1 , , Q.. - . K ,A 11, :H g Z- ., I A . g:: '.- 4- . :gr V' 'x by " . i " . N - , 2 49 South Campus l ' , :Ei ' , " ,..... f , ,' .,,, - .53 ,:.,1:': az.: : -. - i , , --. 3 .... 'Z-, "ffl . .. North Campus South Campus Custodial Staff W 23 English Mrs. Kirn Coordinator f- ' fi l, 1- iw", ' 1 'd' ' I 52:15-'.,!. 4 . f',. - if V At Arlington, learning the basics of English is stressed. Special emphasis is placed on of- fering a diversified curriculum. Students are placed in various levels which are developed to fit each student's individual needs. As a senior, one is able to choose two half- year courses such as Drama, Poetry, English and World Literature. Another challenging course is the full year A.P English course. One experiences a chronological study of literature from Greek tragedies to 20th century poetry. A student has the possibility of earning Ad- vanced Placement by scoring well on the A.P. Exam given in May. After graduation, many Arlington students attend colleges and univer- sities with a strong background in English. ' .1wfygEgg'Z,'l' ' if My I 'V -V 1 WV-i..,,..y V. V , V 1 if ' A 2'wVf , 1 Mr. Sorrentino "' is ' 'l fiifgfi tai 4 " hs 1 W' 4 A an Z 0 ' w..,,7v" ' . .2 ' '46 . A i 'lf-if A ff,A, g it if fy. -,V, Zi f f f 2 I Mrs. Robinson Mr. Colkin Mrs. Mack 24 Vw L ' ., 4 Y VVV. 4 If -H A . 9, 'Q :I " I . 3925? A ..,,, , , I fry - A ? ire, I Zi ,ff-" :Ng CffMr. Behrman v fi, -f X Nm X 1 f ' V Mr. Buergers Mrs. Hamilton Mr. Weyant English R A x 1 ,R Miss Vreatt Mr. DeRosa Mrs. Cerniglia 25 English A ,fn Mr. Frank Mr. Mara ,X f"f7 I Mrs. Petty Mrs. Spiro Ms. Ciani 26 X V7 2" By ff J, If' ' . I Mrs. Gregory iv . 6' English i KK Ms. Q-rf-H' Mrs. Barnett Ms. Renovitch 1 1 GIGS-S011 Mrs. Walsh Mrs. Edmonds Mr. Mooney 27 Social Studies Mrs. Kime Coordinator Mr. Sapp A I rssiiv- ' Mr. Siepietoski 28 l 1 Mr. Nye z x ' 1 af Mr. Bevins The social studies department at Arlington offers stu- dents a variety of academic levels and chances to study histories and cultures from all over the world. Students can learn about everything from local history to ancient European civilizations, Middle Eastern values, Medieval Europe's customs, and American History. The list contin- ues. Seniors have many electives from which they can choose. For instance, they have the option of studying the human mind in Psychology. In this course, they study Freud's theories, analyze dreams and try meditation. An- thropology, another elective, is a detailed study of cul- tures, some of which are far removed from our own. Law related education is yet another unique choice for seniors. They can learn about court room procedures and examine specific cases. For those seniors wishing a challenge, Mrs. Kimels A.R course offers an intense study of European History. Actual source material is often used to enhance students' knowledge about historical societies. These dif- ferent social studies courses, in addition to others, allow seniors to discover new interests which they might like to pursue further in college. Mr. Johnson Mr. Gaw S I . M gf A A , . A Mrs. Gaw Mr. Clark Mr. Lombardi Mr. Rich SLI el 1543 '-...f Mr. Ginsberg C? ,-.J ,W Social tudies 31,5 mf .Pl 1---1-J Mr. Villano f f X Mr. Stahlberger 1 'Z MTS- DiP0mpei Mrs. Cianchetta Mrs. Williams Mr. Grabowski 29 athematics Arlington's Math department offers an extensive program which includes re- medial, basic and business mathematics, regents and A.R calculus courses. Due to the wide variety of choices in the math area, students are able to become at least mathematically literate. For those stu- dents who wish to excel further, the pro- gram certainly presents a number of op- portunities to do so. Mr. Graham Coordinator ' . ,fffi all x ft. K ss'-Xlw' 4 Mr. Gambino Mrs. Horowitz Mrs. Scott Mrs. Zitz I iw Mr. Higgins Miss Fox L2 'WL ,, .1 If 'Q V Mrs. Gulbransen Mr. Landolfa Mathematics Mrs. Klinski V ,f XA , i ffl! Y in xx jj AICMSWJ ff Mrs. WoodrumQ Mrs. Long Mr. Celenza U f J s Camera Mis Van De Ween Rxfvg'-'AJIX 3 1 Science LJ ,W zum im Mr. Clearwater Coordinator 's ? . Mr. Siebert Mr. Stoutenburgh 32 Another strong department at Arlington is the Science depart- ment. A wide spectrum of science courses is available to students during high school. For those inter- ested in science as a possible ca- reer, A.P Biology and A.P. Physics are freshman college courses which provide in-depth studies of those topics, and also a chance at credit. Other courses include IPS, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Thus, even if you won't be the next Einstein, there is still something in science to interest you. I , W v,,.....,,........ M Mr. Murray Mr Kaatz Mrs Tlllman Q-rv-"'7' Mrs. Norkeliunas Mr. Siebold Mrs. Reid Mr. Brown Science i Gdrnvf' Nfu ,Ce :PI 'Nd bm iw- + 9 Bk Cf FS ,:' At .Tb CENTRAL COMPAI Mr. Okraski r Q , Miss Miller '5 is 1 S -xi ,mfs Mr Pfvckup iiii N. Mr. Usifer Mrs.La1li ,Y 2 33 Foreign Language Mrs. Hinz Coordinator UCI I ntez 1 aan E FUU11 701 la K lemc 3 1 Mrs. Spann 7 Mr. Resler 34 The Foreign Language department continues to be a very active segment of Arlingtonls curricu- lum. With over a thousand students involved in the study of a second language, it is no wonder that the Russian, French, Spanish and German classes plan many interesting activities. The Spanish 4 8: 5 classes went to see El Som- brero de Tres Picos in New York City this fall. After the play, the students were allowed to go in groups to Spanish restaurants. French classes are continuing to benefit from the Wiecha Method, taught by Mrs. Cheryl Blan- chette. Last year French 4 8: 5 classes went to see a French movie, Les Enfants du Paradis, and followed the movie with lunch at a French restau- rant. A similar trip is planned for this year. French students also traveled to France last year, visiting Paris, as well as some rural areas. Although German is not offered until the ninth grade, there is considerable participation in the program during the freshman through senior years. Participation in the Russian department is somewhat smaller than that of other language programs. Regardless, Mrs. Barley will take ju- niors and seniors to Russia again this year, where they will tour Kiev, Moscow and Leningrad. re if! , iv! veir' ft' Y Aix Mrs. Spillane Mrs. Blanchette Miss Connevey ,Nw I ev' We fda Foreign anguage 1 24 5' ,f X ' ls Mrs. Barley Miss Carter Camera Shy: Ms. Tyler , 1 ,z,'4f,r.5.1 ,. .f, ,345 5 'wwwsixgg ggfwg ,-',, Mrs. Willey 35 Business X ! I . me Mrs. Dakin Coordinator nfl I Mr. Rostanzo Miss Sullivan Mr. Hart Mrs. Beahan Mrs, Corrado 36 7 , ...,.........f,.....,nur..w..m...f.,.11-m-m..f..-.frxw.., . . '95, ,. ll . rxryir 7.1 . "'1 ' "fav I :ff ' " '-,Neal , ,. J' Q r -wma 'A Mr. Abraskin Camera Shy: Mrs. Ballard, Ms. ,Q :'-, ix x X From Utility typing to Data Processing, our Busi- ness Education Department offers a wide variety of secretarial and management courses. With business being such a vital part of the economy and world, it is important to have this education available right here at Arlington. A if Mrs. Buchal Mr. Dillon Van DeWeert usiness .X ff A Mrs. Taranto 37 Driver Education Health ,f 492 5 4 , fl. 5 '19 ff f W7 i , I ? ff Mr. Wynne - fi! "' st" 1.9. Mr. Capalbo 38 The Driver's Education program offers a unique op- portunity for future drivers. The course centers around various methods of learning. Class time includes lectures, safety films, and testing knowledge of motor laws and techniques. Car simulators are used regularly, as are the cars themselves. This hands- on practice is particularly valuable and instructive. The course is a combination of theoretical and practical driving methods, and has been a great asset in helping many students gain knowl- edge and experience. Although required, the course offering in health is enjoyed by a majority of students. It is an im- portant course because it brings many vital facts to the students, attention. Subjects such as phys- ical well-being, mental illness, al- cohol and drug abuse, and sex-edu- cation are discussed. The curricu- lum follows the textbook, Tune into Health, and is further en- hanced by guest speakers, films, and additional reading material. All things considered, Health proves to be quite informative and interesting. , 7+ Mr. Vari it .EM I Y, . ar v i f M' Wai lj Mr. Ketchamh iyxvwwiw 3 j te..,.., frggg tififffte me MW 'X ' -,,.. .,,.. W...-t.,.mm.maMmmm..umx - Physical Education is required during all four years of high school, but the wide choice of activities enables a student to partici- pate in a variety of sports. Everything is offered, from field hockey, archery and soccer in the fall, to softball and tennis in the spring. Students can take advantage of the diversified physical education department and benefit from it. X tMrs. Smith ' Mr. Wright Mr. Horton Mr. Johnson .. 1- .511 U, ' 1 hysical Education Mrs. Murphy MF- Beams Coordinator , , L N 1 f X X N to l Li' ,. Miss Dimicco Mr. Murphy o I- 1 M is if ' V' X' f 'M Q 1' K ,W rw if azqfiff 5' M Miss Cally Mr. King Special Education The Arlington Resource Room's main purpose is to have all the students looked upon as equals. This goal is achieved by giving individualized attention to each stu- dent. All of the teachers are very motivated and pro- vide special support for all of their students. The Ar- lington Resource Room is an important part of Arling- ton High School. if-'Y Mrs. Donegan ,V Coordinator "hi " "" p Mrs. Botto Mr. Hirsch Zz" ,Lf ,h'?b.0.s.Q.w'1' ,.q..b.4h.k,.,, , ,nv v, if 4 f . c "19?AQ',' A 5551.5-Qi if 7 'A , ft I f p. 1 .... , 4 ' 1 1 4 r ll ff, Q J' Mrs. Shanny Ms. Maclsaac Ms. Penn Mrs. Barbash 40 7 , , ... ....M-., ,.-. .Yi ..-.Q.--hn1wq,m.m,.w,wmmmmnmm i...-,.s... ..,:- ae.. ..., ,... . .315 2 , . 1 sqm,- TVL ' r - S ls. New Hearing The Hearing Program at Arlington enables hearing impaired students to take part in the re- quired courses, as well as a variety of electives, through the aid of well-trained interpreters. In this way, they are not excluded from the normal classroom situation. Students who are involved academically and socially with the hearing im- paired realize that there are many other ways of communicating aside from verbally. Sign ll,nn3u.nS0 sfsecf here- f my 3 L 1: -,Q,, J . ,f . Mrs. Fallon Ms. Gill Mrs. Johnson Mrs. Wazewski Mrs. Auterino Mrs. Triola - ,if I Ms. Frei Mrs. Hurley Mrs, Quinn Camera Shy: Mrs. McDonnell rt Hb. 2 Whether a student is looking into art as a career or as a hobby, the art department offers a wide range of courses from Studio Art Cbasicsj to Sculpturing, Ceramics, and Drawing and Painting. Those courses not only increase knowledge in the arts, but they also develop latent skills. This is most evident when the work of our art students is displayed and viewed. f l 1, , f . l f, '41 WYJ My 1 f 1 1 ,c 7 ' fwf fl ff f 4 My 4 ff Z, My f i ff' 4 in Mr. Merrick Coordinator 1, .,'V.,'r. Miss Drewes l 1 4 W 3 E ll U U .1 35' E5E5.5imf fri mmxwsu y n ummm ci .1 al 1150 U' I ,tag ga -SW?" '93 5' 3 fr .. :.ftEasasm 3 - - , H 23214 Miss Storz Mrs. Scott Y - nf -ff.-Q vlt. Y.-v-mfm.-,A-Mc. W.k....-.v-m.u..a...v-mm:.nm1xume.,...1.p:.1r.m,s V: . affny Music ,-. . , fv- , If 1641 A X, ' ' i 3 1 . . X 1 1 . 1 . V az: . ' ' f ' :ff E2 , nz" . . , Mrs. Frazee Vocal Music Coordinator rn- Mr. Palmieri Mr. Robinowitz 43 Indu trial Arts i Because of the careers and job opportunities available to skilled craftsmen, many students opt for industrial art courses during high school to gain background in their fields of interest. The different courses offered include wood shop, electric shop, metal shop, photography, and transportation. Some of the work done by stu- dents is displayed in cases in the hallway between the gym and industrial arts rooms. -Q4 WY' Mr. Botto Mr. Tornatore W ls, -a t .iy, I 3.2. vllkx., JM , 0 -as' 45 itff M 24 i' ' 7 L. ' Z 'QA' Q, 4. f n -Sql ' L Kas' " Mr. Leithner Mr. Yurista A ,,., ,,,a,,,W , , ,, ,Z .Lr,V, E f I V,,jV,45gf ' , ' , 1 .rry , f , 4217.1 .vm -1 . V .i - ' . ' 5 f f ' 4 1, ' A ff 4 fl 1 ' S2 A Ar- ! If M ' "" Kia ' , ,aww- ,,gg',, r wit , , all 1, agagf. 41, my , ,, it ,gf trr 1' ' 'gfflff ljl ,i mg 1 ' e:H5fC'f-ff ..fff?': Q5ITW?' up V M 4 lm Iggy, v.5tlg,g - y., 4. 51192,-1-, :ua ' ' yr , rw a ri-as ht ' ffl 'Wu mv- ef , rf me , ,.., -1 fm- fam' tf unrfzfaz Mr. Resler wmv' M2 ,Kr 7 af, 1 7 ,Af f 7 4 f 2 Mr. Sautter Home Arlington's Home Economics courses provide knowledge of skills useful to have when running a household. Sewing, cooking, and even a course in Child De- velopment, which houses a nursery, are part of the curriculum. Students greatly benefit from these pragmatic courses. Q 'QQ if f I f Pj Vx Q6 Os Q9 r: .vs Af' 7? , Ezfsnjfg f X 1 KN. i iz f 312 f' Mrs. Zaenglein Economics ,qv .Q 1 ! , J 1 lvv,, .. . Mrs. Seager Coordinator Mrs. Lashway Mrs. Gales 4 WA M .. , 0 M A f- ' -'-- 'mess-av, ww:-,Q..v -, ? -'M' 51' T .' ki N . QM 1 -1 ' 2 :..1,. ., i. ,ff Wei' K ' "M 'W-mmmfmv.wfw,,w,W4g.. "4 ' 1 ,SQ -V aw 1 5 4 1: - A A""'K21',,. ..,,,..,--"' f,- v, ffl,-,-j!:L4,,.l I A f ,,,:z' L., L.. Q i-1 Q . wt, -gf""m'49 1 'Q 2? 1' ' T Elf fy- 1 - --P h "" K gy J 2 '+A 5,1 3-Q54 ' J ,:,,,.m'2'. 0 5' J , V AHS afuzhmg Band, .1 ft 2.1 W- coupwrmou -M-M A, ' ij W SUNDAY 0012169 " 1PM fi , z ' .. V by V A ,.,., h N ' .L '53 k Y,,, ,,,-,J Al. -X , VV H d NTw QQ 1 l i 1 1 I 1 Spirit Week Spirit Week kicked off major fall events at Arlington this year. During this week students donned various articles of clothing for music day, hat day, and school spirit day. The highlight was Arlington's third successful Homecoming game and dance, held on October 8, 1983. The football game at 9:00 led off the day. Although the Arlington Admirals lost to Newburgh, 21 - 7, the game was memorable because we scored our first touchdown of the season. During halftime, the marching band played and the homecoming float, replete with the Homecoming theme of "Arlington reigns? 48 presented the Homecoming nominees and added much excitement to the dayls events. The climax of that evening at the Homecoming Dance was the crowning of Darren Horvath as king, and Beth Clayton as queen. Entertainment was provided by the band "Pyperf' Through the combined efforts of our new advisor, Mrs. Tillman, and members of the Student Government, Arlington continued its Homecoming tradition. 3 . l 5 J 5 . , v .. ,' I f r t f,-MNA ' ,.,, ,- T7 9 ' xg' 'L' nl cl., fix. ...- . , 5 Q V! ax' ,ff hc, W 3 i of 4, W" ,V ,. mg -Q Wim . -ww X E ff 5 2 if 512 if 5 e 04, vga 1gvg,",. 1 ' w I Y f+ '21 A ,v 1 'iii VI - - BVVL I W 1 ' fi 55? 3' , ' 'f' A it ax g f QI' C3 f 1 ., 9 . .W ., x. A ,. ,,. ,J 3. .7 'fr' -- 25 3. ' -40 .hui ,- -. . ,,, W . - V -A 7' 2. A,.4 ay, 'f , uh" ,. ,jf-. ,M L .witsi if v QQ, M fs 2 fig,5, f1,, .Wg 1 nj? 1 H44 - 'lu , . J.. .35 f I nr ,.i.1.1,--.T-V a,f"'v' '- 15' i -:N u i Q 1,1 . if -axis ,,, ' Jw I Lg ,,., sa, ,4 'T ,,--fc., Aly 1 Q., sv f z Q 'f M, . 1 mb' ix , 'X X '4 ,L . 4 'V Vx. - ', ' . ff 1 'Z ' "lt Q, ' 4474 I ' ffA 46 Jw JBMUW '1 ' ff -L". G , 3 .2 . ww , .-f nu xv Wi, .1 9 32 1., f 4' 'HHS 1 gr' 1322. 1,- ' . ,Nr , WW "?: 7. '- 1 7 " , f ' QQ- ,,1 . . fy 5' zf fam M M Homecoming L, , .-I ,Q - 1 ' li L Qi, A, ay ff ,, -"F , "Q ' H r ,--f 5' ' J 2 PS ' ' V in Y K .fr if M 3 Q E A i 1. lv, M K b ,,A,4,.:2z.f,,,, 4, 1 M "M . -,,,., f , , Q F xxx' .li y , , t 'vllv 5 ' i f .. I :gf f Y AQ, 4 I- -nn, lr A, q, 1 ., ,.yx,-114.-S ,gi 1.1 gy . .1 K3 Y X 1, ' Q I' D U . .1 Q. 1 1 gi' 95,3 ,im 1 ff 15 ki, 1 ftfb , I X ,? W U, f"'N. K ,-'N if ss N M'-inf 'J 9 i c X 5 1 PLN- f 1 . , Q-. r .f?xEAQQ ' f, . Fx -5. R Homecoming M ,J , L.2'tw1. 55 Junior Ring Dance On October 14, 1983, class president Jennifer Laguzza presided over the traditional presenta- tion of class rings. 300 students danced to music by the D.J. from Capricorn II. Helen Antipov was the lucky recipient of the 525.00 prize. . 5' K 1 , 1 n SL. 56 S. Qw, me ,N my ,hm ""'-s N'-.1 x rw.-' 'N-Q 'Hu-.4 JO mfs 'Nur wi 5311 'VH bm, 'f-fm -'r MJ, r I . xv. V 3 W ? ld an fazvms.. .1 This is the hardest decision l've had to make. I'm sorry, weare not suppose to give our autographs. xl: is 'W That was delicious! 59 Halloween Halloween 61 arching Band Invitational On October 16th, the Arlington High School Marching Band hosted its eighth annual Invitational. A total of about ten bands participated. One of the bands, Marcus Whitman, from Rushville, NY, was housed by Admiral Band members throughout the weekend of the competition. Other bands were from New Jersey, and throughout the rest of the Empire State. Crowds of about 1,000 cheered the Admiral Band on to a score of 90 Cout of 1001 points. The undefeated band was led by the efforts of drum major Katie Meyerson. Although Arlington did not compete in the Invitational, their score would have been sufficient to win nearly any competition they would have attended. Arlington's Color Guard, led by Jeannine Liu, also excelled in the compe- tition. Their outstanding participation in the Invitational greatly enhanced the spectators' view of the band. All of Arlington can be very proud of this well-attended event. i l 1 62 Marching Band Invitational .- 5' ff ' , r A 1 ,if ,w A. ' f w ,, if X i .,-Glyn, . ,.7 A orth Campus rchestra aa we - .J -R , -.,. ,. The year of hard work, practicing, and fund-raising is going to be rewarding this summer when the orchestra travels to Vienna, Austria for an International Music Competition. Other highlights of the year include trips to New York City, Albany, and a Pops Concert in March. Congratulationslllll 68 Addie Baker Valerie Basch Hans Beeck Angela Beltrani Sandra Benjamin Luke Burke Tara Burke Maura Burns Katherine Carlon Susan Carmichael Ruth Caswell Keith Chang Paul Clarke Mary Cormier Louis Dauerer Miriam Dellheim Heidi Diefes Nancy Dodge Robert Dodge James Dooling Katherine Eisenhut Douglas Ellison Samantha Fairbairn Suzanne Faure Cheryl Fecketter Jennifer Ferguson Kristin Frederic Paul Garrity Brian Gates Richard Gegenwarth Janice Germiller David Handa Thomas Hasenpflug Amy Hespenheide Gerald Howard Jeffrey Howard Timothy Hsieh Beth James Teresa Johnson Keith Kasin Abby Kavner Christopher Kelly Christine Kelton Lisa Klein Debra Klopfenstein Jenny Ko John Kotes Rita Krueger Jane Lenard Suzanne Leslie Yvonne Leuzinger Adam Levine Tzvi Mackson Cindy March Dawn Mastellone Elena Mastellone Robert McAlpine William McCluskey Kathryn Meyerson Neil Miller PJ Mills David Mohr Emma Moon Andrew Moore Sean Motise Roseann Muller Mary Ottaway Sarah Ottaway Rosanne Park Tina Park Rene Pelland Margaret Pepper Gail Phillips Marla Pruitt Diana Quist Darlene Ragonese Theresa Roggemann Blair Schneider Michael Smith Kenneth St. Onge Kathryn Stuebner John Tardio Lisa Varuzzo Sara Wasserman Victoria Wohl Agnes Yando Dianne Zipprich Director: Mr. Robino witz rs., Rfk South Campus rohestra Violin I Antonio Pizzuti, Concert Master Karen Ferreri Liza Klimoff Annie Park Jeffrey Simon Ronald Vece Violin II Lisa Andrews Marlene Beermunder Bridget Deane Elizabeth Freihofer Bethanne Gaylor Jennifer Ludlow Katherine Salchert s 1 4 i 2 Viola Barbarella Brown Michael Glover Sandhya Srinivasan Emily Way Violoncello Diana Haight Michael Kleinfelder Rachel Lapidus Terri Leslie David Mendel Thomas Wietsma Double Bass John Chabica Peter Mack Michael Miller Director: Mr. Robinowitz f 71 1nd En emble Piccolo Angela Beltrani Flutes Diana Damato Beth James Emma Moon Renee Pelland Jean Solis Oboes Heidi Diefes Nancy Rogers Bassoons Kathryn Myerson Jill Sweeney Clarinets Kristi Bahrenburg Marlo Huggins Adam Levine Mary Ottaway Chris Peterson Lisa Varuzzo Bass Clarinets Karen Carmody Laureen Frederic Contra Bass Clarinet Peter Klein Alto Saxophones Amy Godfrey Deborah Twitchell Tenor Saxophone Kerri Linder Baritone Saxophone Gary Edmonds Trumpets Louis Dauerer James Dooling Karen Free Keith Kasin Suresh Mandava Sean Motise Ralph Umhoefer French Horns Katherine Carlon Mary Cormier Aileen Duffy Rita Krueger Sarah Ottaway Trombones Stephen Horiuchi David Horton William McCabe Baritone John Horton Tuba Brian Gates Wayne Stopka Percussion Jennifer Barlow Patrick Paraggio Kenneth St. Onge Jeffrey Sargent Director: Mr. Sweeney Strlng Ensemble Ruth Caswell Nancy Dodge Doug Ellison Kathy Eisenhul Rich Gegenwarth Dave Handa Tom Hasenpflug Gerald Howard Jeff Howard Tim Hsieh Abby Kavner Debbie Klopfenstein Chris Kelton Suzy Leslie Tzvi Mackson Annie Park Tine Park Rosanne Park Blair Schneider Kathy Stuebner Darlene Ragonese Agnes Yando Diane Zipprich Director: Mr. Robmowitz Symphonic and Piccolo Diane Case Flutes Sharon Auerbach Michelle Bauerle Catherine Beckham Adriene Cardillo Michelle Dumoulin Anna Feldwig Ellen Grosshans Elizabeth Harkins Jennifer House Theresa Kotes Kimberly LaCelle Wendy Lamb Jennifer Powers Patricia Shawley Christine Shields Jennifer Stokes Lara Super Oboes Kati McDonald Theresa Roggeman Bassoon Kristin Frederic Director: Mr. Sweeney Clarinets Lynn Bartoes Elizabeth Blamble Kimberly Dean Cynthia Follette Wendy Hartick Leonie Hermsen Amy Hespenheide Carol Hostetter Vicki Lamb Lora Seils Diana Stile Suzanne Willets Saxophones Dennis Cormeir Frank Damato Chris Kapogiannis Alan Mangelsdorf Lawrence Pond Trumpets David Closs Gints Klimanis John Kotes Robert LeHane Edward Milhaven Chris Santamassimo Dean Stathos French Horns Jane Hunt Cindy March David Mohr Andrew Moore Diana Quist Trombones Bart Cann Paul Clark Todd Dillon Paul Garrity Chris Kelly Frank Kolarik John Miller John Tardio Baritone Christopher Perez Tuba William Mayer Percussion Barbara Arentsen Hans Beeck Robert McAlpine Michael Smith Bass Clarinet Robin Peterson Jazz Machine Saxophones Frank Damato Debbie Twitchell Amy Godfrey Kerri Linker Chip Pond Gary Edmonds Trumpets Keith Kasin Sean Motise Lou Dauerer Jim Dooling Ralph Umhoefer Karen Free Suresh Mandava Trombones Steve l-loriuchi Bill McCabe John Tardio David Horton Mark Lucas Bass Tim Hsieh Piano Steve Chang Guitar Marco Virtanen Drums Jennifer Barlow Rob McAlpine Director: Mr. Sweeney 75 South Campus Concert and Janice Adams Gillian Ashworth Jeffrey Barlow Eileen Beazley Ralph Carl Michelle Carta Denise Castro George Chase Kathleen Comerford Brian Conte Kathryn DiBlasi Edwin Diefes Emily Dogil Debora Duch Suzanne DuPlessis Sondra Elliot John Ferrell Michelle Freed Alison Freer James Goldfarb Pamela Gray Juliett Greenspan Lindsay Harmelink Collen Heller Allison Hickey Karen Hochhauser 76 Susan Howard Heather Hughes Jennifer Ippolito Holly James Sean Johnson Holly Jorgensen Michael Kelner Steven Knepper Timothy Knepper Christopher Kotes Robert LaGurege Stephanie Larson Annie Lee Robin Lotze Mark Lucas Paul Lucas Christine Magurno Laura Mara John Mariconti Sheila McCabe Christine McCaffery Deborah McDonald Marie Milliken Marcelo Modica Donna Mucci Bernadette Patynski James Protigal Barbara Reedy Deborah Reynolds Sandra Sargent Kristen Sauer Thomas Scanlon Roger Serrette Jaleh Shafa Phillip Sherer Holly Siebert Tammy Silvers Jennifer Smith Cynthia Spatafora Thomas St.Onge Joel Stopka Christine Stuebner Kristen Sweet Brian Tallman Susan Toepfer Jean Vandergheynst Danielle Volnick David Wellwood Julie Wetzel Todd Zaenglein Director: Mr. Tanove r a IF" 1 W-'Y' .qu fiin- 'Ley 77 Marching and Flutes Gillian Ashworth Michelle Bauerle Eileen Beazley Michelle DuMouIin Ellen Grosshans Jennifer House Holly Jorgensen Wendy Lamb Christine Magurno Marie Milliken Renee Pelland Barbara Reedy Tammy Silvers Lara Super Kristen Sweet Jennifer Wright Clnrinets Michele Carta Kim Deane Cindy Follette Amy Hespenheide Holly James Vicki Lamb Stephanie Larson Adam Levine Donna Mucci Chris Peterson Sandra Sargent Lora Seils Holly Siebert Christy Stuebner Jill Sweeney Robert Travia Jean Vandergheynst Susan Willets Saxophones Elizabeth Blamble Karen Carmody Michael Kelner Alan Mangelsdorl 78 Robin Peterson Bernadette Patynski Raymond Rogers Sue Toepfer Debbie Twitchell Trumpets Louis Dauerer Katie DiBlasi James Dooling Karen Free Keith Kasin Gints Klimanis Robert LaGurege Steven Knepper Christopher Kotes John Kotes Suresh Mandava Sheila McCabe Edward Milhaven Sean Motise Chris Santomassimo Tom St. Onge Ralph Umhoefer Robert LeHane Mellophones Adrienne Cardillo Rita Krueger Cindy Marsh Sally Ottaway Jane Hunt Diana Quist Debbie Duch Trombones Ralph Carl Todd Dillon Steve Horiuchi Tim Knepper Frank Kolarik Bill McCabe John Tardio Bnritones James Goldfarb Christopher Perez John Horton Philip Sherer Joel Stopka 'Ilibas Brian Gates Wayne Stopka Bass Guitar Jane Leonard Snarw Ken St. Onge Jennifer Barlow Patrick Paraggio Jefl' Sargent Quads Roben McAlpine Mike Smith Bass Drums Kristi Bahrenburg Frank Damato Laurie Frederic Beth James Peter Klein Mallets Kristen Frederic Thomas Hasenpflug Patricia Shawley Lisa Varuzzo Cymbals Denise Castro Allison Freer Gail Phillips Rifles Valerie Basch Angela Beltrani Paula Brengel Kirsten Brunner Diane Case Cindy LaComb Jeanette Liu Linda Mangelsdurf Andrea Most Kerri Linker Flags Tracy Craft Kathy Hauschildt Courtney Kasin Debbie Klopfenstein Jenny Ko Penny Koopman Natalie Liu Jim Lynch Katie McDonald Gina Magumo Dawn Mastellone Kari McConnell Donna Mills Paula Jean Mills Niki Parseghian Jcnna Polumbo Chris Roberts Lynn Saylor Michelle Smith Michele St. Onge Sue Steier Dawn Swartout Debbie Tompkins Kim Varuzzo Lisa Paraggio Tina Tardio Drum Major Katie Meyerson Guard Captain Jeannine Liu Director: Mr. Sweeny The Admiral Marching Band, under the command of drum major Katie Meyerson and guard captain Jeannine Liu, had a most successful season earning the approval and admiration of fans everywhere they performed. The ba'nd had an undefeated season and won three major titles, the Tournament of Bands Chapter V Championships, the TO.B. Atlantic Coast Cham- pionships, and the Eastern Marching Band Association Cham- pionships. dmiral Winter Guard Director: Mr. Hart Assistant director: Mr. Papineau Captain: Jeannine Liu Valerie Basch Angela Beltrani Paula Brengel Diane Case Kathy Hauschildt Amy Hespenheide Jane Hunt Rita Krueger Cindy Lacomb Kerrie Linker Jeanette Liu Natalie Liu Katie MacDonald Gina Magurno Linda Manglesdorf Niki Parseghian Christine Roberts Michele St. Onge Lora Seils Michelle Smith Sue Willets Though only in its fourth year, the Admiral Winter Guard already has proven itself to be one of the best. Currently holding the highest score in the United States and Canada, the guard is now recognized on a national level. Their combination of militarism and ballet has taken the guard to unbelievable heights! They plan to travel to Dayton, Ohio and to compete in the Winter Guard International Olympics. Their goal is making the top five in the country and Canada. Many hours are spent each week at rehearsal. The guard's development of poise, skill, and technique is a very dedicated process. Blending all, the guard continuously strives for perfection. Their director, Mr. Thomas Hart, is the key to the guard's success. In addition to rehearsing with them each week, Mr. Hart coordinates the entire program which includes the design of uniform, selection of music, arranging of competitions, and choreography of drill and work of this accomplished guard. The music begins, the heart beats faster. It stirs the soul, and makes a body float across the floor Choreographed movements of color and dance. Crescendos accented with a high quad or a flashy flag movement. A ballet of weapons enters and takes center stage. The music increases and envelopes the audience. They become a wild, frenzied mass, leading us to the finale. We become one huge butterfly, full of beauty, grace, and poise. We have captured their hearts and have moved them into our domain. There is no escape, they are caught in our wonderland. The "fever'l has spread, we have lifted someone's heart. Our love and devotion has shone through they are happy, we are happy. That is what it is really all about. By Valerie Basch Q X f-ss wanna South Campus Chorus The South Campus treble chorus under the direction of Mrs. Susan Frazee had three scheduled performances for the school year, a winter concert, a mid-winter concert, and a spring concert. In addition to these performances, the group sang at various nurs- ing homes and community functions. This chorus, combined with the North Campus Treble Chorus, received an A+ rating in the N.YS.S.M.A. choral competition last spring and participated again this year. Two of its members, Fran Brown and Lisa Davey, competed in Area All-State this past fall. Six freshman were cho- sen for the D.C.M.E.A. Junior High School Festival. 11 t ' - Jr , 3 ,gf Renee Angeli Stacy Bargo Darlene Bates Michelle Beck Arlene Bernhardt Fran Brown Christine Chang Christine Chenevert' Tracy Craft Lisa Davey Rhonda de Marsh Debbie Digidio Olissa Edwards Suzanne Farrand 82 Ann Elizabeth Frazee Lynn Funk' Kim Gallagher Sandra Golden Beth Hall Stephanie Hamilton Jennifer Head Kali Hundertmark Teresa Isabarrone Kim Kane Laura Knapp Amelia Kehn Janine Kempin Lorna Lewis Karen Lowe' Stephanie Luts Tammy Mayes Lillian Murphy Michele Newman Kristi Olsen Niki Parseghian Winifred Pink Sheree Purdy Meredith Quick Joanne Ratchford' Diane Riedinger Cindy Secor Jennifer Selfridge' Carol Schofield Maureen Sinisgalli Lisa Slingerland Wendy Springer Debbie Stringer Denise Trenchard Keri Trexler Renee Voulgaris Melissa Way Lori Wexler' 'Those chosen for D.C.M.E.A. Junior High Festival The chorus is accompanied by pianists Lisa Davey and Steven Chang. Director: Mrs. Frazee .A orth Campus Mixed Chorus il l t -.-,...,I 5 Q'5...i .. 2 ii This year, the chorus, under the direction of Mr. Palmieri, sang in many other concerts be- sides the Christmas and Spring ones. The tra- ditional Christmas and Spring concerts were formalized with performances at the First Lutheran Church. This chorus sang with the Poughkeepsie and Roosevelt H.S. choruses, which culminated in a performance with the Hudson Valley Philharmonic in the spring. "Mixed" also sends soloists and ensembles to the NYSSMA competition. Diane Beazley Kirsten Brunner Diane Case Barry Clark Linda Clark Dylan Collins Cynthia Cook Roberta Copeland Lisa Corbin John Cordaro Susan Couse Aileen Duffy Andrea Elsasser John Frazee Kati Garcia-Renart Thom Hasenpflug Leonie Hermsen Ian Hoey Steve Horiuchi Julie Horvath Keith Kasin Jennifer Laguzza Lori Landolfa Jeffery LaPoint Mary Resta Walter Sakkas Kim Seaman Lisa Shroff Cheryl Slocum Barbara Stone Mary St. Onge Anita Lee Christine Tao Carl Linich Deborah Tompkins Bill Mack Kimberly Trenchard Tzvi Mackson Damon Vandemark Gwyneth Mainwaring Rebecca Way Ed Murray Chris Peterson Christina Olsen Mary Panessa Lisa Parrotte Lorraine Rissucci Marie Eylers Wanda Reece Jenny Ferguson Director: Mr. Palmieri Treble Choru f f fQ"7 A ,oh 5 ,., 'fffl'l ..,,, ., . 4 , .fe - ' , h 'Qi . if, 3, if ., ,, Qi, the ,dj i X ffl a - J" -x ,W , ""- ., 9 , " - ef .I 4 ..i.-..- "N, ff. nlvvll W f . V t 84 Director: Mr. Palmicri Kim Baright Michele Bracket Tamara Cardy Janice Germiller Melinda Howe Kim Hutchings Vicki Lamb Lori Landolfa Mary Panessa April Peterson Cynthia Petschko Christine Roberts Kim Seaman Norrie Seligman Maria Siegel Kathryn Stuebner Natalie Tegeder Dawn Wangner Victoria Wohl Agnes Yando .em , .7-. ..-..,..-.-f-...,.,e-m...f..11.:.,4..z.m:m...v.,-.m fminmnmmmm .,.-............ Madrigals, a four part singing group, was created just last year. With three singers on each of the SATB parts, this dozen performs a cappella with Mixed and Treble Choruses. Madrigals usually meet Monday nights. Auditions each year are open. Director: Mr. Palmieri Lori Landolfa Mary Resta Lisa Parrotte Aileen Duffy Diane Case Agnes Yando Barry Clark William Mack Andrea Elsasser Ian Hoey Dylan Collins Thom Hasenpflug Madrigals 85 rm f ,L 3 X, GLUE 531 g iff? W wa Q J ffm xi ,- Yearbook Editor-in-Chief: Andrea Stern Layout Coeditors: Lisa Smith Shelly Strydio Layout Staff' Ellen Fischer Paula-Jeanne Mills Kristen Moore Copy Coeditors: Anita Lee Norrie Seligman Copy Staff: Patricia Duggan Abby Kavner Sue Ottoway Nancy Rogers Lisa Schroff Vicki Smith Advertising Editor: Frank Damato Business and Subscription Editor: Advisors: Margo Miller Business Staff: Barry Clark Deidre Convery Michele Stern Patty Simoes Scott Thomas Art Editor: Jeanna Orosz Sports Editor: Tara Burke Photo Stajf' Shannon Callahan Jennifer Clouting Liz Gartner Kathy Kakadelis Steve Maserjian Tonia Morse Eric Randall Andy Thomas Dal Veeder Typing Staff: Traci Albertson Katie Devendorf Laurie Frederic Mrs. Buergers-Literary Mr. Landolfa-Financial Cover Design: Teanna Orogz f"Ni:f!'x Q... -, . , - - Q' aw ,W W ,, ' lk iv, Student Government Senior Class: Willie Moriarty-President Kim Seaman-Vice President Mary O'Neill-Treasurer Renee Farrier-Secretary Junior Class: Jennifer LaGuzza-President Liz Ann Harkins-Vice President Sue Thomson-Secretary Laura Petty-Treasurer Sophomore Class: Kathy Seamen-President Jill Sweeney-Vice President Kim Baright-Treasurer Tina Park-Secretary Freshman Class: David Laffin-President Sylvia Park-Vice President Brad Tree-Treasurer Emily Way-Secretry 90 Student Government had a very productive year. Homecom- ing 1983, with the theme of "Arlington Reignsf' was a huge success. We, with the help of the Arlington community, contrib- uted to the Muscular Dystrophy Association through our Janu- ary twelve hour Dance-a-thon. Our third annual Battle of the Bands, always a favorite, added some variety to the year. G.O. has filled this year with many memorable and enjoyable events. Representatives: Lori Landolfa Dineen Carta Chris Holland Becki Way Represenlalives: Robert Kurkela Cindy Gigler Anna Maria Kokkinis Lisa Shroff Representatives: Kathy Olsson Patricia Duggan Susan Carmichael Jennifer Clouting Representatives: Mark Edmunds l-lolly Seibert Christie Steubner Linda Walling vf! an Wh my t my-. Advisors: Mrs. Tillman, Mrs. Kerzne Officers: Tara Burke, President Ana McDermott, Vice President Cindy Marsh, Secretary Anita Lee, Treasurer Michelle Holland, Sergeant at Arms Vicky Wohl, Program Chairperson xx I' Ski Club One of the best ways to enjoy win- ter weather and the snow is to join Ski J Club. On its many skiing daytrips, the club members go to many local ski areas in the Catskills 84 Berkshires. The club also plans an annual week- end trip to Killington, Vermont which is always a smashing success. Advisor: Mr. Johnson Barbara Amodeo Sandi Averill Peter Barclay David Barosia John Bayne Jana Bedell Chris Bencher Michele Bracket Rob Bruschini Leslee Candersea Susan Carmichael Nick Caron Cathy Cioffi Joe Clifford Kendy Collins Kevin Collins Tanya Corcoran Danna Dalcortivo Jeff Davis Jennifer Davis 92 Karen Durniak Ray Edel Andrea Elsasser Malin Evan Michelle Freed Ann Marie Gray Liz Ann Harkins Glenn Hawley Keith Hentel Joe Hinderer Harvey Jennings Lisa Jones Ken Kaiser Russell Klein Wolfgang Klein Mary Kopp Deanna Klopfenstein Jennifer LaGuzza Annie Lee Ann Lehmkuhl Mary Lehmkuhl Dawn Lewis Kimiko Link Cara Lombardo Lenny Lublin Mark Lublin Vinnie Lucarini Stephanie Lutz Joey Lutz Tracie MacDonald Bill Mack John Mack Saffrone Manning Cindy Marsh Cathy Matlock Tim Matlock Dave McDonald Joe McCormack Hemany Mehta Karen Meurs Michael Miller Donna Mills Paula-Jeanne Mills Luke Miracco Terry Newton Rob O,Rourke Sharon Parmelee Joe Polumbo Dave Richards Steve Schulkin Jonathan Sheer Lisa Shroft Lisa Smith Jennifer Sppolito Kara Taylor Stephen Tice Debbie Twitchell Jennifer Tyler Dal Veeder Lisa Vordran Keith Walsh Tim Watson Beth Wiltse Marsha Wiltse Walter Wright Todd Zaenglein Many people consider donating blood to be no major concern of theirs. Yet to others, such as accident victims, it could mean the saving of their lives. Anyone 17 or older and heavier than 110 pounds is eligible and urged to donate a pint of blood. If some of you out there are afraid to donate--NONSENSE! In the short, painless time it takes, you may save a pre- cious life. Advisor: Mr. Johnson Marris Baskin Dylan Collins John Cordaro Aileen Duffy Kati Garcia-Renart Ian Hoey Christine Kelton Bill Mack Andrea Most Mary Panessa Lisa Parotte Nancy Rogers Matt Sakkas Chris Sienkiewicz Damon Van Demark Club 17 nternational Club The International Club is fobvi- ouslyl one of the more popular or- ganizations. Its members help for- eign exchange students become acquainted with Arlington stu- dents. They have several parties each year and plan trips to various cities. These trips have included visits to Boston and Washington D.C. Patricia Abherve Sylvia Abherve Jackie Algieri Juan Aroztegui Sandi Averill Peter Barclay Diane Beazley Jana Bedell Anette Bode Elizabeth Borgoy Carsten Braun Jim Broderick Kirstin Brunner Keith Chang Kim Chiarieri Freida Clark Dylan Collins John Cordaro Advisor: Mr. Johnson President: Bill Mack Vice-President: Ian Hoey Secretary: Paula-Jeanne Mills Treasurer: Aileen Duffy 94 woman, Jeffrey Davis Kelly Davis Edwin Diefes Susan Doherty Aileen Duffy Maria Esparza Malin Even Antonio Felippe Wendy Ford Melinda Friedman Cindy Gigler Joan Gigler Frederick Grau Sue Hankamp Leonie Hermsen Shira Horowitz Debbie Josephs Katherine Kakadelis Keith Kasin Wolfgang Klein Deanna Klopfenstein Mary Kopp Susan La Gasse Mary Letteri Yvonne Leuzinger Kimiko Link Clara Lopera Bill Mack Saffrone Manning Ana McDermott Donna Mills Debbie Morrison Asa M6ller Chris Muller Chris Olsen Sharon Parmelee Lisa Parotte Ida Pearce Lisa Posner Chris Ragonese Norrie Seligman Wendy Springer Michele Stern Janet Sykes Ricardo Tavares Jeannine Travia Michael Tucci Suzanne Valdatta Marko Virtanen Agnes Yando Jeffrey Yin Kristen Moore Geraldine Zang Juan Aroztequi QSpainJ Anette Bode CGermanyJ Jean DeSaulles QFranceJ Maria Esparza fSpainJ Antonio Felippe CBrazilJ Leonie Hermsen CNetherlandsJ Yvonne Leuzinger fGermanyJ Clara Lopera fColumbiaJ Gabriela Munoz fSpainJ Ricardo Tavares fBrazilJ Marko Virtanen fFinlandJ xx Foreign Exchange Students With help from Spanish Heri- tage, Rotary Club and Youth for Understanding, students from Spain, France, Brazil, the Nether- lands, Germany, Columbia, and Finland have the chance to live with American families and to at- tend American high schools. These students benefit from their stay by increasing their English speaking abilities and learning about our so- ciety. We, in turn, have the oppor- tunity to become friends with peo- ple our own age who have different cultural backgrounds from which we are able to learn many new things also. 95 Spanish Club The Spanish Club is growing with help from Mrs. Hinz. Mem- bers from both campuses meet to discuss club activities. They cele- brated Christmas differently this year. The club's Christmas party was held at Maura Burn's house on January 6, the day most Spanish- speaking countries celebrate Christmas. Each year Mrs. Hinz and students from levels four and five Spanish go to either Spain or Mexico. It is a great opportunity to get out and practice Spanish in ev- ery day situations. 96 Advisor: Mrs. Hinz President: Chris Ragonese Vice President: Lisa Smith Secretary: Diane Beazley Treasurer: Kristin Moore Juan Aroztequi Maria Arribas Jill Bloomer Luke Burke Maura Burns Stephen Chang Emily Dogil Craig Elkind Maria Esparza Clara Lopera Lisa Keck Maryann Kendrick Paula-Jeanne Mills Gabby Munoz Ricardo Tavares Gerry Zang Advisor: Madame Blanchette President: Tracie Mertz V-P: Anita Lee Secretary: Norrie Seligman Treasurer: Agnes Yando Patricia Abherve Sharon Auerbach Marris Baskin Anette Bode John Bode Linda Clark John Cordaro Penny Daramouskas Susan Dougherty Leonie Hermsen Shira Horowitz Maria Kapogiannis Hari Krishnan Chris Ragonese Nancy Rogers Stacie Stinson Emily Way French Club The French Club, under the su- pervision of Cheryl Blanchette, had a most wonderful year. With about 15 active members, much was accomplished. The members dined at the Pavillon restaurant and went to New York City for some French cuisine and a movie. Thanks to all the members who made this club the best. Nous sommes les meilleurs! 97 ussian Club Advisor: Mrs. Jane Barley President: Jeffrey Yin Secretary: V-P: Sally Ottaway Kati Garcia-Renart Treasurer: Tim Hsieh Russian 3 Kimberly Baright James Bauer Thomas Bauer Joseph Burns John Conner Anna Marie Feldweg Chris Granda Kimberly Lacelle Eric Pruss Susan Smith Thomas Taylor Natalie Tegeder Andrew Waskiewicz Kimberly Witt 98 2 ann 3 e J SMC ff f , 01" -' f?EigZf1,Z55 "1 P. ,yfzl . -, X Russian 4 Helen Antipov Liz Blamble Stephen Burns Paul Caprioli Karen Carmody Samuel Cerone John Clark Aviva Dickstein Andrea Elsasser Lisa Klein Jeanne LaBarge Natalie Liu Lenny Lublin Tzui Mackson Bill McCabe Luke Miracco Jeff Sargent Scott Tyner Ken Yin Diane Zipprich Under the direction of Mrs. Barley, the Russian Club ar- ranged and participated in many activities this year, ranging from a M8cM's candy sale to a Christmas party. Club officers were also elected at the beginning of the year. But the big event of 1983-84, like last year, was the trip to the Soviet Union. From April 12 to April 29, the group of Juniors and Seniors traveled to Moscow, Leningrad, and Kiev. All who participated in the trip enjoyed themselves tremen- dously and thought the trip to be a very valuable, worthwhile and fun experience. Russian 5 Thomas Clark Kati Garcia-Renart Tim Hsieh Meg Laurendeau Yvonne Leuzinger Kathryn Meyerson Rob O'Rourke Sarah Ottaway Maureen Smyth Philip Thurst Tim Watson Jeff Yin Slava is the National High School Slavic Honor Society. It serves as a means of recognition of aca- demic excellence in the study of Slavic languages, literature, and culture on the high school level. To qualify for Slava, students must be in the fourth leyAel Russian class and must have maintained a minimum average grade of eighty-eight during all four years. Arlington is proud to be one of the thirty- five nationally established chapters of this presti- gious organization. Sarah Ottaway Tim Hsieh Kathryn Meyerson Kali Garcia-Renart Jeff Yin Meg Laurendeau Bill McCloskey Slava German Club The German Club got off to a great start this year. With the help of our German teaching assistant, Elizabeth Binder, we were able to plan many new activities. These included a cooking session in which we tried many German specialities and a tradi- tional German Karnival in the beginning of March. 100 Advisor: Mrs. Willey President: Andrea Stem Vice President: Bill Mack Secretary: Jeanne Orosz Treasurer: Anette Bode Kristi Bahrenburg Peter Barclay Kirsten Brunner Jennifer Chernoff Dylan Collins Mark Dondlinger Melinda Hartman Denise Johnson Lisa Keck Christine Kelton Lisa Klein Caroline Koerner Anna Maria Kokkinis Lori Landolfa Thomas Lutz Yvonne Leuzinger Paula-Jeanne Mills Lucy Minturn Silvia Park Holly Siebert Michelle Smith Michele Stern Marko Virtanen The Debate Club is an exciting activity for the "loquacious young scholars" of Arlington. Much work went into researching, writing, and debating original legislation. The year came to a climax this spring when Arlington held its first "Model Congressf' Hopefully, the tradition will be continued throughout the years to come. '-Q, Officers: President: Margo Miller Co-Vice Pres.: Ana McDermott, Secretary: Ellen Grosshans Treasurer: Anita Lee Frank Amoruso Tina Anameier Keith Badowski Chris Bencher Ruth Bennett Jim Broderick Steven Chang David Chen Jennifer Chernoff David Conroy Hamilton Ferris Charles Gates Adam Gileski Steven Gruber Steve Hawthorne Keith Hentel Karen Hochhauser Denise Johnson Dave Kirk Craig Klein Russell Klein Hari Krishnan Robert Kurzban Annie Lee Debate Club Abby Kavner Josh Levine Naresh Mandava Suresh Mandava Hemong Menta Lucy Minturn Michael Miller Chris Ragonese Brian Redmond Jennifer Selfridge Roger Serette Vickie Smith Blair Schneider Stacie Stinson Janet Sykes Andrew Vaskiewicz Lynda Walling Emily Way Kevin Wasserman Sarah Wasserman David Wellwood Lori Wexler Richard Willey Geraldine Zang Sharon Auerbach rlingtonian The Arlingtonian, the school's news- paper, distributed to all students and fac- ulty, had a year of exceptional success, more than doubling the frequency of its publication the year before. Articles ap- peared on subjects as diverse as local and national political contentions, school sports and other activities, and artistic criticism. One issue devoted most of its space to the protracted labor dispute be- tween the teachers and the District Board of Education, with discussion and interviews concerning its many ramifica- tions. Contrasting opinions and com- mentary on questions of vital concern to students are other regular features of the newspaper. The success of The Arling- tonian has been due not only to the integ- rity and hard work of its editorial board, with its faculty advisor, but also to the enthusiastic support of contributing members of the student body. l02 Advisor: Mr. Ginsberg, Mr. Rostanzo Editor: Jenny Ferguson Assistant Editor: Nancy Rogers, Paula- Jeanne Mills Business Editor: Christine Sienkiewicz Art: Douglas Feeney Sports: Dan Pietrafesa Business: Corinne Luckfield, Raymond Rogers Tom Comerford Brad Cleverly Keith Badowski Thom Hasenpflug Jonathan Sheer Denise Johnson Carlos Minas Russell Klein Diane Beazley Rachel Lapidus John Frazee Paula-Jeanne Mills Laura Petty X X Advisor: Mrs. Kirn Editor: Sharlene Sullivan Staff: Tina Anameier Keith Badowski Kirsten Brunner Jennifer Chernoff Lisa Ciancio Jennifer Ferguson Denise Johnson Rachel Lapidus Everness Everness, a literary magazine put out by its staff each year, is an accumulation of artwork, short stories and poems. Anyone is welcome to submit any type of literary work. Throughout the year the staff meets to discuss literary submis- sions. The publishing of Everness is fi- nanced by fundraising. The members of Everness work during the school year to produce an interesting literary publica- tion. 103 rama Club HJ ,at ai. as V! in vz'. ali, lvl Advisors: Mr. Eric Buergers, Mrs. An- drea Buergers, Mr. Gary Palmieri In the past five years, the Arlington Drama Club has grown into a reputable theatre group, offering an outlet for cre- ative, individualistic students. Drama Club members have worked hard to pro- duce excellent quality productions. Last June, the Arlington Drama Department won a total of seven County Players awards, including "Best Musicalv for "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forumf' This year, the drama club upheld its outstanding reputation with its winter production of "The Fantas- ticks." 104 Sandy Averill Marris Baskin Ruth Bennett Barry Clark Jeanine Doherty Aileen Duffy Kevin Ferreri Chris Hartman Melinda Hartmann Ian Hoey Shira Horowitz Debbie Josephs Christine Kelton Carolyn Koerner Lori Landolfa Carl Linich Tony Losito Cathy Madlock Bill Mack Tzvi Mackson Elena Mastellone Donna Mills Paula-Jeanne Mills Andrea Most Karen Mullen Jeanna Orosz Lisa Parrotte Chris Ragonese Mary Resta Scott Richards Kim Seaman Norrie Seligman Michele Stern Christy Stuebner Sean Thomson Kevin Tupper Meegan Veeder Clara Lopera Ken Whitney Vickie Wohl Scott Wright Geraldine Zang El Gallo Luisa Matt Hucklebce Bellomy Henry Mortimer Mute Cast of "The Fantasticks' Dramatis Personas Damon VanDemark Kali Garcia-Renart Dylan Collins John Cordaro Jeff LaPoint Thom Hasenpflug Matt W. Sakkas L6onie Hermsen 1 The Fantasticks 105 Chess Club 106 The Chess Club is a rather unknown, but established club at Arlington. Monday after school the members meet and challenge each other with complex chess moves. Advisor: Mr. Robinowitz Ruth Bennett Carston Braun Jennifer Chernoff Tim Heaton Jeff Howard Blair Schneider Kelvin Shelton Kevin Wasserman Rich Willey Eric Williams Meegan Veeder "A i, Q' Q" f ni' .1 u Ma, , X QQQJFQQL N .M W ,png .-'V , www- , 'Q 'X flflzi ,,-I Q M' 1 ,cj -A B K fQ,gp.a W A Community Volunteer ' The following students participated in the C.V,S. program this year: Keith Albano Lisa Appolona Holly Arnold Shawn Baker Anna Baldt Michelle Baumgart Karl Bienwald Kristin Buckley Christopher Calogero Terri Cardinal Mary Catucci Gene Cerniglia Christine Chabot Kim Chiarella Lynn Chrysler Lisa Conners Kathi Darling Ruth Davies Christopher DeRosa Michael DeRosa Tom DiBlasi Ginger DiLoreto Raymond DiNovo Kathleen Donegan Brenda Douglas David Drummond Michelle Dumoulin Linda Durland Ray Edel Lisa Esposito Laura Everett Samantha Fairbairn John Garrant Brian Gates Kevin Gentile Donna Gilli Matthew Gover 108 Tracy Greifenberger Jennifer Gyger Constance Halstead Karl Hauff Robin Hillman Derrick Horton Victor Illustrato Carrie Innes Kathleen Kasper David Klaproth Pete Klatt Peter Klein Jeanne LaBarge Debbie Langhein Heather Lansing Antonietta Leone Kerrie Linker Jimmy Lombardi Peter Mack Thomas Mastrodomenico - Margaret McCarley David McDermott Elizabeth McGrath Patti McGrath Theresa McLaughlin Loretta Mercer Carlos Mina Kendra Morse Tonia Morse Bernadette Mosher Sean Motise Dawn Mulford Robin Murphy Linda Nesheiwat Tom Nolan Betty Nowik Sunita Oak Servtce The CMS. program made several changes this year. In the past, students have earned credit by volunteering their time and earning 150 volunteer hours for a half unit of credit. In addition to the requirement of submission of hours, students were re- quired to submit self evaluation forms and teacherfsupervisor evaluation forms at the end of each semester in order to earn credit. By doing so, students were able to reflect on their volun- teer experience and determine to what extent they benefited from volunteering. Most found it to be a very rewarding experi- ence. Christine O'Del1 Chris Olsen John Paldino Lisa Parrotte Ida Pearce April Peterson Gail Phillips Julie Quattrociocchi Julie Quinlan Colleen Reilly A. Scott Richards Alfio Romano Lisa Rosso Chris Rieckermann Daron Sandberg Kim Seaman Susan Sever Kelvin Shelton Patti Simoes Mary St. Onge Thomas St. Onge Joel Stopka Lisa Stortini Brian Sullivan Kenny Sweet Janet Sykes Clishia Taylor Andrew Thomas Bradford Tree Denise Trenchard Michael Valenti Scott Vancura Ann Varone Donna Wallace Debra Whispell Walter Wright Director: Mrs. Andrea Buergers orth and South Campus 554 9 lx ,IX North Chris Calogero Gene Cerniglia Ruth Davies Kathy Kaspar Jim Lombardi Lisa Parrotte Daron Sandberg Mike Valenti A "It's a tough job, but someonels got to do itf, With this quote from an A.V member, we should all appreciate the Audio- Visual Department more. From obtaining films for classes to carting around televisions for educational purposes to lighting the stage for musical concerts and plays, A.V is present all around school. South Peter Mack Tom St. Onge Joe Stopka Brad Tree Walter Wright Book tore The bookstore is a vital part of Arling- ton. How would we cram for exams with- out its review books? The bookstore sells not only books, but also candy, pens, pen- cils, notebooks, almost anything with an Arlington insignia on it. Drop by the bookstore sometime and see what it's got. Advisor: Mr. Rostanzo Lisa Appolonia Ann Campillii Ray Edel Lisa Esposito Lisa Jones Kelvin Sheldon K r.:--'ul'-. -4-' v , :V-'f-',f?:1J-:", . ff. ea' f .-w if -view . Q Q. L ff! gf X2 , ,,, 1 11: if A A231 ,J fn, W , V Wiz' W, M157 3 ll0 ff ,, ,f ff ,iffy fc, Q 2273 - 'R A 1-rf ,ffu ' FE Q 'Hx I, ilu- lll wi Nr BOCES The purpose of the Technical Education Center is to prepare students in the skills and techni- cal knowledge required for en- tering a skilled occupation. B.O.C.E.S. should not be thought of as something sepa- rate and apart, but rather as the Occupational Education wing of Arlington High School. 112 .!' t keV .YL iff' rx' . Kathleen Averill Tina Baker Anna Baldt Mary Baright Steven Bathrick Mark Beckwith Todd Bray Darren Bretscher Laura Briggs Kimber Bruggemann Jay Brush Gregory Cassell Carrie Castella Gail Chianelli Charlene Cody Robin Cooper Lisa Corbin Donald Crotty Colleen Daley Marlena Dalton Debra Davis Guiseppe DeFranco Jackie Diamond Scott Dickinson Stephen Doland Steve Domin Kathleen Donegan Thomas Eagan Michael Eastwood Thomas Elias Michele Evans John Eylers Tammy Ferris Robert Ferris James Fetzer Hermann Freihofer Rosemarie Freihofer Jacqueline Gent Kathy Gierloff Jeff Gieseler William Givison Berry Glenn Geraldine Golda Michelle Gordineer Bobby Gruden Jennifer Gyger Debra Halbert David Hansen Patricia Higham Cathy Holland Darrell Hynes Grace lsernia Brnay Jaeger Kurt Johnson Matthew Jones Mark Joray Marilyn Kane Ricky Kent Robert Kirkey Jonni Kirkpatrick Bruce Knechtel Emily Kronheim Jay Lalonde Susan Landriau Quan Quoc Le Donald Leitheuser Tracieann MacDonald Roger Marchant Guy McAllister Thomas McCloskey Peter McCourt Jessie Mercurio Gus Miele Brian Mincey Brian Molinaro Angela Montegari Kathleen Morris Paul Murray Rita Neville Michele Niver Mark Niznik Stacey Nolan Mary Nuccio Robert Oakley John O'Donnell Tara Odell Sonja Paetzold Tracy Palumbo Q Brenda Perry Mark Phillips Tommy Power Janine Privratsky Edward Ratschki James Rigg Kenneth Roe Leanne Roe Scott Roe Karen Rotella Kevin Roth Dennis Rugar Robert Secor Michelle Seksinsky James Sibley Adam Sigler Charles Smith Susan Spitzfaden Matthew Stanton Scott Stutmann Leslie Styles Raymond Tarantino Clishia Taylor Scott Thomson Jessica Thompkins Trudy Traver Steve Triola Tammy Unterborg Thomas Usher Peggy Van Leuven Deanna Verrier Donna Wallace Shantell Walters Kim Wazewski Julie Wendt Brad Wilder Marcette Williams Terri Williams Darlene Wistrand Robert Woodbury Bryon Wrisley Richard Young Michelle Zatezalo Arlington is one of the few high schools fortunate enough to have a senior year "bridge', program with Mar- ist College. This program bridges the gap between high school and college and forces the student to mature to a college level because the student attends college during his last year of high school. The program requires that the student complete the physical education requirement and take AP English and one other AP course at Arlington. In addition, the student must take three courses at Marist, which may or may not be offered at Arlington. Unexpect- edly, many students find the high school AP courses to be more difficult than the college courses. Some choose to enroll in the Early Admissions Programg these students attend five classes at Marist and none at Arlington. The Marist Bridge Program allows the senior at Arlington an opportunity to earn credits that count toward both a high school and a college diploma while enjoying the social and academic experiences of a college campus. After complet- ing this program, most students transfer to another college as a sophomore. The Marist Bridge Program certainly. benefits the students in many ways. Karen Bertolozzi Carol Clark Herman Harmelink Marc Kossmann Lars Kronheim Bill McCluskey Kurt Moore Karen Passarelli Shelly Strydio Meegan Veeder Early Admit: Elizabeth Clayton Darlene Miles Theresa O'Keefe Amy Provenzano Marc Rizzo Marist Bridge Program 113 1 xr 4 ..,, ' vt' fs- ' w. ,Leif duff-Q",zL'E, ' H "sv 4, ,A 'x 'r W , in, Q , f ,- 4 ,CQ ' ' ' v 'ws'-. AQALL-Qf42'Af N-:fav . Q PQ 1 -'.v-- arslty Football 2nd Row Lft. to Rt.: Dale Kane, Matt Oldham, Dave Blauth, Joe Nagy, George Fischler, Paul Clarke, Mark Pfeifer, Mike Ferrari. 3rd Row Lft. to Rt.: Kurt Hahn, Daniel Hickey, Bill Nolan, Ken Scholfield, William Moriarty, Chris Dellacamera, Bob Brushchini, Chris Davies. 4th Raw Lft. to Rt.: Craig Beyer, Alfio Romano, John Passarelli, Ryan Aguiar, Shawn Magurno, Paul Jaggi, Gary Palmeri. 5lh Row Lft. to Rt.: Joseph Petrosky, Tim Tyler, Paul Sherman, Adam Sigler, Jim Beaman. On the Ground: Mike Talbot, Wayne Woodbrey, Henry Heissenbuttel fCapt.J, Walter Ballard QCapt.J, Chris Dellacamera, Russ Nicholas, Keith Zimmerman. 'r 'tiff .virpun-k 1' Q lf Coach Bill Murphy Assistant Coaches - Joe DeRosa, Tony Selenza Trainer George Johnson All County Division One: Walter Ballard, Wayne Woodbrey, Henry Heisse Top Scorers: Rob O'Rourke, Walter Ballard, Gary Palmeri Top Tackler: Henry Heissenbuttel Top Sackers: Joe Nagy, Chris Dellacamera Top Rushes: Walter Ballard, Gary Palmeri Record- 2-0-7 ' B of , l ,V i gifff?f1.,,,7f A V f,.,,W, mi, 1. 'O gum nbuttel ,V l f . if sy -. X . -i ,, WS. ,.:-N' .C , , , .V Football Coaches: Rick Butler, Dave Goddard Team record 5-3-1 118 V V' QI We Team Members: John Gilbert John Helmeyer Sean Green Tom Brinkerhoff Phil Provenzano Ron Murray Jeff Kearney Larry Trank Dom Manco Brian McCourt Dale Robin Mike Gadjos Mark Kubicek Kevin Secor Bill Groth Rich Northrup Todd Swartout Ron Quint Brian Kwasnik Adam Levy' Tony Losito Mark .Iaggi Joe Riley Bill Bryant Ed Ciccone Larry Beeck Brian Barth John Lois Freshmen Football .ns .- , , Although young and inexperienced, the freshman team was still competitive. Back Row, Lt. lo Rt.: Bob Filardi, Tom Hinderer, Mike Sullivan, Mike Scalpi, Jud Maldar- elli. 4th Row, Lt. to Rl.: Rich Kerzner,Chuck Gowdy, Ted Cousin, Bill Decker, Joe Stavish, Lance Klaproth. 3rd Row, Lt. to Rt.: Ray Longchamps, Dylan Howell, Mike Kem, Paul Lucas, Jerry Pfitscher, Brian Casserly, Mark Lucas, Sean Johnson. 2nd Row, Ll. lo Rl.. Artie Green, Scott Filion, Chris Sleeter, Jake Rifenburgh, Bret Okraski, Jim Hall, Mike Brengal, Dave Melby, Mike Hyman, Mike Kleinfelder, Jeff Simon, Bill Avenzzano, Jim Smith, Bob Tobin, Keith Jacobs. Fronr Row, LI. to Rt.: John Calogero. QMgr.J Mike Bushee, John Riley, John Cocca, Bob Hanaburgh, Joe DePablo, Herb Olmsted CCaptainJ, John Beyer QCaptainJ, Eric Burfeindl, Steve Palmer, Dave Laffin, Dan Ferrari, Shawn Sarles, Sean Donahue fMgrJ. Head Coach: Wayne Butler Assistant Coach: Jan Stoutenburgh 119 Cross Country The Cross Country team had a pretty active season, having meets every Saturday and most Tuesdays. Steve Topefer and Dennis Cormier led the boys' team, and Rob- in Lotz led the girls to a satisfying season. X Ron Peterson -Andy Thomas Steve Topefer Dennis Cormier Brad Cleverly Blair Schneider Bob Harrington Jim Lombardi Bob Packowski Rob Picorelli Jeff Milen Pat Verdi Kevi K Sue Baldwin Andrea Osterhaul - Francis Brown Robin Lotz Kelly Sweet Diane Reidinger Debbie Stringer Tom Taylor . l I. Q Dave Johnson Scot McCoy Brian Tallman A - Q6 - W na er: Debbie D. INK! X Coach: Mr. erry Horton - i fr at Wx icy! - . A r f - . .X . Dual Meets: Boys 3-1 rox. X V, by X1 . f 'XF j X X A s . XFN ll N Q ik T Q Y .ix v X Y A N K .X rrls 2-2 if - O i RQ O Jjlf .. I gf 'A 1, it-Q Invitationals: St. Anthony's Boy-3rd , QQ ix vs! P xv' X fp JFK Boys-lst w . if --s s 1 LJ f . K- 2 - xy.. UN J ' 6 fm' If Q ,T 4 K Girls-6th qt? LL A 4 7 ..-arg K I XY Marist BOYS-4th -J X ttf - vs . fe X o F F V X 1- XA Girls-rom I x 'xg-'lj . xr,-,J Nj -X QQ .X 'x I i f for X. X kg ! V of J - Eastern States Boys-4th A Q --Lfx kg? , ff? H, J N XJ Q To y QM Championships Ja N 'N 5 .fx X' fl, J' KQV "" JQVT Conference A Boys-2nd ' - Q tg is X ,Xt so S-C X Girls-rom y CJ-. 5 fX'J rt S f-.wif K 'Qi ,. p Section I ' Boys-2nd if-f .U T' -or A aj e f fx 7. AQ- Federation 9th of 43 teams tx' ' ,Q . 5 sh N 'X J -P f -f J i NYS rank 9th overall C X v ix-EJ 1, , . 3 FQ' , My ., .f ff X X it "'-M A I 4 M Varsit Field Hockey . ,fry fa , lr The Arlington Varsity field hockey team is truly looking up. Despite having only one senior on the team this year, the team improved its record and skills from last year. Our outstanding sophomore goalie, Carol Cuevas, was chosen for the first team of Conference A, and in her first year of playing, Terri Kelly, a junior offensive wing, was picked for the Journal's all- star team. The team is enthusiastically looking forward to next year because the team will be made up of experienced players and hopes to have another season of great effort and improvement. Coach: Miss Pat Harkins Mgrs: Colleen Kindra 8L Calvin Shelton Lara Inman, Capt. Ann Saylor, Capt. Carol Cuevas Jenny Taber Terri Kelly Cathy Kelly 122 Mary Cormier Patty Spillane Laurie Everett Danielle Volnick Meg Lehane Jennifer Smith Jennifer Sullivan Sue Ottaway X o Z ,L C O F 1eld Hockey This year Arlington fielded its first .l.V. field hockey team. The team consisting of young players demonstrated great spirit and enthusi- asm throughout the season. Next year, the team is looking to improve their skills and to move up to the Varsity squad. Coach: Miss Pat Harkins Heidi Wohlleber, Capt. Alicia Hubecky, Capt. Patty Duggan Janet Pietrafesa Sylvia Park Jill Bloomer Beth Hall Arlene Bernhardt Terri Leslie Stacey Hawly Theresa Faoro Tammy Kirk Stephanie Werskey Carol Decker 123 Varsit Soccer For the second year in a row, the Varsity Soccer Team reached the New York State Class A Soccer Finals. However, they failed to achieve the ultimate win. Instead, they were defeated by Cardinal Mooney in a 1-0 game. During the 1983 campaign, the Admirals compiled a record of 22-2-1: the first loss being a 2-1 defeat by Shenendahowag the other being the loss to Cardinal Mooney. How- ever, Arlington was able to avenge its loss to Shenendahowa by beating them in a heart stopping State quarter final game which few in attendance will ever forget. This year's team finished second in the state rankings. In fact, over the last four years, the Arlington team has never been ranked lower than number 5, and next year looks to be another promising season with several returning players including Chris Szanto"', Tim Lane, and Scott Grimes on defense, Ken Perkins, and Chris Mygan in the midfield, Paul Fedor and Dean Jack on offense, and Rich Carlacci in the goal. Outstanding Seniors: Chris Kapogiannis: Defense John Bayne: Midfield Tom Clark: Offense "MMR at the finals Coach: Gary Montalto Record: 22-2-1 John Bayne, Capt. Tom Clark, Capt. Chris Kapogiannis Steve Dribusch John Garrant Pete Zimmerman 124 Tony Alves Jean DeSaulles Chris Szanto Tim Lane Ken Perkins Chris Mygan Scott Grimes Chris Ammon Martin McQuade Billy Kapogiannis Chris Howard Rich Carlucci Dean Jack Paul Fedor Dan Eichenhofer John Bohlinger Kevin Tupper Luke Burke, Manager A .3 t- fx wx ..-1 ,, sq 1 v 'A xl X 4 X . ff . 4 41, 1 : Q h 4 Q if if 5 ,- 3 X3 1' Q. pr.-. I, - na 2 1 3 fl! ffgkl' ' '41 -r , ,Vw wr is . ,n:,,M,W,, - - - ' L ' V 4 Q """ 1 L, ' 'Q I -AA f " 5, , kv ggi-X ' ' 4fff'N '5'?V1" '2"fX " Y .. X His 'if 1'35f' 7W'-2- F114 .A ' . has-l'5 f -ejfi' . 5gf'lPQg,g'.A 3 .-.,, , . wwe x i 1. .- Y 5 X V V -4 1- -W .-,ish F " ' .1 wg . I ,. , ' : ff U , , . H .. .. F ,,,.,:.. , .. . V : .-Q: "'1 -1711? 44-8115?-. . 34,-" -:v 11, imwe- :gay ' '--f ' 0. - ,, . i 3' Hi , Q V ,z -I 2- ,, 3, ' -' N ,A 54.-',.51: . f W .. 4 3-1. . 'lfuilz ' X .L , ,if U '.T"f:' 'ffl ' ,ren -gF,.:'2?f'f'-1-..' q ' - ,,' - - - ,. .. 4 as-"ffl ,'g:Qg, xsijfz .. " Photo Credit: Mr. Ward Miller .V Soccer - 5:3 1 ...-. ' "wr ' . . Y.,'l'e-L . . , . , . xykki- Y- "if-'f":i I ' ri Ist Row Lft. to Rt. Brian Tupper, Peter Fountain, Steve Bayne, David Phillips, Mike Kemmerer, David Horton, Keith Walsh, Mike Tucci, Joe Eppich, Scott Fedor, Keith Sanborn, John Bencher, Bill Mayer. 2nd Row Joe Burns, Lance Moore, Rob Unterberger, Brian Fountain, Jim Nugen, John Gatins, Scott Dean, Todd Tortorici, John Chiabica, Chris Dribush, Mr. Sanborn, S ik?-Zewbwwwk WW Head Coach - Jim Sanborn Team Captain: Mike Tucci, Keith Walsh Record: 12-4-2 Another successful year passed as the Arlington J .V. Soccer lived up to its old traditions, compiling a record of 12-4-2. The team was a very young one, made up of many Freshmen. Look- ing ahead to next year, it will hold up the tradition with many strong returning players. 127 ce Hockey Coach: Glenn VanBramer Asst. Coach: Charlie Utter Manager: Mike Murphy l28 Back Row: Ray Conta, Marko Virtanen, Mike Garan, Jamie VanBramer, Tim Tyler, Coach VanBramer, Tom Eagan, Asst. Coach Charlie Utter, Peter Barclay, Manager Mike Murphy, Tom Domicoli, Joe Del Rio, Anders Park- er, Jay Williams, Ray Edel. Franz Row: Brad Williams, .lay Macuga, Walter Wright, Kurt VanBramer, Mike Hyman, Steve Palmer, Mike Paul The Arlington Hockey team had its most successful season in three years this year under the leadership of team captain Jamie VanBramer, Alternate Captain Tom Domicoli, and goal tender Mike Paul. The team's drive to the playoffs was also helped by key players Peter Barclay, Tom Eagan, Tim Tyler, and freshman Steve Palmer. ...':252s.. .. ........., " 000500 9 OMOUI .. M. ' 4 5 wk? I 9 .. D, ,. mfg. ..."2Zff" ,f ... . .JL ..... . ..ZZ!'2f. " 0, , . ur va vo 'uf W M.. ,2Z'73'ZIZ? Y Ill Il I 3323? 9 19000 1 -22.15 .... I GL tr '15 , ,, r ,Q sv! ., , s Varsity Volleyball Although this years' Varsity team had a new coach, the season was productive. Success doesn't always come to a team, but the trying players put forth good effort to come up with several wins. All in all, the season was enjoyable. Captains - Ann Lehmkuhl and Karen Passarelli Team: Barbara Amodeo Lisa Jones Donna Eichenhofer Diana Stile Christie Ong Chris Shields Dawn Borges Lucy Minturn Coach: Kathleen Cole 130 QQNBTD4, 40yry4ZA-5 T . NX? rl-bjzzy i Saeel-.. .V Volleyball Mike Selage, Coach Michelle Free Carol Lombardo Jennifer Tyler Diane Haight Paula I.aBarge Jennifer Ippolito Margaret McCarley Kara Taylor ! X! l3l Varsity Cheerleaders Coach: Margie Bellows Renee Farrier, Capt. Pam Doherty, capt. Kelly McCoy Jill Petersen Jeanny Solis Christine Tao Jonna VanWagenen Marlo Huggins Jeanne LaBarge Michele Denault Ann Lozier Beth Clayton 132 N. V Cheerleaders Coach: Margaret Kelly Rhoda Smith, Capt. Colleen Reed Cindy Ong Rhonda DeMarsh Jill Kenny Danielle Reed Kathy Olsen Jean Shanely Kathy Seaman Varsity Basketball The boys Varsity Basketball team, coached by Woody Osterhoudt, had a strong squad this year. They were paced by leading scorer Dave Wallace and leading rebounder Greg Starzyk. The team also received strong support from seniors Steve Chiavelli and Rob O,Rourke, and juniors Mike Thomas and Darrius McClendon. The team captured the Roosevelt Christmas Tour- nament in December. After the first 9 games, the Admirals were 7-2, and first place in their league. This made Coach Osterhoudt and team members confident that Arlington would win its first league title since 1967. Dave Wallace, Captain Darren Horvath, Captain Mark Depew Steve Chiavelli Rob Roeser Mike Thomas Greg Starzyk Bill Nolan Darrius McClendon Craig Elkind Martin McQuade Rob O'Rourke Statisticians: Ken Foster Maria Siegel Lisa Jones Barbara Amodeo 134 ' U K , . I K My-NNW' i me L nl I gn za 2 !!s':g..f- F Rh. -Q. N Q 2 :V V ITQ J j 5 14 W M . s 1 A.. " . .- ll ' X . - r J 5 X 'M I I X 44 , 'wg 'xr - , ,.,. f wp if F 5 xv. a aa.- -Hari.-A510 isglg 3: Y' s :iv . J' N V , x.v, .W , v,mQ,gf1. I1-zu. .. "MM" ' -LL' . I , H M ,,,,,, . 1 ,4 A ,,, . f 5,3251 ' V. ..,. A KL' I My nz, . 3 , 4 Q www' ' " " gpg' f- TF fp, Q.,g ,, Q , W A . .,...,.,, ,. ., - 2- f vw- 4. 'ig U ' -4 14 If V, mu G1RLSf1M5 vim. . f 2 'A . , Q ' ' fi: "W H ,,,.. A ' ' M I . f-W ..V,Q -vm ' , -Lv-M"-""" W ' I his .1 Q f" .n ' : 1 4 'f Y Q' fff ' ff- ' s.. 1 . 1 , Q. 'A f 'ipfwf i ? D , i l fm if ,M Boys . .Basketball lst Row, Lft. to Rt.: Dave Callot, Terry Banks, Paul Reyes-Guerra, Mike Tuci, Ricky Osterhaudt, Laurence LaDue. 2nd Row Lft. to Rt.: Paul Wallace, Steve Cleaver, Donald Manning, Jeff Kearney, Dave Kirk, Dominic Manco. Coach: Mr. Gaw. In just a few short years no one will be able to recall the record of the Junior Varsity Boys Basketball Team of 1983-1984 and the names of the team members will have escaped even the most devoted fans. However, the players and certainly the coach of this diligent group will be able to look back upon the season and realize that they achieved a rarity in recent athletic competi- tion. They worked and performed on the court as members of a team. Highlights of the team's season will show two double overtime victories against Mahopac and Poughkeepsie, a number of come-from-behind upsets, and several outstanding individual performances in crucial situations. The real value however, was gained when the players saw their team mates come to practice despite being injured, ill fdespite the protests from Momj, and fully aware of the fact that they would not see much playing time, if any at all, in the games. This remarkable devotion to a team effort is what made this season an outstanding one. digs! .annul-"" Freshman Boys' asketball The boys freshman team had a successful season. They fielded a competitive team, learned much about their sport, and demonstrated good sportmanship, and school spirit both on and off the court. Coach - Steven Keene Managers - Scott McCoy Mike Sheedy Scott Filion Pat Vendi Chris Kotes Sean Johnson John Chabica John Beyer Ed Ciccone Bill Decker Mike Heaton Brian Redmond Steve Stump Keith Sanborn Girls' Varsity Basketball is Q 1 iS'f"'- we ". Q , T ,,,,.,,. s-W ' Although experiencing another unsuccessful season, the girls, basket- ball team continued to show steady improvement. It was an enjoyable season despite the lack of success. The program looks forward to more improvement in the future. 138 Sue Ward, Captain Kelly Shields Heidi Bickel Patricia Mulligan Ellen McGann Amy Filion, Manager Christine Ong, Captain Missing: Shannon Callahan Julie Huggins Robin Hillman Julie Wendt Terri Roggerman Coach: Mr. Beams N4 ?,,.,.n--- ,,.,.......M.m..1-M. ....A., WW , x-,.. vw ' 1. ' aw," MM., ff V " f"'., 41" I "" L, fem, 1 I 5, 1 w ,,,,,. , ,'f MM, Girls' . . asketball The Arlington Girls J .V. Basketball team had a successful season due to dedication and a com- plete team effort. Their victorious season prom- ises hope for the future. 140 Coach: Anna May Duncan Pam Grey Kara Taylor, Captain Debbie McGann Michelle Freed Jennifer Tyler Carol Cuevas Jana Bedell Tammy Kirk Mary Kopp Robin Lotze Laura Arnesen Girls, Freshman Basketball , ,, '4' f' ,sasissll ' :fr 'L' .,,, ,, .f L.'i's..,q,,-.M f,,,,,,,, WMWWWIA .,,,, ,A N 3 VQQJM5 Cask AWB VNVXQQ Miva QLXQN KQQN keg A5045 eaqom if NRNXOX4 LQQQJ GA QQ? QCCSF Qbifi GOWN QYNO-fWQ6G kQQwCr Cx C6V'cou Q. ,lz.LLrWYNQfD K. Wuxi Q Ck Coach: Dr. Larry Menaface Kathy Paul, Mgr. Darlene Hufnagel Christina Chang ' Denise Castro, Capt Marlene Beermunder Kristi Olsen, Capt. Danee Farrar Shawn Hillman wedv-kk . , - fx x Q1 Q Carlisa Franklin N Joanne Ardovini Svkvwx bm QV X Minnie Davis Chris McCaffery Kara Mulligan Lgv Q N-,RQ Teri Leslie Rochelle Andralliski, Mgr. Wwe ra I L 47 cf 5 if x J CO eQ9fp sf 595516 554 - 4, ffwffse 3JsQCf or og C' 3515? Yfgff l4l inter Track X '- 1' With only a few returning seniors but many new members, the Winter Track team started the season well with the girls team's victory at the Polar Bear Re- lays. The boys placed second to Jay at the same meet. Jay will prove to be the toughest opponent, but with work and dedication, we will beat them. Future meets include: dual meets with Jay, RCK, Lourdes, FDR, Beacon Yale Invitational Princeton Relays Milrose Games Engineer Games Dutchman Games Jeff Barlow Sean Dwyer John Garlepp John Mack Jeff Milne Roger Serrette Rob Unterburger Paul Eichler Brian Couse Brian Fountain Pieter Fountain Mike Hayes Peter Karaffa James Lynch Lance Moore Ron Rauschenbach Tom Taylor Steve Toephier Todd Swouttout Bob Lehane Bill Mayer Dean Stathos Mike Benton Denis Cormier Kurt Haun' Glynn Hawley Jim Lombardi Matt Oldham' Rob Packaoski Ken Schofield Kelvin Shelton Mike Pereni John Chrysler Brad Cleverley Steve Drohosky - Brad Fountain Carlos Mina Capt. Stuart Weiss - Capt. Eric Keller Karl Bienwald Rob Picorelli Bill Sforza Karen Finnegan West Point Invitational Conference A, Class A, Section Open, State Meet me fi: .L ki QQ gp 3X SJ M is Q59 W tx X Qt GQ QRS. Carol Decker Loria Hof Jennifer Karchmer Cathy Matlock Emily Nielson Christy Stuebner Julie Nielson Debbie Lucas Jody Lupul Erlinda Ott Tracy Peterson Cindy Ong Fran Brown Valerie Kay Sue Baldwin Corinne Luckfield Kelly Sweet Erin Lupul Sue Murphy - Mgr. Melanie Pascoe - Mgr. 'denotes Junior Olympian Coach: Rick Butler J O 'Fl 4 X Q 'lf if tlI'llQ7 UM 'ofiwdlli - N . f X rw K t ' Jfylp 1 ll lo! 7? so ' ij N B5 I Ck W rj rx. Y , Q' V r 1 , , r att V, . lf: lfl'rr0ll will .rl lt lt ,t 'QM igliflijsy lx C T QP All , Glo 'rt " l 7 7. , l rl t L H who , W . ,ybj Dbl Ami, A lx I ,All JP -fp ! NYU 1 wmv, 1 XCUXX J- , Jn. , flu ajft 'rift T' ,it als,C",t1y 142 T -'J Kbytes? 0,1 we S E r,,,,.a , tiiwfiifw 55 2381.1 , ' ' gif? . if '.,fg 422455 Varsity Wrestling 144 Coach: Fred Perry Asst. Coach: Randy Petagine 1983-1984 record: 8-4 Bottom, Lft. to Rt.: Bill Boccard, Dale Robin, Scott Anderton, Craig Walters, Jim Dooling, Ricky Kelly. Top, Lft. to Rt.: Wayne Woodbrey, Andy Medla, John Garrant, Lars Kronheim, Joe Petrosky, Russ Nichols. Managers: Jennifer Wright and Lynn Scoralick. . . Wrestling X1 1 IR: Coach: Randy Petagine Bottom, Lji. to Rl.: Mike O'Neil, Paul Fedor, Chris Bencher, Jason Graselli, Mike Wilson, Eric Strack, Eric Levine. Middle, LH. to Rl.: Brian Tupper, Rob Greenspan, Tony Iasbarrone, Alan Halstead, John Free, Paul Clarke. Top, Lft. to Rl.: Dave Blauth, Tom Brinckerhoff, Dan Ferrari, Chris Verbeck, Mike Yacavonis, John Lois. 145 Swim Team , 1 ffl' X41 x 4 Viyjfz 5 l' f X Z ft , . , , , . 4 I 'WW V131 .9 4. , 1. - I , I , I ,Z ' ' e ' .2 'lig?fflQe?hl!f1 , fl'2"N f Y W , ."' + 'ififf 1,15 ' 1 . , ff .' ,144 44. f. 2 if f f 2,1 Z3 .. . ,. 4 ., 1' . , I 1 254,622 X 72 ' , 4' ' ' -' " " L24 l 4 'f 1 Q Q ? hv.z'f2'Q 1 , ' y 3 'ywfiiw 9 nf r' nf 1 9' ' ' - H"-'iff V ' I X '0 f Xfzfffffh ffzzgi -ff m f f V .4 Vwffggll ,t vw ' V2 df " -' 'W I 4 Q ,,f4,.y,H .,,lg,,. f 3' C V, 3,4 ,wiv l, V W - .V t f ,, Q, ' 4. ' 3 V. Z3 5 gl-Z tif' 'I l A 'Q' " - X iiifffj ,rw , If .I 4 f , .army my ,fy :va ' 1' xf,,,jb 7, .ff a y ,ygfm if L if f V M y ' M ' ,Q 1 -f if 2 ,aw ffiyf ' f, f f fa f' Q f 1 iwfmt 9 if 4 1 fag, 9 ff aff f ff GX fi? Nat 4? A af wf f f fffff , ff 1 ai ff, f 14. gf ' f 'if' i4 ..,,,,h-Q This year our team had one of its best seasons yet. Setting the pace with good individuals talent and great team spirit, our team had more wins this year than it has had in several years. Even with only a few seniors, our team has shown real promise under Coach Mike Selage. Captains Kelly Davis and Jay Duhamel have led our team with spirit and enthusi- asm. Jeff Davis in 50 free and 100 Backstroke and Butch Terminello in the relays, have helped in our wins. Paula-Jeanne Mills, the only diver on the team, has made a large contribution. With such an outstanding season to look back on, our team looks forward to an even better season next year. Thanks, Mr. Selage for a wonderful year! I46 Darlene Bates Dana Davis Kelly Davis Darlene Eirish Diana Haight Stacey Hammond Patti Hanaburgh Andrea Martin Kim Martin Debbie McDonald Vicki Meier RJ. Mills Cindy Petschko Meredith Quick Kristen Sauer Jen Spiegel Lynda Walling Shawn Clark Jeff Davis Rob Dodge Jay Duhamel Tom Drugan Jeff Edmunds Peter Griffen Robert Hanaburgh Michael Hoffmann Carl Jack Mike Kelner Scott Mallard Paul Meuller Dan Moriarty Steven Orlik Andrew Schrandt Butch Terminello Todd Zaenglien Coach: Mr. Selage ',,.. 7 1 . ,. , ,K M we 1, 4 www' f K, .74 yi a. 4.4 T.: --4 Gymnastics The Arlington gymnastics team, coached by Barbara Kull and Sue Goth, has been reinstat- ed in the schoolis competitive sports program. Last year, there was no teamg so, the very exis- tence of the team is progress. Also, Arlington has entered a new conference of schools which brings more and tougher competition for the gymnastics team. Because most of the gym- nasts are freshman, the team has much poten- tial in the coming years. 148 2-F0 W E2 2' Coaches: Barbara Kull Sue Groth Debbie Dorsey Sharleen Sullivan Jennifer Laguzza Jenny Spiegel Debbie Morrison Barbara Page Jessica Jordan Jennifer Ippolito Debbie Lewis Malin Even Cara Lombardo g v 9 asv' X -Ev . X L xg-45,25 ., 1.5 Q, rv K . ' ' , n .' . 4 a 0 ' Q f V I l . ' . Q c ' ', 1 c ' ' 4 Q ' ' , Q Q ' ' ' , s . o i . , Q , f .. CQ w 15' ' .W ,,.. emerge? wr. E PSV" . 1 ...:pf+.k'mfw,-'A ' :' - -z:.:':SwS,?1s'-Hi V X ,. X bmw- NH xvvssisx XX X I XAWJQ5 'Nbgsyaxwxiw X Q NN Q. QMS? wg! 'xg wx, xx x QS sk K X wg X 'wb wa. ?Xs W 'I XJB, X SX. C . - . t X. -x,-f 1 A M. x-.- - ,. -.,, . . ,, . . -1 JN-,A - 1Q:r-'fA?'- .':zf.X-.- ..-zrzrvt-,:.Q:- ' ' , Y' Q50-ww., X Q - '5""'v'f-QISESIBFIEIW. 'I:22'EEi -YE, ' I-, .,g,,vSbN A .N , x ,-N1 ,f:,.f..Q .9 5-.fax-.v:-4::44.g.m,-:Q-,-+:-fxat-.Azz-wwf-:e: N N ,VYA 1 ,,,,,, 1 J, ja 1 irls' Tennis Katherine Carlon Kendra Collins Wendy Ford f Liz Gartner Q Lisa Karpinski 4' Valerie Kay - Stephani Luts Melissa Marchese Leigh Marzuke Darlene Miles Emily Neilsen Julie Neilsen Tina Park Diane Riedinger Jenny Spiegal Susan Thomson Eileen Unterberger Southeastern Athletic Conference Division A All- Stars: Darlene Miles - Singles Eileen Unterberger - Doubles Valerie Kay - Doubles With only six returning players, the girls, tennis team knew they would have a tough season ahead of them. Because Arlington was placed on a different league this year, the level of competition was espe- cially high. While this season was considered a building year, the team should have a strong return next year. Record: 2-12 overall 1-9 League Coach: Gail DiMicco Managers: Lisa Karpinski Melissa Marchese 150 Track Crew Baseball Softball Girls Soccer Golf Boys Tennis Tabula 1 M. f - a ' . 11 "1 X " J-Q 'A ' - . 1 2- 5 ' 1' ' 5!IlI52.:EE3 ' 7" X - I 1-J: Zig? 1 I. ' -' -' .Q ff 'f 1 ufzaszw V. in V I ..,. ZZ.. ..,, - 'wr ,,.z-ffiiiigf-., f wi? ' '4-if 2 ":'.z'l':-,, ---- W, ..,. , fef"15T1i 3 ...M " 'rg fi X 3 W , . 2 A , V 4,-U, ,.,,,, , Mf"""wv,-.,,,, 1' 1 , ' . .K t,,f 4 Lg, ,,,,,..,,,M.-w-,,,.,,..,-- f 6 nv N V V Q , Vk' , 'T .,A. , Q., ,A , ff fffff 1 1 ff N-...xx kiw QQ. , J' x.. . A P A 1 ZZ, Q. W 'Y xx -W' w"00' Vx, , ,,,,, , , ZWW V 4 Aww Mwst, ,,--"" I 3'2" 5, L. Q l . x t. . :. M zi- gi .5 6 W ff A Am 1 Zin IEEE!! 'Q-X, ff 3 JK' UNH VM RSQKGWJAWDUATE lg + ,Y Ix . 3 4 n A "V" L -411--as-ll Freshmen l f Janice Adams Anne Agne Robin Allen John Alterio - -141. Frank Amoruso Christine Anameier Q nf., sf- Sean An erson of M A ,, 'f' A 7 Z a ' Scott Anderton Lisa Andrews Lisa Angeli Chris Antedominico Joanne Ardovini Laura Arnesen William Asnip Sandra Averill William Avezzano Tonya Backus Jeffrey Bacon Christian Badger Keith Badowski Neil Baitinger Scott Baldt Stacy Bargo Jeffrey Barlow Edward Barrett Todd Bates Micheal Batira Nancy Bauer Stephen Bayne Eileen Beazley Robert Beckett Carl Beermunder 7 as Marlene Beermunder , Michael Behan 2 Z., ' 4 Christopher Bencher Ve,,1g,gg,,,, Russell Benes f i g! ff- V I 1 'li Carol Benjamin Ruth Bennett Carrie Benton Richard Berghahn Arlene Bernhardt John Beyer Bridget Bittle Chris Blauth 158 3 6 'L f f , ' w ' ,, ,a 4' W, f ,Q We ' Ifff 1 I I f 5 I 40 h I ,xg f , 4 r . Q' E43 .. I " " 5 , , f 2 , , ff ., I I if , , Q, I 4 ,r.'l,, ' - '4 JI, , 4 ' 6 159' , W X V 7 . .mu . ,gf pw , if av.-' ,W , ,,, , , nf' J.. ,div 1'i 2 Av W 4510 1, , , , , M, Q x V, Mfr fiii ,V A H J: Wu. LA, ,, l., 1, W ' fu- ex-.1 554 U iff . -sw f F ,gif I Q , -5 , . , ,f , W- ,ia - sh 95 a3'i3f' 1.3. M9 J in if 75 'ff 41 fe' 1 f fl' fa f 1 , ,f 4. V I l I Michele Brown Holly Bruggemann Regan Brusgal William Bryant Heather Buechele Ursla Bugg David Bunn Eric Burfeindt Amy Buszko Anna Butler Alfredo Calogero Victor Cannon James Canuel Melissa Capalbo Thomas Caputo Rosaleen Cardillo Ralph Carl Connie Carnell i ' 115 4? .fv . Iy- 1 , 'K C, 53 '32 . yi ,Ze , ,L I , 5 Q' , f f 'f vga f A if Jill Bloomer Eric Bodeen James Bolstein Bruce Bower Joseph Brazee Micheal Brengel Christopher Briggs Kimberly Brill Krista Broas James Broderick Christian Brower Amy Brown David Carr Dennis Carroll Michele Carta Jerrold Carter Andre Caruso Heather Carvalho Brian Casserly Denise Castro David Caswell f- ,ygfg AnnMarie Cavaluzzl John Chabica - ' Chi-Ting Chang 1, ff 'Z .1 lg 7 J' Aa 2' Xia ??' efff Celeste Chaput Christine Chenevert Jennifer Chernoff Robert Chester Edward Ciccone Michele Cicman Michael Clark Shawn Clark Russell Cleverly Joseph Clifford John Cocca ' Donna Coehlo ,Z Christine Coffey . Kari Cohen , Kenneth Coletti ff, Kathleen Comerford f Christopher Connolly David Conroy Brian Conte Kevin Corradini Jill Cottrell Ted Cousin Paige Coy Brian Cullum Keith Daley Michael Dampf Nike Daramouskas Darcy Peter Elissa Darter Lisa Davey Teresa Davies Denise Davis Jennifer Davis Hinnie Davis Mark Davis Laura Dawson Bridget Deane Alan Decarlo Carol Decker Michael Decker William Decker Deborah Degidio Paul Delano Domonic DelSanto William Dematte Joseph Depaolo Michael Derosa Kathryn Diblasi William Dicamillo Kelly Dickerson Edwin Diefes Alisa Dinovo Emily Dogil Janine Doherty Beth Doland Antonio Domingues Sean Donahue . I ff fffufw 7 43 1 ,Z nv 1 ' ful , ew, ff f 2 5.562 Jji' fp K M-" ' ff' Mei- -Y C 'LQ yi I A., V ,- - 'W sfx -. N uf' Ku .J lkbpxff J W X D ,, L, " hi! N X50 J , ,Of , ,X- J qu 1 4' V X L2 J! Qc jf if .. , 'J 1 .1 ' , -,Y fem W if 3 " , A lf' iw, mf .0 If xl . 'N 12" . f f f , 7 J I ' 4 f W v 'f 25 e 2 as 1 5 fa 2, f . CQ 'IO A tg, 5251?- qy no ' , -Qu' ,fl .g 'Q in if cf Ly- U Key Q-f 'tm i? ,If X, f, X 07 . 'X V, F ,. Z 3 A!!! 5 I A ,..,, T if-2+ 1 ,U M: S ,ga -. Y 'ff .7-if ,rye ' , eyf, J' --Q QL. ,. X 4 , I , , X 4' ff , f , 'mf 6 ' ,, ff 7 t G7 f iz Y fn 'x X, 'Z f, i! 154' 51' 4405, af e I Thomas Doran Noelle Doughty V EC., ,,,, 7 a 4 , "1 . st if N i' .- li 1 f 1 'v av .L lg lx X 5 .L- .t K ,, I -rx X,-iv ' A IL 4, fa 1-fit' , I 3 I 11 X7 , , 1 f f' i - f.-ani. ai f ' W. ff A A ll! ' aw:-:'w -z"1f4wi,, I kc la Ez, 11-If-Wfwiv at V 1 ,Q asm ' 4. M.w.o..w' at if if f K F figgff! , rw f f - J 111, f I f"'N 1 ff ' ff fa' J 1 fa , .41 I Q .L ,RZ Karen Douglas Debora Duch Barclay Duffy Gary Dufner Jill Duncan Annette Duonola Suzanne Duplessis Sean Dwyer Lisa Edmonds Mark Edmonds ' 'X Olissa Edwards Ki U fC ' ' '1 1 4, F' ,fl ffl. jg. . ,7 fill! . ,i , flfl Y Y 'X 1, 'QQ Paul Elchler cl ,R ik 51010 I lm , ll! IN , Daileii Eirsh If ,ll MQW? V VH V' VW Cheryl Eisenhut Neff ,cyl U," ,fig 'J ' ff Sondra Elliott ' W1 f'+"i'- li f lv' 7 ' 'W 'W' f il' Usd 'f ii Q, Dean Ellis MDL X lf i1fl7Vl' ,Alice L, x i I ,1 ff l , Kimberly Emeryyu . QJU l,f'l,, My ll Q Ml fl ,iw F 1 i ill lf if A , L,-tw J J lf J ,M J fs Martln Ennls am D H X 3, QT, Tracey Evans ffl dj f Qi " fl V,jM1VlJVi ,,,l 6 J Malin Even I jfzffl Q ,Wff Jj John Eylers DlL"j f' U4-'X S' . 0 ff fl, X , l l l ' , ff' Laura Fanelll flfllfyff' MW i V, 4 ,LW l Theresa Faoro gif, 'fjfv ,J ,q xl l HV If Hi Q. , 1 4-Ng -lull ,,.-v- ,Vin ,y if ' ,Will fl MWA lil bw CJLU f 'J JJ, j I 'U ,f Dance Farrar ii fifg,1'U14 Paula Faustino fl ijflfw gf ggi Ili J! Scott Fedor V !X,fll"lL ,Une J f if? Diane Fehling flfbijlf ii' ff W7fj,fgi,tfv yy, W Daniel Ferrari John Ferrell F i,.i- .,:.f , 'rmwy , 5.3 Q' f ii , V, . 1 I , ,j f fm 4 , , I, ii 1' 'i Vi L . V Mt ri f ffif ' ,, M: - wiki. I . ai.. ,,x. O V 1 .1 .1 ,f Q rf 1 Lf' :Aff QQJUQW r V' 'i lil fl l J f J 1 l'l'i'L will V aj, lv l, '-DJ 0 lm L' fl ff fi f N fff' if N' JJ ve, Hryg M. KL M, ff. VMS 3 71,4463 , Karen Ferreril I ' ,VI l' Shawn Field Lift Robert Filardi Scott Filion Karen Finnegan William Fischer Michael Fisher Randall Fisher Kelly Fitzpatrick Kristine Fitzsimmons Raquelle Francois Carlisa Franklin Ann Frazee Michele Freed Alison Freer Elizabeth Freihofer Elizabeth Freitag Lynn Funk Kimberly Gallagher Jeremy Galleher Sheila Gamache 'l"'tV J ,WJ ,fi J J ' J 161 John Garlepp Susan Gartner Michele Gates Bethanne Gaylor Jeff Gendron John Giaimo Adam Gileski Eric Gileski Mary Jo Ginese Michael Glover Sandra Golden Charles Goudy Scott Graham Roger Grant Jason Grasselli Juliette Greenspan Delia Grega Christopher Grew Kimberly Grosso Steven Gruber Michael Gruden X , Diana Haight Michael Haight Elizabeth Hall James Hall Stephanie Hamilton Stacey Hammond Robert Hanaburgh Elise Hardy Kristen Harlow Shane Harris Donald Hart Christine Hartmann Stacy Hawley Jennifer Head Erik Healy Michael Heaton Colleen Heller Keith Hentel Kathleen Herlihy Allison Hickey Jay Hiesel John Higham Shawn Hillman Thomas Hinderer Karen Hochhauser Loria Hof Denise Hogan Harry Horetz Kathy Hankamp Leah Hapeman 'ax QQ. i f , Z 7 '? f ww 2 iw , ffl, of 9 , ' 1 , .. . , , ,, x . ' g ' , , 1 .. aw. ' ilvii - V. 4, , ., , , I 4 , , , - 7' , Ze 1 lf' 7 of X , ,WX , I . .hy fn f 2' 7 mga ' 5. ,, .3 tk. ,, ,WWC 4, gay" 1 g, I f ,I a ' f 'A , if ff 1 .,.. w , ,I liz wtvirf. ffl .,, 1 X 1 1.5 flaky?" ,-f ,!. if-A ' it ,, , 1 iz., , , V. -I aw-1 ,rf ' 'C " 1 '- .3 , ,o ' 1 , ' fl 'af , A .fy .. V V V Q i f , , U N W wg W if f I ,, David Horowitz Nancy Houghtaling Susan Howard Dylan Howell Alicia Hubecky Danielle Hudak Darlene Hufnagel Kimberly Huggard Heather Hughes Tammy Hultz Daniel Huttel Michael Hyman Teresa Iasbarrone Kirk Imperati Stephan Inglis Jennifer Ippolito Christopher Jacobse Il Holly James LA Wasp' W f El I A ff? I 7 l , 9. fwrfyf, 114, ,,.., if lrff f .,g4J2g,H:! ' I 3 V- .,,. ' f . f , 1 ,L J., ' alan, lx ,N 'f f f 1 lr ,L HZ ,, , , V, fy, , , , J A5 4 ff , fe f ,, Dara Javenes Harvey Jennings David Johnson Denise Johnson Dwayne Johnson Ylonda Johnson Jessica Jordan Antonio Juan Kenneth Kaiser Kim Kane Stephanie Kappes Jennifer Karchmer Lisa Karpinski William Kay Amelia Kehn Michelle Keir Sheryll Keister Richard Keller Stacy Keller Shawn Kelly Jeanine Kempin Michael Kent Gregory Kerzner Richard Kerzner fx' N 'J JJ., - A ni 1 Dx ,, f I X 1, in yt., . IN. it 1 i i X x XX 4 K .,,,tf-1 n- u, , , - M' ., i . lt 1 ft N 1 X " il a AN. 1-aifoxa, ' J RN :J -A fy A P4 , T it , A ,W ., fs, te Q X --V A - i- ,N . .w . ef, 2 '- ' 3 X .1 wx, U N 'x - H, 5, I 1 t f -- , f .f . rf' N '- N LJ J, , M, .1 .1, kk ,, F y,,:,,. l J f X31 ,X ,M, is N ,I W L Xt 'nf -1 u l Q A K' x . ., if '- W -we we wi, J K-1 J fn ol- mf L NJ .rr sf if ,, 2. 1 KJ,-A ,xx y vi Jaw, ff xwf , -'E A ' ' K 3.-,J -. xi., -1. J C -,V - .I f ,, ,K s IVQ- ., QU. ig lm.: 1 'Ni-' HRW-:gb X-xv, Janice Killmer Kimberly Kippen Tammy Kirk Lance Kloproth Russell Klein Michael Kleinfelder .lon Klempner Elizabeth Klimoff Laura Knapp Steven Knepper Kristina Koehler Robert Kompel Michael Kopcza r Susan Kostenko l Christopher Kotes 1 , .jfT'f" Terry Kowalski ,1 U fl ,ye Holly Kraft Neil Krajewski , , f f ITBJFYJVK 'MQ C" TL sipna, mgyfbli Mali, J U A flfwil Paige Kroll l ' Q1 K Martin Krut JY ' Jonathan Kuchler Raymond Longchamps 164 Deborah Kuech Stuart Kurschner Robert Kurzban Kristine Kwasnik Paula Labarge Laurence La Due David Laffin Thomas Lagasse Robert Lagurege David Lamb Christopher Lane Dave Lang Mark Lanier Todd Lanthier Stephanie Larson Annie Lee Terri Leslie Eric Levine Josh Levine Debra Lewis Lorna Lewis Glenn Lindmark Bronwyn Lipka W7 Jeannette Liu Lisa Lofaro Cara Lombardo Bobbi Lookabaugh Justin Lordi Robin Lotze , 7 13- me , l , 'F , ,.. fe, 5 , I .N I " 1 'w'f."" 1 , Lg, ,if ' X 1 ! f f 42, , ,K 5 ik, it ef if , 'ab ii? w:,:wy1',-7 ' f ff' fit, f W- f f 1 - , In , V in , X J , ff , 4 'gf W "7 ,Z , V., 1 yvtl .,,,1 1 5 -, , y , , If ff 1 K 1 f 1 4, ,, I V' : 6 L I '- Of l I 74'-W X X if 4. if W Q Wa' Z7 ' -QM, , 3, , ,, ,V , 12- .. L1 I3 1 . fig, af Hi, f' V ' V ,XZ fl? , ff ff , Q,1, 4 1, I 4 if , 0' , 1-1" ff7?ff'f Magi 5 W, ,r .W ' IQ C V? VZAV W1 4'f"P 36' if 'Kari ff' , 5 ffl, A 5-M I 1 , V ' Zjzf- x -jfir -.1 ,f f "wiv I Q I 1 X H 9' ggi Md ff -! fb-J fy. , is J 2 l 14 , 4 ,H M -24,2 K 1 fe f , . W A A Karen Lowe Stephen Lucarini Mark Lucas Paul Lucas Jennifer Ludlow Stephanie Luts Joseph Lutz John Mack Peter Mack Kristen Mackey Lisa Mackey Sharon Magill Brent Magurno Christine Magurno ' Frank Maldarelli -- L , 1 Michael Mangiameli - fe Saffrone-Lee Manning 44' Laura Mara Melissa Marchese John Mariconti 3 Heather Marston Andrea Martin Scott Marx Thomas Mastrodomenico Michael Matero Cathy Matlock Margaret Matney Michael Mattushik Sheila McCabe Christine McCaffery Stacy McCann Thomas McCloskey Laura McCorkel Joseph McCormack Scott McCoy Deborah McDonald Russell McGlinchy Darleen McKeana Chantelle McLain Q f Q Michael McLean Hermang Mehta David Melby David Mendel Jim Meschenfriend Bonnie Miller Daren Miller Louis Miller Michael Miller Jeffrey Milne Michael Mizzi Marcelo Modica f , I I , 4- ,, Z"3k3,w.w,,.,,.wl'Z.f V Aaron Moffitt Kayleen Morris Peter Morris Paul Muller Kara Mulligan Michael Mungo Lillian Murphy Julie Murray Lori Murray Lyndon Nash Eric Near Dana Neilson Michele Newman Emily Nielsen Julie Nielsen June Noseworthy Amanda Nuccio James Nugen Rogert Oakley Linda O'Connor Chad O'Hara Brett Okraski Karlene Olivet Herbert Olmstead Kristi Olsen Dawn O'Mara Michael O'Neill Stephan Orlik Andrea Osterhoudt Barbara Page Kevin Page Sue Paldino Steven Palmer Lisa Paraggio Annie Park Silvia Park Franklyn Parker John Parker Daren Parseghian Andre Pascale Lisa Pasco Glenn Pascoe Bernadette Patynski Kathleen Paul Eleanor Pele x V:-1, , Q Z- H , ,A vWt..LA, 3,,.,gwf f, , ,,, ,, , ,ww r. 4 , ,gf , . , 14:-.1.,,.,.,, . f .i. ,,, A-2 1 V ' ,z'Z12M.2Z "H 165.5 ff va. , :af I ,i J 01,1 f gf ff f ,K fsf 'gi 757 X at ,Va 2 it 1f If 1 -.1-Z.-42161 "-,f . 22 ' I 4-Ag., 1. ffffi . 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Scott Hansen Marc Hapeman Evelyn Harder Lindsay Harmelink Pierre Harvey Diane Heady David Horiwitz Johnathan Horowitz Richard Jakubek Brenda Johnson Sean Johnson Christine Kelley Denis Kelly Alicia Kline Christine Lamagna Daniel Landry Laura Lanum Rachel Lapidus Rick Leonardi Nicole Lizotte Edward Losee Laurence Mannion Katherine McAliney Scott McCredy Caroline McKean Michael Molloy Frederick Morton Patrick Mullay John Mulligan Michelle Mulvihill Tina Nauta Mary Novak Paul Oakley Peter O'Keefe Patrick Philipbar John Phillips Janine Pirroglia Deborah Raider Floyd Rifenburgh Samuel Rigolino Christopher Risko Robert Ryan Edward Sadowski Jeanette Sedlak Jerome Simonetty Deirdre Sutton Jill Swartz Trevor Tancredi Norman Tegstrom Monique Thoresz John Tomasetti Robert Tompkins Peter Vasti Tanya Vegeto Susan Velletri Trishia Weil Rebecca White Christopher Wimmers Stephanie Wynant Patricia Yergey 4 K Q x X if 4, g NN ilsxx 'x X J l"""CX Au- l Av., 5. , 1 . .1 I - vi ' .1: - Q7 'S f Sophomores Marcy Ackerman Keith Albano Heidi Albertson Andy Albrecht Tom Albrecht Jackie Algieri Bethann Allen Barbara Amodeo Robert Anderson Mathew Andrews Chuck Antonucci Christina Armetta Scott Arrick Gillian Ashworth Eric Bachman Ray Ballard Terence Banks Peter Barclay Kimberly Baright David Barosin Glen Barry , 1 q-,H 2, W ,1 ff may 'L ,0 2 Q M, 1 F 1 xg 4 A + 1 , 1, I I fit f f , f Q41 f Q .-mf' ' IQ 7 A f f - f f ,f , , f f 1 'f :gpm f 'W Z, W Z4 , f iff. 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Katherine Kakadelis Tami Kampfer Jeff Kaplan Jonathan Kaplan Chris Kapogiannis Peter Karaffa Dena Kautz Jeff Kearney Ed Kelly Mike Kelner Mike Kemmerer Colleen Kendrick Jill Kenney David Kirk Stanley Kirkey Carl Klaproth Pete Klatt Wolfgang Klein Dave Klepp Gints Klimanis Deanna Klopfenstein Timothy Knepper Jenny Ko Carolyn Koemer Tom Kokkinis Frank Kolarik Mary Kopp John Kotes Hari Krishnan Mark Kubicek Brian Kwasnik Katie Labeiniec Kimberly Lacelle Tom Lafave 1 .- W, If , ,, .,. , r A Quan Le Vicki Lamb Nick Lamonica Debbie Langhein Mike Lanier Heather Lansing Vuong Le Terence Lea Robert Lehane Mary Lehmkuhl Suzanne Leslie Mary Lettieri Anthony Lembesis Keith Livingston Jon Lois Brian Long Edward Losee Tony Losito Mark Lublin Deborah Lucas Jody Lupul Kim Luzzi Jim Lynch Katie Macdonald Billy Mackey Adrianie Maier Trina Malara Steve Malkischer Scott Mallard Dominick Manco Naresh Mandava Alan Mangelsdorf Donald Manning Mark Markowitz Adam Levy Kurt Lewis Michael Lewis Deborah Lifshey Kimiko Link X , '.4, ' ,Q .- 7 1 if ' I '44 1 Q 4, X ,, A "fff 5 4 ,Q fd 1 , ff W , gf ,, I4 A,f,,,'7 , f , 4? , 1 , f I fi' .av 5' J uf 45 A A Q.. f t f t!!!!y 1- if 292 1- 'Q' 41? ik, i an K 7' fw rp 3 4 , 4 432 Y I 3 Y if ' Wy! , Q f W ,f , 4 f 7 ,f u v!! , Q, 491 a 7 " 17 I fp 'M "U, fr L 1 ' z . aw Rf 1 ,Z 4, gf'-7-A W ,, . 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'1 si 1, 'Mx-W. , Z2 ,Q ,, -Q an an ,. 27 .4 Jennifer Laguzza, Susan Thomson, Lizann Harkins, Laura Petty President Secretary Vice-President Treasurer Lisa Ackerman Bill Adams Brian Allen Michael Alves Gerard Amendola Christopher Ammon Tina Baker f f Daniel Balassone Anna Baldt Paul Barth Lynn Bartoes Kellie Bartrow David Bates f"7,':W'a We al? aff ' ',m"jf,' +V 1 y e , uw -f. V' 4 4 M- , , f if L Z, V . ,,,., ',,, 523- B A Wa. 1 w 7 , 5 5-4: " ra X , f f mf, ,,,, ,-an m 4- I fx , I ., ,A PV W ff I X f Q 1 I W' MA .. , ? . f A 14 A f f 1 .I u 5' '4' -4' , 51, ,rf fa .ff ,H A ,I 7 aff, , 16 f 1 ,,, , af f 1 1 f ,. lf, 2.2 , " "1-Q f aw., ' .4 ai-A . 'l I X 4 W t 4 , " ' il all C ' I 'Eh N ! 1 .- . , i X JU 4 . . ' ' K 5 ,f X lf ,y','-- 5-f ,f .4 , :fy ,L ff f K fi 1 M , W, Z3 X , A 1, ,. . .. 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Kelly Terry Kelly Mary Ann Kendrick Michael Kenney ':V"' ' 5 - Richard Kem Chris Kiely f:,'yr.7Q Laura Kirby ily' 5 . Patrick Kirby ' S? ' Lisa Klein , G - , ,Q Tania Kline . Jennme Kochanowski 'W ' ii?":,r Tom Kochanowski fi Annamaria Kokkinis 5--2 Rachel Korfman QL 1 - Karen Kosack - Emily Kronheim Brian Krug f 'Z- Bob Kurkela Steven Kurzban Jeff Kyzer Jeanne LaBarge Cindy LaComb Susan LaGasse Jennifer LaGuzza Jay LaLonde Wendy Lamb Stacy Lampropoulos Carol Landi Timothy Lane Deborah Lanthier Frank Lanza Jeffrey LaPoint Bobbie Lawhorn Anita Lee Meg Lehane Doug Leigh Don Leitheuser Brian Leonard James Letendre Adam Levine Camille Lewis Kim Lewis I, ' -L X. v s 5 "M , fa 'iff f' we Q ...w - 1 mf ' 9 5, , r J, , .,..,., W., " f YE - v 1 Q . '9 4 , ik Q yyy . f if 4 , s fl .a A .T av , V K' 'Q -1 4 ffffii JT f"f aa '43 V 1, is l My X , .el it .. 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V4 ,V Ann Lozier Leonard Lublin Vincent Lucarini John Lucas Christopher Macek Darie Mackenzie Kerry Mackey Tzvi Mackson Jason Macuga Shawn Magurno Mike Mahn 'f 1, Zz., ,f-11 , iifiivw-i YZ , ff V , y f ff . 1 if Q I , 'A 7--,,.,,, ,lp ff , 4 Q f f ,Z , 7,4 f nv, f- f W. , , if f f X I W In E, 22. Rh. N f fi , ,-A My f, f ' 1 4 7 .Qu f 24 V. 4 .nf l 12 , , ,. ,,. .eff 7 7 ' '72 WM ,, Wm 4, .I 2 - 1' 'WM . el, I , ,,., , ,,. 1 Gwyn Mainwaring Suresh Mandava Kenneth Mandich Lora Manno Roger Marchant Irena Mark Suzanne Marsh Steven Martello Kimberly Martin Randy Martin Leigh Marzuke Dawn Mastellone Tony Mastreani Timothy Matlock Guy McAllister Rob McAlpine James McClendon Daniel McCloskey Q f-r- N 'Q 6 . Q ,, ,, , , ,..... . , N., X at ff ...M ,. Doug McClung Colleen McCullough Ana McDermott Shawn McDowell Robert McEwen Dianna McGill Elizabeth McGrath Tom McGrath Erin McLaughlin Kim McLaughlin Theresa McLaughlin Mark McLean Martin McQuade Traci Mertz John Michaelis Gus Miele Sue Mikolajczak Peter Mikusinski David Miller Margo Miller Paula-Jeanne Mills Christopher Mygan Mark Niznik Thomas Nolan William Nolan Betty Jean Nowik Joe O'Connell Tara O'Dell Mathew Oldham Jeannette Olgren Brian Mincey Lucy Minturn Luke Miracco Kim Molinaro Asa Moller Jodi Montano Kristen Moore Darrin Moret Daniel Moriarty Nancy Moriarty Kristen Morris Debra Morrison Michael Morrow Kendra Morse Ingrid Muller Matt Murphy Paul Murray Paul Murray lffl ff WJWW 'ff , 4 4 , ,, ,, , Ma f Ka Paul Olivet Christina Olsen Christie Ong David Orce Sue Ottaway Robert Packowski Hilda Paetzold Henry Page Gary Palmeri Mary Panessa Daniel Pantalone Ken Papae Rosanne Park Kenneth Pascoe Vinnie Paul Matt Pelish Margaret Pepper Christopher Perez ,.,., W, 'fl f QWQM f fi" 4- 7 ,ff ,- ff z f 524' f I 2 4, 4 f N Q ff 2 1,2 , 215244222 M . . 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Mike Perini Ken Perkins Brenda Perry April Peterson Laura Petty Mark Phebus Gail Phillips Mark Phillips Michelle Poluzzi Lawrence Pond Lisa Posner Thomas Power W ,Q W2,y , 'jig ., fa, ,f ,, ,, V! . V4 1 fuqiig y ,A ,W if I 1 1 -I V so " 2 Mark Provost Marla Pruitt Dawn Quattrone Julia Quinlan Diana Quist Stacey Raab Stacey Rabsatt Tony Raguso Eric Randall Robin Randazzo Ed Ratschki Christine Ratway Jason Rebholtz Don Redl Colleen Reed Julie Reed David Remsberger Mary Resta Wayne Revell John Rice , Vlv. 2, P David Richards Frank Richichi Frances Rigolino Lorraine Risucci Leanne Roe Robert Roeser Doug Rogers Nancy Rogers Mary Roth Dennis Rugar Fred Rugar Jolene Rugar Kristin Rugar Daron Sandberg Jeff Sargent Doug Schatz Kim Schena Blair Schneider Ken Schofield Lynn Scoralick Tim Secor Craig Seely Michelle Seksinsky .vlflr at 'ef ,Wx A 3,3 y ,gf 4 , ,lf 1 1 f 3 s s Bill Sforza Pat Shawley Adam Sheehan Kelvin Shelton Laura Shepard Christine Shields Lisa Shroff Steven Shulkin Roland Siegel Chris Sienkiewicz Shawn Snyder Jennifer Spiegel Patricia Spillane Sue Spitzfaden Ken St. Onge Mary St. Onge Carolyn Stefano Steve Stern Victoria Stevens Diana Stile Stacie Stinson Wayne Stopka Monte Storms Lisa Stortini Lynn Straley Richard Straley Scott Stutman Leslie Styles Gina Sucato Lora Super Janet Sykes Laura Simons Cheryl Slocum Cathleen Smith Deborah Smith Michael Smith Michele Smith Rhoda Smith Victoria Smith ? , W V ' it I We ff. 1 i 1. Z Q W 1 gint, 4 7.11, fa f x I '21 we Q ,I ,f ea 141 7 Q, W! f 1 ! 4 N K , 4 , 421, V' 1 14 A X fff .Aff ,-,' , ,,,,5, , are ff! " ff ff 73, . J Z Z A xt X it . XX , yalt , J- Qi., 1 5?7W7"'7," , if. 7' 4 wiv-L fi 4 X , 3' ' 'Jr f ,- ,f ff' 1, . 7 " - 'fn t nw 2 A at all W 4 ff Z l y V ,, K f 4 ?5' J M, ..., at ,: I ,V ya We QWWWQ' uf 1" ,- 2 , f Q.: I v ,f ,f ,,, E - . QJY 'YxWQy'7f45L? as J f A J 2 . I g 5, V V L I '1 5, In f Z vi", , is , 3, af , Lila, 3 4 f ir ' Z! 4 iff. 5 J 5 5 Z l A Q- J ff f 4 l ww-. --W ,T 7 - g ,. jf 2 J If 5,5 , fi .y. , , ,Vi 1, ry-4 7 sz J. V Jhlifk' ' ,Lf 44' V .' 'L 97 31 Self' Z fa f ' ' tk giflff l 19.2-'., I Q t " 'fl 'J Q 'ff Z.. li sl K UH, ,El .35- 1 .1-9 Nw --1.,4 ' ".' l 4 L- 44' Ll fl WC" v I JN i 5ffx..7u i rf 1 ff 2 if 3' 'Q -Q , of 3, E .QW-ffm,-, " H2277 'sag 3 "5 .W f -" Z! ,o 5 lx 1 A ' y X 2 A ,ff WW 5 " - r, , f ,A ,fy f I 4'-is . , X f fzfgtf vl., Q ,, lf ullfxx -. ,N , , I. , rf A , 'lf 1,1 f , S-Ji' , Y 91.0 55' aa I ,X , , 1 Q 4 is - , isnt ' f In 4 M L F7 T 1' : 13.3 - L Y ,Q ,-,, 'if W' ll V- -,-11? ii fy I w i,,v i i," m 3 Christopher Szanto Jennifer Taber Mike Talbot Christine Tao Ricardo Tavares Clishia Taylor Doris Taylor Tammy Taylor Andy Thomas Michael Thomas Scott Thomson Susan Thomson Jessica Tompkins Suzanne Traver Robert Travia Kim Trenchard Deborah Twitchell Tim Tyler Scott Tyner Tammy Unterborg Joseph Usewicz Suzanne Valdatta Mike Valenti Jim Vancura Don Van Leuven Peggy Van Leuven Christopher Veach Chris Verbeck Dee Verrier Christopher Villetto Marko Virtanen Randy Volnick Marisa Vumbico April Waligora Iain Walker Donna Wallace Paul Walling Marisa Walsh Craig Walters I 2 , . 4 R X , 1. 1. W 155 f f 1 ,. , , .. , 7 , MW l my , 4 ., ns' ' t f L 'ff zz .x . 1:5 . 1 , A K 1 - t 1 Dawn Wangner David Way Brian Weiss Julie Wendt Debra Whispell Eric White Ken Whitney Bradley Wilder Jim Wilhelm Tim Wilkinson Susan Willets Eric Williams Joe Williams Marcette Williams Christopher Wilser Ronda Wiltse Lisa Wing Darlene Wistrand Heidi Wohlleber Deane Work Bonnie Woronoff Jennifer Wright Bryon Wrisley Christopher Wrona Robert Wynne Kenneth Yin Rich Young Christopher Zameski Patrick Zampko Diane Zipprich David Zocchi Mike Cooper Bill McCabe Tom McGill ff W f 'f -if If Ryan Aguiar Brian Barbera Ronda Benjamin Natasha Beretvas Nicholas Bisanz John Booth Patricia Callaghan Nelson Cancel John Canning Matthew Cantele James Caputo Mary Cartica Michael Caruso Diane Case Linda Chang Marianne Coffey Sarah Colclough Suzanne Daniels Joseph DeCarlo Sunshine DeWitt Virginia Diloreto John Dinsmore Keith Doland Ann Donoghue Michael Evans Stephen Farrell Stephen Forneris Dale Fox William Givison Vincent Gizzi Jill Gotsch Eileen Green Edward Haight Charles Harris Scott Harris M2 i ajf ",'SfK iff, cy.,-fig.. A- ,. 7-.N .nf 4 'q.1'5jN,,:.-,' ' " ff-wad, . 'f. g -L' ':"ft"'4 .ff .ml - 'fn vi' 1 ef ' if V' 1 " Z I K f If f f I A ff., ,fm sg I ' f W ff Course . . . John Hollis Christine Howlett Cleveland Hurley Kathleen Irving Michael Kirby Irma Kiss Diana Koche Gerard LaCourciere Katherine Laffey Victoria Larson Valerie Laxgang Shawn Litts James Logan Diane Ludwig Katherine Lumb Quinn Lunstedt Peggy Maddock Brian Martin Peter Marvin Michele McCann Sarah McCarthy Edward McGill William McGill Katrina McGowan Tammy Melius Carl Merritt Frank Mersand Sarah Monsma Rachel Morse Ann Marie Natale Dominic Odescalchi Brian Orr Michelle O'Sullivan Diana Palmateer Thomas Pasquazi Jeffrey Platt Paul Poggi Michael Quartararo Eric Redl Wanda Reece Michael Rice Abigail Rockwell Samuel Rodd Laura Schalk William Schoonmaker Tanya Seale Kimberly Shea Jill Shipley James Sibley David Skidmore Jay Slocum Jamie Smith Saundra Smith David St. Onge James Staffa Philip Stanton Yvonne Storts Beth Swartout John Tengstrom Charles Valerius Phillip Vantassell Henry Verrier Stacey Watkins David Whitson Sandra Wilhelm Paul Winnis Dirk Woods Robert Yacavonis f, ,, 3 2 K X N Qgs xx xx mx f 4' 'ie f' f-ff, ., Q ' Z L 5 ffjfj X X www F f 'fi , ,uQl.4.,M-' VTAIVV, L K V V nr- .nu Mx f ,.V3' Qi, -Q-221' GSX S3 QNX EUHR '44 ,A 0' ,, '7 , .3 -if 5 gr' -dt Pat Abh'erv6 J' aimerais etre une Iarme pour naitre dans tes yeux, vivre sur ta joue, et mourrir sur tes levres. International + French Club Traci Albertson 7 Lori Albrecht 'Sometimes I dream of how my lye would be U' you could share each day with me. . .nowlrealize those days are gone, and all the memories left holding on." 5-M' 1'1" , tt vw.-W .,.:.:y7 ' ' Tony Alves Denise Antedominico "The dream is done: the song is over. . . wish I 'd something more to say." - "Time " -Pink Floyd Soccer - 1234 Barbara Arentsen "You and I both know the score, we can 't go on this wayforever, so its with regret I tell you now,from this moment on . . . we're on our own" - Genesis Thanks guys! Holly Arnold Arme Aliotta "Make a move across the Rubicon, fu- tures knockin' at your door. Take your time and choose the one you want, op- portunity is yours." - Journey ,Lt 'NZ' ' tk it Lisa Appolonia Steve, thanks for all the special memo- ries. I love you forever! Leah, Roni, Ron, we had so many excellent times. I love you all! We made it! Mark Atkins Times are goodg times were bad, and their total's just begun. For though we've beaten back the night, there are more wars to be won. Kathy Averill "U I had a box just for wishes and dreams that could never come true, the box would be empty except for the memories of how they were answered by you."- JC ' Kim Bahret The permanent temptation in life is to confuse dreams with reality. The per- manent defeat in life comes when dreams are surrendered to reality. Shawn Baker "I know the night isfading and I know the times gonna fly and I'm never gonna tell you everything I gotta tell Sue Baldwin Cutler - calm yourself. Corriedales, ESE. Cross Country 124 Winter Track 1234 Spring Track 134 Darnell Balga A special thanks to my Mom and Dad who made everything possible, and to Paul who made all of my dreams come true. , ' If-' Walter C. Ballard, Jr. "When my ship comes in, I'll probably be at the airport." - LJ Football 1234 Basketball 12 Track 134 you, but I know Igotta give it a try. "- AS Eil een Banas E 5 I I 7 1' fe-'Zig Jennifer Barlow "Friendship often ends in love: but love, in friendship - never " -Coulton Marching Band 1234 Wind Ensem- ble 1234 . , , ht '75, ,M , A if if Valerie Basch Marris Baskin Steven Bathrick John Bayne "The moment of lie has its rest in its "Make ig Wgnh the price we pay."- Triumph music." -Tagore Volleyball 1 G.O. 23 MB 34 Winter Guard 34 Orchestra 1-4 Thanks to Adam and Kerrie. Soccer 1234 Track 1234 Skiing 1234 ,JVM ezine Tara Am1 Beck Many thanks to all my friends, especial- ly Karen. A very special thanks to my Mom and Dad because I could have Cone Beckham "Ifyou get confused, listen to the music pIay."-GD Peace, love, and thanks to all my friends. ,ami Susan Belterman "The only way to regenerate the world is to do the duty which lies nearest to us, and not to hunt after grand, far- fetched ones for ourselves. " -Kingsley H.. 'hvnf' never done it without them. I love you 11" John Benes "The story of life is quicker than the wink ofan eye,' the story oflove is hello and goodbye, until we meet again." - .limi Hendrix September 17, 1970. l Karen Lyn Bertolozzi "Good nature is worth more than knowledge, more than money, more than honor to the persons who possess it." -Henry Ward Beecher Crew 234 Tennis 23 Angela Beltrani "I can be what I want to be and all I need is to get my. . . Boogie Down."- Al Jarreau Marching Band 1234 Winter Guard 234 www. 'SWE' ff' , 323 'aw W I . ,, I ff' V .Zi , Q t 'V ,u,- if 1 I ' .151 Craig Beyer Karl Bienwald Kathy Blilmble "You can't always get what you want, Spring Track 234-Hammer throw but if you try, sometimes you jus! Winter Track 234 might find, you get what you need." -Stones Kampers 34 Football 1234 l Beth Ann Beyer 1 ff ,,f ,Mao M.. ffeizizef David Blauth I wouldn't wish for a smooth path in life, or one without failure and trials. I've learned more from the bumps and rough spots, than from easy miles, .Q lf-X Jay Bloomer Just play ball or be an entertainer 'cause guys like me can't read too well -Grand Master Flash Sean Bogart I've finally made it. Thanks to GB, RK EB, KS, JS. But now comes the hard part. All you Ford and Chrysler lovers remember CHEVY will live forever. AV 12 455' XL . Joyce Bolduc Jr' Semi Paul Bonanno Elizabeth Borgoy Maria Braig Paula Brengel "This bridge will only take you haU- "What lies behind us and what lies be- Needing people isn't just what they do way there - The last few steps you'll fore us are tiny matters compared to for you, but how they make you feel.- have to take alone. -Shel Siverstein what lies within us!" I'd like to wish my JMLThanks WS KH MS CL PP KS JC friends KM, TB, 8: PM, the best of Marching Band 34 Winter Guard 34 luck. Alex Brewster ls it time already? Time flies when you're having fun! To all my friendsg Good luck in the future, and l'll miss you! "Dt A C " ' 60 Laura Briggs "Give peace a chance. Get up and dance, and I say rock-n-roll music to the world." -Alvin Lee Paul Brockmeyer "Y0u've nothing to give the world that anyone else can 't give except yoursel " -Q. Crisp Thanks Susan, Bill, and all my friends for a great year! Katherine Brown "The fact is, no matter how closely I study it, no matter how I take it apart, it remains consistent. I wish you were here to see it." -King Crimson Patty Callaghan Kimber Bruggemann Ronald Bushee Kirsten Brunner "Let1sjill our hearts with the truth of purpose. Lets look up and not down. Lets have faith in God and seUf Come on, Lets live!" -E.W. Hill MB 234 Timothy Buechele 'Rockin' Tim '94 vague sensation quickens in my young and restless heart, and a bright and aimless vision has me longing to depart." -RUSH I may not be perfectly wise, perfectly witty or perfectly wonderful . . . but I'm always perfectly me! Thanks Kim! B12 l love you! Gerald Bruton Kristin Buckley Tara Burke Ann Campillii Jeffrey Cannone Q-.I Barbara Canuel 'An obstacle is something you see when you take your eye ojfthe goal you are trying to reach." -unknown A BIG THANK YOU SK CD SO JW AG KMg I love you! Philip Capalbo "If love never lasts foreven whats for- ever for? " -Michael Murphy Theresa Cardinal "Now its clear. . . that the moment we lookedfor is here . . . and counting the years is all that I want to do . . . " A.S. Phillip Carey Paul Carroll "Tn I,LL ALWAYS LOVE YOU! Dineen Carta For the words never said and the feel- ings never conveyed I say to you now - I love you. I pray God will keep you in his hands. Stu. Gov't. 234 Track I Softball 234 abr' x Q I Wanda Carvalho Follow your dreams to wherever they lead you. Thanks to all my friends who made high school worthwhile. SPECIAL THANKS TO LEE!!! ,M vw 1 wir 4 Robert Caso Audra Cassell Ruth Caswell Believe in all that we could be, and all that we have been, and all that we are. -GENESIS t . IA Christine Marie Chabot "Living is the art of loving." To my special friend, Michele, thanks for always being there when I needed you. Joe 8L Chris Forever. CVS Keith Chang "Life is a test and this world a place of trial." -Churchill Thanks to all who helped me through the four-year trial. Steven Cherry SteVel'l Clli3V8ui Jghn Chrysler "Leaves have fallen all around, Time to be on my way. Thanks to you, I 'm much obliged It was such a pleasant stay. Led Zeppelin Basketball 1234 'xxx Barry Clark Carol Clark "Though Isit down now, the time will come when you will hear me." -Disraeli Swimming 23 Drama 34 Year- book 4 Chorus 4 Gail Chianelli You can turn this world around and bring back all of those HAPPY DAYS. Put your troubles down. It's time to CELEBRATE!!! COSMETOLOGY 34 Ka t Susan Chiarella Rays of light shine through the clouds - breaking into rainbow patterns on the ground. Open your mind and see - our time has come to be. ROSS peace, love. 113' ren Cimorelli I'm young- I'm wild - and I'm Free Elizabeth Anne Clayton "So go run with the sun . . . but come home to me. l'll be near anytime you need me. " . . . Thank you Lars. I love you T' Cheerleading 1-4 -Triumph if Brad Cleverly 'And Uyou look a little deeper can't you see its really all a game" -Def Leppard Cross Country Winter Track gnrino Trnrlf Ten-v'c Kirk A V.. A ,- . ,v K , I D' - , ,. X .-. Virginia Cline Thanks for all the memories and good times we shared. Special thanks to ED, KM, LS, MN, and GI Sue Close "We're just two lost souls swimming in ajish bowl year after year. Running over the same ground, have we found the same old fear? I'Wsh you were David Closs 2 Brenda Coddington "Now and forever remember the words from my heart will always be true to- gether in all that wefeel heres my love for you." -GR nk, 1 Patrick Cody There comes a time in every school's life when it loses its class, fun, and great- ness. That day will come when Arling- ton loses me. Thanks HR, DL, SJ, SK, CS. here. " PF Dylan Collins Violence satisfies the minds of the igno- rantg I believe that too many people are satisfied. Clyde, l love you. Kevin Collins "These are the seasons of emotion, like the winds they rise dl fall. This is the wonder of devotion - I see the torch we all must hold." -Plant Soccer 1234 ,, 7 X K James Coppola Tanya Corcoran John Cordaro "Don't look back a new day is breakin' "What have the years of your life "Its our time, breathe it in - Its been too long since I felt this taught you to be? Innocence dyin' in so Worlds to change, worlds to win way. I don't mind where I get taken - many ways. Things that you dream of Its our turn coming through." the road is callin' . . . "Boston are lost in the haze." -Kansas -Ste hen Sondheim P Drama Fr. Int'l 8a Chorus 1234 Kathleen Corrado " . . . and U the band you're in starts playing dwerenl tunes, I'll see you on the dark side ofthe moon . . . " -Pink Floyd Volleyball 12 Softball 123 , fr' a fm' Marco Corrado Edward Crivello Kevin C1-055 Donna Culver ., i L. ff , ,Q n ,, Regina Curry Though it's tempting to sit injudgement since flaws are to see, If I look for good in others, they may do the same for me. Kimberly Daley "You can'l always get what you want, but Uyou try sometime, youjust might jind you get what you need . . , " -The Rolling Stones Thanks Patty, Ray, Jackie, 8L Peter Frank Damato "When you do not know what you are doing, do it neatly." -Murphy's Law Marching Band 1234 Jazz 234 Wind Ensemble 23 Anchors 4 Robert Cussick Damia DalCortivo "Blackbird singing in the dead ofnight. Take these broken wingsand learn to fly all your Iyfe. Wm were only waiting for this moment to arrive." -Beatles Toni Anne Damico 'Always leave them laughing when you say good-bye." -George M. Cohen Hey Cuz! Thanks and Good Luck!! Thanks Mom and Dad, I Love You!! Kathi Darling lf you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you, it is yoursg if it doesn't, it never was. Chorus 123 Peter D'Avanzo Kristina Marie Davies "There must be some kindofway out of Success is my goal in life. here," said the joker to the thief "Theres too much confusion, Ican't get no relief " -Jimi Hendrix Ruth Davies "Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers." -Unknown Debra Davis ,,,.Mv Jeffrey R. Davis Kelly Davis Sheryl Davis "The great thing in this world is not so 'Hccept me as I am. Only then will we "Look 0f014I1d. choose yOu OWN gf01U1d, much where we are, but in what direc- discover each other." smiles you give, tears you cry, all you tion we are moving." -O.W. Holmes -Frederico Fellini Ioufh. and all you see, is all your life Swimming Capt. 1234 Tennis 34 Tina DeFrance "What could be more wonderful than mastering the art of growing rich in wisdom while remaining young at heart." Mike DeBlasis "When you know that your time is close at hand, maybe then you 'll begin to un- derstand, lQ'e down there is just a strange illusion." -Iron Maiden -Anonymous will ever be." -PF Joe del Rio it .J Lynn Delano "Just let me tell you before I go blind, that just like the sun I will shine." -Alvin Lee, Ten Years After 211 Chris Dellacamera Sheri, I leave all my love. Mom, Dad, there's not enough room to thank you for all you've done. Good luck to all. Hey Tom Bobby's gonna graduate. Maybe? i ?WaX1.3,.,,wf'f . Michelle Marie Denault "See it all so clear. Time is rightp Time is near. We know now what to do." -Journey Cheerleading 1234 Brad Denney Katie Devendorf "It is much easier to ride the horse in "The freezer or the cemetery""" the direction hes going." TOYOTA - "There is no substitute -Werner Erhard "lt's a Cinderella story. . MKLB W.A.L.S.T.I.B. 14, r' ia ' Scott Devine Barbara Diamond Ray DiNovo Afaithfulfriend is a sturdy shelter,' he whofinds onefinds a treasure. Afaith- ful friend is beyond price, no sum can balance his worth. -Sirach 6, 14-17 Pamela E. Doherty "What lies behind us, and what lies be- fore us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." -RWE Cheerleading 1234 - Cap't. Peggy Dilworth The tide rushing in reminds me of where my life had beeng the water rush- ing to shore reminds me of what life has in store. SUSHI1 D0llel'ty Stephen Doland "What is beautU'ul is ajoyfor all sea- sons and a possession for all eternity." -O. Wilde International Club 34 French Club 4 Thanks Agnes and Kathi!! Thomas Domicoli Mark Dondlinger "What you can do or dream you can begin it,' Boldness has genius, power, and magic in il." - Goethe Until we meet again ,... Good Luck! Kathleen Donegan "Carry on my wayward son, there will be peace when you are done. Lay your weary head to rest,' don't you cry no more, " -Kansas Cosmetology 34 CVS 234 Stacy Donegan Aside from 'Tm sorry," The only thing harder to say is "Good-bye" Thanks Mrs. Gales Brian-n-me 8-6-83 ,J- f"4 Amy Doney "Within me lies the power to seize the hour and live my dreams. " -Unknown "Turn me loose!" -Loverboy Deborah Dorsey May the happiness in my eyes shine for- ever in your hearts. To Mom, Dad, Mic, Ron, and Boober, I send my love and thanks. Gymnastics 124 Patti Drezelo "Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow Don 't walk behind me, I may not lead. Walk beside me and just be my friend. " Stephen Dribusch Steven Drohosky Aileen Duffy "I lived inside a shell that was inside a wall that was under the sea . . . Those who loved me found me." JF Dave Chorus Madrigals Wind En- semble Orch MB Inter Club Jay Duhamel "1tisn't the challenge thatfaees us, but how we meet the challenge that deter- mines who we are . . . " -R. Bach AW E S O M E! Swimming 1234 Kevin Dwyer .Q .su . Jn. Karin Dziuban Thanks, Mom, for everything!! And to Roger, a Special thanks for all the love and laughter . .. yesterday, today and tomorrow. Kar if2 I ran out of room!! Charlotte Eberhard I would like to thank all my friends for the great times, especially Jaci! Special thanks to my Mom 8: Dad. And to Russ, I Love You! if Bill Eberle "Its a big enough umbrella but its al- ways me that ends up gelting wel." -Sting Raymond Edel "I'11 see you all on the dark side on of the moon." -PF Hey Terri Later to ya Joey N. + Joey G. Love ya Sheryl. , 5.911 Alan Egger I'd like to thank Captain Crunch for helping me regain consciousness each and every morning. Donna Eichenhofer Tomorrow is a dream that leads me on- wardg Today is the nightmare of reality . . . Face your nightmares and your dreams will come true. Ski l-4 Hockey 3-I-4 Yamaha power! 4' my 1431, .. ...S Robert Enderle Amy L. Eshelman "Common sense is very uncommon." -I-I. Greeley Maria Esparza "We do not see things as they are. We see things as we are." -The Talmud Lisa Esposito I hope all you people realize that this is me and this is how I'm going to stay, forever! Punk Out T' Yah Right! l Kevin Faber To see the hand of God in the present . , . And to trust the future in the hand of God . . . 'H , "M 1 fa, . . , at 'f ,,. I 5 .Xa V.. - ie Q . . ., -5 'fr' 'L rv-, - U, . ex , .f Samantha Fairbairn "I can still remember the night when I looked in your eyes. I knew it must be love. " -Loverboy Todd -n- Mandy Forever Is the secret of Peace. Jackie Fenton Orch 1234 Thanks TR Cheryl Lynn Fecketter "The world belongs to those who care deeply, who dream boldly, and live ad- venturously. " -D.P. DF TM DS SD and all! Renee Christine Farrier We are mere travelers in search of our dreams. If in that search we find that special friend, may it be said our dreams can become reality. Cheerleading 1-4 Cap't. Sue Faure Victor Feliciano Antonio Felippe "One lU'e, I'm going to live it up." - Judas Priest Baseball 1234 Thomas Ferguson U' a being does not keep pace with its companions, perhaps it is because it hears a diferent drummer, or maybe its just a weirdo." -Boynton I.W.H, Michael Ferrari "Ride easy, my friends. This journey "In the light offorever ends before it begins." One is blind to reality, -Asia For reality lacks eternity." -MF Football 1234 Cap't. 12 Wres- tling 12 Cap't. 1 Baseball 1234 Cap't. 12 Richard Ferraro "Learn how to love! forget how to hate" -Ozzy Osbourne 1 want to thank all my friends: R.K., M.D., R.S., R.C., Sandy, and especially my parents 8L family. Amy Elizabeth Filion "Memories ofthe past and dreams for the future, are forever with in the heart." You're not forgotten here '84! Love Ya' David Hey Bro! Thanks Mom and Dad Mary Finnegan Time is too slow for those who wait, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice. But for those who love, Time is not. Karen Fisher "You say its easy, but whos to say that we'd be able to keep it this way. . . but its easier coming straigtht from the heart!" -BA I love you all! Pamela Fisher at ,.,, .4 George Fishler "I am just a new boy, a stranger in this town, where are all the good times? Who's gonna show this stranger around?" K Karen Forneris Kenneth Foster "These are the times that try mens souls." -Thomas Paine Thanks to everyone who helped me through AHS. Soccer I Golf 234 Brad Fountain "Everybodys got mixed feelings about thefunction and theform. Everybodys got to deviate from the norm." -RUSH -Pink Floyd Football 1234 ,.,, Q ..,, , , , . A rfb? ' X "QL -' -'fZ'n1g"Q" it ' 2 i J ww '---Ve. . V "' Aw., gl. at im-Wvws ' - -'Win-Y ,n,,'1,'9u4, , lf 4 . fn . 4. Q., H4 I ,Q . - fm.. .- fsfwfmiftt 5 mn- . 'qiellrgsl' I ' -e ""'91114"Zi ,tr -J. Q pt V. . i?15'5' y e i A Z' "fH'.'f'f2. f - -'ESC 1 " .4712 .V ' ' i,fQ"Irvug1' ,gif . - 1 .wbfitluu ,., ' 'fem v t ,gy V , iwrfkiel 2 V232- ,ttw rf, :iv N ' 4 553+ fy V . 'ff ' , 2 . A K1 was 3 tv Jacqueline Fox Laurie Frederic "Believing is the beginning of a dream coming true." To all my friends - thanks for everything. I'll miss you. Marching Band 1234 Wind Ens. 124 John Free Live Life so you have no regrets -so live it up. Wrestling 1234 Barclay Freed "There is a land ofthe living and a land ofthe dead, and the bridge is love. The only survival and the only meaning." Robert Friest William Galbraith A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality. Good luck in the future, Ray. Karen Gallagher "Don't be angry Don't be mad Don't be sad over good times had." -Buscaglia Kati Garcia-Renart If time stops, this moment is forever, but only this and nothing else. If time flows, this moment is remembered and new experiences are allowed to occur. f .611 ., nr eta? f 4 it gtk Q, 'H ,A .,, 5'5,LQyAwjJ --.J John Garrant Soccer 1234 Wrestling 1234 . 911,51 -Steven Stills Paul Garrity "Fight the right. Whatever it makes you, thats alright, I know you can break through." -Billy Squire Band 1234 Orchestra 234 Brian Gates Be all you can. Do all you want. And never let anyone take that from you! -BG Elise Gaulin "These are the seasons of emotion - and like the winds they rise and fall." -Led Zeppelin It's graduation action 1984 Thanks to: CJ, DR, PB!!!!!! Jaci Gent " . . . The story of lUe is quicker than the wink ofan eye - The story oflove is hello and goodbye. Until we meet again . . . " Thanks Mom and Dad. I love you! Kevin Gentile "The real battle hasjust begun to claim a victory. Jesus won on a Sunday, Bloody Sunday." -U2 Benny Hill 1234 Good Evening viewers Hill Rules U2-War Kelly Gerardi "We are made wise not by the recollec- tions ofourpast, but by the responsibil- ities of our future." -GBS Thanks to Kevin, Jude, John, DY, Chris, Cheruk. Donna Gilli Deanna Gotthardt There are too many empty lives my friend, and we just can't let them waste away, for life is a precious thing, my friend, and we can't wait another day. 1 ,W ., 1 7:4 , fy 14' fi ' g ' 4645 HHOQM -gwqz' Q ' 004 , Y"YYYvrf , V one 1 V NMWVQO ' ' 5Ws'o'o"" V i,Hgo,v'f, ' nf' Wff , .f 'Y' i-Ji. A ,...-- -LJ " ' 9' "Ut Am' , ??'?U613Zi . Q .tt,ztt.M,L ' , mu , 37.123, ., W ' 1 t!fs'o'ls'o.e .f , if It A tWt'x'o'sh't ukntm ti! Alice Gerty Enjoy your life. "Times horses gallop down a lessening hill." -Richard Le Gallienne Amy Godfrey ' I 'lf 7 f . . "1 w , v 2, 3 ,. r -, ' , V' .2 4? 2,42 U ' 1 ', M K ff ' . ' 4 t. -M 'S W 'ln , 4 9 9 0' 4 f 'f 0 9 M 4 o 9 . '4 ' 1' itil' W Yi 145 1 H N! 9 U.. in o ' t 'O 1, .,: I 1 ji i ,,i,, . t O4 i V, .fi' ,gif L ' if Kathy Gierloh' If I leave here tomorrow would you still remember me? For I must be traveling now 'cause there are too many places I've got to see. -L. Skynard BOCES 123 '14ll anyone ever has is today because yesterday is gone and tomorrow never comes." -D.L. Thanks to my friends for all the great times!!! I love ya all!! Tracy Greifenberger Thanks to all my friends for turning smiles into laughter and moments into memories. Thanks SM, MS, PH, CH, and LG. ltis been fun! Bruce Grosman "It's better to burn out than fade away!" -Def Leppard Ian Gileski Thank God!!! Geraldine Golda Robert Gruden I'd like to thank Dee for all the good times we shared. I couldn't have picked a better person to share part of my life with. -Mathvi V Y Mary Beth Guerrina Jay Hadden Roger Haight Debra Halbert "The moments are temporary, but the memories will last forever. " I want to thank all my friends for mak- ing these years the best of my life. James Hall "The mark ofthe immature man is that he wants to die noblyfor a cause, while the mark ofthe mature man is that he wants to live humbly for one." -Salinger Patricia A. Hanaburgh You have guided me on my way. I need not know the path, but I am on my way. I love and thank my Mom, Dad, Grand- father, and Chris. Swimming 234 Softball 1-4 Ronald Lee Hancock Jr. NEVCF, IIEVCF, IIEVEIQ IIGVEF, n6Vef, l16V8I', never, quit! -W.C. Football 123-V: ii David Hansen With the power of soul, anything is ossiblef' -Jimi Hendrix Thanks to all my friends! We made it! Herman A. Harmelink "The wisest of men is he who has real- ized that in respect to wisdom he is really worthless. -Socrates Phil Hamish "You can't always get what you want, but ifyou try sometimes you just might find, sometimes you can . . . oh yeah!" -Jagger Julie 34 Susan Harris Thank you Mom and Dad for making my senior year a success. Ella 8: Jennine and RE and the safety pin. I love you always and Len . . . 219 Tracey Hartman "Some day we'Il find i1,' the rainbow connection. The lovers, the dreamers and me. " -Paul Williams Peter Hayes J it Henry Heissenbuttel Sarah . . . "When the mountains crumble to the sea, there will still be you ana' me. " -Led Zeppelin Football 123 Cap't 220 iii' aa., Melinda Hartmann - awiixf: vi an Thomas Hasenpflug Jayne Hayden 'And so become yourseU' because the past is just a good-bye." Special thanks to all my friends for al- ways being there, esp. Lisa, Flip, Mom and Dad. "Remember this also, and be well 771052 Wh0 C4111 I10! d0, f9l1Cl1- persuaded of its truth: Those who can not be, act. the future is not in the Music and more music 1234 hands of Fate, but in ours." -DramafDave 1234 -.lusserand-Drama Tim Hayes Timothy Heaton The Knights 4 ever. Leslie Heller 'Ana' let those that leach remember that we also learn from invisible feel- ings andfrom listening to our hearts." -Flavia Roosevelt Hockey Stat 234 an Timothy Herlihy When, in life, you are faced by seeming- ly insurmountable obstacles, just ask yourself, "1-low would the Lone Ranger have handled this?" as ,,. .1 ig V J, Leonie Hermsen lt is nice to be important, but it is mor important to be nice. YFU exchange student, band, choru drama, French Club, Internation: Club. 4 .t .s Bryan Higgins Patricia Higham To all my friends who caredg a real friend is someone who waits in when the rest of the world walks out. Thanks for being there, esp. Mike White. HN annv1l""' Corie Hoffman "Winter spring summer or fall, all you 've got to do is call, and I'll be there. You 've got afriend. " -CK All my love to Erik. Thanks Amy G. ,-Q1-r S Jeff Holden "Many dreams come true and some have silver linings. I livefor my dream and a pocket full of gold." -Led Zeppelin hiv 5 1 as-3,7 A Chris Holland Steve Horiuchi "We know what we are, but know not "Give yourseU' to a lie of extremes. what we may be." -Hamlet You're into the action its part ofyour Kampers 34 Football 34? dream. But when the door lies open Student Gov't 4 Crew 3 RF 234 throw coins in the well. "-Billy Squier Dallas Cowboys 1234 . . . t QA W' X , Q 9. .1 . t, y ,.,, ty 2 A gig- ,Qt A 1 iz , Q .. 7 W- Z J fr 2 'Maul 'I " r-di C? ,. '4 4 'J-, tw t 41,5 K., I Wi X . '4 ,V L W 2 falls' . 'iCA,tyfv,,! I I 'Z 'A .. 7 Ldlw ,.', 1 Shira Horowitz "To dream the impossible dream . . . to reach the unreachable star. . . This is my quest, tofollow that star, no matter how hopeless, no matter how far." -Man of LaMancha Derrick Horton Darren Horvath I leave my love to a very special girl. - Maria, thanks for making the trip worthwhile. Football 123 Basketball 1234 Jeff Howard Follow your heart and live for your dreams. Let love show you the way to eternal happiness. Orchestra 1234 String Ensemble 1234 Timothy Hsieh "Often a certain abdication of prudence andforesight is an element ofsuccess. " -Ralph Waldo Emerson 22l Edward Hubbert John Hughes Cathy Hurley A special thanks to Tara, Holly, Audra, and Ange for being there to help me through my school years. Mom, Dad, and Cindy, I can't believe I made it. Darrell Hynes "Thank God I'm a country boy! -John Denver Anthony J. Iasbarrone 'All the worlds indeed a stage and we are merely players, performers and portrayers. " iRUSl-I Wrestling i234 Lorraine Innes I have had the best of times in this school. I am leaving here with many memories to keep. I thank Rita Meville, Shawn Baker, and all my other good friends. X ri .,., t A ' , 'fl I. 'F V' 'v ,sr Grace Isernia Special thanks to all my best friends, VC, MN, RB, JB, and US, who are graduating this year. Brnay Ann Jaeger ,As I head on out, I close the door be- hind me, but never locking out thoughts ofmyfriends whom I love dearly. I love you all and l'll miss you. 222 Suzanne Jankovics Christine Jans "Got a picture in my mind ofthe way I wanna be, so l'll search until lfind the power inside of me." ,,,,Zf,4 1 53, 1 ., , ,. . l' V . V' 1 M1111 1"1.Lg-1i.a.m2.La:a,,. Kurt Johnson sf - A ' .3 Leonard E Johnson II Lisa Jones Mark Joray "1 shan't be gone long . . . I shan't be gone long- You come too." -Robert Frost "I love you just the way you are," -Billy Joel It was tough, baby, Sheri Keith Eric Keller but we MADE it! la . , - S. I 1 . ' 4 i- fr if . "Ri ! eggs! 2 . K - 1 ' , VA Q- I Q: 4 f f ' '. 6555. .5 -Q K 1 , ifiif A 1 ,, ' , ,I ,,5 , 4.5! -Q1 f F45 . , I i be "xg ' if ,E ,tm . L g. wifi' . I , -IV? ll'ix-T215 g 2 x Q ' A 1 Ks ' ,fen g v xr 3- ,. -lf ' 1 .f , . i-.fs- fl ' if 2 ,.,. t Barbara Kablesh Many thanks to April, Jonni, and all my close friends who gave me great memo- ries to leave with. Special thanks to Mom and Dad- I love you. -Genesis lives! My -'ffl M We ad Q Karen Karpinski "l'rn 0.K. lfnally found the person I 've been looking for. I 'm alright, I 'm feeling good about myseM " -Styx Ko- lega - DS, DN, GM 8L JA CIE COCHAM -Steve K. Chris- "Just you and I, sharing our love together, and I know in time, we'll build the dreams we treasure, then we'll be alright,jusl you and I." -E.R. and C.G. Mike Kaake "Ifyou feel that you can't go on, Just believe and you can't go wrong. In the light you will find the road." -Led Zeppelin Dale Kane Chris Kapogiannis 5,2 'Ask Dad he knows!" -Frank Capra 1939 'P-toys" 3' Chris Kelly "Learn how to give . . . Learn how to live before its too late." -Billy Squier To Renee, love you always. Thanks ev- eryone. Band 1234 Orchestra 234 223 Patrick Kelly Without dreams-there is no need to work Without work-there is no need to dream, Wrestling 1-4 co-capt fri. 3- ,.. ...QQ ,,,l, i F ? ,V , - I . Vv 4:,,: , Richard King Craig Klein "So little done, so much to do. "-Cecil Rhodes 224 iff, Christine Kelton James C. Kerr Matt Kerzner "Resolve to perform what you ought. "Toothless people don't try to smile,' Perform withoutfail whatyou resolve. " people on crutches don't run a mile. " -B. Franklin -FTR Orch. 1234 String Ens. 4 Drama 34 ln- Atomic dog lives on. ternational Club 34 Take it easy. Keep rapping. Jonni Kirkpatrick Memories are beautU'u1. They make you laugh and cry. They bring back all the yesterdays that quickly passed you by. -JK Cosmetology 34 ogg! David Klaproth Although the days have passed the memories will remain forever what ap- pears to be the end may really be a new beginning. H Debra Klopfenstein Bruce Knechtel 3 Stephen Kochanowski Latersville to all my friends Long live rock. Dawn Kocot "Little dreamer" -Van Halen "Runnin' with the devil" -VH Special thanks to: DK, JM, LS, SA, LA, DA for making each day brighter. 70 Chevelle Penny Koopman I leave the past behind, and with hands outstretched to whatever lies ahead, I go straight for the goal. Soccer 2 Color Guard 34 l , l Marc Kossmann There is a tide in the ajfairs of men, which taken at the flood leads on to fortune: omitted, all the voyage oftheir life is bound in shallows and miseries -WS Mary Kopczak "When the world is running down, you make the best of whats still around." -G.S. Special thanks to Steve, Jonna, and es- pecially JS. Debra Kornbrek Q. ,ji ' M 5- ., X i Y' Q 2 sw. . 3, t'.' Terri Kotes Lars Kronheim "We grow neither better nor worse as we Wrestling 1234 grow old, but more like ourselves" -Becker Sometimes you have just got to say . . . hey Kar I Rita Krueger '24 foot and light-hearted I take to the open road,' healthy, free, the world be- fore me,' the long brown path leading me wherever I choose." -Whitman MB l-4 Sue Krumm Happiness is . .. a hug! All my thanx and love: Pat, Donald, D, Jon, Steve, Roger, Chris, Cathi, Val, Bren, Char, and Heather. Love ya all. Good luck Colette. Janine LaGreca The little cares thatfretted me -I lost them yesterday. The foolish fears of what may happen -I lost them all away. -E.B. Browning Hey cuz, all my love . . . Judy Lakatos "Nothing great was ever achieved with out enthusiasm." -Emerson 225 Lori Landolfa . . For the best is bought only at the cos! of great pain . . . Or so says the legend." -Colleen McCullough ka . e-Fav 1 'IgE E trrfavsikfsb' l h.-3,M"" . Susan Landriau I 5 Karen Lang Looks like we made it! Thanks to all, lots of luck. Special thanks to TB, MI GBQ I couldn't have done it without you. .hm 1. . ' ltllieillllea . ' A Michele Lang When you love someone, hold on to that someone 8L go through life with a smile. To the class of '84, I luv you all!!! Melinda Langenau "The days go by like a strand in the wind, in web of myseUI begin again." -S. Nicks Steven, remember those trucking times. Love ya. Christopher Larson "In the days of my youth I was told what it means to be a man. Now l've reached that age. Try to do all those things the best 1 can. " -Led Zeppelin I love you Michael . . . Meg Laurendeau You don't have to shoot to be noticed. -"1 think I'll dye my hair blue." -Missing Persons Anne Lehmkuhl The future is uncertain to allg leaving a challenge ahead for everyone. Thanks guys! Hey Lis' Volleyball 1234 Cap't WinterfSpring Track 1234 Caplt 226 Jane Lenard Swimming I2 Marching Band 34 Orchestra l-4 Area all state 34 Jazz Band 34 Wind Ens. 4 Antonietta Leone Dad, Mom, Danny, Amy, Sam, Ellen, Patty, and Debbie thanks for all the good times. WR Carlo Letizia "The bus came by and I got on. That's when it all began. Cowboy Neil was at the wheel' of the bus to never never land." Yvonne Leuzinger Dawn Lewis Thanks to MP, DB, the RS, the Box, my truck, and even the guy outside for whatever. I love you all. fEven the box.J Tina Lewis Meredith Lidstone I 3 : t i. l ff-9"' Kim Lindmark Lisa Linke I want to thank my family and friends, especially my boyfriend who has helped me through the terrible age of 17. I love you! Just you and I! l Jeannine Liu "One ofthe most beautyul qualities of a true friendship is to understand and to be understood." -L.S. Marching Band 234 Winter Guard 234 Captain 4 Mark Livingston "Its so hard to be unkind, so easy just to say that everything is just the way it seems . . . " -Tom Scholz Crew 234 Clara Lopera I made lots of friends, now I have to go away, but all my good memories will stay. . . and I love you! Gracias Papi y Mami, and everybody. Chorus, Drama, Int Cl Rich Lotze "I don 't need nobody to tell me the rea- son why. lfl love only you I know I'll be satisfied" -Bad Co. Break a leg! Soccer l23 l love you, Kath Corinne Luckfield "One night will remind you how we touched and went our separate ways." -Journey To all my friends, thanks and Good luck. 227 Diane Ludwig Thanks Mom 8: Dad Poobah 8a Diane always Q . " - . las ,f 4 .f ii I ' " Catherine Macek Gina Magurno The present is only a flick of an eyelash before it becomes the past. Thanks Mom, Dad, Christine, KK, LH, AC, DS, DN, And everyone else. Guard 34 Go 4 228 Erin Lupul "1 finally see lhe dawn arrivinf I see beyond the road l'm drivin', far away and left behind." -Boston Cheerleading l Track 123 Bill Mack Thomas Lutz 'Ad maiorem dei gloriamf' -St. Ignatius "Reason in man is rather like God in the world." -St. Thomas Aquinas "Live each day to thefullest. Dare to be diferent fi to follow your own star," -AM Chorus 1234 Dave 1234 International Club 1234 ,,,....,.:q Susan Mainwaring The moments are temporary, but the memories are forever! Thanks everyone! Linda Mangelsdorf Friendship is like a sunrise, some days brighter than the rest, giving hope and always endless. It is beauty at its best. Colorguard 234 Winterguard 234 Tracie Ann MacDonald . . come hold me close as near as you can. Believe in all that we could be and all that we have been and all that we could be." -Genesis TS Elaine Magill Michele Manning I would like to thank my friends. Friends are forever. Special thanks to my Mom, family, and KM. I wouldn't have made it without them. ,-NH Kelly Marchant Pink Floyd forever. . .Special thanks to KG, DU, and PM. You are mine JD! I did it Mom! mi Dawn Marone "So you can get on with your search and I can get on with mine, and maybe someday we will find that it wasn't really wasted time." -D. Henley I love ya Dave! Cindy Marsh "True friendship is like sound health: the value ofit is seldom known until it be lost." -Charles Calbe Colton Hey Guys!!! -A Yrzv .. Q ' 44 Ralph Martin x W 'I X , e . ' Q, " ' "-' J, ' ,X m .1 in is , , L s L L 9 Ki " +2 .oil - - 5 .L :P , Jyff . k J? , .ig S 1. -, f . P 1-is ' Steven Martello Judi Marvin Elena Mastellone "Despise not any man, and do not spurn anything. For there is no man that hath not his houn nor is there anything that hath not its place." -RBA Orch Drama 234 I want to thank all my friends for always being there, especially Kelly. Love ya! Vince Mastropaolo Yearbook 1234 Kim Mayen Let the good times live forever. Thanks VC., M.N., L.S. for making them the best! Steven Maserjian "Don't let me hear you say lifes taking you nowhere." -Bowie Brian McBrearty 'And then one day you find Ten years have gone behind you. No one told you when to rung You missed the starting gun," "Time" -Pink Floyd 229 Margaret K. McCarley The only thing I don't like about being alone is not having anyone to share it with. ,,.,--4' Peter McCourt Ellen Patricia McGann "In this promised land, jire burnin' in our hands, the choice is ours to make. Realize your fantasy: you live the dream with every step you lake." -Journey 230 ,W . Bill McCluskey "LU'e is like an open bookp all you have to do is read il." -Wild Bill Kari McConnell Days like these arejust a test ofour will. Will we walk or will we fall? Well, I can almost see the top of the hill, and I be- -sci? Rebecca R. McCord Love ya TC, CC, LY SN, thanks! Falcons 12 Criterians 34 Ski Club 1234 lieve it's worth it all. md Kelly A. McCoy "We satisfy our endless needs, justify our bloody deeds, in the name ofdesti- ny." -Henley Thanks Mom and Dad Cheerleading 1234 Mark and Kelly Steven McDonald When the blind man takes your hand says a'on't you see? Gotta make it some- how on the dreams you still believe. Don't Give It Up -GD Bonnie McGill Laura McGilvray Thanks to my friends, especially J.T., A.D., and E.R., for all the great times. Tina McKenna "The gold of friendship is a magic thing. The more we spend it on each otheh the richer we become. " -Unknown Much love to all of my friends. - P K- .Q Rm. . 4 N am i xx 6 x Y Y X ' Wear.. if 3' . 55335-L all, ' ' 3 "" Riga-ffilfifi ' -' fo. - 0-1,1-za N:-f - ,- - X X xx Todd McKenzie Joseph McPhee "When you're one ofthefew to land on yourfeet, what do you do to make ends meet?" -Floyd "Long live rockn -The Who Thanks people! You made it bearable. Sabrina Mejias The value of our friendships and memo- ries will never decrease. Thanks for sharing! My love to Mom, Dad, L., Y., CM., M.W. Soccer 234 William McRitchie f Andy Medla "You will see light in the darknessg you will make some sense of this . . . " -The Police Kampers 34 Wrestling 1234 Soccer l23? gp.,- Karen Meurs Richard Meyers To share with a friend is to see twice the beauty. Sometimes you have just got to say . . . Hey Ter Q f ' X- ' 5 n f 'E . , Kathryn Meyerson "Music is the literature of the heartf it commences where speech ends. "-A de Lamartive Orch. and Wind En. 1-4 Marching Band 2-4 Drum Major 4 Darlene Miles "No love, no friendship can ever cross our path without ajfecting us in some way forever. " -Eric Fromme Tennis 1-4 Ski Club Basketball l-4 Softball l-4 Edward Milhaven "You are a child ofthe universe, no less than the trees and the starsg whatever or not it is clear to youg the universe is unfolding as it should." -Anon. , -. , .1 J. Richard Millard 23 l Nell Miller Lay down on the ground, and feel Gods love surround you - telling you the danger s past you need not fear the icy blast again Genesis Q X 33,32 1 .'.. f 11 '41, Starr Modlin "There'll come a time, when the world won't be singin',' flowers won't grow, bells won't be ringin'. . . let live every- body . . . " MG Dawn Mills Carlos Mina Dawn Miranda "Itain'toverti11itlvoven"-YogiBerra "Don't know why lifes hard on us Winter Track 234 'cause we sure do try. Forget your cares Spring Track 34 CVS 34 and worries. You know that well get Club 17 34 Arlingtonian 4 by. " -L.R.B. W ..dQf. ..f ' A ' .gy fi, ,ggi -. -. . - "f x 4: 5 N .- V . - liz: ,.., T 5 v ' A' 5 X. 5 N Q Q Angela Montegari "Here I stand- at this space in time. Future a breath away, past just a breath behind. " -Kevin Nance DQ- Don't wreck the place!!! Kurt Moore "The man who doesn't make mistakes usually doesn't make anything. " -Ed- ward Pheips William Moriarty -We're flirtin' with disaster- Football 1234 Crew 1234 . . . Keep Rowin' Goin' lt's been great guys 232 Tonia Morse All the miles ofa hard road Are Worth A Moment of True Happiness. -Yearbook Photography CVS Program I Did It Dad! Love You! Kathleen Morton Being short is often wonderful. Some- day I'l1 be tall. Thanks Jimmy for being there! To ALL MY Friends, Stay Cool! Softball 3 Tennis 123 Bernadette Mosher I am closing the doors behind me, but I am taking many happy memories with me. Love ya all. Andrea Most "Ifthey give you ruled paper, write the other way." -TKW Marching Band 1-4 Drama Club 234 Mary Muessle "I'm finally out in the clear, and I'm free. I've got dreams I'm livingfor, l'm moving on, rolling on to anywhere." -Journey Thanx all! Remember the roses!!! -my Dawn Mulford Thanks to all my friends who have made my years at Arlington Crazy as ever! We Made lt! yea! Special thanks to my parents and Mike. Softball 3 Patricia Mulligan "Wake up, this is the time you 've wait- ed for." -Genesis 'And I will say to you. I will do what I can do." -Gabriel Hey you loonies, Thanks! a fsh 808 -fab is t . N s s. .lx .. K I . V v. .,, as . X. 1 i fr., mg. if" fx ,f M, .r 5 of ....... T Lawrence Munger Edward Murray Randal Born To Be Wild! Beth Neilson Frederick Nero Thanks to all my friends. Thanks Mr. Y and Mr T. Be cool EV Swimming 123 Diane Nesheiwat The best moments of my life were spent here with my friends. Those memories will never die. Thankx for all the good times: KK KG KW GM HR LA. Luv Ya - DY S Murray Michael Nesheiwat 233 'ff-it. Q 3 i Alfred Neubauer -it ,my 5 av Rita Neville Love is like a butterflyg it goes where it pleases and pleases where it goes. Thanks Debbie and Lorraine and all my close friends for the memories 8L love. Russell Nichols Always look to the future, never in the past. Mistakes made in the past cannot be changedg your future can always be worked on. Football 1234 Wrestling 1234 Michele Niver Remember yesterday, Dream about tomorrow Live today. Keep smiling! Thanks for all of th memories. BOCES: OPXWP Patrick Nolan Justin North Mary Nouhan Mary Nuccio Joe Nugent Sunita Oak Rebecca Oakley Some hang on to "used-to-be," Someday your dreams will come true, Live their lives looking behind If you believe in what you do. All we have is here and nowg All our life, out there to find. Cosmetology 34 Robert 0'Rourke '24 man must break his back to earn his day of leisure," -R McCartney, J. Lennon Football 1234 Basketball 1234 Kelly 0'Connor "True happiness consists not in the mullitude offriends, but in the worth and choice." -Ben Johnson WE MADE IT AGGIE POO! BYE 1.31- frm, I X X ' , Christine O'Dell Memories of my friends are special, The times we have shared, and the times you have cared will be in my heart, RN, LI, SK, BD. ALL! Michael 0'Hearn . 4 Mary Beth 0'Neill The memories will never die, neither will the moments that my friends and I have shared. Thanks Mom and Dad. Best of luck to all my special friends. . , W, N Y .,., I ..1': y af.'J- " 'N Yi.. .. - . . ' I , . If .'::.:,- I . Y - Ju . . Q 4 93, ' rg: " ,, ,fn-nv.. , ' .' 'Wai ' n 4 4 , , . H P39 . , ,J -or 'gg' 4 4 H 1 Mlflul, ' rv -...M 1 I ,Qu "'Y?vvvv v ' 1 nt 0 010, M' , 4 1 5 I k.., H, V Vg . WGQZQM 1' .. l4'gpgS,?sOH ' '- A 1 lun 9, 3 ' ' t' .. ' ff . .- ,muff ,' i1'.T.::,L-I-...,, 5, D . -.. , , ,za ' . 4. iewlgz.. , .1 , instant. -V 4 449654.-:N-N .V 'fs if-l Y 33 lvszaveclv I .xg , gain . I x It.l"?3'5'isf"' Z ' F ti-2 .. ',1.fu.'.v ' ,A V- .1 . r' 4 t . 1? '5s,f.i,f Q5 . F 5433" ' ' Q M' " fl 2 .. Theresa 0'Keefe For all your time and support it is now my turn to say "Thank you Mom and Dad." I love you both. J I lg i ,pw , 4 r 42 , f Q, , 4 'sf 4 ' - fs--.f . B. Me.. ----aa. Q:- John 0'Donnell 'L4ll you touch and all you see is all your 1U'e will ever be." -Pink Floyd Michael Olheiser What may appear to be the end, Is really a new beginning. Jeanna Orosz Stacey Orr 'Stand in the sun. Shut your eyes and feel the world. its changing every day. Theres so much Ifeel that I can never say." "DDIBI"-Genesis Mary Ottaway 'And how the silence surged softly backward, when the plunging hoofs were gone." 4Walter De La Mare 235 Sarah Ottaway "Music, when the soft voices die, vi- brates in the memory" -Shelley Tracy Palumbo "Goodbye to romance, goodbye to friends, goodbye to all the past. Iguess Sonja Paetzold "My lU'e is free now, my life is clear, I love you sweet leaf- though you can't hear." -Black Sabbath Thanks to Ray and all my Friends! that we'l1 meet- we'1l meet in the end. " -Ozzy To S.R. I leave you my heart! John Passarelli The future is but a question mark: it hangs above my head there, in the dark. Football 1234 Baseball 1234 Thanks Mom and Dad. 236 John Paldino Wow I made it. It's over but not forgot- ten. Thanks to S.H., D.D., TB., A.C., PC. To Patti, I will never forget our year together. It was special to me . . . Q 9 Q . .QS Leah Palmer "You just call out my name and you know wherever I am I'll come running, to see you again." -CK Track 134 Football Mgr. Basketball lBenchJ3 -.51 1 Jon Papineau Lisa Parrotte "Be There" "How can I tell what I think, till I see Baseball 1234 what 1 say?" -Em Foster swf' j X 'Y ,f-W if . Karen Passarelli Raymond Patierno Michael Patynski f'l'Iold onto dreams of the past 84 they will become realities of the future." Thanks all- esp. .IWM for the beauti- ful memoriesg I love you all! Volleyball 1-4 Cap't, T Michael Paul Renee Pelland "In dreams and love there are no impos- sibilities. " -Arany Thank you Chris for all your love and understanding. W.E. 1234 Orch. 1234 M.B. 1234 Jill Petersen The poorest of all men is not the man without a centp it is the man without a dream. -Anonymous Chorus 123 Cheerleading 1234 Michael Petty Thank God 1 made it! Long live Mr. Murphy. Winter Track 1234 Spring Track 1234 400 Meter Relay Rock! Ron Peterson Thanks Ma and Pa for everything you have done. Terry's adopted kid! Cross Country 1234 Basketball 12 Winter Track 234 Spring Track 1234 Jon Perkins Chris Peterson ,QR-" "Don't fear tomorrow Zebra lSee 1 can hit the roofb Marching Band 1234 Wind Ens. 1234 Hey Adam, wheres your Jacket" Joe Petrosky "Better to be thought ofas afool and be silent than to speak out and prove it." -The Hammer 79466 Football 1234 Wrestling 1234 Marc Pfeifer Andrew Phillips Daniel Pietrafesa Arthur Poley Whatever appears to be the end, may really be a new beginning. Atari ffl 32 2 eT. Li iw' lie Ken Pomilla sw-, Janine Privratsky "In the time we spent together many words have passed between, and the feelings that we shared are all behind us now," -Kansas Data Processing 34 x Michael Quattrociocchi John Quist Mark Raisch 238 Michele Ann Rauschenbach Walk beside me - be my friends. Dance with me A to understand. Love's been cherished - has been shared. Memories held on to 4 of all who've cared. Good Luck!!! Amy Provenzano Chris Ragonese "So, you thought I was a tabula rasa. No- my colors are as profuse and bleeding as yours, and my nails as long." -Jesse Salter James Brett Rawls Chris Reilly "Shes a moonchild, gathering the jlow- ers in the garden. Lovely moonchild, drifting on the echoes of the hours!" -King Crimson Turn dreams to reality! 564 -4---pf Christine Renaud "IfI leave here tomorrow will you still remember me? Cause I'm as free as a bird now and theres so many places I've got to see." -Lynyrd Skynyrd Raymond Ressler f t . , e 5 I X ' uf ,5 l , fl i I V 1 - .151-ii , 4, :,,,,i, .2 ' Scott Richards "I adore lU'e but Idon'tfear death . . . I prefer to die as late as possible." -George Simeon Wrestling 1 Swimming 2 DAVE 1234 1-ff' Heather Rings "The happiest people seem to be those who have no particular causefor being happy except that they are so. " -William Ralph Inge Jim Rigg "Times were fun, but never would have been without my friends." -Jim Rigg Steve Reuter Lisa, we had a lot of good times together that I'll never forget and I hope we have many more. I'll love you always. ,Sis L g I f ,,., , g Nap? Randy Reynolds "Though lknow I'll never lose afection for people di things that went before, I know 1'1l often stop :ft think about them, I love you more." -Beatles. Smile, John!! Eileen Ringel A best friend is the most important thing in the world. Cherish friendship in your heart. Thanks to my friends, especially HR, LM, KP, BL, KL, TB. Khristopher Robinson Brian Rogers Sharon Rogers "He will make the darkness bright be- fore them and straighten out the road ahead." Isaiah 42:16 239 fi ta . , 4 ez K 1 , 'k ,E 5 Alfio Romano Dave Rosenfeld "My, my, hey, hey, rock and roll is here to stay. " -Neil Young Stacy Rosenfeld "May the wonderful memories you have ofthe past make this day a happy event . . . May the wonderfulyears that still lie ahead, be the best years ever Kevin Roth Shannon Roth "l hurry through my IU'e never stopping to see how beautiful it was meant to be." 4Styx spent." Brian Rothstein George Rugar "Its a long road I got to stay in time with, I got to keep on chasing that dream though I may never find it." -Boston Sidney Russell Scott Sager I would like to thank everyone who made the last four years a memory l'll never forget. Thanks PK, BS, LM, DW, TD, EW, and BC. Matthew Sakkas Darlene Salvatore You're nothin, without your friends They'll be with you till the bitter end Luv ya BG. Renee Sampson I can't forget it all in just one day. Take some time to speak your mind, but say it's not over. Thanks Mom 8L Dad for always being there. Pete I love you! i x Gina Santiamo Todd Santoro Anne Saylor Thanks Mom and Dad for all your guid- ance and support. I love you! Also . . . Thanks Joe for showing me love, life, and happiness. Love always Kim Seaman A img, 1 Qltvlvlaai 4 .F Jon Scannell "Hes, there are two paths you can go by, bu! in the long run theres still time to change the road y0u're on. "-Led Zep- pelin Ski! It was fun BR, MJ, Patti Y-Z! v sf: y 51: V, :-. ii' " ' 5:-1 V- 'Z 'l grgvigpzin g M mY - 11 tl "ns"-tQ,',' ' ' 1 'ee-li. , aww. .V gy qp . , , A . A ?,fi0b'Q- fu 5 ' tk M155 13. l Ja, f'g Yang. - ' if - .. 2' .v--f+.,:,r., 'A 4, 1 134 ' I 1 -A . 1- x Q , it -5 ' 41 4- .9 S 1'.'rizl'w,"?e Q ,au f lf 0 v + 2 L 4 .-, , nam, .w-V, -. . , I ' l .-f-J-zilis , ..., .. .,,. . . A. N"v's" vff fy f i,vt,.,.,N wx: J : if -2 ,us ' wax. , x QS' ,u .wg , '-.- - ,Z bb ,.fA. a iv - Denise Schoonmaker "The woods are lovely, dark and deep, but I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep and miles to go before I sleep." -Robert Frost MJJ 34 Q Q' xv , tg - :A s -' -. -11:14 ..s,. ' Sift-S' ' ,..4 ' A' ew WVWH t1t'-- tai? Robert Schrull "Believing is the beginning ofa dream coming true," Love to all who've made my years fabulous! Drama 34 Chorus 1234 Hamilton 4! Cheerleading 123 Stu. Gov't 34 Robert Secor Peter Seigh Lisa Sforza "What appears to be the end may really "Lay back and groove on a rainy day." "Until we meet agin . . . " -Hendrix be a new beginning." -Jimi Hendrix Ed-The best is yet to come! Love ya Lisa forever. Ken-Never forget! Mom and Dad- I love you! The Best of Times . . . 241 Mike Shaughnessy Maureen Shaw "You must blaze a trail of your own, unknown, alone. But keep in mind, don't live todayfor tomorrow like you were immortal. "-Genesis ill Jobe 234 '84-Go for it! .q5"N"1 Adam Sigler "The chase is on, the pace is hot,' but l'm running so very hard with every- thing that I've got." -Genesis The colony of slipper men. Af' Shanon Slocum Charles Smith 242 Paul Sherman "I see my future at the rainbows end Happy hours . . . Timeless friends" -Squier Football 124 Track 234 "Thanks', Brian Silkworth Maria Siegel "If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it was meant to be." I love you, Darren. All my love to my friends, especially Beth 8: Lisa. Q Richard Sleight "Never do today what you can put off till tomorrow." -Matthew Browne Crew 1234 Lisa Smith "To livefully is to livefreely. . . to take each a'ay and make it all your own." -Anne Parker Yearbook 34 Spanish 34 Ski 1234 Sherri Smith The most wasted day of all is that in which one has not laughed. Jean Solis "To know is nothing at all: to imagine is everything. " -A. France "It's a Cinderella story . . . " Wind Ensemble 1234 Cheerleading 134 Warren Springer Peter Soltysiak "Hang 'em high." -Van Halen x . ,sr Paul Spatafora "Sometimes the lights are shining on me,' other times I can barely see. Lately it occurs to me, what a long strange trip its been. " -The Grateful Dead it Vicky Spyrou "The language offriendship is not the words, but the meaning." -Thoreau Thank you to all my friends for the great memories. 'PW' -s Q an ,,,f4 In W ane Matt Stanton Gregory Starzyk Life in the fast lane with my '71 Plym- outh 440 Roadrunner, and Lisa B, Kiev? -Proverb 17, 17 Penny- I.I.'I1M. Jonna Spilbor "We made it,' you and I." -E.R, and C.G. Joe and Jonna 234 Be good Donna! sl 1 Michele St.Onge "He who is afriend is always afriend, " Drama 2 Color Guard 34 Susan Steier You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it true. , . . You may have to workfor it howev- en" -Richard Bach Andrea Stern "To be what we are, and to become what we are capable ofbecoming is the only ena' in life." -RLS 243 axis: -, , "rf .3 ' L -, ... 2 tg J odi-Ann Storms Kathryn Stuebner KM?- 3 Sharlene Sullivan The time has come for me to set myself free, for that is the way that it must be,l know that it hurts to say goodbye. But il's TIME FOR ME TO FLY Var. Gym- nas. 244 L . Jeff Stringer To all you upcoming Seniors-The years of high school are coming to an end, make sure you make it through your last year, and work on your career goals. x Laura Sundberg l will never forget the Wonderful times, or my friends. I love ya John. Softball 123 Shelly Strydio "So many worlds, so much to do so little done, such things to be. " -Alfred Lord Tennyson Anchors 34 Marist 4 Susan Studer "What lies behinds us and what lies before us are only tiny matters com- pared to what lies within us." -TCM Q12 Q w if ' V It 1,o: Robert Sturans X ivy Darrin Sullivan James Super Kelly Surico "I've got to be where my spirit can run free- 1've got to jind my corner ofthe sky," -Pippin My love and thanks to all my friends. Take care, be cool. Kelly Sweet Speak kind words and you will hear kind echoes. Spring Track 1234 l'Wn1er Track 234 Cross Country 34 Butch Terminello Nancy Tighe "Its been such a long time, I think I should be going, time doesn't wait for me, it keeps on rolling." -Boston Victoria Szule Q ' Pete Thompson Teresa Taubl Look now, look all around! There's no sign of life. Voices, another sound. Can you hear me now? Thanks to: SM BS MK JK KW TH RL -Love lasts a life- time! Wefre not looking for trouble, just for some fun. Thomas Tobin Toni Tompkins "Fate makes our relatives, choice makes our friends. " -Jacques Delille meg? 'ff ,, . Jacqueline Taurence "1fyou can imagine il, you can achieve il. Ifyou can dream it, you can become it." -WAW I love ya class of '84l Basketball l Crew 34 Stephen Tice Barry Traficante 245 ga . as Q. -21 Steve Triola Thanks for giving me special memories to remember you all by. I'll never forget them. Good luck to all '84 graduates of Ar- lington. Kevin Tupper Ralph Umhoefer Eileen Unterberger "Your goals have become higher -so Music keeps me going!!! Success isn't what you want, it's enjoy have the stakes. But wear a smile and Symp. Band 123 Wind Ens. 4 ing what you have. feel the change it makes." -Becki 8: Marching Band 234 Tennis 1234 Softball 1234 Brian. Jazz Ens. 12 Jazz Machine 34 Happiness gl thanks to Mom 8c Dad Byebye Becbecbeckiiiiiiii Soccer 1234 Cathy VanCoughnett Thomas Usher James VanBramer f ! N235 "mf 1 -.,. fa.-1.1-,,:f.:-,?S" iv ,. , 1- ' , -'Relax-'ei ,. . ff, - . , Damon Van Demark "But ll was a gift. " -MR "Jolly good" -John Cleese Activities various and sundry l-4 246 "I will make it afelony to drink small beers. " -Jack Dale Hockey 1234 Jonna VanWagenen "Il matters nor what you are thought to be, But what you are . . . " -Syrus Cheerleading 234 Hold on tight to your dreams and keep reaching for the stars. Thanks Mom and Dad, I love you! "Turn around bright eyes." -BT X ., Shawn VanWagner Edmund Varas . , his Meegan Lee Veeder The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams, Dave 1234 David Wallace Shantell Walters Tim Watson "For in my opinion, there was never a good war or a bad peace." -Benjamin Franklin K' and l Mark Virtanen Eric Vogel Susan E. Ward 'Always leave them laughing when you say goodbye." -Cohan I .. Becki Way Kimberly Wazewskl Life will take us different ways But if the highway ever sways So that our paths do cross again I'll hold you tight and call you friend. wg,-J! af wwf? wi x 1 Mark Weber Stuart Weiss Kelly Welsh Live it up!!! "Education U. . . hanging around until 'LTO live your live in your own way. . .to Thanks JG you've caught on." -Frost reach for the goals you have set for Varsity Spring Track 1234 yourself. . . to be the you that you want Varsity Winter Track 234 to be . . . that is successf, Varsity Cross Country 234 Kim Werber "lt's you -N- me against the world." Thanks Mom and Dad for everything. I love you. Kent White Scott White Thanks for all the good times. "l listen to the wind, to the wind ofmy Good luck in the future. soul. Where l'll end up, well, I think only Goa' really knows. " -Cat Stevens Football 12 Colette Werskey "Don't ever try to go there- Its to dream of not to find. Lovely things like that are always mostly in your mind. " -CC I love ya Duck!!! D.E C.W. 4:32 Football 1 Eric Wietsma "Be kind and compassionate to one an- other, forgiving each other, just as in Christ Godforgave you." -Ephesians Lisa Wenzel Love isfulfilling, but with it comes re- sponsibility, commitment and under- standing. Thanks to all my friends for making my school years memorbale. Edward Whalen i H r 4 . . I t I Richard Willey "Make no little plans: they have no power to stir mens blood." -Daniel Hudson Burnham J acquelyn Wilson -Q Christine Wynant Jeffrey Yin "Show that you know this only: never too tall to get what you desireg never to fall into what you would avoid." -Epictetus . ., st ., 4 K .ar Q .' 1 sf assi ff-. it A-mb, . :zz-.rx Terri Wisseman Vickie Wohl "The world is a comedy to those that think and zz tragedy to those thatfeelf' -Horace Walpole Agnes Yando Believing is the beginning of a dream coming true. String Ensemble 1-4 French Club 4 lnt'l Club 4 Thanks Mongo and Sue for everything! Love yai. Jeh' Zanchelli "Got no time to spend and weep the time has come to be gone . . . We have to ramble on. " -Led Zeppelin Geraldine Zang Grateful thanks go to my family, teach- ers, and friends for making my high school years memorable! Also, much love goes to Diane, Galletta, and Karen. Wayne Woodbrey Dropkick me, Jesus, through the goal- posts of life. Football 1234 Wrestling 1234 Q 51 Isil Yasar films., Michelle Zatezalo Believe in yourself, your friends, the ones you love, and you'll find success in everything you do, Thanks for the good times. BOCES l2 249 Q. '31 ' fe' Q Pete Zimmerman Keith Zimmermann Only go around once, "I 've gotta keep on chasing a dream. Gotta quench that thrist, I've gotta do it my way." -Boston Gotta grab that gusto, JB-n-SD Football 234 Gotta get there ,Hrst. Soccer 1234 250 if Course Richard Amorosi Brian Anderson Christopher Andrews Maria Arribas Hirak Band Marybeth Baright Frances Boccard Laura Bonk Thomas Braun Todd Bray Curtis Brown Carrie Castella Kathleen Cioffi B. Thomas Clark David Cline Matthew Craven David DeBellis Jean DeSaulles Laura Donohue Brenda Douglas Michael Eastwood Matthew Ellmore Nicholas Evangelista Kim DiMetr0 "It is only with the heart that one can see what is invisible to the eye." -Antoine de Saint Exupery Deborah Faribairn Eileen Finnegan James Forman Gallagher Harold Laura Garlepp Stephen Garrepy Sonya Goodbar Ed Gormon Matthew Gover Kim Hutchings Susan Inglis Cara Jackson Paul Jaggi Matthew Jones Peter Klein Heidi Kling Robert LaBarge Tracey Lanthier Roy Lucas Patricia McGill Ella McGourty Alan McLean Loretta Mercer Scott Misner Starlene Morgan Joseph Moschetto William Moschetto Patrick Myers William Mygan Jeff North Keith Pendergast Joseph Phillips Matthew Quinlan Eric Relyea Karen Rotella Mark Roth John Ruedebusch Patrick Ruffell Catherine Sambuco Michael Shea Maureen Smyth Edward Steeprock Brian Sullivan Philip Thurst Tracey VanWagner Ah, gg' W7 4' I Vs X -, A Q ,F li f Xxx W M I ' , W 1, V W .k,. 5 " "" ' Eff' 'A' N 3 A .gain-gin' X' ,,A, Z V,f:51gIg-:f:--- , KQXN ' ' Y, mg Xl 7154, .J V Li, J r ggi-Xrxx 1,51 4 Mg ww W xv Awfllp W ' I XX f ., X V Senior Cilass Officers William Moriarity W President Kim Seaman - Vice President Mary O'Neil - Treasurer Renee Farrier - Secretary 252 Many people do not know what student govern- ment really is. Itls a group of students working not only individually, but also as a whole. Students take on more responsibility as they progress in high school. Although the jobs and tasks grow larger, the enjoyment of doing them grows also. What we have accomplished in our last year here at Arlington is just the beginning of what we have to look forward to in the future. The Senior Class 4-. 335, . . 2: ajax ' ,liz .New H ia? K ,.,V,.,4M 9 5 Q Senior otables Most Artistic: Barclay Freed Jeanna Orosz ' ,430 g g , , 1 ' - Quietest: Alf io Romano Dawn Lewis Most Popular: Willie Moriarty Kim Seaman if Most Boisterous: Ricky Kelly Angela Beltrani 254 Most Athletic: John Bayne ' Sue Ward e Most Musical: ivfffil Tim Hsieh Katie Meyerson Friendliest: Dave Debellis Renee F arrier Nicest Smile: Most Likely To Succeed: George Fishler Kim Seaman John Bayne Liz Boigoy 255 Senior otables Class Clown: Pete Zimmerman Kelly McCoy 1 B0Sf Dressed? Class Blusher: Walter Ballard Henry Heissenbuttel Beth Clayton Eileen Unterberger Best-Looking: Mike Ferrari Beth Clayton 256 Class Flirt: Chris Holland Michele Denault Most Individualistic: Dylan Collins Lisa Esposito Most School Spirit: Jamie Van Bramer Dineen Carta iff... if gnwsurg lil :ll ll Nicest Eyes: Amy Filion Alfio Romano 257 Senior Class Will I, Patricia Abherve, leave to Terrie Grigas, my Camaro: to Anette B., Marko V, and Chris R., I leave my record collection: and to Antonio, I leave my class ring. I,'I1'aciAlbertson, leave B. B. Seals a Goon, saying BLOOGLE, and waiting for the return of all her clothes: Nee Nee in her clown suit not showing another Saturday night: Kristin reaching for napkins covered in whip: Gabby still talking and talking . . . : and Cathy waiting for July 26, 1986. I, Lori Albrecht, leave K. D. asleep at the Bardavon with a life's supply of chicken Mac Nuggets: "Annie Girl' with a wet sleeve at the Dragon Lady: B. A. with 'Junior' at all the hockey games: and my twin cousins to control the school for the next two years: To all my friends who made this year the best year ever A I leave a special thanx, I luv ya all! I, Anne Aliotta, leave Shannon some deformed M8tM's: Stacy trying to keep both eyes open while trying to talk: "Chuck" and "Busy" many fond memories ofcruising Pok' with "Betty" driving the "Duke": All of my special friends many thanks and lots of love: saying "Thanks Mom and Dad, I love you." I, Tony Alves, leave the Kampers some of the best times of my life: Brian, a tower of prophets to play around with: Neil, a double bass artstar skit for the ultimate solo: Laura, Michele, Jennifer, and Lizann, the Police: and to Toni, I leave some special times and more to come. I, Brian Anderson, leave this place after many years of torture: Mark W the hope of his future with Colleen B.: the hope that my brother doesn't make it to graduation: and also that Black Flag, SSD, and the Misfits will smash into the brains of the morbid conformists. I, Lisa Appolonia, leave Leah trying to break dance: Espo in Atlantic City flirting with the life guards: Dawn trying to find a real job: Ray Ray always listening to my problems: and now I leave all my love to Steve! Thanks for everything! I, Barbara Arentsen, leave Tanya and Tracie climbing rocks at King Street Park: Sabrina, a life-long supply of 64 oz. bottles of "Coke": Greg, trying to keep his cheese danish in his mouth and wishing he never took A. P Biology: and to Lori and Ann Uuniorsl I leave memories of some crazy times at the Civic Center: I, Mark Atkins, leave Ray Dinovo still scared of my sister: Dave a "love your sweater": "Mario" a stall-proof, skid-proof car: Good-bye and good luck. I, Kathy Averill, leave Gail Chianelli passing out on my kitchen table: Mary Nuccio telling me she needs fresh air and a glass of Coke: Jonni Kirkpatric grinning from ear to ear, telling us about her great weekend: My sister Sandra all the good times and bad times of Arlington High: to fulfill all my dreams of happiness with Scott. I, Shawn Baker, leave Colette that awful name forever: to George, I leave you always being watched: To all my friends, I leave a special thanks for everything: To Mrs. Peters, I leave another Co-op coming in and curling their hair on their free periods: I leave Debbie always loving Mike. I, Damell Balga, leave Colette with tears on her pillow: and Paul all of my love . . . I, Eileen Banas, leave with a lot of good memories, and the best to all of my friends. . .Good luck, LD, SS, ML, CM, DA, CH, AG, take care, I love ya all. I, Mary Baright, leave Kathy D. all the Gngerwave lotion in Cosmetology room I l2: Steve O. all the computers in Arlington High: and most of all I leave all my love to JOE in the years to come! I, .lemrifer Barlow, leave M. H. my friendship forever and Kristin still wondering about me. The awesome drum line to Kenny and AHS with good memories. I, Valerie Bosch, leave Kerrie and Adam the wild, crazy and tearful memories of our times together: a big tube of Ben-Gay to Cabin 5A: all my broken rifles to next years fantastic rifle line so they can give them a proper burial: 6th period lunch and Len's 'Inez W. Davis" impressions: and all my love to the Marching Band, Winter Guard, and Mr. Hart for making my high school years so memorable. I, Marris Baskin, leave to Kati love, tears, laughter, and smiles, I hope your life is full of all ofthem: to Andrea I leave M. K. dresses, a telephone call without interruptions and a whole bunch of corny stuff: to Shira very fond memories of Israel teven though you may never get picturesl and a peaceful busride home: to Matt the ideal night on the town and, of course, all my love. I, John Bayne, leave Stos all the good times on and off the field: Kevin all the double diamonds and "anchovie" pizzas he can handle: Joe in the middle ofthe woods saying "Where the hell are we'?", Rob the summer of 83: and to K. I.. I leave a flower from H. J. I, Tara Amr Beck, leave Jamie my holy Jordache and thanks for the summer of '83: Donna still hurdling the rock in the morning before school, and thinking about Red: Karen still sitting at the drive-in after the movies are over: thanks to H. A., C. H., L. C., D. H. for everthing: I leave a very special thanks to Mr. D and Karen. I love you all. I, Cone Beckham, leave everyone a tie-dyed shirt: Karen my entire sticker collection, and Tonia, a lifetime supply of soap bubbles. I, Susan Belterman, leave all my friends . . . past and present. . . with the happy memories of all the GOOD TIMES!! Especially Kevin for the BEST TIMES!! Thanks for all of them. I love you always KPE I, Angela Beltrani, leave Diane all my leather and fishnets: Kristi a collection of snoopy pins: Mary always knowing what I'm doing: Beth still working on Danses Sacred and Profane: and to the Marching Band all the luck in the world next year to top this year. I, Karen Bertolozzi, leave Lori, Eileen, Michele. Kelly, Jill and me soaking up the sun in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina: Eileen and Robbie looking for the Taconic on the wrong side of the river on our way home from Troy: Karen, Beth, and me a stop at McDonald's for chicken Mac Nuggets and shakes: Will and Greg on high horses at convention instead of on the altar: Lori on her way to stardom with me as her roomate at S.U. as I depart from AHS after sitting behind Cone for four years. I, Craig Beyer. leave Chris trying to regain what he knows he never will: Ame wondering what all the yellow stuff in his house is: Tom with his hub-cap caught in a high tree top: Pete saying to himself, "Are we not men, we are DEVO": Finally, I leave forever drowning in outliner! I, David Blautl1,leave Fran Addeo the memory ofa non-planned night with three foxie ladies, and to fulfill their rain checks this summer: To Coach Murphy, many years of having confidence in your players and longer pep talks with a straightjacket: to all my crazy friends at RCK a bar of Coast soap so they can open their eyes: to Theresa, a continuation of the ride back from Great Adventure with my slick foot: to the swinging tree benders back home, a weekend of partying and bending trees at Miniwasqua's mountain top. I, Jay Bloomer, leave Mike a ride to school: That Boy a rap tape, and a Buffalo Gal: E-Z Lee on the mix: Dave with Mike Thomas' potential: and Woody O. my jump shot. I, Paula Brengel, leave Cindy and Kathy all the great times with those wild over-nighters: to Kelly, I leave a clean locker and clothes: to Kerrie and Val more grapes and ducks: to Lisa all the problems we tried to solve lst period: to Wayne I give all my love and a happy future together. I, Alex Brewster, leave Mark, my driving skills: Jeff, stuffed into a trash compactor by Joe, Doug and John: Chris still trying to make a perfect rose on her cake: Keith, Ed, Tom and all of the others at our table in the cafeteria period three, my seat: and last, but not least, I leave AHS with good memories that I will always remember. I, Katherine Irene Elizabeth Brown, leave Toni memories of the CAR and the ultimate WAH: to Kristen thanks for teaching me to analyze EVERYTHING. I, Kirsten Bnmner, leave Cindy a picture! warm fuzzies to everyone at our table 3rd period: lots of things of mayonnaise to Paula and Angie: trips to Woodstock at Isil: and a smile to anyone who wants one I, Liz Borgoy, leave .leflie a real shin that fits: Kari plan number 235: Dar a trip to Califomia: Tara a college ID: and Sue a life-time supply of bananas. I, Curtis Brown, leave Nancy, Scott, Rick and Jeff sitting in the car discussing TLBOE, and I also leave Arlington finally. I, Kristin Buckley, leave Kathy buried in the sand with lingering memories of Pony Boy being covered by a pillow: Traci drowning in ice cream: Jackie with many thanks for a long friendship: and Katherine with southern guys and a special thanks for having been half of an "us'. I, 'lim Buechele, leave Dave R. still looking for decent hubcaps: John C. admitting that Ford rules: Victor and Twinkie sleeping out at the Civic Center: Pete, Nick, Mike, Wanda, Twinkie, Victor, John, Kim, and Jenny with many good times in 6th period lunch: and last but not least, I leave Jenny all of my love. I, Tara Burke, leave Susie Faure exotic bananas: Ana all the headaches and fun of G.O.: Liz untieing Dar's shoe from the desk in math and all the girls on Varsity Soccer saying Jes' to Petie. I, Ann Campilii, leave Barb A. and Lori A. looking for a light at Juniors: Lisa 'Higgins' all the 'free' candy at the bookstore: Kim D. 52, 63, I7, 101, 69, 27, all the fun times at the hockey games and to everyone else who helped make this year the best, Thanks, Love ya! I, Barbara Canuel, leave Stacey as the dizziest, most reckless driver on the road: Chris and Kevin a set of tenth grade English books: Sheri and Jackie in a Chinese Restaurant ordering egg rolls 'to go": But most of all I leave with many memories and friendships I will never forget - Thank you! I, Dineen Carta, leave Cheryl stranded in the middle of no where: but still wondering who's on the "mound": Eileen still trying to "con'upt" mel: "Powerhouse" and 'Shoulders' still winning!: Mary still trying to find the right song!: My sisters, Michele and Nicole, success in AHS and missing some unescapa- ble hugs! I, Wanda Carvalho, leave Diane still trying to find the right guy: Kris still making her list of good- looking guys from Dover: My sister saying that "Van Halen Rules": Twinkie still riding my horse: and I leave my 6th period lunch table with the memories of all the good times we had together. I, Carrie Castella, leave my bestfriend Colette Wersky to Vinnie Canino: Holly Arnold the best of luck with Chuck: Roger Haight to a real girlfriend: to my friends all the dreams they strive for: and to my love Scott Giordano I leave my love forever! I, Ruth Caswell, leave to Jackie memories of the polar bear: to Cheryl the best smile I have: Sue saying "l'll pretend I didn't hear that,": Kevin thinking of the perfect plan: and Rita daydreaming about getting away from here ftinallyll. I, Gail Chianelli, leave David Klaproth the dance floor at "Bogies.": Kathy Averill her wedding plans with Scott: Kim Lindmark a hit and run accident on Rt. 9: Tracy Palumbo - 'I lost my lighter": Mary Nuccio a 'real' diamond ring and the best friendship I could ever have. I, Steven Chiavelli, leave Rob O'Rourke a steady girlfriend, and Joner's roof and the chant: Darren Horvath the G-man and I2 years of being nice to me when I wasn't nice to him: Dave Wallace an assist and my part of our league championship: and. most of all, I leave Michelle Denault a lot of great times. I, John Chrysler, leave the 'Road Warrior" Ed H. wondering what he can add to his car stereo: Ann tDaisyJ Aliota wishing her the best of luck in life: Tim 'Rambo' Buechele a car that starts and a bag of blockbusters: Chris Szanto hoping hc will be the next star of the Cosmos: Ronald Peterson making trouble all the time. I, Cathy Ciolli, leave Leslee camping out with Snoopy onthe Golden Arches: Tanya mashed potatoes and gravy and wondering if we live on the earth: Tracie standing in Lake Arlington: and Becky in the bushes: I also leave TR. and Herbie still loving you both. I. Barry Clark, leave Lori L. not knowing whether we will be able to sing the night before: Bryan H. constantly changing through the years: Dawn M. with memories ol' the great times we had together: Kevin 'lf learning to walk 'n' roll. I, B. Thomas Clark, leave Pete. Ms. Adi Romano, Ricky a real man's complexion: Allie with Kaptain Krunch and fruit cake under the table: Andy forever 'rehumanizing' himself: and Chris writing his memoirs - 'My First 500." I, Beth Clayton, leave with a big thank you to both of my parents for their support and guidance throughout the years: Karen and Karen at McDonald's drive-thru wondering where their McNuggets are: Theresa a bottle of nail polish and a real cat: and a thanks to all for great memories to cherish: Hey T check the back! I.ABrad Cleverley, leave Ed still a basically good kid: Tim behind the green door: Mr. Murphy with all those nimnuls: The seniors always superior: Ron trying to stay out of trouble: and I leave Nancy a drafting stool. I, Brenda Coddington, leave Lori Bosse to Brad forever: My Twisted Sister all the good times of past, present and future: Mr. Duggan with my gratitude for helping me do what I wanted to accomplish: My classmates remembering black feather and my love to Clyde Miller now and foreven I. Patrick J. Cody, leave all the blondes and Libras a way to calm the dizziness: All the short people a path so Chuckles doesn't step on them fHey Cos., this one's for youl: All my friends with the memories of all the good times we had and a reminder of all the ones to come. Good luck Class of '84. I, Dylan CoUins, leave my Heavy Metal fans a Judas Priest record: Mr. Buergers a profound saying: Damon and Andrea a small mbber duck which squeeks: Kati a blue thing that folds up to be a chair-like thing. I, Kevin Collins, leave John Bayne, Sunshine, massive bumps, and 45 degrees: plus: Alfio a feline immobilization situation: and MicheleM. I, Tanya Corcoran, leave Leslee camping out with Snoopy on the Golden Arches: Tracie and Barbara the rocks at King Street Park: and Cathy on the bathroom floor. I, John Cordaro, leave Leonie being 'irrascible' at Texas Lunch for two hours: Diane singing 'Facelifts are a Girl's Best Friend": Aileen, Arlington's Betty Boop, still owing me a Christmas present: Damon, Mary, Kati, Dylan, and Tzvi in 'The Big Shift": and lots of love to AM, VW, SH, MB, MS, CK, IH, VB, KB, NS, KS, T12 and EM. I, Kathy Corrado, leave the Washington, D.C. gang to whats left the Herrington Hotel: Mr. Ginsburg at the Pink Elephant: Adam still trying to play poker: Mike one last massage: and to Joe, Lisa, Gina, Mike, Laurie. Karen, Eileen some of the best memories I'll never forget, I, Marco Corrado. leave Andrea Elsasser an extra large set of hands: Andy Medla knowing that I could wipe him up on the mat: Jonna at PB.'s house, yelling, 'My keys . . , my keys!" while falling over everybody: RK, AH, CH, WW, MO, PS, SO, and KD hiding under the seats and dashboard of my car saying, 'Oh no! We're gonna die!": Brutus, Grouch, Giggles, Sleepy, 'I don't know", Flirt, Space, 'I'm sure", 'And like". Slim and 'He's such a jerk" fond memories of this school year. I, Regina fGinal Curry, leave AHS to my sister Renee: to C.R, a lot of good times and more to come: KC, SC, BD, DD, ME and KM - Thanks for the good times: Most of all, I thank you Mom and Jimmy for all your help. I never would have made it, I, Danna DalCortiro. leave Gina C., Chrissy and Stacy free periods and irrelevant talks: Michelle and Fred together again: Gina M.. Karen. and Diana still late for gym: Roy an excellent friendship and a great brother: Sandy and Diane to the future teachers of Arlington. I, Frank Damato, leave to Mr. Yurista, the winning entry in the 'Best Engineered Car of the Year' contest: Kristy a pair of soundproof earmuffs: Beth my lavender shirt Qso she can remember mej: B,R. saying 'I know.": and lastly. to TH., I leave a bottle of Krazy Glue so he can build his bass, I, Tonianne Elizabeth Damico, leave AHS to my sisters, Lynn and Tracey, to carry on the 'family name"!: to Kath, I leave the crazy memories of the CAR and the ultimate WAI-i!: To Colleen 1 leave CSLC cola. . . soonl: To Janine, I leave my 'cherry danish' binhday presentl: and last, but not least, to Anthony Alves, also known as 'Tony Squared", I leave Jake Jr. and Kampi! I, Kathi Darling, leave having many happy memories of Arlingtonll: giving many thanks to Mr. Usifer for getting me through l0th grade biology: thanking Mr, Duggan for all ofthe good guidance he has given me: Most of all, thanking my good friends for good times and my parents for getting me through school. They are the best parents a person could ask for. I, Ruth Davies, leave PD, PB, BB, and SB the fond memories of 'that' camping experience: I leave ML fthe Physics scholarj, PD, LM, LR and all others thanks for their support during these past years: I leave LB MV I, Debbie Davis, leave David Harris the halls to wander and stay out of troubles. I, Jef Davis, leave Mary, many warm fuzziras: Liz, a pair of real shoes: Amy, a real laugh: Kate, a year's supply of advice. I, Kelly Davis, leave Bill still raggin' on me: Patty M. a crazy weekend in Cape Cod: Leonie a lifetime supply of bologna: Dana in charge of the swim team: and to Butch, all my love. I, Sheryl Davis, leave Rob two more years left at Arlington - I love you! I leave Elise many good memories 5th period . . . 'If she can remember them!'!" I leave Crash Jans many interesting discussions during 2nd period gym. Thanks to all my friends who made school a lot easier! RE, BR, Jeff, DR, VE Many exciting trips to Saratoga! I, David DeBel.lis, leave Sue Hankamp thejob of keeping AHS a little bit different: Shannon, Laura, Michelle, and Jenny still saying, 'Like, I'm so sure' and 'I'm dyin": Rita still trying to get to Califomia: Dineen still boogying the night away at the Senior Class Party: The gang fond memories that we have shared with each other. I, Mike DeBlasis, leave Matt Craven 'Kamikaze": and Roy Lucas 'Live to ride, ride to live!" I, Tma De France, leave Shannon, Anne, and Stacy going home early and leaving me here: Kevin Faber still saying 'NO?": my brother Ralph with two more years of Arlington's educational experience: all of my good friends with lots of great memories and loads of happiness: saying 'Thanks for everything' to my parents. I, Lynn De lano, leave everything, except Greg and Alvin . . . Bye Cats. I, Chris Dellacamera, leave Bob LaBarge I2 more years of high school: Kevin F cleaning out road signs with his Duster: Barb C. many thanks for all she's done: Sheri K, many memories I'll never forget, and always 'rescuing' her from Mr. Weyant: and Joe P snoring away in Joumalism. I, Michelle Marie Denault, leave Renee E getting pulled over by the cops at the airport: love ya dearly: Darren H. a big thank you: Mike E eating out at Burger King and I2 years of friendship: Anne L. a bag of Doritos and much love to a dear friend: and Steve C. watching movies onthe VCR and 'You and I." I, Brad Denney, leave Arlington High School with sore cheeks and a stiff neck. I. Jean Desaulles, leave Dave someone to teach him to play tennis: Sue a package of cream cheese: and Lori some nice holidays and a nice future. I, Katie Devendorf, leave Jill to be the 'Class Flirt" of '86: to Brad some real shirts: SK. MS, JS, 'IT BS, MS, ET, MK, JY etc. a BIG GRADUATION PARTYHI: and, Meg the 'Punked-out Waitress', a pair of spud-stompers and a yardstick. I, Peggy Dilworth, leave my faded jeans and Myrtle Beach memories to Mario: l leave Tim to Flops Gottshall, I, Kim DiMetro, leave with the special memories of the times spent with 'Bigley": Karen and Terri STILL teaching me the 'worldly' ways of Adirondack life: Lisa looking for her keys in a rainstorm: Lori, Ann, and Barb 'My Ties!": a special thanks to KM, AL, DD, MR IG, HH, 'Weeble", CK, and the 'Lunchroom Clans' for the best of times! I, Pam Doherty, leave my other two-thirds saying, 'We're just a party lookin' for a place to happenl' I leave Eileen getting lost in Poughkeepsie - without her glasses. I leave Ricky looking for Friendly's, great memories and a big hug. I leave Jonna in Syracuse and Washing-on, two photographs of 'our weekend," kidnapping me, smoke pouring out of her ash tray and saying 'Wongo", 'tourists", and 'You're never gonna believe this!" I, Susan Doherty, leave Penny, always remember, 'Think first before you speak!" fS.l.E.J: Lots of great memories and happiness to all my closest friends: 'Iina a lot of confusing and boring Bookkeeping classesf: Agnes all those arguments about Jimmy during eighth period that I hope we finally solvedl: Michelle a big 'Thanksl' for coming to all my Foods Ill dinners! ' I, Mark Dondlinger, leave Jeff, John B,, Rich, John G., Joe and Mike my memory and an old joke book: the Juniors the Senior position to give them the taste of power and I especially give Mrs. Willey a typewriter and a box of aspirins for all the headaches that Tom and I caused her. . , Auf Widersehen . . . Wirklich?'! . . . Genau!!! I, Kathleen Donegan, leave Stacy our hall locker and 'Prima Ballerina": Mary N., Shari. Ray. and Robin in Stahlberger's Social Studies class: Mary B. our BOCES locker and all the manikins in Cosmetolo- gy room l 12: Mrs. English and Mrs. Stanton in the Guidance office with all the passes wondering where the runners are: and Arlington High School with many memories. I, Stacy Marie Donegan, leave Marlane always to be my best friend: Kathleen with no more jokes: Mrs, Gales never to be forgotten: and finally I leave AHS with good memories that will be remembered forever. I, Debbie Dorsey, leave Amy and Dawn knowing that they taught me the true meaning of friendship: to Frisky an eternity of softness unmatchable by ANYONE or ANYTHING!: to Dimmie, I leave my technique of crossing the street in Washington during rush hour at a red light: Adam saying, 'It was definitely worth the wait - the live year wait!": and finally saying a tearful good-bye to the Class of 1984, but, knowing that my heart is filled with beautiful memories to be cherished a lifetime - I love ya! I, Steve Drohosky, leave Dave Debellis thinking that a FIAT is faster than a MUSTANG: Kevin Collins thinking he should be on the cover of G.Q.: Kurt Haun thinking he's Rodney Dangerfield. I, Aileen Duffy, leave Carlton's car in a ditch on Lauer Road: Mary Panessa a pair of correctional shoes: Toni Tompkins a cabinet full of Montezuma: Abby Rockwell weaving baskets at Poughkeepsie Day School: and lots of love to 'I'1', CR, AR, MR TM, AM, KG-R, JC, LH, JH, and DHD, I, Karen Dziuban, leave Karen and Terri at the Overlook School baseball field on a very hazy and confusing night: Frannk-Liz some real, honest-to-goodness unicorn fur: Ian 500 shares of Tootsie-Pop stock: DMTSB still walking the yellow line tfor the past 3 years now?7!l: and to Roger, I leave lots of dusty little blue boxes and all of my unending love. I, Shari Eberhard, leave AHS saying, 'You're all losers!": Kelly in her Toyota driving within one inch ofthe dash: Dawn cmisin in her truck at high speeds: Jaci in her Le Mans with a hit and run: and to Russ I leave his pointy chapstick and me!! I, Bill Eberle, leave Doug the book 'Advanced Guerilla Warfare and Combat Techniques", a life-size poster of Reagan and 2 more years of 'fun' at AHS: To Leslie and Gina I leave my beautiful pet tarantula f'Thaddeus"j and Wayne Gretsky's phone number. I, Ray Edel, leave any Arlington student the opportunity to have a better party than a RE. KL R.E. party: I leave Lisa and Lisa the grand old Book Store forever: Tammy S. still trying for me: Joey N. and Joey G. the names Rugen Breath and Too Sweet: SD, TW, LA, LE, JA, MC, EG, KD, DE, JS. LY DD, all my love. I, Matt Elllnore, leave Ian Gileskie a real walk: Mike Paul without bow legs: Jeff Stringer some money in his pockets instead of in the bank: Nick Evangelista another year of math sitting behind me: Jay Bloomer fighting with his mom over who uses the jacuzzi. I, Amy Eshelman, leave Arlington High School with many fond memories: AG, JD, and KB a large thank you for all the good times 3rd period: Kirsten to 'turn blue': my brother the best of luck: Doug still smiling. I, Maria Espana, leave this school where I have spent one wonderful year, I learned a lot and met a lot of very nice people. I, Lisa Esposito, leave Lisa-Lisa and I still trying to get our hands on the A.C.B,P!: Leah still trying to find a real shirt:Ray-Ray still trying to figure our what's going on: the Class of '84 a lot of good memories: and last of all, a lot of love to my friends. especially: LA and MT! I, Nick Evangalista, leave Kathy all the good times of the past and future and hope she enjoys life wherever she may go: To the 'Frog' I leave many years of good times and something better than a Ford. A.K.A. Eric: To Darren I leave the rest of Chevy pickup and many hairy times on the road: To Barry Bonneville I leave with knowing he finally got what he wanted 5 times over: to myself I leave Arlington and some friends, but, to all I'll see ya again. Nicky Nova. TAKE IT EASY I, Kevin Faber, leave Chris D. to his lingerie shop in Poland: Sheri K. wondering whether or not to buy a bagel: Barb C. still wondering where her lovely red pencil box went: my brother Joe knowing I have more fans than he does: and Sue with all my love and thanks for a great year. I, Samantha Fairhaim, leave Debbie W, and Carrie to FINALLY rule the school: Kevin still wondering ifTodd is real: Victor with my helpfulness: I leave all my friends with all the best in life: I leave always being in love with Todd. I, Renee Farrier, leave Becki the 'best" of times forever: Michael QBuddyJ with perfectly propor- tioned flowers and much happiness: Rob with all the great memories he has given me: Jill Qlungel still laughing with me over 18: Michelle a cop in the airport: and much love to all my friends! I, Sue Faure, leave Liz one of Brad and Cone's shirts: Tara a bottle opener: R,C, our conversations in Physics: and Kari 'trembling' in the swimming pool: tinally, Kari and I leave Tim an accurate speedom- eter. I, Cheryl Lylm Fecketlen leave to Ruth Marie, a watch that swims and a box of twinkies: Dineen cowtipping somewhere in Albany, and wondering who has to pitch: Heidi in center: and to Donald, I leave a special memory of May 22, 1982, I, Jackie Fenton, leave Amy down under where it's SAFE from fat cops: Kim a pinky: Karin REAL unicom hair: Ruth the inside of an OREO: and Terri and Amy at the police station saying, "You wanted it!!" To all my friends . Thank you. I, Victor Feliciano, leave SD, JZ, DR, RE, BR, and myself somewhere in Saratoga: Chris, Carol, Andrea, and Al no more rides to school . . . Sorry!!: Twinkie in his King Cab all night long: Kerry my knowledge for her Senior year: and Tim and Dave at the 'movies." I, Tom Ferguson, leave Zim still laughing about what he did to Howdy: Len wondering if anything I say it true: Paul there once and for all: but mostly I leave with a lot of fond memories of the true friends who stuck by me who are too numerous to list. I, Michael Ferrari, leave Debbie a portrait of a nasty pen: Michelle promises yet to be kept: Renee a friendship never to be forgotten: Pfief still waiting for his Tranny: and finally, I leave all my friends the memories and the friendship that we shared, Later everyone . . . I, Amy Filion, leave PattyAnn, El, Debs, Antie a great 'thanks' for always being there and a lasting memory of our never ending fun times together: to David the 'Real Deal" and a lifetime of roses which represent the memories we share in our hearts: to Scott I leave all the blondes in Arlington, Gumby and a 'real' haircut. I, Mary Finnegan, leave Chrissy R. for the last time, 'No Chrissy. I can't see itlll' and a sip of my 'Dr. Pepperf You're a good friend forever: Patty C. with all the good times with Biz. Thanks for all the advice: Gina good luck with Jimmy: Chris O. Thank God we never tripped on those laces: Chris C. my little, big, sister always: all my love to Bucky Near forever and ever. I did it, I'm out for good. with a smile on my face forever. I, Karen Fomeris, leave Arlington High School with more credits than I know what to do with: Sue H. to keep the spirit of the Bow-3: A bent rigger on the eight: Mrs, Cianchetta with her matchmaking: Mark with special memories and much love. I. Ken Foster, leave Jeffa shovel to use in English: Liz a car to drive when there is no school: Tara the number 44: and for Sue a real sneeze, I leave with a big thanks to Cheryl for always being there. I, Bradley Fountain, leave Dave with a smile on his face and a capital B in his name: Brian with his license in hand burning down the highways: Eric the strange quotes he can find and searching for the hole: Tony with a do-it-yourself hair cutting set: Debbie with the most free periods in the senior class except for Bob LeBarge. I, lalurie Frederic, leave Arlington High School with memories of times past with good friends: Krist saying, "Watt7 . . , !" and, "Where's my ice cream'?!": Karen with memories of teacups: and thanks to Michelle for saving my life, I, Barclay Freed, leave Lori my long-underwear: Mike on my basement floor: Larry hanging on the Plexiglass: and Rich the door of the Mighty Mav. I, Paul Garrity, leave Tim Watson hair and many salutes: Chris Zaleski to do whatever he wants: Chris Kelly a new trombone and free lessons: and to everyone else: The memories will last forever, I, Brian Gates, leave!!! I, Elise Gaulin, leave "Crash" Jans still looking for her gloves: Kim, Mary and Gail still wondering if everyone really knows: Edwin one more year at John Jay: Sheryl 5th period memories tif she can rememberl: and I leave . , , to be with Paul forever. . . still saying "It was me who screwed up your car." I, Kati Garcia-Renart, leave to Marris the memory of the nature lady on the lake and the unmention- able: To Damon and Dylan, I leave the empty space of gullible in the dictionary: to Mr. Buergers I leave a piece of my chewed gum: to Andrea I leave the infamous question, 'Should I, or shouldn't l'!" I, Jaci Gent, leave still thanking Ray for loving me: Tracy still asking, 'Did I" when she knows she didn't, Colleen with D,F and a pocket full of dimes. I, Kevin Gentile, leave J.D. those 7 castaways on that Isle: Digger with the Spanish Inquisition: Master Tooler with Haragan Hill playing pool: Kelly with all my love: Robin with Judi, l, Kelly Gerardi, leave Kevin and Digger looking for some real music! Judi M, laying in the hall because she just fell over her own feet - also a friendship that will last forever: Chris C. nothing but an everlasting relationship, for I'll always be by his side. I. Alice Gerty, leave afternoons at the Vets to Katie and Audra: I leave the best of luck to my friends: and I leave without losing Robbi or my dreams. I, Ian Gileski, leave Jay Bloomer a real chest and a night on the town: Jeff Stringer clean clothes: Mike Paul stuck on a lawn. I, Tracy Greifenberger, leave the best of luck and many more good times to Sue, Laura, Patty, and Rene: To George, I leave all my love. I, Bruce Crosman, leave Karen my summer igloo in Alaska along with my sled: Jamie wearing a real tie dancing at the Civic Center with the Stray Cats and Biff: Jell a real brain and a year's supply of free homework: Tupp dancing in the disco with his disco shoes lighting up the floor: Ray and Bob stranded on Main Street with no gas, no gas can, no gas station, but a lot of nice people to walk with onthe streets at I am. I, Kathy Gierlolf, leave Patty Higham with everything soft and easy: Tracy R with a good memory of grandma: Eric R. with a big thanks for everything and only one more year left: saying goodbye and thanks to everyone. I, Amy Godfrey, leave Corie H, with Porker, Porker, Porker: Jackie F CJBJ camping out at CF with ET: Barb C. with ink always on her face: Kim W. with many pinkies, And Andy R a wish of good luck in everything he does. I, Roger Haight, leave Holly Arnold with Chuck: Carrie Castella to marry Scott: Erin Lupal still thinking she's faster than me: Stacy Donegan still hurting herself, I, Debbie Halbert, leave Rita memories and friendship that will last a lifetime: Nuch asking for a manicure and Mary wanting to cut my hair: Tara a box of plaster to put a cast on her hand: to my sister Deannine, I leave Arlington High. I, Jim Hall, leave Mark B the memories of all the great times: Kelly G. all the fun of the open road: Melinda H. not knowing why she took Comp, Sci.: R. U. still dreaming of being a real man: and a Big Thanks to all my friends for making my two years here GREAT! I, Patti Hanaburgh, leave the Class of '86 and Rob: I leave Tracie, Cathy, Bernie, Judi, Tracie all in 3rd period: Sue, don't do any thing I won't do, unless I'm with you: Chris I leave behind. I, Ronnie lllopl Hancock, leave My Quote to one Mr. Murphy: Never, Never, Never, Never, Never, Never, Never Quit. , ,sticks in my head day after day to lead my life to a better way. So remember the day I should have stayed, instead ofjust throwing my cothes away, I felt in my heart that very same day, That I quit the game, I PLAYED!!! I, Hemian Harmelink, leave this school, the teachers, and all the experiences that go with it to the unfortunate ones soon to come into the dawn of maturity. I, Phil Hamish, leave all my love to Julie: and I leave BF deciding whether or not to try again. I, Susan Harris, leave Jenine with Rose Mary's safety pin: my little brother David Harris happy memories that I had in school: Mr. Derosa waiting for him to wear his designer jeans - Best wishes to the Class of '85, I, Tracey Hartman, leave Tom McGill my locker A4203 and all my love and memories of our time together and my bright smiles and my heart. I, Melinda Hartman, leave Jenny and L.B, the good times we had and the tree. ET the "animal" and 8th period. Christine a sponge and finally, I leave AHS with all my good memories and friends I have made. I. Thom Hasenpflug, leave my theatrical ability to Eric and a whole new bunch of drama jocks: My musical skills to those who taught me how to use them: My passive and cheerful disposition to all: Knowing that one day I may return to reclaim that which is already in my blood. I, Jayne 'Fluff' Hayden, leave Lisa S. with a tie score of 6 UP, . .and my never ending friendship f thank you!!! Anna B, in Kingston without a spare tire: Corrie H, on my basement rug: Mark P looking for little skinny pebbles in Poughkeepsie Y and linding them!!! -- and all my love! Henry H. a sun dress remembering how well it looked in the South Campus corridor! - and also with butter in his ear!!! I, Henry Heissenbuttel, leave Mark P and George E leaving it on 684: Wayne W. looking for his money in Poughkeepsie: Donna E. with powder on her chest: Sarah McCarthy with a one-way ticket to America and all the memories and good times of 83484 I, Leslie Heller, leave Ana, Cathy, Cone, Steve, Karen, Diane, Kevin, Leslee, and Tina thanks for the friendship you shared with me, "The new kid": to the radical twosome Doug and Bill tblue eyesj I leave 3rd period free: To Gina I leave love and friendship along with a book on how to get hockey players and luck with a certain K.H.R: Finally, I leave to find the hockey player of my dreams . . . I, Tim Herlihy, leave to all succeeding generations ofAHS Seniors, the secret ofacademic success f Monarch Notes. I, Lennie Hermsen lBolognal, leave my red Santa Claus boots and nose to anyone who wants them: the pronunciation of all weird American words especially with TH-sounds: Kirsten and John scared in Vassar dorms with the shades and lots of love to MB, DB, KB, BC, DC, JC, AD, KD, KG-R, IH, SH, CK, TL, BM, AM, JO, MR LR CR, KS, DV, VW, and especially BS, BS, NS, KS, JH, LH-Z. SH, GVL, and everybody else that helped to make my stay here such a wonderful experience, It Patricia Hlghim, leave all the buses to Kenny, John, and C.L.: Tracy to George: M317 10 Joe: SDC B, to Darrel: and all my love to Michael, I- Colle HQHNIIL leave Amy's yellow taxi stuck in the mud somewhere in the woods! Ariel Anel AneI!!: Jell' and his snake trying to get some glggplg Mr, Rich to get 'pgychcdng Jayne's rug alive!: with Erik. l. Cl!I'lS Holland, leave Andy with a .38 Special album, a wet Chevy Blazer, and Hammond Jeez: Craig sleeping in the fields with a pair of workboots and some clothes of his own: Allio his own Bernardo Bunny, Smllffl' in lhe Little BYZIIHUS, Craig, and still being abused: all my girl troubles behind. I, Shira Horowitz, leave bus ride conversations for terrific friendships to Marris: My phone il next year to Marris and Andrea and anyone else who will never write letters: "The butler did it!" to MS, AM, MB, KGR, BM, TH: Four AM typing with scratchy throats and spooks to Dineen: and lots of love to NS, JC, EM, DVD, DC, TM, LH, VW, AD, MP and everyone else - you've been great! I, Darren Horvath, leave Paul passed out on my couch: Steve a glazed dough-nut: Rob standing in my room with "whatever" was in there with him: Henry 'fthe bottle opener": and the rest of my great friends at Arlington, a sad goodbye, I, Jetl' Howard, leave all my love to Elena M. - our friendship will last forever, Thanks for a second chance tdo you remember history in Sth gradel: hangman those crazy times, and those off-the-wall convo's to Michele - thanks for your friendship: Thom, those eeeerie sounds, "Friends, Romans, Countrymenf' and girls, girls, girls, f thanks for everything: Mr. R. and the orchestra some wild and crazy times at home and in Vienna: the puddle in the parking lot to Mr. Siebold. I, Tim Hsieh, leave Kate a new pair of eyes: Sally at Z am: Mary my life: Liz 25,652.5 assignments: and Jeff a new guitar, I, John Hughes, leave Michele lst, 2nd, 3rd period. I, Grace lsernia, leave all my love to Ray Broadie. I, Bmay Ann Jaegar, leave Mrs. Angela Tacinelli in love forever: Karen R, in hopes that Adam S, to ask her the BIG QUESTION, Michelle M. with the question, "Did you remember your-?": Michelle Z. with a tube of Oxy IO: all my friends with fond memories of the way we were. I, Suzanne Jankovics, leave Tammy U. to have a fun senior year: and to Mn Monte, 'I made it." And all my love to Doug. I, Chris Jans, leave Edwin, a BIG "I love you!" forever: Elise, a lifetime supply of straws: Kim, still trying to open her eyes in the morning: Sheryl and Becky laughing after our little conversations in gym: Paul forever fixing his car after Elise drives it. l, Len Johnson, leave the remainder of my sanity to The Inez W Davis Library. I, Lisa Jones, leave Kim D. on the bus, realizing that her car is in the parking lot: Ann C. that cat she found: Tommy D. making Santa Claus laugh: My thanks to Darren H. for "being there ": and to Anne L., five years of laughs and good times that we have shared together. I, Karen Karpinski, leave a big thanks to Mr. Ketcham for being not only a great teacher but a friend: to Gina all the fun memories of 9th, l0th, and forever: to Denise f many more crazy but precious times: to Diana many thanks for putting up with me and finally, to Mr. Frank, l leave him with a guarantee that I'II always be confused. K.K. I, Sheri Keith, leave Barb a lovely red pencil box, Snoopy, and special memories: Amy P our special phone calls: Colleen, Marla and Jeanne an excellent Senior Year: Chris a back scratch, many special memories with a lifetime more to come, and all my love forever, and all my friends a hug, thanks, and happiness. I, Chris Kelly, leave Diane C. a "buddy" to remember always, to Adam L. one Arlington Band jacket, slightly charred: to everyone else, I leave pleasant memories, and I take with me, the memories you have given me. Lastly, to Susan Colette Carmichael, who has been a friend and much more, I leave my love. Bye Arlington!! I, Ricky Kelly, leave Andy with the best of luck in the future: Chris and the Kampers a real sister: Helen some normal clothes and a Muzzlef: Pam explaining about the one-way and all the fond memories of Freedom Park: Christie sitting on my living room couch playing with the pillows and all the memories the future will bring, I, Christine Kelton, leave Lisa filling out petty automobile catastrophe reports: Mr. R. the 'shadow of his overbite:" and to whoever can find something constructive to do with them, a JA cello and a pile of Julius Klengel: also, AD, LH, LD, JC, GERALD, TM, CR, MR JH, IH, KD, B12 BG, PA, BM, DELD, and AG as peculiar andfor special memoirs. I, .lonni Kirkpatrick, leave the Texas Lunch Gang, still in Texas Lunch: Green Beans to whoever's into them: Gail and "Ralph" in my driveway: and Mark my love and my future: Bye B., Later A.H.! I, David Klaproth, leave Mary N., Gail C,, and Kim L., stranded at Camp Chrystal Lake, and trying to find proof for friday night escapades: to Dawn K. IFumeJ all my love!, and How did we end up in Connecticut from Mays MalI'l: To John B. I leave Miracles on Fridays and pudding pops stuck to his lips: and to my buddy Lady Di I leave all the good times in art class: and to Tracy R and Jaci G. I leave 98, 7 KISS forever. I, Craig, Klein, leave my car submerged in Lake Arlington: my remains to the next All Bio Class: My sanity to Mr. Frank: and my AR notebooks to the highest bidder. I, Peter Anton Klein, leave Mr. Gambino a gorilla: Miss Vreatt Hamlet, Othello, Oedipus, and all those guys: Mrs. K., Mrs. B, Mrs, T, to do their own dirty work: Marching Band the challenge to do better: Lisa and her friends to another fascinating year at AHS, I, Stephen Kochanovvski, leave Rich wrecking cars, and trying to light em up: Reuter still trying to find gas money: Ron with his bath at 5100: everyone at Jeff's house kicking back: and Lisa I leave you a laugh and a smile. I, Dawn Kocot, leave Johnnie all my love: Lisa S, a mint Chevy and many wild memories: David K. the word - 'Hey Dave, how did we end up in Conn. anyway'?": and Sue M. an endless supply of gum! I, Permy Koopman, leave Arlington High School with many memories and much learned: Uncle Al the Kiddies Pal a nose: Michele, my bestest budd, the biggest thank-you ever for all our beautiful l'l'lCI'l"lOl'lCS. I, Dehbie Kornhrek, leave Wendy still hanging out at Texas Lunch lst period: Hilda wishing she was a year older: Brig, Karen dt Elda dt the rest of my friends peace, love dt happiness. I, Terri Kotes, leave Sue freeing me lst period: Kim wondering what's going on: Karen still hoping for a red Porcshe and a special thank-you for all the great memories from here and especially those from the Lake. I, Rita Krueger, leave Andrea getting me to see the "center" of things in bio: Dave finding me without my surfboard: and Ruth remembering our non-existent nostalgia for "the best years," the escapes to the Walden commune, and Phil. I, Susan Knrmm, leave Brenda B. trying to open our locker, and deciding who she's mad at: to Chris Z., I leave him trying to decide whether he is going to grow his mustache back or not: to Brian L., I leave him to Beth N., and him working on his 'Stang: to Colette, I leave great memories of 'fnose-blowing' at Texas Lunch! Finally, Ijust leave A.H,S. with great memories and even better, GREAT friends! I luv you ALL! I, Janine IAGreca, leave Jim and Tom Cafe, B: I leave Toni with all the men in the world except mine: I leave Kathy wahing in N,C. and all my teachers a great retirement, I leave all my love to Mark. I, Lori Landolfa, leave Will my "special" kiss: Annie a string of popcorn and some red icing: Jamie an ant hill and a real handshake: Karen, a pookie bear: and Eileen, Kelly, Maria, Jackie, Annie, Kars, Kim, Jill, Mary Beth, Michele R., Michele H., etc., sleeping over. I, Karen Ann Lang, leave my dirty cloths to Eileen: I leave Tara Beck all my valuables. I leave all the love in the world to Mark Trexler. I leave many fond memories at A.H.S, and finally I leave only to start all over again. I. Michele Lang, leave John lst, Znd, 3rd period. I, Meg Laurendeau, leave to Katie Jabba's travel mug, and a chalet in the Alps: to Linda I leave a safety pin to pierce her ear, her favorite number in the freezer, and a better curfew: to Cindy O. leave chapstick and tissues: to Karin I leave my lamborghini. I, Anne Lehmkuhl, leave our Christmas trip to N.Y.C, returning to celebrate at "The Top of the Sixes", Paul with an Indian: a mission impossible to Alfie's house: Jamie plastered to the back seat of the Mazda - wishing for Bill' and Corky: and Lisa a lifetime of friendship. I, Dawn Lewis, leave dead or alive for life as a total waste-product tlook out Dutchess, here I comel, headed for the weekend horizons. To Shari, I leave Russ jumping the coffee table yelling "SWEET- NESS!": Virginia to Greg and vise-versa: Hey Cindy. remember Mike and Dave? f Flo . , . alone, I, Tina Lewis, leave to all my friends tyou all know who you arelj all the real good times! I will never forget any of you! I, Kim Lindmarlt, leave Mary and Gail at McDonalds looking for pennies: Elise clinging to Paul at the Hudson Correctional Facilty: Chris dropping pine at the facility: David K, stranded at Bogies and the best dresser! I, Jeannine Liu, leave Andrea Stern wondering if her patience will ever run out on the subject of WB, hysterical lunch periods, ten kids and two dogs, all the good times we shared, and happiness and success in the future. tWB+7J To Jane Hunt, I leave great memories of Dayton, Ohio '83 and '84, winterguard, my constant complaining about Rick the nightmares of Jeanette. tOvah dere?l, and lots of Laughs. To Rick, I leave off my cross one Romeo and Juliet, 2nd period HCT, 7th and Bth: lessons on life, best dressed, lots of love, laughter and smiles and I leave eternally grateful, To Mr, Hart, I leave unforgettable memories, "Nice talk", one good captain, and forever loving colorguard. I, Mark Livingston, leave Tyner on his own recognizance: Darren my disposable razor: a seat that pinches in the bow four: many special memories and lots of love to Karen. l,Clara Lopera fTataJ, leave Bill with all my English homework, Mrs. Scott with all the kids that steal her pencils from her desk: and finally to all my good friends, specially L.H. I leave all my love. I, Richard Lotze, leave J. O. if22, I leave L. H. making great excuses to her parents and Chunks a bucket. To Al I leave all the Rush he wants to listen to. I, Diane Ludwig, leave Jessica Reynolds to all my teachers. Also to Brian "Poobah" I leave all my love. I, Thomas Lutz, leave my stocks from the Titanic Shipbuilding Corp. to Mr. Ginsberg: and all my blessings and happiness to all my friends and past teachers. I, Cathy Macek, leave Bullwinkle in charge of the 85 soccer team and another year of busrides with Etu: Laura Haase holding a Baby Gherkin in her hand: 3rd period free with Traci doing bookkeeping and Patti planning her camping trip: Dineen, Dave, and Jamie a day in Psychology with Hello I love . . . and Dineen constantly laughing. I, Bill Mack, leave Elena having absolute knowledge of me and me of her. Paul renting videos tgood and badl: Mrs. K., Mrs, T, tmommyl, and Mrs. B. much love, Andrea and Damon, Kati and Dylan each other: Vickie lighter skies: and finally, J.O., A.D,, L.H., N.S., M.E., M.R., MP, and L.M. wishing them all happiness. I, Gina Magumo, leave Karen still trying to figure out just who knows and who doesn't: my sister, Christine, my great memory, at our mother's request: Mrs, Robinson still waiting for a topper of her 1982- 83 period 4 class, with Kevin and I still waiting for dinner: Leslie still plotting and scheming for the special happiness only a certain K,H.P can bring: and I leave Arlington with fond memories still plotting searching and scheming for one K.H.R I, Susan Mainwaring, leave all my friends with memories that will last foreverl: to my sister I leave another year at Arlington: To Maureen I leave the Back Trail: and To Dawn I leave thoughts of chewing gum in Biology. I, Tracie Macdonald, leave Tanya and Barb the rock at King Street Park: Leslie hoping to graduate before the year 2000: Cathy in search of a vanilla milkshake and a peak car and my Buick in Lake Arlington!! I, Linda Mangelsdorf, leave Meg with her safety pins, flying coffee and bagels on the ceiling, and talking about the FLAMINGO: Cindy her combination and talking about our favorite numbers: and Bill with a pen. I, Cindy Marsh, leave with many great memories of AHS , . . : Linda still trying to get the safety pin out of Megs ears: Diane to sing all those Cult little songs, solo: Jean to Chris, Tom, Lawrence, or whoever wants her: and Maura a pair of gold plated crutches. I, Judi Marvin, leave Dawn with Min forever. And for being such a good friend: to Kelly I leave with Chris C. for ever and ever and for a friendship I will never forget!! and getting drunk over the chocolate milk: I leave Mom and Dad with me and my love: I leave Mrs. Iori the quiet library she always dreamed of: and Bernadette and Traci for being good friends. I, Steve Maserjian, leave Mary l0l seventy-nine cent purchases: Mel, an undersized pick up truck: J.S. hiding behind the building: and to Deeg a deluxe Kaleidoscope holder, I, Elena Mastellone, leave Dawn watching 'Star Trek" reruns when we get channel I l: Megan ta.k.a, Zorrol slashing my books and commanding those around me: Bill watching Joans I and 2, and my black belt, and Damon with memories of our bus rides home: Finally, I leave all my friends and family with much love. I, Vinny Mastropaolo, leave Ian G. and Jeff S. still routing for Dallas and the Lions, but I don't know why: Jay Bloomer at home with his mom: Mike P and Ian G. doing lawns and waiting for Pete 'lf to crash his Mom's car. I, Brian McBrearty, leave Tony a Black Shadow with Pasties everywhere: Kati the answer to life: Becki an optimistic poem: Lori a recording contract: and Kisja a couple of sweaters, Journey tickets, 'love is forever," and her name in lights. I, Margaret-Kim McCarley, leave Coach Selagem my volleyball techniques, the needs themj: Carl Jack, a bottle of Keri Lotion: Leah Palmer, a turtleneck sweater: Matt Oldham, a pad of Data Processing Speculation sheets: Tiesha Franklin, anything that will calm her down, and I leave her my brains, to help her through her last year in high school. I. Bill McClusltey, leave to Dave my MG: I leave Kurt at Skinners. I leave to all of Arlington only my memory. I, Kari McConnell. leave Tim a new speedometer: Liz ajar of body glitter and Sue a double date with Dave and Scott, every other seal. I, Rebecca McCord, leave C.C. stumbling down Rt. 55 wondering why we can't drive to Hawaii . . .: T.C. falling out of the car and looking for her shoes . . . : L.V. being tackled on the ski slope . . . : TM. deciding to sleep . . , : We all leave Flo-Bo Inc. as usual . . . I, Kelly McCoy, leave Mark all of Me forever, my food on his plate, snap-Legs and saying "No, you won't do that": Jill pushing my car and us saying 'Knothead and Splinter, friends forever": Shari and Russ Endless L-O-V-E and my family a "BUCKEY". I, Steven McDonald, leave Oblique and L still looking and wishing: Tania dotting everyone: and the key with high hopes. I, Ellen McCann, leave Patty 808!!!: Aim a guitar pick: Christie my boots. I leave all my love to all my friends especially Patty and Aim for always being there. I luv yas. And for my sister Debbie to pick up where I left off. I, Laura McGiIvray, leave Eileen a lighter and S.C.A.M.K.P: Amy looking for "arms": and Judy to Paul. I, Sabrina Mejias, leave Leah some REAL clothes: Marisa throwing Alka-seltzer into the sink t"First, put it in water. . ."l: R.J. climbing through the window when we "locked" the door: and KD, TK, MO, JE and I leave Jonah and the whale to continue their attacks but hopefully in private, I, Tina McKenna, leave my "big" brothers, Andy and Tommy, with 2 years left at A,H.S. Good Luckl: Little Ed to his horsey talk, hay and 2 years of tapping. Thanx!: 'Smiley' "Short" talks when we should have been doing homework: Agnes still wondering whose Jim we're talking about and what to get them for Christmasl: Good luck class of '84 tNov. Et Junej! I, Andy Medla, leave Chris a calculator to keep score: Pete a Brand New l984 Reliant K: I leave Craig and Alfie each other: I leave Ricky overweight and still learning how to drive: and I leave Jonna some height and all our memories of Wild Wood, I, Karen Meurs, leave Sue not doing her Math homework in lunch: Kim drowning in a pot of water: Jeff still saying, 'So . . . Whadya think'?7" Kotes at the cabin talking to my feet: and Dawn a smile, I, Kathryn Meyerson, leave Tim, my Beagle eyes: Bill a bigger lunch but a smaller seat on marching band trips: Jill, my basson, Mary and Sally, a decade of friendship: Jeff and Craig, another girl to pick on in lunch. I, Ed Milhaven, leave J.D. and S.M. another full season of 'time to make the doughnuts.": Erik with something completely different. tping-pongj: Dave and Helen with KA: and TM. being stuck up again. I, Rich Millard, leave remembering that Led Zepplin will always be number one! I, Neil Miller, leave Brian a I6-foot A Steinway for somewhere to put his tower of Prophets: Tony a set of Candy-Apple, Brass-lugged Artstars: Bill dual Webers for the MGB: and Kurt I6 schillings. I, Carlos Mina, leave the truck with a bent license plate to my brother: Dena confused . . . only kiddingl: Theresa with a big smile: Kari and Jule trying to figure out what rides to go on. I, Dawn Miranda, leave to Mary Beth fL.R.j TR. and all the rest teven JPJ, all the good and bad times we had fincluding the ones at the end of drivewaysj: and all my thanks and love. To Doug S. Rob D., and Carlos M. I leave standing on a table. Joe O. I leave a big "HELLO!" EM, D.S., K.W., M,L., KP, B.C., Thanks everyone, I, Starr G. Modlin, leave M.B. with nuts for her chipmunk cheeks: Loretta with a slower and more clear language for the world to understand: Albi with the short list of guys she has yet to go out with in all of New York State: Jungle Woman with the long list of over 400 male acquaintances we have met in our mischievous travels: and finally a purple heart for all courageous survivers of the 'Dreaded Ripped Lip from the Frozen Jello-Pudding Pop," I, Angela Montegari, leave Terry W. making a scene, Dawn Q. 'Wrecking the Place", and the whole back seat. To Charlie I leave all my love. I, Kurt Moore, leave Mark with our idenHciation Business: I leave Rich and Chris who left last year: Mike in New Paltz: I leave Lawrence confused: Thanks to a few good friends for being true friends. I, Will Moriarty, leave Greg a bar of soap on a rope! Larry a buck, Sherm . . .a claus: The crew team to keep tradition and kick some Roosevelt -, Karen, a spare set of keys and Lfori her ticket stub from "Yentl". I, Tonia Morse, leave Kendra struggling to open the locker we shared, with some success, I also leave her to another yr. of p.p. without too many headaches. fGod forbid anymorej. 'AI have a sister who's a legend in her own mind". Take care of my Joan, she's such a nutl: Thanks to Andrea Buergers, for being such a great friend. She finally sold her house! I, Kathy Morton, leave Arlington for California. To Jamie I leave only memories and a race this summer: To Laura I leave her with Romeo: To "Johnny Garant' I leave him with his 'Sexy legs" and him a Kevin listening to U-2: To Scott, Robin, Bobby, Woody, Jay, and Hans one more year guys! I, Andrea Most, leave Kati and Dylan red lights melodrama man on a charter bus or a rooftop: Vickie real, uncynical happiness: Marris knowing and understanding everything: To NS, SH, MS, AD, CR, JC, MP, BM, LH, TM, Mr. B, and Dave: theatrical memories, I, Mary Muessle, leave Colleen Mlooking for love in all the wrong pIaces": Kim at the Civic Center not quite knowing who Rainbow was: Nancy and Tracey 'doing it for memories.": Scott and Eric jamming where I can't hear them, and the best of luck to all my friends. I, Dawn Mulford, leave Kelly and Judi with our adventures in lunch: Joe and Gina all the happiness together: my sister a shoulder to lean on when she needs one: Barb driving by the lirehouse wondering'?'?'?: but most of all I leave A.H.S. with a lot of good memories. Good luck class of '84, I, Patty Mulligan, leave Ellen CSHJ many more great times with the real people of the city i808 foreverj: Amion, a guitar pick with her motorcycle permit, Christie, f"Lights"j tons of orange Reeses Pieces - with no place to "go": and thanks for the best of the memories to Zephyr and the cum. I. Larry Munger, leave Alex trapped in Barc's Mav in the Amazone Jungle with the Natives: Bob upside down in a Honda: Mike in a corn field, Pete with an incredible itch, and Wille with a Mspicey cookie" I, Diane Nesheiwat, leave Kelly Gerardi all the good times, bad times, memories we had at Arlington, will never forget them, Luv ya: Lori A. a day to chat with Mrs. Scott, art would not have been the same without you there: Gym class, school bus adventures and free periods to Heather R., Maria M., Karen K., and Leslie H., and also to Karen a shoulder to cry on ifever in need of a friend. Thanx for all the memories. Luv ya all!!! I, Rita Neville, leave Debbie H. all the memories we had as sisters, the good times in Boces and gym when we went: Heida A. standing outside in the morning having a cigarette waiting for the bell, the best of luck with Kenny: Chris O. walking to school every morning and to find a nice guy: Ed all my love now and forever. I, Michele Niver, leave with a sigh of relief and a lot of special memories. I leave my love and happiness to all of my friends, esp. M.S., D.H., TD., and D.S. I also leave saying I love you Mom and Dad for always being there when I needed you, To everyone else I leave a smile and much happiness for now and in the future, I, Mary Nuccio, leave David Klaproth as 'kiss' king of Arlington High: Kathy Averill with a happy life with Scott: Jeff Zanchelli a new pool float and a pitcher of ice-tea: Kim Lindmark a black Corvett from Alex: and to Gail Chianelli I leave her dreams to become a Florida Beach Bum and many more good times in the future. I, Kelly 0'Connor, leave my sister Karin two more years: Agnes always being independently wealthy: Mr. Frank more confused young scholars and my respect: Mrs. Murphy with morejuvenile delinquents and to all my friends, thanks for the memories. I, Christine 0'DelI, leave Rita with Ed planning their future together and a wish of good luck and hope they remain happy and together forever!!! To Heidi, I leave her lost in the halls looking for child development and her other classes: I leave Mary E with the memories of being the first two out of gym class with our shoes untied running down the hall and a wish of luck with her and Bucky: And I leave my best wishes to all of my friends, SK, EB, BD, etc. Good Luck. I, Theresa 0'Keel'e, leave Karen P with a future of happiness with J.W. M.: my good friend Lisa S. always special in my heart: Beth Clayton with all our many private jokes and 'another to write in our book": my brother Pete with lots of luck thru his high school yrs: and many thanks to my parents for all my success, I, Mary Beth O'NeiI, leave Starr in those flowered blue pajamas: Carolyn, I leave many many great times: I leave Stacey to number 9 and a seat belt: Jackie E I leave Mrs. C. 'coming to get us": I leave K.M., S.M., B-A-A-R-R-B, WM., GRIZZ, L.L., CH., S.M., TK., D,D., BUNS, M.F, RF, KT, D.H., dc MS., B.C., K.W., LP, A.L., all the special moments that we have shared 8: enjoyed. I, Robert O'Rourke, leave Steve Chiavelli a telephone pole, a move to the basket, a party he both remembers and doesn't regret, me and Chip always telling him how much we cormpted his mind: Kevin Collins the square root of negative one, still trying to get out of the fertile crescent, 'the Bet' on stand by, his mother always warning him not to let me and Chip corrupt his mind. I, Stacey Orr. leave Henry my black bikini: R.J. still wondering: and Barbara in the swamp with a box of Pampers: I also leave M.0., B.C., CV, D,H., PS., M.C., D.R., GF, SF, E,M,, S.W., and K.M. each with special memories of their own: hey Buddy - thanks and I love you. l, Mary Ottaway, leave Sally still looking like me with my hair parted on the SIDE: Jeff with cold hands and warm memories: Katie with at least a million 'Anyway's". I, Sarah Ottaway, leave Mary still looking like me with my hair parted in the MIDDLE: Kenny with as many one o'clock's as he can handle: Katie with I0 years with the fuzzy, brown, bear puppet. I, Leah Palmer, leave my cuz Nino dusted like 'nine", My Girl Starr arriving first and leaving first at parties: 'That Boy' Matt Oldham with his cherry drink: my close friend Lisa Apple trying to eat raw cake before her mom came home: and most of all I leave all my love to my family and Nate Fox. I, Tracey Palumbo, leave thanking Jaci Gent for making all my years of high school and our special friendship a special part of my life: Mary and Gail holding on for dear life in the 'red bomb': David Klaproth with at least a 5 minute break before lighting another cigarette: Jazzy Jess and Tami with many good times to come: and last but not least . . . I leave everyone a smile and the best of luck. I, Jon Papineau, leave all my love to Kimmy: and my two close friends RV and J,N. still in H.S. I, Lisa Parrotte, leave Ruth D,S. fthough he isn't worth itll: Christine a crash helmet for those bad days: and the AV crew sitting around in the 'TURNIP PATCH": Finally I leave B.M,, L.H., A.D., J.C., A,E,, J.H., K.B., MP, L.L,, M.R., J.L., MV, D.S., K.S., D.C.,TH.,T'If, M.S., S.I'l., DV, and everyone else my love and good wishes. I, John Passarelli, leave my dearest Suzanne wishing she was leaving with me: Tony in need of a haircut: Mr. DeRosa many thanks for his help and support throughout high school: Mike F in Myrtle Beach having a terrific time: Danny P manager of the year, I. Karen A. Passarelli, leave Theresa O. sleeping in front of G.G.'s house with a melon ball in her hand: Beth C. eating at McDonald's and her old apartment back: Eileen U. as my roommate at Suny Potsdam: Karen B. struggling for words with N.M. and J.W,M. a special place in my heart forever! I, Ray Patiemo, leave all my love to Jacqueline: and the best of luck to all my friends. I, Michael Paul, leave Jay Bloomer lighting with his mom for control ofthejacuzzi: Pete Thomson a real driver's license: Jeff stringer a real football team: Vinny Mastapola a lawn, and Ian that special black shirt he got for Christmas. I, Renee Pelland, leave Arlington High School with memories of all the good times I've had with my friends: I leave Michelle her seniority: Cindy wondering if 'he' could've handled both of us: Jenny in the stall remembering that Dallas game: and Lara with memories of Chris and Chris and their sound effects. I, Jill Petersen, leave Renee a continually wholesome life ahead of her and a good laugh over the 18: Jamie his annoying Yoda impression: Jeff an Easter egg with a big surprise inside: Kelly a menu CM-E-N men, YJO-U youj and chestnuts roasting on an open fire: W.W., Kelly and I leave saying, 'Knothead and Splinter, friends forever." I, Chris Peterson, leave to Jenny, a wrestling coach who has a great tan, and loves the Cowboys, to Michelle, that famous quote 'you still have friends": to Lara, a thank you for the fun we've had. . . fexcept for those bruises on my legi: to Diane, someone to laugh with all summer longl: to Adam, a brand new band jacket . . . fAsbestos coated, of courselj. I, Joe Petrosky, leave Birdy heavily in debt: Becky one large bandaid: Renee and Jill at the mercy of the FOX: Ray sitting home on New Years Eve. I, Marc Pfeifer, leave special thanks to K.W. for helping me through all the rough times of this year: H.H. a very hardy 'heh": L.K. in Wildwood trying to find a date: and to Jayne I leave many great times in the past with many more to follow, 'I hope," I, Andrew Phillips, leave my thanks to the Rev. James for being a friend fGood luck in New Yorkj: one more wild party to all who attended the last one: Miss Drewes my thanks and a real stereo: and to Amy Beth G, all my love. I, Dan Pietrafesa. leave Janet at Arlington for two more years: Chris his All American Award: John a baseball scholarship: Mr. DeRosa much thanks for making me a part of the team: Neil knowing that I will not be in his Math class next year, I, Ken Pomilla, leave the AHS faculty one last Pomilla to put up with, Sue: to Eileen I leave a sincere thanx for everything: contrary to popular belief, I leave D.D. all my love forever: I leave Crusher falling on the ice while Pooh Bear laughs in hysterics: finally, I leave all my friends a good luck wish and Thanx for everything! I, Janine Privratsky, leave Jonni more days to complete her forgotten book: Lisa and Ann with a lost box of candy: Rita still waiting to go out with Rob: Texas Lunch with Tea and a toasted hard roll for breakfast: A.H.S. with fond memories: and all my love to John. I, John Quist, leave Eileen Unterberger playing with her tennis racquet and Debbie Dorsey at the zoo with the monkeys. I- Chris Rlgonese, leave Andrea and Carlton still wondering what happened at Oceanside: Carlton, Damon, and I, the 'soap brothers", trying to get anyone we oould lind to join us in the shower: Elena happily leaving on a plane for Vienna with a million dollars: Aileen being one of the few selected to attend Area All 513101 and to all my 'drama" friends all those cliche things that don't need to be said. J, Michele Rauschenhach, leave Jackie with frostbite in Florida: Eileen, Karen and Lori fun in the sun 21 HIIIOH Head: Kim trying to stay awake: the 'gang' great times: and Kevin 1. I. Chris Reilly, leave Kit and Kat a few lumps for Pete Puma: and Moonchild still condemned to purgatory and Music. I, CIIYISSY R0w1ud,leave-Mary E all the great memories and you will always be a good friend forever: thanks Gina C. for always. being there: L.A-. S.D., K.C., S.C., D.D., we had a lot of good times: I leave Barbara D. one tie-dye shirt: and now I leave to be with the one I love, Kenny: thanks Mom and Dad. I, Steve Reuter, leave Lisa all my love and memories along with my comments: and Jon on the floor at Kentucky Fried Chicken, I, Randy Lynn Reynolds, leave thanking John for all the special memories: I leave Laura still giving wrong directions to her own house: I leave Brian a 'white' car: I leave George E with a pair of chucks and a lump on his head. I, Scott Richards, leave Richard Starkey still not liking onions: Jeff B. to carry on the Merc tradition: Hey, M.H. - RRRRRRRRRR Bum Bum!! oh Weill: special thanks and memories to Mr. and Mrs. Buergers, Mrs. M.W,, Mr. B.S., Mr. RM., W.G., A.I., G.R., 'Legs". 'IIM.I. and all my other friends: and last I leave 'De Oppresso Liber"! I, Eileen Ringel, leave Heather and Pat fighting: Laura a bottle of ketchup that worked and a pack of cigarettes: Ken ten girls and buttons for his shirt: Karen a ride home: and Mike a can of 7-Up and another year here. I, Alfio Romano, leave Tom still dreaming about Eileen: Pete still in the batters box: Chris with a broken TV set: Craig scared to death of epilepsy and not so tough: and Johnny still with a spot on his head. I, Dave Rosenfeld, leave Kim L., all my love, hugs and kisses: Rockin-'lim a real car door: Jimmy Keller, a box of Warm Fuzzies: and Coll B. my endless friendship. I, Stacy Rosenfeld, leave Anne using those big words during the summenime, Shannon with a broken camera: my friends fespecially Betty and Ladyl with my deepest gratitude for making these years really great: and Mom and Dad all my thanx for all the support they've given me over the years. I, Karen Rotella, leave Bmay Jaeger still thinking her friend Dave is nice looking: I leave Greg Taylor bugging Rob Anderson for me: I leave Brian McCourt good luck in North Campus: I leave Carrie Innes an extra pack of cigarettes: I leave Adam Sigler walking past me on purpose! I, Kevin Roth, leave Barb saying we have to go out one of these nights and both of us knowing who Stanley is: Karen putting two dollars in her car and saying 'God I hope we make it to schooI': Kim throwing up her cup of tea at Texas Lunch: to everyone else thanks for the funtimes. I, Mark Roth, leave Kelly flying off a cliff, a Ho Jo to go, walking like the Ducks in Tanglewood Park and all of me to keep forever: I leave Mom and Dad all my thanks: I leave Vinny a crash proof Mazda: and Shari and Russ a TA. from McDonalds. I, Shaman Roth, leave Anne Marie still talking on the phone: Stacy with a busy outfit: Tuna still getting nervous: my best friends, Anne and Stacy, with great memories and many thanks: and my Mom and Dad with special thanks. I, Brian Rothstein, leave Vic, Jeff, Dave and Sheryl in Saratoga with a pillow, a broken car and a bag of Jelly Beans: Tim a Rockin pair of vans: Jon a real car: Kathy I leave her me: and Wanda a ride home from school every day. I, George Rugal: leave Scott fThe Little Soldierl a lot of luck in Special Forces: Rich and Mark wondering how I got so many free periods: Tom the thought, 'I do believe in God": K.B. a life time supply of my cartoons: 5th period lunch with a lot of laughs. I, Cathi Sambuco leave the Clorinda Syndrome . , . hopefully! I, Renee Sampson, leave my brother in this place for another two years: to all my friends the best of luck in the future: thanks to C.W, S.B., S.D., C.C.. B.C. for making this last year worth living: to Darren I leave all my love forever. I, Kimberlee Seaman, leave all the love in the world with lots of great times to come to Shelley: to Brian I leave 'the love forever": I leave Michael still preparing for beautiful grandchildren: I leave the strawberry daquiri girls with lots of fantastic memories: and to my 'little sis' Caine, S.C., J.B,, A.L,, LL., WM. QMPJ, K.G.R., D.H., M.S., JMB., 8: J.W., I leave a friendship to last forever and ever! I, Lisa Sforza, leave Jayne Hayden with a tie score of 6 Up. . . Never let it end: to Theresa I leave not having to say a word: you already know T: to Kelly I leave 'knowing' that one day she'lI find what she needs: Nuge with many more shots to the throat, and other familiar places: and to Spitz, I leave a piece of mind. Don't stop believing take it all the way. I, Mike Shaughnessy, leave Rockin Tim 'behind the Green Door": John C. a princess in a temple: Kurt some cool clothes: and I leave Greg Starzyk Mrs. Long Statistics, and a Taxi! A I, Paul Sherman, leave Darren laughing about the water on his boot in the Juliet: Willie dreaming of Louise and Alex: Swivel Hips living with the Indians and a wolf: Chipmunk cheeks late for psychology, and the football team a whole lot of pride. I, Maria Siegel, leave Darren and Paul still calling me Pita: I leave Lori saying 'Ya know what I mean'?": I leave Jamie - Iinally!: I leave Arlington all the beautiful memories of the class of '84: and I leave Darren my 'endless love". I,.Richard Sleight, leave Dave with one Million Dollars for lunch in the first week of school next yean Tom still collecting lost souls for the church: Guido a crate of new flannel shirts: George a new jacket instead of his denim one: a straightjacket: and all the rest of my friends, not mentioned, good luck in life. I, Shannon Slocum, leave E.B. with her musical ambitions: ML with her Goucho career, and SS with lots of energy. I, Lisa Smith, leave Shelly, Susan, and Penny a lot of thanks: good luck to Kristen and next year's yearbook staff: to Ken P I leave buttons, needles, and thread: I also leave Shelly trying to forget the back of my head. I, Jonna Spilbor, leave M.K. and SM. with some real happy memories: Donna M., my little S.I.L., with an everlasting friendship: and most of all I leave with Joe Murphy still and always behind the wheel. I, Vicky Spyrou, leave Arlington High School with great memories: Colette and me walking through Poughkeepsie and Friday mornings at Texas Lunch: Tracy always waiting for David: finally I leave Mary always loving Joe. I, Susan Steier, leave Mr. Seibold and my old physics class, especially Andrea, Nancy and 'Mr. Ed", my laugh, and flies: Corrine and I leave 'line and dandy': Lisa still thinking it was funnyiwhen it wasn't' Shelly always a friend letting it ring once: and to 'Iina, Penny, Michelle, Laurie, Amy and all my friends' thanks for the memories, Love ya. ' ' I, Andrea Stem, leave Jeannine driving by WB's house, chasing me with an eyeliner pencil and doing endless perfect double-tumaroundsl Rita jogging with me before dawn. and listening to all my jokes in biology, and my favorite sister Michele continuing with few worries, much fun, and lots of luck I, Chad Stone, leave Brad and Carlos walking tall: Dan with some writing skills: the Arlingtonian with my articles: Melinda with all my love: and everyone wondering who I really am. I, Michele St. Onge, leave the many fond memories of the times we've shared and all our laughs to Penny, "Boa Kaa": all my Thursday nights to Butch: all the crazy times and the lingeraknuckle-palm method to Jeff. 'Working on live years now. Go for it!": Toni all the crazy times in English and her 'let's open the present while everyone else is sleeping": Penny and I still playing football on the band camp Iield. I, Jeti' Stringer, leave Mike Paul a Michigan Panthers and Detroit Red Wings hat: Ian Gileskie a thought to finally give up on the Dallas Cowboys: Matt Elmore, I leave a big color poster of Billy Sims, who is better than Franco Harris anyday: Jay Bloomer, a night away from the house, and a losing Miami football team: better luck next year. I, Shelly Strydio, leave Andy waiting for the summer and someday. . . : Sue some more of my ex's: Lisa to take her unique sense of humor to RPI: Andrea and Lisa to have some time not spent on Yearbook: good luck to next year's staff. I, Sue Studer, leave Debbie W. an extra ping-pong paddle to have an edge on Mark in gym: Debbie S. a pen to write more notes from home: Debbie Smith an apple for Dandy: and I leave Carrie with B's black book. I, Laura Simdberg, leave wondering when Kat will tind her true love: Darrin with all my thanx and my love: Rich trying to find the meaning of his life: and John with the understanding that l'll always love him, and never forget: finally, I leave wishing all my friends the best of everything. I, Kelly Surieo, leave Lee totally in love: Kim spaced out: Dana my dirty gym clothes: Thanks for all the memories, and great times: K.H., L.S., J.S., M.M.: I'm leaving now to be with the one I love. , . Rick: Stay cool!! I, Kelly Sweet, leave Miss Drewes and Valerie forever running the Stormy workouts: my sister, Kris, forever doing homework. and worrying whether it really is done: All my love to J.A.C.: and to Arlington I leave with many crazy memories, and friends. I, Teresa Taubl, leave Sue M. with my closest friendship, skiing disasters, and maybe Scoogie: SVM. a black GMC, including the owner, Raiders of the Lost Ark and Richard Pryor: Roy Lucas I leave Kaal Rock, grasshoppers, and the Army: R.S., B.S., S.M., J.B., 'lime, LF and .I SL F my thanks for their friendship and support: I leave Arlington with too many memories of my attendance. I, Jackie Taurence, leave Kristin all my thanks for all our years of friendship and all we've been through together: I leave Jill on the bus singing. . . : I leave Larry still asking, 'Who is it'?": I can't leave Helen anything because she's already got everything, sorry! I, Butch Terminello, leave Matt Sakkas a real nose and a real lifesize - 'You know what Greeks say'!': Kelly Davis my etemal love and friendship fand stuffj: Melinda my 'Jokes' and whatever: M.S. Thursday nights and hangman!!: Agnes second period and a real lawyer. I, Phil Thurst, leave my teachers wondering how I pulled it off: Smoken, smilen, Joe fighting Communism all over the world: Jeff 'stud' Zanchelli being turned down again and again . . . : my sister carrying on the tradition, and looking for Chad Stone: for a hopeful future with K.S. I, Stephen Tice, leave the Ski Club with good friends and the Spring Track Team the Big win in the State meets. I also leave this school with good times. I, Toni Tompkins, leave Aileen D. Horaldo, Reunite and Bob the bulb eating bunny: Laura popping out of a sunroof: Butch in a taxi heading for Hopewell Junction: Michele Thursday nights with Butch: and all my love to Dan! I, Kevin Tlipper, leave Becki fMy Favorite Personi, a hug a day for the rest of her life: Becki, Jill, and Mr. Wynne risking their life in their car because that's their business: Craig K. a workout program so he can lift his own TV, and get a real body: Renee fMy other favorite personj All the answers to the Calc AP Exam. I, Ralph Umhoefer, leave to Mark and Jim, an easy writer Disc to break into, to Pat and Adrieene I leave my locker combination and a bag of styrofoam: to Lew D., Jim D., Sean M., and Mr. Buergers, I leave a snow storm on stage, and to the Marching Band, I leave the BEST Season ever. Bye. I, Eileen Unterberger, leave my brother Robbie, hard work and fun times to come in the future 'Good- Luck": Michele R., Lori, Karen, Jill, and Kelly all the memories of Hilton Head - 'Michele get out of the sun!': Pam and Jonna their sleepless and wild weekends: Dineen with an eternal smile and many terrific times in college: Ricky and Pam playing a 'real' tennis game. I, Jamie VanBramer, leave Mikie still madly in love with Biff the Kahlua Bear: Lori still trying to get a real voice and saying, 'You know what I mean7": Pam St Jonna a few inches of my height: Darren and Maria both still looking for a real car: the ice hockey team to anybody crazy enough to want to inherit it. I, Cathy VanCoughnett, leave Stacey forever being my B.B.: to Donna I leave two band-aids and someone else to fight: to G.M. all the memories of B.K. and 'Hey Buddy': to Michelle I leave 'One Saturday Night in the Altogether": and finally to all my friends I leave a smile, hug, and all my love always!! I, Damon Van Demarlt, leave Dylan with the smiles fand Katij: A.H.S. my little brother: A,H.S. free now of annoying individualists, able to function properly now Ctickj properly now fclickj properly. . . : Andrea alone fbut with my phone numberj. I, Jonna VanWagenen, leave my other two thirds saying 'We're just a party lookin' for a place to happen': Pam shouting 'Tourists' in Washington, begging me to 'twist her ami' and saying "you're not going to believe this onel' and 'WONGO": Sue 100 pennies: I leave still trying to convince Andy that WILD WOOD is in my backyard: and finally, I leave Eileen a boyfriend. I, Meegan Lee Veeder, leave Mr. Robinowitz a poem and a broken cello: Elena searching for my prom date: my brother Ding saying 'My name is Dal!!': Mrs. Seager with many thanks and blue ribbons: and to all my Dave friends memories of me and my sewing machine mending torn and tattered clothes and a set made of ticky-tac. l, Sue Ward, leave my other two-thirds saying, 'We're just a party looking for a place to happen!', Pam saying, 'Not on the Oriental rug!'?!': and Jonna a lighter car fl0 ton limitj: I leave Karen a spatula for her headlights: and Terri a helium machine fHi!J. I, Timothy Watson leave the Chamelion and the Seal a beret each: TB., J.B., S.C., K.'If, K.C., and R.0. a can of ham: the Russians hoping that the Commandos do not retum fWe shall thoughj: the Kampers a bunch of signs and a painted road: DD, DC, BW, CW, VM, PG, and GR lots of luck in the future. I, Becki Way, leave Renee hanks for 'the best of times' and promises of more: Brian searching for dreams and making up for lost time: Mary a smile and someone her own age: and Kevin fmy favorite personj a hug a day: Also, thanks EU, JR JT, and KK. I, Kim fWazoo1 Wazewski, leave my mother signing furiously at Arlington: Renee to carry on the 'rowdiness': Dee V waiting for Butch to come home: Mr. Weyant all his jokes and with a big thanks: my special friends, Jamie K., Kevin R. and the gang with lots of love and happy memories - Thanks guys! I, Mark Webeig leave Chris all my Tishirts: Mrs. G. all my missspelled words: and to all the rest I leave my love. I, Stuart Weiss, leave the X-C team as 'The Real One": My friends all the good times: remembering the team's accomplishments over the years and a thanks to the coaches: everyone left to carry on where we've left off, and above all for good! I, Kelly Welsh, leave Gina in fourth period saying 'I don't believe thisl' and still singing her song! Thanks for all your helpl: Dave and Scott all my watermelon candyl: Traci and Kathy still confused in first period: and Danny, I leave some very special memories and a special place for you in my heart. I, Kim Werber, leave to 'Jon Jon" all the great memories we have: to AG, and JF all my 'Yows!': to Mom, Dad and Ryan all my love: and a big thanks to all you special people who make me so happy! I, Colette Werskey, leave Carrie always having to hear me yell and Scott's love: Vicky walking through Poughkeepsie fbut not alonej: Shawn hearing the echo of her nickname: Darnell chasing little Pauls around the house: and to Darren all my love always no matter what. I, Lisa Wenzel, leave my best friend, Sue Traver with one more year in this place: SM with all the memories: Phils, whoppers, eguanas, great adventure, SC Great Adventure, the valley, etc.: Sunita and Michele with all my boring problems: and to all my friends the best of everything in the future. I, Richard Willey, leave leadership of the debate club opposition to Andrew: one copy of the Prince to Blair Schneider and a lot of weird memories to all the members of my social studies class, I, Jackie Wilson, leave Michele still riding around in her bat mobile: Anne getting hit by a bus: Lori with a real laugh: the gang at a party getting raided by the Kampers: I leave all the great memories to MR, AL, MS, KS, KB, LL, BC. I, Vickie Wahl, leave to Andr., the other pink glass, a leopard slip foohlj and almost the same person: to Mary happiness and 'Thanks for sharing:' to the main oflice - peace and quiet and normal morning announcements, I, Wayne Woodbrey, leave MR BH with best wishes in the future: Tom Brinkerhoff battered and bruised after wrestling practice: Mrs. Tillman looking for her clay: Donna E. with a hug: Jenny T with nothing but nice things in the future. I, Agnes Yando, leave Kelly taking tennis lessons and my eternal friendship: Sue more orange and blue hair for future Halloween parties: Nancy more hugs: Butch still tripping over chairs when late for second period: the 7th period lunch gang continuous laughter and friends forever! I, Jeff Zanchelli, leave Rich and Pam in a swamp: Gail, Mary Sc Lisa parallel parking with Mr. Callahan: Twinkee, Ray, Sheryl, Dave, and Vic wandering through the streets of Saratoga: Steven and Richard kicking back: Corie and White Lines in the happening place. I, Geraldine Zang, leave Mr. Okraski with his cabinet intact fwith no burnsj, my thanks to Mr. L. and the 'G's': lots of luck and love to my brother Steven: and a great big hug to each and every one of the special people in 6th period lunch - thank you all so very much! I, Keith Zimmerman, Leave Winnie still looking for love: Chris Peter the Great: Mic looking for a real man: Paul my smelly jersey. I, Peter Zimmerman, leave Tom, Tony, and Jonnie a room and a mirror at the Hilton: Andy a big blue elephant: Tom at the bowling alley saying 'He hit me, he!'!' hit me.': the soccer team more 'doggies of the hundred variety": Anne finally realizing my car is YELLOW, not GREEN. We, Miss Vreatt's first period class, leave AHS wiser through suffering. We, the Kampers, leave still knowing that the Kampers Are Mentally Prepared Everlasting Real Sikdudes. We, the Antikampers, leave knowing that we can't compete with the Kampers. We are not a good organization. Please forgive us Kampers, Please. We, the students of Mr. Gambino's BC Calculus class, leave Mr. Gambino a keg of orange soda, a bottle of cologne, and a terrific surrealistic experience. We, 6th Period AP Calculus, leave Mr. Gambino being chased by the Bees and a sixapack of orange soda. We, the members of Drama Club, leave Maestro Hoey ten free piano lessons so that he can play something besides Fonim. We, Mrs. Gales's 6th period class, leave tons of Goose Bumps! We, Mrs. Kime's AP History class, leave her to peace, quiet, or tranquility. We, Mr. Usil'er's AP Biology Class, leave him with the great scent of Brute. We, The Cross Coimtry Team, leave Mr. Horton at the Hotel Syracuse in the Library and a shoe stuck in the mud. We, the typing statl' including Laurie and Katie, leave broken fingernails, sore backs, lost free time, deadlines, and the known fact that we will never do this again! WE, THE 84 ANCHORS STAFF fALIAS ANDREA, LISA, AND SHELLYJ, LEAVE TO TAKE A DAY OFFIIII Abherve, Patricia Albertson, Traci Albrecht, Lori Aliolta, Anne Alves, Anthony Amorosi, Richard Anderson, Brian Andrews, Christopher Antedominico, Denise Appolonia, Lisa Arentsen, Barbara Arnold, Holly Arribas, Maria Atkins, Mark Averill, Kathleen Bacon. Robert Bahret, Kimberlee Baker, Shawn Baldwin, Susan Balga, Darnell Ballard, Walter Banas. Eileen Band, Hirak Baright, Marybeth Barlow, Jennifer Basch. Valerie Baskin. Marris Bathrick, Steven Bayne, John Beck, Tara Beckham, Cone Belterman, Susan Beltrani, Angela Benes, John Bertolozzi, Karen Beyer, Beth Beyer, Craig Bienwald, Karl Blamble, Kathryn Blauth, David Bloomer. Jay Boccard, Frances Bocchino, Betty-Jo Bogart. Sean Bolduc. Joyce Bonanno, Paul Bonk, Laura Bordas, Kathleen Borgoy, Elizabeth Braig, Maria Braun, Thomas Bray. Todd Brengel, Paula Brewster, Alexander Briggs, Alfred Briggs, Laura Brinson, Clarence Brockmeyer, Paul Brown, Curtis Brown, Katherine Bruggemann, Kimber Brunner, Kristen Senior Director VanWagner Rd. Hillcrest Dr. Creek Rd. 21 Meadow Ln, Hemlock Dri 2 Hogan Dr. 7 Jones St. 3 Bushwick Rd. Clapp Hill Rd. 3 Saxon Dr. Martin Rd, Andrews Rd. Cole Rd. Washburn Dr. Jennifer Hill Valley View Rd. Freedom Rd. 57 Shady Bridge Tr. VanWagner Rd, Parksville 13 Manor Dr. Noxon Rd, 4 High Point Dr. 520 Dutchess Tpk. Emans Rd. 49 High Acre Dr. 8 Homer Pl. Scout Rd. Todd Hill Rd, Todd Hill Rd. 35 Overlook Rd. Pleasant Ridge Rd. Gretna Rd. Salt Point Tpk. 46 Schyler Dr. Martin Rd. 57 Ridge Rd. 68 Geneva Dr. 33 Clove Hill 184 Cross Rd. Upton Rd. 436 Dutchess Tpk. 52A Springside Forrest Dr. 62 Tamarack Hill 46 Tamarack Hill Clove Valley Rd. 10 Boardman Rd. Halter Ln. 74 Davis Ave. Ostelsheimer St. 32 49 North Grand North Ave. Barmore Rd. Pine Hill Rd, Guernsey Hill Depot Hill Rd. 24 Vail Rd. Carter Rd. Neid Dr. Gardener Hollow Rd. Rombout Rd. Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Pleasant Valley Poughkeepsie Hopewell Jct, Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie LaGrangeville Poughkeepsie Pleasant Valley LaGrangeville Pleasant Valley Poughkeepsie LaGrangeville Pleasant Valley Pleasant Valley Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Pleasant Valley Poughkeepsie LaGrangeville Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie LaGrangeville Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Salt Point Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Poughquag Hyde Park Pleasant Valley Poughkeepsie LaGrangeville Poughkeepsie Hopewell Jct. Poughkeepsie LaGrangeville LaGrangeville Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Poughquag Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie LaGrangeville Poughkeepsie Pleasant Valley Poughkeepsie 7030 Boeblinger Poughkeepsie Pleasant Valley LaGrangeville Pleasant Valley LaGrangeville Poughquag Poughkeepsie Pleasant Valley Pleasant Valley Poughquag Poughkeepsie 12603 12603 12569 12603 12533 12603 12603 12603 12540 12603 12569 12540 12569 12603 12540 12569 12569 12603 12603 12569 12603 12540 12603 12603 12540 12603 12603 12578 12603 12603 12603 12570 12538 12569 12603 12540 12603 12533 12603 12540 12540 12603 12603 12570 12603 12603 12540 12603 12569 12603 VL Ger 12603 12569 12540 12569 12540 12570 12603 12569 12569 12570 12603 Bruton, Gerald Buckley, Eric Buckley, Kristen Buechele, Timothy Burke, Tara Bushee, Ronald Butler, Carl Callaghan, Patricia Campillii, Ann Cannone, Jeffrey Canuel, Barbara Capalbo, Philip Cardinal, Teresa Carey, Phillip Carroll. Paul Carson, Dena Carta, Dineen Carter, Michele Carvalho, Wanda Caso, Robert Cassell, Audra Castella, Carrie Caswell, Ruth Chabot, Christine Chang. Keith Cherry, Steven Chianelli, Gail Chiarella, Susan Chiavelli, Steven Chrysler, John Cimorelli, Karen Cioffi, Kathleen Clark, Barry Clark, Carol Clark, B. Thomas Clayton, Elizabeth Cleverly. Bradley Cline. David Cline, Virginia Close, Suzanne Closs, David Coddington, Brenda Cody, Patrick Collins, Dylan Collins, Kevin Conner, Lori Coppola, James Corcoran, Tanya Cordaro, John Corrado, Kathleen Corrado, Marco Craven, Matthew Crivello, Edward Cross, Kevin Curry. Regina Cussick, Robert Dal Cortivo, Danna Daley, Kimberly Damato, Frank Damico, Toni Anne Daniels, Kimberly Darling, Kathi D'Avanzo, Peter Davies, Kristina Davies, Ruth Davis, Debra Davis, Jeffrey Davis, Kelly Davis, Sheryl Deacon, Richard DeBellis, David DeBlasis, Michael DeFrance, Tina del Rio, Joseph Delaney, Katherine Delano, Lynn Anne Dellacamera, Chris Dellheim, Michael Denault, Michelle Denney, Bradley DeSaulles, Jean Arnaud Devendorf, Katherine Devine, Scott Diamond, Barbara Dilworth, Peggy Dimetro, Kim Dinovo, Raymond Doherty, Pamela Doherty, Susan Doland, Stephen Domicoli Thomas Dondlinger, Mark Donegan, Kathleen Donegan, Stacy Doney, Amy Donohue, Laura 69 Overocker Rd. Corey Rd. 24 Cromwell Dr. Overlook Rd. Mountain View 419 Tower Rd, 660 Route 44 Rossway Rd. 15 Fairmont Ave. Gail Ln. 10 Thendara Ln. 18 Main Rd. State Rd. Green Haven Rd. Todd Hill Rd. 19 Davis Rd. Frances Dr. El Vassar Garden Woodland Dr. 5 Hillview Dr. 51 Titusville Rd. Travis Rd. Alley Rd. 252 Manchester Rd. Main St. Mountain Pass Rd. 23 Spy Hill 14 Arbor Arms Meadow Ln. Mountain View Dr. Walnut Rd. Carol Dr. lA Dutchess Apts. 50 Scenic Hill BeekmanfPoughquag Rd. Overlook Rd. 38 Ireland Dr. Traver Rd. Traver Rd. 7 Milano Dr. Pleasant Hill Rd. 35 Davis Ave. Indian Pass Lauer Rd. Milano Dr. 6 Nelson Rd. 587 Jordan Ct. 493 Arbor Hill Dr. 209 Rochdale Rd. Maple Rd. 9 Emmott Pl. 24 Musselman Dr. 19 Kimball Dr. South Cross Rd. Green Haven Rd. Drake Rd. Cross Rd. Rossway Rd. Whiteford Dr. Main St. Pine Hill Rd. 6 Stanley St. Andrews Rd. 1 Dorchester Skidmore Rd. Route 55 King Rd. 28 Schyler Dr. 50 VanWagner Rd. Rt. 82 Arthursburg Rd. Skidmore Rd. 63 Catskill Ave. Mennella Rd. Noxon Rd. Sylvan Lake Rd. 29 Harden Dr. 50 Homer Pl. 4 Debra Hill 23 Streit Ave. 64 Rue De la Couronne 9 Krom Dr. 19 Seitz Terrace Bloomer Rd. 19 Rothnbrg Rd. Smith Rd. 5 Arden Ln. Velie Rd. 67 Forest Valley 87 Plass Rd. 14 Fairmont Ave. 6 Thendara Ln. North Ave. Quaker Hill Rd. Smith Rd. Jordan Ct. Poughkeepsie Poughquag Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Hopewell Jct. Poughkeepsie Pleasant Valley Poughkeepsie Poughquag Poughkeepsie Poughquag Pleasant Valley Poughquag LaGrangeville Poughkeepsie Hopewell Jct. Poughkeepsie Poughquag Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Hyde Park LaGrangeville Poughkeepsie Pleasant Valley Hopewell Jct. Poughkeepsie Pleasant Valley Pleasant Valley Pleasant Valley Pleasant Valley Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Poughquag Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Pleasant Valley Pleasant Valley Poughkeepsie Hopewell Jct. Poughkeepsie Stormville Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Pleasant Valley Poughquag Pleasant Valley Poughkeepsie Poughquag Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie LaGrangeville Poughquag Pleasant Valley LaGrangeville Pleasant Valley Pleasant Valley Pleasant Valley Pleasant Valley Poughkeepsie LaGrangeville Poughkeepsie LaGrangeville Poughquag Hopewell Jct. Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie LaGrangeville LaGrangeville LaGrangeville Poughkeepsie Poughquag Poughkeepsie Hopewell Jct. LaGrangeville Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie 68400 Reidishe Pleasant Valley Poughkeepsie LaGrangeville Poughkeepsie Pleasant Valley Poughkeepsie LaGrangeville Pleasant Valley Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Pleasant Valley Pleasant Valley Poughkeepsie Poughquag im 12603 12570 12603 12603 12603 12533 12603 12569 12603 12570 12603 12570 12569 12570 12450 12603 12533 12603 12570 12603 12603 12538 12540 12603 12569 12533 12603 12569 12569 12569 12569 12603 12603 12603 12570 12603 12603 12569 12569 12603 12533 12603 12582 12603 12603 12569 12570 12569 12603 12570 12603 12603 12603 12540 12570 12569 12540 12569 12569 12569 12569 12603 12540 12603 12540 12570 12533 12603 12603 12540 12540 12540 12603 12570 12603 12533 12540 12603 12603 12603 France 12569 12603 12540 12603 12569 12603 12540 12569 12603 12603 12603 12569 12569 12603 12570 Dorsey, Deborah Douglas, Brenda Drezelo, Patricia Dribusch, Stephen Drohosky, Steven Duffy, Aileen Duhamel, Jay Dwyer, Kevin Dziuban, Karin Eastwood, Michael Eberhard, Charlotte Eberle, William Edel, Raymond Egger, Alan Eichenhofer, Donna Ellmore, Matthew Elmendorf. Tammy Enderle, Robert Eshelman, Amy Esparza, Maria Esposito. Alisa Evangelista, Nick Faber, Kevin Fairbairn, Deborah Fairbairn, Samantha Farrier, Renee Faure, Suzanne Fecketter, Cheryl Feliciano, Victor Felippe, Antonio Fenton, Jacqueline Ferguson, Thomas Ferrari, Michael Ferraro, Richard Filion, Amy Finnegan, Eileen Finnegan, Mary Fisher, Karen Fisher, Pamela Fishler, George Forman, James Forneris, Karen Foster, Kenneth Fountain, Bradley Fox, Jacqueline Frederic, Laureen Free, John Freed, Adam Friest, Robert Galbraith, William Gallagher, Harold Gallagher, Karen Garcia-Renart, Kati Garlepp, Laura Garrant, John Garrepy, Peter Garrepy, Stephen Garrity, Paul Gates, Brian Gaulin, Elise Gent, Jacqueline Gentile, Kevin George, Jennifer Gerardi, Kelly Gerty, Alice Gierloff, Kathleen Gileski, lan Gilli, Donna Godfrey, Amy Beth Golda, Geraldine Goodbar, Sonya Gormon, Ed. Gotthardt, Deanna Gover, Matthew Grayson, Robert Greifenberger, Tracy Grosman, Bruce 67 Titusville Rd. 189 Freedom Pl. Rd. Valley View Rd. Flynn Ln. Mennella Rd. Box 374 Vassar Col. Innsbruck Blvd. 1 Shamrock Circle 116 Plass Rd. 620 VanWagner Rd. Organ Hill Rd, Laurel Park Beach Rd. 59 High Acres 18 Sheldon Dr. Hilton Rd. Davis Ave. Andrews Rd. Cramer Rd. Avenida Baranain 2,14 Traver Rd. Beaver Rd. Alary Rd. 7A Shady Bridge Tr. 7A Shady Bridge Tr. 125 Bower Rd. 24 King Dr. 45 High Acre Dr. 9 Simone Dr. Lazarro Vieira 87 700 Johnson Rd. Titusville Heights 2 Washburn Dr. Nancy Dr. Route 216 5 Surrey Ln. Bower Rd. South Parliman Depot Hill Rd. 44 Tree Tops Ln. Route 55 Darren Rd. 44 Homer Place Meier Rd, 29 Shagbark Ave. Lorene Dr. McAllister Dr. 12 Exeter Rd. Dorn Rd. 47 Park Ave. 13 Gardner Hollow Rd. 68 Tamarack Hill 78 Mandalay Dr. Lime Ridge Rd. 11 Laurel Pk. Andrews Rd. Andrews Rd. Brothers Rd. Traver Rd. Woodland Dr. Pleasant View Rd. Bronson Rd. ll Shagbark Ave. 78 High Acres Maple View Rd. Route 216 299 Spackenkill North Cross Rd. Geneva Dr. Route 82 79 Martin Dr. 18 Peckham Rd. 201 Bower Rd. Siebrecht Rd. Hillside Rd. Hillside Rd. 19 Simone Dr. Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Pleasant Valley Poughkeepsie Poughquag Poughkeepsie Hopewell Jct. Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Wappingers Falls Poughquag Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Hopewell Jct. Poughkeepsie LaGrangeville Poughkeepsie Pamplona, Navarra Pleasant Valley LaGrangeville LaGrangeville Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Pleasant Valley Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Paranavai Pr. LaGrangeville Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie LaGrangeville Stormville Poughkeepsie Pleasant Valley LaGrangeville Poughquag Poughkeepsie LaGrangeville LaGrangeville Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Pleasant Valley LaGrangeville Pleasant Valley Poughkeepsie LaGrangeville Poughkeepsie Poughquag Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Poughquag Wappingers Falls LaGrangeville LaGrangeville Poughquag Pleasant Valley Poughquag Poughkeepsie Poughquag Pleasant Valley Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Poughquag Poughkeepsie Billings Hopewell Jct. LaGrangeville Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Pleasant Valley Poughquag Poughquag Poughkeepsie 12603 12603 12569 12603 12570 12603 12533 12603 12603 12603 12603 12590 12570 12603 12603 12533 12603 12540 12603 Spmn 12569 12540 12540 12603 12603 12569 12603 12603 12603 BrazH 12540 12603 12603 12540 12582 12603 12569 12540 12570 12603 12540 12540 12603 12603 12569 12540 12569 12603 12540 12603 12570 12603 12603 12570 12590 12540 12540 12570 12569 12570 12603 12570 12569 12603 12603 12570 12603 12510 12533 12540 12603 12603 12603 12569 12570 12570 12603 Gruden. Robert Hadden, Jay Haight, Roger Halbert, Debra Hall, James Hanaburgh, Patricia Hancock, Ronald Hansen, David Harmelink, Herman Harnish, Philip Harrington, Chris Harris. Susan Hartman, Tracey Hartmann, Melinda Hasenpflug, Thomas Hayden, Jayne Hayes. Peter Hayes, Tim Heaton, Timothy Heinze, Edward Heissenbuttel, Henry Heller. Leslie Herlihy, Timothy Hermsen, Leonie Higgins, Bryan Higham, Patricia Hoffman, Corie Holden, Jeffrey Holland, Christopher Horiuchi, Stephen Horowitz, Shira Horton, Derrick Horvath, Darren Howard, Jeffery Hsieh, Timothy Hubbert, Edward Hughes, John Hurley, Cathleen Hutchings, Kimberly Hynes, Darrell lasbarrone, Anthony Inglis, Susan lnnes, Lorraine lsernia, Grace Jackson, Cara Jaeger, Brnay Ann Jaggi, Paul Jankovics, Suzanne Jans, Christine Johnson, Colleen Johnson, Kurt Johnson, Leonard Jones. Lisa Jones, Matthew Joray, Mark Kaake, Michael Kablesh. Barbara Kane, Dale Kapogiannis, Chris Karaffa, lvetta Karpinski, Karen Kazolias, Diana Keith, Sheri Keller, Eric Kelly, Christopher Kelly, Patrick Kelton, Christine Kerr, James Kerzner, Matthew King, Richard Kirkpatrick, Jonni Klaproth, David Klein, Craig Klein, Peter Kling, Heidi Klopfenstein, Debra Knechtel, Bruce Kochanowski, Stephen Kocot, Dawn Koopman, Penny Kopczak, Mary Lee Kornbrek, Debra Kossmann, Marc Kotes, Theresa Kronheim, Laurence Krueger, Rita Krumm, Susan LaBarge, Robert LaGreca, Janine Lahey, Mark Lakatos, Judy Landolfa, Lori Landriau, Susan Lang, Barry Lang, Karen Ann Lang, Michele 12 Tom's Way 21 Marple Rd. 132 Manchester Rd Alary Rd. 74 Scenic Hill Dr. 57 Springside Ave. Whiteford Dr. 1 Rabbit Tr. Rd. 34 Sheldon Dr. Lime Ridge Rd. Robinson Ln. Route 216 Gold Rd. Menella Rd. 7 Pavinchal PI. 13 Lindberg Place Beekman Rd. 22 Tamarack Hill Tyrell Rd. Parksville 9A Orchard Park 168 Overocker Rd. 326 Noxon Rd. Debussystraat 18 8 Barnes Dr. 5 Brill Rd. Apline Dr. Guernsey Hill 33 Schyler Dr. 7 Talbot Dr. 41 Homer Place 298 Dutchess Tpk. Salt Point Tpk. 46 Forest Valley Mountain Pass Rd. 2 Carpenter Dr. Arthursburg Rd. Freedom Rd. Hillside Rd. Gardner Hollow Rd. 12 Streit Ave. 14 Townsend Blvd. 278 Manchester Rd 41 Tamarack Hill 46A Square Woods 86 Shady Bridge Tr. 30 Velie Rd. 24 Gretna Woods 46 Regent Dr. Jennifer Hill Quaker Hill Rd. Patrick Dr. Main St. 1 Kimball Dr. 40 Forest Valley Arbor Hill Dr. 62 Mandalay Dr. 64 Crestwood Blvd, 1 Dublin Ln. Route 216 23 Johns Blvd, Davis Ave. Clover Hill 16 Henmond Blvd, 181 Noxon Rd. Neid Dr. 5 Miller Hill Rd. Clapp Hill Rd. Charlotte Dr. Stringham Rd. 100 Slgt. Plass Rd. 49 Lindberg Pl. 46 Clover Hill Rd, Davis Rd. Valley View Rd. Dogwood Rd. Swain Rd. 8 Richards Blvd. Masten Rd. Francis Dr. 120 Cavo Dr. Spring Hill 45 Peach Rd. 10 Margaret Dr. 152 Noxon Rd. 27 Mountain View Didell Rd. Pulling Rd. 24 Darrow Place 45 Rochdale Rd. Terry Circle Meier Rd. 71 Park Ave. Vincent Rd. Upton Rd. 9 Maple View Rd. LaGrangeville Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie LaGrangeville Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Pleasant Valley Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Poughquag Wappingers Falls Poughquag Poughkeepsie Poughquag Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Hopewell Jct. Poughkeepsie Pleasant Valley Pleasant Valley Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie 6815 HL Arnhem Poughkeepsie Poughquag Hopewell Jct. LaGrangeville Poughkeepsie Pleasant Valley Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Pleasant Valley Pleasant Valley Hopewell Jct. Poughkeepsie LaGrangeville Pleasant Valley Poughquag Poughquag Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie LaGrangeville Poughkeepsie LaGrangeville Poughkeepsie Hopewell Jct. LaGrangeville Pleasant Valley LaGrangeville Pleasant Valley Poughkeepsie Pleasant Valley Pleasant Valley Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Poughquag Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Pleasant Valley LaGrangeville LaGrangeville LaGrangeville Pleasant Valley Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Salt Point Pleasant Valley Hopewell Jct. Pleasant Valley Poughkeepsie Pleasant Valley Hopewell Jct. Poughkeepsie Hopewell Jct. Poughkeepsie Hopewell Jct. Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie LaGrangeville LaGrangeville Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Pleasant Valley Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie LaGrangeville Poughkeepsie 12540 12603 12603 12540 12603 12603 12569 12603 12603 12570 12990 12570 12603 12570 12603 12603 12533 12603 12569 12569 12603 12603 12603 Nthlds 12603 12570 12533 12540 12603 12569 12603 12603 12569 12569 12533 12603 12540 12569 12570 12570 12603 12603 12603 12603 12540 12603 12540 12603 12533 12540 12569 12540 12569 12603 12569 12569 12603 12603 12603 12570 12603 12603 12603 12603 12603 12569 12540 12540 12540 12569 12603 12603 12603 12578 12569 12533 12569 12603 12569 12533 12603 12533 12603 12533 12603 12603 12540 12540 12603 12603 12569 12603 12603 12603 12540 12603 Lang, William Langenau, Melinda Lanthier, Tracey Leone, Antonietla Larson, Christopher Laurendeau, Meg Leete, Allan Lehmkuhl, AnnMarie Lenard, Jane Letizia, Carlo Leuzinger, Yvonne Lewis, Dawn Lewis, Tina Lidstone, Meredith Lindmark, Kimberly Linke, Lisa Lint, Treacie Liu. Jeanine Livingston, Mark Lopera, Clara Lotze, Richard Lucas, Roy Luckfield, Corinne Lupul, Erin Lutz, Thomas MacDonald, Tracie Macek. Catherine Mack, William Magill, Elaine Magurno, Gina Mainwaring, Susan Mangelsdorf, Linda Manning, Michael Marchant, Kelly Mark, lrena Marone, Dawn Marsh, Cindy Martin, Ralph Martin, Tracy Marvin, Judi Maserjian, Steven Mastellone, Elena Mastropaolo, Vince Mayen, Kimberly McBrearty, Brian McCar1ey, Margaret McClusky, William McConnell, Kari McCord, Rebecca McCourt, Peter McCoy, Kelly McDonald, Steven McGann, Ellen McGill. Bonnie Lee McGill, Patricia McGilvray, Laura McGourty, Ella McKenna. Katrina McKenzie, Todd McLean, Alan McLean, John McPhee, Joseph McRitchie, William Medla, Andrew Mejias, Sabrina Mercer, Loretta Meurs. Karen Meyers, Richard Meyerson, Kathryn Miles, Darlene Milhaven, Edward Millard, Richard Miller, Neil Mills, Dawn Mina, Carlos Miranda, Dawn Misner, Scott 94B Janet Dr. Davis Rd. 108 lnnis Ave. Sun Up Rd. Mountain Pass 29 Mandalay Dr. 8 Parkview Terr. Kay Dr. 4 Manor Dr. Walsh Rd. Moorredder MIA, Rombout Rd. 52 Tamarack Hill 24 Carriage Hill 7 Shamrock Cr. Wright Rd. 7 O'Halloran 60 Martin Dr. 14 Hillview Dr. Calle 48C if77-ll Frances Dr. 229 N Hackensac Salt Pt. Tpk 357 Andrews Rd. 30 Haight Ave. 12 Gleason Blv. 15 Hillview Dr. 508 Dut. Tpk. RT 216 108 Cavo Dr. Mennalla Rd. Alpine Dr. 45 Shady Br. Tr. 31 Thomas Ave. Rossway Rd. 27 Sunny Knoll Budd Lane 267 Titusville Rd Overlook Rd. 13 Fairmont Ave. 89 Ridge Vw, Rd. Maple Street 12 Medaugh Rd, 54 Mandalay Dr. 69 Macintosh Rd. 40 Depot Hl. Rd, Pray Lane 8 Jefferson Rd. 5 James St. 278 Manchstr Rd. 109 Slgt. Plass 186 Overocker Rd. Bronson Rd. 35 Davis Ave. Shady Cr. McAllister Dr. Gold Rd. Ravine Rd. N Parliman Dr, 3 Surry Lane 3 Surry Lane 20 Meadow Lane Salt Pt. Tpk. Pine Ridge Dr. 81 Martin Dr. 23 Mandalay Dr. Lois Lane 93 Titusv. Hts. 133 Rochdale Rd. 8 Ann St. 2000 25 Carriage Hl. Dr. Dut. Tpk. Miller Hill Rd. Mayfair Rd. Mennalla Rd. Mennalla Rd. 217 Dut. Tpk. Poughkeepsie Salt Point Poughkeepsie Stormville Hopewell Jct. Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Pleasant Valley Poughkeepsie LaGrangeville Hamburg 67 Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie LaGrangeville Pleasant Valley Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Medelin Hopewell Jct. Poughkeepsie Pleasant Valley LaGrangeville Poughkeepsie Pleasant Valley Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Poughquag Poughkeepsie Poughquag Hopewell Jct. Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Pleasant Valley Poughkeepsie LaGrangeville Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Poughquag Pleasant Valley Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Poughquag LaGrangeville Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Poughquag Poughkeepsie Pleasant Valley Pleasant Valley Poughquag Pleasant Valley LaGrangeville Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Pleasant Valley Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Pleasant Valley LaGrangeville Poughquag Poughquag Poughquag Poughkeepsie 12603 12578 12603 12582 12533 12603 12603 12569 12603 12540 W. Ger 12603 12603 12603 12603 12540 12569 12603 12603 Colun 12533 12603 12569 12540 12603 12569 12603 12603 12570 12603 12570 12533 12603 12603 12569 12603 12540 12603 12603 12603 12603 12570 12569 12603 12603 12570 12540 12603 12603 12603 12603 12603 12570 12603 12569 12569 12570 12569 12540 12603 12603 12603 12569 12603 12603 12603 12603 12603 12603 12603 12603 12569 12540 12570 12570 12570 12603 bia Modlin, Starr Montegari, Angela Montemarano, Jeff Moore, Kurt Morgan, Starlene Moriarty, William Morse. Tonia Morton, Kathleen Moschetto, Joseph Moschetto, William Moshier, Bernadette Most, Andrea Muessle, Mary Mulford, Dawn Mulligan, Patricia Munger, Lawrence Murphy, John Murphy, Joseph Murray, Edward Murray, Randal Myers, Patrick Mygan, William Neilson, Beth Nero, Frederick Nesheiwat, Diana Nesheiwat, Michael Neubauer, Alfred Neville, Rita Nichols, Russell Niver, Michele Nolan. Patrick North, Jeff North. Justin Nouhan, Mary Nuccio, Mary Nugent, Joseph Oak, Sunita O'Connor, Kelly Ann O'Del1, Christine O'Donne1l, John O'Hearn, Michael O'Keefe, Theresa Olheiser, Michael O'Nei11, Mary Orosz, Jeanna O'Rourke, Robert Orr, Stacey Ottaway, Mary Ottaway, Sarah Paetzold, Sonja Paldino, John Palmer, Leah Palumbo, Tracy Panarello, Chris Pantaleo, Anthony Papineau, Jon Parker. Bonnie Parrotte, Lisa Passarelli, John Passarelli, Karen Patierno, Raymond Patynski, Michael Paul, Michael Pelland, Renee Pendergast, Keith Pendergast, Kevin Perkins, Jon Peterson, Christian Petersen, Jill Peterson, Ronald Petrosky, Joseph Petty, Michael Pfeifer, Marc Phillips, Andrew Phillips, Joseph Pietrafesa, Daniel Poley, Arthur Pomilla, Ken Privratsky, Jeaninne Provenzano, Amy Quattrociocchi, Michael Quinlan, Matthew Quist, John Ragonese, Christopher Raisch, Mark Rauschenbach, Michele Rawls, James Brett Reilly, Chris Relyea, Eric Renaud, Christine Ressler. Raymond Reuter, Steven Reynolds, Randy Richards, Scott Rigg, James Riley, Michael 23 Mandalay Dr. Andrews Rd. Shady Lane Tr. 98 Innis Ave. 792 Main Street 99 lnnis Ave. 23 Bishop Dr. Palmer Circle 355 Dut. Tpk. 355 Dut. Tpk. 24 James St. 48 Bart Dr. Guernsey Hl. 51 Clover Hill Hillside Rd. Sylvan Lk. Rd. 105 lnnis Ave. Bushwick Rd. 83 Free Pl. Rd. Frog Hol. Rd. Miland Dr. Clapp Hl. Rd. 4 Talbot Dr. Creek Rd. 5 Parkvw. Terr. 84 Scenic Hls. 4 Carpenter Dr. Skidmore Rd. Robinson La. McAllister Dr. 84 Winham Ave. Carter Rd. Pine Hl. Rd. Meier Rd. 8 Shamrock Cir. Clapp Hl. Rd. Forest Valley Rd. 27 Mandalay Dr. Skidmore Rd. 17 Arlington Ave. Quaker Hill Rd. 38 Homer Pl. Salt Pt. Tpk. Sylvan Lk. Rd. 61 Martin Dr. 29 Bart Dr. High Acres Dr. Kay Dr. Kay Dr. 92 Cross Rd. Main Rd. 23 Kimball Dr. E3 Vassar Gdns. Clapp Hill 52 Forest Vly. 33 Juniper Ave. Rombout Rd. Galle Lane Jack 8L Jill Rd. Jack 8: Jill Rd. Old Syl Lake Rd. Hillside Rd. Marjorie Lane 113 Slgt. Plass 23 Orchard Rd. 23 Orchard Rd. Noxon Rd. 26 Frederick Dr. Innsbruck Blvd. 9 Donnie Pl. W. Clove Mt. 29 Manchest Cir. 61 Ridge Rd. Route 82 578 Van Wag. Rd. Martin Rd. Sunny Knoll 26 Pine Rdg. Rd. 20 Peckham Rd. Rossway Rd. Nancy Dr. Davis Hill Rd. West Rd. 12 Thendara Ln. 12 Pleas. Vw. Rd. Mennella Rd. Mt. Pass Rd. 360 Hooker Ave. 18 Peckham Rd. Pleasant Hill Walker Rd. 13 Titusvil Ht. 5-E Dut. Tpk. Tannen Dr. Rombout Rd. Depot Hill Rd. Poughkeepsie LaGrangeville Poughquag Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Poughquag Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie LaGrangeville Poughkeepsie Poughquag Hopewell Jct. 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Rt. 55 North Clove , 7724-3283 THE com' SHACK II MAIN STREET PLEASANT VALLEY, NY 12569 914-635-2727 Mon.-Fri.: 9-5 Saturday: 9-1 -.1 E s n Vx' eating 5 Sandy's Camera Shop CAMERAS - FILM - REPAIRS PORTRAIT 81 COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY HOPEWELL JUNCTION SHOPPING PLAZA RT, 82 KACROSS FROM POST OFFICEJ SANDY TAMBONE HOPEWELL JUNCTION, NEW YORK 12533 WE SERVICE MOST MAKES THOMAS M. MCNAMARA 276 , f .,vwwvhf1zWff Wy' " ' Q if Pai' f fi? fffifh 7, ,.,i, , f . I .,,77. 7, ,,, 1 I ,, ,,,.,'4,fagH7w. fl In 7 9 2 I 2 A Z 'LC ' " 2 2 Z - 2.-V Y- YA- Y ..-...--f f?......-.-.-..------- --A -------' - -- .1:::1 LaGrangev1lle NY Hopewell Junction New York 12533 ers For All Occasions" I W J ,5.,: , . ' W L "2 ,P W i f-? .4 Congratulations to the Class of 1984 Compliments of SAI3 S AUTO EXCHANGE Poughkeepsie, NY 12401 Phone 914-454-0229 "Let Your First Car Be One Of Ours" SAL PISCIOTTA o oooooooo ooo cocoon ooo ooooo oo Con can KTHLHT1 sz. Q 0 5 C l a s S 0 i 19 8 - LIGHTNING G HORSEMAN'S SHOP 'W I Clapp Hill Road, LaGrangeviIIe, N. Y. 12540 , gf Q., 914-223-3588 . il V F II L fE glish and western saddrer aA pare: Op D lysaoro 5130-omsed wgdnesfjay oo 0 -so ooo oooooo ooo o scoop o 2 J W 4 K Congratulations Class of 452-3750 ,df '44-1-:Za 5 -- V, mm, ie, 1984 GARTLAND LIQUOR STORE MAYA it ' Vi' E :gl Ilmygw 1 Erie H. Smith Apple Valley shopping Ctr. : I - 1 pmlx Taylor Travel Louis J. DiGillo Route 55, Manchester Rd. ' 5 MAIN STREET 914 635-8172 PLEASANT VALLEY, NY 12569 Elite 55 Cutters Inc. APPLE VALLEY SHOPPING CENTER, ROUTE 55, POUGHKEEPSIE, NY 12603 914-471-1250 Susan Durso and Gina Tayntor PAPER HANGING 0 Professional Installations ' Painting on request 0 Free estimates Phone: 914-471-8825 TERRY L. SPAIN Congratulations Kim and the Class of 1984 Rudy's Market 9611 Rte. 44 Pleasant Valley, NY 635-3494 280 Many Thanks from MOM'S ITALIAN RESTAURANT 8: PIZZERIA w 1.--. ' ' -' 1'i'.g i - ' 1 'X Q ,.-4-4 'f ' .' 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TO 6 PM. 5 F INGERS ARTS 8: CRAFTS Route 44 Pleasant Valley, N.Y. 12569 914-635-8683 Art 8: Craft Supplies 8: Kits Stained Glass Supplies M, ' 5 ,,,,.,. .K in 471-4444 , L , ,, , , , , , ff.: , ,, ,, , V, fl ,, bf ,V ,mmf , , igrgffif, f , ,, f, , f I fff , f 60,33 Congratulations '5.i5?Q52Agf,gig,gjl . ,wir ' 5'UfNK1E5vs,,y-ip,y,j 'L ' 'wsn'msaN.'r4.v,. f f , 6 wesi:eriuMyil','y.g,fV,,QQ,'fi "Class of 1984" L lawn ?Q?f1?i22l L G- H 3 'lif.,Z"l 'Ulf 6 5 Down One to Go - V019 42111 C4 OM , if f f f-,,,, puRN,pyztfypEWANQ,f,E ,5yf,-L,-sMNf.W,,,fNslmMwWMw Michael Cunningham A90 MAMARDNECK AVEA 41 DUTCHE55 TUPNPIKE RT. 5 319 PRESCRIPTION HOPEWELL MENS STORE 23 COLLEGEVIEW AVE aymonJ Opficianri 'Excellence ln Opticianryn POUGHKEEPSIE 471-3260 50 Raymond Ave., GUILD OPTICIANS , , Poughkeepsie Complete Optical Service Optical Prescriptions Filled MT KlSCO 359 E. Main St., Mt. Klsco 666-4202 JEFFERSON VALLEY Jefferson Med. Center, Hill Blvd. Yorktown Hgts. 245-1222 " 2 3 3 2 2 1 4 Route 195 Dutchess Tpke., Rt. 44, Poughkeepsie, NM North, Kingston, New York L L p 282 if .wfqif 1 ,W f -M W 4 .f ,U ,, :iff . 4, ,Q at '4 1 M2442 W I i',, f 7 ----- -' - Llilnurgrqrl '! J Phone: C9143 482-3299 fda! am E9 fue HAIRSTYLIST Red Oak Mill Hd. Poughkeepsie. NY 12603 if , 3' mt qi . I. x 'X VIEW ,M aj' ,. .rl V' egg' .e 5341 . Q 5 'Eg Y- 1 U ,L WI" ,H t Y ' lwlt l"'v 'l. 1, I 1 A 'l' 1'.n'l1"ll'l ' I ,t ,,'l'l"3-1 l l't"1l"'-PW'1'fI'i'lh.IEW -lilul :Illinil.ll,?ll" lu:l:r41ult ramln flllff lfllllP' 'III "ln-wt at Ifftnll' -4 . at I l 'nfl' l V1lllw'llW!lllQll't-'.lI'Il'l1l'.Lll!ll-l.'l4'll'll'tl'Irl"1"'fl'l' ,-,.gjlHm The best little paper . . . l lllllllll l Illll Ill Ill Ill II I t I Illl l Ill Ill 'Ill ,llllll Ill llllll X F- f "KlT-t, I r lllll NATURAL HEAT 3. ENERGY co. I S I 1" a '1 Better than 1' wf clvsmovw 'L Cast Iron Pleasant Valley Shopping Center RT' 52 Open 8:00 am - 10:00 pm every day STORMVILLE, N. Y 12582 Hers 226-4309 His 226-4300 Kos gvlxesggzhs , - 1 6 ...E 9'4f352.Z2?S THE GREAT MANE Stat SQA W A tg, Berause our Hearthsmne ll as made QI '. k 1 E ,gt iff P12035 ' i.'Zl'LT2liU5af '5'3ZfL,'5?5ISTT'ffli?E at mnghegsnlfglvoodnrcoalwuthequalelflcvenryand J 5ZZYfZ'l23ggrEVi'a,Efi"li'2Li2Clfl7eLTf'f'252112 , 'Z a I ffIIEiiE23E7lQlif5ETi,zszzgzgrfl:saab Gfand Union Plaza average hofnepall dalv H' 'Wh' Of' me l0ad'H9 Hopewell JUIICIIOII, NY 13533 'W HEARTHSTONE Pat Em I .X.XlIfRll'.X'S Ql'.XI,I'I'Y S1l.Xl'S'l'UXl1 NT! DVI: " 'Z Nexxus and Redken Hair Products ' 'Q 5 I 4 9-TE. PLLE4 - 656-5 P55 N41 Xl PX. VME SNK X1 P- me 05 OTA P- W X1 wwe was-'5 916 MENS N1 M X.EPs5N'X'Y Xl N4 me 656-563 Mfg? A 4 A vans 4 my X ROYAL TUXEDOLAND and MEN'S SHOP ff' P'N'x S 0 N 22333. 02.11, EMI' ' vo . . ell I Q x x x O: ' N' ei .'l . an Q I I ' 40 ' Fine Menas Wear c-'sf'-if? 1 gui? ROYAL TUXEDOLAND f ' 55.51 X1 '5 ,- Formal Wear Specialists ' 49" ' L" . pltvsq, igvcrl Q RENT f YQ- Tar! ' -' . 0 X Q' VN YO 0 ' 1 ...ww GIFT CERTIFICATE 'Qi 510.00 VALUE ' ' FREE TUX FOR CLASS PRESIDENT FOR CLASS ADVISOR ANGIES COUNTRY STORE and . . . Proms . . . Noxon Rd. 510.00 Off LaGrangeville, N.Y 12540 Main Mall Q Rte. 9 Zayre's Shpg. Cir. 7130 - 7300 Mon, - Fri, P0ugkllf1i7l3f6N'Y' Wapp'nf5if0fi33S' NX NevZlZ2f?'53lWe 8200 - 5100 Weekends gf? I THE COUNTRY OUR CONGRATULATIONS , A W I STORE gl COFFEE TO THE GRADUATING if" X R SHOP CLASS OF l984 724-5080 f F. t 774, A full line of cold cuts H gif. ., J Also catering ' Cold beer 8: soda ' Homemade salads X ' -,-.. V... - -eewef ' If Open 7 days: 6 A.M. to 7 RM. s .1 8 AM. to 5 RM. Main sI.u0Iif RI. 216 Poughquag, N.Y. ei? fl Pools KIND " CONSTRUCTION lg' CO. X I JM' "Our 132nd Kind E CQEEE Ulf Anniversary Year" ' gales ' m Compliments of 0 ervice ' Supplies your Homelonln Saving: :Benin Ir13epen3enlIy yours! Red Oaks Mill Rd. Roofing Additions P k. N.Y, 12603 Siding Pools ' 422-2669 Windows Decks I 376 at the Creek l :illgfgguu lggnwgmn 285 As the editor ofthe yearbook, I have had the responsibility of managing the production of the 1984 edition of Anchors. For me, this job demanded countless hours of hard work. This challenging endeavor could not have been accomplished with- out the help of,a dedicated stajf Therefore, I would like to thank all yearbook members who participated in the makings ofthe yearbook. Special thanks are extended to Lisa Smith and Shelly Strydio who devoted many hours of their time and really did a superior job. Mrs. Buergers, my advison and Mr. Brian Hawthorne, the Delmar representative, also need to be recognized for their outstanding patience and guidance. A yearbook is not the job ofa single person. It is the product of many peopleg the photographers, the copy and layout stays, the business stajfand the typists. Again, I would like to extend my gratitude to the people who contributed. Ifeel that these contributions have resulted in a great yearbook. Andrea Stern ill WV! Sh XE! N 542 ,f e at Na, 6 QI Vi N9 ti f S This year's cover was designed by Jeanna Orosz. It was chosen for its originality and fine graphic design. In accor- dance with the compass, the yearbook's theme is one of direction. Hopefully, the 1983-1984 yearbook captures the most important events of the school year, and that students fespecially seniorsj will enjoy looking back on the WNV Qambsv , l xx f X ' f Xxx l ll l N , lil 'K f 'gs' -2 s . ,,,' 1' Aff m e vavi i - I v X .Sag-gffzlirt... Ye B 6 in SX X uf' lil' ', " ff 110 'lsr f S ! , NQXXX X K lll lt 'Q many captured memories. To all students - the best of luck for all future endeavors, in whichever direction you go. 286 . Y Tdhl6L50H L15 G fig 6 E. S. -1 W1 THE PROFESSIONALS ll! G jar the Discrinlinute . 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