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 - Class of 1960

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Text from Pages 1 - 124 of the 1960 volume:

Q 'Jw lg! l lx , ydiffhiilfvv fsmf Xp V 1.1- ,J Q5 f g'5QflKa95o-W ff? Q2 xfcbm ffvffgg 'QQ LN Q fgfijy ff JO Wf V Wfsiwf fy fmggqiixk ,M fxfivw no CQWENM 5345 N9 Q fl? ,J W"f.SfL 55 ' Q1 2526 Wm 3 CQ? ff? dj J yy Q JY W , r f'Q5.'f27'fzf Af X EM Mf!'fl, QW! 3gg'iQ1Pf iii ff' ff A VY wif' A f W , WW? jE5'AfJ QV W QM Wf1fi,LXf , 3,,s?b'?5 Q78 X M-5' QQW VN ffw' E x am 'Qiiiiyx' A as wa xv , , I !A-- W9 if DE rg 4'3 'f '16 W W N W Q1-f+',,w'WW5iM -lfmw MW W M GW mkfiwffi 35ff'!'if05 QQMQXEQQWQX Lffjfiiib Eli? M gd' f Q2f6J VqQpW'6441Q Mbwm WWMM A LEM W. FA bl gffokaej 2:-Qs, SEQ' 93 3233 fl Ya EQ? Eiga ' .., "2 BR :QQ QB? 153425 9'-Q 1y '60 Arlington High School Poughkeepsie, .Y. 1 f 6 4 f fi 1 s W? .ffjngeyd ' a n fe' l JW' ' .1 Mr i may .if Now with thoughts of graduation upon us, the lamp of learning shines with unusual radiance. This radiance is not a new experience for aus howeverg we have seen it many times before. .We saw it the day many of our classmates ascended the stage to receive their coveted honor keys. We saw it even time one of our classmates received word that he had heart granted a scholarship hy the college of his choice, It shorte- hehind all our accomplishments of the past four years. Yes we have seen it shine radiantlyg hut we have also, at times. seen it lose some of its radiance and begin to flicker. But each time ,the flicker relcindledg it grew in intensity. and todai has reached its summit. Now as we prepare to leave this home which has nurtured our knowledge, we are confident that :Eze lamp will continue to cast its radiance on us, lighting 1" various paths our lives may follow. ,4mdemm,,f7 Awww 27 Spam 57 M4464 67 swam X9 D' I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 1 .... 15,-....I:,,5,.:i-'gi :.-Z ? ..... Lzh., J.. Page 3 'str , .- f :f,fI..Ql1. . ff 'NES 'ff' .. . fs Mrs. Noyes ana' Mrs. Petty chat over coffee at Howaravx, the faculty "bang-outv, where many school problems are solved. 4 . 12,2 11 1 1 ' 11. 222455 Ruth D. Noyes Marion B. Petty I I Because the quest for knowledge is the theme of our yearbook,,it is appropriate that we dedicate the 1960 Anchors to two of those teachers who have aided us in this quest. We shall never forget Mrs. Pertyls intensive drill on the mechanics and techniques of writing which helped us to analyze, to organize, and to substantiate. The lectures and advice given from the high stool in the front of her room will long be remembered by our class. From Mrs. Noyes, we learned responsibility, dependability, and self- expression. The podium, dangling glasses, and jangling prop-room keys will always remind us of her. To these two teachers, so very interested in our welfare, we proudly dedicate our yearbook. Page 4 1 .' - . I .,-,.. .. -.-.un-I . , . -lf ' -- 1. 1.5" ig - , . a " '.- ,fx I 1 ."a n , , "Nu . 3'-. '. If na' ,, nn: ..s', . . 1 1 ,f p u .1 , 4 A , 1 f 5. .Lt x u 5 1 1 'ul ' , . N ' ' f . ' I" L 1 , . ...5..:,"" K. ,' I", , . '- V 'Q '. f ' ' - ' ' .. , , . .. - , V . n n I ' ' 1' 1 ' '-9. I - ' xv I H., Jah. ,..,v ,V Y , -, , J.. '- , . Y' .' I ' , -'-..'."-'-1'. '-' ' ' X, ' "T- I . n , - - , M if X ' - . -.,' 'Haw V 'yifzv Y , I '-, if- ' ,-' , 'J ., '...-,.. ,.s" V, f 'I " ' 41 -whim' V ,. V ', :.X.V', W f' ' , ' ' '.1kg.--,gvv Q fig.:-,4'3:2. .5 V-I . -gg ' -1. Y 1 P 1 ' - wa 'Sf .-1315542 Phi: A ' 1121- ff, 1' Efvv-11 :ll -1"-'JT-"L, 1 33 xv: 41,2 .Lv-Q::,,1ga'1:,.'.L-,f 235. 3' - 1 , A L ,hir , -.1-1., L., nw ggji., "P"-fgisg--1.,Qg?1gz'?j,,ffiQ1'fEgg? F - .-I-1 ' 1 H if-me ff,-"5'j'.,-. x . fy-T34--',p:,3 , W-:s.4,"gE:.afA x if - 'Lua mir, ,wifi -K viii- fp .mg Q -13 -g5K,JHi,.- , 'z"1":f.l1:Uf-1-'f 'fps :HTG ' Eg, ,., 1:5 . gf!! MJ- f: 7mz4e pmme af ewwdedge Za aleeak, ofwwdom Za fallen. V Qliver Wenclell Holmes The need for post high school training has never been so apparent as it is in this present day of automa- tion. As a result of technological advances, many un- skilled and semi-skilled occupations will soon cease to exist. On the other hand, many highly trained workers will be needed and the demand for scientists, engineers, and mathematicians will increase. It has been said that electronic computers can Uthink' like the human brain, whereas we know that computers have neither human will nor imagination, and that even in the age of automation all constructive thinking, inven- tions, and new discoveries will be products of able and educated minds. For those of you who are not planning to pursue formal education at a college, university, or specialized school, there are bountiful opportunities for self-im- provement and advancement right within our own community. lVlany industries offer in-service training programs for employees, numerous valuable courses are available in Adult Education Programs, and many colleges and universities are already offering televised courses for credit. I For the past four years your education has been our responsibility. However we will not feel that we have discharged one of our most important obligations un- less we have impressed upon you the need for some further training which will provide you with useful skills to enable you to reach a higher degree of personal satisfaction and security. We sincerely hope that each of you will assume his responsibility, and we feel confident that the many accomplishments of the class of 1960 are indications of your future success. Harold C. Storm, Superintendent of Schools Donald Nelson, Senior High Principal Walter R. Neidhardt, Junior High Principal Donald Nelson, Senior High School Principal, Harold C. Storm, Super- intendent of Schools, Walter R. Neiclhardt, Junior High School Principal. ?owa,,.....,.,w af. V' The Board of Education works on the plan: for the new school. H. Morris lllccomb, John Peirpont, R. Lewis Townsend, Harold C. Storm, Oscar D,Luf7o:cf7, Rusrell Hadden, ana' Raymond Yerry carefully study the architects' blueprints. The constant effort of the Arlington Board of Education has provided the students of this school district with the finest educational facilities. During this past year the members of the Board spent many hours in planning and contracting for the construction of the new high school. The completion of the addition to the Raymond Avenue School also was the result of their endeavors. The Board worked closely with the Citizens Com- mittee to bring ahout this program for hetter education in the near future. The Class of 1960 wishes to express its gratitude and to acknowledge the worlc of the Board of Education, for these men are the haclchone of the progress in the Arlington School District. gamut of gdacaftdaa Standing: john Reed, Raymond Yerry, John Pierpont, Oscar D,Luhosch fpresiclentj, R. Lewis Town- send fclerkj, Perry Ferris, john Bronson, Russell W. Hadclen. Seated: Harold C. Storm. 441, 'S Philip G. Swartz, Counselorg Margaret I. Byrne, Directory Edward T. Bonahue, Counselor. I Larry Meyer'5 conference with Mis: Byrne is serious buxinesx. for they are difcussing his plans for colfege. lla-L Mr. Bonalvue arm' Mr. Swartz relax for a moment for con- verfalion in the outer office, but Mfr. Maier': typewriter clicks' on busily. Af Q K amor cm J . ps J 9 . 1 Q L Y 7 E A 3 5 , w "' 5 is 52 .4 1, J I L. ,. W1 Q 7' wr' 'M Q f if 1, ' X' V' ' W 42 ' f ? 1 If ff 7. . . N, g 2? .QQ Mr. Bollt Mrs. Bon Mr. Baker Mr. Berger Mr. Boclner Mrs. Boll: Mrs. Brooks Mr. Brucklacher Mr Byrne Mr. Borkowski Miss Clow ,U Mrs. Carberry 'mi ' A Mr. Carrol Mr. Deeb p, fn. M. as M. V Mr. Duggan Mrss Flint Page 1 O Mr. Folsrer Mr. Frank Mr. Fratalli Miss Froehling .4 Vg: f , f x ,W ff' -,.e.. f K5 J 4 Mr. Graham Mrs. Hawley 4? his ., 1 I X gg' sa . .Z , nz? 2 ,, - ' Mr. Jordan Miss Keohane '14, "ff 'Qi Mr. King Miss Housman nf? 5 Sf , auf" 3- 3:11 '29 ci ff L ww. :Ziff 49-gh-mar 5 0 1, .Hgh f -wg f lwff Page 1 1 Mrs. Gardner Mrs. Gilday Mr. Kearney Mrs. Kirby ,,,,,L ,. , .. ' "" xi R4 M Mr. I-Iusrecl Mr. Kombluth ' 2 1155: 6 , ,, f Yf1 ' K M .....,,, , ig an-M.,,. ' s1..,,,,m 2 7 - 3 Q ? Mr Knops Mr. Lace Mr. LaFalce , 4.apww fm! 3: .-Z, ,A f ? Mr. Lacks ' 57' 465 Mrs. Lipschutz Mr. Lombardi ffl" Mrs. Mannmg Mrs. Murraugh Mrs. Noyes Mrs. O'Connell Mrs Moore Mrs. Morrls q .f'3' ff. Z' w'QQbQ f 1 wg, jig: amF's? W ' 1 I f GU 4 1 f f X ff X N , L fQ'.3W,Zk V sugQQW?wy5 ,., fwvf . img ? i a f JUKQQQQVQZQ r M ., mf7hMQ:Ww ' Aff 4 0, 4 ef wif ,, ..4,., V 4,154 fs W 1 K 12 'swf ,f ' I 1' YY' -N--Qi 5 ,fr-f 4 V 5 5 Mrs. Petty Miss P ean .'?QQ ',f. Z?i??iQ29 ' 3 SEM' ThEQ?7Qg . af, Vw :?", Mrs Perlmutter Page 12, Rfb Mrs. Ranucci Mr. Rodriguez .1 'ww' Mrs. Salcowich , ff! Q? If '97 A 1 V04 4473+ , .' Mrs. Schiavone f at 1 4 I Q Mr, Sorrentmo Mr. Smith Mrs. Stevens 4664 Mrs. Traver Mr. Tripp Mr. Stahlltrerger Mr. Stearns Page 13 Mr. Stewart Miss Stilwell Miss Vanasco Miss Walsh w f' N7 ,lf " "" ' s ., fi' f 74444659 MR. BAKER llndustrial artsl, who studied at Oswego, N.Y. U., and Bradley, has been in Arlington for 4 years. MR. BERGER feighth gradel is a graduate of New Paltz SUTC and has taught here 5 years. MR. BODNER fcitizenship educationl has been a member of our faculty for 15 years and is advisor of F.'I'.A. He attended Albany SUTC and N.Y.U. MRS. BOLLT fseventh gradel, who studied at New Paltz and Albany SUTC, has also taught A.H.S. classes for 5 years. MR. BOLLT fmathematics and Junior High sciencej is advisor for the Junior and Senior Science Clubs. He re- ceived his education at Albany SUTC, Columbia, and N.Y.U. MRS. BON fseventh gradel, a member of our faculty for 2 years, attended Albany SUTC and Syracuse. MR. BOR- KOSKI fmathematicsl, a graduate of Lockhaven State, is teaching his first year at A.H.S. and in addition, is the JV Football Coach and Sophomore Class advisor. MRS. BROOKS Uunior High Englishj attended Groucher College and Colum- bia and has been in Arlington for 11 years. MR. BRUCK- LACKER fseventh grade math at LaGrange Centerl is new this year and attended New Paltz SUTC, MR. BYRNE fdriver educationl has been teaching here for 2 years and coaches JV Baseball and Freshman Football. He was educated at Hobart College, Cortland, and New Paltz SUTC. MRS. CARBERRY fmathematics 10 and algebral, now in her third year here, is a graduate cf Trinity College and Columbia. MR. CARROLL Chistoryl, is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and the University of New Hampshire. This is his first year at A.H.S. MISS CLOW, besides teaching English reference classes, directs all the libraries of the school dis- trict and is an alumna of Albany SUTC. MR. DEEB Uun- ior High citizenship educationj, who taught here for the past 7 years, attended Biarrity American University, New Paltz SUTC, Columbia, and Wesleyan College. MR. DUGGAN fEnglish 101, a new member of the faculty, is a graduate cf Holy Cross. MISS FLINT Cmathematicsl has been teaching students here for 36 years and has studied at Albany SUTC and Columbia. MR. FOLSTER fmechanical drawing and electrical coursesl, is advisor of the Radio and Tech Clubs. He was graduated from Oswego and has taught for 9 years. MR. FRANK fEnglishl, has been with us for 3 years after attending Notre Dame, Fordham, and Columbia. MR. FRAT- TALI fSophomore and Business Englishl, during his first year here, has become our Varsity Debate Coach. He attended Seton Hall University. MISS FROELING fspeech therapistj, another new member of the faculty, attended Geneseo SUTC and is our Freshman Debate Coach. MRS. GARDNER fart and homemakingj, is a graduate of Syracuse and is in her second year at A.H.S. MRS. GILDAY fsalesmanship, utility typing and office practice is Arlingtonian advisor and has taught here for 5 years. She attended N.Y.U. MR. GRAHAM fmathematicsl, has been at Arlington for 5 years. and studied at Hartwick and Albany SUTC. MRS. HAWLEY fartl, attended Alvight College and Buffalo SUTC. She has been at A.H.S. for 5 years. MISS HOUS- MAN fbiology and general sciencej, has taught at A.H.S. since 1946 and has served as our Junior Red Cross advisor. She is an alumna of Albany SUTC. MR. I-IUSTED fgeneral musicl, a graduate of Potsdam SUTC, has been band dirutor and individual instructor for 3 years. MR. JORDAN fphysical educationl, who is our Varsity Football, Basketball, and Baseball Coach, graduated from Springfield and has been at Arlington for the last Z2 years. MR. KEARNEY Uunior High mathematicsl, attended New Paltz SUTC, N.Y.U., and the University of Miami. He has been teach- ing here for 5 years. MISS KEOHANE fgeneral science and chemistryl, has taught at A.H.S. since 1926 after graduating from St. Lawrence and Columbia. MR. KING fphysical educationl, coaches J.V. Basketball, Crew, Line Coach of Varsity Football, and is advisor of the Varsity Club. A graduate of Arnold College and N.Y.U., he has been teaching here for 9 years. MRS. KIRBY fFrench and Englishl, has taught at A.H.S. for 4 years. She has attended SUTC Columbia, N.Y.U., and La Sorbonne-in France. MR. KORNBLUTH forchestral, a graduate of the University of Lemberg in Poland, has been at A.H.S. for 9 years. MR. KNOPS Qgeneral sciencel, has been a member of the faculty for 11 years. He attended Panzer College and N.Y.U. MR. LAFALCE fjunior and Senior High chorus director and Junior High music teacherl, attended Potsdam SUTC and has taught at A.H.S. for 5 years. Page 14 new MR. LACEY fhygiene and sciencel, was educated at Ithaca College, University of Miami, and Temple University. He has been at A.H,S, for 10 years. MR. LACKS fagriculture, general science, and FFA advisorj has taught at A.H.S. for 10 years. He is a graduate of Emmanuel College. MRS. LIPSHUTZ fcitizenship educationl, has been at A.H.S. for the past 4 years. She received her education at Temple Uni- versity. MR. LOMBARDI fcitizenship education, Junior Class advisor, and Student Congress directorj, attended Albany DUTC and is in his second year at A.H.S. MRS. MANNING fbusinessl, has been at A.H.S. for 32 years. She received her education at Columbia and the University of New Hamp- shire. MRS. MOORE Qeighth grade English and advisor of the Junior High newspaperl, attended New Paltz SUTC and has taught at A.H.S. for 11 years, MRS. MORRIS Uunior High librarianl, has been at Arlington for 2 years. MR. MURPHY fTrack and assistant football coachj, was edu- cated at Brockport SUTC and N.Y.U. He has been on the faculty for 3 years. MRS. MURTAUGH feighth gradel, an alumna of New Paltz SUTC, has been with us for 16 years. MRS. NOYES fEnglish, World Literature, English Litera- ure, Dramatic Club and handbook advisorl, was educated at the University of Maine and has taught here for 9 years. MRS. O,CONNELL Uunior High and Senior High home- malcingj, is a graduate of Oneonta SUTC and is in her second year at Arlington. MRS. PERLMUTTER fEnglishD, is teaching her-first year at Arlington. She has studied at Vassar and New Paltz. MRS. PETTY flinglishl, attended Miami University, Oxford in Ohio, and Columbia. She has been at Arlington for 9 years. MISS PHELAN feighth grade citizenship education and Yorker Club advisorj has fphysical educationl, who graduated from Ithaca College, has taught at Arlington for six years and advises the Varsity and Junior Varsity Cheerleaders and Leaders Club. MR. ROD- RIGUEZ fEnglish 91, who is in his first year at A.H.S., attended Fordham University, MRS. SACKOWICH lSpecial Teacher La Grangel, is new this year and attended Oneonta SUTC and Columbia. MRS. SCHIAVONE fworld his- toryj, on our faculty for fourteen years, attended Albany SUTC, Syracuse, and University of Wisconsin, MR. SMITH fphysicsl, a graduate of R.P.I., is teaching at A.H.S. for his second year and is advisor of the Science Club. NIR. SORRENTINO Uunior High Englishl, a graduate of New PALTZ SUTC and Columbia University, has taught at A.H.S. for 9 years and is che advisor for the junicr High Anchor Squad. MR. STAHLBERGER fAmerican historyl, on our faculty for 10 years, attended Bates College and Syra- cuse University. MR. STEARNS fbusinessj, a graduate of Syracuse Univegsity, has been here for Z2 years, MRS. STEVENS feighth grade mathematicsl, is a graduate of Columbia University. MR. STEWART fmetal shop, Photog- raphy Club, and G.O. advisorl, is a graduate of Oswego SUTC and has been here for Z0 years. MISS STILWELL fbusiness and Senior Class advisorl, attended Albany SUTC and has been at Arlington for 3 years. MR. TRIPP fgeneral science and drivingl, has been a member of the fafulty for 14 years. He is a graduate of New Paltz SUTC and N.Y.U. MISS VANASCO fLatin, Spanish, and Yearbook advisorj, has been a member of the faculty for six years. She was graduated from Albany SUTC, Columbia University, and Middlebury. MISS WALSH fDebate coach, and Language Arts Coordinatorl, holds degrees from Mount St, Vincent, Fordham, and Columbia. Mr Nelson asks the teacher: to put tfzemxelvex in the place of the students as they voice their opinions on the comfort of the furniture for the new .fcfvool studied at New Paltz SUTC and N.Y.U. MRS. RANUCCI f"' ' WNW. Health 3 Mrs. Alsclcrf, Mrs, Kneplca, Dr. MacKenzie 553,622 Secretarial Miss Blair, Mrs. Maier, Mrs. Ward son, Mrs. Garvey, Miss Cooke. Q., ell, Mrs. Patter- .J . .520 , Q ii V, 35 Transportation Cafeteria Mr. Wizeman, Mrs. Wright. Mrs. Heybruck, Mrs. Decker, Mrs. Coe, Mrs. Riglitmeyer Bus Drivers Mrs. Hargreave, Mrs. Diamanti, Mrs. Knickerbocker. Mr.. 51 Mrs. Cooper. ff vt . Z ' X' 5 , Q Q 1.5 i .J . , . ,ff , 24,3 ,Y , .1 .gf , 5 795- ' limi. , Custoctians T. . ,K f .Mm 24555, ' X .f .fl V 1 I , .., . V - 2 ' ff "f'fv'.'f'i:1'g"' ff" A Xie-f . ,. ,M f . '- X . v2,',f:':+f1:x w.,fff,Qz.',!w1s..eiMgw..a,'-2:5 ei: isa-as- -s4,,, gig.. . 7 V .zufRg .X 'g-.-. 7 rf. .M tw-bi :uf 1-,.,'5-'ww-:f , :. 3 3-f. , .2 ,Eye .. 1-5. 1' .',u:c.. X 1. 4.4..,1..,. ,Mia I fm' W Q?iiEif..3:1.,,2k:5f. 3Q : gig - f"'11 -Xw'. -54 5 . ,..'w-wr-. . ,- .Qde,-Jin.. ':1l32fQ'1ffWEii:l "" ulfhflfii if-iggm 313375112422-'mir f W X . 1-z "-,h9.'Q,'. -if-1 f ' P. ...Q m'A:f9 ?M7TM,.yf'v:s '- ' f '-:WL a'lff3?2?1T1Qii'2 1 1 'MM' -' " . 2 Q,-.1 ,gyf-..wq,, Q-:':,? 2'-"-.gt3,'r.,m, 49. fa: Wei " f?"1u,L-'15 51-,Z-V" 'F' - A ' ' X " '- ' x Q -1- .U 51:32 -.3-.Ha45'j.':-93zgflagw-Q..-1-W591912: ME.-f f.2.L'2L V'41.:,1i!',g 5-2.123227 A ,,,,4..,m-uni my 3...-H..,3 :i.,.-.- -V Q. X -.f.'v.ff1,' ,1Y2'fZfTvf"'Afie'fif-.QQif-:-Za,-V.-gylifgg.f3 siiffw ' WF 5 If " '- 'L 111'91TE5.a25i-?'i'i'1iff X . . .Jh-:'.'- -' 11'sifvy-iJfff"Z'.i?:fflfixzf.-..' 531: .Jug-j:,?f'412f" " f - H ':1-.5.'f':.:-.-F' . .g,:1:,-.,f- .asf v . ,wljtrlyh , ,ir v A . V, - . M, Q " " 4193: , f',r..,,a.J5 '.i..f:V. V. .' , ' - . . -. -I . ,LS . ms- ,.3'-xr .- ,gg-,V gy- G ,.. ' ,Q K N I. .- , 1- ,Aa ..,.,.,,gfU 14. .V , , ,v I T., , H .. . . - . . ., . ,. ,. f.-W... ,W .., . A U 4- .. , i My .n, Y ,. ,..I. . .4 .. 3- -3 ff ' .,.1 ' ','. ' w ..:,4'1.',.,x"i' ' :af J- .-', M13 - .f . . 9 ,, ,.,... ff.-1. - Iv. K. 59-, I a Qi- i. ' ' '.- --vf' , . .' . . '.- ."-..". J. .-,..,.. . I . - J ,- ". - .".: '- . .' '.'.- '-............-"' ',...,. 0 . .... ..-.-. I 1, ' D ' . -' 1 '., .,- ,' . . . '-..' "'-'f "' ,... . . nl .1 I. . ' ' . ."'- ' . " ". n.'f' -' .'," '. 1 4 , I .' ,-lx. 8. ' '.. . .--' . ln" : -'- '. '. 1.'-l ." ".. .,.', .. -, ., '. ' . ','.."'-...5.:'. .- tl 4 H., - ',,,.n"' -A. . - . . - .1 ". '-I - H ' . . I... -5. us -I. .,' l f' '-2 5. -, ' Q". ---....,.1N , '..-, J..- A - . . -'.'. y". : ' '.:.'-,".-'.'.., 1'-' .','u'f . ,.. .,,. f . i? T--' I 1 . 1 X 7: aa tie ,aewdzmczfq 4,6 5445 55046 wha mffq zkmzgw www get 65, Richard J effcrics Have you ever been hungry second period and smelled the tantalizing odors drifting from the homemaking room? The mem- bers of Mrs. OJConnellis food prepara- tion class are whipping up some delicious dishes. The girls learn meal planning, food preparation, and table setting. Dur- ing March the class participates in the 'kitchen planning contest. planning and ibuilding kitchens out of materials sup- plied by the Central Hudson Gas and Electric Company. Here the girls are seating the soup they prepared earlier in class. "No assignment for tomorrorvg itis a holidaylv This announcement from Mr, Stearns to a class in Business Law was dampened only by the marks on the test Pipers just returned. Business Law is a required course for a special business- regents diploma. The course includes the study of the laws and principles used in various types of business. M Parlez-vous, any one? If you can't, join Mrs. Kirby and her French I class. Here lVIrs. Kirby is instructing Howie Regan, Dottie Addor, and Chris Throop in pre- sent and passe compose tenses of reg- ular verbs. In first year classes an in- troduction to French civilization and' gram- mar is covered. Oral drill and reading practice help to make for language pro- ficiency. wi . 5 0 t ,fir , . gf , , q,V, 5 ff ' if W 'V 5 E, N. f 1' L Fw 2 ? lf' ffl, J M7 1 a57fl'Q 'WW..,f,.,.,,,..,. i 4 Q ,, ., , ..,.,f..,M.,,...,,.Mf,W+MWwWaM 'f ' -, , While working on his project, Larry Fauci uses a morticing attachment on a drill press. This equipment, one of the many features of the shop, is used primarily for drilling square holes. Larry, as many of the other shop students, is hard at Work on his project Which, when completed, will be a mahogany foot stool. Included in the varied studies of plants and animals, biology students examine slides to see body structures and functions. Here R. Crawford and friend examine slides to finish their laboratory manuals, projects of great importance to the stu- dents. Besides examing slides under micro- scopes, biology students learn about the human body, various diseases, the animal and plant kingdoms, and the principles of evolution and heredity. One of the many projects of metal shop is aluminium casting. Sand molds are made and molten aluminium is poured into them. Then the molds are put into an oven and heated to a temperature of 1450 degrees, After cooling, the molds are re- moved and the aluminium objects are buff- ed. One of the final steps includes filing, as F. Porter is doing to his project, Th, 1lYl4 Bm' sw fmt lll. ring :nl :iii 'Lf it :axle 1 Lili' isfpiij 5 lun 'flfliil flliil 'lim vii mly . llfpyg Ning Budd Sing Fork Mun Han smfj lon bm. The agricultural courses give students in- ftmffion Of C2 Useful and practical nature By mearzs of field trips, home projects, and work experience the program prepgfgy the fflldfflff for farming occupations, Here MT- Ldfkf explains the elements of di,-. tiriguishing and grading different types of apples to one of the agricultural classes which appears to be listening attentively. The tasks of the study hall teacher are quite varied, to say the least. They in- clude such chores as taking attendance, keeping silence, ana' seeing that some work is done. ln some instances though, the teacher lends a helping hand to those who request aid. In this case, Mr. Graham ex- plains a troublesome math problem to 1. Luzzi and S. Wright during a cafeteria study hall. Representing stained Sld-'Y Windows by using cellophane is childls play for OW budding young artists V. Frerii, f. Gas- Parro and N. V-f1"Yf7- They Seem fo be Woykjng diligently orz their projects. En- couraging our future DaVincis is Mrs. Hawley A complete program of arts and crafts and ll7f 0'gd'1iZa"i0n of our bulletin board! kai, our ambitious art students busy. Q55-'f"' is 2' ' .,3f...-p-'LQ' ' , . 124:31 1,14 in ' , J xjtv' 5 "3"'- -.Mk P rw 3 at ,Mk 5 :.:1',',., -.Q vw-ww' M--on 1 as 4 'W nu if' .31 ei Among the courses of the Industrial Arts Department is a class in General Elec- tricity. Fundamentals of circuits, currents, and motors are taught While experiments are used to demonstrate. D. Dean writes a report here, While T. Hanahurg, T. Daly, F. Lotz, and A. Crum examine radio circuits, vital elements in radios. In the background, ready for use, is the amateur radio station which the class huilt, "New Einsteins in the Making". These are the students taking Physics, one of the courses offered in the field of science. The course deals with mechanics, heat, electricity, sound, and energies. This work requires mathematical ingenuity, displayed hy T. Briggs, B. Tyson, B. Borchers, S. Baright, j. Ufigand, and A. Credle in an experiment with the organization of forces. The Physics lab gives the necessary aid in achieving a successful experiment. , Mr. Borleonfslzi teaches the principles of graphing a straight line to an Elementary Algebra class. By using examples, he is showing that the general linear equation is YZIWX -I- B. In Elementary Algehra students also learn to Work with the basic principles of algebraic addition, suhtrac- tion, multiplication, and division. This subject provides an introduction to trigo- metric functions, factor theorems and quadratic equations. -gf' ,ff L. Freer and R. Wheatley conduct an experiment on Weights and pulleys in front of Mr, Knopp's General Science class. This is one of the thirty experiments writ- ten and submitted hy the freshmen at the end of the year in this required course. Demonstrations put on by the students help both those observing and those per- forming the experiments to understand the principles more fully. ,. , f ff 'r.z'fft'ffff . 53.1. ,, , or ,, ' ifffi- - Girls in Mrs. Ranucciys 8th grade gym flass prepare to do their calisthenics. This is a regular part of the gym program, and in spite of the many groans, it keeps the girls fit. These girls are Warming up for a game of hasleethall later in the period. ln addition to ralisthenifs and intramural sports, the girls are tested on regulations of the games. .WV ,W fx . , ,asf I . .L f ,,,,., I If ,fbi 'QM drive f N. Keelor, I. Brusie, G. Oates, and J. Kedzielarva explore a timeline in Mrs. Schiavone's World History class, as G. Renzo and D, Bell locate Africa on the glohe for the rest of the students. Daily news reports and location studies are a vital part of the class routine in 203, and they help stimulate the students! interest in the affairs of the day. A map of Africa exhibiting the 'various products of the Dark Continent is the special project of Nancy Kelty for Mrs. l.ipschut1's Citizenship Education class. Freshmen are required to take this course in Whifh they study world geography and basic economic problems. Current events are applied to the class Work of the day and many extra projects enable students to demonstrate their potentials. "Turn rightl Bark up straightl Cramp the Wheel morelu llflr. Tripp urges patient- ly and frequently, Driver-training inrludes the operation and maintenanre of auto- mobiles. Safety and levelheadedness are emphasized. K. Robison is ready to leave the sfhool lot, While N. Faircloth. B. Post, and E. Alulis await their turn. Mr. Tripp insures the safety of all by means of the car's dual eontrol. Regularly sfheduled library periods are part of the English courses of A.H.S. Under the dirertion of Miss Clow and their teafher, Mr. Duggan, a tenth-year English class learns the 'various types of library tools and their uses. ln addition, students learn to appreeiate varied selec- tions of prose and poetry, drill on correft grammar usage, and write many torn- positions. fl! ,,,.4" ,,,, f ' ' ' 'K f " i' ' rr,fang1f fr,.f,fv. 5. ' f1,'f.f-,rr hwy aff, r,., f f ,f f,,,,f, ov 3 fr, 5, - ' 1-Vz42:w'.zg'yi,fr.ff,' f, V. Krug, with the use of Miss Flint's ever- present pointer, shows how to solve a proh- lem in Solid Geometry. The theorem to he proved: The sum of the face angles of any polyhedral angle is less than the four right angles. In this half-year course, spatial relations. solid figures and volumes are studied hy advanced math students. Language classes were introduced to the use of electronic equipment during the past year and profited greatly hy their exper- ience Students of Miss Vanascrfs Second Year Spanish class gather around the tape recorder in an informal huddle made neces- sary lry the short wires of the earphones. With great concentration they listen and strive to reproduce accurately the flow of conversation. L. Crane, T. Royster. T. Grant, P. Fanelli and I. Tretheway study a trapezius muscle under the direction of Mr. Lacey. This muscle is located in the upper hack and is connected to the shoulder and collar hone. Learning ahout the parts of the human body, their functions, and diseases, makes up the course in Hygiene. This required course closely remernhles Biology with the exception that it is limited in scope. Citizenship education in the Eighth grade is an intensive review of the history and geography of our country, and Miss Phe- lan's thorough drill makes "quiz kidsi' of her students. ln addition to learning text- book facts, these boys and girls take pride in their individual projects, booklets on the fifty states and on the famous men of American history. Like all choral sections, the basses of the funior High Chorus receive regular group instruction from their director. Mr. La- Falce places special emphasis on clear enun- ciation and full round tones, and so these boys repeat a phrase over and over to achieve the desired effect. The value of such emphasis is clearly evident in the ex- cellent concerts of the group. In her Eighth grade English classes Mrs. Moore prepares students for the double- session Regents exam in fune. Points of emphasis in the course include grammar, punctuation, prose Writing, reading for comprehension and pleasure, penmanship, and spelling. Here R. Hoe and B. Wberne ick practice writing outlines on the black- board as classmates carefully observe the correct methods to he used. ,N . - .. - u' O. A ."l:o'-- I . V ,. - - ..- N. '-, - ' -'. - '1l1iq.lali". ..., ,'. '. I I I I 1 1, ' 4 . 1, '. of, -' Q . ., .' ' "..' ' . N 1 v, , ,'. I . 'll' ll -I I . . --I n.,1 . 'H ' "" ,ou , -. . - 1 . , . -, . . , , , ,. I. ,- nr . -. X1 .JK . 0. ... Q -l 1,1 . Q. .. l,.., . , ... . . , . I '-.. -.5 . u 1- . , . - . 1 . 1, s -,,,. ' age . 5 , ' , ., .-. . . - . -1.' ' ....-11.-, aiu- , . - .- .. 1 0 'U ."- ..,' v 1.:-,.'.,-'I--.1-, uf. lg' , l'O '.. ' -,,' I . 7hwwm caddci 64 nal acdcmffe. ELl111Ll11L1 BLl1'12L fi .S.QowZa Last summer was especially eventful for Don Marchese, our A.F.S. student. One summer day eight hundred excited and happy students left New York Harbor for their destinations in Europe and the Middle East. They spent eight memorable days aboard the liner where they had language lessons, and forums, plus dances and swims. Finally they arrived at Rotterdam, Holland, where they enjoyed a day of sightseeing and tasting new delicacies. After travelling through Holland, Germany, and Switzerland, Don arrived in Italy, his destination and the home of his first family. The two boys, seventeen and twelve, and their parents taught him Italian and slcin diving, and showed him the historic areas. Leaving this family who lived on the Adriatic Sea, he crossed the beautiful Apennine Mountains to his second family's home on the Mediterranean. After a month of water skiing, travelling, playing tennis, and meeting people, he left for Rome to join forty-six other students for a ten day tour of Italy. After finishing his very educational and enjoyable tour, Don returned to the U.S. During his stay with the Orsinis on the Italian Riviera, Don enjoyed swimming and sunning with his new sister, Carla, and her cousin, Mdfgdfffd- Cordiaiity and graciousness characlerized the Paolucci ' family which welcomed Donny to their summer home in Ancona. -if Wi ?5".QfJ "' ' ' f."ff,1'f'WZ'Zj'5'fE"5f'Tn',"f!,'f'W''Z .7712 "7 T'w"7 TS' ' zz-gray ,f 1,24 X I. ., rig, ,1 ,X 1 An old Greek was left hehind among the ruins in southern Italy. f :iv .. lf av , i lt, 1g ,T If it ' i V ik , V 1 , E . ,Y . V 3 .1 g '. 3 e 2 ,V ,sf t 'ffgialmdeffi V sw ',,. ug, 3 . N3 i 2, Q i y 1 r SY 'thin First Row: H. Marcelo, L. Fabian, S. Tinkelman, K. Duffy, L. Decker, R, Vergona, S. Horan, S. Phelan, P. Bida, D. Alulis, M. Tator, D. Vtooman, V. Freni, Blasi. Secona' ROW: S. Fitchett, K. Guilfoil, P. Fanelli, R. Ross, P, Smith, D. Strickland, R. Lafko, Rumble, B. Tyson, B. Marchese, B. Cummings, Horvath, M. McComb, S. Roe. Third Row: A. Don Marchese and Bruce Tyson see green from the contribu- tions of the four high school classes to the A.F.S. campaign. Clark, D. Lama, B. Nyman, M. Romanello, R. McConnell, E. Myers, C. Gunn, C. Seaman, J. Hadden, D. Swartz, H. Glick, N. Kelty, V. Fitzpatrick, J. Stewart. Fourth Row: H. Reagan, D. Parish, T. Andrew, Kedzielawa, E. Heresniak, D. Kimlin, A. Credle, R. Townsend, C. Cooper, F. Magurno, W. Brown, V. Marchese, R. Randall. GE cutie . The word udemocraticn characterizes the most im- portant organization of our school, the G.O., which under the guidance of Mr. Stewart and its officers works to better our school standards. Included in their many activities are the sending of an Exchange Student to Europe, the forming of a Varsity Club, the addition of a school store and glass bulletin board, and theisupporting of a War Orphan. New projects are the sponsorship of more and better assemblies, establishment of better inter-school relations, and the adoption of a traditional school ring. Social ac- tivities include supporting a Twirp Dance, a Stock Holders Dance, and the Junior Class Ring Dance. Each homeroom is represented by two students at every meeting. Our C1.O. is truly the governing body of Arlington High. Poqe 30 em Mb, Q ws... N . .. ' W ,j "-sw me N , fs- X. "IVallQ together, talk together all ye people: of the earth. Then, and only then. can you have peacef' Arlingtorfs Fare Share further.: World frierzdship. f' ..,, A., K W The A.F.S. dollar :igu measure: our goal of 81500. S. Phelan here paint: in the first day's total of the .mccesfful campaign. ORG IZATIQ ggdfbq la .S, Firft Row: M. Laffin fTreasurerH, H. Marcelo lsecretaryy, M. Tator lVice Presidentl, D. Marchese lPresidentJ. .fl -11 First Row: C. Dorsch, C.4 Cook, D. Corrado, K, Cowles, K. Duffy, B. Gartrell, N. Kelty, V. Fitzpatrick, L. Hanka, B. Coutant, B. Carroll, Bollr, Cowles, L. Fabian, D. Bernard. Secona' ROW: Bryant, C. Budd, S. Haight, S. Baright, L. Grochau, S. Frazier, Y. Croffe, H. Eastwood, Aaron, M. Hampe, A. Hampe, P. Bida, S. D'Luhosch, M, DiGregorio, S. Bernard, V. Freni. Third Row: L. Crane, A. Clark, B. me ' Unurual situations arise in many of the Dramatic Club pre- sentation: and "A Private Affair" is no exception. A. Credle seek: K. Pearsonfv assistance in solving his psychologital problems. J 'K' xiffwan. Borches, B. Brown, M. Diamond, K. Grouchau, F. Grossman, B. Bodner, J. Harrison, F. Acampora, B. Allen, B. Brownell, D. Bedford, P. Bower, M. Cicman, C. Gunn. Fourth Row: J. Freer, A. Brinson, K. Greiner, F. Healing, S. Flanigan, N. Christ, F. Borches, A. Credle, E. Heresniak, B. Brown, B. Borcher, K. Freiburg, C. Futyma, B. Crabtree, K. Guilfoil, C. Detzen. DRAMATIC WWW ' f "And one man in his time plays many partsi' . . . This is especially true of Dramatic Club members who all act, whether this action takes place on the stage, in the prop room, or in the dressing rooms, transform- ing sixteen year old actors into sixty year old men with a few strokes of skillfully applied pencil. This year has been a rewarding one for both the troupers and the audiences. Productions have included several one-act plays and the popular comedy, The Solid Gola' Cadillac. As a reward for a job well done, the members shifted roles and became the audience as they viewed the color- ful opera Carmen, and the Broadway production, The Miracle Worker. Rumble, C. Sudol, S. Roe, L. Uster. Fourth Row: M. Talaher '- :H Firxt Row: Tretheway, B. Tolcay, B. Robinson, R. Tinlcel man, V. Tinlcelman. Second Row: D. Vrooman, R. Wirhowski, P. Williams, H. Tedsdale, D. Speclcenlnach, R. Vergona, C. Wright, C. Swartz, M. Wilcox, P. Raymond, D. Skrotzki, L. Sears, D. Sharp, Smith, Third ROW: R. Yerlcs, Ulrich A. Shopmeyer, L. Robinson, D. Silber, R. Wright, B. Wardell D. Tower, D. Vilills, D. Swartz, R. Ross, D. Spencer, P. CLUB A' 6 I 5 v ! I First Row: D. Palmatier, Hitsman, S. Horan, L. Lipman, J Murray, D. Macwilliams, T. Marcus, L. Ouimet, E. Pound, L. Kasday, S. Kosma, P. Kane, S, Kress. SECOIIUI Row: T, Kniffen, D. MacFarlen, M. Pearson, G. Pittala, S. Phelan, S. Root, K. Joyner, K. Pearson, M. Malcoslci, Heresniak, A Matson, D. Hoe, K. Phuetze, P. Richardson, M. McComb, J Phillips. Third Row: K. Koss, S. Horan, A. Maiore, K. King 9 fs D. Spinski, K. Skarlcell, C. Zullcowslci, Stump, Zimmer J. Rosenlnlatt, H. Zimmer, J, Wtulich, K, Vanderburgh, L Shultz, C. Ross, P. Stowe, Shuler, S. Smith, A. Fredericlcs Fifth Row: C. Waligora, Scribner, E. Young, S. Wright, P Warniclc, H. Reagan, T. Wood, K. Wachenfeld, C. Thompson R. Townsend, B. Tyson, R. Willsey, K. Webster, R. Rawls, L Starr, K. Weber. Mwwwww- " J. Mahar, Mack, G. Oats, M. Karwasinski, B. Loeffel, Martin, Hicks, Nicholls, C. Pichard, E. Jackson, B. Lemlce, G, Nazzaro. Faurllv Row: C. Rathlcopf, R. Laflco, D. Parish, E. Kneplca, B, Knapp, S. Kennard, F. I-Iornick, R. Marshall, D. Pryor, D. Kimlin, D. Michaelis, B. Parry, L. Meyer, L, Bolts, F. Lawatsch, B. Lipman. First Row: B. Brown fVice Presidenti, P. Magennis fSecre- Borchers, D. Michaelis, K. Wachenfeld, C. Rathlcoph C taryj, D. Vrooman, V. Tinlcelman, S. Baright, D. Speclcen' Waligora, Aaron. bach fTf93SUfEfl. Second Row: F. Acampora fPresicIentJ, B. espians deck Q'Act well your partg there all the honor liesn is well known by all Thespians as it is their motto. This society, which is the honor association of the Dramatic Club, is devoted to the advancement of Dramatic Arts. Knowing that hard work earns a reward, students work "Is Ibis a mess, or wbat?,' The prop room is in its usual state of confusion as Dmmalir Club members L. Slarr, P. Slonfe, D. Speckenbarb, S. Root. and K, Groucbau probe the props. aafladme d. hard to earn the ten Thespians credits required for membership. These credits may he earned by work in the annual three act play or in the many one act plays performed during the year. "He knew there was a rebearsal todaylv D. Speckenbacb and C. Waligora cbeck tbe all-important rbart blocking in tbe lines of individual actors in various scenes of "Cadillac", W'7mu?u55'W 'f - 'j "1 rmwmcux if J V l ous rum ima W3 mar gear? Zip .f X "Excellent, Miss L'Arriereg all right with you boys?" T. john Blessingfon KK. lfVaclrenfeldJ and Alfred Metcalfe KN. Varneyj scrutinize llfliss L'Arriere lK. Pearsonj, A M M -: Av, '17".' "Work, Work, and more work." D, Russell puts the finishing touches on one of the numerous publicity angles for "Cadillac", Q Ml! rf ef 4 "And I Want Ilvuse other dummies in here, loo." Mrs. Parzridge IB. Tokayj figlrts back aided by Miss Sfrolgraven fS. Horanj. "We were at the Holel Barkley in Philadelphia," Mrs. Partridge explains to interested newsmen. First Row: B. Tokay, DL Roher, C. Cook, L. Fabian, L. Lipa ban. Serond ROW: S. Tinkleman, V. Fitzpatrick, M. Christ, F. Niessen, Smith, R. Lawatsch, F. Lawatsch, P..Sharp, S. Kress, A. Swarte, A. Hampe, Bollt, S. Horan. Third Row: C. Zulkowski, C. Ross, L. Crane, D. Hoe, B. Wardell, Cacchio, S. Kennard, K. Pearson, A. Clark, K. Sharkey, J. Aaron, S. Phelan, S. Horan, S. D'Luhosch, J. Bryant, D. Parrish. Fourth Row: J. Curran, E. Varney, L. Sillan, C. Rathkopf, N. Christ, R. Ross, H. Young, R. Townsend, C. Coelen, T. Wood, E. Thompson, M. Diamond, J. Taylor, P. Kennedy, D. Wallace, R. Bodner. Debate Club ' acldtaldegiafzqafzi ,S, "Honorable judge, worthy opponents, ladies and gentlemen. In my speech I shall endeavor to prove that the recommendations of Dr. Conant for secondary education in America should be adopted." So spoke the debaters at Hamilton College in the fall of the year. They repeated the words a week later at Cortland and each time achieved major victories. In November, the Freshmen got their first taste of the wonderful world of words at Newburgh where they gained first place for the third successive year. Debators prove themselves excellent legislators at the four Student Congresses held during the school year. There they strive to pass bills which they deem necessary for the well being of the world, nation, or state, as well as to gain recognition by winning the coveted bronze metal. fune Aaron explain: fact-finzling lecfmiquef to sophomore: Carolyn Ros: and Eric Thompson. if :vim mu First Row: D. Hoe QCoi-responding Secretaryj, C. Ross, C. Wallace, F. Lawatsch, J. Aaron, S. Phelan. Third Row: D. Zulkowslci, Bolt fRecording Secretaryl, L. Fabian, K. King, Parrish fTreasurerl, E,'Varney, C. Rathlcoph, N, Christ, R. J. Bryant, S. Horan, S. D'Luhosch. Second Row: D. Mensler, Ross, R. Townsend, C. Coelen fVice-Presidentl, T. Wood, E. B. Boclner, B. Cass, Kamper, Curren fpresidentl, D, Thompson, Nl. Diamond. .PL ' 44. N.F.L. member: N. Christ, and C. Coelen take time out from lunch to discuss the Rochester Tournament with Mis: Walsh. "This is to certify that ? ?, having qualified through praiseworthy participation in high speech activities has been elected a member of the chap- ter at Arlington High School and is entitled to the privileges pertaining to membership in this organization." A certificate thus inscribed is the dearest possession of every N.F.L. member. These people have been the most active members of the Debate Club, and have accumulated the required number of points for election to this honor society. The most important event to N.F.L. members is the annual State Tournament on the campus of Syra- cuse University. Here members engage in contests in humorous interpretation, dramatic presentation, oratory, original oratory, extemperaneous speaking, and debate. Through this tournament the best spealcers in the state are chosen to continue in national competition, ANCHORS Inspzratzon may come any where anytime P Stowe Bollt ana' S Flarmigan fumor Anchor members see a quiet spot as they Wrzte Anchor captions N727 fl, ew-1. f 5 W First Row: V. Tinlcelman QCO-Editorl, G. Nazzaro fTyping Editorj, D. Vrooman, H. Weiss, D. Addor, J, Aaron, S. Baright fCaptions Editorj. Second Row: E. Varney, Scrib- ner, B. Brownell, C. Corbin, M. Karwasinslci, F. Acampora fSubscriptions Editorl, C. Waligora fCo-Editorj, B. Brown fPhotography Editorj, B. Borchers, J. Kamper. Third Row: J. I-Iorniclc, A. Acker, C. Stampf, R. Schuler fBusiness Man- agerl, L. Meyers fPhotography Editorl, A. Creclle fphotog- raphy Editorl, S. Wackenfeld, A. Lamberts, J. Engle, B. Tyson. fzamlaeiczadtempeatcamea liege . Vera Tinkelman, Co-editor of the ANCHORS, helps compose the dedication for our yearbook at one of our many Saturday work sessions. The goal-to put out a yearbook. Sometimes this seemed unattainable. They started with the plans, in- cluding the theme. Often they made little progressg ideas were few and far between. The dummy seemed huge but the largest problem was money and where to get it. Patrons and more patrons were needed. The money dribbled in and there was always the fear that it would stop coming. Then came the brainstormingg copy and pictures needed, more copy and more pictures. All this work had to be finished to meet the deadlines which always seemed to arrive too soon. Finally the year- book was distributed to the students. Exclamations of delight were heard as the students received and looked through the new unusual 1960 yearbook. Page 38 rn New York Czty Front Row D M6CWll1l3mS I Bollt K Grochau B Bodner S, Flanigan, L. Starr, P. Stowe, P. Raymond, S. Bernard. Sec- ond Row: E. Barrett, Ramage, R. Luilc, C. Coelen, R. UHIOI' HCR C Walzgora D Spechenback V Tmkel man F Acampora MISS Vanasco B Tyson and B Townxend dzne luxurzously at Wal a'0r Aftorza during the yearbook con erence Townsend, R. Ross, J. Curran. "W-.. ' 4 mae lie ,bad qeafw memcww. "Mix: Vanafco. If this caption O.K. for tbiy picturefj' ark: "WoW.' I never knew capliom were xo bard to think p p, Sfgwgl R, Tgpfnfena' and R. Ros: work in background. Iunivrf seem I0 agree. Page 39 First Row: D. Baitinger, E. Jackson, J. Hicks, Y. Cioffi, B. Bower, D. Hoe, J. Bryant, V. Fitzpatrick, C. Kozma. Third Borthwick, T. Ironsides, K. King, K, Koss, L. Kasday, S. Fiore, Row: W. Beam, T. Kniffen, C. Corbin, Geneve fCo-Editorj, J. Kilmer. Second Row: D. Lama, K. Duffy, K. Cowles, G. M. I-Iornick, J. Horniclc, J. Kamper, B. Borchers, S. Flanigan, Belyea, D. Bedford, R. Borchers Aaron fCo-Editorl, P. M. Karwasinslci fNews,Editorl. ARLI GTO IA Budding journalists I. Aaron, M. Karwasinski, and B. Borcbers check the final deadline copy of the ARLINGTONIAN. Page 40 mdlidaafdemmci Hand out assignments, write editorials, proofread, set dummy, will it never end? This year it was decided that it was impossible for one person to do. The result . . . co-editors. This system worked out successfully and a bigger and better Arlingtonian was produced. The Press Club launched a campaign for a new school symbol. In the spring, the annual literary contest was held with gratifying results. Throughout the year the pulse of Arlington was recorded for prosperity. To the students came the important developments on the college problem, the results of sports events, and the opinions of their classmates. The gossip editors, their identity a close- ly guarded secret, lcnew all and spolce all. 1960 was a banner year for the Press Club. Firsl Row: J. Nagy, N. Senlc, S. Nygren, D. Speclcenbach, D. Tower, G. Nazzaro, D. Vrooman, S. Tinlcleman, Sleight. Second Row: S. Phelan, P. Magennis, J. Maher, 1, Ringwalcl, G. Pittala, G. Wright, Volniclc, P. Fanelli, Shuler, P. TAPF mdmtdchg can atop an "Do you think we should censor this article?" Editor I. Aaron seems to he asking Mrs. Gilday. Stone, J. Phillips. Third Row: B. Van Nostrand, K. Vancler- burg, P. Richardson, D. Wills,sH. Weiss, W. Meyers, K. Wackenfeld, E. Vamey, S. Smith, S. Root, C. Zulkowski, J. Scribner. The senzors willingly PHY ' of - 'A their dimes to learn the VVV ,, , ' . V 1 A . latest news and gossip in the A5155 . ff ARLINGTONIAN. g b . I K . UNL, V: : . Kiwi Q S fr., L LHS xx S "l'I.1.QJ 7 X 3 i S. Fiore, M. Erett, and I. Kilmer run off and collate copies of the ARLINGTONIAN with professional efficiency. Page 41 CIGHCG Hey, Walt! You would get gags fi! better rerults if it were g plugged' in. 351 Thompson. First Row: R. Lipman, S. Varney, C. Seaman, C. Ross, Maloney, F. Lawatsch. Second Row: W. Meyers, J. Hornick, C. Rathlcopf, K. Freiberg, D. Parrish, D. Michaelis, E. Another recent addition to Arlington,s long list of student clubs and activities is the recently founded Science Club. This organization is to promote scientific interest in those intending to pursue a career in science or mathematics. 0 0 9 64 . The conqueror of confusion, the Anchor Squad, plays an indispensable part in our school by preserving order in the halls, in assemblies, and in fire drills. First ROW: Daubman, P. Kane, M. Daubrnan, D. Hoe, L. Crance, B. Allen, J. Mack, B. Coutanr, B. Reed, L. Swensen J. Murray. Second ROW: D. Parrish, D. Dean, W. Sipos, C. Rathkopf, A. Madson, S. Delamater, C. Futyma, J. Delorey, G. Gronlce, J. Martin, R. Streck, P. Decker. Third Row: W Reed, K. Freiberg, E. Kneplca, U. Maass, R. Vaeth, L. Kolts D. Palmiter, R. Crabtree, D. Michaelis, J. Scribner, C. Cor bin, Heresniak, C. Seaman. Anchor quad Mr. Swartz plan: tactics for Anchor Squad with officers I. Heresniak and I. Mack. Mrs. Burnside of tlre Community College speaks on tlve newly in- augurated nursing course to be of- fered at D.C.C.C. as Mrs. Alsdorf and the Future Nurses listen at- tentively. H--M1 . A .- Y ,, ,,,,,.,,, ,W ,,,.. ,W .,s,5,.,,,'..3Q1f f s. . -f First Row: L. Caplan, D. Vrooman, K. Koss, E. jackson, S. Barillaro, B. De Michele, S. Frazier, B. Battista, M. Lennon, R. Vergona, Lattin, H. Marcello. Second Row: C. Moore, M. Nichols, K. Guilfoil, V. Purcley, B. Brownell, Heresnialc, K. Webster, M. Fuller, B. Chambers, P. Meehan, K. King, D. Mensler, C. Smith. Hospital tours, panel discussions, movies, all are a part of the thorough preparation given members of the Future Nurses' Club at their meetings which are supervised by de Zantdech de up Zaye! 1, A new organization, The Future Teachers Club, uncler the direction of Mr. Boclner, Mrs. Alsdorf. strives to prepare students for a teaching career by films, trips, and various speakers. FTA The Future Teachers discuss with Mr. Bodner the helpful techniques they learned on rt recent 'visit to the Raymond Avenue School, where they observed classes in progress. Page 43 Tower. First Row: J. Bollt, D. Vrooman fVice Presiclentl, Pine lSecretary and Treasurerj, V. Tinkelman fpresiclentl, H. Marcello. Second Row: B. Lemlce, Aaron, B. Bodner, D. First Row: B. Gray, M. Christ, J. Bollt, J. Mack, J. Heresnialc, P. Bida, M. Hampe, P. Werniclc, R. O,Donnell, D. Orcutt, R. Smith, Lyman, F. Magurno. Second Row: Talldur, B. Hewlett, D. Strouble, 1. Beatty, B. Stupfer, K. Weber, D. Way, G. Ahlers. Third Row: R. Battista, M. Bacon, J. De- lorey, S. Roe, P. Camillaccio, L. Crane, M. Fuller, L. Kellogg, 1. Buckley, F. Buck, R.Hanlon, M. Walcely, E. Heresnialc M. Bentley. Fourth Row: B. Loeffel, F. White, J. Davis, E. LaBell, L. Robinson, C. Prichard, D. Hoe, S. Smith, R. Lawatsch, F. Horniclc, R. Borchers, R. Bates, S. Miner. Fifth Row: D. Mallcowski, C. Schroeder, R. Wright, B. Vitalis, F. Misner L. Schultz, D. Swartz, R. Tinlcelman, B. Dederer, D. Greene A. Baldinger, M. Manna, R. Traver, N. Schaefer. Sixth Row: M. Pitts, V. Spiers, B. Watson, B. Courant, I. Johannssen M. Lennon, H. Teasdale, G. Lyons, L. Crawford, L. Kolts W. Sammis, B. Gillespie. Seventh Row: M. Kistney, R. Pitcher R. Mercey, S. Fisher, G. Oates, B. Evans, C. Budd, M. Cis man, C. Williams, P. Munn, A. Branson, D. Kimlin, B Kapp, C. Miner. Eighth Row: L. Holmstrom, P. Hammond M. Pierson, S. Root, D. Davis, K. Greene, Mixed Chorus Zaclcee enhance Metz ' 4. "From Bach to Bop" would very nicely symbolize the repetoire of this year's Mixed Chorus. With the varied selections chosen by their capable and extremely skillful director, Mr. La Falce, the 115 voices prepared a Christmas concert and a Spring Music Festival which was musically stupendous. This lively group, together with the 200 voices of the Junior High Choir, bubbled over with enthusiasm and spirit for making music. Several ensembles, formed by subdivisions of the choruses, in order to add variety to the choral presenta- tion, proved very successful. The enthusiasm, the exciting choice of music, and the variations in presenting the program, combined to produce one of the most suc- cessful years of choral accomplishments in the history of Arlington High School. The Chorus, under the direction of Mr. LaFalce,proudly presents its Christmas concert. Page 44 a 9 Front Row: S. Kerrnan, K. Constanable, P. Fanelli, B. Seaman, T. Butland, L. Robinson, R. Banker, S. Roe. Tbira' Row: R T. Phelan, K. Heresniak, R. Simon, M. Emery, Mr. Korn- Traver, Cacchio, F. Buck, P. Wernick, D. Kimlin, D bluth. Second' ROW: B. Dederer, L. Kovacs, A. Starr, S. Weiss, Ahlers, H. Weiss, L. Starr, Delory. Qrohesjtra ' 4 mate fam ' fa 656 , The Orchestra has one of its many practice sessions before an assembly. Playing music for the enjoyment of many people is the favorite occupation of the Arlington High School Orchestra. The orchestra, composed mainly of strings, was organized nine years ago. Under the expert leader- ship of Mr. Emmanuel Kornbluth, these enthusiastic musicians learn to play classical and modern composi- tions. Practicing weekly the group prepared for the annual Christmas and Spring Concerts, in which they performed beautifully. The orchestra enters into ac- tivities that enrich their musical interest. The group par- ticipated in the area, county, and state sectionals. In order to learn chamber music, a violin and string quartet was formed. Such activities offered these young musi- cians an opportunity to acquire new techniques. The orchestra, constantly enlarging, is an organization of which Arlington can be proud. Page 45 First ROW: D. Swartz, S. Cook, M, Credle, B. Werniclc, D. Corbin, L. Kovacs, G. Ahlers, S. Weiss, B. Robinson, M. Sitorner, K. Webster, J. Burgess. Second Raw: J. Delamater, Embree. R. Wells, D. Wheatly, R. Marshall, B. Stufer. Third Row: T. With mellophane ana' trumpets, G. Harrison, B. Dederer, and C. Verro tune up for band practice. With daily practice ana' hard Work, H. Sackett hopes to play the flute succesf- fully. Band 0 I The chords of "We Want a Touchdown" and 'tNight Train", played by the band, helped stir the high spirit of Al-l.S. this year. The hand attended all but one football game with a brand new selection of songs, marches and formations. The band, under the leadership of Mr. Husted, also participated in the Spring Concert Program. With a blend of novelty tunes, classical selections, and marches, the band was well received by the parents and students. For the first time in many years, the band has begun to march in community parades. Ir has marched in the Hudson- Champlain Parade and in the Memorial Day Parade. The band is a worthy and a proud representative of Arlington High School. Page 46 First Row: A. Harrison, C. Verro, L. Soper, B. Dederer, A, Wfaclcenfelcl, G. Price, T. Lama, D. Eighmie, D. Delamater Starr. Secona' Row: J. Cinclerson, P. Macwilliams, R. Vincent, M. Dillinger. M. Williams, T. Phelan. Third Row: S. Such, I-I. Weiss, K. Tzvirler: practice on the walk where tivere E I is plenty of room for action. I 1 me 0456465 , Frequent Saturday morning practice ses- sions are conducted by Mr. Husted. Kneeling: Gemling, Standing: B. Bortliwiclc, D. Eberhard, C. Smith, P. Rumble, B. Lemlce. Page 47 Tech Club Although the membership of the Tech Club perhaps constitutes the smallest of any school group, they have always proved ready to assist in the many productions given through the years at Arlington High School. In those years, the technically minded students of this organization have cooperated in the production of the annual plays, lectures, movies, assemblies and concerts in our school, and have provided the touch of romance at our proms with their wire Wizardry. Under fine lead- ership, the club has been trained in the use of the most modern visual, public address, recording and lighting equipment. Thoroughly skilled in their techniques, the club not only aids the school, but the members are learning information which will be valuable to them- selves, personally, later in life. . Q s First Row: D. Orcutt, E. Varney, K. Smith, W. White, D. Silber. Second Row: R. Mackey, R. Vaeth, I-I. Clark, Zelez- nick. Jem cdadcafakdfe emdcdowa Zwea. Rad' C1 b First Row: H. Clark, W. White, K. Smith, D. Silber, D. Orcutt. Second Row: R. Logan, A. Olheiser, Zeleznick, A. Aclcer, C. Stampf. Page 48 The activities of the Arlington High School Radio Club range from the learning of radio theory to the construction of radio equipment. The club members' main objective is to obtain Amateur Radio Operator's Licences. To help the boys toward their goal the club conducts classes in radio theory and Morse code, two essentials to the radio amateur. Added to this the boys have opportunities to build and repair the various types of equipment that they will someday use to operate their own stations. Keeping Arlington in tune with the world provides interesting experiences for the club members, as they are able to find new friends the world over. This organization operates under the competent di- rection of Mr. Kenneth Folster of the Liberal Arts Department, who operates a radio station of his own. Photo Club The extensive collection of prints belonging to the Arlington High School Photograph Club covers a wide range of subjects, from informal snapshots of classes and activities, to portraits of teachers and administrators. This variety attests to the skill and dramatic instinct of the club members. The work seems an endless and often exasperating chore, but the photographers usually udevelopl' satisfactory results. The long hours spent in developing, enlarging, and printing, are known only to the members of the group, the public sees only the finished product. Small in size, but large in responsi- bility, the organization has the job of making our year- book a more vital reminder of our school life. First Row: L. Meyer, B. Brown, F. Lawatsch, A. Credle. Sec'- ond Row: A. Lamberts, H. Weiss, B. Tyson, K. Wachenfeld. 4eg,afmcz'c1:e Zen waded The National Emblem of the Future Farmers of America is a composite of five symbols representing the function of the organization in training young men for agricultural leadership. The owl symbolizes knowledge and wisdom, the plow-labor in the soil, the rising sun- prcgress and the new days when all farmers are trained and have learned to cooperate, the cross section of the ear of corn, native to our country and raised in every state-agricultural interests common to all, and the eagle -the national scope of membership. EFA. First Row: Mr. Lacks fadvisorj, G. Wells, M. VanAmburgh, R. Vamey, W. Cope land, N. Schaefer, Kenney, T. Green Second Rmv: T. Van Voorhis, R. Recoid R. Hilliker, J. Mercay, F. Davies, P. Hunt, D. Davis, H. Elmendorf. In-nm Page 49 First Row: D. Bernard, Blasi, D. Skrotzki, S. Nygren, R. Yerks, P. Keebler, C. Dorsh. Second Row: I. Maher, S. Phelan R. Munderbach, M. Berzins, B. VanNorstrancl, G. Kniffen, M McComb, J. Spinner. Third Row: B. Bar'ht, S, Flanigan, C. Stampf, T. Royster, R. DuBois, K. Kinclleburg, J. Briggs, F. Healing. ibrary Ciub 46? Zeqb We Zeqa of hmcafedge. Books, books, books! Do you know that our library contains 5000 books? The Library Club under the di- rection of Miss Clow, collects, stamps, and shelves books, a job often taken for granted by those who frequently visit the library. Filing, mending books, and performing the duties necessary to insure an effi- cient library are all a part of the staff member's job. I-lomeroom representatives, who help collect books, are also a part of the library's system. Because of the staff's capable service, the student body benefits when- ever it uses the facilities of the library. Jane Wixon takes time out from her typing to check on a book for Davin' Parrish. lane has become a valuable aia' in the library hy helping to clear away the large amount of clerical work which accumulates. Page 50 .4 a , ' . I ' .1 I' J .. , . 1 .' .u ,f 7Z64fvw5eZz'ewla6aaw eamelddag Mom' ewmyrdmg, Mom Za bmw dl czfcwolf me Wag. Zzmwmazqw Me dm, PHSCZII ot V an ggx if U R. Quinn fVice-Presidentl, Miss Cooke fTreasurerl Mr Jordan Mrs Ranucci 6 3,14 .0 pw V B. Chambers fSecretary, D. Mafthese fPres1dentl wi, ,mf J W gtf ' t Arlington Athletic Association fi7f,S. ,ww rm. Under the capable supervision of the Arlington Athletic Association, the school's complete athletic year follows a smooth course. They are responsible for the purchasing and maintenance of all sports equipment, the smooth running of local competitions at Riverview Field and the Arlington gymnasium, and the paving of ath- letic expenses. Each year in the fall its officers are elected by the entire student body. These officers assist Coach Jordan, Mrs. Ranucci, and Miss Cooke in the selling and han- dling of A.A.A. ticlcets. The sale of these tickets to interested sports fans in the Arlington School District finances the year's program. The A.A.A. has carried out its functions ancl made sports a valuable asset to the school's program this year as in the preceding years. After signing hundreds o A A A tzckets Don Marcbere su fer: Writer's tramp i Page 53 First Row: D. Doty, Manager, W. Cummings, C. Cooper, R. Weiss, Bradley, V. Marchese, Rumble, G. Cacchio, Man- Abbate, J. Bruleigh, W. Brown, L. Ciancio, B. Ireland, D. ager, Coach jordan. Third Row: Coach King, L. Meyer, Marchese, J. I-Iorvath, W. Hegeman. Second Row: W. Murphy, Luzzi, L. Bierman, M. Laffin, F. Abbott, I. Vasta, F. Wilhelm, Coach, A. Thomas, Manager, M. Russell, R. Mackey, D. T. Andrew, D. MacClay, R. Luik, S. Godfrey, A. Balodis, R. Holloran, W. Lasko, R. Quinn, W. Smith, R. Marchese, H. DeFrance, J. Doss, W. Davison, L. Wizeman, Manager. I I 0 e0Z70Q4 We W . Vlfappinger ball carrier getting taclilea' by B. Marclvese ann' B. Ireland. VARSITY FOOTBALL SCORES A.H.S. OPP. Liberty 19 0 Saugerties 32 6 Beacon 0 19 Roosevelt 39 6 Highland 0 20 Cardinal Farley 7 6 Wappingers 13 6 W-rr of B. Ireland executes effective :tiff-arm aguinxt R.H.S. foe. Hard work, team spirit, and excellent support boost- ed the A.H.S. gridders to the best record since 1954, 5 wins and 2 losses. The season opened with a solid victory over Liberty and was highlighted by decisive victories over Roosevelt, Saugerties and C.F.M.A. The losses to strong Highland and Beacon squads were hard- fought contests. The season closed with a glorious tri- umph over our arch-rival, Wappingers. As a result of their outstanding records, captains Don Marchese and Barry Ireland won nominations to the All-County First Squad. D. Marcfrese carrie: for another TD as L. Bierman and B. Hegeman block. Crosxing line for touchdown, R. Luile scores another point for Arlington. rfb Q ef. 'Nha 30 L, ' Zawnamuafl aw. B LL JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL SCORES Al-LS. New Paltz 0 Roosevelt 13 Highland Z1 Wappingers 0 Beacon 7 Saugerties 13 C.F.M.A. 7 First Row: P. Wilde, R. Spencer, T. Swurzalc, M. Diamond, Lynam, L. Ackerman, Luzzi, R. Smith. Second Row: F. Mozdziez, N. Sinacori, C. Throop, A. Speclcenbach, N. Baitinger, J. Kedzelawa, Mr. Borlcowslci fcoachj. Third Row: L. Ciancio, M. Vanamburg, J. Stout, R. Roth, R. Butler, R. Ander- son, Harris, W. Copeland. WT! 5 ' OPP. 20 7 38 20 21 20 21 Q-7! Q-7! With a crisp signal the J.V. quarter-back sencls his squad into a well executed play. These boys are learning the fundamentals of football necessary for rugged competition. The J.V. plays a complete schecl- ule of their own against other area teams. This experi- ence will enable them to be valuable assets to future varsity squads. These boys have the enthusiasm and ability to give Arlington successful football teams in the years to come. ff , rf' W, Vr- M 2 L Qty! Z V ,fx Liga ' re LP imvfr We C3- LU LAJ7 fyJwA' awk? De. fl 9 ww-Z eff fygfyig QW! ff ,W lf " "" - ffm 'S ,P 4 4 3 - ,T My .y S" fi - - 4. V mYf7v frffv' g. 17... Wy ff? ' 4? Ayghv. ., Lafko eludef them. Rooseufell defenders try to :top A.H.S.,x PV. Laika after his FRESI-HVIAIXI 1?-'QQTBALL break through the Roorevelt line. OPP' Saugerties 13 7 Q Q26 Millbrook zo 18 1 Roosevelt I3 14 Newburgh 6 7 Wappingers 13 21 res man cot all 0 36 Highland 13 19 First ROW: F. Magurno, A. Cole, T. Eagan, D. Rohrer, Luik, S. Dyer, M. Goth, G. Hanley, S. Taffe. Third ROW: Degatano, M. Bentley, Raycraft. Secana' Row: W. Van- Brannen, Vermilyea, B. Bower, Buckley, R. Marshall, E. Buskirlc, D. Strickland. S. Paul, P. Sharp, B. Stupfer, M. I-Ieresnialc, R. Sanford, Coach Byrne. V ..,. . 4 1 'fa .X , Q Page 56 'ffirlingtonyr gonna win tonitefv Cheer- leaders prepare student: at pep assemble for the important Beacon game, Varsi Cheerleaders Cowles, M. Yamen. Second Row: M. Tater, S. Bauman, S. MacAndrews, L. Fleishman, D. Speckenbach, L. Decker. l H I I I 6660 "Fight, team, fight!" This is the familiar cry of our cheerleaders as they cheer Arlington's team to another victory. Led by Kathy Cowles and Ginny Cook, the girls personify the best in Al-LS. Having already spent time on the Junior Varsity Squad, the girls are agua! . primed and ready for the task of leading Arlington fans in the cheers familiar to all of us. Good sportsman- ship and athletic ability contribute greatly to nh enatural ability of the cheerleaders of Al-I.S. ' IV. Cl1GGI'lGdCl.GIS Fin! Row: K. Wadsten, D. Menssler, S. Phelan, Stewart. Second ROW: L. Duffy, M, Martin, P. Laslco, V. Kondas, P. Beck. 1 ,, 59 KJ M A w Page 57 I .L Scores Firxt Row: D. Doty lManagerj, L. Fauci, B. Ireland, R. Randall, M. Savino, V. Wirhouski, D. Gasparro fCo-captainl. Second Row: L. Wizeman llVlanagerl, T. Renzo, L. Weis- berg, R. Luilc, A. Credle fCo-captainl, F. Wilhelm, E. Brusgul, A. Crum, K. Samlnels, Coach Jordan. A.H.S. Opp. Dover Plains 50 26 Pine Plains 51 55 Saugerties 67 68 Newburgh 66 57 Wapphigers 53 50 Roosevelt 74 72 Newburgh 55 44 Dover Plains 49 45 Cardinal Farley 81 51 Beacon 86 60 Highland 71 35 Saugerties 65 64 Wappingers 61 53 Roosevelt 60 51 Pine Plains 52 57 Cardinal Farley 65 67 Highland 76 25 Beacon 70 59 Saugerties 72 49 Pleasantville 59 84 Varsity Basketball AWS, aaa eiaaw may lemma! eaaafaaaaaafu. Again our star, M. Savino, score: the vital 2 pointy. After dropping two of the first three games, Arling- ton went on to win eleven straight, to tie with Sauger- ties for first place. ln the playoff, the Maroons, with a new defense, stopped the Sawyers 72-49. The season ended with a 15-5 record, the fifth defeat inflicted by a powerful Pleasantville team in the section playoffs. Mighty Mickey Savino was named "outstanding player of 1960". Also cited were Weisherg and Crum. If: a free ride for Coach Jordan as jubilant fans carry him on their shoulders following our victory in the championship playoff game against Saugerties. Get that rebound, Alex! A. Creclle jumps to grab the ball While "Mighty M'ickey" anal B. McRitchie stamz' ready to talee off down the court. Scores A.H.S. Opp. Dover Plains 42 10 Our Lady of Lourdes 48 Z0 Saugeties 57 46 Newburgh 49 57 Wappingers 54 50 Roosevelt 58 48 Newburgh 36 34 Dover Plains 61 38 Cardinal Farley 74 40 Beacon 40 56 Highland 65 37 Saugerties 71 53 Wappingers 59 40 Roosevelt 54 42 Pine Plains 58 42 Cardinal Farley 49 36 Highland 83 39 Beacon 38 42 Firxt Row: G. Relyea, B. Lasko, C. Cooper fCaptain1, J. Howath, J. Quinn. Second Row: W. Van Ben- scoten, J. Ramage, T. Wood, B. Pacquet, C. Mc- lcenna, B. Van Benscoren, F. King fCoach1. Saying jump, fo More LV. Basketball I 676 965576512 mm. "Swish"-hopes rise for another bafket. V M " 4 '- 15 " A - ' L " - 4 1 L ' if? 'M 4- . L Before each Varsity game Ar1ington's spirit was aroused by a fighting IV. squad. Under the leadership of Mr. King and Captain Barry Paquet, the team com- pleted a fine season with a 15-3 record, finishing second in league play. They bowed only to a very strong Bea- con team in league competition. Each one of the mem- bers of this powerful team promises to be a great asset to future varsity teams. Arlinglon is on top again as Alex Crea'le goes for llve ball from center to :fart off PGQG 59 another game. Here are the boys of our Freshman Basketball Team. destined to become the junior varsity and varsity stars of Arlington. Coached by Mr. Fogden, the boys learn the rules of the game as well as the values of teamwork and sportsmanship. Their diligent efforts and unfailing spirit combined to give them a season of 7 victories against 7 defeats, certainly a commendable record for a group of boys on their first attempt at team play. aziqexpe ' Zeaefita ff HS. Zeczma, reshman Baslzetball First ROW: J. I-laden, N. Freisitzer, W. Ramage, A. Cole, S. Dyer, B. O'Connoll, T. Egan. Second Row: D. Strickland, H. Elemendorf, W. Van Buskirlc, H. Young, E. Heresniclc, M. Luilc, S. Taffe, Buekley. The 1960 Anchors Staff wishes to express their appreciation to the Poughkeepsie New Yorker for permission to use some of their sports pictures. 'T' Scores FRESHMAN BASKETBALL SCCRES A.I-I.S. Opp Saugerties 19 Spaclcenkill 47 Lourdes 33 Wappmgers 43 Saugerties 44 Haviland 41 Lourdes 40 Beacon 28 Spackenkill 38 Anderson 39 Trinity Pawling 41 Haviland 29 IF: "tee-time for Tyson" ar A. Credle ana' Hornick prepare to :Wing at the golf hall. Every day the members of the golf team journey to Baired park to practice and perfect their game. Under the direction of Mr. May, the players become skilled in the game and enter competitions to demonstrate their dexterity. Golf requires patience and determination which our A.H.S. team possesses. Golf fa ,, F3 First Row: C. Seamen,, A. Starr, R. Alley, D. Houston, S Kress, L. Hart. Second Row: B. Tyson, J. Mackie, J. Homick R. Lamb, P. Smith, J. Raycraft. Third Row: A. Acker, C Stampf, S. Ossenkop, R: Bodner, S. Byer, R. Hanlon. Je emu wma an mated mama, IEW 47-' The Hudxon is the familiar site of practice and 'victory to crew member H. Weirs. First Row: M. Diamond, J. Morrison, T. Swierezelc, G. Garrett, J. Kaiser, Mr King. Second Row: D. Roher, A. Thomas J, Smith, P. Vaeth, P. Harrand, L. Aclc erman, D. Briggs. Third Row: R. Ran dall, N. Sinacori, T. Lane, J. Doss, R Marchese, W. Lane, Harris, S. McCoy. Fourth Row: L. Hawley, S. Taffe, R Crabtree, K. Convery, P. Faircloth, L Ciancio, W. VanBuskirlc. Saturday mornings find our hardy crew practicing diligently on the Hudson. From nh emachines in March to the river in April, the oarsmen worlc arduously to perfect their feathering and pull. The reward for their lahors is the thrill of the race and victory.i i, '. , ,l'. ,f,.ll.Qi Pcxqe 61 Q First Row: N. Varney, R. Ramage, T. Butland, R. Bates, M. Walcely. Second Row: A. Lamberts, R. Vaeth, G. Ramage, R. Brown, D. White, C. McKenna, K. Davis. When fall arrives, a band of hooded boys may be seen, running, even on the coldest days, in the vicinity of Arlington High School. These boys, whose dream is to surpass the magic figure of 15 minutes around the course known familiarly as "Big Burma", comprise our schoolls cross country team. Though eclipsed at times as a fall sport by football, the members of the team do their utmost in order to excel in their regular meets, and at the culmination of the season, in the Westchester intersectionals. IOSS 01111 af if ,, a reic if iii . A W V X , A X First Row: D. White, F. Lawateh, R. Betes, G. Wade, J. De- Gaetano, D. Parrish, R. Ramage, E. Vamey, Second Row: M. Gemmel, S. Moysey, D. Spenser, R. Zeil, R. Tator, W. Cum- mings, C. Rathkopf, R. Sanford. Third Row: R. Vaeth, J. Luzzy, V. Marchese, A. Lamberts, R. Shuler, J. Burleigh, B. Ireland. Fourth Row: Myers, C. McKenna, R. Luik, Ramage, R. Rauf, G. Ahlers, W. Brown, M. Luik. ,.,.., 4 y , L "-" . 1 fi., . V ,.,,,. an W ,M , 5 .V .i, .1 '4 :"' .f'i'1 -1619 but p,-gl. ,heed ca Men 7446. I'f:lCl2 March comes, and with it a renewed flutter of activ- ity as tracksuits and running flats are taken out of mothballs, and the discus and shotput requisitioned. The outburst of energy signals the start of another season of traclc, one of the most popular sports in the school. The participant may enter the broad jump, high jump, pole vault, discus or shotput events, according to his physical capabilities. The season ends with the intersectional where our boys compete on a state-wide basis. First Row: Rumble, M. SaVino, G. VanVoorhis, Coach Jordan, E. Duplessis, J. Slocum, A. Crum. Second Row: D. Haight, N. Baitinger, B. Green, B. Hol- lingsworth, W. MacRitchie, F. Abbot, L. Weisberg, R. Stearns, D. Marchese, D. Railing, M. Moyer, W. Bruce. Varsi Baseball The bat swings and the ball soars as another season opens for A4rlington's Varsity Baseball team. Their early practices improve their technique and find a re- ward on the baseball diamond as they compete for the championship. ached 504250 fa! , IV. Baseball First Raw: M. Meyers, G. Anderson, G Ireland, B. Blake, F. Reilly, W. Davison Second Row: A. Starr, M. Laffin, W VanBenschoten, G. Livingston, B. Paquet, L. Stanszak, W. VanBenschoten, L. Stou- tenburgh, J. Horvath, Coach Byrne. New talent and sports enthusiam are found to be typical for this year's Junior Varsity team. They worlc hard to prove their ability as individuals and as a team. Win or lose, their spirit never lags. ,. .. .iw,',,' .,.f ' - , AN, fffxf, Varsity Club First Row: E. Varney, Haight, B. Marchese, W. Cummings, Bierman, Ramage, R. Luilc, R. Wilhelm, A. Creclle, L W. Brown, D. Marci-iese, R. Lafko, B. Tyson, H. Weiss, D. Weisberg, B. Ireland, F. Abbott, J. Rumble. Holleran, R. Ablsate. Second Row: R. Quinn, J. Doss, L. deqfead Me apcwld wadd. First Row: S. Baright, K. Wadsten, J. Zimmer, M. Yamen, J. A. Wild, L. Fleishman, D. Vrooman, N. Zimmer, B. Brown, Freer, B. Chambers, B. Brownell. Secona' ROW: E. Alulis, H. Wager. Leaders Club M. Yamen tries unsuccessfully to prevent B. Brownell from scoring While K. Waal- sten prepares to grab the rebound. 2 zo r . V. Gardner, C. Corbin, anal B. Brownell demonstrate a scene which is not unusual in tbe girls' locker room. Girls' Sports Another basket is in the making as the Leaders' Club girls engage in an intramural game. On Tuesday and Friday afternoons, in the chilly fall and blustery spring, two hundred girls can be found out on the field. 'lplay your positioni' and 'tStay on the hasel' are the shouts often echoed by the soccer and softball captains. Sixteen pairs of eyes follow the path of tbe "misguided missile , , :gf W fr : ,J- irls ports G' ' As winter approaches, the girls' sports are moved into the gym. Here interested girls may participate in many varied sports, including volleyball, basketball, archery, and ping pong. The games are supervised by members of the Leaders' Club under the direction of Mrs. Ranucci and the girls' efforts are rewarded by sports letters. Amateur Robin Hood: B. Chamber: and S. Baright practice in the gym. Fall find: the girls playing lively games of .foccer at the end of which the bruise: outnumber the goals. S. Baright and B. Brownell practice a little friend- ly fighting amid cries of "Watch the shinxlv we B. Brownell and I. Freer en- joy xoftball! An active game of volleyball has just gotten under way in one of the many after-school xersions. Page 66 ' P -f, " , n ' , nf -me 'K . . .N . ,,. ' -f4r::,, T2iTF'.',2Q'iiY'i4Z f,Qg,":,1..-alfa.. ' ,.,31':v , ,f ,. .QQ I ' " ' -"Tv 4 .I . 1 v .. mr - 3 3 V N ir ,, i -QC lvl ' r -I E ,. K,5.11'U'f'f,1,:'1f31'.r'YJ11.fggY':gs1f4?'1"f'e3?-ffffi- -1' ' -2. ag-ig, 'f -3,s.SQ,..1x:'L' ,Lff":-:awp gif, .1 1. 2 . -1 ,Af ' .. M.,-. .xv uzwaq f 4 'Www 1 v . ' f-.'.'iJf,.?f1"7:,fq,f"'Ki1-Q ,-any r'f' n-ng: .-"Wifi-w -'4x1L..x. Q.: A , liz, L K , ' .J Qs,-qf,,.f,:..3A,,,i,1f5jf62g...Q 1 - - . X.. ..,.N . - -., ,.' -I. ..... . , c .', ' -.." "'. .' -,- ',- 1 ... .N-......,-.5-I-,K .- lg I- -.--1 j I, .- I -.- .' I. l H '. , : '-. 'N I I ."-' "--.:....11.. ' :..- ' , x Wiew time 64 mad dedfbe Za fam, Mm, an wwmzq, ww Ze mad mguchg, mad midday, many ofaauhmz, fm ofbiaiaae ch good mea one dat daawleolge miie making. J.M11m First Row: K. Dorn, H. Gonia, M. Connelly, J. Frieberg, D. N. Alberg, D. Cruise, B. Bollr, N. McDonald. Third Row: R. Belding, J. Abery, R. Aldrich, B. Carl, J. DeGaetano, S. Bennett, G. Woodin, D. Baker, D. Baumgarte, L. Dprn, W. Chumas, G. Blair, E. Ferris. Second ROW: S. Cook, D. Dingee, Borssonneault, A. Anderson, D. Acldor, P. Flanigan, H. Davis, M. Brown, F. Gerth, A. Androrsch, V. Catanzaro, J. Avezzano T. Cowley, R. Davis. eventh Grade 'Me ,alle 4 First Row: D. Chrisrmam, D. Crans, G. Bush, P. Bucey, K. T. Davis, H. Bierce. Third Row: L. Battista, K. Day, G Cronlc, A. Christmas, G. Cady, R. Baker, R. Deane, D.. An- Burger, P. Blackwell, K. Corbin, M. Cronk, W. Cooper, C derson. Second' Row: A. Crum, C. Brannen, C. Adney, M. Branin, P. Cross, J. Calabi, C. Buck. Arriclc, S. Cumming, D. Denny, E. DiStefano, R. Dobson, eventh Gracie Firxt Row: G. Hess, R. Gasparro, M. Gillespie, H. Donaher, G. Gorh, P. Gleason, Doxsey, G. Hegeman, W. Fanelli. Second K. Gregory, G. Gasparro, Row: P. Fogg, E. Hinsch, T. Hegeman, M. Howe, D. Fells, S. Guernsey, Egan, E. Freisitzer, C. Ireland, R, Gover, G. Embree. Third Row: W Hornlneclc, C. Gleason, D. Dorrneyer, A. Jackson, W. Dobson D. Gustafson, M. Gargaro, T. Fiore, F. Hunt, L. Howell, C Hennings. 44 f464lf6ld64tf4 tfewad First Row: D, Lalce, R. Paulsen, S. Johnson, D. Magurno, R. Parker, Marshall, R. Kipp, K. Lind, S. Knapp, N. Kuchler, N. Keebler, McDonald. Second Row: W. O'Hearn, N. O- 'Connell, L. McCoy, L. Mizeralc, McAllister, J. Marshall, Page B. Lovelace, T. Lasher, D. McConaghy, R. Morris, H. Krohn, B. Mann. Third Row: L. Miller, L. Kozma, J. Miller, L O'Donnell, V. Keller, G. Knapp, R. Myers, T. Luzzi, O. Lat- tin, C. Kniffin, C. Pectle, S. Olcl. 70 eventh Grade First Row: S. Kerman, B. lVIacGreevy, J. Pennes, C. Palmatier, Hogan, D. Kyzer, J. McNulty, G, Gulland, R. Green. Third S. Kuehn, B. Kanwit, L. Marics, M, Leeds, R. Lee, Hennessy, Row: J. Lacks, L. Kleinberg, R. Lund, R. Hashrouk, T. Phe- K. Patterson, J. Paul. Secona' Row: E. Ireland, G. Lewis, J. lan, D. Harrell, P. Kipp, K. Kraus, K. Meisenberg, P. Keebler, Lewis, J. Hunter, K. I-leresniak, J. Cooper, W. Knox, M. L. McDonough, E. Kilmer. ta ' mzdopoawmfdpwanwmzdwiagd, First Row: A. Rozelle, S, Sinacori, R. Plambeclc, M. Silver- Rutherford, M. Reinfelds, D. Quinn, A. Smetana, P. Roberts, nale, L. Sagendorph, P. Post, R. Plamlaeclc, K. Reynolds, F. J. Peirson, W. Sheldon. Third Row: P. Schaclcelton, D. Per- Plenzig, N. Smith, S. Richards, A. Schoenberger. Second Row: lcins, V. Smith, N. Pierson, D. Schultz, F. Rifenburgh, A. J. Quinn, W. Silvernaie, M. Pudney, S. Sawyer, M. Shay, G. Rudolph, G. Pendleton, D. Place, R. Plass, W. Reiner. Page 71 First Row: J. Wilson, S. White, K. Teal, M. White, N. Stup- Williamson, R. Startup, R. White, D. Voerman, D. Winans fer, C. Welz, R. Young, W. Wheeler, B. Spencer, V. Traber, C. Third Row: N. Tuttle, R. Schwalle, D. Van Wagner, T Stewart, G. Tagawa. Second Row: M, Wilson, C. Ziel, J. Su- Weaver, Strickland, S. Yager, D. Stiehler, J. Scules, J cato, M. Van Voorhis, S. Willsey, S. Urban, L. Vail, D. Thompson, E. Stutz, C. Vermilyea. eventh Gracie are ' ,mmm mme. First Row: H. Stransky, G. Woodin, J. Pitcher, E. Volke, M. Roark, S, Robbins, F. Williams, G. Terwilliger, J. Souza, Firyt Row: Y. Bonahue, C1. Anderson, Botkin, L. Baker, V. K. Briggs, B. Barton, K. Brower, G. Aclney, L. Barrenger, B buechele, L. Brady, Bowers, G, Brady, C. Agriogianis. Ser- Boughtcm, W. Brichof, A. Barca. Fourlh Row: C. Angevine ond Row: B, Baker, I. Bacon, R. Beciclows, T. Boonhower, W. D. Bilichiansky, B. Angevine, Anderson, Abbott, XV Barrett, D. Baright, P. Berard-i, B. Bright. Third Row: S. Budd, Aiberg, C. Boberg, R. Banker, R. Buison. Eighth Grade 74a lamp damn ww deed at deem First Row: S. Cangiaiosi, M, Case, K. Crum, E. Cavert, G. Cooper, W, Curtis, B, Conner, L. Cary, L. Butler, B. Cary. Cole, Davis, K. Constable, S. Bushnell. Second Row: Coie, Fourth Row: S. Coiian, R. Burger, V. Chambers, P. Cosano, K. Daly, H. Christmas, S. Chorney, S. Croft, T. Caiiiera, D. Burgher, Daniels, C, Christian, R. Conway, Crabtree, M. Credie. Third Row: C. Cutbill, S. Cioffi, Eighth Grade ,ri M . First Row: P, Fitzpatrick, P. Farley, W. Fox, D. Eighmie, M, P. Fisher, Delamater, T. Detjen, C. Drum, R. Dupilka, R Dolce, D. Eckert, L. Dupilka, M. DiUglio, Dean. Secona' Davis, J.Ferolito, C. Doty. Fourth Row: Ferolito, M. Galgoul Row: Dickinson, S. Feigenheimer, R. Eramo, M. Embree, W. R. Dow, H. Elmendorf, R. Dupilka, M. Embree, Egan, K. Finnan, F. Fanelli, D. Dcty, D. Fassett. Third Row: M. Filoreto, Doell, S. Frallm. tie mmf and duncan? pew First Row: W. Gleckel, S. Kane, D. Hart, C. Gardner, E. A. Halbrook, R. Hasbrouck, D. Hasbrouck, B. Jackson, Haugh, R. Harrell, E. Glick, D. Gray, R. Gardner. Second Hendricks, L. Carvey, M. Herron, S. Johnston, F. Jackson. Row: P. Gregory, D, Hazzard, P. Greco, M. Heady, K. Inness, Fourth ROW: D. Heermans, R. Hubbard, R. Hoe, M. Hughes, PJ Hubbard, H. Haran, D. Hipkins, C. Jetto. Third Row: N. Hanaburgla, F. Jolly, E. Gardner. Eighth Grade First ROW: L. Melhado, C. Merritt, M. Klein, P. Keebler, N. Tlvzrd Row D Nlorawalcx P Mxller R Maxer E Lynch L Laflco, McDonald, W. McKay, T. Lama, A. Lynch. Second McCarthy N Kmqkbockef K MacLay J Munn Fourth Row: P. Lumlzn, D. Lawton, S. MacGreevy, K. Lucas, N. Mad- Row R Lee A Kendall R Klem Mercay Levmson son, M. Luongo, G. Mallcemus, P. McKeown, R. Leonard. M McCancll1sh E Modlenke Canew 4 dafaaawaqplacee Firrt Row: B. Randall, Ranucci, M. Pultz, L. Rathjen, W Robson, R. Paulsen, A. Nagel. Second Row: G. Proulx, W Pultz, N. Rathlcopf, P. Porwitzlcy, B. Randall, D. Patterson J. Palumbo, M. Rizzo. Third Row: S. Nygren, O'Leary, J Ei hth First Row: R. Smith, E. Speiclel, E. Smythe, N. Seaman, W. Stembler, S. Such, P. Tompkins, V. Southern, G. Tomlins. Second ROW: M. Rundle, E. Swierczelc, N. Swartz, C. Sherow, S. Sinon, E., Sleight, S. Sipos, L. Sutherland, P. Sandison. GIE1 C163 Third Row: B. Taylor, E. Slezalc, M. Tower, P. Tartter, D. Tancredi, D. Trovato, A. Scaccia, B. Schaller. Fourth Row: E. Schrader, L. Sagendorph, D. Sticlcles, S. Shepard, S. Stroup, R. Setterlund, T, Thornton, D. Runclle. mzdwedeaaecdawofyallowtde ' First Row: L. Voerman, N. Tyler, M. Yergey, D. Williamson, A. Vitalis, M. Wallace, M. Williams, R, Wisseman, R. Vina cent. Second Row: C. Trethewcy, B. White, E. Undello, J. hisple, D. Wilhelm, L. Wixson, Wheatley, B. Werniclc. Page Third Row: G, Windheim, R. Wright, R. VanWagenen, D Vaia, S, Utter, C. Weller, B. VanLeuven. Fourth Row: N Vitalis, P. Webster, A. Zielenslci, R. Zwissler, R. Wells, R Tuttle. 76 1'GSl1I1f1GT1 First Row: C. Dorsh, A. Gleason, S. Freer, J. Gleason, V. D. Greene, R. Frahm, N, Freiscitzer, R. Eng, H. Eastwood, D. Freni, L. Duffy, D. Fusaro, Davis, Second ROW: V. Fitz- Delamater, B. Gartell. Fourth Row: K. Greiner, Dalton, S. patrick, P. Davids, M. Dillinger, S. Dorfman, B. Dederer, T. Dyer, N. Davis, A. Fredericks, B. Crabtree, S. Davis, M. Eagan, Fleming, R. DeFrance. Third Row: DeGaetano, Gotl'1, S. Fisher, W. Galbraith. 'Mefcmfyeyhwe ' cwqewwwlidq. First ROW: R. Adney, Barrenger, R. Alley, D. Bernard, G. R. Bodner, M. Cicman, C. Budd, S. Cavalieri, S. Buckner Collins, Blasi, A. Baitinger, B. Bucciarelli. Second ROW: R. Fourth Row: A. Clark, M. Bentley, Buckley, D. Bush, B Borchers, R. Bates, B. Beck, A. Baldingcr, Y. Cioffi, L. Brown, Bower, J. Briggs, B, Baright, M. Bacon, Fifth Row: D. Balcer M. Christ, P. Bicla. Third ROW: D. Briggs, R. Clark, O. Addor, G. Colwell, B. Cooke. Page 77 First Row: S. Hemmer, D, Hotaling, C, Knickerbocher, S. Kennard, P. Hilliker, R. Hilliker, G. Hawley, L. Kreth, J Horan, H. Ireland, W. Hitsman, Hit-sman, D. Houston. Kanwit, Horvort, C. Detjen. Fourth Row: R. Hanlon, B Second Row: M. Hohmann, S. Jacobs, V. Kondas, J. I-Iaclden, Kapp. Kimlin, K. Jones, P. Knapp, E, I-Ieresniak. R. Hines, L. Hanka, S. Dress, A. Hampe. Third Row: S. reshmen cmd ,fm Me iagadullclfe mm,- First Row: C. Miner, F. Niessen, M. I-Iampe, M. Martin, B. L. Munderbach, M. Pitts. Fourth Row: J. McAllister, R. LaFarge, G. Lyons, C. Nye, L. Lipman. Second Row: K. Joy- Guarino, R. O'Donnell, G. Parry, B. McCourt, B., O,Connel1, ner, P. McKenna, B. Loeffel, K. O'Neill, T. Marcus, K. E. Markowski, J. Maloney. Fifth Row: M. Northrop, F. Ma- Pendergast, L. Grochau, K. Light. Third Row: R. Liller, gumo. Sixth Row: T. McCullough, S. Paul, M. Luik, R. Marshall, Mackie, P. Macwilliams, C. Pearson, S. Lawton, Marshall, f CNN L-. Firft Row: G. Romanello, Smith, Spalding, C. Rozelle, Siebrecht, S. Roe, E. Rifenburgh, P. Prolcupelc, M. Pierson D. Rohrer, M. Quick, L. Phelps, D. Skrotzki. Second Row: K. Sharkey, N. Sears. Fourth Row: A. Shopmyer, J. Raycroft P. Smith, L. Soper, N. Secor, P. Sharp, -I. Poluzzi, G. Robin- C. Smith, W. Stiefel, M. Scheede, C. Shapleu, T. Rugar, B son, V. Post, A. Schwarte. Third Row: F. Stevenslcy, A. Schaller. Fifth ROW: L. Sillin, R. Ramage, R. Sanford. I'eSl11fI1eT1 First Row: B. Vitalis, H. Teasdale, R. Tinkelman, M. Taylor, J. Stoll, E. Weil, B. Tokay, A. Thomas. Second Row: M Walther, P. Wise, P. Weber, T. Whalen, L. Taylor, D. Strouhle, F. White, K. VanNorstrand. Third ROW: P. Van denBeemt, E. Wright, T. Welsh, A. Swensen, R. Umscheid, G. Wade, V. Charles, H. Sackerr. Fourth Row: B. Stupfer J. Wakely, P. Wernick, J. Vermilyea, B. Wardell, D. Swartz R. Weigner, D. Thimsen. Fifth Row: S. Taffe, B. VanBus kirk, H. Young, L. Wizeman, D. Strickland, A. Wohrman S. Undello. 1 L aeae if-...M Y 5... . Class Qfllicers Firxt Row: Sara Beth Bauman Shelby Phelan --- Second Row: Carl Cooper ..... john Kedzelawa M oplaomores aeafadqlfwzbflamemw Meeqe, First Row: P. Beck, B, Carroll, P. Anderson, S. Burgess, L. Ackerman, D. Brower, D. Alulis, B. Burgess. Second Row A. Acampora, S. Bauman, J. Beatty, P. Bower, D. Bedford, P. Camillaccio, M. Berzins, J. Bryant. Third Row: Brusie, Vice Treasurer Secretary President President J. Cacchio, G. Cacchio, P. Berardi, J. Briehof, R. Burley, F. 1 Borchers, R. Anderson. Fourth Row: A. Balodis, R. Ander- son, P. Brown, D. Bradley, E. Briggs, W. Baldwin, R. Butler. First Row: Cowles, C. Cook, L. Decker, Daubman, C. Crawford, R. Collins, B. Daniels. Tlvira' Row: D. Erit, M Cerrato, G. Ervien, K. Christopher, M. DiGregorio. Second Davies, R. Ferris, P. Faircloth, S. Cossano, R, Ferolito. Row: S. D,LUhOSh, T. Cutbill, P. Fanelli, D. Eberhard, R. phomores 1444. cameo aac2cbaaj49aa6'a!4cztc2zaeafz: First ROW: Gilmer, P. Keebler, B. Hewlett, G. Gronke, E. Labell, B. Evans, P. Kane, C. Kozma, L. Fabian. Second Row: M. Kistner, C. Jackson, S. Horan, M. I-Ieacly, S. Haight, C. Futyma, R. Kipp, D. Hoe, K. Freeberg. Tr'7z'rd Row: J. Goth R. Gillespie, B. Hart, E. Knepka, W. Crans, M. Diamond, H Clark, D. Kuchler, Kecizielawa. Fourth Row: Howath K. Kindleburg, B. Lafko, L. Kolts, C. Cooper, E. Davis, J Kenney, B. Lane, Bruleigh. ophomores First Row: B. Loomis, A. Maiore, J. Murray, J. Martin, F. Morris, M. Nocline, B. Northern, B. Luks, F. Misner, S Lawtsch, P. Morris, L. Ouimet, P. Munn. Second ROW: J. Miner, M. Manna. Fourth Row: R. Lipman, C. Odell, Ly- Gomling, S. Nye, S. O'Brien, Maher, -I. Morrison, C. nam, U. Maass, R. Logue, R. Lerner, Luzzi, G. Neilson Marone, N. McNulty, G. Oates. Third Raw: E. Meyers, L. D. Michaelis. ' ' gfwqrclaewzwfltdeacd ' gem. Firyf Row: B, Parry, E. Pound, C. Pudney, C. Ross, W. Sam- L. Robinson, K. Pfuetze, B. Penclergast, B. Reed, P. Rumble. mis, C. Prichard, S. Phelan, B. Robinson. Second Row: D. Fourth ROW! D- OYCUYU, L- Rifihmofldi .l- Palmafeef, T- PHC' Russell, G. Garrett, C. Rarhlcopf, D. Parrish, D. Pryor, J. Cifme, R- Rauf, R- Rawls, .l- Paquefr Roberts, A- Rosenbefgef- Ringwald, S. Root. Third Row: F. Ross, G. Renzo, Ristau, Page 82 ophomores First Roiav: C. Seaman, T, Swierzelc, Talleur, V. Speirs, D. B. Stoll, M. Talaber, Stewart, R. Sanclison. Thira' Row: R. Spinski, C. Gunn, C. Sudol, A. Starr, S. Smith. Second Row: Smith, D, Silber, R. Sprague, D. Spencer, S. Sucato, K. K. Sambells, B. Smith, C. Swartz, K. Schoenberger, L. Schultz, Smith, N. Shaefer, L. Stoutenburgh, R. Smith. mmeamtadce First Row: M. Wilcox, Wright, J. Ulrich, Volniclc, P. Weiss, E. Thompson, C. Throop, T. Wood, J. Zimmer, P Wild, G. Wells, R. Willsey, E. Young, Second Row: A. Vaeth. Fourth Row: M, VanAmburgh, W. VanBenschoten Vamey, M. Yamen, B. VanNorstrand, J. Vasta, C. Wright, P. Wizeman, W. VanBenschoten, K. Weber, D. Tower. S. Wright, G. Upright, R. Wright. Third Row: R. Ziel, S. Page 83 I 1' N First ROW: Barrenger, Bollt, S. Bernard, Courchaine, R. G. Aliotta, Burgess, B. Allen, Belcling, I. Bush. Fourth Cacchio, Barach, D. Corrado, T. Butlancl. Second Row: Row: W, Brown, E. Barrett, K. Ccnvery, R. Andrew, F. Ab- B. Batrisra, E. Consiglio, B. Booth, D. Chase, G. Belyea, B. hott, G, Ahlers, C, Coelen, E. Brusgul. Bodner, C. Blank, E. Alulis, Third ROW: N. Christ, L. Cianco, uniors , W nn " W... 4 M, J f Mid fin. Class Qfficers President ..... -B --.... Richard Stearns Vice-President ,-, ,v,. Arthur Crum Secretary .-,....., .... Krissie Wadsten Treasurer , ,v,. Nancy Zimmer ' New 1:5-.s'5fs:"z-sr 5:-:':-f " 1,.,..,,-- -V ' ' Q.: 3 ij, 1 K First Row: M. Gatti, B. De Michele, M. Daubman, B. Gray, B. Courant, L. Emmet, V. Gardiner, F. Du Bois. Second Row: A. De Paolo, S. Delamater, Crawford, S. Finn, L. Crane, C. Dyer, H. Glick, N. Eng. Third Row: P. Decker, S. Dakin, J. Harrison, K, Guilfoil, Freer, F. Grossman, K. Gro:l1au. Fourth Row: N. Faircloth, Delorey, C. Fitchett, De Forest, J. Curran, S. Flanigan, B. Davison. Fifth Row: A. Crum, T. Hanaburgh, R. De France, A. Haugen, Daly, G. Crum, R. Crabtree, M. Gemmel. uniors Wawcameelie First Row: P. Kraayenbrinlc, S. McCoy, L. Kasclay, P. Hen- nessy, D. Macwilliams, S. King, P. Malkowski, H. Marcelo, C, Hart. Second Row: D. McFarlin, D. Mensler, K. King, S. lVlacAnclrews, D. Keclzielawa, B. Jurutlca, L. Homan. Third Raw: A. Maclson, T. Kniffin, F. Healing, R. Mackey, V. Marchese, W. McRircl1ie, G. Kanwir. Fourth Row: J. Kyzer F. Horniclc, T. Lane, D. Hollingsworth, R. Lalce, P. Kennedy R. Lamb. Fifth Row: W. Laslco, G. Livingston, R. Luik, C McKenna. . if ., iz' "" 224. if uniors Firxt ROW: D. Schneider, Rozelle, B. Pitcher, Parliman, Rosenblatt, L. Mercay Third Row Schnelcler F Mears M P. Raymond, J. Pine, C. Schroeder, V. Purdy. Second Row: Russell, F. Mozdziez R Moro R Ross Fourth Row B R. Moysey, A. Rinaldi, B. Post, B. Nyman, Nl. Nicolis, -I, Paquet, H. Regan, J. Ramage V Pinto R Roe H Place , 0 wide :Ae eblgwz , 4 wwe fem wld First Row: J. Trethewey, P. Stowe, J. Stump, J. Spinner, R. Wagner, K. Webster, J VanclenBeemt K Wadsten N Zum Wirhouslci, P. Williams, R. Yerks, S. Smith. Second Row: mer, K. Waclsten, W Smith Taylor Fourth Row L B. Sipos, D. Wallace, L. Starr, D. Vanderburgh, C. Zullcow- Weisbergh, R. Townsend Watts R Stearns R Stxehler ski, L. Uster, R. Traver, A. Umscheid. Third Row: L. Van- P. Sward. S to The model of our ring, featured at the tradition- E y i me '.'. 1 N 9 l L ,A 25 il R ,, iewgi .ssfggi setting Ring Dance, is being built by Mr. Bakerls classes, here representea' by E. Young ana' L. Stanszale. The line forms on the right as fifth perioa' finals Mrs. Rightrneyer and Mrs. Santiamo serving lunch to those hungry juniors and Seniors 2 ,..,.4.,,.. . . Two silhouettes in the gym! J. Cowles helps with the decorations for 'The Big Hurt", the Sophomore Class alance. More shelves ana' files and magazine racks needed! Miss Clow discusses 'With Mr. Storm and the architects plans for the library of the new school. f ,.f. .4 x -- W4 ws ww.. 4 y i ?5?ff1iiQfT,'ff. Y 493 1 A I "With Barrett? Busbwackers behind us, we're bound to win."' And we did! A typical fifth period lunclv lwur ends with a mad rush for lockers and classes. Page 88 Arlington alumnae find excitement in the progress of the Liberty football game. Mr, Nelson is not immune to the con- tagious spirit of the Arlington fans before the game with Woppingers. Ja' at ", ls-p 'giant lf, N .H u . 'mm ,. , Q , a , . '--.,.' ' -Q u ,u .1 s..... , . alfa ' da ad! we ' azmcmk Zdeidtdeaew WW W4 WWW M we My fa fem' E Hemingway June Louise AHEOH 18 Woodcliffe Avenue 1 Poughkeepsie Yearbook Staff 45 Dramatics 1,2,3,4g Thespians 2,3,4g De- bate 2,3,4g NFL 2,3,4g Press Club 1,2,3,4 fClass Editor 3 Co-Editor 41g Prom Committee 3,45 Handbook 23 FTA 4' Soccer Z,3g Volleyball 1,3. Richard V. Abbate 22 Old Mill Road Red Oaks Mill Poughkeepsie General Organization 1,45 Varsity Club 45 Varsity Foot- ball 3,4g Freshman Football lg Track 1,2,3. Permelia Anna Abrahamsen Salt Point Road Pleasant Valley Dramatics 1, Press Club 3, Library Club 1,Z,3g Anchor Squad 13 Prom Committee 3,4. Faith M. Acampora Route 1, Box 12 LaGrangeville Yearbook Staff 3,4 fSubscriptions Editor 413 Dramatics 1,2,3,4 fPresident 41, Thespians 2,3,4g Prom Committee 3,43 FNA 3,4, Soccer 1,2,3g Volleyball 1,2,3g Basketball 3, Alton B. Acker Billings Yearbook Staff 4, Library Club 1,23 Radio Club 1,Z,3,4 fPresident 415 Band 1,2,3g Orchestra 1,2g Golf 1,2. Dorothy Addor 58 Overocker Road Poughkeepsie Yearbook Staff 3,4 fArt and Layout Editor 41, Press Club 3 fArt Editorlg Art Club 1,2,3 fSecretary 1, Vice-Presi- dent 3lg Prom Committee 3,43 Chorus 1,2,3,4. JoAnne Phyllis Aliotca Overlook Road Poughkeepsie General Organization 1, Art Club 1,25 Prom Committee 3g Twirling 1,2,3 fSecretary 31, Soccer lg Volleyball ls Bas- ketball lg Softball 1. Thomas Michael Andrew Netherwood Road K, Hyde Park General Organization 45 Varsity Football 45 Varsity Basket- ' ball 45 Prom Committee 4 fChaparoneslg Transferred from Roosevelt High School. Dorothy Baitinger Clark Heights Pleasant Valley Press Club 4g Chorus Z. Bruce Baright Noxon Road Poughkeepsie Page 91 Sally Ann Baright 198 Bower Road Poughkeepsie General Organization 35 Yearbook Staff 3,4 fCaptions Edi- tor 415 Dramatics 1,2,3,45 Thespians 3,45 Anchor Squad 35 Leaders' Club 2,3,45 Archery 45 Soccer 1,2,3,4 fCaptain 3,415 Volleyball 1,2,3,4 fCaptain 3,415 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Softball 1,2,3,4 fCaptain 315 FTA 4. Stephanie Barillaro 166 North Grand Avenue Poughkeepsie Transferred from Poughkeepsie High School. Wilfred C. Beam 658 Dutchess Turnpike Poughkeepsie Press Club 45 Boyls Chorus 15 Track 1. Leslie Mark Bierman 41 Shamrock Circle Poughkeepsie General Organization 15 Varsity Football 3,45 JV Basket- ball 1,2535 Baseball 35 Golf 4. Beverly Ann Borchers Todd Hill Road Poughkeepsie Yearbook Staff 45 Dramatics 1,2,3,45 Thespians 3,45 Press Club 4 fClass Editor 415 Prom Committee 45 Archery 45 Soccer 2,3545 Volleyball 2,3,45 Basketball 253,45 Softball 2,35 45 FTA 4. Barbara Ann Borthwick 41 LaGrange Avenue Poughkeepsie Dramatics 1,25 Press Club 3,45 Library Club 1,25 Anchor Squad 15 Band 45 Orchestra 15 Chorus 15 Soccer 1,25 Volleyball 1,2 Basketball 1,25 Softball 1,2. john W. Bradley Smith Road R. D. 7992 Poughkeepsie Prom Committee 3,45 Varsity Club 45 Varsity Football 45 -IV Football 25 Freshman Football 1. Thomas G. Briggs Vassar College Poughkeepsie Anchor Squad 1,2,35 Chess Club 1. Dave Brower Pleasant Valley Betty Clarice Brown Pleasant Ridge Road Poughquag Class Officer 4 fSecretary15 Yearbook Staff 3,45 Dra- matics 1,2,3,4 fVice-President 415 Thespians 3,45 Prom Committee 45 Photography Club 4 fSecretary-Treasurer15 Chorus 15 Leaders' Club 2,3,45 Archery 45 Soccer 1,2,3,4 fCaptain 3,415 Volleyball 1,Z,3,4 fCaptain 3,415 Basketball 1,2,3,4 fCaptain 315 Softball l,2,3,4 fCaptain 31. Barbara E. Brownell Poughquag Yearbook Staff 45 Dramatics 2,3,45 Anchor Squad 15 Prom Committee 3,45 Leaders Club 2,3,45 FNA 35 Archery 1,45 Soccer 1,2,3,4 fCaptain 3,415 Volleyball 1,2,3,4 CCaptain 3,415 Basketball 1,2,3,4 fCaptain 315 Softball 1,2,3,4 fCap- tain 31. Frederick A. Buck Smith Road Hyde Park Library Club 35 FFA 35 Radio Club 45 Orchestra 2,3,45 I, Q Chorus 45 Second Crew 25 Transferred from Memorial High School, Valley Stream. Stewart K. Budd Traver Road Pleasant Valley General Organization 15 Dramatics 1,2,3,45 Art Club 15 Library Club 35 Anchor Squad 2,35 Prom Committee 35 Chorus 1. David E. Burgess Clapp Hill Road LaGrangeville Anchor Squad 15 FFA 3,4. Patricia A. Burgi 587 Van Wagner Road Poughkeepsie Dramatics l,2,35 Press Club 2,35 Library Club 15 Prom Committee 3,45 Soccer l,2,35 Volleyball 1,2,35 Basketball 25 Softball 1,2. Linda Mary Caplan 16 James Street Poughkeepsie Dramatics 1,2,35 Press Club 35 Prom Committee 3,42 Chorus 1,45 PNA 3,45 Soccer 1,2,3,45 Volleyball 1,2,3,45 Basket- ball 1,2,3,45 Softball 1,2,4. Linda Ann Carroll Vail Road Poughkeepsie Chorus 1 ,2. Carol Louise Casement 19 Vassar View Road Poughkeepsie General Organization 1,2,35 Dramatics 2,35 Press Club 2,35 Prom Committee 3,45 Soccer 1,2,35 Volleyball 1,2,35 Bas- ketball 1,2,35 Softball 1,2,35 Table Tennis 3. Barbara H. Chambers 25 james Street Poughkeepsie Class Officer 4 fTreasurer15 Dramatics 2,3,45 Press Club 3,45 'Prom Committee 3,45 Leaders' Club 45 FNA 3,45 AAA fSecretary 415 Soccer 2,3,4 fCaptain 3,415 Volleyball 2,3,4 fCaptain 315 Basketball 2,3,4 fCaptain 315 Softball 2,3,4 CCaptain 315 Transferred from Pawling High School. David Chase 27 Overlook Road Page 93 Poughkeepsie Transferred from Poughkeepsie High School. X 4:2 -.,fT?"f- m f ,M , .,,Ql. ,T 1, jf 1 1 -'e' i fl, , f 1, 1 f a Jeffrey Cole 244 New Hackensack Road Poughkeepsie Virginia Cooke 7 Fowler Avenue Poughkeepsie Softball l,2,3,4. Bruce Cookinham West Road Pleasant Valley FFA 1. Carol Corbin Dicldell Road Wappingers Falls 3,45 Softball 3,45 Table Tennis 4. 'af i 5 4 if 5 Y .4 ig ' 2' ,V , Kathryn E. Cowles 9 Orchard Park, Red Oaks Mills Poughkeepsie Class Officer 3 fSecretaryJ5 Dramatics 1,2,35 Press Club 1,2535 Prom Committee 3,4 fCo-Chairman 415 Varsity Cheerleaders 3,4 fCaptain 4J5 JV Cheerleaders 1,2 fCo- Captain ZJ5 FNA 45 Soccer 1,2,3,4 fCaptain 4J5 Volley- lriall 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,4 QCaptain 3J5 Softball 1,25 4 fCaptain 31. Paul Crudello, Jr. ' Route 82 Hopewell Junction ander B. Credle 4 ew Hackensack Road Poughkeepsie General Organization 45 Class Officer 4 fPresidentJ5 Year- ook Staff 3,4 fPhotography Editor 415 Dramatics 45 f om Committee 3 fCo-Chairman 3j5 Photography Club in fVice President 4J5 Band 15 Varsity Basketball 3,4 C-Co- Captain 4J5 JV Basketball 25 Golf 25 Varsity Crew 45 Third Crew 35 Freshman Basketball 15 Varsity Club 4. Patricia Cullen 61 Henmond Blvd. Poughkeepsie Prom Committee 3,45 Basketball 1,Z,3,45 Soccer 2,3,45 Volleyball 2,3545 Softball 1,2,3,45 Table Tennis 4. Williain Cummings Route 82 La Grangeville General Organization 45 Prom Committee 45 FFA 15 Var- sity Club 45 Varsity Club 45 Varsity Football 45 JV Football 2,35 JV Baseball 15 Track 2,3,4. Thomas A. Daly Poughquag Varsity Football 35 JV Football Z5 Freshman Football 15 JV Baseball 1,2. Radio Club 1,25 Cross Country 1,2,3,4 lCaptain 4J Prom Committee 3,4 fEntertainment 415 Press Club 45 Varsity Cheerleaders 3,4 fCo-Captain 415 JV Cheerleaders 15 Soccer 1,2,3,45 Volleyball 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Yearbook Staff 45 Press Club 3,45 Anchor Squad 1,3,45 Prom Committee 3,45 Soccer 3,45 Volleyball 3,45 Basketball Wa MIM! . .,..,, , .fy ' uiane D. uavis 44 Marple Road Poughkeepsie Library Club 2,3,4g Chorus 1,2,3,4, Soccer 3,45 Volleyball 2,3,4g Basketball 3,4. Mary L. Davis Noxon Road Poughkeepsie Class Secretary 2, Press Club 33 President 21, Anchor Squad '15 Art Club 1,2,3 lVi:e- Prom Committee 5,43 JV Cheerleader 23 PNA 33 Soccer 1,2,3g Volleyball 2,33 Basketball 2,35 Softball 1,2,3. Stephen Decker Creek Road Pleasant Valley Marilyn D. Dengel 17 Peckham Road Poughkeepsie Library Club 2, Prom Committee ball 1,2,3g Basketball 2,43 Softball john Doss 11 Shamrock Circle Poughkeepsie Freshman Football Third Crew 1. Class Vice-President 3, Prom Committee 3, Varsity Club 4, Varsity Football 43 Varsity Football 43 JV Football 2, 3,45 Soccer 2,3g Volley- 2. , f 1, Varsity Crew 3,49 Second Crew 2g Karen-Lee Duffy 60 Marple Road Poughkeepsie General Organization 2,4g Dramatics 1,43 Press Club 2,43 Anchor Squad lg Prom Committee 3,45 Chorus 1, Soccer 1,45 Volleyball 4, Basketball 1,4, Softball 1,4. John C. Engle 257 New Hackensack Road Poughkeepsie General Organization 1, Yearbook Staff 4, Dramatics 1, 1 2,3g Prom Committee 3,45 Band 1,23 Varsity Crew 4 Second Crew 3, Freshman Basketball 1, Intramurals 2,3,4. Marilyn E. Erett 6 Stanley Street Poughkeepsie Library Club 1,23 Anchor Squad 1, Chorus 13 Soccer 3, Volleyball 1,2,3g Basketball 3, Softball 3. LZ, Elizabeth Ervien Travis Road Hyde Park Dramatics 3,45 Press Club 4, Library Club 2, Anchor Squad 25 Prom Committee 3,45 Soccer 2,3,4g Volleyball 2, 3,4g Basketball 2,3,4g Softball 2,3,4. Marie Fanelli Salt Point Road Poughkeepsie Dramatics 1,25 Press Club 4, Anchor Squad 1,2g Prom Committee 3,4, Soccer 1,43 Volleyball 1,2,3,4g Basketball 1,2,3,4g Softball l,2,3,4. 1 Lawrence Fauci 30 Woodcliffe Avenue Poughkeepsie General Organization 2,35 Prom Committee 3,45 Band 15 Varsity Basketball 45 JV Basketball 2,35 Varsity Baseball 45 Track 1. Sallie Fiore Todd Hill Road QC X, LaGrangeville Press Club 4QLAEr Club 3 CSecretaryj5 Library Club 15 Chorus flxg-jSSoccer 1,2,3,45 Volleyball 1,3,45 Basketball 1,25 Soft 1,l3,4, xf Ov ,A C -Ffh Q W 1 of W 0 9 x i . , .rxxx il' f v lox? 'WK J, OJ I WW W N X J Leslie Joan Fleishman 13 Marple Road Poughkeepsie General Organization 15 Class Treasurer 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Dramatics 1,2,35 Press Club 15 Prom Committee 3,45 Leaders, Club 2,3,45 Varsity Cheerleaders 45 JV Cheer- leaders 2,3 CCaptain 315 FTA 45 Archery 45 Soccer 2,3,4 fCaptain 415 Volleyball 2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Softball 1,2,3,45 Table Tennis 4. Sheila Lee Fowx Sherow Road A Pleasant Valley Drarnatics 2,3545 Press Club 3,45 Prom Committee 3,4 lRefreshments 3, Bids 415 Soccer 2,35 Volleyball 2,3,45 Basketball 2,3,45 Softball 2,3,45 Transferred from Roosevelt High School. Sandra lVl. Frazier 4 Springside Avenue Poughkeepsie Dramatics 2,3,45 Prom Committee 45 FNA 3,45 Soccer 3,45 Volleyball 3,45 Basketball 3,45 Softball 2,3,4 Table Tennis 4. Sandra Freer Sherow Road Pleasant Valley Dramatics 1,2,3,45 Press Club 45 Anchor Club 35 Prom Committee 3,45 Soccer 3,4 fCaptain 415 Volleyball 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Softball 1,2,3,4. 5 Marjorie Fuller 12 Long View Road Poughkeepsie Library Club 15 Anchor Squad 1,25 Prom Committee 35 Chorus 45 FNA 4. Theresa P. Geier 13 Peckham Road Poughkeepsie Library Club Z5 Soccer 1,35 Volleyball 1,2,35 Softball 2 4, - f if 1 "wr " any Joseph Louis Geneve Drake Road Pleasant Valley Debate 3,45 NFA 3,45 Press Club 3,4 fCo-Editor 415 Sci- ence Club 3,45 Chess Club 1,Z,3,4. William Gibson Titusville Road Poughkeepsie Library Club 1. 4. Karen April Green 41 Marple Road Poughkeepsie Chorus 2,3,45 Soccer 3,45 Volleyball 3,4. Gail Marie Gregory Cramer Road Poughkeepsie Paula Hammond . . - I' :i ii 759 Main Street ill' Mm l. ',..' Poughkee ' . . ' . ,.x. ' Psle H, .Q If v,-'., " I ,-. .. 5 Ni W A .'1 Judith Heresniak ki 'xxx' N 3' 12 Dublin Lane X, 1 V Poughkeepsie 1 r-s' 5 Dramatics 2,3545 Anchor Squad 2,3,4 fTreasurer 3, Presi- . dent 4J5 Prom Committee 35 Chorus 1,2,3,45 FNA 3,45 ii i ',V 5 Soccer 1,2,3,45 Volleyball 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Soft- ball 1,2,3,4. Joann L. Hicks 215 Overocker Road Poughkeepsie Dramatics 1,Z,3,45 Press Club 3,45 Prom Committee 3,45 FNA 35 Soccer 1,Z,3,45 Volleyball 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,Z, 3,45 Softball 1,2,3,4. Daniel N. Holleran 31 Streit Avenue Poughkeepsie JV Football Z5 Freshman Football 1. Louise Evelyn Holmstrom 10 Boardman Road ,. f'?"f4fN ft Poughkeepsie ' i l .,', Chorus 1,Z,3,45 FNA 3,45 Soccer 3,45 Volleyball 3,45 Bas- '1i ! " '. 5 ketball 3,45 Softball 3,45 Table Tennis 4. fy .,,, f W, ' .lohn F. Horniclc iil ' 58 Taft Avenue Poughkeepsie ff , ,,,. ., ,K Yearbook Staff 45 Press Club 45 Science Club 3,45 Chess ,,.. rf Club 1,2,3,4 fPresident 3,415 Golf 3,45 Merit Scholarship Letter of Commendation. Barry R. Ireland 26 Ridge Road Poughkeepsie Varsity Football 3,4 QCO-Captain 415 JV Football 25 Fresh- X Q man Football 15 Varsity Basketball 45 JV Basketball 2,3' glvvbul, 1 A JV Baseball Z5 Track 3,4. . Therese Ironside i Pleasantview Road Poughkeepsie Press Club 45 Prom Committee 45 Volleyball 45 Basketball 45 Transferred from Rossevelt High School. I 1 fx 3 ga 4 ,Q E 4 ' ff I - .f4"' ...' '. Hffi' I 2? ' " Yearbook Staff 3,45 Varsity Club 45 Varsity Football 3,45 pg ' F Q5 ' , 5. qw' f 4, 1 la 4 K hz f x Ns, Q ,- -wr. ta t 5' . ,W . QV. ws . 1 Ta Q . s .- . : Y ii A ,, ER' X QM r., A 'cs 5 vi' Q W . X W e. S X 35- e t sf, Gloria Karen Johnson 18 Vassar View Road Poughkeepsie Dramatics 1,2,3,45 Debate 25 Press Club 1,2,3,45 Art Club 1,25 Prom Committee 3,4 fBicls 315 Chorus 15 JV Cheer- leaders 35 Soccer 1,2,35 Volleyball 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,35 Softball 1,2,3,4. Monica H. Karwasinski Freedom Plains Road Poughkeepsie Elise E. Jackson 626 Van Wagner Road Poughkeepsie Dramatics 45 Press Club 45 Prom Committee 3,45 Basket- ball 2. Richard C. Jakubek Poughquag Ingeborg Johannssen Salt Point Turnpike Pleasant Valley Prom Committee 45 Chorus 45 PNA 45 Volleyball 45 Bas- ketball 45 Table Tennis 43 Transferred from Millbrook High School. Theodore F. Johannssen Salt Point Turnpike Pleasant Valley General Organization 45 Anchor Squad 2,3,45 FFA 15 Boys Chorus 15 Conservation 15 Track 1. Joseph Thomas Kamper 435 Dutchess Turnpike Poughkeepsie Yearbook Staff 45 Dramatics 3,45 Debate 1,2,3,45 NFL j 1,2,3,45 Press Club 3,4 fFeature Editor, Business Manager 415 Prom Committee 3,4 fPublicityl5 Radio Club 1,2. Yearbook Staff 45 Dramarics l,2,3,45 Press Club 1,4 QNews Editor 415 Prom Committee 45 FTA 45 Soccer 3,45 Volley- ball 2,3,45 Basketball 45 Softball 4. Joyce A. Kilmer 70 Crestwood Blvd. Poughkeepsie Press Club 45 Arr Club 2, Bernice Suecarol Kirby Route 82 LaGrangeville Press Club 15 Library Club 1,45 Soccer 2,35 Volleyball 2,35 Basketball,25 Softball 2,3,4. 1 Katherine Rose Koss "" 21 Tree Tops Lane Poughkeepsie Dramatics 1,2,3,45 Press Club 1,2,3,45 Prom Committee 3,45 Varsity Cheerleaders 35 JV Cheerleaders 25 FNA 3,45 Soccer 152,35 Volleyball 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Soft- ball 1,z,3,4. D ,. .,:, Ls kc Virginia Lee Krug 17 Pleasant View Road Poughkeepsie General Organization 15 Prom Committee 3,45 Volleyball 3 45 Basketball 3 4 Morton J Laffin gd-IQ Og' 33 Haight Avenue 1 General Organization 4 lTreasurerl5 Class President 35 Tl'12SP12iI1S 4 Dramatics 45 Prom Committee 3,45 Orchestra 1 Varsity Football 45 JV Football 25 Freshman Football 15 V Baseball 35 Track 2. Ronald Lafko Pine Hill Road Pleasant Valley General Organization 2,3,45 Prom Committee 35 Boys' Cho- rus 35 Chess Club 1,2535 Baseball 1,2,3,45 Varsity Football 4 Manager U Dramatics 3,4. General Organization 2,45 Press Club 3,45 Art Club 35 Library Club 25 Anchor Squad 15 Prom Committee 3,45 Band 2 Basketball 25 Softball 2. Amis Lamberts 16 Nic-lntosh Drive Poughkeepsie General Organization 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Cross Country 45 Track 3,45 Intramurals 2,3,45 Transferred from Pough- keepsie High School. Joan Margaret Lattin 3 Marple Road Poughkeepsie PNA 3,45 Soccer 1,25 Volleyb Softball 1,2,3,4. f . Q X, ri 3 3 at 1 iw F f . , , 4 Q 4 , fx all 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Barbara Ann Lemke 28 Overocker Road Poughkeepsie General Organization 35 Dramatics 2,3,45 Library Club 1, 2,35 Prom Committee 3,45 Band 1,2,3,4 fTwirlerl5 Archery 45 Soccer 1,2,3,45 Volleyball 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Softball 1,25 Table Tennis 45 FTA 3,4. Mary Louise Lennon Pou ghqua g ,sag,iQli1'l' ii i 2 , 5. 'f ' ,',,5,3.5.y-,gi Y , ,, 224: af 3 so Soccer 15 Basketball 1,25 Volleyball 1,25 Prom Committee 3,45 FNA 3,45 Chorus 1,2,3,4. Fred H. Lotz 35 Collegeview Avenue Poughkeepsie ,fv tag!! Radio Club 1,2,3,45 JV Football 35 Freshman Football 2. f Janet Mack 09 gg 7 Fulton Court X ' Poughkeepsie Dramatics 1,2,3,45 Anchor Squad 2,34 lsecretary 3,415 Prom Committee 35 Chorus 1,2,3,45 FNA 35 Soccer 2,35 Volleyball 2,35 Basketball 2,3. Patricia Magennis Bishop Drive Poughkeepsie General Organization 1,2, Yearbook-Staff 3,4, Dramatics 1,2,3,4 lSecretary 41, Thespian 1,2,3,4, Press Club 2,4, Anchor Squad 3, Prom Committee 3,4, Chorus 1,2, Soccer 3,4, Volleyball 4, Basketball 3,4, Softball 3,4. Don P. Marchese 34 James Street Poughkeepsie General Organization 1,2,3,4 fVice President 2,3 fPresi- dent 41, Class President 2, Yearbook Staff 3,4, Prom Committee 3,4, Band 1,25 Varsity Club 4, Varsity Foot- ball 2,3,4 fCo-Captain 41, Freshman Football 1, Baseball f 2,3,4, JV Baseball 1, AAA 3,4 fVice President 3, President 41: Intramurals 1,2,3,4, AFS Representative to Europe, 1959. Robert John Marchese 32 Ireland Drive Poughkeepsie General Organization 4, Prom Committee 3,4 fEntertain- ment Chairman 3, Co-Chairman 41, Varsity Club 4, Var- sity Football 3,4, JV Football 2, Freshman Football 1' Varsity Crew 4, Second Crew 3, Third Crew 1,2. 1 Linda Marshall Salt Point Road Pleasant Valley Judith A. McClellan 22 Lewis Avenue Poughkeepsie General Organization 2,35 Prom Committee 3,4, Chorus 1, W f Archery 4, Soccer 1,2,3,4, Volleyball 1,2,3,4, Softball 1,2, - Ei 3,4, Table Tennis 4. Robert McConnell Jefferson Road Poughkeepsie General Organization 2,4. - Patricia Meehan H , . -.,- 130 Manchester Road 5 I H Poughkeepsie . X i ff ff Q' rw f ff ,, 1 General Organization 4, Dramatics 1,2,3, Press Club 1,25 m ' ' , ,fr Prom Committee 3,4, PNA 3, Soccer l,2,3g Volleyball 1,2, ,V " 3, Basketball 1,2,3, Softball 1,2. V 2 Larry Meyer , Afthursburg Road ,Q E 1 , g fk2'3"7'f Hopewell Junction , 0 ,, , Q, . Off - Yearbook Staff 3,4 fPho-tography Editor 41, Dramatics 4, fi yieffvxifflai . . z2Zfi,g4jf:' '3:,,gfZ?fj'fff4f3,f'Z'5'j Prom Committee 3,4, Photography Club 3,4 fPresident ,.,fw,,g+, -, 1, f.""', ff 6.3 1' QW 4 'W 74 Q74 Y-ff? ,I A 1 . Eff, 4 A ,ji 5 ,fggf lg jf 4 ,ni 6 I , , . ,,f,,f',z' , w i' . 3" wf?5l"9'?:fG"f ,I .1 qfgyn .N 7 , ,. f ..wy1,W M . 3,3-ZZgff!ffk',1j,f22, 41, Varsity Football 4, Track 3, Intramurals 2,3. I Q1Z1?1,,214ef4f'ff ,id 1. 4' ,., A L1 n9f'?'Yf W-v M f . fa , Marine Hope Miller Rossway Road Pleasant Valley , M Carol Moore I 1 V, 15 Dorland Avenue ,M ' Poughkeepsie I Volleyball 1,2,3,4g Basketball 1,2,3,4, Softball 3, Soccer 3, FNA 3,4 fSecretary 41, Prom Committee 4, Library Club ' . 1, Anchor Squad 1. Stanley Moysey LaGrangeville Track 1,2,3,4. Willard 1-1. Myers, 3rd 25 LaGrange Avenue Poughkeepsie Chess Club 1,2,3,4 fpresident 415 Press Club 4. Julianna Nagy 556 Dutchess Turnpike Poughkeepsie Press Club 45 Chorus 35 Transferred from Poughkeepsie High School. Geraldine Patricia Nazzaro 32 James Street Poughkeepsie Volleyball 1,2,3,45 Softball 3. Debate 3,45 NFL 3,45 Anchor Squad 1,25 Science Club 3,45 Yearbook Staff 3,4 fTyping Editor 41 Dramatics 1,2,3,4g Press Club 1,2,3,45 Prom Committee 3,45 Soccer 1,2,3,45 Susan Anne Nygren Pleasant Valley Press Club 1,4 fSecretary 415 Library Club 1,2,3,45 Anchor Squad 1, Prom Committee 34 Anthony Olheiser 737 Main Street Poughkeepsie Radio Club 2,3,4. Richard Palmiter 139 Rochdale Road Poughkeepsie Anchor Squad 2,3,4g Science Club 3,4 fPresiclent 415 Chess Club 1,2, Angelo R. Palumbo 34 Taft Avenue Poughkeepsie Prom Committee 3,45 Freshman Football 15 Golf 15 Track Wm fe? 1 fCaptainl Gail Pittala Tinkertown Road Salt Point Drarnatics 1,2,3,45 Press Club 45 Prom Committee 3,45 Chorus 1,25 Soccer 3,45 Volleyball 2,3,45 Basketball 2,3,45 Softball 3,4. Fred E. Porter 11 Manchester Road Poughkeepsie Library Club 1,2,3,4. Page 101 ,JN- Richard E. Randall 1 Tallatdy Place Poughkeepsie General Organization 2,43 Prom Committee 3,43 Varsity Football 3,45 JV Football 23 Freshman Football 13 Varsity Basketball 43 JV Basketball 2,3 lCaptain 313 Freshman Basketball 1. Patricia Richardson V 1 High Acres Drive Poughkeepsie Dramatics 43 Press Club 43 Prom Committee 43 Volleyball 43 Basketball 43 Transferred from Wappingers High School. Charlotte Marie Rogers 87 Van Wagner Road Poughkeepsie Dramatics lg Art Club 132, Anchor Squad 1,23 Soccer 13 Softball l,2. James Rumble Pine Wood Drive Poughkeepsie General Organization 43 Prom Committee 3,43 JV Football 33 Varsity Football 43 JV Baseball 23 Varsity Baseball 3,4. -4195 7 ZF Joan Marilyn Satbacher V OX 42 Ziegler Avenue Poughkeepsie Dramatics 2,33 Library 1,25 Prom Committee 3,49 Twirling 1,2,33 Soccer 1,Z,33 Volleyball 1,2,33 Basketball 1,23 Soft- ball 3. Michael SaVino Salt Point Road Pleasant Valley JV Basketball 23 Varsity Basketball 3,4 fCo-Captain 413 Varsity Baseball 3,43 Transferred from Roosevelt High School. Deanna K. Schoessow 499 Stanton Terrace Poughkeepsie Dramatics 1,23 Press Club 1,33 Prom Committee leyball 1,2,33 Basketball 1,2,33 Softball l,2. 3,43 Vol- IQX Jessie Annis Scribner Smith Road R. D. 452 Poughkeepsie General Organization 33 Dramatics 3,43 Press Club 3,43 Anchor Squad 1,3,43 Prom Committee 3,43 Chorus 3,43 FNA 33 Archery 43 Soccer 3,43 Volleyball 3,43 Basketball 3,43 Softball 3,4. Nancy Ann Senk 12 Brett Place Poughkeepsie Press Club 43 Prom Committee 3,43 Soccor 3,43 Volleyball 2,3,43 Basketball l,2,3,43 Softball 1,2,3,43 Table Tennis 4. Arnold Sheer 38 Catskill Avenue Poughkeepsie General Organization 23 Prom Committee 3,43 Orchestra 1. 135' ' J W " fr - Rodwell B. Shuler Z4 Arlington Avenue W t 4 6 1 1 ANN N 5-514 1, A K 44 ' M' 4 I 61 ff t Q Yearbook Staff 3,4 lBusiness Manager 415 Ha-ndbook Com- V V V' V V mittee 25 Varsity Club 45 Varsity Football 35 Freshman 3' Football Z5 Track 35 Football Manager 15 Interclass Basket- ' 5 W. ball z,s,4. 5 Rosalynn Sinacori 15 McIntosh Drive Dramatics 45 NFL 3,45 Prom Committee 3,45 Soccer 3,45 ' -'Vt V' Volleyball 3,45 Basketball 3,45 Softball 3,45 Transferred from Albany High School. Mary Sinon Timothy Heights Pleasant Valley Prom Committee 45 Archery 45 Soccer 3,45 Volleyball 3,45 Softball 3,45 Table Tennis 3,45 Transferred from Orleans High School, Orleans. Joyce Sleight Overlook Road Poughkeepsie Dramatics 2,35 Press Club 1,45 Library Club 15 Prom Com- mittee 3,45 Soccer 35 Volleyball 2,3,45 Basketball 35 Table Tennis Z,3,45 Softball 2,3,4. Carol Anne Smith 15 Woodcliff Avenue Poughkeepsie Library Club 15 Anchor Squad 2,45 Band-Majorette 1,Z,3,4 K1-Iead Majorette 3,415 Chorus 25 Soccer 1,2,3,45 Volley- ball 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Softball I,Z,3,4. Linda G. Soules Titusville Road Poughkeepsie Anchor Squad 1,2,3,45 PNA 3,45 Volleyball 45 Table Ten- nis 4. Dorothymarie Speckenbach 12 Manchester Circle V- . Poughkeepsie 14' Yearbook Staff 3,4 fLiterary Editor 415 Dramatics l,2,3,4 ,V L ' fTreasurer 415 Thespians 2,3,45 Press Club 2,3,45 Prom I A Committee 3,45 Varsity Cheerleader 3,45 JV Cheerleader 25 V V Handbook Committee 35 Soccer Z,3,45 Volleyball l,2,3,45 ' 1 1 ,,, 2 VV- 4 Basketball Z,3,45 Softball 2,3,4. ff, 1 i f 1 f "" '5 V -" X Charles Stampf West Clove Mountain Road LaGrangeville Yearbook Staff 45 Library Club 45 Radio Club dent 415 Transferred from St. Francis, Brooklyn. 3,4 fPresi- Eric Stoutenburgh Pleasant Valley General Organization 1,35 Prom Committee 35 Chorus I5 Conservation Club 15 JV Baseball 15 Second Crew 2. Lois Elaine Swensen Route 55 Poughquag Dramatics Z5 Arr Club 15 Anchor Squad 1,Z,3,45 Soccer 1,Z,3,45 Volleyball 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Softball 1,2,3,4. 2? A, Robert W. Tator Dr. Fink Road Pleasant Valley Prom Committee 3,45 JV Football 35 Freshman F Cross Country 2,45 Track 1,2,3,4 fCaptain 45. Vera Hinda Tinkelman 6 Lafko Drive Poughkeepsie Yearbook Staff 3,4 lCo-editor 415 Dramatics 1,2,3,45 Thes- pians 2,3545 Press Club 1,25 Prom Committee 45 Thespian Recording 2,3,45 FTA 3,45 Handbook Committee 2,3,4 fChairman 3, Student Advisor 415 Soccer 1,25 Volleyball ootball 15 1,25 Special Honors: DAR Best Citizen Award. Diane Tower Cramer Road R.D. 43 Poughkeepsie Dramatics 3,45 Press Club 45 Prom Committee 3,45 Band 15 Chorus 15 Soccer 2,3,45 Volleyball 3,45 Basketball 3,45 Soft- ball Linda Tubbs Titusville Road Poughkeepsie 3,4. Library Club 1,25 Prom Committee 3,45 Archery 45 Soccer 2,35 Volleyball 1,2,3,45 Basketball 35 Softball 2,3 Bruce Edward Tyson 448 Dutchess Turnpike Poughkeepsie General Organization 1,2,3,45 Class Officer 4 lVice Presi- dentJ5 Yearbook Staff 45 Dramatics 2,45 Prom Committee 3,45 Photography Club 45 Varsity Club 45 Cross Country 2,3 Second Crew 45 Third Crew 35 Interclass Basketball 1,2,3,4, Freshman Basketball 1. Carol E. Ulrich Poughquag FNA 45 Volleyball 45 Basketball 4 Table Tennis Randall Vaeth 24 McIntosh Drive Poughkeepsie Country 45 Track 3. Fred VanTassel Edwin Varney Maple Hill Farm Pleasant Valley Yearbook Staff 45 Debate 34 NFL 34 Press Club 4 Anchor Squad 2,35 Science Club 34 cV1C9PE8Sld6ht 4 Anchor Squad 45 Science Club 3 Tech Club 1 2 3 4 Cross 19 Henmoncl Blvd Radio Club 1,2,3,45 Tech Club 1 234 fSecretary Treasurer 415 Chess Club 1,2,4 fSecretary 4 Cross Country 34 Track 253,45 Merit Scholarship Letter of Commendation Dorothy Ann Vrooman 37 LaGrange Avenue Poughkeepsie General Organization 1,2545 Class Treasurer 25 Yearbook Staff 45 Dramatics 1,2,3,45 Thespians 2,3,45 Press Club 1,2, 3,45 Art Club 35 Prom Committee 3,45 Leaders Club 2,3545 FTA 3,45 Archery 45 Soccer 1,2,3,45 Volleyball 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Softba" ' "","i T""' ' Stephen Clifford Wachenfeld 37 Titus Road Poughkeepsie Yearbook Staff 4g Dramatics 1,2,3,45 Thespians 2,3,45 De- bate 45 Press Club 2,3,4 fSports Editor 2,415 Prom Com- mittee 3,45 Band 1,2,3,45 Orchestra 1,2,35 Freshman Bas- ketball 15 Intramural Basketball 2,3,4. Hilda Wager Pleasant Valley Leaders' Club 3,45 Soccer 2,3,45 Volleyball l,2,3,4g Basket- ball 1,2,3,45 Softball l,2,3,4, Caroline E. Waligora 38 Streit Avenue Poughkeepsie Yearbook! Staff 3,4 QCo-Editor 415 Dramatics 1,2,3,4g Thes- pians 2,3,45 Press Club 2,35 Prom Committee 45 Handbook Committee 1,2,35 Softball 3,4. Carol Weil 28 Innis Avenue Poughkeepsie Library Club 15 Soccer 2,3,45 Volleyball 2,3,45 Table Tennis 2,3,45 Basketball 2,3,45 Softball 2,3,4. Howard Michael Weiss 105 Innis Avenue Poughkeepsie ketball 1,25 Freshman Football 1. Donald White Poughkeepsie , , Radio Club 1 5 2,3 ,4. Walter A. Club 2,3. Yearbook Staff 45 Press Club 4 ClVlusic Editor 415 Band 1,2,3,4 fPresident 31, Orchestra 1,2,3,45 Varsity Club 4 fSecretary15 Varsity Football 3,4g JV Football 25 Varsity Crew 3,45 Second Crew 25 Third Crew 15 Intramural Bas- 56 Longview Road f' WZ' X ,M f I , + ? , 3 J 3 4 4 1 2 if " 53 . ve-ff-Q .1 Cross Country 2,3,4 fCaptam 415 Track White Creek Road Pleasant Valley Tech Club 1,2,3,4 lSecretary 35 President 415 Radio Club 2,3,4 lPresident 35 Secretary 415 Chess Club 1,Z,3g Science Patricia Alyce Whitesell Emans Road, Box 58, Rural Route 1 Dramatics 4g Press Club 45 Anchor 3,43 Chorus 1,2,3. Jeffrey Wigand Lyrelle Road Pleasant Valley Band 2,35 Orchestra 2,3. Audrey Wild 82 Overocker Road Poughkeepsie General Organization 35 Dramatics 15 Press Club 2,35 Prom Committee 3,4 QCo-Chairman 313 Leaders, Club 3,43 Soccer 1,2,3,4 fCaptain 41, Volleyball 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,4 fCaptain 315 Softball 1,2,3,4 fCaptain 31. Frederick Charles W1lhelm Gleason Boulevard Pleasant Valley Class Vice-President Z Prom Committee 3 Varsity Club 45 Varsity Football 4 Freshman Football 1 Varsity Bas ketball 3,43 JV Basketball 2 Baseball 2 3 4 JV Baseball 1 Diana Wills 43 LaGrange Avenue Poughkeepsie Dramatics 123 4 Press Club 4 fArt Editor Art: Club 1,2,3g Prom Committee 3 4 Archery 4 Soccer 2 3 4 Volley ball 3,4 Victor Wirhouski 10 Tallardy Place Poughkeepsie Prom Committee 35 JV Baseball 1. Jane E Wixson Donnie Place R D 7952 Poughkeepsle Anchor Squad 1 Radio Club 3 4 fsecretary Treasurer 4J 5 Tech Club 1 Z 3 4 "There she is, Miss Arling- tgn 1960". K. Duffy plays the part of the happy regent at the Senior Prom. B. Vir- gilio looks as proud as does our queen. Here we find the military and civilian represented in the Grand March of "Silver Bells". K. Duffy and G. Nazzaro are handsomely escortedi for this gala occasion. enicr Prom The "day before" finds busy Seniors transforming the gym The "morning after" finds Cinderalla's slippers replaced bythe into a glittering site of "Silver Bellsv. R. Randall ana' associates ala' stand-hys. K. Duffy still looks starry-eyed as she takes a do some of the harder worli. last look at the glitter of her court. First Row: M. Karwasinski, V. Tinkelman, S. Baright, D Speckenhach, Aaron, C. Waligora, B. Brown, R. Shuler. Second Row: G. Krug, D. Schoessow, F. Acampora, B. Bor- chers, A. Lamherts, R. Sinacori, P. Ahrahamsen, S. Nygren Third Row: R. Palmitier, L. Meyer, P. Magennis, B. Chambers J. Zeleznick, M. Miller, G. Nazzaro, J. Mack. Fourth Kow- R. Vaerh, E. Varney, J. Geneve. Honor Keys Ar the annual Honor Key Assembly on March 30, twenty-nine seniors received the coveted award. The day represented for these students a culmination of three and one-half years' effort. These were suspenseful moments as Mr. Storm called off the names and averages, one hy cne. As each name was heard, the seniors all anxiously waited, hoping that theirs would he next. But honor keys are not won by wishful thinking and short spurts of frantic academic enthusiasm, as Valedictorian Doro- thy Speckenhach and Salutatorian June Aaron can con- firm. The knowledge gained during these years is knowledge which will serve time and again in the years to come. Superintendent of Schools Storm congratulates Dorothy Speck- enhach, Valedictorian, and func Aaron, Salutatorian, for their commendable work during 3 1f2 years Work at A.H.S. Page 108 611101 HOHGIS SENIOR AWARDS AND PRIZES Valedictorian Salutatorian Senior Essay Wmner George A. Schiavone Memorial Award Bausch and Lomb Award Rotary Awards Lions Club of Poughkeepsie Award Kiwanis Club of Poughkeepsie Awards Arlington Parent Teacher Association Awards Crestwood Heights Tax-Payers Association Awards Ladies Auxiliary of the Arlington Fire Department Awards Pleasant Valley American Legion Auxiliary Awards Rochdale Civic Association Awards Mary Elizabeth O?Cormel1 Aiward Cecil Kennard Memorial Trophy Charlie Johnson Memorial Award M Shelcomelco Lodge 795458 F. 66 A. . Arlington Parent-Teacher Association Scholarships New York State Scholarships National Merit Scholarship Finalist National Merit Scholarship Certificates of Recognition "The Boys" as they appeared for the P.T.A. Variety Show in their "By The Sea" xkit. V. Tinkelman, F. Acampora, and O. Speclzenbach with Mrx. Maier at Open-House at A.H.S. eacafza. at wack and play -il "The Voice", Marty Laffin, be hind the mike :luring announce ments. Page 110 Senior: have skeleton: in their closely, toof Piles of hooks, cluttered trays, and noisy conversation fill the cafeteria as seniors gather during their fifth period lunch hour. 3 c J I , Q 5 L. Fleishmczu offered H. Ufeiss the first cup of punch when seniors served as hostesses and guides at the Annual Open House. The discussion led by Mr. Frattali concerns the major project of Business English students - the outlining of their vocational essays. Vlforld Lit students know that "7f8 of the iceberg lies-U in the intensive research necessary for a good Senior Essay. Not the Witches' Scene from MacBeth, but a phsysics lab session with Mr. Smith demonstrat- ing to the class. 1-., MOST SINCERE MOST VERSATILE MOST TYPICAL F. Acampora - A. Creclle D. Vrooman - D. Marchese K. Duffy - W. Cummings emhfz MOST PERSONALITY H K. Cowles - Rumble MOST ATHLETIC BEST LOOKING B. Brownell - B. Ireland K. Cowles - Bradley MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT BEST DRESSED BEST DANCERS WITTIEST B. Tyson - V. Cooke L. Fleishman - D. Chase S, Fowx - A. Sheer B. Chambers - R. Abbare ello I I Another year has been completed, another graduation is upon us. The class of '60 will leave the halls of Arlington High School to part and to proceed along the different paths of life. Yet this year, like all the years of the past and all the years of the years of the future, has been filled with the acquisition of knowledge, plus the fun we had in achieving it. We cannot relive these good tirnesg they are but memories. We can only look back by turning the pages of our yearbook, each page reminding us of four of our happiest years. Though we of the 1960 Anchors staff have worked hard, our effort would have been futile without the cooperation of the many people who have worked with us so willingly. We wish to thank Mr. John Freni for taking the senior portraits and for posing the class and club pictures. To Mr. Stewart, we extend our sincere ap- preciation for helping the inexperienced photography staff. We are extremely grateful to all the teachers, who each in their own way, added to the completion of our yearbook. Without the many contributions of our patrons and the Board of Education, the publication of this year- book would have been impossible. Words cannot express how immeasurably grateful we are to Miss Antoinette Vanasco, our faculty advisor, who was always present when we needed her. Her invaluable role in the publication of this book is impossible to estimate. We'll always remember the contribution of her knowledge and experience to the making of our yearbook. Now, each one of us will leave the familiar classes of A.H.S. to take our places in the wide, wide world. Our journey is overg many more will follow the paths we have left behind. To our successors we say .....,,. Fond Farewell Page 1,13 V Adarnis Fair-Acre Farms Mrs. E. P. Alsdorf Mr. Sam Amodeo J. E. Andrews John Arborio, Inc. Arlington Junior-Senior High PTA Arlington Pharmacy Art craft Press Avon Market Dr. Bell Robert C. Barbieri a Donna Mr. Robert Berger Mr. and Mrs. S. Bernard Bock Florist Mr. Gadlin Bodner Mr. Saul Bollt Mrs. Sault Boll: The Bonnie Shop Mr. and Mrs. John J. Brady and Family The Bryants Mr. Charles Butts Miss Margaret I. Byrne Dr. S, Byrne C. and E. Construction Co. Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Carberry Mrs. Allen Chambers Christman's Greenhouses Dr. Irving Cohen College Lunchenette Consolidated Dry Goods and Co. Mr. Sam Coratello Dr. J. M. Coulter Covered Wagon Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Credle Mr. Francis G. Crispi Mr. and Mrs. H. Davis Mr. and Mrs. l.aVerne Davis Mr. Gabriel Deeb DeGrooclt and Eichler, Contractors Delaneyis Liquor Store Mr. Anthony De Marco De's Jewelers Diesing Supply Co., lnc. Helen DuBois Shop Effron Auto Exchange Effron's Clothing Store Effron Fuel Oil Company Eggleston Office Equipment Co., Inc. Eighmie Moving and Storage Elmer Nygren's Hardware Mr, and Appliance Shop and Mrs. Harry J. Engle F abian's Feldsine and Co., Inc. Mr. Stuart Fisher The Fixit Shop Mr. and Mrs. Fichard Flanigan Fleishman's Wayside Furniture Mis Mr. Mr. The Mr. Gra Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. s Agnes F. Flint Kenneth Folster Eugene Frank Gateway Shop and Mrs. Morton Gilday ham Agency Inc. Henry Graham and Mrs. B. Grandeau and Mrs. F. R. Grochau H. Wilson Guernsev Boo ter Mr. and Mrs. T. Guilfoil Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hampe, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William Hanks. Mr. Paul E. Hankinson Jill Harris Shop E. I. Hatfield Mr. Thoman R. Haufe Mr. Joseph Hawkins Mrs. Robert Hoe, Jr. Miss Alice Housman Dr. K. H. Hollenbeck Hudson Valley Blueprint Co. l.B.M. Interstate Plumbing Supply Co., Inc. Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Kamper Mr. and Mrs. Henry Karwasinski Kem Plastic Playing Cards Miss Mary Keohane Mr. James R. Kepford Mrs. D. Kimlin Francis King Shop W. W, Kington 51 Co. Mrs. George V. Kirby Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Krug Dr. Arnold Langwick Dr, M. B. Lehman Dr. Louis Lipman Mrs. Elaine C. Lipschutz Longbardis Shell Station Austin F. Loucks, Jr. and Co. Lowe's Optical Co. Luckey Platt and Co. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Luzzi Lynch's Grocery McCombs Stationery McConnell Piano and Organ Co. Naar Printer Mr. and Mrs. N. D. MacWilliams Maggiacomo Pharmacy Mrs. Dorothy Maier Malone Hardware Mrs. Charles Manna Mannequin Mrs. Edna G. Manning Don Marchese Margaret's Dress Shop Marshall and Sterling Insurance Dr. Melvin Marlin Frank Melitog Sand and Gravel Michael's Table-Ready Foods Mid-Hudson Chevrolet Dr. L. Miller S. H. Miller Construction Mary Ellen Mulvey Mr. and Mrs. John Mulvey Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Murtaugh Mr. and Mrs. Murtaugh Mr. and Mrs. Jack Neustadt Mr. Sam Nicolis Mrs. Ruth D. Noyes Mr. Charles O'Donnel Mr. Frank Olawski Dr. V. O,Neil Mr. George Pagones Payman Hosiery Peelor Motor Sales and Service Mrs, Marion B. Petty Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Pine Page 114 Pitcher Motors Pleasant Valley Dept. Store Poughkeepsie Music Shop Patty's Charcoal Drive-in Mr. and Mrs. John Quinn Dr. Martin Rabin, D.D.S. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ranucci Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Rathkopf Recordland Lois Rector Mr, and Mrs. John A. Reed Mr. John Reuter S. J. Reynolds Mr. Raymond M. Rodriguez Mr. and Mrs. C. Y. Root Dr. Albert Rosenthal Mr. Lloyd Rosenthal Rayal Tailors Russell Fuel and Heating Co. Mr. and Mrs. James B. Russell Saltforcl Flower Shop Mr. and Mrs. Paul Samuels Saniels Jewel Box Chester Satz Co., Inc. Sealtesr Shaker, Travis and Quinn Mr. Norman Shapiro Dr. Maurice Sitomet Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Soper Mr, J. C. Smith Dr. M. Sosna Sretsis Sorority Mr. John Stahlberger Mr. Aaron Steinberg Mrs. Julia G. Stevens Miss Julia G. Stevens Miss Marily J. Stilwell Mr. Harold C. Storm Mr. and Mrs. James Stowe Sun Wall Paper L. H. Swenson Co., Inc. Mr. and Mrs. John M. Teasdale The Three Arts Dr. and Mrs. A. H. Tinkelman Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Tinkelman Mr. and Mrs. N. Tinkelman Mr, Hames J. Toomey Mrs. Lela M. Traver Dr. Willis E. Travis Mr. and Mrs. William S. Tripp Mr. and Mrs. Harold Tyson Dr. W. R. Updegraff V. and P. Auto Electric Service Vaeth Office Supply Vassar Manufactuter's Outlet Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wadster The 'Wallace Company Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Wardell Washington Pharmacy Mr. Judson Williams Wiltse Brothers Contractors Wise Potato Chips Wolf's Sport Shop Helen Wright Dress Shop Y. M. C. A. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Zimmer JOHN FRENI, M. Photogft JOHN LANE STUDIO Collegeview Avenue Poughkeepsie, New York Prize-Winning Portroits Highest Honors tor Portroits New Yorlc State Exhibition--1957, 1958, 1959 New England Photographic Exhibition--1958, Gold Medal-1959 National Photographic Exhibition--1958 Otticiol Photogropher tor the 1960 Anchors 7kMaster of Photography-highest award in the United States Page 115 YOU MAKE YEARBOOKS FUN HERE AT PROGRESS in "The City of Albany" Working closely with you has been truly a wonderful experience. In the beginning there was nothing except en- thusiasm, ideas and many blank pages. Upon this meager foundation you have built this beautiful memory book. Our work at Progress really is fun . . . because we enjoy, so much, getting to know such splendid faculty members and students as you. PRCJGRESS PUBLISHERS INCORPORATED 11 COLVIN AVE. 0 PHONE IV 24401 0 ALBANY NY X 1 . , if T . V k , I 45 9 iiiiio 'if if LW fax W! 'M g ff ' wwf PJ Vw fx if 6 di E flwgjyyfj GZTQQVQQ 3 frfff S' Q95 wi ,LJLJL1 3522471-1 dwigffiwf "U vholdg, J.,0U 44 ' Mifxfff wig ' 551 f A , J, MW A ilQ0 ?QEfgQ QJ 79 A 00 Jr Q OLQIQ4 is ,L yfsfcf HCCJ Q12 Q Jgxpiggwgmfsibblbmbubg W Woiww QQSQWJ W 54,1 W M 5 QWf NJ 'L W' U OJ XML a

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