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1. I ' ' 17.l!l4Ii.!ZrXLE'Q."l'ilIfSi17H lfA'.E"X.LI'L11l'lK"K.l. 7 ' Ll, Qiilil LiHi1s.VnLuMM'-"JJ-,.Jv'IfmuLumi,1 x'in'LL14,, . .X ' , . 12 - ' ' ' ' 1 ' , . Q 1 , . A ul. W.x'w.Ehk4,LJ M ' V K There are mice . . . and lhere are mice: -Ay , . fff- 'rrl F- ...- - , ......, -L .2 fi f' .-f ig- -2 . The lazy mouse laclcs lhe inifiafive lo loolc furfher 1---fx ! lhan his whiskers. He views fhe panorama of life l1f??:',Q'., Q only from 'From his own doorsfep. I i' , NE-1 .ii- ly! 'rx -1,5-ii:n, li is may 'ff--f: 1 1 f v H-,,-- w :.. The average mouse, like mos? people, has some- QQ --- 5 wha+ broader horizons and sees 'l'he world 'From X I l 'lhis perspec+ive. La--z - w G?- I ,. E 5 2 in Q l Qf-T51 , K. 1 ', g ,,l'r.,-L ' - "f ' -2 +25 Bul 'lhe exfraordinary mouse, 'lhaf individual who M, -1- .Y , considers sifuafions from every angle, finds grealer E X safisfacfion and rewards. N ,V And 'lhis mouse, viewing 'lhe pasl' year a+ Arling- fon, foresees only success. For lhe pride and spiril' which radiafes from every sludenl and acfivify fraces Arling'ron's palh fo a happy fulure. ,D If .--,1 Q Y f X . v-ilu--Q ,. 3 T , Z E X? xi! .- 'E. lw'7 Ji. 3? nf r' sb ANCHCJRS 1957 ARLINGTCN HIGH SCHOOL POUGHKEEPSIE, N.Y. L, , Ls" I. .-f" V aff f-Q" il rf,f -4 cl ,V,,, is fx, fl L Marlin' building seen for dciys cmd yeors on end, our school: buf lei us see ond comprehend the very inner makings of our friend. TABLE OF CGNTENTS W X ff . 'J ---- SENIORS - Z ffl, 4+ ZZIQQV -zffwf I X S20 fu ' - ---- . Z CLASSES - FACULTY - ACTIVITIES - SPORTS - - DEDICATICJN FREDERICK A. JORDAN 'Nu To "Men+or", Arling+on's Direcror of Physical Educa+ion, whose ideals and standards have led and inspired us all, and whose enfhusiasm ancl spark have made him one of us, we proudly cledicafe 'rhe I957 Anchors. -..., Q 4.51, 1 M I ' f 1 HX V k A f ' 1 ,- 1' N' M I wig It CLASS OFFICERS wwqp Fw mx Lefi' 'l'o righi: D. McComb, L. Ronk, A. Magnarella, S. Sandberg. PRESIDENT ........ . . . STEPHEN SANDBERG VICE-PRESIDENT .... ....,,. D ENNIS MCCOMB SECRETARY ,,..... .......,.... L EILANI RONK TREASURER ..., ,,., A NNETTE MAGNARELLA 1 Q I N. DALE JEAN ALLEN Anchors 4: Press Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Wel- fare Squad 1: Prom 3 fBidsl, 4 lChaperonel: Chorus I, 2: Leaders Club 2, 3, 4: Varsity Cheerleaders 3, 4 1Co-Captain 4l: J.V. Cheerlead- ers I, 2 lCo-Captain 21: Archery 4: Soccer I, 2, 3, 4 lCaptain 41: Volley- ball I, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Softball I, 2, 3. 4: Honor Squad 3, 4. M. PHILIP AMODEO Varsity Football 4: J.V. Football 2, 3: Varsity Crew 3: Gig Crew I: Third Crew 2. CAROLYN ANABLE Anchors 4: Dramatics 4: Press Club 4: Soccer 4: Volleyball 4: Basketball 4: Softball 4: Transferred 'From Jamestown High School. CARM ELA ANTEDOM ENICO Anchors 4: Library Club I: Prom 3, 4: Chorus I: Leaders Club 4: Arch- ery 4: Soccer 4: Volleyball I, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 lCaptain 3l: Softball 4. JOHN G. ATKINSON Prom 3: Math Club 2. We Arrive! REJOLYN ANDREWS Cross Country 4 lCaptainl: Track 4 BARBARA MAE APPEL GO. 2. 3: Class Secretary 2: Drama- tics 1: Debate I, 2: N.F.L. I, 2: Art Club 2, 3, 4: Library Club I, 2, 3, 4: Prom 3, 4. RICHARD BARIGHT Prom 3: F,F.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Conser- vation Club I, 2, 3, 4: Dramatics 4. I wr 'C' Students enter auditorium on Septem- ber 5th to hear welcoming speeches GCT .wry si . f f"'w 4? -9- Y.. L-. ng, df l DANIEL BATTISTA J.V. Football 2: Freshman Football I. Mr. Nelson, at first assembly, con- gratulates our new G. O. President, Anthony Landolfa, while other GO officers look on. xi ' .I,:5 :" -ss sf. . , YYY-Q. CLIFTON BECK F.F.A. 2, 3. G,O. ls O EDWARD R. BENNETT Art Club 2: Boy's Chorus 2, 3, 4. ANDREW W. BIDA Anchors 4: Debate 1, 2, 3, 4: N.F.l. 1, 2, 3, 4: Prom 3, 4. MARIANNE BONGIOVI Prom 3: Basketball 2, 3, 4. iii.: ' ms. . , ..,. . ig t,,, tk- li 5 , wt 355 , .f:.,: 25333-gggibi 1,25 . ':x,:- . u fxmifq .swsf w- "1 Q f5rs?:-ff .4431 if t3E5Pf?54' . -.s . wswgik. ...Q 'SH we . .ff 1.x H mf -It wxsxi me -J.. j5..i,g:W,i N - -'i'.'fT5ffiQ5. rganized and Extends a ANNA MAY BENSON Anchors 4: Dramatics I, 2, 3, 4: Press Club 2. 3. 4: Art Club 3. 4 lVice- President 4l: Prom 4: Chorus 1: Leaders Club 3, 4: Math Club 25 Archery 1. 4: Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4: Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4 lCaptain 3l: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Softball 1, 2, 3, 4 lCaptain 3l. FLOYD W. BOLDE Conservation Club 1, 2, 3. FREDERIC BOWER Anchors 4 lPhotography Editorl Photography Club 3, 4 lPresident 41 Math Club 2: Varsity Football 4: J.V Football 2. 3: Freshman Basketball I Track l. 2. I A if: 1. 4, 3-sw c.:-'gf tl Q JAY BOYAR G.O. I, 2, 3: Anchors 4: Dramatics I: Debate I, 2, 3: Press Club I, 2, 3, 4 lSports Editor 3, 4l: Prom 3, 4: Varsity Basketball 3 lManagerl: Third Crew 2. 4 lCoxswainl. CANDACE BRONSON h ' Dramatics I, 2, 3: Art Club 2: Prom 3: Chorus I, 2: Soccer 2, 3: Volley- , ball I, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 2: Soft- :. ball 2. . f', .es--.W -,-v -+4 Helping Hand Across on Ocean. RALPH E. BROWN ALVIN E. BUECHELE Anchors 4 lArt Editorli Art Club 2. 3, 4 lTreasurer 31, lPresident 4l Prom 3: Conservation Club I. SANDRA BURGER Dramatics I, 2: Press Club 3: Prom 3: Banking Club 2: Archery I: Soc- cer 2: Basketball I, 2, 3: Softball 2. RONALD CALLAHAN G.O. 3: F.F.A. I, 2, 3: Conservation Club I, 2, 3: Second Crew I lCox- swainl: Third Crew 2. Conservation Club 2, 3: Transferred from Wappingers High School. BARBARA CAHILL Dramatics 3: Debate I: N.F.L. I, 2: Chorus I. STUART CARY G.O. 4: Prom 4: Tech Club 2, 3. 4: J.V. Basketball 3: Freshman Basket- ball I: Baseball 3, 4: J.V. Baseball 2. Another successful War Orphan Cam- paign, and Tony Landolfa promises Choi our continued support. F 45 JOAN CAS EM ENT ALBERT CICMAN Photography Club 4. Patience personified! Bob Jones, the Arax photographer, poses a Junior Class group on the stage. Dramatics 2: Press Club 3: Prom 35 Chorus I: Banking Club 21 Volley- ,gum ball 1 2 3' Basketball 1 2, 3 . Click! and We Choose the gg JAMES COLLINS G.O. 1: Conservation Club 1, 2: J.V. Football 2: Track 1. ,W 5, to MELVIN CONKLIN L . H 3 F ' ' Conservation Club 2, 33 Radio Club , V K H 15' Chorus 1: Boy's Chorus 1. 4 We 51 gs A - I af- f 3 . 2, iiaaia E WILLIAM CRONK Debate I7 Prom 3. I2 WILLIAM COLLINS J.V. Football 2: Freshman Football I. JACK CONNOLLY G.O. 3 liiarliamentarianlg Library Club 3: Science Club 4 lSecretary- Treasurerlg Transferred from Hous- atonic Valley Regional High School. MARJORIE CROSHIER Anchors 4 lfxssistant Editorlg Drama- tics 1, 2, 3, 4: Thespians 3, 4: Prom 3: Band 1. 2, 3, 4. DOROTHY CROSS Press Club 3. 4: Prom 3, 4: Band 27 Volleyball 2. FRANK CRUM 1,,,,, fa-s.. Anchors 4: Debate I: Band I: Chor- ' usI 2 3 . it f we--v Besf Focsimiles for Posferify. GORDON DALEY F.F.A. 3: Conservation Club I, 2, Radio Club I. GARY WILLIAM DAVIS G.O. I: Conservation l, 2: Crew I. NANCY C. DODGE Dramatics I, 2, 3. 4 ll-'resident 41 Thespian 3, 4: Press Club I, 2, 3, 4 lManaging Editor 3l: lCo-Editor-in Chief 4l: Prom 3: Handbook 3 lChairmanl: Archery I, 4: Soccer I 2, 4: Basketball I, 2, 3, 4: Volley ball I. 2. 3.4. BARBARA ANN DAVIS G.O. I, 2: Anchors 4: Prom 3, 4: Chorus l, 2: Archery 4: Volleyball I, 2, 4: Basketball I, 2, 4. MARIE DI GIROLAMO JOAN DOLAN GO. 2, 3: Anchors 4: Dramatics 2, 3, 4: Art Club 2, 3: Prom 3.4: Chor- us I: Leaders Club 3, 4: Math Club 2: Archery I, 4: Soccer I, 2, 3, 4: Volleyball 3, 4: Basketball I, 2, 3, 4: Softball 2, 3, 4. STEPHEN DUKE F.F.A. I, 2: Conservation I. BRENDA MARGUERITE EDGAR Anchors 4 lCirculation Manager Dramatics I, 2. 3: Press Club 2, A student pauses while making out Jr. Red Cross 1: Prom 3: Chorus 1 his ballot for election of A.A.A. Archery I, 4: Soccer I, 2. 3, 4 I 2 Omcm' Volleyball 2, 3, 4, Basketball , iii -7 fn 7. J ww f we zz . s g, I Q I ki I E I 4 wg, . .f I4 3, 4: Softball I, 2, 3, 4. "If I Am Elected, I Shall ARNOLD ELKIND 5:7 5-A . l - , ,pts -ss. Q 'ls sw' - is . ,l we l -W .:. ' Freshman Football I: Varsity Basket- ball 2, 3, 4: Freshman Basketball I: Baseball 2, 3, 4: J.V. Baseball I. BEVERLY FALLOWS Dramatics 3: Chorus 2, 3: Band I, 2: Transferred from Roosevelt High School. DON ROY FREER Band 1, 2, 3. i Anchors 4. Dramatlcs I, 2, 3. Debate 2: Press Club 4: Prom 3, 4: Band I. 2: Leaders Club 3, 4: Varsity Cheer- leaders 4: J.V, Cheerleaders I, 3: Math Club 2: Archery I, 4 lMan- ager 4l: Soccer I, 2, 3. 4 lCaptain 3, 4l: Volleyball I. 2, 3, 4 lCaptain 3, 4l: Basketball I, 2, 3, 4 lCaptain 3l: Softball I, 2, 3, 4: Honor Squad 3. CHARLES FLEISHMAN Anchors 4 lSports Editorl: Press Club I, 2: Prom 3 lLlghtingl: Tech Club I, 2, 3, 4 lPresident 41: Base- ball 4: J.V. Baseball 3. JACQUELINE FRIEL Anchors 4: Press Club 3, 4: Jr. Red Cross 2: Prom 3, 4: Band I, 2: Arch- ery I: Soccer I, 2, 3, 4: Volleyball I, 2, 3, 4: Basketball I, 2, 3, 4: Softball I, 3, 4. RICHARD FRIEL G.O. I: Varsity Football 3, 4 lCap- tain 4l: J.V. Football I: Baseball I, 2. 3. 4: J,V. Baseball I: Cross Coun- try I: Track I. EUGENE FROEHLING Anchors 4: J.V. Football 2, 3: Fresh- man Football I: Freshman Basketball I: Baseball I: Track 1.3. Endeavor to Promote-" PATRICIA M. FUNK Dramatics 2, 3: Chorus I. 2, 3: Bas- ketball 2, 3: Transferred from Roos- evelt High School. BARBARA GERMILLER Anchors 4: Dramatics I: Press Club 3, 4 IBusiness Manager 4l: Prom 3. 4: Chorus I. 2. 3: Soccer I, 3: Vol- leyball I, 4. DANIEL GONIA Conservation Club 2, 3. ANNETTE FUSARO Anchors 4: Press Club 3. 4: Art Club 2: Prom 3, 4: Chorus I, 2: Archery I, 4: Soccer I. 2, 3, 4: Volleyball 2, 3, 4: Basketball l. 2. 3, 4: Soft- ball 3. 4. ROBERTA GLICK Anchors 4: Dramatics I. 2, 3, 4: Debate I: Press Club 4: Prom 3, 4: Soccer I, 2, 3, 4: Volleyball 2, 3, 4: Basketball I, 2, 3, 4: Softball I. 2, 3. 4. NORMANDY GRIMM Anchors 4: Dramatics 3, 4: Press Club 4: Prom 3. 4: Band 2: Varsity Cheerleaders 4: J.V. Cheerleaders 3: Archery 3, 4: Soccer 2, 3, 4: Volley- ball I, 2, 3, 4: Basketball I. 3, 4: Softball 2, 3. 4. During Election Week in November, Mr. Deeb instructs 'future citizens in voting procedure. Ito- After Open I-louse, parents and friends assemble in the cafeteria for refreshments. ,P i Agni' 3 .c ,.,. Ty ...aut sniff, X ,V J, L . . . ff , I6 MARILYN HAM GO. I, 4: Anchors 4: Dramatlcs I, 2, 3, 4: Thespians 3, 4: Press Club 3, 4 llypinq Editor 4l: Art Club 2: Prom 3: Chorus I: Archery 1: Soc- cer I, 2, 3, 4: Volleyball I, 2, 3: Basketball I. TERESA HANKAMP Press Club 3, 4: Prom 4: Soccer I, 2, 3, 4: Volleyball 2, 3, 4: Basketball 3, 4: Softball 2, 3. The Doors of Arlington Are KURT HASSELHORST Crew I. JUDITH A. HETTERICH Anchors 4: Debate I: N.F.L. I, 2. 3, 4: Press Club 3: Prom 3, 4: Chorus 3: Archery 4 lManaqerl: Soccer I, 2, 4: Volleyball I, 2. 3, 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Softball 2. ELIZABETH HORVATH Prom 3: Soccer 2: Transferred from Poughkeepsie High School. ALFRED HAUGEN R. D. No. 3, Poughkeepsie Debate I, 2, 3: N,F.L. 2, 3, 4: Pho tography Club 4: Varsity Football 4 J.V. Football 3. BARBARA HILLI KER Soccer I, 2, 3: Volleyball I, 2, 3 Basketball I, 2, 3: Softball I. KENNETH HOTALING J.V. Baseball I: Varsity Track I, 2 3, 4. ROBERT HOUSTON Debate 2. 3, 4: N.F.L. 3, 4: Science Club 4 lPresidentl: Radio Club I, 2, 3.4 lVice-President 3l, lPresident 41: Photography Club 4: Chess Club 3, 4. VINCENT HYNES i A I q rr. . , 2. 3. , jx Dpen fo Visitors and Scholars. KATH RYN INFIELD Dramatics I: Debate I, 2, 3, 4: N.F.L. 2, 3, 4: Press Club 4: Welfare Squad I, 2: Orchestra 2, 3, 4. EDWARD F. JACOBY F.F.A. I: Conservation Club I, 2, 3: Band I, 2: Orchestra I. JACQUELINE KELLER Dramatics I, 2, 3, 4: Press Club 3, 4: Prom 3: Chorus I, 2: Archery I: Vol- leyball I, 2, 3. 4: Basketball I, 2. 3, 4. MARGARET JACKSON Anchors 4: Dramatics 3, 4: Press Club I, 2, 3, 4: Prom 3, 4: Band I, 2, 3: Archery 2: Soccer I, 2, 3: Vol- leyball I, 2. 3: Basketball I, 2, 3: Softball I, 2, 3. MAUREEN JEAN Debate I: Volleyball I. JOSEPH KELLY Prom 3: Varsity Football 3, 4: J.V. Football 2: Varsity Basketball 4: J.V. Basketball 2: Freshman Basketball I: Baseball 3, 4: J.V. Baseball 2: Track I. Anxious to learn more about shop work, these adults take part in Arling- ton's Night School Program. l 12,55- 'Q A practice debate gives Carol Wood an opportunity to present her argu- ments while Jack Cavo times the speech. 5. RITA MARIE LA FALCE MARY ANN KELLY Debate I: Chorus I, 2: Transferred from Roosevelt I-ligh School. BEVERLY M. KEN NARD Anchors 4: Dramatics I: Thespians I, 2: Debate 2: Press Club 3, 4: Jr. Red Cross I, 2: Welfare Squad I, 2: Prom 4: Chorus I: Archery I, 4: Soccer I, 2, 3, 4: Volleyball I, 2, 3, 4: Bas- ketball I, 2, 3, 4: Softball I, 2, 3, 4. The Voices of Arlington Are LENA KING NANCY LAURA KING DFGmBfICS I. 2. 3. 4: Press Club 4: Anchors 4: Dramatics I, 2, 3: Thes- Library Club I, 2, 3, 4: Prom 3, 4: plans 2, 47 Debate I, 2, 3 ISeC- Soccer I, 2, 3: Volleyball 2: Basket- ret,-,ry 31 N,F,L, 1, 2, 3, 4: Press ball I. 2: Softball I, 2. Club I, Prom 3, 4: Photography Club 4 ISecretary-TreasurerI: Lead- ers Club 3, 4: Archery I, 4 lMana- gerl: Soccer I, 2, 3, 4 ICaptain 3. 4l: Volleyball I, 2, 3, 4 ICaptain 3I: Basketball I, 2, 3, 4 ICaptain 3l: Softball I, 2, 3, 4: I-lonor Squad 3, 4. SANDRA MARY LAI NG GO. 3: Anchors 4: Dramatics I, 2. 3: Press Club 2: Art Club 2, 3: Li- brary Club 2: Prom 3, 4: Chorus I, 2, 3: Archery I: Soccer I, 2, 3: Basketball 3: Softball 2, 3. CHARLES LANCASTER Varsity Football 2, 3. 4: J.V. Foot- ball I: Varsity Basketball 3, 4: J.V. Basketball 2: Freshman Basketball I: Baseball 2, 3, 4: J.V. Baseball I. Welfare Squad I: Prom 3: Banking I: Soccer 2: Basketball 2, 3. ANTHONY LANDOLFA GO. 4 lPresidentl: Class Vice-Pres- ident 3: Anchors 4: Prom 3 lDecor- ationsl: Freshman Football I: Var- sity Basketball 3, 4: J.V. Basketball 2: Freshman Basketball I: Baseball I, 2, 3, 4. ball 1. Heard Far and Near. LAWRENCE LERNER G.O. 3: Jr. Red Cross 2. GRACE ANN LUCAS Prom 3: Twirling l, 2: Basketball l. INGRID MAASS Soccer 3: Volleyball 3: Transferred from Poughkeepsie High School. Anchors 4: Library Club l, 2, 3: Prom 4: Volleyball 4. NANCY G. LEACH JOYCE LASKO Anchors 4: Dramatics l, 2, 3, 4: Press Club l, 2, 3, 4 lNews Editor 4l: Jr, Red Cross 3: Prom 3. 4: Chorus 1, 2: Soccer 2: Volleyball 2: Basket- BARBARA J. LUCAS Anchors 4: Dramatics 2, 3, 4: Art Club 4: Prom 3, 4: Band l, 2, 3: Soc- cer l. 2, 3, 4: Volleyball 2, 3: Bas- ketball l, 2, 3, 4: Softball l, 2, 4. LOUIS LUDOVICI Prom 3 lPublicityl: Science Club 4: Radio Club 1: Band l, 2. 3. 4: Or- chestra l. 2, 3, 4: Varsity Football 4: J.V. Football 3: Track l, 2, 3, 4. MICHAEL MACK Debate 2, 3, 4 lVice-President 41: N. F.L. 3, 4: Prom 3: Handbook 3: Sci- ence Club 4 lVice-Presidentl: Pho- tography Club 4: Chess Club 3, 4. Varsity Cheerleaders Audie Elkind. Margaret Ann Clark and Jane Bait- inger in formation at the first bas- ketball game. i Xxx it i l -QQ nf-f""""x HHN qi.. M ,S V X. i '21 Lonnie Ronk, Queen of the Senior Ball, receives her crown from Chair- man Denny McComb. I zif l 5 -iss! Q- 7 9 53 ' fi ..,,.... , ..., " x .., . STUART MAC KENZIE Press Club 4 lPrinterl: Varsity Foot- ball 4: Track 2. JO-ANN H. MACKEY Anchors 4: Dramatics 1, 2, 3, 4: Debate I: Press Club 2, 3, 4: Chorus l: Math Club 2: Archery 4: Soccer 2, 3: Volleyball l, 2, 3, 4: Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 4. Amid Holly and Evergreens fhe ROBERT J. MACKEY ELIZABETH A. MAGENNIS Prom 3: Tech Club l, 2, 3, 4: Band Anchors 4: Dramatics 4: Debate 1, 2. l, 2: Varsity Football 3, 4: J.V. 3, 4: N.F.L, I, 2, 3, 4: Press Club I, Football 2: Freshman Football 1: 2, 3, 4: Welfare Squad I: Prom 3. Track l, 2, 3, 4. ANNETTE MAGNARELLA PATRICK MAGNARELLA GO. li Class Treasurer 3, 4: Anchors G.O. 2: Prom 3: Freshman Basketball 4: Press Club l, 2, 3 lBusiness Man- lg Baseball 1, 3, ager 3l: Prom 3 lDecorationsl, 4 lCo-Chairmanl: Leaders Club 2, 3, 4: Varsity Cheerleaders 3, 4 lCaptain 4lg J.V. Cheerleaders 2: Archery 4: Soccer l, 2, 3, 4 lCaptain 4l: Vol- leyball 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball I, 2, 3, 4: Softball l, 2, 3, 4 lCaptain 3lI Honor Squad 3, 4. EDMUND MARCELO M. TITA MARCELO G.O. l: F.F.A. 1: Conservation Club Class Secretary 3: Dramatics 1, 2, 3, 4: Science Club 4: J.V. Basketball 4 lSecretary 4l: Thespians 3, 4: 3: Track l. Press Club 3, 4: Prom 3 llfntertain- mentl, 4: Handbook 2, 3: Chorus I: Varsity Cheerleaders 2: J.V. Cheer- leaders 3. ELISABETH MATHIASEN Dramatics 3: Debate l: Prom 3, 4: Chorus 3: Archery 4: Soccer l, 2, 3: Volleyball l, 2, 3, 4: Basketball l: Softball 2, 3. DENNIS MC COMB Prom 3: Varsity Football 3: J.V. f Football I, 2: Baseball 3, 4: J.V ,X H095 . M . ,Jr . . i , 5 s , I -I, f , Tx Baseball 2. .loyous Spirit of Christmas Glows. DONALD MCCORMICK Varsity Basketball 4: J.V. Basketball 3: Track l, 2, 3, 4. CORNELIUS C. MC INTOSH Art Club 3: Prom 3: Band l, 2: Var- sity Basketball 4: J.V. Basketball 3: J.V. Baseball 3. CAROL MISCEDRA G.O. 4: Anchors 4 lLiterary Editorl: Press Club 3: Prom 3 lCo-Chairrnanl, 4 lBidsl: Leaders Club 3, 4: Volley- ball 3, 4 lCeptain 3l: Basketball 3, 4 fCaptain 31: Softball 3, 4: Trans- terred from Poughkeepsie High School. WILLARD M. MC COY Science Club 4: Photography Club 4 lVice-Presidentl: Varsity Football 3. 4: Freshman Football 2. BARBARA MEYERS Anchors 4: Press Club 1, 2: Prom 4: Soccer 2: Volleyball I, 2, 3, 4: Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, 4. THOMAS MITCHELL Chorus 4: Transferred from George Washington High School. The inspiring Christmas story is retold in the pageant, "A Prophecy Ful- filled" with Candy Bronson as Mary and Tony Landolfa as Joseph. NW From the happy smiles of C. Taber, C. Banks and A. Bentley, selling lolli- pops to B. Shirley is a pleasure at the Highland game. la if-wr MARIA MOUSTAKAS Anchors 4: Press Club 3, 4: Art Club 3, 43 Transferred 'From High School. MARY LOU MOWERS Il 11 FRANZ MULLER Boy's Chorus 2, 3, 4: Second Crew 2. CAROLINE OLHEISER LORRAINE PALMER Dramatics l, 21 Welfare Squad 1, 2 lSecretary Zl: Prom 3, 4: Chorus l: Transferred from Northampton High School. Poughlceepsie Sell Coke while NANCY O'KEEFE Sophs Dramatics 3, 4: Press Club 45 Prom 3: Transferred 'from Pelham High School. BARBARA OSTRANDER Anchors 4: Dramatics 1, 2, 3, 4: De- bate 4: Press Club 4: Welfare Squad 1: Prom 3, 4: Band 1, 2.3.4 lHead Majorettel: Soccer lg Volleyball I, 2, 4: Basketball 2, 4: Softball 1, 4. GERALD PARLIMAN Welfare Squad 1: F.F.A. 3, 4 lSec- retary 41: Third Crew 2. 5, We J I A fQ,,f 'W ,M . iv F. CHARLES PELLS Conservation Club 4. EDGAR PHILLIPS Conservation Club I: Varsity Foot- ball 4: J.V. Football 3: Freshman Football 2: Freshman Basketball I: Baseball 3, 4: J.V. Baseball 2. Seniors Burn the Midnight Oil! BRENDA PINK Anchors 4: Press Club 2, 3, 4: Jr. Red Cross I: Welfare Squad 2: Prom 3, 4: Band I, 2, 3, 4 IMajorettel7 Leaders Club 3, 4: Archery 4: Soc- cer I, 2, 3, 4: Volleyball I, 2, 3, 4: Basketball I, 2. 3, 4: Softball I, 2. 3.4: Honor Squad 3. RONALD PRICHARD Conservation Club I, 2: Freshman Football I: Freshman Basketball I: Varsity Crew 3, 4: Third Crew 2: Fourth Crew I: Prom 4. JUDITH PROKUPECK Anchors 4: Dramatics I, 2, 3, 4: Press Club 3, 4: Prom 3: Chorus I, 2, 3: Soccer 2, 3: Volleyball 2, 3: Basketball 2, 3. JOHN PLAMBECK Prom 3: Varsity Basketball 3, 4: J.V. Basketball 2: Baseball 2, 3, 4: Trans- ferred from James Monroe High School. ELIZABETH PRIEST Welfare Squad I, 2: Leaders Club 2, 4: Varsity Cheerleaders 4: J.V. Cheerleaders 2: Archery I: Soccer I, 2: Volleyball I, 2: Basketball I, 2: Softball I, 2: Transferred from Beth- page High School. DON LD REDL G.O. I: Prom 3: Freshman Football I. this M-'wr ?l -uu--ll" ,,,.--:II In the library Arnie Elkind, Jack At- kinson and Maria Moustakas work on their Senior Essays with Miss CIow's assistance .awww 'FH SARA REGAN Anchors 4' Debate 2' Press Club l 2, 3: Jr. Red Cross 21 Prom 3, Soc- I Basketball l. 2, 4, Softball l 2 4 ROBERT REYNOLDS I K N In Class Vice-President 27 Prom 3: Base- V I ' ball 234 i t Mrs. Brady ponders English grammar during the special Scholarship Classes H' ' held for college-bound Seniors. 'glib r .r Z'liii1-Qs 12 ' rffi was as is l K ,K i .:s,Q:i5Q,i,g3.. ,sv gm, K :ii ' K t .,.i sew ' '1 x ik K i F25 W X Q si ggi im sax 3' gps.. 15 rs:-22,f..: s '- .. za J L ,, is t K ci ir , -s Q Xl 1 dt' ix sigg sk fs? 3 is Elf l,,,. Q-5 5, .. - Tempus Fugif- as Seniors Make RANCE RIGHTMYER GO. 4: Baseball 41 J.V. Baseball 3. ROBERT ROBERTS Dramatics 3, 4i Debate l: Prom 3. 4. GEORGE ROMANELLO Conservation Club 3: J.V. Base ball 3. RONALD RIGHTMYER Baseball 4: J.V. Baseball 2, 3. JAMES Rosm l Prom 3: Conservation Club l, 2: J.V Football 2: Varsity Basketball 3, 4 J.V. Basketball l, 2 lCaptain 21 Baseball 2, 3, 47 J.V. Baseball l. PATRICIA ROMAN ELLO Prom 4. V8 ,'-'vs' . x l i 11 LEILANI RONK G.O. l, 2: Class Secretary 4: Year- book 4: Press Club l, 2: Prom 3, 4 lArrangements1: Leaders Club 1, 2, 3, 4: J.V. Cheerleader l, 2, 3 fCap- tain 31: Varsity Cheerleader 4: Arch- ery 4: Soccer l, 2, 3, 4 lCaptain 41: Volleyball l, 2, 3, 4: Basketball l, 2, 3, 4: Softball l, 2, 3, 4: Honor Squad 3, 4. GERALD ROTH Track l: J.V. Football 2, 3. the Most of Their Opportunities. GEORGE RUGAR Track l: Conservation Club CAMILLO SCACClA Debate I, 2. BETTE SEBETH 2, STEPHEN J. SANDBERG 3. G.O. 1, 2, 3 lVice-President 31: Class President 2, 3, 4: Yearbook 4 l5chedule Co-ordinator1: Prom 3 lCo- Chairman1, 4 lService1: Tech Club 1, 2, 3 lSecretary-Treasurer 31, 4 lVice-President 41: J.V. Football 2: Varsity Football 3: J.V. Basketball l: Varsity Basketball 2, 3: J.V. Baseball l, 2: Baseball 3: Cross Country l. E. BRUCE SCHWARTE Yearbook 4 lEditor-in-Chief1: Dra- matics l, 2, 3, 4: Thespian 2. 3, 4: N. F. L. 3, 4: Handbook l, 2: Science Club 4: Photography Club 4: Orches- tra l, 2, 3: Prom 3, 4. DONALD SECOR Debate l: Library Club 2, 4: Soccer F.F.A. 4 lSentinal1: Conservation 1, 2, 3: Volleyball I, 2, 3, 4: Basket- Club 4. ball l, 2. Concentration is so deep that only the clock's tick is heard during Col- lege Board exams. 'W 5 F X I LUCILE SHARP G.O. 4: Dramatics 4: Debate 4: Press Club 4: Prom 4: Chorus 4: Archery 4: Soccer 4: Transferred from Bing- hampton Central High School. MARY SHEROW Prom 3: J.V. Cheerleader 2: Soccer 1, 2: Volleyball 1, 2: Basketball 1, 2. Happy Memories Wrll Remain WAYNE D. SHORTELL Radio Club 2, 3: Band 1, 2. 3: Or- chestra 1: Cross Country 1, 2: Track 2: Second Crew 3. PHILIP STAIR Prorn 3: Conservation Club 1, 2, 3 RICHARD STONE GO. I, 2, 3: Prom 3 lBidsl: Hand- book 1: Freshman Basketball 1: J.V Basketball 2, 3 lCaptain 31. BARBARA JOAN SMITH Transferred from Poughkeepsie High School. BARBARA JEAN STICKLES Yearbook 4: Dramatics 3, 4: Press Club 1, 2. 3, 4: Prom 3, 4: Twirler 2: Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4: Volleyball 1, 2. 3, 4: Basketball I, 2, 3, 4. JAMES EDWIN STUMP Prom 3 lServicel: Science Club 4 Radio Club 1: J.V. Baseball 2: Base ball 3, 4. 'YE -ur'-'f 4 tif 3 3: MELISSA SWARD Yearbook 4: Dramatics 2, 3, 4: Press Club 3. 4: Prom 3. 4: Chorus I, 2, 3: Archery 4: Soccer 4: Volleyball 4: Basketball 3, 4: Softball 3. 4: Math Club 2. RICHARD TAYLOR Conservation Club I, 2, 3, 4. Long After School Days End. JUDITH THOMPSON l JOYCE ELLEN TIELKEMEIER - Yearbook 4: Dramatics 2, 3, 4: Press G.O. 3: Dramatics 3, 4: Press Club Club 3, 4: Prom 3, 4: Chorus I, 2, 3 Archery 4: Soccer 2, 3, 4: Volley- ball 3. 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Soft ball 2, 3, 4: Math Club 2. JACK TRAINOR J.V. Basketball 2, 3: Varsity Basket- ball 4: J.V. Baseball 3: Baseball 4. RONALD TWYMAN F.F.A. I, 2, 3, 4 lSecretary ll, lSen- tinel 3l, lReporter 4l: Band 3: Or- chestra 3: Boy's Chorus 3: Cross Country I, 2: Track I, 2, 3, 4. 4: Prom 3: Transferred from Valley Stream Central High School. SHIRLEY TUBBS Art Club 3, 4: Welfare Squad 2, 4: Prom 3: Orchestra I, 2, 3. ' Chorus I, 3: Archery 4: Soccer Volleyball 3, 4: Basketball I, 3, ' Softball 4. SALLY VA ETH Dramatics I, 2. 3, 4 lVice-President 4l: Thespians 2, 3. 4: Debate 2, 3, 4: N.F.L. 3. 4: Handbook I, 2: Chorus I, 2: Yearbook 4: Press Club 3, 4 lCo-Editor 4l: Prom 3, 4. Yearbooks are distributed, and Bev Kennerd. Albert Cicman and Alfred Haugen take advantage of Activity Period to sign each other's copies. ,: my bl, 3 .El . . I w if s . 'Q These are our Seniors?l? Oh yes, June brings Old Clothes Day, celebrated with energy on the athletic field. BS . DOROTHY VAN LEUVEN G.O. 41 Press Club I, 25 Prorn 3: Soccer 3: Volleyball l, 2, 3: Basket- ball I, 2, 3. GAIL B. VARONE G.O. I, 3: Debate lg N.F.L. 1: Prom 3: Transferred 'from Poughkeepsie High School, In Gaudiness and Grandeur EDWARD A. VROOMAN Yearbook 4: Dramatics l, 2, 3, 43 Prom 3, Radio Club 2, 3 lSecre- tary-Treasurer 3l, 4: Photography Club 3, 4. ROBERT DOUGLAS WEBB Science Club l: Radio Club 1, 2: Boy's Chorus l. CLIFFORD WELLS Yearbook 4: Prom 3: Radio -Club 1 Math Club 2. RONALD WAZEWSKI Varsity Football Manager 4. EDWARD WEITZ Dramatics 4: Prom 3, 4: Science Club 4: Varsity Football 3. 4. ROBERT WESTCOTT GO. lg J.V. Football 17 Varsity Foot- ball 2, 3, 47 Freshman Basketball lt J.V. Baseball 2. TRUEMAN WITH ERWAX Transferred 'From Poughkeepsie High School. WILLIAM WIXSON Grads Finish with cr Flourish. ARTHUR WOHLFAHRT GAYLE ZIMMER Band l, 2, Freshman Football 1: J.V. Football 2. G.O. lg Yearbook 4, Dramatics 3, 4: Press Club 2, 3: Chorus l: Leaders Club 3, 4: Archery l, 4: Soccer l, 2, 3, 4 lfaptain 4l: Volleyball I, 2, 3, 4: Basketball l, 2, 3, 4: Softball 1, 2, 3 lfaptain 3l, 4. JAMES PLACE WALTER W. WEST Art Club 47 Baseball 2 lManagerl1 Yearbook 4: Art Club 3, 4: Trans- Cross Country 4, ferred from Roosevelt High School. "It just fits." says Ed Vrooman, as Seniors try on caps and gowns for choice of color and material. 4, ff ' ff I 7 ? Z 04151 1 A X X4 , 'f -E 7' 5 fp 1 f f fy f Q X ' A 1, A 'I ,, . 4:1 1 9 r , as HONOR KEY STUDENTS Front Row, left to right: S. Laing, A. Elkind, B. Stickles, S. Burger, S. Vaeth, B. Schwarte lSalutatorianl, M, Mack lValedictorianl, D. Van Leuven, N. Dodge, R. Houston, S. Tubbs, T. Marcelo. Second Row: M. Moustakas, G. Zimmer, L, Ronk, M. Croshier, G, Varone, B. Germiller, R. Roberts, E. Marcelo, N. Leach, N. Grimm, J, Dolan, C. Bronson. Third Row: R. Brown, L. Sharp, J. Casement, M. Sward, S. Cary, C. Fleishman, J. Boyar, B. Kennard, C. Anable, J. Prokupeck. J. Mackey, K. Infield, Fourth Row: C. Miscedra, A. Benson. B. Appel, M. Ham, R. Mackey, A. Elkind. E. Vrooman, N. King, I. Maas, F. Muller, J. Thompson, B. Edgar. Fifth Row: R. Taylor, A. Haugen, R, Bower, S, Sandberg, A. Cicman, Honor Key Students Arlington's highest scholastic award, the honor key, is presented to those Seniors who, through per- severance and conscientious study, have maintained an average ot eightyetive or higher during their tirst three and a halt years ot high school. With a smile of satisfaction, M. Mack accepts the first honor key from Mr. Storm. The Class ot l957 is proud to announce that one-third of its members have so qualified, the largest number in the history ot Arlington. Head- ing the list of 55 Seniors are Michael Mack, as vale- dictorian, and Bruce Schwarte, salutatorian. Happiness is the keynote as honor key students welcome another Senior to the stage. ff" Santa hasn't been here yet, but the Decorations Commrttee has completed the setting! pg, Her Majesty, Queen Lonnie, twappuly graces the throne. 0 Sen I o r Bo II Twme out from dancing tor refreshments. 3I BEST DANCERS Joan Dolan and Dick Stone Senior Most SCHOOL SPIRH MOST ATHLEUC Nancy King and Steve Sandberg Tony Landolfa and Annette Magnarelfa MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Tita Marcelo and Milne Mack MOST SERVICE-MINDED Bruce Sclnwarfe and Nancy Dodge Jotcubles BEST LOOKING Pat Maqmareffa and Lonnie Ronk WITTIEST Jadmo Fmel and Bob Westcoii iw :Wu--1 L s 3 1 4 F 1 4 X 1 'i FRIENDLIEST Caro! Mwscedra and Tony Landdfa BEST-DRESSED Bob Roym-Wds and Dah? ANU LQKWQ TYPICAL SENIORS Caro! Mwscedra and Sieve Sandberg In Physics Lab, Bob Houston, Milne Mack and Jim Stump unite to se- cure IOOCX, accuracy in ine coeffici- ent ol linear expansion. Advanced main students relaie roots to coefficients under the watcliiul eye ol: Miss Flini. Mr. Stahlberger leads tlie discussion on "Western Expansion" in an Amer- can history class, 34 Miss Byne lielps Charlie Fleisli- man and Bob Mackey to check entrance requirements for cole leqe in the Guidance Cllfice. Senior Class advisers, Mr. Graham and Miss Vanasco, discuss a possible sales item for raising funds. Anchors Pnotcqrapiiy Editor, Ricky Bow- er, slioots an informal wtiile seniors concentrate an sericus subiects. Mille Mack is bearded by Nancy Dodge in preparation for the Ctiristmas Pageant. Members ot tlie Decoration Committee strive earnestly to make a "December Dream" come true. A souvenir ot the Junior Prom, 1956! King "Otto" poses witlw luis date, Joan Vail. 35 Anna May Benson. Marjorie Crosb- ier and Kay Infield help fill the Anctiors treasury as Audie Ellcincl examines a mascot. 1 W nn 1 4 gf 'ls LQ wr Ex ff 11 4' .. .Simi g,. . i 4 . N 1, ..,. nf '3 X655 rf . 53? . we ' l .. . 1 3 1 wi 2 Wg 552 W am Qi ...L VA 'fx Gm, Ri K: if x . ,ASP R TY- il, S S' Xa JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Sheila Brusie lSecretaryl Joan Yamen lTreasurerl Richard l-lohlowslci lVice-Presidenkl Michael Bradley lPresidentl Junior Class Front Row, left to right: D. Antenucci, R, Blandina, M, Basek, J. Case, B. Bowe, G, Brower, E. Cdrlwne, W. Campion Arnstead, D, Corrado, N. Collins, S. Brusie, M. Bradley, M. J. Cavo, J. Budd, R, Barrenger, B. Cacchio, G. Bariqht Clark, J. Baitinger, J. Alliotta, S. Cary. Second Row: G. Third Row: W. Cross, B. Cole, D, Croll, J, Bloomer, S. Aaron B. Christian, A. Daubman, G. Callahan. JUNIOR CLASS Front Row, left to right: P. Fusaro, E. Exurn, D, Haight, P. R, DeGrandis, R. Dow, D, Fox, K. Heady, E. Dople, J. Det Farinacci, P. Davis, G. Hanaburgh, L. Garlando, M. Helal, weiler, G. Faircloth, W. Goclc, M. Hellman, S. Carnpanella C. Harnpe, J. Dewey, K. Hennessy. Second Row: P. Fauci, Third Row: F. Eng, R. Durland, R. Hari, C, Decker, J. Dennis R. Heady, H. Ebelinq, A. Davis, P, D'Luhosch, C, Evans. Three Down and One to Go! JUNIOR CLASS Fronf Row, lefi fo right: S. Lasl-mo, L, Miller, N. Jensen, E. M, Lasher, 5. Madson, J. Liggera, W. Kennedy, F. Juraclca, MacLay, M. Marihew, M. Lane, B. Ireland, J. Homials, D. R. Leverage, J. Horvath, C. Macfxndrews, D. Lattin, J, Hughes, J. McCourt, S. Kralcower, Second Row: R. Lawton, Jacoby, Third Row: D. Mesh, W, Linick, R. Holsaple, R. Hohlowslci, A. Larson, R. Marsh, P. MacLay, R, Michaels. JUNIOR CLASS Front Row, left to right: J. Riqhtmyer, B. Rogers, A. Robbins, E. Phillips, W. Pottenburqh, C. Plass, R. Plambeclc, W. Pear- J. Purely, P. Rockefeller, M. Moustalcas, P. Rafferty, C, Ryan, son, V. Mowers, P. Place, M. E. Mulvey, R. Raaber, Third L. Morey, J. Perkins, L. Miner. Second Row: C. Mills, M. Row: R. Salzer, R. Post, W. Robinson, J. Page, C. Ong, A. Schoessow, R. Paddock, D, Myers, A, Penfield, We Eagerly Awaif Thai lmporfanf Year! JUNIOR CLASS Front Row, left to right: D. Tinlcelman, B, Tator, V. Verqona, Wade, G. Thorne, P. Williams, S, Toth, G, Thorne, J. Spencer M. Vesta, B. Wadsten, P. YeOmanS. 5. 5ChfOSdGr. 5. Stew- A. Urciuoli, C. Wood, J. Smith, J. Williams. Third Row art, J. Yamen, D. Thomson, A. Wirhouslci. Second Row: M. G. Ven Bremer, R. Utter, N'Webl31 P. Thorne, R. White! Q Thorne, R. Taylor, R. Scriber, D. Wheatley. Junior Rings arrive in the Fall, and J. Case, R. DeGrandis, and S. Stewart are deeply concerned over sizes. Reviewing for the June Regents in deep concentration. P. D'Luhosch and W. Cross are popping corks over a Bunsen burner in Chem. Lab. Regents Week in January brings lowas for Juniors, with Mr. Knops proctoring. 'Sf 4I X s., Mrs. Brady's English ll group is SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Toni lrlcliewskij lTreasurerl John Quinn lPresidenil Joan Vail lSecretaryl Nick Nerangis lVice-Presiclentl Sophomore Clciss SOPHOMORE CLASS Front Row, left to right: J. Davis, J. Davis, C. Bell, C. Banks S. Bumpus, D. Brown, S. Connors, M. Cole, R. Contarino, R. Allen, C, Blanchard, D. Bean. Second Row: K. Bowe, F. Bruleiqh, C. Davis, W. Bruce, F, Burgi. R. Cooper, C. Beau doin, D. Cross, l. Cerrato, S. Beattie, J. Barach. Third Row M. Casscles, K. Convery, D. Cowles, W. Berg, G, Czech, T Clark, B. Baird, E. Cavo, V. Crudello, T. Bolha, A. Bentley Fourth Row: G. Bulson, T. Barrett, F. Allardyce, G. Battista H. Brownell, R. Campell, J. Davis, P. Barth, F. Babcock l, Bierman. SOPHOMORE CLASS Front Row, left to right. J. Ellis, G. Goodrich, C, Gold, J. rich, J. Freer, M, DeForest, S. Fassett, C. Fogq, K. Gonia Frederick, E. DeForrest, M, Freer, K. Dool, C. Dooris. l.. Quist, Third Row: D. Fitzharris, M. Flynn, R. Eberhard, B. French F W. Edenbiirg, N. Gardner, R. Fitzpatrick. Second Row: C. Denning, J. Golden, D. Dennis, P. Dean, W. Green, J. Down Friel, L, Emmett, M, Ferrari, R, Freni, C, Dickenson, C Good- ing. Fourth Row: S. Fndsley, C. Gekle, R, Diesing, E. Duplessis Experience and Leadership Guide Us. SOPHOMORE CLASS Front Row, left to righf: E. King, J. Martin, J. Haynes, K. D. McDonell, K. Liniel, S. Hoover, T, Marshall, J. Knapp, Kindleburg, R. Smith, A. Hewlett, A. lrkliewski, H. Hoffman. G, McDonald, M. Mack, P. Lynch, C, Loomis, J. Hennessey. F, Kazlosky, P, Kuchler, D, Katzowitz, Second Row: P, Hawley, Third Row: C, Maiore, L, Hadden, J, Kelsey, H. Lattin, T. Johannssen, R. Hedinger, H, Lane, R. Melhado, V. Mackie. SOPHOMORE CLASS Front Row, left to right: R. Robinson, C. Quirnet, J. Scaccia, Reilly, L, Lattin, J, McCord, L, Rank, Third Row: S, Rogers, L. Pearson, P. Ryan, C. Senior, H. Robinson, L. Root, B. N. Nerangis, L. Russell, R. Poluzzi, R, Nothnagel, R. Moro, Paskell, V. Ross, E, Rohrer. Second Row: S. Riddle, M, Moyer, G. Robertson, J. Quinn, C. Nicholis. Fourth Row: B. Page, R, Pelham, J. Murch, G, Niebergall, M. Northrup, M. E. Petersen, D. Ross, G. Moose, J. Popp, F. Scano, R. Secor. We're Half-Way There! SOPHOMORE CLASS Front Row, left to righi: H. Zammiello, M. Startup, J. Vail, Second Row: L. Travis, B. White, J. Warren, J. Slocum, Y G. Winslow, S. Snow, J. Sherman, S, Spencer, E. Silber. Soules, J. Venable, C. Taber. Third Row: P. Smith, R, Smith J. Vasta, F. Zueclcert, G. Wohlfart, G. Tancredi. For Mrs. Haynes, it's "Business as usual" -the Sophomoresf that is! 'X R. Diesing and J. Gardner demonstrate two techniques in book carrying. 45 G. Winslow, R. Coniarino, H. Robison, and D. Cerrato boost pennant sales at a home game. FRESHMAN CLASS Front Row, left to right: C. Berry, P. Benjamin, B. BFOWHS. B. Brownell, P. Abralwarnsen, B. Barrenqer, F. Acampora, J B. Bortlvwick, V. Cook, J. Aaron, D. Calhoun, M. Colley. 5. Brands, D. Addor. Third Row: E. Ball, D. Burgess, L. Carroll Bariqlit, D. Bdifinqef, L. Caplan, D. Blasi. Second Row: S. J. Bradley, B. Bariqlwf, N. Browne, R. Blodqett, L. Bierman Budd, J. Cole, P, Burqi, B. Brown, R, Abbate. C. Casement, C. Budd, B. Anable, W. Beam, Fresh mon Class Front Row left to right: S, Filoia, K, Dully, J. Fvans, B. Fogq, M. Davis, K. Eng, J, Engle, L. Davies, J. Doss. Third Ervein, S, Freer, K. Cowles, S. Frazier, P. Cullen, M. Erett, Row: A. Credle, B. Borchers, M. Fanelli, B. Coolcinqlnam, L S. Fiore. Second Row: C. Corbin, L. Fleisnman, S. Decker, F. Delaney, E. Finkey, E. Finley, L. Fauci, M. Fuller, R, Davis D. Davis. FRESH MAN CLASS Front Row, left to right: B. Keebler, T. Geier, G. Gregory, E. Jackson, F. Kapinas, C. Koss, K. Green, J. Jakubek, J. Kilmer, D. Gasparro. Second Row: J. l-licks, R. Grammas, Kent, W. Gibson, E, Kilmer. Third Row: R. Hanaburgh, B. Huss. J. Heresnlak, W. Gardner, D. Holleran, B. Ke-sting, T. Gates, J. Louis. Fourth Row: C, Lotz, J. Hornlck, J. Geneve, B. lreland, G, Johnson, M. Karwasinski, L. Wholmstrom R. W,JOne5, S,Grah5nq,J, Kgmper, We've Taken A Giant Step. FRESHMAN CLASS Front Row, left to right: G. Light, P, Lukens, G. Nazzaro, Marchese, M. Mlller, L. Marshall, J. Lours, J. Lazzati, R, R, Limerick, P. Maqennis, J. McClellan, D. Lama, M. Need- McConnell, B. Lemke, J. Mesh. Third Row: A. MacKenzie, ham, T. Mlerzwa, R. Marchese, J, Lattln, L. Mason, L. Myer. W. Myers, C. Moore, E, Lewis, V. Krug, M. Latlun, F. Lotz, Second Row: R. Lafko, J. Mack, L. Marshall, S. Moysey, D. C. Lotz, J. Alioffa, P, Meehan, M, Lennon. 1.1 47 if l .. . ,, H qf:,:.+ 5 rx . L-. f.f-' ,, -:T ' FRESHMAN CLASS Front Row, left to right: C. Rogers, S. Nygren, D. Speclc- G. Schroder, J. Sarbacher, B. Oldenburg, J. Rumble, J. enbach, C. Smith, D. Schoessow, K, Roe, F. Porter, J. Sleight. Riedinger, W. Seeland. Third Row: R, Palmiter, A. Palumbo, C. Senior, N. Senlr, T, O'DelI. Second Row: R. Olivet, S. H. Reynolds, L. Soules, W. Place, L. Sinclair, O. Post, R. Ostrander, A. Olheiser, G. Pittala, J. Scribner, A. Sheer. Shuler, R. Randall, R. Ruger, H. Pitcher. High School ls Full of New Experiences. FRESHMAN CLASS Front Row, left to right: K. White, R. Vaeth, D. Vrooman, H. Weiss, J. Wixson, M, Truex, B. Tyson, V. Wirhouslci, G L. Tubbs, E. Varney, A, Wild, P. Whitesell, C. Ulrich, W. Zammiello, H. Wager, D. Tower, C. Waliqora. Third Row: R White, V, Tinlcelrnan, L, Swenson, F. Wilhelm. Second Row: Tator, D, Wills, D. White, P. Stair, C. Wachenleld, S. Stout' enberg, O. Post, J. Zeleznilc, F. Van Tassell. 1 ttf K. ...,,,, fsf fx, ilzsltii' We ik ,' 4 ala-.... A Cit. Ed. 9 student eagerly responds to Mr. Bodner's inquiry. Brother Joseph of Marion College, who is a native of Peiping, describes lite in China to W. Myers, L. Mason, and L. Fleishmann. 1 Freshmen attack the January lowas- wlth vim and vigor? The exodus! An Anchors pho- tographer caught this group ot Freshmen at 3:36 P.M. l l EIGHTH GRADE Front Row, left to righfg J, Barach, G, Cacchiol S, Bernard, Alulis, N. Baitinger, B. Battista. Third Row: C. McKenna. B. J. Bollt, L. Ciancio, C. Bourbeau, G. Aliotta, M, Antipas, J. Bodner, R. Battista, G. Ahlers, J. Belding, I. Bush, S. Connor Barrenger, T. Butlancl. Second Row: N. Christ, P. Bronson, R. A. Bally, B. Brown. Fourth Row: B. Allen, L. Anable, F. Ab- Buclr, C. Cooper, P. Brady. B. Booth, F. Brown, M. Clinton, E. bolt. E- BVUSQUl. C. COeler1. G. Belyed, A. Cl'1I'iSffT15S- Eighth Grade Front Row, left to right: S. Delamater, C. Freer, V. Gard- R. Crabtree, D. Delvlichele, F. DuBois, N. Floughton, A. De- iner, D. Corrado, B. Coutant, l. Freer, D, Dean, J. Comatos. Paolo, E. Consiqlio, S. Fitchett. Third Row: S. Dalcin, K G. Crum, E. Fleming, J. Curran, L. Emmett, N. Faircloth. Grochau, H. Glick, W. Copland, R. Defiance, H. Fowler Second Row: W. Davison, J. Courchaine, C. Dyer, R, Traver, A. Crum. J. Daley, P. Decker, A. Endsley. EIGHTH GRADE Front Row, left to right: S. McCoy, R. Maclrey, R. Ostrander, R. Moro, J, Parliman, B. Merrihew, S. MacAndrews, D. Mac- Williams, R. Moysey, F. Mozdziez, H. Marcelo. Second Row: W. Mosher, C. McKenna, M. Langlois, M. McCormack, R. Moore, P. O'Connor, M. Nicholis, J. Meisner, A. Madson F. Mears, R. Myers. Third Row: M. McComb, L. Mercay, B Paquet, R. Micucci, B. Lasco, G. Livingston, R. Luilr, C Liman, V. Marchese, P. Pierce, R. MacRitchie. Almosf There. . . I EIGHTH GRADE Front Row, left to right: P. Krambrink, A. Katz, R. Haight, S. King, C. Hart, J. Haight. L. Heady, J. Haight, A. Kesting P. Hennessy, L. Kovacs. Second Row: L. Jaycox, T. Lane R. Lalce, M. Greene, R. Knickerbocker, A. Ireland, J. Kovacs J. Harrison, K. Hawley, A. Haugen. R. Haight, A. Harroncl. Third Row: G. Kennedy, F. Healy, G. Kniffin, F. Horniclc, W. Lane, W. Hohlowski, T. Hanaburgh, C. Hallenbeck, K. Guil- toil, F. Grossman, R. Lamb. EIGHTH GRADE Front Row, left to right: J. Quist, H. Plass, P. Raymond, R Place, B. Post, P, Simmons, D. Shook, J. Rozelle, F. Reilley W. Richmond, B. Pitcher. Second Row: R. Roger, D. Schnei- der, W. Sipos, R. Sebeth, G. Roe, C. Schroeder, J. Perkins V. Purdy, J. Phillips, L. Starr, J. Spinner, P. Rankin. Third Row: S. Stetiensen, H. Regan, W. Sammis, T. Royster, L. Stanszak, P. Ritenberq, J. Rarnage, R. Quinn, J. Schreiden. R. Roe, T. Sitomer, R, Plass, M. Patchin. First Graduation - on to New Conquests! EIGHTH GRADE Front Row, left to right: D. Walton, R. Wirhouski, P. Wil- liams, K. Williams, J. Taylor, D. Wallace, B. Townsend, S. Swartout, J. Stump, M. Tator, W. Weber, R. Vergona. Second Row: C. Yergey, J. Vasta, K, Wadsten, P. Stowe. K. Wadsten, R. Traver, J. Trethewey, N. Zimmer, K. Vander burgh, C. Zulkowski, E, Young. Third Row: L. Weisberg, J Wohlatka, P. Turner, B. Stiehler, L. Thomas, R. Wright, D Way. E. Williams, J. Watts, G. Van Voorhis. Is'Xi Eighth-graders keep in step at their Junior High dancing class. 'Fifi trated effort, Review time in Mrs. Stevens' Math. 8 class means concen- 'A .,.....-Q Mrs. Patterson gets some able assistance from C. Zulkowslri and S. Bernard in the Junior High office. Toby Sitomer pays careful attention to Miss i'heian's directions in Cit. Ed. class. SEVENTH GRADE Front Row, left to right: L. Ackerman, B. Carroll, G. Cacchio, B. Cadenhead, J. Bryant, S. Burgess, S, Bauman, K. Chris- topher, W. Berry, P. Beck, P. Anderson, D. Bell. Second Row: C. Cerrato, N. Brower, J. Briehot, T. Bonahue, J. Cacchio, R. Ball, S. Bates, F. Borchers, M, Brown, D. Alulis, A. Acompora, P. Berardi. Third Row: B. Burgess, P. Burke, S Clyde, S. Baker, A. Belknap, R. Butler, D. Bradley, W. Bald win, D. Bedford, P. Bower, J. Cribley. Fourth Row: R. Burley W. Calhoun, R. Brown, R. Beaudoin, F. Allen, S. Clyde, A Balodis, E. Briggs. Seventh Grade SEVENTH GRADE Front Row, left to right: L. Fabian, L. Decker, J. Cowles, R. Ervien. Third Row: R. Ferrolite, M. Diamond, D. Finley, D, Collins, C. Cooke, P. Dean, G. Garrett, W, Crans, M. Elliott, Erit, J. Davis, J. Fitzpatrick, D. Davis, P. Faircloth, P. Engle- E. Daniels, S. Emmons, R. Dugan. Second Row: J. Davis, P. hardt, C. Elmendort, J. Evans. Fourth Row: L. Fitz Harris, B. Fanelli, S. D'Luhosch, R. Cottey, R. Freer, L. Ferrari, B. Deyins, C. Freikerg, C. Cooper, K, Downey, H. Fowler, R. Daniels, R. Ferris, E. Davis, M. Di Gregorio, B. Flynn V. DuBois, R. DuPilka, D. Eberhard. SEVENTH GRADE Front Row, left to right: J. Gilmer, S. Kronberg, B. Haw- lett, D. Hunger, P. Harrand, B. Laflco, P. Kane, G. Langlois, D. Kuchler, P. Keabler. Second Row: L. Kolts, C. Kozma, K. Kindleburg, R. Gregory, G. Hoclcar, H. Huin, C. Heady, P. Laslco, J. Horvath, R. Kipp. Third Row: J. Leary, R. Ler- ner, D. Hoe, N. Keeler, R. Hillilcer, J. Hubbard, B. Hart E. Knepka, C. Jackson, J. Goth. Fourth Row: S. Horan, S Haight, W. Hallenbecli, P. Hillilrer, A. Kunkel, C. Hotaling J. Gold. Behind the Eight Ball! SEVENTH GRADE Front Row, left to right: J. Patterson, D. Palmatier, F. Lawatsch, D. Michaels, C. Rathlcopf, M. Manna, P. Magurno. R. Littell, R. Lipman. Second Row: E. Pound, P. Morris, B. Carroll, G. Lyons, H. MacKenzie, S. Phelan, D. Pryor, P. Fierce, J. Murray, B. Evans, S. Paslcell, W. Oldenburg. Third Row: E. Davis, B. Penderqast, C. Pudney, L. Hari, M. Nodine. P. Munn, S. Nye, C. Prichard, J. Maher, B. Laflro, J. Lvnam Fourth Row: S. Miner, G. Baxter, T. Osborne, S. Haight C. Hotaling, J. Luzzi, J. Myers, B. Luks, N. McNulty, B Loomis, B. Bates. Fifth Row: C. Odell, H. Fowler, G. Nielson B. Parry, R. Beaudoin, K. Downey, U. Maass, P. Hillilcer, J Morey, J. Palmatier. SEVENTH GRADE Front Row, left to right: A. Rosenberger, D. Palmatier, K. Schoenberqer, G. Relyea, P. Rumble, S, Root, J. Raquet, J Sill, E. Robinson, R. Sprague, L. Richmond, W. Roger. Sec ond Row: D. Spencer, F, Ross, B. Reed, L. Shelly, J. Roberts, C. Riddle, A. Speclcenbach, B. Smith, S. Skinner, H. Spaeth The First Rung SEVENTH Front Row, left to right: D. Tower, G. Strang, J. Talleur, P. Vaeth, J. Stewart, C. Swartz, J. Ulrich, M. Vanfxmburgh M. Yamen, S. Weiss, T, Swiercofelc, G. Wells, T. Webb Second Row: A. Starr, S. Tibbetts, S. Succato, R, Wheatley L. Stoutenburgh, G. Upright, J. Wright, K. Weber, S. Stet- Third Row: L. Shultz, J. Rouse, J. Ringwald, S. Smith, C. Ross, W, Sammis, V. Spiers, R. Sandison, L. Robinson, F, Misner. Fourth Row: R. Rawls. W. Rheinfelds, E. Reifenburg, E. Shackelton, N. Schaefer, R. Rauf, G. Murphy, D. Russell, R. Smith. on the Ladder GRADE fensen, M. Wilcox, J, Volnick, A. Varney. Third Row: J. Zimmer, C. Sudol, C. Wright, P. Wizeman, T. Wood, R. Stranq, T. Wood, B. VanNorstrand, M. Tallaber, T. Van Voorhis. Fourth Row: R. Wright, M. Wizer, W. Van Ben- schoten, S. Wright, R, Willsey, W. Van Benschoten. f ,Af ,Q . X 7.4 VA., E. Daniels and C. Rathlropf are in the spot- light, as J. Bryant and D. Palmateer watch their "steps" at dancing class. M-4-"D The Seventh Grade Yorker Club prepares for its Valentine Dance, as S. Cerrato, 5. D'Luhosch, and D. Silber paint red hearts. Mr. LaFalce conducts the Junior High mixed chorus in a "con moto" tempo. A LE 1., , ,ng . D , I u z - i L Y , , 2 .,f.,. "M 1, . f ff ' B 2 1190- fs in 1 4 nf I W5-W R1 :AE 1. Q rf Ll W ' 5 ' . ' ' fin 3 f +5-mwegif K H: -My ,lf 4 L' LM'-My f 2 , V,QL W. . f ' 'fri Q. . ' iwgkgy X'," . 5 v ' if 'TTR mg, vi " CQQTQ 'f 5,2 , Stiff L i Q, V' f X 22ffze: f 3 ' Q 9 its I 5,12 J 4' Y 'Sl , I X In-" Walter R. Neidhardt Junior High Principal Harold C, Storm Superintendent of Schools Donald J. Nelson Senior High Principal Administration You are about to make one of the most im- portant decisions of your lite: the selection of the right road to follow in the pursuit of your vocation- al goal. Many of you will continue your formal education by preparing tor a professional career, GUIDANCE Philip G. Swartz Margaret l. Byrne while others will go directly into the business or industrial world. For all of you there are untold opportunities in the professional and non-professional fields. How- ever, to be successful you must be a useful and happy person. Success calls for honest effort, will- ingness to work, the ability to adapt oneself to circumstances, and cooperation with others at all times. In order to choose your career wisely, and to attain success in this career, it is necessary to recognize your interests. abilities. and personal traits. A critical look at these will disclose facts that will be helpful to you in selecting the vocation in which you are most likely to succeed. lt has been very satisfying to have had a part in laying the foundation for your future and, what- ever your goals may be, we wish you success. Harold C. Storm, Superintendent Donald J. Nelson, Senior High Principal Walter R. Neidhardt, Junior High Principal 60 BOARD OF EDUCATION Front Row, left to right: Oscar D'Luhosch lPresidentl, John A. Reed, Frank Jacquernard, Ray Yerry. Second Row: H. Morris McComb, Perry Ferris, Russell W. Hadden, R. Lewis Townsend lClerkl, Harold C. Storm lSuperintendentl. Board of Education To give the youth ot this district the best educa- of the people seelc constantly to malce a good tional opportunities possible is the constant goal School gysfem better, of our Board of Education. The students of Arlington High School appreci- With progressive vision, balanced judgment. ate the service rendered by our Board of Education and unliring effort these public-spirited servants and trust our accomplishments will in some way be a reward for their interest in us. lt's a tall story, with gestures, for chaperons and Mr. D'Luhosch, President of our Board of Educa Board guests at the Senior Ball. tion, stars in "The Big Pay-off". QV' Faculty CITIZENSHIP EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Left to right: Mr. Stalwlberqer, Mrs. Lipslwultz, Mr. Boclner, Mrs, Shciavone, Mr, Kay. MATH DEPARTMENT Mr, Watson, Miss Flint, Mr. Graham Mr. Talaber. LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Miss Vanasco, Mrs. Savoit, Mrs. Travis, ENGLISH DEPARTMENT PHYSICAL EDUCATION Front Row, left to right: Mrs. Houston, DEPARTMENT Mrs. Kirby. Second Row: Mr, Swartz, Mr. Knops, Mr. Foqden, Mrs. Ranuccl Mr. Bonalmue, Mrs, Noyes, Mrs. Bracly. Mr,Jordan, Mr, King -3. 62 , Faculty BUSINESS DEPARTMENT Mr. Stearns, Mrs. Manning, Mrs. GiIday. Mrs. Schetzle. SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Mr. Lonsdale, Miss Keohane, Miss Hous- man. LIBRARIANS Mrs. Adams, Miss Clow, Mrs. Doty. OTHER DEPARTMENTS MUSIC DEPARTMENT Mrs. Vail fHome Economicsl, Mr. Lacks Mr. La Falce, Mr. Arnold, Mr, Kornbluth. IAgricuIiureI, Mrs. Holden IAriI. I I P1 63 DRIVING Mr. Tripp, Mr. Lacey. JUNIOR HIGH CITIZENSHIP EDUCATION and MATH DEPARTMENTS Mr. Kearney, Miss Phelan, Mrs. Stevens, Mr. Deeb. JUNIOR HIGH ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Mr. Sorrentino, Mrs. Traver, Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Brooks. SHOP DEPARTMENT Mr. Stewart, Mr. Baker, Mr. FoIster umm. JUNIOR HIGH GRADE TEACHERS Mrs. Bollt, Mr, Berger, Mrs. Murtaugh In Memoriam MARCELLA CLOONAN TRAVIS isbn' r' JANE PARSHALL HAYNES Staffs SECRETARIAL STAFF Front Row, left to right: Miss Cooke, Miss Blair. Second Row: Mrs, Patterson, Miss Hendricks, Mrs. Maier. HEALTH STAFF ' Mrs. Alsdorf, Mrs, Scoralick, Dr. MacKenzie. CAFETERIA STAFF Mrs. Harqreave, Mrs. A, Knickerbocker, Mrs Heybruck, Mrs. Decker, Mrs. P. Knickerbocker Mrs. Woodside Dieiician -I TRANSPORTATION Mrs. Wright, Mr. Wizeman l7i i1n1l-11- -T11--i-' BUS DRIVERS Front Row, left to right: R. Storms, G. VanKleek, J. Antonelli, C. Connors, H. Ruger, A. Orton, G Bishop, P. Karl, C. Bishop. Second Row: C. Sutherland, E, Mayen, M. Shay, J. Anderson, H. McCurty G. Ward, D. Strang, C. Sewell, H. Osterhoudt, G. Miller. Third Row: R. Laird, E. Pollack, A. Garvin C. Traver, S. Wakenfield, W. Joostema, W. Eichler, F. Billings, V. Mason, A. Sagenclorph. CUSTODIANS Mrs, Cooper, Mr. Cooper Z ii' A z Q Si 3 Sis 3 3? EQ mix EQ L, ,QW 1 G.O. OFFICERS Anthony Landolta lPresidentl, Barbara Schroder lTreasurerl, Toni lrk- liewslcij lsecretaryl. George Thorne lVice-Presidentl. With Mrs. Schatzle looking on, Otto checks the agenda before a meeting. sg, 70 A Government of Students, by "The meeting will now come to order." This was a common expression heard trom Anthony "Otto" Landolta, our G.O. president, as he opened each meeting. Once again, A.l-l.S.'s General Organiza- tion combined business with pleasure in malcing this school year a successtul one. With tremendous re- sponse trom the entire student body, Choi Tong Yon, our Korean War Orphan, became a part ot Arling- ton's big tamily tor another year. CARE was also given a generous amount ot aid. ln December, the G.O. members welcomed Hungarian retugees who were eager to observe a busy school day. The familiar Suggestion Box again proved to be a detinite asset to the G.O. l-lailed by all as a success was the G.O. dance, held in February, one ot the most enioyable ot the year. As it has in past years, the Council contributed two hundred dollars to the P.T.A. Schol- arship Fund. Yes, as in every year, our General Organ- ization, under the supervision ot Mrs. Schatzle, has accomplished much. lt has served not only to originate and develop activities but also to broaden our under- standing ot school lite. GENERAL ORGANIZATION FtRlfttghtJBhLFIh CC Mh MBdlvCMdMMlvLS eJAmfTMhuvKqsc Alkl JDI ALdIfThdR JG GTh kyov san CM GBghfDCILSlRHIppIMH PDLhhS C Y Students, and for Sfudenfs. ff WN Ggrh GO pdtltt pfthfl N I ffif LN K 7 L-A-. X X Q 1 I 355 M THESPIANS Front Row, left to right: D. Tinlrelman, N. Dodge, M. Moyer, M. Croshier, S. Stewart, M. Bradley. S. Vaeth, T. Marcelo, Second Row: M. l-lelal, C. Wood, J. Budd, P. Barth, G. Bulson, J, Venable, M. Lane. Third Row: J. Cavo, D. Mesh, N. King, W. Linich, B. Schwarte, G. Van Bramer, M. Ham. Stage-Struck--and We Love lt! Mary Lee Lane, student director, interprets a mood during rehearsal ot "The Pertect Gentleman." "All the world's a stage-" and the Dra- matic Club attords a myriad ot opportunities to both the actor and production enthusiast. Plays produced tor student enjoyment pro- vide a great opportunity to enterprising actors lacking experience. The principal un- dertaking ot I957 was the three-act play, "You Can't Talce It With You." After initiation into the Thespian Troupe, through the acquisition ot IO credits, each student is entitled to the privileges and duties ot his ranlc. The Thespians perform a maior part in every Dramatic undertaking. Those members ot the club who are most active are rewarded by a trip to a Broadway play. Our wholehearted appreciation is due to Nancy Dodge and the other otticers who maintained a smooth-running, etiicient or- ganization. "The meeting wil! now come to order!" Linda Root, Mark Norfhrup, and Bob Skinner on stage in "The Perfect Gen- tlemanf' ,X f 'X xx XX X x "Ether, or . , !" M. Mack, G. Ven Bremer, N. Ner- angis, and S. Endsley in a blood-curdlinq scene from "The Mystery of Mouldy Manor." X Vf aagfzzwgran h A 1 u QM :W-1 r f 'T j iff T591 , 557 ZW E he X ff Jfkfwwx ' If ff A f ff i . W1 MA f r r X yi N' X rr f f "" M W 2-5414 I' ' ,i-5-"' Q,--1 73 E' NY i wr M -0 . L DRAMATIC CLUB Front Row, left to right: M. Casscles, J. Barach, B. Brown, Dickenson, W, Bruce, N. Dodge. Third Row: S. Budd, P. S. Bariqht, S. Bumpus, M. Amstead, B. Borthwick, J. Dewey, Abrahamsen, S. Brusie, B. Bowe, D. Brown, B, Cacchio, J. C. Davis, J, Aliotta, L. Caplan. Second Row: M. Clark, D. Chapman, M. Croshier, C. Anable, B. Borchers. Fourth Row: Corrado, S. Beattie, J. Aaron, F. Acampora, B. Brown, C. B. Baird, P. Dean, P. Barth, F. Allardyce, B. Cole, J. Cavo, G. Bulson, A. Benson, R. DeGrandis. Costumes for All Occasions, DRAMATIC CLUB Front Row, left to right: J. Ellis, R. Fitzpatrick, P. Kuchler. S, Hoover, E. Lewis, R. Contarino, C. Fogg, M. Freer. Third C. Gold. L. Fleishmori. N. Leach. 5. LUCBS. R- GliCli. J. Hicks, Row: M. Lasher, L. Lane, G. Johnson, B. lrelancl, J. Engle, L. S. Lasko, C. Koss, K. Hennessey, Second Row: K. Gonia, 5. King, C. Bowe, K. Lintel, M. Lane, J. Mack. Fourth Row: J Fassett, C. Hampe, M. Karwasinski, M. Fanelli, D. Thompson. ich, M. Ham, B. French. Keller, L. Hadden, J. Liggera, S, Endsley, J. Kelsey, W. Lin- DRAMATIC CLUB Front Row, left to right: J. Prokupeck, C. Wackenteld, J. MacKenzie, M. Moyer, Third Row: J. Purdy, T. Marshall Martin, C. Quimet, V. Ross, M. Jackson, L. Root, M. Mar- M. Mulvey, J, Mesh, L. Sharp, L. Sharp, G. Pittala, M ihew, N. O'Keete, E. Roher, CS. Nazzaro, T, Marcelo, S. Northrop, C. Nicalis, M. Mack. Fourth Row: M. Phillips, R Larson. Second Row: L. Quick, L, Pearson, D. Schoessow, P. Nothnagel, N. Nerangis, C. Macfxndrews, G, Robertson, B Meehan, J. Mackey, B. Schroeder, S. Riddle, C. Ryan, A. Schwarte, D. Mesh, V. Mackie, W. Pottenburg, L. Russell and Characters fo Fif Them! DRAMATIC CLUB Front Row, left to right: E. Silber, D. Vrooman, D. Speck- Travis, S, Toth, M, Sward, J, Variable, M. Wade, K. Wali- enback, B. Stickles, S. Vaeth, G. Zimmer, B. Wadsten, J. gora, C. Wood. Third Row: J. Warren, A. Urciuoli, J. Thomp- Vail, A. Wild, S. Spencer, V. Tinklernan, D. Tinkelman, Sec- gon, E, Weitz, C, Waqgkenteld, E, Vroon-ian G, Van Bramer ond Row: S. Stewart, W. Shirley, M. Truex, S. Snow, L. O, Past, D.WiIl5, V . . .C W' airs T ... .. ...- ..- -.... .. ... ...,, LIBRARY CLUB Front Row, lefi to right: S, Fiore, M, Erett, B, Kirby, inson, B. Heady, L. Watts. Third Row: B. Borthwick, C. Weil, J, Dewey, F. Porter, C. Smith, S. Lasko, L. B. lrelancl, P. Lynch, G. Thorne, H. Fuller, J, Sar- Tubbs, B. Ervien, S, Nygren, C, Berry. Second Row: R. backer. J. Lazzatti, S, Rogers. Fourih Row: K. Gonia, Olive-tt, S, Tubbs, B. Oldenburg, G, Zammiello, B. B. Baird, A. Acker, R. Morris, D. Davis, E. Babcock, Lemke, P. Abrahamsen, C. Moore, L. Travis, C. Dick- G, MacDonald, B. lrelarid. Keepers of the Books! Miss Clow and her stahl pause before plunging into the Books! Books, books, and ever' ye+ I'T1OV9 days tasks' books! Who lakes care of 'rhem and lovingly doles 'rhern oui inio The anxious hands of siudenis ancl faculiy? Why, 'rhe Library Club, of course! These unsung heroes of Arlingion are 'ihe siudenis who are inieresied in books and iheir care. Under 'rhe direciion of our sialwari librarian, Miss Clow, lhey shelve and siarnp, working in ihe library and our of ii. Our wholehearieol appreciaiion is clue 'rhem for lhe work ihey coniribuied ro make our library a useful and pleasanf place in which 'ro work. NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE Front Row, left to right: E. Silber, D, Tinkelman, J, Venable. P. Barth, R. Skin- ner, J. Liggera, J. Hetterich, R. Fitzpatrick. Second Row: C, Wood, G. Van Bremer, B. Schwarte, A. Bida, M. Mack, K. Infield. To Prove a Poinf. . N.F.L. membership is lhe goal sei by every beginning debaier. Having a large number of members in fhe N.F.L. is lhe am- biiion of every debale coach. Hard work, conslanl praclice, and a convincing argument wilh which 'rhe debaler has allained lwenly- live credirs, are ihe only requiremenis nec- essary lor N.F.L. membership. Members of rhis organizafion may achieve degrees of Merir, Honor, Excellence, and Dislinciion. Journeying io Syracuse for lhe Slale Tourna- ment speech clays ar neighboring schools. and lhe annual debale ar Hamillon College compose only a few of lheir acriviiies. The N.F.L. members have presenlecl many 'fro- phies 'ro Arlinglon. None will deny lhe fun, exciiemeni, and The valuable experience of belonging 'ro 'rhis organizalion. 77 Mr. Bonahue is greatly amused at Glenn's and Joe's wit ticisms. l i l.1.l A vis DEBATE CLU B Front Row, lett to right: M. Wade, C. Davis, R. Fitzpatrick, S. Spenser, B. Stevensky, S. Beattie, D, Brown, A, MacKenzie K. Gonia, M. Freer, P. Kuchler, D. Tinkelman, E. Silber. Sec- ond Row: S. Snow, K. lntield, S. Hoover, M. Lane, T. Mar- shall, K. Pelharn, J. Venable, M. Mack, L. Sharpe, C. Dick- inson, W. Shirley, J. Liggera. Third Row: C. Wood, S. Madson, J. Kamper, l. Bierman, L. Hadden, L. Russell, A. Urciuoli, G. Nicholls, B. Cacchio, B. Ostrander. Fourth Row: P. Dean, G. Robertson, P. Barth, P, D'Luhosch, S. Endsley, A. Bida, B. Schwarte, M. Mack, R. Scriber, G. Van Bramer. . They Think with Reason Awards achieved by G. Van Bremer, New York State's rep- resentative to the T956 National Student Congress. y Sfimnsitlga . usd ig .qw 36 'W , To say and what to say: that is the question. The Debate Club meets to ponder questions and speak on topics ot contemp- orary interest. Members participate in inter- scholastic speech days, Student Congresses and debates. Under the leadership ot Mr. Bonahue, debaters do research on their cho- sen topics and attempt to promote methods tor subsidizing their trips. Debate Club prepares students tor public speaking and tries to overcome signs ot selt- consciousness in its members. The most im- portant proiect ot the year is the State Debate Tournament, held at Syracuse in April. At State the members undergo the tinal test ot their prowess in extemporaneous and dramatic speech and in debate. 78 X , fi f X .' X 4- X X7 'x . x ,ee no e o W .4 .ef rf-i. gggg, ff 2 ox 49 K X 3: XX r gt, Xxflgf 1 M 449 Z X f fyiffx 3 ' o AX f f 'Q' 6, 'il S , ff .X 2' I 49 X X , '-" J 3'-1 ' 1, I , ff: f - , W vfifg-if X 'A Efigw ff' f Y 1 :'.f:Ilf E "F,- Igggl X ,A 'gf f-"' ' X X in ngifff' lflfgq 1 5155 ,I ',f,4ff Ellen Silber and Carol Wood tabulate N,F.L. rec orcls before the State Tournament. if 'Y and Speak with Decision. President Joe Liggera corrects the ledger at the next meeting! will 4, af 3 1 SENIOR EDITORS Front Row, left to right: Carol Miscedra lLiterary Editorlr Marjorie Croshier lAssistanl: Editorlg Brenda Edgar lSubscription Managerl. Second Row: Charles Fleishman fsporfs Edllmfll Frederic Bower lPl1otography Editorl: Stephen Sandberg lSchedule Coordinalorlg Bruce Schwarte lEditor-in-Chieflg Ralph Brown lArt Editorl. Our Yeorboolc,Righfor Wrong! The scrarching of a pencil rasps lhrough Judy Hettericlr lBusiness Manager, The silence. Everyone on The Anchors' slafl sils, quiel as a mouse, deep in rhoughr wirh pen poised. Suddenly an idea leaps 'ro mind Miss Vanessa and the boys have and lhe room becomes a flurry of ac+ivi'ry. G Ulml"S'fO"'l"9"SeSSlO'i- A brainslorm is now a realify and 'rypewrilers hungrily devour sheels of pinlc and green paper. From 'rhe halls, 'rhe cliclc of a camera shuller may be heard recording +he buslle of school life. Deadlines 'ro be mel: caplions +o be wriffen-an edilor's life is a busy one! A+ lasl +he din subsicles. A smile of sar- isfaclion beams from each and every face- for The work is done, and The '57 Anchors disrribuled. .I malig 7 T.: f C ff r .gli 7 i JUNIOR Eoiroks Front Row, left to right: C. Wood, S. Stewart, R. De Grandis, J. Budd. Second Row: N. Webb, M. Bradley, J. Cavo, S, Aaron, P. D'Lul1oscl'1, Missing from f 0 534 0 - ' J ff! , 7 f 1. 9' M ff 'Si .5 ' f Lf ' '2 f ff I X V I lf" I l ' picture: S. Krakower, D. Mesh, B. Scliwarte explains "keying" a layout to S, Re- gan, N. O'Keefe, J. Maclrey, and S. Kralnower. STAFF Front Row, left to right: K. Infield, S. Vaeth, M. Moustalcas, B. Stickles, J. Boyar. Second Row: D. Allen. C. Anable, J. Prokupeck. Third Row: J. Thompson, M, Sward. Fourth Row: J. Keller. PRESS CLUB Front Row, le'l'l: to righi: P. Fusaro, D. Vrooman, S. Nygren, MacDonald, M. Wade, N. Leach, J. Vail, D. Schoessow, L. K. Cowles, L. Fleishman, P. Hawley, M. Jackson, T. lrkliew- Pearson. Third Row: D. Allen, M. Phillips, P.-Yeomans, E. skij, B. Stickles, A. Elkind, J. Friel, L. Mason. Second Row: Magennis, A. Benson, C. Nicolis, M. Mulvey, C. Anable, K. M. Marihew, R. Glick, J. Aaron, D. Cross, S. Hoover, D. Infield, K. Lintel. Fourth Row: J. Mackey, J. Keller, V. Mackie, B. Cole, G. Basek, J, Boyar, W. Shirley. lnformofion . . . Plus Inspiration . . Coach Jordan is interviewed by a representative of e Fourth Estate, Jay Boyer. f x lil ef--vi Responsible Tor ArlingTon's bi-monThly publica- Tion, The "ArlingTonian", is The Press Club. Those inTormaTive ediTorials, revealing gossip columns, and news arTicles gave The sTudenTs much pleasure and inTormaTion during The year. A whole new Tor- maT was inTroduced. and The "ArlingTonian" Took on a new arTisTic appearance, which pleased boTh The readers and Those responsible Tor puTTing iT ouT. Under The supervision oT Mrs. Brady and The co- ediTors, Nancy Dodge and Sally VaeTh, The paper Tlourished. The sTaTT will long remember how They persisTenTly pursued everyone, seeking a new slanT or a larger subscripTion campaign. Publishing The "ArlingTonian" provided greaT experience, pleas- ure, and pride Tor all The sTaTT. fa. The hands behind the Front Row left to right: R. Blandino, T. Marcelo J Martin Brugle L Quick P Meehan B Wadsten N O Keefe Thurd C Quvmet M Moustakas. V. Ross, S. Vaeth N Dodge A w N Grimm L Rank M Mack L Kung J Warren Fusaro G Nazzaro, V, Tinkelrnan. Second Row B Brown B Kennard B Punk S Rnddle J Prokupeck Fou MacKenzre P Davis, M. Helaf, M. Truex Travvs Row L Sharp B Germnller M Ham N King J Thompson GIRLS' CHORUS Front Row, left to right: L. Caplan, G. Goodrich, der, G. Johnston, D. Addor. Third Row: L. Sharp, D. MacDonald, N. Jensen, M. Lennon, M. Vogel, J. J. Scribner, L. Carroll, L. Sinclair, J. Heresnialr. Aliotta. Second Row: J. Mack, E, Lewis, B. Ostran- B. Anable. Do, Mi, Sol . . . Do-o-o! Practice session for the Chorus finds Mr. La False energete ically leading the songsters, and F. Allardyce providing back- ground music. "So musical a discord: such sweei fhunder re- sounds" as lhe chorus rehearses, slriving for perfec- Jrion. Under lhe direclion ol Mr. Lalzalce, 'rhis branch of lhe music deparlmenf 'fries lo fosler an inleresl in choral music among The members of lhe sludenl body. Hs Two main showcases for ils +alen'r 'rhis year were "A Prophecy Ful1'illed", +he Chrisl- mas Pageant and +he Spring Concerl. So ends the Christmas Pageant, "A Prophecy Fule filled,"-with the stately exitus of the chorus. l l i T. Mitchell offers a moving rendition ot "O, Holy Night 'SM All Together--7, 2, 3! BOYS' CHORUS Front Row, left to right: J. Grammas, D. Cross, W. Pierson, E. Finley, W. Beam, K. Eng. Second Row: Ti Mitchell, R. Post, E. Bennett, F. Allardyce, R. Scribner, F. Muller. s 85 BAND Front Row, left to right: E. Rohrer, M. Croshier. B. Pink, B. Lemke, D. Lama, J. Sarbacker, B, Ostran- der. J. Aliotta, S. Ostrander, D. Calhoun, C. Smith, R, Blandino. Second Row: R. Lipman, A. Urciuali, Starr. Fourth Row: R. Martial Music by Practice twice a week, drill by Mr. Arnold, and much patience on the part of all members prepared Arlingl'on's band to play at such events as the dedi- cation of the new Naval Reserve Academy in R. Wheatley, A. Acker, R. Poluzzi, J, Engle, F. Fauci, C. Taber. Third Row: A. Credle, B. Barringer, H. Weiss, R. Eberhard, R. Scriber, W. Hyson, D. Wheatley, R. Leverage, A. Bentley, N. Christ, A, Diesing, K. Wackenteld. Master Musicians Poughkeepsie, the annual Spring Concert, parades. football games, and all high school assemblies. With a full membership of thirty-eight, including 'ren maiorettes, the band produces effective. thrilling music. And the band played on-with Mr. Arnold direct- ing practice from the podium. - ii- ?f??'e.-is gf' - AP V '- ORCHESTRA Violins: B. Schwarte, R. Nothnagel. L. Starr, R. Buck, S. Tubbs, son. Woodwinds: R. Leverage, J. Cribley, H. Weiss, Brass: P. Place, T. Butland, D. Traver, D. Hunger, E. Knepka, R. D. Wheatley, K. Wackenfeld, A. Starr, D. Cross. Percussion: DuPilka, L. Robinson, F. Kapinas, G. Ahlers. Cello: G. Robin- H. Fowler, F. Fauci, J. Kelsey. Sfanding: B, Cacchio, L. Lu- dovici, J. Vasta, A. Urciuoli, Mr. Kornbluth. Music in the Modern Mood The orchesira. composed mainly of a slring seclion, under 'rhe supervision of Mr. Kornbluih, has revealed a new classical loolc in Arling'ron's music deparlmeni. Through lhis organizalion slu- wwf denrs learn +o perform classical worlcs, and fo derive much enioymenl' and apprecialion from +hem. Wifh baion in hand, Mr. Kornblurh prepared 'rhe orches- 'rra for lhe annual Spring Concert a+ which a fine showing was made. "ls there a mouse in that violin?" aslrs Mr. Korn- bluih, upon hearing a squeak from the string sec- tion during rehearsal. QXWA f ff f W ff 32' ..L. f ,Q .--i-1- 87 wir it CN WELFARE SQUAD Front Row, left to right: C. Rogers, B. Ervien, C. Blasi, E. N. Collins, C. Smith, C. Senior. Third Row: B. l-luss, P. Abra- Gilleo, S. Sinon, S, Nygren, L. Swenson, S. Filoia. Second harnsen. M. Davis, C. Plass, Y. Soules, H. Robison, J. Wixson, Row: B. Stevenslry, R. Hoffman, C. Lama, V. Cooke, M. Cole, M. Casscles. Fourth Row: J. Scribner, L. Soules, D. Burgess, T. Johannssen, T. Briggs, M. Fuller, J. Freer. Keepers of the Gales C. Plass and J. Freer, with Mr. and Mrs. CooPef- grin gleefully in the pursuance of their duties. ,fr i .. 2-"Mi "To promore The general welfare . . . " The work ol lhe Welfare Squad is never done! A+ Their posls befween classes, a+ Tire and air raid clrills, al baslrelball games, 'rhey regulale lralzlic and see 'rhal general order is lcepl among members of The slu- denl body. Parlicipalion in ihe squad's aciiviries Teaches The s+uclen+ To accepl his obligalions as a school cirizen and makes him aware of The respon- sibililies ol adull social and communal life. F. F. A. . Ffonf ROW. left to right: Mr. Lacks. R. Twyrnan, G. Parlirnan. A. Hewlett, R. Smith. Third Row: J. Hennessey, B. Cooking- R. Baright, D, Secor, C. Myers, P. Williams. Second ROW! B. ham, R, Utter, W. Robinson, D. Evert, W. Jones, B. Baright, Robinson, J. Freer, J. MacDonald, L, Van Leuven, C. Speidel, R, Cypher' C, Budd, Tomorrow's Farmers Today Farming, friendship, and tun! These symbolize the Future Farmers ot America organization. The A.l-l.S. chapter, under the leadership ot Mr. Laclcs, established many new records tor the l956-57 season. The boys toolc tield trips and participated in truit, livestoclc, and poultry iudging contests. One attraction in the tall was a livestoclc display held in the bus garages. Among a variety ot other projects, the group also conducted tarm surveys, an essay contest, a public spealcing contest, and a Father and Son Banquet. The outstanding members went to competitive state and national conven- tions. The boys in the F.F.A. are "Learning to Do- Doing to Learn-Learning to Live-Living to Serve." A new tractor! l R. Bnright anxiously awaits key which Mr. Lane is presenting to Mr. Storm. the 1 T me 89 l A Mefm.-1 il ART CLUB Front Row, left to right: E. Silber, R. Fitzpatrick, V. Ross, M. Moustakas, R. Freni, R, Raaber, J. Jacoby, K. Pelham J. Sherman, B. Brown, G. Johnson, M, Moustalcas, B. Kirby, J, Aliotta, L. Pearson, D. Addor. Third Row: L. Russell, B V. Vergona, J. Alliotta. Second Row: J. McCourt, lvl. Davis, Bowe, D. Wells, R. Brown, R. Poluzzi, B. Christian, F. Holder B. Appel, A. Benson, K. Bowe. "Dobblers" in the Arts D. Addor, J. Sherman, and R. Brown trim the Christmas tree in the lobby with glittering orna- ments designed and executed by the Art Club. Very otten decorations and posters have seem- ed a Waterloo to the various organizations spon- soring certain activities. Their lite saver?? The Art Club, ot course! The Anchors, C5.0., and the Dramatic Club are but a tew ot the clubs that have been aided by the Art Club in sales promotion, the carrying-on ot campaigns. the sponsoring ot danc- es, and the presentation ot plays. This group, with their advisor. Mrs. Holden, and their president, Ralph Brown, has combined clever imagination with superior talent. The result: ingenious decorations and posters, praised and admired by all. , lf' Z N' Q? it 2 5 - I "Oh, no, more picTures To develop?!?" Many have heard This Tamiliar cry from Ricky Bower, pres- idenT oT The PhoTography Club. Under The super- vision of Mr. STewarT, Ricky and his co-workers have been very much in demand. ThroughouT The year They've snapped phoTos of memorable games, dances, assemblies, and oTher acTiviTies, iusT Tor our yearbook. OT course They won'T TorgeT Those ses- sions in The dark room, supposedly developing Their prizes, and we'Il remember The Tun-Tilled Times we had posing Tor The picTures. We know ThaT The pleased possessors of Their finished phoTographs haven'T been The only ones who have beneTiTecl from The PhoTography Club's work. The knowledge. experience, and enioymenl' gained by The members of This club will prove invaluable To all OT Them. In the darkroom R. Bower, S. Aaron, and E. Vroo man process prints for yearbook use. Take and Re Take! PHOTOGRAPHY CLU B Front Row, Ieff to righl: R. Houston, E. Vrooman, A. Haugen, N. King, M. Mack, J. Cavo. Second Row: W. McCoy, A. Cicman, R. Bower, S. Aaron, B. Schwarte. TECH CLUB Front Row, left to right: S. Cary, W. White, M. Bradley, J. Vaeth. Second Row: J. Quinn, R. Nothnagel, R. Mackey, S. Zeleznik, M. Sheer, S. Cary, C. Fleishman, N. Varney, R. Sandberg, S. Aaron, J. Kelsey, P. D'Luhosch. Action . . With Sound Effects! One OT The mosT TascinaTing and rewarding acTiviTies To be Tound in The school is The Tech Club. The assisTance oT This group has oTTen been rendered during assemblies, TheaTrical and moTion picTure presenTaTions, and numerous oTher aTTairs. Another job completed! R. Mackey and C. Fleishman carry equipment through the "hallowed portals" OT the Tech Room. WiThin The walls OT Their privaTe domain, This privileged group becomes skilled in The operaTion oT elecTrical devices. Their knowledge is Then puT inTo pracTical applicaTion by The showing oT Tilms and similar services. Yes, iT may be said ThaT The Tech Club ranks among The mosT beneTicial organizaTions in The school. 92 S. Cary and M. Bradley polish up the lenses oT a projector before showing a film. A new organization added this year to the large circle of successful clubs at Arlington was the Science Club. One ot the founders, Robert Hous- ton, was elected president: Mr. Lonsdale acted as advisor to the group. To be a member ot this organization a student must be a math or science maior and maintain an average ot 852, or higher in these courses. These requirements help to bring together a select group interested in the various fields ot scientific investi- gation. These future scientists further their lcnowledge by attending lectures, participating in discussions, and viewing instructive tilms. Connolly, McCoy, Maclr, Mr.. Lonsdale, Gelrle, and Houston observe celestial bodies through the tele scope on the Vassar campus. fEImpiricism : rMjOXimUm fC,erebrafion2 SCIENCE CLUB Front Row, left to right: R. Houston, P. D'Luhosch, R. Nothnagel. M. Mack, E. Vrooman, J. Connolly. Second Row: J. Kelsey, W. McCoy, C. Gelcle, B. Schwarte, E. Weitz, E. Marcelo. l I RADIO CLUB Front Row, left to right: R. Houston, J. Kamper, E. Vroornan, F. Lotz, J. Cole, Second Row: M. Sheer, M. Truex, D. Ross, R. Nothnagel. Elecfrons Span the Ether. Mr. Folster demonstrates the complex operation of a radio transmitter to T. Olheiser, J. Cole, and J. Kemper. "Over and our." This phrase 'rypilies +he Radio Club, an organizalion designed +o inslrucl slu- denls in cerrain radio lechniques. Wi+h Bob Hous- fon serving as +he c:lub's president and Mr. Folsfer as 'rhe advisor, 'rhe boys applied rheir knowledge of radio principles by consrruclion of 'rheir own +ransmiHers and receivers. They also communicaied wirh olher amaleur radio operalors. By aclively 'raking parl in all of The aclivilies 'rhis club provides, 'rhe members have gained an aclive and workable knowledge in Jrhe field of radio elechonics. JUNIOR HIGH TECH CLUB Front Row, left to right: P. Anderson, J. Leary, R. Ostrander, L, Kolts, R. Mackey, H. Spaeth, B. Cadenhead. Second Row: R. Hillilrer, R. Smith, A. Crum, B. Paquet, W. McRitchie, S. Stephensen. Third Row: R. Lamb, R. Rauf, R. Wright, N, Shoal'- Ter, R. Quinn, A. Kunlrel. Under The leadership oT Gerald l-laighT and wiTh The supervision of Mr. Kearney, The Junior High Tech Club carries on iTs operaTions. The members of This club are TaughT The proper use OT The school's audio-visual equipmenT including The Tape recorder and The film proiecTor. The services per- formed by This club are an invaluable aid To sTu- denTs and Taculfy. Calling all "hams"! Calling all "hams"! Learning radio Theory and Morse Code is one ol The major occupaTions of The Junior High Radio Club. The members pracTice whaT They have learned in preparaTion Tor obTaining Their licenses on shorT wave receivers. Under The guidance oT Mr. FolsTer, Allan KaTz presides over meeTings. STudenTs who are inTeresTed in amaTeur radio or in ienTering The Tields oT radio and Television gain valu- able experience from parTicipaTion in This organi- zaTion. JUNIOR HIGH RADIO CLUB Front Row, left to right: J. Barrenger, C. Freer, B. Laflrol A. Katz, F. Reilly, W. Crans. Second Row: P. Berrardi, R. Ferolito, R. Sanderson, F. Carpenter, C. McKenna. Third Row: R. Crabtree. J. Watts, J. Ramage, R. Ball, F. Borcher. SEVENTH GRADE YORKER CLUB Front Row, left to right: R. Lipman, P. Vaeth, D. Kuchler, J. C. Cerrato, M. DiGregorio, E. Briggs, C. Rathkopt, C. Kozma. Sill, J. Stewart, J. Bryant, J. Ulrich, O. Addor, H. MacKenzie. Third Row: C. Ross, T. Wood, P. Pierce, B. l-lart, L. FitzHarris, E. Daniels, F, LaWatscl'i, L. Fabian. Second Row: S. D'Lu- K. Freiberg, S. Wright, J. Fitzpatrick, P. Burke, C. Pudney, hosch, L. Kolts, C. Riddle, B. Smith, J. Ringwald, M, Diamond. D. Michaelis, C. Prichard. Interested in furthering your knowledge ol New see movies, and attend lectures. The groups are York State? Then the Seventh and Eighth Grade affiliated with the New York State Historical Asso- Yorker Clubs are tor you. Each year the members ciation. Under the guidance of Miss Phelan and take trips to various historical shrines in the state, Mr, Deeb, these students are learning to become better citizens ol New York State and the nation. EIGHTH GRADE YORKER CLUB Front Row, left to right: W. Richmond, F. Mozdziez, P. Hen- lace, Third Raw: K, Vanderberg, F, Healing, F. Grossman. nessey, S. King, J. Taylor, B, Moro, D, McWilliams, P. Walton. T, Royster, R. Moore, P. Pierce, P. Stowe, H. Glick. Fourth T- Butlofid. S9C0f1d ROW! A. lVlCCOffUiCli, P- O'COf1HOI'. l- Row: l-l. Regan, J. Freer, K. Guiltoil, F. Hornick, R. Luik, Bush, M. Langlois, B. McRitchie, J. Hunter, V. Purdy, D. Wal- F, Abbott, N, Faircloth, C, Coelen, G. Knitlen. JUNIOR HIGH LIBRARY CLUB Front Row, left to right: N. Gardener, P. Hennessy, C, Williams, G, Mahar, B. Cou- tant. P. Rumble, G, Ervien. Second Row: R. Lake, G, Roe, G. Livingston, R, Wright, B. Pacquet, M. McComb, L. Robinson. may 0,0 " OOO, IOO, ZOO, 300-classiTicaTion upon classiTi- aTion. Who Tollows paTienTIy behind The eager irowser, rearranging The scaTTered books? Why, he Library Club, oT course! Mrs. Adams and her TTicienT workers are Torever sTamping, sTacking. nd sTraighTening. All Those who use The library as source of reference and enTerTainmenT owe a voTe T Thanks To This group. GOT a "nose Tor news"f7 STaTT members of The Junior High newspaper, The ArlingToneTTe, do! In preparaTion Tor working on The Senior High news- paper, These aspiring iournaIisTs gaTher The news, ediT iT. and publish a compacT liTTle journal under The direcTion oT Mr. Berger. Working on The ArlingToneTTe also aids The sTudenTs in developing Their knowledge oT pracTical English. ARLINGTONETTE Front Row, left to right: D. Palmateer, R. Caccio, G. Caccio, H. Marcello, J, Bollt, S. Bern- ard, C. Seaman, L. Ackerman. Second Row: L. Ciancio, D. Corrado, A. Acampora, K. Wil- liams, B. Bodner, J. Meisner, J. Courchaine, P. Rumble, R, Wirhouski, Third Row: C. Zulkow- ski, C. Shroder, R. Wilsey, R. DeFrance, J. Wohlafka, C. Decker, T. Sitomer, W, Sarnmis. .Il lu: vw JUNIOR HIGH Front Row, left to right: E. Pound, M. Yamen, M. Antipas, E. Robinson, S. Bauman, B, Post, B. Evans, B. Flynn, P. Raymond, K. Schoenberger, J. Talleur, B. Hewlett. Second Row: M. Wilcox, N. Brower, L. Schultz, M. Brown, E. Knepka, N. Keeler, D. Nedtord, J. Cacchio, V. Spiers, R, Buck, J. Zim- .-. - n- 4 .. -. no-r-. CHORUS mer, J. Gold, Third Row: C. Schroeder, G. Relyea, D. Bush, R. Wright, B. Van Norstrancl, P. Turner, F. Allen, B. Strang, C. Dyer, B. DeMichaels, F. DuBois, S. Clyde, Fourth Row: B. Booth, S. Wright, A. Belknap, C, Hallenbeck, B. Parry, P. Hilliker, J. Myers, L. Mercay, A. DePaolo, C. Fitchett, J. Wohlatka. Much sweet music is heard in the halls when the Junior High Chorus rehearses. From the Boys' and Girls' Choruses, Mr. LaFalce chooses members to make up the third group-Mixed Chorus. Two otterings ot the chorus are the Christmas Pageant l JUNIOR H Front Row, left to right: L. Ackerman, B. Pitcher, S. Barren- ger, J. Bollt, G. Lyons, J. Kyzer, B. Coutant, J. Rankin, M. Manna, C. Swartz, S. Emmons, T. Webb. Second Row: P. Lasko, S, MacAndrews, B, Pendergast, E. Alulis, P. Munn, V. Wallace, C. Sudol, B. Bates, C. Hart, F. Meisner, J. Spinner, rison and the Spring Concert. Recently the Junior High Chorus has envoked enthusiastic participation trom the students and has worked hard to instill in its members a lasting appreciation ot music. GH CHORUS W. Weber. Third Row: R. Morrow, K. Weber, R. Townsend. J. Trethway, M, Talaber, A. Christmas, M, Green, S. Conner. G. Hocker, L. Starr, J. Comatos, J, Perkins. Fourth Row: B. Loomis, R. Traver, K. Grouchau, R. Smith, A. Kunkel, M. Shaetter, J, Kovacs, W. Sammis, J. Katzenellenbogen, J. Har- Baker. A . Q 31 1131 1-1 ...-.- JUNIOR HIGH BAND Front Row, left to right: R. Lipman, L. Kovac, A. Starr, P. Bower, N. Cluist, R. Wheatley, S. Weiss. Second Row: P. Faircloth, L. Kolts, P, Pierce, D. Russel, R, Lerner, L. Van Wagner. Third Row: R. Moore, D. Pryor,,J. Morey, G. Ahlers, P. Pierce, L. Stanszalc. The baton raps for silence, and abruptly the pandemonium of musical instruments becomes hushed. A moment of complete silence-then a flow of blending harmonies penetrates the stillness. This scene is enacted weekly as the Junior High Band rehearses under the supervision of Mr. Arnold. The many hours of tedious practice and study are not spent in vain, however, for the end result is a group of young musicians, acting as a unit to achieve a great quality in their musical presenta- tions. JUNIOR HIGH WELFARE SQUAD Front Row, left to right: C. Bourbeau, J. Leary, K. Smith, R. Sebeth, R. Osa trander, l. Freer, R. Wirhoslri, P. Morris. Second Row: V. Spears, W. Brown, F. Allen, V, Marchese, R. Luik, D. Parrish, R. Lake, S. MacAndrews. ln every well-coordinated community we find a body designed specifically to maintain order with a minimum of confusion. As in the community, a high school must also have a means of enforcing the rules and regulations. The Welfare Squad ably fills this essential post. All members are responsible for the rapid passage of students to and from classes. ln addition to their regular routine, they must serve as "traffic" regulators at assemblies and other affairs. S 5 esulfs of worlc and play within a feam Noi only help fo malce the records gleam But fit the players for their social scheme l l A.A.A. OFFICERS Mrs. Ranucci tGirls' Physical Education Directorl, Steve Sandberg iPresidentl, Miss Cooke lTreasurerl, Mr. Jordan fphysical Education Directorl, Anthony Landolta lVice-Presidentl. Missing from picture: Annette Magnarella tsecretary Behind the Athletic Scene A typical scene-Miss Cooke selling an A.A.A. ticket-this time to Pete D'l.uhosch. The A.A.A. is the backbone ot all Arlington's inter-scholastic and intramural sports. This organi- zation is responsible tor the scheduling ot all sports events and tor the raising ot tunds to support the numerous athletic activities. The tund raising is accomplished by means ot ticlcet sales: and with this money equipment and unitorms are provided and maintained tor our teams. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Left io right: J. Baitinger, J, Perkins, M, Clark, E. Priest, N. Grimm, L. Rorwlc, J Yemen, A, Ellcind. lcenierl: D. Allen. DYnomos Thai Spark Our Games J.V. CHEERLEADERS Cenier: B. Rogers, A. Robbin. Clockwise: K. Cowles, J. Vail, J. Budd. J. Knapp M, Lasher, S. Stewart, M. Amstead, P. Hawley. VARSITY FOOTBALL Front Row, left to right: W. Campion, J. Cavo, E. Carbone, Mackey, J. Bloomer, J. Popp, H. Ebling, P, Thorne, E. Phillips, J. Quinn, R. Westcott, R. Friel, J. Horvath, D. Harrand, C. R. Schyler, tmanegert. Third Row: A. Haugen, R. Marsh, W. Lancaster, P. Thurst. Second Row: Coach Jordan, R. Latlco McCoy, J. Kelly, F. Bower, R. Hohlowski, P. Amodeo, L. Ludo- tmanagerl, D. Kroll, A. Osterhoudt, E. Weitz, C. Ong, R. vici, F,Zueckert, tmanagerl. Pass the Pigskin Down the Grid! B. Westcott attempts to lose his "tackler" in one ot' A.H.S.'s football tilts. This year's team was marlcecl by brilliant per- tormances by three all-county stars, backed by a hard-working, high spirited team. Although the team had a disappointing season, Dick Friel, Char- ley Lancaster, and Bob Westcott gained recogni- tion tor their outstanding ettorts. Atter losing to Tappan Zee, Port Chester, and Beacon, the team came back to deteat Roosevelt and Highland. Next came the Wappingers game, the high point ot the season. lt was noted tor a rebirth ot spirit among the tans. although we lost. The tinal game ot the season resulted in a tie with Liberty. VARSITY FOOTBALL Opponent A. H. S. Opp. Tappan Zee 2 20 Port Chester 6 33 Beacon 2 33 Roosevelt 26 6 Highland I3 7 Wappingers 6 I9 Liberty 6 6 -7' 'ZW 9' ex j :'5 c 1, Q' 'L 5 5.1-ia, "?'?'g FRESHMAN FOOTBALL SCORES Opponent Kingston C. F. M. A. Oakwood Highland Saugerties Wappingers A. H. S. 6 26 26 O I 2 6 Opp. I8 I2 7 I2 I9 33 A dramatic tackle . . . a prospective touchdown is intercepted. J. V. FOOTBALL SCORES Opponent A. H. S. Opp Litchfield O 20 Kingston 6 O Beacon 7 6 Roosevelt 26 6 Red Hook 6 7 Wappingers 2I 7 Newburgh O 20 Lancaster, on the right, is ready to hogtie the Wappingers pigslrin-carrier. J. V. FOOTBALL Front Row, left to right: D. Haight, D, Kampher, E. Duplessis, G. Faircloth, J. Downing M. Northrup, W. Bruce. Second Row: R. Leverage, H. Lane, R. Ferris, C. Maiore, R. Heady. D. Paccione, R. Smith. Third Row: G. Light, G. Weiner, R. Cypher, H, Brownell, W. Waite R. Deising, G. Battista, Coach K. Knops. Hard fo Tackle--Harder fo Beat! FRESHMAN FOOTBALL Front Row, left to right: B. Ireland, J. Hennessey, R. Abbate, J. Weiner, R, Kent, H. Weiss R. Marchese. Second Row: D. Marchese, F. Lotz, D. Halloran, A. Palumbo, J. Bradley, M Lattin, J. Doss. Third Row: L. Sharp, G. Light, R. Hanaburgh, T, Daly, C. Gelcle, R. Hettinger R. Randall, W. Hegeman. Coach Lacey. 6' QTQQW , yu YW 33:3 VWXAN' 9 Y sql' MXN una? is 0 4 F i fr 1 5 T. 7 . 1 i A Wvfe ' ' f'iS- Y P-579 ,gr CROSS COUNTRY Front Row, left to right: R. Plass, J. Cole. G. Bulson, G. Baright. K. Roe. Second Row: P. Barth, R. Salzer, J. Detweiler. A. Penfield, K. Downing. Third Row: Coach Peter Fogden, F. Nothnagel, R. Scriber, R. Roger. P. Rifenburgh, W. Robinson, J, Place. They Hit the Dusfy Trail! They're off! The Cross Counlry Team, under 'rhe direciion of Mr. Fogden. for rhe pas+ eighi years has mainiaineol a high siandard in feais accomplished and in sporismanship. Cross Counlry builds siamina and provides much enioymenf for +he parficipanis. Among 'rhe mos+ ou+s+anoling runners +his year was Bill Robinson, who, +oge+her wi+h mos? of fhis year's Team. is expecred +o relurn fo fhe sporf nexf year. The Cross Counfry +eam parficipafes in many mee+s and compeies wifh many schools 'rhroughoui' 'lhe slale. The climax of 'the season arrives wilh 'rhe annual Wesichesier Coun+y meer, in which over a 'rhousand boys en+er. .-,, Two cross country men, G. Bulson and J. Downey say "cheese" for the yearbook photographer. Q VARSITY BASKETBALL Front Row, left to righf: A, Landolfa, E. Doppel, A. Elkind, Coach Jordan, J. Plambeclr, J, Kelly, S. Sandberg, D. G Thorne, C. Lancaster, J. Robin, C. Mclntosh. Second Row: McCormick, R. Baright, J. Trainor, C, Myers lManagerl. Following an undefealed season in I955-56, Jrhis year's varsily loaslcelball Team slarled and finished slrong wi'rh a l6-2 record. This included a 5-I slale in Cenlral Seclion play, which gave A.H.S. ils second consecu+ive Cenlral Seclion championship. In The Class A seclional play-off, Arlinglon was defea+ed by a slrong Sleepy Hollow learn, which wen'r on To capl'ure The lille. Since lhe presenl rosier includes ll seniors and one iunior, nexl year's learn will depend on players from This year's J. V. They also had a I6-2 record, and, iudging from lhe brand of baslcelball +hey played, prospecls for anoiher good season are bright A practice session finds D. McCormick' "up in the air" among team-mates Thorne, Mclntosh, Kelly, and Trainor. VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES Opponenf A. H. S. Opp Highland 69 57 Kingslon 62 58 N. Y. M. A. 68 59 l-lousalonic 62 55 Dover Plains 65 28 Saugerlies 82 60 Dover Plains 92 59 Beacon 79 56 Kingsfon 56 66 Wappingers 5l 56 New Pallz 80 32 Highland 73 65 Roosevelf ' 74 68 Housalonic 70 64 Wappingers 86 56 N. Y. lvl. A. 63 59 Roosevelf 69 64 Beacon 43 38 'Sleepy Hollow 67 79 "N, Y. Slale Secfional Play-off game lClass Al J. V. Opponenl' Highland Kingslon N. Y. M. A l-lousafonic Dover Plains Saugerfies Dover Plains Beacon Kingsfon Wappingers New Palfz Highland Roosevelf Housafonic Wappingers N, Y. M. A Roosevell' Beacon J. V. BASKETBALL Front Row, left to right: M. Moyer, C. Maiore, J. Horvath, T, Denning, G. Baright. Second Row: F. Eng. J. Quinn. J. Kelsey, D. Croll, L. Bierman. Third Row: Coach King, J. Popp. A. Larsen, O. Thorne, P. Smith lManagerl. "Shoot if Up fhe Middle!" BASKETBALL SCQRES W. Larsen reaches up and beyond his W.H.S. A. H. S. Opp. opponent and taps the ball toward G. Barighi and 60 25 M. Moyer. 59 48 57 37 -- 63 29 59 I2 62 40 75 27 55 59 56 60 65 39 89 I4 88 50 72 59 58 37 64 4I 47 37 77 57 69 57 FRESH MAN BASKETBALL Front Row. left to right: D. Gasparro, K. Roe, R. Abbate, S. Decker, D. Marchese, W. Keeb- ler. Second Row: J. Engle, B. Kesting, L. Fauci, R. Hanaburgh, W. Gardner, B. Ireland. Third Row: Mr. Fogden, R. Blodgett, A. Credle, C. Budd, R, Randall, K. Sherow. Otto Landolfa, the hero of the evening, is carried oft the court on the shoulders of a cheering mob. Grand Hnale The Flag Ceremony, an impres- sive introduction to a stirring basketball contest. to a cheer-an energetic leap. LEADERS CLUB Froni Row, left io right: J. Dolan, C. Antedomenico, J. Yemen, J, Baitinger, E. Rohrer, A. Ellcind. Second Row: B. Pink, T. Bolha, D. Allen, E. Priest, L. Ronk, M. Clark, G. Zimmer, Third Row: N. King, J. Warren, A. Benson, M. Reilly, B. Kennard, M. E. Phillips, C. Miscedra. Leaders In Theory and Practice The lwenly girls in blue whom you see helping Mrs. Ranucci in gym classes, managing inrramural games. and devoiing much lime and energy lo 'rhe girls' physical educarion deparrmenr, malce up Leaders Club. New members are nominaied each year by 'rhe group and are chosen for lheir oursianding abiliry in sporls. Members of Leaders Club meer regularly on Friday in lhe gym, learn rhe rules and lechniques of lhe sporis, and finally play orher schools in compelirion. I+ is an honor for any sporls-minded girl 'ro be selecied for Leaders Club. These girls noi only gain addiiional knowledge of lhe various sporrs, buf also are given rhe opporiuniry lo display Jrheir abiliry. C. Anlzedomenico and G. Zimmer concentrate on refereeing an afterschool volleyball game. Flasliy footworl: by J. Vail, L, Sharp, M. Reilly. J. Warren, and E. Lewis feeds the soccer ball toward the goal. Where's the bull's-eye? B. Edgar, M. L. Wade. and J. Thompson sight to 'find it. Who's guarding whom? Lonnie Ronk and Dale Allen display some basketball stances. The ball's high over the net as D. Vrooman watches, and N. King and S. Regan get set for the return, W ff 92 Y A I '4':S'.52'f.r' , ,f ' g 33 532 a 47 W2 ii "ff 0 0 T A. Benson, B. Konnard, and B. Pink are all ready tor the pitch. Every sports-minded girl eagerly loolcs tor- ward twice a weelc to participation in the nu- merous atter-school sports ottered at Arlington. At the beginning ot each sport the girls elect team captains, who in turn choose their re- spective teams. These teams compete against each other in archery, soccer, volleyball, bas- ketball, and sottball. Under the supervision ot Mrs. Ranucci, the girls spend many enjoyable hours developing not only their sports ability, but also their sports- manship. II3 new aw I I Eng is X CREW Front Row, left to right: R. Prichard, R. Marchese, T. Clark, D. Croll, R. Prichard, S. Mills, O, Thorne, K. Roe, T. McCord, J. Boyar, J. Doss, H. Weiss. S. Aaron, E. Carbone, P, Smith, G. Faircloth. R. Moro, Second Row: J. l-lennessey, M. Flynn. Third Row: H. Lattin, R. Marsh, J. l-lorvath, T. Barrett. Ready All! Row! lt's a great day, even tho' the weather's chilly. for oarsmen have finally begun practice on the Hudson. Las'r year's crew season loroughr back memories of lhe lnrercollegiale Regaria era, since 'rhe Nalional Schoolboy Regaila was held in Poughkeepsie for +he firsr lime. Alihough lhe Arlinglon crew did noi recaplure 'rhe Triangular Regalla rrophy. lhey showed lhemselves a leam +o be reckoned wilh in 'rhe fulure. Lasi' year's season was marred by un- usually rough and cold wafers which ham- pered lhe crew in races and praclice sessions. This year's crew will benelil from las+ year's experience and will undoubledly show much progress. 'H lv TRACK Front Row, left fo right: S. Sandberg, S. Endsley, C. Lotz, R. Nothnagel. Second Row: R. Moysey. N. Nerangis. R. Mackey, P. Barth, M. Northrup. R. Abbott. D- COWISS. L- STWGVP. C- Gekle. J- Downing, R. Plambeclr. Cindermen Break the Tape! In fhe Spring one of +he major sporfs aHrac+ions is Track, a combinafion of nu- merous running, iumping, and rhrowing evenfs. Wirh Coach Fogden's assisfance. +he boys are ready for meefs by mid-April. The fhree imporfanf confesfs are +he Counfy Mee+, fhe New Palfz Relays. and fhe Secfion One Meer in Wesfchesfer Counfy. The Team is composed mainly of experienced Sophomores, and +herefore 'rhe ouflook for 'rhis season and for 'rhe nexf +wo is good. With tensed muscles and a sudden burst of energy Steve Sandberg hurls the discus. 55114, ,f,,f' 'S' GOLF Front Row, left to right: J. Kelsey, W. Shirley, R. racka, R. Smith, J, Zeleznik. Third Row: B. Christian, Hedinger, G. Van Bramer. Second Row: F. Ju- A.Acker. On the Foirwciy ond in the Rough! J. Kelsey assumes what he considers the correct stance, but G. Van Bremer seems dubious. Nine holes a day with Mr. May! Daily practice on the Baird Park links, under the guidance ot Mr. Arthur May, enables the boys to develop the skill and coordination necessary to stay out ot the sandpits and on the green while striving tor those very elusive "eagles" and "birdies" A schedule ot six matches with schools in the vicinity, including Red l-look, Millbrook, the Oak- wood, provides the linksmen with keen competition and the opportunity to dis- play their prowess. I I . ,Qw- 'L .ss VARSITY BASEBALL Fwnt Row. left to right: Coach Jordan, J. Stump. takas, Second Row: C. Fleishman, M. Moyer, A. C. Ong, C. Lancaster, J. Bloomer, J. Plambeck, Elkind, S, Cary, D, McComb, J. Kelly, G. Baright. G. Thorne, R. Westcott, D. Harrand, M. Mous- Third Row: R. Friel, R. Rightmyer, R. Rightmyer. A. Landolfa, J. Robin, E. Phillips. The l956 Arlington Varsity Baseball team was composed almost entirely of underclass- men. Although they did not win the Central Section Championship, the team finished a I3-5 record. With almost all of last year's team returning, plus the addition of players from one of the school's best J.V. teams. with this year's sports record may go down as one of The best in Arling'ron's history. J. V. BASEBALL Front Row, lett to right: T. Daley, J, Slocum, W. Cavo, J. Liggera. Third Row: J. Rumble, R. Laflco. Bruce, E. Duplessis, G. Light, R. Holsapple. Second E. Stoutenburg, G. Tancredi, W. Keebler, H. Row: R, Wilhelm, D. Marchese, A. Penfield, E. Brownell. Fourth Row: M. Sheer' J, Detweiler, B. Ireland. 11 5.- A.A.A. Officers . Adminisfrafion . Ari' Club .... Band ..... Index I02 .. 60 90 86 Baseball J. V. . . . . . . I I7 Varsify ... II7 Baskefball Freshman . . . . I I0 J. V. ..... . . . IO9 Varsify ..... . . . I08 Board of Educafion . 6I Cheerleaders J. V. .,... . I03 Varsify . . . . . . IO3 Chorus Boys . . . 85 Girls . . . 84 Classes Freshman . 46-49 Junior .... 38-4I Sophomore . . 42-45 Crew .....,... . I I4 Cross Counfry . . . . I07 Debafe Club .... 78, 79 Dedicafion ........ . . . 3 Dramafic Club ......... . . . 73-75 Faculfy Deparlmenfs 62-64 F. F. A. ............. .... 8 9 Foofball Freshman . .... IO6 J. V. .... ...... I 06 Varsify ..... .... I 04, I05 Girls Sporls .... .... I I2, I I3 G. O. ........ . . . . . 70, 7I Golf ................. . . . I I6 Honor Key Sfudenfs . . . . . . 30 In Memoriam ......,. . . . 65 Junior High Acfivifies Arlingfoneffe . . . . . . 97 Band ....,.. . . , 99 Chorus ....... . . . 98 Library Club .... . . . 97 Radio Club ... ... 95 Tech Club ...,.. . . . 95 Welfare Squad . . . . . . 99 Yorker Clubs .... . . . 96 Classes Eighfh .... . . . 50-53 Sevenfh . . . . . . 54-57 Leaders Club .... . .. I I I Library Club . . . . . 76 N. F. L. ......,. 77 Orchesfra ......... . . . 87 Phofography Club . . . .... . . 9I Press Club ........ .... 8 2, 83 Radio Club ..... . . , 94 Science Club .... . . . 93 Senior Ball .... ... 3I Seniors Informals .. .... 34, 35 Nofables . . .. . 32. 33 Officers... 4 Porfraifs . . .... 5-29 Sfaffs Bus Drivers .... . . . 67 Cafeferia . . . . . . 66 Cusfodians . . . 67 I-Iealfh . .. ... 66 Secrefaries . . . . . 66 Transporfafion . . . . 67 Tech Club ...... .... 9 2 Thespians ...... .... 7 2, 73 Track ............ . . I I5 Welfare Squad .... ..... 8 8 Yearbook Sfaffs .... 80, 8I building seen for days and years on end, Cur school: bul lel us see and comprehend The very inner makings of our friend. P ow l1ere're lhe folk we recognize fhe best For Seniors have been longer here in quesl' Of knowledge, lad. and lore lhan all 'rhe resl. urriculum more varied fhan before Direcls 'rhe underclassman 'foward 'rhe door Of his specific calling more and more. ere are +he friends and help ol every class- And leachers, who advise each lad and lass. And sleadlasf sfand 'rho' years may pass. ulside lhe class a visilor migh+ view New Barrymores, flashbulbs, a lamb and ewef Mighl hear small Ciceros, and sialic. loo. esulls of worlc and play wilhin a 'ream Noi only help +o malce 'rhe records gleam, Bul' lil 'rhe players for 'rheir social scheme. s chool over, we adjourn for summer's change lnlo diversions pleasanl, new, and slrange, Before nexl' season's program we arrange. -David Mesh Class of l958 fix, ' fa ffl ' l ,, lf!" if b 7942, is 543.3 X , Z e 1, J' X J l 6 'Ziff , l:g5.,'. I L-1- -f- :re 's' .1 31 4, l.g::.:..y fi ,2 I Nfl! XL, as Q s I Milf,-,, rl any ' 5 Q sq s ffm. 'Q X 1- me II9 s ,F FAMOUS CAMERAS FINE PORTRAITS Poughkeepsie, N.Y - " .aa..1..a.m1am. ' 1-H . .,,w.fmfwsm..ff..mmmw.mMmmm., ,, .. mv, .,V.., .,,. .N .hi QA 5' if-J' 1.1914 Q5 A fa " , 1. V, J, 0 w., L.. M -v gpg -, ,6- ,tl fi I I -VW"-" 'WM' '1'ff"'i'7""Z"?"'4' 2' "V" i' ' -7 'T' Hai, 'Yi 'F' " 'C' 'C -fZ""'-'51 "'1ifi"!. fv"!':f ff' 5.9 2.25 'A flgih- i"'1,f".p'A3'.:' 3' i, " 'gf Q' "' ,i 3' 5'4" ', -F' v 'xii 'B , -,,.-ff A .. 1 39, .Q ,. 5 : 4 F Y iz. T. L5-V 4 in a,A'k.?.,,i,.25tfgf.aA6, g,4A.D1'i i gtgxjjqv? 1:zqiwi.xg.-n,,,,,",L,r-,SAFQ71 LJ- .x I, X, 3.671-M, RN, f. L, - www X, -,-f . Y .V r., .Aw : -ff - . ew, .L-.'.- -11'---f . M-H . ,, , ,- , A. ,. ,, mg 3941,-'E -+5 Q' ,W'!4:3'2,J . L-ifY'f.'f,v'1vK"i P' - v- f ff--'Q f

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