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 - Class of 1954

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my ' ' .....-h...' ' f' l954 ANCHDR L 7 V "'3!""' Wa 1-'7 L X Q -O X!! X X ,7A4,gf """" Mun "'o A f 'Wll"""u' ' I lf J QTY Af . f f' , -4' 'ff -P715 n-I ,ig I ally", if '14 0 5. I. .ll 0947.1 5 s Il n'l':. 4 'nl 'llqil I IAIJWCI' ,Dy N, q,,"'., . I fl! I rl ff 'QP' iihezfm fr ff 'Z-7' 55W ' ,ff 'diff ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Poughkeepsne, New York 1 1 - P ' I 1 , ff, :' f K - Q Ng! 'FW - X ' ' s .45 1 I - f ' , . -ff , ,Af I A' 'f' W . .-3.,. ' 61:59 :gots Q 4 ' '69 ' ' "" 1. ' r , 1 y .Lg '. , F' TI? I I ferr. 'iii' ,X I ,V 2" "' I l"' 'NX X 4. in 'x V. "5 n X f , 7 I r ,g:'q.:ojE54 , E X f X -' .f f f f f r:'2"'- SS '12 1:11 rv-. as. ' f 1, fl f 1 ug, 5? Q , Xb N y :Q ,-.'. .344 -.1 , , , . 1 X f gy bg ,f y. A I xf - ff . . 75,1 ff Q , I I bv 9, q ' , - QL, . ., , , 4 Q ,, I . , , , HA' ,f , ' f ' .ff 1, -f,-J ff 1 7,-1 '1:'.-L' -- , 4 ff fi, X .J- f 4,1-',. .tw fz'a.2.':v f ,- .f, f ,rf f, ,' N f . A ,'vf9A1".v.4- n--.ry ." , , . .o , H, . , Q f,ybw ,+f w.,fu-ff ,WWW 4f71'i" " , -'H 24. - .' -' if " ff fi 1 4 ' - 1' ' ' 'Ji ff: 9 1 H 3 ,, ff r A A "Z f ' ' f . , if , I: ,IVV -g..,'ji'l!'l7 , ML 4 'j ,' 1 ,.d, ' ' -- f':'5j5g:::::. 2 . I, 4, 1 ,,-A! I ff 4 I 1 f Q ,L+ -, 5' H555 fu, i".s -ig--.,. . ,i - ' 1 1,1 Siffxfgvj' '. lu r:L:", - r 14 f u -' 1 K ' '1 4 'W .qi .5 1 ,,, A-Y in 1 ' 'UH-fx 1 ' ' - 4 'fs . f I ' ? , - 'A ll 'f ' f' , ' , , 4 , ly " r 1 Y I .' " -- n N y Y WX L05 X 6. L YPXOB QN XXAXNXSWXPSX NURS ASWEN -5 c 5 UNUQECYQ xfNN9l'l X .SUCK N X KES A -Qs ' 42"- X 'ff x -' NS? gl 5X5 x-' r- 4.-sk, ' -"' gtg ,fi-f THEME In I936 fhe Anchors was hrsf esfablashed as the unsngnua for Arlanglon Hugh School Snnce lhal hme 1+ has become an m+egral perl of our school life buf we feel 'rhaf many sfudenfs are unaware ol fhe orugnnal meamng of fhvs symbol Wrfh fhs fhoughf an mund we have chosen The anchors as our +heme an order ro rnsfull rn fhe mlnds of fhe sfudenl body fhal ihe school and commumfy pro vnde us wrfh The anchors whuch lceep us always In 'rhe rrghf course safeguard our navrgahon of per nlous seas and hold us sleady an fumes of greai' sfress and uncerfaunfy Anchors 1936 F Z, s 1 1 A s s A V -. X 'x .N N rf l l .wx I 1 1 lr ' ' pw Y NX far .Q ' .X l l fiygq r 'XX -, . h - Q N !, by xx . A 1 s X X I--4.1, -..:-,-5-I X ..".'Ir'x 1 '-ffzffas' ' ..4 I-1 ' mr.. -iaith: s xg -f 3":f ' K i t Wafson E Sanford Memor no m Wafson E Sanford was a genrleman whose manner afrracred many friends and sleadfasfly a glance fha? hrs lrfe was dedrcafed fo a number of communiry d as a member of rhe Board of Educafion, and for + Durmg fhrs 'rrme he familiarized fs I passing held 'rhem H as obvrous from causes For fwenry years he serve ren of 'rhose lwenfy years he was nfs presnden hrmself wrfh our problems and he worked hrelessly In our rnreres He became a parf of our lrfe here In Arlrngfon Hrgh School hrs unfime y has broughr sorrow fo 'rhe sfudenfs alumna and faculfy To lhe memory of fhrs man we respecffully dedrcafe our Anchors . x J . 5 We , . . Z., wr 1' Q .I A , r A V i f I, fl P, 2 ,r V , -fl ,,' .Vaughn Y V ,Y Q' 1. . D w r .sp rig C Roberi B. Jessen H' Ediioriol "We have enfifled fhis book 'Anchors' because we feel fhaf if will be a fie binding us fo The pasf- a link befween fhe communify which we are leaving and fhe greafer communify info which we shall be going." " These words appeared in fhe firsf "Anchors" in IQ36. We have come a long way since fhaf wire- bound book was firsf published. buf we sfill affirm fhe purpose of if. The members of fhis senior class, fogefher wifh ofhers of fheir generafion, musf provide fhe leadership fhaf is essenfial fo creafe order in fhis era of chaos. To accomplish fhis fask we shall need every available resource wifhin our grasp: a broad and comprehensive back' ground of hisfory and presenf day world affairs: a feeling of folerance foward ofher people and nafions: a sfrong adherence fo fhe principles by which fhis counfry was founded. lf is imporfanf fhaf we have a firm foundafion for our role in fhis world of reconsfrucfion and re- habilifafion. This basis has been well provided for us by fhose men and women who have unselfishly dedicafed Themselves fo fhe field of educafion. To fhese people we should feel an everlasfing debf of grafifude. If is fhey who have faughf us fo forge fhe chain fhaf represenfs our lives, fhe chain of which our yearbook is buf one link. This book will be a consfanf buf pleasanf reminder of fhese ideals. We shall go on forging our chain in whaf will perhaps be fhe mosf imporfanf era yef seen in human hisfory. This is an age of fechnological ad- vancernenf fhaf is making fhis world a beffer place iniwhich fo live. The ominous fhreaf fhaf com- munism presenfs musf be overcome if we are fo confinue in fhe American Way. In fhis fighf we shall play an acfive parf. Whaf fhe fufure holds for us we do nof know. However, we can hope only fhaf whafever "parf we are fo play, whefher if is fo be fhaf of a merchanf ship, or fhaf of a small fug,"" we will improve fhe sfafus of our fellowmen. Reber? B. Jessen Edifor-in-chief " "Anchors l936" 41 f7 as l K. ,r-rv' QMX 39 Lef to Rrght H old C Ste Supermiendent of Schools Do ald J Ne so Prunclpal of Arlmgton H gh School Anchors Avvergh All worlr Thai' rs worfh anyfhmg IS done In 'FarTh Alberf Schwerher Someone has sard ThaT hope rs conhdence rn The TuTure buT ThaT TarTh rs confrdence rn The presenr And :T rs The presenT wrTh whrch we have To deal here now on The Threshold oT a new phase oT lrfe The Buble warns us ThaT Tarfh wrThouT worlcs barren Conversely a greaf humanrTarran and Nobel peace prrze wrnner rmplres rn The quoTaTron above ThaT worlcs wrThouT TarTh are oT lrTTle worTh lT Takes a cornbrnahon of The Two TarTh and works, worlcs an TarTh To guaranTee resulTs oT lasTrng value In lrTe we may be cerTarn ThaT generous servrce performed rn a sprrrT oT conhdence, lrlce good seed sown upon Terhle ground rn due season wrll yreld a rrch rewardrng harvesf HAROLD C. STORM TO THE MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF l954 As you Turn The pages of your Anchors year aTTer year you wall enloy rn reTrospecT The personal Trnendshrp and The Teachers who gave you new goals You are more prepared Today To Talce yc r place rn socrefy however aTTer graduahon a per sons success depends on has own ambrhon, hrs resourceTulness and hrs abrlrTy To malce use OT has Trarnrng From your Tour years an ArlrngTon you can recall some personal Trrurnphs and perhaps some Tarlures buT They wall all merge mTo an unTorgeTTalole memory called 'Our School Days " DONALD J. NELSON SuperrnTendenT Prrncrpal A xc.- A' V ,irq T 5 "Sf L . F' . TT, I 515- T- N I V ' ' . rr--' T f . ' . X IJ ' 1 ' ' , I xg ' f A -v J ,pf Q .r JY' . J Q kg' "cw fb ' ' 'JN L Q' ' I , " t ' : ar . rm, A I , n A 5 n, ' ' A i . . . . 33 . . 5 Ygf Lefi io Right: Jchn Reed F, James Williams, Jr., R, Lewis Townsend lclerhl, Oscar A. D Lwosch lpresidenil, E. Stuar l'l-bbard Harold C, Stcrrn lSuperiniendenil, Ray Yerry, l-5 Mcrr 2 McComb Perry Fe'rs Frank Jacquemard. Boo rd Cl Educolion Building and Grounds Committee-Mr. Jacque- mard, Mr. Yerry, Mr. D'Luhosch, Mr. Williams. The Cenlralizalion program ol lhe Arlingfon School syslern is slcilllully managed by lhe nine members ol The Board of Educalion. Through lheir eflorls, a new junior high school has been buill as an addilion lo lhe original high school slruclure. lmprovemenfs on lhe old building include a space iouf, modernized caleleria, new loclcer rooms, and an excellenl 'nduslrial ar+s depadmenl. These nine men deserve Hefnendous praise lor fheir unceasing revision ol Arl"iq'c'iz edocadonal Qvslem, in order fo provide lol il :cr 're 'eeo' Di fhe youlh ol lhis dislrici. Transporiaiion Commitiee-Mr. Reed, Mr, Mc- Comb, Mr. Ferris, Mr, Jacquemard. Seated, Mr, Hubbard. ig., ig DMIRA '- 5 1,2 S ,.-, Xi, "ff, -, ,,wL,I11,ff, ff? ' B 4, I ,,45.,-,:.- - 1 if , I H x Z.,,., N f if 5-3: , . , ,ix P 'F-L-'J FM- ' XX-QQ, ,f4f""- .q--f--- 'Cx ' ' ' A N-.. 1 -.. ,-- "1 '93-' ' H - K " -L -' V A , 5 -, 3 K fL - Xi- fx ,fg N-, X , f' ,I-gzi--1:5 N , ' 8 CL' fa 1-b C-745---K , ,zgeffe 1 'Q-3 'Q' :zg"Q-Jigmvfcf, --s-ig"":Qf:i1'1'7J1,f, "AT . if 4,-Lf4""" gf' - ia: V. ff? - ,Jn--0'-f' iq ' J C+- ff Qi' .sxfix ff V :Al ,QV 'A' N-4 ' 7 fvimq f 'i .1 f "S---X ,pgkiidlis fi :rig-N1 -cf F,-,,,, L-. 43-- --Q. R 'q K 11.4- . H' -. . , - 5 S. Y -.--" , " ' A . gixxgrafi, Ar - 's BCS - '- 'QA' ,, 1 g. ' Qg - 5-fs" '45 b 713 ' X j :i.' 1 .. VK - 4 f JJ" ,...- 'ff 5 ri, ii"- cf-'-' ,- ,, ' X g"-- -, - g- ,.i.," Q1 5, if -.AX - L Pi -, ix ' ' 4 . ' If, x "4 " it- ikrs --- -l.,,,,?1, y Y y X - ' ,-T X 'X Lai 5-. 'Mai g Admlnstrotucm -'N 'N x HAROLD C STORM Supermiendent of ools BS SCT at New a SCT Abany NYU Cdumba DONALD J NELSON Prmcupal BS MEd Ithaca St Lawrence Syracuse NYU GEORGE B MacANDREWS Guudance :rector BS MA t Lawrence NY WALTER R V EIDHARDT Jumor Hugh rnnclpal BS Lawre ce cn ca n ye MARGARET! BYRNE Dean AB MA Cee NewR heeCcumxa T93 . . Fl. Sch , . MA, . . . P Ttz, N,Y .... at 5 . , .5 1 . N . . , , g g ' ' S.C.T, at Nbenyg Cdumbia. I Q V , . P' ' , , . M.Ed, St. A Dw- vecttv c' A Qt Ed- tc.: Ph CS. I 0 Q :J 5: lx 5 b - Q ry. X Q A ELIZABETH ALSDORF, Vassar Hos- i pitalp N.Y.U.g School Nurse , M I Ngo- A I AGNES BLAIR, Secreiary , an 6 S4 GADLIN BODNER A.B. N.Y.S.C.T. -ff' at Albanyg N.Y,U., Ciizenship Edu- Vx 'A I cafion MARION BRADY, A.B., M.A. Miami: Columbia English MARGARET BROOKS, A.B.. M.A. Gouclwerz Columbia, English I r-4 I I muqi hp ,r . w I f-'ZX if 1 i .4 1 295 I gfvr fv' E A l -.Y 1 1 '-.l , '52 'Jus 'hx Q RUTH CLOW, AB., B,L.S. N.Y.S.C.T at Albany, Librarian Faculty KATHERINE COOKE, Assisianl Sec- roiary HOLLAS W. DINDOT 8.8, M.A. Bow 'rig Green Stats- Ur versity, Orlfz State, William ard Mar, Music AGNES FLINT, B,A., M.A., N.Y.S. CT. at Abany, N,Y.U.: Columbia. Matlwemaiics rj ff Zfzizffl, 1 . rs.-mf PETER EOGDEN, B.S., M.S., Miami. Stanford, Hawaii, Siena, Physical Ecl- ucation KENNETH FOLSTER, B.S.. S.C.T, at Oswego, lndusirial Ark PHYLLIS E. HENDRICKS, Albany Buswess Coleqe, Assiskant-Secreiary 101 Faculty ALICE HOUSMAN, BA. N.Y.S,C.T. at Abany Science DORA BELLE HUSTED: Umversity of Vurqrnra, Vassar College, Junior High Librarian FREDERICK A,JORDAN. B.s.spfang- fieldg Col. U., Physical Education MARY KEOHANE, B.S.. M.A. St. Lawrence: Columbia, Science FRANK KING, 8.5. Arnold, Physical Education KENNETH KNOPS, M,A, Pon' zer, N.Y.U. Hygiene and Physical Educaiion QQ E ,Q yin ,315 L 4 ,Z s E 3 I ' A 1 L , ,f f 9 H 3 fi -'63 SV: p. 'J s, v ' WALTER LACKS BS. Emmanuel Agriculfure JAMES MALONEY, B.S.. M.fN, S.C.T ot Brockport, Junior High EDNA MANNING. B.s. Plymouth Normal: Burdettp Columbia: New Hampshlreg N,Y.U., Business DOROTHY MOORE, S.C.T. at New Paltz, N.Y.S.C.T. at Albany: N. Y, U., Junior High English JOSEPH MORLEY, B.S.. M.A. Clark- son: St. Lawrence. Mathemaiics ANN MURTAUGH, 8.5, S.C.T, at New Paltz. Junior High X N? EL . -,Ai X .f Nt XF x RUTH NOYES, B.A, Maneg Mex cg, Bryant and Stratton, English and Speech EDITH A. PATTERSON: B.A., M.A., Cedar Crest Ccleqe University of Arizcna, N.Y.U., Columbia. Mathe- matics JULIA Pl-IELAN, B.S, S.C.T. at New Paltz, N.Y.U., Junior High Citizen- ship Education GLORIA RAND, B.A., M.A., N.Y.S. CT. at Albany, English ALICE REILLEY, B,S, N,Y4S,C-T. at Albany, Business SOPI-IIE REUTENAUER, B.A., M.A, N,Y,S.C.T, at Albany, French .v V, , 7343 A Ca 3,3 32 'I P 6 . ' ' I QS Faculty WELTHA ROBINSON B.A, M.A N.Y.5.C.T. at Aoany: U, cl C' tag: English JOAN RUDMAN B.A.. M.A, MILF uqan Stale College, Ari MARGARET SCI-IIAVONE, A.B., N.Y S.C.T. at Albany: Wisconsin, Syra- cuse, World History MARGARET F, SECORQ B.A., M.A. Barnard, Columbia Teachers CoIIege Junior High Maihemaiics f? Q I BYO. EXW ,L ,L c J ,JU ,X ,tb XL LAURA SHERMAN, B.A., Bates, Boston. Sargent, Physical Education GEORGE SORRENTINO, B.E. B.S. in Ed. S.C.T. at New Paltz. Junior High English ll 121 FOCUIW JOHN STAHLBERGER, B.A., MA. BGYESJ, American History ROBERT STEARNS, BS., NLS. Syra cuse, Business JULIA STEVENS, BS., SCI. at New PaItzp N.Y.S.C.T, at AIbany5 CoIum- bia, Junior High Mathematics JOHN STEWART, B.S., M.A., SCT. at Oswegog Columbia, Industrial Ed- ucation MARION SWAN B.A, MddIebury N,Y,U,, Larin I x f - f no 0- YJ X? I MAX F, ARNOLD, Band SIC., Co Lmbia, Junior High FJWVJ GABRIEL E, DEEB, 5.5. MAA rw, LELA TRAVER, B.A., N.Y.S.C.T. at AI- bcnyi S.C.T. of New PaItzg Oneonta NormaIp N.Y.U., Junior High WILLIAM TRIPP, B,S.,,S.C.T. ai New Paltz, Junior High Science and Math- emaiicsg Driving LORNA VAN ORDEN, B.S., M.A. RusselI Sageg N.Y.U., Home Econ- omics MARGARET MARY WALSH, PMB. Coilege of Mount Saint Vincentg Fordham English A WILLIAM WIZEMAN, N.Y.S. C.T,, at Barfalo, lndusfrial Ads and Driving ali, 5.- ,Q ,,,--2 -f i-L .., -1 ir.-v A -Y f il - ..-Q -. ,, 1 'git-'il'-"'2:'+f -J' 'Zig -' 1 if ' - -it . 79? - F 9":'A 1- ---4 , Q ::'i+ . .95- f-ff, - ' Q W N- W- 2 D x GQ Ag 1' 'V g .ZW 7 Z H , 3 -434.16 r ,A , Q- Q2 .,, 51:3 V, , -' v , C: - Y ix -, , , , , K A . '- ' 'F , 4-H -2 A ,Y ' ' 9 - f- .2 ,J ..,, K, M . Wx '-1' ff - f J V X ,,, SIG S in is Em.. 'Lin 35' -'?T 1- QI. g,M .Qs f 5 f y I, 3 - i-T " Nf- F""" L:-: -'F -5, fl-W ---, :.:1,'2,AA,.,,g,,.Y i-A -Eglin U 7..l X- x -::i-:4.--ff- .1-.,-1 ' 7 -fm? W ' , f--E,,.--2- -I 1 , ,'4Q - gnk I '.j k A -'ii?T4' A I ' , K vs- lv F - ---,,. "--X-A.. rj-'-ix-Y- Sem lor Advise rs Fisher, Mr, Folster The complelion of four years of high school would noi have been a++ained wilhouf fhe advice and underslariding of Miss Sophie Reufenauer and Mr. Kennefh Folsfer, our class advisers. They have willingly devofed much lhoughl as well as 'rime +0 our problems. Because of lhis, we shall be forever gra+eful fo lhem. if M ss Reutenauer Front Row, lofi fo right P. Smith. M. J. Cox, B. Sherow. A. Coons, A. Venable, lvalodiciorinnl, D. Maroney lsaluietorienl, J. Miller, B. Reynolds, C. Kennedy, J. Seils. Second Row: D. Maroney, J. Neilson, B, Glick, S. Beddows, E. Martin, l. Johnston, M. Liggera, C. Johns, M. Franke. Third Row: C. Linich, B. Ouimet, S. Nerangis, J. Boles, N. Sliski. J. Gilbert, C. Weiss, W. Hoffman, P. Brady. Fourth Row: R. Palmiter, G. Fisher, C. Hubert, R. Larson, R. Reeber, F. Gerth, R. Jessen. Absent A, Baright, R. Veith. if Q..- W Homer KEY STUDENTS "Many are called, buf few are chosen." This year lhirfy-eighf seniors received Arling+on's highesf scholasfic award, 'lhe honor key. Only 'rhrough hard work and conscienlious sfudy have +hese sfuclenfs been able +o mainfain such consis'ren+ly high marks. Success will come To 'rhese sludenls because +hey have realized early in life 'rhaf "Knowledge is power." The fops-Dot Maroney lsalu- iaforienl, Mr. Storm, and Ann Vonable lvaledicforianl. Missing from above picture- Adelaide Berighf. I5 16 Olhcers Sensor C oss Qllucers w l Sealed Charles Hubert Presldoni Siandung Beverly Reynolds Vrce President Sandra Beddows Secrelary Adelaude Barnght Tron surer Now lhe long awaufed fume has arrnved when we Sensors begun lo remnnusce abou? +he pasf four years These years probably have +he qualury ol sameness io every graduahng class bu+ +o us fhey have been clncferenl' years berfer years-our years Wrfh our growfh we ve wafched Arlmgfon s growlh The changes un us have been refleded nn +he changes here af school Somehmes The fhoughl of leavnnq ihrs place malres us afraud fhrs IS where we have been faughf guuded and hnally molded rnfo whai we hope can be classuhed as adulls We can be lusfly proud of our class and whaf N has achneved We can boasr of many fnrsfs As a class we are fhe firsf sensors 'lo enloy fhe benehfs of 'rhe new addnhon and +he varuous changes an fhe school We canf help buf pomr wrfh prude fo our two sfars Ann Venable our T V hrs? and Irene Johnsfon who was responsuble for fhe fund druve fhar enabled us fo adopf Korean war orphan for a year We also deem If an honor 'ro have fhe greafesf number of honor lcey sfudenfs of any qraduahng class from Arlangfon Q cal, , " -0 1 - Q " ' ll If if Al 3 . l"Vl I I lf, y f ' !. 'I " ff if ,A 1 f' f, f' 'l"',"'r Ky Y YYYV r Y r Mylan :smug 5 : l ' ' : . l ' - ' l- l l ' ' l lf ' ' I . l . H H 6 I 1 The Admiral surveying his crew-Wilson Miller. JOSEPH AGUADO EROLYN ANDREWS Inky . ' f ' rv ' ' Wkff 6, .' ef Y f MAUREEN ANTHONY of 5 Mickey Soccer Manager ' 73:7 ,ff gk, 'B Vx' , - . 1 I ' 1- J ' -xy' 'KDE GHT , of 1""ds- J GIrli,BasL1gfbaIl, I, 2 fgweerl 'cl' . V,. 35 Varsity. 4: fffb rusulj 3, 4' ebate, 2, , .O.. 3, 45 Vece-President, T I' 4' , 4, Co-Chairman, 3: Soccer, I, 2, 3: Voileybally I, t f f earbook, 4: Class Treasurer. 4. I 4- , ' 41' ' A f RONALDBECK j444,4d Som, ,,.1 ' Tqf Basebai' J. V., I, 2,4yvs1fy tball. J, V., I 2: Var, sity, 3, 42 ffwframurak, I, 2, 3, Pryyrfvfgadyin 3, A' SANDRA Beooows sandy Arkvnqtcwan, I 2, 3, 4, Dramatncs, 2: Prom, 3, 4, Yearbook, 4, Claes Treasurer, 3, Cass Secretary, 4. CLAUDE BENSON Henry Hawk Conservatvsn Oub, 3, WeWare Squad, T, 2g Footbafl Man- ager, 1: Basketbafl Manager, I. JOHN BOLES John Band, 1,241 Radwo Club, 4. i171 RX Q 1-mai -Al r sv, M 430?"""5' Y Loolung for someihlng7-Jody Fisher Nancy 1 'wt' SE' 1 1-Q Z i PAULINE BOWER Paullne rs asketba '- ru arnatcs Pro r a! c e a ap arn 3 er are uad I PAUL BRADY Nelson ate I 2 3 4 Treasurer 3 Vce Presdent 4 Dramar V Ll' T 4 Track 1 Yearbook 4 Phoioqraphy Ed tor YVONNE BRUSGUL Vonny A rngtonran 2 Dramatlcs 2 3 Prom 3 BARBARA BUDD Babb: rnqtoman 2 ketbaN I 2 3 Honor Squad 2 C eer FQJ V W aders Cub Ho tan a a 3 Honor uad 1 W L. d Class Se CHERRY ANN BUDD Ca r s Basketball 2 Debate 2 3 4 Correspondnng Secre r 4 rarnatrcs 4 Tlwespuan So r P So? bel! 3 DONALD BURNS on no 1 r r Pro 53 ma UG VIL T rc es! w LOIS BUTLER ar-nat fn RICHARD CARY Duc eba c rn s 3 r m In r c Y r 4 Rng Ccrnmtee 45 Q """- : I 5 -, .... ' ' 'K ---- R .ra 'za .A -T"- .X Ni Q Ei '2 L X ' X Z 5 5. s fs I af . ,fgr I 'Avy' 3 G1 B I 2 35 C5c 5. 4, Dr r , 3, 4, rn, 3 , I 'X L V J I- 45 Sccce, 35 Scftb ', 35 V lyb r. 2, 35 C t , 5 W '- 'f- '- f Sq , , 2. as f' ' ' ' ' Deb .,.. 5 . 5 1 - I 5 tts, 3, 45 G.O., 2, Int am ' ak, T5 P cm,3,45Ted1C1ub, I, 2 3, 1 0 ' rl , 5 , , 5 X I 5, 33' ,Q L ' Ari , 5 Bas , , , 5 , 5 h - r Y leadr5 , ., I, 25 Vars ty, 3, 45 Dramatics, 3, 45 G.O., 1, V jf X 25 Le ' Y , 3, 45 Soccer, 1, 2. 35 nor Squad, 1, 2. 9 3, Cap 5, 3, sorta ru, 1, 3, voweyb 15, 1, 2, , Sq , , 2, 35 elfare Sq 'a , I, 25 cretary, Y. 2. Q . E b Gr' 5 5 5 5 5 5 ' - ta y, 5 D ' , I 2, 3, 5 ' cetyg rom, 3, 45 f 5 . ' 'B ' 17' '5 D 5 Ba 5' 2, 3 45 Chorus, 4: Int arnu ak, 1, 2, m. 3. 45 ' 1 Ch rf f nf Ord-es ard Erftertarnrne , 3, 45 rack, 35 ' 4, O F- ra 3 45 S mg Band, 1, 2, 3, 4. Dr rcs 3, 4, Pro 3 4, Sczcer 1. ' K ga Bas J. V,, 2, Fotba J, V., W5 lntra -ra' 5 Pc , , 3, 4 Radu C -b 3, ea book, 5 . -t . 3, ,- , lf1'f s, 5' 33,5 . ' ' I ln A 'A ao' STEPHEN CICMAN SUNG BARBARA CONKLIN Barb Gus Basketball l, 2, 3: Cborus, l. 2, 3, 4: Dramatrcs, 3, 4: G,O, 3: Sclnool Handbook: Prom, 3, 4: Soccer, I, 2, 3, Captaun, 3: Softball 3: Volleyball, 2, 3: Welfare Squad. 2. CARLTON CONKLIN Conk Band, l: Football, J, V., 4: F.F,A., l, 2, 3, 45 Vice-Pres, Of ColumbiafDutcl'xess F.F.A.: lntramurals, 2, 3. ANITA COONS Nita Archery, 2, 3: Arllngtoman, 3, 4: Band, lg Grrls Basketball, I, 2, 3: Captain, 3: Chorus, 2, 3, 4: Debate, 3, Dramatrcs, 3, 4: Soccer, l, 2, 3: Softball, l, 2, 3, Honor Squad, 3: Volleyball, l, 2, 3: Welfare Squad, 3: Yearbook, 4. LILLIAN COTE Cl'1orus,4: Prom, 3, 45 Welfare Squad, 4. MARY JANE COX Lolly Arlmgtonian, 3, 4: Girls Basketball. 3: Chorus, 3: Drarnatics. 2, 3, 4: French Club, 2: Library Club. 2: Prom, 3, 4: SOCCSY: 3, Softball, 3: Volleyball, 35 Welfare Squad, l, 2, 3: Year- book, 4. RAYMOND CROSS. JR. R-Y Conservatuon Club, 3, 4: F.F.A., 3: Stamp Club, l, ARLENE CRUM Basketball l, 2, 3, 4: Chorus l: Lubrary Club l, 2, 3, 4: Treasurer 3: Soccer l, 2. 3: Softball l, 2, 3, 42 Volleyball l, 2. 3. U91 rr, , A X xx, I Alphabet Sou p-John Boles t -. s I eva X XX 1 l L 1 A ff dl J "l have to leave for e few minuies. I Qrusi thai you will behave yourselves." S. Cicman, V. Brusgul Q f 'D H 10' J' , A ge. W t s, x .- ,gf 1 16? W ' ' .35.iA A v 5 Q 3 'A A 2 -, -:P U , sg x Q f A' ' ,XI ALAN onvme Andy f 4 9 4' .I 5 Y .P xfl is I .gl A I I fp , V Q... I 6 ' DOROTHY DUCLOS Midget We :are Squad, I, 2 3. DONALD EAGEN Don FoctbaII, J.V., 3, Varswtf 4, Intrarmra s 2, 3. SIMON ENNIS Cross Country 2, 35 FFA, I, 2. 3 4 Servtwnezg lmtramarafg 2, 3. 11 3 ' DA, As' 4' I , .MARILYN ESTES . ' 1 Gjds BasImetbfaII, 2, 3, Debate, I, 2, Dramatms. 3, 4: I, Prom, 3, 4: Decoratwons Clwawrman 3, Soccer, I 2 3, Soft- GO.. . I b5II, I, 2, 35 VcII6ybaII, 2, Wefare Squad I, 2, Yearbcok Old Faiihful--Audrey Wissoman 5 'i I za I T. N., I KENNETH EUELL Rock , BaskeibaII, J,V., I, Fo0tba3I, J.V., I, 2, Intramurah, I 2 I Track, I, 2. J RICHARD FENWICK Moe A BasIretbaII, J.V,. 2, Chess Cfub I, 25 Imtrarm1raI5, I, Pfam 4. 12 X O .3 1 I K' GEORGE FISHER Jodie 1 1,4 Cross Couniry 2 3, 4, FootIDaII, J.V., I, G,O. 4, Intramara 5, , S fi: I, 2, 3, Prom, 3 4, Track. I, 2. 3 4, Winter Trai 3 A N 4g J.V,, Track, I, SI' MARGARET FRANKE Chorus, 45 Dramatfcs, 45 Lubrary Club, 3, 4: WeIIare Squad, 4: Yearbook, 4: Orchestra, 3, 4. I213 Rembrandt II-Paul Schick 9 S -Q' 57 ff it I 3 5 fl . lf 'f 9 2 t I J gov' . :I , , Q ' Q-xg , -.nv ' air- X 2 .Q I 1 1 4 s 'Z , I W I ANGELA FRIEL Angie Arlinqtonran, 2, 4: Basketball, I, 2, 3, 4: Dramatrcs, 3, 45 Library Club. I, Prom. 3, 4: Soccer, I, 2, 3: Softball, I. 2, 3, 4: Volleyball, I, 2, 3, 4: Captaun, 3, Welfare Squad, 2, 3, 4: President 4: Yearbook, 4: Co-Charrrnan, Business Statt. PATRICIA FROEHLING Pat Basketball, 3: Chorus 3: Debate, 2, 3, N. F, L.. 2, 3. 4: Dramatics. I, 2, 3, 4: Thespian. 3. 4: French Club, I, Library Club, I, 2: Prom, 3, 4: Soccer, 3: Softball, 3 4, Wellare Squad. 3: Yearbook, 4. FRED GERTH Baseball, J.V., 3: Intramurals, I, 2, 32 Softball, I, 2: Tra:k, 3: Yearbook, 4. ANITA GILBERT Chef'-15' 1.2. 3.4: Debate 2: Library Club, 2. 3, JACK GILBERT Radno Club, 4: Softball I, 2. BEVERLY GLICK BUY Prom, 3, 4: Chairman, Chaperone Commrttee. 3: Yearbook, 4. JOHN GUILFOIL Speed Basketball, J,V., 2: Varsrty, 3, 4, Cross Country. If FCOtl36ll. J,V,, 25 Varslty, 35 Prom 3. 4: Track I 2, 3. 4. Charlie CHARLES HAIGHT Intramurals I, 2. I-221 1 0 i Q ? Mi,-ec , if'-"r. . ,. :ix J 2 I ELEANOR HAJOS Ellev Ahngtcnran 2, 3, 4: Banking l. 2 3 4, Basketball, 2, 42 Prom, 3 4, Soccer I, 2. 3: Hcrcr Squad, 3, We fare Squad, 1, 25 Yearbook, 4. DOLORES HARRIS Ginger SAM UEL HEWLETT Sam Baseball, Varsity, lg F. F. A., I, 2, 3, 45 Sentmal, Secretary, President. WILLIAM HOFFMAN gm PATRICIA HOOLIHAN PM Basketball, lg Prom, 45 Soccer, l, 2: Softball, 1.2, MARY HOWELL Baskefball, 32 Honor Squad, 35 G, O.. 2, 35 Lnbrary Club, l Prom, 3, 4: Soccer, l, 3: Honor Squad, 37 Softball, l. 3: Volleyball, l, 35 Welfare Squad, I, 2, 3. CHARLES HUBERT Chas Debate lj Intramurals, Ip Prorn, 3, 4, Raduo Club, 3: leclv Club, 1. 2, 3, 4, Track, 1, 4, Yearbook, 45 Class Presldent 4. JOHN ISBERIAN Big Jawn "Eh, Cumpari"-Terry Dakin, Don Eagan if Baseball, J.V., lg Football J.V,, lg Prom, 3, 47 Track, l, 6 U51 E A ,,g- f,"14',,2'1' ,M:5,::,4 Mlfiii, t nn , 1' H , ral lff' 3 L- .mx ,rf K lfflllll 15 405 '51 n--3 rf' 1 f -I X, Who's talking 7"-Don Burns 2 i '- l 3 a,- 4, . ' l 4 ,P ,1 5, 'al' . 1 1 A A l 3 I .--"""' ' , 1 -1 ' 4 'I ,P ROBERT JACOBY Bob Conservation Club 25 F.F.A. 4, ROBERT JESSEN Bo Arlingtonian, 45 Cross Country, 45 Debate. 1, 2, 3, 45 Dra matics, 3, 45 Football Varsity, 1, Manager, Prom, 3, 4 Photography. 1. 25 Tech Club, 1, 2, 3, 45 Track, 2, Manager Yearbook, 4, Edutomn-chief5 NNF. L., 1, 2, 3, 45 Thes plans 4. N 1 , X L - P V .5 I H XV' -V '2 x CYNTII-11-A Jesiuv -Q , A " candy Arlingtonianf' 15 'Girls 'Besketballf lglrfheerleading, J.V., 25 Ufamatics, 1, 2, 3,145 Pro , 5, 45 S'bccefrN15 Volleyball, lg Welfgro Squad 2:,Y6erbc-QE 4. , v ., ' 'J . f ' X K. ROBERT Jessur' Bob F. F. A., 3. 4. CONSTANCE JOHNS Connie Band. 15 Debate. 2, 45 Dramatics, 2.4. IRENE JOHNSTON Sunshine Chorus 45 Dramatics 3, 45 GO, 45 Prom 3, 45 Co-Chairman 41 Yearbook 4, Assistant Edltor. WILLIAM JONES gm J.V. Football 1, 2, 3: Varsity 45 Intramurals 2. 35 Track 1, 2, 3, 4. SAUL KA1ZowlTz Kmv Band 1, 2, 3, 45 lntramurals 15 Prom 45 Rowing 1, 2. mi 'Ss .H 'Eff ff x. CATHERINE KENNEDY Ceihy r nqtoman 1 bal 2 3 Honor Squa Cheereadrng JV 3 Captaxn 3 Varsnty 4 Dramatwcs 2 Lea ers Cub 3 4 Lubrary Club 1 Prom 3 4 Soccer So bal 3 Captam 3 Vo leyball 1 3 Welfare Squad 1 Class treasurer 1 2 JANET KNAPP an etball 1 H d r s CS 1 om 3 S er 2 Soft 1 Volleyb 3 Wal fare Squad 1 2 3 Yearbook 4 VERNA KNOX Boop rnngtonuan 4 Dramatlcs 3 L rary Club l 2 4 Pres 4 Prom3 4 Welfare Squad 2 EILEEN KOPSER Ginny Dramatvcs 2 Lubrary Club 1 2 3 4 Yearbook 4 NILS ROBERT LARSON o Basketball J V 1 2 G O 2 Yearbook4 BEVERLY LEO ev ungtonnan 2 Basketball 3 Chorus 1 Lubrar C Honor Squad 2 Volleyball 1 2 3 Welfare Squad 1 2 MARIE LIGGERA Marne mgtoman 1 2 Dra 1 4 Prom 3 4 Soc o e a 1 3 Yearbook 4 Class Vuce Preslden CARL LINICH B-9 Carl O ball JV 1 I PVO 4 Tfd 4 Yearbook 4 Art Editor 25 Tho Jones Boy Cf' 1' rj? 25 'E7 ----nv I A1, ' ,2p Basket 1 1. , 5 d 2. 3: l . . 1 ' : ' 2 ' . 3: d ' 1 . 9 ' 1 , 1 I, 25 li 1 , ' 2 1 , J . 2: J ll 'I Bask , 2, 35 onor Squa 25 Clwo u 1, 2, 35 .O. , 2: Pr ,4g occ 1, 5 ball 5 all 2, 5 - A lv A 2 ' 5 ib , , 3, g Vice- 541 A 1 , K X B b , if' . 1 1 B Arl' ' 5 5 , 25 ' y lub 1, ,.-sf V' '. 25 Prom 3, 45 Soccer 1, 3, Honor Squad 35 Softball 2, 3, 'I I ' 1 z ..: .. ,xv P , I ' 1 l Arl' , ,3, 4: matcs 3, 5 . 2 cer 3 9 1,2.3gVllybll,g 5 '- ' t3. C V ' , vi xl, . Poi . . . 2: Varsty 3, 4: ffl 3, I Cl! 1, 2' 3- I O ' AQ ? I ' ' Vg- J .. l fl E A s'-e a . 'fl 'f Some party last night!-Carol Michaelis. Joan Page, Esther Speclrsnbach TID: . 'fa A " 9 .J t:-.xv , 4 gd GEORGE LOCHNER Conservation 3, 4. EDWARD LOWERY Chess Club 25 Library Club I, ROBERT LUHMANN Bob Conservation Club 3, 45 Golf 3. FREDRICK MAC ISAAC Fred Baseball J. V. 1, 2, Varsity 3, 5 oo J. V. 1, 2, 3. Varsity 4g G. O. 1, 2, reas WI C I Bill A f. Vi s' n 5 Baseball, arsity 4: Football J. V. 1, 2, p rsity 3, 4. Captain 45 lntramurals l, 2, 3. 5 ck , 3, 4. PATRICK MANNING Pat Baseball, Varsity 4: Cross Country 3, 4g lntramurals 2. 3: Radio Club 45 Tracll 2, 3.4. JOHN MARIAN JANET MARIHEW Jan Basketball 3: Chorus 2. 3, 45 Dramatics 4: Library Club 3. 4, Prom 3, 4. i263 , ,lv fe A l ,lt 5 DORIS MARONEY Dorie rr-gtonlan I, 2, 3, 4 Edltcr- nfclmef 4, Basketball l, 2, 3: nor Squad I, 2, 35 GO. 35 Leaders' Club 3, 45 Prom 3 4 Soccer l, 2 3 Hcrcr Squad 2, 3, Sottball l. 2. Honor ad I 2, Vo eyba I 2, 3. Honor Squad l, 2 3, Captam Yearbcnlr 4. DOROTHY MARONEY Dot Arirngtonian I. 2 3, 45 Basketball l, 2, 3. Captaun 35 Leaders' Club 3 45 Prom 3, 4: Soccer I, 2. 3, Honor Squad l, 3: Softball I, 2. 35 Volleyball I, 2, 35 Welfare Squad I5 Yearbook 4. EVELYN MARTIN Arllnqtonlan 2, 3, 45 Basketball l, 2, 3: Clleerleadung J. V. I, Varsity 2, 3. 4 Co-Captain 3, Prom 3, 45 Soccer I, 3, Soltball I. 2, 3. Honor Squad 2 3: Volleyball I, 2, 3, 4, Honor Squad 35 Yearbook 4. NANCY MCKENNA Nance Basketball I, 2, 3, Honor Squad 2. 35 Dramatics 45 Leaders' Club 3, 45 Prom 3, 45 Soccer l. 3. Honor Squad 1,35 Softball l, 3, Captarn 3, Honor Squad I, 35 Volleyball I, 2, 3, Honor Squad I. 2, 3: Welfare Squad I, 2. CAROL MICHAELIS Mike Arclwery 35 Band l, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 3, 45 Clworus I, 2, 3. 45 Leaders' Club 3. 45 Soccer 2. 3, 4, Honor Squad 2, 35 Softball 2, 3. 4. Honor Sqllad 25 Volleyball l, 2, 3, 4. Honor Squad 2, 35 Yearbook 4. JOAN MILLER DoII Band Twurllng lg Banking 2, 3, 45 Chorus I. WILSON MILLER Basketball J. V, 2. Varsity 3, 45 Baseball J. V. I, 2, Varslty 3, 4: Football J. V. 2, Varsuty 3, 45 GO. President 45 Intra- murals l. PETER MILLETT PGN Conservation Club 3, 4, Cross Country 25 Intramurals 2. 3: Photography 2: Track 2. T273 Autographs? Mary HOWOII 1 Ig n 1501! U!- 1 YQ' , F fs. Lv Ql i EARL MISNER lm B etball J V 3 Basketball Vars ty 4 Cross Country 2 3 o ball J V I ack ALAN MORRIS Arl ngtoman I Football Manager I JAMES MOYSEY lm ross Country 2 3 ramurals 3 dro Club 4 eas 3 res mp Club I ck JANET MUMFORD Mumf Band 4 Dramahcs 4 Prom 4 Yearbook 4 HELENE NASOFF as etball 3 Damatucs 2 3 r m 4 Socc r Yearbook 4 JOYCE NEILSON 2 Prom 3 4 Yearbook 4 Co edetor Business Staff NANCY NELSON Bonnue Prom 4 Soccer3 V 'eyball 3 Yearbook 4 ROBERT NELSON Ne s s etba J V arsty 4 bal 3 t Iniramufal 28 " SI' 1' ask . . 5 I 5 , 5 qv Fat .,,T. I,2,3. A i ' 5 . J. D C , 5 Int 5 Ra' 3, ,Se:. ' Tr . , P . 4: Sta : Tre I. 2. 3. 4. x O . ' .gg 3 L "sr", ' . , ' 'S 'II h 7 I I I ' B li J V ' . . 4: Po 3, 5 e 35 Q 'Q 1,14 ' Arlingtonian I, 2, 3, 4, News Editor 3. 4, .Chorus Ip Debate I 2 : o' 2 . - ' ' -as A . ' Q ' Bak I3 . .2,3,Vr ,Foot lJ.V. ,Varsvy-4: .-- . A c I. V A 3-'ig .1 S I I 7 I say " 5' ' , ' SPIRIDON NERANGIS Don Arlinqtonian 4, Cross Country 1 2, 35 Track 1. 4. ROBERT OSTERHOUDT Bob Library Club 1, 3,45 Yearbook 1, BERNARD OUIMET Bernie Banking 3, 45 Yearbook 4. DIANE PADDOCK Basketball 35 Prom 35 Softball 35 Volleyball 2, 3. HENRY PAGE Hank Conservation Club 3. 45 Yearbook 1. JOAN PAGE Joqnie Arclwery 3, 45 Arlinqtonian 1, 2, 3, 45 Dramatics 3, 45 Prom 3, 45 Soccer 15 Yearbook 4. RUSSELL PALMITER Russ Basketball J, V. 35 Cross Country 2, 3, 4, Captain 3, 45 Prom 3, 4, Co-chairman 35 Teclw Club 2, 3, 45 Track 1, 2, 3, 42 Class President 2. LOUIS PANARELLO Slugger Baseba J. V. 37 Chorus 4: Conservation Club 2, 3. 45 G. O. 15 Intrarnuras 25 Sottbazl 1, 2. Captain 15 We fare Squad 2. 1291 U' .rr X No, you can't take it with you.-Lillian Cote Dianna Wright I ,V L ,f 'C' ' 7, A ' Q N t Ry . y H L 5 . f ff if "' - 5. .4' l . f + 5 2 Ji' y ' 1 1 , x l 1 , . 'i 1 No' 'T lx f That cen't be hue."- I7 -:La 'Ct? M Doris Maronay 'R S- 50? 'r-I. I If, 4' If eqaksx QI I. X' -'R I MN! 511 -ag-.' . 2 WILLIAM PAQUET gm Arlmgtcrwarw I: Corwservatrorv C Lb 3, 45 Track 2. LOIS PHILLIPS Arrmqtonuan 45 Prom 45 Soccer I, 25 Softbau I, 25 VoI baII I, 45 We fare Squad 2, 35 Yearbook 4. K NANCY PLASS Dramatics 45 Library CIub I, 2, 3, 45 Welfare Squad 3, 4. JANE RAMSAY Janie Basketbah 3: Chorus 41 Leaders' CIub 45 Prom 45 Soccer 35 Softball 35 Orchestra 2, 3, 4, RUTH REDL Cheedeadxng J. V. 2 3, Co-captarn 35 Chorus I5 Prom 35 Soccer I, 25 Welfare Squad 2. ROBERT REEBER Bob Arhngtomarw 35 Cross Country 2, 3, 45 Intramurals 35 Tech CIub 2,3 45 GOII 3, 45 Wrnier Track 2. BEVERLY REYNOLDS Bev Arrngtcrw an I, 2, 3, 4, Feature Edtcr 3 45 Basketba-I I, 2: Crcrus I, Debate 25 Dramatwcs 3, 4, Prom 3 45 Soccer I 27 Vc eyba' 2, 35 Yearbcck 4: C'ass Vce-Presdent 4. WILLIAM RUDLOFF Rudy Ba"d I 2 3 45 Ccons I, 2. U01 The President and hu: accomplncos -C Huberi D. Fenwick, R. Larson S Nerangus xp'-V x I 0"'!ia I kr ,ns 16 ' vkh' I Nw 1 4 ' V' 5.-IN 5 if R I CLIFTON SMITH Duce rack I sebal J V 3 VUYSIIY 4 lntrarnur ack PATRICIA SMITH a Attenhon please Ann Venabla nqton PI 2 3 nor Squad 3 CII erlead ng J V 2 Ity 4 tam 4 GO ers ula Pr m Soccer 3 I-lon r S S ball 2 3 Hono S Vol eyball I 2 3 4 Honor Squad I 2 3 Yearboo retary 4 Class Secretary 3 RONALD SMITH Smlffy Conservahon 4 RddIO Club 3 Track I RICHARD SNYDER D.: etball J V 2 3 ars ty 4 Baseball J V Football V 2 GO 3 Intramurals ESTH ER SPECKENBACH m r 3 Soft a 2 3 Volley a 2 3 4 Yearbook 4 fi "" PHILIP SPENCER Poay s etbal J V 4 Base 2 lntramur Prom 3 4 Track 3 4 THOMAS SUTHERLAND Tom A Pres dert 4 Basketba 3 Varsty 3 Fo ba r I rag ,,, MARILYN su1ToN I. rama 3 4 We Iare Squa 42 2 I 3: T ,2, 3. Ba I , . I3 FootbalI J, V. 2. , ' 1 als 3: Tr I, 2, 3. P I . ., - Afll I , , 45 Banking I, 2, 3, 45 Basketball I, 2, 3, ' ' I-IO, 5 e I . . 7 Vars' 3, Co' cap ' 5 . . I5 Lead ' Cl 3, 4: o 3, 45 I. 2, , 0 quad 35 oft I, , . r quad 1.2, 35 I ,,,. , , 2 k Sec, F! I 2 - If . 3 at . ' k li! Bask ..,, V I 5 5 51, 25 5 I J. . 5 . . , I. Esi Arlingtonian I, 2. 3, 45 Basketball 35 Chorus I, 25 Dramatics 3, 45 Pro 3, 4: Socce I, 2, 5 b ll , 5 b ll I. . 1 ,IX I .Q -,S Bak . . 2, VarsIty 3, 5 ball 5 als I: I Q -,- , 5 . . A.A. . I I 5 I 45 ci ll V. I 2, Va sky 3 4, Co-Captam 45 lntrarnarals 25 T k I, 2, 3. 4. or 35 M, St U Y sy 4, D IIS J LIb'ar, I 3 5 I d 35 .vfil T. ,I L5 V ,: 1 I-L, 4 . 2.1 f .1 y -f,,3f':g A V I A-4 fi -1 Q . ' JOYCE SWENSEN Library Clab 2. MARY ANN URBAN Aningtonian 2, 41 Basketba: I, 2, 3: Dramatics 2, 3, 4, Leaders' Club 3, 45 Library C ub lg Prom 3, 4, Soccer Honor Squad 2, 3g Sottbaii, Honor Squad 2, 3: Voiieybail 1, 2, 3, Weitere Squad 2, 35 Yearbook 4. ROBERT VEITH ANN VENABLE Arlingtonian 4, Debate 2, 3, 45 Dramatics 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres- ident 45 Prom 3, 4g Yearbook 4, Literary Editor. FLORENCE VESPA Flo Basketbail 1, 2, 3, Honor Squad I, 2, 3: Cheerleading J. V. I, Varsity 2, 4, Leaders' Club 3, 4g Prom 4, Soccer 1, 2, 3, Honor Squad 3, Sottbaii 1, 2, 3, Honor Squad 2, 3, Vo5iey- bail I, 2.3, Honor Squad 2, 37 Yearbook 4. FRANCIS VOLNICK Conservation Ciub 3, 4. GEORGE WADE Class President ip Vice President 25 Basketbaii J. V. 3, Var- sity 4, Basebaii J. V. I, 2 Varsaty 45 GO. i, 25 lntramurais 15 Prom 3, 45 Yearbook 4, Treasurer. JANE WASHBURN Skipper Archery 3g Arlinqtonian I, 25 Prom 4: Yearbook 4. 33 Three man in a tub.-Pat Froohling, Lolly Cox, Anita Coons T239 KW ' :ig ,l f N L 3 W1 ,y 5 , L I W4-v , 4- ll Q EUZABETH wsrwenr amy . Baslcetba- W 3: Cher-: 1. 2, 3 4, Vfjleyba 1, Wefafe Sqdgd 3, 4, 4 's' "' 1 Apple polishing?-Alan Divine Y -I 1 lx MV WU . , Q J . yi bf ' ,1- CHARLES WEISS Chorus I1 2? Debdfe 2. 45 lnifamura-s 13 Lrbrary Cub I 2 r xg by U V I jf JY ' sr Y M3 4 .f ,J Q 1. 3 1' J Y' msewelss Tiers G.O. 45 Prom 3. RICHARD WESTCOTT W6SfY Bcsketbalh Varsity 3, 45 Baseball Varsity 4: FootbaiN J. V. 2, Varsity 4. FRED WHITE Whitey sketball J. V, 2g Footbail J. V, 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4, Intra- murafs 3, A 3 NANCY WHITE Nance Chorus I, Lrbrary Cyb 1, 2, Soccer 3, Manager 3: VCJGY' bell 25 Jr. Red Cross 4. MICHAEL WHITELEY Basketball J. V. 2g Ceptaw 2, Baske1bcr4, Varsity 3. 4: Fod- balN J. V. 2, Varsrty 3, 4, Track1 2, 3, 4. AUDREY WISSEMAN Arierie Band 2, 3, 45 Crvons I, 2, 3, 45 Prom 3 4: Yearbcck 4: Orchestra 4, U41 L. r 5 1: 1- T DIANNA WRIGHT Termvie 'wqton an 1 as e be ee 4 r er V e 3 Honor Squad 1 2 3 Yearbook 4 JOHN ZAMMIELLO Zabo Conservest cn C' b 3 4 Footba J Must be ouf of gas Ronald Smufh Mr Tnpp WILLIAM ZELLER Cross Country 4 Row ng Varsrty 3 4 Q CAMERA ss-LY LE,-AND DWGEE ROBERT HORNICK HELEN GILLEO CLARA KEY LAURENCE HEALY HELEN NORTHRUP Las A A . 5 I! . AHF, 9 g B kt M 1, 35 L defa' Cqb 3 5 Pom 3, 4g Socc 1, 2 3, HCPCF Sqoad I 2 3: Q" yba?' I, 2 L Lu , 2 15 . 1 f X A " Bill 1 i , V , 4' , 37g MEMORY 361 , a ,,,F'y ks, Cherry Ann Budd, Barbara Budd ' Pleasant Valley-Second Grade ' 7 Anita Coons, Flo Vespa, Barbara Budd A V A g z Birthday Party Evelyn Martin, Janet Soils, Cynthia Jessup 4 ,yu Y A A alba .I Q-9 'Qs LANE 1 if L4 i f N, 's ' . V' I 6 ir' .ff li' vt I n. . It 1 - isis? . Way back in Sevenlll Grade Down in fha Valley May Day Caremonias Miss Pl-ialan's Prize Pupils Fukura Graduates wi Angle Frlel Don Eagan Best School Spirit Barbara Budd, Andy Divine Q DAVEY JONES' Most Likely io Succeed Paul Brady, Ann VenabIe Friendliesf Don Burns, Irene Johnston Mask Varsafile Rust Palmuter Bev Re n I LGCKER I I ,s f I . 1 31:9 ned fi Most Sophisticaied Marie Liggera, Bob Jessen Best Looking Mcfy I-IoweII, Rusty Palmiter wlftIOSf BMI Mackey, Lolly Co, Mosi Sincere Bob Larson, Irene Johnston I I39 -x 4, Q. l i "Smile, pleese."+1ene Washburn . err v ' M33 , FQ I Q42 3 f 1 Y And ihefs no bull.-Fred Scorelicl D39 l? Don'Q ge! pushed!-Janet Merilwew, Jane Ramsay "Girl on roller coesler" played by Lolly Cox fl O ffl G S N01 Remember Chase posters?-Irene Jolmslon 'IW .- ' Q..- 'L"'e-l I ppl 1 ' ,li auf' Let there be music. ww gl' I fs?kAlf Q if 15-X At the beginning of the week I had sixieen copies of Newsweek. lf seems that . . ."-Mr. Sialwlberger ,Qu "Hey, look-Hoi lunches!" -'fl' .1 "Lo!'s show 'em whei siuff we're made of on Friday mght!"-Coach Jordan and fooiball ham Thou lui minuhx after Un danco-Miss Route- nuuer, Judy Perkins Peek-a-boo-Pauline Bower, Lois Butlgr Community farming-Donald Traver and Dave Sleigh! , f 'x 'X .hyxwz ft w- ski Don Burns and Irene Johnston. queen of ine Coronaiion Ball. ,. . -'fs ' , 4 Senior Prom December l9f V953 At last-Uwe big night. SENIOR PROM CHAlRMEN-Seated: Barbara B.dd Aadrey Wsseman, Jane Ramsay Bevefy Reynolds. Standing: Richard Srlvernai, Janet Knapp, Eve yn Marte Rflward Carytllorrald Barns George Wade Irene Jolinstcr. 5.1.01-Jigs: 1, 4 ?'f" I nf ,Ji y . 5 I l 17 U Oli ,ph if fx' , G mn if 'G "Adelaide, you're not lisien- ing!" Adelaide Bariglwi and Phil Spencer. Coronation Eve-Alan Divine, Dick Cary Bill Rudloff, lrene Jolinsion. -..., , A f ' v ' 'f I 0.1! ,422 ' ff,1,, 5 ,L-Q -m"lIl ""'1M l I Q I 1..f ,Q - I U " 1 'I 4 Z'-1 I Lb. x .x Q11 1 ' 1' ' I V Y l 7,17 fl u I, I I 4 " ' ,dl 1 I 1, If I li' ' 'ix ff a1w7,f,,.., 4.1 pil ,n f ns' 1' I ll f vwf af- s f nf. ' - f 1 X-,ll1...f - 241-S-!,,glWA::,, 2 . , - -Y. -' r --22.1 ' .7 1 44' I , . Zig- ,...A-, 2:4 N , 'Z --. 2-"""" , 5 i I AY T ff g 5 VY- - l- . ' ' , 1' aiiiiagvi? T-aff -X-1 - -I-Y ,, ,ykiivziia -L44f""'f 5' f fi C, xx FIR TM TES gf X ,V X, 'J' 1 k Kr' 'ff jf I -f' K "K+ f v I, ,gjfig ' fi! ' . ,B .X "M"-nf., V.. 3 . Fronf Row, lefi to right: J. Bwbanl. J. Cross, A. Carborie. B. Fusaro. M. Cory, G. Bradrey, S. Ferris P, Flougrvton, J. Fowler. Second Row: H. Ai'en J. Conkim, R. Claus, D. Brower, G, Carlson, P. Dressier, C. Bircheii, M. L. Conlriin JUNIQR CLASS Junior Class Officers-Dorothy Brower. Treasurerg Brad Lynch Vice-President: Ciwarire Smetana. Presidenig Caro! Johnston Secretary. J What we'd give for just one hot lunch.-Annetfe Briggs Barbara Kufs, and Judy Conklin. I V 1 I IL. ta I ,Q G. Aibertsorw, Third Row: C. Donohue, W. Cooper. H, Elmerl- dori, R. Baizer, E. Bedeil, J. Engeliwerdt, G, Beyer, R, Erett G, DePao'o. Fourih Row: D. Casement, R, Arson, W. Emsire. S. Conners, L, Croll, W, Dow, A, Crotiy, G. Cozino, R. Davis. Front Row, left to right: A. Ghee C, Hoge. C. Havi. A. Hanlramp. Third Row: G. Gotsch. F, Lusito. D. Jones, A, McRtch e. B. Gorton S. Jecquerriard. M. Jung. D. Hott. C. Lane. B. Lowery, N. Meddaugh. R, Hedinger. J. Kempfer, JOh'SfOh. Second Row: M. Marchese. R, Kroil, S, Keenan. Fourth Row: B. Lama. B. Heuver. W. Lane. D. Lochner. B. B. Knts D. lsier. S. Lcveil, R. Katzenellenbogeri. D. King. T. Lynch, L. Hanson, Front Row, loft to right: J. Quist. E. Wirhouski, D, Nichols N. Van de Water, M, Trautwein, S. lvers, B. Seaman. D Parks, I. Zemlce. Second Row: E. Wilson, H. Willis. D, Tur- cotte, M. Ramaqe, C. Ostrander, N. VanLeuven, D. Traver. J. Redl. Third Row: D, Page, C. Smetano. H. Streng. M. Woodhouse. M. DeGroodt. W. Piper, J. Reed, S. Waligore. B. Yemen. Fourth Row: W. Tator. J. Bouloukos. D. Murphy. R. Reis, D. Sleight. J. Moore, R. Storm. D, Truver. wi 1 wlt"""' 11' -' ' r SQPHQMQRE it 5 CLASS Sophomore Class Officers--Gerald Gates, Presidentg Barbara Dexter, Treasurerg Robert Browning, Vice-Pregidentg Nancy Lynch. Secretary. , i ,J Secret informe io .' arinecci, C. Antedominico, J ri J if ,gd , ff 'I l 0 J, f f,,,, J 4 . r J. Senior Front Row. left to right: B, Dulisse, F. Freer, M, Drum, ltllx' Duclqif, Gail! hird Row: G. Gotes, T, Cross, J. Dalriri Fredericlr. A, Corrado, N. Eagen, B. DeForest. M, Engle, B. , D. Mis. J. Dalton, E, Christopher, B. Benjamin, J. Conners Emmett, E, Haight. A. Coddiriqton, J. Billings, M. Br dsl -lB.BBonl:s. B. Dexter, G. Bower, P. Abbate. Fourth Row: D Second Row: V. Hajos, H. Eighmie. G, Blandino, A. Bo ami. . llznher. D, Browne, J. Aquado T. Cool, W. Gillette, G A. Conterino, H. Brown, W. Connor, C. Blalce, R. Batlgn, kai ,Aclren R. Bauer R. Biaich, R, Browning, J. Creger, A 4 l ' Ferra ri. md Tl .Y Front Row, left to right: V. Heal J. Hart, J. Keeber, M. Third Row: J, Malthouse. A. Nazzaro. J. Hanaburgh, B Mal-er. J. Moore, M. Ken D. Horton. A. McLaoghli'i D. Harrison B, Miiler. A. MacAndrews N. Howell, S. Larson Mcysey. D, Harmon, M, Johr-son H, Harer, S. Lelcens. P, King, H, Hoover J. Cline V. McKenna, D, Mclntosh Second Row: R, Key. B. Hcr' cl: R, Myers V. MH: D, Hogan B. Love'e:e B, Marsha' S. Keebler T. Neidhardt R, Browning W. Howell, W, Neilson H. Nelson, J. Miller E, Hart N. Lynch K. Kernmever. M. McCourt J. Moffat. J,Ag1,aclo,S.MacKer1zie.L.Heybru:lr. Fourih Row: C, Lottin, T. Millett W, Marshall, W. Moyer, .Ki Froni Row, left io right: S. Van de Water, B. Williams K. P. Shortell. D. Sleight, C. Trevato. Third Row: J. Travis. Ryan. T. Ulramaanahc, B. Rutbew M. Woodin, P, Whitehead. D, Traver J. Wissernan, D, Wacker, M, Sachter, B, Yerry, M. Odenbor .Tatof G. Rarrwaqe. B. Priest. Second Row: B. Reilly, T, Seils, R, Toth, G. Wilson, D. Tyson, J. Place. M. P'ace. ven V. Russell, M. Shade. J. Sandberg, Fourth Row: R. Rider, T, Rundall, J, Wilde, C. VanVoorhis. M. Slvl, .Pi , Silvernail, M, J. Reed, K. Van Wagner. G, Parlirnan, H. Robinson, K. Robson, R, Place, D. Rugar, T. l Phlilips, J. Zeleznilr, F. Serino, N, Roberltson. r' 7 "' l l 4 pn ' It gg I ff f yffpff 25.4 y QW7 J f Q f 'W ' ' ' b 1 J . 'N I Front Row, left to right: B. L.cas B. Pemieid L, Petty, A. Prokupecl M. oe' B. Magennis. Third Row: R. McClasky Meg'are'e T. Merce' Q M. M 'lard N. Leach E. Mat?-Easerw. B. Miler R. Mackey. P. Maqrwefefha D. McComb. L. Ludo G. L,:as S. M. ett. Se ond Row: L. Primer, M. L. Mowers. vrzr D. Red M. Mack. Fourth Row: E. Phihps C. Pelis. L H. M:Br1de . Made . S. Reqcw. B. Meyers. J. Lutke. J. Lerner. S. Lurwb. C. Ptreter D. McCormick, L. Lipman. - -l',. - R J U J I Front Row, left to right: M. Rermuth E, Priest L. Rcrwlr. J. Row: J, Rgbbng J. Spenge R, Reywcfdg, P, Starr, R. West- Thew. B. Stflfes S. T.bbS E. VarvPe't. B. Sebeth. D. Van- CCN RA Sfcne J. Thompgg- B. Prnt. M. Sward. J. Stump Le--yen G. Zrmme' S. Veeth M. Sherow S. Sutton. Second W. M:Coy. G. Roth C. Scaicre. Fourth Row: R, Wazewskr Row: D. Seizr W. SLT!-3 J. We QP' G. Ruger W, Thur- R, R gi-f"fe,e' W, Wm- R. Taylgr A. WQL-V,3L.,f' J- Tl-,Ur Ma' C. Mdftce' R. Rq't'rwe,e' D. Webb J. Wauace. mar S. Sefdberq M. D' ps R. P'-cherd. B. Schwarte. C. E. Vrcs J. Staoefpj 'P cLey E. Marne ic, Third We Q. J. Tfa -Q' R, Roberts. ' f ' I 1' . , - .A J-ff O I . 1 1 C A .5-I M X DJJ q r n X Oe A U do 4.5-j'Vk" JJ " . . l f QD' 'N -Q4 V 9 I ' A . T4 xx V91 'YD Y ' ' N V L U' -'T X- xr 7 Info your cells BOOM' 5 , l Qn gh, mr S DMN., G lmmn S Sand World Sono: Richard Eroki and Mnko berg and W Coon: Ml"Ch'59 lmformols Redecorahng fha Tech room-Noll Roborison Go fO U10 FOG? of H10 Clif! MISS Fllhf Fava gnls and a guy P Drosslor C R Balzor S Jacquomnrd and A Lana 50 l Ha Studonh filo cabnnof Mm Clow and Bob Donnmg L 1' X xr I A 1 7 px 1 r T 'EIA' - 1 A N, . 3 X N X ' 1 K go -J - ' - . . . II. ' ' - ' Y A. A I Q if ' ',-X J r BLE SEAMEN J ' A 2 -is 74' ,ii-,.::-N' -,ff'f2X I fi-32' ,jr fa- I f,!2-3 f-'W f .fp l G M if cl ,.-ff" 1-!,,.. -,af-:,'.',n5 .-ffiir 3' f . jf cnf' LINWH Froni Row. loft io righi: J. Baitinger, P. Blanchard, J. Alliotto, R. Blandino, M. Davis, D. Corrado, E, Benjamin, M. i B. Cacchio, R. DeGrandis, P, Davis, N, Collins, M. Amstead, P. Brosrnan, S. Brownell, R, Baird, B. Christian. Fourih Row: Clark, S, Brugie. Second Row: R' Daniels' G. Davis' R- J. Budd, J. Chapman, R, Cypher, D. Croll, J. Bloomer, L. DePaolo. G. Brower, F. Bonahue, G, Baright, A, Daubman, W. Campion, R. Cross, B. Bowe. Third Row: J. Cavo, G. Callahan, Black, E. Carbone, V, Dindot. J. Case. C, Cady. EIGHTH Froni Row, lofi ko right: J, Jacoby, K, lnfield, E, Exum, B. Ireland, P. Fusaro, S, Kralrower, K, Hennessey, K. Howell, E. Haviland, L. Fredericlrs, L, Garlando, C. Hampe, Second Row: R, Dow, J. Dorney, W. Goclc, G. Hanaburgh, D. Haight, G. Baseli, S. Cary, C. Bradley, P. FcI'if1dCCi. R- Durland, R. Hart, D. Fox, Third Row: S, James, D. Gold R. Hohlowslii, R, Heady, K. Heady, P. D'Luhosch, C. Evans R. Ferris, D, Lattin, L. Kistner, E, Dopple, V. Henderson Fourih Row: B. Gasparro, G, Freer, Joan Homialr, M. Lane N. Fischer, H. Egle, M. Helol, L. Lane, R, Kiley, D. Harrand 1 Front Row, loft to right: L. Quick, J. Moore, E. Mathews. S. Lasco, S. Key. J. McCourt, P. LeVance, E. MacLay. L. Miner. J. Perlclns, J. Purdy. Second Row: D. Myers, A. Penheld, B. Pierson, F. Fauci, P, LeVar1ce, S. Mills, M Palmer, R. Raaber, F. Oldenburg, R. Prichard, R, Post. H. Ploss. Third Row: J. Liqgera, V. Mowers, F, Pura. M. Lasher, M. Marihew, S. McBride. L, Miller, P, Place, S. Madson, C. Plass, D. Northrop, R. Paddock, Fourih Row: W. Llnich, E, Losee, J, Page, A. Larson, J. Neilson, Lancaster, D, Odell, R. Marsh, A. Osterhoudt, D. Mesh. GRADE Front Row, left to right: J. Smith, I. Valder, L. Thurston S. Stewart, J, Rightmyer, D, Tinlrleman. B. A. Tator, A Wirhouslri, J. Yemen, D. Thomson, D. Van Pelt. Second Row R. Swartout, W. Schroeder, G. Van Bremer, F. Young, G Thorne, P. Rockefeller, P. Williams, G. Schneider, N. Webb, N. Robson, A. Schoessen. Third Row: R. Scriber. N. Rack naqel, A. Robbins, D, Hughes, M. L. Wade, M. Ryan, B Rogers, B. Schroeder, C. Wood, B. J. Wohn, P. Yeomans E. Yeager, Fourth Row: P. White, R. Taylor, P, Thurst, W Robinson, T. Wiclxman, G. Varf Wagner, G. Thorne, P. Ref ferty, J. Spencer, R. Salzer, J. Reilly, R. Utter, O. Thorne W. 'RQ' L-"""'l s 2 ll , Front Row, left io righi: R. M, Contarino, l. Cerrato, S. P. Barth, T, Denning, G. Czech, J. Downing, Third Row: R. Beattie, D. Bean, J, Barach, C, Davis, C. Cooper, C. Banks, Davids, H. Brownell, B. Belknap, D. Dennis, C, Bowe, M. S. Conners, C. Blanchard. Second Row: E, Babcock, F. Casseles, C. Dickinson, R. Davis, R. Campbell, R, Blodgett. Allardyce, V. Crudella, D. Cross, E, Cavo, B, Bruce, P. Dean, Front Row. lofi to right: K. Gonia, E. Elmendorf, M. Freer, J. Ellis, N. Gardner, B. Gilleo, C. Bell, K. Dool, B, King, D. Robinson, C. Nicolis, B. Fregnch, K. Convery, C. L. Fogg, G Katzowitz, L. Hotaling. Second Row: D, Fitzharris, D, Goodrich. J. Davis, R, M, Freni, J. Gajdos, P. Hawley. B Kampher, W. Green, H. Hoffman, J. Haines, L. Emmet, T. Huss. Fourth Row: H. Lattin, R. Morris, G. Hitz, P. Grofh Keys, G, Harer, F. Holder, L. Edwards. Third Row: G. T. Jol1annasser1.J. Eylers, J. T0fT'PlilNS. W. Gardner, J. Pope Front Row, lofi to right: E. Kasloslry, B. Lynch, C, Gold. L. Ronlx, L. Pennacchio, H. Robinson, P, Kuchler, J. Martin, M. Reilly, B. Morris. C. Loomis, C. Hotaling. Second Row: K. McGovern, L. Van Leuven, O, Orton, L. Millard, W. Keebler, B. Robinson, M. Northrup, M. Moyer, D. Miller, G. Neibergall, W. Page. Third Row: G, Ott, J. Knapp, L. Lattin, P, Quinlan, T. Marshall, L. Hadden, S. Fassett, K. Pelham, M. Maclc, S. Murphy, J. Murch, J, Mackey. Fourth Row: R. Marro, R. Lovelace, F. Robinson, C, Palmer, R. Mackey, R. Kroll, F. Nothnagel. GRADE Front Row, left to right: M. Summers, C. Senior, S. Volniclr B. Schwart, H. Zammiello, G. Shaelzfer, M. Tator, E, Rohrer, J. Seaccia, J. Young, J. Warren. Second Row: B. Stouter burn, M. Flynn, C. Smith, F. Lueclcert, J. Slocum, D, Brown C, Taber, V. Place, B. Shirley, R. Eberhardt, P. Smith, R Secor. Third Row: K. White, R. A. Smith, G. Wohlfahrt. P. Weisbeclr, J. Kelsey, J. Gardner, R. C. Smith, J, Grammas, C. Goodrich, C. Titus, H. Shell, D. Woodhouse, R. Wilson, R. Skinner. Fourth Row: K, Sherow, G, Rugar, G, Winslow, P. Winslow. M. Stone, M. Van Voorhees, B. Wallace, L. Root, S, Snow, B. Stevenslry, J. Sherman, S. Sheldon, Y. Soules, J. Vail, L. Russell, B. White, J. Wagner. 'N Front Row, left to right: B. Wawace. S. Ccnners, K. Hennessy. M. Tutor, B. Zarnleo. A. Wrhooslu, L. Fredrlclcs. M. Amsfead, D. Throms. Second Row: J. Srn th, R. Raober, T. Dennlnq, F. Zulceet. R. Cooper, R. Dean, V. Credello. N. Webb. K. Pe ham. J. Young. Third Row: D. Gold. R. Kroll, N. Collnns, J. Chapman, M. Marvhew, M, DeForest. M. Wade, E, Baclcar, R. Morris, O. Thorne. Front Row, lefi io right: R. Contanno, J. Sherman, D. Corrado. M. Davis, K. Howell. D. Tinlcleman. B. Tater, J. Baraclc, J. Ellis, F. Laslro, B. lrelcnd, P. Blanvafd C. God J. Bart ngef, L. l-ladden, Second Row: H. lnfleld, G. Thorne W. Robb ns H. Gcnla. F. Feud. B. Shirley, J. S'ocum, F. Oldenburg. E. Cayo G. Thorne R. LaVance. J. Ditwerler, R. Michaeles. M. Amstead, J. Val. Third Row: A. Osterhcedt. J. Case, L. Lane, l, Valder, J. Purdy. B. Cacchlo L. Lane B. Rogers L. Aeiclc, S. Brownell, N. Reclcnaqel, M. Clcrlc. M. Lane. C. Macfkndrews J. Spencer. Froni Row, left io right: L. Lane P. Rallerty. G. Wlnslow, J. Knapp. R. Centers: C. Gao E, K rg L. Pennaccl-lc L. Ronlr, M. Arnstead P. Winslow B. Wy' S. Medsfr. Second Row: A. Days R. Mlchaefls. B. Sicetenburg Q .J s Ra r Sm D Mc rr- nr Row R Wnte D O e A stef R Macfxnd ews M Lane M DeForest R 71 CREWS Library Club Weekly display - Linda Lane, Roberi Michaelis, Gary Niebergall. 1 PF' f 1 f .i P Dromotics Club . I 'S-Eff' Y if I5 ,LK 1 7-1 lx:-'T Plane fall: - Seventh grade shop class. Wellore Squad Each year as we pass through ihy a s IN ACTION Journolism Club r-,We L. 1 L.. Up, up. up and away! Ki. 1 ln .S -fa , .,.. Publicity ugenks - Carole Bell, Marcia Stone. Yorker Club Don't give up ihe ship. ' ii 5-11 si-nxw 7 B 1.. Q . k s K, I WJ Front Row, left to right: E. E1.m K. Gzria, J. Davis. R. Blandino, D. Katiwitz, J. Bafacn K. Doo. H. Robson K. Howel' J. Rightmyer, P. Blanchard, L. Gafrd: N. Cc ns. Second Row: C, Palmer, P. D'luhcsch, W. Gock, R. Sm th P. Farrracc L. Emmet. CS. Baselc, N. Merangis, CS. Thorne W. Pierson, D. Campbell S. Stewart. Third Row: Mrs. Moore. C. Plass. M. Lasher, C. Wood. G. Theme C. Hampe S. Br-sie, S. Foth. P. Ralierty. M, Helal, M. Wade R, Swarthcat. Fourih Row: H. Eg'e, J. Budd, W. Linich C. Christian R. Paddock P. Jones V. Dirdot. R. Marsh, J. Chapman. N. Fisher. Wifh 'rhe opening of +his school year, lhe sevenfh and eiqhfh grades found fhemselves locafed in rheir own seclion of lhe building. Early in December lhe organizalion oi 'rhe Junior High exlra-curricular program fool: place, and before long each group was showing definire signs of aclivily. This is The iirsr 'rime af Arlinglon rhai a specific underlalcing of lhis lype has been offered io sfudenis oi rhis grade level. Hs purpose is +0 sfimulaie in- 'rereslr in fields o+her 'rhan scholasric, ones 'ihar will primarily prepare 'rhe Junior High pupils for lhe major acriviries in 'rhe high school. Froni Row, left to righi: J. Kelsey, N. Nerangis, M, Flynn, W. Bruce, R. Cooper, J. Hamer H. Hellman, C. Banks, C. Bell, S. Beatty. D, Miller. M. Moyer, J. Slocum, B. Shirley, F. Allardyce, Mr. Deeb. Second Row: R. Nothnaqel, R. A. Smith, E. Cavo D. Moro. K. McGoveen, B, Stoutenburgh, O. Orton. P. Dean, P. Weisberg, R. Eberhart. D. Woodhouse, B. Baright, R. Skinner, P. Barth G. Battista. Third Row: C. Robinson, C. Dickinson, M. Casscles. L. French, S. Fassett. L. Root. T, Marshall, M. Freer, J. Sherman. S. Snow, S. Riddle. L. Lattiri, M. Stone, S. Sheldon, L. Russell, G. Hitz. Our own Ann Sothern - Mrs. Whiiahr. Sowing circle. .. cf, A . 66 , ,lil U81 rront Row, lofi to right D. Bean, D. Fox, R. Randall, D. Marchese, G. Weiss, W. Keebler R. Engle. D. Cross, E. King. Second Row: G. Battista. B. Barigl-it, P, Barth, T. Briggs, H Shell, G. Light. J. Kelsey, F. Allardyce. JUNIOR l-HGH BAND RADICD CLUB Fron! Row, left to right: M. Summers. P. Smith, M. Moyer, W. Bruce. E. King. Second Row S. Jaynes. R. Marsh, J. Page, J. Kopser, F. Nothnagel. 61, fm Hr CTIVITIES ui in-T' 61' '-- ""'-i lg -usp xi: If Alt- lil? -gf? -,-'iv Y--T 5-Lik ' 4? 'gg' -f? 'R , "' in--I-I ? ' -.3 kill.: mi 1 il 45-T 'if If -- ,-5.:a ?f -I f' ae' 13: ev A - 'Xl' 'L , 1 11- lf 1 , 1:1 41' 5 1-5? Z 'Z X N-it 21- 4-5- f gg-l -Y 5-Q.-5 ,,.av.-s ...iff 'N WC' is.- 4-Afiin. L' "5 ,, iff- wffx -N , t ' I? S S-"' 2-ii -1' u,wC H , ,-,, ,,, ,, .,.i , V r .f4'- Ay- Q 7 A ,., ,A A, . - ' 1 ' 4-' f--f'- ' -f' .- "1 L-fm Ya ,,---"",,.-Q -- ' 7 5 -' - , "' -li.. Y i- Y , f ' - L --i X 1 I , ,L mn.- .fx 4 4 Y , A I -v' A- ' 'rw' ,f ---::V ,, 4,- I -- "" V V --f -: 'T' 'L"" - 4 - , -Y L a ' "" Y V i . W5 . ,- H?, ,,:Y , - 2' 1 W- L -'-- Y --f i , 2 ' i, - " -4 -tl-Y. ,-,., 41:45, , -- - ', ij 1 f ,,.e.?Q --,,1 , Y A 'z' , ...KN -Z -T44-4 i r V? fl . , X ffgpff bf.. .-. ,,1 f' - ,f N X 1 52 - 'ff ,V -4, . X A - 5- iw -1 , 'Hui W - 'Xxx 'N ' ' .. -- f-' --"" ' W- - A . " S. '+ ' x , , ' ' T' ' A-X-21" ,. ' X rj, ,qw s, ,.- - --- Mg? ..-f .. , 5,5 . - X , . . AX, Y - h A- f ,Ah - K ,, X -3 Y ,,' 4' A -L Wiki , rig:-'A - " "" -' V Br 5 f - 1 ..,, N -' -. -'-.. x A- 7' . -N 1 . . , J' . - X .6 R K- X ,J ."' 5 7 - A , ' ' Y- ' A- - - .. ' ""' -. , , . J - N , .. ' . if K 1 5 N Z , g A - , ,- .- ' i V - ' . , -'Z ., Y X .. ii -i 4- IS ,O Q V s f ' 5 . 603 .-rriilii - l ' ' ' ' ' H Z. .355-1:4-ffl 1 Froni Row, loft io right: l. Johnston. M. J. Reed, A. Baright. L. Ronlc, G. Zimmer, A. Magnanella, D. Horkon. B. Davis, l, Weiss. B. Sherow. S. Lovell, B. Dexter. Second Row: Miss Reilley, W, Miller, A. Nazzaro, R, Denning, P. Carswell, J. Boyer, R. Friel, F. Maclssac, J. Wisseman, L Lipman, W. Howell. Third Row: R, Browning, D. Casement A. Lane, R. Clauss, S. Sandberg. N. Lynch, M. Ham. D Silvernail, R. Lama. General Crgcznizelien The UG. O." is 'rhe organizafion +ha+ represenls The Senior High School body in ifs relafions with fhe admisisfralion, olher schools. and fhe communify. lfs members, elecfed clirecfly by fhe s'ruden+s, work closely wifh fhe Welfare Squad and 'rogelher 'they are responsible for rhe organizafion of fhe sfudenl' courl. This year, 'rhe growing imporrance of 'rhe HG. O." was broughl home lo 'rhe enfire school by ifs highly successful campaign fo raise money for 'rhe supporf of a war orphan from Korea. Mary Jane Reed, Secretaryg Fred Maclsaac. Treasurer: Wilson Miller, President Adelaide Baright, Vico-President 71 fa' 1 1 ju Riagg J Q' y ,ff .ff ,f xi ,,- I ,fd' X f f J c,Sl7:'Ui Pl. Q.. -1 was ea AQ., one Front Row, left to right: M. Steel, B. Priest, A. McRitchie, M, Ramage. L. Deissinger, E. Weippert. A. Friel, N, Van- Leuven, N. Plass, E. Priest, J. Redl, S. A. Euell. Second Row: A. Tooth, E. Hart, M. J. Reed, J. Senior, G, Ramage, B Dullisse, B, Banks, J. Hart, M, Drurn. L. Cote. S. VandeWater I. Farinacci, J. Senior, K, Van Wagner. Third Row: Mr Weltore Squod A Weltare Squad member's fob is never done. There's plenty ot thankless work, but he still seems to accomplish wonders. His purpose is to set a standard tor the school and then help to maintain it throughout the school year, by preserving discipline in the halls and on the school grounds. X Student Court 1.5 . ,zify 'll 1 1 s V .. 'li' . Sq MacAndrews, S. Lovell, M. Brands, D, Allen, M. Oldenburgh, D. Horton, S, Davies. S. Lane, C. Hall, J. Dalton. V. Russell, D. Rugar. Fourth Row: T, Phillips, F. Serino, L. Palmer, E. Magennis, A. MacAndrews, N. Howell, C. Birchall, P. Dressler. B. Miller, B. Kennard. P. King. J. Hanaburgh, H. Nelson. ang. gb A . "-.'L..' :Fl ""' ,, K ea The high school judicial body is composed ot three representatives from the General Organiza- tion and three from the Weltare Squad. its pur- pose is to maintain discipline by hearing the cases ot those students who are brought before the Weltare Squad tor repeated violation ot school rules. Front Row, left to right: Irene Johnston, Adelaide Baright, Barbara Sherow. Second Row: Anne McRitchie, Nettie Van Leuven, Robert Lama. Margaret Ramage. i611 Front Row, loft to right: Zemke, Gorton, VanDeWater, Fusaro, Friel, Eagen, Engle, Horton, Corrado. Ramsay Emmett, Freer, Banks, Cross. Second Row: Dexter, Russell Knapp, Dolan, Burbank, Johnson, Reed, VanWagner, Baright. Conklin, Wisseman, Sandberg, Mills, Third Row: Bower, Michaelis, Coons. Keller, Claus. Meddaugh, Johnston, Marihew, DeForest, Dressler, Miller, Lynch, Hart, Lovelace. Fourth Row: Larson, Post, Ramage, Lane, Palmer, Harrison Weippert, Thompson, Conklin, Benson, Franke, Ham. Chorus The band, orchestra, and chorus comprise the musical aspect of Arlington. The band, under the direction of Mr. Max Arnold, gives its members +he opportunity 'ro increase their musical abilities, while the orchestra, directed by Mr. Emanuel Kornbluth, provides further study of concert music. The chorus, led by Mr. l-lollas Dindot, has received wide acclaim 'For its participation in the All-County Spring Music Festival and the Christmas Concert. Its members are given the chance to discover and develop vocal talents, and it offers them, as do the other musical organizations, the chance to gain valuable background to continue with music. "O Solo Trio" - Pauline Bowen' Bar- bara Conklin, Adelaide Baright. Front Row, left to right: Wallace, Gilbert. Carbone, Marcelo, Whitehead. Rutbell, LaFalce, Funk, Cahill, VanPelt, De- Forrest, Leach, Tubbs, Edgar, Zimmer, Mr. Dindot, Second Row: Parks, Marshall, Haga, Vaith, Petty, Pink, Davies. Ramage, Myers, Coddington, VanVlack, Bronson, Drum, Van- DeWater, Fox. Third Row: Bower, Johnston, Silvernail, Mackey, Casement, Wallace. Hogan, Kemrnerer, Keebler. Cote. Neidhardt Procupeck, Brands. Ferris, Sutton. Fourth Row: Conklin, Hedinger, Gillette, Storm, Neilson, Burns, Eighmie, Crum, Malthouse, Elrnendorf, Cooper, Panarello. Nelson, MacAndrews. Froni Row, left io righi: Mumford, Ellrin, Steel, Jung, Hornlclr, lvers. Second Row: Fauci, Gorion, Neidhardf. Lucas, Shortell, Marchese, Michaelis, Wohlfahrf. Burns, Bower, Boles, Clause, Freer, Third Row: Mclntosh, Nazzaro Bond 1, 5. 0 N 1 1, . X N -- '- ll ' ',,. ' 4 I' ML Wm' 1- wfnl Qrchestro Front Row, left io righf: B. Schwerte, J. Ramsay, C. Lattin, M. Franlce, G. Robertson, P. Barth, M. Marchese, D. Burns. Second Row: R. Nothnegel, S. Madson, P. Place, Mr. Kornbluth, R. Kelsey, G. Hitz, M. Woodhouse. Third Row: f 0 671' soho Melthouse, Cooper, Elmendorf, Erett, Mackey, Schick, Wood house, Delamater, Ketzowitz. Fourth Row: Mr. Arnold. Nelson Wheatly, Hitz, Barth, Rudloff, Kelsey, Robertson, Nelson Every, Dennis, Millett. Donald Mclntosh S, Sheldon, S. Tubbs, S. James, W, Cooper, H. Elmendorf Fourih Row: E. Wohne, J. Tibbetts, G. Davis, J. Malthouse H. Nelson, Fifth Row: C. Michaelis, A, Wisseman, D. Hogan L. Ludovici, R. Every, M. Wheatley. Frank Row, left to right: D. lsler, C. Fleishman, J. Marihew, Batson. Third Row: l. Johnston, S. Keenan, D. Brower, A, C. Johns, M. Liggera, J. Mumford, E. Hart, B. Dexter, E. Lane, M. Ham, P. Bower, B. Appel, L. Palmer, R. Kafzenellen- Vrooman, J. Boyer, Mrs. Noyes. Second Row: M. Sachter, bogen. Fourfh Row: A. Nazzaro, P. Brady, D, Traver, O. C. Hall. E. DeForest. M, Franke, J. Albertson, A, Mac- Neilson. W. Lane. N. Robertson. D. Storm, B. Schwarte. R. Andrews, A. Benson, J. Keller, N. Lynch, S. Ferris, R. Jessen, D. Browne, H. Eighmie. Sock and buskin presenralions by 'rhe Dramalic Club of Arling- . 'ron High School confinually provide lhe school wilh sfimulaling rheafrical enlerrainmenl. Through hard work and cooperalion 'rhe- Club has presenled lwo lull lenglh produclions, a number ol skils and panlomimes, and +wo one-acl plays. Club members learn C I U b various slage Techniques, such as lighling, scenery, and make up, as well as acling. All sludenls parlicipaling, whelher in ing or in produclion work, receive credils foward members' iq The Nalional Thespian Sociely. Front Row, leff ko right: M. F, Jacobs, L. King, T. Slocum, Ghee, B. Reynolds, S. Vaeth. Third B, Williams, T. Marcelo, A. Corrado, P. Froehling, D. Mackey, M. Croshier, J. Prokupeck, Moysey, A. Elkin, J. Quist, S. Burger, R. Glick. Second Row: bach, J. Page, M. J. Cox, A. Frie L. Pettie, H. Nasofl, N. McKenna, A. Coons. S. Euell, C. Wilson, F. Freer. Fourih Row: A Bronsen, N. Dodge, B. Edgar, M. A. Urban, B. Budd, A. Lukens, M. Estes, V. Helal, N. 1 I Seeied: C. A, Budd. S. Keenan, E. Wilson, A. Veneble. D. Trcver. Skending: B. Reynolds, A. Friel, M. J. Cox, E. DeForest, W, Moyer, P, Brady, R. Storm, W. Lane, R. Jessen, B. Dexter, l. Johnston, A. Ghee. Notionol Thespion "Ad well your parfq fhere all 'rhe +he honor lies" is +he mofio of The Nafional Thespian Socieiy, fhe honor associaiion of ihe Dramaiic Club, de- voied To ihe advancemenf of dramaiic aris. This year. new members were ini+ia+ed af a candlelighi ceremony and supper al +he home of Mrs. Rulh Noyes, Club Sponsor. Club members devoie 'rime To selecfing plays, inierpreiing fhem, and masler- inq befier procluciion rnefhods. "Our Hearts Were Young gnd Practicing lines - Dick Sior Gay" - rehearsal. and Welt Lane. Society 3? m' Don Trqvqr Making record iime - Mrs. Noyes and Pei Froehling. Debeie C l U b Debate Club Officers: M-lee Sachter. Treasurerp Neil Robertson. Recording Secreteryg Stanley Con- ners Presidentg Cherry Ann Budd. Corresponding Secretary, Paul Brady. Vice-President. Seated: Miss Walsh. we Front Row. left to right: D, lsler, M. Jean. S. Millett. E. Crane. Third Row: B. Magennis. B. Appel. D, Browne J Mathiasen. R. Glick. P. Froehling. D, Moysey. B. Cahill, T. Malthouse. C. Weiss. R. Roberts. M. Sachter. Wm. Cronlc Ukamaanaho. J. Heddericlr. S. Burger M. F. Jacobs, S. Euell. C4 SC6CCldr D. Kifiqr A, NGIZGVO A- Biddr B- KGVWGV D. Harrgsonx Miss Waishy Suond Row: J. Collins, B, Hof.-rick, Fourth Row: J. Cline. N. King. R, Jessen. P. Brady. W rde H Johannsen A. Venable. M. Paul. C, Johns . Dalbn. J. l-'Ianabbrgh Daniel Webster may have relied upon +hroa+ sprays and lemons. buf not our Debate Club. This years teams used their persuasive +ongues io chalk up their very impressive record. A+ Hamilton. Peelcslcill. Jeflersonville. Newburgh, and Cortland The varsify and semi-experienced debaiers scored well in making +his record as ouisfanding as if is. pl: A . -5 5, 90319 as M. Place. N, Lynch, E. Hart. J. Wallace. T. Neidhardt. H. Lane. S. Conners. N. Robertson. W. Neilson, R. Storm J MCBI . . . J ' - rl ': ,, o c. -5 r r, w 1 .G What a way to sell mill! , PQoHonol Forenmc Leogue Front Row, left to right: Patricia Froehling, Adelaide Baright, Ann Venable, Constance Johns. Second Row: David lsler, Charles Weiss, Michael Sachter, Donald King. Third To be a member ot this national honorary debate and speech society, a student must gain twenty credits in extra-Curricular or audience spealcing. Through sustained excellence the students may then aim at achieving degrees ot honor, if Going someplace?-Donna Moysey, Mary Place, Nancy King, Betty Magennis. i671 Row: Neil Robertson, Walter Lane, Richard Storm, John Malthouse. Standing: Stanley Conners, Robert Jessen, Paul Brady, Miss Walsh. excellence, and distinction. Once again, this year Miss Walsh torsees the possibility ot having a number ot our members eligible tor a 'Full-tuition speech scholarship. Looking for information-Walt Moyer. qs nvvv '- Neil Robertson, Andy Nanaro. F 4' 1 ZMERIHL Wil Phillips. D. Harrison. Third Row: P, Flouqhton, J, Sandburg. Froni Row, left to right: N. Van Vlaclr, A. Coons, M. Maher, S, Jacquemard. A. Carbone, D. Moysey, A. McRitchie, A. C, Hall, S, Beddows, M. Liggera, P, Smith, J. Neilson, D. COddlf'lQfOf1, D. Priest. B. Banlcs, B. ReyHOldS. D. lsler. Marorley, D, Maroney, J. Sells. Fourih Row: R. Storm, E. Second Row: G, Bradley, D. Turcott, A. Venable, E. Speclren- Hajos. D. Brower, R. Jessen, bach, J. Page. V. Knox. A. Friel, S. Keenan B. Sherow, L. This year lhe "Arling+onian" sfafl compleles lhe pub- Arlinglonion ..l -J' ,K :V s qlicalrion of ils fourlh conseculive volume. The worlc of lhis ' ,, school paper is carried on by The sludenfs on lhe basis ol an exlra-curricular aciivily, no credil unils being granlecl. The "Arling+onian" alfempls lo cover all ihe school news. The gossip columns are well-wriH'en and equally well read, and ihe eclilorials endeavor 'ro call allenlion 'ro lhe problems immedialely al hand. CUB REPORTERS-Front Row, lefi ko righi: M. Jackson, B. Sticlrles, E. Fox. J. Boyer. C, Fleishrnan. D. Van Leuven N. Grlmm. Second Row: A, Magnarellc, B. Meyers. J. Lutlre. M, Reimuth, N. King, B. Magennis. S. Regan. D. Allen, L. Ronlr. -fsffvf is Froni R left io nglni G Wade Treasurer R Jesse Edtor l Joh ston Assistant Eclior S th Secreiary J Nelo Co Busness Manager Second Ro A Ve able Lnierery Edtor C Edlfor Roberr Jessen Secrefary Pafrucua Smiih Assnsianf Edufor Irene Jol'ms+on Treasurer George Wade Ann Venable Edufor Barbara Budd Pafrscna Froehlmg Dons Maroney Beverly Reynolds Adelaide Baruglwf Joan Drum Beverly Gluclc Dorofhy Maroney Audrey Wisseman Charles Huberr Florence Vespa Jane Washburn Dianna Wriglrl Sandra Beddows Rachard Snyder Check that copy Angela Frvel and Joyce Neilson Fesier Paul Anite Coons and Paul Brady X1 V01 R font Row left io Tlgllf R Mackey N Robertson lfehrt B Lynch B Sch arte S Sandberg C Sme ana Fles ma Second ow tewart R Storm a qora D raver P mr er C Huber R Ree er P Brady R Jessen Tec Club I S.: f 23 A fi I 41 S. Teshng one fwo lhree' Who sees ro If lhal fhe pubhc: address sysfem works perlecrly durmg assembly proqrams7 Who makes sure fhal lhe mohon puclures are run smoo+hly7 All lhese ser vices are generally laken for granled bl I+ lhe Tech Club +ha+ deserves rhe crednk for lhe me-chanrcal side of our school lrle S441 X L! The purpose of Raduo Club us fo promole amafeur raduo as a hobby Hs members learn how +o conslrucf and operale lhenr own sels and evenlually qualify for an operafors lncense Thls year +he members have buul+ +henr own radno sfa fron and plan fo esfabllsh a nefwork wllh clubs ID o+her schools Rodro Club Froni R w left io rughi R Houston J P e R Slyernal 1 r n r Do 8 Manmng Second Row J Boles T Sells Mr Folst r -44" -f fl vs , 4 'N I . X 4 V 0 K , V' 'S 1 'X v , I , xl X M . v S f y ' ' ' A 2 E , ' - 'X , F . ' : , , . . A, ' 1 Y I l ' Wohl , , , . w , , , . l , ' ' C. rh 'L R : Mr. S , . , S. W W , . T , R. al 't , , t . b . - . ' ' , u ' is ll 'CW ' ' ' - . io K - f!,, 6:I Y 21 ' - f 22, - Ffa , 2 - ,f k .ri I ,VY,,, A I I , ggi 7, f f J' ', 7' I' 4" ., .2 'ff gf -' ' j-5 ff! 1 , ' wr-. L.. f x: X L Zfrfrlfll . . L, . I . ' o, ' : , , , fac, , i 9. ' r . ' l R. Bale D. K1 q, J. Moysey, J. Gwlbe t, G. ly, P. . ' . : . , . , . 6. L .5 . -- , Z, v . BT.: u A W G 'Q' , - . 11'5 ,girls f f 'iff' ' . ' - lf Af A33 :I A r- -- Quan-,:,. ij- U . ie., .-u . H ,., 1 f- 0 ' A . Front Row left to rrght Mr Lacks F Sermo J Wrsseman D Sleught J Hewlett D Traver E Jacoby Second ow r her av s r n D Traver The Conservatron Club rs a farrly new school organzzatnon sponsored by the State Conservatron Department and the Federated Frsh and Game Clubs of Dutchess County Each tall before hunt :ng season the members are taught about gun safety Thus rs followed by clrscusslons concernrng hunting archery trapping and fish and game management Thrs sprung the Club was grven a demonstratuon of fly tyrng and casting nt Row left to nght G Wrlson R Toth R Ell Traver F Scoraluclx D Sleught W Marshall C Travato J L as G Khan E Phrllps Second Row D Wacker R Key R Brown H Brown W Conners D Traver R Callahan e M alnes ur ow Secor Rugar Albrecht F Scoralrclr R Jessup R Callahan Fourth Row R Jacoby E Marcelo R Barrqht W Marshall S Toth The Future Farmers Of America or FFA has a prnmary arm to develop agrrcultural leadership cooperatron and crtlzenshrp Thus natxonal or ganrzatron a part of Arlrngtons vocatronal pro gram offers boys a chance to learn rmproved methods of farmrng through actual practice Conseryotlon Club Volmcl: C Blake D Secor Mr MacAndrews Thrrd Row L Healy R Srlvernarl C Donohue J Englehardt R Taylor age ro D Browne G Loc ner R Bauer Phrllrps W Paquet T711 i . :A D I. H: 1, 'V . T' F' - o j 5 vc z 'Rx ., 2 ,-T T ' ,, , Q' r F T " : ' s I , :Q ' -S f . A X T, a f .1 V xx . . I . ' : . , . ' , . ' . Blalr , . H ' . Th'd R : D. , D. . S. D. Ffs , J. Tr i, C. Conlrl'n, S, E nis, . , C. , , , , , ' , , , , , Fra , ' : . ' . . , . is, D. F. ' , . , . , . . ' I uf sgl, "a,' 1 .'. r-l,P l,R.ClI, , h , .If ,T. . 'h V .-1 . A .. .. H s h L . I A 4' l ' ' l l 2 A l ' - . 4 tif! ' 1 ' ' X 1- Vorsity Kennedy. Third Row: J. Conklin, S. C I U b P. Smith, D. Maroney. To be nomirialed and chosen for Varsiry Club is an honor for any sporrs-minded girl. Besides adding an incenfive ro parlicipale and do well in sporls, membership in lhis club is an acknowledge- menr ol success in lhe field of physical educalion. Varsiry Club offers an addilional sporls program The Arlingron High School Banking Club is in ehfecr 'lhis school's branch of 'rhe Poughkeepsie Sav- ings Bank. This organizalion endeavors ro reach ils members nor only lhe procedures of modern banking, bur also lhe principles of rhrifr and economy. Front Row. left fo right: B. Sherow, A. Coons, B. Tator, F. Vespa, B. Williams, G. Pink, N. McKenna, M. A. Urban. Second Row: P, Dressler J, Redl, L, Deissinger, D, Wright, B. Kufs, B, Budd. C. Keenan, C, Michaelis, D. Maroney, D, Brower, N. Van Leuven, whereby members can improve lheir game and a+ rhe same Time learn lhe science behind lhe numer- ous sporls. ii' "Lf . Eg , vc. v nr'-'4 if rw T vu-LAIIZA E 2- 1Wi.. T959 Banking Froni Row, left to right: B. Fusario, J. Cross, B. Lowery, P, Smith, J. Sells, V, Halal, J. Miller, Second Row: W. Dow, B. Dexter, N, Meddcugh, Mrs. Manning, P. Shortell, E. Hajos, D, Casement, B. Ouimet. C I U b lf' " im 4.--1--...-..i. -'.'-an Froni Row, lofi io right: l. Farinacci, M. Cary, A, McLaughlin, B. Cahill, B. DeForrest. M, Millard. M, Klein, T, Ukamaanaho, M. Oldenburg, T. Slocum, E. Kopser, C. Antedominico. J. Senior. Second B Row: J. Marihew, N. De-Fraio, J. Hart, N. Plass, J. Lasko, J. Senior, E, Haight. L, King, M. Drum, J. Keebler, C. Haqa, S. Euell. Third Row: B. Seaman, S. Keebler, D. Sleiqht, B. Kennard, H. Johannsen. D. Hogan, G. Carlson, A, Crum, E. DeForest, B. Appel, D. Davis, N, Howell, V, Knox. B Fourfh Row: M. Place. J. Cline, N, Eckert, R. Osterhoudt, J. Hanaburgh, B, Harrison, M. Frank C. Ostrander. The Library Club offers valuable experience 'ro i'rs members, since fhey have ihe opporiunify io help in 'rhe varied ac+ivi+ies of +he library. They l I learn how io process new books as well as how io arrange books and oiher 'iypes of maierials so ihaf 'rhe pupils will have +he maximum use of all 'thai our library confains. The Junior Red Cross Council consisis of one member from each homeroom in fhe Junior and Senior High School. The council conducis 'rhe Junior Red Cross membership enrollmenf drive and has carried our several service proiecfs, during ihe year, such as sending cookies and games fo ihe JU N R veierans af Casile Poinf, and collecfing money for +he March of Dimes. :Froril Row, loft fo righi: l, Volder, J. Ramsey, B. ireland, E, Rohrer, P, Kuckler, D, Corrado E Van Pelt, Miss Housman. Second Row: N. Vandewater, C, Wood. B. Edgar, B. Banks, C. Bradl y D. Brown. B. Kufs. Third Row: S, Ennis, V. Mowers. J. Sandburg, T. A. Neidhardf, N, W e M. Howell. NN U51 ,. 'fi 'Q X Front Row. left to right: Barbara Sherow, lSecretaryl, Tom Sutherland. Presi- dentl, Bill Mackey, lVice-Prosidenil, Mr. Storm. Second Row: Mr. Nelson, Mr. Jordan, Mrs. Sherman, Miss Coolc. Through the years the Arlington Athletic As- sociation has been largely res growth and development ot our i program. This year it is sponsori ten sports. ponsible tor the ntermural athletic ng approximately Tickeis ready - Elizabeih Weippert and Betty Magennis. feoabcaof-"N I fV8l'HE 8tL.LN5'rov-L Y-Xxqh Seine- l p.q.x.,-sig, F3146-l5T'd" mn.noe.o.:h2Px"3'-"fa " N' S' ,ass -- x Q54 -aff- Q 9 lib 5' Q-ai. "John Hancock" - Tom Sutherland. 741 Arlington Athletic Association N I v I .p'r',g. Conior Barbara Sherow Siandmg lofi to flgllf Barbara Tater Adelaide Baright. Catherine Kennedy, Eve yn Martn Patrca Srnth Nette Van Leuven Barbara Budd Beth Williams, Florence Vespa. Z 0 IF- ' Q 1- Cheerleading , 'J cr r 9 fl Regardless of wearher condirions or fhe lafeness of +he hour, Arling+on's t N, Q ' v cheerleaders musl be on hand al every fo encourage rhe reams 'ro viclory. it yu Wherher on 'rhe gridiron or on lhe l rhese enlhusiaslic girls play an - ' inregral parr in organizing sfudenl' Rigid squad rules, conslanf I I 'J -uns il pracrice and rhe crearion of a few of fhe reasons why rhey 5 'Lu make such an impressive appearance f gf- i .4 i Front Row loft io right G Pnl: B P 't S VanDeWater L Ronl: D Allen I Fl ' ie. Second Row: . .f 2' v '- x 'w 5 Vorsiiy Foofboll BACKFIELD-Front Row, left to right: William Tator, David Page William Jones, Ronald Duclos. Second Row: Wilson Miller, Torn Sutherland, Leland Dingee, TACKLES-Froni Row, left io right: John Kampfer, Fred White, Alan Divine. Brad Lynch. ' - 8 4 -I J' " s D ij ,f.,'4 " if l C NTERS-Front Row. left to righi: Robert Reis, Ronald Beclr, Donald Eagen. GUARDS-Front Row, left to right: Charles Smetana. BMI Mackey. Gary De Paolo Rona'd Davis, Fred Maclsaac. ENDS-Frcni Row, lefi to right Canton Ccnlr in M lre White'ey Terry Dali n, Herbert W s, Second Row: Bnce Wright R :l'a'd Westcott. '76E 91 02-0 Junior Varsity miller J. Reed. Second Row: R. Denning, T. Millet, G. Gates, W, Gillette, F. Lusito. S. Waligora R. Hauver. Third Row: C. VanVoorhis, R, Malthouse, R. Browning, R, Rider, T, Rundall, A Ferrari, R. Jones. The I953 Varsify foofball ream ended ifs Tom Sufherland, fhe Co-capfains, 'rhis ream won season wi'rh a record of four wins, fwo losses and for The second consecufive 'rime 'rhe Dufchess one He. Spurred on fo vicfory by Bill Mackey and Coun+y Scholasfic League Trophy. 1 l A Managers - Bill Collins, Art Osferhoudf, John Reilly, and Bill Linich. Zoof wif, - Al Crgtfyl CMI Linich, Fooiball coaches - Mr. Sorrentino, Mr. King, Mr. Bob Nelson, and Cliff Smiih. KNOPS. Und MY- JOYJGYI- Fronf Row. left to righi: D. McComb, D. Redl, A, Wohlfahrt, B. Miller, R, Mackey, D. Battista. Second Row: C, Lancaster, M. Phillips, J. Spence, R. Westcott, R. Mackey, E. Froehling. Front Row, left Qo right: R. Gage, T. McDonald, A. Badami, V. lllustrato, A. Contarino, 1 ,St 4.4 "" Freshman Foofbal I wi I1 1- "'.. A A 15 x 4' ' K , A 4' I 'Q ' if X' A I s, 4 f t W, I 4 P 1 7 0 'wx V 'X .X , Q f , ' X ' .X df l N f - f 6- X' A' ' F" f" X f N 'iff K . D 1 SX P T5 0 ' ' ' if 1 fi . - 1 v 5 , P l fi K ff' 1 if i ' . ! -NX z KN4. . ,f 'W f . 'f ii N A l t ' In-M l Q X, 13 a, fi ' '., x. y W ' r r r l Y I w .V ' iii i -' 's ff x V. X- 'si K f u I w X. 'jf p ' , ,f ' 1: .Q -1 7' f 3 ,r .. l, if X, . , ' A I My c- , r ,r R 'fl . 9 ' I 4, C 7 1 X l 7 ' f 7 I ' l L ' X Center circle clockwise from Ion. Bottom half circle, counter clockwise from , I ' ' ' l 5 1 ' 1 Russell Palmrter, Plmlllp Spencer, Riqlwgrd lop half large circle, clockwise from g:lede:,cg:k Wtjn Mlller' Rmjllcrd Westcott. nine o'clock: Robert Nason Robe-'t Jprn ,fejrqix ada, Earl Mlwer' Lam Mgmt-l wma, I-mag Silber. W J Cl' 'land Dmqee' 'and Brace Wrgnt Deon s Mfuhy, Managers - Brb Westfrtt. vd Bfb ,lj Revwey. 3 ' "" Coaches - MY Syrer r: NC Jcrdar- - iff! tml o BASKETBALL 5 JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM-Froni Row, loft io righi: J. Reed. E. Bedell. J. Beyer, J. Robin, V. Illustrato, J. Miller, J, Moore. Second Row: Mr, King, F, Swartlnout, R. Blaiclw, E. Dionne, N. Robertson, S. Sandburg, W. Howell, L. Croll, B. Lyncln. Again +l'1is year, Arlinglon sludenls and lacully l'1ave good reason lo be proud ol ils baslcelball squad. Besides learning how lo work logellwer as a leam, llwey have displayed, al all limes, llwe lrue meaning ol 'flue word, sporlsmanslmip. AJ-l.S. lans will never lorgel llie mosl' exciling game of 'flue season: llwe niglwl' llne Roosevell conlenders mel A.l'l.S. on ils lwome courl. Trailing by sixleen poinls in llie lasl eleven minules, +l1e Maroon and Gold finally oulslmone llieir opponenls by winning 'rlwe game 63 To 57. Williin +l1a+ lime A.l-l.S. scored 2l poinls while limiling R.l-l.S. 'ro 5. Bayer. Whats new - Mr. King, H. Rikeri, Mr. Knops, R. Martin. Follow through-Mr. King, J. Reed, G. .wi f? 1 aoj Cross Country After hours - Jack Cruger and Vince McKenna. Fronf Row, left to right: D. Fisher, J. Cruger. V, McKenna, M. Haines. R Andrews, M. Marchese. D. Herrand. Second Row: Mr. Foqden, F, Swartout G. Fisher. R. Reeber, R. Palmiter, P. Manning. S. Sandberg. R. Lama, W. Zeller iff' bjlffg-1 ll l f Y, J Winners! The Cross Counfry learn. unclefeafecl for fwo seasons, musf be accusfomed 'ro ilnis word. This fine group of boys always comes fhrouglw, even under llwe gruel- ing condlfions of rain, snow or sleel. ' 'ar . Ns Tix . x X ' 'rfff 'f- 5 I' N ":,,fz, N " lW'mf ii s 'Q '- ff 4. f I 1 f ' 1, I I I lv N ,V -,T -D is 'A VA.: L . M KH ' r',,C"r J, R ...I Keep in Siop. , ',. dh'-sm -.x H5754 4 um? ang Each year many sfar hack men graduafe, buf for- fhere are new boys who are able fo mainfain fhe nl' records esfablishecl by former sfuclenfs of fhe This spor+ is one of fhe very few in which 'rhe ual has an opporfunify 'ro s+ar. .r K X A 4 K N f A f. mf g TRACK ' 51 9 ' 1 , . 2, f 'y Q 7 , ,il - Q- ii' ll .Z llfifff J lunafely X ...-Q , fi I '4 WH excelle ff' 1 2 school. offffagk Arid, individ ag, X. ' exe .we i r""'- I L I' ll -f fy wo 'lube uwbb DI x-WFJ' f I ' . ' - 5 1 .QL C0 . 9' 4' fx' D75 Q' Q ' is mfg: 'fgff .f 5 V ,, V I 4 5 C .' S l Froni Row, left io righl: Kneeling-M. Haines. A. Badami. Standing-J. Guilfoil, G. Fisher, A. Divine, H. Willis, T. Sutherland, W. Mackey, W. Jones, V. McKenna, C. Linich, R. Lama, R. Palmiter. Second Row: C. Penfield. L. Hanson, D. Page. J. Moysey, R, Duclos. A. Contarino, C. Smetana, C. x Smith. K. Hotaling, R. Jones. Third Row: T. Millett. R. Mackey, R. Andrews, A. Crotty, S. Nerangis, R. Hedinqer, R. Davis, N. Leverage, W, Tator. S. MacKenzie, L. Ludovici. Fourth Row: P, Manning, C. Hubert, R. Browning. G. Aclzer, P. Spencer. Drop it-N. Leverage, S. MacKenzie. I F. Bower. Up, Up. and Away-R. Browning. . lg, V' v 1 l Froni Row lofi io ri ht L Panarello L Wright M Niner W Miller J Clearwater B Snyder B. . g : . , . . . , . , . . . . Wright. P. Karl, W. Garrett. Second Row: Coach Jordan, N. Slislri, B, Yamen, F. Gerth, L. Healy, R. Beck. Mr. King. Third Row: C. Lancaster, W. Cooper, Wm. Howell, L. Dingee, R. Anson, F. Maclssac, J. Reed. Bos ebol I Front Row. lofi fo right: B. Denning, J. Beyer. Second Row: J. Gotch, J. Moore. Third Row: R. Reeber, L. Croll. Fourth Row: C. Benson. Mr. May. B. Luhman. Yx g Thirfeen wins, fhree losses, and one 'rie was fhe final fally for Arlingfon's I953 baseball nine. This enfifled fhem fo fhe Cenfral Secfion Champion- ship of 'rhe Dufchess Counfy Scholasfic League. which now malces a fofal of six championships in a period of eighf years. Lasf year. our newly organized golf 'ream placed 'rhird in 'rhe Dufchess Counfy Scholasfic League compefifion. Under Mr. May's coaching, fhe feam has greaf hope for success fhis season. Anyone who is inferesfecl in golf has fhe opporfunify fo . receive insfrucfion. fx 06, :iz 1 0 fc!! Nil I J 1, 7, I-" 5 24 llGoIf L . sf 'W ifi' XS. ,.- V . s ' ,Q I fggl Y LINC O P :PR H .J R M . 1 l l' Q L f W. Emsley, T. Hankamp. Together now-G. Do Paola, R. Reis. .a 1 2 7-Las Lot's do if again-D. Mclntosh, P. Amodoo, W. Collins, Mr. Knops, W. Nielson. S. Waligora. R. Callahan. Fronf Row left io nghi Knoolmg W Collms P Mac Lay G Davis Siandmg R Erett D Mclntosh J Moffat R Callahan J Spence B Muller S Katzowlh Second Row J Malthouse J Cruger R Reus T Hankamp W Nenlson S Walqora J Dennfs Thrrd Row C Phefer W Zeller W Gnlette P Amodeo H Nelson Fourth Row R Prntchard W Emsley M Marchese B Lynch D Murphy G De Paola The sprung of I953 saw Arlmglons oarsmen capfure fhe Trnangular Regarla Championship of 'rhe Mud Hudson J f I JU! fflffr - 'l :ATM V . . . . . l . JXL L l I A 1 . ' X ' L 1 f, 'K T ' ' if ' . X QJ4. , w . . . . . ,jc ' 'f',.Q.' f ' . . if Steyr- ' X 3 . . . . . . fzlfl ' -.- : V -W .",."l1 'Mu 'ml' l .. ,A , ,V K., ,H ,lN"' ,1 f f, 2, ll' fl Valley Banquers have been guven an honor of 'rhus vnclorzous crew whuch also parhrapaled an varlous unlerslafe races The boys now have lhenr own boalhouse on 'the rnver and ur ns here 'rhal +h sfrenuous work ouls lake place Members musl' worlr hard prachcmg daily buf 'rhe vucfornes lhal are achleved 'through 'team sprrnl' malre ul' well worfhwhlle T85 ff jx 47' .7 an Q Baslcefball Team Shown here is the 1953 ieam-Fronf Row: N. M:Kerr'a C, Kerwedy F. Vespa, J. Redl. Second Row: M. Hcwe' D. Bower, S. Keenan, PX Dress'ef D. Maroney. J ' "I 1 V-' I 1 . fl 5 . V Q 9 If 'I u . , . 4 Archery Front Row, left to right: S. Burger, D. Horton. M. Jackson, S, Ellind, J. Friel, A. Fusaro, N, Grimm, N. Dodge, B. Williams. D. Harrison, R, LaFalse. Second Row: P. Slwortell, A. Benson, J. Crane, M, Drum, B. Edgar, T. Neid- hardt, D. Hogan, P. Dressler, J. Sand- burg, J. Dolan. Third Row: N. King, V. Mills, H, Hauver, B. Kennard, B. Miller, B. Dexter P. King, J, Keller, S. Larson. Volleyball Captains Front Row, left io right: N. McKenna B. Leo M. A. Urban F, Ve'pa J, Redl B. Kjz. Second Row: J, Ccni r' S. Keeran C. Bftra' B. Rarnage M, l-line' D, Mareoe 34,41 A Nuahudt, Bam, up Joan 9'9" Ted Y Diihhe WHT 5.17" Mori' Modem wuriignf 9 t. un, 3050. Budd ho 9 ' f and ,nd m S Despiie +he handicap of limi+ed dressing facilifies and fhe 0 1 cur+ailmen+ of infermural par+icipa'rion, girls' sporfs have played an S imporfanf parl' in ihe exfra-curricular program. ln I954, 'rhe girls have shown iusf as much inferesf in ihe sporis offered as in previous years. Memories of wonderful 'ream fun and successful honor squad games have urged fhem 'ro overcome +he disadvanfages which have unavoidably accompanied 'rhe building program a+ A.H.S. Swish - Doris Maroney, Nancy McKenna, and Dot Maronoy. Over you go - Flo Vespa and Ginda Pink. 1 f Q' w ff' Q- A .1 X 7' , 4 RQ L c of Squad N P bang it down? 'f Sfhifh and B b -Won'k soN'bodY ' ' ar Shifqwi 'g I wi SHORE Tl1a+'s wha+ I call a sfudy hall! Jam session. Our new fleet Broom dance - Adelaide Barighf, Barbara Budd. OlTsides? Soufhern exposure - Sandy Bed- dows, Pauline Bower. CoHee break - Mrs. Alsdorf, Miss Robinson. LEA VE Wha'I', no privacy? Charge! A Chevrolef Builf for Two - John Boles, Paul Brady. High jump - Evelyn Marfin NeHie Van Leuven. Only ninefeen references +o go. - Cafhy Kennedy, Bill Jones. Caughf in 'fhe acf-Barbara Kufs Our Mr. Boynfon. 'Gonna 'ran fheir hides." 88 famous line X porfraiis R CCIIIETIS Pl-IOTOGRAPHIC CO Poughkeepsle N Y Ofiiclal Phoiographers for 'the 1953 ANCHORS My 7? .m. m ,.Zm Lffill .I.ff?ff1.. I -5.39-

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