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el Jim . , , . 1 . ,I R , .. K 5- -, 1-W Y ,. . .Y Y: , ,Q . . ,.,v.W1-,-q.,,...,j ..-,. .- . .Vg-.,:,,:, ij: NVgA,g.- k Q.: gqiruvglrxw ui.,-Y ii' .3 .R 1, -.5--!,.-3.-gy-E., X. ,,..L.,. ,v. .,.,,.- Ho Q 5. X . MF ml 9 .fgrgngfon moo! lgougkgeelodie, Wea! yall' 5 3 e figonlenla O jlwme ADNIIN ISI RATION FACL LTX SIINIORS L BDIQRC LASSMFIN Al!1b1 IIOPIKII 111151 A1111 the 111611 11111 11111111111 721676111 11113111 11113 b ll 1 1fJc11 1 XIII 1111! fljflf 61111 1111 EI A1111 11111 111111121161 111111 ZIJI Ill 1113 11111 1111113 11111 1 QM 0 l L I ,N I I I I ' I 7 ........ . ACTIVITIES ............................ UI' ff , 1 , 'X I K I I J' , 1 I , ., 1 Z 1, 'I ,1l'1 1--Q,",'! '- 't 'lx' ' 1 I 'X' 'ffl 1 H11 11111 V K 1 f 'f 1 gm." ll Il I :Dechcafion Mr George B MacAndrews With your humble manner as our msprratron we the Class of 1953 proudly matched only by your competence your frrendlrness only by your fairness As long as men luke you endeavor to respond to our needs the youth of Amerrca shall stand prepared Let rt now be sand that words alone cannot fully express our gratrtude our apprecratron may be found only m our hearts dedicate this Anchors to you, Mr. George B. MacAndrews. Your pleasant humor is li0I"la ALL THE WORLD rs before us, vse stand sure and eager curxous and adventuresome darrng and unafraid Centurles ago Wrlllam Shakespeare wrote 10112011010 and l0m0n0u, and 10m0n0w, Creepy 111 1111: ,belly pare 70771 day I0 day T0 fbe lay! ryllable 0 rerofded rzme Today after generatnons haxe used these lmes as a theme for therr phrlosophy of lrfe we seek to add them to our futures We hope each new day mll brrng forth more success and satrsfactron than the preuous one Our tomorrows must show evr dence of progress rn attltude character and abrlrty rf vue want to fulfill our ultrmate asprratrons We would not be wrong to assume that our educatlonal preparatron thus far has been an elaborate dress rehearsal mth the rnrtral performance shortly awarted As we approach graduatron these realrstrc words should assure us that the efforts of our parents our teachers, and our frrends have not been rn vam The curtam IS about to use but before xt does we pause to present our ANCHORS and to rekrndle our most cherrshed memornes memorres of com panronshlp formed and the msprratlons recerved through the years from our happmess sorrow humor and responsrbllntres But even rn thus retrospectron howeser we are antrcrpatmg the lack of routme restramt and regulation little realnzrng that ALL THE WORLD rmposes these same three rs ID ewery socatron We do knovu rt will take patxence perscxerance and perhaps dxscouragcment nexerthe less we are determmed that the Class of 1953 wrll be well represented on the frontiers of democracy A Marsh Nmer Editor nz rbze Marsh Nmer Editor . . . ' V Y 5 , . rr' ,D I ,, , .. . , , . .-., I y . . ' 'I V . Y 7 7 Y - 7 7 . V . . . Y . . . 7 7 1 7 Q 7 ' 7 7 Y .. , . , , 7 7 Y V . V. . . ' v 41 I A . , I 3 3 7 V . Front Row, lefl lo right: Richard Peirce. Miss Byrne, Miss Rand, Marsh Niner. Second Row: Shirley Blair, Paul Karl, Donna Holmes. Joyce Diehl, Richard Jacquemard, Patricia Campion. I'600L Sa Editor ......... .... A . Marsh Niner Auirlant Editor ....... Paul Karl Secretary ..... . . . Shirley Blair Literary Donna Holmes, Chairman Buiineii- Carol Corney Evelyn Martin Patricia Campion and Joyce Diehl, Co-Chairmen Thomas Griffin Alexander Rodgers Marguerite Brower William Kelly Sara Keenan Bafbafii Sh00k John Clearwater Mary Ann Plechinger Ann Landolfa Eleanor Wigsten Nancy Conklin Richard Redl Marilyn Ghee Jeannette Schaller Gloria Ann Haight Patricia Schroeder PfJ0f0g"f1Pf7y Jean Haight Katherine Seeberger Richard Jacquemard, Chairman Ellen Hakanson Joan Sherow Mary Ann Cross Robert Russell Eileen Haiiand Steve S0105 Robert Estes John Scriber Mary Wickman Benjamin Frazier George Waterman P.T.A. OFFICERS Preiident ........... ........ M r. John Rinaldi, 138 No. Grand Avenue P 3 -X4 Firrt Vice-Prerident ........ Mr. Walter R. Neidhardt, Mountain View Road ' ' ' Second Vice-Prerident .... .... M iss Marian Regis Fratz, 75 Davis Avenue Third Vice-Preridenl ..... Mrs. Erwin Coons, Vassar View Road U! icerii Recording Secretary ...... . .. . Mrs. Ralph Dennis, 113 Innis Avenue Correrponding Secretary .... Mrs. Edna G. Manning, Red Oaks Mill Trenrurer .............. .. Mr. Ralph Clearwater, 8 Fairmont Avenue DJ From Raw, left io fight: Mrs. Robinson, Serremryg Mr. Storm, Superirzzendenlg Miss Blair, Secretary, OPQLUOI' The world of tomorrow will be more exciting, more important, and more challenging than any other we have known. Anyone may play as full a part in it as his capacities, his ambition, and his energy will permit. However, the term of life is limited, and each one should, if he is to get the most out of life in terms of happiness and accomplishment, make up a plan for himself as early as possible. Regardless of what position in life a man may hold, he can get ahead if he has the requisite ability and determination. No man need be stopped by external circumstances if he appraises his own abilities, establishes a purpose early in life, and drives ahead to realize his aim. Each one of us must contribute his share towards meeting the world's needs as well as his own. An idle world would quickly fall to pieces. Only as we accept our share of the responsibilities can we hold up our heads in a world of men. We Cannot fully enjoy even our recreation unless we have earned it through work. We trust the years you have spent at Arlington High School have been happy ones-years that can be re-lived in your memories with much resultant pleas- ure. We hope that as a result of your work here you are well prepared to achieve in life the goals you have set for accomplishment. Above all, we hope you will have a good plan for life, and that you will fulfill your obligations in order that the world will be better because you have lived in it. Good luck to you-alwayf, Sincerely, HAROLD C. STORM Superinter1def1t AUMINBTHIXTIUN FACULTY OA! N 4 . 4 4..- 4 4 J 4 4 4 Y 4 4 . 4 4 4 H ta ea,-ning, wgafa fAin J." ! pl S To think that just nine gentlemen can lay the foundations for such an outstanding system as ours is almost a miracle. Yet, Arlington's Board members have combined their progressive talents to do exactly that. No only do we look at the present as a fair indication. but we may extend our admiration to keep in step with our broad centralization program. The deeds of this group have guaranteed a liberal, sensible future for this district. oarc! of gialucafion is Stuffed: Albert P, XX'ardell. Cleft. Oscar A. Dluhosch, Pfsizdtrzty john A, Recd. Smrzdirzg: Perry Ferris. Murray Wagstcn. Harold C. Sturm. Snpwrn- lmdtns. R, Lewis Townsend, Ray Yerry. Frank jacqucmard, the P-WUMA sksnmg The ladies Ret nm... Planning for tomorrow af" ll j .pun- Harold C Storm Supenntendenl Donald -I Nelson Prmrzpal l'Ylll'llJtl'Gfl0l'l all alfll. Elrsabeth Alsdorf Agnes Blau' 1 George B MacAndrews Dfrerrar 0 Guzdanre Mary E OConnell Dean 0 Worzlen 49222 gi Walter A Nendhardt Margaret I Byrne umm Hlgh Admlnlxtrzlor Gurdance Counrelof Marlon Brady Margaret Brooks 5 'I Gadlm Bodner l9J Ruth Clow I Katherine Cooke Agnes Flint Puff Fogden Us Ni' Mary Ellen Hoga Alrce Housman Frederrck jordan MHYY Kmhanf' 'fin ,.-f Kenneth Knops Walter Lacks Edna Manning Dorothy Moore ,gl ein M If .4llv'f"" X-nf Ann Murfaugh Ruth Ngygg julia Phelan Glona Rand 45- F' l GC kenneth Folster ik Frank Kmg Ioseph Morley Lors Rector L . lx 4 AL. M . M. , ,A A. ' ' X H - V , M.. I 1 ,f - N I 'X . :M '. l- A 293 L S ' --utr ir 3:7 If V ' W' if F4 it l ' P in "- llrk A A ' Q W lg A F 'xV'r V' 9 rv 'is ' l A .ff -. r nu " Q.- Sophrc Reutenauer mee Robmwn Alice Rellley li Laura Sherman George Sorrentmo Margaret Schnavone 41 ulra Stevens f- 0- V elrha Rubrnson john Stahlberger ohn Stewart Marlon Swan Charles Terry joan Rudman Robert Stearns 2 R 3 Lela Traver W,ll,am T1-,PP Lorna Van Qfden Margaret Walsh jane Wrlson Wrllram Wrzeman C21 1 ws, ,?, i Vw D:--.XX "Is n't it the truth?-, ADMINISTRATION Harold C. Storm, B.S., M.A. S.C.T. at New Paltz, N.Y.S.C.T. at Albany, N.Y.U., Columbia. Superin- tendeni. Donald J. Nelson, B.S., M.Ed. Ithaca, St. Lawrence, Syracuse, N.Y.U. Principal. George B. MacAndrews, B.S., M.A. St. Lawrence, N.Y.S.C.T. at Albany, Columbia. Guidance Direclor. Mary E. O'C0nnell, A.B., M.A. N.Y.S.C.T, at Albany, Columbia, Dean. Walter R. Neidhart, B.S., M.Ed. St. Lawrence, junior High Adrninirlra- tory Director of Adult Education, Phyriu. Margaret I. Byrne, A.B., M.A. Englirh. FACULTY Elizabeth Alsdorf Vassar Hospital, N.Y.U. School Nurre Agnes Blair Secretary. Gadlin Bodner, A.B. N.Y.S.C.T. at Albany, N.Y.U. Cirizen- rhip Educalion. Marion Brady, A.B., M.A. Miami, Columbia, Englirh, Margaret Brooks, A.B., M.A. Goucherg Columbia. Engliih. Ruth Clow, A.B., B.L.S. N.Y.S.C.T, at Albany. Librarian Katherine Cooke Anirlanl Secrelary Agnes Flint. B.A., M.A. N.Y.S.C.T. at Albany, N.Y.U., Colum- bia, Maihemaiirr. Kenneth Folster, B.S. S.C.T. at Oswego. Induririal Arif. 123 Collee of New Rochelle' NYU' g I , . . ., Columbia. Auirtani Guidance Directory Make it easy! Mary Ellen Hogan, B.A., M.S. College of St. Rose, N.Y.S.C.T, at Al- bany. Airman! Librarian. Alice Housman, B.A. N.Y.S.C.T. at Albany. Science Frederick jordan, B.S. Springfield, Col. U. Phyiical Education. Mary Keohane, B.S., M.A. , St. Lawrenceg Columbia. Science. Frank King, B.S. Arnold. Phyrical Education. Kenneth Knops, B.S., M.A. Panzer, N.Y.U. Hygiene and Phyfical Education. Walter Lacks, B.S. Emmanuel, Agriculture. james Maloney, B.S., M.A. S.C.T. at Brockport. junior High. Edna Manning, B.S. Plymouth Normal, Burdettg Columbia, New Hampshireg N.Y.U. Buiineu. Dorothy Moore S.C.T. at New Paltz, N.Y.S.C.T, at Albanyg N.Y.U. junior High Engliih. joseph Morley, B.S., M.A. Clarksong St, Lawrence. Mathemalicf. Ann Murtaugh, B.S. S.C.T. at New Paltz. junior High. Ruth Noyes, B.A. Maineg Mexico, Bryant, Stratton, Eng- lifh und Speech. julia Phelan, B.S. S.C.T. at New Paltzg N.Y.U. junior High Ciiizenrhip Educarion, Gloria Rand, B.A., M.A. N.Y.S.C.T, at Albany. Engliih. Lois Rector, A.B. Western Michigan College. Maihemaiict. Alice Reilley. ,B.S. N.Y.S.C.T. at Albany. Buiinen. Sophie Reutenauer, B.A., M.A. N.Y.S.C.T. at Albany. French. joyre Robinson Aiiiilrini Sen-elary. Weltha Robinson, B.A., M.A. N.Y.S.C.T, at Albany, U. of Chicago. Englirh. --Quiet, fone H" joan Rudman, B.A., M.A. Michigan State College. Ari. Margaret Schiavone, A.B. N.Y.S.C.T, at Albany, Wisconsin, Syra- cuse. World Hirlory. Laura Sherman, B.S. Bates, Boston, Sargent. Phpical Educa- tion. George Sorrentino, B.E., B.S. in Ed. S.C.T. at New Paltz. junior High Eng- liih. john Stahlberger, B.A., M.A. Bates, Syracuse, American Hirrory, Robert Stearns, B.S., M.S. Syracuse. Burineu. julia Stevens, B.S. S.C.T. at New Paltzg N.Y.S.C.T. at Albany, Columbia, junior High Math- enzatici. john Stewart, B.S., M.A. S.C.T. at Oswego, Columbia. Indurlrial Education. Marion Swan, B.A. Middlebury, N.Y.U. luzfin. Charles Terry New England Conservatory of Music, N.Y.U., Boston. Muric. Lela Traver, B.A. N.Y.S.C.T. at Albany, S.C.T. at New Paltz, Oneonta Normal, N.Y.U. junior High. William Tripp, B.S. S.C.T, at New Paltz. junior High Sci- ence and Malhemaiicig Driving. Lorna Van Orden, B.S., M.A. Russell Sage, N.Y.U. Home Economicr. Margaret Mary Walsh, A.B. College of Mount Saint Vincent, Ford- ham, Engliih. lane Wilson, Mus. B. Boston. Mufic. William Wizeman, B.S. N.Y.S.C.T, at Buffalo. lnduitrial Ari: and Driving. ENIUHSf vvvv 5 N 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 N ..... UML Airs 4afCLefaf,J4l1inin9 morning face . . . " !4 14 enior 66,44 O icem .2-"" f7VQO'f6f li- Seated let to nglaz Shrrley Blarr Serreizrj Marsh Nxner Prerldent Second Row Robert Russell Treururer Rrchard Perrce l lie Prendenl Srx years ago we were not qulte sure where we belonged We had only a slight 1dea of hrgh school lrfe We looked upon our teachers as thrngs and not as human berngs upperclassmen were strange and mythrcal people who occupred the second floor Our first week we laborrously mapped out thls strange new school whrch we would come to call our own And lt rs ours every closet and supply room and classroom and every square rnch of hallway space It rs here also that we have spent our lersure our class trme and our actlvrty time When we look back to appraxse what Arlmgton has done for us we realrze that we have grown up and are no longer chrldren but young men and women As Senxors xt IS now our turn to be em red for we hare replaced those rclols of sux years ago As thc years come and go rt rs our hope that each succeedrng class will be as happy as the Class of 1953 Thus IS our finest hour 1 U61 'Q ..... , , 5 . - ,-L - in , " I . f i fi r V .... , f : , -. .' . , . : , , I l f I ,7 h ! 3 ' s Y ' 9 l . , . , , 9 7 Y ,. 1 , ' 9 SHIRLEY B. BLAIR RICHARD BONAHUE ROSEMARY J. ANTENUCCI Boot: Basketball 1,2,3,45 Cheerleading j.V. 1,2, C0-Captain 25 Varsity 3,45 Girls' Varsity 45 Prom 35 Soccer l,2,3,4, Captain 3,45 Softball l,2,3, 45 Volleyball 1,2,3,4. RICHARD BARNES Basketball, Varsity Manager 2,3 Intramurals 1,2,3,45 Rowing Var- sity 3,4. KENNETH R. BARIGHT Ken Conservation 45 F.F.A, 3,4, Vice President 45 Welfare Squad 4. CAROLYN BICKNELL Dolly Basketball 1,25 Library 15 Soccer 15 Softball 1,25 Volleyball 1,25 Wel- fare Squad 15 Yearbook 4. Arlingtonian 2,3,45 Cheerleading j.V. 35 Varsity 45 Dramatics l,2, 3,4, Treasurer 3, Vice-President 45 G.O. 35 Prom 3,4, Co-Chairman 35 Yearbook 4, Secretary5 Class Secre- tary 4. IVIARGUERITE M. BROWER Peggy Archery 3,45 Band 1,25 Basketball l,2,3,4, Captain 35 Honor Squad 2, 35 Chorus 1,25 Dramatics 2,3,45 Girl's Varsity 45 Prom 3,45 Soccer 1,2,3,4, Honor Squad 2,3,45 Soft- ball 1,2,3,4, Honor Squad 2,35 Volleyball 1,2,3, Honor Squad 2,35 Welfare Squad 2,35 Yearbook 4. I QW? f' f' Convalescence. Sandy Rodgers, Barbara Shook. Dirk Intramurals 1,2,3,45 Rowing J.V. 1 Yearbook 4. JACQUELYN C. BUNN Iackie Basketball 1,2,35 Dramatics 1,2,3,4 Library l,2,35 Prom 3,45 Soccer 1 2,35 Softball l,2,3, Honor Squad 2 Volleyball 1,2,3, Captain 35 Year- book 4. I J School's out. Bart Snyder, Audrey Van Buskirk. joe Famellette, Sally Kufs. GERALD R. CONKLIN jerry Arlingtonian 43 Band l,2,5,43 Chorus l,2,3,43 Dramatics 43 F.F.A. 2,53 G.O. 13 Prom 43 Welfare Squad 3,4Q Yearbook 43 Orchestra 3,43 Swing Band 1,2,3. JOSEPH H. CONNER JOAN E. CALLAHAN joanie Arlingtonian 33 Basketball l,2,4 Dramatics 5,43 Prom 33 Soccer 1 2,43 Softball 13 Volleyball 23 Wel- fare Squad 2. ANN M. CARMELITANO Red Chorus 3,4. PATRICIA A. CAMPION Pat Arlingtonian 3,4Q Basketball 1,2,3,43 Dramatics 3,43 Prom 3,43 Soccer 1, 2,3,43 Softball 1,2,3,4Q Volleyball 1.2,3.4, Captain 51 Yearbook 4, Co- Chairman, Business Staff. JOHN L, CLEARWATER Baseball j.V. 13 Varsity 2.3,-43 Basketball j.V. 23 Varsity 3,43 De- bate 2,43 Football j.V. 2,3, Captain 35 G.O. 3,4. President 43 Intra- murals 1,2,3.43 Prom 43 Tech. 43 Yearbook 43 Senior Executive Committee 4. NANCY L. CONKLIN Archery 3,4Q Arlingtonian 4g Bas- ketball l,2,3,4, Captain 3, Honor Squad 2,33 Dramatics 5,43 G.O. 2,31 Girl's Varsity 43 Library l,2,3, President 23 Prom 43 Soccer 1,2,3,4, Honor Squad 1.2,33 Softball l,2,3,4, Honor Squad 2.3, Volleyball l,2,3,4, Honor Squad l,2,3, Welfare Squad 1,22 Yearbook 4. LOUIS F. CONSIGLIO Conservation 43 Intramurals 2,3. Chess l,2Q Photography 3. 161 FT: wgmx ,K , , 9 Q ,, J'?f,,,f.-fu 1' - .ails EDNA O. COOPER Eddie Basketball 1.2L Chorus 1.25.43 Library 1,2.3,43 Soccer 1.2. Honor Squad 13 Softball 1.2, Honor Squad 23 Volleyball 132, Honor Squad 1, KATHLEEN E. CROSHIER Kathy Arlingtonian 33 Basketball 1,2,3Q Dramatics 33 Prom 3,43 Soccer 132, 3,4. Captain 3343 Softball 1.2.33 Volleyball 1.2.33 Welfare Squad 23 Yearbook 43 Class Secretary 3. CAROL A, CORNEY Arlingtonian 2.3.43 Dramatics 1,2, 5,4. Treasurer 43 Prom 3.43 Soccer 13 Yearbook 4. MARY ANNE CROSS Mac Chorus 1,2,5,43 Dramatics 43 French Club 35 G.O. 43 Prom 3.43 Photog- raphy 33 Welfare Squad 1.23 Year- book 4. TERRANCE CROTTY Rowing Varsity 1,2,3,4. JOHN P. DAKIN Duke Football j.V, 1.2: Varsity 3.43 Imfa. murals 3,43 Prom. 'Y' lx 7 ,f ak "Mule Train." Luke Reed, Paul Karl. Steve Solos. SHERRILL V. CRUM Sherry Basketball lg Library 1.2.3343 Prom 4g Soccer 13 Softball 13 Volleyball 13 Yearbook 4. JOYCE M. DIEHL Arlingtonian 3,43 Basketball 13 Dramatics 5,43 Prom 3,43 Soccer 23 Softball 13 Volleyball 13 Yearbook 4, Co-Chairman, Business Staff. , gf wi l 21. x t 1 It's all in the game, RAPHAEL T. EAGEN Ray Football j.V. 1,2,35 Intramurals 1,2, 3,4, Captain 3,45 Prom 45 Track 1,2, ROBERT E. ESTES, JR, Bob Debate 25 Football j.V. 35 Varsity 45 F.F.A. 35 Intramurals 1,2,3,45 Rowing Varsity 1,2545 Tech. 1,2.5,4. llfll ROBERT A. DONEGAN murals 1,25 Rowing j,V, 2, RALPH DOREMUS Basketball j.V. 3, Co-Captain 35 Varsity 45 Football j.V, 1,25 Varsity 3,45 Intramurals 1,25 Prom 45 Track 1,2,3.4. I 1 Bob Russell JOSEPH R. EMMETT joe Chess 15 Prom 3. ANNE EXUM Annie Archery 45 Basketball 1,2,3,4, Honor Squad 25 G.O. 25 Girl's Varsity 45 Soccer 1,2,3,4, Honor Squad 3,45 Softball 35 Volleyball 3,45 Welfare Squad 25 Class Secretary 2. Football IV. 2,35 Varsity 45 Intra- PATRICIA L. DONOHUE Bambi Chorus 1,2,3.45 Library 15 Stamp 2. Secretary 2. MARY E. DUNAGAN Buggy Basketball 2,35 Dramatics 1,2 5 Library 1,25 Prom 3.45 Soccer 15 Volleyball 2,35 Welfare Squad 2' Yearbook 4. JOSEPH bl. FABIELLETTE joe Football j,V, 13 Varsity 2.3.4. Co Captain 43 Prom 33 Track BENJAMIN H. FRAZIER Ben Chess 23 G.O, 13 Rowing Varsity 2.3343 Yearbook 4. GEORGE FERRARI Smiley Baseball 13 Football IV. l,2' Varsity 3.43 Track 2.3,4. 1 WENDELL J. GARRETT, JR. Wendy Baseball j.V, 13 Varsity 2,3.43 Bas- ketball j.V. 23 Varsity 3,43 Intra- murals 1. QF MARILYN C. GHEE Lymie ,- it Basketball 1,2,3,4Q Dramatics 5,42 Prom 3,43 Soccer 1.2.33 Softball 1, 2.33 Volleyball 1,2,3. Captain 33 Welfare Squad 23 Yearbook 4. DELVINER M. GIRARD Del Archery 43 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Chorus 2,43 Library 1.23 Prom 3 Soccer 1.2,3,43 Softball 1,43 Volley- ball O'Really?-no, O'Reilly. Pat Campion, Marilyn Ghee, Eileen Harrancl3 Pat Ham. G. BERNHARD GIERLOFF Bernie Football Varsity 3.43 Prom 33 Track 334, JOHN J. GIVENS Intramurals 23 Track 3. U91 Patriots. Mike Ryan, Hank Robin. ELLEN F. HAKANSON Basketball 25 Prom 5,45 Soccer 45 Softball 45 Yearbook 4. EILEEN M. HARRAND Dramatics 2,3.45 Library 35 Prom 45 Photography 15 Yearbook 4. 1201 DONALD V. GORMAN Don Conservation 45 Prom 3.45 Photog- raphy 1. GLORIA ANN HAIGHT Basketball 1,25 Library 1,25 Soccer 1,25 Softball 1.25 Volleyball Honor Squad 25 Welfare Squad 1.2.4. THOINIAS C. GRIFFIN Tom Arlingtonian 45 Chess 2,45 Debate 2.3.4. Treasurer 3, President 45 Dramatics 2,3.4g Stamp Club 2g Yearbook 45 Senior Executive Com- mittee 4. JEAN R. HAIGI-IT Library 1.2. Secretary 25 Prom 45 Softball 25 Volleyball 15 Welfare Squad 1.2,3,4. .Q-, PATRICIA HAM Tootie Archery 55 Arlingtonian 35 Basket- ball 25 Chorus 25 Dramatics 1,2,3,4, Vice-President 5. Secretary 45 Prom 3,45 Soccer 25 Softball 15 Volleyball 25 Yearbook 4. ETHEI. V, HATT Arlingtonian 39 Basketball 1.2.31 Dramatics 2.31 Soccer 1.2.3, 50f!- ball 2,35 Volleyball 1.2.3. E. SARA KEENAN I DONNA M. HOLMES Archery 3.43 Arlingtonian 3,43 Bas- ketball 1.2,3.4, Debate 2,3,43 Dramatics 1,2.3,43 French Club 1,23 Library 13 Prom 3,43 Soccer 1,2.33 Softball I.2.4Q Yearbook 4. Chair- man, Literary Stagg Senior Finance Committee. RICHARD M. JACQUEMARD MARY A. HUBBARD Pudge Basketball l,2.3,4, Honor Squad 2,33 Chorus 1,2,3,43 Debate 2,3,4, Secre- tary 4g French Club 33 Prom 3,43 Soccer 23 Softball 1,2,3,4, Honor Squad 33 Yearbook 4g Senior Execu- tive Committee 4, Chairman, Ia: Baseball j.V. 1,23 Varsity 3,43 Intra- murals 1,2,3,43 Prom 3,43 Tech, 2, WILLIAM KAISER, JR, 3,4, President 43 Yearbook 43 Inter- Chess 13 Conservation 43 Cross class Basketball 1,2,3,4. Country 13 Prom 33 Track 1, Witherwax, KEVAN P. KARL A.A.A, 4, President3 Baseball j.V. 13 Varsity 2,3,43 Basketball J.V. 1, 23 Varsity 3,43 Football j.V. 1, 23 Varsity 3,43 Class Vice-President 3. "Moonlight on the Snow." Peg Brower, jack Scriber, Arden PAUL T. KARL Arlingtonian 43 Band 13 Baseball j.V. I,2Q Varsity 3,43 Basketball J.V. 23 Varsity 3,43 Football j.V, 13 Varsity 2,3.4, Captain 43 G.O. 2,33 Intramurals lg Prom 3,43 Year- book 4. LORETTA A. KAZLOSKY Laurie Chorus 5. Archery 3,43 Arlingtonian 3,43 Bas- ketball 1,2,5,4, Honor Squad 23 G.O. lg Prom 3,43 Soccer 2,3,4, Captain 43 Honor Squad 43 Softball 1,2,3,4, Honor Squad 13 Volleyball l,2,3,43 Welfare Squad 23 Yearbook 43 Gym Club 2. rm SALLY A. KUFS ANNE D. LANDOLFA Tense? Elly Wigsten, Calvin Smith. Sal Archery 35 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Girl's Varsity 45 Soccer 1,2,3,4, Honor Squad 25 Softball 1,2.3.4, Honor Squad 1.3.45 Volleyball 1,2,3.4. Honor Squad 2.3.4. ANNA M. LEE Debate 2,45 Dramatics 1.2.3, Secre tary 25 Prom 45 Yearbook 4. 221 ERIC KELLER German Baseball j.V. 15 Football j.V. 1,2 French Club 2.35 Intramurals 1,2 3.45 Prom 3.45 Softball 1.25 Yearl book 45 Interclass Basketball 1,2,3,4 BERNICE E. KILMER Neirer Basketball 1.2,3.4. Captain 33 Dramatics 1.2.31 GO. 31 Prom 3,45 Soccer 152.345 Softball 1,2,3,45 Volleyball 1.2.3545 Vfelfare Squad 3.45 Yearbook 4. VUILLIAM P. KELLY Bill Dramatics 35 Prom 3,45 Photography 15 XX'elfare Squad 25 Yearbook 45 Senior Finance Committee 4. RONALD A. KNECHTEL Archie Photography 1.2. Arlingtonian 25 Basketball 1,2,3,4, Honor Squad 253,45 Cheerleading j.V. 2.3, Captain 35 Varsity 45 Debate 25 Girl's Varsity 45 Prom 3.45 Soccer 1.2,3.4. Honor Squad 253,45 Captain 35 Softball l,2,3,4, Honor Squad 3,45 Volleyball l,2,3, 4. Honor Squad 253,45 Welfare Squad 35 Yearbook 4. THORNTON M. LOVELACE Afllff Football j.V. 2,35 Varsity 45 Track 1. JOHN G. Lucas fuk Chess 1,2.4g Conservation 4, Drama- tics 4g Football j,V. 25 Intramurals, Captain 2,33 Library 1, Rowing 15 Yearbook 4. DAVID W. MACKEY Dare Chess 1,23 FFA. 25 Photography 1.2, Rowing IV. 1,25 Varsity 3, 4, Yearbook 4. CLARENCE MACKEY Pere Conservation -ig Football 35 Intra- murals 2,5. DAVID H. MacLAY Breezy fTransferrecl from Pawlingj 555 . +1-in 'C T Waterman. EVELYN J. MARTIN Arlingtonian 3g Basketball 1,2,3,4g Cheerleading J.V. 3g Varsity 45 Prom 3,43 Soccer 1,2.3,4g Softball 1,2,5,4g Volleyball 1,2,3,4g Welfare Squad 23 Yearbook 4. ROBERT D. McRITCI-IIE MrRitrb Intramurals 1,2,3,4g Prom 4. "Casey, Crime Photographer." Paul Karl, Rog Phillips, George .IANIS M. MARTIN fan Basketball 3,4g Prom 5,43 Soccer 3, 4, Volleyball 3,45 Softball lg Wel fare Squad 2g Yearbook 4. RICHARD -I. MOFFAT Moe Baseball j.V. 1,23 Varsity 3,4g Bas- ketball j.V. 33 Football j,V. 1,24 Varsity 5,4g Intramurals 1,25 Prom 3,4. I3-'3 Knapp's Streamline Special. , Jeanette Schaller, Anna Scaccia. CLINTON F. ODE LL Digger ROGER W. PHILLIPS Rag Baseball j.V. 2: Varsity 4 3 Bas- ketball j.V, 31 Varsity 43 Foot- ball j.V. 1,24 Intramurals 1.21 Rowing j.V. 1, I24l WALTER 1. MURRAY Football j.V. 21 Varsity 3.49 Intra- murals 1,2,5,4. i I if DONALD A. NEILSON Band 1,253 Chess 13 Chorus 2. EILEEN M. MYERS Shorty Archery 1,2g Basketball 2.3. Honor Squad 23 Chorus 23,45 Prom 3,45 Soccer 1.2.51 Softball 1,2g Volley- ball Ig Yearbook 4. A. ISIARSH NINER Arlingtonian 4g Baseball Varsity 1,2.3.4g Basketball Varsity 3,4g Chess 2.4, Secretary 23 Debate 2,3, 4. Vice-President 3.4g Dramatics 53 Football j.V. lg G.O. 45 Intramurals 1,2g Prom 3, Co-Chairmang Year- book 4, Editorg Class President 2.4. RICHARD G. PEIRCE Dirk Chess 2,4, Vice-President 41 Dramatics l,2.3.4, President 3,45 G.O. 1,2,3,4g Prom 31 Rowing Var- sity 2.33 Tech. 2.3.4, Vice-President 3g Yearbook 4, Treasurerg Class Vice-President 49 Debate 2. HARRY E. PIERSON fTransferrecl from Lawrencej Chorus 3. MARY ANN PLECHINGER Basketball 2.3.4. Honor Squad 3: Dramatics 3.4: Library 1.2.3. V102- President 21 Prom 43 Soccer 1.2,3, 'lg Softball 1.2.31 Volleyball 2,3.4. Captain 33 V'elfare Squad 2.33 Yearbook 4. RICHARD R. REDL Richie Banking 2,3.4, President 41 Cross Country 4g Dramatics 3.41 G.O. lg Prom 5,43 Rowing 2.3.43 Tech, 2. 3.4. Secretary-Treasurer 3g Yearbook 43 Class President 3. I 6 y A 6 ROBERT E. POST Ctinscrvdtion -4. LUKE REED A.A.A. 4, Vice-Presidentg Basket- ball j.V. 2, Captaing Varsity 3,45 Football j.V, 23 Varsity 4g Intra- murals lg Prom 43 Tech. 2.33 Class Vice-President 1.2. WILLIAM T REILLY Conservation 4 Vice President F F A 2 34 President 4 DONALD E RICHARDS Dan fTransferred from Lawrencej Touchdown Special, Steve Solos. sa 4 We 5 sp SHELDON T REYNOLDS 4 She Football JV 1 Intramurals Yearbook 4 HENRY F ROBIN Hank Baseball JV 12 Varsity 4 Bas ket all JV 3 Football V 12 Varsity 3.4' Intramurals 1' Prom 3' Interclass Basketball 12 3 4. 1 T251 v :- Someone's coming. Eileen M Hubbard. ROBERT R. RUTBELL Chess 23 Debate 23 Intramur Rowing Varsity 1,2,5,4. ANNA F. SCACCIA Chubby Dramatics 25 Yearbook 4. U63 ALEXANDER T. RODGERS Sandy Dramatics 3.45 Football j.V. 2,3 Varsity 49 Intramurals 2, Prom 3,4 Rowing J.V. 3,43 Yearbook 4 Senior Finance Committee 4. I ROGER A. ROTH Basketball j.V, 3, Football j.V. 2,3 y Varsity 43 Intramurals 1,23 Track 1. HAROLD K. ROSE Rorey Baseball Varsity lg Chess 2,4. ROBERT C, RUSSELL Rurr Baseball j.V, 15 Basketball j.V. 1,2 Varsity 3.45 Football Varsity 4 Track 2,4g Interclass Basketball 1 2,33 Class Treasurer l,2,5,4. yers, Sherrill Crum, Mary MICHAEL G. RYAN 2115 13 fTransferred from Poughkeepsiej JEANETTE SCHALLER Dramatics 2,3,4g Prom 3,4g Softball lg Yearbook 4. JOAN A. SHEROW PATRICIA A. SCHROEDER Shorty Basketball 1,2,3.4, Captain 3, Honor Squad 2.3.45 Soccer l,2.3,4. Honor Squad 3,45 Softball l,2.3.4, Captain 3, Honor Squad 35 Volleyball 1.2, 3,45 Welfare Squad 1,2,35 Year- book 4. KATHERINE I.. SEEBERGER Kaye Archery 3.45 Basketball l,2,3,45 Debate 2,3,45 Dramatics 1,2,3.45 Prom 3,45 Soccer Softball 1,2,3,45 Yearbook 45 Senior Finance Committee 4. JOHN O, SCRIBER, JR. lark Band 1,2.3,4, Chess 25 Chorus 1,2, 3.45 Cross Country 25 Intramurals Prom 3,45 Rowing Varsity 1,2,3,45 Stamp 2,35 Yearbook 4. BARBARA A. SHADE Bobbie Prom 45 Yearbook 4. L 1 X Ex Band 1,2,3,45 Banking 2,3,45 Bas- ketball 1,2,3,4, Honor Squad 25 G.O. 1,35 Girl's Varsity 45 Prom 4, Co-Chairmang Soccer I,2.3,4, Honor Squad 2,35 Softball 1,2.3,4, Captain 35 Volleyball 1,2,3,4, Honor Squad 3, Captain 35 Yearbook 45 Class Secretary 1. CALVIN R. SMITH Smitty Intramurals 1,2. Don't look down. John Clearwater, Richard Peirce. BARBARA I.. SHOOK Barb Basketball 1,2,3,45 Dramatics 3,45 G.O. 45 Prom 3,45 Soccer l,2,3,4, Honor Squad 45 Softball 1,2,3,4, Captain 35 Volleyball l,2,3,45 Year- book 4. A. BARTON SNYDER Duke Baseball Varsity 2,3,45 Basketball Varsity 3,45 Football J.V. l,2, Captain 25 Varsity 3,45 Intramurals 1,2. f27 iv That's the limit. Marsh Niner, Keenan. KENT V. TAYLOR Cross Country 1g Dramatics 1 Intramurals 3g Prom 3,43 Track, Manager lg Freshman Football 1. R. GEORGE VUATERMAN Carey 281 i..J Elly Wigsten, Sara STEVE A. SOLOS Greek Arlingtonian 2.5g Basketball J.V. 33 Varsity 4g Dramatics 2,55 Football j.V. lg Varsity 43 Intramurals 1.25 Prom 3.49 Track 1,2,5,4g Year- book 4. KATHLEEN P. STEEL Karby Band 55 Basketball 2,5,4, Honor Squad 2g Chorus 2,5,4g Library 13 Soccer 1.2,3.4, Captain 4, Honor Squad 4g Softball l.2,5.4, Captain 3g Volleyball 1,2,3,4. FLORENCE A. SPECKENBACH ANNE bl. STILWELL Basketball 1.23 Chorus 2,3g Debate 25 Soccer 1,2. AUDREY E. VAN BUSKIRK Basketball l,2,3,4, Honor Squad 2, 3,4, Captain Zg Cheerleading j.V. 3g Girl's Varsity 45 Prom 3,4g Soccer 2.3.4. Honor Squad 2,5,4, Captain 35 Softball l,2,3,4, Honor Squad 2,3,-ig Volleyball l,2,3,4, Honor Squad 2,3,4g Welfare Squad 2.33 Gym Club l,2,3. MARY A. VVICKMAN Basketball lg Chorus lg Prom 5,45 Soccer 45 Yearbook 4. ELEANOR A. WIGSTEN Elly Archery 35 A.A.A. 4, Secretary5 Basketball l,2,5,4, Honor Squad 2, 3,45 Cheerleading Varsity 2,3,4, Captain 45 Dramatics I5 Girl's Var- sity 45 Library 15 Prom 3,45 Soccer 2,3,4, Captain 4, Honor Squad 2,3, 45 Softball 1,2,3,4, Honor Squad 2,3,45 Volleyball 1,2,3,4, Honor Squad 25,45 Yearbook 45 Senior Executive Committee 4. ARDEN N. WITHERWAX Band l,2,3,45 Chorus 1,2,3,4, Prom 3,45 Yearbook 4. EDWARD J. WILSON, IR. Will Chess 3,45 Dramatics 3,4 5 Rowing Varsity, Manager 3. MARY E. WOODIN Rag: Basketball 15 Library 55 Soccer 1,2 Softball 1,25 Volleyball 1. LEWIS W. WRIGHT Lou Baseball j.V, 15 Varsity 2,3,45 G.O. 45 Intramurals 1,2,3,4. MAUREEN A. CZECH Tipw Dramatics 1,25 French Club 35 Prom 3,45 Yearbook 4. Q ROBERT KROLL WALTER E. WHITE Chess 2,5,45 Rowing j.V. 35 Varsity 4. PI-IYLLIS PECTLE HONORARY GRADUATES RICHARD CONDRON DOUGLAS VINCENT f29 303 -OA I 'hw 4-"' NOW C-Oath 1 Off school hmlls 7 The new Old Glory 3 Extra curncular 9'- 5 TEAM 6. GOOCI luck Mentor. hr' J ' W' I 5 X Stag hne 'M-1 4- 5 1- 5 Ygu IC all is 4 Are there any questxons out of Ofde' 159+ ,ff a 'M' eff' 6 lftory shower lf .M WW 2 Lord Wellnngton 5 Say no more ,Es Qc 31 Iv Scholarshiif Class ,'.4,": Y' v 5 ir. Lacks .. Fil'- - t..?"ff ': .ff -3 ' :Ki 2- ?'l'4 something 0ld'50me 321 thing new Mrs, Moore enior ,x4Jui:5er5 Often during our high school career, we have needed a friend and counselor to whom we could look for understanding and guidance. Mrs. Moore and Mr. Lacks have always been willing to act in this capacity. In this, our most important year at Arlington, we have been able to seek their help and advice whenever we needed it. Through the years we shall be everlastingly grateful to them. Finance Committee Executive Committee XKXKXKNfXfXfXfXfNfXfXfXfXfXfXf A na Lu: l rl dz 'Nlarsh Nrncr S fl Donnl Holmu Nldry Hubbard Thomas Grrrhn Cgrol Corncy loan Sharon Pxtmm Campnon oya Drchl Nl rry Anne Cross Ethel Hart Blrton Snyder Elcrnor XX rgstnn fllucxndcr Rod Us Bcnj unrn lrrzmr Pull Klrl Shrrlny Blair Film Hallanson Rohart Ruthcll Rlkhlftl Punt, brrx Keenan Lllccn Harrand Rlklllftl Moflxt Rillmrll ,1 'qucrnrrd 'I.1ni5 Martin lg yy yy yy yy 1y 1x 1X jX 1g1x 1gJx lx lx i onor ,My .gluolenffi n H- C lfffmazz l 3 ' ---jr! I.1ff,r1,:11 john CQlcJrw.1tcr-ff l1fl1zm1zf'1fv rllmffwz 1 , l 'A 'I M . 1 l - T fllvff Allilflff Novi Vn.r.1filr? Kfvrm Karl. Nancy Clmlillfl Mary Hubbard, Marsh Ninn-r Marv , Manneri 4 .2 enior QTQOTATION-SENIOR NOTABLES 1 . xx 3 . Us "Sb.11l g1.11iI.11iw1 H116 lf 5014 go L9 'Nil 'lil iffzl QR a. 1 'li I 3 lit' Jag: Q 3.5,-5,1 Ll fl: 254, , M A ll' ell, if 221 341 BU I P .Ice K , Anne Cross, Rxcharfl C' Mow! Friendly B! Steve Sol0S, Shirley' SIMM . , Fmzlcr, Anrw Sulwell Bert Dxnrerx Logking Ben Mary Dunagan, Kc-nt Taylor Ben C gwlxlfif Kathleen I ' Michael Rwn' M011 Curfree 'V Ronald Kncchtcl, Sally Kufs ' xg ri - Q f v A ,Q , 1 u 4,1 air s Wolagda W . H I fl' B14 Syl-01,1 Spirit Sandy Rndgsrw, Iilmnur Nwigxtcn bu .fy 1 f3 5 1 . 3'3- Nzfffl Purwzxlhy N 'VC Suluw. Shiflty Bldff VFX? QD, W 15 7 f Nfl urufwgl SUf'Afr1im1er2' . Hn zach Thnmas Gr. ' Ifnn nu,- 'P and ICQ' f sn' , - 411 ji 4 wiflf' , ng: wvlli 1 11 . 4. d ful? 5332.21 I 'JL 3'4- A-nn -'51 11 lil -1 1 Bw! Dfffffd Sheldon Reynolds, Sara Keenan s , I, Uvflfle fl .HC Ixcllcr, Boots Amen -i ucci Tumi sum, Marsh IX'mc.rQ Eleanor W Aim! TJlLJlfIE jackie Bunn. john Dakin Y Alf iSSfcn "f 1-fvfrfn' To S John Clqarwdrcr, lirrevd Dflnm H,,1,m.S .wsu C tv U5 romd F r R Y Y.'i'f'," R vhcqun- Barbara Sherow and Paul Karl. mud. YI Suxber. S Swim I.. Reed. Sw '11 Rm.: M HnNuni. K Cm- Ql1icr.M Br1wser.YI. Shuruw. D Hwlmu, A Van Busklrk. S, Keenan, C Curncy. Kevan Karl. Luke Reed. and E. J. Martin. "U"b4t ddllfff .rlull we lure X SWVC Svlws Cf1W"f1iU22. George XX'atern1.1n. Kathy Crnshier Snow Queen, Evelyn Martin. and Gene Ryan. 36 at "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"--junior Prom. King Solos and Cherry Ann Budd. 'ak' 'K I J 0 x'xoF, 'siair lnx. Smdy Rodgers and Barbara Shook. The last dance, E571 3 i 'Q w -4... .4 M m 1,4 V .:- z "" 9 v-,",g'.. 1 5" A .-V .1 4' '- N f . - " 'I -, Q' ., ,MA fvf el'l'l0l"y Cine . . 94.1. Afwmz Ike Lzble of my nzemfny . . A P rf' ' , Y Q' I s ff, M .- - Qui. , Q-An- 1? fl E591 ,S . alljig mzffu fc 1x 4 . A JM' rf-us mlmml an pun- -I S gru I x Q l XXITLYL UN L N gn mx du kr n I Nunn xx 4 ur h 111 ' N4 1 .A 3- 4. il , W ' 6. ' , -sa I , 5. L 7. x ' " H. . A sg 1 Ap 1 . ., S. Fr" ' J,by.f 6 I 5' 'xt ufulu xtk hut. 6. Nw If.1k .g.un' " f 7, UNM, INN. .L JIU" 3 ' H - 'QIL' V' ky 'H ' IJNIA. r' H C I und ul Q ,, H. Nu l. 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H. Elmendorf. G. Cozino. M. F. Bedell. XV. Dow. Bouloulcos. C. Donohue, D. .C.1sement, Gr DcPaoIo. Fuurrb Rout L. S, Albrecht. R. Anson, S. Conners. Sophomore 616155 W icerd Bjorlmndcr. W. Emslic. J. Conklin. D, Allcn. M. A. Crotty R. Balzer Croll, J Donohue Rlflkifd Storm Margaret Ramage Pnwdr fir l 'fre-Pre vidrnl Sandm '1'r.1v1s Marv I.ou Conklm Stfftfldi-1 Y vrxmfer 4'4- - ' Ju . ,ff Q. . 5 . , va f Ni' 31? ve! x. 4, 1, .U I8 ,ff 'ff Slwman CAM 1 I E46I GMI Buwcr SwuI,1vm R n4lI Dual s ffwrit Rfu. umm' Ii ISL-n'.I:1,1r1, Al KLLINILL M -Ildwnwm I I:.:fIII.uLI. M Ingfr. M KIQ-111, I. IfI.11gf.T INI I.Lu Is Iiuukx, I1 DLZIIVL 5Q.f,f1.1' R :I R 'I4f!I1. 'I' Cnr-M R lugs, D. If1NIzu:. R IIIIN, Y Ilfmimfw. CI I5I.m Jmf- C1 XXXIWU II Rwlwm wn. ,I 'IA:.1x:N C1 I'.nI1m.m Yl'l'.f. 16:1 X IIIMLII. Ii Iiwrrmk, IS I- mI.1-Q. I, X ,ln IALINQII. II II.fuxQr. IS MMU XXIAIXII. D NIU-:Il!. I CIxrm4fpI1u, I Illlrffrm I ,wwf Rffn 'IA IlL.r1XI.III II Xglwn -I 5.smIIury IJ II-rpm. R Inc. N I,xmI1 V. RL1wL'II,XX' Hmm L-ll. 'I' I'I11II1pN, Gcmld Gnu nt jI'Q5Ll'l'lClI1 Klnadd OMC2I'5 ALIVE' Img RQ UI ff' , ' ' 4- -Q' T51 G5 l vkv Q Ie , KQV 'GI Q1 F --f gg, Q x .- vii 4 va N V E522 W Q I XV fi f. ffffgfif agkk 14 ' Q " 3 7 X W 4 v 0. I is Mig. ' '51 ' 5' zz i ix Q A N :ff , 216: A Kang-6 ..I. V. 'H v 2 f tv mga if ij 'Q +1r, 45,553 'f 124 y . 54 , fb 1 'Q .g 5 J Q ' . A .": 1 f rea' . I A 4' - 4 fx ' sf F .. , , vim, ,i , , x w , p ww I if -6 Vi 59? k 2 I if 1 .. .. 'QE 1? Q" 'F , , L. f if I '4 '. 3 I!!! 33417 fffgfk Q 31, V ess: , U , ak '... -. ,vunidacgtr 4,sF'W8af- ,P . 4 In if W a 53 3f"""' WHT-anna KA 'w ' .ffm U 4 cg lv liulu 3, S ll' I '- Avi .X- . KK. 'mi-1 'Jehu ,T 73' 1, .'-'f .E 'r S"-f 4 3 fxzh YS 51, 44 If-L 6 3- A51 V, 'i 7? ' " :Sf 1, ' 4 5 4 f ,3.4A",a- A fr . ,Mx - xi .fy 7 - - r .awif4- , A A .,.-ge. -ff f' ' 'Q . 4, 1 4' ,Q V , 1 b jgifgf fp fn - gif, S 'ggr 'HS' , V' V V 5'.. it "E W ' y . 4 ap 'fill U Y 5 Q 4, 4 , . sf 'fx f . V, 'sf'--if . 91.41 wif y . V' U 4? 43' xa QL Y V 1 ?1-2 'Q Y A ls? x " JP wi- P tr 3 F s f. T 0 U sr v E KE-r Q 3 ,Q 3 " img 1- .5 9' 9 J' Y 'Wg v 154 4:9 ' 1 f .4 ' 7 s 'X I if Q 52 4 X -bv.. fs 'Fw in ! LLHLOI' .S?LL6!8I'lifi df W 1 H we a good lunch I gnc p 5 In through here 7 eep moxmg' 4 Tlme will tell Arg modem? 2. 1. 5 '- K ' I T 3. 1 4' ' . ' -lv 1, fn? , - .55 V ' Q Zi? ., ' - S , ,' ZA ' r -.. if Yifn - 5. . ' fl l 4 Q' - f 'uf-. Rpm K D - f . Q.. Y-ff N.- 1 l OI' O . a' ? 3, v' u 5 . " -. K " . , ' " . 0, - , CTI ITIESWVW d""y '94 ,fu "'-x .Ajlage UA0l20U!ZyIYl6l IIl5fl Clylllal N I 4 0.1, ' W Q' ,Q '5'+- 4 4.' 'A V f gc. 4 M .f " - rife? 5 .' t xy .J ' f' . - L I" - 4' Yi. ,, Q .v I lk. ,lg ,ll V 5 ' 2 gn, - z I 'M .A -9 .Q 4 4 - X Q 1 4 , f y as l I' I' Il ll J J I' . . . l s O ta Front Roux left lo figfsf: M. Maher, A. Magnerella, J Clearwater, Prefidenlx B. Sherow, Secrelaryg Miss Reilly M. C0r1kiin. T1':'.1.iufer.' C. Smetana, Vice-Preridenl: M Cross. Second Rout K. Howell. D. Horton. S. Vande- Water, E. Marcello, L. Black, L. Heybruck, R. Westcott, C Fleishman. B. Yerry. R. Stone. W. Linich, C. MacAndrews enera rganizafion "Old father fuztir, live lawf' A 'X 'Pin N--ff -' wha-w KY. K . is 1 Q 5 A ' xiii'-..c53.2l f lf' , D41 1. Yamen. Third Row: R. Duclos, D. Harrand, G. Bower, B. Appel, M. Rammage, B. Conklin, D. Maroney, A, Baright, P. Allan, N. King, F. Maclssac, J. Reilly. Faufib Row: L. Wright, M. Niner, R. Peirce, A. Divine, L. Croll, J. Thurman, D. Odell, M. Marchese. This year the student member has endeavored to give more authority to the General Organization. It has revised its constitution and has been given new duties, such as conducting assemblies, and forming a student court with the Welfare Squad. It is hoped that the student body will continue to choose such fine representatives, who will aid in making the General Organization one of the most important functioning bodies in Arlington High School. Order of the day. L-4 Fran! Row, lef! to fighz: M. Estes, A. Coons, G. Haight, P. Froehling, C. Birchall, R. Denning, L. Deissinger, N. Eagen, J. Haight, S. VandeWater, A. Coddington. Semnd Row: 1. Knapp, L. Phillips, M. Sutton, V. Russell, T. Niner, D. Hogan, S. Keebler, M. Reed, N. Plass, B. Kilmer, M. Urban, C. Hall, Mr. MaCAndrews. Third' Rout N. VanLeuven, Dakin, -I, Keebler, B, Hornick, N. Howell, J. Drum, A. Friel, N. Lynch, E. Hart, 1. Palmer, P. The Welfare Squad is a service organization whose main duty is to regulate and direct student traffic in the halls. The group aids in the collection of tickets at games, and in the maintenance of order during assemblies and fire drills. The supervision is directed by Mr. MacAndrews. Single file, please! Ramage, P. Dressler. Fourlh Row: A. MacAndrews, B Miller, D. Turcotte, j. Cross, D. VanLeuven, C. Ostrander, E. Weippert, N, McKenna, M. Cox, N. Meddaugh, B Harrison, J. Hanaburgh. Fifth Row: D. Allen, W. Millard R. Haight, H. Allen, T. Phillips, H. Nelson, E. Hajos, R. Rider, W. Gillette, G. Conklin, G. Parliman, W. Marshall R. Toth. myafe qua "There nice Jharp quillelf of the law." I ' T 3- , np..- Us I"al'l'LatiC5 "The plays the lbifzgf' Fmn: Ron. left In vzgbzz B. Budd. B. Conklin. C. Budd. A. Venable. P. Froehling. B. Nash, j. Page, E. Specken- bach. Srwffzd Ron: Mrs Noyes. D. lsler. M. Cox, B Reynolds, A. Baright. M Estes. K. Kennedy. M. Urban A. Friel, Drum, Burbanlc. C. Hall. Tblrd Ron: I. johns- ton. E. Deforest, H. Nasoff i D. Brower. N. Van Leuven, S. Keenan. Y. Brusgul, E. Wilson, A. Ghee, M. Sutton. Fourlfy Ruiz: L. Butler, S. Ferris, P. Bower. W, Lane, R. Storm, R. jessen, D. Traver. R. Katzenellenbogen. C. johns. Another of Arlingtons numerous organizations, the Dramatics Club, has come to the fore this year. The students have worked hard and diligently under the direction of Mrs Ruth Noyes to produce such plays as "Overtones," "The Florist Shop," "For Whom The Telephone Rings," and "Lo and Behold." The Dramatics Club participants haxc learned, along with their acting, how to construct sets and create new lighting effects. We feel that this club has contributed much to student enjoyment. Ftflilf Rule. Leif! In rffbli R. Redl, J. Senior, S, Blair, C. Corney. R, Peirce. P, Ham. P. Silvernail. A. Rodgers. St:l"l!1d Rau: A. Corrado. J. Senior, M. Cross. M. Ghee, V. Helal, A. Codtlmgton, M. Lee. E. Harrand. A. Scaccia, D. Horton, B, Shook. Third Rau: A. Coons, j. Bunn. B, Dexter. A. MacAndrews, G. Conklin, E. Wilson, j. Lucas, M, Plechinger. N Conklin, P. Campion, J. Callahan, F. Freer. Fffuflh Razr: Mrs. Noyes. A. Lee, D. Holmes. M. Brower, T. Griffin. j. Diehl, K. Seeberger, j. Schaller, M. Niner. CA 0I'l,t:5 'Ami rloe will ring Ike Jong ffm! plearefla you." Students engaged in choral activities obtain an opportunity to End and develop vocal talents, hither- to unknown to them. Under Mr. Terry's direction, they spend long hours perfecting selections with which they entertain the community in an annual concert. They also provide musical backgrounds for many other school functions. Fmrzz Rong left lo riglzli H. Nelson, C, Weiss. P. Silver- nail, J. Senior, A. Corrado, M, Engle. D. Horton, P. Whitehead, R. Myers, S, Vandewater, G. Conklin, F. Kilmer. Semnd Row: Mr. Terry, E, Meyers, A. Baright, M. Cross, B, Banks. P. Froehling, A. Coons, N. johnson, B. Gorton, M. Hubbard. K, Steel, I. Zempke. Third Rout A. Wfitherwax. A. Wisseman. 1. Burbank. S. Larson, M. Trautwein, T. Niner, B. Conklin, K, Kemmerer, A. Car- Finis. Three quarter time Bass Section. Flatted B. molitano. B. Lovelace, M. Rammage. M, Brands, J. Meri- hew. E. Cooper. Fourth Rout R, Storm. C. Haga, B. Lange-rt, D. Girard. M. Conklin, J. Conklin, E. Weippert, B. Lowery, G. Bower, R. Claus, C. Michaelis, S. Ferris, N. Post, Fifzla Row: J. Scriber, B, Dexter, A. MacAndrews, E, Hart. N, Lynch. J. Palmer. P. Dressler, J. Knapp, D. Parks, M, Rammage. C. Ostrander, N. Meddaugh, J. Sandberg. mm R u ei If rr fi! G Conklin P Campion C ons S Blair S jacquemard B Kufs C Corney D Isler Yemnd Rau M Houng E Hart J Page E Specken bach B Reynolds D Fitzgerald D Turcotte S Keenan 'N Conklin M Cox M155 Rand Third Rau N VanVlack ARLINGTONIAN ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL ILT CIGIYGIIUPIAY 53'NSl1LS1lB Y idq lovid ll 1952 FBT EIU! hal i Hill hui J- Yrlirurs Ill klhll Dil. I bulhl d 1Ql'hLM.' vhuuayn 11 f-r ""m""' Features hnl.1.A.v1l.1lo1lah1lion'0l26H.l! :cocoa upmumupnuguannngnqnn- MQ. li.l1k1l'lUui1ll1U.lfIl'll.i thlntnikci-llvtlllshqdji :tuNl1No'e1oel. 'lhndfildcilmuilvwtl 603 O 7 43 Q i I' M Liggcra D Holes A Tiernan D Brower Neilson E Martin R Katzenellenbogen S Keenan G Bradley Fourth Rau P Karl M Nine-r Sells M Brower E H3105 Diehl P Smith T Griffin R Reeber I' U'lgfOl'll6lI'I, Near old zzeuff and Jllfb zzeur af 5 lame fzez er beard 0 . Interest can only be cultivated through practical experience. Members of this group organize :hem- selves periodically to publish a newspaper called the ARL1NG'l'O.X'1A,'N'. From this they gain a familiarity with the practice of journalism. C glfllufe al'I'l'lQI'Z5 of America "One touch of nature zmzker lbe whole world' kin." Congratulations Fmnl Roux left to right: S. Hewlett, F. Scoralick. W, Reilly, Mr. Lacks, 1. Perry, K. Baright, D. Traver. Semnd Rout T. Cross, R. Jacoby, C. Blake, B. Reilly. J. Wisseman, D, Fisher, G Conklin. Thifd Row: S. Ennis, F. Barto J. Travis, M. Barto, D. Traver, C Conklin, G. Albertson, H. Elmendorf. Fuurlb Row: R. Neilson, R. Every, D Sleight, S. Albrecht, R. Cross. A V dxf f. ' .A .4-'.,.. - . if 17, -av- if Since Arlington became a centralized school, many of its students now have the opportunity to follow agricultural interests. The Future Farmers of America is a chapter of the national organization in whose activities the members partake. Under Mr. Lacks' supervision, they derive its benefits and learn efficient farming methods. Any bacteria? l61l olggrarg "More fmzller wiffa len art." enior Flvit Rau. lefl In rigor: D Hogan. j. Senior, B. Emmett. bl Oldenburg. M. Klein. Senior. T, Slocum, E. Haight. Srrffrza' Run: Miss Hogan, M. Sutton, N, Plass, G. Carl- son. C. Hugs, J. Keebler, M. Cary. Hart. N. Howell. C. Hall, B. Seaman, Miss Clow, 'lfvird Rout W. Lane. I., V.inl.euven, V. Knox. Cooper. J. Dakin, 1. Hana- burgh. B. Harrison, N. Post. J. Marihew, E. DeForrcst, C. Weiss. This club offers valuable experience in stimulating those interested in library work. Guided by Miss Clow, members of this organization employ the fundamentals of clerical work in providing a useful service to the student body. i621 AJ. -'I ." . unior Fifflf Roux left 10 figbll P. Davis, S. Stewart, K. Hen- nessey, B. Ireland. S. Lasko, M. Millard. J. Smith. E. Exum. Second Rout Miss Clow, J. Clark, N. Webb. B. Christian. S. Euell, E. Ben- iamin, B, Schroeder. R. Du- Bois. E. Jacoby. F. Olden- burg, Miss Hogan. Tbmz' Rau 1 J. Thurman. W. McCoy, D. Cross. P. Allen. J. Budd, B. Appel, N. King. B. Ken- nard, H. johannssen, B. En- trup. W. Wixson, D, Odell. A Short delay. THUG Hut. .lc nicaf 'Ywelbod in hirznndnernn Technical Club is one of the four service organizations at Arlington. School and members derive benefits from its activities. The student learns the operation and structure of projectors, and the use of lighting systems, while the school employs these eager hands in furthering its audio-visual education program. Mr, Stewart supervises their schedule. Turn them low. .f' ' lpx ld ., I 'tl Picture in 210, Fwvzf Roux Jef: In right: R Peirce, S. Whaligora, Mr dentq P. Brady, R. Estes Second Row: D. Traver. R Reeber, R. Allardyce, R. Pal miter. C. Hubert, I. Wood well, R. -lessen, R. Storm. Stewart. R. jacquemard, Presv E653 Hmuw' !bUUK that? V 'J' 1 I all 4 thc c fu 1 rc vrucmmxn 0 L hoo s gs. 5 . . . n ' gmc 0 umcm of .1 rurcltiolm 0 i x' uit. L . w. L x . A .,,- 1 N 1 'mc if 'xx . . N " . L C 1 ' . .1 x imr.1mur,1I mm writlon md lux mmtuomx tcm mort -LIIMIIOII in me "--' 7 yur. Nm wc-vcr qLl.1I 1 .11 ', I '. ' f L 1 . for their Imdcrmi .vc wok mu .mor mr vo thx w c sch az.. .xgrgn fan .fdfgdfic .fgddociafion "Too fjfffv 1Ijl2lL'7Zf 1 Jr if 1'L'fIf 1 enlfl I,-7 3 Ir' :. fd: xr I. Vfrgxttn C,.f,".'.','n' R Arwferltltnl. li Hu-H. A K I.1I1!HHV,1, N film: Srrrfiil ls',:t If xf,i'I1f1 C 1.1-f.',.'.'v: I' Nrmrh. Is 75 6 8010461 6JQl"5 A 111 plaza! I0 fo Nurrm. I Mutrn Clllflll 1-dk Wfhether lf be on the rldlron or on the tourt Arlmgton will always bc mdebtcd to thls futhful group ot hugh bprrrtcd rhecrlelderb These g1rl5 xre typltal of the sportsmmhkc .tttrtude Qtemplrhed at our gameb and llthough they number only 1 more we cannot ex cn hcgm 4 UU 5 IJO to enumcrtte thcrr result w There IS not tpcraom myvshcre whether he e 1 slayer Qouh or fm who dom not doubt that the prmeme of thebc fxrls tontrxbutc to the suuew of our terms 4 Udrjlfy mm' t mlm Ilgf 111 1 1 N L 14 r I 5 Y Q " A 't 37 A I A , A A K! . . A q . Y '. -7 V L 7 1 Vg - ,S V. 'A . A U f""' I .H 1. - . V b. K It 11' -L N A H - .r A . .-. -. 'A K K , A ' f xx 'L '. 1 . Q - , X V 1 ' y . ' . . ' s ' Y ' I t , 1 ' Q 5 . , W I G' N -i H is V ' x l . .jeff I - v . unlor ,,:g . 12- ' ' . Q . I . 0 ' I 1 er lfxvt Ra. ,Ui 1, r.'t'f.' R Retil, Cf:,",'..'.'v1 f K-. -tn' C--i,.'N,",',Jlr1, A ' M R A ,mr V1.2 let 1. A rar, x'1I.G L - Irk. IS XX'Il1.1'nx, N Lynn 'lfvfuf Rrfx V Rxzwrll. YI Rttil NI Rumi. Ii 4553 11.1, GL Q 1 A., ,ni 'N rf . I': K 3 ' E.: ' T if , -" . - Q. Q , , - i 1 A , QL ' Z." . xXx f . ' .P ' ' X ' AN' r f . ' 4 -' ' S in av "' ' ' i ,V -o 5, - " , Z 3, X '-1 Fifi!! Rwii. .li If, vfgffj' Aff Niqfr-ri. fini' Xl' Blnliinei ,SL.ffr1..' lf' 1. Mi King, My Mr. Kriiipx. 6 19 26 14 26 34 35 A.H.S. VZ QV 1.ii:m vxqfff' XX', Miirmv A Rodgers, R, Beck, A766 rfogi of Zl'z1l'."" Beacon High Sihool ........... . C.lfKllI1.ll Farley Military Aoidemy .. . Roosevelt High School ..,,........ New York Military Ariidcmy .. ., XY'.1ppingers Ccntriil School . . . Liberty High Sehool ...,... . Highland High Sihool .. . . unior amifg OPP 6 12 6 6 20 12 0 FMU! Roux Zell Io figfytz T. lNICDoniild. Knmp- G. Delliolo. C. Smer.1n.1, J. Guilfiiil. R. Duilm, I Serino, Siwrzif Ruiz' D, Hagen. H, XX'illix, R, 1 f 1 ,wig W. Maclccy. R. IND- Bi-owning, F, rirnimf, s, vc'.iiigiif.1, ii Miiim. cs. Fwy!! RUM nd R, M3 D.1lcin,R.Doreniui. Albertson, Third R0u: R, Nelson, A. Crotry, XV, J- F-lmlfm 'U Neilson, R, Reis. T. D.ikin. W. Howell, J. Mimi. R4 Russell. I :ix Wendy Garrett Wilscmn Miller Paul Karl Richard Westccmtt Uardifg ga5Lef6a! Roger Phillips Phillip Spencer Play fart and lame." Thomas Sutherland cI john Clearwater R. Palmiter U01 Lulce Reed ...L 11 3 I i I v f Hgh Ru R Bluah B Wr1ght lll' OGC Q5 Mr, jordan, Mr, King unior amifg gadgefgaf Our Wanagerd Whltcly If Bedell ue l R Nelson Serfn Rfu R Snyder L Croll E ALISDCI' J Gullfuxl D Mur B lynch G Wac Abven! uber: f7bllf0 um IJLFII Lama L Dmgcc Beyer Herbert Allen, Clmrlcs Lancaster, Norman Ackert, jack Cdvu. U1 Fvor11Rou Zell ugh! I. Wrlght W Garrett B Snyder D Bertolcttt R Fallon F Kelly Coath jordan Mlddle R u B Wrrght T Forte D Martm J Clearwater M Amer J Antenuccr Bzfie Rau P Karl R Doellmg R Moffat R acquemard F Beckler W Mrller H Shcrovs Mrssmg K Karl U21 Shown abowe IS the 1952 baseball team vnhrch won thrrteen of sexenteen games during the regular season and two post season games to capture both the Central Section Champlonshlp and the Dutchess County Champronshrp Thxs club whrle postmg an over all record of fifteen wms and four defeats supplled Coach Frntz Jordan wnth hrs srxth champron ship baseball club at Arlrngton Magda! ll! catch if lere it rome to ground' Arlmglozz THE SCORES Marlboro Housatomc Peekskrll Beacon H1 ghland Carclmal Farley H1 ghland Beacon Wapp1ngers Falls Oppofzerztr Dos er Plams ............ Roosex elt .............. Wappingjers Falls Pme Plarns .............. Cardinal Farley .......... Peeksk rll ................ Roosevelt ....... Dover Plains ............ Pme Plams .............. Dover Plains ............ Fnil Rau, left :ff Ylgbll I.. Baker. R. Bauer. M. Harbison. R. Erett, A. Badami, A. Contarino, P. Ahbate, R. Browning. G. Acker, Mr. Neidhardt. Second Rau: XV. Moyer, V. McKenna. D. Fisher, G. Gates, V. Illustratu, J. Wisseman, R. Duclos, K. Hotaling. T. Millett, J, Moore. Tbmf Roux H. W'illis. L, Hanson, A. Cmtty. R. Davis. C, Smetana. D. Page, C. Penheld. C, Smith, F, Swartout. j. Famellette. T. Sutherland, Bark Rout R. Rider, E, Misner, G. Fisher, A. Divine. R. Palmiter. P. Manning, J. Guilfoil, C. Linich, R. Doremus, D. Mackey, j. Muysey. 15.- Y " ui I. X v Y 3 h 1 X? Lti, ,f if a, N 'V 3 JM, A V K h 1 ' 'X 1-' ' " a 2 N. 'A ' . 4 L ' ' . W ef I D t 'N' " 'aww ' 'A if l- A VV r 1' . 1. Y . ,, A X x f' V i . Ei V T Y V S f A la gl z X ' f is - Ai ,. A . fl 7 . A, M 41- V, V 4 , K All K L X .4 if I X A i .1 ., A The Greg Rice Story The gangs all here. Buddies The track team looked forward with tremendous zeal to the Penn Relays which were held in Phila- delphia. Besides this major highlight of the season, 3 they entered many other multiple as well as dual fag' meets. This year, because so few of the area schools have teams, the harriers had to travel great distances to find competition. "Being nimble fooled he bath oulrzm ur." There were few Seniors on the teamg therefore, this young team had to work hard to live up to the accomplishments of their predecessors. U31 4 J. I I 1111 R u fe 1 lu rigbfz S, Katzowitz, B, Frazier. T. Hanl-ump, Malthouse, R Btrnea F Xwilson. j, Moffat, j. Parliman, M, Marchesc, H, Allen. Scffmd Q ,, ' Rf It Mr Knops, R, Ruthell. W. Zeller, D. Mackey, W. Emslcy, G. Dc Paolo, A if :VV Ml, R Fstes P Sehiel-r, W, Gillette. BML Razr: W, White. A. Xwithcrwax. B. I, N - Lynch J Scrrher, R, Crow. W. Nexlson. S. Wrrligmvra, A. Rodgers. 'l' :A 3 r 'iv f : 1 Zin- 3 ' . 2 . ?..- L ' lr- ,... : - - - ,gi : ' iarrb-' 4 1',.f-1"'."-""'-- 'J L Ni- T One Tvto 'Ihrccl fQ5'TTT'-T Qty, 1 , in " -.- "agar -rg. Q-1" in , 'IA Y 4- 1 .jfizf-fl W 0 - Strategy? fell! " . goof! men and Irzzef' Iour ye.1r5 ago the Arlxngton Hugh School erew tame unto benng It urs fmt eoaehed by Mr Imnk Bub After hm death tvno years ago Mr lxenneth Knopa assumed the job Under hrs dlreetlon the elub has erovtn and beeome one of the major bportb at Arlmgton Last year the erevs trzueled to New ersey and partlelpated ID the reg,.ttt.15 held there Thug year an eyen bigger .md better 5e,tson S antlelpated by all of the membere of the erew United NYT Stand. OCCBI' 0ll0l' From Ron. lefl I6 rzgblz N. XY'hite, B. Conklin. E. W'igsten. S. Keenan. R. Antenucci. B. Budd. M, A. Urban, K Steel. K. Croshier. M. Anthony. Semnd Rout K. Ryan. N. Conklin. F. Vespa. B. Tator. V, Russell. J. Redl. I., Deisg singer, C. Michaelis. P. Schroeder. Third Rout ISI. Brower. B. W'illiamS. A. Landolfa, S, Kufs. A. VanBuskirk. A. Exum. B. Shook, N. McKenna. E. Hajos. Fffurzb Rau: B. Sherow, S. Keenan. J. Conklin. B. Kufs, D. Mironey. D. Mrironey, P. Smith. D. VUriglit, B. Leo. .!4I'CLel'y Fnil Rong Ivff Ku rzgbli Conners. B. Willirims. A. Corrado. V. Halal, J. Page, A. Coons. B. Kufs. il. Sandberg, A. Exum. Second Rout A. Van Buskirk, S. Kufs. T. Neidharclt, B. Dexter, S. Keenan, D. Harrison. V. Mills. N. Conklin. D. Girard. Third Ron: C. Michaelis. G. Bower. K. Sceherger. j. Hanaburh. M, Brower. D. Holmes, D. Brower, H. Huuver, B. Harrison. ' Searls "Whe1'e go you with bat! JI and clubf? .lla em' CAL 1:10771 Rong Jeff fo rzgbl: N. Conklin, M. Brower. E. NX'igsten. R. Antenucci A. VanBuSkirk, A.Landolfa, S. Kufs n v A. Exum, j. Sherow, Sffffild Ron: D. Maroney. D. Maroney. F. Vespa, B. Budd. B. Sherow. L. Deissinger. K Kennedy. D. Wright, M. A. Urban Third Roux C. Michaelis. S. Keenan, D. Brower. J. Conklin, B. Kufs. N VanLeuven, A. Coons. N. McKenna. wi 75 famous fine K por'I'rai'l's R CCmeI'GS PHOTOGRAPHIC CO Poughkeepsie N Y Ofliclal Phofographers for 'l'he 'I953 ANCHORS I . I 0 0 O llllllllllllllllllllllllll 4 PR 9 u 4 for JJr1r'1fifJ,61r7nra ff LHUI COLVINAJI 'WORK :MCI - MBU! 1 Nfl YDIK L 73 ,,. ,

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