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, , . , , . , .-,L-.--.nm r- W' -fp: mt- --if f'-'- -- f 'H--. .- -- "w,--ze.-,,'-cffiffif'x-"'w7:fr1-'ffrffww: j- ':3,.Q,.A4x gqlrgqin ,Vg,y,,y:qa,,g,:454yg,?-Q,j: , -..r,n:- ff,.,.,5xnf-45111,A'17,g'gQ:i:5 .i , , ',,-Kr?-'1ftg!.,ffw,-1''ffgrfgi-!w,f.nffgv' .,,-,'-yv-.Jrw-'5sT'fL '5'-gf: fg,.?3!'j': --Av ,T 4' ' ' 3 5 -Lk ' :ul x .- ,. 3xf , . 1 1 ' I 4. X 4 -x r . F , 1,, . w U If 'Hr .mf V V MJ ,, J . , 1 V ., ' fff' 5 'Z-.I lf- 1 4.42.1 1., ,a...., X. . .. ..p,.'f.f"' f - JP? ,Jw 1.951 ANCHURS '-F 4 5 ' 4 ' A Hilllw We, the closs ot l95l, sincerely dedicote our yeorbook to Miss Mory Elizobeth O'Connell. We sholl never forget the thoughtfulness ond generosity thot she hos shown to oll of us. No motter how rushed or busy, she olwoys hos time to listen to our problems, to give us odvice or just to stop ond tolk. For oll the little things thot mode school most pleosont, for oll the help in time of need, for just the foct thot she wos here, we ore eternolly grotetul to her. lt is on honor to be oble to dedicote this l95l Anchors to her, ond moke her o port of the book os she is ci port ot our life ot Arlington. DEDICATIO EDITCRIAL Six years ago, we came to Arlington High: to the big, red brick building, to its colorful teams, and to a strange faculty, stern, but seemingly under- standing. We forced our hearts from our throats and pushed through the door. Our years in Arlington represent many of the most enjoyable moments of our lives. We have increased our knowledge of math and of grammar. But greater than these, we have learned the meaning of companionship and the spirit of cooperation-these things above all others will become more meaningful in the years to come. During these past six years, we have become a part of Arlington as it has become a part of us. The big, red building has become just "school", we have played on the colorful teams and the teachers have become real friends and advisers instead of stern pedagogues. Thus we have spent our days in Arlington High and we are preparing to leave. Each year a new and eager group will stand outside, and as they try to remove that choked up feeling much as we are trying to now, they, too, will push through the door of opportunity and emerge better citizens. As a reminder of our small part of this great cycle, we have gathered just a few of our fondest treasures and we, the senior class, present them to you in our, "l95l ANCHORS." JULIAN SMETANA, Editor ANCHORS STAFF OFFICERS Standing: lLeft to Righti Nancy Sweet, Photography, Marilyn Peet, Sales Staff, Louise Sweeney, Literary Staff. Seated: lLeft to Rightl Lucien Geer, Treasurer: Julian Smetana, Editor: Miss Byrne. Adviser, Front: tLeft to right! Rita Mott, Sales Staff, Ruth Palmiter, Secretary. Not present for picture: Delmar Vincent, Art Staff. LITERARY STAFF L. Sweeney, Chairman R. Arnold J. Bartram L. Brower W. Byrne N. Carpenter P. Dear. B. D'Lul'1osch S. Duncan B. Fox C. Garrison J. Ham G. Ludovici M. McMeekin J. Reed G. Taylor M. Van Leuven F. Verven J. Wild ART STAFF D. Vincent, Chairman E, Cary K. D'l.ul'1oscl1 N. Irish A. Matcats J. Wilde PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF N. Sweet, Chairman C. Batson D. Burbank R. Casement K. Estes P. Feeney T. Harkin J. MacAndrews E. Reeder J. Stanley R. Thielker F. VanVliet SALES STAFF M. Peet, R. Mott, M. Baker J. Crouse L. Deckert J. DePaolo K. D'Luhosch A. Holmquist B. Howard P. Kelly R. Lauritsen M. Logan M. McMeekin A. Scoralick D. VanDeWater P. Walsh D Wirhouski Efwohlfohff M. Zeleznik Co-Chairmen Ji ,I FCREWORD To you, the Class of l95l , the immediate future seems none too cheer- ful. Many of you will enter the armed forces or seek service in other fields to promote the defense effort of our country. The transition period which has normally existed between high school days and the beginning of adult life will of necessity be much shortened, if not entirely eliminated. lt is important in times like these that we all keep our "sights" high. The Great American Tradition is still in force. Almost any week, one may read a modern version of the poor boy from across the sea, from the farm, or from the slum, who through sheer pluck and energy, surmounts diffi- culties and rises to prominence or eminence. He is readily discovered in any field: in industry or commerce, in science or letters, in statesmanship, in churchmanship, in education or the fine arts. And the key to such success stories-intelligence, initiative, intense application, and ceaseless labor. The story is written, and re-written, in the lives of such well known characters as John Adams, Abraham Lincoln, Henry Ford, Edward Bok, Babe Ruth, Marian Anderson and numerous others. lt is true that it is not given to everyone to be great or even outstanding -but many more could be, if they would make the effort. At any rate, everyone can be honest, trustworthy, and maintain high moral standards. Class of l95ll Our Country needs outstanding citizens. We trust the years you have spent in A. H. S. have conditioned you to be successful, and to meet the high standards of citizenship so necessary in a Democracy, HAROLD C. STORM, Superintendent Best of Luck to You Alwaysl BOARD OF EDUCATIO Standing: iLeft to Right? C. Harold Feroe, Albert P. Wardell, clerk. Seated lLeft to Right! John A. Reed, Watson E. Sanford, President, Harold C. Storm Superintendent, R. Lewis Townsend, Chester O. Davison, MD., Oscar A. D'Luhosch P. T. A. OFFICERS President. .,... .. ,..,Mrs, A, S. Warthin, Titusville Road First Vice President.. Mr. Walter Neidhardt, Mountain View Road Second Vice President ..,. Mrs. Erwin L. Coons, Vassar View Road Third Vice President Mrs. Aukey Davies, Freedom Plains Road Corresponding Secretary... ..... .... M rs. R. C. Healing, Seitz Terrace Recording Secretary ...... Miss M. K. Haring, 47 S. Clinton Street Treasurer ....... .. Mr. Ralph Clearwater, 8 Fairmount Avenue PROGRAM Open discussion of the following subjects: Football at Riverview Field Grouping School buses Teachers' pay Reading and writing Geography, History, and Social Studies DEAN Administration PRINCIPAL MARY E. 0'CONNELL, A.B., M.A. New York State College for Teachers at Albany Columbia University ELIZABETH ALSDORF Vassar Hospital New York University School Nurse AGN ES BLAIR Secretory HAROLD C. STORM, B.S., M.A. New Paltz State Teachers College New York State College for Teachers at Albany New York University Columbia University FACULTY GADLIN BODN ER, A.B. New York State College tor Teachers at Albany Social Studies MARGARET BROOKS, A.B., M.A. Librarian Goucher College, Maryland Columbia University English ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL 2' A, l. gxw? 5 it 4 ' es.. LQ- 9 Q ,i , GEORGE B. MocANDREWS, B.S., M.A St. Lawrence University New York State College for Teachers at Albany Columbia University , if , I A" i A ii MARGARET BYRNE, A.B., M.A. KENNETH FOLSTER College of New Rochelle New York University Columbia University English RUTH CLOW, A.B., B.L.S. New York State College for Teachers KATHARINE COOKE Assistant Secretary ALLAN CRAGIN, B.S. Niagara University English AGNES FLINT, A.B., M.A New York State College for Teachers at Albany New York University Columbia University Mathematics Oswego State Teachers College Industrial Arts JULIA GALLAGHER, B.S. New Paltz Normal New York State College tor Teachers at Albany Columbia University Mathematics RENEE HARRIS, B.L.S. New York State College for Teachers at Albany Assistant Librarian ALICE HOUSEMAN, A.B. New York State College for Teachers at Albany Science FREDERICK JORDAN, B.S Springfield College Columbia University Physical Education WALTER LACKS, B.S. Emmanuel College Agriculture MARY KEOHANE, B.S., M.S. St. Lawrence University Columbia University Science KENNETH KNOPS, B.S. Panzer College Hygiene LAURA KEMPTON, 8.5. Bates College Boston University: College of physical education, Sargent Physical Education PAUL LACY, B.S. Ithaca College Physical Education 1 EDNA MANNING, B.S. Plymouth Normal Burdett Col-lege Columbia University University of New Hampshire New York University Business DOROTHY MOORE New Paltz State Teachers College New York State College for Teachers at Albany New York University English JOSEPH MORLEY, B.S., M A Clarkson University St. Lawrence University Mathematics ANN DOW MURTAUGH B S New Paltz State Teachers College Junior High WALTER NEIDHARDT, B S M Ed St. Lawrence University Science and Mathematics JU LIA PHELAN, B.S. New Paltz State Teachers College New York University Social Studies GLORIA RAND, A.B. New York State College for Teachers at Albany English ALICE REILLEY, B.S. New York State College for Teachers at Albany SOPHIA REUTENAUER, New York State College for Teachers at Albany, French, Social Studies M.A. SARAH REYNOLDS Bates University University of Maine Yale Extension Courses Massachusetts Art School Booth Bay Art Colony ' Ar! wu.1'HA ROBINSON, A.s., M.A New York State College for Teachers at Albany English MARGARET SCH IAVON E, A.B. New York State College for Teachers at Albany Social Studies MARIE SMITH Assistant Secretary JOHN STAHLBERGER Bates College Syracuse Social Studies , A.B., M.A ROBERT STEARNS, B.S., M.S. Syracuse University Business JOHN STEWART, B.S., M.A. I-ORNA VAN ORDERN, Oswego State College Russell Sage College for Teachers New York University Columbia University Home Economics Industrial Education MARION SWAN, A.B. LELA WHITMAN, B.A. Middlebury College New York State College New York University for Teachers at Albany Lam, New Paltz State Teache Oneonta Normal New York University Junior High CHARLES TERRY . HILDA WHITAKER New England Conservatory ASSISNHI' SGCYBNYY of Music New York University Boston University Msujc WILLIAM TRIPP, B.S. New Paltz State Teachers Science and Mathematics, Driving College WILLIAM WIZEMAN, B.S. Buffalo State College for Teachers B.S., M.A rs College JANE WILSON, Mus.B. Boston University Music Industrial Arts and Drfling CAN YQLI IMAGINE Mr. Wiseman with a backseat driver? Miss Byrne forgetting how to spell Shakespeare? Mr. Jordan not losing his keys? Miss Clow passing out chewing gum in the library? Mr. MacAndrews with nothing to do? Miss Flint allowing a social session in math class? Mr. Storm without curly hair? Miss Keohane without Miss Flint? Mr. Stahlberger not standing outside his door between classes? Miss O'Connell not listening to someone's troubles? Mr, Neidhardt not being reminded of a story? Miss Rand not making her home room put their chairs on top of their desks? Mrs Terry teaching home economics? Top Row: KLeft to Right! J. Smetana, D. VanDeWater, R. Thielker. Fourth Row P. Deon, J. Hornick, J. Reed, R. O'DelI. Third Row: C. Garrison, R. Arnold, N. Carpenter M. Zeleznik, M, McMeekin, L. Schaefer, J. Edgar, J. Ham, J. Wild, F. VanVIiet, B. Fox Second Row: N. Johnson, M. VanLeuven, L. Sweeney, R. Mott, B. Howard, B. D'Luhosch J. Wilde, S. Duncan, M. Smith, J. Veach, D. Burbank, C. Batson. First Row: J. Bartram L. Geer, N. Sweet, R. Palmiter, F. Verven, L. Brower, M. Peet. HO OR KEY STUDENTS F 2 T14 mx fy X mg? NS E 5' 5? wx if 1 X Ny wg, R51 f X gl A eniors .IX ,ff J 1 iffW45Wfx. 'Q xffvfj' , , ,ju ,Jw 4 2' x . lLeft to Rightl John Reed, Betty Howard, Charles Johnson, SENIORS Officers Memories of the class of l95l will long remain, and we wish to thank our officers for setting us a fine example. Left to Right: Mrs. Schiavone, John Reed, Miss Rand Advisers Through the untiring efforts of our advisers, we have been able to accomplish much during the last four years. We wish to express our sincere appreciation for the valuable advice they have given us. ELIZABETH ANN ANDREWS Transferred from Miami, Florida. ,I 57 CAROL SUE BATSON Lorac Dramatic Club 2, 3, 45 Li- brary Club 2, 35 Yearbook 45 Debate 45 Softball 3, 45 Newspaper 45 French Club 4. ROBERT ARNOLD Lefty Dramatics 45 Yearbook 45 Intramurals 4. MARILYN BAKER Bake Volleyball 45 Yearbook 45 Prom 3, 45 Library Club I. .IAN ET BARTRAM Jan Dramatics I, 2, 3, 42 V0ll9Y' bon 1, 2, 3, 4, Conf- 3 Basketball I, 2, 3, 45 Soft: ball I, 2, 35 Band 2, 3, 4 Chorus I, 2, 35 Soccer I, 2I 3, 45 Prom 35 Yearbook 4. I I Q . W 34339 , ,. . ..- ep tis n 'E S a 5 I xmgSf'1- iz ,gf Q I it X Q 'x 3' KATHERINE BROWER Girls' Basketball, capt. 45 Volleyball 3, 4. LESLIE BROWER 7' Les . It 34' Tech, CIub'I, 2, 3, 4, Sec.- Treas. 45 GO. 2, 35 Prom 3, 4, co-chairrtfan 35 Year- book 45 I urals 45 FootbaTI J. 2, 3 ' Yar 'Alf-lf., 45 Basketball 3, JBQSQQIIII J.v. 1, 2,.3.,. HARRIET E. BROWN Brownie Library Club I, 25 Soccer I, 25 Softball I, 2, 35 Basket- ball I, FRED BEHNKE Rowing 3, 45 Football 3, 4: DIANTI-IA BURBANK Dee Dee Soccer 45 Chorus 3, 45 Year book 4. WILLIAM J. BYRNE Bill Newspaper Staff 45 Baseball 2, 3, 45 Intramurals 2, 3, 45 Chess Club 45 Photog- raphy 4. I' 9 5 it 1'-sr, . WILLIAM CROSS Bill Transferred from Pawling. I 8 NANCY ANN CARPENTER Nance Dramatics 3,45 French Club 3, 45 Library Club l, 2, 3, 45 Prom 35 Senior Discus- sion Yearbook 4. ESTHER MAY CARY Sam Band I, 25 Chorus I, 2, 3, 4. ROBERT CASEMENT Bob .I.V. Football I, 2, 3, Var- sity 45 Track I, Mgr. 25 In- tramural Basketball I, 2, 3, 45 Chorus I, 3, 45 Photog- raphy Club 35 Prom 3, 45 Dramatics 45 Welfare Squad 3. LEO DARLING Prom 3, 45 J.V. Basketball 2, 3, Varsity Basketball 45 Intramural Softball I, 2, 35 Intramural Basketball I5 In- terclass Basketball I, 2, 3. CLAYTON DAVIS Band I, 2, 3, 45 Football 2, 3, 45 Intramural Basketball I, 2, 3, 45 Swing Band I, 25 Rowing 45 Photography Club 35 intramural Softball I, 2, PHILLIPS DEAN Phil Intramural Basketball I, 2, 3, 45 Intramural Softball I, 2, 3, 45 Prom 4. JEAN CROUSE Crotch Soccer I, 2, 3, 45 Volleyball 2, 35 Softball I, 2, 35 Bas- ketball I, 2, 3, 45 Latin Club 25 Band I, 25 Chorus I, 2, 35 Dramatics 2, 3, 45 Prom 3, 45 Yearbook 4' Senior Discussion5 Welfare Squad 2, 3. WALLACE DECKER Wally Prom 35 Softball 25 Intra- murals I, 2, 45 Swing Band 45 Rowing 3, 4. LENORA DECKERT Lee Soccer 3, Softball 3, Years book 4. I Al 13345 ltll I ,W ,Ei I ,IMS 7 ' , DONALD DIEHL Don Band I, 2, Intramural Bas- ketball I, 2, 3, 4, Intra- mural Baseball 2, 3, 4. PETER DeFOREST Pete Intramural Basketball 3, 4, Intramural Softball I, 2, Prom 3, F.F.A. 4. AMEDEO DelSANTO Mike Intramural Basketball 4, Softball 4, Football J.V. 3. JOYCE DePAOLO Joycer Soccer 2, Honor Squad 3, 4, Capt. 4, Basketball 2, 4, Volleyball, Honor Squad I, 2, 3, capt. 3, Softball I, 3, 4, Honor Squad 2, Prom 3, 4, Library Club I, News- paper Staff 4. BARBARA D'LUHOSCH Bobbie Library Club I, 2, Dra- matics 2, 3, Prom 3, 4, Volleyball 4. KATHERINE D'LUHOSCH Kit Welfare Squad 3, 4, Dra- motics I, 2, 3, 4, Senior Discussion, Prom 3, 4, Soc- cer 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Volleyball I, 2, 3, 4, capt. 3, Chorus 2. WILLIAM DOELLING Bil-I Intramurals 3, 4, News- paper Staff 4. RICHARD DINGEE Mel Football J.V. 2, 3, Capt. 3, Varsity 4, Intramural Bas- ketball I, 2, Baseball 2, 3, 4. LAWRENCE DORING Piere Band I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball Mgr. 3, 4, Football Mgr. 3, 4, Chorus 4, Football 4, Rowing 3, 4. DONALD DRUM Don Band l, 2, 3, 4, Track Mgr. l, 2, Basketball Mgr. 2 Football Mgr. 2, Crew 3, 4. '5' 1 DOROTH ENE EXUM Dottie Basketball 3, Yearbook 4. 20 SHIRLEY DUNCAN Dimp Chorus l, 2, Dramatics l, Photography 2, Softball 2, 3, 4, Basketbal-l 4, Banking 4, Yearbook 4. JANE EDGAR Janey Baseball l, Soccer l, 3, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Vol- leyball l, 2, 3, 4, Banking 3, 4, Chorus l, 2, Senior Discussion, Prom 3, Year- book 4, Dramatics 2, 4. KENNETH ESTES Ken Welfare Squad 2, 3, 4, Dramatics l, 2, 3, 4, Sen- ior Discussion, Tech Club 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Intra- murals l, 2, 3, 4. iii ,- PAUL FEENEY kip S lf r G.O. 2, 4, Dramatics 2, 3, 4, Prom 3, 4, Yearbook 4, Class Pres. 3, Tech Club 3, 4, Football 2, Intramurals X 'tx l- m Q mis ..,,,, ,, so Y Ii ll' . . ne w 5, F 'r:g'2z:.iins:'gQ, - v' " BRUCE FOX Senior Discussion, Baseball, J.V. 2, 3, lntramural Bas- ketball l, 2, 3, 4. BARBARA FREEMAN Toot Soccer 3, 4, Softball 3, 4, Volleyball 4. CHARLES GARRISON Chas Football l, 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball J.V. 2, Varsity 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, lnterclass Basketball l, 2, 3, Intra- mural Basketball I, Tech Club l, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 45 G.O. l, 2, 3, Class Vice- D res. I, 2, Prom 3, 4. , . ,.. 2' gl 2, 3, 4. LUCIEN GEER Lou Debate l, 2, 3, 4, Vice- Pres. 3, Pres. 4, Dramatics 2, 3, 4, Tech Club 3, 4, Senio r Discussion, Pres. Yearbook, Treas. 4, Intra- mural Basketboll l, 2, 3, 4, Baseball Mgr. l, J.V. Base- liall 2, 3, 4, Cross Country MARY JANE GERMILLER Dramatics I. ALBERT HACKBARTH "Hatchet" Basketball 3, 4. RICHARD GERMILLER Grem Football 3, Baseball 2, 3, 2 4, Intramural Basketball , 3, 4, Intramural Baseball I, 2, Gym Demonstration 2. JOSEPH GHEE Joe Intramurals 2, 3, 4. CHRISTIAN GIERLOFF Chris Junior Class Vice-Pres., Prom 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, capt. 4, Football 2, 3, 4, capt. 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Band 2, 3, Gym Demonstra- tion 3, A.A.A., President 4. JOAN HAM Jo Dramatics 2, 3, 4, Prom 4, Yearbook 4, Soccer I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, Softball I, 2, Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, Band I. CAROLE HARD Chickie Volleyball 2, 3, Basketball 2, Welfare Squad 2, 3, 4, Prom 3, 4, Yearbook 4, Softball 4. THOMAS HARKIN Tom Intramural Basketball I, Prom 3, 4, Intramural Base- ball 2, 3, Chorus 4, Dra- matics 4. JEAN HALL Transferred from Millerton JON HAZELTON Joe Prom 4, Chorus 4. DOLORES HAUSE Laurie Chorus 35 Newspaper 3. JOSEPH HORNICK Joe Chess Club 45 Baseball 2, 3, 45 Intramurals l, 2, 3 45 Prom Committee 4. CECELIA HEDINGER Ci Cy Volleyball l5 Basketball 25 Softball l, 25 Welfare Squad 2, 3, 45 Prom 35 Yearbook 4. DONALD HICKS Hicksey Intramural Basketball 2, 35 lntramural Baseball 2, 3. AUDREY HOLMQUIST Aud Soccer I5 Volleyball l, 25 Chorus l, 2, 35 Welfare Squad 2, 3, 45 Prom 3, 45 Banking 45 Library Club l, 25 Yearbook 45 Basketball l. HOWARD INGALLS Howie Prom 35 Football 2, 3, 45 Intramurals 3, 45 lnterclass 4. NANCY IRISH Frenchie Library Club l, 25 Chorus l, 2, 3, 45 Prom 3, 45 Year- book 45 Newspaper Staff 4. CHARLES JOHNSON Charlie Football 45 Basketball 45 Band 45 Chorus 4, Vice- Pres. 45 G.O. 4. BETTY HOWARD Bet Class Secretary 45 Volleyball 4, capt. 45 Basketball 45 Li- brary Club l5 Dramatics 2, 35 Welfare Squad 25 Prom 3, 45 Yearbook 4. NANCY JOHNSON N.J. Chorus l, 25 Cheerleading J.V. l, 35 Welfare Squad 35 Basketball l, 2, 35 Prom 3, 45 Volleyball l, 2, 35 Softball l, 25 Gym Club 2, 3. PATRICIA KELLY Kell Soccer I, Honor Squad 2, 3, 4, Capt. 4, Basketball I, Honor Squad 2, 3, 4, ,capt. 3, Volleyball I, Honor Squad 2, 3, 4, Softball I Honor Squad 2, 3, 4, capt, 3, Dramatics I, 2, 3, 4, Sec. 4, Welfare Squad 3, 4, G.O. 3, 4, Senior Discussion, French C-lub 3, 4, Sec, 4, Yearbook 4, Arlingtonian 4. 1 FRANK LANDOLFA Kufu Football J.V. I, 2, Football Varsity 3, 4, Baseball J.V. 2, Baseball Varsity 2, 3, Basketball J.V. 2, 3, Basket- ball Varsity 4, Intramural Softball I, 2, Intramural Basketball I. JANE ELIZABETH KLANKA Klank Cheerleading J.V. I, Cheer- leading 2, 3, Prom 3, 4, Soccer I, 2, 3, Softball I, Volleyball I, 2, Basketball I, 2, 3, Gym Club I, 2, 3. WILLIAM KIRCHNER Bill Intramurals 2, 3, 4. JAMES KN ECHTEL 'mm Jn y Intramurals 2, 4, Prom 3. HENRY Ll NTEL Laffy Intramurals I, Basketball J.V. 2, 3, Basketball Varsity 4, Baseball Varsity I, 2, 3, 4, Prom 3, 4, lnterclass I, 2, 3, 4. MORGAN LOGAN Intramurals I, 2, 4, Debate I, 2, 3, 4, Band I, Senior Discussion, Yearbook 4, ln- terclass Basketball 2, 3. GEORGE LUDOVICI Cross Country I, Intramural Baseball I, 2, Intramural Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, News- paper Staff 4, Prom 4. RUTH LAURITSEN Rusty Chorus I, 2, Softball I, 2, Basketball I, Soccer I, Vol- leyball I, 2, 3, 4, Prom 3, Yearbook 4, Senior Dis- cussion. B. JEAN MacAN DR EWS Pocahontas Chorus I, 2, Library Club I, Bond I, 2, Soccer I, 2, Baseball I, 2, Basketball I, 3, Volleyball I, 2, 3, Prom 3, Yearbook 4. EDWARD MaclSAAC Ed Head Football I, 2, 3, 4, Bas- ketball 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Prom 3, 4, chairman 4. PATRICIA McNALLY Pat French Club 4, Basketball 4, Prom 4, Yearbook 4. ROBERT MARTIN Bob Prom 4, Yearbook 4, Intra- murals I, 2, 3, Basketball 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Foot- ball 4. WILLIAM MCGOVERN Bill Football 4, Intramurals 4, Baseball 4, Track 4. MARGARET MCMEEKIN Peggy Soccer, Honor Squad 3, 4, copt. 4, Basketball, Honor Squad 2, 3, 4, Volleyball, Honor Squad 2, 3, 4, Soft- ball, Honor Squad 2, 3, 4, Welfare Squad 3, 4, Vice- Pres. 4, Senior Discussion Prom 4. RITA MOTT Reet Welfare Squad 2, 3, 4 Prom 3, 4, Yearbook 4, co chairman Sales Staff, Bank ing 2, 3, 4, Library Club I Dramatics 3, 4, Soccer I Volleyball 3, Senior Discusi sion THOMAS MURRAY Tom Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, In terclass Basketball 2. HARRY MYERS Hank Yearbook 4, Intramurals I 2, 3, 4. HARLAND METCALF Hardy Track 2, Cross Country 2, Basketball 2, Baseball 3, Intramurals I, 3, Prom 3, 4, Banking 2, 3. RICHARD O'DELL Digger Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball J.V. 3, Banking 3, 4. BARBARA ORTUNG Bobby Volleyball 45 Basketball 45 Library Club 45 Prom 45 Yearbook 45 Softball 4. I ROBERT PHILLIPS Bob Chess Club 4. G. JOHN OWSIANY Junior Varsity Basketball 2, Varsity Basketball 3, 45 Track 4. RUTH PALMITER Ruthie Band I, 2, 3, 45 Dramatics 3, 45 Senior Discussion5 French Club 3, 45 Yearbook 4, Secretary5 Soccer 35 Vol- leyball 25 Basketball 2, 35 Softball I, 2, Honor Squad, capt. 3. MARILYN PEET Lynn G.O. 45 Banking Club 3, 45 Dramatics I, 2, 3, 45 Chorus I, 25 Basketball I, 2, 35 Soccer I, 2, 3, 45 Volleyball 45 Prom 3, 45 Yearbook, co- chairman Sales Staff: Senior Discussion 5 Library Club I. JOHN REED Law G.O. 2, 35 Tech Club I, 2, 3, 45 Basketball, J.V. 2, 3, Varsity 45 Baseball 35 Prom 2, 35 Football 2, 3, 45 In- tramural I5 lnterclass l, 2, 35 Class Treasurer I, Presi- dent 4. EVELYN REEDER Cheerleading J.V. l, 2, capt. 2, Varsity 3, 4, capt. 445 Soccer I, Honor Squad 2, 3, 45 Basketball I, 2, Honor Squad 2, 45 Volleyball l, 2, capt. 3, Honor Squad 3, 45 Softball I, 2, Honor Squad 3, 45 Gym Club 2, 3, 45 Prom 3, 45 Yearbook 45 Class Treasurer 25 A.A.A., Sec. 45 Senior Discussion. JAMES REILLY Jim R. RICHARD RAYMOND Dick Band 2, 3, 45 Chorus 3, 4. BARBARA ROBBINS Bobbie Soccer I, 2, 35 Basketball I Volleyball I, 25 Prom 3 45 Welfare Squad I, 2, 3 Softball I5 Yearbook 45 Li brary Club l. JACOB ROBINSON Jake Intramurals 2, Photography Club 4. EDWARD SEEBERGER Big Ed Prom 3, 4, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Yearbook 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Interclass l, 2, 3, 4. FERRIS RUGAR Football I, Library Club 3, Photography Club 4 QM .fy LISETTE SCHAEFER French Club 3, ANNA SCORALICK Booby Library Club 3, 4, Prom 4, Photography 4, Yearbook 4. MURIEL SMITH Smitty Prom 3, Yearbook 4, Pho- tography 3, Chorus 4, Vol- leyball 4. JOHN STANLEY Buz Journalism 3, 4, Chess Club 4: Senior Discussion, Pho- tography 3, 4, Stage Craft 3, Yearbook 4. LOUISE SWEENEY Louey Dramatics Club l, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4, Senior .Discussion Sec.-Treas., French Club 3, Debate 4, Prom 3, 4, Year- book 4, Literary Staft chair- man, Welfare Squad 2, 3, 4, Soccer 3, 4, Basketball, capt. 4, Newspaper 4. effe- JULIA si A Julie Football 3, Track 3, 4, Yearbook Edi or 4, Debate 4, G.O. Vice-Pres. 4, In- tramurals 3, 4, Interclass 3, Senior Discussion, Class Sec. 3, A.A.A. Vice-Pres. 4, Gym Dem. 3, Prom 3, 4. NANCY SWEET Soccer I, 2, 3, 4, Honor Squad 4, Basketball l, 4, Volleyball I, Honor Squad I, Softball l, 2, 3, 4, Prom 3, Yearbook 4, Senior Dis- cussion. ROBERT TABER Bob Chorus I, 2, 3, 4. DORIS VanDeWATER Dorie Bond IJ Chorus 2, 32 Wel- fare Squad 2, 3, 45 -I-V4 Cheerleading 2, Varsity 3, 4, co-captain 4, Soccer I, 2, 3, 4, capt. 4, Honor Squad 4, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Vol- leyball I, 2, 3, 4, CUPI- 31 Softball I, 2, 3, 41 Clf-155 Treasurer 41 Ye0I'b00k 4i Prom 3, 4. GERALD TAYLOR Jerry Dramatics 3, 4, Intramurals 3, 4, Track 3, 4. ROBERT THIELKER Bob Intramural Basketball I, 4, capt. 4, Intramural Baseball 2, J.V. Basketball 2, 3, J.V. Baseball 2, Cross Country 4, Welfare Squad 3, Pres. 4, Dramatics 4, Yearbook 4, Track 4. DONALD THURST Don Football, J.V.' I, 2, 3, Var- sity 4, Intramural Basket- ball I, 2, 3, 4, capt. 4, Intramural Baseball 2, 3, 4, Prom 3, Track 4, lnterclass I, 2, 3, 4. FRANK VanVLIET Welfare Squad 3, Chess Club 4. JACQUELINE VEACH Jackie Chorus 3, 4, Prom 3, 4, Yearbook 4, Volleyball 2 3, 4, Softball 2, 4. CHARLES VESPA Swompy Intramurals I, Basketball J.V. 2, Varsity 3, 4, Bose- ball I, 2, 3, 4, Interclass I, 2, 3, 4. MILDRED VanLEUVEN Moo Moo Welfare Squad 2, 3, 4, Prom 3, 4,-Yearbook 4, Bas- ketball 4, Soccer 4, Volley- ball 4. EVENGLIA VERVEN Franny Dramatics I, 2, 3, 4, Sec. 3, Vice-Pres, 4, Welfare Squad 2, 3, 4, G.O. 4, Pres. 4, French Club 3, Senior Discussion, Vice-Pres., Prom 3, 4, Yearbook 4, Debate 4. DELMAR VINCENT Del Intramurals 3, 45 Interclass basketball 3, 45 Prom 3, 45 Yearbook 4. LEIGHTON WHITE Whitey Football I, 3, 45 Prom 3. JOHN WACKER Jack Intramurals I, 25 Basketball J.V. 3. PAU LINE WALSH Ffaula G.O. 3, 45 Prom 3, 45 Year- book 4. CLARENCE WHITE Whitey Rowing 3, 45 Chess C-lub 4. JOAN C. WI LDE Wildee Basketball I, 3, 45 Baseball I, 3, 45 Volleyball I, 3, 4, capt. 35 Class Sec. l, 25 G.O. I, 2, 3, 4, Sec.-Treas. 45 Welfare 2, 3, 45 Chorus I, 2, 3, 45 French Club 3, 45 Dramatics I, 2, 3, 45 Prom 3, 45 Yearbook 45 Senior Discussion5 Gym Dem, 35 Newspaper 4. DOROTHY WIRHOUSKI Dot Banking 3, 4, Pres. 45 Li- brary Club I5 Yearbook 4' Basketball 45 Soccer I. 1 ELIZABETH WOHLFAH RT Betty Library Club I, 2, 3, 45 Chorus 2, 3, 45 Dramatics 2, 3, 45 Soccer I, 2, 3, 45 Basketball I, 2, 3, 45 Vol- leyball I, 2, 3. 45 Senior Discussion5 Yearbook 4. JOAN A. WILD Welfare Squad 45 Prom 3, 45 Yearbook 45 Newspaper 45 Soccer 45 Basketball 45 Softball 3, 45 Volleyball 3, 4. MARIANNE ZELEZNIK Chorus 25 Library Club l, 2, 3, 45 Stamp Club 4, Sec. 45 Yearbook 45 Soccer, Honor Squad l, 2, 3, 45 Basketball, Honor Squad I, 2, 35 Vol- leyball, Honor Squad I, 2, 35 Softball I, 2, 3, 4. an 0 .. f- .ww ,J , , f 531 5' ' f' ii 49 a P1-W' wvuw 1 Qisf ' 'F'-' fy' 4cz,f'1" if Arlington Grode School second grade AS - WE - WERE Pleosont Volley Grode Sch: second grade Pleasant Valley Grade School sixth grade j. Arlington Grade School second grade Arlington High School eighth grade l 9 2' Q I 'f'.l.A M. f yt. Rh' k My w, xg ' ' I, e I WU fy ' A' qw 3 l Simone E Zgirgefavffc -SHY557' W M am X 415. . B551 nnncen. MZUVLCC n, M057 .SINCERE . 484014-'07 ' Marr f7YfENDLy 016371,- M05-r nmwrlc 0 3:51 pvysfawe 04W-5'rHf jail, man rfv'rf1.1.1cerv7't H af lYIc.fsTflFf?SONAu7:V G ' gym M037 sap:-n.s'r1o11'Eo ef-mor M M051 Lm'ELy T0 Succefo ffwufdf M ,555-rs QL spffvfr WJ M Mosrfarrnncrfve W HIM? 7'yp1cv,v1. JZ-'N10R 7704 4499 "6aJc4aASa.2 6wA14:1fw2 fwasr cnnefnfe f W-, Am.-e-.s'r Hauke "S, 3-cu'-vvxmaf 86.57 MANNER s y94W5nJ 43 65.57 Defgsso mu Qi' WIWIEST SENIOR PRGM Q SW-H Gu Um :ami ,,. .Q We 0. f V cw U-M X33 ,Left to Right: B. Robbins, N. Irish, A. Holmquist, J. DePaoIo, L. Dorling, E. MGC lgqqg, P, Feeney, P. Welsh, J. Wilde, D. VonDeWc'rer. SHN Ser I. 4 a1,.,s..,i1 wg yi,-U -4 MV? Q if 56 f. ff 1.4 Y t 1 I 4, ' fjff , , V K I 1 li. X ,MXN 1 I ' J " , K iffy ff X ' Q wuh4xk QW "ff: R X 1 I 9 H54 ...f Xa 'xxx' N H4 A, 'W .x 0' S K, I f K 'P Hilfe " ME X " if' X .tm 2 AN-1. I R X fvfiriniiwh-1 ' l ' K 'g ' X H41 - ' ylmyy- Q X fax. f ,f pf 1.w.:,.+ '-. f ' A 'Q ., "M . 'Fi' Nm V ,ferff f - 4 7 N Ll ww-'Plaf Maw? ' I f w "MIM v- K 1 f , A.: s. lmmiehsgx X , Wg lv mn 4 41. f x. , mf- Qv 3 jp' ,g'h!f?p,h' X N 1',U WWA xii' ik?-425251 f P. w ff' fl , iv-Q-"Ill I X X X ,, ? 5' 5 Eg, ,J . ,, nl f ' " gf QP -f X f .' I ff' ' - N Hi rug A Q Q' if X Lf l 42' udlll4,ff?21llfmWJ'lllQ K I X N MX I-2 tj 5 Q . 'I' -X tb X MN- X f "N El 2 ' 5 is . A - -5.. E UNDERCLASSMEN 1950-51 f Q KQV J N - 'WW Q21 X xclgk 'HK .N'Z XA 'N " f f f ' - ' ' , f , f ff! A f, I 2 Q7 , f Biff 4 X- X ff S 2 f ' 'Z -Q - '22 ' 'J .""' fi ' bf 9? , u 1 ' , :-- 2 fQ Q w 1 , . ,ff 5 ff- X f 9' f A fx '52 V33 fr l W .if f" ' f X .1 ' 11" -5. iw.. -'Ulf C 1 1 ' u, 11. -.-1-'ff ' Av f 11.2 ' -h....-- llnzvf' 1 .. wi Junior Class Officers Left to Right: T. Reed, Vice- Pres., O. Frank, Treas., C. Smith, Sec., S. Lindholm, Pres. JU IOR Top Row, Left to Right: R. Cornelious, D. Caswell, J. Germiller, J. Gotsch, R. Davies, G. Fox, T. Brower, S. Bahright, E. Ireland, P. Antedominico. Fourth Row: J. Ghee, L. Fitzgerald, S. Bishop, J. Antenucci, R. Fallon, A. DuBois, D. Cary, R. Doelling, R. Oakly, G. Behnke. Third Row: J. Edgar, N. Budd, J. Cerep, B. Cole, R Baer, P. Appel, K. DeForest, D. Hart, W. Byer, M. DePaolo, W. Howell, Mr. Bodner. Second Row: R. Drake, W Gates, D. Johnston, O. Frank, W. Frazer, J. Conklin, M. Hackendorn, M. Hellard, M. Johnson, A. Dolan, J. Howell First Row: N. lslcr, J. Drake, M. Bernett, J. Doyal, M. Cooper, J. Duncan, D. Darling, J. Bicknell, J. Fraeer A. Combs, J. Jacoby, B. Gerth. ,. l 1 ,,,.....,,""" Q A 5 L .1 A AL A lr' l Top Row, Left to Right: A Lundsted C Schroeder C Smith F Redl T Reed T Kaiser E Kell S. Lindholm - 1 - -r - i - 1 i 1 - i V Yr J. Swartz, J. Manning, F, Revelle. Fifth Row: T. Naiser, E. Lucas, P. Miller, P. Laslo A Seeley W Van Kleek D Martin, W. McCourt, T. Murphy, C. Sherow, K. Stillwell, G. Turner. Fourth Row: C. Mathews, L. Sellers, S. Keith D. Lund, R. Lynch, J. Rogers, L. Rabidou, T. Skinner, R. Rugar, D. Northrop, E. Ryan. Third Row: M. Murphy M. Regnault, G, Rohde, M, Smith, N. Russell, F. Speckenback, J. Michael, C. Oliver, M. Kunzelman, l. Newberry A, Watson, M. Rose. Second Row: B. Kilmartin, V. Tarter, M, Ludovici, J. Light, L. Nordstrom, S. Van Wagner, P Owens, M. O'l-lalloran, B. Wright, A. Krakower, E. Skidmore, F. Schultmyer. First Row: A. LaBell, E. lNeiss, G. Shaeffer S. Yamen, H. McCarthy, M. Landolfa, N. Kufs, J. Sherow, P. Santopadre, G. Mosher, A. Welch, J. Swed, Mrs. Whitman CLASS pw .,,, aes H x F-'HA .-.WA 'T' Jlal,-i F, O-mi"i 055 W e 3,5 rn Sophomore Officers Seated, Lett to Right: Ann Exum, Secretory, Morslw Niner, President, Luke Reecl, Vice-Pres- ident, Robert Russell, Treosurer. Standing: Mrs. Moore ond Mr. Knops, oclvisers. SGPHO ORE Back Row, Right to Left: T. Griffen, S. Austin, J. Dokin, VV. Garrett, M. Brower, J. Diehl, D. Gorman, G. Ferroroi, Fifth row, Left to Right: R, Doremus, B. Gierloff, R. Jocquernord, J. Emmett, K, Boroght, C. Bicknell, R. Eogen, J. Fornellette, L. Consiglio. Fourth Row, Left to Right: R, I-loose, J. Givens, R. Bonehue, J. Conner, B. Frozier, J, Amsteod, A, Johnston, D. Horris, D. Girod. Third Row, Left to Right: D. Holmes, P. Hom, J, Collohon, K. Croshier, B. Dolton, J, Bunn, N. Conklin, R. Antenucci, E, Cooper, S. Crum. Second Row, Lett to Right: M. Czech, C. Corney, E. l-lokonson, E. Hott, E. Horrond, P, Compion, M. Dunogon, M. Ghee, J. Clcorwoter. First Row, Left to Right: J. Conklin, R. Donegon, R, Estes, M. Cross, M. Hubbard, A. Exurn, S. Bloir, A. Haight, J. Haight, R, Barnes. -W--.. i. ,- Top Row, Lef! to Right: G. Waterman, D. McClay, E. Morris, R. Russell, R. Pierce, K. Taylor, S. Solos, C Worsheur. Second Row: R. McRitchie, L. Wright, H. Robin, L. Reed, D. Vincent, R. Phillips, R. Post, E. Meuller, J Scriber, M. Wickman, A. Post. Third Row: W. Murray, R. Redl, P. Mackey, P. Kent, A. Witherwax, R. Kroll, S Reynolds, R. Roth, C. O'Dell, C. Smith, B. Snyder, R. Osterhoudt. Fourth Row: E. Wigsten, S. Keenen, V Sweeney, G. Van Leuven, J. Schaller, M. Plechinger, J. Martin, L. Longerf, W. Kelly, K. Seeberger, A. Rogers W. White. Fifth Row: K. Steele, B. Kilmer, E. Myers, B. Shook, S. Woodin, E. Martin, S. Kuff, A. Van Buskirk M. Niner, E. Keller, R, Moffef, A. Knechtle, C. Mackey, J. Kirchner. Bottom Row: l-l. Rose, A. Londolfa, J. Sherowl P. Schroeder, A. Saccio, M. Wooden, R. Rutbell, D. Thew, R. Rielly, K. Karl, K. Warthin, M. Smith, C. Pearson, J Sweeney, CLASS 7, X 6 Freshmen Class Officers Left to Right: Mrs. Murtaugh, G. Wade, Pres., K. Kennedy, Treas., R. Palmiter, Vice-Pres., I V B. Budd, Sec., Mr. Folster. FRESHMEN Top Row, Left to Right: H. Bear, J. lsharian, S. Cismon, S. Baer, E. Hajos, P. Bower, G. Coustin, A. Hoose, P. Brady, M. Anthony, B. Anson, C. Jessup. Fifth Row: A. Crum, C. Benson, S. Ennis, C. Hubert, B. Conklin, R. Hornick, E. DeForest, J. Guilfoil, M. Howell, D. Burns. Fourth Row: R. Cross, G. Fisher, D, DeGrandis, L. Blodget, S. Beddows, T. Dakin, M. J. Cox, R. Beck, L, Butler, E. Andrews, Y. Brusgul. Third Row: J. Drum, L. Diesenger, R. Fenwick, B. Budd, J, Hoolihan, J. Bowmen, L. Johnson, A. Friel, J. Gilbert, N. DeFraio. Second Row: C. Christmus, B. Alerdyce, C. A. Budd, B. Jessen, A. Coons, R. Jessup, A, Baright, F. Gerth, A. Gilbert, C. Haight, C. Haug. First Pow: J. Hewlett, R. Jacoby, M. Estes, C. Conklin, P. Froeling, L. Healey, D. Duclos, J. Boles, P. Hoolihan, D. Eagen., ' Qi +2 LX Top Row, Lett to Right: N. Nelson, E. Martin, D. Maroney, D. Ulrich, J. VonLoan, J. Neilson, B. Reynolds R. Smith, C. Linich, D. Donald, C. Way, F. White, R. Palmiter, R. Silvernail. Fifth Row: D. Snyder, L. Ponorello W. Miller, J. Perry, P. Manning, W. Spencer, R. Killmer, W. Poquet, F. Velniclc, R. Veith, J. Walsh, R. Nelson, C Smith, T. Sutherland. Fourth Row: M. Whiteley, G. Wocle, J. Woodwell, R. Larsen, S. Nerangis, R. Reeber, J. Moysey J. Kempter, P. Millett, A. Morris, E. Misner, NN. Mackey, F. Scoralick, R. Wescott. Third Row: W. Zeller, L. Phillips, B. Meyer, J. Knapp, A. Lee, A. Venoble, J. Marrihew, J. Seils, P. Smith, D. Maroney, E. Weippert, E. Rose, N. Plass, E. Kopser. Second Row: G. Lochner, G. Sutton, J. Ramsey, D, Wright, M. E. Ryan, R. Redl, B. Leo, M. A. Urban, N. McKenna, H. Northup, V. Knox, N. White, l. Weiss, P. O'Dell, J, Page, J. Washburn. First Row: E. Lowery, B. Nash, K. Kennedy, J. Zamrniello, B. Robinson, W. Rudloff, A. Wissemon, N. Soliski, B. Sherow, F. Vespa . 1 F. Maclsaac, J. Swensen, S. Katzowitz, E. Speckenback, L. Polont, C. Michaelis. CLASS ,x i langue.. Amen... .,.- V. Y., s -- y . 42 Sixth Row, Left to Right: E. Gierloff, R. Davis, S. Albrecht, G. Albertson, G. Hough, J Enqlehardt, P. Herrington, L. Croll, R. Hauver. Fifth Row: J. Biorkander, G. Cozino P. Floughton, A. Ghee, D. Brower, C. Hall, C. Birchall, J. Conklin, M. L. Conklin, D. Allen Fourth Row: G. Gotsch, D. Casement, H. Elmendorf, W. Emslie, W. Dow, T. Johnson, L. Baer G. DePaolo, L. Hanson, S. Connors, R. Hansen. Third Row: E. Bedell, J. Cross, S. Ferris, C Haga, C. Johns, H. Frederick, S. Bassett, J. Bouloukos, R. Anson, R. Condon, C. Donohue Second Row: B. Evans, R. Bush, P. Dressler, R. Jones, A. Crotty, M. Chatterton, D. Fitzgerald J. Fowler, J. Burbank, M. Cary, G. Carlson. Front Row: D. lsler, R. Haight, G. Beyer, H. Allen W. Cooper, V. Albertson, R. Erett, S. Jacquemard, B. J. Gorton, D. Hatt, M. Jung, R Denning. EICHTH GRADE 1 Sixth Row, Left to Right: H. VanVIiet, D. Paqe, R. Lama, D. Lochner, R. Kroll, B. Wright, D. Sleight, R. Pectle, R. Reis, J. Simpson, R. Thurst. Fifth Row: L. Weaver, N. VanLeuven, M. Morse, E. Morse, R. Katzenellenbogen, M. VanWagner, B. Kuenzelmann, G. Tripp, W. Piper, F. Lusito, F. Swartout. Fourth Row: C. Smetana, R. Storm, M. McCourt, D. Nichols, l. Zemke, B. Seaman, M. Ramage, S. Keenan, S. Travis, C. Ostrander, B. Lowery, S. VanVliet, N. Med- dough. Third Row: D. Parks, E. Wilson, B. Kufs, G. Spears, W. Smith, J. Moore, W. Lane, R. Kirchner, M. Woodhouse, M. Ray, N. VanVlack, M. Young, S. Lovell, D. Turcotte. Second Row: C. Penfield, M. Marchese, D. J. Traver, W. Tator, R. Mathiasen, S. Waligora, K. Trainor, H. Willis, P. Travis, J. Palmer, N. VanDeWater, M. Trautwein, E. Wirhouski. Front Row: D. F. Traver, W. Millard, T. Slocum, V. Whiteley, A. Loomis, A. McRitchie, F. Mattos, T. Mc- Donnel, J. Reed, NV. Schultz, D. McDonald, C. Weiss, H. Strong, B. Yamen. A S' ,..-5 Sixth Row, Lert to Right: A. MacAndrews, B. Harrison, G. Bower, M. Frint, G. Archer, J. Cruger, E. Condon, T. Cook, R. Andrews, S. Duke, A. Daniels. Fifth Row: S. Gierloff, J. Hana- burgh, R. Folsom, P. King, B. Denter, H. Hauver, K. McCourt, W. Marshall, W. Howell, D. Harrison, B. Lovelace, J. Dakin, V. Wells, E. Hart, W. Gillette. Fourth Row: A. Emery, J. Hart, D. Hogan, A. Coddington, N. Howell, E. J. Garling, K. Kemmerer, E. Christopher, J. Dalton, A. Larson, L. Heiser, S. Luchens, M. Branks, T. Millett, R. Every, B. Hornick, G. Barton, R. Lee, W. Dressler. Third Row: M. Drum, V. Heckinger, E. Haight, B. Dulisse, M. Houston, M. L. McManus, J. Moore, R. Myers, R. Campbell, S. MacKenzie, M. Hoffman, J. Moffat, W. Moyer, M. Johnson, D. Davis, V. Helal. Second Row: R. Duclos, D. Fisher, H. Eighmie, L. Heybruch, B. Mclntosh, C. Lattin, G. Gates, B. Downing, A. Ferrari, A. McLaughlin, M. Mahar, P. Abbott, V. McKenna, R. Meisner, C. Blake, N. Eagen, J. Miller. First Row: B. Benjamin, A. Corrado, B. Emmett, M. Engle, D. Moysey, M. Klein, R. Ellis, R. Burt, H. Brown, W. Conners, R. Craver, R. Batson, V. lllustrato, A. Contarino, R. Gage, T. Cross, E. Eberhard, J. Malthouse. SEVENTH GRADE! Sixth Row, Left to Right: W. Neilson, N. Robertson, F. Serino, R. Paris. Fifth Row: S. Nye, J. Walsh, M. Place, R. Neilson, D. Traver, P. Ogden, J. Sandberg, H. Zuckert, T. Neid hardt. Fourth Row:-M. Robinson, E. Page, B. Priest, J. Travis, L. VanLeuven, J. Zeleznik, T. Phillips, H. Robinson, W. Parliman, B. Senior, H. Way. Third Row: J. Wisseman, D. Tyson R. Place, E. Ortung, K. VariWagner, M. J. Reed, M. Steel, S. VanDeWater, G. Ramage, B. L. Rutbell, T. Niner, A. Weil. Second Row: B. Williams, B. Tator, D. Wacker, E. VanLoon, G. Pink, D. Sleight, D. Rugar, G. Wilson, T. Seils, A. Nazzaro, M. Sachter, R. Scheltmeyer. Front Row: M. Woddin, J. Senior, J. Senior, R. Tompkins, B. Reilly, G. Rugar, J. Spencer, B. Yerry, J. Place, K. Ryan, P. Silvernail. . " 43 CLASSES Agriculture C.ef0mxC S MCS ECOUO Home Printing I ' 3 if 'LW Sv I 'WV R jf - LN 0 fg f glb I' 1 SW E ff W Z! Z 5 X7 ACTIVITIES 19:70-.5'l 4'-QE? 4 ' ml H1 l X ' 'Er M 'W BQ y Q ' V WX f 71 Y 1 k . W, ,X 2-12- M' 75 WW, "NR N N I 46 ARLI CTON ATHLETIC ASSOCIATIO Left to Right, Standing: Mr. MocAndrews, Mr. Storm, Miss Kempton, Mr. Jordon, Left to Right, Sitting: Evelyn Reeder, Sec.-Treos.g Chris Gierloff, Pres.g Julion Smetcno, Vice-Presg Miss Cooke. , v-r3"""'5'?' ,.-., . ' 1 PX gg, Minis llq lg 5-'-':i.-57:1 r:::fcg,?? ""af CHEERLE DI C Our cheerleaders ore responsible for the outstanding reputotion Arlington nos ochieved in oII otnlefic ocfivities. Their spirited support nos shown us wnot good sportsmonsnip is. VARSITY CHEERLEADING SQUAD Lett to Right, Standing: J. Sherow, E. Wigsfen, E. Reeder, N. Budd, S. Keith. Sitting: J. Sweeney, D. VonDeWater, M. Cooper, M. Londolfo. E is . 7. 4' . .J if' r 'cr -, JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADING SQUAD Top Row, Left to Right: R. Antenucci, N. Kuffs, E. Martin, V. Sweeney, H. McCarthy. Kneeling, Left to Right: A. Lon- dolfo, B. Budd, B. Sherow, F. Vespo. 153' Brower Garrison 1,195,115 Landolfo F. VARSITY Lf A 40' Qs Behnke, G. L XX V m . 111' Davis FOOTBALL COACHES Left '. ...,Q:r: Mr. Frederick Jordon, Mr. Walter Neidhordt Kennet? unops, Mr. Paul Locy. K! Dingee Fomellette Gierloff Herman Martin Red' Revelie Vincent FOUTBALL 'UQ Q White Thurst FOOTBALL MANAGERS Standing, Left to Right: R. Reis, R. Lcmo, C. Smetono. Kneeling, Left to Right: G. Tripp, R. Jessen. MOCISGQC McGovern Reed Smetona JU ICR VARSITY FCOTBALL Top Row, Left to Right: G. Ferrari, B. Thurst, J. Germiller, E. Lucas, H. Robin, R. Dorernus, B. Snyder, W. Murray. Middle Row: J. Dakin, A. Rodgers, L. Reed, R. Roth, R. Eagen, E. Muller, E. Dalton, S. Bishop, R. Moffat. First Row: W. Frazier, W. Mackey, K. Ewell, K. Karl, R. Martin, F. Schultmeyer, R. Donnegan, E. Keller, J. Clearwater. FRESHMEN FOOTBALL TEAM A. RQ i 'B' L' - 5 ' A Top Row: Left to Right: R. Cary, R. Pecfol, W. Miller, E. Misner, E. Spencer, E. Beck. Middle Row: F. Maclsaac, R. Palmiter, J. Walsh, C. Linich, F. White, T. Dakin, Front Row: L. Dingee, J. Hoolihan, A. Devine, W. Mackey, T. Sutherland, R. Coy. Q VARSITY BASEBALL VARSITY BASEBALL Top Row, Left to Right: Coach Jordan, J. Antenucci, W. Noonan, B. Snyder, G. Ludovici, L. Darling, B. Fax, D. Martin, M. Niner. Second Row, Left to Right: R. Martin, F. Landolfa, D. Vincent, W. Garrett, L. Wright, R. Dingee, C. Johnson, D. Bertolette, E, Kelly, R. Fallon, H. Lintel. Front Row, Left to Right: T. MacDonald, J. Moysey, W. Cooper. Absent: W. Byrne, K. Karl. .IU IOR VARSITY JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL Top Row, Left to Right: Coach Lacy, F. Maclsaac,"A, Wiel, R, Snyder, R, Phillips, I-I. Robin, R. Larson, R. Beck, F. Scheltmeyer, C. Smith. Front Row, Left to Right: J, Clearwater, R. Moffat, H. Sherow, G. Wade, A. Scano, R. Jacquemard, W. Miller, E. Beckler, P. Karl. X 1 ox J , I N . .V A 1 . T. Brower C. Vespa L fl E 25. ' Coach Jordan L. Brower ' si 1-J, , if f 'f A, A ,' , if at 'A , 1' ff .L D. VmC6l'lT S, .. A ' .V A I 1 15 . ' C. Johnson ffl A r ,iokr fi agar ff " rrrrro A A Af, Q Q 1 . . 5, 1 D. M 7 I ,V - . or h H. Lintel f 1 i ...Q - f R. Fallon ' I C. Gierloff VARSITY A BASKETBALL . R, Reis A. Hackbarth J. Germirller C. Garrison J. Owsiany i ji . M, f. 9 is R- Muffin Xl V W F. Landolfa , J. ' 9 - . ai 1 it E. Maclsaac I h L. Dorling f"f-55' if ' , , I7 r W X.. fi. . if Q Q 'iff R r . 1 T CM' K -f. g . 325 in xi Q "' , if R li J. Reed B JU IOR VARSITY Standing, Left to Right: L. Blodgett, K. Karl, P. Karl, R, Davies, C. Case, T. Reed, E, Herman, R. Russell, D. Berdolette, W. Garrett, A. DuBois, J. Antennucii, J. Kirchner, J. Clearwater, K. Barnes. Kneeling: Coach Tripp and Captain Luke Reed. Varsity Rowing Squad Top Row: Left to Right: D. Drum, G Behrike, W. Decker, L. Doring, F. Behnke Middle Row: J. Germiller, K. Stilwell, T Kaiser, K. Neisser, C. White, T. Crotty Bottom Row: C. Mackey, R, Estes, R. Rut- bell, E. Mueller, R. Phillips, J. Scriber. D Thew. ROWING Championship Light-Varsity Left to Right: T. Crotty, G. Behrike, C. White, K. Neisser, T. Kaiser. The Rowing Squad Top Row: D. Drum, J. Germiller, L. Consigglio, L. Doring, R. Phillips, C. White K. Neisser, C. Davis, J. Scriber, R. Pierce, T. Kaiser,,Mr. Knops, coach. Middle Row R Redl J Woodwell A Rod ers W. - I - I f Q I Decker, G. Behnke, E. Ryan, E. Mueller, R Oakley, R. Rutbell, K. Stilwell. Front Row R. Erusley, R. Donegan, R. Bonahue, R Estes, S. Katzowitz, B. Frazier, G. Cozino, G. Tripp, D. Thew, T. Crotty, C. Mackey, F Behnke. Senior Track Team Top Row: K. Taylor, S. Solos, E. Herman, S. Lindholm, C. Smith. Third Row: Mr. Neidhordt, coach, J. Perry, W. Mackey, C. Linich, C. Hubert, R. Palmiter, A. DuBois, R. Doremus, ond Row: C. Garrison, rop, H. Baer, E. Dalton, R. Hanson, G. Turner, Kleek, F. Redl, P. Brady, Mr. Cragin, coach. First Row: T. Sutherland, J. Guilfoil, R. Jessen, C. Smith, M. Whiteley, J. Fammelette, S. Nerrangez, J. Smetana, F. Revelle, D. Donovan, J. C. Gierloff, D. Thurst, G. Ferrari, J. Taylor, E. Meisner, A. Divine, R. Reis, manager. Sec- L. Rabidou, D. North- J. Islician, G. Fischer, R. Thielker, W. Van R. Drake, J. Hoolihan, Owsiony. TRACK Cross Country Team Bock Row,' Lett to Right: L. Hanson, C. Smith, L. Geer, R. Davies, J. Scriber. Front Row, Left to Right: Mr. Tripp, J. Owsiany, J. Guilfoil, R. Thielker, G. Turner, K. Taylor. Junior Track Team Top Row, Left to Right: Mr. Neidhardt, H Willis, R. Storm, W. Lane, C. Smetana, R. Lee L. Hanson, P. Herrington, R. Reis, R. Blaich D. Sleight, L. Croll, Mr. Cragin. Third Row: S Waligora, N. Robertson, G. DePaolo, V. Haios W. Shultz, R. Jones, W. Tator, E. Bedell, R Mathiasen, R. Bauer, B. Evans, H. Nelson, W Gillette, D. Page, G. Acker. Second Row: J Malthouse, V. McKenna, J. Cruger, J. Parlie- man, R. Browning, H. Brown, D. Tyson, H Allen, J. Beyer, A. Ferrari, D. Fisher, J. Moffat, A. Crotty, H. Howell, J. Miller. First Row: R Craven, T. Seils, C. Lottin, R. Tompkins, R Gage, B. Yerry, A. Emery, B. Ellis, R. Erett, W Moyer, R. Batson, A. Nazzaro, D. Mclntosh, V lllustrato. GIRLS Volleyball Captains Standing, Left to Right: M. McMeekin, J. Sherow, B. Howard, B. Cole. Seated, Left to Right: J. Drake, N. Budd, K. Brower, S. Yamen. Soccer Honor Squad Left to Riqht: Back Row: N. Sweet, K. Brower, M. McMeekin, P. Kelly, J. De- Poalo, J. Wilde, E. Reeder, S. Keith, N Budd, M. Howell. Center: M. Zeleznik, D. Maroney, V. Sweeney, G. VanLeuven, E. Wigsten, J. Sherow, B. Dalton, D. VanDe- Water, M. Landolfa, M. Cooper. First: A. Exum, N. McKenna, N. Kuffs, B. Budd, B. Sherow, N. Conklin, J. Sweeney, D. Darling J. Sherow, A. Landolfa. Basketball Captains Standing, Left to Right: L. Sweeney, A. Sontopadre, J. Light, J. Edgar. Seated, Left to Right: C. Smith, E. Reeder, J. A. Wild, J. Howell. SPORTS Q Gym Club Back Row, Left to Right: M. Estes, J Drake, A. VanBuskirk, S. Kufs, E. Reeder E. Martin, N. Budd, J. Cerep, S. Keith, E ond Row, Left to Right: M. Ghee, J. Freer R. Redl, R. Antennucci E. Wigsten, E. Hatt M. Cooper, J. Bicknell, S Yamen, C. Budd, F. Vespa strom, S. Keenan, E. Wright, B. Dalton, N Kufs. Martin, M. Hellard, P. Smith, B. Budd. Sec- First Row: B. Sherow, J. Sherow, L. Nord- GENERAL ORCANIZATIO Top Row: Left to Right: P. San- topadre, P. Walsh, N. Conklin, G. Wade, R. Pierce, T. Reed, C. Johnson, T. Brower, J. Antennucci, R. Kirchner, R. Barton, J. Freer, C. Ostrander, Third Row: N. Budd, J. Edgar, L. Peet, B. Budd, J. Knapp, P. Kelly, M. Niner, P. Feeney, P. Karl, K. Stilwell, R. Lama. Second Row: Mr. MacAndrews, N. Robert- son, H. Robinson, B. Tator, J. Reed, M. McDonald, F. Maclsaac, President Frances Verven, M. Estes, L. Heiser, J. Sweeney, A. Baright, S. Lovell, M. L. Conklin. Front Row: R. Brown, E. Garling. S. Hew- lett, Secretary Joan Wilde, Vice- President Julian Smetana, E. Haight, M. J. Reed, D. Horton. ln every school, student leadership .and government are important. In Arlington, the G. O. has filled this capacity competently and thoroughly and it has become an honor to be elected to this organization WELFARE SQUAD Back Row, Left to Right: J Martin, C. Heddinger, S. Keenan E. Wigsten, J. Sherow, L. Sweeney! R. Mott, A. Holmquist, J. Wild, P. Kelly, D. VanDeWater, K. D'Lu- hosch, L. Deissinger, N. Budd, K. Croshier, J. Callahan, M. Brower. Seventh Row: A. Post, E. Hajos, O. Frank, C. Savio, C. Benson, R. Drake, P. Bower, D. Maroney, B. Leo, M. Estes. Sixth Row: J. Wilde, M. Howell, D. Maroney, L. Cox, M. VanLeuven, K. Baright, W. Kelly, L. Nordstrom, E. J. Martin. Fifth Row: C. Hard, J. Haight, M. Plech- inger, N. Conklin, J. Knapp, J. Neilson, E. Martin, C. Kennedy. Fourth Row: A, Exum, M. Cross, A. Haight, M. Ghee, B. Shook, M. Dunagan. Third Row: K. Estes, D. DeGrondies, D. DuClos, M. Hellard, B. Wright, Second Row: P. Schroeder, B. Budd, A. VanBus- kirk, S. Yamen, R. Thielker. Front Row: M. McMeekin, J. Drake. 58 A 1 A - 4. The Welfare Squad, under the capable direction ,of President Robert Thielker and Mr. MacAndrews, .has done ann excellent iob of directing traffic in our school this year. This service organization, composed of 66 efficient members, has supervised hall traffic, basketball and football games, Open House meetings, assemblies, and generally contributed to making Arlington a high school of which we are proud. CHORUS Top Row, Left to Right: T. Harkin, J. Germiller, L. Doring, D. Drum, W. McCourt, J. Ham, A. Stilwell, C. Matthews, A. Wat- son, A. Triel, B. Nash, J. Drum, J. Bowman, B. Leo, P. Ham, P. Brower. Third Row: D. Neilson, J. Hazelton, R. Raymond, B. Gerth, D. Burbank, E. Cooper, A. Gilbert, A, Hoose, B. Wolfhart, A. Welch, E. Cory, J. Veech, M. Smith, N. Irish. Second Row: Mr. Terry, W. Rudloff, A, Witherwax, J. Conklin, M. Hubbard, J. Knapp, J. Nei-lson, E. Rose, M. Cross, K. Steel, D. Girad, E. Myers, J. Miller, A Wisseman, E. Weiss, E. Weippert First Row: E. Speckenbach, M. La- Belle, A. LaBelIe, E. Meyer, B Conklin, A. Baright, C. Michaeles. B. Reynolds. Under the direction of Mr. Terry, the Chorus gives stu- dents who enjoy singing an opportunity to study group and individual singing. This experience has proven a valuable background to those who go on with music and a worthwhile interest to the rest. c On our high school stage, the Dramatics Club has pre- sented two major productions this year: "The Bishop's Candle- sticks" and "Our Miss Brooks." This is adequate evidence of the talent and industry of the members of this fine organiza- l'lOI'I. DRAMATICS CLUB Top Row, Left to Right: Miss Robinson, S. Solos, S. Lindholm, J. Taylor, J. Swartz, T. Harkin. Fourth Row: C. Jessup, K. See- berger, Y. Brusgal, S. Austin, L. Deckert, M. Brower, A. Lunstedt, P. Appel, K. D'Luhosch, J. Crouse, Third Row: M. Dunagan, J. Bick- nell, L. No'dstrom, J. Edgar, G. Rohde, J. Rohde, L. Palant, D. Holmes, B. Kilmer, J. Schaller, P. Kelly. Second Row: T. Griffin, E. DeForest, N. Carpenter, J. Sween- ey, C. Budd, E. Hott, M. Regnault, S. Blain, C. Corney, J. Hom, J. Bartram, R. Arnold. First Row: A. Post, K. Stilwell, K. Estes, R. Mott, C. Batson, P. Ham, A. Venabile, A. Lee, M. Peet, F. Verven, L. Sween- ey, J. Wilde, l. Newbury, K. De- forest. Kneeling: L. Geer, R. Thiel- ker. 59 ln addition to providing entertainment for the student body and teaching the more talented students to develop their musical ability, the senior band provides valuable serv- ices tO Arlington, such as playing at the football games and at every assembly. The growth of the Band in the past few years promises a brilliant future for it. J The Swing Band has, this year, taken on the responsibility of providing noontime entertainment, a service which is greatly appreciated by the fac- ulty and enioyed by the students. In addition, these boys play for school dances and numerous other activities outside school hours. We are proud of our Swing Band. 60 l ARLINGTON HICH SCHOOL BAND Top Row, Left to Right: J. Conklin, J. .Germiller, Mr. Terry, A. Witherwax, T. Skin- ner, L. Doring, D. Drum, A. Nazzoro, W. Rudloff, A. Wisse- man, T. Brower, S. VanWag- ner. Third Row: J. Miller, B. Yerry, D. Mclntosh, C. Conklin, J. Conklin, J. Scriber, N. Rob- ertson, S. Boer, E. Seeberger, M. Smith. Second Row: R. Ray- mond, W. Cooper, J. Sherow, A. Coons, H. Elmendorf, M. Mar- chese, C. Donahue, H. Meyers, R. Palmiter, P. Brower. Front Row: P. Owens, J. Malthouse, G. Bower, D. Burns, S. Katzwitz, J. Boles, S. Duke, C. Johns, C. Michaeles, A. Combs. Swing Band Left to Right: C. Bishop, L. Doring, D. Burns, W. Decker, T. Skinner, A. Witherwax, J. Conklin. 'im tu IGIEYK. 5eC'egZ5- Mofgorer l. B ebqtef: ,, C.5"' Gee" Nice Vfhe DR to R'92Sxden'i5:Qndi"9: I Allan C, . S..'::..:.'. vre+ig....fef- s. WT . N?Pe' idenganv advl5e" . U0 L I .1 '- l 473' A L FORENSIC ' ft' CHAP I ER Operating on a nation-wide scale, Debate Club has become one of the most prominent clubs in school. A new burst of interest has been promoted by radio programs, assemblies, tournaments, and contests which have taken its members all over the state. With the doubling of its membership, and the able guidance of Coach Cragin, the club is bringing fame and honor to Arlington. V ,,,,. DEBATE CLUB Back Row, Lett to Right: K. See- berger, P. Brady, M. Logan, T. Skin- ner, J. Smetana, K. Stilwell, T. Grif- fin, C. Hubert, J. Schwartz. Fourth Row, Left to Right: R. Al-Iardyce, M. Stanton, S. Keith, D. Holmes, I. New- bury, F. Verven, E. Beckler. Third Row, Left to Right: J. Rohde, G. Rohde, J. Clearwater, L. Palant, R. Jessup, D. Lund. Second Row, Left to Right: J. Sweeney, C. Pierson, A. Stil- well, J. Freer, V. Sweeney, C. S. Bat- son, M. Niner. First Row, Lett to Right: R. Estes, R. Rutbell, A. Lan- dofla, N. ls-ler, M. Hubbard, L. ' Sweeney. SENIOR DISCLISSIGN CLUB Left to Right, Top Row: N. Sweet, R. Palmiter, J. Edgar, M. 1 Logan, J. Stanley, J. Smetana, E. Reeder. Center: B. Ortung, R. Lur- itzen, R. Mott, K. D'Luhosch, N. Carpenter, M. Peet, J. Ramnitz, E. Wohefahrt, P. Kelly, M. McMee- kin, J. Wild, J. Crouse. First Row: B. Fox, Miss O'Connell, F. Verven, L. Geer, L. Sweeney, J. Wilde, K. Estes. The Senior Discussion Club under the capable leadership of Miss OlConnell has sponsored very fine assemblies. Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt was one of the speakers who gave valuable information on current affairs. BANKING Standing: O. Frank, A. Holm quist, P. Smith, R. Mott, M. Peet J. Sherow, S. Duncan, J. Light, R. Redl, R. O'Dell, Mrs. Manning. Seated: J. Edgar, D. Wirhouski, P. Sontopadre. 62 Banking Club is one of the organizations in school which does a very valuable service. Through the efforts of this' capable group, and the leadership of Mrs. Manning, the students of three schools are taught the value of saving money. FRENCH CLUB Left to Right, Standing: Froelling, N. Carpenter, C. Batson, R. Palmiter, l. Newberry, D. Holmes, M. Regnaulte, J. Seude, M. Smith, N. lsler. Kneeling: J. Doyle, P. Kelly, E. Weiss. The French Club is comparatively new. Organized last year, it has brought the French language beyond the class- room to be enjoyed by a social group. Miss Reutenauer, ad- viser to the club, deserves the honors for making the Arling- ton High School French Club one of the most interesting organizations in the school. The Library Club is greatly improved this year. The members have gained much kowledge of the library and its functions. They can be proud of the great service they have rendered the school through their efforts under the capable supervision of their adviser, Miss Clow. LIBRARY CLUB Back Row, Left to Right: Miss Clow, Miss Harris, E. Lowery, J. Drum, C. Kennedy, V. Knox, N. White, R. Osterhoudt, M. O'Hal- loran, A. Lunstead, J. Haight, M. Howell. Fourth Row, Left to Right: B. Leo, C. Oliver, A. Frie-I, N. Conklin, A. Haight, N. Conklin, A. Haight, N. Plass, M. Sutton, E. Kopser, E. Cooper. Third Row: Left to Right: J. Michaels, P. Appel, P. Odell, S. Crum, M. A. Urban, C. Fredericks, J. Jacoby, M. Hec- kendorn, K. DeForest, J. Bunn. First Row, Lett to Right: B. Or- tung, M. Zeleznik, N. Carpenter, E. Wohlfahrt, M. Smith, P. Froch- lina, M. Donovan, M. A. Plech- inger, D. Girard. TECHNICAL CLUB Back Row, Lett to lugnr: Mr. Stewart, L. Brower, C. Garrison. Third Row, Left to Right: L. Geer, J. Reed, T. Reed. Second Row, Left to Right: T. Brower, K. Estes, P. Feeney, R. Redl, First Row, Left to Right: L. Reed, R. Estes, R. Jac- auemard. the hoOl hofllllegs' llgiv C I 5 5 l 'r than Spi wffj rriemlOeEch0', lg 0rQOn XUCSWQ u'lPm ' YK Sw are O 'l x M . o . C l ri sis -.lotion moto and Md S fe 'ge -nc X eil O W9 as 1.0.6 ssvglogfaffgwief gchgaxoineind the loo dxo-Vlsuo rn Ondxub 'OCS wdnicolwn Ouvnd Sxlsxe Tip Sl Os NXin9"O I SO uve- Q l XS QXQC, O5 W OS GUY ' allxli U9 Xastlied a Qlo 5966 CHESS CLUB Back Row, Left to Right: R. Taber, F. VanVIiet, Mr. Bodner, D. Bertolette, E. Beckler, R. Pierce. Second Row, Left to Right: J. Stanley, J. Hornick, R. Rutbell, C. White, W. White, P. Mackey, R. House, K. Warthin. Seated, Right to Left: M, Niner, T. Griffin, B. Frazer, S. Lucas, H, Rose. A new organization in school this year, the Chess Club has grown from a few eighth period members to an inter- scholastic activity. This Club is composed principally of un- derclossmen, and promises continued success in future years. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Top Row, Lett to Right: H Hoellwarth, P. Lasko, D. Mackey, R. Rugar, E. Morris, M. Rose, S Baer, W. Howell. Middle Row: R Drake, P. Antedomenico, W Gates, S. lnnis, W. Rielly, F. Scor- lick, C. Conklin, R. Jacoby, S Hewlett, R. Doelling, D. Northrop R. Kemmerer. Front Row: Mr Lacks, G. Conklin, P. Feeney, P DeForest, O. Frank, S. Baright, E lreland. 1 is . To O 'gggcultureljlrlfifqhoolf fhis ' h ,th yeQr, C O On 4 Us new 0079 e o - mo c a commumfyctivlty Ongrigfsd to ggrse-Comenew Course ffmulqfedrjblne megs new Qctxf study. ntere , Ufe t A st In Closond leorni hG There have always been individual stamp collectors in our school, but this year marks the first time that they have joined together to form a school activity. Their progress shows the enthusiasm and spirit of students of Arlington. -.., s and in Ugg e STAMP CLUB Top Row, Lett to Right: R. Cross, J. Moysey, W. Lane, K. Trainor, C. Donohue, W. Dow, A. Emery. Center Row: R. Botson, C. Weiss, R. Mathiason, W. Cooper, G. Beyer, A. Nazzara, T. Seils, R. Haight, W. Millard, D. lsler. Front Row: A. Stilwell, B. Evans, L. Palant, M. Zeleznik, Mr. Walter Lacks, P. Donohue. Cl - .- A f-.2 ., l s 1 l To the high school students who are interested in taking pictures, developing, printing, enlarging, and processing them. this club offers active experience in the field of practical photography. JOUR ALISM CLUB Bock Row Left to Ri ht 1 9 Crouse, Miss Rand, K. D'Luhosch, J. C. Wilde, J. DePaolo, D. Ma roney, J. Seiles, B. Reynolds, B. Nash, S. Blair, J. Stanley, W. Byrne. Second Row, Left to Right P. Ke-lly, K. Estes, A. Venable, A. Lee, D, Moroney, J. Nielson, S. Beddows, J. Page, W. Paquet, N Sweet, C. Jessup. 66 PHOTOGRAPHS CLUB Standing, Lett to Right: J. I-ox R. Phillips, J. Robinson, F. Rugar F. Revelle, R. Jessen, A. Welch, E Weiss. Seated, Left to Right: Mr Folster, J. Jacoby, M. Regnault, E Skidmore, M. Smith. For those students interested in writing and publishing a school newspaper, Journalism Club has offered a fine op- portunity. For the school, the club has provided a newspaper of which we may well be proud. kde wwmffww-Q0--f 1 E -- A 'A -- 51? 5-skew age: Nl Nia, . - '!iT,g,f,1E,2:,i Il i - , Y . 3 W xx 6 k' i c. . , A . . 3 L,,, ,.,- - - .w,Ji,i, , , SJW .R Q Q We W.. ,,.. ..,, . if i M., Pl' ' X i --i K f'-- iztiffzlfll 7 'fi K r - - fxwfmmsz - - Veils-,5., ,,:s , H3-WN . X R X M .,, ,,, , fi if 1 Q- ..., A An indelible part of our lives is behind that door-memories-of success, of failures, of friends, of tears, of happiness, of dreams. We still hear the roar of the crowd asa punt sails high in the cold Novem- ber sky. We still feel those moments of silence when we knew complete understanding. We relive the hours of preparation on our Senior Essay -the hours of anticipation of the Junior Prom, the Senior Prom- Graduation. Time hurries on-diplomas! handshakes! congratulations! but, deep inside, we know something has ended, something is lost. We raise our heads, straighten our shoulders, look ahead at the open door before us . . . and march on. Looking fzheuzd with ., f. , THE CLASS GF l95I DDD Making predictions about the future of its members is one of the things that traditionally occupies the graduating class as June draws near We at LUCKEY'S draw upon eighty one years of experience tc try our hand at making a prediction for the class of '5l as a whole, and it is simply this: the majority of you will find yourselves looking to LUCKEY'S all through life for the things you need for yourself, your families and your home. Luckey Platt and Company "The Leading Store of the Hudson Valley" Our JEAN SARDOU STUDIO is official photographer for the ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL YEARBOOK

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