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 - Class of 1940

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i|ii ■ W laMTIIIKIjWw Ite j ' -tyCT - ' jf! g h SiBb Bm t ' A m - » K [IP " bt ' P mB 11 cyhyuui K 1 ji ' S l PRESENTED BY • THE SENIOR CLASS • OF ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL POUGHKEEPSIE • NEW YORK AhcIio AGNES F. FLINT Dedication When we first entered the upper realms of Arlington we were greeted with your friendly smile and warm welcome. Through our four-year stay you have guided us care- fully and well. Now, as we make ready to leave, we find that there aren ' t words enough to express our gratitude. Because our sincerity makes us inarticulate, we entrust to " Anchors " the task of giving expression to our thoughts. And so, with heartfelt and enduring gratitude, we humbly dedicate our yearbook to you. Bottom Row: L. Helve, I Tripp, D. Decker, J, Booth, R, Groom, J. Inouye, G. Brown. Second Row: M Owen, B Bradley, V Rossbach, D. Morrell, M Olliveft, M Weber, B. Scott, L Dcvis, I Newman, Mrs, Reimers Third Row: Mrs. Reynolds, E Wilhelm, C. Von Vlack, H Choplinski, M Beck, H Hennessy, S Brenner, J. Cutwater, L. Northrop, Miss Flint Fourth Row: D. Sherow, P. Fishkin, T. Sullivan, A Anderson, H Cramer, R Adams, A Case Top Row: Mr Stearns, F, Ryan, M MocElveen, J Luhmann, F Plenzig, S Lukocs, E. Banham, T. Fionagan, D. Priest. 1940 Yearbook Staff Editors-in-Chief — JEANNETTE BOOTH, RUTH GROOM Literary Editors — JAMES INOUYE LILLEMOR HOLVE Literary Assistants — DOROTHY MORRELL EDWIN BANHAM RALPH ADAMS LUCILLE NORTHROP DORIS PULLMAN Production — FRANK RYAN Assistants — HELEN CHAPLINSKI LUCINE DAVIS SHIRLEY BRENNER VIRGINIA ROSSBACH CLARA VAN VLACK ELLY WILHELM MILDRED WEBER Advertising — ■ MARSHALL MacELVEEN Assistants — DONALD PRIEST PHILIP FISHKIN STEVE LUKACS ARTHUR CASE MARJORIE OLLiVETT •MARGARET OWEN THOMAS FLANAGAN Subscriptions — JOYCE OUTWATER Assistants — BETH BRADLEY HELEN HENNESSY BETTY SCOTT Business Art— IRVING TRIPP Assistants — FRANCIS PLENZIG THOMAS SULLIVAN IRENE NEWMAN MARGARET BECK Photography — HOWARD CRAMER Assistant— DOUGLAS SHEROW Faculty Advisers — AGNES F. FLINT SARA L. REYNOLDS ROBERT E STEARNS MAGDALEN S REIMERS GERALDINE BROWN DOROTHY DECKER Foreword MOTHER YEAR HAS PASSED, AND again the members of another graduating class are weighing an- chors and setting out toward new horizons. Volumes could be written on what you, the class of ' 40, have done, but suffice it to say that your four years have been rich, full, and j stimulating. If this book can bring back an occasional glimpse of those " good old " days, it will have served its purpose. If, in addition, its treasured memories can rekindle the enthusiasm, the hope,- and the courage which were so evident in your high school activities, then the 1940 Anchors will have made a double contribution to your happi- ness. Bon Voyage, 1940! GEORGE A. SCHIAVONE, Superintendent of Schools acuUu fc H IE I H bJ Bi ' ' :;J I GEORGE A. SCHIAVONE Superintendent and Principal GEORGE B. MacANDREWS Assistant Principal MARY ELIZABETH O ' CONNELL Dean FACULTY Superintendent and Principal— GEORGE A SCHIAVONE, A.B , MA New York State College for Teachers; Columbio; New York University; Syracuse University Assistant Principal— GEORGE B MacANDREWS, B S,, MA. Columbia; St. Lawrence; New York State College- for Teachers Dean— MARY ELIZABETH O ' CONNELL, A.B., MA. New York State College for Teachers; Columbia; History ELIZABETH ALSDORF, Vassor Hospital, Nurse AGNES BLAIR, Secretory RUTH T CLOW, AB, B L.S , New York State College for Teachers, Librarian MARGARET T. CUSSLER, A B., MA,, New York State College for Teachers; Middiebury College; Harvard; University of Cambridge; Radcliffe; English JULIA A. DAVIS, BS.; Ithaca College; Health and Physical Education OLIVE DOTY, Assistant Secretary GERTRUDE EVANS, A B., M.A., Vassor; Columbia; English AGNES F. FLINT, A.B., New York State College for Teachers; New York University; Columbia; Mathematics JULIA C. GALLAGHER, BS, New Paltz Normal; New York State College for Teachers; Columbio; Junior High, Mathe- matics and Art C HOWELL GREEN, MD, Albany Medical College; School Doctor FREDERICK JORDAN, BS, Springfield College, Physical Edu- cation STANLEY H. KELLERHOUSE, New Paltz Normal; New York , University; Columbia; Junior High, Science and Music MARY G KEOHANE, BS, MA, St. Lawrence; Columbia; Science FRANCIS LEAHY, AB, MA, Columbia, Teachers ' College; History, Social Studies EDNA G MANNING, BS, Plymouth Normal; Burdett College, Columbia; University of New Hampshire; Commercial S. LOUISE MILLER, AB, MA, Cornell; Middiebury College; French WALTER NEIDHARDT, B S , St Lawrence University; New Yori State College for Teachers; Science and Mathematics JULIA PHELAN, B.S, New Paltz Normal; New York University; Junior High, Social Studies and Reading MAGDALEN S. REIMERS, AB, University of Montana; Syra- cuse; Stanford University; English SARA L REYNOLDS, AB, M.A., University of Maine; Bates; Yale Extension Courses; Massachusetts Art School; Booth Art Colony; Columbia; Art W. STUART ROGERS, AB, MA, Union College; New York State College for Teachers; Junior High, English, Latin and Spelling KARL A. ROIDER, B.M., Eastman School of Music; Music JOHN SCHROEDER, JR, BS , MA, Teachers ' College, Colum- bia; History and English VERA SHINNERS, AB, New York State College for Teachers; English ESTHER A. SIGNOR, BS, Plottsburg State Normal; New York State College for Teachers; Teachers ' College, Columbia; Commercial ROBERT E. STEARNS, BS. Syracuse University; Commercial MARION E. SWAN, A B , Middiebury College; Latin Se4UMyi • Editoria IME ever marching - - onward - - forward linking yesterday with today and today with tomorrow We halt this march for bLit a moment in presenting " Anchors " and thus give all the members of our school something that thev will cherish. For through the theme and style of our book we hove tried to show the progress that we, during our years of study, have witnessed and to prove that we recognize the importance of all the yesterdays in the events of today and tomorrow. Now as we watch the doors close on what has been one of the most beautiful chapters of our lives, we can look back on our fond memories which have been recorded within these pages. We have seen a school which we have always considered fine, grow into an even greater institution. We have seen our com.panions grow into N ' oung manhood and womanhood, fully aware of the responsibilities and privileges that are offered us by this democracy of which we ore now a vital part. From the past full of lessons, books, and fun we have come to realize that which the future holds for us - - occasions for achieve- ment - - " Anchors " is the link of the present which connects the two. With the memories and lessons of yesterday making today so splendid, we turn our faces toward a tomorrow of opportunities to learn, to serve, to achieve, to prove that we - - as well as time - - march on RUTH GROOM, JEANNETTE BOOTH, Co-Editors-in-Chief. Senior Class Officers ARTHUR D CASE President HOWARD H. CRAMER Vice-President HELEN B. HENNESSY Treasurer GERALDINEM. BROWN Secretary RALPH ROGERS ADAMS Pleasant Valley Road Class Vice-President 1, 2; Debot- ing 2, 3, Secretary 3; Drcmotic Club 2; Prom Committee 3, 4; Trock 3. 4; Yearbook Staff 4. shy friendly humorous - - - if he goes through life the way he runs the mile he may be assured of reaching the finish line of success. JEANNE ALDRICH South Road Honor Key Badminton 3; Debate Club 4 Latin Club 2, 3, 4, President 4, Library Club 2, 4, Secretary 4, Ping Pong 3, 4; Prom Committee 3, 4. - - - congenial - - - a lo- quacity that is nicely offset by a head that is pretty as well as useful a debater of quality - - - sure to go places. MARY SHIRLEY ALLEY Fishkill Plains quiet shy de- mure - - - small-dork-and- handsome unobtrusively Shirley has made her way in- to the heart of Arlington. ALEXANDER ANDERSON, Jr. 60 Buckingham Ave. Arlingtonion 4; Boseboll 4; Bas- ketball J V. 3, Vorsity 4; Chorus 3, 4; Interclass Basketball 3, 4; Intramurol Bosketball 1, 3; Oper- etta Cast 3, 4; Photogrophy Club 1; Prom Committee 3, 4; Track 3; Yeorbook Stoff 4. - - - happy-go-lucky and full of fun flashy bas- ketball player - - - every- body ' s friend sings has weakness for pretty girls. JANE M. ARMSTRONG Creek Rood Archery 3; Library Club 2, 3. petite simple sweet - - - happy-go-lucky Jane ' s blonde hoir end fair complexion are among her greatest assets her cheerful monner and quick humor make her an unex- celled componion. EDWIN PAUL BAN HAM Woppingers Falls Arlingtonion 4; Chorus 1, 2; Wel- fore Squod 2, 3, 4, President 4; Yearbook Staff 4. cheerful easy going - - - brains of the Welfare Squad champion of " id- dy biddie fishies " of Arling- ton High! FREDERICK CLARENCE BARTON 40 Davis Ave. Arlingtonion 2; Student Drivers 4; Prom Committee 3, 4. quiet keeps to him- self is so good a senior that he has time to make firm friends with a certain senior girl we predict a quiet, successful future for this son of Arlington. MARGARET CAROLINE BECK Cedar Valley Road Arlingtonion 4; Dramatic Club 3, 4; Extra-curricular Award 3; Latin Club 2, 3; Library Club 2, 3; Yeor- book Staff 4. - - - what a girl! this means our " Becky " - - - - - - pretty - - - versatile interesting cheer- ful Juno, 1940 style. SHIRLEY W. BENNETT Rochdale " a little bit independ- ent " - - - describes Shirley and we add that it is some- thing for her to be proud of familiar figure at the Maroon and Gold ' s social events - - - may you make friends outside of Arlington ' s portals as you did inside. JEANNETTE KATHERINE BOOTH 39 Kelsey Rood Honor Key Archery 2; Arlingtonion 4; Debate 3, Dromotic Club 3, 4, President 4; Latin Club 1, 2, 3, Treasurer 4; Library Club 1; Ping Pong 3; Prom Committee 4; Yearbook, Co-Edi- tor-in-Chief 4 charm poise beouty vivacity a mischievous twinkle in her eye result; a pleasant combination of playgirl and student. MARGARET E. BRADLEY 49 Kelsey Road Arlingtonian 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball Manager 3; Library Club 2; Prom Committee 4; Soccer Manager 2 3; Yearbook Staff 4, frank carefree erstwhile mascot of A. H. S. we hope we shall never get hooked on the line of this brunette beauty. MARY E. BRADY Violet Ave. Honor Key Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; French Club 2, 3, 4; Latin Club 1, 2, 3; Prom Committee 3, 4; Softboll 2, 3, 4; Sport Dance Committee 4; Tennis 3, 4; Volley Ball 4. - - - modest - - - retiring - - - a love of dancing ac- counts for her skill in the art - - - versatile athlete, es- pecially in basketball - - - naively unaffected has a horror of mice. SHIRLEY M. BRENNER 275 Fairview Ave. Honor Key Arlingtonian 3, 4; Band 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 1; Welfare Squad 2; Yearbook Staff 4. our famous drum major is as well known outside of the Arlington stronghold as within - - - personality plus and we might add that even the best rug is none too good for this jumping, joy- ful jitterbug, GERALDINE M. BROWN 888 Main St. Honor Key Athletic Association 4, Secretary; Banking 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3, President 4; Class Secretary 1, 2, 3, 4; Junior Prom Choirman 3; Yearbook Staff 4; Senior Prom Committee 4. " Jeonie ' s " lovely hands are the envy of all the girls efficient depend- able well mannered and very friendly - - - admired and respected by students and teachers alike. ARTHUR D. CASE, Jr. I Streit Ave. Bond 2, President 3, 4; Baseball J V 4; Class President 4; Class Vice-President 3; Orchestra 2; Prom Committee 4; Yearbook Staff 4. - - - dimples - - - Senior Class President winning personality he is sure to get along because he blows his own " horn. " HELEN CHAPLINSKI 2 Beck Place Honor Key Arlingtonian 4; Dramatic Club 3; Library Club 2, 3; Photography Club 1; Prom Committee 3, 4; Yearbook Staff 4. - - - a wanderlust for new experiences - - - excitable out for good times and dances frequent affairs of the heart enjoys life to the fullest - - - always ready for fun. HAROLD E. COUTANT Manchester Road Basketball Assistant Manager 1, Manager 2, Junior Varsity 3, Var- sity 4, Interclass 2, 3, Intromural 2; Boxing 3; Football 3; Chorus 2, 3; Senior Prom Committee 4 peppy noisy " Coutie " knows how to make every one, including the teachers, laugh as care- free as a lark his friend- liness will make him many friends. HOWARD H, CRAMER R. F. D. No. 3 Closs Vice-President 4; Latin Club 1, 2; Prom Committee 3, 4, Co- chairman 4; Sport Dance Commit- tee 3, 4; Student Drivers 4; Track 2, 4; Yearbook Photography Man- ager 4 one of the most popular boys in the senior class a dancer of the " smoothest " type a true man-about- town if there ever was one - - - have a swell time at Cornell, Howie with your personality we know that you will have friends and success wherever you may go. DANNY D ' ANGELO Pleasant Valley Road Baseboll 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Foot- ball 4; Track 2, 3, 4 - - - a keen sense of humor - - - a friendly personality - - - if silence is wisdom, Danny is wise those hu- morous laughs from the back of those senior classes - - - we ore completely for this ace miler. MARIE LUCINE DAVIS Violet Ave. Honor Key Arlingtonian 4, Bond 2, 3, 4; Wel- fare Squad 2, 3; Yearbook Staff 4; Prom Committee 3. friendly coopera- tive - - - courteous - - - efficient a neat dresser - - - studious - - - and a great lover of practical jokes. DOROTHY MARIE DECKER Bircher Ave. Arlingtonion 3, 4; Banking 3, -1; Chorus 3, 4; Operetta 3, 4; Prom Committee 4. one of our most popular seniors cute witty efficient possessor of that intangible " some- thing " that makes us all like her " Dot " and " Howie " are our most devoted couple. PEARL ROSE DELANEY Noxon Road Chorus 3, 4; Library Club -■, Operetta Cast 3, 4. quiet understand- ing - - - those pearly white teeth that ore the envy of many Seniors and that smile! - - - as for tomorrow the golden voice of this friendly senior promises her a brilliant future. MARIE ALICE DONOVAN 932 Mam St. Chorus 1 . - - - unaffected and very sweet - - - friendly - - - courteous with a heartwarm- ing smile. JOSEPH ARTHUR ELTON Noxon Road Honor Key Dramatic Club 4; Football 3, 4; Interclcss Bosketball ), 2. 3, 4; Intramural Basketball 3, 4; Prom Committee 3, 4; Student Drivers 3, 4; Welfare Squad 2 the proud possessor of a car a pel to the world in general - - - you don ' t hove to " Betty ' s " successful in ell affairs of the heart end what a physique!! MARGARET LOUISE FAY 1 7 LaGrange Ave. Archery 2, 3; Badminton 3; Soc- cer 3. cheery greeting sincere friendliness - - - an industrious student - - - we ore ardent admirers of her efficient manner - - - an- other senior of whom Arling- ton need never be ashamed - - - our best wishes speed you on your woy, Margaret. PHILIP FISHKIN 48 Raymond Ave Prom Committee 4; Yearbook Staff 4. industrious " swing " expert owner of the nic- est head of hair in the male section of the senior class - - - the super-salesman of yearbook ads - - - a good sport, Phil takes life as a game and we know that he will hong up o big score. THOMAS P, FLANAGAN 20 Wilmar Terrace AAA Vice-President 4; Basket- ball J V. 2, Varsity 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice- President 4; Closs Treasurer 3; Footboll 4; Interclass Basketball 1, 2, 3; Operetto Cast 1, 2; Prom Committee 3, 4; Sport Donee Com- mittee 3, 4; Student Drivers 4; Yeorbook Staff 4. - - - a winning smile - - - a friendly hello some new quip and lest we forget - Arlington ' s best dancer - - - jitterbug of the first water, as any fish can tell you. FAITH L FRANKLIN Germantown Honor Key Dromatic Club 4; Sport Donee Committee 4 - - - courteous miss from Germantown - - - it is un- necessary to mention the warmth of her smile - - - a good remedy for the blues - - - for companionship we recommend to you this pur- ,e.or of good will. f UTH HARRIS GROOM H unison River State Hospital Honor Key Arlingtonion 4; Debote 3; Dromo- tic Club 3; Extro-curricular Award 4; French Club 2, 3, President 3; Inter closs Bosketboll 2. 3, 4; Lotin Club 1, 2, 3, Secretary 2, 3; Ping Pong 3, 4; Prom Committee 3, 4; Student Council 2, Vice-President -., President 4; Yearbook, Co-Edi- tor-in-Chief 4; Softball Manoger 4, one of the best leaders in the school thoroughly charming dignified accomplishes what she starts out to do ladylike friendliest girl in the senior class. WILLIAM R. HENDRICKS 29 Manchester Road Dramatic Club 3 quiet studious a fellow with a " Will " to do things an accomplished pianist a keen sense of humor has won him many friends. HELEN B. HENNESSY Violet Ave. Honor Key Basketball Honor Squad 3, 4; Cheerleading 2, 3; Class Treosurer 1, 4; Intercloss Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramural Basketball 3, 4; Latin Club I, 2; Library Club 2; Ping Pong 4; Prom Committee 3, 4; Soft- ball 2, 3, 4; Tennis 3, 4- Vollev Boll 4; Yearbook Staff 4. - - - an all around athlete and scholar - - - we ' d hate to face this young lady in competitive sports, so great is her prowess a natural born leader a real friend brilliant student all this and more too de- scribes one of the most ver- satile members of the class of ' 40. ELIZABETH RUTH HICKS Overocker Road Sport Dance Committee 4 a friendly smile a cheerful hello cute friendly - - - sincere - - - hard-working efficiency plus in this manner we think of Betty, a vital part of our class. LILLEMOR HOLVE 17 Lindbergh Place Honor Key Arlingtonian 3; Banking 4; Basket- ball 1; Dromotics 3, 4; French Club 2; Yearbook Literary Co-Editor 4. the essence of sincerity - - - good natured to the " n " th degree - - - seems apparent that everyone should recognize her brill- iance, so gifted is she in ex- Dressing herself success in this cose is o " sure thing. " ERNESTINE M. HORTON Fishkill Plains - - - demure - - - mannerly self-contained - - - with a quiet sense of humor - - - we are sure that Ernestine will have success and hap- piness. JAMES M. INOUYE Vassar College Honor Key Arlingtonian 1; Class President I, 2, 3; Debating I, 2, 3, 4; Dramatic Club 2, 4, Vice-President 2; French Club 4; Intercloss Basketball 1; Latin Club 1; Public Speaking 3, 4; Tennis 4; Welfare Squad 1, 4; Yearbook 1, 2, Literary Co-Editor 4; Junior Prom - - - polite - - - ambitious efficient this fu- ture lawyer got his start in debating at A. H. S. ac- tive participant in nearly every extra-curricular activ- ity during his four years. DONA LD HAROLD KING 2 Tallardy Place Footboll 4, - - - bashful - - - generous dependable his side of the football line would surely have been weakened without him. JOHN C, LUHMANN 27 Height Ave. Honor Key Boseboll Assistant Manager 4; Basketball Assistant Manager 4; Chorus I; Football 4; Prom Com- mittee 4; Student Drivers 4; Year- book Staff 4. - - - jolly jovial - - - genial a big husky fel- low (and we do mean husky) - - - loves to go around shooting pictures - - - pho- tography IS " Babe ' s " middle name - - - drop us a line when you are famous " Babe. " STEVE GEORGE LUKACS R. F. D. No. 2 Honor Key Arlingtonian 4; Dramatics 4; Stu- dent Drivers 3. 4; Yearbook Staff 4 - - - bashful - - - retiring a friendly manner a subtle sense of humor this mannerly young man will moke as much of a success in the future as he has in A, H. S. MARSHALL M. MacELVEEN 29 Manchester Road Arlingtonian 2; Band 2, 3, 4; Base- ball I, 2, 3, 4; Basketball Mana- ger I, J. V. 2, 3, Varsity 4; Cheer- leading 4; Football 1; Intercloss Basketball 1, 2, 3; Intramural Bas- ketball 2; Orchestra 2; Photog- raphy Club 2; Prom Committee 3, 4; Sport Dance Committee 3, 4; Student Council 1, 2, Treasurer 3, Vice-President 4; Tennis 1; Year- book Staff Advertising Manager 4. - - - a " lady-killer " in the budding - - - Arlington ' s flashiest male dresser - - - also our school ' s biggest flirt - - - and boy, do the girls love it jolly com- panionable - - - Student Council representative for the class of ' 40 for four consecutive years. SHIRLEY E. MERRITT 31 Manchester Road Dramatic Club 3, 4; Library Club 3, 4 Willing helpful constantly on the job Shirley is the girl who always IS there when work must be done you ' ll make a good librarian, Shirley - - - we wish you the best of luck! .. WILLIAM T. MONROE Noxon Road, R. F. D, No. 3 Honor Key Arlingtonian ; Dramolic Club 3, 4; French Club 3, -1; Lolin Club I. quiet - - - one of Ar- lington ' s wittiest end most efficient gentlemen the author of many humorous notes in sophisticated senior classes our farewell to Willie can be said in two words — " Einstein, Beware " ! BEATRICE E. MORELLO Creek Road Arlingtonion 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 3, 4; Latin Club I, 2; Ping Pong 3, 4; Prom Committee 4; Softball 3, 4; Volley Boll 4. cheeriness with a smile for every one, " Beaty " has made many friends a familiar figure in class ac- tivities we know her " typ- ing " will always be the tops. SILVIO J. MORREALE 12 Davis Ave. Baseball Manager 2, 3, 4; Basket- ball Manager 2, 3, 4, Footboll Manager 2, 3, 4; Chorus 2; Prom Committee 4; Sport Dante Com- mittee 4. business-like effi- cient - - - matter-of-fact - - - manager for several years of the various major sports it will be hard to replace Silvio next year. DOROTHY T, MORRELL Pleasant Valley Road Honor Key Debate Club I, 2, Treasurer 3, President 4, Dromotic Club 2. 4; Interclass Bosketboll 3, 4; Intro- murol Basketball 4, Manager; Latin Club 1, 2, 3; Ping Pong 3, 4; Prom Committee 3; Soccer 2, 3, Mano- ger 4; Softboll 2, 3, 4; Welfore Squad 4; Yearbook Staff 4. - - - this chic brunette takes a personal interest in Arling- ton ' s pigskin carriers a girl with a yen for public speaking a soccer play- er with a kick coming - - - not to mention her acting on and off the stage. MARVIN R MURPHY 1 7 Marple Road Arlingtonion 1; Boseboll 4; Chorus 1; Football 3, 4, Photogrophy Club 1. in football " Murph " was the " Little Man Who Was There " - - - a clever quor- terback a smart dresser - - - a roguish smile his nimble feet may well help him on his way up that lad- der of fame IRENE EDNA NEWMAN R. F. D. No. 1 Arlingtonion 4; Library Club 4; Yearbook Staff 4 the sheer beauty of her artistry misses nothing of the charm of this quiet miss ' s genius - - - a scholar and a lady we feel that Arling- ton has profited much by the presence of I rene. LUCILLE V, NORTHROP 120 Raymond Ave Honor Key Arlingtonion 4; Badminton 3, 4 French Club 4. Vice - President Latin Club I, 2, 3, President 3, Soccer 2, Tennis 3, 4; Yearbook Staff 4. no less a personage than the academic genius of the class of ' 40 tennis languages old and new this shy senior has added fame to the literary quality of the " Arlingtonion " - - - Lady Luck has no part in the inevitable success of this young lady. MARJORIE OLLIVETT Pleasant Valley Arlingtonion 1, 2; Class Treasurer 2; Debate Club 1; Dramatic Club 2, 4; Library Club 1, 2; Soccer 2, 3, 4; Welfare Squad 2, 3, 4; Year- book Staff 4 - - - vivacious - - - what a sense of humor a noise in the bock of a class — yes - you guessed it — that was " Midge " energetic strong sense of what ' s right - - - that ' s " Midge. " AUSTIN E. O ' TOOLE 8 Wilmar Terrace Dromotic Club 4; Football 4; In- terclass Basketball 4; Intramural Basketball 4. although present in Ar- lington but for a short time " Pat " has made many friends a well of literary expres- sion - - - a genial, sincere boy though shy, we think Pat will make his own way in the world. JOYCE L. OUTWATER 59 Kelsey Road Honor Key Archery 2, 3, 4; Intercloss Bosket- boll 4; Latin Club 1, 2, 3, Vice- President 3, Soccer 3, 4; Softball 4; Volley Boll 4; Welfare Squod 2, 3, 4; Yeorbook Stoff 4. - - - subtle wit always aglow with o keen sense of humor jolly a de- pendable companion - - - a flair for clowning - - - has added much to the gay at- mosphere of the halls of A. H. S. MARGARET CRAIG OWEN Hopewell Junction Arlingtonion 1, 4; Basketboll 2, 3 Chorus 3; Library Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Ping Pong 3, 4; Soccer 2, 3, 4 Yearbook Staff 4. - - - sincere - - - friendly - - - diminutive in stature huge in mentality - - - an artist a staunch sup- porter of A. H. S. es- pecially when Wappingers is concerned. ERNEST G. PALMQUIST R. F. D. No. 3 Baseball 4; Student Drivers 4. one of the most reserved members that our class has been blessed with - - - a business success in the mak- ing a most serious per- son in the field of study as Confucius would say, " He who talk little know more than he who blow all the time " - - - best wishes, Er- nie. EDGAR NELSON PETERS Pleasant Valley Honor Key Football 4; Track 4. - - - the true outdoor type rather outspoken - - - pensive - - - loves archery, and is very accomplished at it. PAULINE RUTH PFAUTZ M ,v Bedell Road M ■ m Arlingtonion 4. little " maedchen " from Pennsylvania - - - quiet but always good company. s t. BRISTOW PLASS Pleasant Valley French Club 4. courteous cheerful minds his own business - - - a French scholar of three years standing - - - quiet efficient in- dustrious ambitious Cornell bound Bris ' s sense of humor is the finish- ing touch to this model gen- tleman. FRANCIS H PLENZIG 81 Davis Ave. Honor Key Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Intercloss Bos- ketball 4; Prom Committee 4; Stu- dent Drivers 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Yearbook Staff 4 athlete unexcelled true friend of everyone - - - he can throw more than the shot a record distance. CLARA EMMA PORTER Manchester Road Basketball 3; Dramatic Club 4; Library Club 2, 3, ,4; Soccer 2, 3, helpful and willing happy and gay - - - always humming and smiling that ' s Clara - - - when it comes to work, Clara not only tries to do her best, she does her best. WALLACE S PORTER Pleasant Valley Track 2, 3, 4, pole-vaulter par excel- lence - - - and track man supreme shy friend- ly - - - a true gentleman, Wallace receives our best wishes. DONALD PRIEST Overocker Road Arlingtonion 1, 4; Band 3; Basket- ball 2, 3, 4, Captain 4; Boseboll 2. 4; Cheerleoding 2, 3, 4, Coptoin 4; Chorus I, 2, 3, 4; Football 1; In- tercloss Basketball 1, 2, Coach 3, 4; Photography Club 2; Prom Choir- mon 4; Sport Dance Committee 4; Student Drivers 4; Tennis 2, 3, 4; Track 2, 3; Yearbook Staff 4. - - - peppy - - - good fun - - - sporty dresser - - - if he plays the game of life as well as he plays basketball we ' re sure he ' ll climb high on the ladder of success. MILDRED D. PULLMAN Rochdale Arlingtonion 1, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Debate 1, 2, 3. 4, Dramatic Club 3, 4; Intercloss Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Ping Pong 3, 4; Prom Com- mittee 3, 4; Volley Boll 4; Year- book Staff 4 voted the best speaking voice of the senior girls leadership comes naturally to this outstanding redhead - - - as for originality — well, she is unexcelled - - - well-mannered - - - with a love of fun, " Docie " will con- tinue to be as much an " Ar- tist of Life " as she started out to be in A. H. S., we are sure. ADELAIDE MARIE PURDY Pleasant Valley Arlinglonlon 3, ' I; Librory Club 2, 4. - - - efficient - - - gentle - - - representative of the " Arlingtonian " for the Sen- iors an actress her charming sophistication adds much to the color of the Senior Class. JAMES HENRY ROSE Van Wagner Road Footboll 1, 2; Interclass Bosketboll 1; Student Drivers 1, 2, 3, 4. - - - an easy going person- ality a lover of practical jokes good natured his friendliness will make him as many friends outside of Arlington as within. VIRGINIA L. ROSSBACH Violet Ave. Honor Key Bonking Club 3, 4, Secretory- Treasurer 4; Chorus 3; Yearbook Stoff 4. - - - wonderful complexion soft, blonde hair a bewitching smile - - - the neatest dresser in Arlington - - - everything about " Gi- ny " is simply lovely and as a secretary with all the above mentioned quali- ties, need she know anything about shorthandf VIRGINIA ANN RUSSELL Creek Road Honor Key Band 2; Dromotics 4, French Club 3; Lotin Club 1, 2, 3; Photography Club 1; Prom Committee 3; Wel- fore Squad 3, 4 block-haired cute - - - always gay - - - Ar- lington ' s biggest flirt - - - her floshy eyes and ready smile can do wonders - - - " Little Ginny " is intent on becoming a nurse - - - but patients, beware, or you ' ll be suffering from a broken heart! EDWARD R RYAN North Rood French Club 2; Intercloss Basket - boll 2; Student Drivers 4 - - - o delightful sense o ' humor - - - a friendly smil» ' post-master of the au- tomobile with a genial- ity that few hove, we ven- ture to predict a full fufur " - for " Eddie " FRANCIS C. RYAN 27 LoGronge Ave. Band 2, 3; Debate 3, 4; Orchestro I, 2; Photography Club 1; Prom Commit tee 3, 4; Trock 2; Welfare Squad 2, 4; Yearbook Stoff 4 quiet and a friend of every one who shares his love of track a trumpet player we like to hear " blow " - - - shy - - - remember Frank if you ore ever in need of a true friend we feel that this pillar of the Wel- fare Squad will reoch his goal as he is a good Scout. ELIZABETH JANE SCOTT Stonecrest Arlingtonian 4; Chorus 4; Dromotic Club 4; Intercloss Basketball 1, 2; Lotin Club 1, 2; Prom Committee i, 4; Soccer I, 2; Student Council 1; Welfare Squad 2, 3, 4; Yeor- book Staff 4. sincere possesses a quaint charm - - - one of those persons on whom you can count Betty ' s win- ning personality accounts for her popularity. CECIL D. SHEROW Pleasant Valley - - - interested in chickens - - - " Doug " IS a swell fel- low - - - in the " know " on all political and economic matters. LEWIS W. SHORT 7 DeLoval Place Arlingtonian 4; Chorus 3, 4; Dra- matics 3; Intramural Bosketlxill 2 3, 4; Operetto Cost 3; Welfore Scuod 4. lucky owner of a golden voice a familiar figure on Welfare Squad posts able to talk on any subject at any time - - - Annapolis bound a mechanic with a superior knowledge - - - may you be as versatile in your future life as you are in your discussions now. MARIAN LAURA SMITH Stonecrest Honor Key Arlingtonian 4; Chorus 3, 4; Dro- rtKitic Club 4, Lotin Club 1, 2; Welfore Squad 4 ready smile reveals o sunny disposition - - - dig- nified full of fun valuable member of Chorus - - - you could ask for no truer friend than this like- able redhead. SHIRLEY B. SMITH Pleasant Valley Chorus 3. - - - a marvelous dresser quietly friendly re- served shy demure beautiful manners we wish you well, Shirley. THOMAS H. SULLIVAN 74 Hinkley Place Basketball J. V. 3, 4; Football 4; Intercloss Basketball 3, 4; Intro- mural Bosketball 3; Yearbook Staff 4. the spry coordination of a capable athlete - - - a blend of sincerity and en- thusiasm a yen for fun and a desire to share it with others - - - modest reserve genuine good na- tured. DONALD WALLACE TEAL Pleasant Valley Chorus 3. - - - one of the old guard a host of friends quiet perseverance and a will to get ahead on ex- cellent example for under- classmen to follow - - - we are proud that he is one of us with a brain as nim- ble as his feet, we expect great things of Don. RUTH M. TOMPKINS Pleasant Valley Chorus 3; Dramatic Club 2; Inter- closs Basketball 4; Softball 2, a valuable team mate, a stimulating opponent a good sport on all occasions - - - friendly manner surprising combination of re- ticence and clever humor capable athlete al- ways good company. LEONARD IRV IN TRAVIS Overocker Road Bosketboll J, V. 2, 3, Varsity 4; Baseball J. V. 2, Varsity 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Dramatic Club 4; Foot- ball 1; Intercloss Bosketboll 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3; Photography Club 2 handsome features a cute smile basketball enthusiast - - - " Whitey " has the charm that only a sense of humor lends to a personality we like you a lot and wish you the best, " Hooker. " IRVING ROSE TRIPP 21 Rosalind Road Arlingtonion 1, 2, 3, 4, Art Editor ), Boxing 3; Dramatics 2; Footboll I, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 1, 2; Prom Committee 4; Track 3, 4; Year- book Art Editor 4. the " staff of life " of the production staff of the " Ar- hngtonian " - - - a humorist Bud ' s collection of jokes and droll stories have been a vital part of our class - - - he finds that circulating around another school has its advantages - - - best of everything to a " swell " guy. LOUIS F. VALENTINO Creek Rood Footboll 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Driv- ers 4. - - - speaking of football players - - but why go into that - - Louis ' s record speaks for itself - - - one of our most friendly Seniors. CLARA MAY VAN VLACK Spring St. Honor Key Banking Club 3, 4; Yearbook Staff 4 competent efficient modest refined Clara ' s future couldn ' t spell anything but success - - - her gracious and winning ways will always be remem- bered. MILDRED MARIE WEBER Bircher Ave. Arlingtonion 4; Bonking Staff 3, 4; Yearbook Staff 4, what a smile love- ly hair - - - good fun - - - vivacious - - - " Molly " can always be counted on for a good time. GEORGE EDWARD WELCH Dorsey Lane Baseball 2, 3, 4; Basketball 2. 3, 4; Cross Country 3; Student Driv- ers 2, 3, 4; Track 3. " Set it up ' " two more points as " Brute " odds to that score - - - what a :omplexion - - - don ' t get eolous, girls shy d true companion - - - sure ' 0 command the high esteem )f future associates as he does ours now. ELLY LOUISE WILHELM 2 Kohl Ave, Honor Key Arcliery 2; Arlingtonian 3, 4; Dra- matic Club , Secretary; Ping Pong 3; Prom Committee 3, 4; Welfare Squad 2, 3; Yearbook Staff A. efficiency plus o " smart " dresser - - - cute? ' you said it one of the nicest smiles - - - and we needn ' t say that she has the cutest walk in the senior doss good luck to you, Elly. n Memory of MARSHALL ISAAC HEWLETT HENRY ELLIOT TRAVER 1940 ' s March of Time LASS OF ' 40 started off in a new building - - - thie first class to spend all six years of junior and senior high school in the present location. As ' 40 entered the freshman year of high school, it was noted that many activities had been added to the already impressive list - - among them was the Latin Club - - - a new extra-curricular award design contest provided the stu- dents with excitement and the school with a suitable award for activity participation - - - coming into prominence among the other activities was our fast growing band - - - school spirit Vvos fostered by our successful drive to obtain bond uniforms - ■■ - In the sophomore year we saw the founding of the Dramatic Club and watched its rise to popularity - - - that year saw the second afternoon sport dance as given by our class - - - In our junior year we had the distinction of being the first class ever to hove an evening sport dance - - - a colorful Junior Prom, with a theme of a tropical Hawaiian night, was the climax of the year. The school itself was growing in leaps and bounds for that year saw the first girls ' physical education direc- tor - - - simultaneously many new sports entered into Arling- ton ' s life - - - among which were soccer, tennis, ping pong, Softball, volley ball - - - And now in our senior year we note many improvements since we first entered the school - - - a new gym, additional classrooms, an ultra-modern auditorium, and a huge athletic field. By way of class activities - - we have been rushed - - - the social season was opened with a bang when our class held the second evening sport dance in the school ' s history - - - we won the boys ' intercloss basketball crown for the second successive year. The rushing of seniors in all directions began in second semester - - - the early appearance of " Anchors " - - - Commencement - - - Class Night - - - and as our fondest memory - - - the " Stardust Prom " - - - During the short time we have spent in this school we hove seen our debate chapter rise to an important position in the State - - - We shall never forget the members of the faculty who so ably aided us during our high school years - - - among our class advisors hove been Miss Long- muir and Mr. Neidhardt - - - we thank them for helping us to steer our class through seas - - - we also wish to thank Mrs. Reynolds and Mrs. Reimers for their part in making our yearbook a success - - - and to Mr. Stearns we turn a grateful countenance for enduring our antics and speeding our class well on its way - - - and lost, but not least, we will long remember those others who have helped us so much and have received no recognition - - - With these few words we declare our book of current events in Arlington officially closed - - - and in our new life, we too join the March of Time - - - HONOR KEY Bottcm Row: S. Brenner, M. Smith, V Russell, L Dovis, D Morrell, R. Groom, M. Brady. Second Row: J, Inouye, E Wilhelm, V. Rossboch, C Von VIock, H. Hennessy, L, Northrop, J Ojtwoter. Third Row: J Aldrich, J. Booth, H. Choplinski, L Holve, G Brown, F. Fronklin. Top Row: J. Luhmonn, E. Peters, W. Monroe, F. Plenzig, S. Lukacs, J. Elton. I |p|K-|p|f | p c - " - ' 0 have an honor key is an honor indeed I lUl l(JI Ixcyb 1 5|-|Q 5 PQ,. |-| g i-g i,- qj: Q, g brilliant idea - - it IS not a thing accomplished over night - - it means three and one- half years of hard work the outstanding scholastic award for excel- lent classwork and a high average in Regents examinations truly a mark of great distinction and so to you, honor students - - our deep admiration and heartfelt wishes for your success. Qpninr PrPim ' " " ' " ' 9 ' " 9 " " literally true at the big t l IIUI r I UI I I 3o |q| QffQir Qf he Class of ' 40 happiness gaiety beauty rhythmic strains a Grand March through a star - - the sparkling event of the evening The Star Dust Senior Prom - - a twinkling memory. SENIOR PROM Bottom Row: E. Wilhelm, H Cromer, D Priest, F. Plenzig, B. Morello, M. Brody. Second Row: D. Pullman, J Aldnch, B Bradley, D Decker, R Groom, H. Hennessy, G. Brown, P. Pfout- Third Row: A. Purdy, M. Beck, J Booth, H. Choplinski, B Scott, A Cose. Fourth Row: T. Flonogon, P. Fishkin, I Tripp, R Adams, J. Elton, S. Morreole, F, Barton. Top Row: W. Monroe, L Short, J. Luhmonn, M MocElveen, F Rvan H Coutont TIME OF THE MARCH — JUNE 14 1953 7:30 A.M. 8:00 A.M. 8:30 A.M. 9:00 AM 9:30 A.M. 10:00 A.M. 10:30 A.M. :00 A.M. :30 A.M. 12:00 N 12:30 P.M. 1 :00 PM WAHS Margaret Owen ' s Waker- Upper Club. Weather Forecast - - Ernest Polmquist, Listener ' s Corner - - Ernest- ine Norton reviews the prog- ress of her program - - " Marriage versus Career. " Latest News From Abroad - - as reviewed by Steve Lukacs - - Guest Speaker — Brig. Gen. Danny D ' Angelo tells of his battles with the Afri- can pigmies. Armchair Quartet - - with Edgar Peters and his violin. Pure Food Hour - - Ruth Tompkins and Shirley Smith - - talks on " Vitamins " and " Federal Food Boards " Poetry Corner — Ruth Groom — Poetess Laureate of Ar- lington - - reads her most famous works The Voice of Experience — Beth Bradley, successor to Dorothy Dix, gives helpful hints to helpless humans. The Consumer ' s Guide — by Douglas Sherow — President of the Arlington Consumers ' Union. " Our Gal Monday " — featur- ing the latest dramatic dis- covery, Shirley Bennett. Operetta — " Glow and Grin " by Harold Coutont — fea- turing Pearl Delaney as El- merita, and Leonard Travis as Winstell. WHAT News: Fred Barton, Com- mentator. Recorded Music — by Mar- shall MacElveen and his " Macettes. " Songs We All Love - - with Bristow Plass and his all- girl orchestra - - featuring Betty Scott - - vocalist. The O ' Tooles - - sketch fea- turing Clara Van Vlack and Edward Ryan in the leading roles. WHIS Foreign News - - Frank Ryan, Arlington Associated Press Correspondent. Keep Fit To Music — con- ducted by Shirley Alley and Margaret Fay, with record- ing of music by Phil Fishkin and his orchestra. Stock Market Report — com- ments by James Rose, well known Vv all Street banker. Morning Market Basket — Sales Talk -- by Betty Hicks Beatrice Morello ' s " Helpful — super-saleswoman for Hints to Housewives. " " Williams ' Wonderful Wear- ever Wrist Watches. " News — Howie Graham, world-famous commentator. The Book Review - - by Shir- ley Merritt - - Comments by Pauline Pfautz on her latest book " Drapes of Wraths. " Weekly News Summary - - Joe Elton, correspondent in Wappingers and Mars, intro- duces Alex Anderson, A.H.S. coach of five successive bas- ketball champion teams, who speaks on " How To Beat Wappingers. " The Beauty Clinic - - Con- ducted by Morion Smith - - Guest Speaker - - Jeonnette Booth, " Miss Arlington of 1 940. " Fashion Highlights- — Talk by Virginia Rossbach - - " The Best Dressed Woman of 1953. " Art For Art ' s Sake — Irving Tripp, world-famous illus- trator, and Irene Newman, surrealist artist. The Swingster Club — con- ducted by Tommy Flanagan Guest speaker, Mary Brady — talk on " Will the ' Lindy ' ever come back? " " Molly and Midge " — Sketch — featuring Mildred Weber and Marjorie Ollivett, star of Louis Valentino ' s ploy " The Eyes Have It. " The Women ' s Page of the Air — Dr. Jeanne Aldrich, vice-president of the Assoc- iation of Psychiatrists, talks on " Mental Illnesses " The Farm and Home Hour — Donald Teal, Professor of Agriculture at Arlington State College. Notes of Rhythm — Lewis Short — baritone. Child Care — by Helen Chop- linski, specialist in child- raising and child-care. The Bond of the Week — featuring the baton twirling of Shirley Brenner. WAHS WHAT WHIS 1;30P.M. Opere t to — con t i nuecl Nurses ' School of the Air - - conducted by Faith Franklin, noted nurse. Music by Ray Delaney and his " Rays of Rhythm. " Last minute news - - talk by John Luhmonn, famous news photographer. Listener ' s Corner - - Review of Marvin Murphy ' s Program, " Football Teems in the Mak- ing. " Children ' s Hour - - Uncle Don (King) with Adelaide Purdy (the Singing Lady). Success in Business — by Geraldine Brown — Secretary to James Inouye, Attorney General of the United States. Baseball Game — N. Y. Gi- ants vs. Cincinnati Reds — broadcast by Edwin Banham — Successor to Stan Lomax. Fran Plenzig • — ■ the All- AmerJcan boy — true life story of one of America ' s outstanding athletes. Spelling Bee - - Conducted by Jane Armstrong of the faculty of Arlington State College. " The Pink Hornet " - - Mys- tery - - featuring George Welch as the Master De- tective. Hollywood News Girl — Lu- cine Davis interviews Mar- garet Beck, the star of M. G.M. ' s new picture " Here With The Breeze. " Election Speech — by Ralph Adams, nominee for Con- gressman-at-iarge. Golden Song Hour- — -Marie Donovan and Gertrude Arm- strong, vocalists. The Science Hour — Profes- sor William Monroe, B.S., M.S. and winner of the Novel Prizes for Chemistry and Mathematics, interviews Lu- cille Northrop, discoverer of the 93rd and 94th elements. Sports Hour - - Guest — Wallace Porter, track star. News from a Woman ' s View- point by Clara Porter, well- known columnist. 2:00 P.M. 2:30 P.M. 3:30 P.M. 4:00 P.M. 5:00P.M 5:30 PM 6:00 P.M. Variety Show - - featuring William Hendricks, world- famed pianist. Question Bee — The Original Professor Whiz — Dorothy Morreil and teams from Ar- lington State and Vassar College. Artie Case and his orchestra — America ' s No. 1 dance band — Elly Wilheim, vocal- ist. Your Hit Parade — Don Priest and his orchestra. " Brunette or Redhead " - - Open Forum with Virginia Russell and Doris Pullman as guest speokers. The Anchors Radio Theater — " When It Grows Dork " — starring Howard Cramer, successor to Richard Greene, and recently seen in the play, " Southwest Passage " The Inquiring Reporter — Austin O ' Toole, eminent his- torian and man -a bout -town. Artie Case arwd his orchestra — America ' s No. 1 dance bond — Elly Wilheim, vocal- ist. Interesting Interviews — Helen Hennessy, successful teacher and happy home- maker, discusses " What Constitutes Hoppiness. " Lillemor Holve, writer, dis- cusses her great play " Why Must It Happen Here ' " Broadcast of the Arlington Olympics, by Silvio Morreale, Director. Glimpses of Hollywood — in- terview with Dorothy Decker, Warner Brothers ' new " find " — She ' ll be starred in " Arc- tic Holiday. " Tommy Sullivan Reviews the Headlines! Interesting Interviews — Helen Hennessy, successful teacher and happy home- maker, discusses " What Constitutes Happiness. " " One Woman ' s Family " — hilarious sketch starring Joyce Outwater, noted com- edienne. 7:00P.M 8:00 P.M. 9:00 P.M. 10:00 P.M. 1:00 P.M 1940 ' s WILL We, the Senior Class of Arlington High School, in the year one thousand nine hundred and forty, being but slightly depraved after the ordeal of Regents do leave and bequeath the following to the Junior Class: ARTICLE I To Genevieve Otto we leave the uncontrollable enthusiasm of Helen Chaplinski. To Dorothy Knapp we leave the smart clothes of Virginia Rossbach. To Ralph Boice we leave the sense of humor of Joyce Cutwater. To Howard Marshall we leave James Inouye ' s love of debate. To Norman Bennett we leave the outstanding dancing ability of Mary Brady and Sara Flanagan. To Audrey Knapp we leave the sunny personality of Shirley Brenner. To Helen Bennett we leave the cute walk of Elly Wilhelm. To Kathleen Germiller we leave that " certain something " possessed by Dorothy Decker and Ger- aldine Brown. To Caroline Diamond we leave the beautiful raven locks of Virginia Russell and Margaret Beck. To Harold Maclsoac and George Aritenucci we leave the basketball ability of Donald Priest. To Lois Mann we leave the quietness of Fred Barton and William Hendricks. To Kenneth Lattin we leave the unassuming manner of Leonard Travis. To Dorothy Sherow we leave the affability of Clara Van Vlack. To Richard Enders we leave the " happy-go-lucky " attitude of Edward Ryan. To Lysbeth Fisher we leave the intelligence of Lucille Northrop. To Ruth Sickler and Emery Wilber we leave the congeniality of Lucine Davis and Betty Hicks. To George Stevens we leave the mannish air of Lewis Short. To Clifford Perkins we leave the outbursts of enthusiasm now possessed by Alexander Anderson. To Floyd Longyear we leave Harold Coutont ' s unpredictability of action. To Hope Sturman we leave the athletic ability of Helen Hennessy. To Anna Mahoney we leave the demureness of Shirley Smith. To James Germiller and George Boshart we leave Joseph Elton ' s driving ability To Howard Wiltse and Fred Stupfer we leave Edwin Banham ' s Welfare Squad. To Clifford Jacobs we leave the gay spiritedness of Jane Arm strong and Frank Ryan. To Warren Ollivett we leave Daniel D ' Angelo ' s sense of humor. To Herbert Pero we leave the talkativeness of Mar|orie Ollivett. To Donald Hauver we leave the sociability of Marshall MacElveen. To Arthur Lind we leave Ray Delaney ' s keen humor. To Dorothy Scott we leave Dorothy Morrell ' s ability to act everywhere. To Royal Taylor we leave Marie Donovan ' s and Ernestine Horton ' s retiring manner. To Herbert Hawkes we leave Philip Fishkin ' s wavy hair. To Gordon Hughes we leave Donald King ' s ability to take a joke. To Marion Ackert we leave the ready smile of Marion Smith. To Evelyn Kilmer we leave the efficiency of Gertrude Armstrong and Ernest Palmquist. To Robert Logan we leave the inquiring attitude of Douglas Sherow. To Helen Martin and Catherine Forsyth we leave the poise of Ruth Tompkins and Margaret Fay. To Barbara Plass we leave the leadership of Ruth Gro om. To Lois Rossway we leave the sunny friendliness of Betty Scott and Faith Franklin. To Charles Tompkins we leave the football ability of Louis Valentino and Francis Plenzig. To Glenda Camburn we leave Beth Bradley ' s " line " of college boys. To Sara Tillou we leave the timidity of Shirley Merritt. To Alice Carlson we leave the love of art that is now Irene Newman ' s. To Alfred Ostrander we leave George Welch ' s height. To Muriel McCarthy we leave the combined charm of Jeannette Booth, Dons Pullman, and Beat- rice Morello. To Merton Wilber and Jack Brennon we leave the fascination of Thomas Flanagan ' s dancing. To Pearl Parks we leave Shirley Alley ' s hidden genius. To Gifford Morey we leave Howard Cramer ' s " man about town " air. To Ruth Alley and Virginia Leibe we leave the " true-blueness " of Jeanne Aldrich. To Richard O ' Toole we leave the mathematical mind of William Monroe. To Wanda Karwasinski we leave Pauline Pfautz ' s understanding. To John Plantinga we leave the love of electricity possessed by Edgar Peters. To Ray Pascoe we leave the class pres ' dency of Arthur Cose. To Anthony Serino and Frank Eberhard we leave Austin O ' Toole ' s and Ralph Adams ' unaffected manner. To William Exum we leave the good humor of Wallace Porter. To Vivian Lee we leave the beautiful singing voice of Pearl Delaney. To Doris Scea we leave the mental agility of Lillemor Holve, To James Hennessey we leave Donald Teal ' s and Thomas Sullivan ' s true sincerity. To David Fox we leave Bnstow Plass ' s taciturnity. To Jeanette Laffin we leove Clara Porter ' s hurried manner. To Katherine Schroder we leave the charming sophistication of Adelaide Purdy. To Harry Warwick we leave James Rose ' s ability to relax in school. To Burr Powell we leave the repartee of John Luhmann and Irving Tripp. To Harold Pultz we leave the shyness of Steve Lukacs. To Donovan Cooper we leave the football wisdom of Marvin Murphy. To Arthur Ghee we leave the diminutive stature of Margaret Owen and Mildred Weber. To Harold Doppel we leave the managership of athletic teams and that big bunch of keys now be- longing to Silvio Morreaie, To Lillian Yeomans and Elsie Tooker we leave Shirley Bennett ' s ability to get along. ARTICLE II In addition to the above, the Senior Class wills the following to the Junior Class and to Posterity: We leave o very new bottle of Bromo Seltzer to replace that which was given us by the Senior Class of lost year, which we emptied. We ' eave the lamps in which the yearbook staff of next year may burn the midnight oil. We leave our record of character so carefully spoiled by six years of constant stay in the present building. We leave those knick-knacks that one is never able to get out of the corner of one ' s locker. We leave our supply of paper airplanes, and the plans of some new ones that we never did get a chance to try. We leave the ghosts of our ringing laughter to haunt the halls throughout the years to come. We leave our deepest thanks to the teachers who have taught us and who have shown us how to behave; and, funny as it seems, our gratitude for the attention shown us when we accepted their three-thirty " invitations, " at which time we learned so much not included in our required subjects. A nd lastly, we, the eighty-five seniors, leave the title of Senior to the eighty-three present Juniors, In testament of the above we have affixed our signatures. THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1940. IDEAL SENIORS ' 40 Version - - - - with the nicest GIRL BOY Chin Elly Wilhelm Donald Priest Complexion Virginia Rossbach George Welch Dimples Margaret Beck Arthur Case Ears Beth Bradley Francis Plenzig Eyes Lillemor Holve Howard Cramer Eyebrows Margaret Beck Howard Cramer Eyelashes Margaret Beck Howard Cramer Feet Dorothy Decker George Welch Figure Dorothy Decker Hair Margaret Beck Philip Fishkin Hands Geraldine Brown Howard Cramer Legs Dorothy Decker Alex Anderson Lips Beth Bradley Arthur Case Nose Jeannette Booth Tom Flanagan Physique Froncis Plenzig Smile Ruth Groom Tom Flanagan Teeth Mildred Weber Philip Fishkin Singing Voice Pearl Delaney Lewis Short Speaking Voice Dons Pullman James Inouye Wolk Elly Wilhelm Donald Priest SENIOR IDEALS In respect to the GIRL BOY Most Ambitious Lucille Northrop James Inouye Best Athlete Helen Hennessy Donald Priest Most Bashful Shirley Smith Donald King Most Beautiful Jeannette Booth Most Handsome Howard Cramer Most Carefree Beth Bradley Harold Coutant Most Common Sense Lucille Northrop William Monroe Best Companion Beth Bradley Arthur Case Cutest Elly Wilhelm Arthur Case Best Dancer Mary Brady Tom Flanagan Most Devoted Couple Dorothy Decker Howard Cramer Most Dignified Helen Hennessy James Inouye Best Dresser Virginia Rossbach Howard Cramer Sportiest Dresser Dons Pullman Tom Flanagan Most Efficient Geraldine Brown James Inouye Most Emotional Helen Chaplinski Donald Priest Biggest Flirt Virginia Russell Marshall MacElveen Most Frank Marjorie Ollivett Harold Coutant Most Friendly Geraldine Brown Marshall MacElveen Most Fun Beatrice Morel lo Harold Coutant Most Intelligent Lucille Northrop William Monroe Jolliest Joyce Cutwater Marshall MacElveen Best Leader Ruth Groom James Inouye Best Manners Geraldine Brown James. Inouye Neatest Virginia Rossbach Howard Cramer Noisiest Helen Chaplinski, Harold Coutant Most Pep Beth Bradley Harold Coutant Most Personality Jeannette Booth Arthur Cose Most Poise Jeannette Booth James Inouye Politest Shirley Brenner James Inouye Most Popular Jeanette Booth Arthur Case Quietest Shirley Smith William Hendricks Most Respected Helen Hennessy James Inouye Most Romantic Elly Wilhelm Donald Priest Shortest Margaret Owen Marvin Murphy Most Sincere Shirley Brenner William Monroe Most Sophisticated Ruth Groom Donald Priest Best All-round Sport Helen Hennessy George Welch Most Studious Lucille Northrop William Monroe Most Likely To Succeed Lucille Northrop James Inouye Most Talkative Beth Bradley Harold Coutant Tallest Margaret Beck George Welch Biggest Tease Beth Bradley Harold Coutant Most Versatile Helen Hennessy James Inouye Most Vivacious Beth Bradley Alex Anderson Wittiest Joyce Cutwater Harold Coutant GloAAel STUDENT COUNCIL Bottom Row: M Schiovone, ' 43, H. Bennett, ' 41, R. Groom, ' 40, M, MocElveen, ' 40, P Wood, ' 42. Top Row: Mr. MacAndrews, H, Frank, ' 43, B. Ross, ' 42, A, Lind, ' 41. Qfj iH( nt C r inr il legislative body of the school J I UUt:l 1 1 v -UUI IL.1I f-,Qg |.|-|g power to create new activ- ities publishes the student handbook two members elected by each class a group truly representative of the whole school ap- points the Welfare Squad members tries cases of serious infractions of student laws represents cooperation between the faculty and stu- dents this most important of all activities truly personifies school spirit in Arlington. Extra-Curncular Awards ,,;, " ; . ' ' SJr. ' e7 bers who add something fine to the reputation of school Student Council - - Welfare Squad - - Dramatic Club - - Arlingtonian - - Library Club - - French Club - - Latin Club - - all get recognition under this meri- torious symbol an institution that justly deserves the wholehearted support of the student body. EXTRA CURRICULAR Bottom Row: S. Smith, V. Russell, M Owen, M, Olhvett, C Porter, L. Davis Second Row: S. Brenner, E Wilhelm, B Bradley, D. Decker, R. Grcom, D. Morrell, B. Scott, G. Brown. Third Row: A. Case, D. Pullman, M. Beck, J. Booth, H. Chaplinski, S. Merritt, V. Leibe Top Row: A Decker, L Short, M. .MacElveen, F. Ryan, E. Bonham, J, Inouye, President RAYMOND PASCOE Vice-President CLIFFORD JACOBS JUNIOR JUNIORS GROUP 1 Bottom Row: M McCarthy, R Pascoe, R Sickler, B. Pov ell, A Mahoney, D. Scott. Second Row: Miss Miller, D. Scea, H. Martin, T. Smith, P. Parks, D. Sherow, B. Plass, L. Rosswoy, H, Sturmon Third Row: C. Tompkins, H. Maclsaoc, W. Whitely, R. Taylor, L Tompkins, E. Wilber, C Perkins, J. Meisner, L, Yeomans. Fourth Row: H. Wiltse, H Michaelis, H. Marshall, J. Plantinga, G Stevens, M. VVilber, T Serino Top Row: H. Pullr, F. Stupfer, A. Ostrander, H. Pero, R, OToole. CLASS M ' «nMiaw HHiH SI. IHI Secretary RUTH SICKLER Treasurer BURR POWELL JUNIORS GROUP II Bottom Row: H. Bennett, J. Laffin, V. Lee, D. Knapp, C. Jacobs, A. Carlson, R. Alley, E. Kilmer. Second Row: W. Bingham, H Eglin, A Batt, M Ackert, V. Leibe, L. DeAngelis, A, Knapp, P. Luka- shejski, C, Forsyth. Third Row: T. Lynch, K. Germillcr, C. Diamond, G. Camburn, L, Fisher, W. Korwosinski, W. Exum, A. Ghee, Miss Clow. Fourth Row: R, Logan, G Hughes, D. Hauver, D. Cooper. G Antenucci, J. Bothrick, J. Edwards, F. Eberhard, R. Boice. Fifth Row: G. Boshort, J. Hennessy, N. Bennett, R Cutler, K. Lotlin, A. Lind, D Fox, R Briggs. Top Row: J. Holzworth, H. Howkes, R. Enders, H. Doppel. President GEORGE MURAD Vice-President FRED MILLER SOPHOMORE SOPHOMORES GROUP I Bortom Row: A Hicks, R, Hewlett, W. Kershaw, T. Gray, H Hewlett, R, Laird, J Lang. Second Row: V Brown, L. Glock, F. Cromwell, B Cochran, H Buckley, F. Hubbard, J. Finkbeiner, B. Bennett Third Row: Miss Shinners, M, Brown. S, Carlson, M Davis, 8 Green, M Decker, B, Cooke, M Knapp, H. Franz, V. Campbell, B. Babcock. Fourth Row: S, Haight, D Knapp, B Bennett, M Donnelly, B. Bullis, D Cody, J. Curdy, F. Alexander, 5. Knapp, B. Holpin, D. deMarfine- Fiflh Row: B. Becker, B. Campozzie, V. Keller, E Jones, A. DuBois, D. Gallenz, R. Horan, T. Graham, S Fanelli. Sixth Row: R, Kenney, A. Hepburn, F, Hegeman, J. Diddell, J, Howson, G Clum, G Anderson, J Jezsu. Top Row: W. Beck, C. Dovies, J. Johnson, G. Lee, M. Fishwick, C. Anderson Secretary CHARLOTTE MEDDAUGH Treasurer MAUREEN BROWN CLASS SOPHOMORES GROUP II Bottom Row: R. Whitman, H. Monfross, G Rockefeller, L. Mulford, C, Meddough, J. Rose, G, Skelly, H. Oakley, A. Morreale. Second Row: M Plass, R. Secor, L. Ostrander, D Toylor, E Murray, C, Van Vlock F Wyonf A Webb L. Olsson. Third Row: R Reynolds. R. Reynolds, J. Purdy, B Perez, J, Philipbor, M Ruehle, D Spoor, P. Wood. Fourth Row: R Merntt, J. Northrop, L Sokolowski, A. Veil, L. Stringhom, H. Rose, D. Puskar, C. Moylender. Fifth Row; M. Prokupek, T. Vail, C. Plog, W. Velletri, B. Rose, W. Stevenson, R Plass, Miss Signor. Top Row: G Tompkins, C Schroeder, H. Siegel, J Seguine, A Mulford. President VINCENT D ' ANGELO Vice-President EVELYN SENK FRESHMAN FRESHMEN GROUP I Bottom Row: A Collins, K. Edwards, E. Bennett, N. Cotter, H. Lour, R. Fish, E Holder, R. Fox. Second Row: T. Fingerlow, D, Alsdorf, S. Alley, A, Brundage, M. Boker, B, Cromwell, V. Deichler, J. Hewlett, G. Batf, D. Hauver. Third Row: Miss Keohone, D. Hosiom, B, Laffin, D. Clum, V. Hein, B. Hendrick, E. Durbeck, M. Knouss, C. Forrell, J. D ' Luhosch. Fourth Row: R. Lasher, K Light, M. Bergmonn, A, Lenz, R. John, L, deMartine, M. Gustavson, E. Knopp, B. Korliner, H. Frank. Fifth Row: F. Crum, J. Goiienz, H. Bothrick, E Brenner, L. Lorentson. Sixth Row: A, Ball, T. D ' Angelo, D. Burger, V. D ' Angelo, R. DuBois, G, Hessinger, R. Doty, R. Cory. Top Row: P, Fogden, J. Anderson, V Every, A, Jones, J. Ireland. cs bt- ' C rotary JACK D ' LUHOSCH Treasurer JOAN PAOUET CLASS FRESHMEN GROUP II Botlom Row: D. Wright, T. Maher, W. Mulford, M Serino, W. Nichols, G Ploce C Tollardy C Wolven F. Wilber, H. Olliveft. Second Row: E, McCarthy, J. Sleight, R. Pierson, E Trover, S Still, J McAllister, P Plantingo, R McKeon, J. Robinson, J. Tobin. Third Row: E. Porter, J. Malcher, R Wiest, J. Poquet, H. Molloy, J, Poscoe, M Molkowski, V. Simmons. Fourth Row: R. (-ryor, R. Post, J Polmquist, C. Storey, C. Whitely, M. Neilscn, Miss Swan. Fifth Row: H. Sotz, J, Wilson, E Trover, M Porter, J, Outwoter. Sixth Row: R. Quick, B. Yeomons, E. Michoelis, B. Seoboldt, M Schiovone, E Senk. Top Row: R, Simmons, A. Somerville, R. Taylor, E, Marsh. THE PARENT TEACHERS ASSOCIATION ARLINGTON GRADE AND HIGH SCHOOL Poughkeepsie, New York Affiliated with New Yoric Stnte Congress of Parents and Teachers Theme f :r the year: Lk ' ing aiiil Working in Our Community A SENDOFF TO THE CLASS OF 1940 The Arlington P. T. A. wishes you well. Whether you seek higher educiftion or strike out into the business world — may your efforts always be stimula.ted by the memories of your days at A. H. S. We hope you continue on to success and happiness — gathering more kno.wledge and more friends each day. To he truly successful you will need both. " There is a destiny that makes us brothers None goes his way alone. All that we send into the liyes of others Comes back into our own. " — Edwin Markham. ARLINGTON PARENT TEACHERS ' ASSOCL TION Mrs. George H. Scott -- President Mrs. William Bennett -------- First Vice-President Mrs. Thomas Mackey Second Vice-President Miss Esther Signor Third Vice-President Mrs. Henry Lintel ----------- Secretary Mrs. John Plantinga - - - Treasurer Hciluiiie , " ' ?s-;: BAND Bottom Row: S. Brenner, G Morey, A, Case, M MacElveen, M. Knauss, Mr. Roider. Second Row: S. Halght, L. Davis, B. Becker, B. Green, G Rockefeller, L deMortme, F, Hubbard, F. Wilbe Third Row: F. Ryan, H Grimm, T. Voil, R. Taylor, E Brenner, E, Holder. Fourth Row: W. Plass, C. Moylender, W. Kershaw, D. Puskar, J. Von Vliet. Top Row: J. Holzworth, G Tompkins, H, Siegel, L. Lorentson, A. Jones. n p.--J created during the short life of the class of ' 40 UUI lU solicited and received school support in obtaining uniforms a fosterer of school spirit when it plays at games a fast moving, quick stepping, nattily dressed outfit its successful year will be cli- maxed when it plays at the World ' s Fair this summer. fhppr I Pnrlinn ' famous Arlington spirit - - - v l ICCI L CUUII ILJ crowded bleachers trim white sweat- ers maroon culottes the old " t-e-a-m " - - and the fight for vic- tory begins pep meetings Friday night cheers afternoon yelis you guessed it - - the A. H. S. cheering squad. CHEER LEADERS M MacElveen E Kilmer M. Ackert J Loffm, H Oakley, Miss Dovis, A. Batt H Buckley H. Sturmon T, Smith D. Priest CHORUS GROUP I Bottom Row: T. Lynch, R. DuBois, V. Lee, D. Knapp, D. Decker, B. Babcock, A. Brewster, R. Fox, E. Bennett. Second Row: F. Cromwell, D. Knapp, V. Brown, E. Durbeck, B. Hendrick, B. Bennett, L, Glock, B, Knicker- bocker, A Brundoge, D. Alsdorf. Third Row: G Cronk, M. Knouss, P. Deloney, K Forsythe, D. deMartine, G. Comburn, B Halpin, D Hauver, Mr. Roider. Fourth Row: S. Hoight, J. Curdy, A. DuBois, B. Becker, K. Germiller, R. John, M Gustavson, E. Knapp, A. Lenz, J. Brennan, R. Kenney. Top Row: E. Brenner, V. D ' Angelo, H, Frank, A Anderson, T. Flanagan, A. Jones, D. D ' Angelo. CHORUS GROUP II Bottom Row: V, Simmons, J, Robinson, G. Rockefeller, C Meddough, B Scott, M Smith. Second Row: P. Porks, K, Schroder, L Olsson, C. Whiteley, M Neilson, E. Marsh, M Malkowsky. Third Row: Mr. Roider, L Yeomons, J, Meisner, J. Poscoe, G. Otto, J. Cutwater, J Sleight. Top Row: H. Pultz, R, Taylor, D. Priest, L. Short, L Travis, R. Pryor. OPERETTA CAST Bottom Row: B, Bobcock, D. Priest, D. Decker, A Anderson, P. Deloney, T. Lynch. Middle Row: V. Brown. C, Meddaugh, B. Holpin, G. Otto, A. DuBois, M. Smith. Top Row: V. Lee, Mr. Roider, L Short, R. Taylor, L. Travis, Miss Davis, Miss Shinners. Operetta Arlingtonian " The Sunbonnet Girl " played in a beautiful setting highlighted by convincing acting a Cinderella story enhanced by the sweetness of the melodies and grace- fulness of the dancing once more the A. H. S. chorus has scored a real success. - - - the most informing of all activities - - - the voice of the people record of time on the march — revised several times in the last few years — the " Arling- tonian " reached its peak this year - - with many new features added to its old form, it makes a very interesting " copy. " ARLINGTONIAN Bottom Row: R. Cory, M. Morreale, J. Ghee, E. Owsiony, A. Sceo, R. Lynch, R Scott, P, Brennan, R. Dingeo Second Row: B. Coldwell, D. Batt-, A. Morreole, B. Perez, B. Bradley, L, Fisher, B. Morello, A. Anderson, G. Plass, H. Ollivett, M, Mangold. Third Row: S. Maclsoac, A. Brewster, L, Ostrander, R. Fingerlow, J. Loffin, M. Brady, C. VonVlock. C. Meddaugh, E. Wilhelm, L. Davis, V. Simmons, B. Bobcock. Fourth Row: F. Pfleider, E, Quinn, A Purdy, D. Sherow, M Ackert, D. Decker, S, Brenner, J Booth, H. Sturman, J. Robinson. Fifth Row: H. Grimm, N. Verven, S Morreale, P. Pfoutz, L. Northrop, L. Clock, V. Keller, H. Choplinski, A, Lenz, P. Plantingo, F. Hegeman. Sixth Row: Mrs. Evans, E. Banhom, I. Tripp, M. Smith, B Srott, R Groom, M. Beck, D. Cody, A. Knapp, M. Donnelly, R Boice. Top Row: L. Short, J. Plantingo, W. Monroe, A. Somerville, D. Priest, L. Lcrentson, 5. Lukacs, P. Tennis, J Sobia, Mr. Steams, Mr, Rogers, FRENCH CLUB Bottom Row: J. Northrop, W. Monroe, L, Northrop, B. Perez. Middle Row; D. Puskar, B. Campazzie, M. Brady, F. Hubbard, B, Plass, Miss Miller. Top Row: J. Inouye, T. Vail, A. Vail, H. Doppel. I p r " prr | 0 Frnnr ' nic(0 stimulates interest in French songs - - fun Vive Le Cercle Francaise! Fnri im I ntini im simply dee-li-cious food soles a I Ul Ul I I LUlll lUI I I yearly r,p Q Ng Yq interesting meetings - - - pleasurable combination of Latin and fun - - - their refined Latin would moke the Romans green with envy. LATIN CLUB Bottom Row: A. Hepburn, B. Perez, G Skelly, J Aldrich, B. Bennett, J. Howson Second Row: F. Wilber, V. Brown, L Ostrander, B. Green, A. Webb, B Halpin, B Campazzie A Morreole J Tobin. Third Row: M. Knouss, J. Poquet, M Schiavone, R Reynolds, B Hendricks, D Spoor, E, Senk, M. Brown, C. Farrell, J. Philipbar, R. John, M, Knapp, E. Michaelis, R Reynolds, E. Durbeck, M. Ruehle, Miss Swan, J. Outwoter. Top Row: J. Northrop, G. Tompkins, H, Siegel, B. Karliner, W Kershaw, D Fish. Library Club LIBRARY CLUB Bottom Row: R. Whitman, S. Carlson, M. Owen, A. Mahoney, } Aldnch, C. Porter, R. Alley. Second Row: A. Brundage, A. Carlson, D. Sherow, M. Decker, D. Alsdorf, D. Hauver, I. Newman, H. Montross, Third Row: A. Collins, B. Bullis, S Merrift, V. Leibe, B. Seaboldt, 6. Batf, H. Fronz, B. Bobcock. Fourth Row: L. De Angel is, C. Storey, V. Hein, L. Rosswoy, C Forsyth, W. Korwosinski, P. Wood, D. Gollenz, V. Campbell, Miss Clow Top Row: J Gallenz, C. Yeomons, A. Lenz, A. Purdy, V. Every. - efficiency plus competence too amazing knowledge coupled with cheerful will- ingness " Just a moment, ! ' !! find it for you " we salute the club ' s members for helping to make our library such a big success. Dramntir Club " " " ' ' " " " ° ' ° ' ' ' " " ' ° " ' ' ' " " " L l Ul IIUUi lUU he Dramatic Club forges ahead - - - fun - - but definitely! — opportunities to fulfill all types of stage ambitions no wonder this club, directed by Mrs. Reimers, has a long waiting list - - yes, as long as its membership. DRAMATIC CLUB Bottom Row: A. Webb, C Porter, F. Franklin, J Booth, D Morrell, R Briggs, E. Wilhelm, B Perez Second Row: D Sherow, P. Parks, B, Bennett, C, Meddaugh, M. Ollivett, A. Morreale, H. Oakley, B. Scott, A, Mahoney. Third Row: V, Russell, S. Merritt, M McCarthy, R. Groom, B. Halpin, M Beck, B Cooke, E Murray. Fourth Row: D, Pullman, K. GermiHer, L. Ostronder, R Sickler, C. Diomond, M. Smith, L. Hoive, M. Reimers, Top Row: A. Gray, J. Inouye, R Logon, W, Monroe, S Lukocs, J Elton, L Travis. BANKING STAFF Bottom Row: J Loffin, G Brown, H, Mortin, L. Holve. Middle Row: M. Donnelly, V. Rossbach, M Weber, D. Decker, Mrs. Manning. Top Row: F. Hegeman, D. Cody, R. Kenney, C. Van Vlack. Banking Debate Club efficiency and then some tally accuracy money lying all over staff does its good deed for the week every Tuesday night at 3:30 under Mrs. Manning ' s super- vision work: arithmetic - - bookkeeping - - filing - - lots of fun and loads of experience! - the club in which it pays to talk back - industry is the keyword - - - notices on the bulletin board strange people wandering around the school at three-thirty early excuses on special days remarkable record - - won 27 varsity debates out of 33 - - the season climaxed by the state tournament these people, when they " blow, " benefit from their efforts sent down to defeat Syracuse University Frosh - - Pough- keepsie - - Hudson - - Newburgh - - among others. DEBATING Boltom Row: A. Webb, M. McCarthy, D. Morrell, H. Morshall, D. Pullrmon, B Plass. Second Row: D. Scea, G. Rockefeller, M. Schiavone, B. Hendricks, D. Spoor, J. Aldrich, B Holpin, H. Olivett. Third Row: D. Scott, R. Briggs, P. Plontingo, J, Northrop, B, Bennett, M. Bergman, M. Brown, L. Fisher. Top Row: J. Inouye. ' j Plontinga, F Ryan. Mr Schroeder, B. Ross, A. Vail, R. Pryor, H. Doppel Welfare Squad WELFARE SQUAD Bottom Row: J. Finkbeiner, H. Wiltse, E. Scott, E, Banhom, 8. Campazzie, B. Cochran. Second Row: J. Outwoter, J. Purdy, M. Decker, M. Ollivett, H, Franz, E. Kilmer, E. Murray. Third Row: J. Inouye, E. Senk, V. Russell, R. Reynolds, M. Smith, D. Morrell, R. Fox. Top Row: R. Pryor, D. Fox, L. Short, F. Stupfer, F. Ryon, W. Plass, H. Trover, A. Jones, Mr. Leohy, Fac- ulty. - - - Mr. Leahy ' s pet project - - - the iron hand of justice deals sternly with offenders no school social event would be complete without ' some members of the squad to maintain law and order and don ' t forget that the Welfare Squad keeps the school " posted " on the passing of classes. Qfl irlp nt P)ri rc informal discussions - - special JIUUCI II LyilVeib speakers- - movies -- all help us to ac- complish our aims: - - safety first - - alert minds - - road courtesy this club is truly valuable. STUDENT DRIVERS Bottom Row: A. Hepburn, J Bothrick, J Elton, R. DuBois, D. Shcrow. Second Row: J, Zommieilo, F. Borton, H. Cramer, H, Howkes, S. Lukacs, G Boshart, A. Lind. Third Row: W. Ploss, T. Flanagan, E. Polmquist, J. Rose, J, Serino, Fourth Row: F. Plenzig, J. Holzworth, D Priest, R, McAllister, P. Tennis. Top Row: Mr. Neidhordt, H. Siegel, G Welch. A, A. A. OFFICERS Bottom Row: G- Brown, A. Decker, T. Flonogon, Miss Davis Top Row: Mr. Schiavone, Mr. MocAndrews, Mr. Schroeder, Mr Jordan. A A A - - - the most extensive activity in our school ably . . . (jif-gcted by a group of athletes the " backbone " of our school spirit students and faculty are members and don ' t forget Mr. Schroeder, who directs the financial end of this activity so efficiently and so well this group sponsors all the athletic activities of Arlington the guardian of our school spirit. Pp P -|-Up.l[ a hard fighting team our first night game at I UUIUUII Haverstraw " Beat Wappingers " we did - - what a game - - - we beat them - - 7 — 6 - - - this one victory alone would make any season a success. FOOTBALL Bottom Row: A. Hepburn, R Laird, J. Elton, S. Morreole, V. D ' Angelo, M Murphy, C, Plog Second Row: J. Zammiello, E Peters, A Plog, T. Sullivan, F. Plenzig, W. Whiteley, T. Graham Third Row: I. Tripp, R. McAllister, R. Pascoe, B, Ross, C. Schroeder, A O ' Toole, W. Velletri, J. D ' Luhcsch. Fourth Row: J. Luhmann, R, Cutler, E. Trover, E Howord, D. King, H. Maclsoac. Top Row: Mr. Neidhordt, G. Murad, A Decker, A Mulford, L Valentino, D. D ' Angelo, W. Stevenson, Mr. Jordan, SOCCER Bottom Row: H. Bennett, H, Sturman, D Scott, T. Smith, A. Baft. Second Row: M Owen, M. Ackert, H. Oakley, M. Ollivetf, H Buckley, A, Morreole, B. Bobcock, Miss Dovi; Third Row: B Becker, J, Outwoter, J. Rose, D. Taylor, G. Skelly, L. Mulford. Top Row: D. Sherow, B. Perez, R. Reynolds, C. Meddough, E. Murray, D. Morroll. Orrf r whistle cheers a field cold, clear UK C eather 22 girls score 2—1 - - Oh, what a game! honor squad play-day with Millbrook intramural games excitement from goal to goal. Basketball -Varsity 1; ;,: °! ' :° ' ;i - - coop- ipredictable before season began - - many crack teams fell before our fellows ' sharp shoot- ing - - - turned out to be another of Coach Jordan ' s marvelous com- bines. VARSITY BASKETBALL Bottom Row: A. Decker, D. Priest, M. MocElveen, Mr. Jordan, Top Row: L Travis, A, Anderson, T Flanagan, H. Coutont, J Luhmann, G. Antenucci, H. -Siegel, G. Welch, S, Morreole. iriri GIRLS ' BASKETBALL Bottom Row: M. Brady, J. Rose, H Hennessy, D Scott, A. Morreale Second Row: D. Taylor, A. Batt, T. Smith, H Bennett, B Bobcock Third Row: M Ackert, R. Reynolds, R. Reynolds, B, Becker, G. Skeliy, D. Sherow. Top Row. B Cooke, Miss Davis, D. Morrell. r irlr ' Rr cl -|-Kr ll Wellesley plays Barnard ' Oil lb DUbKeiUUII starts3:45--- Vassarvs. 5ki( game udmore these intramural teams really went to town - - Tuesday and Friday afternoons " Scorer ready " - - " Time In " " Charging on Bryn Mawr one shot for Russell Sage " invitation games with Oak- wood really an " honor " squad play-days at Poughkeepsie Millbrook - - - good fun. Basketball-Junior Varsity ;;,,° . ' " Sof the future varsity fast attack air tight defense success seems inevitable for such a team. J. V. BASKETBALL Bottom Row: V. D ' Angelo, R. Laird, T. Sullivan, R McAllister, F. Miller. Middle Row: Mr. Jordan, C. Thompkms, A, D ' Angelo, G, Murad, R, Delaney, R Taylor, Mr, Leahy. Top Row: J, Zommiello, W, Velletri, J D ' Luhosch. GIRLS ' MINOR SPORTS Bottom Row: D, Spoor, D. Pullman, B Morello, R Reynolds Second Row;B Compazzi, L. Fisher, L Northrop, J Rose, D. Scott, E Murray. Third Row; J Outwoter, C. Meddaugh, A Batt, H Bennett, J Armstrong. Top Row: T. Smith, Miss Dovis, M. Ackert. Minor Sports - Archery Badminton Ping Pong - promote good sportsmanship love of fun thrill of competition keen enjoyment these activities run all year long — many participants — liven updreary winter months herald coming of spring interest shown indicates the success of these comparatively new activities. II mu 1 1 luui uubKCiuuii Qi y iQggiy fought -- - class rivalry fostered by an enthusiastic crowd good sportsmanship and excitement inter-class and intramural basketball offer oppor- tunities to everyone to display his basketball skill. INTRA-SCHOOL BASKETBALL Bottom Row: L. Travis, J. Elton, A. Anderson, M. MacElveen, H. Ccutont, A. O ' Tooie, T. Sullivan. Middle Row: R DuBois, J. Malcher, C. Plog, R. Simmons, W Nichols, M Murphy, H. Laur. Top Row: Mr. Jordan, D. Priest, Mr. Leahy. " S GIRLS ' SOFTBALL Bottom Row: M Ackert. H. Hennessy, D. Taylor, E, Murray, H. Oakley. Top Row: M. Owen, B, Becker, Miss Davis, T. Smith, R, Groom. ' nftKnll ' " " " ' ' " ' 1 strike two " - - a crucial moment vJU UUII |-(-|g g||-|5 really con play interest in this sport is run- ning high the indescribable zest of the game explains its fascina- tion for our feminine " Lou Gehngs. " RnQpKnll " batter up! " and Arlington ' s diamond squad LJUoCLJUM 13 ggp IP ac|-|on only a small nucleus of last year ' s varsity Coach Jordan has turned out a smooth-working .combine a powerhouse at bat a pillar of strength in the field the Maroon is safely confident of hanging up another successful record. BASEBALL Bottom Row: K, Knops, E, Pfautz, R Pascoe, A Anderson, E, Hennessey, J Zammiello, E Myers Second Row: M MacElveen, H, Maclsaoc, A. Decker, M. Murphy, F Miller, G. Welch, G. Murad, G. Antenucci. Top Row: J. D ' Luhcsch, J Luhmann, Mr Jordan, A O ' Toole, S. Morreaie HMTv. TENNIS Bottom Row: M MocElveen, B. Campozzi, L. Northrop, J Inouye. Second Row; J Rose, M. Ackert, M Smith, R. Reynolds Third Row: Miss Dovis, D. Priest, A, M Bott, Top Row: D. Scott, J. Northrop, Tpr-ipic game of skill - - - practice three times a week keeps things humming in this department - - - a ladder to keep up the interest between tussles with other schools - - - led by Don Priest the ' tennis team hopes for another successful season this year. Trnr " ! whatever is said about the track squad, it always runs Mr. Neidhardt ' s proteges are being counted on to carry the colors for the Maroon ogam this year after two years of successful seasons, the cinder trotters are hoping for a repeat per- formance this year. TRACK Bottom Row: J Molcher, D Cooper, R. Loird, C. Jacobs, J McCombs, R Adoms, W. Kershaw. Middle Row: R Merntt, T Grohom, R. Taylor, W. Whiteley, E Howard, I. Tripp, J. Inouye, W. Porter, A. Plog, A. Hepburn. Top Row: Mr. Neidhordt, O. Voil, A. Jones, P. Fogden, F. Plenzig, R. Wiest, H. Siegel, P. Plontinga, B. Ross, B Powell, W. Stevenson, R. McAllister, F. Stupfer, C Plog, D. D ' Angelo, H. Doppel. " WE CONCENTRATE ON YOU " i " AND THE BAND PLAYED WE ' LL CARRY ON " " ALL AMERICAN GIRL " !J EGi2,fliafl ARTHUR STUDIOS, Inc. Official Photographer to the Arlington High School Yearbook Exclusively Equipped to do 1457 Broadway Yearbook Photography New York City Compliments of First National Bank Merchants National Bank and Trust Co. Poughkeepsie Savings Bank Poughkecpsie Trust Co. Fallkill National Bank and Trust Co. Farmers and Manufacturers ' National Bank Since 1866 SCHRAUTH ' S ICE CREAM " Every Flavor Meets With Favor ' DE LAVAL CREAM SEPARATORS AND MILKERS Made in the largest and most finely equipped factory of its kind in the world — first gave us the better way of separating cream from milk and then the better way of milking. ALWAYS MADE THE BEST— For 62 years De Laval Separators have 1)een supreme in skimming efficiency, and have given superior services in every way. It has always been the one purpose in the manufacture of De Lavals to make the best. HEIGHT OF PERFECTION— For the best, fastest and cleanest milking, the new De Laval Magnetic " Speed- way " Milker is unequalled by any other method. There are more De Laval Milkers in use than any other make. SUPPORTING EVERY MOVEMENT— For better and more profitable dairying, De Laval has always been in the front rank; contributing more to the advancement of dairying than anv other single factor. 1878 1940 THE DE LAVAL SEPARATOR CO. POUGHKEEPSIE, NEW YORK THE DAIRYMEN ' S LEAGUE CO-OPERATIVE ASSOCIATION, Inc. 1 1 Extends Congratulations to the CLASS OF 1940 May success follow your future undertakings 1 1 C. H. PERKINS A. G. MARSHALL 1 Estal)lishe(l 1892 MURAD ' S DINER Perkins Marshall ARLINGTON OPTOMETRISTS AND We Specialize in OPTICIANS HOME MADE PIES Phone 934-J AND PASTRY Lens Grinding and Repairing 352 Main Street POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y. Congratulations Today! But What About Tomorrow? IF You really want to get ahead, have a talk with Mr. Krissler. KRISSLER COMMERCIAL SCHOOL Mansion Square Telephone 2733 ACCOUNTING SECRETARIAL STENOGRAPHY Effective Placement Service Compliments of A. CULPEPER C C. B. Co. Compliments of College Drug and Luncheonette Raymond Avenue Compliments of The Emilie Beauty Salon 29 1 2 Academy Street Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Farris Service Station 889 Main St. Poughkeepsie Phone 403 Esso and Esso Extra Gasoline and Motor Oil Open 24 hrs. BEST WISHES from JOSTEN TREASURE CRAFT, Inc. Official Jewelers for Class of 1940 EVERETT R. DAVIS Lumber Millwork Roofing Builders ' Supplies Call 4130-4131 Route 3 1 Dutchess Turnpike • Let us give you an estimate on any amount you need no matter bow large or small EASY WEEKLY PAYMENTS 9lelek m ) SOUARE DEAL JIWlLfcK 1 376 MA M Sr tFFr Poughkeepsie. N. Y. Just sincere congratulations to the 1940 Class of Arlington High School from the Students and Faculty of POUGHKEEPSIE BUSINESS INSTITUTE 32 SOUTH CHERRY STREET Phone 5335 Compliments of The Best Place To Eat WOLF ' S SPORT SHOP VASSAR GRILL " Poughkeepsie ' s most complete Delicious Dishes sporting goods store " 387 MILL STREET Prompt and Efficient Service POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y. 5 Raymond Ave. POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y. Phone 1265 Congratulations, Class of 1940 . . . P for DIAMONDS ANE BETTER JEWELRY S Open An Account — " Charge It " PLEASANT VALLEY GARAGE Compliments of J. !•:. CLARK L. F. WILLIAMS Sigma Gamma Chi " The Home of Expert Auto Service " FORD SALES SERVICE R. H. Russell Coal Co. • Coal Oil Coke riioncs: Stokers — Oil Burners Pleasant Valley 2201 103 N. Clinton St. Poughkeepsie 3067- ' I ' 45.50 YOU can - 1 Start A Business Course 2 Improve Present Ability 3 Take A Special Summer Course For College Candidates at Poughkeepsie ' s widely known WOOD PURINTON SECRETARIAL SCHOOL 52 MARKET ST. Telephone: 922 The Business School in the Business Building Your written, or telephoned, inquiry receives prompt, complete, and individual attention. AL ' S DINER A Good Place to Eat Al. J. Cacchio 887 MAIN STREET In Arlington Since 1902 DEVOE - PAINT - CARMOTE Wallpaper, Linoleum Glass O. B. HILL « SON, Inc. 886 MAIN STREET O. B. HILL II A Graduate of A. H. S. Now a member of the firm Phone 407 FRED C. HORNBECK HUDSOV-REO Sales and Service 650 MAIN STREET POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y. Phone 4037 Van Benschoten Hardware Co. Contractors ' Supplies, Builders ' Supplies Ammunition and Sportinsj Goods P.. P. S. House Paint Phone 393 393 Main Street Poujjhkeepsie. N. Y. Compliments of A Friend Compliments of The Hotel Campbell 1 GRADUATION DRESSES $6.95 to $14.95 SLIPS. HOSIERY Bauer ' s Dress Shoppe A Home Owned Store 260 Main Street 1-3-5-7 Brookside Ave. POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y. R. L. KELLER Pleasant Valley WELL DRILLING Anywhere Easy Payments Phone 6-204 W. E. BOCK FLORIST 371 Hooker Avenue Poughkeepsie, N. Y. CORSAGES, CUT FLOWERS AND POTTED PLANTS « Phone 1248 After Graduation Your Interest in SPORTING GOODS Can Still Be Satisfied on a Quality Basis at VON DER LINDEN ' S 52 Market St. Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Full Line Hudson Poultry Equipment Arcady Five Milk Poultry Feeds Monad Paint and Varnish If a l)etter paint were made, I ' d have it Ball Brand -GYM Rubbers and Boots Shoes Lee Pants - Overalls - Dungarees Gloves Lowest Prices W. H. DA VIES I ' hoiie 954 Established 1888 896 Main Street Poughkeepsie. N. Y. Best Wishes to the Class of ' 40 from Queen City Chapter, Order of DeMolay and Poughkeepsie Chapter, DeMolay Alumni The Teachings of the Order of DeMolay — love of parents, love of God, patriotism, purity, courtesy, comradeship, and fidelity — are those which not only develop the best in Youth but insure the best in Man. Charles G. Dawes. MITCHELL FURNITURE CO. 387-391 MAIN STREET Poughkeepsie, N. Y. THE MOHICAN MARKET Poughkeepsie ' s Finest Food Store 361-363-365 MAIN ST. • Everything that ' s good in food Bahret ' s Flowers Cor. Main and Catharine Sts. Phoiu " 5S00 " Say it with Flowers ' ' Plants and Flowers for All Occasions Chrysler Plymouth Compliments of Bonner Motors, Inc. 181-185 Church St. Pougbkeepsie, N. Y. Glendon Bates Co. " Say it with Flowers " Saltford Quality BOOK BINDERS The Specialists in School and Saltford Flower Shop Library Binding 18 Cannon St. 27-31 New Market St. Pougbkeepsie, N. Y. Phone 538 Compliments of ROBERTS-BOICE PAPER CO., Inc. 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Tele])hcine Hopewell Jet. 6 Compliments of The Juliet Theatre THE FINEST IN MOTION PICTURES Game Room Lounge with Kitchenette The 1940 Anchors Staff wishes to thank its advertisers for their co-operation and assistance, and hopes its readers will show their appreciation. City Auto Body Works Incorporated General Auto Body Repairing Axle and Frame Alignment Painting - Trimming 745 Main Street Tel. 3344 JACOB ' S SHOP " Modes of the Moment " Dresses, Coats, Evening Gowns Popular Prices Under New Management 345 Main Street poughkeepsie, n. y. Compliments of NichoFs Variety Store 878 Main Street School Supplies, Ice Cream Candy Phone 4362 For " Health ' s Sake " ROLLER SKATE at Pougbkeepsie Skate Land 836 Main Street Daily 7: 30-1 1:00 P.M. Sunday 2-5 P. M. COMPLIMENTS OF KNAPP ' S BUS SERVICE LASS FURNITURE COMPANY The Good Furniture Shop 412-414 Main St. poughkeepsie, n. y. Pleasant Valley Coal Co. 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Distributor Pittsburgh Paint ?i Glass Products 23 Academy St. Telephone 1836 Lawrence Bower MEMORIALS Monuments Markers Cemetery Lettering Pleasant Valley, N. Y. Phone 5-291 Best Wishes to Graduates Murray ' s Grocery 1 7 Davis Ave. Complimenls of Hudson Valley Laundry Company, Inc. (The Scift Water Laundry) I ' lKinc KMS Brookside Ave. Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsic ' s Sporting Goods Center for 75 Years Wiggers 433 Main St. Tel. 3876 Dutchess Feed Store BLUE COAL Paint Hardware. Builders ' Supplies Phone 49-F-2 Compliments of Brookside Service Station Pleasant Valley, N. Y. Phone 2-871 VVM. H. WITT, Prop. Fishkill Plains Garage M. G. SciSM B Son. Props. All kinds of Auto Repairing Phone H()])e vell Junction 30-F-24 Compliments of Wheaton Benedict Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Compliments of KAPPA CHI We wish to thank our advertis- ers, the P.-T. A., and our friends, for the financial support without which Anchors could not have been published in its present form. The 1940 Anchors Staff. Compliments of BRAD S BAKERY Restaurant, Delicatessen and Captain ' s Table Grill Tel. 764 397 Main St. Phone 1953 ADAM WINTER Wholesaler of Cigars, Tobacco, Pipes Candies 36 Cannon Street Poughkeepsie, N. Y. NEWBERRY ' S 5 — 10 — 25c STORE Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Compliments of M. SHWARTZ « CO. " The Home of Good Clothes " Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Compliments of TRAVIS BAKING COMPANY Bakers of White Sponge Extra and Honey Krushed Bread SCHOOL and COLLEGE PRINTING Year Books Catalogues Publications Progra ms Lansing-Broas Printing Company, Inc. 234 Main Street Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 6 U a yt ocr Autographs 4 . ;t». ,«u: j o JLctU-oc f a - 9 . V T ' 9 a it . . 3. o H. X li ff } 77 4 e ts f J s A. X V U H 4 00 rot- e f A. -p i -Timers n s fl- o • s € M e ft Autographs If I t t t t.t4 i. • . f 4 ■ ' ; " } ' ,1 ' " ' fh ' ,1 ( f . .- « ..j,l«l « ' (Autographs) ' ,JL turn ,t» ' Y ' ln 2., ' i f uiinumm, t •v. h .. y4 ..K " V A ' Afi.t ' if ' dt ' Ael o i 5 ' ' • 0 ,W i Jc •. •. • ' . % ' £J Y .- V 4c " . ? fio ' », ' •4 4p- 0 " li ?• » « ' 51 ' » " T? v ' " :a l« .V ' ' a " y -v ( yn ' [i ' 4M - lAMje v : '

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