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'T"'-""'-"- ANCLICDRS 15:5 volume 1 AKLIINTCN I-IIGI-I SEI-IOOL ., i FOREWORD To the initiative, courage, and industry of the Class of '36 this book is a tribute. It was only after much careful thought and consideration of all that was involved that the -class decided to launch into the project of publishing a record of the year's activities. The time for completing th-is work was so short that of necessity the Work had to be somewhat abbreviated. However, despite this, none of the concomitant benefits that accrue from participation in such an activity have been lost. On the contrary, in addition to furnishing business, art and literary values, the' race against time has served to unite the class as nothing else has in order that the project might be carried to a successful completion. With this unity of effort has also come the cooperation which has been so willingly given by the rest of the school. It is such spirit behind vigorous and Well planned action that has made it possible for the Senior Class to attain this goal. Congratulations 1936. GEORGE A. SCHIAVONE. Superintendent. DEDICATION We have enutled thus book ANCHORS because we feel that It W1Il be a t1e blfldlllg us to the past a lmk between the communlty whxch we are leavlng and the greater commun1ty mto whlch we shall be gomg As such lt w11l be ln tune to come our only record of what we once have been what we now are and what we soon shall be All through school and m after 11fe we depend upon certam external forces for securlty and stabxllty Persons or thxngs they are for us anchors keepmg us always 1n the rlght course safeguardlng our navlgatxon of perxlous seas and holdmg us steady 1n tunes of great stress and uncertamty Between the anchors of memory and the anchors of securlty l1es a wlde gap brxdged only by one man who emboches all that both represent to us He IS the mer1d1an sun by whom we have set our course Whose kmdly mterest and friendly guidance have done so much to shape our characters and to prepare us for the battle of lxfe and it 1S he to whom We owe a debt too large to ever be repald Wltla deep regard We dedlcate our ANCHORS to thls man our supermtendent, our counselor, and our frlend, GEORGE A. SCI-IIAVONE '-111 appreciatxon for all he has done for us. THE CLASS OF '36 RICHARD H. ALBERTSON, President , f -- f -f V vi l I .I ,, JL Y 1 'lfrllf :,' ' 1. nl' i I . l , n In 4 - M l ffm , 35' . N . ' 1 ' - I f f . 45,1 I , 3 '- Qx- , 'I7,, 1--. If I ' '. , l I 1 . .I -I -, ' iff., www . -,:'-,L-I Ap ' I. - . , WI. ,I X. I. - . . 'Mfg "1 'nf' e W. ,A 'N , " 1' I ' J, . ' ' 1' N - A V W. F' , . 1 ' L l l l V ' - u n ' ' . . . - . A . . - '. . . 1 t , , . ' ' I ' . V I 1 ' a 1 ' l 'J V , - , D I . . . . . . Q ' I Y I ' 9 I r . . - . . - , , l 0 V V I 1 1 h , - . . . . . , I , , y ' 1 , . . , . H ,, . ' : I 1 , AND ON- 'The Class of 1936, guided by a crew that is inexperienced, but eager and capable, has launched itself upon the sea of life, with banners flying. We have left the quiet bay of early years, to enter the turbulent stream, with those many dangers that comprise the modern world. No longer are, we protected from the hazards out beyond, for we must act as our own pilot, skirting all rocks and shoals. , X Perhaps none of us really know the part we are to play, whether it is to be that of a merchant ship, or that of a small tug. We are not aware of the rapids to be run, the treacherous currents, shoals and ledges that will beset us at every turn of the Wheel. Yet, when you have run the rapids, or are trying to avert a catastrophe on a treacherous ledge, use the ANCHORS to give you a brief respite from the struggle and once more return 'to that quiet bay, which you left in 1936. "Bon voyage" and "happy landings", Class of 1936! Keep a steady hand at the wheel, a clear eye to the front, and sail on-and on-and on- ALBERT COUTANT. Editor-in-Chief YEARBOOK STAPF Editor-ln-Chief .. ................... Albert Coutant Assistant Editors . . . . . .Helen Keenen: Edythe Humphrey Associate Editors .... Charles Mlllerg May Brown-gr Phyllis Davison Literary Editor .................... A .... Avalyn Lomison Assistants ........ Barry Ryan, Frances Haslam, Gertrude Wolff, Virginia Gardner, Jean Storm Art' Editor ...................... ,. . . . . .Harrison Horan Asslstants .... Roland Ostrander, Doris Terwilliger, Joseph Delmllng ' Busfness Manager . ................... Edward Wardell Advertising Manager ....................... Oscar Hill Assistants . . .William Hudson, Richard Ammann, Francis Zammlello, Donald Pride, George Holz- worth, Joseph Morgan Circulatlon Manager . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Ronald Cooper- Asslstants . . . . . . . ..... . . . .Jane Hepburn, James Veatch Production Manager . . . ....... . . . .Geraldine Kolbinskie Assistants .Frances -Bates: Kathryn Conner, Leona Plenzig 6. si' f-ii T. iaapx : tg , , ' :1,.,x.,,-,,- Q , K- , --, ' -, ' " 5 ,"'.'i"1 -A1 3'-14 ri 4 ' " ' 2-L' 9' - f R.,-4. E, ,-' n A X U1 1 X -z f X ' ' ' 1 f,--v wg? frm 114 -.lti 'QBX K f X 'A lf 'A NY kvgd' --, r ,.f- l 3 tx fi no wifi-: '1 ll '5,v,iLL5 J' ff-g' -.f X A Ill DLL' T . 9 af -lf ' 'E ' .,-N ,-:' 55911,-"'11":1':l5'i' ' . . , , ,-,-. 1.-I .,.. Flr5+ N:irh'q Ton : dh Sohool '97-'-I' 93 175 of 119:- Em ..-.L-. we--' I xl' a X X 4, : ,ge 'N' 2 Second Ar-ImqTon Huqh School '924 34 QE: 5 Q 5 A 35" U 3 Ei gl 1 'U i' Hshagiigi qi! lin l n hu G1g,5 -'Q - L--I r-Ig-I-in .sig .Egg he in -nag :aaa V V 1.1-to , A! ,zijn 3 P1 ,,-354421- -11' Pr'esenT Arlmq+on Hlqh School IX 'ff' f Ag 4- 'fl' 'Ku ' A , F. .-:.A--aa-w. ' , ' . if Q' 734: L5fi"' I A '----1-gi' x - , A, --3.-V, N r, -N-Ze-44-gi-5 1,q,' .gif , o . C 3:?1fFIi6fI1.'f sz? aim: TT' "-'A' " " :si K, ,Q ,1 LLL -, 3, 1eIi.'iIoLEl5: f"' .. Q o 1 .13 e if - gig - N ' ' . ' Viv" -- 'H-E14-F'f'r" ? '. rw:rr' F g "' '4 5, 4 .1 f5?F5fl:':.sp.:fffaU -S i u 3:1-if E - , L lf - ,f , ' JM Q !.,f . . -51441. I9 1 -ELF? ' '4 3i'if" " ' " "kfEf'f 151 if: if Fw - 1 1 - 3.-4-F3192 wg., 411' ni. 1- T2 ,A ,, 2159111 14,7 JL, W .. .,.. 5f'?1'2?2Mf-,rNfF3E gli, :L Je S ' 1. ffl- -- 3 '--1 FQ ow , - ., - , f 5: ----------A--Lf Q 12:1 Va: ' :AE-5151.15 rag F5 .J -.faif -: ' - - -o-E 5 1 uf, gl 751,--i':, ,Q 5, of-Q g-. :+V e sum? YF 5 H ' - ' mlpvv' hi r- . f"":EL.-fq.'.' L ' "JU di- .4 ' hui' 'gr ' W 11-gi f: ra :rg gg 1 fs:-,T-Qlpo x V V 'V . .' .- - :xi - -421' of- 2- -' gf' " W4 .f:TffA-'-"W"-f L, f 1 -lqfmlw ' ff' Y ,"f-' """f"1I' f -L r , , - Y -on 'Y o - inv -1.-fn, .-,.-1151.-,a-.:L2.1"4mdAQ.z.4.:,.,k ., .. Y . , SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY Superintendent .............. GEORGE A. SCHIAVONE Ruth Clow Ma.ry G. Keohane Mrs. Sara. L. Reynolds Eunice Cockroft Francis Leahy Esther Signer Margaret Cussler S. Louise Miller Marion Swan Agnes F. Flint Helen Muth Will S. Underhill Edna. J. Greer Albert G. Newnham Viola. Wood Qlive Horan Mary E. O'Conne1l, 1 454 N l W w 4 .lj x P Seruor ffwers Presiafen t RICHARD ALBERTSON Cl U ll - D1ck , Editor-in-Chief Arlingtonian- 1475. Arlingtonian 11, 2, 3, 4.7: Vice- President Banking 127: President Banking 13, 47: Class Treasurer 127: Debating 12, 3, 47: N. F. Il' president 137: Class Pres. 147: W. A. S. 147: Dramatics 13, 47: Clreer leader 12, 47: Honor Award C47- ' Popular, ambitious, business- llke, Dick gets things done quickly. He is an ideal President. Secretary A FRANCES HASLAM llpranit Banking 13, 47:' Arlingtonian 13, 47: W. A. S. 147: Yearbook Com- mittee 147: Secretary of Class 147: Glee Club. D Fran is appreciated not only for her voice and her sense of humor but also her' ' business ability. Vice-President GEORGE HOLZWARTH ' "Shorty" Baseball 12, 3,'47g Football 12, 37: Captain Football 147: Arlingtonian 147: Yearbook '147: Vice President Class 1-47. ' One of the best cheer leaders We've ever had-George could draw cheers from ag cheerless' crowd. Treasurer RONALD COOPER UROHH Class President 1279 Dramatics 12,. 3, 47 Class Treasurer 147: Year Book 147: Honor Awardl 147 V Ron is our "Singing Senior." He seems to prefer redheads to blonds and brunettes-at least he' has for four yearsi 127: 'Cheer leader 147: Dramatics, 1 I I JOAN ALLAN RICHARD AMMAN FRANCES BATES Basketball KS. 41: W. A. S. f4J. "Dickey Bird" - "Fran" Joan's fondness for leadershiv Year Book 143, Year Book i45- fmd her School Spirit make he? A. young Lochinvar from ouv . "17?ra,n" is that brilliant girl worthy senior, of the west Whose car never has : With the lovely hair who represent rest from the blondes of A. H. S. ed us at the convention at Syracus - in Typing I. ' EDWARQIEIQIZQTMANN Being an expert pianist is only one of Ed's-many accomplishments' I . I r 'I ' f' ' ALICE BERNATH LESLIE CASWELL LOUIS CICCGNE. l4DuCkY11 A ULQSQ! AM l :JI-,ouieil B21SkGUJ9-11 C3. 433 Cross Country Football fl, 2, 3, 41: Dramatics We extend our wholehearted 125. I - 1434. , - . . support to our classmate. who de- Here we find one of thejolliest Les never hurries ' but he Sires fnediqine as a. career. lassies of our entire senior class. played 3, swell game as guardbon Her best assets are athletic ability 0uy.f00tba,11 team' and happiness. Football 141. I I- Y J 727 k AY W YYY X U JEAN COLLINS Jean is rather a. quiet girl a,t school, I but at nirrht she is a. "belle of the beautiful Shenandoah Valley." G 7 JOSEPH DEIMLING lit-Toe!! Arllngtonian C2, 3, 413 Year Book 643. "Joe" is a. talented cartoonist: 2. true XValt Disney. KATHRYN CONNER uKaY: 1 Damatics C313 Arlingtoniam Year- book C413 Honor award. C413 Track 11 "Kay" is that grand little pere sonality everybody likes. XVe all know you'll be successful, Kay. ELIZABETH DEL SANTO "Minnie" She's ever-yone's friend due to her ,pleasing manerisms. She takes' bo French like a. fly to sugar. XL is 1 ALBERT COUTANT IIAIY! I Class Treasurer C313 Debate C2, 3, 413 Drarnatlcs C2. 31: Arlingtonian C2, 3, 413 Orchestra. C2 313 Editor of Year book C413 Honor award C413 N. F. L. Pres. C41. "Al" is the class shiek and seems to combine both studies and girls in his school course. ef .Q , J,- mf .5 E21 ' ll , ...La ' I .Q N 1 'H E , si la r- .H ie mi W .M .:.:.:. A H me-We az. H sagem. - H li as sew .e::a:::!:s: M WL N .4 l, lf, 3.3 ' v- '.'.:..:e:aw n E- ' 'gp :.: 1 ?f' ,E if F ,G E .5 w 4 ' .l We he .5 .v U.-eg ' M T 1 l 'E , wr- CLARISSE PISI-IWICK llMidge!l 5'2" and all true blue. I-Ie1'e's proof that quality comes in smell packages. r l HERBERT FORDI-IAM ' 'I-Ierbie" Although he is a newcomer, we can certainly vouch for Her- bert's good qualities as a, student. .., 'Ji ml! . C 'qi - up ' :Nr , i 1 - A . YI' H 1. .-'Il , . I . ,Ea X Q. . . ... M.- - ' Q7 'iii 6'-' , .- . .WTI-'ll " , ,. :UQ -'-'il ., lf, I "1-,.--132' .-5. u. " I .V ..4-1. If . H: "1Qf .7' 'X . . A, - ' if ' Zliizifrifrk H4221-. ' ' .' .Syl -' J l ':::4'1:3!-2:-JL '-4""" ' fi r-vf,' . i-l .1"-1t:::iI:1i3?5'f!9".': MQ".-xSf5':. " .7 - -....z::.1:33111::gfzg. ' - fe5'j:5:.1::.z:-,gt-iz," .Ht-Q, ,,j.f', "13f1ilQ'g'E51LQ-X ther. e:::.-sf..-,gs BARTELLE HARGRAVE "Betty-Jo" Intelligent quietness Cnot of- ten found in the weaker sexj dis- tinguishes her among our class- mates. Wir- Aqwx C 5151-in ui' DOROTHY FREER "Dot" ' Here is the miss who is care- free and happy-go-lucky. JANE HEPBURN ll D! Heppv W. A. S. C495 Year Book Staff C4j: Cheer leader C455 Debating C3, 43, Dramatics C4D. Her friendly smile and cheer- ful personality have made Jane one of the most popular girls at Ar- lington High. VIRGINIA GARDNER uGinnYn Yearbook C475 Arlingrt-onian C335 Track C233 Cross Country C231 Vice President Student Council C373 A. Ai. A. Secretary: Welfare Squad CLD: Basketball C2, 3, 455 Cheerleader C2, 33. "Ginny" represents glorious girlhood and is extremely athletic After graduation she will probably be coaching basketball. ,A. wc 4, I fi ' 4. ' lx' 7, QQ.. ' -'Bw H 3 A LSA. R. , , ., A in it 'A , .5 if fiefi if IV., I ,E f wi ll ig . . . 1 we OSCAR HILL UP. R." Debating C3. 41: Dramatics C3, 4,: Orchestra C353 Arlingtonian C433 Glee Club C4J. Horseback and Oscar are in- separable. We wonder if he'll take over the Vassar Riding School next year. A A-. .L... -2- , , STANLEY HOHLOWSKI "Bull Dog" Honor Award L45 ' I-Iere's one of our most clever intelligent and ambitious seniors. Be careful how you use those pale blue eyes, Stanley! EDYTHE HUMPHREY HARRISON HORAN usonnyn Yearbook 1435 Basketball 643: Football 63, 41. Harrison will undoubtedly be- come one of the foremost com- mercial artists in the U. S. as he has already become among his classmates. IRENE JACKSON WILLIAM HUDSON "Bill" Honor Award 443. A quiet. and strong young man who will someday have much at his command. I MARY JACKSON u f 1, " ' " to us from Wap- Chl Reine OMSIY Game Ybarbogk 013: ppgebating 443: A demure miss, proficient in Dmgers Haghh Gh0?l- -hliiy 113.5 Honor Award 443, her school work. A girl who is nat'-ITF an ippy 90 man ood She's an "A number 1" sure to at-tain success in the com- sonahty have gven us y g scholar. Wherever there's happi- melfcial W01'1d- - laughs' ness you'11 find Chippy! g - - I s,,,,,,-- , , . MABEL JEWELL NICHOLAS JULIANO Mae Reds DTH-ma-tics C27 Football C3 47 M'Lb01 13 Q1-liflt 'md friendly A football star of renown 21 Wlllme WOPKCK' fol 35 whose beautlful red han' has g1ven fx? If M?-qv:-U li rf HELEN KEENEN CC Banking C3 47 Arlingtoman C47 Yearbook C47 Honor Award C47 Helen is one of our most hke able semors Her eternal smlle and wlllmgness to help have made her A. H. S s pal color to our football Held HUGH KNICKERBOCKER Rxp Cross County C47 Football C3 47 Another football man who has done much to brxng ms school fame g 3 -VUA vi W HENRY KARWASINSKE Hank Baseball C1 2 3 47 Basketball C1 2 3 4 Student COUHCIIPYGS1 dent C27 Welfare Squad C1 2 37 Football C1 2 3 47 track C1 27 captaxn C37,t1cs C47 Hank IS our star in b1sketball His appearance ln a. game put fear In the heart of many opponents GERALDINE KOLBINSKIE Gerry Banking C2 3 47 D1a,ma.t1csC37 Secretary Freshman Class Sec retary of Bankmg C27 Llbrarlan C37 Yearbook C47 A1-lxngtonian 3 47 Track C17 Cross Country C17 Gerry is our studious and arnbltious friend who never seems to be 1d1e and zs always most Wxlling to lend a, helping hand ss Nw w flyfew H Q H, E-me gi me mn : B A mmmm px SS H E J lj' -4 U " H n 1: n n - -LD, ., I .c' . N . . , ' ' .77 f 1 ' I 1 I I , . . - 1 y 1 1 1 1 , . 1 . ' . V I ' ' 1 fl Y -N. .- x x F I-. . A ' . 1 U ' ag.. l, - 7 - ' "" If '- ' - - 'I pu' Q V. . , .UV A I 'J ' Y L- . .. -' -r 'A 7 '..l ', " r ll . f ,L i . 5. -V.-X 'L , . 'JJ sqgv. n, -' . ., 1. 5A L i I -Q ,, ..' F ., 4' V X '- - l y, 1 Y' . 1 1 .' .-. 'z -1.4-4, N i i - 3 i NK n 1: - n H ,,' ' f F 3 1 1 , 3 ' 2 n . 5 - . ' 7 , . - V . : : I II ll c , , l , , - . , . 4 Il YI 7 f , , . Y , . Y , . .--r-A WILMA LEE ' "Bill" IBil1's ambitions lie in the masculine Held. She likes motors, wood carving, and wants to become a, mechanic. LEONA MdcELVEEN ' 'Lee' ' Dramatics 141: Library 1333 Ay- lingtonian 1455 Yearbook 143. Lee is the most fun and the best. sport in our class . H ' ' Wi W w MARIE LITTELL AVALYN LOMISON ll Y! It . !! A1 Avy 1 "Neath her protective coatin Arlingtonian 143g Dramatics 12, of meekness lies a, heart of gol 437 Yearbook staff 1455 Cross and a., character not bold. cguntry 1253 Track 115: Cheer leader 13, 43: Student council 12, 475 Vice president of council 14,15 W Debating 143. When it comes to having those N three indispensable qualities--pep, vim, vigor, our vivacious, likeable Avy heads the list. 1 T1 Ai N VERA MAD ARAS l . Ve! D Basketball 135. Sparkling black eyes, Z1 turned up nose, and a, firey disposition is Verafs key to popularity. i.L..1..L-.L - ,.- DORIS MARSHALL ll' Y! Rusty Basketball 13, .453 Drnmatics 125. Rusty's red hair, sweet smile, and loving disposition makes her a true friend to all. 'hi GEORGE McCONAGH'Y Mac Football 12 3 45 Welfare Squad 149 Track 13 45 'We ale posmvcly sure that he is our own A11 American fullback candidate pgricvrr' we v if.,'V74fM E: .ease iyggf mf HARRY MOI-ILMANN Although Harry is a newcomer to Arhngton, he has become ac quainted quickly and has fitted rlght in Wxth us. ,fl HARRY MILLER ROBERT MINNERLY Grlzzley Bob Women are hxs pet d1s11ke A boy to Whom hfe is a. song But his ole Ford he loves wlth 9-Hd Wh0Se 5-1SC1'1Pt10!1 is happy all his mlght go lucky ' JOSEPH MORGAN "Lop Ear" Basketball 143, Arhngtoman 143, Class Vice President 135, Debating 143, Yearbook 142 Fred Astaire has nothxng on th1s danclng semor He'd make a. dandy dancing partner for Gxnger if Fred spramed his ankle WILLIAM MURPHY "B1ll" Here We have a second Rich ard Hallburton to be B111 dreams a lot and says but httle But when he does talk he says some thing Worthwhlle - f57?E5'fTf"1', ff. 1 ' 77- 'ff'-E75 : Ji II,- I - I T- 4 -fe 511 , -,fJ11,.53i2s45'giIi I g: We I A I R ,L ,I ,-1 .p-,NIT ,'.l- :E .' 4 .lm V, 'l A! , A 1' A X V- :- 15 "3 - -' ' ,, Ig O - 'SI at I f L ' I I ill, 'I I 5 .f ' 1 H, VV 1 ,I1'.,, Y 5 vw .uh A 4,214 ,I I Fl 1. X ' - 4 - a ' ' I :Al 1 I gi ll !l If ' 1, if ll Q 1 , ' ' ' Il - , , - , , , . . L . I - t, V+- , '- " . , If , 12' ' fy ff: , A 1' If . Q ff V A if la.. , ' lr . wt V Y- if ' . . ' fl K, f 'V do 1 Q Q 1 I --., lil- W f' "-W r' f'-' " '-' ' ' T5 W 1 F: Q .U '94- 4,-. Y MARGUERITE 'GSTRANDER I, uRitain Y I Class secretary 131: Girl's Basket- ball Mgr. 141: - lu Ritafs quiet and reserved mane lner leads ,us to belive that her in- terests lie in some other location ,, Could it'be Bristol, Connecticut? L w N , . N l w 1 , N HELEN PETERSON Our description of Helen is Sersonality plus-a. sweet disposi- tion and clever wittisisxns. l W 4, A AW44 I Ei rl' iw " 1 ROLAND OSTRANDER "Rely" Arlingtonian C435 Glee Club C455 Yearbook f4J. V I-Ie is a, quiet lad who seems to -have will power to ignore the girls. 'He has, among other things, no mean ability. - MAX PP-LEIDER One of our quiet lads who is immune to feminine loveliness. H el :raft I ' 1 J! H-'li' x ,-gap: JACK PERKINS flperkll -President of- the Sophomore Glass czpglvv. A. ls. 13541. He's -la. 'boy about 'gown with ,a.- faeeiul of freckles, and a, fordp More power to you,'Jack! Z LEQNAQ PLENZIG ttLeen Libralrian 12, 42 Yearbook C4-J: Arlingtonian C4J. A girl Wlfiose excellent' posture reminds us of the Indian losses of yore, and whose friendliness is ,Selig by everyone. 'I 'I . "U I .w I I I .I QI I WILL'IAM PLOG "Ace" Basketball C333 W. A. S. C475 Track 111. A person of reserve is Bill whose pleasing personality is his main attraction. I ANNA PURDY "Ann" V A quiet, sensible girl, and one' we all feel will be successful in her career. HAMILTEDN PRAY llpeteff W. A. S. f4b: Football C3. 43- "Pete" is a. strong, silent mane who is devoted to his motorcycle. Nice vehicle, Pete, but don't let it get the better of you! :Ig A kj , iw I .I -H -I 1 I ir .i ' . , I . ' . ,J f , .Ig l x , 'I I fi VI ROBERT ROSE l xROSeYt 1 I Bob is more or less quiet. 'He' drives his,F'ord V-8 rain or shine. I I I I I I YI I I I 4 DGNALD PRIDE HDOHH Yearbook i455 Mgr. of Football Team C2Jg Asst. Mgr. Basketball 623- ' Although Donald seems rather quiet to a stranger, his sense of humor and dry wit have made him indispensable to Arlington High- School. BARRY RYAN V llBarr,yI1 Football MJ: Student Council President C415 Track 13,415 Cap- tain 643. Here -is a, splendid all-around fellow. His aspirations lean toe Wards the great outdoors. He'll be Captain of the Canadian Royal Mounted, one of these days. I i W H, ,,,,,,..--,-1, ,, Y Y -ELEANOR SHEROW "Cecil"' Basketball 12, 3, 433 Honor Award C47- Talk about girl athletes- Eleanor is 'the tops! Beauty, per- sonality, and fidelity, make ,Eleanor what she ,is-a. perfect pal! JEAN STORM - "Ja-meme" Debating C3, 433: W, A. S- C4-JS Yearbook 143: Honor Award 443. Talk about beauty and intel- ligence! Here's one girl who has plenty of both. We fully eXD6Ct her to be Americafs- forthcoming Woman scintist. ELLIOT SLEIGHT KI Q! EH Dramatics C23. E11iott's love for French will undobntedly induce him to under- take the position of French diplo- mat Within the next few years. DORIS TERWILLIGER 4 :DOIYQ o Arlingtonian Cl, 2, 3, 43: Yearbookl C433 W. A. S. 14,35 Banking C2, 3, 43: Dramatics C235 Cross country C233 Track C133 Honor Award: Sect'y to Sophomore class. The gal represents many ad- jectives-vivacious -intelligent and' ambitious. Success is for her. RUTH SMITH "Ruthie" Ruthie is Very friendly, quiet, and shy in her own Way. ,. .1 JOHN TRETHEWEY l John seems to have determin- ation -that is sure to help him succeed later in life. V of " If lx li-X'f'.' L4-1 Q ...Ig qi wx 3 A ffl . - 44 if ia ' X I' if if 3' 'YI'-fu . 'X is - 1. ...aff , ., j,.u' 15 ' rj ' , i . " -- . 'A' F- , A. ,-mf Qin, :t M" v 'V'-1 'Jw-' 1-A, '-' 1 vm- .-" , - K lv' l -4. 5 fax Q , rg ' 'uf-Al' ' JAMES VEATCI-I llJ1mmY1l He has the easy-going manner. Never especially in a hurry but al- ways reaching his destination, fin- ally. :if 1' SHIRLEY WATSON "Boo" Vlvaelous and full of Irish wit. A riple of laughter in Study Hall- one of Shirley's jokes. I GEORGE GXERMILYEA of I Football 11, 2, 3, 47: W. A. S. 12, 33: Student Council CBD. Joe's ability to kick the pig- skin around has made him indis- pensable to the Arlington football squad during all four years-an unusual record. -I X 'l 2 "Pez ' ,- ., '-E tf' s 1 7' lf 'I GERTRUDE WOLFF lzGert1l Arlingtonian 11, 2, 3, 43g Yearbook 1433 Dramatics 147. A halo of blond hair, an in- dependent manner and a,very gen- erous heart, make Gert one of the most interesting girls in school. EDWARD WARDELL 1lTed3l Yearbook C'4Dg Baseball C333 Honor Award CM. And here is the famous to-be Historian himself. EdWard's keen intelligence and dry humor should make him a perfect lawyer. ' "'W"l FRANCIS ZAMMEILLO llzumlpll Yearbook Staff C4J. "Fran" is the little boy of the graduating class-but he has brains, Wit, and humor. I l' L CLASS HISTORY-19 3 6 Hail to the class of 1936! Never in the history of Arlington High School has there been a class that has surpassed its accomplishments, nor is there likely to be! In the act of sponsoring the first yearbook in the history of the school the Senior Class has left to the future students of Arlington something that will be carried down through the years with pride. The school is proud that the class of 1936 hasstood for high scholarship as proven by the fact that it had the honor of receiving the largest .number of honor keys, 'the award for high scholastic rating, ever awarded to any one class! The recipient of these keys were: Richard Albertson. Kathryn Conner, Ronald Cooper, Albert Coutant, Stanley Hohlowski, William Hudson, Edythe Humphrey, Helen Keenen, Eleanor Sherow, Jean Stormf Doris Terwilliger and Edward Wardell. A Another rare accomplishment, the presentation of three class plays throughout the course of its career. was attained by the class of 1936. The sophomore production was "The New Co-Ed" with "Tommy" and "The Patsy" as the junior and senior productions respectively. All were without doubt excellent. The Staff of the,Arlingtonian in the year 1935 and l936 was composed chiefly of seniors and in that year the financial return exceeded that of any former year. Numerous food sales, a christmas card sale, a milk fun, Senior Prom, and other similar activities too numerous to mention have been factors in the phenomenal success of the class. The class of 1936 was well represented in debating and athletics. It can be safely said that this group will long be remembered for the material and inspirational legacy that it has left for others to follow. . -,,"r'me:g5-11'1+',F'1.. ,,. 1 . 1-15 W qs 4 Bl X Q Vs if i , if l dl ll 4 W 1 l K, J' N hb4.-'.. , 'CAST FOR SENIOR PLAY l "The Patsy" Mrs. Harrington L . . Mr. Harrington ....... Patricia Harrington . . . Grace Harrington . . . . .LEONA MAC ELVEEN RICHARD ALBERTSON . . . ..... JANE HEPBURN . . . GERTRUDE WOLFF - Tony Anderson .......... . . . . ..... RONALD COO-PER Billy Caldwell ........... Francis Patrick O'Fla,herty Trip Busty ..... . ............. ............OSCAR HILL HENRY KARWASINSKI GEORGE HOLZWORTH Sadze Buchanan .......... . . . . '. . .AVALYN LOMISON Faculty Director . . . 'Technical Adviser . . . i w ' l ll l 1 lf l l . . . . .MISS V. MADARAS . . . .MR. A. NEWNHAM Most Popular Most Studious Most Likely to Succeed Best Leader Jolliest Most Beautiful Glrl Most Handsome Boy Quietest Biggest Bluffer Most Bashful Best Athlete Biggest Baby Most Ambitious Cutest Best "All Round Sport" Biggest Tease Laziest Best Drewed Most Friendly Most Humorous Most Romantic Teachers Pet Hair Eyes Lips Ears Teeth Nose Di m ples Eyebrows Chin Complexion Hands Legs Shape Smile THE CHOICE OF '36 Boy Dick Albertson Oscar Hill Dick Albertson Dick Albertson Fran Zammiellio Ronny Cooper Herbert Fordham Georgie Holzwarth Herbert Fordham Hank Karwasinki Hank Karwasinki Dick Albertson Barry Ryan Hank Karwasinki Rony Cooper Les Caswell Joe Morgan Ronny Cooper Fran Zammiellio Ronny Cooper Oscar Hill THE PERFECT SENIOR. Boy Barry Ryan George McConaghy Al 'Coutant Joe Morgan Dick Albertson Ted Wardell Dick Albertson Bill Murphy Don Pride Herbert Fordham Roly Ostrander Hank Karwasinki Hank Karwasinki Dick Albertson Girl Ginny Gardner Edythe Humphrey Avy Lomlson Avy Lomison Lee MacElveen Doris Marshall Eleanor Sherow Gert Wolff Edythe Humphrey Eleanor Sherow Doris Marshall Gerry Kolbinskie Avy Lomlson Ginny Gardner Ginny Gardner Doris Terwilliger Doris Terwilliger Lee MacElveen Lee MacElveen Jane Hepburn Gerry- Kolbinskle Girl Jane Hepburn Doris Terwilliger Jane Hepburn Jean Storm Kay Connor Ginny Gardner Edythe Humphrey Fran Hasl-am Kay Connor Doris Marshall Avy Lomison Helen Keenen Shirley VVat.son - Doris Marshall PROPHECY 10 YEARS HENCE RICHARD ALBERTSON-Youngest president of the United States. tPut ln oflice by public demandj. JOAN ALLAN-Center on United States Olympic Team. RICHARD AMMANN--Stand in for Jimmy Durante. EDWARD AXTMANN-Partnership with G. Holzwarth in the taxi business. FRANCES BATES-Won-ld's Fastest Typist. ALICE BERNATH-Future owner of World Renown Bernath Nurseries. LESLIE CASWELL-Hitch-hiker, Canada-bound. LOUIS CICCONE-Chief Butcher at Bellevue Hospital. JEAN COLLINS-Head of National W. C. T. U. KATHRYN CONNERS-Shorthand teacher of Columbia RONALD COOPER-Running his ole man's bizness or taking Clark Gable's place. ALBERT COUTANT-Men's dress designer. JOSEPH DEIMLING-Cartoonist for Herald Tribune. BETTY DEL SAN'TO--Just returned from Reno, after having received a divorce from George Holzwarth. CLARISSE FISHWICK-Head Nurse at John Hopkins. HERBERT FORDHAM-Leader of Conservative Party. DOT FREER-Manager of Woolworth's. VIRGINIA GARDNER-Coach of A. H. S. Girls' Basket- ball team. V BARTELLE HARGRAVE-Teacher in Kentucky Hills. FRANCES HASLAM-Proprietor of Mme. Francois Beauty Shoppe. JANE HEPBURN-Executive Secretary to President Schlavone of N. Y. City School System. 'OSCAR HILL-Owner of World's Best string of Polo Ponies. STANLEY HOHLOWSKI-Policeman. GEORGE I-IOLZWARTH-Owner of Trip Busty's Taxi Cab Company. ' HARRISON I-IORAN-Winner of Beaux Art Architectural Award. WILLIAM HUDSON-Discoverer of 4th Dimension. EDYTHE HUMPHREY-Superintendent of Nurses of Vassar Hospital. IRENE JACKSON-Social Worker in 116th St., N. Y. C. MARY JACKSON-Owner of Vassar Nursery. MABEL JEWELL-Potrait Painter. NICHOLAS JULIANO-Owner of Dad's Barber Shop. HANK KARWASINSKI-Member of N. Y. U. Champion Basketball Team. HELEN KEENEN-Foreign Diplomat to Yugoslavia. HUGH KNICKERBOCKER-Stand in for Lazy Dan. GERALDINE KOLBINSKIE-Eminent Public Speaker. VVILMA LEE-First A. I-I. S. girl to hold a Degree in Mechanical Engineering. MARIE LITTELL-Just a quiet home-body. AVALYN LOMISON-Winner of Pulitzer Prize for her lst novel. LEONA MAC ELVEEN-Advice to Lovelorn. VERA MADARAS-Prominent business woman. DORIS MARSHALL-Director of pediatrics at the Pres- byterian Hospital. GEORGE McCONAGHY-Football Coach at Notre Dame. HARRY MILLER-U. S. Ambassador to Great Britain. ROBERT MINNERLY--Professor of French at A. I-I. S. during Miss Mil1er's sabbatical leave. HARRY MOHLMANN-Translator of Latin Books. JOSEPH MORGAN-The next Bill Tilden. WILLIAM MURPHY-Future Richard Haliburton. MARGUERITE OSTRANDER-Happily married. ROLAND OSTRANDER-Commercial artist designing racing cars. JACK PERKINS-Head of Perkin's Construction Company. . HELEN PETERSON-Teaching the Swedish language at R. P. I. MAX PFLEIDER-Joe Louis sparing partner. LEONA PLENZIG-Librarian at Adriance Memorial . Library. WILLIAM PLOG-G. Man A No. 1 HAMILTON PRAY-Motorcycle pacer for 6 day bike riders. DONALD PRIDE-Electrical Engineer at Central Hudson. ANNA PURDY-Virginia's assistant in gym department at A. H. S. ROBERT ROSE-Efliciency expert of the Rose and Rose Finance Corporation. BARRY RYAN-Ho11ywod's Matinee Idol or Heart flutter. ELEANOR SHEROW-Basketball coach at Bennett School. ELLIOTT SLEIGHT-Head of U. S. Agricultural Board. RUTH SMITH-Chief reducing instructor at Hollywood. JEAN STORM-Chief Scientist at the National Bureau of Science. - DORIS TERWILLIGER-The future Walt Disney fdraw- ing Mickey mouses as- a. speoialtyj. JOHN TRETHEVVAY--Forest Ranger in the Rockies. JAMES VEATCH-Dentist tto get revengej. GEORGE VERMILYEA-lecturer on "I-Iow not to get hurt" playing football. EDWARD WARDELL-A lawyer of renown. SHIRLEY WATSON-Singing at the Stone Chimney. GERTRUDE VVOLFF--A-n interior decorator spending too much time at Golf and Tennis. FRANCIS ZAMMIELLIO--Stooge or information gatherer for Mr. Vvardell, the lawyer. 'To the LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We the Senior Class of 1936, being of sound mind and in full possession of all our sense do hereby make this last will and testament on this day of June 22, 19.36. We hereby bequeath to the following: ARTICLE I class of 1937 we give the honor of being the THIRTEENTH graduating class of A. H. s. 1 . 'To of Richard 2. To wasinski's 3. To ARTICLE II Charles Barton We give the executive ability Albertson and the title 'of Mr. President. Herman ,Baskin We duly award Henry Kar- "ba.sketba.ll court" ability. Gertrude Hegeman we leave Joan Allan's skill on the basketball floor. 4. To Marian Clarke We leave Eleanor Sherow's mathematical mind. 5. To Vincent Amato we leave Albert Couta.nt's style. 6. To -Anna Keenen we leave Frances Ha.sla.m's voice. 7. To J oe Eberhard we leave Edward Wardell's knowledge and intelligence displayed in history class. 8. To Merium Morgan we leave Helen Keenen's splendid posture. 9. To Evelyn Skelly we leave Frances Bates ability to understand Caesar and Cicero. - 10. To Winifred Enders we leave George Holzworth's ability "to attract attention". l1L To Catherine Grant we leave Edythe Humphreys "super-mind." 12. To Helen Relyea we leave Gert Wolffs ability to draw pictures for history. 13. To Phyllis Singleton We leave Wilma Lee's mech- anical adaptness. ' 1 4.. To good looks. 1 5 . To IITCSS. William Sundbloom we leave Barry Ryan's Marian Graham we leave Jean Collin's meek- 16. To Sarah Helms, Doris Clearwater, and Alice Miller we leave Leona Plenzig's ability to carry on library work. 17. To Margaret Ronk we leave Bertelle Har-grave's neatness. 18. To John Kondas we leave Joseph Deimling's walk. 19. To Ronald Van Kleeck we leave Ronald Cooper's height. 20. To Gene Underwood we leave Henry Karwasinskrs Ford. 21. To Charles Allan We leave Herbert Fordha,m's bashfulness. i22. To Colman Perkins we leave Roland Ostrander's vo ce. V 23. To ,Elizabeth Wade we leave Helen Peterson's dimples. 24. To Donald Van Wyck we leave Francis Zam- miello's height. 25. To Martin Caplan we leave Joseph Morgan's hair. 26. To Helen Clinton we leave Doris Marshall's red- hair. ,,' V 27. To Elizabeth Ostrander we leave Rita Ostrander's style. 28. To Donald Timmons and William Daly We leave Barry Ryan's track ability. ' V 29. To Gert Phillips we leave Virginia Ga.rdner's popularity. 30. To Dot Dinka we leave Kathryn Connor's smile. 31. To Delmar Jaycox we 'leave Oscar Hill's scholarly attitude in classes. 32. To Joe Manning we leave Edward Axtmann's "talking in class" ability. 33. To 34. To ligure. Doris Hunt we leave Doris Terwilligexvs eyes. Virginia Bingham we leave Shirley Watson's 35. To-Julia Burnett we leave Anna Purdy's kindness. 36. To ' 37 Ada Avignone we leave Vera Madaras's poise. 'Charles Miller we leave Harrison Horan's . To b super-art ability. ' I . . - 1 , 38. To Caspar Becker we leave George Vermilyea's silly sense of humor. 39. To William Aldrich we leave Donald P1-ide's "uniqueness" 40. To Hilda Anderson we leave Betty Del Santo's love of chewing-gum. 41. To Gladys Whiting we leave Wilma Lee's "tom- boyishnessn. 42. To Anthony Ante-nucci we leave Max Pfleider's hair. 43. To Dorothy Bargeski we leave Mary Jackson's "push". 44. To Oscar Boone we leave George McConaghy's politeness. 45. To Charles Budd we leave Nicholas Juliano's red hair. 46. To Mina Miller we leave Jack Perl-:ln's freckles. 47. To Ada Doughty we leave Gerry Kolbinskie's attractiveness. 48. To Marian Doughty We leave Irene Jackson's quietness. 49. To Albert Moore We leave William I-Iudson's scientliic ability. 50. To Ada Lynch we leave Jane Hepburn's smile. 51. To Edward Purdy we leave Leslie Caswell's eyes. 52. To Clare Du Prau we leave Louis Ciccone's "used to was" mustache. 53. To Clifford Lattin we leave William Plog's tennis ability. 54. To Ralph Powell we leave Albert Coutant's "way With the wimmin".' 55. To Donald Cross we leave Harry Mohlman's golden locks. 56. To Edward Pesano We leave William Murphy's indifference. 57. To Raymond Smith we leave Pete Pray's motor- cycle, 58. To Robert Bennett we leave Hugh Knickerbocker's ability to "kick the pigskin". 59. To Helen Vifhitely we leave Clerisse Fishwlok's "fondness" for Geometry. 60. To Rose Sabia we leave Dorothy Freer's pleasant- ness. 61. To Sarah Nardone We leave Stanley Hohlowski's enviable sun tan. 62. To Alice Hayes we leave Mabel Jewell's temper. 63. To Barbara Beam we leave Avalyn Lomison's personality. 64. To Phillip Porter, Beatrice Rittinger, and Dorothy Zimmer we leave -Marie 'Littell's quietness. 165. To Lester Plankenhorn we leave Harry Miller's globe trotting. 66. To Alfred Antenucci we leave Robert Minnerly's mlschievousness. 67. To Stephen O'Swia.ny we leave Robert Rose's car. 68.' To Marie Billows we leave Eliot Sleight's "stu- diousness". ' 69. To Marie Kelley we leave Ruth Smith's beautiful hands. V l 70. To Muriel Monroe we leave Jean Storm's natural sophistication. 71. To June Merritt we leave John Tretheway's im- patience. 72. To Ila Tenney we leave James Veach's indepen- dence. 73. To Ada Avignone we leave Alice Bernath's height. 7-4. To Mildred Jones we leave her "one-alone" desire to- become a court stenographer. 75. To Gertrude Hegeman we leave Lee Mac Elveen's good humor. . 76. To Robert Bennett we leave Richard Ammann's ability to g et acquainted quickly. In witness whereof we hereby place our hand and seal. ' THE CLASS OF '36, Ki' -X - X I X FTF rl Q 1, 'v .I E E h Aldrich, Williarri Allan, Charles Amato, Vincent Anderson, Hilda, Antenucci, Alfred Antenucci, Anthony Avignone, Ada ' Bargeski, Dorothy Barton, Charles Baskin, Herman Beam, Barbara Beam, Virginia Becker, Caspar Bennett, Robert Billows, Marie Bingham, Virginia Boone, Oscar Budd. Charles Burnett, Julia. Caplan, Martin '-'ness-15-11-sw-1-" 1'-"""'-1, , u.Q-.,g.a--n.- .4-..f.:gf- ...L -f, -...4.,..s JUNIOR CLASS Clark, Marion Clinton, Helen Cross, Donald Daly, William Dinka. Dorothy Doughty, Ada Doughty, Marion DuPra,u, Clare Eberhard. -Joseph Enders, Winifred Graham, Marion Grant, Catherine Hayes, Alice Hegeman, Gertrude Helms, Sarah Hunt, Doris Jaycox. Delmar Jones, Mildred Keenen. Anna Kelley, Marie Kondas, John Lattin, Clifford Lynch, Ada. Manning, Joseph Merritt, June Miller, Alice Miller, Mina Monroe, Muriel Moore, Albert Morgan, Merium Nardone, Sarah Ostra.nd'er, Elizabeth O'sWiany, Stephen Perkins, Colman Pesano, Edward Phillips, Gertrude Plankenhorn, Lester Porter, Philip Powell, Ralph Purdy, Edward Relyea. Helen Rittinger, Beatrice Ronk, Margaret Sfibia, Rose Singleton, Phyllis Skelly, Evelyn Sleight, Elizabeth Smith, Raymond Sundblloom. Williai Tenney, Ila. Timmons, Donald Underwood, Jean Van Kleeck, Rona Van Wyck, Donald Wade, Elizabeth Wliitely, Helen Vifhiting, Gladys Zimmer, Dorothy 1 . W 1 , 'U UM' P il . y w ,,,V , . I .1 , ill . F ' DA 4 Ji! as we ' 'Lg 'fl - ,r- 1 .2 U '- . l ' gm ',, LJ . :Q ' ll 4. 4 1 , - 'E'-.ll .,, :-23, : f. 1 - ' pr-,Q . . -or ff-lfff. ''-7?-.EL5531:-i:'bi-:-1-:fi'i 'i' I 'Cf , Humphrey, Mildred Adams, Dorothy Anderson. Emil Andres, Stanley Arters, Stewart I Bauer, Mary Beacham, Frank Beck, Robert Bishop, Roy Bradley, Wesley I Brennan, Margaret Brewster, Donald . Briggs, John Brown, May Brown, Paul Bullis, George Burnett, Edna: Cady, Victor Carpenter, Glenn Carpenter, Lloyd Clum, Hazel Cook, Helen- Coulter, Virginia Dalvia, Anna D'Ange1o, Antionette DeGx-off, Margaret lDeNfike, Gordon- Nye, Ronald Denney, Clara Dennis, George Doty, ,Stephen Exum, James Fanel-li, Frank Faulkner. Constance Fox, Jean Fox, William Francisco, William Frany, Henry Garrett, Elizabeth Garrett, Robert Gidley, Mary Glenn, Doris Gockle, Florence Grandio, Frank Grant, Charles Haslam, Kath-leen Haslam, Robert Haw-ley, Aurelia. Hayes, Anna Hite, 'Hilda Hof, Robert Elornik, Robert Howe, John SOPHOMORE CLASS Sherow, Elizabeth Sherow, Stanton ireland, Raymond Johns, Selwyn Kampfer, August Knapp, Donald Knapp, Doris Knickerbocker, Earl Knickerbocker, Jennie Koenig, Herbert Kopf, Dorothy- Lawson, Vivian Luhmann, George Lyon. Grace Martin, Catherine Martin, William Mastin, Eleanor Mastin, George Meier, Josephine Mellenthin Myrtle Mohlmann, Fred Montross, George Moore, Charlotte Morreale, Patsy Murray, Winifredi Nichols, ' James Nelson, Martin Sherwoodj Loretta Smith, Elizabeth O'Dell, Elliott Ollivebt, Edith Peterson, Mildred Pfleider, Mary Pink, Andrew Postler, Barbara. Powell, Bruce Pride, -Ethel Proctor, Ethel Qualls, John Rinaldi, Antoinette Ringwood, Arthur Rittinger, Charles Russell, Rita Ryan, James Satz, Leonard Schattle, Raymond Schneider, Charles Schnell, Clifford Schroeder, Jean Scisco, Eugenia Scism, Roswell Scott, George Sears, -Robert Smith, Kennethl Smith. Mildred Smith, Velma 'f Spilbor, Francis Spilbor, Virginia Still, Charles Stockholm, Louise Stratton, Ruth Tarttar, Constance Tennis, Peter Tillou, Catherine Timmons, Anita Traub, Dorothy Van Ackvoy, Lillian Van de Bogart, Haroldi Van Vlack, Leon Velletri, Andrew Waelde, Robert Walters, Harry- Wentworth, Ruth- Wentxvorth, Ross' Whalen, .Richard Wiltsie, Emmons Wishart, William Wolff, Charles Wright, Edna Wright. John: E +1 I. . ,p 524423424 4 alley, shirley anderson, alexander anderson, russell andrew, stewart armstrong. gertrude avery, viola barr, jean barton, frederick batt, charles becker, ruth benedict, florence bennett, dorothy' bennett, kenneth bogardus, deyo bradley, mary britteau, mary budd, donald buffone, louis hurnett, william byrne, malachy byrne, mary casele, anna. comer, katherine corey, bya.rd coutant, donald czaplinski, stanley d'a.ngelo, nicholas davies, james ,da'vison, phyllis decker, aaron FRESHMEN CLASS decker, stanley delaney, raymond delia, james denney, julia depew, doris dinka, mildred donavan. marie dufour, earl feberhard, george fanelli, daniel farrier, myrtle fellowis, john field. warren filipo. michael flanaghan, sarah foresta, louise fratz, loretta gallenz, marie gilbert, lurline graham. howard grant, grace hahn, walter harding, allen haskins, guy haverkamp, dorothea hawley, ray henderson, mfargaret hennessy, james hepburrl, david herron, catherine holzwarth, helen horton, ernestine howard, edward ho,we, jack israel, phyllis jaycox, helen kardas, anna keonen, frank kernaghan, john kistner, joseph knapp, ruth kopser, Jeanette la bell, winifred laiiln, caroline lasko, frank lawrence, milclred lee, geraldine lockwood, sarah lynch, cecile mac isaac, angus malone, ruth marquette, lucille marshall, clifford marshall, donald mcglynn, eileen mcgovern, dorothy mckeown, betty meddaugh, jocelyn meisner, dorls merritt, rite. merrltt, ruth michon, sophie miller, irene miller, margaret miller, william miller, winifred montross, anna nardone, frances newkirk, arnold north, howard o'conner, grace ollivett, mary ostrander, lawrence outwater, jean owen, margaret parker, dorothea philipbar, theodore powell, louise powers, harry rchbeck, edward richards, frances robb. granville redack, adeline rose, james ryan, edward sabia., daniel scerebini, eugene schnell. eugene Scholz, walter scisco, leon lscofleld, marian setitz, marian senk, donald shann-on, john Shapiro, lena sherow, douglas seigel, matilda sleight, francis smith, marjorie soules, madeline stevenson, dorothy still, robert stockhold, eugene thompson, irving tompkins, jane tripp, irving underwood, una vail, oliva velletrie, gus waelde, hubert walker, peter warren, elizabeth welch,' george Whalen, catherine whiteford, gertrude whiting, esther Wilbur, raymond Williamson, george witherwax, shirley wolven, mary V ...,.... TPS,-. ,J-Q:-y if -Sl' s-F 'TJ1'-5 i 39 STUDENT COUNCIL President ..... Vice-President Secretary ..... Faculty Adviser Andrew Pink Virginia. .Beam . . . .BARRY RYAN . . . . . .AVALYN LOMISON . . . . . . . . ,VINCENT AMATO . . . . . . .GEORGE A. SCHIAVONE Grace Lyons Eugene Stockholm- A Mary 'Wolves r'-'31 J if 9-ff ,ui A,,,,,,-,I ng 23 ui'-'lim 1-M?,uasan "Em'Qw2sH' '1 111---We dw'-hmm -...... r.e..4-1.-e..4'Hff:e we ARLINGTONIAN STAFF lnalfol ln cmef Richard Albertson Asslstant Ldxtols Phylhs Davxson, Albert Coutant bpcclal leatuxe Reportex Flances Haslam Chief Repmtu Avalyn Lomnson Uxssxstant .RC1JOI'l01h Jean Barr Catheline Grant James Inouye Boys Spoxt Rcpoltus Nvlllxam Fox Joseph Moxgan, Donald Prlest Gnls Sport Repoxlus Helen Holzwarth Lullme Gllbert, Maxgaret bchrnalllbelger lumm Repoltels Betty Wanen, Lucxlle North1up I3xchang,c R.61JOI'f.ElS Dorothy Adams Muuel Monroe Dolls Pullman WV1lham Ebelmg James Della, Maxun Laplan Jean Fox Edgar Peters, Leona, Plenzxg Joke Repo: tel s TyDlSt Head Assxstants Frances Haslam Leona MacElveen Kathryn Conner, Joan Allen Mary Jackson Stencxl Head Helen Keenen ASS1StaHtS Geraldme Kolbmskle Leona Plenzlg Busmess Managers Oscar H111 Arthur De Genova Aslstants Lawrence Ostrander John Rxchards Alt Dnector Dons Terwlllxger Assxstants Jocelyn Meddaugh Mary Bauer Wax ren Fleld Kathryn Comer Commerclal Axtxsts D1rector Charles M111er Asslstants Donald Brewster Joseph Delmllng, Irving Trxpp Productxon Staff Manager Gertrude Trapp .As lstants Charles Batt Coleman Perklns Raymond Wllbur, John Shannon Faculty Advxsers, Lxteraly Vxola E Madaras V1ola, A Wood Busugess Mary E O Connell. Art, Sarah L Reynolds , l l 1 .nv-,.. 4 -1l-'- fk-, . , , sl H I , v ass , ,. 1- . , H lg, H H -I-vu, , , H -- H gl 1, B - , B E E S8 I was , gl , gl 1 ,-- sl H sms an 1 ., H ,H , ls l ' met megs. -:1 . ls 1 2319, Uma: B pages Q 1 .,,mxt,, gas? H W H wx-Q 1 B H H ml as 2 I '-T""' H H :sw QQIZMN I - ----1-- few-ft H E H , iw W ff I ! ng ss II main sl 1 ' L I '-'-- ' ""B' II ss me ss B smsmxmm ' - ,, ' H W 3 B . -,T..- Q HE I. - gl: gl . Q A , 1 l F x 1 y sv .' , - , f- -. ' .1 ' K . . ,VI U. 5 . , -Jn, I I . ' A lg 'f "T, ,, l ' ' 9 I 1. ,4.jI ,I , Il ,vl , . I '- , ln." -- t- ' f-7 l ' we IJ- - :I I I , I 1 . , 1. gl' . ., jr as EI "UI ' ' Q K gl ' ' 1 I. - , HWS 1 K B- I. . , mga H - , , we 11 Ii I ' B??IIIw. E ss F ps H ,H In , f elf . :,fa 4 n n I' "Z J . gums . III mam massive E u' - "'m"m1: E H me we M W' s , I B ,Ima gl H an Imxq -MII gl 1,1 - E H H It ,H sisgm M L 1' -I na ss' wx ss mf.. l, - +. 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I ' 1 u 1 1 , . . 1 1 I v I ............ 1 wIA. ' ' ...... ' ' ' ' ' 1 l mn- 1- . .- - l -'I' Y ' .............. ' Q 'A' ' ' , ' S ---- 1 A 1 v ' 1 'I . I , 1 1 .. .................... .......... . - 1 . l l ' Y . I i """"" I V ul nu ualrnlunlunsuusnn 1 ' 1 3 ..... . ............... . I l l H l I l lk. ' .w 5 is Kim.: ,Il V. " 4 . 1,-, -lt' 7 , - - I- -'V-:hu '. . uvgiiivzhm- 'EAA WELFARE SQUAD Captain . ...... . . . . .CHARLES BARTON Treasurer ...... .... . . .... PAUL BROWN Secretary ........ .... W ILLIAM EBELING Faculty Adviser ...... . ...... ' . . . . . . .FRANCIS LEA1-IY Richard Albertson Charles Allan Joan Allan Barbara Beam Robert- Bennett May Brown Arthur De Genova, Virginia Gardner' Frances Haslam Jane Hepburn Stanley Hohlowski Joseph Manning George McCona.ghy Elliot O'del1 Jack Perkins , William Plog Ralph Powell Hamilton Pray Ethel Proctor Arthur Ringwood Raymond' Schattle George -Scott Jean Storm Doris Terwllliger Jean Underwood Edna Wright John Wright JfT'F"i as- .ur President ALBERT COUTANT Treasurer JANE HEPBURN Faculty Secretary MARGARET T CUSSLER Dorothy Adams Rlchald Albertson .Jean Barr Phylhs Dawson Arthur De Genova Wilham Fox Oscar H111 W1111am Hudson Edythe Humphrey August Kampfer Mane Kelley Avlalyn Lomxson Joseph Morgan Roland Ostlander Gertrude Ph1111ps Jean Storm Doris Terwxlhger Sw ' 'YYY' W .,.,,,,Q, '? f , 2:1 . - Y . 'f "ff " ' B '15-.:..:w-:.::a.:. Y lu 1 r . e . 'A " I ' Q I-14 . J -- ' g.m'f.:. Q -' ' -' ' ...-7" -.,. v ' Y ' - f H -. 1 ': igfluf'-5 - - , Y 1.,.,.,i X . X . es--V, , A ,ui T 'K' ss -, . - 1, 0 e . X N4 " ' H , , ,Y Y K o ' B 'S H 2 H B E ' ' rx- H- . ,I , 4 'Eg X ,. E ms N Y E N ' N, -em r ef ml H, t - ,A , H H E - - '-3 .E E HZ .H E V f ,-', ' , V ' NL 7 . V ' ,f 'H . , ,A . I '1 ,K V -, '.c"' '- 9-N L' 5 . A .LW .. . l ,I , , E p 1 4 , V X , k'. " :vi -4. .' se w . fo . 5 , jaw H ,E 1 -. ' N- Q , , . ,mel W Bm 21-':' Y, . M me .A . . ,, ,Q .. . ,I , K an V - ,,,-,., , , . .HV A ,i,, H l".'.f 1 .Ufli ' iw , ffll. 1 A ' .A -"V, , 'ELA . B H H "....- . I lv S8 Q' - xx '....: . I . ' K-ummm m , , V ,.,.,e N .I H J' ' . ' Y '- " N ' , .Y ,. E E 4 T H Lexx. ' HWS 'f me M w 'A s ss EEE -' 7 E Q-mfs. ' - T eww 1 ss ss H - x-x R m B . -ass A gamma Y. 1 - E H -mai, . .- E N H H H . - H E H H 5 . 1 , Bins is 5 E - " . : H' H me H E X H - g 2 ' ' I sez . E gs A . on E , 3 'I . K M . I a E .' sf 'Q nf- , ,WS H E H! . - 1 . df. 7'-' - Y KJ 5- 1 E ' . , X . '. ' - ,.n ' , H M. K. , ,- .1 lx A ., Y E H A , . ., . 1 .L .,. -ug.- -1 -ff'--i .- -- Lf, Y -.mir 4.45 K .115-Q V- LL :k,eh.i.,.- H J'--AL: H .Human i W Q 1 n u A 1 a v n n n 1 Q I l 7 . ,. . . L'- 41 - -L, L '-V L - - 1 r f.L- -1- f f ,. --f-4-'M 'ff - f i 1 L I' 1 I 4 n BANKING STAFF President .................. H, ........ Richard. .Albertson Tellers .... Frances Haslam, Geraldine Kolbinskie, Joseph Eberhard, Charles Rittinger. Bookkeepers ..... Lawrence Ostrander, Dorothy Zimmer, ' Anna: Keenen, Helen Keenen. File Clerks .................. May Brown, Ethel .Proctor Transfer Clerk . . . ' ........... Doris Terwilliger Faculty Adviser . . . .......... -.Edna J 4Gr:eer :ll 2, 1 4 sg -4, ,L L--14, glx -: , 'Ie- 'WV-'F' ,l EIL H16 3 1 FLWH1 -IWIIHEMW s nd. ml.-3,1 lrrlmze I-an :gg tIL:bSsC 1 411. 'P"'!-'F-4 r 4-.L aeakivr- k U' 4- Faculty Adv1ser GEORGE A SCI-IIAVONE Rlehard Ammann John Bflggs Glen palpenter Ronald Coopex Wlnfred Enders Herbert Fordham Ray Hawley Jane Hepburn Osczu B H111 George Holzwarth J ohll Howe Raymond Ireland Henry Karwasinski Malle Kelley Hugh Kmckexbocker John Kondas Dons Malshall I-Iaxry Miller Roland Ostrander Jack Perkxns Andx ew Pmk Bruce Powell Ralph Powell Hamlltou Pray James Rose Robelt Rose Barxy Ryan Leon. D Scxsco Dllxott Sle1ght FPRHCIS S1e1ght Charles Stxll Donald Tlrnmons Rodney Tobxn Jean H Underwood James C Veatch Edward C Wardell :Arr--2-.:::.:L,j, J , jg-IT . - z sullvrrgm , luxe.. lla ', ' 1,5 , .f' - f f ' 1' ,- j . , li-o fa' l A o o ls A V -"TNS ,. o . 4 Q 'U A X ' , 5:11 . Q ftj:wHuT5-,-gi' 1' " . " Y A Ml sl . ' ...Tl - ' ' , ' 'jr 'fgzzi , gl E , , , I . . G I ' F' :dk V : N :Q - "' Z 1 1 1 r ' ' ' ' 59- V 1 H hr 5 Q. k F., 'lax in 5-JY wb' Q ,. I. ,Af ' me E ll I d- ' ' - M I n Q i- L: J. A lin, M A Us A Z. W L me 3 5 T I SSESZEZZ HE .E L STUDENT DRIVERS ASSQACIATION' ' ln 3 1 w A I 1 I 4 1 1 R if --Y A A 1.3- .., ,AY air-, Mary J ulla. Mary Doris Helen President ..... - Vice-President . Secretary ..... . Treasurer ..... Faculty Adviser Clearwater Antoinette D'A.nge1o Clara Denny Mildred Dinka. Ada. Doughty Myrtle Farrler X LIBRARY CLUB EDITH OLIVETT . . . .MILDRED HUMPHREY . . . .CATHERINE MARTIN . UNA UNDERWOOD ..-. ....... RUTH T. CLOW Constance Faulkner 5 Louise Fbresta. Salrah Helms Helen I-Iplzwarth Mildred Humphrey Mildred Jones Jeanette Kopser Catherine Martin Jocelyn Meddaugh June Merritt Alice Miller Harry Mohlmann ' Grace O Connor Edith Olllvett Leona Plenzig Eugenia Scxsco Ile. Tenney Una, Underwood Gertrude Whiteford' Gladys Whiting Mary Wolvenx FIV? Rl 3.17. , 1 . Iii Q. H Lf .iv ,,4. ,-3-,-1 v' UL if? 13 151 Hi in Mn.. X in ' 'D .1-.eaaga izfffiffi - ss ,MMD ,. ,T ,,,,-,,- . 7,,,,-l,, ,ne YM, ,. WWW, , FORUM LATINUM CLatin 1 clubp President .. ' ...JOSEPH KISTNER Secretary ...... .... B ETTY WARREN Treasurer ........ . . . MALACHY BYRNE Faculty Director ..... . 1 . ..... MARION SWAN Barr, Jean fBerna,th, Elizabeth Byrne, ' Mary Davison, Phyllis- Denney, Julia Gilbert. Lurline Hzirgrave, Bertelle Haskins, Guy Lockwood, Sarah Michon, Sophie Miller, Winifred Murray, Winifred Mohlrnann, Fred Outwater, Jean Parker, Dorothea Peterson. Mildred Pride, Ethel Richards, Francis Siegel, Matilda. Stevenson, Dorothy Scerebini, Eugene Tennis, Peter Thompson, Irving Underwood, Una. Walker, ,Peter Whnd'en,'-Catherine Whiteford, Gertrude 1 '1 f?-,. X. 1 1 ll 1 N L xx fl w W. r 1 V ,r I in W 1 r X, N l l , 1 5-g . - - -,:i Aifii-?r 7 - 11 ,, . ,. - HIGH -SCHOOL ORCHESTRA Director . . . . .... . ............. . . ,EUNICE COOKROFT , Phyllis Davison Charles Miller George Waeldo Robert Garrett George Moritross - Robert Waelde 'Vivia,n Lawson Dory Parke? Helen' Whitely Irving Tiipp L.-1 Y.- - --,, g,-A -, A. - 5 BOYS' GLEE CLUB . 'Faculty Direcfpl' ......... 4 . . . . . . KELLERHOUSE N Vincent Amato Anthony Antenucci Casper Becker Martin Caplan Donald Cross William Daly Winfred Enders William Ebeling Oscar Hill! Harrison Horan John Howe Henry Karwvasinski John Kondas Cliffoyd Lattin Wi1,lia.m Martin George Mastin Roland Ostrander Stephen Owsiany Coleman Perkins Edward Purdy - Donald Timmons Ronald Van Kleeck Harry Walters F Arthur Wishart -- ihegm-:.44,.iLgl, -- ... , f, . . 1 , ' - 1 . 1, Aa ,., lr, ' I ' '4 -: tri. Lb.. M GIRLS' GLEE CLUB AND OPERETTA CAST Faculty Director ................. EUNICE COCKROFT Ada Avignone Mary Bauer Barbara. Beam Virginia Beam Virginia, Bingham Doris Clearwater Helen Clinton Hel-en 'Cook Virginia Coulter Clara: Denney Dorothy Dlnka, Ada. Doughty Marion Doughty Sarah Flanagan Catherine Grant Frances Haslam Sarah Helms Doris Hunt Mildred Jones Anna. Keenen Ada, Lynch June Merritt Alice Miller Muriel Monroe Malry Ollivett Rose Sabia. Matilda Siegel Lillian Van Ackooy Helen Whltely Dorothy Zimmer l ,,,,,, YH, Y 1 N N N N n l 1 L w I 0 5,1-1-aF,1nu,.w.y-wsqf'-aw- ::ff:- A-fT'Vw Y V? . ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION OFFICERS President ...... .... H ERMAN BASKIN Vice President . . . .... WILLIAM EBELING Secretary . ..... ..... V IRGJNIA GARDNER Treasurei' . . . .Y . .ALBERT G. NEWNHAM e CHEER LEADERS U Captain . . ................... CHARLES BARTON I Richard Albertson ' George Holzwarth June Merritt Stewart Andrews,1yn Lomison. Velma Smith Jane Hepburn Virginia Gardner Captain . . . 'Manager . . Asst. Mgr. Coach .... Asst. Coach Charleg Barton Herman Baskin Casper Becker Robert Bennett Deyo Bogardus Oscar Boone BOYS' BASKETBALL . . . .HENRY 'KARWASINSKI . . . . .MARTIN CAPLIN . . . . . .FRANK BEECI-IAM . . .MR. ALBERT G-. NEWNI-IAM Paul Brown Glen Carpenter Clare Du Frau . William Francisco Harrison Horan Clifford Lattin FRANCIS LEAHEY Angus Mac Isaac William Martin Joseph Morgan Martin Nelson Edward Pesano Raymond Schattle r.. , 1 . Captain . Manager Asst. Mgr Asst. Mgr. .. Coach .... Joan Allen Dorothy Bennett Alice Bernath Elizabeth Bernath Mabel Bradley Genevieve Chance rwflm if l GIRLS' BASKETBALL . . . .ELEANOR SHEROW Virginia Gardner Lurline Gilbert Gertrude Hegeman Helen Holzwarth Sarah Lockwood Doris Marshall .RITA OSTRANDER .UNA UNDERWOOD HELEN WHITELEY . .VIOLA MADARAS Miriam Morgan Mary Pfleider Matilda Siegel Dorothy Stevenson Edna, Wright Captain . . Manager . . Coach .... Amt. Coach Robert Bennett Deyo Bogardus Oscar Boone Paul Brown,chy Byrne Leslie Caswell Louis Ciccone Nicholas D'Ange1o James Davies Arthur De Genova. Frank Grandeo Robert Haslam FOOTBALL SQUAD - ........ GEORGE! HOLZWO RTH . . ........ FRANK BEACHAM . . . . . .ALBERT G.. NEWNHAM . . . . . . . . . .STANLEY KELLERHOUSE Harrison Horan Edward Howard Raymond Ireland Nicholas Juliano Henry Karwasinski Frank Keenen Joseph Kistner Hugh Knickerbocker Angus Mac Isaac Clifford Marshall George Franklin Meisner Arnold Newkirk Elliott Odell Hamilton Pray Barry Ryan Leon Soisco George Scott Eugene Stockholm Ronald Van Kleeck George Vermilyea Robert Waelde Harry Walters Arthur Wishart ' ' f '-,gtg-T,'W7fr:f,j"""""'7T' ' a ss Q ss H film?-1-.-:, FC-Qs? . : X --E ' 'E ' Q4 . E ss? n ,gs asap. m- -as ss x si 'M nlegm mem ss H we n me z-1 is n ss Ju m ww, W M H was H gg K ,z xs- ss W I x , Captain Manager Coach Assistant Charles Allen Robert Bennett Oscar Boone Paul Brown Glen Carpenter Joseph Deimling Clare DuPra.u BASEBALL TEAM CASPER BECTCER ' ' ' T.. .LOUIS CICCEJNE . . . . . .ALBERT G. NEWNHAM Manager! . . ....... FRANCIS LEAHEY William Ebeling James Exum Walter Huhn Robert Haslem Joseph Kistner Angus Mac Isaac William Martin Martin Nelson .Tack Perkins Edward Pesano Raymond Schattle Donald Van Kleeek Robert Waelde CROSS COUNTRY Captain . . . ..... WILLIAM PLOG Manager . . ......... JAMES RYAN Coach . . . .................. FRANCIS LEAHEY Paul Brown Earl Knickerbocker Andrew Pink James Exum Joseph Morgan Leon Scisco Joseph! Dgimling - Patsy Morreale Donald Timmons Stephen Owsiany Captain Manager Couch . Robert Bennett Paul Brown Martin Caplan Willizinl Daly Arthur De Genova. James Exum TRACK BARRY RYAN . . . . . . .FRANK BEECHAM . . . . . .ALBERT G. NEVVNHAM William Francisco Earl Knickerbocker George McConaghy Frank Owsiany Edward Pesano Andrew Pink Leon Scisco George Scott Donald Timmons Robert Waelde William Wishart ww- 2 Q00 SLG mi fl fi Qu W A 1' lv x '1 , - ' Z ' Gif 'QQ Ma., xfw-MQ' '41 HUC J,-'B Gb Zeb.: 4?"Hd'-fm ! 1 R74 w g ! ww R if 4 5" fp? Aww 7 I 1 r 0335 I: 4 ' i 4,-ff I hu, i Amy!!! tf W1 Q 0 , 1 K 4 QM mg sf gffjwy Nfff 'W' .' O JL Q W AW ff M QA QQ fi59i Q J M E WW L Wheaton E99 Benedict A 1000 MAIN STREET TELEPHONE 2091 POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y. PHONE 47445 Merchants Press Wm. F. Granata, Prop. PRINTING . . . . With Types That Talk 209 MAIN STREET Pouox-IKEEPSIE, N. Y, Thomas G. Bocchino General Contractor 698 MAIN STREET POUGHKEEPSIE, NEW YoRK Compliments of J. E. ANDREWS PHONE 5474 ARLINGTON SUPPLY co. 'V ELECTRIC APPLIANCES PLUMBING - HEATING V Chas. Iago E99 Son The DuBois Supply Co., Inc 4 - General Hardware and' Sporting Goods Q 4 - PHONE 232 ' 856 MAIN STREET 3214 MAIN STREET POUGHREEPSIE, N. Y, The Parent Teachers Association Arlington High and Grade School POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y. 9 Affiliated with New York State Congress of Parents and Teachers Theme: Contribution of home towards education. 9 OFFICERS Mrs. John M. Briggs, President --.-....---.............-.......-.... ..... 18 Streit Ave Mrs. Earl Davies, Vice-President ------ .... .........-.. .... ---4... ..... 9 Talardy Place Mrs. Albert Coutant, 2nd Vice-President ..............----- .... 23 Lewis Ave Miss M. Cussler. Secretary Mrs. Charles Warren, Treasurer r..---25 Streit Ave 0 Executive Council Relief - Harold Storm ?Ie23,b1l3'S?E::Vone Miss Palethorpe Mrs. Wm. Bennett Miss Grace O'Connell Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Mrs .Membership C. Caldwell, Haight Avenue. Oscar D'Luhosch, College View Ave. Hospitality Geo. Scott Seitz Wolven H. Martin Flowers and Cards Mrs. Sylvester Perkins Mr. 24 Lewis Ave. Founders Day Program Underhill Miss Cochcroft Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Publicity Samuel Bagnall 10 Lewis Ave. Programs Albert Courant John Briggs Compliments of Dutchess County Milk Dealers Assoc Farmer C0-op. Milk Co. F itchett Bros. Emmadine Farm Seamen Dairy D. S. Vandewater Smith Milk Co. Faulkes Dairy Wm. Beck Congratulations, Graduates To all. the young men and women graduating from Arlington High School we extend our best wishes. The Savings Bank has followed you throughout your school years with its school banking service and Will gladly serve you in the years to come. POU GHKEEPSIE SAVINGS ' BANK DRINK CLAYTCDN HAIGHT . 050 4 FANCY GROCERIES IN BOTTLES and MEATS si A VISIT OUR NEW SANITARY MODERN PLANT AFTER JUNE 15th SNOWBALL STORES A TELEPHONE 61 POUGHKEEPSIE BRANCH 10-16 RAYMOND AVE. PHONE: PLEASANT VALLEY 20 POUGHKEEPSIE 3083 SERWQ 5 'Q Q ONCE - ALWAYS PLEASANT VALLEY GARAGE Distributor: Cities Service Gasoline, Fuel Oil. Kerosene, Motor Oil TELEPHONE 262 Peter's Sweet Shop COMPLIMENTS OF Wolf's Sport Shop PoUOHKEEPsIE's MOST COMPLETE Confectionery, Restaurant and SPORT SHOP Luncheonette PHONE 1265 387 MILL STREET 288 MAIN STREET POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y. PHONES 113-498 ARLINGTON O. B. Hill Es? Son, Inc. ENTERPRISES 10-14 RAYMOND AVE. EST. 1902 Day or Night Phone 3344 City Auto Body Works GENERAL AUTO BODY REPAIR DUCO FINISHING, TRIMMING AND AUTO GLAZING 723 to 727 MAIN POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y Budget Plan - if desired. All W If C1 Guaranctbged . Qxxvewi 9 .Rod fb Xyeixdb 9 I RON R. L. KELLER Pleasant Valley Phone 21-F-13 Pleasant Valley Finishing Company PLEASANT VALLEY, N. Y. REMNANT DEPARTMENT Compliments of Nichioles Variety Store 889 Main Street Tel. 4362 Compliments of Cecil D. Sherow Compliments of Edward Mac Liancl Compliments of E. GOODMAN, Druggist PLEASANT VALLEY Compliments of Effron Oil and Heat Co. Compliments of DR. SAWYER Compliments of "LCN" DU BOIS 648 MAIN STREET Compliments of Arlington Drug Store 870 'MAIN STREET Gifts That Last- Frank P. Zammiello BULOVA WATCHES EASY TERMS General Contractor ' -A I Lm yiw- EASY TERMS U BU1.ovA, HAMILTON, ELGIN WATCHES ESTIMATES CHEEREULLY GIVEN -R E I C K V THE SQUARE DEAL JEWELER Phone 6144-M zo Marple Rd. 376 MAIN STREET ,Eli , School Printing . . Year Books Catalogues Publications Programs Q Lansing-Broas Printing Co. 234 MAIN STREET POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y. 'Seitz-Perkins Const. Co. CONTRACTORS Tree Surgery -9 svn POUGHKEEPSIE, NEW YORK TELEPHONE 3708 - 45 74 The Mohican Market Poughkeepsie? Finest Food Store 361-363-365 MAIN STREET A l 7 Everything That s Good in Food Lessons in Economy at Luckey Platt E99 Company Por more than 67 years Luckey's has been serving the thrifty thousands who want more for their money. Luckey's shoppers have found that to shop at Luckey's is truly a lesson in economy . . . They have found that it costs no more to get that quality that looks better, lasts longer and gives greater satisfaction. We suggest' that you, too, see what an economy it is to shop at Li.ickey's. Compliments of NQRJ TELEPHONE 2539 The Right Place to Eat South Road Grill 24-HOUR SERVICE On Route No. 9 Academy Street and South Ave. POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y. ARTHUR WM. VIERTEL, Manager Shaker, Travis 8: Quinn, Inc. "Reliab le Seruz'ce'f Plumbing, Heating, Ventilating Contractors Phone 880 483 Main Street Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Phone 281 East Main Street Wappingers Falls, N. Y. Travis Baking Co A BAKERS OF White Sponge Extra and Honey Krushed Bread MONAD-Long Life Meet Me at LIGGETTS Soda Fountain Monad Paint 81 Varnish Company W H DAVIES Dries in u Few Hours A ? u L 1 gge tts BUY ALL YOUR DRUG STORE PHONE 959 898 MAIN STREET NEEDS HERE HI WAY LUNCH Caldwell Es? Flaffler Coal and Fuel Ozl 887 MAIN STREET POUGHKEEPSIE N Y 45 HIGH STREET POUGHKEEPSIE N Y Good F ood and Relzable TELEPHONE 2553 or 2554 Servzce TWO "' 1' bk ACES NASH H c m 1 ASK J S h a berger EXPERT CAR GREASIING AND TIRE JANSEN ROBERTS R CORD Manchester Road and Ha1ght Ave Tel 2579 Poughkeepsle N Y Socony Products I . . 1 Y D . f ak c N Mobilgas ' T T 1. E 1 Chester Satz Company Office Equipment and ADAM WINTER 36 CANNON STREET Cigars - Pipes - Tobaccos Supplies , Candles Y' TEL. 3359 WHOLESALE AND RETAIL 2-4 CANNON STREET POUOHKEEPSIE, N. Y. PHONE 1953 FLEMINCVS THE SHOP FOR THE UNDERGRAD AND P. G. TOO! M Devoted to outiitting the Young an ex- clusively at prices surprisingly low. I FLEMINGFS 31 CANNON STREET Glendon Bates Co. 27-31 New Market Street JUST THE THING A Royal Portable Typewriter for the graduate ALL MAKES IN USED MACHINES WE ALSO DO BOOK BINDING PHONE 2061-J V. A. OSTRANDER The Ostrander Press Printing . . . of all kinds A 4 SOUTH CLINTON STREET POUGHKEEPSIE, NEW YORK Compliments of M. Shwartz E99 Co. "The Home of Good Clothes" lvljlficl

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