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mm .CYM3 ,AJ .BOYIENA s. GRAUB, R. N. M55 M FALLS .ma-fMQXmA5K.,, X W S S2 , 0 I U Hiamuiillt. Room 220 KX 'LiS' m A-XC-N-L.s. C, Xb-:NS s,kXCQLs4 .sign-3.5, S99--S'-525--A kxffw CLK N gkyxs m. t 2- SSN u 'KQBESSMA QXC5 ghmxui, F3 ,mukxslx .N.QLJ-SSR SOS ' 5Q.Q fi .YXQSM Q-X xx -KXYQ K QLQWNQ c.3,CK: 5 3 -x,Rc 5'- x GN Yrfx ,Wy XP? M A 53 Qcxllglxb-N335 CJXC5 SCS xebcls Olga XA-Lusk ' Aq S'Aw'K'Xw'XN I Cyxx 3.03-K. . Xybufbk Ly, ,.. RT- 04? ' Ja Cxmmxgikma . Q 3' . figif X J 35.vy'FJXV C1332 as 99' h ' ' CSQLSL- C'l..NNxssL 5. gig Q SX -QP N' , 'Aj If pp ' yfuisjjfjfsgyjvfglfwjqpy M470 JJ J K L f . QLm . J M H of My V K get M . JM ,ifisfffw ff? M 7g?ffQwV Lwf ,MQ 62? ,b MMM Qin ff- ogy . 0 f, A MQW 09912406 y ygko vkffw vdog ? 'PP mf if dw Cwd .GW ' ff 72 Q W ff Q1 SH , QQ fy M 09' Maw iff af? as ifoe, 66. SQ Sf 'XOWM Qwkd 9, 56362 cy Nsxcxxsix. mmocxc-xx Cxib-LMCXSSAAX f ' CN," X - 4 . ' 1 px I p DPWBM 0.991 g',AWw icwfc ' M jk, . , XJ f A-GH iw, PP ,rv , Cf DJ ',,,dQ'f,UMJ6' if jp NE, UUA, Njpy It L Xxw W f .AJVL O' X UV Ji' Ujov X - DJV Ljofubvff f-...fkl jx, bp ji' I , Lf D W 1 5. 71? NM! . Q my SJ A F . 7 I , V W, W I-VL ' IA SAL , fvgu Key 3 ,, , j M 5 , ,, K, L if 'LIVE-' , L .AA 3 BNP' Wah 7,, IN M0315 yffxlf fy! Y cf' ESMWQUW' 5 QW! Jjv mm-f 439- 1 , ef CN My wwwfw Jggy v Mgfvwxs Jw Swv VD f- W GQyixf3Jg Jgjjpfggywifjfj XQSYW if jfV?Y,4 MW Mj WWW WMMM' ' WVU M WWW Cx mmm mxsw eww! tv mwufvllfl wwf CWQKLLQN-ANABD 5fvQJvQ QM' A-Q Pwvayibuwvl QJJUJQJ UW 5 35Q1fUUfD+01wo'LU.5LA9-o?Qqb.m,wQM 'tQ3'x-.X-D QMLLL FYNVQJJ-Q1CPjK'k9.T gD' CQCMM 0-JJ?-25 fYY12,fxo2q.Dx0, ' 'YQQZWQ C GEM LQ.zfXvuQ1yA -LU MMG gamut ., Seem iwewfei QSIXDJUJQ Mr f N A W jVg,,ffd17 !Ayx,MSi jYM'VL S WMJQ vi'5MM l , C,,,w1.' , M dw W ', emi Wm 0 W Sify? M K Jww 7QW b MM' ,, W MQZM 5 W W QWNiQfwyJfMfjJNVW SWWWKWMMW EWWW WWW fWWLKW'UWf9w . UfWwg,3w'M C V 3ii1fAMffUWiyUiVDQ69rjJjAjLy TW QJWwSMijMJ dw -ff WT fb k ,6!J,wE D www G' -If QW? Wow ,J wg A Q kk Q Bi sf w2W555?i 3 ?f ii? fiYS2S5Q?s 255 i3Ngg5gisgvi?Fgi 3515223 wWNH 35 35B is isa VE X35 i , 3 r rl 1 X rp L-,I 17'- X . ,,,, lf' -5 4? ff ,ff 'J ' A , ,Q 'Q fm 1. f .f f, '1 1'. !,f K ,. f 1,. lf A ff M .1 , ' i A ffl? 5 X E g I A, 1 J I " , v p, M 821- XA M ,Af f 5 111 1 , K gg , Q1 1 ' Ari f' 1 WW ,ff ' !, Table of Contents Opening 2 M 5 10th Period 17 +11 Overtime 59 i "'- Q11 -'1'i' Aff Bookin' 89 JT-W' ' A ' qw Faces 117 ff , 65, Ads 192 is 1- ij K 1 A Senior Statistics 200 ' 1 I Index 202 X, tg lg ,111 Acknowledgments 207 X H11 " ' l lgxgx Closing 2 XX I lf' 1... I 1' '1 'B XA Arlington High School X Q x lx , O Q2 X A 4825 North Arlington Avenue w . f fl , K 7 1 f Indianapolis, Indiana 46226 ' Q2 , 'ak f M Volume 14 . 3 gm 1 N Q Ziff it H ' 0 lf T ' ff We - 'V lb sf' , 3 4 l A di SNA w, 1d1 X 2 11 1 A J X W' N g I n 'gf 1-7' .it s A , A Q A i il. A - , 3 g K X X ' I . flu , f . , RT N Y X ffff 7 B 1 11121 ggigsisigii into CD.J1..9dfL-OC,l.Zs0 ff'7Of'7Q?0u-Q., ,patJ0oo,ch'U,Uz,a, gpcb rmf, OLLJL 0.11-eDC,o.ff1.vdO.,c.f.,cLoJ you. ' 1 fD7L0l,fYlO7Yl-f,sQ ,oO 188' rw 'Wifi MEMURIES UF oztdd ,1jrUfLefuz, CLO aeotwoe wteeldwsfifgb Ovmorm Whether or not Milton Bradley thought up the idea, the high school game is definietly one of suspense, excitement, disappointment, and reward. Very seldom did a day go by that my mood didn't change. I had this nagging fear that I might flunk a course for somethingj so I kept on trying even though it seemed impossi- ble and unbearable. Besides wondering about my grades, I was in suspense about whether the basketball team would win, whether I would get caught in the hall without a pass, and whether I could make it to class before the bell rang. Walking down the hall during a normal school day, it seemed that everyone was going his own way without much concern about the school as a whole. How rewarding it was, then, to go to a basketball game and see how much enthusiasm and support the people really had for Arlington. A touchy subject of last year, Black Aware- ness Week, was changed this year to Black His- tory Week. Misunderstanding on the part of everyone during the week caused rumor of vio- lence. Though there were a few isolated inci- dents, we made it through that week with no real uprising. During the high school game, losing streaks, complete with feelings of tension, frustration, and anger, tended to ruin the fun and content- ment of playing the game. As I look back at all my memories, sure there's the bad ones, but the ones I really remember are all the great ones .... S295 tmnmfnfxbafixgg fwfr' K0 W5-14,6234 ' offsofuq MUN U- Glkliiflff xovuqw, acti ce '17 9.5. juxd pfvl. QQOFYVNQ, igrxgv-Dvfii QQYWL-W1 "WL L f 'd W0 , U., WW' QMW Qfyciv MQQQ? 4133350 bf mamwfjgp M gijggvgi ff Qvgpgwf AN M TRAFFIC LIGHTS became a part of A.H.S. in an attempt to prevent confusion. The school year of '74-'75 brought lots of changes, especially to the outside of Arling- ton. As traffic along Arlington Avenue in- creased, it became necessary to widen the street. From early June through January construction workers labored to widen the Avenue and change the route of traffic going in and out ofthe school. As the familiar black top drive was torn up and filled in, a cement drive at the bot- tom ofthe hill, complete with a stop light, emerged. As with any change, however, it was ac- companied by growing pains. Early morning tardy courts were filled with angry students who had been caught up in traffic jams caused by the one-way traffic on the front drive. Rain and snow proved to be enemies of students as they trudged through the mud, or their cars slid around the too sharp turn at the north end of the building. Confusion was still abundant after the construction was completedg it was hard to get used to all the different traffic directions. Perhaps the chaos outside reflected some of what was going on inside . . . perhaps IIOI .... bit, A ilu. 4 'QC V , 411' ,.f" .f 3:1 ., "- ...,..... - TRAFFIC BECAME hazardous again this year Arlington's pavement as the first snow of the left us with a "Winter Wonderland." UGH!! UW! G PM S gif" .gI""' ,M-W Q ' EMPTY AS it may seem now, the courtyard was the scene of many a snowball fight during 5 minute x""'W"Y'L"f+"'ff--wasfa,m.... passing periods. V r r doe -wr , SNOW ON the ground didn't stop this construction truck from finishing the final details. AFTER A hard day at school, sophomore Chris Campbell finds a waiting spot before crossing the newly widened section of Arlington Avenue. PRACTICES TOOK as much out of the wrestlers as the matches did. Exhausted, Wayne Jones, col- lapses in the coaches room. l MOST SENIORS wanted short schedules and no ' K study halls, but not Darrell Krulce. He used his study hall time to build a harpsicord. t 1 -uf xg W '."4l10m'i X H-f 1 5 XX . X Xxx COMING UP for air,junior Sue Arbuckle prac for future swim meets. tioes LET ME BE ME IT S SUPERMAN lt s Hercules no ll s Super Ge off Edney dlsplaymg hrs 16 mch brceps School wasn t all work and no play once I got settled IHIO the old routlne of classes and homework As the year went on I branched out and met new people feelrng more and more l1ke I belonged here Though I sometrmes felt left out I reallzed that Ijust had to be myself Iwasn t gorng to be a fake just to get people to ac cept me Yes I had my group I hung around wrth but Wlth room to grow I grew to know my self frndlng out where I frt lnto Arlrngton and the rest of the world GETTING Abang out ofdrummmg rs Leon Parson I 7 9 ' ' -' ' .. , 7 ,351 ,npiigl Erik? ' l a . l , 3 . 9 . . , 7 , . PIIPILS PLUS PRUPSSURS PRUDIIGB PALS k "Teachers are here to teach and students are here to learnl' is the old cliche. Wanting not only to learn what they are taught, many many students branch out and excel trying to improve the school and themselves. Many of the teachers are there to help. Laying aside their textbooks and discipline rulers, teachers became musical directors, journal- ism advisors, club sponsors, directors of au- ditorium technicians, etc. Believe it or not, teachers have personali- ties of their own. My years at A.H.S. have proven that I can be just as good of friends with a teacher as with my school mates. A lot of the faculty put out an extra effort to get to know me and give me the opportunity to talk things over. Many times I felt sorry for the teachers having to act like policeman patrolling the halls asking for identification and passes. They've got it rough too, but somehow I still find myself falling back on the old argument that at least they get paid! i I 4 1 i 5 l l i e l it I i It YELLING ENCOURAGEMENT to his wrestlers, Coach Lentz really gets involved and he cares. polite to point but in order to help stu- their classes Mrs. White points out the THE MUSIC department gives students and teach- ers like Joe Gehris and Mrs. Edison a chance to work together. STUDENT-TEACHER relations as well as Black- White relations don't seem to be as bad as we some times make them out to be. pi maybe the clouds will go away, di- tliiscuss the weather problem. Salzmann heads towards a drum- Preparing . . . it's sticking your fingers in paste, making dance decorations, or selling LANCER subscriptions. Itis going to play rehearsal, losing five pounds for a half-time show, or riding a bike twenty- five miles in order to make Little 500 qualifications. Preparing is sweating through long summer practices getting ready for football season, or starving for weeks to lose those last few pounds for wrestling. lt's drilling for perfect timing leading towards ROTC competition, ,, staying up until four A.M. to finish a term paper, or serenading your neighbor- hood night and day practicing your violin for a coming concert. Preparing . . . itts the first step. THE FIRST STEP STANDING BY, female lead Chris Mitchell waits for her cue at senior play rehearsals. TAKE A tip from Verplank .... Juniors Glen- da Massy and Sue Schildknecht plan their strat- egy with powderpuff coach Mr. Verplank. I I I -1 l I l aiu? x N K: . is ,L ,. A .5gL'n. X I Q, X-ifiifh' V IT WAS sticky business as Betsy Morris helped paper-mache the junior float. "AH COME on!" was an everyday saying of Journalism Advisor, Mr. Snyder. Staying long hours every night to finish the yearbook, he always seemed to meet with an obstacle. HANG 'EM high, Sheryl Skinner is told as she puts up Christmas dance decorations. IT'S OBVIOUS that Tiynn Schneider has her date Terry Cummins' whole-hearted support as she is crowned Cindy. "Go team Go" echoed through my mind almost a hundred times. The cheer had been drilled into my head at assorted ball games and pep sessions throughout my entire high school experience. Supporting school activi- ties and sports for the lack of supportj seemed to be a big issue this year. The usual English themes, discussions on what could be done to promote participation in sup- porting, and the formation of new spirit raising organizations were a part of the at- tempt. Striving to help out, with one goal in mind of doing the, best possible within our limitations, created quite a challenge. School was far from being perfectg problems this year caused many involved students to lose their eagerness to support the school. The students who were still interested worked their hardest to make up for the lack of con- cern that the rest of our student body showed. However, many organizations still lacked backing, but those who attended tried to make up for the lost spectators by doing the jobs of ten or more. AS THE suspense mounts, wrestling booster Clark conveys the tension. 1 E I I t ' SUPPURT THE MISS! G PIECE? UNIFORMS PROVE to be a little too light-weight for Anne Spradling as she shivers during ll Novem- ber halt'-time show. i . Z' f ' ' X 5. if Q f f t WILL THE real females please stand up? Cheering on the powderpuff teams are the "girls" i 1 3 , I" I K1 THE MANY faces of the basketball fans and cheer leaders could be seen supporting the team. Euell Gibbons was a nobody until he ate a pine tree. Where would Evil Knieval be without his motorcycle? And what would Hollywood do without Rona Barrett? Like all of these famous people, students also searched for a little bit of recognition. Each person strove for perfection in their own field. Football players and scholars alike worked for that little bit of fame that comes with achievement. Award banquets were set aside to commemorate those who had done a little extra. There are always those natural born successes who don't have to work for recognition, but most of us really tried hard. Just think how hard it must have been for Euell Gibbons to choke down that pine tree! DECA AWARD winner Susie Green is recognized by principal Mr. Turner. STRIVING FOR perfection, reserve city earned recognition at a pep session. snincm n run rim: icmnvi u A im: THE FOOTBALL team was recognized in many ways, including a banquet in their honor given by parents. 'ui nlg,...l HELPING TO give the wrestling team their long deserved recognition are the Mat Maid s. 'il-ff' The day ended after 9th period for some Arlington studentsg however, a big part of us had, in a sense, a "l0th" period class where we held club meetings and practices for vari- ous activities. Getting involved in school activities really made me feel like a part of our school. Inter- est in activities gave me a chance to meet more people, make new friends, relax, and just plain goof around. Although sometimes I wished I had had a little more time to just do nothing, l'm glad I participated in activities, because they helped me become a more well rounded per- son. l remember sitting in my classes all day, counting down the periods until I got out- looking forward to the fun of activities dur- ing the best period of the day-l0th! SPRAYING FOR spirit is Albert Reed who spends many after school hours making signs for Spirit Committee. "IS IT really me?" Junior powderpuff cheerleader Todd Brosseau looks astonished! 10th PBRIUD NEITHER RAIN, nor sleet, nor snow kept these Pennants from Marching in the Beech Grove parade. GETTING READY to 'fda her thing" as a basket- ball player takes a free throw is Varsity Cheerleader Becky Horton. sf Qin L...-.-.--.,,,, ,,,, ,,,. , , ,,,, ,, Q r. E G. i . I ! ONSIDER YOURSELF E GF THE FAMILY LISTENING TO lines over and over becomes a "hum-drum" routine forjunior Leon Parson. WHEN THE curtain goes up, the arm goes down and "Oliver!" comes alive with music. HELPING TIM Douglas to portray the morbid Mr. Sowerbury is Sharry Barnett, who was in charge of make-up. Consider yourself one of the family. . . In this year's musical, put on by one of the largest casts in Arlingtonis history, all of us involved felt like one big happy family. Going through the worry and suspense of try-outs together gave us all something in common. After the long hours of rehearsing and watching the show develop, each of us felt that he had played a special part in making the show a success. Through his sentimental speeches, Gerald Chaney fFaginj coaxed even the audience into feeling like a part of the show. "SPOT! STAGE right! Bring the lights up!" As Doug Luke and Ted Kegeris listen for instructions, light adjustments are made. ENCORE! ENCORE! Gerald Chaney CFaginJ leads the cast in curtain calls. Q 5 L T4 1 4. .rl- va ,ggyu-1,39 X F' Rafi X if , ,K fi f .X .f + rm wr H. A .1 X , 1 - ' X .- fx. ' . ' . 451: Y ,- 1 - K ,f.,..--.,, A ,V-' A 'qw V .ax ',.-"' ' ' W ,',.. , ,, all Y .h , Hg. ff" 'Af' N. 'I if ,' .,' ,-' . 4 ' rr 4' ' 1' 1' 1 . , . , I if 0 i.,-' I I' 1' la ,I f' ' ' v I I h ' w 5 Tv' f 1' fl if 1" I' 1' 'I fr 'P ' ' 4 1 0 f. V- n ' ,' If , v' z ':.,'f.' 1' ' ' f' 1' A 11" f' 1' 5 f g 5. I . , - J, i . 34? N1 3 EP -, 11 N 5, HY. X 0' W .M 1 1" E1 QA ' d L .,.v "",, 1 ,,.-.. nf' -L7 jx .r JZ .. 5 .S ' 41 f ll' Q 5? ,.vgmr1- ,. MOLLY SI KS, OLIVER' " STEALS SHOW "Oliver!" is the story of a young orphan who, after being sold by a workhouse owner, fell into the hands of Fagin and his gang of thieves. Following the example of the Artful Dodger, Oliver set off on his first pickpoc- keting mission-only to be caught. The vic- tim, Mr. Brownlow, turned out to be Oliver's great uncle. With the help of Nancy, the two were reunited. Throughout the story lurked Nancy's love, the evil Bill Sikes. Sikes wasn't the only menacing figure in this year's musical. It seemed that some other villain didn't want us to give a show this year. The first musical we had planned to put on, the "Unsinkable Molly Brown" was cancelled because "Oliver!" was a less costly production and our cast was better suited to it. Reactions to this sudden change ranged from relief to disbelief. After things cooled down, most agreed that the change was for the better and work was begun on "Oliverl', LOVE IS the answer for Brad Schildknecht COli- verl, who is reassured by Shelly Williams CMrs. Bedwinl that he is truly loved in his new home. The threat to the show didn't stop there. It was later announced that because of the lack of heating the Saturday night show might be cancelled. The old cliche "the show must go on" must have reached some- one for heat was provided and the Saturday night show went on. Unique to this year's production was the fact that donations which were given bought tickets for orphans so they could come to the show. Because of many generous spon- sors, about 200 orphans from all over the city were able to see "Oliver!" All in all the show was a great success, boasting acting talent and beautiful voices! The cast was rewarded for their hard work with a full auditorium and a standing ova- tion both nights. I'D DO anything sings Russ Levitt as Carolyn Cal- vert and Fagin's gang of thieves look on. A GOLD watch is proof that Oliver is Mr. Brown- low's fMark Williamsl grandson. Mr. Bumble Uames Meyerj tries to convince him of this. 976 C6 97 9 EVER HEARD of a Jay Play? At a junior practice student coach Jay Fuson taught a basic plan of action, which was named after him. Center snapped the ball to "O.J." Burris who ran with the ball, handed it to Sue Ar- buckle, who ran left, faking the entire senior team, and then ran 40 yards for the touch- down. The same single wing right-reverse left was used for the two point conversion. There you've got it, a play by play de- scription of how the juniors "overpowdered" the seniors 10-8 at the Student Council spon- sored Powderpuff football game. Before the game on October 30, rumors went wild that the seniors were "really gonna kill" the juniors and vice-versa. Learning the basic rules and various plays was accomplished at after school and week- end practices. Lending a helping hand were Coach George Brown for the seniors and Coaches Verplank and Fuelling for the ju- niors. I guess they thought we needed all the help we could get, but whatever the reasons we also had help from a few student coaches. Phil Michaelis and Sam Chaille, the second year dynamic duo, drilled the seniors while r the juniors "learned the basics" from J ay Fuson, Brian Massey, and Robert Reyburn. if Class spirit received a big boost when , j , the cheerleaders bounced onto the field. Ju- , 3 41 nior cheerleaders boasted Goldenaire uni- rg, forms and color-coordinated bows. -e ij Senior cheerleaders, who were real eye- catchers, coaxed their team in a fierce battle for the game. Senior quarterback, Swift Ann p Sipple, who swept through the junior de- fensive line for a touchdown early in the game, made a noble showing for the seniors. Since the majority of us didn't take the game too seriously, there weren't any hard p feelings when it was all over. Girls and guys V changing roles once again made for a goofy game and an all around good time. TO THE left . . . no, to the right . . . through the middle . . . Michelle 10.1.1 Burris runs with the ball. FOXY LADIES? No, just sexy senior pepsters "Chrissy" Snyder, "Davidine" Wampler, "Markett,' Williams, "Davidella" Ahearn, and "Rickey" Jones bouncing their way to popularity. O ERPO DERS '75 nv C' X 1 '7 v xv'-' PUCKERING UP for a victory, junior cheerleaders "Dz1vida" Jennings, "Toddela', Brosseau, "Davina" Justice, and "Kurtina" Walls pose for fans. Not pic- tured is "Artha" Hermansen. WILL WE make it? . . . oooh, Ithink so . . . we did it! Sideline emotions become intense as juniors Laura Lewis, Denise Berry, and Ann Brannan react. 15, , X EET ON the bail! student coach Phil ivuchaelis ives senior gridders a pep talk. 7 i HOW'S ABOUT a little kiss? Looks like "Davina"Justice has something on his mind besides football. M ,,,.,,,,,,,:t..f- Q. AROU D THE WORLD THE FRENCH Club is still alive after preparing their own dinner. Row One: Mrs. White, Kathy Kidwell, Chris Flock, Kathy McMichael, Tina Cor- dova, Melinda Cowart, Marni Lemons and Christy Smith. Row Two: Melody Overstreet, Alexi Cor- tese, Sally Morris, Teri Blankenship, Patty Gruber, Peggy White, Diana Puckett, Cindy Lahr and Kim Berns. Row Three: Leslie Kraucunas, Jeanine So- laro, Janice Fair, Geri Pikus, Randy Strommer, James Meyer, Amy Ralston, Robin Brown and Diane Ramey. You didn't have to take a trip around the s 'i JI' world to get acquainted with different coun MZ tries, all you had to do was Join French, Spanish or German clubs at Arlington. Visits to the Heidelberg Bakery, Art Mu- seum, and City Market highlighted the activ- ities of French club. Mrs. White, our sponsor organized the activities of our 20 member club. Thanks to her efforts we not only "wined and dined" at a French restaurant, but also prepared our own dinner. Interest in Hispanic culture was the only requirement to join Spanish club. Sponsored by Miss Grier, we met two Thursdays a month. Our annaul picnic was once again successful, along with a visit to a Mexican shop and our Christmas party. We were us- ually pretty organized, but we sometimes had a hard time deciding what activities to do. German Club proved that broadening one's cultural horizons can be fun! With the strong backing of our sponsor, Mr. John Schultz, the group grew from a floundering membership of 5 to a large group. Monthly trips to the German movie at the Rivoli, par- ticipation in Octoberfest, and Fashion Tanz were among our trips into German culture. A little taste of Europe was found by a lot of students through foreign language clubs. LOOKS LIKE the girls out numbered the guys this year in the Germa.n Club, but that didn't stop them from having fun. Standing: Sandy Hunting- ton, Monie Heath, Irisa Elberts, Diane Schneider, Sandy Ball, Julie Smith, Pam Riveliz, Mareth Sin- clair, Terri Tackett, Ginger Montgomery, Mary Smith, Cheryl Huntington and Mr. Schulz. Seated: Dan Hursh and Glenn Bowman. THINGS ARE looking up for the Spanish Club. Row One: Wanda Campbell, Trachelle Washington and Brad Schildknecht. Row Two: Fernanda Sara- via, Tammy Williams and Roy Norman. Row Three: Donna Purdy, Leli Weatherly and Trina Armstrong. Row Four: Anita Sherrod, Becky Gris- by and Cheryl Westmoreland. Row Five: Miss Grier- sponsor, Terri Zartman and Monica Ware. Row Six: Jorge H. Escobar, Cynthia Taylor and Cheryl Vertner. .A i -v1 .-ao' l 3 v J' 'I MEETI GU CLE SAM Getting a taste of Momls apple pie this year were Arlington's six foreign exchange students. Christian Schneider and Monica Machado were sponsored by American Field Service. Genevieve Marchiels fMickyj, Fernanda Saravia, Jorge Es- cobar and Leonard Mensah were brought to the U.S. by the Youth for Understanding foreign exchange program. I got a chance to meet and talk to some of the students through various activities and classes. Noting the difference between countries and schools our newest students had a variety of comparisons. The wide selection of subjects we had here at Arlington was what Chris found different. In Switzerland, he said, they are required to have twelve subjects and fixed schedules. Extracur- ricular activities at Chris' school were scarce so he took advantage of them here-such as being a powderpuff cheerleader and a member of the quiz team. Another student who got into activities was Leonard, who turned out to be a great asset to the soccer team. Since Leonard spoke English at his home, Liberia, it was a little easier for him to get around. Just the opposite were Jorge and Fernanda, who knew very little English when they came to Arlington. Lunch periods were especially hard for them to get used to. In Columbia, stu- dents have a small snack during school and eat a larger lunch at home after school. Getting used to different eating habits would be the least ofMicky's problems. Attending an all girls school Monday thru Saturday with Wednesdays free, she had to adjust to going to make friends at Arlington even though she thought that people in the United States are generally friendlier. Introducing foreign exchange students to Uncle Sam taught me that even though cus- toms and habits may differ from country to country generally students are all pretty much alike. f 133. -' 'V s,Q'j:j I '-af school with boys and goirlg all Week, Her first SPANISH CLASS brings home a little closer for reactions to A.H.S. were "different" and Pemanda' uStI'21l'lgC.H THE OLD familiarity of eating lunch with the girls Changing classes was different for Monica. In makes a relaxing atmosphere fOr Mitlkv- Brazil the students stay put and the teachers change classes. She found that it was hard to 1 5 l l I l l I l l I I i r 'si g M, K 'lim GENEVIEVE MARCHIELS FERNANDA SARAVIA LEONARD MENSAH JORGE ESCOBAR CHRISTIAN SCHNEIDER MONICA MACHADO MONICA ENJOYS choir at Arlington and the op portunity to meet people. sw MAKING THE adjustment, Jorge and Fernanda eat a big meal while enjoying the company of fellow seniors. GOVERNMENT BECOMES a little clearer as Micky listens intently. CO CE TRATIO Knights, Kings and Queens could all be found in Ye Olde Pawn Shoppe,better known as Room 136, where the Chess Club met every Wednesday and Thursday. Our ded- icated sponsor and coach John LaPrees spent hundreds of hours after school helping the team prepare for chess matches against other schools. The Chess Club was governed by a constitution, which was enforced by the of- ficers. Theiawere as follows: "Argus-eyedi' Arvids Ziedionis, president, "deranged dwarfw Darrel Krulce, vice-presidentg "Cal- cinationv Cary Barker, secretary, Mike 'fFero- ciousi' Phillippe, treasurerg Max "Tempestu- ous" Templeton and Shawn 'fGlorious" Gilliland, tournament directors, and Kirsten "Judicious" Johnson and Duane uDazzle" Davis, publicity directors. The Chess Club, one of the largest and most spirited clubs at AHS, sported about 30 members including 5 females. The Chess Team, Kem, Mike, Darrell, Max, and Arvidsg two time state champions, made an outstanding showing. Of major im- portance was the 2nd annual student-faculty game. However, our biggest project was the lst annual Arlington Invitational Chess Tour- PUTTING HIS mind to it, chess club member Kent Lemons concentrates on his strategy. MAKE YOUR move . . . Max Templeton instructs Ben Smith at a chess club meeting. nament. We sent invitations to over 350 high schools all around the state. The purpos of the tournament was to raise money for new chess sets and clocks. Enjoyment of the game of chess is the reason most of us joined-besides, the Chess Club is the most popular club at Arlington! It was a blast, a pleasure, and a lot of work, something to do, and, of course, very rewarding. What do all ofthese opinions have in common? They were all made by Arlington's four Quiz Team members in re- gard to the team. To know something about I it you had to watch one of their practices. These weren't hard to find-you just had to listen for a series of bells, buzzers, and roars I of laughter after school. Quiz Team consists of four experts at in- stant recallg however, some of the recall was not always quite accurate. For example, 1 when asked who America's sweetheart was, . nimble-fingered Gary rang in and replied 5 "Rudolf Valentino" instead of the correct 2 answer, Mary Pickford. Mathematician Kem j responded to one question with the answer t "IOS pennies" rather than S1.05,' thus earning himself the title of "Fish!" 3 We all agreed that it was a worthwhile ex- 3 perience, and nobody could deny us the thrill. of seeing ourselves on the television, show f'Exercise In Knowledgef' , ,mm HlT THE lights! Quiz team members must have sharp reflexes to be able to hit the light buttons quickly. With bulbs lit are varsity Quiz Team mem- bers Glenn Bowman, Edward Good, Kem Temple- ton, and Gary Lynn. Reserve members are Max Templeton, Jo Johnson, Mary Beth Gregory, and John Warne. Mrs. Good is the sponsor. IT'S NOT a man's World, and Chess Club has proven it. This year many girls joined this prev- iously male dominated club. Seated: Darrell Krulce, Mike Phillippe, Max Templeton. Kneeling and Seated: David Crabtree, Marni Lemons, Rick Oberle, Joanne Lahr, Ben Smith, Julie Ruthledge, Kent Lemons, Cheryl Huntington, John Warne, Mickey Machiels. Standing: Wayne Armstrong, Duane Davis, Arvids Ziedonis, Kirsten Johnson, Shawn Gilliland, Jim Maple, Harry Faulkner, David Sparks, Mike McLaughlin, Cary Barker, Rick Lloyd Bill Campbell. s f . ,A :ga ft -NLE. 1 Qqxis K 'Lili B- ,W A N - v PONDERING OVER one of the hundreds of puz- zling questions asked at every Quiz Team prac- tice, Kem Templeton tries to figure out the an- swer. BOOKS, BOOKS, books . . . have helped inform Quiz Team members. A TIME FLIES as rider Jeff Nance races against the clock to attain a starting position. GET READY . . . get set ... The starting line-up, led by Kevin Stout and Rusty Parker, awaits the signal to . . . go! W 9 Q i 1 PEDDLE PUSHER Ted Kegeris practices for the-1 Little 500. 1 TEAM 2: Kurt Walls, Ron Stanish, Craig Linder,j and queen Suzanne Averitt, are No. 1. Not pictured is Kevin Stout. Q ! 1 l a l 1 li 3 n 1 ,ge A J ti -Q 4 HUT HEEL ROLL O WOOSH-LOOK at Dan Thompson whiz by thc stands. By the time we'd finished l00 laps and it was all over, l felt so bad I thought I was going to get sick fa few of the guys didj. No matter what, it was worth it all and by God we're going to win next year! All I could think of while I was peddling away, around that cinder track, was either "live gotta catch the next guy" or "Boy, are my legs ki1lin'me!l' With only four members per team, by the time I got off the bike and caught my breath, it was my turn to ride again. I didn't really mind though, 'cause it was a great feeling being out there, pulling for my team. It really gave me a boost when Fd hear someone in the stands yell out our team number or my name. GPractice makes perfect' was the motto of many cyclists as they began practicing months in advance for the annual Student Council sponsored Little 500. Being modeled after I.U.'s Little 500, we even had qualifica- tions. One member of each team attempted to claim a position. Graduate Rusty Parker fthen a seniorj peddled away with the pole position. Before the boys, bicycle race began there was a girls, tricycle race, the Mini 500. Robin Schildknecht, Bonnie Kingston, Nancy Mar- quart and Judy Brown triked their way to victory after four elimination races. Then came the big race. Lots ofpractice and determination paid off for Kevin Stout, Craig Linder, Ron Stanish and Kurt Walls, who were sponsored by the "Mod Squad." The fearsome foursome rode off with first place. Following the last lap the "Mod Squad" had a f'Gatorade" celebration in which each member of the team managed to get drenched with the "thirst quencherf' At the courtyard dance following the race the winning teams accepted their tro- phys and Suzanne Averitt was crowned queen. Even though some teams didn't get tro- phys, everyone agreed it was lots of fun-win or lose! BECAUSE OF horseplay, a bicycle-man collision resulted in a concussion for Todd Biberdorf, an in- nocent bystander. PRACTICE MAKES a perfect exchange. - A PROBLEMS AND plans are discussed at this Stu- dent Council Cabinet meeting. Did you ever wonder how those big paper signs boosting our athletic teams mysterious- ly apperaed in the cafeteria? What about val- igrams some people got on Valentines Day, ever wondered where they came from? Both of these activities and many others were the work of the Student Council. In Student Council we voiced opinions and ideas of the students. Working with the faculty, we got a lot of worthwhile things ac- complished. We had rails installed in the cafeteria so that lunch lines would run more smoothly. Also, we gave a Christmas party in a retirement home, complete with presents and carols. Lots of activities during the year, such as homecoming and the Little 500, were Stu- dent Council sponsored. Along with every- thing else, the Christmas Dance, a once an- nual event that died out a couple years ago because of poor attendance, was brought back by the Council. With the help of our officers, Ann Hoff- man, Presidentg Jay Fuson, Vice President, Libby Kuebler, Secretaryg Lynn Schneider, Treasurer, and Jenny Bibler, Parliamentariang we showed movies in the science lecture room which provided a break from study halls. A lot of activities that were taken for granted this year were the result of much hard work on the part of Student Council. STUDE TSERVAN S .l l f i i : 3 -1 K aff sd 1 r .1 3 1 4 I 5 1 i .4,. Z 'sf 16, erce 4. .1 .Mil X 55 .1 . J' i.. LOTS OF 1974 activities were planned by Hoffmen, Libby Kuebler, Jo Johnson, Mark Wil- these Student Council members. Front Row: liams, Betsy M0f1'iS, Gigi Gofogiafli, Alex AHUCH' Ann King, Tammy Ramsey, Virgil Madden, sian, Kathy Busenbark, Karen Bennett, Amy Ed- Leslie Rowley, Patrick Gaddis, Hazel Weather- W3-l'dS, Suzanne Averitt. Row Three: April Brown, by, Marni Lemons, David Nance, 'vlarsha Sim- Dianne P35031 V0I1d2l Tyler, Geri Pikus, Sharon mons, Diana Buser, Jenny Bibler, Becky Hor- Stoeppelwerth, Ivory RCYHOMS, Robin Jackson, ton, MI, McClaIy, Row Two: Susan Conway, Mary Smith, Lee JOhnSI01'l, Kim Clark, Doyal Kate Jones, Sheryl Skinner, Chris West, Ann Andrews. Sandy Ball, Terri Tackett, Connie Stan- p ish, Pier Williams, Elise Jacobson, Kim Vance, , Mickey Machiels, Nancy Cassidy. Row Four: Lynne Williams, Marty Cooper, Lynn Schneider, Toni Barrett, Adele Cohen, Kris Bubenzer, Wil- liam Warner, Scott O'Connor, Glenn Bowman, Jay Fuson, Sue Arbuckle, Donna Meek, Jeanine Solaro, Albert Reed, Ani Kukolja, Karen Nielsen, Laura Scully, Mr. Zetzl. GIGI GOROGIANI and Lynne Williams collect tickets for Student Council sponsored powerpuff game. SPIRIT COMMITTEE members Jenny Bibler and Lynn Schneider spread spirit with spray-painted signs. 1-P' TWU mmm' eflflffy A Fi Wu' Q 9 X Q N.. ww' fs. , ,I is N If f'5fN--.ix if Q K 4 'C C fa' N ' if I R E. . 67 YOU DON'T have to be a politician to be elected to Student Council. Offering information at the Freshman Mixer are council members Virgil Mad- den and Jenny Bibler. THESE CABINET members listen attentively. GET IT TOGETHER -41. . - --J-"f-m.,,, x. - . "!"H:1"'f"" fr., . ,, , ' . . ,wr J ' f-I MANY ACTIVITIES were planned by H.R.C. in order to promote better relations. Row One: Roy Norman, Karen Reed, Karen Dixson, Ivory Rey- nolds, Bonita Scruggs, Sandy Barringer, Paula Vaughn, Joe Snyder, Bill Green, Patrick Gaddis, Leslie Rowley, Anita Rowley, Renita Swope, Paula Jorgensen, Becky Horton, Chris Flock, Ann Bran- nan, Mark Williams, Virgil Madden. Row Two: Tracy Walton, Robin Murphy, Cheryl Barker, Jane Harris, Nancy Ramsey, Kevin Bullock, Claudia Vaoghn, Rick Lloyd, Keith Hall, Tim Hehnick, Page Hunter, Chris Nanopoulos, Susan Conway, Paggy White, Cheryl Eidson, Joe Everroad. Row Three: Tim Black, Sharon Bond, Billy Strikling, Tim Douglas, Adele Cohen, Shelly Burchett, Dennis Quarries, Micky Machiels, Joyecelyn Dixon, Terry Williams. Row Four: William Bullock, James Eliott, Geoff Edney, Larry Gilbert, Pat Chaney, Jim Ramsey, Myron Walton, Ron Alvies, Merlana Meller Marty Cooper, Janice Bracken, Tony Snow, Andrea Dulan, James Brodex, Sharon Steoppelwerth, Julie Angelicchio, Lee Johnston, Chris Lalioff. 7 THE BEAT goes on for these freshmen at the Human Relations sponsored Frosh Mixer. M... " f'!U'Y":',,. 1, is if WK 1 "0 S 'I v I 1 Q n ..'sS 4 .1 4' , -v 's aoii .a O 0 1, -0 Q, 1 A'-'f. 4 , 0 th Q.. V , . r How many times have you heard the ex- pression, 'LGet it togetherm? Those of us on Human Relations Council really tried to do it. Originating because of racial tension and violence, the council had 32 members who were elected according to race, sex, and class. Brought together in order to promote better understanding, we had open rap ses- sions where anyone could come and a canned foods drive for the needy, among many other projects. At the beginning of the year, we held a week especially for freshmen. "Celebrate with '78', was intended to make the incom- ing class feel more at home here. At the end of the Week, there was a successful freshman mixer. Under the guidance of our officers Gerald Chaney, monitorg Timothy Black, assistant monitorg and Nancy Ramsey, secretary-trea- surer, we held a "mini" talent show around Christmastime. This show, called "Expres- sions,', enabled any student to express him- self through poetry, song, or dance. Although the racial problems at Arlington are far from being solved, we on Human Re- lations Council felt that We at least made an effort to better our school. UM, UM Good! Senior Joycelyn Dixon holds cans of CAMPBELLS SOUP, donated for the Human Relations Canned Foods Drive. r GRAB BAG . . . H.R.C. sponsor, Mrs. Georgia Flo- ren, bags cans of food for the Canned Foods Drive. RYTHMIC "BOOGY" helps Frosh get down at the Freshman Mixer. 1 l l l . 4 ACTING- ART ARLINGTON'S FEMALE disc-jockey? Sophomore Kathi Ridley looks over the school bulletin. SPEAKING OF the Newsreel, "hear" they are. Row One: William Warner, John Nimmo, Sherry Barnett, Cindy Lahr, Mike Mills. Row Two: Paul Knotts, Pier Williams, .lo Johnson, Diana Buser, Sandy Ball. 3 SENIOR JO Johnson "wraps up" one edition of Arlington's Newsreel. SENIOR JOYCELYN Dixon, and juniors Judy Weber and Monie Heath display their talent in "Member of the Wedding," last spring's Thespian play. GETTING INTO the acting mood is Judy Weber While Monie Heath watches with interest. "GIVE ME your candid opinionf, Judy Weber dis- plays a new dress for the upcoming wedding in a rehearsal for "Member of the Weddingl' the Thes- pian play. ' ftriyr Acting is a little like one of those child- hood dreams, you know, growing up and be- coming a Civil War heroine like Scarlett O,Hara or even Clark Kent's "girl fridayf' Thespians let me become a different person- ality with every change of script and dress. But it wasn't all fantasyg it was a lot of hard work requiring participation on everyone's part and a lot ofpersonal time. Along with the hard work the acting field offered many rewards, among which were our annual spring Hammy Awards, giving recognition to all those uhamsw who really deserved the honor. At our spring banquet, the older and more experienced members achieved the great honor of inducting the newer members who had earned their ten points by working back- stage or participating in plays. Arlington Newsreel, another way to ex- press dramatic talent, awakened and delight- ed many attentive students during home- room. We on the Newsreel staff informed you of the weather, major occurences, and the school menu, all brought to you in the 'gun-interrupted serenity" of your home- rooms. "That just about Wraps it up." Q ff XT llllllllill lllmuul anllllnur l ARLINGTON ACTORS portray acting ability throughout the school year. Row One: Leslie Kraucunas, Marnie Lemons, Pam Rebelin, Judy Marsh, Bonnie McDowell. Row Two: Martina Ku- kolja, Sally Morris, Debbie Lysek, Elaina Green, Jeanne Solaro, Julie Warren, Cheryl Huntington, Susan Grigsby, Liz Mendenhall, Sheryl Ragan. Row Three: Sandy Ball, Ani Kukolja, Diane Schimp, Cynthia Taylor, Kathi Ridley, Cindy Lahr, Mareth Sinclair, Nancy Halter ftreasurerl, Jo Johnson Cpresidentl, Adele Cohen Csecretaryj, Diana Buser Cclerkj, Joanne Lahr, Sandi Hunington, Gayle Bratton, Mary Smith. Row Four: David Mills, Mike Mills, Rex Bratton, Jeff Hattield, James Meyer, Pat Chaney, Russ Levit, Kevin Johnson, Tim Douglas. i tit 5 'X ,Xt l PROPER LIGHTING is vital . . . Ed Good makes notes in order to achieve this. WINDING TAPES is one of the duties John Jacobs, A.V. Assistant, performs every day. PROVIDING THE basics for any performance on . the A.H.S. stage are: Row One: Jim Updike, Dan- MW' ny Wilson, John Hittgen, Keith Haemmerk, Kenny Pearcy. Row Two: Dave Wampler, Phil Young, Glenn Bowman, Jim Shouse, Mr. Schulz. Seated in window: Ted Kegeris, Doug Luke, Joe Ping. t t ALL WOUND up . . . an A.V. Assistant finds him self entangled with tapes as he prepares them. SU G HEROE S 'Q adapts: -new Q., -.. - 2 'xg sei -4 't"'-:W UV' The curtain would never have risen, the lights would never have shone, the sounds would never have been heard . - . the Show just wouldn't have gone on without the Aud itorium Technicians. We spent long hours rehearsing for various performances, includ- ing the musical, band and orchestra concerts convocations, and many others. It was a lot of fun thoughgl got a chance to be with friends, goof off a little, and still be of ser- vice to my school. Most students didn't realize that every time they saw a film, went to a pep session, or listened to the P.A. announcements there was an Audio-Visual Assistant behind the scenes, making sure things went smoothly. I was an assistant mainly because I liked working with the audio-visual equipment. Besides that, it helped the school and gave me something constructive to do with my time. Audio-Visual Assistants and Auditorium Technicians are guys who are seldom seen or heard, but without us a lot of Arlington ac- tivities just wouldn't happen. Perhaps we really are "unsung heroesf, LEARNING THE ropes . . . Auditorium Technician Dave Wampler finds himself in mid-air as he manag- es the curtain. LET YOUR fingers do the walking . . . Fritz Bauer, A.V. Assistant, does some filing. SPENDING STUDY hall time constructively are A.V. Assistants: Row One: Max Templeton, Joe Crabtree, Mr. Cash-sponsor, Steve Manka. Row Two: Chris Campbell, Steve Cuff, Rick Williams, Jon Hirschfeld. Row Three: Terry Williams, Don Kenworthy, Mike McLaughlin, Duane Davis, Ivy Thompson, Kevin Johnson. Row Four: Mike Wil- liams, Greg Lewis, William Haftly, Dave Williams Don Eaton. 9 New interests seemed to be popping up all the time! Ijoined the first Fishing Club in the his- tory of A.H.S. Mr. Fuelling, our sponsor, inspired the new club. The purpose of the club was to promote sportsmanship and conservation of wildlife. We also learned a ' little about the sport of fishing, different kinds of fish and the environment. During f the winter we went on an ice-fishing trip. X We also went on several other trips which , K f included a weekend expedition last spring. ' 1 Resulting from the energy crisis and cy- I' , cling craze of 1973 was the Arlington Bicy- f ' cle club of 74-75, sponsored by Mr. Blase, an accomplished cyclist. I was glad Arling- 4 ton started a bicycle club, because I learned Qi' -, a lot about my bicycle at our meetings. We i Y, T1 discussed all forms of cycling and the prop- I er and efficient use of our bicycles. Mr. .fly Blase took us on bicycle rides and tours ' which were really fun. It was a lot better than riding alone, and it was even a good A . "weight reducing plan!" L Whether your interest was "wheelin"' I f 'Mfg or "reelin", Arlington had a club for you. I L9 I X SOMETI-IING'S FISHY at Arlington this year and C ' it's the Fishing Club. Row I: Nat Benson, Debbie 5- ' Schneider, Wayne McGee, Avis Thomas, John Erd- mann, Fritz Bauer, Jeff Ostei-man and Mr. Fuelling. Row II: Nancy Marshall, Dan Schuater, Harold Bell, Sandy Barringer, Rick Scully, Chris Burton, Greg Lewis and Ronnie Clark. M... K 'Y i, -.7 ,473, . ,p-vs" f-1 X --Y X 1 T, G WHEELIN'-N-REELI ' MR. BLASE find the quickest way to get around the halls at Arlington. RESULTING FROM the energy crisis is the Bicy- cle Club. Row I: Mereth Sinclair, Glenda Massey, Karen Hasenstab, Dan Hursh, Glenn Bowman, Thomas Johnson, and James Taylor. Row II: James Meyer, Edwin Hollowell, James Cordova, and Russell Levitt. Front: Mr. Blase and Kirsten Johnson. ,AQ S., if A "What should I wear'?', Pleeease don't pin the flower on my skin!" "Mom, now that's enough with the camera for one night.'.' "Oh wow, I hope I donlt knock my food into my lapf, "That's my foot youlre dancing on! .U Thanks, I had a great timeli' What was all the commotion about? The Christmas season included an additional merriment, made possible by the Student Council. This extra feature, "Winter Wonder- landfl could neither be considered a great success nor a failure. Most of us thought it was nice, but that it would have been more fun if more people would have shown. In fear of not selling enough tickets to keep the Council's finances out of the red, it was an- nounced that if a larger number of tickets was not sold beforehand, the dance, as Well as the other annual school dances, would be cancelled. This might have been poor publi- city. After all, nobody wanted to go to a dance if "no one else was going." A lot of us spent time making trips to the refreshment counter or "cheesing" at the camera during the fast tempo pieces, but made our way onto the dance floor to waltz in a 'fWinter Wonderlandn while the NCHS Stage Band played pieces with a slower beat. The Christmas Dance was a lst for AHS in some years. I enjoyed it and everyone else seemed to have gotten into the Christmas spirit and had a really nice time too. SANTA CMark .Williamsj spreads the Christmas spirit with a smack, surprising Donna Meek. FIREPLACES, STOCKINGS, and Raggedy Ann all bring Christmas cheer to Kevin Ahearn and Kim Clark. W, ' Q WALTZING I "WI TER WO DERLAN " COULD THEY be "Dreaming of a White Christ- mas"? While the band plays the appropriate mus- l ic, couples enjoy themselves dancing. r l HGAZE INTO my eyes." Chris Wilson and Mark r Reed seemed to be all wrapped up with each oth- V 'Nha VERYDAY ATHLETES G.A.A. WAS an organization of sports minded girls. Row I: Gwen Smith, Carmen Holloway, Yvette Shelby, Glenda Massey, Kathy Fowler, Kar- en Reed, and sponsor, Miss Wessel. Row II: Robin Brown, Karen Ramey, Nancy Baker, Pamela Beat- ty, Teresa Harris, Peggy White. Row III: April Brown, Veronica Gilbert, Elaine Lively, Clem Din- gle, Carmen Brocks. It seems like athletes are always stereo- typed as the 'gbig dumb, silent types," with no feelings or convictions. A group at Arling- ton, F.C.A. fFellowship of Christian Ath- letesj, proved this wrong. Being a member of an athletic team at A.H.S. was the only requirement to join. We met twice monthly at our sponsor, Coach Don Lostutter's house. We usually saw a movie or listened to a tape, then dis- cussed it. Sometimes Mr. Lostutter just talked to us about Christ or about problems we had. Of course the meeting wasnit com- plete without at least one game of pool! Last summer some of us went to a week- end F.C.A. retreat. Cary Barker, David Justice, and Scott Anderson went to a week long camp at Dennesin College in Ohio. Through F.C.A. I not only grew closer to Christ, but I also grew. to be better friends with my fellow athletes. It wasn't only the guys who had an ath- letic association, the girls got into the ac- tion too, through G.A.A. The Girls Athletic Association was originated to stimulate par- ticipation in girls athletics and to promote ideals of health and sportsmanship. Along with playing basketball and volleyball, we also helped with other girls sport programs. Having 35 members, it was hard to meet every week, so we only had meetings when we needed them. Through F.C.A. and G.A.A. we weren't just everyday athletes! ANTICIPATION IS written all over the faces of these Girls Basketball team members when Veron- ica Gilbert shoots the ball. "" T ll'l urn za Q ,J-I ll- Pffl S FRIENDSHIP WAS abundant in the F.C.A. Row I: Steve Raymont, Lee Johnston, Jeff Molin, Doug Boykin, Anthony Brewer, Ronald Alvies, sponsor, Mr. Don Lostutter. Row II: Jerry Brittain, Cary Barker, Frederick Hopkins, Calvin Peyton, Scott Anderson, Rod Coffman, David Justice, Melvin Taylor, Timothy Black, Willie Polk, Jay Fuson, Todd Biberdorf. RACK UM up! An FCA meeting seems incom- plete without a game of pool! I EVEN THOUGH FCA has a casual atmosphere, its Members quiet down to listen attentively to Coach Lostutter. 43 -ar , IZ HARD WORK and Dedication paid off for these Honor Society members. Row I: Linda Atkins, Jo Johnson, Carolyn Calvert, Jenny Bibler, Michele Cowart, Nancy Baker, Debbie Deck, Ann Hoffman, Darrel Krulce. Row II: Marllys Wright, Alex An- treasian, Diane Huser, Susan Reap, Nancy Halter, Chris Mitchell, Cindy Lahr, Ron Powell, Steve Pow- ell. Row III: Rick Jones, Marty Cooper, Toni Bar- rett, Lynn Schneider, Elise Jacobson, Erin Alexan- der, Edward Good, Paul Wright, Libby Virts. Row IV: Kevin Krahl, Gary Lynn, Judy Brown, Kem Templeton, Jenny Storm, Debbie Miller, Terra Nicholas, William Rainsberger, Ron Stanish. EVERY GROUP has its emblem and Honor Soci- ety is no exception. NATIONAL HONOR ?ClE TY EQ' r H 5 ii 17 l ll I nl l National Honor Society was an honorary group of seniors, who were inducted in the spring of 1974. Recommendations by our teachers and an upper one-tenth standing of our class proved to be crediting. It was a great honor to become a member of this or- ganization. Our major activity was sponsor- ing the annual, fun-filled 50's Dance. Another honorary organization was one of 7,500 chapters, which are in every union and in foreign countries. The Ella Sengen- berger Chapter of Quill and Scroll honored journalism staffers who met requirements which included being in the upper third of the junior or senior class in scholastic stand- ing, a sum of 100 inches of printed copy, and a B average. Mr. John Snyder sponsored our chapter. Our chief function was to exchange journalistic ideas. Now I know what excelling myself in aca- demics had to reward. Making my grades paid off in many ways, this was one. WHERE DO all the ideas come from? They prob- ably come from get togethers like this one in the publications office. SAA-LUTE! WE the members of Quill and Scroll salute YOU. Row I: Maureen Webster, Joanne Kalp, Maria Papadakis, Kim Keene, Sabrina Valen- tine, Tammy Johnson, Chris West, Laura Lewis, Ann Brannan. Row II: Sherri Stutsman, Betsy Morris, Toni Barrett, Bennett Segal, Dan Hursh, Glenn Bowman, Nancy Hirschfeld. Row III: Mark Williams, Geoff Edney. TUR ABOUT IS FAIR PLAY' COULD IT be a proposal? Carolyn Calvert and Jay Fuson carry the Turnabout theme all the way. 1 . , f 1 fy A t x Q2 ' '7 N ,jf ? -.1 , ,X f 1 ' X lt , ras V 4 5 ,I .L e ,s X . 5 if s 3 L, A I L t .. 'el .h Q A 'lows , , ,L HOLD ON to that crown! Cy and Cindy fChris Burton and Lynn Schneiderb led the dance to "Just You and Me." CROWDING THE dance floor, couples danced to a slower beat of Taxnished Silver. I l l 4 QONE LOOK is worth a thousand words in this ro- mantic set-up for DeWayne McGee and Tammy Mobley. l All's fair in love and war, and as far as the according to theory. get to go to the dance at all. event. bouncing around. er, Cy and Cindy of 1975. you're having fun, time flies! IT WAS a rosy evening for the Cy and Cindy candi- dates who were nominated by their fellow class- mates and honored at the dance. Row I: Lula Wil- liams, Cherri Thomas, Chris Lalioff, Lynn Schneid- er, Cathy Smithe, Chris Wilson, Gina Shropshire. love part is concerned, turnabout is fair play, Whether or not it's fair, we had our annu- al "girl ask boyl' semi-formal dance. Weeks before the dance the girls were worrying about who they were going to take, where they would go to eat dinner, and if that "special someone" would have a good time. The guys, who usually did the worrying, got a taste of what it was like to sit back and really worry about whether or not they'd The Student Council sponsored Turnabout was one of Arlington's most successful dances in a long time. Over 250 people made their way to St. Andrews Church for the One of the most talked about elements of the dance was the band, Tarnished Silver. They played mostly fast rock songs, as op- posed to traditional slow-dance ones. Al- though it was the end of the dance before a lot of us got the courage to boogie out to the dance floor, most of us really enjoyed it. However, some argued that a semi-formal dance wasn't supposed to be a sock-hop and they didn't want to get all hot and sweaty "Just You and Mej' the theme song of the dance, was played in honor of sopho- more Chris Burton and senior Lynn Schneid- After all the planning, excitement, and last minute preparations, the evening seemed to go by so fast. When the evening was near- ing an end, I was wishing I could turn the clock back and do it all over again. When Row II: Leon Parson, Willie Polk, Terry Cummins Chris Burton, Chuck Bernett, Jay Fuson, Herbie Teal. DEDICATED ART students spend after school time in Art Club. Row One: Kathy McMichael, Carmina Ziedonis, Debbie Lysek, Marsha Muegge. Row Two: Cynthia McClure, Kirsten Johnson, Liz Weber, Becky Corbett. Row Three: Carol Marlett, Shirley Granlin, Sheryl Lee, Terri Tackett, Becky Humphress, Charles Frank- lin, David Nance. FIELD TRIPPI 1 Field trips dominated the Art and Science Club activities this year. When I first got into the Art Club, I wasn't too pleased, especially when I com- pared it to last year's club. The main reason was because we lost our first sponsor. While Mrs. Ward was here, we went on field trips to Turkey Run State Park, had parties, and made sand candles. When she left our club almost vanished into thin air. Thanks to Miss Russell, our new sponsor, things began look- ing more 'fartisticf' I guess it took that much time to realize what the Art Club was all about. Not only did I learn about many var- ious fields of art, but I also met new friends, who were good people to work with. We owed a lot to our president, Kirsten 5 Johnson, vice president, Terri Tachettg ani secretary-treasurer, Cynthia McClure. Our treasury was kept up with donations at the Q meetings held every Thursday. I S As a member of the Science Club, I lis- A tened to special guest speakers of the sciencli field and took various trips to places of in- terest, including one excursion in the springi to Chicago. Attempting to promote interesti in science, especially within the community? our sponsor Mr. Blase held the Science Clubi meetings every other Wednesday. The offi- cers were Cheryl Huntington, president, Kathy Ridley, vice-president, and Judy Hotf ka, secretary-treasurer. ' in FILLING MISS Russell in on the past of Art Club are Kirsten Johnsen, Arll Benjeman, Cynthia Mc- Clure, and Marsha Muegge. VERY INTERESTING .... Mr. McClary and Mr. Blase, Science Club sponsors, observe a weekly meeting. 5 x".:,' ..,,,,Q ylzl A A ,p cv' V ' W A . gg ,Nh strut A iwmm IN' .warg A ,f s V431 pfl' M164 -we TAKING A break from their testubes, these Albert Einsteins and Madam Curries are pictured to the left. Row One: Glenda Massey, Mark Amos, Car- mina Ziedonis, Barb Gaier, Judy Hotka, Row Two: Kathi Ridley, Sandy Huntington, Becky Hum- phress, Terri Tuckett, Pam Sullivan. Row Three: Kevin Johnson, Trina Armstrong, Ronald Alview, Cheryl Huntington, Anita Gibson, Danny Carney. me Mm ,,'.,s,.iQYy I flag, ..,.s. SUGAR AND spice isn't always nice, as this guest speaker tells the science club. Cheryl Huntington assists her. JUST FUR KICK KICKlNG'S THEIR habit, or so it seems, as these girls perform a chorus line. The scoreboard read second quarter and tension mounted. If you had listened care- fully, you may have heard knees knocking. Then the music startedg and the girls, who seconds before had been scared to death, marched out for half-time, trying hard to smile. That was us, the Goldenaires. Performing during half-time at football and basketball games was really scary sometimes, especially when we'd just learned the show the day be- fore! There was always that feeling of excite- ment and anticipation-wondering who was watching and hoping they'd like the show. Throughout the performancel could hear echos of "smile ladies smilelw It all started in the summer. Droopy-eyed, I made my way to early morning practices in order to make up, learn and perfect rou- tines. We had it especially rough this year be- cause we didn't have a full time sponsor dur- ing football season to teach us routines. Lack of organization was by far our worst problem. We had, as the saying goes, "too many chiefs, and not enough Indiansf' Have you ever heard 33 girls trying to decide one way to wear their hair? Luckily, by the time basketball season came, we had a new sponsor, Mrs. Strayhorn, we also hired a Butler Halftime Honey to teach us new dances. I think we really shocked the fans with our sexy version of HHey Big Spender" in our first basketball show. Being in Goldenaires gave me a chance to back up my team, boost school spirit, and meet new friendsg but most of us agreed that we did it "just for kicks!" RAINDROPS ARE falling on the goldenaires' heads while they wait for the Beech Grove parade to begin. MA" IS for Arlington, as the football goldenaires well knew. Every pre-game during football season they helped the band form that letter. STEP l: Learn the routine. Cindy Crow, who was captain of Pennants, does just that at a Thursday night practice. OH SAY can you see the color guard, which pre- sented the flag at the beginning of each basketball game for the National Anthem. HOLD THAT pose! Color Guard member Suzanne Averitt shows respect for the flag during the open- ing ceremony at a basketball game. IERE THEY are the goldenanes Row One Ma ler C1ndy Crow Chris West Chrls Winn Connie Feature TWIIICID Sue Arbuckle and Debbie Ro Brown Colette Barbee Linda Griffey Sandy Kis- l 3- GO VARSITY! Go Reserve! Go Frosh! Put it all together and what do ya get? GO KNIGHTS! Row One: Varsity squad Becky Horton, Jenny Bibler, Sandy Mellor, Claudia Vaughn, Ann Sippel, Chris Wilson, and Paula Jorgensen. Row Two: Reserve Squad Carmen Holloway, Julie Angelicchio, Lori Urias, Donna Meek, Beth Fisher, Gina Shropshire, and Chris Lalioff. Row Three: Freshman Squad Diane Valentine, Loretta Townsend, Marni Lem- mons, Cindy Wallace, Leslie Muesing, and Patti Snyder. x Ka an t . , ,,,, .el .., ..... wc ., . .rf nf.. . , 1' 1- Q. ffm . ..4'txf.N. .ua 'T S 'le A Nami! . S, 1 Q L 'Q Y" Z , . .4 mg I, J In idx 45,,,,,5,,f:g i .- HEY! . . .CHEERLEADERS not only cheered at the pep sessions but they also helped to organize them. CHEERING TO unenthusiastic crowds is some- times a hard job. Varsity cheerleaders Chris Wilson and Ann Sippel try their best. '., C'MON KNIGHTS! Caught in motion while urging the Reserve Team on to victory is Lori Urias. l I .2 PROVING HER dedication, Reserve yeller Gina Shropshire withstands the cold at the Homecom- ing football game. ONCE VARSITY cheerleader Sandy Mellor bun- dles up, trying to forget about the low temperature, she gets excited about the football game. STEADY .,.. VARSITY pepster Paula Jorgensen fixes popcorn at the concession stand, which is run by the cheerleaders in order to raise money for new uniforms. As a cheerleader, my duties were many, my responsibilities were greatg nevertheless, I will always be grateful that I was chosen as a representative of my school. Few realize the hard work it entails. I'll never forget the butterflies I had as we awaited the decision of the student body at the grueling try-outs. In J une, we attended camp at Valparaiso University. We were up from early morning to late night learning chants and yells and intricate routines. We practiced to refine and synchronize our mo- tions. Cheers and chants echoed through the dormitory and across campus. Our varsity squad gained a fourth place finish. Next came the big day. The stands were filling yet the field was alone. It was time for the jamboree. I was so excited, yet so nervous. Before the games, we usually en- vaded the locker room and decorated it with streamers, original slogans, and candy. Planning for pep-sessions began. We tried to concoct new and unusual ways to ignite spiritg for instance, pie-smashing contests IG ITI G PEP and "blowing up the Rocketsi' with balloons on the "Countdown',. We sure had to do some crazy things to get up students enthus- iasm. Before we knew it the exhausting basket- ball season came rolling around. Keeping up with the fast-changing pace of the games was hectic! When the time was short, the cheers wouldnit come and we were confused and uptight. Throughout the football and basketball seasons we were there-every game, come rain or sleet or snow-trying to get the spec- tators to yell their support for the team. When there were no fans in the stands, we were still there, trying to make up in volume and enthusiasm for the vacancies in the bleachers. Through all the hassels and minor injur- ies I began to wonder what it was all about- caring, doing all we could for the team and our innerself, knowing we had tried, follow- ing rules, practicing, sacrificing-that's what! . .4 i SW-IM CL BACK-STROKING his way through the pool is junior Jay Fuson. Rumors are true sometimes, and believe it or not, freshmen, there really is a swim- ming pool at Arlington now, you'll just have to walk a little farther to find it. You'll have to walk clear to Forest Manor Middle School where you could check out Arlington's latest addition in action any Monday, Wed- nesday, or Thursday. With Mr. Lewis and Mr. Randall as our sponsors we got off to a good start the sec- ond semester. We mainly wanted to get ready for next year when weill actually swim in competition. Iwas really glad that Arlington started a swim team because swimming is a competi- tive, body-developing sport and I can have fun doing it. f We have about 30 swimmers practicing. Although we can't be compared to Mark Spitz, we all try hard. We still need some kids to till out the team so for anyone who loves to swim Cand compete a littlej it will never be too late. Considering we didn't really have a pool, we made a pretty big splash! MR. LEWIS falias Freddie the Frogl seems to be proud of his 'Tadpoles' falias Swim Clubb. Row I: Teri Zartman, Kirsten Johnson, Kim Clark, Kathy Ridley, Anne Spradling, Sue Arbuckle, and Marni Lemmons fnot picturedl. Row II: Bryan Grant, Jeff Klingberg, Rick Lloyd, Joe Snyder, David Crab- tree. Row III: Ed Klivensky, Mike Mills, Brian Al- exander, Kent Lemmons, Dave Wampler, Steve Hanes, Corte Alfs. Row IV: Mr. Ken Lewis, Dave Mills, Craig McKay, Russ Levitt, Jay Fuson, Steve Raymont, Shawn Gilliland. with AKES BIG SPLAS 'eb . . 'Q . V "rw, L W '.iQ52.fas- Nr... HE'S OFF! Into the wild blue water goes sopho- more Craig McKay, one of the more experienced swimmers on the team. THIS SENIOR, Kent Lemmons, is really making waves as he streams through the water doing the breast stroke. Q 4 ROTC DA CE-GOERS BOOG FINDING OUT that on occasions food at school can be good, these ROTC members and Colonel Clark line up for chow. QUESTION: What's the connection be- tween a "high-steppinm soldier and a boogy- ing guy in green? ANSWER: The first annual ROTC Christ- mas Dance and dinner held on December 17, 1974, in the ROTC building. First on the agenda was the dinner consist- ing of turkey, ham and "all the fixings." Top- ping off the evening was our guest of honor Colonel Clark, the Director of Army Instruc- tions in Indiana. Other distinguished guests included Mr. Robert Turner, Mr. Faburn De- Frantz, and some ROTC teachers from the Arlington vicinity. After the buffet style dinner was over, we all went downstairs where there was a live band playing. Here we changed from mili - tary-like soldiers to real people and had a great time dancing! 'Wi X, . i"" V255 L.- , A K Yivf' Nmlkvft Qi UMM UMM! Enjoying a home cooked meal are these guys from ROTC. "BOOGY GET Down" ROTC dance-goers "dance to the music." 56 dp PROVIDING THE ROTC after dinner music are Floyd Knight and friend. lu-Q GETTING ANXIOUS FOR a drink, this man uses his hands. FEELING GOOD after their Christmas dinner Will- iam Bullock and friends get into some "bumpin". fi f' fr PM Z IDM "HOW MUCH?" asks Ronald Moore as Letterman's Club discusses the possibility of getting Letterman jackets. I remember when I first got my letter sweater. Boy was I cool! I'd jive down the halls like "Joe Popularw waiting for girls to faint at the sight of me, look at that big old "A" and say, 'lOh Joe, youlre such a 'He-man'.', Actually I couldn't believe it myself. I started making plans. lid sleep with it under my pillow for a month, have it cleaned every other Tuesday, and wear it whenever it wasn' being dry-cleaned. After a while it got sort of boring though. That was last fall. Since then I've come to realize what a po- sition being a letterman really is, and how hard it is to get a sweater. I've known some guys who have been working four years to get a sweater, now that's a heck of a lot of time to dedicate to one thing, especially when you consider the hard work and determination required to get Letterman's points. Now it's the end of the year, lim not as excited as I was at the first of the year, but I think I'll always remember how I usweatedw to get my letter. PROVIDING A lift for school cheerleaders are some football lettermen. Bottom: Ronald Moore, Bryan Hudson, Jay Fuson, and Tom Farrell. Top: Gina Shropshire, Carman Holloway, Lori Urias, and Beth Fisher. ATHLETES SWEA FOR SWEATER '--Q--vww-a-1 im ..,e,.,.,.,,,.. N If-v...,w.-.,. ....,.,....,,., .Q-0 .5 2 iw- My 'QU-f O' ...B A,A ARLINGTON LETTERMAN boast letters and pins. Row I: Dave Wompler, Ed Good, Ron Clark, Doug Gemmer, Kevin Talley, Terry Woods, Norman Schowmeyer, David Justice, Rick Jones, Robert Glaspy, Robert Douglas, Murth Ramsey, Mr. Jerry Fuelling Csponsorb. Row II: Leon Dean, Todd Biberdorf, Kem Templeton, Dewayne McGee, Rick Scully, Nat Benson, Willie Gordon, Cary Barker, Sparks, Gary Lynn, Lloyd Vandagriff, Joe Bell, Danny Pearson. Row III: Bryan Doug Boykin, Dimetrius Mumford, Melvin Taylor, Vincent Butler, Ronald Moore, Farber, Chris Burton, Brain Massey, Jim Ramsey. Terry Phillips. l'j'4 .-,.'i I '4 w ex V l 'a V, HGMECOMI G LFLOATS AWAY l r QUR 1974 homecoming queen, Carmen Sherrod IS presented with a bouquet of flowers from Mr. Turner. 1 3 N l There was that special feeling in the air that accompanied every homecoming. Be- tween building floats, going to pep sessions, and picking a queen, we had our hands full. At the outset of the school year, strains of "Sizzle the Rocketsf, could be heard from float meetings, but when October 18th came, only the three class floats appeared on the track. From the midst of the half-time activities came Carmen Sherrod, who was crowned Homecoming queen from a field of eight hopeful girls. As the crown was placed on the new queen's head, and former queen Marilyn Street took a ride around the track, alumni exploded with cheers as memories of past years returned to them. Our hopes were high for Arlington's first win of the season, but when the game ended, the only excitement left was from the half- time show. Years from now homecoming will be a treasured memory of when my days were busily spent preparing for the biggest football game of the season. AFTER WEEKS of planning and construction, the sophomore float triumphed over upper-classmen floats. SHIVERING IN the cold, Ann Sipple, Carmen Sherrod, and Tony Jones expectantly await the an- nouncement. POISED, READY for the snap, Quarterback Dime- trius Mumphord leads an offensive drive. IGHTS RUSH FOR TOUCHDOW We started out slowly, but with hope and spirit. Almost everyone of us on the varsity squad also played reserve. Although we lost our first 9 games, I feel that the guys who stayed with the team and gave their time and effort won in their own way. Both var- sity and reserve teams were inexperienced and there was not as big a turnout of players and fans, as in previous years. Many of us played both defense and offense during a game and some even played with injuries. I am not trying to make excuses, but it was hard to put together winning squads when so few went out for the team. Both varsity and reserve ended the season with 1-9 rec- ords, but I think our teams were made of players who loved the sport of football and were out to prove that "winning isn't every- thing," or at least it shouldn't be! RUNNING ON impulse, Van Shaw C433 cuts through Ripple's line. TENSION IS felt in the Marshall locker room the Knights psych themselves up. TAKING TIME from practice are: Front Row Tom Haladay, Gary Manuel, Rocky Hudson, John Walton, Kevin Talley, Dimetrius Mumphord, Dan- ny Pearson, Ronald Moore, Vince Buckner, Rich- ard Easley, Ron Stover, Jim Ramsey, Sam Chaille, Murth Ramsey. Middle Row: Mr. Verplank, Mr. Fuelling, Darrell Manuel, Craig McKay, Jim Bell, Obe Carruthers, Charles Smith, Robert Douglass, Van Shaw, James Stacy, Steve Riley, Otis Carruth- ers, Jody Foster, Paul Norstrom, Larry Woods, Chuck Mitchell, Dan Schuster. Back Row: Coach Brown, Gary Jointer, Brian Massey, Doug Gemmer, Rick Scully, Dwayne McGee, Chris Burton, Tom Farrell, Jay Fuson, Nate Benson, Greg Cody, Rob- ert Young, Reggie Smithson, William Gwyn, Ben Smith, Bill Smyth, Mr. Wiggons. --- M -.,.,,....w,Y,c.-,,......,, .. ,,,. ., . N-nu--ww V-hu-7,7 7- W 'F gg,- ., ,N ,... .. .... .nw Central Ripple Central ' JISCUSSING STRATEGY for the defensive squad ire-coaches George Brown and Jerry Fuelling with :n1or Jim Ramsey. S i I 1 l v--'yn fl' , .fm f . ,,, . f ...Q ., J .,,,trN"1 , yr" .-. . ,wN.,.aumo.'-v , . . was fm .,-Pio. N., Reserve Football ,1 9 T4 A.H.S. 0-14 ' A.H.S. 6- 0 W ,A.H.S. rm ,A.H.s. o-28 A.H.s. e o-zo. A.H.S. ' 14-20 A.1-Ls. M 8-14 A.r1,s. 14-28 at-Ls. 0-12 , Lawrence Central Scecina , Marshall f Warren Central Tech 1 Howe ' ' Broad Ripple North Central Attucks A FROSH GI EN TAKE A YARD OR MOR Following in the footsteps of last year's freshmen team, we compiled a record of 5-2. We had a strong team, pounded out three straight wins to push our record to 4-1, but our winning streak was abruptly stopped by Craig Junior High School. After two seasons of good quality fresh- man football, in '73 and '74, we hope the same caliber will soon appear in Varsity ball. Coach Frank Craig expressed his enthusi- asm for our season by saying "I've had a good time coaching, and l'm looking for- ward to a good team next year." SCRAMBLING FOR the ball, everyone gets in on the act. CH.. 'Fi TAKING TIME from a winning season are fresh- men gridders. Front Row: Kevin Grisby, Mike Hill, Craig Fuson, Bill Kegler, Kit Keener, Greg Pipkin, Dennis Pullynes, John Martin, James Brittain. Mid- dle Row: Pat Carr, Preston Rhone, Glen Stanish, Kevin Ballanger, Mile Diggs, Tony James, Larry Miller, Richard Watford, David Edmondson. Back Row: Leslie Rowley, Dennis Locket, Wayne Jones, Jeff Pease, Mile Lalioff, Rodney Bannen, Darrick Johnson, Sydney Mclntier, Barry Brooks. A.H.S. A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S. . Freshmen Football 1974 6-30 10- 8 8- 0 12- 9 12-28 14- 7 Marshall Tech Howe Broad Ripple Craig Jr. High Scecina 1 fbi- x ,- W - . 94 AS AN Arlington ball carrier is stopped, Leslie Rowley C443 and Kit Keener C605 move in. OUT TO prove that defense is the key to every game, our linemen stop a Howe running back. EVERYONE EXCEPT Jeff Pease seems to prefer standing. . ITHE RU TAKING TIME out from a coaching session, David Sparks and Bill Bennett smile for the cameras. COMPANIONSHIP IS sometimes desired while practicing for a meet. N is DURING A break in practice, runners show good sides. Front Row: Mike Ledgerwood, J Klingberg, Darryl Childress, Dave Clark and Sparks. Back Row: Mr. Draughon, Norman meyer, Cary Barker, Robert Wheeler, Willie don, Bryon Rowley and Mr. Bennett. l MQKINTING AROUND the track, striving for per- jegiltion are: David Sparks, Robert Wheeler and Nor- WIFI Schwomeyer. Sch? ll Go: l E l rl PSYCHING HIMSELF up for the run, Robert Wheeler pauses a moment on the track. Being a little inexperienced and losing one of our few veterans to North Central hurt our Cross Country team this year. With David Sparks being the only experienced runner left, we tallied up a 36-40 season. Sparks took llth in the city and 24th out of 148 competitors in the sectional. Ending our season 17th in the city left room to work a little harder next year. After a strength building year, and with the coaching of Bill Bennett along with the aid of Sparks, next year we should do pretty well. may ETWO CONCENTRATING ON the game, Gary turns il serve. il'w1un. 5 ii' S? fix TAKING TIME out from their network a Row: Gary Lynn, Jamie Meyers, Glenn Jim Cordova. Back Row: Mr. Lostuter, Ron Lynn Ie ell, Ed Good, Todd Biberdorf, Mark Antreasian. A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S. A.H.S. . . . ff I Wx? ' 'if f ff y I , fir! W r 1 Q! 4 fvfsfmad W 5,3121-.A Nlen's Tennis 1974 ' 7-0 Scecina p ' 1-6 Howe , 34 MaIShall . 7-0 Northwest W' 3-2 Broad Ripple ' 5-0 Warren ' 4-2 Shortridge 0-7 North Central ' EYEING HIS A.H.S. opponent, Broad Ripple's if Efegeuf ' Dave Otey awaits his serve. - ec ' 2:5 Central -F PREPARING TO return a volley, Ron Poweu uses the perfect stance. Taking lessons and long hours of practice, striving for perfect form and timing, were a couple of things we had to do to make the A.H.S. Tennis Team. Second only to Howe in the city tourney these ingredients along with the coaching of Don Lostutter helped us to achieve our 8-4 record. We had three in individuals place second in the city: Ron Powell, Todd Biberdorf, and Glenn Bowman. In the sectional, Arlington rolled over Scecina 7-0 in the first round, but were edged edged out by one against Lawrence Central ir1 the second round. Talking about playing the game, one player said, "I think tennis involves a lot of psychology to be able to psyche out your opponent and cause him tomake errors! " "You must have coordination and agility to be any good in competition," another said. Many of us don't believe we got enough recognition since we had such a good season. Although the game is becoming increasingly popular, the students just weren't that inter- ested. I mean, second in the city is pretty good. Q... 4' PI 'EM DOW 'UO Ka 68 . Ny" VICTORY BELONGS to senior Ron Joe Qezelan signals. 74-75 Wrestling Team A.H.S. 40 39 Scecina A.H.S. 53 48 Tech A.H.S. 39 32 Marshall A.H.S. 43 40 Northwest A.H.S. 47 38 North Ce A.H.S. 41 34 Mannuel A.H .S. 36 27 Chatard A.H.S. 5 6 32 Cathedral A.H.S. 45 42 Warren One of man's primitive instincts is to fight sity team as a freshman. Wayne and many for what is his. Such is the case of our Gold- of the other team members are looking for- en Knights wrestling team did not shine S0 ward to the 75-76 season with great anticipa- goldenly. Our two biggest problems were tion, because as Mr. Lentz stated, "We lack of experience and not enough people Ol'l should have a strong nucleus with the wres- the team. The recruiting process was slow this year, and consequently we were forced tiers we have now, but we still need more people." Wrestling develops coordination to forfeit quite a few matches. Freshmen and and strength so everyone should go out for sophomores were combined together to form the reserve team. Even with forfeits, the team managed to get fifth in city, while varsity took thirteenth in the city tourna- ment. Individual members did better on the most part, such as Ron Stanish who was fourth in the city, in the individual stand- ings, and Wayne Jones, who made the var- the sport to keep in shape for other activi- ties. Many hopes were crushed by the forfeits and losses, but we all felt that we had done our best, and with more members maybe we would have gone farther. The old cliche, "quality not quantity," doesn't seem to al- ways iing true. SMILING AFTER an A.H.S. victory are, u . . C Row. Kim Clark, Juhe Angelicchio, Sue Arbu Tina Cordova. Back Row: Sandy Kissel, Conni Stanish, Sharon Stoepplewerth, Adele Cohen. ANGUISH AND tension is mirrored in head Jim Lentz's face. l E4 BEFORE A meet, reserve grapplers line up. Front Row: Tom Farrell, Leslie Watkins, Mike Lalioff, Kit Keener, Melroy Irving. Back Row: Mr. Holda- way, Mr. Fuelling, Bob Beasley, Murth Ramsey, Greg Riley, Harry Watkins, Mr. Lentz. VARSITY GRAPPLERS pause for a pose. Front Row: Harold Bell, Paul Clark, Mike Justice, Wayne Jones, John Spinery, Steve Powell, Ron Stanish, Ted Kegeris. Back Row: Mr. Holdaway, Mr. Fuel- ling, Wazzel Irving, Varce Howe, Leon Dean, Steve Riley, Joe Conrad, Robert Taylor, Mr. Lentz- Head Coach. V P' V A X f X . , wtf' J , ,f, M K IGHTS "STRIKE" AGAI if - I are IN THEIR "spare" time, these members of the bowling league gather for a picture. Front Row: Sharon Roth, Terri Jackson, Keith Haemerle, Den- ise Berry, Paula Jorgensen, Laura Lewis, Kelly Do- len, Gigi Gofogiani, Nancy Marshall, Judy Marshall, Robert Reyburn. Second Row: Cindy Maguire, Rosa Crawley, Sherri Jackson, Francine Settles, Kevin Brown, Bryan Washington, Steve Bowman, Mike McLaughlin, Flip Gurley, Connie Stanish, Ann Brannan, Jim Rapala. Third Row: David Con- nelly, Billy Edmond, Karen Bennett, Debbie Lysek, David Roth, Eric Barnes, Kim Debra Cuffe, Nancy Lewis, Chris Connelly, Don Kenworth'y. Back Row: Randy Sutherlin Randy Willis, Richard Halley, Joe Everroad, Mark Mitchell, Debbie Wilson, Dan Eaton, Jim Emery, Ernest Blackwell, Ken Mitchell, Steve Cuffe, Dave Elliot, David Jennings, Tammy Nicholas, Terra Nicholas, Fritz Brauer, Gary Miller, Mike Cuffe, Mike Clay, Bill Newhouse, Paul Marks, Gerry Moore, David Justice, David Lewis, Chris Crago. Our 1975 season was a combination of team work, competition and fun. I don't think many people realize the techniques involved in bowling. Believe it or not, it takes more than rolling a ball down a lane. Miss Anna Wessel was the sponsor of our 60 member club that bowled at Hin- del Lanes once a week. Eye contact, leg movement, body form and proper release ofthe ball were among skills important to bowling a perfect game. Each of us prac- ticed and perfected our game making the 1975 team one of the best in years. Our secret to a perfect game was to devote all our spare time making strikes. THE UNIQUE style of this bowler causes many heads to turn. X71 ,..u.7 3 2 MANY WEEKS of practice have proven helpful for Paula Jorgensen. JUNIOR, ROBERT Reyburn keeps his eye on the ball, hoping for a strike. IGHTS HEAD THE OFF AT THE PASS MOVING THE ball downfield is club president, Joe Kukolla. AFTER SCORING a goal, sophomore Jim Rapala begins to feel the warm glow of victory. It's football . . .it's rugby . . . no, it's soc- cer, the game where anything can happen. Being an up and coming club, we used our spring season to gain experience, and by fall we were going strong. We ended the sea- son, which was highlighted by a victory over Chatard and a close win over North Central, with a 3rd place in the 10 team Mid-State Conference. Started in '73 with the effort of Joe Kukola, soccer club grew together to work as a team. Getting enough interested kids to- gether and organized was a lot of hard work, but we had fun too. The fact that we all got along helped the games and I never left a practice without feeling like I'd just been to a party, that's how fun it was. Now everyone is looking forward to the '75 fall season and the parties-uh-I mean practices. .- V. 11,4 z., 5 5 V. .af m , , 4 If 1: . of f . ,, ,. ,V ,,. ,ff M A A45 'CER I - .ef ,, X ff A k X f fa f , ,. 4'i6Zf'V.fV!1.. f ff! 54 '-'ff '?',' f ff 'fgrgw i ,f if znawa rn . f f. ' 14112 f 4' egg, ' . fag? 1 xr, X if .AH fm ,f,:,,3f:gff', w,Z5: A,r ' . ,, ,vc Arrsf ' ' AHS if i fi 1 t AHS AHS: Chatard' srwmragea .2 . Wiirren Centnii iiif" 'H 'L " Marshall 1 tr 1 Lawrence Centraj . Chatard ' Shortridge ' ,5Y2z:renCentra1f...s1f North Centrale 1. Lawrence Central ' ONE swift kick, senior Dave Wampler the ball down field. TAKING TIME from practice are members: Front Row: Jim Updike, Dave Wampler and Jim Rapala. Middle Row: Jim Shouse, Dave Shipley, secretary- Sherry Barnett, Greg Lewis, Chris Schneider and Kenny Mitchell. Back Row: Vice-president Tom Miller, Roger Shouse, Mark Croup, treasurer-Chris Campbell, Leonard Mensah, Albert Reed, Terry Woods, president-J oe Kukolla, sponsor-Marylyn Davidson. KEEPING COMPLETE control of the ball, Albert Reed prepares to pass. THE GAMES GIRLS PLA GIRLS TENNIS team really make a rac Front Row Kathi Sch llrng Lori Unas Chris Lalioff Sharon Stoeppelwerth Amy Krahl Back Row Mrs Schrmrdt-coach Diane Ra Elaine Lively Joanne Kalp Amy Ralston Marks Times are changing as many athletic girls have proven, and the days of the male dom- inated sport are long past. I learned that tal- ent, participation and experience are all ele- ments of a good team, but enthusiasm is also an important factor and we had it! The girls Tennis Team under the leader- ship of Mrs. Burdeen Schmidt, fought for recognition as a major A.H.S. team. We were able to establish ourselves as a strong team and will continue to fight for the Knights. Miss Anna Wessel lead our Basketball, ' Volleyball, and Track teams. Being more or less intramural, the basketball team sponsor- ed by G.A.A., helped us perfect the skills in- volved in basketball. We had a poor volleyball season due to the lack of participation. Miss Wessel stated, "This year was just bad for us. I'm hoping we can have a better season next year." Our track team was young, but we hope to strengthen with experience. We know we have potential for strong teams and next year we should be able to use that potential to its fullest. Mu WILL IT ever end? are the thoughts of Karen ris and Pam Beatty PAUSING FOR a pose are the members of the Jolleyball Team. Front Row: Bonnie Kingston, 4 Robin Brown, April Brown, Barbara Davis, Cheri lood, Trudy Easley, Peggy White. Back Row: Lisa lalcomb-Mgr., Teresa King, Rosalind Dillard, Sue Xrbuckle, Rhea Oliver, Elaine Lively, Patana Wil- ton, Miss Wessel-coach. V ARE the female Wilt Chamberlains of Ar- High School. Front Row: Karen Reed-man- Karen Teal, Karen Ramey, Pam Campbell, Gilbert, Karen Harris-scorekeeper. Back Miss Wessel-coach, Glenda Massey, Tetesa L ls, Carmen Brocks, Pamela Beatty, Shirl Craw- . Ord, Carolyn Cole. Not pictured are Shelia Pettus Lf md Donnette Moore. ll? ' 1 r li l Knight Train, after having their boilers cooled by Franklin in the semi-state last year, got their boilers heated again and roared full steam ahead into another success- ful season. Our record included victories over highly regarded teams such as Lawrence Central, Wood, Broad Ripple, Shortridge and Chat- ard. The defeats which came our way were never runaways. Although the losses to Northwest and Tech were by wide margins, the games were close. Tech couldnlt pull away from our team until late in the game for their 68-56 win over us and Northwest led by only three points as late as the final two minutes of the fourth quarter. Doug Boykin and Melvin Taylor were the leaders of our team. Doug led in scoring with a fifteen point average while Melvin was close behind tallying over fourteen a game. Terry Phillips, Rod Coffman, Calvin Pey- ton and Brian Massey were the other top gunners on our team. Terry was our third leading scorer on the team with twelve points a game to his credit. Calvin was Mr. Consis- tency for the team and he also spearheaded our full court press making mockery of our opponents guards. Rod and Brian alternated at the other guard spot, and each filled the slot with bril- liant play all year long. Willie Polk was our team's utility man and showed he was adept at any spot when he continually pulled us out of tight squeezes all year long. The look of our team next year should be one of blazing speed and hawking defense. Height will be no big problem as 6'8" Fred Hopkins should pilot our pivot with ease as he showed his ability late in the season. With four returning lettermen, next year should be an exciting one as the Knight Train keeps rollin' along. WITH EVERY muscle in action, Calvin Peyton strains to net the ball. K IGHT TR I ROLLS O HEAD COACH Don Lostutter voices encourage- ment from the side lines. PM N, .WKUMMW -.,,MNmsN fr? Q ' 1- f 22+ rg f ., , J 58 Q X fri Q A ta S Pg? . Xu with P ,,.a.,.' - v-"" -1 .,..ill"" ,, N..,.,l:,,,,7,, , , , .I pu. 19.1--f', 3 new-WV A: ,X ,W SO ROCK steady, cause Arhngton has got b1g -- 'ff Freddie. . ..-f....,,.,,..,,,g, M 6 bw W Y 0 X. . 1 X151 X 3,1-2 ' W wg' Wi P A g' M... Ar, 1 ,IH 2 25 X w.:,.,5,N , -W ,. 4 '31 H ,..-w':"'T A M,,-v , W 325.4 ., , ,4- 5,51 Q ,, A ix .-f' 4 . GOLDEN KNIGHTS deal one to their Howe op ponent. BRIAN MASSEY snatches the ball. EVERY MEMBER of the Freshman basketball team is out to "get the tip." FROM THE corner, Neil Thomas shoots over his opponent's head. RFK 'df 1 :XIII 4 F - , - 5 44, X at .Q :IQ ' - 15' 1 4 Q 'X .Y 4 f A 3 X 7 9 ROOTI TOGTI SHCDTI "th-, 1975 Reserve B.-Ball A.H.S. 34 43 Ben Davis - A A.H.S 50 48 Howe "" A.H.S 52 46 Marshau A.H.S 52 57 Wood A.H.S 38 31 Scecina K f ,nw-M-f' M 'M' A.H.S 34 49 Northwest nf ""M A.H.S 54 40 Lawrence Central A.H.S 31 38 Carmel -J i A.H.S 54 29 Greenfield xx "P ' ,M .,M, A.H.S 43 44 Arrucks A.H.S 40 37 Shortridge Z' A.H.S. 43 45 Broad Ripple no----.s....,,,,, TAKING A break from a winning season is the Re- " serve basketball team. Front Row: Tim Black, Jer- W "" "" 4 ' , 4 5 9 ry Brittian, Lawrence Gross, Fred Hopkins, Kevin i W r 1 ff M Km g 'g' Talley, Anthony Washington. Back Row: Mr. sv., E 4 I if , 4 . - Craig-Reserve Coach, Bobby Wells, Steve Lewis, . 4 -fu ' Doug Gemmer, Herbie Teat, Mr. Lostutter-Var- Q - 4 1 sity Coach. f , N, f ,N :.:::..:,:.:ng L x Q E' I , , 4 ff x .Wm , 4 T' - 'J 4 1 Q.. wg 4 - 1, ' I um g ig f- ig gi ... -aa 1 f g I -' I " " NYM 6' 1'-4,5 , El' f' sw- NTK K , .wk .Awe fix?-.M 1229 ,XXX 'V I i l l THE FROSH troups smile for the camera. Front Row: Curtis Evans, Willie Murff, Jeffery Sparkman, rloe Davis, Kevin Ballinger, Ronald Fields, Greg- ory Wright, Leonard Petty, Robert Gray-Man- ager. Back Row: Coach Carter, Greg Brooks, Reg- ie Barnett, Craig Fuson, John Reeder, Neal Thom- s, Harvey Bryant, Bill Keglar, Kevin Grisby, Mark andy, Jeff Osterman-Manager. - Q' A.H.S. A.H.S A.H .S A.H.S. A.H.S A.H.S. A.H.S. A.H.S. A.H.S. A.H.S. A.H.S. A.H.S. A.H.S. A.H.S. A.H.S. A.H.S. 1975 Frosh Basketball Belzer Northwest Woodview Chatard Tech Wood Broad Ripple Manuel Howe Marshall Attucks Scecina Shortridge Ritter Cathedral It was a great year for the reserve team, and everyone is looking ahead toward var- sity action. It took the will and strength of everyone on the team to do the job: the golden rule was teamwork. The team was a little inexperienced but we matured as the season progressed. Scouting the team would have been diffi- cult considering we had a different defense for every game. After four games we proved we were a well-rounded team with many players each outstanding in his own area. The freshman team was very well-rounded with a 9-8 record. Our most outstanding fea- ture was our tough defense which kept many teams fighting for a decent shot. It was a tough Freshman year, which enabled us to gain the experience needed for future action. 5 8 Washington liar AFTER A disappointing play, Anthony Washing ton returns to the bench. ANXIOUSLY AWAITING the jump ball is the Re- serve team. Arlington,s 1974 track team seemed to shine through the "Knight" We started out well and the team strengthened as the season progressed. Our team was the best Arlington had ever seen. First we took city and the sectionals, then later we grabbed second in regionals and seventh in state. It took a lot of Work to accomplish our standings, and we're proud of it. We ran our season with seven of our men placing first in the city and eight state finishes. Head coach Mr. Bill Bennett said, "The boys are going to have to till some big shoes next' year." Next year's team will have to work hard to be as success- ful as We have been. STRIVING TO reach the sky, Joe Bell Squeezes over the high jump. F 9 ' .ffl fi. -. 'X , "gf .ff 4 N Q e', R 55 X, f feb ' WITH'APPARENT ease Ben Smith clears a Y a fa, fi 4 at X if X 1 ei w X X I x ' "' lf A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S ffl 1 A p, it 5' if' .6 ' x 'Qu ' if 'T 4:-fm f Y at Wy i Y AQ. --:Q an s t p li- Q., , ,, Q , ,ffw E ,.',"f. 5 Q f 3 if 1 if 'W' fhffep. 2 Wiki! 'rf 1 w l 4 1 SC, T041 Q0 1 f Y. LIMBERING UP before practice is state champion long jumper, Greg Gilbert. SPRINTING INTO the lead is state champion, El- ery Dixon. f , W ,,.....,,, A 1 --. A- r l I it . 3 , Q :WS N , r. vi .L r r ' N 1- r ,L :wi f if 9 fi ge C J. : ', - rs,,.sL "- 3 V F me w . , -' 3 .Qm 7 , a ' Hi' 'fx M- its i. ix . , , A ' M -- -f, . - ' ..s.g1.s,f-L.. -.,. ' . Y, . "ls " " ,I , Q , A E ,,,.,. , I N . , . . . ,K Njfx' --'t 5 gf' 1 V ? - A W ' -3g,,A,l,..c.:.aB1j?' I-in , R , " M 'f "fi: S' Q, " . A-riff-!f'F ' , 9, 43 '- 'r51'z"'fff43' mysql .- .. , WM .. -,X--J-nie xgzewl , i o ' jf-sg' 143, an f'-f 'Q nn, lj "A 1, , 1, .. V f is ,ix W 1:-Minsk, was ?Sf"" .Y M A . ' ' , 53?,,,,,'f,.,4a3f e t" we-554 ffies-:fl ' . , 1 - f- J " ' rgciltgfi-,ifJ'i,fSf'F" ff f 1 gsfieinflv' ,LW 'X' i .am va' m,5'g,gyg, gay" R sz., , ,gy w" , uf j,. 'W .. 'rc . sglwvfgfz , A r mimi-K., if Fila' '1xf.ffs', if 2 4. . .V ',g,,,,.....r- - 'SMILING AFTER another victory,Front Row: bur Shaunfee, Jeff Arbuckle, David Sparks. Back David Russel, John Johnson, Danny Pearson, Greg ROWI Ben Smith, Tim TaY10I, LHIIY W00d, Willie Iawthon, Mike Fine, Joe Bell, Kevin Wilson, Elery Gordon, Gary Miller, Joe Dickerson, Craig McKay, Jixon, Frank Coleman, Joe Ping. Middle Row: Barry Lanam, BYFOU ROWISY, -'GUY Moore, Mike 'ody Spencer, Terry Wood, Jerry Richardson, Mathis, Chuck Mitchell, Joe Dodwell. 362111 Behrmann, Rocky Hudson, James Bell, Wil- 1 l 1 4 A GUY'S BEST FRIE D DIAMO DS: PREPARING FOR a winning season is the 1975 baseball team. Front Row: Libby Kuebler-Dia- mond Damsel, Jeff Musser, Dan'Conroy, Steve Raymont, Doug Gemmer, Mike Foster, Mike Cuffe, Marty Cooper-Diamond Damsel, Lynn Schnieder-Diamond Damsel. Middle Row: Todd Biberdorf, Steve Zentz, Jeff Farber, Sean Gilliland, Dave Elliot, Rick Jones. Back Row: Mr. Draughon -Head Coach, Mr. Craver-Asst. Coach, Brian Mas- sey, Jay Mitchner, Lloyd Vandigriff, Larry Gross, Cary Barker, Floyd Vandigriff, Kevin Talley, Mr. Lentz, Mr. Caldaway. LEARNING TO bunt is one of many things Jeff Musser is learning from Mr. Draughon. Fresh faces and a new coaching st helped establish a promising A.H.S. baseb: team. Mr. Draughon became our new hear coach, Mr. Craver and Mr. Lentz led the re serve and freshmen. Our 75 season was started with four re- turning lettermen and the strong 74 resers team. Coach Draughon said it was going tc be tough starting from scratch but the tale of our players would help. l pq. l r I i I i AFTER CAREFUL preparation, Dave Justice tees off on the 8th hole. FORE: THE LO E 0 Ur " fi" '- . .sq ,F , ,Ax agus .fr .W M 1 1, , iff 1 ,,.- 5 A w am hir? 11 I wwf, -,.. ... , W, F GOLF TAKING TIME from a pre-season meeting are Front Row: Steve Manka, Dave Roberts, Dave Wampler. Back Row: Alan Hale, David Justice, John Erdmum, Coach John Manka. r This year our golf season started off right DETERMINED TO drive the ball onto the green, with five returning players. Coach Mr. Manka Senior Dave Roberts Wings- 1ttd"If "'rr' e ' .H do? twm cl Y hlsflyjariwe RECEIVING HELPFUL hints from Mr. Draughon ver W1 U ur eam was Compl e O Yet are Mike Foster fat bath and Jeff Farber. erans which made the chance of becoming iNo. 1 good. We knew the ropes and had plenty of experience. If each of us would have cut three strokes off our average we rcould have had a state competing team. Golf isn't as easy as just a swing of the club, it took a great deal of concentration, and leg and wrist coordination. With a lot of hard work and determination, we hope to achieve jMr. Manka's goal. I L 1 i v -J Talking Eyes What does it mean when two people stare eye to eye? Is it a look of recognition? A look of rage? Or maybe a personal greeting? Perhaps loves first stage? ?'79""' The innocent eyes of a child can caress one's heart. r Their eyes i 1 so soft, so lively, so "for real" , C A saying, "I'm sorry, please let me," or f'Do you love me still?" The eyes convey more completely, more discretely a message that words are meant to say, be the message "I hate you!,' or "I love you!" the eyes will reveal it in an unspoken truth that is understood by both the aged and by those blessed by youth. Nathan Floyd ll 4 any , ,-..4.s.,.. ......... Voc XCJPQO' Qc'xDVJe'-1 i 1 I 5 I 1 N 1 Sometimes In The Quiet OfA Day, In The Deepest Of Thoughts, I Find Myself Wishing For Summer, For A Meadow, For Warmth, For Sunshine, For A Quiet Night. I Find Myself Wishing For . . . You Alone, And Nothing Else Matters. Jack Kouwe Friendship Friendship is immortal. The happiness shared between friends is unyielding to time. The memories forever are locked within the soul, and the soul never ceases to exist. Kirsten Johnson IL. Talking to God A man was standing In hushed silence. He was standing on a single hill ' In the middle of a vast land. But the man, Even though by himself, Was not really alone. He stood with his head bowed, Talking to God. 0 0 in 'A A rs ff -. I ' , -f I 'Q VL' 0 0 ' ' . ' -or-'15 . ff - ' 1 P I I 1' G - .iw " at 1 c gf. .1 " 0 if ' QE" .- IZ "'?7n 0 t 0. .g..a-- - .1 E15 . "-.lyk -Jw ,rf x if . G wx mi .vu 1 'W " ' ""' ANN. ,ms .. ,.. I is 1 7 N." W - . , ,aff-.e-t t - 3 , 3 1- w::'.g. , -QL ' 5 fi ' . f : -.PM 1 fx. .N X. .exjxk xi, W " H3 "'f'ic:'-Sh -1 f if ,. fm. 1: ei-' .fr .-ff... -,. . 4'IY:T- - .zfffka ' . A wmg, - , -':.' ff. g ww as - 1 tv -" -uw , -- -ffwiff t 1 , f t' " ' r V . s .... -- . A in --j',,fs.- ' ,w Lain - ,. ' - ' P :gp L4 :,. " ua . -- it 5 .i , In-Zn.. 1 9 1, gf T- N15 Q. gi ,,,.g,,y,4, Q fa.-avg? . 3 - :su L' ' 1 , I 1' ' .lata--. . f-E 4: Q ng, "N -103' ' ' A - sf: ' 7 Q f?'sfi?, , V. f25"5f5'1i fo wlgifi '- - x Pftlsffil . ggi 1,, . 2 .,- I Wiz.. A , sr fs - fe - ' r '- w -1 ,- 'r . .- 7 'x 215933, f ' -Q VYY,-M ' 'S , " " "'g", fig, ""'4f." XS I a Evflifi' 'i if .fri , . .wg , -H ' ' f ' ' 'V ,. ' 'J U' . ffiiwfifi I '::5T5Ei'f'l.,' 3 ' ' X35 J f, i?,W'1wz'3g'f'." I f I .A Q. I I ft ? -2-ref 0 a 4, be egg -1-L f 1 4 ,f nil, f' .- .. gg .1 . f 'IHXL ,-- X . it .eff ..J7..,J,Q ,r-'Sfgqd' ' ' - .' .1 I .f L ig. .ml '.. J ' ,fl,1.I,.-2 NHS? f..r fb' N . ..,. A- H 1 . -Q1 1 -' X ' ' .,.',.,-.471-. . 1 f,q-5:2 C , 4, . . . . . X Q. . I ,. . 'L Q ' -- If ,,' -.A eq K g-..- Y X .V 4-5 ,A ,- 1, A Q ' -H' ?- , 1. i ,4 , 'Q1.1x'gD-A . '- 'jlllf-'J -- ei. T' -I 'I "I X ' -3-k:-23:8 ' ... Q' ' . . , A I 1,5414 J Q' Q. H ' K, Ii- f ,I - ' fx! I., XR -' If W , 4 ' . -I 1 K 1 1- V ,,!' itil", as J V ' T ' " V 5 1' Tilt . f A " ' :if ,sf ,4-Wwe?-:.ii lm ' I - I f '71 ' ' . ' " fi.-gym ' YIQLL -Q' , . . .' Q. ,511-:'.J , W IFE? ' . 'H v : ' 3 rigid? J 1 '3'1 ?1'f,.A I I. " ,f 5-.: ,-gi,-Q .4 faam- 'at-'ft -1 -V' QL " 'XZEE A .. "1 ' W " 'lf' E- 7 ,V ' M. . eg .uw , , ,- I ff - , '1f.,- 'lf f ' , '- -P? :Sf . -f6f4'ff',9 X 1' 91 , ' I iv' gg, " H' .4 4a,g.g,q,g gm 1 2 . A, 2 :?,.,fygff Blix 2551 .5f2li:"tQ Nm ' ' 'Ks' -" Hi FP- -V'i3'HfAisSl , .-, " - e -, egvvfz if 4,5!p.,':?:.Q'q QAQ . .gg 1-.24-. ..7"?" "" -- - I ' A 1 . TTY!-6:79 , '.'fvvg7Q'i"-7.3 - f fllfqi fa- --w .A N. y ,ffl gl- Q. .- .:g. .wx ' " 'V' ' ' .''4fgr53.4,F5'Q6gff'3Sj1l', 219-,QI , sr I , I - '.-, ff , gn, --1 '- .5 - Q-fi, 'gf P :-'L-:ff-' I-.agfL1"'ug-,-.'j:,f ' " f-ew-f gs.:wf5a::5Za1:Qs?g,?f,k f'11:::+s.f5w.-.:afyw.r'ff2eff-4 X ' 5fu,3.'7S,A:4f.:, VJ,-J,-1 -.1 , . ch f., f ' ' ' 86 Rhea Oliver ? What is it for- This life of ours? Is it just A time of being? Or should we plan For something more? Paul Wright This Dark and Dusty Road This dark and dusty road, It's getting kind oflonely. ' ' ' 5 li. , I said good-bye to all of them, K 4 ,, 4 I , gg F . U f pg,-Q ia, A ,C ,Ei-yy. .g , V, , mf Q H f' 3.4 Q ause they all tried to own me 5 "axis - 4 i . 1 A. V 1 ,J 4,4 ta. 4 I wish that I were with you now, .. K, Z, f '1 - H 'It ' - - fi rg But this old road is my new home. 3 ' 6, '- 'if 4 R-P .s A 1 ' ' ,ef . yr 3, Nj t all , 1.1 A It 1 l ff , A Q 5. Ileft that town a year ago, . " , 1 V i ,' 52, Q ,I and started on my own. i. -A . gl ' A ,. ' ',' Q I never turned to look back, I I Q Q, ' '71 - 'QA ,,,,r"'4' I V J-.: vm? 5 . ,Ja l L!" . x Y ev ,V fi -I Ijust walked away alone. .ri : 3,4 ' f 'f ". a . , , - . ,. - 4 N., - 4. ,.1 ,, -f No one will really miss me, L " ,P , Q ,AQ -fm mv E ,A 'Lg f And I don't really care. X q giiwffst' ,4 ' gg I ' 1-' Ileft that world forever, , i info ' A 5 4 i 3' 4 - p 'fi if 'Cause I found no love to share. 4. 19 1 Q A af' A 1 Q 5 Q' :lg ' 9 " like The miles are hard, A if PW! " 'fi' it, gay But my search goes on to see if I can find J ,f X f g, I Qi! 1 1 V E ,, er , 3 gg.. I f What I am really searching for: ' Q 43 - , U Q' , A life I can call mine. .se Q ,, ,- . . ,A V-71:1 , rf. A 'Q I guess I will never find my life t .SAK Or love out on this road. gh A U l left them all behind me W' , Q- fl ' 'A 5 For a truth they never showed 5 E f --- ' 'Q 2. David Ahearn f ' t A , "' . ' , Lonely World , A ,L ,M ' A shadow of darkness Q like a shroud 'ff f Veils a world L 5 --. , buried in sorrow. W A multltude of people seeking the impossible, Reach for the star No , 'au but never grasp it. .. . A world of hopes and dreams ' I slips away, Leaving only the dust of time, which clings like a leech to a lonely world. Betsy Morris E' f- L, J 10 4 I rf Pie Hopes and Dreams They say that the "Man in the Moon" died with the coming of the American flag and that the little men don't bowl in the sky, anymore. They say that no one has ever lived happily ever after. They even say that "Chicken Little" is the only child- ren's tale with redeeming social value fbecause "maybe the sky will really fallnj. I still want to see rainbows when the sun shines through the clouds, thoughg and I still want to dream dreams of cas- tles and princes with big, white horses. But when I turn to my dream world, I always remember that hope has gone out of style, that the wolf swallowed Red Riding Hood's grandmother for good. What is the use of dreaming when they say dreams will nev er come true. Conditions are pretty bad when a person can't even dream anymore-now I always wake up too soon. Amy Morris 914'-I' I f-eG'Tl t ' QXN' . X- ,wgfrgr f - .P 35' 0 X ' J A 9:9 1 N- I Q- D A 11 . ,xg xl ' . 5 .3 xx 1,35 , Q, - , f gux. 1 i , I I' ,jr Y I, '.,.v, 4 1.1 1 FF if as fi 454 y i VST 'A will -fl -. '-is yxx 1 Q MH Q ri- X .1 7 N, ff' 'f 'ES 'E5'fv'f 5 id-Y x I l 8535 ' -L A I Isl' I X 5 X- Q7'-. , -- ' -fs, Emp , f i g nf' is I I if-I-5,-f?,,, :fir I 3 ' i I K-: E ff :I I' , 2 A1 , If-T . I' fig 7 I3 X vrfumlv f x : f V I ! 'E' 'Q ' X I t Q , A Z Q D I - - I z T - I I 1 X . x ZX: -522- , XL X IX ,' X f ' . - P -' it "'f7ft 'qv 1' ' -'i " XX yi 1f, " PWei"'5r "' S v X, I , y wifi' . 'X ' 'X ' ffl' x N ' I X Xgij CZ -A V 1 I ov h ' .pi-Ez.,-ji I -. .,.f'?T""'T' . ragga' - .e ,X -4 its it , .F-I' :argl 1 I qfsli . '1 9 'Il -'AY ,r il l H- ,,,vAN ,.-"f:iE,:EQ'fV,'4'i "I X 1 If-,. ,mv-I x r. 'V-.I -9 L . 5 an K S if .. f -,-f wl1'g9je'vl"+ql,l'l . g i its e-it-at--I N so 'Q ' I ""-W5 -1433. I , " ',i X L ' 1.-, ,.,,,,,4fffzlf,"! at I "I" ' Mi' " Qwfrflil Hia?-',,. .ln-,".,', ,, I - pn' V -l4:,-q'- X :':i'.fL:f.s':.f.r:.-if -': M- 45" .' I It xlflww . 1i:.g-213.-:nil-' 'VFX - ' ' Xl ff e:rf1:.s'.'Yi, . WP V -'Q 2- ' . 5 be '. E' " ' " ?a,3f""tS""rffX , ,- ,f v' M '.rfl5Ii A, - V ' xi , : - - i 4 - N p --+-fi f A fi 5 s I . I LEARNING IIIQR trade, junior Debbie C'ul'I'e . inends books as part of her class in Library lixpcr- ience. Mllilf WASHINGTON helps spur the team onto victory as part ot' the pep band. ill' l l tr 'til' M ,uv kfj lil V l l . i Click, click .,.. We all learned to judge the exact time the bell rang. With books in hand and one minute showing on the clock, we prepared to tlee classes as soon as pos- sible. While some of us enjoyed figuring out the circumference of a circle or how to pick out a prepositional ph rase, most would rather have been concentrating on what to do the next weekend. But Academics is more than Classroom lecture, books and tests. Academ- ics is a Black history class preparing a soul food dinner, or the orchestra perforrning at Clowes Hall1it's the ROTC Drill Team winning first place at a shooting match while girls in physical education classes practice on the uneven parallel bars. Although most of us don't always appreciate the Academics part ot' school almost every area offered the opportunity to be awarded for Academic en- deavors. Four years ot our lives are spent here at Arlington preparing for the future. With each click ol' the clock, we have one less minute to prepare. For those who enjoy school and those little extra touches that Academics adds. each click is one less minute ot' learn- ing and one less minute ot' knowledge. A WORLD of knowledge is kept in a stack ot books. 1 HASED THOSE FROG BUTTERFLIES A AY SENIOR ED Good demonstrates his all-star back- hand to his speech class. To some it comes naturally, but I guess for most of us it's hard to get up in front of a group of people and perform or give a speech. We started off the year in drama class learning the history of the theater and the basics of performing. Later when the acting began, I had my first cases of stage fright and "butterfly stomach? I Hnally overcame them and start- ed to enjoy doing pantomines and sections of plays for the rest of my class. It was surprising how much room there was for originality in drama classg personalities could really shine through. Another way I gained poise was from speech class. Each speech I gave became easier than the previous one. That "frog in my throatw almost disappeared once I be- came more sure of myself. I also found it entertaining to listen to the other kids in my class. Among assignments this year were speeches on how to box and, believe it or not, how to stick a potatoe up the tailpipe of somebodyls car so that it won't start. As you can see, drama and speech gave me the chance to learn a valuable skill as well as have a lot of fun. i h AVIS THOMAS gives a report on the history of black drama for her drama class. I n"' ' hw-Jaws., I USING HIS hands to emphasize a point sopho more Joe Gehriss speaks to his class ARLI GTC SPEAKS FIVE LA GUAGES "Habla Ud. espanol'??' 'cParlez-vous fran- cais?" "Spechen Sie Deutch?" "Dico Lati- nam?,, Whether it's Spanish, French, Ger- man, Latin, or just plain English, the lan- guage department offered a variety of subjects. English, one of the strictest and most time-consuming courses at Arlington, pre- pared me mainly for our Departmental Tests. I also wrote many themes and book- reports in this course. Although some time was spent on literature, more emphasis seemed to be placed on grammar until I was a senior. Along with grammar and vocabulary, our foreign language department offered a little more. Every year an I.U. Honors Program has been available to eligible high school juniors who have had at least three years of some foreign language. This program enables anyone to visit the land of their language. Someday there may be a universal lan- guage, but until then, Arlington will still speak five languages. -- Q ,iw- MINDS WONDER in this foreign language class as the ringing of the bell draws near. DONNA MEEK pauses a while to think about her English. "DEUTSCH IST einfachf' German teacher Mr. Schulz teaches his second year class his favor- ite saying. TAKING TIME to pose for the photographer, is this sophomore English class. L Sain HAPPY WITH her selections, a U.S. history class member steps out of the voting machine. NEWS g,,l.E'r1 ,. 415221. 'Hariri 2. -W A229 Ll' 1 ' 1,15 , ll AS COMPLICATED as it may seem, chemistry students are willing to tackle the lab. ,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,.,,,. HISTORY TEACHER John Morris conveys his in- A X terest in government to his class. . A X 11 "Q "'!W .-1 A s-spa . Q aa. 5 'gig M'-'L SOIE CE GOE S DOW HISTORY SOPHOMORE PAM Sullivan listens intently as Mr. Blaze explains the structure of molecules. Dates, dates, dates .... To the typical teenager dates mean going to a movie or a football game. To the history student dates mean when historical events took place. In history I learned not only the dates of important events, but much more. I learned that what happened in the past can be use- ful to the presentg today we can learn from mistakes made by people in history. People and dates are also important in some science classes. In chemistry I learned about scientists and when they discovered certain elements and formulas. I Giving us a break from the lecture and note-taking routine, most science classes offered lab work. Using various materials and methods, the experiments I did helped me figure out what my teacher was talking about in the lectures. Some of us still in- sisted, "Nothing helps me understand sci- encef, One science which didn't have lab work was astronomy. Students of this class got a break from the humdrum routine, too. Every once in a while the class went to the planetarium to see the movement of the stars and planets. Sitting in the planetarium was like sitting outside on a dark night. I know that there have been historical events in the world of science and scientific discoveries in history. I still don't see how chemistry and government could have any- thing to do with each other! WHO S GOT the ball?" Perhaps this is the ques- tion running through these phys. ed. student's minds as they play a game of football. ACTION IS hot and heavy as this phys. ed. class plays a friendly game of basketball. Ever since the President's physical fitness program began, Americans have been very aware of "shaping up." Contributing to this program, Arlington offers courses in physical fitness as well as those dealing with fitness awareness, such as health and drugs. Gym was kind of a break time, I mean I didn't have to worry about homework or study for tests. In the winter we stayed in- side playing basketball, doing gymnastics, and playing games like Prisoners all. When the weather warmed up, I looked foreward to outdoor sports like tennis, softball, and cross-country. Since gym is required everyone takes it at one time or another, but I enjoyed the class enough to go on and become a phys. ed. assistant. We really have it pretty easy, we get to play the games but don't have to take the skill tests. While gym class got me in shape physical- ly, health and drug classes informed me about physical and mental aspects of shaping up. In health, which is only a semester course, we learned about anatomy, groom- ing, personality deficiencies and also had a few guest speakers. Though we learned about drugs in health, there is a class which goes into depth about them. One interesting part of drug class is that we saw movies about the effects of drugs and alcohol on the body. Some of the movies were really grose. , Although they were unpleasant, the movies, along with Arlington's other health classes, were an effective way of get- ting the idea of "shaping upl' across to the students. THESE FUTURE basketball stars learn some key moves from their coach. "HEY MAN, what,s happening?" Girls in this phys. ed. class look very perplexed at the situation. P lT'S NOT always sit-ups and Jumping jarke as this phys. ed. class finds out. mi 1 mt' I-ll b L- - BOY'S AND GIRL'S PHYS. ED. ASSISTANTS- Front Row: Paula Jorgensen, Elua Vannerson, Ginger Burney, Sandy Kissel, Armeta Davis, Pam Lockett, Ruth Brown, Karen Frakes, Cindy Crowe, Carmen Holloway. Back Row: Mr. Draughon, Virgil Maden, Eugene Elmore, Dave Hodge, Dave Wampler, Eddie Swanson, Todd Brosseau, Leon Dean, Anthony Brewer, Terry Phillips, Melvin Tay- lor, Rick Zigler, Craig Linder, Tom Farrell, Ron Corbett, Bryon Rowley. 34, 'M L I PRESSURES OF the day get to circulation editor Maria Papadakis. USISTERLY LOVE," sisters Amy Morris and Betsy Morris work on finishing a copy of the LANCER. DISCUSSING THE days events. these journalism students hang around after school. in 1 1 A I 1 ' 1 it Q M Q HN km LANCER STAFF-Front Row: Sabrina Valentine, Jackie Hodge, Roy Norman. Back Row: Irisa El- Maureen Webster, Toni Barrett, Mark Williams, berts, Jeff Lantz, Renee Thompkins, Bennett Se- Amy M0ffiS, Kim Keene, BHSY M0ffiS. Mafia PHP- gal, Dan Hursh, Kevin Ahearn, Glenn Bowman, adakis, Joanne Kalp, Chris West, Suzanne Averitt, Geoff Edney, 'STAFFERS :EUR SALE SM "CHECK OUT the chalkboard!" This is a familiar saying around the publication room, because many notes and messages are written there. Many times I wondered if it was really worth all the trouble-trying to publish a student newspaper. Despite all the usual problems of trying to meet story deadlines, the staff was hit with a few additional sur- prises. We were going to have to deal with our money situation by selling Lancer sub- scriptions. "Ha, that's really funnyf' I remember someone saying. "You can't even get kids to stop making paper airplanes long enough to read the thing-and now you're going to ask them to pay for it? You've got to be kidding!', Well, with that kind of student backing, I'll have to admit I had my doubts too! Just about the time we were getting back on our feet, we were given another problem. The resignation of our advisor seemed to cap off what appeared to be a hopeless situation. I guess it was about that time, that everyone began seriously thinking about the trouble we were in. We had two clear-cut choices. Either the staff would have to find some way to finance the paper, or there simply would not be one! Sure, there was a lot of talk about quitting, but everyone managed to stick together through the worst. Staffers began pooling their ideas in order to help sell the subscriptions. Somehow, with the combined effort of everyone on staff, we began selling subscriptions and newspaper ads. Why, even teachers were donating to the cause. For the first time things began looking up. A few weeks later, the editors had the money they needed to put out the first issue. Workers began happily banging out their stories on typewriters. Editors began prepar- ing for paste-ups, and our new advisor even smiled once! When we finally got our first issue out, I remember how relieved I felt. We did it! We finally got the paper out! Despite all its difficulties, I guess the Lancer did have a pretty good year, Illl al- ways "Thank God" for small miracles! THREE LANCER staffers, Geoff Edney, Maureen Webster, and Maria Papadakis contemplate the latest issue of the newspaper. GRIMACING ABOUT corny headlines are ju- niors, Ann Brannan and Kitty Zartman. Believe it or not, nobody on this yearls ACCOLADE staff had ever worked on a yearbook before. I didnlt really know what I was getting into until seven of us went to the Ball State Journalism Workshop last sum- mer. The amount of knowledge they crammed into our heads in a week was amazing! Not only did we have a green staff, but we also had a new, inexperienced advisor. During the time she was here, we had a money-making carwash and began the sales campaign. Still, unorganization caused squab- bles between members of the staff and as a result we didn't start rolling until we lost our first advisor and gained a new one, Mr. John Snyder. Making up for the confusion of the switch, Mr. Snyder was experienced. Being a journalism major, his advice began to pull us together. Though we still had to struggle to meet our deadlines, everything started shaping up. Finally, in February, we finished the ACCOLADE ALBUM. Although we only got a half credit for all our hard work, the satisfaction of seeing the final product was worth the effort! as is W 5 .r fr 155 is 1 ' 4 v 1 r th 4' ., W' RX., . . . H-S .Z ACCOLADE STAFF: Front Row: Nancy Hirsch- feld, John Jacobs. Second Row: Tasker Day, Lisa Mesalam, Ann Brannan, Jeff Muser, Laura Lewis, Jim Rapala, Richard Poisal. Third Row: Laura Montgomery, Karen Bennett, Karen Nielsen, June fgj A fy! th' , Q 3' -- if 1-an if i I Ur. H v, n L .-..wa-.v...-.- ,,...,, ,I ' x 0.1-2 .a.."" Harris, Denise Berry, Marty Cooper, Julie Jones Kitty Zartman. Back Row: Cathy Armstrong, Tammy Nicholas, Karen Harris, Kim Clark, Chris Campbell, Greg Lewis. REE STAFFERS TUR PRO AS THE clocks ticks closer to deadline time, these editors spend their evenings at school. PUTTING HIS feet up doesn't mean relaxing this time for junior Tasker Day as he helps Sandy Ball and Laura Lewis think up ideas for the ACCO- LADE. WORN OUT from the tedious hours after school. faculty editor Tammy Nicholas talks to herself. Did you ever wonder where the corridor passes, call slips and tickets to school events came from? The produc- tion printers, a select group of students from the Industrial Arts department that have completed Graphic Arts, are responsible for this printing. Other In- dustrial Arts courses vary from metals and woods to mechanical drawing and architectural drafting. In mechanical drawing I drew to proportion and de- signed small houses, while in architec- tural draftingl actually designed more detailed rooms of houses. I had always wanted to make some- thing that I could put to good use. This past year the Home Economics department gave me this chance. First we learned to sew with simple patternsg then, as I advanced we did things like tailoring jackets. Serving for the Principals luncheon, preparing the Junior Mother's Tea, and cooking a Thanksgiving meal are among the projects we undertook in Foods classes in the Home Ec. depart- ment. The courses offered in Industrial Arts and Home Economics helped me to learn things that I would be able to use in everyday life. STAPLING A silk screen to its frame, these graph- ic arts students put their talents to use. . OODWORK EEDLE POI "I DO, I do," a question in this family living class is answered by a show of hands. THESE GRAPHIC' art Students t'ind that setting type takes time :md concentration, THE INTRICACIES of sewing are shown to a stu- dent by Mrs. Holder. DISHING OUT a Home Ec. "specialty" is senior Pam Deem. l . .wa are C.O.E. Front Row: Beth Bailey, Terri Cochran, Cindy Dotts, Beth Polster. Second Row: Lorraine Jardan, Sandy Thurman, Carolyn Jieseking. Back Row: Lucretia Cotton, Tina Hunter, Debra Otis, Mrs. Fox, Kris Updike, Tina Butler, Diana Flemings, Debbie Tiechenor, Aileen Harlow. CONVERSATION AROUSES as Miss Jackson's unified math class passes in an L'easy" assignment. DILIGENCE IS the key to getting things done, as this accounting class finds. 'wr' ,Q-..,fi D.E.C.A. Kneeling: Wayne Armstrong, Keith Cole, Robert Averitt, Bill Smith. Sitting: Donna Dowe, Linda McFarland, Charmaine Smith, Angela Tay- lor, Nancy Ramsey, Shirley Harvey, Joni Johnson, Carol Koers, Susan Green, Barbara Rice, Dianne Horton. STANDING: Joycelyn Allen, Claudia Vaughn, Craig Linder, Van Shaw, Barry Owsley, Larry Gilbert, Sherry Robinson, Ted Jensen, Danny Quinn, Robert White, Dan Rowsing, Scott Anderson, Deborah Thorton, Mr. Marley. l 1 OOOU TED FOR RO EVERY A GLE Whenever most students see an equation they automatically think: "Numbers-math emath is always hardf, as Mr. Zetzl once stated. According to him, many students have brainwashed themselves into thinking that anything in math is too difficult. Many times I became frustrated with my- self over problems that just didn't seem to work out. Ijust had to realize that working math problems takes logic and sometimes just plain memorization of formulas. The math department is well known for assigning homework almost every night. Sometimes I felt that it was "busy work," but math takes a lot of practice in order to thoroughly understand. It is true that it was sometimes hard to grasp the concepts, but once I understood them, everything fit into place. Also requiring much practice are many areas of business. Perhaps the most time consuming subject is shorthand since it re- quires lots of homework. Learning short- hand was like learning to read and write a whole new alphabet. It was slow going at first, but after a while I began to recognize the symbols without a moment's thought. Another business subject that takes a lot of practice is typing. When I Hrst began typ- ing I was told not to look at the keys while I typed. This proved hard to do, considering I couldn't even find the keys with my eyes glued to them. I found, however, that after typing for forty minutes five days a week, my fingers began to automatically hit the right keys. It took a lot of practice, but I feel I learned a very useful skill. Offering job experience were Cooperative Office Education and Distributive Educa- tion. In these courses students received a credit for the class, which took place fifth period. After the class, the students left school and went to jobs. The kids were not only paid for their work. but they also earned a credit for it. THE JOB must be done! as this senior lags behind to finish an assignment. PICTURE TELL STORIE PRACTICE MAKES perfect, this freshman puts the finishing touches on a project for jewelery class. Somewhere in everyonels soul is a desire to express his dreams and emotions. It is of- ten difficult to do this when one is inhibited by the forty minute dull routine of lectures and bookwork. The Art Department, being the key solution, offers creativity and self- expression. The goal of the Art Department this year was that all works produced by its students have a theme behind it. Though I found the work intricate and often complicated, the outcome was always rewarding. I worked with different media this year which enabled me to capture the techniques of many famous artists, while also mastering simple design. By designing jewelry, molding pottery, and even weaving baskets, I was able to put my imagination to work. In the years to come I feel that art will always be a part of me. LEARNING BY demonstration, this jewelery class follows Mr. Lentz advice. INTRICATE TOUCHES are added by Valetta Brinkley, to make her drawing realistic. - f "HIS PRIDE and joy." this art student finishes his labor of love. MR. LENTZ and these advanced art students get an early start on the scenery for "Oliver!" :X 4 are v. wgm. 4. . A , y,2,,9g -bl SULDIERS STRIVE FOR STRIPES R.0.T.C.HFront Row: James Britton, Brandon Bently, Andrew Dowdell, Jerome Franklin, Van- nessa Beach, Pracilla Smith, Brodrick Wilson, Cephas Bandy, Robert Post, George Buford, Evelyn Murff, Theresa Harrison, Trudy Sanders, Mark Walker, Rex Bratton, Richard Brown. Second Row: Floyd Knight, Larry Croom, Patrick Gaddis, Alana Johnson, Everett Owens, Leonard Eliot, Sterling Saunders, Kenneth Simpson, Charmaine Smith, LaDonna Smith, LaDonna McNeal, Dave Lewis, Thomas Johnson, Jeff Crane, Randall Franklin, Robert Chambers, Caren Teal, Karen Crowe, Kurt Christiane, Eric Huffin, Richard Poi- ' it .- ..sf ., , -.9-' ."5"a" ' ' ,iaqlvtkr '97, ,sf-LL., :Ah I 1. 5 .. sal. Third Row: Joe Everrod, Larry Mitchell, Ru- dolf Thurman, Pam Williams, Pamela Rapier, Susan Henning Deloris Callaway, Jennifer Lockett, Edyth Beatty, Vanessa Pointdexter, Cherrol Cole, Paula Whitney, Patricia White, Marilyn Jordan, Carolyn Ross, Harry Watkins, Jeff Snyder, Dennis Pendergrass, Kenneth Harvey, Felix Crutchfield, Tony Brown. Back Row: Rodney Jones, Steve Pearcy, Rodney Gaddis, Robert Buford, Kenneth Mays, Brent Jones, Johnny Lay, Leornard Fletcher Kevin Stuart, Tyree Bridgeforth, Capt. White, Lamont Squires. cations ! rr-- I ,k T gn A MASCOT and her big sister Cadet Major Char- mane Smith give the command to the A.H.S. drill team at the Veterans Day convocation. 4:'4'2ar.l DISCIPLINE COUNTS as these ROTC men wait for their command while performing at a convo- f Y?-yr if I B J 1 Pljsaife- ljiiiw ,Q-Awful bf , - --M -N Once again it's Thursday. Time to polish up the ol' shoes, shine up the brass buttons, and straighten up my "basic black" tie. It was the same thing over and over again. Dressing up in my green and yellow uniform, saluting my superior officers, and actually living under strict, military regulations ---- and all for what? There was always the chance ofa college scholarship and of several medals as special recognition. Also in the line of recognition were awards in rifling, the Veterans Day Parade, and drill meets. Standing out in the cold, wet parades or having to guard at the basketball and foot- ball games made ROTC seem unworthwhile at times. Somehow, as the ROTC Ball approached, that sense of pride reappeared. This pride, along with other motivating forces such as scholarships, pulled us together and I knew that next year lid be back "strivinl for those stripes! 'l FASTER THAN the speed of light, these members of the drill team twirl their guns at one of the ROTC convocations. PRECISION COUNTS here as Cadet Lt. Colonel Cephas Bandy demonstrates what a little practice can do. l I i I 1 I 4 fi? K L at A ' - . 5 lr W , K I 1 L 3 LIBRARY ASSISTANTS-Front Row: Christine Bostick, Susie Harding, Lori Rutledge, Francine Settles, Karen Jordan, Julie James. Second Row: Julie Chong, Pam Campbell, Pam Lockett, Donna Purdy, Virgil Madden, Sandy Byrand, Mrs, Hamil- ton, Mrs. Schroedel. Back Row: Terry Phillips, Norman Schwomeyer, Dennis Raftery, Albert Reed, Micky Mulry, Ron Corbett. FOOTBALL PLAYER or nursing assistant? Be- lieve it or not, junior Denise Berry is both. She displays her nursing talents while wearing her powderpuffjersey. I Q XX x fnqs' XT, NSA.. ri' -Il l A . 3' 6 . ess ,., me . - . L "What is your problem?" asks Mrs. Graub to one of her many female patients. BGOKS D EEDLE For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be a nurse or have some kind of health career. Being a nurse assistant was my first step. In order to maintain my job and earn a half credit, I had to attain a C average with no failing marks and perform my daily duties. Among these duties were registering patients, pulling folders, and taking temper- atures. I also administered first aid and helped keep the clinic in order. Thanks to Mrs. Graub, who instructed me, I gained a lot of experience from my job as a nurse assistant. Another way of gaining experience is to be a library assistant. Under the instruction of Mrs. Schroedle, I helped students find booksg filed library cardsg and returned books to shelves. I think that the experience I got as a nurse and library assistant will help me ifl decide I want a job in either field. HEALTH ASSISTANTS-Kathy Kidwell. Ifernanda Saravia. Susan Conway. Kathy Ridley, Julie Rut- ledge, Tammy Williams, Lisa Mesalam, Mary Beth Gregory. Second Row: Mrs. Graub, Sandi Ledger- wood, Pier Williams. Pam Sullivan, Kathy Randall. Barbara Lannan. Pam Clark. Cheryl Eidison, Susan Green. Denise Berry. Third Row: Ifrances Helm. Kris Bubenzer, Terry Blackburn. Sue Arbuckle, Rhea Oliver, Cheri Thomas, Elaine Lively. Back Row: Karen Bennett, Beth Fisher. Debbie Ro- dich, Debbie Schneider. Kathy Holmes, Lynn Schneider, Sharon Stoeppelwerth, Elise Jacobson. 1 I! EXTRA TIME is put in by these library assistants as they prepare for the opening of the library. 'ff- ' 'ff si 2, W ..r Q! :E I ,. .1-4 L rs if' CC, ix! ggi, .Ji 3 1 J F ,l '4 I l . Q X53 JN r a re at 1 l T Y , . l" l ,r I no WA TED: I TERESTED STUDE T P EPA N HE S LF Q h d , KEM TEMPLETONHsemi-finalist in the National R Rl G R E fof er utles as an aaa' Merit Scholarship competition, and N.C.T.E. . S. . i demic as istant is Pam Carter award' at h,,, ,. ,iv Q ' I Q M2 x 1 X qt as , Q an , ..! , i 3 1 i 2 E CINDY LAHR-semi-finalist in the National Merit Scholarship competition. JOHANNA JOHNSON-winner of the N.C.T.E. award. K , ,nX 1 max ps ,af ED GOOD-semi-tinalist in the National ship competition. KIRSTEN JOHNSON-scholarship to HSIIOI School of Art. ACADEMIC ASSISTANTS-Front Row: Sandy Huntington. Sandy Vardaman. Nancy Baker, Sheryl Skinner, Sharon Baker, Teri Tackett. Back Row: Ruth Hyde, Sandy Mellor, Erin Alexander, Karen Hasenstab, Kim Hammon, Leslie Krausan- aus. SENIOR DAVE Ahearn takes time out from his hall monitor duties to converse with a friend. GARY LYNN-semi-finalist in the National Merit Scholarship competition. BEN SMITH4SchoIarship to Herron School of Art. Whether it's English, history, science, or music, teachers can always use a helping hand in their department. That's why I real- ly feel like I helped out the teachers by being an academic assistant. Also, I was glad to have the clerical experience of typing, filing, grading papers, running errands, and answer- ing the phone. Some of us got paid for our work. Those of us who didn't get paid were academic assistants because we were interested in the department or we just wanted to put our time to good use. Many Arlington students have been re- warded for their efforts in the academic field. Among this year's award winners were Jo Johnson and Kem Templeton, who won the N.C.T.E. fNational Council for Teachers of Englishj award for writing exceptional English themes. Kirsten Johnson and Ben Smith received art scholarships to the Herron School of Art. Chosen as semi-finalists in the 1974 National Merit Scholarship competition were seniors Ed Good, Cindy Lahr, Kem Templeton, and Gary Lynn. We academic assistants had many differ- ent reasons for devoting our time. Some of us even'won awards for our efforts while othersjust needed a break from our study halls. , .f..d DIFFERE FOR DIFFERE "Ladies and Gentlemen, Arlington High school proudly presents the amazing March- ing Golden Knights . . . " With these words, the Marching Band flooded the field at each home game. Along with these half-time shows, we marched in the Veterans Day, Rushville, and Beech Grove Parad es. Although the Marching Band is seen the most, there are four other bands at Arling- ton. The more advanced players compose the Concert Band, while the other two bands, B Band and C Band, worked on developing their style and technique. We always looked forward to band as a sort of free period, but as tickets were passed out for concerts and fees were collected, we became motivated and really began to work. The day of our performances arrivedg ticket money started coming in and suddenly we sounded like a whole new band. Also performing in front of a large aud- ience was our pep band which supplied spir- it to the sometimes apathetic crowds. They say "different notes for different folks" for is that what they say?j Anyhow, from the school song to Bachls tunes, all the SELECT RESERVE BAND-Front Row: Carol Conine, Marni Lemons, Kevin Johnson, Louise Saillant, Susan Sommerville, Susan Dillingham, Jo- anne Lahr, Janice Fair, Becky Corbett, Jeff Oster- man. Second Row: Diane Schimp, Bob Averitt, Ivory Reynolds, Keith Hudson, David Wilson, Peg- gy White, Chris Winn, Jeff Lahr, John Langteine, David Crabtree, Paul Irvin, Harry Faulkner. Third Row: David Mills, David Brown, Tom Haladay, Joe Hoffman, Debbie Lysek, Louis Perunko, Jeff Pease, Brian Washington, Vonda Tyler, Mr. Salzmann. V1 Si 3 -is relief Ti-if music was fun and all of the people were a blast. CONCERT BAND-Front Row: Carolyn Calvert, Jenny Bibler, Chris Cavanaugh, Nancy Hirsch- feld, Sandy Conine, Karen Hasenstab, Sharon Steopplewerth, Nancy Halter, Nancy Lahr, Chris Winn, Kirsten Johnson, Lisa Halcomb. Second Row: Sandy Vardaman, Diana Buser, Sheryl Skinner, Cindy Taylor, Anne Spradling, April Oberle, Glenda Massey, Janet Cooper, Joe Con- rad, Varce Howe, Paul Knotts, Sharon Schweit- zer. Third Row: Mike Mills, Duane Davis, Shar- on Baker, Tasker Day, Paul Wright, Kenny Saillant, Lee Johnston, Shawn Gilliland, Ross Corbett, Jeff Molin. Back Row: Mr. Salzmann, Gerald Chaney, Jo Johnson, Jon Hirschfeld, Nor- JO JOHNSON finds concentration is the key to hitting the right notes. OTE T FOLK man Brown, Mike Washington, Terry l Leon Dean, Bill Meranda, Ann Hoffman Thomas Johnson. PEP BAND members promote spirit at a game. I . 1 'ld 4ZkT'.,aa1 T f' v is "IN ACTION," members of the Arlington March- ing Band perform at the opening of Market Square Arena, one of their various extra activities. MARCHING BAND4lfront Row: Tasker Day, Jo Johnson, David Mills, Cheryl Hawkins, Norman Brown, Don Kenworthy, Jon llirschfeld, Mike Washington, Gerald Chaney. Second Row: Mr. Salmann, Kenny Saillant, Joe Hoffman, Jeff Molin, Ross Corbett, Lee Johnston, Shawn Gilliland, Deb- bie Lysek, Paul Wright, Chris Cavanaugh, Sheryl Skinner, Jeff Lahr, David Wilson, Peggy White, Glenda Massey, Janet Cooper, Bryan Washington, Vonda Tyler, Terry Woods, Ann Hoffman, Bill Mer- anda, James Taylor, Bob Averitt, lvory Reynolds, Harry Faulkner, Leon Dean. Back Row: Susan Dillingham, Becky Corbett, Sharon Schweitzer, Kirsten Johnson, Sharon Steopplewerth, Sandy Conine, Jeff Osterman, Nancy Hirsehfeld, Nancy Halter, Joanne Lahr, Ed Good, Varce Howe, Paul Knotts, Joe Conrad, David Crabtree, Thomas John- son, Susan Sommerville, Lisa Halcornb, Duane Da- vis, Sharon Baker, Nancy Baker, Diane Buser, Caro- lyn Calvert, Cindy Taylor, Carol Conine, Kevin Johnson, Diane Schimp, April Oberle, Anne Sprad- ling. an fit' 9 .-, 9 'ag it it 4 4 ARLINGTONES-Leslie Pettigrew, Doyal An- Bllrflhett, James Meyer, Sandy Conine, Pat Chaney, Leon Dean Cindy Lahr Jeff Molin Alex Antresiq drews, Carolyn Calvert, Jeff Hatfield, Shellie Judy Brown, Gerald Chaney, Suzanne Averitt, Mike Duke Michele Cowart x ff? 3 is CHOIR MEMBERS prepare to sing at the opening of Market Square Arena. Changes were in store for this year's mu- sic department. Each singing group concen- trated on changing their image to add inter- est to the groups and to gain a larger audi- ence. As interest was gained by the students at Arlington, Concert Choir grew to the largest in the schoolis history. All seventy-four members were enrolled in choir, which was used as a practice period for concerts, con- test, and extra show. One such event was the opening of Market Square Arena. We took part in a sixteen school choral group in front of a larger audience than at Arlington. Inspired by our great director, Mr. Ken Lewis, future choir members were part of two ensembles, Knight Singers and Knight- ingales. In these groups, we searched for a less formal look by adding choreography to our numbers. The ultimate goal of anyone with a good singing voice is to become a member of Ar- lingtones. Dressed in blue velvet dresses and tuxes, we sang at churches, dinners, and taped a T.V. show. We also managed to pre- pare for our four yearly concerts. At the end of the year everyone had cer- tainly "note-ed a change? TONES ADD a bit of informality to their numbers. if 1- KNIGHT SINGERS-Front Row: Darrell Childress, Don Kerby, Steve Hanes, Barry Lanum, Robin Har- rison, Guy Armstrong, Brian Grant, Randy Dodson Bryan Alexander. Secnod Row: Jay Fuson, Gerald Chaney, Kurt Walls, Steve Raymont,.Steve Pantazis Leon Dean, Edwin Hollowell, Kevin Johnson. Back Row: Mark Heath, Tim Douglas, Joe Gehris, Tasker Day, Gary Hall, Mike Mills, John Jacobs. "fi, QW, 3-fs, T.. C .. 'f yr, T CTE-I G A CHA GE LEADING THE Knight Singers in song, is accom- panist Mrs. Edison. i , 3 . I' - Q .' S 41 KNIGHTINGALES-First Row: Daniel Highsaw, Melinda Cowart, Heather Brune, Lynnette Deck, Irisa Elberts, Gayle Bratton. Second Row: Laura Montgomery, Judy Marsh, Michelle Burris, Susan Holiday, Kim Vance, Cathy Armstrong, Amy Ed- wards, Elise Jacobson. Third Row: Jackie Mat- thews, Diane Schortinghuis, Liz Mendenhall, Susan Dillingham, Susan Sommerville, Cathy King, Chris Wilson. Back Row: Jackie Hodge, Kathi Ridley, Anita Rowley, Shelly Williams, Donna Meek, Karen Koers. NSURREY WITH the fringe on topf' is sung by Knightingales with the leadership of Mr. Lewis. Pettigrew, Debbie Hackler, Carolyn Cal- Jo Johnson, Mareth Sinclair, Anne Sprad- ng, Amy Morris, Adele Cohen, Elise Jacobson, uzanne Averitt, Sherri Duke, Lisa Halcomb, lex Antresian, Cindy Lahr, Kathy Kidwell, aula Jorgensen. Second Row: Chris Winn, athy Jones, Alexi Cortese, Diane Huser, Phyl- CHOIR-Front Row: Judy Morton, lis Robinson, Karen Bell, Janet Cooper, Wendy Hicks, Sharon Schortinghuis, Judy Brown, Marllys Wright, Monica Machado, Pam Minatel, Mary Smith, Diane Pasotti, Lisa Crabtree, Carmen Sher- rod, Debbie Deck, Michele Cowart. Third Row: Jim Updike, Virgil Madden, Jeff Muser, Randy Dodson, Lee Johnston, Joe Conrad, Tim Douglas, Bill Warner, Leon Dean, Jeff Molin, Mike Duke, Bob Beasley, Kurt Walls, Steve Raymont, Steve Hanes, Scott Baker, Rex Bratton. Back Row: Doy- al Andrews, Rick Jones, Jeff Hatfield, Jorge Esco- bar, Jerry Momre, James Meyer, Randy Strommen, Ron Moore, Pat Chaney, Robert Bourne, Jay Fu- son, Tony Ranson, Gerald Chaney, Walter Looper, Wazzel Irving, Robin Harrison, Steve Pantazis. 1 A1 STRI GS A D THI STRING ENSEMBLE-Front Row: Lisa Crabtree, Darrell Krulce, Yvette Moore, Alex Antresian, Lib- by Kuebler. Second Row: Leslie Pettigrew, Kathy Busenbark, Jo Johnson. Back Row: Amy Edwards, Adele Cohen, Monica Ware, Sandy Conine, Mareth Sinclair, Randy Stromman, Sandy Ball, Debbie Mc- Donald, Cindy Lahr, Wazzel Irving, Mr. McCafferty. From the huge stage of Clowes Hall came the sound of instruments tuning up. Sudden- ly there was a hushed silence followed by applause. Then Mr. McCafferty raised his baton and the Arlington orchestra, which is said to be one of the best in the state, began it's performance. That was one of our goals this year-to play at Clowes. We spent the majority of our time preparing for this event. For the first twelve weeks of school we worked on our string section. When the winds and brass were added, we began perfecting the num- bers we were going to play. While practicing for the Clowes concert, we managed to also prepare ourselves for three concerts. When the great event was over, we still had contest and Vespers to worry about. A select few were chosen from our string section to perform at special occasions. The string ensemble practiced after school for dinners, teas, luncheons and the like. While on the Clowes stage we had all kinds of mixed feelings, the fright was tre- mendous, but the excitement of being on a big professional stage was worth it all. POLISHING UP for the upcoming Christmas Con- cert is senior cellist Cindy Lahr. ORCHESTRA-Front Row: Darrell Krulce, Lisa Crabtree, Adele Cohen, Peggy White, Mareth Sin- clair, Jo Johnson, Sandy Ball, Cindy Lahr, Second Row: Alex Antresian, Yvette Moore, Julia Smith, Melinda Cowart, Robin Murphy, Pam Beatty, Daniele Highsaw, Kathy Kruce, Jeff Henry. Third Row: Leslie Pettigrew, Kathy Busenbark, Sheryl 3 i Ragan, Tammy Lacy, Wazzel Irving, Mr. McCaffer- ty, Theresa Brown. Fourth Row: Amy Edwards, Monica Ware, Martina Kukalja, Sally Morris, Kathy McMicheals. Fifth Row: Janice Perkins, Gerald Chaney. Sixth Row: Sandy Vardaman, Chris Cavanaugh, Jenny Bibler, Nancy Lahr, Sharon Stoepplewerth, Karen Hasenstab, Sandy Conine, Lisa Halcomb, Nancy Hirschfeld, Sharon Schweit- zer. Back Row: Joanne Lahr, Mike Mills, Sharon Baker, Nancy Baker, Joe Hoffman, Kenny Saillant, Paul Wright, Tasker Day, Ann Hoffman, Bill Mer- anda, Leon Dean, Harry Faulkner, Varce Howe. wife I . w...fsfMN-we I f- Cello for Jeff Henry. TION IS an important part of play- I SHOULD have stayed in bed .... This early morning cabinet meeting seems to bore Student Council member Jay Fuson. REPRESENTING THE Chess Club at the freshman mixer are some of it's illustrious members. ,X A n Happy faces,sad faces,pretty faces, goofy faces-I saw them all as I walked through Ar- lingtonls halls this year. Some were my friends and others I didn't know. Some were teachers while others were struggling students. We all had one thing in common though: we were trying to make it through another year of the good times and the hassles of school .... TONES and teachers tune up .... At the annual teachers' banquet seniors Gerald Chaney and Caro- lyn Calvert lead the faculty members in Christmas carols. ROBERT TURNER ADMINISTRATIO DELINDA CALDWELL as wifi' HQMM ROBERT GWYN FABURN DEFRANTZ MARJORIE JETER MILDRED WRIGHT I , - IDA LYLES HARRY CASKEY OFFICE STAFF RUBIE ALEXANDER BELGEN WELLS " ,,,.. -Q6 ,X 'WI' SALLY MAZE GEORGIA FLOREN MARY FARNER FRED RANDALL JAMES SPEARS GERALD SWINFORD GLADYS DONALSON xk I LEE PHELPS MARTHA WHITE DOROTHY SANDERS S I ' SHIRLEY BARKER HELEN KENDALL RICHARD OGLESBY 9 Q. GLISH JEAN WOODWARD CLARA WEAVER A JAMES URBAIN MARGARET SCHROEDLE JAMES JOHNSON YVONNE RABABA 4 ff?" CLARENA HUFFINGTON IRVIN CASH ,1 , iw X 'f I v' ' vi -- K N ' W N X n . .A . 2 REBECCA BENDER X xi: IQ E-Q .fi- .MW I ni' 'Q FRANK LEE EISELEE HAMILTON 3. N?" 95? 'ln Oy X ,xX, A SHIRLEY BICKERTON I 1 Y DAVEDA WYATT LOUISE BATTIES ADOLF KERBER JOHN SNYDER BEULAH WALTZ PAUL TERRELL JAMES ABRAHAM 4. fl. SCIE CE ROBERT ZETZL JERRY FUELLING ROBERT MC CLARY THOMAS WALLS DAVID BLASE 'W S ELMER CALLAWAY ""'-I-mf, I x ,, f I 'f 1.114 f 1 xr 1? .1061 x 1 ll NX +521 we?" I I 1' GLADYSMAE GOOD A1 -1 M--W MUSIC, SGT. BOYKINS KEN LEWIS "hw A I - I E i I :H M -X X ff . 1 I I I , 1 ' 'N ' If H "5qy7J . JI' "N' r-- ' U A 'D I 1 Nr: P lgit'1f,',gL ,M :, ' l U Isemv, ' " ' ZONDA MONTGOMERY R.O.T.O. SGT. C OLLEY JUNE EDISON I WILLIAM SALZMANN DENNIS MCCAFFERTY f' I I Huw, ,.! 'il +5 , Y' Q W Nfw HF if , if ' ,xrlxwws I N I I I 4 FOREIG LA GUAGE DOYNE SWINFORD RUTH C OLON ANN WHITE JOHN SC HULZ '--Y WILLIAM FISHBACK PAULA GRIER X Q HYS. ED MES CRAVER HN MANKA fw- 'i JOE DRAUGHON f BURDEEN SCHMIDT .ik ANN WESSEL THOMAS VERPLANK WILLIAM BENNETT DONALD CLODFELTER WILLIAM ENSOR VICKI DON LOSTUTTER RITA JACKSON I X I. . 1:2-FQ X .sl WILLIAM FISHER I HENRY VOLK AUD RA BAILE I I I JOSEPHINE HOLDER BETTY HUNGERFORD SUSAN BUCKLER RUTHLYN WEST FRANCES WAY SOCIAL STUDIES ELIZABETH BEAL RALPH BAILEY IIInII JOHN MORRIS FOREST WITSMAN MARGARET JANERT ELBERT HOWELL GEORGE BROWN 45752 P? nv' Shf 'L We 0-'-5 'Ulm-nn-1, . y- ff? 4 LI f .Q gulf' .. I. , IN., .51 Q . . . 1 . sn. 'Qs RONALD S. HOLDAWAY LYDIA MAUREY BERYL VAUGHAN DUSTRIAL RTS SPECIAL ED. CARL KRAUCUNAS WALLACE HARTMAN 5.2 N JOHNNY NORFLEET A BERNARD HEEKE 195,14 CATHERINE HELMER GAYLA EVANS REX WILSON I ESS MARGARET FOX JOHN WIGGINS MARILYN DAVIDSON MARY STRAYHORN THEODORE RUSH JEAN HOILMAN MARGAREE JOHNSON . ,M , , ,Kg L , f. .wr J JJ W ffw ,J -.. I1 HOWARD MARLEY MARGARET ARMENOFF in ART, NURSE JOHN LAPREES JAM ES LENTZ 4' , ROWENA GRAUB DENISE PETTEE 5 JAMES GUILLAUME JANITORS, SECURITY, HEAD CUSTODIAN, Mr. Hoover, looks over his plans for the day. COOKS J M Front Row: Marj Brady, Mary Conry, Sara Gordee, li21mS0I1, Malfha Hian, Lillie GIOVCS, I-Clie virginia Fasaacm. Row Two: Bea Leonard, Marj Freneee Davie, Mary Van De, Lillie Lereen Martin, Mary Fritts, Mary Key, Betty Black, Alice Hefner, Irene Srreme, Meri Meeeengele- Combs, Mildred Duncan. Row Three: Jessie Wil- 3. A JANITORS work is never done. SECURITY OFFICERS: Dennis Palmer, Sandra Loya, Bob Franklin. :- ii n"""" gags! wi 1 Front Row: Julius Pulliam, Ledale Woodfork, Lilly Neiger, Samuel Collier, Eva Mae Wilson, Howard Richardson. Row Two: Alfred Johnson, August Kromer, Carlysle Atteberry, Joseph Madden, Robert Tucker, John Regula. CLAS S OF 75 STAND UP and holler . . .At a pep session these seniors do the class yell. No more senior homeroom Whrch IS chaos at its best No wonder senior homeroom teachers Always look depressed' No more sneaklng out to lunch For hamburger and fries Wh1le those poor souls that must eat here For four long years we ve struggled Through a never ending maze Of term papers and book reports Our mmds are in a daze' But now it s time to move ahead To try and stay alive In a world of ups and downs For the Class of 75 by Nancy Marquart Are left to fight the flies. KIMBERLY ABBOTT ROBERT AHEARN ERIN ALEXANDER KIM ALEXANDER GRETCHEN ALFS JOYCELYN ALLEN TRACY ALLISON ELLEN AMIS CAROL ANDERS SCOTT ANDERSON TIMOTHY ANDRES DOYAL ANDREWS ALEX ANTREASIAN ANTHONY ARMSTRONG DEBRA ARMSTRONG MELINDA ARMSTRONG 'Q 90' 5 1 4 , 5,3 "-Z.. I Qi ev--M' "wa" 'S-. D ayx CLASS OF 75 WAYNE ARMSTRONG LINDA ATKINS BETH BAILEY NANCY BAKER ROCHEAL BANKS COLETTE BARBEE TONI BARRETT LODIS BATES MERITA BEATY VIVICA BELL ANITA BENSON BARBARA BENSON ERIC BENTON JENNIFER BIBLER RITA BISHOP ONIAS BLACK TERI BLACKBURN MARK BOAK SHARON BOND ROBERT BOURNE .IANICE BRACKEN O'DELLA BRAME REX BRATTON ANTHONY BREWER CLASS OF 75 KATHY BRILL BRIAN BRITTAIN MICHAEL BROOKS NORMAN BROWN RUTH BROWN BARBARA BRUMMETT HOLLY BRUNE VINCE BUCKNER DIANE BUFORD SHELLIE BURCHETT GINGER BURNEY SHERYL BURRIS TINA BUTLER DELORIS CALLAWAY CARO LYN CALVERT MIKE CARVER CHRISTINE CAVANAUGH SAM CHAILLE GERALD CHANEY PATRICK CHANEY LESLIE CHENEY DEXTER CHISLOM SANDRA CHRISTIANSEN NANCY CHRISTIE CLASS OF 75 DONNA CLARK PAMELA CLARK TERRI COCHRAN RODERICK COFFMAN KEITH COLE PAM COLE DENISE COLLINS MARTY COOPER LUCRETIA COTTON MICHELE' COWART THERESA COX JANET CRAWLEY ROWENA CROOKS SUSAN CROSE ROBERT CROSS MARK CROUP LUCINDA CROW MICHAEL CUFFE TERRY CUMMINS CYNTHIA DANIEL STROLLING PAST a friend's table ln the caf eteria, Barry Owsley and Willie Polk Stop to talk. CLASS OF BARBARA DAVIS TERRANCE DAVIS LEON DEAN DEBBIE DECK PAMELA DEEM RHONDA DEMOUGIN JOYCELYN DIXSON DEBORAH DODSON LUCI DOLEN CYNTHIA DOTTS TIMOTHY DOUGLAS MICHAEL DUKE ANDREA DULAN RICHARD EASLEY KATHLEEN EATON CHERYL EIDSON JAMES EMERY MOLLY ENDSLEY ANGELA ERVIN JORGE ESCOBAR FRANK FARMER CHRIS F ARNER MARY ELLEN FARRELL BEVERLY FINGER 75 CLASS OF 75 DEBORAH FLECK MIKE FLEETWOOD JOSEPHINE FLEMING NATHAN FLOYD EVERETT FOSTER GLENDA FOSTER KAREN FRAKES KEVIN FRANKLIN ANGELA FREEMAN PAMELA FRYAR MATT GARWOOD CHERYL GEDDES CAROLYN GIESEKING LARRY GILBERT JEFFREY GLANCY RONNIE GOLDSMITH EDWARD GOOD DARRELL GORDON CHRISTINE GORSLINE JEAN GRAY GREG GREEN SUSAN GREEN BERNISTINE GREENE LINDA GRIFFEY CLASS OF 75 MOTHER NATURE? No, it,s Scott Anderson making flowers for the senior float. JAMIE GROSS JOHN GUYNN DEBRA HACKLER MICHAEL HALL NANCY HALTER SUSAN HANES KAREN HARDY ELIZABETH HARLOW CLAUDIA HARMESON JEFFREY HARRIS SHIRLEY HARVEY JEANINE HASTINGS BEVERLY HAWKINS CATHY HAWKINS DIETRA HAWKINS FRANCES HELM CONNIE HENDERSON CHRISTA HERMANSON I CLASS OF '75 WENDY HICKS NANCY HIRSCHFELD DIANE HITCHCOCK ANN HOFFMAN MARY HOGG ATT SYLVIA HO LLINGSWO RTH KATHY HOLMES DIANE HORTON BRYAN HUDSON BETTY HUFFMAN CONNIE HUNT CHRISTINA HUNTER DIANE HUSER GORDON HUSK LARRY JACKSON ELISE JACOBSON LORRAINE JARDAN BRIAN JEFFIES TED JENSEN JOHANNA JOHNSON JONI JOHNSON RODNEY JOHNSON CATHY JONES DANIEL JONES CLASS OF 75 MATT JONES RICHARD JONES SYLVIA JONES TONI JONES GINA JORDAN RANDY JUDD MERLANA KELLER NANCY KENDALL LINDA KIDWELL BONNIE KINGSTON JERRY KINSEY SANDY KISSEL SHERRY KLINE CAROL KOERS JACK KOUWE DARRELL KRULCE FRANCES KUEBLER JOSEPH KUKOLLA CYNTHIA LAHR PAM LEAVITT SANDRA LEDGERWOOD JEFFREY LEGNER KENT LEMONS CRAIG LINDER IME v Aman .ci 4--v .arf CLASS OF 75 LYNDA LLOYD GARY LYNN MONICA PALHAREG MACHADO GENEVIEVE MACHIELS TONY MAHOMES GARY MANUEL CONNIE MARKEY PAUL MARKS NANCY MARQUART ANTOINETTE MARTIN JACOUELYNN MATTHEWS KRISANNA MAYFIELD KATHI MC CAUSLAND ZILLAH MC DOUGALD SANDRA MELLOR LOENARD MENSAH WILLIAM MERANDA JAY MICHENER EVERYBODY WITH names from A to Z is in the same semor homeroom. For Mike Hall, Craig Linder, and Ron Stanish it's a good place to get to- gether and talk. I4 CLASS OF 75 DEBORAH MILLER HELOISE MILLER THOMAS MILLER KEN MITCHELL MARY MITCHELL IDA MONTGOMERY RONALD MOORE AMY MORRIS ANTHONY MORRIS JUDITH MORTON DIMETRIUS MUMFORD CHERITA NELSON TERRA NICHOLAS SCOTT O'CONNER RHEA OLIVER SANDRA ORR DEBRA OTIS DEBORAH OWENS BARRY OWSLEY STEVE PANTAZIS JERRIE PATTON DANNY PEARSON RAGAN PERDUE STEVEN PETRY CLASS OF 75 HELLO TEAM, good-bye After the hello cheer, powderpuff cheerleaders Dave Wampler Rick Jones, Mark Williams, Dave Ahearn and Chris Schneider leave the rival junior side GEORGE PETTUS JON PHILLIPPE VICKI PINKSTON WILLIE POLK BETH POLSTER RON POWELL STEVE POWELL DENISE QUARLES DAN QUINN MICHAEL RAFFERTY KEVIN RAGAN BILL RAINSBERGER CHERYL RAMEY VERNON RAMSEY KATHLEEN RANDALL DONNA RAPIER SUSAN REAP ALBERT REED E 1 CLASS OF 75 MARY REED KAREN REINHARDT JOHN REYBURN JULIE REYNOLDS LATANNA RHODES BARBARA RICE DONNA RITTER DENISE ROBERSON DAVID ROBERTS LARRY ROBERTS DOROTHY ROGERS MARTHA ROGERS CARLOS ROMAN CHERYL ROTH DONNA ROWE DAVID RUSSELL MARK SAKRISON BARBARA SANKOWSKY YOCIA F. SARAVIA JEFF SCALF CHRISTIAN SCHNEIDER LYNN SCHNEIDER SHARON SCHORTINGHUIS SULYNN SCHUSTER CLASS OF 75 CONSTANCE SCOTT LARRY SCOTT DANNY SEYBOLD VAN J. SHAW CARMEN SHERROD DAVID SHIPLEY ROGER LEE SHOUSE TONI SIMMONS KENNETH D. SIMPSON BARBARA A. SIMS ANN E. SIPPEL CHARMAINE R. SMITH DEBORRAH SMITH MARY YOUNG SMITH WILLIAM SMITH ANTHONY WAYNE SNOW DENISE SPANN KATHY SPENCER JEFFREY SPOOLSTRA RON STANISH LINDA STICKLE JENNIFER STROM JOHN M. STOUT RONNIE STOVER 1 I ii X CLASS OF 75 ALL SET? Shields Cindy Crow and Debbie Hackler 0 wait for the Beech Grove parade to start, if l MARCUS STOWE MARC STUMPH '18 E14 3' f T 5 SHERI STUTSMAN VICKI SUTHERLIN RAOUL R. SWOPE KEVIN TALLEY ANGELA TAYLOR DIANNE TAYLOR MELVIN LEE TAYLOR PHILLIP TAYLOR KEM TEMPLETON CHERRI THOMAS DAVID THOMAS DEBORAH A. THORNTON CASSANDRA THURMAN DEBORAH TICHENER ROBBIN TIERNEY KIM LAURIE TILLIS 'WI 5 :fi L.I L55 N Law' , v'-,TA 1 CLASS OF 75 SHARON ETRANBERG MIKE TAYLOR TRAVIS TERRIE TROTTER WANDA TURENTINE LINDA TURNER KRIS UPDIKE FLOYD VANDAGRIFF LOYD VANDAGRIFF CLAUDIA VAUGHN ELIZABETH VIRTS PENNY WAGNER BONITA WALKER JOHN WALTON DAVID L.WAMPLER CATHY LYNN WARD MONICA JOYCE WARE JOHN G.WARNE SUZANNE WARREN DENISE WASHINGTON MICHAEL WASHINGTON VANETTE WASHINGTON BECKY JO WEBBER DENISE FAY WEBBER DENNIS WEBBER I49 CLASS OF 75 DONALD WEDDELL WALTER WESTMORELAND BILL WHITE ROBERT D.WHITE PATTY M.WHITLOW YVONNE A.WIGGINS WILLIAM J .WILKINS JAMES WILLIAMS JOEL WILLIAMS PIER P. WILLIAMS SHIRLEY A. WILLIAMS DARWIN WILSON LOWELLA WILSON GEORGE N. WINSTON EDWINA WOODRUFF ERROLL D. WOODS SENIORS STEAL show . . . At their last football game goldenarres Marty Cooper and Connie Himt perform in the senior show. ff- fri I no " ..,. W 4-' 1' XX... he W 'E NB' -I QF'-Q ' ffmfs 14-3,15 Ri .I Phan. Nu- I - W I I .. 5 A I 1 - I wwf ' if EFL, V , EQ? E5 . I .7 CLASS OF 75 MARLLYS WRIGHT PAUL WRIGHT KEVIN J. YOUNG PHILLIP YOUNG LARRY WOODS TERRANCE WOODS RICK ALLEN ZIEGLER CAMERA SHY SE IOR ARTHUR ALEXANDER STEVE ARCHER WILLIAM ARGENBRIG HT GEORGE ARMBRUST HILLIARD ARMOUR ROBERT AVERETT LOIS BAGAR CEPHAS BANDY STEVE BINDNER TERRI BOARD CHRIS BOSTICK ROBYN BOYD DOUGLAS BOYKIN, JR. JAMES BROADNAX JUDY BROWN RONALD BROWN LINDA BUSICK TONY CAITO DALE CARTER RUTH COWART VICKI CRAYTON CHARLES CRUDUP DAN DE CAMP EDGAR DOBBINS VERNON ELLISON SHELLY EWIGLEBEN MARK FOSTER RONALD HARDISTER JOHN HUBLER KEVIN JACKSON DEBI KENNEDY KEVIN KRAHL ROBERT MADSEN DANA MALONE KAREN MASON DEBBIE MC DONALD LINDA MC FARLAND PHIL MICHAELIS KEN MITCHEL BRYAN MOORE JOHN NIMMO LAURA PERUNKO ELAINE RADFORD MARK REED ROBERT REED, JR. KEITH ROBINSON LIA ROBINSON SHERRY ROBINSON DANNY ROSING ROBERT ROWE DWIGHT SHEAD BILL SMITH LARRY SPIES RICKEY STARNES BRYAN TERRY CYNTHIA THOMAS LINDA THROM DENNY TURNER ANITA VAN SICKLE GREGG E. WHITE DON WILLIAMS JUNIOR TRINA Armstrong gets caught in a daze. HAPPINESS IS a long, hard day at A.H.S. drawing to a close. 1 1 4 I I 1. xi , ... 1 I X PIRIT OF '76 Only two more semesters to go and I'll be out. I can't wait. People had told me that my junior year would be the hardest year, and boy were they right! What with U.S. and all kinds of new grammar in English, I thought I would never make it through. The one art I practically mastered this year was the art of "sliding by." I could write a book about 100 ways to be late to class without getting a conference or about how to cut lunch without getting caught by the security guards. Maybe I could pick up some extra money be selling my tips to freshmen. No matter how much I messed around this year, I had to face the fact that there was serious work to be done. I had to start setting some kind ofgoals for the future. I had to decide whether Iwas going to go to college or get a good job or what. Decisions, decisions-I hope I made the right ones, because two more semesters and I'll be out. JOKING AROUND is a part of everyday life as junior Geoff Edney illustrates here. THESE JUNIORS gather to discuss human rela- tions. 4 CLASS OF 1976 Kathy Ackles Kevin Ahearn Arthur Alexander Ron Alvies Sue Arbuckle Charles Armbrust Anthony Armstrong Trina Armstrong Dave Ashcraft Phyllis Avant Suzanne Averitt Sandy Ball Joe Ballard Bonita Banks Carry Barker Sherry Barnett Aleta Barrett Dana Barrett Paul Battles David Bauer Zandra Baxter Craig Beasley Gary Beasley Pamela Beatty Kimberly Bebley Regina Beeler Karen Bell Joey Bellamy Regina Benberry Nathaniel Benson Marcia Benton Denise Berry Todd Biberdorf Dwight Bigsby Tim Black Gilli Bostick Labrone Boswell Glenn Bowman Debra Box Edward Box Robert Boyd Ann Brannan R Y 41' 0 , A 2 Q Ii 5 we , 1' f A 'Mia-sg 4145? in all N sl.: X if -ef., ' - .""-L,-, , fb 4 K L, 01.429,-,.1a, , ., 'l'fT,,5 . X ., - :mister ' il so a T .. .tr A A r ' ' Ee- 2 f 1 1 - -'-'fs' . . 5 1 -f-' IB. 7, rff'4x?Q"Il7 N ' ,, fr ' , 'V la A Y ,F . 3 Y Alf. k - , 43 f Y' ' aw T X Q ,V Wav 4 . 2 s I W' feta vi , in ' 9' r W N 515, x - X Q' 1 ' i ,Q-Q in 9' . k ., ff :- ,-,-. ., .. Q..-ns r 5 ' Q ,-. AU his - xi f .Q .' 3. mx' Q' N V, H gif. '- it ,..,g. .. , sv ' f'u'.f' X 4. 2 , x H.. K 'S CLASS OF Don Breland Melody Bridgeforth Jewel Broadus Kathy Broeking Charles Brooker Todd Brosseau Flori Brown Regina Brown Susie Brown William Brown Vicki Bryant Kevin Bullock William Bullock Kim Bundles Kim Burks Michelle Burris Beth Burton Kathy Busenburk Diana Buser Teresa Campbell Wanda Campbell Karen Carman Pam Carter Nancy Cassidy Greg Cawthon Carol Chandler Ronnie Cheney David Cherry Dexter Chislom Ronald Clark Marion Clegg Mark Coble Adele Cohen Vicky Colbert Pam Cole Darryle Coleman Alonzo Collier Jennifer Combs Sandy Conine Joe Conrad Dan Conroy Janet Cooper 6 CLASS OF 1976 Jim Cordova Alexe Cortese Mona Cousin Lelia Cowerd Joe Crabtree Lisa Crabtree Chris Crago Geri Craig Sherry Crutchfield Willi Crute Debbie Cuffe Tony Cunningham Ben Dake Greg Daniels Jane Daniels Teresa Davenport Armenia Davis Karen Day Tasker Day David Dillingham Clem Dingle Tony Dingle Deborah Dodson John Douglas Robert Douglas Joe Dowdell Sherri Duke Karen Dunlop Wanda Easley William Edmond Geoff Edney Morris Edwards Robin Edwards James Eliott Jorge Escobar Derek Evans Tullie Evans Joseph Everroad Jeffery Farber Kathleen Farner Anita Farrar Tom Farrell l .V 1 Q W ag 1 , ff ' ' J y 6' ' 1 6 23- TT X "' iz fi rea 2, ya' 3 ' awww' .. Y 2 -, ,yt 'AAA i . 4 - .' Qu.. , e , .- 1. A., ,,.,.. 1 f' Z. A we WH! my H, i: 'gm I RE: K V Q., , ., , 'Ev C f X l"X L 5' fa . .Q V I g-9 X I 1 if .azfi . ,L JA is V Q . ,Q I L. 5 ' uf f iv' Q Sf, 5. ,,.. A f 1 f' TIN 'Y7""'? l l r ,vs a NN wxf F x 'S+' ' 54 ' fy ' is i f 6:5 .0 rs E ' W r n? Rx we, l 43 1 7 tl m nl. 5--'Q L4 CLASS OF 1976 Brad Finch Donna Fleck Mike Foster Julia Franklin Lynne Franklin Carol Fry Brenda Fullenwider Jay Fuson Robert Gaddis Robert Gaddis Royce Garrett Ronald Garrison Doug Gemmer Anita Gibson Gregory Gilbert Jeff Gildea Steve Gilmore Robert Glaspy Brenda Glover Edward Green Elaine Green Melvin Griffin Becky Grisby Eric Grisson Lawrence Gross William Guynn William Hafley Tom Haladay Lisa Halcomb Charles Hall Joyce Hampton Carol Harlow Karen Harris Kevin Harvey Karen Hasenstab Jeff Hatfield Cheryl Hawkins Alma Hayes Mark Heath Remona Heath Raymond Heath Timothy Henry CLASS OF 1976 Art Hermansen Edward Hill Jon Hirschfeld Carol Hite Dave Hodge Susan Holiday Carmen Holloway Mark Horner Phyliss Horsley Becky Horton Varce Howe Angel Howell Kim Hubbard Marla Hunt Sandy Huntington Dan Hursh Ruth Hyde Wazzell Irving V Frank James Julie James Dave Jennings Marcela Jimenez Carman Johnson Kirsten Johnson Marva Johnson Patricia Johnson Tammie Johnson Dyian Jones Julie Jones Lita Jones Lvonne Jones Paula Jorgensen David Justice Roxanne Justus Charrie Kaloyanides Joanne Kalp Kim Keene Ted Kegeris Don Kenworthy John Kincy Kathy Kidwell Britian Kennedy I rl l A .. .AA Xfm .nv-:Q . sv . , V V: ff' . -an , ,f ,Q , Q34 Q 2- - X , "4 ' jx, fi , ev, CLASS OF 1976 Cathy Kimmble Paul Knotts Karen Koers Pam Konchinsky Selwynne Lane Barbara Lannan Doris Lee Jane Lentz Greg Lewis Laura Lewis Lisa Light Donna Lindsay Dennis Lockett Vicki Looper Walter Looper John Lysek Gregory Lyve Greg Lyvers Marie Madden Mary Malless Kim Marks Brian Massey Glenda Massey Jeffrey Mathis Vicki Maxwell Preston Mayes Darrell McCauley Michael McClendo Douglas McDowell Melissa Mclntire James Meyer Steve Mills Pam Minatel Sandra Mitchell George Mize Donnett Moore Terry Moore Steve Morgan Betsy Morris Judith Morton Rosemary Mulhern Mickey Mulry CLASS OF 1976 Evely Murf f Robin Murphy Jackie Nance Eric Nichols Mary Nichols John Nicholson Roy Norman April Oberle Julie Olson Tammy O'Neal Randall Osborn Evert Owens Richard Page Dennis Palmore Maria Papadakis Brenda Parham Anita Parrish Leon Parson Diane Pasotti Isabella Pastrana Barbara Pate Vickey Patterson Steve Pearcy Mary Perkins Diane Pernell Gyjuan Perry Leslie Pettigrew Donnett Pettus Shela Pettus Joe Ping Derek Pinkston Vicki Pinkston Valerie Piper Julie Poisal Karen Prather Preston Mayes Donna Purdy Denise Ramsey Nancy Ramsey Robert Reyburn Keith Rice Mark Ridolfi 9, vw, 5- Q- 3 qv, ,Y " R . " K Q rw . - - .. - 2 4 I 6 or ,r 1 .. ,pm 5 , .f f 3" 1 'e 1 fi , I .S',.L. Y s 1: ., ?i i' V -N Fu- 6 if 4 A .4 X? I , Q A J Us , - 4, -11 Au ,Q . , cf Q' , riffs :pigs . ' 301' U J Qi aug 5 5' mx, ", , ws r X A In 1 ,X N,Y 1 1 2 .fi X ., q,, ,X safe, me 5' + ' is J fl ,t . 1 ,f , S? . x rs, Q X fx 1 X , it s, x s + W 'VW X Y 4 rf J . 3 r ... X fi is 3 X Q I 5 X if f f . 1 , A al' 5 4 , f.. ' 4 E . , ' i.. fw Q -3 .3 .... xl 'x t wx ,V - ,.f ri , JJ? N. v f . ,., Q- rv i. QR X t I J " X Q' A QM S fi i 4 Ns, 3 u , A ,, .1 V-.:.s:s. .q . rs., ss, f, -r wt to as ,X sf . N Q - tc Q., Qt W X . WN. A.k.w,,O M. 1 was I s 4', 'J " 5 "' N 3, 4 K Q ' -,ggky .. ' 3 tr ' . sf is N itf il. ' K y 1 an 7 ' fx ' 1 A' . . CLASS OF Brenda Riley Betty Roberson Betty Roberson Lora Rodgers Phyllis Robinson Debbie Rodich Ronnie Roenalds Aluergie Rogers Carolyn Ross Steve Ross Anita Rowely Bryon Rowely James Russell Evely Rusthover Julie Rutledge Kenny Saillant Trudy Saunders Barbara Sannaowsky Kathy Schilling Sue Schildknect Gina Schmidt Mike Scully Rick Scully Bennett Segal Brenda Shauntee Henry Sherrod Jim Sherwood Fred Shields Pam Shields Maret Sinclair William Skelton Patty Slagle Charles Smith Eunice Smith Gretta Smith Novem Smith Phyllis Smith Armenta Snow David Sparks Laurie Sparks Cindy Spilbeler Terry Stewart 1976 CLASS OF 1976 Shirley Stocks Billy Strickling Howard Strode Randy Strommen David Stump Cheryl Swanson Eddie Swanson Renita Swope Marilyn Sykes Dianne Taylor Robert Taylor Jackie Terrelo V wa? Connie Thomas "W - Daryl Thompson N Ivy Thompson Shirley Tinker Sue Thurman Mary Trotter A A ii Q Tony Tucker Deborah Turntine Derrick Tyler Sabrina Valentine Kimberly Vance Sandy Vardaman r Paula Vaughn Dreena Venerable Cheryl Vertner Keith Wade William Warner Ronald Washington Trachelle Washington Debbie Waxer fnw -Y Lela Weatherby Y 'ff ' N , ,N ,g Judith Weber i Maureen Webester Elaine Wells Chris West Cheryl Westmoreland Robert Wheeler Charles Williams ' Donna Williams Lula Williams TF L iff his ln: Q. w-5' +X'N,f4 v.!"'Y SV - J!i':,',?: ,. V ' an W" ' ia- L fr X T G1 uw, Mi a 'Ea V .2 st ,, A f 'W f 6 J, Hi T of fi -2 T A T l X 41? s ,PY ff? r A, 'sus' fi' . cj' 5 s 'N T' CLASS OF 1976 Arvrds Zledonrs -rf 5 me - N xlhgg 54. TT 'CII' A' ., "gy, xr - L SL, . -, .fy AA .5 , . 1 ' Q 5 as 3 va .fn f v- S, it. .r Q ,NA V ME X' ff? A W ,M it 5 1 Larry William Melvin Williams O. B. Williams Shellie Williams Tammy Williams Vickie Williams Chris Wilson David Wilson .leane Wilson Dorothy Winder Chris Winn Brenda Wire Fred Wolf Therese Wood Erroll Wood Sharon Yates Robert Young Steve Zentz Anthony Bradley STAND UP and salute! J umor Maria Papadakis puts on a ROTC uniform and salutes for the camera. JUNIOR VICKI Pinkston stops to pose for a photographer. SALUTE TO '77 SOPHOMORE VIRGIL Maden converses with sen- ior Libby Kuebler about Student Council matters. SOPHOMORE GIRLWATCHER Robert Poisal catches Diane Ramey in a daydream. LAURA MONTGOMERY gets caught by a camera- man while contemplating an idea for the ACCO- LADE. 4 FOOTBALL TENDS to be a cold experience for reserve cheerleader Lori Urias. WHY IS it always in the last drawer you look in, may be a thought of sophomore Ed Klivnasky. M PULLING HIS own weight, Craig McKay condi- tions himself for the track season. It seems as if maybe live found my place at Arlington. I'm no longer referred to as "Greenie," Frosh, or "Freshie,,, yet I'm not making any plans for the future, lim just hav- ing fun. I suppose we had about the best position in the school this year. We weren't making plans for the future, yet we werenit getting that first taste of highschool eitherg we were just sort of in-between. This year I felt like I really belonged to the school. I didn't have to cling to gradeschool friends, but was able to meet people by getting involved in activities like building the homecoming float. We got first place in the contest which helped us to become closer friends. Also, a first for most of us this year was getting into the swing of dating. The long awaited day finally came for most of us this year. After sitting through a summer of learning the rules of the road and watching gorey movies I became a full fledged driver: then the fun began! I didn't have to depend on my parents to take me everywhere, and 1 gained a feeling of respon- sibility. This year was fun, and brought new ex- periences, but I CHIl,t wait until next year when I'm an upperclassman. CLASS OF 1977 Deborah Abernathy John Adams Bryan Alexander Calvin Alexander Duane Alexander Frances Allen Shirley Allen Mark Amos Kenneth Anderson Mike Anderson John Andrews Patty Andrews Julie Angelicchio Mark Antreasian Guy Armstrong Cathy Armstrong Ruth Armstrong Genevieve Augmon Rickey Baker Scott Baker Sharon Baker Lamonda Banks Wade Barbee Wayne Barbee Kenneth Barker Debra Barnes Eric Barnes Sandra Barringer Libby Barrow Sabrina Bass Beverely Battles Bob Beasley Debbie Beasley Paul Beene Harold Bell Thomas Bell Art Benjamin Charlene Benners Karen Bennett Martha Benson Judy Bettis Billy Bigbee ,M K if I a 'Q . f. 1 x -v-r l Y' fix ie J BQ 'il rg 1 ,, x' ft , , a . HX a ' e . a ' .-.zwgi .- , ..- l f W .x-"if ,Wi 1 LTTE, n v-szwg. 4: WW ,gag xi I 5 1 , ' . an ..l. . Cv' ' 'f:,' TX I 'X .4 Q f JJ! LJ .9-A N ,pa- ,3 ,,. ,v x K r " ' 4 L fb' 9 x Q f.-- 3-74' C f UST' nw w , , 1' H 4 E , , l 1 Yx ly- I 'i ik . X t fell K . f, . L. ,,,...,, s CLASS OF Earnie Blackwell Maria Blackwell Ernes Blake Victor Bonds Betty Boyd Norman Bradley Tony Bradley Glen Brandon Gayle Bratton Fritz Brauer Sean Breidenbough Valetta Brinkley Kevin Brittan Cindy Bostick Albert Brown Barbi Brown David Brown Elizabeth Brown Linda Brown Rodney Brown Ross Brown Heather Brune Brenda Bryant Marvin Bryant Sandy Bryant Kris Bubenzer George Buford Teresa Burnett Chris Burton Gay Bussen Stephanie Butler Rhonda Byrd Eddie Calloway Chris Campbell Linda Campbell William Campbell Melvin Cannon Danny Carney Ieta Carter Cheryl Chambers Paula Chapman Robert Cheeks CLASS OF 1977 Tina Cheshier Darrell Childress Julie Chong Kimberely Clark Mike Clay Kathy Clegg Robert Clemons Steve Clemons Tim Clifford Rhonda Coffman Cherrel Cole Deborah Coleman Donald Collins Faye Collins Gina Collins Billy Cook Vickie Cook Ron Corbett Ross Corbett Melinda Cowart Lisa Cox Deborah Craft Rosa Crawley Minthy Crowder Steve Cuffe Darlene Cunningham Duane Davis Geraldine Davis Syta Davis Cheryl Davis Lynnette Deck Susan Dillingham Jerry Dingle Shirley Dodier Kelli Dolen William Douglas Shirley Dowdell Thomas Dowdell Margaret Ducan Oather Duncan Bob Dudich Dan Eaton Ah K R' li f x f rr fa.. sw lr i' W i PJ f 1 v f 'va Q B fig xg ,,,if 49" 6 X 415 92 W I' X tv'-4' kr -5,1 .. Vg M65 CLASSof Amy Edwards Judith Edwards lrisa Elberts Chrystal Elliott Dave Elliott Leonard Elliott Marvin Ellison John Erdmann Melroy Ervin Jan Fair Rick Farber Greg Finger Beth Fisher Lisa Frazier Barb Gaier Doris Gardner Lydia Garrett Joe Gehris Debra Geralds Shawn Gilliland Ed Glaspy Barbara Glenn Charles Glover Tim Glover Willie Gorden Gigi Gorogiani Brian Grant Sharon Green Steve Green Stephanie Green Mary Beth Gregory Susan Grigsby Eric Grissom Flip Gurley James Guynn Charisse Hagen Alan Hale Gerald Hall Kim Hammon Steve Hanes Donna Hardister Jerome Hardy 1977 CLASS OF 1977 Steve Harlow June Harris Vince Harris Robin Harrison Alfred Harvey Howard Harvey Terrie Harvey Robin Haskins Thomas Hawkins Shirley Helm Mark Henderson Judy Henson Daniel Highshaw Debra Highshaw Corla Hill Maxine Hill Jackie Hodge Kathy Hodge Tanya Hollingshed Edwin Hollowell Cheri Hood Marietta Horn Annie Horton Bobby Holsey Judy Hotka Michael Howard Sheila Howell Amy Howkinson Leslie Hubbard Keith Hudson Page Hunter Cheryl Huntington Brenda Irving Garry Jackson Sherri Jackson Terri Jackson Vicki Jackson John Jacobs Karen Jardan Juan Jefferson Sharon Jefferson Marc Jenkins n 4,-v Z. Q A .. 9 W ' 5 1 Q14 YN- , 1 - I camp , v Q .l Q , l sur-gf, -1' 4, K as I K M742 :fe nzegg., ,ga-.. s r Wi nf 'fi if , . r H 'M 3 2 1' pf 171' N I x. 4 wl N if kv 4?-r WW, 1 -. 'L I "BT ' ' V 2.12. x Q FQFSVZ 3 1 1' ?" 4 NV' il S, l X 1 7 , 595 1' 3 N 1 ,f lk J ' f if. rf' 4 ,Q kc . 1 a S ,.,-.149 .if U qi: V . M J...- '4x, lf A X, 2 m Z l l 1 4 r .J- J l aa 4 ., , -f a' I ns' ' .. P' , E 'Iii . fr . .s,,. --fv . -, We --W """' ' 73-Q ll '7 ' V' 4 I , T it -brf . f V V the Q J -K J 'f fff fa , .-, ' g V ' ,J -I wr., ' ' " X A fl: , YM, iq I LE ? I 5 .ff ,IAV :Qgx V . A g if -X? fee V, fl, A I' 5 11- 1, i V-:QV 4 C I ' I 'gg ' XF s 'f 'F f" .Jw Q. ' f V . 1 ,nv-1, . . K, ' L- Q I , L! y 5 'J g . X i .J 1 fic' ,gfvk , ' .1 , gf K vA::. 'rf if , ' " I Isis. ' f, E91 -'-: v 4t.'f:'.'51-QV . , A 3 T A ' M " file, 5 f , 2 5: iiighwi .VVV ' :ix ui ..., ASW 9 ij ' i V' C K L S' 1 M53 Q J . -V 'zz ' , 444 -.E' ff' 75 f -ef, 'rx 4 .- 3 W' 1 3, 0 c x i fi' 44 T if qu- 2 at . ,W is ,Air 91 sf CLASS Alanda Johnson Debora Johnson Dan Johnson Kevin John son Thomas Johnson Pejoe Johnson Lee Johnston Chris Jones Debbie Jones Joe Jones Najor Jones Randy Jones Teresa Jones Victor Jones Becky Judd Matt Karnes Diana Keller Matt Kennedy Don Kerby Paul Kimbrough Cathy King Teresa King Roxanne Kirby Ed Klivansky Floyd Knight Amy Krahl Nancy Lahr Chris Lalioff Dave Lambert Diane Lannan Jeff Lantz Barry Lanum Chris Layton Theresa Leak Mike Ledgerwood Cheryl Lee Sandy Lee Russell Levitt Nancy Lewis Steve Lewis Melanie Likely Cindy Lindberg OF 1977 CLASS OF 1977 Elaine Livery M Pam Lockett F Q . Jennefer Lockett ii ., , Larry Logan C' 1 Shirley Love Q X l Roy Luster ffgf I Ji-kd Leroy Lyles A, Marsha Lyvers , ,V , LaDonna Macneal .Q gf' Cindy Maguire Jeffery Majors qi , Steve Manka v Q 'r f f it M' V A Ken Manuel , 1 Linda Manuel Jim Maple 1 Theresa Markey lzzz Q3-Tl Nancy Marshall Yvonne Marshall kigry 2 ....1:. . Lamont Martin Karen Mason Ella Mays Kenny Mays Lynn McBrady Sheila McCloud William McCloud John McClure Bonnie McDowell Sherri McDowell Clint McDowell Dewayne McGee Vicky McGee Craig McKay Sylvia McKinney Mike McLaughlin Donna Meek Lisa Mesalam Elizabeth Mendenhall Debra Miller Gary Miller Mike Mills Charles Mitchell "Q", 1 Chuck Mitchell ii 4,-,N . V .Va , , ,,,, '73 ,ea A x V: .. M ., x N z -H ff P X L ala '51 , fi 9' WW qv! I0 ,gi Q-if s fx' ' K , J ll 5 1 ,4 - tl C4 , ,F X +I v. 1 1. .5 N 'WSE 'K t l1.J, fa--J 7' ' E, V3 " ' A . ,H .4 ,,f,fr. ., any , Q P ,J-1.4 .. f gh , r we I 1 1 'ICQ ' v . f W ' 7 I ? ra. if .,,., 3 I 1 ,Q 5' f . xg 82 4 . "" 4 " 'Q' 'L . ' " '- KL ,' 55 Q .V Y I 'W ff W -Q- skie r-Q q -J IJ M ,I I- 1 - A 1, -1 7 IW - sw A, A N - aa 1 2 """ , ' ' ,' wif " x . X -H. 'ff it f. , iv :lf ii . 7: fa, , FS, 15.1.1 M xg, s., '-Q P i A 1 y' iw i f 1- If . R xf 1 i ' W , v , Q 'L l l-If rj ff g , , ,Mg 1 W" 'V' " KRW'-I' V'-A 22' ' ' ', A rt e ,S ir J Z X 1 is I li I i CLASS OF Debra Mitchim Tammy Mobely Debi Mock Jeff Molin Laura Montgomery lerry Moore Yvette Moore Michele Morgan Andera Morris Elayna Morris Becerly Morton Charles Moss Richard Munford John Muesing Greg Murry Johnny Murry Tommy Murry Jerrery Allan Musser Kenny Meyers Jeff Nance Ronald Newbern Bill Newhouse Linda Nichols Tammy Nicholas Karen Neilson Jerome Norris Kevin Okey Mark Orr Jeff Osterman Terri Owens Rob Owsley Elizabeth Palmore Robert Parrish Charles Patton Esma Payne Steve Payne Janice Perkins Eric Perry Louis Perunko Toni Pettis Robert Pinex Geri Pikus 1977 4 CLASS OF 1977 Geri Pikus Phyllis Plummer Tory Poindexter Robert Piosal Jenny Polk Robert Post Denise Powell Laura Quakenbush Dennis Raftery Amy Ralston Diana Ramey Murth Ramesy Jim Rapala Steve Reymont Ann Reynolds Theresa Rhyne Chris Rice H Howrdr Rice Kathy Ridely Greg Riley Shelia Roby Don Rodich David Roth Sharon Roth Ronson Rowely James Russell Santana Rowe Lori Rutledge Anthony Ryan Robert Sallier Adraian Sanders Sherri Sanders Terri Sanders Freddy Saunders William Sayer Charles Scalf Debbie Scalf Susan Schmidt Debbie Schneider Sharon Sceweizer Dan Schuster Diane Schortinghuis , Q 1 ag-" 'V""' ,f in P VI ...,.,w, .. W ,.,,. I ..i.,, YW -x 'E Nga. if i f A N x xi-S. 1 4.53 , -1 as ' -' we PL- ..,. : -V Qi .L .M ...,. at t 1 -" D5 Z ff Q 'N 1' l 4 Wx' A , 1 ,, aiu .f V ..' -1 IRQ 'M 3 M' 0 ai' if X s il ' sv iq ,Nc E 5 'fix x l 1 N' ' -. - . 7 t I R. P wi -4 ,ga 'ij ,S X m:..,f'f, I I ll tw-gszeasfmtf . A Ni i' ' K W Q, A il., X ax si s I 'Fx ji if L :-iw' ' "bf i Y. lf' CLASS OF Norman Schwomeyer Laura Scully Bonita Scruggs Carol Seay Sara Sheats Homer Sholar Gina Shropshire James Shouse Julie Silvey Sheryl Skinner Bien Smith Linda Smith Rodney Smith Rodney Smithson Bill Smythe Joe Snyder Greg Sommers Susan Sommerville Linda Soraiz Ortega Spencer Anne Spradling John Spivey Mark Spivey Connie Stanish Tony Stevens Sharon Stoeppelwerth Wayne Stone Mark Stover Denise Stowe Billy Strickling Dianna Strickling Cheryl Strode Pam Sullivan Valerie Swanigan Joyce Swanson Jon Tabor Charlotte Tally Cindy Taylor James Taylor Joe Taylor Mike Taylor Tim Taylor CLASS OF 1977 Caren Teal Herbie Teal Max Templeton Tanya Terry Avis Thomas Cheri Thomas Connie Thomas Earl Thomas Robin Thompkins Norman Thompson Diana Thomson Karin Thorton Karen Tipton Vicki Tipton Tony Tooley Debbie Tucker Angela Turnley Mary Turnetine Diana Tyson Jim Updike Justin Van David Vandever Evia Vannerson Cathy Vardaman Dale Vaughn Mark Walker Paula Walker Byron Walton Julie Warren Lawerence Washington Renita Washington Chris Weber Liz Weber Sue Weber Beverly White Debbie White William Wells Randy Willis Debra Wilkins Jeff Wilkins Lynne Williams Richard Williams 'M' : N ef: ,gig 111 , ' has 10 r 0 4, A it , v V -4 sl.- L y 9 I iff' v y X' r Uv 4 'if' .1 1 I JG I Jean Yant Theresa Zartman Carmina Ziedonis Lori Urias CLASS OF 1977 Janet Williamson Brodey Wilson David Wilson James Wilson Miriam Wilson Pat Wilson Debra Wilson Louis Winn Sharon Winn Linda Woods Janet Wright Marilyn Wright USTRUMMING ON my guitar makes me hap- py" says sophomore Karen Nielson. gi ff, 4' 2',l'L'. Qaav A .. ..,V-.-....-.-..-w--'.,.,..,....-.-vf-v- QW CELEBRATE WITH '7 As a freshman, I didn't know whether I liked high school or not. I was so used to my friends and classes in junior high that at first Arlington scared me. Going to a bigger school, being called a "greenie," and seeing all the new faces was such a different experience. Along with my fears of the cafeteria food and conferences, I also had this con- stant fear of messengers. I was always afraid that one of the fistful of call slips they brought into my classes would be for me. I got used to all this, though,just like all freshmen do. After a while, even the word ffgreeniev stopped making me feel so young and stupid. After a few days of asking upper-classmen where the heck I was,I finally got to know my way aroundg and miraculously, the school didn't seem quite so huge anymore. FRESHMAN MIKE Justice nervously awaits his wrestling match. TOGETHERNESS AND friendship is seen here with Diana Valentine and Rick Scully. ,....1.....-.-,-..-. RESULTS OF the freshman cheerleading try- outs please Patty Snyder. if fr , H' . . Q fr 2 ' . ' nf ,Q Am MW.,,,.W, I ,- .f ,. J ff ! 3 if I , . ' I . 1 +5 ' .ff 5 ig' ' '- Y -gil! ,- , A' N- -r , f ' W v 5-tiff Q., X -. ,ia 5 I A , 5 fri 4 1' sg, '- 1 1 'L 'I f 4 ' 4 ' 5' f t W V2 r . 'kv-ix L iv e, , ..,, .s it 'f i1'1 'ir.. ' 4.11 f' I X 5, . ,--f HELPING THE Student Council spirit commit- ' tee is David Nance. 'I . '.'.4... li MJ. i ! in-if ir- v r l -.V .111 r i f J 5+ - i gf: ,Q ,.-fi v Yr.: - , 4-Q ' ia ' -1, ., . ,Aja ' it MJ .3Y.3K'Y,. W' A K 34152 W. CLASS OF Velma Abbott Pam Abernathy Chico Adams Debbie Alexander Court Alfs Cathy Anderson Donny Anderson Terri Anderson Robert Averitt Faye Ayers Kim Ballard Kevin Ballinger Rodney Bannon Chery Barker Gina Bames Reggie Barnett Dana Barrett John Bartholomew Elizibeth Baxter Hosea Baxter Jeff Baxter Vannesa Beach Darrell Beatty Edyth Beatty Thad Beatty Richard Beeler Pam Beene Michael Bell Kim Berns John Bess Vanessa Bettis Michael Birdsong Dondra Bishop Kevin Bishop Terry Blair Teri Blankenship Rita Booher Steve Bowman Cliff Bowers Cherylin Boyd James Boyd Nevel Boyd 1978 l79 'Q CLASS OF 1978 Brandon Boykin Robert Brame Brandon Bentley Debra Bratxon Patrick Braxton Duncan Bridegforth John Brill Jerrold Brittain James Britton Barry Brooks Carmen Brooks Greg Brooks Janet Brooks Teresa Brooks April Brown Franklin Brown Arnetta Brown Hardon Brown Kevin Brown Michael Brown Richard Brown Robin Brown Roger Brown Sybil Brown Tersea Brown Tony Brown Darrel Brumiield Harold Bryant Stephanie Bryant James Buckener Robert Buford Randall Bullock Kelli Burks Aundi Bushrod Anita Butler Schufildia Butts Loz Cabera Charles Cade Jenis Calhoun Laton Campbell Tom Campbell Pat Carr Q4 Y. VN 1 u IN !'4. I r t -v X -g,. -.. xv. f If .vi 412, B ' '- X z r 180 X af" .. ,ix 1 l . f '- X in-58 s my fi 'li - 5 CLASS OF Tony Carr Patrick Carson Susan Carter Jean Cartwright Tony Cawthorn Robert Chambers Gay Cheatham Rhonda Cheatham Randy Cheshire Kurt Christian Juanita Clardy Rodney Clark Paul Clark Albert Clegg Doug Cliburn Jeff Click Mark Cline Jennifer Coffey Mike Coffman Mike Colbert Carol Conneley Pam Conneley Susan Conway Becky Corbett Tina Cordova Carol Cole Dwayne Coleman Donald Coleman Silvana Collins Carol Coninie David Connelly David Crabtree Charles Craig Jesse Craig Jesse Crane Shirl Crawford Anthony Crayton Stephanie Crenshaw Tacy Croon Karen Crowe Angela Cushenberry Stacie Cutler 1978 CLASS OF 1978 Calvin Daniels Dewayne Daniels Dana Davenport Bonita Davis Edmond Davis Joe Davis Kim Dawson Solomon Dawson Renwick Denton Mike Diggs Roslyn Dillard Deirdee Dinwiddie Karen Dixson Brian Donahue Steve Doss Donald Dowdell Linda Dowdell Laura Dudich Valene Dunlap Allean Dunson Rickey Dye Trudy Easley Mike Eccles Darrell Edmoed Dave Edmonson Cindy Eggleston Donne Elbert Shawndolyn Elliott Kiann Endsley Joyce Ervin Shelly Ettner Curtis Evans Harry Faulkner Benitte Felder Michele Fenley Eric Flannery Sabrina Fleetwood Leona Fletcher Reynold Fluitt Chris Flock Beronda Flynn Barbara Foster A ' A xe X15 X7 !.i, ., ll ff ly! 1 94 jg' 4,3 - A 1' J , N Y ' 1 4 IQ. . . . ,g-3, sr I . . NE. ,Y . ' i 2 E ' e,"' e ' N px 5 g v M . CLASS OF Roderrch Foster Alecia Fox Katherine Fowler Charlie Franklin Harry Franklin Michael Franklin Craig Fuson Patrick Gaddis Veronica Gilbert Janis Glenn Janice Goder Patty Gorman Alan Gowdell Shirley Gramlin Robert Gray Carl Grays Bill Green Debora Green Mike Greene Nathation Green Leandor Grimes Kevin Grisby Cheryl Groves Patricia Gruber Julie Guffey Frances Guynn Keith Haemmerle Richard Halley Edward Haldin Alan Hale Donna Hall Larry Hall Ira Hall Lucy Hall Billy Hampton Tammy Hancock Kenneth Harden Susie Harding Mark Hardister Teresa Harris Eric Harrison Gwen Harrison CLASS OF 1978 Anthony Harvey Kenney Harvey Judy Hatcher Darrell Herd Tim Helmick Steve Hendrix Susan Hennings Jeff Henry Charlotte Henson Carol Herald Lucy Hall Ilene Hill Kenny Hill Mike Hill Terri Hill Roger Hillman John Hiltgen William Hobson Joe Ho ffman Andy Holland Stephane Hollingsworth "1 Kevin Holloway Fred Hopkins Kelly Hopper Brenda Horner Billie Horton George House Greg Howard Jesse Howard Joanne Howard Jesseca Hubbard Eric Huffine Steve Huggins Rebecca Humphress Micahel Humphrey Sandra Humphrey Ed Inman Karen Irvin David Jackson Kevin Jackson Robin Jackson Tony James mf as V 4 .9 LY Q rg. IKIKXLHJ, . . nIlE'5'1.:s f I-.e.Jfff. Q 29' - ms.. . f . fn: ,S . . in ...Q ,gun , it Q ,- gr X tx an Eggs gg , . .nw 1 , u 'limi , 4. f 4:1312-h'A,.s ., un... if .7551 5111.553 lillllqqiil fsam raarr-ffffem'-P' .1 1 -. ,H r er 'Rn m "" P4 ff , 3 -vw .ms arf.. W 33 t. ,rv I 4 ix ' I I N ,tx 15 it-W K l 4 f H er wig jf' .5 lie J t- r, . , ' s M .V-.X 1 W... -.ww ,- -.. .:. - f he ,. . .N JH, X., fs J. ,, ' S .G Q SQ A X ,C A NN is 5 ?D if ai JSM N F 1' " x .Q 'af V '- M , Qbxs . 4 5 , YQTX , Q . ..N-X ' " 'Ji' "1 J -Ly 1 s ' ' . ' 1' n ' 5 K ' tiff ? '0 5 '. 1 t we ,.- it fs CLASS Finus Jefferson Glenda Jekins Allen Johnson Derrich Johnson Tom Johnson Darnette Johnson Angela Jones Brenda Jones Brent Jones Curtis Jones David Jones John Jones Kate Jones Kenneth Jones Kimberly Jones Lee Jones Renita Jones Rodney Jones Stanley Jones Steve Jones Steve Jones Wayne Jones Marilyn Jordan Charmon Julian Jim Julian Denise Jung Mike Justice Penny Keene Kit Keener Bill Keglar Ann King Karen Kinsey Diane Kleine Beth Klivansky Tammy Lacy Barbara Lafara Jeff Klingberg Leslie Kraucunas Kathy Kruse Ana Kukolja Martina Kukolja Jeffrey Lahr OF 1978 CLASS OF 1978 Janice Lahr Barbara Lafara Deborah Lake Mike Lalioff Michelle Lane Kenny Lanteigne John Lay Gerry Lee Marni Lemons Chauncey Lipscomb Rick Lloyd Lanet Logan Jocal Lumpkins Rufert Lyles Debbie Lysek William Madden Gregg Maddox John Malless Bruce Maker Shelia Marion Carol Marlatt Earnessa Markey Judy Marshall Tondaleia Marshall Chester Martin John Martin Willard Mason Debra Massingale Bob McCoy Phil McDougald Sandra McDowell Scott McGaffey Stacy McGuire Kathy McMichael Sidney Mclntyre Lydia Mencer John Mikulenka James Miller Larry Miller Bob Miller Sheldrea Miller David Mills r -'Mwst ' 'X , - ' 2 -4 A AR 4 , .r as nge J '6f,j as 'X' I 5 x '-at ' X if , .. S . nl, .1 'l...7 W Oy f J JA-A '4 135315 if: A, J 16 . " 54, 'I -is if 1 I 1 H M. , i :J ' 1 of i T' at gm? f CLASS OF Carl Mitchell Carl Mitchell Mark Mitchell Dianne Moftltt Rene Moffitt Suzett Moffitt Sylvia Moffitt Ginger Montgomery Grace Moore Randall Moore Joe Moore Keith Moore Sally Morris Jerry Morgan Michele Morton Marilyn Mosley Debra Mounce Marsha Muegge Kurt Mueller Leslie Muesing Julie Nance Chris Nanopoulos Lonnie Newman Charlotte Nicholas John Nicholos Terry Nixon Bobby Norman Rick Oberle Melody Overstreet Mary Overton Sharon Palmore Dianna Parks Alecia Parrish Mark Patton Floren Peace Kenny Pearcy Jeff Pease Dennis Pendergrass Tracy Pettet Leon Petty Terry Pillow Rita Pinner CLASS OF 1978 Gregory Pipkin Vanna Poindexter Yuonna Polk Kim Powell Diana Puckett Dennis Pullins Jean Query Sheryl Ragan Karen Ramey Kevin Ramey Tammy Ramsey Thomas Rapier Allison Reed Karen Reed Jonathan Reeder Bonita Reid Ivory Reynolds Preston Rhone Pam Ribelin Darrell Richard Mary Ridenour Joe Ridolii Dan Riggins Ed Roberts Bryan Robinson Donna Robinson Gyjuana Robinson Leslie Roby Sharon Roth Leslie Rowley Gloria Rowley Lance Russell Lee Russell David Rutledge Louise Saillant Norman Sanders William Sargent Ester Scaife Brad Schildknecht Richard Schilling Diane Schimp Phil Schnarr I 7 Y 31 Q, 'sbs tw 'P Q .. , 5' 1 Y X g . f Ni S S 'QS X , 1, 3, 5 my X , , , ,, E L, 5 sv' Cd, D fb as if 0 i , 4 . mer' I t r 5, , 4-'1 gb 'Ziggy 9 W 5 ' - ' 'ss ,ll QIL uv. Q ,Fr . 5, ,. . K Q Si se". . Q v' sf' T1 5 4 . N ,r H1 K' -Ut sf " 'Q x 1 Q i w f 4 I I , J l r. K f 1 , rw: 'CW -f mx "" ' ' X 4 2 s S V! f QSM 1 iid X .ia 1 Q .N 4 gl ff r 'iris .vgg 'l s I I W .f Y r. .5 .l 5 -,N rj? 1 v V ,- KG A -.5 'V 0 H 5 14.1, rv X 522 l 655. V va- ' I I , .M -s l, S 'E 'S w If ,. 6' l l r r CLASS OF Diane Schneider Doris Scott James Scott Tom Scott Francine Settle Yvette Shelby Anita Sherrod Sylvia Sellers Yvett Shelby Glendoris Sherrod Robin Shew Phillip Sholar Natalie Shropshire Michelle Simmons Toney Simons Michael Simpson Michelle Simpson William Sims Tony Skelton Christy Smith Debra Smith Debra Smith Debra Smith Gwendolyn Smith Jonathan Smith Julie Smith Julian Smith Michelle Smith Robert Smith Robert Smith Robin Smith Catherine Smithe Jeff Snyder Patricia Snyder Jeanine Solaro Dwayne Southern Jeffery Sparkman Detroit Spencer Charles Spivey Tracey Spurling Tracy Spurling Lamont Squires 1978 OF 1978 Glen Stanish Murry Stevens Fawn Stevens Demaris Stewart Debra Steward Gary Stewart Kelvin Stewart Ricky Strader Douglass Strommen Renita Stubbs Francis Summers Randall Sutherlin Christina Swanson Lee Sykes Terri Tackett Mark Tandy Juan Taylor Lisa Taylor Penny Teters Jewel Thomas Neal Thomas Rudolph Thurman Ruth Thurman Charles Thurston Ryan Tierney Chris Tipton Leigh Tonnis Joyce Townsend Loretta Towensend Gregg Travis Stacy Tyler Vonda Tyler Diane Valentine Portia Wade Janie Walker Lillian Walton Bridget Washington Brian Washington Bryan Washington Linda Washington Richard Watford Harry Watkins "S,-IW ' ' X Z1 wr 5 3 NPN XX. X . 4'P I Y. James Yeagley Vali Ziedonis Dena Cortese CLASS OF Kenneth Watson Cindy Webster Annette Wells Jannice Wells Derrick Westmoreland Mildred White Peggy White Thearson White Paula Whitney Michael Whirton Lane Wickliff Deise Wilkins Annette Williams Dennis Wilder Debra Williams Janice Williams Kenneth Williams Mark Williams Paula Williams Ronnie Williums Michale Willamson Christopher Wilson Lynn Wilson Marilyn Wilson Terrie Wilson Kathy Wire Maria Woods Chris Woodson Anthony Wright Greg Wright 1978 SPO SUIIS SUE BEARD DR. and MRS JOHN D BRANNAN MR. and MRS. ROBERT L. BUBENZER MRS. EDWARD L BURTON MR. and MRS. ROBERT E. CAMBELL THE CAST OF OLIVER A.H.S CLERICAL STAFF MRS. GEORGIA FLOREN MR. and MRS BYRON E BAILEY MRS. SUE BALL . and MRS. PAUL A. BATTIES . and MRS. JACK CHAILLE .and MRS. JOHN W. GRAUB .and MRS. STANLEY E. HIRSCHFELD MR. and MRS. WM. R HALCOMB MRS. ROBERT L. JOHNSON MR. and MRS. ROBERT E. MEEK MRS. BARBARA A MONTGOMERY MR. and MRS ROBERT L. RALSTON MAUDE SIGAFOOS and MRS. JOHN SNYDER . and MRS. G.B. URIAS and MRS. IRVING S. JOHNSON and MRS JOHN D. LAHR . and MRS DAVID H LIVELY JOHN and BETTY LYSEK MR. and MRS. DONALD REAP MR. and MRS. JULIAN E. SHELTON MR. and MRS. THOMAS A. WEST . MR. MR MR. and MRS. GEORGE ARMSTRONG MR. and MRS. ROBERT HUFFINGTON . . DR. MR. . DR DR . . MR MR MR For "Green Flsh Brazler Burger Chnl: Barbecue Tenderloin French Frles Onlon Ftlngs Parfait Flesta Buster Bars Sun daes Curly Cones Dllly Bars Soft Drlnks Malts Shakes Browme Dehght Banana Splut Brlefcase any flnanclal matter, just call your neighborhood Merchants Man or Woman MIIB! Hn' Darrq Queen Devington Office Devungton Shopp ng Center 6000 East 46th Street 547 9633 Member FDIC expertise on 45112 7441+ Beauty Shop And Boutique 1702 East 86th Street 846 6535 r i 4 U , . v. "' , K 6 f x 4 fmt MNH 1 W 1 if 1, Q 0 fx, K wa Fw " 1 J' W " Q X 2 . ' 4 5 - Pnmmmo Conn Hnnmc Ixc Am Cozmrrlorzmc 2820 N Webster PLUMBING 547 4881 M HEATING G AI R CONDITIOQUN WIESE S SERVICE 4425 Arlington Avenue 545 4140 , . f 12 F U ' EW i .flu ,S I 4.9 Q ' - ' ,. - ' 1 " .5144 inf :V 4QgggtfQ?Wl5' 7 4! Q' 6 . ' I ' u l Congratulations to the Class of 1975! Completion of high school represents an important milestone in your life. Your diploma signifies many hours of conscientious studying on your part. In the years ahead, you'll look back on these days as very important ones. Because it was during this time you learned not only how to think clearly, but how to think for yourself! We at RCA know your dedication to learning will serve you well in the years to come. Our warmest congratulations and best wishes to each of you. ,,l, sll,...c,l.,.,,,.,,ll,cs . .s,l.... , .l.. . ...l .C l,,, ,,,w , l,,, , ,,,,,, RCA looks to the Future' , The RCA Space Mountain - IM X , newest, most exciting attraction f K i at Walt Disney World. - G-gx - - lr.:-Zyqqifv Don't miss it! i ci Q '-19-S551 5 llllllll ytlllillllilff' 1 as " 'l i An equal opportunity em ploy UERTIFIED GLASS UU Residential Commercial Specializing in Insurance Replacement CERTIFIED GLASS CO 1034 N College Where Customers Send Their Friends 58213. 6940 E. 38th E. 38th and Post Rd. At Shadeland Ave. ln Country Corner 547-1668 Shopping Center 849-2224 6 Convenient Locations City Wide Corner 22nd St Talbot Sts. Open Sundays 81 Holidays 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Monday Thru Saturday 9:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. We Accept Food Stamps - -on i rm- 'll l l Fl l Pi-loToGnAPHY X i l BY sci-lAEFEn l , it 4' J Commercial Photos Businessmen's Photos Passports Family Portraits School Photography I.D. Card Service School Photography lSeniors 8. Underclassi Representing: . . National School Studios, lnc. 253-1884 Specialist In School Photography 5422 North Keystone Avenue "Get That Just Pants Feeling" With Arlington Alumni Connie Hunt, Kathy Eaton, Sue Hutton, and Tracy Allison at Just Pants. Castleton Square Washington Square 849-7856 899-1020 l l l I 9 JIIIITG "75" I T'IX"x .fr ARMY JUNIOR ROTC DEVELOPS GOOD CITIZENSHIP AND LEADERSHIP IN YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN. PARTICIPATION IN THE JUNIOR ROTC PROGRAM DOES NOT OBLIGATE THE STUDENTS IN ANY WAY FOR FUTURE MILITARY SERVICE. HOWEVER, ADVANCED GRADE STANDING IS GRANTED IN THE MILITARY SERVICE FOR THOSE STUDENTS WHO COMPLETE THE PROGRAM. YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN IN THE ARMY JUNIOR ROTC DEVELOP AN APPRECIATION OF THE ROLE OF THE UNITED STATES ARMY IN WORLD AFFAIRS. SOME COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES GRANT ADVANCE PLACEMENT IN THE SENIOR ROTC PROGRAM FOR PARTICIPATION IN JUNIOR ROTC. THE PRIMARY GOAL OF JUNIOR ARMY ROTC IS TO DEVELOP GOOD CITIZENSHIP AND A SENSE OF RESPONSIBILITY AMONG HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS. PEARS S PLATTERS Records Tapes Cards Gifts Devmgton Shopping Center G-Jr--1,--. 4-'fn JUST RITE Lunch time After school Before game After game Anytime We re The Place With A Little Convenient Drive up Service Devmgton Shopping Center 545 5558 ,wffvfg ARL! GTO PLUWERS Say it with Flowers 1335 N. Arlington on fi Q Y - 1 l .Q Vg Something Extra! . . - . - ROBERT D. AHEARN Hist. Cl. Parl.: Student Council Parl.: Football: Little 5: Powderpuff Cheerleader: Soccer: Wrestling ARTHUR ALEXANDER Intra. Basketball ERIN ALEXANDER Acad. Asst: Cheerblock: French Cl: GAA: National Honor Soc: Messenger: Talent Show: Powderpuff: Soccer JOYCELYN ELAINE ALLEN Cheerblock: Drill Team: JA: DECA SCOTT ANDERSON DECA: FCA Pres.: Letter- man: Baseball: Basketball: Football: Little 5: Soccer: JA Pres. DOYAL ANDREWS Art Club: French Cl.: Musical: Student Council: Thespians: Arlingtones: Ensemble: Choir ANTREASIAN Cheerblock: Jr. Class ALEX Treas.: Goldenaires Pennants: Jr. Mother's Tea Comm.: Prom Comm.: Hist. Cl.: Musical: National Honor Soc: Sr. Play: Spirit Comm.: Student Coun- cil: Arlingtones: Choir: Orch: Trebleaires: Mini 5: Powderpuff: Tennis ANTHONY ARMSTRONG Bowling: ROTC: Talent Show MELINDA ARMSTRONG Messenger WAYNE ARMSTRONG Chess LINDA ATKINS Cheerblock: Sr. Alumni Sec.: French Cl.: Goldenaires Pennants, Flags, Color Guard: Jr. Mother's Tea Comm: Prom Comm: Hist. Cl.: National Honor Soc: Messenger: Trebleaires: Mini 5 ROBERT AVERETT ROTC: Intra Basketball: DECA LOIS BAGAR Bike Cl: Talent Show: Swim Cl. BETH BAILEY Bowling: COE: Messenger: Health Clinic NANCY BAKER Acad. Asst: Cheerblock: French Cl: GAA: Musical: National Honor Soc: A,B,M Band: Orch.: Mini 5: Powderpuff: Pep Band CEPHAS BANDY Drill Team: ROTC: Talent Show: Football: Intra Basketball: Track ROCHEAL BANKS GAA: Track COLETTE BARBEE Goldenaires Pennants, Color Guard: Prom Comm: Spanish Cl. Sec.: Little 5 Queen Cand.: Powderpuff: Mat Maid TONI BARRETT AFS: Sr. Class Pres: Cindy Cand: Explor. Teach.: Goldenaires Pennants. Flags. Color Guard: Homecoming Queen Cand: Jr. Mother's Tea Comm.: Prom Comm.: Prom Queen Cand: Hist. Cl: Lancer: National Honor Soc: Messenger: Quill do Scroll Sec!Treas: Spirit Comm: Student Council Cabinet: Talent Show: Trackettes: Powderpuff VIVICA A. BELL Messenger BARBARA BENSON Cheerblock: GAA JENNY BIBLER Art Cl.: Cheerleader: Cindy Cand.: Homecoming Queen Cand.: Jr. Mother's Tea Comm: Prom Queen Cand: Musical Plt Orch.: National Honor Soc.: Spirit Comm.: Student Council Parl.: Talent Show: A, B Band: Orch.: Mlnl 5: Powderpuff: Altrusa Award RITA BISHOP Cheerblock: HRC: Jr. Mother's Tea Comm. ONIAS BLACK Track TERI BLACKBURN Cheerblock: Goldenaires Pennants, Color Guard: Jr. Mother's Tea Comm: Messenger: Spanish Cl.: Mini 5: Health Cllnic SHARON DENISE BOND Drill Team: Jr. Mother's Tea Comm.: National Honor Soc: ROTC: Spirit Comm.: Student Council ROB BOURNE Bowling: Ensemble: Choir: Intra Basketball DOUGLAS BOYKIN, JR. Drill Team: FCA: Letterman: ROTC: Baseball: Basketball: Football: Track JANICE BRACKEN Acad. Asst.: HRC: Jr. Mother's Tea Comm.: Talent Show REX BRATTON ROTC: Drill Team: Math Cl.: Musical: Sr. Play: Thespians: Ensemble: Cholr: Lit- tle 5 KATHY BRILL Messenger: Thesplsns JUDY BROWN Cheerblock: GAA: Goldenalres Pennants, Color Guard: Jr. Mother's Tea Comm.: National Honor Soc.: Arllngtones: Choir: Mini 5: Powderpuff NORMAN PARIS BROWN Talent Show: s .o ,. l x -1 . . 2 ff . ,. , , - : .1 ' 1, Q . lg !'l l l ,F A : - u ' a s 4' , -. 2 A.B.C.M. PSP Band: Intra Basketball DEBBIE DECK National Honor Soc: Trl-Hi-Y: JEFFREY C. HARRIS Imlllossfg . 5 C RUTH BROWN GAA sec.: PE Asst.: Talent Choir: 'rl-eblesn-es Cl.: Ja Q l Show: Trebleaires: GAA: Track RHONDA DEMOUGIN Acad. Asst.: Messenger SHIRLEY HARVEY Messenger:-, ff'f l I ' l HOLLY BRUNE Cheerblock: GAA: Goldenaires: Choir: Trebleaires: Powderpuff: JA VINCENT KEITH BUCKNER Drill Team: FCA: HRC: Letterman: PE Asst.: ROTC: Talent Show: Band: Baseball: Football: Powderpull' Coach: Track DIANE BUFORD GAA: Messenger SHELLIE BURCHETT Cheerblock: HRC Asst. Monitor: Musical: Messenger: Student Council: Talent Show: Thespians Pres.: Arlingtones: Choir: Trebleaires GINGER MARIE BURNEY Cheerblock: Drill Team: HRC: Messenger: PE Asst.: ROTC: Trebleaires: JA TINA BUTLER Cheerblock: COE: Goldenaires Pennants TONY CAITO Acad. Asst. DELORES CALLAWAY GAA: Drill Team: Jr. Mother's Tea Comm.: Messenger CAROLYN CALVERT Musical: National Honor Soc.: Arlingtones: A,B,M Band: Choir: Orch. DALE CARTER Messenger: Track: Wrestling CHRISTINA CAVANAUGH Musical Pit Orch.: Messenger: A,B,M Band: Orch.: Pep Band SAM CHAILLE Letterman: Football: Powderpull' Coach GERALD CHANEY Jr. Class VP: HRC Pres: Musicals: Spanish Cl.: Student Council: Talent Show: Thespians: Arllngtones: A,B.M Band: Drum Major: Ensemble: Choir Treasurer, Pres.: Orch PATRICK CHANEY HRC: Musical: Messenger: PE Asst.: Student Council: Thespians: Arlingtones: Ensemble: Choir: Basketball: Intra Basketball: Track SANDY CHRISTIANSEN Bowling Sec.. Pres.: GAA: Messenger: PE Asst.: Mini 5: Powderpuff: Track NANCY CHRISTIE Explor. Teach.: Student Council: Powderpuff TERRI COCHRAN Cheerblock: COE: GAA: Choir: Trebleaires: Mini 5: Powderpuff ROD COFFMAN Messenger: Basketball PAMELA COLE Cheerblock: Drill Team: Musical Plt Orch.: ROTC: Track DENISE COLLINS GAA: Jr. Mother's Tea Comm: Messenger MARTY COOPER Acad. Asst.: Accolade: Cheerblock: Diamond Damsels: Goldenalres Pen- nants. Flags. Color Guard: HRC: Indust. Arts Cl. Sec.: Jr. Mother's Tee. Comm.: Prom Comm.: National Honor Soc.: Sr. Play: Spirit Comm.: Stu- dent Councll: Tri-Hi-Y: Mini 5: Powderpulfc JA LUCRETIA COTTON COE: Drill Team: A,B.M Band MICHELE COWART Cheerblock: French Cl.: National Honor Soc.: Arlingtones: Cholr: Orch: Treblealres THERESA D. COX Acad. Asst.: Lancer: Musical: NFL: Messenger: Sr. Play: Thespians: Treblealres JANET CRAWLEY GAA: Messenger: PE Asst. ROWENA CROOKS Messenger SUSAN CROSE AFS: Art Cl.: Cheerblock: Ex- plor. Teach.: Indust. Arts Cl. Seo.: Hist. Cl.: Lancer: Messenger ROBERT J. CROSS After School Job MARK CROUP Acad. Asst: Baseball: Football: Soccer LUCINDA CROW Cheerblock: Explor. Teach.: Goldenalres Pennants. Color Guard: Jr. Mother's Tea Comm.: Messenger: PE Asst.: Mini 5: Powder- puff CHARLES CRUDUP MICHAEL ALLEN Letterman: PE Asst.: Baseball: Football TERRY CUMMINS CYNTHIA DANIEL Messenger BARB DAVIS GAA: PE Asst. TERRANCE DAVIS Math Club LEON DEAN, JR. Letterman: Musical: PE Asst: Talent Show: Arllngtones: A.B.6 M Band: Ensemble: Choir: Orch: Baseball: Little 5: Track Band: Intra Basketball CUFFE Bowling: Chess: Bowling: Letterman: Golf Jr. Mother's Tea Comm.: JOYCELYN YVONNE DIXSON Acad. Asst.: Cheerblock: Jr. Class Sec.: HRC: Jr. Mother's Tea Comm.: Prom Comm.: Math Cl.: NFL: Messenger: Talent Show: Thespians DEBORAH J. DODSON Messenger LUCI DOLEN Cheerblock: Musical: Powderpull' CINDY DOTTS COE TIM DOUGLAS HRC: Latin Cl.: Musical: ROTC: Sr. Play: Thespians: Tbespian Plays: Ensemble: Choir: Baseball MICHAEL J. DUKE Bowling: Musical: Sr. Play: Ta.lent Show: Thespians: Arlingtones: Ensemble: Choir ANDREA DULAN HRC: Jr. Mother's Tea Comm.: Messenger RICHARD EASLEY Bible Cl.: Fishing Cl.: Letterman: Messenger: PE Asst.: Basketball: Cross Country: Football: Track KATHY EATON GAA: Goldenalres Pennants: Powderpuff: Student Council CI-IERYL EIDSON Cheerblock: Drill Team: HRD: JA: Health Cllnic VERNON ELLISON Basketball: Cross Country: Football: Wrestling JAMES EMERY Bowling MOLLY ENDSLEY Art Cl.: Cheerblock: Mat Maid: Goldenalres Pennants. Color Guard: JA JORGE H. ESCOBAR Spanish Cl.: Choir: Soccer: Foreign Exchange Student SHELLEY EWIGLEBEN Cheerleading: Clndy Cand: Student Council CHRIS FARNER Latin Cl.: Football: Basketball: Intra Basketball: Little 5 MARY FARRELL Cheerblock: GAA: Goldenalres Pennants: Jr. Mother's Tea Comm.: Messenger: PE Asst.: Spirit Comm.: Student Council: Little 5: Powderpufi' BEVERLY ANN FINGER Drill Team: Jr. Mother's Tea Comm.: Messenger: ROTC: Choir DEBORAI-I LOUISE FLECK Drill Team: Messenger: JA MIKE FLEETWOOD Little 5 GLENDA FOSTER Bowling: Mother's Tea Comm: PE Asst. KEVIN FRANKLIN Football ANGELA FREEMAN Bowling: Cheerblock CAROLYN GIESEKING COE: Powderpu!! LARRY GILBERT DECA VP: HRC: Math Cl.: Spanish Cl.: Student Council JEFFREY GLANCY Sr. Play: Talent Show: Intrs. Basketball EDWARD F. GOOD Acad. Asst: AFS: Chess: Sr. Class Treas.: Prom Comm: Letterman: Math Cl: Musical: National Honor Soc.: Quiz Team: Science Cl.: Sr. Play: A,B.M Band: Tennls DARRELL GORDON Art Cl.: Swimming Cl. JEAN GRAY Cheerblock: GAA: Trsblealres GREG GREEN Acad. Asst.: PE Asst. SUSAN GREEN National Honor Soc: Health Clinic: DECA Sec. LINDA GRIFI-'EY Bowling: Cheerblock: GAA: Goldenalres Pennants: PE Asst.: Spirit Comm.: Powderpuff: Health Cllnlc JAMIE GROSS Bowling: Messenger: JA JOHN GUYNN Messenger: DECA DEBBIE I-IACKLER Cheerblock: Goldenalrss Pennants. Color Guard: Muslcsl: Choir: Treblealres: Mini 6 MIKE HALL Bowling: Letterman: Baseball: Cross Country: Intra Basketball: Little 5: Wrestl- ing NANCY I-IALTER Acoolsds: AFS: Cheerblock: Sr. Class Seo.: French Cl.: Goldenslres: Jr. Mother's Tea Comm: Prom Comm.: Musical: National Honor Soc.: Sr. Plsy: Talent Show: Thesplans Trees.: Trl-Hi-Y: A,B.M Band: Health Clinic: Thesplsn Play SUSAN HANES Cheerblock: Goldenslres: I'Iist.Cl. AILEEN HABLOW Cheerblock: COE: Messenger: Trsblsalres Drill Tel-ln: Jr. JEANINE HASTINGS Chess- .. gi' . Cl.: Messenger: PE Asst.: JA I I ssvssm Hswxms sem. . . l DIETRA HAWKINS are Cl.: ' l swam causal: Intra Bssketbsll: . ' ' FRANCES HELM Cheerblock: F .. . r, V l - I I rn sm.: Mini sg Powderpul: 1-inlay, 5. warm! I-IICKS olmlrgrnhleurss- ' NANCY Hrnscursno sesslss ' 1' l l Cheerblock: Goldenaires: Musical' l r f smug A,B.M sms: oral: mul ls ' mans arrcncocx soo Psstlvsl I Arm HOFFMAN Ars: asm... or I Musical Plt own: NBQIOIII Honor.: 1 . 9 Student Council Pres: A,M.Pep Bulglg s -,1 MARY HOGGATT Messenger: KATHY aonmns Health cum nuns l-lolvron accolade: um. L Clinic: DECA ,' ll BRYAN Hunson Lemma: -. .. - . BETTY I-IUFFMAN Messenger:JA, ' comma HUNT Cheerblock: fl - ' - nants, Color Guard: Homecoming ' -ll I . ln ll i l Messenger: PE Asst.: Powderpu!! - K I cnmsrms L. HUNTER c . .. . . 3-3 ' I l Mother's Tea Comm.: Bad Cross UI.: wif l DIANE HUSER Cheerblock: f I I 11' nmcs,rlsgs,colol- em-mu ' 'I F Soc.: A,B,M Band: Choir: Tl GORDON MICHAEL I-IUSB Baseball: Cross Country: Fon KEVIN JACKSON Alter I ELISE JACOBSON Art 4 mend Damsels: Latin Cl.: Ml Soc.: Spirit Comm.: Stud Treblealres: Mini 5: Soccer: LORRAINE JARDAN COE Cl: Talent Show BRIAN P. JEFFRIES Tale TED JENSEN Production JO JOHNSON Cheerblock: Musical: National Honor Soc. Student Council: Talent Sb Thespian Play: A.M. Bam Choir: Powderpuff: NCTE School Announcer JONI JOHNSON Drill Tss DECA CATHY JONES Choir: Tre DANIEL A. JONES Bowlll Wrestling MATIHIAS JONES Art C RICK JONES Art Cl.: Musical: National Honor Soc ble: Choir: Baseball: Lll Cheerleader: JA: Production TONI JONES COE: Home didste: Messenger: JA GINA MARIE JORDON Bl RANDY JUDD Explor. Tse Cl.: JA MERLANA KELLER HRC NANCY KENDALL Cheerbl Comm: Messenger: Health Cl DEBI KENNEDY PE Asst. LINDA KIDWELL Art Cl.: BONNIE KINGSTON GAA: PE Asst.: Powderpul: Mini I JERRY KINSEY. JB. Drl.l.l Cl.: Messenger: ROTC: Bssks Intrs Basketball: Track SANDY KISSEL Chesrblos nants. Color Guard: Mssseng CAROL KOERS Uneesblod: KEVIN KRAHL Hlst. Cl.: I Football: Little 5: Wrestling DARRELL KRULCE Chess! Musical: Nstlonsl Honor Soo.: LIBBY KUEBLEB APS: Chl Dsnlsel: Explor. Tessh: Puhsn Jr. Mother-'s Tse Comm.: list s A .ni .,-H I l. J .. Mother's Tea Comm.: Powderpuff STEVEN PETRY Bowling: German Club ' J. MICHAEL PHILLIPPE Bowling: Chess VP, Pres., Treas.: Baseball: Football: Intra Basketball: Wrestling WILLIE POLK Basketball: Track BETH POLSTER Cheerblock: COE: PE Asst RON POWELL Bowling: Chess: Letterman: National Honor Soc.: Quiz Team: Tennis DENISE ANN QUARLES Cheerblock: GAA VP: Jr. Mother's Tea Comm.: Prom Comm.: Letterman: Speech Team: Trackettes: Choir: Powderpulf: JA DAN QUINN DECA KEVIN RAGAN PE Asst.: ROTC: Cross Cmmtry: Little 5: Track: Wrestling BILL RAINSBERJGER Math Cl.: National Honor Soc.: Quiz Team: Intra Basketball CHERYL DENISE RAMEY Cheerblock: COE: Drill Team: Messenger: JA JAMES RAMSEY Accolade: HRC: Letterman: Football KATHLEEN RANDALL Hlst. Cl.: Spanish Cl. Sec. SUSAN REAP Explor. Teach.: French Cl.: National Honor Soc.: Messenger: Powderpuff ALBERT REED Acad. Asst: HRC: Student Coun- cll: Spirit Comm: Little 5: Soccer: Library Asst. MARK REED Talent Show: Baseball BARBARA RICE Jr. Mother's Tea. Comm.: Messenger DONNA RITTER Acad. Asst.: Musical DAVE ROBERTS Golf: Intra Basketball KEITH ROBINSON Ensemble LIA ROBINSON Talent Show DOROTHY RJOGERS Art Cl.: Messenger CARLOS ROMAN Little 5: Soccer CHERLY ROTH HRC DONNA ROWE COE: Spanish Cl.: Powderpuif ROBERT ROWE After School Job DOWIE RUSSELL Letterman: Cross Country: Track MARK SAKRISON German Cl.: Hist. Cl.: Ensem- ble: Intra Basketball: Soccer MARIA SARAVIA Spanish Club: Foreign Ex- change Student CHRISTIAN SCHNEIDER Quiz Team: Sr. Play: Soccer: Foreign Exchange Student LYNN SCHNEIDER Art Cl. Pres.: Cheerblock: Diamond Damsels: French Cl. Sec!Treas., Pres.: Jr. Mother's Tea Comm.:National Honor Soc.: Sr. Play: Spirit Comm.: Student Coimcil Treas.: Talent Show: Mini 5: Powderpuff SHARON SCHORTINGHUIS Art Cl.: Jr. Mother's Tea Comm.: Hlst. Cl.: National Honor Soc.: Choir: Treblealres SULYNN SCI-IUSTER Acad. Asst.: Library Asst. MITCHELL SCO'I'I' PE Asst.: Intra Basketball VAN SHAW Drill Team: Letterman: ROTC: Band: Marching Band: Football DWIGHT SHEAD Latin Cl.: Cross Country: Track CARMEN LENISE SHERROD Drill Team: Homecoming Queen: Math Cl.: National Honor Soc.: Choir: Treblealres ROGER SHOUSE I-IRC: Messenger: Sr. Play: Spirit Comm.: Talent Show: Little 5: Soccer TONI ANNETPE SIMMS Bible Cl.: Bowling: Cheerblock: GAA: Jr. Mother's Tea Comm.: Musical: Messenger: Science Cl.: Mini 5: Powder- pulf: JA KENNETH SIMPSON Drill Team: ROTC BARBARA SIMS Messenger: PE Asst: ROTC ANN SIPPEL Cheerblock: Cheerleader: Homecoming Queen Cand.: Mini 5: Little 5 Queen Cand.: Powderpuff BILL SMITH Accolade: Chess: Drill Team: Lancer: ROTC CHARMAINE SMITH Drill Team: Homecoming Queen Cand.: ROTC: DECA MARY YOUNG SMITH Art Cl.: Cheerblock: Ger- man Cl. Trees.. Photographer: Musical: Sr. Play: Spirit Comm.: Student Council: Thesplans: Choir: Orch: Treblealres: Mini 5: Powderpulf ANTHONY SNOW National Honor Soc.: Ensem- ble: Choir: Football DENISE SPANN Cheerblock: Drill Team LARRY SPIES Bowling: Math Cl.: Science Cl.: Soccer RONALD STANISH Football: Little 5: Track: Wrestling LINDA STICKLE Cheerblcck: Tri-Hi-Y Pres.: Messenger JENNY STORM French Cl.: Jr. Mother's Tea Comm: Hiet. Cl.: National Honor Soc.: Sr. Play: Mini 5: Health Clinic JOHN STOUT Fishing Cl.: Football: Intra Basketball: Production Printer RON STOVER Acad. Asst.: Fishing Cl.: Letter- man: Football MARC STUMPH Bowling SHERI STUTSMAN Hist. Cl.: Lancer: Messenger: JA VICKI SUTHERLIN Cheerblock: Sr. Play: Powderpuff: JA RAOUL SWOPE Art Cl.: Bowling KEVIN V. TALLEY Drill Team: FCA: Letterman: ROTC: Baseball: Basketball: Football: Intra Basketball ANGELA TAYLOR Cheerblock: HRC: Messenger: Talent Show: JA: DECA MELVIN TAYLOR III Jr. Class Pres: COE Pres: Letterman: PE Asst.: ROTC: Spanish Cl.: Basket- ball: Little 5: FCA PHILIP A. TAYLOR Art Cl.: Indust. Arts Cl.: Lit- tle 5 KEM E. TEMPLETON Chess: Sr. Class lst VP: Prom Comm.: Letterman: NFL: National Honor Soc: Quiz Team: Sr. Play: Tennis BRYAN TERRY PE Asst.: Baseball: Football: In- tra Basketball CHERRI THOMAS Cheerblock: Explor. Teach: Homecoming Queen Cand.: Spanish Cl.: Messenger: JA CYNTHIA LYNN THOMAS Cheerblock: Messenger DAVID THOMAS Accolade: Chess DEBORAH THORNTON DECA: Jr. Mother-'s Tea Comm. CASSANDRA THURMAN COE Pres.: PE Asst.: Messenger: JA ROBBIN TIERNEY French Cl.: Football KIM TILLIS Cheerblock: Messenger: PE Asst: Choir: Treblealres SHARON TRANBERG Jr. Mother's Tea Comm: Messenger: A,B,M Band: Powderpuff: Soccer MIKE TRAVIS Art Cl.: Indust. Arts Cl.: Little 5 TERRY LYNN TRO'I'I'ER Cindy Cand.: Drill Team: Student Council: Talent Show: Treblealres DENNY TURNER' Art Cl.: Little 5 KRIS UPDIKE Art Cl: Cheerblock: COE: GAA: HRC: PE Asst.: Spanish Cl.: Mini 5: Powderpuff LOYD VANDAGRIFF Letterman: Baseball: Football: Intra Basketball f ANITA VAN SICKLE Cheerblock: French Cl.: Messenger CLAUDIA VAUGHN Acad. Asst: Cheerblock: GAA: Drill Team: Homecoming Queen Cand.: HRC: Jr. Mother's Tea Comm.: Musical: PE Asst.: Spirit Comm.: Talent Show: Trackettes: Treblealres: Powderpuff: DECA LIBBY VIRTS AFS: Jr. Mother's Tea Comm.: Hiet. Cl.: National Honor Soc.: Sr. Play: Little 5: Powderpuff: Llbrs.ry Asst. JOHN WALTON JR. HRC: Lancer: Letterman: Math Cl.: Baseball: Football: Intra Basketball: JA Pres. DAVE WAMPLER man: Musical: PE Asst.: Ensemble: Golf: Intra Acad. Asst.: Bowling: Letter- Basketball: Soccer: Messenger MONICA WARE Musical Pit Orch.: Red Cross Cl.: Spanish Cl. Pres.: Jr. Mother's Tea Comm.: Talent Show: Thespians: Orch.: Thespian Play JOHN WARNE Chess: Quiz Team DENISE WASHINGTON JA MICHAEL E. WASHINGTON Talent Show: A,B,M Band: Track: Wrestling BECKY J. WEBBER Acad. Asst.: National Honor Soc.: Messenger DENISE WEBBER Cheerblock: Pcwderpuff DENNIS WEBBER Bowling: Talent Show: Little 5: Powdsrpuff Coach BILL WHITE Bowling: Intra Basketball GREGG E. WHITE Bible Cl. YVONNE A. WIGGINS Cheerhlock: Explcr. Teach.: GAA: Goldenaires Pennants. Flags, Color Guard: Homecoming Queen Cand.: HRC: Jr. Mother's Tea Comm.: Prom Comm.: Lancer: Math Cl.: Musical: Student Council: Talent Show: Trackettes: Band: M Band: Track: JA DON WILLIAMS After School Job JAMES WILLIAMS Letterman: Student Coun- cll: Basketball JOEL MARK WILLIAMS Art Cl.: Cy Cand: French Cl.: HRC: Jr. Mother's Tea Comm.: Prom Comm.: Prom King Cand.: Hiet. Cl. VP: Lancer Editor: Musical: Quill Q Scroll VP: Sr. Play: Spirit Comm.: Student Council: Little 5: Powderpuff Cheerleader PIER WILLIAMS Cheerblock: Explcr. Teach.: National Honor Soc.: Sr. Play: Student Council: JA: Library Asst.: Health Asst.: Newsreel DARWIN WILSON Letterman: Basketball: Foot- ball: Wrestling LOWELLA WILSON Cheerblock LARRY WOODS Ensemble: Football: Track TERRY WOODS Letterman: Musical: Science Cl. VP: Student Council: Talent Show: A,B,M Band: Basketball: Football: Soccer: Track MARLLYS WRIGHT Cheerblock: Gcldenaires: National Honor Soc.: Messenger: Choir: Treblealres PAUL WRIGHT French Cl: Indust. Arts Cl.: Math Cl. VP: Musical: National Honor Soc.: A,B,M Pep Band: Orch. PHIL YOUNG Bowling: Math Cl. SE IORS Abbott, Kim 134 Ahearn, David 20,134,145 Alexander, Erin 44,134 Alexander. Kim 134 Alfs, Gretchen 134 Allen, Joycelyn 102,134 Allison, Tracy 134 Amis, Ellen 134 Anders, Carol 134 Anderson, Scott 43,102,l34,140 Andres, Tim 134 Andrews, Doyal 30,105,114,115,134 Alex 30,44,1 14,1 15,1 16,134 Antreasian, Armstrong. Anthony 134 Armstrong, Debbie 134 Armstrong, Melinda 134 Armstrong, Wayne 27,102,135 Atkins, Linda 44,51,135 Bailey, Beth 102,135 Baker, Nancy 42,44,112.113,116,135 Bandy, Cephas 106,107 Banks, Rocheal 135 Barbee, Colette 51,135 Barrett, Toni 30,44,45,51,96,135 Bates, Lodis 135 Beaty, Merita 135 Bell, Vivica 135 Benson, Anita 135 Benson, Barbara 135 Benton, Eric 135 Bibler, Jenny 30,31,44,52,1l2,116,135 Bishop, Rita 135 Black, Onias 135 Blackburn, Teri 51,135 Boak, Mark 135 Bond, Sharon 135 Bostick, Chris 108 Bourne, Robert 105,135 Boykin, Douglas 43,58,76,77 Bracken, Janice 32,135 Brame, 0'Della Bratton, Rex 35,105,106,115,135 Brewer, Anthony 43,95,135 Brill. Kathy 136 Brittain, Brian 136 Broadnax, James 32 Brooks, Michael 136 Brown, Judy 44,51,1 14,1 15 Brown, Norman 112,113,136 Brown, Ruth 95,136 Brummett, Barbara 136 Brune, Holly 136 Buckner, Vince 61,136 Buford, Diane 136 STUDE T I DEX Croup. Mark 73,137 Crow, Cindy 51,95,137,148 Cutie, Michael 70.82.137 Cummins, Terry 137 Daniel, Cynthia 137 Davis, Barbara 75,138 Davis, Terrence 138 Dean, Leon 58,95,1 12,1 13,114,115,116,138 Deck, Debbie 44,115,138 Deem, Pamela 101,138 Demoughin, Rhonda 138 Dixson, Joycelyn 32,33,84,138 Dodson, Deborah 138 Dolen, Luci 138 Dotts, Cynthia 102,138 Douglas, Timothy 17,32,35,114,115,138 Duke, Michael 114,115,138 Dulan. Andrea 32,138 Easley, aichin-a 61,188 Eaton, Kathy 138 Eidson, Cherly 32,138 Emery, James 70,138 Endsley, Molly 51,138 Ervin, Angela 138 Escobar, Jorge 23,25,102,115,138 Farmer, Frank 138 Famer, Chris 138 Farrell, Mary 51,138 Finger, Beverly 138 Fleck, Deborah 139 Fleetwood, Mike 139 Fleming, Josephine 139 Floyd, Nathan 139 Foster. Everett 61,139 Foster, Glenda 139 Frakes, Karen 95,139 Franklin, Kevin 139 Freeman, Angela 139 Fryar, Pamela 139 Garwood, Matt 139 Geddes, Cheryl 139 Gieseking, Carol 139 Gilbert, Larry 32,102,139 Glancy, Jeffrey 139 Goldsmith Ronnie 139 Good, Edward 27,36,44,58,66,89,113,139 Gorseline, Chris 139 Gray, Jean 139 Green, Greg 139 Green, Susan 102,139 Greene, Bernistine 139 Griffey, Linda 51,139 Gross, Jamie 140 Guynn, John 140 Hackler, Debbie 51,115,140,l48 Hall, Mike 140,143 Halter, Nancy 35,44,112,113,140 Burchett, Shellie 32,114,136 Burney, Ginger 136,95 Burris, Sheryl 136 Butler, Tina 102,136 Callaway, Deloris 106,136 Calvert, Carolyn 18,19,44,112,113,114,115, 136 Carver, Mike 136 Cavanaugh, Chris 112,113,l16,136 Chaille, Sam 61,136 Chaney, Gerald 17,105,1 12,1 13,1 14,1 16,115, 136 Chaney, Patrick 32,35, 105,114,136 Cheney, Leslie 136 Chislom, Dexter 136 Christiansen, Sandy 136 Chri tie, Nancy 136 Clark, Donna 137 Clark, Pamela 137 Cochran, Terri 102,137 Coffman, Roderick 43.76,77,137 Cole, Keith 102,137 Collins, Denise 137 Cooper, Marty 30,32,44,51,82,99,137.150 Cotton, Lucretia 102,137 Cowart, Michele 44,114,115,137 Cox, Theresa 137 Crawley, Janet 137 Crooks, Rowena 137 Crose, Susan 137 Cross, Robert 137 Hanes, Susan 140 Hardy, Karen 140 Harlow, Elizabeth 102,140 1-Iarmenson, Claudia 140 Harris, Jeffrey 140 Harvey, Shirley 102,140 Hastings, Nina 140 Hawkins, Beverly 140 Hawkins, Cathy 140 Hawkins, Helm, Fr Dietra 140 ences 140 Henderson, Connie 140 Hermansen, Christa 140 Hicks, Wendy 115,141 Hirschfeld, Nancy 45,98,112,113,118,141 Hitchcock, Diane 141 Hoffman, Ann 30,44,112,113,118,141 Hoggatt, Mary 141 Holmes, Kathy 141 Hollingsworth, Sylvia 141 Horton, Diane 102,141 Hudson, Bryan 58,141 Humnan, Betty 141 Hunt, Connie 51,141,150 Hunter, Christina 102.141 I-Iuser, Diane 44,51,115,141 1-lusk, Gordon 141 Jackson, Larry 141 Jacobson, Elise 30,44,115,141 Jardan, Lorraine 102,141 Jeiirlss, Brian 141 Jensen, Ted 102,141 Johnson. Jo 27,30,34,35,44,112,113,115,118, 14 1 s Johnson, Joni 102,141 Rafferty, Mike 145 Ragan, Kevin 145 Rainsberger, B111 44,145 Ramey, Cheryl 145 1 E Johnson, Rodney 141 Ramsey, James 32,58,61,145 Jones, Cathy 141 Randall, Kathy 145 ' Jones, Daniel 141 Rapier, Donna 145 Jones, Matt 142 Rggp, Suggn 44,145 Jones, Richard 18,20,44,58,82,102,115,142, Reed, Albert 16,30,'l3,108,14l 145 Road, Mary 146 Jones, Sylvia 142 Reed, Mu-k 41 Jones, Tonie 59,142 Reinhardt, Km-en 118 Jordan, Gina 142 Rgyburn, Jnhn 148 Judd. Randy 142 Reynolds, Julia 146 Keller, Merlana 142 Rhodes, Latenna 146 Kendall. Nlmcy 142 Rice, Barbara 102,148 Kidwell, Linda 142 Ritter, D01-133 146 Kingston, Bonnie 75,142 Roberson, Denise 146 Kimeyv Jeff! 142 Roberts, David 146 Kissel, Sandy 51,95,142 Rpbeg-tg, Lgrry 146 Kline, Sherry 142 Robinson, Sherry 102 Koers, Carol 102,142 Rogers, Dorothy 146 Kouwe, Jack 142 Rogers, Martha 146 Krahl, Kevin 44 Roman, Carlos 146 Krulce, Darrell 27,44,116,142 Roth, Cheryl 146 Kuebler, Libby 30,82,116,142,164 Rosing, Danny 102 Kukolla, Jo 72,73,142 Rowe, Donna 146 Lahr, Cindy 22,34,35,44,51,1l4,115,1l6,142 Russell, David 81,146 Leavitt, Pam 142 Sakrison, Mark 146 Ledgerwood, Sandy 142 Sankowsky, Barbara 146 Legner, Jeff 142 Saravia, Fernanda 23.24,25,l Lemons, Kent 27,54,55,142 Scalf, Je!! 146 Linder, Craig 28,95,102,142,143 Schneider, Chris 20,25,73,14l Lloyd, Lynda 143 Schneider, Lynn 30,31,44,82,I Lynn, Gary 27,44,58,66,143 Schortinghuis, Sharon 115,14 Machado, Monica 25,115,143 Schuster, Bulynn 148 Msohiels, Genevieve 24,25,27,30,32,143 Scott, Constance 147 Mahomes, Tony 143 Scott, Larry 147 Manuel, Gary 61,143 Seybold, Dan 147 Markey, Connie 143 Shaw, Van 60,61,102,147 Marks, Paul 70,143 Sherrod, Carmen 59,115,147 Marquart, Nancy 143 Shipley, David 73,147 Martin, Antoinette 143 Shouse, Roger 73,147 Mason, Karen Simmons, Toni 147 Matthews, Jacquelynn 115,143 Simpgpn, Kenneth 106,141 Mayfield, Krlsanna 143 Sims, Barbara 147 McCausland, Kathy 143 Sippsl, Ann 52,159,147 McDonald,-Debra 116 Smith, Charmaine 102 108 10 McDouglad, Zilla 143 Smith, Deborah 147 McFarland, Linda 102 Smith, Mary 23,30,35,115,14' Mellor, Sandy 52.53.143 Smith, William 102,147 Mensah, Leonard 25,73,143 Snow, Anthony 32,147 Meranda, Blll 112,113,116,143 Spann, Denise 147 Michener, Jay 82,143 Spencer, Kathy 147 Miller, Deborah 44,144 Spoolstra, Je!! 147 Miller, Helolse 144 Stanish, 28,44,148,147 Muller, Thomas 73,144 Stlckle, Linda 147 Mitchell, Ken 70,73,144 Storm, Jenny 44,147 Mitchell, Mary 44,144 Stout, John 147 Montgomery, Ida 144 Stover, Ronnie 81 147 Moore. Bryan Stowe, MarcusA148 Moore, Ronald 5B,61,105,115,144 Stumph. Marc 148 Morris, Amy 96,115,144 Stutsmnn, Sheri 45,148 Morris, Anthony 144 Sutherlln, Vicki 148 Morton, Judy 144 Swope, Raoul 148 Mumford, Dlmetrlus 58,60,81,144 Talley, Kevin 58,61,82,148 Nelson, Cherita 144 Taylor, Angela 102,148 Nicholas, Terra 44.70.144 Taylor, Dianne 148 O'Conner, 30,144 Taylor, Melvin 43,58,'l8,77,9! Oliver, Rhea 75,144 Taylor, Phillip 148 Orr. Sandy 144 Templeton, Kem B'l,44,58 H8 Otis, Debra 144.102 Thomas, Cherrl 148 Owens. Deborah 144 Thomas, David 148 Owsley, Barry 102,137,144 Thornton, Deborah 102 148 Pantszls, Steve 105,114,144 Thurman, Cassandra 102,148 Patton. Jerrie 144 Tuehenor, Deborah 102,148 Pearson, Danny 58,31,81,144 T131-nay' agbbhg 143 Perdue, Regan 144 Tllllg, Kim 148 Petry, Steve 144 Tranberg, Sharon 148 Pettus, George 145 Travln, Miko 149 5 Pliilllppe, Mike 27.145 Trotter, Terri 149 Plnkston, Vlokl 145 ' Tarantino, Wands 149 s Polk, Willie 43,76,77,137,145 Turner. Linda 149 1, Polster, Beth 145 Updiks, Kris 102.148 Powell, Ron 44,88.87,145 Vandsgrllf, Floyd 551487 Q rowen. som 44,145 vmaql-uf, nays nun-ls., nm-Q as,x4s vmgim. cluuus 52,52,108,!g Quinn, Danny 102,145 Virts. Elisabeth 44,149 Q 'Q LN 1 , 1. 1 v v u, o V ' A -.'v. .HB- t . -4 1 4.2 ...I -1. 11 .. ' '1 r, Penny 149 ', Bonita 149 l, John 81.149 er. Dave 20,88.87.58,78,54.91,95,145. Cathy 149 Monica 28,116,148 , John 27,149 igton. Denise 149 lgton, Mike 89,112.118,149 igton. Vannette 149 r, Becky 149 r. Denise 148 r. Dennis 149 ll. Don 150 oreland. Walter 150 Robert 102.150 William 150 Av. Patty 150 s. Yvonne 51.150 n, William 150 is, James 150 i s. Mark 19,20,28,80,82.45,40,96.145. ls. Pier 80.84.150 is, Shirley 150 , Darwin 150 , Lowella 150 iff. Edwlna 150 Erroll 150 Larry 61.81.151 Terry 58,78,81,112,118,151 . Marllys 44,115,151 , Paul 44,112,118.116.151 Kevin 151 Phil 86,151 '. Rlok 95,151 INIORS Akkles 154 lhearn 40.96.154 Alexander 154 vles 82.48,49,154 buckle I Armbruet 154 lrmstrong 28.419.52.154 kshoralt 154 Avant 154 e Averltt B8.80.51,96,114,115.154 Ball 28.80, 16,154 llard 154 Banks 154 Barker 27,48,58,64,82,154 Barnett 17,84.78.154 larrett 154 karrett 154 Bauer 154 leasley 154 easley 154 Beatty 42,74.75.1 16.154 ly Bebley 154 Bssler 154 Bell 115,154 sllamy 154 Benberry 154 lol Benson 88.58,61,154 Benton 154 Berry,108.154 iberdorf 49.58,66,82.154 Blgsby 154 ack 82.48,78.154 Bostlck 154 s Boswell 154 Bowman 28,97,80,88.89.45,68.96,154 Box 154 Boyd 154 annan 81.82,,154 eland 155 Brldgeforth 155 Breaking 155 I Brooker 155 rosseau 16.21,95.155 rown 155 Brown 155 lrown 155 i Brown 155 ryant 155 Bullock 82.155 I Bullock 82.57.155 llldlll 71.155 I Burris 20,115,155 urton 155 Kathy Busenburk 80,116,155 Diana Buser 80,84.85,112.118.155 Teresa Campbell 155 Wands Campbell 28,155 Karen Carman 155 Pam Carter 155 Ken Caruthers 61 Nancy Cassidy 80,155 Greg Cawthon 81.155 Carol Chandler 155 Ronnie Cheney 155 David Cherry 155 Dexter Chlslom 155 Ronald Clark 88.58.155 Marion Clegg 165 Mike Clay 70 Adele Cohen 16,155 Vicky Colbert 155 Pam Cole 155 Jennifer Combs 155 Sandy Conine 112,118.1 14,1 16,155 Chris Connelly 70 Joe Conrad 112.1 18,115,155 Dan Conroy 82.155 Janet Cooper 112.1 18,115,155 Jim Cordova 39.66.158 Alexe Cortese 22,115,156 Mona Cousin 156 Lelia Cowerd 156 Joe Crabtree 87.156 Lisa Crabtree 115,116,168 Chris Crago 70.156 Geri Craig 158 Sherry Crutchfield 156 Willl Crute 156 Debbie Cuffs 70.89.156 Tony Cunningham 156 Ben Dake 156 Greg Daniels 156 Jane Daniels 156 Teresa Davenport 156 Armenta Davis 95,156 Karen Day 156 Tasker Day 98,99,1 12.1 18,1 14.1 16,156 David Dillingham 156 Clem Dingle 42.156 Tony Dingle 156 Deborah Dodson 156 Ranson Dodson 114,115 John Douglas 156 Robert Douglas 58.61.156 Joe Dowdell 156 Sherri Duke 115.156 Karen Dunlop 156 Wanda Easley 156 William Edmond 156 Geoff Edney Morris Edwards 156 Robin Edwards 156 Derek Evans 156 Tullie Evans 156 Joseph Everroad 82,70.106,156 Jeffery Farber 58.82.156 Kathleen Farner 156 Anita Farrar 156 Tom Farrell 58.61,95,156 Brad Finch 157 Donna Fleck 157 Diana Flemings 102 Mike Foster 82.157 Julia Franklin 157 Lynne Franklin 157 Carol Fry 157 Brenda Fullenwlder 157 Jay Fulon 20,80.48.54,58.61,105, 1 14.157 Robert Geddis 157 Royce Garrett 157 Ronald Garrison 157 Doug Gemmer 58.76.77,82,157 Anita Gibson 49.157 Gregory Gilbert 157 Robert Glaspy 58,78,77,157 Brenda Glover 157 Edward Green 157 Elaine Green 85,157 Becky Grlsby 28,157 Eric Grisson 157 Lawrence Gross 76,77,82.157 William Guynn 157 William Halley 87.157 Tom 1-Ialaday 81,112,157 Llsa Holcomb 112.1 18.1 Charles Hall 157 Joyce Hampton 157 Carol Harlow 157 Karen Harris 61,74.98.157 Karen 1-lasenstab 89,51,1 12.1 16.157 Jeff Hatfield 35,105.1 14.1 15,157 Cheryl Hawkins 118.157 Alma Hawkins 157 Mark Heath 114,157 Remona Heath 28,84,85.157 Timothy Henry 157 Art Hermansen 21.158 Jon Hirschfleld 112.118,87.158 Carol Hite 158 Dave Hodge 95,158 Susan Holiday 115.158 Carmen Holloway 42,52.58.95,158 Mark Horner 158 Phyliss Horsley 158 Becky Horton 16,80,32,52.158 Varce Howe 58.112,118,116,158 Angel Howell 158 Kim Hubbard 158 Marla Hunt 158 Sandy Huntington Dan 1-lursh 28,45,89,98,158 Ruth Hyde 158 Wazzell Irving 105,116,158 Frank James 158 Julie James 108.158 Dave Jennings 21,70.158 Macela Jimenez 158 Carman Johnson 158 Kirsten Johnson 27,89,48,54,l 12,1 13.158 Marva Johnson 158 Patricia Johnson 158 Tammie Johnson 45,158 Dylan Jones 158 Julie Jones 48.158 Lita Jones 158 Lvonne Jones 158 Paula Jorgensen,'71,95.1 15,158 David Justice 21,43,58,70.88,158 Roxanne Justus 158 Charrie Kalayanides 51,158 Karen Kalp 45.51.74,96.158 Kim Keene 45.96.158 Ted Kegeris 17,28,36,158 Don Kenworthy 87.7O.118.l58 John Klncy 158 Britian Kennedy 158 Kathy Kidwell 22,115,158 Cathy Kimmble 159 Paul Knotts 84.112.118,159 Karen Koers 115.159 Pam Konchinsky 158 Selwynne Lane 159 Barbara Lannan 159 John Lanteigne 112 Doris Lee 159 Jane Lentz 159 David Laurie 70,106 Greg Lewis 87.88.78,98.159 Laura Lewis 21,45,51,7O.98.99.159 Lisa Light 159 Donna Lindsay 159 Pam Lockett 95.108 Vicki Looper 159 Walter Looper 105.159 John Lysek 159 Gregory Lyvers 159 Marie Madden 159 Mary Mallees 159 Kiln Marks 51.74.159 Brian Massey 58,81.76.77,82,159 Glenda Massey 89, 12.1 13.159 Jeffrey Mathis 159 Vicki Maxwell 159 Preston Mayes 159 Darrell McCauley 159 Michael McClendon 159 Cynthia McClure 48 Douglas McDowell 159 Melissa Mclntire 159 James Meyer 19.22.85,39,66,105.1 14.1 15.158 Steve Mills 159 Pam Mlnatel 115,159 George Mize 159 Donnett Moore 159 Terry Moore 159 Steve Morgan 159 Betsy Morris 80.45,96.159 Judith Morton 115,159 Rosemary Mulhern 159 Mickey Mulry 108,159 Evely Murll' 106,160 Robin Murphy 82,116,160 Jackie Nance 160 Eric Nichols 160 Mary Nichols 180 John Nicholson 160 April Oberle 112,113,160 Julie Olson 160 Randall Osborn 180 Evert Owens 106,160 Richard Page 160 Maria Papadakle 45.96.180 Brenda Parham 160 Brenda Parham 160 Anita Parrish 160 Leon Parson 17,160 Diane Pasottl 80,115,160 Isabella Pastrana 160 Barbara Pate 160 Vlckey Patterson 160 Steve Pearcy 180 Mary Perkins 160 Diane Pernell 160 Gyjuan Perry 160 Leslie Pettigrew 114,115,116 160 Donnett Pettus 160 Shela Pettus 160 Joe Ping 36,81.160 Derek Pinkston 160 Valerie Piper 160 Julie Poisal 160 Richard Poisal 98,106 Beth Polster 102 Karen Prather 160 Donna Purdy 28,108,160 Denise Ramsey 160 Nancy Ramsey 32.96.160 Anthony Ranson 105 Robert Reyburn 70.71.160 Mark Ridolli 160 Brenda Riley 161 Betty Roberson 161 Lora Rodgers 161 Phyliss Robinson 115,161 Debbie Rodich 51,161 Rommie Roenalds 161 Kora Rogers 161 Alvergie Rogers 161 Carolyn 1-'toes 106,161 Steve Ross 161 Anita Rowely 115,161 Bryon Rowely 64,8l,95,161 James Russell 161 Evely Rusthover 161 Julie Rutledge 27,161 Kenny Saillant 113,161 Trudy Sanders 106.161 Barbara Sannaowsky 161 Kathy Schilling 51.74.161 Sue Schildknect 161 Gina Schmidt 161 Mike Scully 161 Rick Scully 88,58,61,161 Bennett Segal 45.96.161 Brenda Shauntee 161 Jim Sherwood 161 Fred Shields 161 Pam Shields 161 Maret Sinclair 28,35.89,51,115 118 161 William Skelton 161 Patty Slagle 161 Charles Smith 161,61 Eunice Smith 161 Gretta Smith 161 Novem Smith 181 Phylis Smith 161 Armenta Snow 161 David Sparks 27.58.64,65,8 Laurie Sparks 161 Cindy Spilbeler 161 Shirley Stocks 162 Billy Strickling 162 Randy Strommen 22,105.11 David Stump 162 Charly Swanson 162 Eddie Swanson 95,162 Marilyn Sykes 162 Diana Taylor 162 Robert Taylor 162 Jackie Terrell 162 Connie Thomas 162 Daryl Thompson 162 Ivy Thompson 87.162 Shirley Tinker 168 Mary Trotter 162 Sue Thurman 162 Tony Tucker 162 Deborha Turntine 162 Derick Tyler 162 Sabrina Valintine 45.96.162 Kimberly Vance 30,115,162 Sandy Vardamen 51,112.116,162 Paula Vaughn 32.162 Dreena Venerable 162 Cheryl Vertner 23.162 Keith Wade 162 William Warner 30,3-1.115.162 Ronald Washington 162 Trachelle Washington 23.162 Debbie Waxter 162 Lela Weatherby 23.162 Judith Weber 34.35.162 Maureen Webester 45.96.162 Elaine Wells 162 Chris West 30,45,51,96,162 Cheryl Westmoreland 162 Robert Wheeler 64.65.162 Charles Williams 162 Donna Williams 162 Lula Williams 162 Larry Williams 163 0.B. Williams 163 Shellia Williams 19,115,163 Tammy Williams 23,163 Vickie Williams 163 Chris Wilson 41,52.115.163 David Wilson 163 Jeane Wilson 163 Dorthy Winder 163 Chris Winn 51.112, 115,163 Brenda Wire 163 Fred Wolf 163 Theresa Wood 163 Erroll Woods 163 Sharon Yates 163 Robert Young 61,163 Kathy Zartman 51.98 Steve Zentz 82,163 Arvids Ziedonis 27.163 SOPHO ORE S Deborah Abernathy 166 John Adams 166 Bryan Alexander 54.114, 166 Calvin Alexander 166 Duane Alexander 166 Frances Allen 166 Shirley Allen 166 Mark Amos 49,166 Kenneth Anderson 168 Mike Anderson 166 John Andrews 166 Patty Andrews 166 Julie Angelicchio 32.52.166 Mark Antreasian 66,166 Cathy Armstrong 98,115,166 Guy Armstrong 114,166 Ruth Armstrong 166 Genevieve Augmon 166 Rickey Baker 166 Scott Baker 105,115,166 Sharon Baker 112.1 13,116,166 Lamonda Banks 166 Wade Barbse 166 Kenneth Barker 166 Debra Barnes 166 Eric Barnes 70.166 Sandra Barringer 32.38.166 Libby Barrow 166 Sabrina Bass 166 Beverely Battles 166 Richard Beach 166 Bob Beasley 115,166 'Debbie Beasley 166 Paul Beane 166 Harold Bell 38,166 Thomas Bell 166 Art Benjamin 48.166 Charlene Benners 166 Karen Bennett 30,70.96.166 Martha Benson 166 Judy Bettie 166 Billy Bigbee 166 Earnie Blackwell 70.167 Maria Blackwell 167 Ernes Blake 167 Victor Bonds 167 Cindy Bosticll 167 Betty Boyd 167 Norman Bradley 167 Glen Brandon 167 Gayle Bratton 35,115,167 Fritz Brauer Sean Breldenbough 167 Valetta Brinkley 105,167 Kevin Brittan 167 Albert Brown 167 Barbl Brown 167 David Brown 112,167 Elizabeth Brown 167 Linda Brown 167 Rodney Brown 167 Ross Brown 167 Heather Brune 115.167 Brenda Bryant 167 Marvin Bryant 167 Sandy Bryant 108.167 Kris Bubenzer 30,167 George Buford 106.167 Teresa Burnett 167 Chris Burton 38.81.167 Gay Bussen 167 Stephanie Butler 167 Rhonda Byrd 167 Eddie Calloway 167 Chris Campbell 37.751.98.167 Linda Campbell 167 William Campbell 167 Melvin Cannon 167 Danny Carney 49,167 Iota Carter 167 Cheryl Chambers 167 Paula Chapman 167 Robert Cheeks 167 Tina Cheshier 168 Darrell Childress 64,1 14.168 Julie Chong 108.168 Kim Clark 30,40,54,98,168 Kathy Clegg 168 Robert Clemons 168 Steve Clemons 168 Tim Clifford 168 Greg Cody 61 Rhonda Coffman 168 Cherrel Cole 106,168 Deborah Coleman 168, Donald Collins 168 Faye Collins 168 Gina Collins 188 Billy Cook 168 Vickie Cook 168 Ron Corbett 95,108,168 Ross Corbett 112,113,166 Melinda Cowart 22.115.116,16B Llsa Cox 168 Deborah Craft 168 Rosa Crawley 70,168 Minthy Crowder 168 Steve Cuffe 37.70.168 Darlene Cunningham 168 Duane Davis 27,237.1 12,1 13,168 Geraldine Davis 168 Syta Davis 168 Cheryl Davis 168 Lynne Deck 115.168 Susan Dillingham 1 12,113.1 15.168 Jerry Dingle 168 Kelli Dolen 70.168 William Douglas 168 Shirley Dowdell 168 Thomas Dowdell 168 Robert Dudich 168 Margaret Ducan 168 Oatber Duncan 168 Dan Eaton 37.70.168 William Edmond 70 Amy Edwards 30.115,116.169 Judith Edwards 169 Irisa Elberts 23.96,115,169 Chrystal Elliott 169 Dave Elliott 70.82.169 Leonard Elliott 106,169 Marvin Ellison 169 John Erdmann 38.169 Melroy Ervin 169 Jan Fair 22,112,169 Rick Farber 169 Greg Finger 189 Beth Fisher 52.58.168 Lisa Frazier 169 Barb Gaier 49.169 Doris Gardner 169 V Lydia Garrett 169 Joe Gehris 89,114,169 Debra Geralds 169 Shawn Gilliland 13,169 Ed Glaspy 68.169 Barbara Glenn 169 Charles Glover 169 Tim Glover 169 Willie Gordon 58,64.81,169 Glgl Gorogiani 30.70.169 Brian Grant 54,114,169 Sharon Green 169 teve Greene 169 Stephanie Greene 169 Mary Beth Gregory 27.169 Susan Grigsby 35.169 Eric Grisson 169 Flip Gurley' 70.168 James Guynn 169 Charisse Hagen 189 Alan Hale 169 Gerald Hall 114.169 Klm Hammon 169 Steve Hanes 54,105.114,115.169 Donna 1-Iardister 169 Jerome Hardy 169 Steve Harlow 170 June Harris 32.98.170 Vince Harris 170 Robin Harrison 105,114,170 Alfred Harvey 170 Howard Harvey 170 Terrie Harvey 170 Robin Haskins 170 Thomas Hawkins -68,170 Shirley Helm 170 Mark Henderson 170 Judy Henson 170 Daniel Highshaw 115,116,170 Debra Highshaw 170 Carla Hill 170 Maxine Hill 170 Jackie Hodge 96,170 Kathy Hodge 115.170 Tonya Holllngshed 170 Edwin Hallowell 39,114,170 Cheri Hood 71,170 Marietta Hom 170 Annie Horton 170 Bobby Holsey 170 Judy Hotka 49,170 Michael Howard 170 Amy Howklnson 170 Leslie Hubbard 170 Keith Hudson 61,112,170 Page Hunter 32.170 Cheryl Huntington 27.35.49,170 Brenda Irving 170 Garry Jackson 170 Sherri Jackson 70.170 Terri Jackson 70.170 Vicki Jackson 170 John Jacobs 36,98.114.170 Karen Jarden 108,170 Juan Jefferson 170 Sharon Jefferson 170 Marc Jenkins 170 Alanda Johnson 108,171 Debora Johnson 171 Dan Johnson 171 Kevin Johnson 35,,171 Thomas Johnson 39, Pejoe Johnson 171 Lee Johnston 30.32,43, ' Garry Jointer 61 Chris Jones 171 Debbie Jones 171 Joe Jones 171 Maier Jones 171 Randy Jones 171 Teresa Jones 171 Victor Jones 171 Becky Judd 171 Matt Karnes 171 Diana Keller 171 'Matt Kennedy 171 Don Kerby 114.171 Paul Kimbrough 171 Cathy King 115,171 Teresa King 76,171 Roxanne Kirby 171 Ed Kllvansky 54,165,171 Floyd Knight 67,106,171 V:- 'TF' 1 .?, 'D N. . L . ,I- :,4 A' s '1i. ff Amy in-sm 14.111 5 D, 9, on-is mms 32.52.74,161g,l-V Dave Lambert 171 Y i 1, .Z Diane Lannan 171 " f W Jeff Lantz 96.171 Q A Barry Lanum 81,114,171 Z Chris Layton 171 Theresa Leak 171 , " Mike Ledgerwood 64.171 Cheryl Lee 48.171 sway me 111 Q' Bussell Levitt 1935.88.54 17 Nancy Lewis 70.171 Steve Lewis 68,171 Melanie Likely 171 Cindy Lindberg 171 Elaine Lively 42.74.755 Pam Lockett 171 Jennefer Lockett 106.11 Larry Logan 172 Shirley Love 172 Boy Luster 172 Leroy Lyles 172 Marsha Lyvers 179 LaDonna Macneal 172 Cindy Maguire 10.172 Virgil Madden 30.31.82 Jeffery Majors 172 Steve Manka 37.83.175 Ken Manuel 172 Linda Manuel 172 Jim Maple 27.172 Theresa Markey 172 Nancy Marshall 38,705 Judy Marsh 85.115 Yvonne Marshall 172 Lamont Martin 172 Karen Mason 172 Ella Mays 172 Kenny Mays 172 Lynn Mchrady 172 Sheila McCloud 172 William McCloud 172 John McClure 172 Bonnie McDowell 85.11 Sherri McDowell 172 Clint McDowell 172 DeWayne McGee 38.58 Vicky McGee 172 Craig McKay 1 ,111 Sylvia McKinney 172 Mike McLaughlin 27,31 Donna Meek 30.40.523 Lisa Mesalam 98.172 Elizabeth Mendenhall 1 Debra Miller 172 Gary Miller 70.81.172 Mike Mills 172 Charles Mitchell 61.81. Debra Mltohem 176 Tammy Mobley 178 Debi Mock 173 Laura Montgomery 88. Gerald Moore 70.81.11 Yvette Moore 173 Michele Morgan 173 Andre Morrls 173 Elayna Morris 173 Beverly Morton 178- Clarles Moss 173 Richard Munford 173 John Mueslng 173 Greg Murray 173 John Murry 173 Tom Murry 173 Jeff Musser 82.98.111 Kenny Meyers 173 Jeff Nance 28.173 Ronald Newborn 173 Bill Newhouse 70.173 Linda Nlohols 173 Tammy Nicholas 70.88. Karen Nielsen 30.88.11 Paul Nordstrom 81 Rey Norman 83.38.981 Kevin Okey 173 Mark 011' 172 Jeff om!-mm mimi Terri Owens 173 ' Rod Owslwy 173 'P nunmu Pa1mors.1l5'C mum rm-un 113 ohm-in mm no--2. 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Norman Thompson 176 Diana Thomson 176 Karin Thornton 176 Karen Tipton 178 Vicki Tipton 176 Tony Tooley 176 Deborah Tucker 178 Mary Turentlne 176 Angel Turnley 176 Diane. Tyson 176 James Updlke 86,73,115.176 Lori Urlas 52,58.74,165.177 David Vandever 178 Paula Walker 178 Byron Walton 32,176 Julia Warren 85.176 Tony Washington 88 Lawerence Wsshlngton176 Renita Washington 176 Chris Weber 176 Sue Weber 176 1 Liz Weber 48,176 William Wells 68.178 Beverly White 176 Debbie White 176 Debra Wilkins 176 Jeff Wilkins 178 Lynne Williams 80.81.176 Richard Williams 87.176 Randolph Willis 70.176 Brodey Wilson 106,177 David Wilson 112.1 18,177 Debra Wilson 70.177 James Wilson 177 Pat Wilson 75.177 Sharon Winn 177 Linda Woods 177 Janet Wright 177 Marilyn Wright 177 Jean Yant 177 Theresa Zartman 28.54.177 Carmine. Ziedonis 48.49.177 FRE SHMA Velma Abbott 179 Pamela Abernathy 179 Chico Adams 179 Deborah Alexander 179 Court Alfs 179,54 Cathy Anderson 179 Donnie Anderson 179 Terri Anderson 179 Robert Averitt 179,113,112 Faye Ayers 179 Kimberly Ballard 179 Kevin Ballinger 179,82 Rodney Bannan 179.62 Cheryl Barker 179,32 Gina Barnes 179 John Bartholomew 179 Elizabeth Baxter 179 Hosea Baxter 179 Jeffery Baxter 179 Vanetta Beach 106.179 Darlene Beatty 179 Edyth Beatty 106.179 Thaddeus Beaty 179 Richard Beeler 179 Michael Bell 179 Brand Bentley 106 Kimberly Berns 22.179 Vanes Bettis 179 Michael Blrdsong 179 Dondra Bishop 179 Kevin Bishop 178 Terry Blair 179 Teri Blankenship 22.179 Rita Booher 179 Clilf Bowers 179 Stephen Bowman 179.70 Cherylin Boyd 179 James Boyd 179 Nevel Boyd 179 Brand Boykin 180 Robert Brame 180 Debra Braxton 180 Patricia Braxton 180 Duncan Rrldgeforth 180 John Brill 180 Jsrrome Brlttaln 180,62.68.48 James Brlttain 108 Carmen Brooks 180,42,75 Barry Brooks 180.62 Gregory Brooks 180 Teressa Brooks 180 Arnet Brown 180 Kevin Brown 180,70 Michael Brown 180 Richard Brown 106,180 Robin Brown Roger Brown 180 Sybil Brown 180 Teressa Brown 116.180 Tony Brown 106,180 Darrell Brumfield 180 Harold Bryant 180 Steph Bryant 180 James Buckner 180 Robert Buford 106,180 Randall Bullock 180 Kelli Burke 180 Aundi Bushrod 180 Anita Butler 180 Schulildia Butts 180 Charles Cade 180 Jenis Calhoun 180 Laton Campbell 180 Pamela Campbell 108,175 Thomas Campbell 180 Anthony Carr 180 Patricia Carr 181.62 Patricia Carson 181 Susan Carter 181 Jeane Cartwright 181 Robert Chambers 181.106 Gay Cheatham 181 Rhonda Cheatham 181 Kiu-t Christian 181 Juani Clardy 181 Rodney Clark 181 Albert Clegg 181 Douglas Cllburn 181 Mark Cline 181 Jennifer Coffey 181 Michael Coffman 181 Michael Colbert 181 Carol Cole 75 Carol Conine 118,112 David Connelly 70 Pamella Connelly 181 Susan Conway 30.32.181 Rebecca Corbett 48,181.1 13,112 Tins Cordova 22,181 Dena Corteee 191 David Crabtree 27,181,118,1 12,54 Charles Craig 181 Jesse Craig 181 Jeffery Crane 106,181 Shirley Crawford 181,75 Tony Crayton 181 Step Crenshaw 181 Karen Crowe 196.181 Felix Crutchlield 106 Angela Cushenberry 181 Stacia Cutler 181 Calvin Daniels 182 Dewayne Danniels 182 Donna Davenport 182 Bonitta Davis 182 Edmond Davis 182 Joe Davis 182 Kimberly Dawson 182 Solomon Dawson 182 Renwick Denton 182 Michael Diggs 182,62 Roslyn Dillard 182.175 Deidra Dinwiddie 182 Karen Dixson 32,182 Brian Donahue 182 Steven Doss 182 Andrew Dowdell 106 Donald Dowdell 182 Linda Dowdell 182 Laura Dudich 182 Valerie Dunlop 182 Allea Donson 182 Rlcke Dye 182 Trudy Easley 182.75 Michael Eccles 182 Darrel Edmond 182 David Edmondson 182.62 Cynthia Eggleston 182 Donnette Elbert 182 Schawn Elliott 182 Klann Endsley 182 Curtis Evans 182 Harry Faulkner 27.l16,l82.l13 112 Benit Felder 182 Michael Fenley 182 Ronald Fields 182 Sabrina Fleetwood 182 Liona Fletcher 106 Chris Flock 22.32.182 Rleynold Fluitt 182 Beron Flynn 182 Barbara Foster 182 Roderick Foster 183 Kathrine Fowler 183.42 Alecis Fox 183 Charles Franklin 48.183 Jerome Franklin 107 Harry Franklin 183 Michael Franklin 183 Craig Fuson 182.62 Pat Gaddis. Rodney Gaddis 108 Veron Gilbert l83,42,43.75 Janis Glenn 182 Janice Golder 183 Pat Gorman 183 Shirley Gra.mlin 48,183 Robert Gray 183 Carl Grays 183 Deborah Green 183 Nathan Green 188 William Green 32 Leand Grimes 183 Kevin Grisby 183,62 Chery Groves 183 Pat Gruber 22.183 Julia Guffey 183 Francais Guynn 188 Keith Haemerle 36,183.70 Richard Halley 183.170 Alan Hale 183.88 Donna Hall 183 lrak Hall 183 Lucy Hall 183 Billy Hampton 183 Tamarra Hancock 183 Kenneth Harden 183 Susan Harding 109,183 Mark Hardlster 183 Teressa Harris 1815.42.75 Eric Harrison 183 Gwen Harrison 183 Anthony Harvey 184 Kenneth Harvey 184 Judy Hatcher 184 Darrell Head 184 Timothy Helmick 32,184 Steph Hendrix 184 Susan 1-lennings 106.184 Jeffrey Henry 116.184 Charles Henson 184 Carol Herald 184 Ilene Hill 184 Kenneth Hill 184 Michael Hill 62 Teri Hill 184 Roger Hillman 184 John Hiltgen 36 Wllli Hobson 184 Josef Hoffman 116,184.1 13,1 12 Andre Holland 184 Steph Hollingsworth 184 Kevin Holloway 184 Frederick Hopkins 1841.68.43 Kelly Hopper 184 Brenda Horner 184 George House 184 Gregory Howard 184 Jesse Howard 184 Joan Howard 184 Eric Humne 106.184 Steve Huggins 184 Rebec Humphress 49.48.184 Michael Humphrey 184 Sandra Humphrey 184 Karen Irvin 184 Paul Irvin 112 David Jackson 184 Kevin Jackson 184 Robin Jackson 30.184 Anton James 184,82 Pinus Jefferson 185 Glenda Jenkins 185 Debra Johnson 185.62 Thomas Johnson 185 Angel Jones 185 Brenda Jones 185 Brent Jones 106,185 Curtis Jones 185 Johnn Jones 185 Katheryn Jones 185 Kimberly Jones 185 Lee Jonas 185 Ronitta Jones 185 Rodney Jones 108,185 Stanley Jones 185 Steph Jones 185 Steven Jones 185 Wayne Jones 185,62 Marillyn Jordan 106,185 Charmain Julian 185 Denise Jung 185 Michael Justice 185,178 Penny Keene 185 Kit Keener 185,62,63 William Keglar 185,62 Ann King 30.185 Keren Kinsey 185 Diane Kleine 185 Jeffrey Klingberg 185,641.54 Leslie Kraucunas 22.35.185 Kathryn Kruse 116.185 Ana Kukolja 30,135,185 Marti Kukolja 85,185 Tammi Lacy 116 Jeffrey Lahr 185,113,112 Joanne Lahr 27,35, 1 16,186.1 13,1 12 Debora Lake 186 Michael Lalioff 186,82 Mich Lane 186 Kenneth Lantelgn 186 Johnn Lay 106,186 Gerry Lee 186 Marni Lemons 22,26,80,35,188,52,1l2 Chaun Lipscomb 186 Dennis Lockett 62 Lanet Logan 186 Jocal Lumpkins 186 Fufer Lyles 186 Debbie Lysek 85,48,186,70,l.l3,112 Gregory Maddox 186 Bruce Maker 186 John Malless 186 Sheli Marion 186 Earne Markey 186 Judy Marshall 186 Tonda Marshall 186 Chest Martin 186 John Martin 186,62 Wllli Mason 186 Debra Masslngale 186 Kenneth Mays 106 Robert McCoy 186 Phill McDougald 186 Sandra McDowell 186 Scott McGaffey 186 Stacy McGuire 186 Sidney Mclntyre 186,62 Kathleen McMichael 22,48.116,l86 Lydia Mencer 186 John Mlkulenka 186 James Miller 186 Larry Miller 186,62 Robert Miller 186 Sheldrea Miller 188 David Mills 35,186,11B,112.54 Carl Mitchell 187 Larry Mitchell 106 Mark Mitchell 187,70 Diane Moffitt 187 Suzette Moflitt 187 Sylvia Momtt 187 Ginger Montgomery 28,187 Grace Moore 187 Joseph Moore 187 Kelth Moore 187 Jerry Morgan 187 Sally Morris 22,35,116,187 Michelle Morton 187 Maril Mosley 187 Debra Mounce 187 Marsha Muegge 48,187 Leslie Muesing 187.52 David Nance 48,178 Julie Nance,187 Chris Nanopoulos 187 Lonnie Newman 187 Charles Nichols 187 Teressa Nixon 187 Bobby Norman 187 Richard Oberle 27,187 Melody Overstreet 22,187 Mary Overton 187 Sharon Palmore 187 Dianne Parks 187 Alec Parrish 187 Mark Patton 187 Flore Peace 187 Kenneth Pearcy 86,187 Jeffrey Pease 187,62,88,112 Dennis Pendergrass 106,187 There Pettet 187 Leona Petty 187 Terry Pillow 187 Rita Planer 187 Gregory Pipkin 188,62 Vannatta Polndexter 106 Yvonne Polk 188 Kim Powell 188 Diana Puckett 22,188 Dennis Pulllns 188,62 Jean Query 188 Shery Regan 85,116,188 Karen Ramey 188,42,75 Kevin Ramey 188 Tammy Ramsey 80,188 Pamela Rapler 106 Thomas Rapier 188 Allls Reed 188 Karen Reed 32,188,42,75 Jonathon Reeder 188 Ivory Reynolds 80,82,188,11B,1 13 Preston Rhone 188,62 Pamela Rlbelln 23,235,188 Mary Rldenour 188 Joel Rldolfl 188 Donald Rlggins 188 Edward Roberts 188 Bryan Robinson 188 Donna Robinson 188 Gyjun Robinson 188 Leshi Roby 188 Sharon Roth 188,70 Gloria Rowley 188 Leslle Rowley 80, Lance Russell 188 Davld Rutledge 188 Louise Salllant 166,188,112 Wllli Sargent 188 Ester Scaife 188 Bradley Schlldsnecht 19.28.188 Richard Schilling 188 Diane Schlmp 85,188,l18,112 Phillip Sohnarr 188 Diane Schneider 28,189 Doris Scott 189 Thomas Scott 189 Sylvia Sellers 189 Franc Settle 189,108.70 Yvette Shelby 189.42 Anita Sherrod 28,189 Robin Show 189 Phillip Sholar 189 Natal Shropshire 189 ' Marsh Simmons 189,80 Toney Simmons 189 Miche Simpson 189 Miche Simpson 188 William Slms 189 Anthony Skelton 189 Chrls Smith 22,189 Debra Smith 189 Debra Smith 189 Gwend Smith 189,42 Johna Smith 189 Julia Smith 28,116,189 Mells Smith 189 Miche Smith 189 Robert Smith 189 Robin Smith 189 Catherine Smythe 189 Jeff Snyder 108,189 Pat Snyder 189,513,178 Jeanine Solaro 22,30,35,189 Dwayne Southern 189 Jeffery Sparkman 189 Detriot Spencer 190 Charles Spivey 189 Tracy Spurllng 189 Lamon Squires 106,189 Glen Stanlsh 190,62 Fawn Stevens 190 Debra Steward 190 Demar Stewart 190 Gary Stewart 190 Kelvin Stewart 106,180 Douglas Strommen 190 J Franc Summers 190 Randall Sutherlln 190,170 Chrls Swanson 190 Lee Sykes 190 'rm-i 1-mm: aa,ao,ss ss, Mark Tandy 190 Juan Taylor 190 Llsa Taylor 190 Penny Teters 190 Jewel Thomas 190 Rudolf Thurman 106.180 Ruth Thurman 190 Charles Thurston 190 Ryan Tierney 190 Chrls Tipton 190 Leigh Tonnls 190 Joyce Townsend 190 Loretta Townsend 190 58 Gregg Travls 190 Stwe Tyler 190 Vonds. Tyler 80,190,118 Il Dlane Valentine 190,59 17 Portia Wade 190 Janie Walker 190 Cynthia Wallace 52 snag-me wssmsgm 190 Brion Washington 190 Bryan Washington 19070 Linda Washington 190 Richard Watford 190,62 Harry Watkins 106,190 Kenneth Watson 191 Hazel Weatherhy .80 Cynthia Webster 191 Annette Wells 191 Janni Wells 191 Derrlc Westmoreland 191 Patricia White 106 Peggy White 28.88.168 19 Theason White 191 Paula Whltney 108.191 Michael Whortln 191 Lane Wlckllff 191 Denise Wilkins 191 Annette Williams 191 Debra Williams 191 Janice Williams 191 Kenneth Williams 191 Mark Willlams 191 Psmella Williams 106.191 Michael Williamson 191 Christopher Wilson 191 Danny Wilson 38 Lynn Wilson 191 Maril Wilson 191 Terrl Wilson 191 Kathy Wire 191 Maris Woods 191 Chrls Woodson 191 Anthony Wright 181 Gregory Wright 191 James Yesgley 191 Val! Zledonls 191 ll M A V . 1 ,- . 'V 'N Y r .Jive --cu -4. -L .51 W 4. Q ,v,-as . Abraham James 122 Alexander Ruble 118 Armenoff Margaret 180 Bailey Audra 126 Bailey Ralph 128 Barker Shirley 119 Battles Louise Beal Elizabeth 128 Bender Rebecca 102 129 Bennett William 126 Blcherton Shirley 121 Blass David 122 Beykins Sgt 128 Brown George Buekler Susan 127 Caldwell Delinda 117 Calaway Elmer 122 Cash Irvin 120 Caskey Harry 117 Chaney Louls 122 Coffee Malmda 180 Colley Sgt 123 Colon Ruth 129 Cralg Frank 122 Craver. James 125 Davidson Marilyn 130 DeFrantz Faburn 117 Donalson Gladys 119 Editor in Chief Business Manager Academic Editor Faculty Editor Activities Editor Sports Editor FACULTY I DEX Draughon Joe 125 Edison June 123 Ensor Wllllam 126 Evans Gayle. Farner Mary 118 Fishback William 124 Fisher William 126 1-'loren Georgia 118 Fox Margaret 180 Fuelllng Jerry 122 Good Gladysmae 122 Graub Rowena 131 Guillaume James 131 Gwyn Robert 117 Hamilton Essilee 121 Hartman Wallace 129 Heeke Bernard 128 Helmer Catherine 129 Hellman Jean 180 Holdaway Ronald 128 Howell Elbert 128 Humngton Clarens. 120 Hungerford Betty 127 Jackson Rita 126 Janert Margaret 128 Jeter Marjorie 117 Johnson James 120 Johnson Margaree 130 Senior Album Editor Underclass Editor Index Editor Literature Editor Ad Editor Ad Manager Reporters Photographers Other Staff Members Special Thanks To Senior Portraits Underclass Pictures Inter-Collegiate Press 2 O - Kendall Helen 119 Kerber Adolf 121 Kraucunas Carl 129 LaPrees John 131 Lee Frank 121 Lentz James 131 Lewis Kenneth 123 Lostutter Don 126 Lyles Ida 117 McCaf1erty Dennis 123 McClary Robert 122 Manka John 125 Marley Howard 180 Maurey Lydia 128 Maze Sally 118 Montgomery Zondra 12 Morris John 128 Norfleet Johnny 129 Oglesby Richard 119 Pettee Denise 131 Phelps Lse 119 Rababa Yvonne 120 Randall Fred 118 Renforth Vicki 126 Rush Theodore 130 Selzmann William 123 Sanders Dee 119 Schmidt Burdeen 125 Schroedle Margaret 120 Laura Montgomery Cathy Armstrong Schulz John 124 Snyder John 124 Spears James 118 Strayhorn Mary 130 Swlnford Doyne 124 Swlnford Gerry 119 Terrell Paul 122 Turner Robert 117 Urbam James 120 Vaughan Beryl 128 Verplank Thomas 125 Volk Henry 126 Walls H Thomas 122 Waltz Beulah 121 Way Frances 127 Weaver Clara 120 Wells Belgan 118 Wessell Ann 125 West Ruthlyn 127 White Frances Wiggins John 130 Wilson Rex 129 Wxtsman Forest 128 Woodward Jean 120 Wright Mildred 117 Wyatt Daveda 121 Zetzl Robert 122 Chris Wilson, Karen Bennett Denis Berry, Kitty Zartman Susie Sommerville Craig McKay J eff Muser, J un Cordova Greg Lewis, Kris Bubenzer, June Harris, Julie Jones, Sheryl Skinner, Robin Murphy, Karen Harris, Lisa Mesalam John Snyder Advisor, Mark Williams Cover Design, Diane Hitchcock Title Page, Nancy Patterson, Charles Savage-Ball State Journalism Institute, Reber Gywn, Robert Turner, Kevin J awitt, Mr. J. Shelton Prestige Photography Mike Loudermilk 4' , ' . 129 ' , , 121 . ' . , me . 'I . . , . ' 3 . 2 , ' . ' 124 modfelter' Donald 136 Holder, Josephine 127 ' White, Martha 119 . . , . . , . . , . , . ' e THE LAST BNTR ' GIRLS! THEY always can iind something to oon- verse about. CHEESING IT up for the camera, Theresa Jones displays her best posture. SOMETIMES IT'S not so bad getting to school a little early as a quick game of cards is dealt. LOTS OF laughs and good times were found in this gym class. i l will never walk this way again or relive this piece of my life but someday I'll want to remember every bit ofit. Looking back over the events ofthe school year might help me recall the little things I did-personal things I might put in a scrapbook. mash Cx , vKOU'FcE YQ gqzmref Nome WND QDET?-5010 Q Vvt g,,,A0115p Elbfmw w mm wow, bfsvw NHT qmqg Lo WEQN H www wwwfa ww WW nfl' f704U,f9fnLw'1f,QM,Ji3 -"-'UO-1-'-'f-f:0,c1,o,,,,,,,4,,,.,L' l fJ,,U, W CMM 'bg mwfwfw-CQULQJXTQ AHJLW?+Q7mMJ 'fd MWQMLSL www Wfefvl ink, Huw f3,l,,w W-A 1 L 5 Z-M gif ffffgfjiwiizm, Quik 3 5 bu DMA? JfL.a,45bf9 W2-,Meg , OW? 7601ffQ4WW'n7'f" ,M W W ffgfff Kgjgjikgfv 5 AL 5 QWOSQSJQNASS Nigifgwibijyg, KQQLZZWTT 9 Mykg WV? 5 3 Q59 ff fx wfifgwffli JW I viifjw UWYJDQQW fm W Q m52W6,. fibjw g bS32VMWMf my . WMjwiEqfM gfgifiig JW5 N gi ' Q . My amwjjbmqggiig wwf? M 5 5? Q U-U NKLA F F W 305 2 E Qsvlf iff I . 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