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9 GGOLADE ' 1- rf- -. .f ,, A favs, N- 1 f 7. - . ,,,,,,,, r , , ...covering the Knight beat.. .Arlington High School 4825 North Arlington Indianapolis, Indiana Volume 8 V .X I x gga,.:3g,r:5 f, ii, , I D ,rrfwlgagrf w W A ,k Q .L ,,,. , W3 JL ,, at tllQ'l' Listen to the beat As 2,800 Knights Begin another day Of learning, Of friendship. Passing through hallways, They are the heart beat, The pulsating nucleus OfArlington High. The image they form ls an audible image- lt is yesterday's child, Tomorrow's adult, The quiet hush Ofanticipation, The Crescendo Ofspirited voices, The frenzied pulse Of an after-game dance, The organized chaos In the senior cafeteria, Listen to these sounds For they are The KNIGHT BEAT. W""Wm1 , fires-V.. it if-ififq Table of Contents KNIGHT BEAT ..........,.... ACADEMIC BEAT . ., ACTIVITY BEAT .,.. ATHLETIC BEAT ....,.., KNIGHT BEAT IAIbumI BUSINESS BEAT .I... And the BEAT goes on 2,800 students Create An eight-fifteen bell Sounds through corridors As students accept A challenge of learning. The silent movement Ofa microscope Being focused, The rhythmic chatter Of the typewriter keys, The clatter of dishes lntermingled with voices, The swish ofa brush On the easel ofan artist- All resound within The walls ofAHS. Listen to these sounds for They are the KNIGHT BEAT. O if " V . Y Qfa . . 5 ' 'fini W ' A ' g ,lf V .TQ -'.-G K. f af., 7 -, in guy I A party slate enables senior Charles Lowery to preview the nominees before a roll call vote is taken. Ui V -vw -uv-Uni? H363 hunt as ,ef ,Sify I , M fig, My I . : . I -- ,-" Q I i Knights exercise patriotic responsibilities in the facets of virgorous campaigning as they jump on the bandwagon for president-elect Richard Nixon. 6 The flag, a symbol of democracy, reminds students of our free election system. gf 'L 'Z' in Appealing to teen ideals, Senator Birch Bayh gains the support of AHS students. 'Winn'ing teens back campaign favorites ultiigg .sd 3 tt igf'TQi? xiii' .R The "Winn"ing team, seniors Becky Pearce, Emil Molin, Dave Schwantes, Ed Harlan and friend prepare posters forthe campaign of senior Craig Winn. V .V Cheering politicians gain first hand knowledge of the election process in the state of Indiana, as they participate in the mock nominating convention. The fluctuating rhythm Ofan election year lnvaded AHS. Campaign slogans Echoed through the halls As teens became Actively involved In the mock election. Political headquarters Became Homes-away-from-home To teen supporters, As the swish of envelopes Being stuffed Sounded in headquarters. Senior elections Opened new channels Into active campaigning, As the steady tempo Ofa campaign band Exploded in the halls. Election year '68- A vital part Ofthe KNIGHT BEAT. 452'-'G fi?-N in Posters provide part of a successful cam- paign for senior Craig Winn. 7 RJ Summer AFS student Karen Wilkes pre- sents a letter from Brazil to Mayor Lugar. A LANCER "beat" is a part of the curriculum for reporter Wiff Griekspoor. 8 Foreign pupils build world The school flag becomes an addition to life in the United States for seniors Esther Pomerada of Peru and Wilfred Griekspoor of the Netherlands. K SMS During intermission ceremonies at the American Field Service dance, "Kaleidoscope of Nations," foreign students Esther Pomerada and Knut Grazei receive gifts from AFS. friendships A foreign flavor Added a different tone To the montage Ofstudents. An unfamiliar teen Entered Arlington High, Adding a new voice To those sounding In the halls. Customs, ways of life Broadened the outlook Of teens AS the KNIGHT BEAT Sounded All over the world. A change of pace characterizes life for Turkish exchange student Evren Elmali. 'WEB' Hopeful AFS summer program participants, Chris Halter and Russ Palma, receive letters of acceptance from Mrs. Audra Bailey KSTANDINGI and Mrs, Betty Hungerford KSEATEDJ. Barefoot, "Maki" Ashwell l sings "My Bonnie" in the tal- ' ent show production. 9 Flood, flame, 'face' lifting LTA? llfl f lflfl vii W IM Bl i JJELDS QUIZ 5 ,. 13 Ttl'l.i1?-' i kg Q -u I WN. ..NN:,,R , VK The "exact fare" requirement makes dimes "Stadium Builder" collection cartons aid homerooms in the collection of funds, as parents and nickels a necessity for Dave Moody. and students alike join forces in an effort to burn the mortgage. A "reflectin ool" roves to be a mess 8 P D A Y job for workmen, as flood waters rise. The finished football stadium provides a true "home" for the Golden Knights. l0 exemplify year of unexpected 'happenings' The mortgage goes "up in flames" cli- Missing panels create problems for work- maxing a four year effort of teens. men performing "face" lifting operations. A massive structure Seating cheering teens Became truly complete, Climaxing A four year campaign Ofjingling coins And a chili supper. A season's final game And a winter's first snow Set the tone As the mortgage "Went up in flames." Rushing waters And the whoosh ofa pump Addeda different tempo To the music corridor As a fire main broke Providing a "wading pool" For orchestra students. The face ofthe school Changed its appearance As the steady pounding Ofa repairman's hammer Sounded From the outer wall. The sounds of 1969, Constantly changing, Characterized The unexpected, The accomplishments That made up The KNIGHT BEAT. A bursting hoop exemplifies a spirited yea of tunnels and traditions. ll The rhythm of youth- The tempo of today Echoes within teen-life. It is The endless blare Ofa caravan of cars Enroute to an away game, A quiet prayer For strength Before a football game, The methodical turning Of pages As "The Odyssey" is read, The exciting melody Of "The Rain In Spain" Pulsating from the stage, The silence Ofa "quiet day" Initiated To promote spirit. These sounds merge Creating a unified tempo Ofstudent life- The KNIGHT BEAT. TU ,xv--N KNIGHT BEAT '69 "Why can't a woman be more like a man," Cockney girl, prof in 'My Fair Lad 'fool .. 21 I 4 l The "enchantment" of 27A Wimpole Street inspires junior Dan tFreddyJ McDermott to sing "On the Street Where You Live," following a chance encounter with Eliza Doolittle. is the angry plea of Allan lProf.l Kuhlman. Cockney boys and a flower Cart provide consolation to a dejected Eliza. l4 high society in musical presentation In the backstreets of London, at the turn of the century, a common flower girl became a challenge to an aristocratic grammarian, as he ventured to transform a "cabbage leaf" into a high society duchess. Lerner and Loewe's musical, "My Fair Lady" was presented by music students November 14 and 15 at evening performances. Assuming the leading roles, seniors Allan Kuhlman and Karen lessup led parents and students through rigorous voice lessons, the flowing strains of "I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face,'f the "exciting" Ascot Race and the spectacular Embassy Ball. Supporting roles were portrayed by juniors Dan tFreddyJ McDermott and Dan CAlfred P. Doolittlel Lane. Senior Peter Rusthoven played the part of Colonel Pickering. After a tiring rehearsal, freshman dancer Mickey Drudge prepares to return home. it 1' The flowing strains of "I'm an Ordinary Man" sounds from the darkened orchestra pit, as teen musicians provide music for the actors on the stage. !l Contemplating a good life, Karen tElizaJ lessup sings "Wouldn't It be Loverlyf' ffwirh a Little Bit O' Luck," Dan Lane and Bill Coffey hope to return to Ye Old Pub. Frenzied feminine football ,-,tk ., 5 1, The strategy of football is related tothejunior A short time-out aids the senior girls, as they form a huddle to determine plays and quickly team by coach loe Draughon. repair make-up before the action on the gridiron resumes. ,525 WMWMWV b,,s , A Eg ,Mix ,V 5-Q Z, ,HM , of-Q Wi? 'W 9 E fa t ff 4 aat t e titttzttl ' t .. i t -t t ttit fxmf, V If x W- L 4' V W wwwwa 1 ,wid 'jiif-1'ft Sf' " Q-ff it L, A A X 0, LJ'- s x"'L' pw , fn. " ' H- .ana Agukff 1 'Y' 9. .xy - fa- N. "sling ua, r li'-jf" s New .L - , f s,,- . K X - A--0. - f A f?a??'c,'f, f M' 5 v":,,w1-.av was If A 'La' -r 1'-'A at 'mr +'rW'N,.u ' for ,sis ,,,. M . Attempting to defend, rather than tackle her own teammate, senior Patty Witthoft comes to the aid of senior Nancy Scherer in the feminine clash on the gridiron. i6 Team doctor, Mrs. Mercedes Portilla, aids Helen Hathaway following a rough play. Xe, '1 z - , , A 13 Nam ps - 1 v .J Q card section characterize 'Spirit' of 69 The rip of a hoop, the cheers of Knight pepsters, the rush of teens to the stands, and the silence of a "quiet day" characterized a "spir- ited"year. Changing sweaters and cokes for jerseys and gatorade, upperclass girls clashed on the gridiron in a contest of feminine endurance which ended in a 20-8 victory for the senior girls. Halftime was highlighted by an impromptu presentation of follow- the-leader performed by male cheerleaders. A "tunnel" of cheering teens stretched from goal post to goal post on an opponent's field as enthusiastic teens demonstrated school spirit. Following the founding of the Student Council Spirit Committee, teens made hoops for every game, crepe paper shakers, and climaxed the mortgage burning ceremonies with the release of black and gold balloons. A Knights Klub card section added a finishing touch of teen enthusiasmto the spirit of'I969. Cheering pepster Meg Woods provides enthusiastic support to Knight players. Tissue flowers characterize homecoming for seniors Ron Amos and Sandy Bellew. l7 i XS i XX N Checking procedure with instructor Mrs. Gladysmae Good, Bausch-Lomb Award winner Dave Milam shows his scientific precision, 18 Honors given, Knight Beat moldsleaclers i Academic leaders IFRONTJ Terry Murphy, Betty Campbell, KMIDDLEJ Dick Meschke, Marie Failinger, KBACKJ Pete Rusthoven, and Karen Jessup rated as National Merit Semi-Finalists. -im' -Q Tr 1 , tw- F PM Em? ,. 1 Q i I, -L L -it, ,rw ' -1 - 5 -M3 1 yn: A . I , 'xisiijr I -I fy kixftir I ,i , p iFN1!g3VA,7pL,, Q.: lr 1 K ' if of tomorrow Stepping into '69, students took their places as Knights in a fast paced and searching generation. Teens who were eager to learn and contribute time and effort towards a goal became active, par- ticipating citizens. Knights spread their influence over the city as Paul Troy took the office of mayor for a day. Politics also played a part in the lives of four seniors who at- tended Girls' and Boys' State. Six students proved their scholastic prowess in becoming National Merit Semi-Finalists, and Dave Mi- lam, Bausch-Lomb winner, gained his prize for scientific skill. Providing service and good citi- zenship to school and community earned honors for seniors Barb Hartley, Susie Bishoff, and Ron Pettigrew. ,f .Summer became a time to practice govern- ment for Girls' and Boys' State Representa- tives Susie Bishoff, Kris Nelson, Sue Young, and Patsi Ohne Knot picturedi. "'Mayor-of-the-Day" Paul Troy greets one of his many visitors as city head. I9 Robyn reigns as Knights 'roast' Redskins SQ' 1' .X as f N s S"'h---- A, ,.kV ,W 3 Flower power . . . Seniors fleft to rightl Steve Nicewanger, Kris Nelson, Penny Nichols, and l Roland Norris spend homeroom time creating kleenex flowers for their float. The aroma of hot chili, the last minute cries of "the chicken wire will not stand up," and the silent anticipation of the crowd just be- fore the queen was announced characterized the 1969 Homecoming festivities. Days of kleenex flower making in homeroom, combined with nights of float construction, gave way to tired students and prize- winningfloats. Knights and their parents ate chili at a pregame dinner, and aided in the campaign to burn the mort- gage. The half-time parade of floats and queen candidates ended in the crowning of senior Robyn Cham- ness as the 1968 Homecoming Queen. An Arlington first, a dance in the gym, highlighted the evening as teens danced in their stocking feet-a true sock-hop. l w i I , ' ' E all 1? V .T ,,,N. 3, I , l . vt., the .. I4 'Zin -.M 1, Wi W. M ,V - A ' 1 ' I .Q g .V i I' . l ,fs l My .Wifi fl l 1 l P i ,I fp. The school's first sock-hop on the gym Battling the cold weather and the Manual Redskins, a Knight gridiron man surveys the floor concludes the evening's excitement. action on the field and contemplates the plays in his mind. 20 ,A I sf' X J' ' -'Q , 9 ' - TE. 5,5 , . ,.,Nie1w Q I 'X v ,P A ' ,J x. ivmfggf mf' M055 !?!05'A'!!V me RESE f 1. ,E VATIU We X Elite Knights chosen for ro al positions WK! 'QE ft: 45' Q K 'W av W, ,QW w:T'a'tEi 5 l, ff .J l ., '5':.?.t:'-gl' i -3.-vi 'qc'-ew. U C .,,q3Q 61644. , r pr X - H., ' an 4 f-Q, A-wp Q s 1 ,t i ,i 4: fb A M rf 1. A 'Singing the pep song as the Crowd cheered, Pat Stutsman reigned as Jamboree Queen. oKnight and Gale, Bob Meara and Sue Murphy, were crowned at intermission of the annual "Knight Train to Talent." l 22 ri Enjoying the sparkling yuletide atmosphere of this year's Christmas dance, "Belles and Beaux," are senior king and queen Paul Troy and Anitra Clark. it 1' ,1- is to represent teen ideals There was a sudden hush-a very heavy silence. Then her name was announced, and for one girl, that night will never be forgotten. Her smile radiated happiness through the crowd's applause. She had just been chosen one of Arlington's elite-a queen by her classmates. The beat of beauty started with Jamboree Queen Pat Stutsman, who cheered through the pre-sea- son football game. Kings gained accolades in three activities-Knight and Gale at the Talent Show, King and Queen of the NHS "Belles and Beauxs," and Cy and Cindy for the Turnabout. The single crown Robyn Chamness won as Homecoming Queen be- came a double honor when she was voted "Cindy." The Military Ball and junior Prom ended the year's contests but not Knight beauty. ,ev-2 1-sir 7, as. ,Hi it J? Royalty reigns, as junior Tom Meara and senior Robyn Chamness become Cy and Cindy at the Student Council's annual Tournabout Dance, "A Knight to Remember." ww... X.. .1 1 Arlington's second annual Military Ball was held March 22, as R.O.T.C. sponsors lleft to rightl Theresa Roberts, Michelle Vaughan, Diana if 1 1 3 -iv P fm. fi rig . ff 1, at far ff W Spurlock, lan Byers, Karen Wilkes, and Darla Shadrick vied for the queen'stitle ofthe gala event. 23 Flashing strobe lights, pounding drumloeat i i is my g .xikl Q is 3 I' A sign-up sheet marks the beginning of the talent show as junior Andy McDaniels and seniors Mona Stott and Shiela Segrest sign up their act, "The Golden Souls." "Back Up the Train," is pantomined by se- nior Alonzo Watford in the talent show. Adding a folk beat, junior Dave Edmonds leads the Campus Life group. The singers are partoftheYouth forChristmovement. W , 24 sets rh thm of 'soul train' The pounding beat of a drum, the colored flashes of a strobe light, and the subtle rhythm of a poem set the tempo as the curtain rose on the 1968 Knight Train to Talent. Weeks of preparation, under the direction of coordinators Anitra Clark and Beckie Bultman, led to a show filled with soul, folk, jazz, and even a little advice on how to handle Little Bo Peep's sheep. The crowning of seniors Bob Meara and Sue Murphy as Knight 'n Gale, Arlington's typical boy intermission and girl, sparked activities, while senior girls looked toward the future, ending the "Soul Train '68" performance on a sentimental note. Try-outs mean extra duties for Anitra Clark and Beckie Bultman. A look into the future is presented to all seniors by Carol McCormick. The Tijuana Brass song, "Whipped Cream," provides background music for a jazz routine, danced by senior Cathy McFarland. Cathy is a veteran talent show dancer. 25 Pursuit of love, confused identity enliven A- o"Mourning" the squire-'s illness, the servant await news of the will labovel. oA last minute check of lines and entrances i made by Russ Kennedy Michelle Vau han, f 8 and Nancy Atkinson before the play. 26 f ' .l f T7 senior pla 'Tom jones' Comedy set the mood for the sen- ior production of "Tom jones," as approximately 50 class members re- lived the past with scenes ranging from "murder" to marriage. The story of a young Englishman and his pursuit of his true love, the play depicted lim Lane in the title role with Cathy McFarland as So- phia Western. Blifil, the villain of the plot, was brought to life by Pete Rusthoven, while Allan Kuhlman portrayed Tom's "generous" uncle, Squire Allworthy. Newcomers to the stage, as well as "old pros," kept the audience laughing as they presented an abundance of coincidences and an appearance of the "Black Shadow" demanding "Your money or your life!" Filling behind-the-scenes roles, seniors also handled sets, costumes, makeup, and ticket sales. ll x l .- " W, i i i l .Teasing Tom ileftl, Sophia thanks him for saving her life. 0Pleading his love ibottoml, Tom tries to convince the dubious Sophia. .While Hsupping at Upton" ibelowl lim Lane eats his chicken with relish. x 7. 1 s E' f T114-ff ,,... -.v A" Q , ! eg? X j 4 i, 1 if sa W3 27 Minds whirl, Create and grow In the academic world OfArlington High. In the chemistry lab, Bubbling liquids Unlock the world Of crystal formation. Pounding hearts Accompany heavy breathing As sit-ups are executed. Piano strings vibrate As a music theory student Composes a "symphony," Rifles crack As ROTC cadets Perfect their skills. The swish of pages Sounds As the War of 1812 Comes alive, Making the academic tempo An intricate part Ofthe KNIGHT BEAT. 28 ACADEMICS BEAT G9 ' ow generation' returns to classical era HIS! II LSLHL Z7 Psi!- Voicing individual views, freshman English pupils carry on a panel dis- tLeftl jim Boyd, Vicki Weber, Vicki Lemons, janet Zoschki, Veronica cussion. Rick Heckman directs controversial questions at peers. Spear, and Brian Callahan as Mrs. Clarena Huffington supervises. Mr. lameS Urbain illustrates difficulties in Reading lab, a nine week counterpart of Orientation, aids freshman Lorre Lisa Stewart in per- word communication through abstract art. fection of quick and accurate reading. This course benefits all subjects. 30 for past art, investigates humanities From Shakespeare to Dickens, from vocabulary words to com- pound-complex sentences, from term papers to epic poems, English students studied basic and ad- vanced application of their lan- guage. New textbooks provided explora- tions into the past through the clas- sics and in depth studies of life through the humanities. ln addition to routine grammar and literature courses, speech, dra- ma, publications, and library experi- ence students delved into special- ized areas. Preparing pupils for possible future vocations, the as- signments taught correct techniques in public speaking, acting, and journalistic writing. Applying the knowledge gained in introductory courses, active stu- dents accepted responsibilities with speech and debate teams and on newspaper and yearbook staffs. Researching prepares sophomores Bruce Tovsky and Mark Bishop for vocational papers. "The rain in Spain" . . . Karen "Eliza" les- sup practices public speaking enuncia- tion. l .. Striving to achieve perfection in a speech senior Mark Nelson gathers and analyzes his information. Presenting his speech, he knows that enthusiasm is essential. 31 unior mathematicians strive for accuracyg Sophomore Sally Tegarden volunteers, ready to put her proof on the board. Demonstrating the proce- dure taken to find congruent triangles, math teacher Don Lostutter instructs his Geom- etry I class. 32 anticipate omputer lifficulties Future accountants, engineers, and architects studied the basic laws necessary in the quick tempo ofthe business world. While beginning mathematicians tackled lateral equations, geometry and advanced algebra students proved congruences and worked with log charts. With the complications of the computer era, calculus students disciplined themselves for complete accuracy in detailed limitation and permutation problems. Adoption of new texts for begin- ning and advanced students aided comprehension while intermediate mathematicians still benefited from last year's books. Future plans include a computer programming course. W With the aid of an overhead projector, algebra teacher William Fisher explains formulas and answers questions in an effort to better students' understanding. Freshman Dan Henthorn tries his luck with The tangent of X plus the secant of X . . .senior Bob Mott "evaluates a limit" as calculus teacher a thirteenth century abacus. Henry Volk instructs him in the theories of the course. 33 Future Einsteins analyze basic conceptsg Senior lim Foley ignites a bunsen burner warming his Crucible in preparation for his crystali- zation experiment in physical science class. Sophomore Kitty Unthank cringes at her task of dissecting tleftl. With the proper equipment, students identify organs of the frog. ttopl. Having accomplished the assignment, pupils wash hands and tools Cbottoml. 34 investigate Q I life s secret From the plutonium atom to the ameba, future scientists learned the value of practical application of acquired knowledge. Biology students discovered the wonders of life as they observed organisms through microscopes and dissected specimens. Advanced classes specialized in physiology and microbiology. Growing crystals and titrating liquids provided part of the chemis- try student's curriculum. Basic con- cepts and the laws of nature were tackled by science and physics classes. Delving into the unknown realms, astronomy students identified con- stellations. The science museum increased its exhibits and its usefulness. English of physics teacher Eddie Foster, who explains the principles of simple classes became acquainted with the museum's facilities with the help machines. In a world of their own, seniors Candy Belden and David Milam overlook an Indianapolis evening sky brightened with various constellations in the planetarium. 1 l i Science department head Merle Wimmer explores the microscopic world of ferns with available laboratory equipment. 35 l l World affairs, elections, current events With unloaded camera, tricky Alma Irving sneaks into opponent's convention. Crayon in hand, cadet teacher Ann Waller helps a as she prepares for a career in elementary teaching. 36 .W f ig 1 'ii"unc"'3 .f?1"i', . 'aww-5.1 - .V Electioneering for "Feds" and "Nats," Mrs. Margaret lanert takes an active part in the mock elections to assure efficient government in the state of Arlington. With respect, juniors Chris Horton and Barbara Saillant recall the world wars. first grade student associate colors with names Jrompt pupils o historical nterpretation "My candidate will beat yours." Voting Americans cast their ballots for new political leaders on No- vember 5. Seniors in the State of Arlington likewise voted for their favorite candidate. With a "top- notch" theme song, Nationalist "Real CRobJ McCoy" captured Arlington's governorship while Nixon was the "won" for national scales. Dividing an enrollment of 1,950 pupils, 14 teachers educated their students in challenging courses ranging from newly added sociol- ogy and anthropology to basic United States History and Govern- ment. Freshmen began their study of history with a wide range of in- formation in World History, while upperclassmen probed fine de- tails in Economics and Psychology classes. Mind over matter . . . seniors Debbie Wiersma and LaDonna Lucas Kevin Kestner's outer Cranium. Psychology students study human be- find it impossible to search another's mind as they explore uselessly havior and the complexities ofthe mind. Boys, girls build body stamina, strength, i train minds , ,, m e V- ' , ff? est.-as-f,:., as was 522 Mentally alert, physically active students emerged from Driver's Ed. ready to watch out for the other guy in defensive driving, and to watch for their own well-being through Health. Beginning gym classes provided a rigid schedule of exercising, run- ning, tumbling, and participating in volleyball and kickball games. Dif- ficult routines on the parallel and uneven bars, on the horse, and on the balance beam prepared girls in advanced classes for the Gymnastics Team. Gymnasts competed with other Arlingtonites in tryouts for intramural contests. A combination of courses in the Physical Ed. Department helped to develop stronger, well-coordinated bodies. l junior Cathy Clark demonstrates a very difficult maneuver on the uneven bars as she does a perfect handstand on the bars. Cathy is a member of the Gymnastic team. Naming the basic bones in the human body is the task assigned to junior Bobbie Vansickle. 38 ,i ,K , ft.fg7g..s: : SW -WWII A variety of activities is offered for Physical Education students. Volleyball games, wrestling holds, and tumbling routines keep boys in good condition. -tt-A With court in session, the judge and sheriff discuss criminal offenses, with court procedure, Each Driver Education student is expected to penalties, and sentences. They acquaint sophomore Linda Milam attend onetrafficcourtsession. 39 Militar minded boys, girls show respect Sergeant Pennington confers with one of the "Big Brass" during the inspection of Arlington ROTC troops. He and principal Ralph Clevenger hosted the delegation. it 2. Dave Huffman and Earl Sandefur learn our joseph Mohammed practices firing on the military past at the World War Memorial. new range beneath the stadium. 40 for countr , serve school As each boy individually strove to meet the qualifications of "cadet of the month,'f 180 ROTC marchers stepped to a first place rating in county-wide competition of Vet- erans' Day. Under the direction of Sergeants William Pennington and Thomas Blackburn, the school's first formal rifle team spent hours perfecting group precision and personal accuracy. The boys drilled with 22 caliber rifles furnished by the army. Priding themselves as the city's only "mini-drill team," the six shortest ,ROTC'ers proved that size wasn't everything when it came to military skill. ROTC sponsor Karen Wilkes checks to make sure Michelle Vaughan's uniform is "letter Doug Wasnidge receives a smile and a handshake from Sergeant Pennington as well as congrat- ulations on his being named Cadet ofthe Month. "Hup, two, three" counts Frank Wilmoth as he concentrates on keeping step. perfect" as the other sponsors stand ready at Principals and sponsors from various schools salute the color guard as they lead Arlington's ROTC the officers' inspection. units past the reviewing stand in the Veterans' Parade. 41 Learning their language, students prepare .l"' Experience is the best teacher . . . freshman Steve Auch studies vigorously his German assign- ment through reading, thinking, and reciting conjugations and declensions. This basic practice is followed by all beginning foreign language students. 42 for peace, united world Outstanding linguists, surpassing classroom standards, participated in the I.U. Foreign Language Pro- gram. For six weeks, winning stu- dents enjoyed all the comforts of home with a "foreign flair" in the countries of their respective languages. A miniature "U-Knighted" Nations was formed as teen good-will am- bassadors of Paraguay, Turkey, the Netherlands, Germany, and Brazil exchanged ideas with Arlington pupils. Academically minded Arlington- ites broadened their cultural hori- zons as they explored the specifics of Latin, French, Spanish, and German languages this year. Poly-linguist, William Fishback, heading the Foreign Language Department, prepares an oral assignment. , new-we - -QE 1 s I 'G if-if " The vibrance of the Spanish language sparks Mi instill a desire for learning in her beginning students. 'E- Mr. Feldman shares a moment of humor with his Derivitives class. ,JIM ss Ferne Gurvitz,-a new faculty member to With rapt determination, Susanna DeMougin applies her skill to learn a new language. r Facilities of a well equipped library bring a profusion of facts and information to foreign stu dents Wilfred Griekspoor and Evren Elmali who are studyingthe English language. 43 Musicians set beat on field in concert, perfect skills in classroom The underlying cadence of drums set the beat in the music depart- ment as students expressed them- selves through melodies, lyrics, and arrangements. Over 800 students participated in music classes that ranged from be- ginning band to Arlingtones. Cilee clubs developed clear tones, breathing control, and enunciation basics. Concert Choir and Treble- aires enlightened the school and community with their performances. The solo and ensemble contest inspired students to perfect com- positions and perform before a judge for a rating. Concerts, pro- grams, and benefits highlighted the year's activities as teen-musicians exhibited talents. High-stepping marching band members practice for a half-time show. I I L , 'V 1- Mark Hoecker and Chris Halter rehearse Musically inclined senior Ron Pettigrew marks the scores on his music and studies in preparation '3- qp 'la ,g',qf?. ., te s if., 'if Q if 53 ifsgf. it f r. '1 v gg' " - wwf wr' : 5 av The Arlingtones, consisting of 16 advanced vocalists, perform for special community activities also. Having mastered the special effects, school functions throughout the year. They add entertainment for this group participatesin other music courses. ilu smrwfw Save that score . . . musicians became Keeping in time with marching band leader Gerry Knipfel's direction, the band runs through its waders when broken water pipes flooded halftime numbers before pre-game ceremonies. the area. 45 J, Clicking typewriters, compiling statistics 'sgwf-. iv'- Leading her class in discussion, senior jenny Holly compares the prob- in the new Cooperative Education program. This program is designed lems, conflicts, rewards, and satisfactions which she is going through to acquaint girls directly with the business world. Bookkeeping requires great accuracy in compiling statisticsg therefore senior Diane Ford uses an adding machine to facilitate her work which must be errorless. fs if """w.. Nba, XX H ,t,i :,, it Explanations from department' head Margaret Rowe help Debbie Linton under- stand methods. Pig iw ,ff sound out big business occupations The staccato of electric type- writers, the drone of new fluid and stencil duplicators: automation arrived in the business department. The rustling pages of a ledger, the shuffling of file cards: the mecha- nism of filing and bookkeeping pulsated deep into wondering minds. The whirring of a key punch ma- chine, the rustle of magnetic tape: a medley of IBM computer talk and programming surged through data processing classes. The flow of scrawling pens, the hush of busy minds: accelerated business classes resounded with opportunities. The vibration of helping hands, the cadence of learning minds: introducing pupils to the bustling world of Cooperative Education Program provided jobs. Utilizing the stencil duplicator, senior Patty Shelton knows working carefully with the machine insures efficient performance from the duplicator. IF' , 'Vw ' 1 'ii x' ' N-.. UH!-s-...hw ,fu ' s l'Pm,."' in dlp ,y Typewriting skills are improved in class, and application of these skills are practiced as students learn how valuable typing can be in other subject assignments. RM Seniors Sandy Dotts and Anita Lawrence clean typewriters for good conditioning. 47 1 Vocational experience, technical skills Required safety glasses protect sophomore Wallace Parham as he developes skill in the art encourage shop career The pounding rhythm of a print- ing machine, the steady hum of a wood lathe, the insect-like buzz of a power saw emerged from the industrial arts wing as experienced teens specialized in shop courses. Under the direction of depart- ment head Victor Graves, industrial or . arts students learned the basics of shop procedure. Beginning students tackled the fundamentals of energy sources in power mechanics and electronics. Hands became adept at presenting plans for future building in drawing classes, while individual students utilized knowledge gained in the classroom for projects in wood- working. of shaping metals in his chosen field of general metals. Finishing off rough edges with sand paper gives wood a "professional shine". 48 Armed with ruler and pen and concentrating on precision, Stanley Mikosz surveys closely his six week's project which he is working on in graphic arts class. i at .uni-Ill-vm-'W' Ma gi tx at ...r. li., ji' ff" we ,X swf The architecture of tomorrow is designed today in mechanical drawing and drafting classes. lunior Russ Palma draws in definite lines to create future buildings. It must be a light, precise touch junior William Cherry finds after experimenting with electrical equipment. Voltage care is vital William learns. Printing demands extreme accuracy and per- fection. Senior lim Carter sets his type care- fully to prevent poor prints. 49 Girls simplif homemaking procedures, ooaaaqv., , , Home nursing includes the fundamentals of correct bed preparation, and child care. Senior Carol Forbes demonstrates how to make a bed correctly. 1- at - 'J rznm warm' - 5 , sa ,tw s ti J, 1 or T r i aa f ag 'Y "li Department head lean Heaton aids foods class in preparing Thanksgiving dinner. 50 techniques for tomorrow The cadence of thrifty minds and the rhythm of productive hands merged in the Home Economics de- partment as students prepared for the future. Probing into the facets of home- making, family living and housing- managment, courses prepared for future living through practical situa- tions. Child care and home nursing classes enabled girls to plan for home emergencies as well as every- day happenings. The whir of sewing machines and the clank of pots and pans sounded as teens developed skills in the preparation of meals, as well as of clothes. The annual style show presented a kaleidoscope of student flair and creativity as girls modeled their own dresses, sports outfits, and formals. 4 Pausing for a moment of silent prayer and personal meditation, Home Economics students thank God for the blessings bestowed upon them in America. ani? tg b n 4-'P' in T H lx J A l V '- 'W i 1 i 5-A i, f Tedious steps such as pinning, cutting, and basting must be taken before material may on the machine. Susie Wilson marks her darts with tailor tacks and concentration. aww-vi After a delicious meal, comes the work- girls A A ' wash dishes and clean up. ,s diff' i be sewn 1 i gg l Modeling a summer casual made in home economics class, senior Becky Chaille makes a last minute check. While classmates prepare breakfast Debbie Day demonstrates the correct procedure taken to set a table. 51 Stud ing nature, future artistscontemplat ln the midst of spring, artists are inspired by nature's beauty. Sophomores Diana Manship and Mike Hancock create "masterpieces" aided by the advice of Mrs. Margaret Hindman. 52 I I their world, interpret life The humanities were introduced into the Art Department this year, a special feature to encourage an in-depth study of culture. Students continued to practice their techniques in painting, draw- ing, and sculpturing. They exhibited skills by designing props and scenery for stage productions: Talent Show, My Fair Lady, and the senior play. Gifts were designed in jewelry and Craft Art classes. Precision strokes, accurate pound- ing, and detailed incisions paved the road for excellence in quality. The Scholastic Art Contest sparked a desire for advanced and be- ginning students to perfect projects of their immediate concern. Mrs. Margaret Hindman chap- eroned a group of aspirant artists to Europe last summer to broaden their educations in art. 3 1 1 V , 1 at vii iw A 'G-. gig fir: as in ' git gg c leg "' i st., gig A PM WINWE K :LL w F' t at f' f a 5-22 it 5 All Q it 5 4,555 .. A 'M-5 P A.1. A st n W N gg li 145 HW in " XM I -f i ,, , 92 A ",, , . - eg: sg ,,, llllll '4' 53,5 ,XQQQQ 52,5 if 'M - t ,.. ' K' 1 ' ,jf ' .sw 1 X . X as--N v 4 furspnip ,f -X , X . , 1 R- . - . g is , X l F, wwf 86.1, Wt" awk 'M'ffb'tsf-HH, 1 I . sf 3 .,gin.t,s Nywbfiiilgt 49" N ..v""' Art Department head john Simpson per- fects hm Own fm W.Ork' Cram' pamtmgs' and Mixing paint and creating new colors, Senior David Howell designs an abstract painting. He sculptures during his free periods. . .... . concentrates on techniques necessary to express feeling in his painting. 1 f We t T if .a I y "' 2 pst Y: il l Adding a foreign accent, advanced artists observe the features of ""-w...,,..-ri.. - ' their interpretations in portraits. Artists find that each nationality has foreign students, Esther Pomaredo and Maki Ashwell. They record 't ' ' ' i s own group of outstanding characteristics. if ts, " f "' f' The three-fifteen bell Marks only a beginning For activities- Knight involvement. The Pop's Concert With a guest trombonist, The basketball game Spa rked by cheering fans, A lively Spanish tango Presented At a club meeting Exhibit Knights' efforts. The underlying rhythm Ofa booming tympani, The shuffling feet As students rise For the pep song, The encouraging applause Ofa pleased audience All sound within The involved teen As specialization Is added To the KNIGHT BEAT. . W, ,x,....1.s-f-f 35" fi' ,., ACT ACTIVITY BEAT '69 df Through projects, Student Council spur , ,IN ,,tt yt tt .I Encouraging school spirit by making hoops for football and basketball games and by making posters urging team victories, the loyalty- boosting members of Spirit Committee are KFRONT ROW, left to rightj Dave Frederick, jim Lane, Wilfred Ciriekspoor, jim Hutcherson, Steve Black, Rob Partenheimer, Craig Winn. ISECOND ROWJ Debbie Phelps, Sally Capp, Marcy Seybold, judy Hartley, Denise Marietta, Amy Brown, Becky Deputy, Debbie Wilson, Debbie Campbell, Vicki Roan. KBACK ROW? Chris Halter, Alma Irving, Carol McCormick, Barb Hart- ley, jenny Ziegler, Debbie Atkins, Robyn Chamness, Mrs. Belgen Wells-sponsor. Collaborating on a project to "fire up" Knights, Barb Hartley discusses a plan. 56 Student Council: IFRONT ROW, left to rightj Bill Thomas, Amy Brown, Becky Pearce, Anitra Clark, Donna Williams, Bob Lappas, Pat Stutsman, Robyn Chamness, julie Hart, Steve Draugh- on, Barbara Sailant, Marcy Seybold, Trudy Baugh, jacquie White, Betsy McPherson, Nancy Greene, Donna Dunn, Merry Spoolstra, joAnn Arbuckle, Patty Witthoff, Lois Weber, Lisa Byers, Pat Collins. f5ECOND ROWQ Patty Sims, Tom Burleson, Debbie Wilson, Mollie Livengood, Bob- bie VanSickle, Penny Nichols, Mary Linzer, Cindy Neil, Dave Frederick, William R. Anderson, Willie Portilla, Criss Horton, Roxanna Porter, judy Ruddell, Nancy Atkinson, Esther Pomerada, Maki Ashwell, Heidi Embach, Denise Marietta, janie Bashett, Barb Dye, Linda Hepler, Pam jor- dan, Becky Ecklund, Barb Hartley. KTHIRD ROWJ Steve Kaiser, jeff Horton, Doug Molin, Scott Langan, Ron Shaw, Scott Newkirk, Carol McCormick-vice-president, joAnne Bryan-secretary, spirit-minded participation Focusing on human relations, scholarship, and school spirit, the Student Council and the Spirit Committee urged all sfudents to participate in activities of service to their school during the '68-'69 school year. Student Council president Marc Boucher led the members in proj- ects such as Howdy Week, Club Day, American Education Week, and a spirit display contest, helping the Council to create student in- volvement. Spirit reached its peak as Spirit Committee members encouraged all students to back their school in activities and athletic events. A 100- car caravan to the Lawrence and Warren games, tunnels that reached from goalpost to goalpost, and spirited student sections made the year vibrate with student partici- pation and achievement. Members of the Student Council Cabinet are IFRONT ROW, left to rightl julie Hart, Barbara Saillant, Marc Boucher, Carol McCormick, loAnne Bryan, Ron Pettigrew, Marcy Seybold, Becky Pearce KBACK ROW! Willie Portilla, Nancy Meek, Craig Winn, Steve Kaiser, Ron Shaw, Scott Newkirk, Mike Pence, Dave Frederick, Susan Ault, Anitra Clark, Mrs. Belgen Wells- sponsor. Finding ways to improve a school, Herb Henry reads over one of the suggestions. Mike Pence, Betsy Reyburn, Ron Pettigrew-treasurer, Bob Chamness, Don jones, Chuck Mad- inger, Paul McSnyder, Cindy Tranberg, Susan Ault, Katie Snyder, lane Rigsbee, Pam Jessup, Martha Atz, Tony Wilson, Diane Buenger, Vicki Altom, Karen Taylor. IBACK ROW2 Larry Spoolstra, Steve Bishop, Keith DeTrude, Dave Oliver, lim Culhan, Craig Winn, lim Hutcherson, Russ Palma, Pete Rusthoven, Steve Kehrer, Mark Bishop, Phil Vogelsang, Dave Parsley, Pam Shelton, Evren Elmali, Chris Reeder, Herb Henry-parliamentarian, Nancy Meek, Chris Halter, Wif Griekspoor, Bruce Hubbard, lerry Hallett, Sandy Cashman, Edmond Robinson, Donald Counts, Carl Hinkle, Marc Boucher-president. The members of Student Council had school unity as their goal. 'Was 5 Cameras, t pevvriters, tape AN ef., ff recorders, 'Wa 'S-f As the yearboolds sales campaign gets off to a cheering start, Sports Ad Editor, IoAnne Bryan, inquires when she can deliver the finished Editor Kevin Gillette listens to ACCOLADE campaign promises. Senior product tothe advertiser. Editor Anitra Clark and Ralph Weber check copy for errors. Finally 3 v Quill 4 13:-s . .gtg ts ma, ti ig NIO? M401 if RCU!! E df' af -Amid the roar of the convention and the audience, Business Manager Mike Pence watches as Sergeant Oscar Pedigo lalias the "Convention Cop"J steals the show. 'Where there's a will there's a way . . . Knights find the most convenient position possible as they juggle Accolades at the lune autograph party. Cameras clicked, typewriters I I . record year in accolade, yearbook staff ,5- f'.,,.,,f" Nr --K it 'ff' f' U 1 Q I 0t9x1i', 5'. 4 Separating interesting pictures from used pictures, Co-editors Debbie Phelps and lan Cradick discuss ideas to tell the story of "1969" with Managing Editor loan Lancello. reviews 1969 chattered, and tape recorders whirred as the ACCOLADE staff worked with pictures, words, and sounds to tell the story of 1969. With cheers, shouts, music, and balloons, staff members started the yearbook sales campaign by voting on the ACCOLADE at an all- school auditorium, the "1968 Year- book Nominating Convention." The ACCOLADE won! Senior Ralph Weber recorded the sounds of Knights as chief photographer Carl Hollingsworth snapped the pictures of action that characterized the year. Planning layouts, writing copy, and proportioning pictures, Co- editors, lan Cradick and Debbie Phelps, and Managing Editor, loan Lancello, captured on pages the activities that made 1969 a year to remember in pictures, words, and sounds. ACCOLADE STAFF, KFRONT ROW? loAnne Bryan, Darla Worton, Meko, joe Ferraro, Anitra Clark, Cindy Loomis, Debbie Phelps, Ralph Debbie Wilson, Karen Boyd, Beckie Bultman, joan Lancello, Karen Weber IBACK ROW? Carl Hollingsworth, Mike Pence, Rob Partenhei- leffries ISECOND ROW! Cheryl Brodhecker, Stephanie Dodd, Linda mer, Mike Clancy, Knut C.ratzei,jan Cradick, Karen Unger. 59 journalists capture 'Knight beat' vveeklg LANCER Staff: IFRONT ROW? Madonna Griffey, Marc Boucher, Steve Draughon, Bob Lappas, Kay Hinds, Phil Crelston, Susie Bischoff, Robyn Chamness, Doug Greeson, Alma Irving ISECOND ROWJ Peter Murphy, Michelle Vaughan, Becky Pearce, Chris Halter, Stephanie Bright, Darlene Alonzo, Camille Murray CBACK ROWJ Rick Hindel, Bruce Rickman, Dave Frederick, Rob Wilson, Wilfred Griekspoor, jill Holmes, Ron Miller, Scott Newkirk, Sally Brown, janet Schofield, Beverly Phelps, Scott MacPherson, jerry Sheely. 5 -8"'7 . ff' fyif .,.. A3 ff""'i:".... Senior staff members "fold up" their work as they make the last step in production. 60 445 LANCER staff members mix business 'with pleasure as seniors tLeft to Rightl Robyn Chamness, Marc Boucher, Susie Bischoff, and Brad Davis decorate for Christmas. Lancer staff relays news, varied items An active school year kept the Lancer staff busy as they rushed to provide up-to-date features and editorials of important activities, performances, and news of the year. Finished Lancers were sent to Knight readers after hours of time and planning had been spent by editor Susie Bischoff and managing editor Phil Gelston. Working with the staff during and after school hours, they proportioned pictures and prepared copy for the printer. A special holiday issue high- lighted the year, as students re- ceived candy canes on a green Lancer scented with pine spray. A difficult problem at hand, editor Susie Bischoff ponders over a solution. . .1 Preparing stories to be sent to News Bureau are tTop, left to rightl Chris Halter, Darlene Alon- zo, Madonna Griffey, and lill Holmes. lMiddleJ Managing editor Phil Gelston plans a page for the LANCER by arranging stories and pictures in an "eye-catching" pattern, and tBottoml sen- ior Bruce Rickman distributes the finished product. 61 Scholars, journalists, join honoraries, gain -Az U... , , 1 1 2 - 5 , . 1 spring tap day programs. 'K ill . Seniors Nancy Scherer and Bill Willetts take advantage of the NHS Dance's buffet. Newly tapped Mary Linzer receives a wel- "With this candle we light the candle of truth." To these words new members became a part of the honorary groups, National Honor Society and Quill and Scroll. ln- spiring others with qualities of service, leadership, and character, National Honor Society members contributed to the school an all- school Christmas dance, "Belles and Beaux," featuring a buffet of ham and turkey, and fall and Improving journalistic talents, Quill and Scroll members worked to achieve excellence in newspaper and yearbook publications. Induction ceremonies and speeches took on new significance to honor members as they strove to attain quality work in their activities, setting worthy examples for a school to follow. -mf., N... come from NHS sponsor, Mrs. Sally Maze, A l Q 4. National Honor Society: fFRONT ROW? Lynn Harkins, Marilyn Bram- ble, Karen Wilkes, Michele Vaughan, john Marks, Lynn Uberta, Deb Phelps, Karen jeffries, Meg Woods--secretary, Becky Pearce, joan Lancello, Susie Bischoff, Betty Campbell, Anitra Clark-treasurer, Ann Waller, Linda Moss, Peggy Klein fSECOND ROW! Mr. Schulz-spon- sor, Cindy Todd, Beth Robinson, Robyn Chamness, Vivian Schwo- meyer, Carolyn Hill, janie Branham, Anne Hoggatt, Pat Ohne, Mike Cuticchia, Merry Spoolstra, Brenda Griffin, Tamara McEdwards, Terry Murphy, Diana Nixon, Carol Hey, Debbie Campbell, Mary Lin- 62 zer ITHIRD ROW! Craig Winn-vice-president, Russ Kennedy, Sheryl Bigelow, janet Byers, Ralph Weber, Karen jessup, janet Brown, Barb Hartley, Carol McCormick, Chris King, Patty Price, jean Thorpe, Barb Rankin, Marie Falinger, Ann Bishop, Mary Long, Tish LeMaster, Ron Richeson IBACK ROW2 Steve Kuhl, Stan Baker, Allen Howard, Dave Milam, Allan Kuhlman, Pete Rusthoven-president, Randy Nickel, Mark Hoecker, Paul Troy, joe Paulin, David Brooks, David Culp, David Schwantes, Pat Kenrick, Ron Shaw, Richard Meschke, Ken Lazar, Edward Harlan. achievements .ng Members of the Ella Sengenberger chapter of QUILL AND SCROLL ness president Kevin Gillette-vice-president, Doug Greeson, Marc are Debbie Phelps Secretary Karen Ieffries Cindy L00mIS l0Ar1ne Boucher Rob Partenheimer, Wilfred Greikspoor, Phil Gelsron, Kay Bryan ChTlS Halter ADIU3 Clark Debble WllS0l'1 B9Cl4Y Pearce KBACK Hinds Susie Bishoff lill Holmes, Michelle Vaughan, and loan Lancello. Veteran reporter Carl Rowan gives Mike Pence advice at a Press Day program. President Robyn Chamness looks over the humorous Quill and Scroll applications. 63 . Questioning pupils search books, probe Quiz Team: KFRONT ROW, left to rightl Bruce Ikawa, Doug Greeson, Chris Halter. IROW TWO? Steve Kaiser, Pete Rusthoven, Phil Gelston, sponsor Mr. George Feldman. for answers Sleeping late on weekends was a rare enjoyment for fifteen Science Seminar students who attended lectures and demonstrations week- ly. The enthusiasts listened to out- standing scientists from colleges, and industries at the l.U. Medical Center for two hours on Saturdays. Searching for quick answers to questions ranging from history to physics, Quiz Team aspirants spent after school hours practicing with a "buzz board." Under the guidance of Mr. George Feldman, the scholars competed with Tech High School on the televised "Exercise in Knowl- edge." In an effort to "get the most out of what is read," Book Club mem- bers delved into both the classics, and modern literature. Mr. james Urbain sponsored the group. Book Club: IFRONT ROW, left to rightl lvars Rage-treasurer, Steve Becky Clark, Su Cavey, Lisa Williams. IBACK ROW? James Urbain- Hyde, Paula Spahr-secretary, Beth Robinson-vice-president, Roy SpOf1SOf, Terry 5Ch8ifCf, l0H'nn PZIPPBSI Karul BFUTOY1, Kathi' ESCUCS, Willman-president. ISECOND ROW! Deborah Harrinton, Liz Ralston, Af1df9YlI'ViV1g,Mary Ann Munch, Suzi Taylor. 64 l Science Seminar: IFRONT ROW2 Mr. Merle Wimmer-sponsor, Steve Kuhl, Bob Watkins, Kathy Egenes, Chris Halter, Becky Deputy, poor. Terry Murphy !BACK ROWJ Doug Greeson, Steve Betras, lim Thrasher, ln I Explaining a "new discovery" to science seminar members, Mr. Merle Wimmer describes the process of self-perpetuating ferns that he has produced in gallon jar terraniums. .13 ei' am Ivars Rage, Mike Mummey, Dorothy La Fara, Ken Gray, Wilfred Grieks- Firing questions at Quiz Team members Mr. George Feldman awaits the correct response. 65 I ,AGB .Q '5 gif' Speakers gain second in stategdebaters ,.,r.,.s ,,....----""' A note file of information on the topic of a "compulsory service system" aids senior Alan Kuhlman and Peter Rusthoven-captain, in the preparation of a rebuttal. j -ES-I debaters argue draft Putting to use the power of words, National Forensics League Members earned points for the honorary organization through par- ticipation in speech meets. Reciting in areas ranging from story telling to extemporaneous speaking, the team placed second of 21 schools in the state speech tournament. Sponsor Mrs. Georgia Floren and president Kris Nelson led the group in its activities. In an effort to prove or disprove the topic of the year, Debate Team members argued for and against the motion, "Resolved: That the United States should establish a compulsory service system by all citizens." The debaters, coached by Mrs. Daveda Wyatt, spent hours preparing for weekly practice ses- sions and meets. 14 V- .2 , , if If -tix, Members Of the Debate Team are IFRONT ROW, left to rightl RUSSGH john Marks, Kris Nelson, jan Brown, Stan Welton, David Schwantes, Kennedy, Peter Rusthoven, Alan Kuhlman. KBACK ROW? Mike Strong, Tod Levitt, 66 National Forensic League: KFRONT ROW, left to rightl Tod Levitt, Steve Kaiser, Stan Welton, Phil Gelston, Larry Lannom, Bruce Hub- Amy Pheeasant, Nancy Olsen, Susie Bischoff, Betsy Mitchell, Patty bard, IBACK ROWJ Mrs. Georgia Floren, Mike Kreinik, Alan Kuhlman, Kingston, Libby Cochran. ISECOND ROWJ lan Brown, Nev Carpenter, Dave Schwantes, Pete Rusthoven, Kris Nelson, Russ Kennedy. M,..--' libs x -4 W R - . ,5 i, . Tallying up points for prospective members, NFL president Kris Nelson, secretary Nancy Olson, Perfecting his technique in broadcasting, and sponsor Mrs. Georgia Floren make preparations for honorary initiation. sophomore Mike Kreinik reviews his script, 67 A . Y Y 4 Aspiring actors gain experience in plays, , 1 J' of f 'iv fxgj 7 ,far , if 1, A Q , 1 it ' iff? "ff 'I' ,- wif' Back stage preliminaries for a Thespian production include applying make-up to girls and boys alike, transforming students into char- acters of the play. Senior Ron Shaw gets the 'treatment' of grease paint, eyeshadow, and lipstick before appearing on stage. :Supplying costumes for a play means weeks of preparation for senior Susan Parsons who took on the job of costume chairman. oTraveling to a television station for a performance, repertory mem- bers act out the short play 'Blithe Spirit' by Noel Coward. earn points in Thespians Starring behind the scenes to add that special touch to the stage, and performing before the demanding audiences, the National Thespian Society worked five days a week to provide entertainment for stu- dents. Under the direction of sponsor Mrs. Daveda Wyatt and president Russ Kennedy, apprentice Thes- pians earned points to gain mem- bership by taking part in school productions and aiding the back- stage crew with lights, costumes, and makeup. The first year for the new Reper- tory Group was a successful one as they traveled to grade schools and group luncheons to present one act plays. Other activities included movie parties and a trip to a television station. Playing a leading role in My Fair Lady, Dan McDermott gains acting experience. Thespian members are IFRONT ROW left to righth james Brown, Barb Tipton, Michelle Vaughan, Amy Pheasant, Kathy Grinslade, john Marks-vice-president, Amy Quate, Meg Woods, Bon ' B aum Vicki Van Duren, janet Byers, ern anes, Tod Levitt, Cheryl Black. KSECOND ROW? Bill Coffey, Karen Jessup, Nancy Olson, Patsi Ohne, Nancy Atkinson, Sheryl Radtke, Carolyn Hill, Marsha Todd, Anita Poole, Valerie Smith, Chip Hill, Mrs. Daveda Wyatt, Steve Kaiser. ITHIRD ROW! Kris Scheusler, Christine Halter, Libby Cochran-treasurer, Iudy Tip- ton, Ralph Weber, Linda Rosenquist, Kelly Slocum, Susan Parsons-clerk, Cathy Hunt- singer, Beth Sloan, Walter Parks, Marcia Reider, Ron Shaw, lim McGuill. KBACK ROW! Ian Brown-secretary, Ron Phillips, Lloyd White, Phil Gelston, Bruce Hubbard, Ron Miller, Russ Kennedy-president, Kris Nelson, Allan Kuhlman, Pete Rusthoven, Dan McDermott, Stan Welton, Steve Tru- lock. 69 Bands provide 'Knight beat' for halftime, Members of the Pep Band are IFRONT ROW, left to rightl Paul Bailey, john Marquart, Ron Richeson, Allen Howard, Dave Weston. ISECOND ROW! Phil Woodard, Ron Amos, Steve Kehrer, Ray Pohland, Larry Spoolstra. ITHIRD ROWJ Mike Blue, Marty Byers, Tom Edwards, Alan Zaring, Dave Sommerville, Richard Klippel. KBACK ROW! Les Tomlinson, Steve Walton, Phil Allen, Bob Mott, Charles Conrad, and Greg Maxwell. two parades A loud, brilliant fanfare of trumpets and the rhythm of the drum corps brought the Marching Knights of Arlington High School onto the field and into a formation ofa Knight's shield. Lively songs and marches kept band members "on their toes." The Veteran's Day Parade, the "500" Parade, and the opening of a local theater highlighted the band's activities. A trip to Purdue University was a first for the band as they traveled to West Lafayette to take part in a half-time show featuring high school bands from all over the state. Flag twirlers, majorettes, and pen- nant members sparkled in new black sequin outfits, and band members in their new uniforms added to the color and liveliness of the routines. 70 rf hm' 'K 4-ofdndf ,K F -4 v yi a ,A K 1 O Pennant Corps: IFRONT ROW, left to rightj Lori Grana. ISECOND Linzer, Debbie Wilson, Mrs. Burdeen Schmidt. IBACK ROW! Conne ROW? Becky Pearce, Beth Loveless, Pam Denney, Ann Waller, Patty Dickson, Diane Cones, Debbie Felkins, Elizabeth Kidwell, Elaine Phil- Donegan, Peggy Duclus, Cindy Clark. ITHIRD ROWQ Barbara Saillant, lips, Nancy Scherer, Anne Mathews, Chris Halter, Donna Roberts, Merle Safford, Cindy Loomis, Susan Young, Debbie Campbell, Mary Patty Villars,Charlotte Bujarsky,Chris King, Barb Hartley. r .. lc ,fn W ' -4 .1 kd! Jr' ?"""fr 'F 17' 5 il? ii fi: ,fr Marching Band: IFRONT ROW, left to rightj Diane Walton, Cathleen Cloiwer, Bob Rusher, Kevin Haag, Kirk jackson, Dennis Weber, Mark Lanham, Glenann Spalding, jerri McNeely, jane Fleshood, Doug Weber. KSECOND ROWI Howard McPeek, Larry Page, Roger West, jim Geifer, Carol Huser, Bill Plase, Dave Weston, Paul Bailey, Mark Banks, john Marquart, Gail DeHaven, Mary Ann Loson, Harry Clouch, Allen Howard. ITHIRD ROWI Phil Utigard, Mark Miller, Dave Edmonds, Bob Mott, Phil Woodard, Ray Pohland, Linda Scoot, Paul Elochart, Carl Cable, Charles Conrad, Steve Click, Dave johnston, Linda Good, Barb Stephenson, Rob jackson, Phil Allen. IFOURTH ROW! Bob Unger, jim Hagan, Larry Spoolstra, Bob Cassel, Mark Klippel, Alan Zaring, Don Woods, David Searles, Dave Sommerville, Ron Amos, jim Wood, Mike Hutson, jef'f johnson, Lance Wickliff, Marty Byers, Tom Edwards, Chris Coder, Steve Hill, Mike Blue, Steve Kehrer. IBACK ROWJ Mark Hoecker, Gerald Knipfel, Rich- ard Klippel, Bob Randolph, Mark Bishop, Larry Dimmick, Rick Young, Steve Walton, Greg Maxwell, Mike Rawlinson, Les Tomlin- son, Howard Graves, Randy Davis, Rick Cagle, and Ron Tabak. Barb Stephenson's flute adds melody to the songs of the marching band. if N 'an String musicians bring symphonic sound String Ensemble: KFRONT ROW left to righti Ron Pettigrew Sharon Colbert Mark Hoecker IBACK ROW2 Mark Kresge Mary Ann Long Taylor, Nancy Tingle, Brenda Wright, Carol Glerke Diane Nixon Nan Ann Bishop jayne Merriman Linda Rosenqulst Chris Halter Concert Orchestra: CFRONT ROW, rightl Ron Pettigrew, Sharon Taylor, eft to Nancy Tingle, Brenda Wright, Carol Grierke, Diana Nixon, Nan Colbert, Mark Hoecker. ISEC- OND ROW! Mark Kresge, Ann Bishop, Kathy Egenes, Patty Price, Barbara Kouwe, Scott Holdoway, Barbara Riedy, Bobbe Hill, Linda Hepler, Allan Howard, Rob jackson, Sheryl Kuhlman, Linda Rosenquist, john Hall, Carol Mason, Rivienne Shedd, Leslie Routt, Vicki Van Duren. ITHIRD ROW! layne Merriman, Rebecca Smith, David Outterson, Steve Kehrer, Ronald Amos, lim Hagen, Carol Marquart, Larry Spoolstra, Bob Cassell, Mike Blue, Lance Wickliff, Mike Hudson, Steve Walton, Mike Poulimas, Diana Manship, Laura johnson. IBACK ROW? Kathy Routt, Marla McDaniels, Les Tomlinson, Laurie Peterson, Miss Pricilla Smith, Fred Halter, jim Maple, Chris Halter, Mike Sylvester, john Gregory, Becky Taylor, 72 I Ve Q, I ml .L to concerts, fall musical Perfecting musical talents with long hours of practice, Orchestra members gained recognition at Ar- lington and other local stages. Home concerts given with skill by the musicians included a Christmas Concert, background music for "My Fair Lady" and a March concert featuring student soloists. Concerts at Eastgate, elementary schools, and a judged performance in State Con- test bringing them a first division, took the group away from the school to gain wider experience in performing. A select group from the Orches- tra, the String Ensemble, gave all string presentations for the Re- gional Conference of American Strings at North Central and for the Teacher's Association, adding to the achievements of Orchestra dur- ing the school year. fs W. i r . . 1 , i. 0 P . 1 fu We-M ,psf Focusing their attention on achieving perfection in their music, string members of the orchestra use their talent during practice time to prepare for the spring concert. an in 73 Band features trombone,trumpet solos, Striking up the band, conductor Mr. Gerald Knipfel listens closely for the right tone, dynamics, tempo, and instrumental blend during a concert. Concert Band: IFRONT ROW, left to rightj Meg Woods, Linda Rosenquist, Patty Done- gan, Carolyn Hill, Rob jackson, Holly Will- man, Linda Hepler, Bobbe Hill, KSECOND ROWJ Diane Nixon, Alan Howard, Steve Kuhl, Carol Marquart, Larry Spoolstra, Bob Cassell, Randy Nickel, Katie Snyder, Mike Hammerle, Becky Deputy, Gail DeHaven, Karen Weaver, john Hall, Scott Holloway, john Cavanaugh. KTHIRD ROW? Sheryl Kuhlman, Arlene Mithoefer, Sherry Radtke, Sharon Cinders, Phil Woodard, Ron Amos, Steve Kehrer, Mark Miller, Dave Edmonds, Ray Pohland, Bob Mott, Howard McPeek, Larry Page, Roger West, Bob Unger, Phil Utigard, lim Geyer, Dave Weston, Mark Banks, Paul Bailey, Ron Richeson. KFOURTH ROWJ Margie jacques, Mary Ann Olsen, john Marquart, Don Kraege, Bob Randolph, Mary Kay Kellerhals, Mike Sylvester, Mark Bishop, Steve Walton, Mark Klippel, Dave Sommer- ville, Mark Hutson, Marty Byers, Chris Coder, Tommy Edwards, Lance Wycliff, Steve Hill, Mike Blue. KBACK ROW! joe Markland, Howard Graves, Ron Tayback, Greg Maxwell, Les Tomlinson, Laurie Peterson, Ray Graham. 74 gives music L 'Knight beat' Blending the sounds of brass, woodwind, and percussion, Concert Band members created the Knight Beat in classical, contemporary, and poptunes. Urbie Green, often called the Doc Severenson of the trombone, stepped up the beat with lively renditions of "Sunny" and "Green Bee" at his fall solo appear- ance at the Pops Concert. Adding glamour and vocal talent, Kit Field, Miss Indiana, emceed the musical performance. Opus 8 trumpet soloist Bud Bris- bois, a high note artist who plays with Henry Mancini, brought a Latin flavor to the Arlington stage. Mr. Nilo Hovey guest conducted the spring concert. Entering class A at contest, the band was judged on their skills. ff Qs, ""s- 0 , or v R L.. on ,nw-M-f1'fl T 'fi' is . ll, F' xv M. C. Kit Field, Miss Indiana, captures the Pops Concert audience with a hit song. Tuba players Steve Walton lleftl and Mark Bishop find their job an armful. ll I nhl 75 Merging vocal talents, choir, fir' un-""""f.'R...' With a hand in the air and ears tuned for flats, Mr. Ralph Horine directs the choir. Anticipating the spring concert, members of the Concert Choir review selections. rlingtones tem. 451 Members of the Concert Choir are IFRONT ROW, left to right! Deb- bie Ingram, Chris Dilley, Anita Poole, Marsha Todd, Karen jessup, Libby Cochran, Kathy Hammer, Sally Brown, Kelly Slocum, jane Rigsbee, Barb Kouwe, Peggy Klein, Donna Dunn, Anne Hoggatt, Gayle Boyd, Debbie Campbell, Katie Snyder, Debbie VonWiller, Mr. Ralph Horine. KSECOND ROW? Kathy Atkinson, Sharon Gale, Cindy Sprad- ling, Donna Quinnett, joAnne Bryan, jill Holmes, Linda Rosenquist, jan Brown, Carol McCormick, Diane Clodfelter, jo Weston, Ann Bishop, Barb Tipton, Marcia Reider, Katie Wichser, Brenda Griffin, 76 jayne Merriman, Amy Pheasant, Karen Weaver. KTHIRD ROW! Rick Hanes, Roger Bender, jim Maple, Bill Coffey, Dan Ross, Steve Bridges, Rick Crosson, joe Bennett, Russ Kennedy, Mark Milam, Steve Black, Mike Blue, john Ferguson, Ken Whisman, Mike Krienik, Chris Conlin, Dave Freeman, Chuck Madinger, Mrs. june Edison. KBACK ROW! Eric Anderson, Rick Wenzel, Dan McDermott, Lloyd White, jim Stonecipher, Dick Emery, john Stoughton, Tom Valdez, jerry Eidson, Allan Kuhlman, Dan Lane, Emil Molin, Dave Moody, Ron Shaw, Tim Ernest, Steve Fralish, Stephen Christian, Ron Miller. give musical productions Seventy-six vocalists combined their Concert Choir Talents to bring Arlington and the surrounding com- munity the perfected sound of mu- sic that was a Knight distinction. Religious, folk-rock, and con- temporary pieces enlivened their performances. "My Fair Lady" gave individual members the chance to master their cockney accents and use their abilities in solos and chorus parts. Caroling downtown, the singers echoed the "rum-pum" of "The Little Drummer Boy" from the dome of the State Capitol at Christ- mas time. Providing school and community concerts, 16 "Arlingtones" joined efforts with the Tech High School Melodaires to present an authentic Madrigal Feast. The group rated a perfect score in the district solo and ensemble contest at Tech. Arlingtones IFRONT ROW, left to rightl Donna Quinnett, Gwen Ferguson, Cindy Spradling, Ann Bishop, Marcia Reider, Debbie Campbell, Katie Wichser. IBACK ROWJ Lloyd White, Ron Pettigrew, Dick Emery, Allan Kuhlman, Steve Kehrer, Steve Black, Emil Molin, Dave Moody. 3 . Providing music for the Arlingtones, ac- companist Mary Long practices for a show, fu' as . 1 After suffering through a long evening of voice lessons given by Higgins to Eliza, members of the Arlingtones sing the "Servants Chorus" in the musical "My Fair Lady." Sv- 77 Ensembles present musical concerts Q47 BOYS Ensemble: IFRONT ROW, left I0 rigbll Dave IONHSIOF1, Torn Allen, Rodney Reid, Gregory Owens, Chip Hill, Tom Zentz. ITHIRD Charleston, Stuart Wilson, David Gioe, lim Ingram, lim Maple- ROW1 Alan McGill, Steve Cotts, Skip Fisher, Norman Brandensrein, accompanist. ISECOND ROWJ Kerry England, Rick Gorsline, Don Dennig fv13tCh9tt,j3me5Bl3Ck, 4, - "Official accompanist" Mrs. june Edison accents vocal groups during concerts. Practicing before a performance, members of the Boys' Ensemble strive for musical perfection: a result of daily practice and utilization of knowledge. 78 an-"""ml of classical, show tunes Adding a lively touch to the Ar- lington "sound of music," mem- bers of Treble-aires performed at the Christmas concert and "decked the halls" with carols on the day before vacation. The all-girl chorus was chosen on individual vocal abil- ity. The group of 60 soprano and alto musicians aimed for "concert quality." The counterpart of Treble-aires, Boys' Ensemble, also sang in the Christmas Concert. With 32 tenors and basses already part of the choir, 12 more boys were added to the performing group the second semester. The musical Knights were selected from advanced glee clubs for their musical talents. Both groups performed in the annual spring concert and received honors in state competition. l fffiikj L. Y5f"?if 2 Q - i . .. , . ' 'f 5 " . 35 1 1 - T 1' ' A A 1 sf 5 f n i V uglu I g V p il , , Q uugu Q Q . ,V I A! Q vt I I ii rt' Officers of Treble-aires Cleft to rightl Andy McDaniels, Lucielle Snyder, and Conne Dickson perform the more enjoyable portion of their duties. Treble-aires: IFRONT ROW, left to righti Mr. Ralph Horine, Pam Morelock, Patty McPherson, Carol Auch, Debbie Bennett, Cindy Clark, Marcia Sakrison, Camille Murray, Diane jackson, Sarah Gildea, Amy Quate, Vicki Altom, Mrs. lune Edison. ISECOND ROW! Luci Snyder, lan Hawkersmith, Sandee Schloot, Carla Martin, Sheri Hanes, Casey Rotizien, Conne Dickson, Debbie Wilson, Darla Worton, Susan Verrill, Becky Salter, Pam Sapp, Sharon Taylor, Carol Gierke. ITHIRD ROWI loyce Gabbert, Susan Parsons, Kathy Anderson, Vicki K- s. Van Duren, Melani Darrell, Karen Wilkes, Sherry Anderson, Heidi Embach, Debbie lustus, Lisa Wichser, Carol Hughes, Mary Wilfong, Diane Davis, Elaine Phillips, Diane Martin. IBACK ROW! Andrenese McDaniels, Valerie Smith, janet Byers, Sherry Gibson, Diana Butche, Linda Updike, Debbie Bow, Mary Ann Munch, Becky Taylor, Robbie Rice, Sigrid Sauter, Patricia Boone, Cathy McFarland, lan Behrmann, Kathy Routt, loan Sibley. The vocalists "caroled" the Christmas spirit through the halls before vacation. 79 Accolade Representatives are IFRONT ROW left to rightj Denise Ball, judy Hartley, David Outterson, Carolyn Crisp, Kathy Lammers, Cathy Clark, Lou Ann Stroude, Vicki Burnett, Vickie Harriman, Malin- da Brown, janice Cherpas, Linda Caldwell, jan jackson, Nancy Greene, ISECOND ROWJ Kris Carter, Barb Hartley, Sue Murphy, Barb Ste- phenson, Linda Meko, Barbara Saillant, Cindy Loomis, Debbie Wilson, Brenda Griffin, Camille Murray, Candy Bader, Ann Calvert, Sherry Deckard. ITHIRD ROWI Susan Baron, Ray Saillant, Darla Shadrick, Denise Slinkard, Debbie Seay, Karen Boyd, Paula Lothamer, Diana Butche, Mary Smith, Diane Tolliver, jeannie Vitalins, Carol Pullian, Betsy Mitchell IBACK ROW! Carl Helmick, Betsy Reyburn, Gary Irwin, Bob Mesalam, Roy Willman, Rudyard Heady, Grant Davis, Brenda Wright, Cecilia Abbott, Charmaine Teschendorf, Margaret Martyniak, Laura Ferguson, Anita Lawrence. Vw Messengers are IFRONT ROW left to rightj Denise Ford, Susie Stan- ley, Linda Good, Christy Clark, Don Rice, Gary Irwin, Susie Meara, Beverly Craig, Valita Teschendorf, Pam Cassidy, Diane jackson, Martina Tubbs, Cathy McFarland, Mrs. Belgen Wells-sponsor. ISECOND ROWJ janine Everly, Susan Wheller, Sandy Barnes, Marcia McKer, Susie Wood, Sandy Norris, Susan Robling, Barbara Gooten, Monica Bernett, Cathy Beeler, Kathy Modica, Sandee Schloot, Debbie john- 80 son. ITHIRD ROWJ jackie Schorn, Ann Upson, Kathy Caron, Debbie Adkins, Vera Brown, Mike Haley, Sandra Parris, Becky Leeper, Sharon Martin, Debbie Fontaine, Diana Spurlock, Cheryl jennings, jo Ann Payne. IBACK ROWJ Dennis Brown, Carey Lykins, jeff Lewis, Dave Parsley, jef-f McDemott, Bruce Rickman, joe Trester, Rick Stone- king, Glenn Swisher, julie Pool, Michael Boyd. Messengers were kept busy delivering call slips to students each day. News bearers deliver call slips, Lancers, Counting out enough Lancers for their homerooms, Lancer Representatives stop in the publi- cation office each Friday to pick up the weekly papers. Accolades Helping office administrators and deans, office messengers dutifully delivered well-known "green invi- tations." Each messenger spent one period daily distributing the call slips, alphabetizing, looking up schedules, putting messagesx in teachers' boxes, and answeringlthe telephone. In addition to regular duties, eighth period messengers delivered daily absence lists to all teachers. As a special assignment, first period messengers showed new students aroundthe school. When not busy with other tasks, the messengers used the period as astudy hall. LANCER representatives' duties included delivering weekly news- papers to students in homerooms, while aiding the yearbook staff, ACCOLADE representatives sold books in the fall and helped with the delivery when the books ar- rived. QQ -4 Lancer Representatives are KFRONT ROW, left, to rightj Mary Hinds, Amy Brown, Dave lohnston, Debbi Roeder, loan Lancello, Don Zentz, Mike Pearcy, Debbie Fitt, Debbie Wilson, Linda Horton, Dana Craw- ley, Nancy Greene, Amy Quate, Dena Townsend, Debbi Haines. ISEC- OND ROWJ Cathy McFarland, DeAnn Bell, Barb Hartley, Sherry Anderson, Susan Baron, Marty Day, William Portilla, Karen Boyd, Char- lotte Carrier, Monica Meyers, Darla Shadrick, Barb Stephenson, Camille Murray, Kathy Reed, Sheri Trump, lan Brown. ITHIRD ROWJ Ann Fobes, lack Minton, Donny Rice, lack Smith, Kurt Dietz, Ron Moody, Libby Cochran, Conne Dickson, Kathy Hammer, Gary Irwin, Criss Horton, Ronald Shaw, Charmaine Tischendorf, Margaret Marty- niak, lack Main. IBACK ROW! Lis Walsh, Tom Yeagley, Tommy lo Lan- nan, Craig Winn, Ed Harlan, lack Lane, Don Thrasher, Lloyd Bridges, Randy Nickel, Paul Troy, Pete Rusthoven, Chris Reeder, Lenard Beas- ley, Steve Kaiser, Kathy Routt. The representatives distributed Lancers to the homerooms every week. Sl Assistants appl skills b aiding teachers The Academic Assistants are IFRONT ROW, left to rightl Denise Purvis-art, Vivian Schwo- 'Wi :Aw ,V 1 ,V i meyer-art, Barbara Stephenson-music, KBACK ROW! Saralyn Stalcup-science, Diana Bailey -math, Karen lessup-foreign language, loAnn Papas-English, Anita Lawrence-business, Sandy Dotts-English. Biology assistant Carol Huser discovers that "cleaning up is part ofthe job." ,E in 2 7 gl 4. " fag J i If xl A X t if , 'Q I h I , ., ? A, L V. s rs R st L , .l Boys' Physical Education Assistants are IFRONT ROW, left to rightl Gary lrvvin, Tom King, Lenny Massingale, Ron Coutts. ISECOND ROWJ Gary Orr, Gary Muse, lames Lunsford, Fred Hart. ITHIRD ROWJ 82 'S Larry Gurchiek, Dave Moore, Greg Lanum, David Huffman. KBACK ROWJ Mark Hammond, Randy Brinegar, Curt Romeril, Bob Maas. Assistants helped Physical Education teachers with gym classes. in classes, gymnastics Taking time out from their reg- ular studies, students became "sec- retaries" as they worked in various educational departments helping teachers to prepare class materials. The one-period job of Academic Assistants included such tasks as typing and mimeographing tests, letters, and notes, and filing ma- terials. In an effort to put to use their acquired skills, Physical Education Assistants helped pupils with gym- nastics and tumbling, demonstrated techniques, kept records and at- tendance, and ran errands. The assistants were chosen on the abili- ty of leadership, initiative, dependa- bility, honesty, and a thorough knowledge of the basic gymnastic Helping a physical education student keep her balance on the "horse," P.E. assistant Cathy skills. Clark aids a beginning gym class in doing exercises and perfecting gymnastic skills. l ... 41 Girls' Physical Education Assistants are IFRONT ROW, left to right! Tisha Lemaster, Nancy Atkinson, Pam Denney, Cathy Clark, Katy Snyder, ludy lannusch, Merle Safford, Nancy Pike. ISECOND ROWJ Barbara Saillant, Susie Tonnis, Debbie Fitt, Linda Updike, Ann Wal- ler, Debbie Campbell, Cindy Neil, Norma Green fTHIRD ROWJ Beth Robinson, Brenda Ping, Cynthia Colby, Debbie Wiersma, Betsy Rey- burn, Pat Stutsman, Billie Hammond, Mary Linzer, Robyn Chamness, IBACK ROW? janet Clark, Laura Woods, Candy Belden, Bobbe Hill, Roberta Van Sickle, Memory Lawhorn, Cathy Stewart, Nancy Scherer. These students aided beginning gym classes each day. 83 Girls give school, community services, Tri-Hi-Y: IFRONT ROW, left to right? Debbie McMahon, Barbara Boyd, IBACK ROWJ lane Rigsbee, Arlene Mithoefer, Esther Pomereda, Camille Murray, Vicki Van Duren, Maki Ashwell, Saralyn Stalcup, Barbara Reidy, Kathy Routt-President, Debbie Klenek, Memory Law- Miss Weaver. ISECOND ROWJ Gayle Boyd, jill Holmes, Barbara Kouwe, horn, janet Schofield, Chris Halter, Phyllis Linenberger, Beth Stalcup. Clinic Assistants: IFRONT ROW, left to rightl Mary Barrett, Cheryl Linda Green, Karen MCC?1USl8f1d, liina Brown, Cf-2Celi6 Field. IBACK Brodhecker, Denise Ford, Sugan Wilgonl Deborah Harris, Bobbie ROWJ Lizebeth Cochran, Cheryl Catt, Ausma Brikmanis, Barbara Gab- Kline, f5ECOND ROWJ Terre joneg, Karen Unger, Susan Crawley, bert, Sue Sorrell, Patty Villars,ChristineGray, Karenlohannessen. 84 donate time to patients Combining friendship and a de- sire to help others, Red Cross Club, Tri-Hi-Y members and Clinic Assist- ants contributed to the school and community with their services and special projects. Under the direction of sponsor Mrs. Gladysmae Good and presi- dent Becky Salter, Red Cross Club members prepared party boxes and sent Christmas cards to Viet Nam. Searching for answers concern- ing questions about the likes and dislikes in girl-boy relationships, Tri-Hi-Y sponsored a "senior boys' discussion panel." Guided by spon- sor Miss Clara Weaver and presi- dent Kathy Routt, the girls took part in the Model United Nations. Clinic Assistants gained experi- ence in their field of interest as they aided nurses Mrs. Rowena Graub and Mrs. Diane Flora. Donat- ing free time during the day, the girls handled responsibilities rang- ing from taking temperatures to keeping records straight. Among duties as a clinic aid, sophomore Cec Fields checks patients' symptoms. Members of the Red Cross Club are IFRONT ROW, left to right! Becky Salter-president, Lesley Salmon, Marty Bernett. ISECOND ROW! Valerie Calvert, Patty Bryant, Terri Booi. KTHIRD ROWJ Monica Bernett, Charlotte Carrier, Donna Carrier. IBACK ROWJ Mrs. Gladysmae Good-sponsor, janet Woodruff, Sandy Shoemaker, Mark Teepe. LA? Preparing for a city-wide Valentine party at the Indianapolis Chapter House, members of the Red Cross Club fashion table decorations from construction paper and lace. 85 Technicians, A-V assistants form school ,kt 3 backbone While casts spent hours rehears- ing for plays and costume and sce- nery committees assembled props, time preparing spot light cues and backdrop operations. Under the direction of sponsor Bernard Heeke, the seventeen- member crew coordinated efforts to synchronize sound, lighting, and curtain calls. Special effects were also handled by the men behind the scenes. Handling'the audio-visual details for each classroom, A-V assistants scheduled projector assignments, ordered films, and prepared trans- parencies for the overhead pro- ? 2, 1 1 'lit 8 -1: ,t',f I . ' . . I y auditorium technicians spent their Putting time and effort into creating scenery for a play, juniors David Martin and Steve Fralish use craftsmenship skills they learned as auditorium technicians. jectors. The plastic overlays aided math and biology teachers. Sponsor Irvin Cash supervised the assistants' work. Q Auditorium Technicians are ffkofvr Row, left to rightj Jeff Ping, William Cherry, Steve Fralish, Lenard Beasley, Michael R- Kennedy, Pete Murphy, Greg Maxwell, Rick Haemmerle. fSECOND ROWJ Bruce lohn M. Anderson, lon Parker. The boys handled all auditorium pro- Howe, Mark Milam, Stephen Walton, Ralph Weber, David Martin, Mike dUCll0l1S' Haemmerle, john Benton. CBACK ROW? Bernard Heeke-director, 86 rw- mxf , lg. , A - Audio-Visual Assistants are IFRONT ROW, left to rightl Steve Click, Neeley, lohn Benton. KBACK ROW? Rich CFOSSOU, William ClW9l'fY, Susie Bischoff, Eric Maxey, Terry Murphy. KSECOND ROW! Irvin Cash john Potts, lohn C. Collins, Bob Kraucunas, Dan Ratz. Assistants took -director, Ralph Weber, Rachel Irick, Roger Robinson, Mary Ann care of film scheduling and projector usage. Anticipating the signals from the actors on the stage, senior auditorium technicians Greg Max- well and john Benton grasp the rope to raise the main curtain. Q . . . H R , . i iw s--5 l Quai 1 ---Q r--5 i ---i lit pu...- l, ar... ...,... """"tl'r"""'1"1n Making copies of papers for teacher is a duty of A-V assistant john Potts. fm-4-f 87 Histor 6 v sr! V lalhix Bible Club: IFRONT ROW, left to rightl Greg Biberdorf, Kathy Reed, Becky Salter, Debbie Ross, janet Marr, Cheryl Clark, lane Rigsbee, Yao-Ling Chang, Carol Pulliam, janet Woodruff. KSECOND ROWJ Kathy Atkinson, Carole Bruton, Katie Snyder, Marcia Reider, Linda Rawlings, Mary Kay Kellerhale, Donna Quinnett, Camille Murray, Luci Snyder, Rebecca Smith. KTHIRD ROWJ Paul McMichael, David Mor- Members of the History Club, Russ Kennedy, Susie Bischoff and Janie oriented clubs review the past, 'WSJ refreshment stand with cokes and popcorn for the coming basketball game. Branham, equip their tin, Walter Parks, Elizabeth Watford, Kathy Egenes, Diana Nixon, Linda Osborn, Debbie Klenes, jayne Merriman, Barbara Kouwe. KBACK ROW! Darryl Dougherty, Ron Miller, Steve Kehrer, Bill Coffey, Roger West, Cliff Lane, Bob Watkins, Doug Greeson, David Oliver, Mark Teepe. Latin "slave" Mark Kresge models his toga for Edmond Robinson and Mr. George Feldman. lktt , 'Et as ,X concentrate on present Relating history to the present, members of Latin Club, Bible Club and Knights of History focused on grasping past and present philoso- phies. Bible Club was introduced this year under the guidance of sponsor john Allen. The group enjoyed benefit projects such as Christmas caroling for elderly people. Honored as the outstanding his- torical club in Indiana for three years, the Knights of History spent their time conducting tours of the city and handling school conces- sion stands. Greece and Rome came alive as Latin Club members related past and present languages. Sponsored by George Feldman, the group par- tiqjpated in the International Ban- Mqembers oi the LatLn kClub are KFRONT ROW, left to rightl Sharon Taylor, Sharon Martin, - S ery Haw ins, Mi o o Mathews, lanie Branham. IBACK ROW? Mr. George Feldman- quet and the Honors Abroad Pro sponsor, Mark Kresge, Chris Conlin-president, Edmond Robinson, Pat Reap, Michael Reap- gfam- editor of the TRIDENT, Mike Richeson. Members attended the International Banquet. If hah History Club: KFRONT ROW, left to rightj Bob Solberg, ludy Lan- non. ISECOND ROWJ Susie Bischoff, Chris Parsley, Becky Smith, Marcia Combs, Susie Heady, Amy Quate. ITHIRD ROWJ Mrs. Pa- tricia Maurey, Rudyard Heady, Sara Dunbar, Kathy Egnes, Terry Schaef- er, lan Brown, Anne Hoggatt, Janie Branham, Robert Shannon. KBACK ROWI john Potts, Dave Hoggatt, Bill Hixon, Roger Robinson, Roy Willman, lvars Rage, Steve Robertson, William Chevvy, Lenard Beasley, Steve Kaiser. The group guided tours of the Riley Trails. 89 Y -, i l Languages provide adventure passports Members of Spanish Club are IFRONT ROW, left to rightl Ferne ROW! Harry Crouch, Armando Perez, Marcia Sakrison, Bill Pember- ton, leanie Sims, Carol Huser, janet Schofield, Maria Ashwell, Bea- trice Davis. IBACK ROW1 Roger Robinson, leannine Krieder, Becky lmel, Chris Buenger, Bob Kraucunas, Barbara Reidy, Diane Walton, Katie Koers, Esther Pomareda, jerri McNeely. Slides, panel discussions, and a trip to see "Man of LaMancha" highlighted club activities. Gurvitz-sponsor, Linda Good, Patty Sims, William Portilla, Donna Quinnett, Camille Murray, Candy Bader, julie Tyler, Susan Verrill, Mercedes Portilla-sponsor. ISECOND ROW! Lou Ann Steele, Sandy Shoemaker, Maria Saiz, Patty Hensley, janet Marr, Dena Townsend, Marcia Combs, Pam Stefanik, Judy Lannom, Linda Horton. ITHIRD In native costume, Terry Murphy tells Randy Bole about her trip to Germany. l Q37 VMI "k1rQ:i?::::, ff 5 ..1r2zsZ95f x st on NSN? T V li Q 9 0 0 Seniors Karen lessup tleftl and Patty Sims exchange remembrances of their trips to Mexico Karen visited the country two years ago while Patty toured the land last summer. in cultures, traditions The languages of today are as varied as the societies to which they belong, and to acquaint stu- dents with this cultural dimension, German Club members explored the diverse aspects of German cus- toms. To increase this knowledge, members viewed films, slides, and published a paper, "Der Ritter." Other activities included a visit to the Stockholm House and a Ger- man Supper. Films, tapes, and slides helped supplement class studies for mem- bers of the French Club as they examined French customs. Guest speakers for the club included na- tive Frenchmen and foreign ex- change students. With the idea of promoting an interest in culture and language, the Spanish Club made use of panel discussions, slides and games. The group also attended the play, "Man of La Mancha," in addition to preparing a complete Spanish din- ner. German Club: IFRONT ROW, left to rightj Terry Murphy-secretary, Rhonda Davis, Teddy Pettet, judy Rogers, Bob Solberg. ISECOND ROW? Rachel Irick, Barb Rogers, Laura Ferguson, Kim Stout, Tamara McEdwards, Sue Schnarr. IBACK ROW? jeff McDermott, julie Pool, Inge Kirchner, Paula Lothamer, Marie Faliger-president, Pete Murphy, john Schulz-sponsor. French Club: KFRONT ROW, left to rightj john Katsaropoulos, Kathy Hudson, Randy Davis, Andrenese McDaniels-president, Liz Ralston, Atkinson, Amy Quate-secretary-treasurer, janet Byers, Becky Clark, Cecelie Field, Steve D. Hyde-vice-president, Beth Robinson, Engra Kathy Michael, Kathy Grinslade, Greg Hagen. IBACK ROW? M, V. Reid, Debbie Berry, Lisa Williams. 91 Careers open to future teachers, nurses, W.,-V x t f-fst ma . .- ' .?rm.z,. ,wmv ' QA " f ' 53.121 ,,, .W vw?-'mgwfa' Guest speakers, trips to college campuses, and explorations into the profession of teaching characterize Future Teachers of America meetings. . +"' .slf-IP" 'aa' as t 1 architects Enjoying the pleasure of help- ing others, Health Careers Club members satisfied their Curiosities about the field of medicine. Formerly called Future Nurses' Club, the name was changed to broaden the club's purpose and to open its doors to all those inter- ested in health careers. In preparation for tomorrow, the Future Teachers of America ex- plored the fundamentals required for a career in teaching. Sponsored by Mrs. Margaret janert, the club featured guest speaker Dr. Alexan- der Moore during American Educa- tion Week. Putting creative skills to work, Future Architects and Draftsmen attempted the untried. Designers kept their eyes out for the unusual as they toured jenn-Air and the Home Show in search of architec- ture at its best. ' ev- '33-s-1... 7 I...-gpg Future Teachers of America are IFRONT ROW, left to rightl Laurie Peterson-president, Barb Stephenson, Pam Preston, Vicki Lemons, Roxie Shannon, Dee Riley, Debbie Ross, Susan Heady. ISECOND ROW? Mike'Reap, Anita Atz-vice-president, ludy Tipton-treasurer, Joyce MacDonald, Barb Sye, Katie Hall, Katie Koers, Lee Ann Ciruenert, Dena 92 Townsend, Phyllis Linenberger, Marcia Combs, Kevin Hoog, Mrs. Margaret janert-sponsor. KBACK ROW! Robbie Rice-historian, Marilynn Daniel, Martha Atz-secretary, Teresa Roberts, Becky Smith, Bambi Bullard, Luann O'Neil, Debbie Berry, janet Zoschke. Members prepare for a future career in the teaching profession. --4. ..,,..r-r l r 3 , ,, 1 t Jf . 1 I 5 ' 1 Future Architects and Draftsmen: IFRONT ROW, left to right! Ivars Rage, Bill Detmer, Larry Wade-secretary, Steve Smith. ISECOND ROW? Mark Mitchell, Dave Hoggatt-president, Terry Adams-vice-president, Ken Allen, Lenard Beasley. IBACK ROW? Mr. Dewaine Metcalf- A Cl'1lmn9Y Of l0Y - 4 - "MQ-'mal Gm Llflefsl' Of sponsor, Roger Robinson, Steve Tobertson, Gary Nance, Steve Werner, Dave Huffman. Health Careers Club pack school donations. Health Careers Club: IFRONT ROW, left to rightl Mrs. Diane Flora- Cathy Carter, Carolyn Lipp, Pam K6SS9l, Kathy Jackson, Paffifiiii L99- sponsor, Barb Gabbert-president, Anne Beall-vice-president, Karen IBACK ROW? Harry Argenbrighl, Kathy Pirtle, Karen lohannessen Unger, Audrey Irving, tener Shea. CSECOND ROW2 Karen Roller, Madonna Griffe-y,Charlene Ferger,Sar1dy Shoemaker. M .,,v H , : A l i M" """S'N 93 f-Q Knights seek hobbies in interest sects Art Club members are IFRONT ROW, left to rightj Mrs. Margery Hindman, Monica Bernett, Cheryl Black, Vicki Altom-secretary- treasurer, Bruce Tovsky-historian, janet Lutey-vice-president, Don Moore-president, Sheri Hanes, Deborah Harrington, Beth Bibler. ISECOND ROW! Paula Sauer, Susi Andres, janet LaFara, Katie Ken- , Img Art Club president Don Moore adds his final touches to scenery for "My Fair Lady." 94 af nedy, Becky Solter, janet Bailey, Marilynn Daniel, Mary Ann Neely, Linda Rawlings, Melani Darrell, Michele Leonard, Becki Rainsberger, Su Cavey. IBACK ROW2 Susie Hofmeister, Elizabeth Watford, Mike Hancock, Bill Barnhart, Kurt Schwoemeyer, Ron Phillips, john Eckel, Donna Spaulding, Lydia Collins, Lo Della Henry. Each commanding his own army, seniors Tom Lammers tleftj and Ron Richeson contemplate vital tactics. Chess Club members experienced competition among themselves. af-W 'WWI-lvl W M. sq' 4 5 - like ,, 4 F . . K7 , V 4 .'.l li lffifm 'D K' I 1' W' Q fr -f,,, ,. I W' an-.L ' "" 'vm'-4' ,,. -.. as shutters snap, minds consider moves, Chess Club: KFRONT ROW, left to righti Nathan Jorgensen, Steve Smith, Mike Poulimas, Wes- ley Pond, Ron Richeson-president. KSECOND ROWI Bruce lkawa, D. M. Metcalf-sponsor, Tom Lammers-secretary, Larry Dimick, Herman E. Young, Van Vandivier, john Palmer. hands paint As generals moving their troops of 16 men onto a battlefield, mem- bers of the Chess Club met to per- fect the skills needed to win a match. Headed by senior Ron Richeson and sponsor Mr. Dewaine Metcalf, students practiced their offensive and defensive tactics. An innovation to extra-curricular activities, the Camera Club was de- signed for those interested in photography. Under the direction of president Kevin Yager and spon- sor Mr. Robert Jeffery, club mem- bers competed with each other and learned to develop and print their own pictures. Art Club members interested in gaining new techniques and experi- ence met weekly under the super- vision of president Don Moore and sponsor Mrs. Margery Hindman. Workshops tried all mediums: water colors, oils, and sculptures. , l fgf' 3 fi K Members of the Camera Club are IFRONT ROW, left to rightl Deborah Harrington, Charlotte Carrier, Terry Murphy, Monica Bernett -treasurer, Steve Click, Bill Verrill, Kevin Yager-president, Mr. Robert jeffrey-sponsor. KBACK ROW? Su Cavey-secretary, Donna procedures. Carrier, Gary Porter, Dan Ratz, Dan Lawhorn, Tom Lannan, Bruce Tovskey, Roy Willman-vice president. Members learned darkroom 95 Delving minds probe fields of science, CY L., S Math Club: IFRONT ROW, left to rightl John Gregory-president, Liz Ralston, Debbie McMahon-secretary-treasurer, Kerry England. IBACK ROWJ Dorthy LaFara-vice-president, Carol Aucti, Kirk jackson, David Hoshow, Miss Martha Burton. mathematics Exploring the technical areas of life, members of Math Club, Sci- ence Club, and Electronics Club searched the depths of fields they were interested in. Studying the "whys" and "hows" of the Pendulum watch and the learning machine, Math Club stu- dents, advised by Miss Martha Bur- ton, exchanged biweekly speeches. While others were busy mathe- matically, Science Club, sponsored by Mr. Robert McClary and Mr. Delmar Merritt, traveled to Sala- mander Cave for a spelunking ad- ventureinthefall. An "excavation" to Clowes Hall to explore the wiring and lighting system of the building was a main attraction for the Electronics Club. Sponsor Mr. William Fellows led the boys in their explorations. ns, ? ,wh Electronics Club: .KFRONT ROW, left to rightl Donald Martin, Randy Mr. William Fellows-sponsor, Steve Bull-president, Larry Taylor- Drake, john Collins, Larry Russell, Stephen Walton. IBACK ROWJ vice-president,William Cherry-secretary-treasurer. 96 2fK!'4M'l.kk'+.h'1"a-'-'Q' f la f.. Tuhwtlc an It P. an a . mm. . ..,t...i. W. 'i C' if Pb B. Pc Ax sf A i Members of the Science Club are KFRONT ROW, left to rightl janet Clark, Kathy Egnes, Barb Dye, Becky Clark, Liz Ralston, jill Holmes, Debbie McMahon. ISECOND ROW? Steve Robertson, Bill Pease, Steve Betras, Joe Thomas-sponsor, Roger Robinson, Glenn Sevislier, -sponsor. Mike Reap, Steve Kaiser. IBACK ROW! Mr. Robert McClary-sponsor, Doug Greeson, Mike Mummey, Chris Conlin, Darryl Daugherty, Robert Utterback, Leonard Beasley, lohn Ross, Ivars Rage, Mr. Delmar Merritt WQIX Q-A aw sri W' ttf! A - 7 -uf' 4 Nu- The past comes alive for Science Club members, Ivars Rage-president and Steve Kaiser vice president, as they examine imprints of animals and wildlife in fossils. Collaborating to solve a problem are Debbie McMahon and Math Club sponsor Miss Burton. 97 Knight lettermen provide athletic services Possessors of varsity spots, senior "A" men tleft to Rightl joe Paulin, Emil Molin, and Chris Reeder earn their respective letter - sweaters in combat. With the helpful advice of sponsor Bill Kuntz, Letterman's Club officers Greg Wolf, Kurt Klein- helter, David Milam, and Bob Meara work out a balanced budget. 98 1- ffr is iKlfllllE5lf'1fl1,'5 ' Senior football lettermen stand in pride as Coach Bill Kuntz tells of the victories on the gridiron. forschook cmnmumt In , , ., -...NN :fi IS-KR Identified by a block "A," Arling- ton lettermen sponsored athletic oriented activities within the school. Together with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, The Letterman's Club sponsored the second annual Athletic Day. After a full day's ac- tivities which included dancing, volleyball, ping-pong, and basket- ball, Knight athletes enjoyed a free dinner of hot dogs and baked beans. During the Christmas season, club members collected various canned goods and contributed them to a needy family. The athletic honorary, under sponsor coach Bill Kuntz, was headed by Bob Meara, president, Kurt Kleinhelter, vice-president, Greg Wolf, secretary, and David Milam,treasurer. Members of the Letterman's Club are KFRONT ROW, left to rightl Gary Orr, Bob Lappas, Stan Mikosz, lim Hutcherson, Mark Nelson, Dave Milam, Randy Bultman, Gary Irwin. ISECOND ROWJ Gary Ramage, Tom Bell, Tom Meara, Mike Seamon, Bob Meara, Emil Molin, Richard Meschke, Rob McCoy. CTHIRD ROWJ Mark McAlister, Mike Glancy, lim Seamon, Bob Riley, Steve Bridges, Mark Hammond, H, l -till R -A "Go, Go, Go, . . ." scream Knight letter winners as they become the support for the team and the hoop in hopes of a basketball victory. Members of the Letterman's Club formed cheer- blocks at football and basketball games to boost the Arlington spirit. Michael Stevens. IFOURTH ROW? Ken Gray, Greg Wolf, loe Paulin, Doug Thompson, Randy Nickel, Steve Eltzroth, Kurt Kleinhelter. IFIFTH ROWJ Tim Wallace, leff Scott, john Berry, Glenn Moses, Bob Mesalam, Mike Bigelow, Terry Zimpleman, Doug Harmas. KBACK ROW2 Cliff Rigsbee, Veo McGee, Dane Philips, Kevin Gillette, Brad Davis, Chris Reeder, Chris Coy, Rusty Whann, Herb Henry. ' 92264313 A gasp for air As a trackman Leaps a hurdle, The shouted signals Of the football captain, The crack ofa bat Against a ball Scoring a run, The enthusiastic cheer Ofa Knight pepster, Shouting encouragement, The sound of cinders Rubbing against the soles Ofa mile runner, The hush ofa crowd As the center stands At the free throw line, The slap of hands On teammates' backs- These sounds Are intermingled In the Arlington athlete As he too, becomes A part ofthe KNIGHT BEAT. 100 Za ATHLETIQ BEAT 'ea Individual performances bolster trackster to victories in city area Coach Bill Bennett's varsity cross country team, paced by three returning lettermen, john Berry, Chris Coy, and Gary Ramage, managed several surprises as the season progressed. Varsity runners placed high in y major invitationals in the city area. The harriers gained a third in the Northwest meet, fourths in the Broad Ripple and Scecina meets, a fifth in the Howe meet, sixths in - 0 iso ' i X ' Y 'C "' Q r K 4 the Pike and city meets, and a ninth 5 u V . ....-N ' 5 , . ,fn Raj., . iyt ,qui we ,jen . he- .. as V S W- .I .fs xl .f . 5- W' ,fr w.-ys5,k- ,tffww-s,v,x...3 'f t 1 g' af, place in the sectional. A satisfying victory over neighbor Marshall by a convincing 23-47 score topped a rewarding season. Persistently striving for the magi- cal 10:00 mark for the two-mile run, varsity harriers Chris Coy, Dane Philips, and Gary Ramage consist- ently crossed the finish line ahead of their opponents. Dane and Gary will strive to take over the leadership of next year's squad. i Varsity runners Chris Coy, Cliff Rigsbee, and john Berry have a common goal in mind: striving for a high finish in the sectional as they begin passing rivals. li Q Fighting for his breath, junior Gary Ram- l mage shows the strain of a two-mile run. l02 . W QW nm, 2 1: -R Si BOTTOM IFRONT ROW! David Wenzel, Mark Coutes, Randy Patrick, Varsity Cross Country Team: KFRONT ROW! Chris Coy, Dane Philips, and Cliff Rigsbee IBACK ROWJ Gary Ramage, John Berry, Coach Bill Bennett, Gary Orr, and Ken Grey. Freshman Cross Country Team: YAKSWY CRQSSCT of l'l cofwivff' , ,f fgt r,fE 13, yit, Greenfield C Atrl. zisa "ll T t'i' Z f isl iifgi ,Q ara T ig, t1,i 1 ytiilatren B T 1', ,liy T 5, . Marshalls T 'seeeridhatf' ' T5 ,43 M sti :im tyytty 'i.' I -'k4' r 6th 47 it 23 ' sm and Steve Seamon IBACK ROW! Coach joe Draughon, Keith Hy- barger, Mike Hulse, Eugene Hunt, and Wesley Pond. H35 an V XVUUNQ Varsity runners john Berry, Cliff Rigsbee, and coach Bill Bennett add up valuable team points at the end of the race. The five top finishes make the team score. 103 Seniors lead spirited squad to big upsets, ' ,- - . - ', ' ' iw : .. ,Qtr wt 5 ri H' ,M F Fir WS , ,, 1 , -jfsrlw-im-W :free 2 X A t E, V 1 is 1 " R: ow l . 1 A' ii ' i1'7'. - 5- was sf-,,,-: r ., 1" f time ifgsrtimf-1 Y V, mats' "tx .sage A 58,711 , 152 :?5a,ftiX af, ,spawr lgt '- ' 'K - ' i s a f is-pref ix?3?f1231fi7-i":ii 'Vl?S35i',i54re8e33iif5 Ps?,3?W' .aagfbgggx ts r a 1 ri we fawr'5wst:wLfw,ftr,teaAft-ff,-1 sta ' f t QE? wvwffsfe 'r A .152 K r W '--Li ' , is Y ' f ' fftrr-mw,a,fi,,,,a ft W V ' M45 Q55 2 1- 1' 55335 4 7- . : ,X ,g,lrr5fs3g,?X,g7,az f' afftagfglzg jim, feast- . , if so we at ,si,2f2:,M,xsa as ww swam i ,xsaeepfrf aaa, ,as aegis, gm,fv,,1, ,,,,,-meme., ,La,.,- sat. X525-A , st s 7 ,A. I rw ' use -'1 S" 11. M 'fe f ee- Defi. ff' fs-fl 'i S' '-inf. ' .- 1-t':H A,' A : K A 1 :ie-.A AQ A -- I PWA A 'V'-vfpig ,, . "L, ' 1 ' -L' ,3f.f: Q: J'if , S . ,-fi w. ' A V 3'25i5'ifAilI gif A 'Q-'Wy ee tit ,mfr ,A ,,,,,,,f, . sei, a r .. ' W. V , , wsgyggf .. ' .ay V rs if . - ' K ,3 ' ti m QE if if P-gf'-7 " ' W, . . fe f . '. A n ff, 1 fi :Z i .lfl 'ef' 'u"2."5f?' Zi' fl ' V ' w i , A-fl. -. . S . 1 . 1 5 .. D 5.3, .. if is fv., ,, ,st :,' 3-95 ft E .- X of mmm. ., was 1 ..i, . . , '5 4 .qui . ,W it , .. r ,G Y , Q, 1, , ,,,, 5,,, .+t-s i g, . wp - ' su .1261 ,. -, V- , , V in Q at J D . Q, A., Y-4 .W -1.4-: . -4 , f-,-- ., m g:-.'-.-J-. w w. ' Q ' A it it M3151 aw tsl' , 5.21 . e1,.rX'.'fg, im 1 Q ,gg Y Q it 5 192 Y Pr-hh ,fa , , -J ,. . tt" 5 xg gg DU b bed 3 5 m 09 va l U 5 b l 9 P l 3 Ye Y, ' ' B0 b I I U , .,... .. . H .,.. , W M Y ,.,,, , 3 lRun- efT'l'i'1l0U Meara FCCBIVES his trophy. ' e ff Members of the varsity and reserve football teams are: KFRONT ROWJ Val Bileckyj, Chuck Stuckey, Mark Stevens, jeff Scott, Roger Bender, Tim Wallace, Steve Draughn, Rob McCoy, Gary Irwin, Don jones, Bob Mesalam, Glenn Moses, Mark McAlister ISECOND ROW? Kurt Kleinhelter, Fred Hart, joe Bennett, jack Hollingsworth, Tom Burle- son, Ken Finn, Bob Riley, Tom Meara, Mark Hammond, Randy Bult- man, Emil Molin, Herb Henry, Lacy johnson, Willy Portilla, Frank Wallace, Larry Patrick, Bob Meara fTHIRD ROWJ Howard Holifield, Bob Chamness, Pat Holmes, Doug Thompson, Bruce Kelly, Dennis Brown, Bob Whorl, Rusty Whann, Mike Seamon, Tom Bell, Randy Nickel, Lloyd Bridges, jerry Eidson, Evan Vaughn, Kurt Deitz, jeff Stearns, Don Kraege, jim DeCamp, Wayne Fuson, Terry Adams, Dave Fredricks IFOURTH ROWJ Charles Maas, jim Ellis, john Imel, Steve Bridges, Rick Stoneking, Ken Anderson, Steve Nelson, Doug Harmas, Wayne Traetow, Geoff Routt, Mike Boucher, Dave Milam, Dick Meschke, Mark Nelson, Veo McGee, Steve Werner, Paul Morrison, Don Thrasher, Phil Volgelgesang, Willard Barnett, Brad Davis, joe Dezelan, Cab Calloway, jim Hannah, Bill Orme, Ron Chappel, Don Shambaugh, Bill Kuntz. 104 -4 season Predicted to win only one game, the varsity football team, led by first year head coach Bill Kuntz, surprised even the experts by post- ing a 6-4 record. In a year highlighted by a victory over state ranked Carmel by a 13- 0 score, the gridders boasted wins over Lawrence, Northwest, Warren, Manual,and Crispus Attucks. Individual records sparked Knight victories. Senior Bob Meara led all city runners in rushing by gaining 1500 yards. Bob was honored at season's end by being named to the first team all-city. A defensive squad that held op- ponents to 15.7 points per game was led by stalwarts Brad Davis, Veo McGee, Doug Harmas, Kurt Kleinhelter, and Glenn Moses. The high-powered of-fense was geared by Tom Meara, Bob Riley, Emil Molin, Mark McAlister, Mark Nelson, and Rob McCoy, who kicked 14 extra points plus the city's only field goal. me 45 Q' Cf' as 'ii amiga' 'fl 'Wi- , 4: 'pr IZAQA A '19 ,Film .M 'U' -'SP - . if M s- M ,. - ,e..'j at 'W' "." ""'f"e-.1 cffrxf-..'-. W' Senior Gridders: IFRONT ROWJ jeff Scott, Tim Wallace, Kurt Klein- ROW! Mr. Elmer Callaway, Randy Nickel, Doug Thompson, Dave helter, Rob McCoy, Gary lrwin, Glenn Moses, Herb Henry, KSECOND Milam, Mark Nelson, Mike Boucher, Emil M0lin, Brad D21ViS, MF- Bill ROW? Rusty Whan, Mark McAlister, Doug Harmas, Veo McGee, Bob KUHTZ. Meara, Randy Bultman, Richard Meschke, Mark Hammond, IBACK gf YM-fu .int i05 rg if Y f- N... v nf, P . ' ,N f , :tw a A ' .f,. . W ," '-' 9 f Members of the Freshman Football team are: IFRONT ROW! Darell Henderson, David Kitcoff, Randy Chaille, Tom Potts, Pat Baker, Bill Hughes, Scott Langan, Darrel Webb, Doug Molin, Doug Hobbs, Bob Rahm, Dan Henthorn, David Mellor KSECOND ROW2 Pat Stroude, Mike Hopson, Mat Foster, Rudolph Sherman, Tim Laed, Craig Rom- mirl, Larry Spilbeler, joe Mitchel, Glenn McClug, Herb Cosby, Rich- ,J s Q W ard McGill, Dave Oliver ITHIRD ROWJ Rodney Scott, Dave Berry, Don Woods, lim Cunningham, john Tranberg, Richard Boothman, Greg Stearns, George Copp, I. R. Strode, Steve Bishop, Lawrence Savage, jeff Whetzel, Randy Bole, Roger Ward, Erich Nichelson, Rick Grunert, Keith DeTrude, Gary Gorbett, Bob Hunt, lack Fobes, jerry Flack, Ken Gouch, Don Shambaugh-coach. , tixxiw 'tml it r 1 Clean jerseys mark the start of a game as underclass gridsters watch the play. After bringing home a stunning upset of highly regarded Warren Central, coach Bill Kuntz leads his spirited charges in a last-minute version of the school song. 106 Freshmen reserves garner 'hit records' Preparing for future varsity teams, the reserve and freshman squads each garnered winning records. The reserve team boasted a 6-4 slate, while the freshman gridders fought to a 7-1-1 season record. Under new head coach Don Shambaugh, the freshmen gained victories over Lawrence, Scecina, Warren, Manual, Howe, Attucks, and Broad Ripple. The reserve team brought home wins over Lawrence Central, Scecina, Northwest, Manual, Ritter, and Attucks. This year marked the second winning season in a row for head coaches joe Dezelan and lim Hannah. junior signal-caller Bob Riley strides for the valuable first down yardage. A reserve Knight gridder hauls in a T.D. bomb for another A.H.S. victory. 107 . The meeting ofthe city champ Knights and the county champ Panthers Kelly pulls off his biggest win of the season to assure the matmen a of North Central is decided in the final match as heavyweight Bruce 23-17 victory overthe neighbor rivals. yu, Members of the Varsity Wrestling team are KFRONT ROW, left to lim Ellis, lohn McCullar, Kurt Kleinhelter, Emil Molin, Dick Meschke, rightl Gary Kestner, Bob Lappas, Scott McPhearson, Keith Rhodes, Dave Milam, and Bruce Kelly. The varsity matmen regained the city Bill Willetts, Alonzo Watford, Mr. Elmer Callaway. KBACK ROW! Mr. championshipforthe firsttime sir1ce1965. 108 Matmen regain city titleg Willetts, Milam I ,M .,,, , ,,., A t. A U K A Hours of hard work and practice pays off for sectional champion Emil Molin ttopl as he puts "the clamp" on his opponent for three near-fall points. State titlist Bill Willetts tbottoml struggles for an escape against Ron Howard of Logansport. "Yai" ?J ,ERR :5"5'f??'i:5Y ' , mit netsw I 1 - -- 'I :,"f"I" - . "-'ii'-: :" ',, 1 , L : w i . f I ,-'1..: :' ' .Q i ' ,I I fjwtnfgufl 1 ' J lr' PE .era5Q7j2.Esv:1Mseivai':1gS?4?I?fQ'1e3'3rf?,2,si'Qtif?'3i355'5'5"l7S r - Yr if-is W5 f wt - Z? as at As a ev wr?haritf,f1n vsawff-1 te sfftqit 1 f ,iZQf3?Zf., , ' -- ,A , ,, I . 'fi' igf- ii!fS7IA'Ef2's.FV2'SfT':f'Lilgem'A?Q15,,.tA-qfgAiQ1giQ?:g:9 'Etsashtg -' fig --s- Si-Qiigifw...s-:Q-Pit-it Alszffsiw-'r sf W T 5 4, I 5 ,A ' A ,V gee- wa1f',,'tf,1v ,Mtn l-iA away-',.tfwtt:,1 t.,,, -,s,W,.a --frs war ,,'t 111112155fmfgtiyi3f9ileeszyeLf5isesi Q,-,irfffiyiiftffff ,, raw? A r .fgni .trr rrtt A trtrr A A rrttttt if ,Aw ' 'sf' " 'A' rv' , NA,,.,.,if,,Qs 1,9 A l V, i n ,Aa t.,,e ,ifgiw ty, W - A1 , K ' ijfftis ' "f,1Lf3' r i fEr1i5Xlf'. l Yllaffjfl 'l Eifcrlt l QETQW ' 37153: l l 5252-Mi ' Aifigf' ' A 55:72 rA1sfS?Yl.fa Q 'f i Im -will 'V M: .f ll' 7 . Ffa, tlliiff TIALVV ., gil . ' r ' tif-fr A - 1 fr "fits" 1 'W' A. .. ah A :ta ,i'ZQ?--Qi, A K f ' K' may if :cw fr y -ff' 'M 1- .. H A 'lYLA?",lA ,Aslan SHA. LH ,L::155llltE',:i55571 T21 s 71591 A"fLii'it:,' ifilgfil' 'iL151'.-V . 'Ti 557312 Tgfzi 'Thaw-2,.f - 'file-fa, V' - -: ,sr , W :fffltwsf 7 ,wm+ww:2t:f'- :m.a,Asw:Lf,raArtw1 'wxfrf,v:wz,1r:t,,1i75f,A ,f 1, ,tagzfa t5faws4ygt 1, gtfgfss-at : fra,Qtgw- M 'Sf f,-rrgw?':'::i5'fMfiiqrt rw-feasts, 'fiiwivif ---z,5f.A2ig,si2g isp A N5-' '-"11::Q:i- 'fjgir L' fiftfi' 'lift' f r"'2i?i.L'l 451-fig "HI:-H , --jg ff,-aj' .SW best in state A senior-led wrestling team, un- der Head Coach jim Ellis, fought to a successful 11-1 season plus a city title, North Central Invitational title, and a third place finish in the state. Seniors Bill Willetts and Dave Milam each fought to undefeated 27-0 seasons and state champion- ships. Bill garnered his second state title with a 7-4 decision over Ron Howard of Logansport. Dave copped the 175-pound crown with a 6-3 victory over jerry Hocking of Crawfordsville in the final match. Hopes for an undefeated season were upset by Warren Central as the Warriors gained a 23-22 win over the matmen for their only set- back. The varsity grapplers ran off with the city and North Central Invita- tional titles as the Knights gained two firsts and five seconds in the city and six firsts and one second at North Central to gain their first Invitational crown. Tensely awaiting the referee's whistle, 175-pounder Dave Milam takes the advantage over jerry Hocking of Crawfordsville in the final match of the state. 4 W, IO9 1 Reserve matmen lose one meet, win city ,.. 'IU'- Members of the Reserve Wrestling squad are KFRONT ROW, left to Davis, Russ Palma, Mark Kresge, Wayne Traetow. IBACK ROW? Mr right, Crlgg Horton Doug Mglln Steve Draughon joe FQ-rrarol jgrry Elmer C3ll3W6ly, lim l.Ol'1g, Dave EdmOr1ClS, HarOlCl QUalklnbUSh, Steve Davis Kyle Gillette rsrcofvo Rowp Kim Jeter jeff Krienik, Gram Rider,Dave LeMaster,and Rick Cotton. R RESERVE WRESTUNG R Shortridge A Carmel , R Scecina Man ual s Opp. Arl. ,.. , , I 26 V25 18 31 16, 32 s,,, . s, zz, .23 s s i Washinstons s Broad Rfeple s Waireh Howe it Noblesville. , s,,, t 10 37, s,,,s -Wood - 0 . 13 . 37 T9 Qi lsll i 30 10 '50 2.53 f26 ' 2:7 Norfhfscentfasir rrls R22 Rr -R21 Giving sideline advice to the Knight wrestlers, Head Coach lim Ellis helps each man maneuver on the mat with the help of a little "body English." RFRESHMAN WRESTLING i ' i ' Opp. Ari. R fwoodvievsr RR R ' R45 R 2: MtarslhaRlRll R R 25 V.,k ii. .,,.V . Techs? RRRRR R R RRRfi -13: 32 lCrzeszpnr,, t ,s,s ,, is ti,,l 23 Carngel ,sss R, s ,27 23 Manual 13 sgQ:33,f, -is -23 ,. fR, Molin, Horton, Henthorn garner highest city trophies The reserve wrestling team, led by head coach Elmer Callaway, won their fourth city title in five years and boasted a 10-1-'I season rec- ord. Shortridge fell to the squad by a 34-20 count in the opening meet. In the next meet, Carmel accounted for the team's only loss by one point, 26-25. The reserve matmen also owned victories over city powers Scecina and Tech and coun- ty toughie Warren Central. In the final encounter of the season, the grapplers scrambled to a draw with North Central. The squad boasted two individual champions in the city meet: fresh- man Doug Molin, 127-pound, and Criss Horton, 133-pound. Four in- dividuals placed second, Kyle Gil- lette, jerry Davis, Dave LeMaster, and jeff Krienik. After a disappointing 2-8 season ponent's first move. Criss placed first inthe'I33-pound class in the city. under Head Coach john Manka, the freshman wrestlers fought to a com- mendable third place finish in the city with one individual champion, Members of the Freshman Wrestling team are IFRONT ROW, left to rightl Dave Henthorn, Dave Henthorn in the 133-pound Stuart Wilson, Dave Mellar, Dave Wensel, Dave Kitcoff, Ron Grimes, Larry Spielbeller, lack ' Weight division. Fobes. KSECOND ROWJ Doug Smith, Doug Hobbs, Bob Rahm, john Wood, Rick Gruenert, Rick Young, Mark Coutts, Scott jones. IBACK ROW! Mike Hulse, jeff Sparks, Mike Huterson, Rick Heckman, Peter Link, Dave Steppleworth, Don Woods, Kevin Gettes. .sh- Positioning himself for the whistle, junior Criss Horton prepares for his North Central op- tE.l lll Z ff' 'S Finding themselves in a familiar position at the beginning of the half, varsity roundballers try to Close the thirteen point gap by gaining possession of the ball. VARSETY BASKETBALL Ben if 7 recur L ' wood t titlst ltiit l ifyfff Scecina 9 ffj Lawrence Carmel L Northwest Greenfield g Beech Broad Shortridgeff 4 North Central Manual Pike Cathedral Warren Central Washingtorg, Broad tsecj Opp. Arl 7687 58 . srtl 779 B 9971 63 64 63 79 72 88 71 58 63 49 82 74 75 77 91 -84 70 68 67 64 95 58 64 50 84 56 65 55 88 76 79 59 92 53 71 63 Varsity Basketball players are KFRONT ROW, left to rightl Gary Ram- Clancy, Bob Maas, Chris Reeder, Mark Hammond, and Coach Rol age, Bob Meara, Tom Meara, Phil Gemmer, Bob Riley, jim Seamon, lin Cutter, KBACK ROWJ Coach Don Lostutter, Veo McGee, Brad Davis, Mike H2 Hoop eludes varsity netmeng squad slips to 4-17 slate With hopes for a successful sea- son resting on the shoulders of five returning lettermen, the varsity roundballers, under first year Head Coach Don Lostutter, fell to the wayside and managed only four victories for the year. After losing the first three games of the season, things started looking up as the squad scrambled to three straight wins over Wood, Scecina, and Lawrence Central. This proved to be the only bright spot of the season as the hoop men could only edge Beech Grove before the city tournament as theirfinalwin. The offensive scoring attack was led by junior forward Mike Glancy with a near 20 pt. average. Senior forward Chris Reeder added a 16 pt. scoring average to bolster the Knight attack. Ma Amidst the tangle of legs, senior member Bob Meara grapples for the ball. Chris Reeder struggles for position as the op- ponent comes out "on top." ll3 Y Fresh man hoopsters 'basket' 18 victories, pn. so ?sLEf3lBZ7Q ,ef?Q,..x A KFRONT ROW, left to rightj Eric Hall, David Freshman Basketball: Sheilds, Steve Seamon, Kim Puckett, jeff Herndon, Don Zentz. KSEC- OND ROW? David Loiver, Rodney Arnett, jody Davis, Bob Carroll, Gerald Towns, Glenn McClung, Keith DeTrude. KBACK ROW? john Muchel, Coach john Allen, Eric Nichelson, Ed Hamilton, Randy Bole, joe Cavanaugh, Lawrence Savage, Bob McWhorter, james White. V M V , A ,,,, V Frosh team member Ted Cornett, drives around his man to score another two points. The fresh- L , , men had a season record of 18-3, losing to top rated city teams. . -f., ,fL,5,fg- f-far. -fs.-we ,gsgy ,,,,1., . f - rf-- . .- xr-,.,L,ms,. ,1 -rs, Q fira at f-Q.-V. pe, .,sr ..f,1,.gQ,,, . ,,.. sr:-KH '-'1".fm, I .a,.fm, fm- ff - ' 44,3 wap,-L .- -Js iqglgsg-kr, S- K 1 , .3 esas c,.sr ,s,, rit'tl ,, , , 3 ,,.S,.,f.',.s, .- , .2f.2,s:zfsvesg.fssrzgr2 Q aiwfsagagfs sit - S H K wt: :aw-i12i'if.. 2.-:ft-1 as-ze K I -ff-f . -f.,. is is --mfrf,1.,.m,1-f V gigrggfgfz.r::z,ssa15s2,,fE-f5g?rfi2r:f2ssi:i,f- W' as , 5 -of-1 ffl Lzgzfair. '-52.5211 -f,f2ef.t- fr -' A. . , V. . ,- vw- ,,.s, 1 f i Wei" . VF ' V - V - r .055 f' f :fir f 'M 'AMW M' :iQ.lf, ' 'r S -- , in R19 gi 2, ' " V5 2-1 '! :Ng ' 5- ' ,. xiii 2 'I ' L .fi liifiv- 53' iilsul i ' ' 3iff.5-75325515 :' : " silf'-Siijsi A 3' 5 535 1 f wiwxwiii. My s:,.Q3:+'a'1jn1fis1, fi - V-.gsm-+."'mssQshe SWAT? f , -- A ' M 1 M K my sql I., szlhgyfilifyifiiii1,-:r,E53.: V's:fafiyt5':l:52:ffifj L1if5Eff'1if?H5ggg 3 I. 11 --:UT-. - f 3 -1,'Q,,. a s r ,r,,,-r . Q , A . in 'jf' Q, jr f if -L fsfisia-iz rgszgss4efrf2'1gf"'1" 1 lliawtsaffifif 7 - . wsg'fs2:'fgww's-, saws s wrwv f.-- .k , - if fm - f. fs .1 - Qigffiff - fiat ,sjig 5 Eggsisiqfgggygt-sigfjsifeiiL51im?1QefgiigF3ffsif?Qsf4Es2 gs A ,Ss ai. fs H4 35' ' K 3- ,wg .ns ,,,. ,, I .r,, , reserves get to 8-11 mark Working for future varsity spots, members of the reserve and fresh- man basketball teams earned 8-11 and 18-3 marks, respectively. Under the direction of Coach Rollin Cutter, the reserve hoop men won six of their first ten games. Wood, Scecina, Lawrence, North- west, Greenfield, and Beech Grove fell to the Knights during the first half of the season. The reserves could only scramble to win over Broad Ripple and Pike in the final nine games. The freshman ball club earned a victory slate by winning 18 of 21 games. Coach john Allen's frosh went undefeated through the sea- son's first ten games. The squad then lost three of the next five en- counters. Cathedral accounted for two of the defeats, and rival Howe squeezed by for the teamfs only otherloss. . - f' i-iiif-Ei:--. - . f ,. ,gy-mizxsgtit fs-g:sfz5sft.w:- -..f,3a4-ff-issim. :2:'.12:.ss2-ssfri .sw y51g'.fv2'is2'5--swtff31.15-.fl?-ww fs. ..m58zszx:1,.v .ts f:-fLfSf.:rgi.- -If-'. tw- if S. ' wg sfsisif'-f,.f .. . .. . . s. . X .. .WW fs -W S its wwfgw 81 is. .Hs A w.xx2Si'.mi L11-A921--f-ev.wc'f-it-2:1512 uv- tt fs-riff-ffww-:V"1?2.9tvisfwz lyiwilrff: .4-1...-. his si sex tl, C ...iw High. 54 gc... ...K -s.. ly, .s,t,X, 91 i.. H., QM, Q t... U... . .. - A5 W ..f .s t..: 9 .Smit .Biff .s . . t .M ...s M. .,v. Q.. afw. . ,tw W .sf .. .7 .. . Lixf fesili -f-ff All K .f 4' 5 8 23 '- -1 in Q? fit .f i if is-ef. fe --is tt sw .5i-fa-2f.ssa3,S-.zts ,ffs-tg-mf i,zqgf,1..,q. s.1i,sig3i1ssg.r1S g ,f.. .. .i... f-f." i ts .,.. ,, . t S rftif f ... rifs' . .f.. t.r ...i t .ssi . --rr titrfs tistts 8 ssi. s -r., f.f. 1 ,..i 5 ..t-.i ,sssi .-.,ii- 4? rts. .iis Eff .iii Q. E39 S sst- srs- 'f r -s .s 1 . ..., .,.. 5 ,.k. .K s.-.t --ri - t.i.f-l ..--. . X- 54-1 ... . ,....g C 1 istf rtf rsiir Washington if s 42 '38 Working a fake, reserve roundballer Rodney Scott attempts to out-maneuver his Shortridge opponent for a quick basket. Rodney, a freshman, started at guard. Reserve Basketball: KFRONT ROW, left to rightl Don Thrasher, john Ferguson, Ed Hart, Edgar Lacy, Rodney Scott. KBACK ROW? Mr. Rollin Cutter, jim Stonecipher, Phil Vogelsang, jeff Sterns, Bob Maas, Skip Fisher, Gary Thompson. H5 .l.4- la 7.073.421-ws t v Wits., , :fa-agen... ,Nerf if Der H4:"f"Q - V 5 'V' 4 all-city stars lead varsity diamondmen ":1:agsl:'- N'-af::' -e s:fhf,t.a.m.s.,,..,,,, Members of the Varsity Baseball Team are: IFRONT ROW, left to MF- Don Lostutter-Coach fBACK ROW? Rick Lewis, DOH Bane, Mike rightl Mr. Don Shambaugh-coach, Dave Wilson, Glenn Moses, Steve 593m0l'1, Bob Meafaf Mike GIHUCY, TCYVY Zimpleman, TOFT1 MGHVH, Draughon, lim Seamon, Ron Baker, Kevin Kestner, Keith Detrude, Terry MOOFGUWHYUG Tl'H6f0W,Mf-106 Df8Ugl1OI'1-C0aCl'I- -rf--M A North Central runner beats out a hit as first baseman Terry Zimpleman makes a desperate stab at the wild throw. II6 to winning 14- season Bolstered by four members of the all-city squad, the varsity base- ball team slugged their way to a 14-5 winningslate. An offensive scoring attack that averaged five runs per game was led by city athlete of the year Scott Tegarden, all-city third baseman Bill Baugh, catcher Lance "Rocky" Rhodes, and outfielders Steve Baker and Bob Meara. All-city ace Mike Whitaker and two-year veter- an Frank Brown headed the Knight hurlers. Hopes for a third successive win- ning season under first year head coach Don Shambaugh rested on the shoulders of veteran Bob Meara, second-sacker jim Seamon, catcher Mike Seamon, and pitcher Mike Glancy. In their first encounter, the team split a doubleheader with state runner-up South Bend Clay. l Striking out one of the North Central opponents, Senior Glenn Moses throws the perfect pitch to catcher Mike Seamon in the North Central VS Arlington contest. ..,.,.., .C C , -S 7 -eww..- ,, .-. Y--- .-,-. W- .W M., .. Q-w--.-WMV, s,.M .. .,. X Reserve Baseball Team: IFRONT ROW, left to rightj Bob Helm, Bob SOD- fBACK ROW? Mr. l06 Df2iUgll0f1-COHCh, lim 5l0I'19CiPh6f, Ed Mesalam, Tom Zemz, Fred Hart, Doug Terry, Randy Wells, John Fergu- Hart, Gary Thompson, Paul Bailey, Phil Gemmer, Wayne Traetow. ll7 r Track team faces rebuilding yearg Milam ar Q ,,. A ...iliigei Straining to reach the magical sixty-foot barrier, senior shot-putter Dave Milam exhibits the form that carried him to a third place finish in the state meet. H8 third in state A lack of varsity experience in the sprints and field events proved to be a major factor in the cinder- man's hopes for a successful season. Coach Bill Bennett's squad was bolstered by the performance of shot-putter Dave Milam, who fin- ished third in last year's state meet, as he worked to reach the sixty foot barrier. The track team again proved strong in the mile and two-mile runs and saw varsity runners Chris Coy, Gary Ramage, and Dane Phillips lead city distance men continually to the finish line. Sprinters Herb Henry and Rob McCoy were aided by the early sea- son find of underclassman Bill Bar- nett. The speedster was the only victorious Knight against North Central in the squad's first encoun- ter as he flashed to a hundred-yard win. s n 9 Gasping for air on the last lap, Knight john Berry heads for the finish line. -QD xp' Track Team: KFRONT ROW, left to rightj Robert Rusher, Steve Gors- line, Mike Bishop, Ray Saillant, jerry Campbell, David Kitcoff, Richard Massey, Keith Hybarger, Greg Sterns. KSECOND ROWJ Danny Young, Ken Finn, Dave LeMaster, Dane Phillips, Rob McCoy, Don jones, Bill Favors, Dal Biledjic, Gary Ramage, john Berry, KTHIRD ROWQ Mike X'-Q. Stevens-manager, Wayne Fuson, Herb Henry, Willard Barnett, james Riddle, Dave Oliver, Tom Beavers, Gary Orr, Denny Brown, Mike Kenrick, Bill Vickers-manager. KBACK ROW2 jeff johnson, Dan Law- horn, Don Thrasher, jerry Eidson, Geoff Roat, Rich Meschke, Dave Milam, Kenny Gray, Bill Willetts, Steve Werner. ltsre t,nv, 111, s'is, aa i, rf 7, N, .. .Q is 7,-:iii-5-ie: me ,d t 5frz:,fSg,,t.aa-we-'realm 5 , A as 1 - TTQEZTSG Qi2',,i51:'? ?if3'i5?f5'?l5Q H 'Q '35 gi, izgll '5f'fi--ly 5545? N. . , V . .M i. P . . K. .ab mf . Mc .. Q ., ., wal--V , ., ' ,. -1 ffl -:avian .. ,sgilzlm , . i'QFifz,rwGf' H1 .fm -,.f'.v1- .:Wg,f3z,g ,mggfiv 2 . ft -my w,Ji21W -vi wa.-1 t . wt. ima. sq. .frfwar . wi f if r- " g iili , i ' rll D T44 iaswarshaziv if,i,,s 1 , It all adds up for junior Kathy Hammer as she takes part in a track meet as one of the official . ,,-, , scorekeepers for the Athletic Department. Arlington B, 40 tmd third H9 Experienced three-year vets Wolf, Paulin . ,, ,,,.,. , N ,Ax '1N'.. by t I , .,ee xy ! Adding a bit of body English, varsity ace Greg Wolf booms a serve to his opponent. Putting for a par on the hole, senior Dick Lee strokes carefully. junior Russ Palma tends to the flag as his partner plays. 120 HIGH s5N-02' Sv!-HGH 9 nszitw it pace tennis, golf squads The varsity golf and tennis teams, each led by experienced three-year veterans, entered the spring season with high expectations for winning records. The golf squad, under head coach john Manka, began practice in early preparation for a three- with Scecina and Ritter, The linksters were bol- three-year letter winner Considered strong con- March in way meet March 27. stered by joe Paulin. tenders for a city title, the team was also aided by the experience of returners Paul Troy, Russ Palma, and Rick Lee. Previous city champion Greg Wolf headed an inexperienced tennis team into the spring season. Coach Lyman Combs's raquetmen based their success on the play of three- year ace Greg Wolf and that of underclass hopefuls. The squad's rebuilding season began with indoor practice in early March, then took to the courts two weeks later. Members of the Golf Squad are: KFRONT ROW, left to rightj Dave Mellor, Steve O'Dell, Richard Lee, Steve Smith. KSECOND ROWJ john Hall, Rick Sanders, Bill Harrisn, john Pyle. KBACK ROWJ Mike Farmer, Paul Troy, l0e Paulin, Russ Palma. P FH1! no' Q sill? iillmllf 5 raft? if gi, Members of the Tennis Team are: IFRONT ROW, left to rightj Ron Mayes, Dave de Rox, Fred Halter, Don Crowe, Dave Stoeppel- werth, Bill Detmer, Peter Lenk. KSECOND ROWJ Phil Vogelgesang, joe Cavanaugh, john Munchel, Mike Hancock, Don Kraege, Mike Krienik, Steve Miller, Lewis Cavanaugh. IBACK ROWJ Dick Emery, Bruce Renne- kamp, Stan Mikosz, Greg Wolf, Paul Reffeis, Tom Quigley, Steve Smith, Mr. Lyman Combs-coach. ,,.,, st l2l Clirl's world of sports includes volle ball Members of the Girls' Athletic Association are: IFRONT ROW, left to rightJ Diane Sawin, Cheryl Cardwell, Laura Ferguson, Joni Strong, Don- na Williams, Sally Teagarden, Linda Herrington, Christy Clark, Susan Edwards, Ruthie Ray, Joyce Ann Rayner. KSECOND ROWJ Betsy Mitchell, Nancy Scherer, Denise Marietta, Nancy Meek, Cindy Neil, Pat Stutsman, Sandy Rhodes, Judy Hartley, Lynn Jacobs, Debbie Bennett, Debbie Fontaine. KTHIRD ROWJ Pam Jessup, Sharon Kelley, Anita Horton, JoAnn Arbuckle, Suzy Wilson, Susie Lawrence, Pam Jor- dan, Heidi Ann Embach, Nancy King, Elaine Naverth, Mary Ann Neely. KFOURTH ROWJ Pam Shelton, Denise Payne, Connie Dorsey, Mary Zartman, Anne Knue, Marcy Mathews, Becky Eckland, Jodi Gehris, Shari Burnett, Holly Williams, Vicki Burnett. IBACK RCWJ Patricia Lee, Jyl Price, Vicki Robourn, Carol Holdaway, Nancy Bailey. GAA gave girls the chance to compete athletically. "Barefootin"' . . . Participa- ting in intramural basketball, members of the Girls' Ath- letic Association perfect their skills in dribbling, pas- sing, and hitting the basket in the traditionally male sport. 122 gymnastics, 'bas ket'ball Proving that it's not always a man's world, the Girls' Athletic As- sociation gave sports-minded girls an opportunity to compete among themselves. Under the direction of Mrs. lane Pollock, G.A.A. offered such varied activities as intramural basketball and gymnastics in the winter and volleyball and tennis in the spring season. Members of the gymnastics team, chosen in the fall in an all-school tryout, practiced twice a week in preparation for the state meet March 22, at Ball State University. Nancy Scherer, Cindy Neil, Cathy Clark, Pat Stutsman, and joAnn Arbuckle all qualified for state-wide competition. The girls also raised money for the Girls' Athletic As- sociation by performing in an intra- squad meet and charging 50 cents admission for attendance. Eiffel - Executing a handstand, senior gymnast Cindy Neil practices for the state meet. - Girls Athletic Association members jump for a "tip" in intramural basketball play. Members of the Gymnastics Team are: KFRONT ROW, left to right! Wiersma, Heidi Embach, Paula Monday Tish LeMaster Cathy Clark Beth Loveless, loni Strong, Lynn lacobs, Pam Denney, Becky Deputy, Mrs. jane Pollock, Mary Linzer, Lolita Kidwell Bev Butterfield joAnn Amy Quate, Cheryl Cardwell, janet Wilson, ISECOND ROW! Debbie Arbuckle,and Nancy Scherer. Ned Primer's Stars reign in intramurals, :N.,. 4 e .xxx Counting points are Bowling League officers Lynn Richeson, president, Miles Matthews, treas- urer, judy Mikosz, secretary of League 2, and janet Byers, secretary of League 1. bowlers gain 90 members Giving Knights a chance to par- ticipate in organized competition, intramural basketball and bowling provided an after-school outlet for athletic-minded teens. Intramural teams took over the gym twice each week as the frosh- sophomore teams played on Mon- day, and the junior-senior squads battled on Wednesday. Ned Primer's All-Stars emerged as champs by avenging an early season loss to the Zeros and defeating them by a M551 68-46 count in the final game. The Bowling League, sponsored by Mrs. Susan Gooch, boasted 90 members. Because of a high num- ber of enthusiasts, Knights "split" into two leagues, as they travelled to Hindel Lanes each Tuesday. jan Byers and judy Mikosz gained high averages for the girls, and Doug Terry and Tom Byers topped the boys. League president Lynn Riche- son organized the activities. Meeting weekly at Hindel Bowling Alley, members of the Bowling League are: KFRONT ROW, left to rightl john Kous, Morty Bernett, Sandy Barnes, Vicki Leonard, Henri Reddie, Carl White, Mike Thomp- son, Sandi Dotts, Monica Bernett, Vicki Christensen, Shirley Patton. KROW TWO! Craig White, Doug Terry, David Dransfield, Margi Marty- l24 nik, Angie Brunner, Bobbie Phelps, Steve Colson, Nunly Wells, Don Rice, jackie Brooks, Marie Childs. KBACK ROW2 Craig Larsh, Bill Israel, Dennis Williams, jay Oswalt, jim Wortman, Bud Christensen, Bob Cassell, Bill Hixon, Dave Griffey, Steve Hillan, Dave McGuire, Dennis Rhyne. .nn Q Thompson. 'The victorious "Ned Primer All-Stars" are: IFRONT ROW! Mark McAIister, Glen Moses. KSECOND ROW! Greg Wolf, Bob Lauth, Larry Gurchiek, fBACK ROW! Doug Harmas, Doug ' Although on the losing team, senior Mike Strong continues to score on the final night of in- ?-1 8 tramurals despite attempts by Doug Harmas and Doug Thompson to block him. L 1 Bowling League members are: IFRONT ROW, left to right! Becky Mil- ler, Patty Rupe, Jeannine Kreider, Betsy Mitchell, Genia lsenhauer, Susan Sumter, leannie Vitalins, Pam Dover, Debbie Hotka, Treendia Haralson, Lynn Richeson. ISECOND ROW! ludy Mikosz, Chuck Elliott, Kim Hurst, Karen Konchinsky, Linda Neidlinger, Mark Larsh, Miles ...ff l Rial? " FH! Matthews, Bill Favors, David Heacoy, Randy Beattey, Steve O'DeII, lim Gaier. IBACK ROW! Charles A. Lowery, Randy Davis, Steve Grimes, Doug Wasnidge, Bill Abbott, Bozzo Milam, Tom Byers, Mike Bigelow, Carey Lykins, Bruce Howe, Craig Romeril, Greg Hagen, Mike Conners, joe Dixon, Steve Smith. l25 View Seniors battle teachers in 'SOCk-it-to-'em' 4' ' Swing it, baby . . . Senior "Golden-Hairs" fabovej show the faculty and students that girls are not the only shapely figures capable of drawing a big round of applause. - Hidden faculty talent is discovered as Mercedes Portilla, losie Hudson, Diane Flora, Ferne Curvitz, Maxine Partee, and Maggie Blessing do their version ofa cheer, hoop contest Ten-point baskets, technical fouls on cheerleaders, "Golden-Hairs," and the beat of bongo drums marked the head-on clash of the "Fearless Faculty" and the senior boys. Challenged by the Class of 1969, the 3R'ed faculty met the opposi- tion in a 24 minute "battle of the generations" on the basketball court. Coached by Athletic Director Charles Maas, the teachers boasted such "stars" as "Hot Rod" Allen, "Slammin' Sammy" Shambaugh, "Buzz-Saw" Blaze, "Hurricane" Hutson, "Long Shot" Lostutter, "Mudcat" Murphy, and "l.B.M." Turner. Although the senior boys went down to defeat, 46-35, they re- tained their status by presenting half-time entertainment, featuring the "Golden-Hairs." "Twirlers" jim Lane and Craig Winn earned the spotlight during the performance. 126 N 'The leader of a strong faculty bench, "l.B.M." Turner acknowledges the acclaim from his loyal fans as he joins his fellow teammates at the center court. - Strategy plays an important role in winning basketball as Captains Bill Willetts, of the seniors, and Ron Chappel, of the faculty, discuss the "strict" game rules. 'S I A jump-ball proves a strain on faculty's "Hard-Hearted" Hannah and "Hot Rod" Allen. l27 W , .Ll Coaches add knowledge and experience 11 'I V .. -'W ,ie " . -rz.,msw K S' Coach Roland Cutter finds that communication with team members also be alert to sudden decisions made by the coach, while they try to and referees is an important asset to winning a game. The boys must master basicteamwork. Lining up a close shot, head golf coach john Manka gives a putter a few pointers on how to improve his swing. ' if 'l Fire up big team! . . . Coach Bill Kuntz urges his boys to display their best performance on the , 5, ' 3 football field. His enthusiasm inspired the team to six victories. i28 for winning combination Arlington coaches, the driving force behind the Knight athlete, found the victory formula as sport success marked 1968-69. Three new head coaches took varsity reigns this year. Bill Kuntz sparked the gridders to a winning 6-4 season record after a year's coaching layoff as dean of boys. Don Lostutter took over the head basketball post vacated by Tom Dobbs who went to Ball State. Don Shambaugh left neighbor Howe to head up this year's baseball team. Coach Shambaugh also led the freshman gridders to a 7-1-'I season slate. Veteran coaches Bill Bennett, Lyman Combs, lim Ellis, and john Manka continued building top teams. Coaches Bennett and Ellis each had successful winning sea- sons. Golfers, headed by john Manka, and coach Combs' tennis squad began their seasons with high hopes for city titles. lit...-in In tense moments of the Carmel game, Coach Don Lostutter ponders over the best defensive Freshman coach john Allen checks the techniques to use. Mr. Lostutter was promoted as head coach for basketball this year bench for the right substitute 13 Cheerleaders' support gives squads that Cold but happy, varsity cheerleader Meg Woods does what she does best, leading the cheers for her favorite football team. Knowing how the team feels too, yell leader Sherry Newhouse shows her concern overthetense game. 130 Members of the reserve squad are tTop to Bottom! Nancy Meek, Judy Hartley, Denise Marietta, Marcy Seybold, and Nancy King. spirit boost "Groovy, groovy, groovy . . . but they can't beat us." Cries of antici- pation and bursts of anxiety for striving athletes summed up the emotions of a spirited group of cheerleaders. Tokens of enthusiasm, candy treats and locker room decorations, provided a spark to inspire the boys immediately before each game. In sequence with the explosive school spirit, pep sessions provided an outlet for student energy and en- thusiasm. Displaying their school pride were 406 cheerblock members who wore "AHS" sweaters and de- signed a variety of catch phrases within their newly added card section to boost the striving team on to victory. "Go, Go, Go, Go, . . ." screams reserve cheerleader Nancy Meek as she awaits the team's appearanceonthe gridiron. -.1 wsmv C, The leaders of a spirit-minded student body, the varsity cheerleaders are IFRONT ROWJ Meg Woods, Pat Stutsman, KBACK ROW? Cindy Neil, Sherry Newhouse, captain Candy Belden, Laura Karen leffries. The girls were chosen by fellow students. Woods, and 'iii' WJ' mm? .wh I " "T '12 V . ' ' T . h "HH fig, lljfftc 571.1 ,lag-.Y g av' 4 .v - A .1 :QI X uf' ,. K ff ,,, f4y,,..,t,, .. A W f 'M i 5, Q, T .N-yiyn T , The freshman cheerleaders are Pam Jordan, Sharon Kelly, Pam lessup, selected by members of the boistrous class of 1972 in a hard fought Sandy Rhodes, and JoAnne Arbuckle. The "Greenie" yell squad was election at the start of the school year. l3l l High stepping halftimers highlight games Happiness is a halftime performance for senior Goldenaire Debbie Campbell. l32 Little Goldenaire mascot Lisa Skinner tries to find out what surpris Mr. William Fellows, has in store for her on Christmas morning. --" es Santa Claus, played by ,ft A QW .H , ik, af my , g 2 ap. ts' get with routines Marching to the rhythm of high- stepping tunes, the 64-member Goldenaire unit again added sparkling performances at basket- ball and football halftimes. Under the skilled direction of Mrs. Burdeen Schmidt, the spirit- minded girls practiced twice each week to give as near-perfect a show as possible. The Goldenaires braved a biting wind and freezing tem- peratures when they participated with the marching band in the an- nual Veteran's Day Parade down- town. ln the fall, the squad again performed with the band at Purdue University's High School Band Day. In keeping with the yuletide spirit, the girls worked extra hard for their Christmas show, complete with Santa himself, played by Mr. William Fellows, tossing gifts of candy to the Knight crowd. -Q 6 " A iw Q Af., Elwfll' Q F 1 A If at we X ,-jx 9 , V ,Tm S ggi? 1 , . if w uv ' l in 5 5 'K 2 -5 X W ggi , f' W :- i f . . Performing at their last football halftime, senior Goldenaires, like Chris King, were featured at the Broad Ripple game. After spending Tuesday and Thursday nights perfecting difficult routines, the half-time per- formers put on a near-perfect show for the Knight-time audience. Goldenaire members are mascot Lisa Skinner, fRow Onel Ann Waller-co captain, Barb Hartley-captain, Lori Grana-captain, Becky Pearce-co captain IRow Two? Patty Donegan, Becky Deputy, Debbie Fitt, Elizabeth lacovac, Cindy Clark, Beth Loveless, Bonnie Beaumont Pam Denney, laney Baskett, Debbie Bennet, Patty Kendall, Kathy LeFeber w ry Linzer, Diana Bailey, Merle Safford, Carol Hughes, Debbie Campbell, Linda Cable, Karen Ken- nedy, Barbara Saillant, Heidi Embach, Cindy Loomis, Debbie Wilson, Faye Grigsby, Robyn Chamness, Merry Spoostra, Cheryl Cardwell IRow Fourj Donna Roberts, Memory Lawhorn, Elizabeth Kidwell, Ann Beall, Chris Carter, Nancy Atkinson, Debbie Justus, Ioni Strong, Terry Drinkett, Susan Edwards, Sue Young, Peggy Klein, Debbie Felkins, lngie Kirshner, Diane Tolli- ver, Karen lessup, Patty Villars, Tisha LeMaster. l33 He walks Enclosed in a circle Of2,80O faces. Yet he stands out- He is an individual. He has his own way Ofslamming his locker, Calling "hi" to a friend, Tossing his silverware Into the dishwater. His manner of dropping The "exact fare" In the bus collection box Is unlike all others. Yet he is one- A small fraction Of the massive whole. He listens- Shuffling feet Rushing toward exits During a fire drill. He is a Knight- 1!2800 of the school. He iS the KNIGHT BEAT. ' ""l'Z - -5 arf ff-E F-Si?-Z f :ff-if-F-552-i-4-2 :15-f1E1f2ffEf??f1??fQ5l5Qi 'eN!E5"'i1 12 'E:lgfgi5?3E5i1E1?5?21.9l323E1E5:5:5E3E,f, ffi7:3fQffff5ffZff:Ef?E -e 'N ' ' 6 H My ' ., In " nf 5' skis ,QP f A .. 'V .1 fr. . 2555 A '23, Yr ag. ., is H3 if ww ,X ,- 1971. Ti ALB 'fx 'Q' ' f .Q xv If Q, 3 KNIGHT BEAT '69 BX 1 Teen loeat keeps teachers at hectic tempo 3. Q i ' sm- 5 9 S s Q t Y sf . lt Q sjf ...Wa .c s '.1,.A1:A.L..l i ' ff' f ' A 4 if 1 I 5 1 .A L7 J VJ ' , Y, Q, rf ggyrlg af, ns., . fi .--ax f" , .-ffi . - I ' wAwm4!.!4,'19 Q- rf ,:f.',g. iifigfis iff' in-' 2, 5,4 -Q, , f as sf Qf-, for 13.55, 24 f'f1,1.!l..r ,,.e'f' aloe? -uf-.-a:25,. 'He M Y' sw gp QE Lge ji? fi? ' r as Nl? ,st , e .am c ,, 0 I Beginning her day the same as the other teachers, Mrs. Margery Hindman makes her first stop at the main office where she initials the morning check-in list. l36 A student receives information on a biological mystery from teacher, Mr. William Bess. 'Si W coordinating activities, preparing lessons ll " Sa" 5.13 s , J.. , all 55 -K f o t , f eff.. . fa!! ,,l,0 1 9 5 3' fi S g,,,. - Q'l"' b 4 .'- ' it I ' 'R-f- - Although the average Knight complains daily of the load of homework that he is given, Mrs. Clara Weaver proves that it is just as much a problem to her! Mr. Forest Witsman helps with schedules. isters a tuberculin test to a student. :From history teacher to frosh counselor, 0 School nurse Mrs. Rowena Graub admin- Pages rustled As teachers Graded papers Assisting teens In their quest For knowledge. Acting as sponsors, Teachers added enthusiasm To club activities. Blaring combos, And the teen "beat" Entered The teacher's life As they attended dances As chaperones. An Arlington first, The "Co-ed" lounge Sounded With laughter, Discussions on politics, Bubbling soft drinks, And the silence Found Outside the classroom. Listening ears And helpful hands Characterized teachers- Part-time counselors. The faculty Added a steady tempo One of sureness, evenness, Providing A supporting melody T0 the KNIGHT BEAT. 137 Administrators create harmon in school, is E 5 V -Y, A 559 i l 5 ui 55 'wa RN ta 40512 Sandwiching his lunch in between the shuffle of daily school work, Principal Ralph Clevenger takes time to sift through his weekly correspondence. Vice-principal Robert Gwyn shares his photography hobby with the Camera Club. Anticipating graduation, seniors Mike Boucher, Kent Anderson, and Debbie Sanderg turn to Guidance Director Daniel Welch for advice in planning their future. 138 Vice-principal Robert Turner checks up on program cards as he coordinates schedules. set pattern for students Keeping 2,800 students on the right track was a royal feat for the Arlington administration. This "king- sized" job included guiding and counseling students, discussing problems with parents, and keep- ing schedules in order. Absorbing the impact of the 1969 Knight beat, Principal Ralph Clevenger mastered the art of solving problems that faced indivi- duals and the school. In matching the rapid tempo of the year, Vice-principal Robert Turner drummed out 2,800 schedules each semester while Vice-principal Robert Gwyn coordi- nated school clubs and scheduled buses. Deans Belgen Wells and Harry Caskey helped preserve cadence in student life by counseling students. Mr. Daniel Welch aided college- bound seniors by keeping them informed on college requirements and test dates. Dean of Boys Mr. Harry Caskey tries to solve the problems of male Knights, as he counsels Lawrence Palmer on the reason for his call slip. After a European tour for better world understanding, Mrs. Belgen Wells and loAnne Bryan discuss their summer with nation-wide Student Council representatives. titif' :X- t. ,mi , - 5. "'3""-midi-....u 139 Faculty 'rf' After a hectic day in the classroom, Mrs. Margaret lanert finds the weatherman has provided her with still anotherjob. I40 RALPH CLEVENGER-M.S., Indiana, Purdue, Butler Universities, Principal. ROBERT TURNER-M.A., Ball State, Indiana Univer- sities, Vice-Principal. ROBERT GWYN-M.A. Butler University, Vice-Principal. MRS. BELCEN WELLS-M.S., Indiana State, Indi- ana Universities, Dean of Girls. HARRY CASKEY- M.A., Butler University, Dean of Boys. DANIEL WELCH-M.A., Indiana University, Guidance Counselor. JAMES ABRAHAM- M.S., Purdue and Indiana State Universities, science. RICHARD ALL-B.S., Indiana State, industrial arts. IOHN ALLEN-M.S., Butler University, social studies. MRS. MARGARET ARMENOFF-M.S., Indiana State and But- ler Universities, business education. MRS. AUDRA BAILEY-M.S., Indiana Uni- versity and Butler University, math. RALPH BAILEY-M.A., Butler University, social Studies. MRS. ELIZABETH BEAL-M.A., But- ler University, social studies. MISS MARY BENEDICT-M.S., Butler University, English and journalism. WILLIAM BENNETT-M.A., Indiana University, math. WILLIAM BESS-M.S., Butler and Indiana Universities, science, MRS. SHIRLEY BICKERTON-B.A., Butler University, Eng- lish. MISS SUZANNE BLACK-M.A., Colum- bia University, business education. THOMAS BLACKBURN-R.O.T.C. DAVID BLASE- B.A,, Indiana University, biology. MISS MARGARET BLESSING-M.S., Indi- ana University, business education. THOMAS BRETHAUER-M.A., Indiana and Butler Universities, Elementary Guidance Coun- selor. MRS. ELIZABETH BROWN-office. MISS MARTHA BURTON-M.M., North- western University, math. MRS. DELINDA CALDWELL-M.A., Butler University, busi- ness education. ELMER CALLAWAY-M.A., DePauw and University of Illinois, biology. LOUIS CHANEY-M.A., Indiana and Butler Uni- versities, science. THOMAS CHAPMAN- B.S., Indiana State University, science. RONALD CHAPPELL-M.S., Butler Univer- sity, physical education. MRS. HARRIET CLARK-M.A., Butler University, English. DONALD CLODFELTER-M.A., Butler and University of Mississippi. LYMAN COMBS- M.A., Butler and Indiana Universities, physical education. ROLLIN CUTTER-M.S., Butler and Indiana Universities, physical education. WILL DAVIES-M.S., Indiana State University, science. IOSEPH DEZELAN -B.S., Butler University, physical education. Faculty S Ver MRS. GLADYS DONALSON-M.S., Butler University, English. IOE DRAUGHAN-M.S., Franklin College and Butler University, physical education. MRS. IUNE EDISON- school accompanist. IAMES ELLIS-M.S., Indiana University, physical education. OWEN FAIR-A.M.T., Oakland College, Indiana University, math. GEORGE FELDMAN-M.A., Hanover Col- lege, Indiana University, foreign language. WILLIAM FELLOWS-B.S,, Purdue Univer- sity, industrial arts. WILLIAM FISHBACK- M.A., Indiana University, foreign language. BILL FISHER-M.S., Indiana State Univer- sity, math. MRS. ALICE FITZGERALD-office. MRS. MARTHA FLANNERY-Office. DIANE FLORA-B.S., Indiana University, nurse. MRS. GEORGIA FLOREN-B.A., Indiana State University, English. BENIAMIN FORT- M.S., Butler University, social studies. EDDIE FOSTER-Hanover College, Butler University, science. I-41 b s ! Faculty W 1 -an ii Advanced biology instructor Mr. Thomas Walls gives seniors Cliff Dahlen and Mike Strong some helpful hints as they near completion on the dissection of their cat. Spanish teacher Miss Ferne Gurvitz finds out "what's happening" as she empties her box of messages. The boxes in the main office serve as a means of communication. MRS. IANE GILLETTE-finance office. MRS. .. . , SUSAN GOOCH-A.B., Ohio University, " Q. V a s , tggg English. Mizs. GLADYSMAE GOOD-M.S., , ' , Butler University, science. MRS. EMMA ' , GOODE-M.S., Butler University, home -fz i . economics. MRS. ROWENA GRAUB-M.S., 1 ., Y VH Butler University, nurse. X "'l 55 X S tvts L VICTOR GRAVES-M.A., Indiana State University, industrial arts. EVERETT GREEN -M.A., Ball State University, science. MISS FERNE GURVITZ-B.A., University of Wis- consin, foreign language. IAMES HANNAH -B.S., University of Louisville, science. MRS. ESSILEE HAMILTON-adult librarian assistant. WALLACE HARTMAN-M.S., lndiana State, Ball State Universities, industrial arts. MRS. IEAN HEATON-M.S., Butler University, home economics. BERNARD HEEKE-M.A., Indiana State University, industrial arts. MISS ALICE HESSLER-M.A., Butler University, English. MRS. MARC-ERY HIND- MAN-M.S., Indiana, Butler Universities, art. MRS. FURNISS HOLLOWAY-M.A., Indi- ana University, English. RALPH HORINE- M.A., Ball State University, music. ROBERT A. HOWARD-B.S., Purdue University, science. MISS MIRIAM HOWE-office. ELBERT HOWELL-M.A., Butler University, social studies. MISS IOSIE HUDSON-B.A., Ball State University, business education. MRS. CLARENA HUFFINGTON-M.S., Butler University, English. MRS. BETTY HUNGER- FORD-M.A., Butler University, home economics. PAUL HUTSON-M.S., Butler University, orientation, guidance. MISS RITA IACKSON-B.S., Purdue University, math. MRS. MARGARET IANERT-M.A., Butler University, social studies. MISS ANNE IEFFERY-M.A., Indiana University, foreign language. ROBERT IEFFERY-M.S., Butler University, art. MRS. MAIORIE IETER- guidance office. MRS. MARILYN IOHAN- NESSEN-B.S., Purdue University, home economics. Faculty . 's- 3 .,..' ' i ,. . gg I it , siittev. with i X A UL, .C L S 5 x I 17 1 IAMES L. IOHNSON-M.A., Indiana University, English. IOHN KATSAROPOU- LOS-M.A., Indiana Central College, foreign language. MRS. BARBARA KELLE- office. ADOLF KERBER-M.S., Butler University, English. GERALD KNIPFEL-M.A., Butler University, music. CARL KRAUCUNAS-M.S., Butler Uni- versity, industrial arts. WILLIAM KUNTZ- M.S., Marion College, Butler University, math. THOMAS LAND-head custodian. DON LOSTUTTER-A.B., M.A., Hanover College, University of Illinois, math. CHARLES MAAS-M.A., Butler University, athleticdirector. IOHN MANKA-M.S., Butler University, Indiana University, physical education. DONALD MANNAN-M.A., Butler Uni- versity, social studies. MRS. LYDIA MAUREY -M.A., Butler University, social studies. MRS. SALLY MAZE-M.A., Butler University, business education. ROBERT McCLARY- M.S., Indiana University, science. I43 5 it jigaii ,I ,, f. it 'i . K Q ,QW . ' 1 ii' . R Inf. ll "1 faea,.a-ai -ra- 'Ie .K -. A. :, . ,WE-.ivig-gl' . im ' 3 Li 1. - MRS. MAXINE PARTEE-B.S., Knoxville College, business education. MRS. BAR- BARA PATTERSON-B.S., Butler University, home economics. WILLIAM PENNINGTON -R.O.T.C. MRS. IANE POLLOCK-B.A., Indiana University, physical education. MRS. MERCEDES PORTILLA-M.A., Uni- versity of Havana, Indiana University, foreign language. MRS. ANN POULIMAS-Office. MISS YVONNE RABABA-B.A., Butler University, English. MRS. BARBARA RAINWATER- A.B., Avila College, English. MRS. MAR- GARET ROGERS-M.A., Indiana University, foreign language. MRS. MARGARET ROWE -M.A., Indiana University, Northwestern University, business education. MRS. BURDEEN SCHMIDT-B.S., Indiana University, physical education. MRS. MARGARET SCHROEDLE-M.S., Hanover College, Indiana University, Butler University, librarian. JOHN SCHULZ-M.A., University of Innsbruck, foreign language. DON SHAMBAUGH--M.S., Indiana Central, Butler University, social studies. IOHN SIMPSON-B.S., Iohn Herron Art Institute, Indiana University, art. I44 DELMAR MERRITT-B.A., Indiana Central, biology. Miss IANE MEsslcK-MA., john Herron Institute, art. MRS. HAZEL MESSIN- GER-Office. DEWAINE METCALF-B.S., Northwest Missouri State College, industrial arts. MRS. ZONDA MONTGOMERY-B.S., University of Minnesota, music. IOHN MORRIS-M.A., University of Penn- sylvania, social studies. MRS. RACHEL MUIR -A.B., Grove City College, math. MRS. IOYCE MULLANE-B.A., University of Michigan, social studies. DICK MURPHY- B.S., Indiana Central, business education. AL NOWAK-M.S., Indiana University, science. RICHARD OGLESBY-M.S., Indiana State University, science. WILLIAM ORME-M.S., Butler University, physical education. BOYD OWEN-M.A., Indiana University, Indiana State, math. MISS LOUISE PADOU -M.A., Butler University, Wisconsin University, English. MRS. HENRIETTA PARKER-M.A., Carnegie Institute of Technology, science. MRS. IOYCE SMITH-B.A., University of Kentucky, English. MISS PRISCILLA SMITH -M.S., Indiana State University, music. IOHN STAVER-B.S., Indiana University, science. PAUL TERRELL-M.S., Indiana State University, science. JAMES URBAIN- M.A., Butler University, English. IOHN VANCE-B.S., Ball State University, Business manager. MRS. BERYL VAUGHAN -M.A., Indiana University, social studies. HENRY VOLK-M.A., Indiana University, math. CHARLES WAGGONER-M.A., Earl- ham College, business. THOMAS WALLS- M.A., Indiana, Lehigh Universities, science. MRS. FRANCES WAY-M.A., Indiana University, home economics. MISS CLARA WEAVER-M.S., English. MISS SHIRLEY WERNER-M.A., Purdue University, art. DONALD WHITE-B.S., Hanover College, science. MISS MARTHA WHITE-M.S., Butler University, home economics. MERLE WIMMER-M.A., Butler University, science. FOREST WITSMAN-M.A., Purdue, Butler Universities, social studies. MRS. IEAN WOODWARD-M.A., University of Michigan, English. MRS. DAVEDA WYATT -M.A., University of Oklahoma, English. ROBERT ZETZL-M.A., Purdue University, science. Camera Shy Teachers IRVIN CASH-M.A., Ball State University, English. MRS. GERALDINE DeHART-M.S., Butler University, librarian. MRS. MARY DEWITZ-M.A., Xavier University, English. MRS. EVALEEN IONES-M.A., University of Tennessee, math. MISS IANICE RUSNAK -M.A., Western Michigan, Indiana Universities, English. MRS. ELAINE SAN- TORE-B.A., Clarion State College, English. Senior counselor Everett Green lends a hand in cleaning up after the flood. I45 Cooks, custodians make 'all systems gog' ' " A it Preparing a meal for hungry Knights, Mrs. Toni Harrel stirs a kettle of chili. Engineer Maurice Hoop performs his job, checking a maze of pipes and dials in order to insure safety and smooth running of equipment for Arlingtonites. in! Members of the cooking staff are KFIRST ROW left to right! Monica Shislet, Edith Sawyer, Bonnie Blines, Betty Black, Dottie Horn, Mary Conry, Toni Harrel, Mary Key, Marjorie Massingale-head cook. KSECOND ROWJ Mabel Detwiler, Andrew Hungerford, Mary Forth, Crystal Duffy, Lelia Grundy, Evelyn Davison, Mary VanDe, Maxine 146 Looper, Adeline Yaizer ITHIRD ROWI Beatrice Ford, Rosemary Green- up, Bob Franklin, Oakla Whiteside, Pauline Craig, Mary Grant, Dolorus Lytle, Nadean Harrison. IFOURTH ROWJ Vernina Crawford, Mary Gatewood, Irene Strome, Audrey Kehrer, Clara Zaring, Betty Pitten- ger, Mina Martin, Lillie Larson. guards cover 'night beat' Throughout the day, 34 cooks kept a steady flow of hot food com- ing for hundreds of students and teachers.,Mrs. Marjorie Massingale commanded the cooks who arrived at 7:30 a.m. Monday through Friday to meet the hunger needs of 2,800 Knights. Baking, broiling and boiling, the cooks served nutritious lunches featuring a variety of food. A squad of custodians and ma- trons spent hours keeping the school free from litter. Mr. Thomas Land headed the group who washed boards and swept floors. Two engineers ruled the cata- combs of the school making sure "all systems were go." Keeping with their own "night beat," the watch- men kept a round-the-clock vigil of school security-safety chains and locks. Custodians: QFIRST ROW left to rightj Fred Malcom Beatrice Underwood Paul jones ISECOND ROWJ Ray Parr, Willie johnson, Gypson Bland Sparkey Hauser L---t"":'.1"L .SEM Watchman joe Madden lrightj punches the clock at a check point Thomas Land jtopj plans a work schedule Engineer joe Hou- chins fleftj checks a heating system Senioritis struck More teens Than the Hong Kong flu. Class unity developed As enthusiasm grew For dress-up days And caravans. But underclass hours Dared to appear On senior schedules Creating a mass exodus to Ripple's "Knight"school. Harmony sounded From wastebaskets And spoons When senior boys made Their talent show debut. Actors jeopardized grades As seniors shed Pseudo-sophistication To recreate Tom jones' England. Navy blue and gold Symbolized status, While calendars signified A countdown of days and a Sea of gold motarboards. From greenies to graduates Seniors sock it to 'em . . . Senior cheerleader Bill Willettes wears his "pride" as senior powder- bowl coach Mr. lim Ellis briefs him in some spirited cheers. Senior Surprize . . . Senior boys surprize their audience with a "musical" skit as well as "Tiny Tim Rusthoven" with a "shaving cream pie" in the face. a 4-year orbit of fellowship Hey Baby, that's status . . . Seniors zeroed in on a blue and gold form of distinguishing themselves from the underclassmen-a ribbon to be worn Fridays by seniors only. .4 J l 11191- Representing their class in the talent show, senior girls paint their sign. Forming their first "official" cheerblock, the Class of '69 flies their banner. 149 i I :fran-'fr .395 kilt' l'5,'-'45 'E ll'l:I,1. Eb 5-""' U nf lin? nt' Gm ' I D Echoing his choice, senior Russ Kennedy accentuates the beat of mock elections. Senior maturity includes experiencing all as- pects of approaching adulthood. ,, If ' :.,,,.a A 1 asf- cg t W ll sf-' r 1.tia4Pf" N Leading the Spirit of '69 are IFRONT ROW, left to right! Mary Linzer-alumni secretary, Lori Grana-secretary, Robyn Chamness-first vice-president. KBACK ROW! Marc Boucher-trea- surer, Craig Winn-president, lim Lane-second vice-president. 1' wr ia. 0 -ang., Ill'--sq.-1 -an-YQ... , A--u-...M W... f.. M., WN Jawa. was-.. af .gn -5 me FM-up , W ,.sg..if,,, ,, , 'NN M . Hgh l in . nl Y A lk' ?X."4A.w N. ' fe ,, 'Wei 'fi 1 50 "'-git M . 'Knight' life over, seniors 'beat' new paths .cp i,: ' QQ- 5-' set new aims The road to maturity ls growing shorter- Aspects of college, careers Loom in our future. High school is in the past But forever remains "Thejoys that were ours." Senior sponsor Everett Green points out test dates to Bill Hixon and Debbie Lake. Walking and remembering . . . Ann Waller reflects the four year road to graduation. l5l Y, I IAMES LEE ARBUCKLE-Freshman Cross Country5 Re- serve Wrestling 3. 'f-f ,, STAN E. ARMSTRONG-Brebeuf High School 1. LAURA ARNAO M. CHRISTINA ASHWELL-A.F.S. Foreign Exchange Stu- dent, Paraguay5 Student Council 45 Talent Show 4. I NANCY ATKINSON-National Thespians 2-4, Clerk 35 Student Council Alternate 253, Representative 45 Senior Colors Committee5 FNA 35 FTA 25 GAA 2,35 IA 45 Knights Klub 1-45 Goldenaire 3,45 Office Messenger 15 P.E. Assistant 3,45 Intramural Volleyball 2,35 Exploratory Teaching4. I. STANLEY BAKER-National Honor Society 3,45 Chess Club 1-35 Reserve Tennis 2. MICHAEL BAKER-Letterman's Club 2-45 Reserve Base- ball 2, Varsity 3,45 Football Manager 1-4. DON BANE P MARK E. BANKS-Senior Colors Committee5 Concert Band 45 Marching Band 3,4. SHARON E. BATDORF-Student Council 35 FTA 253, Sec- retary 35 Knights Klub 1. MICHAEL BATES KAREN A. BAUERLE I DEBBIE IO BAYNE-IA3,45 Tri Hi-Y1. IAMES BEALL-Spirit Committee 45 Office Messenger 25 Intramural Basketball 15 Freshman Football. Y IANE L. BEARD-Knights Klub 3,45 Fairfield Iunior High 15 South Side High School, Fort Wayne 2. PHILLIP BECKWITH-German Club 35 IA 45 Freshman Wrestling. l52 Seniors I DEBRA LYNN ADKINS-Spirit Committee 45 IA 3,45 Knights Klub 1-35 Red Cross 35 Office Messenger 45 'Intra- mural Volleyball 1-4. VERNITTA IEAN ALLEN-IA 45 Knights Klub 45 Office Messenger 45 Rossville High School, Rossville, Georgia 1-3. DAVID ALLGOOD-IA 4. IOE W. ALLIO-Freshman Football, Reserve 25 Freshman Wrestling5 ROTC 3. I E. ROBERTA ALLISON-IA 3,45 Knights Klub 15 Spanish Club 1,25 Tri-Hi-Y 2. RON AMOS-Concert Band 3,45 Marching Band 1-45 Or- chestra 3,45 Pep Band 2-45 Chess Club 1-45 FTA 45 Science Club 25 Spanish Club 45 "My Fair Lady"5 Reserve Tennis 1,2. ERIC S. ANDERSON-Student Council 15 Concert Choir 3,45 Boy's Ensemble 15 Office Messenger 25 Intramural Basketball 3,45 Freshman Wrestling. I. KENT ANDERSON-Concert Choir 3,45 Boy's Ensemble 25 Varsity Baseball 3,45 Reserve Football 4. IMARK BOVARD DAVID ALLEN BRADLEY-Intramural Basketball 45 Fresh- man Football. MARILYN SUE BRAMBLE-Office Education Association 45 National Honor Society 45 Student Council 1,2. CYNTHIA ANN BRANDT-Office Education Association 45 Our Lady of Mercy High School 15 Olympic High School 2, Charlotte, N.C.5 Decatur Central High School 2. l IANE BRANHAM-National Honor Society 3,45 junior Prom Committee5 History Club 3,4, Librarian 35 IA 3,45 Knights Klub 1,25 Latin Club 45 I.U. Honors Finalist 35 Intramural Volleyball 2. STEVE K. BRIDGES-Boy's Ensemble 35 Concert Choir 45 IA 3,45 Letterman's Club 45 Freshman Football, Re- serve 2,3, Manager 4. STEPHANIE A. BRIGHT-Quill and Scroll 3,4, Treasurer 45 Spirit Committee 45 LANCER Staff 3,45 IA 3,45 Ball State journalism Institute 35 lunior Prom Committee5 Harrison High School, Evansville 1. AUSMA BRIKMANIS-German Club 1-45 Clinic Assis- tant 3,45 Office Messenger 1,25 Iunior Prom Committee. Seniors I IAN BEHRMANN-Treble Aires 3,45 Knights Klub 15 "King and I"5 "My Fair Lady", Costumes. CANDY BELDON-Senior Colors Committee5 GAA 1-35 Reserve Cheerleader 2, Captain 2, Varsity 3,4, Captain 45 Goldenaire 15 P.E. Assistant 3,45 intramural Volleyball 1-45 Powderbowl 4. DE ANN BELL-GAA 1,25 Knights Klub 1,25 Intramural Volleyball 1,2. SANDRA JEAN BELLEW-Intramural Volleyball 1,2. I ANDREW P. BENOYI'-Varsity Golf 3,4. IOHN OLIVER BENTON-National Thespians 45 Chess Club 2,35 Spanish Club 2,35 Auditorium Technician 1-45 A.V. Assistant 1-45 A.V. Workshop 35 ROTC 3,4. JOHN R. BERRY-Letterman's Club 3,45 Intramural Basket- ball 1-45 Varsity Cross Country 3,45 Freshman Football5 Var- sity Track 3,4. MICHAEL BIGELOW-Chess Club 2,35 Bowling League 2-45 Freshman Baseballg Freshman Basketball5 Varsity Tennis 2-4. l SHERYL S. BIGELOW-National Honor Society 45 Office Education Association 4. CAROL S. BILLEN-Spirit Committee 45 Art Club 45 French Club 35 Shortridge High School 1,2. SUSAN BISCHOFF-National Forensics League 2-4, Sec- retary 35 National Honor Society 3,45 Quill and Scroll 3,45 LANCER Staff 3,4, Editor 45 History Club 1-4, Trea- surer 2, Vice-president 4, President 35 Girl's State 35 Press Workshop, Syracuse University 35 A.V. Assistant 1-45 Indiana junior Historical Society 3,4, Secretary 3,4. ANN BISHOP-National Honor Society 3,45 Arlingtones 45 Concert Choir 45 Treble Aires 35 Orchestra 1-45 "Oklahoma"5 "Brigadoon", "King and I"5 "My Fair Lady"5 Talent Show 4. ISTEPHEN KERMIT BLACK-Student Council Alternate 1,25 Spirit Committee 45 Arlingtones 45 Concert Choir 3,45 Talent Show 45 Freshman Football, Reserve 2,35 Freshman Wrestling, Reserve 2. DONALD MICHAEL BLUE-Concert Choir 3,45 Concert Band 3,4, Captain 45 Reserve Band 1,25 Marching Band 1-4, Manager 45 Pep Band 2-45 Orchestra 2-45 IA 3,45 "King and I"5 "My Fair Lady"5 Talent Show 3,4. MARC ALLEN BOUCHER-Quill and Scroll 45 Student Council 1-4, President 45 Indianapolis Federation of Student Councils 1-3, Treasurer 2, President 35 LANCER Staff 3,4, Business and Advertising Manager 45 Senior Class Treasurer5 I.U. Press Workshop 35 junior Prom King5 Knight Candidate 45 Freshman Football, Reserve 2,3, Varsity 4. MICHAEL LEE BOUCHER-Student Council Alternate 45 Spirit Committee 45 Senior Constitution Committee5 Science Club 1,25 Varsity Football 4. l53 l DON BUCHANAN-JA 3,45 Freshman Wrestling5 ROTC 3. RON BUCHANAN-P.E. Assistant 3,45 Freshman Wrestling5 ROTC 35 Football Manager 2. M. DIANE BUHR-FTA 3,45 GAA 45 JA 45 Spanish Club 35 Intramural Volleyball 45 Chatard High School 1,2. STEVE BULL-Electronics Club 3,45 A.V. Assistant 25 Intra- mural Basketball 3,45 Freshman Wrestling. I RANDALL L. BULTMAN-Letterman's Club 45 Fresh- man Football, Reserve 2, Varsity 3,45 Freshman Wrestling5 Freshman Track, Reserve 2, Varsity 3,4. REBECCA J. BULTMAN-Student Council Alternate 25 Spirit Committee 45 Junior Prom Committee5 Junior Mother's Tea Committee5 GAA 15 JA 35 Knights Klub 1-35 Reserve Cheerleader 25 Goldenaire 35 Talent Show 3,4, Co-Coordinator 45 Intramural Volleyball 1-45 ACCOLADE Staff 3,45 Powderbowl 4. WILLIAM E. BURP-JA 45 Reserve Cross Country 35 Fresh- man Wrestling5 ROTC 3. PAMELA J. BURRELL-Junior Mother's Tea Committee5 Intramural Volleyball 1,2. I SUSAN LYNN BURTON-ACCOLADE Staff 2,35 Knights Klub 1,25 Tri-Hi-Y 1. TERRI E. BUTCHER-National Honor Society 3,45 Spirit Committee 3,45 LANCER Respresentative1-35 Senior Con- stitution Committee5 Knights Klub 1,25 Spanish Club 15 Talent Show 3,4. BONNIE SUE BUTLER-North Central High School 1,2. DARRELL W. BUTLER-FAD 3. I JANET L. BYERS-National Honor Society 3,45 French Club 15 Bowling League 1-4, Treasurer 2, Secretary 3,45 Intramural Volleyball 15 ROTC Sponsor 45 Military Ball Queen Candidate 4. LINDA LEE CABLE-Knights Klub 1-45 Goldenaire 3,45 Talent Show 3,45 Intramural Volleyball 2-45 Powderbowl 4. JUDY ANN CAIN-Library Assistant 35 Junior Prom Com- mittee5 Junior Mother's Tea Committee. -LINDA G. CALDWELL-ACCOLADE Representative 45 JA 3,45 Knights Klub 1,25 Junior Prom Committee5 Junior Mother's Tea Committee5 Lawrence Central High School 1. l54 we 2 aff Q ' -4 if rr A .- .L 'K 'Q .asm Seniors I DAVID R. BROOKS-National Honor Society 45 Intra- mural Basketball 1,2,4. AMY BROWN-Student Council 3,4, Alternate 1,25 JA 45 Knights Klub 25 Junior Prom Queen Candidate. DEBORAH IOANN BROWN--Talent Show 4. JAMES W. BROWN-National Forensics League 3,45 National Thespians 3,45 "King and l"5 Debate Team 35 ROTC 3,45 Rifle Team 4, President 4. I JANET LYNN BROWN-National Forensics League 3,45 National Honor Society 45 National Thespians 2-4, Secretary 3,45 LANCER Staff 45 Treble Aires 35 Concert Choir 45 Knights Klub 1,25 Tri-Hi-Y 25 "Brigadoon"5 "King and l"5 "My Fair Lady"5 "Pygmalion"5 Debate Team 3,45 Debate Workshop 45 Repertory Company 4. SALLY A. BROWN-Quill and Scroll 3,45 LANCER Staff 2-4, Business Manager5 Treble Aires 35 Concert Choir 45 Knights Klub 1,25 Ball State Press Workshop 4. ANGELINE BRUNNER-JA 45 Bowling League 3,4. JOANNE BRYAN-Quill and Scroll 3,45 Student Council 1-4, Secretary 4, Cabinet 2-45 Spirit Committee 45 ACCO- LADE Staff 2-4, Advertising Manager 45 Concert Choir 45 l.U. Leadership Institute 25 NASC Ohio Worksh0p5 NASC European Tour 45 Ayres Fashion Board. , ,V ' If l2k'fi1fVi , .4 . , ol - " 3 1 L . li '...,v' A .Q W, - - S 'f . F' 7 , l 5 . . X' v""' Y ' I TERRY COCHRAN-Mariemant High School, Cincinnati, Ohio 1. IOHN M. COFER-Spirit Committee 45 LANCER Repre- sentative 35 FAD 45 IA 45 Intramural Basketball 2. BRENDA KAY COLE BRUCE M. COLEMAN .IOHN CLIFFORD COLLINS-Iunior Prom Committee5 Electronics Club 3,45 German Club 1,25 IA 3,45 A.V. Assistant 1-4. IOHN MICHAEL CORRIDEN SUE B. COUCH-Library Assistant 4. CHRIS COY-Student Council 15 Senior Colors Com- mittee5 Letterman's Club 2-45 Intramural Basketball 1-45 Varsity Cross Country 1-45 Varsity Track 1-45 Fellowship of Christian Athletes 2-4, President 4. Seniors IBETTY IEAN CAMPBELL-National Honor Society 3,45 Science Seminar 35 National Merit Finalist 4. DEBORAH A. CAMPBELL4National Honor Society 3,45 Spirit Committee 45 Arlingtones 3,45 Concert Choir 3, Secretary 45 Treble Aires 25 GAA 3,45 Knights Klub 1-45 Goldenaire 3,4, Pennants 45 P.E. Assistant 45 Li- brary Assistant 15 "King and I"5 Talent Show 3,45 Bowling League 35 Intramural Volleyball 1-4. SHERYL M. CAPP-Home Economics Assistant 45 Office Education Association 4. IAMES D. CARTER I ROBERT F. CASSELL-Concert Band 3,45 Marching Band 1,3,45 Orchestra 3,45 Pep Band 45 "King and I"5 "My Fair Lady"5 Dixie Heights High School 1. CHERYL ANNE CATT-Clinic Assistant 3,45 Office Messen- ger 1. REBECCA CHAILLE-Orchestra 15 Knights Klub 1,25 Gold- enaires 25 Talent Show 3,45 Intramural Volleyball 1-35 Wasson's Fashion Board 4. DARRYL L. CHAMBERS-Freshman Football, Reserve 3. I ROBYN CHAMNESS-National Honor Society 3,45 Quill and Scroll 3,4, President 45 Student Council 3,4, Alter- nate 25 Spirit Committee 45 LANCER Staff 3,4, Feature Editor 45 Senior Colors Committee5 Senior Class First Vice-president5 GAA 25 IA 35 Knights Klub 1-45 I.U. Iour- nalism Workshop 35 Homecoming Queen 45 Cindy Candi- date 25 Gale Candidate 45 Iunior Prom Queen Candidate5 Goldenaire 3,4, Color Guard 45 Talent Show 3,45 Penney's Fashion Board 3,4. TREASA CHAPIN BETTY A. CHESTNUT-GAA 35 IA 45 Knights Klub 1,25 Library Assistant 1,35 Intramural Volleyball 3. BUD CHRISTENSEN-Concert Band 35 Concert Choir 35 Boy's Ensemble 25 IA 45 "King and I"5 Bowling League 4. I PAUL F. CHRISTENSON-Boy's Ensemble 25 Art Club 2,45 "King and I"5 "My Fair Lady"5 Reserve Tennis 25 Westlane Iunior High School 1. DEBORAH CISSNA-Latin Club 2, Treasurer 2. ANITRA CLARK-National Honor Society 3,4, Treasurer 45 Quill and Scroll 3,45 Student Council 1-4, Cabinet 2-45 ACCOLADE Staff 2-4, Underclass Editor 3, Senior Editor 45 IA 45 Knights Klub 1,25 Spanish Club 1,25 I.U. Leader- ship Institute 25 National Student Council Convention 35 Talent Show 3,4, Co-coordinator 45 NHS Queen 45 In- tramural Volleyball 1-35 Exploratory Teaching 4. MARTHA CLARKE-ACCOLADE Staff 35 IA 3,45 Knights Klub 15 Office Messenger 15 Intramural Volleyball 15 North Central High School 2,3. I55 , Train Pals . . . Seniors Debbie Wiersma, Rob McCoy, and Terri Butcher discover the other acts on board the 1968 "Knight Train to Talent". l IAN CRADICK-Quill and Scroll 3,4, Student Council 3, Alternate 4, ACCOLADE Staff 2-4, Activities Editor 3, Co-Editor 4, LANCER Representative 3,4, ACCOLADE Representative 4, Reserve Band 1-3, History Club 1-3, IA 3, Knights Klub 2, Ball State Iournalism Workshop 3, IU Iournalism Institute 4, Office Messenger 2, AFS Stu- dent Committee 3, Exploratory Teaching 4. NANCY l- CRAIG-GAA 3,4, Clinic Assistant 3, Office Messenger 3, Intramural Volleyball 3,4, Iohn Glenn High School1,2. SUSAN LINDA CRAWLEY-IA 3,4, Knights Klub 1, Clinic Assistant 3,4. DONNA CRIPE I MICHAEL CROUP-Southeast High School, Lincoln, Nebraska 1. IAMES C. CULHAN-Student Council 2,4, Alternate 1, Freshman Football, Freshman Tennis. DAVID B. CULP-National Honor Society 4, Electronics Club 3, Intramural Basketball 3,4, Freshman Basketball. MICHAEL ANTHONY CUTICCHIA-National Forensics League 3,4, National Honor Society 3,4, Chess Club 3, Math Club 3, Office Messenger 2,3, Talent Show 4, De- bate Team 3. I CLIFFORD E. DAHLEN-Spirit Committee 4, IA 4, Re- serve Golf 3, Freshman Tennis, Reserve 2, Reserve Wres- tling 2,3. BRAD DAVIS-Student Council 2, LANCER Staff 4, AC- COLADE Representative 3, IA 3,4, Letterman's Club 3,4, Freshman Basketball, Reserve 2, Varsity 3,4, Freshman Track CYNTHIA L. DAVIS-LANCER Staff 3, Senior Constitu- tion Committee, IA 3,4, Knights Klub 1, Spanish Club 3, Intramural Volleyball 2. ROBERT F. DAVIS-Freshman Wrestling, Kokomo High School 2. ICATHERINE E. DAVISON-Student Council Alternate 1-, Reserve Band 1,2, Knights Klub 2, Intramural Volley- ball2. BRENDA DAVY-LANCER Representative 1, History Club 3, IA 4, Knights Klub 2,3, Latin Club 1, P.E. Assistant 3. PATRICIA L. DE BURGER-LANCER Representative 2, ACCOLADE Representative 2, Knights Klub 1, Red Cross Club 2, Talent Show 2-4. CHRISTINE E. DE CARO-Student Council 1,2, LANCER Representative 1,2, ACCOLADE Representative 1,2, Marching Band 1,2, Reserve Band 2,3, IA 3,4, Knights Klub 1,2, P.E. Assistant 3, Intramural Volleyball 1,2, ROTC Sponsor 3,4, Military Ball Queen Candidate 3,4. l56 Qi ,Q .5 'IH Wrumi I MARIE FAILINGER-National Honor Society 45 Ger- man Club 3,45 Socratics Club 35 National Merit Finalist 45 Willowbrook High School, Lombard, lllinois1-3. PATRICIA FENSKE-Red Cross Club 1,25 Spanish Club 1,2. CHARLENE FERGER-FNA 2-4, Secretary 3,45 Health Careers Club 4, Secretary '45 Knights Klub 2-45 Library Assistant 3. IERRY FIFER-Student Council 15 Spirit Committee 45 IA 35 P.E. Assistant 3,45 Intramural Basketball 2-45 Freshman Baseball. IIAMES W. FLEMING-Student Council Alternate 15 LANCER Representative 15 Reserve Baseball Manager 2. WILLIAM FLOREY-LANCER Representative 15 ACCO- LADE Representative 1,3. ANN E. FOBES-Student Council 1,25 LANCER Represen- tative 45 Knights Klub 1,25 P.E. Assistant 35 Intramural Volleyball 2,3. CARLA FOLTZ-Student Council Alternate 15 LANCER Representative 1,45 ACCOLADE Representative 25 His- tory Club 35 Knights Klub 15 Latin Club 1. bf, Seniors I CALISTA C. DILLEY-LANCER Representative 15 Con- cert Choir 45 Treble Aires 35 Talent Show 3. STEPHANIE A. DODD-Student Council Alternate 35 ACCOLADE Staff 2-45 ACCOLADE Representative 2,35 Knights Klub 15 Talent Show 25 Intramural Volleyball 15 junior Mother's Tea Committee. MARIA DOMINGUEZ PATRICIA DONEGAN-Student Council Alternate 3,45 ACCOLADE Staff 3,45 ACCOLADE Representative 25 Con- cert Band 4, Librarian 45 Reserve Band 1-35 Smith Wal- bridge Band Camp 45 History Club 1,25 IA 35 Knights Klub 2-45 Goldenaire 3,4, Pennants 45 Iunior Prom Committee5 AFS Student Committee 3. I SANDRA KAY DOTTS-Student Council 1,2, Alternate 35 IA 3,45 Knights Klub 25 Officer Messenger 45 Bowling League 1-45 junior Mother's Tea Committee. PEGGY S. DUCLUS-Knights Klub 15 Goldenaire 2-45 Talent Show 2. DONNA I. DUNN-Student Council 1-4, Cabinet 3,45 Senior Constitution Committee5 Iunior Prom Committee5 Concert Choir 45 Treble Aires 2,35 French Club 25 l.U. Leadership Institute 25 Clinic Assistant 45 Office Mes- senger 2,35 ROTC Sponsor 3,45 Military Ball Queen Candidate 3,4. RON DUZAN l VINCE D. EASLER-Scecina High School 15 Warren High School 2,3. DONNA ELDRIDGE EVREN ELMALI-AFS Foreign Exchange Student, Turkey5 Student Council 45 LANCER Staff 4. KRISTINE EMBACH-Student Council 3,4, Alternate 25 LANCER Staff 35 Iunior Prom Committee5 GAA 1-45 Knights Klub 1-35 Goldenaire 2,35 P.E. Assistant 3,45 Talent Show 35 Gymnastics 3,45 Intramural Volleyball 1-3. I RICHARD S. EMERY-Student Council 1,25 junior Prom Committee5 Arlingtones 3,45 Concert Choir 2-45 Boy's Ensemble 15 "Brigadoon"5 "My Fair Lady"5 Talent Show 3,45 Freshman Basketball Manager, Reserve 2, Varsity 3,45 Freshman Tennis Manager 1-4. TERRY EMERY-LANCER Representative 15 Knights Klub 1,25 P.E. Assistant 35 Intramural Volleyball 1-4. LEAH IANE EVANS-Student Council Alternate 25 LANCER Representative 1,25 ACCOLADE Representative 1,25 IA 45 Knights Klub 1,25 Intramural Volleyball 1,2,45 Bedford High School 3. .rl i 1, BRIAN EVERMAN I57 I HEATHER GALYEAN KEVIN GARRISON-Spanish Club 1,25 Intramurals 1,25 Freshman Baseball5 Tennis 1,25 Freshman Wrestling Re- serve 2, Varsity 3. BOB L. GILBERT-Library Assistant 4. KEVIN GILLETTE-Quill and Scroll 3,45 Vice-president 45 Spirit Committee 45 ACCOLADE Staff 2-4, Sports Edi- tor 3,45 ACCOLADE Representative 35 Senior Constitu- tion Committee Chairman5 junior Prom Committee5 Let- terman's Club 3,45 Talent Show Master of Ceremonies 45 Freshman Cross Country5 Freshman Wrestling, Reserve 2, Varsity 3,4. I DAN I. GOBIN ROGER GOODMAN STEVEN GRAEBER RAYMOND W. GRAHAM-Concert Band 4, Reserve 2,35 Talent Show 4. I SHERRIE A. GRAHAM-Health Careers Club 45 Knights Klub 1,25 Red Cross Club 3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 4. LORRAINE GRANA-Student Council 2-4, Alternate 15 Spirit Committee 45 Senior Class Secretary5 junior Prom Committee5 GAA 3,45 Knights Klub 2,45 Homecoming Queen Candidate5 Gale Candidate 45 Freshman Cheer- leader5 Goldenaire 2-45 Feature Twirler 3,45 Powderbowl 4. susAN GRATTER-GAA 2, Knights Klub 1-35 Office Messenger 45 Intramural Volleyball 1. CHRISTINE GRAY-IA 3,45 Clinic Assistant 45 Wilson High School, Terre Haute 15 Wiley High School, Terre Haute 2. I KNUT V. GRAZEI-Youth For Understanding, Germany5 Student Council 45 ACCOLADE Staff 45 German Club 45 Talent Show 45 Intramural Basketball 4. RICHARD GREGORY-IA 3,4. WILFRED GRIEKSPOOR-Youth For Understanding, Neth- erlands5 Student Council 45 Spirit Committee 45 LANCER Staff 45 German Club 45 IA 45 Science Seminar 45 Talent Show 4. BRENDA GRIFFIN-National Honor Society 45 Concert Choir 45 Treble Aires 2,3. I58 Seniors I CAROL ANN FORBES-Student Council 3,4, Alternate 25 lunior Prom Committee5 Talent Show 3,45 Intramural Volleyball 1,25 Powder Bowl 4. DENISE FORD-History Club 35 IA 45 Knights Klub 1,35 Clinic Assistant 3,45 Office Messenger 4. DIANA FORD-History Club 35 Knights Klub 1. THERESA FORD-Aiken Senior High 'I-3. I KIM FRANK SCOTT FRAZIER TOM FULTON BARBARA GARBERT-National Honor Society 3,45 Na- tional Thespians A35 Student Council Alternate 1,25 LANCER Representative 35 ACCOLADE Representative 2,35 Concert Choir 3,45 Treble Aires 25 FNA 1-3, Presi- dent 35 Health Careers Club 4, President 4, GAA 15 Knights Klub 2-45 Goldenaire 3,45 Clinic Assistant 3,45 "Brigadoon"5 "The King and I"5 "My Fair Lady". Y Wi "hap- V-gx .... 5 J wi Sv -'w l KENNETH HARSHEY-West Vigo High School 1. BARBARA HARTLEY-National Honor Society 3,45 Stu- dent Council 1-4, Cabinet 3,45 Spirit Committee 3,4, Chairman 45 junior Prom Committee5 GAA 1,25 Knights Klub 1-45 Student Council Workshop 35 NHS Queen Candidate 45 Goldenaire 2-4, Captain 4, Flags 3,45 DAR Award 45 Talent Show 3,45 Intramural Volleyball. PATRICIA HARTLEY-Knights Klub 15 Library Assistant 'I-4. HELEN HATHAWAY-Clinic Assistant 3,45 Heidelberg American High School, Germany 1,2. I THERESA E. HAUSER-SCeCina High School 'l. IAN HAWKERSMITH KELVIN HEADY DORCAS HECK-Boga Creaga Florida 1,2. Seniors IART GRUBE-LANCER Staff 25 IA 35 Talent Show 45 Freshman Baseball5 Freshman Football. LARRY GURCHIEK-P.E. Assistant 45 Intramural Basket- ball 25 Freshman Football. RANDY HAINES-LANCER Representative 25 Concert Band 25 Marching Band 25 junior Prom King Candidate5 Knight Candidate 45 Intramural Basketball 2,35 Freshman Basketball5 Freshman Football. IEANNE E. HALEY I TERRI ANITA HALL-Spirit Committee 45 GAA 1-35 Hu- aneme High School 1. TERRY HALL-Spirit Committee 3,4. IOSEPH W. HAMBLIN-ROTC 3,4. NANCY D. HAMILTON-Knights Klub 15 Intramural Volleyball 1. I BILLIE HAMMOND-Student Council 35 Spirit Commit- tee 35 Knights Klub 1,35 Science Club 25 "King and I". BRENDA L. HAMMOND MARK HAMMOND-Spirit Committee 45 P.E. Assistant 3,45 Intramural Basketball 25 Freshman Basketball, Re- serve 3, Varsity 45 Freshman Football, Reserve 25 Varsity 45 Freshman Track, Reserve 2. LEX HANCOCK-Tech High School 1. l L. SHERI HANES-National Thespians 3,45 Treble Aires 3,45 Art Club 45 History Club 2,35 IA 3,45 Knights Klub 15 "King and l"5 "My Fair Lady"5 "Miracle Worker". LYNN HARKINS-National Honor Society 3,45 Treble Aires 25 Concert Choir 35 Book Club 35 Debate Team 1,3. EDWARD HARLAN-National Honor Society 45 Spirit Committee 45 Senior Colors Committee5 Senior Con- stitution Committee5 IA 35 Talent Show 45 Intramural Basketball 1-45 Freshman Cross Country, Reserve 2,35 Freshman Track, Reserve 2,3, Varsity 4. DOUGLAS K. HARMAS-Spirit Committee 45 Letterman's Club 3,45 Knight Candidate 45 Talent Show 45 Intramural Basketball 2-45 Freshman Baseball, Reserve 2, Varsity 3,45 Freshman Basketball5 Freshman Football, Reserve 2, Varsity 3,4, Co-captain 4. sv gl l59 ISTEPHEN D. HILL-Student Council 1,2, Alternate 35 Spirit Committee 45 Concert Band 3,45 Marching Band 3,45 Pep Band 3,45 IA 3,45 "My Fair Lady"5 Talent Show 45 Intramural Basketball 1. EVA KAY HINDS-Quill and Scroll 45 LANCER Staff 3,45 News Editor 45 junior Prom Committee5 Orchestra 25 Knights Klub 1,35 I.U. News Conference 4. BILL HIXON-Chess Club 1,25 History Club 1-4, Vice- president 2, Librarian 35 IA 45 A.V. Assistant 1-35 Bowling League 3,45 Intramural Basketball 1,2. IOHN A. HOBSON-Chess Club 3,45 FAD'l. l WILLIAM MICHAEL HOBSON-Cy Candidate 15 Fresh- man Track, Reserve 2. MARK HOECKER-National Honor Society 3,45 Concert Choir 35 Boy's Ensemble 25 Marching Band 3,4, Drum Ma- jor 3,45 Orchestra 2-45 Talent Show 45 Freshman Basket- ball. L. ANNE HOGGATT-National Honor Society 45 Student Council Alternate 25 Senior Constitution Committee5 Concert Choir 45 Treble Aires 35 History Club 1-4, Sec- retary 35 Latin Club 1, Vice-president 15 I.U. Latin Insti- tute 35 A.V. Assistant 3, Secretary 3. CARL P. HOLLINGSWORTH-ACCOLADE Staff 2-4, Photo Editor 45 LANCER Staff 3,45 I.U. journalism Institute 4. IIENNIFER I. HOLLY-Student Council Alternate 1,25 IA 3,45 Office Education Association 4. MICHAEL HOLMES SUSAN HORINE-History Club 3. ALLAN CLARK HOWARD-National Honor Society 3,45 Concert Band 1-45 Marching Band 2-45 Orchestra 2-45 Pep Band 2,45 "King and I"5 "My Fair Lady"5 Science 4. I DAVID A. HOWELL-Intramural Basketball 2-4 LARRY HOWELL BEC KY HUDDLESTON-Office Messenger 3. DAVID HUFFMAN-ROTC 3,4, Varsity Drill Team 45 In- diana National Guard Medal 35 P.E. Assistant 3,4. I60 Seniors I MICHAEL ROBERT HENDERSON-IA 3,45 Reserve Wrestling 3. HERBERT HENRY-Student Council 3,4, Parliamentarian 45 Letterman's Club 2-45 Freshman Football, Reserve 2, Var- sity 3,45 Freshman Track, Varsity 2-4. LODELLA J. HENRY-Art Club 45 Knights Klub 25 Span- ish Club 1. MARK W. HENSEL-Bowling League 1-35 Intramural Bas- ketball 1-35 Freshman BasebaIl5 Freshman Football, I MIKE HENTHORN MICHAEL HEWITT-Chess Club 15 P.E. Assistant 4. CAROL HEY-National Honor Society 3,45 FTA 1,25 Intra- mural Volleyball 2. CAROL HILL-National Honor Society 45 National Thes- pians 2-45 Concert Band 3,45 "King and l"5 "My Fair Lady"5 "Miracle Worker"5 "AndrocIes and the Lion"5 Debate Team 4. P K I SUSAN C. IENKINS KAREN LYNN IESSUP-National Honor Society 3,45 Na- tional Thespians 2-45 Treble Aires 25 Concert Choir 3,45 Spanish Club 1,35 Goldenaire 2-45 l.U. Honors Program, Mexico 35 "Brigadoon"5 "Miracle Worker"5 "King and l"5 1'My Fair Lady". RICHARD A. IOHNSON-Electronics Club 45 Archery Club 2. SANDRA IOHNSON-German Club 2,35 Knights Klub 15 Science Club 2,3. IBEVERLEY SUE JONES-Fowler High School 1. CHARLETIE IONES KLAYTAIORDAN-IA 45 Crispus Attucks High School 1,2. STEVEN KEITHLEY Seniors I GENE HUCAR PAMELA HUNGERFORD-Talent Show 2. RICHARD L. HUNT DANIEL E. HUTCHERSON-Student Council 45 Spirit Committee 3,45 Art Club 45 Letterman's Club 45 junior Prom King Candidate5 junior Prom Committee5 Knight Candidate5 Freshman Football, Reserve 2, Varsity 45 Varsity Track 4. A :EAUL A. HUTCHERSON-Crispus Attucks High School DEBORAH INGRAM-Concert Choir 45 Knights Club 35 Office Messenger 3,45 Issac C. Elston High School 152. ALMA IRVING-Spirit Committee 45 LANCER Staff 45 History Club 45 IA 3,45 Northern High School 1-3. GARY D. IRWIN-Student Council 2,35 Letterman's Club 45 Office Messenger 45 P.E. Assistant 45 Talent Show 45 Varsity Football 45 Reserve Wrestling 2. I PHIL A. IRWIN-LANCER Staff 45 ACCOLADE Staff 4. DAN B. IACKSON-Latin Club 1. LAURIE IACOBS-Treble Aires 45 Lawrence High School 1-3. JUDY IANNUSCH-Student Council 25 Office Messenger 25 P.E. Assistant 3,45 Intramural Volleyball 2. I LEON IARVIS-Art Club 1. ROBERT PAUL IASSMANN-National Thespians 1-45 His- tory Club 3,45 IA 45 Spanish Club 1-4, Secretary 35 Office Messenger 25 "Hoosier Schoolmaster". WILLIAM IAY-FAD 351A 3,4, KAREN IEFFRIES-National' Honor Society 3,45 Quill and Scroll 3,45 Student Council 1-35 Spirit Committee 35 ACCOLADE Staff 3,4, Academics Editor 45 Senior Colors Committee5 Cindy Candidate 1,3, Cindy 35 Home- coming Queen Candidate 45 lunior Prom Queen Can- didate5 Gale Candidate 45 Freshman Cheerleader, Reserve 2, Varsity 3,45 DAR Award 35 Talent Show 3,4. . 5 '. .s r I "'.. .. S lun i . .. ,,::A ,..,,. S ' ----W .,.. 1- l6l . I BOB KING-Spanish Club 2. CHRISTINE KING-National Forensics League 3,45 Na- tional Honor Society 3,45 Student Council Alternate 1,25 Knights Klub 1-45 NHS Queen Candidate 45 Golden- aire 2-4, Flag Corps 4, Pennants 35 Talent Show 3,4. MARK KINNAMAN DEBBIE KIRK-IA 35 Knights Klub 1,25 Intramural Vol- leyball1,2. IPEGGY KLEIN-National Honor Society 3,45 Concert Choir 45 Treble Aires 35 Knights Klub 'I-45 Goldenaire 3,4. KURT KLEINHELTER-Letterman's Club 3,4, Vice-presi- dent 45 Freshman Football, Reserve 2, Varsity 3,4, Co-captain 45 Freshman Wrestling, Reserve 2, Varsity 3,4. BARBARA KLIER-IA 35 Knights Klub 1,25 Intramural Volleyball 1,2. MARK KLIPPEL-Concert Choir 45 Marching Band 2-45 German Club 15 "Hoosier Schoolmaster". I KAREN KONCHINSKY-Bowling League 3,4. PETER KRESGE-IA 3,45 Talent Show 45 Reserve Tennis 1-3. STEVE A. KUHL-National Honor Society 45 Concert Band 2-45 Latin Club 15 Science Club 1-45 Science Sem- inar 2-45 Science Assistant 2. ROGER ALLAN KUHLMAN-National Forensics League 2-45 National Honor Society 3,45 National Thespians 2-4, Vice-president 45 Student Council 35 Senior Constitu- tion Committee5 Arlingtones 3,45 Concert Choir 2-45 Boy's Ensemble 15 German Club 1,2, President 25 NHS King Candidate 45 "Brigadoon"5 "King and I"5 "My Fair Lady"5 "Miracle Worker"5 "Androcles and the Lion"5 Christmas Plays5 Bowling League 25 Reserve Wrestling 25 Debate Team 2-4. I DEBORAH I. LAKE-Knights Klub 15 P.E. Assistant 35 Intramural Volleyball 1,25 AFS Student Committee 3,4. THOMAS M. LAMMERS-Chess Club 3,4, Secretary 45 IA 45 Science Seminar 3,45 Reserve Wrestling 25 Brebuef Prep School 1. IOAN R. LANCELLO-National Honor Society 3,45 Quill and Scroll 3,45 Spirit Committee 45 ACCOLADE Staff 3,4, Managing Editor 45 Ball State journalism Workshop 35 Senior Constitution Committee5 IA 35 Knights Klub 1,25 Office Messenger 2,35 "OkIahoma"5 Talent Show 3,45 Intramural Volleyball 2-45 junior Prom Committee5 Powderbowl 4. CYNTHIA A. LANE I62 '13 Seniors I CONNIE I. KELLEY-GAA 'I-45 Knights Klub 'I-35 Gold- enaire 2,35 P.E. Assistant 35 Intramural Volleyball 1-35 Office Education Association 4. CHARLES C. KELLEY-Intramural Basketball 1,2. ALAN KENNEDY RUSSELL EDWARD KENNEDY-National Forensics League 2-4, Second Vice-president 45 National Honor Society 3,45 National Thespians 1-4, Clerk 2, President 3,45 Concert Choir 3,45 Boy's Ensemble 25 History Club 15 IA 3,45 Illinois State University Drama Institute 25 NFL Award 35 "Brigadoon"5 "My Fair Lady"5 "King and I"5 "Miracle Worker"5 "Hoosier Schoolmaster"5 "An- drocles and the Lion"5 "Pygmalion"5 Christmas Plays 2-45 Talent Show 3,45 Debate Team 3,4, Librarian 45 Repertory Company, Student Director. l PATRICK I. KENRICK-National Honor Society 3,45 Book Club 35 Chess Club 2,35 IA 35 Math Club 45 Talent Show 45 Reserve Track 2, Varsity 3. VICKY LYNN KERR+Killeen High School, Killeen, Texas. MARSHA KERSAGE KEVIN WALTER KESTNER-Intramural Basketball 25 Fresh- man Baseball, Reserve 2,3, Varsity 45 Reserve Wrestling 2,3, Varsity 4. 143335 it 5 .. . . fi at , as .V I f 42 I RICHARD C. LEWIS-German Club 15 Freshman Base- ball, Reserve 2. MARY LINZER--National Honor Society 45 Student Council 1-45 Spirit Committee 45 Senior Class Alumni Secretaryg junior Prom Committee5 GAA 1-4, Treasurer 45 IA 35 Knights Klub 1-45 Goldenaire 3,4, Pennants 45 P.E. Assistant 2-45 Talent Show 3,45 Intramural Volley- ball 1-45 Gymnastics 3,4. WILLIAM B. LIPP-National Honor Society 3,45 Senior Colors Committee5 Chess Club 1-35 Math Club 3,45 Rennsalaer Award 35 Math Award 2,3. DEBORAH LITTEN-lunior Prom Committee5 French Club 15 IA 3,45 Knights Klub 1,25 Office Messenger 1,25 Academic Assistant 35 Bowling League 1-4, Secretary 25 Intramural Volleyball 1. IGARY LOHKAMP-IA 35 Math Club 15 Talent Show 3,45 Intramural Basketball 25 Freshman Basketball5 Fresh- man Track5 Freshman Wrestling. MARY ANNE LONG-National Honor Society 3,45 Arling- tones 45 Orchestra 1-45 Spanish Club 1-35 "Brigadoon"5 "My Fair Lady"5 "King and I"5 Talent Show 4. STEVEN S. LOTSHAW-Bowling League 2-4, President 45 Intramural Basketball 2-4. KATHIE ANN LOVELL-IA 3,4. if ... Tir Seniors I JAMES R. LANE-Student Council 1,25 Spirit Commit- tee 45 Senior Class Second Vice-presidentg "My Fair Lady"5 Talent Show 2-45 Intramural Basketball 45 Fresh- man Basketball5 ROTC 3,45 Socratics Club 3. LARRY LANNAN-National Forensics League 3,45 Cha- tard High School 1. JAN LANNOM-National Forensics League 35 ACCO- LADE Staff 35 German Club 15 IA 45 Press Workshop 35 Debate Team 3. GREGORY L. LANUM l ROBERT L. LAUTH IR.-IA 3,45 Office Messenger 3,45 Intramural Basketball 4. ANITA L. LAWRENCE-ACCOLADE Representative 3,45 Knights Klub 1-35 Office Messenger 1,25 Science Club 1. MARILYN S. LAWRENCE-Knights Klub 1,25 Library Assis- tant 1,25 Intramural Volleyball 1,2. CARTER LAWSON-Intramural Basketball 3,45 Reserve Track 2. U KENNETH I. LAZAR-National Honor Society 45 Talent Show 2-45 Socratics Club 35 NHS King Candidate 4. DONALD LEE LONNIE LEE RICHARD ALLEN LEE-Intramural Basketball 3,45 Fresh- man Basketball5 Varsity Golf 3,4. l TURHAN VAN LEE-IA 35 Oak Hills High School 1. KATHRYN A. LeFEBER-Spirit Committee 45 Knights Klub 1-45 Goldenaire 2-45 Intramural Volleyball 1,3. PATRICIA LeMASTER-National Honor Society 45 lun- ior Prom Committee5 Student Council Alternate 3,45 GAA 1-4, Treasurer 3, Vice-president 45 Knights Klub 1-45 Goldenaire 3,45 "King and l"5 "My Fair Lady"5 Talent Show 45 Gymnastics 1-45 Intramural Volleyball 'l-4. KAREN S. LEVERENZ-Student Council Alternate 25 His- tory Club 451A 45 Knights Klub 1,25 Red Cross Club 2,4. . . I63 . . I BLANCHE MARKEY JOHN ROBERT MARKS-National Forensics League 3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 National Thespians 1-45 Student Council 25 FTA 1,25 "Androcles and the Lion"5 "Hoosier Schoolmaster"5 "Miracle Worker"5 "Briga- doon"5 "King and l"5 Christmas Play5 History Club 1,25 Spanish Club 1,25 Bowling League 25 Debate Team 3,4. DAN L. MARTIN DIANE MARTIN-Treble Aires 3,4. IDONALD L. MARTIN-Electronics Club 45 Vincennes Lincoln High School 1-3. RICK A. MASTENIK-spirircommiuee 4, JA 3,4, ANN MATHEWS-Student Council Alternate 1-45 junior Prom Committee5 Knights Klub 1-45 Goldenaire 2-45 Pennants 45 John Herron Art Award 45 Intramural Volleyball 1-4. GREGORY M. MAXWELL-National Thespians 35 Concert Band 1-45 Marching Band 1-45 Orchestra 1,25 Pep Band 3,45 Auditorium Technician 2-45 Talent Show 4. I CATHEY S. MAYFIELD MARK A. MCALISTER-Spirit Committee 45 LANCER Staff 45 History Club 45 Letterman's Club 45 junior Prom King Candidate5 Intramural Basketball5 Freshman Basket- ball, Reserve 2, Varsity 35 Varsity Football 45 Varsity Track 4. KAREN RUTH MCCAUSLAND-Knights Klub 1,25 Clinic Assistant 45 junior Mother's Tea Committee. CAROL JO MCCORMICK-National Honor Society 45 Student Council 1-4, Vice-president 45 Spirit Committee 3,4, Chairman 35 LANCER Staff 2,35 Knights Klub 1-45 Goldenaire 2-4, Pennants 35 Altrusa Award 35 Talent Show 3,45 Concert Choir 4, Treasurer 45 l.U. Leadership Institute 3,45 Powderbowl 4. IROBERT D. MCCOY-Letterman's Club 3,45 Talent Show 1-45 Reserve Cross Country 25 Freshman Foot- ball, Reserve 3, Varsity 45 Freshman Track, Reserve 2, Varsity 3,4. JOHN CLIFTON MCCULLAR-Letterman's Club 45 Fresh- man Baseball, Reserve 2,3, Varsity 45 Freshman Wrestling Reserve 2,3, Varsity 4. GINGER L. MCDANIEL JOHN MCDONOUGH I64 Seniors l CHARLES A. LOWERY-JA 35 Library Assistant 35 Intra- mural Basketball 2-45 Varsity Track 45 Muncie Southside High School 1,2. LADONNA LUCAS-GAA 35 JA 35 Knights Klub 1-45 Goldenaire 3,45 P.E. Assistant 2,35 Talent Show 45 Gym- nastics 35 Intramural Volleyball 1-45 Office Education Association 45 Powderbowl 45 Junior Prom Committee. IIM LUNSFORD CAREY LYKINS-JA 45 Office Messenger 45 Talent Show 45 Bowling League 2,45 Intramural Basketball 25 Freshman Baseball. I JOHN LYONS-P.E. Assistant 3,45 Bowling League 2,45 Intramural Basketball 2,3. GLENDA MADISON-ACCOLADE Representative 35 Knights Klub 15 Spanish Club 15 Library Assistant 1,35 ICT4. BARBARA J. MALLORY-GAA 1,25 Knights Klub 'l-35 Library Assistant 1. ROBERT P. MANSBACH-Chess Club 15 A.V. Assistant 2. mg? xx , 5 47... NL ' ' A H ISTANLEY A. MIKOSZ-Letterman's Club 45 Bowling League 1-35 Freshman Tennis, Reserve 2, Varsity 3,4. DAVID L. MILAM-National Honor Society 3,45 Student Council 3, Alternate 25 Letterman's Club 1-35 Bausch- Lomb Award5 Science Seminar 2-45 Freshman Football, Reserve 2, Varsity 3,45 Varsity Track 1-45 Freshman Wres- tling, Reserve 2, Varsity 354. MARK MILAM-Concert Choir 2,35 Boy's Ensemble 25 History Club 1,25 Auditorium Technician 1-45 A.V. Assis- tant1. MARK A. MILLER-Concert Band 1-45 Marching Band 1-45 Pep Band 1,25 Orchestra 45 Talent Show 3. I SHERRY MILLER JACK R. MITCHELL-Office Messenger 25 Intramural Bas- ketball 35 Freshman Baseball, Varsity 2,3. IOHNETTA MITCHELL-Crispus Attucks High School 1,2. KATHY MODICA-Knights Klub 35 Office Messenger 3,4, da. Seniors ITAMARA D. McEDWARDS-National Honor Society 3,45 German Club 2-4, Secretary 3, Vice-president 45 Library Assistant 1,2. IAMES D. MCELHANY CATHY L. MCFARLAND-Student Council Alternate 1, 25 Senior Constitution Committee5 junior Prom Com- mittee5 Treble Aires 3,45 "Brigadoon"5 "King and I"5 "My Fair Lady"5 Talent Show 2-45 Intramural Volley- ball2,3. VEO MCGEE-IA 3,45 Letterman's Club 45 Reserve Bas- ketball 2,3, Varsity 45 Reserve Football 3, Varsity 45 Tech High School 1. I MARCIA ANNE MCKEE-Art Club 'l-45 IA 3,45 Knights Klub 15 Office Messenger 3,45 P.E. Assistant 2,35 Intra- mural Volleyball 1. TRUDY K. McKEE-Art Club 15 IA 3,45 Intramural Volley- ball 1,3. IIM MCKINNEY-Talent Show 4. DAVID MCMANUS-Park High School 1-3. I BETSY MCPHERSON-Student Council 45 Spirit Com- mittee 45 Dominion High School 1. ROBERT P. MEARA-Student Council 1,25 Letterman's Club 3,4, President 45 Cy 35 junior Prom King Candidate5 Knight 45 Varsity Baseball 3,45 Freshman Basketball, Re- serve 2, Varsity 3,45 Freshman Football, Reserve 2, Var- sity 3,4, Co-captain 4. IERRY MELCHER TAYA ANN MENTZER-IA 45 DeKalb High School 1-3. I RICHARD MESCHKE-National Honor Society 45 Stu- dent Council 15 IA 45 Letterman's Club 45 National Mer- it Finalist5 Freshman Football, Reserve 2,3, Varsity 45 Freshman Track, Reserve 2, Varsity 3,45 Freshman Wres- tling, Reserve 2,3, Varsity 4. CHARLES D. MICHAEL-JA 3,45 Talent Show 45 Portage junior High 15 Elmhurst High School, Fort Wayne 2. IOHN M. MIDDLETON-JA 3,45 Freshman Wrestling. JUDY KAYE MIKOSZ-Bowling League 1-4. f wi 50,559 l65 - I l -MARILYN SUE MOSIER-Treble Aires 3,45 IA 3,45 Knights Klub 25 Majorette 35 Broad Ripple High School 1. LINDA MOSS-National Honor Society 45 Student Coun- cil 1, Alternate 2,35 Spirit Committee 45 Talent Show 3,45 Intramural Volleyball 1-35 Powderbowl 4. BOB MOTT'-National Honor Society 45 Concert Band 2-45 Marching Band 2-45 Pep Band 2-4. SUSAN C. MURPHY-Student Council 3, Alternate 25 IA 35 Gale 45 Talent Show 3,45 Powderbowl 4. ITERESA ELLEN MURPHY-National Honor Society 3,45 German Club 1-4, Secretary 3, President 45 Science Seminar 3,45 National Merit Finalist 45 I.U. Honors Finalist 35 English Medal 15 A.V. Assistant 3,4. CINDY IO NEIL-Student Council 45 GAA 3,45 Knights Klub 2-45 Homecoming Queen Candidate 45 Gale Candidate 45 Reserve Cheerleader 3, Varsity 45 Talent Show 3,45 Gymnastics 2-45 Intramural Volleyball 1-4. MARK IAY NELSEN-Spirit Committee 45 Letterman's Club 45 Intramural Basketball 1,45 Reserve Football 3, Varsity 45 Varsity Track 3,45 ROTC 3. KRIS S. NELSON-National Forensics League 4, Presi- dent 45 National Thespians 3,45 Senior Constitution Com- mittee5 IA 35 Boy's State 35 "King and I"5 "My Fair Lady"5 Debate Team 3,4. I NANCY LYNN NEWHOUSE-Bowling League 25 GAA 3. WILLIAM SCOTT NEWKIRK-Student Council 3,45 Alter- nate 1,2, Cabinet 45 Spirit Committee 45 LANCER Staff 2-45 Senior Colors Cc.nmittee5 I.U. Journalism Workshop 35 National Leadership Training Conference, Arkansas 4. PENNY NICHOLS-Student Council 45 Spirit Committee 3,45 Knights Klub 1,25 "My Fair Lady"5 Talent Show 3,45 Intramural Volleyball 1,25 Exploratory Teaching. RANDY NICKEL-National Honor Society 45 Concert Band 2-45 Marching Band 2,35 Orchestra 1-35 IA 3,45 Intramural Basketball 2-45 Freshman Basketball5 Var- sity Football 4. IDIANE NIXON-National Honor Society 3,45 Concert Band 2-45 Marching Band 15 Orchestra 1-45 All-City Orchestra 1-45 All-State Band 2-45 All-State Orchestra 2-45 Science Club 1,25 Bible Club 45 "Brigadoon"5 "King and I"5 "My Fair Lady". 'ROLAND F. NORRIS-Varsity Football 45 Scecina High School 1,2. CATHERINE C. O'BRIEN-IA 35 Knights Klub 'l. KENNETH O'DAY-North Central High School 2,3. I66 Seniors I EMIL IOHN MOLIN-Student Council 2,35 Senior Con- stitution Committee5 Arlingtones 45 Concert Choir 3,45 Boy's Ensemble 25 Letterman's Club 45 Freshman Foot- ball, Reserve 2, Varsity 3,45 Freshman Track, Reserve 35 Freshman Wrestling, Reserve 2, Varsity 3,4. MICHAEL MONROE DAVE MOODY-Arlingtones 3,45 Barbershop Quartet 3,45 Concert Choir 3,45 Boy's Ensemble 25 "My Fair Lady"5 Talent Show 3,4. DON MOORE-Art Club 1, President 1. I RON MOORE-Freshman Track SCOTT DOUGLAS MOORE-FAD15 A.V. Assistant 2-4. EDWARD MORGAN GLENN MOSES-Intramural Basketball 45 Varsity Football 45 Elmhurst High School 1-3. . H a if Seniors I PATRICIA CAROLE OHNE-National Honor Society 45 National Thespians 3,45 History Club 3,45 Girl's State 45 "My Fair Lady"5 "Androcles and the Lion"5 Reper- tory Company 4. IACKIE OLSON-Nelson Snider High School, Fort Wayne 3. NANCY L. PALMER-LANCER Representative 1,25 AC- COLADE Representative 1. THOMAS C. PALMER -HAL D. PARKER--Freshman Football, Reserve 25 Freshman Wrestling, Reserve 2. WALTER E. PARKS-National Thespians 2-45 Art Club 2,45 Science Club 35 Bible Club 45 President 45 Office Messenger 2,35 "Brigadoon"5 "King and l"5 "Androcles and the Lion"5 Freshman Cross Country, Reserve 25 Freshman Track, Reserve 25 ROTC 3. SUSAN KAY PARSONS-National Thespians 2-45 Treble Aires 45 FNA 1-4, Vice-president 35 Health Careers Club 45 "Brigadoon"5 "Pygmalion"5 "King and I"5 "Androcles and the Lion"5 Christmas Plays. ROB PARTENHEIMER-Quill and Scroll 45 Spirit Com- mittee 45 ACCOLADE Staff 45 Intramural Basketball 3,45 Freshman Basketball5 Freshman Cross Country, Reserve 25 Freshman Tennis. IWILLIAM A. PATTERSON-Library Assistant 25 Fresh- man Football Manager. MICHAEL A. PAUL-Intramural Basketball 45 Brebuef Prep School 1-3. RICHARD N. PAUL-Intramural Basketball 45 Brebeuf Prep School 1-3. IOE PAULIN-National Honor Society 45 Letterman's Club 2-45 Intramural Basketball 2,35 Varsity Golf 1-4. I REBECCA DIANE PEARCE-National Honor Society 3,45 Student Council 1-4, Cabinet 3,45 Spirit Committee 35 LANCER Staff 3,45 IA 35 Knights Klub 1-45 Gold- enaire 2-45 I.U. Leadership Institute 35 National Student Council Convention 45 Teen Guide Council 4. DONALD PEEK-ROTC 3,45 Tech High School 1,2. SANDY PERDUE-Spanish Club 3. CAROL PERKINS Seniors give their cry of spirit before their final "home" game. The class of '69 dis- played spirit throughout the football season by making posters, hoops, banners, and organizing a senior cheerblock. I67 ..,,,,s. l PAMELA KAYE PRICE PATRICIA L. PRICE-National Honor Society 45 Orch- estra 1-45 FTA 2,35 GAA 15 IA 45 Knights Klub 1,25 Science Club 2,35 Tri-Hi5Y 25 "King and I"5 "My Fair Lady"5 Intramural Volleyball 2. IOHN PRINCELL PATTI PRUITT-Spirit Committee 45 Intramural Volley- ball1,2. IDENISE PURVIS-Spirit Committee 35 Art Club 15 Knights Klub 1,25 Intramural Volleyball 15 Art Assistant 4. LAWRENCE D. QUIGLEY-Spirit Committee 35 Intra- mural Basketball 1. BECKY RAINSBERGER-Art Club 45 IA 45 Knights Klub 15 Clinic Assistant 45 Camera Club 4. PAMELA I. RANDOLPH-Washington High School 1-3. I ROBERT RANDOLPH-Concert Band 3,45 Marching Band 1-45 Electronics Club 25 IA 45 "Brigadoon"5 "King and l"5 "My Fair Lady". BARBARA A. RANKIN-National Honor Society 3,45 LANCER Representative 1,25 ACCOLADE Represen- tative 15 History Club 1,25 IA 35 Knights Klub 1. MAUREEN RAY-Book Club 3,45 Lathrop High School 1,2. CAROL RAYMER I CATHY REBIC HENRI REDDIE-FNA 15 IA 45 Knights Klub 15 Bowling League 3,45 Intramural Volleyball 1. GAIL ANN REDMAN-GAA 15 Beech Grove High School1,2. BRIAN CHRISTOPHER REEDER-Student Council 3,45 LANCER Representative 2-45 Senior Constitution Com- mittee5 IA 3,45 Letterman's Club 3,45 Freshman Basketball, Reserve 2, Varsity 3,45 Freshman Football5 Freshman Track, Varsity 3. l68 1 Seniors IRICK C. PETTET RONALD KEITH PETTIGREW-Student Council 'I-4, Treasurer 4, Cabinet 3,45 Arlingtones 3,45 Concert Choir 45 Orchestra 1-4, Concertmaster 3,45 Electronics Club 15 IA 35 I.U. Leadership Institute 35 Music Clinic 45 Office Messenger 45 "Oklahoma"5 "Brigadoon"5 "King and I"5 "My Fair Lady"5 Talent Show 3,45 Freshman Tennis. DEBORAH LEE PHELPS-National Honor Society 3,45 Quill and Scroll 3,4, Secretary 45 Student Council 3, Alternate 25 Spirit Committee 3,45 ACCOLADE Staff 3,4, Co-editor 45 LANCER Staff 35 LANCER Represen- tative 25 IA 35 Knights Klub 1,25 I.U. journalism Work- shop 45 Talent Show 4, Mistress of Ceremonies 45 Intramural Volleyball 1,3. IOHN T. PHILLIPS-Bowling League 45 Intramural Bas- ketball1. .MICHAEL A. PIERCE ESTHER B. POMAREDA-Student Council 45 IA 4. WILLIAM E. PORTER-Spanish Club 1,25 ROTC 3,4. SHERI PRATHER-Carmel High School 1,2. ISTEVEN I. RUSSELL PETE I. RUSTHOVEN-National Forensics League 3,4, First Vice-president 45 National Honor Society 3,4, Pres- ident 45 National Thespians 3,4, Board of Directors 45 Student Council 45 Telluride Association Summer Pro- gram5 NHS King Candidate 45 "My Fair Kady"5 "An- drocles and the Lion"5 "Christmas Miser"5 Talent Show 45 Debate Team 3,4, Captain 45 Quiz Team 3,4. LINDA DIANN SADLER EARL SANDEFUR-National Forensics League 2-45 Na- tional Thespians 2-45 Student Council Alternate 25 Concert Choir 35 Boy's Ensemble 25 IA 45 Red Cross Club 1-3, Treasurer 35 Library Assistant 2,35 "Brigadoon"5 Talent Show 35 ROTC 3,4, Color Guard 4. l DEBBIE SANDERS-IA 45 Knights Klub 1. RICK SANDERS-Intramural Basketball 2-45 Reserve Golf 3, Varsity 4. IAMES M. SCANLAND-Art Club 45 Reserve Band 3. DIANE CAROL SCHAUB-IA 3,45 Howe High School 1-3. Seniors l BECKY REPPHAN-History Club 3,45 IA 35 Knights Klub 15 Latin Club 1. WILLIAM RICHARDSON-North High School, Evansville 1,25 Aastagg High School, Chicago 3. RONALD RICHESON-National Honor Society 3,45 Stu- dent Council 2 Alternate 3 Concert Choir 1-45 Pep Band 4 Chess Club1 4 Sergeant at Arms2 President 3,4. RONNIE RICHMOND Letterman s Club 2-45 Varsity Football Manager 2 3 Freshman Wrestling Reserve 2. I BRUCE RICKMAN Quill and Scroll 4 Spirit Commit- tee 4 LANCER Staff 24 junior Prom Committee5 Book Club 4 IA 34 Office Messenger 45 Freshman Cross Country Freshman Track VICKIE ROAN Student Council 13 Spirit Committee 34 Iunior Prom Committee Knights Klub 1,25 Red Cross Club1 lntramuralVolleyball1 4 Talent Show 3. CHERYL IEAN ROBERTS Office Messenger 4. IAN A ROBERTS Spirit Committee 4 IA 35 Iunior Prom Committee Chatard High School 1 2 I BETH ROBINSON National Honor Society 3,45 Stu- dent Council Alternate 4 Art Club 4 Book Club 3,4, Vice president 3 President 4 Spanish Club 3,45 GirI's State Alternate 3 Office Messenger 23 P.E. Assis- tant4 Intramural Volleyball1 4 SUSAN DENISE ROBLING IA 34 Knights Klub 1,25 Office Messenger 34 Library Assistant 125 Intramural Volleyball1 4 RITA ROHRMAN Student Council 1 Alternate 25 Iun- ior Prom Committee IA 4 Knights Klub 1,25 Talent Show34 CURTIS WILLIAM ROMERIL Student Council 1, Alter- nate 2 IA 3 P E Assistant 34 Intramural Basketball 3,45 Freshman Baseball l LISANDROROQUE-Scecina High School 1,2. KAREN IEAN ROSS-FNA 2 3' Knights Klub 45 Health Careers Club 4' Tri-Hi-Y 4. THOMAS ROSSELL-Intramural Track 1. MIKE RUSSELL-ACCOLADE Representative 45 IA 3,45 Office Messenger 3' Reserve Football 3. I69 40" l SHELIA SEGREST-GAA 45 Talent Show 45 Knights Klub 45 Manual High School 1,2. WENDY SEIDEL-IA 2,35 Intramural Volleyball 1. MARY LYNN SHANNON-Library Assistant 2-45 Scecina High School 1. IOHN SHAVER I RONALD L. SHAW-National Honor Society 45 Nation- al Thespians 45 Quill and Scroll 45 Student Council 1-4, Cabinet 45 I.U. Student Council Leadership Institute 45 Spirit Committee 45 LANCER Representative 3,45 Concert Choir 45 Boy's Ensemble 35 LANCER Staff 45 History Club 35 IA 3,45 "King and I"5 "My Fair Lady"5 Talent Show 45 Freshman Wrestling. IERRY I. SHEELEY-ACCOLADE Staff 3,45 LANCER Staff 45 I.U. Press Workshop 4. LEE A. SHELTON-Office Messenger 4. PATRICIA K. SHELTON--Knights Klub 25 Office Mes- senger 3,4. I STEPHEN SHORT-Student Council 2,35 FAD 2,35 IA 45 Intramural Basketball 35 Freshman Football, Reserve 25 Freshman Wrestling. EDWARD SIMMONS MARSHA SIMS-Art Club 3,45 IA 35 Twin Lakes High School1,2. PATRICIA PAULE'I'I'E SIMS-Student Council Alternate 2,35 History Club 3,45 IA 45 Knights Klub 15 Spanish Club 2-4, President 45 I.U. Honors Program, Mexico 35 Intra- mural Volleyball 1. I BRENDA SISSOM-Student Council Alternate 25 LANCER Representative 2,35 ACCOLADE Representative 25 Knights Klub 1,25 Talent Show 2,35 Intramural Volley- ball 1. DENISE LEIGH SLINKARD-ACCOLADE Representative 45 History Club 1-4, Vice-president 35 IA 45 Knights Klub 1,25 Latin Club 15 Office Messenger 3,45 AFS Stu- dent Committee 3,4. BETH ELLEN SLOAN-National Thespians 2-45 LANCER Representative 1,25 ACCOLADE Representative 15 FNA1,25 Office Messenger 45 Props, Make-Up Committee5 Thes- pian Plays 2-4. GAYE SMITH-Student Council Alternate 15 Office Edu- cation Association 4. l70 Seniors INANCY LEE SHERER-Student Council Alternate 35 Senior Colors Committee5 Art Club 15 GAA 1-4,,Pres- ident 3, Secretary 45 IA 35 Goldenaire 3,4, Pennant 45 P.E. Assistant 3,45 Bowling League 1-35 Gymnastics 2-45 Intramural Volleyball 1-45 Powderbowl 4. IUNE SCHIMP-IA 45 Spanish Club 2. STEPHEN SCHMIDT-Intramural Basketball 1,25 Base- ball1, VICKIE IEAN SCHORN-Knights Klub1. I DAVID L. SCHWANTES-National Forensics League 3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 Senior Constitution Committee5 Science Club 3,45 Talent Show 45 Debate Team 3,4. ELLEN REA SCHWARTZ-Iohn I. Leonard High School 2. VIVIAN KAY SCHWOMEYER-National Honor Society 3,45 Iunior Prom Committee5 Knights Klub 1,25 Intra- mural Volleyball 1. IEFFREY SCOTT-Electronics Club 15 IA 3,45 Letterman's Club 45 Freshman Football, Reserve 2,3, Varsity 4. 4' -PATRICIA I. STUTSMAN-Student Council 2-45 Senior Colors Committee5 GAA 1-45 Knights Klub 1-45 Home- coming Queen Candidate 45 lamboree Queen 45 lun- ior Prom Queen Candidate5 Freshman Cheerleader5 Varsity Cheerleader 45 Goldenaire 2,35 P.E. Assistant 3,45 Talent Show 3,45 Powderbowl 45 Gymnastics 3,45 Intra- mural Volleyball 1-4. NANCY SURDI-Art Club 4, Stage Scenery5 GAA 45 History Club 35 IA 45 Knights Klub 1-4. IEANNE SUTTON-IA 45 Knights Klub 1,25 Intramural Volleyball 1,2. NANCY SWAN-Intramural Volleyball 25 Benjamin Frank- lin Junior High, Springfield, Illinois 1. IBARBARA TABAK-C.O.E. 45 Lawrence Central High School 1-3. CHARLES TESCHENDORF RAY THIESING DOUG THOMPSON-Student Council 25 Intramural Bas- ketball 3,45 Freshman Baseball, Reserve 25 Freshman Basketball, Reserve 25 Freshman Football, Varsity 3,4. f M 43 Seniors I ANNE SNYDER-Talent Show 2. DEBBIE SNYDER-IA 3,45 Intramural Volleyball 3,45 Chatard High School 1,2. LUCI SNYDER-Treble Aires 3,4, President 45 Tri-Hi-Y 25 Intramural Volleyball 15 Bible Club 4. SUE SORRELL-FNA 'I5 Knights Klub 'I5 Clinic ASSiS- tant 45 Intramural Volleyball 1,2. I PAULA SPAHR-Book Club 3,45 Intramural Volleyball 1,25 Debate Team 1,35 Photography Club 4. DONNA SPAULDING-Art Club 45 Speedway High School1-3. DONNA SPILBELER-GAA 3,45 IA 45 Exploratory Teach- ing4. VIRGINIA MAE SPINKS-History Club 45 Broad Ripple High School 1-3. I THOMAS M. SPOO-LANCER Representative 15 ACCO- LADE Representative 1,25 Electronics Club 25 Talent Show 3,45 Intramural Basketball 1. MERRY SPOOLSTRA-National Honor Society 3,45 Stu- dent Council 3,45 Cabinet 45 Orchestra 1,25 IA 3,45 Knights Klub 1-45 Goldenaire 2-4, Pennants 35 "Okla- homa"5 "Brigadoon"5 "My Fair Lady"5 Intramural Volleyball 1,3. TERRI SPRAY-junior Prom Committee. KATHRYN ANN STERN-Knights Klub 1,25 Intramural Volleyball 1,2. 'MICHAEL G. STEVENS-LANCER Representative 1,25 ACCOLADE Representative 15 Letterman's Club 3,45 In- tramural Basketball 45 Freshman Cross Country, Reserve 2, Freshman Track, Reserve 2, Varsity 4. MICHAEL WILLIAM STRONG-National Forensics League, First Vice-President 35 Student Council Alternate 2,35 Science Club 45 Intramural Basketball 2-45 Freshman Baseball, Reserve 25 Reserve Golf 2, Varsity 45 Debate Team 2-4, Captain 3. THOMAS R. STROUD-Freshman Baseball5 Reserve Football 3. IEANNE MARIE STROUDE-Spirit Committee 45 Senior Constitution Committee5 IA 3,45 Talent Show 35 Iunior Prom Committee5 Scecina High School 1. f lggf, I 5 i I X . 5 , V... , . I7l 64,43-it in -me l MARCIA IEANNE TOLLMAN-Art Club 45 York Subur- ban High School 1-3. RICHARD TOM-Chatard High School 1. LES TOMLINSON-IA 3,45 Latin Club 35 Fort Knox High School1,2. CYNTHIA MARIE TRANBERCI-Student COunCil 45 LANC- ER Representative 15 Art Club 1,25 Math Club 15 Red Cross 2,45 Spanish Club 1,25 Office Messenger 35 Intra- mural Volleyball 1,2. IPAUL TROY-National Honor Society 45 Student Council 3, Alternate 2,35 Spirit Committee 45 NHS King 45 Bowling League 35 Intramural Basketball 2-45 Freshman Basketball, Varsity Golf3,4. TINA TUBBS-Knights Klub 15 Office Messenger 4. SANDI TUXHORN-ACCOLADE Representative 35 Senior Constitution Committee5 JA 3,45 Knights Klub 1,25 In- tramural Volleyball 1. TERRI TWACHTMANIX-Art Club 'l5 Tri-Hi-Y 'l. 'STEPHEN TYRA-Intramural Basketball 15 Freshman Football. LINDA UBERTA-National Honor Society 45 Knights Klub 35 Ladywood High School 1,2. KAREN UNGER-ACCOLADE Staff 45 Health Careers Club 45 IA 45 Knights Klub 1,25 Latin Club 15 Clinic Assistant 45 Intramural Volleyball 25 Red Cross Repre- sentative 3,4. ANN UPSON-Socratic Club 35 Classen High School, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 15 Shortridge High School 2. I MICHELLE IEAN VAUGHAN-National Honor Society 45 National Thespians 3,45 Quill and Scroll 45 LANCER Staff 3,45 FTA 35 History Club 3,45 Math Club 3,45 P.E. Assistant 35 "Christmas Miser"5 ROTC Sponsor 45 I.l.H.S. Workshop 45 Broad Ripple High School 1,2. VICKI VERNIER-Scecina High School 1. CARL VIERS-Shortridge High School 1. GORDON E. VOGEL 172 Seniors I LINDA THOMPSON-LANCER Representative 35 ACCOLADE Representative 45 Art Club 45 IA 45 Spanish Club 3. WILLIAM THOMPSON-Office Messenger 45 Intramural Basketball 4. IEAN THORPE-National Honor Society 4. lOAN THORPE I WILMA I. TICHY-Washington High School, Washing- ton, Indiana. KATHLEEN A. TINDALL-IA 45 Knights Klub 15 Red Cross 15 Socratics Club 35 Spanish Club 1-45 Intramural Volley- ball 1,2. GARY TISCHER-German Club 25 IA 45 Intramural Bas- ketball 45 Reserve Basketball 2. CINDY TODD-National Honor Society 3,45 FTA 15 IA 45 Science 2,35 Girl's State Alternate 35 "King and I"5 "My Fair Lady"5 Piano Accompanist 2-4. IRUSSELL WHANN-FAD 45 Freshman Football, Re- serve 2, Varsity 3,45 Reserve Wrestling. CAROL A. WHITE-Coloma High School 1. DEBBIE WIERSMA-Student Council 35 Alternate 2,45 GAA 1-4, President 45 P.E. Assistant 3,45 Talent Show 3,45 Gymnastics 2-45 Intramural Volleyball 1-4. MARY L. WILFONG-Treble Aires 45 A.V. Assistant 4. l KAREN WILKES-National Honor Society 3,45 Student Council 15 Alternate 2,35 Treble Aires 3,45 French Club 15 History Club 1-35 IA 35 Spanish Club 45 AFS Ex- change Student, Brazil 45 ROTC Sponsor 3,45 AFS Representative 45 AFS Committee 3. DOUG WILKINS IEANNETTE M. WILKINS-Office Messenger 25 Chatard High School 1. WILLIAM WILLETS-Student Council 2, Alternate 15 IA 45 Letterman's Club 1-45 Freshman Baseball 1, Reserve 25 Varsity Wrestling 1-4. Seniors I DEBORAH C. VON WILLER-Concert Choir 45 Office Messenger 35 "My Fair Lady." TIMOTHY F. WALLACE-Spirit Committee 45 LANCER Representative 15 ACCOLADE Representative 1,25 IA 3,45 Letterman's Club 45 Red Cross 15 Varsity Football 3,45 Track 4. ANNE WALLER-National Honor Society 3,45 Student Council 25 Spirit Committee 45 LANCER Representative 35 GAA 25 Knights Klub 1-45 Goldenaire 1-4, Co-Captain 45 P.E. Assistant 3,45 Talent Show 45 Intramural Volley- ball 1-45 Pennants 2-45 Color Guard 45 Powderbowl 45 Fashion Board 4. STEPHEN G. WALTON-Concert Band 2-45 Marching Band 2-45 Pep Band 45 IA 2-45 Auditorium Technician 1-4. I PRESTON WARD-A.V. Assistant 3,4. DOUG WASNIDGE-Chess Club 25 Library Assistant 35 Bowling League 45 Intramural Basketball 15 ROTC 3,45 Student Safety Council 1. ALONZO WATFORD-Talent Show 45 Letterman's Club 45 Varsity Wrestling 45 Shortridge High School 1,2. KENNETH WATSON-Chess Club 3. I MICHAEL WATSON RALPH WEBER-National Honor Society 45 National Thespians 3,45 ACCOLADE Staff 45 Auditorium Techni- cians 1-45 A.V. Assistant 1-4. MARY BETH WELCH-LANCER Representative 25 AC- COLADE Representative 25 History Club 15 Knights Klub 15 Latin Club1. DENISE A. WELLS-Red Cross Club 45 Chatard High School1,2. I RICHARD H. WENZEL-National Thespians 3,45 Con- cert Choir 3,45 Chess Club 2,45 IA 3,45 Math Club 35 Science 45 "The King and l"5 "Androcles and the Lion"5 Freshman Tennis, Reserve 25 Freshman Wrestling5 lun- ior Prom Committee5 Socratics Club 3. PHILLIP L. WESNER-IA 45 ROTC 3. IELAINE S. WEST-LANCER Representative 15 Red Cross Club1. RICK WHALLON-Freshman Wrestling5 Chatard High School1. .5 l73 . ,. :. -.,. ::.-:g-ng--5:52 fl INN' ' ' 5 .. 5 f - V g ' , it I REGIS WILSON ROBERT A. WILSON-LANCER Staff 45 LANCER Repre- sentative 35 Office Messenger 2. RUTH WILSON VICKI WILSON I CRAIG WINN-National Honor Society 3,4, Vice- president 45 Student Council 3,4, Cabinet 45 Spirit Com- mittee 3,45 Senior Class President5 Senior Colors Committee5 Senior Constitution Committee5 Math Club 25 I.U. Leadership Institute 35 NHS King Candidate5 Talent Show 45 Intramural Basketball 3,45 Freshman Ten- nis, Reserve 2, Varsity 3,45 Freshman Wrestling. PATTY WITTHOFT-Student Council 2,4, Alternate 1,35 GAA 1-35 IA 45 Knights Klub 1-35 junior Prom Queen5 Freshman Cheerleader5 Talent Show 3,45 Intramural Vol- leyball 3,45 Office Education Association 45 Powderbowl 4. GREG WOLF-Letterman's Club 2-4, Treasurer 45 Freshman Basketball, Reserve 2,35 Freshman Football5 Freshman Track, Varsity 2-45 Intramural Basketball 4. MEG WOODS-National Forensics League 1-4, Presi- dent 35 National Honor Society 3,4, Secretary 45 Nation- al Thespians 2-45 LANCER Staff 2,35 Concert Band 2-45 Marching Band 15 FTA 15 History Club 1,2, Librarian 25 Knights Klub 15 Girl's State 35 NHS Queen Candidate 45 Reserve Cheerleader 2, Varsity 3,45 "Brigadoon"5 "King and I"5 "My Fair Lady"5 "Miracle Worker"5 Intramural Volleyball 1. I LYNN WOOLS-IA 3,45 Red Cross Club 15 AFS Repre- sentative 2. HERMAN YOUNG-Student Council Alternate 35 Chess Club 45 Electronics Club 45 ROTC 3,45 Rifle Team 3,4, IACKIE YOUNG STEVE YOUNG I SUE LYNN YOUNG-Senior Colors Committee5 GAA 1-3, Vice-president 35 1A 25 Knights Klub 1,25 Girl's State 35 Goldenaire 2-4, Pennants 4, Color Guard 35 Tal- ent Show 45 Intramural Volleyball 2-45 Powderbowl. IAMES D. ZARTMAN-Letterman's Club 2-45 Fresh- man Cross Country, Reserve 2, Varsity 3,45 Freshman Track, Reserve 2, Varsity 3,4, IENNY ZIEGLER-Spirit Committee 45 IA 45 Knights Klub 1-35 Red Cross Club 1,25 Talent Show 3,45 Powder- bowl 4. TERRY ZIMPLEMAN-Letterman's Club 3,45 Freshman Baseball, Reserve 2, Varsity 3,45 Freshman Basketball, Reserve 2, Varsity 35 Intramural Basketball 4. I74 Seniors I BARBARA SUZANNE WILLIAMS STEVE WILLIAMS VICKIE WILLIAMS HOLLY SUE WILLMAN-Concert Band 3,45 Book Club 35 FTA 1,25 Knights Klub 1,25 Library Assistant 1-3. l BILL WILSON DAVE WILSON-Student Council 15 Intramural Basket- ball 3,45 Reserve' Baseball 2,3, Varsity 45 Freshman Basketball. GEORGE E. WILSON MARY L. WILSON-LANCER Staff 45 LANCER Repre- sentative 15 P.E. Assistant 25 Powderbowl 4. Rf? 5 5.5 ii X .,,, 42 I at-" "A Time For Us" . . . The Royal Court reigning over the junior Prom activities were Pat Stutsman, Robyn Chamness, Patty wirrhofr-queen, Camera-Shy Seniors RICHARD AARON-Broad Ripple High School 1,2p North Central High School 3. RONALD BAKER-Varsity Baseball 4. DALLAS KURT BARNES PETER CARSON BRENDA CHOATE HOLLY CLAPPER-Lena High School, Lena, Wisconsin 1-3. BRAD CONNERLY MIKE COYLE TANIA DORAN-Art Club 45 Book Club 45 French Club 3. MAUREEN EVANS BARBARA GLENN PATRICIA HALL-Student Council Alternate 3, LANCER Staff 3, ACCOLADE Representative 3, Knights Klub 1. RICK HALL DAVID HAWK-A.V. Assistant 1,2p ROTC 3,4, Drill Team 3,4. KENNETH HEADY DAVE IMEL NELLIE IONES IANETTE KERNS ANITA LESLIE LINDA LOBB MIKE C. LONGEST-Tech High School 1,2. COEBURN MCDANIELS-Tech High School 1. PATRICIA MCNEELY THOMAS MILLER DAVE MOORE-P.E. Assistant 3,45 ROTC 3,45 Varsity Drill Team 3,4. STEVE NICEWANGER SHARON PATTERSON LUCRETIA ANN PAYNE FRANK ROHRER-Talent Show 4. DANIEL ROSS-Concert Choir 4, Boy's Ensemble 3, Science Club 1. VICKIE SCHMIDT MIKE B. TEWNEY-IA 4, A.V. Assistant 3,45 Varsity Baseball 4. MARY VILLARREAL-Spanish Club 2,35 Intramural Volleyball 1. MAURICE WEBB MARK WINTERS Sha Amy Brown, Karen Jeffries, lim Hutcherson, Bob McAlister, Marc Boucher-king, and Randy Haines. 1968 Grads Viv? lwg 2' 1 Meara, HZ" .3 A3 . V-1,-.E - 'laYJhggfsg,'52af:xmf':,fH. f . ' - f . i A ' - I fa We PENNY WHITE IOHN DUGAN juniors push for 'seniority' positions, "DOf1'I- be Shy", junior Andy McDaniels teases junior Valerie Smith as both display talent in the annual Talent Show. Posing for his last underclass picture, junior Ron Miller appreciates help of senior Becky Bultman, Accolade staff member. trigger spirit through yells As the Class of '70 joined the ranks of upperclassmen, spirited juniors set new traditions. juniors led all classes academical- ly, and dominated by 41 per cent, the Court of Honor. They studied the properties of matter in chemis- try, interpreted the Constitution in U.S. History classes, and tackled the theories of advanced mathema- tics. College counseling began for students interested in pursuing spe- cialized careers. lunior girls donned black and gold jerseys and challenged the senior girls to the first annual "pow- der bowl." Maintaining their repu- tation as "the most spirited class," juniors played an active part in sup- porting their school. The junior prom highlighted the year as the class of '70 anticipated next year's senior status. "Knights have got the power," "Sock it to 'em Knights," and "Knights floats revealed many hours of toil and dedication for the Homecoming can't be beat" are chants familiar to an enthusiastic junior class. Their festivities. I76 juniors Bill Abbott, Mark Abraham, Linda Adams, Terry Adams, Viki Alexakos, Don Allen, Gary Allen, Kenneth Allen. Linda Allen, Phil Allen, Dar- lene Alonzo, Bob Altman, Mike Ammerman, Bill An- thony, Laura Arnao, Gregory Arnold. Kathy Atkinson, Anita Atz, Martha Atz, Carol Auch, Susie Ault, Doug Babb, Cand Bader, Y Diana Bailey. janet Bailey, Paul Bailey, Chris Baker, Dennis Baker, Tony Baldwin, Stan Bales, Frank Barbour, Terri Barnes. Willard Barnett, Mary Barrett, john Bascom, Trudy Baugh, Deborah Beagle, Anne Beall, Bonnie Beaman, Andrea Beas- ley. Lenard Beasley, Mark Beasley, Ernie Beaty, Steve Bell, Tom Bell, Roger Bender, Terry Ben- nett, Bernie Berry. Steve Betras, Voldomiro I. Bilecky, Deborah Bow, Don Bowling, Robert Bowser, Bar- bara Boyd, Gayle Boyd, Karen Boyd. Dawn Brandenstein, Charles Brandt, Kathy Brandt, Randy Brinegar, Cheryl Brodhecker, john Brolin, Carolyn Brown, Christine Brown. Dennis Brown, Vera Brown, William Browning, Angie Brun- ner, Charlotte Bujarsky, Janice Bunning, Tom Burns, Tom Burleson. David Burris, Freddie Burrus, jerry Burrus, Diana Butche, Cathy Butcher, janet Byers, Debbie Caldwell, Gary Camp- bell. I' at A vu w, ft, .., 5 ' f'--- Q5 '..- , .,,, - Y . " ,- J,-:, We . mea ., . ,..," Lf ""' 7 v- 5 l V -Nr tts, X it F y A V Q.- , . t . - 1, S if X I M A A3555 1 3 -at ox t N 5' t F i Q' K at ,Aa-fe, . ,Ks lt 4 Tl va if QV xt . ,.., f, fs, :tt 1 "-sr' 'Uv .. nf :- " '. .waz ,af 2 ff wait - fist .avg . if ' -7:' 'Eff , 1 , Y r ti if W ly if t F3 Q A 'X' x m a xi' N K won- s I F 'a , l i i Wir Q Xxf ' 'A Q r. ,Wm - 2 xii? G H-1... - , 'ts 'W- X :Hr 'li X Y w s .ii Xf' vi 1 W ff' -fr 'L G- at J .., I X 3 ' 1 K T 4' 3 Q. ..- U a tt- v Y 6 F 3 t Y , t f t ,. . 'tri D I 5 5, fs A., Q Q ,V , 93' jnuou- in Class of '70 Chris Campbell, Tim Carr, lim Carlson, Linda Carlton, Dale Carney, Lydia Carney, Nevin Carpenter, Charlotte Carrier. Jeannie Carter, Sue Cartwright, Norbert Cassidy, Chuck E. Cave, Yao-Ling Chang, Gordon Chase, Teri Cheak, William Cherry. Marie Childs, Skip Choate, Stephen Christian, Cathy Clark, janet Clark, Diane Clod- felter, Glenn Clymer, Libby Cochran. Linda Cochran, Bill Coffey, GarryCole. Charles A. Coleman, Steve Colson, Paul Conder. Chris Conlin, Mike Conners, Carolyn Ann Cook. Vying for the title of "winner," juniors strive for an original entry. Steve Coop, Dan Cooper, Phil Corron. Steven Cotts, Kathy Coulter, Don Counts, Ron Coutts, Be- verly Craig, Lynn Craig, Ma- linda Craycraft, Debbie Creech. Carole Critchlow, Debbie Cromwell, Rick Crosson, Michael A. Crouse, Mark Crowe, Marty Crump, Michael Crute, Ronny Curran. Frank Curry, Gene Damron, Marilynn Daniel, Steven Dar- by, Stephen Daub, Lynne Daugherty, Gary Davidson, Di- ane Davis. juniors Stepping high, junior Debbie Wilson adds zest and sparkle to half-time performances. Gordon Davis, Kathy Davis, David Dawson, lim DeCamp, Gale DeHaven. Pam Denney, Becky Deputy, Mary DeWitte, Paul DeWitte, john DeWitz. Kathy Dickey, Conne Dickson, Kurt Dietz, Darnell Dixon, Sherry Doig. Lewis Dotterer, Darryl Dough- erty, Randy Drake, Steve Draughon, Bill Duclus. Paul Ecklund, jacki Edwards, Ed Elliott, Stephen Eltzroth, Carol Emery. Cheryl England, Debbie Evans, Lucinda Exline, Mary Fair, Roy Fairbanks. Duffy Faulconer, Bill Favors, Celeste Federle, Bill Fontaine, Debbie Felkins, Gwen Fergu- son, Michael Ferguson, joe Ferraro. Denise Fields, Stephen Fields, Debbie Fitt, Debbie Fitzgerald, Paul Flockhart, Gary Ford, Steve Fralish, Dave Frederick. David Freeman, Teena Furga- son, Henry Gaffin, lim Gaier, Patti Garrett, Mick Garwood, Karen Geddes, Philip Gelston. Phil Gemmer, loe Geracie, Steve Gerde, Sharon Gibson, Sherry Gibson, Michael Glan- cy, Gloria Goodson, luanita Gorman. lf., Z, fi ML V ,ivy if up 14, is W fi 45 to 1 it Q 4 tx.- "+' Q J' 'H 'Mi www' Am 1-. ww .4 y . .,::.-- ie' 11 fi ., s s - s, ., ,. f., as Q- -V fig., 16' . 'l ' s V iff, ,, t 9 as y , rf 5 Y ' , 4 Jw 'ii ' ' 3s 5 Q -,.. Q b lx' 4 i :'-2 , . X K R X .,.-kf ily l in , Q45 ..W,.WA .. ,. , i . . tt , 1 .zvl 4' X t K 'Q 5 ' W: S3 mf s , ef gk , ,E C r + 'ill' g my :nl I' WE H 4 1 , ' X , A , 32755 if Ek V ,R :1, K -V Q K H .,jt ,.,t W ,L, , . K I 1 .xt Q , A z , .Q my A ,,.. in , r i it . , - L a 5 ' ..,, 9 fs- T 'i"' C M .. his 'V C' A . , .mal , 2. V ' Q sa. 4: A V - 7 fi fi R ' at h, 3 ' if ,g,1:5ygyQ3g. l as C fat, l??d:'a1f'Z'31'fIfb?4 Class of '70 Arlingtonites mingle with their friends as they swarm on- to crowded buses. Greg Gorogiani, Howard Graves, Gary Gray. Kenneth Gray, Norma Green jerry Green. 1 Doug Greeson, Madonna Grif- fey, Bob Griffin. Patty Griffin, Rick Griggs, Kathy Grinslade. Debbie Haehl, Michael Haem- merle, Guy Hagen, Mary Ha- gen, john Hall, Christine Hal- ter, Kathy Hammer, Patty Hammond. Greg Handy, Marene Hanson, Treendia Haralson, Anne Har- ding, Debby Harris, Fred Hart, lulie Hart, Ronnie Hathaway. lan Hawkersmith, David Haw- kins, Lester Heady, Rudyard Heady, Gale Heckman, Curtis Helm, Daniel Helton, Kenneth Hensley. Ellen Herman, jackie Herndon, Peggy Herrmann, Mark Hew- itt, Roger Hignite, Bobbe Hill, Catherine Hill, Karl Hinkle. Dean Hinshaw, Paul Hofmeis- ter, Dave Hoggatt, Linda Hoke, Bob Holland, jill Holmes, Chris Horton, Debbie Hotka. lacquelyn Howard, Bruce Howe, Bradly Hubler, Gary Hunt, Kim Hurst, Tudy Hutch- erson, Cathy Huntsinger, Bruce Ikawa, juniors Margie Irwin, Genia lsenhow- er, Diane jackson, Rob jack- son, Lizabeth jakovac, Margie jaquess, Scott jeffries, Greg jennings. Valerie jennings, jeanne jen- sen, Phyllis jessup, Arnice johnson, Debbie johnson, Ed- na johnson, Fred johnson, Colleenjones. Mary jones, Patrick jones, Phyllis jones, Nathan jorgen- sen, Steve Kaiser, Kathy Kalo- yanides, Dale Kappus, Steve Kehrer. Bruce Kelley, Rick Kendall, Karen Kennedy, Robert Ken- nedy, Mike Kenrick, Darrel Kerr, Ed Kersage, jim Key. Beverly Kidwell, Elizabeth Kid- well, Gesila Kinder, Tom King, Dennis Kingery, Patty Kings- ton, David Kinnick, Vicki Kin- sey. jerry Kisselman, Carol Klein, Tom Klier, Bobbi Kline, Sue Knight. Barbara Kouwe, jeff Krienik, Vanessa Kyle, Pam Lacy, Doro- thy La Fara. Gary Lamczik, jack Landy, Mary jo Landy, Danny Lane, Beth Longan. james Langsford, William Lan- teigne, Gary LaPrees, Bob Lap- pas, Craig Larsh. Cliff Lathrop, Dan Lawhorn, Memory Lawhorn, Anne Law- rence, Bob Layton. Campaigning for the ACCO- LADE, junior Mike Pence jumps on the Arlington band- wagon. 1, -,f-- was va ' ' L 6 'Q if C, Q in ,S -' .AH , ,. 3 , ff' aa- X . . - . , . I s, V wy- V91 A ' jg: at . Z x 'N fx if A 4- Q., '--' ., , N A lg -fer 3 Til, sit 3' 'A A L " s' kc fl ' x if i - J" 4 -- A, Z, 5- , sr: in .M 1-1-55 ' ' " ,S Q52 'P -fx Q, ! 4. g 4 -Z' 9 YQ W! , ft wx : 1 If LL. X rf .W f - f ft E it at ui- g ,,t ,iv E 29 , .E Y L.- P 'iff ,,:" ilk xi . My l . w 'fy : My W 2 is - L in . ai - a E U W w, 'Aff ' E 1 L 3 X l 'ef .X Nw li i F 4 'H gf if l 3, -z. P j ,LM dia.-2 Y will I ...A ' 'Q-sl .. K J 4 'X , l- Class of '70 Sounding off, the Marching Band adds dash to pre-game entertainment. Steven Leachman, Bill Led- gerwood. Rebecca Lee, Sheryl Lee. Debbie LeFeber, Michele Leonard. Norman Leonard, Vicky Leon- ard. Zoa Leslie, Steve Lette, lack Lewillen, Kathy Lewis, Mike Lewis, Sandy Likens, Tom Linn, james Long. Cindy Loomis, Beth Loveless, Bruce Lowe, Richard Lowe, lan Lutey, Lynda Lynch, Bob Maas, loyce MacDonald. Scott McPherson, Chuck Mad- dinger, Marilyn Maddux, lan- ice Marker, David Martin, Car- ol Marquart, loe Markland, Rick Marshall. Barbara Martin, Carla Martin, john Massel, Lennie Massin- gale, john Mathews, Mihoko Mathews, Miles Matthews, Debbie Maxon. Craig May, Roger Mayhood, Robert McArty, Kenneth Mc- Cane, Steve McClure, Kevin McConnell, Gary McCreary, Norita McCulloch. Coeburn McDaniel, Andre- nese McDaniels, Daniel Mc- Dermott, Denis McDuff, Paul McFadden, Rena McGee, Mike McC.ill, David McGuire. luniors Debbie McMahon, Paul Mc- Michael, Mary McPherson, Patricia McPherson, Tom Meara, Linda Meko, Nancy Meek, Barb Melcher. Jayne Merriman, jim Messer- smith, Kenneth Messick, Dar- ryl Meyer, Mark Meyer, Moni- ca Meyers, Linda Milam, Steve Milam. Gayl Miller, Glenda Miller, Richard Miller, Ron Miller, Susan Miller, Sandy Miller, Robert Milliser, Mark Mitchell. Arlene Mithoefer, Daphne Montgomery, Karen Sue Montgomery, Todd Moore, Donna Morris, john Morris, Mike Mummey, Camille Murray, jerry Murrell, Gary Muse, Mar- gie Muse, Gloria Myricks, Lin- da Neidlinger, Sherry New- house, Terri Noe, Sandi Norris. Valerie Norris, Patty O'Brien, Tim O'Dell, Ruth Oelschlager, Mike Okey, Nancy Olson, Gary Orr, Gregory Owens. Larry Page, Russ Palma, Law- rlence Palmer. Ioann Pappas, Mary Pappas, Steve Parrish. Christine Parsley, Dave Pars- ley, lan Partenheimer. Valerie Patterson, Shirley Pat- ton, loann Payne. Booming with school spirit, the Arlington Pep Band sparks Knights with zeal. 5 Sf 1 lx' l'lx 3 ,W ,,,. ,. ,. l 1 m i lfs: YM, E ll 2, ' Y" -,559 ES 'Skpl Q52 if it - 1 ayy, g I ywi igg ilk lac' A -Fifi' .,. l' gmt? S f . " , av' x Q 9 1 XIX nt' if' W 3 2 i . I Q.: 2 HF J ,fx-, 2. . . W ff. gg Q ' ' R ge :.V , U' 1 ull lnul Class of '70 Mike Pearcy, Mike Pence, Nan Peril, Laurie Peterson, Arman- do Perez, Amy Pheasant, Bev- erly Phelps, Robert Phelps. Cindy Phillips, Dane Phillips, Elaine Phillips, Gary Pickering, Richard Picklesimer, Debbie Pierce, Nancy Pike, Brenda Ping, Tom Pollock, Ronnie Polster, Anita Poole, William Portilla, john Potts, Kathy Price, Cathy Prickett, Fred Propes. Ellen Purdy, Harold Qualkin- bush, Tom Quigley, Bill Quil- lin, Paula Quinn, Donna Quin- nett, Ivars Rage, Gary Ramage. Ron Rathert, Linda Rawlings, Mike Rawlinson, Gary Ray, Carol Raymer, Charles Ray- mont, Mike Reap, Mark Reck- ley. janie Redmond, Kathy Reed, Michael Reed, lim Rees, Engra Reid, Marcia Reider, Barbara Reidy, Steven Reidy. Milton Rein, joey Reinhardt, Warren Reinhardt. Betsy Reyburn, Deborah Rhea, Gwendolyn Rhea. Char Rhim, Keith Rhodes, Ter- ri Rhodes. Dennis Rhyne, Don Rice, Rob- bie Rice. In a riot of motion and color the Goldenaire performances add glitter to every game. juniors y ..Q- . A . . . 6 t tt.. if X' 'J Adding zest to a parade in a ff I ' soldierly fashion, Knights if Q ww N X march in cadence. L ar' Lynn Richeson, Charles Richey, ' Tammy Richey. 1 X, E . it john Ricketts, Karen Ridge, l Connie Riding. Cliff Rigsbee, jane Rigsbee, Bob Riley. Gayl Roberson, David Roberts Donna Roberts. 'Q if 'fs Teresa Roberts, Annette Ro- "" A if bertson, Steve Robertson, .Q " A- 'F Q, Y Roger Robinson, Barbara Ro- 1 ' ' H Q gers, Craig Roller, Linda Ro- N2 ur' js senquist, Donna Ross. K X I Uri .. , r vi wir' Q' l if john Ross, Lasondra Ross, A Q. f Casey Rotzien, janet Routh, t f Q, rt , Kathy Routt, Kathy Royalty, , jean Rumrill, Merle Safford. L ,Ng t 53 fig: ilk., . A li Barbara Saillant, Marcia Sakri- "::' 1 V ug -5, son, Becky Salter, Pam Sapp, B' ' i f ' I k.:. . Dale Sawin, Debbie Sayles, W 45' " Terry Schaefer, Sandee Schloot. 1 6. ir Sue Schnarr, Dave Schneider, X , . ,,.,. . 'Cr janet Schofield, Steve Schom- 3' f i A ' berg, Sandy Scobee, john 5' Scott, Paul Scott, Steve Scott. f E J jim Seamon, Mike Seamon, . D ,R X K rf 4, ' Frances Settle, Marcy Seybold, ii"j'i Vfvy - ' I V 'l - A U L Bonnie Shadday, Darla Shad- S ir.. " - . rilclki Wayne Sharp, Cindy X 5 ., tk :., z S eton. Y Y Qgiwm' .,5 t.ff-." fztffzwfaf V. fr - ,5,,.,,-.Ji N Q ur- K ti if' 3 D 'S' Marty Shumate, Bill Shure, xii' .2 J joAnn Shockley, joan Sibley, ' S l i , X Edward Simmons, jon Sipole, Kelly Slocum, Cathy Smith. J in l85 V ..lllv Class of '70 Searching for a new answer, junior Susan Ault channels her thoughts to a problem. Gladys Smith, Mark Smith, Rebecca Smith, Charles Wil- liam Smith. Valerie Smith, Debbie Smoot, Tim Snelson, Katie Snyder. Dave Sommerville, Don R. Sorrell, Dave Southgate, George Southworth. Bobbie Spann, Barbara Spies, Ken Spoon, Cindy Spradling. Diana Spurlock, Saralyn Stal- cup, Barb Stephenson, Michael Stern, Cathy Stewart, Ron Stocking, Edith Storer, Mona Stott, Pat Stranahan, Chuck Strother, Vicki Stuckey, Karen Sumter. Dale Swain, Ed Sylvester, Bill Taylor, David Taylor, Karen Taylor, Steve Taylor, Dan Teat- er, Mark Teepe. Doug Terry, Charmaine Tesh- endorf, Valita Teschendorf, Deborah Thomas, Helen Thomas, Joyce Thompson, Richard Thompson, Sandra Thompson. lim Thrasher, Barbara Tipton, Marsha Todd, Susan Tonnis, Linda Trotter, Larry Tumey, julia Tyler, Robert Uebelhack. Linda Updike, joy Upson, Phil Utigard, Denise Vance, Van Vandivier, Vicki Van Duren, Bobbie Van Sickle, Pete Van Spronsen. juniors Bill verrill, Robert Vickers, Pat- ty Villars, Anita Vitolins, Gor- don Vogel, Lade Wade, Alan Wagner, Steve Walden. Ray Wallace, loyce Walker, Richard Wallsmith, Evelyn Warfel, Bob Watkins, Mike Watts, Scott Webb, Bob Wells. Randy Wells, Stan Welton, Carl Wencke, Steve Werner, Dan Wesner, Dan West, Rhon- da West, Roger West. lo Weston, Steve Wheeler, Ken Whisman, Kim White, Lloyd White, Terri White, Roger Wickers, Kate Wichser. Vicky Wilkes, Ama Wilkins, Gwendolyn Wilkins, Philip Wilkins, Carl Williams, Mari- etta Williams, Pearlie Wil- liams, Steve Williams. james Willis, Damon Wilson, Debbie Wilson, Diana Wilson, Pat Wilson, Regis Wilson, Karen Winters, Ed Wolf. Frank Wolf, Susie Wood, Laura Woods. janet Woodruff, jim Wortman, Darla Worton. Kevin Yager, Linda Yant, jeff- rey Young. Rex Zenor, Tom Zentz, Mar- garet Zimmerman. Getting a sneak preview of the LANCER, Dan "Doolittle" Lane reads his "reviews," 03 Beanies burned, sophomores challenge Y W' ,W , mm, t Hand in air, Sophomore Bruce Hubbard shouts "Here come da judge" as he joins the march- ing band for an evening performance at the final football game of the season. 188 upperclass distinctions Cries of "yell it out sophomores' filled the gym as second year Knights distinguished themselves fromthe frosh. Involvement in school activities showed sophomore eagerness to achieve. Featured at basketball games, Don jones displayed his abil- ity and talent in gymnastics. Sopho- more athletes bolstered reserve teams in preparation for varsity squads. Dissecting worms and frogs, soph- omores discovered that a way to observe living organisms was through biology. Varying their mathematical skills, sophomores en- rolled in geometry class as a prep- aration for college. With the close of the second year, members of the Class of '71 re- ceived their class rings and began thewait for"upperclassmanship." Striving for the skills of a master craftsman, Rob Wilkes sands a wood project. I Sophonunes Kathy Allen, Vicki Altom, john Anderson, Kathy Anderson, Pauletta Anderson, Sherry An- derson, Susi Andres, Paula Angrick. Susan Atchison, Nancy Bailey, Pam Bailey Tom Baldwin, De- nise Ball, Tony Banks, Michele Barbee, Roseanna Barnes. Sandy Barnes, Walter Barnes, Mary Barngrover, William Barnhart, Susan Baron. Linda Bartley, Terry Barth, jayne Baskett, Patty Bast, jenni- fer Baugh. Dianne Baxter, Bon ' - W Tom Be ers, a y ee er,4Debbie Bennett. john Bennett, joseph Bennett, Linda Berger, Monica Ber- nett, Phil Binder. Marilyn Bishop, Mark Bishop, jerry Bivens, Cherryl Black, james Edw. Black. Broken waterpipes in the mu- sic corridor sent pupils search- ing for higher ground. Gary Blackburn, jeff Boak, Steven Boese, Patricia Boone, Terri Booi, Pamela Booth, Betty Bouye, Michael Boyd. Norman Brandenstein, Mike Brewer, Lloyd Bridges, Ted Brill, Steve Britton, jeri Brolin, Edwin Brooks, Mary Brown. Denny Brown, jan Brown, Mary Brown, Brenda Brown- ing, Beth Brummett, Devise Bruton, Kervill Bruton, Steve Bryan, ,. "ffl K 1 1 s S " 5? K A Q M Q", aa ki X K' 'gist .. Y?" 5, iii gmlmmwm . ff ,V fig 1 at 'vw A' 4' . - ,V -ni "' .. S 4 "ig , Z ' ' i ' 1 Mm Class of '71 Thwarting wintry winds, Gol- denaires prepare for the Vete- ran's Parade. Lavern Bryant, Jean Buchanan. Ardie Bucher, Diane Buenger. Pat Bunning, Ricky Burk- holder. Shari Burnett, Vicki Burnett. Brenda Burp, Dave Burton, Charles Butche, Frankie Butler, Marty Byers, Tom Byers, loan Camp, Sally Capp. David Carder, Cheryl Card- well, Denny Carlson, Kathy Caron, Bill Carr, Donna Car- rier, Cathy Carter, Kris Carter. Linda Carter, Rick Carter, San- dy Cashman, Pamela Cassedy, Pat Cassidy, Louis Cavanaugh, Su Cavey, Bob Chamness. Tom Charleston, loanna Cheatham, Janice Cherpas, john Choate, Sue Christiansen, Terry Christianson, Ann Christie, Becky Clark. Christy Clark, Cindy Clark, james Clark, janet Clark, Nyla Clark, Steve Click, loanie Cline,ChrisCoder. lanell Coe, Lydia Collins, Pat Conder, Diane Cones, Michael Coniglen, Sherry Connell, Kathryn Cook, Cliff Cooney. Sophomores Richard Cotton, Leroy Couch, Vicki Corbett, Bill Cox, Steve Craig, Donna Crawford, Mary Crawford, Dana Crawley. DeAnna Crawley, Steven Crawley, Cindy Crisci, Peggy Crisp, Nancy Crowe, Danny Coyle, jerry Daniel, john Dani- luck. jim Darling, Melani Darrell, Beatrice Davis, Debbie Davis, Grant Davis, jared Davis, Randy Davis, Thomas Davis. Charlotte Davison, Marty Day, Larry Dimick, Lanelle Dixon, Michelle Dixon, Donita Dono- van, Betsey Doran, William Downey. David Dransfield, Terry Drikut, Sara Dunbar, jerry Dunphy, Larry Dunphy, Barbara Dye, Kim Dyer, john Eckel. Dave Edmonds, Bill Edney, Susan Edwards. Tom Edwards, Kathy Egenes, Louise Ehrenwald. Terri Eldridge, Donna Eleson, Heidi Embach. Tony English, Tim Ernest, la- nine Everly. Mark Everman, Michael Far- ner, john Ferguson. Sophomore lerry Eidson sug- gests a social activity to class- mate Susan Wheeler. Class of '71 Cecelie Field, Michael Fields, Don Fillion, Kenneth Finn, Diane Fitzgerald, Skip Fisher, Charlene Forbes, Sherry Ford. Debbie Fontaine, Dennis Franklin, Charlie French, Mi- chael French, luleen Frisbie, Gary Fry, Wayne Fuson, loyce Gabbert. Sharon Gale, Dwight Gaines, ludy Garnett. joy Garrison, jan Gehris, Dave Gerber. Carol Gierke, Sarah Gildea, DavidGloe. jerry Glass, Barbara Gootee, Dennis Gordon, Sophomores joined in the salute to senior football play- ers who wore jerseys, Rick Gordon, Rick Gorsline, Bob Graeber, Pam Gratter, Sadie Green, Becky Greer, Faye Grigsby, Steve Grimes. Debbie Gruzinsky, Kim Had- ley, Greg Hagen, Mike Hagen, Debbie Haines, Chad Hall, jerry Hall, Katie Hall. Pam Hancock, Nancy Handy, Rick Hanes, Stephen Hankins, Christopher Harber, Beverly Ann Hardy, Larry Harlson, Laura Harmas. Randall Harner, Marcia Harp, Deborah Harrington, Archie Harris, Wanda Harris, Ed Hart, Judy Hartley, Linda Harvey. Sophomores Larry Hatfield, john Hathaway, Dennis Healy, Ruby Hensley, jim Heimroth, Bob Helm, Ty- rone Henry, Patty Hensley. Linda Hepler, Raymond Hig- genbottom, Charles Hill, Theresa Hill, Mary Hinds, Dick Hobson, Gary Hobson, Ho- ward Holifield. jack Hollingsworth, Darryl Holmes, Pat Holmes, William Holsapple, Cynthia Hopper, Larney Horstman, Eileen Hos- kins, Don Howard. Gary Howenstein, Bruce Hub- bard, Carol Hughes, Lenny Hunter, Carol Hoser, George Hutchison, Steve Hyde, Becky lmel. jon Imel, james Ingram, Leslie Irons, Audrey Irving, Kathy jackson, joe jacobs, Lynn ja- cobs, Kimball jeter. Karen johannessen, Deborah johnson, Eleen johnson. Eva johnson, jack johnson, Laura johnson. Rick johnson, Elaine johnston, Don jones. Larry jones, Nancy jones, Rick jones. Steve jones, Tom jones, jeff johnson. Under Mrs. Zonda Montgom- ery's direction, glee clubs prac- tice vocal arrangements. r ff 9- fr ,A he I 3' , -fm . - -nm af. s X y . . I, l dll www 'IT' 'Wu 5 rf' I93 5 A, f 5 2 2 3 kid' .ff .Q . , g, 1 .V -4 153. ' f - JF: rv- f 1 - is L. ,.', I , M ff'.v ,in-vi' -,:, xg . .- J' va, 35' q ff- S .,,.: A x l . I fa .,i-18 , . '-M W .sh : Liar V M, . ,, -W, b s' . . l .' ,fl , - K L.. -1 a.,, 1 11l, A , at it 'Q . 3 llii sz X 'A ' Rl 4 f fl 1 it A J 529.1 x ws if Qs wiv, ' 353: ig 1... A R .9 ff ix K I -a-44' ' -pr' 'F i i S465 1 " ,. . , , ' V n b w . L 2. I L23 Q 4 ii' J U MN K A K tix I ll -4. -A, S5 . 1 . f UP li , , . ,,, ri . , A 1 W ' f -1. 5 , if V ':,., . i ,. . 4. ' 9 ,. f Sw B-32 , i . , li . lay if ' 2 l ax i ff if 4 ,V ' fb ' ef. A ,nf , age, 6 -Q T : 4 1 JJ 5' L., ' my sf' 1 ia' 5 . in r , is lx ' X . l94 Class of '71 Norman Brandenstein waltzes with Merry Spoolstra in a scene from "My Fair Lady. " Lacy johnson, Terry johnson, Dave johnston, Nancy jorgen- sen, Maureen jung, Glenda justice. Debbie justus, Sandy Kapps, Candy Kantor, Mary Kay Kel- lerhals, Karrol Kelly, Patti Kendall, Vickie Kendall, Michael Kennedy. Virginia Kennedy, Gary Kest- ner, Lolita Kidwell, Clifford King, Nancy King, Richard King, Richard Kinnaman, Inge Kirchner. Diana Klennert, Tom Knipe, Kathy Koerber, Katie Koers, Steve Konchinsky, Nancy Krachenfels, Don Kraege, Bob Kraucunas. jeannine Kreider, Mike Krienik, Sheryl Kuhlman, Shelly Lancaster, jack Lane, Karen Langley, Tom Lannan, Don Lanteigne. Libbi Leatherwood, Patricia Lee, Steve Lee, Becky Leeper, Terry LeFeber, Rick Legner, David LeMaster, Lawrence Lenk. Tod Levitt, jeff Lewis, Bonnie Linder, Delbert Linhart, Elaine Litteral, Mollie Livengood, Pierre Lobdell, Bob LaPorte. Paula Lothamer, Randy Lowe, Phyllis Lowery, Pam Loy, Clark Lucas, janet Lucas, Tom Lund, jack Main. Sophomores Diana Manship, jim Maple, Denise Marietta, john Mar- quart, janet Marr, Patty Mar- tin, Robert Martin, Brad Mason. Carol E. Mason, jon Massey, Charles Massingale, Mona Masters, Deborah McCane, Dena McClain, jeffrey Mc- Dermott, Mike McDowell. johnnie McGee, Alan McGill, Eric Mclntire, Steve McMan- us, Howard McPeek, Gary Mc- Whirter, Susie Meara, Bob Mesalam. Steve Meyers, Kathy Michael, Cathy Miller, jeanne Miller, Randy Miller, Steve Miller, jack Minton, jeff Mock. Ronald Mock, joe Moham- nied, Paula Monday, Mike Mooneyham, Cynthia Moore, Mark Moran, Pamela More- lock, Dan Morgan. Debbie Morgan, Dawn Moro- kof'f, Ron Morris, Paul Morri- son, Steve Morrison, Dorothy Morrow, Nancy Moss, Doug Mott. Harry Moretz, Mary Ann Munch. jody Murphy, Le Ann Murphy. Pete Murphy, Mary j. Murrell. Gary Nance, Patricia Neeley. Spirited Knights hesitantly give up classes to attend pep sessions. , ke , 'G 1 l -4 t J.. . .' " "4 ,t a ,. 1 'W sv'-in . f sr' 1 j fin' W f- Q if mlsx X K , Y it 'Q si ff.-.sf .,, ff . -., .Q-A f. XL . . L ,., A -' Q,"m:a-t,:s-'s --sr 221 Qi? S ii t , ,- "H .. A.. - 'f S.: . pil my 'S 5 .. ,.,ggf ,: i ' i t ,i . . if If lm, Q r. . . 9 I I W... 'f-.- , at 255 U rj, ,g 5- sf J a ' ' . Y' ' -- ' 'M ' its 3" , L, 5 f Q . . ,::.,:,. , Meg isgfa.-if igeslf ff Q ,Q 'Ir if V . . Q? f VV ,. ...wt ma 1 as ,, 7 : K .iff if 7 '. 3 ' . gg , " if iffy t. 7: 35. . fig!! " w a s , s ux . 'W -' T . I st? 1215 9 S Km f Nifqggxni f Q, if iita' , ' if 14265522 K . --A - sf - 1 if Q ,A- f... . .,. a m, 7 'f -5 '71, , .- 'ami M if Q 13. . . x S Ti ' P7255-' ' ' 5iil ff, s -I if W? 'Q W4 1 5 X -'S' ' as -new . ,ss Ji: a t sy - - - .P 4 Q. - hi' V L if N K is mgnmawff 'X Class of '71 Agnes Nickels, Susette Nichol- son, Nancy O'Connor, Cappi Odom. joni O'Keefe, Mary Anne Ol- sen, Linda Osborn, jay Oswalt. David Outterson, Steve Over- ton, Betty Owens, jonathan Parker. Wallace Parham, William Parkhurst, Sandra Parris, William Parrish. Lora Parrott, Larry Patrick, Patrick Patrick, james Payne. Sandra Peak, Kenneth Peden, Patti Pedro, Willa Pennyman, Shelia Perdue, Steven Petro, Gayle Pickering, Kent Pence. jan Perkins, Robert Pettiford, Mary Peyton, Carol Phillips, jerri Peerson, Kathy Pirtle, Ray Pohland, Teresa Pond. julie Pool, Gary Porter, Rox- anna Porter, Brad Potter, Tim Potts, Ted Prather, Barbara Propes, jeff Pu rvis. john Pyle, Amy Quate, Paula Query, Sheryl Radtke, Liz Ralston, Kerry Ramey, Dale Ranck, Dan Ratz. Bob Rebic, Mary Redding, Susi Redman, Paul Reifies, Dave Reinhardt, Bruce Renne- kamp, Stacy Reuter, Shannon Rhea. Keeping in step, ROTC color guard march in the Veteran's Day Parade. Sophomores Glenda Riddle, Steve Rider, Betty Riding, Valerie Rigsbee, Carol Riley, Dennis Riley, jerry Riley, Linda Riley. Terry Roberson, Rob Rogers, Karen Roller, Patsy Ross, Sjon Ross, Bob Rossetter, Geoffrey Rout, Steve Rout. Donna Rozzel, ludy Ruddell, Glen Rush, Vicki Russell, Marsha Sage, Carolyn Salver, Stacey Sanders, Rick Sapp. Paula Sauer, Sigrid Sauter, Becky Sayre, Roland Schloot, Gary Schmidt, Nancy School- craft, jackie Schorn, Kurt Schwomeyer. Gary Scott, Mike Scott, Kris Schuesler, Dave Searles, Rob- in Searcey, Debbie Seay, Alice Sermersheim, lim Sex- ton. Norman Shadday, Roxie Shannon, Cindy Shipe, San- dra Shoemaker. Steve Sherwood, Sandy Short- er, Marleen Silver, Sharon Simpson. Jeanie Sims, Sharon Sinders, Marilyn Sipole, Pam Slagle. Brad Smith, lack Smith, Phil Smith, Steve Smith. Rebekah Snodgrass, Ed Sny- der, Steve Southgate, Donna Spearman. "As the world turns," sopho- more joe Mohammed gains geographic knowledge. . 9. QQ, 'blk ti I' J ' kf . ' -is 'U' , . . f is t .5 'if- ' 1 .A 'A v . J V- :Iwi if i' - : s f-iw warm' - - X i 3 -.Q ai, ' -. f , rar- - -me r . l r fy l " iss ' T ' H' ., . . A , ., 1: 1 - L . - ae' Ei. 5 ..,., b K Mvlkve T98 . S Fiji' i K 'ff' 3 ! Q snr, , ,B. , lift., R X x x i lt .4 its ya, 1 1 'st L. ,.. Class of '71 Sophomore Tom Davis learns the techniques of operating a lathe in shop class. Sue Stafford, Susie Stanley. jeff Stearns, Rick Stoneking Mark Stephens, joe Stern. Diane Stevens, Mark Stevens. Pam Stevens, Tony Stewart, jim Stonecipher, john Stough- ton, janice Stricker, joni Strong, Lou Ann Stroude, Lloyd Stout. Charles Stuckey, Glenn Swish- er, Mike Sylvester, jeff Syrus, Ronald Tabak, Tim Tague, Natalie Tarter, Becky Taylor. Bob Taylor, Sharon Taylor, Suzi Taylor, Sally Tegarden, Bob Terry, Gary Tewmey, Ann Thompson, Cecil Thompson. Gary Thompson, Sheila Thomp- son, Steve Thompson, Lewis Tichyf ludy Tipton, Tom Tischer, Don Thrasher, Diane K.Tolliver. Bruce Tovsky, Wayne Trae- tow, Sharon Ann Tranter, Patty Trattner, joe Trester, Cindy Troha, Steve Trulock, Sheryll Trump. Pam Tucker, Richard Turley, Margaret Turner, Steve Tur- ner, Kitty Unthank, Kimberley Updike, Kay Upson, Tom Valdez. Sophomores David Valinetz, Annice Vance, Evan Vaughan, Loretta Vaw- ter, Susan Verrill, Steve Vitz, Phil Vogelgesang, Rick Wade. Mark Walker, Frank Wallace, Paula Wallser, Debbie Wal- ther, Doug Wamser, Deborah Ware, Susie Wasnidge, Eliza- beth Watford. Stevie Watts, Karen Weaver, Darleen Weber, lennie Web- er, Brad Weddell, lane Welsh, Rick Westerfelt, David Weston. Sally Whaley, Doug Wheeler, Susan Wheeler, Carl White, Craig White, lacquie White, Robert White, Lisa Wichser. Lance Wickliff, Carol Wilkins, Robert Wilkes, Deborah Wil- liams, Dennis Williams, Donna Williams, Holly Williams, Lisa Williams, Rick Williams, Roy Willman, Frank Wilmoth. Larry Wilson, Susan Wilson, Phil Woodard. Scott Woodworth, Bob Worl, Deborah Wright. Thomas Yeagley, Dan Young, Susan Yount. Laura Ziegler, Larry Zimple- man, Dave Zorne. Defensive back, Bob Measlam, runs to claim the football for the Knights. we ' L -J E. 'S-H - in 'X Si ' ' 3 ' L a if - ,S 'me' ni 'C' j Y l 1 L if L., s +- X i .- .gg-,t H . L it i -E: '-j - 9 L, , ,,r f' 5 N 'f as fi L I 4 vv g , M vi Y if L L is 9 , 35, 1 U ., f'.- 1, , 55,333 JS, ,Tvs ill M E if , St ' l ik, 5 fix U k k , -ss t Li vw mary , .ty 315 'isis - 1 KE .a ,, fri, , Q gy, . M., ,r G. 5113551 'vw -.-W ' I. 4 s, 3 5 Vg, x si L fn. nl O Frosh receive warm welcome, initiation tzzfw-s xx x lm X g Xxtgjlyg YW With an eye of respect . . . freshman Richard Klippel looks up to senior Mark Hoecker, this year's drum major, in hope that he may gain that coveted position someday. 200 I prove ability to superiors Emerging from a chiId's world of grade school activities, 859 fresh- men enrolled in Arlington, frightened but enthusiastic. The Class of '72 fit into the "Knight" life by participating in clubs and sports. They experienced the typical frustrations of all Frosh classes: getting lost in the halls, being late for classes, and approaching their desks from the wrong side. Cheerblock for the girls and freshmen sports for the boys helped to promote school spirit. Homecoming proved to be a thrill never before felt by the Class of '72. Coming out from be- hind the scenes, they showed their school loyalty by showing up the other three classes and placing first in the annual float contest. Fighting for a rebound, freshmen Dave Oli- ver and Gerald Towns out-jump a Tech Titan. Freshmen Brenda Abbott, Cecilia Abbott, lim Acevedo, Cindi Acton, Cynthia Adams, leri Adams, Randy Adams, Kathryn Ages. luanita Agnew, Mark Ahearn, Dan Alexander, Eric Alexan- der, loyce Alexander, Tim Allison, Cherri Altman, los- lyn Amann. Sherry Anderson, Deborah Appleton, Harry Argenbright, Rodney Arnett, loAnn Ar- buckle, Denise Arrington, Michael Artis, Steve Auch. Delois Averett, Velvalyn Ayers, Evelyn Bacon, Melody Bagan, Kenny Baker, Pat Baker, Shar- on Baker, Paul Ballentine. Debbie Barlow, Bonita Barnes, Suzie Barngrover, Grayson Barrett, Sherry Bates, Sam Baxter, leanette Beasley, Randy Beattey. Kandy Bell, lack Bell, Gregg Betras, Robert Beaman, Kathy Beaty, Gary Beckman, Sandy Belcher, Dave Berry. Debbie Berry, Sandy Berry, Sherry Bennett, Valarie Ben- ton, Marty Bennett, Beth Bib- ler, Greg Biberdorf, Steve Bigelow. Michael Bishop, Steve Bishop, Pam Bivens, Cindy Black, Gregory Black, Randy Bland, Emerson Blunt, Edith Bobbitt, Randy Boeldt, Randy Bole, Richard Boothman, lillaine Bower, Barb Boyd, lim Boyd, 'Karen Boyd, Morrie Brand. Lisa Breidenbaugh, Mark Brewer, Anthony Briddle, Debbie Broadus, Sandy Brod- hecker, Craig Broeking, jac- queline Brooks, Ronald Brooks. K- :,: it 'N . wwf Q, 2 t rss m e up .. lv-L, M it 5 .s ta.. ' A X g f B? X c f l -if -1 i iliilz .:..., 2 -r-f .,ils, gel evil P KJV! ,gf 1 X f K '-.. if 1 Ulf N X Nix.. .Jx in ist. X rw st .i V X ' Q- i i e ., 2 .f l fl f. . ,. '-x t. .... ,Wei as iff -t XX, l x f-7.42, - mt . - f .wr ' J ...Q . . f :mr my W., are ltss R E . - 'E A fssi I df , . , X 201 .255 . 1 . ' 1 'Q 0. F .5 , -5 wa 5 1 -. Q 's wf V . W .2 Q . , it - t.. , ,l,f .V Q tl- l::t'Pla":E"'.:'5 ' ..,.. ., -,:. -. ya , . ,Q sm SS it . , l., , 91' I . 5 . 2 . A R zz, . or ,V--,.2,.a1 fa -zgb , ...:.,. tm A .- -,,. . ., at 3 -f t T ' 7 ERE Pl .-., - ' M L. . " K 155 at ,ge 'L I . Q 1 X, .H - . . Q e Wa-atgvts wa s A -at t . , X r L gilt . ..,t.s,,,?5vif-181141-59 ... ,E 1, ,,. 3,-t1rs,s,,yeqg A " 5532 . gt f Qs, tsl W ma .t ua Q, --S. new 202 I3-if af 1 S L f are .fa wg Q as a at 2 1 , 2 - sa. 'gp f, Q Q 1-ig, i f xg L 3 J' :ef , + 4-V JT im "'D""' .i..,f 'sa W ' f. . gy my 3 t. :Esta K Q A gyxflg at ..' am.iL.4 - .t '-M 5 V , Q.. f 'sn'-" at af , ' ...I it ,., .,, ... .,..: ,.., L " ,we gl, QQ. . .,q . 'sf-air' M Q, Q ' - . 1272 ,gg P. ,E . . , .lag fa, Q5 E . rw 3 S.. K -J: .5 S3g'L:9LQ 'E" : fe 'SASZSYMV " ry 2x ai .ar , 4555535535 V Q V, :. as QE 3 -E . If QQ .,... ia P K ..:,:-M JE: 1' rf ig? U 5 .:-,,z, 21 .x -,,.,,.v I aw. ,. H j -.::.5S5iE2EQsQ :I . , QE .... ,. in ,Qs-, . was 5 52' ti? . it? S - . L ,......LLW 2 ' NEESQEUE 1-gtteia rt, 7 'ERE 552125 4... ' 'W ,.,.- fa- , r. '93 9 it . ij , 3 B '48 .. is . . iff 5, 1 ua 'Q-T ,. . ,S my-X : .. f .... U. an Is my c it z. f- v, was ..-. fl!"- .uw rt Class of '72 Darrell Brown, Edward Brown, Elizabeth Brown, Lindsey Brown, Malinda Brown, Su- san Brown, Richard Brummell, jimmie Bryant. Patricia Bryant, Chris Buen- ger, Bambi Bullard, Shirley Burnell, Keith Burnett, Linda Burp, Chuck Burris, Cynthia Burrus. Ann Burton, Cynthia Butche, Beverly Butterfield, Linda Buzzard, Iody Byers, Lisa Byers, Carl Cable, Rick Cable. Cindy Caesar, Walter Caldwell, Brian Callahan, Ann Calvert, Valerie Calvert, jerry Camp- bell, William Campbell, Mar- cella Carlton. Claudetta Carney, Marchelle Carney, Paulette Carney, Di- anna Carpenter, lay Carpenter, Doug Carr, Robert Carroll, Michelle Carter. Francis Cavanaugh, joe Cava- naugh, Bill Chaffin, Andy Chaille, Karen Chambers, Nancy Chambers, Larry Chand- ler, Marcia Chaney. Yao-Eng Chang, Danny Cheak, Suzette Chenault, Don Chest- nut, Vickie Christensen, Vickie Christianson, Cheryl Clark, Karen Clark. Linda Clark, Teresa Clegg, Dean Clodfelter, Kathleen Clower, Christine Coffey, Thomas Coffey, Dave Coghill, Nan Colbert. Bonita Cole, Deborra Cole- man, Lydia Coleman, Charlene P. Collins, Patricia Collins, Cathy Colson, Marcia Combs, Richard Combs. Cathy Cones, Susan Conig- len, Cynthia Conlin, Charles Conrad, Roxanne Cooley, Linda Coombs, Ron Cooper, Charline Cooperwood. Freshmen Pam Cooney, George Copp, Gloria Copp, Teddy Cornett, Herbert Cosby, Mark Coutts, Gordon Cowart, Mike Cox. joseph Crafton, Dennis Craig, jeff Craig, Terry Craig, Stephen Crawford, janis Cripe, Debbie Crisci, Carole Crisci. Carolyn Crisp, joe Crites, Nan- cy Crossman, Debbie Crosson, Harry Crouch, Debra Croup, Delores Crowder, Don Crowe. jim Cunningham, Violet Dar- by, Harold Davis, Herbert Davis, jackie Davis, jodie Davis, Rhonda Davis, Sharon Davis. Deborah Day, Sherry Deck- ard, jeff Dehaven, Robert Dehoniesta, Susanna De- Mougin, Dave deRox, Robin DeRox, Bill Detmer. Keith DeTrude, jacqueline Dickerson, Sherri Dieckmann, Arbredella Dillard, Michael Dillard, Errol Dingle, Denise Dinning, Debra Dooley. Connie Dorsey, Sylvia Dorsey, Sharon Dossey, Pam Dover, Brenda Driver, Quaintance Driver, Micky Drudge, Ronnie Duncan. Bob Dunn, Sandra Dunphy, Beverly Ealy, Rebecca Ecklund, Gary Edwards, Robert Ed- wards, Aldis Elberts, Beth Eller. Chuck Elliott, Wanda Elliott, Kerry England, Reggie Eubank, Bob Eubanks, Ruby Farrell, james Ferguson, Laura Fer- guson. Susan Fine, Georganne Fisch- er, Mike Fitzgerald, jerry Flack, Rhonda Fleming, Barbara Fleshood, john Flynn, Debbie Federle. A Sage .i at A sp... if t .f I - ' ' V fjszaifpga rw ,,, g, . K . . . r ,J . ,fe , ' 4, K '3Z.ifQa,. 0 ' ' ' f "1 A' A ,- -,, H , Q ' 'T I . 534. I ,. AAN: 'N t, H3235 .L i W x .':2 is ,,. k Q K 'jf K' 'lp ,, E' ., 1 fs -1 ve-' 'swf K- sk I qu V jc x 2 M X ,,. ., .wa- , C X x wi 4:52 s is .F .. f m qw lb is , I 'i l . AQ., :ie if A Q- Q. , a- Q rv 5 3x 4 1 . 1' 4. l Us till ,. .Q C' '53 Y 4 i yew 2 Q. . 3 ,. - - . , v rf- r '-ra, no Q.. '4 V, fig, . f f- . 4 A .' f , . A-fm -I ' - .. .' 1 rn, W A ,l V '- is 0 n .r ,f -eg . Eat., .- y . - . - QW. 1, it -aiu + i 1 35 1 l Kr . Q -we 1, - . V: If ,gg .I I ' f X- i YU' 1 ff N , 1,25 E lv il n l ' , L,kg . Lf L f if 0 be V., ... -- if Q7 ' 94 ' alias XZVV ' .zff.'-fcvuasei.. K 55 1 y si .rai A ' 'F TE . Q- ' , ., , T - W 1 A-A 5 , A 1, Z V. . 's 1 , . - I ,..,,. ,f r l ' e NN, s . -' ' L: he ii milf' . X f V , , 3 K Q is wi ' A K x 9' an we 'E' Ng A 203 1 Q .- , vi ! .gy . I xg . - , K , V ai? 5 , fkififzfif .,1: , ' if ..,,.L W ,,,, x X . :A 1:.:. , A i A -"f' :: W-iw W' fi-asv l ' t -F W 4 Q if ,X ,ha .T , ,X fi 4 Q , , ll fix . Asifffi, , ,- .3 x 7 T iff is QT X 15552 S . ' -.5 if wi M ' S 7 I ,IW six a lb. 5' se . . H- P- rt. 3 wi' 'i ft leisiiilfili 1 "iS?.-235511 t,iiZs,.f, rd' I f . .,, 1 t . ws' t w4...w.-. aux,-sr t ' n , -W ' f K y , af- 'fs r G ,-4...m?2:1 what I 1 ' 1 in Q Class of '72 lack Fobes, Matt Foster, Bill Freed, Ray Freeman, Gary Fryar, Teresha Ferguason, Terri Gaddis, Chris Faineslade. Karen Gale, Terri Garrett, Mark Gerwood, Linda Gavin, lodi Gehris, Nancy Gieseking, David Gilbert, Mack Gilbert. Will Gilbert, Richard Gillette, Betty Gilliams, john Glass, Kevin Goetz, Linda Good, Do- lores Goodman, Doreatha Goodman. Gary Gorbett, lana Gordon, Steve Gorsline, Kenneth Gauge, Fred Grant, Robert Gray, john Gregory, joyce Green. Linda Green, Nancy Greene, Marianne Greenwood, Floyd Greeson, Gloria Grenwald, David Griffey, Carmalita Grif- fin, Ron Grimes. Lori Grimmenstein, Barbara Graves, Donna Grubb, Lee Gruenert, Rick Grunert, Dale Gruzinsky, Bruce Hawkersmith, Charles Gillard. Kevin Haag, Rick Haemmerle, Mitch Hair, Dennis Haley, Eric Hall, Larry Hall, Robert Hall, Terri Hall. jerry Hallett, Frederick Halter. Steven Ham, Eddie Hamilton. Pete Hammond, Max Ham- mons. Crush the Redskins . . . Frosh display the result of hours of kleenex flower making. Freshmen Larry Hancock, Mike Han- cock, Rick Hardman, Garry Harner, Vickie Harriman, john Harris, Russell Harris, Wanda Harris. Wally Harvey, Patti Hastings, Carl Hatcher, Barbara Hat- field, Sheryl Hawkins, Debra Hayes, David Heacox, Arthur Heady. Susan Heady, Donna Heck, Rick Heckman, Debbie Heet- er, Pam Hellmer, Carl Hel- mick, Darrell Henderson, Danny Henthorn. julie Herman, Mark Herman, jeff Herndon, Linda Herring- ton, Cynthia Hill, Steve Hillan, Anita Himes, Mary Hinds. Eric Hinkle, joe Hinshaw, Mike Hittle, Doug Hobbs, Susan Hofmeister, Carol Hold- away, Christi Holland, Scott Holloway. Deborah Hopkins, Debbie Hopper, Herbert Hopson, Tim Horall, Gary Horrall, Anita Horton, Linda Horton, David Hoshaw. Charles Hotka, Vickie Hous- ton, jayne Havarter, Sally Howard, Leroy Hudson, Mike Hudson, Mary Huff, William Huggins. Billy Hughes, Mike Hulse, Mike Humphrey, Rick Hun- gerford, Eugene Hunt, Robert Hunt, jay Hurst, Phyllis Hurt. Geraldine Hutchison, Mike Hutchison, Mary Hutton, Keith Hybarger, Mary Hynes, Rachel lrick, Bill Israel, Jeannette jackson. jasmin jackson, Kirk jackson, Loretha jackson, Sherri jack- son, Suzanne jackson, jan jeffries, Pamela jessup, jac- queline jiles. Q '.,it .Q K i E- . , vi l' AN- 4-Tu 'Sf' 1 i yr, , - rm.- ,r Q. WM X ,Q XX 1 ' 'ff 1 JF . r .- fs! ...S it , as was 3 f 4-1 f, 1 fb si Q1 -A 54. 'f . ll . ' .., 41 322 QE! 1 .1 .st ,N .-. s S- l , 1 L., , lem 1, rx Q . M Xe all 2, 5 , , Z .ga gh-Y'.! N845 H ,H . Q " rw- sd A rx if ef Q il ' "fir f K N L- t . ' 3 s...t 4. . , . ' un-Y. JH , .0 . 1" ' :Lu-... 205 3 Q ...,.:. ,, ., - T.. as , 'f X is -3 4, I , me "" I , gf W A .. 'wif i : EeaIiEE:II"--:' ' ' f5' II. E'Eii.Qf'fi,,f' ." ' lm - .f fm g QI 'QR en 'fx M K hw.. .Eg .s 'S' -559 N . 2 l 5 , L. g fi q s , 'fb " l 2 Exlg x t - f - f-12..1':sisss - , "' - T "?7si5li5m ,. . . ri ' ss mv 211 3' il' ' f at s r. Y' ,. A 'I-C Ss 1 f f K . .5 ..:: 4 . u. A , . 53:5 . LR. .. . W 'ii ,E , 5.1 .9 ly, ,V F Ji .I 1. V X? K, -' ,ef - X ' E , V ,. Vi k. :ff 5, ' if ' 'l-'i " Wu Mikie,- 206 ,..,:-mf' 3'2- ,. l , ' , -- 5 X ? T yy- , ' V F ' , -E iiff ?f' - V . fag, 'lf-gg. H EN. S 2 t . li " -if ml . 4 1651 . Q a Rx , , fegf M , x J ' E: ,,L ,. gym, .L H -5 nga.: . t t 1,4 tio 35 +4 Q-we , , will fi. I s fi gjg-sssxif is K, ill , , 'Q kgf5.V,. , TS! .s ..X 6, -Q Q4 K - . , fi ,KE "is , Q ' ., ' 'P T9 , fs- 'K ' 51595 , Q, ' 4, J ll 7,., 3 - 1 Fil rg . I A 1,3 - V ' gf, -. . x 5' EF- if . . , I - warm N543 .,,. viQw,.t'-' I . s ' 1 all s?s:?3fxasszaa1:-:fm Class of '72 Debbie johns, Cheryl john- son, Ginger johnson, Gloria johnson, Karen johnson, Alice jones, Cheryl jones, Debbie jones. George jones, Larry jones, Mattie jones, Sandy jones, Scott jones, Terre jones, David jordan, Pam jordan. Rick june, Donna Keck, Debbie Keithley, Rick Keller- hals, Sharon Kelley, Katie Kennedy, Chuck Kerby, Richard Kessler. jill Kidwell, Rhonda Kimmel, Debra King, Larry King, Bud Kingston, Allen Kirk, Pamela Kissel, David Kitcoff. Cindy Kladden, Debbie Klen- ek, Debbie Kline, Richard Klippel, Terry Knipe, Anne Knue, Mike Koeppel, john Koers. Mark Kresge, Bradley Krulce, Theresa jo Kuebler, Randall Kuhl, Carolyn Lacey, Tony Ladd, Tim Lael, janet LaFara. james Lamm, Kathy Lammers, Lancello, Libby Lane, Lane, Scott Langan, David Steve Diane Langdon, Daniel Langs- dale. judy Lannon, Mark Lanum, Mark Larsh, Mary LaRue, Pam Lathrop, Susie Lawrence, Lor- na Lee, Vicki Lemons. Peter Lenk, Sandy Leonard, Debbie Leverenz, Terri Lews, janice Light, Ahlana Linder, Charles Linder, Phyllis Linen- berger. Rebecca Linville, Bonnie Linx- wiler, Carolyn UDP, Carolyn Little, Linda Long, Mike Ludlow Randy Luke, Debbie Luster. Freshmen "Papa Hutson" describes the whereabouts of classes to be- wildered freshmen. Perry Lynch, Michael Mabott. Paul Mabry, David MacDon- ald. Ronnie Mann, Alberta Marino. Carolyn Marsh, David Martin. Helen Martin, Sharon Martin, Margaret Martyniak, Bob Maschino, Richard Massy, Marcy Matthews, Mike Mat- tingly, Edna Maull. Eric Maxey, Ron Mayes, Cindy McAlpin, Lana McAtee, Ro- mana McCane, james Mc- Carley, Glenn McClung, Cathy McCord. judy McCreary, Bruce Mc- Cullar, Chris McCurdy, Marla McDaniels, Cindy McDonald, Richard McDonald, Dave Mc- Gee, Ricky McGill. Ed McMichael, David Mc- Murrer, jerri McNeely, Bob McWhorter, Bill Merrell, Dave Mellor, june Meixher, Pam Meyer. joan Miles, Becky Miller, jerri Miller, Betsy Mitchell, joe Mitchell, Penny Mitchell, Douglass Molin, Maxine Mon- crief. Ron Moody, Kim Moore, Mar- garet Moore, Dorothy Mor- ron, john Mounce, Mary Mul- drow, john Munchel, Randal Muse. Q at its , KIA . 9' ' ..-- 'j, ' -up I , I, X , ,lf K 5 R' ABQ ll A A -X .mf 'lk , K ' vi I 3 .. QP , X L., 32.4 2631, 4, I , it . "JEL K ef GH i ,nsffsqj L ww, Q-My Eta, of is, E 4 3 N ff ig v f' if N .wx ,rw F ex f 'FW ,gm .. an 'B ,I ii ' ya -an W gk , N bv 77 ' it if "' x ,t , .3 ,C S, Wi ,b at j Ui I...- 'uv' In 1 ' 36'--Jf' ,fith :is " , 1 ag ,K .- W, Q W 'px -Q ,, , ...t , new , X ...- 193'-fm-:,+'+4err:3Gi3'g I ' E. l ,s g Lt xi X, l 207 ' M l as M-. X , Y H" I 5, .xuiq t- V X Q ,t t ,, . 5 208 ft- fy, '. - 'gigs wr, , ,W df . X 8 .. ..kkVV ll, if 'ig . 1 r wg.,,m' . af Wh h 459 .5 -easy W. 9. X ltreitzsg A 5.1 ' 7545? :af .4 9 ,352 as l Y J' el Q4 il 9 I . Class of '72 Pattie Murphy, Carl Muse, joe Muse, Alfreda Myers, Cathe- rine Myricks, Angela Nance, Elaine Nauerth, Donald Neal. Mary Ann Neely, Luanne New- by, Morris Newkirk, Thresa Nicholas, Eric Nickleson, Cindi Nolan, Thomas Oakes, Cynthia O'Brien. Sandy O'Brien, Sue O'Brien, Dana O'Dell, David Oliver, Debbie Oliver, Rick Olson, Luann O'Neil, Michael Orr. Dana Owens, Stephanie Pair- ely, john Palmer, Angela Pappas, jerry Parlon, Karen Parris, jamie Parrish, Randall Patrick. Ann Patterson, Denise Payne, Steve Peak, Pat Pearson, Bill Pease, Kathy Peden, Greg Pedigo, Bill Pemberton. Martha Pemberton, Elaine Pence, Debbie Perkins, Larry Pernell, Teddy Pettet, Bernard Phillips, Ron Phillips, jeff Ping. Norville Pinner, Pamela Plum- mer, Pamela Poindexter, Dave Polster, Phyllis Polston, Wesley Pond, Thomas Potts, Mike Poulimas. Elaine Powell, Parry Powers, Pam Preston, Debbie Price, jyl Price, Terri Propes, Kim Puckett, Carol Pulliam. Vicky Purvis, Patricia Quigley, Rhonda Rabourn, Vicki Ra- bourn, Kim Rademaker, Bob Rahm, Darlene Randolph, Claudia Rankin. jerry Rankin, Ruthie Ray, Georgia Rayner, Pat Reap, Terri Redd, Dan Reed, Ra- mona Reed, Darlene Reid. Freshmen Rodney Reid, Sandy Rhodes, Herbert Richardson, Velma Richardson, Mike Richeson, Cliffonda Richey, Ron Richey, Beth Ricketts. Morris Ridenour, Dee Riley, Susie Ritter, Wayne Ritter, Robert Rivero, Chris Roberts, Edmond Robinson, Gary Rob- inson. Richard Robinson, jeffrey Roe, Debbie Roeder, Judy Rogers, Laura Rogers, Lena Rogers, Brenda Rohloff, Carole Rohrer. Craig Romeril, lose Roque, Cynthia Ross, Debbie Ross, Leslie Routt, Garry Royalty, Patricia Rupe, Robert Rusher. Diana Russell, Larry Russell, Robert Russell, Rachel Rut- ledge, Michael Ryan, Karen Ryza, Ray Saillant, Maria Saiz. Jocelyn Saller, Lesley Salmon, Cathy Sanders, Floyd Sanders, Howard Hatterfield, Lawrence Savage, Diane Sawin, Linda Schimp. Linda Scott, Nedra Scott, Rod- ney Scott, Steve Seamon, Toni Searcey, Donna Sedam, Gloria Seth, Dave Settle. David Settles, Robert Shan- non, Brenda Shapland, Bill Shaver, janet Shea, Betty Sheats, Rivienne Shedd, Pam- ela Shelton. Rudolph Sherman, David Shields, Diane Shields, Ken Shinkle, Les Short, Ronald Short, Beverly Sink, Ray Skiles. David Smith, Ken Smith, Mary Smith, Rebecca Smith, Steve Smith, Terri Smith, Ron Smoot, Bertha Snow. . ff 1 'sl wb., as f S" MW Ls fer? E Q ' r .,,s,. - ss - .,-ff X ' wr iz- .8 K . sw, X '35 V K: Q .. ,fb .f U if x W Q .N X x js. 4l5jy,,.,X, riff " vs ls' cv 2 Q 23 '52 ,W . ez, 2 L -.-- W' , .f Vx 'C' if if wg Q va . " ht ,C , f 'Lg' ws r s, if g I li,. J . . T 2, b ' 'H K" 's t ' N-,511 W X 4 ,l A I L .,f s:m,,,,,9g5,::.i. , . In ...V. . r . 1- J .Q 4 .., , , if ' ii' sw ul E, ' 2 'S- i u ' i llll all ' - ll ' ' w s X S ki ' X A li 209 H . -A X ,N .Y ,f I k,., :gi 25 35 all In 7, i f tg V , J x 4 'mx ,.,. ' . .. 4'5" sf J 4 1 at . x ,.f. . s Wtfiliigs y - ,t an tg 3 ! ww A Q e.. Q il.. E 5 : 'Q-.F .cf Q? tg V J 4, r ' J- , ,. . . -sw u S Y if if ,',.,k V., . , - rl 52? K , W l Q. V X ,af I mg, YZ u w-I ' 4-W QQ Q' A L , .. ,,.,. A A , . g , . ge' f Yfif M L. 'E , P r M , W t Q 5353 5 x iii te X 3 w Sf, I Q- a, . .4 , - '53 ? 'Q 4 2 N . i K -wi' tg - V pf i QM, Atta? mg? X-2 ffggigi W gm Rl- 55 'KW kg, M., M l , Q ff ,R -, tiisfieiiwfgf ' K. . 1:-Egiffgsiiiai E V .' "if-51 . gt31sgs2,,,ff415???""? ei gif-xgaf - ,va t f az f 3255 ' - ' i:"i'i:a:'- W' ' s .Q fa' fs as - . 3 Q. A 1 JK- f -' 'R lb " ah .5 . L z :fl av' 3 F . -Vsfffzifgt . - ' fl 5552 ' -. . ' 1 Qs ' . ' M .L ri I ,wa all .e ' 4 1. ' .-if' -,J K . ' ' ' ' " f ' . mga.. , . ' - U f , .- -. - .il ' ' , 1. ' A T -- ,, 12532 - -' ,- L- 55,3 '.,f- ' . ' , - A, - . - , Q s " s E L f tt' X - f. . , gc L A ,. X, . . - . -N f i. -2 1' ,Q W ,Mm ,, X S Ag ft-K Vg 6 rt , Y, ,P is as . un, KN L 1 y 1. nl . . -... ' f 21"' Q . L Class of '72 Mark Snyder, Robert Solberg, joe Sowers, left Sparks, Glen- ann Spaulding, Vickie Spear, Larry Spilbeler, Larry Spool- stra. Peggy Stafford, Becky Stair, Beth Stalcup, Linda Staleto- vich, Kim Stallings, Betsy Stans- bury, Leonard Stark, Michele Staton. Sharon Stauffer, Greg Stearns, Lou Ann Steele, Pam Stefanik, Karen Stewart, Kim Stewart, Lorre Stewart, Yvonna Ste- vens, Penny Stibs, Cindy Stickle, Cheryl Stodghill, David Stoep- pelwerth, Gary Stogsdill, Randy Stoughton, Kim Stout, lack Straw. Patty Street, Ronny Stinson, Donna Strong, Pat Stroude, Diane Strough, Max Sumpter, Kevin Sumter, Harry Sutton. Donna Swanigan, Michael Tanner, Carol Taylor, Karen E. Taylor, Marcy Taylor, Morris Taylor, Sherry Taylor, Mellanie Teschendorf. Pam Thayer, Bill Thomas, Greg- ory Thomas, lames Thomas, Mike Thompson, Carl Thrush, Barbara Tiemeyer, Nancy Tin- gle. jackie Todd, Dena Townsend, john Tranberg, Shirley Triplet, Steven Trivett, Darci Trump, Rodger Turk, Mance Tutt. Evelyn Tyson, Robert Unger, Susan Vaughn, Adriaan Ver- meeren, Lucy Villarreal, lean- nie Vitolins, Cyndy Vogt, Scott Wagner. Mark Walls, Leslie Walsh, lim Walters, Diane Walton, Roger Ward, Sharon Warrick, Joyce Washington, Nuwanna Wash- ington. Freshmen An apple a day. . . Sgt. Pedigo offers a bit of advice to frosh Diana Russell. Mark Waters, Michael Watjen. julie Watson, Cecelia Webb. Darrell Webb, Dennis Weber. Douglas Weber, Lois Weber. Vicki Weber, Sue Weishar, jack Wells, Valeria Wells, Le- land Welton, Dean Wenger, David Wenzel, Mike Wesling. Diane Wesner, Walter What- ley, jeff Whetsel, Sue Whitaker, james White, jerry White, Bev- erly Whitney, Carol Whitting- ton. Les Wickliff, Linda Wilkins, Thresa Wilkins, Alex Wil- liams, Dave Williams, Debbie Williams, Gregory Williams, KathyWilliams. Anthony Wilson, Debbie Wil- son, Douglas Wilson, George Wilson, Gloria Wilson, janet Wilson, Linda Wilson, Stuart Wilson. Suzy Wilson, Cynthia Win- ston, james Wood, john Wood, Cheryl Woods, Don Woods, Pamela Woofter, Brenda Wright. Glen Yates, Don Young, Kathy Young, Rick Young, Alan Zar- ing, Mary Zartman, Don Zentz, janet Zoschke. Q S ,J 5 N T 5 ti, . X' , I , .64 N2 .- A -4 1 ,K , , -N..- . law-""'t if ts e at Iv.. Y L L i . . 1-4. - 1 " K? w-fe2.2s:2?6s'fr' kffawiktitifig 4 .g . ,.w',,qx 'EY if N 4? I ,sv- .yr l x I ff' 3 4- x Q. , Q -. 'Q Qin if f . ,f v,::, U' 0 Q wb. i i? Nigga A A ll si 3 -A M.. - Q 3130 ta. ig -2 K- T 'V 54 wgwlf ll' .Y 1 if . 2 . Q- ., K Q 5. "Wi, -6 -a K W , ,S . f' . . if x fl' ., 5 .Wim Q , l ri' ,, w N t 'Q -ai-:M hill - V ,um , img, Y '1 P' .I " 1 C C .1 Ll' If X . x Q it X in Q Q - L. , ... g x - -::. . ii 'I' Z . fz, 5 1 'li' e i fs. 5- x. t " 2ll Pulse of outh fluctuates with frustrations, gf! The laughter of youth . . . Daily classes are broken by a chat in the hall. Knight gridders board the bus silently for an away game as they "think football." 212 if sv ,ff :NN 'ti 'wana School doesn't end after ninth period for senior Dave Schwantes. Many late hours are spent on extra-curricular activities such as the debate arguments he is working on, Barefootin' . . . Senior Meg Woods shows jim Lane how to "keep cool" after a long day. anxieties, accomplishments N2 Y' , if 1 "Helen's for Troy-are you?" . . . Senior Paul Troy urges fellow classmate Rob Partenheimer to vote forthe right man in a close race for class president. People- The youth of today- Create a rhythm Unique in a world Of frustration and fun. It sounds As a "teen tempo." It is The uninhibited laughter Echoing in the halls, The frenzied pounding On cafeteria tables, The pulsating beat Of the "Supremes," The muffled sobs As a ring is returned. But this beat Does not end when "Pomp and Circumstance" Sounds at graduation- This beat goes on... junior Dan Lane enjoys a comical moment during a "My Fair Lady" performance. 213 A talent show act personifies the path that the freshmen seek for identity. Proud grads sign the alma-mater register at the annualsenioralumnidance. . i 2l4 From greenie to graduate, 5 A Qs J is j- ' " sl ly ,xt 'st Ni 1,1 , l - xxx" all 4 I ,Ky gf 4 a ' A IQ. ,, F 'a Q' s W " y 4' "' ,, ' 'Q I K sf if , K , A Q fl Af K , Q IN, VI ,f K. , ,jaws in X K i , .bi ,M V ' fiffugii - if , gijatyfkjlaifg' if ' Q, ,,i+1Qvagglrf+ 15: Xp' 4 ,, , ff, y ,w 'el s- stifr c 4. U 1 , . . 1 at S . J 1 ,. n . Ts ,H it Y' 5, i oSophomores tabovej are part of today's N' 7" ' P "' V " sh i ' gy: 7. pw! -f -M 5 . New 1- ,t-.-1 teen-tempo as they "do their own thing." . i. 5' et: 5 it ,LK M ga: -50, 4,.,,.,,ji - 0 Students rely on faculty members lleftb ' " 0 3'-Qg,'TEQ,3"5j'7Qu for more than academic assistance. 1. 5? -efagf.-H: '3-Q 4' ""ff.,::3aw, A 0 Seniors cross the finish line fright! as ' 1-:iff LM'J'1kqaf"?.i,:.i.g..,L - juniors continue the seniority race. 'L 'Qu Wig! -Q "1 'Qi'-Q' ' 1' "J" ' '-'l5hr' Knight life"s hard to 'beat' 1 l 'K K' 2. This tempo- A distinctive rhythm Within the KNIGHT BEAT Pulsates within The "outside world" As seniors Take a final step Into its vast realm No longer protected By parentsg authorities. juniors rise On the ladder Armed with experience Gained In two year's learning. Sophomores Achieve recognition As they become Familiarized With high school life. Freshmen take "Giant steps" As they Begin specialization For the future. The never-ending pulse That exists within Arlington teens Shapes the future- The individual himself. For this pulse, This rhythm Is the KNIGHT BEAT. As graduation becomes a reality, sen turn the Knight Beat into the Alum-Beat 215 In step With the tempo Ofthe times, Teen consumers Become a part Of the buying public. A cash register clicks As money is exchanged For products, A telephone rings As an order is placed, A pen scratches As a signature Authenticates a check, A "thank you" spoken After a transaction Completes a "deal," The fast tempo Of teen-buying trends Is recognized By advertisers, For the business world Sounds within The KNIGHT BEAT. F89 'Wg dx I nu lfllllcl yn. .gm 5 v1'3g9l:c. AQ 'E--- W.: M gTf"W -ghsgl--xl . ,ff Z' ...-nf' BUSINESS BEAT '39 Italian Gardens Restaurant Rd. 100 and Pendleton Pike 545-1229 For a soft atmosphere and Italian foods so fine, Italian Gardens is near and a quality place to dine Seniors Scott Newkirk and Merry Spoolstra. Herfflones Co. Main Office 1411 North Capitol Ave. 635-1554 Senior announcements, And jewelry of your class, Herff jones insists on pleasing Every AHS lad and lass. Susie Lawrence, freshman. Community Hardware Store 6004 Massachusetts Ave. 547-0407 Us country folk know lust the place to go. Community knows our needs Q From tools to garden seeds. Donna Quinnett, juniorg Ron Shaw, senior. Indiana ational Bank The Bank With tower tall. Banking services For one and all. Keys t o n e L i gh t i n g 2324 E. 30th at Keystone Ave. 924-2603 For sparkling fixtures, crystal to chrome, Keystone Lighting Beautifies your home. joe 3,51--:ill f "5'5. In Seniors Ron Pettigrew, Dick Emery, Dave Moody and Steve Kehrer, junior. Wi I kers on B a rber Sh op Devington Shopping center 546-0914 If you're a modern guy And your hair gets in your eyes, Let Wilkerson trim your hair With that old fashioned flair. North Side Welding Company 255-3987 Their motto: By service we grow" Shows North Side Welding as a quality place to go. PERFECI WEDDING RECEPTION ' wfooms nzmnous ' mums ' alms ' socm functions - cw: Mmm ' nm sum 'wsumocusions 'uwunsunouns -num Compldle ii 5' 5 Delalls lo Obligation, Please 0ur Banquet Director. Bonnie Vlllllamx . . . 357-1183 fo me ,lzl 1 mio , 'm 1 in X l W DAIKIIG II6lITlY RAY UIIRCIIMAII if FO0D SERVICE I llllflllsll. FAMOUS FOR FINE FUUDSI I You Don'f Jusf Eof Af Brodey's ..... You Dine' ul llilllfli DMN INN ' Elqlilf COCITLII. IWIIGE ,Q RS' H 21st and ARLINGTON j Ea. livin A mums womi 5, P I MCL Cafeteria 3718 East 38th Street 547-5241 Faster service And quality food MCL Cafeteria Meets your every mood. Carol White, seniorg Norma Green, juniorg lim Beall, senior Pumin cuutsf otitis Uf.f.EEBEQ...T.U,!Ii.0ll,.WS sql!!! 5 X--'.--i " go RTER Accredited by lla lccndililg Collissiol ioi Business Schools 49 4 . g 1llxx9r' OLLE6E 48 IONUIEIIT CIRCLE ' llDlAllAP0liS, INDIANA 46204 - Pllonl, 639-2505 FOR YOUNG WOMEN If Executive Secretarial V IBM Business Machines FOR YOUNG MEN V BusinessAdministration V Transportation-Management lf IBM Computer-Programming C360 Computer on Location! Amy Quate, junior: S jake Feld Tire Co. 425 West New York St. 639-1557 Climbto new heights Ofquality and low price With tires from lake Feld. cott Teabak, sophomore. Hudson's Mens Wear Eastgate Shopping Center 357-4062 Be a man of class That the girls won't pass. Choose your Clothes with At Hudson's Mens Wear. Terry Roth, a Mike Pence,junior. care lumnig Paula's Studio 3905 North Washington Blvd. 283-5544 222 Seniors Peggy Klein and Bill Patterson. Quality service and pictures of finesse, Paula's Studio does nothing but the best. 1, -uns-. lunlors Dave Fredericks and Nancy Meek. Pat Ohne, senior. Lawrence Auto Company Will show you Hmdel E3,1a?.22.f:.P.?.':,a!.2z., Bvwlma L3'7e5 Lawrence Auto 6833 Massachusetts Ave. . l C. 545 1231 8550 Pendleton Pike From beginners to those that have the knack, Hindel Bowl provides fun and time to relax. 898-7474 Carbob Country Village 5959 East 38th Street 547-3526 For an evening out There is no doubt Carbob is the place to go For people in the know. Seniors Randy Bultman and Ann Hoggatt lx 11 i 2 as- i 1 , 'U 3 The bank for action Will assist you With money problems, Both old and new. hAerchantE adonal Bank 6020 E. 46th St. 547-9633 Martha Clark, senior, Dan MichaeI,senior. d Bestquality and service yet, 6055 82nd St. Is what you'lI get At the new location of Dodd Electric. Barbara Klier, senior SDK' Little Brown lug 1520 N. Arlington Ave. ' ' ' - ' -' A-, L -,1 -- ' 357-0455 L " When you'r t And"bomb g a d Drive to th B o I g Fortheb tfo d to - jeff Roe, f esh la B e St Trulock, soph Ch C pb ll a d Stan Welton, junio You Never Outgrow Your Need for MILK Drink at Least Three Glasses a Day Every Day Putt-Putt Golf Course 3755 N. Arlington Ave. 545-1560 Whenthere' oth' gtodo O rhath t d n o s e y "Putt-putt d t P tt P tt course Andp ttyo to bles ay Se G yl adKthyLFber. Y 225 Kline Volkswagen, Inc 6901 East 38th Street ,,.,,--.......,,- Though all Volkswagen models May look just the same, 545-421 1 All real "car bugs" know The quality ofthe name. Mark Banks, senior. -- -ag -- sfok Q - f l .- - X - Q, ,, Q----1, mun' lin' Stokely ff' s"""l" , "T'5:I'2" - F AVanQmpS VEGETABLES 5 xu - PORISU ,HJ ,-t.,,55Ar!i Z e WWW V WW silk.-1. 1anct....,,.l. Stokely-Van Camp General Office 941 North Meridian Street Indianapolis, Indiana Don't be like Mother Hubbard And keep your cupboards bare. Stock up with Stokely-Van Camp, No other canned food will compare. Karen Jeffries, senior. 226 Burger Chef 25 convenient locations in the Indianapolis area For the best food s With that special tang, Goto Burger Chef With the rest of the gang. in ffif juniors Steve Draughon, joe Ferraro, Willie Portilla, Mike Kenrick, lim Decamp, Bob Riley, Russell Palma, Bob Lap- pas. American Beauty Cleaners 3750 North Sherman Drive 546-6131 If wrinkled garments Leave you distressed, Goto American Beauty Cleaners To have your clothes pressed. Linda Moss., seniorp Dave Edmonds, sophomore. Bob 84 Dottie'5 Flower Shop 3790 North Arlington Avenue 547-9518 At graduation time Be prepared To show that girl You've always cared. , Amy Brown I gk seniorp Mark X Hammond,senior. '- 7 Tha tspecial moment will mean so much When it is conveyed with Colonial's magic touch. Colonial Flower Ka ren Ken ne Shop 3719 East 38th Sr. 547-5227 dy,juniorg Tom Bell, junior. john Davis Men's Wear Devington Shopping Center 546-3130 A look of approval from eye to eye Shows john Davis Men's Wear pleases any guy lim Hutcherson, senior, Phil McDaniel, alumni. Dellen Oldsmobile 5199 North Keystone Ave. 251-9271 For the best kind of deal For the car of today, Get complete satisfaction, The Dellen Oldsmobile way. Terri Butcher, senior, Cliff Dahlen, senior. 228 Smart Shop Meadows Shopping Center 546-5289 For modern fashions-the cream of the crop, Get quality and flair at the Meadow's Smart Shop. Susie Murphy, seniorg LaDonna Lucas, senior. Miki?" : 4:.:s,5e5::.:.-.,-.',,. .-1 KRESGE S. S. Kresge Discount Store Devington Shopping Center Extra value and low, low price Makes Kresge's a shopper's paradise. Casey Rotzien, juniorg john McCullar,senior. Terry Hall, senior obiI's Shoe Store Devington Shopping Center 547-3969 For evening wear or for play, For big people or for small. lf you buy your shoes at Nobil's, You'Il feel ten feet tall. Carol McCormick, seniorg Richard Meschke, senior Bill Ehrich Studio Glendale Shopping Center 251-0741 With the best of quality, And the best of care, Bill Ehrich will give you prints With a life-like flair. Ace Hardware Devington Shopping Center 547-9616 For gifts that are exotic and rare, Do all your shopping at Ace Hardware. Debbie Felkins, junior. While wearing your Davidson's fur Don't be surprised If passing guys Have following eyes. David5on'5 Fur Co. Glendale Shopping Center 255-3161 Seniors Chris Coy, Randy Haines, Pat Stutsman, and Doug Harmas. With products ranging From cologne to clocks, For quality and variety Do your shopping at Brocks. Elaine Phillips, junior. Brock'5 Pharmacy 3735 East 38th Street 547-1357 231 Edrich LTD Men's Wear Esquire Plaza 898-'l44'l Building up your wardrobe Isn't an easy thing to do, But when you shop at Edrich LTD They're ready to outfit you. Marc Boucher, senior, john Cofer, senior. Peggy Duclus, senior, Penny Nichols, senior, Ann Fobes, senior. Coca-Cola Main Office 5000 West 25th Street Passed on from generation to generation, Coca-Cola has been rated Number one in our nation. Blgigilth TRADE MAINQ 232 Arlington Flower Shop 1335 North Arlington Avenue 356-2489 The Arlington Flower Shop Can create special bouquets, That mean so much In so many ways. Barbara Tipton, junior, ludy Tipton, sophomore. Pearson's Platter Sue Ault, junior. Devington Shopping Center 545-4347 Catering to the whims Of the "now" generation, Pearson's has records From folk-rock to meditation. -'M in ' Ill fs r' 'f l 5 S i i . Q 5 Betsy Reyburn, junior. Roesch Pharmacy Devington Shopping Center 547-9613 When you shop at Roesch's You will find, All those last minute needs In no time. 233 Bill Kuhn Chevrolet 1045 Broad Ripple Avenue 255-2471 For that certain car That guys dream of today, Go to Bill Kuhn Chevrolet. 2' Randy Nickel, senior Sealtest Ice Cream 1417 North Harding 632-4541 Dish after dish, Treat after treat, Sealtest Ice Cream Cannot be beat. Linda Cable, senior. Wheaton Van Lines Inc. , 2525 East 56th Street That last minute hurry ls gone on moving day, 255-3131 As Wheaton Van Lines Packs your worries away. Margaret Zimmerman, junior W' ,aw -wr fit' Lee Moody 84 Company When you are settled and ready to look, 1840 East 38th Street Lee Moody will help you find your favorite little nook. 546-1593 . . Mary Linzer, senior. 235 H. G. Lotshavv 'W .-rf. When your teen years are gone And your dreams come true, Let H. G. Lotshaw build your home for you. D. M. Reamer Painters 84 Decorators 4138 Norrose Drive 546-3901 To beautify rooms With that special touch, Reamer Painters and Decorators will do so much. Ron Baker, senior. Oaklandon Company, Sales Inc. 11820 Pendleton Pike Oaklandon 823-4471 For the best deals And a chance to catch her eye, Goto Oaklandon Sales For today's best buy. Rob MCC oy, seniorg Nancy Newhouse, senior. Meadows Fabric Inc 5 E 4 Chris King, senior Meadows Shopping Center 547-3508 "Wrapped up" in your dreams Of materials and seams? Goto Meadows Fabric lDaNy CQueen 3344 N. Arlington wmv For a creamy rich delight, Suited for any merry queen, Satisfy your royal appetite By stopping at Dairy Queen. Kathy Atkinson, junior 238 Bonanza Skkin PH 3545 N. Shadeland MMM For those "good-food" eating hah That are hard to break, Stop at the Bonanza Pit For a tender, sizzling steak. Bill Coffey, junior, Gwen Fer guson, junior. Head Wran gler, Mr. Ray Reed. Woodie Nell s Auto Imports 4533N5fE5SZ2eAVe' Shadeland Preston's Flower Shoppe Super Market 4525 N Shadeland 6937 Pendleton Pike 547-1668 Those special party events Will always be a success, When you shop at Preston's Where selection is at its best Tisha LeMaster, senior, David Brooks, senior. I Mlisfii I 'E yu-A ' ff' Q ,-. tiff ,J RCA is a Hoosier institution, too! 'Q 240 in-mm. vu.-,U N cs-.nv ACCOLADE ......,.,. Academic Assistants . . , 82 .50,59 ACTIVITIES INDEX Reserve ...,. .... 1 30 Freshman ..... ..., 1 31 Chess Club ....... . , . 94,95 Varsity ....,,....... ACCOLADE Representatives ,......... 80 American Field Service .... 8,9 Arlingtones ,............ 76,77 Art Club ..........,....... 94 Clinic Assistants ......... 84,85 Coaches ,,,,.........4 128,129 Concert Band . . . ...., 74,75 Concert Choir ,.,. . . . 76,77 Cross Country .,,..... 102,103 National Forensic League . . . 67 Audio-Visual Assistants .... 87 Auditorium Technicians . . 86,87 B Baseball .....,........ 122,123 Basketball .., ...... .... Varsity . . , . . . 108,109 Reserve .... . . . 108,109 Freshman .... ... 110,111 Bible Club ... ..., ,. 88 Book Club ..,,, ........ 64 Bowling ..,,..... . .. 120,121 Boy's Ensemble .... ...... 7 8 Camera Club .,... ...... 9 5 Cheerleaders , . ........ . . Varsity ..... 3, 130,131 A-B Ace Hardware ............ 231 American Beauty Cleaners . 227 Arlington Flower Shop ,... 233 Bill Ehrich Studio ......,.. 230 Bill Kuhn Chevrolet ....,.., 234 Bob and Dottie's Flower Shop ,,,,.............. 227 Bonanza Sirloin Pit ........ 238 Brock's Pharmacy ,.,...... 231 Brodey's Village Inn ,,,,.. 220 Burger Chef ..,,,.,,. ..., 2 27 Carbob Country Village , , . 223 Coca-Cola ....,.,....,,.. 232 Colonial Flower Shop ,,... 228 A Abraham, james ... . , ,. 140 All, Richard .......,...... 140 Allen, john ,.,........ 129,140 Armenoff, Mrs. Margaret . , 140 B Bailey, Mrs. Audra .,,.,,,. 140 Bailey, Ralph ........ ..., 1 40 Beal, Mrs. Elizabeth ..,,... 140 D-F Debate ............. ,,.. 6 6 Electronics Club ..... ..,,.. 9 6 Football .....,.,,.......,..,. varsity ,.......,.,.. 104,105 Reserve ..,.. 104,105,106,107 Freshman .,.,,...... 106,107 French Club ..,............ 91 Future Architects and Draftsmen ,.,,,.... ...... 9 3 Future Teachers of America . 92 G-H German Club .... ...,... 9 1 Girl's Athletic Association . , . .... 116,117 Goldenaires . . , ,... 132,133 c.elf ................., 114,115 Gymnastics ,.......... 116,117 Health Careers Club ..,..,. 93 History Club .,,,....,.. . 88,89 Homecoming .......,... 20,21 I-L Individual Honors ...,... 18,19 Intramurals . ..,,...... 112,113 LANCER ................ 60,61 LANCER Representatives 81 Latin Club ........,,.... 88,89 Lettermen ...,....,,.... 98,99 M-N Marching Band ......,... 70,71 Math Club ...........,., 96,97 "My Fair Lady" .,...,.., 14,15 National Honor Society .... 62 O-Q Office Messengers . . . , . . . , 80 Orchestra .,.,.,.. .,.. 7 2,73 Pennants ,,,.....,,........ 71 Pep Band ..,,,.,........... 70 Physical Ed. Assistants 82,83 ADVERTISING INDEX Community Hardware .... 218 Dairy Queen ...,,........ 238 Davidson's Fur Co. .,....,, 231 Dellen Oldsmobile ,...,... 228 Dodd Electric ,......,.,,.. 224 Edrich LTD Men's Wear . . . 232 H-K Herff jones Co. ,,,,....... 218 Hindel Bowling Lanes ..,,. 223 Hudson's Mens Wear ..,.. 222 Indiana National Bank .... 219 Italian Gardens ..,..,..,,. 218 jake Feld Tire Co. ......... 221 john Davis Men's Wear 228 Keystone Lighting ......... 219 Kline Voldswagon ........ 226 S. S. Kresge Discount ...., 229 FACUL Benedict, Mary ........... 140 Bennett, William ...... 103,140 Bess, William .......,. 136,140 Bickerton, Mrs. Shirley 140 Black, Suzanne ..,......,. 140 Blackburn, Thomas ...... 140 Blase, David .,...,,. .,.. 1 40 Blessing, Margaret ....,,.. 141 Brethauer, Thomas .,... 141 Brown, Mrs. Elizabeth ,,., 141 Burton, Martha ...,.. 96,97,141 L-M Lawrence Auto Co. . 223 235 Lee Moody and Co. ....,, . Little Brown jug ..., .... 2 25 H. G. Lotshaw ,,.....,.,,, 236 MCL Cafeteria ..,.,...... 221 Meadow's Fabric Shop .... 237 Merchants National Bank .. 224 Nobil's Shoe Store ........ 229 North Side Welding Co. .,. 220 Oaklandon Sales Co. .,... 237 Paula's Studio ,.,,., .... 2 22 Pearson's Platters ,,........ 233 Porter College ............ 221 Preston's Super Market 239 TY INDEX Caldwell, Mrs. Linda ....,. 141 Callaway, Elmer . . . 104,105,108, Cash, Irvin , ......,.... . Caskey, Harry ......... 141 87,145 139,140 Chaney, Louis .......,.., 141 Chapman, Thomas ., ..,.... 141 Chappel, Ron .,...,.., 104,141 Clark, Mrs. Harriet .....,.. 141 Clevenger, Ralph 11, 138,140 Powder Puff ...,.,.... Queens and Kings .,.. . 16,17 . 22,23 Quill and Scroll ..,.. ..... 6 3 Quiz Team ....... .... 6 4,65 R-S Red Cross Club ..... .,. 85 Science Club ..... 97 Science Seminar .,,.,.,... 65 Senior Play ,,..... ,.,. 2 6,27 Spanish Club .... .... 9 0 String Ensemble ...,.., Student Council T-W Talent Show ,.... .,... Tennis .,..... .... . , 72,73 . 56,57 . . 24,25 114,115 Thespians ..,. ,.., 6 8,69 Track ,,...... .,,. 1 18,119 Trebleaires ,... ....... 7 9 Tri-Hi-Y ..... ....,.,. 84 Wrestling ,.., .... 1 24-127 Putt-Putt Golf Course ..,,. 225 D. M. Reamer Painters and Decorators ......,,.,... 237 RCA ....,.........,...,,. 240 Roesch Pharmacy ..,,,,.,. 233 Sealtest Ice Cream ........ 234 Shadeland Flower Shoppe ..,.,... .,.. 2 39 Smart Shop .,..........,. 229 Stokely Van Vamp .,...., 226 Weaton Van Lines .....,.. 234 Wilkerson Barber Shop 220 Woodie Neil Imports ..... 239 Clodfelter, Donald ........ 141 Combs, Lyman ............ 141 Cutter, Rollin ., 112,115,128,141 D-E Davies, Will ...,,,.,...... 141 DeHart, Mrs. Geraldine 145 DeWitz, Mrs. Mary .,.,..,, 145 Dezelan, joseph .,,,.. 104,141 Donalson, Mrs. Gladys .... 141 Draughan, joe ..,.,.,. 103,141 241 79,153 Arnao, Linda ........,..., 152 Edison, Mrs. june ,... 78,79,141 Ellis, james ..., 100,104,108,129, 141,148 Fair, Owen .,...,...... 32,141 Feldman, George . , 43,65,88,89, 141 Fellows, William ,.., 96,132,141 Fishback, William ...,... 42,141 Fisher, Bill , ....,....,.. 33,141 Fitzgerald, Mrs. Alice ..... 141 Flannery, Mrs. Martha ..... 141 Flora, Diane ...,,...,. 93,141 Floren, Mrs. Georgia .. . 67,141 Fort, Benjamin ........... 141 Foster, Eddie ..,.....,.. 35,141 G Gillette, Mrs. jane ......... 142 Gooch, Mrs. Susan ....... 142 Good, Mrs. Gladysmae . . 85,142 Goode, Mrs. Emma .....,. 142 Graub, Mrs. Rowena .. 137,142 Graves, Victor .........,,, 142 Green, Everett .... 142,145,151 Gurvitz, Ferne ...,... 43,90,142 Gwyn, Robert ......... 138,140 H Hannah, james ........ 104,142 Hamilton, Mrs. Essilee .... 142 Hartman, Wallace ........ 142 Heaton, Mrs. jean ...... 50,142 Heeke, Bernard ......., 86,142 Hessler, Alice ..,,...,..... 142 Hindman, Mrs. Margery . . . 52, 94,136,142 A Aaron, Richard ..,,....... 175 Adkins, Debra Lynn 80,152 Allen, Vernita jean ,.,,,.., 152 Allgood, David ..... .... 1 52 Allio, joseph .......,...... 152 Allison, Roberta .....,,..., 152 Amos, Ron .,... 17,70,71,74,152 Anderson, Eric ....,,.,... 152 Anderson, Kent .... 104,138,152 Arbuckle, james .....,.... 152 Armstrong, Stanley ,,,.... 152 Ashwell, Maki .... 9,53,56,84,90, 152 Atkinson, Nancy . . 56,83,133,152 B Baker, Michael ........ . . . 152 Baker, Ronald .....,,, 175,237 Baker, Stanley ..,. . . . 62,152 Bane, Don ...... .... 1 52 242 FACULTY INDEX Holloway, Mrs. Furniss .... 143 Horine, Ralph .......... 79,143 Howard, Robert ..,,...... 143 Howe, Mrs. Miriam ........ 143 Howell, Elbert ..,......... 143 Hudson, josie ............ 143 Huffington, Mrs. Clarena .. 143 Hungerford, Mrs. Betty .... 143 Hutson, Paul ........,, 143,207 b l jackson, Rita ......,...... 143 janert, Mrs. Margaret 36,92, 143 jef-fery, Anne ......,..,.,. 143 jeffery, Robert ....,.... 95,143 jeter, Mrs. Marjorie ,...., 143 johannessen, Mrs. Marilyn . 143 johnson, james .......... 143 jones, Mrs. Evaleen .....,. 145 K-L Katsaropoulos, john . 91,140,143 Kelle, Mrs. Barbara ....... 143 Kerber, Adolf ............ 143 Knipfel, Gerald 45,71,74,143 Kraucunas, Wyette ........ 143 Kuntz, William . . 21,100,104,105, 106,128,143 Land, Thomas ......... 143,147 Lostutter, Don .. 32,112,129,143 M Maas, Charles .... Manka, john ..... Mannan, Donald .. Maurey, Mrs. Lydia Maze, Mrs. Sally ... 104,143 ..... 128,143 ,......143 89,143 .... 62,143 McClary, Robert ....... 97,143 Merritt, Delmar ......,. 97,144 Messick, jane ............. 144 Messinger, Mrs. Hazel ..... 144 Metcalf, Dewaine .... 93,95,144 Montgomery, Mrs. Zonda . 144, 193 Morris, john ........... 37,144 Muir, Mrs. Rachel .,...... 144 Mullane, Mrs. joyce .,.... 144 Murphy, Dick .........,.. 144 N-O Nowak, Al ............... 144 Oglesby, Richard ,........ 144 Orme, William ........ 104,144 Owen, Boyd ..... ..,.. 1 44 P Padou, Louise .......,.... 144 Parker, Mrs. Henrietta ..... 144 Partee, Mrs. Maxine ...... 144 Patterson, Mrs. Barbara 144 Pedigo, Sgt. Oscar ...... 2,211 Pennington, William .. 40,41,144 Pollock, Mrs. jane ........ 144 Portilla, Mrs. Mercedes 16, 90,144 Poulimas, Mrs. Ann ...... , 144 R Rababa, Yovonne ......... 144 Rainwater, Mrs. Barbara . . . 144 Rogers, Mrs. Margaret .... 144 Rowe, Mrs. Margaret . . . 46,144 Rusnak, janice ..,..., .... 1 45 SENIOR. INDEX Banks, Mark ..... 71,74,152,226 175 Barnes, Dallas Kurt Batdorf, Sharon . . . . . . 152 Bates, Michael ... .. . 152 Bauerle, Karen ..... . . . 152 Bayne, Debbi jo ......... 152 Beall, james ...... . . . 152,221 Beard, jane .,,... Beckwith, Phillip . ... . , . .. 152 Behrmann, jan ..... .....152 Beldon, Candy . . . 35,83,131,153 Bell, DeAnn .....,...... 81,153 Bellew, Sandra ........, 17,153 Benoit, Andrew .........., 153 Benton, john ........ 86,87,153 Berry, john ........ 102,103,153 Bigelow, Michael ..,....,. 153 Bigelow, Sheryl ....,... 60,153 Billen, Carol .... ,.....,... 1 53 Bischoff, Susan . . 55,60,61,62,63, 67,87,88,89,153 Bishop, Ann ........... 62,153 Black, Stephen . , . .... 56,153 Blue, Michael ..,.. 70,71,74,153 Boucher, Marc . . 4,57,60,63,150, 153,175,232 Boucher, Michael . 104,105,138, 153 Bovard, Mark .... ... 153 Bradley, David .,... ..,.. 1 53 Bramble, Marilyn ...... 62,153 Brandt, Cynthia .....,..,.. 153 Branham, jane .... 62,B8,89,153 Bridges, Steve ........ 104,153 Bright, Stephanie .... 60,63,153 Brikmanis, Ausma, ..... 84,153 Brooks, David ....., 62,154,239 Brown, Amy . . . 4,56,81,154,175, 227 Brown, Deborah .......... 154 Brown, james . . ........... 154 Brown, janet 62,66,67,80,89, 154,225 Brown, Sally ..,.....,.. 60,154 Brunner, Angie .... ..... 1 54 S Santore, Mrs. Elaine ...... 145 Schmidt, Mrs. Burdeen . 71,144 Schroedle, Mrs. Margaret . .V 144 Schulz, john ,....... 62,91,144 Shambaugh, Don . 104,106,144 Simpson, john ......,.. 53,144 Smith, Mrs. joyce ........ 145 Smith, Priscilla .... . . . 44,145 Staver, john ........ ,... 1 45 T-V Terrell, Paul ..,...,....... 145 Turner, Robert .....,.. 138,140 Urbain, james ....,.. 30,64,145 Vance, john .............. 145 Vaughan, Mrs. Beryl ...... 145 Volk, Henry ...,....... 33,145 W-Z Waggoner, Charles ........ 145 Walls, Thomas .....,.. 142,145 Way, Mrs. Francis . Weaver, Clara ....., 84,137,145 Welch, Daniel ........ 138,140 Wells, Mrs. Belgen .. . 56,57,80, 139,140 145 145 Werner, Shirley ,. . White, Donald ,.., White, Martha ..... Wimmer, Merle .,... 35,65,145 Witsman, Forest ......, 137,145 Woodward, Mrs. jean ..... 145 Wyatt, Mrs. Daveda ....... 145 Zetzl, Robert ...... 145 ......145 .......145 Bryan,joAnne . . 57,58,59,63,139, 154 Buchanan, Don ........... 154 Buchanan, Ron ,... . . . . 154 Buhr, Diane ......,,..... . 154 Bull, Steve ..........., 96,154 Bultman, Randall .. 104,105,154, 223 Bultman, Rebecca . . 3,25,59,154, 176 Burp, William ............ 154 Burrell, Pamela ........... 154 Burton, Susan Lynn ....... 154 Butcher, Terry ..... 154,156,228 Butler, Bonnie Sue .....,. 154 Butler, Darrell ..... .,... 1 54 Byers, janet ....... . . . 62,154 C Cable, Linda ..... 133,154,234 Cain, judy Ann ....,.,.... 154 Caldwell, Linda Gay .... 80,154 Campbell, Betty jean .. . 62,155 Hugar, Gene .......,...... 161 Campbell, Deborah A. .. 56,62, 132,71,83,132,155 Capp, Sheryl M. .......... 155 Carson, Pete ...,..,....... 175 Carter, james D. ....... 49,155 Cassell, Robert ...... 71,74,155 Catt, Cheryl Anne ....,, 84,155 Chaille, Rebecca ....r.. 51,155 Chambers, Darryl ......... 155 Chamness, Robyn R. . , 21,56,60, 62,63,83,133,150,155,175 Chapin, Treasa ........,... 155 Chestnut, Betty A. . . ..,. 155 Choate, Brenda ..... .... 1 75 Christensen, Bud ..., .... 1 55 Christenson, Paul ... ... 155 Cissna, Deborah ........,, 155 Clapper, Holly ............ 175 Clark, Anitra . . . 25,56,57,58,59, 62,63,155 Clarke, Martha ........ 155,224 Cochran, Terry .... ....., 1 55 Fenske, Patricia , , Ferger, Charlene Fifer, jerry ...,.. Fleming, jim ...., Florey, Wm. W. . Fobes, Ann Elaine Foley, jim ....,.. Foltz, Carla A. . . . Forbes, Carol Ann Ford, Denise ...., Ford, Diana ..... SENIOR ..,,,....157 ......,93,157 .. ..., 157 ......157 157 ...81,157,232 .........157 ......50,158 . . . . 8o,84,158 . . . , . 46,158 INDEX Hewitt, Michael Hey, Carol ..... Hill, Carolyn ........ Hill, Stephen D. Hinds, Eva Kay ...... Hixon, Bill .,....... 160 . . , 62,160 62,74,160 71 ,74,160 60,63,160 89,151,160 Hobson, john A. ...,,.... 160 Hobson, William Mike .... 160 Hoecker, Mark . . 3,44,62,71,160, 200 Cofer, john ..... .... 1 55,232 Cole, Brenda ,.,.,........ 155 Coleman, Bruce . . .........155 Collins, john Clifford . . . 87,96, 155 Connerly, Brad .... ..,,175 Corriden, john ...,....... 155 Couch Sue ...... , ......,,, 155 Coy, Christopher . 101,102,103, 155,231 Coyle, Mike ... ......,, , 175 Cradick, jan . . . .... 59,63,156 Craig, Nancy .... Crawley, Susan .. Cripe, Donna ..., Croup, Michael . . Culhan, james .,, Culp, David .,.,,, Cuticchia, Michael D-E ..,....156 . . . 84,156 ,. .... 156 .. .... 156 ....156 ......62,156 .....62,156 Dahlen, Clifford ...... 156,228 Davis, Brad . . 60,104,105,112,156 Davis, Cynthia ............ 156 Davis, Robert ,...,.,....,. 156 Davison, Catherine ........ 156 Davy, Brenda ........ .... 1 56 DeBurger, Patricia ,H156 DeCaro, Christine .... .,.. 1 56 Dilley, Calista C. .. . ...,157 Dodd, Stephanie ...,.. 59,157 Dominguez, Marie .....,.,157 Donegan, Patricia . . . 71,74,133, 157 Doran, Tonia ......,...... 175 Dotts, Sandra Kay 47,82,157 Duclus, Peggy S. .... 71,157,232 Dunn, Donna jane Duzan, Ron ....... ,...,,56,157 ....157 Easler, Vince D. ........... 157 Eldridge, Donna .......... 157 Elmali, Evren N. .. 9,43,57,157 Embach, Kristine .......... 157 Emery, Richard S. .. . Emery, Terry ..... 14,157,220 .....,,,.157 Evans, L. jane ............. 157 Evans, Maureen Anne .,,.. 175 Everman, Brian L. ..,,..... 157 F-G Failinger, Marie ..,... 62,91,157 .....158 Ford, Teresa . . . Frank, Kim M. .,. Frazier, Scott .,., .... 158 ..... 158 Fulton, Tom .............. 158 Gabbert, Barbara .... 84,931,158 Galyean, Heather Lee ...,.. 158 Garrison, Kevin ......,.... 158 Gilbert, Robert Lee ........ 158 Gillette, Kevin Lee . 28,58,63,158 Glenn, Barbara Ann ,....,. 175 Gobin, Daniel joseph .,.,. 158 Goodman, Roger ......... 158 Graeber, Steven ..,,.,..., 158 Graham, Raymond ..,.. 74,158 Graham, Sherrie .......... 158 Grana, Lorraine . . 71,133,150,158 Gratter, Susan ......,..... 158 Grazei, Knut V. ........ 59,158 Gray, Christine ....,..,, 84,158 Gregory, Richard ..,...... 158 Griekspoor, Wilfred ., 43,56,57, 60,63,65,158 Griffin, Brenda H. 62,80,158 Grube, Art ............... 159 Gurchiek, Larry ... 82,159 H Haines, Randy . .. 159,175,231 Haley, jeanne E. ........... 159 Hall, Patricia Anne ....,.,. 175 Hall, Sam R. ........ .,.. 1 75 Hall, Terri Anita .... . 159 Hall, Terry ............ 159,229 Hamblin, joseph W. ...... 159 Hamilton, Nancy Dee .,,.. 159 Hammond, Billie ....... 83,159 Hammond, Brenda Lou 159 Hammond, Mark . .. 82,104,105, 112,159,227 Hancock, Lex ....,.,....,. 159 Hanes, L. Sheryl ..,,. 79,94,159 Harkins, Lynn .......... 62,159 Harlan, Edward ,... 7,62,81,159 Harmas, Douglas K. . . . 104,105, 159,231 Harshey, Kenneth ......... 159 Hartley, Barbara jane . 56,62,71, 80,81,133,159 Hartley, Patricia .....,..., 159 Hathaway, Helen ....... 16,159 Hauser, Theresa .... ..., 1 59 Hawk, David Lee .... .,., 1 75 Hawkersmith, jan ...,.. 79,159 Heady, Kelvin L. ....,..... 159 Heady, Kenneth L. ....... 175 Heck, Dorcas ......,...... 159 Henderson, Michael ...,.. 160 Henry, Herbert . . 57,104,105,160 Henry, Lodella j. ....... 94,160 Hensel, Mark ....,.,..,... 160 Henthorn, Mike .... ,... 1 60 lnsurmountable . . . Seniors prove that "You Can't Chain in the Spirit of '69" with their first-place display in the annual contest. Hoggatt, L. Anne . 62,89,160,223 Hollingsworth, Carl ,,.. 59,160 Holly, jennifer ......... 46,160 Holmes, Michael ...,.,.,.. 160 Horine, Susan ........,.., 160 Howard, Allan . . 62,70,71,74,160 Howell, David A. ...... 53,160 Howell, Larry W. ........ 160 Huddleston, Rebecca .,... 160 Huffman, David A. . ,. 40,82,93, 160 Hungerford, Pamela ...,.. 161 Hunt, Richard L. .......... 161 Hutcherson, Daniel E. .. . 56,57, 161,175,228 Hutcherson, Paul A. ......, 161 3 . XXV ,N X In 1. g '15 HM. B , -. 4' ,, f3E,i,,.? .,r' R l-l Imel, David Scott ......... 175 Ingram, Deborah ,...,..,.. 161 Irving, Alma ...... 36,56,60,161 Irwin, Gary D. 80,81,82,104, 105,161,225 Irwln, Pl1II A. ............. 161 jackson, Daniel Barton ..,. 161 jacobs, Laurie M. ........,. 161 jannusch, judy ,........ 83,161 jarvis, Leon .............., 161 jassmann, Robert Paul .,.. 161 jay, William ......,....... 161 jeffries, Karen ..,. 59,62,63,131, 161,175,226 jenkins, Suzan C. ......... 161 jessup, Karen Lynn ... 14,15,31, 62,82,9o,133,161 johnson, Richard A. ....,, 161 johnson, Sandra .....,,.,. 161 jones, Beverly Sue . . . , . . 161 jones, Charlette ..., . . . 161 jones, Nellie ..... ... 175 jordan, Klayta .... . ,. 161 Keithley, Steven .... ..,, 1 61 'mf X 4 'fig 4 4, 2 6 . I J kc, 4 243 Kelley, Charles ... ,.. 162 Kelley, Connie ,,,.....,,.. 162 Kennedy, Alan .......,.,, 162 Kennedy, Russell .. 62,66,67,88, 150,162 Kenrick, Patrick ..,...., 62,162 Kerns, lanette .... ..... 1 75 Kerr, Vicky Lynn ,.,. . . . 162 Kersage, Marcia .... , . . 162 Kestner, Kevin ............ 162 King, Bob .....,.,.,s.,.. 162 King, Christine .. 62,71,133,162, 237 Kinnaman, Mark ........., 162 Kirk, Debbie .........,.... 162 Klein, Peggy ,... 62,133,162,222 Kleinhelter, Kurt .. 104,105,108, 162 Klier, Barbara .......,. 162,224 Klippel, Mark .....,,, 71,74,162 Konchinsky, Karen ........ 162 Kresge, Peter ,...,,,...,,. 162 Kuhl, Steven ..... 62,65,74,162 Kuhlman, Roger Alan . 14,62,66, L-M Lake, Deborah ........ 151,162 Lammers, Thomas .... 94,95,162 Lancello, loan .. 59,62,63,81,162 Lane, Cynthia Anne ....... 162 Lane, james ..... 56,150,163,212 67,162 Lannom, lan ....,......... 163 Lannum, Larry .... .....,, 1 63 Lanum, Gregory ,....... 82,163 Lauth, Robert .,....,.... 163 Lawrence, Anita .. 47,80,82,163 Lawrence, Marilyn .....,., 163 Lawson, Carter ....,....... 163 Lazar, Kenneth , . . .... 62,163 Lee, Don ..,...... ... 163 Lee, Lonnie ....,.,. r . . 163 Lee, Richard Allen ....,.t. 163 Lee, Turhan Van ....,,.,.. 163 LeFeber, Kathryn .. 133,163,225 LeMaster, Tisha . , 62,83,133,163, 239 Leslie, Anita .,..........,. 175 Leverenz, Karen Sue ...... 163 Lewis, Richard C. ..,..... 163 Linzer, Mary ,. 56,62,71,83,133, 148,163,235 Lipp, William .... ...... 1 63 F1 lr SENIOR Litten, Deborah .,...... 46,163 Lobb, Linda ..,... ..... 1 75 Lohkamp, Gary ..,,....,,. 163 Long, Mary Anne ...... 62,163 Longest, Mike Charles ..... 175 Lotshaw, Steven ..,..,.... 163 Lovell, Kathy Ann .....,,,. 163 Lowery, Charles ........ 10,164 Lucas, LaDonna ,.... 37,164,229 Lunsford, lim ,.....,... 82,164 Lykins, Carey ,.,. .... 8 0,164 Lyons, john ........ .,.,. 1 64 Madison, Glenda .... .. . 164 Mallory, Barbara ,., ... 164 Mansbach, Robert ........ 164 Markey, Blanche ....,,,.., 164 Marks, john ......... 62,615,164 Martin, Danny .... ..,.,.. 1 64 Martin, Diane .... ,... 7 9,164 Martin, Donald ....,... 96,164 Mastenik, Rick .......,..., 164 Mathews, Anne ......., 71,164 Maxwell, Gregory . . 70,71,74,86, 87,164 Mayfield, Cathey ..,...... 164 MoAlisrar, Mark . . . 104,105,164, 175 McCausland, Karen ....... 164 McCormick, Carol lo . 25,28,56, 57,62,164,230 McCoy, Robert 13,104,105, 156,164,237 Mociillar, lohn .... 108,164,229 McDaniels, Coeburn ...... 175 McDaniels, Ginger ........ 164 McDonough, john .... 164,239 McEdwards, Tamara . 62,91,165 McElhany, james .......... 165 McFarland, Cathy . . 25,79,80,81, 165 McGee, Veo . . . 104,105,112,165 McKee, Marcia ......... 80,165 McKee, Trudy ...,........ 165 McKinney, lim ....... ... 165 McManus, David .......... 165 McNeely, Patricia Ann ..... 175 McPherson, Betsy ....... 56,165 Meara, Robert .... 104,105,112, 165,175 Melcher, jerry .........,,. 165 Mentzer, Taya .,......,... 165 Meschke, Richard .. 62,104,105, 108,165,230 ta .. "Cream 0' the crop" . . . A few of the "lovlier senior girls" prepare for their halftime can-can show during the last basketball game. 244 INDEX Michael, Charles Daniel .,. 165, 224 Middleton, john .......... 165 Mikosz, ludy ............. 165 Mikosz, Stanley ..,...,, 48,165 Milam, David . . . 62,104,105,108, 109,165 Milarn, Mark ....,.. 35,06,165 Miller, Mark .. ,.. 71,74,165 Miller, Sherry ,... ....., 1 65 Miller, Thomas ..,, . 175 Mitchell, lack ,,,,,...,,.. 165 Mitchell, lohnetta ........ 165 Modica, Kathy ..,,.,,.. 80,165 Molin, Emil . . 7,104,105,108,109, 166 Monroe, Mike .,.......... 166 Moody, David .... 10,14,166,220 Moore, David ...... 82,166,175 Moore, Don . . 1 .... 94,166 Moore, Ron .... ..... 1 66 Moore, Scott ...... . 166 Morgan, Ed ......,.,.,.,.. 166 Moses, Glenn ..... 104,105,166 Mosier, Marilyn Sue ...... 166 Moss, Linda .,....... 62,166,227 Mon, Bob ...... 33,70,71,74,166 Murphy, Susan , . . 12,65,80,166, 229 Murphy, Teresa . 62,87,90,95,166 N-O Neil, Cindy jo ... 56,83,131,166, 239 Nelson, Mark 31,104,105,166 Nelson, Kris ...,.. 20,66,67,166 Newhouse, Nancy .... 5,166,237 Newkirk, William Scott . . 28,57, 60,166,218 Nicewanger, Stephen .. 20,175 Nichols, Penny . , . 20,56,166,232 Nickel, Randy .... 62,74,81,104, 105,166,234 Nixon, Diana ..... 62,74,88,166 Norris, Roland ........ 20,166 O'Brien, Catherine .,..,., 166 O'Day, Kenneth ,...,,,... 166 Ohne, Patricia ....,. 62,167,223 Olson, jackie ..,.......... 167 P- Palmer, Nancy .. ,,. 167 Palmer, Tom ....... ,.. 167 Parker, Hal ..... ..... 1 67 Parks, Walter .,.. .... 8 8,167 Parsons, Susan ..,.,.... 79,167 Partenheimer, Rob . . . 12,56,59, 63,167,213 Patterson, Sharon . .,...... 175 Patterson, William , .... 167,222 Paul, Michael ,,.... ..... 1 67 Paul, Richard .,... ..... 1 67 Paulin, joe ,.... Payne, Lucretia ,,.,,...... 175 Pearce, Rebecca , . 7,55,56,57,60, 62,63,71,133,167 Peek, Donald .......,..... 167 Perdue, Sandy ... ,.. 167 Perkins, Carol .,.. ...... 1 67 ......62,167 Pettett, Rick .............. 168 Pettigrew, Ronald 44,57,168, 220 Phelps, Deborah , , . 56,59,62,63, 168 Phillips, john ....,....,.,. 168 Pierce, Michael ........,,. 168 Pomareda, Ester . . 8,53,56,84,90, 160 Porter, William .... Prather, Sheri . . . Price, Pamela .... Price, Patricia ..., Princell, john .... Pruitt, Patti ........ ....168 ,..168 ....168 ...62,168 ....168 ....168 Purvis, Denise ..,,...... 82,168 Quigley, Lawrence . Rainsberger, Becki . .....,,168 ....94,168 Randolph, Pamela ...... 168 Randolph, Robert . . . . 71,74,168 Rankin, Barbara ....... 62,168 Ray, Maureen .... Raymer, Carol ,. . Rebic, Cathie ,... 168 168 ...168 Reddie, Henri ,.....,,..,. 168 Redman, Gail Ann .,..,,.. 168 Reeder, Brian Christopher . . 57, 81,112,113,168 Repphan, Becky ..,....... 169 Richardson, William 169 Richeson, Ron , . . 62,70,74,94,95, 169 Richmond, Ronald ........ 169 Rickman, Bruce .. 60,61,80,169 Roan, Vickie .......,... 56,169 Roberts, Cheryl .....,.... 169 Roberts, lan .,............ 169 Robinson, Beth . 62,64,83,91,169 Robling, Susan .... ..,. 80,169 Rohrer, Frank ......,..... 175 Rohrman, Rita ... Romeril, Curtis .... Roque, Lisandro ... Ross, Daniel ..... Ross, Karen .,... Rossell, Thomas . . . Russell, Mike .... ...U169 .,..s2,169 .....169 ...175 ...169 ..,169 .......169 Russell, Steven ........... 169 Rusthoven, Pete . 1 . 57,62,66,67, 81,169 Sadler, Linda ,............ 169 Sandefur, Earl . . . . . . . 40,169 Sanders, Debbie ...... 138,169 Sanders, Rick ..,.. 169 Scanland, james .......,.. 169 Schaub, Diane ......,..., 169 Scherer, Nancy . 16,62,71,83,170 Schimp, june .,.... Schmidt, Stephen . Schmidt, Vickie . . . Schorn, Vickie .... Schwantes, David .. Schwartz, Ellen Rea Schwomeyer, Vivian ..,....170 .. 170 175 80,170 .. 62,66,67, 170,212 170 . 62,82,170 Scott, leffery ....., 104,105,170 Segrest, Sheila ..,,.,.,. 24,170 Seidel, Wendy ..........,. 170 Shannon, Mary Lynn .,.... 170 Shaver, john ............. 170 Shaw, Ronald . . 56,57,62,81,170, 218 Sheely, jerry ........... 60,170 Shelton, Lee ..,...,....... 170 Shelton, Patricia .. . Short, Stephen ,.,, ..,.47,170 ,....170 Simmons, Edward ,,,..... 170 Sims, Marsha .,......,,.. 170 Sims, Patricia ........ 56,90,170 Sissom, Brenda ..,........ 170 Slinkard, Denise ........ 80,170 Sloan, Beth Ellen ......,.. 170 Smith, Gaye ......, ...170 Snyder, Ann ..... Snyder, Debbie Snyder, Luci ..,,. Sorrell, Sue ..,,., Spahr, Paula .. . Spaulding, Donna I Spilbeler, Donna . Spinks, Virginia .. Spoo, Thomas M. , Spoolstra, Merry . . Spray, Terri .a.,,. Stern, Kathryn Ann Stevens, Michael G 171 171 79,171 84,171 . 64,171 oyce . . , 94, 171 .. 171 171 .......171 . s6,62,133, 171,194,218 .171 .,.....171 171 66,171 Strong, Michael ...... Stroud, Thomas R. ,171 Stroude, leanne Marie .,.. 171 Stutsman, Patricia 56,83,131, Surdi, Nancy joy Sutton, Ieannette L. Swan, Nancy ..,. T-V 171,175,231 ....,.171 171 , ,... 171 ..171 Tabak, Barbara ,,... Teschendorf, Charles .,.,, 171 Tewmey, Mike B. Thiesing, Ray .,,,,. Thompson, Doug . Thompson, Linda Lou ..,,, 172 Thompson, William . Thorpe, lean .... . Thorpe, loan . Tichy, Willie .... ,, Tindall, Kathleen ... Tischer, Gary .. .,. Todd, Cindy, .... 175 .......171 .M 105,171 .......172 ....62,172 172 ....172 ...,172 .......172 62,172 Tollman, Marcia Jeanne ,H 172 Tom, Richard ...... Tomlinson, Les ,,,. 70,71,74,172 Tranberg, Cynthia ....,, 57,172 Troy, Paul ........,.. 62,81,172 Tubbs, Tina ...... ...., B 0,172 Tuxhorn, Sandi , ,. Twachtman, Terri .. Tyra, Stephen ..,...,..... 172 Uberta, Linda .... ,,... 6 2,172 Unger, Karen , , , 59,84,93,172 Vaughan, Michelle .......172 ,, .... 172 .. ,.,. 172 80,172 Upson, Ann .....,. . 40,60,62,63, 172 Vernier, Vicki . ......... 172 Viers, Carl Edward ....... 172 Villarreal, Mary E. Vogel, Gorden E. Von Willer, Debora 175 172 h 173 Wallace, Timothy . . 104,105,173 SENIOR INDEX Waller, Anne ., 36,62,71,83,133, 151,173 Walton, Stephen . 70,71,74,75, 86,915,173 Ward, Preston ...., ..... 1 73 Wasnidge, Doug ...,,.. 41,173 Watford, Alonzo ..., 24,108,173 Watson, Kenneth .... .,i,, 1 73 Watson, Michael ....,.... 173 Webb, Maurice ........... 175 Weber, Ralph . , . 58,59,62,86,87, 173 Welch, Mary Beth ........ 173 Wells, Denise ...... .... 1 73 Wenzel, Richard ... .... 173 Wesner, Phillip .........,. 173 Whallon, Richard ....,.... 173 Whann, Russell 104,105,173 whneicarol ...,. 173,221,239 Wiersma, Debbie . 37,83,156,173 Wilfong, Mary ,...,..,, 79,173 Wilkes, Karen . . . 8,40,62,79,173 Wilkins, Douglas Earl ,,,, 173 Wilkins, Jeanette ....,...,, 173 Willetts, William 62,100,108, 109,148,173 Williams, Barbara ..,.,.... 174 Williams, Steve .... .... 1 74 Williams, Vickie ... .... 174 Willman, Holly ... ,., 74,174 174 Wilson, Bill ...... .... Wilson, Dave ,... .... 1 74 Wilson, George ,... ,,,. 1 74 Wilson, Mary L. .... .,,. 1 74 Wilson, Regis ...... ,.... 1 74 Wilson, Robert .... ,, 60,174 Wilson, Ruth ,...... , .. 174 Wilson, Vicki ............, 174 winn, craig 56,57,62,81,150, 174 Winters, Mark ,,.,...,.,.. 175 wmhofr, Parry 13,16,56,174,212 Wolf, Greg .,,.....,,,,,,. 174 Woods, Meg . . . 17,54,62,74,130, 131,174,212 Wools, Lynn ,,,.... ..... 1 74 X-Z Young, Herman Edward 95, 174 Young, lacqueline ......., 174 Young, Steve .,,..,.,.,... 174 .. 71,133,174 Young, Sue Lynn Zartman, james D. ......., 174 Ziegler, jenny ,.,... . . 56,174 Zimpleman, Terry ... ... 174 fs f .Q iff it il l A 4 3 -,., .. ,, Students and faculty celebrate Principal Ralph Clevenger's "thirty- ninth" birthday with cards and a chorus of "Happy Birthday." 245 Graduates 'exitg' underclassmen continue XIO 2'fl KxLA 1 A9 . 1 - 8 4 N ' " " Q fs ms :-,',:,3:s5j-.'z-:,j, ,aw Ekeasv-- :es-sfazsgaetqs .W E ,, , .--f-3, , ifg 'im is ' We K, M ,..-,WM .W , L ,, sf l. At 3:15, the Knight tempo intensifies, as teen voices merge in the corridors, 246 J, .,. Spring fever effects teens with its symptoms of weariness and boredom, as the air becomes warmer and thoughts change to anticipation of the upcoming vacations. lan Cradick , , , ..,,,... Co-editor loan Lancello ,.,, Academic Editor Patty Donegan .... .....,., S ports Editor Anitra Clark .,.... . .. Underclass Editor JoAnne Bryan .,...... . . . Business Manager Carl Hollingsworth ..,....,..,..........,.,.........,..,........ Photographer Mr. Ralph Clevenger ......,,..,.....,,...,,..,.,..,.........,,....,.. Adviser Staff Members: Cheryl Brodhecker, Beckie Bultman, Stephanie Dodd, Denise Fields, Wayne Fuson, Mike Glancy, Knut Grazei, Mary lane Hinds, Cindy Loomis, Linda Meko, Rob Partenheimer, Laurie Peterson, Liz Ralston, Kathy Routt, jerry Sheely, Valerie Smith, Sue Stafford, Karen Unger, Ralph Weber, Roy Willman, Debbie Wilson, and to each who added his accent to the "KNIGHT BEAT '69," Indiana School Pictures, Mr. Bill Ehrich ...,....,......... Portrait Photographers Debbie Phelps Co-editor Karen leffries Managing Editor Kevin Gillette Activities Editor Karen Boyd Album Editor Mike Pence Advertising Manager Phil lrwin Photographer Miss Mary Benedict 4' Principal fe PQ sq' -1 C .....- ..----9 -v' H ., 4 P'-X ' fi., A "' ' 9 ' i nf - -WMNW 5 e a 33 -A all B- ' .JAN rl Q-fi. I Z : A 545: - rf' G91 t ,' ACCOLADE Knight Beat Listen to the beat Sounding in the halls As the sandeled feet Ofsunburned teens Hurry to summer classes. june graduates Enter the business world Or experience a new Academic environment. Underclassmen enjoy A short recess From high school life As swimming parties Preempt studies. The KNIGHT BEAT Continues its steady pace, A permanent part Of all who are Arlington. Q ass ff W? 7iM?Y5R,,'?i'ss: " 'gSQ ,t'i-fitsfs'-'TX - f-wif' 55' 1 X -gf , ,j , " ft 1'f3'-ww 71' Q-f1pQ 53iw 1. - T - Y T I - fy luke, s -I fs ., ,, t The final bell of the semester marks only a short pause in the KNIGHT BEAT, as the pulsating rhythm of teen life resounds again in the halls in summer school. 247 4 fa ,155 ,' "j?',,J-wi, 92f"f,'.fQ5 Sf' - - f .: - ' ' I , , , . .. 1551535 .31 55 5? ' .f ' i'r5 f 1"5W 'Q T , - - A -:'1:ZWf, f5-5 -V - A , ug, ,A I ,, , i LX I The KNIGHT BEAT The rhythmic pulse OfAHS students Vibrantly sounds As yesterdays future Becomes today- Listen . . . the beat goes on . . 248 Asqumvn-we i......Z"""'.'L..T A-....4u--,,,7,, , - A .W , . Y , , 1 5 gw'mW'1-W M1 JW M , Qfmo,H1.!Q ,Z2f,Qfefm7Q1fQ.f VAQAJWJQ MOZSQA1' 06.0-,g,U,Q,W,4,f,U'21Q,ZAJa. ,ob J fwdaxvfyllf'-5 T My MMM- Ywww WMM WJ, My My W W ffwwffwfk My MQW ,i3wZ5aLp,ffZwf,f X Q fQfQ5Qdffw I a5f1?'C1J.x40"f"b7f A?1ffAJf1'fC1f0'fW jj!!! E v n""" "T " "'n'm'm"" " 'W' ' ' 'Tk " A, " " ',""' "'f,':'j',f5K5."--' WTF" V' ""' "uf" 1'-w A U , WWW O? X512 J 194193 1 ' - J ' 0vz,Lu,o QCLL-01 OLJKJ 7 f?1,Q,Q 2 - neo OV C44 'rv 1 0,20-607 - ' v W ' 7 90 JCL .L ' . Q GI ,,Q,0cc,fy' ff 777604 N' 077 ' 1 I A IW' LJ! uf: f '15 ' jj, ll A CZ? Qwii 0 ,vii 5-4 ,. 1 ,395 "H ' f771.i,0z10 f? i'- ' , , 7 L ,QA VQJA ,g,,,,,,J4 Y 'g Q 1 f ' 1 ' .fQfo4,ff WC. , L' DL 5 74 V ' lx . ' LJ 1 . my 0- . 0 7 ' c V awed, LAM MMJXA? 0,,wfQ,zLfQ,,,,7?0e,k,? MPGHZQMJWVOL fg gout! W W, 0,1-4.1 Za7fyf4,-fu,-Q.N, fydgmoumvbax M015 ,sJ07r,4f-19'-fi .J07fy4,g,0f' ya,f3! J0 Owufbffavck, ,U ,Aj ff4fW0f-fo M M74 UWWQMQWMWWWQWQ Ldompvf wma, - -, +,.,.1, ,A . -.- QQJZ2.Jlfi-J, D12"5"xz 3 Ffffdyylgff XZAJOZJ i .4 . I ., . V ,I "77 7Q? Qyolf A46 A'Ze'QfQL!K'?o ff'4'L4" bi '.Q v tg W I ' f Q,x ,.xW,, w.x 1,, ,, ,,.g ,..fN sn . R - '43 19 V ff " ' - A ' ' , fd Jgf LO ff WUM ,, fff 2fJ2QQWJQQfJ ff J Q .L '21-ai? 1 A ' , 1,- 'fff-A 'pf' 5 L V F- 1 .fri . 1 3 1 , 1, ,V m- 'L 'L 4 1 Y .Q . 1 1 3 3 U5 if Q , 4 Q, 1 S 1 I 1 1 1 f .5 'lk Q 1F QP l .. ' X: if W' f x 1 V- 6 ...' W 3 ig 6 .'Z . -g... l PRODUCTION CREDITS Directors . Jan Cradick, Joan Lancello, Debbie Phelps Coordinator ................. Miss Mary Benedict Cast . . . Kevin Gillette, Tom Spoo, and 2,800 Knights Technical Producer ................ Ralph Weber Cover Design . . . Carl Hollingsworth and Phil Irwin v 1 5

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