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ACCGEADE R Xl Arlington High School Indianapolis, Indiana Volume 7 KNIGHT-TEEN 2 th hs X e andthe There was a new breed of Golden Knight, a serious, questioning youth. With his gleaming Excalibur of knowledge he sought to slay the dragons of ignorance and apathy that threat- ened his gleaming Camelot. On the strong foundation of guidance, he built a year, a year that was one more step toward his four-year quest, a year that was Knight-teen '68. 5. . T Q1 Q, u t t "" . 4,4 r 'Illia Will y 71, 'Y J,-.... : V tint 4 A w B ilmpllk t + - . l H gg t ll ,ff ti: . J fl I ytat i xg 3 V' 5 i lj!! xi r 4 A .f llll t t l BI .7 " jk T f f 3 With thundering applause the notes of "Shall We Danceu become a victory song fortriumphant leads Marcia Reider and Allan Kuhlman. F ONE-2 'V e fear lnnll the tesiif q lihghi WWA A V- A KW the gldry , 3 the ofl , 5 1 gf? 'N S5 and the 5 A yeaqlz K 6 Q w 4 W fn gf. f 'ls 3 A crowded auditorium comes alive on opening night for the audience and the nervous cast of an Arlington production, A centuries-old tool can be an aid to modern mathematicians, with freshman Carol Hughes making use of an Oriental abacus, -up A golden eagle reflects the glory of achievement when students face the dragons of the crusacles with success. Working scholars join socializing teens, The Knight-scene is a study scene for jim Wheeler and Sue Bruton as the seniors join in the work mood of '68, The Knight-scene reflected King Arthurls Camelot with an added touch-the spirit of ,68. The addition of the new john Marshall High School made the round table of Knights a smaller, more unified team. By june of Knight-teen ,68, Arlington had gained a friendly rival in Marshall and was joining with them in a spirit of competition. Colden Knights and Patriots welcomed this addition to the city. Electrified with the excitement of athletics and subdued in quiet study moods, the Knight-scene be- came a picture of contrast. In the library and at home, it was a thoughtful scene of homework, research, and study. In a crowded auditorium and an overflowing corridor, it bustled with student activity and sparkled with the spirit of enthusiasm. The lunchroom and the senior cafeteria reflected different moods as the day-long study scene became a forty-minute social scene for chattering Knights. A quiet auditorium, a spirited cheerblock, a worried sophomore, and an active classroom added to the Knight-scene, coloring it as a continuous picture of events. Senior class elections, the Christmas concert, and the junior Prom completed the scene. A smaller round table, a unified team became the spirit and the theme of the Knight-scene '68. Senior Diana Adams finds that well-timed cafeteria humor adds to the Knight-scene '68 and a fortyeminute lunch break. awww, Busy Knights with a job to do add variety to the rapidly The Knight-scene is a continuous circle of activities, an endless picture of stu moving, constantly changing Knight-scene '68, dents and events bursting with the spirit of Y68. if ...J Working to "make the grade" sophomore Karen Montgomery is one of many students adding biology studies to the Knight-scene, 7 Sophomore cadet Robert Phelps has an eye forthe future in the new uniform of the Caught by the spirit of an exciting game, cheerleader Candy Belden anticipates a touchdown play. Goggles and a fire-resistant smock shield senior Glenn Bengert in the chemistry lab as the student prepares a class experiment. 8 Reserve Officers Training Corps, an innovation in the curriculum. Armed with campaign badges, senior Linda Friend adds dis- tinction tothe Knight political uniform. it Distinctive armor labels the '6 Knight W ll Q g ,- Q f""""' X. '.f Qs.. Tuned in on a pronunciation drill, French student Mary Ann Munch finds an extensive language lab a valuable study aid. an individual teen A changing suit of armor gave the Knight-teen '68 his own seal of distinction. Colored with the black, gold, and gray, the Arlington armor was worn with pride. It glittered in the center spotlight, making the Knight-teen ,68 an individual, a new breed of student, a new breed of Colden Knight. On the baseball diamond, this seal of distinction was a tattered jersey. In the spotlight, it glowed as the Oriental robes of the "King and In and sparkled with the Shirley Temple dress of a senior girls' Talent Show chorus line. The Arlington armor was an upperclassmen's senior ribbon, or a prom escortls carefully pressed tuxedo. It was worn with pride by the Goldenaire, the athlete, the scholar, and the musician. Band members, graduating seniors, and high- stepping marchers gave the suit of "Camelot" the style which labeled it "Arlington" They added tradition to fads and made a year worth remembering. With respect for the past, and an eye for the future, the individual Knight selected his suit of armor. Adding identity to the seal of distinction, he kept pace with the times as a Knight-teen '68, On the football field, a gold and white jersey and a black helmet become the uniform for junior Richard Meschke as he joins the hard-hitting Knight team for a home game. A new generation of cadets salutes a past generation of soldiers as they present the colors during the Veteranis Day parade, V A fledgling squadron has become a polished company during their first hour long "march," the Veteran's Day parade. ROTC cadets earn student recognition in first-class corps With precision drills, the Reserve Officers Training Corps stepped proudly into the Arlington spotlight for its first year in the curriculum. The training course boasted an enrollment of 260 students, with nine girl sponsors participating in the half-credit program open to Knights of all classes interested in preparing for army service. The students trained with 22 caliber rifles furnished by the army, becoming expert 'isharp-shootersn on the practice field. By the federal inspection in May, they were a "Hrst-class outhtn with a color guard, drill team, and rifle team, prepared for parade 'iactionf' The Knights anticipated future henefits from their ROTC training, including officer placement and leader- shiptraining. In a few short months, the Reserve Officers Training Corps established its traditions at Arlington and made the organization an important addition to the Knight curriculum. A drilling color guard is u familiar sight on the Knight parking lot as the cadets work to perfect their marching style. ' 5 - f vii-.J - - : fa::ig.a Q is 4 Under the careful scrutiny of junior sponsor Karen XVilkes, four Reserve Of- It's not hard to tell what group is marching past as principal ficers Training Corps cadets try to achieve a perfect inspection rating, Ralph Cleve-nger glows with Knight pride. Strict army discipline is maintained by Master Sergeant William Pennington during the rigid student inspections. VVar maneuvers and specific army tactics are included in the curriculum of Knight cadets instructed by Master Sergeant Thomas Blackburn. II AFS participants add customs, culture, In the spirit of competition, Steve Apple joined the American Field Service program for students abroad and emerged as one of the finalists destined for Ger- many. Spending the summer with three families, he returned to share with Knights the adventures of his eight-week European travels. Exchange students Britt Johansson and Felix D. Com- padre also brought to the Knight social and academic scene the customs of Sweden and Spain, an interna- tional addition to an expanding Arlington. Britt, with a Swedish accent and All-American en- thusiasm, found a spot on the journalism staff, inform- ing Knights about her country in a weekly newspaper column, i'Continental Dividef, Felix, a future architect, became interested and active in Arlington's architec- tural drawing program. Both students added momentum to the AFS program, and with sponsor Audra Bailey, enjoyed an active year in the United States. As a cadet teacher, Britt Johansson adds an international touch to a School 3106 classroom with her contrast of Swedish and American schools, customs, and cultures. 6-. 1' W LLKUMMEN Returning from Germany with a summer full of news, senior Steve Apple is greeted by his mother and a giant " welcome home" sign, Felix Compadre has found two helping hands in AFS sponsor Audra Bailey and his American 'imotherf' Mrs. George Wilson. Although Spanish architectures is centuries old, exchange student Felix D, Compadre enjoys modern engineering. Working on a "dream house." Felix ponders the drawing and then displays the plan for approval from adviser Dewaine Metcalf and senior Mark Conreaux. Enjoying game festivities. senior Lynn Tatum reigns as queen of the 196741968 Knight homecoming activities. up-gk The man on top, assistant coach Steve Tegarden, spots weaknesses in VVarren's defense from the pressbox and alerts coach Al Nowak. Senior Frank Brown "reaches tor the skyu to catch a long pass during the football contest with Warren Pepsters unite, join with returning grads OI' Homecoming '67 sparkled with a panorama of Knight-teens welcoming grads, decorating cars, and joining in the spirit of competition. lt glittered with an overflow crowd of watching fans and glowed with the Knight gleam in the crowning of a 1967,homecoming queen, Lynn Tatum. Although the Knights lost the match, 21-9 to the XVarren warriors, the spirit of good sportsmanship was there, lighting the game, It glowed in the face of an excited cheerleader, the screaming crowd, and a struggling team. It was the spirit of '67, the growing Unowi' spirit of Colden Knights. A determined team donned its armor on the football field, and an eager crowd cheered the efforts of the hard-working griddcrs. Grads compared the upcoming teens with the heroes of their high school days, and Knights celebrated the achievements of their enthu- siastic sportsrnen fighting for a victory. Colorful cars sported the Arlington label in flowered designs as the homeroom posters and Knight signs were paraded before a cheering crowd. All the ele- ments for an unforgettable game were there, the team, the crowd, the formidable foe, in the spirit of a Golden Knight homecoming '67, 5,-ya, Mm .3-,K '-V I ia--we .,Z,fQ qrff K f. , - Homecoming means a special half-time ceremony for senior Hag Backing the team with a crowd-full of school spirit, Knight fans join twirler Melinda Clark, as she salutes the Knight fans. returning grads for the contest with the Warren team. Freshman homeroom 138 catches the enthusiasm of the crowd with their first place float entry. gwgfwgmea W 6 , . , ,if F A, F A V L P ' , " ' M951 ' if r , ,ff 2 w -.f G jg 1 I , K X Z l s X , , -4 , 1 in l itil J 'K 'J 3" ? ' 15 rs L ss .Q - .sae -we my ps, X. 5 -rg. em Q it sp1r1 o e o ws 1p W ' h ' 't f f ll h' ,Mrs , figs. M d M Ll G11 S H C C ' ' i . - , 4 ' The Knight-teen 68 was more than a part of a year, he was an 1n- d " AQ ' . . . . . . dlY.k?lU3l':4l28 distinctive member of the modern Camelot of Arlington. fif th 3 - - - - . Almost 0 Knights were sharing his dreams and striving for acco- Y 'P,W," tstt? 5 ggmprlades of or, but each was pursuing a different quest, smgling him- n the world of music, athletics, or scholarship. Colden . . . . . . p, Knzgfutgpywerg unified in a spirit of friendship, and they added the seal f- -j5,,fa.1zagqiiv -H ,,-Y V . ala. . . . . . glowing shields with the help of guidance, the gs, ,0f1s.w1tyiess e spirit of enthusiasm shared in after-school 33 L,,p ,. L A and evenrszxx '- .-.5 55-.5 4 y iw: . U i fi? ig W senot an easy seal he Golden Knight had to learn the nce of working together, ow' ' a place in the sometimes world of Knight-teen '68, andxhfxr e to the challenge. He - edfirfs Own individuality while ClJDStdfll1Y-s.SWaEQ.1Q'lg toward a . onoo rra,s a . . . , in school. Accepting the diferehce' and of each f g3gg?ylAGOld6H Knight, he added the invaluable seal of Fellows ip to his ' s ' , t w x V ,W . Eg, glowing and glittering shield. a.. gr. Junior Robyn Chamness COl0l'S an autumn SCGHC October means Halloween and pumpkins to seniors Bob Halcomb and Laura Saillant. with the distinctive shades of Knight. Lunch menus are ii mutter of personal utastel' for Michael Watts as the junior takes time out for thought in the busy cafeteria, 6' Q., fha nguef, lawazfilgcfhclufcnn Ai mia cu 'im At Arlington. Knights learn to balance individuality and unity. The freedom of individual worship is enjoyed by seniors Lynn Jansen and Fred Simmons. junior class rings are the symbol of uupperclassmanshipu for students achieving the third-year status. Colden Knights leam loyalty at an early age, as Coldenaire mascot Lisa Skinner and junior Peggy Klein will testify. . QQ 4 'iw rn All beginning freshmen Mknow the ropesu of the physical-education program before they graduate to sophomore studies. , . i..- we Crusaders conquer for Final Haccoladew For the page of Arlington, the first day, bustling with activity, was an exciting introduction to Camelot. He stumbled nervously through the halls, for ot his books, and lost his locker combination, but he still managed to keep the enthusiasm that would help him become a Golden Knight. By his sophomore year, the squire had Hlearned the ropesi' of his growing school. He was mastering biology and geometry and enjoying a busy schedule of events. He had overcome the self-consciousness of the bungling page, and was ready for his inititation into the round table of Golden Knights. In his junior year, the Knight received the distinc- tion of upperclassmen-a class ring. He glowed with pride and looked forward to his achievement of useniorityf' The junior attended his first prom, earned his driveris license, and explored college campuses. He had Usurvivedw the problems of the underclassman, and was preparing for his role as a school leader. "Seniority" was a golden word, reserved only for. Golden Knights. After four years of work, the senior had reached his final year. This was a special year, a time for looking ahead and nostalgically looking back. He was loyal to the school that had guided him throu h four years, and had helped him successfully compkete the stages of Knighthood. "Wheeling and dealing" senior politicians prepare for a nationalist convention during the hectic mock elections. s Cf. 55 Q? as: 1 . ,fc ' 5 Q . . A, ..,,,..,.. ,.s. I A calorimeter helps sophomores Mike Mummey and Bill Anthony understand the problems of scientific calculation. Career-minded Susie Grisell is getting a "headstart" on her voca- tional plans in the Knight cadet teaching program. Knight-owls reflect the changing mood . ,at?"""' Senior Lynn Jansen enjoys "knowing the answer" as senior Marc jones and john Lappas applaud her timely response, ,rw-f-M' Late period classes begin to show their effect on jun- ior Debbie Walls as she nears the day's end. A To accomplish a maximum amount of work, senior Charles Niles keeps a backlog of pencils in hand for use in trigonometry. After setting the five-minute track rccord from music to English, tried feet relax as students study. , xi,l : . -A.A. fmodern squires- a study scene ,6 VVith a well-worn pencil in hand, the Knight-owl perched above a mid-semester exam. He scratched his head, looked at the clock, and wondered who fought the Battle of Hastings in 1066. He worked and worried, knowing some answers, forgetting others. Before test time, the Knight-owl was a part of the study scene '68, He spent hours in research at home and in the library. He memorized Emersonys "Com- pensationf, learned the solubility rules of Chemistry II, mastered the slide rule, and practiced the conjuga- tion of German verbs. His mood changed with the period, the class, the day. His permanent goal remained the same. He was preparing for the future, for a job, or college. He was mastering French, home ec., or calculus. The Knight-owl distinguished himself as a scholar and a citizen on the academic scene. VVhether his highest mark was an "AH or a he set his sights on an education and worked to achieve. He reviewed, studied, and questioned to become an important part of the Knight-scene ,68. X On the birth of discovery, senior Karen johnson knows the agony of trying to solve a problem "just out of reach", the frustration of "One more time" is the theme of Mr. Thomas Dobb's study mood as he instructs beginning algebra students in the problems of math. sending the mind into uncharted territory, and the gratitude of help from a knowledgable friend, senior Brent Price. mc . . - W v agagfgsfvqayia . v-.f Hao. 'N Q 5, Q 1 V! ,,n.a.t,14,, . ,ng K ,. , . 5-ff ag ,, Brown County picnics break the Knight study scene for seniors Dean Teter and Serving as part-time waiter for the pizza crowd, senior jim Carr Karen Loman when the spring weather permits. balances the after-school treat for hungry friends. of learning enlivens scene Losing the "stay awake" battle, senior Steve Rice takes a nap in a late-period study hall, 22 "Moonlight and Mistletoen intrigues Knights at the annual National vith fun, excitement The lighter side of learning sparkled with excitement, humor, and enthusiasm. It was a dual scene of proms and prose, of picnics and participles. The lighter side was a break from serious study, a change for scholars. It included Knights having fun at victory celebrations and on college weekends, It encom- passed the familiarity of students and teachers cheering in the stands for a worthy team. The antics of an intramural squad, an over-enthusiastic football cheering section, spirited freshmen 'Kdecking the hallsu at Christmas time-these were the factors that merged for a complete year. The spirit and humor were there with the first snow- ball fight, the last bite of an ice-cream bar, a white prom orchid. At the Student Council "Turnab0ut,', an after- school hang-out, and basketball sectionals, Knights took advantage of the break from term papers, mid-semester exams, and homework. l with the frivolous antics of teens. l i The lighter side of learning was a scene of enjoyment, of students having fun, balancing intellectual pursuits Painting the "Knight Train to Talenti' is an after-school chore for Accolade staffers Anitra Clark and janelle Nesbit. Parents squeeze on ps chedelic shoes Parents discuss the problems and rewards of progressive education during an Open House ubreakn in the cafeteria. The well-equipped language labs intrigue parents of Golden Knights during an OPT Open House. Taking the place of his daughter in French I, Mr. Robert E. Carter tries to comprehend a dialogue in the beginning class. of 368 generation Parents-the deans and disciplinarians, the doting fathers and worried mothers, rang the school bells again at basketball games and open houses. They tried the younger generations shoes on for size and found that the styles had changed for a psychedelic generation of Colden Knights. Struggling to meet Arlington deadlines, they shuHleCl down corridors, arrived late to uclassfl and misplaced their schedules-closing the generation gap with the learning experience. In a stadium built through their donations and pledges of 867,800 dollars, they cheered for the hard-hitting grid- iron contestants and remembered their own high school days of football. With the spirit of their younger counterparts, Arling- ton parents became a part of Knight-teen '68 l0i Olhcers William Fishback, treasurer, Dan Conlin, sec- ond vice-presidentg Donald Blue, first vice-presidentg Charles Homann, president, Mrs. Irving johnsong 5 5 3 if is i H ,.,, Q '-1 ., , s corresponding secretary, and Mrs, Roy Thompson, recording secretary, preside over the 1967-1968 OPT school and community activities. Mrs. James Ellis reveals the agony and the ecstasy of being the wife of a wrestling coach, cheering the boys in victory and defeat. Caught by the excitement, she reacts with pride and prejudice as the matmen battle it out on the gymnasium Hoor. Parent-teacher communication is cemented through Open House activities and personal talks by English teacher Miss Louise Padou. 25 M, . k ssfyrffwm-fx :W 'id' 4 j E f as , ,Q " if J - We . Aggie? vfl tzfgifw, Ai? iffy: its 35252. ,Ma V- .. M. , mm, . an im .,.. .. , so holars arm f or battle 5"i Wltll :zzia+..eszzi,,. .ai --fy L if .qzz 4 f'q'i'V Y . . , . ,zfkz 5Forihe Arlington scholar, Knight-teen 68 was a year of mid-term ::' it t . . .Q iexam well as senior proms. The quest for a lasting Camelot, for a e.,e up population of educated scholars, began in the classroom and H? amed bv hard-workin chemistry business music home eco- , 8' 'E lr' ' f-: ' ' g ' , 7 7 V viz ' sftsagd physical education majors. They studied to earn the high- -te f h- 'g i ' HC levement- with the guidance of faculty and administration, e't" ' f'-t': . ii , -sfour-vea cademic uest of knowled e. To add the seal of i.., PM 5 . ' 2 .' . . . 3 5 I ming go his shiel , .n ,night-teen conquered physics, biology, and 7 ,IQ E ,Elf ' 5 ff Q . . . . . . ideugedgication. He exce or art, in English VII or be- ' , eh etal work. His uest ntmued after school with homework . .. it f ew q -. ' if ff-- . an -K o y tio ea maa.,,Q1 Vloma of honor. w g W 1 h iz A well-worn enci ew ,W ,ggg ink en the swords to s av t e p rsy. p ' . W - dragons of ignorance, apathy,w'ii'5hwf ice+ ftfpes of learning. The Knight-teen '68 used his armor in a - an battling with a pen of Knowledge in a quest for Truth. M ' -i 1 ,. it Knights never outgrow their need for study as senior Karen Hovarter will testify. Beginning band members must practice to perfect their musical style in solos, duets, and trios to prepare for professional performances. ,Q 1 In advanced English classes, fledgling authors Marion Stafford and Laura Saillant wait for advice from instructor Miss Louise Padou. .,,.-m,...,.p.-4 The "between classes crowdi' fills the court during period breaks, Q ' . -mv-"""'A Careful measuring assures senior Robert Pruitt an accurate advanced chemistry experiment. iii iffff X Aisle W 5' k,,,.,v- 7' WW f-s""L' WM M 'N gram vnsQNW'0N El sm:1oaa1cmifG2 Wi "Pinning down the important facts," junior history stud Marks and joan Lancello utilize visual study aids. ents john Y Current events interest social studies department head john Morris as he locates world trouhle spots, 'KWhen I was in the Navy . . United States history teacher Mr. Ralph Bailey recounts his experiences of World War ll. SIKIM 0 S tlilllll . Q"-..h., .WW Panels Csound oil, on current issues with social studies From Viet Nam to the Common Market, social studies classes discussed the "whys" of current issues. Delving below the surface, reporting of race riots, military regimes, and political maneuverings, seminars became open debates on controversial stands. Using the courses as a "sounding boardn for dis- cussion, World and United States history enthusiasts related past events to today's problems. An insight in communication became the goal of psychology courses, while government and economics classes explored the mechanics of government. Through this extensive social studies curriculum, the current events critic questioned simple puzzles to be- come more adept in the art of inquiry. He pondered the relationship of people and events, developing his ability to analyze world situations. Under the direction of department head john Morris, the fourteen faculty members led the student panels, inviting the members to "sound oil" with responsible opinions on world events. Mock elections prepare future citizens for responsible voting, ADF. 55 - I I .y-Lf:-A , ft 531- - --1 e The fine art of second grade coloring is recaptured by senior Sue Crisell as she practices for a teaching profession. The world of the "ouija boardn mystifies students in Mr. Forest Witsman's mind-exploring psychology classes. Drilling her class in Spanish grammar techniques, Mrs. Mercedes Portilla prepares the students for conversation in the language. Conversational French is practiced by senior Corliss Yoder with the guidance of Mr. john Katsarapoulos, International problems are given student solutions by German linguists Karen Thurston, Carol Patton, and Doug Cootee. priiiwuvw-Q-S.M,: U Linguists develop international accent with world studies Multi-lingual Knights were the building blocks of world peace and posterity. They were the cement which would hold fast crumbling nations and strengthen the international ties of a world. 1 To attain speaking fluency in a useful language, French, Spanish, German, and Latin majors took from two to eight semesters of the course. Linguists who wished to broaden their use ofthe Eng- lish language explored Greek and Latin derivatives in the special, one-semester program. With an opportunity to study overseas, serious lan- guage students explored the American Field Service program for students abroad and the Indiana Univer- sity Honors Program. Expanding their interests to after-school activities, they also engaged in the inter- national banquet and club meetings. The lack of communication may have placed a barrier in medieval times, but in the fast pace world of today, language students strove to bridge the already narrowing international gap. Tape recorders provide a different method of learning for Spanish stu- dents Nancy Villarreal and Larry Howell. Inspiring students with Roman and Creek culture and explaining lan guage roots are the goals of Mr, George Feldman. ew courses program business majors, Daily practice in class with new dictation tapes enables senior Sandy Lee to improve her speed and skills in shorthand. Putting her filing knowledge into practice, senior Kathy Sheehan has mastered a skill necessary for a secretarial career. for computerized era A stenographer takes dictation, an accountant bal- ances his books, and a secretary punches the keys of a data-processing machine. Using the skills acquired in the Business Education Department, todayis Knights will lead tomorrowis business world. The Business Education Department not only pre- pared Arlington students for careers in business, it also gave them the practical knowledge they could use in any vocation or career they might select. Beginning students elected either General Business I or Typing I as their introduction to business. Those Knights envisioning a computerized society enrolled in one of the newer courses in the business curriculum, data-processing. Although most girls developing secretarial experi- ence took typing, shorthand, transcription, and clerical practice, seniors achieving a high standard in those subjects were allowed to take Accelerated Senior Secretarial Training, an honors course. Enrolled in a vocation-minded department, business students acquired valuable career experience. .., In spite of Mrs. Earlene Cougill's efforts, business law is not always an "eye opener" for students on sleepy Monday mornings. Senior secretarial students polish shorthand and typing skills in an advanced, double-period, double-credit course. 33 Nancy Boarman and Vicki Stuckey learn the techniques of preparing and maintaining files in the beginning courses. Clerical practice emphasizes efficient tabulation and acceler- ated recording for senior Kitzi jones, Builders of tomorrow design job future The intricate details of a diflicult woodcraft project are the main concern of industrial arts student Chuck Caves. File in hand, senior Bill Shulz utilizes the protectice goggles provided in the metal shop. in industrial training Mass production, the key to the development of the Industrial Revolution, was introduced this year in the Industrial Arts Department. Woodcraft enthusiasts learned the problems and the advantages of mass production as well as the details of a career in labor. Vocation-minded metal workers and future electri- cians also enjoyed the erasing of archaic teaching pro- grams with an updated curriculum. They utilized new tests and learned from fresh examples developed in twentieth century research, gaining knowledge and experience in the labs. They not only gained practice in the mechanical arts, but also added an understanding of the blue-collar working world of the United States. Instructors went beyond soddering problems into labor-relations seminars, offering the future mechanic a broader view of his chosen vocation. Whether in the wood shop or the electricity curric- ulum, the carpenters, electricians, and architects worked for a future in industrial arts. The well-equipped industrial arts labs enable craftsman jim Carter complete an extensive class assignment. ,W y ,W , V , , V , ' -J libel' A :Qi L 71: F15-llf Z' , ,r to s 1 i Ai is i vt f N , Skilled handwork is the key to successful and errorle the career-oriented industrial arts department. ss printing in Scale model construction is included in senior Elmer Hesse's shop studies with . the instruction of industrial arts teacher Mr. Dewaine Metcalf. .n-M8 A l 5 r N N 35 I lli' , ,,, 5 J ' ' lv: if , K li w CD0-it-yourself, department intrigues girls Setting an attractive table is only one aspect of the preparation of a formal dinner for sophomore Terry Noe. in home ee courses Looking to a "do-it-yourselfv future, girls in home economics learned domestic skills. With updated textbooks and the latest appliances, the homemakers practiced the principles of planning, buying, and preparing meals. Their acquired skills were put to practical use with faculty teas and costumes for dramatic presentations organized by home ec. majors. For the clothing students, the annual style show was the climax of special sewing projects and long-range term projects. In the field of foods, the Betty Crocker award became the honor for which the homemaker strived to achieve. Child care and home nursing courses added to the de- partments emphasis on practical courses, with students adding such courses as family living and housing man- agement. They also learned to plan and co-ordinate their wardrobe, taking advantage of the opportunity to prepare for the future With diversified courses, the home economics depart- ment looked to a modern homemaking world, t as aan as Quin exe'- . iv gr 3 ' .,,.s,.lk , ,,,. , ,Lgav p , anna?-H .svn A W S gyqgv ' 'W or +-A Y-...V M.. -X 1 M- 'L ,K . am.. .-. fo- A ju- Y-.. h ,4 4' nt' 1 , ' ,r . 4-' -is . -- . " ' gr. ,L . 1 , .t . .. L' 'K at 'E Q '. I .3 - ' , , at V 1: 0 .S . f. . "., f. .:'- A 'f " -. trait' Preparing dainty pastries for the holiday season are sophomore jan Clark and japanese transfer student Sashi Ishida. Mrs. Betty Hungerford demonstrates household storage utensils to seniors Terry Smith and Linda Washburn. ay. , '52 . F .i s at . s ,.4 . L 5, qtgxyw If 1 .fl ,,' J " A Q we I. 'is , Q . . . T- S. 1 1. 1 Seamstresses janie Evans and Diana English enjoy the satis- faction of successfully finishing an original project. Aware of the advantages of sewing artistry, junior Cathy Stern patiently matches the plaids of her garment. 37 Three-point program emphasizes safety, health, teen fitness The three-point program of health, physical educa- tion, and driver ed. provided Arlington students with a practical background for a rapidly-moving society. They developed a well-rounded view of the world and their capabilities to meet its demands in the extensive and well-developed curriculum. In the physical education department, gymnasts learned the basics of sports and calisthenics. Parallel bars and balancing beams encouraged the exercise enthusiasts to test their abilities. Smashed fenders, traffic violations, and Hat tires were the occupational headaches of teachers in the Physical education students "keep the ball rolling" as they learn to apply acquired skills in competitive sports. driver education department. A practical course for beginning drivers, the program still,presented unex- pected "emergencies" to the instructor. The beginners practiced traffic skills in the driver trainer and left the course with a practical knowledge of modern driving conditions. In health, instructors also offered their classes a background for the world of the future. With the aid of assistant Debbie Lake, freshman physical edu- cation students master the fine art of tumbling. It's "rest time" for teacher Rollin Cutter's physical education class after the tired teams complete a rough game. -as -9..v-We Daily calisthenics help exercising freshmen Farrell Patrick and Paul Morrison meet fitness standards. Safety features require the attention of sophomore driver education student Steve Leachman in preparation for a test drive. Intrigued by modem heart surgery, health students Nancy Surber and Kurt Kleinhelter confer with instructor joe Dezelan. Artists perfect skill i fs 'Q 1 .gnu 5 .A samzr f 1 zrmrw , . szfirvwvsi jg Perfectivn is the 22,031 of Bri Student D6I1I'1iS Cook With the Before capturing a scene on paper, art student Larry Murphy observes the help Of department lwad I0l1rl 5impSOI1. color, light focus, and dimensions of a possible picture, Although most aspiring artists have replaced kindergarten crayons with oils early in their careers, senior Jody Jacobs finds a use for them in a collage. if -Her school service ,XL f'-5. L, lt. , F4 in gijx ,ig f If with canvas murals The prehistoric world of dinosaurs caught the crea- tive imagination of art department students whose accurate mural of towering reptiles and overgrown jungles will hang in the Science Museum. The mural was a service to the school and to students who learned the techniques of chalk work and canvas painting in addition to their added knowledge of pre- historic life. Other artists, however, found the collages, clay work, and lathography studies of intermediate groups an intriguing art department activity. They en- rolled in lettering, jewelry-making, and woodcraft classes. Artists gained the learning experience of trial and error as well as the discipline of practice in the courses which stemmed creative talent into constructive as well as entertaining channels, adding to the prospect of future success in art. Art students as well as 'the Science Museum benefit from the pre- historic wall panel created by Miss jane Messick's classes. 'T' -VV wifi' 711- Q sins I s f 4? Nl F' 'YQ Absorbed in his work, senior Dave Caplan welds the pieces of his jewelry project into an original metal "masterpiece" Dry-mounting a collage for an art student, junior Ralph Weber of the Audio-Visual Department gives it a "finished look," 1--' f Diver iHed courses ofle With a moment for relaxation, chemistry students Putting his nose to the grind stone, senior physics student Steve Barr records data to compare notes and ponder difficult questions, prove experimentally the validity of theoretic conclusions. A forty-minute star trek adds the modern touch to scientific study for students of as- tronomy and physics teacher james Abraham in the Gus Grissom Planetarium. New goggles required of all experimenting chemistry students protect Glenn Bergert. 42 spiring scientists channels for study The Science Department provided a learning foundation for the Henry Fords of tomorrow. It was as varied and diversified as the students enrolled in its technological courses. Mr. Merle Wimmer, department head, supervised the work of the twenty-one science teachers instructing biology, physical sciences, and chemistry. Future astronomists also studied the stars in one of the few high school planetariums in the state. As a yule gift to seniors, instructor james Abraham turned the heavens back 2,000 years to show the Christmas skies over Bethlehem. In biology courses, sophomores dissected their first frogs, and in chemistry, juniors struggled with logarithms, Thoughout the curriculum, the fledgling scientists were asked to question facts and test theories through logical and organized experiments. In an advanced program, they learned the value of scientific inquiry. The growth and stmcture of the living cell is charted with "scale models" for science student Arlene Jensen. Q -.aka With only a moment for test tube cleaning, Mr. Merle Wim- mer supervises science studies. Biology studies include microscopic slide inspection for sophomores Karen Taylor and Linda Updike in the science laboratory. 43 ctjalculators, strive toward proficiency in math curriculum The absolute world of mathematical calculations pre- sented Knights with unusual problems of vectors, geom- etry proofs, and trigonometric identity. They faced this world with the logical progression of courses, from basic math, general math,'or algebra, to geometry and trigonometry. With the onset of the computer age, the 1800 mathe- maticians directed by department head Mr. Owen Fair enrolled in the advanced algebra and calculus to learn skills for practical application on the advanced college and vocational level. Term projects broadened the math study with the mathematics of unidentified flying objects, space time, and probabilities researched by aspiring scientists in the accuracy-oriented courses. The calculators were presented with accepted facts and encouraged to challenge present theories. With long hours of study and research, they strove for the final plateau of mathematical Knighthood. Mathematics students Don Ross, jim Delamp, and Joyce McDonald discover a logical solution to a difficult problem, Utilizing basic concepts obtained through four years of math, senior Brent Price explains a physics problem to jeff Reiter. After putting calculus problems on the board, senior Al Katzman ex- plains the method of solving the problems to the class. 1 ak fax- wwf' S t, aiu 'Q s Answers elude sophomore Tony Morgan as he ponders geometric intricacies, Two heads are better than one for seniors Tony Theyssen and but the problem becomes clear when familiar concepts are applied, Bob Crabham as they compare answers to calculations. Breaking into a smile, Mr. Thomas Dobbs appreciates a students well-timed response to a math problem, 'E 1132 Stumped by a seemingly impossible problem, sophomore Lynn Craig watches as Mr. Billy Fisher explains the solution. 45 tam? NWT W t WY the gauntlet of compet They for the yers was a shield They faced in the They believed that accolades of victory, and honor sonal recognition and individual glory. nights challenge world ition on the basketball floor, in and in college entrance interviews, Knights competed and individual honorsg for the highest grade-point average, record, or the homecoming crown. their shields with the seal of competition, they learned of defeat and the glory of victory. They became achieved with a spirit of sportsmanship, and the losers and gained from the learning experience first-place team and encouraged with the seal of fellowship and the enthusiasm that rivaled the of King Arthur's court. than glittering for per- The position of featured twirler is a coveted hon- or attained by junior Lori Crana. An aspiring scientist, senior Bob Deardorff prepares for a television appear- ance explaining his invention, a compressed-air engine. XE Rhythmic Spanish-American dances are mastered by senior Susan Curl during a music-filled language club party. The competitive sport of baseball challenges senior Scott Tegarden. ll? sw . In the spotlight, senior john Colbert prepares to solo with the Indianapolis symphony. Mui ,,..,,,.w WW, , ' 1, f wiw f W wht-:'Lg'fffi?-' M - My , ,,. . , r , 7,1 A- ,ff vf .irq-fy ,M In I ,- ,ft jwqrf ,,-5,-Q., ' W f' . J ,pf or .ff ,P I , - .X 1 iff, imfin' ,fr at :J , N ,S , ss ., w'y,,.1 ,vi-I 111 f . y ,- l A- . .ff H, eff , , V, V. ,W ,f , ,ff .M V V amp f ,A A vu f f'f5f'1T1,f"'A laxxxx .lj - is Newly-appointed English head Clarena Hufhngton takes time out Speed reading is the goal of freshmen in the labs as the students com to explain a grammar point to senior Cindy Fancher. plete the second half of their orientation courses. The fine art of public speaking is perfected by students in oral prac- tice courses. 48 English department earns distinction The symbolism of Moby Dick, the transcendentalism of Hawthorne, and the philosophy of Chaucer were ex- plored in English classes from one to ten. Aspiring authors, poets, physical education majors, and art enthusiasts studied the English language and lit- erature on all levels of activity. A new addition to the English department, the Book Club, offered Knights in all courses an opportunity to discuss the established and controversial writers of the modern literary world. On the basic level of study, English scholars explored the library in special labs, learned to write and co- ordinate term papers, and mastered the art of prose memorization and recitation. Under the direction of Mrs. Clarena Huflington, the English department was singled out for special literary honors. Senior Sandi Faulkner earned first-place recogni- tion in the National Council of Teachers of English awards competition, and represented Arlington in the Voice of Democracy contest, adding distinction to the English department. Taking time to check the dictionary, sophomore Nancy Villarreal researches a project. 3 isp, Sta . , . . ,.-.m....- H? 1 1' 'wi ,WY -"' ag: wwezajayr V I L Questioning a mark on his term paper, senior jack Ridpath listens to Mr. james ,Iohnson's explanation ofthe correction. -.6 A " "T-':'1"'N Q - gs... a..' A In publications, students Karen Boyd and Phil Cels- ton master journalistic skills. 49 Speakers combine talents with skills Adventuresome minds, exhibiting unique ideas and dis- playing dramatic talent were combined in drama, de- bate, and forensics teams. As sponsor of these teams, Mrs. Daveda Wyatt ucoachedl' the novices and experienced pupils alike for speech meets, debates, and drama orientation. One-credit courses provided a background for those interested in effective public speaking. During first semester activities, Mrs. Sarah Bratton sponsored the NFL, coaching the students in speech delivery and presentation for competitive meets. The orators mastered the art of public speaking while earn- ing trophies and individual honors. Organized program of speech meets were scheduled for regular members, led by National Forensics League President, junior Meg Woods. Captain of the debate team, junior Mike Strong, headed his group of "tact- ful antagonistsf' Meanwhile, understudies progressed in the musical productions and Christmas plays, as well as auditorium programs. Preparing for a debate meet, junior john Marks and sophomore Phil Gelston pause to analyze the opposing team's logic. E -4 W aseca, Forensics president junior Meg Woods discusses her plans for fu- ture speech meets with club member junior Russ Kennedy. Junior Susie Bishoff, National Forensic League secretary, greets an orator as he arrives for Arlingtons first speech meet. - X5 f--M-I-awp, R no , , p Xxx I t :ZF -- z e 5 . Y ' " w iixtihi -1 " -.1 J ,,,,.....Q Planning is the first step for "Lancer', copy editor Marc jones and Advertising inches are the special sales concern of "Lancer" busi co-editor Charlie Kennedy as they check with Mike Fisher, ness manager Karen Roberts, a veteran of the newspaper staff. "IFS this way," explains co-editor senior Karen Thurston as she de scribes the solution to seniors Ann Kratz and Phil De Rolf. 52 cLancer, keeps Weekly readers informed The final product completed and distributed to students, the "Lan- cer" reaches the hands of senior Steve Hostetler. joumalism is first "a way of observing" for senior News Bureau chief Diana Ault as she gathers facts from mayor Richard Lugar. Taking time out from his job as assistant business manager, senior jim Overmeyer helps out with the job of folding "Lancers" about school action To present readers with a dynamic, "on-the-spot" newspaper, co-editors Karen Thurston and Charlie Ken- nedy co-ordinated a staff of reporters and photographers whose in-depth stories covered school life from foot- ball to National Honor Society. The "Lancer, became a sounding board for readers concerned with civil rights, Viet Nam, and the senior class elections. Editorials tackled administration and discipline problems, criticized, complimented, and analyzed school action. Ball teams were congratulated or encouraged. News events were reported as serious events or humorous anecdotes. Difficult problems were handled with a jim Carr "Carr-toon" or an in-depth feature. In the Teen Star and neighboring papers, News Bureau chief Diana Ault worked to present the best possible pic- ture of Arlington High School. Press day and the Indiana University summer work- shops gave the journalistic Knights an added opportu- nity to perfect their writing technique. For sponsor Mary Benedict, national journalism "Teacher of the Year,', it was a year for watching the eager, nervous reporter grow into an accomplished newspaperman. It was a year for failures, missed dead- lines, and first-place honors. It was a year of observ- ing-and then writingf' i Staff Captures spirit .a'f"' ' Quality is the goal of junior Carl Hollingsworth as he works to Contemplating the right cutlines to Et pictures and forming the develop the "perfect" pictures for yearbook spreads. suitable layout, senior Mary jane Mercier plans her work. nw' j g 1 Helping out with underclass pictures, Lynn Tatum positions junior junior Anitra Clark, while senior Donna Daniluck doubles up on Patty Sims. The job of counting and re-counting is coordinated by herduties with"Knight and Caleudecorations. 54 Bi school activities zvith 76 iAccolade, The object-to capture the spark of student life, the staff-forty-one hardy young journalists, the product- a 240 page yearbookg this was the story of the '68 "Ac- colade," a record of school life. Led by co-editors Susan Shumway and jeff Zaring, the staff charged into a year of copy-writing, lay-out plan- ning, and headline developing. Armed with grease pencils, pica rulers, and an ava- lanche of ideas, the staff paced themselves to meet the 'iimpossiblen yearbook deadlines. They also took an active part in other school activi- ties, producing a talent show, and the "Senior Sign-ofif, They co-ordinated the endless job of taking and re-tak- ing underclass pictures. Departing from the usual format of a five-part book, the staff worked to present a complete picture of the school, including each individual as a special part of the story of a year. Moments of doubt and indecision were forgotten as the crates of two-thousand yearbooks finally arrived with the finished product of a year of hard work, the complete Knight-teen '68 "Accolade." is it V nl? V Lf?--"'gg,Qi.?lZFtlli'-'M fl - f 4 fi- " lLE ' S t is lm rift Pre-planning is important in "Accolade" production. Sponsor Mary Benedict "coaches" editors jeff Zaring, and Susan Shumway. It's a busy scene when the books finally arrive in june as the eager stu- dents and editors distribute the final product. Advertising is the backbone of the "Acc0lade" budget. lnsuring june sales, junior JoAnn Bryan phones potential buyers. rw I 'F Ending on a quiet note, sophomore Marcin Reidcr shines in the solo spotlight of the musical production, "The King and I." Two-stepping to spirited show tunes, the hand, under the direction of Mr. Gerald Knipfel, prepared their half-time entertainment. 725 eL:12gg2": 7QZeA H Show tunes and symphonies are perfected with the direction of Mrs. Zoncla Montgomery in her beginning glee club classes. 'H Talented rninstrels enjoy solo spotlight With a library of music from the challenging works of Beethoven to the lyrical tunes of Rodgers and Ham- merstein, orchestra and band members, ensemble and choir enthusiasts, mastered the symphonies and sonatas from generations of musicians. Outstanding performers earned the spotlight, john Colbert with the Indianapolis symphony, Paula Fessler and Ron Pettigrew with the Arlington Concert Orches- tra, and Marcia Reider in musical productions. Faculty members also starredg Mr. Ralph Horine with the Fred Waring Workshop, Miss Priscilla Smith at the Ameri- can String Teachers Workshop. These were the Knights that made the Arlington "sound of musicn a distinc- tive, resounding chorus. Over 725 students enrolled in the Music Department combined their talents in 19 classes from music theory to beginning orchestra. They sang and soloed in the eighth largest Knight department. Achieving a visual as well as oral understanding of music, the string ensembles, brass choirs, Treble-Aires, and marching bands provided a community service with near-professional concerts and programs. T W i. ,475 Through rain and snow, the show must go on for senior jeff Zaring and junior Mark Hoecker as they perform in the Veteran's Parade. Practice is the key to a near-professional sound for concert masters Sandi Faulkner and Ron Pettigrew in the performing groups. 'U' . 1, -2. ii, fx ul? e G5 junior Tom Spoo catches the psychedelic heat of the '67 "Knight Train to Talenti' with a spirited drum solo. ,man "Ni" -M-'N 1' RW, 'N sud Biupsychvling, juniors Cindy Neal and Chris King join a "mod" Talent Show chorus line. First Knight-0 Co-ordinating Talent Show activities, senior Mary jane Mercier reflects backstage moods. Engaging in 'gpillow talkf, seniors Linda Rahm and jill Guthrie clown with a chorus comic. U Dancing members of a senior girls' chorus line sail into Talent Train intermission as navigators on the" Good Ship Lollipop," aptures Hmodw spirit Q..-f In the audience, seniors Bob Coleman and Laura Williams review the upcoming 23 acts of the '67 A' Knight Train to Talent," A changing kaleidoscope of talent colored the '67 "Talent Trainn with the tones of a Knight happening. Singers, dancers, and chorus lines performed before 2830 fans, as the October 5 and T productions drew parents, grandparents, and friends to view the show. The 23 acts were varied, changing with the versatility of the 200 talented teens. Young and old enjoyed the two hour show, with the sounds of combos, tap dancing, and a "Big Nameu band. The program included num- bers by Knights from all classes, as freshmen, sopho- mores, juniors, and seniors joined the ,67 'iKnight Train to Talent" for the first "Knight-outf' Creating a psychedelic mood, the show caught the spirit of the "now', generation, with the Knight curtain closing on a ,67 talent "happening," Seniors Susan Shumway and jeff Zaring keep the Talent Train on its course as conductors of the 1967 Knight uhappeningf, Showing the many faces of Knight performers, Pat Stutsman pre- sents Kris Embach with a ugrizzlyn Talent Show picture. 4-x I Cl f 1159 " Z""w Audio visual, production workers star behind-the-scenes Paints, projectors, and props were the tools of the behind-the-scenes workers in the production, audio visual, and technicians departments. Spotlighting the stars with the precision of military drills, the mechanics and managers learned the art of stage direction under the guidance of Mr. Bernard Heeke. The publicity for the programs, from posters to "pre-plannedn announcements, was directed by audio visual adviser john Holmes. Tools of the trade included tape-recorders, film clips, and microphones in both departments, with the final reward of A-V and backstage work-an accomplished, professional production. From the "King and In and the Senior Play to home- room announcements and memorial programs, backstage crews learned the occupational hazards of the trade- a short circuit, a dead microphone, or a "slow" curtain. For the behind-the-scenes worker, a mistake became a full-scale production. They leamed, however, to mas- ter the skills. Audio visual enthusiasts also performed a school ser- vice with a film library. In the Ugrooveu of professional productions, the technicians and A-Viers "kept the show goingu for Knights. It's all in knowing how for junior crew member Steve Walton as he adjusts the lighting for an Arlington production. Senior Karen Byers receives the finishing touches from make-up ar- tist sophomore Libby Cocharan during the "King and I" production. Mg ,gr i V mf 645.1114 W Mw 2: ff, , :ez ' ' , g SEB WL , , .,,4..Ww we S -3,55 Q fi K, LL, T , fait , A .-,. V -'51 'J A V ' 2 -' Q 'M ... X- 2 . My I , 2 2 M y' wa, 5 HL. ,.1 ..,. 2 'Mk i f - 42 S i s Vfkr K 1 Vkk Mg z K Q L f , x, ,,, JM , ffl' -V3 f K ,, W ,. gs , f .: J 5 .'x3:f: Z L L 7 '35 Lsw ,Nw Musicians, dancers stage iKing and I, in Siamese style Musicians and thespians were dramatic tour directors conducting classmates, parents, and friends on cruises to Cary, Indiana, in MMusic Manf and Oklahoma. They traveled to Germany with the uDiary of Anne Frankf, and they even took an extended trip to "Brigadoon,', Scotland. This year they organized a 1967 cruise to the country of Siam, with the mysterious sounds of "The King and If' Sophomore Marcia Reider and junior Allan Kuhl- man served as tour guides, taking the spotlight as 'iAnna and the Kingf, The November 9 and ll productions played to full audiences that broke into applause with the tunes of 'iShall We Danceffv' and UA Puzzlementfl The costumes included the full, hoop skirts of nine- teenth-century gowns and the colorful saris of the Siamese court. Adding a realistic touch to the program, japanese exchange student Sachi Ishida danced a solo ballet as HEliza." Directed by Mrs. Daveda NVyatt, the musical pro- gram was colored with lavish costumes, extensive scores, and a cast of talented musicians. Stage lights catch the eye of one of the King of Siam's children dur- ing a performance of the musical, "The King and I." is "Please be mine" sings Nlike Wicker to Linda Bucy as they perform supporting roles in the musical. i'The King and I." The chase after "Eliza', commences with the ballet of Uncle Tomls Cabin led by Bill Coffey. "D-1us...,,4! , s 6 hristnias Misery revives Dickens tale Playing a ghostly Figure senior Debii Beetem a ears in the Christ- , pp mas play to reminiscent junior john Marks. Ult has to be this wayf, demands junior john Marks as he instructs freshman actress Melanie Darrel during rehearsals. Explanations don't help as worried junior Russ Kennedy tries to keep his job with producer john Markls theatrical company. with modern touch With Charles Dickens, "Christmas Caroln as much a part of the season as manger scenes and decorative lights, Thespians presented "The Christmas Miserfi a take-off on the classic with the character, 'iArthur Fel- ton,H portrayed as a modern uScrooge.H junior john Marks took the lead of "Felton, with the supporting role of "Molly" played by junior Karen jes- sup. The ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future made their annual visits during the play, worrying Scrooge with their unexpected appearances. The program, a nChristmas presentn from the Thes- pians, was staged during single auditoriums December 14, and 15 for the student body. john rehearsed his part as a modern "Scrooge, under the direction and guidance of sponsor Mrs. Daveda Wyatt. The thespian play, during the Christmas season, has become a tradition for Colden Knights. 55' junior Pete Rustoven halances homework and actin' duties while 5- joining in the hectic rehearsals of "The Bad Children". The enchanter, junior Allan Kuhl- man, tahovel canit seem to under- stand the perils of modern teenagers. Gene Stilwell and Nancy Olson, as they combat the "narrow-minded- ness" of their parents in 'iThe Bad Children." Thespians double as H Bad Childrenw Chanting 'iMimsy were the Borogovesf' aspiring Thespians entered into a world of acting fantasy in their presentation of a play concerned with the retreat of teenagers into a 'imake-believe" world. The actors and actresses, headed by leads Pete Rust- hoven and Amy Pheasant, presented the "finished product" at several grade schools throughout the city. The play centered around the nonsense rhyme of a Lewis Carroll poem, combining comedy with a serious commentary on young people and their parents. The Thespians mastered the lines of another play dealing with the uyounger generationf, a modern-day spoof on the old Hansel and Gretel story titled "The Bad Children." The parody relied heavily on a pun- filled script and the acting ability of veteran Thespian performers, Nancy Olsen and Russ Kennedy. Both plays were mastered as a learning experience for the young Thespians who developed the art of stage presentation through the special acting programs dir- ected hy drarnatics coordinator Mrs. Daveda XYyatt. R i - in Shu nw ,, fgwwfw . W.--M xr E 3 , E. 'S fy. Looking for leadership. fiilllfiil' K1-iniwciy anti In-and Paul lfrc-ciicrg gain p17illil'l'SOIl tiwprupaw'p1'rxpm'tiu'liurillg I'CilC'2lFS2Ii, Senior David Ball ixuciiticms im' "'l'lu- Xlnusu That Huurvci" ami cup- turvs thu cluul ruin- of Tum Xlulliguin ami Gmini i"cr1xxickS Count Nilblllltjllf, 6 .ui ai QV, fi Seniors promote, produce, present play, -if The end of a great performance , . director Day eda XYyatt accepts a congratulatory houquet from Thespian president Hope Lex itt. .l Q Preparing national hero 'iTully Bascornh" for her marriage proposal, Hope Devitt as Queen Glorianna leads up to the question. .-Ha-14' A I . novices, pros star For the first time in the schoolls history, a working crew of seniors organized. directed, and presented their class play without the aid of underclassmen. The spirit of '68 prevailed as the seniors comhined their efforts for"The Mouse That Roaredf' Stage novices and acting veterans earned positions in the spotlight for the play about a tiny country that successfully invaded the United States. Hope Levitt took the Nlarch 15 and 16 production lead while stage newcomer Paul Freeherg captured the role of the 'simple-minded. non-political backwoods- man, Tully Bascornf' The costuming and make-up. business. and sales were all managed hy the seniors, The two-act comedy gave the class of '68 an oppor- tunity to enjoy their 'upperclassmanship' in an indivi- dual senior effort. Directed hy Mrs. Daveda XYyatt. the cast included 35 fourth-year Knights. "But this bomh is dangerous" , . . Professor Richard lieidy pleads with lfenwiclx soldiers Xlilxe Kaiser and Randy justus to let him disarm it. thletic teams combine sports-power with spirit Versatility was the keynote for the Arlington athlete who strove to attain both individual and team honors. He was the batter slamming out a hit at the count of three and two. He was the golfer teeing off and the cross country man sprinting to overtake his opponent. He was the state wrestling champion and the Hrst string all-city basketball player. He was not alone in his battle, but was always hacked by the eheerleaders and pep block who created a nueleus for a hand-wringing, pulsating crowd who shared in his agonies and triumphs. His arena was the gridiron, the hardwood, the baseball diamond, the tennis court and the eindcr track. He was directed by interested. concerned coaches who contributed their experience and knowledge to help him achieve success, develop ability, and grow into a well-rounded athlete. Vic- tories, near-misses, disappointments, surprise wins, and defeats were part of the all-out effort, the exuberance, stamina, and strong desire ofthe athlete. He was the special Arlington symbol of sportsmanship, Congratulating junior Chris Reeder on a job well done, coach Tom Dobbs give the player a "hand," The Arlington athlete displays mixed emotions as he boosts his team to vic- tory. He cheers in tense moments of victory and defeat. 68 ,,.,h K it it ' -3 t " W f A E is ,F . sl . LQ if 1 , A 5 'Uv " 5 sf t 3' TRRGQIZP + 4 , k L , .. , sis' +P t l QQPIRIT . r............ M - .1 .,-f ,Q s ----....,, NKVA an Wiatr Lacing up for his final game. team captain svniur Bob Grahhani clrvsscs tu meet his harclu ood opponent in a rigorous contest. S , ,al ,sw-sHY'f'5 I 55" fr-iff' , wma 5 test , Q Action on the basketball Hour captures the atten- tion of mt-ri thc youngest sports tan. Enthusiasm sparks 1-nergetic Knights as they participatv in the first Student Council uSpirit Cun- if 1 ip t hr-1 V Wrestling is agony for sidelines coach Elmer Callaway. Hoping to Richard Meschke in hacking the hard-hitting grapplers as they strug hoost u concerted team effort with well-timed advice, he joins junior gleto earn city and statetitles. "You tried your best" . . . coach jim Ellis explains to a tired grappler as he rests after his match. .J V., 5 x I X "VVe'll play with a full court pressu , . . frosh coach Roland Cutter confers with the starting five, Looking on from the sidelines, coaches and captains alike share anxiety as thc squad faces a crucial moment on thc field, Coaches encoura e winning teamwork Adding new chapters to Knight history the coach- ing staff combined spirited sports-power to boost the school to athletic honors. Mr. Bill Bennett took over the reins of varsity track, encouraging the sprinters to Arun that extra mile" for city and state achievement and recognition. Stepping to the head basketball position, coach Tom Dobbs led the team to their first winning season. He sparked his baseball sportsmen to the coveted runner- up trophy in the stateis Hrst tourney. On the football field, reserve coaches Steve Tegarden and joe Dezelan led reserve gridmen to an undefeated season and a city championship, and coach jim Ellis, wrestlers finished with an 11-1 season. Mr. Elmer Callaway also brought wrestling laurels to Arlington. The reserve matmen "ran awavn with the city championship, claiming five top men. The Knight coaches encouraged individual effort while emphasizing team spirit to bring home victories and championships. Fans and players recognized the value ofthe honors, the sportsmanship, and the spirit. 'vim The brightness of the sun pierces varsity baseball coach Tom Dobbs' eyes as he watches tht- fielding of his team. Strategy is what counts for hoopsters as they call a time out to plan their tactics with coach Don Lostutter. "1 ,Lg ..lifIfgii'V, x Q ,, i V is 'i ' 52? WM. L .,,, .. Strategy is important as Lance Rhodes anticipates the start of his match with the defending statc champion. Awaiting the start of his disadvantage period, senior john jones prepares to make a move to reverse his opponent. Individual record ,i ' i gp: State winner, junior Bill Willetts, demonstrates the mark of a true winner as he Ctopl confers with coach jim Ellis to plan his tactics, imiddlcl Bill applies techniques gained through months of practice and strategy. lhottoml A tired wrestler rises in victorv. Cap11-1 season, illetts wins state Continuing their dominance in city competition, the varsity wrestling team was undefeated in dual meets with city foes and received their only set hack at the hands of powerful North Central. The wrestlers gained a 27-1-1 decision over city champ Shortridge to highlight the dual meet season. Knight grapplers also gained individual titles during the '67-'68 season, junior Kevin Garrison won the 112 lh. city title. Bill XYilletts earned city, sectional, re- gional, and state championships. Seniors jolm jones and Glenn Turner each won city and sectional titles, and Al Katzman, holder of a 9-second pin, wrestled to a city championship. The reserve wrestling team, coached hy Mr. Elmer Callaway, capped a 11-I season with a landslide vic- tory in the city tournament. Five Colden Knight wres- tlers won championships: Bob Lappas, 95 lb.: john Mcflullar, 133 lb.. Craig Roller. 138 lb.. Emil Nlolin, 145 lb.. and Dan Lane, 154 lh. Bolstered by a nucleus of six returning lettermen, next years' squad will also he strengthened hy a squad of city champion reserves competing for varsity spots. Fatigue takes its toll on junior Dave Milam after his third and final match in the sectional tournament at Warren Central. Q vw 1 After a month of learning take-downs, reverses, and pinning combinations, junior Kurt Kleinhelter gets the chance to use his skills in competition at the Carmel meet. 73 A Lawrence Central player struggles to keep thc ball from determined lmskcthall "stars" Bill Buugh and Chris Raider. . lg Q A mb A, if X xl Y SEI' X nfl' Fil L 515 "' . -g -1 -i -up 'Fi -nu. I. r""--v--V A ' W "'-'Q W, M ll ,rx :fi With the seconds ticking away, a tired team hears "the word" from coach Tom Dobbs on how to close a mounting point gap. As the crowd screams, HCL-t that tip," junior Chris Reider reaches for the slay in the closing, minutes of a second quar- ter Contest. 'lun- Basketball ballet adds grace to the Arlington effort as senior Loren Habeney reaches for the ball during the Tech game. Round ballers blaze to hardwood victor The varsity basketball team, with one returning let- terman, fought to the schools first winning season. In his first year as head coach, Mr. Tom Dobbs boosted the hustling team to a 11-10 slate and a fourth place finish in the final city standings. Team captain Bob Grabham was the only letter award winner from last year's squad. Center Kevin Kelley, forwards Bill Baugh and Chris Reeder, and guard Bob Meara all gained varsity experience backed by a bench that gained strength as the competitive sea- son progressed. After a disappointing opening loss to Ben Davis, the team bounced back to beat Howe for the first time in the schools history by a 59-53 count. The hoop men defeated Wood, Scecina, Lawrence Central, Northwest, Beech Grove, Broad Ripple, and neighbor Marshall in the city tourney consolation game, The scoring attack was paced by junior forward Chris Reeder. His 17-point game was a season high for the team. Chris also became the only Knight ball player to make the all-city tourney squad. With the score tied at 35 and -1:00 left on the clock, reserve coach Don Lostuter calls "time-out". Varsit diamond men reach state finals, Finding extra speed to baf'He opposing batsmen can be a difficult task for all-city pitcher Greg Ennis. boast 22 victories The varsity baseball team, bolstered by five members of the all-city squad, brought Arlington the best season in the school's history. Golden Knight sluggers fought to a second place in state competition. The diamond men also achieved city, sectional, regional, and semi- state titles as they compiled a 22-4 record for the baseball season. In the final two games of the state tournament, the team crushed jasper by a 10-1 score behind the fine pitching of Greg Ennis. The varsity team dropped the final contest to LaPorte, 7-5. The squad placed five men on the all-city team: pitcher Greg Ennis, outfielder jim McFarland, first baseman Bill Hulse, third baseman Bill Baugh, and shortstop Scott Tegarden, more than any other school. Backing the pitching attack of Greg Ennis, jim Hedges, and senior Frank Brown, the defense was composed of Lance Rhodes and Mike VVest, who shared the catching duties, infielders Bill Hulse, Mike jan- nusch, Scott Tegarden, and Bill Baugh, and outfielders Steve Baker, jim McFarland, and Bob Grabham. The offense was led by jim McFarland, who slugged the ball at a .400 pace during the season. Scott Tegar- den aided the attack by constantly batting over .300 The club was also helped by the consistent clutch hitting of Bill Baugh and Lance Rhodes. Although he missed the first pitch, first baseman Bill Hulse gets a needed hit to aid the team in defeating jasper. State championship hopes rest in the arms of all-city seniors Scott First baseman Bill Hulse rcccivcs an i'oii-tliv-spot" throw in time to Tcgarclen. Bill Bk1llgl1.LlllClCOL1Cl'l Tom Dolilms. nip 21 lust-approacliiiig cnciny as hc he-acls for auiutlivr hast-. Headmg for home plate. senior batsman Bill Baugh receives the stancl-up signal from Mike ,lannusch at Bush Stadium. 1 ri 3' "' -if K Ita in XL 1 it . ' r,y'7iWmE-'qigiairf w '. .3 '- " 5 3 7,5- gjfh 1 .' sagaiaaif a f s .s -4 Yi n ' ' l i ,t ., JL ff is new A ffvf ' --A ,Marv Fwy", ' fa jf? "fi 1 .4 ww' . f. 5 " 'A' . s . reg-fa iiftafjp is if - " 552,141 ' 'i f9'f' r if Mfg '11 . if v . r , 1 ,f 2,gg',Xf33,1ihr M? V, Wifi fbi ,ge -3, jf E is -W x 2 fi iffy, ,V,, f5r, , . L ,Q ' A. : gl.e,,5Q3g 1, A ,gm ':' , A, Q Z5 v 1-H, tif?-- ' .-f' 5 ' kizviwi' K' 'A 15 if ' V han A, - r : f"' ' K Y .A s at s 1 ' ,- Q, ,.:s' " 'i7",,' 27-'T Q T ,Q .5 1'4'4' f r 1 ,r,, 1'-, ' al 5 . V,,p V ri, - Qi zz' -W ,gp F 'ff 1 " W, 'I - F. .f fn - M." 'Q I, his pm g LK , 1 if .N -hi"-Jax.:-g',.4i?f3,L'. hw, ,iw - -vw mu Y,,, 1 f' -Nia. I fi 'Mm hi ' N. , . , W . Y S sms'-za W, .5 . ' f -K: TX - - , i.iV ' . A 5591, l"Vg5'tl-X 7? 5 gli? V Q sf 1.0 A V 4 1 V ,'!,,,,w?s Atty- 5' nf' 35 , . ' .,,.v 1 -A 4 V- z v' ' . H .Iv , 5,1 95,7 fx., , L. 1 . - 4s il! 'px' , iq? ki.-Vx ,.,:Y, i.'j,3q.a:'iKw:VV, r .jr , Y .. . n M ,V A . ox, Ja. lui, ,ali Aff, .S 1' if txzy'v'T it V -Q, A ff Me' 5. 3 1 . i ' ' V 1:v,i5'n, Y he ia H? 4:3 Q4 A , m.:K.1zii-HR' A -, Swan' WMQL ,S 'fm 3199? 3 1., .P , 1, .wr-' '- f-if naw Qflg . 25 'if' s 'jfih " Q" V1 W ' , V , 1. ' V' 1, ' , -. it 1 M 'tl i - ' ra irfz.-ws's.n+ 1. img 4 5 Q , X ,f pp l N J A, MAH Cctting into the "suing ul' things," The art of putting takes ll gn-ut urnunnt uf skill and com-viitrutioiil SL-niur john llalluiigcr exhibits 3-Hiller Cliff Duhlvn toes-ull, tht- correct fnrni as l'1l'CLil'l'lillllf lint-5 up his putt and sends it --lltlll'-Hllfllu, Varsity golf team members set mint to conquer the links as they ntternpt to improve their nine hole scorn-s. 78 Golf, tennis teams open spring season The varsity golf and tennis teams were plagued by a problem as they began competition-lack of experience with hopes of success resting on the progress of a squad of inexperienced players. The golf team, under new head coach john Manka, entered competition with only one returning letter- man, joe Paulin. The squad was bolstered, though, by seniors john Hallanger and Steve Rigsbee. The link- sters began indoor practice in early March and teed-off outdoors two weeks later. Each team member played nine holes every night in preparation for an April 3 opening match with city foe Scecina, a struggle against tough competition for victory. The tennis team was aided by two returning letter- men, john Lappas and Greg Wolf. Greg was last yearis city champion in the singles. Coach Lyman Combs, racket men attempted to recapture the team city title that they have owned the past two seasons. The tennis squad tried to better last yearis 14-22 slate. Ready and waiting, junior racket man Craig Winn prepares for the return volley from his serve in a nightly practice session. 148-'U ,al .IJHIQAE -4:1 Qap4v+veo QQQQQQ1- zona,-ag q,, an li'43, 47 4 40 v-A-V4-4 1 A lot-hit smash could spell trouble for junior Mike Bigelow as he attempts to return the tennis ball to his opponent. Adding a touch of ubody English" to his serve, senior john Lappas gives a little extra effort in his quest for victory, ..-ff' .af 5 i was ., V, M i V,4l, V . K 5 I :aS.:hK,Y5 - .. ,lt T . 4,-Q ,- A . 5. ,x-Q+ 3 x'f fa' lfnifir gm QMKUKEK T : ' ' A 11gg1,. f- A N A - L gf? 1: uni V: fi..-I, 3 Q 5 , . Y f-A3'f115fiffiHa'gi I f Y .L , W -xii l-'fi L 'H ,haf '12"iY ' 5 VT, Gridders register best season in histor 5 owak ends Career Bolstered by seventeen returning lettermen, the var- sity football team fought to a 6-3-1 season, losing only to Howe, Carmel, and VVarren Central. The suc- cessful campaign, best in the school's history, was led by three-year varsity members Mike Fisher, Scott Tegarden, Tony Theyssen, and Glenn Turner. Coach Nowak retired at season's end, leaving a 11-8-1 record for the past two years. Starting the season, the team revenged last yearys loss to Lawrence Central by a convincing 34-19 score, City foe Scecina held the Knights to 13 points and a tie, but the gridders bounced back to lance Northwest by a 40-20 count. The ball club edged Manual by one point as Manual bowed to the gridders for the second straight year. In the final three games, the defense held Ft. NVayne Central and Attucks score- less while allowing Broad Ripple just 12 points. The offense, led by all-city quarterback Scott Tegarden, halfbacks Bob Meara and Frank Brown, fullback Lance Rhodes, and linemen Bill Baugh, Mitch Lanning, Denny Southerland, and Mike Fisher, racked up a 24 point scoring average. Defensive stal- warts Kurt Kleinhelter, Doug Harmas, Dean Teater, and Ron Day helped hold opponents to a 16 point game average. Trying for extra yardage, halfback Frank Brown breaks a tackle and heads for open ground in his quest for the first down. Combining their efforts, coaches joe Dezelan, Al Nowak, and Elmer Calloway search for the right combination, A frustrating feeling is fourth down and a punt- ing situation for Scott Tegarden, indermen compete for school records A rise in the height can be an agonizing moment for senior Kevin Kel- ly as he awaits his turn to pole vault. under inevv, coach Varsity trackmen returned to the cinders in the spring for the first time under a new head coach. Coach Bill Bennett took over the reins left by Harry Sullivan, now athletic director at Marshall High School. Inexperience was a major factor in team performance, due to the loss of school record holders Mike Adkins, Allen Montgomery, and Eddie Williams. Eddie raced to a sixth place in the state half mile with a 1.56:5 clock- ing as top performer of the year. Five new records were set by last year's cindermen in the low hurdles, high jump, quarter mile, half mile, and mile relay. Retuming lettermen are headed by Chris Coy and Tom Rea in the middle distances and Kevin Kelly in the high jump as varsity tracksters stride to bring the school a winning season. jimior Mike Hobson leaps for those extra inches in his attempt to gain valuable team points in the long jump. 4 . ,ti K. Exploding from the starting blocks, Myron Miller takes-off to a new quarter mile record of51:7. gala 'Q 1: A 1 ,vw 'ffm' Q-in if At Q? . 5 r I , Q x 9 A tt: '1 Vx W- U, ' , A flfiif - r:s:., ,: wk 'f vc. 4' ' ww ,dm UQ -,...-am Raw .f 5 , if ,v1i's"?- ff . r wmv. A X -QM, 5 41.0.04 -an ,-q, as-fix? 1 Q .w. - 41 'km-f Q N. junior Nancy Scherer "bowls them overl' with her bowling style while participating in the bowling league at Hindel Lanes. eets challenge bowling leagues, GAA enthusiasts Giving sports-minded Knights an opportunity to par- ticipate in intra-school competition, 120 Girls Athletic Association and Bowling League members joined in after-school meets and play-offs. Sponsored by Miss Sue Ritter, the Bowling League competed weekly at Hindel Lanes. Forming teams, the league members counted the strikes and the spares to- ward squad honors. Individual success was also recog- nized at the end of the year, with the top boy and girl team members earning special awards. Gymnastic enthusiasts were given a Chance to per- fect their Htumblingn talent in the Girls Athletic As- sociation. Practicing diligently after school, the girls prepared for the state gymnastics meet, working to- ward blue-ribbon achievement. Basketball and volleyball also gained GAA attention with the girls competing in teams and enjoying the spirited uplay-offs," Through the organization, mem- bers enjoyed the hardwood competition usually re- served for Knight all-boy teams. J 5 K.. -me Things look bad for Howard Holifield as he records the score of teammate Robert Phelps while Sandi Dotts flashes a victory smile. junior gymnast Pat Stutsman ubends over backwards" for teacher Mrs, Sandra Rosenberger and practice teacher Miss Diane Corbin, In jumping position, junior Cindy Neil and sophomore Laura NVoods leap for the tip off in a Girls Athletic Association tourna- ment, Struggling for the rebound, juniors Cathy Clark and Nancy Scherer stretch to grasp the ball as they "play the game." arriers gain fourths in major meets The end of the city meet means a twelfth place for senior distance runner Tom Rea. against local rivals Finishing the season with a 1-2 dual meet record and plac- ing second and third in two three-way contests, the cross country team members hit their stride and crossed the finish line a respectable fourth place in major city invitationals. Coach Bill Bennettis harriers placed fourth in the Scecina, Howe, Shortridge, and city meets as well as in the sectional. The team strode to a fifth place in the tough Broad Ripple In- vitational. The thinclads started the season bv finishing second in a meet with winner Greenheld and third-place Lawrence Central. Varsity runners competed for the first time in the Hokem Karem contest at Pike and placed sixth. In this event, each school formed three two-man teams to run in relay fashion with each man pacing himself for a total of three separate one-mile jaunts. The team was defeated in meets by co-city champs Cathedral and Tech and finished third in a three-way meet with state runner-up North Central and county power Warren Central. The harriers outdistanced former classmates at Marshall by a convincing 21-46 score. Three-year letterman Tom Rea outran other team members by posting a 10:08 for the two-mile distance. Number two man, Chris Coy, had a 10:22 time, followed by Mike VVilliams with a time of 10:30. Three returning lettermen, Gary Ramage, Chris Coy, and john Berry will pace next years squad. Running as the number two man during the season, Chris Coy hopes to fill the shoes of Tom Rea with the assistance of Coach Bill Bennett. M- aff' '23 aff' 86 Practicing every night after school, senior Mike Williams jogs be- hind the Devington center in Search of more speed. Hurrying harriers Cary Ramage, Mike Williams, and Chris Coy stride for improvement under the 'iwatchfulu eye of Coach Bennett. Riverside Park provides the setting for the city meet as Knight runners pace their way to a fourth place Hnish. 1 Hardwood hoopster Doug Thompson nearly steals the ball from senior Chris Har- len as the Comers meet the Scrubs in game play. Spring finds girls jumping and serving in round-robin volleyball competition, The girls form teams and play in six week toumaments. '--N., N., 88 ,,,p1ln"""' The ball seems just out of reach for three netmen parti- cipating in the Freshmen-Sophomore League after school. s Dual battles divide the attention of team members and spectators alike allowing for two games to be performed at once. Boys form leagues for intramural play Hoosier hysteria extended from varsity to intramural play as amateur teams took the Hoor in stiff and some- times "crazy" competition. Composed of the junior-Sen- ior League and the Freshman-Sophomore League, intra- mural basketball gave boys of all classes an opportunity to play Indiana's favorite sport in a specially supervised, competitive tournament. Team members battled Hercely in an array of "uni- formsn that included swim suits, crazy socks, and vari- ous other uout-of-sightn clothing. The attire created an unusual psychedelic scene on the hardwood court, con- fusing referees and fans. League play was closely contested as teams battled for the right to play in the championship game at sea- sonys end. Poor shooting averages, missed foul shots, and traveling violations plagued many of the teams. ln- experience was a major problem as teams composed of intramural veterans won out. Although players enjoyed practices characterized by the antics of freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and sen- iors, they quickly learned that teamwork, not "prac- tical jokesu won ball games. In spite of the comical side of the hardwork contests, the squads did learn that a basketball victory was "all in the way you play the gameu in intramural competition. Wom out junior Mike Strong listens to advice from teammates during a break in the spirited action. , S, - M Leaping for the tip, Mitch Lanning and Don VVood fall under the watch ful eye of james Hannah. Girls in booster block give cv-v-varsit 7 At the home of the golden "A", Knights Klub members and Colden- aires support their teams and perform during home basketball games. Jumping for joy, varsity cheerleaders, junior Meg Woods and sen- ior Linda Rahm, express their theme, "Happiness is a Knight Vic- tory." victor go power With the "gon power of enthusiastic fans, the "girls behind the team," cheerleaders, Goldenaires, and ma- jorettes, encouraged struggling athletes toward a string of victories with pom poms and batons. The seven-member varsity squad of cheerleaders fea- tured a bouncing group of queen candidates, senior class officers, and student council members. Captain Linda Rahm led the squad of four seniors and three under- classmen through basketball and football, wrestling meets and baseball competition. The 72-member half-time performing group, the Coldenaires, also cheered for the teams, forming a let- ter HAH in the spirited cheerblock. Featuring mascot Lisa Skinner, the girls presented programs with a six- teen-member flag corps and feature-twirler Lori Grana. Pre-game and half-time ceremonies were co-ordinated with the pep band. In competition, Lori and the flag corps received first division ratings for their performances in band se- lections. The girls compete each spring for positions in the groups which were directed by sponsor Mrs. Bur- deen Schmidt, while cheerleaders were selected by stu- dents. Eyes right, varsity cheer- leaders Candy Beldon, Terri Hartley, Suzanne Kassler, captain Linda Rahm, 'Indy Fox, Karen jefferies, and Meg VVoods salute the Unit- i ed States Hag. Half-time entertainers, the Coldenaires, perform for basketball f2lI1SA "Hi therey' . . . Coldenaire mascot, three-year-old Lisa Skinner, A visits feature twirler junior Lori Crana as she performs at half-time. i A 91 l M., . . Il i ,g A C IGVGFS W ear CIO WHS --k- 3 Aik. tgh.iVj kkkrhxrk, 0 F. ,, i v 1 t h a c c ol ad e s of h o n o r :ri .'.:, pri-yf L,Af. lik X V . X 4 ' . g f A Glory crowned the Colden Knightls four-year quest. His hard-won accola were decorated with the laurels of victory. Honor illum- owing shield of the crusader, Knight-teen '68. Hilfe t-minute basket, the first-place ribbon, and the homecoming ix ere the spoils of victory, attained after four years of study, H , enthusiastic school involvement. ,. victories coupled with the coveted trophies that . ' 3? Q" - it - , .pi the en 'sl-t Knight from the busy, bustling crowd of Knight- U 68fiA perfect sco olpiggagpcip quiz, first place in the lunch line, a cheerblock than prypp sing teamg these were the everyday lies that added to the final victo . i'i' ' sscrown of-achievement was earn v after the pa e and sr uire i"- A "':i rid: K' dem g 4 .i"' had mastered the seafsifeof fellowship, and competition. It was the Hnal accolade, a symbol of struggles con- quered by the page and Squire. The croyy'nMo'Fi ti'i amement was a crown of Knighthood, reserved for Knight-teer1l68. "ex W' F 'Q a, Earning glory in competition, senior john Col- bert solos with the Indianapolis symphony, A helmet is the crown for gridders as they charge on the field toward the best football season in the history of Arlington. ul-1-.- Royal honors cap Terry Hartley and Kevin Kelley as they reign at the Honor Society's "Moonlight and Mistletoe." Seven points turns a quiet crowd into a sea of waving pom poms and cheering fans. gi? SQ t Commencement speaker principal Ralph Cleven- ger awards diplomas-the highest accolades. il' Gavel in hand, Council president Denny Coordinating an annual dance, boosting spirit, and sponsoring "Howdy Weelcn add to the busy pro 50l1fl16fl2iUCl leads Ll il6l72if0. gram ofthe stuclent-elected Council representatives throughout the year. The social side of a busy Council schedule is vice-presi- dent Beth Reynolds special "cup of tea," ,www-""" Student Council minutes and mail coordination keep sec- retary Martha Musserbusv with group activities. 1 1, f,.: Ei' Spirit project keeps council con-the-go, An industrious, working Student Council reached all areas of the school with spirit, social, and honorary ac- tivities during the ,67-'68 school year. Boosting spirit with pre-game campaigns, the stu- dent-elected representatives hired a bus to travel to the Greenfield game, organized a student spirit committee, and decorated the halls with posters backing the team in competition. On the social scene, the annual Student Council "turn- aboutu turned the tables with a "girls-ask-the-boys tradi- tion" established during the predance school days. Boys received the "red-carpet treatment" for the special turn- about dance. Honoring individual school leaders, the council fea- tured a weekly selection of the "Student Leaderf, A dis- play case highlighted the "number-one citizensi' activi- ties and recognized his achievements. Marc Boucher carried the Arlington name outside the school, serving on the inter-city Student Council as their first junior president. Student Council "Howdy Week" activities delight seniors Steve De- Mougin and Lola Steinhoff as they find theiruluckyn numbers. Special honors came to the Council with JoAnn Bryan and Mrs. Belgen Wells who will travel to Europe, representing the group. Money matters are overseen by Council treasurer Charlie Kennedy as he makes a deposit in the finance office with Mr. john Vance. i i i i l i i Tapped senior Debbie Hicks responds to ber name as principal Ralph Clevenger reads the list of selected students on Tap Day. Honor Society members are uscbolurs with cbaracterfl explains son' ior Barbara Heitz as she reads from a scroll during the program, B Quill and Scroll president senior Kathy Rayrnont prvpurcs for the incluction of 'tLui1cer" and " Accoluden staffers into thc- honorary. 5 Honoraries se ect scholastic best of 768 for special awards Like the Phi Beta Kappa of college campuses, honor organization memberships came to outstanding scholars. With National Honor Society Tap Day, the achievers were honored with induction. For column inches and cutlines, journalists earned acceptance into the honorary Quill and Scroll organization. Orators were also recognized, as Thespian enroll- ment expanded to include the upcoming production stars. Merit scholars earned the recognition of the stu- dent body for their unequaled scores on the competi- tive test of college-bound Knights. Questions covering subjects from the works of Picas- so to the reign of Louis XII were presented to quiz team finalists, chosen for their encyclical knowledge of current events, math, and history. Sponsored by Mr. George Feldman, the group strove to add honors to the growing list of Knight awards. japanese exchange student Sachiko lshiko was also recognized with a "Bon Voyage" tea during the year- long parade of outstanding achievers. Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors were encouraged by the scholars and performers to "Hll the shoesu of the scholarship finalists, exchange students, dramatists, and honor students, in the years following an award-Hlled Knight-teen '68, Top Merit scores were eamed by semi-finalists Sandi Faulkner, Susie Curl, jeff Zaring, and Sondra Wilson on the junior test. An honorary Thespian, exchange student Sachiko Ishida receives her membership certificate from president Hope Levitt, MM Meticulous calculations and careful experinieiitaitioii qualify Bull Crulmhurn as a Bausch Lomb xxinner. Betty Crocker award winner, senior Sandra Lee, explores the fine Music mt-uns research for scholarship winner Stephanie Bates as she art ot gourmet cooking as she applies her humemaking talents. prepares for next ycarqs Studi' at the Lhiversity of Cincinnati. as s,3T??p,,,1 . rf if if 98 Individuals Cscorep with team service A good coach recognizes the importance of teamwork to achieve athletic success, but the qualihcations of each individual must also be Hrst-rate to insure the top performance of competitive squads. Golden Knights in athletic, musical, and scientiHc endeavors must also distinguish themselves to complete the picture of a utop-raten school. In Knight-teen '68, Arlington citizens caught this spirit of unity through individual effort, scoring in fields from science to athletics. Claiming technological honors, Bob Deardorff de- veloped a compressed air engine with a promising fu- ture. In home economics, Janice Ansley won a full tuition scholarship for her outstanding sewing ability. The list is long of hard-working students who served their school and received the laurels they deserved, combining the spirit of service and unity. l Daughters of the American Revolution award winner, junior Karen Jefferies, appreciates the freedom the American flag represents. A finalist in NCTE competition, senior Sandi Faulkner represents the top winners in the program, 57 YW r I i"l' ,. ,., ml V ' - ' I AL ,,., ,"?fV1"" ' ' H VW,34y3,gm,W, M cArlington, spells cachievementi to cit , Inter-city Federation of Student Councils president Marc Boucher discusses group problems at an introductory tea. Thoughts of an exciting summer come to mind as Carol Patton, Karen Jessup, Sharon Sims, and Sandi Faulkner discuss their participation state, nation, World In the community, the state, the nation, and the world, Golden Knights worked to present a complete picture of Arlington High School. Through honors and honoraries, they carried a name worthy of recognition outside the school. Hard-hitting scholars were "on the gon in '68, from the practiced quiz team to four college-oriented National Merit Scholarship finalists. In science seminars and American Field Service competition, they earned first place honors or the right to vie for special educational benefits. They were the scholarship winners, the top citizens. Science seminar enthusiasts, language students who traveled abroad, and Knights who worked together in history club service projects took home memory trophies, memories of honors well earned and service well done. in the I.U. Honors Program. Carol and Sharon journeyed to Germany, Karen visited Mexico, and Sandi toured Italy. 1 Y K .M .. at Wei A ,.,, I 5 im M 2 4.7 ws 7 s Wifi via Q yy.. ME ig an Q gp.. I Q 9 at HN. wap aft Quiz team members Karen johnson, Susie Curl, Pete Rusthoven, Sandi Faulkner, Tom johnson, and Brent Price prepare to meet opponent Decatur, February 18. Derivatives teacher George Feldman is sponsor of the " Exercise in Knowledge-U team, Learning politics first-hand, seniors Martha Musser, Sam Shorter, and Beth Reynolds represent the school at Girls and Boys State. Seniors Mike Fisher and Frank Brown shake on the opportunity to take the place of officials on City Covemment Day. Knight and Gale candidate, Cleft and Tiglltl Denny Southerland, Laura Saillant, Scott Tegarden, Lynn Tatum, Bob Carbbam, Jody Fox, Fred Simmons, Kitsi jones, are selected by the year- book subscribers. Jamboree queen Linda Rabm con- gratulates senior Laura Saillant on winning the title of" Galen. Knight and Gale, Laura Saillant and Bob Halcomb, receive the ap- plause of their Hsubjectsu. Military ball joins traditional dances Victory promised a special crown for the kings and queens of Knight-teen ,68 who reigned over proms and sock hops through the votes of loyal boosters. Christmas, spring, and football dances were colored with the Hkingly purple" as scholars, musicians, and athletes enjoyed a new role as the "royal couple." Earning the titles of jamboree Queen, Prom King, or Cindy, the distinctive Knights wore their crowns with pride as representatives of the 'iideal teenfi Some kings and queens wore dual crowns, selected by hallot voting for double honors in athletic and so- cial, talent and personality inter-school competition. Those who missed the royal titles enjoyed the success of their classmates, and often found themselves com- peting again in the varied kingly contests. Vtihether for athletic or social events, the crowning of a royal couple added to the festivity of the season, singling special teens out as the unique Knight judged worthy of honor as a typical Arlington student, a let- terman's queen, or a member of a prom court. Senior Kenny Duggins receives a royal salute from his date and queen ofthe ROTC Nlilitary Ball, Senior Karen Byers The Crowning glory . . . senior Lynn Tatum receives applause from liellou homecoming princuscs j Suzanne Kassler, Linda Rahm, and Theresa Hartley as she reigns over the festivities. CCYTIQUECIZEGD Commencement day was the climax of thc Colden Knightls four-year quest, but it was not the last chapter of his crusade. Though he had earned his accolade and emblazoned his shield, with the solemn strains of N Pomp and Circumstancef' he would face a greater world than Camelot. Qfiffif X in .atm VV ua ' lllnlllll X 'lvl N E l K A complete record of school life and history must capture the spirit of a year. The "Accolade" caught this spirit, the spirit that was Knight-teen '68, The chanting of "Co, Knightsf' at a ball game, the concentration of a science student in a Chem- istry I lab, the nervous articulation of a debate team member in state competition-this was the year-and this was the record. The "Accolade" is an organized memory, Knight-teen '68 packaged in over 200 pages. A two-part yearbook, it in- cludes students in all aspects of study and all 1 r.l - I 'nn rrwl HA,,,l J," 9, " ' ' oo u V student' in Knight-teen '68. 0 fa of nineteen '68, of language clubs and a freshman class, of graduating seniors and a qualified faculty. It re- flects the Knight-teen '68 as a part of the expanding and unlim- ited new world of nineteen '68, er Li' X f Cx Q M QYAM-'A V I l' 1 The history of the year is one Q ig Y V f U l S- 4 u, AZ I06 It 'I 1' i J 'Nm Contents Performing groups . . . 106g Academic clubs ...112g Service organizations . . . 118g Athletics . . . 132g Cooks, custodians . . . 150g Administration , . . 152g Faculty . . . 1545 Seniors . . . 160g Underclass- men . . . 190g Advertising. . . 212g Indexes, Closing . . . H... , A MA- I. . WMF wk- V llgfff .V MO! 4440 'E 'T R Q wiiw, w w V RQ, iv 5 H ,L , ,. L an Ex-i X Individual achievements create 768 stor The Hrst half of this two-part book was an informal, unorthodox look at the spirit that made Knight-teen '68 The second half is the quiet story of individuals whose behind-the- scenes work has meant the success of clubs and activities. This is the story of the working Knight, the backstage man of nine- teen '68. It is the story of officers and committee chairmen, of Latin Club slave sales and History Club museum trips. Striving for a complete and un- divided Camelot, the "pages, of Arlington, the freshmen who faced their first year of high school, achieved a spirit of unity. The pages of the i'Accolade" have sustained this picture of an entire school with the common theme of Knight-teen '68 Although the year's events are often blurred by current activities, the important memories stand as a clear silhouette when review ed bv reminiscing Knights. With spirited cheers of "Co, team, goin an impromptu pep rally of lettcrmen gathers momentum before an after-school basketball clash with a rival team. 109 igjf 91 L 5 Xb I E 7 3 'S 1? 5 T A 'C ii i J . l 2 tri JZ! Niemhers of the .-Xrlingtones are CFRONT TO Bruce Pllllillm, DHVG BOHYIPBZ Dave N100dy', BACK75fffPhdf1if' BMU5- PCESY Dllllll, Debbie Ron Pettigrew, Glenn Bengert, Alan Kuhl- Campbelly Karen Byers, Donna Kmmvcx xlar. man. Dick Emery, The Arlingtones.performed cia Reider, Debbie Curtis. Sandi lfaulltner, iflCUIK'l'rlHifi!madrigulliumbers. IIO Singers add festive touch to concerts The '6Treble-airesf' a 60 mem- ber performing group, added a fes- tive touch to the 1967 Christmas season with concerts and caroling. The all-girl organization was se- lected from glee club classes on the basis of singing ahility and poise. The chorus of soprano and alto voices joined in traditional tunes as well as modern melodies. The Boys Ensemble also shared the Christmas concert spotlight with a 20 member group that gained ten voices for the second semester. The singing group of tenors and basses earned their position in the chorus for outstanding performances in glee club organizations. Arlington's madrigal musicians, the "Arlingtones," took the lead in civic and school concerts. The fif- teen-memhcr group "stole the show H in musical, memorial, and commem- orative holiday concerts and special extra-curricular programs. --1. 3: ' Members of the Treble-Aires are: KRONV ONEJ Mr. Ralph Horine, Karen VValtnn. Deb- bie Brown, 'Indy' Bisser. Lorraine Xtiekers, Ann Kratz, Marsha Todd, Libby Cochran, Kathy' Hammer, Kathy' Atkinson, Anna Ferguson, Barbara Knnyxe, joanne NVilliams, Iflva Nlar- tin, Nirs. june Edison: KRONY TYVOP Charlotte Bussell, Carol Persons, Donna Quinnett, Luci Snyder, Debra Kappus, Linda Summer- lot, Chris Dilley, Connie Hughes, Karen Wilkes, Nlaureen Kennedy, Anne Hnggatt, Sheri Hanes, Paula Knight, Peggy Hall, jan Behrmann, Darlene Ciissnaz KROYY THREE? jan Brnyyn, Sally' Brmyn, Patti Cherpas, Linda Hines, janet Byers, jenny Light, Yin-ki Xleilny, Gayle Boyd, 'I'yy'anda Kirby, Kathy Sniothers. Q l Brenda Griffin, joan Wilson, Diane Nlartin. Ann Bishop, iROXY FOYBP .Xndrenese Xie- Daniels, jninne Bryan, Beth Biyens. Clyyen Ferguson, Jeanne johnson, Marilyn Xlnsier. Peggy Klein, Carol Xlrfinrrniely, Donna Dunn. Cathy Xleharland, Debby Day, Katie Snyder. Amy Pheasant, Barbara Tipton, Kelly Slnenni, The girls perform in enneert productions, l l , Members of the Boys Ensemble are: KROVV Hryhgrf DQ-urdnrffa Dunn-l R055 QRQW' TXVOy Dennis Nlatchett, NllCllLlt'lZOl'I1ijll'T, Run Shan, ONE? john Bauerle, Tim O3Dell, I,lny'd VVhite, Chuck fxhlrlinggr, Chrig fjqmlin, Bob Bowser, .-X. Nliehael Bates, Torn Zentz, Xlr. Ilorine is Tom Mayhood, Rick Crosson, Steve Bridges, Stephen Christian, Steve lfraligh, Run Nljllg-ir, director. lil Musicians show precision with routines Members of the Concert Band are: QROW ONE? Barb Heitz, jayne lkawa, Susan Valdez, Meg Woods, Karen johnson, Susan Meranda, Linda Rosenquist, Vicki Howe QROVV TVVO? john Colbert, Diane Nixon, john Lappas, Dan Anticipating a touchdown, freshman Larry Patrick prepares for the school pep song. Krause, Bob Cassell, Bill Schofield, Randy Nickel, Corliss Yoder, Bob Boles, Becky De- puty, Linda Carter, john Weinhardt, john Hall, Becky johnson QROVV THREE? Alan Howard, jim Thrasher, Steve Kuhl, Mary Terrel, Arlene Mithofler, Doug Benge, Mike Brown, Phil Woodard, Steve Keherer, Lee VVinslow, Mark Miller, Bob Mott, Dave Bonney, Tom Dean, Mark Taylor, Bob Randolph, jim Vance, Allen Borden, Carl Carr, Rick Reidy, john Marching Band: CROW ONE? Carol McCor- mick, Diana Ault, Chris King, Karen johnson, Sue Bruton, Pat Stutsman, Ann Waller, Becky Pearce, Donna Roberts, Melinda Clark, Barb Heitz, Barb Hartley, Debbie Hicks, Lori Grana, Karen Roberts, Linda Friend, Laura Saillant, Dawn DeLisle, Charlotte Bujarsky, Peggy H2 Duclus, Kris Embach, Merry Spoolstra, Debbie Causey, Debbie Hines, Ann Mathews, Shelly Nethery, jan Ansley, KROW TWO? jeff Zaring, Doug Benge, Phil Woodard, Bob Randolph, Howard McPeek, Ray Pohland, jim Caier, Larry Page, Ron Amos, Mary Olsen, Cail De- Haven, Barbara Stephenson, Carol Marquart, emonstrate classical ability in concerts Cotton, Ron Richeson, jim Wheeler CROW FOUR? Deborah Richart, Sheryl Radtke, Theresa Cartwright, Karen Hovarter, Doug Weaver, john McClain, Steve Walton. Don McMillan, Doug Brumfield, Bruce Pulliam, jeff Zaring, Tom Edwards, Bob Lappas, Steve Hill, Mike Blue, Steve Apple YROW FIVEJ Bob Weber, Larry Pond, Les Tomlison, Donna Kouwe, Greg Maxwell, Sherrie Hern, joe Markland. With their "best foot forwardf the marching band proudly performed to the spirited tunes of high-stepping halftime numbers and polished foot-tapping music. Strutting before contest judges they earned a first division in the Southport band contest, and pleased the crowd with Veteran's Day parade routines, designed with the theme " Day of Glory." The Concert Band also highlighted the school year with the annual Pops Concert, featuring guest saxophone soloist Ralph Cari. "Born Free," and 'SThe shadow of Your Smile" added to the haunting melodies of the pro gram emceed by broadcaster Mr Wally Nehrling. The spring concert season opened with Opus number seven and guest soloist, Mr. Carl "Doc" Severinson Severinson appeared with the band Carol Huser, Tom Dean, Tom Edwards, Steve Click, john Marquart, Lance Wickliff, Paul Flockhart, Larry Dimick, Mark Wheeler, Marty Byers, Steve Hill, Chris Coder, Steve Apple, Mark Hoecker QROW THREE? john Don Thrasher, Randy Phil Utigard, Mark jim Thrasher, Bill Cotton, john Wilhelm, Nickel, Steve Kehrer, Hewitt, jim Wheeler, Schofield, Bob Cassell, Dan Krause, Mike Blue, Wayne Fuson, Bob Kraucuas, Alan Howard, Bob jackson, Mark Taylor, Dave Edmonds QROW FOURJ Laura Williams, Karen Loman, Rick Pieidy, jim Vance, Dave Weston, Paul Bailey, john Colbert, Mark Banks, Allen Borden, john VVeinhardt, Phil Allen, Mark Miller, Bob Graeber, Roger West, II3 Dave Bonney, Kathy LeFeber, Sue Young CROW FIVEJ Bruce Pulliam, Kurt Homann, Mark Klippel, Doug Brumfield, jeff johnson, Howard C-raves, Larry Patrick, Les Tomlison, Cary Stafford, Bob Weber, Mark Bishop, Larry Pond, Steve Walton, john McClain, Don McMillan, Mike Rawlinson. -- ' 'W vu LW I Q1 n ,1V , A3 . fm 9 gy 3-35,5 1, ., ,Wx 1..- I fsgnp rs- , ,- sf y, Q 'Q X 'pig 1 IE' 'N E G 1 .. va 5- . v in i 1-if ,w N, uf Qrieiz QS f. . U, 'Ei .vg. 7 A 3385 L Q f ' , in xg' W fe , .. .0 A if 5 E X ,. ., W I 4 ' i A I A H I I an Kg ,JSE V bf , - Q .4:lgy',,. K . 'irex'-' . fr ' if As. 14 i .. xg Q25 Q10 3 Lx 5 B-if 3 Q fp 5 Y X' Q . w -A W A ' " -- f :Em f Y A X K ml gk as , ' 1 M L jp., . 2- ' ' Q il Q , 5 ' " 1 "MJ 2 . 3? . f g , Q X K f..,Nx Q Y' m mf' Wx 'f Q 41 " gr all "' U W Q " ' gh .G "Q 546:53 .mxim Qikngmw vw ith cgolden pop, sounds, raditional concert numbers In civic as well as school performances, the Concert Choir brought a golden sound of music to the Arlington scene. The 71 vocalists combined their talents with Hfolk rock,U religious, and contemporary melodies. The musical Knights caroled downtown in the Christmas season, blending the traditional holiday tunes with the noise and the clatter of the City-County Building. Individually, choir members sang in the musical production of the 'iKing and If, mastering the tunes of the program. Starring in "Solon performances as well as uduetsf, the orchestra presented concerts and accompanied the 'ispotlight singersw during the musical year. The 53-piece performing organization was led in the spotlight by concert- mistress Sandi Faulkner and conductor Miss Priscilla Smith. The group also performed in the annual spring concert with traditional symphonic and "avant-garden works by recognized modern composers. Both groups appealed to a wide variety of age groups in their selection of themes with uuniversal interest." The Knights practiced and performed the numbers, adding distinction to the Arlington sound of music. Concert Orchestra members are: CROW ONEP Ron Pettigrew, Sandi Faulkner, Sharron Tay- lor, Barb Beidy, jenny Light, Diane Nixon, Mark Hoecker, Paula Fessler QBOW TWOJ David Nixon, Mary Long, jane Merriman, Barb Kouwe, jearinie johnson, Patti Price, Bob Matthew, Diane Manship, Laura johnson, Vicki YanDuren QROVV THREEJ Mary Ter- rell, Ann Bishop, Becky Taylor, Kathy Routt, Linda Allen, Carol Gierke, Carroll Bruenger QROW FOUR? Ginny Harts, Peggy Dunn, Steve Shierling, David Outterson, Kathy Egnes, Suzy Valdez, jayne Ikawa, john Col- bert, Allen Howard, Becky johnson, john An accomplished cello player, Miss Priscilla Smith helps out during " King and I", Hall, Stephanie Bates, Charles Wilhelm, Chris Halter, Mike Sylvester QROWV FIVE? joe Markland, Sherrie Hern, Miss Priscilla Smith, Doug Benge, Lee Winslow, Steve Kehrer, Dan Krause, Bob Cassell, Bill Schofield, Randy Nickel, Mike Blue, Steve Apple, jeff Zaring, Don McMillan. 115 Book Club: KSEATEDD Roy Willman, Glenn Oldham-secretaryg QROW ONEJ Paula Urbain-sponsor, john Ross, Pat Kenrick, Swisher-treasurer, Becky Pearce, Maureen Spahr-president, Lynn Harkins, Beth Robin- Mike Mummey, lvars Rage, Steve Betras. Ray, Becky johnson, Britt johansson, Deni son-vice-presidentg QROW TWOJ Mr. james Members of the Chess Club are: KSEATEDD Bruce Pulliam-secretary, Ron Amos, Bill Lipp, Ron Richeson-president, Byron Eason, QFIRST ROW? Nathan jorgensen, Bruce Ikawa, David Dransheld, john Benton, john Hobson, Mr. Edward Sweetman-sponsor, QSECOND ROW? Doug Greeson, Larry Dimick, Ken Watson, T. E. Shank-treasurer, john Gibson, QTHIRD ROWD Rob jackson, Paul Ecklund, Darrel Clodfelter-sergeant-at-arms, Brian Schoon- maker, Tom Lammer. H6 Combining skill, imagination, and patience, students in the chess club fought mock contests on a battle- field marked with 64 black and red squares. Attempting to force the op- ponentys king to surrender, the club members perfected their attack and defense with an army of sixteen men. Under the guidance of presi- dent Ron Richeson and sponsor Mr. Edward Sweetman, the club tried to retain the State Championship Trophy. From Voltaire to Steinbeck, Book Club members analyzed the litera- ture of established authors and for- mulated their own opinions on the philosophy and style of writing. The sixteen members discussed selected literature and developed literary criticisms. In the spring, sponsor Mr. james Urbain conducted a panel discussion on local television. Hobbyists pursue interests with an eye for the future The skyscrapers of tomorrow may be built by the FAD club members of today. Under the supervision of sponsor Dewaine Metcalf, 25 future architects and draftsmen enthusiasts are developing experience in plan- ning blueprints. The FAD club has covered the cityis monuments and buildings in their search for outstanding and un- usual architecture, including both modern and traditional styles in their building research. November 28, they toured the Scottish Rite Cathedral in down- town Indianapolis, where the Gothic lines of the church encouraged them to try several blueprints and draw- ings of their own. With an eye to a future of modern skyscrapers and highways, the Future Architects and Draftsmen Club has made their group a vocation-minded organiza- tion. Members of the Future Architects and Draft Hesse president jov Mcvev secretary Carl QSECOND ROWJ Mr, Dewaine Metcalf- men Club are KFIRST ROW? Roger Robin Harvey vice president Richard Stoneking Sponsor, David Hoggatt, Darrell Butler, Clark son jerrv Dunphv Steve Robertson Flmer Mike Krrenik Bob Rossetter King Yee Lucas, Bill-lay, Terry Adams. fi- pf' , :av ii. ' . . I S' , A future Werner Von Braun, sophomore Ivars Rage prepares his rocket for launch. Historians, scientists stud past, surroundings of rnan Science enthusiasts spent Saturday mornings attending lectures by special- ists in physics, biology and chemistry at the Indiana University Medical Center. The twenty-one seminar representatives were chosen on the basis of a qualifying test. Other students interested in advancements in science and technology per- formed experiments as a part of the Science Club, sponsored by Mr. Robert McClary. Chemistry teacher, Mr. Robert Zetzl, lectured on the 'Hazards of Oxygenl, November 2, While science students researched future projects, the Knights of History delved into the past. Traveling to southern Indiana, the junior Historians explored the colonial settlement at Spring Mill and the experimental socialistic community of New Harmony. i l I Seeking the facts and forces that shaped the United States and Indiana, members of the History Club are: lROW ONEJ Susan Horine, Mary Amt, Sheri Hanes, john Holmes-spon- sor QROW TWO? Amy Quate, Camille Mur- ray, Susie Bischoff-president CROW THREE? janie Branham, Ann Hoggatt-seo retary, jan Brown, Michelle Vaughan, Becky Repphan KROW FOURJ Ellen johnson, Roy Willman, Bruce Hubbard, Cathy Bicldinger, H8 i CROW FIVE? Dan Cooper, Denise Slinkard- vice-president, Steve Kaiser, Sara Dunbar, Ron Shaw fROW SIX? David Hoggatt, Bill Hixon--Librarian, Ron Miller, Rudyard Heady, john Potts-treasurer. Challenging the theories and concepts of biolo- gy, chemistry, physics ancl astronomy, mem- bers of the Science Club are: QROW ONEJ Rebecca Clare, Cindy Todd QROW TWOJ Ter- ry Murphy, Carole Bruton, Diana Nixon, Patty Price, Libby Cochran-secretary-treas- urer CROW THREED Debbie LeFeber, Paul Eskland, David Taylor, Steve Kaiser, Bill An- thony, Robert Utterback, Ivars Rage, David Schwantes, Robert Deardorft QROW FOUR? Robert N1cClary-sponsor, Doug Creeson, Steve Kuhl, Dave Nixon, Steve Betras, Steve Robertson, Larry Page, Roger Robinson, john Ross, Tom johnson-vice-president, Brent Price-president, john Ricketts. Members of the Seienee Seminar greg QROW KROW TWO? Tom Lammars, Steve Betras, Ehrenwald, Ivars Rage QROVV THREE? Dave ONEJ Steve Bigelow, Bob Pruitt, Mike Cutig- Brent Price, Tom johnson, Elmer Hesse, Mi- Milan, Steve Kuhl, Dan Huffman, Rick Rei- Chia, Te,-ry Murphy, Betty jean Campbell chael Schoonmaker, Mike Mummey, Alfred dy, john Weinharclt, jeffZaring, Ken Gray. H9 Club members pursue international stud S Members of the German Club are: QROW ONEJ Bill Cherry, Pete Murphy, Craig Winn, Dave johnson CROW TWO? Inge Kirchner, Susan Lacy, Lorriane Wickers, Terry Murphy French Club members are: QROW ONEJ Car- ol Auch, janet Byers, Barbara Boyd, Terry LeFeber, Lisa Williams, Karen Weaver, Becky -president, Tamara McEdwards-secretary QROW THREE, john Schulz-sponsor, julie Pool, Ausma Brikmanis, Carol Patton, Sharron Sims. of langua es WVith bi-weekly club meetings, linginsts interested in extending classroom knowledge studied Cer- rnan cusUnns.'The Hry event ofthe year, a coke party, increased club membmduptothhqfmembem.LU. Honors Program participants, Carol PaUon and Sharon Suns shared memories of their stay in Germany as guestspeakers ofthe club.'Toin- crease vocabulary and record club acdvnkn, Hue Cennan CHub pub- lished a newspaper, U Der Rittern. The behef that Hundermandingn isthe key to wtnld peace tdggered an nrdepth Mudy of French cuhure bythe HHeen nuunbersofthe French Club. Returning visitors related their experiences in France with movies, talks, and displays. Money gained from coat checks Hnanced club pins and the Christmas party, adding to groupactivities. johnson-vice-president, Britt Johansson Sheim, Sara Dullbalk Paula Saura, CheffYl QROW TWOJ Andrenese McDaniels-secrea Black, Ierilvn PhilliP5"Pff?5id9Y1f, Mfr .lohn tary-treasurer, Gayle Boyd, Alice Sermer- KafSal'0P0Ul05-SPONSOR FRANCE L IX ANC! 120 Exploring the traditions of Spain and Mexico, members of the Spanish Club are: QROW ONEJ Mrs. Margaret Rogers-sponsor, joy Upson, Marina Hoyo, Marta Hoyo, Mary Vil- larreal, jeanie Sims, Nancy Villarreal, Mrs. Mercedes Portilla-sponsor CROW TWOJ Felix Compadre, Camille Murray, Donna Quinnett-vice-president, Ann Harding, Te- resa Roberts, Cher Gibson, Merle Salford KROW THREEJ Glenda Hansen-treasurer, Beth Robinson, Patricia McPherson, Corliss Yoder, Karen Byers, Elaine jarvis, Margie Ir- win, Mary Long, Patty Sims iROW FOURl Terry Murphy, Sandra Perdue, Kathy Tindall, Laurie Peterson, George Portilla, Robert jass- mann-secretary, Donna Roberts, Evan Ful- mer, Roger Robinson QROW FIVEJ janet Marr, Barbara Reidy, Roberta Rice, Elizabeth Kidwell, Cindy Davis, Susie Curl-president, john South, Becky lmel, Linda Rosenquist, Libby Coch ran. 121 Bingo parties, an inter-club ban- quet, and a joint meeting with the Tech "Romani, enthusiasts kept Latin Club members in the 'iB.Cf' groove with plebeian and patrician inter- ests. Sponsoring the annual Interna- tional Banquet, members of the group shared information about Italian traditions and customs with other interested language students. Red upanuelosn waved as Span- ish Club members danced the "Con- gox' under the direction of Mrs. Mercedes Portilla. Learning the dances sparked interest in Spanish customs. Exchange student Felix Compadre and other guest speakers contrasted the differences in teenage life in the two countries. A taste of Spanish foods flavored one club pro- gram during their annual outing to a Spanish restaurant, "La Casa Amigan, and a Mexican holiday brightened the Christmas celebra- tion. Membeis of the junior Classical League are: QROW ONED Bill Fontaine, Sandra Epply, Ruth Daines KROW TWOJ Mike Reax, Diane Davis-editor of the TRIDENT, Katie Sny- der-secretary-treasurer, jim Gaier-presi- dent, Harry Moretz, Michael Schnelker-spon- sor QROW THREED Paul McMichael, Daniel McDermott, Stephen Eltroth, Chris Conlin- vice-president, Mike Keneick. .-XCCOLADE Horneroom Representatives are: tROVV ONEJ Kevin Gillette, Marcy Seyhold, Mary McPherson, Carol Hughes, janice Cher- pas, Linda Hepler, Sheryl Radtke, Brenda Burp, Barbara Saillant, Richard Kinnainan tROW TWOD Pat Miles, Becky Deputy, Cathy ACCOLADE Staff memhers are: QROVV ONEJ Stephanie Dodd, Anitra Clark, Donna Dani- luck, joan Lancello, Terry Coins, joAnne Q Clark, Sue Cartwright, Karen Boyd, judy Tip- ton, Shirly Brewer, Peggy Crisp, jeanne john- son, Dehhi Haines, Kim Spangle KROW' THREEJ Diana Ault, Denise Fields, Sue Wood, Susan Ault, julie Tyler, Lawrence Barker, Barhara Stephenson, Betsy Beyhurn, Bryan QROW TWO? jan Lannom, Patty Done- gan, Susan Shumway, Cindy Brandt, Kevin Gillette, Dottie Griffith, Karen jeffries tROW Donald Nlathews, Roy VVillman QROW FOURJ Sue Bruton, Kathy Baymont, joAnne Bryan, Criss Horton, Don Murray, Roh Partenheimer, Dennis Matchett, Wayne Fuson, Cheryl Catt, Bob Mesalam, Randy johnson. THREE? jan Cradick, Susie Burton, Kathy Rawlinson, Al Hall, janelle Neshit, jeff Zaring, Carl Hollingsworth. 122 Two-part yearbook reflects school stor , charts scene of Knight-life A staff of forty-one journalists incorporated the story of Knight- teen '68 in the 244-page "Accolade.H The yearbook reporters investi- gated the school from the English corridor to the math department determined to present an accurate and complete picture ofthe year. Matching their writing skills to five major deadlines, co-editors Susan Shumway and jeff Zaring, managing editor Cindy Brandt, and layout editor Donna Daniluck do- nated senior talents to the book, creating a permanent record of Knight-teen '68. Achieving membership in the nation-wide or- ganization at two annual dinners, Quill and Scroll members are: QROW ONE? Susan ,. . X' inn.. Armed with pica rulers, contact sheets and pens, editors jeff Zaring, Susan Shumway, Donna Daniluck, and Cindy Brandt Hnish a layout and the copy for a spread, Shumway, Mary jane Mercier, Beth Reynolds, Ann Kratz tROW TWOJ Denny Southerland Diana Ault, Karen Roberts, Donna Daniluck, MHYC IOHBS, Karefl TllUl'Sf0fl, lim CHU Cindy Brandt, Dottie Griffith, Kathy Baymont, Charlie Kennedy. Sl ,4- a W,.....-nl--W Lancer staff members are: QROW ONE? Sally Brown, Stephanie Bright, Karen Roberts, Charlie Kennedy, Karen Thurston, Marc jones, Diana Ault QROW TWO? Darlene Alonzo, Kris limbach, Susan Ault, Meg Woods, VVinners at the Marion County Press Day sponsored by Lawrence Central and Warren Beth Reynolds, Debbie Phelps, Robyn Cham- ness, Ann Kratz, Patty Kingston, Susie Bis- chohr QROW THREE? Carol Marguart, Phil Gelston, Phil DeRolph, jim Carr, Mike Fish- er, Denny Southerland, Scott New kirk, Howard Central are: QROW ONE? jan Cradick, Mike Fisher, Karen Thurston, Kay Hinds, Hubler, Becky Pearce KROW FOUR? Kav Hinds, Michelle Vaughan, Madonna Criffem Hal Stallings, jim Overmeyer, Marc Bouch- er, Ken Gray, Carol McCormick, Carol Lainpe. Marc jones QROW TWO? jim Carr, Phil De- Rolf, Carl Hollingsworth, Chris VVodtke. With cnose for newsi, journalists report mu gl, Wx ss! V ,.W,,,,a-.Mwv- ,, ,wap-W ,sa- Controversial subjects present problems to Karen Thurston, Ann Kratz, and Phil DeRolf. Delivering Lancers to homerooms, Lancer Representatives are: QROW ONEJ XVillie Portilla, Patty Donegan, Terri White, Cathy McFarland, Amy Quatc, Debbie Haines, Don- ald Mathews, Dave Johnston, Mary Hinds, Linda Rahm, Mike McPherson, jack Minton QROW TWOD Sherri Trump, Donna Daniluck, Debbie Wilson, Donna Quinnett, Susie Bis- choff, Debbie Sayles, Debbie XValls, Terri Butcher, Brenda Burp, Andrea Beasley, Criss Horton, Sheryl Breuere QROWV THREE! Sue Bruton, Diana Ault, Tim O'Dell, julie Tyler, Barb Stephenson, Linda Davis, jack Smith, Libby Cochran, Ron Shaw, Debra Cromwell, Knight-beat Accurate, up-to-the-minute copy was the weekly goal of the Lancer staff. Novice reporters learned the importance of checking and double- checking their efforts under the di- rection of newspaper co-editors Karen Thurston and Charlie Ken- nedy. Plans were also mapped for next yearls staff of aspiring journalists, with special emphasis on the prob- lems of presenting a complete pic- ture of the school and its student body. Appearing weekly, the Lancer de- veloped as the "Voice,' of Golden Knights and administration, cover- ing both sides of the Arlington story. Ted Meek KROVV FOUR7 Chris Reeder, Lenard Beasley, Carol Lampe, Kathy Hammer, Con- nie Dickson, Rick Wicsheit, Don Murray, Rob Partenheimer, Barbara Cabbert, Kathy Routt, Thomas Yeagley, Bob Bowser, Scott Tegar- den, Don McMillan. H Saw? W, , ll? ,A.,, Qi iw 'l+W Q f-W 5 M I 55? i 1 Members of the National Thespian Society are: CROW ONE? Pam Truax, Mary Arnt, Amy Quate, janet Byers, Carolyn Hill, Meg Woods QROW TWO? Sheri Haines, Vikki Alexakos, john Marks-treasurer, Sheryl Radtke, Beth Sloan, Tod Levitt KROW THREE? Patty Kingston, Bruce Tovsky, Vale- rie Smith, Nancy Atkinson-clerk, Marcia Reider-secretary, Susan Parsons QROW In competition, an effective rebuttal takes concentration for junior Russ Kennedy, FOUR? Carol Lampe, Karen jessup, David Martin, Kris Ann Schuesler, Ralph VVeber, Stan VVelton QROW FIVE? Brent Price, Doug- las Gootee, Phillip Celston-board member, Mike Kaiser, Libby Cochran, Hope Levitt- president QROW SIX? Russ Kennedy, Barb Gabbert, jan Brown, Charlie Kennedy, Pete Rusthoven, Allan Kuhlman-vice-president. Utilizing modern scripts and in- dividual interpretation, the National Thespian Society provided an enter- tainment media for students inter- ested inthe performing arts. Apprentice thespians, striving for membership, gained points by taking part in productions and by joining the back-stage crews responsible for cast make-up, scenery, props, cos- tumes, curtains, and lighting, The thespians produced "The Christmas Misern for the student body during the '67 holiday season with juniors john Marks and Karen Jessup playing the leading roles of "Scrooge" and "MollyH in the production. The satirical play "Animal Farmf' by George Orwell, was performed by the actors in state-wide competition at a meet on the Ball State campus. Members staged the short play, "The Bad Children," for city grade- school students in the spring. rators polish skills through competition VVhile the majority of pupils have a five-day work week, stu- dent orators practiced six days a week for City wide speech com- petition. VVith information cards and back-up notes, debaters took a stand on the issues affecting the world today. Speech enthusiasts gained points toward induction into the National Forensics League by entering con- tests ranging from dramatic inter- pretation to extemporaneous speaking to poetry. They also uscoredn at a Butler University clinic offering guidance to speak- ers. Members of the National Forensics League are: QROVV ONE? Larry Lannan. john Marks, Nancy Olson. Tod Levitt, Nleg VYoods-president KROVV TYVO? Brent Price, Hoard Hubler-vice-president, jef- fery Lewis, Carol Lampe, Philip Gelston QROVV THREE? Mike Krienik, Stan YVel- ton, Kris Nelson, Hope Levitt QROVV FOUR? Russ Kennedy, jan Brown, Sheryl Kuhlman, Ron Nliller KROW' FIVE? David Schxsantes, Charlie Kennedy, Allan Kuhlman. Pete Rusthoven. Nlrs. Georgia Floren.+sponsor, Representing the school members ofthe De Paula Spahr jan Broun Michael Cuticchia Kris Nelson, David Schwantes, Pete Rust- batff Team SFC lR0W ONE? John M-GlfkS QROW TVVO? Philip Celston james Broun hoven, Allan Kuhlman, Russ Kennedy. Improving student and faculty relationships, members of the Student Council are: LROYV ONE? Tom Burleson, Scott Spiegel, Douglas Singleton, Dan Krause, Phil Ltigard, Kurt Homann, Mark Bishop. Felix Compadre, XYayne Traetoyy, Dave Frederick KROW' TYVOJ Karl Hinkle, Danny Crowe, Ron Petti- grew, Allan Kuhlman, Steve Kehrer, Herb Henry, Wayne Fuson, Robert Deardorff QROW THREEJ Carol Forbes, Beth Loveless, Kris- tine Embach, Pat Stutsman, Vicki Roan, Robyn Chamncss, janey Baskett, Carole Critchlow, Willie Portilla, Merry Spoolstra, Debbie Phelps, Mary Linzer, Lisa VVichscr. Lynn jansen, Linda Yant, Mrs. Belgen VYellS lRUYV FOURJ Vicki Altom, Patsy Wallis, Becky Pearce, Anitra Clark, julie Hart, jody Fox, Karen jeileries, Mary Kay Kcllerhals, Debbi Haines, Cindy Hopper, Denise Mari- etta, Barb Hartley, Laurie Peterson, Susan Ault, Chris Campbell, Memory Lawhorn, Russell Palma, Roger West QROW FIVE? Marc Boucher, Amy Brown, Connie Hughes, Debbie Wiersma, Lori Crana, Beth Reynolds, Elected by Student Council members to lead the organization of homeroom representatives sen- iors Karen Loman, Martha Musser, Denny Southerland, Charlie Kennedy, and Beth Reynolds serve as officers for the group of school and community-minded Colden Knights. 128 Suzanne Kasler, Kris Ann Schuesler, Lisa XVilliams, Steve Draughon, Carol Marquart, Bobbe Hill, Karen Boyd, Barbara Saillant, Hope Levitt, Karen Loman, Craig Winn KROVV SIXJ Bobbie Yan Sickle, joAnn Bryan, David Outterson, Bob Mcslarn. Steve Apple, jeff Fording, jim Carr, Martha Musser, Carol McCormick, Scott Newkirk, Tod Levitt, Caroll Bruenger, Sally Tegarden, Don Counts, Marcy Seybold, Nancy Meek, Betsy Reyburn, Cloria Marsh, Mary jane Mercier. Homeroom ambassadors repre- senting 125 homerooms worked to promote inter-school understanding through spirit committees, sock hops, and uHowdy Weeku in the Council. The Council sponsored a school program honoring outstanding citi- zens, scholars, athletes, and leaders, spending their time in service. During the summer, I2 cabinet members attended workshops throughout the country where prob- lems were shared and ideas ex- changed in an effort to improve. Representatives were also distin- guished in organizations outside the school. Elected to serve on the In- dianapolis Federation of Student Councils, junior Marc Boucher served as ,67-'68 president. S, council leaders dedicate talents, Officers of the National Honor Society, senior john Weinhardt leads the group as Steve Apple, vice-president: Susan Shumxy ay, secretary: and Debbie Yan Duren, treasurer. National Honor Society members are: QROWV ONE? Thomas Beall, Charles Petry, Dan Huff- man, jeff Zaring, Mike Mcliowen, Brent Price. Rich Reidy, Kevin Kelley, Tom john- son, john Hallinger, Mike Schoonmaker, Bruce Pulliam, David Nixon, Charlie Ken- nedy, Loren Habeney KROW TWOJ jill Bourne, Linda Long, Ann Kratz, Glenda Han- sen, Corene jones, jayne lkawa, Rosa Hill, Mary jane Mercier, Pam Moulder, joan wil- son, Sue Bruton, jan Ansley, Rebecca johnson, Alana Darrell QBOVV THREE? Sondra XYilson, Barham Heitz, Karen johnson. Hope Levitt. Terri Hartley, Diana Ault, Karen Thurston, Stephanie Bates, jo Ann Tipton, Beth Rey- nolds, Carol Patton, Sandra VVatjen, janet XVil- liams, Candy Matthews, Susan Shumway, janelle Nesbit, Debbie Yan Duren, jerilyn Phillips QROW FOURJ Donna Kouwe, Kathy Raymont, Lynn jansen, Susie Curl, Linda Friend, Martha Musser, Karen Roberts, Debbie Hicks, Kim VVitsman, Debii Beetem, president, serve school The National Honor Society strove to create an enthusiasm for scholar- ship, stimulate a desire for service, promote worthy leadership, and encourage the development of char- acter with an honorary organization of Houtstandingw students. Under the leadership of sponsors Mr. Robert Gwyn and Mrs. Sally Maze, the 60 students directed two tap days and sponsored 'KMoonlight and Mistletoef, a semi-formal dance staged for the Christmas holidays. At induction ceremonies, presi- dent john XVeinhardt outlined the society's purposes, goals, and re- sponsibilities. Inductees took the formal oath, and present members affirmed their pledge to uphold their tradition of scholarship. Sandra Faulkner. Sharon Sims, Flania Nano- poulos, Carol Barron, Dottie Critlith, Gloria Marsh, Cindi Stone, Marian Satlord QROW' FIVE? Michael Cheatham, john Lappas, Scott Tegarden, jim Wheeler, Fred Simmons, Bob Crabham, Tony Theyssen, Ted Meek, Al Katz- man, Ceorge Portilla, Sam Shorter, Marc jones, Elmer Hesse, Steve Apple, Sharon Os- walt, Mary Terrell, Srana Roberts, Teri Cart- wright. An honorary organization, NHS is open to juniors and seniors, ri -'G V Constructing equipment from television cam- eras to robots, members of the Electronics Club are: QROVV ONEJ Bill Cherry. Paul Ms' in :N .Mai Scott, Steve Bull, Terry Adams QROVV TWO? jeannette NYilkins, Bill NYilson, Stephen XYal- ton-prcsident, Paul Routh-vice-presiclent, Larry Taylor KROW THREEJ William Fel- lows-sponsor, Gene Neal, David Culp, john Collins-secretary, Cary Parker. Providing additional techniques of learning through movies, film strips, recordings and the public address system, the Audio-Visual Assistants are: CROW ONEJ George Portilla, Thomas Zentz, Mark Mewitt, Steve Bull, Peter Murphy, Norman Leonard CROW TWO? Dan Ratz, Douglas Cootee, john Benton, jerry Dunphy, Larry Dunphy, Dan Lawhorn, Rick Crossen QROW THREEJ Harold Quallcin- bush, jeff Flynn, Kerry Darrenkamp, john 130 ? Collins, Ralph Weber, Steve Click, Karl Hin- kle, Bob Kraucunas KROW FOURD Bruce Tovsky, john Potts, Terry Murphy, Susie Bis- choff, Steve Kaisen, john Holmes, Dan Coop- er. Technicians solve mechanical problems, add service With a headstart on the computer age, the Electronics Club added to the uautomationn trend with a mov- ing mechanical man. "Boris," the club's robot, presided at group meet- ings as the mechanical mascot, a battery-powered symbol of an up- coming world. Auditorium technicians, however, found their work could only be done 'iby hand," Under the guidance of sponsor Bernard Heeke, the boys learned the art of stage direction. Props and lighting cues kept the ae- tive group busy during plays and special all-school convocations. In the audio-visual department, 2 the problems of recording studios and television stations were re- ' searched by interested students who combined film and tape management , talents in an all-school service. Mr. Bernard Heeke keeps Talent Show tryouts running smoothly by repairing a phonograph. Aidillg the PCl'f0fITling SFOUPS by C0USffllCfiIlg Mark Milam, Ralph Weber, Greg Maxwell, Howe, Andy jones QROW THREEJ jonathan Sets, litlhliflii the Stage, and Cflflffflllillf-I the Pete Murphy, Mike Mennedy QROWV TVVOJ Parker, Bob Milliser, john Anderson, john Cllftfliflsi the Hllditofium fCChmCil1nS 2il'0f james Siegfried, Mike Haemmerle, Tom Benton, Peter Van Spronsen, David Martin, QROW ONEJ Bill Cherry, Stephen VValtun, jackggn, Lenard Beasley, Steve Fralish, Bruce Douglas Gootee,Clark Lucas. 131 Service groups initiate special project' Members of Interclub Council are: QROVV UNEP Donna Quinnett. Ann Kratz, Glenda Hansen, Meg VVoods, Susan Lacy, Susie Bis- chott, Glenn Swisher, jerilyn Phillips, Becky johnson, Felix Gompadre, Audie Saillant. Karen Loman QROVV TVVOD Diane Davis. Katic Snyder, Nlarcia Rcider, Susan Shumway, Nancy Atkinson, Pam Truax, john Lappas, Becky Red Cross members are: tROWV ONE? Pam Truax-secretary-treasurer, Becky Salter- historian, Debbie Pedigo QROW TVVOJ Mrs. Cladysmae Good-sponsor, Theresa Strauss -president, Karen Walton, jan Gahris. Aid to Viet Nam was their principle goal. Salter, Sandra Watjen. Debbie Van Durcn, Memory Lawhorn, Gayle Boyd, Linda Friend, Beth Robinson QROVV THREEJ Karen Thur- ston, Susie Curl, Russ Kennedy, Elmer Hesse, Debbie Hicks, Steve Apple, Martha Nlusser, Beth Reynolds, Garl Harvey, Tom johnson, Anne Hoggatt, Libby Cochran, Tamara Mc- lidwards, Nlichael Fisher QROVV FOURD Ghris Conlin, jim Gaier, jeff Fording, Bob Hal- comb, Gharlie Kennedy, Howard Hubler, Al- lan Kuhlman, john Collins, Barbara Cabbert, Denise Slinkard, Gloria Marsh, jeanne john- son, Denise Richey, Theresa Strauss. School leaders face similar problems in organizing extracurricularactivities. onate time While political scientists con- templated the advent of nuclear war and weather forecasters pre- dicted storms and tornadoes, Red Cross Club members prepared for the emergencies. Headed by senior Theresa Strauss and faculty sponsor Mrs. Gladysmae Good, the club participants readied to aid disaster victims involved in natural and Hman-made" emer- gencies. The school service club, Tri-Hi-Y, also enjoyed a busy schedule during the year. Providing a food basket for a needy family at Thanksgiving and sending delegates to the model United Nations, the all-girl organi- zation played an active part in school and community programs. Leaders from all school activities shared the problems of club organi- zation in the Inter-Club Council, a Hseminaru of officers concerned with the membership and planning problems of all school-related clubs. Delivering "dreaded" green slips and assisting administrators, the office messengers are: KROXV ONE? Vicky Leonard, Jeannie NVeber. janet Routh, Pam Lacy, Sandy Thompson, Cindy Spradling, Candy Bader, Susan john- son, Kathy Dover, Beth Robinson, Arlene Jenson, Stephanie Cummings, Linda Rahm, Sponsoring the Senior Boys Panel, members of Tri-Hi-Y are: QROXV ONE? Patty Strana- han, jane Anne Welsh, Sandi Watjen, Denise Richey QROVV TVVOJ Vicki McCoy. Barbara Mrs. Bclgen XVells KROVV TVVOJ Sue Xlurphy, Nancy Pike, Debbie Sayles, Ruth Daines. Glenda Cooper, Xlaureen Kennedy. Barbara Irwin, Karen Byers, Donna Dunn, Elva Niar- tin, Debby Wheeler, Bob Bowser QROW' THREE? Anita Poole, Patti Cherpas, Darla Shadrick, Libby Cochran, Barbara Norris, Reidy, Chris Halter, janet Routt, Memory Lawhorn QROXV THREEJ Kerri Smith, Peg Nleyers, Gayle Boyd, Barbara Boyd, Patti Cherpis. janet Williams. Michael Cuticchia, Dennis Brown, Debbie Pedigo. lan Ansley. Sue Wood QROXV FOURJ Xlike Henthron, jo NVeston, Craig Roller, joyce Cabbert, joAnn Payne, Nlark Vaughan, Denise Slinkard, Stephanie Dixon, Marc Bouch- er, Denny Nlatchett, jim Drummins, George Wilson, Rick Weisheit. , ,, an E, .,r,,., he Y.. . . Clinic Assistants are: QROVV ONEJ Mrs. Rowena Graub-nurse, Mary Amt, Pam Traux, Denise Ford, Susan Crawley KROW TWOD julia Mears, Carolyn Nostrand, Deloris Cameron, Nancy Craig CROW THREEJ Nancy Moyer, Dianna Fifer, Judy Bisser, Carolyn Brooks QROW FOURJ Helen Hatha' way, Kathleen Ann Tranburg, Diane Mullen Ginny Harts CROW FIVEJ Barbara Gahbert Cheryl Catt, Ausma Brikmanis, jean Booi. Clubs seek to recognize career goals Careers in service captured the in- terest of Future Nurses Club mem- bers as the community-minded teens enjoyed a year of school activities. The girls welcomed a former army nurse who spoke of her experiences in Viet Nam, they also invited the FNC from Marshall High School to join in one of their December group meetings. President of the club, Barbara Gabbert led the aspiring nurses in the Mental Health Gift Lift, Christ- mas Caroling, and Viet Nam gift box campaigns. They also sold booster badges and ribbons. Clinic assistants prepared for a medical career by aiding the nurses in school emergencies. The girls greeted patients, took temperatures, and filed and recorded health records, combining nursing and special secre- tarial skills. The group worked as Red Cross iistand-by" for sports events. Future Nurses: QROW ONED Susan Parsons historian QROW TWOJ Sandy Shoemaker, dent, Laura johnson, Charlene Ferger-secre- -vice-president, joy Upson, Cathy Carter, Joyce Gabbert, Karen Roller, Kathy jackson, tary, Anne Beall, Carol Hughes, Miss Patricia April McVey, Sally Whaley, Debbie Richart- Madonna Griffey, Barbara Gabbert-presi- Knight-sponsor. 134 Q in fzeiggxz at 1.1. Exploring the world of numbers, probability, chance and logic, members of the Math Club are: QROW ONE? Michael Cuticchia, john An international exchange of ideas sparked the january 30 Future Teachers of America reception with a broadened interpretation of the position of the teacher and the stu- dent in a modern world. Presented for Mr. Ali Cakmak, Turkish exchange teacher, the tea was sponsored by the club members who are concerned with finding a place in a rapidly-growing, vitally- changing educational world. The math club also took an active interest in a progressive world, chal- lenging their minds with the latest problems of precise calculations. The students tried mathematical riddles and questions in their "numbers" games. Members of the Future Teachers Club are: CROW ONE? Sarah Gildea, Diane jackson, Sandi Watjen-president, judy Tipton, Barb Stephenson 1ROW TWO? Laurie Peterson, joyce MacDonald, Barbara Dye, Michelle Vaughan QROW THREE? Gloria Marsh- treasurer, Martha Atz, Laura johnson, Debbie Bennett KROW FOUR? Merle Saftord, Bobbie VanSickle, Marilynn Daniel, julie Pool QROW FIVE? Jeanne johnson-secretary, Vicki Roehm, Robbie Rice, jeannine Kreider QROW SIX? Anita Atz, Mrs. Margaret janert-spon- sor, Stephanie Dixon. llhnniinaa Members of the varsity baseball team are: QROVVONEJ jim Seamon, Denny Southerland, Doug Harmas. Larry Mayes, Terry Ziniple- Bob Nic-ara, Bob Crabham, Dean Teater. Ran- man, .-Xl Katzman. Frank Broun, Scott 'Fogar- Lly lforcl, Bill Bllllgll, Lance Rhodes QROXY clen, Coach Tom Dobbs. Bolsterecl by six rea Trying for the extra base, outfielder Steve Baker slains into lioine in his attempt to score. - . ,. .,- , i f - , fm? rag S2 it ,S E is .. fi? T N at i Y , S pf ,, 5 i V 4, if J, s xx For ,. J .ff 1 nl f gsfrfy 'Af 1 fffiiiffigiix TWO? Steve Tegarden-coach, Mike Whitaker, turning letterm en, the team intends to capture the state crown. VARSIT Kennedy Manual Northwest Washington Greenfield Tech Attueks Lawrence Chatard Cathedral VVoocl Warren Howe Shortridge Manual Scecina North Central Sectionals Chatard North Central Shortridge Regionals Plainfield Pike Semi-State Bloomington Columbus State jasper LaPorte Season Record: Y BASEBALL-1967 .HIS 6 8 4 2 2 .3 8 4 9 3 l 5 0 l 4 2 I0 0 6 3 T 5 0 A 9 IO 5 22-4 Dobbs moblle drwes chat, men to victory -fx mer, john Buscomln, jack Nlitchc-ll, Bob Riley Bruce Kelly, Nlikv Clancy, cmzcll Don Lostut ter. Ccmcll Loslutter began his first season as the reserve lmselmull teamls llc-acl cm1cl1. fir- MW' wi I -if -'v,,., f 1 fl, Varsity basketball team ccourtsl victory Boasting a winning season, members of the Bill Baugh, Bob Meara, Veo McGee, Terry Thomas Dobbs-coach Chris Reeder Kevin varsity basketball team are: CROW ONEJ Dick Zimpleman, Tom Meara, Scott Tegarden, Kelley, Mike Clancv Brad Davis Loren Emery-manager, Bob Crabham-captain, Morris Erwin-manager CROW TWOJ Mr. Habeney, Mr. Don Lostutter coach VARSITY BASKETBALL AHS Ben Davis 85 60 Howe 53 59 Tech 53 38 Wood 59 74 Scecina 50 69 Lawrence Central 54 56 Carmel 91 71 Northwest 58 67 Greenfield 69 63 Beech Grove 79 103 Broad Ripple 63 70 Shortridge 95 63 Chatard fcityj 66 62 Marshall Qcityl 57 71 North Central 96 56 Manual 66 73 Pike 57 62 Cathedral 56 59 Warren Central 78 58 Washington 80 50 Tech Csectionalj 55 40 Season Record: 11-10 RESERVE BASKETBALL Ben Davis Howe Tech Wood Scecina Lawrence Central Carmel Northwest Greenfield Beech Grove Broad Ripple Shortridge Manual tcityj North Central Manual Pike Cathedral Warren Central Washington Season Record: breaks school record with 11-10 season FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Northwest Creston Chatard Ben Davis Tech Shortridge Eastwood Wood Broad Ripple Manual Manual Ccityl Attucks Scecina Woodview Belzer Cathedral Washington Marshall Howe Season Record: 8- AHS 52 46 36 44 22 39 39 44 36 45 17 41 44 40 44 43 33 38 50 I i Members of the freshman team are: KROW TWOD Mr. Roland Cutter, Phil Vogelsang, ONEJ Bob Mesalam, Don Thrasher, Ed Hart, Dennis Brown, john Ferguson, Geoff Rout, Rick Carsline, Bob Helm, Ed Snyder, QROW Don Warner, Wayne Fuson, Skip Fisher. Looking ahead toward the varsity squad, Bob Riley, Mike Seamon, Cary Ramage Greg Wolf, Bob Maas, Michael McGill, Mr. members of the reserve basketball team are: QROW TWO? Scott Spiegel-manager, Phil Don Lostutter-coach, The team won eight QBOW ONED jimmy Seamon, Tom Burleson, Gemmer, Mark McAlister, Mark Hammond, games by an average often points. 139 .4-1 ,41 mn Ti-nnis tc-uni im-iriiiers arc: CROW' ONE? Brucv Hviiiiciniiiip, john lnilipiis, Niurk Nickl- i5tcr, limi Morguii, Piiiil lic-iii-il, SU-vm' Smith Nic-niiwrs ui' tin- girls gyiiimistic ti-uni uri- IRON' ONICJ Cathy Clark. Kris Hiiilnicli. Heidi Hiiiliucii, Pain Denny, juukiv Pike, Both J n ii Lli 1 L igi mx X O2-,I lu s in Minis. c,il2ll'i0N Nlit'5. C.rc-g Holi, lmiiis Baun- LROV' TXV07 Clmicii Lyrnain Cninlms. Boi l,mvli-ss lROV' 'IWYOP Lklljlbllllkl l,iii-gin, Xliiry Linzcr. Kristy illxirk, Clinciy Ni-il, Di-iiimic Wivrsinu, Put Stiitsinun QROVV TIIRHEJ Con- flung wi ws- -15 rf ..,,.. Niernhers ofthe golf team are: KROVV ONEJ Palma, john Hall, Bill Parrish CROW' TYVOJ Ron Cunningham. Bruce Black, Rick Lcc. john Hallanger. joe Paulin, Paul Troy, Russ Stexe Hogslmce, Hick Sanders. Xlike lfarner. Thesquadsoughtathirdcitytitle, Foes howto golfers, netmen, gymnastsg Q3 i he-an W .fish- Cetting in top shape is a tough task for junior Mark McAlister as he attempts to return the serve The tennis team, under coach Ly man Conihs. practiced every night after school. 141 triple threat The varsity golf and tennis teams were plagued hy the same major problem, lack of competitive experi- ence. The golf team, under new head coach john Manka, attacked the links with only one returning letterman. joe Paulin. The squad was holstered, though, hy seniors john Hallangcr and Steve Rigsbee. The linksters he- gan indoor practice in early March. The tennis team was aided hy two returning lettermen, john Lappas and Greg Holt. Greg was last years city' champion in the singles. Adding to competitive honors, the new squad of girl gymnasts also brought honor to the Knight athletic department with their precision drills in all areas of inter-school testing from tumbling exercises to precision parallel har routines. -- V W A VARSITY FOOTBALL AHS Lawrence Central 19 34 Scecina I3 13 Northwest 20 40 Warren Central 21 9 Manual 13 14 Howe 28 0 Carmel 39 I-1 Ft, VVayne Central O 26 Attucks 0 12 Broad Ripple 12 46 Season Record: 6-3-1 I Leaping to catch a pass, varsity gridders demon- strate the benefits of hard practice. f ' '-aww 5' I ' 'Ui i'5g?'V,27'7f2ffi"7jfi' ii, . - -, . : :f--gfdnia -Tis, Y X ' my fifxfvlfa ar-2 fri' 5 ,,21:'i: .,, Varsity and Reserve Football: QROW ONE? Bob Riley, Dean Teater, Scott Teagarden, Lance Rhodes, Rob McCoy, Herb Henry, Emil Molin, jack Ridpath, Steve Draughon, Dick Zimmerman, Bob Halcomb, Doug Har- mas, Randy Britton, QROW TWO? Ron Bell, Rusty Whan. Denny Southerland, Tim Wal- lace, Mike Fisher, Dave Bender, Fred Sim- mons, Scott Newkirk, Kurt Kleinhelter, Glenn Tumer, Mike Seamon, jelf Forking, Sam Shorter, Frank Brown, QROW THREEJ Al Katzman, Dave Milam, Tony Theysson, Bob 142 Hevron, Dick Meschke, Bob Meara, Tom Meara, Bill Baugh, Ted Meek, Mitch Lanning, jim Barnett, Brad Davisg Coaches, Mr, Elmer Calloway and Mr. Al Nowakr Varsity coach Nowak retired at the end of the season. He joined the coaching staff in 1961. City champs, reserves boast first unde- feated seasong varsity, freshman squads gain 6 vietories apiece in winning effort Freshman Football: QFIRST ROWJ Wayne Fuson, Kim jeter, Ken Finn, Dan Teater, Dan Traitow, Ed Hart, Paul Morrison, Robert Chamness, jeff Rout, Evan Vaughan, Lacey s 7' - ,??'lifE johnson, KSECOND ROWJ joe jacobs, Terry jones, Bob Meslamg CTHIRD ROW? jack Moneymaker, Charles Stuckey, Bill Carr, Hollingsworth, Doug Mont, Rob Brown, Phil Howard Holifield, Tyrone Henry, Mark Vogelgesang, Grant Cavis, Larry Patrick, Stevens, Don Kraege, Mike Pearcy, Don Steve Morrison, jerry Eidson. A FRESHMAN FOOTBALL RESERVE FOOTBALL AHS Lawrence Central 20 0 Lawrence Central 6 AI-fg Sceciina lg 22 Scecina 13 13 gmt west 12 24 Northwest 6 52 Mrestmg 0 26 Warren Central 8 20 anua Manual 21 28 Carmel 36 0 Howe 32 32 Ehatalfd 6 22 Greenfield 0 20 Bttuil SR,ppI 24 0 North Central 2 6 roa 1 e ' Howe 14 21 Attucks 0 33 Season Record: 6-4 Seasons Record: 8-O-2 I I Striding for the first down, a future varsity runner heads for open ground. l43 x 1 1 ! 1 I Varsity truck members are: CROW ONEJ Dane Philips, Cary Rurnuge. Roh XlcCoy, Bill Fa- vors, Mark Wheeler, Mike Kenriek, Val Bi- leekyj QROYV TXVOD Phil Corron, Ken Crop, Dale Harriman, Chris Coy, Tom Rea, Emil Mnlin, Herh Henry, Dick Meschke, XVillard Barnett, john Berry CROW' THREE? Xlurk Nelsen, Dave Milam, Bob Geddes, Cary Heed, Members of the varsity Cross country team are: QROVV ONEJ john Berry, Dane Philips, Cary Ramage, Fred Wyatt QROVV TVVOD Kevin Kelly, Chris Reeder, jim Barnett, Pian- dy Bultman, Cary Orr. Returning lettermen Chris Coy and' Turn Plea paced the squad in individual honors in distance events. Mike Williams, Tom Rea, Bill Bennett, Chris Coy, Cary Reed. Next yearis squad will he bolstered by three returning lettermen. 144 Sprinters race for Hnish line-victory style Memhers of the reserve Cross country team are: Cary Orr, Ken Grey, I-Id Harlan, Cliff Rigshee, Bill Burp. and Mike Pence. Xlernhers Members of the freshmen track ure: QROYV ONE? Cary Howenstein, Don jones. Torn Beavers. Steve Wheeler, Steve Thompson CROWV TWVO? Mark Stevens, Ken Finn, Kurt of the freshmen cross country team are: CROW' ONE? Dave Le Master, Cary Holenstein. Dave Lu Porte QROW TNVO? joe Draughn- Sehxyoxyrney er, Tyrone Henry, Bold Chamness, Randy Lone CROW' THREE? Wfuyne Fuson, jeff johnson, Mike Cline, Geoff Ront, Don Thrasher, john Imel, Larry Deniek, jerry coach, Dick Hobson, Randy Lowe, Don Thrasher. Cliff King, The freshmen team is formed during try-outs in the previous full. Dickson. Freshmen form the nucleus for next years teams. v i i Top cpm, manship spells team victories VARSITY WRESTLING RESERVE WRESTLING Carmel I8 Carmel 13 Scecina 2-1 Scecina I I Manual I5 Manual 3 Tech 0 Tech 8 Northwest 2l Northwest 20 Shortridge 2:3 Shortridge 15 Noblesville 5 City Tourney second Washington 20 Noblesville 24 Broad Ripple 5 North Central fifth Howe T Invitational North Central -10 VVashington 14 City first Broad Ripple 18 Season Record: I0-l Howe I6 FRESHMAN WRESTLING North Central 25 Northview 45 Sectional second Creston 46 Regional second Tech 39 State Finals seventh ttiej Shortridge 34 Season Record: 10-l Season Record: 0--1 'Future champ, Zac Ellis gains pointers from varsity pros Lance Rhodes and john jones. Nlcmhers of the freshman wrestling squad White, Bob Rossetter, Bill Carr QROWV TXVOJ Terry Nloneymaker, Evan Vaughan. The are: QROW ONEJ Bruce Renecamp, Tony Crant Davis, Kim jeter, Vl'avne Traetow. freshmen ended their season with one citx English, Bob Craeher, Dave LeMaster, Marty Steve Morrison. Dave Edmonds, Doug Mott, champion, Dave Le-Master. Day, Steve Rider, David Outterson, Bob Reserve cheerleaders are: KTOP T0 BOT- TOM? Nlarcy Scybolcl, Nancy Meek, Cindy Neal, Laura XVoods, and Sherry Newhousc. Freshmen cheerleaders are: QTOP T0 BOT- TOMJ Diane Cones, judy Hartley, Denise Marietta, Nancy King, and Cathy Clark. During game time, the "girls- behind the team," the varsity cheer- leaders, led the Coldenaires and pep block members in the team-boosting group, the Knights Klub. Selected by their classmates on the basis of cheerleading talent and school spirit, the Varsity seven back- ed the basketball and football teams with the "Go-team-gon enthusiasm that prevailed during the year. Reserve cheerleaders also backed a hard-hitting team of roundballers during the games staged before the varsity basketball competition. Captain Marcy Seybold led the squad during the hardwood season. cGold-toned, spirit corps boosts team With waving pom-poms and color- ful routines, the Goldenaires added a professional touch to their ,67 sea- son, staging a show for an Indiana Pacers game in the coliseum. Night rehearsals and pre-game practices kept the 1967-1968 squad of Coldenaires perfecting their rou- tines for half-time performances. The high-stepping marchers mem- orized their shows in counts of eight to fast-moving band tunes. Led by sponsor Mrs. Burdeen Schmidt, captain Linda Friend, and co-captain Laura Saillant, the Golden- aires included in their performances featured twirler Lori Crana and four- year-old mascot Lisa Skinner. Boosting spirit and leading the Knight Klub members in cheers, varsity cheerleaders are: Performing precision half-time entertainment and colorful dance routines. members of the Goldenaires are: QBOYV ONEJ Nlary Linzer, Alana Darrell, Barbara Saillant, Dawn De- Lisle, Beth Loveless, Pam Denny, Ann Waller CROW' TYVOP Linda Moss, Becky Bultman, Kris Embach, Nlelinrla Clark, Kathy LeFeber, Karen Kennedy, Becky Pearce, Peggy Duclas, joan XYilson, Lirula Cable, Patty Donegan QROW' THREE! Debbie Hines, Robyn Cham- CLEFT TO RIGHTJ Candy Beldon, Terri Hartley, Suzanne Kasler, Linda Bahm-eap- ness, Karen Loman, Debbie Campbell, Deb- bie XVilson, Nlerle Saiford, Debbie Felkins, Becky Deputy. LaDonna Lucas. Cincly Loomis QROYV FOUR? Nancy Atkinson, Jeannie Bern- ilowitz, Audie Saillant, Patty Cole QRON' FIVEJ Peggy Klien, Elaine Phillips, Lori Crana, Lisa Skinner, Debbie Causey, Pat Stutsman KROWV SIXJ Elizabeth Kitluell, Laura XYilliarns, Merry Spoolstra, Susan Young QROYV SEVEN? Becky NlcDonalcl, w . , Nj ,S- s tain, jody Fox, Karen jefferics, and Meg Woods. M rs. Pollock is sponsor. Linda Friend, Susie Bruton QROW EIGHT? Barbara Heitz. Chris King, Shelley Nethery. Patty Yillars, Nlartha Xlusser, Debbie Hicks, Connie Dickson, Carol Xlcflorrniek, .-Kun Nlat- thews, Lynn jansen, Karen jessup, Tish Le- Xlaster QROYV NINE? Chris Halter. Carol Lampe. Nancy Scherer, Nlargaret Zinunernian, Barb Hartley, Diana Ault, jan Ansley. Karen johnson. 149 .-Xicliiig the hcginning gym classcs by clcrnun- strating. and participating, lmys physical cci- ucatinn assistants arc: LROW' ONE? Ste-vc Dcmnnstrating techniqucs of physical fitness, girls physical cclucatiun assistants arc: CROW' ONEJ Kris Emhach, Pat Stutsman, Linda Rahm, Audie Saillant, .-Xnn NYallcr. Xlary Lin- Wi? Taylor. Hon Buchanan, Turn De-an, Nlikc Harnagc, Frank Nlnsicr lHOXT TVVOJ Don 'J' mov lformlinq, David Nlnorc KROYY THREICP David lluiinian, Bcnny Bcnnctt, Xlikc Cluylc. jay Paris, Rick Cunninghani, fyl Katzinan, jcrl fiffm-.liflllillllslmfl-5lUVlyH1"fUUU'1fl- w . ,,f..f . . Q- -I 'A t-:Rl f nie' 1 zz'-f 'Min ' ffuv' 'gf'-QQi4+!::" Paenen 9:vv0' on h, fu, va M, U .wiv al' ' :lim :Ezra J X V ,jun 1 f' H. ' N s ,'1,::yr:...,,.:::1'ggi X' . - ,V-X., 'llervvg-Q1-anis!!! 1, 1- jug ?34F4'4"fWl-41:41 INV' 4 l ,zfigrzxgzszfvfrg In-:2:,. '-:"WiA iszfiwuiqfamf' .r - zcr, Robyn Chamncss KRUVV TYVOJ Linda Cable-, Cindy' Neil, Lallonna Lucas. Terry' Hnicryp Suzanne Kaslcr. Dclmlwic Lake QROYV TIIREEJ Connic Kelley, Billi Harnnionci. Dch- 150 hic W'cirsma, Lori Grana, Nlary VVils0n, Ann Fnbcs, Nlarcia McKee QROYV FOURJ Linda Nlillcr, Brcncla Davyg Chris Dctlarn, Candy' Bclcinn, Nancy Scherer, Barbara Hartlcy. Student assistants use secretarial skills, Fixing solutions for chemistry classes, assistant Candy Matthews assembles her ingredients. Practicing secretarial skills, academic assis- Susie Bischoff, jo Ann Tipton, Anne Hoggatt, tants are: CROWV ONEJ Vivian Schomeyer, joyce Miller QROVV TWO? Hope Levitt, aid teachers Girls with an extra period in their class schedules took advantage of the time by utilizing academic skills as assistants in departments from business to science. Specialized skills were tested as the usecretariesh typed, filed, and mimeographed during the one-period sessions. The uCirl Fridaysl' helped in running errands and received sal- aries forthe job, Physical education assistants also gave their instructors a 'ihelping hand" during class periods. Serving as 'ipractice teachers," the assistants, selected from teacher rec- ommendations, aided freshman phy- sical education students in developing gymnastic skills. In the classroom, assistants became the "right-hand men" for busy teach- ers, as well as counselors for begin- ners in the gymnastics, business, and science fields. Karen Roberts, Linda Friend, Lynn jansen, Sharon Sims. t K! u ,s 151 dl 'UQ Xlc-rlllwrs of the Bmxlillg l.C'2igllC url-1 KROW' IIUIAS, Bill Ve-rrili. Ilivll Paul, rlqlllll Byers, Paul Hflfliil. Sllflilll Sllrllivr. llillild Nvifllillilvf ONE? Boll Xlllrcl, llllll Xlorris, Bt-lllll livll- Troy lROYY TNYUJ jun Byers, Jllllf Xlikosyl cil'IllLl Isl-llllmlvr. Delmilic Cfulllpllcli, Strixillg llc-tt, Xlllfk Balwr, Rin-It Crrlssoll, Holm xytll- filllllf' HllIllSlIlj.fl'f, Kvlly SIOCIIIII, Nlllililllllil fOr il goal Ol 300, the ll'1lIll5 sn-ilk till' IULIQKIK liillfs, Mika' Bigelow, Bill Favors, Miki- Curl- Clritfcy, Billllll' llill, Paula SAIIICF, Delmllil- l'll21lITlplUIlSlliIl. lglfllilljl lcttvrs ill vuriulls sports, llll-llllu-rs ut, Nlilll- Xyilliglllly fill-llll 'lillTIll'l'. ililllll lic-ll, ji-li' cifilllllkllll, lfrvcl Sillllllrllls, RUII Day CROW' tha- l.l-ttvrllllllls cilllll url-1 GKUW' ONE! Ullry lfllrllillg, jflllll JUIILW, Bill XYillc-tts, Kurt Kli'lll- FOURJ jul- lyllllllll, jollll Bcrry. Nillllllll Pllil- l lldIllLlLfL', cillI'iS Col. Curl lim-cl. Slllll SlIUl'll'I'. lli'lll'l', Ffllllli lirmlll, Rllllflf Bflllllll. Doug lips, 'Ik-ll Xlmlk. Boll Bull-s, Bull Doss. K1'XiII l tlilu' lllllYLll'5. Xlic-imc-l l"iNllL'F. lflllll l.llI3I3il5- lllll'IIILl5 lRONY TIIRICICJ l'-l't'Kl Nljlltt, ljljilll Ki-llf-5. Bfilil lJLlXi5, Boil lll'XI'UIl. ,Iilll BlIlll'll. lollx 'I'llmsst-ll, Bull Xll'AlI'Ll, Scott 'l1l'l.1LlI'ill'll. Ilillsllllll, Nlil-cv H1llil'l', Dirk ZilIlIIl1'I'IllLiIl, Bull Greg Wulf. lJLlYl'Xllll1lIl,xlUI'l'iSl'1l'XXlll. Hcrllic- llbllff KRONY TNYOJ jack lticiputll, 2 152 Participating in intrasquad liaskethall. howl- ing, volleyball and kiekhall. rnenihers of the Girls Athletic Association are: lROYV ONE? Lolita Kidyyell. Lynn jaeohs. julie Hart. Deh- hie Fitt. Sandy' Tchloot, Deliliie Sayles. Becky Deputy, Susan Christiansen, Cathy Huntsing- er lROYV TYVO? jeanne jensen. jayne Bas- kett, Dehhie Bennett. Nancy King, Denise Xlarietta. Dehhie Wilson. Anne Beall. Sherry Anderson. Anne Lawrence LRONV THRICE? Tisha L4-XIaster-treasurer. Laura Xyoods. Cindy Phillips, Susan lfdwards. Dehhie jus- tus. Christy Clark, judy Hartley. Karrol Kel- ley. Susan XYheeler KROXV FOUR? Wanda Harris. Paula Xlonday. Cheryl Cardwell. Tony Sharon Taylor. Beverly Kidyyell. La- Douna Crun. Barbara Cootee KROYY FIVE? Bailey. Diane Cones. Chris Halter. Phyliss jones. Patty Yillars, Bohhie Yau Sie- klc. Rena Xiellee. Cllarlane jones. Nancy Seherer-president. Xlary Peyton lROYV SIX? jan Carter. Donna Spilleler. Carol Auch. Con- Banks. Nancy nie Kelley. Carolyn Cook. Cathy Clark. Linda Xliller-secretary. Kathy Kaloy anides. Charol- ette jones. Annie Hess, Clubs enjoy fun, service after school Fifty sports-minded girls empha- sized the importance of physical tit- ness hy' participating weekly' ir1 the Girls Athletic Association. Ten in- tramural squads initiatcd a round- robin tournament in haskethall and bowling. Decemher12. A strike. a spare, a gutterhall: stu- dents face the excitement of winning and the agony' of defeat each Tues- day' as they' participated in the Bowl- ing League. Affiliated with the Youth Bowling Association, the league spon- sored team tournaments. Letter sweaters indcntified the fifty members of thc Lettermans Club. The Fellowship of Christian Athletes and the Lettermen co-sponsored Athletic Day. recognizing outstand- ing athletes. Xlarch 2, the club spon- sored an informal dance, climaxing a husy' year of athletics-oriented extra-curricular activities. Xieeting every Tuesday at Hindel Alley. mem- hers of the Bowling League are: QROYV ONE? Cary Stafford. Dennis Hurst. Bruce Howe. Stanley' Niikosy, Paul Christenson. Rick lscn- hower, Mike Farmer. Rick Carter. Howard Holifield. Rohert Phelps. Tom Charleston. Xlichelle Dixon. Bruce Black. Charles Cave Darrell Ken lROYV TAVO? Suzie Helwig. Angie Brunner. Pat Staushury. jan NIL-Kee. Ilenri Reddie. Dehhie Xiaxon. Sandi Dott 153 Linda XYehlmer. Terri Nioore. Dehhie Litten, Susan Christiansen. Kathy Pirtle. Peggy He- tley. Karen Konchinsky, Dehhie Caldwell, Charmaine Tesehendorf, Colleen jones. Cleaning rooms, hallways, and school facil- ONE? Fred Malcom, Marvn Pierson, Cypson ities, custodians on the night shift are: CROW' Bland QROW TWO? Ray Parr, Willis johnson, Custodians on the day shift are: QROW ONE? neer, Leslie Schuyler, joe Houchins-chief jean Byroad, Thomas Land-head custodian, engineer QROW THREE? A. VV. Kramer, jer- Bea Underwood QROW TWO? M. Hoop-engi- ome Harris, Harold Nlclilyea-fireman, 154 -' 5 V rr, Charlie Bellamy KROVV THREE? Onnie Thompson, Estol Hauser. Special mechanical know-how is required of night engineer Mr. Bill Hittle, Sr. ,Li Cooks, custodians, night Watchmen keep Safety locks and security chains are the special concern of Mr. john Madden and john Rcgula, Mr, Regula is the "poet-laureate" of the 6 p,m, to 6 a.m. custodial staff. cballi rolling VVork began at 7:30 for the busy Hchefsn who completed meals for 2700 students and 137 teachers. Hamburgers and meringue pies geared cafeteria menus to teen tastes with fried, baked and roasted food prepared by a force of twenty-nine full-time cooks. Custodians also spent long hours in school service rearranging desks, washing boards, and sweeping floors to keep the Arlington facilities in Htop shapel' for class studies. Adding to the force of school em- ployees, night watchmen worked the 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. shift with a trained eye for the 'Kunusualf' Under the direction of main- tenance experts, the workers kept the school MA-1" for Golden Knights. Cfmks are: CROW ONEJ Lelia Grundy, Edith Sawyer, Mable Detwiler, Bonnie Blines, Betty Black, Mary Key, Betty Pittenger, Elnora Gardner, Marjorie Massingale KROVV TWVOJ A. C. Hungerford, Audrey Kehrer, Robert Franklin, Millie Howard, Mary Forth, Mary Grant, Juanita Davis, Monica Shiflet, Nadean Harrison, Peggy Brill QROW THREE? Tonnie I55 Harrell, Edith Carter, Helen MacDonald, Mary Vane, Clara Zaring, Irene Strome, Mar- garet Bennett, Lillie Larson, Oakla Whiteside, Mina Martin. Facult, generals lead academic charge vm My Q -G-qs.--.Lv "' '-1 Student and faculty communication and nn! derstanding is a part of principal Ralph Cleyengt-r's philosophy of education. With counseling and scheduling problems, freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors relied on the resources of faculty and administration. Numbering 137, seventy per cent of the faculty members had attained mas- ters degrees. The instructors doubled as counselors and were consulted by students on matters involving all aspects of school life. Principal Ralph Clevenger served as head of the faculty and student body, and found the job of administration part-time psychologist, counselor, and chief representative of Arlington a time-consuming task. Vice-principal Robert Turner also faced a full schedule of student activities with the responsibility of pupil programs, teacher schedules, and homeroom management. He was joined by vice-principal Robert Gwyn who served as co-sponsor of the National Honor Society. Senior guidance counselor Daniel VVelch tackled the various problems of student employment and special scholarships, while deans lVilliam Kuntz and Belgen VVells co-ordinated individual guidance problems. VVorking toward an intelligent exchange of knowledge, students, administra- tion, and faculty strove to increase understanding between pupils and their instructors in academic and extra-curricular activities. Doubling as finance director, vice-principal Robert Gwyn consults with sophomore Karen Mont gomery on a matter of dance ticket receipts and club budgets. -can---1 156 College entrance questions, seliulursllip upplieutimis und special test secures are the year-rmiricl Dean of Girls Helm-I1 NVQ-lls also series us the concernulguiclurieedirector lD1lllll'lXXvl'lCll ilillleseliiur counseling office. eo-spfmsur of Stuclent Cmuieil, Over 2700 pupil schedules are eo-urclimnteml Counseling. guidance. and discipline are Illllllllglil by Dean ul Buy s NX'ilIilim Kuntv is itll the each year by vice-principal Robert 'lxllI'lli'f. llelp of frequent Student interviews and the i' Board of l':ClllCl1llUl1.u Q hun- 1 ""--... RALPH CLEVENCER-M,S., Indiana, Purdue, Butler Universities, Principal. ROBERT TURNER-M.A., Ball State, Indiana Universities, Vice-Principal. ROBERT GWYN-M.A., Butler Univer- sity, Vice-Principal. JAMES ABRAHAM -M.S,, Purdue, Indiana, Indiana State Universities, science. RICHARD ALL- B.S,, Indiana State University, industrial arts. MRS. NANCY ANDERSON-M.S., Northwestern University, science. MRS. MARGARET ARMENOFF-M.S., In- diana State, Butler Universities, busi- ness. MRS. AUDRA BAILEY-M.S., Indiana, Butler Universities, math. RALPH BAILEY-lVI.A., Butler Uni- versity, social studies. MISS MARY BENEDICT-M.A., Butler University, English, journalism. WILLIAM BENNETT--B,S., Indiana University, math. WILLIAM BESS- M,S., Butler, Indiana Universities, sci- ence. MRS. SHIRLEY BICKERTON- A.B., Butler University, English. SCT THOMAS BLACKBURN-R.O.T.C DAVID BLASE-B.A., Indiana Univer sity, science. MRS. SARAH BRATTON-M.A.T., Indiana University, English. THOMAS BRETHAUER-M.A., Indiana, Butler Universities, English. MRS, ELIZA- BETH BROWN-Office. MISS MAR- THA BURTON-M.A., Northwestern University, math. MRS. DELINDA CALDWELL-M.A., Butler University, business. ELMER CALLAWAY-M.A., Depauw University, University of Illinois, sci- ence. LOUIS CHANEY-M.A., Indiana, Butler Universities, science. RON CHAPPELL-M.S., Butler University, physical education. MRS. HARRIETT CLARK-M.A., Butler University, Eng- lish. MRS. MAXINE CLARK--M.A., Indiana University, English. DONALD CLODFELTER-M.A., but- ler University, University of Mississippi, math. LYMAN COMBS-M.A., Butler, Indiana Universities, physical education. MRS. EARLENE COUGILL-B.S., Butler University, business. ROLLIN CUTTER-M.S., Butler, Indiana Uni- versities, physical education. WILL DAVIES--M.S., Indiana State Univer- sity, science. JOSEPH DEZELAN-B.S., Butler Uni- versity, physical education. THOMAS DOBBS-M.S., Butler University, math. MRS, CLADYS DONALSON- M.S., Butler University, English. JOE DRAUGHON--M,S., Butler University, Franklin College, physical education. MRS. JUNE EDISON-school accom- panist. MISS JANE EDSON-M.A., Indiana University, business. MISS PATRICIA EGAN-A.B., Hanover College, English. JAMES ELLIS-M.S., Indiana Univer- sity, physical education. JERRY EMERY -B.S., Indiana Central College, art. OWEN FAIR-AMT, Oakland City Col- lege, Indiana University, math. GEORGE FELDMAN-M.A., Hanover College, Indiana University, foreign lan- guage. WILLIAM FELLOWS-B.S., Purdue University, industrial arts. WIL- LIAM FISHBACK-M.A., Indiana Uni- versity, foreign language. BILLY FISHER-M.S., Indiana State Univer- sity, math. MRS. ALICE FITZGERALD -office. FACULTY 159 ii 'Wei-m f t 2 MRS. MARTHA FLANNERY-OIIICS. MRS. GEORGIA FLOREN-B.A., In- diana State University, English. BEN- JAMIN FORT-M.S., Butler University, social studies. EDDIE FOSTER-M.S., Hanover College, Butler University, sci- enC6. MRS, JEANNE ANN GERMAN- School Social Worker. MRS. JANE GILLETTE-Enance ofRce. MRS. SUSAN GOOCH-A.B,, Ohio Uni- versity, English. MRS. CLADYSMAE GOOD-M.S., Butler University, science. MRS. EMMA COODE-MS, Butler University, home economics. MRS. ROVVENA GRAUB-M.S., Butler Uni- versity, nurse. VICTOR CRAVES-M.A., Indiana State University, ,industrial arts, EVERETT GREEN-M.A,, Ball State University, science, JAMES HANNAH-BS, Uni- versity of Louisville, science. WAL- LACE HARTMAN-INIS., Indiana State. Ball State Universities, Industrial arts, MRS. JEAN HEATON-MS., Butler University, home economics, BERNARD HEEKE-M.A., Indiana State University, industrial arts. MISS ALICE HESSLER-M.A., Butler Uni- versity, English. MRS. MARCERY HINDMAN-M.S., Indiana, Butler Uni- versities, art. JOHN HOLMES-M.A., Indiana State University, social studies, A-V. RALPH HORINE--lVI.A., Ball State University, music. MISS MIRIAM HOWE-Office. EL- BERT HOWELL-M.A,, Butler Univer- sity, social studies. MRS. CLARENA HUFFINGTON-MS., Butler Univer- sity, English. MRS, BETTY HUNCER- FORD-B.S., Butler University, home economics. PAUL HUTSON-M.S., Butler University, orientation, guidance. MISS RITA JACKSON-BS., Purdue University, math. MRS. MARGARET JANERT-M.A., Butler University, so- cial studies. ROBERT JEFFREY- B.S., Butler University, art. MRS. MAR- JORIE JETER-guidance office. MRS. MARILYN JOHANNESSEN-BS., Pur- due University, home economics. L A L9if755?'.'Si1rt' Student and teacher communication adds to Mr. Eddie Fosteris classes. JAMES joHNsoN-MA., Indiana University, English. NICHOLAS JORDAN-M.A., Butler University, social studies. MRS. MARIE JUS- TICE-B.A., Avila College, Eng- lish. JOHN KATSAROPOULOS-M.A., Indiana Central College, Indiana University, foreign language. MRS. BARBARA KELLE-office. ADOLPF KERBER-M.S., Butler University, English. DAVID KLINKOSE-lVI.A., In- diana University, social studies. MISS PATRICIA KNIGHT- B.S., Indiana University, nurse. GERALD KNIPFEL--IVI.A., But- ler University, music. Christmas decorations created by sophomore Terri Noe and Mrs. Jean Heaton decorate the home economics de- partment. FACULTY CARL KRAUCUNAS-MS., Butler University, industrial arts. VVIL- LIAM KUNTZ-M.S., Marian Col- lege, Butler University, Dean of Boys. THOMAS LAND-head custo- dian. DON LOSTUTTER-A,B., M.A., Hanover College, University of Illinois, math. ROBERT MCCLARY-MS, Indi- ana University, science. CHARLES MAAS-M.A., Butler University, Athletic Director. 161 JOHN MANKA-M.S., Butler, Intliana Universities, physical education. DON- ALD MANNAN-M.A., Butler Univer- sity, social studies, MRS. PATRICIA MAUREY-M.A., Butler University, so- cial studies. MRS. SALLY MAZE- M.A., Butler University, business educa- tion, Junior Counselor. DELMAR MERRITT-B.A., Indiana Central Uni- versity science. MISS JANE MESSICK-M.A,, John Herron Art Institute, art. MRS. HAZEL MESSINCER-office staff. DEVVAINE METCALF-B.S., Northwest Missouri State College, industrial arts. MRS. ZONDA MONTGOMERY-B.S., Uni- versity of Minnesota, music. JOHN MOR- RIS-M,A., University of Pennsylvania, social studies. MISS PHYLLIS MOTT-BS., Indiana University, business education. MRS. RACHEL MUIR-A.B., Grove City Col- lege, math. RICHARD MURPHY-BS., Indiana Central College, business edu- cation. MISS SUE ANN NICE- WANCER-B,A,, Ball State University, foreign language. MRS. ELIZABETH NIEMANN-M.A., Butler University, social studies. FACULTY ALFRED NOWAK-MS., In- diana University, science. RICH- ARD OGLESBY-MS., Indiana State University, science. WILLIAM ORME-M.S., Butler University, physical education. BOYD OVVEN-M.A., Indiana State, Indiana Universities, math. MISS LOUISE PADOU-M.A., Butler, Wisconsin Universities, English. MRS. HENRIETTA PA RKER-M.A., Carnegie Insti- tute of Technology, science. I62 Teacher counseling from Mrs. Earlene Cougill helps senior Sharon Seamon complete a difficult assignment. MRS. MAXINE PARTEE-B.S., Knox- ville College, business education. SGT. WILLIAM PENNINGTON-R.O.T.C. MRS. MERCEDES PORTILLA-M.A., University of Havana, Indiana Univer- sity, foreign language. MRS. ANN POULIMAS-Office Staff. MISS YVONNE RABABA-B.A., Butler University, Eng- lish. - MISS SUE ANN RITTER-M.A., Butler University, English. MRS. MARGARET ROGERS-M.A., Indiana University, foreign language. MRS. SANDRA ROSENBERGER-B.S., Ursinnis Col- lege, physical education. MRS. MAR- GARET ROWE-M.A., Northwestern, Indiana Universities, business education. MRS. DOROTHY SANDERS-boolv store manager. MRS. BURDEEN SCHMIDT-B.S., Indiana University, physical education. JOHN SCHULZ-M.A., University of Innsbruck, foreign language. MICHAEL SCHNELKER-B.A., Marian College, English, foreign language. MRS, MAR- GARET SCHROEDLE-M.S., Hanover College, Indiana, Butler Universities, librarian. JOHN SIMPSON-B.A., john Herron Art Institute, Indiana University, art. MISS SUSAN SIMPSON-B.S., Butler University, English, MISS PRISCILLA SMITH-M,S., Indiana State University, music. EDWARD SWEETMAN-A,B., Butler University, science. MRS. JANE TAPSCOTT-B.S., Indiana University, foreign language. STEVE TEGARDEN -M,S., DePauw, Indiana Universities, social studies. PAUL TERRELL-M.S., Indiana State University, science. MRS. JEAN UES- SELER-M.A., Ball State University, business. JAMES URBAIN-M.A., But- ler University, English. JOHN VANCE -B.S., Ball State University, special services. MRS, BERYL VAUCHAN- M.A., Indiana University, social studies. HENRY VOLK-M.A., Indiana Univer- sity, math. CHARLES WACCONER- M.A., Earlham College, business. THOMAS WALLS-M.A., Indiana, Le- high Universities, science. MRS. FRANCES WAY-M.A., Indiana Univer- stiy, home economics. MISS CLARA WEAVER-M.S., Indiana University, English. FACULTY i A DANIEL WELCH-M.A., In- diana University, Guidance Coun- selor. MRS. BELCEN WELLS- M.S., Indiana State, Indiana Uni- versities, Dean of Cirls, DON- ALD WHITE-A.B., Hanover College, science. MISS MARTHA WHITE-M.S., Butler University, home eco- nomics. MERLE WIMMER- M.A., Butler University, science, FOREST WITSMAN-M.A., Pur- due, Butler Universities, social studies. MRS. JEAN WOODWARD- M.A., University of Michigan, English. MRS. DAVEDA WYATT -M.A., University of Oklahoma, English. ROBERT ZETZL-M.A., Purdue University, science. 1 i 1 I63 Sb Mr. Fishback offers senior Jerilyn Phillips some 'igrammar guides." CAMERA SHY TEACHERS IRVIN CASH-M.A., Ball State Uni- versity, English. MRS. CERALDINE DeHART-M.S., Butler University, librarian. ,r..f"' There is no mistaking scnior l.inclu Xrc'ln'r's cunipuign tguoritcs. i'Svnioritm-su rvaivlws all pliusvs Punled senior sponsor Everett Crccn clc-ci sslioul lil'1'Lll1i'i11y1tllvln-ctic'Noxvnilvvrvln-ctionsoliclzissoliivm-rs. plum-rs cuncliclutt' c-uxllpuigll posts-rs in tin- hull is-it s 4 Excited National Honor Society inductecs Al Kutzrnan, Kathy Rayrnont, Sum Shorter, and Dc-blnie Hicks rcce-iw' special CUIlgI'illlllklli0IlS from sponsor Rolla-rt Cwyn on Tap Day. 164 Fourth-year veterans claim Leading the senior class, Steve Apple serves as president: Susan Shumway, first vice-presi- dentg john Lappas, second vice-president: jodv Fox. secretaryg Bob Crabham, treasurer: as Misery is a football injury for senior Bob Hal- comb, sideline during season action. and Laura Saillant. alumni-secretary. The seniors were chosen during a spirited elec- tion that left the walls papered with campaign posters and special booster buttons. senior throne, ithe greatest, With the confidence of four-year veterans, each senior class in the his- tory of Arlington has claimed, "Were the greatestln And each senior class has created a unique personality for a special year. The seniors of ,68 were no excep- tion. They enjoyed their new respon- sibility as 'ithe greatest," and left giant shoes for equally confident underclassmen to fill. With reverence for the Arlington tradition, and keeping with the year- book theme, the seniors titled their prom, "A Knight to Rememberf' and made the annual formal dance a unique addition to the Knight-scene. They tackled the problems of elec- tions and commencement, plans that future classes would face in their year-long role as seniors. Other classes will follow, and they will claim to be the Hgreatestf but to this crop of seniors, the class of '68 was 'inumber onef' Four years of use makes the library a familiar place for studying students Kathy Raymont and Dave Fosnight as the seniors enjoy the time for homework and conversation. 165 W An assorted crew of seniors adds a psychedelic touch to the "Knight Train to Talentfl 1,16 , ..4. 5. J 1 Q X ,av-Y 3' "ia " in 2 1 e :E1 Q , f 9 I U 4 is X I if STEVE ABEI,-Freshman Track5 Electro nies Club 4. DIANA ADAMS-Student Council Alternate 25 CAA 25 JA 35 St. Agnes Academy I. STEVE ADAM S-Freshman Footballg JA 3. DAVE ANDRICK-Intramural Basketball 25 Senior Play K in 1 ft' 35 Talent Show -I. 'GG' ' 5.43 JV ugly- ty I . r " - -'W WW 2 if mm N . ,V isf: .I ,ffl ll S A T 4 I s :Q -,,V i .i 5 33' 166 JANICE ANSI,I':Y-National Honor Soc ietx' 3,45 Colden- aires 2-4, Pennant 3,45 Intramural Volleyball I-3: Office Messenger 2-45 FTA I5 Junior Prom Committecg JA 3,-1. STEPHEN A. APPLE-eNationaI Honor Society 3,4, Vice- president 45 Senior Class President5 StudentICouncil 45 Concert Band 3,45 Concert Orchestra 4 I-45 Pep Band 2-45 Intramural Basket 5 Marching Band ball 45 AFS Ex- change Student 45 AFS Student Committee 3,-1, Chairman 45 junior Prom Committee, "King and I 4: JA 3. JOHN B. APPI.I'IBY I' 45 Talent Show LYNDA R. ARCHER-Student Council 4: Golden- aires 45 Intramural Volleyball I5 Knights' Klub I-4: LAN- CER Representative 2,31 Ottice Nlessenger 31 Talent Show -354. PATRICIA ANN ASHER-Knights, Klub Ig 'iMusic Manll I5uOICIaI10man25UBrigaCIO0rlU35 JA 354, DIANA AULT-National Honor Society 45 Student Coun- cil 3, Alternate 1,21 LANCER Staff 3,45 News Bureau Chief 45 Concert Choir 3,45 Coldenairs 2-4, Pennant 3,45 LANCER Representative 45 i'Brigadoon" 35 Talent Show 354. HOWARD BACAN-HNIUSIC Mann I Talent Show 45 JA 2-4. DAVID VV, BALL-ACCOLADE Staff3 5 MOIclahoma" 2: 5 Senior Play. NANCY BARKER-Library Assistant I-4. CONNIE K. BARNES JIM BARNETT-Freshman Basketballg 3, Varsity 45 Reserve Track 3, Varsitv 45 Reserve Football I,ettermen's Club 45 Intramural Basketball 3,45 Office Nlessenge-r3. STEVEN B. BARR-Reserve Golf 45 Intramural Basket- ball I-4. CAROLE BARRON-National Honor Society 45 Art Club 1,25 Spanish Club 2. STEPHANIE MARIE BATES-National Honor Society 3,45 Student Council Alternate 15 ACCOLADE Stall 2,35 Underclass Editor 35 Arlingtones 45 Concert Orchestra 2-45 String Ensemble 2-45 Knights' Klub I,25 "Oklahoma" 25 "Brigadoon" 35 "King an II' 45 Talent Show 15354: French Club 2. WILLIAM L. BAUCH-Freshman Bas Varsity 3,45 Freshman Basketball, Reser Freshman Football, Reserve 2, Varsity CIub2-4. DOUG BAXTER-Intramural Basketball eball, Reserve 2, ve 253, Varsity 45 3,45 I,ettermen's 3,45 ROTC 4. Seniors MARLIN BAYS, JR.-Freshman VVrestling, Reserve 25 Intramural Basketball 3, THOMAS C. BEALL-National Honor Society 45 LAN- CER Representative I-35 Art Club l-3, Vice-president 35 Spanish Club I,2. DEBII BEETEM-National Forensic League 45 National Honor Society 45 National Thespian Society 45 ACCO- LADE Staff 2,35 LANCER Staff 35 Intramural Volleyball 25 ROTC Sponsor 45 'AThe Miracle Worker" 35 "King and In 45 "The Christmas Misern 45 Spanish Club 2. DOUGLAS BENGE-Concert Band 2-45 Concert Orches- tra 3,45 Marching Band I-45 Pep Band 1-45 Bowling Lea- gue 35 " Brigacloonn 35 "King and Il' 45 Talent Show 4. GLENN BENCERT-Arlingtones 45 Concert Choir 3,45 "Brigadoon" 35 M King and I" 45 Chess Club lg JESS L. BENNETT-Student Council Alternate 15 Talent Show 4. MARILYN FRANCES BENTON-German Club l,25 JA 3. JEANNIE BERNIKOWICZ-Student Council 3, Alternate 25 Senior Colors Committee5 Freshman Cheerleaderg Gol- denaires 45 Intramural Volleyball 1,25 Knights, Klub I-45 Talent Show 3,45 Junior Mothers' Tea Committeeg Junior Prom Committee, CATHY ANN BIDDINCER--Intramural Volleyball I5 Library Assistant 45 "King and In 45 Knights of History 45 Junior Mothers' Tea Committee5 JA 3,4. STEVEN C. BICELOW-Science Seminar 45 Freshman Cross Country5 Freshman Trackg Varsity Tennis 2,35 Re- serve Wrestling 2. DEBBIE BILLERMAN-Knights' Klub 1,25 Red Cross Representative 3. BRUCE BLACK-Freshman Baseball5 Freshman Foot- ball5 Math Club 4. NANCY MARIE BOARMAN-Woodrow Wilson High School, Bristol, Pa. RU DY BOLE BOB BOLES-Boys Ensemble 35 Concert Band 45 Con- cert Choir 45 Reserve Football 2,35 Varsity Football Mana- ger 3,45 Varsity Track Manager 35 Intramural Basketball 3,45 Latin Club 1,25 Math Club I. DAVID W. BONNEY-Concert Band 3,45 Concert Choir S:i45dArlingtones 45 Freshman Track5 "Brigadoon" 35 Pep an JEAN MARIE BOOI-Intramural Volleyball I-35 Clinic Assistant 3,45 FNA2,3. ALAN PERRY BORDEN-Concert Band 2-45 Marching Band I-45 Pep Band I-4. JILL CLAIRE BOURNE-National Honor Society 3,45 Student Council I-45 Senior Class Constitution Commit- tee5 Boys Ensemble Accompanist 2-45 Concert Choir 45 Treble-Aires 2,35 Math Club 15 Spanish Club I. DIANE M. BRADLEY--Intramural Volleyball l-45 Office Messenger 25 Red Cross Representative 1,25 Junior Prom Committee. CYNTHIA J. BRANDT-Quill and Scroll 45 Student Council 45 ACCOLADE Staff 3,45 Managing Editor 45 Ball State Journalism Workshop 45 Exploratory Teaching 45 Talent Show 45 Junior Prom Committee. JOYCE ANN BRATCHER-CAA15 FNA 2. PATTY BRILL-GAA I. RANDALL BRITTON-Freshman Cross Countryg Re- selrvke Football 2, Varsity 3,45 Varsity Track 45 Lettermen's C u 3,4. SHARRON LYNN BROCKEY CAROL LYNN BROOKS-Clinic Assistant 3,45 Eau Callie High School 1. FRANK BROWN-Student Council I-4, Cabinet I-4, Inter-city Student Council 15 Varsity Baseball 3,45 Varsity Football 3,45 Varsity Wrestling 3,45 Lettermen's Club 3,4. MIKE BROWN-Concert Band 3,45 Marching Band I-45 Pep Band I-35 Reserve Track 3,4. 'fin 1 I .rtlnfm 4 -' 3, ,K , . . A ' i . f . is, . X W W ir S s. I- 4 Zf bi.. -is K A e if K X Ay Q um Q' ' 4 ., ' 5? 7 Q,..Q.:Iff :5 ':E" llli' ""' do R . I . 7 t -J, ff 4 5 .ti . ,',-t if A A we M 5 sw fl ft Qv -nv - 2 7 an 'af i Ki.. ? -1-.-is 'rw 167 ,wi fa Seniors Q PENNY J. BROWN ELEANOR BRUCE-Lawrence Central High School 152, DOUGLAS BRUMFIELD-Concert Band 3.45 Marching Band 1-45 Intramural Basketball 2-4. BETTY ANN BRUMMETT-JA 45 Lapel High School 1- 3 BRENDA SUE BRUTON-National Honor Society 45 Goldenaires 3,45 Pennant 45 Knights' Klub 1-45 NHS Queen Candidate 4. RITA M. BUCKALLEW-Bowling League 1,2. STEPHEN W. BUCKALLEVV LINDA MARIE BUCY-National Honor Society 45 Na- tional Thespian Society 3545 Treasurer 35 Concert Choir 2-Lg LANCER Representative 35 "Brigadooni' 35 uKing an IH4. SUNNY BURGESS--Concert Choir 45 Treble-Aires 35 "Music Man" 15 "Oklahoma" 2. STEVE BURTON-Bowling League 2,35 Intramural Basketball 1-4. NANCY BUSH-Intramural Volleyball 15 Knights' Klub 15 Talent Show 354. KAREN MARIE BYERS-Student Council Alternate 1-35 Arlingtones 45 Concert Choir 45 Treble-Aires 35 Intramu- ral Volleyball 1,25 Knights, Klub 25 Oflice Messenger 2-45 ROTC Sponsor 45 "King and I" 45 Talent Show 45 Spanish Club 1-4, ' DELORIS KAY CAMERON-Clinic Assistant 3. GARY E. CAMPBELL-FAD. DAVE CAPLAN-Reserve Football 2,45 Intramural Bas- ketball2. HOPE CARENDER CARL A. CARR-Student Council 15 Alternate 25 Science Seminar 25 Concert Band 3,45 Marching Band 1-35 Reserve Band 25 Chess Club 1,25 IA 3,45 "Mr. IAN 4, JIM CARR-Quill and Scroll 45 Student Council 4, Al- ternate 35 LANCER Staff 3,45 I.U. journalism Institute 35 Reserve Football 35 Intramural Basketball 2,45 IA 3,4. JAN CARTER-Concert Choir 3,45 GAA 1-45 Gymnastic Team 2-45 Intramural Volleyball 1-45 Knights' Klub 1-35 P. E. Assistant 35 "Brigadoon,' 35 Talent Show 2-4. LINDA CARTER-Bowling League 25 Knights' Klub 15 Mental Health Club 3. ' PAMELA L. CARTER-Scecina Memorial High School 1,2. THERESA CARTWRIGHT-National Honor Society 3,45 Student Council 1,25 Concert Band 1-45 LANCER Representative 1,2. VIRGINIA CATES-Knights, Klub 25 Science Assistant 45 Red Cross Club 1. DEBRA LEE CAUSEY-Freshman Cheerleader, Reserve 25 Goldenaires 354, Color Guard 354, Pennant 45 Intra- mural Volleyball 1,25 Knights' Klub 1-45 Talent Show 3,45 junior Mothers, Tea Committeeg Junior Prom Committee. I ROBERT E. CHAPMAN MICHAEL CHEATHAM-National Honor Society 45 Bowling League 354. PATRICIA CHERPAS-Treble-Aires 3,45 Intramural Volleyball 1,25 Otlice Messenger 45 Knights of History 25 Tri-Hi-Y 45 junior Mothers, Tea Committeeg junior Prom Committee. CINDY CHILDRESS-Art Club 3. Seniors ' PAULA CHILDS-CAA lg Bed Cross Representative 4, BRENDA K. CHOATE JEAN ANN CICICNAS DARLICNINI ANN CISSNA-Treble-Aires 3,-lg UAA lg In- X K? '53 A X dui-wk I ... . I trurnurul Valli-ylmll l,2. O NIELINDA KAY CLARK-CAA 21 G0lderluir6S 351, Flag 4g Knights' Klub 2, JANE ANN CLIFT-CAA 2. DABBEL JAY CLODFELTER-Intramural Basketball I-43 Chess Club I-4. CHERYL DIANE CLORE-Intramural Volleyball lg Knights' Klub I. 'QA 0 n I JAYNE E. COATES PATRICIA DALE COBB JOHN COLBERT-Concert Band I-4g Concert Orchestra I-4g Marching Band I-4g Pep Band I-4g Talent Show 4. DAVID LEE COLE-Boys Ensemble 2. .3 it ' P,X'I'RlClA H. COLE if Q I 3 Q O ROBERT ii. croiiixmx Future scientists study alight" in physics classes I Jonigxxxii c:oLL1xs-safety Council 1,21 Knights' Klub l,2g German Club 1-33 Knights of History 45 JA 3. in JJ ' QUWW 5 fur ' NANCY COLLINS-Knights, Klub I-35 Red Cross Club , 1.29 Junior Prom Committeeg JA 3. FICLIX D. CONIPADBE-AFS Foreign Iixcliunge Student -l1lSltuclent Council -lg AFS Student Coininittee 41 Spanish C ii 14. P.'XL'I, Xl. CONCER-A-Y Assistant l,2g Science Club 2. XIARK S'l'IfPIIIfN CONREAL'X-Intramural Basketball 2.31l".'XIJ2.3:I.a1tiIlClubl. wma.. I69 ff .af 5- ae, ,f., ,Y W . ,- -We '? W N P .g l . it A 5 . 4 K 52 Seniors CATHY CONWELL CLENDA COOPER-Library Assistant 25 Office Messen- er4. FVILLIAM COPELAND-Freshman Baseball5 Intramu- ral Basketball 3,45 ACCOLADE Salesman 2,35 LANCER Representative 2,35 JA 3. JOHN COTTON-Concert Band 45 Marching Band I-45 Pep Band 4, Assistant Band Manager 45 Talent Show 4. MICHAEL CRACRAFT-Intramural Basketball 3,4. DANIEL FRANCIS BRAMMANN CROWE-Student Council 1-45 Cabinet 45 I.U. Student Council Workshop 35 Boys Ensemble 25 Concert Choir 3,45 Freshman Foot- ball, Reserve 25 Freshman Wrestling, Reserve 25 'iBriga- dooni' 35 "King and In 45 Junior Prom Committee. TERESA CUMMINS-Safety Council 25 ACCOLADE Salesman 45 Knights, Klub 15 Library Assistant 1,25 Red Cross ClubI. RICK CUNNINGHAM-Freshman Track5 P.E. Assistant I "" "--' "" i .RONALD CUNNINCHAM-Freshman Golf, Reserve 3,45 Intramural Basketball I-45 Talent Show 45 JA 3. SUSAN D. CURL-National Honor Society 3,45 Safety Council 25 Library Assistant 1,25 Inter-club Council 2-45 uiz Team 45 Red Cross Club 25 Spanish Club I-45 Vice-president 2, President 3,4. DEBBY CURTIS-Arlingtones 45 Concert Choir 3,45 Treble-Aires 25 "Brigadoon" 35 "King and I" 4. 'M 4. B is 141 I rm, ,354 I gg . +4 -14-25 Wir 5 . .Q 2 5. l 5 3, it QM.. I 2 sa 1 p.s1'.f,'5:- ' :- We 1. P .3 I . Q13 32,90 5 'iv if 170 RUTH M. DAINES-Safety Council 25 Oflice Messenger 3,45 FNA 15 Latin Club 3,45 Red Cross Club 1. JOHN DOUGLAS DAME-Freshman Football5 Intramu- ral Basketball 1,4. DONNA DANILUCK-Cguill and Scroll 45 Safety Coun- cil I-35 ACCOLADE Sta 3,4, Art Editor 45 I.U. Journal- ism Institute 35 Knights' Klub 1,25 Clinic Assistant 2-45 LANCER Representative 1,45 "Oklahoma, 25 Talent Show 2,45 Spanish Club 1,25 Junior Prom Committeeg JA 354. ALANA DARRELL-National Honor Society 3,45 Student Council I5 Concert Choir 45 Treble-Aires 35 Coldenaires 45 Exploratory Teaching 45 FTA 15 Spanish Club 1-3. KERRY DREW DARRENKAMP-A-V Assistant 45 JA 3. DOROTHY L. DAVIDSON-Academic Assistant 45 Oflice Messenger 35 JA 4. LINDA DAVIS DEBORAH A. DAY-Knights, Klub I,25 Talent Show 45 French Club 15 Red Cross Club 2. DEBORAH D. DAY-Treble-Aires 3,45 Knights' Klub 1-35 "Music Mani' 25 "Brigadoon" 35 "King and In 45 FNA 1,25 French Club 15 FTA 2. THOMAS E. DEAN-Concert Band 2-45 Marchin Band 1-45 Freshman Wrestling5 Intramural BasketbaTl I-45 Talent Show 4. ROBERT GLEN DEARDORFF-Student Council 2-45 Senior Class Constitution Committeeg Boys Ensemble 2-fl5 Freshman Tennis, Reserve 25 Talent Show 45 French Cubl. DAWN M. DeLISLE-Student Council 2, Alternate 15 Coldenaires 2-4, Color Curard 3,4, Flag 3,45 Knights' Klub I-45 P.E. Assistant 3,45 Exploratory Teaching 45 Oflice Messenger 25 Talent Show 3,45 Junior Prom Com- mittee5 JA 354. WILLIAM DEMAREE--FAD 25 Science Club 2. STEPHEN E. DCMOUCIN-ACCOLADE Staff 2,35 Re- serve Cross Country 25 Intramural Basketball 1,25 JA 3. SANDRA DENMAN-Intramural Volleyball 15 Red Cross Club 2. REBEKAH DEPOSITAR-Student Council Alternate I5 Intramural Volleyball 25 Knights' Klub 1,25 AFS Student Committee 35 JA 3,4. PHILIP C. DeROLF-LANCER Staff 3,45 Marching Band 1,25 Reserve Band 1,25 Reserve Football 25 Intramu- ral Basketball 3,45 ROTC 45 German Club I,2, Seniors . IAMES R. DeWITTE DEBRA DICKISON-Intramural Volleyball 25 Knights' Klub 1,25 AFS Student Committee 35 Red Cross Repres- entative 3, JA 3. STEPHANIE LYNN DIXON-Knights' Klub 3g Office Messenger 3,45 FTA 3, Shortridge High School 1,2. BOB DOSS-Student Council 35 Safety Council 3, Pres- ident 3, Varsity Baseball 3,45 Reserve Basketball 2, Var- sity 3,44 Lettermen's Club 2-45 Intramural Basketball 2,35 Office Messenger 35 JA 2. KATHY ANN DOVER-Student Council 1,35 Safety Council 25 Intramural Volleyball 1,25 Knights, Klub 1,25 LANCER Representative 25 Office Messenger 4, Talent Show 4, junior Prom Committee, IAMES DRUMMINS-Bowling League 2,35 Office Mes- senger3,-4. KENNETH LEE DUGGINS-Reserve Track 1,25 Reserve Wrestling 25 Intramural Basketball 4. ROBERT G, DUNCAN-Student Council 3, Alternate 45 Freshman Baseball5 Freshman Basketball5 Freshman Football, Reserve 2,3, Intramural Basketball 2,4. MARGARET ARLENE DUNN-Safety Council 2,31 Ar- lingtones 3,45 Concert Choir 3,45 Concert Orchestra 2-45 Treble-Aires 25 Latin Club lg Red Cross Representative 2 3 1j'Am'L DURHAM BYRON D. EASON-Student Council 1,25 Freshman Football, Chess Club 2-4. STEVEN D. EDGING-Freshman Baseballg Intramural Basketball 2. ALFRED ROGER EHRENVVALD-Science Seminar 2-4 GLENN EMERY-Freshman Baseball, Reserve 2,35 Freshman Football5 Intramural Basketball 2,3. DIANA ENGLISH-Intramural Volleyball 1,25 Library Assistant 2,35 LANCER Representative 2,3. SANDRA RUTH EPPLY-Latin Club 1, GREGORY L. ERNEST-Reserve Band 25 Talent Show 4, Art Club 1,2, BRENDA ESHAM "H M 1 my , . ---t - ' P' .. ' Senior john jones reveals the strain of competition. I 5 ei Q 1- .- J P eggp- DAN C. ESTEB A R MARIANNE ESTEP VVANDA EUBANKS DOUG EVERMAN-Intramural Basketball 1, Chess Club 2 171 QQ 1, 2 wa Ru 'K , m : -2 : Seniors CYNTHIA FANCHER SANDRA FAULKNFR-National Honor Society 3,45 IU. Honors Program 35 Arlingtoncs 45 Conccrt Choir 3,45 Concert Orchestra I-45 Treble-Aires 25 Talent Show 45 Latin Club 45 Quiz Team, GEORGE FENSKE ANNA FERGUSON PAULA LYNN FESSLER-Arlingtones 35 Concert Choir 2-45 Concert Orchestra I-45 String Ensemble I-45 "King and IH 45 Talent Show 35 All-City and All-State Orches- tras. RONALD j. FIELDS-Muncie Southside High School, Muncie, Indiana I5 Denham Springs High School, Den- ham Springs, Louisiana 25 Broadmoor High School, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 25 Muncie Central High School, Muncie, Indiana 35 Muncie Burris High School, Muncie, Indiana 3. DIANNA L, FIFER-Clinic Assistant 3,45 junior Mo- thers, Tea Committee. MICHAEL S. FISHER-ACCOLADE Staff 45 LANCER Staff 3,45 Freshman Football, Varsity 2-45 Lettermen's Club2-4. VICKI FISHER MICHAEL A. FISSE-Intramural Basketball 35 Scecina Memorial High School I,2. DON FLICK-Freshman Basketball5 Freshman Football, Reserve 25 Freshman Track, Intramural Basketball I-4, 'IIM A. FODORA-Spanish Club 45 Talent Show 45 Bre- beuf Preparatory School I-3. RANDOLPH THOMAS FORD-Safety Council I5 Fresh- man Football, Reserve 2, Varsity 35 Red Cross Represen- tative 3. JEFFREY ALAN FORDINC-Student Council 45 Safety Council I-35 Freshman Baseball, Reserve 2, Varsity 3,45 Freshman Football, Reserve 2, Varsity 3,45 Reserve Wres- tling 3, Lettermenls Club 354, Vice-president 45 Intramu- ral Basketball 2,45 P,E. Assistant 45 Red Cross Club I-3, TINA FOREMAN-Knights' Klub 25 Latin Club 25 junior Mothers' Tea Committee. PAUL D. FOSNICHT-Safety Council Alternate I5 A-V O Fashlonablev spirit spells senior Terri Hartley. 2 5? A U Fi" Assistant I5 Freshman Wrestling, Reserve 2,3 Seniors JOAN MARIE FOX-Student Council 3,45 Safety Coun- cil Sg Senior Class Secretaryg Senior Colors Committee, Senior Constitution Committee: Varsity Cheerleader 4, Goldenaires 3, Intramural Volleyball 1,2, Knights' Klub 1,24 Office Messenger 1,2g Talent Show 3,-lg Red Cross Club 3, junior Mothers' Tea Committee, junior Prom Committee, junior Prom Queen Candidate, Homecom- ing Queen Candidate 4g 'iGale" Candidate 4. PAUL FREEBERG-National Honor Society 3,45 Student Council I-4, Cabinet 2-4, I.U. Student Council Workshop 2, ACCOLADE Stalf 2,3, Intramural Basketball 3,4g RFJTC 4, Chess Club 2, German Club 1, IA 4, Senior P av. CATHERINE E. FREEMAN REBECCA KAY FREI-IE-Art Club 22. VICKY L. FRENCH-Student Council Alternate 2, Red Cross Club l,2. LINDA FRIEND-National Honor Society 3,-1, Student Council 1, Freshman Cheerleader, Reserve 2, Goldenaires 2-4, Color Guard 2-4, Flag 3,45 Intramural Volleyball 1,25 Knights' Klub I-4, Academic Assistant 3,4, Talent Show 3,43 junior Prom Committee, 'iCindy" Candidate I. EVAN FULMER-Freshman Football, A-V Assistant 1, Spanish Club 4, ELAINE MARIE FURNISH-GAA 1,2, Intramural Vol- leyball 1. Q v1KK1 ELISE GAMMON VALERIE GANTS ESTHER GARMENDIA LINDA GASTINEAL' ROBERT C. GEDDES, IR,-Reserve Cross Country 253, Freshman Track, Reserve 2,43 Intramural Basketball 2,33 JA3. DEBBY SUE GEIER JANE CENTRY LINDA GILLESPIE-Student Council Alternate I1 Safe- ty Council 1, Bowling League l,2g Intramural Volleyball 1,2, Knights' Klub Ig "Music Man" lg "Oklahoma" 2, Latin Club Ig IA 3,4 MALENA GODBY-Knights' Klub 2: LANCER Repre- sentative 2,35 FNA1g French Club 2-4, -IA 3. KERRY GOETZ-junior Prom Committee, .IA 4. TERRY L. COINS-ACCOLADE Stall 3,4, Freshman Track, LANCER Representative 1, j, DOUGLAS GOOTEE-National Thespian Society 3,4, Tennis Manager 3, Auditorium Technician 3, A-V Assis- tant Ig Chess Club Ig German Club 4. Q LARRY GORDON ROBERT L. GRABHAM-Honor Society 3,4g Senior Class Treasurer, Varsity Basketball 3,4g Varsity Baseball 3,4 KAREN LYNN GRAY-FTA 2-49 IA STUART N. GREENVVOOD-Freshman Football, A-V Assistant 1,2g junior Prom Committee. LINDA KAYE GRIDER-Intramural Volleyball 1, Oflice Messenger 2, Talent Show 4, junior Prom Committee. LINDA JOANNE GRIFFIN-Knights' Klub 1,2gTri- Hi-Y 253. SHERRY K. GRIFFIN-GAA 2, Talent Show 2. DOTTIE ELAINE GRIFFITH-National Honor Society 4, Quill and Scroll 3,4g Student Council Alternate 3, AC- COLADE Staff 2-4, Business Manager 4, Ball State journ- alism Institute 2,3, Intramural Volleyball 2, Knights' Klub 2, French Club 53, Spanish Club 2-4, junior Mothers' Tea Committee, VVarren Central High School 1, I . I, at .,,.., ., i i mam-' I . tiff' W IEW . A,,, . .I .. ,.,. I , - . R 'vw-,ig W . Siv- 4 2 I aw. 0 it ,,-, ag., -mf V Y-13 PY ,, fa' .. I ' if B ., x I' 174 Seniors ' VERA SUE CRISELL-National Thespian Society 4, Student Council 1-3, Alternate 4, Concert Choir 2-4, In- tramural Volleyball 1,2, Knights, Klub 1, Exploratory Teaching 4, LANCER Representative 2-4, 'iMusic Man" 1, 'iOklahomal' 2, "Brigadoon,' 3, "Christmas Misern 4, HKing and In 4. BETTY CROCE JAY S. GROW-Varsity Football 4, P.E. Assistant 4. MARY JILL C-UTHRIE-National Honor Society 4, Col- denaires 2,3, Intramural Volleyball 1,2, Knights' Klub 2, 3, Talent Show 3,4. . CAROLYN HAAG-Intramural Volleyball 1,2 LOREN HABNEY-Freshman Baseball, Freshman Bas- ketball, Reserve 2,3, Varsity 4, Freshman Cross Country, Reserve Football 2, Varsity Golf 4, Lettermenis Club 4. DONNA JO HAFNER-Red Cross Club 1,2. FRED HAGEMIER . WILLIAM R. HALCOMB-Student Council 2, Freshman Baseball, Freshman Football, Varsity 3,4, Freshman Wrestling, Reserve 2-4, Lettermen's Club 3,4, President 4, "Knight" 4. MIKE HALE ALLEN HALL-ACCOLADE Staff 3,4, Arsenal Techni- cal High School 1. PEGGY HALL-Treble-Aires 2,3 .JOHN N. HALLANGER-National Honor Society 3,4, Bowling League 3, Vice-president 3, Reserve Golf 3,4, Intramural Basketball 4, Arsenal Technical High School 1,2, JUDY HAMMON D-Intramural Volleyball 1,2. GLENDA J. HANSEN-National Honor Society 3,4, Li- brary Assistant 1,3, Inter-club Council 2,4, Spanish Club 1-4, Secretary 2, Treasurer 4. CHRIS HARLAN-Student Council 1-4, Senior Colors Com- mittee, Senior Constitution Committee, Freshman Bas- ketball, Intramural Basketball 3,4, Junior Prom King Candidate. . DALE HARRIMAN-Student Council 1, Freshman Foot- ball, Reserve Track 2, Intramural Basketball 3,4, LAN- CER Representative 1. ROBERTA E. HARSH-Library Assistant 1,2. TERRI HARTLEY-National Forensic League 2-4, Sec- retary 3, Treasurer 4, National Honor Society 3,4, Stu- dent Council Alternate 3, Varsity Cheerleader 4, Colden- aires 3, Intramural Volleyball l,2, Knights, Klub 1,2, AFS Student Committee 3, Debate Team 2, Latin Club 1, Homecoming Queen Candidate 4, NHS Queen 4. PAUL EDWARD HARTMANN-Boys Ensemble 3, Con- cert choir 4, "King and I" 4, German Club 1,2. Q VIRGINIA ANNE HARTS-Concert Orchestra 2-4, Knights, Klub 1-3, Secretary 3, Clinic Assistant 2-4, "King an IH4. WILLIAM ROBERT HARTWIC--National Thespian Society 1, Marching Band 1,2, Reserve Band 1-3, Auditor- ium Technician 1,2, A-V Assistant 1. CIARL A. HARVEY-Chess Club 2-4, FAD 2-4, Vice-pres- i ent 4. JOHN CHARLES HEADY, JR.-ROTC 4, Lawrence Cen- tral High School 1, .SANDRA LEE HEARLD-Bowling League 2, JA 3,4. SHERRIE LYNNE HEARN-Reserve Band 2,3, Concert Band 4, Concert Orchestra 3,4. BARBARA SUZANNE HECKMAN-National Thespian Society 2,3, French Club 2,3. JANE HEIMROTH-GAA 2, Knights, Klub I,2, LANCER Representative 1, ROTC Sponsor 4, French Club 1, Tal- ent Show 4, Junior Prom Committee, JA 4, Military Ball Queen Candidate 4. Seniors .BARBARA KAY HEITZ-National Honor Society 3,-4' Concert Band 2-4g Concert Orchestra 2-4g C-oldenaires 2-4g NHS Queen Candidate 4. CHRISTINE LYNN HELD BONNIE RAY HENDRICKS-Howe High School I-3. WILLIAM HENLEY-Reserve Football4, "Reflections" of '68 are endless for judy Spray. sv., '??iE ifii. I' 1 -' . " ' . Q DONALD R. H1-:RRELL A A .ANNIE j. HESS-Intramural Volleyball 1-4g Knights' Klub l,2g FTA 35 Red Cross Club 3 1 .CARY Hass ELMER HESSE-National Honor Society 3,4g Science Seminar 3,4g Freshman Footballg Intramural Basketball 1-45 FAD 1-4, President 4, ROBERT A. HEVRON BETTY A, HEY-Student Council Alternate 2g Academic Assistant 4g Office Messenger 1-3. .DEBORAH JEANNE HICKS-National Honor Society 41 Coldenaires 2-4, Pennant 3, Flag 45 Intramural Volley- ball 2,3g AFS Student Committee 3,4, Host 3, Co-chair- man 4g Inter-club Council 45 Talent Show 3. LINDA CHRISTINE HILL-GAA l,2g Intramural Vol- leyball 2g Knights' Klub 1-35 Talent Show 4. ROSA SHARON HILL-National Honor Society 4g In- tramural Volleyball 1,2g Knights' Klub 2g Exploratory Teaching 4. DICK HINDMAN 5 - ' so 41: swam. f . DEBORAH LEE HINES-Student Council Ig Colden- aires 2-4, 1'ennant3,4g Knights' Klub I-4. LINDA MARIE HINES-Safety Council 2g Treble-Aires 3,4g Knights' Klub 25 French Club 1, VICKI HOCHCESANC MARK HOCUE Q JAMES HOLLIDAY CHARLES HOOD DAVE HORTON-Freshman Footballg Chess Club 43 Red Cross Club 3g IA 3. MARK D, HOSKINS-Reserve Football 4g Intramural Basketball 3,4g Academic Assistant 4g Redford High School, Detroit, Michigan 1,2 175 AQ Q EE I A of M ,QQ 1. 5 .oi Excited senior Linda Rahm flashes a victory smile. ,- .- In T 5, 3. if 'U 'is ..- 5 l i i i I 'R , i s 2 "i,. 5 Ti , k k V sf , if an 1 V 'di Seniors . STEVE A. HOSTETLER--Reserve Baseball I-3, Varsity 45 Varsity Football 45 Intramural Basketball 2,35 JA 354. . KAREN ANN HOVARTER-Reserve Band I5 Concert Band2-4. . VICKY LYNN HOWE-Reserve Band Ig Concert Band 2-4. JANET HOWELL LARRY C. HOWERY-Freshman Baseballg Reserve Track 3,45 Intramural Basketball 3,4. MARINA HOYO-SpaniSll Club Il,-1. O MARTA E, Horo-spanish Club:3,4. HOWARD F, HUBLER-National Forensic League 2-4, Treasurer Vice-President 45 LANCER Stall 45 Freshman Track, Reserve 2-45 Intramural Basketball 35 AFS Student Committee 3,45 Debate Team 3,45 Inter-club Council 3,4 CONNIE HUGHES-Student Council 4, Alternate 35 Treble-Aires 3,45 Secretary-Treasurer 45 Intramural Vol- leyball 1,25 Knights' Klub 1,25 French Club 15 FTA 35 Talent Show 4. KRISTI HULL-Concert Choir 3,45"Oklahoma" 25"Brig- adoonl' 35 "King and I" 45 Red Cross Representative 4, . DENNIS HURST-Concert Choir 3,45 Bowling League I-4, President 45 "Brigadoon" 35 JA 4, JAYNE MARIE IKAWA-National Honor Society 3,45 Stu- dent Council 1,2, Alternate 35 LANCER Stall 35 Concert Band 3,45 Concert Choir 3,45 Concert Orchestra 3,45 Marching Band 25 Knights' Klub I5 Academic Assistant 35 "Brigadoon" 35 "King and I" 45 Talent Show 35 JA 3,4. BARBARA IRWIN-Knights' Klub I-35 Oflice Messenger 45-ROTC Sponsor 45 JA 4. RICHARD ISENHOWER-Bowling League 45 Vice- president4. Q KATHRYN R. ISRAEL-Knights' Klub 1, THOMAS LEE JACKSON-National Thespian Society 2-45 Auditorium Technician I-45 Electronics Club 1,25 junior Prom Committee, JO ANN JACOBS-Knights' Klub 25 Junior Prom Com- mittee5 JA 3,45 Pike Township Hi h School 1, LYNN MAE JANSEN-National Honor Society 3,45 Stu- dent Council 2-4, Cabinet 45 l,U. Student Leadership Institute 35 Coldenaires 45 Knights' Klub I,3,45 Academic Assistant 3,45 Talent Show 3.4: High School Fashion Board 4. Q MA HLA JARCHOW-Knights, of History 44 JA 3,45 Hamil- ton Heights High School I. ARLENE JENSEN BRITT INCECERD JOHANSSON-AFS Foreign Ex- change Student 45 Student Council 45 LANCER Staff 45 Book Club 45 French Club 4. GLORIA JOHNSON Seniors CLORIA JEANNE JOHNSON-Concert Orchestra I-43 Treble-Aires 3,43 Knights' Klub 23 Talent Sboyy 3,4g FTA l'41 JA 4. KAREN SLE JOHNSON-National Honor Society' 23.43 Senior Colors Committeeg Senior Constitution Commit- tee: Reserye Band I: Concert Rand 2-41 Goldenaires 2-4, Pennant 3.4: Intramural Volleyball L21 Knights' Klub I-4. REBECCA LYNN JOHNSON-National Honor Society' 4, Concert Band 3,41 Concert Orchestra 351, AFS Student Committee 43 Book Club 4, French Club 2-4. ROBERT JOSEPH JUIINSUN-National Forensic League 21 Science SeminarSg Debate Tcam 1,2. SISAN JOHNSON-Intramural Volleyball 2, JA 3,4 SUSAN R. JOHNSON-Oflice Messenger 4, Red Cross Club I: J.-X 4. THOMAS R. JOHNSON-National Honor Society' 3,-lg Science Seminar 2-4g Chess Club 1,2, Science Club 2-4, 'l'reasurcr2, President 3, Yice-president 4, TOM MIE JOHNSON-Beech Bluff High School, Jackson, Tennessee Ig Northside High School, Jackson, Tennessee 9 ANDREW' S. JON ES-National Thespian Society 3,43 Auditorium Technician 2-4. CATHERINE A. JONES-Knights' Klub Ig Talent Show 2: i'Cale" Candidate 4. CORENE MARIE JONES-National Honor Society' 43 Student Council Ig Knights' Klub Ig Talent Shoyy 3. JOHN JONES-Freshman Baseball, Freshman Football, Reserve 253, Freshman Wrestling. Reserve 2, Varsity' 3,41 Lettermenis Club 3,-1. MARC JONES-National Honor Society' 4: Quill and Scroll 43 LANCER Stall 514, Copy' Editor 43 Freshman Raseballg Intramural Basketball l,3,4. TERRY JONES VIRGINIA C, JQNES-CAA 21 Intramural Volleyball 2, Knights' Klub 2: Oliice Messenger 4: Library' Assistant 3.4, Library Club 4: 3.4: Senior Prom Committee. RANDY JL'STL'S-RE. Assistant 21 Freshman Wrestling, Intramural Basketball l,3,4. JOHN T. KAISER MICHAEL ALLEN KAISER-Freshman Football, JA 4 KATHERINE KANTNER-Student Council lg CAA I-4 Scecina Memorial High School l. DEBRA SUE KAPPLIS-Treble-Aires 4, LANCER Rep- resentative 1-3, FTA 1,2. Seniors SUZANNE KASLER-Student Council 4, Varsity Cheer- leader 4, Coldenaires 3, P.E, Assistant 4, Talent Show 3,-1, junior Prom Queen Candidate, Homecoming Queen Candidate 4, jA 3, Bitburg High School, Bitburg, Cer- many l,2, ALVIN j. KATZMAN-Honor Society 4, Varsity Wres- tling 4, Freshman Football, Varsity 2-41 Lcttermen's Club 3,4. MICHAEL ROBERT KEITHLEY-Student Council Al- ternate lg Boys Ensemble 2, Concert Choir 3,41 Intramu- ral Basketball 2,3, " Brigadoonw 3. VINCENT KELLER KEVIN j, KELLEY-National Honor Society 4, Concert Choir 3,-I, President 4, Freshman Baseball, Freshman Bas- ketball, Reserve 2, Varsity 3,-1, Reserve Tennis 2, Varsity Track 3,41 Lettermen's Club 3,4, 'iBrigadoon" 3, NHS King 4, I RICHARD KENDALL-Freshman Cross Country, Re- serve 2-4, Freshman Track, Reserve 2-4, Intramural Bas- A student valentine arrives for Miss Alice Hessler ketball L41 IA 4' ' CHARLES SCOTT KENNEDY-National Forensic League 3,4, National Honor Society 3,4, National Thespian Society 4, Quill and Scroll Vice-president 4, Student Council I,4, Treasurer 4, LANCER Staff 2-4, Co-editor 4, Indiana High School Press Association President 3, I.L'. journalism Institute 2,3, Senior Colors Committee, Intra- mural Basketball l,3,4, Debate Team 2-4, Inter-club Council 2,4, Thespian Play 2, Talent Show 4, junior Prom Committee. MAUREEN FRANCES KENNEDY-Treble-Aires 3,4, Of- fice Messenger 4, Intramural Volleyball l-3, FTA I,2, Red Cross Club lg ROTC Sponsor 4, Spanish Club I-3, junior Prom Committee. MONA LISA KENNEDY-Intramural Volleyball I, TOM KENNEDY-German Club 2. .GREG KEPNER-Reserve Wrestling 2, Eastwood junior, High School 1. DANIEL A. KERN-Reserve Wrestling 2. jOANN KERN-Bowling League I-3, Intramural Volley- ball l,2, junior Prom Committee, jA 3,4. DIANNE N. KEY-FTA lg Red Cross Club I-3, Tri-Hi-Y I,2. gy .PAM KING NANCY KINCERY-Student Council Alternate 2, Knights' Klub 1, Academic Assistant 3,4, LANCER Representative 2-4, junior Prom Committee. TIM KINNAMAN-Shortridge High School I-3, TWANDA KIRBY-Student Council Alternate l,2, Treble-Aires 3,4, Intramural Volleyball 1, LANCER Rep- resentative l,2. KANDI KLEINHELTER-Student Council 2,3, Intramu- ral Volleyball 2,3, Knights, Klub 2, LANCER Representa- tive 1-4, JA 3,4. PAULA MARIE KNIGHT-Treble-Aires 3,4, Knights' Klub 1,2, junior Prom Committee, jA 4, DONNA RUTHE KOUWE-National Honor Society 3,4, Arlingtones 4, Reserve Band I, Concert Band 2-4, Con- cert Choir 3,4, Concert Orchestra 3,44 Marching Band l,2, "Brigadoon', 3, Talent Show 4, Tri-Hi-Y 1. ANN BETH KRATZ-National Honor Society 3,4, Quill and Scroll 3,4, Treasurer 4, Student Council Alternate 4, LANCER Staii 2-4, News Editor 4, Treble-Aires 3,4, President 4, Intramural Volleyball 2, French Club 2,3. Seniors SHAURON IRENE LACKEY-Bowling League I-3, French Cu I. STEVEN MARCUS LACY-Reserve Basketball 3, Re- serve Cross Country 3, Intramural Basketball 4, Short- ridge High School I, Twin Lakes High School, Monticello, Indiana 2. SUSAN LYNN LACY-Knights' Klub 3, German Club 3,4, Red Cross Club 3,4, Shortridge High School I, Twin Lakes High School, Monticello, Indiana 2. ELAINE LAMBERT-Intramural Volleyball I, Knights, Klub I, Spanish Club I, Tri-Hi-Y4. OWEN H. LANGAN-Student Council Alternate I, Freshman Football, Reserve 2, Freshman Track. JOHN CHRISTOPHER LAPPAS-National Honor Soc- iety 4, Student Council Alternate 3, Senior Class Second Vice-president, Reserve Band I, Concert Band 2-4, Con- cert Orchestra 2, Reserve Tennis I,2, Varsity 3,4, Fresh- man Wrestling, Reserve 2, Varsity 3,4, Lettermen's Club 3,4, Secretary 4. FRED LAWRENCE ROY T. LEATHERMAN BARBARA LEE DAVID G. LEE MARGARET LEE ROZANNA LEE SANDRA LEE-Student Council 1,31 Betty Crocker Homemaker Award 4, IA 3. HOPE MARTIN LEVITT-National Forensic Lea ue I-4, Secretary 2, National Honor Society 3,-1, National Tiespian Society 1-4, President 4, Student Council 3,4, Safety Coun- cil I: LANCER Staff 2, Academic Assistant 4, "Crucible" I, "Music Man" I, MMiracle Worker" 2, "Oklahoma" 2, "Brigadoon" 3, 'iHoosier Schoolmastern 3, Debate Team I,2, French Club 1, jA 3,4 BRUCE E. LEWALLEN RON LEWALLYN JENNY LIGHT-Concert Orchestra I-4, Treble-Aires 4, Bowling League 2, Intramural Volleyball I,2, Knights, Klub I,2, "King and I" 4. LILLIE LINVILLE ,IOYCE KAY LIVENGOOD-Student Council 1, Concert Choir 3,4, Treble-Aires 2, Knights' Klub I, i'Brigacloon,' 3, "King and I"-1. KENNETH A. LLOYD-Reserve Band I, Intramural Basketball 4, Electronics Club I-3, JA 4. LINDA SUE LOCKRIDGE-Knights of History 3, Spanish Club 2, Tri-Hi-Y I. KAREN MAUREEN LOIVIAN-Student Council I-4, Cabinet 3,4, Inter-city Representative 3, Parliamentarian 4, I,U. Workshop 3, Senior Constitution Committee, Goldenaires 3,4, Color Guard 3,4, Intramural Volleyball, Knights' Klub I-4, Lancer Representative2,3, Talent Show 3,4, Red Cross Representative 2, Junior Prom Committee. LINDA SUSAN LONG-National Honor Society 3,4. IAN LOSTUTTER-Intramural Volleyball I-3, Red Cross Club I,2, junior Prom Committee, TONY L. LOWRY-Bowling League 2. JOYCE LYNCH BECKY LYNN MacDONALD-Student Council I-4, Goldenaires 2-4, Pennant 3, Color Guard 4, Intramural Volleyball 1,25 Knights' Klub I-4, ACCOLADE Salesman 4, LANCER Representative 4, Red Cross Representative I, junior Prom Committee, Iunior Mothers' Tea Com- mittee. GARY D. MacPHERSON-VVrestling Manager 3. -2: . 3 f, si L f Q, i I 3 ilitfslis, "V, I s 0 f I ff -an, i' if it 'N-M "lus- Q . ,- 5 f . ,iex 4 3, 153-'Q ,ji-I Q .pn . , Qs., 2 I79 I i Vfiiffif 1 'P-,Yi fs? - f w I F .f ..,- J N J was Hmm" f 20 ,. A M...- Z 5 A 7 . ',1, ---- , time K A 'ia 'X 1952? Q f F W ,Q . ...E f. -' '- ,mga- V ,,.. .. Hz Q . . ff. gif? 3595 Sm 4 QJ x K Y 3,2 J 4 S8354 A 18 , ww, . if ii , , at . I 180 Seniors LONNIE D. MANNINC--Freshman Basketball: Fresh- man Football, Freshman Track, Intramural Basketball I,2. NANCY MARKLAND-Intramural Volleyball I: Ollice Messenger, JA 3,4. GLORIA ANNE MARSH-National Honor Society 4, Student Council 4, Bowling League 2.3, Intramural Vol- leyball I, Knights' Klub I,2, Talent Show 4, French Club I, 2, junior Prom Committee. CATHY C. INJARSHALL CAROL R. NIARTIN ELVA MARTIN-Student Council I, Concert Choir 3,41 Treble-Aires I,2, Intramural Volleyball I, Knights' Klub 2, Ofliee Messenger 4, FTA Ig Tri-Hi-Y I, junior Prom Committee, SHARON MARTIN-Reserve Band I.2: Intramural Vol- leyball 1,21 Knights' Klub 2, Archery Club 2: Junior Prom Committee. JIM MARTYNIAK-Freshman Basketball, Intramural Basketball 2-4. STEVE MARTZ-Freshman Wrestling, Bowling League 3, LANCER Representative I-3. LINDA MASON-Bowling 2, CAA I,2. DIANE MASSEL NANCY JANE MASSENA CAN DY MATTHEVVS-National Honor Society 3.4, FTA 2, Cerman Club 2. LARRY MAYES-Freshman Baseball, Reserve 3, Fresh- man Basketballg Freshman Football, Intramural Basketball 2-4. CURT MAYFIELD-Freshman Football, Freshman Wrestling, Office Messenger 3. TOM MAYHOOD-Boys Ensemble 2-4, JOHN C. MCCLAIN-Concert Band 4, Marching Band 3, 4, Knights of History I,2. VVILMA MCCORMICK-FNA 4, Palestine High School I- 3. REBECCA MCCOY VICKI LEE MCCOY-Treble-Aires 3,4, Intramural Vol- leyball I, " Brigacloonn 3, Tri-Hi-Y 4. DEBBIE MCCREERY MARILYN JEAN MCDONOUCH-Chatarll High School 2. PAMELA KAY MCDOWELL-FTA I, Tri-Hi-Y I, JA 2. MICHAEL D. MCEOWEN-National Honor Society 4, Freshman Basketball, Bowling League 3, Intramural Basketball 2-4. JAN McKEE-Bowling League I-4, Intramural Volleyball I,2, Red Cross Representative 4, CINDY MCKERLIE-Oliice Messenger I,2, AFS Student Committee 1. DAVID MCLERRAN DONALD E. MCMILLAN-Student Council 4, Alternate I-3, Safety Council I,2, Reserve Band Ig Concert Band 2-4, Manager 3-4, Concert Choir 4, Concert Orchestra 2- 4, Marching Band 2-4, Pep Band 2-4, Intramural Bas- ketball 3,4, LANCER Representative 4, Talent Show 3,4, JA 3,4 Seniors KAREN L. MCVVHIRTER-National Thespians I-4, Sec- retary 35 'iMusic Manu 1, "OklahomaH 25 'AMerry Christ- mas, Mr, Baxtern 25 "The Hoosier Schoolmasteri' 25 'iBrigadoon" 35 6'Christmas at Homei' 35 "King and I" 45 uThe Mouse that Roaredw 4. JULIA I0 MEARS-Knights' Klub 25 Clinic Assistant 45 junior Prom Committee. TED EUGENE MEEK-National Honor Society 3,45 Stu- dent Council 1-35 Senior Colors Committee5 Freshman Basketballg Freshman Football Reserve 2,35 Varsity 45 Freshman Tennis, Reserve 2,3, Varsity 45 Lettermen's Club 45 Intramural Basketball 2,45 LANCER Representa- tive I-535 junior Prom King Candidateg NHS King Candi- ate 4. SUSAN LYNN MERANDA-Concert Band 3,45 Knights' Klub 25 Academic Assistant 45 -IA 3,-1. MARY JANE MERCIER-National Forensic League 2-45 Vice-president 35 National Honor Society 3,45 Quill and Scroll 45 Student Council 2-4, Cabinet 3,45 I.U. Workshop 35 Safety Council 15 ACCOLADE StaFt3,45 Treble-Aires 35 Bowling League lg Intramural Volleyball 152,45 "Oklaho- ma" 25 "Brigadoon" 35 Talent Show 3, Co-ordinator 45 AFS Student Committee 45 Debate Team 2-45 FTA I. MARY ELIZABETH MIHAY PAT MILES-ACCOLADE Salesman 45 Talent Show 45 Art Club 35 German Club 3, Reitz Memorial High School, Evansville, Indiana 1,2. KIRK MILLER LINDA K. MILLER-GAA 1-45 Secretary 4, Knights' Klub 2-4, P. E. Assistant 45 German Club 35 Red Cross Rep- resentative 3. STEVE MILLER ELIZABETH MITCHELL-Knights, Klub 1,25 Clinic Assistant 45 Office Messenger 45 Mental Health Club 25 junior Prom Committee. IACKIE MOLL-Rex Mundi High School 1. REBECCA jo MONTGOMERY-Knights' Klub 1, Tri-Hi- Lidoxifiixlfx MORELOCK-Knights' Klub 1, Tri-Hi-Y 2, iixE4LEN MORRIS-Red Cross Club 1, spanish Club 1, TTXRANK MOSIER-Freshman Wrestling, Reserve 2,3 A 5 Q Hu 1- M' 1. Q .. Seniors "step in linei' on the Knight Talent Train 'Q W in .5 ' Ji I We w if x T ni t 'J 5 'Q' wi f 1 I ,. V, if M t 181 sf 61 e1 , -f I gt 5-4 is 1 1 S' 1 2 3 Friendly zoo animals intrigue senior Susie Crisell at L: We Seniors PAMELA I. MOULDER-National Honor Society 3,4g Academic Assistant 4, Lawrence High School 1,2 NANCY SUE MOYER-National Thespians 2-4, Student Council 3g Intramural Volleyball I-4, Clinic Assistant 4, P.E, Assistant 3, Knights, Klub 1,2, Ollice Messenger 3, Red Cross Club 1-3, Spanish Club Ig "Music Mann I, --oklahoma, 2, Talent Show 25 "Brigadoon" 3g 'iKing and I 4. DIANE MULLEN-Student Council Alternate Ig Intra- mural Volleyball 1, Knights, Klub 1,2g OtIice Messenger Ig FNA I. ROSILYN MULLEN .LARRY DON MURPHY-Intramural Basketball 1-4, Freshman Football, Art Club I, -IA 3. JACK MURRAY NANCI MURRAY-Upper Arlington High School. RITA MURRAY-National Honor Society 3,4g ROTC Sponsor 4g Latin Club 3, CAFFIE MUSE-Academic Assistant 3,4, Latin Club Ig Perry East junior High School 1. MARTHA MUSSER-National Honor Society 3,4g Cirls' State 3, Student Council 2-4, Cabinet 3,4, Secretary 4g Coldenaires 4g Intramural Volleyball 1,25 Knights' Klub I-4, Oflice Messenger 23 junior Mothers' Tea Com' mitteeg "Cindy'y Candidate 23 NHS Queen Candidate 4. PAUL LOUIS MYERS ELANIA NANOPOULOS-National Honor Society 4g Intramural Volleyball Ig JA 3. SUSAN R. NEFF-Student Council lg Intramural volley- ball 1,2, OHice Messenger 2, Talent Show 3,4. JOHN W. NEIL, IR.-Reserve Football3. IANELLE NESBIT-National Honor Society 4g Student Council 4, ACCOLADE Staff 3,44 Treble-Aires 3, Intra- mural Volleyball Ig Exploratory Teaching 4, "Brigadoon,' 3, Talent Show 45 FTA 2, junior Prom Committee. SHELLY NETHERY+Student Council Alternate Ig GAA I,2, Coldenaires 3,4, Pennant 4g Intramural Volleyball 1,29 Clinic Assistant 3,4g Exploratory Teaching 4, LANCER Representative I-3g P.E. Assistant 35 "Okla' homau 2g "Brigadoony' 3, Talent Show 2, Red Cross Representative 4, junior Prom Committee. CYNTHIA NEUENSCHWANDER-Bluffton High School I-3 THOMAS NEWBY JANIE NEWKIRK-Knights, Klub 3g Academic Assistant 4, FTA 39 Manual High School I,2. BONNIE NEWMAN-Academic Assistant 4g "Brigadoon" 3, Talent Show 4. MARSHA ELAINE NICHOLAS-Memomonee Falls High School 1, Palatine High School 2,3. DEBBIE NICKERSON 182 l Seniors CHARLES NILES-Student Council Alternate 2,45 LAN- CER Stall 3g Freshman Baseballg Freshman Basketballg Reserve Tennis 2,3g Intramural Basketball 2,4g French Club 23 Math Club 2g jA3,4. NANCY NISS-Knights' Klub 2, DAVID E. NIXON-National Honor Society 4g Chess Club lg Math Club lg Science club 1-4, M ELANIE ANNE NOBLE-Reserve Orchestra I,2g Latin Club 1, 'BARBARA LEE NORRIS-Intramural Volleyball 3g Aca- demic Assistant 4g Office Messenger 43 jA 3,4 CAROLYN A. NOSTRAND-CAA Ig Art Club I,2g FTA I. MIAIRILYN S. O'DELL-Archery Club 3g Red Cross C u 2. PATRICIA K. O'DELL-Library Assistant 2-4g P.E. As- sistant 3. SHARON M. OSWALT-National Honor Society 3,43 CAA 2-4g Knights' Klub 2g Library Assistant 3,4g Latin Club lg jA 3. jOHN oTT SHARON K. OTTERBEIN-Office Messenger 3g FTA lg Red Cross Club 1,2gjA 4. jAMES E. OVERMYER-Student Council 2-4g LANCER Stall 3,-4, Assistant Advertising Manager -lg Freshman Baseballg Freshman Basketballg Intramural Basketball 2-4g LANCER Representative 35 French Club lg junior Prom Committeeg junior Prom King. Q RITA LYNN OVERTON-Knights' Klub lg Talent Show 4, DAVE PAINTER CARY PARKER-Intramural Basketball I,2g Electronics Club3,-1. CAROL ANN PATTON-National Honor Society 3,-lg l.U. Honors Program 3g German Club, Vice-president 3, Secretary-Historian 4g Red Cross Representative 3, DAVID AMES PI' RKINSON Freshman Track ' j ' I - . CAROL ANN PERSONS-Treble-Aires 3,4g Intramural Volleyball Ig jA 3. VICKI ANN PETERSON-Intramural Volleyball I. CHARLES K. PETRY-National Honor Society-1. Q BELINDA PHELPS IERILYN PHILLIPS-National Honor Society 3,43 Intramural Volleyball 2g "Brigadoon" 3g French Club 2-4, President 4g junior Prom Committee. KAREN ANN PHILLIPS MARION PHILLIPS-Chess Club 2. .NATHAN R. PHILLIPS-Reserve Cross Country 41 Freshman Trackg Varsity 3,4g Intramural Basketball PAUL D. PHILLIPS-P.E. Assistantg jA 3. RONALD PIERCE-National Honor Society 3,-ig Science Seminar3. jACQUELINE L. PIKE-Student Council I, Alternate 2g Gymnastics 44 Intramural Volleyball 1,24 Talent Show 2-4g Red Cross Club 3. my -.f --ia 5 ' '-" -We . iefr. in AVV H IQ., 1 ag kbk i W. .. . .sb 5 at 'A S E. 1 25 at .Q Qs 9. 3 pf 183 ri J. 'bv 7 3 . M I 39 5 lb fir- fw ss, ' - . W . ,- S- is ' - aug V 5 .' Q I 5- f , - Q 5 at v , 13215.34 . Y,iW,, 1 . X ' fa . . 4-- 53 3 .... D ,ar i I be 5 if . I p g, "2 .V, 1 ',,. ,.:....v N- hw In 6 K , ' . ' .. for , 5- A vw? Q 'J , i' 9, 4 A :-f ' 5- ' 5: f ii I its 3 J ii . 4fhK if S' i.,. up Q ,': NWS? W' .1 . I t l ".- 5 if J 5 Ln.- S ihkvi A I tv ' ,1'- . ,. V f t gg55,.zge" 2, 1l,j,,,- Q.- 1 R' 184 Seniors BRANT LOGAN PING-Talent Show 4. LARRY WILLIAM POND-Student Council Alternate 35 Concert Band 3,45 Marching Band 3,45 Talent Show 45 JA 3. IVIARCIA PONTIOUS-Tri-Hi-Y 45 lVIcCluer Senior High School, St. Louis, Missouri 1-3. GEORGE PORTILLA-Honor Society 45 Spanish Club 1-45 Exchange Club Award 4. JIM PRICE JONATHAN BRENT PRICE--National Honor Society 3,45 National Thespian Society 2-45 Science Seminar 45 "Hoosier Schoolmastern 25 "BrigadoonH 35 'iMiracle Workerl' 35 "Pygamalion', 35 Chess Club 2,35 Quiz Team 3,45 Science Club 2-4, President 45 Speech Team 3,4. ROBERT PRUITT-Science Seminar 45 Latin Club I5 Math Club 1. JOHN P. PULLER-Intramural Basketball I5 German Club l,2. BRUCE PULLIAM-National Honor Society 3,45 Sci- ence Seminar 2,35 Arlin tones 3,45 Concert Band 1-45 Concert Choir 2,35 Marciing Band I-45 Pep Band 2-45 Freshman Track5 "Oklahoma" 25 "Brigadoonl' 35 Chess CIub3,4. LINDA KAY RAHM-Freshman Cheerleader, Reserve 2, Varsity 3,-I, Captain 45 P.E. Assistant 45 LANCER Repre- sentative 45 Talent Show 3,45 Junior Heart Board 3,45 Junior Prom Committee5 "Cindy' Candidate 35 Jamboree Queen 45 Homecoming Queen Candidate 45 "Galen Candidate 4. MIKE RAMAGE-Intramural Basketball 1-4. MARK RANCOURT-JA 354. KATHLEEN RAWLINSON-ACCOLADE Stall: 3,45 Scecina Memorial High School I,2. KATHLEEN J. RAYMONT-National Honor Society 45 Quill and Scroll 354, President 45 Student Council I5 Alter- nate 35 ACCOLADE Staff 2-4, Senior Editor 45 Intramural Volleyball 1,25 Knights' Klub 2,35 Talent Show 3,45 Fashion Board 4. TOM REA-Reserve Cross Country 2, Varsity 3,45 Reserve Track 2, Varsity 3,45 Lettermen's Club 3,45 Intramural Basketball I-45 Talent Show 2-4. MIKE REBIC-Boca Ciega High School, St. Petersburg, Florida 3. GARY G. REED-Student Council Alternate 45 Reserve Cross Country 2, Varsity 45 Freshman Football, Reserve 35 Freshman Track, Varsity 2-45 Lettermen's Club 2-45 Intramural Basketball I-45 ACCOLADE Salesman 3. RICHARD ALAN REIDY-National Honor Society 3,45 Senior Colors Committee5 Senior Constitution Commit- tee5 Concert Band 3,45 Marching Band 1-45 Pep Band 1-45 Intramural Basketball 45 Talent Show 45 AFS Student Committee 45 Chess Club 35 Debate Team 35 JA 3,4. JEFFREY HOWARD REITER-Intramural Basketball 35 Chess Club I. BETH REYNOLDS-National Honor Society 3,45 Girls' State 35 Quill and Scroll 45 Student Council 2-4, Vice- president 45 National Student Council Workshop 35 LAN- CER Staff 3,4, Business Manager 45 Intramural Volleyball 1,25 Knights, Klub 1,25 Talent Show 3,45 'AFS Student Committee 2,35 Debate Team 25 Junior Prom Committee. MARY LOUISE REYNOLDS-Knights, Klub 2,3. LANCE VERNON RHODES-Varsity Baseball 2-45 Var- sity Football 2-45 Varsity Wrestling 2-45 Lettermen's Club. STEVEN L. RICE-Intramural Basketball I-3. DAN RICHEY-Freshman Tennis, Reserve 25 Concert Band 1. DENISE RICHEY-Intramural Volleyball 1,25 Knights' Klub 1,25 FTA 3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 3,4. JOHN R. RIDPATH-Freshman Football, Reserve 2,3, Varsity 45 Freshman Track, Reserve 2,35 Lettermen's Club 45 Intramural Basketball 3,45 LANCER Representa- tive 1. REBECCA RICHMOND STEVEN D. RICSBEE-Boys Ensemble 35 Concert Choir 45 Reserve Golf 3, Varsity 4. Seniors 'JUDITH K. RISSER-Treble-Aires 3,4g Clinic Assistant Sq Knights' Klub 2,33 FNA 3,4g Tri-Hi-Y1. CHARLOTTE ROBERTS-Intramural Volleyball l,4g Red Cross Club 1,2. DIANA LEE ROBERTS-National Honor Society 4g Treble-Aires 2,31 FTA 253. KAREN L. ROBERTS-National Honor Society 43 Quill and Scroll 4g Student Council 2,-1, Alternate 33 LANCER Staff 2-4, Advertising Manager 44 I.L', journalism Work- shopg Coldenaires 2-4g Pennant 3, Color Guard 4, Flag 4g Knights' Klub 2-4g Academic Assistant 4g Lancer Rep- resentative 2,3 'Timm' 1. ROGERS 'IAN ROSE-Intramural Volleyball l,2,4g Knights' Klub 1-3g French Club 1,2g Math Club lg IAS. SANDRA ROSEMEYER ROGER ROTH . TERRY ROTH DAVID RCMRILL KATHY RUSH-Talent Show 4, CHARLOTTE RUSSEI,L-Treble-Aires 3,41 Knights' Klub 21 Talent Show 4: jA 2. .JOHN RUSSELL TERRY RUSSELL MARCO RYBAK PETE RYZA-Scecina Memorial High School l-3. .MARIAN ALLYN SAFFORD-National Honor Society 3,41 Safety Council lg Knights' Klub 1-4g French Club lg Red Cross Club 1,2 DIAN ELANIE SAGE LAURA C. SAILLANT-Student Council 1, Alternate 2,4g Senior Class Alumni Secretaryg Coldenaires 2-4, Pennant 3, Color Guard 4, Flag 44 Knights' Klub I-43 P. E. Assistant 3,45 Talent Show f3,4g junior Prom Queeng UCale"4. BARRY DOUGLAS SAVVYER-National Honor Society -lg Student Council Alternate 2g LANCER Representa- tive I-3. . JANIS ARLENE SAYVYER-Knights Of History l: Sci- ence Club 3g junior Prom Committee. . BARBARA SCHOELKOPF-Student Council Alternate 4g ACCOLADE Staff 4g Knights' Klub lg junior Prom Com- mittee: IA 3. st s if "f- , ,..1...... 'Qi-K 3 . Y l ff"""-l ' - 'W ' 'izgfillr-' ' 0 Y, X s' lf' I Q was 1 W NW 'Vs fig ,V ,, li S-3 185 'Q C i.,, WNW gi ft .Q .. as ni -S sr School projects fill Denny Southerlands schedule. 4-aa, 5 A. Seniors f .WILLIAM SCHOFIELD-Reserve Band lg Concert Band 2-4g Concert Orchestra I-4g Marching Band l-4g Pep Band 3. MICHAEL SCHOONMAKER-National Honor Society 3,4g Science Seminar 3,4g Reserve Football 31 Reserve Track 3g Debate Team 2. PHILIP SCHULTZ-Chatard High School l,2. STEVEN SCOTT .SHARON SEAMON-Intramural Volleyball 2g Knights' Klub2,4. LINDA YVONNE SEARCEY-Crisplls Attucks High School I. Q JAMES SEARS CHRHARD si-:IBERT ' MARILYN SEXTON CARROLL SHADDAY .T E. SHANK-Astronomy Club 4g Chess Club I-4. KATHY SHEEHAN-Student Council 3g Intramural Volleyball 33 Knights' Klub 2g Red Cross Club l,4g Talent Show 4g junior Prom Committee. ' GAY SHEPARD-Intramural Volleyball 1,2. SAM SHORTER-National Honor Society 43 Boys' State 35 Freshman Baseballg Freshman Football, Reserve 2,3, Varsity 4g Reserve Wrestling 3,44 Lettermen's Club 4g Intramural Basketball lg Red Cross Club I, SUSAN SHUMWAY-National Honor Society 3,4, Secre- tary 4g Quill and Scroll 3,44 Senior Class First Vice-presi- dentg ACCOLADE Staff 4, Co-editor 43 LANCER Staff 2,3, News Bureau Chief 2,3g I.U. journalism Workshop 3g Concert Orchestra 1-3g Goldenaires 2,3g Knights' Klub I-3g Talent Show Mistress of Ceremonies 4g AFS Student Committee3,4. ANA CECILIA SICKERT-Safety Council lg Colden- aires 2-41 Knights' Klub 2-4. .FREDERICK ALAN SIMMONS-National Honor So- ciety 3,4g Safety Council lg Freshman Baseballg Fresh- man Basketball, Reserve 25 Freshman Football, Reserve 2, Varsity 3,4g Lettermen's Club 3,4g Intramural Basket- ball 3,4g "Knigbt,' Candidate 4g NHS King Candidate 4. SHARON SIMS-National Honor Society 45 I.U, Hon- ors Program 3g Safety Council lg Academic Assistant 4g Library Assistant 1,25 German Club 1-4g Red Cross Club I 2 DOUGLAS A. SINCLETON-Student Council 4s DON SINK Seniors .WILLIAM SINK MICHAEL SLONI-I-Freshman Wrestling, Reserve 2, Intramural Basketball 2-4, THOMAS M, SMALL-Intramural Basketball 2. LIBBY SMITH-Knights' Klub 2. ROBIN C, SMITH-Boys Ensemble 2, Concert Choir 3,4. RUSSELL A, SMITH-Broad Ripple High School I, SUE ANN SMITH TERRY ANN SMITH-Student Council I, Alternate 2, C-oldenaires 2-4, Pennants 3,4, Knights' Klub 2-4, AC- COLADE Salesman 2-4, LANCER Representative 2-4. 'KATHY SMOTHERS-Treble-Aires 4, Intramural Vol- leyball 2, Knights' Klub I,2, Talent Show 3,43 IA 4, SUSAN SNYDER-Bowling League 3. JOHN R. SOUTH--Boys Ensemble I,2, Freshman Track, Reserve 3, Science Club 2-4, Spanish Club 4, JA 3,-1. DENNY SOUTHERLAND-National Honor Society 3,4, Quill and Scroll 3,4, Student Council I-4,, Cabinet 2-4, President 45 LANCER Staff 3,4, Sports Editor 4, Senior Constitution Committee, Reserve Baseball I,2, Varsity 3,4, Freshman Basketball, Reserve 2,3, Freshman Football Reserve 2, Varsity 3,4 Captain 4, Lettermen's Club 3,-I, junior Prom King Candidate, "Knight" Candidate, junior Prom Committee. JUDITH ANN SPRAY-Student Council 4, Safety Coun- cil 1, Intramural Volleyball Ig junior Prom Committee, LONNETTE SPRINCER CARY THOMAS STAFFORD-Select Reserve Band 4, C Band I-3, Marching Band I-4, Bowling League I,2,4g ROTC 4, U Music Man" Latin Club I. HAI, STALLINCS-LANCER Staff-1, O PATRICIA LYNN STANSBURY-Bowling League 1-4, Secretary 3,4, Intramural Volleyball 1,25 Red Cross Club 2. SANDRA STEELE-National Honor Society 4, IA 3. . LOLA STEINHOFF-Intramural Volleyball 2, Knights' Klub I,2, Library Assistant 3,4. CINDI STONE-National Honor Society 4, Student Counivil Alternate I, Intramural Volleyball 2, FTA lg Tri- Hi-Y . TERESA MARIE STRAUSS-Library Assistant I-3, FTA I,2, Red Cross Club I-4, Secretary 2, Vice-President 3, President4, CAROL STUCKEY-Intramural Volleyball I,2. f 'al M 'isa fl. ,T 3 is I87 af N , . x Cadet teaching adds to Linda Cillespiels studies. S - ' S. I I 3 ...R . We ,V ,, W rx- i '.k-'.kL it .':'fL ' T """?::..':E,'i?:g'5.eEE"E:tkirifti t5gx?1e?'xt3T -1 " "' 5tE:E1Sf:trV3:'L k',L I I 319 3 H 5fI5i'LSi'7Li5iWIi:9:I-Wisi :5f'--Exif.-,'1",zL r .-, .. - 'K . ,F ' -Q . . H : , i t -. Q i I ' if I N ' N I ' ,.,,.,. 'I f . ri . 'iv j I f ','1 ' ' - I kiym - ,Wag 'HW l'4 Seniors PATRICIA ANN STUEBE-junior Prom Committee. STEVEN SUMMERLOT NANCY A. SURBER-Intramural Volleyball I, "Briga- dooni' 3, Talent Show 4. VIRGINIA MAE SWIFT-Howe High School 1, Lebanon High School, Lebanon, Indiana 1-3, Knights of History 4. 'KAREN LOUISE SYLVESTER-Student Council I,2, Alternate 3, Concert Choir 2-5, Knights' Klub 2, P.E, Assistant 3, Intramural Volleyball 1, "BrigadoonH 3, "King and In 4, German Club I,2, junior Prom Queen Candidate. KAY ELLEN TABB-C-AA I, Intramural Volleyball I, junior Prom Committee, JA 4. WILLIAM V. TALBOTT--Intramural Basketball 3. LYNN TATUM-ACCOLADE Staff 3,4, Advertising Manager 4, Intramural Volleyball 1, Office Messenger 2, Talent Show 2,3, junior Prom Queen Candidate, Home- coming Queen 4, L'Calen Candidate 4, High School Fashion Board 4. COODLOE A. TAYLOR-Arsenal Technical High School I,2. MARK TAYLOR-National Honor Society 3,4, Concert Band 4, Marching Band 2-4, Pep Band 3, Oflice Mes- senger 1, Archery Club 2, French Club I-3. RICHARD TAYLOR-Scecina Memorial High School I-3. STEVE TAYLOR DEAN TEATER-Freshman Baseball, Varsity 4, Fresh- man Football, Reserve 2, Varsity 3,4 SCOTT K. TECARDEN-National Honor Society 3,4, Student Council 1-3, Freshman Baseball, Varsity 2-4, Freshman Basketball, Reserve 2,3, Varsity 4, Freshman Football, Varsity 2-4, Captain 4, Lettermen's Club 2-4. . DONALD TERHUNE MARY TERRELL-National Honor Society 3,4, Concert Band 3,4, Concert Choir 3, Concert Orchestra 3,4, String Ensemble 3,4, K'Brigadoon,' 3, 'iKing and In 4, Mt. Ver- non High School I,2. Q. l TONY THEYSSEN-National Honor Society 3,4, Stu- dent Council I,2, Freshman Football, Varsity 2-4, Letter- men's Club 2-4. DAVID THOMPSON-Reserve Track 3,4, Electronics Club2,3. Q .IAM ES H THOMPSON-Intramural Basketball 2-4. Q ' . t 4. 1 ' I 1 1 .-. it Marshall can mean a house divided. I LANIE THRALL Seniors A Q R O KAREN ANN Ti-iURsToN-Nonoool Honor Society 3.4, Quill and Scroll 3,-4, Secretary 4g LANCER Stall 3,-4, Copy Editor 3, Co-editor 45 Debate Team 2,3g German Club I-4, Secretary 2, President 3g Math Club I. RICHARD K. TINDALL-Reserve Tennis 4. jO ANN TIPTON-National Honor Society 3,4g Intra- mural Volleyball 2g Knights, Klub I-3g Academic Assistant 3,4g LANCER Representative 3g 'iMusic Manw 1, junior Prom Committee, jA 3,4. BARBARA jEAN TOLBERT-Bowling League 2, Intra- mural Volleyball I, . ANDREA TONNIS KATHLEEN ANN TRANBERC--Art Club I-3g Spanish Club2. VICTOR TRATTNER-Freshman Footballg Freshman Trackg Intramural Basketballfi, SANDRA TREFTS Comics TRENNEPOHL-Intramural Basketball 21 of- I'ice Messenger 4. jOHN L. TRENT-Marching Band I-3g Pep Band 2,34 Reserve Track 4g AFS Student Committee 3,4 PAMELA TRUAX-National Thespian Society 4g Con- cert Choir 4g Treble-Aires 2,3g Bowling League 1,2g Red Cross Club l,3,4. ROXANNA TRUMP-Intramural Volleyball 4g FNA 3, Red Cross Club I. NANCY TSCHIREN-jA 3. CAROLYN TU RNER-Knights' Klub 2,3g Academic Assistant 4g French Club Ig FTA I. CHARLES R. TURNER-jA 3,4 GLENN E. TURNER-Freshman Football, Varsity 2-49 Freshman VVrestling, Varsity 2-41 Lettermenis Club 2-4. SHERRY D. UPDIKE-National Thespian Society 3,4g Student Council 2,43 Senior Constitution Committee, Concert Choir 3,4g Coldenaires 2,33 Bowling League 1,25 Intramural Volleyball I-3g Knights' Klub 1, "Brigadoon" 3g "King and I" 4g Talent Show 4g junior Prom Commit- teeg jA 4. SUSAN VALDEZ-Reserve Band Ig Concert Band 2-4, Concert Orchestra 3,4g CAA 1,2g Intramural Volleyball I-3g Knights' Klub 1-3g "Brigadoon" 35 "King and I" 4g Talent Show 3, Knights of History lg Spanish Club Ig junior Prom Committee, jA 3,4. jAMES W. VANCE-Reserve Band I,2g Concert Band 3,-ig Marching Band I-4, Pep Band 2-4. Pi-IELLIS VANDIVER-Bowling League 3,41 Knights' K u 3. DEBBIE VAN DUREN-National Honor Society 3,4, Treasurer 4g Concert Choir 3,4g Concert Orchestra 1-3, String Ensemble I,2g "Music Man" lg "Oklahoma" 2g "Brigad0on" 3, Talent Show 3,4g French Club I,2. MARSHA VanMETER-OH'ice Messenger 4, Kokomo High School 2,3. MARK EMORY VAUCHAN-Freshman Baseballg Intra- mural Basketball 3g jA 3. LARRY VON BERG LAWRENCE WALKER PATSY WALLIS-Student Council 4g Concert Choir 2-4, Knights' Klub I,2g Library Assistant 2, 'iBrigadoon" 3g Red Cross Representative 3. LINDA WALLS-Concert Choir 3,4g Treble-Aires 2g CAA Ig Intramural Volleyball 1,25 P.E. Assistant 3g "Brigadooni' 3, " King and In 4g Red Cross Club I, RICK WALLS-Student Council lg Boys Ensemble 2-3g Concert Choir 4, Freshman Basketballg Intramural Bas- ketball 2-4g LANCER Representative Ig i'King and II' 4g Archery Club 25 jA 4. .. -4, Wi 4 ff ' at if .. O Y, 'Un ' in ff' ,. 1 'Div I n N. L Q .1 ,- lil. r -:.:' 5 ,wi 'V Q -- ' milf R fm . 10-' A., . 1 -X 1 M sg, 4,41 .. he A E. 190 Seniors O KAREN 1,1-:E WALTON-student Council Alternate 4g Treble-Aires 3,-ig FNA 3,4g Red Cross Representative 3,-1. MICHAEL N. WAMPLER LINDA ANN WASHBURN-Intramural Volleyball Ig Knights' Klub Ig JA SANDRA WATJEN-National Honor Society 43 Student Council Alternate 2, Talent Show 4, AFS Student Com- mittee 41 FTA I-4, Vice-president 3, President 4g FNA 4. .CHARLES RAYMOND WATKINS-Reserve Track 2-41 Intramural Basketball I-4, JA 3. CLIFFONDA YYATSON-Intramural Volleyball I-3g Knights' Klub I,2. HUGH VYATTS DOUGLAS XVEAVER-Concert Band 41 Marching Band I-3g Pep Band 3g Intramural Basketball I,2g Talent Show 41 JA 3.4. O MARTY WEBB-Georgia Military Academy 1-3. ROBERT C. WEBER-Concert Band 2-4, Marching Band 2-4g Pep Band 2-4, Freshman Basketballg Freshman Football, Intramural Basketball Ig Talent Show 4, JA 3,4. ROBERT S. VVEBER-Reserve Golf Sq Bowling League 21 Talent Show 41 JA 3,4 MARGO JO VVEDEKIND-Student Council Alternate 21 Knights' Klub I,2g LANCER Representative 1,21 Archery Club 2: i'Merry Christmas, Mr. Baxter" Ig "Okla- homa" 21 FNA I-45 JA 4. 'JOHN G. WEINHARDT-National Honor Society 3,4, President 4g Science Seminar 3,41 Concert Band I-43 Marching Band I-4g Pep Band 2-41 Intramural Basket- ball 3,4g AFS Student Committee, German Club I. LARRY VVAYNE WEIR RICK WEISHEIT-Intramural Basketball I-4g Oflice Messenger 49 LANCER Representative 4. GLENNA DENISE WEST-Warren Central High School 1 9 . GREG WEST-Intramural Basketball 45 Eastmoor High School, Columbus, Ohio. DEBORAH SU E VVHEELER-FTA Ig Oflice Messenger 4. JAMES YV. VVHEELER, JR.-National Honor Society 43 Student Council 3, Senior Colors Committeeg Concert Band 3,4g Marching Band I-4g Pep Band I-4g Intramural Basketball 3, LANCER Representative 33 Talent Show 4, JA 4. JANET KAY WHEELER .MARY MARGARET WHITAKER-Scecina Memorial High School 2. MICHAEL S. WHITAKER-Reserve Baseball 2,3g Var- sity 4g Reserve Wrestling 3. DONNA L. VVHITE-Concert Choir 3,4g Treble-Aires 25 U Brigacloonw 3. KAY WHITE-National Forensic League 2-4g Safety Council I,2g Concert Choir 4, Treble-Aires 2,31 "Okla- homa" 2g Talent Show 3,-lg Debate Team 2,3g FTA Ig JA S4 lsrizvi-:N R. WHITE-Talent show 4, Art club sg infra- mural Basketball I. MARY MARGARET WHITNEY MYRIAM WHITTLE-Red Cross Club I. LESTER MICHAEL WICKER-Boys' Ensemble 3, Con- cert Choir 4, HKing and Il' 4. Seniors .LORRAINE WVICKERS-Treble-Aires 45 Library Assistant 2,35 Oflice Messenger 2, German Club 4. IRENE VVILKINS-LANCER Stall 35 JA 45 Chatard High School l,2. CINDY L. WILLIAMS-Academlc Assistant 3,45 JA 35 Falls Church High School, Falls Church, Virginia 1, JANET KAY VVILLIAMS-National Honor Society 45 Concert Choir 45 Treble-Aires 35 Knights' Klub 25 Red Cross Representative 4, Tri-Hi-Y3,4. 'JAMES WILLIAMS-Marching Band 1,25 Reserve Band 1,25 JA 3. JOANNE E. VVILLIAMS-Marching Band 3, Treble- Aires 3,4 'JOHN S, WILLIAMS-Freshman VVrestIingg Talent SI'l0w4. LAURA WILLIAMS-National Thespian Society 3,45 Goldenaires 3,45 Intramural Volleyball 25 Knights' Klub 2, Clinic Assistant 45 LANCER Representative 35 "Okla- homa" 2g HBrigacloon'I 3, "Hoosier Schoolmasteri' 3, 'LKing and I" 45 JA 3,45 Central Junior High School, Law- ton, Oklahoma 1. 'MELODY LEE WILLIAMS MIKE WILLIAMS-Intramural Basketball 3,45 Reserve Cross Country 1,2, Varsity 45 Reserve Track I,2, Varsity 3,41 Lettermen's Club 4, 'RIC WILLIAMS-Freshman Football, Reserve 2,35 Freshman Wrestling, Reserve Varsity 45 Lettermen's Club4, GEORGE RAY WILSON-Office Messenger 45 Talent Show 45 German Club 2g'JA 3,4, I JOAN L. WILSON-National Honor Society :3,4, Treble- Aires 3,45 Knights' Klub 3, LANCER Representative I, Art Club 2, Red Cross Club I. JOHN VVILSON MARTA VVILSON SONDRA WILSON-National Honor Society 3,45 Na- tional Merit Semi-Hnalist 45 Student Council Alternate I5 Knights' Klub 15ACCOLADE Salesman 4. . JANIS WING-Student Council 4, Alternate 35 Intramu- ral Volleyball 1,25 Knights' Klub 25 LANCER Representa- tive 4, Talent Show 45 AFS Student Committee 3, Span- ish Club 25 Junior Prom Committee5 JA 3, Bloom Town- ship High School I. KATHY LEE WINGATE-Knights' Klub 152, Intramural Volleyball 1,25 Junior Prom Committeeg JA 3. RUSELLA JEAN VVININGER-Bowling League 4, Art Club 35 Spanish Club I. ROBERT VVIRE rf. e-.55 ,.,-.av .rbi ,-EFF. . , f e "'i i W' ,. .- 4. , fee. l , i g l we I 4, .l e -sa- 'M L E ' sl. Ml .ey 'mae 535, "5-':" 191 Carolers join the Christmas spirit 15 1 f X W 5 ,B 4 V 5 V YE ,AE at ll 1 Seniors ior Constitution Committeeg Student Council 21 Con- cert Choir 3,41 Treble-Aires 21 "Brigatloon" :31 Girls' State Alternate1 AFS Student Committee 31 CAA l. CHRISTOPHER IVILLIAM VVODKIS-Quill and Scroll 3,41 ACCOLADIS Staff 3,41 I,ANCIfR Stat'I3,-I, Photo Edi- tor News Bureau 3,41 Chess Club 31 Manual High Scho0lI,2. DON VVOOD-Intramural Basketball-11 ROTC-I. KATHERINE A. VVOOD-Student Council I,21 Safety Council 1,21 Talent Show 41 Intramural Volleyball I-31 AFS Student Committee 41 junior Prom Committee. Q LINDA WORMAN TERESA ANN VVRICHT-Knightsl Klub l,2.. FRED VVYANT-Cross Country 41 Freshman Foothallg Freshman Wrestling, Reserve 2,41 Freshman Track, Var- sity 2-41 Lettermen's Club, VIRGINIA Y. YEE-Art Club l-3, Secretary-Treasurer 21 Inter-club Council 21 'iTbe Mouse that Roaredn 41 IA 3,4 CORLISS LYNN YODER-Concert Band 41 Red Cross Club 1,21 Spanish Club 3,41 'IA 314. IAN YODER-Oilice Messenger 41 Library Assistant 4: Franklin Central High School 112. TIM YOUNG IEFFERY ZARINC-National Honor Society 3,41 Na- tional Merit Semi-finalist 41 Science Seminar 41 Quill and Scroll 41 ACCOLADF Staff 314, Co-editor 41 Ilf jour- nalism Workshop 41 Concert Band 2-41 Concert Orchestra 41 Marching Band I-4, Drum Major 314: Pep Band 2-41 Intramural Basketball 41 Talent Show Master of Cere- monies. PAUL ZICIS RICHARD WV. ZIMMICRMAN-Freshman Football, Var- sity 2-41 Freshman Wrestling, Reserve 2,31 Lettermerrs Club 3,41 Intramural Basketball 3,4. LINDA ZINN-Student Council Alternate 41 Concert Choir 3,41 Treble-Aires 21 Art Club 2-41 "Music Man' I1 uOklahoma" 21 H Brigadoonn 31 U King and II' 4. MICHAEL ZORNICER-Boy's Ensemble 41 Intramural Bz1SlC6ttJall I,-lg ROTC-I. Homecoming is the uKnight Time" for seniors decorating their entry in the float competition, 'KIMBERLY YVITSMAN-National Honor Societv 341 National Merit Letter of Commendation VVinner 4,1 Sein- Seniors "Love on a Rooftop" . , . Halftime cere- Tatum, Suzanne Kasler, Karen Sylvester, jody jim and Laura reigned as king and queen ot monies of the junior Prom featured the in- Fox, Scott Tegarden, jim Overmyer, Ted the event. troduction of candidates Laura Saillant, Lynn Meek, Denny Southerland, and Chris Harlan. Camera-Shy Seniors O JOHN A. BAKER QCHARL1-:S RUSSELL JONES LARRY BAKER jACKEY jONES CAIL BOYD-Scecina Memorial High School l-3. JEFF BROLIN FOREST MONROE BUTCHER JOSEPH KAISER MITCHELL LANNING FRANK LITTLE LILLIAN I- CHAVES-AISGIIHI TBCl'lIliC2il High School STEVE MITCHELL-ArsenalTechnicalHigh School l, 1gVevay High School 2. DEBORAH COLBY BARBARA COLE-Knights' Klub 1, WILLIAM CONNERLEY DENNIS jAMES COOK LLOYD DAUB RONALD B. DAY-Reserve Baseball 2, Varsity 3,4g Fresh man Basketballg Reserve Football 2, Varsity 3,43 Intra mural Basketball 2-44 Lettermen's Club 3,4g P.E. Assist- ant4, ROBERTA ANN DSMARSH RONNIE jAY EATON THEODORE EDWARDS-Southport High School 1 Greenwood High School 2g Whiteland High School 3. PETER HALAS LUCY HERNDON SPENCER IRVINC, jR,-Freshman Football, Reserve 2. CHERYL jEFFRlES RANDALL L. MONTGOMERY jAMES C. MOORE JAMES MORGAN MICHAEL NAHRE WARREN PARKER LYN DA DARLENE RUSSELL KENNETH NEAL SCOTT, jR. DEBRA A. SHILLINC ERIC STANLEY SMITH-IntramuralBasketballfl ESTHER MARIE STEVVART NORMAN STONEKINC-Pendleton High School 1 Arsenal Technical High School 2, DAVID EARL STROTHER-Intramural Basketball l-3. DARYL ELLENA VVADE STEPHEN VROMAN ROBERT WHETSELL LEE VVHITEHOUSE juniors swing with psvchedelie 368g set lively paceg cnowp World Members of the 'known genera- tion, juniors brightened their activ- ities with the psychedelic tones of Knight-teen '68 and colored their third year with enthusiasm. They looked ahead to colleges and careers with the National Merit Scholarship Test and the PSAT, and a premiere of the future was observed on College Night, with an emphasis on the individual student. The third year of high school brought out the confidence of young adults. juniors realized their dis- tinction as an "up-tight" class, but maintained their reverence for tradi- tion with the junior Nlother's Tea and the formal prom. Their rings were their own style, a swinging Min" statins symbol of this special class of '69, Chcmlstrx and adnmud laimguagc courses are thi I Liil l l l l W'ith the aid of junior Handy Belden, junio jumors In thur thu-gl H if qurlil 5 Nleg XYoods becomes a Ben Davis giant. I I' juniors Debbie Adkins, Dave Allgood, joe Allio, Roberta Allison, Ron Amos, Eric Anderson, Kent An- ierson, jim Arbuckle, Stan Arm- strong. Mary Arnt, Nancy Atkinson, Rhona Atlas, Paul Bailey, Mike Baker, Ron Baker, Stanley Baker, David Baldwin, Fred Bales, Don Bane, Mark Banks, Dallas Barnes, Sharon Batdorf, Michael Bates, Karen Bauerle, Debbi Bayne, jim Beall, jane Beard, Phil Beckwith, jan Behrmann, Candy Belden, Deann Bell, Sandy Bellew, Andrew Benoit, john Benton, john Berry, Steve Betros. Mike Bigelow, Sheryl Bigelow, Carol Billen, Susan Bischoff, Ann Bishop, Beth Bivens, Stephen Black, Linda Bloodworth, Mi- chaelBlue. Marc Boucher, Michael Boucher, Mark Bovard, Larry Boyd, Dave Bradley, Marilyn Bramble, Cindy Brandt, janie Branham, Steve Bridges, Stephanie Bright, Ausma Brik- manis, Rich Brinkman, David Brooks, Amy Brown, Debbie Brown, jama Brown, james Brown, janet Brown. Sally Brown, joAnne Bryan. Don Buchanan, Ronald Buchanan, Diane Buhr, Steve Bull, Beckie Bultman, Randy Bultman, Wil- liam Burr. Pam Burrell, Susan Burton, Terri Butcher, Bonnie Butler, Darrell Butler, janet Byers, Linda Cable, Iudy Cain, Linda Caldwell. Betty Campbell, Debbie Camp- Jell, Davetta Camplield, Sheryl Sapp, Linda Carlton, jim Carter, Robert Cassell, Cheryl Catt, Mi- :hael Cavanaugh. Becky Chaille, Candy Chambers, Darryl Chambers, Robyn Cham- iess, Treasa Chapin, Betty Chest- iut, Bud Christensen, Paul Fhristenson, Anitra Clark. erry Cochran, john Cofer, jim oltey, Cynthia Colby, Sandra olby, Brenda Cole, Bruce Cole- an, john Collins, Stephen Col- on. Q , fa S 1 .,,., 4' V1 41" i -sr, as if Nt nf W ,,, N - vt. Q 4, af 'Z ,N Y gf 5 ex - -- Siagiaaggsefzil ,ff ,a if a 3 m A W we gk x if 5 .H ' YH' aff ,Z fy X y ws' g -. - - , :. - - MQ-,fa if .. Q- 2 .i m . - 4. YQ ia, at ii . . K. W X Q?- at ,EI my 1 .,-Q ms .k v- ,Q 5 "1---tie' H- . , f. J --ri. - .Y--I. -1 ff, ,a.x,?!- as-- , 35,2 ., , - .. , -, - f , -L - 1 ,-its - 1 ' -- : ' f-5 V f " -iii.',3-zzliifliilii--L: ',. 1255 'm f ' - ,, " if ' ' ' I WL-T,-fe , - g i, V . 4-- Wy , , ,-M Fif '-- 9 . " .mf-f' .. , .. 'fu ' az, ' ' S .. - .- I2 '- -:ff - ' '- - in -. f i T .' - IV' 'I "4 , T N " K' - .f g k , E '-- ,fi ' , ,., -:,--, In g s k:,.-.ff 0-- -, g ig, , f. . l g ,, ,Q -my A I ...Ji an M .. ,. -ti, - ' - -if -- ga - -5 - 135.1 -fm ,, AWK Sf , 9 Q. , A . , 1 - ,. .. -. -- 1 ,,.,:, :f-.J-,, '- - - . , -fi -. .Q - - - - ,, .- Y- . - 5 " - - I -- 1 - g ' , . 9 - -- L X' T451 ---it - .sv ,fb " , ' M .. ' -- - 2-1 sf.-I'-'-. -SJ:--s-wi!! , 1 . ' , if H T " -' .- ,,s, is Y as M-. l , 'Nil - .H S is 59- iw- 24 , If "-'I fi?" " -:JQH5 Q' X , 4 Si 3 ss , , .M , if Q- ixfeew wax ' -- - . - -, , ,aa --H X M -. ,.,,. - , , , 7 254,131 QW? - 753- 'S -wr 3 wa --f. -9 --Q- -, I--e .,,, is 6, 'Sf sa '1- -.,. .... . . :'fF1'w- "5E::555F?:i , B u :Ik as t Q ,, as by 3 -3 Y, ,QF ,, W ' 4 wi S, S , -it -. .-ii M, Q 'i- 'S 2 'E if 5 5 :'- vg' Q :?'- --5. 5 .mv . 5 ,,, A 'Wig -' - .. , .. , is ,, it - -A-A -- 5- . J . Y -e FZQESTH ---- 'fi' - - as - . Y, -Q ., -y , ,,,,,.. 1, at .. , . -, l , , ..,,..: -if , . .,' - .. . , .. ,is -- ,, - 5-" -- --1: X s ---" -mg:-1--g,:. A - .- if-r-I ' : . -- fffm w- , ,.!z!.A..:'s, . .. - - ,. . --.few 541 - ai- W .: .a.,... .. fm Q . -w-- 5!m,.,1!-F -. - , ,aff-i,, - -, am H '-f.- t- -- F 'fi--L . 1-'4 ' 'T , yi . . - . - ,- - M - Q ' - , 5 'sh . U I E' fi: Q Y? V . 'ff ill-ff' .Q-ii: ' 'V -' s' '-A QLSEQ - Q ' - - - sy- W 1- : , . . - - Ss"fZilA,gmf fsxsIuI',f23aW-- -"' , -- 55,11 -ag? M ,. -q w 'M- A ' nf- Zz -- XZ ,.: F' .L:j,,ZQ.f t-sg ' Ma .. 1- aa- , ,,,:-- ---,,,-.4-.A-ft. i.,,-Q 4 3 -- . X -1-. f -if. 3:22-1 ' .,. , . , . I Q ' .... 'fe S - ' ' f' , - - Ei' 555:95 ' K+-e-ir N, -,, ,g. V -, .'-f ,::-- -.L -- - - 1 - I .--f M if z .- , .. -- -Q: '- w fi'----' f si.. ' - K 4 -. as , ,sg ea'-f aa " L- ' K , 1 - V V1 1 ' -W . Q, , - .. ,l X313 ,M Mer - ' , Q ' - ' - H,.'-jj?-j A 1967 E--.sw-mst ' ' A -we " ,ifi-4 t-5-Z. it - Gig at -W if W , , - ' iff? juniors john Corriden, Sue Couch, Ty- rone Courtney, Chris Coy, jane Cradick, Nancy Craig, Susan Crawley, Donna Cripe, Mike Croup. jim Culhan, David Culp, Michael Cuticchia, Cliff Dahlen, Boh Davis, Brad Davis, Cindy Davis, Gordon Davis, Cathy Davison. Brenda Davy, Pattie DeBurger, Chris DeCaro, Mary DeWitte, Calista Dilley, Gerraldine Dix, Stephanie Dodd, Maria Domin- guez, Patty Donegan. Tania Doran, Sandi Dotts, Peggy Duclus, Donna Dunn, Ken Dunn, Ron Duzan, Vincent Easler, Linda Edwards, Donna Eldridge. Kristine Embach, Carol Emery Richard Emery, Terry Emery Janie Evans, Vicky Evans, Briar Everman, Patricia Fenske, Char lene Ferger. Michael Ferraro, jerry Fifer, Iirr Fleming, Ann Fobes, jim Foley Carla Foltz, Carol Forbes, Ford, Diana Ford. Denise Kim Frank, Scott Frazier, Clyde Henry Fulton, Barbara Gabbert, Gaftin, Kevin Garrison, Phi Gemmer, john Gibson, Roben Gilbert, Kevin Gillette, Barbara Glenn Dan Gobin, Steve Graeher, Ray Graham, Lori Grana, Susie Grat- ter, Christine Gray, Richarc Gregory. Brenda Griffin, Art Grube, Larry Gurchiek, Randy Haines, jeanna Haley, Patty Hall, Terri Hall Terry Hall, Becky Halliburton, joe Hamblin, Nancy Hamilton Billi Hammond, Brenda Ham mond, Mark Hammond, Le Hancock, Sheri Hanes, Caro Haney, Lynn Harkins. Ed Harlan, Doug Harmas, Debbj Harris, Kenneth Harshey, Barl Hartley, Patty Hartley, Helei Hathaway, Theresa Hauser David Hawk, jan Hawkersmith, Kelvin Heady Kenneth Heady, Dorcas Heck Michael Henderson, Herber Henry, LoDella Henry, Marf Hensel, Michael Henthorn. Juniors Michael Hewitt, Carol Hey, Billy Hickson, Carolyn Hill, Steve Hill, Kay Hinds, Bill Hixon, John Hob- son, Mike Hobson. Mark Hoecker, Anne Hoggatt, Carl Hollingsworth, Jennifer Holly, Michael Holmes, Susan Horine, Carol Hornbeck, Allan Howard, David Howell, Larry Hoerll, Becky Huddleston, Daniel Huffman, David Huffman, Gene Hugar, Pam Hungerford, Richard Hunt, Danny Hutcher- son, Paul Hutcherson. Dave Imel, Debbie Ingram, Cary Irwin, Phil Irwin, Dan Jackson, Judy Jannusch, Elaine Jarvis, Leon Jarvis, Robert Jassmann. Bill Jay, Karen Jeffries, Suzan Jenkins, Karen Jessup, Arnice Johnson, Rick Johnson, Sandy Johnson, Susie Johnson, Beverley Jones. Charlotte Jones, David Jones, Shirley Jones, Kia Yta Jordan, Sherry Kantor, Connie Kelley, Charles Kelly, Rick Kendall, Alan Kennedy. Robert Kennedy, Russ Kennedy, Pat Kenrick, Marsha Kersage, Kevin Kester, Jim Key, Bob King, lChris King, Lynda King. Mark Kinnaman, Debbie Kirk, Jerry Kisselman, Peggy Klein, Kurt Kleinhelter, Barbara Kleir, Mark Klippel, Karen Konchinsky, Peter Kresge. Jeff Krienik, ldelle Kruss, Steve Kuhl, Roger Kuhlman. Elizabeth Laird, Debbie Lake, Thomas Lammers, Carol Lampe. Joan Lancello, Cynthia Lane, Jim Lane, Larry Lannan. Jan Lannom, Greg Lanum, Bob Lauth, Alan Law. "Disguised" in football helmets and jerseys, four junior girls en- joy homecoming float competition. V-,,-'r,-' i ':'i 1 wg iff Q , ..,.. , .. ,7,,,sM-4 L , 5 x S Q fx , S it 5, . "-Q r e Q 5 , . C www 5 -I ,,.,,: I If its 197 lif- , xi, ggi W 5 S VSEQEMHQQ 2 Q -me K "" 2 -is 'Q 4 ev a x X L ,- ,, . ,A,,,.., f - Q-:ma i.,,,,g,: fm., - W- nu '53, I X. s raw.. N? rg, age, -A 1:" g. ,- 4.,,., S , ma, 3 fy-sw, .-f - - , ,lg , , 5 , 1, m . Ge, xrf' fi , gag. ,. 1' i X . 29:1 A 1 , I. Q-A fx., wg. ' , ' A A, ,. ' . ,. , A ir-4 X' , ,Q . , , I W ., M1 J A H 2-af 'S ,ri e a 1 l -. . H I V. H' fi " , .- ' ,, fy 1- , T iz: - 12? . ' 'tw 5- - 1 2- ' by ,amy - ..- u 6 af' fe -I q-,:, Zi , gr' wTis?1ig?E 3 up p, M ' M K Q, . wi gl Q ,,,. E , Q fic' if Q it ,, ,, fa -. J. ta , in , A Q r I.. 1, 1 any f 5 c v " E g. gg is 1 f x J' X in Jb- ,Qm K. 4- 1, sw u.- " '15 ' K., fl 42 fb K ., iiilg 4 as , ,J Q 'rf vat' ww. -Q ..w Ln. Ign i- 3 W? 1 13 vi ,,.?! E , tk.: I . , W . .1 ' iamgiw - ff , ' " ,ETZSTEVW . -' X' ' f" N3vSzsf1iaig ,, R . W. .,..,,. , . :ffe:Wg-an55352151152-905552114 a,f' :s:aa:jg 'W " u : gyggaag d, ,sm-,.,, 111-fx rf, Mc? 3 432327 ., Sz-1 ?5qf'3a5.,,.V ...W..,., ,i n .. ,ggnsfi 2 ! 3 ,. ., m m- ,. ,,,,,,,, ,.2, it i s 'ig f vi H lil ry 5 . eil lr 3 .. , fx fix ,Q k t ' ' 122. V . . f ,?QE??Wf V-ima, 1. - . ,,,,,,.-,S ,sw A., . . X a f K a 1 Q juniors Anita Lawrence, Marilyn Law- rence, Carter Lawson, Ken Lazar, Don Lee, Terry Lee, Kathy Le- Feber, Tisha LeMaster, Anita Leslie. Karen Leverenz, Rick Lewis, Mary Linzer, Bill Lipp, Debbie Litten, Linda Lobh, Gary Loh- kamp, Mary Anne Long, Steve Lotshaw. Kathie Lovell, LaDonna Lucas, james Lunsford, Carey Lykins, john Lyons, Glenda Madison, Larry Malless, Robert Mansbach, Blanche Markey. l l john Marks, Dan Martin, Diane Martin, jackie Martin, Ralph Martin, Rick Mastenik, Dennis Matchett, Anne Mathews, Greg Maxwell. Cathey Mayfield, Mark McAlister, Karen McCausland, Steve Mc- Clure, Kevin McConnell, Carol McCormick, Rob McCoy, john McCullar, Mickey McMouse, Coeburn McDaniel, Ginger Mc- Daniels, Daniel McDermott, john McDonough, Tamara Mc- Edards, jim McElhany, Cathy McFarland, Veo McGee, Marcia McKee, Trudy McKee, jim 'McKinney, Pattie McNeely, Betsy McPher- son, Mike McPherson, April Mc- Vey, Bob Meara, Tom Meara, jerry Melcher. Richard Meschke, Charles Mi- chael, john Middleton, judy Mikosz, Stanley Mikosz, David Milam, Mark Milam, Linda Miles, GaylMiller. Glenda Miller, joyce Miller, Mark Miller, Sherry Miller, jack Mitchell, johnetta Mitchell, Kathy Modica, Emil Molin, Michael Monroe. Dave Moody, Don Moore, Ronald Moore, Scott Moore, Terri Moore, Lee Morgan, Marilyn Mosier, Linda Moss, Robert Mott. Ronnie Muller, Michael Mum- mey, Steve Murphy, Sue Murphy, Terry Murphy, Camille Murray, Gary Muse, Margie Muse, Gene Neal. Linda Neidlinger, Cindy Neil, Mark Nelsen, Kris Nelson, Nancy Newhouse, Scott Newkirk, Penny Nichols, Randy Nickel, Diana Nixon. juniors Roland Norris, Cathy O'Brien, Steve O'Dell, Patricia Ohne, joe Olah, Deni Oldham, Nancy Palmer, Thomas Palmer, Hal Parker, Walter Parks, Susan Parsons, Rob Partenheimer, Bill Patterson, Rich Paul, joe Paulin, Lucretia Payne, Becky Pearce, Donald Peek. Patricia Pence, Sandy Perdue, Ric Pettet, Ron Pettigrew, Debbie Phelps, john Phillips, Michael Pierce, William Porter, Sharon Prather. Pam Price, Patty Price, john Princell, Tom Pritchett, Pattie Pruitt, Denise Purvis, Larry Quigley, Becki Rainsberger, Steve Raisch. Diana Ramey, Bob Randolph, Pamela Randolph, Barbara Ran- kin, Maureen Ray, Carol Raymer, Cathy Rebic, Harriett Reddie, Cail Redman. Beckie Repphan, Chris Reeder, Harry Richards, Ron Richeson, Ronnie Richmond, Bruce Rick- man, Vickie Roan, jane Roberts, janet Roberts. Beth Robinson, Susan Robling, Trudy Rogers, Rita Rohrman, Curt Romeril, Lisandro Roque. Daniel Ross, Karen Ross, Thomas Rossell, Mike Russell, Pete Rusthoven, Lin Sadler. Earl Sandefur, Debbie Sanders, Rick Sanders, jim Scanland, Nancy Scherer, Steve Schmidt. Vickie Schorn, David Schwantes, Vivian Schwomeyer, jeff Scott, Mike Seamon, Sheila Segrest. Wendy Seidel, Walter Seiler, Ginger Shadday, Mary Shannon, Wayne Sharp, john Shaver. Ron Shaw, jerome Sheely, Lee Shelton, Patty Shelton, Steve Short, Edward Simmons. High-stepping to show tunes, junior Mark Hoecker performs during a band halftime. llln, L ' 'H-.' W , , - 11 N A -1- w k :::. V ., V ' ,, in ,v - V I VJ. f it R ,iii f- i X i - ' Egyif ',a:.,N 1 .1 "gf - I fs: : as W il. . R , I R P 'M ,,,s is ' ,- if X- ff Eiffffif , 1' as 5 A, 6 'P l Z 'tr Q: , af :.. 3' :" 'lil - I .--..,i ' ff: Ii. 1' A A W' :EI . - ".. l 'if V . yryi i ,':1 ' . "' -Q K K K sv. as V M -.,. , V, 1. x ,1 w r K 5 q , P . 1 ,,1. . , , , ' ,. ,rg " M an ui ,A wa, -wr: Q" -: if R -T ,aw Wig! aa -- aaa, fa, If 1 9 l 1 '-1 , ,'. P 2 A- P 1 l,i, 9' , . T' Hweaei s +c V , wx Z - .Q A W - -' A H ,l K 4 K K' Xia ' I W , 0. ..," 9" f ay , gm if 9. Q. Q g A Q ,,- I 1 VJ 'A ,tg E t an Ev .- 5 V . Q c ' P Ah R 'Q' . , .,Y. ,si iili A st 9 1 s we . in Q , , f v . , ' tx, if a . . . . Y , I : , awe awww a,taa awe Q f ttjo :V , , 3 i t " , It J ' 1 - A H E5 fihwiyyll, W e g . K I - C. 'V' ' ' ' 5 QIQ. , Ei ' ,i C, lf' , , ,,,,. , A Q , A , . +111 K ' A , un iw, ',.. ,EEE A ,Z , , ,, . , I j 4? P L , V ,iiiil ' . ' ,i 5 ' A . fa' J Q , V ,M :AI 5 Q 1 1 , l , ,,,li " ii'ii fy Y , ' x P A Y :L N S P 1' " up A if 'M F -V A' 'M iiki 'A . S f ' In V ' ,' 1 , y , , , ,, ' 199 i i'?i f fS.,,2g , X , HX is . , , , l ri K X ,, . i Q7 s y g .. '. . .. 21 xv f . L' Y, , W' ' ' ' 1, . x H' il ni. ,..::' '5-4.252 ,fu . a i eff t if .V s -, V ' if 'I ,,V. ..i.l..-...4.g,....,. .':..:-,-..pv f ,.f,..:sa.- -v ' :5,e-- ' ' if : s . is , yr 5 fi iv X -r 4 as . hc- s"' W' .gn flaw Si .K ws--L 2 ,.: Q, in ' ,pf W" , i S .5 of 9 1 7 ..,3.,i. Q i Juniors Marsha Sims, Patty Sims, Brenda Sissom, Denise Slinkard, Beth Sloan, Carol Smith, Gaye Smith, Sylvester Snodgrass, Anne Snyder. Debbie Snyder, Luci Snyder, Peggy Sorenson, Sue Sorrell, Paula Spahr, Donna Spilbeler, Thomas Spoo, Merry Spoolstra, Terri Spray. Michael Stevens, Mona Stott, Mike Strong, Tom Stroud, Jeanne Stroude, Pat Stutsman, Susan Sumter, Nancy Surdi, Jeanne Sutton. Nancy Swan, Charles Teschen- dorf, Mike Tewmey, Ray Thie- sing, Doug Thompson, Linda Thompson, William Thompson, Jean Thorpe, Joan Thorpe. Kathy Tindall, Cary Tischer, Cindy Todd, Richard Tom, Les Tomlinson, Cindy Tranberg, Paul Troy, Martina Tubbs, Bill Turner. Sandy Tuxhorn, Terri Twacht- mann, Steve Tyra, Linda Uberta, Karen Unger, Ann Epson, Denise Vance, Michele Vaughan, Vicki Vernier, Carl Viers, Mary Villarreal, Cor- don Vogel, Debby VVade, Martin Wagner, Tim Wallace, Ann VVal- ler, Debbie Walls, Stephen Walton. Preston Ward, Doug Wasnidge, Alonzo Watford, Kenneth Wat- son, Mike Watson, Ralph Weber, Mary Welch, Denise Wells, Richard Wenzel. Phil Wesner, Jelaine West, Richard Whallon, Rusty Whann, Carol White, Roger Wickers, Debbie Wiersma, Karen Wilkes, Jeanette Wilkins. Bill Willetts, Barbara Williams, Carl Williams, Steve Williams, Vickie Williams, Holly willman, Bill Wilson, David Wilson, George Wilson. Mary Wilson, Rob Wilson, Regis Wilson, Ruth Wilson, Vicki Wil- son, Craig Winn, Lee Winslow, Mark Wintris, Patty Witthoft. Greg Wolf, Theresa Wolner, Meg Woods, Lynn Wools, Jackie Young, Steve Young, Sue Young, James Zartman, Terry Zimple- man. Tense moments on the basketball floor cause looks of apprehension on the faces of soph- omores Nancy Meek and Laura Hoods. Biology dissections pose problems for soph- omores Roberta VanSickle and Pam Denny in the laboratory courses. Sophomores add miles on 7 O road For the sophomore, the pains and trials of the freshman year had ended. VVith advanced courses, he was ready for extended research into the realms of math and sci- ence. In mathematics courses, he studied plane and solid geometry, delving into the angles, the corners, the degrees, and digressions of problems. VVith biology, the dissection of frogs and fish became the key to understanding the functions of living things. including in his library of reference the works of modern biologists in DNA and other genetic research, the soph- omore studied problems in depth. The second year, for the soph- omore, was also a year of anticipa- tion. "UpperclassmanshipH was only a year away. The class of '70 had overcome first year crises, and mastered sophomore skills. speed ahead, QF' Getting the lead on his opponent, sophomore Cary Ramage dribbles the ball down the floor. e H, also ,,,w,,l.Qf J, I f if - " 201 Q... ,, - . E T' M Ezggf.. ::,.iE L:,..L .,,,? ki! -J . .. X V ,t 5 B ii' M " 'Q L- . 1 S "" W, my ,S .. 2 if if ff -sf A gf if -Q. L' """ H 1 .,.,,.. I I A H A . . -5 f 513, "' ,fs L ,. '. 'ff' .mel .. sa "'LV rQ,.,r 2r 2ff . , . if t ymvy . . . .- zgi ' Kg ' ij , A . 'L'L 3 X' -f :fl A f 1 ' l X ' N- I ' 5 M. J as , Q A . . . .,., .L., . wee A as x v Q E,: H l..,, . ,f :HEEZ , AwiL5 , , 5 W si A 5 .A T A -, QQ? .i ,B sf -Q ,. - f uv 1 I , . 1 - . , ' 1-2 l X l N 5, - V ,.,, A , - -Yi a 8 -in I f . -. -1 T rt RFQ V T ' tx . if A 2 T -. fa --f at A s A Q S A ta at ' if " K 5 4 ' 5- ','k A 1 ' ' ' A .. ' 4' ' . ' 75' H , A IAN A -M ',,,. . ' I . Yvk' -' ' lg L A I K T. W' t 5 ,f ,if gy I "" ' ' " KW L ,. 4 X1 7 V U xx j. :V l j Y A i A V' ' l A ' V x . - in -Q. I.. HF at A Qt . J, ,, .,,,, ., af- 4 it as S7 xx te 1 .. an 3' . .: r " MVLL, tf2fi"li,5'1' 1' 1 WNW 2 if Q ,gy 3 ,yd 202 Sophomores Bill Abbott, Mark Abraham, Debbie Adams, jane Adams, Linda Adams, Terry Adams, Vikki Alexakos, Gary Allen, james Allen, Kenneth Allen, Linda Allen, Phil Allen, Darlene Alonzo, Bob Alt- man, Mike Ammerman, Bill Anthony, Gregory Arnold, Mary Arthur. Kathleen Atkinson, Anita Atz, Martha Atz, Carol Auch, Susan Ault, Doug Babb, Candy Bader, Diana Bailey, janet Bailey. Christie Baker, Dennis Baker, Mark Baker, Tony Baldwin, Frank Barbour, Connie Barlow, Terry Barnes, Willard Barnett, Mary Barrett. john Bascom, john Bauerle, Trudy Baugh, Anne Beall, Bonnie Beaman, Lenard Beasley, Mark Beasley, Steve Bell, Tom Bell. Roger Bender, Bernie Berry, Val Bileckyj, Marilyn Bishop, Tomas Bixbey, Doug Boles, Deborah Bow, Donald Bowling, Robert Bowser. Barbara Boyd, Gayle Boyd, Karen Boyd, Claude Brammer, Dawn Brandestein, Charles Brandt, Kathy Brandt, Linda Brewer, Randy Brinegar. Cheryl Brodhecker, john Brolin, Lora Brooks, Bob Brown, Carolyn Brown, Carolyn M. Brown, Christine Brown, Dennis Brown, Vera Brown. Ronald Brummett, Angie Brun- ner, Lee Buckner, Charlotte Bujarsky, janice Bunning, Tom Burleson, David Burris, Freddie Burrus, jerry Burrus. Debby Bussberg, Diana Butche, Cathryn Butcher, janet Byers, Debbie Caldwell, Christine Campbell, Gary Campbell, Garrie Carl, Lydia Carney. Tim Carr, Charlotte Carrier, jeannie Carter, Sue Cartwright, Arinda Carver, Norbert Cassidy, Charles Cave, William Cherry, Marie Childs. Skip Choate, Stephen Christian, Debbie Cissna, Cathy Clark, janet Clark, Diane Clodfelter, Glenn Clymer, Libby Ann Coch- ran, Bill Coffey. Sophomores Larry Coffman, Garry Cole, Deborah Collins, Paul Condeiz, Michael Conners, Carolyn Cook, Dan Cooper, Phil Corron, Steve Cotts. Chris Coulin, Don Counts, Ron Coutts, Beverly Craig, Lynn Craig, Terry Cranfill, Malinda Craycraft, Debbie Creech, Carole Critchlow. George Crites, Tim Cross, Rick Crosson, Mike Crouse, Marty Crump, Michael Crute, Frank Curry, Gene Damron, Marilynn Daniel. Lynn Daugherty, Gary Davidson, Diane Davis,- David Dawson, jim DeCamp, Gayle DeHaven, Pam Denney, Becky Deputy, Paul DeWitte. Kathy Dickey, Conne Dickson, Kurt Dietz, Darnell Dixon, Rex Donohue, Darryl Dougherty, Randy Drake, Steve Draughon, Victoria Ebel. Paul Ecklund, jackie Edwards, Brent Elliot, Kathleen Elmore, Stephen Eltzroth, Cheryl Eng- land, Debbie Evans, Howard Evans, Luncinda Exline. Mary Fair, Roy Fairbanks, Bill Favors, Celeste Federle, Debbie Felkins, Gwen Ferguson, Michael Ferguson, joe Ferraro, Denise Fields. Kevin Fink, Debbie Fitt, Debbie Fitzgerald, Paul Flockhart, Wil- liam Florey, jeffrey Flynn, wil- liam Fontaine, Gary Ford, Ste- phen Fralish. Dave Frederick, David Freeman, Charteena Furgason, jim Gaier, Charles Gamett, Patti Garrett, Nicholas Garwood, Karen Geddes, Philip Gelston. Cheryl Gibson, Sharon Gibson, Dianne Giesey, Michael Glancy, Greg Gorogiani, Sherrie Graham, Nancy Grandlienard, Howard Graves, Gary Gray. Kenneth Gray, Norma Green, W Doug Greeson, Madonna Griffey, i Patty Grifhn, Robert Griffin, 1 Charles Griggs, Debbie Haehl, Michael Haemmerle. Guy Hagen, Mary Hagen, jerry Hall, john Hall, Christine Halter, Kathy Hammer, Patty Hammond, Marene Hanson, Treendia Lee Haralson. 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H ' 4 Sophomores Anne Harding, Fred Hart, Julie Hart, Ron Hatfield, Ron Hatha- way, Dave Hawkins, Lester Heady, Rudyard Heady, Cale Heckman. Curtis Helm, Daniel Helton, Pat- ricia Helwig, Ellen Herman, Jackie Herndon, Peggy Herrmann, Mark Hewitt, Roger Hignite, Bobbe Hill. Catherine Hill, Dianne Hinesley, Karl Hinkle, William Hinshaw, James Hittle, Paul Hofmeister, David Hoggatt, Bob Holland, Jack Holland. Jill Holmes, Mary Holtsclaw, Kurt Homann, Criss Horton, Debby Hotka, Charles Houston, Jacquelyn Howard, William Howard, Bruce Howe. Ronnie Howell, Brad Hubler, Diana Huff, Cary Hunt, Cathy Huntsinger, Kim Hurst, Barbara Hutton, Bruce Ikawa, Margie Irwin. Ceorgenia Isenhower, Diane Jackson, Robert Jackson, Eliza- beth Jakovac, Margie Jaquess, Greg Jennings, Valerie Jennings, Jeanne Jensen, Phyllis Jessup. Debbie Johnson, Edna Johnson, Fred Johnson, Randall Johnson, Bill Jones, Colleen Jones, Patrick Jones, Phyllis Jones, Nathan Jorgensen. Steve Kaiser, Kathy Kaloyanides, Michael Kane, Dale Kappus, Steve Kehrer, Bruce Kelley, Karen Kennedy, Mike Kenrick, Darrel Kerr. John Kessler, Beverly Kidwell, Elizabeth Kidwell, Tom King, Dennis Kingery, Patty Kingston, David Kinnick, Vicki Kinsey, Tom Klier. Barbara Kline, Sue Knight, Barbara Kouwe, Dan Krause, Vanessa Kyle, Pam Lacy, Dorothy LaFara, Cary Lamczik, Jack Landy. Mary Jo Landy, Daniel Lane, Beth Langan, William Lanteigne, Bob Lappas, Gary LaPress, Craig Larsh, Clifford Lathrop, Daniel Lawhorn. Memory Lawhorn, Anne Law- rence, Robert Layton, Steve Leachman, Bill Ledgerwood, Richard Lee, Sheryl Lee, Debbie LeFeber, Jean LeMasters. Sophomores Michele Leonard, Vicky Leonard, Zoa Leslie, jack Lewellen, Kathy Lewis, Mike Lewis, Sandy Likens, Tom Linn, Cynthia Loo- ms, Beth Loveless, Bruce Lowe, Richard Lowe, Charles Lowery, janet Lutey, Keith Lyell, Bob Maas, joyce Macdonald, Scott MacPherson. Vlarilyn Maddux, Charles Madin- ger, janice Marker, joe Mark- and, Carol Marquart, Richard Vlarshall, David Martin, john Vlassel, Lenny Massingale. iobert Mathew, john Mathews, vlihoko Mathews, Milee Mat- hews, Debbie Maxon, Craig May, loger Mayhood, Robert McArty, Kenneth McCane. viike McComas, Gary McCreary, vlarita McCulloch, Andrenese vlcDaniels, Paul McFadden, vlike McGill, Keith McKenzie, Debbie McLaren, Debbie Mc- vlahon. jaul McMichael, Mary McPher- on, Patricia McPherson, joy vIcVey, Nancy Meek, Linda vleko, Barb Melcher, jayne vlerriman, Marilyn Mesalam, len Messersmith, Kenneth Mes- ick, Darryl Meyer, Mark Meyer, Aonica Meyers, Linda Milam, iichard Miller, Ron Miller, Randy Miller. iusan Miller, Robert Milliser, vlark Mitchell, Arlene Mithoefer, Daphne Montgomery, Karen vlontgomery, Becky Moore, Tony viorgan, Donna Morris. flarsha Mulkey, Lee Mynatt, Wil- .am Neeley, Sherry Newhouse, 'homas Nickels, Toni Nicholson, .ynn Noe, Sandra Norris, Valerie lorrie. ?atty O'Brien, Timothy O'Dell, Ruth Oelschlager, Mike Okey, :lary Orr, Gregory Owens, Larry ?age, Russell Palma, joAnn ?appas. viary Pappas, Steve Park, Cheryle ?arrott, Christine Parsley, David ?arsley, jan Partenheimer, Doris ?atton, Shirley Patton, jody jayne. l Debbie Pedigo, Mike Pence, irmando Perez, Laurie Peterson imy Pheasant, Beverly Phelps Robert Phelps, Cindy Phillips Jane Phillips. i w a .. 3 2 W' E , .1 ..,., ,, R 1 3 , V H tieglfif-yogi . 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Barbara Reidy, Steve Reidy, jo- ey Reinhardt, Betsy Reyburn, Deborah Rhea, Cwendalyn Rhea, Keith Rhodes, Terri Rhodes, Dennis Rhyne. Don Rice, Robbie Rice, Deborah Richart, Debbie Richeson, Charles Richey, Tammy Richey, john Ricketts, Clifford Rigsbee, jane Rigsbee. Bob Riley, Cayl Roberson, Cheryl Roberts, Dave Roberts, Donna Roberts, Teresa Roberts, Annette Robertson, Stephen Ro- bertson, Roger Robinson, Michele Roche, Victoria Roehm, Barb Rogers, Craig Roller, Lin- da Rosenquist, Donna Ross, john Ross, Casey Rotzien, janet Routh. Kathy Routt, Kathy Royalty, jean Rumrill, Merle Salford, Bar- bara Saillant, Marcia Sakrison, Richard Salazar, Becky Salter, Pam Sapp. janis Sappenfield, Dale Sawin, Debbie Sayles, Scott Schlichting, Sandy Schloot, Sue Schnarr, Dave Schneider, janet Schofield, Steve Schomberg. Douglas Schultz, Sandy Scobee, Donna Scott, john Scott, Paul Scott, Brian Schoonmaker, jim Seamon, Marcy Seybold, Bonita Shadday. Darla Shadrick, joAnn Shockley, Marty Shumate, Bill Shure, james Siegfried, jon Sipole, Kel- lv Slocum, Catherine Smith, Cathy Smith. Sophomores Mark Smith, Rebecca Smith, Shirley Smith, Valerie Smith, Debbie Smoot, Shelley Smyth, Tim Snelson, Katie Snyder, Dave Sommerville. Don Sorrell, David Southgate, Scott Speigel, Ken Spoom, Cindy Spradling, Diana Spurlock, Sara- lyn Stalcup, Barbara Stephenson, Mike Stern. Cathy Stewart, john Stillwell, Pat Stranahan, Vicki Stuckey, Karen Sumter, Markus Suther- lineo, jack Sutton, Edward Syl- vester, Bill Taylor. David Taylor, Karen Taylor, Dan Teater, Mark Teepe, Doug Terry, Charmaine Teschendorf, joyce Thompson, Neil Thompson, San- dra Thompson. jim Thrasher, Barbara Tipton, Marsha Todd, Susan Tonnis, Lar- ry Tumey, julie Tyler, Robert Uebelhack, Linda Updike, joy Upson. Phil Utigard, Robert Utterback, Vicki VanDuren, Bobbie Van- Sickle, Peter Van Spronsen, Cheryl Varkalis, Evan Vaughan, William Verrill, Robert Vickens. Richard Wallsmith, Nancy Vil- larreal, Patty Villars, Anita Vi- tolins, Larry Wade, Alan Wagner, Steve Walden, joyce Walker, Michael Wallace, Robert Watkins, Scott Webb, Linda Webber, Lucy Wells, jim Wells, Randy Wells, Robert Wells, Stan Welton, Carl Wencke. Steve Werner, Dan Wesner, Dan West, Rhonda West, Roger West, jo Weston, Mark Wheeler, Steve Wheeler, Ken Whisman, Kathy White, Kim White, Lloyd White, Terri White, Kate Wich- ser, Charles Wilhelm, john Wil- helm, Philip Wilkins, Vicky Wilkes. Ama Wilkins, Marietta Williams, Debbie Wilson, Patty Wilson, james Wimberly, Karen Winters, Sue Wood, janet Woodruff, Lau- ra Woods. james Wortman, Darla Worton, Kevin Yager, Linda Yant, jenny Yee, jeffrey Young, Rex Zenor, Tom Zentz, Margaret Zimmer- man. if -3 -mr . A p Q' in ff X et. , Y x K 1 a 6 5 seg, mfg aa obj? r- s L ffm. A ,film ' Lrh .A . 41 :' Freshmen clear first- ear hurdles, begin if - i 1685 -Q N-In ,M Preparing for her four-year slay at Arlington, freshman orientation student Cheryl Cardwell gets a helping hand with her class scheduling problems from counselor Paul Hutson. W 9, ' 'Nt : L ,. ck 4 second lap The new experience of high school life provided a year of firsts to a class of 714 freshmen. Preparing to join the throng of Colden Knights for the first time, freshmen learned the pro- cedures and functions of their school. The unawareness of the active pace of a growing school dissolved as they read their first 'iLancer" and listened to an informative daily bulletin. The musical tempo of the school attracted tuneful freshmen to the first-time experience of achieving "golden" sounds in hand, orchestra, or chorus. Comhating the feelings of loneli- ness, the class of '71 developed a sense of belonging to their high school hy joining in cluhs and activi- ties and attending athletic events. The freshmen entered the first-year courses of English, history, math, and reading lah, developing their academ- ic status as Knights. Freshmen joined into the spirit of the black and gold in their feeling of a unified class-the class of 'Tl. Coach joe Dezelan helps freshman hoys rx plore the world of physical education. 'D ,Q sro V138 1 208 Freshmen Kathy Allen, Vickie Altom, john Anderson, Kathleen Anderson, Pauletta Mae Anderson, Sherry Anderson, Paula Angrick, Susan Atchison, Nancy Bailey, Pam Bailey, Tom Baldwin, Stan Bales, Wanda Bales, Denise Ball, VerGena Banks, Michele Barbec, Lawrence Barker, Roseanna Barnes, Sandra Barnes, Virginia Barnett, William Barnhart, Susan Baron, Terry Barth, Linda Bartley, janey Baskett, jim Bass, Patty Bast. Diane Baxter, Andrea Beasley, on ' ont Thomas eavers, at y eeler, Debbie Bennett, joe Bennett, john Ben- nett, john Benoit, Linda Berger, Fred Beriault, Monica Bernett, Phil Binder, Mark Bishop, jerry Bivens, Cherryl Black, james Black, Cary Blackburn. jeff Boah, Steven Boese, Teresa Booi, Patricia Boone, Pamela Booth, Michael Bowman, Nor- man Brandenstein, Mike Brewer. Nancy Brewer, Sheryl Brewer, Lloyd Bridges, David Bridwell, Ted Brill, Steve Britton, Edwin Brooks, Deborah Brown, Denny Brow. janis Brown, Rob Brown, Brenda Browning, Carroll Bruenger, Bethel Brummett, Carole Bruton, Devise Bruton, Steven Bryan, jean Buchanan. Ardie Bucher, Diane Buenger, Patricia Bunning, Ricky Burk- holder, Sheila Burkholder, Shari Burnett, Vicki Burnett, Brenda Burp, David Burton. Charles Butche, Marty Byers, Tom Byers, Ralph Byron, joan Camp, Melissa Camp, Sally Capp, Steve Capps, David Carder. Cheryl Cardwell, Kathy Caron, Bill Carr, Donna Carrier, Cathy Carter, Kris Carter, Linda Car- ter, Richard Carter, Sandy Cash- man. Pam Cassidy, Pat Cassidy, Steve Cassman, Charles Cavanaugh, Susan Cavey, Robert Chamness, Sandy Chapman, Tom Charles- ton, janice Cherpas, 2 E 1 YK , 'X 35-G V, , wmv, ofa ,- 1 f L e ,i I H' L .. f 'Ti R ., 54 sq' ,gy-,,g.j , .,- 'Q M uw .. rr, if -ip fl ff -. ,N 2 . 7, .. K, F . - 4 fi. . , , N I S .QQ we at ii' 'Q' is I H ,,,:,, ,.,,,. V , , . , W ci , .., xt .,,. 1 if it .,,, 3, 1 i -is ' i N' 'U , , ik .,, ,. fa W2 4 K Y E -L - XY 1: f ai' V-K -3 ni? if Histfirfzielstf 'Y HQ, 4, 4,,,,,'-, -rm" ,Q "ti 9 gc 1 -if 1 'QP 4 2. WNW ' lw w, Q i ,, t .. , ti i ,ga :'.fL.f. ' : 95: 142' F' F I k l -A T ' 'Q "vi . ' :15 ::" ' 59 5: -' EQIHTIFE 2555 ii S . I Hifi wie , , .W ,wwf , . Q .Q-fi-xgf Selw - s ' as :eff .- .. as if 3 l - -- wif. , f t , L ' . ' - , E--as r fx 25, K V 'j , .f , .W 'i if -Q . A ef? . ' wi . V, i A, .. me t ffliiggi, .:.: Q 'T ,jg j-WPT' 'E 2 3 g .m,.g , A 1 fmzgsiali' , V zifwl v' ,. M 1 Z , 'ltr I 'fi 'ef' Y X, , ,At ai A . ..,,:,,, 5. gi , .. , if if .1 T T if Y ii t it Whitt: 3 1 ss'-V' -- . .. R Q u A . . .V , . '9 V' 5 gil? . . " s, . , 5, W viii- Q . M ' . H ' fzgfigwl I ,N f , - is.. f . f-5, f ' 5 " F if . i . I ,, E ye. , If AP!" V 'W " iq , ' , is KY '-WW? we fu- 5 l I i 'ff l K 2 U ,H t-I5 i"'?SiY75f?ff3Yl-Wi - , if O A, x T .Q - B.. We wer. 1 -Q ikQ5.s. X' 14 Mazza M.. pair I-' -xi., y 1 s f i , N . bi 3. I fam in X W, ., 'si , 4 V-l, r it .. 'X 1 4 K 4, V r V, , A ,, , l l - fl I 1 K.. I I as waQ Q sy M swf , 'X Z' :fag 2 Q- ia L , 9' K " .5 T S fi" if-figs X 'tv-Y tag, 'Y 1 "Ji satmm, ia Freshmen john Choate, Susan Christiansen, Terry Christianson, Ann Christie, Christy Clark, Cindy Clark, james Clark, janet Clark, Nyla Clark, Rebecca Clark, Steven Click, joanie Cline, Mike Cline, Chris Coder, jewel Coffman, Pat Con- der, Diane Cones, Sherry Con- nell. Carol Conner, Charles Conner- ley, Clifford Cooney, Vicki Cor- bett, Rick Cotton, Leroy Couch, Daniel Coyle, Steve Craig, Don- na Crawford. Mary Ann Crawford, Dana Craw- ley, DeAnna Crawley, Cindy Crisci, Peggy Crisp, Debra Cronwell, Doryl Croshier, Mark Crowe, Ronald Curran. john Daniluck, james Darling, Melani Darrell, Grant Davis, Debby Davis, jeff Davis, Ronald Davis, Tom Davis, William Dav- IS. Charlotte Davison, Marty Day, Linda Dean, joyce Deaton, jo- seph Denlon, Larry Dimick, Michelle joe Dixon, Donita Don- ovan, Elizabeth Doran. William Downey, David Drans- field, Terry Drinkut, Bill Duclus, Sara Dunbar, jerry Dunphy, Lar- ry Dunphy, Barbara Dye, Kim Dyer. Gayle Dykeman, julie Eaton, john Eckel, William Edney, Da- vid Edmonds, Susan Edwards, Tom Edwards, Kathryn Egenes, Loise Ehrenwald. jerry Eidson, Terri Eldridge, Donna Eleson, Heidi Embach, Tony English, Tim Ernest, Ron- ald Evans, janine Everly, Mark Everman, Michael Famer, Robert Felton, john Ferguson, Cecelie Field, Michael Fields, Donald Fillion, Kenneth Finn, Skip Fisher, Diane Fitzgerald, Vici Flack, Debbie Fontaine, Charlie French, juleen Frisbie, Kathy Frump, Donna Fuhs, Diane Fulton, Wayne Fuson, joyce Gabbert, Sharon Gale, judy Garnett, joy Garrison, jan Gehris, David Gerber, David Gide, Sarah Gilden, Carol Gierke, jerry Glass. Freshmen Gary Glidden, Barbara Gootee, Dennis Gordon, Gayle Gordon, Richard Gordon, Rick Gorsline, Bob Graeber, Pamela Gratter, La Donna Green. Robert Green, Sadie Green, Faye Grigsby, Steve Grimes, Greg Hagen, Mike Hagen, Debbie Haines, Chad Hall, Katie Hall, Pam Hancock, Robert Hanes, Stephen Hankins, Christopher Harbert, Beverly Hardy, Harry Hargraves, Larry Harlson, Laura Harmas, Marcia Harp. Deborah Harrington, Archie Har- ris, Wanda Harris, Ed Hart, judy Hartley, Linda Harvey, Linda C. Harvey, Larry Hatfield, john Hathaway, Dennis Healy, Peggy Hefley, Tim Heimroth, Bob Helm, Tyrone Henry, Linda Hepler, Brad Hev- ron, Raymond Higgenbottom, Charles Hill. Theresa Hill, Shirli Hillman, Mary Hinds, Bernard 'Hittle, Gary Hobson, Richard Hobson, Howard Holifield, jack Hollings- worth, Pat Holmes. William Holsapple, Cynthia Hop- per, Dan Hornbeck, Larney Horst- man, Eileen Hoskins, Donald Howard, Gary Howenstein, Bruce Hubbard, Carol Huffman, Carol Hughes, Leonard Hunter, Carol Huser, George Hutchinson, Steve Hyde, Becky Imel, jon Imel, Leslie Irons, Kathy jackson, Vikki jack- son. joe jacobs, Lynn jacobs, james jansen, Cheryl jennings, Kim- balljeter. Karenjohannessen, Debbie john- son, Debby johnson, Eleen john- son, Eric johnson, Eva johnson, Fred johnson, Gary johnson, jack johnson, jeffrey johnson. , SK f S v A xl 'F L , Fw -. -, . a. ' , ,.. - . -,t- -"' ' ------ " . . .T 1, L XF Vyk. K ., S ? Q 'i 5:15215 1 1:1 i -sg L ss 1. . -tri i -W If ate T sf, B -- V. as-2 or It . , - . , ,, , . . . 'aa X KK KK a Y' KK f- 2' K , KKK 1 ' Lf" - 2.2.2 Q ':,- .1 f 1-:""F' ,- . A' K ,. K 1 , .. ' T s "' - I . K , g K N B ' - W' 1 Q - -. .. nw 5' ., M --: 4' a ,L Q f . - 1, . . -t i . .-.t- .T . K ' .asa T x I K 'B . . KK HN., K Q sis' X K. .K, 1 Q K Q. KKK, t - ., . qju R 2' K A- ' ,Q I " -1 5. . J 'L "1 gy b f .Sn . I, W K X l 1' 1 xv' at., ., a K Q 3 - K 6 ' ga W- I L' i.t- .511 . f" f -it s Xxx .. 0 . 59 W ' 1-1 if 1- . L H i l ap .,, , 1 M ' ' '1- st 'W i'tv f . . ' V' '--- ' af f E a a 2 - ,QW 8 KK K, Ji" K " Y, .- 1 ' . at . ,, . f mf await - K -K m ' KKKKKKK KK,,K Twirlers Donna Roberts, Charlotte Burjasky, Marilyn Niosier, and Lori Grana spark school spirit. q.. Freshmen Laura johnson, Teresa johnson, Terry johnson, Willie johnson, David johnston, Charlane jones, Donald jones, Larry jones, Nan- cy jones. Rickey jones, Steve jones, Nan- cy jorgensen, Maureen jung, Glenda justice, Debbie justus, Candace Kantor, Sandy Kapps. Mary Kellerhals. Karrol Kelley, Patti Kendall, Vickie Kendall, Michael Kennedy, Virginia Kennedy, Gary Kestner, Lolita Kidwell, Clifford King, Nancy King. Richard King, Richard Kinnaman, Terry Kinnaman, Inge Kirchner, Diana Klennert, Bert Klepper, Tom Knipe, Mary Koers, Steven Konchinsky. Nancy Krachenfels, Don Kraege Robert Kraucunas, Mike Krienilc Sheryl Kuhlman, Shelly Lancas ter, jack Lane, Karen Langley Tom Lannan. l Don Lanteigne, Bob LaPorte. Nancy Larkin, Patricia Lee, Steve Lee, Becky Lceper, There- sa Le Feber, Rick Legner, David LeMaster. Lawrence Lenk, Norman Leon- ard, jan Lesniak, Tod Levitt, je Lewis, Bonnie Linder, Delbe Linhart, Elaine Litteral, Mollie Livengood. Michael Long, Randy Lowe, Pamela Loy, Clark Lucas, janet Lucas, Thomas Lund, jack Main, Diana Manship, Donna Mantooth jim Maple, Denise Marietta, johr Marquart, janet Marr, Barbarz Martin, Carla Martin, Patty Martin, Robert Martin, Caro Mason. jon Massey, Rita Massingale Mona Masters, Cindy Mathews Donald Mathews, Deborah Mc Cane, Dena McClain, jelt Mc Dermott, Linda McDonald. Mike McDowell, Rena MCC-ee Robert McGill, Eric Mclntire julie McIntosh, Howard McPeek Gary McWhirter, Susan Meara Teresa Melvin. Robert Mesalam, Steve Meyerf Kathleen Michael, Cathy Millel Dennis Miller, Cary Miller, jeal Miller, Randy Miller, Steve Mil ler. Freshmen jack Minton, jelf Mock, Ronald Muck, joe Mohammed, Paula Monday, Terry Mfmeymaker, Martin Moon, Mike Mooneyham, Cynthia Moore. Shirley Moore, Terry Moore, Todd Moore, Mark Moran, Pam- ela Morelock, Harry Moretz, Dan Morgan, Debbie Morgan, Dawn Morokolf. Henry Morris, Ronald Morris, Paul Morrison, Steve Morrison, Nancy Moss, Douglas Mott, Mary Munch, Jody Murphy, Le- Ann Murphy. Peter Murphy, Gloria Myricks, Cary Nance, Nancy Neal, Pat- ricia Neely, janet Nicewanger, Susette Nicholson, Agnes Nickels, Nancy O'Conner. Dona Odom, Joni O,Keefe, Mary Olsen, Ron Olsen, Linda Osborn, jay Oswalt, David Outterson, Steve Overton, Ronnie Padhett, Wallace Parham, jonathan Park- er, William Parkhurst, Sandra Parris, Patricia Parrish, William Parrish, Lora Parrott, Betty Par- son, Farrell Patrick. Larry Patrick, Valerie Paterson, Patti Pavey, james Payne, Sandra Peak, Mike Pearcy, Victor Pence, Shelia Perdue, Janet Perkins. jeff Peterson, Steve Petro, Mary Peyton, Carol Phillips, Jerri Pierson, Kathy Pirtle, Pay Poh- land, Thomas Pohlock, Ronald Polester. Teresa Pond, julie Pool, Cary Porter. Roxanna Porter, Brad Potter, Beverly Pouncle. Ted Prather, Barbara Propes, jeffrey Purvis. john Pyle, Amy Quate, Paula Query. Im.- IIEL S, gh 235,55 ,,. 1 S. P sf V 5 'K af if fi- 'N' sw si A N37 J X K, 1 Pig, W 1 Sf xl if K x N ,t X X ev' 4 Q. P in ,gn r , I K' - .- t - ' 2:-Jawa is f V as , '1 f -E ,,,,,, ' a aa , . t 'wg lit? t ,r ' , 'Y' , V , 2, ek With a resounding note, the one hundred piece band set a lively tempo for Coldenaires at the final track meet. 9 E 5 S, 4-.-3-Q. 1... . .1 l I , .. ,.i,,,. be X V,-Q, E fate ,. . l gn -1 -N H2-Nf 1? .r 2 - gr if. X at H -1. iss E . H. Ha- fr. N 462' 5' s -rfi.-affair: nun- 1. 1 E L I H . is .. ,x . - F' ' 7 , -r v. 11- 9 Y s . ,rw , ,r ws- .. ma. . .. X 1 Q. Q r if r at Y Q 1 9' K 4 X V X ii 2 a 3 r ..,,.,, 5 S 2 5 f . 'V' -5 -J Q ,, P . H -2, f'f,Q,ef '. up-5,3153 N - "uf t ' ' if '45-' - .'fgj -f . J-'V ,,-,,., j ,Q x a " . N at gf ar 'L' f . - i ,. , -- ,. - an ,- Q -' 4- Vw- - '-- 2" , E - ' ' QS if . " A "" ' ' " .ri I-x. .' .f t -,-L - 2 -2 ' N' X ' . vow ' ., , in 1 I gg -V I 5, :if . , ui ? t if he e R if f a. t.ttt Q gx s - ,,- E . -1- - ,- ,, 2' - An ' H 1 -- if f l . -wi 'f ' ii 2+ -sl? W rm Q 5, .- Q In :ms-f fl' I - ' , ' . 11 "tk fi' Q5 t :-, t V- .la . . ,, .Er-2 ' 'Bi -L , , is P' . . ..... . , 2-an li' - Arky X . 1 f , I x . fl Lf,,r,4.11w 5' " 31' V ' S k xp. X, -'t:rf::fgfELf5i55V 'i2EIf55cL, 4.1 75:15:14 , ' 1. ..,v,: 3, , , -:. --Mx. if ' .1 ' f -V 'pgiifrflg ,. if,-,..:-1-zilfjsi' .- ' , . ' -A was sy. 7 1,3234 ' ' 1 'iir' ' ::5'.:::'?:Q'. . :, iii: ' in . . s, ..... ' M 155611 w a s V ' A ' - ' Rf' YZSS S '1'1. ff',:,:i. vez 'S' 9 , -- . f k"' ' xg Qi. 1 5 . .,,, ., -. Mk ,W .K p. . , ' . 'S m if Y -a g- - ,sv Y - -dt QW! X is is f -- X W t H ir 'T -- , V, , 'f ' . ' tt g eu , , . ' M 3 J- X " . ak ii 4 Freshmen Liz Ralston, jo Lynn Ramey, Dale Ranck, judsona Randolph, Sheryl Raptke, Steven Ronald Rathert, Dan Ratz, Bob Rebic, Mary Redding, Melinda Redman, Paul Reifeis, David Reingardt, Bruce Ren- nekamp, Stacy Reuter, Shannon Rhea, Phillip Rice, Steve Rider, Karen Ridge. Betty Riding, Connie Riding, David Riggs, Valerie Rigsbee, Carol Riley, Dennis Riley, Ger- ald Riley, Linda Riley, David B. Roberts. Sheryl Roche, Richard Rogers, Robby Rogers, Karen Roller, Robert Rossetter, Geoffrey Rout, Steve Rout, Donna Rozzel, judy Ruddell. Glen Rush, Vicki Russell, Beverly Ryba, Marsha Sage, Don Sager, Carolyn Salyer, Stacey Sanders, Rick Sapp, Paula Sauer. Sigrid Sauter, Becky Sayre, Mary Schatz, Robert Schiele, David Schlichting, Roland Schloot, Gary Schmidt, Nancy Schoolcraft, jackie Schorn. Kris Ann Schuesler, Kurt Schwo- meyer, Frances Scott, Gary Scott, Mike Scott, William Scott, Rob- ing Searcey, David Searles, Deb- bie Seay. Alice Sermersheim, Frances Settle, james Sexton, Norman Shadday, Roxie Shannon, Debbi Sharp, Steve Sherwood, Stephen Shierling, Cindy Shipe, Sandra Shoemaker, Sandra Short- er, joan Sibley, Marleen Silver, Sharon Simson, jeanie Sims, Sharon Sinders, Marilyn Sipole, Pam Slagle. Brad Smith, jack Smith, Philip Smith, Steve Smith, Eddie Sny- der, Steve Southgate, George Southworth, Kim Spanle, Patricia Stacey, jill Stanley, Susie Stanley, Mark Stephens, joe Stem, Diane Stevens, Mark Ste- vens, Pam Stevens, Tony Stewart, Fred Stiles. Mary Stiles, Gene Stilwell, Eddie Stone, james Stonecipher, Rich- ard Stoneking, john Stoughton, Lloyd Stout, joni Strong, Lou Ann Stroude. Freshmen Charles Stuckey, Glenn Swisher, Mike Sylvester, jeff Syrus, Nata- lie Tarter, Becky Taylor, Bob Taylor, Keith Taylor, Sharon Tay- lor. Susan Taylor, Sally Tegarden, Valita Teschendorf, Gary Tew- mey, Cecil Thompson, Cary Thompson, Madeline Thompson, Richard Thompson, Sheila Thompson. Steve Thompson, Don Thrasher, judy Tipton, Tom Tischer, Diane Tolliver, Terri Toole, Bruce Tov- sky, Wayne Traetow, Sharon Tranter. Patti Trattner, joseph Trester, Cary Troglio, Linda Trotter, Rick True, Steve Trulock, Sherri Trump, Pamela Tucker, Richard Turley. Margaret Tumer, Steve Tumer, Kimberley Updike, Marian Up- son, Tom Valdez, David Valinetz, Annice Vance, Loretta Vawter, Susan Verrill. Steve Vitz, Mark Voelpel, Phil Vogelgesang, Rick Wade, Laura Wagner, Mark Walker, Frank Wallace, Ray Wallace, Steven Walls. Debra Walter, Larry Walters, Debbie Walther, Doug Wamser, Deborah Ware, Donnie Warner, Susie Wasnidge, Elizabeth VVat- ford, Stevie Watts. Karen Weaver, Darleen Weber, jennie Weber, Brad Weddell, jane Welsh, Bill West, Richard Westerfelt, David Weston, Sally Whaley. Douglas Wheeler, Steve Wheeler, Susan Wheeler, Bob White, Carl White, Craig White, jacquie White, Lisa Wichser, Lance Wickliff. Robert Wilkes, Carol Wilkins, Debby Williams, Dennis Wil- liams, Holly Williams, Lisa Wil- liams, Rick Williams, Sue Wil- liams, Roy Willman. Frank Wilmoth, Damon Wilson, Larry Wilson, Susan Wilson, Philip Woodard, Scott Wood- worth, Steve Wooten, Robert Worl, Debora Wright. Wendy Wright, Thomas Yeagley, King Yee, Danny Young, Theresa Young, Susan Yount, Laura Zieg- lek, Larry Zimpleman, David Zome. g W if Y e Lx- a Y f . S3 S A z 5 Y M f-as 53355 2 Q, 'Q . f . , sf .,, X S ft 4, E eg 4 it S 'E' gr is 1 Q up . tw, 4 tag! ,fi 8 Q 'I V t 3' sg we if Q. , My , .y Q' +- asss ' ,- an f , , , is ,. f ' :ii ' ., Q. K x at , J , its - as fin af- ' . ':-'-- it 51' ' ali my , .,,, 5? I S 4' L: . . ,fn 2 'F sf is X :F mf' 5 ,V .N Y X- -. x, I 1 ' .. 5 , . , , " V ' Q., 1 I 2 , ,-v, L , ss, ' ' 7 ,A ,Lewis 4. 7' 1 - Ui- R iti R si.. -'L 'mv -1 Q Kwxl . W5 3, t , . A. 1 .Ref-S I ,g .-sy, .K X R914 s- 1, 1 ., .,. I -:nf ' 2' in if is -L -NM. . ea Qs 2 + 3' Q 2, is K -3 si, A Le , 1 its Y 1 Tw X Q . 3742 N. Sherman Dr. 545-1146 P! Q A knight for a night dines by candlelight By journeying to the Round Table. Indiana National Bank 3030 N. Shadeland 3636 E. 38th St Ike Fortner, Dave McNelly Asst. Vice Pres. Asst. Cashier Your neighborhood banking office offers a full range of services including: Savings plans College check packages College education assured loans Bob Halcum b, Sonnv Langon Dottie Griffith Community Hardware 6004 Massachusetts Ave. 547-0407 Even us plain folk know just the place to go, For all our hardware needs from pitchforks to grass seed. jill Guthrie, john Cunningham Laura Martin 4913 N. Pennsylvania 924-4569 Dress Shop Laura Martinis styles have that classic flair, For the woman who wants a cosmopolitan air Shadeland Flower Shop 81 Iohnis Nursery 4525 N. Shadeland Ave. 545-2311 The freshness of s rin time Howers P g Brightens long wintry hours. Visit Shadeland Flower Shop. D ana Ault - Reamer Pointers 8. Decorators 4138 Norrose Drive 546-3901 To beautify rooms with that special touch, Reamer Painters and Decorators do so much Arlington Flower Shop l335 N. Arlington Ave. 356-2489 Promise her anything, but give her flowers from the Arlington Flower Shop. Steve, Mark, and Jim Wheeler. Keystone Lighting 2324 E. 30th Street 924-2603 The key to lighting is at Keystone Lighting Company, where there is the best quality and the largest variety. FK A lee Moody Co. 5 i 2 ff. wnwmwk Ay' . . My of rw.. of !,,,,4.-Qt., ,y , 1-41 X W ,317 1840 E. 38th Street 546-1593 Lee Moody Co. is ready to help you find That certain house that's on your mind. 219 Barb Glenn W if 7 V Ev? warm, ,wmv 4'--ls . A E Ut Oi 'e a' ' + A 6553 The fit d Jake Feld 2 'OC' Tire Company " " 425 W. New York Street 639-l557 Dodd Electric Service 2324 E. 30th Street 924-2603 Dodd Electric t ps all th t Simply beccu th th b t Ch Debb C Prestons Super Market k 6937 Pendleton Pike 547-1668 H d pt y rfovorit P t t g p l d h E' i Merchants National Bank 8. Trust Co. The Bank for Action Mrs. Olgesby, Mrs. Welch, Don Flick, Jeff Fording, Kathy Dover, Chuck Hood 6020 E. 46th 547-9633 Devington Branch J. C. Wilson Engineering Corporation 3220 Shudelcnd Ave. 547-5204 Parts of missiles In this space generation Are mode at the J. C. Wilson Corporation. Pt? P Bill Ehrich Studio 6101 N. Keystone Aye, 251-0741 You should be in pictures by Bill Ehrich 222 la ZX Q . ,, fu Rm vii 6,3 ,W .fig VXA y M, iz., SET! ,.. in iiz yf' I A f - f ,jx ' . 9 ligiig Jr-'25 1 75 . l f Lynda Archer Roesch Pharmacy 6000 E. 46th Street 547-9613 It's happening! People are finding All their needs at Roesch Pharmacy. ,lean Bernikowicz Devington jewelers 6000 E. 46th Street 546-1415 If you want to fill your treasure chest, Co to Devington Iewelers, they're the best. john Davis Merfs Wear 6000 E. 46th Street 546-3130 john Davis Men's Wear Takes pride in giving you, The best in the collegiate look And a label of quality, too. Suutherland, jim Over M ,,.,a.-M-f-N Pearsonis Platters Devington Shopping Center 545-4347 The "tuned inn generation turns on To sounds from Pearsonys Platters, Colonial Flower Shop 3719 E. 38th Street 547-5227 The freshness of youth, And the mood for the hour, Are expressed in the beaut y of a flower. Chris Harlan, Suzanne kasler .M QC MW 224 Lynn 'I Y0u'll make the scene, In clothes bright and clean From American Beauty Cleaners American Beauty Cleaners 3750 N. Sherman Drive 546-6131 Ace Hardware .5 Devington Shopping Center 547-9616 Be rest assured, the best gifts galore f if ,gg ii Z2 Are found in the gift shop, Of the Ace Hardware Store, joAnne Bryan f 2 Qi' 1' Kenneth Xlvssick Haroldis Barbecue 3507 N. Arlington 546-9859 Fresh pork or beef Havor, A taste your tongue will savor, Is waiting for you at Harold's Barbecue. Paul? dzlmm Paul Harris t Devington Shopping Center 547-3247 You'll he flying high in fashions That you buy from Paul Harris. Rita Rohrman bf, ll,lLQ' gm. ' Q W. E .,' 1 FIRST COLOR TV 226 i tt i Y h..,'-.- MJ-.oy W i ,, ,,41f' -1- 'flu s.,...4 Q Oaklandon Sales Co. Inc. 11820Pendlet0nPike 823-4471 Selling is the best new and used cars is our motto, Come to us at Oaklandon Auto. S i s 'RANDALL MOVERS E 4531 -ii Th 'llb f t' h 1' o'ngd, Rand a ll M Ove rs Razgzl, M122fsi':r,,a1iL':s:,,",ig,LL 5444 E. 38th St. 546-8800 227 ---p.......z--"""' Amy Bron n Bob 81 Dottie's 3790 N. Arlington Ave. 547-9518 The beauty of romance is always enhanced With flowers from Bob 81 Dottie's Flower Shop. Devington Shopping Center 547-8080 S. S. Kresge Discount Store People who shop at Kresge's make no denial Customers are friends, they wear a Kresge's smile. Kathy Raymont gg: ,-. "r' ' K . Ji? A' ...gallif aW""? 3 AutoBurger Z. . .,,., J Raw 'E W iser., """-Q ""N.. 3475 N. Shadeland Ave. 546-7274 Drive to the sign of the big A Best food around, so little to pay. D Ann Bell, Marc Bunch oodie eil's Auto Imports -1533 N. Keystone Ave, 545-8564 5 Dont drive far .I ' For a sports or import car- See Hoodie Xeil's. Donna Daiiilliek. Stew Apple Smart Shop Nleadoxxfs Shopping Center Esquire Plaza In an outfit from the Smart Shop at any hour of the day. Cinderella becomes a princess in each and every way Karen Sylx ester. judx Spray I Dv 54, N H my I r- .. i t , N Q 1 'fee X i'hQ's A . A 'N . ' Xxx 4 4. F Q ff S ty, I . .I ff--.Q ' If 5: r go so i' ' 5 s 5 pq Z s. ,ff A 5 tl f jg f Jang ? X sg 4 Ap 1.5 S Nancy Nloss Sealtest Ice Cream For an olciafushioneci taste xx ith tn modern Hair, Sealtest lee Cream is heyond compare. ilkerson,s Barber Shop Devington Shopping Center 546-0914 If vou want to he suave and debonair Let Wilkersonls Barber Shop trim your hair. Becky Xlut-Doniiltl, Howiml llnlmli-r I i J . Q5 fc!" W V 'TN ,' . Kirles Jewelers ai AS9' 1 1 -M ,-!? , ...gun-""-f f Q' ' 3723 East 38th Street 546-5829 Rings and pins All glitter and gold Are found at Kirles VVhere quality is sold. Susi flrisifll EXVS 1.27. -ap.. LS S v 5w.mM,,g,,.,. -,....,,,:,., .1 r 1, HS- SIE! Little Brown jug 1520 N. Arlington Ave. 357-0455 Drive to the sign Of the Little Brown jug You'll get the best sandwiches And root beer in a mug, Tod Xleek, Larry YonBerg, Larrx Xluyvs Gaye Smith, juni-I Broun .,.. s You never outgrow Your need for milk. . , Drink three glasses of milk daily Head Wrangler Bob Holder serving 31.59 Sirloin Steak Dinners to Rob Smith, Carol McCormick, Becky Chaille, Dave Caplan. Lasso your pardner in, head for SIRLOIN PIT '471 3445 N Shodeland BQNANZA :Ox Br0Ck,s Pharmacy 38th Street and Shvrman Drive 547-1357 Broclfs PIIQIFIIILICQ cutvrs to cw-ry um-'s cure-s Rm-Hvcting Sl'l'YiL'f'11l1d quality in all thx-ir xx urvs Lotus Gardens 4424 Allisonville Road 546-T551 K' - - ,. W,: ,W- .w m a ffff?5frfg',h,,Qg1LL.,2 .,,......F--Hw- S has-W 1 xx ,"" KS 'Elma Coca-Cola You can always drink Coke after Coke after Coke. .. Kathy Nhod Food from the Orient. The favorite of ull time, N . ' Isfo11mlutLotus burdens. i A favorite place to dine. Y 1 Yirg1ni.AYt .,,t.,t,,.,,. ,,'jj,'f"g,,r., ,. .,,1,,M,,,,, - M. I Dannerys 58110 Nleadowws Shopping Center 546-9782 Dine and shop At Dunners 5 61 10 Where youre not just u customer- Yo11'r4-always u friend. obil Shoe Store Devington Shopping Center 547-3969 Noble Knights who really cure Co to Nohil Shoe Store for footwear. Bob NN ird Hopi Iuxtt 233 X11 'tcr - -my E. un' ff-Sififg ,.,, E915 Vafifmvs 'Q veaggiar sg Pa:-gifs X0 " X Stokely-Van Camp. Inc. GENERAL OFFICES s 941 NORTH IVIERIDIAN ST. INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA Herff jones 1411 N. Capitol Ave. 635-1554 VVhcn youth departs as you grow old The years closest to your heart X d 3, I I 1 rc save in fo 4. 'ii iii MAXIMUM IOB OPPORTUNITY CAREER COURSES FOR YOUNG VIOHEN Executive Secretarial PORTER OOLLEOE OFFERS OEEERREO IUIIIOO LOROS Loan Made Directly to Student - Not Parents IBM Business Machines . lcusdllel by tis Accrediting Csllisxin for luinsx Schools FOR YOUNG MEN Business Adminlstratl Q R T E R 5 Ek . IBM Dots Processing Transportation - Monagem t gu n : '-ff O L L E 6 E 0 lillllll Ellfll 0 IIIIAIIPOUS, IIIIAIA 46204 - Plus, 639-1505 234 , E' 1 1 5 gif: ' . 'f iua W t, 'K Burger Chef Look for the Burger Chef sign Arlington Location 5021 E. 38th Street People on the go Go to Burger Chef. ,HW trr 1' Edrielfs Menps Wear Esquire Plaza 898- 1441 Looking for clothes that will set you apart? Co to Edrichls and you've got a head start. aviclsonls Fur Co. Glendale Shopping Center 255-3161 The finest for her Is a Davidsorfs fur. Martha Xlusser PauIa's Studio 3905 N. Washington Blvd. 283-4265 That "extra touch" In all her portraits has brought Paula a long way, in making her the tmest photographers of today. Pufxd GyStttd Electro Engineering 8. Sales, Inc. 6909 E. 32nd Street 547-5273 Better Control For the best control. SBrB Wi? 753' 236 Q' Susan Shumway . jeff Zaring .... Cindy Brandt .... Donna Daniluck .. Chris Wodtke .. Mike Fisher ..... Carl Hollingsworth jan Cradick ...... Kevin Gillette .. Kathy Raymont .. Anitra Clark .. Lynn Tatum . Acknowledgements . Co-Editor . . . . . . . Co-Editor . . Managing Editor ...... Art Editor .. Photographer .. Photographer . . .... Photographer .. Activities Editor . . . Sports Editor . . . . . Senior Editor . . Underclass Editor .. Advertising Editor Brod- Staff members: Karen Boyd, Cheryl hecker, jo-Anne Bryan, Becky Bultman, Susie Burton, Martha Clark, Stephanie Dodd, Patty Donegan, Debbie Felkins, Terry Coins, Doug Creeson, Dottie Grif- fith, Karen jeffries, Fred johnson, Allen The ACCOLADE staff would like to extend thanks to: Miss Mary Benedict .. .. Adviser Mr. Ralph Clevenger .,..... .. Principal American Yearbook Company Mr. Bill VVright .. Yearbook Correspondent Mr. Pat McKendrick ........ Photographer Mrs. Bill Ehrich ..... Senior Photographer Indiana School Pictures . Underclass Photographers and to everyone else who has made HKnight- teenw and Hnineteenn ,68 possible. Hall, joan Lancello, jan Lannom, Cindy Loomis, Mary jane Mercier, jan Nesbit, Mike Pence, Debbie Phelps, Kathy Rawlin- son, Barbara Schoelkoph, jerry Sheely, Debbie VVilson, Darla VVorton. A Academic Assistants .,..,.. 151 ACCOLADE ..,. 54-55,122-123 ACCOLADE Representatives 122 Administration ....... 156-157 Advertising ........., 216-236 American Field Service .. 12-13 Arlingtones ..,...... .... 1 10 Art Department ........ 40-41 Auditorium Technicians .. 60- 61,131 Audio-Visual ..., .. 130 B Baseball .,...... 76-77,136-137 Basketball ..,,.. 74-75,138-139 Book Club .........,,... 116 Bowling League ,....... 84-35, 152-153 Boys' Ensemble .....,.,.. 111 Boys' State ...,,......... 101 Business Department .... 32-33 C Cheerleaders .... 90-91,158-149 Activities Index Future Nurses . 1:30 Chess Club .......,...... 116 Future Teachers .... 1:31 "The Christmas Misery' .... 64 Clinic Assistants .,......, 131 C Coaches ................ 70-71 Concert Band . . . . . . 112-113 CAA ...,..... 84-85,153 Concert Choir ..,.. . . . 114 German Club . , ,,..... 120 Concert Orchestra .. . .., 115 Cirlsi State . . . . . . . . .. 101 Cooks ..,......... . , . 155 Goldenaires 90-91,149 Cross Country . ,... 86-87, Golf ....... . . . 18-79,140-141 144-145 Cymnasts .,....... 84,140-141 Custodians ....... ..,.. 1 54 H-.1 D-F History Club .,......,..., 118 Debate Team ...,... 50,51,127 Homecoming .........., 14-15 Electronic Club .....,.,.. 130 Engineers ..........,, 154-155 English Department ...... 48-49 Faculty ...........,., 158-163 Football ...,,,,. 80-81,142-1-13 Foreign Language Department 30 French Club ,.........,.. 120 Freshman Class .....,, 208-215 Future Architects and Draftsman 117 237 Home Economics Department 36-37 Industrial Arts Department 34,35 Intramurals ..,.. 88-89,140-141 Interclub Council ........ 132 1,U. Honors Program ..... 101 junior Class ..,.,,..,. 194-200 junior Classical League 121 K,L 'iKing and 1" ,.....,..,. 62-6:3 Knights of History .... 118-119 LANCER ....... 52-53,124-125 LANCER Representatives .. 125 Lettermen's Club .,... .. 152 NLN Marching Band .,.... 112-113 Math Department ....... 44-45 National Forensic League ,. 51, 127 National Honor Society .. 96,129 National Tbespian Society .. 97, 126 0-Q Office Messengers ........ 133 Physical Education Department 38-39 Physical 1-Id. .Assistants .... 150 Queens and Kings ,.... 102-103 Quill and Scroll ...,.... 96,123 Quiz Team .. 100 R,S y... 1 I i 1 1 1 . 1 1 , Red Cross Club ..... 132 ROTC ...,,,....,. ..,, Science Club ....... 10-11 119 Science Department .,,,, 42-43 Science Seminar .......... 119 Senior Class .,...,... . 164-193 A Abraham, james . ....... 42,158 All, Richard ., .........,.. 158 Anderson, Mrs. Nancy .... 158 Armenoff, Mrs. Margaret .. 158 B Bailey, Mrs. Audra ..... 13,158 Bailey, Ralph ......,,.. 28,158 Benedict, Miss Mary .. 35,55,158 Bennett, William ..., 86,87,158 Bess, William ......,..... 158 Bickerton, Mrs. Shirley .... 158 Blase, David ......... ,... 1 58 Blackburn, Sgt. Thomas .... 11, 158 Bratton, Mrs. Sarah .. 158 Brethauer, Thomas ...,... 158 Brown, Mrs. Elizabeth ..,, 158 Burton, Miss Martha ...... 158 C Caldwell, Mrs. Delinda .... 158 Callaway, Elmer ..... 70,81,83, Cash, Irwin Chaney, Louis ..,.. 142,158 163 158 Chappell, Ron ...,..,,.., 158 Clark, Mrs. Harriet 158 Clark, Mrs. Maxine .... 158 Clevenger, Ralph ..., 11,93,96 156,158 Clodfelter, Donald ...,,,. 158 Combs, Lyman . .... . ..... 158 Cougill, Mrs. Earlene .. 33,158, 162 Cutter, Rollin ...,... 38,70,158 D Davies, Will ..,,......... 158 Dehart, Mrs. Geraldine .... 163 Dezelan, joseph .... 39,81,159 Dobbs, Thomas 21,45,71,74, 77,142,159 Donalson, Mrs. Gladys .,.. 159 Draughon, joe ..,........ 159 E Edison, Mrs. june A,B Abel, Steven Lee 159 .. 166 Adams, Diana S. .... ...,, 6 ,166 Adams, Steve G. . ,.,.. . ....166 Andrick, Dave Lee .... 166,227 Ansley, janice Ellen 112,129, 133,149,166 Apple, Steve.A. ..,... 13,112,113, Activities Index Senior Directory ......,,.. 241 Social Studies Department .. 28- 29 . . . . . 201-207 Spanish Club ...,. ,..,. 1 21 Sophomore Class Student Council ..... 94-95,128 T,W Talent Show . . . . . . Faculty Index Edson, Miss jane .....,.... 159 Egan, Miss Patricia ....... 159 Ellis, james .,...... 70,72,159 Emery, jerry ....,.....,,. 159 Fair, Owen ,.,,..,,....., 159 Feldman, George 31,100,159 Fellows, William ......,,, 159 Fishback, William ., 24,163,159 Fisher, Billy ........... 45,159 Fitzgerald, Mrs. Alice .,.,, 159 Flannery, Mrs. Martha ,,.. 159 Floren, Mrs. Georgia .. 127,159 Fort, Benjamin .,......... 159 Foster, Eddie ......... 160,159 G German, Mrs. jeanne Ann .. 159 Gillette, Mrs. jane . ..... .. 159 Gooch, Mrs. Susan ....... 159 Good, Mrs. Gladysmae .... 159 Goode, Mrs. Emma .... , Graub, Mrs, Rowena .... M159 M159 Graves, Victor ...,....... 159 Green, Everett ....... 159,165 Gywn, Robert . .... 156,158,168 H Hannah, james .. 88,159 Hartman, Wallace ........ 159 justice, Mrs. Marie ..... K Katsaropoulos, john ..., Kelley, Mrs. Barbara .... Kerber, Adolpf .... .. . . Klinkose, David ......., Knight, Miss Patricia Knipfel, Gerald ........ Kraucunas, Carl ....,.,. Kuntz, William .,..... L Land, Thomas ........ 58-59 .. 160 30,120, 160 .. 160 .. 160 .. 160 .. 160 56,160 .. 161 157,161 155,161 Lostutter, Don .. 71,142,143,161 M Maas, Charles . . . . . Man ka, john ........,,. Mannan, Donald ........ Maurey, Mrs. Patricia .. McClary, Robert ...... Merritt, Delmar ........ .. 161 ..161 ..161 .. 161 ..161 Maze, Mrs. Sally ....,... 120,161 .. 161 Messick, Miss jane ........ 161 Messinger, Mrs. Hazel .. .. 161 Metcalf, Dewaine .. 35,117,161 Heaton, Mrs. jean .... 159,161 Montgomery, Mrs. Zonda .. 56, Heeke, Bernard ....... 130,160 161 Hessler, Miss Alice ....... 160 Morris, john ........., 28,161 Hindman, Mrs. Margery 160 Mott, Miss Phylis ......... 161 Holmes, john ..... 118,130,160 Muir, Mrs. Rachel ........ 161 Horine, Ralph .... 114,160,177 Murphy, Richard . . . . . . . 161 Howe, Miss Miriam ...... 160 Howell, Elbert ........... 160 N,0 Huffington, Mrs. Clarena 48, 160 Nicewanger, Miss Sue .... 161 Hungerford, Mrs. Betty .... 37, Nieman, Mrs. Elizabeth 161 160 Nowak, Alfred 14,71,81,142, Hutson, Paul ..... ..... . . 160 162 Oglesby, Richard .... . . . . '162 I Orme, William .... .... 1 62 Owen, Boyd ..,. .... 1 62 jackson, Miss Rita ........ 160 janert, Mrs. Margaret ..... 160 P jeffery, Robert ........... 160 jeter, Mrs. Marjorie ...... 160 Padou, Miss Louise .. 25,27,162 johannessen, Mrs. Marilyn . 160 Parker, Mrs. Henrietta .... 162 johnson, james ......,, 49,160 Partee, Mrs. Maxine ...,.. 162 jordan, Nicholas .......... 160 Pennington, Sgt. William .. 11, Senior Index 115,128,129,132,16-5,166,229 Ball, David ..... .... 1 66 Appleby, john B. ......... 166 Barker, Nancy .... .,,.... 1 66 Archer, Lynda R. .. 164,166,222 Barnes, Connie ............ 166 Asher, Patricia A. ...,.. . Ault, Diana .... 53,112,11 . 166 4,122, 123,124, 125, 129,149, 166,221 Bagan, Howard ........... 166 Baker, john .... . . Baker, Larry . . . . . . 193 . 193 Barnett, james ..... 142,152,166 Barr, Steve .....,..... 42,166 Barron, Carole ........ 129,166 Bates, Stephanie .. 110,114,115, 129,166,177 Baugh, Bill .. ,,.. 74.77.134,142, Tennis .... Track ....., Treble-Aires . . Tri-Hi-Y ..., . . . Wrestling ... 78-79,140-141 82-83,144-145 111 133 72-73,146-147 Portilla, Mrs. Mercedes Poulimas, Mrs. Ann R Rababa, Yvonne ...... Ritter, Miss Sue Ann Rogers, Mrs. Margaret . Rosenberger, Mrs. Sandra Rowe, Mrs. Margaret .. S Sanders, Mrs. Dorothy . Schmidt, Mrs. Burdeen . Schulz, john .......... Schnilker, Michael .... 162 ... 30, 162,121 121,162 162 162 .. 121, 162 ....84, 162 162 ... 162 ... 162 120,162 121,162 Schroedle, Mrs. Margaret .. 162 Simpson, john ......... Smith, Miss Priscilla . . . Sweetman, Edward .... T-V Tapscott, Mrs. jane .... Tegarden, Steve ......, Terrell, Paul ...... .. Turner, Robert ......, Uesseler, Miss joan .... Urbain, james ........ Vance, john . ....,.... . Vaughan, Mrs. Beryl Volk, Henry ...,..... W-Z Waggoner, Charles . . . ... 162 115,162 116,163 ... 163 14,163 .. 163 157,162 ... 163 116,163 95,163 163 163 163 Walls, Thomas ...... 163 Way, Mrs. Frances .. 163 Weaver, Miss Clara ........ 163 Welch, Daniel ,....... 137,163 Wells, Mrs. Belgen ..... 95,127, 133,157,163 White, Donald ........... 163 White, Miss Martha ....... 163 Wimmer, Merle ....... 43,163 Whitsman, Forest ....., 29,163 Woodward, Mrs. jean .. Wyatt, Mrs. Daveda . . . . . Zetzl, Robert ........ Baxter, Douglas .... . . Bays, Marlin .... Beall, Thomas ........ 163 ...163 163 152,166 ... 166 167 129,167 Beetem, Debra ...... 64,129,167 Benge, Douglas 112,113,115, 167 Bengert, Glenn .... 8,42,60,110, 114,167 Bennett, jess .,..,,....... 167 Benton, Marilyn ..,..4..... 167 Bernikowicz, Linda jean ., 149, 22,167 ...., 118,167 Biddinger, Cathy Bigelow, Steven Billerman, Deborah ...... 161 Black, Bruce .... Boarman, Nancy Bole, Leo Rudy ,....,.. .. 161 Boles, Bob ..... 112,114,152,167 Bonney, Dave ...., 110,113,167 Booi, jean ................ 161 Borden, Alan ......... 113,167 Bourne, jill ,,,,,,..... 129,167 Boyd, Gail ..... 120,132,113-3,193 Bradley, Diane , 7 Brandt, Cindy .. Bratcher, joyce . Brill, Patricia ,. . Britton, Randall Brockey, Sharon Brolin, jeff ..,,. Brooks, Carol . . . Brown, Frank .. Brown, Mike Brown, Penny ., Bruce, Ida 1 ,... Brumfield, Doug Brummett, Betty Bruton, Sue ..,, Buckallew, Rita Buckallew, Steve Bucy, Linda .,,, Burgess, Sunny . Burton, Steve , , , Bush, Nancy . , ,. Butcher, Forest , Byers, Karen , ..... 119,167 153,167 33,167 161 122,123,167 167 167 ... 142,152,167 , ....,.... 167 167 ,, 14,80,81,101, 142,146,152,167 113,167 168 .. ,.... 168 113,168 168 , 6,112,122,125, 129,149,168 168 168 ,,.. 63,114,168 114,168 168 168 193 61,110,114,121, 133,168 Senior Index Cole, Patricia ........ 149,169 Coleman, Robert .,..,, 59,169 Collins, jodeane ....,.... 169 Collins, Nancy ........... 169 Compadre, Felix Diez 12,13, 121,128,132,169 Conger, Paul ......,,,,... 169 Connerley, William ,..... 193 Conreaux, Mark ....... 13,169 Conwell, Cathy ,,.. ..,, 1 70 Cook, Dennis . ,,,. .... 4 0,193 Cooper, Glenda ....,,. 133,170 Copeland, William ,...... 170 Cotton, john ,...., 112,113,170 Cracraft, Michael .,,..... 170 Crowe, Danny ..... 114,128,170 Cummins, Teresa Lyn . . 150,170 Cunningham, Richard , .... 170 Cunningham, Ron ,..,..... 170 Curl, Susan 97,100,121,129, 132,170 Curtis, Debby ........ 110,170 D Daines, Ruth ..,,.. 121,133,170 Dame, john ........,,...., 170 Daniluck, Donna ..,.... 54,122, 123,125,17O,229 Darrell, Alana , 114,l29,149,170 Darrenkamp, Kerry . 1 . 130,170 Daub, Lloyd .........,... 193 Davidson, Dorothy .,,,.... 170 Davis, Linda Sue ..... 125,170 Day, Debbie Ann . . . .,... 170 Day, Deborah ,.,...., ..... 1 70 Day, Ron ..,......... 152,193 Dean, Thomas . 112,113,150,170 Deardorff, Robert ., 111,119,128, C Cameron, Deloris , Campbell, Gary Caplan, Dave ...... 168 , ....., 168 41,168,231 Carender, Hope ,.......,, 168 Carr, Carl .,......,,,. 113,168 Carr, james .....,.. 22,123,l24, 128,168,218 Carter, jan ..,.... 114,153,168 Carter, Linda .......... 112,168 Carter, Pamela ........... 168 Cartwright, Theresa . . . 113,129, 168 Cates, Virginia , ....,,.,.. 168 Causev, Debra . 112,149,168,216 Chapman, Robert 168 Chaves, Lillian .,......... 193 Cheatham, Mike ...... Cherpas, Patricia 129,168 133,168 Childress, Cynthia ,,,,,... 168 Childs, Paula .,,,. ,. , 169 Choate, Brenda . , . . , , 169 Cicenas, jean ....., , 169 Cissna, Darlene ,.......... 169 Clark, Melinda .... 112,141,169 Clift, jane ..,......,,,.... 169 Clodfelter, Darrel ..,... 116,169 Clore, Cheryl ..... . . . 169 Coates, jayne .,.,,,...... 169 Cobb, Patricia ,. ,,.,,... 169 Colbert, john .. 92,112,113,115, 169 Colby, Deborah ...,.,..... 193 Cole, Barbara ,... Cole, David ..,.. 193 .,,.169 170 DeLisle, Dawn ., 3,104,l12,1-19, 170 Demaree, William ,,.,..,, 170 DeMarsh, Roberta ........ 170 DeMougin, Steve Denman, Sandra . Depositar, Becky DeRo1f, Phillip . DeWitte, james . . Dickison, Debra . Dixon, Stephanie , Doss, Robert ,.... Dover, Kathy ,... Drummins, jim .. Duggins, Kenneth Duncan, Robert . Dunn, Margaret ,. Durham, Daryl .... E Eason, Byron Eaton, Ronnie Edging, Steve ,..... Edwards, Theodore Ehrenwald, Alfred Emery, Glenn English, Diana . . , Epply, Sandra , . . Esham, Brenda Esteb, Dan ...,.,, Estep, Marianne .. Eubanks, Wanda , Everman, Doug .. F Fancher, Cynthia ..., 95,170 110 ,...,. 170 52,124,125, 170 111 111 ... 133,171 152,171 133,171,217 133,171 171 171 110,114,115, 171 171 116,171 193 ,. 171,235 112,193 119,171 171 . .... 37,171 121,171 171 171 171 .. 171 .. 171 ... 48,172 Faulkner, Sand ra ,.,. 57,97,100, 101,110,114,115,129,172 Fenske, George ..,.....,. 172 Ferguson, Anna ..,.....,.. 172 Fessler, Paula ..... 114,115,172 Fields, Ronald ...,.....,. 172 Pifer, Dianna ,...,,....... 172 Fisher, Michael ,,.. 52,101,124, 132,1-12,152,172 Fisher, Vicki ............ Fisse, Mike ..... Flick, Donald . .. 172 2 11 ..172,217 Fodora, james ........ 172 Ford, Randy ...........,.. 172 Fording, jeflery 128,132,142, 150,152,172,217 Foreman, Tina ,........... 172 Fosnight, David ,.,..., 165,172 Fox, joan Marie ..., 91,128,149, 165,173 Freeberg, Paul .,.... ..., 1 73 Freeman, Catherine . 1 , . . . 173 Freije, Rebecca .........., 173 French, Vicky ...,,....... 173 Friend, Linda 8,112,129,132, 149,151,173 Fulmer, Evan ....,.,. 121,173 Furnish, Elaine .... 173 G Gammon, Vicky .. Gants, Valerie ..., Garmendia, Esther 173 ...113 173 Gastineau, Linda ,... ..,.. 1 13 Geddes, Robert .. Geier, Debby . . . Gentry, jane .... Gillespie, Linda . . 173,235 . . .. 173 173 173,187 Godby, Roberta Malena ,,.. 173 Goetz, Kerry ....,......... 113 Goins, Terry ,..... ..,, 122,173 Gootee, james Douglas . 30,126, 130,131,173 Gordon, Larry ,.... ,..... 1 73 Grabham, Robert ....... 45,129, 134,152,165,173 Gray, Karen ..,,.....,..... 173 Greenwood, Stuart ........ 173 Grider, Linda .... 173 Griflin, Linda .,.,.... 173 Griffin, Sherry ,.........., 173 Griflith, Dorothy .. 122,123,129, 173,221 Grisell, Sue ..,.. 19,29,114,174, 182,230 Groce, Betty , . . .... . . 174 Grow, jay ...... ..,, 1 50,174 Gutherie, jill ...,.,. 58,174,221 H Haag, Carolyn ......,...... 174 Habeney, Loren , , , 174 Hagemier, Fred . . . Hafner, Donna .. 129,134,174 ,..... 174 Halas, Pete ........,...... 193 Halcomb, Robert 16,132,142, 152,l65,17-1,220 Hale, Harry ..,,,,........ 174 Hall, Allen ....,...,,. 122,174 Hall, Peggy .........,,,... 174 Hallanger, john .,..... 129,174 Hammond, judy ,,,,,.,... 174 Hansen, Glenda 121,129,132, 174 Harlan, Chris ..,,,. 88,174,224 Harriman, Dale ...... 174 Harsh, Roberta ..174 Hartley, Theresa Hartman, Paul .,,,.... Harts, Virginia ........ Hartwig, William Harvey, Carl ,,,. Heady, john ..., Herald, Sandra ,... Hearn, Sherrie ,. , Heckman, Sue , , . 9l,93, 129, 149,172,174 114,174 115,174 174 ..... 132,174 174 174 113,115,174 174 Heitz, Barbara . . . 96,112,129,149, Held, Christine .......... Hendricks, Ronnie Henley, William .,,. ... Herndon, Lucy .... Herrell, Donald ..,.....,. 175 175 175 175 193 175 Hess, Annie .......... 153,175 Hess, Cary ........ ,,.... 1 70 Hesse, Elmer 35,117,119,129, 132,175 Hevron, Robert . 114,142,152,175 Hey, Betty ....,........... 175 Hicks, Debbie . . . 96,1 l2,129,132, 149,164,175 Hill, Linda Christine ...,.. 175 Hill, Rosa ....... Hindman, Richard Hines, Debbie .,.. Hines, Linda .... Hochgesang, Vicki Hogue, Mark ..., Holliday, jim Hood, Chuck .... Horton, Dave Hoskins, Mark ,. . 129,175 175 112,149,175 175 .. ,,.. 175 ... 175 175 175,217 175 175 Hostetler, Steve ...,.... 53,176 Hovarter, Karen .... 26,113,176 Howe, Vicky Lynn .,.. 112,176 Howery, Larry .........,, 176 Hoyo, Marina Hoyo, Marta .... Hubler, Howard . Hughes, Connie Hull, Kristi ,.,... Hurst, Dennis LI ,.. 121,176 ... 121,176 124,127,132, 176,230 ,.. 128,176 60,114,176 114,153,176 lkawa, jayne .. 112,114,115,129, Irwin, Barbara Irving, Spencer Isenhower, Richard Ishida, Sashi ..... Israel, Kathy jackson, Thomas . jacobs, joAnn ..... 176 .,, 133,176 , ......, 193 153,176 ...,...37,97 176 ... 131,176 .... 40,176 jansen, Lynn ..... l7,20,128,129, 149, 151,176,224 jarchow, Marla .......... 176 jefferies, Cheryl . 193 jensen, Mary Arlene .... 43,133, 176 johansson, Britt 12,116,120, 176 johnson, Gloria ...,,,,... 116 johnson, jeanne . .. 115,122,I32, 177 johnson, Karen ..,. 21,100,112, 129,149,177 johnson, Rebecca .. 12,112,115, 116,120,l29,132,177 johnson, Robert .......... 177 johnson, 177 johnson, Susan ..... Susan R. ..,.. 133,177 johnson, Thomas .. 100,119,129, 132,177 johnson, Tommie ......, 177 jones, Andrew Stephen . 131,177 jones, Catherine ....... 33,177 jones, Corene ........ 129,177 jones, jackey ............. 193 jones, john .. 72,146,152,171,177 jones, Marc ,,.,, 20,52,123,124, 129,177 jones, Terry ...... ..... 1 77 jones, Virginia .,.... 177 justus, Randy ,,. ... 177,216 K Kaiser, john ... ,.. 177 Kaiser, joseph . , , ..... 193 Kaiser, Michael ....... 126,177 Kantne r, Katherine ......., 177 Senior Index Lowry, Tony . . , .... 179 Lynch, joyce .... .... 1 79 M MacDonald, Becky . 149,179,230 MacPherson, Gary ....... 179 Manning, Lonnie ...,...... 180 Markland, Nancy Carol ...., 180 Marsh, Gloria Anne ,. . 128,129, 132,180 Marshall, Cathy ...,..,... 180 Martin, Carol ........,,.,. 180 Martin, Elva ,,.... 133,180,235 Martin, Sharon ..,.,...... 180 Martyniak, jim .....,...... 180 Martz, Steve Douglas ,.,... 180 Mason, Linda ,.......,... 180 Nethery, Shelly .... 112,149,182 Newenschwander, Cynthia . 182 Newby, Tom ............. 182 Newkirk, Doris jane ..,.... 182 Newman, Bonnie Sue.. 114,182 Nicholas, Marsha .... .... 1 82 Nickerson, Debbie ........ 182 Niles, Charles ......... 20,183 Niss, Nancy .,,,.,....,,,, 183 Nixon, Dave 115,119,129,183 Noble, Melanie .....,..... 183 Norris, Barbara ....... 133,183 Nostrand, Carolyn . . . .... 183 Risser, judy ....... . Roberts, Charlotte ...... Roberts, Diana ......., Roberts, Karen ..... 52,112,123, 12-1,129,151,185 Rogers, Terry . . . . Rose, Dorothy '...... Rosemeyer, Sandra .... Roth, Roger ,,,... Roth, Terry ,...., 1 Rumrill, David Rush, Kathy '....., Russell, Charlotte . . . Russell, john ...... Russell, Lynda .... Russell, Terry .. Ryback, Margo . . . ..,185 185 ...185 185 ...185 ...185 185 185 185 ...185 185 ...185 193 185 185 185 Kappus, Debbie ......,... 177 Kasler, Suzanne .,,,. 91,128,149, 150,178,224 Katzman, Al ,,.. 44,129,142,146, 150,1-52,164,178 Keithley, lV1ilKe ...... 114,178 Keller, Vincent , ......... 178 Kelley, Kevin .... 82,93,114,129, 134,152,178 Kendall, Richard .......,., 178 Kennedy, Charles 52,95,123, 124,126,127,128,129,132,178 Kennedy, Thomas .,...,., 178 Kennedy, Maureen .... 133,178 Kennedy, Mona Lisa ........ 178 Kepner, Louis Greg .... . . . 178 Massel, Diane ............ 180 Massena, Nancy ,,......... 180 O,P O'Del1, Marilyn ,.,, .... 1 83 O'De1l, Patti ..., ..,,, 1 83 Oswalt, Sharon .....,, 129,183 Ott, john ,..........,,,... 183 Mathews, Candace , 129,151,180 Mayes, Larry ,..,.,.,,. 180,230 Mayfield, Curt ...,....,.. 180 Mayhood, Tommy joe. . 111,180 McClain, john ..,...., 113,180 McCormick, Wilma ........ 180 McCoy, Rebecca .,,,...... 180 McCoy, Vicki ........, 133,180 McCreery, Debbie ........ 180 McDonough, Marilyn ...... 180 McDowell, Pamela ..,,.... 180 McEowen, Michael .,.. 129,180 McKee, janet ....... ... 153,180 McKer1ie, Cynthia ........ 180 McLerran, David .......... 180 McMillan, Donald . 1 13,114,115, Otterbein, Sharon .,.. ,...,, 1 83 Overmeyer, jim . 53,124,183,223 Overton, Rita ...,,.... 183,232 Painter, Dave ...,,,,...... 183 Parker, Gary .,..,.... 130,183 Parker, Warren .......,.. 193 Patton, Carol 30,101,120,129, Ryza, Pete ...... S Safford, Marion ...., 27,129,185 Sage, Diane ,,........,,.., 185 Saillant, Laura ...,,,. 16,27,112, 132,149,150,l65,185 Sawyer, Barry ,......., Sawyer, janis ,,.. ,,,,.. Schoelkopf, Barbara ..,. 185 185 185 Scholield, Bill .... 1l2,1l3,115, 193 Kern, Daniel ....... .. 178 Kern, jo Ann ...... ... 178 Key, Dianne ,.. ... 178 King, Pam , ..... .. 178 Kingery, Nancy ... ... 178 Kinnaman, Tim .. 178 Kirby, Twanda ...,. .. 178 Kleinhelter, Kandi ........ 178 Knight, Paula ...,.....,.. 178 Kouwe, Donna .... 110,113,114, 129,178 Kratz, Ann ..... 52,123,124,125, 129,132,178 L Lackey, Sharon ........... 179 Lacy, Steve ,.,,..,......,, 179 Lacy, Susan ....... 120,132,179 Lambert, Elaine .,..,..... 179 Langan, Owen ........ 179,220 Lanning, Mitchell .. 88,142,193 Lappas, john .. 20,129,132,l52, 165,179 Lawrence, Fred E. ,,,,.... 179 Leatherman, Ray Thomas .. 179 Lee, Barbara Ann ,,,,..,,, 179 Lee, David G. ............ 179 Lee, Margaret ,,,., . . . 179 Lee, Roxanna ..........,... 179 Lee, Sandra Wanetta .... 32,179 Levitt, Hope .... 50,97,126,127, 128,129,151,179,233 Lewallen, Bruce Edward 179 Lewellyn, Ronald Earl .... 179 Light, jennifer Gayle .. 115,179 Linville, Lillie M. .....,... 179 Little, Frank .,.......... 193 Livengood, joyce Kay . 114,179 Lloyd, Kenneth Allen ...,., 179 Lockridge, Linda Sue ..,... 179 Loman, Karen ., 22,113,128,132, 149,179 Long, Linda .,..,..... 129,179 Lostutter, janice Ruth .... 179 125,180 McWhirter, Karen ,..... .. 181 Mears, julia ............... 181 Meek, Ted .... , 125,129,142,152, 181,230 Meranda, Susan ...,,., 112,181 Mercier, Mary jane .. 54,58,123, 183 Perkinson, Dave . , . .,.. 183 Persons, Carol . . . ,... 183 Peterson, Vicki . . . ...... 183 Petry, Charles . . . . . , 129,183 Phelps, Belinda ....,..... 183 Phillips jerilyn 114,120,129, 132,163,183 Phillips, Karen . ,..,... 183 Phillips, Marion .... 183 Phillips, Nathan .,,. .... 1 83 Phillips, Paul .... .... 1 83 Pierce, Ron ,.,. ..,, 1 83 Pike, jackie ,,.. .... 1 83 Ping, Brant .,.. .,.... 1 84 Pond, Larry ,.... 113,184 Pontious, Marcia ....,.,.., 184 186 Schoonmaker, Mike . .. 119,129, 186 Schutlz, Phillip .... 186 Scott, Kenneth ,,. ... 193 Scott, Steve .... ...,. 1 86 Seaman, Sharyn . . . . . . 162,186 Searcey, Linda .... . . . 186 Sears, jim ,,........ ... 186 Seibert, Gerhard .... . . . 186 Sexton, Marilyn .. .... 186 Shadday, Carroll ......... 186 Shank, Terrence ....... 116,186 Sheehan, Kathy . . . .... 32,186 Sheperd, Gay .. .,...,.. 186 Shilling, Debra .. 193 128,129,181 Mihay, Mary ....,..,..... 181 Miles, Pat ,,... ..,. 1 22,181 Miller, Kirk ... ... Miller, Linda ...,, ...... 181 150,153,181 Portilla, George Price, jim ,... ,.. 121,129,130, 184 184 Miller, Steve ....,........ 181 Mitchell, Elizabeth ........ 181 Mitchell, Steve ...... .... 1 93 Moll, jackie Ann ........,. 181 Montgomery, Randall ,..... 193 Montgomery, Rebecca ...... 181 Moore, David .......,.,,,. 150 Moore, james ,,,,... .... 1 93 Morelock, LaDonna .....,.. 181 Morgan, jim ..,..... .... 1 93 Morris, Helen ...... . 181 Mosier, Frank , .....,. 150,181 Moulder, Pamela ..... 129,181 Moyer, Nancy , ..... ...... 1 81 Mullen, Diane ...... . 181 Murphy, Larry , ....... , 40,182 Murray, Donald 122,125,182 Murray, jack Thomas ,.... 182 Murray, Nancy ...,,...... 182 Murray, Rita ,,,......,.. 182 Muse, Callie ......,...... 182 Musser, Martha .... 90,101,128, 129,132,149,182,235 Myers, Paul Louis ,,.,, 182 N Nahre, Michael ,...... 193 Nanopoulos, Elainia 129,182 Neff, Susan .,,........... 182 Neil, john .,...,......... 182 Nesbit, janelle .. 23,122,129,182 Price, jonathan Brent .... 21,44, 100,119,126,127,129,184 Pruitt, Robert ...,., 27,119,184 Puller, john Paul .,.,,...., 184 Pulliam, Bruce .... 110,113,114, 116,129,184 R Rahm, Linda ...... 58,90,91,125, 132,149,150,176,184 Ramage, Mike ...,.,... 150,184 Rancourt, Mark .......... 184 Rawlinson, Kathy ,.... 122,184 Raymont, Kathy , . . 96,122,123, 129,164,165,184,228 Rea, Tom ....,. 86, 152, 184,227 Rebic, Mike .,,,,........ 184 Reed, Gary ....,,...,.. 152,184 Reidy, Rich .... 113,119,129,184 Reiter, jeff ......,..... 44,184 Reynolds, Beth ,,,... 94,101,l23, 124,128,129,132,184,186 Reynolds, Mary Lou ,....., 184 Rhodes, Lance 72,80,142,146, 152,184 Rice, Steve ........,,.. 22,184 Richey, Paul Daniel ...... 184 Richey, Denise ..,, 132,133,184 Richmond, Rebecca ..,,.,.. 184 Ridpath, jack 49,142,152,184 Rigshee, Steve ........ 114,184 Shorter, Samuel 104,129,142, 152,164,186 Shumway, Susan .... 55,59,122, 123,129,l32,165,186 Sickert, Cecillia .....,... 186 Simmons, Fred . 17,129,142,152, 186 Sims, Sharon .. l01,120,129,151, 186 Singelton, Doug ....., 128,186 I 186 Sink, Don , ....... . ,. Sink, Bill ...,,,. ... 187 Slone, Mike .... 187 Small, Thomas .... 1 . 1 187 Smith, Eric ..... ...,... 1 93 Smith, Libby ....,,.,...,, 187 Smith Rob ......,. 114,187,231 Smith Russell ...... 187 Smith Sue Ann Gayle ,. . 187 Smith Terry Ann ...... 37,187 Smothers, Kathy ..,,..... 187 Snyder, Susan ,.. ... 187 South, john ........ 121,187 Southerland, Denny . 94,123, 124,128,142,185,187,223 Spray, judith ..... 175,187,229 Springer, Lonnette ,....... 187 Stafford, Gary .. 113,l53,187,236 Stallings, Hal ......... 124,187 Stansbury, Patricia .,,, 153,187 Steele, Sandra ...... .,,.. 1 87 Steinhoif, Lola . . . . . . 95,187 Stewart, Esther .. Stone, Cythia .,.. Stoneking, Norman .... 129,187 .,, 193 6,113,129,190, Vandiver, Phyllis .,...,... 189 Strauss, Teresa .. Strother, Dave .. Stuckey, Carol .. Stuebe. Patricia . Summerlot, Steve Surber. Nancy Swift, Virginia .. Sylvester, Karen . T-V Tabb, Kay ...... Talbott, VVilliam .,. 132,187 193 187 188 188 .... 39,188 188 . 114,188,229 188 188 Tatum, Lynn .... 14,5-1,188,231 Taylor, Goodloe Allen ..... 188 Taylor, Mark ..,,, ,,.,. 1 13,188 Taylor, Richard ,,...... .. 188 Taylor, Steve ....,.,,. 150,188 Teater, Dean ,... 22,1-12,188,224 Tegarden, Scott .. 14,77,81,125, 129,13-1,142,152,188 Terhune, Donald ......,,.. 188 Terrell, Mary .. 112,115,129,188 Theyssen, Tony ,,,. 45,129,1-12, 152,188 Thompson, Dave . . , , . . 188 Thompson, james ......... 188 Thrall, Lanie .... ........, 1 88 Thurston, Karen . 30,52,123,124, 125,129,132,189 Tindall, Richard .. Tipton, jo Ann Tolbert, Barbara ,. Tonnis, Andrea . .. Tranberg, Kathy .. 189 . 129,151,189 189 189 189 Trattner, Vic ...., . . . 189 Trefts, Sandra .....,...... 189 Trennepohl, Gregg .,..... 189 Trent, john ,..,,.,....... 189 Truax, Pamela . 11-1,126,132,189 Trump, Roxanna .......,, 189 Tschiren, Nancy , , . , . . . 189 Turner, Carolyn ,..,,..... 189 Turner, Charles ..,,,,.,.., 189 Turner, Glenn . 1-12,146,152,189 Updike, Sherrie ....... 114,189 Valdez, Sue .....,. 112,115,189 Vance, jim ......,,.,. 113,189 Van Duren, Debbie 114,115, 129,132,189 Van Meter, Marsha .... 189,23-1 Vaughan, Mark .... 133,189,223 VonBerg, Larry .,..,. 189,230 Vroman, Steve ,,.. W-Z Wade, Daryl ..... Walker, Larry .... ......193 .......193 ..,......189 Wallis, Patsy .,..,. 114,128,189 Walls, Linda .... ...... 1 14,189 Walls, Richard ..., 114,189 Walton, Karen . .. ,... 132,190 Wampler, Mike .,........, 190 Ward, Robert ......... 152,233 Washburn, Linda .....,,, 37,190 Watjen, Sandy . 129,132,133,190 Watkins, Charles Watson, Cliffonda 190 190 Watts, Hugh ,,.. Weaver, Doug .. ..,. 190 113,190 Webb, Maurice ,,,,..,,,.. 190 Weber, Bob .....,. Weber, Robert .. Wedekind, Margo Weinhardt, john VVeir, Larry . . . . VVeisheit, Rick . . West, Glenna West, Gregory . . Wheeler, Deborah Wheeler, james ., Wheeler, janet .. Whetsel, Robert . Whitaker, Mary .,. ,.. Whitaker, Mike . White, Donna . . White, Kay . . ., White, Steven Whitehouse, Lee . Whitney, Mary .... ....,. VVhittle, M yriam , 113,166,190 190 190 .. 112,113,119, 129,190 190 .. 125,133,190 190 190 ,,,,,.133,190 218 190 193 190 190 .. 114,190 ,,. 114,190 190 .. ...193 190 190 Wicker, Mike ...... 63,114,190 Wickers, Lorriane Wilkins, Irene .... Cindy , Williams, Williams, james . Williams, janet 120,191 191 191 191 114,129,133, 191 Williams, jo Anne .... 191 Williams, john .. 191 Williams, Laura .... 59,113,149, 191 Williams, Melody ..,...., 191 Williams, Paul Mike . 87,152,191 Williams, Richard .... 146,191 Wilson, George . ,,,... 133,191 Wilson, joan ...... 129,149,191 Wilson, john .. .,,.,.., 191 Wilson, Marta ..,...,,.... 191 Wilson, Sondra ..... 97,129,191 Wing, janis ..,,..,.,.,,.. 191 Wingate, Kathy .......... 191 Winniger, Russella ....... 191 Wire, Robert .,,,,,.....,. 191 Witsman, Kim .... 114,129,192 Wodtke, Chris ..,.... 124,192 Wood, Donald ....,.... 88,192 Wood, Katherine ...... 192,232 Worman, Linda ,,... 192 Wright, Teresa . . . ...,. 192 Wyant, Fred ... ...,,. 192 Yee, Virginia .. , . 192,233 Yoder, C0rliss 30,112,121,192 Yoder, janice ........,,.,, 192 Young, Tim ..,.... , ,,... 192 Zaring, jeff .......... 57,59,97, 112,113,115,119,122,129,192 ZGIS, Paul ...........,.... 192 Zimmerman, Dick .. 42,152,192 Zinn, Linda .,..,,.... 114,192 Zorniger, Michael ...,, 111,192 ,Q z 1 if I ' af .F rf 4. L l . ,M Leaving for june vacation, underelassmen have taken another step tow ard their senior year. Vlass exodus beginsg sehoolps out for seniors The underclassman and the senior represented a study in contrast as thc familiar eighth period hell signaled the close of studies. Looking forward to another year of Knight life. the freshman, sophomore. and junior welcomed summer yacation as a relief from the academic pres- sures and a lmreak from the fast-moving social life. The senior greeted that last hell with a nostalgic smile. After weeks of anticipating the end of high school days, he suddenly became sen- timental, exelaiming oyer the last locker inspection. the final ice-cream sandwich. and the exit of familiar faces. He yy as a little afraid. halancing on a well-planned yet uncertain future, After playing the role of the "number one man," he looked to a summer in the "working world," and his entrance in the fall to a col- lege where, once again. he would have to hegin as a freshman. As they left the halls of a lmustling school. the underelassinen and the seniors represented a year of Knights "on the go," Theirs was a promising and yet an unwritten future ofthe Knight-teen 168. f A Although preceded hy six hooks of Arlington history, the '68 :Xecolade captures the spirit and enthusiasm of a special year, 242 Relaxation and retiection on a summer ciay occupy an aftcfrnouii fu Donna Daniiucls as she recalls her active svninr year. as Y E.. on Thoughti turn to simht summer fun for seniors md umltrclassmen as thu t1IltlClPdtt their um N tion Looking ahead to even brighter davs, Senior Randy Britton strides into hir post graduate tu 44 AEICITLKW GICDE Vlwllilllgll tht- Ullillll nl' vvviits luis COIIN' to an mid for tlw Kllljllll-ll'K'Il KGS. tllc' ".Xccoluclt'U stall lmpcs tliut wrt Imam- llIllUClil'll ll lt-xx ul' tlic mt'mori0s of it year. A rccorcl ul tlic sliccc-ssvs uml tlic' lhuiliircs. tht- virtorics Lmcl tht- clvllunls ul tlw iliclivitlllul. tlic' "pXccoluclc" llLlS l.xlmc-la-cl tliis ycur distinctly Kriiglit-tc-vii '68, It luis ciiclccl. lmut its cmnplctimi is not il closing. Thai lust pages of this book mark tlic lu-giiniiiig of ti nt-xx crusuclc. and Kiligllt-tcm-n '68 luis lmccmm' LlHUlllt'I' lilllt on tht- Kiiiglit clmin of lilhc. X .4A.,, I I I E i ! a I n I i i I

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