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X 'l W XNWX iw QQ W JA I --H 1Y' V ' 'V -rj f ' Q Z' XQZZJ LHuwwPof ,wbfhdca-fig 72307: f -T 7 ' IZA ff' f14"'Mf'f ' 6-P I ff 5 "'!j V, 51,54 f f 'X' I K ' OP, fr-fa-f Q ,Km fszg 4-N X6 IL A ' Gp if-JJ-J Q L9 X, ' 'wwf ' 2 ' . , H! xi., ,z-f1 f' + 4' 'Q JJ" ,nf fx x OJ J' MNgKffQ' ! , ff70f flfy'NAf F Sxf ' flyx Ugfxf Mm, f -f ',f 'V I. pi Q -A at Z INF-rp! ' A 2 X- 1 71,7 Z ff,-i df, . i Aipv 6'Z249'6"7 X 6,513 515,54 L' mm , X K9 Y Qi! 3 J M ' Q 21 4 W .V J ' ' WG JWI JL W' 3' S5 X2 " N H E p I X 'frilly 11 f' Q . , uf va2f1'V5'm' M 5 QT A V 0 , E L I V, f fUM,l,L!Mfl', V Xxx 'g ' 1 1 5 XR H'N' M I ' W" if f J X - -X9 N I X In wk H 1 ' M UL fmt M aw J gwwaygywfwym gyLm5 , MQ yx f 5uMLhf7ML' Qwflf LQ ' Lg? '1 'F ' if A 11 5 f fyfif- , V, '01 gg , f , Q sl S' 7 fix f 5 ' A lj v Y 4 X '-1'5N55USA? H M Q G? Nx A A ,QW Www X . v "'Q"lg, QX " N ' ' W'QWAQM Y Ssi?WgQxQgk Ewa 3 'L Us f N HX A A X .2f1,Xw 41 www Nxxx 'gf Q Mika -Q T NX ii 9 JWQWQQ I tix? X? gif '52 .337 1217 f 55 'Qi NH QJXXA. "QQjX'E,5 X g g 1 97 Q L H 21 .. J SEV' v . 5 EX f CR . f vb P ,Q G55 gb, 31,3 X J if xii. 11, it-L li- 'nw PH . -agq M P -5- fi is ,wc I f Q33 , ' A-AEAQYF -Q ' Wmgkwf Egbfgisb - b,L.fb7 4 -f W4 ,E ,jg ,fu i ' lf WW '5 W fu ww , V J CJ D 1 1 i L" 1.4 Nfzkxgciilx JD M rj! fWWO ,f X r kLfXg H W fi J M A' Wkdgvrj by f L? yi" kwkfff if If, ' XM! Mfjvf' QQ W1 ' 9 V -fL.,,, 5' f 'Q T I A if w, . A ,QQ - C' yqjffs.-Q ,,A W0 V' ,l!2,5fL:ff.?1ZQ:5!W,Lv ' M Mifipiilf 'WW Q ! X ' 1 ,K f gy, MV Lfj,,Mf42Q'Vf0MQ,U1w1pf?f'4ML 7 1 . ff- -21, fl Q ff, W Q ' , fzlfl f f 1 , JK Sf ff WM? , Jw fJ f-4-X "' -ff f Y K W' , f bf 1 l ' ' 'L' F V bf' X L, L Lf "va J c 'lf , 1 ,wi fx 'N , X ,,A X my ' ' J X' 4' L VUN!-19-f Vu - ,.. I Qfyob, . .1 fx"'U1d cha-'QM Q .Ls X' 742056 Qwgjwr 1- .. buh! 3 82 Q X SS Q lg xi ESL U , N N ' A XQ X xx X X - 151 51 ' xg Tlx? if QA I' :fx X ' A, fcw AV LL -:E LAx 'fr"A yl N El Qg QQ W ww fy Q1 Lx 3 Qi N Q A Q Q N V 'ma 'mb EEN bg 0 M G E Wwkfu X ' f Y f X 'xiii ,HS - ..-A-AQKQKE Q X L5xl,v.,tVYJ V,c,,,X x QV '79 LV A JAJ2fQ,,,A, 'ua AW W A f if W 1 'J ' Q , 12 X 1 aff, J ,I p X1 X " xwlvdkw "Iii -f-W X Q -Q , , , - ,,'. 7 ,f' ,L APL olfxi Qi 4 J, L is It I h Vi!-ii' Abcyafwfv A, ll IX M. X JAN L, 'X' ' f 'V - SS, nib 1 Lax gg .jf Q L34 iw - r f.jwf,.-,.-L I XLVQO l M' 1 LAL QV A! UnnL LCf4f 1 gf X T A ' X I ,. M ,wr fH + 6, m 4 I ' WJ! LX UU TMJ UfUYf'1 I AE fx X g if: WALK A, V ' m. 5. X 5' L f' , I'-" U I ,4" , -,jp Xxg' Vw V Upjlf , I Aj! VK If ll fW,,A7 Y 1.1, MXL X CLJAAJY :AV 01578, I fyfy 40 N Jo!!! V Il' f rf 54 WU- yf A Off' w ?' ' V ,VfXC,L,VX U ' as X. 1 ,xwl - I gf A ' I U MVQHX v .8 , KW? ,ky qw W , ' I ' M ,AVL v . 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A A: 1 :Q qw: -mar-Nh -fx:-'-warms .,.1:-4.- .News-. ,. . ,,. ., . . an-,N Q17 NX-, -., N., x X , ,f ff ' - F11 , f . k Q Pu 1, ff,f.lf,w- wg, ,af QS 'x.,,Xvf,Wf5i,, W MQ- fw vw M. sa AX .V ,, -My af ., .,.-Y, fn-:N Ngm,'g.:tg.wxx1x-gum:-xfqixxfV -, -.,,f.:,-Qxakbx,-K f , "3 3' f' igw' 5 kg ffm j A " fgfgf-gygcff 11, 33 Ygx. ., - .325 .wi Vw., VN b"vif'g2.l" , ,rf Q-Fri'-'ii' Tmlwf-'53 '??.'QQb-life. 1 ' 1 Ny f ' J M vb 1 f - H 54 fm '- ' be-.X .' :ff f1:0""3h?x1lk?" ' ' , ' , . 2 x . X ,ffvz---, fs' xfxiv MX: my - ' lpuxn ,f f - ' "- V, hx 1 Tv- . 5' T 4 -N Q'-L'7 'SIN ' - f 'iw 5337 .. ixA IwZ'Q:75 lv'-Q31-L r:'Y5Vi53',3 If HCL?-X 'IS' , f f. ' :Q ,f , ffgywgw -, x X,-gg, --K. ,'Q-Y.Wg.11x,1 1 ' : -n5,:.'-fEfEQ1-fl , T . 5 fhfifisfzwiigi 'Ri X ?Xf5-I-'nw f' -y x A, ,- 'j"4,:Q: .:-,a-1? 2 an gfzgw fxsf-Aifszgiyzfrg agggks- . 4: ...Lil QT. :,, ,, :X 'ye V -,Qfff QM: tx. -ff: - :"5":,12,Q-X55 .1 . a X-gat: S- 1 , x A f 3 0 M 55 ,S f - - 1- . f ' ' "'i '-Q '?m gffHffQ,.Aw:-'..-X ff: ww- ' M x P ' . , 'K . Q f -Q ii. 13X,Q,,Z:- UF-Q N ' rv f ' . ' ,, A, ,xy y is . 4 W 2 V. u 5 Q: I - A Q- 'W an ' 2 ll k - . 1 . v vi K ' 4 , - Q .3 ' x L H 2 4 1 1 , - Y V 4 Whl 3-his 4' gg A ,s 3. W if Qi gifs WQW A is MQW W in TOWARD A COMMON GOAL A With the Ideas dreams hopes and ambitions characteristic of maturlng youth students enter ,f', , M. ,W N . ' Q ' XC L, -'viz , . 4 Cx V I Q l 9, -til O.. K .I r-"' T. , 'Q-' f- 5. s ,ff FH ff - C9921 'L' K-fi Q 2 .'f ,, ni V "X .1 6,5-T,C-. , , f 6, U. TA ,. T5 'l C-S A .1 lr M . . X ,C, I ,f,rff' .f ,. fr tb f 1 1' f! -mf ,, x , C TJ sl .4 Q . uf? Y QL, L ,A,ly 2 H-.. wr 13. Kg'g"' -I- C.-c Y, ' 1 f 1 gf, ' f the equipped and expanding O71 ci fr it Hi ff 4, 4 lg ,g Q l halls and classrooms of ,fy Arlington In these classrooms, - . sb -f WA , 4, tomorrows scientists and V, ,fk .. 41 g 1 'O V , 1,1 'Of C K 171: 4 l ,sf ' A' ' ' "' ' engineers, motivated by ability "fi'2Opk ,' X l N and desire, catch a glimpse N x X l of the future. Involving themselves L-ef K T , L 'f 'L O, ,kv Y. in extracurricular activities they strengthen their minds and bodies. With responsibility and diligent work as teachers, students prepare for society. They feel the need for others and they learn to help others in need. Youth tind guidance in the citizens of today as they blaze the pcuth ' toward the citizenship of tomorrow. . page ' Album . . page Advertising . . page 'W v " M . L7 Qfii f fl A f 'l"'fnyff'7 L r A ff tm yr 'Q we A ff ,M ri A ' ,WW W 7 ffiffwfs if W f lr , V "xl ,,"l V u fl V if pf' hi ,mf V4' . Q' ' A f"l'llAl0 YAIUFI yin! , LUMM lf ,ls,5f'1 l 4' J iz, wffqg, it Mi ,ws 1 'yg l',, . fmt. -' vm PLN P 2 A ff W -nlwvvzfaffli 'W W 'i'ActliVi'tiie'sl. . page' 40' ' Athletics page 78 ,Z 3 if '13 Mo ,ern Knights talie diverse paths to .learning 3 ,-g-Q-' E X ,live , . ,Pam Ilartnmn z11'1'iu-s, F fm-L11-:x-M . ,, ., -. ,,,.,.,, If D Tmuhlcs? . . . Susic Willizuns 1liscmc11-s lhnl cu-u sm-uiurs hun- pmlmlvuls gm-lliug, lo schuul. This xvzu. l'lllUHllll'lll is such Ihgnl Nl'lIiUIN hmm- rxrlllsiu- pzukiug prixilm-gui. ...J Come Snow or Blow , . . Dick ,Iohnsrm mh-lim-rs his jccpful nl svuims iu slxhz l,4-nw ilu- llrixing to Thcm . . . Each day numerous students cfmmullr hx Ixus. 'N ll lllllfllli dxf 23'2 Q71 ll Q fl at l El f Mgdm.. 1 . it Q 1 1 uw - iw' Locked up Tight . . . Toni Taylor fantl companyj fastens his bicycle lock securely upon arrival. Like many other Arlingtonites he prefers pedals to shoes. Neither rain, nor snow, nor gloom ol test day shall keep Arlington High School's 2,800 Golden Knights from attending their daily class schedules. Hfhether they come in cars as privileged seniors, or ride the buses as harried under- classmen, walk to practice physical fitness. ambitiously ride bicycles or motor scoot- ers, or find it easier to get Mom or Dad to bring them, Golden Knights find that all roads lead to Arlington. From north, south. east, or west, Knights travel the road to Ar- lington to learn both mental and physical skills preparing for the future. Knee-deep in Mud .... Xpril slmwers holtl no joys for Biatl Blankenship and jane Sissoin who haue to lute the tonsequences, . vigil W2 IJ, WW I ' gf, A' 43" A Q Lobbyir-.Is . , . Slualcnls slmly in thc balcony lobby. Finishing Touchcs , . . 'lwhu new zuldition, l1l1finishn'ml, is usul bx thc sluclvnl bmly Knights cram School Goes On . . . In spite of Construction C0llfllSiUll. Slum- Dickhuus and Lincla Sparks go on through to class assignmcnts. to meet needs o an increasing enrollment 1 fs s fi ,. GV A k ,,, X ii., . se W d f "" I I ' , " i s s .. f , Q-'-" ,i s ,i t ZDPA " ft ,:,. , 4 ' 1 - ',, 4- n-.-...W . ls s f .Xrlingtunites study lu the whit nl :hills :ind pound ul' hznnniers :is they wzttth their stlinul expzind. lht . . . . . . IIICIKCQISC in ,Xrliiigtuiis enmllnient, lllillilllg it tht seemid largest high stlitml in Nlzninii Cluunty, his l'u1'c'etl the ztdditiun ul' zi new wing. ttllllllllllllg nifnt t'lztssi'umns :ind lailmmtmies. lhe tunsti'ut tion tztus the closing nl smne exits and tm'riclui's, niziltnig it net'esszn'v lui' the entne student lmrly tn use ceitznn 1 hztlls :ts thev pass Irwin cluss to elztss. This iiiuniveiii 1 enee, linwever, is ztefepted hy students luis they ieztlift that it will result in ll larger und hettei' equippu Arlingtmi. Knight's pztths cross niziny tinies dztily is they hustle :around the tioiistt't1t'timi ztnd tlntiugli tht t'iiuwded halls to their aiezideniic' eticleziwns :ind au tivities olleretl within out stlmnl. Hold That Pose , . . Ruger Pxtintei finds the tonsttiu- tion useful :is it nmdel for Qin ant Class pmjeft. Main Street . . . The stairs leading up from the main lolmhy hear the steps of thousands of students with din. i 1 ,Mi i.- Walls Come Tumbling Down . . . Bnllclozcrs as well as students labor. Q Q' K s 'V' 7 ,1 . -U: -" xx s s-.4- fe-, iift L e -ggi it UI ii Motivated by a strong desire to learn, A o converge in classes to acquire t f , A i i M i. I, X Watch Closely . . . Miss Purkex explains the delicate operations of ll titration experiment. Viewing. Bill Cottrell WlilCll1'S each intricate step. CllCllllSll'y students set up this :mtl other experiments llll-UllgllOlll the year. eager students knowledge By cultivating inquiring minds, Arlington's extensive cur- riculum allows Knights to reap a harvest of education. Whether scanning a slide for a shy ameba, probing the heavens for a glowing star, or analyzing a complex problem. Arlington- ites move closer toward under- standing the changing world about them. Prying into history lets each student glimpse into the future. Backed by such an active pro- gram. Knights steadily progress toward the beckoning luture. WORLD EVENTS I've Cot lt! ,, 7 3 1 34 1 51 l ,n X 2 me ,. Craig Squier successfully maneuxers his calculations in analy . ,Q . ,. X sf Q ig' f t XM' 'hiivatn fa , ,E A 6, , e 'S--'fi' l ' or x t A t . as Y- ,-2 'iszpixgy " " P, azz... J 5 I ,Q -:Kar ' Q 1 'V l 'YA if? 5 2 . , lv W all gglg lv-v:,V.V , -v , i. l , , f-ij?" f' it . 'fi' all FM" . itat t t ' 11 tix " 1 What's New? . . . llistory teacher Mr. llolmes discusses current exents with Ron Bennett, - X. Sh-h-h! . . . Steve Giddens studies in the library. Makers of Tomorrow . . . Slutlents in clothing and metal shop fintl that xocational training is fun and useful. Forward March! . . . Full brings many sights and sounds. Jenni Pyle steps in rhythni as the Imnrl practices for half-liine. I Classes over, Knights think of activities Pre-game Practice . . . The Goldenaires await the end of the half as they rehearse a few steps for their performance. "Snurdlcy junction" . . . Casts for lhc variety show work to prepare routines. at tenth l'1our's end 1- for 1 ,. For lllllll ,'xl'lillUlUllllCS, thc school Q.2I'1' 1'1V' f D day doesn't end with the tenth hour. , Dozens ol' clubs occupy tl1e ulter- school time of Illfllly Knights. Besides interesting their ineinhers, clubs work tl1ro11ghout the year o11 projects which bring l'C'l'UgIllllUll to 1-Xrli11gto11. Later in tl1e evening, Knights re- turn to tl1e lighted corridors to view student lJl'OdllCIlOllS, varying iltllll plays to tlz111t'es to inusiczil concerts. Wlorking o11 cluh projects, or push- ing aside work for :1 wl1ile to go o11t for 21 night on tl1e town, Knights pass tl1e '64 yez1r quickly. A Six loot Pooka lllg St ll t L 5 lil! xv it 9311 Future Teachers Welcome . . . Active club IHCllllJCl'S, Dottie Snytler, Thetla Mason and Nancy Kitfhin, scrw 111 tht- FTA inititnion. f Ulf, 'WI , - ' Y' I My X, , , Q , W, QM A ,MI . L 4 1 , M., 1, V .,f ....- . -114 V MMM . Aha- Laulccl' . . . Stuff llll'llllM'l'S work on lguxoul. , Capers . . . Nlilulx llgnis Zllltl lll'l' 1l11t1 im tht' 1111111 Clanlnvlol cillIlt'lS 111111112 H- -. :1. ,..,. .+-- W A, .f- 1........L-...-.. ...A M -.... Y -T ,vig - ---- -- V . Rewarded by pride o accomplishment, , , , Q, M ' r Q - ,wi 5 'fi Q VV VEVVHA I b A 11' "" ' V 4 T W . W 7 N' , 542 Q, ' F . Q S i , 3, , Bi 5 6 gn 1 2 ! rf ,W 115 X W V Q ',r: ",' : .- al j fg.: 5 in i if 4 A. llonors . . . lllllll1'l lohn Svllm-rs liignslws plixsics. Yeh Arlington! . . . Sparkling varsity cheerleader llvilllllil Knoll, lcncls fans in ll ruof-raising Chccr. L.. V Optimism , . Slll1lt'lllS ulislmlny llll'll fllDllllllSl lmphics. students set future goals for themselves lung hours ul' study and a sincere iu- teresl in every phase nl selmul activities do lltll gn unrewarded. Students who have slaved througlroul the year leel a pride ul' :utmrrplishrueut at the elose. The scholar- ship ol' such students merits reumgnitirm and l'in:uu'ial llSSlSl2llll'C towards extensive edue 1 catimi. For those who have exeelled in serv y ire. venues the knowledge that in some small i way they have umtrihuted to the overall wellare ul' the selmol and their fellow stu' y dents. now and lor years to cmne. L ln a sense everyone is rewarded. The award is not a plaque or a trophy, hut is l Wllwflllllg ffl' greater Wflllll-Illf' lJl'Cl32ll'illlUll fl0l!gl'illlIl1lIl0lIS , . . St-trim class NINPIINUI, Xlr Sullixau. with Vilgll In Cxixlenfg in fUI11Ul'l'0XQ"S wfyflfl, shake. mngratulatvs serum lliulu It-ter. uiuuei til the ID,X.R mml Sign Here! . . . Mr. Meek joins Arlingtorrs O.P.T. as Mr. Irxin Olin-1 awaits l Alumni Talk ,... Alumni discuss "the old days." 4 Lomprlitiml , . . llaus llxnaglt' lt'.l4lN his unites! 1-iilix with care. Hmnccmning Hall'-time . . . The Marching Bz1mi's show highlights .Xi'lingmn's first home- ithllllllg. lhv pu-usinii :mil snuml mlulighls alll f2lIlS. Alumni celebrate The Quccn Reigns . . . Alumni quccn, Susie Spiegel, in-w qua-on klcnni Pyle. amd Mr. Clcvcngcr, with Penny lnhiirmi, Hginn Xiillizums :mal Bill Iiirllm' in tha- lmzifkgimlml, smile :is Kmlfla-ii knights proclaim thc wimic-11 XV1' WVunt an Touchdown! . . . Tha- cimvmls fill Ovmy nook and W' 'f iiznim ul lhm- hlmulu-is :is lhvx' lmusl mn' twain on In victory. All thc Nfny! , . . The fans l'01lI' :iS Rohrman stores. I Z: xvilifh KVM' lo WVnrren? . . . Cars line ur lu befin the lltlllH'UHlllIll' noression Io ll.Ill4ll. , . 5 I with student body at first Homecoming Homecoming . . . 1963! It was a night of flurry and excitement as l9ti2 Football Queen Susie Spiegel crowned senior qlenni Pyle Arlington High Sc'hool's first Homecoming Queen. It, too, was a night ol' victory as the Knights defeated the NVarren Central YVarriors for the second consecutive year. The Homecoming caravan was a eavaleade ol colorful ears. Hundreds of Arlington patrons en- joyed an evening to be remembered lor years In tome. As the hand played the "Hymn to .fXrlington." tears filled the eyes ol' loyal Knights. Presently laces were smiling as Homecoming . . 1963 unfolded. lx ' Hopefuls . . . Queen Candidates and team members await the big night each with his own wish and all with the same one-success. Left to right are Penny johnson, Stex ie Reitler, lenni Pyle, Det-na Ruth-1, Kathy Lorton and kneeling are Steve Horvat. captain, and Matty Rohrman, XVe XVin! , . . .X uinnino store inalst-s the night it success. Pi P1 v I l . . 'fir ' . ., -, ., 4 3 - .ACF .F -f,..4- ,--" Death of President Kennedy bewilders, Ilxperienu- . , . Kfatlt-t lam- Dunn tt-aeln-s her first grade " X A .f .1 . C, 'Hb Q. -1' .,.. -'sf -4 'W 1 6 ,. 5 WV-' .' - '45, J img 3-2 ,, ' is -fs 'l 'L:"".' : , 4 if U - ll-In-uun..,,,,, St-rvirr , , , Seniors participate on the lunioi llvarl Board. . 5 . t Q 5.1 asv sth "K: it 'J K ,if ,Q N . ,fn 1 9, ,we , LV, 'Q N, .yur :nr . N5 l bAx g f Diff' - t. ,.- -Lx if ju 4 I . .sf pf gg ' mf Q, , Q .3 Possibly the highest tribute one can offer to his country is the unsellish giving of himself in serv- ice to others. A-Xrlingtonites working as Candy Stripers know the joys that come from such service. Helping around our town, many Knights are becoming more acquainted with the outside world, the world which they will hare .o lace in a few years. lly assisting others, whether it he in edueation. health, or any lielcl, these teenagers are preparing' tlienxstlxes lor the prohlems, responsibilities, and h ippiness ,thai will he hgstowecl on them upon leav- ing their classrnates and teaeliers in the near future. K ' -. S ' M XS Q '.'.,5f.ft!i' t i s 7 sei . - 5 .. Pl ' F ' in A ' I I Preparing Now For Tomorrow . . . Barbara Smith. working as a eantlx' striper, series her community well. saddens Knights The President's Order of Business . . . President Kennedy smiles at a small caller, five-year-old Debbie Sue Brown, as the 1962 March of Dimes Poster Girl visits with him. A shadow crossed the path of every Arlingtonite on November 22, 1963. An assassin's bullet took the life of President john Fitzgerald Kennedy as he rode in the streets of Dallas amidst the cheer of thou- sands. The trails of his life led him to the Presi- dency, where he sought peace, not only for Ameri- cans, but also for all mankind regardless of race or creed. Serving his country as the Chief Executive to the utmost of his ability, President Kennedy set his goals highg and he achieved them through his hard work and dedication. Though many people often opposed him, President Kennedy never wavered his ideals and never sacrificed his beliefs. May his courage and devotion to duty guide us all from the paths of sorrow and darkness into the light of to- morrow, each enriched and strengthened by the gift he gave the United States and the world-his life. XVQ A A 'World of Knowledge' . . . Ralph Bziilcy lrziccs civililaition for pupils'y Brown :incl Suc Eisciilimvcr. Scholastic Rccognition . . . Pupils V who niukc outstanding contributions lo lln- school arc llonorcd czich ycar. fgffxypwfg WMV Af WSW fy X N'f?f f5f?7fjfw V n W . M wwwfwfqy M3533 iTwffiWfnfi?5f M My B 1' lc. rnxng, IFIQUISIUVI' mind p WXWW ZICICIUIL endeavor Qlllvlllf-2' tm Oljj AY 9 JJ knowledge in exciting ficlch nf Qtudy 1 1 ' the dmire, abilitx' and cnthus My Of' , M my FW w W M QM M 1 W n iasm s itinq honor i L toward a Common goal Q Q through Academics jbggssfs' YK I ..r Zi-'K-. Make-up Artists . . . journalism students Len Adell and Sue Bates learn the techniques of newspaper design. Orator Gives Address . . . Perfecting skills of oral presentation, Bill Ellison delivers a speech to his classmates. From smiles to Shelley, participles to Poe Rapid Pacing . . . Mrs. Beryl Vaughan helps Carol Tarter increase her reading ability during her course in the reading lab. Geared to satisly the individual needs of each student, Arlingtons grammar and literature courses are supple- mented by speech, journalism, and dramatics. Added to the expanding curriculum this year, English IX offers advanced work in the field of creative writing. After a study of author's styles, students try expositions and nar- rations. Speech gives students the opportunity to develop a beliel' and present it in debate. Self-confidence and poise, as well as research techniques and public speaking skills, mount as the semester advances. Publications ollers a wide scope of advantages for those interested in journalistic writing or in the business man- agement ol publications. Typewriters hum steadily as L,-XNCIZR and ACCOLADE staffs hustle to meet dead- lines. Students struggle with copy-fitting problems and lay-out changes. Drama enthusiasts spend long hours toiling over acting techniques. This work may be rewarded by a part in the all-school play. Pantomimed skits supplement regular classroom discussion. 'BY ROBERT -E FROST , . , if nu nu , p . 5 in I w f E 1, F-V ,x ' ll M' s X , i Elf g 1 x 1 Author Information . . . Richard liixan emphasizes a point tontein' ing Robert I-'mst for Maths Dunn who studies a poem ul Mi. ltrosts. English students study their own language 155 mastering participles, pit-positional phrases, anal ligures ol speeth. Knights acquire knowledge in a wide range ol linglish skills. 'together with grammar anal lit- erature courses, .Xrlington's varied linglish classes enable stuclents to develop talents in the lieltls of clramatics. puhlitations, antl speeeh. Because exact eomniunication is ol major importance in our moilern worlcl. listening. writing, reailing. antl speaking are stressed in each grammar unit. Sentente structure, capitalization. antl parts of speech are lamiliar huililing blocks ol pupils who olten utilize them in ileveloping essays anal themes. Nine weeks in the reatling lab increase reailing and comprehension titles. Book reports. written or oral, con- stitute a part ol' every linglish semester. The art ol' ac- curate note-taking, eoupletl with researeh. reward those writing themes with high marks. Literature aecpiaints .Xrlingtonites with unique situa- tions and distant times. Varied worlils flash ln as the year progresses. Short stories, poems, anal elassies are ponilerecl over anal SlllIllllLllillL'll. Note-taking Turmoil . . . Iunior Roxy Hinshaw folletts infoimation, opinions, antl :lata for her English term paper. I l ti xl 5 Homeward Bound . . . Seniors 'l'om cillilllllll. Susie Williams. and .john I,aVine. as well as other science majors, ueaiilx board the bus after completing an informative dat of touring the Eli Lilly plant. Flasks, frogs and fumes quickly identify MCM CII c. if . P1ll'klllll'l'IlllIl Pals . . . Bruce Kemper and Brenda Howe put th microscope teclmiques lo use obserxing exasive ptotofoans. Strange smells waiting' on the breeze characterize the science wing. A multiplicity of slide rule-toting scholars and a glimpse ol the "ln Orbit" light over the doors of the planetarium represent other unique department properties. Students study required basic biology lor two semesters, and interested students can pursue advanced biological courses. Physical sciences offer a choice of three basic courses. 'I o fulfill their requirements, Knights may choose chemistry, physics, or basic physical science. Be- sides these courses, astronomy offers students an opportu- nity to learn in the only planetarium in an Indiana high school. ' Scieme majors who pass a collection of scientific achievement tests attend a Science Seminar at the Indiana Medical Center on Saturdays. Li ing in the hub of the school, the Science Department includes more than a dozen fully-equipped classrooms and laboratories, a science lecture room, and a planetar- ium. As the emphasis on science mushrooms, it has been necessary to add new classrooms and labs to accommodate the lloocl of enrollees in this field of study. the Plunct l'i'olJing . . l mlm ilu' guid- . 1- ol lzunvs Xlnziligun, Xslimimiiy sluili-uls mlm-i'iv ilu- sulau wwtviu. B limi modern science section of the building Budding Chcinists . . . luuiors Rini lluilvi :mal li-in bizilili' vxplmc ilu- iwiiili-is ul scivuu in thc cliclnistry lillJ0l'2ll0l'l', cxpcriim-uliiig with ilu- solubility ul xzuiiuiis uniiipmimls. if f f i ,wmv ,M wdvvvvwfw- ..-mul!-wr' 2. 1 1 "Si, l I Arlington's Foreign Language Department, equipped with well-trained teachers and the best technical devices, is capable olf offering each student a fine background in his choice of four languages. The French Department offers its melodious romance language to students on three levels of study. The German Department verses luture scientists in the modern language which is be- coming more and more important in the fields of mathe- matics and science. The Latin Department with its toga-clad students brings ancient Rome into the modern classroom. Com- pleting the list is Spanish, a language which has ac- quainted North Americans with their southern neighbors. YfVhatever language a student's interest may pursue, he is assured ol' receiving as much knowledge in his study as he strives to attain. Linguists conquer oreign language barrier YW' gf, -..-4 lltutschc Zutsclnift t l I 111, units l yn lxct Wold Wisdom . . . Searching for the origins and meanings of words nncrc iscs hcr knowlcdgc ol thc pcople whosc lmguugc shc studies nc Tom Erickson, Ray Clift, Bill Fair, and Doug Felkins. Habla Usted Espanol? ...A xClY2l1lCCll Spanish students Carol Miller, I-lilgviic llzigci. Raimi X1-lmni, Ilvltx BUWIIILIII. lliunu llcmlrixson. :ind lxllllflkl l'l2llllllCl' listen In Mrs, N'l1i1'giiu-l Rogcls vxplaiin gi p.iss.igc-. by mastering alien tongues thoroughly x 3- Q E X Sf X f X. fg iw- S +A- ix B i- i ..X ii, :- ' " X Q X 5 ' W er ,,, , Q QQ W it QW 'f f X wb 'ii , X Q I 0 xg rf f X, 1 Y 1 xox, W 6 3' X: i 'N rise? YW 2 f, 5 Y' F F Modern Equipment . . . The wall-equipped lgingiiiigv Lili is ul use lo li-gulivns wlm wish lu imii-nw slxuli-ms' fluency in prommciation. 1"1'c11ch students are shown studying iimlcr lhc critical mi' ot William lfisliliiimk. History classes explore with Cortez, march 'r - nano? f Democratic Dilemma . . . lilection officials Shirley Hobbs, Beverly More, Marilyn Pedigo. and Diana lfessler watch Larry johnson vote, V I 5 vmbk J- . V I k X s ..., t V- sat., f ' ' " awww qi fin.. S 'at-tf, .f41er,,, , t s s ,, Q 5, sl E X - I in . .e W I i w x' XE ,,,s-4' ,, , .2 f 429, 1 K Current iiurricultnn . . . luniot ylaxtne Sitkcrt scans tht 'l'!rt' Nwa' York 'lirrrrw lor tntrcnt events information. 26 pages ot The study of past history to achieve an understanding old the present prepares students for the responsibility of citirenship. . The Social Studies Department offers courses not only in the basic periods ol history but also in unique areas such as International Relations. Several classes are high- lighted by the preparation ol programs for the "Junior Town Meeting" radio show. while discussion ol' current events adds color to the study ol lactual names and dates. These extra activities provided lor by social studies teachers ollei students enjoyable study material and a vivid insight into the lield ol' history. The lascinating study of the human mind, which has long held the tsmsy of scholars, is ollered in psychology classes. The course deals with human behavior and adaptation to environment. A new path. blared by this year's lreshmen is called orientation. This class, initiated by the Social Studies Department. enables teachers to counsel the new high schoolers in the planning of their secondary education. Reflex Response . . . Cindy Miller, aided by Mrs. Margaret janert. demonstrates her Science Fair Project sponsored by Robert McClarey. with MacArthur, and discuss latest events Ms-o""! i i s 2 I 1 I i l a Q C i i i z N i 27 Niwxm E ,f-ef Q r Herring Helps . . . Terry Chappelow, pullled hy the information before him, listens to Mr. XVilIiam Ht-ring's explanation. A study ot the great civilizations ol the past, ol our own country's glorious history, and ol' our present gov- ernment are all lound in the curriculum ol' the expand- ing Social Studies Department. YVorld history presents a general study ol the world's development from prehistoric times and early civiliza- tions to present day world allairs. The colorful history of the United States is studied in its entirety in the United States history classes. The United States history teachers tell us ol' our country's great men and documents from the pre-Columbus ex- plorers, the founding oi' our colonies. all the way to our present nation, and how they ellect all Americans in today's world. Latin American civilizations lrom ancient to modern, offered lor the lirst time this year, gives interested stu- dents a circular view of Latin American aliliairs as well as cultural studies. Every phase ot' America's government is studied in Aix' Arlingtons government classes. X"Vi1C'll the Social Studies .RQV , I A ' Department holds mock elections, government students Q 'A see what actually goes on when Americans exercise their ig?-.iggi right to vote. A Turn About . . , Cadet teacher 'lane Lockridge checks the papers of Jerry Deel and l,inda Nelson, tivo third graders from School it-Twil. g S , ,L,.t.,t 'Qw- I' e. Ks LX 1 Q I Perplexing Problem . . . Bruce Loveless hides his head in dismay at an Algebra IV problem while Mrs. Josephine Nichols pauses to help. World of numbers Recognizing the importance. of exact calculations in our complex life, most apprentice statisticians complete at least two years of math. The Math Department, teach- ing everything from basic arithmetic to integral calculus, is prepared to give each student as much math as he wishes to take. Beginning mathematicians learn the principles of algebraic operations in Algebra I and II. With this sound elementary knowledge, students are able to solve nrore difficult equations and verbal problems. In plane geometry the properties of points and lines in one plane are proven. By using the theorems stated, geometricians solve problems having to do with area and proportion. lnquisitive students may elect Solid Ge- ometry, which deals with figures lying in many planes and having three possible dimensions. Prospective businessmen learn the methods and prin- ciples ol? mathematics used in business by taking business math. This course concerns the practical application of :rrithemelical rules. lafith an understanding of algebra and geometry, non- scientifically inclined students are well prepared to solve every day mathematical problems. Also, students who want to extend their knowledge in science and mathe- matics are prepared to do so. Proof Positive . . . Owen lfair explains the correct geometric proof to jackie Kilgore so that she may see how to improve herself in the art of proofs which are of daily importance in her geometry. reveals itsel to student mathematicians Three Dimensions ames Oilosky explains the geometric dimensions of a cone to JIITI Maltm and Pat O Banyel For those who see math as an interesting challenge, and for those who will use mathematics 'after gmcluation, the school offers several courses. their math ability by mastering the operations of algebra. In College Algebra theorems are proven and special fields of mathematics, such as statistics are introduced, explained and explored. Another popular course is trigonometry in which stu- dents leatn many facts about the relationship between lines and angles. Finally ambitious students take Ana- lytics I and Il a course that combines analytic geometry and calculus. These are the subjects that form the seventy-two math classes taught each school day by '1 staff of fifteen mathe- matics teachers. It is therefore easy to see that anyone wishing to advance in any field of mathematics has ample opportunity at Arlington. In fact Arlington is second in the city in number of students earning mathematics majors 'ind first in num- ber of students receiving minors Individual Assistance . . . im Sulver seeks a parley with Robert Underhill to discuss a question from his homework assignment. In Algebra III and IV, diligent mathematicians add to . . J '91 it Smit .. - fri?-.V . S ,. 5 e V 3 . - Y ' A - 157, M' dw K mgfkwa 12 , ,ms ' . " , qffnygx, -f c sr - a s -R' 1 . ,. Wg :E l ' ', I ll 'ins , ,if fir-3' 1 V' .QW '12 i, haf 'gf all sd- .7 , ' fp ,mrufe 1 sys. M". M: y , 4. -1 ,,. XX S l . 'S ,I-""'M Duplicating Demonstration . . . Sharon Shepard watches closelv as she reproduces copies of a ditto master she has typed Future leaders get XVhat occupation are you planning to enter? This questions erupts many times in the life of all high school students. The business major has a solid foundation on which to base his answer. Business-minded students utilize every opportunity to better their future careers with business courses. These courses range from typing to merchandising, such as shorthand, bookkeeping, salesmanship, advanced busi- ness, business law, and clerical practice. These courses teach the students correct procedure in using machines and also the latest techniques in acquiring high standards needed to be successful business men and women. XVell-qaulified teachers also stress the need, appre- ciation. and understanding of today's economic system. Although no specific amount of training assures immedi- ate employment, anything gained in the course will un- doubtedly prove valuable. The Irvington Lions Club presents award keys for -.eniors majoring in specified areas of business. The re- cipients must make grades ol B or better in their business subjects with the exception of typing. which may be a grade of CL. There are three areas of specialization. In the area of Business Principles, minimum requirements are Typing I and ll plus five additional credits in other business courses which are offered. es vt My , ., i mfsib ' 9 -H J qe,, I -..M ,, Student Stenographer . . . Copying characters from her shorthand text, junior Susan Anderson per- fecls her accuracy which in turn will increase her confidence, speed. and proficiency output. 50 irm oundations or their business skills S-lfg fu. 47f2 lffl 111 V 'ij-31, , Ifxf.. .JN .,.,,,.,-f"""' . ,.-M" vs, ' gw- .. Typing Trio Drills ...E loan Buchanan. Ilora tialibartl, and Marilxn .Xllen practice exercises geared to improve fingei techniques, tvping form, posture, and production volume. The clerical area awards are given students completing lyping I through IV, Clerical Practice I and II, and two credits in bookkeeping or other designated semester courses. The secretarial area award is presented when Typing I through IV. Shorthand I through IV, tran- scription and secretarial practice have been satisfactorily completed. The H. I-Iarold Wfalter Award in business education is based on a major in business with a minimum seven-point average in all business subjects taken and a consideration ol' the factors of character and service in relation to school activities. The business education Certificates ol' Scholarship are awarded to majors in business education on the basis ol a minimum seven-point average. Other department awards include Gregg certificates for speed dictation, production transcription, and filing. Awards give the recipients a feeling ol' pride in accom- plishment and experience. Trouhlesome Taxes . . . Mis. Delinda Caldwell uses a giant into tax form to explain the complicated procedure to I,inda XVade. 44 Pastel Impression , . . Cindy llarlan skctcht-s a youth in pastels to complete an art assignment. Student Picassos brighten the hallways N-,Tw-Q Constantly engaged in projects to grace Arlington it- sell' or bring honor to the school through outside con- tests, the Art Department is one of the most active sec- tions ol' the building. The art corridor as well as many display cases through- out the building is a constant reminder of the excellent work accomplished by student artists. Exhibitions ol paintings, sculpture, and jewelry created by local prolessional artists enable Knights to study the works ol' their contemporaries. In addition, student artists take part in local and national contests and cultural exchanges. Our Art Department enters into many interesting and worthwhile exhibitions. One of these, under the guidance ol the Junior Red Cross, enables Knights to exchange posters with pupils from foreign countries. lX'eeks ol work, patience, and a creative flair are be- hind each finished project. Crematic Creations . . . Craft art students jim Neal, Brenda Utigard, and Gary Potts prepare their projects for the kiln. J W W , M A ' , af Av f E w Portrait Parody , . . jim Lcntz pauses in his sketching of Chcryl Bloom to Carc- fully study his mmlcls facial lcutlircs amd to clit-Ck thc IJ1'UlD0l'll0llS. with creative sculpture, unique paintings ll I l Sophisticated Sculptors . . . Sauuli Harper, Marlene Pruitt, and Limlu difficult .Xml Y ussignim-nts. f Q Gliclmlcn Complete work on um- ol' thc naman-we Collcctiu- Effort . . . lony Nlasscna. Martin rflll'llllL'l. and lim Boots woilt with unions tools on a project in wood shop. Precist- l'rot't-tlure . . , jim Kleinhelter cart-fully plots a line using pit-tision lllSllllllll'lllS in drafting. Sanding, stitching Careful Craftsmen . . . Ron Clooney and Alvin Carsnett cautiously plane the wood of what is to he a table leg. XX'hile the aroma of delectable food arises from the home economics classes in the lower corridor, a much dillerent odor, that of sawdust and oil, comes from the Industrial Arts Department in the southeast wing of the building. A course in one of the industrial arts gives boys the opportunity to practice skills that may one day become a part ol. their lives. Boys learn the valuable skills in well-equipped wood labs. metal labs. electrical labs, drafting, mechanical arts, and graphic arts classes. The students find the area for which they are best suited from electives including elec- trical wiring, sanding, varnishing, the basic essentials of welding, soldering, riveting, and tempering. Related to these courses are mechanical drawing, graphic arts, and drafting for students interested in an engineering career. These courses deal with exact meas- urement and drawing ability. Industrial arts courses have a definite place in the cur- riculum of both the college-bound student and the boy who is preparing himself for a trade. ll ll rf ll l o I a t augment and knit future vocational skills l The Home liconomics Department, comprised ol' clothing and loods classes, ollers the domestic skills that i Arlington girls will lind necessary lor their future jobs as homemakers. The well-equiped laboratories ol' this department give the facilities needed to make a suitable atmosphere for cooking and sewing, and the instructors aid the girls with their knowledge and experience in this field. Girls who choose to take clothing learn how to make ,t their clothes as well as to fashion their wardrobe and plan it to go along with the current trend of clothes. By 3 learning this, the girls are able to save money and choose i appropriate clothing lor themselves and others. Ll Foods classes teach the proper way to cook and buy good loods. The girls who take this course acquire knowl- edge in the art ol preparing food and planning proper nutrional diets. The aromas that come from the goods l classes are prool' that these girls are learning the way to ' a man's heart. ll ll l All I I A Prudent Planning . . . Mrs. Emma Goode shows Pam White hon ll Check-Up . . . Donna Minick ponders pattern matching. to fit the pattern pieces together so that the notches match. Sneak Preview . . . Peeking into the oxen are Marx Wilson and jean Kelli! who find waiting is the hardest part ol cooking. ...QV 'l'otlzty's student strives lor the hettertneut till his physi- txtl structure :tml hezthh :ts well :ts for the tleveloptnent ol inent'tl alertness ztutl intelligence. XX'ith sw if I i P i I . f I A , - .,,.,, .N - ,a t M i i 1 FF Delicate lflllllllfl' . . . Grin ttssislztnt lizuen Diet! keeps at watchful ere on Susie Avery. prepztretl to git e axial if she loses her grasp on the pztrttllel hairs. Gym courses build co-ordinated muscles the zultlitiun ul the :tetivities mont, there :ire five i i teaching Sl2lIl0llS in the Pliysitiatl lftlttezttitni Depztrtinenl. t 'Ihese ltttilities enzthle live pltxsicttl etlttezttimi elztsses tu henelit siinttltzttieotlsly. During wrestling season ttntl :titer seliuul, the how convert these stations into wrestling rings. Both boys' :intl girls' uutrses inehule sports :intl enlis- thenies. huztrtl. :tml the new uuereu pztrztllel han' is iuelutlecl in the tlztsses. lX'hile the lelluws 5ll'Cllll0llSl5' work out for hztskethgtll, ltmtlmzill, wrestling, :intl trztck, the girls go thrf :ugh tlztueiug. Students iuterestetl in pliysieztl echtczttion who have skill, it high grade stztntling. :intl Il preeept of lezulership, may quztliiiy to heunne zthle ztssistztuts to the gym teachers. High Hopes . . . lfreslnnnu hoys ztsrenrl to the heights of the gym in their I t 1 The use ul the pztrztllel hairs. side horse, spring their paces in gyinuztstics :mtl various phases ol' tugged pmgrtnn of pltysifatl trztiuing. if Z .1 ' l Model Molar . . . Vicki Cox explains the anatomy of the tooth to Bob llortch and lieckx Cook utilizing a plastic model ot a human molar. Models such as this ate xeiy useful in the study of health. as future motorists try instructors' nerves Health, safety, and driver's education are important factors to Arlington students. Health and safety classes provide students with the knowledge of the human body, how it functions, and the behavior of individual per- sonalities. Throughout the semester, representatives from the Social Health Association and the State Alcohol-Narcotic Education Centers present lectures on the facets ot' health and safety. lfVith the use of lectures and other teaching aids, experienced teachers present in an interesting fashion the organs' functions and importance. Vlfith the completion of health and safety, the student not only earns a credit. but he also attains the knowl- edge of his own mechanical system. Equally profitable is the course in drivers education It IlOt only benefits the beginning drivers. but also pro- motes satety for others. Wfith expert training and scientific techniques. stu- dents learn how to drive safely behind the wheel of dual- controlled cars. Classroom knowledge as well as actual driving experience forms the basis of skillful driving and teaches students to accept the challenges and respon- sibilities of trained drivers. Health and safety and driver's education are two valu- Numan.. able Courses which help Students to Zwceljt adult licsljon' Traffic Tie-Up . . . lJriver's Education students watch attentix elv as SllJ1l1t16S IH the WO1'ld. Marion Burleson sketches a typical traffic problem on the board. ' ,fig Inventory Inspection . . , john lfike arranges novels in alphabetical order by author so that the books can be :noted from the fait to the Correct shelx es. Randy Crockett checks the condition of the books before shelving. Knight pages serve their apprenticeship Hvapt-tl High . . . llheixl Watson balances a slippery slack nl boolts in one hand while she slrelxes books with the other. The book-lined walls of the library offer shelf after shelf ot worthwhile reading material. Hlith an increase of 1,500 books over last year, Arlington is moving closer to the proposed figure ol 2-1-.000 books. Subject matter per- taining to all fields of study are made available to students. A stall' ol lour teachers and thirty-five student assistants aid the supervisor of our library, Mrs. Margaret Schroedle, and lull-time assistant. Mrs. Iissilee Hamilton, in their many duties. The student assistants taking Library Experience I-IV help with the circulation and the processing of the books. with the attendance passes, and eafh is given a section of shelves to keep in order. Besides these jobs. it is their duty to help students lind books they need. Students who are interested in the lunctions ol' the library find this one-half credit Course very valuable. Besides having a wide selection ol books. the library has a good general information lile and a vocational file, uselul to students writing term papers and to teachers doing relerenfe work. The new addition to ottr library is the sife old two class- rooms and it will be used as a liL'iit'l'L'lll'L' library with 5,000 books plus periodicals. 'iw 'bt Defeating Discomfort . . . Clinic assistant Andy Adams rccortls tht- trt-atment while -lt-nny Nlcxtws lmaml.tgt's the finger of Mary Lee. Directed by Mrs. Rowena Craub, the school clinic is capable of handling am t-im-rgviicy. rendering aid to the administrative staff Distressed biology students with "dissected fingers" have nothing to worry about at Arlington. Every period of the day, two assistant nurses are on the job helping ailing pupils. The girls are always prepared to handle all minor occurances if the nurse is not available. They are also able to perform the necessary clerical services. Any girl interested in nursing may apply. The office messengers are the faithful hall-runners of f , X.- the school administration who hand those fateful green slips to doomed students. To apply to be a messenger, a boy or girl must have at least a "C" average and two study l i halls. They may request messenger duty at the end of it 9 Ai f the preceding semester or at the beginning of the new . 1' semester. 4 A . A -' Assistant nurses save the important time of the nurse P ' t N Y by rendering their services, and messengers aid the ad- K M , M mlnlstratloll with the cumbersome job of locating in- ' 1' Q dividual students from the huge enrollment. Both, at the t A' same time, are fulfilling their purposes as citizens of 'D , ' ' Arlington and preparing themselves for the future. Z 44. ' si gags ,X , .i , ' 1 .tt - is , . 3 RAN Q x - ' A. . ,..- - I X. I Miscellaneous Missions . . . janet Walker receives a call slip from ,,,.,. i ' Mrs. June Hornbeck to deliver to a fellow classmate. T . ,lx A V in A Knight Parade . . . Pam Phillips SlI'LllQllICllS thc Knight on om' of :num cars alluring limnccmning. liwr Iixpanlding . . . Miko lfmvlm P pins :1 ll0lllUlllllCl'l' on l,zii'1'v Flick :luring Quill :mil Scmll imluclimx. 5 X fft. K' y ss li! ,JAF R i A ' I igligdigtix ICQ t' 1 nfxii C ' 'tu . V P571 - V W ftigfvl ' was vd"'ld! do comm"-'Ugg Energetic students, fulfilling their needs for relaxation and entertainment, toss cumbersome books aside as they attend dances, plays and after-school club meetings. This counterpart of school life backed by spirit and interest adds prospective to the foremost goal-education. toward cz common goal... ...through Activities Setting the pace or active school life, Student Council promotes projects Umm-rmnrnt Officials . . . Leading this years Student Council were seniors Sleiie Reimler, treasurer: Ili-ena Butler, secretary? Lanny Flick. rice-presidentg anil Steve Horxal, president. To Lend a Helping Hand . . . Student Council Alternales: tfront rowj Neorni llaxis, janet XY0lg2lll1Ol, Annette Cralia, Nancy Kit- chin. Susan Bourne, Jeannette Trabue, Dianne Butterfield, Sylvia Westbrook, .Xnnita Dies, Patti Harper, Dianne Coyle, Rosa Reid. Vicki Moody, janet Shurnway, Lynda Resitles, Dick Grabham, l.in1la Mayes, Sue Isenhower: Qseconcl rowj Kay Gill, Theila Mason, Cingcr Dalton, Steve jones, Barbara Neff. jenny Adams. Peggy Preston, Donna l.yclay, lVancla Knoll, Cindy Lane, Connie Reeve, Steve Holilaway, Bev Hall, Nancy Shake, Larry Fleming, l-larry MC- 'X 'X I, ,Y Connell. Don Cranfill, Debbi Denny: tlhircl rowp .Indy Smith, Vicki Carter. Brenila llorn. Terri Heath, Peggy Yargan. jill Montgonlery. Suzy Simms, l.inila Lykintls, Mary Taylor, Terry English, Rhonda Barnard, jackie Relgore, Nancy Friend, Leslie Sanre, Tom Unger, Angie Owens. Nanci' Roclaliough, Mike XYest3 tback rowj Bob Clark. Donna Miller. jim Szalay. Butch Bircns, Rick Pierce, Roger Hankins, Nick Burrell, jim XX'iIlianis. I,ee Atkinson. Jim Roberts, Bill Pell, Brad Blankenship, klav .XlJl'2lll3lll, Cathi Failing, Steve Estalmrook, Erik Sui-lmerkrop, Mark Hall, Jane Mcliary. F! 1.6 Government by the Peoplc '.,, Student Council: tfront rowj Dottie Lou Snyder, Cindy Harlan, Kathleen .Xndrews, Rita Randall, Mar- sha Coapstick, Pixie Pierce. Janice Buckley, Lolli Ledgerwoocl. Mary Allen, Barbara Freund, Sharon Ritter, Debbie Schmidt, janet Stafford, Marilyn Cunnell. janet jo XN'hiting, -lenni Pyle, Limla Coins, Deena Butler. Barbara Chasteeng tsecond rowj Sharon lid- wards. Sulanne Robertson, Nina Byers, -lanice Brown, Sandy' Neal, Susie Lee, Cinger Sattler, Carla NVhile. Steve jones, Shari 'l'c-garden. Cheryl Will, kathy' Lorlon. Candi Cilbc-it, Penny -johnson, Helly' Bowman, Stevie Reicler, l.arry llinei, llenny' Dresser, Rick Musser. Striving for a varied school life, the Student Council. co-sponsored by Mrs. Belgen XVc-lls, clean of girls. and Robert Haynes, vice-principal, offered the school a di- verse program thi-s year. Taking an active part in Homecoming. the Council purchased a mum corsage for each ol the Homecoming Queen candidates and roses lor the Queen. lt also provided council members as ushers for most school programs, including the open houses and college night. Junior members not only chose their class rings, but organized and served on committees lor the Junior Mothers' Reception and the -Iunior Prom. XVith leap year in mind. the Student Council's tradi- tional "Cy and Cindy" dance was a turnabout. Following spring vacation was the second annual "SCweelc XfVc-ek," which emphasized a dillerent subject each day-"stay in school", teacher appreciation, cout tesy. scholarship, and clean-up day. Student Council members were chosen in the lall with homerooms electing one representative and an alter- nate to serve on the Council lor the year. At the hrst lall meeting, Council members chose their ofhcers to preside at meetings as well as a member lrom each class to serve on the Council Cabinet. .X member lrom each class was chosen to represent Arlington at Inter- City Student Council meetings. .lim Lc-ntl: fthncl royvj john Michael Layten, john yc t Schmidt, .Klan Mcllaniel, Bill Oyeiniyei. Larry Yousc lmcli Ht ton. Karen Ilittmer, Ron Bennett, Marian Paschael, 'Xlclmdt Xl 1 goinery, .jackie Hungerford, Shirley' Spiegel, Stc-ye lloiy it K I Clarke, Bud Kisselman. liathv 'I'hombuigh. Larry llnbictc ltutly Morgan: tbaclc royvj ,loe Bobo. Chuck Stone. joe llollmgs 'johnny Fyerly. Creg johnson, Bob lline. Bob City liuc Sr l'ied BUWIIILIII, Lois llallieltl, lo .Kun f.r.rtItc'ls. Ctven llllllllltl lcn .XtlelI, l.1IllY lfliclc, Ilan Nleely. Nlilcc' Neal, llaye lhomw lxrac-ge. Cary lliclcliaus, Nlilce Nlalhetvs Sigh . . , Senior Patti llatpei and luntoi llutl lvissc-lmm xctgnctl is Cy and Lindy at the Student Council llance. "Ebb 44 ' rf Q ,aa 'A' asf? mf -www Musicians . . . Orchestra metnlreis are tfront rowp Cantlx liitcoff. Gale Stewartl. Sylxia XYesthrook, Patty Rutan. Betsy Sweet. Mary l.i1 Ellison, l,imla Shaffer, Donna lhoinpson, qlanet Slrtunway, Frances, tiail Spoolstra, Leslie Winslow, Carla Bishop, JoAnn 'lt-annie lialp, liaiol Leipnitl, Dottie Snyder: tseconcl rowp Portia Cratlick, Katie I,esch, Janice Brown, Gary Nickel. Doris Cass: ffourth lleller. Kathy Holcomb, Pam Wilkerson, Rhonda Barnard, janet rowb janet Stafford, john Acevetlo, Penny Chaille, Don Osborne, 'lluckt-r, Pat Robinson, Fred llelclef, Marilyti Atkins, Barbara Long, Chris Reicler, tlanis Harling, Bill Fitzgerald, Totlcl Curless. ,Iutlv Rae, Linda Brown, Susie tlraxesi tthircl rowj Teresa lfergttson, Bill lluclson. 'I'oin larger, Beckx Iissex, Ron Lawheatl, Stew Concert Orchestra, Ensemble add culture Each year the early lall concert rewartls orchestra members lor their hours ol practice. As the pace ol' school lile quickens with the Christmas season, the orchestra prepares lor its perlorntance at the Christmas Concert. e Concert Orchestra also presents a spring concert later in the school year. The sixty-piece Concert Orchestra continues to live up to its First Division, Class .X rating. by competing in tlistrict contests in the spring. Practice Makes Perfect . . . Cantly Kitcoff. conceit mistress, tunes unmler the apptoxing eye ot' Miss Priscilla Smith. -qv-.' llziliig. Banli Biggs. lulin like. lilll ltllisrm, Sue llnles: rlmmk imvt Lgnw Slgiffmml. 'lknn Hkml, Mike Nichols, .lim lil'UllCl1l'li. Miss Piiss Clllll hniitli-mlm-elm. 'losn C.hgiHe. Steve lJi'11i'y,.Slexe lhmnzis, llntln lnnnni. lix llillilllilllllllllg in keeii fUlllIJL'llllHll lIlt'llllll'liS ntlxniice to Arlington scene .Xl'llIlglOl1'5 String linsenible, tlle ureliestrznl answer to the tlznice bzincl, consists ul ll0llI'lCCI1 girls who :nie meni- liers ol the Ccmcerl cJl'l'l1L'Sl1'2l. The ensemble is olten cztllecl un to play light inusie lor special uciczisimis. 'lliey enjoy pmvicling ll Illll5lK'2ll ntnioslmliere tit teams and lllllC'llCOIl5. The girls elect ulillicers whose tluties inclutle selecting UIlll'0l'IHS :intl generally keeping things running Sllllbfllllly zincl INllSll'21lly. is Q0 'ua Singing Strings . . . Stiing l",nseinliIe lllt'llllDL'lS inclnmle tfiunt io Lgintlx kiluill, lililnlmetli lillisun, l,in4ln Sligiflei. Inner Slziflt lezinnle lxnlp, lzinel 5lllllllWAlN, lxtnul l.l'llDIllll, l,Ulll1'SIlXlll'l' t wi in l. lmtk muy lllilllil llellei, leieszi I-eignsini. lxntlix llultmnlw, Nliss l'iistill'i Nlllllllflttllillllllll. fnilv Sli-u.ntl, Nutt lintes, tlgillix l.nnni 1 -un--an nur- X. f a Y gk .J 92 0? 'Q r 1 One . . . two . . . three . . . four . . . Arlington's Goldenaires march to the snappy rhythms of the Pep Band and enliven the halftimes of home basketball and football games. This year the girls sport new gold skirts and sweaters and gold and white pompoms' Each halftime show is planned by a committee of a few girls who fill the routines with dances and drills. The live girl color guard presents the flags before each of the home basketball games and march to the drum cadence of the Pep Band. The other two branches of the Goldenaires are the eight flag twirlers and the sixteen pennant carriers who march with the marching band at football games and conte-sts. All the girls give up their valuable time to learn each new routine. Straight as an Arrow . . . Golclenaire members ffront to backj Dotti Dunbar, Jenni Pyle, janet Shumway, Paula Sanders, Jean Baldwin, and Vivienne McKnelly line-up to execute precision half-time shows at all home basketball games with the snappy music of the Pep Band accompanying them. Colorful Goldenaires march at half-time Ready March . . . Members of Goldenaires are fvertical line, left to righlj Mickey KC'lllil. Carol Sparks, Suzanne Ford, Terry McLean, Karen Thomsen, Linda Goins, Linda Alonlo, Kathy Clark, Linda Sparks. planet Slnnnway, Barbara Freund. Barbara Chasteen. Donna Lyday, plant-I Tvlllglllllljl, Penny Chaillc. Vivienne Mclinelly. Barbara Pond. Nina Byers. Sheila Sullivan. Peggy Preston, klaync Blaclx, jackie Hungerford: fhorilontal line, front rowj Linda Miller, Cheryl Cunningham. Shirley Spiegel, Kathie Meehan, Ellen Sulli van, Pam Deputy, Lilly Arthur, jean Baldwin, Carol Simmons, Sharri Kisselman, Kay Ross. Cindy Harlan, Dotti Dunbar, thori- lontal line, back rowj Sharon Edwards-manager. Mary Taylor. Donna Beisel, Sharon Liston, Mindy Davis, Paula Sanders, Lyn linelmcl, Rita Randall, Linda Schweiger. joan Buchanan, Jenni .WW V """"QH'KtXiZ' .Z I SHR 3 7 Vawmwwm , Pyle, Sue lscnhowcr. The Coldcnaires marched at all home games, X s-lawns... waters a T! , l i , Tune-up Time , . . Members of the Concert Band are tfront rowj Larla Bishop, l.esl1e NX inslow. Linda Miller, Marilyn C-unnell, bail Spoolstra, Susie Ferguson, Carol l,llllL'l', Sharon l,iston: tsecond rowy jo Ann llradick, katie Lesth. ,lanice Brown, klim lilartin, 'loan Reamer, Bonnie lfuson, Annette Liralia, Tom Graham, Doris Cass. Dick Meara, lN-Iarian Paschall, Gary Nickel: tlhird rowj Richard Newman, Glenn Uunnell. Carol Page, Peter hlolrnson, Susie iVil- liams, Marsin Bailey, Kerry Coder, Becky Essex, Marcia Satterfield, Ron Lawhead, Ric Snow, Stew Habig, Barbara Biggs, Bob Long, John LaVine, Steve Sylvester, Don Allen, Ben Woodward, Sandy Foreman, Sharon Good, Jeff Wilson, Don Erath: tfourth rowj Karen Concert Band brings Award winning melodies lill the corridors ol' the music department as the Concert Band practices daily for contests and conterts. The group has the honor of never having received lower than a first division rating in competition. The band presents a Pops Concert every fall and a formal concert in March. Baird members also partici- pate in the State Solo and Ensemble Contest. Coni- peting in the state contest. the Concert Band earned a near-perfect score. Among other activities, the band played at the opening of the 1963 Home Show: however, the greatest achieve- ment, in the estimation of band members, was the making of their record album, "Brass Allante." Re- corded at the Pops Concert. the record was sold to band members and to the public. Talented artists, such as YVarren Covington. often appear with the band, making the long hours of re- hearsing well worthwhile. 4 4 Davison, Linda Glenn, Ron Bennett, Tom Benge, Alenni Heill, Carol Abdon. Dave Clerow, Bill Fitzgerald, Todd Curless, Bill Hudson, Russ Roberts, Tom l'ngei, Don Worsham, jim Snlver. .john Chappellow, -lim Pike, Bill Crawford, john Pike, Bill Ellison, ,loe Hollingsworth, Pat Reidy, Newman Durrellg tllast rowj john Cllodfelder. Rav I.ilherland, Mike Paxey, Doug lfiekins, Clary Staf- ford, Mike Nichols, Date lfralish. Sue Iinierv, Ron Hartley, Rick Satller, Rodney Lay, Craig Squier, lim Broucher, Bob Hittle, Mr. Knipfel-director, Ralph Randall, Sam Manning, Tom Word, Geof- frey Lannom, jerry Cox. Band members recorded "Brass Aflamef' They also provided music for the Commencement Exercises, honors with melodies D0-It-Yourself . . . Putting his clarinet together for a special practice, sophomore Bob Long, prepares for another contest, Marching, Pep Bands 'drum up' fan spirit, Adding a brassy note to all home basketball games, the Pep Band presents the colors and plays for the Goldenaires' halltime shows. Consisting ol' twenty-eight members, the Pep Band rehearses twice a week. This select, all-male group is chosen from the lN-Iarching' Band. Playing belore and after the games, band members add light calls to the cheering crowd's excitement, using either the three Aida horns or a brass quartet. Halt, two, three . . . Members of the marching band are Qfront rowj janice Brown, Susie YVilliams. Ginny Major, Alice jordy, Ellen Guire: qsecond rowj Bill Grawford, jayne Black, Sheila Sullvian, Shirley Hobbs, Peggy Preston, Lillie Arthur, Linda Alonzo, Sharon Kisselman, Linda Goins, Mickey Kinzel, Barbara l-'rc-und, Barbara Chasteen, Paula Sanders, Mary Taylor, Penny Ghaille, joan Bu- chanan, Kathy Clark, Karen Thomsen, Shirley Spiegel, Kathy Mee- han, janet YVolgamot, Carol Simmons, Donna Lyday, janet Shum- way, jenni Pyle, john I.aVine: fthird rowj Bob Long, Steve Syl- vester, Don Allen, Mike.Gralia, Ed Dye, Carla Bishop, Leslie Yvins- low, Pam Deputy, Bonnie lfuson, joan Reamer, Mike Adams. Marv Bailey, jim Martin, Susie Ferguson, john Huron, Sandy Fore- man. Ben Woodard, jerry Dunham, jeff Wilson, Randy Appell. Sharon Good, Don Erath, Ron Bennett, Gerald Knipfel-music director, ffourlh rowj Bill Fitzgerald, jim Sulver, Susie Kersey, Todd Curless, Don XYorsham, Russ Roberts, Al jarvis, Frank s ff Q we ww-tl, 'IS Wi. Q ,H ' as-14. fs as aa f if ,r ,. ,W Q X an f S' W! 'T' 'fr iw t , .jf f ffm , , one ' ., v IV I X 'S f- ' Y-613, ' M Q :atb 1, .. -rig.,-- . O ,fy in A flash of instruments, a ciash of drums, and the Marching Band struts off the goal line to presem a hall'-time show. High stepping musicians and major- ettes form such intricate patterns as toys, vehicles, and even people. The shows are the result of hours of prac- tice and tedious planning by the band and Band Di- rector Gerald Knipfel. No parade is complete without the special sparkle given to it by the Marching Knights. Brown, jim Pike, john Chappelow, Roland Campbell, Dave Fel- kins, Bob Flenniken, Mike Weaver, Richard johnson, Steve Elliot, Stan Palma. Don Harper, Carl Miller, Don Davis, Mike Perkins, Bill Hudson, Tom Unger, Dave Gerow: ffifth rowj Barb Biggs, Steve Haibeg, Bob Miller, Ric Snow. Marcia Satterfielcl, Becky Essex, Ron Lawhead, Kerry Coder, john Fike. john Anderson. Gary Mithoefer, Denny Edmonds, Alan Wilson, john Howery, Bill Ellison, Newman Durrell, Pat Reidy, Steve Burris, jim Oldham, Nelson XVishart, Tom Clore, Ralph Randall, Sam Manning, jerry Cox. Geff Lannom, Bob Hittleg qsixth rowj Tom Vlord, jim Rhodes, Mike Paxey, Gary Stafford, john Clodfelter, Ray Lither- land, Doug Felkins, Mike Nichols, Steve jeffries, Dody Atkinson, Helen Hall, joAnn Cradick, Katie Lesch, David Good, Craig Squier, Ron Hartley, Rick Sattler, Rod Lay. Tim McKee, jim Broucher. Grade-schooler Lynn Stafford tnot shownj works as drum major mascot during the bands performances. P T of! W f X ks' provide 'good show' . l J High Hats . . . Bill Crawford, junior drum major, finds that he does not quite measure up to senior drum major, john LaVinc- cspccially without his hat and plume! Bill and john led the band in parades and during shows at football games. Swinging Along . . . Members of thc Pcp Band ffirst rouj Nlikt l'avcy, Mike Nichols. jim Rhodes, john Cloclfcltcr, Craig Squt Rod Lay, ,lim B1'oc'hcl': fsccoml rowj Bob Hitllv, Cicff I mm Pal Rt-itlv. Nuwman llurrcll. loc Hollingsworth, Bill Ellison loin lfiku, Bill fil'2HVf0lli1 flhiril rowj lion xv0l'Sillllll. Russ Run s klarvis, Bill Hudson, Todd Curlc-ss, Bill lfillgtlilimi, Dau in fback rowj Bob Long, Stow Sylu-sit-r, Ron Bm-nnvtl. Nlikt It-ff XVilson, Ben XVooclard. Alcrrv Dunham. i5 Q SM ,vM N x NX . .xxx xx ix ir .1 gk 7 50 Arling-tones, Girls' Concert Choir add skill if "N, P1 Q ' Adding skill and variety to the schools many vocal programs are the Arling-tones and the Girl's Concert Choir. Performing at the school-sponsored Fall, Christ- mas, and Spring Concerts, they contributed sparkle and life to convocations. The Arling-tones displayed their talents at shows for various civic groups such as the Columbia Club, St. Paul's Episcopal Church, and the Uptown Rotary Club. Here at school they entertained at the Senior Mothers Tea, and at the first assembly for freshmen and their parents. Their performances at school functions totaled well over twenty-tive excellent performances. The Girl's Concert Choir members performed on the radio program "Young America Sings" on station XfV.I.B.C. These girls have hopes of someday being asked to join the Concert Choir or perhaps even the Arling- tones group. The highlight of the music year is the State Music contests held each spring. With a song in their Heart . . . Arlingtones Qinside rowj Lanna Ferrell, Sharon Foster, Diane Butterfield, Dorothy YVorrall, Jan Holly, Kit Field, Stevie Reider, Joyce Richey, foutside rowj Gene Placek, Tom Wright, Steve Ernest, Dick Johnson, Kenny Kehrer, Larry Cottrell, Dan Seaman, Tony XVellings perform. 2 A... ' .l For their next Number . . . Members of the Girl's Concert Choir are tfront rowj Ralph Horine-director, Shari Attkinson, Linda Poulland, Deanna Xtlinburn, Susanne Mesalam, Dereen Atkinson, janet Tucker, Susan Bourne, Sandy Butler, Ellen Mcflowin, Patty Van llorn, Penny Thomas: fseconcl rowj Susan De Munibrum. Sandy Voelker, Paula Lowe, Susie Travis, Cheryl Cunningham. Linda Burns, Rocky XVarfel, Ginny Dailey, Patti llursl, Sally Shunlan, Sharon Brilchett, Mrs. I,ongshore-aC- t companistg fthird rowj Emily Alyea, Susie Pohland, Barbara Bengert, jan Creshier, Darlene Day, Sally Travis, Janice Miller, Kathy Brown, Margaret Anderson, Shirley Cocherell, Noemi Davis, Annette Ball, Qback rowj Barbara Criswell, Linda Sparks, Carol Sparks, Linda Pedigo, Carol Price, Charlene Roberts, Nancy Morgan, Terri Pruitt, Karel Kirk, Vivienne McKnelly, Jeannie Kalp, Ruth Price, Donna Lyday, Sandy DeFelice, Jennie Myers. The girls chose the name Treble4Aires for their new title. Rising to the Sky , . . Members of the Concert Choir are Qfront rowp Roberta Clark, Jane lVc-bb, Marilynn Parsons, Ruth Harbin. rowj Ralph litll'lllL'gllll'CClUl', Sharon Ritter, Carolyn Pedigo, llc-len Frank tlallagher, Bob Nliller, Steye Orcutt, John Rafferty, Bill Cinn, Diane Copsy, Charlene Mitchell, Dorothy lX'orrall, Kit Field. Hess, Randy Crockett, Stephen l.ittle, Joe Ballinger. Bob C-aier, Shirley Voelker. Bet Shepherd, Cheryl Murray, Karen lYallace, Karen Oliger, Jane Dunn, Janice Brown, Carol Simmonsg tbatk Debbie Kirkwood, Cathy Miller, Stex ie Reider, Joyce Richey, Vicki rowj Lana Iferrell, Sharon lfoster, Dianne Horstman. Sue Carder, Mesalamg Qsecond rowj Judith ltall, Jan Holly, Paula Jeter, Steve Dianne Butterfield, Steve Thomas, Rick lVebster, Larry Cottrell, Ernest, Tom lYright, Jane Placek, Day id C. lYor1icki, Dick John- Clifford XVright, Kenny Kehrer, Bill Pell, Denny Brumfield, Tony son, Bob Loyeman, Patil Hornbeck. Jim Pierce, Kerry Coder, XVc-llings, Mark Tribby, Diana Brown, Deborah Jones, Carolyn Stephen Drury, Kathy McCormick, Carole Cusick, Sue Becker, Collier, Mary Johnson. The choir participated in the All-City Elaine Lynch, Barb Biggs, Mrs. I,tnngshcu'e-accompanist: Qthird Music lfestiyal al Tech along with nine other groups. Concert Cltorir sets mood of year in music Setting the mood of the year in music, the mixed Concert Choir gave its talent to the community, as well as to the school. The seventy-one voice choir. under the direction ol Ralph Horine, presented its annual fall. Christmas, pre-contest, and spring concerts not only to the neighboring grade schools, but also to the student body. October and January were the magic months when the Choir was featured on lVlBC's radio program, "Young America Sings." Sandwiched between these programs was the season of Christmas which found Concert Choir members car- oling downtown, at the Goyernor's Mansion, and in the corridors at school. The climax of the season, the spring state contest. brought honors home. A Little Softer Now . . . Ralph Horine directs the Concert Choir to first place in many state contests as well as rocal festivals. ffm Printer's Ink . . . Members of the LANCER staff are tStanding. left to righty Todd Curless, David W'ild. Mike Davis, Ros Stovall, Larry Flick, john Olsen, Rick Musser, Burt Repine, Sharon Edwards, Steve Dickhaus, Scott Klika, Susan Staubleg fSitting, left to rightj Joyce Brown, Helen Hall, Linda Schaffer, Linda Goins, Lyn Herndon, Betty Bowman, Diane Copsy, janet Shum- wily. Linda Alonlo. IANCER staffers won three awards at the Xtabash Valley Press Conference. Typewriters clatter as Lancer staff gathers ,,w"" ,,swtN,,'BQ2,lsfiZw i Editor Types . . . LANCER coeeditors Mike Davis and Nancy Oppenlander confer over a typewriter on a news story. ' ' ' ' " W. -X ': A7 f -wa. A,,,,......-sv--"" Proof It . . . Linda Goins and Sharon Edwards proof copy. The clatter of typewriters pounded by deadline con- scious writers is the background music for the Lancer staffs creation of the school paper. The mechanical operations of putting out a news- paper are many, and they must be repeated weekly. Because of the amount of work that must be done to print a good school newspaper, members of the Lancer staff often contribute hours of their after-school time to this journalistic activity. The making of a working layout, the writing, re- writing, and editing of copy, and the preparation of photographs are only a part of the task. In addition, Lancer staffers must make editorial decisions and keep their eyes open for school news, all in the interest of telling the Arlington story. As the students of the Lancer staff put in their time and labor to make each weeks paper informative and entertaining to the student body, they supply a neces- sary aid to school spirit-a school paper. The LANCER, as a weekly product of over thirty staffers, serves as a screen and a mirror ol the school and endeavors to inform and entertain 2,800 Knights through accurate reporting, timely editorials, and stu- dent-interest features. The LANCER was awarded a plaque for excellence at Evansville during the annual journalism day on campus in the fall. In order to inform the connnunity and create friendly relations between the student body and the public at large, the News Bureau writes and screens news re- leases to major communications media, including the downtown and neighborhood newspapers. Timely and imaginative pictures supplement written copy for the LANCER and the News Bureau, as photo- graplrers, both behind the camera and in the dark room, capture just the right "pix" for a story. 62? H In ts! ' f, K, Ffa . jj Peanuts . . . junior Rick Musser creates cartoons for the Lancer. news scoops, publishing paper weekly Is that a Quote? . . . Members of the New Bureau fstandingj Burt Repine, janet Shum- way, john Olsen, Sharon Edwards, Larry Flick, Susie Stauble: tseatedj Linda Alonzo, Diane Copsy, and Nancy Oppenlander, not shown, send news of Arlingtonites to city and neighborhood papers. 44...-111 In the Mole Hole . . . Senior Todd Curless spends hours in the darkroom printing pictures for the paper. sg. ' 71,55 " .53 iv.. ,p 1 ,sg w , .. 4.9, 5 L. , V .ggpfgiamv , Vf:.,,,.l..,,,ufVVVA ,,,. ,,,,,,m,W Wm, WWW V W .f- - V J, r17,,, -:if f , X .- X . V x , ,A ,, , , K, W, ..... . ...,, N., ..,,.,. ...W V VV-VV VV W ,,,, V ,,... .. V ,- s. L V VV . i M?Ww.g7vV? . My in 1 xgwkstigxzfgfzgig. Q ,gp,hG' ,.. a ., x i,,'W"'7""""Q WW", " , nl V 7 l" "'i"",,Q , cu , V " vt ,VX sw A f af., . , fcww ww. 1 ' V Q Q- - 1 A V' Q, Id, I yt ,. ,. fag, ,wi ss ga . , . l 51 , A . A ,,. , 1 ' J, , ... - VV f ,, iv . Q 2 5 ,gf . ,ff QW 4-.,, my xl., J 2 . Q4 3. 5 . .. ja t , c . gm" . qs, bm s , 3 ff ' 4 4 gf V A ' , f,.,..,.,..1s.-W M ...A,.w.w- ,,V, ,-.... Us . I' ' , .,,,, M Ready in june . . . Membeis of the ACCOIH-KDE staff are tfirst iowp Susie 'l'odtI, 'Sharon Hammons, janet XVhiting. Kay XVilliams, kai Ross. Lhris Maloolev, XVanda llinoll, lleena Butler, l'atli Harper. Kathi l.orlon1 qsecontl rowy Slllllllllt' lford. Marilvn Gun- nell, Shiilev Spiegel, .Xinietle tnalia. Bonnie l'uson, jane Lock- F.- ridge, Nickie lileener. Melinda Nlonlgomerv. .lanet Stafford, Diane Livengood. lohn Sisson. Tod Curless, Chuck Hustedt, Nancy CLregorv-etlitor: tback iowp Steve Clook. Dennis Reed. .Xpril Smoot, lohn llilleivg Nlike lionlcv, Alohn Scllcis. Rick Snow. Don Dedit. .Xn entire iear's project, the xeaibook is delivered in Clllly june. Accolacfe staff captures Arlingto pirit Admiration Society . . . Larry Flick looks at Patti Harper during a quiet moment at the publications dance, Camelot Capers. 54 The making ol a yearbook is a lull time job for members ol' the .XCCOLADE staff. Theirs is the task of distilling the spirit of the Arlington year and putting it into one product, the ACCOLADE. The ACCOLADE staff and adviser are responsible lor all phases of yearbook production, including design, writing. photography. and artwork. Also, staffers must solve the problems of financing and management to have the book'commercially printed. Uppermost in mind at the start of the year is money lor the book. In addition to vearbook sales, the staff obtains monev for publishing operations by selling ad- vertising and sponsoring activities. iVith writing and editing comes the chronic year- book problem, deadlines. To get'the book to the printers on time staffers work constantly, both in and out ol' their publications classes. The job of the staff is not done even when the book is finished, since staff members also lay the foundation for the next .-XCCOLADE. XtVork on the yearbook is time consuming and some- times discouraging. Still, yearbook workers agree that it is worthwhile, resulting in a finished book which will be enjoyed for many years by all. Y ...,,, ,. ,,..x Into the Glucpot . . . xvllllllll Knoll. llccnn Butler. and Kay Russ paste pictures. Quiz Kids . . . Cmnpcling for 11 Chair on the four nit-:nbc-r "lixt'rcist- in Kiimvlmlgt-' lczim :irc Qsczttetlj Susan Bourne, Craig Squier, l,iml1i Shziffm: qstxuulingj lmltl tlurlt-ss Itllllilllllll Bczirtl, Mike llzivis. um! Hzury Mftlonnvll. Nut shown. Pail xillglillll. with pictures, copy, artw rk of yearbook N6 S-ff 'duty Say Cheese . . . Snapping pictures for the Accolade are Qkneelingy john Ilillery, John Sisson, Todd Curlessg Qstnndingj John Sellers, janet Stafford, and Ros Stovall. The photographers develop and print their own pictures for use in the yczii-liouk, Rough Reiders . . Stevie and Chris Reicler let loose with some hand clapping folk singing to the approval of the audience. .dk Terrific Trio . . . The microphone carries to the audience the harmonizing of Sharon Atkisson, Marian Paschael, and Linda Rowland during the annual talent show in October. Folk singers, dancers Last Minute Checks . . . Larry Flick, Master of Ceremonies, checks his instructions with Stage Manager, Kay Ross. All Tuned Up . . . Rick Hlebster, Ron Bennett, Paul , iff Romine, Ilan McLean. and John Chappelow, the Kingsmen, go over their numbers before Curtain call. Right Kick-Left Kick . . . Practice makes perfect, but there still is room for improvement in the juniorette Chorus line. orm lively 'Knight Train to Talent' ACCOLADE staffers offered can extra honus to Knights 4 Q . i ' "'i1 who subscribed to the '64 yearbook as they presented at talent show to wind up their sales czunpaign. The "Knight Train to Talent" stezuned into the Arlington A Auditorium and unloaded twenty-two nuts filled with talented Knights. An overflow of ticket sales and yearbook subscriptions resulted in a double perl'or'nrance for the able enter- tainers. Students, parents, and relatives filled the audi- torium for both the 660 and the 9:00 o'clock presenta- tions. A highlight of the "Knight 'I'rain to Talent" was the crowning of Knight 'rr Galle during intermission. Knight 'n Gale. the typical Arlington couple, were nominated and chosen by yearbook subscribers. The typical teen couple, Kent Lehherz :ind Deenzr Butler, then reigned over the talented train. Opening Night . . . The hustle and hustle of opening night irrvzrdes Announcing . . . Knight, Kent Lehherr, and Gale, In-4-ng Built-1 one of the Talent Show rehearsal rooms. receive applause after their election as the most typical couple. c r Y gln I...-ix J frt..t:..lf - f """' '- ' Future Nurses, 'Achievers' pl n futures,' S ! 3 1 L in 12 4-'ii 'we Z4 YVhite Cup Girls . . . Members of the Future Nurses Club are Qfront rowj Bztrbnru Cox, Donn lizine, Theresa llztrmun. Betsy Lott, Donna Minich, Janis Gersonde, lilly NYztlsh, Betty Thornburg, Susie Todd: tsecond rowj l,ois Hatfield. Cznol Bowers, Izmet l,iston. Susie Lzuubert, Murtv Durst. l,llltlll Bosco. IRIIHCC Scott. Marilyn Pur- sonsg tthird rowj Nancy Hulse, Rosy Preston, Susanna Graves. Beret Solberg, Linda Glenn, Victoria Cox, Carol jones, Sue Nlznishuch, Sheila Bryant: ffourth rowy jenny Myers, Gail Schilling. Kittie Hzirtfelter, joy Newbv, Carol Sandler, Gail Spoolstrn, jonell lfziulkner: qback rowj Susie Bohlsen. Debby Mills. Carol Ttirter, Dorothy XX'orrall, Chris Barth. 'Iihe girls explore the opportunities that nursing offers them. Skilllul Hands . . . Melinda Montgomery, Nancy lnegorx. und lolln Nlessersniitli. work art Members of the Future Nurses Club gained know- ledge of the nursing profession and other health ca- reers. The girls attended open house zu Methodist Hospital and had several speakers to aquaint them with nurses' training. Other projects were gathering food for a needy family and giving gifts to the Student Mental Health Christmas Gift Shop. junior and senior pupils interested in business be- came members of junior Achievement. Fifty-four come panies were formed by high school students from all over the city and Arlington was well represented. The business wizards chose their product, produced it, and sold it. Lancer Representatives deliver newspapers N11Il111 Run 1101 511011 1 IIIIJLIS 111 IL 111111 11111111-1111111 -s fllllll 1 1 1 1 1 1 lll , 1111111111 S011 D 111111 111118 c11llS 1111111 1 11 1 X ll 21 kathy M1I111111 ROSL1yllI1 lxlllllllll 111 1111111141 11111111 '11111 Porter, 1.111 I1 ll 1111 11111 1111 X S 1 x1ll1I'L' 'S, llg1lLl 11110g 111111111 11111 'N IIILN Ruscl 1 1 lllli, T1'111'1' 511511 I11 1X1llC1l C11111 R11111111 N11111111111 1111111 x1llS1ll11 Vicki 1111 I 1 1 Llll I1111111111 1111-1 '11- 1 'X111I1g1OI1llCS 111111 11.116 1 111111 1111111 111 1111161 121111611 1116 1.1511 111 1111 IXNLER 11111611n1a1i1'6 1Sfll1H11lllQ 1N1111161 11111 11111 1111111 11111 111n111'1111i11n 211631, 1101 .111 .1111111111111111 s1116111111 11111 11111 111186 S111- wa11s flfllll 111611 101111111 SCIVIHQ as 1116 11161111111 111 Ull11l1l1ll111clll0I1 1111111611 1116 pllb1lC?lIlO1lS 1121115 111111 1111 11111161111 1111 1111111 also 5611 and 111s111b1116 1116 XQQOLXD11 S611 1111115 111 111C Talent 5111111 and to C111161111 CJPCIS 11111111 111 publi- catlons 111111151116-d ac11v11161 DC11XCTlllg 1116 LANCER 111 c1W21ll1llg 11111111115 Cach Fr111.1y 111111n1ngf 1116 INNCIR 16p1611n111111s bring 1116 1411151 news 111 1116 111111111 111111 1110111 1111 p11ss. Morning Dl1lVCly 111111 Q11111111 11111 B11111111 F1111111 11111111 111111 11.11111 L111C11s 111 111 1111112 111111s1nl1l1111 L1C1l 111111, lllljlllillg. 1'-' r' 1' " '...N'I1- i11-1,1 " XL SIIAC 1 111111 'l1L'I'l'1 Hiilll, 'I'1'1' i' M i1.'2ll . CI11'1'1'1 111" 11-s Ellf , 1- '- " 1 ' , l.1l1i 1,1-11g1'1'11' 11 1, . Ill '1 1111 '. 1 ' - ., 1 - ' ' 2 2 Y . . . ' ' ., Q 1 M' 'I 5 -11 111 1 , R 31 R1'i11, M111'i11'n .1 tkins, .'11'111' , X1 M1 "1 " ' ' "Sk: 13- ' '1 1.2 1" 1, A1111 .111 . English. S1611 NIOIICS, Bz11'l1z11'11 1'1l'Cll1H1, Alun Atlus, 8111111111 81111111-, '- 'i'.l I 1 " 'Q' .z'.'z , Sm' , 12111121 V111'11-1'. -Inn -1 CLz1s1i111'z111, Tr' 2 5, ' 2 , Ii 11 1 F01. 1' ' 5 ' " 2 "1 "g 116 1 1 K 1 Q 1.1, ' 1 V ' 1. 1 1 ' A ,x ' l l Y 1' - 1 1 .1 1 1 1 - - - Aw - . . ' -' tf 1 f, X, A1 . 1 ,R c x' A- X- ' 1 If t1' 1 Zi, 1 A- 1 ' 'z 1' ' , ' ' ' 1 '- i ' - ' ' F - - 1, . ' 1 11 KV , , 41' 4 A . 1 ' 1 l 1 , . . ' . . '. ,. . 1 . , ' " ' . . . 1 " 1 1 '- 1 .' ' ' 1 z'z"L' '- 2 'z ' Q2111101. 1111101 C,l11111'is1111111: 41111111 111111 flllllbl Si1l1111fHl5, 1'111l'll Sulli- 1.1ll. 11111111 1J111k1'. 17111110111 l1isl11'1, M111-sl111 lhnis, 11111111 1.Qll11111. 111'l1I1i1' S11ll1L', XQ11111 S11'I1I11'11s, 111111116 1111111'11, .Xngic f,11'L'I1S. 1'11I 11 11111111111 1'i1S11L'1', N111111' 11'i11I111f1: f1J2lC1i 111111 1.i111111 Cluilis, 11111111 :11'111'ig. A111111' N11l111'. .lun f12ll'111ll'l. '1'1'11111' NI111'gz111, 1-1111111 11R1l11i11lS. 1511111. 11111110 1j2ll1'lL'11, 11111131 l"11snig111. R11111-11 1.111'l1111, 11111111 M1-12 111111. 1112111 blanc R11111'1', llia1111- 1511111-1'fi1'l11, 11111111 NIill1'1', S1111' IQQ11111-st, ,lim P1L'I'l'C', R11 81211111 lD1'1- B11-rs, 11111 1i11I1'. l111'ki1- H1111- 1-1-11111l. 1111' H111111, l,i111l11 R1'1's. 1111111 111111111111 6 In Time of Need . . . Members of the Red Cross Club are ffront rowy Paula linebel. Dorothy lVorrall, Barbara Cox, Lindell Shreve. Paula Hobbs, Nancy Raisch, Karen Pirtle, Carol Carter, Carol Trittipo, Sharon jones, Doris Mae XX'olleday, Klan Kelly, Kathleen Andrews, l,inda Moss, Diane Lane: tsecond rowj Susie l.amburt, Carol Kindley, Linda Suc Foreman, Linda H'est, Rita XVilson, Aludith limerv, Martha llarst, .Indy Wills. Kay XValsh, janice Prof- fitt, Betty lane Leonard, l.inda Helton, Cathy Henderson. lanet Chaisman, Deanna XYinburn: fthird rowt Claudia Jeanne Hair, Rita Hutton, janet Moss, Mary Linville, Debby Mills, Sandra Hob- son, Brenda Perry, Brenda Keinodle, Becky Ickes, Sherri iVebb, Alice Schulie. Mike Young, Linda Lewis, Kathy Parnell, Becky Clidei, Chris Surcli: fback rowj Jayne jones, Sue Hensel, Sharon Cood. Debbie King, Jim Crider, Portia Heller, Brenda Tschiren, Randy Gray, Sandi Cootee, Nancy Witthoft, Carol Bowera, Charlene Roberts, jennifer Heitz, Daila jacohs, jane McKay, Sheila XVoods. Two members attend monthly Chapter meetings downtown to coordinate their projects with those of other schools. Cadet Teachers, Red Cross, Mental Health Seniors with their sights set on the profession of edu- cation participate in the Cadet Teaching program. They learn how it feels to sit on the other side of the teacher's desk and direct the minds ol' others. These novice teachers spend two periods daily at a grade school assisting the busy teachers by giving extra help and encouragement to particularly slow or bright children. Xl'ith this experience behind them, the cadets can decide whether or not teaching is the profession they wish to pursue, The people that we often tend to forget in the hurry and scurry ol our daily lives are the members ol the Red Cross Club. In the course of the school year, they work diligently on several projects within Indianapolis. Then, each year, they join with all other Red Cross Clubs across the nation as they collect money for use overseas and in the Indianapolis area on various projects. Later in the year, they collect classroom, recreational, and health supplies to fill overseas chests for the National Red Cross. Teachers Helpers . i . Members of Cadet Teachers are tfirst rowy Marsha Hamner, Nancy Kitchen, Diane Hess, .lovce Richey: tsecond rowj Marilyn Cunnell, Martha Brown, Linda Alonzo, Karen Scott, Karen Nelson: Qthird iowj ,lane Dunn, Margaret Anderson, Susan Stauble, Sandy Lee, -lane Lockeridge: fback rowj Cinda Grube. lleena Butler, Sharon l.iston, judv Anderson, Kay Ross. Seniors participating in the Cadet Teaching program help local grade schools. They may help in whatever grade or subject interests them most. Fil all? 'nfl Busy Brushes . . . Members of the Art Club are ffront rowj Diane Lane, Barbara Davis, Phyllis Diane Hess-secretary, treasurer, Jeanne DeCaro, julie Yager, Becky Parker, Marcia Mendy, Mr. Snellenburger-sponsor: Cyndie Maschino, Roxanna I,aPrees, Cindy Lane, Earlette Meador, Judith Emery, Paula Whitey fthird rowj Sue Taylor, Vonda Anderson, Marsha Medlock, Vicki Sohn, Carole llirschingerfyice-piesident, Linda Ramino: tbatk rowj Mary Kane, l.yn Keener. john Hess. jeannette 'I'rabue, Carol Sadler, Claudia Holly, Date Heady, Laura Field. Making displays for the main lobby at 'lhanksgixing and at tlhrislmas was one of the projt-tts, Clubs serve cityg Art Club brightens halls Students with an ability and an interest in the art field found enjoyment and reward in the Art Club sponsored by Earl Snellenberger. The club's work brightened the atmosphere of the school day. Seasonal displays, which were exhibited in the main lobby, added a glow to each season. Members also enjoyed taking field trips. During the fall, they took an 2ll't tour of Brown County and often visited shows at local galleries. The Student Mental Health Association prepared stu- dents to meet the problem of mental health, and it also offered an insight into self-understanding. Collecting gifts at Christmas and setting up a gift shop at Central State Hospital was a club project done in association with the Marion County Mental Health Association. Members also visited psychiatric wards at hospitals which aided in their understanding of mental health problems in our society and in their understanding of these prob- lems in relation to the common person. Insight into Society . . . Members of the Mental Health Club are Qfront rowj Kathy Parker, Sandy Cassner, Debbie Garland, Linda Kincaid, Mrs. X'Vildhack-sponsor: Qsecond rowj Susie Lambert, Linda Pince, Patty Brandt: tthird rowj Linda Heetsell, Mary Frye, Phyllis Foremang tfourth rowj Susie Piepenbrok, Paula White, Carol Sadlerg tback rowj Darla jacoles, Linda D. Hamilton, Phyllis Aaron. The club is new this year. s-iw fmww ,age til' if 'Qs l 61 E1-gi1111i11g liinsteins . . l.e1s11l the NI11t11 1.11111 1110 11111111 Q 111119 SQll11lX Wilsoii, l,L'j2,f2,X' ljllll. 111111 llUl1l'l', 1.1111 .xllll l'111l1i11gs w111111, 14111111 Williams, xlllllk N1111le, Aiigelin 811111111-ls1111, lllll 1.11111-13 1x1-6111111 11110 1.111-111 llix 1111. N11111'1 1l111's1. 5111111121 k1z11'1is1111. rlll1l'lK'Sll SI11111, fillllll Re111lle1'. Qlllhll f11iLl1JlL', 13211111 Nlurksg 11111111 mwj Illllll 1.z1x11111, 15111 R101 lllll lNI11111e, lllll l,LlYlll', 151111 . Mem A 1, ,gs 1 1 SIJICPII. R1111e1l l'111le111ill-sp1111s111 I1111 lYll1lAllllS, 'l'11111 l'll'l'l'll1Llll Trips, speakers, displays, 11usy Science Scieiitilic xvllllfllh . . . lNIL'll11N'l'S of llie SCICIICL' 1111111 are 1'1111'j Russell l511sk1-11As111111s111'. Shari l,L'lllC1iL', 111111 liuy kl111111s C1z11'11l blmies. B011 SLLICKL 1'11w1 S. Craig Mz1s1111. Gene Haiger. S11g111111 U111111, Gene Plzicekg flllllli rowj 11111 Rice, Bill Iless, .lunis 11111'1111g, Klhuck XX'z11ke1'. . " :' ix! X , QM, . ' u..,.f 11111111 1sec11111l l'111111111i11g 1111 1111611-51 lll s1ie111e 111141 fields 1'e1z11i11g 111 i1, lllClll1JL'l'S 111' 1111- Science CI1111 11111se l1111je11s 111 i111e1'es1 111 1111. cilllllllllil lll 11111111161 11111 QlyllZillllC 111 s111l1e, as 1111e 111' 111ei11 trip 1111' l'111'1y se11i111 Cflllllblllly. S111111s111e11 gC2l1'Cll 111 1111111 11111151131 11111-11 111 N1llKlCll18 11111 l11'11je1'1s, the club lJl2iIlllCLl 21 116111 science 111z1j1111s 111 1116 Eli Lilly 115' Russell Basketl, 1116 club is 211111 11i11l11giez1l sludies and is 1-11111111611 in s1'ie111'e classes, 11111. KN spa- 'l'11e lxlllllll Cllllll, 1111111611 111 students in Algebra 1 111111 11, p1'111'i11es interestiiig studies 111 all M:1tl1e111ati1's 11111 1'11ve1'ed lll 1'1z1ss1'1111111 work. During 111e year 111e11111e1's studied the slide rule, the z111a1'us, visited the lJl2lllCI?l1'lllll1, and ccmducted quiz 111'11g1'z1111s a1111111g 1l1e111selves. Sl11111s111'ed by Robert U11clerl1ill, Lhe f1'esl1111a11 club wus Sl2ll'lCLl 111 s1i111111z1le 11egi1111i11g I112lIl1ClI1Z'lllCl2lI1S. On thc- Benin . , . Mc-nrbc-is of thc- llzun Rziclio Club arc' qfiont iowp 'I'c'iiy lgnyloi, .Xlun Nlclhinivl. Phil llziss, curry Brown, Biucc' llohgill, Chuck Wzllkc-ig qscconcl rowp Alzunc-s tnuywspoiisor, 'liniolhy Smith, jay Schnc-iclc-r, luili 1Jc'CIguo, Danny Kl'lJIJk'l,lllCl1Sllllf-llllIlllIl'f'Ylfl"IHl'SlKlk'lIl,lN'llliK'YUllIlQj chuck rowj Ryan Holly, lim Pgiyncx lc-my Qnlllllli'-IJll'5llll'lll, Daw Poolcz Bob Sprc-c-n, Rogc-i Pittc-ngvi. Math, istory, and Amateur Radio Clubs lNICll1lJClS ol' thc- Hzun Rziclio Club, sponsored by xlznnes Gray, acquire invxnluztble knowledge zincl skills in the hc-lcls of short wayc- rziclio ancl electronics while working towarcl the goal ol' an operators license. En- titling an operator to lJl'02lllf2lSI on the local, national, ztncl even international leyc-l :incl inclicating niany hours of acliievenienl, the "hzun" license opens a new worrlcl to the teenage operator. Historical Hypnosis . . . Mc-inbc-rs of the History Club are lfronl rowj john Giziblc, .lain llurtfc-llc'r, Marcin Mcncly, jim Holler, Nancy Circ-gory, Sharon Goocl, Pail fyBLlllf'L'l. Phyllis Dizinc- Hc-ss. Diana I-'c-sslc-r, joan Rczinic-r, Suc- Kc-rscy, Sylxizr XYc'stbrook, Nickic- Flc'c'nc'r, Vc-ionicxi Mulfzihyg csc-cioncl iowy Russc-ll Bultman, Phyllis McDaniel, Annc-llc' Cimlizi, Marcin Suttc-rfic'lcl, Carrol Miller, Mzuiricc' Tuguc, Ginny Major, Killic- llzutfc-llc-i', l,inclzi Sliatffer, Jillllfl' Scott. club took a fielcl trip to Vincennc-s, hezircl il speech on NY 'I'hc- Histoiy Club, at brunch ol thc- lnclizingn junior Historical Society. combines past :incl piesent c-vents to nizikc- il an active lllgllllllllllllll. Uncler thc- guiclamcc- ol sponsor Alohn Holmes, thc' outh in Politics" by lnclizinztpolis zittornc-y Nelson Grills, uncl participatecl in thc' "junior Town Nlec-ting of tl ' " ' ' ' ie Air, on XN,I.l5.C.. racho. Filc'c'n Bzunc-s, Dc-boruh Qloncs, Mc-linclai Nlonlgoinc-xy: clhiicl rowj Philip lirunc-r, lrlllllll NIillc'r, Bill Ellison, Bob l.oxc'1na1n. jun Bli0llCllL'l'. Barb Biggs. 'lloin ,lonc-s, Nlikc- lmyis. Nlikc- Nichols, jrinic Beck, Mike Foley, hlzuiicc- Brown: fbgick iuwj .Khin Nlclhxnic-l. Craig uic'r. .Ionrilhzin Bcxncl, livnny lic'lirc'i', Dick lohnson, XYillis XY. Sczirlc-s. I"rnsc'r Martin, Stc-xc' Clgucl. Put Nlliglillll. lo Ann Crnclick. Nflzlrx liziilcw. Iiaitic- l,c-sch, lohn Hohncs-sponsoi. 63 Bnoadun Llghts NIu11b11s of N1t1o111l Thespians are ffront rowj Bzrrbura Farber, Janet Jo XVhiting, C 1pb1ll I l N1 ll I Clllll 1 I 111 1 nnni Pyle: Cseconml IOWH Ginny Major. Sharon Hopper, Shar- 1 XIIUIN k1t Inld llllll llmld l1n1l1 Sh1ffu,P:1t H2ll'fXX'igf fbzrek ruwj Bruce PLIIICTSOII, Edwanl NI. ll lllll 11 1 1111 Ribbens, Don PLIYIIF. Fm! l'iill4Qi'l'lll1l. H211 Moore. Thespians Auditorium Technicians work Understudies . . . Members of Apprentice Thespians are ffront rowj Karen Nelson, Tom jones, Brznl Blzlnkenship. Bobbi XVils0n: Qbaek rowj 'Ioclie He11sl1a1w. Dianna lS1ow11, Shirlex Hobbs. Melanie Jakoxae. On stage and behind the scenes, the National Thespians and the Auditorium Technicians work toward the presentation ol' sehool plays. These two groups unite to present the all sehool play in the lall and the 'l'hespian play in the spring. The National 'l'hespian Society is an honorary dra- matic' group. lls members must not only participate in plays but also help with costumes, make-up, and props. For their work on stage productions prospective members receive points leading to National 'l'hespian membership through membership in the Apprentice 'l'hespians. ,Xpprentiees are awarded one membership point lor eaeh ten hours ol' work. 'I'hose earning ten points are eligible lor lull membership in the National Thespians. On hand to make the auditorium productions suc- resslul is the laithlul group ol .Xuditorium 'l'echnieians. XVilhout their behind-the-scene ellorts it would be im- possible to have any sort ol' perlormance. The Auditor- ium 'l'eehnieians operate sound equipment, special el- leets, lights, and curtains in addition to their other re- sponsibilities as stage managers. 'l'he lhespians and .Xuditorium leelinieians also assist with the annttal Talent and Variety Shows. to produce dramas Is He or Isn't He . . . llal Moore defends Linda Millard when she claims she does not see the six-foot while rabbit, Harxex. llp and Around .... 'Xuditorium 'lechnieians are ttop to boltomj Mike Davis, William Fitzgerald, Hans Bynagle, Chuck XVaggoner, Greg Schilling, Ken Rahm, Steve, Xhtggoner, Stexe Crowder, Mark Murphy, Alan Maellaniel. Don Worsham, joe jones, Bernard Heeke Hllireetor. The boys are eligible for National Thespians. I Www, H1-lping Hands ,..' l'ii-Ili-Y: lfrunt rowj Miss l'at1'iCizl Egan- Suu lil-isa-y, Liiulzi Suv Burrows: Kthiul rowj Ginny Mziior, Susan spmismg Vickil- Nl1NlllX"fSt'lll'l2ll'N. llollic' Lou Sliylll'I'-fllllljllllll, Susiv .xlllllIl', Paula While, llonugi Minich, Kathy lffllllli. Carol Szullcr, Slau-ulnll--lmsiill-ul, l.iuilgi fitllllri-ll'L'llSlll'l'l. Hi-In-n Hull. lluily Izickiv Hgunnmnml. Lu- .Kun Sproulc. Susic Tmlml. Nlurcizi Cody. Iiillllll Mlxiiismi, liuivu Yi-lsuu. llulli lluuhgu. Pgun Pauli. l'lix'IlisiXslicig1ti, li, llznnilluu. Susic- l,2ll1llJl'lil. Shari l,CIllCl'iL', Suv ROSL'lllCf'L'l', Suv Pgilsx Willizuns. Vicki Si-im. llqiil Sli-waiiil, Yicki xlt'l'liill1 fsccmul Iuxlm: lhiuk mwp ,lov Nl-wlmy. Phyllis Cox, I,aun'zi Ificlml, Kathi' mwp Sguuh lin, I.gnui1i Ygiwlvi, linux-n llicll, lit'Nl'l'lX Hull, ilauul Nlrliuiinimk. Nlauilxn Schuh. Buhhiu Smith, Kzucn Oligcr, ,IK'2llllll'llC lgnnpln-ll, Slizumu Wanlll-is, Nlguy I. llviisliuw. Nlclguiim- lnkmau, lmluu-. Paula lm-lm, Sliairmi XXX-slcifcll. lzincl Shank, flziivl Squier. Slvpliaiiiil- Xlmilguiiu-ix. Xgnncii' Rqiisch. liill-vu Baum-s. Plllll llillmi. Xilllfl 'lK'Y41llll. Shvil.i llixgnil. llulilnh .Xll, lin-dn l'iviu-. Tri-Hi-Y, Library Assistants work for school .r vw 1 MM . Tyumns ol 'llnnormw . . . Nlcnilmcrs nf FBLA arc Qfrout rowj licnsclz qlhiul mwj Linda I'uwy. Szlmlrzi Recd. Cheryl Tzihb. Dunn.: ln- l'mu-r, Donna I-Iusmi, Gail 1'ilIlgL'lilllll. lk-lilaih All, Nzllulic llm-nuiiig-scc1'ct111'y. Bllllllllill klziukc. Sue ROSCIIICYCY limlzi Suv I-mi-iugui, Slim-i'1'i We-hh, kluclv llohhs-x iu'-pl'1'SillClIl. Sun- 'l':nIm': qhzick rmvj Nancy illlwvllllll-ll'C2lSlll'Cl'. Shirley kim-in Nlilllll fsvunul muy Cizlml Bvckcr. Suv Bcckci, Phyllis Yllk'llil'l. 'lam' Slmkc. Richzml Nlnrsc. Szimlru Voc-lkcr. Sam Xslfcigill. liznlhx Clliilill-is, Kan hill. Manx' Ivan 'lluluig Sul- Nlllll'I'dllIUSllll'lll, lit lli Y, mic ul tht- most ztctivt- sctviu' fngzitiifzttiom, ttmlt-t'txtkt's ilU!CllS ul projects lute tht' hcnclit ul tht- schtml. 'lltc girls spmlsur thc ztmiuztl Ircslmizm "gt-t :tc- cluatintt-tl" :tctivitit-s :tml pt'cst'ttt style shows :tml Imttvl . cliscttsstmis. lfuturc llttsincss l.trzttlt,-is ul :XIllL'l'll'2l lJliL'lJitl'C5 stutlcnts lm' ttiztttatgctiic-tit pusitions. At IllL'L'llllg5, club iiictitht-is tliscuss :tml lic-:tr trpuiatx on thc bustling wnrltl ul littsiticss :tml intlttstry. .Xrlingtmiitt-s with at Ilztii' lui tlchzttt- enjoy thc cltztiicc - ' Q - cum. Ilclmtt-rs scctiunztl, regional, :tml stzttc clchzttc my-cts sputisutul hy thc Nzttionztl l"trt't-mic' Lcztguc. Much ol' thc crctlit lot' thc scltoulk well-rttn liht'ztt'V Omtors , . . llc-hutc Tvzttn llll'lllllt'l'S gut- ffrunt ruwj llittu- l'gtttt-rsmi, ' , "t th' 'lui' 1' " ,l.' ' lflttl Nlmnc. lmii blmu-sz txt-until mwy Roh llluugli, limi l'an't1t-, gnu 0 L ll H I l lsslsl Inu llul .ll ll tht 'Bust uns BYNLIII Rtlmht-nw' tlmtlx mwt Html lllulikt-ttsliip. I't-tv Pnulin. Mun- illlliilllgc llollkx Scnd H111 lwcnluf IWIIWS' 111111 kccll lhc licis tlt-Imtv in sclmul :mtl stints lllt't'IS. lllbl'zll'N"S lilt-5 lll Ul'llL'l'. while Debate Team, FBLA prepare for future liuokwornis , . . l,lllliIlN .Xssistgmts gm- tlitmt mwy hlgttqatulitit- tlnllvy, Kitten: Xt-Istnu, Sun Nlt'SLlllllIl. Sliinmi Slmkv. kim-it Stmtm-, .lm lllztit, X'ickiSt1titlt. l,imlgt llaxlv: qsccmul mwp 'll-tix Lynn Stu-low, Chris Ruth, Slutton tloml, Limlzt ,Xlonm, Ricltzml Patrkciy Cllimlottc Hinklc. lxzm-ii Smtt. Clurulim- Rathc: tthircl rmvp Clhvixl Wzttsun, Sgimlrzi Nt-wtttati, Clltcryl flunninglizun, Sylvia XVcstln'ouk, Rita: Clutlc, Luis Slam-, 'lmu' l'mx't-ll, hlxuiicc Powt'll. Diana l-'uuclig tlmck mwp Limlzt BllI'llS,Sl1Lll'0ll Wvstt-i'fvlt, llctmis Stzttislmtttw, Rzttuly Klmckvtt, llanitl Hoc-Ckcr, Ajolm S. Fikc, Kurt-n Oligcr, Rosalyn Zutlv, NOTIHQIH ifurstictt. , . . , ' t - :Q ww Am Qt w , ' it f Hf.'f,wyf yZu L A ko Q s 4 cill1'L'lslll2ll1' . . , Nleinbeis of the Chess Club are lfronl rowp lohn Hampton, Mike Cialia, Chris Roth, Mike l"erguson1 lst-contl ioiiy Rick Pierce. Bob llrucker, Mark Hall. Cent' Platt-kg lthiitl rowp loin l.ane, Slew Miller, Larry Carroll. Rick llenslexg rlouilh iowp Nelson XYisharl. Bill Peterson. Slew Yillais: lillilll row, john l'ike, lerry Dunham: fsixlh :owl Kenny lhaxton, Russ liultman. Craig Squier. Robert l ntleihillesponsoig lback rowj Phil llaas, john llillier, Rick salllci. 4-aines are heltl at each ineelingg. Service groups work Keeping queens out ol danger and maneuvering errant knights. members ol' the Chess Club engage in the antics ol attack antl tlelense. Chess, a game stutlietl by scholars lor thousands ol' years, requires the imagination and concentration tlevelopecl from interest and practice. Club members who have this interest match their wits uncler the tlirection ol their sponsor, Robert Underhill. ln aclclition to competition among themselves. they have the opportunity to challenge players of other schools in the annual tournament. This recreational pastime, which attracts the tletermination ol' the experience and the lancy ol the novice, supplements Arlington's broacl span ol' activities. Operating anal maintaining the schools collection ol' tape recortlers ancl projectors. the Audio-Visual assistants help teachers in the ellective use ol' educational aids. Stu- tlents working in the Audio-Visual Department also arrange lor previews ol' films before presentation and take care ol any necessary repairs alter films have been shown. ln atltlition to their usual duties, the Audio-Visual lJepartment's student technicians set up temporary autlio systems lor special school programs. Projector, Pleast '.... Xutlio-Visual As- sistants are ffronl iowj 'lohn Crable, Phillip Nlfllillllfl, Nickie l'ill't'lIl'l. Tom i jones, Mark Nlinpliv, klohn llohnes-spon- son: lsecontl iowp Chuck Short, Vincent Ronlli, .Klan Nlcllaniel. Doug Schmimll, Paul Innes, Nlike l'oleY2 lthiitl rowy Xt-winan llllll'll. Doug lfieltls, Stexe Caitl liil Nlaiinix. llaxe Poole, 'john llessg llouilh iowl liennx liehiei lim Payne leiix Ciable. lell Milson Slexe lzpplx sl c l l 1 t I l 1 r I l lx, industriouslyg Chess Club matches wits aw, 1 -4 As each patient enters the clinic, a cheerful clinic as- sistant greets him. She then recorcls important infor- mation about the patient ancl assists the school nurse, Mrs. Rowena Graub, in minor nursing proceclures. Bv keeping track ol' stuclent illnesses, clinic' assistants also help the nurse prevent the spreacl ol' contagious cliseases. Assisting in the nurse's office teaches girls basic clinic proeeclure ancl gives them pracitical experience in such lirst aicl skills as taking temperatures ancl clressing wouncls. Pass the Thermometer . . . Clinic' Assistants are thont rowj l.incla Bosco, Carol jones, Sanclv Cassner. janet XValker: tseconcl rowp Dianne Horstman. Mary F. Lee, Icla Bynagle. .lennie Myers: tthircl rowj Martha llarst. llanice Cave, janet Shumwav. Marilvnn Parsons, Lynn Smith: tback rowj Gail Schilling, Ginnv Major, .Iucly Craig. Lincla D. Hamilton. Susie Lee. Organizers . . . liusnn-ss Managers are tllont lossy Linclx llatlan. l,xn Ixeenet. Nlarlene Pruitt: tback row, f.ln-tsl Rvba, .Klan lzllet. Nancx Shake. C-eolliex Nav. llzev organize ticket sales, 'lhe school's homeroom business agents keep buss throughout the year promoting antl selling tickets lcv 1 1 school lunctions. list ellicientls hanclling school business activities. the homeroom business agents earn the appref ctation ol school organizations ancl active .Xrlington stuclents. The task ol organizing stuclent Iinanc ial ac tix ities goes 1 1 1 to the business managers. XX'orking with the Iinancial olltce, the business managers coorclmate the actions ol all the homeroom agents. Hola . . . members of Spanish Club are tfront rowj Cheryl liaison. Betty Goller, Marilyn Ciunnell. Janie Lunsford, Richartl Parker, Rhontla Barnard. Debbie holmes: tseeontl iowt .loan Reamet, Climla Grube, I,intla Lostutter, Carol Lampbell. Sally Royal, Becky Lambert, Steye Shicleler, 'Iiimothy Smithg tthirml rowj Kim Rnebel, Carol Richardson, Sharon Shaw, Nancy llaibe, Patty litantlt, lirencla kernorlle, lintla Milliser. Santlx Gwinn: tfourth rowj Cathi l'atlmg, Pegg y llietf, lane Taylor. tlhatlene Roberts, flaylen C-tube: tbatk towi Hal Nlooie. Kathy Bowl, Ray llole. Phlllhllll Cliiswell, lanie lleek, Nancy Howl, lX'inkle Sue lX'illiams. Bon jour . . . Members of the lfrench club are qftont iowj 'lohn liatsaropoulos-sponsor, Mary lean Homann, lohn ,-Xfeietlo, Pat U lianyelz fseeoml iowt lohn Donohue. Karen Copelantl. B. Carol Dayisgsetretary-tteasurei anal etlitor of Ile :le Ifnuzreq tbatk rowy Dennis lt1llxl'gitl-l'llllUl of lfrenth paper. Pam Hartmann, Dianne Butterfielml-presitlent, karen llartma llll. 'C gl g, "Buenos alias," cry Spanish Club members as they begin another meeting. Planning activities and entertain- ment. the club meets twice a month, Viewing slitles and hearing lettures, the Spanish Club members learn more about Spanish speaking countries antl peoples. One ol' the major attiyities was the planning ol a Christmas party. Heltl in a Spanish tleeoratecl Senior Cafeteria, the entertainment inclucletl singing Christmas earols in Spanish and the breaking ol' a canclyflilletl pinata. "Si, si." reply club members when asketl il they enjoy meetings. Another language club at .Xrlington is the French elub. Meeting eyery other week, club members work on pro- ietts. 'l'heir major proiett was the making ol Christmas 1 tarcls wlueh were selll to clnltlren in hospitals. Ihe lfrench Club partitipatetl in a joint language Christmas party. Other attiyities inelutletl viewing slitles and learn- in! more ol l"t'ante, llr' Ile 1'il'lllI!'l' is the title ol a news- paper published by the club. French club members will tontinue an interest in lfrante anal its language. l . Forezgn languages add flavor to clubs Sulu' . . . xll'llllN'lS ul l,llllll C.luI1uu-qluml mwp Nllss lxmvn Rlll'SSl1'l'4Sll1lllS4ll. Ylfllllld CHX l'nulu Inu-lu-I.C.ln1sRuth, lxulln l,2illlil'l'. Inlzx liuluglcz Csvcmul mwj luhn Cnulmlv, Llllllll Rum ing, llizlnu lftbllfll, llclmln RL'llllL'Y. B2ll'lJ1ll'1l Cox, Nlilu- llumcl: llhml mwy Brluc lin- llull, l,lllllll Slit' Blll'l'UXK'S, Susim Higgl-nlmlumm, liullccn Stupp ,Iuliv Bowl-n, Boll llarllcx .lmu-ll l"zu1lkm'r: lfourlh mwfp Alanna' l,uck1'i1lgc', Manx liguu- Sgnulx Sgnulcrsmn, Ruger lmlx, IM-nnis Sl2lIlSlJlllN. Luis llnlfivlml kulic 1.1-sclm. Nlzuciu Kllllfll lwrgcr, Rusnlyn Lmly. fmlcn lug... xl1'lllll1'lSlPl llu'i.1'1lu4ml.I1llr.llv4lml1l nm, Xllx. C..nml HlIllxllQIll4'l SIHJIINHI. Ixn Iu'vlu'l, Suu- lldlllllilllll. XAIIIX Xlallvvx, llnnlmlgl lkuiv fwunul nm, ,Xlgm Nlvlln, lbznxul Wild I1'lAllX,lh'lM l,1lll,NlZIlllNll5ll1lllllIllllIllllUlK'j lulm xllllllll. liulv llSIllLIlI. Null i.1'mImll.Su1sm1 Russ, lnlm R.llll'IlX XlKt"IIll'Nl4l1'lllQ flhlllx xmvy lmgmls lllllxlll.llIlS, invgnlx ID. xlllllv, llgnxul llumlwl lm-sulm-nl. llu' clxlln IQIVSVIIIR fu-1111.111 sluullxm-ns .mul lllgngufllu-N. llu' l,4uluni,lul1 lIll'l'lS mmx wauml mul Iuuilln XX'n-mlxuwclny ul llu- Illlllllll. llllilbl llu- spullwlsllilm ul Nliss lizlrcn ll0L'SSlL'l. Latin u':ulu'1'. llu- clulm ul JllJlH'HXllll2lll'll IWL'Ill?AllYL' lllk'llllJL'lN plains :uliviluw lm ilu' 54-nl. Ulu- ul lllt' lllflll' wulvly-1'ccngnmwl LICIIYIIIUN ul llu' clulm IN llu'll xumuzxl slum- sznlc. Nlmlllmvls ul Illt' cluln lmy. sm-ll. :nul lrzulc "slznvu" :mumg lllL'lll5L'lYl'N 111 Illl' ulml lraulitifm nl Rmluz llul " llulc-nl." llu' l,z1lin luwvslmlu-1 is slmllwlvml ln Cin-nrgc l'lL'llllllLlll. 'llllis IJZIIJUI' gin-s Nll1ClK'lllS ll lJl'lll'l insiglxl into lllk' lzulguglgc gnul givcs llu-In an clmluc In Pllilfllll' 11-aullng l,:llm. 'l'lu'CQc1'1n:mCllulmumlc-rNllxllzlml lilnlallznllcl' lms its mvn cllllllllll llt'lX'5lD2lIJi'l', HllL'll llculsmlu- Rilla-ly" nuwming "'l'lu' fll'l'Illllll liniglmlf' NIL-cling lwiu- an mrmllm. lluw xuwv slulw znul mmuw. wnu' ul wllull wvrc' lanky-n ln n ' ' 1 ' Nlu. lmurkllznlu-1 wlnlv MII mul Ill frbllllllllf. .Xlw 2IY2lllf gnlmlc- luclulz lIl1'llllJL'lN1llt'clk'l'IlIAIlI nu-wspgnlu-ls. lllllgLI!lllk'S. zuul lnmks. AX! cllllllSllllllS llIlll'. Illl' Latin. clL'lXlll2lll. Qnul l'll'L'lNll Cllulms alll llll'l Ima :1 lnllll pzualx. QW? E. lt Q A Why, 1 4. . s' f ,A y, - rf r 1 ' i 7 if t s S Wit h? A. , .- 5 german' wtf. Leading Sclrolars . . . Nic-rrrlrers of the National Honor Society are: tlrorrt rowp Nancy Nlatc-er. Sllllllllli' lford. Susan Iiourrre, Anrrette t-ralra-Xrce l'rc-srdt-nt, llrant- Klopsx. Sandx Kiassner. Susie Lee. l'ln'lIis llianc llc-ss. Veronica Nltrlcahy. joxce Richey. Clinda iiruhe, Xantx lsitchin. Stc-rie Rc-iclc-r'fSecr'etar'r', ludr ,Xnder'son. Susie Stat-rrlrlcz tsc-cond rout Diane Nloss, Linda Sparks, Carol Sparks. Mike ll.rxisfflrt'asrrrt-r, Sxlria llcsllnook, lane llrrrrn. Nlarilxrr Clunrrell. lit-ckx I,.urrIrr'rl. llrntlria Nlc-xc-rs, lohn l.aI'rc'c-s, Nancy Uppt-rrlaruler, lodd fltrrlc-ss. linda Slraller. Iarrr-, katie l,estlr: tllrird National Honor l'sing a pen and paper. the nrernbers ol Quill and Sc roll Iollow in the paths ol their predecessors who used a quill and scroll to express their ideas. This orgarriza- tion. Iornrally known as the lrrterrrational Honor Society lor lligh St hool -lournalists, is conrposed ol' students who st-rye on the yearbook and newspaper stalls. ln order to he eligible lor rrrerrrherslrip, journalists rrrust lirst have been on one ol the two stalls lor one year, have 100 inches ol printed copy or its etpriyalerrt, lre either a junior' or a senior, and Ire in the upper third ol the class. Sponsored hy Miss Mary Benedict, publications ad- viser, Quill and Sc roll irrducts new rrrenrhers twice a year. near the end ol' each senrester. Initiation ceremonies are hc-ld in the lihrary. The initiation is followed hy a r'et'epliorr. W ' ' Mt., rowj Robert Gwyrr-Cosponsor, Pat Magrath-President, Nancy Cfr'egor'y. Melinda Montgomery, Kathy Lortorr, Patrla jeter, Karen Dittrrrer, Michael Nichols, Dianne Butterfield, Harold Riceman, Carole Cusick, Philip Griffin. Tony Wellings, Steve Horvat: tback rowj Robert Tnrner-Co-sporrsor, B. Scott Klika, Michael Ifowley, lirrr johnson, l,arrr Flick. XYilliarn lfitlgerald. Hans Bynagle, john Sellers, llonald llerlic, Stephen lipply, Stc-re Scott. Craig Squier. Nlarr liarre. 'llre cltrlr sponsored the Cllrrislrrras darrte. l'lXL'l'gll'l'll licslasr. ln the spring, junior rrrerrrlrers are initiated. Society, Quill and Scroll Cllraracter. sclrolarslrip, leaderslrip, and service are the basis lor rnernherslrip in the Arlington chapter of the National Honor Society. The Iorenrost prerequisite for a student's rrorrrination is a six point, B, average. A num- ber ol' lactrlty reconrnrendations are also necessary for entry. . As :r service to their peers, the rnerrrhers offer their services as tutors to students who need help in a particu- lar area ol' study. Members who volunteer lor the job are assigned to a student who has requested scholastic assistance. Using as their syirrbol the keystone lor stability and the torch lor guidance, the National Honor Society forms the apex of scholastic aclrievenrent, carrying its honorary prestige throughout high school and the future years for all rnernbers. o- ,?- W ff L A 'Lil .4 i g 1 - .-x , "Q W2 ' :S 4, M Hi -., f 6 w ' -1-Y, uf L' L. 4 ,ia ., Q, '10 y - .X Y, i if D . ,xv iii--.4 i Y-- 2.. 1 qu "just XV lilt l Need. .... 'X suitably fl'2lllll'll cut slip xii I the is pu-sciilcrl lo ai silrprisul Ruln-rl Cm' 1: llmioi Socicly Cllnislinus clzuiu' Light of journalism . . . H4-ttv Bowman lizimls Sumnm- lfml .1 miiillm' piim In hcl llllllilllilll ii1IoQuill :mil Smmll. honor scholarship, journalistic achievement Yoiu' ul llic Nlmol . . . Quill .xml Ssmll I . W A X no S . . 4 .L ve .. ,.. . Z' ' V Q i I lll1'llllH'lh .ini ilmiil xml, Slmimi '.H..i 1 -. .'. Misa Mxiix lgl'll1'1llll 'SIJUIISUII tsl-4 lnckiiilgvi rlliiial muy l,.i1ix llick lililni. l,iiiml4i .xlUlllU, Slliiimi lil Nlilw lfmvlcx, Rink Nlmsvr. Miki- Slvw Dickliauis. lmlil Cluilm-as. NQIIIKX hivguix, XJIIKX Ulrlwail.ili4l4'i. Ix.iIliN lnilmi, Sliiilvx Hpvigvl: tlmilx lllUll5. maxi Sllsim' lam' Stull lu.iimls. muy lhixim, Knights represents school, aid faculty, plan E.. Greensleeves . . . Office Messengers are ffront rowj Mike Ferguson, lean lialtlwin, Carol Lexi, Carolyn Collier, Rieharrl Parker, Terry Slain. loy Newhy, ylanis Drake, Patricia lielshaw, xlutly Porter ,Xnnila Dies. Mrs. Belgen XX'ells-sponsor: fsecontl rowj klenni Pyle Chuck XValkt-1, Nlike Young, Sharon Ritter. Carolyn Petligo, Sherri XM-hh, Dianna llnntan. Xngnna Haul. Pat Olianyel. l,nnla 'NE' C9 Vt? Lostntter, Pam Nelson: fthircl rowj Bessie Nichols. Ann Stutsman. Pam Hillery. Diane Copsy, Veronica Mulcahy, Barbara Maas. Joyce Powell, Janice Powell, Vickie Moody. Connie Reeve, Mary janson: lfourth rowy Cathi Failing. Karen Oliger, Diana Brown. Ryan llolly, Mike Mlams. Larry Carrol, 'ferry Corman. Kathy McCormick, Lgnolc f.lISlC'lx. Doris Lass, Lheryl lahlm. Hearing the blues, or in this case the greens, the ollice messengers play at key role in the smooth operation of the school. Most important ol the messengers' cluties is the tleliyery ol green slips to call students out ol' class. Al- though locating ll student sometimes involves detective work in the school liles. experienced messengers usually lintl the person they are looking lor. Carrying on it vigorous campaign to promote safety, the Salety Council attacks trallic salety problems with its projects. A council-sptmnsorecl car salety check encourages slutlents to keep their cars in sale condition, while hall clisplays by the Salety Council show the results ol' reckless tlriying. Salt-ty First . . . hlL'llllDl'lS ol' the Safety Council are tfront rowj llntli lit-Claro, Pam I-raham, Mike Harman: tseconcl rowj Date Cunning- ham. llayirl Xyilson. Steye NleClusky: tthirtl rowj Kenneth Thomp- sonw-sponsoi. George Bennington. 'lnchl tQreen-presitlent. James f:lHSl'llUSl'. .X can lotleo is heltl here in the full. teaching careers liach year the American Legion ollers, to specially se- lected high school students, the opportunity to attend a week long governmental workshop during the summer. The Girls and Boys State candidates. chosen on the basis ol interest in government, leadership. and school participation, examine and put into practice the lurrda- mentals ol democratic administration. Canrpaigrring lor state olfices, voting lor elective ollicials, and organizing legislative departments, these civic-minded scholars equip themselves with know-how and experience which will someday benefit their society. Teaching, one ol' the more popular vocations pursued by students, holds promise lor those who have the desire to communicate knowledge. The Future Teachers ol America Club helps indecisive members as well as those who are determined to lollow this career to comprehend the duties. responsibilities. and rewards ol' teaching. By inviting teachers to speak at the club meetings and con- ducting interviews concerning the fine points in the field ol education, l".T.A. members increase their knowledge. Practicing Electors ..., A rlington representatiyes to Girls and Bov's States are qfront rowj Pat Magrath, Mike Dayis: tback rowj l.irrda Shaffer. I.inda Sparks, Melinda Montgo- mery. Nancy' Gregory. f IE! An Apple for Teacher . . . Future Teachers of America members are tfront rowj Roselynn Kinnaman, Linda Hutsell. Sharron Xyalters. Melanie xjakoyac, karen Nelson. Kathy Eaton, Dana Svigel, Rowena Morelock, Barbara Ratts, Paula Owens, Kathy' Parker, Theda Mason, Mrs. Margaret xlanertfsponsor: tsecond rowj liileen Barnes, Susan Brandt. Clinda tLruIre, lloAnne XYaggoner. Diane Moss, Priscilla Lane, Nancy Stephens, Rosalyn Lody, Seretta Law- head, Dottie Lou Snyder'-yice-president, Brenda Horn, Nancy Kitchen-president: qthird rowj Mary jo Henshaw, Patty Rutan M Becky Cliolli, plane l.unslior'd. Pamela lfislrer, Katherine l.ind, Di argaret .Xnderson, karen Scott. Madaline Tlronras, -loan Bynagli lilah Atl, ,Ieannie lialp: ffourth rowj lanet Stafford, Marti Srtlerfield, Steye l.ittle, Pam Pauli, 'lo Dickson, Patty tihilron Sue lirnery, l'marlrar'a Maas. llonnie tloyle, Mary lillen Mires, l'.rl O'l5arryel, planet Xyratterr. The club initiated members and elected Theda Mason their new president, A C' 'i Z Final Check . . . Mrs. BLll'lJlll'll Rztinwgttci. sponsor of "Exprt-sso Please!" consults with :ict Clrziitllmir Don Dcclic to lat' suit' itll is ,X-Ok its llctfr lL0lV2lltl :intl Ilt-Ir hit' King lislt-n to tht' iuntloun. Play it Cool, Mun . . . Dick lolnison uxpountls his tht-orx of litt- us his sn't't-tlrvttil, Sltwit' Rt'itlt'l, iorlornlx lislcns. Student produced 7.0 New .fl YH fl, 1 g T ff E, W If fQl'i'll5l' Joh . . , Clhttrlctrt- Mitcllcll gets at "Complete grease job" from Slrtnon C-ootl :is Jenni Mu-rs puts the final touches on Sue Bcclwr. Q ,,,,i,Q' Q bv' Wvhile Strolling Through the Park . . . "Spring Fever" strikes Jim Pierce and Dianne Horstman as they stroll arm in arm. l vaudeville displays talent, ingenuity Old Glory . . . Revolutionary patriots, Dave Curley :mtl Eel lioycc. secure thc flag its Dave lVilson, the oltl colonel, sttpt-rviscs. .Xltet intniths til rclicztrsing ztntl teltning, 1llllZllClll lnocltttcts Int-sentctl tht-ii' atnnttgtl variety sliow, 'ZX Night with tht- Knight." Sttttlt-nt wtitct'-tlitt-ttuts ol the loin zttts. Marilyn Cittttttvll, 'lu .Xnn Clttttlitk, Dun llc-clic, lmis Philips, iluztn Byers. :tntl llett' Pztttlin, ttcztletl, tn- g2illllL'll. ztntl ptcsetitctl their skits with tht- ztssistztntt' ul their lztcttlty sponsrns, Hztmlcl Slizttpt-. Mrs. litnliznzt Rztinwztter. Mrs. Mzttgztrct .lztnt-tt, :intl Miss Helen XN't-bla. ,Xtts rztn tht- gzunttt lmni hillliillit-s tu lit-zttniks, lnnn liisttny to spring. "Snttt'clly mltttttliotif' lntitltttetl by Mznilyn :incl -lu .Xtttr illttsttzttctl tht' puwvt' ol at song in helping at tiny town Imcttnne lzttntmtts. Dun lletlit' tlt'sitt'tl sc'll'-cxprcssitmii lin his "lit':tt mlutiyf' Springs gicltly :intl rfnnztntit ztttitutlcs wits tht- lmztsis lin' loan :intl I,ois's Inn- tlttction. "Spring lftfxt-t"' wliilt- l't'IC's ultl colonel in "l Rt-inetnlmt-r ,Xttit-t'it'zt" rotninistetl with tht- ittttliente :incl Itet'stniztlitit's. .Xtttlirtttc it-sputisc ztntl enthttsiztsni tnurt than rewztrtlt-tl vzttttlcvillt- playets, ptotlttttis, ztntl SllUlltS0l'S. ,jg Snurdley Slompers . . . Barefoot llillliillics tlttncc at trilitttc to Kalantazoo while searching for gt fztmous city for lllL'lllSt'lYl'S. Want a Lick? . . . A Sunday stroll in thc park with tht- cntirc Cilsl onstage forms thc Closing nttmlmci' ul "Spring Fct't'r." A Face ol' Victory , . . joe Calc-s and Rick FINIIOIIIZIS lime sonic-thing to shout about after heating XVzlr1'en. Two Miles to G0 . . . Cross Country P runners jump at the gun in hopes of chulking up another victory. .fx ff Rt t r i ni l. X L 1555 ' 'iii 4 if . aff 'if QA K t ' f 1 V via5'EZ5cumm11'?nq-Ei, n . v 4 Faces illuminzllcd with thc vitality The wresllcr in lurfcl thc lfhlilllld, and thc' rum Arlinfftmi toward determination portray A of our athletic teams. E 'tihe hfbopman leaping for toward the finish, assure . victory-sportsmanship. '1 I I 4 1 1 .s I I1 Ati letics m i P ss- F it 'vo 3 as S it 52 'fi' ta . ,- ' f. .ti -:H ,, -, f Q ft, Wswgss , JV, X if F mme., , ,. Q . A J.: Qs- ,,,QsX'i1'Mf"'i' ' fr ilk fgvft, 1 ,gf J ,, Y ,-W by 'Q . sf: tv' ffl. Ji" ri? N, . 2"wg , ,- -I.- 1 J ' Kv?'2,'5Z2g-s'Z?f"1' se rt- iv , ?fsia- 3-leg msg' ff M'-A' 1,4 43 .t ', ,, ,5?:5f1f,L . N' W- ' ,WAQ-ef A Maia ' - X -W J, k'lf,,x-llggtx WSH-Q. A,N,y,4 ' Q4 ' dv,jF?g4,,x'f,f'Qg 1 K ' ' L U "Essen, 1 -' .-fvtlk' 5-eQ3,g1'?,w'l'r' 0 3,1-J ,ffl ':'fiia2.'Z7"i A-1 - - " .. - 'W w ' stH1'Mf'w',swxy,.v- I '-,iw-fmfg. . sf, ,.w1?4:w :GR f"ff.'7--'sl ' We " ,',fwt,icbi,.. +1-. f- 'f Wifi-'elm-... .f in- . , ii., yi, -- - - - tw: " N.- .t-A.-X ww, 1 X 'fW'l if-W ' -Wea 'wtf :"r'f'- J "ni 5- f 7? W' Nw! , v A f""WK'."5Gis W'-'+s's-nsff'- V. 11- '- -V , 4' f- f x 'A N ' I ' ' nt , f' A -,-EK , QW , N wrt tssu5'?H,x.v r, 1-, W ff: ',,rs+,,, fe, pw , f M- . Ya -'-2"" M- 1-1 ,tw ff 'ww - tw f-wry-.-ze 1fg3ff"5 W' 'Sie 'K M, ,..' ,Q 6 ' ' , 0 "' ' Q Y v .gs ,+ . , ,F Wt , s - ii ,QM , e 'P ,, .. kg ',,f,f1 V' . ' iv? s- fj, A - 'rx-N' , W "'3+,, f . orlf. . 'ff-. ' . ti Q- , ,4 r , ww if LM ,A mx if ,t sing., NW2.sMWn,, :gg wfqffii 3, Q gf? , was ,, ,. , y ve ,,g 5 , X , ,, 2 My f- ,ix , 1,1LNf may l t,,vii.N.s wq,,,gf:f,,,fug, g -ffsyq , we . Q " 1- . gy.- 'Q st ff L , ,, M istgfhg, s if -. , - ,. -' A J , Q sim iw as -I --w ?F?fef.a.. a S w,ffH:.w t Mn A--vs, .- ff if 'sf f --1 'i1i',7m ,, V fast ,i K .,-- ' MVTN ,A M11 iQ, 4 MQ, ff t . , 5 .MM W, M , s.q,,:+, s-, af , f t -s . ,fl J , ,Aly 4 s ,Es 14 A tj-fm k ,. -. ., we K f. V 1 Q ' t 1 t, A vs 1, - ., f - Q e i s tt " A- Q "WL, ""4M-'so --' we :ww-2. kiarswsaw-w,f' , ,',-if-sa .M ' e V4 f . -' . - - .ff e. -f :f. M.. -.. QM ,4 ' --- wi'-V-.f . Varsity Football . . . tfront rowj I.arrv Youse, Mark Cc-ntrv, Jim Dobbs, Eric Estridge. jim Kleinhelter, jack tllznlve. Nlarlv Rolnnian. Nlichael Baldwin. lint lfllll, Lain llinei. Richard Bailey, qsecond IUWJ Robert lit-es, Steve tloolv, liuli turn, Nlailv Roberts, 'liom llunt. john Keithley, Dick Miller, Rick 'l'homas, Lee At- kinson, l.1nix llznbiere, l.a1iv Sims. Bud liisselman. qthird rowl Dave Clarley. Greg XN'ible, Tom -lay. Stewart lit-vane, Mike Milev. lot- tlales. Ilan Meek. Steve listabrook, .lim .Xrbuekle. jim Roberts. Carl Nleschke. Golden Knights unseat oppon nts as they ,-Xttatking with a l-2 punch talled Rohrman and Dobbs, the varsitv charged to victory and gave head Cloath ,Xl Nowak A-Xrlingtonk lirst winning season in his lirst vear as head touch of the Knights. XVith the help ol' back-lit-ld toath jerry Butler and new line Coath Bill Kuntl, the team acquired six vic- tories against four losses in a tough'schedule. The team began the season by defeating neighboring rival Lawrence Central for the first time by a score of l847. History repeated itsell' on October 4 when the Knights defeated Xtlarren CIentral's XVarriors I8-7 in their initial liomc-coming game. Other victories included triumphs over Wfood, Ben Davis, and out-of-the-city rivals Connersville and Muncie South. Touchdown Territory . . . Senior jim Dobbs digs in for the final valuable yardage in the victory against Muncie South. i nr-vunluf.1vt.--. 1 1-131ml-L 1 A 1w1u1v- ga ql 'When the varsity season tznne to :rn end senior Marti Rohrrnan had set ll new school retord lor touthdowns, breaking Steve Hurpold's record ol lust penny The teznn placed three players on the All-City honorzthle mention squad: -Inn Dobbs, lrzill'-Imzuk: Marti Rolninzrn, hull! lmck: and Rick Thornzts, guznd. VARSITY FOO'l'l5.XIe,I, SCORES Arlington Opponent Lawrence Central I8 7 Scecinzr 13 371 Sacred Heart 7 E52 YVood lil 7 XVHITCII Central I8 7 Ben Davis l-le I3 Carmel 7 I2 Connersville 3-1 l-1 Muncie South lil 7 P2ll'd0ll My Shoulder '... Ron Miller inns oxer 2 Warrior linen Rilflile U lil ns ,luck Klltnke heads for the .ration in the Knights INT xictt inish first winning season with 6-4 record lt's Marty,s Party . . . Senior Marty Rohrmun drives for that extra yzird against the XVoodchuCLs in the gridders upset of Wood :it Manual. Down, Get Set . . . Ben Dtnis digs in for Arlington onslaught :us quzn'te1'bz1Ck Stexe Eslztlmrook prepares to unleash the Knight offense. Q-3 .' ss ,SL 05.1 Sparked by the ball-carrying of Larry Youse, Larry 1- . ' 1 . buns, and Mark Centry, the iesetye teain oattled their way to a 5-5 record against the city and county's rugged competition. 'I'he "B" leillll. coached by Jerry Butler and new Coach Bill Kuntz. showed outstanding desire to .Heir win as they lought against tough city and county foes. Three close games in city play were Scecina, Northwest, Q and Mlood where loss occurred by only one touchdown. 4 Alter three close losses. reserves bounded back to tronlp Yilarren Central, 35-2. Howe Hornets felt a blow that eta ws! Co! Team, Co! . .MC fag knocked other unsuspecting county and city rivals for L a ringer. Unsuspecting rivals were North Central, Broad Ripple, and Lawrence. Highlight of the season was the gridiron opener against Lawrence Central when the reserves showed the , spirit that brought theni to a .500 season. In the final minutes of the game a goal line stand occurred in which Lawrence Bears were held off to win a hard fought con- test, 20-19. . . Two fans chant cheers during the final seconds of the Ben llayis game. boosting the team to a last Second win. Reserve gridmen battle to .500 eason Reserye Football . . . tfront rowj Greg M'ible, .lim XVllllSlllllll, Mike Miley, Sleye jackson. Dennis Chambers, lin 1 I4-ntl, Mark Gentry, Mike Baldwin. tsecond rowj Alan O'Neal. Toni Preston, Herb Lanteigne, Eric Est- 1141 lge. Larry Yonse, linl Roberts. lint Meyers. gloe Cales, I,ew Beckwith. lfretl Bowman. tthird rowj Manager Stn Set . r Y 'f "'vl2'v .W Cook. Mark Roberts, Bob Cray. Toni jay, lim Mlilkinson. Bill Pentnann. Atkinson. Larry Barbiere. 2 pf .-. fr 7 -7 A 7 .-. '1 I fn 17' 7- 'T r-T ft. N4 y.l -. If f: "2 - 1- NZ CT 39 .-, U11 S K4 III :. - .. CII 'N Yi vrfvnws v 4, ,nt ... , N11 , .1 L.fg'g3gQQ'3"" A - K77 MV' X N inthe. Q a ,V 6 5,4 --f And Again, Another Wvoodehuek Bites the Mfhirling Dust . . . Reserve gridders bravely gang- lackle a helpless Wood halfback and send a cloud of dust skyward as they make contact. against rugged city, county Challengers Reward for these boys was not only in achieving game victories, but also in attaining the spirit and everlasting experience that will make them next years varsity. As a final tribute for these and all football players, the an- nual awards banquet ended the year. RESERVE FOOTBALL SCORES Arlington Opponent Lawrence Central 20 19 Seecina 0 7 Northwest 6 I3 VVood 0 6 Warren 35 2 Howe 20 0 Southport 7 26 North Central 13 7 Tech 7 26 Broad Ripple 21 7 if Let Me Help You Up! . . . jim Lentz, junior. appears to be offer ing aid as he tackles during a hard fought Northwest game. as 7? Marion Burleson and Jim Ellis's freshman football squad showed enthusiasm and spirit all through the season. although achieving but one victory against Howes Hornets. During the season, the greenies of the gridiron practiced long enduring hours after school to prepare for their battles with neighboring schools on Thursdays. The usual practice for the squad was to be in practice jerseys, pants, headgear, pads, and cleats and on the Held by the time Coaches Burleson and Ellis blew their silver whistles for the daily drag of exercises. The team stayed on the field until dark perfecting the com- plicated plays used in the games. Lawrence Central and XfVood High Schools learned at the first of the season that the frosh were not pushovers by barely escaping them 10-7 and 14-7. Oh No, Don't Call That One! . . . So homore Lee Atkinson stands P by ready to go in with a play from Coach Nowak. F roshs train or spots Hey Guys-Help! . . . A Crusader is snowed under by white jerseys as the Squires seek revenge for a touchdown just scored. W ' ' s, s f X . i s -rf .. QL , ' ' ' iff: Q .,,, s 'J Q A f at ZiW,:3.5s,. ,. .... 7 l if . XX on future varsity teams Q -' eu, Q fl ii Dead End . . . Mike Montgomery decides to try the other end as Scecina's Crusaders box him in. -..........,, ,..,, ,,,., , ,,, ....,,,,,....,.. ,....., , Y -. .--Q i l i i , lg My I , Ng, it A f 'ff , I K, 1, .-.S,,.v , 2 , pb U A H , s ' A - f , i x ' - 'id ,.,,,- - 1 "'- ' i 3371.114 f-' ' eff V ,--, " S724 , -' . ' ' A Q- v gs- ' ixws -'amz' gl ' Q.V:, f:g.ifv,w' x... s GE , y u , 1 A 9 1 i fl 47,1 if 4' 4 it . , My 1 .. f - V up U 5 . ,. 0, gi Q V A ,-,J 'A . V73 2' E ., I 1, ,af we, f Q lf .if r , 4 -' ,, .-4 1' Q 2 g is . . fi j 4 .- 1 - .A , ,txt 1 V: +-- ' Q i 1 ' I . X c 7 f ' . 1 . , - f f -1 J -. i 1 it .4 g L + a ' 4 ,, . - I Y wp 1 if Y 'ii ' ' 129' 1' - 1 'f MN ' 1 7 P ' -1 nf! ' i ,iff - 2- 1 ez f ,- W A I f ' 1 4 '4 f V L V ,4 ,ff - ' 1 , fr 1 ,y , K. ye , Q , 1-S If Q . 7 xy ,4 , 'sf ' 1 iff. ' 1 W ,X 1 , M by r 5 V B gt N 0' Q: .hy . . ,,,. A V V I - all W ., 1, as 1 .V 1 1, ,-f 7 A r .. 7 , s a a , i ff l' 7 t -ef Q X '24 1 i 1 , ' - Q ,-': , k D 1 I AR fax' fm T2-A. lx E. , A AI W -v-, X , 4 6. ,Q di? A -,Zigi -M, 3 ,, l j A - A -In N ' ,f A ' Y - , . ' -Q.---. - 1 , -A - -M it - . ,, .1 - ed.. Y- ' ,: , , - 1 ' 1 - .- " 4, fe 'ef . .. .. . -. 5 ' - ee . gfff- :lg 'g'+:Q,g,4:.,A,5,.,?"5.s2+:f,ff'j,r:zf,fi iffiiifff we , ,,f,"ff'?,'5Fg?"i"'i Q, 'M' Q . ffm 'RMU . A "' i"' - i ' 2.. ffrf :Xwswi-. -. ' , ., 2fVfwgmv'..'e?1 -.M .A t:f?'ft. 1 . , . , , ' - L ' A ' f -" A t, "W f if Wa I V P 'H '?l,:"3fi'v' 1 Vi 1, -341,13 Y'pfJf- ' 5 ' 7' ' f-rn, hw- ' ' ,' r . . , f ,nr . 0 , . 1-H . ,R ., - -'95-i gf ,W -1 A- , swung 1 M. ply.. -A Me. if -Q i.,,g-'-Q, YW? In ,wen j f y '- ,.f5""4 7 Q' ' 1' 77' -"f1-Q M ' "4" ' W if' - "'- W ! Qlisrf Y""Z:1 ' . ' -,-lf'-' l , G , ,L . " LW "' lf' i A ' Q G "" ' Qs 1 x. 4 ,.,.,' f, tw. Hmm 'fiir' '. + 141. " -i i , V3 ...if 'K' V , Freshman Football-ffront rowj Hiarren T. Hobson, Dave Seaton, Bill Hulse, Butch Biyens, Mike Lentz, Larry Baker, Steve Hill, Vernon Bowman, Mike VVest, Richard Minton, Terry Webb, Vic Trattner. fsecond rowg Managers Rick Phillips and Bill Collins. Vince Migliano, Ric Beattey, Mike Caron, Alan Hinds. Billy Adams, Paul Massey, jim Vanorer, Randy Beldon, Joe Hollingsworth, Ed Struitt, Keevin Bigelow, lien Slagle, man- ager. Qthird rowj Max Pollitt, Tim Price, Mike Montgomery, Bill Saillant, Tilford Simms, Dare Robinson, Dave Scott, Tim Kennedy, john Wrancher, Greg johnson. johnny Everly, john Arbuckle. Gary Dickhaus, jim Owen, Mark llilley comprised a spirited freshman team this year. as they show spirit hrough tough seosoli The frosh defensive unit was an-chored by key tackles from Dave Scott and John XfVl'ZlllCllCl', while quarterback John Arbuckle and halfbacks Randy Beldon and Tim Price provided the teiam's offensive threat. Fans backed the Squires with much enthusiasm, watching the team gain experience as the boys strived to win and readied themselves for varsity action. FROSH SCORES Arlington Opponent Lawrence Central 7 10 Scecina 0 13 Northwest 0 13 Wood 7 14 Woodview 0 19 Howe 20 7 Westlane 0 20 Tech 0 27 , Broad Ripple 7 20 Well Coach . . . Coaches Kuntz and Butler look on as Al Nowak paces the sidelines in Jamboree opener. 85 l A Q1 'I vi' 'Qi ' ' if ' jf J . ,if 3:13,- ,,f,- 'V .s f ,: R W M WM of 'Ui lf A I fs N f S ,. ,Hwy Sati n W ,V pr A 1 V nb, ,,,., . 3 .1 pf ' ,l ,. 2: t 4 4 f 1 ffwgh rs A . ,Y .. M632 'Q f if M, 'w s'-f A. . fz.,.w- W , he.. -s 'nr gg Z V .4 , ,WMM we fm. ' -'frghzgifg fffc - Iilimzge t 5 J- 13 ' :WS . szwfte . ' 93 V ggiirrgf: rr ' my st Stl? Reserve Cross Countryfqfront IUWJ john Maschino, Alohn Dobbs, llaye XValson, Dave Kendall, Ken Bush. tsecond IUWQ Mike Daniel, Chuck Adams, Steye Lubick, Dan Osborne, Bill Overmeyer. Steve jeffries, Mike llatlsler. Ralph Randall, Stew Waller. Ron lfleshood- Rest-rye meets were run before varsity meets. Two-milers endure long hours of practice, Under the broiling mid-August sun, this years cross country team began practice under the watchful eye of Coach Harry Sullivan. Long grueling hours and miles of practice seemed of no avail as the thinclads were downed by Lawrence Central, 24-31. In the next meet with Attucks and lVood, the harriers rode to victory with a score of Arlington ill, lVood 38, and Attucks 73. The second loss of the season came from Hfashington in a dual meet. The varsity ran second in the Scecina Invi- tational and third in a quadrangular meet at North Central. Victory came as Tech was tromped for the First dual meet win. The thinclads missed bringing back the Broad Ripple Invitational trophy this year but brought runner- up honors home. Capturing a second and fourth in the quadrangular meet at lVarren and eighteenth in the Howe Invitational, the thinclads kept up their hopes for a good sectional finishing as they took third in the city. The harriers ended the season with a sixth in the sectional and a .500 dual meet record. Cmon Guys, Only One More Mile . . . juniors Mike Hackler and lien Bush run the race from the sidelines in a meet against XYZIYICII Central. CROSS COUNTRY SCORES Arlington Opponent Lawrence Central 24 31 Wood First Wasliington Second Scecina Invitational Second North Central Third Tech 16 Warren Second Howe Invitational Fourth Northwest 21 Wa1'1'en 26 Ripple Invitational Second City Third Varsity Cross Country-Cleft to rightj Coach Harry Sullivan, Eddie Williams. Steve Capes, jim Xvillizuns, Bill Bell, Joe Perkins, Brian Crouch, Tom XValtz. Perkins and Crouch are seniors. inish season with 2-2 dual meet record 535. F 'P n sea mg nfl fi Freshman Cross Country-Qleft to rightj Steve McCullar. jack McConnell, Fred Counts. Bob Shaffer, Frank Brown, Roger I-lankins, Russell Miller, Dave Good, john Anderson C Q? X "YVhat WVe're Going To Do Is" . . . Coach Harry Sullivan gives the team last minute advice at the XVarren meet. Varsity Basketball . . . tfiont iowg lltnt Rt-pine. Bud Kissehnan, Kent Lehherl. Mike Neal, Dick Grabliam, l..ntv llitk: Csecond iowj Coach Robert Nlehl. Doug Boucher. .Xlan liiler, Bill Fair, john Olsen, jim Johnson, and have 'llhonipson comprise our varsity hoopmen this yt-'ir Roundballers battle way to 9-ll recordg Ripple Round-lip . . . Kent liL'lIlll'll stores hatd-longht 0Xt'llllllt' win against Broad Rip "Yea, .-Xrlingtonlu These were the words cheered by all roundball lans who entered the gym to help Robert Mehl's Knights "win that game." lVith only live seniors on the squad. the varsity team matched its 9-1 1 tally ol' last year with a 9-ll record again this season. Alter losing early games to a quartet ol tough op- ponents. which included 'l'ech's Titans. the Knights de- Ieated neighboring Scecina 55-50. Old rival Lawrence Central was the next victim. Although falling twice to the Big Bears during the last two seasons, the third meet proved the charm when they ran lor their dens while the Knights scored an SO-62 victory. The accurate shooting ol' Mike Neal and Bud Kissel- man combined with the rebound power ol' Jim Johnson and John Olsen helped the Varsity Knights gain accolades over loes Northwest, Beech Grove, Broad Ripple, Pike, Speedway, and lVarren Central which was an upset at the YX'arren homecoming. Then came sectional time with Arlington drawing North Central. who managed to squeeze by the Knights earlier with two points. The match proved to be a hectic and exciting game that displayed "Hoosier Hysteria" at its wildest. The game ended with the powerful Panthers ahead by one point. But all was not lost: forward Mike Neal ended up fourth highest scorer in the city with a I7 plus average. VQXRSVI 'Y l3ASKli'I'l5Al.L SCORES Ben Davis Howe Tech Wood Scccinzt Sacrcil Hvzirt Lawn-ncc Ccntral Northwest Czlrnlcl Grct'nficltl Bccch Crm c Shortritlgc Broad Ripplc lou-rtizm-j North Central Manual Pike Spcctlwuy xV2il'I'Cll Central VVashington North Central fScCtionalQ Arlington Oppont-nl 57 78 55 62 45 68 -44 5-4 55 56 63 7ll HU 62 92 62 64 67 88 73 66 64 55 56 75 724 54 56 54 56 73 69 75 64 66 57 46 91 61 6" - Q ,.JL... Izsw 5-gift wissliiux E Wd" Z? Got Yu Now . . . llnil liisst-lnmn. llzu t' lhonipson. and Alllll johnson Close in on BL'l'lill Q-row plztwi mltning tln' closing lllllllllL'S of .1 hectic' lmtllc wxhirll cntlctl :is 2lllUlhL'l' goltlcn xictory. upset of county champs highlights season Stick 'em Up! , . . Knights john Olson and Mika Null nrt- tcnsctl for thc flu- tlnow it-lmountl as 1 . . othcrs watch an liccch Clrow pluyt-1' toss for ll losing' fznist- lhc final storm' ww 66-6-l H "B" team betters previous win-loss record CQ 1 ' 1' 1' 1 tWE,4'r 'l 'S Q fi Q wt ht 90 Liltl e Higher, Please , . . lim ,lulnison gels boost from Beech Crow plaxer antl scores another two in a Close battle. RESERVE BASKETBALL SCORES Arlington Opponent Ben Davis 4l 29 Howe 42 41 Tech 48 32 NVo0d 39 36 Scecina 35 32 Sacred Heart 35 40 Lawrence Central 53 40 Northwest 43 42 Carmel 33 23 Greenfield 4l 47 Beech Grove 46 32 Manual 39 63 X Broad Ripple 48 57 North Central -ll 38 Manual 40 36 Pike 65 49 Speedway 54 48 Warren Central 43 49 lYashington 40 60 Through the Air . , . Down the floor heads reservist Doug Boucher in a fast break against Northwest. by two as city, county, state rivals fall WN-, Reserve Basketball . . . ffronl mwy lVI1111z1g1'1' Boh Huimzis. Mikc l'la11'kl1-1. l,1'1' .Xlki11so11. Holm cilikll, .lim XYilli11111s, D1111 M1-ck. fsccoml rowp N42lll2lgL'l' Llllllll' H1111-, .Ion l,L'll'lS0ll. Stcu- lllllSl, l,2ll'l'N Allison, Bill Pull, Miko Brmlsky, R. H. Klllgl'l'l, CIoz11'I1 Thomas Dobbs. This was the y1':11' lor 1'1'sc1'v1' 1'o11111lhz1ll 1'c1o1'1ls. "B" lC2llH Slbllllfllllflll' sl1111'11sl1oot1-1' R. H. Klllgtlll' 11-1l his ICIIIHIIIZIICS lo ll 111-w 1'c1'o1'1l with ll Ill-6 111z111k, Nlll'ID2l5Slllg the lmrevious ll-8 tally llL'lll 1111-1' thc li1s1 two XCZIIN. Kingcry sol :111 i111lix'i1l1111l ganna s1o11i11g 1'1'1o111l ol '27 points h1'1'z1ki11g ll11' 1111c1'io11s llllllili ol 26 111111115 lltlll In Doug liUllt'llCl'. FlillUlll2lS llolmhs' 1'1-x1'1'11- li.11igl1l5 11:11k1'1l 1111 lhc li1's1 live gzuucs bclorc lllL'Cllllg llClClll by 811111-11 llcart. A11- other l'CC'0i'll was set ill Pikc XVllL'll lllL' 111--11111111 l1oo1J111c11 showed thvy 1'o11l1l play hz1sl1cthz1ll 111111 s1'o1'1'1l ll 1'e1'o1'1l 65 points against Pikuk -17. The 1151-1'x'1-5 l'UllllJlClL'4l thc s1-4151111 victorious ox'1-11 NIz111L1z1l-1111-11ging ll city 1111111111111 1l1-I1-411-l,u11'1'1-1111' 611-11- ll'2ll, Nortllwcsl, C1g11'1111'l. Nlililll ciL'Illl'2ll, l5L'L'C'll CL1'ox'1'. and SlJCClllVllf'. Jerry B11llc1"s Squires wo1'kc1l l1g11'1l CYt'1'f night to ucllieve Ll 5-l-l l'C1'Ul'Ll. The lil'0Sll 1lcfcz1lc1l 11eigl1l1o11s Oh, jim! , , , Coach Rohm-1 M0111 looks 1,11 W111, 111SC,,,,1C,,1 as 'Il-ch Scecinu, l..lllVl'L'llCiL' Ce11l1'11l. 111111 Clllllillill, while also 11161111- gains thc lC2ill for the first time i11 thc starting qlnartcxx ing B011 Davin llllil S111'l'Q1l Hczzlxl. Freshman Baskellmall . . . Qfnmt rowj Bill Hulse, Roger lflanlxins Clult lipsconlh Iiinlx BIOWII Russe Roberts, lialtlie Williams, Elini Mclfarlantl. lsecontl rowj Mani ll Butch Blu s loc Hollingsworth R11 Belden, Myron Miller, 'I'ini Kennedy, Gregg Ennis, Allen Montgomery Dum Scott Don Moneyhan Fred Counts, Manager Denny Emlmonmls, Coach jerry Butler COIUPIISC the squad FRESHMAN BASKETBALL SCORES Arlington Opponent Northwest 33 36 XVQ-stlane 3l 32 Chatarcl 52 28 Ben Davis 45 39 Tech 22 52 Shortriclge 44 62 Eastwood 35 57 Wood 38 54 Manual 37 41 Washington 32 58 Manual 36 45 Broad Ripple 32 37 Attucks 25 50 Scecina 36 33 YVoodview 28 38 Lawrence Central 34 28 Cathedral 33 41 Sacred Heart Howe 44 23 32 41 Oops! Corncrcd ..., - X Norlhwcst plztycr finds himsclf cmiicrcml In Dave Thompson. Dick Cialwliann, and Kcnl I4-lxlu-il, Wai' 7 .tai Y., 3 , 4 Of, X' X X, P' 'H it 'J T, 'ffiig 7 I mm . P A F 'ill X xi NX "1 if , 1 s f , I ! . ,,. 'Qt- .,.: f 5 ' 3 y Hey, Tala' That Bull Away! . . . 'lim Kvinn-:lx slmins to wks Ilia- hall fiom Ripple. in clashes against tough opposition Stop That Shot . . . Roger Hunkins and fil'Cgg Ennis ligne ll Ripple player Caught in thc miclmllc on 11 fast lnvzik in an altvinpl to stop thc Rockets, but all was lost in an overtime. Hc"s fiffiill . . . Miki' Bmmlskx lmoks shot in Iln- icscru' licn llgnis gznnc 9 J x r. ,g Varsity Wrestling . . . ffront rowl Ron Clausey. Mike Miller, Stexe Holcl11way,john Corbett. fsecond rowj jim I.l'llll. Stexe Miller, liob Miller, Klint Kleinhelter. Qthirtl rowj Marty Rohrman, Dick Miller, Ron Miller, Frank Wxutt. lfourth iowy Coach .lim Ellis, Greg Wible, Manager have C1urley.Couch Tom Robinson. Victory doesnt mine eusxg inutmen practice for hours each day of the season. Grapplers take city, sectional, regional crowns VARSITY YVRESTLING SCORES Arlington Opponent Carmel 31 ll Decatur Central 38 8 Manual 41 3 Tech 37 l3 Greenfield 49 5 City Tourney First Scecina 38 8 lX'arren Central 23 14 Washington 44 10 Broad Ripple 35 13 l.awrence Central 28 l4 liowe 33 l8 lVootl 40 10 Sectional First Regional First State Runner-up Hnnn . . . Coach Qlini Ellis begins to wonder about a sectional match but has nothing to worry about after capturing the team sectional crown for the second year in a row. - my---M--.-A ....g....... X-f i..fQ..jQc.,. A Y -.mxlwaumai-nnsvmfwnm.: i-A -1f"2'W' Pressure's on . . . Boll Miller. City champ after winning this match, puts on the pressure against Ripple opponent. and finish undefeated The WVinnc-r! . . . Receixing his gicculinle fm' winning City cunsolzilinn llllllfil is si-nim Aliin Klt-iiilieltex, Round and Round . . . Heading around for a reversal is jim Lentz, who cornered an undefeated season. 'lioni Robinson: tseeontl rowj Alax Tohias, Doug Schmidt. john Kephall: tthiid iowj Steve Pierce, Aliin Sulxer. Carl q Mcsthke, Klint Mahnesinilh, Reserve Nfrestling . , . tfront rowj Manager Mark Diller. Mike l,l'Illl, Dong lfields, Roh Clair, Rini Knehel, Mike Plopper, Don llohnes, Coach llan Osborn. 'l'erry '1'urner. ' lack Clarke. lziic lzstritltgc. Roger ll' h ann. Don Clranfill, 1 lohn Hillery. Reserves inish undefeated with first in city 9 'mam' W 'N Callin' the Signals . . . 'Waiting for the referee to call the signal is Mike Plopper while holdin Yltlllllgl' OYCI' lJlllVl'L'llCC, Il HCV' lf'2lll1 llllS yiill F 1573? 1 , t- um. , Oops-e-Daisy . . .jay Tobias tips an opponent. Heading for the state! Thats what the grapplers aimed lor this year'aml,Atl1ey succeeded. Varsity wrestlers pulled in the 't-ity' chanipionship, sectional championship, regional championship, were 1'llI1I'lCI'-1115 in the state, and were undefeated with twelve wins. Under the coaching ol' .lim lillis and Tom Robinson, two grapplers were runner-ups and three took thirds in the state, five were regional champs, six were sectional champs, and seven were city champs. The state finalists led the team to a line season this year. Reserves had as line and victorious a year as the var- sity. Finishing with an undefeated season and a Reserve City Championship, reserve wrestlers downed rivals in the city and county. State Bound . . , Ron Cziuscv is licanh-il ion' thc finzils ziftcr pinning Nvw Claistlc 4 pont-nl in his lust rvgionzil mu ' J 0 RICSIQRVIC XVRl'fS'l'I,ING SCORES Arlington Opponent Clannicl 47 .' Dcfzllni' Clcntml -ll I5 Nflllllllli -ll l5 'fuch 315 18 filiL'l'Ilfit'iti 49 5 Su-cinu 521 5 XVLIIXICII Ccnlrzil SHI 23 Broad Ripplc 54 0 I.1nv11-:irc C11-ntml 38 - Howt' 48 IU lsifnwllt Rcsciw Invitation lfirsl H'oorl 38 2 Rt-scan' Pity First Frcsllnmn Wrcslling . . Qfllllll rowj Dann' l'iL'llxiIl5 ,lcff liolc. Slut' xffcillllill Ronny Ansrlx, llohn l,4n son. Slcu- Bzikcr. Nlilu 1,4-ntl. 'Ii-in Wt-hh, Iohn t.nici'. fscconil rowy Panil Nlgissm, K-wg lohnson, lohi .Xrlmcklc Su ill B11-n'sIv1 Boh Sh2iffl'l', Marx llick hints, NILIIILIQUI' Nigntk llillcx qlhirnl iowj linux' l,un Holi llilliCll sfon l. IYHII XX il liznns. 'lioin Lzlnc. Slut Mlllcr. C. o in c h 'Ii o in Robinson. 'aff-5 wxNBy- Saw? if HGH 5125 o- QSAXNV UQ, N6 My 6 im: i s3'Qg?'Q:- S in ' l Y5'N55'o r M ' t slgyy, , r 5 gi ll 354 ,l refs l ,F ft insisting, ' yy h, ' uxausnm f W' ' iss stunt? t ' , li 4 y . , ,E , ... V I ' VV , iff. t . " i f ZA' "b, ' 1 ,wifii ,,,,. , V.,,. Q fi ,V t 1, AA,' A , if Q "'AA.P P 5 B h I Aly wx' I VL V , , Qi 7 ' ,,,w . , 7 ,.,f,, " L'. ,. Varsity Track . . . tliont :owl lioh Miller. john Dohhs, liiic listiidge, Hill Bell, ,lint Williams, Steve Jackson. lwldn- Williains. ist-cond iowp tloath llgnix Sullixan. liud Kissellnan, Stew Brooks, Mike llainnier. Ron Millet. 'loin 'lht-ard. .Klan liilt-1. fliatldiowy tioath Nlaiion liuilt-son. lini .Xrlnitkltg Dau' XYatson. Bill Pell, Dave lhoinpson. Rat tililt, lint llohnson, Stew lzdwarcls, loach leiix Bullet. Underclass athletes display value, bringing Freshman Tratk . . , tliont iowi Gary llickhaus. Randy Belt lon. Stn-te lhoinpson. Kelly Barnes. Vernon Bowman. lst-cond :owl tloach llaiiy Snllixan, Daw Rohinson. loin lfreeinan. Paul Massey, linnnx lloxle. Slay Pollett, Coach Nlaiion Burleson. thack it Date Stoll, lohn .Xrlnitklc. lfied Counts, 'loc' Hollingsworth, B lliinknt. lic-exin Bigelow, Nfanagei 'liom Lane. iwj like Ng, 45:9 Q , , 2 'Ng 'ZH fi " Iv' 7' ,, XANQ7. , .- fr + N, 4 ' , -, tiNc,, if t 'C ,W V ' ?qf,v'2 W 435,- Y' 'T if , X- 2 ,mn I '-2 A ty 'P' -7 xi ,",'1J, QYUla1Xf,C1AVl'lAx l N 115' :Er , L 1- i-imuint q r V fl - asc i pf H, , V 4 'HG Pitt in at , l if " ' Ji- ' - 7 t li! Q' 'A 2. KW' ' -.- 5'-we W -' ' ' xt 7 V N 1 f l 1 , x if .F . N' Y' 1+ ,, ' . T ri - scunnt -txtshlmi ' -is . ' , '44 ca - ,N 1 35- f.-' ' X , l ml , K CQ PWVJJ? 4 X QU at ig . , "I L ft 'i' - i ri N 2 . , A . ..l- ,AZ ,., Digging into the oval, cindermen charged oll to start their season this year with the Hoosier Relays at Bloom- ington. Shot putters and a distance medley seemed to he the only higientries ol' the season. YX'hen asked ahout predictions for the season, Coach Sullivan replied. "1 don't like to prognosticatef' From the coacl1's view, a tough season was in store for the cin- dermen this year. XYith coach aides Al Nowak and Jerry Butler working with special events, decisive wins over teams from which close losses came last year were anticipated, W Hopes lor this season rested on the shoulders of senior lettermen and a large crop of juniors who turned out for the call ol' the cinder oval. .Wu-. t " . s Q l J , A 3 x ' , s ' s 'W , bu-Nb, y ,JU "1 ., N I f r - 1- I f. Q, 5.-of ' ' . ' M fx - x 1 ' Q 69357, I 3 , ' ' i "- x:Nf'.'-. ' ' N ' 3 GQ N. mu. ' - gxltl 4 ei"'u',kQ I Ax. f I. 2 J h , wsu Ch G "' - K 4. ,V S . , 4 1' 1, . P mm 55. ' - f 0 ' ' Wi- 931. nsnl' I4 - f' S1-'I I xg-.fl ,I ls l' yxwca IU 5 'fig . Rrseru' Track . . . ffmul mwj Doug l1u1u'lu-r. 'II-ny llukur. Ruin-ll 1il'l'l'S, Curl N11-sc'hkc, Mike- llucklvr, Kon Bush, .luhu Sfluu-ich-r, Ruger Hunkius, Su-W NVZIHUI. Ralph Rauulull, Condi llLll'lN Sullixuu. Hmznck mwp Couch blcxry Butler. IAIIKIKV Suulhuul, Dau- Kendall. vlwK'lkl'Y Talbot, Rick Mussvr, lim NILlhlll'SllliIh. Su-u Jeffreys, Stew Capes, Chuck .-Xdzuns, Coach Marion Burleson. at o 'Sf - CUTE S to C lfl eflTleI'l h ' ' ffm- .' g , ., ' 4 Y V 'W - f, ',-ff .141 Q . any ,if Q 4. , b ,. Q X, X np 5 W , , K ix! ,fjgiifw U . d 0 ... H' I - ' 1 , . . . -- 1 - - - f - '. " V" -Q X T'if5fi,,,, p .nn ul . . . xg 1 lumpcl Bull IL-ll, soplumumc, thc- lm: .uul nlaulx has ,gun . . . . , . ip wf ..y M.1', iff jgifffj xqhkff ' dcsccut. Blll look first nn thc mccl wxlh xx2lShlll'I0lI. V? 'K if E- Jfw' --.- 3 -- g,3?5-gff - , , ,lb 1 uf '-'-f H M . 2 4 U 5 A '- A: X3 'I - , Lk, iffy. 1 . , fn, 1 Q ig. ,, ,Q- .Auwf ' ' ' ' 9 4,4 that brought him ll sclnm Vuosic-1' Rclzus. Than" Shu Goes . . . Iuuim' lim ,Xllmcklv lots thc shui pul flv, shuwiug thc form l lcuml ul thc 1 4 Wu? W sf' 4 SW' .J fa f 7 ' 4- . 4 K 5 5 Mx gf .M f j 4 QV , i Wx , -rv! 1 my 'ff X S. 1' if ' xv.. . ggi ' , 1 S X ' ,,: .N"i X A .Q . Varsity Golf . . . Qfront rowj Bob Gaier, Russ Roberts, Craig xVlllldfllS Dick Parker Qsecond iowj Bob Grav. Doug Felkins. Al Jarvis, Dave Tousley. Denny Dresser thick iouj lim Kains, Hank fitillllilll. .leiix Carr. Bob Loiton, Mike Curran. Linksters swing 'fore' better season record , it V , , . , . , .V . if , ,' 1 . , 259- 5 ' .1 s e' ,. 'XJ' f if 442 2 ' Q ' . 1 W t We 2, gs ' I 7 fs. 1 4 QW- ,, we f f. Q Q Af Q , .5242-lb . V: f 3, Z 2 ,G Q 2 f .. ' rfizwhv , sf A ' 5 Ji f i ' f ' g I V, . r Yfw ,Q N 1, t , ' Mi ,. ,V M B L, ,em f- iq, s.,.swQw,: , . 1.51, L Q - , - fs 71 W ,Z W A fini, ty yi? 1 hw xii? ISE f we f, . X ., . . ' -ssws-s.fs:Ys X wwf, or .i .fm ',-:.sV- or . " at 'X Q , viz-fbi X - A .- W v f f . fr W . Q' ' X' . , . ,,,. , I .4-isis 4 1 ' Q qw' .' -f ' f' ' i i, jfs, W sv is 314: f ' Watch the Birdie . . . Senior .XI .larx is tees off for South Ciroies fourth green as Hob I.oilon, iunior, observes. Returning alter a 7-8-1 season last year, linksters looked to returning Lettermen Denny Dresser and Bob Lorton to push the top squad positions. XVith practice beginning early in spring. as soon as weather permitted. hopelul golfers headed to the lair- ways ol Pleasant Run to get ready lor a season ol lurl digging. Pleasant Run was again the home course lor linkslers as in the last two years. Under the coacliing ol' Robert Mehl, linksters pulled into a season ol tough city competition. Starting oily the season with Scecina and Cathedral. linksters finished with the sectional and Kokomo. wx: WND?- 3'4. yer HlG't5t?Hgg tltsrt stuntt 5 1 2 ,x V ff, if rw ' 4 f itili if Tennis Team . . . Qfront rowj Dick Kraege. Ingvar Sueberkrop, Vie Owens, Ron Iietnictt, lim Mzntin, R Stoughton. fsecond rowj Jim XVilkinson, Erik Suebcrkrop, lohn Bradley, Mike Daniel, Stu e l,udick, john Prnt Bill Ellison, Bob Loveman, Coach Lyman Combs. Racketmen serve, volley for city prestige S st ti' ' lt's Low! ... lunu vi ox , sc-ties to his tennis 4 ppo IL K -N 5 ,Q u Mn. A i ts. A 5 V 92 it i' , f X ,lxf W 2 N , 'K ss' A ,. , 'Msfw ' -:Wit , we qi X Q L. Ki , . ..... ., Your Turn . . . ,lim Martin, junior, and Ron Stoughton, sophomore. prepare to begin their tennis match. 8 Swinging their rackets, tennis hopefuls worked away , .,,'- then' afternoons with practice in the gym balcony and on the courts when fair weather arrived. YVith a squad ' . . . . , N comprised mostly ot Juniors and sophomores, Coach Ly- man Combs looked for a better season and finish even though the squad was mostly underclassmen. Returning to the squad this year are lettermen jim Martin and Bob Loveman. From ll 4-10 record of last year, the racketmen t V swung into tough city play eyeing a winning season. .s is -It 11 - s Y ts X x r Is, MQ, - :NN Varsity Baseball . , . qfront rowj Dick Crabhain, .lay Tobias, Larry rowj Coach Forest XVHSIIIRII, Jon Peterson, Stewart DeVane, Roland Youse, Bob Harlnas. Kent Lebherz. fsecond rowj Lee Atkinson, Jim Campbell. Scott Evans, Mike Neal. Mike Brodsky. Manager Dick I.entl. Steve Horiat. l.arry Hiner, jim Dobbs, Bill Brown. fback Meranda comprise the varsity diamondmen. Diamondmen expect winning season Plan of Action . . . Coach Forest XVitsman plans his stradt-gy for the approaching game. -, V: .Ja y I , Q .- Us - . . K, an - ,. of x 4 Q! 04.4 , W .- ,, A ,V K I ewfgmn-w-N -'www my M um.-Q j, - ig, With the proper material for a winning baseball team, Coach Forest Vifitsnian looked to 1964 as the brightest season for Arlington. Although the 1963 Knights of the diamond had nine graduating seniors. the team had trouble trying to pro- duce the necessary runs to defeat lHOSt of the prep teams last year. They ended the season with a 5-9 record after losing some tough ones. Even though graduation left many holes in the squad, Coach Mfitsman still had a crop of veterans who had starred the first two years. These five 'lettermen were: 1963 All-City Catcher Steve Horvat: pitchers, Kent Leb- herz and jim Lentzz and glovemen, Larry Hiner and .lim Dobbs. XfVith these live diamondmen and the rest of the team which was dominated by juniors, the squad faced the season with their largest schedule in Arlington's history with 18 games that included encounters with city foes Cathedral and Tech. XfVhen the long season was ended, the juniors had all of the experience needed for the future year. ff! f . wsu . Tm 1 t..'51 rl 1 g ,f.... X f 1 B, ., 25, ' -f ,1 - 1 , ,,V, Jw' ,pf ' : ' 15.5 f 2 1' rw I sw, ,,.,f f M ' ,, W .,, ew 46,951-:,fef'S Ei 1 , T.,-fd, i Out :it First .... X Lhmw lu llic first IDQISUIIIIH Q-I ,vw In als l nn Hlllll is In sliixlu lm thc Img. ' ur' ' 0 , A20 Q On thc- Run . . . Rulguiml Clumpln-ll znppcnis lu In- mi thc , A Y " run as hc sqliurcs annum! lu hunt against Nlzmuail. :gf 4.4: - .,, f ' A 1 M x, f V 55 N A . ix ,f gf fe .M ' ? ' , M If 5 :rf V3 , , , Q ' 1 V Q V" 7",..mb:.f -.f , , , - ,. A Q W-MW04aA,ff,,.mw2-gm, Strike! . . . Pitcher Kent I.L'Ilht'l'l hurls zin- UlIlt'l' strike across thc plate lu his calflicr. with returning lettermen, other hope Reserve Baseball . . . qfrom iuwj Stan Millci, Stcxc jones. Miln- Lcnli, Slcic Bakcr, Dan XX, Doug Schmidt. Qback ruwp Daw Ruclf clcll, John llowcrs, llarolml Milli, Mike lVcln1c1'. Lewis Bcckwilli. Couch Thmnus llnlmhs are thc IKCSCIKXL' lmsclmllcirs. Q r , i x '5 I fx , r x X- x A .se uls my f i Il' 1 ,L 1 ia, i V 4 . x l S ez rf Q 5 x I 4 ii ' , " 1 2 i , 1 , k 5 Faculty five slap senior lettermen, win 48-32 Stutlunts wht: tfxttil in their pllysicul t-tlticzttimi Clqtsst-s may tuntintit- in gym :ts ztssisttmts to tht' ttnttlit-its. 'lin tluzilily :ts tin zissistttnt, tht' sttttlcnt i must shuyy' il'2lllL'liSilllJ qttztlitics, hztvt' at high stgtmling gizttlt' zty't'i'zigt', Qtntl liztrticipzitt' in CXll'2t- t'tu'1'it ttlzn' :tt tiyitit-s. Cllizillcnging thc lzttttlty liyt' this yt-:lr wcre tht- scnim lt'ttt-imt-ii who tlttrctl to trczitl tm tht' szttrt-tl ttmttit ul thc ltttulty. ,Xltt-in at litilli-tinit' tltuttllntk. tht' Izttttlty wtm. 48-32. Kings ul tht' iiitixtiiitttiztl courts this yt-ati' yy't't't' tht' liattklmzml Btingt-is-lfrusli-Stipliuiiirwt' lt-:tgut-, :tml tht- iXi1liL'lllL'll--Illllltll'-SClllUl' lt-ugtit-. Girl's Gym Assistants . . . tfmnt myvy Shari .IiCg2ll'tlK'll. Sherry Kisselmzm airtlsfm. ylaint-t Xyulgniiiut, .lt-imy Mlzims. liulilii Wilrtm, Suzy' Sims. Lintlgi Cllitltlcn. ttliiitl myyy Phyllis l'm't'iiitni, lktttlzi Suntlt-rs, Clintly Pmtlitw' Mzttlelyn Ncztl, Mznsliti Ctmpstitk, l,t-t- .Xmi Sprtitilt-, Slmtmi Sfiziyy' , , l -tl ' Sli l'- - . 'f I"-xt .S -'Q t Sz Proulcd Pedagogumx V - - Mill fnculu chcmwlcmllws Mlm l-tllll 1 Itblyl ltlttll xlllllitlX ltggy itstm htllt Blytiit, hmm .V , y I . 1 .u . . . . l',tlyy'ztl'tls, lyziicii l,lt'll, liatilmigt l'4mtl. f..imlyn ixtblllltlll, Nllss Phyllis Rt'1tlt'll, tintl Nllss f.t'tt-lin Ytiltimtus, Boy's Gym Assistants . . . tfimit mwj Stcyt- llnltlityvtiy, kt-n Rulim. Slay Sinn. tst-umtl mwl Matty Rtvli1'liiani..Iilii Xyillizims, Dick Millt-i ttliiitl inyyy lim Bliss, lt-iiy llzikt-i, ltttltl't'ii, Dick Nlwztiitlzi, rluuitli muy Int' Schuh. .lim lnlnisnn. Rusty Wann, Run Nlillci. 1 'wi Q., 'fs'- X i A K t Going up! . . . Btitl Sites got-s up for two points yyhilt- Ifrctl Bowmtin zittvinpts In rc- tuyvi tht' ligtslwtliztll, Btxrharu Kllizistceii. Lintlzt Goins. Nlziry .Xllt-n. tst-mntl myvj Carol Rich, ' is 'A' sweater awards signify varsity athletes l Lettenm-n's Choire . . . qlcft to right :nouml prcsiclcnt Stu c l'm'x'itp Camliilzilcs fm' l,L'lll'llllCll Qucvu im- ,Xnilzi Dios. lizilln' C'l1u'k xvllllilil knoll. Carol Simmons. and Pauli Hzirpcr. LCltCI'lIlCll'S Club . . . ffront rowj jim Dobbs, .Xtkinsmy lluhu QlSS0ll, Dc-nm' llrc-sscr. Ron Czluscy, Sri-vc llolclziwziv. Miki' Milli-1, Bob il'ri-cs, Emlilx lYllll2ll1lS, mlm- Perkins, Sli-vi' Hm'nit, tscmml muy Bml lxcssclmgm, Dnug Huuclwr, 'lim Klciiilivlu-l', K1-nl l,t'lJllClAl, lim Nlnilin. l,in'rx llincr. 'lim lA'llll, Bill Bm-ll. Dick Milli-i', llrizm ilimicli, SlL'XL' Capes. flhinl mmm Rick 'l'humz1s, Lurix Ciultri-ll, ,lurk Kllairkv, Nltlrly Rllllllllilll, Slum' l-1slzlln'unk,'l'mn Hunt, 'lk'i'i'x 'liuim'i. Huh l.m'tm1, lim lX'illi1ims, Dick Bnilm-v. tfourlli mwy 'lim blulmsun. Dam Mm-k. Miki' Null, Stvwzirl lh'Vzlm', Ruger lYllzu1u. 'lim .xl'lPllf'lilK'. kluhn livilhlu, Run Millcr, lfrzmk XYYQIIII, Nlilw Nlili-xx limb lux Clllllll. ilhe l,L'llL'l'lllL'll's Club is unnpusccl ol the Iinesl LlllllL'lL's lmm cw-15 spoil. 'Ip bc cligiblc lm' membership. czuh lcllcruizm must lmvc aibilily plus spurlsmamsliip ziml sclmul spiisil. liwiwr iucinlmcr, nhl or new, must show that f llClSi1llJ2llJlCHl Illllllllilllllllg thc high slzimlzmls which thi- club hzis KlCClllL'll rcprcscillzilivc ol ,Xrlingloii 'l'hc' IX' lllL'll spfmsmui scwrzil 4-vi-nis incluiling thc l,cllcrmcn's ljilllfif. lhcy sulcl progrzuus gil lhc lllllltlll' L'YL'lllN nml hclcl the mpc-s ul bziskclbznll g2lll1l'h.'llUlCllLl thc club in its zictivilics, thc mciubcrs clcclcil Slow Hurvzil. lJliL'NlllL'lllI lim xlulmson, Vlfk'-lJl'L'SlKlL'lll1 ziml lic-nl l.cImIu-rr. scciclziry- lrcznsurcr. Hold That Lim- . , . Senior lcllcrllmii Simi' llurxut, holds back thc Cmwml iluring ii lmmc lmziskvllmll QQIIIIC. Varsity Cliccrlcadt-rs . , . flrft to riglitp Patti Hoopt-r, Sn-xic Rt-itli-r. ,lc-nnv Mlznns. Xlkintlzi Knoll, untl Yickt- Lairtvi mltlctl spznrltlc. lllc. znntl color to foollmll :intl lmziskt-tlmll QQIIIIVS. Cheerleaders, cheerblock,-pep band 1' if K ll l Rcst-ru' Cl1ct'l'lt'altlt'l's . . , tlcft to rightl Shari 'lit'gSll'tlL'll, l,ois Plnlli qs, Ili Nunn I ' vntlzi 'lsthirt'n. Nlgirsliai floznpstitlt, unml St lIlClilt'l'. Frcslnncn Kiln-ci'lciulc1's . . . llcft to iightj Dchhic Sthniitlt, Nunn Tziyloi. llrhhic King. junct Quukcn- hush. :intl lunitt' lJt'Stt'filno, "Col Fight! XVinl" wcrt' three wortls usccl by thc liiiiglitk cliccrlczulcrs to zirousc thc spirit and cnthusizisnl ol all those who zitlcnclt-tl loothull :intl hziskcthzill gznncs. Tho ciliecrlcgulws trunsniittccl their conl'iclcnc'c in thc tt-inns to thc crowds who in turn supported :intl letl our Imoys on to victories. Many product-tl tht- livc varsity und reserve cliccrleatlers. while St-plcnilmcr yicltlccl thc live lrosh crop. For tryouts tht' girls wt-rc rcqtiiix-tl to prvscnt live- niinutc speeches, tlircc tlict-rs, gintl liw clillcrcnt jumps to 11 group of judges. llnclcr tht' tlircction ol Mrs. Btmlccii Schniiclt, the girls przuticccl oltl chccrs :incl new cheers. acquired at a sunnncr rznnp. to znrousc spirit in thc liuns. At the winter sports hzxnqucl thc C'llL'Cl'lC2lllCl'S rcccivctl zlwzirtls for their cllorts :intl work. Arrayetl in black and outlined by the Golclenaires, the Cheerblock acltls color anal enthusiasm to all the home basketball games. They not only boost our rotnulballers during the home games but contribute much to the morale ol' the lians tluring 'l'ourney antl Sectional rllllllL'. llncler the tlirection ol' Mrs. liurtleen Schmitlt anal with the help ol' the eheerleatlers, the 140 members ol' the Cheerbloek create new antl tlillerent routines to boost teznn spirit. impressing many oli our opponent schools. the eheerhloek creates a colorlul hackgrotnul lor the sports events. The members, with their black outfits antl white gloves, help the Golclenaires, in their white antl goltl sweaters, to lorm impressive letters antl motions. The Clheerhloek is not the only group that raises school spirit. Untler the leadership of Mr. Geraltl Knipliel, the Pep Band strives to promote enthusiasm. ,R 5 .kitltfs Hail . . . Seniors Date t.erou'. Hill l'lllgl'lQllll, antl lotlwl flllllt'SS salute the lmasltetlrall team with a lanlate. spark spirit, enthusiasm during games "Give Mc One Big Fight!" . . . Members of the fheerhlock respontl to this Cheer as they cheer knight leant members on to victory. tloltlenaires form an against the uniforms ol the block. , , s s sw, Jw-is 1 mums-.ff:fx"-v :sk Pia fig. .. , A .- 5 XV f S J 2 f sf? H " 'iw f , 27" f P .Y , ff 'H , far' 5.1 X Q Afilud Grads . . . Limlal S1J1llkS wgltcllcs us hcl mulhcr fits thc Illullill' Immml on twin sislcl' Czllul. Thunderous Applause . . . EKIIICLI' P lioll and ClllQCl'l2lillIllC1ll wcrc plmimlml vluring mmuczntions. The presence of so huge a of academic achievement. to society as young to become toward a corridor each day CES Pri: student body by use of his office microphone. 1 B On the shoulders of the administrative personnel lay the responsibility and success ot a school-its curricula, its student body, and its varied activities. Headed by Principal Ralph Clevenger, the administrative and teaching starts not only spend many long hours in the classroom but also sponsor various clubs and chaperon school dances. Assisting Mr. Clevenger in the top administrative posts are Vice-principals Robert Turner and Thomas Haynes. These are the men charged with the responsi, bility of student programing and counseling. They stand ready' to answer questions of pupils and their parents. YVorking not only during the school year but also during the summer months, the administrators begin planning lor future growth and providing lor the expanded fa- cilities necessitated by Arlingtons increased student population. Administrators strive 1 fr? . 1' A Toil and Trouble . . . Vice-principal Robert Turner pauses from Pausing and Pondering . . . Vice-principal Thomas Haynes looks his work lo greet gi xisitoi to his office, up for at minute from his paper work. F l l l 5' M .W l r l P t ll? E5 if E l 1 l -nhl unsung f 27 'llhe elluient lunttiuning ol ll stlruol rellects the nraurx lmurs ul work that is clone hy the ulhte stzrll. lhey not I l The Dean's List . . . Dean nf Boys Rnhert Gwyn takes time tn Counsel at stumlent nn nn incliximlunl pmhlem. These Reeords Tell . . . Dean nf Girls Mrs. lielgen Wells luoles in the files tu final gr stu1lent's reunal. 1 l t ' t ' lr' li cf ' t cf d XVithout the zrssistznrte ol' the Dean ul Pmys :intl the Dean of Girls, it is inrpussihle to halve El WCll-O1'g2iIlll6tl G5 school. Advising and tounseling students, as well :rs t serving in zuhninistrative capacities, are part ul' their encoinpassing cluties. However. their responsibilities are not restricted tu ofhee work. Mr. Gwyn is to-spmisnr nl Honor Society anal Ol"I' treasurer: Mrs. XXX-lls :assists with Stutlent Council. only answer the telephone hut they also keep ztccurztte liL'L0l'Llh ol' zrttenclzinte und scholastic' zuhieveinent. The nlhee workers :ne lnuncl in the houksture and attentlznue ulhce lls well :rs in the rnzrin uflice. 'lihe work nl these wunren Illll'llJlllf'S to the srnnnth ulrerzrtimr nl mn stlmnl. Behind the Scenes . . . Members of the office stuff are Mrs. ,lane Gillette. Mrs. Mite lfitlgeinlil, Mrs, ' june Hornheek, Mrs. 1illl1llJL'll1 Brown, Mrs. Florence Gill, lx'Il'S.1lQlll1llI Dahl, Miss Nlirignn llnwe. znul Mrs. Dorutliy Sanders. Office perscmnel keep the wheels of .Xrlingtnn turning snumthlx. l l V98 I .rv . i l Q l l t b was - V Y, 2 if - Lf wg . f 9' X 'K as-in 1 '17 xx , jj I -+ ' li A 'QW' + ' I L 1? 1-9 :incl Rcrlwrt 'l'urnc'r Clcrcm ll tunc 'H Z 551235 , A Tc-uc'l1c'r's Trauma . . . .lcuuc-s Gran' turns in scniestc-r llllill-QS for his hmnc-rcmcnn stuclc-nts tc: fcllcrw tezichel lltcnugis 'lihcnn :scan ui at rrztclc icccnclinf session. XVhilc' mtuclc-nts xiicuticuic-cl lic-twec-n sc-inc-stc-rs, tc-gichvis Incnwln ' 3 much IN'llll1Illl'lll tcccncl czucl up tu clitc- guicl cicnnpletcwl sluclx slips tm stuclc-nt c-nicsllinc-ut. Music' Mc-n . . . Rcnlielt llnclc-rhill, Hurcplcl Slnupc-. Lylllllll Clcnnlms, , .I algae, . 'Ji " I ',,- Lf, X lei..-f, f V Q ' l Zi ff' If t " 'X A, 1 -1-Y ggi - ut the faculty clinncr. 'luv fx t 1 y , f , fm wi' A it' , I f f I 97. M5e.,.tffi Faculty Clowns Around .... 'Xn uniclvntific' cl lnctttltv lnc'lnlac'r clcrwns fcn his ccrllc'.iguc's nt Ihr cninuul lillllllly tllllIlt'l, Faculty offers 'l'c-ztclicts constitute unc' ul thc' contributing lactcirs ol the excellence in at scliucml, uncl Atilirigtcnfs 1-ll "peda- guguc-s" certainly enhznicc- this image with over half of the teaching faculty ligiving zittziincicl ztclvancecl degrees, uizuiy lruni Incliztnzt colleges :incl tniixusitics. Dcclicatecl to thc-ir prcmlc-ssimi auicl sincerely interested in the schulzutic' 1ltlllCVt'1Ilt'llIN ul thc-ir stuclents, thebe instruc- tors liztvc- at unicluc- ulipmttttiity' to tcutch in une of the nc-wc-st :incl hen eclttiplmecl huilclingu in the stzitc-. Minn cyl thc-se "persc'x'c'ritig" inclivicluztls takc- tinic' out ltcnn grzicling pztpcfrs toslmltscil'c'Xll1lctlt'l'iclll2llXclltlms :incl ctssist stuclents with special zmigiitiieiits or prciblc-nts. As ztcitivc' lllL'lIlllCl'S in thc' Olyli tcztcliers serve :ts oH'icc'rs :incl participzttcl in the seinemter Open Houses where they liavc- thc- chztncie to talk with parents about their EOIIISCS :incl stuclents. Fciculfy RALPH CLEVENGER-BA, MS Indiana University, Principal ROBERT TURNER-BA DePauw University, MA University of Havana, MA Ball State Teachers Col- lege, Vice-principal THOMAS HAYNES-BS, MS Butler University, Vice- principal ROBERT GXVYN-BS, MS Butler University, Dean of Boys MRS. BELGEN WELLS-BS Indiana State College. MS Indiana University, Dean of Girls JAMES ABRAHAM-BS Indiana University, Director of Planetarium, science MRS. MARGARET ARMENOFF-BS Indiana State College, MS Butler University, business education RALPH BAILEY-BS, MS Butler University, social studies MARY BENEDICT-BS. MS Butler University, Director of Publications, English WILLIAM BESS-BS, MS Butler University, science THOMAS BRETHAUER-BS, MS Butler University, Elementary Cuidance Director, English MRS. BONNIE BURDICK-BS Ball State Teachers College. English MRS. CAROL BURKHALTER-BA L'niversity of Oregon, foreign language JERRY BUTLER-BS Butler University. English, freshman football and basketball coach. encouragement MRS. DELINDA CALDWVELL-BS Butler University, business education LOUIS CHANEY-AB Indiana University, MS Butler University, science MRS. MAXINE CLARK-AB, MS Indiana University, English MRS. SANDRA COI-IEN-BS, MA Indiana University, library, English LYMAN COMBS-BS Butler University, MS Indiana University. head of physical education department MRS. PATRICIA CRAFTON-BS Indiana University, home economics CAROL DETHLEF-BS Ball State Teachers College, business education THOMAS DOBBS-BS Ball State Teachers College, mathematics, reserve basketball coach PRISCILLA EDSON-BS Indiana University, business education PATRICIA EGANHAB Hanover College. English LARRY ELBRINK-AB, MA Indiana State College, mathematics JAMES ELLIS-BS, MS Indiana University, physical education, varsity wrestling coach JERRY EMERY-BS Indiana Central College, art OWEN FAIR-BS Oakland City College, MA Indiana University, mathematics R Jim ff r' it 'cr' Sa- is -' I 'vi i H 1- Q Va. iz. , J? get Y J f"7'4: J Pre 'LA 'J .t 9 i We X " tt ' L,-f.. FM ,, 4 W 'Je l xi, if sf 0 f 1 , 4 . ., ' M -'-Q f -, X WR. if 'iv s....,x My 1" 'ah ""'T-nl .im 03: Y Plohnql Q' laws KS" IRQ, .Kama ,-, 'iw 'X 5 ir. i"'u"N, C-. vw 'N 9 09 Q . A A ,,,.V A ',"' an 2 'Q-wav M - I '21 357 I 42 SQ A "" .- M 'clla A Q 'd-Qwdw I wiht X 'V J, '-Of., ,. -we? , V " kj Q if ',A .ve ." ' A ry. ' -n o 'P A. 3 i2k'5.lTi if' ,arf ak as ' QAAA X AAA , f-"" AfAs'gf V 94 r fi? Q Af?i3 'fiae If J' T P mvf-U1 6 . 'fzs-'. I , f ' , . A LSI' iff I ' ,, J HMM-N Q V, at f ,4t'g,ywg,- "' ' -f-I: om' 3 M563 V.. ,Fink 2 - 'if X "tr"'T 3, ...yay ,X RSM -"s 'tx P Facuhy GEORGE FELDMAN-AB Hanover College, MA In- diana University, foreign language WILLIAM FISHBACK-AB, MA Indiana University, head of foreign language department BENJAMIN FORT-BS, MA Butler University, social studies EDDIE FOSTER-BS Butler University, science, ath- letics RONALD FRANK-BS, MS Purdue University, in- dustrial arts MRS. GLADYSMAE GOOD-BS Butler University, science MRS. EMMA GOODE-BS Manchester College, home economics MRS. ROWENA GRAUB-BS Butler University, school nurse MRS. JEANNE ANN GRAVES-MA Indiana Univer- sity, social worker VICTOR GRAVES-BS University of Michigan, MS Indiana State College, head of industrial arts depart- ment MISS ELIZABETH GRAY-AB, MA Butler University, social studies JAMES GRAY-BS, MS Indiana State College, indus- trial arts MRS. MARILYN HARDWICK-BS, MS Indiana Uni- versity, head of home economics department BERNARD HEEKE-BS, MS Indiana State College. Director of Auditorium, industrial arts WILLIAM HERING-BS Dennison University, MS Indiana University, social studies ALICE J. HESSLER-BS, MS Butler University, Eng- lish, cadet teacher sponsor JOHN HOLMES-AB Valparaiso University, MA Indiana State College, Director of Audio and Visual Aids, social studies RALPH HORINE-BS Ball State Teachers College, music, Arlingtones and choirs ELBERT HOWELL-BS, MS Butler University, social studies PAUL HUTSON-BA, MS Butler University, social studies MRS. MARGARET JANERT-BS University of Cin! cinnati, MS Butler University, social studies JAMES JOHNSON-AB, MA Indiana University, Eng- lish N NICHOLAS JORDAN-BS, MA Butler University. social studies MRS. ELIZABETH JULIAN-AB DePauw University, library JOHN KATSAROPOULOS-BA Indiana Central Col- lege, foreign language GERALD KNIPFEL-BM Butler University, bands LINDA KUONEN-BA DePauw University, English THOMAS LAND-head custodian Faculty HAROLD LLOYD-BS Ball State Teachers College, MS Butler University, science DONALD LOSTUTTER-BS Hanover College, math- ernatics MRS. ROSALINE LONGSHORE-music accompanist ROBERT MCCLARY-BS Indiana University, science CHARLES MAAS-BS, MS Butler University. Director of Athletics MRS. BETTY MARLEY-BS, MS Indiana University, health PATRICIA MAUREY-BS, MS Butler University, social studies MRS. MARILYN MAYHILL-BA, MA Butler Univer- sity, English MRS. SALLY MAZE-BS Ball State Teachers College, MS Butler University, business education ROBERT MEHL-BS, MS Butler University, health, varsity basketball coach DELMAR MERRITT-BS Indiana Central College, science MRS. ZONDA MONTGOMERY-BA University of Minnesota, music JOHN MORRIS-AB DePauw University, MA Uni- versity of Pennsylvania. head of social studies depart- ment MRS. RACHEL MUIR-AB Grove City College, math- ematics MRS. IOSEPHINE NICHOLS-BS Stetson University, MS Purdue University, mathematics CAROLYN NORMAN-AB Purdue University, foreign language AL NOWAK-BS, MS Indiana University, science, varsity football coach y RICHARD OGLESBY-BS, MS Indiana State College, science JAMES ORLOSKY-AB Franklin College, mathe- matics LOUISE PADOU-AB Butler University, MA Univer- sity of Wisconsin, English MRS. HENRIETTA PARKER-BS Carnegie Insti- tute of Technology, science HELEN PEARSON-AB, MA Indiana University, head of mathematics department SHARON PROVART-BS. MS Southern Illinois Uni- versity, English MRS. BARBARA RAINWATER-AB Butler Univer- sity, English PAULINE RATHERT-AB, MS Indiana University, mathematics PHYLLIS RIEDELL-AB Indiana University, English SUE RITTER-AB Butler University, English THOMAS ROBINSON-BE, MS Purdue University, industrial arts ' X . ! M93 -an VV I' aw. M0 ,V 5' 4 6 4 'Af ,,, ff H.. ,, 5, , I f f I -n 4' 'O' es. . ,.- ,z xgwg 'fig w r.- 41,253 ,936 -ar r""" ,M-A gt, if QQ, .h.'x i. 5 , X .4 s . EY fliyfi f A X wtf , s 5. f A f -:S S. fits? Q 'sz-.ze if t ' .1 I Faculty DAVID ROGERS-BS Indiana University, science MRS. MARGARET ROGERS-AB Indiana Univer- sity, foreign language MRS. MARGARET ROWE-BS Indiana University, MA Northwestern University, head of business edu- cation department MRS. BURDEEN SCHMIDT-BS Indiana University, physical education MRS. MARGARET SCHROEDLE-AB Hanover Col- lege, MS Butler University, library ELLSWVORTH SHADE-AB Indiana Central College, MA Butler University, foreign language, social studies HAROLD SHARPE-BS Indiana State College, mathe- matics JOHN SIMPSON-BAE John Herron Art Institute, art department head BRUCE SKILES-BS, MS Butler University, science PRISCILLA SMITH-BS, MS Indiana State College, music, orchestra EARL SNELLENBERGER-BAE John Herron Art Institute, art WARREN SPRUNGER-BS Butler University, art JACK STABLER-BS, MS Indiana State College, science HARRY SULLIVAN-BS, MS Butler University, Eng- lish, athletics MRS. NANCY TAYLOR-BS Indiana University, Eng- lish KENNETH THOMPSON-MS Indiana University, physical education THOMAS THOMPSON-BS Indiana State College, industrial arts JEAN UESSELER-AB, MA Ball State Teachers Col- lege, business education ROBERT UNDERHILL-BS Purdue University, math- ematics CECILIA VALAORAS-BA DePauw University, Eng- lish JOHN VARDAMAN-BS, MA Ball State Teachers College, Program and Ticket Manager, industrial arts MRS. BERYL VAUGHAN-BS, MS Butler University, English, developmental reading JANE VOGT-BS Indiana University Normal College, physical education HENRY VOLK-AB Franklin College, MS Indiana University, mathematics CHARLES WAGGONER-BS, MA Ball State Teachers College, business education MRS. JANET WEAVER-BS Indiana University, MS Butler University, business education HELEN WEBB-AB Butler University, English DANIEL WELCH-MS Butler University, Director of Guidance Faculty DONALD WHITE-AB Hanover College, science MERLE WIMMER-BS Ball State Teachers College. MS Butler University, head of science department MRS. ELIZABETH WILDHACK-AB Butler Univer- sity, English FOREST WITSMAN-BFE Purdue University, MS Butler University, social studies, athletics JEAN WOOD-AB Bucknell University, MA Butler University, head of English department MRS. DAVEDA WYATT-AB East Central Street College, MA University of Oklahoma, Director of Productions, English HAROLD YANT-BS, AMT Indiana University. mathematics ROBERT ZETZL-BS Purdue University, science RUSSELL BASKETT-AB Butler University, science DAVID BLASE-AB Indiana University, science MRS. ELIZABETH BROWN-main office, Mr. Cle- venger's secretary MRS. MARJORIE JETER-attendance office e' IQ' ,J , A s Camera Shy Teachers JOHN ALLEN-BS Butler University, social studies WILLIAM BEST--BS Purdue University, MS Butler University, science MARION BURLESON-BS Indiana Central College, driver's education, athletics RON CHAPPELL-BS Butler University, physical edu- cation MRS. MARJORIE CHRISTY-BS Indiana State Col- lege, home economics DONALD CLODFELTER-BS Butler University, MS University of Mississippi, mathematics MRS. SUSAN FIELD-MA Purdue University, home economics ROBERT HEALY-AB Butler University, social studies MRS. CLARENA HUFFINGTON-BA Indiana Central College, English DAVID KLINKOSE-AB Indiana University, social studies CARL KRAUCUNAS-BS Eastern State College, MS Butler University, industrial arts WILLIAM KUNTZ-BS Marian College and Butler University, MS Butler University, driver's education, athletics CLAUD McKINSEY-AB Indiana University, social studies DONALD MANNAN-BS Indiana University, social studies MARK NUTTAI.-BS Butler University, social studies TED POLLOCKQBS, MS Indiana University, physical education, athletics MRS. MERCEDES PORTILLA-MA University of Havana, foreign language MARGARET REYNOLDS-.XB Indiana l'niversity. Science KAREN ROESSLERMBA DePauw University, foreign language SHEILA SIMKIN-BS Indiana University. foreign language RALPH STATON-BS, MS Ball State Teachers Col- lege, business education JAMES URBAIN-BA DePauw University, English 299' 4, , 444' Jeff!! " mf 'S' ii 'WW 4' ifv t,,,,.4ns. 'gg' 'XXV Jaw 'QTY E31 Class of '64 Senior V.I.P.'s . . . First Vice President Betty Bowman, Alumni Secretary Penny johnson, President Larry Flick, Second Vice President Steve Horvat, Treasurer Kent Lebherz, Secretary Stevie Reider. ANDREA ADAMS-Ifuture Nurses Club 3-43 Howe High School. LINDA ALEXANDER-Southport High School. LINDA ALONZO-Lancer Staff fl-4, Copy Editor 43 Goltlenaires 3-43 F.'Ii.A. 3-43 junior Achievement 33 Variety Show 3-43 Cirls Concert Choir 33 Booster Club 3-43 Quill and Scroll 43 Broad Ripple High School. JUDITH ANN ANDERSON-National Honor Society I5-43 Latin Club 3-4: Booster Club 2: Broad Ripple High School. MARGARET ANDERSON-Cirls Concert Choir 2-43 F.T.A. 43 Cymnastics Club 33 Drama Club 23 Broad Ripple High School. JOHN R. ATKINS-Broatl Ripple High School. RICHARD ATLAS-Science Club 2-31 Math Club Qfii Amateur Raclio Club 2-33 junior Achievement 33 Broad Ripple High School. JIM BAILEY-Reserxe lfootball 2: Intramural Basketball 2-4: Broad Ripple High School. DICK BAILEY-Varsity Football 2-43 Track 22 junior Prom King Candidate: "Knight" Candidate 43 Intramural Basketball 2-43 I.ettermen's Club 2-4: Shortritlge High School. ANNETTA C. BALL-Cirls Concert Choir 3: Tech High School. JOE BALLINGER-Varsity Tennis 23 A.P.S.C. 23 junior Achieiement: Concert Choir 2-43 Broad Ripple High School. CARL BARNES-Track 3-43 lVarren Central High School. RICHARD BARRANCO-Broatl Ripple High School. CAROLE BAYNES-Broad Ripple High School. GREG BECK-Varsity Football 2: Reserxe Basketball 23 Variety Show 43 Intramural Basketball 3-43 Howe High School. ' SUE BECKER-Concert Choir 2-41 Booster Club 22 If.B.I..A. 43 Bowling League 3-43 Lancer and Accolacle Rep- resentative 33 Shortritlge High School. GEORGE SEIFERT BENNINGTON-Ham Ratlio Club 3: Safety Council 43 lVootli'iew junior High School. ANDREA BEYERS-Shortritlge High School. TOM BISHOP-Art Club 2-33 junior Achievement 43 Tennis 33 Shortritlge High School. PHILLIP GARTH BITNER-Student Council Alternate 43 Tech High School. Class of '64 JO ANN BLANKENSHIP-Talent Show 3-43 Variety Show 3-43 Booster Club 23 Lancer Representative 2: Broad Ripple High School. ROBERT E. BLOUGH-Student Council 2, Alternate 33 Debate Team 3-43 School Play 43 National Thespians 43 Senior Colors Committee 43 Senior Play 43 Broad Ripple High School. KAREN MICHELLE BOCKHOLT-Art Club 2-43 Red Cross Club 33 Broad Ripple High School. DARLENE GAIL BOFFING-Tech High School. CRAIG BOGGS-Baseball 2-43 Intramural Basketball 43 Broad Ripple High School. FLOYD E. BORDEN-Broad Ripple High School. DABNEY BOURDON-Drama Club 23 Talent Show 33 Variety Show 43 junior Achievement 43 Girls Concert Choir 33 Concert Choir 23 Shortridge High School. SUSAN BOURNE-National Honor Society 3-43 Student Council 33 F.T.A. 23 Quiz Team 3-43 Girls Concert Choir 3-43 Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow 43 Constitu- tion Committee 43 Itloodview junior High School. BETTY BOWMAN-1-'irst Vice President Senior Cl2lSSj Booster Club 3-43 Goldenaires 43 Lancer Staff 2-43 Student Council 2-43 Quill and Scroll 3-4, President 43 "Gail" Candidate 43 I'Voodview Junior High School. JIM BOYER-Variety Show 3-43 Howe High School. STEPHEN T. BROOKS-Reserve Basketball 23 Intramural Basketball 33 Track 33 Riverside Military Academy. jAMES T. BROUCHER-Marching Band 2-43 Concert Band 2-43 Concert Orchestra 3-43 Cross Country 3-43 His- tory Club 43 Intramural Basketball 3-43 Track 2-13 IVest- lane junior High School. DIANA BROWN-Concert Choir 2-43 Booster Club 2-42 Math Club 2: F.T.A. 23 Student Council 33 Variety Show 43 Constitution Committee 43 Broad Ripple High School. KATHERINE ANN BROWN-Future Nurses Club 23 I.atin Club 3-4, Officer 33 Girls Concert Choir 2-4, Presi- dent 43 Talent Show 33 Broad Ripple High School. LIONEL BROWN-Eastwood junior High School. MARTHA SUE BROWN-Booster Club 2: junior A- chievement 3-43 Drama Club 23 Broad Ripple High School. WILLIAM A. BROWN-Hlrestling 43 Scecina High School 1-3. MILDRED BROWNING-Powell Valley High School, Big Stone Gap, Kentucky. PHILIP BRUNER-History Club 43 Glee Club l-2: Broad Ripple High School. DEENA SUE BUTLER-Student Council Secretary 43 Goldenaires 23 Booster Club 2-43 "Cindy" 33 "Cale" 43 Lettermen's Queen Candidate 33 junior Prom Queen Candidate3 Homecoming Queen Candidate 43 Talent Show Chairman 43 Talent Show 3-43 Variety Show 3-43 Accolade 3-43 Senior Colors Committeeg Broad Ripple High School. DIANNE KAY BUTTERFIELD-Arling-tones 2-43 French Club President 43 National Honor Society 3-43 Talent Show 3-43 Variety Show 3-43 Concert Choir 2, Secretary 3-43 Lancer IRCIJTCSCIIIZIIIYCQ Student Council Alternate3 Richfield High School, I'Vaco, Texas. HANS E. BYNAGLE-Math Club 3-43 National Honor Society 3-43 Auditorium Technician 3-43 Broad Ripple High School. BONDA CAMPBELL-Tri-Hi-Y 3-43 FBLA 43 I'Voodview Junior High School. ROLAND CAMPBELL-Intramural Basketball 2-43 March- ing Band 3-43 Howe High School. MICHAEL CANFIELD-I-Voodview junior High School. DAVID E. CARLEY-Intramural Basketball 2-33 Football Manager 43 Wrestling Manager 43 Broad Ripple High School. THOMAS CARR-Broad Ripple High School. DEBRA CARSON-Broad Ripple High School. M QY4 A,--- ,ns all - K "'l'2W's 'OW My N 'TLZY VI' , Qvvv Q 49' ,119 MG -an 2' -adv r"" .i ang! ' 9 mix 'Q 'Qs N. ,V ivan' Class of '64 JANICE CARSON-Senior Colors Committee: Honor S0- ciety 43 Broad Ripple High School. SANDRA CASSNER-Drama Club 2: Booster Club 2-3: National Honor Society 3-43 Messenger 33 Nursing Asst. 3-43 Broad Ripple High School. CAROLYN SUE CAVE-FBLA 3: Broad Ripple High School. ' LARRY D. CHANDLER-Concert Choir 2-33 Arlingtones 3: Variety Sfiow 3-4: Talent Show 33 Shortridge High School. jOHN THOMAS CHAPPELOW-Student Council Alter- nate 23 Talent Show 3-4: Variety Show 33 Marching Band 2-4: Concert Band 2-4: Broad Ripple High School. BARBARA CHASTEEN-Coldenaires 24: Student Coun- cil 3-43 Variety Show 3-4: Flag Corps 43 Lancer Repre- sentative 23 Eastwood High School. RICK CLAYTON-Lancer Staff 3-4: junior Achievement 3-4: It-'arren Central High School. RONNIE CLAYTON4XYarren Central High School. KERRY CODER-Concert Band 33 Marching Band 33 Concert Choir 43 Orchestra 3: Bay Village High School. CAROLYN COLLIER-Concert Choir 3-41 Bedford High School. KAREN A. CONNOR-Booster Club 3-4: Homecoming committee 43 Variety Show 3-43 Talent Show 43 Bunker Hill High School. REBECCA S. COOK-XVarien High School. DIANE E. COPSY-Cirl's Concert Choir 2: Concert Choir 3-4: Lancer Reporter 33 Lancer News Bureau Chief 41 Honor Soclety ii--ll Quill and Scroll 3-4. Secretary 43 Variety Show 4: Optimist Club Award: Broad Ripple High School. HENRY COTMAN JR.-Colf 32 XYoodview Junior High School. LINDA COULTER-junior Achievement 3-4: Scecina Memorial High School. PHYLLIS ANN COX-Red Cross 33 Tri-Hi-Y 4: Variety Show 43 Booster Club 4: Broad Ripple High School. BARBARA C. CRISWVELL-CLoldenaires 2-33 Booster Club 2-43 Spanish Club 43 Variety Show 43 Cirl's Concert Choir 2-4: Broad Ripple High School. KATHLEEN CRITCHLOW-Tech High School. NANCY CROSS-Ceorge XVashington High School. BRIAN CROUCH-Cross Country 2-4: Track 2-43 Thes- tling 23 I,ettermen's Club: Variety Show 43 Tech High School. CHERYL y CUNNINGHAM-Booster Club 3-43 Talent Show 3-4: Variety Sfiow 3-43 Coldenaires 43 Constitution Committee 4: Vomecoming Committee 43 Cirl's Concert Club 2-43 Lawrence Central High School. RICHARD L. CURL-XVootlview junior High School. TODD A. CURLESS-Science Seminar 3-43 National Honor Society 43 Dance Band 3-43 Concert Band 242 Marching Band 2-43 Talent Show 43 Quill and Scroll 4: Accolade and Lancer Photographer 843 Journalism Club 2: Woodview jr. High School. CAROLE CUSICK-National Honor Society 43 Cirl's Con- cert Choir 2-33 Concert Clzoir 43 junior Achievement 42 Howe High School. BARBARA LEA DALTON-FBLA 33 junior Achievement 4: Broad Ripple High School. ORLENA KAYE DAMRON-Clee Club 2: Cirl's Concert Choir 3-4: Manual High School. PATRICIA DAVIDSON-Broad Ripple High School. MIKE DAVIS-Auditorium Technicians 2-43 FTA 23 His- tory Club 4: Boys' State: Lancer Staff 3-4. CcrEdilor 43 National Honor Society 3, Treasurer 43 National Thes- pians 3-4: Quill and Scroll 43 Waggener High School, Louisville, Kentucky. Class of '64 KAREN DAVISON-Broatl Ripple High School. MARC DLIBURGER--Bioatl Ripple High School. JUDI IIcCARO-Junior Acfffexenient fl-4: llam Rarlfo Club Secretarv fi: Safety Council 4: Broatl Ripple High School. DON B. DEDIC-Honor Society All Junfoi .Xchierenient 4: Variety Show Act Chairman 4: 'lliespians Ill: Spanish Club fl: Art Club 23: lJ..X.R. .Xwartl Winner 2: .-Xccolatle Staff 4: Shortiitlge High School, SUSAN GAIL DeMUNBRUN--Booster Club fl: Clrls Con- cert Choir S'-l: Shortritlge High School. ANNITA DIES-Lancer Representatixe 2-4: Booster Club 2: Ticket Manager 4: Talent Show fl-l: Variety S'o'.r fli Stutlent Council Alternate 4: Jamboree Queen: i'Cale" Cantlitlate 4: Senior Colors Coniniittee 4: Howe High School. KAREN DITTMER-l'oolball IQLICCII Cantlltlatt' 22 Booster Club 2: Student Council I4--li Coltlenaiies 2: Honor Society l: Eastwootl Junior High School. ROBERT D. DITTON---'lieth High Scht-ol. JIM DOBBS-Stutlent Council 2: Stutlent Council Alter- nate fl: Varsity Cross-Countir 2: Vaisitv Football fl'-l: Re- serve Basketball 2: Varsity 'lliack 'leant 2: Varsity Base- ball S-4: I.ettermen's Club: Tech High School. JOHN M. DREY-Varsity Football 21 Varsity Track 2241 Eastwootl Junior High School. DAVID DUNBAR-Broatl Ripple Iligh School. JOSEPH DUNCAN-Pioln King Cantlitlate fl: lntiaiuui.:l. 2-Il: Shoitiitlge High School. JERRY DUNHAMfJnnioi .Xchiexenient 2: Reseixe Bentl 2A-lg Marching Bantl 4: Chess Club fl-4: Bowling League 3-4: Amateur Ratlio Club fl: Science Club fi: Cernian Club fl: Math Club fi: Broatl Ripple High School. JANE DUNNfChoir 2-4: Honor Society fl-4: F'I'.X 2: Broad Ripple High School. SANDRA LEE EBERSOLE-Booster Club 2: Broatl Ripple High School. BECKY EHRINGER-lfBl.A 2-fl: .Xrt Club 2: Junior Achievement 4: Senior Colors Connnittee: Maplewootl Junior High School. N. J. JOYCE ELZEA-Warren Central High School. JUDITH EMERYV-Art Club 4: Honor Society 4: AVIIISIA burg American High School, fiL'liIIlLlllJ'. KAREN EMMONS-Shortlitlge High School. LYNN ENGLE-Broatl Ripple High School. H. STEPHEN EPPLY-National Honor Society fl-4: Na' tional Science lfountlatfon: Tech High School. STEPHEN ERNEST-Choir 2--l: Arling-tones 3-4: Choa President 4: Talent Show fl-4: Variety Show fl---lg Broatl Ripple High School. RAYMOND ESTEP-Intraniural Basketball 2-4: Softball 2, Track fl. DONALD H. EVETT-Elston High School, Michigan City, Michigan. 1 STEPHEN FAILING-Oceanside Hi:h School, California. BARBARA ANN FARBER-Clee Club fl: Thespians Il-4: "Harvey" 4: Stagecraft 4: Brazil Senior High School. WILLIAM FARR-Manual High School. SUSIE FELL-Booster Club 2: Junior .-Xchievenient 1: Broad Ripple High School. W"-'v Y' i fs? 17 '14, 1? '1 Class of '64 DIANA FESSLER-History Club 43 Booster Club 33 Art Club 3-43 Volleyball 23 Science Club 43 junior Achieve- ment 43 A,P.S.C. 33 Broad Ripple High School. ELAINE FIGG-Tech High School. CAROLYN FISHER-Student Council 23 junior Achieve- ment 33 Booster Club 23 Howe High School. RITA FISHER-Booster Club 2: junior Achievement 43 Broad Ripple High School. WILLIAM V. FITZGERALD-National Honor Society 3-43 Student Council Alternate 33 Marching Band 2-43 Concert Band 2-43 A.P.S.C. 2-43 Optimist Club Award 43 Shortridge High School. LARRY FLEMING-Intramural Basketball 33 Howe High School. WILLIAM E. FLENNIKEN-Lawrence Central High School 1-2. LARRY FLICK-Senior Class President: Student Council Vice President 43 National Honor Society 43 Varsity Bas- ketball 4: Variety Show 33 junior Prom Candidate 33 "Knight" Candidate 43 Quill and Scroll 43 Lancer Staff 3, Feature Editor 43 "Cy" Candidate 43 Howe High School. LESLIE H. FLICK4I'rack 2-43 Cross Country 2-33 Broad Ripple High School. SUZANNE FORD-National Honor Society 4: Accolade 3- 43 Quill and Scroll 43 Coldenaires 4: Senior Constitution Committee3 junior Town Meeting 33 IVoodview junior High School. NANCY FORD-junior Achievement 43 Variety Show 43 Scecina High School. SANDRA FOREMAN-Marching Band 2-41 Concert Band 2-43 Pep Band 2-33 Woodview junior High School. LINDA FOWLER-Broad Ripple High School. MIKE FOWLEY-Accolade Staff 3-43 Business Manager 4: Quill and Scroll 3-4, Treasurer 4: National Honor So- ciety 43 Lawrence Central High School. CONNIE FRAZIER-Booster Club 23 Broad Ripple High School. EILEEN GANSER-Howe High School. JAN GARDNER-lfuture Nurses Club 2-3: junior Achieve- ment 3-43 Lancer and Accolade Representative 3, 3-43 Broad Ripple High School. JEANNE GARING-Spanish Club 3: Junior Achievement 3-43 National Honor Society 43 Broad Ripple High School. BARBARA GENTRY4Southport High School. DAVID GEROWvConcert Band 2-4. Captain 43 March- ing Band 2-4: Pep Band 2-43 Dance Band 2-3: Concert Ol'ClICSll'21'2'3I Talent Show 3-43 Variety Show 33 Short- ridge High School. HELEN GINN-junior Achievement 33 Concert Choir 43 Cirls Concert Choir 2-33 IVoodview Junior High School. KAREN GLUFF-Variety Show 3: Broad Ripple High School. CHERRY GODDARD-Intramural Bowling 3-43 Muncie Central High School 1-2. f LINDA COINS-Student Council 2-43 Inter-City Student Council Secretary 43 Track Queen 23 Booster Club 2-43 Treasurer 33 Talent Show 4: Variety Show 33 Tri-Hi-Y 3, Treasurer 43 junior Prom Queen Candidateg Coldenaires 2-43 Queen of Light 4: Lancer Staff 3-4, Ad Manager 43 "Cindy" Candidate 23 Quill and Scroll 43 Howe High School. SCOTT GOODMAN-Shortridge High School. JEANENNE GOSNELL-Variety Show 33 Howe High School. BILL GRABHAM-Intramural Basketball 2-33 Junior Achievement 3: Broad Ripple High School. PAMELA ANN GR.-KHAM4Safetv Club 43 Broad Ripple High School. Class of '64 THOMAS GRAHAM-Student Council 43 Variety Show 3-43 Talent Show 3-43 Marching Band 23 Concert Band 2-43 Dance Band 2-33 Reserve Track 23 Intramurals 43 Shortriclge High School. ANNETTE GRALIA-National Honor Society 3--I3 Vice- President 43 Latin Club 3-43 Math Club President 3: Quill and Scroll 3-43 Junior Achievement 33 Science Seminar 43 N.C.T.E. Contestant 33 Marching Band 23 Concert Band 2-43 Student Council Alternate 43 Accolade 3--1, Managing Editor 43 Shortridge High School. STEPHANIE LOU GRANT4Senio1' Constitution Com- mittee 43 Booster Club 23 XVarren Central High School. SALLY GRAY-Coldenaires 23 Booster Club 23 Junior Achievement 3-43 Howe High School. DIANE GREEN-Senior Colors Committee3 Lancer and Accolade Representative 23 Booster Club 2: Clee Club 3: Broad Ripple High School. FRED GREEN-Clawson High School, Clawson, Michi- gan. JUDD N. GREEN--Safetv Council 3. President 43 XVres- tlingt IVoodview Junior High School, JUDY GREEN-Variety Show 43 Broad Ripple. NANCY GREGORY-,Kctolade 3-4, Editor 4: Ciils' State 33 Quill and Scroll 3-43 National Honor Society 3-43 His- tory Club 3-43 Junior Achievement 3-43 l.ll. Joinnalsin Institute: Broad Ripple High School. JANET GRIFFIN--Junior Achievement 33 Howe. PHILIP I. GRIFFIN-National Honor Society 43 Seence Seminar 3: Creative XVriting Award, Skyline 33 Broad Ripple High School. CINDA GRUBE-National Honor Society 3-li Concert Band 2-3: Historv Club 2: lf.'I'.A. 2-43 Spanish Club 4: Concert Orchestra 23 N.C.T.E. Contestant 33 Marching Band 23 Eastwood Junior High School. MARILYN GUNNELL-National Honor Society 43 Quill and Scroll 343 Variety Show 33 Act Chairman 43 Colden- aires 2-3: Booster Club 2-33 Spanish Club 3-4, Vice-Presi- dent 3, President 43 .-Xccolade 3-4. Senior Editor 4: Concert Band 2-43 Concert Orchestra 2-33 Marching Band 23 Stu- dent Council, Cabinet 3-43 I.l'. Student Council XYork- shop 33 All Citv High School Band and Orchestra 2-3. CHERYL HABENEY-Eastwood Junior High School. DENNIS HADLEY-Broad Ripple High School. LARRY M. HALL-Shelbyville High School. THERESA GENE HAMILTON-Broad Ripple. MICHAEL B. HAMMER-Cross Country 2-33 'llraclt 243 Marching Band 23 Intramurals 2-43 Broad Ripple. KAREN HAMMONS-I".'I'..-X. 23 F.B.I..A. 2-33 Booster Clubg Junior Achievement 2-43 Safety Club 43 Broad Ripple High School. SHARON HAMMONS-lf.B.l,..X. 2-3: If.'I'..X. 23 Quill and Scroll 3-43 Booster Club 23 Accolade Staff 2-43 Junior Achievement 43 Journalism Club 2-33 Safety Club 4: Broad Ripple High School. MARCIA JEAN HAMNER-Spanish Club 3-43 'l'ri-Hi-Y 43 F.T.A. 43 Future Nurses Club 2-43 Red Cross Club 33 Lawrence Central High School. GLORIA HANKINS-Booster Club 43 Lancer Represent- ative 3-43 NVoodview Junior High School. JANIS LYNNE HARLING-Concert Orchestra 2-43 Radio Club 33 Gymnastics Club 33 Science Club 43 Woodview Junior High School. PATRICIA LEE HARPER-Junior Prom Queen: "Cail" Candidate 43 Lettermen's Queen Candidate 43 "Cindy" 43 Varsity Cheerleader 3-43 Accolade Staff 43 Coldenaires 23 Talent Show 3-43 Variety Show 3-43 Student Council Alternate 3-43 Phys. Ed. Asst. 2-43 Broad Ripple. RONALD LOREN HARTLEY-Ham Radio Club 2-3, President 33 Junior Achievement 43 Marching Band 3-43 Concert Band 2-43 Broad Ripple High School. SUZANNE HEINY-Coldenaires 23 Booster Club 23 Howe. NATALIE HENNING-F.B.l,.A. 2-43 Booster Club 33 Howe High School. SANDRA HENSCHEN-Bedford High School 1-2. C loss of '64 MARY JO HENSHAW-Thespians 4: F.T.A. 4: Tri-Hi-Y 4: junior Achievement 3: Howe High School. LYN HERNDON-Booster Club 2: Student Council Alter- nate 2-3: Lancer 2-41 Talent Show 3: Lancer Representa- tixe Il: Shortridge High School. CHERYL HERVEY-Scecina High School. PHYLLIS DIANE HESS-Th'espians 3-4, Secretary 4: Art Club C3-4: French Club 3: History Club 4: National Honor Society 3--4: F.T.A. 3: A.S.P.C. 3-4: Tech High School. CHARLOTTE HINKLE-Tri-Hi-Y 4: Lawrence Central High School. CAROLE HIRSCHINGER-Cheer Block 2: Art Club -43 A.S.P.C. 3-4: Burris High School, Muncie. KENNETH WAYNE HOBAUGH--Intramurals 2: Wood- view Junior High School. SHIRLEY ANN HOBBS-F.B.L.A. 32 Golclenaires 3-42 Booster Block 2-4: Talent Show 4: Variety Show 3-4: Math Club 2: Lawrence Central High School. SHARON S. HOPPER-Booster Club 3-41 Thespians 2-4, Secretary Il: junior Achiexement 4: A.S.P.C. 2: Intramural Volleyball: School Play Business Manager 3: Lawrence Central High School. SUZAN HORNER-Booster Club 3: Phys. Ed. Asst. 2: Carmel High School. STEPHEN PAUL HORVAT-Varsity Football 2-4: Varsity Baseball 2-4: National Honor Society 4: A'Knight" Candi- date 4: Second Vice President Senior Class: Lettem1en's Club 2-4, President 4: Student Council 2, President -4. NORMA LORAYNE HOUSE-Booster Club 2: F.B.L.A. 2: Intramural Volleyball 2: Broad Ripple High School. JACQUELINE HULICK-Northside High School, Ft. lYayne 3. JOHN HUNT-XVrestling 2: Shortridge High School. TOM HUNT-Student Council 2: Varsity Football 2-4: Track 2: junior Achievement 4: Intramural Basketball 2-43 Broad Ripple High School. CHARLES I-IUSTEDT-Accolade Staff 3-4: Tech High School l-2. GARY HUTTON-junior .Xchiexement 3-4: Broad Ripple High School. MELANIE JAKOVAC-junior .-Xchievement 3-4: Lancer Staff 2: Tri-Hi-Y 4: Thespians 3-4: F.T.A. 4: Intramural Bowling -l: Howe High School. SANDIE JARRETT-A.S.P.C. 2: Talent Show 3: Booster Club 2-fi: Student Council 3: Homecoming Committee 4: Broad Ripple High School. AL JARVIS-Concert Band 2-4: Marching Band 2-4: Pep Band 2-4f Variety Show 3: Talent Show 4: Eastwood Junior High School. THOMAS WV. JAY, JR.-Reserve Football 4: A.C.S Chemistry Test 3: Shortridge High School. PAULA JETER-Prom Queen Court 3: Tri-Hi-Y 3: Stu- dent Council 3: Variety Show 3: Talent Show 4: Concert Choir 2-4: Constitution Committee 4: Ayres Fashion Board S: Booster Club 2: D,A.R. Citizenship Award 4: Lawrence Central High School. A. LARRY .IOHNSON-Shortridge High School. DICK .IOHNSON--History Club 3-4. Vice President 32 Concert Choir 2-4: Arling-Tones 2-4: Talent Show 3-4: Variety Show 3-4: Senior Class Play: Broad Ripple High School. Tea, Anyone? . . . Three mothers talk over their cups during the Senior Mothers' Tea. Class of '64 JAMES JOHNSON-Junior Prom King Cantlitlale: Na- tional Honor Society 43 Reserve Basketball 2: Varsity Basketball 3-43 I,etternien's Club 3-4, Vice President -l: Shortritlge High School. PENNY JOHNSON-Senior Alumnae SL'Cl'Cl2ll'yQ Sturleul Council 2-33 Honiecolniug Queen Cantlitlate 'li Booster Club 33 Broad Ripple High School. MARY ELIZABETH JOHNSTON4Concerl Cltoii 2-43 Variety Show 43 Broad Ripple High School. CAROL ANN JONES-Future Nurses Club 2-4: Science Club 43 Junior Achievement 3-43 Broatl Ripple High School. SUE JONES-Mishawaka High School l-2. JOHN M. JUNE-Cathetlral High School. MARY KANE-Math Club Vice President 21 .Xrt Club 2-4, Secretary 2, Presitlent 33 Latin Club 3-4, Treasurer 31 Junior Town Meeting 33 National llouor Society 4: Broad Ripple High School. BEV KATZMAN-Spanish Club 3: l-'.B.l,..X. 23 Senior Colors Committee: Broatl Ripple High School. KENNETH KEHRER-Variety Show 3-43 Talent S'iow 3-4. History Club 2-43 Audio Visual 4: Lawrence Central High School. SANDRA L. KELLY-Broad Ripple High School. JIM KERN-Shortritlge High School. KAY KIMBERLIN-lVarren Central High School. MICKEY KINZEL-Coltlenaires 2-4, Flag Twirlei 4: Va- riety Show 43 Eastwood Junior High School. JAMES KIRKMAN4Varsity Football 33 Varsity Track 21 Boys Clee Club 2-43 Broad Ripple High School. PEGGY KIRKSEY-XVarren Central High School. DEBBIE KIRKWOOD-Junior Achievement 3-41 Cirls Concert Choir 2-33 Concert Choir 43 Booster Club 33 Howe High School. SHARON KISSELMAN-A.S.P.C. 23 Talent Show 33 Booster Club Vice Presitlent 2, Secretary 33 Student Coun- cil 3. Alternate 2: Coltlenaires 2-43 Homecoming' Coni- mittee 4: Broad Ripple High School. NANCY JOYCE KITCHIN-F.'l'.A, 3-4, Secretary 3. Pies- ident 4: Student Council Alternate 43 National Honor Society 43 Altrusa Award 3: Broad Ripple High School. JIM KLEINHELTER-Varsity Football 2-4: Varsity XVres- tling 2-43 I.etternien's Club 3-43 Lawrence Central High School. B. SCOTT KLIKA-National Honor Society 3-4: Variety Show 3-4: Constitution Committee 43 Lancer Staff 3-43 Quill and Scroll 43 Shortritlge High School. LYNN KNEBEL-Spanish Club 3-4, Secretary 43 Variety Show 3-4: Coltlenaires 43 Booster Club 43 Reitz Memorial High School, Evansville. SANDRA RAE KNIPE-Booster Club 23 Talent Show 3- 43 Lancer Staff 3-43 Lawrence Central High School. DONNA LYNN LACY-Colclenaires 2: Booster Club 23 Brownsburg High School. RONNY LAKIN-Junior Achievement 43 Howe High School. BECKY LAMBERT-Coldenaires 23 Spanish Club 343 National Honor Society 3'Ll': Variety Show 43 Cheer Block 2: Eastwood Junior High School. CATHY LAMM-Concert Orchestra 2-43 Cirls Orchestral Ensemble 4: School Play 43 Variety Show 43 National Thespian 43 Wootlview Junior High School. CLAUDIA LAMM-Lancer Staff 23 School Play 43 Variety Show 43 National Thespian 43 Wootlriew Junior High School. CONSTANCE R. LANG-F.B.L.A. 33 History Club 2-43 Senior Class Play3 X'Vooclview Junior High School. Class of '64 HERB LANTEIGNE-Reserve Football 43 Broad Ripple High School. JOHN H. LaPREES, JR.-Art Club 4: Science Club 3: National Honor Society 3-4: Howe High School. JOHN K. LaVINE-Drum Major 2-4: Concert Band 2-4: Dance Band 2-3: Talent Show 3-4: Optimist Club Award 4: Shortridge High School. RON LAWVHEAD-Ham Radio Club 2: German Club 3: Warren Central High School. KENT LEBI-IERZ-Senior Class Treasurer: Varsity Bas- ketball 2-4, Captain 4: Varsity Baseball 2-4, All City 3: "Cy" 3: Snowball King Candidate 2: "Knight" 4: Letter- men's Club 2-4: Secretary-Treasurer 4: Junior Prom King Candidate: Broad Ripple High School. SANDY LEE-Coldenaires 2: Booster Club 2-3: Talent Show 3: Broad Ripple High School. SUSIE LEE-Football Queen 2: Student Council 4, Alter- nate 2: Booster Club 2: National Honor Society 3-43 Ayres Fashion Board 4: Broad Ripple High School. RONALD LeMASTERS--Intramural Bowling 3: Math Club 2: IVoo:lx'iew Junior High School. KATIE LESCH-Math Club 2-3: Latin Club 3-4: National Honor Society 4: Concert Band 2-4: Pep Band 2: Broad Ripple High School. LARRY LINNEMAN-Reserve Football 2: IVarren Central High School. MARY LINVILLE-Red Cross Club 4: F.B.L.A. 43 Broad Ripple High School. SHARON LISTON-Talent Show 43 Variety Show 4: Concert Band 2-4: All City High School Band and Or- chestra 2-3: Coldenaires 4: Booster Club 4: Concert Or- chestra 2: Howe High School. RAYMOND E. LITHERLAND-Concert Band 2-43 Pep Band 2: Tech High School. STEPHEN ALAN LITTLE-Variety Show 4: F.T.A. 4: Concert Choir 2-4: Broad Ripple High School. DIANA LIVENGOOD-Accolade Staff 2-4, Ad Manager 4: Yearbook Institutes I.l'. 4, Michigan State 3: Broad Ripple High School. JANE LOCKRIDGE-Math Club 2-31 Latin Club 3-4: Honor Society 3-4: F.T..-X. 2: Accolade Staff 3-4: Quill and Scroll 4: Constitution Committee 4: Latin Confer- ence 4: Broad Ripple High School. KATHY LORTON-National Honor Society 3-4: Quill and Scroll 3-43 Student Council 3-4: Intra-City Student Council 3: Talent Show 3: Variety Show 3: Homecoming Queen Court 4: Lancer Staff 3: Accolade Staff 4: Booster Club 2-3: Junior Prom Queen Candidate: Broad Ripple High School. BOB LOWE-Howe High School. JEANNIE LUTHER--lVarren Central High School. JANET LYNCH-Broad Ripple High School. MARILYN MACALUSO-Shortridge High School. PATRICK JAMES MAGRATH-Boys' State 31 Intra- murals 2-4: Science Seminar 2: History Club 3-4, Presi- dent 3: National Honor Society 3-4, President 43 National Merit Finalist 4: Rich Township High School, Park Forest, Illinois. ROBERT L. MANGIS-Lawrence Central High School. ROBERTA MASSING-Coldenaires 2-3: Booster Club 2-3g Howe High School. NANCY JO MATEER-National Honor Society 4: Future Nurses Club 3-4: German Club 4: Booster Club 3: The English School, Helsinki, Finland l-2. CHARLIE MCCLAIN-XVarren Central High School. JEANNE McCLAIN-Coldenaires 2: Booster Club 2: Talent Show 3-4: Variety Show 3: A.P.S.C. 2: Broad Ripple High School. HARRY G. McCONNELL-Chairman Constitution Com- mittee 4: Quiz Team 3-4: Variety Show 3-4: Student Coun- cil Alternate 4: Lancer Staff 2: Intramural Basketball 3--1: I.U. Journalism Institute 2: Howe High School. Class of '64 So Nice To Meet You . . . Senior Sponsor Harry Sullivan and Principal Ralph Clevenger shake hands with Mrs. Dorothy Shake and her daughter jane. JOHN McDOWELL-lntranlural Basketball 22 Track fl: XVQIITCII Cental High School. JUDITH ANN McDOWELL-Real Cross Club President 2-3: History Club 23 Lawrence Central High School. KATHLEEN ANN McINTIRE-Senior Class Play3 Senior Colors Committee: Lancer Representatist-3 Variety Show 3-43 Broatl Ripple High School. PHIL McKOWN-Stutlent Council 2--l: lntra-City Student Council 22 National Honor Society 43 Varsity Colf 23 Concert Band 2-4: All City Orchestra 2: All-State Or- chestra 23 Broatl Ripple High School I: Titusyille High School, Titusyille. Florida 4. DAN McLEAN-Varsity Football 23 Talent Show 3-43 Broad Ripple High School. RICHARD MERANDA-Baseball Manager 33 Basketball Manager 43 lntrznnurals 2-33 Broad Ripple High School. VICKI MESALAMfConcert Choir 3-4: Cirls Concert Choir 23 Tech High School. STEVE MEYER-Marching Bantl 23 Bl02lll Ripple High School. CYNTHIA MEYERS-Booster Club 2: Student Council 2-33 National Honor Society 43 XVarren Central High School. CAROLE MILLER-F.B.L.A. fl: Booster Club 3: Clinic Asst. 2-33 junior Achievement 3-43 Shortritlge High School. JANICE L. MILLER-Future Nurses Club 2-33 F.B.l..A. 33 Girls Concert Choir 2-43 Broad Ripple High School. PHILLIP BRUCE MILLER-l'Vootlyiew junior High School. RICHARD O. MILLER-Varsity Football 2-4: Letter- n1en's Club 2-43 Varsity Wrestling 2-43 Howe High School. STEVE EARL MILLER-Varsity XVrestling 3-4: Warren Central High School. MELINDA MONTGOMERY-National Honor Society fl-43 Variety Show 4: Cirls' State fl: Accolatle Staff 4: Junior Achievement il--l-I Student Council 43 History Club Secretary 2-43 Broad Ripple High School. JANET MOORE-Scecina High School. LINDA MORROW-Howe High School. DIANE MOSS-F.T.A. 43 French Club 43 National Honor Society 4g Junior Achievement 33 YVooclyiew junior High School. VERONICA JOY MULCAHY-National Merit Finalist 43 National Honor Society 3-43 Girls Concert Choir 2: Con- cert Choir 3-43 History Club 3-43 Lancer Staff 23 Tech High School. MICHAEL MURPHY-Broad Ripple High School. Class of '64 JENNIFER MYERS-lfuture Nurses Club 4: junior Achieyement IS-4: Booster Club 2: Cirls Conceit Choir 3-4: Warren Central High School. DENNIS NANCE-Scecina high School. KAREN KAY NELSON-Library Assistants Club 2-4: Tri-Hi-Y 4: Spanish Club 4: Thespians 4: F.T..4.. 4: junior .-Xcileyetuent fi: Senior Class Play: Howe High School. SANDRA l'lEIVBERRE'- Columbus Senior High Scltool. j. MICHAEL NICQIULS-Concert Band 2-4: Marching Banrl 24: Pep Bantl 2-4: Concert Orchestra 2-4: History Club 2-4. Presltlent 4: Boys' State .Xlternate 3: National l.onor Soc.ety fl-4: Spanish Club fi-4: Senior Class Play: Lawrence Central High School. CHARLOTTE NICAOLSON-Shortrltlge High School. FRED ALLEN NOLAN-Track Il-4: XN'ootlyQew junior High School. JOHN OLSEN-Intramural Basketball 2: Reserve Basket- ball 3: Varsity Basketball 4: Lancer Staff 3-4: Cross Country 2: Broad Ripple high School. NANCY OPPENLANDER-KIo-etlitor of Lancer 4, News Bureau Chief 3: Student Council 2-3: Quill K Scroll 3-4: National lfonor Society 4: F.T..X. Sec, 2: journalism Club 2: Booster Club 2: Broatl Ripple High School. STEPHEN ORCUTT-Concert Cho'r 2-4: Reserve Foot- ball 2-3: Talent Show fl: Variety Show 4: Intramurals 2-4: Stutlent Counc.l Alternate 2-4: Broatl Ripple High School. DORIS JEAN O2ERTON-IVootlyiew junior High School. ROBERT PALMA-junior .Xchiexement 3-4: Paris High School, Paris, Illinois 12. REBECCA PARKER-junior Achievement 3-4: Art Club 3-4: XX'arren Central High School. MARILYNN PARSONS-A.S.P.C. 2: Concert Choir 3-4: Nurses Asst. 2-4: Future Nurses Club 2-4: Variety Show 4: Math Club 3: Rell Cross Club 2: Booster Club 2-42 Senior Colors Committee: Broatl Ripple High School. BRUCE PATTERSON-School Play 3-4: Variety Show 3: Debate Team 3-4: Thesplans President 4: junior Town Meeting fl: Stutlent Manager Senfor Class Play: XYasl'i- ington High School. MICHAEL F. PAVEY-.-X.S.P.C. 3: Dance Band 2-42 Concert Bantl 2-4: Broad Ripple High School. CAROLYN DEE PEDIGO-Cioltlenaires 2: Booster Club 2: Talent Sfiozr 234: Lancer Representatiye 2: Howe High School. MARILYN LEE PEDIGO-CLoltlenaires 2: Talent Show 3-4: Booster Club 2: Lancer Representative 3: Howe High School. DEBORAII PENN-XYootlyiew junior High School. IANICE PERFETTO-Lawrence Central High School. jOE PERKINS--Cross Country fi-4: IVootlyiew junior High School. SUSAN PERRYA0ak Park High School. Oak Park, Illi- nols. DAVE Pl-LILLIPS4Broatl Ripple High School. DOUG PICKERING-Broatl Ripple High School. SUSAN PICKETT-Intramural Bowling 2-3: Broad Ripple High School. CI-IERYL PORTERAArt Club 2: junior Achievement 3: Scecina High School. VICKIE PORTER-Lancer Representative 3: Shortriclge High School. PAMELA POTTER-Scecina High School. Class of '64 DON PRESLEY-Shortridge High School. CAROL SUE PRICE-If.B.I..A. 2: lf.N.C. 4: Intramural Volleyball 2: Junior Achievement 4: Booster Club 21 Thespians 2: Shortridge High School. RUTH MARGARET PRICE-Future Nurses Club 21 Booster Club 2: Junior .'xClllCYL'llIl'lll Il. CHARLES PRITCHARD4Reserxe Il'restling 2-fll Natl tional Thespians 4: Stage Manager Senior Class l'lar1 IVoodr'iew Junior High School. JENNIFER PYLE4lDranra Club 2: Coldenaires fl-41 Talent Show 4: Variety Show Il-4: Thespians 41 Horne' coming Queen 4: Constitution Connnittee -l: Student Council 4: Eastwood Junior High School. CAROLINE R. RAHEfBroad Ripple High School. JERRY R. RAMSEY-Junior .Xchievenrent 4: Tech High School l-2. RICHARD RANCOURT-I-'.B.l,.A. 3: Junior .Xchiexe- ment fl-4: Shortritlge High School. KATHLEEN RAY-Immaculate Conception .IClltlt'llIJ'. Oldenburg, Ind. l-fl. LINDA REES-Booster Club fl: Art Club fl: I-'.l5.l,..X. fl: Lancer Representatixe 4: IVoodriew Junior High School. CONSTANCE REID-Howe High School. STEPHANIE LEA REIDER'-Senior Class Secretary: National Honor Society Secretary 4: Student Council Treasurer 2, 4, Secretary Il: Varsity Cheerleader 244: Cirls Concert Choir 2: Concert Choir fl-4, Sec, fl, Vice Pres, 4: Arling-Tones fl-4: Talent Show Il-4: Variety Show fl-41 "Cindy" Candidate 3: Junior Prom Queen Candidate: "Cyril" Candidate fl-4: Christmas Queen Candidate 2-fl: Homecoming Candidate 4: Constitution Committee 4: Camelot Capers Queen Candidate 2: IVoodriew Junior High School. DOUG RENO-Woodxiew Junfor High School. BURT REPINE-Lancer Staff fl-4: Varsity Basketball 4: Intramural Basketball 2-fl: Woodxiew Junior High School. CARL ROBERT RETTIC-Lawrence Central High School. JAMES RICHARD RHOADS-Concert Band Il: March' ing Band fl-lg Shortridge High School. HAROLD H. RICEMAN-Concert Choir 2: Honor So- ciety 4: Broad Ripple High School. JOYCE RICHEY-Concert Choir 2-4: Arling-Tones 2-4: Student Council 2: lf.'I'.A. 2: Talent Show Il-4: National Honor Society 4: Variety Show fl: Broad Ripple High School. DONNA ROBERTS-Cirls Concert Choir 2-fl: Student Council fl: Tech High School. MICKEY ROBERTS-Junior Achievement Il-4: Tech High School. SHARON K. ROBERTSON-Irl'oodxiew Junior High School. MARTIN J. ROHRMAN-l.ettermen's Club 2-4: Varsltr Football 2-4: Varsity I'Vrestling 2f4: Varsity Track 2-4: Intramural Basketball 2: Eastwood Junior High School. SUSAN ROSEMEYER-Tri-Hi-Y fl-4: Booster Club 2-41 IVoodview Junior High School. KAY ROSS-Accolade Staff 3-4: Student Council 3. Alter- nate 2: Coldenaires 4: Booster Club 2-4: Talent Show 3-4: Variety Show Il-4: Broad Ripple High School. JIM RUPE-Maine Township East, Park Ridge, Illinois. MIKE RUPE-Maine Township East, Park Ridge, Illinois. CHERYL RYBA-Broad Ripple High School. BARRY FREDRICK SALAVON'-Shortridgc High School. 'uma 4 4- ., U. " wc 54 FAQ ji ,ev We 49" aw 4 Ps-Hd '9,?"""' 'df' dw an N 'K T' "w we Hs' we--m M-w" Class of '64 RICHARD MICHAEL SATTLER-Junior Achievement 2- 4: Chess Club -1: Marching Band 3-4g Concert Band 3-43 Mansfield High School, Mansfield. Ohio. SANDY SAULS-Junior Achievement 31 Variety Show 3' Broad Ripple High School. NANCY SCANLAND-Broad .Ripple High School. JANICE SUE SCOTT-Student Council Alternate 2' 1 Future Nurses Club 2-41 Spanish Club 33 History Club 45 'Fri-Hi-Y 3-4: Science Fair Project 4: Broacl Ripple High School. KAREN SCOTT-F.T,.X. fl--4: XYoodyiew Junior High School. STEVE SCOTT-Track 2: Cross Country 21 I.ettermen's Club 2-4: XVarren Central High School. DAN SEAMAN-Concert Choir 2-3: Arling-Tones 2-41 Talent Show 3-4: Variety Show 3-43 Junior Achievement: Broad Ripple High School. WVILLIS SEARLES-Science Club 2-4: Ham Radio Club 2-fl: Math Club 2: History Club 41 Science Fair Project 43 Junior Achieyement Il: Tech High School. JOHN SV. SELLERS, JR.-Honor Society 43 Science Seminar 4: Ham Radio Club 33 National Merit Finalist 4: Howe High School. JOHN SEMENTA-Shortridge High School. LINDA DIANN SHAFFER-National Merit Finalist 43 Quiz Team Alternate 41 Senior Class Play: Lancer Staff 3-4: Managing Editor -lg History Club 4: National Honor Society 3-41 Concert Orchestra 2-43 All-City Orchestra fl: All-State Orchestra 4: String Ensemble 4: Girls' State Il: Quill and Scroll fl-4: Art Club 21 Thespians 3-41 Broad Ripple High School. JANE ANN SHARE-Booster Club 2: F.B.L.A. 3-43 Broad Ripple High School. SHARON ANN SHAKE4Howe High School. TONY SHELTON-XVooclriew Junior High School IZ XVarren Central High School 2. BEVERLY SHEPHERD-Concert Choir 41 Junior Achievement: Cirls Concert Choir 35 IVOoclyiew Junior High School. NANCY LEE SHIPE-Broad Ripple High School. PENELOPE SHIPE-Art Club 2-3: Lancer Staff Photog- rapher 31 Debate Team 31 Tri-Hi-Y 2. SALLY SHUMAN-Intramural Bowling 2-3: Talent Show 3: Girls Concert Choir 2-4: Broad Ripple High School. CAROL SIMMONS-CQoldenaires 2--4: Color Guard 33 Variety Show 3: Talent Show 3-4: Concert Choir 2-41 Cirls Concert Choir 3: I.ettermen's Queen 4g Lancer Rep- resentatiye A43 Howe High School. MAX SINN-Phys. Ed. Asst. 2-4: Student Council 3: IVar- ren Central High School. LLOYD E. SKEEL-Tech High School. ROBERT SKEEL-Shortridge High School. Mom's Day Out . . . Office Secretary Mrs. Dorothy Sanders traded her typewriter for a punch bowl at the Senior Mothers' Tea. Here she serves Mrs. Mildred Bmner and her son Phil. C loss ol '64 LOIS SLATE-Lawrence Central High School. BOBBIE SMITH--,-X.S.P.C. 43 Tri-lli-Y ill Booster Club IS: junior .-Xchiexenrent il-ll Shortridge Iligh School. RENT SMITH-Intramural Bowling 43 Intramural Soft- ball S3 Howe High School. NANCY SMITH-lf.'l'..-X. 2: Howe lligh School. MIKE SIVIITHEYYSI, lloseplrs lligh School, Creenville. Mississippi. JEANNE SNELL-Safety Council 43 Broad Ripple High School. DOROTHY LUCINDA SNYDER-l".'l'..-X. 2-4, President fl. Vice President 43 'Iiri-Hi-Y 3-4, Chaplain S-43 Student Council 4, Alternate 23 Concert Orchestra 2-4. President 43 String Ensemble S-43 Cirls Clee Club 2-fl: Lancer Representatii e S3 Senior Colors Comniittee3 Broad Ripple High School. CAROL SPARKS-Honor Society 3-43 Coldenaires 43 Cirls Concert Choir 43 South Broward High School, Hollywood, Florida l-2. LINDA SPARKS-Honor Society S-43 Coldenaires 43 Ciils' State 33 Girls Concert Choir 43 South Broward High School, Hollywood, Iflorida l-2. SUSIE SPARKS-Future Nurses 2-3, Vice President 22 junior Achievement 3-43 Variety Show 43 Constitution Committee 43 Nursing Assistant 23 l.ibrarv Assistant 42 Shortridge High School. CRAIG SQUIER-National Honor Society 43 National Merit Finalist 43 Senior Class Pliiyl Quit Tk'2ilIlj History Club 43 Chess Club 3-43 School Play 43 Pep Band 42 Dance Baird 43 Marching Band S-43 Concert Band S-43 Rich Township High School, Park Forest, Illinois l-2. SUSAN STAEUBLE-Tri-Hi-Y Il-4, President 43 Lancer Staff News Bureau fl-43 junior Achievement 2-42 National Honor Society fl-4: Quill and Scroll fl-43 Optimist Club Award 43 james E. Roberts School. GARY STANSBURY-Intramural Softball 3: Intramural Bowling 3-43 Howe High School. BOB STEWART4Marching Band 2: Dance Band 2: Pep Baird 22 Baseball 2-43 Lawrence Central High School. CAROL JEAN STOUGH-NIessenger Il: Howe High School. JON S. SZEGEDI-Lawrence Central High School. MAURICE TAGUE-History Club 43 Howe High School. MARY IEAN TAYLOR-F.B.L..X. 43 Eastern High. Louis- ville, Kentucky. NANCY TEVAULT-Senior Class Play: Booster Club 22 I".B.L.A. 2. Treasurer 23 IVoodview junior High School. PENNY THOMAS-Cirls Concert Choir fl-4: Tri-Hi-Y S3 junior Achievement 3-43 Warren Central High School. RICK THOMAS-Varsity Football 2-43 IVrestling 21 Track 2-43 l.etternien's Club 2-43 North Central High School. TONYA MARIE THOMPSON-junior Achievement 43 XVarren Central High School. JEANNETTE TRABUE-Booster Club 2: Talent Show 3-43 Variety Show 3-43 Art Club 43 National Honor So- ciety 43 Tri-Hi-Y 43 junior Achievement 43 Student Coun- cil 3, Alternate 43 Howe High School. JEAN A. TRENT-junior Achievement 43 IVoodview junior High School. BARBARA TREVORROWVMBooster Club 3: F.B.I,,.A. 3-43 junior Achievement fl-43 Warren Central High School. KEITH TRUMP-Intramural Basketball 2-S3 Broad Rip- ple High School. SANDRA VOELKER-Booster Club 2: Girls Concert Choir 2-43 F.B.I..A. 43 Intramural Bowling League fl-42 Shortridge High School. SHIRLEY VOELKER-Booster Club 2: Concert Choir 2-43 F.B.L.A. 43 Intramural Bowling League 3-43 Short- ridge High School. -nn., ,QM Class of '64 WVILLIAM LOUIS VOGEL-Broad Ripple High School. .IUDITH WALL-Cirls Concert Choir 3: Concert Choir 4: Advanced Cirls Clee Club 2: Broad Ripple High School. KAREN WVALLACE-Shortridge High School. KATHERINE JEANNE XVALLACE-Tri-Hi-Y 3: junior Achievement 3: Booster Club.2: IVootlx'iew junior High School. DANNY WVALTERS-Intramural Basketball 2-3: Intra- mural Bowling 4: Howe High School. SHARRON YVALTERS-Booster Club 2: Thespians 3--1: Tri-Hi-Y 4: junior Achievement fi-4: Intramural Bowl- ing -lg School Play fl: Intramural Volleyball 33 F.T..-X. 4: Howe High School. HAROLD XVANN-Reserve Basketball 3: Broad Ripple High School. ROCKY WARFELfCirls Concert Choir 2-4: Talent Show fl: Variety Show fl: Broad Ripple High School. DONNA RAE WVATKINS-Drama Club 2: Cirls Clee Club 2-4: Brozul Ripple High School. CHERI WVATSON-Girls Concert Choir 2: Concert Choir 344: Broad Ripple High School. CAROLYN WVEBB-IVarren Central High School. JUDY WVEBB-Library Club 2-41 Scecina High School. TONI WEBB-Student Council 233 Accolatle Staff 33 Howe High School . SANDRA LEE WVEBBER-Lawrence Central High School. RICK WEBSTER-Concert Choir 3--l: Constitution Com- mittee -l: Senior Colors Committee: Broad Ripple High School. JAMES N. IVEIGEL-Varsity Football 244: l.ettermen's Club 2--lg Shortritlge High School. TONY WVELLINGSfIunior Achievement 4: Talent Show 4: National Honor Society 3--lg junior Town Meeting 3: Concert Choir 2-4: Arling-Tones 4: Howe High School. SYLVIA WVESTBROOK-National Honor Society 4: Latln Club 3: Library Assistant: Student Council Alternate 4: Concert Orchestra 2: Broad Ripple High School. JANET JO WVHITING-Reserve Cheerleader 3: Colden- aires 2: Stuclent Council 4: A.S.P.C, 2: Talent Show 3--lg Variety Show 3--ll Accolatle Staff 4: National Thespian 4: Broad Ripple High School. GREGORY DEANE WVIBLE-Thespians 2-4: Reserve Wrestling 32 Variety Show 3: Chess Club fl: Reserve Foot- ball 4: Varsity Football 4: Broad Ripple High School. ROSE ELLEN W'ICKERAStutlent Council 21 Howe High School. HARRY WVIEDENHAUPT-Broad Ripple High School. KAY WILLIAMS-Majorette fl: Talent Show 4: Variety Show -1: Coltlenaires 3: Accolacle Staffsli: Student Council fl: Broacl Ripple High School. PAM WVILLIAMS-junior Achievement 4: Scecina High School. SUSIE YVILLIAMS--Latin Club 2: Talent Show 3-41 Variety Show 343 Science Fair 3-4: Lettermen's Queen Cancliclate fl: Intramural Bowling fl-4: Nlajorette 9.--ll Colclenaires IS: Howe High School. DAVID LEE XVILSON-Reserve Basketball 22 Audio- Visual 3: Lawrence Central High School. DAVID LOUIS YVILSON-junior Achievement 21 Red Cross Club 4: Shortridge High School. SUSAN WVILSON-junior Achievement 34: IVarren Cen- lral High School. Seniors NANCY WITTHOFT-Booster Club 23 Red Cross Club 43 Tri-Hi-Y 4g Broad Ripple High School. SANDRA LEA WOHLFORD-National Honor Society -lg Asniara American High School 2-31 Asmara, Ethiopia. W. LEWVIS WOOTEN-Wloodview junior High School. DOROTHY WVORRALL-lfuture Nurses Club 2-4, President 25 Red Cross Club 2-43 Nursing Assistant 2-33 Arling-Tones 4: Talent Show 4: Senior Class Play: Broad Ripple High School. JOANNE M. WRIGHT-Fishers High School, Fishers, Indiana. FRANK WYANT--Wrestling 2--l: Track Manager 3-4: Woodxfiew junior High School. , If n i47I.f'g I A A 1, :JV ' 'JA' ' fl ., ' I" " ' 4 , f Q V ' I I z' fa f 1 , ,fm Q 'Es 3,1 I? I . A.. ., , ,LI ,. I I If f 6 M nal f 5 .rm I...-s.. t me TOM WYSONG-Reserve Football 3g Intramural Basketball 23 Warren gk Central High School. DARLENE FAY YARYAN-Tech High School. WARREN ZINN-Broad Ripple High School. Carole McCandless, member of the Class of '64, died as a result of an automobile accident January 9. Class- mates will remember Carole for her vivacious personality, wholesome wit, and pleasant disposition. During her days at. Arlington, Carole participated in Tri-Hi-Y, Knight Klub, and Safety Council activities. She entered Arlington as a sophomore after attending her freshman year at Eastwood Junior High. .QMW aw 3' C , . Cornero Shy Seniors ROBERT AKERS-Silver Creek High School, Sellersburg, Indiana NORMAN BEELER--Middletown High School, Middletown, Ohio. CLAUDIA BRAUNSTEIN-Plant High School, Tampa, Florida fy - as .7 ts TOM BURKLE-Varsity Football 2-33 Reserve Wrestling 23 Reserve Track 21 Letternien's Club 2-33 Broad Ripple High School. ROY CLAUSON-'Warren Central High School. CAROLYN SUE COLLINS-Noblesville High School. STEVE GILL-Zionsrille High School 23. JANIS GUTHERIEAColdenaires 2: Booster Club 2-3: j.A. 3-43 Thespians 3--11 Latin Club S: A.S.P.C. 2: Tri-Hi-Y -1: Safety Council -lg Eastwood junior High School. DON HIC-NITE-Reserve Football 3: Intramural Basketball 25 Warren Central High School. DONNA HERRON-Broad Ripple High School: Valley High School, Albuquerque, New Mexico 4. JUDY HOLLOWAY-Muncie Central High School. STEVE A. liITTSAHowe High School 2. ED MADDUX-Andio'Visual 3-4: I'Voodview junior High School. BEVERLY MOORE-Lawrence Central High School. STEVE MURPHY-X'Varren Central High School. ALBERT RIGHTOR-Franklin Central High School. IACQUELINE RIGHTOR-Franklin Central High School. STEVE RUMER-Kokomo High School. Kokomo. Indiana. JUNE URICK-North High School, Columbus. Ohio. FORREST K. WEBB-Scecina High School. LYNN IWEISENFLUH-Talent Show 3-4: Tri-Hi-Y 4g A.S.P.C. 23 Broad Ripple High School. STEPHEN WILLIAMSON-XVest Vigo High School. Terre Haute. Thr licallc ling? . , . licnt l,L-hlicif and lhwligi Butler mln nut hgnc llic wigs lint Cc-rluinly hgnc lhv stop. That was the year . that wus... Punch 'n Pigskin . . . ,lim Duhhs finmls thc path to the goal pm an lung znnl Ii'cziCl1c1'mis unc when hc is on his own. Grads' final year yields lasting memories -f 'Z 1' W Q I X ffl: if 5 4, -f f , f if QSZQXY - ' wh Nr 4' I V pf 5. f, J 7 f W f, f in X -ff' ' 1 f 725 my 3? is 3',"51w"f, W' rs? .Q I' ' if? Q 54 PQ llol llnggin' ll . . . lillllt' l'ailloi'smi Ill'k'IJQllk'S In tlK'NUllli gi lzol :lug as Clnsslilzlln' Rmln llknlul 1-ics hini nplm-liciisiu-lv. Linking Loyalty . . . The Colmlcn Knight stands as thc sxnihul of loyalty In school. Press Passes . . . Onrthe-spot reporters are "aces" john Olsen, Burt Repine, and Larry Flick for full sports coverage. f -c y, ,xx , ,Q f. V- M . Y . , 'M t Y s ll? t at , 1 Sports Supper . . . Marty Rohrman, before receiving his football letter, is preoccupied with his dinner. This lVas The Year That YVas ..., X year of parties, dances, hootenannies ...i TX year of football games, sec- tionals, pep rallies . . . A year of excitement, anxiety. accomplishment, tragedy. It passed more quickly lor seniors than any ol' the preceding years. And it held more than all of the other years totaled. A year of friendship. companionship, and togetherness. The Alumni Dance, Homecoming, the Senior Dance , . . Economics, Cal- culus . . . Vespers. and finally, Graduation . . . Yes, This YVas The Year That Ulas. Resting WVrestler . . . Dick Miller takes time out to catch 40 winks tor morej. X wi. fel- ,,.-4' vvhw -ny" 4i',,,,. x ' ,I ,,," i 2 3 'vw na are , if vf' ' , , Em.. 556' I Mickey Mantle, II . . . Nlarilyn Grinnell takes a swing ew ' ' W: 'Wi' f ,tl iq, 1' ia r X427 ! 1 X It L..,.4--"U W 1 Q 'Jw' 7 if K maii- ' pg 5 i 3 , Y 5 X K 4 ff W rw J' Poppin' Practice . . . "Get your hot. buttered pop- corn!" Annette Gralia is a regular fixture at games. j . we 1 ,32 'Q-in as is.."Nx in ', at a Pinata at the I.anguaage Clubs' Christmas Party. 3 N --...,.,Q,, if . wid S 4, 171 Q 19 l 1 s l Juniors Ring's the Thing . . . juniors Danny Meek takes a quick peek at his class ring before relinquishing it to joan Buchanan. I Steve Abernathy, Connie Akers, Bob Adams Chuck Adams, james Adams, jennifer Adams Len Adell. Kathy Albright, Marilyn Allen Mary Allen, Larry Allison, Emily Alyea Kathleen Amos, Barbara Andeson. Susan Anderson, Vonda Anderson. Shelly Anderson, William Appleget, Gene Arbnckle, lim Arbuckle Brenda Archer, Lillie Arthur, Susan Arthur, Richard Asbury, Panela At- chison, Doreen Atkinson, Shari At- tkisson, Edith Bailey Marvin Bailey, Janice Baker, Sarah Baker, Terry Baker, XVilliam Baker. Jean Baldwin. Michael Baldwin, Marsha Bare Linda Barnette. Dare Barrick. Chris Barth. Nancy Bascom, Susan Bates, Bob Baynes. janice Beck, Carol Becker Lewis Beckwith, Mike Beebe, lVilliam Bell, Ron Below, Thomas Benge. Bar- bara Bengert, Ronald Bennett, Everett Berling james BCl'lllli0WlCl. Ron Berry. Patricia Bess, Barb Biggs. jayne Black, Mike Blackburn, joy Blair. Brad Blanken- ship Larry Bledsoe, 'l'im Bless, Cheryl Blocher. Cheryl Bloom, john Boehner. Donald Bohard. james Boots, Paul Bopp Juniors l,inclz1 Bosco, Doug B0llC'lll'l', Rvlmmcai Bow, Karon T. liowmzm, Mikc Iiow- mam. XVillizim llowmzm. Alulic Bowl-n, lizilliy Boyd Nancy Boycl, Cllicric Bizullcy, Kzircn Brzidlcy, Patty lirzimll, Stow lirzmigin. Lola Brifllllc. Margin- Brill. Miki: Brodsky Rzulicl Brooks, .lozni Bl'Ullllll'l', lnlllllll Brown, Ilziiiiu- Brown, -loycc liiown, Ron 0. Brown, Ili-lim' Brumfii-lil. Nancy Burns Sheila Bryant, joan Blltllllllllll. Sliiilvy Buckncr. -lzmicc M. Biuikcr, Rick Bux- gcss, Limlzi Burns, Susin- Burrows, Iloncll Bush kclmmh Bush, .Ioan Iiyvrs, Imla By- nuglv, Stuw Byrd, Roy Czilmlc, Phillip li. Clulclwcll, Joi- Calcs. Bill Czillziliaun Micllzivl Clziiiipgiiicllzi, Clicryl Clznnp- lx-ll, Dorothy Caixnplmcll, Sliziron Cinnp- ln-ll, Limlzi Cllizimllcr, Suc cl2llillK'l'. .IL-riiy Curr, Miko Clair Cwcn CLll'lCl', Miko Clzirtcr, Doris Class, Ron Clzilxsvy. hlzniiu' Claw, Douglzra Ccclurholm. Bi-ltr Clizilmicc, Szxmlm Cliziliiczi Pcmiy Cliaillc, Thomzis fllizuicy, TL-in Cllizlppclow. Paul Cliupplc, Elilzilmclli Clllzivcs, john Cllicnziull. Kathy Clhilh cle-rs, Dani Clzipp Dwziym' Cllzirk, Kathy Clark, junk Cllzirkc, Lynclzil Clark. Rolicrta Clark, Cla-vim Cllzillol, Sharon Clayton, john filL'lIlL'llS Rziymoncl Cllifl, Tim Clinic, john Cllocl- fclclcr, Tom Clloru, Shirley Cochcrcll. lilziinc Coclimn, Cynthia Coclori. Marcia Cody Klan Colc, Alzirqllcliiic fl0lL'lllllll, JZIIIIUS Collins. Susic llolc, KL-lly Combs. Bill Coniplon, Slcw Cook, Clary Coopcr vi? 4 , A ..,,,, I f mf 1 2 ff 'ws'- Q, 5 G 4 iff . 1 J -. . 59 -vfi Y. ' f'ff 4 V, 1 , A if L 4,-a. V f If Z I .mv .V .- ' f W -R ., -. z v' 'QYV ,I Lzgexrvl, 1 ' ,WW . 5 , ,, I WW ,J ,- ' li - .. , I 1 ' i i iififl' wg-wi J 3 V 515-r i fl i l .. i an W ,C , ima my ,, ,WT 4 .3 lv- , .rf vw .y - 'off' ff f wggg ,, .. X iv? yr X X- a k ,X 'Y 4 we , A 6, ff Q 1 H A Q f 2 -5 .MJ 1 N 'HRX A g , 45 Xi Q wwf ".:l:l.,-. Jill so .- V x ,gl 4. X 'v D ,f 9, 15 if ' : xx, X V Q , E, i v 7 ,' X , ,, - 2 X W ,7 f , 4 574, M- ff r 14 H Q ,if 5 ,- if 1 X , A ,. ' WW-, X V ? an iv 4' ,Z R 1 5 Juniors Steve Cooper, Karen Copeland, Larry Copeland, Terry Corman, Bill Cottrell, Juanita Cottrell, Bill Coyle, Dianne Coyle I Jo Ann Cradick, Betty Craig, Bill Craig, Judy Craig, Bill Crawford, Randy Crockett, Janice Croshier, Steve Crowder Michael Cummins, David Cunning- ham, Lee Cunningham, Michael Cur- ran, Linda Curtis, Sharon Curtis, Linda Dale, Dan Dame Martha Darst, Anna Davis, Carol Davis, Carol B. Davis, Stephen Davis, Ronny Davison, Joan Day, Larry Dean Charles DeLano, Fred Delclef, James Denton, Joseph DeStefano, Stewart DeVane, Peg DeYVitte, Virginia Dic- kerson, Jack Dickey Steve Dickhaus. Dick Dickinson, Jo Dickson, Peggy Dietz, Judith Dobbs, Eugene Dosal. Gayla Downey, John Dragoo Denny Dresser, Ronnie Drew, Hlarren Driver, Stephen Drury, Don Dud- kowski, Dotti Dunbar, Nancy Dunbar, Sharon Duncan Marlys Dunn, Newman Durell, Dennis Durham, Bobbe Duzam, Ed Dye, Eve- lyn Eades, Larry Eaglen, Stephen Earnest Bill Easley. Sharon Edwards, Alan Eiler, Barry Eineman, Beverly Eine- man, Judy Elliott, Bill Ellison, Elwood Bass Mike Endicott, Thomas Erickson, Becky Essex, Steve Estabrook, Scott Evans, Ron Everman, Steve Ewry, Lois Farrington Doug Felkins, Cherie Ferbrache, Bruce Ferguson, John Ferguson, Teresa Fer- guson, Tim Ferguson, Kit Field, Russ Field Juniors DflLlgll1S 1"ic'l1ls,A10l111 1fikc'.CL1'1-g 1'i1Slll'1', jeff 1'l1S1ll'I', R0l1e1't F1S11l'1i. xvillilllll l-'is11c1', liclwzml 1'l11lgL'12ll4l, fillll Ifilff gcrulcl Nickle 1'ill'L'lll'li. llc-h1'11 lfleltlia-1. CIl1111'l1's Flick, 11l'll1C'L' lflick, Joyce 1'i1lll11, 11111- Will lfoiscy, Micl111cl 1f0l1-1, -lllllll 1'l01'lJl'S Phyllis 1'iUI'Clll211l, 11i1111c 1'0s11-1, 1.i111l11 Foster, 511111011 1'lUSlK'l', Ricl1111'41 lfux, 1,2110 1'1I'1ll1S1l, 171110 1'1li'L'lllllIl, Altlllll 1-'1'ul1vc-1 l 11111'h111'11 1'11it'lllNl, Mary lftyc, 110111 G11hh111'1l. Robert Ciaict. 1'1llli1'1' fillllgl, Stc-1111011 011111, 111-hhic fL111'l11111l, NUI" 1111111 cilll'Sl1C1l 51152111 CLc'isc111l01'ff, Mark fiL'l111'y, Nich- olas Gcrscloff, R211 Gill, PK'1L'1' Gill, 1,i111111 fil1l1l1L'11, Alice C.0ff. P11111 Hogg Betty 001101, 5111111011 00011. 52111111 610011.-e. ,lcrry fil'2l1J1L', cl1l1ll'lL'S fil'ilC1C. 1JLlY1L1 G1'11h11111, CI11101 filillillgtl A111111 CiI'2ll1Cl' Kancly 01111. Dick fil'Cl'1l, 8111111111 fiI'CCl1, 1.lll'1'y Clriffin, lltlll CL1'i11i11. Cheryl fil'1lIlCS, AILIIIICS c1I'0SL'ClUSL', 1511111 Cuire I,i11cl11 fill1ll11Cl', 51111111 Swi1111, N11Cl1llL'1 Hackler, P111111-la Hagen. Cc-111' Hager. Beverly Hall, C11tl1e1'i11c' Hall, 171-111115 H1111 1301121111 Hull, Phyllis 11211l1lJ1l1'lUl1, 1,i111111 112llI11lIUl1, 111111 112l1ll'S, lluili H1111ki11s. Rlllll 111l1A1J1l1, Gena' 1111111111 B011 111111111115 Sarah H111'pc-1', R011 1-1111'1'is, R011 Hill'- ris011, R011 Harsh, Norris 1'11ll'S11Cy. Kittie H111'lfc'1te11 TVJO PLEASE . . . Stexe Est111J1'0ok and julie Rayburn get ready to enjoy "Knight Train to Talent" as they purchase their tickets from Miss P11111- i11e R2ll1lCl't. zkt ygii 'A ' 153' 'isis . . '-X 1: B+' 19 w JA I ig' 'fu , if "3 , qi, 'YM , , nv in-5' - Juniors Karen Hartmann, Pat Hartwig, Judy Hawkins, Mike Hallett, Joan Headv I Steve Heiss, David Helton, Steve Hen- derson, Diana Hendrixson, Jim Herrell Xveslev Hicks, Hvbert Hill, John Hil- lerv. John Hillier, Larry Hiner JUST KIDDING . . . That was the day Jack's goat heat Mary's little lamb to school. The goat arrived as an un- expected guest at school, but it was not allowed to stay. Roxy Hinshaw. Robert Hittle, Sam Hohhs, David Hoecker, Steve Hold- avvav, Jan Hollv, Rvan Hollv, Carol Hopper Dick Hood, Janet Hooper. Paul Hornheck, Dianne Horstnlan. Beth Howard, Teri Howard, Jeanette Howell, Ralph Howerv Bonnie Hughev, Richard Huntsinger, Rita Hurlev, Patti Hurst, Steve Hurst, Rick Huse, Paul Huxlev, Dianne Imel Ralph Inman. lidvvard Israel, Susan Jackson, Xl'illie Jacobs, Christine Jako- vae, Bai hara Janke, Barrv Jansen, Bob Jedanuik Steve Jennings, Marv Lou Johantgen, Judy Johnson. Mvra Johnson. Rita Johnson, Deborah Jones, James Jones, Marsha Jones Sandra G. Jones, Patil Jones, Steve Jones, Tom Jones. Steven Jordan. Steve Justus, Alice Jordv, James Kadlec Jeannie Kalp, Nancv Kantor, Bill Kantl, Sharon Keekhaver, l,vn Keener, I,eRov Keith, Mike Kell, Eddie Kellv Diane Kellv. Patricia Kelshaw, Dave Kendall, Kellv Kendall, Sharon Ken- nedv, John Kepharl, David Kern, Carol Sue Kersev Juniors John Key, Rita Kitnberlin, Linda Kin- caid, R. H. Kingery, Karel Kirk. Bud Kisselman. Larry Kleban, Kim Knebel Brenda Knipe, lVanda Knoll, Paul Koehl, Dick Kraege, Sue Kruchten, Bud Krutz, Eddie Kuhn, Arbutus Lair Susie Lambert, Dixie Lancaster. Pris- cilla Lane, Geoffrey Lannom, Donald Larson, jack Lawhorn, Patsy Lawler, Rodney Lay Joanne Layton, Amos Lee, Mary Lee, Susie Lee, Linda Lenicke. Shari Lt'lTlL'liC, Clifford Lemiuger, ,lim Lentl Karen Lesuiak. Ed Lester, Michael Lewis, Nancy Lewis, Fred Liedell. Karen Light, Mike Light, Norman Linvelle Mercedes Llorens, Bill Long, Pamela Longest. Nancy Longfelder, Robert Lorton, Patrick Love, Bruce Loveless, Bob Lovemen Paula Lowe, Charles Icmsfoi-ti, Donna Lyclay, Kathy Lyons, Laurie Macdon- ald, Raymond Made, jim lvfahnesniith, Ginny Major Mark Malia, Sam Manning, Linda Marshall. Sherry Marshall, Cynthia Martin, Fraser Martin, jim' Martin, Virginia Martin Theda Mason, Linda Massel, Kaye Massena, jim Matchett, Ben Mather, Durant Mathieu, Don lylattingly, Kathy Maxwell Bill Mayhew, Bobbie McBurney, Lewis McCane, Steve McCloskey, Diana Mc- Connell, Kathy McCormick, Barbara McCune, Susie McDaniel Steve McDonald, Becky McGee, Rich- ard McCill,'Ellen McCowin, Orville MeHaffey, Jim McKee, jim Kenna, Vivienne McKnelly W 't 7? ,V . W W ,.,, ' vs. fi tt W w 1, v 2? y f . ,wg-:1L:v:: 22: -f -..:.----H F.-3- ,,,,,,....,.. ..,.1 ft 7: ..,, . v4 r .3 " U7 ,un . ' 4, , i 4. 71 Kam Q3 ,,VA . , ,I 4 , A , fl y , A ff m A W 7 4' Zi ,, , ' K 'Z ffgil ,. . , fw M " ,,, eva ft f fm fi ,-5 4 QU 3? if 6 if in f 5 l i wk , , 'K ,QV xr-xc, --ta '4f'w:-fig, 1 .lf- ' .swf 1 1 ,x K 5, .,. -.4 -- W f X. 5 ,,,, - 2 ,1 1 1 X ,M -2 1 k T, :pf fi 1 bi- ISSQRQQ. 0 Q - 1 1 ., . - 3. .1 , .Ng . if f ,as 'K 1,51 A ff '1- 1 , 99 1 . 'f' '- wi ' .2 7, 13 5 x W X . MSX.- 5 W f gd 'M A X Y? t J, 3 2 EUR 2.-fi ,x ' X fait Juniors l.11well McNeal, Rt11111l1l MtNeely,j11l111 NltXX'illi11111s. Cl2lliCllC'L' Means, Kathy lXIL'Cll2lll, llllll Meek, Kathi Meek, Rich xIL'lCllL'1' I SIISZIIIIIC NfL'S2ll2llll, ylllllll NICSSL'l'Slllllh, lji'lllly Mikels. Mike Miley. Millie Mili- urizic, Zarko Mili1'c'1jz1c. Limla Mil- l:11'1l, Amlregt Miller 11111111 Miller. Cathy Miller, Cynthia Miller, 1Jl1iIlllL' Miller. li1l1vz111cl Miller, Eugene Miller, l'lCl'l1 Miller, Kay Miller I.ecia Miller, Li11cla XV. Miller, Mike Miller, P21111 Miller. Rm11111ie Miller, Sara Miller. Steve Miller, Hzirolcl Miller 1311111111 Mi11ic'l1. flll2ll'lCllC Mitchell, lytlllllil Mitchell. Gary MitI1oefe1'. Robert Moc111tjoy, Vicky Moody, B1'e11tlz1 Moore, Hzil Nloore Rick lXfIOUl'L', Terri Mc1111'e, P21111 NIOYZIII, Bob Mc11'gz111, Nancy Nlfllgfill. I,Zll'l'y Nlt11'1'iS. Bill NI111'1'isf111. Ricl1111'1l Morse Kathy Mullen. xI2ll'gi11'L'l Mulry. John lxlllllfll, D1111111' NI111'pl1y. ROIlCl1l Blur- phy. Cheryl lxlllfllly, Rick Musser, Ruger lX'IlllL'l'SPllllgll Nancy Nz1l1111iz1s. Mike Neal. B111'I1z11'z1 Neff, Dick NCXX'IIl2lll, Miclmcl New- 111z111, Sz111cl1'11 Ne11'111z111, Pl1il NlL'Clll1l. Dick Nolaml Dzivid G. Nmicki, P11111 Nowosidski, Put O.Bllll5'Cl, 51152111 f,llCl'llllg. Eclmlie 0'B1'ie11, liz11'e11 Oliger. Bette Oliver, Holly O'Nez1l l'1llL'll O'Neill, John Orcutt, Sl1:11'o11 c,'Rk'2lI', Phillip Owens, Robert Page, Ruger P11i11te1', 131111111 P2ll'llllL', Dave P2Il'llllC Chris Pz11'ke1', Ellen l'z11'ke1', Diane P2ll'llCll, l.llI'l'y Pz11'11ell, Pete Pzl11li11. l,i11cla1 l'111'e1', lJ1111z1lcl Payne, Bill Pen- lllllllll Juniors Susie Percifield, Dona Perry, Denny Perry, Sue Perry, .Ion Peterson, Lois Phillips, Leora Piel, Becky Pierce Jim Pike, Roger Pitlenger, Mike Place, Susie Pohland, Steve Polley, Barbara Pond, Dave Poole, Darlene Porter Donna Porter, john Porter, Rex Port- er, Linda Power, Peggy Preston, lidl ward Price, Sharon Pritchett, Richard Pruett Marlene Pruitt, Terri Pruitt, jackie Pry, Nancy Pryor, jim Pugh, james Query, john Rader, Mary jane Rader john Raffeity, Kenneth Rohm, Bey- erly Ramsey, Frak Ramsey, Ralph Randall, julie Rayborn, Marty Read- ing, Richard Rebennock Sue Rebic, Shannon Redmon, Dennis Reed, Sandra Reed, Rosa Reid, john Reinhardt, julie Rayburn, Bryon Rib- bins Gregory Rice, jon Rice, Ron Richards, Garry Rice, Edith Ritorto, Sharron Ritter, Linda Robbins, Charlene Roberts Mark Roberts, Don Robinson. Michael Brenda Rockhold, Doug Dan Rodenberg, Douglas Roehl, Lynn Roeder Robbing. Rockhold, Larry Roller, Ted Rossell, Thomas Roth, Jamie Rout, Linda Rowland, Robert Rucker, David Ruddell, Sheila Ruddell Joe Rush, Beverly Russell, Clark Rus- sell, Linda Ryba, Mike Ryba, Paula Sanders, Steve XV. Sorver, Marcia Sot- terfield Bob Scheuffer, Gail Schilling, Dan Schmidt, Douglas K. Schmidt, Loretta Schmitz, Bruce Schnabel, Richard Schneider, Kolleen Schriefer En. X .afaiix , .yr ,v ,,,,,a, 'ag li s W r af Nl 11,35 0- 2 as 91. ,. 2 'ii . 1 v Y" 1' KY ',: z ta. 1 9 ' Z id F' 'F Q, ., f saw iwxF"""'?' M 1 x ...,' yi x, -X .vez . - -1, '- fi , M 1. ,,., ,- ,Qxi its N. xi, M: .,. V , - if DQS? .'42'2.'lrs M rg: Q 'Q f 'Q f 4. ra b 44 , V, W.,-, f , ,,,, ff, S .W t, 4. f sv I ai ' S WNW ? , . , 3 -is ..., A U , , N. Wx- Q" f ,515 wi-l f f V :, :Ny 1 ,. A ,, wh , fy, 34 X . Xa W' N y C x sd f, X ' 45 . .uv Q s 3 c.-gp . ,S t ,ff s ,Q lag - pl 2 X R df .fr , '. if - ia xg' ,. I aa Q" R li' P 1 5,-r 7' iv 5, 'V , 4' ue, 4 L1 , -' 'ste " P x 9 , . 1 .rf Q, - ' sg ,Nl ,Ls , ff Vi .. 'V fl .- Vi' lf -ww ':i': :1 ts K a ff, .. new ,L , f 'Q X X ,. df., S . ., "' f .,'1gg..,.w I . .f Q1 - Q' F 7. 'A , f X ii: r aw, - an x y I ify x , rg . - M 4 ,, 'nv ' . f "5 QQ, on li' puff 'V an 1 1 ,ff iff' 1114 1 i X i f W4 'E 1 f, f 4 . 14 kdm 5 as K 1. s ,, f M, ,CJ Q 0 J 1 'Q ,, 5. ,LJ 9- PW 1 , ' 'J 14 "W ff Z fix," 1' 7 iii' vi 'L ., 'Z 'ga' 'A '18 bP,'S'3 f ,fi , AS. .1 We ,,,, A i If 4 ww Juniors ,loc Schuh, Yitki Sch11'z11'tz, Pz1t1'iciL1 kiC0llL'C. Micl1z11'l Scott, lawns Scars. Ron st-gal. Craig Sciclrl, hi2lI'g2lI'Cl Scilol' I ,lim Scllcrs, Vicki Stray, Kcith Shad- tlzu. l.2ll'l'X Sil2lfft'l'. Nancy Shiikc, l3i1111z1 Sl11111t'1'. Rithzirtl Sharp, Ecltlic F,hz111' SI1z11'o11 Sl11111'. XIiCil2ll'l Sill'ill'L'li, Douglas Sht-lto11, -Illll S111-pl11'1'1l,Chzillcs Shinklc, lffllllliki Shohc, Chuck Short, kIz111t't SI111111w11x' 11111110 Sickt-rt. l,111tlu SilXL'l', Mike SiiXL'l', I.2ll'I'y Sims, fillilll Si11tlL'1's. ,l2ll1IliS SillllL'l'S, john Sisson, 111111 Silt'lllO1'C Rita Si1t'111o1't-. Climly Smith. K:111c11 Slllilil, Ric S11o11'. slutly Smith, Lyllll Smith, Vicki Smith, Slllllllllt' Smith 'Iiimothy Smith, April SIIIUOI, tlumlv S11ytlt'r, Stt-xt-11 S11ycl1-1'. Lz11'1'1' Stllllillllii, S11sz111 Sowcrs, S!1i1'l1-1' Spisgcl, kl02l'l Spoo 'I'om Sp1111gc1'. .xllll Sproulc, Gary St11fI'o1'1l, ,l2lllL'l Sl11ffo1'tl, jot- Staih, Bctky St1111l1'1', TIWIIIIIIS' Stclll1o1'11, IMIYL' Stt'wz11tt C.vo1'giz1 SlL'W2ll'I, Ronultl Stoughton, Ross Sto111ll, 'l'c1'1'1' Strclow, Mz11'ty Slllilll. A1111 St11ts111a111. Sha-ilu S11lli11111, jim Suhcr 'l'11'1'1' Slllllll1L'l'i0l, .Xlicc Slll'f2llC, Nich- olzis S11111111, Stew 5ylYL'SlCl', XVillin111 Svrus, C1111-1'1'l Tuhh. john 'I'z1lki11gto11, l,L'lll1iS rIi1ll'lt'l' M1111 'I'z1ylo1', PCIIIIY rIi2lylOl', S110 Tay- lor, Shari VI1Cg2ll'liL'll. Tom Tl1cz11'tl, Nlzult-li11c VIih0ll'l2lS. Stew 'I'ho111z1S, 171111 rIx2ll'll'l' Il'l'lY 'l'l1o111pso11, li1111'11 '1'l1o111sc11, rlifllll 'Iil111c1'l1111'l1. Susan 'I'otl1l. Cindy 'l'o111li11so11, john Toth. Dznid Tous- l1'1. Susic 'l'1'z11is 'W I Juniors Gwen Trumbo, janet Tucker, Lincoln Turner Peggy Turner, Sharon Turner, Terry Turner D. D. Tygrett, Sheri Updergraff, Robert Updike ATTENTION . . . Fans rise for the presentation of the colors by Color Guard members Barb Freund, Donna Lyday, joan Buchanan, and majorettes Ellen Guire, Ginny Major and Alice jordy. VVillian1 Updike, Patricia VanHorn, Judy VanNoate, Betty Varkalis, Marty Varkalis, Laura Vawter, Steve Villars, Norman Vinson Linda Wade, Michael Virden. Chuck Waggoner, Sandy Waldon, janet Walker, john VValker. Patty Walker, Steve Wallet Tom Waltz, Virgil WVark, Peggy Waters, David Watson, Susann Wat- son, Steve YVeaver, Janet Webb, Sandy Webb Chuck WVebster, Charles Weddell, Paul Vfeimer, Douglas Mleishar, Kenneth Weiss, Michael Xvelmer, Michael iNest, Stephen Westbrook Sharon Westerfelt, Roger Whann, David White, Leroy Whittington, David Wild, Pamela Wilkerson, Al Wiles, David Wilkey Leo T. Wilkings, Jim Wilkinson, Cheryl Will, Patti Willetts, David Williams, Susan Williams, Winkle YVil- liams, Bobbi VVilson Dale Wilson, jeff Wilson, Lana YVin- gate, Emily Wishart, Cathy Xvhitthoft, Janet Mfolgamot, Dennis Woods, Ralph YVood Tom Word, janet Wratten, Clifford Wright, Sherry Wysong, Larry Youse, Roger Zody, Jean Zook, Zarfette Zwiback WJ X ,. Q.. dl ' it i Sophomores Phyllis Aaron, jay Abraham, Mike Adams, Thomas Ague, jim Alandt, Steve Aldridge, Danny Allen, Don Allen l Tony Allio, Gary Alspaugh, Dick An- derson, jon Anderson, Joyce Anderson, Kathleen Andrews, Ronnie Ansley, Terry Appleby Mike Appleget, Paula Ashbrooke, Phyllis Ashcraft, Marilyn Atkins, Elaine Atkinson, Lee Atkinson, Faith Atwood, Delilah Atz Susie Avery, Dan Ax, Judy Bailey, Pam Bailey, jill Baker, Paul Baker, Larry Barbiere, Holly Barbour Rhonda Barnard, Darrell Barnes, jane Barnes, Kathie Barnes, Sandy Barnes, Bobbie Barnette, Stephen Baron, Deb- bie Baxter Bill Bean, jonathan Beard, Ken Bee- son, Donna Beisel, Linda Bennett, Tom Bernikowicz, Linda Berry, Carla Bishop Dan Bishop, Rebecca Blankenship, Mike Blines, Kathy Blocher, Tom Blunk, Diane Bodenhamer, Carroll Boffing, Bruce Boggs Karen Bohlsen, Kay Bole, Steve Bos- ton, Tim Bovard, Martha Bovenshen Carol Bowers, john Bowers, Ralph Bowles ! Fred Bowman, Merle Bowman, jerry Bonney, Mlilliam E. Boyce, Bob Boyd, john Bradley, Kathy Bradshaw, Sandy Bridges Imants Bridmanis, Cathy Brock, Bob Broucher, Gary Brown, Linda Brown, Pauline Brown, Vickie Brown, Liz Browning Kathy Bruck, Bob Brucher, Sharon Bryan, Byron Burnes, Diane Burns, Nicholas Burrell, Shirley Burroughs, Linda Sue Burrows Sophomores Billie Bush, Sandy Butler, Dee Byers, Nina Byers, joan Bynagle, john Byrne, Patricia Caldwell, Shirley Cameron Judy Cammack, Carol Campbell, Steve Capes, Sue Campbell, Linda Capling, Stephen Carley, Mirron Carlton, Sherry Caimack Frank Carnegie, Margaret Carney, Mike Caron, Mike Carr, Larry Carroll, Carl Carson, Cheryl Carson, Ron Carter Vicki Carter, Dennis Chambus, Yuann Chapman, Antonia Chaves, Remedus Chaves, Anthony Cherry, Patricia Chil- son, Bob Clark Good Luck Team . . . Reserve cheer- leader, Nancy Schreiber, looks on as the team battles for another victory. Diana Clark, Linda Clark, Edward Clements, Karen Clemenz, Irwin Cline Michael Clouse, Marsha Coapstick, Jacqueline Coffey, Beverly Coffman, Carmen Cole Glenda Cole, Patricia Collins, Boyd Colvin, Mary Conroy, Ronnie Cooney Susan Coop, Mike Cooper, Larry Cot- trell, Dennis Couts, Dennis Cowan Virginia Cowan, David Cox, Jerry Cox, Vickie Cox, Rita Coyle, Vickie Coyle, Cinda Cranfill, Donald Cranfill Connie Crapple, Mike Crawley, jimm Crouse, Chris Crump, Anita Crute, Etta Lee Cummings, jim Cummins, Ginny Dailey Mike Daniel, Barbara Davis, Donald Davis, Kenneth Davis, Mindy Davis, Mike DeBurger, Sandy DeFelice, Deb- bie DeHays . qu' . ac. , 1 1 3 Y 'X --'e t , , ' 1- W , V VF? X as Sophomores Diane DeHays, David Demunbrun, Debbie Denny, Diane Dennis, Cindy Denson, Pan Deputy, Ronald Dicks, Karen Dietz Mark Dilley, Bob Dine, John Dobbs, John Donahue, Bob Donaldson, Bob Doss, Bob Doty, Janice Drake Kathy Drake, Judy Draey, Janes Duff, Dianna Duncan, Dave Durocher, Larry Dussins, Donna Eason, Dorothy Eckel Fred Eckert, Steve Edwards, Vada Ed- wards, Linda Elliot, Elizabeth Ellison, Sharla Elzea, Sue Emry, John Eng- land Don Erath, Garry Esham, Estep Fel- mond, Erie Estridge, Kathi Failing, Mike Farmer, Jonell Faulkner, Rebecca Faux Greg Federle, Dave Felkins, Michael Ferguson, Susan Ferguson, Harry Fer- nandez, Lana Ferrell, Laura Field, Greg Field Shelia Fillion, Jeff Fisher, Larry Flater. Robert Flenniken, Ron Fleshood, Cyd- ney Ford, Linda Fosnight, Fred Foster John Foster, Diana Fouch, Linda Fox, Kathy Frank, Jane Franklin, Cheryl Freeman, Janice Fuchs, Carolyn Ferltz Roselyn Furgason, Bonnie Fusion, Francis Gallagher, Mickey Galyezm, Bonnie Gardner, Mike Garrison, 'Fonna Geier, Janice Gersonde Barbara Gilliland, Linda Glenn, Sharon Guff, Terri Goben, Terry Gof- finet, John Garbett, Richard Gordon, James Gowan Dick Grabham, Christine Grange, Sus- anna Graves, Bob Gray, Blake Green, Judy Green, Terry Green, Greg Griffin , Sophomores Tuneful Teens . . . The Quinchords, Eileen Talbot, Debbie King, Terry Talbot, Linda Mayes, Dave Livingston, sing folk tunes, adding to the Hoot- enanny craze. Michael Grounds, Anne Groves, Con- nie Guinn Glenn Gunnell, Greg Guthrie, Phil Haas Steve Habig, Kathy Halcomb, Lanny Hale, Helen Hall, Kathy Hall, Mark Hall, Dennis Hamilton, Linda Hamil- ton Jackie Hammond, Marion Hammond. Linda Hancock, Roger Hankins. Steve Hanner, Lloyd Hanson, Cindy Harlan, Terry Harlan Mike Harman, Theresa Harman, Eddie Harrison, Robert Hartley, Susan Hart- mann, Mark Hartwell, Jeannie Haw- kins, Bob Hazlett Connie Heman, Sue Hensel, Linda Hensley, Rick Hensley, Phil Hergett, Paul Herman, Jim Herndon, Bill Hess John Hess, Julie Heugel, Terry Hiatt, Larkin Hicks, Letty Hicks, Pam Hil- lery, Jim Hindman, Georganne Hinkle Susie Hixon, Julie Hobbs, Patricia Hoffman, Sharon Hoffman, Doris Hola liday, Donald Holm, Al Holman, Linda Holstein Mary Jean Homann, Dave Horner, Michael Hornung, Kathy House, Brenda Howe, Judi Hoyt, Joyce Hud- dleston, Bill Hudson Dave Huff, Joan Hughey, Nancy Hulse, Jackie Hungerford, Jim Hunt, Elaine Hunter, John Huron, Rick Hustedt Linda Hutchcraft, Carolyn Hutcherson, Rita Hutton, Linda Hynes, Loretta Hynes, Becky Ickes, Susan Inman, June Irwin ww Mfg Sophomores Connie Sue Isenhower, Sue Isenhower, Steve Jackson, Bill Jacobson, Mary Jansen, Melody Jarrett, Steve Jarret, Sarah Jay Steve Jefferies, Linda Jennings, Bar- bara Johnson, Joye Johnson, Joyce Johnson, Larry Johnson, Mike John- son, Patricia Johnson Peter Johnson, Sarah Johnson, Bob Jones, Jayne Jones, Joseph Jones, Robert Jones, Sandra Jones, Sharon Jones Melinda June, Charles Kaiser, Jim Karnes, Marcia Katzenberger, Paul Kebel, Susan Kelly, Vicki Kelly, Char- lotte Kelly Dennis Kelshaw, Carol Kemp, Bruce Kemper, Steve Kendall, Jim Kennedy, Brenda Kernodle, Jackie Kilgore, Rose- lynn Kinnaman Dennis Kinnear, Janice Kinney, Lon Kirk, Pam Klein, David Klier, Paula Knebel, Gary Knoop, Cheryl Kozub Joyce Kruwell, Rod Kyle, Mike Lacey, Vema Lair, Dennis Lake, Evy Lam- bert, Craig Lane, Helen Lanteigne Roxanna LaPrees, Stephen Law, Se- retta Lawhead, Lolli Ledgerwood, Linda Lee, Linda Marie Lee, Richard Lee, Ron Lee Karol Leipnitz, Ellen Lennor, Charles Lepper, Carol Levi, Linda Lewis, Larry Lillard, Dave Lindsay, Bill Linville Donna Linxwiler, Carol Linzer, Janet Liston, Virginia Locke, Robert Lof- tin, Robert Long, Linda Lostutlar, Steve Lowe Steve Ludick, Linda Lyday, Linda Ly- kins, Mark Lyons, Robert Macy, Judy Madinjer, Clenda Malone, Sue Mans- Ixach Sophomores Mike Marlo, Randy Martin, Karen Martz, Rocky Martz, john Maschind, Craig Mason, Randy Matchett, Diane Mattingly Linda Mayes, Margie McCawley, Mike McClure, Elaine McCorkle, john Mc- Cormick, Alan McDaniel, Florence McElfresh, Darryl Mclntosh Scott McKay, Tim McKenna, Terrie McLean, Sandy McLin, Donna Mc- Shan, Bonnie Meador, Dick Meara, Marsha Medlock Alan Melby, Bob Melcher, Norma Merkley, Vickie Merritt, Carl Meschke, Donna Messal, janet Messersmith, jim Meyers joseph Mikosz, james Miller, Janice Miller, jim Miller, Kathy Miller, Linda Miller, Myron Miller, Robert Miller Stanton Miller, Linda Milliser, Mike Mills, Dick Minnick, Gregg Mischenka, Mike Mitchell, Melaine Mock, jill Montgomery Stephenie Montgomery, Betty Moore, Gary Moran, Sharon Moran, Rowena Morelock, Mona Morris, Sandy Moser, Steve Mosley Robert Mounce, Gary Mueller, Phyllis Mullins, Gloria Mae Murphy, Geoffrey Nay, Madelyn Neal, Sandy Neal, Bar- bara Nelson Panela Nelson, Sandra Nestler, Petera Newbouse, Bessie Nichols, Gary Nickel, Janine .Nickerson, Richard Niles, Norma Nixon Richard Noland, Kim O'Connor, David O'Dell, Patrick O'Keefe, jim Olsen, Alan O'Neil, Gary Osberry, Kenny Osborn Robert Osborne, Sandra Osterhage, Bill Overmeyer, james Owen, Angie Owen, David Owens, Victor Owens, Melvin Padgett l x Q A X' x 'X K l Q l X S Z L 43 ,,., D 105' Q w ,Y f fi' E sis as ff' ht, , - ,Q is Sophomores Carol Page, Jo Palmes, Linda Par- ham, Richard Parker, Rommie Parr, Marian Paschall, Becky Paster, Gwen Patterson Pam Pauli, Carol Payne, Lulinda Payne, James Pick, Bill Pell, Marvin Penry, Mike Perkins, Steve Perkins David Perry, Mark Perry, Bill Per- erson. Mike Peterson, Ted Phillips, William Phillips, James Pierce, Pat Pierce Steve Pierce, Ralph Pinegar, Karen Pirtle, Gene Placek, Michael Plopper, Margaret Pollock, Brenea Porter, Charles Porter Cemaline Porter, Steve Porter, Bev- erly Posey. Gary Potts, Janice Powell, Joyce Powell, Lois Power, Mike Powers Cindy Prather, Janet Presley, Rosalie Preston, Tom Preston, Charles Price, Nancy Price, Timothy Price, Beverly Prichard Janice Proffitt, Bill Pulley, Betty Quire, Nancy Raisch, Rita Randall, Cathryn Rasener, Joan Reamer, Carol Rebennack Judy Redmond. Carol Reed, Dixie Reed, Vicki Reed, Connie Reeve, Chris Reider, Pat Riedy, Dennis Riely Steven Reinhardt, Debby Remley, Lynda Resides, Deanna Reves, Richard Sanders, JoAnne Richards, Steve Rich- ards, Carol Richardson Mike Richart, Johnnie Riedling, Betty Ripberger Steve Ritter, Craig Roberts, Jim Roberts We're from Snurdley . . . The all-class Gary, Indiana, chorus line added bare- foot spice to the Variety Show. Sophomores Brenda Robertson, Suzanne Robertson, Patricia Robinson, Richard Roehl, Chris Roth, Landa Rowland, Vincent Routh, Sally Royal Don Russell, Geri Russell, Robert Russell, Esther Rusthoven, Keith Ry- pma, Cable Sadler, Debbie Sanders, Sandy Sanderson Ginger Sattler, Greg Schilling. -lay Schneider, john Schneider, Nancy Schreiber, Marilyn Schuh, Alice Schielze, Linda Schweiger Carol Scott, Mary Scott, john Seller, Joyce Sementa, janet Shank, Loretta Shell, Louetta Shepherd, Steven Shi- deler Ted Shields, Marileen Shelling, Steve Short, Lindell Shreve, Meliun Silver, Tilford Simms, Suzy Sims, Sandi Singer jane Sisson, Bud Setes, Terri Slain, Robin Slocum, Tom Small, Cynthia Smith, Elaine Smith, Greg Smith Linda Smith, Linda Smith, Patty Smith, Kathy Snapp, Sharon Snow, David Snyder, Vicki Sohn, Beret Sal- berg Dick Sorensen, Dan Southern, Gail Spoolstra, Sonna Springel, Caryl Squire, Bob Stack, Dennis Stansburg, Regina Stanton Kolleen Stapp, Hallie Stark, Greg Steadman, Toni Stewart, Laura Stil- well, Marcia Stokes, janet Stough, Ellen Strange Sherry Strawn, Karen Strome, Marilyn Stroud, Erik Sueberkrap, Ellen Sul- livan, john Summers, Terry Sumter, Barbara Survant Betsy Sweet, Terry Talbot, Barbara Tanner, Carol Taylor, jane Taylor, Steve Taylor, Karis Tenney, Cindy Thomas 1, , ,.,, , p 4 y, ,, f W V ' mv' A An H. 'cv X J! . A Q? 1 .. -f f ' ., f . . ,,v3L.y A ? I . , Z -.. . -. 4,2 l . 1, i , . X WJ X 4 A ft, I '7 QS ' 1 v ' ,Q '13 -,fev 'f ' . 1 I? t -' ' 4' ,. ' ' 4 , -' -' ' X V ' V 0 ff f.: :VF I ,fi A., I l ,pf AV' 1 1 ' v t V - f 5? I E 'Q f V "" , . K V , "' I W -' 'r- ki, , ,. .gy A R-51' ff t I sf ' V . V 4. 2 Y Q i .4 ' A , H. 3 Sophomores Diane Thomas, Darleen Thompson, Eddie Thompson, Gary Thompson, Tim Thompson, jack Tilson, Denny Tindall, jay Tobeas I Marvin Thattner, Salli Travis, Bob Trees, Mark Tribby, Carol Trittipo, Barbara Trump, Brenda Tscheren, joyce Turner Thomas Unger, Tim Updike, Don VanBuskirk, Edward VanDomme, Sandy Vandiver, Janis Vogt, Stephen Waggner, Chuck Yvalker Charles XVallace. jim Wallsmith, Mike Walters, Stephen X'Valters, Ray YVann, john YVarner, Martha Xvasnidge, Mike lVeaver Michael Hfebb, Sherri XVebb, Diane Webber Bill Webster, janet Wessels, Virginia Wheeler All for Arlington . . . Reserve cheer- leaders, Marsha Coapstick, Brenda Tschern, Lois Phillips, Sheri Tea- garden, Nancy Schreiber, boost their team to victory. Pam XVhite, Pat XVhite, Paula WVhite, Beverly X'Vhittier, Rudy Mlilkins, Cara Williams, Craig Williams, Frances Wil- liams jim Hlilliams, Norma VVilliams, Patsy XVilliams, Paul XVilliams, Phillip YVil- liams, Sherry XVilliams, Judy Wills, Alan Wilson Kathy XVilson, Kenny YVilson, Linda Wilson, Mary l'Vilson, Bob X'Vinder, Leslie Ann X'Vinslow, Sussie Xfllishart, Datha XVood Ben XVoodard, Karen X'Vorkman, Karen XVorl. Greg Hlorrnan, Dave XVOTSDHIII, Don XVOYSIIZIIII, Barbara XVright, Tom NVright Julie Yager, Cindy Yant, Joanna Young, John Young, Mike Young, John Zartman, Rosalyn Zody, Steve Zook Freshmen Orville Abbett, Carol Abdon, Michael Abner, John Acevedo, Billy Adams, Gloria Adams, Vicki Adams, Michael Adkins Sandra Albright, Rick Aldrich, Lonnie Allen, Cindy Allison, Pat Altom, Randy Apell, john Arbuckle, Gayla Asbury Paula Ashbrook, jenny Atkinson, john Atkinson, Alan Atlas, Kevin Aufrnann, Levida Bagan, Gary Bailey, Kristina Bailey Curt Baker, Bonnie Baker, Larry Baker, Steve Baker, jody Baldwin, Tim Baldwin, Paula Barclay, Ann Barlow Eileen Barnes, Barron Bamett, Sandra Barnett, Dan Barth, Steve Batchellor, Ric Beattey, John Beeler, Randy Belden Diane Begley, Steve Berry, Keevin Bigelow, Butch Bivens, Randy Black- well, Sharon Bloodworth, joe Bobo, Bruce Bohall Bob Bolt, Cheryl Boone, Josephine Bornhorst, Christine Botlien, Vernon Bowman, Carol Boyce, Donald Boyd, Joyce Boyd Jeff Boze, Susan Brandt, David Braun, Scott Brewster, Dave Bright, Steve Bridgewater, james Brolin, Frank Brown Debbie Browne, Margaret Browning, Bob Bruce, Debby Bryant, Janice Buckley, Russell Bultman, Connie Bur- dette, Steven Burris Annette Burton, Dave Bush, Cindy Butler, Starr Butler Van Campbell, Cindy Canney, Melinda Cappucci, Linda Carder King Kong Returns . . . jane McKay "dances" with Harry the Hairy Ape at the Freshman Mixer. Freshmen Robert Cashman, Carol Castetter, Jo Chafee, Mike Chambers, Annelle Chamness, Janet Chrisman, Becky Ciolli, Robert Clark Rodger Clark, Susan Clayton, Gerry Cline. Gary Cockrill, Ben Coffey, Linda Coffman, Bill Collier, Bill Collins Karen Combs, Dennis Cook, Madeline Cook, Nikki Correlli, Fedric Counts, Jim Cowan, Andy Cox, Barbara A. Cox Connie Coyle, Linda Craig, Steve Craig, Cynthia Cranfill, Myrna Critch- low, Thomas Croke, Mike Crooke, Linda Curtis Ginger Dalton, Georgia Davis, Glenn Davis, John Davis, Kathryn Davis, Marsha Davis, Jackie Davy, Sandra Deatrich Deborah Dt-Burger, Jeanne DeCaro, Robert Decker, Linda Dering, Janice DeStefano, XVayne DeVane, Gary Dick- haus. Mike Dillman Gary Disney, Linda Dix, Sheryl Dixon, Tyrone Dixson, Tom Donegan, Alma Dosal, Dick Doran, Steve Douglas Gary Alan Dayle, Jimmy Doyle, Mike Drinkut, Linda Dukes, Michael L. Dunnam, Linda Durell, Daryl Dur- ham, Martha Dye Pam Early, Kathy Eaton, Denny Ed' monds, Carol Edmundson, Richard Elias, Candace Elliott, Stephen Lee Elliott, Mary Ellison Kathy England, Terry English, Gregg Ennis, Myron Eshowsky, Steve Essig, Johnny Everly, Mike Eyles, Bill Fenley John lfillion, Suzie Fischer, Connie Fisher, Pamela L. Fisher, Nancy Flick, Ted Flick, Joyce Foreman, Linda Foreman Freshmen Oops, no more tape . . . decorating for the first homecoming parade was one of the challenges to all Knights. Harold Forth. jim lfouch, Parfenta Freeman Tom Freelnan, Robert Frelwell, Nancy Friend Susan Fries, Cindy Frisbie, Marsha Fuhs Joanne Fulton, Carmen Gacia, john Gaier, Sondra Garrison, Alvin Gars- nett, Rosita Garza, john Gatwood, Linda Gearhart Elaine Gibbs, Cindy Gillespie, Bob Girdler, jim Goller, David Good, Becky Gootee, jay Gordon, Nancy Gormley john Grable, Dennis Graham. Mike Gralia, Bob Grant, Judy Gribbons, James Grider, Tess Grigsby, Gaylen Grube Dianne Guidone, Bill Guthrie, Dee Haflich, Nancy Haibe, Claudia Hair. Barbara Harbert, Bob Harlan, Bar- bara Hammon John Hampton, janet Hancock, Myra Harling, Frank Harmon, Don Harper. janith Hartfelter, Pam Hartman, Ed Hash Dick Hatfield, Lois Hatfield, Dave Hay, Dave Heady, jennifer Heitt, Portia Heller, Laura Helme, Linda Helton Cathy Henderson, Lloyd Henry, Con- nie Herrin, Rebecca Hiatt, Stanley Hibbs, Susan Higgenbottom, Dave Hill, Steve Hill Karen Hillenberg, Alen Hinds, Mar- vin Hitchcock, Russ Hinesley, Paula Hobbs, Sandy Hobson, lVarren T. Hobson, joe Hollingsworth l Freshmen Lou Ann Hollingsworth, Claudia Hol- ly, Deborah Holmes, Susan Holstein, Ellen Hook, Brenda Horn, Ruth Horn, Gwen C. Howell Marilyn Howell, Richard Howenstein, John Howry, Diana Hubbartt, Carol Huesman, Nannette Huffer, Bill Hulse, Dennis Huron Nancy Hurst, Linda Hutsell, Dave Huttner, Charles Huxley, Rick Jack- son, Darla Jacobs, Dorothy Therese Jarvis, Bill Jensen Greg Johnson, Michelle Johnson, Richard Johnson, David Johnston, Bonnie Jones, James Jones, Janice Jones, Mike Jones Gary Judd, David Julian, Janet Kalp, Linda Keeton, Madalyn Kell, Jean Kelly, Thomas Kendall, John D. Keppel Charles Key, Gary Howard Kidd, Carol Kindley, Debbie King, Porter Kin- naman, Shirley Kinny, Steve Kirk, Candy Kitcoff Jane Klein, Ruth Kocher, Christine Kopitzke, John Kord, Bruce Kosavech, David Krause, Susan Kummer, Craig Lacy Wendy Lacy, Susan LaFara, Nancy LaFollette, Brenda Lake, Cindy Lane, Diane Lane, Dona Lane, Rick Lane Tom Lane John Larson John Lawhorn Music First Class . . . Marching band members garner a first place at the Southport band contest. Freshmen john Layton, Marleah Layton, Tonya Leach, Karon Leary, Sharon Leary, Margaret Lee, Mike Lentz, Betty Leonard Sandra Lillard, Malinda Lind, Sain Linder, Clyde Lipscomb, jerry Logan, Barbara Long, Phil Loomis, Bill Lorton Betsy Lott, Phillis Louden, Cindy Lucas. Harry Lunsford, jane Lunsford, Peggy Lynn, Rick Lyons, Barbara Maas Pamela Mader, Ann Mangus, Patty Mann, David Marks, Karen Mars, Karen Marshall, Kathy Marshall, Ralph Martin Robert Martin, Stephen Martin, Cyn- thia Maschino, Tony Massena, Paul Massey, Becky Mastenik, Mike Math- ews. Rick Matillo Mike Mattingly, Cherryl McCane, janet McClelland, jack McConnell. Stephen McCullar, Fred McDaniel, Phillip McDaniel, Steve Mcliowen jim McFarland, Kathy Mclfarland, Katherine McHaffey, Dennis McKain, Jane McKay, Sandy McKee, Earlette Meador, Marcia Mendez jack Meranda, Betty Merkley, Kathy Merriman, Mark Metcalf, Richard Metz, Cheryl Meyer, Vince Migliano, Carl Miller Charlie Miller, Donna Miller, jan Miller, jerry Miller, Keith P. Miller, Russell Miller, Sandra Miller. Steven Miller Debby Mills, Marsha Mills, Daniel Milliser, john Minton, Mary Ellen Mires, Carolyn Monday, Don Money- han, Allen Montgomery Michael A. Montgomery, Dennis Moore, jim Moore, Trudy Morgan, janet Moss, Linda Moss, Mark Mur- phy, Larry Muterspaugh Freshmen Rick Nash, jim Neal, Cynthia Neeley, Sharon Newland, Paula Nobbs, june Noble, Connie Ogden, Jim Oldham Mario Oliva, Kathy O'Neill, Bruce Osborn, Linda Owens, Paula Owens, Stan Palma, Karih Palmer, Kathy Parker Patricia Parker, Sally Parker, Kathy Parnell, Phil Partenheimer, Nancy Patrick, james Payne, Beverly Pear- son, Linda Pence Steve Percifield, Burt Perdue, Judy Perfetto, Mike Perkins, Brenda Perry, Donald Peyton, Kandis Phillippe, Gloria Phillips Kathie Phillips, Rick Phillips, Susie Piepenbrok, Pixie Pierce, Rick Pierce, Cheryl Pike, Max Politt, jan Pollock Dick Poole, Judy Porter, Marjorie Porter, Bill Potter, Charles Poulter, Carol Powers, Susan Prather, Brenda Praul Dan Preston, Curtis Pribble, Penny Proctor, Teresa Ann Purkerson, julia Pyle, janet Quackenbush, Steve Qaul- kinbush, Linda Raming Barbara Ratts, janet Raugh, Bonnie Darlene Raymond, Cheryl Rea, Steve Rebic, Florence Redding, John Red- mond, Patricia Redmond Brad Reed, Dennis Reno, Bill Rich, Steve Ritchie, Carol Rigsbee, Marcia Riorclan, Russell Roberts, Dave Robin' son Nancy Rodabaugh, Shirley Rosemeyer, Susan Ross YVanda Rothenberger, Ruby Irene Land, Kathy Ruddell Entertainment Plus . . . At the Fresh- man Mixer the students not only danced but planned a variety of amusing acts. 7Y,, Freshmen lflulitcs Russell, Patty Rutani, Bill Sztillnnt, Angela Sznnuclson, Bruiitlxi Szmls, l.t'slit- Saturn, Stt-xt' Stull. ll ilhann Stlll'lllll'l' l'riscillzi Schlngv, lluhhit- Sthmitlt, .lan kit' Schull, Dux itl Stott, Shirlt-y Scott, Snr Stott, llzut- Scanlon, tlotly 'Still' l,nitl1i St-lit-r, Nancy St-ltlt-, Dunn: St-xf ton. lloh Sliziffcr, Dt-c Sharp. -Iutly Sht-Itlon. lbznw Shimt-ig Sznuh Sliirlcx lntlx' Shoht-, llvhhit- Shnrt-, lllaninnnt' AX. Sikvs, Donatltl Snninons, Clairol Sitt-s, Alohn SlilIlll1'l', Kcnnt-th Slgtglc. Sliirlvx' Slult' Chunk Slonc, Clintly Smith. lltlllllll Smith, jack A, Smith, l,t-slvy l,. Smith, Norinzi Smith, 'ft-rry Smith. Clonnic Smithcrs Put Sottllizml, l'J:n'itl Sparks, 'l'lit-icszl Spoo, Dchorzili Sprzitlling, lioh Spit-cn, iIl1zn'lt's Sqnircs, lNl1n't'in Stuck, Mikt' Slaipp .Xnm-tts Stcutliiutli, Nanny Stt-plicns, ligiil Stcwurtl, Glcntlai Stout, Cvntliin Straingc, kltllllllly Stn-low, lit-nc Strong, Eel Struit jetty Stttfkcr, Ingvin' Sttt'lJt'1'k1'op, Chris Surtli, Nancy Slll'f2ltil', Dunn Sxigcl, I,znLry Swann, Jost-pliint' Swcn- son, jim Szulzly lczm I1llilll2l,f.lll'Ul lzi1'tt'l'.l,zlry lay- lor, Nunn' Tziylor, Paul i1l2lyl0l'. 'l't'1'i'5 'l'uyloi', 'l'om Taylor, Hziroltl 'l't'st'ln'- flora- Michzit-l 'llllllyL'l', Kcnny Tlinxton, Dcnnis 'llll0lll2lS. Pznnclu 'l'homzls. Donna Thompson, Stcit' 'l'hompson, Bt-tty Tliornlmrg, Kathy 'l'hornhtn'gIi ldlllll Tlirnslicr. jzinis Tilson, jam Tobias, Donna Tomlinson, Clizirlcs Toolcy, ,litmus Toon, Vit' Trnttm-r, Pznnclzi Trnzix ,A mv X g vi. ,. gag a sf 'w v Q rr fl 5 tv 4 . ,, ,, L, .-245: 4 ps 1 'ill' 1 fi L -an f x ', Q S S FQLQTXL 2 xv? V-.1 ..v 2 M1 if Freshmen lsl'K'llllIll'hh . . . Fans Mlllfh an NICIIIIIICII scrap for one more win. NI111ciz1 'lulllm-. xflllglllltl Twigg, lS1c'111l:1 llliglllll Nficlmcl YZIIIKJICLIXC, qlzuncs Yn11g11'odia1l. 'lim YRIIIUNCI' C,l1z11lcs Yllhltl. Miko Waulc, KIUAIIIIL' xvllgglilltl' Rllllllil' Xxlllllltlll. l'l1illil1ln' XY11lk1'1, 1111111 Wz1lls111ill1 lilly XVRIINII, Rllllllil' U'1llll'l'S, N111111 XYLIIIIIJICIK, Xllllf Wnnl, Yixizm XYg1lsu11, Nlikv W1-l1I1, 'lxcny XY1-lmb, Slew X81-I1c1 Skylcr XYQIJSICI. C-101 W1-il. john XYcisf lllllx, SIIZITUII XYCIKII, Dclmbic XYCIIS, I,llllIk2l XXTIIS. Susie XYCIIIU, l,i111l11 XY1'sl Nlikc XYQM, l'11'n'11clz1 XX'1'sll11'1n1k. slackin- Wc-stbmnk, Dvblzic XYl1islc-1', P4111 XVl1i1- ilkK'l'. 121111111 Whilc. lh-Irby XYl1illic'1', KLAH' XX'l1ill11w Illllllllk' Hunk. f.iill'UHL' XXILIKCIK, 15111111 Wimkcrs, Nlikc Wilkc-s, l,i11dz1 XYilso11, Nl111'iz1 Wilsun, Pvggx XYilsu11, Rita Wilson Sllllllf XX'ilsu11, Craig XVilliz1111s. limlaly xYilli2llllS, 111111 XYHHZIIIIS. Llllllkil XYil- liLllllS, Lloyd NYilliz1111su11. SICXL' XYil- l1111gl1bx', 13111111 XVi1111 Nelson ll. xX'iSh2ll'l. -Indy xvlllgllllltll. l,2llIl'll XYomlg1ll, Shcilu Xhmqnls. P11111 Wuutz111. john XV1'z111cl1c1', Rod NV1'igl1l, P11111 xvlllllilil Clinch Yami. Peggy Yz11'ya111. Phillis Yost. Iuhn Young, Miclmcl Young, jim Yllllllglllilll, A1115' Zcillin. Bz11IJz11'11 Ki1111111'1'111:111 Freshmen Kay Mlell, klolin Appleby, Ron Atkinson, Lillian Bales, james Barnett, Steye Burr Iohn Berwnrd Dane Booth, Kerry lirown, Clary Bll42l2lll2llI- Don l'fclwLml Byrd, 'IllIL'l'L'S2l Clalrlwriglll, Yir- ginia Canes, Nancy Collins Mznlina Cook, Kay Corbin, Williiun Clow- n. rley, Cheryl Crawford, Danny Crowe, john Dzune, Linda Davis 'l'on1n1y Dean, Daniel Deling,r, Rebekah Dspositzir, -lznnes Dewitle, Bzirliziru Dickerson, Debra: Dirkison, Don Duff .lody Dunn, Byron lzzison, Sheila Ldwards, Glenn Emery. .IoNell English. Don lfuux. C in rolrn Favors .lan Ferguson, Diana Fifer, Joyce Fishburn, Kathy FlllQgL'l'2llil, Scott Ford, Tina l'l0Iil'lDllll, Dine Fosnighl Paul Freeberg. jim lfultz, Duke Gibbons, Nlalinu Godby, Terry Goins, Pat Hall, Bob Hznnilton Susan Hzunniond, Mary Hartley, XVillizun Hzirtwig, Kathy Hausafus, Cynthia Hendrix- son, Lucy Herndon, Don Herrell Belly Hey, Deborah Hines, ,lim Holliday, Michael Hood, Bill Hooper, Peg Housel, Cierrie Indenrock Darlene Jewell, 'luck jones, Pillll Jones, Alxin Katlrnzin, Chzrrles Kennedy, Delores Kent. .Ieannettzl Kilburn Nancy Kingery, Joel Lannon, Lizzi Lawler, ferry Lee, Lonnie Lee, Sandy Lee, john I4-pper 4 Q 'A 1 'A 'ur-C. H ,y f f ' W. Y - f .J 'l " , Z3 ,, ff N y ., 1, V: A A I M ' 5 ages 'f in 1 Q' Q , , ' fi' , fvf-Sf' ' ri " 2 I ,Ei A 1' 'Ki' 1 , 4 '55- .. Nl' e "' X , 9 It J i ' : v 1 re , fm! f: , ,nhl x 4: f 'inn ,,-vw, 4,5 A., f 5, ., rs, . 5 X - . 1, , V - V -mb f ...Q .. ' K, JA ', Q, sf ' . 46' W "' - .ww mv 'M ,4 Q y X k pr ,a- im. Msn 4 . 4, - 'N . fe, , O9 - funn, ,nl N I -.1 , ' ,W .' , 1. ,fx 1.5-by ' r .. QM S f 3 's N ,. ,K 5. ,, N '1 'A' ' ef 7. , Q .s "-123-Zig ' A ,- kv fre i r "f my ' 3 Eli b M N .,:.i ' . ,F if it ni '-5' 4' il 4 'lv' , ' ' Q .3 - f 'i ' - ' - ' A J ,g I , gf lx is y Q , Rx Y Nl Ki 4 Q, p 'Y is io K' ivvl ' 1,2 ' - Aw- f , Y K S cr Q x l l , 1 bfilif l " Y R , Y i 4 4 Q f -i if 1 . . Q 9, 0 D Q ll 3-fr ls I., ,, av '-,ff X' N.. X .. ' 1 N . an 5. 'C 'F wx.. Q. , fav. W rs ly X al 1 l 169 n Q vl 4 f , Q ,X J' t 'Su - X Qf Y fr X' Wim f 1 X ...D W: y ie , is 'iw' iii 4 ' 4 I ,E .. ,ir ' Freshmen ,. -, uv- ' " , . . , . f- -- wh 2 'A '-" ' Caystal Liftord, Raylene Lindsey, Joyce Liv- Q , fi, sv ' ' QQ engood. Linda Loekridge, Tony Lowrv, 1 i i X, 'B U Sharon Lueas, joyee Lynch I In X ,I Diane Mussel. Curt Mayfield, Donald MCA fs' ", ' . xv 5' "' 'S I, Cram ken, James Mesalam, Steve Miller, Marv " fl I -of at f -. J T' . ' if g I. ' Millar, Randall Montgomery .' 4, .gray N-f yi , yt N , f ' ' . f gf ' xl' 5? x 1 1 K . 1 I F Q Q :'ii:',,f v ' if 4' ' i x 'I Q. ' it A Sandy Moore, Suzie Moore, Tom Moore, F' we V ,MW ' N Ja f M" W' judith Morgan, Randall Morrow, Rick Mor- , 'Z 5 Q. mf row, Frank Mosier V Qx i K 1 wh! xl ! ' Ronald Nau ale. Dare Nixon, Rod Ochs. ' ' W gf "' " ' 2 A -' N xy, Karin Oler. Karen U'Neill, Ralph O'Rear, ii " N N . tr' J H, Mary Payey W own! 3 5 y , , t N , , 1 VM X ' tit an K' A A it 'E 5 - A A lim Perkins. Mike Phillips, Pam Phillips, +A A A- A Donna Pierson, Henrietta Pirtle, onathan V- A ,,,,,,,, ite, ,QL ,.- qw . M Q-XM N, f Z 4 Siyj , gig, 1 Brent Priee, joy Ragsdale M. ' ' ,Q , ' V ' y . " , ,A i F 'S-J' .Q V " f A Robert Ramsey, Kathy Raymont, jerry if , L Fi an Richey, ohn Rid bath. Karen Roberts. ohn ,fa t ua.- , . I . W1 XM 2 ' - 4 Rowland, Sulann Samuels M bs , ' Q :fin W N Wi. , . . - g a . mg 1 Robert Schatz, Barbara Sthoelka Jf, Billy ya:-I 'iv I I 4 Y Y tg,-:Ll MJD P WH Scott. Patty Simmons, Don Sink. Eric Smith, I Q WV' .. Terry Smith fwqaw Liga' ' , Y , . f F I 5 ' i , fm iv nw Q ' Susan Snyder, Denny Southerland, Daniel "W ul , I , . ' , , ' . . . K "" " A M Snruwer, Xelena 5l2ilCIOYlCl1, Cindi Stone, ,, I W M ,- l S fbi y W ,K , Ron Sule, Steve Summerlot W4 X i , , I . Q Wt! 'K Q. X y ti at 3 if at E V AV .,.,, it ,M V ,, "-2 -L "" - ' " A rr Larry Talkinglon, Lynn Tatum, Mark Tay- VVVV. , t ., ,y il M , Q ' .. ,-- . , 'H' '24 'A lor, Steve laylor. Dean 1eater, Iilllll Tlux- ' , , .. In s w . - i . . 'S 1 'X j 'J Y R-1 1 ' Ioll. lim Thompson X, If , S X . AG" i 3, K I it R .5 1 7 . I l if A Sandra Treft. Ginger Van Damme. Rickey l 'A gn, NYalls, Richard U'alters. David M'eayer I - Q43 x v f , HL.. , lt f , r Y N G N ,tt tt V' a ai t tn' f 1 bl Qffij Bob M'eayer, Bob S. Weaver, Dorothy Young, Herman Young. Mr. Delmar Merritt Hold that Pose . . . One of the underclnss photographers takes careful aim. C ooks, custodians operate Knightsville :QRESVVRS1 9 ,sg 5247 as-1,1 4 L Us-2.5 A Pinch of Sall ...' l'hi: Looks who uri- 1'n-spoiisilmlu lm' thc mlzrilx lunches arc Qfront mwj Mrs. Marry Owcns. Mrs. vlOl12lllll2l Suclmcrkrnli, Mrs. Ozikla Whilcsidc. Mrs. Milclrcd Moorc, Mrs. Bi-tty Black, Mrs. Hclcn Homlgin. Mrs. llminic Blincs, Mrs. llclcn lfillgcrulcl. Mrs. Daisy Baker. Mrs. Olicc johnson: Qsccond ruwj Mrs. Henrietta Dailcy, Mrs. Bonnie Kilznnly. Mrs. Blzinchm- Bzruglnnzin, Mrs. Pi-url run Ili Sp wr Mi M1 fllcani Swwcp . . . Mlrllvr luslus lumps lliv lmll. Having lunili lin- In-1 imls gi clan li-lair-wills llic srliul- ulc lor our umlxs liunlu CUUlxlllQ and mixing llic i. '. x, V. vi K. 'llN3lxN uusgimls ul alislius llnougli ilu- lllSlllX'ZlNlll'li plus planning loml lui' lllL'2llS 1 M'illi mm-r Iwo niilcs ul corridors lu clc-Lin mlxrily :incl unc lllllllll'L'll clgnssrumns In kr-up in In-ilul lflllillllllll thc izuiilurs lmlquy Lin llllllfblilillll pint in kcvping nur srlimml '1 1 luvclr. c'lQ in Incl if 'll Spun . . . lln' limlimus .incl i.1niI1ns .nv llllblll limp Mis. lvznim' llllhllil. Mis. livzrlriu' l'mlurw4m4l, l,xnn Xm',M'.1Ili'1 luslnsi 'Corral nnvp l'lillllx l5urclc'llc'. llUlK'.ll'll Rirlmlwlsmi, Ruin-il llllllll'NN qlhml rowp M illi inn Rosv. lilrmngis linlal--lli'.nl clllNl1Nllilll. Xugusl '2lllll'llfll1lLli lKllX'lllllllAllll Nm'lun.l1im-ml xldlilllll. llgnix lwikiiismu. l,ilc. Mis. 'llunni Ilaulcll. Mis. RuIn'1l.1 Rt'lll4lUll, Mis. lzilllli mix' . . s. Mxllrlc llm-lwilcl, Mis. Mink Yun llc. Mrs. lin-llx llmlgin 's. lilsiv Huff. Mrs. lrcni' Slmiiic. Mrs. xIn41nil.r lilxllig rlhinl mmm Mrs. Lgirnl Mcuwir. Mrs. llurolln llrnsmin, llulmvrl Nllvn, Mis. zrlriu' RllXlllUlIll. Mis. liclilli CI.nlm'1. .lliclivw llnngvifurrl. Mis. Nlillggllvl lxzrppiis. lhvx pimielv 51.11011 lumlnw rl.iilx. , 55 is ' rl ' A is , Sf' 5 'ls ff. 3 X 1 5 1:" 4 ' A , , ' f' .. , 1 - ' - 'm.-.... sv, is A Chocolate or Vanilla? . . . joan Buchzmzm and Ilan Mock sip an Smla X after ll grucling clay nt sfhool. Shoppf-rs' Shopping of scrvicc Paradise . . . lk-villglull V CCIIICI' offers cvcry lypc for its cuslmncrs. ,. ' ' br 'fan af Wm Enterprising students become acquainted yearbook advertising. serve their school they as well toward ' ' 5 R ' ,4 ,. , A 1 . i. ..' I- fag.. I We JAX Y IW 4 my X 4 .3 ,. ,! X bf Q kk . ,war y ., A A Q 23 hillkdmaf- rw, If I tising r g ' 1 2 li ll ll Eli ill ll i,t 3 f I . . ? : r New Tradition . . . Paula ,Xntleison shows janet Strrfforcl. junior, the trutlitionzrl IHOYILIIK bouirl of Arlington lligh School wlrieh she will wear upon grutluzition. Before summer's end, seniors visit Portraits .Xs the sclrool year approzrelrecl, seniors took pride in thc' in ' ' ' ' -ir 'st zictivity. senior pntures. 1.zrst spring ,Xil- COIAIJIC stall' rnenrlmers planned zrppointnrents lor b l -, nrirecl, wlizit eoulcl liz " ' ' . A . f . riors to keen clurinp' the sunnner rnontlrs. XN'lren lzrll Y ue initirtul 1 stuclent more rs 1 1 . 1 V z rior tlizur pictures ln' Paula? Prools were returnecl to xious .Xi-lingtonites. :incl tlieir prolmlern was selecting tlre best one lrorn tlie rnzrny excellent poses. Pictures ul exerr sile. black :incl white, Inrowrr-torre, :incl mlm were P I rtlrzrsecl ln seniors who were pioucl to exclrzrnge tlienr a uitli their lrientls. Reconrnrenrlzrtions to juniors urveil Q U tliern to stlreclule tlreii zrppointnrents ezrrlx. Sunnner sit- tings would result in tlre returning ol unnpleteil pictures In lull. 'llie quality ol' pirtures lronr Paula cleligliteil AT- 3-4265 senior liniglrts und rlreir lznni 3905 Washington Blvd. Bill Elwriclm YN'illi llu- slant ol scliool nmny sc-niois wc-im' lzuwl willl llu- IJlUlJll'lll ol ilioosing lioni lluii llliUHlN oiu- lum- aiplwzii in ilu- .XC.C.Ul,.XlDl'.. lla-rziiiw Mi. l'lIll'iI'Il.H Nkill inauli' illlylllt' lmliologvnu, ilu' sn-niois' lmiggvsl lnolzlvin . was ilioosing Ulli' pow lioni so inziny good lnools. Xilu-n ilu' cle-:ision was linzilly inzulc znul ilu' orclci plzun-ml litll vxlizi pullncs, llic sn-lcclion ol' ll liunu' was lllfxl. Nli. Ehrich's collection ol' lrzinuw coinlmincrl llllllllllll willl cluzililx. llic seniors XX'lIUll1lll llu-n l1lLllll'L'N lznkcn In Mi. Ehriq-h scnl ilu-ir iunioi liiuiuls in llic slning Io Ilic Nllllllll gnul wlril lJc'llCl' iclc-irwuc coulil lllL'lC lizixc lmccn Glendale Lower Concourse ' . t 1 . . . lluin sznlsluwl NCIIIOISF luniois wllo Imlznnu-rl lo lac pliolo- glill1Jl1Cll ln' Mr. Ehrich wcic sinoc- to nuikc- lllL'll' ap- i 1 polnlnu-nts czntlx' lmcloic ilu- Sllllllllll lllSll xo llu-n svn pictures roulcl Inc Inooll-cl znul llieii oiclers in lor llic lzlll. expert pho ographers for quality portraits Now. XVhic'h Onc? . , , lov Blllllllpfl. scnioi, llll'S lo clioosr- from llu' lll.lIlX loxvlx llLllll1'N .inni- .llmlc lol his nvw lrulniv. .Xll svniois loinul In-lznliu-s anxious loi photos. 'Wk' m9 Fall brings fun o companionship, games, sn- 'fc U y .izss szs, 1 y Wi 4 C ,,,,,nn. 4 . .' fig? 1 l fi l l if L Q C I 1 38th Street Prescription Center 4829 E. 38th si. LI. 5-4377 lfall sports were lun and exciting lot all Atlingtonites. With this lun, however, tanie the told and ilu season. Not wanting to niiss a day ol' school oi any extra-cur ricular activities, we took innnediate action to retnedy our illnesses. XVe knew that for the best in phattnareuti- tal products 38111 Street Prescription Center Wllli the reliable place to go. Boil, Boil, Toil and Trouhlt '... Susie Todd stirs her medicine brew, but Vicki Moody prefers the reliable prescription from pharmacist Waytnan Byers at 38th Street Prescription Center. V""'N 170 American Beauty Cleaners 3750 N. Sherman Dr. Ll. 6-6131 Fall meant back to school in newly cleaned clothes lor Arlington students. 1Vinter clothes that had been in storage during the sunnner months were ready for use once more. Since back to school often brought many expenses, the low cost cleaning at American Beauty Cleaners was helplul to the family budget. For our Golden Knight niarching band, lall nieant back to the lootball field in clean uniforms. The band appreciated the hne quality service that was given to their alniost new unilornis through-out the season. Appreciation Shows . . . john I,aVine and Lyn and Gary Stafford return to thank American Beauty Cleaners for an excellent job. East Side Chevrolet 5436 E. Washington St. FL. 7-1121 And away we went, oil lu the game or dance in style in ottr 1961 Chevrolets lroni East Side Chevrolet. Ntlhen our Chevy or other line cars needed care, their liactory- trained niechanics put our cars in top running order lor sale driving. Their lriendly assistance and liberal trade discounts niade East Side Chevrolet a popular place to do business. Looking Ahead . . . Sharon Hannnons and Dennis Reed try-out a new Chevrolet under the guidance of Mr. Wilson at East Side. and parties as we start the school year Miracle Lanes 6125 E. 38th Ll. 6-4747 The pins lell at Miracle Lanes as Golden Knights inet their opponents for a striking game ol bowling. For the better bowler, a convenient pro shop carried a large selection of equipment lor all our bowling needs. A snack shop and pool room. as well as a number ol smaller games, all added to our entertainment lor an enjoyable afternoon or evening. Hlhether bowling in the Arlington league, or on a date, Miracle Lanes was preferred by us all. Watching the Pins Fall . . . Steve Cook, Kathy Clhiltlers, Sharon Ritter, and Joseph Mills look on as Kay Walsh hopes for a strike. Paul Harris Devington Center Ll. 7-3247 For all style-wise students, Paul Harris was the place to do all-weather shopping. Their wide variety ol' sportswear and coats proved that Paul Harris was the only store which to buy the latest fashions lor out- door fun. Their excellent selection ol' school clothes and date attire enabled Knight-s to look their best on every occa- 5i0n, In A Time of Need ndi Bosco tilts hclping it tux m sum McDonald's Drive-In 5625 E. 38th sf. Ll. 6-4455 lt wasn't hard to get girls lor a date to Mg-D0nalqI'5 D1-ive.In. After school, athletic events, committee meet- ings, and dances, many students gathered at Mr-D0nald's for a snack or a meal. Hamburgers, french fries, and cold drinks topped the menu for most Arlingtonites in a most delicious way. An After-Game Treat . . . Stevie Reider, Vicki Carter, jenni Adams, Wvanda Knoll, and Patti Harper laugh as Steve Ernest sips a malt. 2 shztrp bought his new suit hom the John Davis lVIen's Shop. 'l'heir lztrge selection ol' :ill types ol dress enabled guys ol :ill tges :ind sizes to shop :tt John Davis lol quality clothes nt low prices. As Arlington's fall social season begins, to ra MENG NISE? Monarch Buick 1040 N. Meridian ME. 5-3341 1Ve girls coulcln't fight it when our Knights wanted to buy at stylish 19641 Buick from Monarch. Sir Lance- lot himself coulcln't have louncl Z1 better stead than the ones we saw at Monarch Buiek. XVhen we went to the gzuue, dance. or just around town, we went in zu Buick. at nzune ol quality. Monarch's experienced mechanics kept our cztrs in top running order. Their quick, reli- ztble service gave Monarch Buick zt vote ol conhclence lrom Arlingtonites. I'm Right! . . . Kent Smith has selected at car he likes, but Nancy Boyd sc-c-ms to prefer another one. Forest Heights Beauty Salon 3725 East 38th Street No dance was complete without Il brztnd new hairclo. Speciztlizecl beztuticiztns at Forest Heights Beauty Salon made Arlington girls' clrezuns come true quickly :incl :tt ieztsounble prices. 1'.Yt'l'1ll1IllQ lrom at han-cut to xt pei- lllllllclll could be done eztsily by appointments mztdc' :tt Hl1l'tJ1X'll t0ll1'ClIlt'lltt'. Ll. 7-1378 Even our school hair styles needed changing occasion- ztlly. 1Ve knew that Forest Heights would give us an uplifted spirit with a new and different hairdo. A variety ol cosmetics and other beauty supplies were available att mocletzite prices. 111' were never cliszippointed at Forest Heights Beauty Salon. John Davis Men's Shop Devington Center LI. 6-3130 The smart knight who W2llllCtl to look ---Qui 11:51 Hard Times Arc-n't For Long . . . I.ziur:1 Vziwter assists Bob Maugis in selecting zi suit to increase his wurtlrobc'. - Y L fi nf J . - f 4 5 f s Knights ready for annual 'Camelot Capers Wilkerson's Barber Shop Devingfon Center Ll. 6-0914 Fall brought many special events to Arlington, antl getting reacly lor that lirst lall clance piovecl as nntth trouble lor hoys as lor girls. 'I'hat is why the boys who were especially conscious ol a treat appearance niatle lkgllllll' trips to Wilkers0l1'5 Barber Shop wllere tlley got quick attention anal quality service. Skillecl harhers were always anxious to give special attention lu Arling- ton hoys whether lor hi-weekly hair-cuts or an inrpott- ant event. For every occasion that our Knights wanted to look their best they chose Wilk6PSIlIl,S Barber Shop in nearby Ilevington lor convenient, economical serv- ll'l'. It's Got To Be Done Sometime . . . Steve Gaul antl Nlike Nichols catch up on some homework while getting hair-cuts. Herschel's Shoes Windsor Village FL. 6-1132 Arlington girls wantecl to step out on the right foot lor the lirst lall clance. He1'sehel's olferecl not only heels, but lilats, boots, and hosiery lior school. sports, and dress. Hersi-hel"5 hail tht- right pair of shoes with hancl bags ltr match for every occasion. Decisions, Decisions . . . Susie Travis and Kay Gill look over a large selection of shoes. l 'J During the winter months, Arlingtonites' mlmml Preston's Super Market 6937 Pendleton Ll. 7-1668 Triongle Center xvllell big lJZll'llC'N :intl liootciiziiiiiies wt-rc on thc ztgt-mln, wist: SllltlL'IlIS fed tht-ir guests with loml from one of Presl0n's umvenicntly louitecl SIOIBS. During the Holidays wc atc fine turkeys with all thc trimmings from Prest0n's witlc selection of quality supplies. It was A Basket-Full ol' Gooditm . . . l':1ul:i Szniclt-is Quill Pcggy l't'cstoti stock-up on footl 3 pleasure to ill? Ulll' WC6lilytSl1Opp1I1g at untl siiaitlxs lm an atppioncliitig lJ1ll'lN with quaililx supplit-s from Pit-slon's Market. Pl'9Si0Y1'S SUPEI' Market- GOOD L CK GRADUATIN CLASS l l Enjoy that REFRESHING NEW FEELING you get from Coke! 4 BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA COL COMPANY BY Co-1 thoughts turn to festivities and vacation Horog Drug Store Devington Ll. 7-9673 For up-to-date hobby equipment. .Xilingtonites went to Haag'5 hobby department to renew interests in old proietts. XVhile shopping among the hobby supplies, many students discovered Haagfs other superb depart' ments. XVhenever drugs and medical supplies were needed. the pharmacy ollered dependability with econ- omy. Make-up and skirt preparations of reliable brands were found in the cosmetics department, while school supplies were also available in quantity. The wise guest chose an appropriate hostess gift from the randy and gift sections. Purtliases made at Haagk insured coin- plele satisfzution. Brock Drug Store 3735 E. 38th u. 7-1357 At Brock Drug Store. Arlingtonites were assured of quick. dependable service and low prices. Clocks, candy, cosmetics, toys, and numerous other items, eould be found in wide assortments. The efficient serviee at Br0ek's helped students as well as adults find their needs or enjoy a snack at the fountain. For that sperial gift. we went to Brock Drug Sim-9. ,vw . Planning A Project . . .john Reinfiart and Ion SlC'2,L'lll examine .1 model boat from llaags supetb hobby department. Peorson's Plotters Devington Li 5-4347 XVhen festive Knights planned their holiday parties. they knew they tould buy all their tetoid needs from Pears0n's Platters. Music to ht all moods and tastes, popular or classic, weie available. XVith record players, hi-fi and stereo equipment, rnusital instruments, and sheet music. we found thoosing dilheult. However. friendly seryite and quality meithandise enabled us lo enjoy shopping at nearby Pear-50n'5 Platters. Rockin' Records . . . Rex Porter. Susan Slaeuble. and Steye llick- haus tt ' to deeide u ton some albums from a lainie Selettion, Ct Gift-Getting . . . Cathy Brock and Edna Brown admire a figurine clock as the perfect gift for a special occasion from B1'ock's. ...AWA , UPSPG For a real o XVlicn wc nccalccl El icul lmnsl Ilizil was nut ul this worlml. we mliunk 7-UP. Alta-1' ilu- Qlllllk' was mm. lust or won, .Xiliiigtoniles ' ' t't'lllsl1llL'll their unites with 7-UP, ll winner 7-Up cwii time. Stew lluiwgil, sn-niriip zlglfw-cl that 7-UP guvc limi alia lill he tice-nleml. Knights get laaclc in the swing of things Sluclciils louml it lizml ln get buck into llic swing ol' sclmol activities Zllll6'1' 11 liulialziy ul lun. lint we cn- juiccl doing an lizml clzifs wmlg wlicn we km-w llizil we umulcl liaiw Il suclzi ill Roesrll Pll3l'lll3Py ullvi' scliuul. ,X lingo X'1ll'lCIX' nl' ollici' SllIJlJllL'S inclucliiig lieziutv Ivey 1 , 1 , aiizllimis, plizuiiizicculiczil Iimclucts. lkllltly. iiizigzuiiiew, :incl lmuscliolml items wt-rc .ilsn uwziilzxlmlc :nl iiiuclciznlcf Primus. R1peSfl1 Pll2ll'lll31'V UllL'l'Cll lls tUllX'L'l1l6l1l, ltlL'lNl- ly sciviu: Roesch Pharmacy Devington Center Ll. 7-9613 i lo lat-cp out nuiv C.li1'isln111s flmlies clczlii, wc' ctliusf i l qlldf-XVII Laundry lm lust, 4-xlmml sc-will-. Vllllftll' context in-nl luczilimis nizulc? ll prmssililc lm' its to gtl Cfhcicn' :incl quality clczmiiig. leaving our clotlimg spullcss XVliCllicit lm' overt clzii wczii' ui' lm' spcceiul mczlsiuiis fhliiigtoiiiles zippiuiziu-nl the imzll lrvzilniciil llicy re cviwll :ll Crown Laundry. During the holidays Arlington girls wanted to change their hair styles for special parties and dances. NVQ' chose Sydell's Beauty Salon to create the newest hair-clos for both school and tlates. Their experierrtetl hair dressers gave ns lrierrtlly, expert service at etonornital primes. XVe were never tlisappointetl with the hair-tnts, perrnanents, or styling, all available In tonvenient appointnrents nracle at Syflell's Beauty Salon. SydeIl's Becruty Solon 3503 N. Arlington Lt. 5-4105 Devington Gulf Service 6220 E. 46th sr. tr. 6-0552 Taking trips, visiting Irientls and relatives, provided an enjoyable tirne during the holitlays. Golden Knights reaclietl their ears lor driving on ice and snow Irv taking thern to Gulf Service Station. Their lrienclly, tlepentl- ahle service errahletl tts to get prornpt repairs on below- fero rnornings. Motor tnne-nps antl tornplele overhattls were clone etononritallv In the experierrtetl attentlants lit tht' UPllYi'llll'lll Gulf Service Station. atter activities accompanying the holiclays You never outgrow your neetl lor MILK Drink E5 Glasses Everyclay Bottoms Up! . . . Seniors Donna Roberts antl ylirn Dolrlrs agree that milk provitletl necessary vitamins antl tlnenchetl their tlrirsts. Warming weather arouses lspring fever' f l fir' 1 lg. ,. 2 l Mr. B-z-z-z Cheese 6009-11 E. 34th sf. Ll. 6-0625 For after-school snacks to combat spring fever, or friendly get-togethers and picnics during the warm weather, Mr. B-z-z-z Cheese carried numerous types of cheeses, imported and American, mellow and sharp, and a variety of other products. Arlingtonites found their fi large selection of cheese made choosing difficult. Mr, 6 t B-z-z-z could easily satisfy all tastes in cheese, and we 0. could always depend on their friendly assistance and Arlington Flower Shop l335 N. Arlington FL. 6-2489 With the coming of spring, every teen's thoughts turned toward the right gift for Mom for Mothers Day. Knights realized that the per- fect floral gift could be bought at the Arlington Flower Shop. VVhether wanting a plant, a bou- quet of flowers, or a novelty corsage, students did their buying at Arlington Flower Shop for quality at low prices. Lindsay Soft Woter 4435 N. Keystone Ll. 7-9568 By using water softened by Lindsay Soft Water, students thought of April showers all year 'round. The best equipment used by Lindsay turned the hardest water into the softest. Of most importance was the fact that Lindsay's equipment was easy and quick to install ' and to learn to operate. The inexpensiveness of main- tenance made it possible for other people in the com- munity to enjoy soft water through Lindsay. .A moderate prices. Say "Cheese!" , . . Andrea Byers holds one of the fine cheeses from Mr. BAL-z-z that make every meal a special event. ' Got A Green Thumb? . . . Karen Oliger looks for a plant that will thrive even under the protection of a white thumb, Soft As Rain . . . Sherry Calmack, Sarah Baker, and Patty Lawler show that regular water can be as soft as rain with Lindsay's help. in Knights lVlreneyer ,Xrlingtonites zurd their liurrif lies eorrsidered nroyirrg, they lirst consulted Lee Moody Realtors. Alter talking to the rezrltor, they were soon zrhle to decide how nruelr nroney they could zrllord to spend zrnd the kind ol' property zryzrilzrlrle lor this zrrnount. Eyery taste in houses lrorn colonial to rnoderrr could Ire found in the Lee Moody Realtors' list. ll the lzrnrilj. preferred at new lrorrre in zr new neiglrlror- hood located nezu' stlrools, Lee Mgmly would Hrrd it. The older house in a rnore established neiglrhorlrood tould zrlso be ltr- eated. Once the house and property were decided upon, the rerrltor handled the business trzursaetiorrs zurd rnzrrry times would also sell their present house for tlrenr. For dependability and lzrst zution. Arlington fanrilies went to the friendly rezrltors at Lee Moody. .,......., f----v-qt ,.,....,,, ff wwnqp we , Z 1 el? if ,fry 1::, OODY LEE N Gig? Af r -.J ,e 4 s tmwes e.e,.::e5h2ft ft .S 'M' t Pricing Property . . . Ros Storgrll turd Rollo Wzrrfel check one ol lee Xloody Rt'zrltor"s houses for their pgrrerrts lrefzrrrse they IVKHQIIIII' IIN clu.rlrtr. Lee Moody Realtors 1840 E. 38th St. LI. 6-1593 ' 179 t 'll 'Qi Lana Spring electriiies Knights toward thoughts Dodd's Mobil Gots Stcttion 5251 N. Keystone CL. 3-3242 As the first days of spring blossomed, Arlington stu- dents were the first to enjoy the change of seasons by driving or riding around town. To salely enjoy the spring weather, Golden knights went to Dodd's Mobil Station to fill-up on gasoline and have an over-all "after winter" check-up. The friendly, prompt service offered at D0dql'S made it a pleasttre for us to do busi- ness with them. Because building and remodeling our homes ac- companied spring, we wanted only the best in wiring and electrical fixtures. Robert L. Knipp, Electrical Contractor. offered the finest i11 electrical repair. Mr. Knipp proved to tts that he was reliable for eflicient, up-to-date service whether replacing worn-out fixtures or installing new wiring. For dependability and friend- ly help, Arlingtonites enjoyed working with Robert L. Knipp. Robert L. Knipp Electricol Controctor 4630 E. 42ncl St. LI. 6-2967 Abel's Auto Co. lO3O N. Meridian ME. 9-230i l There wasirt a better time to have a convertible than in the spring when everything became fresh and alive. Arlingtonites looked for new cars with better perform- ance and greater dependability at Abt-l'5 Auig Com. pany, Abt-F5 possessed all the selling points that drew customers to a good dealer. Arlington students recom- mended Alu-Ps car lots lor outstanding deals in new and used cars. N IM PEPSI HALF- UU RTS 5 servings in big 16 -oz. bottles! six-bottle carton plus deposit of seasonal sports and school activities Goilyoin's Super Moirket 4411 Allisonville Rd. Li. 6-2488 Springtime brought the beginning ol' cook-outs and picnics for which Galyan's Super Market was able to supply food. Those shopping chores for unexpected guests and large parties were niade easier as a result of all-night service plus at gourniets selection of food. .Xrlingtonites were pleased with their etlicient service as well as their econornical prices. Galyaifs always satished our every want, whatever the taste. Mister Donut 5527 N. Keystone CL. 3-3607 1rVith the approach of the warmer spring weather. Knights bc-gan to plan for outdoor parties. A desire for individual party flavor caused us to visit Mister Donut for fresh. tasty, baked goods. Hle were always assured of the availability ol a large selection to choose lroni for breakfast rolls. dessert pastries, or party snacks. The friendly help niade it possible lor us lo enjoy purchasing baked food at Mister Donut- NVith outdoor parties and dances, ,Xrlingtonites en- joyed listening to nrusic. Van Siekle's Radio Supply Company carried the best in record players, radios, and parts for appliances that needed repair. 1X'hether we wished to purchase a new piece till ecluipnient or merely repair an old one. we could depend on Van Siekle's to carry the supplies we needed. Van Sic-kle's was al- was ready and willing to serve us. no nratter what the task. Von Sickle Roclio Supply Co. 4131 N. Keystone Ll. 7-3589 Chiles Woitch Shop Lemcke Bldg. ME. 2-8862 Accompanying spring were many special events for students to attend. To always be on time, we wanted our watches to be in perfect running condition. Arlingtonites as well as their parents had their watches cleaned and 1'Cp21i1'6d at Chile's Watell Shop. Thirty-six years of experience in specializing in high-grade watch repair assured us of a well-cleaned or well-repaired watch f1'OHl Chile's. They kept our watches ticking through- out the year. 2 p, gwycglvglvgwyluux I :uf ---.v .------.- --- f W . .W Community Hardware 60071 Massachusetts LI 7-0407 Spring brought out the green thumb ability in Arlingtonites. Community Hardware served as the happy hunting ground for those students needing lawn and garden supplies. Household equip- ment was also available for quick re- pairs. Community Hardware was a service in offering a variety of quality Suvvlie fo" Ver Ifamablc PWS- Building or Repairing . . . tYe checked with Community Hardware for a fine selection of supplies and equipment lor any household repair job Longer days provide time and weather Meadow's Beauty Salon u. 6-1591 Roan Barber Shop Ll. 6-0651 Meadows Mall For the Junior Prom and other important spring dances and occasions. we wanted to look our best, starting with well-groomed hair. Meadow's Beauty Salon and Roan Barber Shop offered us convenient, friendly service for neat hair care. Meadow's Beauty Salon was equipped to give Arlington girls the newest hair-styles, cuts. and permanents. while our Knights found that Roan Barber Shop g2iY6 010111 1J1'Ol1lPI, economical hair-cuts whether for school or dates. The quality performances at Meadow's Beauty Salon 2lI1Cl Roan Barber. Shop earned them a name of depend- ability. Johnson Chevrolet 1035 N. Me-f1a16n ME. 5-6581 liven il we tried, we couldnt hnd anything wrong with our cars purchased at johnson Chevrolet. Their quality repair work on our Clrerys and other cars made Johnson a name ol' reliability. Their tisteiitiiy sales stall allowed us to brouse through their showroom and trial test their cars whether we planned to but. trade. or merely dream ol at lfltil Chevrolet from johnson. No Tire-Kicking! . . . Bruce Loieless uses the sport when buying a car, but he should know johnson Cherrolets are in perfect shape. 1 v On rainy, spring days, Arlington students couldn't have existed without their televisions and radios. Waltman's Hi-Fi and TV Store was the headquarters for dependable, quick service. For clearer TV reception, parts were available at Waltman's WHCYC qualify Cflllld be expected and received. VVithout their helpful assist- ance, we wouldn't have been able to find the right parts for our record players for an approaching party. Walt- man'5 proved to us to be worthy of praise. Waltman Hi-Fi and TV Store 4121 N. Keystone Ll. 6-1883 Snow's Standard Service Station 3002 N. Franklin Rd. ti. 6-0515 Whether "Fill 'er up!" or "Fifty-cents worth, includ- ing tax!" we got the same quality service from Snow's Standard Service Station. Knights often had a financial problem when buying gas, but Snow's took the worry out of buying. Oil and water were checked. windshields cleaned, and tires filled with air. There was always a supply of cokes for last-minute party preparations. "XVe expected more from Standard. and we always got it HI Snow'sl" for student opportunities at work or play Spring meant it was time to "clean-up. paint-up. and hx-up" our homes. Arlingtonites went to Hatfield Paint Company where it was possible to End almost any color of paint desired to achieve that just-right look. Being conveniently located in the Arlington dis- trict made it easy for us to shop for all of our needed supplies at Hatfield. Their friendly help, economical prices, and well-stocked store made it a pleasure to do business with Hatfield. Hatfield Paint Co. 1031 N. Arlington FL. 9-5565 Dr. James A. Rees, Jr., Chiropractor 3641 E. 46th Street Li. 6-4100 The spring months brought athletics and outside endeavors. While Golden Knights enjoyed the sunny days, many found that the increased physical activity was sometimes accompanied by aches and pains. To cure these problems, students went to Dr. James A. Rees, Jr. Dr. Rees made those discomlorts disappear with his experience and knowledge. Students appreciated his friendly manner and his ability to keep our aching muscles from interfering with spring activities. 841 5 Q ,, ,, X X W Collins Clclsmobile 2444 W. 16th Sr. ME. 5-6500 .Ks graduatiori neared, lllllllf parents ol senior Knights decided on cars lin' 2111 appropriate graduation gilt. Collins Oldsmobile offered the best deal around for a 11ew or used Oldsmobile. A cotivertible, a teen-age preferente. was perfect for tl1e Will'l1l spring and sutnnier inontlis. ll' repairs were ever 11eeded on our Oldsniobiles or other hne cars 1111111 Collins. they gave its the best work lol' the lowest prites. Colling Olqlgmghile olleretl ,kiliiigtmiites Itieridly. dependable service. Spring finale starts Arlington Sales ancl Service TOO9 N. Arlington FL. 7-8369 Since spring bruuglit warm weather lor the start of outdoor activities, clothes were sure to get dirtier after scliool and lun. Arli11gtm1ites knew that Arlington Sales and Service would carry the right part for a washing machine that might break down at a time when needed most. All houselinld appliances could he re- paired quickly and eu111t1111ic'ally by skilled, friendly help at xxilillgllill Sales and Service, a dependable place to go. A just Right Washer . . . Beverly Pearson was assured of a depend- able deal at Arlington Sales and Service, The Wvay to Make "A" in Car Buying . . . Susie Pohland and Gwen Trutnbo hit the honor ioll whe11 they chose to shop at Collins for their new Oldsniohile. .a X .II Q: H., t' - XX , ,, jj . 'x x fi 6 5-8.5 3, SS' min -1 1 nina-l .n. . -..M M A expectations ot the approaching summer As summet hegan to hask Hoosierland in sunshine, Knights headed lor the water in hoats lrotn Boalland. 1Vater skiing, which always proves to he a popular summer sport, could easily he accotnplished with a hoat and skis lrom Boatland. Surlhoards, motois, and other hoating equipment, were all ayailahle at Boatland. 1fVhen we headed for the WZll6l' during the summer, we hoped to take with us hoating gear lrom Btratland. Bootlond 3840 N. Keystone LI. 5-3381 Stewort-Corey Gloss Co. 5333 N. Keystone XVith spring and sutntner sports, accidents were likely to happen. lelowevet. Knights didn't worry hecause we knew that Stewart-Carey Class Company could re- place any piece ol glass equiptnent whether a tar or house window, or a storm door. Their prompt setyfte and large supply ol' glass replacements tnade repair work quick and easy. 1Vith the conveniently located Stewart-Carey store, we could happily look lorward to sunnner, whatever the spott. CL. 1-1221 Smort Shop Meadows Shopping Center Ll. 6-5489 Whether winter or summer, Arlington girls enjoyed buying new clothes. The Smart Shop in the convenient Meadows carried every type of attire for every occasion. We always knew that we could find that special item of clothing, whether sports wear, school clothing, or party dress, in the right size and color at a reasonable price. The friendly sales help at the Smart Shop made it a pleasure for us to do our all-weather shopping there. Herff-Jones Jewelers 1401 Capitol ME. 5-1554 1Vhatever the season. Arlington students relied on Herff-Jones for all types ol jewelry and motnentos. Herff-Jones designed our class rings and senior keys at1d sold them to us at moderate prices. They wete always cooperative to all Golden Knights and anxious to accomodate us in any way. 1Ve appreciated their friendly assistance in helping us choose gifts and keep- sakes. The quality of jewelry at Herff-Jones never disappointed us. is l Looking Fonvarcl to Yard XVork . . . Mary All' hecks a lawn tractor as Mr. In TAYWB , J 1, if 'LJ Tx .Q XJ P L J ,x l Sl XX nncs Nlicll demonstrates it and Jgisic 'lb ries ie finger-Iii starter. ak any Q J bg x, t ' et Ni to Thoughts turn to graduation and vacation Ace Hardware Devington Center LI 7-9616 In spring, Knights' thoughts turned to the out-of-doors. Ace Hardware's garden shop was the headquarter for Lawn Boy mowers, with fabulous finger-tip start, and VVhee1 Horse lawn and garden tractors, featuring over 30 attachments. Ace offered big trades, best terms, and home demonstrations. Wlien- ever students' power equipment needed re- pair. it was Ace for a complete parts and service department. The gift shop Offered the unique gift for the person who has every- thing. The answer to children's birthday gifts was Ace toys for all ages. Those home repairs and redecorating chores were made easier, better, and less costly when the shop- ping was done at Ace. Complete customer service was guaranteed. The wise shopper checked Ace when making his purchase. y S X QQ! X ssts X Q y t ty it Qkt Q ff j g 5 , sv x5 w Q5 it SX! . 5 js jx Xi X x t is safest sic Cs X as the school year draws to an end North Side Rambler, Inc. 5425 N. Keystone CL. 3-1245 All ol us would have liked to have had a 1964 Rzunbler parked in our drivee ways, ready for sunnner use. The Knights who made their dreznns come true by going to North Side Rambler were not disappointed. North Side olllered us the best trade-in vzrlues lor our old cars toward a new Rznnbler. Their friendly service rnztde it 21 pleasure to deztl with North Side Rambler. A Look ol Ctiniideme . . . Dick Poole looks with ttdnrirzrtion att ir new Rznnbler after knowing it is rn perlett condition lxetrruse it is lroln North Side Rurnlrlet. A Little More Training-A Lot More Pay Porter Business College ' IBM Data Processing ' Executive Secretarial ' IBM Key Punch ' Transportation 8t Management ' PBX Receptionist ' Office Machines ' Shorthand ' Nancy Taylor Finishing School Write tor information to Director ot Admissions 48 Monument Circle ME. 9-2505 "lndiana's most modern school of business" Nationwide Insurance XVitlr the tlosing ol stlrool lor sunnner vzttzrtion tztnre 5415 N. College nrore driving. und students begznr budgeting their money. Not only wats there the extra gasoline expense, but the CI-.3-1217 students reztliled the inrportzurc'e ol' marking their in- surzrnte pzryrnents in lull and on tirne. The wise driver knew that Nationwide Insurance is one's best invest- ment in the present und luture. Nationwide Insurance Company otlered polities to lit the older autornobiles und drivers :rs well tts the teen-tiger und his ear. Nation- -"""'ff AUTO 'NRE LlFE ,bmw ATWNWIDE INSURANCE wide has always upheld its reputation lor dependable, pronrpt. and szrtislactori service in all instzrntes. An Att ot Security . . . 'l'ht Nationwide Irrsnrznrce sign is backed up bv Pain Hillery and janet Shank who let us know that Nationwide Insurance :ilwrrws barks up its customers. Ll6'5016 l l lS Diverse Paths . . . Seniors Mike Fowley, Annette Gralia, Nancy Gre- gory, and jane Lockridge decide which paths they will follow to reach their ultimate goals in life. Our common goal ...Arlington 1964 'llhe scholar strawling out an algebraic equation, the athlete scoring the winning basket, and the versatile Stll- dent forming lasting lriendships stride onward, each on his own path ol progress. Choosing from the vast array ol courses and sotial activities offered, the students of .Xrlington grow mentally. physically, and emotionally toward their ambitions and future successes. .Xs seniors leave high school and venture onto other paths, they carry with them memories as intangible re- wards. In the school. underclassmen pack the diverse trails which lead from the important classroom learning experience to extra-curricular club and sport activity. As the lattors ol youth and knowledge evolve into one produtt, responsible citizenship, we verify our crest and motto-"Through Diverse Paths Toward a Common Goal." As we reach our first goal, completion of the 196-1- ACCOLADE, the year book staff would like to extend its appreciation to the many people who have helped in the production of this book: Miss Mary Benedict, adviserg Ralph Clevenger, principal: Robert Turner and Thomas Haynes, vice-principalsg Paula Anderson and Bill Ehrich, senior photographersg Indiana School Pictures, underclass pictures, Graessle-Mercer Printing Companyg Ropkey Engraving: and the Arlington faculty and students. Editors and Managers: Nancy Gregory, Annette Gralia, Mike Fowley, Diane Livengood, Marilyn Cunnell, YVanda Knoll, Ric Snow, Bonnie Fuson, john Sellers, Suzanne Ford. Jane Lock- ridge, Nickle lfleener, Melinda Montgomery, john Hillely, Don Dedic. Staff Members: Deena Butler, Carol Campbell, Steve Cook, Bill Crawford, Todd Curless, Sharon Hammons, Patti Harper. Charles Hustedt, Joanne Layton, Kathy Lorton, joan Reamer, Dennis Reed, Kay Ross, Jayme Sickert, john Sisson, April Smoot, Shirley Spiegel, janet Stafford. Susie Todd, janet Jo XVhiting. - A - Accolade ............ ......... 5 4, 55 Advertising ........ ........ 1 66-187 Alumni Dance ........................ 13 Apprentice Thespians ............ 64 Arling-tones ................, ....... 5 1 Art Club ................ ,............ 6 1 Art Department ...... ..,.... 3 2, 33 Astronomy ................................ 23 Audio Visual Department ....69 Auditorium Technicians ...... 65 -B- Baseball .......,.,....... ....... 1 02-103 Basketball Freshman ........ ....l.. 9 2, 93 Reserve ..............,...........,, 90, 91 Varsity ............................ 88, 89 Business Department ..,... 30 31 Business Managers ........ .....,. 6 8 -C- Cadet Teachers ...... ...... 1 6 Camelot Capers ...... Candy Striper ...... Cheer Block ..,.... 60 .......54 .,.....l6 ..,....,...l07 Cheerleaders ...... ......,. 1 2, 106 Chess Club ........... Clinic Assistants ...... Concert Band ..,.... Concert Choir .....,.... ...,...39, 69 Concert Orchestra .......... 44, 45 Cooks .......,............ ........ 1 65 Cross Country Freshmen .....,. ....,.. 8 7 Reserve ........ Varsity .,... ,..,...86 .......87 Custodians .............,,. ........ 1 65 - D - D. A. R. Award ...... ,.,.... 1 3 Debate Club ............... ....... 6 7 Driver's Education ........ ....... 3 7 Drum Majors ......... - A - Abe1's Auto Co. ......... ,...... . Ace Hardware Co. .,.....i..,.. . American Beauty Cleaners .................,............ Arlington Flower Shop ...... Arlington Sales and Service .......,,......... . ...... . ....., .. -B- Boatlancl ................. ..,..... Brock Drug Store ..... ......,. -C- Chi1e's Mlatch Repair ....... . Coca Cola Bottling Co. ....... . Collins Oldsmobile Inc. ..... . Community Hardware Co. .. Crown Laundry and Dry Cleaning ......... ........ -D- Devington Gulf Service Station ................................ Devington Haag Drug Co. .. Drm1ck's Inc. .............. ....... . .. ,...-48 180 186 170 178 184 185 175 181 174 184 182 176 177 175 173 Activity English Department ........ 20, 21 Ensemble ...............,...... ..,,,,... 4 5 - F - Faculty Administration .......,.. 110-111 Formals ........... ....... 1 13-117 Informals ........... ......, 1 12 Office Staff ....... ,...... 1 ll Football Freshman .,.. ,,..,. 8 4-85 Reserve ...., ...... 8 2-83 Varsity ..,..,........,..., ...... Foreign Language Department ...... ...... French Club ......... ....., 80-81 .24-25 ......70 Freshmen Class .,............ 155-164 Future Business Leaders of America ........................,... 66 Future Nurses of America Future Teachers -.58 of America ..... .,....... 1 1, 73 - Q - German Club .........., .. ...... 71 Girls' Concert Choir ..... ...,.. 5 1 Girls' and Boys' State ...,....,... 75 Goldenaires .........,.......,.,,... 10, 46 Golf ........,....... ....... 1 00 - H - Ham Radio Club .......,........,,.. 63 Harvey ..............,........ ...... 1 I, 65 Health and Safety ...,.. ......... 3 7 History Club ,......... ...,..... 6 3 Homecoming Caravan ....... .......,,.... 1 5 Game ....,.... ...,..... I 4, 15 Queen .............,.....,. ,..... 1 4, 15 Home Economics Department .....,.... ..,.., I 15 Index - I - Industrial Arts Department , ......, .,.., f 14 - J - junior Achievement .............. 58 junior Class .....,.......i..,... 1316-1-15 junior Heart Board .,......... 1.116 - K - Knight 'n Cale ....., 71 - 14 - Lancer .......,,............... 11, 52, 53 Lancer Representatives ,.,.., 59 Latin Club ...........,..,,............,,,. 71 Lettermen's Club ..... .,,... 1 05 Lettermen's Queen .......,,...,, 105 67 Library Assistants ...,....,,.. 218, -M- Majorettes ....,..,.. ,,,, - -19 Marching Band ..... ....,... 4 8, -19 Math Club ....,..,. .........,,. 1 12 Mathematics Department .......,,,.....,.... 28.29 Mental Health Club ...,.....,..., 61 Mock Election .,,...... 26 -N- National Council of Teachers of English Contest .......,.. National Honor Society . National Honor Society Dance ............ ..... ..l...,.......... National Thespians ,.....,...,, News Bureau ., ...... - 0 - 7 U13 ..7' H725 .64 H53 Office Messengers .,........., 39. O. P. T. ...,........,..... ..,... , Optimist Awards ...., .,..., . - P - Pep Band ,,......... ....... Advertising Index Dodd's Mobil Service Station ..................... - E - East Side Chevrolet Inc. Ehrich, Bill, Studio ........., - F - Forest Heights Beauty Salon .....,........,................. - G - Galyan's Super Market .... - H - Hatfield Paint Co., Inc. ....180 ....170 M169 172 ....181 -.183 Herff jones Co. ...............,.... 185 Hersche1's Windsor Village Shoe Store ...........,....,..,...... 173 -J - John Davis Devon Shop ...... 172 Johnson Chevrolet Co., Inc. ....,........ ....... 1 82 - K - Knipp, Robert L., Electrical Co. ...... ....180 - L - Lee Moody K Co. Realtors Lindsay Automatic Soft 1'Vater Co. ...,...,..........,...... . - M - McDonald's Hamburger Restaurant ....,,.............,.,,. Meadows Beauty Salon , .... Meadows Smart Shop ......,. Milk Foundation .,.......,..,..... Miracle Lanes Inc. ..,.....,.. . Mister B-z-z-z Cheese .,..... Mister Donut ...........,.....,..,... Monarch Buick Co.. Inc. . - N - Nationwide Insurance Co. North Side Rambler Inc. . - P - Paula Anderson Studio Paul-Harris Store Inc., Devington ..,..,................. Pearson's Platters ...........,. Pepsi Cola Bottling Co. 1 Porter Business College Preston's Super Market, Inc. ..........................,,...... . 7-1 S13 M12 .49 179 178 171 182 18:1 177 174 178 181 172 187 187 168 171 175 180 187 174 l'1lvsit.i1 litlutation - '1' - lalenl Slum' . Tennis ..,, .,,.,, Track I I Lp 212 LL LL I I gp 11: :L LL SL -... A A. .- - 1-v 7- 1- -C C C Q P3 rg rg A 3 IV rv 4, v Z Z Z ZZ 5 1 - f-, : 3 gg- 75- 7- -, 2 Z : ... 7 -1 - 3- A 1 ... ,... gf --- ... ,... - f - 'T ... :- -- -.f I 7' -- - - -, Y 3 A A : : : .- .. at 5, 1. 2 2 E 2 'Z' C 'T '- I f' P5 P- if A '- 1 Z' f. :. Z1 Z. Z : : :Q 1, 1 'T 'I T L: - :g : : Z1 2' -1 ,..' , A 'N A ,-' - ... .- .. - - ,. - V -1 - A at- r .z I .. - ff ff A 'N - - .- 3 -vs ff v -- .. !f -- ,- -- ... : - :.' - A- L A I A - '-v- .1 Q ,T : I : : 1-A - I " ,Z - - ' Q ... 3 "" : - 1 .. - f f- I.. an : E : : 1 Ps : 72 E 9 -- E -f Z 75 " 4 : 7, Z 1 I ' '- ' : -1 , 1 1 ,T 1 4 Z 1 1 ff 3 ,... -, 4. 'N , 1' "5 '-' : I . 1 -7 L ,-, . - 1 ... ,- - H: 3 E V -1 : I V .r 1, ,v. ,- lv . :I . A . 1 3 1 . ff : 1 , 5 4 "' I l 2 1 ... 1 1 1 3 1 3 1 ... - :fn rf - . . A .. , . . - .. 4 'H I 7 7 : 1 : f 1 ' A - 2' -' .J 2 : 4 1 . ' 1 3 5 ,. Q .4 A - , 3 . . 1 . 1 ' 5 1 1 - 1 2 : z z V -, - 3 fr 1, .. 3 5 - , h E . 1 ft 2 : ... 1- -. : 3 1, - g Q g W 5 Q Q 7,1 ac : : 1: : : 1 g 1 7 : 1 - -. - 5 ' : 1 3 ' .. -4- y- -5- 4- X1 12 Lf-Z '- '-' IC 3 N1 i - X LC I i-rece:-.xr p-:cr.:c.:i:-1- 3 ' 3 ... .-511, 57 -11,1101 lfreslnnen ,... 1 ,....... 98 Reserve ., ..,. .,....., T 19 Varsitx ..., ,...,.., E 18 '1'ri-Ili-Y ...... .. ,......, 66 - V - Vaumlexille ..,,...,. ...., 7 6, 77 - yt' - Wrestling lfreslnnen 1, .,..... .97 Reser 1 e ..., 1, ,...,...... 96 Yarsitv .,... ,,,,1, F 14, 95 - ll - Rees, Dr. 13111108 .X.. 111. Chiropractor ,..,....,....1,,...... 183 Roan Quality Barber 182 Serxrce ,..,.... ...,, . ...,. - Roesclr Pharmacv. 1jl'1111g1U11 ..,,... ...... 1 76 -g- Sexen-1'p Bottling Co. .,.,.... 176 Snow's Standard Serv ice Station ,,,,..........,,.,....,......,.. 183 Stewart-Carev Class 3 Co., Inc. .......,.,......,,....,....... 185 Svt1e11's Beautx Salon ,,,, 177 -T- lhirtx-liiglrth Street Prescription 1 1 -.170 -V- Van Sickle Radio Supply tio. ..,,.... .....,... 1 81 1VLl1l1112l11'S Stereo Hi-Fi N183 1Vi1kerson's Barber Shop .... 173 - A - Adams, Andrea . ,,.........,, 39. Akers, Robert James ,...,,.... Alexander, Linda ..,.....,....,,. Alonzo, Linda .,.,..,,.. 10, 46. 52. 53. 73. 107. V 118 118 118 48 118 Anderson. Judith Ann ,,.. 71. 751 1117. 118 Anderson. Margaret ..,.,...,..... 51. 7.1, 118 Atkins, Jolnr ...... ........ 1 18 Atlas. Richard ........ .,.... 1 18 C B - Bailey, Jim .....,.,,................... 118 Bailey, Richard ,,r,,, 80, 105, 118 Ball, Annetta C. ...,...r,,.. 51, 118 Ballinger, Joe .,,..... 50, 118. 169 Barnes, Carl ..,.,,,...,..,.....,,.,,.. 118 Barranco. Richard ..... Baynes. Carole . ,... .......,.. . Beck, Greg ...,.,....,..,,.,...., 10, Becker, Sue ........ 50, 66, 76. Bennington, George ..9. 74. Beyers, Andrea ......,.........,,.,,. Bishop, Torn ........,....,.,.....,.... Bitrrer, Phillip Garth ......,.., Blankenship. Jo Anne ...,.... Blough, Robert E. .,,, 64, 67, Bockholt, Karen Michelle .. Boffing, Darlene Gail ......., Boggs, Craig . ...,...,......... 101. Borden, Floyd E. ..,. ,....,,.., . Bourdorr, Dabney . ..,....,....... .. Bourne. Susan ,... 51. 55. 72.. 118 118 118 118 118 118 118 118 119 119 119 119 119 119 119 119 Bowman. Betty ,..,.,...,,. 4. 10, 25 4f1,46.52,73. 107, 118, 119 Boyer, Jirn .......,....,.,...,.....,,.... 1 19 Brooks, Stephen T. ,,..1. 98, 119 Brouclrer, James .....,,, 45. 47, 48 63, 86, 119 Brown, Diana ..511, 1117, 119, 157 Brown, Katherine ..51, 119, 157 Brown, Lionel ...,...1................ 119 Brown, Martha Sue ,...,,,,. Brown, XN'il1ianr A. ,.,... 102. Browning, lylildred ...,.......... Bruner, Phillip ..,,.. 63, 119. 119 119 119 1311 Butler, Deerra Sue ..1. 42. 43. 54 55, 57. 107. 119, 134 Butterfield, Dianne Kay ....,. 42 511. 711. 72, 119 Bynagle, Hans li. ..,,....,... 18. 65 72, 119 -fg- Campbell, Bonda ,,,...,.,.. ..... Campbell. Roland .,......,. 49. 119 119 Canfield, Michael ,,,..,.,.,..,... 119 Carley, Dayid E. ....., 77, 80, 119 Thomas Carr .,,,.....,.,..........,. 119 Carson, Debra ....,,. .,...... 119 Carson, Janice ......,........,...,,, 1211 Cassner, Sandra .....,,. 72, 79, 1211 Cave. Carolyn Srre ...,,,....,...., 120 Chandler, Larry ,,..,.,....,,,.... 120 Chappelow, John Thomas ..47 48, 56, 120 Clrasteerr, Barbara .....,..,. 43 46 1117, 1211 Clayton, Rick ...... ..,....,,,. 1 211 Clayton, Ronnie ......,.........,... 1211 Codder, Kerry ....f 14, 47, 48, 1211 Collier, Carolyn ...,..,..... 511. 120 Connor, Karen A. ........ 1117, 120 Cook. Rebecca S. ..,,.,.,..,,....., 120 Copsy, Diane E. ,.....,... 4, 12, 51,1 52. 53, 72, 721, 74, 1211 Senior I ndex A Cotrnan, Henry R. ...,,. 100, 120 Corrlter, Linda .,..,,....,,....,.r... 120 Coy, Phyllis Ann ,.66, 120, 187 Crisryell, Barbara ..., 51, 107. 12I1 Critchlow. Kathleen .....,.,..., 121 Cross, Nancy ...........,,,....,,....., 12.1 Crouch. Brian .,......,. 87. 98. 1211 Cunningharn, Cheryl ..,r.. 46 51 1117, 12.1 Curl, Richard l.. ...,......,...,,., 121 Curless, 'llodd .X. ,,.... 47. 49, 5f1 54, 72, 751, 1231 Cusick. Carole .,.. 511. 72, 74. l2'1 - ly - Dalton, Barbara Lea ...,...r,... 1211 Daridson. Patricia ,...........,... 120 Dayis. Mike ...,.. 2. 8. ll, 12, 52 63, 64, 65, 72, 73, 75, 1211 Davison. Karen .....,.,...,......,. 121 DeBurger'. Marc ......,...,,...,.,.. 121 DeCaro, Jrrdi ....,.....,. 68, 74, 121 Dedic, Don ..,. 4. 56. 72. 76, 121 DeMun1n'un, Srrsan ....,.,.......,, 51 107. 121 Dies, .Xnnita ,......r.... 42, 59, 121 Dittrner, Karen S. ..,. 43, 72, 121 Ditton, Robert D. ....,...,.,,.... 121 Dobbs, Jinr ...,,,.,.. .,.8'1, 1112, 105 l21,1f14, 177 Drey, John M. ....... .....,.,..,... 1 21 Dunbar, Dayid .....,,....,....,,,... 121 Duncan. Joseph ..,.....,,,......... 121 Drrnhanr, Jerry '... .,,,, 4 8, 68, 121 Drrnrr, Jane ..,,...r 16, 511, 72, 121 - E C Ebersole, Sandra Lee .,........ 121 Ehringer, Becky ....,....,. ,...., 1 21 Elzea, Joyce ............,..........,..,. 121 1inrery,Juditf: ,....,.... 61. 72. 121 linrnrons. Karen ,...,...,.rr.,...,,. 121 Engle. Lynn ,.,.r,., ...,,....... 1 21 lipply. Stephen ,,..,.,,....,. 72, 121 Finest, Stephen ...., ,.,r.,,.., T 10, 51 rar, 171 listep, Raynrond ,.,.. ...,..... 1 21 Brett, Donald 11. ....,, ,...., 1 21 M 1: ,. Failing. Stephen .....,............ 121 Farber, Barbara Ann .... 64, 121 Fair, 1Vil1iam ........r,.............. 121 Fell, Susie .............,..,,......,..... 121 Fessler, Diana .... 26, 62. 63, 122 Figg, Elaine ....,....,....,,,...,..,.... 122 Fisher, Carolyn ....... ...... 1 22 Fisher, Rita ......,..,,... . ..,....., 122 Fitzgerald, 11'il1ianr ........ 12, 48 49, 65, 72. 122 Flerning, Larry ...................... 122 Flenrrikerr, 1Villiarn .............. 122 Flick, Larry .....,,....,.... 42. 43, 52 56, 58, 72. 711, 118, 122. l'15 Flick, Leslie .............,...,.....,.... 122 Ford. Sulanne ,.., 46, 54. 72. 122 Ford, Nancy ..................,....... 122 Foreman, Sandra .,.. 47, 49, 122 1forr'1er, Linda .........,.,.......... 122 Fowley. Mike .... 54. 72, 78, 122 Fralier, Connie .....,.. .,...,,,. 1 22 - gg C Ganser, lfileen ., .... .....,... 1 22 Gardner, Jan ...,,. ..... 5 9, 122 Caring. Jearnre ..... ......... 1 22 Gentry, Barbara ..........,......... 122 Geroyr, Dayid .... 47, 48, 49, 122 Ginn, Helen ,................,,, 511, 122 Gluff. Karen .... ..,... 1 22 Goddard. Cherry ........,,......r. 122 K, . . . .orns. Lrnda ............,. 421, 46, 48 52, 53. 66, 1117, 122 Coorlnran, Scott . ............,.... 122 Cosnell, Jearrerrrre .,...,....,..... 122 Grabharn, Bill .....,...,..,, 1112, 122 Graham. Pamela Ann ,.74. 122 Craharn, Thonras .,,.............,... 22 441 74 121 . a 1 - Gralia, Annette ..,,...... 42.47.52 58, 54. 66, 1117, 122 Grant. Stephanie Lou ......... ,l2f1 Gray, Sally ..........,...,..,.......... 1211 Green, Diane .... ....... 1 221 Green. Fred ....,... r......... 1 221 Green, Judd N. ...... 74, 12f1 Green, Judy ....,,... ,.,......,... 1 251 Gregory, Nancy ......r. 54, 58, 68 72. 73. 75. 1251 Griffin, Janet ...,... ..,..,...,... 1 23 Griffin, Philip ...... ....... 7 2, 128 Grrrbe, Cinda ..... ....,...,,., 1 50, 711 72, 75, 123 Gunnell, Marilyn ...... 12, 43, 47 54 70 72 '7'1 128 l'15 - 1 1 -. -. -ty .. Habeney. Cheryl .... ...,.,. 1 23 Hadley, Dennis ...,,.. 123 Hall, Larry M. ,,.,....,,...,,..... 128 Harnilton, Theresa Gene .... 128 Hammer, Michael ........ 98. 123 Hammons. Karen ................ 123 Hamrnons. Sharon ..54, 78, 123 Hamner, Marcia Jean .... 25. 128 Hankirrs, Gloria .... 59, 1117, 128 Harling, Janis ....,...,. 45, 62, l2i1 Harper, Patricia ...,..,. 16. 42. 455 54, 1115, 1116. 125. 171 Hartley, Ronald ..9, -47, 49, 123 Heiny, Suzanne .........,.......,.... 1211 Henning, Natalie ,.....,.,,.. 66, 1211 Henschen, Sandra ...........,,... 125 Henshaw, Mary Jo ,.66. 75, 124 Herndon, Lyn ........,....... 52, 124 Heryey, Cheryl ......,,....,,........ 124 Hess, Phyllis Diane ...,.... 61, 63 64. 72. 124 Hinkle, Charlotte .....,.......... 124 Hirschinger, Carole .,,..,.. 61, 124 Hobaugh, Kenneth 1Vayne 124 Hobbs, Shirley Ann ........ 26, 46 48, 124, 157 Hopper, Sharon .... 64. 107, 124 Horner. Suzan ...................... 124 Horyat. Stephen Paul .... 42. 48 72, 80, 1112. 1115, 118, 124 House, Norma Lorayrre ...... 124 Hulick, Jacqueline ..,........... 124 Hunt, John ....,...... ........,. 1 24 Hunt, Tom ........,., .,.... 8 11, 124 Hustedt. Charles ............ 54, 124 Hutton, Gary ........,. ....... 1 24 -J - Jakoyac. Melanie ,........... 64, 66 75. 124, 157 Jarrett. Sandie ....,....,..,..,....,, 124 Jaryis. Al ....-17.48. 49. 1110, 124 Jay, 'l'1ronras XV. .............,...... 124 Jeter, Paula ,,..... ...,........ 1 fl. 511 66, 72, 124 Johnson, A. Larry ,....... 26, 124 Johnson, Dick .............. 4, 511, 51 68, 76, 124 Johnson, Janres M. ,... 72. 88, 89 911, 98, 105, 125 Johnson. Penny ................ 14, 15 43, 125 Johnston, Mary .............. 50, 125 Jones. Carol Ann .... 58. 62, 125 Jones, Sue ........,....,................ 125 - K - Kane. Mary ........ 61 71, 72, 125 Katirrran, Bey ..,......,...........,.. 125 K4-hrer, Kenneth ....,....... 63, 125 Kelly, Sandra L. .. Kern, Jim ,.....,....... ,.............. 1 25 Kimberlin, Kay ............,,...... 125 Kiniel, Mickey ........ 46, 48, 125 Iiirkrnan, James .................... 125 K i rksey, Peggy ....... Kirkwood. Debbie .......... 511, 125 Kisselrnan, Sharon ........., 4-6, 48 1117, 125 Kitchirr, Nancy Joyce ........ 4, 11 56, 72, 75. 125 Kleinhelter. Jim ........ 34, 811, 94 95, 105, 125 Klrka. B. Scott ................., 52, 72 73. 125 Knebel, Lynn .,...... 46, 107. 125 Knipe, Sandra Rae ...,....,..... 125 - L - Lacy. Donna Lynn .............. 125 Lakin, Rornry ............,....,..,... 125 Larrrbert, Becky ........ 70, 72, 125 45, ws Lamm, Cathy ...............,.. . -. Lanrrn, Claudia ........,..,.. 64. 125 Lang. Constance R. ....,..,...... 125 Lanteigne, Herb .................... 82 LaPrees. John ...... .. .......... 72. 126 LaVine, John .................... 12, 22 48, 49. 126 Lawhead, Ronald ................ 126 Lebherz, Kent ...,..........,... 57, 88 89, 102, 105, 118, 126, 134 Lee Sandy ..........................,... 126 Lee. Susie ............,..... 43. 72, 126 LeMasters, Ronald .....,..,.,..... 126 Lesch. Katie ........,..... 71. 72, 126 Linrremarr, Larry .................. 126 Linyille, Mary .............,.. 60, 126 Liston, Sharon ..,.....,.....,... 46, 47 107, 126 Litherland, Raymond E. .... 126 Little, Stephen ...... Liyengood, Diana .... Y 1--f 10, fn, 126 ......54, 126 Lockridge. Jane .......... 27, 54, 71 72. 73, 126 Lorton. Kathy ............ 15, 16, 43 54 72. 73, 126 Lowe. Bob ........,.....,.......,....... 126 Luther, Jeannie ..... ........ 1 26 Lynch, Janet .............., ........ 1 26 C M .. Macaluso, Marilyn ................ 126 Madduxi Ed ........... .......... 6 8 Magrath. Patrick .........,.. 63, 72 75. 126 Mangis. Robert L. ........ 126, 172 Massing. Roberta .................. 126 Mateer, Nancy Jo ....7l, 72, 126 McCandless. Carole McClain, Charlie ....... ........ 1 26 McClain, Jeanne .....,............ 126 McConnell, Harry C. ............ 42 55, 126 McDowell, John ................... . 127 McDowell, Judith Ann ........ 127 Mclrrtire. Kathleen ..16, 59, 127 McKown, Philip .................... 127 McLean, Dan ............. ..... 5 6, 127 Meranda. Richard ........ 88, 127 Mesalam, Vicki ,............. 50, 127 Meyer, Steve ........ ............,. 1 27 Meyers, Cynthia ........ .... 7 2, 127 Miller, Carole ..,..,................ 127 Miller, Janice L. ......,..... 50, 127 Miller, Phillip Bruce ..........,, 127 Miller, Richard 0. ........., 80, 94 105, 127, 135 Miller, Steve Earl ......,... 94, 127 Montgomery, Melinda 58. GS. 72 Moore. Janet .......,................ .. 54 77 127 1 1 - 127 127 Morrow, Linda ........,.....,....... .. Moss, Diane . .......,..... 72 ,75, 127 M11lcahy, Vero11ica ..63, 72. 127 Murphy, Michael ........,..,..,. 127 Myers, Jennifer ,,..,.....,..,.. 39, 51 58, 76, 128 - N - Nance, Dennis .....,....... ........ 1 28 Nelson, Karen Kay ,....... 39, 51 58, 76, 128 Newberry, Sandra ..........,..... 128 Nichols, Michael J. ........ 44, 47 48, 49. 63, 72, 128, 173 Nicholson, Charlotte .......... 128 Nolan. Fred Allen .......,...... 128 Olsen, John ...,.,.......... 52, 53. 88 89. -0- 128, 135 Oppenlander, Nancy .... 52, 128 Orcutt, Stephen .....,...... 50, 128 Overton, Doris Jean ............ 128 - p - Palma. Robert J. ...,-.128 Parker, Rebecca ...... .,.......... 1 28 Parsons, Marilynn .....,..,. 50, 58 69, 107, 128 Patterson, Bruce ...,.......... 64, 67 128, 134 Pavey, Michael F. ....,,.......... 128 Pedigo, Carolynn Dee ,,.,...,.. 128 Pedigo, Marilyn Lee .... 26, 128 Penn, Deborah ...............,...... 128 Perfetto, Janice ,,... ........... 1 28 Perkins, Joe ....,.... ........ 8 6, 128 Perry, Susan ..... Phillips, Dave ...... Pickering. Doug ..... -A- ........l28 ....-.128 ..-...128 Abraham, James ....,.....,,..,..... 113 Armenoff, Margaret ........,... 113 -B- Bailey, Ralph ..... ....... 1 8, 113 Baskett, Russell ..........., 62, 117 Benedict, Mary ................ 73, 113 Bess, William ...... ........... l 13 Blaze, David .... ............,......... 1 17 Brown, Elizabeth ...,.... 111, 117 Brethauer, Thomas ...,..,,.... 113 Burdick. Bonnie .................... 113 Burkhalter, Carol ..,.....,, 71, 113 Burleson, Marion Butler, Jerry ....... ....,... 8 5, 113 -C- Calclwell, Delinda ......,... 31, 113 Chaney, Louis ......... ............ 1 13 Clark, Maxine ...,..... ............ 1 13 Clevenger, Ralph .......... 14, 110 113, 127 Cohen, Sandra ...................... 113 Combs, Lyman .............. 112, 113 Senior I ndex Pickett, Susan .,,.,.......,.....,...,, 128 Porter, Cheryl .,..... .....,. 1 28 Potter, Pamela ...., ..,.... 1 28 Presley, Don ...,......,..... ....... 1 29 Price, Carol Sue .....,,........,.... 129 Price, Ruth Margaret .......... 129 Pritchard, Charles .,....,. 64, 129 Pyle, Jennifer ...,,.....,. 10, 14, 15 43, 46, 49, 64, 107, 129 - R - Rahe, Caroline R. ...,.. ....... 1 29 Ramsey, Jerry R. ...... ....... 1 29 Rancourt, Richard ..........,... 129 Ray, Kathleen ........ . ....,.. 129 Rees, Linda .....,..... .... ....... 1 2 9 Reid, Constance ..................,. 129 Reider, Stephanie .... 15. 42. 43 50, 51, 56, 72 76, us, 129. 171 11111 Reno. Doug .......................,.... -. Repine, Burt .... 52, 53, 129, 135 Rettig, Carl Robert ....,.,...., 129 Rhoads, James .,....,......... -18, 129 K , Riceman. Harold H. .... 72, 139 Richey, Joyce .... 50, 51, 72. 129 Roberts, Donna ........,... 129, 177 Roberts, Mickey .................. 129 Rohrman, Martin J. ...... 12. 13 80, 94, 105, 129, 135 Rosemeyer, Sue .... 66, 107, 129 Ross, Kay ................,. 46, 54, 55 56, 107, 129 Rupe, Jim ....... ...,.....,.... 1 29 Rupe, Mike ..... ....... 1 29 Ryba, Cheryl .......... .......... 1 29 -5- Salavon, Barry Frederick .... 129 Sattler, Richard Michael .... 47 49, 68, 130 Sauls, Sandy .,..........,........,..,... 130 Scanland, Nancy ...........,...... 130 Scott, Janice ....,......, 63, 58, 130 Scott, Karen ....... .......... 7 130 Scott, Steve .... ...... 1 0, 130 Seaman. Dan ,,... ...,... 5 1, 130 Searles, Willis ..............,. 63, 130 Sellers, Joh11 ............ 12, 72, 130 Sementa, John ...........,......,... 130 Shaffer, Linda Diann .... 44, 45 F acult Crafton, Patricia ..1............,,. 113 - D -- Dahl, Janan ........ ....... 1 11 Detlef, Carol ......... .......,,..... 1 13 Dobbs, Thomas .............. 91, 113 -E- Edson, Priscilla ..... .....,.,.., 1 13 Egan, Patricia ..,... ....... t 56, 113 Elbrink, Larry ...,. .............. 1 13 Ellis, James .,..... ...... 9 4, 113 Emery, Jerry .......... .,..... 1 13 - F - Fair, Owen ....................., 28, 113 Feldman, George ..... ....... 1 14 Fitzgerald, Alice .... ....... ,,,. 1 1 1 Fishback, William .......... 25, 114 Fort, Benjamin ...,.. ..,.... 1 14 Foster, Eddie .,.. ....,.. 1 14 Frank, Ronald ...,. ....... 1 14 - G - Gill, Florence ....... ....,.. 1 11 Gillette, Jane .......... ....... 1 11 Good, Cladysmae ..........,....... 114 Goode, Emma .................. 35, 114 Y 52, :v5,bf1,1i-1. 72, 73. 111. 1' , .- Shake, Jane ......,...,. 66, 1.17. 130 Shelton, louy ...............,.,.,.. 1 Shepherd, Beverly J. ..,. 50, 1 Shipe, Na11cy .........,,...,.., 1 Shipe, Penelope ,..,.....,.......,., 1 Shuman, Sally ,...........,... 51, 1 Sirnmons, Carol ,.,....,., 46, 49,. .1 - :m,1, 105, 1111. Sinn, Max li. ......,............,.., , Skeel. Lloyd E. ..... . Skeel, Robert ,..., Slate, Lois ......,.... ......,,..,,.... Smith, Barbara ......,. 16, 64. Smith, Kent ...,... , ..,,,,,.....,.. . Smith. Na11cy Smithey. Mike S11ell, Jeanne Snyder, Dorthy ,...,,.,.. 10, -43. 66, 75, Sparks, Carol ....................A 46, 72. 107. Sparks, Linda ................ 6, 46, 72, 75, 107. Sparks, Susie ...........,..,..,..,,.,. . Staeuble, Susan ..,,..., .12 5" -..-., 66 7" 73 131 v -v fy . y Squier, Craig .,.......,.... 9. 11. 49, 63, 68, 72, Stansbury, Cary ,..,..........,.. . Stewart, Bob ....................,.... , Slough, Carol Jean ..,,.......... Siegedy, Jon S. .,..,.. .... 1 31, - T - lague, Maurice .....,,,..,, 63, Taylor, Mary Jean ......,. 66, 'I'eVault, Nancy ,........... 66. Thomas, Penny .........,.,.. 51, Thomas, Rick ........ 80, 1011, lliompson. 'Iionya Marie .. lrabue, Jeannette ....,.,,..- 42. 66, 'l'rent, Jean A. ..,...,..... 'llrey'orroyy', Barbara ..,,..,.,,.. Trump, Keith ...,..........,......, -V- Voelker, Sandra ...,.... 51 Voelker. Shirley ........ 51 , ms. , sis, Vogel, 1Vi1liam ....,............... Index Craub, Rowena ..,.,.. Graves. Jeanne . .,.. . Crayes, Victor . .... ............. Cray, Elizabeth ........,.......,... Cray, James ........,,,. 63, 112, Cwyn, Robert .,..,... 72. 111, - H - Hardwick, Marilyn .,............ 4-Q Haynes, Thomas ,, ....,.... -, Heeke, Bernard . ........ . 110, 561, Q7 Hering, 11'illiam .. .......,. .2 , Hessler, Alice J. .....,...,..,,.,, . Holmes, John ,,....., 9, 63, 69. Horine, Ralph ..,.,... 50, 51. Hornbeck, June ........ .. Howe, Miriam Howell, Elbert .,.... Ilutson, Paul ......., -J- -111 7-V Janert, Margaret ...... 26. 117. Jeter, Marjorie Johnson, James .... Jordon, Nicholas ....... -yy' - 111111. Judith Xnn ,. 30, 11'allace. Karen ., .. 1Va1late, Katherine . Xvll11l'1'S, llanny .. 1x1lll1t'l'S,81121111111 ..., ,, ..,. 6-1 75 1'1" 1Yann. llalold . .. lxllllffl, Rocky , 51, 132. lyatlyins, llonna Rae .... ..... lyatson, Cheri ...., , ., 38. 51lt'1JlJ.fii11t1lNI1 , 11'ebb. l". Kennetlx ,...,.., 67. 11'ebb, Judy' ....,.,,.. ., XY1-bb. loni .....,,, ,, x1't'1J1N'l, Sandia .....,, .. Webster. Rick ,.,. ,,,. F 10, 56, X1'eige1. James ,, ..,, 80, 105. 111-llings. 'lony . ..,,., 51, 72. 1 1Vestbrook, Sylyia ,,..- 42, ll 67, 72. lyhiting. Janet Jo ,, ..,.., 53. 64, 11'ible, Gregory lleane ,... 80 94, 1Yicker. Rose Ellen 11'iedenhaupt, 1111111 ..........,, Williams, Kay ., ,... ., Willains, Pam ...,, Willialns. Susie ..,. 4 48. Williams. Pam ,. 51l1lll21111S, Susie .. ., 4. 48. , . . 11 ilson, llayid 1,ee .. 1Yi1son. llayid Louis Witthoft, Nancy .........,,. 60, Xvtllllffiltl. Sandra Lea 11'ooten. XY, Leyyis Xvflllllll, Dorothy' 51 till, Wright. Joanne Nl. 11 yatt, 1- rank .,......,...1...,. 94, Wysong, 'I'om ...,. -Y- Yaryan. Darlene Fay' -1- linn. lyarren ..... Julian, 1311121116111 .. - K - -1.70, Katsaropoulos, John Knipfel, Cerald ....,,.. 47, 49. Kuntl. 311111111111 ,,.... .....,.,..... Kuonen, Linda ...,...... .,,...... - I, - 1,and, Thomas ..., .,,,,.. 1 14. Lloyd, Harold ....,.,..... ......... Longslrore, Rosaline ........,., . 51, Lostutter, Donald ,...,, ,........ - M - Nlaas, Charles ..,,, Marley. Betty' .... . Nlaurey. Patricia ..... Nlayhill. Marilyn ., 511110, Sally .... ....,,,. Tylctllary. Rtl1J1'll ,,.. Nlelll, Robert .,..............,. 91. Nlerritt. Delmar ,......,............ Nlontgomery, Zonda ..,....,.... Morris, John ,............, ...,,,,.. Muir. Rachel ..... 5 132 132 132 132 1111 157 lf12 1711 132 132 132 132 1112 132 1f12 132 132 132 113 132 . 1 132 . 82 132 132 1112 132 132 22 132 132 22 132 132 132 132 1311 133 513 1311 11111 133 133 133 133 114 114 114 H85 114 1155 115 H50 115 115 115 115 115 115 113 115 115 115 115 115 115 -N- Nichols, Josephine ........ 28, Norman, Carolyn .,.....,........ Nowak, Alfred ........ 84, 85, -Q- Orlosky, james .............. 29. -P- Padou. Louise ......,....,.......... Parker, Henrietta ,....,..,... 8. Pearson, Helen ,.... Provart, Sharon ....,,.. .,....,.. -R- Rainwater, Barbara Rathert, Pauline ........ . ,,...... Riedell, Phyllis ...., 115 115 115 115 115 115 115 115 115 115 115 Faculty Index Roessler, Karen ...., Rogers, David .. ...... . 16 Rogers, Margaret ............ 25, 116 Rowe. Margaret ..... - 5 - 16 Sanders, Dorothy ........ I I 1, 130 Schmidt, Burdeen .,,....,.,...... l 16 Schroedle, Margaret Shade, J. Ellsworth ...,.,......1l6 16 Sharpe, Harold .......,.... 112, 116 Simpson, john ....,...,.,....,...... 116 Sklles, Bruce .,........................ 116 Smith, Priscilla ....,........... 45, 116 Snellenberger, Earl ........ 61, 116 Sprunger, 1'Varren ................ 116 A w 116, 127 .. T - Taylor, Nancy .,.....,.........,....., 116 Thompson, Kenneth .............. 74 112, 116 Thompson, Thomas ............ 116' Turner, Robert .....,...... 72. 110 112, 113 - U - Uesseler. Jean ....................,, 116 Underhill, Robert ............ 29, 62 68, 112. 116 -V- Valaoras, Cecelia ,..... Vardaman, john ..... 16 16 Volk, Henry ............ .. rv - W aggoner, Charles Weaver, janet .......... XV ebb, Helen ...... X'Velch, Daniel ...... Wells, Belgen .......... White, Donald ................,..... Yvildhack, Elizabeth Xklimmer, Merle ......... ......., 1Vitsman, Forest ..... Wood, jean .,........... Wyatt, Daveda ........... ........ -y- Yant, Harold ............. , ..... .. 116 116 116 116 116 116 116 117 117 117 117 117 117 Ritter, Sue ............,................. 115 Stabler, Jack .......,... ............ l 16 Vaughan, Beryl ...,.......... 20, 116 -Z - Robinson, Thomas 115 Sullivan, Harry ...... ....... 1 3, 86 Vogt. jane ..,......... .,.......... 1 16 Zetzl, Robert .... 117 Autographs M I flfl ' ,X .47 ALVVL , Z1 M 79 ,iw Q71 V Jkdcjqi-V fi Yvif q xy ' Q W viii A if In 'D GJ . 1 1 tw ' 1 ee.,,, 'Lf4..Lf1 1 --H--ff3s'5-fffidbfe ' .Lyla N, V I lg F M X2 . L Q ye yr, J f f , or ' ,, 'ff' , g Z, WM, 5 ' ' pm' ' , xf i'fiL51-H412 QL, of eyf1,z,fa1ii C , XXL N ' -, ' 'U-J' , ' 4 . ' Y' f M, 1 A N74' , 1 1 Ll V 1 IQ - f' Z- 1. ,1,f:1!'-J arrbrqrj - x I! ,,L,.L,-LJ, A J 11,7 3 , y f Jr V - I. v W r. 5 , y ,V 1' I I , Vu ,QP-Q14 qfff x2y.44fxfc,.f , QA9. 9, - if V V 'xv - X N , ' a 1 1 7 A A , ml 2, ,V 1 . 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Suggestions in the Arlington High School - Accolade Yearbook (Indianapolis, IN) collection:

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