Arlington Heights High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX)

 - Class of 1983

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Arlington Heights High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Cover

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TEPFFEN' Gray Scale lg - , , W-w-ff---V .4--- -- ---ff ,, ,., I V I-I-, ., . Q- - . I F. Q II.. :-II - ...- -. . ,.,i , k I ' - -5 5 - - . ,A -, , .I .--x - .1 Z- ' x 5. " -. . -, - ,,.I I -..,. wi. ,TIN .QI I . . . . -- P- -. - - . . -- , . - - .I .. .. I , II -. . .,- -1- I- ,-,.-7-,.. 11- -. ---I.. .I -,I . . X .- X.- T..-- I 5. I . ,-.,-- - I 4. - - .-- 5. -.- -'--. - ,.. ---N -. II - I w' .-.I -V. I I ,III I A- -K. 'I--if .- .- -'.,, .--4 f? --...Q -I-1 - -f u, ' . - A ., '--'-' gy' " ,--,, - -. :I , t- . ' ' .. - - I .lx ii '...N t' '-' ' -1 '- - -.I. ' i-.I'I - '3 .af - .,. - -7' : , I I II .4 .-.,g. . - . 'H X xg 2 " fx - " . .I II X N - . --- . - .. ,. fv , '- -Q. x III-v--. fr- - -.1 .-.. -..- ., ,,. N' .. . f.'.. - . A .' 'f-'ali' f- j?3j:f df Ha... 1- f .1 ."' "--" --' ".--' -... x -,-..-,- . ,A...- - - -I -I -I . 1- II.:,I . 'HT' -,.. ,.,,.., . , -.-.. I... s.,1I . ' ,,. . I,,I II . xi - I - -- I. 'Y - Q. . if gs I, 'K' -'ixf' f --- , I . 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I. . ,, 'I- Ig: I I 'I37 I 'II -III I,,I II IJ Z II II- If - III I.--I I . .1 1 I IL- '- I-1 "I .- ..,,.I.I- . :I II-f .- I I .Q - .- -f III.: I- - fu---N - ' -'.-' ' .i. ' - -v-JZ", ' - . "" '. ' f- .16 " -3' .. - N .- ' N' f - ' .- .,f-- '-1 .' ' H' -. .- - - ' T- ---." ' ' 1 ' ' ,. 'agp-. - JI If'-"--1.4! - 5 ,g 1 IIII .., ,-..,.--I. -1 j".I,,f I. --,-, - 4 I I ",- .. .- - -. . - 'I .. -I .- v If , - -1 . - - . - - - 1 -- --Af --1, ..... ..-f-11.-a-q.f,J1L: I-15 .5 II5-,:-- 15-gf-II 3- - --A -3y...,..- Y- I..- -5.4 .--fgr. - --',I.. , f II- ,. .I '-. .. 1 J" -Q." .1 .' f ff.-",' '. if ASQY, -.N1H..v', fff- -...-.4 -g -,4',,, .. .2 , 539' ,p-..+ , ' , :'4.g- 'J -J 'ga ', .my 1 V, ' 1 f .w,, V4 .i,. 9, V.--,,. , . gp., 4,-1 1. ,VL Y. . I, . '- 'a .. 1.4 -, g .. - wv, , 4. . ' ' " ' 1 ' , X .1 Vw L V.-' . ' - v ',. 4 A N . , - - 'f' H ,LA . ., 1: Sr. ,. ,VNV ,' ,r '12 .- . ff A ,.:"5 . ' " - 4 L , ,., Q , -.. . ,wt -A .X A' . iDfgSHQQQQ NDC?" Q 5 'FQQT f gfwww N- Qfjmff , 43 WJ QQ ff? Em' 432461 l QQN f Q36 iw Jw 15,56-N 6,55 .M Y JC ?xQ C9 'P ' A "Wag QQ ' ', A , ' ' I ' Q J f Q. N ' Q 'HQ Xa X MQ YELLGW JACKET 4 Arlington Heights High School Volume L, 1983 g Fort Worth, Texas 76107 I 1 People ..,., 3. . . 16 Student Life. . . Personalities . . . 110 Sports ........ 204 Organizations . . . 130 M Index .... .... . 235 Thereas a feeling good and true . . . 18" wg And it's from our hearts to you . . ,1 1 x x x i , F i I 1 J K w v ! . I 4 E 5 Hail the gold and hail the blue To our colors always true . . 9 i 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 2 - - r I0 And wherever we may roam . . . We will always call it home . . 1 , I I Q. 3 1 ! J v 4 L , L S r I w 1 1 V. I3 To those people in the past who brought Arlington Heights to fame. . . To those students, teachers, and administrators of today who are keeping the spirit of Heights alive . . . To those yet to come who will take over in the future, accepting without question the traditions of the past and moving AHHS forward to the century mark . . . To all those throughout the years who have realized that Heights is more. . . ' More than just a building with walls and doors and windows, More than just parking lots and field houses and shacks, More than classrooms, textbooks, and chalk, But a state of mind, A feeling of pride, A unique quality associated with being a Heights student that involves the input of the parents the faculty the administrators and, most of all, the students To all these people who make Heights what it is - , We lovingly dedicate this yearbook. i k 4 21 i Lk f 1 l ,Y ! f 1 r . i -. 3 I 3 I Y 1 15 i 161 lfeople vim xg .gf .W 15315 wwf' if inns JP-PH' A swx' 14. -v 1. -fx :as .Q ,,..-w- WWI. 'c"Q-faiifiea am sql' "-gig ,, an K ,bk vm. b was-Q '-f l.,' People! 17 New School Board Welcomes Second Century Celebrating the one hundredth anniversary of the Fort Worth Independent School District, Superintendent Dr. I. Carl Candoli launched Fort Worth schools into its second century of education. Special projects were arranged throughout the school year to help commemorate the centennial. The activities climaxed in March with a city wide birthday party. The final event occurred in May with a special week of activities for the graduating class of 1983. Among other projects, the school district sponsored Distinguished Alumni awards, with former students of Fort Worth schools nominated for special recognition. This is to become an annual event. g ...4 Q we I at Y g a t y -ae l il l A- fn so A - kvlt tt.. g W W K f ' 4 S I i f ' . A in t ' A S I ' ' 'INIXM t . Q7- ,., se. kt 'Q XX in 5 I 4-- ,f R ' gm -t'.,,,,,gK, -. -71" . , . Superintendent I. Carl Candoli FORT WORTH INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICTS SCHOOL BOARD: Front Row: Vice-President Mollie Lasater President, H. Richard O'Neal, Secretary, Carlos Puente. Back Row: Bill Elliot, Maudrie Walton, William Johnson, Suzanne Lasko Jocelyn Wuester, David Bloxom. 18 f Faculty ,Q ,X A 'S A I Mrs. Frances Alles Miss Montier Tomlinson Principal Vice-Principal Mr. Joe Standifer Dr. Sam Peterson Vice-Principal Vice-Principal Faculty f 19 l l Mary .lo Adkins Elizabeth Bobbitt Sara Brian Evelyn Collins Catherine Dyer Bill Foster of :fix Preparing for the new semester, Mrs. Collins reviews the schedule. 49139: Q t i ,K f at ., , 'V ij 25 j JJ", fl if I 4 W . V Cafeteria Staff: Front Row: Betty Slater, Rose Inman, Helen Marr, Ruby Baker. Back Row: Mattie Houston, Pauline Brooks, Clara Merrell, Betty Lasater. 20 f Faculty Nadine Grigsby Shirley Hubby Darlie Kent Betty Key "What a precious commentll' says Mrs. Ross. Jackie King K E . x, Joe Paul Taylor -neil' Glenda Ward Custodians: Front Row: Clavin Dade, Vicky Blanton, Weldon Morris. Back Row: Curtis Brown, Sidney Harden. Faculty f 21 22 f Faculty Paula Alvarez Johnny Anderson F. J. Arseneau Sgt. William Baker Larry Barnes Marie Beatties Marilyn Bettes Billie Biggs Philip Bledsoe Rosemary Burton Betty Clayton , 1 it , V' .Hy g l f hi q i Q .I v GZVL'::,i3 m wwf? VW f 1. J ' 5 M G X 4 K r' "mn 6 M, 7 f - -t, saws gif. ff if , 5.2, 1 Q -fi QW 1 'S A A, 1 f .sr x I ,, K., l7t fall 1' NO" I - . ,X ' Mt, in ill , 'v Q n I 5 6 ll". i' X v x V K , l i f 5-,,,x i krr, L ii .., K ' 9 gx. ,,,t,,,.-,l , I ,K , 0 v Mrs. Alles smiles cheerfully as she begins another day on the Hill. Q, QT' Lfbif' F Q f rs. King writes a pass. Coach Priddy encourages the football team. 'Er' Ernestine Cohee Dixie Cunningham Jacqulyn Curry Kathryn Daniel Robert Dixon Beverly Fletcher Jacqueline Frazer Joseph Galiga Doris Gee Lois Gibbs Faculty f 23 B HQ H' P' Miss Waliss Ann White reminesces about her days as a student at Heights with Mr. David Greer. xg David Greer Helen Hale Juanita Hammrick 0 N ' X f' ,iff , f Mfjwtfw 'IA dl .Ug X vw' 2 aw W' 5 tw F K5 ,aff J, G' tee is sf' Lawrence Harvey ' J 5 .55 Rohelia Hawkins Si' i ,yi 4 Ei J sw if Jimmy Jenkins Patsy Johnston N' "No, a frog is not a mammal," says Mr. Van Meter, Biology teacher. 24 f Faculty J. O. Luckett Charles McLure Sylvia McLure Mary Marsh Cora Miller Regina Morris Evelyn Morrison Vivian Murphey Johnny Nabors Mary Parham Mickey Pelly Karen Pickett Mr Dixon willingly shoots his macho look at the roving photog Mrs Taylor slghs at the end of another day 26 f Faculty Maggie Porter Ovu- TerryKeith Reed , f'l 4 , .WM NV kt, MM, ja I jf , 5 ' '--s , ...K ,, ,, ivf zfuy WH , Y T ' 'tw f u 'M' fx. 4 LVAA 'R 2' f " 3 ' N 0 ..l. gi' Beverly Ross f ,xi ,, . f , Mrs, Ankenbauer cheerfully welcomes students into her class. Jane Routen Charles Sides Paul Smith Dona Stovall Linda Szot Barbara Taylor Mary Ann Testa Gene Thompson Mrs. Szot is caught thought. in a moment of S? We Don Thoms Debby Tinius James Tisdale Arch Van Meter Ramon Vega Joan Vinson Ginevive Wareham Jack Warren Larry Waters Emmett Watson Wilburn Wesley Walliss White Jerrisue Willingham Mike Wood Maj. Glenn Glass Bill Elliott Faculty X 27 IYICS to what? if if 're the Sri! ES' if 4 S 1 1 , 4 i s 1 5 I x gr-kr, N K ..,, e'M,3.,tp,s ,.,,. I , P l if , E f717"" -M Y"- ' k'k' ' W' . is ,, ,.,,.,,, ., W K ' V ,,LL talstzivfigafw,zrsafgzzzrz aaffsw- gfx.:m:fuisw Matthew Carroll f--1. VI fx wx g Renee Burns Richard Butler Am lv ,, Ld 4 Phyllis Carter Sheene Cash .Iohn UI-wa I. 910 , W .1 ,J la V ,st ,L had 9 we Michael Carney S 1 s. K cw 'wi a 'CQ am Carranza 4 , N + ' as M ,,.,,,, , ,...,,u:PJc2 .'1'i1s:::2r2e1ZiP "C 453554: f if tu' .1-- Armando Chavolla 9 ,M,,,: Mft ,1.:mfwal1!,-fee .J , ry H 2725 L'?2::E2SQQvifE21!KZ . . 'E i'i?5.5Yif:2239l???5,iif1SS'f: 55Y:MEA2G:'i'g,B7 , . , . , , J, . .44 if ' 524 l X 5 If - if glrfl d1,if,,r4fr-HQWSQQQQ 'h. ai M.. ,av Thomas Wiggins and Melinda Marquez listen earnestly to the many adventures in English literature. 5 ,L . ,snag , iii!" ,tffsvesgesd ,lwfa1f.f:. , we 'Z ' 4 , se .., Qawfe,.W,,.mm-f:.w,M.,fate' ,,:,:zf-sreezseazwrlffefseafw wwf nh. , .135 Aziz:- 1-ir f'Af11z5:sfSG:Y112 J Eiiilwi . in ' sfaffif H Pa.. 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Juniors f 65 66 f Juniors American Trey Quinn Christina Ramos Kathy Rayman Terrie Reed Robert Reel Angel Reyes Elizabeth Reyna Stephanie Reynolds Anice Roberts Brian Rodriques Anthony Rogers Jim Rogers Joan Rolling Angie Salcedo Steve Salley Camilla Sager Beverly Sanders Thomas Schrun Cathy Schapayak Renee Shackleford History Challenges the Class of ,84 11 f Gene Perry contemplates life on other planets. f- 2-fa p Q. vnu- .- , 1 1 -,. ,YA ,. - . x f s ,A t, 1, y r ,U A ,. n. V4 K . ,X 1 'Z 1' 'H .hifi 1 J ,I 'Tritt I 5 l 9 if 4 5 Y 5 ilk Q' ,gt I ,L it 5' 5 3 I ng I 1? x i V , fel ff' J X Y I I , f W 1 . - f , Stephen Shrull Lori Shuey Glorine Simpson Russell Sleadman Darrin Small Susan Smelko Stacy Smith Teresa Smith .I im Snyder Magda Solis Anthony Sotelo Robert Sperry Jeff Spraggins Daphney Stewart Sharon Stockton Will Stripling Karen Swales Geoff Tadda Phil Taggart M ims Talton Jeanie Tave Soraya Theobald Juniors f 67 68 f Juniors Juniors Find Cafeteria Lunch a New Experience Bobby Thomas Scott Thomas Cara Thornton Geoff Toothe Bill Toole Tom Tracy Lisa Triplett Kit Trotter Troy Tuomy Maria Valadez Terry Valderas Kurt VanHofwegen Laura Vargas Linda Vargas Suzanne Vaught Philip Velasquez Valentine Vlassis Deborah Vuillemot Chris Wagnon Monique Walker Wes Walker Ruth Walton We! I 195 3' A . V,W!f' J ,V is pf T f t ,, V . 5 1 'V ' Spirit of the Hill members Catherine Courtney, Reese Hillard, and Peppi Knox show their Junior solidarity at a football pep rally. ki 1 WNW? X ...W me f-W 'X 'Kia .,,3P'!QilQ'Q l"' 4' , 4,v, x Kiki!-"g -aw A s- ' i Q., , ll? , lis f Q Q -N..,,, Qnsxnumquuni 5 ' .- ' Q 2 4' Q' fm my of wunuunaumt- " asa, 'J -1 rreii by -nnuuuilw we 4 J "' ,drfg L ' .it if ,ic -Q ,L ' ings , Stag K ' El! ,Q 9 N , - 'Q V v ' gf Q i '21, 'jay LM 53 e if in 'ii "fig if 3:0 X If ' it , ff A 1 , . K , t.,,,,.,,, v .I 'Q " Q it 2. V .D fs. Q ' '.,lt.s,Q'QWC BQ23 f t t -"' E51 J f Q wr 3 J' arf. - Q gi 0 .' M .. ' 8 . 5-' 'S fa fi T at 'Ji ft gff.-3 3' Rigs? it .Q nxt ii-v5.53 . . k"-- any +?'V.x N 5444, 'H'-fir' A it Q- ' ' ' 'ff' fi-- l Terry Valderas breaks his conversation to smile at a freshman girl. ' 1 '- I.. - If 1 so Tracie Walner Jim Ward Julie Ward Tracy Ward Philip Wells Debra Wentz Tammy White Cindy Williams Jennifer Williams Sonya Williams Chris Willis Rusty Witcher Amy Witherite Frank Wolfe Angela Wooten Brenetta Wooten Danny Wright LaJuana Wright Richard Yaws Bernadette Young Scott Youngblood Juniors f 69 Qt lv- TTPR I KM ggti, cl gl f Q if , XY f I 'W 'gf' 'S' 9 igff Q' 5 ,f , Z 3fQo6i ' 5 ix 'it'Pf."'4 av " V1 Sf' WA" 4- lun 4 if i1 1 uv? if 'i2 1 - juli -bla! 0 in Q5 8 .mmf ' if E gvlvfr lS fuv,,n 1 -., ,m.g4.f, v I wage: "Si, Aj ,o 1 Q .0 , 1, uf 4 1 ' 1 If X.. ' ,I 1, .3 1' ' V f V5 H45-Li' 1 - , 'I M'W"5'ww'v,, . , J Aww:-yX:',.,.,x Sophomore f 74 Sophomores Return for Second Year on Hill Mafie MOC J A J . Raub Alberts f 2' ' ijjilwjy U 1 J -v L ,I , 'Si -i , y f . J A in , lv! .. , A ' ' ll J 4 , at , , ' . Emily Albright Q' lf? H Lawrence Alexander .. . Ay if V ,X . , ., W 5 i-W a v Q, , .A Ig HE X : ', .2 V.,-""' , X of , 'Xf'l' ' V A I' 'ff . ily V ' Lee Roy Aleicander A r',: Amberina Ah f ' James Allen Rose Mary Alvarez Alexis Ander Sarah Anthony Ralph Ascencion John Atchley Blake Austin Anita Baker Christi Baker Brian Barefield Ben Barlow Ray Barnes Kelly Belmont Susan Bertram Jessie Bishop Babette Bogert Theola Bolden Jill Boles Stephen Booker Daniel Boone ,' ,ff 4, l . 'f .- ' 'ff '.k.','.',',. ,'. i . , 'fini-I, 4 9' ', , . .K-' ',,- '- , . ,,.u 1,3 J a ' Warren Snider laughs at a popular "chicken" joke :F 95. 'Ea R r f J J A an My -,, eq.-s ra 1. . .twig f f we 1 .M ew -me had mm aww an rw as .rm ma :aww-. , ma f M 'mm fr fi W as :main f ,mf I ,W tw., ,. . 1 ,. Jw' im f , . ,.. ,W . W f f If Sophomore boys converse on the patio during their lunch period. bv fl Ann Bowlin John Boyd Robyn Bradley Ann Branham Elizabeth Branshaw Allan Brants Lesley Brewer John Bridges Amy Brittingham Cheryl Brown Londa Brown Barbara Bruce Carla Brumley Shelly Bruner Paige Buechley Jose Briones Sam Burkett Randy Burns Retha Cable Sam Caldwell Cat Carlton Michael Carlyle Rick Carney Todd Carter ga , a ku -I xy,-1 1: Sophomores f 75 +1342 iv! bl Fluid! ff" FQ Sophomores f 76 fbi,-A C: IS 4 Richelle Johnson and LaCynthia Glenn show their enthusiasm at a Pep Rally. Eveline Cartwright Jose Castanon Anthon Chaumont Y Elba Chavolla Lidia Chavolla Eddie Cheney Chris Chevreaux Caroline Cicernos Marie Clancy A. J . Clark Vicky Clark Anna Claassen Tracy Cole Marsha Comeaux Valarie Cooke Enrique Cordova Tony Contreras Todd Crawford Susan Creager Becky Cromwell Camille Curry Cindy Curtis Crystal Davis Genia Davis Q I ...W t. . .. , 1 A . X .. ka- 5 8 C' 'iw x 'P 5 - mat.-ps, . 8 1.15. W-saiyjy " f ,QQ ' i -. :' .: ltd 1 6 33 f A M .Elf if' wwf, Q , s QW' 1 .., , .A l .r L . l . .lv . S :fr -G li' Y A .4 S l , f. YL7 ,tf f .wks ' 73? 1 W S P in L ,Q 55 : -K f V ,I vi -, I H h t , fmig., ,H Z A K K , . I NJ F , , ' A 4121 A n F' " , , I x , . " ,F V I ,U I r ' '- X ' Q., Q 'A X 1, ,iz L .- Nin egirf , In in ., , 5 ffl. , x , , 1 I if - ,. 'lY.'!l1ni..zfc fl all NX rx ,ff YL JSA! su ni in I.. ll lll ' aa. I-, .J I4 I l 5 E J 1 ,1' , am N N ff? Q sr -: M iris ,X , fr fds, f "And then the Papa bear said to the Mama Bear . . says Tracy Cole to a fellow scholar. N- If 552 '.Y4i lsll,1 i f , if' 'I 4.0 . QV' Jill Davis Tonya Davis Barbara Deakins Lisa Delaney Tina Denton Rick DeSousa John Diakis Glennetta Dixon Matt Driskell Becky Dry Charmaine Dunkley Terry Dunn Lanette Duran Steve Durham Arthur Ellison Vickie England Renae Enos Jeff Eurom Diane Evans Latonya Evans Vickie Evans Eric Ewing Oliver Fannin Darrell Felder Andy Felps Mike Fernandez Anthony Fish Jim Fleck Amy Floyd Sophomores X 77 Sophomores f 78 Class of '85 Shows Enthusiasm at Heights Wd, Jan Foster Amy Fox Q ' 4 if Kelly Foy " W5 ii if .. Y-1 K vs i l V? Thomas Frank ' .sw ' ' K Doug Franke Kelly Franklin Amy Franks Eric Frazier XKYW Oscar Garcia strikes a contemplative pose Jesse Funk George Gamez Fernanda Garcia Oscar Garcia Khristian Gardner Shelly Gardner Don Gaskamp Steve Gauntt Gary Gifford Annette Gil David Gill LaCynthia Glenn Angie Goff b f , ' Y ,dl ,ON 2,- I-1 J 4 ' an , if Q-ff to David Dozier throws a can past Burk Shaw. I, -X ,- 7. W It - i, ,,, -. D A E - H V 'Q ' ,a Andy Gonzales Mike Goodin Jim Graham Gina Gray Richard Gray Ginny Green Dwight Green Michelle Greenlee Vaughn Grisham Holly Haas Walter Hampton Craig Hanes Michael Hanna Lutheria Harrison Scott Havis Angela Hawkins David Hawkins Chris Heizer Bret Helmer Eddie Henson Angie Hernandez Tommy Herrera Richard Herrington Tamara Hicks Lori Holland Mellissa Holman Michelle Holmes Sophomores f 79 Sophomores f 80 Shawn Horne Dina Horneffer Lena Howard Elston Howard Linda Howell Leslie Howeth Paul Hryekewicz Robin Hudgeons Scott Hughes Joanie Irvin Danny Jackson Anthony Johnson Missy Johnson Richelle Johnson Andrew Jones Mary Alice Jones Dani Juarez Chris Kibbie Cynthia Kirby Cynthia Kotter Brent Ladd Bo Lasater Sandy LaValley Melissa Lawrence Duc Le Gabel Lamora Barbara Tuggle "'ii iii ' , J , , , ! e - , A l 5, l 'UU l if l a wp 1 'Q N 'ai 2 if Allan Brants, Todd West and David Dozier eat lunch. i .. ,l f ,. ek. fi W if QF , , 5 ., , 2 , ., .qv L N 11, we -s Matt Dale hurries to class. Patricia Lee Nikki Lester Melinda Little Lorena Lopez Armando Loredo Janie Loredo Leslie Lorance Todd Lydick Ron McBride Steve McCollum Jennifer McCormick Linda McCoy Sharon McDonald Suzanne McGown Mindi McKinney Holly McLain Delpha McClure Tracy McNeese Michelle Maestre Michelle Maldonado Shazia Malik Annette Mann Holly Manning Mark Marquez Mike Marquez Jose Marroquin Richard Martinez Sophomores f 81 Sophomores f 82 Physical Education Helps Sophomores Stay Fit Patrick Maslanka Tim Mauser Jennifer Mayo Leslie Meek Susan Miller Melissa Mills Natalie Mims rf W .J ,. Kevin Mitchell :Q ' 'E Becky Montez ' p Harold Montroy J ffgf I A ll ' ff R i James Morgan gf X lt- Star Moseley Shelly Mosqueda Shawn Mullins Diego Munoz Lou Murrin Jill Needham Kevin Newton ,ka .i 'i' fi 'J John Noblett it , git Y, vi i i' Cindy O'Connor Jim Odom Danny Oge Alumni ,-ff' 'ill Todd Crawford prepares to play basketball. David Hawkins detects sulphur in the water. I --v .F ' , ii 9 A if rn EER "5"s,: Carlos Olivas Corine Ortiz Jancy Palmer Rene Palomo Betsy Parmer Nicole Paul Allison Paulus Keith Pearson David Pena Janel People Monty Phillips Howard Porter Wyndlon Pratt John Proffitt Martin Puente Esther Puentes Derek Randle Jan Randle Todd Rapp Michelle Read Cecilia Reyes Kelly Reynolds Sophomores f 83 Walter Reynolds Debbie Rhame Andy Rhinefort Mark Richardson James Richter Patrick Roberson Sophomores f 84 William Vuillemont and Mark Summers shoot the breeze over a carton of milk Roxane Rodgers Tony Rodriguez Laura Roels Mike Rogers Patrick Rogers Tony Ruiz Monty Runnels Julia Russell Laurie Russell Missy Sandoval Jenny Santana Jewel Saxon Debra Sayas Shea Schaefer Laura Segarra Joel Shelley Yoshie Shinsei Steve Shosid Melinda Silman Mark Sims Darla Sisco Kellen Slagle Rocky Slaton Angie Slavik , fvrf 0 X 110 w gifs! ff, 515175 ' if' W ' firm ' 1 b -'f ' MLN' r 3335 If-jtfl :' i i . i ks ,V, itz f f? I: Q 'r ir! t at . . l Julia Russell ransacks a semorls locker. 353 i ' ' M9 t 1 'E 1-M 1?g2j,t x l, gtg ,Q 5 Jugs: fir r Q E lpfffqfkgfizx 1' 1 'Q .iv gig! . z ,Q .qi e,,vg'z W' A ex ' "Y" ,f ,gf Qt, ,. wt 1 ,jr Q J , was as U J X M WE x 't 1 M 33- gw z g n- F" ,yi .,'ir ,g:fy5,yt: ,v cc , 5 5, g SM, ,gl Sw 5 X ,,, -gin Him' gifs w- C xt M532-319.5 yt, i ln 'W H 'MQ if E " ,fi r-, 4. Jian X iw 90133 T- ' rs' tg? E' N fy M .w . ,J 'ws lei 1 ,QQ r wg. ., ' r Q. Mary Smith Ursula Smith Henry Snider Warren Snider Susannah Sparks JoAnn Speck Shirley Sperry Peter Spottswood Judy Stailey Kay Stephens Tim Stokes Will Stone Brant Stovall Lissett Suarez Mark Summers Mike Taggart Cassandra Taylor Michele Taylor Tonja Teafatiller Clifford Thompson Becky Tierce Louise Torres Candy Trout Yolanda Trujillo Sherri Uecker Martin Valdez Oscar Valdez Sophomores Wrangle the Angles in Geometry Rosia Valdez Tabatha VanSickle Moua Vant Sarah VanVleck ef 4, ef 4:2 Q M4 if Andre Vasquez ' Richard Armendarez Sonia Vasquez George Vlassis William Vuillemont Patience Walker Courtney Wall Antonio Wallace Gens Walraven Jeff Watson Susan Watt Todd West Barbara Werland V ixaxk I K4 5 NYJ Sophomores f 86 Mor' Mary Alice Jones, Elizabeth Branshaw, and Roxanne Rodgers enjoy socializing at lunch. 2 t Y i 1 4312. Carl Wentworth , . 2 4. 'ii Katherine Weston Anna White DeAnna White Eric White Guy White , Robert Wiggins Michael Wilcox Robert Wilcox Monica Williams Rusty Williams Sondra Williams Victor Williams Keith Pearson practices a new program during his computer math class, Greg Williamson Taylor Wilson Robert Winters Melody Wise DeAnna Wiseman Jeff Wolf Karen Wood Patty Worrell Walter Yarborough Cliff Zachry Isabel Zamona if Mike Zeigler Sophomores f 87 e , X 'z . 5. . n '. I AN i ,' B ' 3 x -g N :gf X A ,. ' 3- ' ' 'Q' 'xv O 4.5. .-:hx y x I." L . . 'P x t 'x if 6 X, . A f gxi 1 if', ,wi kr W 2-. x x .f it x 1 ' .J 1' 4 -.r 7 c Q 1 xl. QQ 3 Q 4 S w X Y ! F 5 I 4 , X x i 5 s 3 x 1 5 i f V 1 1 1 92 f Freshmen Fantastic Frosh Spirit Arrives onthe Hill Dennis Abbott Shane Absolon Adrian Adger Deitre Allen Michelle Alread Manuel Alvarado Cecilia Alvarez Debbie Ander Sam Anderson Lisa Anderson John Applegate Marlana Arnold Cam Arther Melinda Ashworth Paul Averitt Jeff Baker .enf- 'Z XX is ' 1 ff f , it f Cort DeHart and David Richardson approve ofa passing senior girl. it 3- A , Robin Huston is amused by Mrs. Curry's comments. N" fi x gd' , 'fi David "Mad Scientist" Cox stalks his next victim. 5 l f , I , Rex Baker Tracy Banks Steven Barnes Michael Bascom James Baumhardt Michelle Beatty Dennis Bell Andre Benson Earl Berry Chris Bettis Patrick Beidiger Terri Bland Pat Bogart Chris Bond Robin Borgers Debra Bostice Edith Boswell Shelly Bourke Kelly Bowlin Kelly Brennan Cynthia Brightbill Twanna Brock Freshmen f 93 94 f Freshmen Angela Brown Kathelene Brown Rolanda Brown Tim Brown Tracy Bruner Hillery Burkett Scott Butler Tonya Capps Isi Carrizaltes Kyra Casey Janice Cash Sharlene Chadwick Eric Chartier Ravel Christiansen Rusty Christiansen Rochell Clark Nigh Clary Jackie Clemons Kim Clemons Nick Cochrane Ella Colston Joseph Cooper W -vi, 1- ' ff. it i ff I Q -ia yr or may was 1 ,itt 5-,a,t,t 1 54 aw r ag?- , 4 1 ff I "You'd better not do that," warns Karen Fox. E A 2.-" Jase Simmons nibbles his way through a difficult algebra equation. Jay Coots Tracy Cope David Cox Nancy Cribbs Maria Cuellar John Cummings Magic Davenport Cathy Ann Davis Rachel Davis Laurina Day Cort DeHart Henry Demond Andrea Denny Marc De Plante Tammy Dickenson Melisya Dill Phillip Dixon Cedric Doty Eryn Douglas Tony Duncan Neal Durando John Eitel Mike Estes Becky Evans Suzy Ewing Aaron Farris Susan Farris Freshmen f 95 96 f Freshmen Howdy Week Brings New Experiences to Frosh Tiffany Feel Javier Flores Lisa Flores Missy Flowers Pamela Flusche Guynail Ford Michael Fowler Karen Fox Jimmy Freeman Tammy Freeman Arden Gafford John Gallagher Elaine Gambill John Gamez Rudy Garcia Tammy Garrison Marcos Garza Warren Garza Michael Geering Mark Gentry Cathy Gibson Clay Gibbson Jack Giese Jason Gill Bret Gilley Mark Goldstein Frank Goldwaithe i F 52 i, 'fi A WV- ,A 2. ',,,m, lc- I ' . ,A , l f f - V 2 ,f A, These freshman girls contemplate their duties as SOH members ,gA,QiQ,fg,ff tl 1'T'fa-lu . I L lb, qjllill!! ,5F!!l5 In Li fs I in :rift Y ,, L , ,V ga. li' -fdigifzuzrel if, , .Left alla. if',f4f5?itT,f" nxB1xw'vHMw,,'4 N. ,JSI ziiiistihfvixfvnnseif ,I- fi ,get ,,,nW1irf,44 , p L, ., , if , H - at L ett f L? . Q, ' " 14 an 6 'S , V415 4'4" 'rrffgwy I , Y , V ,-1 I ' f- 4:4 ,.' I ,A i .s A ggxgqffgyg .I 1 i' X . -X K l A "Qh i A I, AT , V We ., , ,a, - V. f it Q, . 1 1 4 t -, L sms I T." L ,fic xx., 'X ,Q 7 Rb --...NA I H Sally Talton says, "This algebra sure is confusing!" i ,bp 'HH' , , EE 'ta t 'E gli ffl I rm is 3, 4 Rickey Gomez David Goode Tim Gould Laura Govea Stephen Graf Gary Grantham Kenneth Grantham Jon Greever Tina Greg Shelly Griffin Shelli Groze Christy Guimarin Laurie Gunn Robert Hagen Mike Hanson Tom Hardgrove Tor Harper Cherry Harris Daryl Harris Dennis Harris Laura Harshbarger Chris Hawkins Tim Heller Brad Hellmer Cathy Henderson Virginia Henley Elaine Hennig Ray Henry Isaias Hernandez Rhett Hickey Freshmen f 97 ir' Y . AA George McGown pauses dramatically as he removes a cheat sheet from his folder. 98 j Freshmen Anuschka Heibler-Neibler Stephanie Hight Corrie Hill Thuy Hoang Tu Anh Hoang Trent Hodgkins Jared Hoffman Eddie Hogan Lance Holmes Julie Hopkins Richard Huffman Angela Houk Robin Huston Michelle Infinger Sony Issac Jackson Jackson Kathy Jay Mark Jennings Shirley Jimmerson Peter Joe Sam Joe Dayon Johnson Kevin Jones Mark Jones ou.- , it L ur.. I 4- ? ,A 5 4 Aa, ,, , 1 f , f Q 4 M3 t r ,415 .-Q KI' , Felicia Sanders is bored by Miss Hale's long oratory X J P-11 if l xv g 'str L ge? 5 A t ' , , li, I twat 'f" l a ', , fi , :fl-:V - f f J J 1' 55" in Sp 5 6 e ,, ' V ,Q '- ll ' ,Lim J ff: ,D., ., . S ' I W ' 5 at ,,,, K ,ii ....-w..-..q-mqp.- 4 lj , , til' te? Scottye Jones Stan Jones John Kauffman Lee Kelly John Kersh Ronald M. Keseley Nikki Kessler Chris Kirkham Deborah Kope Melody Langs Laura Larsen Chris Latham , Troy Laverene Armando Lazcano Barbara Ann Lee E" nr freshmen are working dilligently in Mrs. Johnston's algebra class. Tabitha Lewis Raymond Lidell Daniel Lozanno Sherry Luttrell Soraya Malik Maria Mariotti Cissy Marquez Alice Martin Jenepher Martin Two contrasting methods of taking an English test are demonstrated by Michelle Alread and Emily Webster. Freshmen j 99 100 f Freshmen Languages Mark Martin David Martinez Dondie Martinez Debbie Masqueda Carolyn S. McCarn Debore McDade Gary McElyea George McGown Hunter McClean John McMackin Misty McQueary Steven Mear Glennis Meek Matt Miller Susan Miller Jeff Millegan Jorge Miranda Mindy Mitoff Marlon Mote Chrissy Mook Charles Mooney Christi Moore Expose New Cultures to Freshmen , Q . fe X as Q -::gw,:f',.' a fix -N - W if 52,25 . My 1, V I R a EW 6 lag, 4 1 Q , vi. l 3' ' ':1.,'.' f V ,li gg 1 1 eiye y 5,3 gi ' wi 3 i 4+ Q if ., rV A g . , 1 J 51 1. Ma , .,, 3 ,ffl . N. gk, W' ,wwe W A as bg , , -if . . W 1 , ,H 'QE , V in V V V V -1,4 aeri V. . V A an F . 1 WV f,.:VY f, ., 1 ,. - ' I if ', , h v L ,, ' 1,3411 V R fr f ,f4123e? H i ei 1 ".e', 1 ., - - -P 'W af v t 1-22311 i N H i A 9 ' f e , f Aff y Lf l , V , 1- ' 1' ,g M V. ,f 4:f,'ll 4 , -" - f 1. 1, Vg 1 L 5 ' ,. ' f F F 5 1, fn urls fl :H '41 X . J 1" ff I 1 n N X' x ' v M ' ,ff rr, 14 i is 'J f Rt 1 " ' 1 f f Z 2 Zf ,. lv .............---4 .q- ', , 'mst Vf, i Q sir' l if 4 4 , , V t 4 7 V -f K' J Ronnie Prestage daydreams of becoming an "American in Paris" while 2 in French class. 1 Daydreammg of the weekend Shelby Toothe attempts to escape the daily routine of school s ,vm- Q- nn, Link Moore Gilbert Morales Ralph Moralez Tom Moss Maria Munoz Shawn Nesmith Chris Nettles Betty Newsome Mari Nicholson Charles O'Keefe Vicotria Olivas Darla O'Neill Heather Paden Lorna Paden Greg Padron Mark Palmer Broderick Parks Lori Payne George Payor Krissy Pedigo Blain Pelland Emanuel Perez Freshmen f 101 Sandra Perez Theressa Perry Shawn Petrie Tom Phillips Jaymie Pickett Deedee Powell Scott Protzman Ronnie Prestage Jared Proffit Marco Puente Jana Pyeatt Tammy Qugiley Danae Raykovitz Alva Redfield Steve Reese John Reid Jorge Reyes Elizabeth Reynolds gQL .iw illli .s l QQ n-5 ir P-'J , ii.-. 'T'- J . . 5,-aR,ga,. ie, A.: 'I .15 he VN ff1f1al,?'e ww 1 ,af .wi E Q- das 'W J Q W 1 5 I J X A . A Eg J' 3 L3 s ag -,tr 4, 1 ii .Mi Q? 3 -,f SW F t N ,, , " -Q Q. .r,t,f 1z:: 'P - . 'X s S .1 1 5 . 'Fx ' 52 T " . ' :LB a , 1 , H Fai -Qt! 3' . "St, -5 3 S.. it V 102 j Freshmen "Algebra is tiring," dreams a freshman. "Gee, I can't wait until I'm a senior," thinks Oscar Valadez. David Richardson Kim Rickett Cathy Roberts Lisa Robertson Patricia Rodriguez Kim Rogers . - I K ' Q jjjgygz , . I gs Q' , had ' 's Eff . fi? P awry ' aa . Q sis Q J ii 1. A gy P 7 g ' fa-gfsxffm Ii' 2, . in I J l 'wmtf.f .ltwfdjwg ffiwee i Raa4?Qw' Bradley Helmer ponders the S.O.H. obligations. 'N 'S-we - JM Kim Ryan is mystified by her geometry. ,545 ,,,,, , ,A . I A 14, h 1 ,.,, V a aa! , ffl l il ri. 5? y y .ff , Qi, f ' ' is Q ' 4 rw I x '? ,H Dorothy Rose Julie Rose Gerald Ross Kim Ryan Jason Rynd Carla Saladin Henry Sanchez Felicia Sanders Jannette Santana Lisa Sayas Mike Saylor Cathy Schlegel Jake Sheedy David Shepard Michelle Sherbert Glenn Siler Steven Shults Lisa Sill Freshmen f l03 Anxious Frosh Enjoy First Homecoming on Hill 104 f Freshmen Mickey Simmonds J ase Simmons Bridget Simpson Randy Skinner Donna Smart Karen Smelko Michelle Smiddy Matthew Smith Stephanie Smith Vincent Smith Kari Soefteland ,Ui Q Y 11 ,- 'K r My . y it S g it? ,A .J M Wwwfwwwaw' y r,., y .4 -.,.....w I F E Q ff Sharlene Cash sleepily does her assignment. i ."l Y' if e W 4 it 'U 1 f Ag, , 1' ' fa , 1 'K W' .511 i S A I my lr . ngm. ,OJ , rggflilg, Y. gf' John McMackin is caught coming back from lunch by Martha Brigance 1 Chris Spencer Jamie Stailey Shawn Steadman Kandis Stovall Marlow Strode Lisa Sullivan James Suss Sallie Talton Brent Taylor Rudy Theobald .I ack Thompson Tammy Thompson Tracey Thompson Bart Thornton Donald Thurston Gregg Tomlinson Shelby Toothe Danny Torres Missi Toth Susan Tracy Lisa Trujillo Jimmy Truman 106 f Freshmen Carol Turpin Nathan Van Hofwegen Frank Vargas Jaime Vazquez Trinidad Vega Carolyn Venable Gwenn Vlassis Colleen Vuillemot Chase Waites Bessie Walker Terry Walker Janet Walsh David Walton Don Ward Scott Ward Jeff Watson Ronnie Webb Emily Webster Janet Wentz Jerry White La Donna White Mike White sr' v if Y-'- if-' 'J ' fi-, - ' W J if ya? . J ps fs gg 1 fp, :ff 'df . - n.,,,,1 is 5? y V X s sJs,r ' 'W Q14 jxfxuk X e V XX S: t...s.a X' 'J' Arden Gafford is amused by the Latin humor of Mr. Barnes. : Q ,-495 "",..:-'-Q --.i'Qs pf- , ..f--"I:--:t,, ,,,....'- -.,,-N, Klhg W is ' 52 1 af? 16 Ei cunning Charles Mooney attempts to convince passersby that he is in- eed Everett's brother, not Pam's. y if QW f 4 'Q a X 3. eggs? 4 F 1 J "- ' yy., i' 3 J ' Darren Williams Donald Ray Williams Meridith Williams Mike Williams Misty Williams Pam Williams Laura Willy Dawn Wilson John Wilson Matthew Wilson Shiryl Wilson Jill Witcher Courtney Wolfe John Lee Woods Wendy Wood Cherish Wooten Johanna Wright Wendy Wright Michael Wynne Michelle Wynne Joy Yanta Jennifer Youngblood Freshmen f 107 1 if MQ. my 52 'W feel lvf'i?fi2sgsfQ 1,2 .. 1 Vies . iff -f l ,1 3 1 , W ai Xi zuaaszxmrs-filmva,wa:a1i'1:c,umamzsmQgminivanweremmwqgfmfmaa-ay1agmg1mwfrzwmf-ML fa. Hu ' 1 1 .1 4..H1ifexammwgmfmawszgvnfwfawmwsafv:1c1:mw:11mevQm:f1 11 1.w'1 1' 1 1' 1 1 1 1 Y, ,,,:1:1 was:nvmaxwmmwwmmxm X ll0 f Personalities KAREN FOX: "Everyone has his own personality, outgoing or shy, but don't try to be something you're not." LANCE HOLMES: A good personality is characterized by friendliness helpfulness and kindness. BOBBY LEWELLEN: Someone with a good personality is happy all the time and always looks at the bright side of life. CHASE WAITES: An open honest personality is a good personality. 'O' IQ in 9 QWQ3? Personalities f 1 I 1 XV, -YQWAV, , M52 NHL' . Q f'fY1EfEEf1f'?bI7Q,L ,Tk wr, Qgii - ' , A -1 ' N.+.w-1? ii ' 4 Q ' V 'Vi Q 1 -fw'5ff:'1iu,b wx'Qx:Wguywg:,Leff.-fsg-yu, " ' ' ' ' if J..1NmS2?yEfiif3EWMWM.6121 1 V ' X fb on Jeff l J 2 ' A ' AS M V , W,M,: , ' " 'r4"1,': 1' 1 1 3 ' 1 91J.x'vN?MZ'ilf,11"ww 1' S ya 1 N JN 22.21223 ' fT2?li?k2'sl 2 24 N. A A . HO'S WHO 1983 a The Faculty has selected twelve students, six boys and six girls, to be honored as Who's Who. These top twelve seniors were chosen one the basis of citizenship, grades, and service to the school. Eligible students were nominated by their homeroom teachers and voted on by faculty members. Each faculty member received one vote and the twelve students with the most votes were declared the winners. Senior students can be nominated for Who's Who if they have attended Heights allot their junior year and the fall semester of their senior year, They must have no academic ,grade below a "C" and an "E" averagefin citizenship with no "N's". Grades are based on the semester averages. , ,W 942 112' 1 la A 1 ' J' in ' tif' W 1' A ,Q ,Q bi ' Q , . V: yr, if V L, V,zb V V IA Q V , 4 21. RENEE BAKER Currently Renee is Editor of the Yellow Jacket, News Editor of the Jacket Journal and co-editor of Potpourri, the newliterary magazine. A four and ahalf year French student, Renee is French Club president and has won many first place awardsat the FWISD Language Fairs. Her junior year, she received a Scholastic Achievement Award in French. This year Renee was elected homeroom represen- tative in the Homecoming Court. She has served as Student Council representative for two years, and was a member of the Student Advisory Committee. She tutored for the school three years. Asa junior, Renee was a school winner in the Op- timist Club Essay Contest, and is a member of Quill and Scroll. 116 1 whos who J Qi t v MIKE ALREAD p Mike has been an active member of both the Yellow Jacket and Jacket Journal staffs. Currently he is section head of the Sports section of the year-. book and Feature Editor of the Jacket Journal. F This year Mike was elected Vice-President of the Senior Class, and his junior year was Student Coun- cil Treasurer. He is a four year band member, and! was elected First Lieutenant. Mike was also a Mr.AHHS finalist. National Honor Society, Youth in Government. Whiz Quiz and French Club are some of the organizations he has been a member of. Mike has also had a role in three of the plays produced by the Drama classes. He played the Captain in "Anything Goes," Howard Carol in f'Time Out for Ginger" and Ozzy Babson in "IreneY' JOHN CHRISTIE Co-Editor of the Jacket Journal, Johnthas served the publications aspect of the school. I-Ie is a one year memberyof the Yellow Jacket staff and attended the United Stu- dent Press y Institute's hands-on workshop featuring redesign specialist Dr. Mario Garcia. John applied many new techniques the learned to the front page of the Jacket Journal., 1 A member of Youth in Govern- ment, John attended the State Con- ference in Austin and presented a bill. For verifying his PSAT score on the SAT, John received a National Merit Commendation., He was a three year Latin student, on the Latin Club Advisory Board, and a member sttt of the Senior Steering Committee. WHO'S WHO 1983 MARION BRUMLEY Marion has served the school in many aspects. This year she was elected a Miss AHHS finalist and Homecoming Queen. She is a one year member of Spirit of the Hill and co-president this year. Marion has also been a member of the Yellow Jacket staff for one year, and a Senior Steering Committee member for a year. She is a member of the varsity tennis team holding the distinction of "A" doubles champion. As, an active member of the Stu- dent Council, Marion has also serv- ed Heights. She is a two year member of National Honor Society, and a member of the Spanish Club. whos who 1 117 WHO'S wHo 1983 RUSSEL Ther main concentration of Russell's time wand efforts has been in the field of music. He isa four year member of the Yellow i Jacket Marching Band and was S v J selected to lead the band this as le co-Drum Major. Russellthas been a featured trumpet soloist in many pep S rallies and half-time shows.i His excellent ability in music has gainediihim recogniztion in the HeightstStage Band, and in All- City Band. He has also been a member of All-City Orchestra. Ann currently is t Senior Class President, National Honor Society President, and co-editor of the Jacket Journal. Her junior year sliefwas Feature Editor of the Jacket Journal and was selected to receive the Altrusa Achievement Award. Ann was the main force behind the selection of this year's Senior Steering Committee,QShe has also served as a Student Council representative, land Chairman of the Handbook Committeelher junior year. She was awarded alNational Merit Commendation and was also on the Tri-Ce leadership team. 1l8 iwhols Who H0'S WHO 1983 BOBBY LEWELEEN COURTNEY HILL it Bobby is presently serving the school as Student Council Presi- dent. He is an active member of the Yellow Jacket Staff and was chosen section head of the Stu- dent Life section of the yearbook. Bobby was chosen by the faculty to attend American Legion Boys' State earlier this year. Bobby was also a Mr. AHHS finalist. A member of the soccer team, Youth in Government, and Ger- man Club, Bobby has proven his value to the Hill. ' . .mi W- .K .3 The top honor a girl can be award- ed was bestowed this year on Court- ney, she was elected Miss AH HS by the student body. The main emphasis of Courtney's extracurricular activities has been sports and leadership. She is serving hersecond year as Student Council Secretarydind was Chairman of the Student Advisory Committee. She is a. four year member of French Club, and a member of Youth in Government. The student body elected her Most Studious her sophomore and junior years, and she was Howdy Queen as a junior. Courtney is a three member of the volleyball team and was last year's captain. - whifs who 1 119 SMITH years on the established figure. He is a of the football the varsity squad f reshm "T he bench pre weights. SS Shawn has track, 'soccer 'll H' H1. IS and was a a member of and the Spanish l20 f Who's Who ELSIE HODGES At present, Elsie is secretary of the senior class and Vice- President of National Honor Society. She isfafmember of the Senior Steering Committee, a Miss AHHS finalist, and a Stu- dent Council representative. Elsie is the only girl that has been a four year cheerleader on the Hill. She was on varsity beginning her sophomore year, and was head freshman cheerleader. Elsie has also let- tered in track. Her freshman year, she was a finalist for Most Beautiful. She has been an active member of the French Club, Math Club, and has received a Scholastic Achievement Award in English. WHO's WHO 1983 W1-lots wi-io 1983 TOM URQUHART Tom has been a two-year member of the Jacket Journal staff serving chiefly as an editorial cartoonist. Being a three year member of the band, he was elected First Lieute- nant this year. He has served as Junior Class President, a Student Council representative, and a member of the Senior Steering Committee. In the area of sports, Tom has been on both the basketball and track teams for two years. He has also participated in Youth in Government and attended the State Conference in Austin. Tom was chosen a Mr. AHHS finalist. ' . JULIE JENNINGS Julie was elected Senior Class Treasurer this year and heldithe office of Secretary Treasurer her junior year. She as been a member of the Tri-C leadership team, and, was chosen a Miss AHHS finalist. f Julie has devoted muchittime to the school and this is reflected in the offices she has held. She was Secretary of Spirit of the Hill, and a Senior Favorite. She served as Head Junior Varsity Cheerleader her sophomore year, and was also a cheerleader as a freshman. JA two-year member of Na- tional Honor Society, she was junior representative and has been on the soccer and golf teams. Whois Who 1 121 SPECIAL RECOGNITION ICQ! Yi. r - 0 "Fw I T f A I M LAURIE MONTGOMERY SCOTT TIMS PUBLICATIONS PUBLICATIONS J., -Af rw, . . 1 A I . i I I f 4 I 'R 1 LISA THOMPSON WILL WAITES PUBLICATIONS PUBLICATIONS 't'on V, SPECIAL RECOGNITION JAY BELL SHEENE CASH SPORTS SPORTS KIM DIRKS TODD FRANKS SPORTS SPORTS SPECIAL RECDGNITION KELLY ADAMS RAUL GARCIA LEADERSHIP J ROTC DANNY GILLIAM GAYLE HERR JROTC ART f LEADERSHIP f 1 SPECIAL RECOGNITION AMANDA HILL JIM J OPLING ACADEMICS MUSIC SEAN MATTHEWS VICKIE O'CONNOR PERFORMING ARTS ACADEMICS S ANN CREAGER ALTRUSA WINNER The Altrusa Achievement Award for 1982 was awarded to Ann Creager. Each year the Altrusa Club selects twelve girls from each of the Fort Worth high schools to repre- sent the standards of their organization. A faculty committee chose Ann on the basis of career in- terest, service, leadership, and scholarship. Ann attended the Altrusa Club's annual dinner where she was recognized for past achievements as well as future goals. Ann has been involved in a number of activities during her three years at Heights. She is currently serving as Senior Class President, Nationa Honor Society President ant Co-Editor of the Jacket Jour nal. Ann has also been an ac tive member of Student Coun cil. Her junior year, she led tht Handbook Committee, and was a Student Counci representative her sophomort year. More of Ann's activities in clude Feature Editor of tht Jacket Journal her junior year Tri-C leadership team, ani National Merit commenda tion. J After graduating fron Heights, Ann plans to attend Texas A8cM University ta earn a medical degree. DAR AWARD WINNER Cathy Craft, senior, has been selected by the Daughters of the American Revolution to represent the local chapter at state competition. Last fall, Cathy was chosen to receive the DAR Good Citizen Award. Cathy was selected on the basis of five qualities: citizen- ship, leadership, patriotism, dependability, and service to the community. The faculty thought her activities at Heights illustrated these qualities. Cathy has maintained a 4.0 GPA, and is ranked number 1 out ofa class of 311. 126 f DAR - Atrusa She has been an active member of Yellow Jacket staff, Art Club, National Honor Society, and Math club. As a junior, Cathy was awarded the Texas Weselyn College Book Award, and chosen outstanding junior scholar. Cathy has also receiv- ed two Scholastic Achieve- ment Awards in the fields of chemistry and English. To be a school and a local chapter winner, Cathy had to write an essay on the subject of "Our American Heritage and Our Responsibility to Preserve Itf' CATHY CRAFT 4 s fry BOYS' STATE WINNER GIRLS' STATE WINNER Bobby Lewellen Amanda Hill Bobby Lewellen and Amanda I-Iill were chosen as Boys' and Girls' State Winners by local American Legion Posts. Both students participated in mock political workshops held in Austin. Bobby went to Austin with 926 other boys. They were divided in- to cities, parties, districts, and counties. The two parties, Federalist and Nationalist, held conventions on all levels of government. Bobby, representing the Federalist party, ran for Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, and County Clerk. He lost both elections. His week long trip ended when they elected state offices. They marched from the University of Texas campus to the capitol where they held mock sessions of the House of Representatives and the Senate. A joint session was held and Bill Clayton, Speaker of the House, was the featured guest. Amanda's 10-day session ad- voctaed the same processes, but with a few variations. Her group started at Texas Lutheran Col- lege in Seguin. After five days, the 560 girls traveled to Austin. Amanda was elected Federalist Precinct Party Chair- man and was in the House of Representatives. The girls also held mock sessions and former Governor Bill Clements spoke to them in the House of Representatives. 1982 HOMECOMING QUEEN MARION BRUMLEY WY' """""' W' ' HoMECoM1NG COURT Dee Dee Ellis Kristy Fatheree X Marion Brumley Cathleen Milligan Renee Baker Diane Woodard Bridget Schafriek Lesslie Robertson Gayle Herr Blake Pearce H ing Cou rt I Owfwio-B --'Iii' 41- M-'rw c"""""""""Y Wann! 1 A l u 1 41 ,,UiiVM4iMiwt:Zfg?1WMHa:wi f wh,'w,-wwkhwwcim-5HwE:x5Jfm"--J-W H '.'J0':MJ',J,'f:I1'M-:wawwwfjwf-www:,--ml l RTWWkwmwwyww-rwwx,I, ww-- + aww,xvfaw2Jv,mW,fWxriwmwm A wmlJ':?xwWhMVP' , N v l f P1 Nm-wewm.mfv:':,wwwsfrasww-, 1, . 1 ' wfffvwfm'MM'uMfWw,::,g,,'M , ' ,, L , :,,q,g.NW,4 7 0f8amlaU0nS !lc3sMW wg dewfrW.21WM- WM1w.PwMwEfmw if "N-- , ff , fl f, H In ',wJgk,'3Q,, Qwgww'ww,Jf- w'wf:Mwwwvw' ww' I 5'1,N,f11J,," R W ,L .,.,., ,vm mrs Ef',,:MJ'lQ'P-'-W , M M WWW! ,H,H20wkggwmxrkgkpwhylffwWWXMWMMw:v,:1yw-Ww " L "" ' Q? ,, M-,A fv ,MW mm Am. ,WM nm V W ., aw, vw N, vcf1fE'W,W,w '83 Student Council Leads Active School Year Providing student leadership, creating and maintaining stan- dards of good citizenship among students, promoting school ac- tivities, and providing a means of communication between students and administration were among the primary goals of the l982- l983 Student Council. Under the guidance of Bobby Lewellen, President, Denise Kirkley, Vice President, Court- ney Hill, Secretary, and Susan Pattillo, Treasurer, the Council led a very productive year. With the aid of sponsors Larry Barnes and Jacqulyn Curry, the Council produced many activities. The Student Council con- tinued traditional events such as: Howdy Week, Elf Day, Cupid Day, and Spring Fever Week. In addition, the Council introduced a Christmas Dance. The Student Council also decorated the patio during Homecoming. Shady Oaks Country Club was chosen as the location for the Homecom- ing Dance by the Council. Councilmen-At-Large: FRONT ROW: Jill Witcher, Freshmang Steven Gaunt Sophomore. BACK ROW: Mike Alread, Senior: Scott Prince, Junior. W. K . 'Q atv a-. Sponsor: Mr. Larry Barnes Sponsor: Mrs. Jacqulyn Curry 132 Student Council .SW .. W is STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS COURTNEY HILL - SUSAN PATILLO - SECRETARY TREASURER BOBBY LEWELLEN - DENISE KIRKLEY - PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT 33 P.R. and Programs Committees Promote Spirit This yearls Public Relations Committee, under the leadership of Vicki England, was responsi- ble for the advertisements to pro- mote Student Council activities. The committee played a vital role in determining the success of these events. To make activities well-known to the students, the committee devised original an- nouncements, creative signs, and posters. Led by chairperson Gayle Herr, the Programs Committee organized the freshman Howdy Week program, which included skits from the various organiza- tions on campus. Several of their duties included selling refreshments at dances, prepar- ing the library for Council meetings and designing the Elf and Cupid Grams. .fm-.41 efr V ag, ,, 44,-, is t -Zh! 3,52 as 52 1 Q Z. ji . t,,..,f -'-4 gi.-was F559 1 Q ia ,X I Q , ' pn Scott Prince and Robin Meyer discuss upcoming events taking place on the Hill 3 Program Committee. FRONT ROW: Jannette Santana, Cissy Marquez, Gayle Herr, Kristen Boyd. SECOND ROW Gene Walraven, Camille Curry, Kathy Hendrickson, Carmen Garcia, Angela Wooten. BACK ROW: Susan Creager Dorinda Branch Lisa Triplett, Denise Boehm, Laura Massey, Catherine Courtney. 134 Student Council Public Relations: FRONT ROW: Shawn Smith. MIDDLE ROW: Will Waites, Paige Buechley, Jill Witcher, Scott Butler, Vicki ngland. BACK ROW: Alan Houk, Krissy Pedigo, Todd Franks, Julie Jennings, Cathleen Milligan. QM i S Us Public Relations Chairperson: Vickie England Programs Chairperson: Gayle Herr Student Council f 135 Handbook and Elections Give Time and Skill Under the direction of Lou book Committee was also respon- Murrin, the Handbook Commit- sible for meeting agendas and tee once again began the yearly monthly calendars. task of typing and alphabetizing Many elections that suc- in order to produce the all- cessfully took place on the Hill important student directory. were attributed to the hard work Hours of planning and work went of the Elections Committee, into this useful little book. In ad- headed by Marion Brumley. The dition to the directory, the Hand- committee took nominations, supervised voting, and the tabulated the results. This yea the Elections Committee handler elections for Howdy Queen ans King, Homecoming Queen, clas officers, and Student Councij They also supervised Spirit of th Hill and cheerleader lections. 1 1 V? Elections Committee: FRONT ROW: Martha Brigance. SECOND ROW: Robin Meyer, Meredith Williams. BACK ROW: Scot A Prince, Marion Brumley, Will Stone. 136 f Student Council 4 1 M, , . ww Q1 Q.. H -Q.. M.. E R z4.'fZ:.,7. W "W C 1,15 :Uri V. Nmwlt A -an wr-rf., . wink gg I g,r,f.,N, ., ., Wg, ,N W ,, L,,W . :W i 5 K 3 2 my - 'Ei ll' ff I 5 J' !.'.F.,.v J in Handbook Committee. FRONT ROW: Lou Murrin, Celeste Cummings, Emily Albright. BACK ROW: Elaine Henning, Sherri Luttrell, Michelle Alread. x -w, S Elections Chairman: Marion Brumley Handbook Chairman: Lou Murrin Student Council f 137 Steering Committee Plans Senior Activities Leading the class of '83 through its final year at Heights, the Senior Steering Committee did a masterful job of planning W and arranging the vast network A of senior activities. Handpicked by the senior class officers at the end of their junior year, the elite group of 12 steer- ing committee members worked long and diligently to keep the seniors on the long road to graduation. One of the main activities planned by the committee was the enormously successful luau, which was held in January. The proceeds helped pay for the cost of the senior prom. The senior class held their prom at the newly remodeled Petroleum Club Friday, May 13. Senior class officers: Julie Jennings, treasurer, Mike Alread, vice-president, Ann Creager, president, Elsie Hodges, secretary E Senior Steering Committee: FRONT ROW: Ann Creager, Mike Alread, Elsie Hodges, Julie Jenning. SECOND ROW: Sandy Sloan, Sarah Bennett, Jonnell Boyd, Marion Brumley, Blake Pearce, Doreen Watson. BACK ROW: Tom Urquhart, Jim Jopling, John Christie, Mrs. Marilyn Bettes, Mrs. Linda Szot, Kyle Risenhoover, Chris Lewis, Robert Burger. 138 f Senior Steering Committee F t Flag Girls Add Excitement to Halftime Shows r"' if N 1 . A L. Sponsor: Mrs. Sarah Smith The Flag Corps was excep- tionally good this year. Twirling the school colors to songs such as "Firebird'l and "March Slav" added greatly to the halftime shows. The Flag Corps perform- ed in events such as the UIL Contest Show and the City con- test. Marching in the Veterans, Day Parade was another major event the flag girls participated in. After working out every day during August, the corps con- tinued to work in the morning and during first period. Sponsored by Mrs. Sarah Smith, Cindy Whitaker, senior, served as First Lieutenant, and Anice Roberts, junior, served as second Lieutenant. . wav, e. ffm .1 f ,-M'-. , 'lf' Qy..:!.5f!g,s ' V ff. f" .5 .1 A - LQ, .. .afgfgg P, sd, ,. A, ...skew ,a ,fy , 1- 14-15,- . , K -,4 ... ., ,. W, sf A an L TRONT ROW: Debbie Rhame, Twana Brock. BACK ROW: Cindy Whitaker, Cathy Weston, Cindy Pack, Zorina Spero, Anice loberts. Flag Corps f 139 140 f Band 1982-83 Band Brings Good Music to the Hill Spirit at Heights was boosted by the 1982-83 Marching Band. Under the direction of Paul Smith and Drum Majors Russell Gee and Pam Langston, the band raised spirits with songs such as "Come In From the Rainw and "Aztec Firef, The band competed in the City Contest and the UIL Contest Show. For their performances they received a rating of ex- cellence. Topping off the band's busy schedule this year was their performance for General Dynamics at the Pakistani rollout of the F-16. Other events the band participated in included marching in the Veteran's Day Parade. Band and Flag Corps Officers: FRONT ROW: Robert Sperry. SECOND Anice Roberts, Tracy Ward, Lisa Murray, Cindy Whitaker. BACK ROW: Tom quhart, .lim Jopling, Robert Burger. 9-noni The 1982-83 Yellow Jacket Marching Band ii ,flat Sponsor: Mr. Paul Smith Teri Moore effortlessly performs during half-time. J , "r ..s N .Q-if 4 ' .ff Patricia Wilcox and James Richter recuperate after an ex- hausting performance. Drum Majors: Russell Gee, Pam Langston Bandf 141 Musicians in Orchestra Entertain Heighsters The Orchestra's main goal this year was to broaden their knowledge in music. Through their performances, they tried to achieve this goal. Under the direction of Mr. Paul Smith the orchestra presented Heights with a Christmas concert and provid- ed the music for the spring per- formance "How to Succeed in Business Without Really. Trying." Vivian Vargas and Jason Jar ratt served as this year's Co Presidents of the Orchestra. la Orchestra: FRONT ROW: Robert Spencer, Vivian Vargas, Jill Boels, Liza Falcon. SECOND ROW: Cheryl Spencer, Paul if ii? :ii Clifford Thompson, Kim Ryan. BACK ROW: Scott Ward, Jason Jarratt. ai 'Wwmw l 1 l l 45" W l Orchestra Officers: Top to Bottom: Robert Spencer, Jason Jar- ' '3 A V- -.-i ""' i ww. fail, -liii Boels, Vivian Vargas- Orchestra Director: Mr. Paul Smith 142 f Orchestra C . i , QP" ,ef Jason Jarrat demonstrates playing the cello. CliffordThompsonpracticesselectionsforthemusical. Stage Band: FRONT ROW: Patricia Wilcox, Eric White, Chris Bellomy, Randy Bright, Robert Burger. SECOND ROW: -Jason larret, Vanessa Powell, William Baltazar, Tom Urquhart, Jim Jopling, Richard Yaws, Robert Spencer. BACK ROW: Chris -Iawkins, Stanley Jones, Larry Falcon, Russell Gee, David Lieske. Orchestra f 143 Jacket Jazz Dazzles Heights With Superior Style Jacket Jazz returned for their third year on the Hill. Extreme discipline and hours of hard work were just two of the requirements it took to make this year's drill team outstanding. Jacket Jazz worked out every day in June and August, and attended Marching Auxiliary Camp in the first part of July. While at camp, the team won six ribbons and a trophy for superiority. Jacket Jazz also worked out every day sixth period and for an hour after school. Brigitte Jacobs served as this year's Captain and Ginger Campbell served as Co-Captain. Sponsored by Mrs. Barbara ,Q Taylor, Jacket Jazz performed exciting routines for pep rallies, S - A J football games, basketball games v and other major events' Pam Hopkins, Tabatha Vansickle, and Debra Wentz perform to "Happy Days Ai Here Again" during halftime of the Paschal-Heights game. llll -I rm . . xg lwiiwfi! mils! WA, i....,,f-qaefifijf Jacket Jazz: FRONT ROW: Ginger Campbell, Brigitte Jacobs. SECOND ROW: Keshia Anderson, Donna Jackson, Pam M Cowan. THIRD ROW: Liza Falcon, Sonja Williams, Judy Oliver, Michelle Butler. BACK ROW: Tina Nelms, Shelly Gardni Pam Hopkins, Tabatha Vansickle. 144 f Jacket Jazz Liza Falcon concentrates on an upcoming performance. l, niors Ginger Campbell and Keisha Anderson end another of cket .lazzis stunning halftime presentations. M if -' Qi ' f , , M 2 ffl.-.-.7 Jacket Jazz Sponsor: Mrs. Barbara Taylor Captain: Brigette Jacobs. Co-Captain: Ginger Campbell Jacket Jazzf 145 Spirit of the Hill Supports Sports, Pep Rallies Promoting spirit at Heights was the main purpose of The Spirit ofthe Hill. Members sup- ported cheerleaders at games and pep rallies and Jacket athletics. Activities included the selling of spirit chains and spirit ribbons, painting of signs for the field house and pep rallies and assistance at registration. Spirit of the Hill consisted of twelve freshmen, sixteen sophomores, twenty juniors, and twenty-four seniors. This organization was spon- sored by David Greer and Wally an lsr ual White. Officers: Cathleen Milligan Marion Brumley Julie Jennings Jay Bell EE W SE W ll W- Phil Taggart and Missy Johnson show their spirit at games. Sponsors Wally White and David Greer 146 f Spirit ofthe Hill WX ..,, . 2 Dm Senior Chairpersons: Sharla Pyeatt, Steve Murrin. Junior Chairpersons: Stacy Gafford, Phil Taggart. Sophomore Chairpersons: Lou Murrin, Bret Helmer. Freshman Chairpersons: John Gallager, Arden Gafford. ul"""+ Q. all Lesslie Robertson, Martha Brigance, Karen Getchell get ready to run on the field. Spirit of the Hill! 147 Senior Spirit of the Hill: FRONT ROW: Sheri DeHart, Sheene Cash, Martha Brigance. SECOND ROW: Nick Jay, Kurt Howardl Jay Bell, Brad Baker, Hal Brown, Gary Wells, Pat Burns, Eric Trotter, Steve Murrin. BACK ROW: Karen Getchell, Julie Jennl ings, Tannah McGaughy, Kristy Fatherree, Patty Franke, Marion Brumley, Sharla Pyeatt, Lesslie Robertson, Cathleen Milligan, Not pictured: Mark Franklin. Junior Spirit of the Hill: FRONT ROW: Cameron Jones, Bryan Brendle, Carlos Mendoza, Alan Houk, Jim Holmes. SECONI ROW: Reese Hillard, Troy Tuomey, Mike Faul, Todd Mulholland, Phil Taggart. BACK ROW: Stephanie Reynolds, Lee Ann: Dearen, Peppi Knox, Elyn Honts, Catherine Courtney, Johanna Abelson, Celeste Cummings, Stacy Gafford, Courtney Cranz. 148 f Spirit ofthe Hill ophomore Spirit of the Hill: FRONT ROW: Missy Johnson, Linda Howell, Amy Franks, Chris Kibbie. SECOND ROW: Amy fox, Angie Goff, Carla Brumley, Lou Murrin. BACK ROW: Ben Barlow, George Gamez, Anthony Chaumont, Bret Helmer, Will tone, Shawn Mullins, Tony Contreras, Jeff Wolfe. 'reshman Spirit ofthe Hill: FRONT ROW: John Gallager, Arden Gafford. BACK ROW: Missy Flowers, Cort DeHart, Robin lorgers, Brad Helmer, Kelly Bowan, Nick Cochrane, Krissy Pedigo, Rex Baker, Robin Huston, David Richardson. Spirit of the Hill f 149 National Honor Society Sets High Standards The National Honor Society once again enjoyed a successful year. This yearis officers includ- ed Ann Creager, President, Elsie Hodges, Vice President, Sandy Sloane, Secretary, and Martha Brigance, Treasurer. NHS spon- sors were Mr. Arch Van Meter, Mrs. Marilyn Bettes, and Mrs. Joan Vinson. Halloweeds were sold again this year during Halloween and delivered by members in costume. In the spring, NHS sponsored the annual Blood Drive. The induction ceremony for new members was held much earlier than usual to allow seniors who had improved their 'Wi lt I 1 grade point average during the ini., first semester to become -,-,Q members- NHS Officers: Sandy Sloan, Martha Brigance, Elsie Hodges, and Ann Creager. l NHS: FRONT ROW: Maggie McGrew, Diana Madden, Melinda Daggett, Lori Davis, Carla Enos, Vickie O'Connor, Adrienne Cox, Jennifer Cox, Jonnell Boyd, Courtney Hill, Julie Jennings, Martha Brigance. SECOND ROW: Courtney Cranz, Hope James Stephanie Patten, Laurie Montgomery, Pam Mooney, Amanda Hill, Karen Shaffer, Renee Baker, Terry Gomez, Pam Langston Marion Brumley, Sandy Sloan, Ann Creager. THIRD ROW: Amy Witherite, Geoffrey Tadda, Steve Feldman, Lee Ann Dearen Dorinda Branch, Rusty Witcher, Carmen Garcia, Anthony Mancuso, Susan Smelko, Denise Boehm, Cathy Craft, Mike Alread Pam Hopkins, Sarah Bennett, Melissa Thatch, Chicako Shinsei, Raul Garcia, Julius Purnell, Debbie Vuillemont, Paula Roberts Not Shown: Scott Prince, Robin Meyer, Carolyn Mear, Cathleen Milligan, Elsie Hodges, Laura Baumhardt, Lisa Gilbert, Patricia Wilcox, Robbie Andrews, Dawn Harrison. 150 f National Honor Society Whiz Quiz Specializes in Quick Responses Jacket Whiz Quiz team, under own contests. Heights also par- would like to see the Whiz Quiz he leadership of Dr. Sam Peter- ticipated in these. team become a growing interest on and captain, Tracy Ward, In their first competition they at Heights. I would also like to ompeted in many contests in fell to Southwest by a score of see student leaders within the arrant County. 225 to 205. team take the ball and run with This year, Fort Worth held its Dr. Peterson remarked "I it." ' 'MZ ":"13"f Tail-55:32 ' .if In Competition: BACK ROW: Xa ty, Dr. Sam Peterson, Susi Bertram, Chris Bellomy, Mike Alread, Captain, Tracy Ward. Whiz Quiz f l5l AHHS, TWC Choirs Make Beautiful Music Together T Competing in the TWC Choral Festival, the All City e"""" - "' Choir and Solo Contest, and the All City Honor Chorus Contest l were only a few of the many ac- tivities that the Arlington V Heights Choir participated in this year. The choir also per- formed for various nursing ' homes within the city and plann- l ed a Christmas concert. Miss Donna Norton directed the 5 choirls various functions. I l I I t t l l im Arlington Heights Choir Officers: Historian, Sean Matthews, President, Edith Good- Sponggrg Miss Donna N01-ron song Treasurer, Misty Williamsg Vice-President, David Brock. Arlington Heights Chorus: FRONT ROW: Virginia Henley, Lauriva Day, Dawn Wilson, Edith Goodson, Misty Williams, Vicki Clark, Laurie Russell. SECOND ROW: Debra McDade, Greg Bell, David Brock, Charles Clark, Ben King, Robby Reel, Sean Matthews. BACK ROW: Timmy Rax, Denny O'ge, Chris Dickenson, Philip Wells, George Vlassis, Kurt Daniels. 152 f Chorus Y-n-G Members Explore Political Process Members of the Youth and Government club, sponsored by Mrs. Vivian Murphey, learned and practiced many different methods by which the democratic govern- ment functions. Students in the legislative branch authored and debated Congres- sional bills in mock Senate and House of Representatives action. Members of the judicial branch acted as lawyers or judges in criminal trials. For four days in February, all members traveled to the State Capitol in Austin for the Y and G state conference. The heights group held three Senate seats, eight Denise Boehm, Secretaryg Jim Jopling, Vice-Presidentg Susi Bertram, House Seats and Onelawyer team' .Q 1 W, A ,Q . ip" ,V f-n-G: FRONT ROW: Amy Brittingham, Chris Hawkins, Matt Carroll. SECOND ROW: Ann Bowlin, Ann Branham, Hollie Iaas, Stanely Joenes, Patricia Wilcox, Courtney Hill, John Christie, Kathy West. THIRD ROW: Lori Shuey, Scott Tims, Retha fable, Clayton Alexander, Denise Boehm, Bobby Lewellen. BACK ROW: Robert Burger, Chris Bellomy, Mike Alread, Tom Ur- uhart, Jim Jopling. Youth in Governmentf 153 Picnic, Dinner Highlight French Club Activities , The French Club was organiz- ed once again this year, but with a new sponsor, Mme Sivers. She encouraged the French Club to participate in a variety of ac- tivities this year. The members began their ac- tivity filled year with a member- ship drive skit performed for Howdy Week. Renee Baker and Denise Boehm played the "Valley Girlsn and received tips about French Club from Ben King and Sean Matthews CTwo swinging French Club membersl. The annual Fall picnic was the next activity done by the French Club. Various field events and an assortment of refreshments, con- tributed by the members themselves, made for a successful picnic. "I was very happy with the participation in the picnicf' said Renee Baker, president, "All the members present seemed very ex- cited and enthused." The French Club showed their holiday spirit by making cookies for the Senior Citizens. Along with this charity event the members enjoyed a variety 01 French Club dishes served at the Christmas Dinner. Officers for this year were Renee Baker, President, Denise Boehm, and Missy Hendrix, Vice Presidents, Elizabeth Reynolds Secretary, and Robin Borger: and Jeff Davis, Treasurers. "I think we had a very goo: yearf' commented Renee. "I wat pleased with the way everythingl turned outf' i I 1 1 ...,,..,,,,.,,,,,,,,-.,.. l French Club. TOP ROW: Brad Brown, Emily Webster, Patrick Briticker, Amy Fox, Walt Reynolds, David Dozier, Jeanie Tave, Jeff Wolfe, Ric Carney, Glenn Siler, Kathy lgo, Dorinda Branch, Lisa Triplett, Patty Frankee, Dee Dee Ellis, Kristy Fatharee, Chris Lewis, Shaw Smith, Kelly Harris, Vic Ruiz, Olaf Growald, Rudy Sotello, Jim Holmes, Jimmy Otis. SECOND ROW: Susan Flowers, Jarrc Proffitt, Carmen Garcia, Kathy Hendricksson, Karen Rowe, Stephanie Smith, Nick Cochrane, Lou Murrin, Tammy Dickinsoi Annette Mann, Missy Sandoval, Missy Dill, Cort DeHart, John McMackin, Meridith Williams, Julie Hopkins, Andrea Dennj Bart Thornton, Hank Demond, Heather Scott, Ben King, Susan Patillo, Pat Burns, Jonnell Boyd, Cynthia Brightbill, Adriene Co Robert Lake, Theresa Mazey, Portia Smith, Jennifer Mayo, Darren White, Deanna Wiseman, Will Vuillemont, Lorena Lope Richard Huffman, Chris Nuttles, Jeff Jackson, Jerod Hoffman, Paige Flushee, Blake Burkette. THIRD ROW: Denise Boehn Renee Baker, Jamie Stailey, Melinda Daggett, Ronnie Prestage, Colleen Vuillemont, Cherish Wootn, Meredith Williams, Ti Hoang, Mary Nicholson, Jamie Stailey, Lorna Paden, Jamie Beckett, Eric Trotter, Melanie Lucas, Kathleen Brown, Ginger Cami bell, Michelle Palmer, Roxanne Rogers, Lisa Gilbert, Terry Gomez, Mary Alice Jones, Melinda Ashworth, Leslie Howeth, Debb Vuillemont, Michelle Lee, Tracy Smith, Susie Bertram, Lisa Anderson, Kara Thornton, Anh Hoang, Missy Hendrix, Rob Borgers. 154 f French Club Latin Club Performs Rituals, Revives Customs Although Latin is generally considered to be a dead language, this year's Latin Club resurrected itself as a result of its patrician executive board, the third year students. Under the guidance of its sponsor Divus Barnus Augustus, the Latin Club brought many of the customs of the now-defunct Empire to a sur- prised Heights. Among these events were the gladitorial games between the plebieans C2nd year studentsl and Wildlife Apprecia- tion Day, when all Freshmen were fed to lions and crocodiles. "lim amazed at the interestf' stated President Pam Mooney after the Declension Festivals and religious sacrifices during Spring Fever Week, "enrollment has nearly doubledli' Secre- taryfTreasurer Anthony Rogers added, "You should see what we and Mr. Larry Barnes. have planned for next yearlv Club Sponsor and Advisory Board: Anthony Rogers, Pam Mooney, Cathy Latin Club: FRONT ROW: Laura Baumhardt, Lesslie Robertson, Kathleen McClintock. SECOND ROW: Will Stone, Cathleen Vlilligan, Maggie McGrew, Tracie Walner, Shawn Smith, Leslie Howeth, Joe Driskell, Vivian Vargas. THIRD ROW: Scott Hughes, Steve Feldman, Sean Matthews, Lisa Hughes, Tracy Cope, Laurie Montgomery, Kristy Tullis, Trey Hodge, Vickie O'Con- ior, Theo Holmes. BACK ROW: Jay Dill, Cameron Jones, Ann Branham, Evie Cartwright, Becky Cromwell, Retha Cable, Robert Read, Rob Delbridge. Latin Clubf 155 Novemberfest Highlights l982 School Year Novemberfest once again highlighted the 1982 school year for many German Club members. Annual Competition for the North Texas Regional Novemberfest was held November 8, at Plano, Texas. In addition to pretzel eating and rootbeer guzzling, the competi- tion included the traditional cultural and academic events. Sponsored by Miss Marilyn Ankenbaur, the AHHS club placed third in overall points. First place individual honors went to Harold Cussnick, Holly Haas, and Susan Bertram. The German Club Members carries on their annual tradition by holding a Christmas dinner featuring various entrees of Ger- man cuisine. In order to supply the funds necessary for the par- ticipation in these activities, members of the organization sold gummy bears. ' N 1 , T Z 4 V , x ' van.. wg . x , . ,mv M 1, A -, . , . , , w r l' 1 , K.. 311 I "V Sponsor: Miss Marilyn Ankenbauer 156 f German Club 5 E332 German Club Officers: Chris Hughes, Harald Cussnick, president .Qui ,:i,.s. ' i , ' 9. - t l vice-president: Susan Bertram, historian ggyl , N " Q QQ B" 'S l Qwrw- Q , M . I 4,-4.15 5' Wd 1982 German Club: FRONT ROW: Harald Cussnick, Susan Bertram, Chris Hughe: BACK ROW: Chris Palm, Kathy Rayman, Danae Raykovitz, Edith Goodson, Lydi Florez, Guy White, Carla Saladin, Holly Haas, Anushka Hieber Niebler 1982 Spanish Club Carries on Old Traditions Sponsored once again by Miss Helen Hale, the Spanish Club continued to carry on their an- nual activities. The traditional Christmas dinner was attended by many "holiday-spirited', members. Led by Pidge Jones, president, and Kate Shirley, vice-president, the Spanish Club members participated in the Language F air. Sponsor: Miss Helen Hale spanish Club FRONT ROW Anthony Mancuso Ty Walraven Elsa Vargas Kate Shirley, Pidge Jones. SECOND ROW: Jason Jill Cameron Arther Greg Padron Matt Smith Isl Carrizales Russ Clark Kelly Franklin, Margery Hodges, Caroline Cisneros, lame Gambell Becky Tierce BACK ROW Bill Betts Monty Phillips Michelle Maldanado, Gennifer Green, Keri Norman, Viichelle Alread Cone Hill Lisa Balch Cecilia Alvarez Miss Hale Christy Guimarin Sally Talton, Eryn Douglas, Angela Houk. Spanish Math Club Continues Practice in Number Sense Math Club, sponsored by Mrs. Kathryn Daniels, continued their practice of number sense this year. They met on Thursdays after school under the leadership of President Terry Gomez and Secretary Carolyn Mear. AP 'ww .r"""' .num Sponsor: Mrs. Kathryn Daniels OFFICERS: Terry Gomez, Presidentg Carolyn Mear, Secretary. Math Club: Teresita Gomez, Debbie Vuillemont, William Vuillemont, Carolyn Mear, Mrs. Kathryn Daniels, Scott Tims, Elsi Hodges, Steven Mear. 158 f Math Club Drama Club Expands Knowledge of Theatre '- Drama Club officers: Amy Brittingham, Ben King, and PattyWorrell. ,c. ,. '+ - This year's Drama Club was sponsored by Mrs. Rosemary Burton. She and her officers, Ben King, President, Amy Britingham, Vice President, and Patty Worrell, Secretary, took this year's club to many produc- tions and drama club activities. The Drama Club in coopera- tion with the choir helped spon- sor a spook house during Hallo- ween activities. FRONT ROW: Laurie Gardner, Kristen Gardner, Steven Shults, Jami Saxon, Julia Russell, Cindy Curits, Patty Worrell, Cathy Schlegel, Kelly Belmont. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Burton, Gwen Vlassis, Amy Brittingham, Tammy Thompson, Paige Buechley, Maria Muariotti, John Williams, David Cox, Edith Goodson. THIRD ROW: Kurt Daniels, David Brock, Joe Kool, Hank DeMond, Chase Waites, Eryn Douglas, Lauri Russell, Cindy O'Connor. BACK ROW: Bart Thornton, Kyle Risenhoover, Ben King, Sean Matthews, Chris Dickinson, Charles Clark, Chris Nettles. Drama Club l59 '83 Art Club Visits Museums and Galleries Plans for this yearis art club were geared toward broadening the memberas cultural horizons. The art club, sponsored by Mrs. Mary Parham, visited museums, galleries, and studios within the city. The officers included: Q:-ff President, Diane Woodardg Vice-President, Monique Walker, SecretaryfTreasurer, Debbie Wilk. wash NRM if sh Z , .gli D inn ,. Sponsor: Mrs. Mary Parham Art Club Officers: Debbie Wilk, Diane Woodard. Arlington Heights Art Club: FRONT ROW: Jody Rasmussen, Mary Matteson, Monica Williams, Tom Wiggins, Anna Rodriguez, Angie Lyons, Diane Woodard. SECOND ROW: Monique Walker, Tammy Vandever, Lisa Anderson, Tracy Thompson, Sheri Dehart, Blake Pearce, Sarah VanVleck, Velvet Brown, Beth Baker. BACK ROW: Mrs. Beverly Fletcher, Mike Carney, Linda Bridgewater, Tracy Metcalf, Kelly Barrett, Jennifer Cox, Cathy Craft, Nicole Paul, Marie Clancy, Mrs. Mary Parham. M0fAnCmb Industrial Arts Builds Another Great Year 5 Officers: FRONT: Babette Bogart, Sec'y. Lesley Brener, Alternate, Gina Davis, 'reas,. BACK: Steve Workman, Pres., Mike Bell, Reporter, Larry Walden, Sgt. at arms, Roger Carrenza, Vice Pres. 9, This year's Industrial Arts Club, led by President Steve Workman, Vice President Roger Carrenza, Secretary Babette Bogart, Treasurer Gina Davis, Reporter Michael Bell, and Sergeant at Arms Larry Waldon, competed in many arts competi- tions. This included the city wide competition held in April. The regional competition was held in April in Stephenville, Texas and the state competition was held in Waco in May. 1 W. 1 1 5 , T "i.. ,V " .nn V N 1 v gquannwf y""""' W -f ' ' 'V .8-5 , . 3 331 ' ff as t A A e "' 'K ,.,, U g, 'rl VVV Y :jj Y? V if L , 2 Q ' 9 i f V ' at f S FRONT ROW: David Greer, George Smith, Chris Dickerson, Ronny Webb, Jeff Boyd, Howard McCullough, Trent Burns. SEC- DND ROW: Phil Bledsoe, Garry McElyea, Ron Short, Steve Mooty, Genia Davis, Babette Bogert, Lesley Brewer, Denise Wentz. THIRD ROW: Andy Rhinefort, Scott White, Mark Miller, Larry Walden, Roger Carranza, James Luckett. FOURTH ROW: Shawn Petrie, Mike Miller, Mark Jennings, Tim Crawford, Alan Cole, Billy Gerhart. BACK ROW: Paul Hryekewicz, Mike Bell, Steve Grieg, Steve Workman, Bob Hamman. Industrial Arts f 161 FBLA Always Promotes Leadership at Heights Future Business Leaders of sored by Mrs. Betty Clayton and competitions in which they com America was composed of thir- Mrs. Regina Morris, the club peted for top honors in typing teen members this year. Spon- participated in City and State and shorthand. Sponsors: Mrs. Betty Clayton and Mrs. Regina Morris Officers: Top to Bottom: Jerri Jenkins, Shirley Jenkins, Susa' Flowers, Carmen Garcia, Robert Hill, Missy Thorpe. P FBLA: FRONT ROW: Susan Flowers, Shirley Jenkins, Mignon Jackson, Tammy Vandever, Missy Thorpe, Alan Hodges, Robe Hill. BACK ROW: Michelle Ashworth, Peggy Strong, Jerri Jenkins, Robert Fowler, Harold Oberg, Jerry Smith. 162 1 FBLA DECA Learns News Skills at Work and School Sponsored once again by Jackie Frazier, the Distributive Education Club of America con- tinued to be open to juniors and senior students sixteen years of age or older. These students combined school instruction with on the job training in order to prepare for greater business op- portunities in such areas as retail, wholesale, and service occupation. 19117 sz I Distributive Education Clubs of America Officers: Mrs. Jackie Frazier, Sponsorg Kate Shirley, Karen Shaffer, Greg Walker, Danny Wright. Sponsor: Mrs. Jackie Frazier FRONT ROW: Lori Lindsey, Terri Felfe, Elise Ramarez, Tammy Leggett, Lori Cook, Kate Shirley, Lynn Delaney, Mignon Jackson, Karen Schaffer. BACK ROW: Steve Workman, Greg Walker, Buddy Gardner, Kenneth Webb, Steve Bond, Tracy Austin. Tonya Snyder, Robert Fowler, Danny Wright. DECA f 163 PELE Prepares Students for Future of Teaching The Home Economics depart- ment ketp very busy this year. Sponsored by Miss Doris Gee, the Pre-Employment Laboratory Education Club continued to work very hard. Students of sophomore, junior, or senior classification spent three con- secutive periods a day in the classroom. During these periods, students worked with various pre-school or elementary school children. The program provid- ed instruction and ex erience in .... . . h th dd pl t Officers: Allison Martin, President: Dawn Duran, Vice-President: Debra uman grow an eve Opmen - Secretary-Treasurer: Tamara Hicks, Historian and Reporter. l QW' l 5 PELE: FRONT ROW: Vickie Martinez, Judy Stailey, Tonya Davis, Tamara Hicks, Debra Sayas. BACK ROW: Emily Norieg: Dawn Duran, Sarah Bennett, Allison Martin, Tina Gilbert, Anita Flores. I64 f PELE New Sponsor and Old Principles Mix in ICT The Industrial Cooperative raining Program was designed r junior and senior students. he students in this program arned at work as well as at hool. The students took their ajor classes such as English, vernment and history, then off campus to work at area This provided a great start. Sponsor: Mr. Don Thoms. CT: FRONT ROW: Mike Malone, Alan Foshee, Darren Pollard, Glen Woodson, John Herera, Luis Rios. BACK ROW: Eric ons, Randy McGuire, Robert Janiero, David Hardy, Robert Kramer, Matt Dala, Frank Wolfe. ICT! 165 OEA Members Develop Office Vocational Skills Developing vocational skills in the area of business office work, members of the Office Education Association enjoyed an active year at Heights. Students in this organization are part of a special work pro- gram that allows them to attend school half the day and then spend at least three hours a day working in an office. Officers of OEA this year were Vanessa Powell, president, Bernadette Young, vice- president, and Teresa Croft, secretary-treasurer. Their spon- sor was Mrs. Juanita Hamrick. The club attended several skills workshops and learning . OEA sponsor: Mrs. Juanita Hamrick sessions throughout the year. 5 tl 4 S 1? 1982-83 OEA - FRONT ROW: Lisa Duncan, Glenda Lowery, Kristin Talcott, Debbie Beaver, Vanessa Powell, Laura Vargas SECOND ROW: Laura Massey, Laura Holloway, Lisa Blach, Tonya Carter, Teresa Croft, Frances Parten, Lutricia Werland, Ella Atkins, Linda Vargas, Shawn Berschy, BACK ROW: Debbie Blessing, Cynthia Whittaker, Judy Jones, Kenneth Thompson, David Jones, Bernadette Young, Lori Peterson, Tami Cook, Leonard Ramos. 166fOEA Heightster Spirit Promoted by FHA and HECE 'uture Homemakers of America - FRONT ROW: Robert Wiggins, Rhonda Humphries, Kristi Earl, Cynthia Pratt, Latri Cyre, 'rene Toles, Blake Pearce, Valerie Cook, Darla Cisco, Renee Burns, Gens Walraven, Shelly Bruner, Jamie Stailey, Liza Florez, Debbie Mosqueda, Heather Paden, Pamela Bailey, Briget Jacobs, Sandra Perez, Carrie Wagner, Mary Matteson, Kevin Hudson. ECOND ROW: Donald Williams, Mrs. Maryann Testa, Mrs. Lois Gibbs, Lisa Murray, Hershel Blackshear, Cindy Williams, 'ictoria Olives, Lacynthia Glenn, Sue Jones, Tina Spencer, Maria Munoz, Jackie Salinas, Phyllis Carter, Terrie Reed, Cheryl 'ranklin, Mae Nelson, Joyce Pratt, Sonya Williams, Michelle Wynne, Tabatha Lewis, Ravel Christiansen. THIRD ROW: Lum oe, Mrs. Doris Gee, Anthony Enriquez, Lori Miller, Denise Bigan, Patrica Rodriguez, Pamela Flusche, Nina Hoffman, Janet Valsh, Antruan Dunkly, Ella Jackson, Norma Garcia, Christina Ramos, Cassandra Taylor, Senta Jackson, Laura Govea, Susan 'enable, Angela Wright, Donna Smart. FOURTH ROW: George Mclheran, Lisa Griffin, Virginia Sanders, Velvet Brown, Alice ling, Delicia Montroy, Julie Ward, Deitre Allen, Carol Turpin, Kevin Webb, Phillip Velasquez, Manuel Flores, Kevin Mitchall, oann Person, Michael Haynes, Betty Newsome, Ken Thompson, Derek Randle, David Jones, Penny Jernigan, Cheryl Curtis. lome Economics Cooperative Education - FRONT ROW: Anthony Mendoza, Angie Salcedo, Lydia Florez, Cindy Williams, fheryl Curtis, Carrie Wagner, Lisa Griffin, Velvet Brown, Kevin Webb, Mrs. Lois Gibbs. SECOND ROW: Karl Palmer, Alice ling, Sue Jones, Patricia Jones, Tammy White, Penny Jernigan, Phyllis Carter, Teresa Bragg, Delicia Montroy. FHS f HECEX 167 Garcia, Gilliam Lead City, Heights J ROTC Learning about military stan- dards and practicing as a drill and rifle team, the Arlington Heights Junior Reserve Officers Corps Training Corps Battalion were honored by having two of their members named to posi- tions of city wide authority. Raul Garcia was named All- City Colonel and also received a Presidential Nomination to the Army and Air Force academies. Danny Gilliam was appointed to be First Brigade Commander for Fort Worth schools. The JROTC were once again trained and instructed by Major Glen Glass and Master Sergeant William Baker. The Blue Guard Rifle team also attended the Sam Houston Invitational Rifles Di-iii 1982-83 JROTC - FRONT ROW: First Colonel Raul Garcia, Colonel Danny Gilli Lieutenant Colonel Debra Jackson. BACK ROW: Captain Rhonda Humphries, M: Debra Williams, Command Sergeant Gene Jett, Captain Michelle Butler, Cap' Rhonda McAdams. Meet in February. 5. - A A L A A iff. Q, ' ' ' J' B Company, Second Platoon: FRONT ROW: Captain Lee Baker, Lieutenant Paul Easter. SECOND ROW: Glenetta Dixon, Ch Brown, Joyce Langston, Rachelle Johnson, Terry Dunn, Anna White, Mark Enriquez, Barbara Bruce, Alma Shields. BACK RC Charles O,Keefe, Richard Gray, Samuel Anderson, Pat Maslanka, John Kirsch, Michael Gray, Chris Smith, Johnny Shields, S McCollum. iss f more Major Glen Glass Master Sergeant John Baker A Company Second Platoon - FRONT ROW: John Greever, Chris Bettis, Lieutenant Doug Schrader, Angela Brown, Carol Tur- pin, Rolanda Brown, Sergeant Major Beth Baker, Eddie Davis, David Good. SECOND ROW: Mark Gentry, Teresa Smith, Tim Heller, Rodney Franklin, Robert Hagen, Donna Cooper, Susie Cyre, Anita Baker. THIRD ROW: Master Sergeant Michael Pineda, Rudy Theobald, James Morgan, Darrell Fielder, Bob Alberts, First Sergeant Thomas Tracy, Captain Edward Rychlowski, Chris Spencer. JROTC 1 169 . "MT K b 5 39 A Company First Platoon - FRONT ROW: Susie Miller, Second Lieutenant Albert Melton, Jeff Baker, Elizabeth Crane. BA4 ROW: Michelle Maestre, John Wood, Michael Haynes, Robert Moorman, Janice Cash. lt , J., , . --yr. , fqsrfp, I . , i' F s A A L fi B Company First Platoon - FRONT ROW: Captain Lee Baker, Lieutenant Sue Thompson. BACK ROW: Sergeant Ella Jacks Sergeant Major Robert Hill, Lisa Williams, Olivia Russell, Cynthia Kirby, Lee Langston, Benita Goodman, Teresa Dalrymple. 170 1 JROTC Outdoor Living Club Traverses Back to Nature The Outdoor Living Club, sponsored by Miss Walliss White, Mrs. Marie Beattie, Coach Mike Wood and Coach John Leseman, enjoyed an active year in the wilderness. Some of the club's activities included an overnight camping and backpacking trip to Mineral Wells State Park, a bait casting tournament, and an overnight fishing trip. Club members also developed skills in reading maps and compasses. These events were just a few of many rewar- ding experiences enjoyed by members. 1983 officers were John Chaney, Pres., Gary Wells, Vice-Pres., and Allison Barker, Secretary. Officers: Gary Wells, Allison Barker, John Chaney, utdoor Living: FRONT ROW: Coach Mike Wood, Catherine Courtney, Elyn Honts, Jeanie Tave, Carol Pettit, Bunny Brown, lison Phillips, Allison Barker, Tim Reese. SECOND ROW: Robert Cohen, John Cheney, Kevin Pedigo, Eric Trotter, Reese illard, Gary Wells. BACK ROW: Kurt Howard, Steve Murrin, Bubba Bryant, Mitchell Nelson, Scott Thomas, Pat Burns, Jim iyder. Outdoor Livingf 171 Christie, Creager Lead Jacket Journal Staff Ann Creager and John Christie headed the staff as Co- Editors, Renee Baker was News Editor, Mike Alread served as Feature Editor and Sports was led by Jay Bell. The award-winning Jacket Journal gained a new look after Co-Editor John Christie and News Editor Renee Baker at- tended a redesign seminar. The hands-on workshop, sponsored by American Student Press In- stitute, featured world-known redesign specialist Dr. Mario Garcia. The business end of the paper was run by Jim Jopling, and Scott Tims was Advertising Manager. Lisa Thompson helped both Jim and Scott with business and ad details. Matt Carroll, David Patter- son, and Tom Urquhart provided illustrations as staff artists. Stefan Vann was in char e of 2 Exchanges and Circulation. Sponsor: Mrs. Gene Thompson l ' is , an J , 3 1 Jim Jopling, Lisa Thompson and Scott Tims review last minu C0-Editors John Christie and Ann Crgager, bLlSlIlCSS and ad dCl.21ilS to meet dC3dllIlC. 172 f Jacket Journal Renee Baker, News Editor and Mike Alread, Feature Editor toil over last minute details. 'om Urquhart, artist, prepares an editorial cartoon for the acket Journal. Stanley Joe, first year journalist, chuckles at his story. Jacket Journal X 173 Baker Edits Fiftieth Volume Yellow Jacket g Hours after beginning the new school year, the Yellow Jacket staff, led by editor Renee Baker, was hard at work on the 1983 Yellow Jacket. Under the direction of Mr. Larry Barnes, sponsor, the new and returning staffers learned the techniques of producing a yearbook. "We tried to emphasize the correct way of doing things," said Renee. "This is the fiftieth volume, and I wanted it to be the best." Many special pages were add- ed and great care was taken selecting the theme and dedica- tion because it is the fiftieth volume. The theme was expand- ed to six closing pages in the back of the book, and a written and pictoral history were included. Three basic deadlines were set up in December, January, and February. All completed pages had to be at Taylor Publishing Company by Feb. ll to have a spring delivery book. A new leadership system was tried this year on an experimen- tal basis. Instead of making the editor responsible for every little detail, section heads were named to ensure production of their assigned pages ran smoothly. Section heads for this year were Mike Alread, Sports: Cathy Craft, People, Bobby Lewellen, Student Life, and Pam Mooney, Organizations. The section heads were respon- sible for assigning pages to staff members, assisting staffers with problems, checking pages for er- rors, and re-doing any mistakes. "I think the system worked relatively well considering it was the first year for itf' said Renee. "The main objective was ac- complished, we finished the year- book on timef, 174 f Yellow Jacket 1,Q,,,,,.7J Renee Baker, Editor Larry Barnes, Sponsor p I sf Sis. Organizations: FRONT ROW: Marion Brumley, Robin Meyer. SECOND ROW Susan Smelko, Courtney Cranz. BACK ROW: John Christie, Trey Quinn. Sports People Student Life Organizations Mike Cathy Bobby Pamela Alread Craft Lewellene Mooney Q , Yellow Jacket photographer Stanley Joe. tudent Life: Lisa Thompson, Stephanie Reynolds, Jeannie ave, Bryan Brendle, Denise Boehm, Laurie Montgomery, cott Prince. Section Head: Bobby Lewellen. 1 1 V691 Photographers: Virginia Sanders, Vivian Vargas. Sports: FRONT ROW: Martha Brigance, Maggie McGrew, Will Waites. BACK ROW: Jay Dill, Mark Mauser. Section head: Mike Alread. Yellow Jacket f 175 JENNIFER MAYO: I think the student body s enthusiasm makes life at Heights special. ROBIN MEYER: Heights enables a person to be himself and still find friends because there are so many different types of people." CHARLES MOONEY: "There are so many things to do that it's like a new adventure every day. That's what makes life at Heights special." RALPH MORALEZ: "Life is special here because of the years of tradition." 176 f Student Life E V' fff I f 1 if ggfff fi 2 'asia gf yi 1 E VA gf? fifgg V ! .,j i ' ,Q W Lfww ' f f 12' 5 ff Af ful Howdy Week Opens Door to a New Year on Hill Howdy Week proved to be a great success once again for students on the Hill. All week long activities were planned for Heights student body. The week kicked off with rollerskating at the Silver Wheel and the Young Life. Powder- Puff football, Safari-Day, and the announcement of Howdy King and Queen at the schoolls pep-rally led the events through Friday afternoon. The big game and dance, which was held on the campus patio, ended the week's festivities. This week was a time in which the freshmen were exposed and introduced to the kinds of ac- tivities that are provided in the Heights school year and in the future years. "Ah, Paris is so beautiful this time of the year," sigh messieurs King and Matthews I gp, ,asv Coach Hal "Landry" Brown struts the sidelines proudly. Steve "hobo" Murrin asks Jay "ballerina" Bell for a date. 178 f Howdy Week - I Vi v Freshman Howdy King IS Daniel Lozano and the Howdy Queen is Kathy Jay. his year the juniors elected Howdy King, Francois Bu and owdy Queen Courtney Cranz to show their "Howdy" spirit. g g -, A, ' -, f ' .,'h fi ni 'ZW ' ?1?.,:, , -aff" 4 -tr ' 'P r' iiiillxi The senior Howdy King is Clement De La Cruz and the Howdy Queen is Linda Bridgewater. Representing the sophomores are Howdy King Peter Spotswood and Howdy Queen Rose Alvacez. Howdy Week f 179 Sf will 'Ry "I wonder how that happened?" asks Chris Lewis of Buddy Willy. 'D i ' W5 "5lilw's .eva-if' Kyle Rosenhoover hopes his hat will not blow away. .ff ., if Q "' ff :taut -t Ms. Jones assists the beautiful Miss Geoffry Toothe with her elaborate makeover before the annual Powder Puff football game. 180 f Howdy Week Rein Junior girls inform their coaches they know what their doing. l I "Mom if you could see me now!" thinks Chris Lewis. - Will Waites wistfully wears the wet-leather look at the program. "Go-ch-ch . . .," chants spirited Clement De La Cruz. Howdy Weekf l81 Yellow Jacket Spirit Shines on the Hill Pep rallies, spirit posters, and great half-time performances helped drive the Jacket teams through an exciting season. The sign-filled auditorium pro- vided a great place for all classes to fire up the football team and vie for the spirit cup. The senior class, with the Purple dot as their symbol, won the Spirit Cup for the entire year. The cheerleaders provided us with their award-winning perfor- mances, and the Jacket Jazz danced its way into the hearts of Heightsters again. The Spirit of the Hill provided that extra push to make 1982-83 another en- thusiastic year on The Hill. Tammy Dickinson gasps in awe as the guy cheerleaders perofrm Y The Sophomore cheerleaders build a pyramid for the spirit yell. Jacket Jazz sways during the Alma Mater 182 f Spirit is f if e s 5 Q Patty Franke ponders her last year at Heights. Linda Bridgewater celebrates at the Homecoming rally. ,ff vi if " f 'H .Af Jonanna Wright, Tonya Capps, and Greg Tomlinson display counting skills and defy gravity at the same time. Spirit f 183 Heightsters, Spirit Shines at ,82 Homecoming Homecoming '82 began early on Friday morning with the con- tinuation of what has become a tradition on the Hill: decorating the patio. Each class was assigned a season to correlate with the theme of the '82 Homecoming theme "Four Seasons on the Hillf' The senior class was assigned the summer seasong the decora- tions consisted of a replica of a beach with a WHHS cougar be- ing roasted. The junior class represented winter by making posters which depicted skiers on a snow-covered mountain. The sophomores had fall represented by a cougar in a cage. The winn- ing freshmen constructed a float depicting spring by growing a garden of Cougars with the sing "plant the courgasf' During the pep rally that followed, the senior girls per- formed a dance and the Student Council sponsored a slide show. Also the Homecoming Queen and Homecoming Court were announced. The ,82 Homecoming Queen was Marion Brumley. She was elected by the student body from a Homecoming Court of eleven girls. The members of the '82 Homecoming Court were Renee Baker, DeDe Ellis, Kristy Fatheree, Gayle Herr, Sydney Maag, Cathleen Milligen, Blake Pearce, Leslie Robertson, Bridget Schafrick, and Diane Woodard. After the Jackets dropped a heart-breaking game to the Wester Hills Cougars 38-14, the Homecoming celebration pro- ceeded to the Shady Oaks Coun- try Club and danced to the sound of "Striker.', wwf yi' XX fail! ' 1 2 T A The 1982 Homecoming Queen, Marion Brumley. Mark Mauser is shocked as he is elected YJ Homecoming King. 184 Homecoming 1 K 1. 15 if A v 5 ,X A 1gw '.-s A ,M 'N ,fm ! E , 'uf fwfr ' V .,....--ff? 1 W wa 71 W, wx?-' I Q ii 1 . 5, Q Q 5 A A - . 2 .Q Af". , f ,f 'QV 2 V .1 2. x , ' Vw' , ,,...,-'iff W 5' 5 f"'?4 f V , 2 .,:,,,a, k Q if ,REQ L 2 H621 3 1 gg: f , 4. 1 5ngx'h:1f,w1 731 " 1 " K W' ff A smiling surfer and campfire-cooked Cougar exemplify the Seniors summer spirit. -F v ,I L Mr. David Herr escorts his daughter, Gayle, onto the field . . . . . . as Krisby Fatheree and Mr. Jess Fatheree follow suit I86 f Homecoming Dee Dee Ellis and her escort, Mr. Gerald Huck, parade on the field at halftime as the Heights' band performs. Aff' A captive leopard doubles as a caged cougar in the Sophomores' autumnal "happy hunting" float. H Homecoming f 187 Visitors Get View of the Hill at Open House Hosting this year's Open House once again, the P.T.C. welcomed students and parents to Arlington Heights Monday, October 18. The stage band was on hand to perform for visitors, and parents had the chance to see chemistry students at work in the lab. Teachers were also available to discuss classwork and school ac- tivities as well. Tracy Ward demonstrates the pro- Cedure of distillation in Chemistry. Concerned parents listen to Mr Johnny Anderson s method of map coloring Y 'ls-N. X Mrs. Dixie Lee Cunningham welcomes a visiting parent. Mr Wiburn Wesley explains his grading technique 188 f Open House 44-2 9 . Caring mothers sell baked goods at Open house. PTC members inform R lost parents. wpw 4, Mrs. Vivian Murphey smiles proudly as she informs her students' parents about American History. Open Housef 189 College Night Features Fifty-nine States Fifty-four State Colleges and Universities and five out-of-state schools were represented at Col- lege Night on December 6, 1982. The event was sponsored by Arl- ington Heights counselors, Bill Foster, Evelyn Collins, Sara Brian. The Parent Teacher Club provided refreshments in the school cafeteria. The night was to give juniors and seniors an opportunity to ex- plore many facts of college life such as financial aid, housing, tuition, and entrance requirements. An all city college night was held December 7, 1982 at R.L. Paschal High School for all in- terested students in the Fort Worth Independent School District. .,...--n--magnum Rufus Harris makes notes on colleges of his choice. 190 X College Night ti? 1 T"'M-.,.. W. Joan Rolling questions a college representative about entrance requirements. David Dozier and Eric Ewing review paraphernalia collectec during College Night from various college representatives. ,.,,...--1 Undecided Heights senior, Robert Delbridge, ponders college life at Oklahoma University. fix I J,,,....L-":.,. 4: ""' L... Alan Houk is mesmerized by a college representative. John Van Aken shows his interest in The Air Force Academy. College Nightf 191 192 f Play Thespians Present Matchmaker as '82 Production For two days Heighsters caught a glimpse of turn of the century Americana as the perfor- ming arts classes presented Thornton Wilder's "The Matchmaker." This year's production showcased Kristen Gardner in the lead role as Dolly Levi, who makes up her mind to marry a welathy merchant, Mr. Horace Vandegelder, played by Ben King. The play is built around Dolly's accomplishment of this by matching Vandergelder's in- tended, Irene Molloy, with his chief clerk, Cornelius Hackl played by Laurie Russell and Sean Matthews. Doll's other main concern is reuniting Vandergelderis niece, Ermen- garde, with her true love Am- brose Kemper, played by Patty Worrell, and Kurt Daniels and Robbie Reel respectively. Perfor- mances were held December 2 and 3 under the drama and art direction of Mrs. Rosemary Bur- ton and Mrs. Beverly Fletcher. Kyle Risenhoover searches desperately for his lines after a memory lapse. Kurt Daniels whispers "sweet nothings" in Laurie Gardner's ear. b'NNNy. is QM Ben King gets spruced up as Bart Thornton gives him a shave. ndy Curtis and David Cox announce their engagement as iarles Clark prepares to bake the wedding cake. wg Kristen Gardner finds happiness in Sean Matthew's arms. RONT ROW: Kyle Risenhoover, David Cox, Chris Dickinson. SECOND ROW: Cindy Curtis, Sean Matthews. THIRD ROW: iurie Rusell, Charles Clark, Robbie Reel, Kristen Gardner, Amy Brittingham, Laurie Gardner, Patty Worrell, Kurt Daniels. XCK ROW: Zorina Spero, Paige Buechly, Benking, Bart Thornton. Play! 193 194 f Play u S S "Did you see the pink elephant too, Kyle?" asks Robbie Reel. Patty Worrell dances a very romantic waltz with Kur Daniels, her ever persistent suitor, Patty Worrell shows the audience her discontented pout. Laurie Gardner sings merrily of middle age crisis. Kristen Gardner coaches Patty Worrell on the techniques of being a lady. Ben King makes a point concerning the alteration of his hair color. Sean Matthews preapres for an adventuresome evening in New York City. Bart Thornton voices his view on low wages. Playf 195 Dance Kicks Off Yule Tide Cheer on the Hill Christmas was a time in which l many school organizations helped to spread Yuletide cheer. i The Student Council sold elf grams. They dressed up as Elves and invaded classrooms to deliver elf grams, elf grams with candy, or elf grams with candy and a T friendly kiss. M In 1982, Heights began a new tradition by having a Christmas Dance in the old gym, sponsored by the Student Council. Q The Band held a special concert 4 in the auditorium for the Band I Booster Club and played many old Christmas favorites. Among A them were "Have Yourself A Merry ittle Christmas," "Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Firef, and "American I Christmas Feativalf' 5 Krissy Pedigo turns away as she and Houston Morford dance the night away. Jeanie Tave shows off Geoffrey Toothe, her date to the Christmas Dance, to an approving Mike Alread. 196 f Christmas 1 1 Mom!" exclaim Emily Albright and Michelle Greenlee "Jamming" Julie Jennings and "crazy" Ann Creager enjoy taking a break at the Christmas Dance. themselves at the dance. gif' of Karen Fox holds Jason Rynd at the Christmas Dance. Christmas f 197 Elves Spread Christmas Cheer on the Hill . K A l Laura Massey, Denise Boehm, Gayle Herr, Kristy Boyd, and 1 ' Kristy Fatheree deliver Elf Grams on the Hill. Kristy Boyd reads the Jacket Journal on Elf Day. ,ff ,I 2 , E 2 -zfgg? t, Pfg! Q as Q .K ,v . Q , K A KH, nf' , 5 A Q -zyfwtfgrvf C C F25 A 4, :" 5gl??9,si2 Shawn Smith asks whether or not he should shave his Denise Boehm and Kristy Fatheree muse over a thoughtful moustache and eyebrows. Christmas wish among the many Elf grams. 198 f Elf Day df? f 'XS Santa's helpers are caught relaxing at the end of another hectic Elf Day. Yolanda Green starts her Christmas Holidays with a friendly Kristy Fatheree creates an echo-effect by screaming her elf- elf gram, gram into an empty Dr. Pepper can. Elf Day 1 199 Seniors ,83 Bring Hawaiian Luau to the Hill The Pengwins attracted a near record-breaking crowd at this year's Luau sponsored by the senior class. Heightsters came arrayed in a various assortment of Hawaiian garb. These costumed students received free leis at the front door. Dancers ex- hausted from their hula efforts were afforded rest under the shade of lush palm trees provided by a local business. Senior Steer- ing committee members see this year,s luau as the continuation of a great precedent set by last year's senior class. Mr. Greer and Mrs. Szot dance to the memory of luaus gone by. "Luau, luau, oh we gotta go now," croons Pengwin singer. K I , Xxx - s r x X . .ff ,af e? .W Q ,J 7 5 And what's your name little boy?" Dr. Peterson asks of "It's past my bedtime," says a sleepy Rob Cowan as Lou Murrin confused Brett Keeton. tries to support him. as 5? X' , af' , Aff' 'fu 1 ,ff y s 5' s R N' gb ' t X t J , f-'iff 3 '33 X R , A ., 5' . fi +3 of y ' e' t 3. ' yrs 'T ft" is MF' KN 5 K, r gg X -if M.. it ' q ' 1 + ,ti es, . , , .L ' ft 9 N X . of """1" rf': f 'F - t. Tl 3 ' it f 49 Y WE S' 1' we ng W.. hp if' lg yn x ff Q f X, is rf' "It sure is bright in here," screams Kevin Pedigo, wearing his expensive Vuarnet sunglasses. gi 4 F ny' 5 if fd Qi-f i Q 7 ,J :IL L. 201 f Luau Cupid Strikes Heights With Bow and Arrows The Student Council helped brighten a bleak winter again this year by delivering cupid- grams on February eleventh. Many cupids, alias Student Council members, dressed up in outfits of Red and White to deliver white carnations with messages of love and friendship attached. These greetings were swiftly carried by the cupids from headquarters in the main hall to the classrooms of un- suspecting recipients. After checking to see that the job was well done, Cupid left Heights with happy memories of the day. Ron Short is taken by surprise as Gayle Herr delivers a message of love ........- W MQ Cupids Dormda Branch and Lisa Triplett stop to smell th Linda Bridgewater smiles as she receives a valentine greeting. flowers before they deliver their next Cupidgram. 202 X Cupid Day ' y"'z" jf. Are my wings on straight?" questions a worried Jill Witcher. Shawn Smith is caught dreaming of a tropical vacation. s 5 "ti Hifilf "Red carnations mean what?" questions a confused Buddy Willy of a contented Vic Ruiz on Cupid Day. Cupid Day f 203 2041 Sports ...JJ 'll'-1 .gsm ,132- "-. . . K f ' . 2' 7 A --,334 ig- w 1 w ' ' I w auf an ' U 1 - "+.x:' 1 -. t r. Q . ,gi-f N . Y , W F wqgigfkk I x N R r N ' I . ,H.., -qi: .if-. , 6..- Y A .., , -Mf ,,f,.4g,J?.E:s!., f1:+gQ,4., .,, ..- Spcm 1 LU aw Varsity Football Team Has an Adequate Season The Yellowjackets started their season off well with a tie, a win, and a loss. The first pre- season game was with Mineral Wells, in which the Jackets came back from a 28-7 deficit in the fourth quarter to tie the game. Against South Grand Prairie the Yellow Jackets offense perked up to score 29 points and beat Grand Prairie 29-22. The third game the Yellow Jackets had two early turnovers that allowed Dallas Kimble to win 21-7. District began for the Jackets against Eastern Hills in which they were handed their first district loss 34-15. The Tech game was an exciting one. Tim Mauser, a sophomore, passed to Gary Welles for a TD which came up one point short, Heights losing 21-20. The Southwest game was tough. Edning a hard- fought 20-20 tie. Homecoming was a let down with a loss to Western Hills 38-14. Next week the team had a good game against Wyatt winning 23-14. In the sixth game, the team lost a tough defensive battle to Dunbar 8-0. The last game was the best: down 14-13 late in the game, Tim Mauser marched the Jackets down the field and threw to Gary Wells for the winning touchdown. Then the defense held on to win 19-14. Though the Jackets suffered a slightly disappointing season, the Varsity squad had a number of players make the All District List. Offensively they wereg First team: Gary Wells, Second Team - Buddy Willy, Tim Mauser: Honorable Mentions: Tim- Mauser, Junior Smith, David Atkins. Defensively: First Team - Brad Baker, Second Team - Mark Mauser, Houston Mor- ford, Doug Frankeg Honorable Mentions: David Atkins, Sophomore of the Year Award - Tim Mauser. 206 f Varsity Football The Yellow Jacket squad forecasts their win against the Chapparals of O. D. Wyatt Varsity coaches contemplate a third down and long with some offensive players. AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS Baker shows his emotion over an amount of touchdowns. VARSITY FOOTBALL RECORD 28 h4ineralVVeHs 29 South Grand Prairie 7 Dallas Kimble l5 Eastern Hills Trimble Technical Southwest Western Hills O. D. Wyatt Dunbar Paschal S : "- Jag., L , 28 22 21 34 20 21 20 20 14 38 23 14 0 8 19 14 1 1. ,L .1-'sq' Hx! -E' 1 'am 'Illia-ngggg, THE 1982 VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW: Chris Lewis, Scott Youngblood, Houston Morford, Alan Shipman, Jesse Espinosa, David Atkins, Raymond Gonzales, Rufus Harris. SECOND ROW: Shawn Smith, Darryl Jenkins, Tim Mauser, Nick Jay, Kurt Van Hofwagon, Kyle Risenhoover, Hal Brown, Doug Franke, Manager, Donny Ward. THIRD ROW: Trainer, Steve Moody, Shawn Mullins, Bubba Bryant, Geoff Tadda, Jay Bell, Gary Wells, Paul Hryekewicz, Travis Parmer, Ray Barnes. BACK ROW: Robert Reed, Scott Thomas, Troy Briscoe, Mark Mauser, Jim Snyder, Pat Burns, Brad Baker, Buddy Willy, Manager, Tony Fish. Varsity Football f 207' Vn"""'r-iv... A, WM b I Q 53 I- Aw H 31 V . A' ' R .A ?,W.,:s5,iP.-1543, . T v K y A 2 if' 1 ff'f4EnMfWv ."' 2 N15-r?if:?- 'lg ' V L12 2 -Q35 ,"' ,fl ,.,7, 5 . f H ' Wg? W it .,... 1 ' , in it vi, LM z11f,i fa an i 1.14, - i ' 'f1QTg H' 4: .,1 K, :L ., .-AW, . , ' W V K W7 'Tw' 9 'i ' in K m "-' 1 1 gxfjv mf ,K MY, I K W: .Matin 4' twig ' -f-kL ' x -A' a ,A ' lght end, Mark Mauser takes a pass ac ev-Q N ,win lsuuqnuuu Yam, ww 5 X, sr'- n-...- Buddy Willy takes a break from the action. Scott Thomas and Houston Morford look on as the offense scores. Junior, David Atkins, and senior, Brad Baker stop the ball carrier behind the line on a fourth down and short situation. Varsity Football f 209 Is the J .V. Bringing victory after victory to the Hill, the Junior Varsity Football team ended this year with a 5-3-1 record. Producing Predicting Next Year's Season? J V FOOTBALL RECORD an exceptional season, the second AHHS Mlnefal Wells year Jackets were hopefully giv- AHHS S. Grand Prairie ing Heights a preview of next yearis Varsity team. AHHS Eastern Hills With Chris Chevreax leading AHHS Trimble Tech the defense as a middle linebacker, few points were gain- AHHS Western Hills ed against the J.V. team. Fullback Steven Gauntt was an AHHS Dunbar outstanding runner and led the AHHS Q. D. Wyatt offense with numerous consistant scoring drives. The Junior Varsi- AHHS Southwest ty team ended their season AHHS Paschal triumphantly with a final 7-0 win over the Paschal Panthers. 1 THE 1982 JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW: George Gamez, Tony Ruiz, Todd Mullholland, Cli Zachary, Steve Gauntt, Walt Reynolds, Chris Heizer, Elston Howard. SECOND ROW: Russell Steadman, Bret Helmer, Jol Boyd, Chris Chevreax, Tony Johnson, Jeff Wolfe, Lee Roy Alexander. THIRD ROW: Randy Burns, Jim Ward, Steve Salle Walter Hampton, Matt Driscoll, Tim Rax, Bryan Larkins, Eddie Henson. BACK ROW: Oliver Fannin, Bob Keetch, Charl Mann, Scott Hughes, Guy White, David Dozier, Ben Barlow, Edward Henderson. 210 f Junior Varsity Football Lack of Experience Plagues Freshman Squad FROSH FOOTBALL RECORD AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS 18 S. Grand Prairie 14 EasternHills 6 Trimble Tech 18 Southwest 6 Western Hills 14 CD.ID.VVyatt 8 1Dunbar 14 Paschal Determination and hard work were the two key aspects in the young Jacket squad's first season. Because the Freshman team had only one pre-season game, they entered district play hoping to improve with every game. Opening district with E. Hills the team was given its first loss. The new team followed their opening game defeat with a series of losses to Trimble Tech, Southwest, and W. Hills, before beating O. D. Wyatt 14-0. Although their next game was not as successful, Nigh Clary, running back, gained enough yards to bring them to a draw with the Panthers, 14-14. RONT ROW: Ronny Prestage, George Payor, Michael Buseou, Michael Saylor, Rex Baker, Daryl Harris, Brad Helmer, Shawn teadman, Brodery Parks, SECOND ROW: Stephan Reese, Nigh Clary, Curtis Brown, Jon Harper, James Baumhardt, Donald filliams, Cort DeHart, John Gallagher, THIRD ROW: Frank Goldthwaite, Philip Dixon, Daniel Torres, Lance Holmen, Hunter lcLean, Marlon Mote, Jason Rynd, David Richardson. BACK ROW: Tim Gould, Aubrey Kelly, Joe Cooper, Vincent Smith, John xpplegate, George McGown, Marco Puente, Chris Bond. Freshmen Football f 211 Varsity Basketball Has Rebuilding Season The 1983 Yellowjacket Varsi- ty Basketball team had rough go- ing in district competition this year as they did not have a player over six feet one inch tall. Coach Nabors was not disappointed, though. He said, "I feel as if this has been more of a learning year for us. We have such a young team and we are beginning to play good ball. I can see a successful future with so many, talented young athletesf, The team grew closer and started performing better as they defeated Western Hills and Tremble Tech. Coach Nabors felt that although it was not a winning year, the team, which was made mostly of inexperienced juniors, should do a whole lot better in next years district play. Return- ing seniors provided leadership for the younger players and Coach Nabors was proud of the team's season. 4 J. Steve Booker shoots for two points. Dwight Carter scores two for Heights The 1982-1983 Varsity Basketball Team: Manager, Jesse Davis, Mike Ross, Kevin Mitchell, Robert Read, Steve Booker, Gln Elder, Bobby Thomas, Keith Bonner, Dwight Carter, Steve Feldman, Bryan Larkins, Coach Waters, Coach Nabors, Coach Sides. 212 f Varsity Basketball ' VL , 1 LLLL. I K, .,rk. 1 Steve Booker runs a fast break against the Highlanders. Steve Feldman shoots one off the backboard for a basket. -ami? X - Bobby Thomas out jumps his opponent to win the tipoff. Keith Bonner grabs a rebound during the Eastern Hills Game. Varsity Basketball f 213 214fJ.V. JV Basketball Team Has Challenging Season Junior Varsity Cagers worked hard this year to build the basic skills necessary for varsity basketball. Coach Waters led the team through a challenging season, and prepared them for next year's varsity squad. The players performed well and hope to do better next year. John Coontz, tips the ball to a team Steve Durham sinks a freethrow mate during the baSkCtb21ll team. Tony Hudson lays one off the glass A 1982-83 J.V. Basketball Team: FRONT ROW: Tony Hudson, Mark Carpenter, Sam Caldwell Steve Durham Lawrence Hudson BACK ROW: Troy Briscoe, John Coontz, Mike Cook, Todd Rapp, Kevin Purnell. Basketball Freshman Basketball Team Sharpens Skills Donald Ray Williams prepares to pass the ball to a teammate in the Paschal game. 1-Ar.. The Frosh Team brought a promising trend to the Hill. Coach Sides was pleased with the height and talent of the young cagers. The enthusiasm of the freshmen for basketball led to awesome competition for the fourteen positions on the team. The team got ex- cellent support from the students, especially at the home games. - , K ' , Faron Davenport goes to the hoop. l982-83 Freshman Basketball Team: FRONT ROW: Gerald Ross, Lonnie Jacobs, Terry Walker. BACK ROW: Donald Ray Williams, Faron Davenport, Reggie Johnson, Robert Grooms, Joseph Cooper, Jeff Millegan, Cedric Doty, Devin Jones, Tim Brown. 215 f Freshman Basketball Girls Basketball Team Ties for Third Place Coached by Sylvia Mc- Clure, the 1982-83 Girls Basketball Team completed a successful season with a district record of 7 wins and 7 losses, tying for iird place. They began . :ir season with an exceptional pre-season record consisting of 1 1 wins and only 2 losses. The girls team took fourth place at the Polly Girls Thanksgiving Tourna- ment and walked away with first place at both the Eastern Hills and the Carter I Riverside Tournaments. "I think our team has greatly improved from last yearf, said Coach McClure, "Our total athletic program is on an upswing and because we have so many more people involved, we have had a successful yearf, Debra Jackson attempts to play soccer on the basketball court. if eq! ix . 5 nbdkr , 5 37 ati it it Wi xwf 'Y 33 L. 1982-83 Girls Basketball Team: FRONT ROW: Olivia Russell, Denise Kirkely, Aarron Farris, Kim Dirks. SECOND ROW: Renee Burns, Debra Jackson, Corrie Hill, Ella Colston. THIRD ROW: Ella Jackson, Joyce Bratt. BACK ROW: Coach Sylvia McClure. 216 f Girls Basketball 982 Varsity Volleyball Team: No. 16 - Linda McCoy, No. 10 Junkley, No. 14 - Corris Hill, No. 8 - Aaron Farris, No. 13 - Lond - Kate Curtis, No. 9 - Courtney Hill, No, 15 H Renee Burns. Volleyball Team Spikes Its Way to Victory ,Q iwif . Q - Michelle a Brown, No. The Yellow Jacket volleyball team astonished even itself as the team led an incredible season to post-district play. This year's captain, Corrie Hill and co- captain, Kate Curtis, directed the girls through a rewarding 1 1-3 season. In post-district play, the team swept bi-district with scores of 15-10, 16-14, 15-7. Practice after pracitce, the girls prepared for this yearls regional competition. The opposition was ranked number one in the state. Team captain, Corrie Hill, became in- jured and was not able to par- ticipate in the final game of the Jacket team. Co-captains Lynette Duran and Robin Hudgeons lead the Junior Varsity team to a 3-11 record in which they displayed a marked improvement. 1982 J.V. Team: Front Row: Theressa Perry. Second Row: Kandis Stovall, Liz Reyna. Third Row: Babette Bogart, Marlana Arnold, Christy Guimarin. Fourth Row: Lynette Duran, Susan Miller, Anuscha Hiebler-Niebler, Robin Hudgeons. Back Row: Michele Lane. Volleyball f 217 2l8fGolf Dirks, Franks Featured Players of Golf Team The 1982 Varsity Golf Team, under the direction of coach Rob Dixon completed another suc- cessful season. Following a series of tournaments in which Heights dominated, both the Girls' and Boys' teams had a promising spr- ing season. The Boys' Golf Team played in four tournmanets, winning three of them. The top boys players were: Todd Franks, Mark Franklin, John Whitaker, Matt Posey, Richard Butler, and John Anthony. Taking two seconds and a third, the girls team had a good year in 1982-83. The top players were: Kim Dirks, Holly Hass, Amy Franks, Peppi Knox, LeAnne Dearen, Antryn Dunkley, and Wendy Wood. Both Boys and Girls Teams practiced three days a week in preparation for upcoming mat- ches. They played mainly at Pecan Valley Golf Course near Lake Benbrook. wwg! Joe Driskell, Todd Franks, and Jeff Davis congratulate each other at the end of one their many under par rounds. r ., ,f -, ,rf , V . N- N., , '+ .,' M I ,O ', 4 E ,Y .t N . . . - 1 . I K - K N ' M. ., ,- 5, Rf? -W' ',. , , 14- '49 1 'V ' ,. . ,r . , , ' Boys' Golf Team: FRONT ROW: Pat Biediger, Steve Graf, Carl Wentworth, Nathan Vanhofwegan, Dwight Green, Matt Posey Todd Franks, Kurt Howard, Wes Walker. SECOND ROW: Mark Goldstein, Bo Weaver, Mark Sims, Sam Burkett, Johr McMakin, Clifford Thompson, Kelly Foy, Craig Dean, Will Stripling, John Anthony. BACK ROW: Coach Dixon, Deljuar Johnson, Richard Armenderez, Steve Palmer, Tim Reese, Richard Butler, Alan Hodges, Joe Driskill, Robert Cowan, Marl- Franklin, Jeff Davis, Kevin Pedigo, John Whitaker, Alex Williamson. 'K 0-...J 'B Knit.. f Qg1"'y'- se Anne Dearen and Becky Dry look in awe as they see the ball iven out of sight by the powerful Amy Franks. Golf Team: FRONT ROW: LeeAnne Dearen, Angela Wooten, Amy Franks, Peppi Knox, Kelli Franklin, Becky Dry, Marge Celeste Cummings, Charmaine Dunkley, Holly Haas, Antruan Dunkley, Wendy Wood. Kim Dirks strokes the ball far down the fairway. Golff219 Tracksters Prepare for Year With Indoor Meet The track team was led by Coach Joe Galigar and Coach Jimmy Jenkins. Workouts were held for an average of two hours daily and included weight lifting, aerobic running, jogging, and technical stretching. The team participated in various events including the yellow jacket relays. Outstanding team members were Jamie McLain, Robert Moorman, Everette Mooney, and David Atkins for the boys. The top female competitors included Tonya Tonjakeafatiller and Sheronda Banks. BW' ' -:iw vgw, ' van., ln intense concentration, John Applegate throws the shotput. 220 Track Andrea Pendery, Kelly Morrison, and Lisa Triplett stretch for the next meet. u',. K . -Agn The victorious Steve Sally races to the finish line. ROW: Mildred Slater, Glennetta Dixon, Tonja Teafatiller, Tammy Quigley, Cissy Marquez, Cherry Harris. SECOND Shuwana Grant, Terrie Reed, Nikki Kressler, Theresa Perry, Holly McClain. BACK ROW: Londa Brown, Carolyn Allen, Clark, Rosemary Alvarez, Shirley Jimmesson, Aaron Farris, Missi Toth, Dietre Allen. ROW: David Richardson, Allen Brants, Houston Morford, Nigh Clary, Rex Baker, Rhett Hickey, Robert Hill, Dan Warren Snider, David Atkins. SECOND ROW: Charles Mann, Kurt VanHofwegcn, Bret Helmer, Armando Gonzales, Scott Youngblood, John Boyd, Thomas Tracy, Raul Garcia, Harold Cussnick, Keith Pearson, Jamie McLain, Lapa Clark. THIRD ROW: Marlon Mote, Lance Holmes, Walter Hampton, Robert Moorman, John Profitt, Julius Purnell, Ray Avant, Chris Chevreax. BACK ROW: Jerry Smith, John Applegate, Tim Rax, Everette Mooney, Mark Moreland, Scott Hughes, Ben Barlow, Robert Dozier, Paul Hryekowicz. l i N Track f 221 Boys' Soccer Team Unites in Pursuit of Title Coach Jack Warren took over the boys' soccer team this year. Under his leadership, the team worked hard to improve sports- 'qu'-J . , ,qi manship and unity. These skills ll, up Dy Q ffl? were applied in games with such K '57 p A 'N' ff rivals as Southwest and Western to Hills. "Our soccer team is probably the best we've ever had," com- v ,F if, -r,. ,tn mented Bobby Lewellen. . W t w tt" ' ' A K-T' ' Y V, . . , ' 1 , i,p Q 6 ' , K 'il ,ii's , . W. Terry "Pele" ' ,'. uf ,Av McAdams imitates a seal. u 'X , . X55 2 Q i, " 1.4 ,f lst 5 ' mi .ff mE2f'.5,. ff , ' " . . V ' , 5 .- ' -4 Y.: f .4 ,, s f-A W . - . ' f :--f. V W - ' ' ' - , . 'e ' , . . . M ,. X.. . , . -. Boys' Junior Varsity, FRONT ROW: Scott Protzman, Mickey Simmonds, Daniel Lozano, Trent Hodgkins, Moua Vang. BACK ROW: Tony Ruiz, Richard Martinez, Chris Willis, Isi Carrizales, Taylor Wilson, Sammy Arcipreste, Shawn Petrie, Bo Lasater, Kurt Daniels, Greg Padron. Not pictured: Tim Heller, Kenny Lukacs. v - , S . . ' 6 ,un . V ? uw V . ,. 'HQ 'QVC .aff Boys' Varsity, FRONT ROW: Qui Le, Kit Trotter, Scott Prince, Reese Hilliard, Mickey Simmonds, Shawn Smith, Scott Thomas, Raymond Gonzales, David Gonzales. BACK ROW: Duc Le Armando Chayolla, Glenn Bearden, Bobby Lewellen, Terry McAdams, Robert Lake, Robert Petrie, Martin Valdez, Geoffery Toothe, Larry Walden, Lesley Brewer. 222 f Soccer Girls, Soccer Team Makes Winning Main Goal Practice for the girls' soccer am began long before the ac- al season started. The team as coached by Debbie Tinius is year. In an attempt for the istrict title, the team took part many district games and other earby scrimmages, which began late January. This was their year of U.I.L. competition. Lou Murrin soars to a Height's win. F 'ii' ' sa v, W 9 Q, , iiqli' 'iv M, tgfifr. 5 , , e . N3 fsg.w.r4...'5 'ie 'las ffm- ' , Q S ' ., , Aw, , . I Q X 1153 'ffta .-3 'VN 4' .tefg t R .fra 'f I, '4'4b.f 3 In an exhibition of great skill, Tracy Bruner steals the ball from an opponent. FRONT ROW: Leslie Howeth, Maria Cuellar, Hillary Burkett, Joan Rolling, Kelly Bowen, Lisa Nowlin, Mary Alice Jones, Jan Foster, Tonya Jones. BACK ROW: Suzanne McGown, Cathy Jay, Tracy Bruner, Cynthia Brightbill, Allison Barker, Bunny Brown, Tracy Cope, Tracy Banks, Kyra Casey, Sarah Bennett. Girls Soccer f 223 Swim Team Finishes Year With Good Stroke The swim and diving team A i began the year by welcoming yy Miss Wally White as their new A coach. Workouts were held at Wilkerson-Greines daily for two hours while Coach White super- vised strenuous training which resulted in an undefeated record. The girls' medley relay team S ' placed thirteenth at the Texas Interscholastic Coaches Associa- ' . ei"f V9 ' tion meet which included the top Ego . ' Q of teams in the North Texas 4' 'DMTF S 3 wg A, T'-mieipza, W ' " f district. Tish Croft and Mike to if' J Millican were elected as team captains while Bernadette Young J served as team manager. Top 4' competitors were Denise Boehm, Rob Delbridge, Jana Pyeatt, Kim Rogers, Will Stone, and Amy Witherite. Tish Croft demonstrates the technique of the backstroke during weekly workout. We 5 l ll SWIM TEAM: FRONT ROW: Christy Moore, Michelle Sherbert, Paula Roberts, David Martinez, Michelle Batterson, Shane Absalon, Tish Croft, Rusty Christiansen. SECOND ROW: Kim Rogers, Kim Clemons, Suzie Ewing, Jana Pyeatt, Jennifer Youngblood, Jessie Funk, Leslie Meek. THIRD ROW: Bessie Walker, Troy La Vergne, Denise Boehm, Will Stone, Amy Witherite, Mark Smith, George Smith, Coach Wally White. BACK ROW: Nick Cochrane, Troy Tuomey, Bernadette Young, Joey O'Brien, Rob Delbridge, Mark Summers, Mike Millican, Anthony Mancuso. 224 f Swimming 0-rwzf, ,J t 354 mf. I ,Q A W eil: ' ll , tu 54 'Y ' '- . my . EWQFN I After an exhausting race, Mark Summers crosses the finish line. 3. , First year swimming and diving coach Wally White. ' 'MQW ' "Everything is upside down!" exclaims Rusty Christiansen. Anthony Mancuso races the clock. Mm W t , 55 Swimming f 225 Tennis Team Places First in Team District During the fall season the Arl- ington Heights tennis team, under the coaching of Sylvia Mc- Clure, went undefeated in all of their matches. They played against various schools in preparation for the tournaments and district coming up in the spring. Team tennis was introduced this year to provide more tour- naments during the fall season. Heights won the district team ti- tle by defeating Southwest and Paschal. Varisty singles players on the team this year were Maggie McGrew, Chris Kibbie, Todd Rapp, and Rusty Witcher. The doubles teams were Marion Brumley and Martha Brigance, Cathleen Milligan and Sandy Sloan, David Koehn and John Herrera, and Mike Zeigler and Brian Rodriguez. adidas Coach: Sylvia McClure 726 f Tennis an S. 2.1 Allison Barker and Cathleen Milligan show doubles strategy in returning the ball. N, .iris wt n ka K , VX.. N4 wfwsfta W 6 .5 In i ..., a A . - if if ' 1 E 3 2 . f H' " r as M 1 -21 w ' i ia is ., ..,,,, .S t . ,i i '- A h , a as if Q, T ' 4 "Pie -it-. A - 5. -LM. Varsity pro David Koehn sends a ball barrelling toward his unfortunate opponents Fi? A is 'F V6 3 'W Tennis Team: FRONT ROW: Martha Brigance, Marion Brumley, Cathleen Milligan, Sandy Sloan, Chris Kibbie, Rusty , Todd Rapp. SECOND ROW: Clement DeLaCruz, Monty Phillips, Eric Ewing, Melinda Silman, Maggie McGrew, Barker. BACK ROW: Coach McClure, Jase Simmons, Brian Rodriguez, John Herrera, David Koehn, Eric Trotter. 5332 my ,,.,, I irq, ,,,, , E :iv-wytz:-sr H4 gas NM fu: qw' inior Varsity Tennis Team: FRONT ROW: Melissa Gregory, Lou Murrin, Sarah Anthony, Emily Albrigt, Gina Gray, Annette lann, Carla Brumley, Andrea Denny, Denise Kirkley. SECOND ROW: Jennifer Mayo, Susan Creager, Gens Walraven, Camille urry, Stephanie Hight, Sally Talton, Jill Witcher, Kim Ryan, Susan Patillo. BACK ROW: Coach McClure, Charles Mooney, ink Moore, Bo Lassiter, Mark DeWindt. Tennis X 227 Varsity Prepares With Pre-Season Tournament The 1983 Varsity Baseball , team, with new first-year l coach, Tom Elliot, returned hoping to redeem their domina- tion in the district, taken from t them a year ago by Southwest High School. The team has five returning starters, three seniors, Gary Wells, Rudy Sotelo, and Mark Mauser, and two juniors, An- thony Sotelo, and Alan Houk. The team participated in several scrimmages with various teams. They also had some pre-season games with opponents such as Trinity, Haltom, Duncanville, Irving Nimitz, and Weatherford. They entered a tournament in Grand Prairie and competed with a number of teams throughout the metroplex area. All this was just warm-up before they caught their arch rival, Southwest, in the first district game. Gary Wells proves how strong he is by swinging a number of bats to warm-up. i i: 4 A L3 T ! . 5 S E i 4 THE 1983 VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW: Mark Mauser, Anthony Sotelo, Alan Houk, Rudy Sotelo, Gar Wells. BACK ROW: Rufus Harris, Reginald Stafford, Derek Evans, Pat Burns, Junior Smith, Kyle Risenhoover. 228 f Varsity Baseball -4 4 4- , M , W 'fr . x Q 0w',i'J.4 :il .Il -i Y ., , un M, '05, w A, ,.,HA-5: fl ,,,,,. smog ' Nw-,Q K wr' Rudy Sotelo rares back to fire a rocket to the catcher. x 5 X 5 Qs Wes c gr.. isis., u., 1. and K . ., - K ' ,, -7ifQf?fm'f72qr. -1 . . .., .,,, . V, .,,i, ' , ,l .,,, 'iv . v".4v,P:,, ,f'f..,,f ,,. . sonaispqw Q-an . ra Mmm , - Q ,, ,,g,,.Q.fL. A . .ix " P .iii ' z' w, WMGARA 1 ' A14 -.ik -., - K. 4 3 -QA. 3. . X Amzl ,L 1. H x. . m 'A 'ffl ' 1 Y " fhffs' 'Q , ,z t.:-vi I AX .1371 A.x"'r U 0.2 Q eg ' ' ,, 1 R .,b- ft? I' ' r Y. ' W ,'b- ,. -, -s . r f'c' Ha " ""l."' W X I tm... ' 'Qpf-MW. ,, , ,. Q43 f-rffiirgre Q ., , -'Qf5g.2..,u . .. ,- M .- -rf, 4,-5g,,.',5! ,ii-lJ.'iqwf""3Q3"T47'l"'r':l2'r'4A 'V " ' 1' , 4' " ' 'Uno-'V Q. W.. " N., . I Eva'-1 4 he . W. W , m. ' M7536 .a . ,i :, 5. may-'.'I.,"i.r1x'.i A 3:31 : fig: jjfffg .:- -ft,,1.w,-.A . ,.3..e,. . ,,,.sy,.. 1 . .A ,I ,V A ','lH,1:,.. .A Qfwfgzv-'v.', j7'a+1'c,--f' 'f " Nfzegi'-PT-Z'64w PQ. wm'?wi.,i2s.'?ff '3- fi . K c c cc -wwf 5. V . KPUQ5- x wat wi-f2f.Z2.i,'grWsf.f'ff A if 'G 3'-T ggtwfw JV! W if 5x mn sig' .. 'fix . , 4, .kk F fav 14 Senior, Mark Mauser follows through on a throw from third. an- Coaches Tom Elliot and John Leseman oversee practice. Alan Houk shows how he can throw with a mechanical leg. Varsity Baseball X 229 Junior Varsity Attempts to Win District Title New Junior Varsity coach, John Leseman, led the team in an attempt to conquer his first district title at Heights. The sophomore and junior classes this year proved to be a tough team in JV baseball competition. zu ,gg . . www. . ir ii K M L ' K 4 1.ra.'.vQ4fiili'i:+ ,'.i 75" "'t fsf5fiY 1f?i9vsJ"'fi ' 'sref - . V . . 1. +I Tr' "' '-'IQ .' tt. , . Rick Carney shows his winning form. Y. If ...,..,3 .. , A . A ,. Q 1 v + .sf so wb: f sw. A 1 alt.,-tags' rigs? gm, V 4 via, ,Q5,,,f,.:,,, W A ' s ...iffy Y- l 5 ll: ' ' ' t"t.-tigjgm . - "tru X, .,.1 , ' ,,..:'Q9iQ " fJ":fW,fff'fiff+A. f Marshall Laney hums it in from center. 230 f JV Baseball nb L".-1,-Q ies! Darryl Cleveland twists his body in impossible directions to throw the ball home. X, ,J.. Tony Mancuso prepares to throw down to second for a put-out of a would-be stealer. Freshman Play for First Tlme as Yellow Jackets The Frosh Baseball team was headed by new Heights coach Charlie Sides. The Baby Jackets come into district hop- ing to get acquainted with high school baseball and win their first district title as Yellow Jackets. ,wt ,H 4 Tom Phillips winds up for a throw to Shawn Stedman concentrates hard to catch a very swift throw from the pitcher first base fl'Om Sh0l'I SIGP- Jeff Watson dreams of catching a ball Frank Vargas checks his glove for the ball after snagging a hard-hit shot. Freshman Baseball 231 Cheerleaders Earn Second Bid to Nationals For the second year in a row, the Arlington Heights cheerleaders won their place at the National Cheerleading Com- petition in Orlando, Florida. In preparation for this competition, the squad entered a regional N.C.A. competition, where they were graded strictly on the per- formance of their cheers. After winning this competition, the Heights squad participated in the finals held in Dallas. Under the direction of Coach T.K. Reed, the cheerleaders held daily workouts at 7:30 every morning through first period, and several Sunday afternoon practices were added in prepara- tion for spring competition. mmuuaw EBI! XIII W The Junior Varsity cheerleaders defy gravity as they do the moonwalk. if-5-,sex num lllslil We-me unit W--W ,,,.,.V..........a " 1 'lei .. wer nl ' B. 4 -We -Q' ................, ' : ,r':'T,4g4,,,,f,g4. s 4 "E r ME' F' 1 1 A ill! l , 1 Y -al-na, f t The 1982-1983 Varsity Cheerleading Squad: FRONT ROW: Karen Fox, Lutheria Harrison, Chandler Growald. SECOND ROW: Trey Hodge, Jim Rogers, Mitchell Nelson, Fred Becera. THIRD ROW: Sherri Uecker, Elsie Hodges, Renee Shackleford. BACK t ROW: Robin Meyer, Jeri Kent. 232 f Cheerleaders my .T za-,Ee---xafr: "1"'1'l?" 2-Wi N. ' eggs A3 ' .1 l982-1983 Junior Varsity Cheerleaders: FRONT ROW: Lori Payne. SECOND ROW: Elizabeth Reynolds, Laura Roels, Dickenson. BACK ROW: Alexis Ander, Kathy Hendrickson, Jill Needham, Emily Webster, Mindy McKinney. Cheerleader Sherri Uecker raises school Jill Needham secures the mat as the other members of the J.V. squad bend at the Homecoming pep rally. over backwards during the spirit yells. Cheerleaders f 233 Varsity Cheerleaders Robin Meyer, Jeri Kent, and Shackleford put the finishing touches on a pyramid. Jim Rogers and Fred Becera snap to the beat of "Say Gang". '-ww-1--...i l ,ni "'5""!v9 234 f Cheerleaders The 1982-1983 Varsity and Junior Varsity Cheerleading Squads. -A- bbott. Dennis. p. 92 belson, Johanna, p. 56 bsolon. Shane. p. 92 dger, Adrion, p. 92 DKINS, MARY JO, p. 20 hoe, Marie, p. 74 lberts, Raub, p. 74 lbright, Emily, p. 74 lexander, Laurence, p. 74 lexander, Lee Roy, p. 74 li, Amberina, p. 74 llen, Carolyn, p. 56 llen, Deitre. p. 92 llen, James, p. 74 Alread, Michele, p. 92 Alvarado, Manuel, p. 92 lvarez, Cecilia, p. 92 Alvarez, Rose Mary, p. 74 ALVAREZ, PAULA, p. 22 Amie. 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Dunn, Terry, p. 77 Duran, Dawn, p. 59 Duran, Lanette, p. 77 Durando, Neal, p. 95 Durham, Steve, p. 77 DYER, CATHERINE 77 ,p.20 -E- Eitel, John, p. 95 ELLIOT, BILL, p. 27 Ellison, Arthur, p. 77 England, Vicki, p. 77 English, Lisa, p. 59 Enos, Carla, p. 59 Enos, Renae, p. 77 Espinoza, Jesse, p. 59 Essix, Shirley, p. 59 Estes, Mike, p. 95 Eurom, Jeff, p. 77 Evans, Becky, p. 95 Evans, Diane, p. 77 Evans, Eric, p. 59 Evans, Latonya, p. 77 Evans, Vickie, p. 77 Ewing, Eric, p. 77 Ewing, Suzy, p. 95 -F- Falcon, Larry, p. 59 Fannin, Oliver, p. 77 Farris, Aaron, p. 95 Farris, Susan, p. 95 Faul, Mike, p. 59 Feel, Tiffany, p. 96 Felder, Darrell, p. 77 Feldman, Steve, p. 59 Felps, Andy, p. 77 Fernandez, Mike, p. 77 Fish, Anthony, p. 77 Flannigan, Kim, p. 59 Fleck, Jim, p. 77 FLETCHER, BEVERLY, p. 23 Flores, Javier, p. 96 Florez, Lisa, p. 96 Flowers, Missy, p. 96 Flowers, Susan, p. 59 Floyd, Amy, p. 77 Flusche, Paige, p. 59 Flusche, Pamela, p. 96 Ford, Guynail, p. 96 Foshee, Alan, p. 60 FOSTER, BILL, p. 20 Foster, Jan, p. 78 owler, Michael, p. 96 ox, Amy, p. 78 ox, Karen, p. 96 oy, Kelly, p. 78 rank, Thomas, p. 78 ranke, Doug, p. 78 ranklin, Kelly, p. 78 ranklin, Rodney, p. 60 ranks, Amy, p. 78 razier, Eric, p. 78 RAZIER, JACQUELIN reeman, Jimmy, p. 96 reeman, Tammy, p. 96 unk, Jesse, p. 78 E, p. 23 -G- afford, Arden, p. 96 afford, Stacy, p. 60 ALIGA, JOSEPH, p. 23 allagher, John, p. 96 ambill, Elaine, p. 96 amez, George, p. 78 amez, Jon, p. 96 ann, Gina, p. 60 arcia, Carmen, p. 60 arcia, Fernanda, p. 78 arcia, Norma, p. 60 arcia, Oscar, p. 78 arcia, Rudy, p. 96 ardener, Khristian, p. 78 ardner, John, p. 60 ardner Shelly, p. 78 arrison, Tammy, p. 96 arza, Marcos, p. 96 arza, Warren, p. 96 askamp, Don, p. 78 auntt, Steve, p. 78 EE, DORIS, p. 23 eering, Michael, p. 96 entry, Mark, p. 96 IBBS, LOIS, p. 23 ibson, Cathy, p. 96 ibbons, Clay, p. 96 iese, Jack, p. 96 ifford, Gary, p. 78 il, Annette, p. 78 Gilbert, Tina, p. 60 Gill, David, p. 78 Gill, Jason, p. 96 Gilley, Bret, p. 96 Gilmore, Anthony, p. 60 GLASS, MAJ. GLENN, p. 27 Glenn, Lacynthia, p. 78 Goff, Angie, p. 78 Goldstein, Mark, p. 96 Goldthwaite, Frank, p. 96 Gomez, Ricky, p. 97 Gonzales, Andy, p. 79 Gonzalez, Raymond, p. 60 Goode, David, p. 97 Goodin, Mike, p. 79 Goodson, Edith, p. 60 Gould, Tim, p. 97 Govea, Laura, p. 97 Graf, Stephen, p. 97 Graham, Tim, p. 79 Grantham, Gary, p. 97 Grantham, Kenneth, p. 97 Gray, Gina, p. 79 Gray, Richard, p. 79 Green, Dwight, p. 79 Green, Ginny, p. 79 Greenlee, Michelle, p. 79 GREER, DAVID, p. 24 Greever, Jon, p. 97 Gregory, Melisa, p. 60 Greig, Tina, p. 97 Griffin, Shelly, p. 97 GRIGSBY, NADINE, p. 21 Groomes, Rosemarie, p. 60 Growald, Chandler, p. 60 Groze, Shelli, p. 97 Grisham, Vaughn, p. 79 Guimarin, Christy, p. 97 Gunn, Laurie, p. 97 -H- Haas, Holly, p. 79 Hagan, Robert, p. 97 HALE, HELEN, p. 24 Hale, Julie, p. 60 Halton, Doug, p. 60 Hampton, Walter, p. 79 HAMRICK, JUANITA, p. 24 Hanes, Craig, p. 79 Hanna, Michael, p. 79 Hansen, Richard, p. 60 Hanson, Mike, p. 97 Hardgrove, Tom, p. 97 Hardy, David, p. 60 Harper, Tor, p. 97 Harris, Cherry, p. 97 Harris, Daryl, p. 97 Harris, Dennis, p. 97 Harrison, Dawn, p. 60 Harrison, Lutheria, p. 79 Harshbarger, Laura, p. 97 Hart, David, p. 60 HARVEY, LAURENCE, p. 24 Havis, Scott, p. 79 Hawkins, Angela, p. 79 Hawkins, Chris, p. 97 Hawkins, David, p. 79 HAWKINS, ROHELIA, p. 24 Hearn, John, p. 60 Heinrichs, Nikki, p. 60 Heizer, Chris, p. 79 Heller, Tim, p. 97 Helmer, Brad, p. 97 Helmer, Bret, p. 79 Hendrickson, Kathy, p. 97 Henley, Virginia, p. 97 Hennig, Elaine, p. 97 Henninge, Danny, p. 60 Hendrix, Missy, p. 60 Henry, Ray, p. 97 Henson, Eddie, p. 79 Herbert, Elicia, p. 60 Hernandez, Angie, p. 79 Hernandez, Erberto, p. 60 Hernandez, Isaias, p. 97 Hernandez, Norma, p. 60 Herrera, Tommy, p. 61 Herrera, Tommy, p. 79 Herrington, Richard, p. 79 Hickey, Rhett, p. 97 Hickman, Anthony, p. 61 Hicks, Tamara, p. 79 Hieber-Niebler, Anuschka Hight, Stephanie, p. 98 Hill, Cindy, p. 61 Hill, Corrie, p. 98 Hill, Scott, p. 61 Hillard, Reese, p. 61 Hoang, Thuy, p. 98 Hoang, Tu Anh, p. 98 Hodge, Trey, p. 61 Hodgkins, Trent, p. 98 Hoffman, Douglas, p. 61 Hoffman, Jared, p. 98 Hoffman, Scott, p. 61 Hogan, Eddie, p. 98 Holland, Lori, p. 79 Holman, Melissa, p. 79 Holmes, Michelle, p. 79 Holmes, Jim, p. 61 Holmes, Lance, p. 98 Holt, Geoff, p. 61 Holt, Jay, p. 61 Honts, Elyn, p. 61 Hopkins, Julie, p. 98 Hopkins, Pam, p. 61 Horne, Shawn, p. 80 Horneffer, Dina, p. 80 Houk, Alan, p. 61 Houk, Angela, p. 98 Howard, Elston, p. 80 Howard, Lena, p. 80 Howell, Linda, p. 80 Howeth, Leslie, p. 80 ,p. 98 Index f 237 Hryekewicz, Paul, p. 80 HUBBY, SHIRLEY, p. 21 Hudgeons, Robin, p. 80 Hudson, Tony, p. 61 Huffman, Richard, p. 98 Hughes, Scott, p. 80 Hunt, Kimberly, p. 61 Hughes, Chris, p. 61 Hughes, Lisa, p. 61 Huston, Robin, p. 98 -1- Igo, Kathy, p. 61 Irons, Eric, p. 61 Infinger, Michelle, p. 98 Irvin, Joanie, p. 80 Isaac, Sony, p. 98 -J- Jackson, Danny, p. 80 Jackson, Jason, p. 98 Jackson, Marilyn, p. 61 Jacobs, Brigette, p. 61 James, Hope, p. 61 Jay, Kathy, p. 98 Jean, Emilie, p. 61 Jenkins, Darrell, p. 62 JENKINS, JIMMY, p. 24 Jenkins, Shirley, p. 62 Jennings, Mark, p. 98 Jimmerson, Shirley, p. 98 Joe, Lum, p. 62 Joe, Peter, p. 98 Joe, Sam, p. 98 Joe, Stanley, p. 62 Joe, Wayne, p. 62 Johnson, Anthony, p. 80 Johnson, Dayon, p. 98 Johnson, Ernest, p. 62 Johnson, Missy, p. 80 Johnson, Richelle, p. 80 Johnson, Tony, p. 80 JOHNSTON, PATSY, p. Jones, Andrew, p. 80 Jones, Cameron, p. 62 Jones, Deborah, p. 62 Jones, Kevin, p. 98 Jones, Mary Alice, p. 80 Jones, Pidge, p. 62 Jones, Mark, p. 98 Jones, Sarah, p. 62 Jones, Scottye, p. 99 Jones, Stan, p. 99 Jones, Sue, p. 62 Juarez, Dani, p. 80 238 f Index Justice, Bryan, p. 62 -K- Kauffman, John, p. 99 Keetch, Bob, p. 62 Keeton, Brett, p. 62 Kelly, Lee, p. 99 Kent, Jeri, p. 62 Kersh, John, p. 99 Keseley, Ronald, p. 99 Kessler, Nikki, p. 99 Keto, Kellie, p. 62 KEY, BETTY, p. 21 Kibbie, Chris, p. 80 Kibler, Neal, p. 62 King, Alice, p. 62 King, Ben, p. 62 KING, JACKIE, p. 21 Kirby, Cynthia, p. 80 Kirkland, Chris, p. 99 Kirkley, Denise, p. 62 Knapp, Shari, p. 62 Knight, Vickie, p. 62 Knox, Peppi, p. 62 Kope, Deborah, p. 99 Kotter, Cynthia, p. 80 Kressler, Nikki, p. 80 -L- Ladd, Brent, p. 80 Lake, Robert, p. 62 Lane, Michele, p. 62 Langs, Melody, p. 99 Langston, Pam, p. 62 Larkins, Byron, p. 63 Larson, Laura, p. 99 Lasater, Bo, p. 80 Latham, Chris, p. 99 LaValley, Sandy, p. 80 Laverene, Troy, p. 99 Lawrence, Melissa, p. 80 Lazeano, Armando, p. 99 Le, Duc, p. 80 Lee, Barbara Ann, p. 99 Lee, Patricia Ann, p. 81 Leggett, Patty, p. 63 Lester, Nikki, p. 81 Lewis, Keith, p. 63 Lewis, Tabitha, p. 99 Lidell, Raymond, p. 99 Lieske, David, p. 63 Little, Melinda, p. 81 Lockhart, LaSaundra, p. 63 Lopez, Lorena, p. 81 Loredo, Armando, p. 81 Loredo, Janie, p. 81 Lorance, Leslie, p. 81 Lore, Angela, p. 63 Lozano, Daniel, p. 99 Lozano, Mary, p. 63 Lucas, Melanie, p. 63 LUCKETT, J. O., p. 25 Lukens, Rosie, p. 63 Luttrell, Sherry, p. 99 Lydick, Todd, p. 81 Lyons, Tay, p. 63 -M- McBride, Ron, p. 81 McCarn, Carolyn, p. 100 McClintock, Cathleen, p. 63 McCLURE, CHARLES, p. 25 McCLURE, SYLVIA, p. 25 McCallum, Steve, p. 81 McCormick, Jennifer, p. 81 McCowan, Pam, p. 64 McCoy, Linda, p. 81 McDade, Debora, p. 100 McDonald, Sharon, p. 81 McElyea, Gary, p. 100 McGown, George, p. 100 McGown, Suzanne, p. 81 McGrew, Maggie, p. 64 McKinney, Mindi, p. 81 McLain, Holly, p. 81 McLean, Hunter, p. 100 McLure, Delpha, p. 81 McMackin, John, p. 100 McNeese, Tracy, p. 81 McQueary, Misty, p. 100 Madden, Diana, p. 63 Maddux, John, p. 63 Madormo, Tony, p. 63 Maestre, Michelle, p. 81 MacDonald, Michelle, p. 81 Malik, Shazia, p. 81 Malik, Soraya, p. 99 Mancuso, Anthony, p. 63 Mann, Annette, p. 81 Mann, Charles, p. 63 Manning, Holly, p. 81 Manning, Jacquelin, p. 63 Mariotti, Maria, p. 99 Marquez, Cissy, p. 99 Marquez, Mark, p. 81 Marquez, Mike, p. 81 Marroquin, Jose, p. 81 MARSH, MARY, p. 25 Martin, Alice, p. 99 Martin, Allison, p. 63 Martin, Jenepher, p. 99 artin, Mark, p. 100 artinez, David, p. 100 artinez, Dandie, p. 100 artinez, Richard, p. 81 aslanka, Patrick, p. 82 asqueda, Debbie, p. 100 auser, Tim, p. 82 ayo, Jennifer, p. 82 ear, Carolyn, p. 64 ear, Steven, p. 100 elton, Albert, p. 64 eek, Glennis, p. 100 eek, Leslie, p. 82 endoza, Carlos, p. 64 etcalf, Tracy, p. 64 eyer, Robin, p. 64 illegan, Jeff, p. 100 ILLER, CORA, p. 25 iller, Lori, p. 64 iller, Mark, p. 64 iller, Matt, p. 100 iller, Susan, p. 100 iller, Susan, p. 82 ills, Melissa, p. 82 ims, Natalie, p. 82 iranda, Jorge, p. 100 itchell, Kevin, p. 82 iteff, Mindy, p. 100 ote, Marlon, p. 100 ontez, Becky, p. 82 ontroy, Harold, p. 82 'vIoody, Steve, p. 64 'vIook, Chrissy, p. 100 'vIooney, Charles, p. 100 -vloore, Christi, p. 100 'VIOore, Link, p. 101 'vIoorman, Robert, p. 64 'vIorales, Celia, p. 64 Morales, Gilbert, p. 101 vloralez, Ralph, p. 101 Vloreno, Laura, p. 64 vlorford, Houston, p. 64 viorgan, James, p. 82 Vlorrison, Kelly, p. 64 Vlosley, Star, p. 82 Vlosquelda, Shelly, p. 82 VIORRIS, REGINA, p. 25 VIORRISON, EVELYN, p. 25 vloss, Tom, p. 101 viukkala, Leanne, p. 64 Viulholland, Todd, p. 64 Vlullins, Shawn, p. 82 Viunoz, Drego, p. 82 Vlunoz, Maria, p. 101 xvlunoz, Victor, p. 64 IVIURPHEY, VIVIAN, p. 25 !Murray, Lisa, p. 64 1 1 1 1 Murrin, Lou, p. 82 NABORS, JOHNNY, p. Needham, Jill, p. 82 Nelms, Christina, p. 64 Nesmith, Shawn, p. 101 Nettles ,Chris, p. 101 Newsome, Betty, p. 101 Newton, Kevin, p. 82 Nicholson, Mari, p. 101 Noblett, John, p. 82 Noriega, Emily, p. 64 Norris, Linda, p. 64 Nowlin , Lisa, p. 64 -0- O'Connor, Cindy, p. 82 Odom, Jim, p. 82 Oge, Danny, p. 82 O'Keefe, Charles, p. 101 Olivas, Carlos, p. 83 Olivas, Victoria, p. 101 Oliver, Judy, p. 65 Oliver, Rhonda, p. 65 O'Neill, Darla, p. 101 Ortiz, Corine, p. 83 Otis, James, p. 65 -P- Paden, Heather, p. 101 Paden, Lorna, p. 101 Padron, Greg, p. 101 Palmer, Claire, p. 65 Palmer, Jancy, p. 83 Palmer, Karl, p. 65 Palmer, Mark, p. 101 Palmer, Steven, p. 65 Palmer, Michelle, p. 65 Palomo, Rene, p. 83 PARHAM, MARY, p. 25 Parks, Broderick, p. 101 Parmer Parmer , Betsy, p. 83 , Travis, p. 65 Parten, Frances, p. 65 Patten, Stephanie, p. 65 Pattillo , Susan, p. 65 Patterson, John, p. 65 Paul, Dana, p. 65 Paul, Nicole, p. 83 Paulus, Allison, p. 83 Payne, Lori, p. 101 Payor, George, p. 101 Pedigo, Krissy, p. 101 Pelland, Blain, p. 101 PELLY, MICKEY, p. 25 Pearson, Keith, p. 83 Pena, David, p. 83 People, Janel, p. 83 Pendery, Andrea, p. 65 Perez, Emanuel, p. 101 Perez, Sandra, p. 102 Perry, Gene, p. 65 Perry, Theressa, p. 102 Petrie, Robert, p. 65 Petrie, Shawn, p. 102 Pettit, Carol, p. 65 Phillips, Alison, p. 65 Phillips, Monty, p. 83 Phillips, Tom, p. 102 Pickett, Jaymie, p. 102 PICKETT, KAREN, p. 25 Porter, Howard, p. 83 PORTER, MAGGIE, p. 26 Posey, Matt, p. 65 Powell, DeeDee, p. 102 Pratt, Cynthia, p. 65 Pratt, Wyndlon, p. 83 Prestage, Ronnie, p. 102 Prim, Rose Lee, p. 65 Prince, Scott, p. 65 Proffit, Jared, p. 102 Proffitt, John, p. 83 Protzman, Scott, p. 102 Puente, Marco, p. 102 Puente, Martin, p. 83 Puentes, Esther, p. 83 Puentes, Oscar, p. 65 Pulido, Martha, p. 65 Pyeatt, Jana, p. 102 Quigley, Tammy, p. 102 Quinn, Trey, p. 65 -R- Ramos, Christina, p. 65 Randle, Derrek, p. 83 Randle, Jan, O. 83 Rapp, Todd, p. 83 Raykovitz, Danae, p. 102 Rayman, Kathy, p. 65 Redfield, Alva, p. 102 Reed, Terrie, p. 65 REED, TERRY KEITH, p. 26 Reed, Michelle, p. 83 Reel, Robert, p. 66 Reese, Steve, p. 102 Index f 239 Reid, John, p. 102 Reyes, Angel, p. 66 Reyes, Cecilia, p. 83 Reyes, Jorge, p. 102 Reyna, Elizabeth, p. 66 Reynolds, Elizabeth, p. 102 Reynolds, Kelly, p. 83 Reynolds, Stephanie, p. 66 Reynolds, Walter, p. 84 Rhame, Debbie, p. 84 Rhinefort, Andy, p. 84 Richardson, David, p. 102 Richardson, Mark, p. 84 Richter, James, p. 84 Rickett, Kim, p. 102 Roberson, Patrick, p. 84 Roberts, Anice, p. 66 Roberts, Cathy, p. 102 Robertson, Lisa, p. 102 Rodgers, Roxane, p. 84 Rodrigues, Brian, p. 66 Rodriguez, Patricia, p. 102 Rodriguez, Tony, p. 84 Roels, Laura, p. 84 Rogers, Anthony, p. 66 Rogers, Jim, p. 66 Rogers, Kim, p. 102 Rogers, Mike, p. 84 Rolling, Joan, p. 66 Rogers, Patrick, p. 84 Rose, Dorothy, p. 103 Rose, Julie, p. 103 ROSS, BEVERLY, p. 26 Ross, Gerald, p. 103 ROUTEN, JANE, p. 26 Ruiz, Tony, p. 84 Runnels, Monty, p. 84 Russell, Julia, p. 84 Russell, Laurie, p. 84 Rynd, Jason, p. 103 Rynd, Kim, p. 103 -S- Saladin, Carla, p. 103 Sager, Camilla, p. 66 Salcedo, Angie, p. 66 Salley, Steve, p. 66 Sanchez, Harvey, p. 103 Sanders, Beverly Ann, p. 66 Sanders, Felicia, p. 103 Sandoval, Missy, p. 84 Santana, Jannette, p. 103 Santana, Jenny, p. 84 Saxon, Jewel, p. 84 Sayas, Debra, p. 84 Sayas, Lisa, p. 103 240 f Index Saylor, Mike, p. 103 Schaefer, Shea, p. 84 Schlegel, Cathy, p. 103 Schrum, Thomas, p. 66 Segarra, Laura, p. 84 Sehapayak, Cathy, p. 66 Shackleford, Priscilla, p. 66 Sheedy, Jake, p. 103 Shelley, Joel, p. 84 Shepard, David, p. 103 Sherbert, Michelle, p. 103 Shinsei, Yoshei, p. 84 Shosid, Steve, p. 84 Shrull, Stephen, p. 67 Shults, Steven, p. 103 Shuly, Lori, p. 67 SIDES, CHARLES, p. 26 Siler, Glenn, p. 103 Sill, Lisa, p. 103 Silman, Melinda, p. 84 Simmonds, Mickey, p. 104 Simmons, Jase, p. 104 Simpson, Bridget, p. 104 Simpson, Glorine, p. 67 Sims, Mark, p. 84 Sisco, Darla, p. 84 Skinner, Randy, p. 104 Slagle, Kellen, p. 84 Slaton, Rocky, p. 84 Slavik, Angie, p. 84 Sleadrnan, Russell, p. 67 Small, Darrin, p. 67 Smart, Donna, p. 104 Smelko, Karen, p. 104 Smelko, Susan, p. 67 Smiddy, Michelle, p. 104 Smith, Mary, p. 85 Smith, Matthew, p. 104 SMITH, PAUL, p. 26 Smith, Stacy, p. 67 Smith, Stephanie, p. 104 Smith, Teresa, p. 67 Smith, Ursula, p. 85 Smith, Vincent, p. 104 Snider, Henry, p. 85 Snider, Warren, p. 85 Snyder, Jim, p. 67 Soefteland, Kari, p. 104 Solis, Magda, p. 67 Sotelo, Anthony, p. 67 Sparks, Susannah, p. 85 Speck, JoAnn, p. 85 Spencer, Chris, p. 105 Sperry, Robert, p. 67 Sperry, Shirley, p. 85 Spottswood, Peter, p. 85 Spraggins, Jeff, p. 67 Stailey, Jamie, p. 105 Stailey, Judy, p. 85 Steadman, Shawn, p. 105 Stephens, Kay, p. 85 Stewart, Daphney, p. 67 Stockton, Sharon, p. 67 Stokes, Tim, p. 85 Stone, Will, p. 85 Stovall, Brant, p. 85 STOVALL, DONA, p. 26 Stovall, Kandis, p. 105 Stripling, Will, p. 67 Strode, Marlow, p. 105 Suarez, Lisset, p. 85 Sullivan, Lisa, p. 105 Summers, Mark, p. 85 Suss, James, p. 105 Swales, Karen, p. 67 SZOT, LINDA, p. 26 -T- Tadda, Geoff, p. 67 Taggart, Mike, p. 85 Taggart, Phil, p. 67 Talton, Mims, p. 67 Talton, Sallie, p. 105 Tave, Jeanie, p. 67 TAYLOR, BARBARA, p. 26 Taylor, Brent, p. 105 Taylor, Cassandra, p. 85 TAYLOR, JOE PAUL, p. 21 Taylor, Michele, p. 85 Teafatiller, Tonja, p. 85 TESTA, MARY ANN, p. 26 Theobald, Rudy, p. 105 Theobald, Soraya, p. 67 Thomas, Bobby, p. 68 Thomas, Scott, p. 68 Thompson, Clifford, p. 85 THOMPSON, GENE, p. 26 Thompson, Jack, p. 105 Thompson, Tammy, p. 105 Thompson, Tracey, p. 105 THOMS, DON, p. 27 Thornton, Bart, p. 105 Thornton, Cara, p. 68 Thurston, Donald, p. 105 Tierce, Becky, p. 85 TINIUS, DEBBY, p. 27 TISDALE, JAMES, p. 27 Tolle, Bill, p. 68 Tomlinson, Gregg, p. 105 Toothe, Geoff, p. 68 Toothe, Shelby, p. 105 Torres, Danny, p. 105 Torres, Louis, p. 85 Toth, Missi, p. 105 racey, Susan, p. 105 racy, Tom, p. 68 riplett, Lisa, p. 68 rotter, Kit, p. 68 rout, Candy, p. 85 rujillo, Lisa, p. 105 rujillo, Yolanda, p. 85 ruman, Jimmy, p. 105 uomey, Troy, p. 68 uggle, Barbara p. 80 urpin, Carol, p. 106 -U- ecker, Sherri, p. 85 -V.. aldez, Maria, p. 68 alderas, Terry, p. 68 aldez, Martin, p. 85 aldez, Oscar, p. 85 aldez, Rosia, p. 86 an Hofwegen, Kurt, p. 68 an Hofwegen, Nathan, p. 106 AN METER, ARCH, p. 27 an Sickle, Tabatha, p. 86 ant, Moua, p. 86 an Vleck, Sarah, p. 86 ang, Moua, p. 86 argas, Frank, p. 106 argas, Laura, p. 68 argas, Linda, p. 68 asquez, Andrea, p. 86 asquez, Sonia, p. 86 aught, Suzanne, p. 68 azquez, Jaime, p. 106 EGA, RAMON, p. 27 ega, Trinidad, p. 106 elasquez, Philip, p. 68 enable, Carolyn, p. 106 INSON, JOAN, p. 27 lassis, George, p. 86 lassis, Gwen, p. 106 lassis, Valentine, p. 68 uillemot, Colleen, p. 106 uillemot, Deborah, p. 68 uillemot, William, p. 86 . -W- 'Wagnon, Chris, p. 68 Waites, Chase, p. 106 Walker, Bessie, p. 106 Walker, Monique, p. 68 Walker, Patience, p. 86 Walker, Terry, p. 106 Walker, Wes, p. 68 Wall, Courtney, p. 86 Wallace, Antonio, p. 86 Walner, Tracy, p. 69 Walraven, Gens, p. 86 Walsh, Janet, p. 106 Walton, David, p. 106 Walton, Jerry, p. 68 Ward, Don, p. 106 WARD, GLENDA, p. 21 Ward, Jim, p. 69 Ward, Julie, p. 69 Ward, Scott, p. 106 Ward, Tracy, p. 69 WAREHAM, GINEVIVE, p. 27 WARREN, JACK, p. 27 WATERS, LARRY, p. 27 WATSON, EMMETT, p. 27 Watson, Jeff, p. 106 Watson, Jeff, p. 86 Watt, Susan, p. 86 Webb, Ronnie, p. 106 Webster, Emily, p. 106 Wells, Philip, p. 69 Wentworth, Carl, p. 86 Wentz, Debra, p. 69 Wentz, Janet, p. 106 Werland, Barara, p. 86 WESLEY, WILBURN, p. 27 West, Todd, p. 86 Westen, Catherine, p. 87 Williams, Victor, p. 87 Williamson, Greg, p. 87 WILLINGHAM, JERRISUE, p. 27 Willis, Chris, p. 69 Willy, Laura, p. 107 Wilson, Dawn, p. 107 Wilson, John, p. 107 Wilson, Matthew, p. 107 Wilson, Shiryl, p. 107 Wilson, Taylor, p. 87 Winters, Robert, p. 87 Wise, Melody, p. 87 Wiseman, Deanna, p. 87 Witcher, Jill, p. 107 Witcher, Rusty, p. 69 Witherite, Amy, p. 69 Wolf, Jeff, p. 87 Wolfe, Courtney, p. 107 Wolfe, Frank, p. 69 Wood, Karen, p. 87 WOOD, MIKE, p. 227 Wood, Wendy, p. 107 Woods, John, p. 107 Wooten , Angela, p. 69 Wooten, Brenetta, p. 69 Wooten, Cherish, p. 107 Worrell, Patty, p. 87 Wright, Danny, p. 69 Wright, Johanna, p. 107 Wright, LaJuana, p. 69 Wright, Wendy, p. 107 Wynne, Michael, p. 107 Wynne, Michelle, p. 107 White, Anna, p. 87 White, Deanna, p. 87 White, Eric, p. 87 White, Guy, p. 87 White, Jerry, p. 106 White, LaDonna, p. 106 White, Mike, p. 106 White, Tammy, p. 69 WHITE, WALLISS, p. 27 Wiggins, Robert, p. 87 Wilcox, Michael, p. 87 Wilcox, Robert, p. 87 Williams Williams Williams , Cindy, p. 69 Darren, p. 107 Donald, p. 107 Williams, Jennifer, p. 69 Williams Meredith, p. 107 Williams Mike, p. 107 Williams Misty, p. 107 Williams Monica, p. 87 Williams Pam, p. 107 Williams, Rusty, p. 87 Williams, Sondra, p. 87 Williams , Sonya, p. 69 -Y- Yanta, Joy, p. 107 Yarborough, Walter, p. 87 Yaws, Richard, p. 69 Young, Bernadette, p. 69 Youngblood, Jennifer, p. 107 Youngblood, Scott, p. 69 -Z- Zachry, Cliff, p. 87 Zamora, Isabel, p. 87 Zeigler, Mike, p. 87 Index f 241 BELL JAY DECA FBLA FHA CT ADAMS KELLY JANE Rodeo Club Vica President Vica Parliamen tartan District II Senlor ACTIVITIES Index Distributive Education Future Business Leaders Future Homemakers Industrial Arts Co operative Junior Achievement BEARDEN GLENN Soccer Art Club BECERA FRED Cheerleader Art Club OEA ROTC SAC VAC VOE ALEXANDER CLAYTON STUART UIL Golf Youth in Government Football SOH Co President Jacket Journal Whiz Quiz Track Basketball Baseball BELL VIKKI ELAINE Ebony Voices, Track, Basketball Office Education Reserve Officers Training Corps Student Advisory Committee Vocational Adjustment Co operative Vocational Office Education BROCK DAVID F Football Rodeo Club Track DECA A Cap pella Choir BROWN ALLISON ANNE SOH Soccer Track Basketball Performm Arts BROWN HAROLD ALLEN SOH Student Council Football Track Freshman Favorite Most Handsome P HECE ............... Home Economics Co-Operative SOH ............................. Spirit of the Hill l 1 ..............,..... ' - - ............ - ' - ' JA ............................ ' ' ..........r........ ' ' ' f ALEXANDER, SHARON DENISE Jacket Jazz, Basketball, Ebony Voices ALREAD, MICHAEL Drama Club, French Club, Band, Stage Band, Student Body Treasurer, Annual Staff, Jour- nalism, Senior Class Vice-President, Youth in Government, Whiz Quiz, National Honor Society ATKINS, ELLA MAE ROTC, FBLA, FHA, OEA, Drama Club AVILA, CYNTHIA ANN Volleyball, SAC -B- BAKER, AUDREY RENEE Student Council, ESAA, French Club Presi- dent, Annual Staff, Jacket Journal, Yellow Jacket Editor, Homecoming Court, National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Optimist Club Essay Winner, Scholastic Achievement: French BAKER, BRAD ALAN Football, Basketball, Track, Baseball, Swim Team, Golf, Spanish Club, Performing Arts, Drama Club, Math Club, Outdoor Living Club BAKER, LEE ALFRED ROTC, Ebony Voices, Track, Football, Basketball BALCH, LISA Spanish Club, OEA, Student Council BANTAU, SHELLY RENE Volleyball, Performing Arts BAUMHARDT, LAURA LYNN Track, Drama Club, National Honor Society 242 f Senior Activities BELLOMY, CHRISTOPHER MARK Band, Stage Band, All-Region Jazz Ensemble, All-City Band, Whiz Quiz, National Honor Society, National Merit Commended Student BENNETT, SARAH JANET Drama Club, Soccer,Scholastic Achievement: Math, Science, Physics, Biology, National Honor Society, Drill Team Manager, Senior Steering Committee, FHA BINKLEY, LESLIE ELAINE FHA BODEN, STACY ALLISON FHA BOEHM, DENISE ELIZABETH Swim Team, French Club Vice-President, Na- tional Honor Society, Student Council, Yellow Jacket Staff, Youth in Government Secretary BOYD, JONNELL LYNN National Honor Society, Track, French Club, Drama Club, Senior Steering Committee BOYD, KRISTEN GRACE Student Council, SOH, Track BRAGG, TERESA ANN HECE BRIDGEWATER, LINDA DARNELL Senior Favorite, VOE Historian, Basketball, Howdy Queen, Art Club, Ebony Voices, SAC, Scholastic Achievement Award: Science, Homemaking BRIGANCE, MARTHA JANE Tennis, SOH, Student Council, National Honor Society, Yellow Jacket Staff BROWN, VELVET LYNN Soccer, FHA, Art Club BRUMLEY, MARION VIRGINIA I Spanish Club, National Honor Society, Stu- dent Council, Senior Steering Committee Latin Club, SOH, Homecoming Queen, Mis. AHHS Finalist, Tennis Team, Yellow Jackel Staff, Tri-C BRYANT, FLOYD LEE Track, Footbll BRYNTERSON, TERESA ELLEN FHA, Soccer BURGER, ROBERT E. Band, Senior Steering Committee, Stage Band, Stage Manager BURNS, PATRICK WILSON 3 SOH, Football, Outdoor Living Club, Latirl Club BURNS, SON DRA RENEE Volleyball BUTLER, RICHARD C. Golf CAMPOS, AMOS Football, Baseball CARN EY, MICHAEL JOSEPH Baseball CARSWELL, ISAAC Baseball CASH, SHEENE MALETTE OH, Cheerleader, DECA, Ebony Voices, unior Favorite ANEY, JOHN DAVID ootball, Track, French Club, Outdoor Living lub RRANZA, ROGER MENDEZ Football, Student Council, Rodeo Club, In- ustrial Arts Club RTER, PHYLLIS MARIE HECE, Bowling AVOLLA, ARMANDO Soccer, Bowling RISTIE, JOHN MALONE Jacket Journal Co-Editor, Yellow Jacket Staff, Latin Club, Art Club LARK, ANGELA KAY VICA, Student Council LARK, CHARLES ROY Choir, Drama Club, Bowling, Track ONTRERAS, ANNA MARIE Art Club, Volleyball 'OOK, TAMI LYNN OEA, Drama Club, Art Club, Math Club, Per- forming Arts, Programs Committee for Perfor- ming Arts ORNELL, DELORES DECA OWAN, BOBBY Golf OX, ADRIENNE ANNETTE National Honor Society, Spanish Club, French Club, Drama Club, Volleyball OX, JENNIFER LOUISE Volleyball, National Honor Society, Spanish Club, Drama Club, Art Club, Student Council IZOX, RAY ANDREW Football, Basketball IIRAFT, CATHERINE ANNE Yellow Jacket Staff, DAR Award, Art Club, National Honor Society, Math Club, TWC Book Award, Scholastic Achievement Award: English, Chemistry, Drama Club IREAGER, ANN HILL Senior Class President, National Honor Socie- ty, Handbook Chairman, Student Council, Senior Steering Committee, Jacket Journal Co-Editor, Altrusa Award, National Merit Commendation, Tri-C ZROFT, TERESA RENEE VOE, OEA Secretary-Treasurer, Swim Team 1URTIS,CHERYL FHA, HECE IURTIS, KATHERINE VICTORIA Track, Volleyball AVIS, JEFF B. SOH, Sophomore Favorite, Golf, Mr. AHHS eHART, SHERI GAY SOH, Track, Spanish Club, Art Club, FHA DeLaCRUZ, CLEMENTE Tennis, Howdy King 4 Years, Most Friendly, Freshman Class President, Student Council, Baseball, French Club, SOH, Sophomore Favorite, Junior Favorite DeLaROSA, ROBERT HECE, FBLA, Art Club, Swim Team DELBRIDGE, ROB PATRICK Swim Team DICKERSON, CINDY REANEE VOE, ROTC, ICT DIRKS, KIMBERLY DAWN Golf, Basketball DOYLE, KATHLEEN ANN German Club, Swim Team DRISKILL, JOE WELDON SOH, Latin Club, Football, Sophomore Favorite EARL, KRISTI LEIGH FHA, HECE ELDER, DARRELL GLEN Basketball ELLIS, DEE DEE Track, French Club, FBLA, Homecoming Court -F- FALCON, LIZA Spanish Club, Drill Team, FBLA FATHEREE, KRISTY LYNN Student Council, Track, FHA, SOC, French Club, Homecoming Court FELFE, TERRI JOANNE German Club, PELE, Zar-Kay FLOREZ, LYDIA HECE, German Club FOWLER, ROBERT FBLA, DECA FRANKE, PATTY GAIL Sophomore Howdy Queen, Track, SOH, Soc- cer, French Club FRANKLIN, MARK KEVIN Student Council, Golf Team, Drama u FRANKS, TODD MICHAEL SOH, Student Council, Golf -G- GARCIA, RAUL Track, ROTC, National Honor Society, Spanish Club, Math Club GARDNER, KRISTEN ELENA Student Council, Drama Club, Choir GARDNER, LAURIE ANN SOH, Drama Club, FHA, Soccer GARTMAN, CINDY ANN FBLA, FHA GEE, RUSSELL DALE Band, Drum Major, Stage Band, All-City Band, All-City Orchestra GELDARD, KEVIN PAUL Football, Student Council, Golf GEARHART, WILLIAM ANDREW Rodeo Club GETCHELL, KAREN RUTH SOH, French Club GILBERT, LISA ANN Jacket Jazz, Student Council, National Honor Society, French Club GILLIAM, DANNY JOE ROTC, German Club, Rodeo Club, Track GOLDSMITH, AMY LEE Track, SCH, DECA, French Club GOMEZ, THERESITA FBLA, Math Club, French Club, Spanish Club, National Honor Society GREIG, STEVE JOSEPH Industrial Arts Club, Latin Club GRIFFAY, CODA WADE Industrial Arts Club, Football GROWALD, OLAF Soccer, Track, French Club -H- HAMMAN, ROBERT Rodeo Club, Industrial Arts Club HARRIS, KELLY KEVIN Baseball, Golf, French Club HARRIS, RUFUS EARL Football, Baseball, Track HERR, GAYLE ALLISON French Club, Soccer,Student Council, Art Club, Homecoming Court HERRERA, JOHN DANIEL Tennis HILL, AMANDA Girls' State, Spanish Club, Drill Team, Drama Club, National Honor Society, Volleyball HILL, COURTNEY ANN French Club, SAC, Library Club, Volleyball Captain, Student Council Secretary, Youth in Government, Most Studious, Howdy Queen, Miss AHHS HILL, ROBERT Student Council, Track HODGES, ALLEN FBLA, Spanish Club HODGES, ELSIE DASHIELL Senior Class Secretary, National Honor Socie- ty Vice-President, Miss AHHS Finalist, Cheerleader, Track, Performing Arts, Student Council, Senior Steering Committee, French Club, Math Club, Most Beautiful Finalist, Scholastic Award: English Senior Activities 243 HOFFMAN, NINA NORREEN FHA HOLLOWAY, LAURA French Club, VOE, Cheerleader HOLMES, THEO Scholastic Achievement: Athletics HOWARD, KURT Golf, SOH, Basketball HUCK, DEBBIE DECA, Fi-IA, FBLA, outdoor Living Club HUMPHRIES, RHONDA ROTC, HECE -J- JACKSON, DEBRA ANN ROTC, Battalion Commander, Basketball, Art Club, Junior Achievement, Drill Team JACKSON, MIGNON DECA, FBLA JARRATT, JASON Band, Stage Band, Orchestra JAY, NICK KEMP French Club, Spanish Club, SOH, Student Council, Baseball, Football, Football Captain JENKINS, JERRI FBLA, Soccer JENNINGS, JULIE KAY Soccer, Golf, Cheerleader, SOI-I, Secretary- Treasurer of Junior Class, Treasurer of Senior Class, Student Council, National Honor Socie- ty, Tri-C, Sophomore Favorite, Finalist for Miss AHHS, Senior Steering Committee, Senior Favorite JERNIGAN, PENNY Swim Team, Spanish Club J ETT, GENE ROTC, Rodeo Club JOHNSON, STACY LEWIS ROTC JONES, JUDY Volleyball, Jacket Jazz, Ebony Voices, FBLA JONES, JULIE DECA, French Club, Latin Club, Art Club, Soccer JOPLING, JIM Band, All-City Band, All-City Orchestra, Jacket Journal Staff, Youth in Government Vice-President -K- KETO, KIMBERLY MICHELLE Spanish Club, Art Club, Swim Team, Tri C KRAMER, ROBERT ICT LEAMER, MARK STEVEN 244 Senior Activities VAC LEGGETT, TAMMI JANE Soccer LEWLLEN, ROBERT GILES German Club Treasurer, Student Body Presi- dent, Student Council, Boys' State, Soccer, Yellow Jacket Staff, Youth in Government LEWIS, CHRISTOPHER STEVEN Football, Baseball, Golf, Senior Steering Com- mittee, French Club, Performing Arts, Jacket Journal, Senior Favorite LOREDO, ALICIA Volleyball, Track LOWERY, GLENDA GIAL VOE LYONS, WILLIAM NEIL Band, Stage Band -M- MAAG, SYDNEY LISBETH French Club, Art Club, Jacket Journal, Tennis Golf, Soccer, Homecoming Court MALONE, MIKE SOH, Student Council, Baseball MANUEL, MONICA FHA MARROQbUIN, TERESA French Clu , Drama Club, Math Club MARQUEZ, MELINDA LIZETTE Tri-C, Swim Team MARTIN, CAROL ANN French Club MASSEY, LAURA MICHELLE Student Council MATTESON, MARY Art Club MATTHEWS, MICHAEL SEAN Drama Club, Chorus, Track MAUSER, MARK STEVEN Football, Baseball, SOH, Yellow Jacket Staff, Art Club, French Club MAZY, MARY KATHRYN Art Club, French Club, Scholastic Achieve- ment Award: Physical Education, Industrial Arts Club MCADAMS, TERRY Soccer, FHA, Drama Club MCADOO, RICKY ICT McGAUGHY, TANNAI-I SOH, French Club MCGUIRE, RANDOLPH A Band MCNEESE, DEBBIE FHA MILLER, MERLE DENYCE Basketball MILLICAN, MIKE Swim Team Captain MILLIGAN, CATHLEEN Tennis, SOH, National Honor Society, Stude Council, Homecoming Court, Sophomo Favorite MONTGOMERY, LAURIE National Honor Societ , Tennis Team, Yello Jacket Staff, Latin Club MOONEY, PAMELA SUE Yellow Jacket Staff, Latin Club, Math Clu D Cl b T '-C S d ' rama u , ri , tu ent Advisory Com mittee, National Honor Society, Art Club MOORE, TERESA Band, Rodeo Club MORELAND, MARK DECA MURRIN, STEVE SOH -N- NORMAN, KERI Spanish Club, Art Club -0.- O'CONNOR, VICKIE National Honor Society, French Club, Latin Club, National Merit Finalist -P- PALM, CHRIS STERLING Football Manager, German Club PATTERSON, DAVID Band, All-City Band, Jacket Journal Staff. Quill and Scroll PEARCE, NANCY BLAKE Senior Steering Committee, Homecoming Court, French Club, Art Club PETERSON, LORI OEA PINEDA, RONALD ICT POWELL, VANESSA Ebony Voices, FBLA, OEA, OEA President, Jacket Jazz, Tri-C PURNELL, JULIUS Track, National Honor Society, Math Club, Spanish Club PYEATT, SHARLA SOH, Student Council RANUREZ, ELISE National Honor Society, DECA RAMOS, LEONARD OEA, French Club ASMUSSEN, .IODY Spanish Club, Art Club, Drama Club, Volleyball AD, ROBERT Football, Basketball, Latin Club EESE, TIMOTHY Golf ICE, LISA Soccer, French Club, Student Council, Drama Club, Performing Arts, Math Club ISENHOOVER, KYLE Football, Baseball, Senior Steering Committee, Drama Club, Track, Student Council OBERTS, PAULA Swim Team, National Honor Society OBERTSON, LESSLIE KAY Cheerleader, SOH, Homecoming Court ODRIQUEZ, ANNA Art Club, Orchestra -S- ADLER, BECKY Cheerleader, Track, Band, Swim Team DECA, Mascot ANDERS, VIRGINIA FHA, Tri-C, Yellow Jacket Photographer CHAFRICK, BRIDGET Student Council, Homecoming Court HAFFER, KAREN Track, French Club, Student Council, National Honor Society, DECA, Junior Favorite HINSEI, CHIKAKO Spanish Club, Volleyball HIPMAN, ALAN Football, Baseball HIRLEY, KATE DANE Vice-President of the Spanish Club, Vice- President of FHA, French Club, Soccer DECA SHORT, RONALD MAURICE Industrial Arts Club SIMPSON, BLAKE French Club BLAGE, SALINA ELIZABETH Art Club SMITH, ADOLPHUS Football, Basketball, Baseball SMITH, LATISA DJUANA ROTC, Major of Girls' Drill Team SMITH, GEORGE EDWARD Swim Team SMITH, SHAWN Football, Track, Soccer, SOH, Student Coun- cil, Secretary-Treasurer of Freshman Class, Secretary-Treasurer of Sophomore Class, Junior Favorite, Spanish Club, Latin Club BOTELO, RUDY French Club, Baseball 1 SPENCER, ROBERT Orchestra, Stage Band, Band SPENCER, TINA Spanish Club, Art Club, Performing Arts A SPERO, ZORINA CAROL Drama Club, Art Club, Band, Flag Corps STAFFORD, RIGINALD Baseball STRONG, PEGGY Volleyball, DECA, Vice-President of Ebony Voices, FHA, FBLA -T- TA LCOTT, KRISTIN LEE OEA THACH, MELISSA Math Club, National Honor Society, Band THOMPSON, LISA Art Club, Performing Arts, Yellow Jacket Staff, Jacket Journal Staff THOMPSON, KENNETH PERNELL VOE THOMPSON, SUEANNA ROTC, FHA, Drill Team THORPE, MELISSA FBLA President, Spanish Club, Art Club TIMS, SCOTT Band, Math Club, Spanish Club, Youth in Government, Jacket Journal Staff, Student Ad- visory Committee Secretary, Tri-C TROTTER, ERIC SOH, French Club TULLIS, CHRISTY Basketball -V- VAN AKEN, JOHN Junior Achievement President, Spanish Club VANDEVER, TAMMY Math Club, Art Club, FBLA VANN,STEFAN Jacket Journal Staff, Stage Band, Soccer, Math Club VARGAS, ELSA Spanish Club Secretary, Volleyball, Math Club VARGAS, VIVIAN Multi-Campus Photography, Orchestra Treasurer, Freshman Favorite, Yellow Jacket Staff, Latin Club -W- WAGNER, CARRIE SUE HECE, Student Council, Rodeo Club WAITES, WILL Student Council, Spanish Club, Tri-C, Outdoor Living Club, Yellow Jacket Staff WALDON, LARRY ALAN Soccer WALKER, GREGORY DECA, Junior Achievement WALRAVEN, TAYLOR JAMES Spanish Club, Whiz Quiz WATSON, DOREEN Senior Steering Committee, Ebony Voices WELLS, GARY DEAN Baseball, Football, SOH WERLAND, LUTRICIA KAY Math Club, A Cappella Choir, VOE WEST, BALKE SOH, Soccer, Football WHITAKER, CYNTHIA MARIE Orchestra, All-City Orchestra, Band, Flag gorps Captain, Ebony Voices President, VOE, EA WHITE, SCOTT KEVIN Industrial Arts Club WHITAKER, JOHN FRANKLIN SOH, French Club, Golf, Student Council WIGGINS, THOMAS LEE FBLA, Art Club, Student Council, Senior Favorite WILCOX, PATRICIA SUE National Honor Society, Band, Choir, All-City Choir, Spanish Club, Youth in Government WILK, DEBORAH ANN Art Club Treasurer WILLY, BUDDY Football, Track, Art Club, French Club WISE, MICHELLE LORRAINE Art Club, French Club WOODARD, REBECCA DIANE Art Club President, Student Council, Homecoming Court, Spanish Club, Senior Favorite WOODSON, ANGIE LYNN OEA, FHA, Performing Arts WOODSON, GLEN DENNIS Rodeo Club WOOLEN, AL JEROME Track, Football WORKMAN, STEVEN LEE DECA WRIGHT, ANGELA LOIS FHA, Band -Y-' YAGER, GAGE GODFREY SOH, Golf, Outdoor Living Club Senior Activities f 245 Adams, Kelly 4 p. 30 Alexander, Clayton 4 p. 30 Alexander, Sharon 4 p. 30 Alread, Michael 4 p. 30 Alvarado, Andy 4 p. 30 Avila, Cynthia 4 p. 30 Atkins, Ella 4 p, 30 Baker, Audrey Renee 4 p. 30 Baker, Beth 4 p. 30 Baker, Brad 4 p. 30 Balch, Lisa 4 p. 30 Bantau, Shelly 4 p. 30 Basham, Kristy 4 p. 30 Barrett, Byron 4 p. 30 Baumhardt, Laura 4 p. 30 Bearden, Glenn 4 p. 31 Becera, Fred 4 p. 31 Bell, Jay 4 p. 31 Bell, Vikki 4 p. 31 Bellomy, Chris 4 p. 31 Bennett, Sarah 4 p. 31 Binkley, Leslie 4 p. 31 Bland, Timothy 4 p. 31 Boden, Stacy 4 p. 31 Bodenmiller, John 4 p. 31 Boehm, Denise 4 p. 31 Bolden, Keith 4 p. 31 Bond, Steve 4 p. 31 Boyd, Jonnell 4 p. 32 Boyd, Kristen 4 p. 32 Bragg, Teresa 4 p. 32 Bridgewater, Linda 4 p. 32 Brigance, Martha 4 p. 32 Brock, David 4 p. 32 Brown, Allison 4 p. 32 Brown, Debra 4 p. 32 Brown, Hal 4 p. 32 Brown, Velvet 4 p. 32 Brumley, Marion 4 p. 32 Bryant, Floyd 4 p. 32 Brynterson, Teresa 4 p. 32 Burger, Robert 4 p. 32 Burns, Pat 4 p. 32 Burns, Renee 4 p, 33 Butler, Richard 4 p. 33 Campos. Amos 4 p. 33 Carney, Michael 4 p. 33 Carranza, Roger 4 p. 33 Carroll, Matthew 4 p. 33 Carter, Phyllis 4 p. 33 Cash, Sheene 4 p. 33 246 7 Senior Index Senior Index Chaney, John 4 p. 33 Chavolla, Armando 4 p. 33 Christie, John 4 p. 33 Clark, Charles 4 p. 33 Cole, Allen 4 p. 33 Contreras, Anna 4 p. 33 Cook, Lori 4 p. 33 Cook, Tami 4 p. 34 Corcelli, Vikki 4 p. 34 Cowan, Robert 4 p. 34 Cox, Adrienne 4 p, 34 Cox, Jennifer 4 p. 34 Cox, Tina 4 p. 34 Craft, Cathy 4 p. 34 Creager, Ann 4 p. 34 Croft, Teresa 4 p. 34 Curtis, Cheryl 4 p. 34 Curtis, Katherine 4 p. 34 Daniels, Todd 4 p. 34 Davis, Jeffrey 4 p. 34 De La Cruz, Clement 4 p. 35 Dchart, Sheri 4 p. 35 Delarosa, Robert 4 p. 35 Delbridge, Robert 4 p. 35 Dirks, Kimberly 4 p. 35 Doyle, Kathleen 4 p. 35 Driskill, Joe 4 p, 35 Dukes, Richard 4 p. 35 Earl, Kristi 4 p, 35 Elder, Darrell 4 p. 35 Ellis, Delores 4 p. 35 Evans, Derrick 4 p, 35 Falcon, Liza 4 p. 35 Falcon, Virginia 4 p. 35 Fatherree, Kristy 4 p, 35 Felfe, Terri 4 p. 36 Fennel1,Diedra 4 p. 36 Fenton, Keith 4 p. 36 Florez, Lydia 4 p. 36 Fowler, Robert 4 p. 36 Foy, Craig 4 p. 36 Franke, Patricia 4 p. 36 Franklin, Mark 4 p. 36 Franks, Todd 4 p. 36 Garcia, Raul 4 p. 36 Gardner, Kristen 4 p, 36 Gardner, Laurie 4 p. 36 Gartman, Cindy 4 p. 36 Gee, Russell 4 p. 36 Geldard, Kevin 4 p. 36 Gerhart, William 4 p. 37 Getchell, Karen 4 p. 37 Gilbert, Lisa 4 p. 37 Gilliam, Danny 4 p. 37 Goldsmith, Amy 4 p. 37 Gomez, Theresita 4 p. 37 Greig, Steven 4 p. 37 Griffay, Coda 4 p. 37 Griffin, Lisa 4 p. 37 Growa1d,O1af4 p. 37 Hamman, Robert 4 p. 37 Harrell, Glenda 4 p. 38 Harris, Kelly4 p. 38 Harris, Rufus 4 p, 38 Herr, Gayle 4 p. 38 Herrera, John 4 p. 38 Herzog, Augustine 4 p. 38 Hill, Amanda 4 p. 38 Hill, Courtney 4 p. 38 Hill, Robert 4 p. 38 Hodges, Allen 4 p. 38 Hodges, Elsie 4 p, 38 Holloway, Laura 4 p. 38 Holmes, Theo 4 p. 38 Howard, Kurt 4 p. 38 Huck, Deborah 4 p. 38 Hudson, Kevin 4 p. 38 Humphries, Rhonda 4 p. 39 Jackson. Debra 4 p. 39 Jackson, Donna 4 p. 39 Jackson, Mignon 4 p. 39 James, Margo 4 p. 39 Jarratt, Jason 4 p. 39 Jay, Nick- p. 39 Jenkins, Anthony 4 p. 39 Jenkins, Jerri 4p. 39 Jennings, Julie 4 p. 39 Jernigan, Penny 4 p. 39 Jett, Gene 4 p. 39 Johnson, Cynthia 4 p. 40 Johnson, Issac 4 p. 40 Jones, David 4 p, 40 Jones, Judy4p. 40 Jones, Julie4 p. 40 Jopling, James4p. 40 Joyce, Vince 4 p. 40 :to, Kimberly A p. 40 ehn, David A p. 40 ng, Donald A p. 40 ,Qui A p. 40 amer, Mark A p. 40 ggett, Tammi A p. 40 tson, Tracy A p. 41 wellcn, Robert A p. 41 wis, Christopher A p. 41 ndsey, Lori A p. 41 redo, Alicia A p. 41 wery, Glenda Ap. 41 ons, Angie A p. 41 ons, William A p. 41 aag, Sydney A p. 41 allow, Meredith A p. 41 alone, Michael A p. 41 anuel, Monica A p. 41 arquez, Melinda A p. 41 artin, Ann A p. 41 assey, Laura A p. 41 atteson, Mary A p. 42 atthews, Sean A p. 42 auser, Mark A p. 42 azy, Katheryn A p. 42 cAdams, Terry A p. 42 41eAdoo, Ricky A p. 42 -'1cGaughy,Tannah A p. 42 fIcLain, James A p. 42 l1cLane, Michael A p. 42 f1cNeese, Deborah A p. 42 flillcr, Merle A p. 42 fiiller, Michael A p. 42 fiillican, Michael A p. 42 f1illigan,Cathleen A p. 42 fiontgomery, Laurie A p. 42 flontroy, Delicia A p. 42 flooney, Everett A p. 43 flooney, Pamela A p. 43 floore, Teresa A p. 43 floreland, Mark A p. 43 Aurrin, Steve A p. 43 slelson. Mitchell A p. 43 Nlewman, Georganna A p. 43 slorlander, Carolyn A p. 43 slorman, Keri A p. 43 Jberg, Harold -- p. 43 J'Connor, Virginia A p. 43 Dge, Kenneth A p. 43 Dwens, Diana A p. 43 Palm, Chris A p. 43 Parr, Angela A p. 44 Patchin, Timothy A p. 4 Patterson, David A p. 44 Patton, Robert A p. 44 Pearce, Blake A p. 44 Pedigo, Kevin A p. 44 Petterson, Lori A p. 44 Pierce, Duane A p. 44 Pincda, Michael A p. 44 Pincda, Ronald A p. 44 Pollard, Darren A p. 44 Powell, Jack A p. 44 Powell, Vanessa A p. 44 Purnell, Julius A p. 44 Pyeatt, Sharla A p. 44 Ramirez, Elisse A p. 45 Ramos, Leonard A p. 45 Rasmussen, Jody A p. 45 Read, Robert A p. 45 Reese, Timothy A p. 45 Reyes, David A p. 45 Rice, Lisa A p. 45 Risenhoover, Kyle A p. 45 Roberts, Paula A p. 45 Robertson, Lesslie A p. 45 Rodriquez, Anna A p. 45 Rogers, Dawn A p. 45 Ruiz, Victor A p. 45 Russell, Oliva A p. 46 Rychlowski, Edward A p. 46 Sadler, Becky A p. 46 Sanders, Virginia A p. 46 Schafrick, Bridget A p. 46 Shaffer, Karen A p. 46 Shinsei, Chikako A p. 46 Shipman, Alan A p. 46 Shirley, Kate A p. 46 Short, Ronald A p. 46 Shosid, Sharon A p. 46 Sl'le, Salina A p. 46 Sloan, Sandra A p. 46 Smith, Adolphus A p. 46 Smith, George A p. 46 Smith, Kelly A p. 46 Smith, Latisa A p. 47 Smith, Laurie A p. 47 Smith, Porshore A p. 47 Smith, Shawn -- p. 47 Snyder, Tonja A p. 47 Sotelo, Rudy A p. 47 Soto, Ines A p. 47 Southern, Amanda A p. 47 Spencer, Robert A p. 47 Spencer, Tina A p. 47 Spero, Zorina A p. 47 Spivey, Pamela A p. 47 Stafford, Reginald A p. 48 Strong, Peggy A p. 48 Taylor. Rodney A p. 48 Thach, Melissa A p. 48 Thompson, Kenneth A p. 48 Thompson, Lisa A p. 48 Thompson, Susanna A p. 48 Thorn, Ron A p. 48 Thorpe, Melissa A p, 48 Tims, Scott A p. 48 Trotter, Eric A p. 48 Tullis, Christine A p. 48 Urquhart, Thomas A p. 48 Van Aken, Johnny A p. 49 Vandever, Tammy A p. 49 Vargas, Elsa A p. 49 Vargas, Vivian A p. 49 Wagner, Carrie A p. 49 Waites, Will A p. 49 Waldon, Larry A p. 49 Walker, Gregory A p. 49 Walker, Kevin A p. 49 Walraven, Taylor A p. 49 Watson, Doreen A p. 49 Webb, Kenneth A p. 49 Wells, Gary A p. 49 Werland, Lutricia A p. 49 West, Blake A p. 49 Westerheide, Tom A p. 50 Westfall, Garrett A p. 50 Whitaker, Cynthia A p. 50 Whitaker, John A p. 50 White, Darren A p. 50 White, Scott A p. 50 Wiggins, Thomas A p. 50 Wilcox, Patricia A p. 50 Wilk, Deborah A p. 50 Willy, Buddy A p. 50 Wise, Michelle A p. 50 Wiseman, Wayne A p. 50 Woodard, Diane A p. 50 Woodson, Angela A p. 50 Woodson, Glen -- p. 50 Woolen, Jerome A p. 51 Workman, Steve A p. 51 Wright, Angela A p. 51 Yager, Gage A p. 51 .4 9-1' .J V . , . .. f ur Q . .Q 'WW ff r., Il, ' .- Q' I. .. 4 , . u,ff z an-'Q0'i"f' 3' JV MQ. a yy, U. of 2 6 1 S 1 1 1 a E 2 i 1 1 4 4 ,, , v V if 1 X, ,,X1: g! 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" s ii 9 I: 4, 4 IH 'W rg . ff? E552 mul Q g . a if X f, r .xi , A fe ,N ns m 2 K? 1 V Q W FQ E 'E , sw . . ,+MR'j, 83,1 Www LW' M fm' 'K ,W ,wwxggri W ns' 1 A E :Q li K H L H 5 yi 1 I I 3 mp: ' I 1 - - f K ww'riff'maidQffl3alwfawewmz-wfwawiwxffxissiwamwawwvmmmskmimwrwwm m,af:w:,.,f wrzmxvvfv' LWFaww:4-:fMb?:x.1fw5fmmwmfafmsfmwmfvcwiffpmiifniwaakvzmh:rizzsf21 fy" w 1 W: , - f . N, :M-ffm' 'murzwrvfwt History of Arlington Heights Remembered As the Fort Worth Independ- ent School District began its sec- cond century of operation, Arl- ington Heights High School looked back upon fifty years of servicing the families in its district. Citizens of the Heights area voted to establish this district in 1905, the first school was a 522,000 two-story building located on the north side of Camp Bowie Boulevard. It opened in 1909 and served as both a primary and secondary school for students. The popula- tion increased and in 1922 the first high school was built at a cost of Sl00,000. These buildings are now the teacher's center. In 1922 the City of Fort Worth also annexed the Arl- ington Heights District. This ac- tion was met with little opposi- tion because citizens felt the result would be better schools. Four years later, the District built the W.C. Stripling Junior- Senior High School on Clover Lane. The 7.4 acre site was the second largest in the system at that time. This school is now a middle school. Plans for a S330,957 senior high school were approved by the Fort Worth School Board on January 25, 1936. Preston Geren was the architect for the new school building which was built by the Works Progress Ad- ministration. Formal presenta- tion of the new Arlington Heights Senior High School took place on October 27, 1937. The new building boasted a 1000-seat auditorium with scientifically ad- justed acoustics and a special music room built beneath the stage, a gymnasium with folding bleachers, and an air-flow heating system which made it possible to heat any part of the building for special occasions. The visitors were impressed with schoolis 25 classrooms located on a 32-acre site, which was also utilized for physical education and spacious playing fields on the south and west side of the cam- pus. A bandstand and an a pitheater, seating 3,000, was als a part of the extensive landsca ing which also included a larg fish pond surrounded by shrub bery and flower gardens locate in front of the building. Extensive renovations began i 1979. When the work was co pleted, Heights had air condi tioning, an activities center, an a new two-story building. Thi building "transformed" the pati into an open air courtyard an became the lab rooms fo physical science classes. Th building also holds a greatly im- proved band room and a larg library. Today Arlington Heights ha 1550 students. It,s alumni in clude such celebrities as singe John Denver, actress Bett Buckley and the late autho Tommy Thompson. Sixty Feet of the front yar will be taken sometime next yea for the widening of the Wes Freeway. W. C. Stripling Junior High School, shown above, was once the high school for the Arlington Heights district. 254 f History aerial view shows the Heights campus in 1966. Bordering Hulen street in the west parking lot was a Greek-style amphitheatre. Q ' E ,. , 5 r M--.1 Q N' "' """""'tl..iliW s .. . at 5tfd.ff'IQ',i"f"Z"5"iv,"'l""a""' 1- -- W- 1 t s W--e f.!G 'wmv 115 . sl.: 4 A' ' ' ' an sl! Q., .1 . . Q 4.04, ",. . 5 - shows the front yard just after completion. The pile ofdirt shows where land was cleared for the trees now in front. The vane on the tower had an owl on one end and an eagle on the other. Vandals stole the weather vane around I964. History f 255 ' EDITOR,S PAGE x Academic Aaron Aardvark, staff mascot, returned to the pub over Christmas break to show he has pledged the college frat, Tha Delta Kappa. Special Thanks Photographers Doris Baker Stanley Joe Larry Barnes Virginia Sanders David DiX0H Vivian Vargas Russell Gee Ron McManus Mrs. Gene Thompson Scott Tims 256 f Editor's Page Editor's note: Being editor of any publication regardless of its size, is an awesome responsibility. My sincere thanks go to Mr. Larry Barnes, Yellow Jacket sponsor, for putting me in this position where I have learned much more than just the graphic aspects of yearbooking. I have come a long way in learning to deal with peo- ple, and I have gained much in- sight into all the people and things that compose AHHS. At this time I also wish to thank the Yellow Jacket staff for their support, hard work, and devotion to a cause. Without their efforts, we could not enjoy this 50th volume Yellow Jacket. Renee Baker People Cathy Craftl' Organizations Pam Mooney' Marion Brumley John Christie Courtney Cranz Robin Meyer Trey Quinn Susan Smelko Student Life Bobby Lewellenf Bryan Brendle Denise Boehm Laurie Montgomery Scott Prince Stephanie Reynolds Jeannie Tave Lisa Thompson Sports Mike Alread"' Martha Brigance Jay Dill Maggie McGrew Mark Mauser Will Waites 'kdenotes Section Heads , , , X - U' L5 ,iif S55 12 gf? Q gjkffgc' bb 1? in Q3 el K 4 fifiizf X fi if-a56,'0Ng'5i'1Q 0 f Vw '9 e 40 vyf '-SQ xg, L0 347s of GQ :QNX +, Q5 I ' Q 16 5 zu pp ff ARF' W 'RX 530662 Q 9' xi 'Ax W Q 7X r' ,C 'P Ns- CA Nr 1. ff 5 '14 ifqff 'Q Q 41 of Xb" ro" fi Sfmt Q- "? of' 'L-, 4-SX-n fx QI' A t I hs Q 'S ' ff f me f 4 gf-,fsf,f'Pf1, -Xp Q 4 x N Nm '5-ir 76 I Km ,.Q"o "' -L. QSO .ZX 'Um :fb 4 '22 'X fl., J-ia 21, 'fx ,Cx Q' P 7? fp Z4 1 Q C? W' Q7 .-5 Cx 3' 9' M C '72 O 'Qgof SVQMMQSNQCV fb X Y 3231 fildkfiiffff Q k9QiWmKDQQQfwQW as x, A QL, L5 N Wqgy 5 ' W ENDS Wg ia Siiifilgm Wy ,ssggggg fiii 3353232 gi fgii Eiga? fbg2Q3g3 fwilf we , gyflffiffifiiggmy 0599 5 Www bij YI? sjffiif X Q Q wg V - xxx V My Aww Aw M JVMWMMWJMMW MQW? will W M39 we MVZKWMJZWJ ljfvfjw WUW WZJWV Zlwmwifjbf M C, W N IWW W Zfffm QW N jJ'5i? ifwQ'jW,!7Jw ZUW W W WMO4yWf'j,,jLjpIZlMLf'u0f5 Og QMMW mZ5WTiLQWW0wfiw J W M Q! V MV W9 1 KMNOJ MLQUW WWW nn dO cg ULJOQ B JW W A MW W W 32829 NWNXQ QQEWOW6 5 'W 1 5 0 5 9Qg 5 f 5 my igwgfwwg WP QS? ig 3919555 wg? wiggigbjiggv WV QMMJW WWW? 1 M M WZ? fa im WMM? W JZMQMJWMW iw f W 7 m W,wf f W Mm M is Mg?M MMeW 7 Company Insult ,, -X . N '79 T! .SLJ "'2 ' ff 45 7, fi gfgifiif my QQ 2 62,0 N-J I N , - CJ 'Q O 6 'gf AC -3' Q 6 C1 8 Ycfzu Q Q04 Qaxsvcegfcm 'CCC' QX fx QL Q-I -xmfzxslifl' Gqffcaf' ' QQX fi' Q3 AQQ CC, 97 KX fx 'QCEQ . 4, -x ,S 4, 'N -ex 'CJA ' , Q- BQ ow f. fa G ,Q Q fqx Q Q2 fu Q, f-Q-A , , - 5, "Xi E Q. Q, fsih KLA .jf- Zf xx frmc, wo Ambgs Q ,,5xKSN.,x,gfyl QQ C x 1:20 Q7-22 ,OAXPAG igx D f .PQ ,A LJ A 'S cf ' k'Lf Rf C' fs Mdlff JDXX' QT Q fix Q P5 AA 'fffQfw','fv2QCGi A016 TZ, QQ JA Q, Z!! I ' Q Q-2. I f f- fx 'AQ 53' 95, QQQQP Q2 Q60 QQ. J? xf VA fi, 3 Magix 0 S X DN 59 SX g S? ' mg 'Ed . RNUYS 'N f- 5 Ng xi ,E 1 Q- qi .. vii Q' ' , ry? H 4, f-fx N'-,J is 6 Q Ni s BQS l px ST TX Q -J 1 . bm, 5 QW B. :Q Q. U, . , 6-SS YQ mg? N, fk 59WiWNf0 Q . .J 971 -' ff' r I ,D I, cb , 7 W xj'X4o1 ep? VQ QW My ,U W 'V fx b KYLS-fl I W J W N B if I ,X k x H!! Q KX-EJ AN- . c or wxjj NCP .,-" x I I v " MCH' ,VJ .0 U! ' IX U", iq "5 fx xfgxf Xwymy ' Eff NDJV .CO Q05 me S' K , Q 4 iU,L7M 2 DL . Sv ' W . Cy 3 W mf , , w4. LN w -PQ Q-NVQ!-6 N K 5 XXX J ,fx-X Tk-I 41 A MJ gfvqy i M A9 A' 1,952 YF wil 5 V S2 Q Wmy H V QQ- fav! 9 6 F3 5 . 3 VN 1'- N2 QQQQ N9 ui omFS,R'-3 -am-Nag -'-w'55'5-iQ.l, 139 Q i'3"l'Q- 1 ig' NP3i'H 'ik 'MQ' Qu kg yn-ww--' 1 Nia- -1:-:Q"a.N'1 Q 'D Q QNX'-gm QvQa+ Qs ,zu NNYQZ 3 NLE 1 N1 Eimx Q- X 11 3 Q aa ERN qigmxgt YK Nu QN- TQ QPNA Eg -N229

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