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- a wT IAS 729 eo, 2 } wW Mie “SBA LPL Pen gees GALe A oe gore Lf) a ae ss ise oe os f) OBR Atte Ck Poe, JIE Pr) so ‘sudos: Eee, | 1: nes an WNW ach | oF “30S OY adou, + ‘(edieg ul 3 3° SPs Yr ,s-4SD4 | , | +o OQ) - oROC YOu 31 | | em " asa embers ssooS + me! ied heal, t : y yy aa i —) oe Ba ee oF ar pak, ied OUD Voy SOD ATT, 4 i fsatro ae j y aii aces ee eis Ni sabe RR) ee ae NPs. Saar Gone = Son Win Be pe bel Beret epee: pene S oe ie SAL NS a yeateas ie eathiae ea eeay et SE Aes ASR AT ara in les ah a egres dea Saraten ste ee Mae eae natty Ret fee Asoc pcterigs ee rs Siar ener tre Pape an a eR re er ec ert heer oo SONY ar par ead e te ee ‘Tbeneaegsso Le pao Wn geet AYA Sa He ed ife e ing all of | f learn is a journey o! In a sense, and growing. Figd on Fi a = e HEIGHT pes ee eres eal eee i Heights Howdy Week Greets the Dazed Freshmen The freshmen were initiated into Heights high school life this year by the Student Council’s Howdy Week which is devised to orient the freshmen and other newcomers to Heights. The classes unified into one for this annual event (or events) and showed the freshmen the spirit and excitement of life on the hill. Activities began with the Howdy Week program which is a series of skits put on by campus organizations. Rollerskating, Young Life, Powder-Puff foot- ball, and Kiddie day followed during the next few days. It final- ly climaxed on Friday with the announcement of the Howdy Kings and Queens and the always popular Howdy Dance on the patio with Draco. together and pose for a picture. . ty i : Oa ss x } 4 a sc ie » ae ee Junior Powder-Puff Coaches Joe Driskell, Mark Mauser, Brad Baker, and kneeling Chris Lewis and Hal Brown gather to discuss the play calling of their team’s quarterback during halftime. 18 Howdy Week | Freshmen Howdy Queen Ginny Green and King David Dozier. Junior Howdy Queen Courtney Hill and King Tito De La Cruz. Senior Howdy King Brian Meek and Queen Stacy Hendrickson. 19 Howdy Week “I’m a bad mama-jama!” 20 Howdy Week rae nee aa ie ee ae ‘ ‘That water is cold!’ screams a drenched Leslie Howeth. An amazed freshman is taken aback by the extreme immensity of Howdy Week. a — mia Jennifer Nelson and Debbie Law show their school spirit in the Jeff Uecker waits to announce the class spirit winner. pep rally. Howdy Week 21 Parents See Heights at Open House Teachers and students alike welcomed parents to Arlington Heights October 26 for Open House which was sponsored by the PTC. Parents first gathered in the auditorium for orientation. At this time new principal, Mrs. Frances Alles, gave a short speech of welcome and honored the runners-up in the National Merit Scholarship Program. Per- formances by the Jacket Jazz and the band were also featured. After this meeting dispersed, parents visited their children’s classes and met their teachers. The PTC served refreshments in the library. Parents could watch advanced students working in the chemistry lab and view works done by students in the art rooms. The Jacket Jazz sold mugs outside the library and the Spirit of the Hill was on hand to guide lost parents. Other ac- tivities included a demonstration by the ROTC and an open rehearsal in the band hall. 22 Open House . i P.T.C. member Mrs. Loftin Witcher helps out at the bake sale. Parents stand in line to meet the ever-popular Mr. Wesley. % Rast Cara Palladino is taken aback by floods of Mrs. Parham and an attentive parent exchange ideas about art. visiting parents at Open House. Open House 23 Students Bring Enthusiasm Back to the Hill Heights’ Spirit was strong this year. Beginning with weekly football games and pep rallies, the student body began a rousing flurry of activities. The cheerleaders, in new uniforms and up-dated competi- tion styling, led us to an all time peak in yelling. The Jacket Jazz, Heights drill team, worked hard to provide entertainment for the crowds. They prepared new dances, routines, and drills which they performed for competition, games, and pep rallies. Spirit of the Hill supported our athletes by raising as much school spirit as possible. They led class yells and helped lead the cheers during pep rallies. They ran on the field before games and raised money by selling ribbons and pins. The band, dressed in all new uniforms, began practice late in the summer, and came to school early in the morning. This prac- tice resulted in new routines and compositions which they proudly performed for the students, the crowd at the games, and for com- petition and awards. The crowd excitedly invades the field after Heights’ victory. Ann Eastman and Hal Brown ham-it-up at a pep rally. “| goa eke eke AS Seth er ae ; - pon e Seniors Leslie Webster and Rhonda Stepp wait patiently for the announcement of the spirit cup. The Senior guys prove they have spirit during the class yell. Spirit 25 Leslie Webster Named ’81 Homecoming Queen. Homecoming 1981 was over- taken by the land of enchant- ment as it came to the Hill. This year instead of the various clubs decorating the halls, the classes competed stor prizesaaby decorating the patio to the theme of “The Wonderful World of Heights.” The Freshman class was awarded a fifty dollar prize for the winning decorations. Student Body President, Ted Trahan, announced at the pep rally that Leslie Webster had Deena clected = aSeatncmeco. Homecoming Queen. Her court consisted of Laura Otis, Rhonda Stepp, Michelle Mathisen, Gina Williams, Natalie Woodward, Patricia Horneffer, Lisa Simeno, Darla Bentley, Susan Burns, Beth Judson, Lauri Rapp, and Caroline Hernandez. Michelle Mathisen and father watch on as the halftime festivities take place. Leslie Webster receives a congratulatory hug from former Queen and friend, Pattie Brown. 26 Homecoming Rhonda Stepp is proudly escorted on the field by her father. Lisa Simeno looks on as ceremonies take place on the field. ‘ Sophomores set up Homecoming decorations before school on the patio for contest. Leslie Webster receives Queen’s honors. Homecoming 27 1981, The Year That Witnessed Up and Downs Assassinations and attempted assassinations rocked the world. Advances in engineering pushed America to the front in the con- quest for space exploration. It was a year with little chance for peace and calm. Two months after Ronald Reagan was elected president, an assassination on his life was at- tempted by John Hinckly, Jr. Although Reagan was wounded only slightly, his press secretary, James Brady, was seriously wounded. In Vatican City in Rome, Pope John Paul II, mak- ing a customary appearance in his open limousine, also was struck by the bullets of a would- be assassin from Turkey. On a more somber note, Anwar Sadat, president of Egypt, was felled by a barrage of bullets as he and other top-ranking military of- ficials sat reviewing a show of Egyptian strength. The ever-encroaching threat of Communism was evident in the satellite country of Poland. At- tempting to become more democratic and westernized, the country, led by labor leader Lec Walesa, was torn by labor strikes and civil uprisings protesting the presence of Russian armed forces inside her borders. Hit hard by a gripping winter, food shortages, and lack of fuel, the flames to an almost certain revolution raged dangerously close to military conflict. The world held its breath as Russian and Polish leaders edgily negotiated an uncertain peace. Elsewhere in the world, El Salvador was war-torn in throes of a political revolution backed by guerrilla forces. Israel annex- ed the Golan Heights, violating a treaty with the United Nations, much to the consternation of the U.A.R. Over the international 28 Current Events Prince Charles and Lady Diana wave to the admiring throngs of well-wishers. Glass towers reign supreme and majestic over Fort Worth’s ever-increasing skyline. waters of the Mediterranean, an air fight stunned the world when two Libyan jets attacked American military planes for be- ing over “Libyan territory.” The American jets retaliated and quickly shot down the attackers. On a happier note, the American kh ae hostages held captive for over a year in Iran were released to the joy of the free world. The pretty side of the interna- tional scene saw London decked out in wedding finery as Prince Charles, heir to the throne of England, wed Lady Diana President Anwar Sadat, known as a peacemaker, salutes his parading troops. Spencer. It was a summer of par- ties, parades, and pageantry. On the national scene, Ronald Reagan was sworn in as the for- tieth president of the United States. A conservative Republican, Reagan began im- plementing a new economic system, nicknamed “Reagan - omics” by the media. His plan, cutting many social programs and upping defense spending, was to reduce the estimated one trillion dollar deficit in the government budget. Branded a federalist, Reagan in- stituted a return of many of the federal agencies to the states. Locally, the downtown skyline was ever changing as glass towers from the City Center, Continental National Bank, and the First United Bank Towers loomed upward. Renovation of the older buildings downtown resulted in the Sundance Square, an area of several blocks dedicated to preserving Fort Worth’s old west heritage. | President Ronald Reagan delivers his state of the union message. Polish leader Lec Walesa urges the Poles to solidarity. Current Events 29 Ghosts and Goblins Haunt the Halloween Dance Could Heights be haunted? On Halloween night many ghosts and goblins arrived at Heights for the second annual Halloween Dance. Sponsored by the Student Council, the dance featured disc jockey Scott Teleford and his variety of music from new wave rock to the sounds of the Beatles. Everyone was encouraged to wear costumes and showed up as everything from Punk Rockers to the old stand-by Dracula and Wolfman get-ups. The dance was a success and has become a tradi- tion of The Hill. with their chins. 30 Halloween Mike Alread and Gayle Herr attempt to crush a jack-o-lantern Robert Wiggins rests after tearing up the dance floor in his disco clown suit. | : : Ci ve s oe Pa | A masked Heightster does his impression of a man with a Linda Bridgewater eats her treats hurriedly because of the ap- Halloween mask on. proach of a hunger-stricken photog. ie dn. i Baise la aes sat 84 4 Kes ) Brian Tarzan of the Apes Meek and Jennifer Jane DeMinico wistfully dance to “Jungle Love.” Diane Roberts shows her spirit on Halloween. Halloween 31 Thespians Produce Comedy “See How They Run” Old maids getting drunk, peo- ple being locked in closets, and mistaken identity were all part of the Drama and Performing Arts’ production of “See How They Run.” The plot of “See How They Run,” — a farce, takes place in a seemingly-mild- mannered, old English vicarage during World War II. The play was presented in four performances, two during the days of December 9th and 10th in the school auditorium. And two night performances at 7:30 on the 9th and 10th. Co- ordinating the performance was Director Mrs. Rosemary Burton and artistic directors Mrs. Bever- ly Fletcher and Miss Buzzy Owens. The Reverend Toop was played by Ted Trahan, senior, while Jennifer DeMinico and Jennifer Nelson, seniors, played his wife Penelope. Amy Brit- tingham, freshman, and Kristen Gardner, junior, were double- cast as Miss Skillen. And acting the part of Corporal Clive Winston was Sean Matthews, junior. Fernando Trujillo does his impression of a Russian spy. Ted Trahan tries desperately to remember his lines. Ted Trahan panics and attempts to escape the stage... ... but is restrained by an alert Jennifer Nelson. Play 33 — — Jennifer Nelson receives a call from an anonymous admirer. Kristen Gardner anxiously awaits Ted Trahan’s next line. 34 Play “What?” questions a cornered Richard Primm. Ricky Fernandez is stunned by Ted Trahan’s stage presence. Fernando Trujillo carries Ted Trahan off the stage. Play 35 College Night Opens Doors to Heightsters This year Arlington Heights college night was held on December 8. College represen- tatives were there to help both parents and students get better acquainted with the universities of their choice. College counselors brought with them applications, catalogs, and information concerning the requirements for admission, registration, and advanced place- ment tests. Students were eager to talk to the different counselors about college and their chosen field of study. Some colleges represented were Texas Christian University, Southern Methodist University, University of Texas at Austin and Baylor University. 36 College Night John Van Aken and Sandy Sloan make plans for college days. A worried mother wonders if Scott Tims will get into college. } Exchange Students Adapt to New Environment Jan Alfredson Jan Alfredson plans to return to Lund, Sweden in | July. He says he will miss the warm climate, short and easy school days, Heights football team, and cafeteria food. His favorite subject was Art with Mrs. Fletcher. Timo Heikkinen Timo Heikkinen says he is also going to miss the warm climate, Heights, and especially the football team. Next July when he plans to return to Oulu, Finland, he has a feeling he’s going to freeze to death. His favorite class was speech. Exchange Students 37 Elf Day Kicks Off Season of Joy On The Hill It was the time of year for Santas and reindeer, Christmas trees and snowflakes, frosty air and doorways covered with mistletoe. It was Christmas! The spirit arrived on the hill in grand style. The halls were filled with Student Council elves bringing their tidings of good cheee to all. The Christmas tree was on the scene in the main foyer. Decora- tions were provided by all the clubs at Heights. Each was asked to design a bird that would show their Christmas spirit. The band was also in the mood. They gave a free concert December 17 at the Hyatt Regency. The show was open to the public and selections includ- ed Sleigh Ride, Christmas Moods, and Yuletide Festival. For the needy families in the community, the Student Council also sponsored a canned goods drive. ct e we is ammmmar: at a@| “Hey, this isn’t an audition for Tinker Bell!” says Bobby Lewellen to Mary Keffer. 38 Elf Day kt ne A | Lisa Maddux, Denise Kirkly, Kristy Fatheree, Susan Patillo, Tiffany Davis, and Jenni fer Deminico wait for the holidays. Chilly Willy Waites points Northward, reminding everyone that Santa is watching. Elf Day 39 Who We Are, What We Like, and What We Do... The typical Heights girl can be found after school and on week- ends at the country club, a friend’s house, or Speak-Easy. Her favorite foods are Mexican Food, Guacca-Burgers, and salads. The style she favors most in clothes is the casual preppy look — oxford-cloth blouses, skirts, and loafers. She attended the Senior sponsored Luau Dance and all the Student Council Dances and the Carnival. The Heights girl could be heard at all the pep rallies and games supporting the teams in true spirit. SONGS: The Stroke — Billy Squire, Bette Davis Eyes — Kim Carnes, Too Much Time on My Hands — Styx, Jessie’s Girl — Rick Springfield g TV SHOWS: Hill Street Blues, Hart to Hart, Dallas, Taxi, Friday’s SAYINGS: “Massive,!” “Awesome,” “Gag me raw,” “To the max,” “Take off!” 40 Heights — 1982 a“ —— - The Way We Are (and Were) — A.H.HSS. ’82 Heights typical guy has varied interests — everything from sports to music — from cars to clothes. He can be found, depending on the day of the week, at TGI Friday’s, Joe T. Garcia’s, Galligaskins, or at a friend’s house. Dressing for comfort style and looks, the Heights guy wears boots and jeans, the preppy look, or whatever seems most comfortable. Jobs afforded money for cars, gasoline, and dates. MOVIES: Superman II, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Arthur, Ordinary People, Elephant Man, American Werewolf in London, Raging Bull. FADS: Designer jeans, decorated shoelaces, “preppy look,” Rubik’s Cubes, Rubik’s anything (triangle, oc- tagon, etc.), video games, jogging. | CARS: Anything that the hands could be laid on. (Volkswagens, Pintos, Porsches, etc.) Heights — 1982 41 Student Talent Shines in Heights Highlights The bright spotlight of pro- spective fame shone down upon talented and versatile students of the Hill once again as the fourth annual Heights Highlights got underway on January 28. Lucky students who viewed the divided performances at third and fifth periods were treated to spirited renditions by dancers, bands, comedy acts, and the Jacket Jazz, who also sponsored the event. The Arlington Heights Stage Band was on hand to per- form in between numbers. An additional performance was given that evening for parents who wished to attend. ¢ ‘ ¥ B z. : F : - 3 = ie . Sei aii aie Py oe ‘Wiles ER Ran aes Chris Bellamy gives it all he’s got. Two members of “Eclipse” wow the audience with their fast and fancy footwork. 42 Heights Highlights | i | ee Sa Se Chris Lewis and Brian Meek wince as the crowd boos another joke. “T did it my way...” croons Jennifer Nelson. Oe chips pgs MOSER PAS EMAL PSDB LDS: ease Eager students Mike Alread, Tom Urquhart, and Ted Trahan prepare the equipment for their class projects in Comedy I. Heights Highlights 43 AON ips at anemia ee Te Be a ’ states Bill Jordan. ° “Timing is crucial to comedy, sing Cindy Curtis and Amy Brittingham as a coy Brian Meek. ” b ees ees atten exon at be “You’re our little honey bun The Jacket Jazz patiently waits for the music to start. De ee ee ee 44 Heights Highlights acoso ep h RMON SESSION BED soot este revcranssnkas tansesibe Oar wit - capieipdensobastivee na attend tae tte L petite pte esi ; tracts two freshman punkers. 1S fer Nelson willfully d i Jenn bed ir tail feathers shake the “ec to 1ence Frosh dancers urge the aud iE ina 10us Crim ici ill gets psyched up to attack a v Courtney H 9 ig Spender ith “B lence Ww Jacket Jazzers overwhelm the aud Heights Highlights 45 Valentine’s Day Brings Out Cupids at Heights Cupid Day arrived on Friday, February 12 with a lot of hearts. Each Student Council member was given five hearts to give to a student who earned the heart. An example of this is earning a heart by either carrying the books of a Student Council representative or sharpening their pencil. In return the student was rewarded with a heart. At the end of the day the boy and girl with the most hearts was chosen Mr. and Miss Irrestible. The Student Council also sold carnations for seventy-five cents apiece. Each student could send one to his or her Valentine, thus ending up the day smelling quite nice. 46 Cupid Day i md Will Waites and Co. get ready to launch into their Valentine Day spiel. Cupid Alexis Anders distributes carnations. sail Ce i A cupid copies a model’s smile from the magazine. a Mary Keffer wonders what else could possibly go wrong. Cupid Day 47 48 Student Council Establishes New Traditions Under the guidance of Student Council President Ted Trahan, the Executive Board led a fruit- ful and productive year. With the aid of Mary Keffer, Vice- President; Courtney Hill, Secretary; and Mike Alread, Treasurer, the Council approved and executed several new and im- aginative events. Turkey Day involved various teachers gobbling over the an- nouncements to raise money for needy families. A Christmas can drive helped provide meals to shut-ins in the area. A school-wide carnival was in- troduced to Heights. All clubs and organizations were represented by various booths. Traditional events were also alive and very well. Howdy Week, Elf-Grams, Spring Fever Week, and Cupid-Grams all went off with the usual bang. ook Treasurer, Mike Alread Secretary, Courtney Hill 50 Student Council «yj | Mr. Larry Barnes, Sponsor Senior Junior Councilman-at-Large Councilman-at-Large Jennifer DeMinico Tom Urquhart feel Sophomore Freshman “It’s upside down!” says Ted Trahan to a confused Mrs. Councilman-a-Large Councilman-at-Large | Hickox as they prepare for the Homecoming slide show. Carlos Mendoza Lou Murrin Student Council 51 The student directory, a mon- thly calendar, and meeting agen- das were responsibilities of this year’s Handbook Committee. Ann Creager led marathon typing sessions in an effort to deliver the directories in time for the Christmas Holidays. The directefy was included in this year’s Publications package, but students were able to buy them separately for a small charge. Counting Turkey Day gobbl- ing contest ballots was one of the SECOND ROW: Ann Creager, Bobby Lewellen, Kristi Fatheree, Laura Roles. 52 Student Council Handbook and Elections Give Time to Council specialized duties of the Student Council Elections Committee. Led by Chairperson Darlene Bridgewater, the committee spent many hours typing and designing ballots to be used by classes for their officer elections. Handbook Committee: FRONT ROW: Robin Meyers, Catherine Courtney, Cathleen Milligan, Rhonda Stepp, Diane Woodard. ens : Elections Committee: FRONT ROW: Natalie Woodward, Irma Trevino, Paige Buechley, Emily Albright. SECOND ROW: Darlene Bridgewater, Karen Barlow, Lisa Maddux, Susan Patillo, Linda Norris. BACK ROW: Tom Urquhart, Brian Meek, Dorenda Branch, Tiffany Davis, Bobby Lewellen, Stanley Joe. Student Council 53 Led by Bill Jordan, this year’s Public Relations committee was responsible for advertising Stu- dent Council activities. Newly instituted subcommit- tees gave council members a variety of responsibilities ranging from providing good will throughout the community to ee of é J 3 % ‘ x F Sua ee ge 4 Public Relations and Programs Accent Council providing homeroom parties. Creative announcements were aired proclaiming Student Coun- cil meetings and activities. Under the Chairperson Gayle Herr, the guidance of Programs committee began the year by decorating and selling refreshments for the Howdy and ee. : hace” é are «ocean e es Halloween dances. Preparing the Library for Council meetins and passing out reports and agendas were also jobs of this committee. Elf and Cupid Grams were designed by the Programs Com- mittee while active Council members delivered them. Public Relations Committee: FRONT ROW: Natalie Woodard, Laura Roles, Catherine Courtney, Gayle Herr, Lisa Maddux, Courtney Moore, Cathleen Milligan, Julie Jennings, Lisa Gilbert, Diane Woodard. SECOND ROW: Susan Patillo, Darlene Bridgewater, Robin Meyers, Ann Creager, Irma Trevino, Michelle Holmes, THIRD ROW: Karen Barlow, Jennifer DeMinico, Rhonda Stepp, Suzanne McGown, Jill Needham, Nick Jay, T ina Hames, Hal Brown. BACK ROW: Bill Jordan, Will Waites, Tom Urquhart, Brian Meek, Dorenda Branch, Denise Kirkley, Tiffany Davis, Missy Hendrix, Richard Sanders, Bobby Lewellen, Stanley Joe. 54 Student Council ee a AAA Ae ig 4 a. 4 = J Programs Committee: FRONT ROW: Gayle Herr, Susan Patillo, Courtney Moore, Camille Curry. SECOND ROW: Jennifer DeMinico, Linda Norris, Vicki England, Alexis Ander. BACK ROW: Karen Barlow, Denise Kirkley, Tina Hames, Kristen Boyd. ie Bill Jordan, Public Relations Chairman. Gayle Herr, Programs Chairman. Student Council 55 The Band Shines in New Corps-Style Uniforms New Corps-Style uniforms highlighted this year’s marching season, United with Corps-Style marching, the band boosted spirits during halftime to the tunes of “Theme from Patton,” “‘Tempation,’’ and ‘‘Hello Again.” Under the field direction of Jeff Wright and Tina Hanes, the band received a rating of “ex- cellent” at both city, and U.I.L. competition. Om, 1982 Band and Flag Corps Officers: FRONT ROW: Cecily Stogsdill, Lorie Haire, Cindy Whitaker. SECOND ROW: Tina Hames, Jeff Wright. BACK ROW: Sean Price, Robert Burger, Tom Urquhart, Mike Alread, Jim Jopling. ii Jim Jopling and Richard Yaws slide through | Cheri Grant prepares for a bell solo in “Hello Again.” an arrangement of “St. Mark’s Square.” | Joyce Hryekewicz and Marla Tinius anxious- | ly wait to play the Fight Song. The 1982 Arlington Heights High School Marching Band Band 57 Flag Girls Twirl School Colors at Halftime AM The 1982 Flag Corps: FRONT ROW: Lorie Haire, Cindy Whitaker. SECOND ROW: Judy Martin, Brenda Swales, Enise Roberts, BACK ROW: Carla Sanford, Cecily Stogsdill, Cheri Smith, Sharon Hatfield, Caren Pack. Mrs. Sara Smith, Director Caren Pack performs a slam to “On Broadw 58 Flag Corps Tonya Curtis, | ay.” dew s through “Eat’em Up.” Chris Bellamy contemplates his next entrance. i lll i i Zs Mike Alread leads the trombone Jason Jarratt and Steve Cook are inspired by the lyrics of the “Alma Mater.” Band 59 Jacket Jazz Competes in Drill Team Festival The Second Annual Drill Team Festival took place in Galveston Dec. 12. The Jacket Jazz, the only team invited from the city, performed a fifteen minute program. A pop routine, to the music of ‘Tomorrow’, a dance routine, to Devo’s “The Girl You Want,” and a high kick routine to “Happy Days Are Here Again” made up their per- formance. The officers danced to Pat Benatar’s “Promises in the Dark.” This and the prop routine were choreographed by Tammy Farris. The girls were judged in three categories; audience appeal, showmanship, and general ap- pearance. In each category they were judged on variety, originali- ty, and precision. To raise money for the trip, the Jazz sold calendars and gave a student demonstration. “We practiced a lot and work- ed very hard,” said Tammy, ’we represented the school and Fort Worth.” The girls worked until 6 pm on weekdays and 10 hours on the weekend. ““We’re new, but we tried hard. Many of the other teams have ex- isted for years,” said Barbara Taylor, sponsor. = Barbara Taylor, sponsor Jacket Jazz co-captains Tammy Farris and Caroline Hernandez. 60 Jacket Jazz Front Row: Co-Captain Caroline Hernandez. Second Row: Co-Captain Tammy Farris. Back Row: Lisa Gilbert, Second Lieute- nant; Tracy Williams, First Lieutenent; Pam Hopkins, First Lieutenant; Yolanda Garcia, Second Lieutenant; Brigitte Jacobs, First Lieutenant. ee ie ie oe 0B: a WT as i i ee ‘ 5 ve a Jacket Jazz: Front Row: Caroline Hernandez, co-captain; Tammy Farris, co-captain; Second Row; Sandy La Valley, Ginger Cambell, Renae Enos, Vaness Powell, Angie Hernandez, Brigitte Jacobs, first lieutenant. Third Row: Carla Enos, Lisa Gilbert, se- cond lieutenant; Debbie Wentz, Sharon Alezander, Michelle Butler, Judy Oliver, Yolanda Garcia, second lieutenant. Back Row: Debbie Blessing, Cheryl Franklin, Tracy Williams, first lieutenant; Pam Hopkins, first lieutenant; Tina Nelms, Amanda Hill, Sharon Palmore. Jacket Jazz 61 Orchestra Tunes Up Another Successful Year The AHHS Orchestra enjoyed another successful year under the direction of Mr. Paul Smith. The orchestra gave a Christmas con- cert as entertainment for the residents of TCU’s Foster Dorm. The orchestra’s quintet per- formed for the enjoyment of many throughout the year. In the Spring, the orchestra joined with the drama depart- ment to produce the musical, “Oklahoma.” Officers Joyce Hryekewicz, President, Tina Hames, Vice- President, Vivian Vargas, Secretary-Treasurer, and Lori Haire, Librarian, led the orchestra. ORCHESTRA: FRONT ROW: Shirley Sarn Jill Bowles, Tina Hames, Vivian Vargas, Esther pee BACK ROW: Clifford Thompson, Deanna Wiseman, Joyce Hryekewicz, Robert Spencer, Jason Jarret, Rosemary Alvariz, Lori Haire. 62 Orchestra National Honor Society Begins New Tradition This year, the National Honor Society along with their annual events and sales, started a new tradition at Heights. The club members, in Halloween apparel, delivered messages tied to stalks of weeds which were called Halloweeds. Other projects of the club included the annual Se Blood Drive and Rubik’s Cube ee a Sale, which was a great success. i i me The induction ceremony for new ola sigpastgers Ss f members ended a terrific year for | ee a a f : National Honor Society Club ) NHS sponsors: Mrs. Marilyn Bettes and Mr. Arch Vanmeter. members NSH: Front Row: Julie Jennings, Junior Representative, Jeff Uecker, Treasurer, Donna Stuart, President, Christie Brittingham, Vice President, Darla Thornton, Secretary. Second Row: Cathleen Milligan, Paula Roberts, Laura Hartman, Terry Gomez, Jonnell Boyd. Third Row: Miriam Brumley, Renee Baker, Sarah Bennett, Regina Ward, Laura Baumhardt, Tina James. Fourth Row: Jeanne Puelma, Ann Creager, Pam Mooney, Courtney Hill, Melissa Thatch, Raul Garcia, Julius Pernell. Back Row: Laurie Mon- tgomery, Wendy Cochrane, Lauri Rapp, Cathy Craft, Denise Boehm, Tres Morris, Amanda Hill, Ted Trahan, Vickie O’Connor, Mike Alread, Tammy Schrum, Pat Horneffer, Jim Wood, Chris Bertram, Paula Branshaw. National Honor Society 63 Whiz Quiz Kids Engage in Mental Challenge The Whiz Quiz team has been active again this year. They lost their first competition to Dun- canville by a score of 330-180 on September 15. They had a “wild card” spot for future games. Steve Cook, captain, led the group which included Chris Ber- tram, senior, Tracy Ward, sophomore, and Chris Bellomy, junior. The alternate was Suzy Bertram, freshman. The team’s sponsor was Mr. David Kamin, math teacher. They practiced before school in the library and took their ques- tions from Encyclopedia Britan- nica. Also several teachers wrote questions. Whiz Quiz sponsor: Mr. David Kamin. Whiz Quiz 1981-82: Front Row: Tracy Ward, Suzy Bertram. Back Row: Steve Cook, Joyce Hyrekewicz, Mr. David Kamin, Chris Bertram. 64 Whiz Kids A Capella Choir Performs in All-City and UIL Under the direction of Mrs. Donna Norton, the A Cappella Choir competed in several com- petitions this year. Highlights included UIL Solo and Ensemble Contests, and an All-City Choir Concert. The choir also presented a Christmas and Spring Concert to the school. New performance gowns and suits accented the year. HE 1982 A CAPELLA CHOIR: FRONT ROW: Debbie Rhame, Karen Perkins, Becky Montez, Lorena Lopez, Patty Adams, | isa Griffeth, Barbara Bruce, Star Mosley, Leanne Hukkala, Amy Floyd. SECOND ROW: Sylvia Jackson, Terry Ladd, Patricia |.ee, Theresa Doberspike, Martha Rudder, Jennifer DeMinico, Linda McCoy, Steve Shrill, Kurt Daniels. THIRD ROW: Fernando lujillio, Danny Oge, Rhonda Hammond, Vicky Clark, Jennifer Nelson, Chris Clinch, Robbie Reel, Kristen Gardner, Rhonda liver, Patricia Wilcox, Lutricia Werland. FOURTH ROW: Yolanda Hammonds, Chris Dickinson, Ricky Fernandez, Mike {cMurtray, Richard Prim, Lonnie Phipps, Joanne Irvin, Charles Clark, Tammy Hodges, Steve Workman, Theresa Dalrymple. A Capella Choir 65 Spirit of the Hill Raises Tradition and Pride Selling Spirit Links and acting as guides at Open House were only a few of the many activities of this year’s Spirit of the Hill. Freshmen benefited from their help during registration. Nineteen Seniors, twenty Juniors, fourteen Sophomores, and twelve Freshmen made up this elective organization. 4 S.0.H. OFFICERS: FRONT ROW: Co-Presidents, Mary Keffer and J ef: S.O.H. Sponsor: Mr. David Greer. SECOND ROW: Treasurer, Leigh Kauffman; Secretary, Diane Roberts. ; Jennifer Moore and Mindy Martin exemplify the true ... It’s the place we love the best, dear old A.H.S.” Jacket spirit after the victorious Southwest game. 66 SOH =] Junior Chairpersons: Jay Bell and Sharla Pyeatt. Sophomore Chairperson: Catherine Courtney. Freshmen Chairpersons: Linda Howell and Brett Helmer. SOH 67 68 SOH SENIOR SPIRIT OF THE HILL: FRONT ROW: Lisa Simeno, Jennifer Moore, Leigh Kauffman, Diane Roberts, Mindy Martin, Darla Bentley. SECOND ROW: Russell Gardner, Adam Fleming, Jeff Uecker, Kelly Rogers, Brian Meek, Duke Chairez. THIRD ROW: Rhonda Stepp, Beth Judson, Leslie Webster, Anna Clinkscale, Marji Arnold, Mary Keffer. ee SOPHOMORE SPIRIT OF THE HILL: FRONT ROW: Catherine Courtney, Leslie Collier, VAS, Lazaano, Susan Cowley, | Stacy Gafford, Missy Hendrix. SECOND ROW: Gary DeHart, Trey Hodge, Houston Morford, Scott Youngblood, Troy now Carlos Mendoza, Jimmy Snyder. | JUNIOR SPIRIT OF THE HILL: FRONT ROW: Amy Goldsmith, Sheri DeHart, Martha Brigance, Bunny Brown, Patti Franke, SECOND ROW: Cathleen Milligan, Julie Jennings, Sharla Pyeatt, Kristy Fatheree, Kristen Boyd. THIRD ROW: Clement De La Cruz, Shawn Smith, John Whitaker, JOe Driskell, Jeff Davis, BACK ROW: Mark Mauser, Pat Burns, Brad Baker, Jay Bell, and | Hal Brown. SERIE gH ELISE TR r soon Seneca SA 5 Me. 1) | FRESHMEN SPIRIT OF THE HILL: FRONT ROW: Missy Johnson, Mindy McKinney, Linda Howell, Amy Fox, Amy Franks, Angie Goff. BACK ROW: Brett Helmer, Tony Contreras, Anthony Chaumont, David Dozier, Chris Cheavroux, Tim Mauser. SOH 69 French Club Carries on Old French Traditions The French Club began a very exciting school year with their annual Fall Kick-off picnic featuring various field events. To keep within the French tradition, the group held a Christmas din- ner complete with authentic cuisine of their country. The In- ternational Day festivities were a success with the pastries A . prepared by Club members. a Once again, the French Club of- MN. AN |. -— — —— " ficers created a very eventful SPONSOR: Mrs. Gladys Bright; OFFICERS: Secretary Karen Barlow, Treasurer | school year for their members. Paula Branshaw, President Darla Bentley, Vice-President Bill Jordan. HM hE GR vi | ae toe FRENCH CLUB: FRONT ROW: Bill Jordan, Paula Bradsaw, Karen Barlow, Darla Bentley. SECOND ROW: Cheri Smith, Darls Thorton, Courtney Moore, Clair Covaleski, Lisa Maddux, Robin Burns, Marji Arnold, Missy Sandoval, Julie Lewis, Jenny | Holt, Laura Otis, Adele Jones, Mindy Martine. THIRD ROW: Carla Sanford, Lamonia Dikis, Andrea Payne, Dee Darby, | Elizabeth Branshaw, Mary Alice Jones, Sarah Jones, Joan Rolling, Stephanie DeLean, Roxan Rogers, Gens Walraven, Suzanna | Sparks, Liza Delanie, Debra Jones, Angela Wooten, Margo James, Debbie Vuillemont, Susan Flowers, Terri Gomez. FOURTH | ROW: Ginger Cambell, Gayle Herr, Jennifer Mayo, Karen Shaffer, Natalie Mims, Susan Bertram, Alysia Macchia, Jonnell Boyd, | | Lou Murrin, Jill Needham, Julie Hale, Stephanie Patten, Melinda Dogget, Cara Thorton, Susan Patillo, Mia Riley, Don Humber, Jimmy Otis, Alan Brants. FIFTH ROW: Bridgett Harris, Lisa Gilbert, Ted Trahan, Courtney Hill, Cynthia O’Connor, Kelly Smith, Hether Scott, Annette Mann, Wendy Cochrane, Derinda Branch, Andrea Pendery, Tony Garcia, Billy Vuillemont, Kelli | Franklin, Amy Fox, Susan Creager, Eric Euing, Rick Carney, BACK ROW: Darlene Bridgewater, Stanley Joe, Kate Shirley, Don- | na Stuart, Holly Houston, Brian Meek, Tiffany Davis, Mike Alread, Dee Dee Ellis, Patty Franke, Elsie Hodges, Kristi Fatheree, Stephanie Reynolds, Chris Lewis, Clement De La Cruz, Greg Williamson, Geoff Tadda, Alaine Capper, Tim Mausier, David Dozier, Sydney Maag, Meredith Mallow, Jeff Wolf. ; : 70 French Club German Students Participate in Novemberfest | Me Be Be oe en oe none Fun, food, and first prizes 3S iaaeeee highlighted Novemberfest that was held November 14. German students participated in various cultural, academic, and sports events. Academic activities included prose reading, and of major in- terest was the food fair. Fo r having such a small department, I feel we did very well,’ said Miss Marilyn Ankenbauer. H HHH Hu i ict German Club Officers: Chris Bertram, Treasurer, Debbie Vuillemot, President, Not Pictured; Angie Johnson, Vice-President od x ielachis yeh MRE RPTh PDR YD De EF pote J : : Arlington Heights German Club: FRONT ROW: Chris Hughes, Treasurer; Debbie Vuillemot, President; Mary Ozee, Alan Dewitt. SECOND ROW: Danny Gilliam, Billy Buillemot. BACK ROW: Chris Bertram, Joel Whitehouse, Harold Cusnick, Kathleen Doyle. German Club 71 Spanish Club Spices Up Heights The Spanish Club, sponsored by Miss Helen Hale, brought a “south of the border” flavor to Heights again this year. Led by Wendy Cochran, President, Ann Eastman, Vice President, and Amanda Hill, Secretary, the Spanish Club participated in In- ternational Day by selling various tasty Mexican dishes. , SPANISH CLUB: FRONT: Amanda Hill, Wendy Cochran, Ann Eastman, SECOND ROW: Monica Pena, George Gamez, Paige Buechley, Courtney Wall, Michelle Holmes, Angie Goff, Meagan Miteff, Liza Delaney, Angie Hernandez, Laura Segarra THIRD ROW: Tina Spencer, Terry Gomez, Kara Gallagher, Lamonia Diakis, Yolanda Garcia, Edith Cardenas, Tammy Farris, Camille Curry, Robbie Frick FOURTH ROW: Mister Gonzales, Robin Meyer, Kym Egan, Kate Shirley, Patricia Wilcox, Penny Jernigan, Liza Falcon, Sonja Williams, Linda Howell, Becky Dry, Amy Franks, Laura Roels, Ann Bolen, Gwen Liewsome, FIFTH ROW: Jay Bell, Nick Jay, Christy Baker, Susie Bittick, Michelle MOsquedo, Christie Brittingham, Suzanne McGown, Jan Foster, Mindy McKinney, Missy Johnson, Raul Garcia, Julius Purnell. 72 Spanish Club Ebony Voices Honor Black Musical Heritage Honoring Black History Week, the musical talents of the Ebony Voices were harmonized in a program the third week in February. This was a tribute to those Black musicians and com- posers who have enriched our musical heritage. Three essays read by group members and several songs highlighted this event. Selections included “What a Wonderful Change,” “If You Trust in Jesus,” “Jesus is the Way,” and “Learn How to Wait on Jesus.” Mrs. Evelyn Collins and Mrs. Jerrisue Willingham were spon- sors for the organization this year. ‘ww a Ebony Voices: Front Row: Cynthia Whitaker, Donna Ashton, Sharon Palmore, Darlene Bridgewater. Back Row: Mrs. Baker Collins, Lee Baker, Peggy Strong, Mrs. Willingham. lebony Voices: FRONT ROW: Cynthia Davis, Donna Ashton, Missy Woolen, Mignon Jackson, Brigette Jacobs. SECOND ROW: Cynthia Whitaker, Tracy Williams, Sharon Palmore, Darlene Bridgewater. BACK ROW: Gregory Bell, Lee Baker, Charles Darden, and Peggy Strong. Ebony Voices 73 Library Club Encourages Reading Awareness This year’s Library Club was very active at Heights with book drives and charity work for the Public Library. One of the goals for this year was to raise fines for library books from five-cents a day to five-cents an hour. Te ee oe Club members held lectures on ne rr subjects designed to attract op- = timum student response. Topics 1 eee such as the proper way to install oo lightbulbs, was one of the most popular lectures. “We started with a goal, to go in there and read,” said Debbie Law. , Other activities included pro- Z moting Book Awareness Week Fi and arranging reams of books ac- cording to the prescribed decimal . system. Library Club Stewards: Front Row: Mary Keffer and Courtney Hill. me : = rat | ; ” : 2 e@an 8a apr, e iY ri 7 ; ’ ne re a s wos AS : Si a: EF: — eee so ne The 1981-1982 Library Club: FRONT ROW: Bill Jordan, Stanley Joe, Mary Keffer, Debbie Law, and Courtney Hill. BACK ROW: Mike Alread, Ted Trahan, Mr. Larry Barnes, Mrs. Marilyn Bettes, Mrs. Kaye Hickox, and Mrs. Jo Adkins. 74 Library Club FBLA Members Learn Skills for the Future The Future Business Leaders of Arlington Heights enjoyed learning the cop ious business and secretarial skills that will assist them in their future careers. The club went to competition in early February and returned to the Hill with winners in several categories. Irma Trevino, senior, was one of the winners. The club sold modern foil pic- tures at the beginning of the year to raise funds for the club’s treasury. It was a big success. The club’s officers are: Betty Gomez, Caroline Hernandez, Pamela Turner, Schewanda | Riley, Norma Marroquin, and Ann Allen. FBLA Officers: Front Row: Betty Gomez, Caroline Hernandez, Pamela Turner. Back Row: Schanda Riley, Norma Marroquin, Ann Allen. : ' Ra 3S % 4 | FBLA Members: First Row: Pamela Turner, Carmen Garcia, Holly Manning, Susan Flowers, Sam Burton, Betty Gomez, Irma | Trevino, Caroline Hernandez, Terry Gomez. Second Row: Regina Morris, Betty Clayton, Schewanda Riley, Alma Riley, Robert Hill, Edith Cardenas, Norma Marroquin, Laura Maxwell, Sulene Roberts, Maria Martinez, Ann Allen. Back Row: Dana Paul, Emily Noriega, Nicole Paul, Ella Delarosa, Tammy Schrum, Pat Horneffer, Vida Cabrera, Lisa Falcon, Diane Donahue, Carolyn | Holy. } FBLA 75 | | | | | | | | | c AGEL GREETS: RGR TRG . a ws PY s y eno oem © 2 E56 ls ih a nk ER i ae » as scegsnen nee gig: rege: ud » Bae o fat ie 2 ves = i = 83 re SES © op eee — znd T€ 233 mo} » . aO-5 bu. aw an =) (a) = c Am Ss ens na ) Hi Site ? ot a é a. at ieee ae} ; JURULILUE oa o Se 43g — oo Ss = o se 3 TN ae 52 GE AAs ne Zs .) ae hy he 0 — ae S acd " 2 (226 : N N = 8 ‘ ces he r= : (0 a 5 aE ln. So, oO a A Bieta, Pees on ae uy ESS DA 3 S26 O Z3 Gale S Os eee ne. ; Pan ft r ; 5 te oO = HAH , Bees “a : ro Z : oo aa se, SSE m ESUs Saeuwes on Fgts = eae to Ossi Ge so.cie 4 2 at SS é Ssesug ss 25 25 B27 me ae) 225242 w og2es i aera sg aqeseey . S25a9 | ZAOe E Beets. 288 E g55 meth eee: = Soe Besse 8 s,2 ii PTH TEL Paes Seam Hp4zo Hi os og HHHHHH HHA AHHH ; so 2 eS or Ow S's £2 SOS : pecs N a a — is 3S 305 cass 002760 ap Oo Pn 7 So = SOE MB oTo oS ome aes O8= Fitas " Gloss Bs ee ARAN pew a PHewane we = Foor Be eo Zasetusts Fy FAs eT Ea o 6 Os Bia oa fe eis Hat ae B 4 Re Sek vseg2s2 Ex L5 ie PzZ S aes: Seog eek ood o8 ih O85 BOIS VEO ts | ae mF SSz 76 Art Club Rodeo Club Dance Advocates Stock Show Spirit Blue jeans, western shirts, cowboy boots, and hats was the dress for the Rodeo Club dance. The group whooped it up from 8pm to 12pm in the old gym. ——— The country band on hand was a | led by ex-Heightster Alan Chic. Music played ranged from “The Cotton-eyed Joe” to “Looking for Love.” Profits were used for club projects. ebdnaeigg . : : ae OFFICERS: Debbie Beavers, Secretary; Kenneth Kennedy, Treasurer; Ricky Fer- el nandez, Sgt.-at-Arms; Chuck Bettencourt, President; Michael Fernandez, Mike Wood, Rodeo Club Sponsor Vice-President. EIT REA NESE: TRS . ate aR | Rta te hy RO RO = ee ce om r RODEO CLUB: Left to Right: Front Row: Chuck Bettencourt, Ricky Fernandez, Mike Fernandez, Debbie Beavers, Kenneth Ken- nedy, Todd Crawford, Andy Stevens, Daniel Boone. Second Row: Danny Gilliam, Greg Powers, Vickie Evans, Shawn Berschig, Debbie Blessing, Kelly Molcroft, Sandy La Valley, Tammy Farris, Lisa Griffin, Charlie Bradford. Back Row: Walter McMurtray, Bob Hamman, Bill Gerhart, Tim Crawford, Trey Chapman, Cjuck Maley, Mary Ann Dubrowski, Shannon Moudy, Steve Palmer, Kevin Kimberlan, Andy Rhienfort, Chris Willis. Rodeo Club 77 Math Club Prepares for Area Competition This year’s Arlington Heights High School Math Club was very receptive to all instructions given by their sponsor, Mrs. Kathryn Daniel. Once again Mrs. Daniel taught club members difficult math skills. Each Thursday at seven- thirty in the morning, these am- bitious students arrived at the Heights campus to improve calculating skills and equation solv- ing. Drills were executed for speed and accuracy. Number sense was a main objective in the club’s agenda. In addition to all of this hard work, the members also prepared for competition with other schools around the Fort Worth metroplex. Serving as this year’s officers in the Math Club were Ronnie Kill- ingsworth, Anthony Mancuso, and Carl Palladino. 9 II, Raul Garcia, and Todd Daniels. 78 Math Club . oad . AHHS 1981-82 Math Club Officers. Front Row: Anth ony Mancuso, Ronnie Kill- | i ingsworth. Back Row: Mrs. Daniels, Carl Palladino. o 4 % Math Club Members. Scott Laing, Ronnie Killingsworth, Anthony Mancuso, Carl P enema enemas nanesiiiiiee tem alladino. Back Row: Elsa Vargas, Julius Purne Industrial Arts Competes in City-Wide Fairs a Industrial Arts Sponsors: Mr. David Greer, Mr. Phil Bledsoe, Mr. James Luckett, Mr. Charles McClure. e Met INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB: FRONT ROW: Kathryn Mazy, Vaile Grove, Babette Bogert, Kym Egan, Caren Pack; SECOND The Industrial Arts Club met on Wednesday mornings throughout the year. The pur- pose of the club was to promote mechanical skills. The club’s members built projects for com- petition in industrial art fairs. Sponsors for the club were Mr. Phil Blesoe, Mr. David Greer, Mr. James Luckett, and Mr. Charles McClure. Officers Scot- ty Bretz, President, Steven Greig, Vice-President, Babette Bogert, Secretary, Terry Skin- ner, Treasurer, Michael Bell, Reporter, and Shannon Moudy, Sergeant-at-Arms, led the new club through a second successful year. ROW: Brett Shelton, Roger Caronza, Scotty Bretz, Tim McQuatters, Buddy Alexander; THIRD ROW: Sean Medlin, Steve Greig, Russell Gardener, John Varner; FOURTH ROW: Michael Bell, Scott McElyze, Matt Blessing, Shannon Moudy, Jeff Lott, Terry Skinner. 79 FHA and HECE Train Students on Nutrition meee ed Sree Leceboanl Ce a ieee er wy Feiils -==088 Gh . re HECE Members. First Row: Alison Hendrix, April Walton, Donna Ashton. Second Row: Velvet Brown, Carrie Wagner, Sherrill Curtis, Sonya Bright, Denise Hayden, Khanh Le, Kay Denton, Curtis Alexander, Karon Burn, Rhonda Humphrie. Back Row: John Mendoza, Clarence Williams, Lois Gibbs (sponsor), Elizabeth Gillings, Pam Mcgee, Pat Teel, and Manual Lazona. sR COS SBD RE ae sae FHA Club Me Mosqueda. Second Row: Cynthia Glen, Tamara Hicks, Cynthia Davis, Renee Brown, Glorine Simpson, Tonya Teafatiller, Debbie Blessing, Alice King, Mary Anne Dubrowski, Anran Dunkley, Jose Marroquin. Third Row: Regina Dodd, Charles Rosborough, Steve Booker, Toby Evans, Linda Jackson, Tina Nelms, Susan Burke, Sherry Dehart, Nina Hoffman, Shawn Bershig. Back Row: Tonya Curtis, Shelly Bruner, Donald Lane, Elise Boswell, Mindy Martin, Rufus Harris, Eric Sutton, Greg Stafford, Cynthia Megallan, Sandra Lavalley, Darla Hubbard. 80 HECE FHA mbers. First Row: Rachel Shearin, Glennetta Dixon, Tim Floyd, Chris Heize in, Shelly | Tri-C Members Improve Looks On The Hill The Arlington Heights club has accomplished many projects this year. This is the club’s se- cond year on the Hill. The members of the club do not have to be in a special class or in a specific grade. Membership is available to all students who take an interest in what happens at Heights. The club’s trying to get students to take pride in the school. They strive to beautify the grounds and inform the students of special activities. TRI - C has done some noticeable work at Heights. Working with the members of PTC, the lower floor restrooms were painted with graphic designs. The club donated basketball hoop trash cans to the patio. The students were able to make a game of pitching trash. Tri-C Members. Front Row: Jeanne Puelma, Marion Brumley, Anne Creager, Sherrie Perkins, David Farris. Second Row: Christie Brittingham, Edith Cardenas, Debbie Law, Michelle Mathison. Third Row: Scott Prince, Scott Tims, Susan Creager, Wendy Cochran, Amy Brittingham. Back Row: Will Waites, Brian Meek, Ann Eastman, Tiffany Davis, Virginia Sanders. Tri-C 81 JROTC Sponsors Military Ball and Picnic Through the hard work and strict discipline that accompanies being an active participant in the Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps, this group of students found time to sponsor several ac- tivities including a Military Ball and an annual picnic. In preparation for the Annual Federal Inspection, many students surpassed difficulties of their normal routine and worked very hard. This dedication is one o— Gilliam, Gary Little, Raul Garcia, Jr. of the reasons all of the students passed this detailed inspection. Daily activities included Field Problem. This learning ex- perience involved map and com- pass reading techniques. The group of cadets was also respon- sible for raising and lowering the flag each day. All of these factors con- tributed to the group’s reputation as one of the cities top ranking military organizations. . ROTC Sponsors: Major Glen Glass and | Master Sergeant William Baker. Battalion Staff: Front Row: Joanna Migot, Clara Kirby, Daisy Johnson, Alice Clements. Back Row: Clarence Williams, Danny | Company A: Front Row: Officers: Victor Tucker, Manuel Casarez, Yolanda Hammons. Second Row: Bonita Jones, Arthur Ellison, | Kevin Webb, Robert Hill, Sue Thompson, Tim Floyd. Back Row: Fredrick Shearin, Graylin Wilson, Kevin Dean, Myron Brown, | Gayle Darden, David Shepard, Anthony Ealy, Eric Johnson, Charles Migot, Ed Rychlowski. 9) Ree | Company B: Front Row: Officers: Kelly Holcroft, Kirby Clark, Ronda Christiansen, Cynthia Pratt. Second Row: Sharon Shosid, | Ella Jackson, Rhonda Humphries, Elizabeth Baker, Yolanda Hie, Kathy Rayman, Ann Zedrick. Back Row: Anthony Gillmore, | Deljuan Johnson, Douglas Shader, James Strauss, Gene Jett, Thomas Tracy, Kevin Purnell, James Ketchens. = oan : ¥. : g . eS : ; Be - ees? Company C. Front Row: Officers — Eric Davis, Racheal Shearin, Keith Lewis. Second Row: Donna Cooper, Terri Dalrymple, '|Richelle Johnson, Patience Walker, Ada Holman, Merlin Jackson, Vickie Williams, Patricia Clancy. Back Row: Phil Tilton, Larry Vlassis, Arthur Cartwright, Bryan Justice, Darrell Felder, Andre Carswell, Val Vlassis. ROTC.) 83 ICT Students Earn Class Credit On-the-Job Industrial Cooperative Train- ing is a credited work program available to qualifying students at Heights. The requirements are: a student must be either a junior or senior, and must main- tain an average grade point. The program enabled students to earn school credit while work- ing. The on-the-job training allows the students to learn what the outside business world is like. The ICT students work in in- dustrial jobs such as construction or warehouse businesses. The students enjoyed the pro- gram. They are able to leave school early to go to work. Each student has to work a minimum of 15 hours a week. Aa He ® , rH ' | ! | ICT Club Members. First Row: Ronald Paneda, Teresa Rodriquesa, Tim Henson, Kim Campbell, Tracy Ward, Rhys Hickey. Se-! cond Row: Mr. Kamenitsa, Scott Brents, Lonnie Phipps, Carry Ward. Third Row: Brian Webb, Tyson Blevins, Glen Woodson, Phillip Walker. Back Row: Van Winkle, Terry Skinner, Brian Car, Robert McKinney, Scott Mcelyea, Marty Robins. PELE Gives Christmas Gifts to the Needy The Arlington Heights chapter of Pre-Elementary Laboratory Education, better known as PELE to Heights’ students, has participated in many activities this year. The club sold candy during November to raise money for a needy family. The family was given Christmas gifts and a Christmas tree. The club is divided into two | groups. The advanced students aid pre-school teachers during the morning hours, and the first- year students aid during the afternoon. | The club is sponsored by Mrs. Wang and officers are as follows: Laura Vargas, Regina Ward, Kelly Huston, Monica Pena, Teresa Rodriquez, Christie Brit- | tingham, and Linda Vargas. PELE Officers. First Row: Laura Vargas. Second Row: Regina Ward, Kelly Huston. Third Row: Monica Pena, Teresa Rodriquez. Back Row: Christie Brittingham, Linda Vargas , and Mrs. Wang. PELE Student Aides. First Row: Mrs. Wang (sponsor), Mary Ray, Monica Pena, Donna Washington. Second Row: Melissa Smith, Teresa Rodriquez, Regina Ward, Avanell Stacey, Dawn Holcroft. Third Row: Laura Vargas, Michelle Barefield, Kelly Huston, Christie Brittingham, Teri Felfe, Donna Hannigan, and Elaine English. PELE 85 DECA Provides Work Experience for Students Marketing Distributive Education Clubs of America was active at Heights again this year. Early in the year, the group had an employee-employer breakfast at Billy Bob’s Texas. This annual event, held to honor both employees and employers, was hosted by DECA of AHHS. The Regional Five Competi- tion took place in March this year. The students competed with the job skills they learned both in class and on the job. Categories ranged from decorating to business skills. The group sold M and M’s to raise money for this event. Mrs. Jackie Frazer was the club’s sponsor. DECA. Front Row: Lori Lindsey, Julie Lewis, Vice-President; Rufino Alvarez, Susan Burns, President; Debbie Burgin, Secretary; Mary Matteson, John Herrera. Second Row: Tracy Mims, Natalie Woodard, Diana Vera, Sheene Cash, Karen Barlow, Treasurer; Peggy Strong, Alan Cole, Brad Carey, Julie Jones, Amy Goldsmith, Mrs. Frazer. Back Row: Deanette Pharmakis, Wayne Wiseman, Mark Moreland, Greg Walker, Finance Advisor; Kenneth Kennedy, Steve Milliren, Todd Vincent, Ronnie cam Dwayne Smith. 86 DECA Officers: Karen Barlow, Treasurer; Debbie Burgin, Secretary; Greg Walker, Finance Advisor; Susan Burns, President; and Julie Lewis, Vice-President. OEA Helps Prepare Students for the Future The Office Education Associa- tion club worked on secretarial skills and learned to operate various office machines. After third period, the students left school to work at secretarial jobs. In February, the OEA joined other Fort Worth Public Schools in Office Skills Competition. The areas of competition included Accounting, Typing, Pro- ofreading, and many more studies. OEA members were either juniors or seniors. They should have completed typing courses before admittance into the club. The on-the-job advisors worked in cooperation with the teacher in training the students. The club was sponsored by Mrs. Juanita Hamrick. ae Be OFA Club Members. First Row: Linda Bridgewater, Norma Marroquin, Pam Turner, Caroline Hernandez. Second Row: Betty Gomez, Pam Spivey, Teresa Tigner, Vanessa Powell, Valerie Taylor. Back Row:-Catherine Garcia, Cindy Dickerson, Judy Jones, Alma Riley, Sulene Roberts, and Carmen Segerra. OEA 87 Jacket Journal Provides Award-Winning Paper Sponsored by Mrs. Gene Thompson, the All-American award winning Jacket Journal Staff learned the importance of deadlines, good journalism, and ad campaigning. The Jacket Journal was also a member of the Quill and Scroll Society. This year’s editor-in-chief was Sean Price. Other key positions were filled by Cecily Stogsdill, news editor, and Sharon Hat- field, beat editor. Scott Neely was sports editor, and Mary Kef- fer was the business manager. 2 Mrs. Gene Thompson lectures her class. 88 Jacket Journal Cara Palladino hurriedly types copy to make deadline. Sharon Hatfield, Scott Tims, and Becky King check beat stories. Mary Keffer double-checks the paper’s ad layouts. Sean Price and Ann Creager discuss the good points of a feature. Jacket Journal 89 The Annual Staff Comes Through Once Again Pandomonium and chaos reigned in the Publications Of- fice for the entire year. The An- nual Staff, led by Bill Jordan and Darla Bentley, managed to ‘squeak through’ another edition of the book. After the juniors were educated to the ways of the staff- ing world, production began. Learning of quad paks and draw- ing layouts occupied the first six weeks of the year. The rest of the time was spent organizing class sections and writing copy. 90 Yellow Jacket Student Life. Front Row: Laurie Montgomery, Diane Roberts, Richar Back Row: Bobby Lewellen, Debbie Law. Not pictured — Cathy Craft. Sponsor: Mr. “doctor” Larry Barnes. Co-editors Darla Bentley and Bill Jordan. d Sanders. Sports. First Row: Jennifer Moore, Lauri Happ. Second Row: Will Waites, Tres Morris. Back Row: Steve Wolf. The Staff's Photogs: Sherri Perkins, and Pam Mooney. Yellow Jacket 91 1981 Season Brings Disappointment to the Hill Losses plagued the 1981 varsi- ty football squad. With the early losses of expected stars Jim Wood and David Atkins, the team never gained momentum and proceeded to lose the first seven games. But the winning spirit was revived as the Jackets claimed a great victory over the then district leading Dunbar Wildcats, 14-6. For his perfor- mance in that game, senior runn- ingback Craig Holmes received the Ebby Halliday “Player of the Week” award. 1981 Varsity Football Record Arlington Dallas Carter Trimble Tech Western Hills O.D. Wyatt Paschal Dunbar Eastern Hills Southwest WwRPRANOONAAA © be oa Arlington Sam Houston SS Ae 1981 VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM. FRONT ROW: Ronnie Enthusiasm was high for the game against Eastern Hills the next week but was quickly supressed as the Highlanders soundly defeated Heights, 35-3. The last game of the season pitted the Yellow Jackets against the winless Southwest Rebels. Jacket drive and determination kept their opponents scoreless in what was a fitting end to the season. Glimpses of yesteryear were shown in the contest as the team trounced the Rebels, 32-0. being blitzed. ries : 4 tots Aldrich Bai ley was named Ebby Halliday “Player of the Week” for his outstanding defensive play. This year’s team was held together by three-year lettermen Brent Morford, Bob White, and Aldrich Bailey. Other outstan- ding players were Dale Watson, Eric Sutton, Greg Powell, and Nick Jay. However, the efforts of these outstanding players failed to keep the winning tradition alive on the Hill. a sents Quarterback Junior Smith hurriedly looks for a receiver before a ee : es Deyo, Kyle Risenhoover, Rufus Harris, Junior Smith, Kennedy Ferrell, Jerome Woolen, Clyde Koontz, Everette Mooney, Chris Lewis, Buddy Alexander, and Andre McDaniel. SECOND ROW: Bubba Chapman, David Nunn, Greg Powell, Bill Cranz, Brett Wyatt, Eric Sutton, David Atkins, Shawn Smith, Hal Brown, Alan Shipman, and Steve Moody. THIRD ROW: Harold Guimarin, Nick Jay, John Vargas, Warren White, Gary Wells, Mike Malone, Aldrich Bailey, Craig Holmes, Robert Dozier, Bob White, Calvin Stanton, Robert Read, and Sharon Stockton. FOURTH ROW: | Jay Bell, Buddy Willy, Mark Mauser, Jim Wood, Dale Watson, Shannon Moudy, Bobby Green, Brent Morford, Brad Baker, and © Dale Hunt. : 94 Football s « Abe ae = ea US Aaliabeass asi Using his open-field tackling ability, cornerback Eric Sutton brings Aldrich Bailey tucks the ball under his arm on his way down a Dallas Carter receiver. to the goal line. Yraig Holmes bulldozes his way through two Paschal defenders in ieee : ak iis mighty attempt to score a touchdown. Ronnie Deyo leads the blocking for Rufus Harris. Football 95 Chris Lewis urges the Jackets to victory whil Nick Jay and Bill Cranz combine to halt the progress of a Wyatt runner. awaiting for his alloted game time. Z v4 ee wi met Te a “Between the teeth and over the gums, look out stomach here she comes,! Mike Malone adds three more points to the score. gurgles a thirsty Robert A. Johnson. 96 Football ‘ oach Merlin Priddy gives Robert Dozier encouragement and After running a fine pass pattern, Gary Wells realizes that he trategy for the next offensive play. was not the intended receiver on that play. Football 97 Second Year Jackets Work Hard for the Hill An) (i) }) Drilled by coaches Ron Dickey and John Leseman, the Junior Varsity worked hard to win their first two games. However, as the season progressed, the J.V. team lost their next six games. They rallied in a shut-out against Eastern Hills with a score of 6-0, only to be defeated by Southwest in their next game. Pat Burns and Bubba Bryant lead the team to a 3-7 season. ‘ Arlington Heights Junior Varisty: FRONT ROW: Todd Mulholland, Jim Ward, Scott Youngblood, Stephen Salley, Houston Mo ford, Eddie Lewis, Jim Winn, Mike Ayres, Phil Taggart. BACK ROW: Coach Ron Dickey, Travis Palmer, Pat Burns, Tony Hu‘ son, Bubba Bryant, Charles Mann, Alan Houk, Eric Evans, Kurt Van Hofwegen, Jeff Tadda, Darrell Jenkins, Terry Powell, Coa¢ John Leseman. 98 JV Football FRONT ROW: Manager, Khristian Gardner, Tim Mauser, Billy Quigley, Freshman Gridders End With Successful Year The Freshmen football team got off to a slow start with only one win in their first six games. But as the season progressed they finished by winning four straight games to make their record 5-4. Anchoring the defense were Jeff Wolf and Tony Johnson while the offense was led by Brian Larkins and Steve Gauntt. The Frosh defense was outstanding as they stopped their opponents’ of- fensive game many times. Coached by Jimmy Jenkins and ‘ sees us i ee Sd Larry Waters, the team worked Billy Quigley leads the Freshmen, while Chris Chevreaux blocks on the weak-side. long and hard. a pee Pa Steve Gauntt, Eddie Henson, Doug Franke, Otis Russel, Beau Weaver, Anthony Fish, Jose Marroquin. SECOND ROW: George Gamez, Tony Johnson, Chris Chevreaux, Edward Hender- son, Elston Howard, Bret Helmer, Jeff Wolf, Leroylexander, Randy Burns, Brian Larkins, Tony Ruiz. BACK ROW: Darryl Cheek, Paul Hryekewicz, Ray Barnes, Ben Barlow, Shawn Mullins, Tyrell McClanahan, Jerry Smith, Harold Montroy, Kevin Newton, Matt Driscoll, David Dozier, Cliff Zachry. Freshmen Football 99 Cagers Bring Successful Season to Heights For the first time since 1972, Heights Varsity Basketball team had a winning season. Coach Johnny Nabors, seeking respec- tability for his program, gained it with his primarily senior squad. Key players Chris Hunt, Mark Miller, Tres Morris, Paul Otte, Ronnie Smith, and David Wig- gins, combined to produce the unpredictable offensive game characteristic of the Jackets’ season. The team attained notoriety by securing a 13-4 preseason record, which included two tournament consolation championships. The Jackets end- ed the season at 19-12. Wis During the Eastern Hills game Coach Nabors gives instructions to David Wiggins. — THE 1981-82 AHHS VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM. FRONT ROW: David Wiggins, Troy Booker, David Atkins. BACK ROW: Coach Johnny Nabors, Chris Hunt, Glen Elder, Ronnie Smith, Tres Morris, Paul Otte, Mark Miller, Charles Darden. 100 Basketball aus. i Laying it off the glass, Tres Morris reaches for the hoop. Ronnie Smith shoots despite numerous Dunbar defenders. Varsity Basketball 101 J.V. Hoopsters Experience Pride, Humility The Arlington Heights J.V. . J A basketball team was led by starters Jesse Davis, Steve a, Feldman, Tyrone Lane, Eric Mc- Clanahan, and Andrew Mitchell. “| Preparing the team for next year’s varsity competition was Coach Larry Waters, in his fourth year at Heights. The team fared well in most all phases of their season, winning numerous games. Sophomore Jesse Davis eyes the bucket. THE 1981-82 AHHS JV BASKETBALL TEAM. Front Row: John Mitchell, Jesse Davis, Steve Feldman, Trey Hodge, Byron Larkins. Back Row: Eric McClanahan, Andrew Mitchell, Chris Wagnon, Tyrone Lane. 102 J.V. Basketball Height and Strength Aid Freshman Cagers The Freshman basketball team began this season with an awesome number of victories, but didn’t fare quite so well in district competition. The team has good potential and should make an excellent junior varsity. Starters for the frosh team were Ben Barlow, Steve Booker, Steve Durham, C. Rosborough, and Michael Ross. THE 1981-1982 AHHS Freshman Team. Front Row: Anthony Johnson, Ricky Burns, Sam Caldwell, Michael Ross, Steve Durham, Elston Howard. Back Row: Coach John Leseman, Lawrence Alexander, Michael Wilcox, Antonio Wallace, Kevin Mit- chell, Ben Barlow, Steve Booker. Freshman Basketball 103 Girls’ Basketball Teams Have Best Year Ever This year’s girls’ basketball team made many improvements as they worked hard under new coach, Sylvia McClure. Led by starters Kim Dirks, Deborah Jackson, Denise Kirkley, Merle Miller, and Olivia Russell, the team exemplified good teamwork and spirit. ph 7 40 ey Kim Dirks shoots from among foes. GIRLS’ VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM. Front Row: Ella Jackson, Joyce Pratt, Deborah Jackson, Vikki Bell, Londa Brown. Back Row: Kim Dirks, Darlene Bridgewater, Olivia Russell, Denise Kirkley, Merle Miller, and Coach Sylvia McClure. 104 Girls’ Basketball Volleyballers Display Improvement This Year The Arlington Heights volleyball team lived up to this year’s expectations — they did improve. Having won two of their sixteen games, the Varsity showed a definite improvement in Ota las tems yre a Tas. a C)- complishments. However, the Junior Varsity met many dif- ficult obstacles, thus ending up winless. Playing numerous outstanding opponents, the J.V. failed to bring the Hill a victory. The volleyballers developed high-slam techniques to make up for their lack of heighth. With leadership from team captain Courtney Hill, the team worked long and hard and ex- pects to be even better in next = ‘ ; year’s competition. Both teams | Front Row: Tammy White, Manager. Second Row: Delta Walker, Alecia Loredo, were organized by Ms. Mickey Courtney Hill, Renee Burns. Back Row: Kate Curtis, Anna Contreras, Michele Lane. Pelley and Mrs. Linda Szot. iy Pee De ee aaa ihied! a ES Front Row: Star Mosely, Lori Holland, Susan Goodwin, Tina Denton, Lorena Lopez, Elizabeth Good. Back Row: Tammy White, Liz Reyna, Jennifer Mayo, Melissa Holman, Aleeca Gray, Yvette Oakes, Carolyn Norlander, Melinda Little, Shelly Bantau. : Volleyball 105 Linksters Tee-off for District Championship Golfers shot for the birdies this year in hope of taking the varsity district championship. With most of last year’s team return- ing, Golf coach Rob Dixon ex- pected this year’s team to do even better. They placed well in fall tournaments with a first place in the West Fort Worth Invita- tional and a second place in a Dallas Woodlawn tournament. The girls team included state ranked Kim Durks who placed in state tournament medalist com- petition last year and was ex- pected to repeat that perfor- mance. Other girl golfers includ- ed Amy Franks and Peppie Knox. 5 pee eS tty tO tes Oe 2 re glad Pe EP ARE th Cp es Golf Team. FRONT ROW: Derrick Randall, Del Juan Johnson, Carl Wentworth, Andy Stevens, Kelly Foy, Matt Posey, San Burkett, Craig Deen, Walter Reynolds, Gary Dehart, John Anthony. SECOND ROW: Dwight Green, Steve Palmer, Duk Chairez, Steve Wolf, Richard Butler, Scott Neely, Mark Stubbeman, Scott Metcalf, Clayton Alexander, Bill Westerheide, Ja’ Alfredson, Robert Petry. TOP ROW: Steve Murrin, Todd Franks, John Solberg, Kris Hertel, Cameron Jones, Gage Yeager, Joh Whitaker, Caarlos Mendoza, Todd Daniel, Kevin Gildard, Kelly Harris, Curt Howard, Kelly Rogers, Coach Rob Dixon. o “, eS 4 es 106 Varsity Golf i te Girls Golf Team. FIRST ROW: Antruan Dunkley, Holly Haas, Jeanie Tave, Amy Franks, Kim Dirks. SECOND ROW: Catherine Courtney, Elyn Honts, Peppi Knox, Le Ann Dearen, Stephanie Reynolds, Megan Metiff, Angie Goff, Coach Rob Dixon. pei MOE me : ; ee a brings up the backswing... and wham! the ball’s on its way. Kim Durks sets up on the ball... Varsity Golf 107 Tankers Leave Wake in District Competition The Arlington Heights’ Swim Team went undefeated in their first six meets this year. The = | Jacket Swim Team is the only ’ team in Fort Worth history to re- main undefeated in Dual Meet Competition. Guided by first- year coach, David Dodson, the team practiced every day at Wilkerson-Greines Activity Center from 2:00 to 5:00. Front Row: Anthony Mancuso, Kellen Slagle, Teresa Croft, Michelle Batterson, Paula Roberts, Jackie Early, Lisa Maddux, Wendy Cochrane, Denise Boehm. Back Row: George Smith, Kathy Doyle, Mark Summers, Rob Delbridge, Scott Summers, Mike Millican, Joey O'Brian, Bernadett Young, Chris Willis, Tim Doyle, Jesse Funk, Amy Witherite, Lisa Anderson, Coach David Dodson. 108 Swim Team nae ite | i ' | i | maceeai se i tan in ins mc a: SE ce siapir wisa: sonaes pae Sialibe aal t a IE sini en aii: AON ii le simian A is i Aa Freshman Jesse Funk gasps for air as he crawls along Australian style. Michelle Batterson dives for perfection. ee A Mike Millican, junior, displays his technique of a racing dive while stretching for the wild blue yonder. Swim Team 109 Boys’ Soccer Team Places Emphasis on Goals Under the direction of Coach Ronald Adcock, the Boys’ Soccer Team got off to a good start. Despite inclement weather conditions, the boys kept to their schedules and sometimes ended up playing in sub-zero temperatures. Team captains were Raymond Gonzales, Shawn Smith, and Scott Thomas, goalie. ‘es - " oe i Terry McAdams prepares for a goal. Tim Heikkennen demonstrates European soccer skills as Alex Tins looks on. FRONT ROW: Alex Tins, Tan Nguyen, Raymond Gonzales, Mims Talton, Drew Jones, Todd Carter, David Gonzales. BACK ROW: Terry McAdams, Glenn Bearden, Armando Chavella, Tim Heikkennen, Jack Powell, Bobby Lewellen, Jamie McClean Coach Adcock, Tony Ruiz. 110 Boys’ Soccer Girls’ Soccer Heads in the Right Direction Susan Burns prepares for a centerfield pass. Bia FRONT ROW: Lisa Hughes, Mary Alice Jones, Tonya Teafatiller, Leslie Howeth. SECOND ROW: Mary Keffer, Susan Burns, This year’s soccer team got off to an excellent start. Led by Coach Jimmy Jenkins, the group worked mainly on stamina and endurance. Part of their workout included an around-the-school run, yo- yos, offensive and defensive drills, windsprints, and stretching exercises. The team performed well under bad weather, keeping their Opponent’s scoring to a minimum. Debbie Law, Jane Foster. BACK ROW: Cheryl Aimee, Suzanne McGown, Patti Leggett, Allison Barker. Girls’ Soccer 111 Tracksters Sprint into District Competition = Coach Galliga, who served his twelfth year as head coach of the boys track team, was excited about the season. The tracksters worked really hard this year and showed great potential. They performed well in all of their meets. Outstanding members were Robbie Spence, Carl Palladino, Tim McDaniel, Marshall Williams, and Ashley Parrish. A BS £20. Ry “T’m cool,” says Rufus Harris. = ” 7 a : si 8 Tt? a S E . st @ a 4 %, j ; ed . % - pr’ ee is “ws g ‘ on, + F ied , , 4 . : : ees Bie Pa idl ee ee é “s hee - : — ae Meg a § wi “4! ad ae | if 1 - Pe : ee eh fg b é , " 3 , , eh a vam A... I Boys Track Team. Front Row: Joe Absalon, Marshall Williams, Shawn Smith, Jamie McLain, Harry Brants, Chris Wolfe, Harald Cussniek. Second Row: Terry Powell, Tim Smith, Carl Palladino, Bobby Green, David Dozier, Jim Wynne. Third Row: Michael McLain, Sean Medlin, Mark Marquez, Mike Marquez, John Profitt, Phil Taggart, Jerome Woolen. Fourth Row: Leroy Alexander, | Shannon Moudy, Bubba Bryant, Billy Quigley, Kyle Risenhoover, Chris Chevreaux. Fifth Row: Rich Poundstone, Danny Gilliam, | Raul Garcia, Julius Bernnell, Darrell Jenkins, Charles Williams, Lee Baker, Rufus Harris. Back Row: John Mitchell, Timothy | McDaniel, Michael Ayers, Adriene Trotty. 112 Boys’ Track Boys’ Track 113 Daily Workouts Prepare Team for Competition The Arlington Heights girls’ track team got off to a running Start. Tiffany Davis, the only return- ing senior, led the track team this year. Other top runners included Tonya Tatifiller, Jeri Kent, Denise Kirkley and Helen Nelson. The team was coached by Jim- my Jenkins, who put the team through many rigorous practices. peo tae 114 Girls’ Track Tiffany Davis and David Dozier pause during a Sa ir ete WE 4 Girls’ track coach, Jimmy Jenkins, poses for a quick shot. ry fa mA; Girls Track Team. Front Row: Amy Fox, Kelly Franklin, Becky Dry, Sara Anthony, Allison Paulas, Glenetta Dixon, Donna Cooper, Susie Que, Suzanne McGowan. Second Row: Mary Helen Nelson, Celeste Cummings, Jeri Kent, Patti Franke, De De Ellis, Holly McLain, ernie Young. Third Row: Ann Bowlin, Portia Smith, Shirley Jenkins, Virginia Sanders, Crystal Davis, Becky Saddler. Back Row: Teri Read, Vicki Clark, Sheronda Banks, Tonya Tafifillar, Jackie Leng, Inoa Rollins. Girls’ Track 115 Varsity Tennis Players Beat District Teams The Arlington Heights varsity tennis team had an exciting year with new coach, Sylvia McClure. The boys’ team consisted of Lance Fuller, Steve Johnson, seniors; John MHerrera, David Koehn, juniors; Rusty Witcher, sophomore; and a strong youngster, Todd Rapp. The girls’ team consisted of Lauri Rapp, senior; Martha Brigance, Marion Brumley, Cathleen Milligan, juniors; Alison Barker, and Maggie McGrew, sophomores. Z ’ ar ll as he attempts a passing shot. es Todd Rapp watches the ba Martha Brigance concentrates as she hits her backhand. 116 Tennis Rusty Witcher remains in the point by throwing up a lob. gael a8 GGeh.- | saw AHHS TENNIS TEAM. Front Row: Lance Fuller, Maggie McGrew, Lauri Rapp, Annette Mann, Carla Brumley, Vicki England, Susan Pattillo, Camille Curry, John Proffit, Coach Sylvia McClure. Second Row: Jay Dill, Scott Prince, Alison Barker, Chris Kib- bie, Martha Brigance, Marion Brumley, Cathleen Milligan, Melinda Silman, Allison Paulus, Heather Scott, Monty Phillips, Mike Ziegler. Back Row: Bob Keetch, Brian Rodriquez, Mike Landers, Todd Rapp, Rusty Witcher, John Herrera, David Koehn, Steve Johnson, Clement DeLaCruz, Eric Ewing, Bo Lasater. Tennis 117 Varsity Baseball Team Awaits District Foes This year’s Varsity baseball team, led by seniors Duke Chairex and Tres Morris, slid in- to district competition against Dunbar. Games with Lewisville, Sam Houston, and Weatherford were played as warm-ups for the oncoming district season. Coach Larry Wood expected this year’s team to take a shot at the district championship and carry on into the state tournament. District games were played at Southwest and newly dedicated Lon Golds- tein field versus other district foes such as Southwest, Paschal, and Western Hills. Before the beginning of the district season the team played in the Austin Invitational Tourna- ment where funds were raised by selling hats in late January. A new baseball field was also erected at the other side of the top field, complete with dugouts and a new batting tunnel. Wal Duke Chairez’s eyes follow his pitch into the strike zone. “Got it” muses a joyous Todd Franke after a leaping catch. 118 Varsity Baseball | 1982 VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM: Top Row: James Mann, Nick Jay, Jeff Uecker, Valdie Sanchez, Alan Houk, Mike Malone, | Todd Franke, Troy Tuomey, Tim M. Daniel. Middle Row: Tito Delacruz, Steve Wolf, Mark Mauser, Chris Lewis, Rudy Sotelo, Gary D. Wells, Alan Shipman. Bottom Row: Duke Chairez. Some would-be coaches instruct Chris Lewis on batting form. Steve Wolf shows his method of the complete follow-through. Varsity Baseball 119 The Junior Varsity baseball team worked at obtaining the elusive perfect season for their coach Mike Wood after two near miss seasons. With 26-2 and 27-1 seasons for the last two years, Coach Wood hoped this team would do it for him. Led by freshman pitcher Tim Mauser and third baseman Carlos Men- doza, the team tried to put on a performance that would lead them toceth esa rstriot championship. pnts NL eae - , - - eed ms ¢ = —a en Res Junior Varsity Baseballers Aim at the Top Todd Mulholland and Cameron Jones display teamwork on a catch of an infield fly. Kurt Vanhofwegan sets to scoop up a “hot shot” grounder. Brent Keeton charges a bunt down the third base line. 120 JV Baseball Freshmen Team Prepares for a Tough Season Freshman baseball players, with new coach John Leseman, tried to carry on the winning tradition of the Heights frosh team. Working hard in lieu of the eight game district season, long hours of baseball training were logged for the future varsity players. aes s = OS ipa An outfielder dashes for a high fly ball. AWE jan: ible Steven Gauntt takes a line shot off a bat with his glove. Carlos Puente looks at his glove in despair after a miss. Freshman Baseball 121 1982 Cheerleaders Shoot for National Title Under the direction of Coach Reed many changes were made in this year’s varsity cheerleading squad in order to strive for a more powerful looking team that was appealing to crowds. Among these changes were sharper arm motions and simple cheers that were easily picked up. After winning the Southwest District Texas Championship in San Marcos, the cheerleaders placed second in the Southwest Regional Tournament. This vic- tory gave them a bid to Orlando, Florida where they placed fifth in the National title. LAB eee on ie ea ohne - tae The 1982 varsity cheerleaders demonstrate their expertise in pyramid building. aaa, Fe ty EEG a a WAM RTE HS LP Bue: Oo, RRM cee ehcp OR, 1982 varsity cheerleading squad and mascot, Queen Bee. Center: Queen Bee, Diane Roberts. Front Row: Elsie Hodges, Renee Shackleford, Laura Hartman, Jennifer Hardgrove, Stacy Hendrickson, Robin Meyer. Back Row: Fred Becera, Preston White, Troy Rynd, Coach T.K. Reed, Mitchell Nelson, Jim Rogers, Joey Galindo. 122 Cheerleaders “Light as a feather,” grunts Troy Rynd and Preston White. J.V. Squad. Girls: Courtney Cranz, Jeri Kent, Missy Sandoval, Annette Mann, Laura Roels. Boys: Scott Prince, Martin The cheerleaders perform their routine for the Nationals. Valdez, Jay Dill, Geoffrey Toothe, Bob Keetch. | Cheerleaders 123 124 Mr. A.H.H.S.: Tres Morris | This year the Mr. AHHS title was awarded to Tres Morris. This is the top honor given to a boy at Heights. Tres was a member of Na- tional Honor Society, a three 126 Mr. AH HS year member of Spirit of the Hill, and has been listed on “Who’s Who Among American High School Students.” He was also on the Yellow Jacket Staff. Tres also participated on the Basketball team for three years| and the baseball team for fou! years. He was Freshman clas: president and was chosen a: Junior favorite. Miss A.H.H.S.: Laura Hartman Miss AHHS, the highest title given to a girl at Heights, was awarded to Laura Hartman. She was chosen on the basis of leader- ship, scholarship, and personality dy the student body. Laura was a member of Na- tional Honor Society her Junior and Senior years, and a two year member of the Student Council, serving on the Special Projects committee. Laura was a member of the cheerleading squad for three years as well as being a two year member of the Yellow Jacket staff. Miss AHHS 127 Mr. and Miss AHHS Finalists Ted Trahan i Mary Keffer Jennifer Moore Brian Meek 128 Mr. and Miss AHHS Finalists Outstanding Seniors Picked for Top Honors Lauri Rapp Lauri Rapp was the 1982 recipient of the DAR Award. The Daughters of the American Revolution sive this as an honor recognizing citizenship, cholarship, and school — community involvement. Lauri was a two year member of the National donor Society. She has been in the Latin and spanish clubs. Lauri has also served on the Yellow jacket staff. For four years she has been number one n the tennis team and was a finalist at State her unior year. A ferhebotom eabroveeets! Jeanne Puelma was the 1982 recipient of the Altrusa Award. The Altrusa Club honors one girl from each Fort Worth high school who has been chosen by the faculty. The Altrusa signifies hard working, ambitious young women. The winners are chosen in April of their Junior year. — She was a two year member of the National Honor Society and Student Council. During her Junior year she was secretary of the DECA Club. She was also on the annual staff. Altrusa and D.A.R. 129 Doyle and Deminico Receive Special Honors Tim Doyle Jennifer Deminico Swimming Drama 130 Who’s Who Hartman and Jordan aura Hartman Cheerleader Named to Who’s Who Bill Jordan Yellow Jacket Co-Editor Who’s Who 131 Meek and Keffer Gain Faculty’s Recognition Brian Meek Mary Keffer Senior Class President Journalism 132 Who’s Who Top Honors are Awarded to Maxwell and Morris ee elt ele cg eget ee ‘ blige. et Wich on : a ho wigemeanpenn WA. nore ON N Ahetanl bibrnghanen Ce = inhi, anime ee Sa 4 Tres Morris Laura Maxwell Basketball Academics Who’s Who 133 Exceptional Acclaim Goes to Trahan and Moore Ted Trahan Jennifer Moore Student Body President Leadership 134 Who’s Who Rapp and Uecker R Lauri Rapp Tennis eceive Praise from Faculty Jeff Uecker SO Dy we DERE REYE PADD PRE PE Who’s Who 135 Who’s Who Picks Wolf and Roberts Steve Wolf Diane Roberts Science Drama 136 Who’s Who os Soin te o TN oS 3 oO — T oO pel 140 Homecoming Queen ‘ 9 581 | HOMECOMING COURT " Darla Bentley ’ " Caroline Hernandez Rhonda Stepp " Lisa Simeno - Michelle Mathison Pat tHorneffer — : Homecoming Court 141 ee serie epneense tes pECERENTanesnnETSreEEESnESanNE oe oo PPP PEPER 20 Ee NL RA TORT ETT TTT STRING PMLAERT Pry tM Im TTI antes 2 aman - — = — ee 5 aS t i tha oi i SOO AE RUSE Cea eso } | Candoli Continues School Board Leadership Dr. I. Carl Candoli lead the Fort Worth Independent School District through yet another progressive and pro- ductive year. The completion of the Wilkerson-Greines Activity Center was the highlight of this year’s School Board. Mr. Tommy Thompson, Assistant Superintendent, and other dignitaries presided over the formal opening Thurs- day, December 17. The Grand Opening made use of all of the center’s many facilities. The 5040 seat gym hosted exhibition basketball and volleyball games, while area swim teams performed in the 50-meter Olympic size pool. Through the evening, members from Fort Worth’s High school bands performed on the center’s expandable stage. The huge facility also boasts concession stands, three dressing rooms, and con- ference rooms. Another function of the Activity Center is to house con- vocation and graduation ceremonies. The Class of ’82 was the girst group to graduate at the new center. When the Activity Center is not being used by the district, the school board rents the building to various ' private organizations. Fort Worth School Board Mrs. Mollie Lasater Dr. Richard O’Neal, President Mrs. Pat Shanna Mr. Carlos Puente Mr. William Johnson Mr. Stan Harrd Mrs. Maudri Walton Mr. David Bloxom Mr. Bill Ellict 148 School Board Mrs. Frances Alles Returns to Lead the Hill Arlington Heights welcomed Mrs. Frances Alles back to the Hill this year as principal. Mrs. Alles taught P.E. one year at Heights. After the forma- tion of Western Hills, High School, she became vice- principal of that school, a posi- tion which she held for ten years. Vice-Principal, Ray Crosslin She later became the Assistant Director of Secondary Education. After three years at the Ad- ministration Building, Mrs. Alles came back to Heights to begin her new job as “Leader of the Hille ‘ y ae . Vice-Principal, Montier Tomlinson Principal, Frances Alles “The positive attitude and spirit that dwells here makes Heights the best.” Mrs. Frances Alles Vice-Principal, Joe Standifer Faculty 149 Advisors Continue to Assist the Students Jo Adkins Paula Alvarez Elizabeth Bobbitt Ft a a a silage el Sara Brian =: 3 Mr. Barnes gets caught by a roving photo} once again. Evelyn Collins Nadine Grigsby Bill Foster Darlie Kent Kaye Hickox Joe Paul Taylor “Yes we are amused,” says a delighted Miss Stovall. 150 Faculty School Personnel Work to Please Everyone Sharon Cuilla Katherine Dyer Shirley Hubby Betty Key Jackie King Glenda Ward The Custodians: Bob Chambless, Curtis Brown, John Clounch, Weldon Morris. y ze « 42) ne I aM - Cafeteria Personnel: Helen Marr, Matti Houston, Betty Lasater, Sarah Lenier, Gldays Wilson, Rose Inman, Leslie Smiley, Ruby Parker, and Betty Slater. Faculty 151 152 Faculty Johnnie Anderson Flavin Arseneau Sgt. William Baker Larry Barnes Marie Beattie Marilyn Bettes Philip Bledso Gladys Bright Rosemary Burton Frances Caveness Betty Clayton Ernestine Cohee Dixie Cunningham Kathryn Daniel Rob Dixon David L. Dodson Rowena Eldridge Jacqueline S. Frazer Joseph Galiga a ‘Here little girl, have some candy,’ grins Nurse King Faculty 153 Lois Gibbs David Greer Lawrence Harvey Juanita Hamrick Rohelia Hawkins Jimmy Jenkins Bill Kamenitsa Lula Lynch was . wr a eS Sharon Cuilla busily goes about a day’s work. Mary Marsh Charles McClure Sylvia McClure 154 Faculty Na No, Cora Miller Regina Morris Vivian Murphey Johnny Nabors Mary Parham Karen Pickett Maggie Porter Terry-Kieth Reed Beverly Ross Jane Routen Paul Smith Dona Stovall Faculty 155 Linda Szot Floy Stringer James Tisdale Eugenia Thompson 7 — ba = “No! Frost didn’t write ‘Hamlet’,” gasps Mrs. Ross. “A one and a two,” says band director Paul Smith. Arch Van Meter Ramon Vega Joan Vinson Stephan Walker 156 Faculty Gwen Wang Jack Warren Larry Waters Jerrisue Willingham Larry Wood Mike Wood y Faculty 157 = Vice-President — Jennifer Deminico -Treasurer ees Senior Officers | y x Joe Absalom Robert Albers Andy Alvarado Lisa Anderson Kelly Andress Catherine Barefield a ee Karen Barlow . . Kim Basham + g 2 s ‘ z Kim Bilheimer Tyson Blevins Brian Boehm Beth Bohon Troy Booker Elise Boswell Paula Branshaw Scott Bretz Darlene Bridgewater Ann Brightbill Christie Brittingham Mike Brown Don Brunson Debbie Burgin Susan Burns Samanda Burton Alaine Capper Duke Chairez Bill Cranz Russell Culpepper Sherrill Curtis Tonya Curtis Charles Darden am — — — a — — Kay Denton vn Ronnie Deyo 164 Seniors Alex Falcon Seniors 165 Lisa Fanning Steve Farrar ie Kennedy Ferrell arre ae Lance Fuller Jose Galindo Diets ——'e— Russell Gardner Betty Gomez Lori Haire Tina Hames James Hampton ' Donna Hannigan Jennifer Hardgrove Seniors 167 Laura Hartman Sharon Hatfield Darryl Haywood Alison Hendrix Shaheed Henry Caroline Hernandez Lee Herron oe : iM, aN Kris Hertel Gerald L. Hill Dawn Holcroft ins es Jenny Holt Patricia Horneffer Sean Howard Lisa Howell Don Humber Steven Johnson Kevin Jones William Jordan Beth Judson ee nn Keffer Lynne Kemble Raa hee Kenneth Kennedy Kelly Kouri Terry Ladd Jim Lancaster . Kevin Leach Manuel Lazona Andre McDaniel Alysia Macchia Shannon Manry arroquin Pate ee = 3 £s = z 2 Barbie Moore = Morford ; | Brent Shannon Moudy David Nunn Ginger Perry ssesrurprassooeremy sansa Lonnie Phipps se {ary Keffer glances up from her work. Carmen Segarra , Lori Sell Rachael Shearin ss Seniors 179 Melissa Smith Ronnie Smith John Solberg AERIS Robby Spence Greg Stafford Calvin Stanton Rhonda Stepp RE SE Scott Summers Eric Sutton Marsha Thomas ic = Teresa Tignor Ted Trahan Irma Trevino John Varner — —e Dale Watson Leslie Webster Preston White Pettit as she peers at her shirt. Gina William SENIOR ACTIVITIES (©) 57. ©) bb (orem akohiver-ha loys Ke) ave Wntsaler] 1D) Seen D)teulelitohyem axetnter-hareye) FHA ... Future Homemakers of America HECE . .. Home Economics Cooperative Education JA... Junior Achievement JJ... Jacket Journal NHS... . National Honor Society poe ge ABSALON, JOE ADGER, GIGI Gymnastics, Swim Team, Art Club, French Club ALBERS, ROBERT ALEXANDER, BUDDY Football ALEXANDER, CURTIS HECE ALEXANDER, DAVID ALFREDSON, JAN Exchange Student From Sweden, German Club, Art Club, Golf Team ALLEN, ANN French Club, Secretary-Treasurer ALVAREZ, RUFINO Band, Baseball, Spanish Club, DE ANDERSON, LISA Swim Team, FHA ANDRESS, KELLY Baseball, Football ANTHONY, MARK Golf, State Golf Team, 1981 ARCIPRESTE, NORMA ARNOLD, MARJI ; Student Council, SOH, FHA, French Club ASHTON, DONNA MARIE Volleyball, Ebony Voices, HECE, JA a BAILEY, ALDRICH | Korey aey-0 0 BAREFIELD, CATHERINE Rodeo Club, Zar-Kay, FHA, PELE BARLOW, KAREN Student Council, Tri-C, French Club Secretary, DE, Spanish Club, Senior Steering Committee BARNER, MANDY Band, Drama, NHS, All-City Or- chestra, A Capella Choir, Band Sweetheart BARNES, MELLANY Soccer, Student Council, HECE, Freshman Howdy Queen, Latin Club BASHAM, KIMBERLY Art Club, Latin Club, Track, Choir, Honors Art, JJ FBLA, VOE 186 Senior Index ROTC... Reserve Officers Training Corps PELE... Pre-elementary Learning Education SOH ... Spirit of the Hill VICA ... Vocational Industrial Clubs of America VOE... Vocational Office Education BENTLEY, DARLA Student Council, SOH, French Club President, Art Club, Yellow Jacket Co-Editor, Homecoming Court BERTRAM, CHRIS NHS, Soccer, German Club, Whiz Kidz BILHEIMER, KIMBERLY Band, Rodeo Club BOEHM, BRIAN -BOOKER, TROY Basketball BOSTIC, CATHY VOE, FHA Vice-President, Track BOSWELL, CARYN BRANSHAW, PAULA A Capella Choir, Drama Club, French Club, NHS, Tri-C BRENNAN, WILLIAM Soccer BRETZ, SCOTT Rodeo Club, Industrial Arts Club President, Golf Team BRIDGEWATER, DARLENE Band, Basketball, Student Council, French Club, Senior Steering Committee BRIGHT, SONJA Volleyball, PELE, HECE, FHA BRIGHTBILL, AMY BRIGHTBILL, ANN BRITTINGHAM, CHRISTIE Spanish Club Secretary, Tri-C, Senior Steering Committee, NHS Secretary, FHA President 13934010) cen @) 01D) ae BROWN, MIKE HECE BRUNSON, DON BULL, LYDIA 1310) XO OP D) od 33390) 1D) Serslartels im @ol nivel BURN, KAREN Art Club BURNS, BRETT BURNS, ROBIN Soccer, Senior Steering Committee BURNS, SUSAN Student Council, Soccer, DE Presi- dent, Homecoming Court, NHS Student Council, Spanish Club CURTIS, TONYA Volleyball, Student Counc| | BURTON, SAMANDA | FBLA Vice-President | ey oe CAMPBELL, KIMBERLY | CAPPER, ALAINE CARDENAS, EDITY Stage Band, FBLA, JJ, Spanis! Club, JA, Senior Steering Commit od by OM ELY a VA BRADFORD, CAREY CARR, BRIAN Student Council, VICA CARTER, JEFFERY CHAIREZ, DUKE | Baseball, Golf, SOH CHAPMAN, DELBERT “BUBBA” | xexeyaey 04 CHEEK, PAULA CHRISTIANSEN, RONDA ROTC CLARK, DAVID ROTC CLINCH, CHRIS NHS, A Capella Choir | CLINKSCALE, ANNA SOH, Cheerleader, Latin Club | COCHRAN, SHERRIE Soccer, Student Council, Latin Clut Spanish Club | COCHRANE, WENDY Spanish Club President, Frenc Club, Swim Team Captair Volleyball, NHS, Math Club, Tri-C COLLINS, ROGER | COOK, STEVEN Science Fiction Club, German Clu Vice-President, Whiz Kidz, Nation: Merit Commendation, Band COUCH, JEFF COVALESKI, THERESA French Clu Treasurer, Band, Flag Corps DYN a5 Gm D) odo) Soccer, French Club DARDEN, CHARLES ROTC, Ebony Voices, Basketball — DAVIS, CYNTHIA ROTC, Track, Ebony Voices, Volleyball DAVIS, TIFFANY |B es 1X0) 0 ©) LVL oI Bh -l0) uN 0 oreley am @ 10) b Student Council, Senior Steering Committee, Tri-C DEMINICO, JENNIFER Drama, Student Council, Senior Class Vice-President, Spanish Club, Choir Vice-President 1D) aM KO) Fe O.0 4 Art Club, Math Club, HECE, JA DEYO, RONNIE Football, Basketball, SOH, Senior Favorite DIAKIS, LAMONIA French Club, Spanish Club DONAHUE, DIANE FBLA, OEA, Spanish Club DORSEY, ALAN Band, Science Fiction Club DOTSON, RICHARD Latin Club DOUGHERTY, SUE 1D) 3) DOYLE, TIMOTHY National Merit Commendation, Swim Team Captain, Whiz Kidz, French Club, German Club, NHS DOZIER, ROBERT N10) 5 Oy aleve) doy-0 | Game Bb w-Kel DUBROWSKI, MARY ANN Volleyball, Rodeo Club a ee EARLY, JACQUELYN Diving Team, HERO, FHA EASTMAN, ANN Spanish Club Vice-President, Tri-C, Senior Steering Committee EGAN, KYM Swim Team Captain, Industrial Arts Club ESTES, JACK M., III Ea) oak FANNING, LISA FARRAR, STEVE FARRIS, TAMMY Swim Team, Spanish Club, Rodeo Club, Jacket Jazz Captain FERNANDEZ, ABRAHAM Choir, Drama Club, Rodeo Club | FERRELL, KENNEDY | FILLMORE, DUSTY | FLEMING, ADAM Track, Golf, SOH na eAWb © seme RO) D)D) Basketball, Golf, Baseball Nd .4(@) Om 5X0)3)5 04 Band, Drama Club FRYAR, JESSIE IFRYE, JOHN Spanish Club FULLER, LANCE Tennis, Latin Club = Gres GALINDO, JOE Football, Baseball, Spanish Club, SOH, Cheerleader GALLAGHER, KARA GARDNER, RUSSELL Football, Soccer, SOH, Industrial Arts Club GARCIA, CATHERINE (0) oyAN GARCIA, YOLANDA Jacket Jazz, JJ, JA, FBLA, Spanish Club, Tri-C, Student Council GOMEZ, BETTY FBLA President, OEA Vice- President, Spanish Club GONZALEZ, MICHAEL GRANT, WILSHEARINSETTE Band GRAY, RONNY Band GREEN, BOBBY Football GREEN, YOLANDA GUIMARIN, HAROLD, III Athletic Trainer for Football and Baseball pas 4 fs aa HAIRE, LORI Orchestra, Flag Corps, All-City Or- chestra, Band, Drama Club HAMES, TINA Orchestra, Band, Assistant Drum- Major, French Club, NHS, Student Council ; HARDGROVE, JENNIFER Student Council, Cheerleader, Swim Team, Gymnastics, Drama Club HARTMAN, LAURA Cheerleader, Student Council, NHS, Yellow Jacket, Miss AHHS HATFIELD, SHARON JJ, Flag Corps, French Club HEIKKINEN, TIMO Basketball HENDRICKSON, STACY Cheerleader, Student Council Latin Club, Senior Howdy Queen, Senior Favorite HENDRIX, ALISON (@ vers uler- (el oS) © Ao 0 5, ©) Ca A (oe President, Student Council, Track, Senior Steering Committee HENSON, TIM N10) 5 Be xexesdoy- 1 HERNANDEZ, CAROLINE Soccer, FBLA, OEA, Jacket Jazz, Homecoming Court, Senior Steering Committee HERRON, LEE Band HERTEL, KRIS Golf, Spanish Club, Junior Favorite HICKEY, RHYS Track, Latin Club HILL, ANTHONY HILL, GERALD HOANG, TRANG French Club 1 LO) DIG) hoes DAWA BAY A Capella Choir, FHA is LO) BO) 0) oe Bee YW an Volleyball, FHA HOLMES, CRAIG Football, Soccer, Track, Baseball HOLT, MARY French Club HOPKINS, LISA HORNEFFER, PATRICIA NHS, FBLA, Spanish Club, Student Council, Senior Steering Committee HOWELL, LISA Student Council, FHA; OEA, HECE, FBLA, VOE ede 4c) @cn's OVA LO) AO) 5) Orchestra, Concert Mistress, All- City Orchestra, Band, French Club, NHS, Swim Team HUMBER, DON French Club, Baseball HUNT, CHRISTOPHER Basketball cae (ee IGO, RAMY INGRAM, TERENCE ROTC, Basketball ier em AVN @) @x1O) eu Bo OD DY. Spanish Club, Volleyball JACOBS, KENNETH ON KG JOHNSON, ANGELA German Club Vice-President JOHNSON, DAISY JOHNSON, ROBERT | exerey deve | JOHNSON, RUTH Volleyball, Ebony Voices JOHNSON, STEVEN Tennis JONES, ADELE French Club, Student Council JORDAN, WILLIAM SANGSTER Yellow Jacket Co-Editor, Student Council, Library Club, French Club Vice-President, Senior Steering Committee, Jacket Journal Photographer, Broomball, Public Relations Chairman, Library Club JUDSON, BETH SOH, French Club, Student Council, Track ee on KAMP, BRIAN Swim Team KAUFFMAN, LEIGH SOH, Freshman Class Treasurer, Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior Favorite KEFFER, MARY Soccer, SOH Co-President, JV Cheerleader, JJ, Student Council, Student Council Vice-President, Miss AHHS Finalist, Quill and Scroll, United High School Council lelebeoneberen Senior Index 187 KELLEY, LAURA FHA, Band, Spanish Club KEMBLE, LYNNE Senior Steering Committee KENNEDY, KENNETH Rodeo Club, Baseball KILLINGSWORTH, RONNIE German Club President, Whiz Kidz, Math Club President KING, BECKY NHS, JJ KIRBY, CLARA ROTC, Ebony Voices KLEINWECHTER, GILBERT German Club, Whiz Kidz, German Club Secretary KOURI, KELLY Student Council os LANCASTER, JAMES Band LANDERS, MIKE Tennis, Math Club, French Club LANE, LaWANDA Volleyball, Choir | 7's D) 593959 00) Spanish Club President, Jacket Jazz Secretary, Tri-C, Senior Steering Committee, Yellow Jacket, JJ, Math Club, Soccer LE, KHANH LEACH, KEVIN Basketball LEE, LAURI FHA, Art Club LENZ, TRACY MY(@) Se @) oy. LEWIS, GREG Latin Club LEWIS, JULI French Club, DE Vice-President, Tri-C LOTT, JEFFREY Baseball, Industrial Arts Club | KOYAN (OMY 7-Wn i 6) 3) B HECE LUKENS, JOEY Swim Team, Track, Football = MANRY, SHANNON MARINO, PAUL HECE, Track MARROQUIN, NORMA (0) oyAN MARTIN, JUDY MARTIN, MINDY SOH, Senior Class Treasurer, French Club, Tennis MARTINEZ, MARIA FBLA, Spanish Club, Art Club MATHISEN, MICHELLE Homecoming Court, Tri-C, Spanish (OTs) MAXWELL, LAURIE SOH, Spanish Club, Latin Club, FBLA Treasurer MCCOWAN, ANJANETTE 188 Senior Index MCDANIEL, TIMOTHY Football, Track, NHS Y, CO) 3) Bad oy. ON IB Rodeo Club, Track, Industrial Arts Club MCKINNEY, ROBERT MCMILLAN, JOHNNIE MCMINN, KIRK N10) 5! MCMURTRAY, MIKE A Capella Choir MACCHIA, ALYSIA Band, French Club MACKEY, ALLISON Spanish Club, Student Council, shine WY OAD) D) OD, Ge Bh iy. MANN, JAMES Baseball WY 0 5) D) OS) ove W Industrial Arts Club MEEK, BRIAN Student Council, Tri-C, French Club, Senior Howdy King, Senior Class President, Golf Team, JJ, Mr. AHHS Finalist, Drama Club, SOH, Senior Steering Committee WY 0A DOV A- an @) 5 On Golden Gloves METCALF, SCOTT Golf Team MIGOT, JOANNA 404 KO MILLER, MARK Basketball MILLEREN, STEVE 1D) Sam by-b ire | MIMS, TRACY French Club, DE MOORE, BARBIE Cheerleader, NHS, Freshman Favorite, Senior Steering Committee, Senior Class Secretary, Golf Team, FBLA, Student Council MOORE, COURTNEY Student Council, French Club, FHA, DE MOORE, JENNIFER Tennis, SOH, Miss AHHS Finalist, Senior Steering Committee, Yellow Jacket MORFORD, BRENT Football, Latin Club MORRIS, SARA MORRIS, TRES Freshman Class President, SOH, Basketball, NHS, Mr. AHHS, Junior Class Favorite, Latin Club, Yellow Jacket MOUDY, SHANNON Football, Rodeo Club Vice-President, Track, Industrial Arts Club WW CO) OD KOr-Now BD oan Oy-N OLN wail 8 realies NEAL, WILLIAM NEELY, SCOTT NELSON, JENNIFER Tennis, Drama Club, Spanish Club, Jacket Jazz NEWSOME, GWENDOLYN Basketball, Senior Steering; Committee ; NOWLIN, JOHN NUNN, DAVID Football egy x OLGUIN, HOLLY Drama Club, OEA OLIVEROS, KERI | Drama Club | OTIS, LAURA | French Club, NHS, Secretary- Treasurer of Sophomore Class, SOH, | Senior Steering Committee i OTTE, PAUL Basketball, Tennis | — Pp — PACK, CAREN Band, Flag Corps, Industrial Arts @iThs) | PALLADINO, CARL Track, Math Club Vice-President | PALMER, MARTHA FHA, Art Club PARRISH, ASHLEY Track | PASSEUR, ANTHONY PAULSEL, SCOTT | PAYNE, ANDREA . French Club, Senior Steering Com- mittee, Tri-C | PEARCE, MARY JJ, Senior Steering Committee, French Club, Art Club | PERKINS, SHERRI | Soccer, Yellow Jacket, Tri-C PETTIT, SUSAN French Club, Latin Club, Senior| Steering Committee PHARMAKIS, DEANETTE FBLA, DE | PLANT, ROBERT Zar-Kay PRIM, RICHARD | Choir, Drama Club, Rodeo Club POWERS, GREG | Latin Club, Rodeo Club PUELMA, JEANNE Student Council, DE, Tri-C, NHS, Altrusa Award, Yellow Jacket PULIDO, ANGIE French Club, Student Council a ee RAPP, LAURI | NHS, Daughters of the Americar Revolution Award, Tennis, Spanisl Club, Latin Club, Yellow Jacket Homecoming Court RAY, MARY FITZGERALD FHA, PELE RILEY, ALMA FBLA, OEA ROBERTS, DIANE ELIZABETH | Student Council, Drama Club! Spanish Club, Tri-C, Yellow Jacket, Sophomore. Class President, SOH, Mascot, Senior Steering Committee ROBERTS, GLENDA Band, Art Club 3X0) 3) 0). POMS O) BoD Band, VOE, FBLA, Art Club RODRIGUEZ, TERESA GHA, PELE ROGERS, KELLY NiO) 5! ROGERS, RONNIE SOH, Industrial Arts Club, Rodeo Club, French Club RYND, TROY Junior Favorite, French Club, Latin Club, SOH, Student Council, Ol iteouletelay ee SANDERS, RICHARD Yellow Jacket, Student Council, Latin Club, Tennis, Senior Steering Committee SANFORD, CARLA French Club, Art Club, Flag Corps SVAN OAV @ Gel Olsy to) Spanish Club, French Club, FHA, Senior Steering Committee SANTIAGO, DOUGLAS SCHRUM, TAMMY NHS, FBLA SCHWARZ, KAY FHA SEGARRA, CARMEN VOE, OEA, FBLA SELL,LORRI . FHA, Spanish Club, Mascot SHAFFER, LISA FHA, FBLA, Senior Steering Com- mittee, Spanish Club SHEARIN, RACHEAL ROTC, Ebony Voices SHELTON, BRETT SOH, Industrial Arts Club, Basket- ball, Met. SIMENO, LISA SOH, Student Council, Spanish Club, Latin Club, Homecoming Court, Senior Steering Committee SKINNER, TERRY Industrial Arts Club Treasurer, Band SMITH, CAMERON SMITH, CHERI French Club, Art Club, Flag Corps S10) 5) 0) COMO) On Golf Team, JJ SONDERER, CY | SPENCE, ROBERT SOH, Latin Club, Track, Spanish Club, Freshman and Sophomore Favorite, Freshman and Sophomore Howdy King STAFFORD, GREG STANTON, CALVIN Football, Ebony Voices, German Club STARGELL, AUBREY JJ STEPP, RHONDA Freshman and Sophomore Favorite, JV Cheerleader, SOH, Student Council, Latin Club, Homecoming Court NW ROLE) D) 1B Bax © 1 O) 0 a Band, Flag Corps, French Club, JJ STUART, DONNA NHS, FHA, French Club, Spanish Club, NHS President STUBBEMAN, WILLIAM MARK NHS, Golf Team, Latin Club SUMMERS, SCOTT NHS, Spanish Club, Swim Team SUTTON, ERIC Football, Basketball, Baseball SWEET, PATRICK Band et el TAYLOR, VALERIE ©) 577, Was =) 010) eh 0) (oo Wa e101 1 Choir THOMAS, MARSHA Track, Industrial Arts Club THORNTON, DARLA Dwim Team, French Club, Art Club President, Girls’ State, NHS Vice-President TIGNER, TERESA Volleyball, Ebony Voices TINIUS, MARLA Swim Team, Band, Choir, French Club, Senior Steering Committee TIPPENS, ANTHONY i TODD, ERNEST Science Fiction Club TOMME, RICHARD Band, Baseball, French Club, [CT TRAHAN, TED Band, Band Beau, Boys’ State, Tri-C, NHS, Student Council Vice- President and President, Mr. AHHS Finalist, French Club TREVINO, IRMA Band, Student Council, FBLA, Junior Favorite, Junior Howdy Queen, Senior Steering Committee TROTTY, WANDA (0) oyAN TRUJILLO, FERNANDO TUNNELL, KIM TURNER, PAMELA FBLA, OFA, Spanish Club UECKER, JEFF NHS Treasurer, SOH VARGAS, FRANK Soccer, Track VARNER, JOHN Football, Industrial Arts Club VERA, DIANNA DE, Senior Steering Committee VINCENT, TODD STEWART 1D) VISNOVEC, ROBERT FBLA wee Wyre AVON By @ 5) em D) oh OO WEN WALKER, MIKE Track WALTON, APRIL FHA, HERO, HECE, PELE, Volleyball WALTON, MISTI Industrial Arts Club, Drama Club WARD, JACKSON Student Council WARD, TRACY NS Bol OD DY. By) Football, Basketball, Tri-C WATSON, SHERYL FAYE Shi a0000 Kerb 00 le Dye-brot- Od) WEBSTER, LESLIE SOH, Most Beautiful, Homecoming Queen WENTWORTH, DENISE FHA, Drama Club, French Club WESTERHEIDE, WILLIAM WHITE, PRESTON Cheerleading WHITE, ROBERT, JR. Student Council, Football WHITE, WARREN XO) 5 Gm aleve) a oy-0 | Mmm breve] of- 0) MN Tos 0 C0) Steering Committee WIGGINS, DAVID Basketball WILLIAMS, CLARENCE FHA Vice-President, HECE, ROTC WILLIAMS, GINA MICHELLE OFA, DE, Homecoming Court WILLIAMS, JAMES HECE Secretary-Treasurer WILLIAMS, MARSHALL - Track WILLIAMSON, CHARLES WILLIS, GREG Swim Team Captain WINGFIELD, JOYCE WOLF, STEVEN Yellow Jacket WOLFE, THORI A.V 010) DEK O7-N.@ 4 WOOD, JAMES Football, Senior Steering Committee, Student Council, NHS, National Merit Commendation WOODWARD, NATALIE DE, Sophomore Cheerleader, Sophomore Howdy Queen, Student Council, Homecoming Court WRIGHT, JEFF Band, Drum-Major, Swim Team WYATT, BRETT | exoxeydoy-0 0 am Senior Index 189 = . 3 4 iF = : Junior Office: iG Sugsouige a. se esseanvenerwronpronmerenernaeeint SH Juniors Battle With Their First Term Theme Kelly Adams Clayton Alexander Sharon Alexander Mike Alread Ella Atkins Cindy Auila Brad Baker Elizabeth Baker Renee Baker Kristi Basham Laura Baumhaunt Glenn Breaden Fred Beccera Micheal Beckman Jay Bell Bob Blob 192 Juniors Chris Bellony Sarah Bennet Leslie Binkly Stacy Boden Denise Boehm Steven Bond — - Jonnell Boyd Kristen Boyd : Linda Bridgewater Martha Brigance Debbie Brown | Hal Brown — Ivet Bro Juniors 193 Marion Brumley Floyd Bryant Teresa Brynterson Robert Burger Suzanne Burke Pat Burns Renee Burns Richard Butler Amos Campos Michael Carney Roger Carranza Matthew Carroll Phylis Carter Sheene Cash Charles Clark Armando Chavolla Patrick Cheek John Cristie Obviously Lesslie Robertson is enthusiastically listening to Mother Murphey’s tales of Poncho Via’s adventures in Mexico. 194, Juniors Allen Cole — Anna Contreras -CharlaCook = Lori Cook Robert Cowan Adrienne Cox Jennifer Cox Cathy Craft - Joanne Crawford Ann Creager Teresa Croft ryl Cu Kate Curtis — Todd Daniel Jeff Davis = Clement De La Cruz Robert De La Rosa | Rob Delbridge Juniors 195 Sheri DeHart Kimberly Dirks Katherine Doyle Joe Driskell Richard Dukes Kristi Earl Glenn Elder DeeDee Ellis Elaine English Liza Falcon David Farris 196 Juniors Kristi Fatheree - Terri Felfe : Keith Fenton | Lydia lorez C Craig Foy Patty Franke Mark Franklin Todd Franks Norma Garcia Raul Garcia — Amy Gardner : KristenGardner Juniors 197 Laurie Gardner Cindy Bartman Russel Gee Kevin Geldard Karen Getchell Danny Gillain | Elizabeth Gillings Amy Goldsmith Theresita Gomez Steve Greig Vaile Grove Coda Griffay Olaf Growald Bob Hammon Yolanda Hammons Glenda Harrel Kelly Harris Rufus Harris 198 Juniors Denise Hayden Re Sjan Haywood Billy Joe Henley Norma Hernandez Gayle Herr John Herrera Amanda Hill Courtney Hill Robert Hill Elsie Hodges Laura Holloway Theo Holmes. Jay Holt - Kurt Howard — Debbie Huck Rhonda Humphries Debra Jackson Migon Jackson Margo James Jason J arratt Nick Jay ‘Jerri Jenkins Juniors 199 Patio Provides Relaxing Place for Juniors Julie Jennings Penny Jerigan Julie Jones Jim Jopling Eric Keto Kim Keto Vickie Knight David Koehn Robert Kramer Mark Leamer Tammi Leggett Bobby Lewellen Chris Lewis Lori Lindsey Paul Lopez Alicia Loredo Glenda Lowrey Angie Lyons Bill Lyons Terry McAdams Ricky McAdoo - Tannah McGaughy 200 Juniors George MclIlheran Jamie McLain Sidney Maag Mike Malone Melinda Marquez Teresa Marroquin Laura Massey Mary Matteson Sean Matthews Mark Mauser Katherine Mazy Albert Melton Tony Mendoza Merle Miller Mike Miller Mike Millican Cathleen Milligan Laurie Montgomery Delicia Montroy Pam Monney Tere Moore Mark Moreland Steve Murrin Mitchell Nelson Carolyn Norlander Keri Norman Vickie O'Connor Juniors 201 Kenneth Oge Barry O'Neal Diana Owens Cara Palladino Chris Palm Angela Parr Scott Patterson Robert Patton Blake Pearce Jo’Ann Person Lori Peterson Ronald Pineda Jack Powell Vanesa Powell Julius Parnell Sharla Pyeatt Deborah Ralph Leonard Ramos Jody Rasmussen Robert Reed Tim Reese | Lisa Rice © Kyle Risenhoover | - Paula Roberts Lesslie Robertson 202 Juniors Anna Rodriquez Maria Rodriquez Dawn Rogers Lisa Rouse Vic Ruiz Olivia Russell Becky Sadler Virginia Sanders Bridget Schrafrick Ken Scott Karen Shaffer | Chikako Shinsei Alan Shipman Kate Shirley Ron Short Sharon Shosid Richard Silva Blake Simpson | - Salina Slagle ‘George Smith Kelly Smith Parshore Smith Shawn Smith -Tonja Snyder Rudy Sotelp Ines Soto Amanda Southern — Juniors 203 204 Juniors Juniors Look Forward to a Great Senior Year Celia Spencer Robert Spencer Tina Spencer Zorina Spero Pam Spivey Patti Spurgeon Peggy Strong Brenda Swales Melissa Thach Lisa Thompson Ron Thorn Missy Thorpe Scott Tims Alex Tis Eric Trotter Christy Tullis Thomas Urquart John VanAken Tammy Vanderver Elsa Vargas Vivian Vargas Carrie Wagner Will Waites Larry Walden Gregory Walker Ty Walraven Regina Ward Doreen Watson Gary Wells Lutricia Werland | Blake West Tom Westerheide © Cynthia Whitaker John Whitaker Scott White Debbie Wilk Thomas Wiggins Patricia Wilcox Buddy Wiley Michelle Wise Diane Woodward Angie Woodson Glen Woodson Steve Workman Angela Wright Gage Yager Ann Zedrick the Trt en ed a ee a 4 Juniors 205 2 : ist ascinated | Ronald Pineda sits f e President: Carlos Mendo saan SS RAP RR RS § ras as EET EER 210 Sophomores s f % James Abbs Johanna Abelson Patty Adams Carolyn Allen Cheryl Amie Mary Amie Keshia Anderson Robbie Andrews John Anthony Sam Arcipreste Michelle Ashworth Mike Ayres Tracey Bardas Allison Barker Kim Barnes Ronnie Barnes Tommye Barnes Kelly Barrett Debbie Beavers Gregory Bell Michael Bell Carolyn Benne Shawn Berschig Denise Bigan Anne Blanks Debbie Blessing Kelly Blumhagen Dorenda Branch ay ; Pa. Paige Brennan : Y ' igo = 3 Brad Brown Dave Brown Kim Brown Mary Brown Tony Brown Dawn Bryant Hoang Bui “Wow, everyone’s upside down,” thinks an amazed cheerleader Robin Meyer as she bravely copes with the theory of gravity. Sophomores 211 Eustolia Builtron Blake Burkett Lalo Bustos Michelle Butler Elbira Cabrera Ginger Campbell Grace Cannedy Craig Cantu Albert Carrizales Trey Chapman Alma Chavolla Darrell Cleveland Melissa Coker Leslie Collier Dean Conine Bonnie Cook Catherine Courtney Susan Cowley Tina Cox Courtney Cranz Tim Crawford Kim Crutsinger Celeste Cummings Harold Cussnick Jay Dill seems fascinated by formula writing in chemistry. The big senior guys catch a watchful sophomore girl’s eye. 212 Sophomores Melinda Daggett Kurt Daniels Lori Davis Luke Davis Alan De Windt Kevin Dean Lee Anne Dearen Craig Deen Gary DeHart Michelle De Plante Jackie Dial Chris Dickinson Bobbie Lake shoots a cocky glance at a Yellow Jacket photographer. Sophomores 213 Jay Dill Tim Doogs Antruan Dunkley Mike Faul Steve Feldman Kim Flannigan Anita Flores Susan Flowers Paige Flusche Stephen Foley Alan Foshee Cheryl Franklin Stacy Gafford Lisa Renee Gann Maria Carmen Garcia Tony Garcia John Gardner Anthony Gilmore 214 Sophomores Brett Goforth Raymond Gonzales Edith Goodson Ralph Gourley Malisa Gregory Lisa Griffin Lisa Friffith Chandler Growald Julie Hale Doug Halton David Hardy Tammy Harris Michael Haynes Missy Hendrix Danny Henninge Elicia Herbert Tommy Herrera Cindy Hill Reese Hillard Trey Hodge Kelly Holcroft Jim Holmes Geoffrey Holt Elyn Honts Sophomores 215 Pam Hopkins Alan Houk Brad Howell Tony Hudson Chris Hughes Lisa Hughes Kathy Igo Ella Jackson Brigette Jacobs Hope James Emilie J ean Giles Jenerette Shirley Jenkins Lum Joe Stanley Joe Wayne Joe Deljuan Johnson Cameron Jones Deborah Jones Patricia Jones Pidge Jones Sarah Jones Sue Jones Bryan Justice Hungry sophomore Amy Witherite grabs a quick snack during the tribulations and heartaches of a lunchtime chemistry class. 216 Sophomores Bob Keetch Brett Keeton Jeri Kent Kellie Keto Neal Kibler Alice King Ben King Mollie King Denise Kirkley Shari Knapp Peppi Knox Scott Laing Robert Lake Michele Lane Tyron Lane Pam Langston Jacqueline LaVow Patti Leggett David Lieske Mary Louise Lozano Melanie Lucas Rosie Lukens te cabo nant “Heights is a blast!” exclaims an excited sophomore Alan Foshee. Sophomores 217 Class of 1984 Attacks Proofs in Geometry Ray Lyons Diana Madden John Maddux Tony Madormo Veronica Magallon Anthony Mancuso Charles Mann Adrian Martinez William McCollough Maggie McGrew Tim McQuatters Steve Mendez Carlos Mendoza Robyn Meyer Charles Migot Andrew Mitchell 218 Sophomores | Randal Montgomery Steve Moody Ronnie Moore Celia Morales Laura Morena Houston Morford Irma Morin LeAnne Mukkala Todd Mulholland Victor Munoz Lisa Murray Becky Negrete Christina Nelms Tanh Nguyen Emily Noriega Linda Norris Lisa Nowlin Sonya Nunn Judy Oliver Rhonda Oliver James W. Otis Karl Palmer Sophomores 219 Michele Palmer Steven Palmer Sharon Palmore Travis Parmer Frances Parten Stephanie Patten John Patteson Susan Pattillo Dana Paul Courtney Oranz cuts out her version of a paper knife while Charles Mann pretends he doesn’t have any idea what she is doing. 220 Sophomores Andrea Pendery Karen Perkins Gene Perry Robert Petrie Carol Pettit Alison Phillips Matt Posey Cynthia Pratt Scott Prince Oscar Puentes Martha Pulido Trey Quinn Christina Ramos Kathy Rayman sec ceninncenseninnr mentee T errie Reed Robert Reel Elizabeth Reyna Sophomores 221 World History and Biology Fascinate Sophs Staphanie Reynolds Mia Riley Anice Roberts Brian Rodrigues Anthony Rogers Jim Rodgers Joan Rolling Dana Ross Martha Rudder Camilla Sager Angie Salcedo Steve Salley Beverly Sanders Johnny Sanders: Becky Sanderson T homas Schrum 222 Sophomores " Renee Shackleford Fredrick Shearin De Ann Sheedy Stephen Shrull Lori Shuey Rocky Slaton Susan Smelko Jimbob Smith Stacey Smith Terisa Smith Laura Snowden Jim Snyder Magda Solis Anthony Sotelo Robert Sperry Jeff Spraggins Sharon Stockton Sophomores 223 Geoffrey Tadda Phil Taggart Jeanie Tave Lee Taylor Soraya Theobald Cara Thornton Bill Tolle Geoff Toothe T om Tracy Kit Trotter Arnold Tumlinson — Troy Tuomey Ys y. | : y tte id Maria Valadez Terry Valderas Kurt Van Hofwegen Laura Vargas Phil Velasquez ’ TTT ep re aap 5 A gaa Sophomore Denise Kirkley listens intently as her patio companion gives a detailed description of her appendix operation 224 Sophomores hos. al = e é i 2 Sophomore band member Pam Langston looks up in happy amazement at the all-powerful Yellow Jacket photog. t@ig.. .° Sophomore Allison Barker vainly attempts to explain to Mrs. Adkins why she doesn’t read books when she is in the library. Debbie Vuillemot Chris Wagnon Mary Walker Monique Walker Tracy Walner Jerry Walton James Ward Debra Wentz Michelle Wheeler Charles Williams Cindy Williams Rusty Williams Sonya Williams Chris Willis Jim Winn Rusty Witcher Amy Witherite Frank Wolfe Brenetta Woolen Angela Wooten Danny Wright Lajuana Wright Bernadette Young Scott Youngblood Sophomores 225 omores and proud of it nt sophomore studies HiRes 5 Sy 2 2 eae peers enettaenrrrerirersnsntbves:vestitorear tro teste PRS nan e7 sister at tee arose ce ee nt 4 } 2 ; Bo ee SOS Pee IN? eG SS, EE ea ET I SEN eae: SS Oe SERED Be 5 Ec ETP a SERENE ea sonics eemecns esis eresuarszusnemecsnoaensaesesunsasenesesoepsesssuesrseneseevreserensewsreiemsehseeeesisoeseieseeesenpsinsioheersinrycirrit 230 Freshmen Mary Ahoe Rauls Alvert Emily Albright Leeroy Alexander Amberina Ali Rose Mary Alvarez ' Alexis Ander Jeff App Ralph Ascension Blake Austin Christie Baker Brian Barefield Ben Barlow Ray Barnes Michelle Batterson Rosa Belanos Doug Benedict Jr. Susan Bertram Amy Brittingham is assisted by a helpful senior with her registration endeavors. Suzie Bittrick Babette Bogert Jill Boles IDET iM steveyiteye Ann Bowlin John Boyd William Vuillemont spies a fellow freshman climbing the walls at a speedy pace. Troy Boyle Robyn Bradley Ann Branham Elizabeth Branshaw Allan Brants Lesley Brewer AYo) bow syatetexeny Amy Brittingham Charles Wilder is baffled by schedule forms. Freshmen 231 eS eS OS SEER Sd a Ses eS seen bmeteraerneneeneesenaerneremeenemeeneee 232 Freshmen Cheryl Brown Carla Bromley Shelly Bruner Paige Buechley Sam Burkett Randy Burns Retha Cable Sam Caldwell Michael Carlyle Rick Carney Todd Carter Arthur Cartwright Eveline Cartwright Jose A. Castanon Teri Castor Fielding Chandler Shannon Chamberlain Anthony Chaumont Elba Chavolla Lidia Chavolla Darryl Cheek Lynn Burger Cheese Warren Snider strongly approves of Emily Albright’s perfume. Eddie Cheney Chris Chevreaux Caroline Cisneros A. J. Clark Jr. Vicky Clark Tracy Cole Tony Contreras WW Eb ave Gore) ¢ MEVS som rere) e Todd Crawford Susan Creager Becky Cromwell Neal Crossan Michelle Cunningham Camille Curry ' Cindy Curtis Terri Dalrymph Crystal Davis Genia Davis Jill Davis Tonya Davis Barbara Deakins Freshmen 233 Liza Delaney Stephanie DeLeon David Diakis Theresa Doverspike DEW (0 @ DYeyAtou Matt Driscoll Becky Dry Lanette Duran Steve Durham Charmaine Dunkley Vickie England Diane Evans Latonya Evans Vickie Evans Eric Ewing Oliver Fanning Darrell Felder Anthony Fish Jan Foster Amy Fox Kelly Foy Thomas Frank Doug Franke Kelli Franklin Amy Franks George Gamez 234 Freshmen IouieniCemerhuat:| (Oe bal @r-buor) Khristian Gardner Mike Gartman Steve Gauntt Lea Gelushia Lacynthia Glenn Annette Gill Angie Goff Andy Gonzales BVA Cofore! Susan Goodwin Aleeca Gray Gina Gray Richard Grey Dwight Green Ginny Green Jimmy D. Green Evilene Cartwright discusses her schedule with an apparently uninterested scholar. Freshmen 235 236 Freshmen Michelle Greenlee Vaughn Grisham Holly Haas Craig Hanes Mike Hanna Bridget M. Harris Lutheria Harrison Scott Havis Chris Heizer Bret Helmer Eddie Henson Angie Hernandez Brian Holland Lori Holland Michelle Holmes Elston Howard Linda Howell Suzanne McGown enjoys food a la cafeteria. Leslie Howeth Paul Hryekewicz Joanie Irvin Danny Jackson Kevin James Anthony Johnson Missy Johnson Richelle Johnson Andrew Jones Mary Alice Jones Dani Juarez Mark Jungers @itsew Sle) )ts Kévin Kimberlin Sandra King Cynthia Kirby Cynthia Kotter Freshmen 237 Susan Larimore Bryan Larkins Bo Lasater Melissa Lawrence Melissa Lemon Bill Lenz Grethcen Lindley John List Melinda Little Lorena Lopez Armando Lorado Janie Loredo Vanessa Lowe Sonia Loyola Cynthia Magelloe Michelle Maldonado Annette Mann John Marlinez 238 Freshmen WE ay Enaeiity2 Michael Marquez Jose Marroquin Richard Martinez Vickie Martinez Tim Mauser Jennifer Mayo Tyrell McClanahan Natalie Mims takes notes on guys for her novel. Jennifer McCormick Sharon McDonald Suzanne McGown Mindi McKinney Holly McLain Walter McMurtray Leslie Meek Gloria Mendoza Paige Buechley and a friend discuss their interest in school. Freshmen 239 240 Freshmen Melissa Mills Natalie Mims Kevin Mitchell Meagan Miteff Becky Montez Star Moseley Shelly Mosqueda Shawn Mullins Diego Munoz Lou Murrin Jill Needham Kevin Newton Cathy Nichols Cindy O’Conner Warren Snider chuckles at the Jacket Journal. Jim Odom Danny Oge’ Rene Palomo Betsy Parmer Nicole Paul Allison Paulus David Pena Amy Penfold Janet People Monty Phillips Wendlon Pratt John Proffitt Martin Puente Esther Puentes Derek Randle Todd Rapp Walter Reynolds Debbie Rhame Mark Richardson James Richter e Shewanda Riley Roxanne Rodgers Freshmen 241 242 Freshmen Freshmen Contribute to Spirit of Heights Tony Rodriguez Laura Roels Michael Ross Tony Ruiz Monty Runnels Julia Russell Missy Sandoval Jenny Santana Jewell Saxon Heather Scott Laura Segarra Burk Shaw Yoshie Shinei Steven Shosid Melinda Silman Darla Sisco Angie Slavik Jerry Smith Carla Brumley works diligently for Tri-C. ‘ a Geigtetes Bret Helmer is every enthusiastic about his GPS class. Mary Smith Randy Smith Henry Snider Warren Snider Susannah Sparks Judy Stailey Kay Stephens Andy Stevens Will Stone Brantt Stovall Lisset Suarez Mark Summers Tonya Teafatiller Becky Tierce Jackson Tinsley Louis Torres Candy Trout Kevin Tyson Sherri Uecker Jamie Valades Martin Valdez Oscar Valdez Rosa Valdez Tabatha Vansickle Freshmen 243 Sarah VanVleck Jesse Vinson William Vuillemot Courtney Wall Gens Walraven Susan Watt Bo Weaver Carl Wentworth Barbara Werland Todd West Anna White Patience Walker 244 Freshmen a. Melissa Lemon heeds the advice of a knowledgeable senior. Deanna White Richard Whitten 1 SXo) eles nam s t (exe) ¢ Charles Wilder Sondra Williams Victor Williams Greg Williamson Glen Wilson Robert Winters Melody Wise” Jeff Wolf Chris Wolfe Karen Wood Marty Wooten Patty Worrell Cliff Zachry Mike Zeigler Ernest Johnson DEW ACe MAY Corey ae Michael Ross Vladimir Swift Freshmen 245 Hh ok Abbs, John p. 210 Abelson, Johanna p. 210 Absalom, Joe p. 160 Adams, Kelly p. 192 Adams, Patty p. 210 ADKINS, JO p. 150 Ahoe, Marie p. 230 Akers, Kathleen p. 160 Albers, Raul p. 230 Albers, Robert p. 160 Albright, Emily p. 230 Alexander, Buddy p. 160 Alexander, Clayton p. 192 Alexander, Curtis p. 160 Alexander, David p. 160 Alexander, Leeroy p. 230 Alexander, Sharon p. 192 Alfredson, Jon p. 160 Allen, Ann p. 160 Allen, Carolyn p. 210 ALLES, FRANCES p. 149 Alread, Mike p. 192 Alvarado, Andy p. 160 ALVAREZ, PAUL p. 150 Alvarez, Rose Mary p. 230 Alvarez, Rufino p. 160 Amie, Cheryl p. 210 Amie, Mary p. 210 Ander, Alexis p. 230 ANDERSON, JOHNNIE p. 152 Anderson, Keshia p. 210 Anderson, Lisa p. 160 Andress, Kelly p. 160 Andrews, Robbie p. 210 Anthony, John p. 210 Anthony, Mark p. 160 App, Jeff p. 230 Arcipreste, Norma p. 160 Arcipreste, Sam p. 210 Arnold, Marji p. 160 ARSENEAU, FLAVIN p. 152 Ascencion, Ralph p. 230 Ashton, Donna p. 160 Ashworth, Michelle p. 210 Atkins, Ella p. 192 Atkinson, Ruby p. 160 Au, Amberina p. 230 Austin, Blake p. 230 Avila, Cindy p. 192 Ayres, Mike p. 210 Fae Baker, Bradyp. 192 Baker, Christie p. 230 Baker, Elizabeth p. 192 Baker, Renee p. 192 BAKER, WILLIAM p. 152 Balch, Lisa p. 192 Bardas, Tracey p.210 Barefield, Brian p. 230 Barefield, Catherine p. 160 Barefield, Mike p. 160 -FACULTY AND STUDENTS Barker, Allison p. 210 Barlow, Ben p. 230 Barlow, Karen p. 161 Barner, Mandy p. 161 Barnes, Kim p. 210 BARNES, LARRY p. 152 Barnes, Mellany p. 161 Barnes, Ray p. 230 Barnes, Ronnie p. 210 Barnes, Tommye p. 210 Barrett, T. Kelly p. 210 Basham, Kim p. 161 Basham, Kristy p. 192 Batterson, Michelle p. 230 Baumhardt, Laura p. 192 Bearden, Glenn p. 192 BEATTIE, MARIE p, 152 Beavers, Debbie p. 211 Becera, Fred p. 192 Beckman, Michael p. 192 Bell, Gregory p. 211 Bell, Jay p. 192 Bell, John p. 161 Bell, Michael.p: 211 Bellomy, Chris p. 193 Benedict, Doug p. 230 Benne, Carolyn p. 211 Bennett, Sarah po193 Bentley, Darla p. 161 Bersehig, Shawn p. 211 Bertram, Chris p. 161 Bertram, Susan p. 230 BETTES, MARILYN p. 152 Bigan»Denise p. 211 BilheimerpkKim p. 161 Binkley, Leslie p, 193 Bittick, Suzie p. 231 Bittrick, Jeffrey p. 161 Bland, Timothy p. 193 Blanks, Anne.pw2t! BLEDSOE, PHILIP p. 152 Blessing, Debbie p. 211 Blessing, Matt p. 161 Blevins, Tyson p. 161 Blumhagen, Kelly p. 211 BOBBITT, ELIZABETH p. 150 Boden, Staey p. 193 Bodenmiller p. 193 Boehm, Brian p. 161 Boehm, Denise p. 193 Bogert, Babette p. 231 Bohon, Beth p. 161 Bolanos, Rosa p. 230 Boles, Jill p. 231 Bond, Steven p. 193 Bokker, Troy p. 161 Bonne, Dan p, 231 Bostic, Cathy p. 161 Boswell, Elise p. 162 Bowlin, Ann p. 231 Boyd, John p. 231 Boyd, Jonnell p. 193 Boyd, Kristen p. 193 Boyle, Troy p. 231 Bradley, Robyn p. 231 Branch, Dorenda p. 211 Branham, Ann p. 231 = Branshaw, Elizabeth p. 231 Branshaw, Paula p. 162 Brants, Allan p. 231 Brennan, Paige p. 211 Bretz, Scott p. 162 Brewer, Lesley p. 231 BRIAN, SARA p. 150 Bridges, John p. 231 Bridgewater, Darlene p. 162 Bridgewater, Linda p. 193 Brigance, Martha p. 193 . | BRIGHT, GLADYS p. 152 Bright, Sonya p. 162 Brightbill, Amy p. 162 Brightbill, Ann p. 162 Brittingham, Amy p. 231 Brittingham, Christie p. 162 Brock, David p. 193 Brown, Brad p. 211 Brown, Bunny p. 193 Brown, Cheryl p. 232 Brown, Dave p. 211. Brown, Debbie p. 193 Brown, Hal p. 193 Brown, Kim p. 211 Brown, Mary p. 211 Brown, Mike p. 162 Brown, Tony p. 211 Brown, Velvet p. 193 Brumley, Carla p. 232 Brumley, Marion p. 194 Bruner, Shelly p. 232 Brunson, Don p. 162 Bryant, Dawn p. 211 Bryant, Floyd p. 194 Brynterson, Teresa p. 194. Buechley, Paige p. 232 Bui, Hoang p. 211 Builtron, Eustulia p. 212 Burger, Robert p. 194 Burgin, Debbie p. 162 ' Burke, Suzanne p. 194 Burkett, Blake p. 212 Burkett, Sam p. 232 Burns, Pat p.194 Burns, Randy p. 232 Burns, Renee p. 194 Burns, Robin p. 162 Burns, Susan p. 162 | BURTON, ROSEMARY p. 152 - Burton, Samanda p. 162 Bustos, Lalo Butler, Michelle p. 212 | Butler, Richard p. 194 : | | Cable, Retha p. 232 Cabrera, Elbira p. 212 Caldwell, Sam p. 232 stie, Doth p. 194 Cisneros, Caroline p. 233 Clark, Jr., A. J. p. 233 Clark, Charles p. 194 Clark, Kirby p. 163 Clark, Lance p. 163 Clark, Vicky p. 233 CLAYTON, BETTY p. 152 Cleveland, Darrell p. 212 Clinch, Chris p. 163 Clinkscale, Anna p. 163 Cochran, Sherrie p. 163 Cochrane, Wendy p. 163 COHEE, ERNESTINE p. 153 Coker, Melissa p. 212 Cole, Allen p. 195 Cole, Tracy p. 2 Collier, Leslie p Collins, Roger p. 16 Conine, Dest. 212 ontreras. p. 212 ARON p. 151 r, Russell p. 164 Cummings, Celeste p. 212 CUNNINGHAM, DIXIE p. 153 Cunningham, Michelle p. 233 Delaney, Liza Os Delbridge,.R De Leor Duran, Durham, Dunkley, C DYER, KA —E Earl, Kristi p. 1 Early, Jacquelyn Eastman, Ann p. Egan, Kim p. 163 Elder, Glen p. 19 ELDRIDGE, R€ Fish, Anthony er, ae 166 " Gourley, Ralph p. 215 : Flusche, Paige p. 214 . Foley, Stephen p. 214 Foshee, Alan p. 214 FOSTER, BILL p. 150 Foster, Jan p. 234 Fox, Amy p. 234 Foy, Craig p. 197 Foy, Kelly p. 234 Frank, Thomas p. 234 Franke, Doug p. 234 Franke, Patty p. 197 Franklin, Cheryl p. 214 Franklin, Kelli p. 234 Franklin, Mark p. 197 Franks, Amy p. 234 Franks, Todd p. 197 FRAZIBR, JACQUELINE p. 153 Frick, Robbie p. 166 Frye, John p. 166 Fuller, Lance p. 166 —— —— 3 § fF —— Gafford, Stacy p. 214 GALIGA, JOSEPH p. 153 Galindo, Jose p. 166 Gallagher, Kara p. 166 Gomez, George p. 234 Gann, Lisa Renee p. 214 Gappa, Chris p. 166 Garcia, Cathy p. 166 Garcia, Fernanda p. 235 Garcia, Maria p. 214 Garcia, Norma p. 197 Garcia, Oscar p, 235 Garcia, Jr., Rath p. 197 Garcia, Terry p. 214 Garcia, Yolanda p. 167 Gardner, Any p. 197 Gardner, John p. 214 Gardner, Khristian p. 235 Gardner, Kaisten p. 197 Gardner, Laurie p. 198 Gardner, Russell p. 167 Gartman, Cindy p. 198 Gartman, Mike p. 235 Gauntt, Steve p. 235 Gee, Russell p. 198 Geldard, Kevin p. 198 Gelushia, Lea p. 235 Getchell, Karen p. 198 GIBBS, LOUIS p. 154 Gil, Annette p. 235 Gilliam, Danny p. 198 Gillings, Elizabeth p. 198 Gilmore, Anthony p. 214 Glenn, Lacynthia p. 235 Goff, Angie p. 235 Goforth, Brett p. 215 Goldsmith, Amy p. 198 Gomez, Betty p. 167 Gomez, Theresita p. 198 Gonzales, Andy p. 235 Gonzales, Raymond p. 215 Gonzalez, Maichael p. 167 Good, Liz p. 235 Goodson, Edith p. 215 Goodwin, Susan p. 235 Hendrix, Alison p. 168 Grant, Wilshearine p. 167 Gray, Aleeca p. 235 Gray, Gina p. 235 Gray, Richard p. 235 Gray, Ronny p. 167 Green, Bobby p. 167 Green, Dwight p. 235 Green, Ginny p. 235 Green, Jimmy p. 235 Green, Yolanda p. 167 Greenlee, Michelle p. 236 GREER, DAVID p. 154 © Gregory, Malisap.215 Greig, Steve p. 198 Greshan, Vaughn p, 236 Griffay, Coda p. 198 © Griffin, Lisa p. 215 Griffith, Lisa p. 215 GRIGSBY, NADINE p. 150 Grisetti, Ed p. 167 Grove, Vaile p. 198 Growald, Chandler p. 215 Growald, Olaf p. 217 Guimarin, III, Harold p. 167 a Haas, Holly p. 236 Haire, Lori p. 167 Hale, Julie p. 215 Halton, Doug p. 215 Hames, Tina p. 167 Hamman, Bob p. 198 Hammons, Yolanda p. 198 Hampton, James p. 167 HAMRICK, JUANITA p. 154 Hanes, Craig p. 236 Hanna, Mike p. 236 Hannigan, Donna p. 167 Hardgrove, Jennifer p. 167 Hardy, David p. 215 Harrell, Glenda p. 198 Harris, Bridget p. 236 Harris, Kelly p. 198 Harris, Rufus p. 198 Harris, Tammy p. 215 Harrison, Lutheria p. 209 Hartman, Laura p. 168 4 HARVEY, LAWRENCE p. 154 Hatfield, Sharon p. 168 Havis, Scott p. 236 HAWKINS, ROHELIA p. 154 Hayden, Denise p. 199 Haynes, Michael p. 215 Haywood, Darryl p. 168 Haywood, Re Sjahn p. 199 Heikkinen, Tim p. 168 Heizer, Chris p. 236 Helmer, Bret p. 236 Hendrickson, Stacy p. 168 es Pe p. 215 Herbert, Elicia ot 2 Hernandez, Angie p. 236 Howell, Brad p. 216 -Howeth, Leslie p. 237 | -Hryekewicz, Paul p. 23 Humphries, Rhonda p. err, Gayle p. 192 Herrera, John p. 199 Herrera, Tammy p. 215 Herron, Lee p. 168 Hertez, Kris p. 168 Hickey, Rhys p. 168 HICKOX, KAYE p. 150 Hill, Amanda p. 199 Hill, Cindy p. 215 Hill, Courtney p. 199 Hill, Gerald p. 168 Hill, Robert p. 199 Hillard, Reese p. 215 Hoang, Trong p. 168 Hodge, Trey p. 215 | Hodges, Elsie p. 199 Hodges, Tammy p. 168 Hoffman, Nina p. 168 Holcroft, Dawn p. 168 : Holcroft, Kelly p. 215 | Holland, Brian p. 236 Holland, Cori p. 236 Holloway, Laura p. 199 Holmes, Craig p. 169 Holmes, Jim p. 215 Holmes, Michelle p. 236 Holmes, Theo p. 199 Holt, Geoffrey p. 215 Holt, Jay p. 199 Holt, Jenny p. 168 Honts, Elyn p. 215 Hopkins, Lisa p. 168 | Hopkins, Pam p. 216 | Horneffer, Patricia p. 168 Houk, Alan p. 216 Howard, Elston p. 236 Howard, Kurt p. 199 Howard, Sean p. 168 Howell, Linda p. 236 Howell, Lisa p. 168 Hryekewicz, Joyce p. 168 HUBBY, SHIRLEY p Huck, Debbie p. 199 Hudson, Tony p. 216 Hughes, Chris p. 216 Hughes, Lisa p. 216 Humber, Don p. 168 Hunt, Christopher p. 16 Ve i p 169 tee: Keghy p. a Johnson, Robe tp. aa Johnson, Ruth Pp: 169 h R’Deborah p. 216 Julie p. 200 Kevin-p. 169 os Killing King, AI KING, J King, Bec King, Ben p debbie p. nce, 2 a mea Sg 14 e, David p. 217 €a, Scott p. 172 McGaughey, Tanna p. 200 McGowan, Suzanne p. 239 McGrew, Maggie p. 218 McGee, Pamela p. 172 Mcllheran, Georg McKinney, Mindi McKinney, Robert p. McCain, Holly p. 239 McLain, Jamie p. 201 McMillan, Johnny p. 172 McMinn, Kirk p. 172 McMurtray, Walter p. 239 McMurtray, Mike p. 172 McQuatters, Tim p. 218 Maag, Sydney p. 201 Macchia, Alysia p. 172 Mackey, Allison p. 172 Madden, Dana p. 218 Maddux, John p. 218 Maddux, Lisa p. 172 Madormo, Tony p. 218 Magallon, Cynthia p. 238 Magallon, Veronica p. 218 Maldonado, Michelle p. 238 Malone, Mike p. 201 Mancuso, Anthony p. 218 Mann, Annette p. 238 Mann, Charles p. 218 Mann, James p. 172 Manry, Shannon p. 172 Marino, Paul p. 172 Marlinez, John p. 238 Marroquin, Norma p. 172 ARSH, MAR Miteff, Meaganyp Mims, Natalie p, Mullins, Shawn p. 240 Munoz, Victor p. 219 % Murrin, Lou p. 2408 ‘ Murrin, Steye p. 20 % Mayo, Jennifer p. 239 Mazy, Kathryn p. 201 Medlin, Sean p.173 Meck, Brian p. 173 Meek, Leslie p. 239 Melton, Albert p Mendez, Ste Mendoza, Carlos p. 21 Mendoza, John p. 17% Mendoza, Gloria p. 239 5 Mendoza, Tony p. 201 Metcalf, Scott p.173 — Meyer, Robyn’p. 218 7 Migot, Charles p. 218 Migot, Joanna p. 173 MILLER, CORA p. Mg Miller, Mark p. fe Miller, M heey o1 . Miller; Michael | p. 173 Miller, Mike p. 201 i Millican, Mike p 201 | Milligan, Cathleen p. 201 Milliren, Steve p. 173 Mills, Melissa p. 240°” Mims, Tracy p. 173 — ndrea p. 221 my p. 241 aren p. 221 lerri p. 175 Pratt, Wy! Price, Sear Prim, Riché ‘ Ng Prince, Sco Olivet Tady Dp. 219 Proffitt, Joh =cnngaitiokic p. 201 Power , Jim p. 241 -eratt, 4 2 Mitchell, Andrewyp. Mitchell, Kevin p. Montgomery, Lag Montgomery, R. 219% Oliver, Rhonda p. 219 Puelma, Jean Montez, Beekyp jee Oliveros, Keri p. 175 Puente, Martir Montroy, Deli Otis, James p. 219 Puentes, Esthe: a Otis, Laura p. 175 Puentes, Oscar Otte, Paul p. 175 Pulido, Angie : Moe Owens, Diana p. 202 Poss Pulido, Martha'p, z a : Purnell, Julius pe Pyeatt, Sharla py. Pack, Caren p. 175 Palladino, Cara p. 202 Pallodino, Carl p, 175 Palm, Chris p. 202 Palmer, Karl p. 219 Palmer, Martha p. 175 Ralph, Debore Palmer, Michele p. 220 pte Ralph, Sam p, Palmer, Steven p. 220 Ramos, Christi Palmore, Sharon p. 220 Ramos, Leona Palomo, Rene p. 241 Randle, De PARHAM, MARY p. 155 Rapp, Lau Parmer, Betsy p. 241 Rapp, Todd Quinn, Trey p. 2 = Parmer, Travis p. 220 Rasmussen} Jo Parten, Frances p. 220 Ray, Mary p. 1 Parr, Angela p. 202 Rayman, Kat Parrish, Ashley p. 175 Read, Robert p. Patterson, David p. 202 Reed, Terrié p, Patten, Stephanie p. 220 REED, TE Patteson, John p. 220 Reel, Robe e Patton, Robert p. 202 i Pattillo, Susan p. 220 Paul, Dana p. 220 Paul, Nicole p. 241 Paulsel, Scott p. 175 : Paulus, Allison p. 241 Rice, Lisa p. 2 Payne, Andrea p. 175 Richardson, Pearce, Blake p. 202 Richtu, Jamesp a, LeAnne p. 219 holland, Todd p. 219 Munoz, Diego p. 240 MURPHEY, VIVIAN p. 1 SS Murray, Lisa p. 219. tell Pearce, Mary p. 175 Riley, Alma p.1 NABORS, JOHD he. 155 : Pena, David p. 241 Riley, Mia p. 23 Neal, William.p. 1 14 . Pena, Monica p. 175 Riley, Shewand : s : Wy ” eee ., se . 2 yy Stuart, Betina pt 180 »Stubbeman, Mark p. 180 © Strong, Peggy p. 204 tafford, Greg p. 180 uarez, Lisset p. 242 ummers, Mark p. 24 ummers, Scott p. 180 utton, Eric p. 180 ales, Brenda p. 204 , Devin p. 180 [, LINDA p. 156 ts, Diane p. 177 erts, Glenda p. 177° ts, Paula p. 202 erts, Sulene p. 177 — guez, Anna p. 20 Rodriguez, Brian p. 2 Rodriguez, Maria p. 20: Rodriguez, Teresa p. 17 : Rodriguez, Tony p. 242 0; Siete, 242 Roels , Batra p. 242 Kinner, Terry p. Roger ‘Anthony p. 222 lagle, Salina p. 24 .ogers, Dawn p. 203 Slaton, Rocky P im p. 222 Slavik, Angie p lly p. 177 Smelko, Susag nnie p. 177 Smith, Cam an p. 222 Smith, Che; VERLY p. 155 Smith, Ge p. 222 lichael p. 242 indtree, Barbara p. wa ouse, Lisa p. 203 ROUTEN, JANEp Rudder, Martha p. 2: Ruiz, Tony p. 242, offrey p. 224 Phil p. 224 ry p. 243 fren p. Sg Sanders, Beverly p. 2 Sanders, Johnny p. 222 Sanders, Richard p. 178 Sanders, Virginia p. 20 Sanderson, Becky p. 222 Sandoval, Missy p. 242% Sanford, Carla p. 178 Sotelo, Rud Soto, Ines p. Southern, Amanda p. Sparks, Doug p. 180 Tracy, Tom p. 224 Sankery, Susie p. 178 Sparks, Susannah p. 243 Trahan, Ted p. 181 Santana, Jenny p. 242 Spence, Robert p. 180 Trevino, Irma p. 181 Saxon, Jewel p. 242 Spencer, Celia p. 204 ; Trotter, Eric p. 204 Sayles, Gina p. 178 Spencer, Robert p. 204 Trotter, Kit p. 224 Schafrick, Bridget p. Spencer, Tina p. 204 Trout, Candy p. 243 Schrum, Tammy p. 17 Spero, Zorina p. 204 Trujuillo, Fernando p. 181 Schrum, Thomas p. 222 gsi Sperry, Robert p. 223 Tullis, Christy p. 204 Schwarz, Kay p. 178 Spivey, Pam p. 204 Scot, Ken p. 203 Sean's Spraggins, Jeff p. 223. Scott, Heather p. 242 Spurgeon, Patti p. 204 . Stailey, Judy p. 243 STANDIFER, JOE Stanton, Calvin p. 18 Stargell, Aubrey p. Stephens, Kay p. 243 . Stepp, Rhonda p. 180 Stevens, Andy p. 2 Stogsdill, Cecily p. : ; Stone, Will p. 243 Valades, Jamie p. 243 Stockton, Sharon p. 223 Valadez, Maria p. 224 Stovall, Brant p. 243 Valadez, Osca Vard, Tracy p. 182 Williamson, Greg p. 245 ARREN, JACK p. 157 WILLINGHAM, JERRISUE p. 157 ATERS, LARRY p. 157 Willis, Chris p. 225 atson, Dale p. 182 Willis, Greg p. 183 Watson, Doreen p. 205 MWilly, Buddy p. 205 , Watt, Susan p. 244 Alson, Glen p. 245 Weaver, Bo p. 244 Win i , Webb, Brian p. 1 - Webster, Leslie py a 7 Wells, Gary p. 2088 Wentworth, Carl p Wentworth, Denis Wentz, Debra e, Melody p. 24 , Michelle p 2 Vargas, Linda p. Vargas, Vivian p : | Lut Bt e, Chris p. 245 VEGA, RAM . , Blake'p. Wolfe, Frank p. 225 Velasquez, Phi ag id pe Wolfe, Thori p. 183 Vera, Dianna p Ade, Lomp. Wood, Jim p. 183 Vincent, Todd’ W € cide, W illi : Wood, Karen p. 245 Vinson, Jesse p , W or, Michelle p. WOOD, LARRY p. 157 VINSON, JO : ; WOOD, MIKE p. 157 Vuillemot, Debb 2 a Whitaker, John p. 208 Woodard, Diane p. 205 Vuillemot, William White, Anna p. 244 Woodson, Angie p. 205 — White, Be p. 182 Woodson, Glen p. 205 ai W : ers Woodward, Natalie p. 183 | WALKER, STEPHEN p. 156 Woolen, Brenetta p. 225 | Wagner, Carrie p.205 Wooten, Angela p. 225 | Wagnon, Chris p. 225 Waites, Will p. 205 Waldon, Larry p. 205 Walker, Delta p. 182 Walker, Gregory p. 205 Walker, Mary p. 225 Walker, Monique p. 225 Wooten, Marty p. 245 Workman, Steve p. 205 Worrell, Patty p. 245 Wright, Angela p. 205 Wright, Danny p. 225 Wright, Jeffrey p. 183 ’ Wilder, Charles p. 24 s Wright, Lajauna p. 225 Walker, Patience p. 244 Wilk, Debbie p. 2 = Mice Brett p. 183 Wall, Courtney p. 244 “ Williams, Ch -. Walner, Tracie p. 225 “Williams, Cind : = WE WEE) Walraven, Gens p. 244 “ Williams, Clare Ber, Gage p. 205 Walraven, Ty p. 205 | . Williams, Gig Bernagette p. 225 Walton, April p. 182 Villiams, Je Scott p. 225 Walton, Jerry p. 225 “ Willianis, 2 WANG, GWEN p. 157 x Williams, Ri yp. AE WARD, GLENDA p. 151 a . Williams, Sondratg iff p. 245 Ward, Jackson p. 182 WilliamsySonya i a , Ann p. 205 Ward, James p. 225 ates, Vi gler, ‘Mike p. 245 Ward, Regina p. 205 JOANNE CRAWFORD 1965-1982 DIUDENT LIFE Richard Sanders Steve Wolf Bobby Lewellen Debbie Law Cathy Craft Diane Roberts Laurie Montgomery | PHOTOGRAPHERS Pam Mooney Sherri Perkins “S a co SPORTS Tres Morris Will Waites Lauri Rapp Jennifer Moore ORGANIZATIONS Laura Hartman Renee Baker Jeanne Puelma Mike Alread ROBERT ALBERS 1964-1981 SPECIAL THANKS Stanley Joe Hempel’s Studio David Dixon We would like to express our deepest thanks to the 1982 Yellow Jacket sponsor, Mr. Larry Barnes, for his patient guidance through which this book became a reality. We also wish to extend that gratitude to the Annual Staff for their hard work. And above all to the students and faculty of Heights for giving a reason to produce this yearbook. Bill Jordan Darla Bentley Editor’s Page 255 LIRR RAH HTH Hitt iH Ce if! in HH by! i te Ha a | : i iy a ih Ht HUH ATE HHH it om haa HHT, Sate ge Bee. we y pn 2 Ab BARA, ‘Bowe: eae 2 —nwes psig ne T HHH nt i tH a ce (aa THA ( ft ‘ a iM he it aH a sate | a a hi a ia cg iva cane i ie i nn i at i 2 Ht ae . HARRAH Hit i i . . ih | FSee) at in HH HHH THEA i it! Hn te SAHRA HY HAH A fell QC CO? (0, OR Tae OLE CML. at ML VV GT eS Pidote LUE 4 LIIOWW IA § LO a NfOCk MASE “YOR ( y aie v (Q. Ue Me iperwre'es: LK Gir " Lhl OO 20 ip | NCER MOLY , NLT . eas LV of Pe an fu fe. Te ele Y iy ASA t)) oat DV.Ce. agp PULA folie AL 7k at Teele reste ee loud rere - NW) xo | eats ee: Panes ee a ie as 5) , ae Z P 4 we ws Oy ? ey X a Nod ai e ee “a ae e. NT Weg aoe, eS) Pe V (4 y vu ley y an | ae CO G2) Lie ( ) ‘N ? Ww x CTT WOOO us | QIAS W299 2 ace pereis ON BOY a Le Sana AIVO aan aX AoK. q0g, O10 FSB “i UMA DIAN SHENG ie me epee aoe 2. | quuage N) BaIAT) “2A DINOS 00h 4204354 = QEQUU TSUTOMU Uy eenmoeetlauoe) 2000 Te WOOO Sea JO| (nom ‘Spvonnje = BS KS: Ore Ra eens (eUcoy srakroy, orp ip Le 5) Bi A SW WAS SI ANU AD DNOY ua PUD ae ae D5 NS LD Uae GQ, AMOY, AGA “o somm Tou s c - Gre ios 8 eee he RS es ME eS WW So ae oat lay lor DloW Oy fe = Doe res ee TONS g aa Hall Pea Ae Bee Ty ; wi eS Me Ze Be a iene ogre ave Muwiay ‘Ss, 7a A Ja al O 60q Wy; 2 | Grete, V4 Ps a 73,07 SQ) Say o) | a Fa Qo Lteeelh $20L0G L P OL VCMT) hm ope 5! pow to triatt ag jught. a pon SK Hinks bn-beera pirgat — Yan ee Good ttrty and LAA. Lou Amd. dormaks toy. 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