Arlington Heights High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX)

 - Class of 1981

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Arlington Heights High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 266 of the 1981 volume:

, bLwcom1M!'fQ'VW-ZUAQQ W my f wwwafmffw I Qmswm Q QUJMDIQQ ycf1owf1M'CfL .dugshowcgj 0- . ' A ' ' f4mw2fw wfwguwaifw MQf3Qmwf mia many wid tim bhwfw JOw fffwf wg' ,Mm mwmgpqwwbjzjyfwwc 01 Wwj cfc6ZfLOQ wi Q j gig gf fi faa'?aN"'7 P , ' " 4 3 3 2 68,21 Iqaifgizgaglw? g gif 'Wa'-gun 955 gm E 3: "' wukqoo 'Mfg -'ig ' Surg'-an GBE? C+ ai, ' lwiiffgjpw MX W f My Kpqvoczmp by 'JSA ' 2 ' I 'W W W W- wi? wgg,Pff O56 YK 1 , . ., my gtmifwvg mwejyw ? H5 G63 QQ? T lb W ,jg fs5,f'Qi59 lm RFQ Ufjgfuqfgg 65111, LP A iwffvyyx ggi? XS Dem P106 J N X Wm - X 5 L-1.7.,LG CMA DMM -gm Avi ' 3 GP! Cgwf MQW? Yixwwffwgf A Wu fx ,, 1 01 Qvgdbm Q!! s fi- I ' JX Qjxelgfgxgxf M QL 9 ww M QW 555 Eg Q QfffJffgmq,,ff if 5? F9 gif E ey? W 5 is , ,, T ,, YELLGW JACKET Arlington Heights High School Fort Worth, Texas 76107 1981 Volume XLVIII - People ......... 16 Organizations . . . 172 Personalities . . . ll4 Sports .......... 216 Student Life . . .136 1 ' Index ,......... 248 1 ' , ', ' , 4, ,,,,,,,,, 1, ,, 4, YW, 7 ,, g 43 1 wr 7 ff ff . M3 im 'A o VW, Q in "" ,Wh af! - .EI .QV . e in ' V. ' X .5 , Q fffeEF,"'11Q.Q , .fp1f'g'44ff 'fur iff-gif' ,234 'Qf4'i,'?'?'b ,.,ge- .. 3,pf,,g,f. 1, .2 1-L: . .ELM 1 af' W' -' G. 1 ffw '11-1 ' A A' f giigf.-'fi E V ' wif-?'.f5f'41 in 1 gf M -- .Q x sfvssfrfggw ,ii.:ws.,. --Q 3 , g ip, - 1 il V' M . it 5 wk 41 Mm-Nc""' My 3 ,y si, 1 ' , X ,A A 1 tu' ' n 1+' , X-, . V 2 V. 1 , x M A JM Y xr -H -'1 1' .2 ' 1: Q f i V v V' Wx, . ,, 1 . , WM E :gil bm My tgiiii K9 p"1g?gi LQ, ,g Hs - 5 .f 'Wwisf sinh X, 4 cy 1. ',-,.g35,,'rk Y Q :LU il! Q ' ' ' ' - , ,525 E575 ,fauj 'v ': jg ' ' . ' ' 'df J ' 9 4 ' , I zv, i lc vu-A -1 . , ,.Q,1 .s, Ai' , ., 'P It :M iff 1 4' v ai W mv 'Dwi-Q' if 'l V? 4 1 ff' it C2 I I I gf if -1-ee fame-t' n.,, gn. ,- f ' 4 . ' ' ami-ww-vnffmiw , f A if 'iff we - , 'li ' , , Hr' ' ,,,,.W:,,-- M", E, gf f.w3uqg:igpq14Q.'mgg , , , Q . . , ma-., it 3 um 34 wa i . Q . X ' , fi: ,. gf- . ':- Eb ' , Li f - ,, -A I Camelot - It is not an idea confined only to Arthu- rian times. It is an ageless ideal, not lending itself to definition, which inspires' determination, ambition, and accomplishment. U 53 P .4 .,, Q Z, 1153 Q V is is in in ' at ft -u.,.f-meer f ' w- ' Q r l I 3 gi 3 ' , ,s,,,, ,i ,,., fx... 4 1 'S S, 5 4 Q , we, Zz! N The spirit of Camelot will always endure. Its medieval version included the ideali- zation of knightly chivalry and the rule of powerful monarchs. It was the princi- pal site of King Arthur's court and was considered to be a haven of the fearless. T3 x 2 9 f T, . , QNVWM' ,gmg in rg 1 Q L . 14' ,px Aw-g?3,, ,N W J 'V H' W f,,.. 5 Z f L. f If ff: " ...M?.,.. ..., .. IQ Will? 35 ' . f A 2 f 1 W ,.... - , . f P ' 1 f ' f " -"- M? 1 2 5 5 A i -21-mg .. --4,,M,.w,,0,,. 5 5 Q w.+..a...i...,1 ' 4 '5 "'P'+-b-p-ain-- ,gy ,. gf.. i X: we 'V , in in K T' " 4 6 .P eiiglvgizgf U27 if 1 Q jgausil ,iw X .la S A ,x ag A al w .1 Q , pg, . . .9 7 1 5 Ng Q " The odyssey to the fulfill- ment of these aims is often rigid and seemingly endless, but this quest can be made less wearisome if the atti- tude of Camelot is a compel- ling force - the attitude of striving for that which seems unobtainable. W . .0 woovfvsffg-g.f..,,kg,fmM.,1 it . Q QU N if 5 Though attainment of these objectives is not always impending, this does not denote failure. True suc- cess and victory are in know- ing sincerely that the heartif est and niost vigorous effort has been put forth. ggi.. 3: i 1 It 1 J, sis I M47 Wag, ,, Q ' ,..,.---' V42 ii Vw'-,.,., , -el Q-"5 ,- JL wm,.A,s W'-' wwf 5 This strain of idealism, unknown in origin, has been advancing civilizations for centuries -- yet its spirit is perhaps captured best in the legendary lands known as Camelot. Epitomizing the spirit of Camelot to the fullest is a task met and conquered by only the finest of individu- als. Such an individual must be one who goes that extra mile for others and who enriches and enhances the lives of all those associated with him. He must instill, by his own example, the desire to reach and surpass goals. He must also help people understand that every single person is unique and special. These characteristics so accurately describe a man to whom Heights owes a great debt. Therefore, with our deepest gratitude and affec- tion, we dedicate the 1981 Yellow Jacket to someone who is the perfect blend of teacher and friend - Mr. Larry Barnes I4 f Dedication may . if-af A 3 - V ,f Mr ' we ll, .:g. M . Dedication f I 5 14" I 1198?-'XM Xxx , ' Q In ww--QAQIF' f 'f-sf 10 NUBQBY 5 WWWW WWNW wmww mwmww WWWWW wwww WWWW 16 E PEOPLE WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW' New Superintendent Candoli Leads School Board To assume the awesome task of providing leadership for the Fort Worth Independent School District, Dr. I. Carl Candoli has brought his wisdom and experience as one of America's top educators. Heights got a new wing to house the library, band, and science classes. P.E. classes welcomed a long overdue regu- lation size gymnasium. The entire building got a fresh coat of paint and minor repairs. The Hill also felt cool blasts of air when the huge compressors and fans piped refrigerated air into all areas of the building. Bearing directly on the student body, the end to sales of "junk-foodi' and carbonated beverages other than those with a fruit base was an attempt to provide good dietary habits. With the school board's studying of the possibility of closing campuses, the Yellow Jackets set to work to prove that the privilege of leaving school for lunch entails the responsibilities of punctuality, keeping the campus clean, and obeying board policies. Fort Worth School Board Mrs. Mollie Lasater Dr. Richard O'Neal President Mrs Pat Shannon Mr. Carlos Puente Mr. Stan Harrell Mrs Maudrie Walton Mr Bill Elliott Mr. William Johnson Mr David Bloxom 18 f School Board Principal: Vice-Principal: Johnny Bradford Ray Crosslin 11' Vice-Principal: Vice-Principal: Mr. Johnny Bradford, Principal, talks to a concerned parent. MOHUCY T0mliIlSOH HCHTY J0hI1SOI'1 9 5. Mr. Johnson explams a school board pohcy to a student. Mr. Crosslm attempts to put rn st1ll another conference call. Faculty f 19 Joe Atkins Sara Brian Glenna Edwards Bill Foster Kay Hickox Jackie King Judith Washburn Joe Paul Taylor Eunice Ward Glenda Wright 20 f Faculty Counselors Help Students Through the Year "WTP I A iffgl Eta? Mr. James Tisdale explains the quadratic for mula to his class. Students Receive Aid From School Personnel 'IN- r 31 cl I ' r -A W. M--s .. Lfhe Custodians: Bob Chambless, Curtis Brown, John Clounch, Weldon Morris. T 3 Q 3 xl. 5 , 5 ' 'J 'Ns 3 I 1 . T X1 Q KF K If h K Q I , 3 2 i J it X V A , :tkk f ' . ,,oo. 1 .n b K R 5 Q 1 ' I S .ff 1 11 t ss r Q srs to Katherine Dyer Nadine Grigsby Shirley Hubby Betty Key Glenda Ward Evelyn Collins Cafeteria Personnel: Helen Marr, Matti Houston, Betty Lasater, Sarah Lanier, Gladys Wilson, Rose Inman, Leslie Smiley, Ruby Parker, and Betty Slater. Faculty f 21 Paula Alvarez Johnny Anderson Flavin Arseneau William Baker Larry Barnes Marie Beattie Marilyn Bettes Phillip Bledsoe Gladys Bright Debra Brown Rosemary Burton 22 f Faculty 6 1155 '64 gg.:,g2y,,m,,g1e - ,V - ,A Q 11,x.11.f'1.fff'ifflf3 if .5 ' i .8 'Sl K, 13' : .f ' K 1' " , f f rrer - ' ffii 71 ,ii if' is vw 2ifw"5-it S as if ' ii 1 'N , 505 0' fi? r 1, M Mr. VanMeter contemplates the severity of his next Biology test. li New to the Hill is Freshman English teacher .lacqulyne Curry. if 2. , FX -nf X to "'l'hat's incredible," says Mr. Smith to Mrs. Norton. MP0 Frances Cavcnes Victor Chaccia Betty Clayton Ernestine Cohee S Dixie Cunningham Kathryn Daniel Barbara Davis Robert Dixon Faculty f 23 Rowena Eldridge Beverly Fletcher Donald Fogelsong .laqueline Frazer Joseph Galiga Lois Gibbs Glen Glass David Greer Helen Hale Juanita Hamrick Lawrence Harvey Rohelia Hawkins 24 f Faculty "He's the one you're looking for, not me," says Mr. Crosslin. T' Q-wx 1 ,..--'Q AUG r,.S'-m-- Donald lrgens Jimmy Jenkins William Kamenitsa Paula Kelly Mary Marsh Cora Miller Regina Morris Vivian Murphey Johnny Nabors Donna Norton Mary Parham Faculty f 25 Mickey Pelley Karen Picket Maggie Porter Merlin Priddy 'QQ 26 f Faculty .gl ,alms-. Mrs. Murphey wonders about her class. "Class, our lesson for today is . . ." says Mrs. Szot. Beverly Ross Jane Routen Alice Shorkey Paul Smith 'fo N0 Lynn Spicer Dona Stovall Floy Stringer Linda Szot "".?'i KM J' 75 'N-sc. Q S if X A X X lggiw X if i' 0 as t N X A 'N W A XQ? if x 1 he A karl' .3 3 '25 A t A. 3 , iff 'Kao vpn-.--.WM so Either behave or else," quips Mrs. Cohee. 3 40 .1 Ygjfy- 9 b ,gk V 'K In Barbara Taylor Gene Thompson Katherine Thompson Billie Tillman James Tisdale Arch VanMeter Ramon Vega .Ioan Vinson Virginia Wagnon Stephen Walker Wilborn Wesley Jerrisue Willingham Larry Wood Mike Wood Faculty f 27 Senror Offrcers J' Secretary Preslde Susan Anderson Muffy Hodges Treasurer Vree Presrdent Jerry LeBus Mlke Burns Senlor Fa Wdhams Regmald Bndges Brown M1ke Burns Bnght N681 Buchanan Se F t f29 Seniors Participate in New, Special Activitie "So this is football," quips an engrossed Andy Tolsma to his long-time associate Noe Vera as they watch the Jackets drive down the field. 'V' Wav, V" Teresa Abbs Tracy Absalom e 4 :. , s k' -:ii Q . .fiiv ffglexilf T 5: ii? M.- sa I ,,kA, J A ,, .. 'i?fsfir::i :: '- - ' r f. . 1" TX, 'X' ' -3 ,aw .. , , ll X L 'Nm K. Johnny Alder Nikki Alexander r'rr 'ass +R V ga. f .. ' -- 'A , shui , 2 512 Q-H' QR' fvx S fd fsf' Melissa Allen Roslyn Amie Judy Anderson Susan Anderson sa is Jeanette Austin l.a Raye Bailey 30 I Seniors I Sf. Nj Tracey Anderson Mark Andress Tony Athans M, ,.,,, . ""?e:wv- Sunny Baker Kathy Baldwin Gary Barber . ,K W: - - I, '1 Mary Barlow Donna Barr Barney Barron Stephanie Basham Jerry Berschig Q-...Q Peggy Bittrick Diane Bice Laura Bilderback '29 Medley Blanton Cathy Bodenmiller Mike Bond I , f A , ,WV Q M' W W 0 "'- -f4M,,,,,,, Q " , ,, M, William Blanchard Jamie Blankenship '23 Kevin Boyle Dcric Bramlctt Beaming with pride, the Senior Class of 1981 poses for its panoramic picture. F' is k 'si BN if H ..-4' agv' ,asw- W 'fi ' Rusty Jones is "all tuckered out" in his class, and it's only Monday! K X l?iT"' fi1sf1.,f.z, - , M,-of-"" M...-Q Wh' fmwfl - Zil Nd 'win "Well, there goes my exciting weekend," sighs a dejected Jodie Jarratt as J she learns of her 300 homework problems. Tonya Brazzil Bill Brennan qs.. Susan Brents Reginald Trina Bright Clarence Brightman Elizabeth Brock Leslie Brown Patti Brown Leslie Buchanan Nesi Buchanan David Burke fx . sw - . E 2' :MM ff, Yi, n ,fy-Q fr? fa Pfwavsuq 5481" Yau? "ilu Y, Jai, f , f-H3 'i ,, -5 f T:56w' NNW Z 92 Z? if ,Lf .sr 41 puny X We 'M 1151 M. ,SQ ., 1.53. , s'f1'if5t11EzElfE,'f , fe- ra.-,.,.. , 1 -5995359 15315531555 S 3 gy, .7 f L-rweirw,-if 52- Q'-iff-f ,Q 922, :f ' list?-i., is ' Q me fy fue, 1: -Q w,.M-5-1, -- 'H1 -.rm-M , Q "Sw--W, J 1 my f f-221521 in -- 1r- mgew f- ggg zi. 12,9 ., lm -. ., 1 Q ,,. 5- frWs,, 1- , ,,1- f:2'- . WEB: -we -V, - f3rii7?E5?ff5iHf2, ne... no ,3,.,Nr.,. . ,k.. 3. ,W . fr 55m :. New rs- Wfalwl View mf, r. ,MW ,, .Am lem- 13-1 mmm 1- rf f - swf, 11 ilieliffl ml, fp., at fx 2 www f-f, ,fm :fav-2--fr. ffssiiff l..,,ggfgfg.f, 1 Q 5Mig11at,i.s, Ti-37 ? .V .V W.. is xl wk Wg, ,. 15, me xl W, E551 il me ing, if N2 11 ' Qswff fs Him, fl 1--fmt P ' 15191 rm 1--4 ,, Mfr Q my :fx-19, ,- Qiteffgff at-ir 1211531-,TC if .. me -sm: -. f mga, w Eimw 5, Elm.. 1 ,gllliivi N ,Q k,,.,, . -,Neem A .,.w-,..v,,,,.s...w 'ss'215:fs1Qj-.Hrgg1gz,,s ' -fs'faxsg1Pzw' E' " 'fViiz"S??l 4 55? 355:55 'Ui if 'izasgxiii L31 3 X vii SQFEEFKIF a ssgfusfire 2 vfvzsz ii L, .,,,57E2z,.f , L-,se 'i1iii5Y'?llSs4lE5i2 is Q 155.21 2 wwmewfss- tt c Z-mmlrfsa-1 5915 W, .- W 1, .-fry .m-me-4, 222157: - ,f ,.,. V, .. Yi. 95153. 3 .,... V, , 9?52'iLg?ifa2s.sK F52 512 5-r21e1ffszg2f-if ww, ff.. it isrezpv' M, - - Siff- '.A iw, .W .t I Q,-f-f-y..-Z sis5f2?7?f7 K 5225 , gif l 1, 5 ., EN' Q Trims, 1- ,A -. 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Mary Goodwin K V Doug Gonzales 'X 'fp Miriam Goodwin Seniorsf 37 Pk 4 rr 2 33 W 2 X 2 2 M 53,6 r K f l L ,N 3 S2 M V2 P P 3 S 3i8iiKifKKSeniorgiii ww- we-. wwf: W'XhfYe'S'iff-lszivgmKr1K:Kr -fvggpsgf Q-.ww55,j,11lPX: kpiigfff- ffgkwef: - Wirwvmyisji KIQJREQQBSSEXSN fbfssk f fmsg?? K . ?:!f'??C?i5.e, die Rf' ls,lw.'Vi3Fif71fZTff5,. 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'kr 2 t xii: X E W 2 wifi r l X S W 1 , ne W H XX X ,Ei Q Wg? gf 2 3 S 12" W H U - X X W 2 Z Z 2 2 Z Z Z Z 2 2 2 Z 'ii ng i V K V V V. 5 ! V. t' . t . krrkkfy V I kV,: 7 , K DE . . , Distributive Education OEA . . .Office Education of America , FHA , . . Future Homemakers of America I y,,, ROTC . .,,R,eserve Officersffraining Corpsf,,j,1,,y,t1 , y y PIECE ,. . . Home Economics CooperativeEducation A II,,i eiy, A PELE . lriy , I JA . . . Junior Achievement ' SOH . . .Spirit ofthe Hili i n n n JJ . . .Jacket Journal VICA . . , Vocational Industrial Clubs of America NHS . . , National Honor Society VOE . , . Vocational Office Education - A -- BERRY, VELINA BUCHANAN, LESLIE I I BBRSCHIG, JERRY BURKE, DAVID I ABBS' TERESA DE. ICT. VOE Student Council, SOH, Baseball, Football, Track, Ebony Voices, Flag Corps, FHA Vice- President, Powderpuff Football ALEXANDER, NIKKI VOE ALLEN, MELISSA Student Council Secretary, Yellow Jacket, United High School Council Vice-President, Latin Club, Junior Class Favorite, DAR Award, Tennis Team, Sophomore Steering Committee, Senior Steering Committee, NHS AMIE, ROSLYN Track, Ebony Voices. SOH, Art Club, FHA, Student Advisory Board ANDERSON, JUDY Art Club, French Club ANDERSON, SUSAN NHS, French Club Secretary, Powderpuff Football, Senior Class Secretary ANDERSON,TRACEY NHS, National Scholastic Achievement Award, NHS. Soccer, French Club, Student Council, Art Club, Powderpuff Football ANDRESS, MARK ASKEW, MIKE ATHANS, TONY Tennis, Baseball AUSTIN, JEANETTE ROTC, Ebony Voices, OEA AYALA, SAMUEL .. B .L BAILEY, LaRAYE BAKER,SUNNY Homecoming Court, Soccer, Track, Powder Puff Football, Art Club, Drama Club, French Club, Student Council, Cheerleader BALDWIN, KATHY NHS, Junior Class Favorite, Most Athletic, Honors Art, Track, Powderpuff Football, French Club Secretary. Student Council BARBER,GARY Third Place in Woodworking, State Fair of Texas BARLOW. MARY JA, French Club BARR. DONNA ' Basketball, SOI-I, Art Club President, Spanish Club, FHA, I-IECE President, Most Friendly BARRON, BARNEY HECE BASHAM, STEPHANIE Soccer, Art Club, Latin Club, Honors, Art, JJ, Student Council, Powderpuff Football V BENNETT, ROBIN 56 f Senior Index BILDERBACK, LAURA , ,I . UIL Regional Orchestra, German Club Presi- dent. Science Fiction Club, English Achieve- ment Award BITTRICK, PEGGY Volleyball, VOE BLANCHARD, WILLIAM SOH, Golf BLANKENSHIP, JAMIE BLANTON. MEDLEY Cheerleader, SOH, Student Council, Special Projects Committee BODENMILLER, CATHERINE Band, English Achievement Award BOND, MICHAEL Basketball, Baseball BOYLE, KEVIN Golf BRAMLETT, DERIC DE BRAVA, ALBERT BRAZZIL, TONYA Volleyball, VOE BRENNAN, WILLIAM Soccer BRENTS, SUSAN NHS, National Merit Semi-Finalist, Art Club, Spanish Club, FHA, Yellow Jacket BREWER, KEVIN BRIDGES, REGINALD Junior Class President, SOH. French Club, Football, Track, Ebony Voices, Student Advi- sory Board, Senior Class Favorite BRIGHT, TRINA SOI-I, Howdy Queen, Track, Rodeo Club Sweetheart, French Club, Homecoming Court, Senior Favorite BRIGHTBILL, MARK BROCK, ELIZABETH Drill Team, Art Club, French Club BROWN, LESLIE BROWN, MARIE BROWN, PATRICIA I ' Student Council, French Club, Latin Club, Cheerleader, Senior Favorite, Homecoming Queen BUCHAN AN, DIONISIA Band, Sophomore Favorite Finalist, Junior Favorite, French Club, Spanish Club, Hotne- eorning Court, Ebony Voices, Student Council, Student Advisory Board, Senior Favorite Sophomore Class Favorite Finalist . Vri, BURKEIQIDEBRA ,lii I I lllt Student Advisory Board, French Club, Flag Corps, OEA, FHA, Ebony Voices BURN, ROBERT Aviation Club, FHA, PIECE, JA BURNS, KIM y Freshman Class Favorite, Junior Class Favor? ite, Senior Class Favorite, Football, Howdy King, SOI-I Co-President, Student Council Vice-President, Senior Class Vice-President BURNS, RHON DA VOE. Volleyball BUTLER, HILAIRY .. C ... CADE, BRIAN Band, Student Council CARDENAS, GERARD Student Council , CARPENTER, MELISSA FHA. HECE Vice- President CARRANZA. MATHILDA Band CARROLL, MARK Nl-IS, Latin Club CARTER, FELECIA 5 OEA, Powderpuff Football CHAPMAN, STEVE Baseball, JA CHAU MONT, SOPHIE Soccer, French Club, Student Council. SOH, French Club Sweetheart 4 - CHICKJWILLIAM li,I,il ' f Art Club President, Football, Rodeo Club, Baseball - CHILDERS, LISA Jacket Jazz, DE, DECA President COLLBTT, ELIZABETH ASHLEY A Tennis, Latin Club, Art,Cli,ib,. Swim Teamggi SeniorSteering Committeeifff ,'i,',,I, 'IIV ifffjgr CONNER, LOGAN I COOPER, CLAUDIA NHS, French Club, Yellow Jacket, OEA cooPBR,srAcY Zar-kay ,AV M COURTNEMROBERT , Football, Metal Shop Achieifeinent Award - I BURNS, MIKE L , :OVALESKL ALBERT I Band, Aviation Club, Soccer SU ZANNE LVLL ganrts, Latin Club I . CVFCAGER, srtava it I S t -Basketball. A Capella Choir, All-City Choir, Spanish Club IRISWELL. MARK Track gaowtiiv, ALLEN rr' . iacos. otot A R French Club, Homecoming Court, Jacket Jazz QARROW, TERESA Tennis. Student Council, French Club RUSSELL C C C . C 'Id - ,eer C C C I m A C iff? V lleLaCRUZ, LISA 'I 'Student Council, SOH, French Club. Drama Club, Student Advisory Board 7eWlNDT,ALEC DEYO, MELANIE FNHS, Spanish Club, Track, Soccer, Swim sTeam SICKFNSON, ANGELA ROTQOEA DIKE. SCOTT Football, Baseball, Golf, SOH HRKS, MIKE Golf. Spanish Club, NHS DOWNEY. MARK Football, ICT IOZIER. MARGARET Miss AH HS, Soccer, Tri-C Leadership Team, Spanish Club, SOH. Junior Class Secretary. Senior Steering Committee Student Council IJUBROWSKI, JAYNETTE ROTC, Spanish Club tUBROWSKl, NEIL Cross Country Track, Aviation Club, Soccer, ROTC - E - QLMS, FRANK LVANS, TINA Track, Drill Team, Ebony Voices ...F.... ALCON, ALEX ATI-IERREE. MICHAEL Baseball, Senior Steering Committee AULK, WENDY 'Track Etna, KAREN I liiti . German Club, Art Club, Zarfkay Vice-Presb dent ' ERGUSON. GAYLE ERGUSON, LESLEE Baseball, Football, Mr. AHHS, Sophomore .Class Favorite , V LORESRICKY I ,ffferlorming Arts OSTER, JODIE ' ,French Club, Aviation Club RANCE, DEEANN Student Leadership Team RA N KE, BLA KE 5 Football, Baseball RAziiaR. SEQUITAJ5 FURNISS. LAURA Student Council, Math Club, French Club. NHS, Jacket Jazz, Yellow Jacket L sl , W G M.. e t I tts t GALLAGHER, KELLEY GAMEZ, CHARLES Golf, French Club GAUNTT. ROBERT . l3aseball,,jFootbaIl, Student Council, G E R HA RTQSIO H-N N Y ' gf?f5f5fff,' I Rodeo Club I GIBBS, KIMBERLY DE GONZALES, DAVID GONZALEZVDOUG Tennis GONZALFZRINDA vos I GOODWIN. MARY NHS, French Club. Spanish Club. Tri-C, Math Club. Swim Team, Orchestra GOODWIN, MIRIAM NHS President, French Club Treasurer, Award ol' Achievement in Math, Student Council, Math Club, Orchestra, Award of Achievement in Science GORDON. GREG Performing Arts GRAFTON, DONNA FHA. Spanish Club, Band GRAHAM, GREG Football, SOH GRANNAN. GARY Football, DECA GRANT, XAVIAR GRAY, DEBBIE Band, N HS. Spanish Club GRAY. TREASA OEA, FHA, Ebony Voices GREEN, LAURA FHA GREEN, SYLVESTER ROTC, Basketball GREENE, TOM MIE GREIG, MONA Band, Soccer, Flag Corps, French Club GUERRA, LOUIS Art Club, Honors Art, Student Council, JA, FHA. Student Advisory Committee GUlDRY,THERESA - H .. HARDEMAN, LUDIE FHA , HARDY. Alec I I A Capella Choir, ROTC, Student Council. Zar- kay, JA HAYDEN. HILLARY Soccer. Track. French Club HAYDEN, MISSY Drama Club, French Club, Spanish Club, Art Club , ,, I HAYESRLGRIE ii FHA, isaaa,ispanaSh Club HizHNER,sHERRv FHA. ROTC HENDERSON, PARZETTA OEA, FHA, Powderpuff Football HERR, euros , . Foatbaii - HOARD, REN EE Art Club, Zar-kay HOBBS, TOKEA . iit1Libbous.Morrv 7 eiti,iii R Senior Class President, Student Council, Stu- dent Advisory Board, Basketball, Track, Vol- leyball, Latin Club, Math Club Secretary, NHS HODGKINS, HOLLY SDH, Soccer, Student Council, French Club, 'Drama Club I f 12t oo,RoBt2Rr ' i l,tt :fr - rtootti, ROGER HOLLAND. EVA FHA, Band, Flag Corps HOPKINS. PAUL ROTC ,HoRNEFri5R.ct.ARa PEORTON. NAN A NHS, VOE, OEA, French Club. Art Club HUBENAK, PAUL HUGHES, MARK HUNNICUTT. STEPHANIE HUNT, FRAN K I Track, FHA, ROTC, Ebony Voices WI... IGO, RAMY ISAAC, ROY L... J ...- JACOBS, THOMAS Football. Baseball, Basketball JARRATT. .IODIE Orchestra, Latin Club JENKINS. WILLIAM' Football. Baseball JENN INGS. DOUG Football, SOH JERDEN, LEIGH FHA JERNIGAN, RICHARD Baseball. Junior Steering Committee. French Club, President of Science Club, A Capella Choir, Drama Club. Performing Arts JILEK. MICHELE DECA JOE, EDMOND Yellow Jacket, NHS. Math Club President. Orchestra President, All City Orchestra, All Region Orchestra, Science Club. Student Court- cil. French Club. Scholastic Award in Music, Scholastic Award in Math JOHNSON, MICHAEL Orchestra Vice-President, NHS. Spanish Club. ' All City Orchestra J JOHNSON, VALERIE Basketball JONES. .IEFI-'ERY ROTC, German Club, Art Club, JA. Zar-kay JONES, ROBERT t"RLiSTY"l Football. Spanish Club. SOI-I. Tri-C robes. reatssfx , 'French Ctuumrs KAN E, AMY Spanish Club. Soccer, Senior Steering Commit- IRES KELLY, CRAIG i Senior Steering Committee Senior Index f 57 KELLY, JOEVN KENDALLQE HN Band. Rodeo-Club KEOUGHAN. TED DECA, Track KIBLER, N H5 11 - KIME. ' ROTC, JJ lett, E KING, VENUS HECE, FHA KIRKPATEVTTQVTQFJVJUDY VV 'KOON'FZ,',fIZfYSEl?gfRgY t,letE Band, Stagelktnd, A Cztpellzijffhoir KOURI, KAREN Student Council. Latin Club V V V L.. L LADD vickt, Latin Club LARSON.CAMlLLE Spanish Club, FHA. PELE LAUREYNSQCHRISTINE VV21 V . NHS, Spagrttfsih Club. Latin' Club, Physics Club, 'O Science Club, Student Council ' l.eBLANC.3UDY VOE Parliamentarian LeBUS, JERRY Student Council. SOH, Senior Class Treasurer LEE. CECELIA A it French Club, Volleyball LEE. SHELBY Band. Swim Team, All City Band, All City Orchestra, Sophomore Steering Committee, Student Council, JJ Co-Editor LEMIN, KEVIN ' ' ' LEONARD. DONNA LEWIS, HOLDEN Student Council, JJ LIEBMAN. RlCHARD Student Council, FrcnchClub1 LINAN, ROBERT A Baseball LINDSAY, MARK Rodeo Club, French Club, ICT LITTLE, KIMBERLY I . Art Club' 2 gf ,"' - LITTLE, TEREFY Golden Gals, Aft Club. FHA LIVINGSTON, HEATHER French Club, Spanish Club L0NC3,AN.l5l'AV V ,V 'F PELE A LOPEZ, LGR RA l NE LOPEZ. MARTHA LOPEZ. RAY MON D I Club LOZANO, RICHARD MM- MACCHiA,2'ElZtQ?tVlD MAPLES,R1l,CHARDALANQVVIVVVV V V Footbnlgggtltlrt, Student Qognftegt, Tn-C, ,V ish Clubgtil-Sophomore CltiSSi52l,liE?resident, lkffaqtlitfj' ' Club. Yellow Jacket 'ifff I , MARTINEZ, JESSE O MASON, WARD I ' Bascballjoecer, JA, Avietiogfgllub, I J ' E MAYHAN.lCHERYL I FHA, Jacket Jazz McCALL, NANCY j A V ,tt,tt, Tennis, Spanish Club MCLEMORE, WILLIAM Aviation Club, Physics Club V MELJFORDQSJHLRL L Itur Volleybztiftggngketball Vm:gV MEN DOZAl,fCiI'NO I Baseball, ArtClub, Football 7 MEZA, FERNANDO MILLER. DAVID Stage . k'.k ji , K f M t l..t,tOtAiNVl,1lttAN DA L t.. ' iff if Soccer, SOH, Student Council, National Merit' Semi-Finalist MlRANDA,GlLlA Exchange Student. Drama Club MITCHELL, BARBARA A A Capella Choir, Art Club, Performing Arts ' MlTCHELL,RENAY V Volleyball. Ebony Voices. Cheerleader, Student C ouncil, JA MITTS, RUSSELL SOH, Tennis, Senior Steering Committee MONTGOMERY. LISA I J MONTGOMERY. NANCY Volleyball. FHA, HECE MOORE, LYNN Latin Club MOORE, RYCHARD Football I ' I MORALES. CAROL Freshman Class Favorite. Spanish Club, Stu- dent Council, Sophomore Howdy Queen, Junior Howdy Queen, SOH Monnts, Cectwi V L Drama An Club. Spateli Club M URRAY, ttt IKE - N ... NEAvEs,D,tANA ,,,, Q V French CgEtitl:t,,,VSpanish CluVlggVgiSt,udent Councilt,Vj,EQf,f1.' I Studenltkideisotry Boa rd E NEVILLE, NANCY NOEL. BARRY ICT - NORRlS,CQNSTANCE I A Capellggitimoir. SOH, NORRts,'titeHAEL iili I -QW Oo mov, Vtgtrrv Lite , studenti,,g3tggnet1, sou, Powdegttf Student Spanish ClVttlt.V,SOcccr, Treelfg,V,V I OWENS,-J35'MES L F00lb?lT?f4lE????9f'll riie D. I PAPENFUSS. JEFF PARKERVEQQANDRE I --" ,'.' Y V National ,Merit Semi- Finaliitge Student Council Sophomore, Steering Committee, Latin Club ',., PENA, LISA p LLSJF J SEE: iF,, l . I llil A 3 PIERCE, iDEBBlE DE PWFSI HAHA ,l, eA,,A,e, AJOOA OFAA l PL HAK, :UUE I trle 1 I Student Council, Art Club,Fi'eneh Club. POWELLREBEKAI-I O Oet, NHS, Viillliyball, Easketbgttt,V,VStunent Scienceililitlbe Secretary,t5t,lStg5oleStie ment VAwitfrti in VolleybalI,OSeienee. and PU LIDO. ELISEO 'iff Band H PU LIDO, ROBBIE Cheerleader PURCEL-LLCINDY I g, V PYEATT. MISSY SOH Co-President, Student Council OUINN, Cieints , l RAMBOJAMIE , Lli, student Q-emit, Latin Club, French club, Mtss AlflfElSyVFVinalist V V ,VfVViV'VgV'Vc V A I, RAMER,'R'O'BERT Y I J Student Council, Football, Track Manager. DE RAMOS. MANUEL ROTC V ,y,y RA U LSTQl5l1,VKA REN SUE VQV 5, ',,'V.,V V V , StudentV15eVQounetI,, Traekg,'14St?tiner,,, Y Rodeo esntigetattn Club' RAY. ANTOINETTE A f FHA l REATH. ROBERT -Vi REED, , Yellowi3iiCket,Art Club REvNA.JU1.tE Baseball V V RICHARDSON,KRISTYVVQQI ,VlV, V I A RIN DODDL ROBBLNSQJMARTY Stage Band, Rodeo Club ROBINSON, LAURA Rodeo citngj puff r0ertseniV Btisebuttitgegnfenen cutie V, NrANNtNG,toHN ORCSAINDAFLE I ' ROESCOTT ' A ROTC Rodeo Club. lCT ROTC, Cross Country Track 98 fSemOr Index ll ROGERS, COURTNEY QQNHS, Latin Club, Art Club, Student Council, iliiill5i,lFS , .l I ROGERS, MIM! Fil 'm A' J' J Drill Team ROGERS, RANDY Band, Stage Band, Choir, Drama Club Ross, Roan Soccer, SOH SSQURKE- MAIJMQ iiiussatt, TARAJ I I FHA, met Team. Basketball , MS- aanennz. NILDA,-5, , p f let, i SiitNbnRs,sHERa,it iiris Jacket Jazz, French Club, JA SANFORDTAMARA Band, Soccer Captain, Drum Major, Student J Advisory Board, Spanish Club, Senior Steering m Committee, Student Leadership Assembly. 5 AH HS Athletic Trainer SAXONJENNI , fl FHA SCOGGINS, JOHN SCOTT. RANDALL SEARCY. JAY . Baseball, Football, Student Council SELF. JOSEPH Football SHACKLEFORD, SHERYL Basketball, Band. Ebony Voices Vice-President SHAFFER. JEFFREY Spanish Club, FHA, Football, Track SHAW, ROSEMARY ,Golf, Soccer, Spanish Club, Student Council Siitavwtnn, MELISSA Ebony Voices, Jacket Jazz Captain SHERMAN, CHARLENE Art Club SHIVERS. SHANNON Student Council EHROPSHIRECATHY L, Student Council, Spanish Club V BlLVA,CHRlSTINE Sophomore Steering Committee, Student Council. Jacket Jazz, Spanish Club SLAGLE. STEPHEN SLOVACEK. RANDY A Capella Choir, Choir Vice-President, Drama ,Club Secretary and President, Cheerleader, Y Senior Steering Committee, Golf. NHS, Sta- ' dent Council, Student Advisory Board SMITH, JULIE French Club, Student Council, VOE BM lTH. LEAH FHA, Art Club, Ebony Voices, Basketball -SMITH. MARK LINDA ' I SNYDER, JANE -SOUTH, REBEKAH French Club, German Club, Sound and Props for Drill Team , SPENCER, ERIC SPENCER, JEFFERY f Baseball ' STEPP, HELEN French Club, Drama Club, Soccer, Sophomore Steeringgilummittee, Student Council, NHS, Scholastiefnchievement in Foreign Language. Yellow Jacket, Senior Steering' Committee. Miss AHHS Finalist. Homecoming Court STEWART, PAM STOCKER, ADRIENNE STONE, MARY KATHRYN Latin Club, Spanish Club, NHS, Student Councilogfellow Jacket, Jacketglournal. Senior Steeringiigiommittee, Handbookjfliiairman srREer,tSosAN itit t NHS, Drama Club. Impressions I STRODE, BAIRD SOH, Tennis ,Q 'MT T'- TATE. Kats TAYLOR, DEBRA ROTC , VOE TELLIER, MICHELE THACH, CARYN THISTLE, scorr Pete, ter THURSTON, BECKY German Club, VICA TIGNER, DANIEL Ebony Voices, FHA TOLSMA, ANDY TOM LINSON, HARRY TOMME, EDWARD NHS, National Merit Finalist. Student Counf eil. Band, French Club, Latin Club, Science Club, Student Body President, Yellow Jacket. Award olfkchievement in Math and History TRAHAN, TOM Jacket Journal CofEditory, Band Captain. Stu- dent Couneil Parliamentarian. Drama Club, French Club, Mr. AHI-IS Finalist, Whiz Kids. National Merit Semi-Finalist TRINIDAD. MICHELLE DECA TRULLSCK, VALISA Swim Team, Student Leadership Committee TURN ER. DAN A French Club mv... VAN VLECK. PAUL VARGAS. JORGE VELASQUEZ, MARY Student Council, JA, FHA VERA, ANITA VERA.NOE SOH, DE Vice-President, Student Council, Band QW- WAGNEILITERI f, Track, Soccer, SOH, Rodeo Club? " WALDON, TONY Soccer WALKER. TRACY Golden Gals WALLACE, MICHAEL WALRAVQN, DON Track, Rodeo Club WALTON, MISTI Zur-kay A , fi'Award of Achieveritent in Biology, French Club, Art Club ' I ' WASHINGTON, MONA ROTC WATT.TREY ,Rodeo Club DAVID WEBSTER. Low ' Football, Track WELCH, GLEN DA ROTC WELLS, JAMES M att-,foofball I Basketball , I WHIPPLE. LINDA WHITAKER, ROSE Orchestra, Band, Flag Captain, Spanish Club. French Club WI-HTE. BETH WILEY, JODEE Track, Student Council, Cheerleader, Spanish Club, Class Favorite WILLIAMS, ADDESTER VOE, OEA. Jacket Backer WILLIAMS, CLAYTON Football, Junior Howdy King, Junior Favorite, Senior Favorite, Baseball. Basketball. Student Council WILLIAMS. KENNETH Football WILSON, JOYCE FHA WILSON, LEATHA Basketball, Ebony Voices, Football WILSON, LISA I NHS, FHA. Latin Club WILSON, MICHAEL FHA, Football FHA, Powderpuff VVINTER.RICI-'IARD,H H wise, MELISSA J is Drama Club, Spanish Club. Performing Arts, Jacket Journal, Student Council WOODRUFEGINGER Band, Stage Band, Yellow Jacket, Jacket Jazz, Student Council WORRELL, TRACE 1 -Yellow Jacket Editor, Ni-IS , SOH, Latin Club, Tennis, Scholastic Achievements in English. Math, and Science, Boys' State, NHS Vice- President. Leadership Seminar. Student Coun- cil, Elections' Chairman, Math Club WRIGHT, RAYMOND ROTC , ur, slim fe, is msec, an cub WRIG HT, SCOTT Rodeo Club. Student Coune il. Aviation Club J -y- YEAGER, KATHRYN1' Jacket I ' Senior Index f 39 K X X X KR ,H 5 Pf2A-WM g.,:Q1ff.-Huw vwf: ff-a7 X ..,l 5m. Y -Fiiffwg 5 1 2 3 3 f 601 Junior Officers X Q , I O I Trevmo Laura Otis Le1gh Kauffman ' s ' o HQIt61 Troy Rynd Tres Morus 62fJ New Library Affords Calm and Color for Jacket A w 7- , ,M KF, 8 AL an . Q V m Mellany Barnes prepares for her term theme. V 1 rl . ,Q-Q F , 'air' 'H' .yit ' fG6 "'v Bob White and Natalie Woodward enjoy the new library. 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Tiffany Davis is ecstatic about track. 1' V '42- Q""' 1 .1 no F t t tt to Wnwnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnwwwnn Closing t ntoi . of 75 o f 49 111106 f 22- ..--f""""F t o- ntttttt n 'N: ifgrfsff Jlhi'sf'fi5Siii ?z?2e?si1'--gx- - --xxx: -1Si-fig-f'sf:5-fgff,s3.QES:-gli. -liwgfgs Ei1:fQ:EEw2ii-432572551f2ii!:Q"i?GE:232131iglililflfiffiixzriig igiidlasiiiigzieigliiwiiszaxiwi ifS,Q2s1Q,q efgqgfE,113ff-fiislnfm -4E1hrc2.sf5assg,' 5232232111 S 1 Q2 1-e11fe:ifw141:, 1w,wp:ff.',j1Q4?f:1Q..1 f ,il-5.7111 ff? 5lEi4iif?3l?55?fL?5'52? :i?QiT'1 5555525 X i .lxkX ,R P1 80 f Sophomores Sophs Return to Second Year on Hill . S-1: iii i 5 is X A 5. .N A , , W2 R I, , f e 9,1 is ,J ,e1,, li! ,-aw? Elsie Hodges returns to the kill in a "far out" way. ,,. ,,., . Z 3 f W5 7 J.. ia: 'A my I, -,H W of W K. ia: -f :'f , 'jf' f I 5 .Am I - My .1 'fx 5 . s f i :gif y m y V 'H :sk Wi 'W we 6' V? 5' s M' .i 1' , M 'V71577 21: .N-f A ,ff 1 V 2 ,. K sg Sidney Maag, Debbie Huck, and Christy Fatheree discuss whether or not Sammy Sophomore is a NIO." Sophomores f 81 , . .5,.. ., 5, W, W., xg, K in 5555 W BH Q f Y 'iw Qi? 3 . -J 7 2 If 22 1 ' ..., 5 FEI rt. -I 1 Eib ,msg 2 ., K .f ,, i' XS ,Z 1 i 3 ,ai . 'QL if N5 M 1 X it ,, N I -f , W , mfg N., 5 v ga Y i :ff ,f f g Qual? Z. PX if 4 ... -f wwf K Wqwg' Ji ta i -s, g ,A c l .-. i L fff' at s of 2' 93 at :is I V I A A , ,b.. . .. .. S 4 'K . 5' in vf lx? al l 'FS -mf' X it , A ,AHQW :,: zz. 'tv is f . ' df' - : ' -Biff! 5' -SEE' -.1 5-5 .:f-Hhs? I x -T . K if Qt F13 . ' T f t 3 'Q 7' ' E3 els EH lste 5 Q .W . W Q A 8 Y .it '- . 3 V . - .N ' 1 .tr 1 K ' : X lll - in A V V b K. ..... F 'sa f 2 Nr", W N t ' 3' ,Q A Q K I K 3? It - h K. ' a, ' -. ' Q .Q Q53 A v ' "I-N - N at 1 . k 1- 'J ' -2' A F' A as l - 'if ii- X -.kk.:-k K K . kj! " ,Q - yu--X., ., al' is' ' - --- K w 35' H ag., sl , '21, f L 1 ' ' L gf . , we ,-H ,, ' x N A ,. z I f' I ' xl Gayle 'leonardo da Vinci" Herr silently awaits for inspiration to descend upon her. Sophomores f 83 lr I 3 Classroom Studies Mystify Some Sophs ij Gage Yager proves his skills as a typist by looking at the copy. 84 f Sophomores f l lv .f x 41. . , r .- Ck ' 1 yy, 'sv' ... Q J K Je -299' " - ff , - -- 'wr - K. , QQ . . .V ... 'N cz, """"s.. Lisa Balch dreams of distant voyages while reading her world history book. 'S' I ff" ,gf wt 3. ,J if 3 -.3 .:if'E1:.'?l:1 Wu " -5 'lf i if:f-7f:5a5..ffZf 5 ihm .... :EEL -i as F is 9 is 4 , " E s , N . V- 5515.35 'NT S, X , rg. H sw, -r V 'X M 'res , E i o if Q Yululic Rose tries desperately to figure out her locker :ombinulion during L1 fire drill. X if A: R+ V . h X N S WH gk at N v-.5 rlll i llli i ,.. 'l ff L"'.f Yi? e .x QQ ,f'. 0:1 639' 'iv-'U hh. Vicki Bell shows signs of bewilderment as she tries to understand her homework assignment. Sophomores f 85 'N if 1 l S f N.-N--v L .ft ' :Q t X 3. - , Qwl ' 1...::""--.1 'Wi fl-elm K' k 5' , my . ii. M 1 'P - ty K. I ,,.....,, 1 'gy 5 at i K wif : . me . t ,,k.. ,,..l. t::L,,..:,,,e, ... - 241,514 t ..-...,. 5 i 4-s-1 .vig up ,,,. ll . , ,tt th V f - N 5 Q tt xx ls. . 4' , . - g t 54 , FS " J. f 'r X ' A , wr . t x t l K. egg, .Q - T a., , , W? s-'XM , S- M . X ,fir . 3 LT? f t l X 2 ut-Biieiaif 86 fSophomores ,ss QQ nf' all -sl .,, f I M I F Q 8, t luv, X , i f Q? ff we U4 'f 53 ef Y 4 i R Url we 2: . o A N :tg 5 P 1 Z , ,, ,,, Dee Ellis studies her experiment intently in chemistry lab. tt. wt-, NX M W xt QQMT .-asus-"""""""""a"m'iL f 5 K Angie L ' J, ' of 'N-ai ,, yons prepares her notebook for biology class. i I f '.' W Q '- 'VT' . 'II' w LLL 'f 7 , - fl ..'f1.o -vw' o P5 a J me af M, 1 I N K oo o ooo o ooo . 'H K: I as in N .asa w W -X '1 ' 1 5 7 - o H 53 V -yi f - I my f ' .L 7 2 ' ,3 .ff N, ,ff o if I . qw 152293 415 , SP., 1 . . 3AghSi!x A-Ypggeeqh K 2 so : 4:3 I A f if 1 ' wBQ4?g'L44Y2ima A ' f -A is 1:25. M ,I .. X5 K4 M A K :Q 1 M51 ,, -2 "" ' ' ' U - -' y P " M -' a -, espn' lg I "n z, 'fi A o Q if ' V f of-ko-W . o iw H ' f-'Q : A L' ' o o . ' ' . .L -E529 . f , . ' V if 45... , J., ,, IIH: Vi 'if L A K V H .,,,., 'Z' '-illlxy, L 1, I W' f ' ' U " 'I A sf f fl A 1 Sophomores f 87 Second Year Undcrgrads Enjo Lunch 88 f Sophomores ,, . ' as X X x Q il xx c gg X BN an X iv xp ix R in L. iizi f 1 1 , ff . 5-Q t ' im P ui: ' T. .,. . 5 E ' ,--M if K i .5...X ,Am:.,. -in X X N fn: J ,, + . . X , A, XS. .: f.eia5:::-s J .. ' . ,W c : , j ,lf ,A . . . .- Y -'rm :fi I f ' 4 4- 13-I A W a 555, W N 35 g aa 39 A S 'sw XX 5 xx X ca , - Q. gm g . K fling 5 Kx WK ,M .Sass , 4 .:1:iy: 1 ..,. is NY , X 3 k if I I t G H' , . X L Laura Holloway's lunch passes qU1Ckly WhllC she SOCIHIIZCS on the pHllO t V 1- ..f f i V 5 K' :ik Xi, A 55 K ,65 2 cw JA. A Ti 1 ,f-k. is YIM K .. X K J E X. '::, NN M WN' 5 Q: Q c -se:-wi ,- Q W 'i . we .J ' 4 ,- 'fc"'L' Ac ' - 4 ' WH-' - 6 kkkkh L.: A K 5 g gi V 7:.L .. n V ,X I V . fc 4' cccc ' cn 1 , 1c 1-, Todd Franks proves that I eats with great eagerness. f 'H 51 unch A x fi- ., f 1 really can be fun as he 4 ' ? 'N sa 'H wa s if - XS-14 X 1 Gear -Q-ig. vw. :fam--f,.s:::: .. . . . x 35 'V .-I ' .fi-.Q -,s. . 1 -i ' - 1 s " is ' sa xr XJ' 2 fs -L Q - Eg f. .--f . .1 Y W 4 'T' fp f'k g-.rv s Q, Cf! -S X Nga of x Q fi i xxx 1 Fw 'Q E A I M ,NLM k N, A , I re' , A ' JD- ., 1" - j ', N- ,E f 'B - 'QF' , "W f "2 P s 'haf J 1 2 . f r. f,' 455: A , .Q 9, . ., M, MASH rkkvk: k . V U . .-- .N f I fs. ' I 1 1 vu w N ' - . - ix N A- x -ff " rv r Q x '."-- A 6 s g 'fu s 5 s Q ' ,V S' ,' .,,., , Sophomores f 89 w L X -ei Xu X QW .si N-M 1 'i 5 YK' my lf- 155 Q. A: is ,s 4 ll f e nl A s Y 13 1. Sl' 9 ' ar- ia s ss s ,L ell 5 gs 'x '-ra: J IJ , V I X 5 Ni l va. .9 15- fi be Robert Delbridge blissfully remembers the lunch he has eaten. Sophomores f 91 Sophomores Displa Their Enthusiasm 92 f Sophomores l r 5 "1 A 1 if 4 sr- , ,gil v 'S s ' if N33 'Jil' w-'W ie, .ff f 7'i, iw Sv-. 5 .V 'PQ ,a Mark Mauser and Hal Brown peer si if 5 W' ff, ' ,li v Q J zbq Q LLL . l ' 1 if X K V1 s A Kr' . 7 r ' Die-35's ' f? QL s r g4 .Af r 4 . 1 ,offer Q . , Vi ? . fy Q? 5 JI RU, -011 ' 4 through the crowd ata football game. liyfix J . 1 K f... ,,.. , H f .arf K ..., K s ' L r M k 57 K V A1 - ', , fr' E -' . Vg' ' :Z ,f :F 1 N- sl., ,, gm: 'Ci 'S 1' F af L X' I 'jg , ns , ?'T,,W1X ' A H32 , if 5 , can -,-wk if , A l 3' ' J' 'w , X ,L t ' 5 Q W! f loo .4 K- , ..,, .X-. , 35- yfg Vi.. af :img Qqig,s X -1' Q fl vi ik 3 5 'S S Q K Nz- , 5 -lv , Xe 5 , 'SQ X f W :,, X, ,N as Q Q -.. ixii fi Q V A h m .mb ia A I 5. Q.. f :X Q:- ' gg 4-1 4 N 1' A N . Q 5' 4, lf, ' , ,Ia X xx f 3 ,5 I' f Q 2 ' '. ibm , ll A 4 . f N I fm ,. . , Q " 'rf ."'f.i ti E' Sify' S .3 ' ' ' nxg , Q L 1 f"' ff ' ' ws F L Ibl S It EA 1 N x- . if-Qu , , MQ- . f K is . 'l l' .Fai ' L ,, " I A 1 QL. Q '3 -V ' - V tmw. x we -'Ml' F Av Xl" X - 1f SY Y-' jf - S K . :Q ,, , ul if, Q W Q ,I f ' Sophomores f 93 X W X W X W X W X W X W X WW X W X W X W X W X W X W X W X W WW W X W X W X W W X W X W X W W W :EF ggi Qty rl rio Supe .i url pl S ir he T W ho S S re 0 m ho P So gg TL, W fd? Z ii .15 gg 2 2 2 2 2 2' C Z t. rl pl S I-6 O m C V ha S rC 0 IT! h0 P SO S W hO S I -eg rS C V H O C Z ru C L3 C D I H C Ll d Y1 21 1 'ga g i M H C W lc h I 3 n Brya ba b Bu 2 g,L 2 2 ?,, ,gf Zi 752. 2 'jpg ,hi x W X W x W x Stl W I ,Q X W 5 Ca W Q f no f ,f in 3 G th in te 3 Q On f I i Q f X f S p You 5 XW X W x W x W h f SOP 94 8 losin C re 0 m 0 'Y 1 -"? K . sf Freshman Favorites l 97 3: Heights Welcomes Incoming Freshmen to the Hill Johanna Abelson Carolyn Allen Cheryl Amie Keshia Anderson Robbie Andrews John Anthony Samuel Arcipreste Paula Armstead Michelle Ashworth Mike Ayres Don Bailey Alison Barker Ron Barnes Tommye Barnes Kelly Barrett Debbie Beavers Gregory Bell Michael Bell C mrolyn Bcnne Donna Benson Shawn Berschig 'QF is X ssl is 2 """'k 0 W 4- ""' sf' an-.QQ 3149, -- syn y A I ,.:.k .l K. K ,IQ sz! g was 3 K ' ' "" - c l ,V t ss., ff sssts 4 l 1 tt,,tt is . 5 K A ..,, 'U Sw s i W ' se- Q .R rf- ,Q 5 , 5-5" "" ' Q 4' I u 3 1- . s Z L A - , F . A? t ,J i 7 v 0 'L J- s s fl x if sg, I 5 A J 1 s in H ,asf W lk 'fd' .Q g' 1 Q 98 f Freshmen Julie Frye catches forty winks in Mr. Arseneau's biology class. rv" D'Ann Earl and Anna Blanks enjoy skating at the roller rink. at -X . t .... sys - rtwggs-1:5 -1 H M- 3 ... .,. Q Q ...K ..- Y .mo ,. .... ix . ES 1 xi' ,X Q 4 -vs w 'lv' B to xg 2 ' 1 4 s v , 4 1' :'i, K I Eg ,Q 2 n we X S, X '5E,,, xii, ':':il:5.-' .,,. . Q--Q Q +I-J jaw 1 X 45' s PY, J- Q ft ll? fr 23 ll :Vs N av 'Y so- S il QS - tv? 'x it Denise Bigan Hershel Bachshear Anna Blanks Debbie Blessing Kelly Blumhagen Keith Bonner Rod Bounds Tami Bower Dorinda Branch Paige Brennan Greg Brown Mary Brown Myron Brown Tony Brown Dawn Dee Bryant Eustolia Builtron Blake Burkett Michelle Butler Eldir Cabera Patrick Calfee Ginger Campbell Liesl Brinkley Freshmen f 99 Grace Cannedy Robert Carpenter Alma Chavolla Patsy Coffee Melxssa Coker Leslle Colller Bonnie Cook Catherlne Courtney Susan Cowley Courtney Cranz Tlm Crawford Celeste Cummmgs Mellnda Daggett Kim Crutisinger se ' K' A . iii me ,si KW ls 5 as :Kg X. at .Q ,. . . WNW. N K MNT we sm in . ..,. .sr 4 .. 5 N y y C N, ,,t. ,mm .uatwmsiits 1 tttr eestte Css is we W SS QSM ns sau t C 7 , . 2 H K Q . Saudis 1 :.k iq.-, S M, -, t a t -M l . IX C - A -K7U'3 fKKfKaf'K:Nt fi' KK N ' w Karen Perkins and Alice King d ' it W .,,,.. . 4, :N 'B f-gf? ' e . ls 4 ' It f if ,Sgr rf. K K -L 'S K: .asf Kr xx R K. xv? - .1 t, E Y H! 1 rl Kurt Danlels ll L0f1Df1V1S at at .yy. f if :J si K , at '--- KK .,... y .X .-at Lucas DaVlS KK K LeeAnne Dearen ' C Ks., -fw- A,tKK K as 100 f Freshmen iscuss the people below. an Y? 5 0 kv 46 J t conf se " m K lly M esuis res u , uses e orrison. Craig Deen Gary DeHart Lynn Delaney Dek DeMen1 Michelle Dc Plante Chris Dickinson Kenneth Diehl Jay Dill Donna Dodd D'Ann Earl Jesse Espinoza Eric Evans John Fanning Steve Feldman Kim Flanmgan Manuel Flores Susan Flowers Freshmen f lOl Freshmen Experience Lunch 1n the Cafeterla Paige Flusche Alan Foshee Roger Fossett Cheryl Franklm Julle Frye Stacy Gafford Lrsa Gann Carmen Garcia John Gardner Edrth Goodson .leffGreen Lnsa Gregory Llsa Grlfflth Chandler Growald Kelly Halgwood Julle Hale Davrd Hardy Nyoka Harrlson W1lllC Henderson Missy Hendrlx Danny Henmnge M eels . 5 ,." Q s me . v - ' Ei . . X G 1012! Freshmen QWQX was X Nw alw- X Qi was 1 iii wi an x 'Q .1 Q .vi NWs s s X ra .MM .... , .issfiis x s We X X was Nuova' XM' g W 54 wr ui -N-U-.....,,,,w l Ellcla Herbert Tommy Herrera C1ndy H111 Scott H111 Reese H1llard B111 Hoang Trey Hodge Kelly Holcroft J1m Holmes Elyn Honts Pam HOpk1HS Alan Houk Brad Howell Chr1s Hughes Llsa Hughes M1chae1 Hutchms Kathy Igo Alberto Jackson Ella Jackson Emllle Jean Lum Joe Stanley Joe Wayne Joe Charlotte Johnson Aw l Ls as Plop-plop-fizz-fizz, Oh, what a relief it is, sings Ben King. Freshmen f 103 Deljuan Johnson Cameron Jones Deborah Jones Pldge Jones Sarah Jones Sue Jones Jim Junker Brett Keeton Jeri Kent Kellie Keto Alice King Neal Kibler If 104 f Freshmen Wi.,-A Q 1 my ' f .vs .,,' s Xxx 'mtg Melissa Gregory and Kimberly Flannigan hurry to get to homeroom. QQ Q . ., we a . ' 'll f is rr r r r .A Richard Silva, sophomore, checks out a group of freshmen at lunch. R 4 .., R L V- , ::E'::,,:-.5..E .L .ii 1 was -x -E A of if ,Q if L E L ,,.. 51 Q M' ,f all s is T? L Q if Q Sze: .f t ae i i if we '-sa? Y is .f-vwuim N f K L - Q R' ' i-.L , K S, l . ,.'. L ,aaa fe stc N il M s' - tw. my mt sf it L inf K-7 L.: S " . . X M 2 ,va -sm... X ' w sf - .4 -9' Q4 4 F fn 'N-f. Q. . . Q7 5' I' Neal Kibler dreams of beautiful France in Mrs. Bright's class. 1 'Q i. 1 .Q - A, L Q 119' :swf ' . 'M', Q Q f ' 1. .. .. ' -sq fi H i E' 4 X sl' 'Su ,ff 'fx 'film Ninas-W, it r r F r t o E. , i A:.:.: ,,.....: l iii Q it a Denise Kirkley Shari Knapp Peppi Knox Robert Lake Michele Lane Anh Le Patti Leggett David Lieske Mary Lozano Melanie Lucas Rosie Lukens Ray Lyons Diana Madden John Maddux Tony Madormo Reuben Magallon Chuck Maley Anthony Mancuso Wendell Mankins Charles Mann Jacquelin Manning Margaret Marcus Patricia Martinez Howard McCollough Maggie McGrew Tim McQuatters Freshmen f 105 Homework, Six Classes Are Part of Frosh Year Carlos Mendoza Tracy Metcalf Robin Meyer Mark Miller James Moody Celia Morales Kim Moralez Laura Moreno Houston Morford Kelly Morrison LeAnne Mukkala Todd Mulholland Victor Munoz Lisa Murray Christina Nelms Helen Nelson Tanh Nguyen Emily Noreiga Linda Norris Lisa Nowlin Judy Oliver Nga 4 I .. Q I xg X N 'wi R 5 X Ts? W. : .S is W X KN Q . t ..- X ins :Q 5- :-. assist-:sf iw, 1 . v its if W wx 'QS Q .-. ky 'Ns rx. Surf- --ff' K 1 V Alison Barker pauses a minute to flash a smile for the photographer. i S '. .,.i S 106 f Freshmen if t .. in k f , si' -3 . R Q, S a t I seeet 4' X 'Y at V! X W gs' t We sw iiii "'N W it 3 JJ' fn sn..-9 ai' aa r 1 P if f .... , , .:.k N, 3 :lk .4 e- Rhonda Oliver James O Neil James Otis Karl Palmer Michelle Palmer Steven Palmer Sharon Palmore Rich Parker Travis Parmer Frances Parten Stephanie Patten John Patteson Susan Pattilo Dana Paul Andrea Pendery Lisa Pennington Karen Perkins Carol Pettit Alison Phillips Ricky Pope Cynthia Pratt Scott Prince Freshmen f 107 Oscar Puentes Jr Martha Pulido Trey Quinn Robin Rakestraw Norma Ramirez Elizabeth Reyna Stephanie Reynolds Robert Rmcon Luis Rios Connie Roberson Anice Roberts Anthony Rogers Jim Rogers Royce Rogers Shannon Rylander Camllla Sager Angelita Salcedo Steve Salley Becky Sanders Beverly Sanders Johnny Sanders Mia Riley 108 f Freshmen i t 5 O Q as 7 Sssst S 5 or S . a ,,,, 1 iiikk .. . es.a seaa - s Ai f as ww f . s , g farrll ln, wg 12' hw. ,, ,N ' M E. A.- Tracy Metcalf and Danny Henning discuss the upcoming Halloween dance. James Santiago Simeon Santiago Lana Scarborough Renee Shackleford Douglas Shader Fredrlck Shearm Naresh Shrestha Mehnda Sk1nner Rocky Slaton Susan Smelko J 1m Smlth Sean Smlth Stacey Smlth Susan Smlth Teresa Smlth Laura Snowden J 1m Snyder Anthony Sotelo Sharon Stockton Renee Stone Karen Swales Class of 1984 Makes New Friends at Heights Geoff Tadda Soraya Theobald Cara Thornton Aaron Tomassone Geoffrey Toothe Lisa Triplett Yolanda Truijillo Arnold Tumlmson Troy Tuomey Terry Valderas Kurt Van Hofwegen Laura Vargas Linda Vargas Joseph Trotter I I0 f Freshmen N P is l"""" .T X Q' i ,fl R rs TA, ,MVS Q? 2 ' ',,,' 1' ' -L'-T"---V-""' Shirley Jenkins is overjoyed by the "A" she made on her test. qi? XX I :Q , E rv r x if X J :A - wifi-- ., - - 'fi f' ' - - 2- sf.-ips' . ,- Af "a f, Troy Tuomey stops to flash a smile at the Senior girls. E X X a t L 13" F s 3 N, Egg x Q N ,. ,,, as '- .J K N, .X x X A"Q,:,. . "', kk W S . . X31 , ' -xx fl' X x , S-. ' X 4 . .A 1 -.Malt A Kellie Keto wonders what she will wear to the Howdy Dance. 4' N. Q A I Q alla CW Phillip Velasquez Monique Walker Wes Walker Tracie Walner Jerry Walton Tracy Ward Ricky Wasner Debra Wentz Tammy White Robert Wiggins Chris Willis Jim Winn Rusty Witcher Amy Witherlte Frank Wolfe Angela Wooten Danny Wright Lajuana Wright Tonya Wroten Bernadette Young Scott Youngblood Alex Williamson Freshmen f lll M, My 229. ang'- WWNNWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW II4 Hu, E WAKQ PERSONALITIES , A1 M f X ' X' N D 9 I ' W X QQSQQ X- f ' KWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW t, 116 I Mr. Q if Mr. A.H.H.Q .: Leslie Ferguson t Mr. AHHS, the top honor given to a boy at Heights, was awarded to Senior Leslie Fergu- son. A Leslie met the grade require- ments both in academics and citi- zenship, a B and E average. Leslie has played baseball for two years and has been running- back for the Jacket football team since his freshman year, letterin, two of those four years. Leslie was elected sophomor favorite. W , A.H.H.S. . 2 1 2 l 1 if 1 .Q Miss A.H.H.S.: Margaret Dozier This year the Miss A.H.H.S. itle was awarded to Margaret Jozier. This title is the highest ionor that a student can earn. She was chosen on the basis of leadership, scholarship, and per- sonality by the student body. Margaret was a member of Spirit of the Hill and served on the Tri- C leadership team. She served as junior class secretary-treasurer. Margaret also participated on the soccer and track teams at Heights. She was SOH secretary for the 1980-1981 year. MissA.H.l-lS fll7 Mr. and Miss AHHS Finalists Alan Maples Tom Trahan M Mr. and Miss AHHS Finalists Helen Stepp Jamie Rambo l, Organizations Honor Two Outstanding Seniors Melissa Allen Mary Kathryn Stone The Daughters of the Ameri- :an Revolution have chosen Mel- ssa Allen as this year's recipient Jf the D.A.R. Award, an honor 'ecognizing citizenship, scholar- ship, and school-community ,nvolvement. Melissa has been Student Council secretary this year and vice-president of the United High School Student Council. She was Jne of the Junior class favorites. Melissa has also been a member of the -National Honor Society, the Spanish Club, and the Latin Club. She was a two year mem- ber of the Yellow Jacket staff. Melissa was a tennis team mem- ber as a freshman. Eash year Altrusa Interna- tional, an organization of suc- cessful businesswomen, presents the Altrusa Award to a senior girl chosen on the basis of service and citizenship to school and commu- nity. The Altrusa awardee for this year was Mary Kathryn Stone. g Mary Kathryn has been trea- surer of the National Honor Soci- ety this year and also has found time to be the chairperson for the student directory. She is a four year member of the Student Council, a two year staffer on the Yellow Jacket, and a one year Jacket Journal staffer. She was a member of both Spanish and Latin Clubs. Altrusa, D A R f ll9 Faculty Bestows Top Honors on Burns and Allen Melissa Allen Melissa Allen, Who's Who recipient, has served as United High School Council Vice- president, and Heights' Student Council Secretary. She was very active in the Spanish and Latin Clubs, Yellow Jacket Staff, and the National Honor Society. Melissa was a member ofthe ten- nis team and the senior steering committee. The D.A,R. Award, Junior Class Favorite, and Na- tional Merit Commendation, are a few of her many honors. wo f w ho's vviw Mike Burns Mike Burns, honored as one of the twelve chosen for Who's Who, was senior class and stu- dent council vice-president, as well as Spirit of the Hill Co- president. He was also Freshman and Junior Favorite, Freshman Howdy King, was on the "B" honor roll, and was on the foot- ball team for four years. Some of Mike's extracurricular activities included Young Life and Campaigners. 4? K .1 F urniss and Joe Gain Staff, s Best Recognition Edmond Joe Edmond Joe has been an in- :gral part of Heights, serving on ie Student Council and Ex- cutive Board. He played with ie Heights, All-City, and All- Legion Orchestras, was in Na- onal Honor Society, the annual gaff, and Math, French, and cience Clubs. He has acted as resident forthe Math Club and lrchestra, and been listed in Who's Who Among American ligh School Students." Laura Furniss Laura Furniss has participated in a variety of activities while at Heights. These activities include the Student Council, National Honor Society, annual staff, and the Math Club. She has also been a member of the French Club and 'sWho's Who Among American High School Students." This year, Laura served as First Lieutenant on the Jacket Jazz. Who's VN ho X l2l Teachers Accord Maples and Lee Special Honor Shelby Lee Co-editor of the 1980-81 Jacket Journal, Shelby Lee was a member of the staff for two years. She played the flute in the Yellow Jacket Band for four years as well as participating in the All City Band and Orchestra. Shelby also attended the All State Solo Contest. Working for the Student Council and the Swim Team were among other activities that Shelby par- ticipated in. Q- 4'-'-Z"7 122 f whoa who J Q Alan Maples Mr. AHHS Finalist, National Honor Society member, Student Council Representative, Spanish Club President and Sergeant at Arms, Alan Maples was an ac- tive participant in many organizations and received several honors. Alan was elected Sophomore Class President, Math Club Vice-President, and was a member of Tri-C. Havingi played football for four years, he was also a SOH member. Stepp and Reser Receive Staffls Unique Praise Greg Reser Greg Reser's photographic nd artistic talents have been a Ei nificant art of Hei hts dur 8 ' P 8 ' ng the past four years. Greg has erved as photographer for both he Yellow Jacket and Jacket ournal publications. He has also evoted his time to work on everal slide shows and the stage esign crew. In addition, Greg as been involved in HECE and he Art Club. N Lf ,NY X P . fb' -,A Q' A 4 Helen Stepp In addition to being a finalist for Miss AHHS, Helen Stepp was also a member of the 1980 Homecoming Court. Throughout her four years at Heights, Helen has participated in the Drama Club, National Honor Society, Senior Steering Committee and soccer. This year, Helen served as Vice-President of the French Club and she was a member of the 1981 Yellow Jacket staff. Who's Whof 123 Staff Designates Trahan and Stone as Winners ,MMWW 'Q 'rf' ff Qt J 43 'I , is? A ff. vi ,. ' 4 'ar W ri Mary K. Stone Mary Kathryn Stone has served Heights in many ways during the past four years, working on both the Jacket Journal and Yellow Jacket Staffs, the Student Council, and the Senior Steering Committee. She was Handbook Committee Chairman, National Honor Society Treasurer, and a member of the Latin and Spanish Clubs. She has also received the Altrusa Award for her school service. 124 f Who's who Tom Trahan Tom Trahan has held such positions as Co-editor of the award-winning Jacket Journal, Band Captain, Band Second Lieutenant, and Student Council Parliamentarian. Tom has also been a member of National Honor Society, Drama Club, and French Club. Tom was also a Mr. AHHS Finalist and Na- tional Merit Scholarship Semi-finalist. i 1, Q , 5 4. 3 6 .5 .bg H33 fi ' f v Km Velasquez and Worrell Are Elected to Whois Who Trace Worrell Editor of the 1981 Yellow Jacket, Trace Worrell has also been a member of the Spirit of the Hill for one year. Trace played an important part in the Student Council this year by be- ing appointed Chairman of the Elections Committee. He was chosen to represent Heights at Boys' State in Austin. Trace was Vice-President of the National Honor Society and a member of the Latin Club. 813.16 'sd' lv' l 1 Qi' Mary Velasquez In addition to serving as her homeroomls representative to the Student Council for two years, Mary Velasquez worked in Junior Achievement to learn the free enterprise system. A member of Future Homemakers of America, Mary was also recipient of both Academic and Citizenship honor cards. Mary served Heights by working as an aide in the various offices around the school. Who's Whof 125 Spe Y. J. Honors Heightsters in Student Publications J, fi .., f fe f 1 .f Susan Brents Holden Lewis Ginger Woodruff Claudia Cooper cialR g t Dedication and Service Merit Special Praise gg? , 3 X 5 e 2 i Q gy Q 3 E 5 z Ed Tomme Tom Law Melissa Sheppard Laura Robinson Special Recognition ff 12 Spec Sports, Drama, and Band Students Are Cited ' , S . gg, "'--M..M My Tamara Sanford Kathy Baldwin Randy Slovacek Mike Dirk ial Re g t Exchange Students Find U.S. Life Challenging sw. -.. ,HK mar . .6 4. is e'1L Gilia Miranda For Gilia Miranda, life in America was very dif- ferent from her home of Arica, Chile. Gilia said Americans live too quickly. She planned to return to her native country in June after a year of study here at Heights. 5 Adriana Maia Attending school for the whole day was quite a change for Adriana Maia. At her home in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Adriana went to school for only half a day. After six months, she planned to return to Brazil. Exchange Studentsf 129 Q . "I-I in-Q ,., - xfwg' All' Q E5 'na Q 5 5 y Q ', F I- mjq uf Jaw-.fx 2 X. K s XXX... 1980 HOMECOMING COURT Gigi Dacus Baird Strode Sophie Chaumont Karen Raulston Trina Bright Missy Pyeatt Helen Stepp Debra Taylor Patti Brown Sunny Baker Nesi Buchanan Renay Mitchell Homecoming Court f 131 V' V.V.- ' Q21 ' Lf- VV, VV:,-f5ZV2VQVVQVVV JVV V V V-VV VJ, ,V V V, ,V , VXXiVVeVVV,VVVVe, V V 5' " -V V V V :see 4 ,- VVV-5'VVifss5+?VVeeVV1,-f V -V - VV VVVVVVVVVV, V V V -QVXXVXEL V .V V' V V ,V V ,V ,,,-,,, ,VVVV ,V,, V VVVVVVVVV VV , V VX, ,V , , XXXXVVV ,,,V , V, V V,V, VVXXVVXVX V ,V V, V , ,,,,, , , ,, V V , VVVXXV V V VVVV VVV. -,.. XX VX. V V, V V V V VV VVV, X V VVVVVV ,VVXV , V V VV ,, , , x ' "" V Lf Q' ,V V gNamee St Haff me an e uflful :RX X X XX Q X XR X 5 S gk XX N X X X X KSQSXXE-V-V - -Viiiz-iiw 4VQV1-XVVVV IV , ' 'V VVafVV V V , , V' V ,VV V, 'EVT- X - - -. - e- igg lif W W WV WW WW WWW MMM f wfM,MymW 1V V 1 F WI! W W k':WZWk1wWE' bw f g f'fg!fWWT7YQf:'1f'n ff 5 V , WW AMW AMW 'vw ' ' W1 S 5 . af' MN if W 1. ,Ve N V V V inf -1-Vf A K VVVLL ' V X s 132 X Mostest Robert Gauntt Leslie Webster ,VVV J: 1 - , HN H VV -YVV V-V V 1 '- ' Y--' V,V:V,VAQSQA Q,.wiq5NV,. V,,VVlSS5X ,V,VSg,gV,V,VJ VVXVSNQVVR NV V Vikki? ,RSV . V-, igEg.VRi1d.VV,f V, XXVNVV V WW ' :SV X1 if ,, : V 5 iii? s"' s S e?f215"Vi2 ' W zggzzgg ii -Vik. 1: Vx w ig 'S-ffl---V-V S S 3 V ------ V VV S 3 S 2 5 VV V VV 2 S 3 S X S ii S V :VS V V z V , l V -' SSTXVV-Q- VVgVfL V VV V ViQ53SViVV , .fi VVVVVV VVSSVXVVEETV-VVi,VV:QE.,, V VVQVVQSVVV V VFEVVQQQSA BYVV VVVVVV , V VV ,,,,VVV V,,V , VVVVQVVVV ,V,V,V 5 V, VV fT,VV VKSVVSV V,,V , V,f:V,VxNV,gV YV, fi, .VVVVVV LVMVV ,,,,,:,, W VVVVV Siifi 152- 1ffi53?? Z' 64" W' if 25:-Siiiw Q' xSi: , Qifzgs , Y . VV V VVVV,VV , Vw we I KY Kkri i B Cie ent De La C ru Mostest f .133 Most Studious Pair Utilize Time and Resources we V- i i 5 1 ? B J-i iiii 134 1 Mostest Courtney Hill Edmond Joe Good Sportsmanship Deserves Most Athletic Honor ffl-'-9'-Q G A X 5' f M f - r X , . N I' 'rn Reginald Bridges Muffy Hodges M ICSK s. nw. 1 QWl f Q as ,, 0...-......,,,w-nw ,.. "" 3 -- M 4- ..- 15 aw. 'ViV V " WH? 5 I " 5 ' at :sw X , v + R E U M f N WWWWWWWWWWNWWWWWWWW XRRQWWWWWWWWWWW 136 ' ,,-'gf n 'Q Howdy Week Welcomes Frosh to Heights ln the eyes of confused fresh- men, the non-stop partying of campus life on The Hill would forever remain mysterious and unfathomable were it not for the enlightening activities of Howdy Week. A sense of campus unity was built as the entire school awaited each day's activities and, for the first time, the freshmen really experienced the excite- ment, spirit, and friendliness that came with being a part of Arling- ton Heights. Howdy Week activities, all sponsored by the Student Coun- cil, commenced with a presenta- tion of skits by a few campus clubs. Young Life, rollerskating, and the movie "Hooper" added excitement to the next few days. Thursday's picnic at Camp Car- ter, complete with class rivalries stimulated by powder-puff foot- ball, kiddie day on Friday, and a patio dance Saturday rounded out the week's festivities. -62:51-f' .gs i if s I was r' 9. ' F , ' if if ,Jv- 1 Robert Wiggins and Nesi Buchanan show their prize-winning form after the kiddie day dress-up contest. 'N , ,fi SE: , "Today Mommy is going to show m Elizabeth "Bruiser" Washburn prepares for some heavy action on the rink. how to play lCI1niS,', FYIUSCS Jennlfe 138 f Howdy Week Moore. '-dvi' Senior Howdy King Reginald Bridges and Queen Patti Brown. ai D T Ax, A , 'S ' Ml! xr , X 4 Crux, Howdy Queen Patti Franke and King Clemente I 'Wil Junior Howdy King Tres Morris and Queen Irma Tre- Vino. , ' MTX i S 55 ff f J, :V " Z f l H Freshman Howdy King Alan Houk and Queen Missy Hendrix. Howdy Week X 139 Lynn Kemble fails to elude seniors Sunny Baker and Trina Bright. xiii M3 "Thanks, I needed that!" exclaims Andy Tolsm as Beth Bohon serves dessert. y Trace Worrell gives his all for the kiddie day dress-up contest. l40 f Howdy Week Practicing his macho expression, Randy Sco attempts to pick up girls. ,N ball in a rare moment of dominanc J' Rapidly gaining ground, Lynn Ke W 42' l . mul W YV ,M .2 W Wlffg Library Moves to Large, New Wing A walk through the halls on The Hill during the weeks just prior to the first day of school would have turned up, among other things, a great number of T unshelved books. This was all a part of what became known as "The Relocation" -the comple- tion of the new south wing allowed many of the classes once located in annexes to be moved into the main building. A major part of this Big Move was the shifting of the library's volumes from the old to the new library, which involved maneuvering down a flight of stairs. All of this was accomplished with the help of the PTC, the freshman foot- ball team, and a large number of unaffiliated VOlur1teCrS. Shortly after this photograph, the old library and its books were forever parted. V "Studying in the new library is so much fun!" exclaims Russell Deen as he pauses from work on his term theme. 142 ! Library .tw i X K , x K E Before the move: the new library as it looked just after its completion. wt -ts ,B WMM? www-ew-P NN""-0...,w,M After the move: the library's many books have arrived and a new counter has been added. Library! 143 Open House Shows Parents the Ways of the Hill Student's parents were invited to see Heights and meet teachers during Open House held October 28. The opening of Height's new wing added an extra attraction for the parents this year. In addi- tion to seeing the new wing, par- ents were able to view students working in the chemistry lab and to discuss their childrenis activi- ties first-hand with their instruc- tors. 5 6 ' 'N A Diligently determining a density, Devin 3 . is X A "AY" Sweet demonstrates his technique. Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Tomme, Jr. observe their son's work in Mrs. Vinson s class Q-11 hs' Q Y.: An enthralled parent listens to several of Mrs. Bright s reasons Mrs. Clayton lists typing's uses for Mrs. Homer Davis. for taking French- 144 f Open House if """1u-.. ,NN K Gene Thompson talks about the Jacket Journal to Mr. N CS ir gk I if . s . 1, Mrs- JHIUCS B- LCWGUGH. Mr. Tisdale directs a lost parent to the proper class. Mr. Larry Barnes explains the detailed workings of his Annual Staff to Rev. and Mrs. John C. Worrell. Open House f l45 Spirited Backers Boost Jackets to Victory As pep-rallies, early games, and hanging spirit signs repeat- edly interrupted many classes, supporting the multitude of Jacket teams became a major aw--wt part of campus life at Heights. Weekly pep-rallies were held in the auditorium during football season, giving enthusiastic Heightsters a chance to fire-up the team. The Senior Girls hung spirit-boosting signs during mid- -... night vigils at the field house before each game. Spirit of the Hill and the cheerleaders deco- "' r tion for spirit assemblies. At the games, excited students urged their teams to winning sea- sons. The band and the new drill team, the Jacket Jazz, performed . during halftime for the amuse- ment of the crowds. The solid backing of the spirit-filled popu- B lation of Heights provided that extra spark that pushed the Jack- ets on to victory. Kim Burns and Rosie Shaw check the program to find a player's number. Bundled-up in his Arctic gear, Scott Tims views an Proving his manliness, David Burke attempts to remove a car door a enrapturing football game. the Beat Paschal Car Smash. 146 I spirit ,S S WE E rated the auditorium in prepara- .1 K, 'Go Heights," shouts a gleeful Rick Tomme as he gets into the spirit as a pep-rally. ,..MtW3W:, V I L ' f ,Wm ,mmlkwe M J ii iiitni,if M pg iiiiii 4 , 'flffi i i qv' l r , 1, ,gt , Luka QR? Working with hopeless fervor, Chris Lewis and Hal Brown contribute to the sophomores' lost cause in the spirit chain competition. vfN- H , 1- " i , . Mi 5 W W f W' ,, ,H ,Q .M 1 4 f , f V 2 f 2 5 W Judy Kirkpatrick loses a game of Jacket Jazz Simon Says. Spirit f 147 Brown Crowned as l980 Homecoming Queen Homecoming 1980 was a fairly novel experience as several new traditions were instilled on The Hill. For the first time in mem- ory, Homecoming hall ,decora- tions were designed and hung by members of all classes working toward the single theme "Up, Up, and Away." Each club made a hot-air balloon decoration sym- bolizing their organization to hang upon their sponsor's door. Highlighting the pep-rally were the Homecoming Slide Show and a short pep-talk by Chairman of the Board of the Fort Worth National Bank, Mr. Bayard Friedman, a former Heights student. Mr. Friedman was also inducted into the Arling- ton Heights Hall of Fame. The Homecoming Queen was selected by the student body from a slate of twelve girls, Sunny Baker, Trina Bright, Patti Brown, Nesi Buchanan, Sophie Chaumont, Gigi Dacus, Renay Mitchell, Missy Pyeatt, Karen Raulston, Helen Stepp, Baird Strode, and Debra Taylor, who were nominated by the senior homerooms. A slight change in custom was made as the Queen, Patti Brown, was introduced at the pep-rally and was crowned that night at half-time during the football game. After the Jackets dropped a heartbreaker to the Wyatt Chaps 13-6, many couples proceeded tc the Elkls Lodge. There they danced to the sounds of Nothin' Fancy. ,wi ,,,, Trying to store a lifetime's memories from a few short moments, 1980 Homecoming Queen Patti Brown receives a kiss from Studel Body President Edward Tomme during half-time festivities. 148 f Homecoming fs... Stanley Joe toots a romantic melody dur- Member of the Homecoming Court Karen Raulston and her father, Dr. Doak Raul- ing the half-time performance. ston watch as the Queen is crowned. grab is ,I G "And I thought I was going to miss my senior homecomingfl exclaims a gleeful Alan Maples as he receives his mum from the Annual Staff girls, "Move it up just a little," suggests a wide-eyed Irma Trevino as she readies a sign for hanging. Homecomingf 149 Lisa Triplett advises Sherill Curtis on how high a sign should be hung Richard Sanders attempts to wrest the for thc Homecoming Dance. crown from the unknown hand. p ...SPCR Mr. David Baker, proud father of Homecoming Court Member Sunny Baker, smiles as his daughter is presented at halftime 150 f Homecoming St" , ,g Mr. Bayard Friedman reminisces about his youth- ful yC21YS 211 Heights. Receiving her roses on the field. Patti Brown smiles with joy. ' : if :sf Ed Tomme accompanies 1979 Homecoming Queen Nesi Buchanan poses calmly with her father, Mr. Hubert Buchanan. Becky Birdwell during the football game. Homecomingf 151 Ghouls and Goblins Haunt Halloween Dance Could Heights be haunted? Well, it sure seemed that way Halloween night as 500 spooks, goblins, and ghosts assailed the gym for the first annual Hallow- een Dance. Sponsored by the Stu- dent Council, the dance featured the new wave rock of the Pen- guins. Everyone was encouraged to wear costumes and they showed up in everything from DEVO jumpsuits to fruit to the standby Dracula and Wolfman get-ups. The ten-dollar prize for the best costume was awarded to David Burke who appeared in Franken- stein attire. The dance was a big success and plans were made to instill it as one of the traditions of The Hill. Deftly adjusting his crown, Trace Worrell prepares his Homecoming Queen Costume. ,fw- H' M X T- Wx mug 4: as 1 'N K, in -S Throwing out his chest with pride, Tres Morris escorts Richard Catwoman Sunny Baker prowls around the floor. Sanders around 'lhC 11211106 f'lO0f. 152 f Halloween N 3 N! Denise Kirkley envisions a future as a Fruit-of-th X Bridges discos with a five-foot around his neck. tx E l! E? J e-Loom guy. "But they told me photogs weren't allowed," blushes Trey Estes as he tucks in his costume. FQ A desperate Muffy Hodges greets David "Frankenstein" Burke with a passion- ate kiss after learning that he won S10 for the best costume prize. Halloween f 153 4 Thespians Produce Ginger for 1980 Performance The lights dimmed, the curtain rose, "Time Out for Ginger," the 1980 production of the Arlington Heights performing arts class, was finally underway. This year's play was a seldom subtle state- ment on the problems facing high school girl, Ginger, who takes women's equality a little too liter- ally. Ginger succeeds in making the school varsity football team, much to the initial horror of her parents, her sisters, and the com- munity business leaders. Most of these characters eventually shift their positions concerning Gin- ger's athletic endeavors, provid- ing the main body of the plot. The play was presented in three performances, two during the day on December 4th and 5th in the school auditorium. A night performance at 7:30 on the 4th was also presented. Co-ordinat- ing the production were the Director, Mrs. Rosemary Burton, the Artistic Director, Mrs. Bev- erly Fletcher, and Mrs. Donna Norton, the Associate Director. The major roles of Ginger and her parents, Agnes and Howard Carrol, were played by Kristen Gardner, Laura Robinson, and Mike Alread, respectively. Kristen Gardner practices catching pas ses from a sitting position. , . . X .. . REE? . it ers , - -. -- , " -Qc- N ,fb 'U a. ,X new 26' we-'2N..m e.'N,g,. ,.. - . nfl, f:-"lg N mi xv. www 'im ,mfr - Qui' fi E 5 Demonstrating the variety of emotions necessary for a successful acting career, Diane Roberts, Mike Alread, Jennifer and Laura Robinson discuss Ginger's decision to play varsity football. 154 I Play S i Q 'au-R ..--""'v FW ' . Q9 John Bell reminisces about the good old days. Jennifer DeMinico demonstrates her disapproval of her fathcr's position on women's rights. A thoroughly disgusted Diane Roberts prepares for a pout. Play! 155 ,. .gy 'Af' SU A i if A iw.. 5 t , Randy Rogers desperately tries to whip up enthusiasm Laura Robinson attempts to dissuade her daughter, Kristen Gardner for his part by leading a cheer with two pillows. from typically masculine pastimes. -- 4 2 'Ac wr - ,n if f"i A I i ' ggggg i,MHi H ski , .V V,.f I I Q rung ea' 'f i aut 17 , . " 5 Dropping a subtle hint, Laura Robinson reads the help wanted ads to her uppity maid, Dana Pitts. 156!Pmy I M 'ful 70 Diane Roberts, Laura Robinson and Jennifer DeMinico discuss Ginger's yards gained. Mike Alread hopes that he will get a bigger laugh if he kisses his wife Laura Robinson inthe middle of the play. E gt! M E R 'A . A , K V ,. : K K QI, K 'li' L E L 'ii " , Q 4 s - --.,, if 1 , ' ..Ls Y .., lil. 1:14 fi ' , ... " Randy Slovacek laments his fate of being replaced Ignoring Laura Robinson's dancing efforts, Mike Alread scowls. OH the team by DOHC other lharl 21 girl! Playf 157 Fifties Sock-Hop Ends Up As Eighties Dance It was the fifties' dance that l never was. Late in January, the Student Council had proposed a sock-hop to be held in the new gym, complete with live fifties' and sixties, music and costumes. The day of the dance, there was also planned a pep-rally to set the mood for the 1981 Fifties, Day, with a costume contest and fif- tyish music. One by one, the scheduled events fell through. First to go was the pep-rally, causing the costume contest to be moved to a time during the dance. The day before the dance, the administration decided that no drinks would be allowed to be sold in the new gym for fear of ruining the floor. Informed of this, the decision was made to move the dance into the old gym so that refreshments could be served to dehydrated dancers. As the time for the sock-hop arrived, few people showed up in costume at all, preferring to enjoy the ex- cellent music of King Cobra, a fifties' band. Fifties dances would have never seen an exhibition like this wild, crazy gator performed by some Heights guys. 158 f Fifties Dance Old meets new as bobby soxer Karen Raulston dances with a buttoned-down Joe Driskell at the "Fifties Dance." A member of King Cobra earns money betweer breaks as he sings songs from the 50's and 6O's. Michael Johnson does a cute foxtrot with his date at the dance in the old gym. Robbie Spence and Paul Otto show the effects of impaired judgement upon dressing one's self. -'I 4'6- li Suzanne Cox blushes with embarrassment as she realizes that her clothes clash with the fifties look of Karen Raulsten, Elsie Hodges, and Elizabeth Washburn. Fifties Dancef 159 Awesome Aardvarks Reign Supreme On December 3, the Awesome Aardvarks ol' the YJ staff, demoralizcd the aptly named JJ Donkeys on the newspaper staff by a decisive score of 1-0. "We didn't want to run up a score," said Alan Maples, high scorer for the annual staff. The Awesome defense, Doomsday lll, manned by Helen Stepp, Susan Brents, Laura Furniss, and goalie Tres f Morris, easily deflected the X, 'X Jap "offense" of the Donkeys. Steve Wolf, Richard Sanders, Bill Jor- dan, Ed Tomme, Trace Worrell, Alan Maples, and Edmond Joe blasted their way through the pulp jockeys, manhandling them and the ball for over three- "It was a good fight Ma, but we lost," "Just stay there a little longer," coaxc fourths ofthe Contest. thinks a bemused Trace Worrell. Ed Tomme. X 'x-4, lk'- Xflkn Z Q 9 in 3. I 1980-81 Awesome Aardvarks: Front Row: Commie Tomme, Nuff Said Worrell, BT Stone, Broomball you bet Maples, Sticker W Back Row: Whip it Sanders, Stud Morris Ill, 'Lil Laura Flirt Furniss, Crusher Brents, Stay Back Sucker Stepp, GI Joe, Search Destroy Jordan. 160 f Broomball ,INR Sticker Wolf sticks it to Holden Lewis before he hits the ball for another YJ score. "Let go of the broom!" pleads Edmond Joe. 'E "Back this way!" screams Amy Kane as she hands Alan Maples her broom in an attempt to keep her balance. Bill Jordan uses telepathy to move the ball toward the goal in a futile effort to score again. College Night Intrigues Possible Applicants Arlington Heights High School College Night was held on Tuesday, Dec. 2, this year. There were many college representa- tives present to answer students as well as parents' questions about admission requirements, housing, financial aid, and tui- tions. Some of the colleges repre- sented were North Texas State University, University of Texas at Austin, Lon Morris College, and Rice University. Robert Linan, Senior, collects various and sundry brochures to take home. 162 I College Night s l 'I t QWPYQQ W - E t t 5,21 , I Robin Burns and Denise Wentworth accompany each other while visiting college resentatives in Heights' cafeteria. David Macchia discusses the pros and cons ofthe University of Texas with an representative before making his college choice. Ranch Day Agenda Adds to Stock sllll 'Ill 'slid Ei BEST-DRESSED COWPOKES: Chuck Bettencourt and Kristy Richardson Renee Baker livens up Ranch Day by explaining the benefits of chewing tobacco and advocating "going smokeless." Show Flavor Western wear was chic on chic on February 6 as the annual Ranch Day at Heights mosied on in once again. Coinciding with the Southwestern Exposition, Fat Stock Show and Rodeo, the ac- tivity let the cowboy in most Heightsters step on out and enjoy the city where the west begins. A program scheduled by the Rodeo Club was cancelled at the last moment, but judging for the best-dressed cowpersons went on as planned during the lunch periods. Winners of the best- dressed cowboy and cowgirl were Chuck Bettencourt and Kristy Richardson, respectively. XT . Smgg H 3 26- 1 5 Q 5? Ewwg MS Jeff Lott demonstrates that some ropers really are ropers as he prepares to lasso Steve Chapman. Ranch Dayf 163 v, Christmas Activities Brighten Yule Season It is a time of year rich in the sensory pleasures: the wild, pun- gent odor of freshly cut pineg the crisp, fresh feel of frosty air as it enters one's lungs, the multitude of tastes from abundant supplies of candy and homebaked pas- tries, the reassuring sounds of familiar carolsg the ever-chang- ing kaleidoscope of multicolored lights, twinkling as if seen through flowing water. Heralded by these traditional sensations, Christmas 1980 arrived on The Hill. One of the first signs of the holiday season to arrive at Heights was the customary Christmas tree in the main foyer. Provided by the Student Council, the tree was outfitted with all new ornaments, including many small birds designed by each club to have special distinguishing characteristics representing their organization. To add to the holiday spirit, each homeroom decorated their door with an original Christmas design for a Student Council- sponsored contest. Entries ranged from murals to a small pine tree decorated and hung on a door to the winning design, a delicate Christmas tree of pastel kleenex. On the last day of school before Christmas break, Santa's elves made their annual appear- ance at Heights, bringing laugh- ter, candy, and Christmas greet- ings to students on campus. For a paltry sum, one could obtain an elfgram, upon which one could inscribe amusing season's greet- ings. After the message was com- pleted it was delivered to the thrilled recipient by costumed members of the Student Council Special Projects Committee and 164 f Christmas Executive Board. Little in the way of normal schoolwork was accomplished as the constant interruptions of gig- gling elves, class parties, and spe- cial Christmas activities occupied much of the day. After being warned of an imminent lab exam, advanced chemistry students were surprised to find that fol- lowing the lab's instructions pro- duced a fair amount of home- made fudge. Some trigonometry classes assembled graphic Christ- mas trees from assorted triangu- lar pieces of paper for extra credit points. It is a small wonder that, with all the amusing diver- sions taking place, Christmas is a time eagerly awaited at Heights. Prancer Worrell deftly plucks a turtle- dove from the school Christmas tree for his elf-day lunch. i 5 l 1 x Observing a stricken eli's plight with indifference, Platt Allen and Denise attempt to ignore Melissa Allen's candygram overdose. - Q Ki ssgrorw ml-elegrane Darla Bentley and Beth Bohon attempt to suppress their amusement at 'reshman's first elfgram. at e f', "': ' V t I ,W 5 i pprr it nv 1 M t ,r aarrp t 'rra 1 Q 'This paper was a lot better when my brother was the editorf' comments lohn Christie as he critiques the Jacket Journal. Miss Dona Stovall tries out her electronic evil eyes on a photog. Caught in an early morning decorating attempt, Mary O'zee and Lori Peterson hang tinsel from their homeroom door. Christmas f 165 Hostage Crisis Captures Headlines In 1980 THE YEAR 1980 WAS a period dominated by larger- than-life stories. Volcanoes, ter- rorism, elections, earthquakes, and many other major news items unfolded around the world, affecting some people, but in- fluencing all. EARLY IN NOVEMBER, 1979, Iran, a small, desolate country almost unheard of by most people suddenly became a focal point for the world as mili- tant Iranian students attacked and occupied the American em- bassy in Teheran, taking over 50 American prisoners. The United States, refusing to take hasty ac- tions, pursued every legal option to secure the release of the Hostages. An appeal to the World Court in The Hague, Netherlands, resulted in an order for Iran to release the Hostages. This was ignored. The U.S.- sponsored United Nations sanc- tions were defeated in the Securi- ty Council. President Carter then froze approximately 9 billion dollars of Iranian assets held in U.S. banks. It soon became clear that none of these actions would be successful as the manic Ira- nian leader, the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, was attemp- ting to use the anti-American feeling to unite the country and strengthen his government. ONE BRIGHT SPOT during the Iranian situation was revealed in February after Canada's Iranian embassy was closed in protest of the hostage situation. It turned out that 6 Americans had managed to escape the embassy siege and had hidden in the Canadian embassy. When the Canadians left they smuggled the 6 out with them, eliciting cries of joy and thanks from around our nation. IN APRIL after almost 6 months of calm but unfruitful at- l66 f Current Events L QM... Fire totally destroyed Ft.Worth's oldest exclusive club, Rivercrest Country Club, in' January, 1981. The destructive fire occurred just two days after a smaller fire was ex tinguished by fire fighters. tempts at negotiation a military rescue effort was tried. The ill- fated rescue attempt not only failed to free the Hostages but actually resulted in the deaths of 8 of the rescuers as two U.S. helicopters collided over the Ira- nian desert. Secretary of State Cyrus Vance resigned a short time later as a result of his categoric opposition to any military rescue attempt. FINALLY, AFTER 444 DAYS of captivity for the Hostages, negotiations between the United States and Iran broke through the major differences and the Hostages were released. News of the release was an- nounced over national television at 12:33 P.M., E.S.T. on January 20, 1981, just a half-hour after President Jimmy Carter turned over control of the government to his successor, Ronald Reagan. THE HOSTAGE CRISIS WAS NOT the only instance of international turmoil in 1980 Shortly after Christmas 1979 Soviet troops invaded it neighboring country oi Afghanistan, ostensibly after be- ing "invited" by the new Afgha government Cwhich the Soviet? installedl to help repulse anti- socialist coup attempts. World opinion was against the Soviet from the start. The U.S. led thg way by imposing an embargo on the sale of grain and high- technology to the U.S.S.R., and eventually led a boycott of the 1980 Summer Olympics that were held in Moscow. The con- flict allowed hawks in Congress to bottle up the second Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty fS.A.L.T. IU agreement in com- mittee until anti-Soviet senti- ment gave it no chance of passage at all. After more than a year of guerrilla fightin and amid accusations of the us of chemical and bacteriologica weapons, the Russians were barely holding their own in this s'Soviet Vietnamfl IN CONTRAST TO THE SOVIET POLICE ACTION in Afghanistan the nations of Iraq and Iran fought an openly declared war over a longstanding border dispute. After early vic- tories, it seemed as if Iraq would easily defeat Iran but the Ira- nians finally slowed and then stopped the Iraqi push and the war slowed to hard-fought front-line battles reminiscent of the trench battles of World War One. At time of publication both the Afghan and the Irqai-Iranian conflicts were unresolved. 1980 WAS NOT A BANNER YEAR for Soviet control of other nations. In addition to the dilem- 3.5 ma of the Afghanistan invasion Soviet influence in a seemingly stable communist Poland was shaken to its Iron Curtain roots as shipworkers went out on strike in protest of poor living condi- tions. Poland's Supreme Court finally agreed to allow the for- mation of free trade unions. Union members flexed their political might, nearly bringing on the most severe East-West crisis since the Cold War. Soviet and East German troops massed on the border to Hrestore order" in Poland, but were never ordered into combat as the U.S.S.R. backed off in the face of world disapproval. THE UNITED STATES WAS also the scene of domestic turmoil. Blacks in Miami, The Space Shuttle Columbia rolls out toward a March '81 launch date. Florida, not content to abide by the rulings of the state's judicial system, rioted for several days in May, killing 14 people, including several peace officers, and injur- ing more than 300. INFLATION RAN RAM- PANT throughout the year, reaching a high point of 182021. Unemployment reached a high point of 7.8f7b. Gold and silver prices gyrated wildly, reaching record prices of S850 and S48 per ounce, respectively. In late March silver prices fell more than 5092-1 as an attempt to corner the market by Dallas billionaire Nelson Bunker Hunt was discovered and foiled by com- petitors. The prime rate, the amount of interest banks charge their best customers, rose to a record 21.5'7b, bringing large-cost operations to a virtual standstill. THE UNITED STATES WENT THROUGH its quadren- nial transfer of power as the Presidential elections were held. Campaigning began in 1979 with two politicians vying for the Democratic nomination and a host of contenders eying the Republican spot. George Bush gained early momentum with a victory over perennial candidate Ronal Reagan in the Iowa Cacuses but faded to in- significance, finally accepting Reaganis offer of the Vice- Presidential candidacy at the Republican convention in Detroit. Early polls showed Senator Edward Kennedy with a commanding lead among Democrats until the country unified behind President Carter during the hostage incident, a crisis that partially caused the defeat of Senator Kennedy in the primaries and of President Carter in the November elec- tions. As it became clear that he would not gain the Republican nomination, Congressman John Anderson left the party to run as an independent candidate. Several debates between Ander- Current Eventsf 167 son, Carter, and Reagan were proposed, but Carter refused to debate the other two candidates at the same time and Reagan would not debate without in- cluding Anderson. Reagan final- ly agreed to debate Carter alone the week before the election and polls showed it to be a determin- ing factor in the election. In the final tally, Reagan won an over- whelming victory over Carter, the first time an elected incum- bent president had been defeated for a second term since Herbert Hoover. CLOSER TO HOME, House Majority Leader .lim Wright of Fort Worth ran into tough op- position from former Fort Worth City Councilman Jim Bradshaw. Polls showed the race to be a toss-up but Wright defied the pollsters and won a landslide vic- tory by a margin of more than 3076. THE ELECTIONS WERE NOT the only major event involving Congress. Several members of Congress were indicted in Abscam, an F.B.I. in- vestigation of bribery and cor- ruption on Capitol Hill. Led to believe they were talking to a wealthy Arab factually an undercover F.B.I. agentl, con- gressmen were videotaped accep- ting bribes in return for help with the Arab's interests. All but one of the convicted congressmen lost bids for re-election. THE TEXAS HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES WAS the scene of a similar F.B.I. probe called Brilab. Texas Speaker of .the House Billy Clayton was charged with accepting a S5000 bribe from an insurance contrac- tor, but he pleaded that he never meant to keep it and was acquit- ted by a Houston jury. Later, Clayton was elected to an un- precedented fourth term as Speaker. A CONTROVERSIAL AMENDMENT MADE headlines in December. The 168 Current Events amendment, attached to an an- nual funding bill for the U.S. Justice Department, forbid the use of federal funds to support the prosecution of desegregation busing cases. Heralded as a breakthrough for state's rights supporters, the anti-busing bill passed both houses of Congress and optimists expected newly elected President Reagan to sign the bill shortly after press time. MOTHER NATURE REMAINED capricious and unpredictable during 1980. An unusually cold winter was ac- companied by more than five days of ice and snow in the Fort Worth area. Just as people were getting used to the bitter cold summer made its abrupt en- trance, bring a record heatwave to the entire country. Locally, new records were set for high temperature and consecutive number of 100 degree-plus days, at 114 degrees and 42 days, respectively. A RELATIVELY OBSCURE PEAK IN Washington statels Cascade Mountains, Mount St. Helens, blew its top in May, the first volcanic eruption in the con- tiguous U.S. in 63 years. A short time later Mt. St. Helens let loose with another, larger erup- tion that blew off 1300 feet of its crest, killing more than 60 peo- ple, devastating 120 square miles of forest, and scattering 400 million tons of ash into the at- mosphere. Cities as far away as Seattle got used to shoveling out from under the several inches of ash deposited by the eruption. THE EXPLORATION OF SPACE WAS a prevalent topic as the first American probe to land on Venus beamed back images of harsh landscapes and a poisonous atmosphere. Voyager I made a close en- counter with Saturn, discovering tries f . " ,. Lf. V if Vffqff . is 1 2 lf.: I Q," 'fa y awn., 'V 'Z , . ,,, V . .iv WMP U.S. speed skater Eric Heiden wins one of 6 gold medals at the Winter Olympics. iw ' af' ranian terrorists humiliate a bound and blindfolded American embassy worker in feheran. All 52 hostages were finally released after 444 days of captivity. The seventh planet in our solar system, Saturn, was photographed from close range by NlASA's unmanned probe Voyager One. that the seven previously known rings actually consisted of many thousands of ringlets. Manned space exploration got a large boost as the long-awaited space shuttle was finally rolled out to the launch pad. The shuttle was expected to lift-off shortly after press time. THE SPIRITS OF THE EN- TIRE COUNTRY were lifted as the U.S. Olympic Hockey Team beat the odds and defeated the U.S.S.R. to capture a gold medal at the Winter Games. The United States did not participate in the Summer Olympic Games in Moscow because of a boycott by 37 countries protesting the Russian invasion of Afghanistan. In American professional sports the Philadelphia Phillies won their first World Series ever and the Oakland Raiders claimed victory in the Super Bowl. Pro- fessional football lost one of its all-time greats as Roger Staubach, quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, retired. The new Q.B., Danny White, led the Cowboys to the playoffs, only to be defeated by the Philadelphia Eagles. "WHO SHOT J.R.?,' was the question on millions of Americans' minds as the T.V. season ended, leaving viewers wondering whether the star of the series "Dallas" would live. The episode revealing J.R.'s assailant was the highest rated T.V. show ever, with about 752: of homes with a set watching the program. Former Beatle John Lennon was murdered outside his New York apartment, calling forth cries of grief and nostalgic gatherings in cities across the country. THE YEAR 1980 combined both good and bad in just the unique combination that made it 1980. The year will be remembered as a time that pro- foundly affected our lives. Current Eventsf 169 Carnation Sales, Dance Highlight Cupid Day Red, pink, and white: the abundance of these special colors could only mean the arrival of Valentine's Day. At Heights, the traditional Cupid Day festivities were altered slightly to provide a more original setting and mood for this day of love. The customary Cupids from the Stu- dent Council's Special Project Committee and Executive Board hand-delivered soft, white carna- tions with a choice of three messages: I love you, I like you, or l'd like to get to know you bet- ter. These special feelings were indicated by a color-coded streamer of ribbon gracefully tied to each flower. The recipient of such an intimacy could find out the name of their secret ad- mirer for a small extra charge. That night, the action moved to the old gym, which had been transformed into a well- decorated ballroom by several hours of work by Student Coun- cil members. The semi-formal dance featured the music of Nothin' Fancy, the band that had previously played at the year's Homecoming dance. The dance was mostly a couple's ac- tivity, but many people showed up stag, enhancing the success of the project. Will Waites works and works! 170 f Valentine's Day Ed Tomme prepares to fire an arrow into anyone making fun of his cupid diapers Shortly after smelling too many carnations, Mike Burns slides to fresh air. at M Mike Burns plants one on a student teacher. Tonya Curtis discovers another anxious kiss recipient. 4 , iq 7 ' f Jennifer Hardgrove, Patti Brown, and Will Waites enjoy an inside joke as Mary Kathryn Stone tries to figure out what is going on. Valentine's Day f 171 V .. FVVVK X WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW 172 Jw Jacket Journal Bears News Tri-Weekly The Jacket Journal, the award-winning Heights' newspa- per, became a tri-weekly produc- tion this year. With the excellent guidance of their sponsor and advisor Mrs. Gene Thompson, the first year journalism students acted as reporters for the paper. Co-editors Shelby Lee and Tom Trahan were aided greatly by their experience received from working on the JJ last year. They, together with Features Editor Holden Lewis, worked dil- igently towards giving Heights a truly superb publication. Tom Trahan, co-editor, tries to decide on what type print he should use. A 174 f Jacket Journal Holden Lewis, Features Editor, searches the staffs boxes for news stories. 3. rs aiu- Co-editor Shelby Lee reads through another front page story ps Mrs. Gene Thompson, advisor, looks over Advertising Man- ager Stephanie Basham as she works on layouts. Larry Kime points out an error in Kelly Blanscet's typing. Q K - 5. " 'f .' ctw 2- K Y -,fefffai ,K 3 if 5 1 it W 1 ., Q N Mary Keffer, Jacket Journal Business Manager, attempts to get her files in order. R WX 2-'J' After taking JJ photographs, Bill Jordan realizes that he has forgotten to put in the film. Jacket Journal f 175 Executive Board rings New Ideas Providing student leadership, promoting school activities, and creating and maintaining stand- ards of good citizenship for all students were the goals of this year's Student Council. A new constitution and three new spon- sors were only two of the ways this year's council differed from those of years past. The executive board, consist- ing of all officers, committee chairmen, and councilman-at- large, organized and promoted the many council projects. Spon- sors, Kaye Hickox, Larry Barnes, and Vivian Murphey worked with all members to make all council activities a success. Many new activities were introducec this year including a Homecom- ing reception and a Halloweer costume dance. Howdy Week, ice skating parties, and Spring Fever Week were favorites again thi: year. Ed Tomme, President uffffff Ted Trahan, Vice-President 176 f Student Council its tr Je :-sm.. 3 1 Melissa Allen, Secretary is R 'inn-if Tonya Curtis, Treasurer if , A is A ' .. . .. . Mrs. Kaye Hickox, Sponsor Mr. Larry Barnes, Sponsor Mrs. Vivian Murphey, Sponsor U-1 W- W s-fi' ' ' 'X V' SYM' r' r f i... M.. S ao.. E""!""!"" - S. T' ,film Councilmen-at-Large: Trey Hodge, Alan Shipman, Diane Roberts, and Mike Burns Student Council f 177 Special Projects and Elections Promote Unity Delivering messages as Christ- mas elves and Valentine cupids was only one of the many duties performed by the Special Pro- jects committee. They were responsible for all council surveys and aided in the clean-up of school activities. Special Projects 49 J. P l 3 f., . '-s Q. in Y also helped paint signs and sell tickets to promote spirit and unity at Heights. Counting ballots and taking nominations for the many elec- tions on the Hill, were the dues of the Elections committee. They handled elections for class 90 , -an ii E, N . A 'N . -- ,f . .1 ' . , 1 df' as bk I I ! 'QQ X . 'T' 1 j v x . v""'T k 'L T ' officrs, Howdy King and Queer Homecoming, and Studer Council representatives. Fresl man Spirit of the Hill and cheei leader elections were also supei vised by the Elections committe this Fall. . .-swf-H l i ,- ' ,,,.......- ' 1 Special Projects Committee. FRONT ROW: Irma Trevino, Natalie Woodward, Cathleen Milligan. SECOND ROW: Reese Hi lard, Jennifer Hardgrove, Shannon Rylander. THIRD ROW: Platt Allen, Jamie Rambo, Beth Bohon. BACK ROW: Troy Rynu Alan Maples, Rosemary Shaw, Tracey Anderson. 178 f Student Council Elections Committee. Tom Urquhart, Gigi Dacus, Edmond Joe, Missy Hendrix, Courtney Hill. Trace Worrell, Elections Chairman Patti Brown, Special Projects Chairman Student Council f l79 andbook and rograms Committee Devote Time Planning the student directory was once again the main objec- tive for the Handbook commit- tee. After many hours spent alphabetizing and typing names, another helpful book was pro- duced. The committee also took care of collecting the 52.00 charge and delivering the direc- tories to the homerooms after they were printed. Organizing the freshman Howdy Week program was the first job for the Programs com- mittee. They also entertained Heightsters with short skits dur- ing pep rallies. Signs and posters painted by this group decorated the halls and auditorium, pro- moting spirit and informing stu- dents of important school events. 44:1-D Muffy Hodges, Programs Chairman Mary Kathryn Stone, Handbook Chairman wt. .1 fr 1 if E png-up Yflbr d'6v '11 Y Handbook Committee. Sophie Chaumont, Tom Trahan, Elsie Hodges, Helen Stepp, Maggie McGrew, Darla Bentley. l80 f Student Council .QQ Stes' Q . s ,ff 2 'em Q6 up Nl - ,V A Programs Committee. FRONT ROW: Karen Shaeffer, Renee Brown, Catherine Courtney, Elyn Honts, Alex Miller. SECOND ROW: Renee Baker, Angela Clark, Susan Patillo, Linda Bridgewater. THIRD ROW: Mary Keffer, Lisa Triplett, Denise Kirkley, Carolyn Allen. BACK ROW: Tanya Huckabee, Kevin Geldard, Calvin Stanton, Will Waites, Pat Horneffer. Student Council f 181 and Adds to the Spirit of A.H.H. . l'Our main emphasis this year is to boost the school spirit," says Drum Major Tamara Sanford. , Besides adding spirit and corps-style marching at the foot- ball games, the AH HS Band also participated in various contests. These included city contests in which most of the high schools in Fort Worth competed and the U.l.L. contest that took place last November. 5 Mr. Paul Smith, Director l98l Drum Majors are Tamara Sanford and Jeff Wright. l l V The 1981 Arlington Heights High School Marching Band 1:42 I Band 8 . it v S' 5 Russell Deen blasts out a familiar tune. ,if 4 .gp Jeff Wright directs the band. Y It li i i ..."'1l" '.' Qs 'yn . 5 ia. K. Tina Hames stays in formation while she marches in place. Alysia Macchia stands poised and ready to play. Bandf 183 Flag Girls Unfold a F lurr of Color lhe 1981 Flag Girls for the Jacket Band are: FRONT ROW: Sulene Roberts, Rose Whitaker, Lorie Haire. SECOND ROW: Enisi Roberts, Lisa Gilbert, Brenda Swales, Judy Martin, Debra Burke. BACK ROW: Lorie Hayes, Mona Greig, Caren Pack, Edri Johnson, Cynthia Whitaker, Debbie Gray, Eva Holland, Cecelia Lee, Teresa Abbs. E . 3 ' A 5 4 R r .4-9.49, J .J-all W 4,1 as , .Jil , , '.q1i52x.t 1 ti., ", , H ,Q ' aw 'I 4 , I ' K , The flashy flags add color during the halftime show. Heights' flag girls work on precision twirling. 184 f Band Urn ll- l98l BAND and FLAG OFFICERS: FRONT ROW: Lorie Haire, Sulene Roberts. SECOND ROW: Sean Price, Tom Trahan, Tina Hames. THIRD ROW: Shelby Lee, Rose Whi- taker, Jeff Wright. BACK ROW: Tamara Sanford, Mona Greig, Jim Jopling. o 'FF .., wr. ff, f5"J, f""'f.:.-'il " ,'.4,.1ff"'. - xwwl Teresa Abbs learns a new routine. 5 Rose Whitaker shows her spirit at 7:30 in the morning. Enise Roberts holds a position. Bandf 185 'i- Jacket Jazz Starts ut on Right Foot The Jacket Jazz proudly brought a new dimension to foot- ball games, pep rallies, and other student activities. Various dance and march routines were per- formed by the twenty-four enthu- siastic members during football games this year. Precision routines were devel- oped during summer camp and polished with many hours of practice. Miss Barbara Taylor was the sponsor for the newly formed group, and leadership for the routines was provided by Captain Melissa Sheppard and Co-Captain Tammy Farris. Jacket Jazz Sponsor: Miss Barbara Taylor 1980-81 JACKET JAZZ: FRONT ROW: Gigi Dacus, Laura Furniss, Tammy Farris, Melissa Sheppard, Lisa Childres, Chris Silva. SECOND ROW: Caroline Hernandez, Kristi Brittingham, Judy Kirkpatrick, Tracy Absalom, Yolanda Garcia, Sherri San- ders. BACK ROW: Jennifer Nelson, Tina Evans, Kay Yeager, Mimi Rogers, Debbie Elmore, Debbie Law, Elizabeth Brock, Shelly Graham. 186 f Jacket Jazz ACKET JAZZ OFFICERS: Debbie Elmore, Judy Kirkpatrick, Lisa Childres, Tammy Farris, Melissa Sheppard, Laura Furniss, Eigi Dacus, Chris Silva, Mimi Rogers. Dede Mayhan, Managerg Becky South, Music Coordinator. The Jacket Jazz high kicks its way into the hearts of Heights. Jacket Jazzf 187 Orchestra Competesin Corpus Christi This year the Arlington Heights Orchestra attended the Buccaneer Festival in Corpus Christi. They also competed in U.I.L. and provided the accom- paniment for the school musical. The orchestra, conducted by Mr. Paul Smith, consisted of eleven members in the 1980-1981 school year. I at ' by ff A-Xi 1 x 1 Kr K is I it Y ,.. 2 jj- Conductor: Mr. Paul Smith ORCHESTRA OFFICERS: Librarian, Lori Haireg Secretary, Tina Hames, Pre: dent, Edmond Joeg Vice-President, Michael Johnson. ORCHESTRA: FRONT ROW: Stanley Joe, Michael Johnson, Jodie Jarratt, Rose Whitaker, Vivian Vargas, Edmond Joe, Tir Hames, Cindy Whitaker. BACK ROW: Jason Jarratt, Robert Spencer, Lori Haire. 188 f Orchestra S aintains Scholastic Superiority The National Honor Society, sponsored by Mrs. Marilyn Bettes and Mr. Arch Van Meter, once again boasted of academic excellence. Each member, being a junior or a senior, had to main- tain a 3.5 grade point average with no grade below a C and an E average in citizenship with no grade below an S. The Society sponsored the annual Blood Drive again this year in association with the Car- ter Blood Center and sold nachos during Howdy Week festivities at National Honor Society Sponsors: Mrs. Marilyn Bettes and Mr. Arch Van Meter. Camp Carter, 1-12 S 7 .H.S.: FRONT ROW: Trace Worrell, Vice-President, Hilairy Butler, Junior Representative, Mary Kathryn Stone, Treasurer, iriam Goodwin, President, Kathy Baldwin, Secretary. SECOND ROW: Jeanne Puelma, Darla Thornton, Mandy Barner, Claudia Joper, Edmond Joe, Alan Maples, Ed Tomme, Timothy McDaniel, Lisa Maddux, Melanie Deyo, Helen Stepp. THIRD ROW: iura Hartman, Laura Otis, Nan Horton, Susan Burns, Melissa Allen, Suzanne Cox, Susan Brents, Beth Bohon, Barbie Moore, iuri Rapp. FOURTH ROW: Tina Hames, Tim Doyle, Scott Summers, Michael Johnson, Tracey Anderson, Laura Furniss, Claire orneffer, Susan Street, Paula Branshaw, Donna Stuart, Mary Goodwin, Sherill Curtis, Robin Burns. BACK ROW: Ted Trahan, hris Bertram, Jim Wood, Jeff Uecker, Tres Morris, Becky Powell, Christine Laureyns, Randy Slovacek, Todd Kibler, Tom Tra- ln, Laura Bilderback, Wendy Cochrane, Lisa Wilson. National Honor Society f 189 Whiz Kids AHHS Whiz Kids, under the leadership of sponsor Mrs. Dee Brown and Captain Steve Cook, competed in many contests against schools in the area. The members, including Chris Ber- tram, Tim Doyle, Tom Trahan, Laura Bilderback, Tracy Ward, Carl Palladino, and mascot Charles Clark, fought hard in each competition. In their first competition this year, the Heights Whiz Kids defeated R.C. Turner by a score of 220-115, with high-scorer and captain Steve Cook leading the team. Their next opponent was Trinity Christian. Compete With Intelligence Sponsor: Mrs. Dee Brown Captain: Steve Cook f""".g.,.,.. 1 fi W WHIZ KIDS: FRONT ROW: Tom Trahan, Steve Cook, Tracy Ward, Carl Palladino, Tim Doyle, Chris Bertram. BACK Mascot Charles Clark, Sponsor Mrs. Dee Brown, Laura Bilderback. 190 f Whiz Kids UIL Competition Highlights Choir's Activities l fl. CHORUS OFFICERS: FRONT ROW: President, Dana Pitts. SECOND ROW: Soprano Section Leader, Rhonda Oliver, Vice-President, Randy Slovacek. BACK ROW: Tenor Section Leader, Steve Cragerg Alto Section Leader, Laura Robinson, Secretary, Randy Rogers. U.I.L. Choir Competition and All-City Competition were only two of the many activities which highlighted the Arlington Heights Chorus' year. Several members also took part in solo contests, including U.I.L. and All-City Solo. Mrs. Donna Nor- ton directed the choir in its various endeavors and produced the choir's Spring Concert for the student body. Chorus Director Mrs. Donna Norton .,t.. ,. M- - W! nl . . .... L Q A 4 ARLINGTON HEIGHTS CHORUS: FRONT ROW: Dana Pitts, Curt Daniels, Rhonda Oliver, Cindy Williams, Robby Reel, Greg McGowan, Lutricia Werland, Shannon Rylander, Steven Shrull, Jimmy Strauss, Paige Brennan. SECOND ROW: Edith Goodson, Valerie Taylor, Yolanda Hammons, Jim Ward, Charles Clark, Chris Clinch, Greg Bell, Steve Crager, Charles Migot, Sharon Shosid, Paula Robinson. BACK ROW: Randy Rogers, Randy Slovacek, Tammy Hodges, Ricky Fernandez, Ricky Jer- nigan, Richard Prim, Alec Hardy, Mike McMurtray, Terry Koontz, Laura Robinson, Chris Dickinson, Lonnie Phipps. Choirf 191 Spirit of the Hill Supports Jacket Athletics Supporting Jacket athletics and backing the cheerleaders at games and pep rallies were among the main purposes of Spirit ofthe Hill. Activities included painting signs for pep rallies, selling links for the spirit chain, and assisting at registration. Spirit of the Hill consists of twelve Freshmen, Sixteen Sophomores, twenty Juniors, and twenty-four Seniors, making a total of seventy-two members. The sponsors are Mr. Vega and Mr. Greer. S.O.H. Officerst Treasurer, Jerry LeBusg President, Mike Burnsg Secretary, Margaret Dozierg President, Missy Pyeatg Sergeant at Arms, Reginald Bridges. S.O.H. Sponsor: Mr. David Greer S.O.H. Sponsor: Mr. Ramon Vega 192 f Spirit ofthe Hill ,,,,,,'N N. 69 ,V C B 'vi ::gQl:g:: Q E K X r is X x x S w Q is Sl 5 A . 5:0 Senior Chairperson: Truce Worrell Junior Chairperson: Tres Morris .'-, I 1 i Q ll' 3 fs.-73a.3h . 5 s 'Q 'Q M,,rz:fLh-if L Z" .5 ' .., 42 H. ff., fy' V. Sophomore Chairperson: Brad Baker Freshman Chuirpersons: Pcppi Knox and Charles Munn Spirit ol the Hill If 193 I fi 5 'ew 'Va-. SENIOR SPIRIT OF THE HILL: FRONT ROW: Missy Pyeat, Mike Burns, Kim Burns, Margaret Dozier, Rosalyn Amie, Sophie Chaumont, Terri Wagner, Constance Norris, Baird Strode, Kitty O'Grady. Holly Hodgkins, Carol Morales, Noe Vera, Trace Wor- rell. BACK ROW: Jerry LeBus, Trina Bright, Brad I-'ry, Rusty Jones, David Burke, Greg Graham, Alan Maples. JUNIOR SPIRIT OF THE HILL: FRONT ROW: Marji Arnold, Darla Bentley, Lisa Simeno, Leigh Kauffman, Jennifer Moore Diane Roberts, Anna Clinkseale, Laura Otis, Mary Keffer, Rhonda Stepp. BACK ROW: Warren White, Duke Chairez, Tim Hen- son, Ronnie Deyo, ,Joey Galindo, Tres Morris, Troy Rynd, Jeff Ueker, Kirk McMinn, Robert Dozier. 194 I spirit ofthe Hill 1 , I ax-1 1 ... L: SOPHOMORE SPIRIT OF THE HILL: FRONT ROW: Clement DeLaCruz, Patti Franke, Kristy Fatheree, Amy Gardner, Amy Goldsmith, Laurie Gardner, Brad Baker. BACK ROW: John Whitaker, Shawn Smith, Joe Driskill, Hal Brown, Chris Lewis, Jeff Davis, Mitchell Nelson. FRESHMEN SPIRIT OF THE HILL: Bret Keeton, Catherine Courtney, Charles Mann, Leslie Collier, Gary DeHart, Mary Lozaano, Jimmy Snyder, Susan Cowley, Carlos Mendoza, Missy Hendrix, Tim Crawford. Spirit of the Hill f 195 Latin Club Revives Ancient Roman Language I I Latin club sponsor Larry Barnes encouraged the club to participate in International Day this year. Dressed in Togas, the Latin club served Pizza at their booth. During class, the members studied ancient Roman customs and learn the now unspoken lan- guage. The students also studied ,,,,,,,,.....- about the art and architecture of A the Romans. :Vina Mr. Larry Barnes the Latin sponsor. Latin Club Board: Trace Worrell, Greg Powers, Brent Morford, Lisa Wilson. fx! LATIN CLUB: FRONT ROW: Leigh Kauffman, Rhonda Stepp, Robert Dozier, Missy Pyeatt, Margret Dozier, Kim Basham, Heather Livingston, Laura Maxwell, Ashley Collett, Mary Kathryn Stone, Brent Morford, Trace Worrell, Lisa Wilson. SECOND ROW: Ed Tomme, Anna Clinkscale, Mellany Barnes, Melissa Allen, Suzanne Cox, Muffy Hodges, Laurie Rapp, Gary Dehart. Matt Carroll, Mark Stubbeman, Dusty Filmore, Jody Foster. THIRD ROW: Kelly Rogers, Platt Allen, Sherri Cochrane, Susan Petit. Lisa Siineno, Stacy Hendrickson, Jody Jarrat, Stephanie Basham, Courtney Cranz, Pam Mooney, Eric Keo, Cara Palladino. Jim Rogers, Harry Tomlinson. FOURTH ROW: Richard Butler, Steve Cook, Rhys Hickey, Lance Fuller, David Arbuthnot, Troy Rynd, Richard Dodson, Holly Hodgskins, Robby Spence, Jerry Lebus, Mark Carroll, Robert Lake, Anthony Rogers, Tres Morris. Houston Morlord, Roger Croft, Richard Sanders, Tracie Walner, David Nunn, Kathy Craft, Shannon Maudy. James Lancaster, Jay Holt, Tracy Ward. l96 f Latin Club Spanish Club Brings Nachos and Cokes to Hill Miss Helen Hale was the spon- sor of this year's Spanish Club. Club officers for 1981 were: Pres- ident A Wendy Cochrane, Ser- geant at Arms - Alan Maples, Treasurer A Amanda Hill, and Secretary 7 Christy Britting- ham. The officers along with the club members participated in International Day by serving Nachos, Cokes and flowers. The Spanish Club celebrated Christ- mas by having a special Mexican ,s , . : - dinner. ,,, p To raise money for Spring p 7 activities, the Spanish Club sold posters, key chains, and chocolate Officers: candy bars. Wendy Cochrane, Alan Maples, Amanda Hill, Debbie Law, Christy Brittingham l My Q SPANISH CLUB FRONT ROW: Alan Maples, Amanda Hill, Wendy Cochrane, Debbie Law, Christy Brittingham. SECOND ROW: Elsie Flores, Yolanda Garcia, Carole Morales, Diane Reaves, Jennifer McGrew, Mary Kathryn Stone, Laurie Rapp, Donna Barr. THIRD ROW: Chicako Shinsei, Kathy Morris, Ann Eastman. FOURTH ROW: Jennifer Dominico, Susie Sankari, Craig Deen, Michele Lane. FIFTH ROW: Laurie Davis, Jennifer Cox, Adrienne Cox, Robin Meyer, Pidge Jones, Tammy Farris, Antruane Dunkley, Laura Kelly, Kris Hurtel. SIXTH ROW: Jesse Espinoza, Mary Goodwin, Frank Wolfe, Renee Stone, Stacy Gafford, Joey Galindo, DeeDee Mayhan, Will Waits, Melissa Coker. SEVENTH ROW: Renay Mitchell, Meg Adamski, Kellie Keto, Geoffry Toothe, Jay Dill, Scott Prince, John Anthony, Tony Athans. Clyde Koontz. TOP ROW: Jody Rasmussen, Jimmy Otis, Missy Thorpe, Kate Shirley, William Neal, Johnny Van Aken, Ty Walraven, Scott Tims. Spanishf I97 German Club Makes Money by Selling Gummibears Mrs. Melanie Tate sponsored the German Club in various activities this year. Members competed in the annual Novem- berfest in which metroplex schools contended for awards. Each club member sold Gummi- bears and Toblerones, two types of candy popular in Germany. The German Club celebrated Christmas at a local German food restaurant where they expe- rienced the taste of excellent Ger- man dishes in a truly German atmosphere. German Club Sponsor: Mrs. Melanie Tate nsewwmregw ' ' " -"6-A I j .,.. .... , ..,,,-3,3 l l 3 .lg . My l - -my In t x "H D Fo -Mutt! ali TS' ' Mi-'Lyra-ff' pvlfl fmlii 'ui GERMAN CLUB: FRONT ROW: Mary Ozee, Kathy Doyle, Treasurer Bobby Lewellen, Vice-President Steve Cookg SECOND ROW: harold Cussnick, Beth Bohon, Ronnie Killingsworth, Karl Palmer, President Laura Bilderbackg BACK ROW: Chris Hughes. Tim Doogs, Bryan Boehm, Carl Palladino, Arthur Ayot, Tim Doyle, Secretary Chris Bertram. 198 f OrganizationsfGerman Club French Club Enjoys Eventful and Exciting Year gg.. French Club members began "':""T their many activities this year with the annual Fall Picnic in which various "field day" events were held. A Christmas Dinner was highlighted by authentic French dishes, and later in the year, pastries were prepared and sold at Height's own Interna- tional Day in which each foreign language club sold dishes indige- nous to its particular country. The French Club members also showed their expertise as they competed for trophies in the Fort ,Mfef !? s mmm Worth Language Fair. The club French Club Officers: Helen Stepp, Vice-Presi- Wlahpplid. up tie. lgioglggl ,Ear dent: Beth Bohon, President: Miriam Goodwin, French Club Spongorg Mrs, Wlt t elf tra mona prmg lc' Treasurer, Susan Anderson, Secretary. Gladys Bright nic in the park. ,....,.. :a..1....a...a ,M if g32' liBiWi53 " Q ' Wy. ,,.,fu is a P-we FRENCH CLUB: FRONT ROW: Helen Stepp, Susan Anderson, Miriam Goodwin, Beth Bohon, SECOND ROW: Heather Liv- ingston, Norma Arcipreste, Diana Neaves, Blake Pearce, Karen Shaeffer, Gayle Herr, Terry Valderas, Claire Covaleski, Laura Otis, Susan Sankary, Anne Blanks, Rosie Lukens, Jody Rasmussen, Denise Wentworth, D'Ann Earl, Cara Thornton, Ginger Camp- bell. THIRD ROW: Sidney Curtis, Mary Goodwin, Kathy Baldwin, Joan Kelly, Hilairy Butler, Andrea Payne, Karen Barlow, Lamonica Diacus, Darla Bentley, Kate Shirley, Robin Burns, Martha Pulido, Sarah Jones, Carmen Garcia, Hoang Trang, Renee Baker, Darla Thornton. FOURTH ROW: Bill Jordan, Julie Fry, Sonja Nunn, Paula Branshaw, John Whitaker, Donna Stuart, Chandler Growald, Tony Madormo, Reese Hillard, Laura Holloway, Tannah McGaughy, Carla Sanford, Neal Kibler, Sherri Smith, Edmond Joe, Natalie Rose, Ted Trahan, Denise Boehm, Kelly Morrison, Stephanie Patten, Melinda Dagget, Julie Hale, Stephanie Reynolds, Marji Arnold, Tommy Trahan, Courtney Hill, Claudia Cooper, Marla Tinius, Cecily Stogsdill, Tina Hames. BACK ROW: Jodie Foster, Jim Rogers, Dee Darby, Jerry LeBus, Kim Burns, Brian Meek, Lisa Hopkins, Tiffany Davis, Elizabeth Washburn, Ed Tomme, Nesi Buchanan, Sunny Baker, Clayton Williams, Mike Alread, Brett Wyatt, Mark Mauser, Bonnie Cook, Reginald Bridges, Tracey Anderson, Brad Fry, Elsie Hodges, Julie Plhak, Julie Smith, Sherri Sanders, Mary Barlow. French Club f 199 Drama Club Observes Plays Mrs. Rosemary Burton, speech teacher and sponsor for the Arlington Heights Drama Club, accompanied the club members to several area theatres to take in plays ranging from melodramat- ics to musical comedies. Each member usually received a pre- performance backstage tour. The Drama club also visited other Fort Worth High Schools to see the diversified plays that each school was presenting. Each year the Drama Club selects new officers to schedule the various events. This year the club elected Randy Slovacek as their president and Laura Robin- son as their Vice-President. Renee Baker was chosen as the club's secretary. Drama Club Sponsor: Mrs. Rosemary Burton x Q ARLINGTON HEIGHTS DRAMA CLUB: FRONT ROW: Renee Baker, SECOND ROW: Adrienne Cox Kristen Gardner Denise Wentworth, Laurie Gardner, Jennifer Cox, Gilia Miranda, Kathy Morris, Susan Street, Laura Baumhardt THIRD ROW Amanda Hill, Tammy Cook, Pam Mooney, Sarah Bennett, Diane Roberts, Edris Johnson, Tom Trahang BACK ROW Tom Law Cathy Craft, John Bell, Mike Alread, Debbie Elmore, Sunny Baker, Helen Stepp. 200 f OrganizationsfDrama Club FBLA Prepares Members for the Business World F.B.L.A. Sponsors: Mrs. Morris, Mrs. Szot, Mrs. Clayton f fi' Developing competent, aggres- sive business leadership, encour- aging and practicing efficient money management, and assist- ing students in the establishment of occupational goals are only a few of the many goals of the Future Business Leaders of America. Their activities included work- shops, projects, parties, and con- tests in Grand Prairie, Houston, and Chicago. This year's sponsors were Mrs. Clayton, Mrs. Morris, and Mrs. Szot. - ..- un .T . I I y C . M, '91 1--I . iaigsirsfist-af, Mi 'II Q , 1' gg- 70 Sv li Qc, ' Ca I It it F.B.L.A.: FRONT ROW: Debbie Beavers, Gina Sayles, Gina Williams, Parliamentarian Yolanda Garcia, Corresponding Treasurer Caryn Thach, Vanessa Powell, Carol Morales. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Swales, Secretary Caroline Hernandez, Lisa Shaffer. Emily Noriega, Dana Paul. THIRD ROW: Vice President Bertha Gomez, Edith Cardenas. Angela Dickerson, Doreen Watson, Marv Carrizales. Mistv Walton, BACK ROW: .lane Snyder, Cheryl Mauser, Martha Lopez, Kelly Gallagher, Deannette Phar- makis. Carmen Segarra. President Judy l.eBlane. FBLA fvoi Art Club This year, members ofthe Art Club participated in several dif- ferent activities which broadened their cultural knowledge. Among these activities were a dinner and a photography show at the Amon Carter Museum. Students also viewed the Great Bronze Age of China exhibit at the Kimbell Museum, and entered their art- work at the Fort Worth Secon- dary Schools Art Show. The Art Club sponsor was Mrs. Mary Parham. The officers were Susan Brents, president, Darla Thorn- ton, vice-president, and Mary Pearce, secretary. Displays Creativity and Talent ART CLUB OFFICERS: Darla Thornton, Susan Brents, Mary Pearce. 1 ,, . ,, g -af' ART CLUB: FRONT ROW: Lisa Thompson, Renee Hoard, Diane SECOND ROW: Blake Pearce, Angie Lyons, Khanh Le, Susan Brents. .J - Donahue. Mary Pearce. .lenifer Jones. Darla Thornton Pam Mooney. Laura Lake. Cindy Smith. THIRD ROW Anna Contreras, Kristy Richardson, John Christie, Nancy Rivera. Cheri Smith. lilyn llonts. Martha Palmer. BACK ROW: David Arbuthnot. Paul llubenak. Cynthia Lee, Becky Sanchez, Sunny Baker. Cathy Craft, Vivian Vargas. ' Xrt Club s RODEO CLUB OFFICERS: Chuck Bettencourt. Sergeant-at-Arms: Kristy Richardson. Treasurer: Shannon Moudy, Vice-President: John Kendall, President. Heights Works To Maintain Western Spirit In addition to planning a Rodeo Club "Kicker,' Dance in the spring, the club members also planned a Ranch Day program for the student body, Beard- growing contests, pie-eating con- tests, and the election of Ranch King and Queen were the main events of the February 6 ex- travaganza. New to the Rodeo Club this year were T-shirts. Each member purchased a Rodeo Club T-shirt to show in- terest and enthusiasm in being a "cowboy" ..z.u ISE EVFH H QQYE EXE! eww iii' "' ifftiziiwiia llsiig RODEO CLUB: FRONT ROW: Chuck Bettencourt, Shannon Moudy, Kristy Richardson. John Kendall. SECOND ROW: Clarence Brightman, Paige Strong, Sherry Roberson, Valerie Jackson, Theresa Guidry, Kim Bilheimer, Cindy Johnson, Debbie Smith. Anna Long. Bill Brennan. Roger Carranza. Michele Barefield. BACK ROW: Mary Ann Dubrowski. Gary Barber. Richard Iohnson, Dawn Rogers. Gary Wagner. Eddie Gooden. Melissa Jones. Johnny Gerhart. Richard Prim. Scotty Brentz, Todd Vinson. Pam Stewart. Steve Palmer. Rodcocnubf vos Math Club Continues Area Competition Math Club members could be seen arriving each Thursday morning at 7:30. Sponsors Mrs. Kathryn Daniel and Mr. Stephen Walker prepared the members for competition with area high schools. Number Sense was the main objective with the Math Club again this year. 1-K Mr. Stephen Walker, sponsor Mrs. Kathryn Daniel sponsor Nm' MATH CLUB OFFICERS: Muffy Hodges, Secretary, Edmond Joe, President, Alan Maples, Vice-President ...l MATH CLUB: FRONT ROW: Wendy Cochrane, Tami Cook, Pam Mooney, Robin Burns, Debbie Law. BACK ROW Hodges, Cathy Craft, Edmond Joe, Alan Maples, Ronnie Killingsworth. 204 f Math Club 'C' Ebony Voices Perform During Black History Week Mr. Anderson, Mrs. Collins, Miss Hale, Mrs. Marsh, Mrs. Miller, Miss Taylor, and Mrs. Willingham devoted their time and effort in preparing the Ebony Voices for a program presented during Black History Week February 15-21. Ebony Voices practiced after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays and before school on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The sponsors also planned a trip to SECOND ROW: Debra Burke, Secretaryg Sheryl Shackleford, Vice-President. the Martin Luther King Center BACK ROW: Noah Henderson, Sergeant-at-Arms. in Dallas. EBONY VOICES OFFICERS: FRONT ROW: Constance Norris, President. EBONY VOICES: FRONT ROW: Vanessa Powell, Missy Woolen, Debra Burke, Sheryl Shackleford, Brigette Jacobs, Constance slorris. SECOND ROW: Valerie Taylor, Tokea Hobbs, Edris Johnson, Debra Ware, Michelle Butler, Cathy Bostic. THIRD lOW: Terri Reed, Sharon Palmer, Nyoka Harrison, Sharon Alexander, Doreen Watson, Tracey Williams. FOURTH ROW: Judy ones, Cindy Whitaker, Peggy Strong, Angela Love, Melissa Shippard, Mary Amie, Clara Kirby. BACK ROW: Calvin Stanton, flarcus Board, John Manning, Noah Henderson. Victor Tucker, Charles Clark. Ebony Voicesf 205 Service Projects Are Top Priorities of H.E.C.E. Members of the H.E.C.E. club leave school in the afternoon to wrok in home economics related f jobs. They were also involved in various activities through the year. One activity of the Home Economics Cooperative educa- tion club was providing toys and games for Saint Teresa's as a charity project. They also par- ticipate in an annual employee- employer breakfast. Sponsor of the 1981 H.E.C.E. club was Mrs. Lois Gibbs. The officers were Donna Barr, Melisa Carpenter, Lisa Howell, Clarence Williams, and Sammy Ayala. H.E.C.E. Sponsor for 1981: Mrs. Lois Gibbs . o Members of the Home Economics Cooperative Education Club: Front Row: Darryl Haywood, Becky Powell, Mary Ann Corbitt Kris Shrestha, Donna Bari, Mary Valasquez. Second Row: Susan Street, Paul VanVlek, Robert Burn, Melissa Carpenter, Barney Barron, Lisa Howell, Sammy Ayala, John Hill. Back Row: Greg Reser, Clarence Willaims, Kenneth Clark, Venus King, Mrs Gibbs, Curtis Alexander, Leigh Anne Jerden, Paul VanVleck. 206 1 H.E.C.E. ' - G Y J .R.O.T.C. Focuses on Military Training IROTC STAFF: FRONT ROW: Neil Dubrowski, Sharon Shosid, Kirk Daniels, Kel- y Helcroft, Chuck Bettencourt. SECOND ROW: Glenda Welch, Angela Dickinson, Mona Washington, Deborah Taylor, Paul Hopkins, Joanne Migot, Manuel Ramos r-Q .4 All City Cadet Colonel- Neil Dubrowski Teaching respect for authori- ty, discipline, self-respect, and patriotism, the Arlington Heights JROTC led by Major Glen Glass and Master Sergeant William Baker, learned marksmanship, field tactics, and basic military policies. This year Neil Dubrowski was honored with the rank of Cadet Colonel with command over all the stu- dent JROTC in Ft. Worth. Major Glen Glass Master Sergeant William Baker J.R.o T C fzov ll WEEE FIRST PLATOON. FRONT ROW: Danny Gilliam, Raul Garcia, Doug Shader. Clarance Williams. SECOND ROW: Victo Sandoval. Rhonda Humphries, Kim Dickinson, Kathy Raymond. THIRD ROW: Dan McGill. Marie Fisher. Sonya William: Michelle Butler, Holly Barron, Thomas Tracy, Roger Faucett, James O'NeiIl. A. -aka. R 3 f'ii?t X 'htel WW? 'iii - " 7- - 4,1 Li' : ' -5' N' .. an SECOND PLATOON: FRONT ROW: Mark Prewitt, Robert Hill. Deborah Jackson. SECOND ROW: Cynthia Platt, Jacl- Dow. Cynthia Lee. Daniel Ashley. BACK ROW: Clayton Hayes. Victor Hill. Darrell Nolan. Olivia Russell 208 ,f J.R.O.T.C. is ahotalsunwqw. for -W avwfmlird Wm Z Wm Fi? 45 if T ,Ji ' f Uv'-'AM , zu' ' f- 4 , f THIRD PLATOON: FRIST ROW: Bruce Roberson. SECOND ROW: Ed Rychlowski. Larry Cox. Charles Nligol. THIRD ROW: Ella Jackson. Tamula McGowan. Shirley Essex. Cynthia Kccton, Marilyn Boll 'F' 1' A .J I F' ' . wi ' - ,, v v I, H' I - f, ,c,.ffzM4 M- ,fa ' 4l'fyv -1 f 1. ,. A, . ,S f, , A , T 4' pm., r. M , , cfui. u " fa- bg 1 wi' 1, J, 4 f' ,J ky" . ,' . 2 FOURTH PLATOON: FIRST ROW: Clara Kirby, James Strauss. Scott Hill. lisa Jacobs. Rhonda Jackson. Kennedy Fcrrcll. David Clark. SECOND ROW: William Ford. Val Valassis. Derrick livans. Victor Yalcriano .l,R.O.T.C 2 I.C.T. Provides Off Campus Jobs for Heightsters Industrial Cooperative Training is a program available to junior and senior students desiring to attend school, leave campus early, and go to work. This year's activities included an employee-employer dinner which consisted of brisket, baked beans, and rolls. The I.C.T. club also made identification cards for Monnig Middle School. Sponsoring this year's I.C.T. club was Mr. William Kamenitsa. In order to be eligible to participate in the I.C.T. club, it was necessary for the students to arrange their schedules in order to take major classes during periods one through three. The I.C.T. 'sponsor was Mr. William Kamenitsa I.C.T. club: Front row: Kevin Lamin, Scott Thistle, Wendy Faulk, Julie Phlak, Dale Orgain, Brian Webb, Second row Larry Ladc Teddy Keoghlin, Mike Malley, James Kiem, Mark Lindsay. Back row: Scott Bretts, Raymon Wright, Sidney Curtis Jeff Schafe Barry White, Mark Down, Randy McGuire. NOX I C T. Home Ee Clubs on the Hill: F.H.A. and P.E.L.E. F.H.A. Club: Front Row: Teresa Abbs, Roslyn Amie, Terry McAdams, Terri Wagner, Susan Brents, Mary Ray, Leigh Jerden. Second Row: Christine Nelms, Leatha Wilson, Brenetta Woolen, Bridgette Jacobs, Cecilia Lee, Sonja Williams. Back Row: Ricky Lang, Jessie Davis, Diana Owens, Terry Little, Denise Taylor, Dana Turner, Kate Shirley, Cheryl White, Marji Arnold, Leslie Ferguson, Teresa Brynterson, Lisa Shaffer, Kim Keto. P.E.L.E. Club: Front Row: Michelle Barefield, Dawn Holeroft, Toni Ray, Carla List, Cindy Purcell, Miss Shorkey. Second Row: Sonya Bright, Terry Strokes, DeAnne Berry, Jennie Saxon, Gayle Ferguson, Teresa Rodriguez, Velina Rodriguez. Back Row: April Walton, Dodd Rinker, Mimi Rogers, Barbara Roundtree, Cami Larson, Karen Slavik. FHA and P.E.L.E. f Zll D.E.C.A. Offers Occupational Opportunities Distributive Education students took part in many ac- tivities this year. The main con- cern for D.E.C.A. during the 1981 school year was to sponsor a program for the sophomore and junior classes. The assembly ac- quainted the students with the D.E.C.A. club, and the schedule required in order to leave after third period to work. In addition to the program, D.E.C.A. members also par- ticipated in an employee- employer breakfast, as well as providing apples for the faculty at A.H.H.S. The club was spon- sored by Mrs. Jackie Frazier. ' ' Q' ' .N .LN w D.E.C.A. Club sponsor for 1981 was Mrs. Jackie Frazier D.E.C.A. Club: Front Row: Linda Whipple, Lisa Childers, Diana Rivera, Robert Ramer, Jeanne Puelma, Dianna Vera Michele Jallek, Debbie Pierce, Derrick Bramlet, Kenneth Kennedy, Stepanie Hunnicut, DeAnne France. Back Row: Mrs Frazier Noe Vera, Brad Fry, Richard Lozano, Tray Watt, Tony Walden, Kris Tate, Greg Graham, Gary Grannon, Todd Vincent Joe Absalon Mark Hughes. 2l2fDEC.A. Secretar1alSk1lls Prove Profitable in O.E.A. The Office Education Associa- tion club worked on secretarial skills and learned to operate various office machines. After third period, the students left school to work at secretarial jobs. The O.E.A. sponsor for 1981 was Mrs. Juanita Hamrick. On February 27th, the O.E.A. club, along with the other Ft. Worth public schools, attended an Office Skills Competition at Tarrant County Junior College. Competition was held in many different areas. Accounting, Typing, and Proof-Reading, were just a few of these areas. This years officers were: Presi- dent - Nikki Alexander, Historian - Carmon Seggara, Treasurer - Lisa Booker. E A Front Row Claudia Cooper Mary Carrrzales Felicia Carter Parzetta Henderson Addester Williams. Second Row: Gina Rhonda Burns Cathy Bostick Debra Taylor Sequita Frazier Third Row Historian - Carmon Segzrra, President- nder Malai Rourke Treasurer Lisa Booker Angela Dickenson Back Row: Mrs. Hamrick, Tonya Brazil, Jamie O.EA f213 Annual Staff Does It Again After working diligently dur- ing the year, the annual staff put out yet another anthology of the 1980-81 school year. The staff, led by Trace Worrell, put in extra hours to make sure that the stu- dent body had an annual that they could be proud of. Sponsor- ing for the annual was provided by Mr. Larry Barnes who insti- gated a change of scenery for the YJ staff. A three room complex, consisting of a publications office, annual room, and a highly advanced darkroom was canni- balized from the old library. 'WI '1- Organizations: Darla Bentley, Ginger Woodruff, Helen Stepp, and Steve Wolf Editor: Trace Worrell. f 'Q Sponsor: Mr. Larry Barnes. 214 f Annual Staff Photographers: Claudia Cooper, Bill Jordan, Edmond Joe. -I il' I 5. 17' ""K.., Sports: Alan Maples, Melissa Allen, Richard Sanders. l Activities: Laura Furniss and Ed Tomme. .aa qu fs-it Laura Hartman and Susan Brents. Personalities: Tres Morris, Mary Kathryn Stone. Aaron Aardvark winds up another year on staff. Annual Staff! 215 a 1 sl!! 'J H' 1 A Q J . I X as if v WWW WWWWWWW 216 W Aff?- W M nm alum Ai m 'qw Wim? waxy W xf ff ,QE Www? BV W if 6 ,J ff 4 f efw WWW Nw WW R Wm Nw WW WW Wm ww W W W W X , ' - ,w , KX., .vw-, , xx U: . - ' 15.2-fl 4 vi if-Qfffiivwf ,, , YA Q ' -K w - ' 1 7 wif '-' 'fB, 9 " ' ,. -, ,, fm :Q X , - - 5513: .41-S14-gzgzfwxr 3, Q55 X. -N If wsf,,g7 , ,,i,g'!Xf N k 1 Q , .. 1. 4 Q Q S :QA 4 f" , - 'fupfnffg ' , . Nifw.-f,,15:: ,S ,uri 5. , fi f - . 1 ' ,, A 1 - Rf ' Q pf ff , , X . w F - -A '- ,, I-1 4- .. . ,A wp N' - -mx .4 1 N , . , 2 , ,4,: - o . ,K , Q "Q A, , I fa ,, , fav, , , ,f , f :,'1:5Mb:3x IZN :Z f ' , , S 1 Q ,a 'G fi' f , I Q ' , ,Q , , if iii , I Q Q . g s' N 7 . , i 1 X -Q ' u jx xiii ui X W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W Mental Errors Plague Jackets Early in Season The Arlington Heights Yellow Jackets started of the 1980 sea- son against the Arlington Colts. The game turned into a lopsided affair with the Colts outscoring the Jackets 35-14. The artificial surface at Spra- gue Field was the site of the sec- ond pre-season contest for Heights. Inexperience was evi- dent on both teams as the Dallas Carter Cowboys and the Jackets littered the field with turnovers. The Cowboys' defense proved stronger, corralling Heights run- ning backs to just 56 yards rush- ing and no points, while the Jacket defense gave up 250 rush- ing yards and 21 points. To help build momentum for the regular season, the Yellow Jackets next sought a victory over Arlington Sam Houston, but the Texans acquired an insurmounta- ble 28-3 lead in the 4th quarter. This was cut to 28-10 after a Blake Franke aerial to Clayton Williams for a TD. Coming out of a disappointing preseason, Heights rallied against the Trimble Tech Bull- dogs with TD runs by Reginald Bridges, Leslie Ferguson, and Craig Holmes and a 33 yard interception return by Bridges for a final tally of 28-0. Heights drove 64 yards in 14 plays enroute to a 14-0 crushing of the Western Hills Cougars. A 34 yard pass from Franke to Jay Searcy which carried to the 5 set up Bridges' drive through right guard for the TD. The Jacket defense gave another outstanding performance by shutting out their opponent for the second week in a row and accounting for one of two Heights TDs when Kenny Williams recovered a fumble in the end zone. 218 f Football v 4 .,,,mv 8 - WU' H' I I1 an 1 ,ut In f A H. v :fiona ... . . 3 f 104.1 J I g J 5 1 f 'Will K " ' J , .eg A K 1,4 J, ,, M In nf 'fa 'U W F' 0 4 'F t. ti , 1' 'Q' -my I v . 1 Robert Courtney, with the aid of James Wells, stops the ball carrier for no gain sm 'ff N M.. ,.-Mali Reginald Bridges streaks down the right sideline for six points. Blake Franke launches a long pass behind the blocking Of guard Alan Maples. David Burke and Andre McDaniel take a welcome break between possessions. l t . l l f E 2 s t 1 4, L ' " ' N L i Ei ' t Ft , 5 . ' ff . Q f N .4 .xiii Q at 'fl if 9 1? q A pi k 1980 VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM: Front Row: Jack Estes, Thomas Jacobs, Chris Herr, Leslie Ferguson, Ronny Deyo, Doug Jennings, Mike Burns, Buddy Alexander, Alan Maples, Clyde Koontz, Steve Moody. SECOND ROW: James Wells, Greg Powell, Blake Franke, Bill Cranz, Robert Courtney, James Owens, Brett Wyatt, Eric Franklin, Bob White, Andre McDaniel, Nick Jay, Harold Guimarion. THIRD ROW: Gary Wells, Brad Baker, Craig Holmes, Brent Morford, Reginald Bridges, Bubba Chapman, Robert Gauntt, Scott Dike, John Varner, Kenny Williams, Jeff Shaffer. BACK ROW: Greg Graham, Joe Self, Calyton Williams Robert Dozier, Jay Searcy, Jim Wood, Rusty Jones, Jay Bell, Dale Watson, Mike Malone, Aldrich Bailey. Football f 219 Official's After a hard fought four quarters against O.D. Wyatt, the mighty Yellow Jackets found themselves behind l3-6 with less than three minutes left to play. Quarterback Blake Franke, starting at his own ten yard line, began a ninety yard drive by hitting receivers Clayton Williams for ten yards, Jay Searcy for fourteen, and Mike Burns with passes for eleven, nine, and twenty-eight yards to take the Jackets down to the Chapparal one. Then, after an apparent score on a quarterback sneak, Heights again drove across the goal line, but the referee indicated no score, much to the dismay of fans, and players alike. Following this hard-to-swallow defeat, the Yellow Jackets had to prepare for the Paschal Panthers. An Eric Franklin extra point after a Les Ferguson touchdown was the only difference between winning and losing in Heights' 7-6 victory. The Dunbar Wildcats gave Heights its second district defeat to the tune of 13-3. This loss destroyed the Jackets, hope for a district title. With two games yet to play, the season was far from over for the Yellow Jackets. The next team to fall before the Heights Steamroller was Eastern Hills. The Highlanders remained scoreless, while the Jackets were able to garner twenty-three points. The 1980 season ended on a high note with the Arlington Heights defeat of the Southwest Rebels 22-3. The first half closed with the score tied 3-3. The Jackets came on in the third quarter to score on runs of five and ninety-five yards by Reginald Bridges and a thirty-six yard touchdown pass from Blake Franke to Jay Searcy. The Yellow Jackets finished the season with a 5-5 record. '30 ,f Football Call Takes Jackets by Surprise 555525 Mike Burns flies down the field on another perfectly executed pass rout , Jim Wood and Robert Courtney stop a Rebel running back for no gain 0 1980 Varsity Football Season Record AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS Arlington Dallas Carter Arlington Sam Houston Trimble Tech AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS O. D. Wyatt Paschal Dunbar Eastern Hills Southwest .f-Q' James Wells 14 14 O 21 10 28 28 0 AHHS 14 Western Hills 0 6 I3 7 6 3 13 23 0 22 3 Q 4... sii s"l"'f Y 1 ,A , W, ff' goes across the bow with a Rebel running back. x..4 I Y Lien- U ,V . Q' fi' .sn Ii' f .- , a, - ' P f- u ,.?.4,q..1,Qt V, 3 .-or F M 3 far is A A . we ,f-' as 64 ww ' 4 Q M we Wwgextw g at we s .gp A 5 Q T W 'M Running back Craig Holmes fakes the socks off an Eastern Thomas Jacobs breaks up a long pass against Southwest. Hills defender OH hiS Way for 21 big gain. Football! 221 J .V. Displays High Spirits The Arlington Heights Junior Varsity started off the 1980 sea- son with high hopes of making it through the year as a winning team. Unfortunately the year began with a loss and was sadly followed by eight more. However, the mighty Jackets came back at the end of the season with a win AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS Arlington Weatherford Sam Houston Trimble Tech Western Hills O D Wyatt Paschal Dunbar Eastern Hills Southwest over the Southwest Rebels 20-13. The J.V. was provided with instruction and encouragement by Coaches Jimmy Jenkins and 1980 Junior Varsity Football Season Record 12 ' 13 12 6 . 14 ' 6 . . 12 7 6 . 20 Larry Waters. Q ' A 1980 JUNIOR VARSITY: FRONT ROW: Joe Driskell, Hal Brown, Mark Mauser, Jerome Woolen, Rufus Harris, Tim McDaniel, Kennedy Ferrill, Kyle Risenhoover, Franklin Brock, Chris Lewis, John Bell. BACK ROW: Ray Cox, Ronnie Love, Buddy Willy, Sean Matthews, Ricky McAdoo, Bubba Bryant, Robby Johnson, Mark Moreland, Shawn Smith, Calvin Stanton, Eric Sutton, Pat Burns, Junior Smith. 222 f Junior Varsity Football F rosh Gridsmen Gain Maturity The young Jacket squad, 1980 Freshman Football Season Record coached by Mike Wood and AHHS 6 Weatherford 1, Terry Smith, had a slow start, AHHS 14 Grand prairie 38 but put together three con- AHH5 19 Tfimblg Tech vw secutive wins toward the end of AHHS 14 Western Hills 19 the season for a record of 3-6-O. AHH5 13 O-D.Wy21U 74 The offensive unit was led by AHH5 23 Paschal 14 Darryl Jenkins, David Atkins, AHHS 14 Dunbar . 7 Brett Keeton, with the aid of star AHHS 12 Eastern Hills 8 , AHHS 8 Southwest 16 linemen Alan Houk and John Fanning. The defense, anchored by Alan Houk and David Atkins, held Paschal, Dunbar, and Eastern Hills each to no more than two touchdowns for three strong victories. 5- f 9 A i 1? f Q Em? I at ln" A' "J Q igfi' D -Q , J, a V . get " ' 51 - . i ' , 5, fl. . t .t QSM ,, 55 "T 1980 FRESHMAN TEAM: FRONT ROW: Jim Snyder, Raymond Gonzales, Brett Keeton, Eric Evans,John Fanning, David Atkins, Mike Ayers. SECOND ROW: Steve Salley, Jim Winn, Stephen Seals, Darren Smith, Jim Youngblood, Ben King. THIRD OW: Todd Mullholland, Alan Houk, Jesse Espinoza, Carlos Mendoza, Jim Junker, Danny Wright, Houston Morford. BACK OW: Coach Terry Smith, Frank Wolfe, Val Vallasis, Terry Powell, Kurt Vonhofwegen, Geof Tadda, Darryl Jenkins, Coach Mike Wood. Freshman Football 773 Varsity Cagers Mix Sportsmanship and Skill Agility and stamina were exhibited by Heights, varsity squad this year. Mike Bond, center, and Kenneth Parish, guard, provided leadership for the team made up primarily of Juniors. During the first half of the season, including both pre- season games and tournaments, the team secured a 5-17 record. Johnny Nabors served his second year as head coach of the Varsity Basketball Team. Coach Nabors and the squad had the convenience of a larger, new gym in which to host home games. Q 1 mf 1,- Pit BL, ,f Q V isp, Kenneth Parish leaps for the bucket as Mike Bond and Tres Morris clear the way. ' 5 , iii , , , , 9- , ,f 'a i ,Mn J ?, gg it Q i Q in 1 A ' Y M V' fat! QXUUHIJ' 'mud' W 'Kr' The 1.980-1981 Arlington Heights Varsity Basketball Team: FRONT ROW: Kenneth Parish, Cedric Brooks, Mark Miller, David: Wiggins, Mgr. Charles Darden. BACK ROW: Kevin Leach, John Bell. Tres Morris, Mike Bond, Paul Otte, Chris Hunt, Coach Johnny Nabors. 774 f Varsity Basketball . A Tres Morris goes up for a rebound as Mike Bond looks on. Mike Bond hits from the lane. IB Paul Otte drives for the bucket. Mark Miller shoots for two points. l M K nlmg n JM ,, S Varsity Basketball f 225 226 f J.v. J .V. Roundballers Work to Build Basie Skills Guard Eric Sutton boosted the J.V. team's spirit to unity and a show of good sportsmanship. Although there was a general lack of experience, the team held fast to an up and down season of wins and losses. Starters for the .I.V. team were Byron Barrett, Robert Read, Eric Sutton, Tom Urquhart, and Steve Bond. S' "f'f"""' Tom Urquhart shoots for the hoop. A flying leap and daring shot take Robert Read aloft. The l980f8l Arlington Heights Junior Varsity Basketball Team: FRONT ROW: Ronnie Love, Johnny Shields, Byron Barrett, Ar thony Ross, Darryl Clardy. SECOND ROW: Robert Read, Robert Mitchell, Eric Sutton, Tom Urquhart. BACK ROW: Darre- Washington, Ray Cox, Herman Mosely. Basketball Frosh Cagers Bring Winning Trend to Heights DQS gi ,,Qs-f- .T -Us N Robert Carpenter battles his way to the bucket in the Wyatt game. Starters David Atkins, Dwight Carter, Steve Feldman, Keith Bonner and Robert Carpenter led the Frosh roundbahersto a victorious season, winning six- teen out of twenty-seven games. In lns fnst year of coaching at Heights, Coach Terry Smith en- joyed the talent and height of the young tnayers 'The enthumasni of the frosh for basketballled to awesome competition for the desired fourteen positions on the teani.'The singleness of purpose created the needed unity to pro- ducethernunerousudns ,HH WHS r-HHS The Arlington Heights Freshman Basketball Team: FRONT ROW: Robbie Reel, Byron Larkins, David Atkins, Jesse Davis, Eric King, Trey Quinn. SECOND ROW: James Benson, Troy Briscoe, Dwight Carter, Steve Feldman, John Mitchell. BACK ROW: Eric Evans, Robert Carpenter, Chris Wagnon, James Abbs, and Coach Terry Smith. Freshman Basketball f 727 Jacket Volleyball Team Looks to Future Success Having completed still another exciting year of district competi- tion, the Arlington Heights Vol- leyball Team failed to post a win- ning score. Even though they did not win any games, improvement was readily apparent as the year progressed. Under the guidance of Ms. Mickey Pelley and Mrs. ' Linda Szot, these Heightsters became well-acquainted with both the fundamentals and advanced techniques of volley- ball. With many oustanding 5, players returning, the team has high hopes for next year, which """"'--f- can only be obtained through hard Wofk and dedlcauon' A Becky Powell spikes the ball as Shirl Medford watches. A I 1 1 , , 1980-1981 YELLOW JACKET VOLLEYBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW: Jennifer Cox, Paige Flusche, Anna Contreras, Cindy Avila, Second Row: Mrs. Szot, Christina Nelms, Jerry Walton, Michelle Lane, Patsy Coffee, Ms. Pelley, BACK ROW: LaWanda Lane, Elsa Vargas, Chikako Shinsei, Shirl Medford, Ruth Johnson, Judy Jones, Michelle Dunkley, Sharon Patmore, Becky Powell. 228 ! Volleyball Girls, Basketball Teams Have Encouraging Year sf nal? This year's girls basketball team shows great promise for next season. The team was primarily freshman and sophomore players. Muffy Hodges and Sheryl Shackleford served as senior team captains. Under the supervision of Coach Chacchia, the team had a record of three wins and eight losses in the first half. The second half began January 20. 9 . we r ft , .,., cn fr, :X fb- K E Olivia Russell outruns her opponent on her way to score two more points. "Concentration," thinks Kim Dirks. Vela aw? FRONT ROW: J.V. Team: Bunny Brown, Mary Amie, Cynthia Keeton, Gwen Newsome, Keisha Anderson, Dawn Harrison, Renee Shackleford, Kim Bradley, Laurie Miller, Merle Miller. BACK ROW: Varsity Team: Debbie Jackson, Ella Jackson, Tara Russell, Valerie Johnson, Muffy Hodges, Carolyn Allen, Kim Dirks, Denise Kirkley, Sheryl Shackleford, Christi Tullis, Coach Chacchia. Girls' Basketball f 229 230 f Golf Varsity Golfers Shoot for the Winning Birdies This year's golf team swung T C into action hoping to win the district title. Coach Robert Dix- on entered his team in many prefdistrict tournaments prepar- ing his players for district play. The team played at many of the well known clubs and courses in the area. The team was invited to many tournaments including the Irving Invitational, and the Highland Park Invitational. The boys, team had five top ranked returning players, in- cluding number one and two ranked Mike Dirks and Todd Franks. Coach Dixon is quoted as say- ing that "This was the best team we have had in four years." Using body English, Mike Dirks steers a long putt. me 1981 Varsity Golf Team FRONT ROW - Steve Palmer, Allen Cole, Richard Silva, Scitt fvletealf, John Whitaker, Wes Walker, Richard Butler, David Hart, Mark Anthony, John Anthony. SECOND ROW: Kelly Harris, Dent Laney, Clayton Alexander, Brian Meek, Scott Kneely, Kevin Boyle, Mike Dirks, Mark Stubbeman, Todd Franks, Scott Dike, Craig Kelly. TlllRD ROW: Robert Dixon, Brad Howell, Kurt Howard, Kevin Geldard, Tidd Daniel, Fred llughes. Bob llamam, John Solberg, Ward Mason. .wg it--+3-wt 5. 'K -Y' fx wet . f K.-M I, - x Ox . 5 T . 1 7 A S 5368 . E . W X A' ., K, ,-5. at - ,faq ' , A. K1 4 'kgheig ,. . .t-NM.-5 , ff f--ggwff if f. .N .L 'vt - . ff Q L :f,....,: .4 'Fa .fin 'L,f":f'f 111 ' ,,9v'-Sw +"":1- it f41"f9'f?v't fi vwmss R. .e .aa wear, ,m...1, r -1' , ws, Af-,5 as f T izaiqcyil- gn . sW,,,,.."f'.,-,Q 1:,g.,tv?f f w- X fiag we ix 45:5 . . ..-S' ' ' i 3 I ,' , Hg ir 5 7- 1- t- . O.. 'Q ff f fi.. was-.sms - . 13' -QKTIAY? f f.!j",,,?15Qf ' 1 .'-.1 :Hr-1 ' ' . - lf' - . .firnf ..', ,... , 0' rev' H. ' YJ ' . Todd Franks shows excellent form driving for the green. Scott Heely hits a trap shot hoping to land on the green. T' 3 1981 Girls Varsity Golf Team: FRONT ROW: Missy Haden, Trina Bright, Kim Dirks. SECOND ROW? Coach Robert Dixon, Barbie Moore, Holly Houston, Kitty O'Grady. Q v Golf f 231 Experienced Swimmers Assist Team in Wins The l980-Sl Varsity Swim Team excelled at both swimming and diving. Behind the powerful strokes of three and four year members, the team fared well in Q district competition this year. , Coach Fogelsong put the team through rigorous training exer- cises which helped the tankers' performance. 3 l Coach Don Fogelsong Kelley Peters prepares himself for gruelling backstroke competition. gf LQ Swim Team: FRONT ROW: Anthony Rogers, George Smith, David Lesky, Don Bryant, Kelly Holcroft, Marlinda Marquez, Kin Keto, Tish Croft, Darla Thornton. SECOND ROW: Coach Fogelsong, Chris Willis, Anthony Mancuso, Mike Milligan, Kellj Peterson, Tim Doyle, Lisa Maddox, Reese Hilliard, Troy Tuomey, Kathy Doyle, Penny Jernigan, Manager Verna Young, Manage Sonya Nunn. BACK ROW: Trey Chapman, Rob Delridge, Scott Summers, Greg Willis, Andy Tolsma, Durenda Branch, Wendj Cochrane, Sean Howard, Andrea Pendering, Joyce Hryekewicz, Lisa Anderson. Denise Boehn, Amy Witherwright. 232 f Swimming I Y . Hs .... K K U A K ,A - , w X- - 1 ..., -. . . 5 Mark Bridges performs an intricate dive for the crowd. A masked Andrea Pendering shows off her winning skills. Darla Thorton demonstrates breathing technique as she glides across the water. ..,f:.E-.. - S... , NW Jackie Early prepares for impact after being shot from the circus cannon. Swimming f 233 Season Proves Challenging for Boys Soccer Team This yearls boys soccer team ran a close race for district throughout the season with Southwest and Western Hills. Under the coaching of Merlin Priddy, the team developed a balanced offensive and defensive line up. The offensive attack was led by Mike Burns, Eric Keto, and Randy Milligan. Bob White, Robbie Hogg, and Shawn Smith led the defense. ,. . - ---- ss- , - ' ' , .,....:,,,..t ,:,, '--,,: ., i t Y , - ..... a,,p:,.. Q- --ig .... , , - f s - xl it if 4 , V Q 9 4 :gi 'Y . 0, t A K -PM ti -g-:T rv H-,maj ., V " K . . s- -- ,,,,,,,........... A-M 0.1. , - 9- .. - Jack Powell steals the ball. Eric Keto passes the ball, while Craig Holmes runs toward the goal. FRONT ROW: Randy Milligan, Raymond Gonzales, Robert Reathe, Mike Burns, Stephen Shrell, Eric Keto, Terry McAdams. SECOND ROW: Alan Prince, Larry Waldon, David Jones, Jack Powell, Geoffrey Toothe, Scott Paulsel, Dean Minguis, Gene Perry, Mark Smith. TOP ROW: Trey Bearden, Chris Bertram, Craig Holmes, Bob White, Shawn Smith, Jamie McLain, Cy Sonderer, Alan Crowley, Robbie Hogg, Blake West. 234 f Boys Soccer Girls Kick Off Another Winning Soccer Season Once again, the girls soccer team made their way to another winning season. This is the third year of U.I.L. competition for girls soccer at Arlington Heights. This year,s team has great poten- tial with many junior girls play- ing starting positions. Seniors Nancy McCall and Stephanie Basham led the team in scoring. Defensive player, Margaret Dozier had a successful season at her fullback position. If 5 ' 0 FRONT ROW Mary Keffer Stephanie Basham Margaret Marcus Margaret Dozier Susan Burns. SECOND ROW: Karen laulston Melanie Deyo Teri Wagner Sherri Cochran Allison Barker Becky Sanderson TOP ROW: Dee Darby Bunny Brown, Girls Soccer 235 Heights Cindermen Set District Win As Goal The Arlington Heights Boys' Track Team got off to a quick start by qualifying five boys to participate in the Southwest ln- door Championship Meet at the beginning of the season. The Yellow Jackets trained hard throughout the year and showed much improvement over last year's team. The tracksters did extremely well, considering their relative youth. Standouts for the team included Robbie Spence, Jim Smith, Charles Clark, Lawrence Lane, Richard Dotson, Ashley Parrish, and Carl Paddadino. Richard Dotson charges the pit. 236 f Boy s Track ' , 'lQ-41:rl7Vgi. L ' 4 . .L Ashley Parrish and Lawrence Lane put in many hard laps before the season. ,A . 4 .. ' f " 1 ,J 1 Q 4 f 1 , I J i fl. ' i A' T2 16,222 ammrm"' , ,wif . ,ff 'J , W, .iv 2' .ff ,f ff 'I ff 13 yy ZA 'V ' fl." ff if A A GA. KJ f , Q V! It f .f il, -, 12 ' F if Iggy' 5 +1 f ' Q .T T' t 't Lawrence Lane practices his hurdling techniques during the off-season. Q, .,N.- -'18 N., 5 . New , A we so-HUD-, .Zi ,M Y X ,N N 2- ,-. -Q.. M ,U K We ,rn Ashley Parrish, Lawrence Lane, Carl Palladino, and Robbie Spence break out ofthe blocks in the 220 yard run. helm .xl OYS TRACK TEAM: FRONT ROW: Jim Smith, Charles Clark, Robbie Spence. ACK ROW: Ashley Parrish, Lawrence Lane, Coach Galiga, Carl Palladino, CarlPa1ladin0 faces al-Oundlhepfack, ,ichard Dotson. Boy's Trackf 237 Cinderellas Battle Weather on Way to Victory Rigorous training during long, rough hours through driving rain and overpowering heat have made the girls' track team once again vic- torious. The team was led by Seniors Kathy Baldwin, Roslyn Amie, and Teresa Abbsg other top runners included Juniors Tiffany Davis and Lynne Kemble with May Helen Nelson, a freshman. The girls' track team was coached by Jimmy Jenkins, who supervised at several weekly indoor track meets held in Dallas. Many of the girls proceeded to the finals. Kathy Baldwin takes long strides to make the handoff to Teresa Abbs. Sophomore Christy Boyd has yet to find the track as she runs in the halls. 738 fG1rls' Track 05 0 HQ' """ 3...A . Q58 GIRLS' TRACK TEAM: FRONT ROW: Rosalind Roberts, DeDe Smith, Nef Buchanan, Missy Woolen. SECOND ROW: Tiffany Davis, Kathy Baldwin, Patt Franke, Paula Armstead. Rosalyn Amie. THIRD ROW: Peppi Knox, Lynne Kemblc Lisa Triplet, Laura Snowden, Sherri DeHart, Teresa Abbs. FOURTH ROW: Jenn Giddens, Sharon Stockton, Kathy lgo, Muffy Hodges, Blake Pierce. FIFTH ROW Melissa Coker, Celeste Cummings, Cynthia Bagley. BACK ROW: Alice King, Kath Rayman, Rhonda Humphries. it t. V Q ,A af K S . X .5,. Q sm. . K xx S -muuwfsv - A S, :X,, -h K V ,,.Wf.1 Q x...r . t. as- ' X ' Patty Franke tries earnestly to get Lynne Kemble's attention. Jimmy Jenkins, coach of girl's track, points the way to the fieldhouse. rw-wsvnuln A A ta, kkivk.. N' Kathy Baldwin, alias Incredible Hulk Woman, shows her pumping iron prowess. Girls' Track f 239 Netters Smash Their Way Through District The Arlington Heights tennis team, led by Coach Victor Chac- chia, again proved that they were among the best in the state. The team played in the regional team tournaments, but lost in the semi-final round. Coach Chacchia entered his team in five consecutive tour- naments in preparing for District play in the spring. The team once again attempted to win the district title. The boys' team this year was highlighted by number one and two ranked team players Russel Mitts and Chris Quinn. The girls' team had the honor of having number one and number two ranked players Lauri Rapp and Jennifer McGrew. Qs iquq-54.4-4 ea 4755, its SK KM and Ashley Collett lobs a moonball to an unsuspecting opponent. :ar is 4 -'v 'fwfr'-Q fa ' J u lt's up, up, and away as Jennifer Moore, using her best forehand smash, prepares to psych out her latest victim. 240 f Tennis Z QV" an J, mm Q 55 THHS TENNIS TEAM: FRONT ROW: Ashley Collett, Laurie Montgomery, Martha Brigance, Marion Brumley, Jennifer floore, Jennifer McGrew, Maggie McGrew, Lauri Rapp. SECOND ROW: Steve Prince, John Herrera, David Koehn, Lance 'uller, Darrin White. BACK ROW: Coach Victor Chacchia, Steve Johnson, Chris Quinn, Russell Mitts, Anh Le. f, U my:-1, .ef K,, ,x 55, , Y, .V , .fp ., , K l sv W' Qgglffae, w 3""1,2i2v"f"5ii"'ff"tI' tP,T'4vj1gg-3, L 9:3 .H 5, , - 'Q ',jf.A-2 ag .' 'nfv5'.'X 5 " ,xl XY 'gy ., ' fa, v 'I - . ,Qf .'.,4',3l' ',-1 lei. ,., - .'sg,' 1 ,- f p i' ' E W- QATQF7 J T:'fml?'5""'.' A -Q, M ' , gn , gi '-' ,,'1J' ' A KA, rg-,noun 2 ' 'S .A Q i A ',Y ,,-dig, 'fig' kin K 9 V nw., this W' , , , 1. J, ' -- H ' Ii ' rr. ." 'L ' w w, "n 4 , ' Y, A f nA J Q , 914 6, y EW" : ' ' , : ' i f "5 f J , ,g,, Q, A M W 'w 4. . 'ly Q. s ' f W- ' "M 5 W',1,fMf,2V,,, I W w A, V A , flaw, 5 ,ur 4 1 Vip ' ,, ' - J X ef? f f N in ft ,lf J ' ',:..,+t " 'ftifa , Q gfT,?1vif'2 wrt? ,,-,H .mga . ,ww L we ,, 33.4.-1 ft U ,4 , HM V janv' U Sq., ,M . T,gf4,v1-,Q N NN gui A M A ' , ,wt raw f, 'jf' V r,,, f my ,M f it wwe, ,f . f' ff" Qwmfwxaifmvi' Mil at + ' H f Q- 'Q' - 7 Q 4 gg Q at-t ,A 'fl J We Q M . , ' ' WM KEN .if ""'-MM ,ff " Up 1 5,3 I '- f, ' A . ,,,t ,,,,,,,, 'Iv iff, g,M 5' A ' 1 2 ' M J A f . 5 J Z J , ,Q . t A Y, , A f' V ff 'J flf+r'H1fQg-'gf? if Q 5 6 J J f 4 f J f J ,MQ A J 4 f f 2 MW "?A"3"""W'f-Mff'wWW'- .,....:1squuunn-.. Four-year letterman Russell Mitts hits a smash for a winner. Lauri Rapp rolls a backhand crosscourt for a passing shot. Tennis f 241 Varsity Baseball Team Heads Into District Play The Varsity Baseball team, coached by Larry Wood, hoped to win district this year. Led by returning starters third baseman Jay Searcy and pitcher Robert Gauntt, the varsity headed into district play. This year's team consisted mostly of seniors with a few juniors and sophomores. Preseason games were played with Midlothian and Poly. These games were played on the home field and on the road. The district games were played at Trinity and Clark fields. vw s fffflfw' . . if R- v S .. I it .rrrrrt as .S wi c "" s " 'il "" ., ..' e A sn es A II. -rig WM lit F , ft Uh? - Q wif A Q I ,gf gs- .1719 fws.ef"E+?"' "' . it i s r SW Blake Franke tosses a fast one. Alan Chick pegs it to second. ,QXQXUHIJ ,QXXEHTJ QLXYQ H ry -Qfgxm H ff 1981 VARSITY BASEBALL: FRONT ROW: Gino Mendoza, Rudy Sotelo, Duke Chairez, Jim Rogers, Gary Wells, Alan man. BACK ROW: Coach Larry Wood, Blake Franke, Bill Westerheide, Jay Searcy, Robert Gauntt, Mike Fatheree, Owens, Noah Henderson, Alan Chick. 242 Varsity Baseball ,bw me 4 3'i!,1-'V v ' 5.5 ,N -.L-...I ,rs I N. gf ,iff we A , . ' 'X Q-assi-arifgaff :rs if wfeiigif ,ff K , , w , i, , ggi. 'I+,iQ14A'l- 1 A4 , 'fifig-g,N-,.J,",1,5:?i.i5uQ , N195 , . ?"" Q- ' x A' Q- 'V r. v X , , ir., ffiw .I fs. 'S sxx., if 1iiQuQ.t,.,eL. .AA 5,4 vw .A If X C 514 , 514.5 v2.'1 iff.-:P43?E73S'i im'f'f 'ie .64 " 'M sf'i.'i72Qi"'i '35i:'91A "" bn. Qs ffm. A in ,f v le 1 A 1 iff 528131-' 4 , , , .L . A ,059 if m .5,,,1 X, ,. ,l J V' ,gf ' A -W - :""6j' 5 ' Ma,-ylvf'-1 wi ' 'rf' 4 'W' ' f gsqgQ,ggr,,,. 'Q 5 fg ''Br .-kx ft: K l V ' 'uk sxjig '14 Q vs A ,J IR V3i', Akrff' 3.23 A 'ga' ,K-rp 5 K 5 A L, iqfak. , or .'H'1Z.f-asf ,Q if www' g V Vila. A 1 51y2Aa.f's'-'fr Q -IP. . 'Q 'Q X-M5-' A Lift' . i'f'srii'xi5"x" Gino Mendoza rises out of the Crouch. A, 1, w,.:5,.' 7 Q 1 , ga. X K I we A- ,.sfQp.5.,. , K ., X vw if if - Mike Fatheree scoops up another grounder. Robert Gauntt jumps up for the catch. Ri!! , . 'JQSQEYV i4,'-ygfyl -vs M., ',V-'qkwnyal 2 1-,r., A Varsity Baseball f 243 Revamped Squad Conquers Hill Under the leadership of spon- sors Mr. Terry Reed, Mrs. Bev- erly Ross, and head cheerleader Patti Brown, the varsity cheer- leaders came on with a new look. For the first time since 1976, the Hill had four male yellleaders. More emphasis was placed on dance and gymnastic ability as difficult routines were done at pep rallies and games. ' ... "I'm supposed to do what?" thinks a confused Laura Hartman. Fi' Fred Becera wonders at the hand on Renee Mitchell's neck as she looks toward the It's a biggeef' form the cheerleaders audience during the Homecoming pep rally. Sunny Baker Claps for the jackets 2 fy ' la fl A ,,,L tw- , . sg r Sponsors: Mr. Terry Reed and Mrs. Beverly Ross. Head cheer- leaders: Patti Brown and Julie Jennings. ya,-.X eum nva, JV cheerleaders: Top to bottom: Julie Jennings, Robin Meyers, Renay Shackleford, Courtney Cranz, Shene Cash, Becky Sadler, Jeri Kent. ya Robby Pulido tries to inhale an entire megaphone. ' '-"--we 'I fi "It's in my tummy," belches Chris Quinn. ,fr-"vs Varsity cheerleaders: Top to bottom: Jennifer Hardgrove, Leslie Robertson, Karen Raulston, Renee Mitchell, Medley Blanton, Laura Hartman, Randy Slovacek, Sunny Baker, Robby Pulido, Patti Brown, Fred Becera, Elsie Hodges, Lori Sell, Chris Quinn, Shannon Rylander. LX 393 si ie 1 e : i Q 1 1 1 1 i I w 4 I 4 4 I I 1 ., 1 - A, J f.1uw-... 1 Elbira .... Keri A..,. Ginger .,., Amos .... David .... Grace . , . Edith . , . Gerard ,... Michael ..,.i Robert . , . Mathilda' l I , , Albert , f . . Mary Matthew ..,. Monica . . , Felecia .... Jeffery .... Kimberly .... , Phyllis .......,.. Sheene ....,...i.. Mike ......,.... FRA N IA, VICTOR , Duke ...,v.r... , John ...,.,... Delbert . . . Steve .l... Sophie . . . Alma ,... Jamie . . . Lisa ..., Christie, John .,.. Clark, Angela .... Clark, Charles ....,. Clark, David ....,,..., Clark, Kenneth ......,.. CLAYTON, BETTY ,... Clements, Alice ,...... Clinch, Chris ,....,.. Clinkscale, Anna . . . Cochran, Sherrie ...J Coffee, Patsy .......... Coffee, Teresa .....,.... COHEE, ERNESTINE Coker, Melissa ,,.,..,.. Cole, Allen .,,,....... Collett, Ashley ,...., Collier, Leslie ,........ COLLINS, EVELYN . ., Collins, Roger ....,.. Contreras, Anna . . . Cook, Bonnie ...,. Cook, Charla ,.... Cook, Tami ....,. Cooper, Claudia . . . Corbitt, Mary Ann . . . Couch, Jeffrey ,...,. Courtney, Catherine .... Courtney, Robert .... Covaleski, Cove ..... Covaleski, Claire ,.., Cowley, Susan .... C .. CES .,....,., 99 33 82 99 64 99 82 64 ....100 .,...64 ,..33 ,,,,.64 ,,.,,82 .,..100 64 33 82 64 82 33 33 83 33 34 64 34 83 83 83 23 23 64 64 64 34 34 r . . .100 83 34 34 83 83 83 64 34 23 83 64 64 64 100 .64 ,23 100 .83 34 1300 .21 .64 83 100 64 83 34 64 64 100 .34 .34 ,34 100 x S X x , .,. OX ox si. is-4,1 ox, Ray ..,......, ,g . ...... . . Ox, Suzanne . . . raft, Cathy ,...... . singer, Steve , ..., . . Cranz, Courtney, . . .r S Cranz, Bill .... ,..... Crawford, Tim , . . . . Creager, Ann ,,....... . Croft, Rogers .,.......... . . . Croft, Teresa .... 0. .... . . , , . CROSSISIN, RAY rti ..,. W M Crowley, Allen .,....l..... Crutsinietii, Kim ,...... Culp, - ,:. len ..,,...,. I V Cu ,,ii Russell ..... W ..... . . Cu f ilings, Celeste .........,,.. CUPQNINGHAMX, DIXIE.- . Cu , Cheryl ,...... ,,,,., ,...., I . . Cu: 'is Curtis, Kate . . . Curtis, Sherrill . . . Curtis,Sydney Curtis, Tonya ......,,..,..,..... WDA Dacus, Gigi .....,., Daggett, Melinda .,.... D'Amico, Brian ..,..,... ..,. DANIEL, KATHRYN ..... ,.., Daniel, Todd ,...,......, ,,.. Daniels, Kurt ..,,...., Darby, Dee ,....... Darrow, Teresa .,.... DAVIS, BARBARA . . . Davis, Cynthia .,.... Davis, Gary .... Davis, Jeff. . , Davis, Jon .,... Davis, Lori .,.. Davis, Lucas ,.... Davis, Tiffany ..,... Dearen, LeeAnne ,,., Deen, Craig ..,..... Deen, Russell ..,.,. DeHart, Gary ...,.., DeHart, Sheri ..,...... DeLaCruz, Clement ,... DeLaCruz, Lisa ..... DeLaRosa, Robert . . . DeLaney, Lynn ..... Delbridge, Robert ..., DeMent, Dek ..,.... Deminico, Jennifer . . , Dena, Robert ,.,,.. Denton, Kay ..,.,.. DePlante, Michelle. , . DeWindt, Alec ,..,. Deyo, Melanie ,... Deyo, Ronnie ...... Diakis, Lamonia ,,., Diaz, Steve ...,.,.. Dickerson, Cindy .... Dickinson, Angela . . . Dickinson, Chris ..,, Dickinson, Kim ..... Diehl, Kenneth . . . Dike, Scott ..., Dill, Jay ..,,.,.,, Dirks, Kimberly ..,, , Adrienne ,.,. .,.. . . . , Jennifer .,,........ .,... . i , Johnny .,........., .... . Dirks, Mike .....,.. .,.. 3 5 Dishron, Elizabeth ..,. .... 6 5 DIXON, ROBERT .,.. ..., 2 3 Dodd, Donna ,..,... . , . 101 Donahue, Diane .,,. ..,. 6 5 Dotson, Richard ..., .... 6 5 Dotson, Richard ..., .... 6 5 Downey, Mark . . , . , , .35 Doyle, Kathleen .... .... 8 4 Doyle, Timothy ..... .... 6 5 Dozier, Margaret , . . . . . .35 Dozier, Robert .,...,. .... 6 5 Driskill, Joe .....,..... ,.,, 8 4 Dubrowski, Jaynette ....,. ,.., 3 5 Dubrowski, Mary Ann .,,. .... 6 5 Dubrowski, Neil ,...... ,.,. 3 5 Duffy, Mike .....,,.. .,.. 3 6 Dukes, Richard ,..,. ..,. 8 4 Duncan, Debbie ,...... ..., 8 4 Dunn, Donna .,......... ,... 6 5 DYER, KATHERINE ... . . . 21 FE.. Earl, D'Ann ...101 Earl, Kristi . . . , . . .84 Early, Jackie ...,..,,., .... EDWARDS, GLENNA .... .... Elder, Glen ........,...... ..,. ELDRIDGE, ROWENA .., .... Ellis, DeeDee ..,........ .... 65 Eastman, Ann ............. ..., 6 5 20 84 24 84 Elmore, Debbie ......,. .,.. 6 6 Elms, Frank ,,... .... 3 6 Enriquez, Chris ..,.. .... 8 4 Espinoza, Jesse i . . , , .101 Estes, Jack ..,. .... 6 6 Evans, Eric ,,.., . , . 101 Evans, Tina .... .,.. 3 6 Evans, Toby ....,.. ,,.. 6 6 l F -. Falcon, Liza ......, .,.i 8 4 Falcon, Virginia ..,, ,... 6 6 Fanning, John .... . . ,101 Fanning, Lisa ..,. .... 6 6 Farrar, Steve ..,. ..., 6 6 Farris, Tammy . . . . . , .66 Fatherree, Kristy . . , . . . .84 Fatherree, Michael .,.. .... 3 6 Faulk, Wendy .,.,,. ,... 3 6 Feldman, Steve. . . . . , 101 Felfe, Roxie ..... ..,. 3 6 Felfe, Terri ,..... .,,. 8 5 Fennell, Deidra . . . .. . .85 Ferguson, Gayle ,... ..., 3 6 Ferguson, Leslie ...... ,... 3 6 Fernandez, Abraham ..,, .... 6 6 Fields, Dwane .,..,.., ,.., 3 6 Fillmore, Dusty .....,,... .... 6 6 Fisher, Jeff ...,..,......,, .,., 6 6 Flanmgan, Kim ,.,.,....,,,,..., 101 FLETCHER, BEVERLY ,....,.,, 24 Fleming, Adam .....,...... .... 6 6 Fleming, John ....,.,.,.. .... 3 6 Flores, Manuel . . . , . . 101 Flores, Marty .... .... 8 5 Flores, Ricky. . . . . , .36 Florez, Lydia ..... ,... 8 5 Flowers, Susan ... . . .101 Index f 249 Gafford, Stacy GALIGA, JOSEPH .,.. . . . Galindo, Cindy Galindo, Joe . Kevin 24 86 86 86 24 86 86 67 86 37 ,33 67 102 37 37 67 38 38 67 38 20 36 85 66 37 85 102 66 85 85 Grant Xaviar . . Gray Ronald Gray Teresa Green, Bobby Green Jeff ,..,., , . Green, Yolanda .... . . Greene, Tommie .... , . Gfayfnebbie , . 1 f Q f D GREER, DAVI Gregory, Lisa ..., 7 . Greig, Mona . . . Greig, Steve ...,. . . Griffay, Coda ,... . . Griffin, Lisa ,...,... , . Griffith, Lisa ...,.,..,. . . GRIGSBY, NADINE ..i. . , Grisetti, Ed ..,.,.,..., . . Griswold, Patricia .... ,... V . alle .,,...., .... Chandler. , . Olaf ,.....,,. , . Herring, Kim .... 38 38 67 Hi Kris ........ 87 68 87 . . . ,68 20 87 103 1' ,.,24 Hill, Courtney ..,. Hill, Robert .,.... Hill, Scott .,...., Hillard, Reese ,.,. Hoang, Bill .,.... Hoang, Trang ,... Hoard, Renee ..., Hobbs, Tokea ..., Hodge, Trey . . , Hodges, Elsie ..,... Hodges Muffy .,.., Hodgkins, Kelly Hoffman, Nina ..,. Hogg, Robert .,.. Hgggle, Roger . . Holcomb, Jessie 35333113 Dawn . , . Kelly . . Eva .... ....87 ....87 ,.,l03 ..,l03 ...l03 ,...68 .,....38 ....38 ..,l03 37 37. Tina 0 Ludie A ec David Harrell Glenda Harris Eddie Harris Kelly Harris Rufus Harrison Nyoka 3 " 'lf' if Hartgraves Bridgit Hartman Laura HARVEY LAWRENC ..... Hatfield Sharon HAWKINS ROHEYQL , Q Hayden Hillary , . . -6'E Hayden Missy ..., . ,V . , .1 . . Hayes Lorie .,,... ,. i , . . . Ha wood Darr l y y ..,, , . .6 Haywood Re Sjahny ... ,. Hehner, Sherry .,.. . . . . Henderson, Noah , . . . Henderson, Parzettae , . f Hehderson, Robin. . . . , . . Henderson, Willie. 6. . . , . . . Hendrickson, Stacy . . . . . . . Hendrix, Alison ..,,...,.. Hendrix, Missy . Henley, Bill Henninge, Henry, Shaheed Henson, Tim . Herbert, Elicia . Hernandez Hernandez, Hernandez Herr, Chris . . . Herr, Gayle ,,,. Herrera, Herrera, Tommy? JUANI , Laura . SNS Craig. ,gl 7 03,3 rm . . . Theo Clara ..,.., Pam ,..,.,. Paul ....... Qs all ..,,,..,. ..6, 103 elley, elly, Craig elly, Joan ...AQ4.. ELLY, PAULA .. embie, Lynne ,,,. endall, John 4,.. . ennedy, Kenneth , . ent, Jeri .....,, eto,Eric .. eto, Kellie.. .. . eto, Kimberly . . . . eoughan, Ted . . EY, BETTY . . ey, James . . ibler, Neal . . ibler, Todd . illingsworth, Ronnie imc, James imc, Larry . CIIUS ..... Clara .... , Denise . . . ll . Shari ...,, Vickie ..,. Clyde ,.., Terry . . . Kouri, Kouri, Kelly .,.. Kramer, Robert . . . Law, Tom .....i.. Le, Anh ,..,..,, Le, Khanh ,..,..,, Leamer, Mark ..... LeBlanc, Judy ,..,. LeBus, Jerry ..,.,. Leche, Robert .,... Lederer, Richard . Lee, Cecelia ...,,, Lee, Lauri ....,, Lee, Reuel .,.. Lee, Shelby 4..,. Leggett, Patti . . . , Leggett, Tammi . . . Lemin, . . Leonard, Donna . . . Lewellen, Bobby . . . Lewis, Chris ..,... Lewis, Greg ...,... Lewis,Julie . . . . . . J dy . ,Gilbert L... i t tg u Richard . . . . . . . . . x s wr .,.... . 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Maxwell, Laura . Mayhan, Cheryl . Mazy. Kathryn . McAdams, Terry . . McAdoo. Ricky McCall. Nancy lVlCCollough. McDaniel. McGaughy T MCG McGre WCH'lf0lia: ....... Ohfl . 321, ....... Silt .89 ,ox 105 J E .ii .fi 3-1, A .89 111, J as - 7' X . 8' K Zhi it lndex X251 VI l ! Mendez, Cyndi , . . Mencloza,Carlos . . . Mendoza, Gino . , , Metcalf, Tracy , , . Meyer, Robin ...Q Migot, Joanna .,.,., Miller, Alex .....,,.. . . , MgIeLi,ERq,QDRA- - ddd -- L - Miller, Daxiid .... , Miller, Mark ..... Miller, Mike .A..,,, lykllicane, Mike ,,,, , , . dd ddd . Milligan,Cathleen . Milligan, Randy ,... Milliren, Steve . . , Tracy . . . Miiiranda,iGiilia , . . Mingus, Dean .,....,. ..... Mitchell, Barbara . . . Mitchell, Rtenay .... Niitts, Russell ...,. . Monismith,Susan, . , Montgomery, Laurie Montgomery, Lisa Montgomery, Lynn Montgomery, Nancy Moody, James ..,.o.., . , . l06 Mooney, Pam ,,.,., Moore, Barbie ..... , Moore, Courtney , , . Moore, Jennifer .l., Moore, Lynn ,,... 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Valderas, Terry ,.... Van Aken, Johnny 1 . . Vandever, Tammy . . . Van Hofwe en Kurt g , . . VAN METER, ARCH Vann, Stefan .,..,... Van Winkle, Alan ,... Vargas, Elsa .,..... Vargas, Frank .... Vargas, Jorge r..r Vargas, Laura .,.. Vargas, Linda .,.. Vargas, Vivian . . . Varner, John .....,.. Vasquez Linda ,..,., VEGA, IQAMON .,,. QQ Velasquez, Mary. . Velasquez, Phillip . Vera, Anita . . . Vera, Dianna Vera, Noe VINSON, Wagner Wagne WAG Wair, time Wells. p Missy Wood 254 l Index Walton, Jerry ,i,. . Walton, Misti ...... .,.. WARD, EUNICE ..., ,.,. WARD, GLENDA . , . . . . . Ward, Jackson .,... ...A Ward, Regina ...., Ward, Tracy .... Ward Trac , y ....... ...., Warren, Verna . .,.... . . . . Washburn, Elizabeth Washington, Mona , . , , ..,... 51 Wasmer, Ricky ..... .,... l l l 75 Watson, Dale ...,. Watson, Doreen .... .... Watson, Sheryl .,.. Watt, Trey ..... Webb, Brian ..,... Webster, Leslie .... Lon Williams, Kenneth .,.. ..., 5 2 Williams, Michele . . . . . . .75 Williamson, Alex ...,.......,... l l 1 Williamson, Donovan ....,,.....,. 73 WILLINGHAM, JERRISUE ..... 2 Willis, Chris .,,................ 1 1 1 Willis, Greg . ,......,. . ,,.. .... 7 5' Willy, Buddy .... ,,.. 9 3 Wilson, Leatha .,., ,.,. 5 Z Wilson, Lisa ,..... .... 5 2 Wilson, Michael ..... .,.. 5 3 Winder, Michelle ,... ...,, 5 3 Winn, Jim ...,..,... ,... l 11 Winters, Richard ..., ..,. 5 3 Wise, Melissa ..... ,... 5 3 Wise, Michele .,... ..,. 9 3 Witcher, Rusty .... ,.,. 1 1 l Witherite, Amy . . . . . . . 111 Wolf, Steven ,,.. ..,.. 7 5 Wolfe, Frank .,.... .... 1 I 1 Wood, Jim ..,,..,.,. ,.,. 7 5 WOOD, LARRY ,.,. ..,. 2 7 WOOD, MIKE .... .... 2 7 Woodard, Diane ...., .,.. 9 3 Woodruff, Ginger ..., .... 5 3 Woodson Angie ..... .... 9 3 Glen ,...... ..., 9 3 Natalie... ,....75 Angela ...,. .... 1 ll Steve ,.... .... 9 3 wright ' ....53 .93 Ill .20 175 lll .53 .53 .53 lll .75 .93 .53 111 111 cam I-Ia f James John Furniss p. 137: Gray, Nelson p 216: Jim .fter having calculated how old seventeen is in aardvark years, .aff mascot and resident anteater Aaron Aardvark stares iutely out the window and ponders the year gone by. PERSONA Ll TIES S TUDENT LIFE SPOR TS Mary Kathryn Stone Ed Tomme Alan Maples Susan Brents Melissa Allen Laura Hartman Laura Furniss Tres Morris Richard Sanders ORGANIZA T1 ONS PH OTOGRAPH E RS SPECIAL THANKS Helen Stepp Bill Jordan Fr. and Mrs. John Ginger Woodruff Edmond Joe Woffcll Darla Bentley Claudia Cooper Plllly Woffell Steve Wolf Sharon Thomas Hempel's Studio Mrs. Gene Thompson David Dixon I would like to express my deepest and sincerest gratitude to the l98l Yellow Jacket sponsor, Mr. Larry Barnes. Only through his patience and kind- ness was the Annual Staff able to produce this year- book. I also wish to thank the members ofthe 1981 Yellow Jacket Staff for their hard work and cooperation. And above all, I thank God for bestow- ing His Grace on usg for He is our Alpha and Omega, and through Him alone, the ultimacy of Camelot can be reached and surpassed. 4' Trace Worrell ltr' -' l 'Q lvl . ,M . M, ,if eff' im .- ff , r V -M u -fi, A vjrfg5'Jf'?-- wif-1 .'E3wmgijEgZ?5,fsfff'ffa'f,-pgf , ' ,,.'.Sf".v"f'T2-'",'2-t7?'Lnf-13? "af - - . 15 4 . 3 . Q. .f!.z,.'f4 vfll,- M search of surroundings warmer than the Arctic, Polar Bear Barnes and the l98l Fridge Kids star in a remake of the classic lone With the Wind." Editors Note f 'W N , gym ., H g I!! V ,ff . , 1 MJHHJJ tllS si giggg if Eifssifg Zxifif J ifjjf7Mf3i7Qf , ZW MK Xff2f zffWj2'2ff?f A Wdwfgffwwhv M E5 My QXWXMWWW WW wufi f me WMM Aiwwwvigjwfy OL fmbfjffw I i N X wyxsw 6, WQSXQY Gfewydigib W fwfffm www , WJW. WWW Qwiffggmfff nfl www' Wfwwfijl Pg' I Fink: MW ,,., .-.i.... . 3i5jffiiQ?QW WW , ? U-IDU V5-VDQQFW Vfij-QaiWJQYNi5E,5g5,fNl nam wacmmam 'CQ JCQJCVQ QWQS U01 QaP?guQ Www HS 33 flfcefeamwqf 541150 Epo didfwlc QKDQI. 3293 , 'Eng ' ' QP Gfwuoex, Luv. 4 I 1 l 50191 . ,, QX FUN s W , 000 i The Wffmwwpb, ifooqvovp 3 new 1 157, Waoovvxal we yJfGmj16,JO DWP M MVP ' QQ- 1 QOMM 1 O 8,000 10 I' Jfv 9 1 , VJ' 1 WUYLS LJJMLW mlb 3 W ' A swv- 4 , , 1 G K'W'5'Z b 'dig ME QQ 3 , fdfQ!' j q , 5 ' 7" ff Iliff 164 5 . ,E 23444. cfm , M943 ' ' 'WMLW6 . WZW QMM VW QZKAQ44, Jwfmwfj E Eggs. Y 5? M W W swab Qwk QMS W viii QSEKSW X SLM M if 5? AAT W X? QW NL ,VW me 5 5 WS S351 9106, if WW 6233 fwfiiioliw f Livaioafewifakfiwsdoffoib ' 5 56 Wwbvwe go is emu ww ,, 955: D40 5 1695 O00 S Q ,199 ,Cf A6941 wb 101 Owwxcpmvfpz -4 , e 6269 5000 Xpve BUAN jbqbf ,AQ ff M JOAQNEQQW We 5 IASZSVQ Q agp Y QW 1 fpv f UQ 69 KW 94589 1 F vw :Of Q V QfjNQU03Cff?f3iNCnGi?Q'Q Q! , U-- , . -- -q.,,.-. A 0-1, L: ff,f Af--fy--1 - - -an--M MF- - 1--A---4' - -- Qxipiiy Mya .kb 6Q,,-kfp'q M gy 'wb 0059 VM M' ,MW af . 2193 PJSSKA CMO .QW iff' Xfgwg jjwyngbiwff Q bpgwffffi UQWWW is iw w ff f' r I Q xx Q . - QM X Ogg? 4 . G ca xy - 'X X Q - ,QV N Q53 Q' 5. ngyfx ' D n '5 1 Zin, if ' fc. ,QW il Q b 's fs Qw f Rf , 41 A Q,- X I ,sf-'27 Qxk, 4 Q , R 3 3-9' f KL Kd' K "ff - f,f'6k'2jaxKCxC:f'fXC2'f5' ff' vi '7 ""A in 'f' Cg, fx F? Pg 54' f 0 iii: + K wif"- is cfm J Cv Cb' 2 Q f w 41 w FQ tx Q' ' gg 163, Q' K7 xx f ff f , ,.. 2' ,K ff- R! by fx .: A A72 ' ,M TX, K! 1 'EMF Wfi, xiii? -1 ,S ca , V3 4 4-73,'cQi1y'fQ, f " 3' - ' f -JAX7 "" 7 ff , ', fgfffyof 1 K A ,H PM gglwfifm . Ci , bmlqbwi GLM tm W W ,Hm,50930J.'f WWW If mfffm . ' ,My ' bf bf . ., 1cNW "Lf WML, l ,, M if! 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