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,....4g-U...,L..M....,..q...,....q.,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,:,,m.,k, MW- ,qv W I' L I , Q 'K x "H" Nm' "H 'f ','--,wm'b w--Q5-xmf,-f- f.i..,,f.....,.,..,.......,n..,..,.,,,...,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,.. 'Q J?S,w'jlqi1Qv-JJ ' 5019 WMWTZ? Ui SM W' , ' L00 wx 'bf 3614741 and AM. lxuvxse B :D fksb' 9 gh it V gf-Q N v . Qy OQQQ Q??ifg. Six VJ' 355535 Nj ww M J W my W W K givsgm 9355603 Q wh PY 9 gy yy R yqmb wwywwws f Wm Mgmwgfwjaiiff W f Y 5 e K L Q , fig B M MW Sf , f 5 QV 5' . M , 3? A Q1 xif29 fWQ WS 555 F VM , Egg? KLQQM fwv F ?Qf'gi QSQ f, CM 'LW ifx '.f Wykwwiiwy JM Qw P h , AZXNNXRBKM . , I, A . .A . Q 9226, , , '43 '. ,Q ' QXXXFSNL. Qugvfwly . W?" y F Xml ' Z?-K25,'46j?ff W ' SMS Nou, My Ja , X f D ,HIM Aeoojcivr VI X W A wif. , 4 H u GMLMB Q ' Xcpwsfi Mtg , ' U M A mg ,M 2ib w5wL56.,W,5 MSW' if Aww ,figwdigvf ' f vi' Q- ww JWL ' ' . Xxx? xg , VU . 53? ww M Q N M mm wdWw fff f A 'fu' , - E W - W M ' ' QE gl,-wi-QJW v f ,M 16 MMM fw1Wffw . : QLWULULQ ' wi CT , 7,41 YB .M Jaw? NQIWY Q39 F H Wg GW 5 Q KMA 1 ' yy! if LLM -wp. ,WN ff X - my Cf , , if Cx f , f ' fs 2 QZWMW 1 9 +-jj , Q 'jjgy' 'Y' f- W v5 ' ,,, 'Y' :- ' A' ' 5' fa .Q Q, '- "4 . ,1 .1nf' -V x 7664 2404442 Jw D fn, f 14 YI I 1 P I - -+' 1" .- f N - ' .4 A' U - I 'r ' ' " ' ' 72 : - 'I . , I N .f1Qi:f - ' 4' '7-5' M ' JM FZ QAWL74 ,,.f4a.Qfaw2-46 , ' 9, "' A glial 6Lz,M7f f ' k9j,U,Q,Q,Qf-fijw-UVQJY3 f ' f .' fda Bbw Foy adm . 4 1 i - QOWHKQP ' MMF GW' 7' , N",,i N ' I - ff 1, E .ft ,api . gurwauv Mdwbwif 42+ Y ' 0 ' Qi .lbp ff. 1 Yellow Jacket l967 Published by the Yearbook Staff Arlington Heights High School Fort Worth, Texas Volume XXXIV X lln quest of that one beauty God put me here to findf John Masefield The Search for beauty begins and ends In the backyard of mankind ...MM I X ww r- ,rg ",,. ', f W, MW, ,..,:,. K f M r . 1 . xf, ,4 4, T-f1"Ff ,li,L"-A . mfg. . , P ' A "1 1 - " 1 ' .f-,,a::f. ,, 1- ::?'f " El 1 -? awe -I har, .ffm 1r4.',,4yrvP.,e,ffj.4,shx, , .lnffif 15553 9,-,I :ug 1 1 vy, -v.,12f.' .tn 491 A' I ,, l ,-.L1:...L-V. 37. -Aff :I-xfffif qi ,l-,V f f xy- j."V:' K r 1,4-,'.k.: ' hp.. 'fluf f ' f " ' ' ,"-5? .4 Eff ' 1 If ' :T X I ,:l.M''Q' ., A 'Y 'l I ' J! ' ' ',f ',f-'WF - 25331-"T 7 -'lL-Ig' M41 A ,, pf:-.AV 1: , in ,. ,, ..,, I -lvf ., VA,-, . VF, "5-'Q N'-lf 3591. 5 F- 1 - X. ,xf I 1' ff' 1 " - ' 51" ., , , i J ,,lmjf.::,g ,yy F . il. f,, L -..,. 7121-r 1 2 zhfffff r.'m 14- H . . -1 ,, .. , . - J 7, wwf' K. ,' f , f. .. -' ,-31.5 .. . i , f , ' -'si' f, 1 af: I Q?" .'jfafj?'s'7f: 1 f'fi21'q -,, ,' fy A7 xy- ' 1:1 H ', g-yi'-- ,' zf '1 ffgfv. A ,' - 1 .',- ,f L-'ly X' " ,7 . f "L,.X3f"-l2.'.' 7 L .'i?5ggK+' , . ., F73 1EgP':,.Q V-. , A. Fyhxk , ,X ,,V.,,., ,Q ., J Hg.. , ,. .Wil , A . ,b .,4 Ahh 5' , f 4, "HK My f, .,fu.'x'gff'. .- ' 1 fllf. fb' I x2,1fJ'gf'?kfo,5f'Z'!Z'J K"-Whamw, ""g'!f.fx'i I A f Jvrlxri. I 1-,T-:wr Qfl, k ,-gHlj1Z'l-,,Q:,hO, 1' ,aff'ft:.og,4,g:,?,f4,7 ggzdvj itil f! ' -7 ' ,' ' ' f., 'I .'-:!'.V.:?',.f41.w,'-. ' tffihaf - .5 ' eihq ,., f I , ,w YQ, ,'1?'-gi-2,3 1 U . pf-,-ge4,fv, , ..4,-.uw .y Q1 f ,yu J5' - f . ,iyy X ,Gs wx iiw.-.QQ-4', Qimh, '.4,i'4v 'GX 727- Q' ',. "8-1-'9115 91 -' -.-, -: -,, Cf. .,: -, , -. W, .A,. ' -.5-', v,' 235: 1 -. -..,-5.' jf-I, 7 I -""1 N lik' ', ' . -5 fi ,'f"l1if1.'-lfwak' 7i'.'!1"L"lfZZjf 'md !f7Wi'F i7-7' '5f5?g55Qii'f??ri " 'ZZ 1x"!4'g"l"1 1'- 4 1,-. L. ,' .X,- ff 1 M 3 f ,1 A ff, sr gvfvx-gvff 'lriglfrz-YivIL,ei5',gt .EL 71' ,N L ' '41 ' f jf zqffxi, M buf gray-,.+f+. . ,LV mu 'L 'Z gf' Z'-ff -Ii, '-. 1:11519 ,-:R-rw '- f' ,- H' , , , ' -' - '-gp, V- :Q - ' ,-A I- -- -wg 1, ' X-J-gg.. . i- 5 + ' if J 'QFQ-,745 W9-ffl 1657? 5- fl-f. 5-Sf' 1 ff frlf-M, f4f::-SPLAI. ma-. '11w? 12" i " M' -'K 7' ' ff "x .M .4 ww 'V .Qf V Q , W2 wi fa ' iw, 1 .1 fx J ' K -f A Q V 1 4. , 1 IJ.: I-.t.'gi,f:f::i-in EN., if-H .4 1-4 M J -,3 F55 Q xg: 4-liygsgk 15: l gg-are . fl ,, .1-,, 'I vxf5 X 'f .fl fq'k I fx ' q'k f .A 1 ' 'fm 3 1 K 1'--Mx M55 .L iff "if - M If N' ' N11-Aw ' ff,1::.fJf'2'P--'i,-n, ' 'ww fx ' 'J f v -Q I J., 1' .W , . ,., ,,, Inf' 4 V- .- ag , 1 4 49. M. fl w,.4f. Aw., 1,11 gr ,.xl S. f', ,H,-.fw,-"'q,IF'5fA'. - 5 1' ,Q'.', ,.1'pyf'4"Q-'Y-swf V-K 51 ' ,"'L ,, ': .-q 3 'H N3 " --: if "L1,!',4,f.u' '15 2 V127 -.1-'7.fxfv'3,-I N AWA f' Y X ' ' ' 'M x. if 1 'T' Qi .4 ia., Sensitivity is man's affinity for beauty, and beauty,s for man. ii:-P ,,,,gaQsvluu:n ui--' W4 Rr! XY .. xi ,, I 1 t f It :e,x x -L ff 4 ,X 1 5 -yeahh FQ ' - fa-m e ', wv,.g1l , fx W Wiki: N N 1 5 . if, ,. f .eff K if 5A..'W-Q, ' . , X , T if V , 5 125 H 1. ,, 1 - ' J , .. ' 1 1 1 An f 2:45 uw 4, ,- . . , A ,V .,,,.H,.'. ,,,, nfnnw- E m V5 i 1: -. .uf- - mug, .Ute - ,- wr . .N x"'1.fS.47,-1-1 H-LLEJLEZ I: 1 4 5 . . iw - 4 :sf 'SW' , 1 4 . 'I H3 .au I V1 S x XX., 4. U 1 . 'i , ig, ifkls 'Q w. .. ffijw .M There is nothing else quite so majestic, That can make the rest of the World small by comparison . ..? tw' gyff f-fefl I! t,pll r 1 if Eggs! l. aff' MJ: . A, r fxx 4 it., V, F 'T , 1. Man is like the growing leaf, Absorbing beauty as sunlight . . . His every encounter with life, another ray of daytide. ft lf! 1 iii' .,-'K LJ rr-- V v sjj K' ' I P AN . V -psf. , 'W - V l 'Wai Beauty is as omnipresent as the sung as Warming as sunshineg as elusive as shadows. I0 ,mini WX-,XD 5 . XXX f n Table of Contents Student Life .... Personalities .... Organizations. Athletics ......... Faculty ,....... Classes ......... Index ........ 1' -w, Dedication I'. ilton Bransford He lmtb fl daily beauty in lair life. Shakespeare The desire to possess beauty is in everyoneg the will to find it appears in only a few. Mr. Milton Bransford is one of these few. While others have sat and waited for beauty to come into their lives, Mr. Bransford has sought to find the key to the little-known world of the beauti- ful. He has not limited his search to the walls of Arlington Heights, nor to the boundaries of Texas. Instead, he has traveled widely, including in his itinerary trips to Hawaii, Europe, and the Caribbean. Christmas finds the English teacher in New York City, further enriching his awareness and under- standing of beauty by attending on-and off- Broadway plays. Not one to be content 'with mediocrity, Mr. Brans- ford strives for perfection. After graduating from North Texas State University with a B.A. in English, he continued his studies at Texas Christian University, where he was awarded his Master's degree in edu- cation. As head of the English department and co-sponsor of the literary magazine, Mr. Bransford has attempted to better the students' understanding of the aesthetics of literature. It is this will to seek out the hidden beauty that makes Mr. Bransford a rare person indeed. In appreciation from the staff to one of the few, we dedicate the 1967 Yellow farkel. ff? V!- I ., KAY u 5,- ,..t,, ? ,451 HL' 5: x N 5 V K X 55' wif , , fx fx- bs,,, ff! W, r K 'A j rilffg, J X , I XT-Kf rf 'fi "' Q . -w I ,, sig if U , A ' 5 ., skf' Ullman---1..... " L , a , Ll t 'Y f 1 1 l JE f he N wx X L W! I i I i I4 V STUDENT LI E Spring Activities Jackets Spring To New Heights In tune with yesteryear, spring began with a variety of unforgettable experiences for the Hill. Tradition continued with the senior play, An- nual Day, and student council elections. The novelty of an April flood, plus regional cham- pionships in baseball and track, brought an extra note of excitement. Impersonating Frankenstein, Dracula, and others of the monster era, the 1966 Yellow jacket staff staged an original satire in proclamation of Annual Day. The air of frolic quickly turned to seriousness with the presentation of the annual theme and the dedicatee at the conclusion of the program. If boats had been available, students could have sailed to school in the flood of April 29. The brave who ventured out often had to be rescued when their cars stalled. The school's schedule was temporarily interrupted while stu- dents waded in ankle-deep water to classes, Spring term ended as the baseball team, coached by Merlin Priddy, traveled to Austin and captured a number four ranking in state com- petition. Prior to the tournament the jackets romped Eastern Hills for district and stole region- al honors from Marshal after a victory over Dallas Samuell. 'Ss' "I'Il have to Academy . . . from the Stafff r , . .5 ...11. 1, 3x24 D aim ,thank my producer, my director, my writers, and the thanks Mrs. Anne Stanton as she receives her "reward" ...Q N---gn ..+. .Af .,f. ,-5 ta, -lg ---..-...J-" ,,, . ..., Ak - ,- Y, i- " i , "Fifteen miles on the Erie Canal . , .," chant the daring few who braved the April flood waters. --.uni R . x 5 I i 3 l s 1 l "After 15 days of our body building course you can look like this?" demonstrates Bob Mefford, he-man of the t Afmllal Day Pfogfam- "It's just too good to eat!" marvels Coach Merlin Priddy. YT an am A7 Acting in two performances, Michele Sears and Lynda Hogue portrayed their roles in the three-act play "The Skin of Our Teeth." ,Q t " 'af- P 1 A .J . G V. i---' : - 4 'N N,-WF! l"Yau ready? Here il rome!! You'fe ow!" Eddie Stevens, starting pitcher, plots a third Election C21mP3iEU5 .Saw UQ hint fhaf Jim Carden WHS ifl feafh istrike against Odessa Permian batter. Of the Student Council Pfesldenfy- Registration Enrollment Problems Raise Questions "qa'1,.t-...wit-' " i if fi' g-J "Foods II before football practice ugh!" says Mike Bomar to Mike Carr and Ricky Cohen. I "To register, or not to register That was the question as over 2000 students sought to solve their enrollment problems. Amid the cafeteria's sweltering atmosphere, AI-Il-IS seniors and juniors fought the waves of people and heat to find their way into classes for the fall semester. "To go home or not to go home . .. i As the afternoon drew to a close and as the heat lingered on, a handful of students still bat- tled their way through the rigors of registration. Teachers sat with aching heads and sweating brows compiling their final lists until the prob- lems of registration day were solved. ,.,f,'1,, f-' f s R itsr I 1 I . af f.QiJf , 'Q , - A xx l "If you take cooking before lunch, you can make "Trade you a scratchy Lindy for your pencil," says Mr. George Wirsdorfer to Brenda McGuffee. sandwiches for both of us," suggests Dwight Holden to Kay I-Iolze. I8 W vff QM, -.Wi ' fl v' -43,3 s 5 ,f l nf' i '! -Q. Cloxis Miguel and Sally Carpenter discuss the American sport of basketball at an AHHS game. AFS Students Clovis, Lai Learn American Customs The doors of Heights opened wide this year to welcome two exchange students from op- posite ends of the world. Tran-Thi-Lai of Saigon, Viet Nam and Clovis Costello Miguel from Victoria Island, Brazil, registered in the fall as American Field Service exchange students to spend one school year at Arlington Heights. Lai, whose future plans included teaching English or attending law school, was kept busy with her studies in government, speech, and American and world history. She said that the close student-teacher relationship, the friendly atmosphere, and the assembly programs impressed her most during her year on the Hill. Upon arriving in America, Clovis worried that students might have trouble understanding his English, as he had never had an opportunity to use it in daily conversation. However, his fears soon subsided, for by january he was voted Most Friendly in the Mostest Contest, becoming the first exchange student to win such an honor in Fort Worth. "I was having enough trouble with the E English." jokes Tran-Thi-Lai in Mr. Milton Bransfords senior English class. I N. Z., ws. ' il , gl fi Q i a 1 V WWW Q M-. ' by T ,I , v lt 1 f :va :tx Y? if 1 1359 'fi ,, ." '471' ,vi .5 . , , 'iff ' ' ., American Field Service students, Clovis Costello Miguel and Tran-Thilai discover Heights to be a new experience, ff' --.. A "5 ' ,mm W Q, Ns.fXtX'X' Qc, ', 'ititb - ,Q . K -t t Xfifgx to , wg V ,,,.g A .K X uk! . X ,St ' 2 '2 2 H .fi w, 5 xii N, , .wx Kes 1? 1' . I ft ' x Fly!! K Gig, xx? wig 1 , 1 1" I w tr f . , 'fe .IQ ,... sg in ' ' A ,At xx :U 'j f Y ' +551 , 4. 5 Y 1 , Q l xxx QQFQS: My X t 5 Q , J 1 3 le i . . K . 2 f Chairman of the Decorations Committee, Gary Reeves, prepares the auditorium for the week of welcome. "Until the wind blows nobody knows, 20 g , x F it in warns Judy Buchanan. E '-F7 15 'K i nh . 41-tv - 'M ' t Vt! ll JG, ll a A3 45 ' fr. 'QQ ' A. iff , e H ng' if Selected because of their friendliness, sophomores Chris King and Bob Ratliff reign as Howdy Week Queen and King. 1 4 ........,, v I Y fr ......,.., 1 x t "This sucker tastes like grass," states John Mastenbrook. "That's because it's an all-hay sucker" quips Anne Penn. Howdy! Week ing Crowns King as Queen Decorations were hung, club memberships opened, and costumes donned as seniors and juniors introduced sophomores to high school life and activity. Throughout the second week of school, the student body wore Howdy tags to learn the names of new faces. Sponsored by the Student Council, Howdy Week officially opened with the traditional program. Members of the different school orga- nizations performed skits to arouse club interest. The week's climax came at the first pep rally with the crowning of the Howdy King and Queen. 3: f 1, K f, 'R to if ' Z e 3 4 r P 1 ' . ' Eli I iid t, . E X' 13 a EMM 4, 'f .f T f V K silk ll' 5 Pl, H' 4 ,K 5. A Nh 1 Vt.. V 1 . X 5 1 v 4 , , g -e fg i my J- A . ,exft ., r ., "And if I'm elected President, the First Lady and I will put a buzzard in every pot," vows Larry "Lyndon B." Mathis to Rita "Lady Bird" Downing, emcees of the Howdy Week Program. I 1 , ,-'43 E . ' Q 'Qfga . - b V:-gg. B ', fri. ,C ' W. - ' 1 "ry llgfgitlg, 3145, ' i , ' .,. yL.fg7r,--9 fu up f' "And I get 10071 better TV reception," remarks Diane Morris, Howdy Week bunny r 3 1 -v 'S 4 3 ff' . - gwiggkv ,v --. is, - .4 at f ' 5 v"i1A 4 surf "And leave the football playing to us," remarks Sam Martin to other gridmen as they board their silver Greyhound en route to Wactu. "I think were bein g followed!" exclnims Rita '1OnIy members of the Albatross Society are allowed un this bus," Q states sponsor and Vice-Principal Glenn Mancleville. Q i l Downing to her fellow cliccrleaclers, f l FX K ' ' axon, ..,f .a .t , --1at..:i,.. . A g,,M,P"" Q st f ER A . fl ,rx Q N 1 N e Nobody knows it but my briefcase contains 1 transistorized Kings of the Roa ,L Dethroned at Waco All it takes for an out-of-town trip to Waco is four buses, tons of soft drinks, sandwiches and potato chips, 15 adult sponsors, and enough laughing, screaming, singing football enthusiasts to cheer their team to victory. With their check list completed, the Yellow Jackets followed the asphalt gray road to Waco and their second pre- season bout. There, they met their opponents amid a crowd of yelling football supporters. The enthusiasm that enlivened every bus and the spirit that pre- vailed throughout the game supported the Jackets to the end and comforted their 31-8 defeat by the Waco Rams. Hurray for 'Beef-a-roni'," crusade senior girls on their way to decorate the Waco bound buses. ,xg 5, 3 ,-51 Basketball queen Paige Kelly is awarded a charm by captain Tracy XVilmouth and game co-captain Mike Simmons at a season pep rally. Rep Rallies 5 9 There s a Feeling Good and True and its common bond served to unite both students and faculty in support of the Yellow jackets. Cheerleaders and alternates led the student body through spirited "B" schedule assemblie to fire the fighting jackets on to glory. Old and new yells mingled, as memories of by-gone triumphs were revived, and renewed spirit added for new victories to come. The coaches introduced "their" boys, and other speakers stirred up enthusiasm within the as semblies. Decorations by the Student Council covered the auditorium depicting the fate of Jacket rivals, and the traditional "Heights Boogie rang out as students captured the beat. Finally silence fell as the letters of I-AC K-E-T-S echoed through the halls and the pep rally ended with the last refrains of the Alma Mater. The tremendous enthusiasm of a jacket pep mlly resounds through- out the school auditorium. ,i ' if .ti ,. it ,' f mf ". qt Q x f 'li ...fl A if t . .. . . ttrtfti N955 f , 4 cf' Mrs, Charleene Carlisle arlclresses the home- coming pep rally with a speech that stirred the jackets to victory. "Give me an X!" cry enthusiastic cheerleaders. "W'e were going to give you this football queens necklace, but Coach Ludiker wanted it for his wife," apologizes Steve Tarlton as Mike Bomar presents Rita Downing with the traditional roses. la C-Z?" ,.-v- A Featured trumpeter Richard Crummel solos as the band entertains a pep rally audience with a favorite number, J "Heights Boogie." i 1 S- 26 " Z Homecoming- Exes Returng Paschal Crossed ,-as The first signs of decorations appeared in the halls on Monday, November 5, and home- coming week was officially under way. The in- fectious spirit of the occasion spread like lighten- ing as exes returned to reminisce their years in the rooms and halls of the Hill. Excitement reached a peak by Friday's pep rally when the first Homecoming Court was presented to the student body. The auditorium rang with thunderous applause as telegrams from countless well-wishers were read. Determined to overcome the Paschal Panthers, the jackets met their opposition on the field a few hours later. Determination became reality at Farrington Field, November 9, as the AHHS gridmen handed the Panthers a 14-0 defeat. The climax to a perfect day was the Home- coming Dance held in the school gym, where ecstatic Heightsters gathered to congratulate their conquering heroes. . Y' at I could play football after I A 1 j brushed my teeth," pleads ' r-. K .. t ' 'Q' !4.,jTf1ggQJf4'fJ'u Trent Saxton to janet Kauff- I s ' A " ' "' - mann. , 4 ., -, ',1-.Q- ' 'Q r galaxy.. 15? at ...Q . ' 5 .-l, ? During halftime activities of the Heights-Paschal game, Cindy Willougliby, escorted by ' ex student body president Tom Schieffer is presented as Queen of Homecoming 1967 . 3 . A jean Hampton, a runner-up for the title, and her escort, ex-Heights quarterback Ted Fay R P i 1 follow in the coronation entourage. 1 te mu ' e ' -' t. ' - VUE! -is 2 iw 5 - .- t,. I . ' 1' 1? i i . V iff-5 9 :J "if: . -' , . if ig .... X as l -i if t 5 'i Exes are welcomed back during the Homecoming pep rally as they once again participate in functions C of their Alma Mater. Y, QQ? Q i 1' 12" ew i . QQ", K, e tfii J K "' 752 l Y , . ' L F. 'But, Ma, you promised me 1 'r I 'On my honor I will do my best to keep my An awaiting crowd of supporters congratulate the victorious jackets as they make their entrance at the eyes open during pep rallies," vows Rita Downing. Homecoming Dance. fb 55 ,,.,. ,ts 1'-2? ffxb IHA '-L age , vi , I 1- . .X . ' 4 .1111 . is . K Q f 'rl' ,. I! . i "This is a real breakthrough in school spirit," cxclaims Trent Saxton. 27 .4-4: -1 'vt fr 3 ,IM il l V musical entertainment at the AY Talent Show Wft I f Ji: .' ,.--Jig' . .v f .r. "This is one heck of a way to cut your fingernails," remarks Theresa Lowrance. gll2 Varied Groups isplay Talents "What's the matter with boys today?" was the question presented by a group of senior girls at the fifth annual AY Talent Show. "Nothing!" was the answer the boys gave as they displayed their musical talents in subsequent acts: The Mar- queys, The Grass, and The Deep River Mountain Bo s. gmcee Bobby Lukeman provided jokes and entertainment between acts which included "My Favorite Things" sung by Margo Priceg "Doing What Comes Naturally" performed by Kristie Johnson and Jeannine Hattg The Hot Notes, another combog a modern dance by Laurie Magillg and the "Sweetheart Tree" sung by Nancy Davis. Most Talented girl, Jan Haley, sang folk songs while accompanying herself on the guitar. Theresa Lowrance brought the program to a close with a twirling act done to the tune of "Work Song." "No! It's one, two cha, chu, cha," explains Doyle Walters to Bobby Lukeman. 28 The Marqueys, Bryan jones, Tommy Kimbro, Chuck Bailey, and David Livingston provide A Y Beauty Contest Beautiful Beasts Make Debut r 2,0 1 "Gosh! Is it always this crowded in the girls' restroom be- tween classes?" wonder beauties Bryan McMahon and Larry Ivey. On the night of December 13, the school audi- torium became the scene for a. rare collection of beauty as AY sponsored its annual Beauty Contest, Three male contestants from each class were expertly transformed by their girl sponsors into nine graceful Venuses with feminine names. Masters of ceremony, Larry Mathis and Gary Reeves, introduced each lovely, who was escorted in evening attire on stage by a favorite beau. After each "gir1's" debut, those attending retreated to the center hall for refreshments and were given an opportunity to vote for their favorite. While the penny votes were being tabulated, Judy Buchanan led the audience in an informal sing-song. The climax of the night came with the presentation of roses to the newly reigning AY beauty queen, Tommy Cropper. "Gee, Gary, I wish I had a Romper Room do-bee beanie envies top AY BEAUTIES: Tommy Cropper, Bryan McMahon, jimmy Carden, Jody Ambrose, Clancy -Dunigan, Larry Ivey, Mike hatted I-affl' Mafhi5 Of GUY Reeves Leech, Bobby Ratliff, and Nick Patoski. Barkeep Doyle Merrill prepare Walters and chorus gal Kay Bursey watch as Mark Angle and Bobby for the dynamic duel. yy,y,y pf p +o 1 ,f NJ ljc A' C ' 1 .awdyv H, ,,-dxf 1 fi-Qi! jf A A J, -1 i""' 1 fxqx ' ','J A Xia, fax-'-MJ. ,A-X f--J , "-gxj , I .MJ 2 ' 1 F 'f f'---1 l""' X! . , J " V 5 W 5 fm, ' Y-J -, g 1, . X," . V C '- k ' xy F KTM -F . J, , A11 ' , f V 1 J-'if' ' 1 . Ir's curtains for Black Bart fGary Reevesj in the Ranch Day Program. ,l 51 gt E 2 E Q "Lynda doesn't know it yet, but I just turned off her microphone," plots Cynthia Allison to Marsha Crowder as Lynda Hogue and Laura Anthony pound out the rhythm of the Hot Notes. "I think you'll need a size 6 yi," says Larry Mathis as he fits jim Carden in the newest hat fashion. Rgneh Day Hampton and Bomar Rope Western Titles You didn't tell me we were the next act. I didn't even have time to finish shaving," fripes Mike Bomar. Ranch Day 1967 consisted of seven hours of western spirit, 2100 varied cowboy costumes, and two rip-roaring assemblies. Cowboy Gary Reeves and modern clay "Davy Crockett," Larry Mathis, emceed the Ranch Day Program and en- tertained cowgirls and -boys with slapstick an- tics. Highlighting the program was the presenta- tion of Ranch Queen, Jean Hampton, and Fore- man, Mike Bomar. Where there are cowboys there are Indians, and senior girls supplied the war Whoops and pistol shooting as they sang and danced their renditions of "I'm an Indian, Too" and 'lYou Can't Get a Man With a Gun." Real, western, "yee-haa" music was fiddled by David Ferguson and the Deep River Moun- tain Boys. Forty junior girls entertained with an original song and dance routine, "Ranch Day." The Hot Notes, a female version of the Beatles, played and sang songs of the day, and a group of Allied Youths presented a barroom brawl. "This is what firewater did to the West!" proclaim senior girls. Mostest Contest Sixteen Hearts Set on Valentine Titles Amid the talent, music, and pageantry of "An Old Fashioned Valentine," 16 juniors and seniors " .53 sought mostest titles February 14, in the school auditorium. Hosting the fourth annual event A were Mr. and Miss AHHS, Jim Richards and W ,Q X jackye Higby. judges for the contest were promi- X J V 'Q t ' ' f x at nent Fort Worth citizens and local television ' i personalities. A Routines ranged from piano concerts to danc- ing on roller skates. Winning acts were "Dream sm . M' V ' Beat," Dan Dydek's original drum composition Y W, V . and "Sixteen Going on Seventeen," sung and i- A originally choreographed by -lan Haley. K g, N Of the six Most Beautiful and Most Handsome r 1 finalists, Jean Hampton and Jim Carden received fly' 6 the 1967 titles. The contest, sponsored by the E, lf ,P jfzrifel journal and Yellow jacket staffs, ended l 1 with the presentation of the Mostest trophies k, ll K . by editors Cameo jones of the jacket jozzrfzal and .R g E A " ' it 1 Lynda Hogue of the Yellow jacket. Judy Buchanan, senior contender, displays her operatic voice as she sings "Only a Rose" and "Summertime" for the talent competition. "I said Dutch treat. Get your own, jill!" exclaims Most Handsome Jim Carden to beauty finalist Jill Levering. y s 05" R trys 1 ss K YQQS We tsfiiigtf im' ' f t tvces Q t , f R ..1 1 l "Boy! What a snow-job," remarks Miss Corlea Haran to Suzanne Godley and Bobby Bradshaw as the trio works to finish decorations for the Mostest Contest. I x tx t ,A 'i its ...1 X Victorious Jan Haley is congratulated by friends after winning Most Talented title. Q,,q..-an .W C X1 1... Skating champion Melinda Walker per- forms one nf her many routines in competition for Most Talented, David Ferguson vies for top honors in the Most Talented contest with a hoedown ren- dition of "Orange Blossom Special." 33 Q Odds and Ends 'tWhen in the Cou Human Events Many moments and happenings unfolded at Heights but failed to be recorded and classed as 'an active part of school history. Classroom epics, tribulations of the lunchroom, and teachers' antics provided a raft of comedy suitable as a reper- toire for any great comedian or as information to compile many volumes of "school-lore." These particular incidents were seen by few, but many will look upon these pictures, and be reminded of their high school life. Coach Mike Richardson puts one past juniors Leland Clemons and john Mclnnis in the student-faculty basketball game. tv fig? ,,m'l2iffl xv, ' 'i t it , N M M' , X 4, 1 ,--. t W, c A Q Q! 'C ,.,. .A frt' f ,0 vi his ttee , " y s f .' o o 0' I got the same thing in mine too"' cringes Wendy Price as she observes jimmy Hastings and his find. 1 Q' 5 0 . . vi X . . -3:51- -iq -' - 'we- 7 'Aj A I l ' wa gf' WP: 1 5 x ff 3 f "4 rf-xr-4' o ' '.,-' s y f,.- . . A , .,.. ,J-V. e J 1 n F x my K, . .ml . ' . PERSGNALITIES ,. N , , A, 1- - vm- 4 4 4 ,-I . ng " ' ' ' ' A -. . . .7'.g..:. .-Q I xv: W- -w-Q ,,- . -H 14 pzgwjef, -1. I mhz. A , Y .'. Representing high standards, Mr. and Miss I' AHHS earned the respect and admiration of I . . ' R' hx . d the entire student body. They were seniors S elected in the fall of each year. Qi -: :wr ' 'l , msg :f2'7rf'f Qualifying requirements included no grade be- low C and E's in citizenship each six weeks M' during the sophomore and junior years plus . outstanding qualities of leadership and service. Jackye Higb ., .4-vm 1 reii i 3 , L , I-.43 N ' a 2 i ,K ea. 1' l.v""'-, Jaekye and Jim Symbolize Lofty Ideals Head cheerleader, jackye Higby, proved her- self an outstanding leader and a hard worker. A finalist for Favorite in her sophomore year, jackye was then elected junior Favorite the following year. As a member of the Student Council for three years, she served as chair- man of both the Promotions and Decorations Committees. An honor student, Jackye received the "I" Club Award and the Leonard's Award. Vice-president in charge of membership of Allied Youth, she was also active in Young Citi- zen's Forum. Elected Sophomore and junior Favorite, jim served AHHS in varied activities. An end on the football squad, jim was chosen president of the "A" Club. He acted as treasurer of Young Citizen's Forum and actively participated in Allied Youth. Proving his scholastic ability, jim received a National Merit Letter of Commen- dation and was the recipient of the "I" Club and I.eonard's Awards. Honored as homeroom president for three years, jim also served as Co-Editor of the Yellow jacket during his senior year. Finalists Commended For Service 1' Ni' Cindy Willoughby Tommy Pigg Allied Youth participants, Cindy and Tommy merited the Club and Leonard's Awards. Experience as secretary of her homeroom and Junior Red Cross aided Cindy in her duty as secretary of the senior class. Student Councilman in charge of the Cards and Flowers Committee, Cindy was also a member of the Executive Com- mittee of Young Citizen's Forum and reigned as 1966-67 Homecoming Queen. Tommy, two year football letterman, acted as president of his home- room since his sophomore year. As a junior, Tommy was chosen second runner-up in the Allied Youth Beauty Contest. '-we NJ' Jill Levering Steve Tarlton Both jill and Steve achieved membership in the Club. As alternate cheerleader her senior year, jill assisted in boosting the spirit at Al-IHS. She was also a three year member of Allied Youth and Young Citizen's Forum and a recipient of the Leonard's Award. Elected by the seniors, jill served as class treasurer. Acting as Co-Captain of the football team, Steve was named All-District tackle for two years. He at- tained the Leonard's Award and contributed to the 1967 Yellow jacket as Sports Editor. For three years, Steve presided as the top officer in his homeroom. Spirited Cheerleaders Ignite Enthusiasm An explosion of eagerness and excitement roused students and faculty as they backed the fighting jackets. Yell leaders of 1966-67 success- fully sounded cries of "Echo" and "Beat" spur- ring the athletic teams to well-earned victories. Eligibility requirements for junior and senior positions included no grade below C in each subject for the six weeks period preceeding spring elections. The leaders could have no grade below E in citizenship for the two six weeks period preceeding election time. The sophomore cheer- leaders, elected in the fall, must have attained an E average in citizenship and at least a C average during the preceeding semester. The generous cooperation of sponsor, Miss Helen Hale, united the energetic efforts put forth by the squad. W v e- -, -, -V Lap. .. . , ii., i -1....--... f 42 Chris King Bobby Merrill Rita Downing Gary Reeves Curtis Carter J ackye Higby Alternates Janet Kauffmann Jeanne O'Brien Jill Levering Bobby Lukeman Byron Wallace Trent Saxton w l l 1 e , J Melissa Skiles Nick Patoski J 2 - 837591521 B 5, tl p J, M155 Helen Hale dnsplays hon 'on at cheerleading I I I r 43 Homecoming Royalty Cindy Willoughby Jean Hampton A smiling face expressed Cindy Willoughby's feeling of excitement as she was named Home- coming Queen for 1966-67. Escorted by former Student Body President, Tom Schieffer, Cindy was crowned during half-time at the Heights- 44 Sally Carpenter Paschal game. Sharing the spotlight with Cindy, as members of the first Homecoming Court, Jean Hampton and Sally Carpenter, accompanied the queen onto the field, escorted by ex-students Ted Fay and Ray Pomykall. ffl if Ranch Foreman and ueen Jean Hampton Selected Ranch Queen, Jean has ridden since she was six years old. Her horse, Goldie, is kept on a ranch in Lufkin, Texas, where she has en- tered barrel racing events. - gp N -' .Q ,.,., t',. 1 3 ' fffsftff J n l frag, :M.J,, L 5 ,- ,f- K ix "H W- 9 Fatwa .E e Q,4 ., . ,,,. ,A h ...,,,"x.4 x449 P I I - K , X We at if 'AQOQX 1 Q U g 'W 5 ff , X ' 4 a l' 52? t. "t" '.v : x,.1,r . :T wiv? 1 Most Friendl Rita Downing Displaying qualities of Congeniality and leader- ship, Rita represented Heights as senior cheer- leader and football queen and was also elected senior class vice-president. Fellow students recog- nized her for her ready smile and friendly manner. Clovis Miguel Meeting Heightsters with a friendly Brazilian "Hello", Clovis made the Good Neighbor Policy real to the Hill. A foreign exchange student, he participated in many activities demonstrating his enthusiastic school spirit. f 1 2 l 1 3 at fi I' il ' si2g,'4.'i. 3 lflwflklgrsxl :f 1.3 nm vile? . ' P' K Elks 1 2 S- ga ft! 1 egg' ., 1. lyfi aclgn' ?'1'!wv ,S 1 'ff ' ,gg J 'fb 5. 9' 2 all Rm ,uf in 9 2 4 Most Mary Lowdon An Texas avid tennis player, Mary ranked first in and 18th in the United States in 18 and under competition. Placing number one on the Junior Vlfightman Cup Team, Mary served as its captain. 7 af:- thletic Lee Hitt Letterman for two years, Lee was most active on the gridiron displaying distinguished ability as the jackets' defensive safety. Winning All- District honors in this position, he also played quarterback. Most Talented at , fi ii 4 1 Q ". .,:'.:-fir s 3 ,S Jihkal' Jan Haley Dan Dydek A song and dance Combined to make Jan'5 Vying for the Most Talented title, Dan per- routine a success. Having danced with the Fort fofmsd his Ofigmal dfllm C0mP05iti0f1, 'Dream Worth Ballet Association, she Choreographed her Befifn- A member Of the lab and marching arrangement. band, he has played the drums for six years. sew 269 .1 AQ 355, !"'b- ' . mc, t :si Q 1 -r ' 5 vw it L A f t it ,. . ,Q K. K X- 5' ,, A . KJV" tk, .xx -.-. 3 K 1 L . :X , -s. , X, I -in . - !,:'S - - 08.2. L44 -eg L -........, 4 .. Most Studious Angela Ambrose A two year Club and Leonard's Award member, Angie maintained a high scholastic average during her three years at Heights. The active senior was the recipient of the DAR Award and YI Personalities Editor. Mike Bomar Between his duties as co-captain of the football team and senior class president, Mike still found time for his studies. He was also a recipient of the "j" Club pin and a three year member of AY and YCF. . '-3 S -.N Most Beautiful Jean Hampton Chosen as Ranch Queen and a member of the 1966 Homecoming Court, jean was also a nomi- nee for Most Beautiful honors both her sopho- more and juH9r years. .. !nKV,W V v x K fx- t V mL Wd 1 ff:-s I SB'- . . 1.-f V G, 41458 J' U 4' 'laryffl 3? , "'Z933' MdWNWw f.-.ft ,,,, 1.1 1 ygfafu ftp f , bwWpWV -v .Wie-'vi , 7 ilqhsza. I " ' fs, 4'-,1hf'a'fLf, -1 , f,:- -.-sx..4,. " -zo. 'L-41 , U. A Jr. .suit A 'ja..,,g,, avg. Wwfmu Kaftan-wf 2' rf If if 34" 59:7 'Q Most Hand ome Jim Carden President of the Student Body, Jim quarter- backed the football squad as a second year let- terman. Elected a finalist in january, he was chosen Most Handsome at the Mostest Show. . , ,- ': 4. , ' ' . 0:56, I , fire L. I affix ruff. sig. ,,"' ff W g. uw" ,,,l. it Q.. .F 4, 35 fm. fi' . ,, ,. ?Vam .4 WWWQ qv, s .A i- ziikkgw, .V ,R 'Lv my .- 'v!':,- y . . s 2,65 25' Ka Q "rm - "1 1 , . ., --. A , 'K Ti? gfrviy ' pflr-fl , : g. - . NV ,B .gsm ' Y-.pit as Q. yt?-., . 4-:K ? , ,kj ,Q A3 ' - ' ' "'i'g'.,l:r5"'l Beautiful and Handsome Finalists Jill Levering Sally Carpenter Mike Bomar Tommy Pigg Students Receive Special Recognition DAR Out of three finalists chosen by the senior class, Angela Ambrose was selected by the faculty to receive the 1966 Daughters of the American Revolution Award. Qualifications for the award, which was based on dependability, service, leadership, and patrio- tism, included an 'E' average in citizenship and above-average grades in scholastic subjects. is "r G Angela Ambrose National Merit Finalists Jw Dv A trio of seniors, Roberta Crawford, David Mueller, and Jerry Poplin, qualified as Final- ists in the 1967 National 'Merit Scholarship Jerry Poplin David Mueller Roberta Crawford 52 Program. Ratings on the College Entrance Exam- ination Board and the National Merit Qualifying Test, taken last spring, were matched with aca- demic and citizenship grades and personal recom- mendations. All State Orchestra Dan Dydek Competing for a position in the All State Sym- phonic Orchestra, Dan auditioned on the snare drums in the regional tryouts at Arlington. Record- ings were made and sent to Houston for final judging. Dan was then named to the All State Symphony, but was unable to attend the clinic and concert in Houston. All State Band Mike Morrison Having played the bassoon in the jacket Band for three years, Mike traveled to Houston in February for the final selection in All-State Band competition. There he made first chair in the Symphonic Band for the second year. He also participated in the Texas Music Educators As- sociation Grand Concert on February 11. 'KN f , ,fi Q. ff , J ,I 4 Karl 8 . .. . c,,,..,. . af., ,y 1: S 2 '4 eats" it-'ST 'W ft we Q.: 6. . 1 .. Science Chris Tomlinson Nominated by Principal john B. Sharp, Chris was chosen as the Arlington Heights delegate to the National Youth Conference on the atom. The conference, sponsored by Texas Electic Company, was held in Chicago in October. In order to qualify, Chris had to show an active interest in the field of science and also a plan to continue his scientific study. 53 r.a,t .r1 a JE? as 3 Seniors ualify for ho's Who Honors On the basis of service, leadership, and schol- arship throughout their three years at Heights, fourteen seniors were named to Who's Who. -, -Q-...F 4, .,, ., . - '.fs'.,g.4 A- . Eligibility was based on all E's in citizenship 3.4 ' and no grade below C by six weeks periods in academic subjects for three years. Seniors must have maintained a B average in all subjects for gil' that period. ' Service and leadership qualities were deter- 4 V x 110 .A . mined by nominations from organization faculty sponsors. Seniors voted on the final ballot. -M?fZ,4'S ' gg . .5 -., H v SCJ!! 'R'-fr - - A ...ff 'Q if ' ' , . -Q . '- V T-,,.,r Q , f . ., , , ' -' ff' in 5 1.-ffifii Q V ,gf fri: . S .4 f . . 5 i A, ,, , , ..1-, . v - .. i ,S , , - i A- ' ..'V 3,111 ji f r'g, y ' 5 I .ws ggi., 'I . . 'Y " K -K.. ' fiyqk' ' ",f,3 " , 1'T"f' - W . Q QQ 3 V . ,fggg A 5 93.15 ii. ali.. Y: y i A -t N, , , , . A S fi 14: ' H . PNA, 2 yrs., President Homeroom Officer, 3 yrs. J Club, 2 yrs. Leonard's Award, 2 yrs. junior Favorite Finalist Q-.3 aa. Richard Marietta YCF, 3 yrs. AY, 3 yrs. Lab Assistant , Jciuis in " if YJ Representative Marching and Concert Band Squad Leader Letter and Sweater Award Governors Committee on Public School Education 54 Barb Mann AY, 3 yrs. Executive Committee YFC, 5 yrs., Secretary Nurses Assistant Counseling Assistant Student Council Secretary Bill Ratliff Football, 3 yrs. UA" Club Student Council J Club, 2 yrs. Leonards Award, 2 yrs Lab Assistant AY, 3 yrs. i A fa Angela Ambrose DAR Award Most Studious Yeffou' fucks! Personalities Editor Homeroom Secretary J Club Leonard's Award, 2 yrs Dean's Assistant AY, 3 yrs. AY Representative YFC, 3 yrs. FTA Jim Richards Mr. AHHS "A" Club, 2 yrs. President Football Letterman YFC, 3 yrs. Executive Committee, 2 yrs, Treasurer AY, 3 yrs. Yellow ffzrkel Staff, 3 yrs, Co-Editor National Merit Letter of Commendation Sophomore Favorite Junior Favorite Homeroom President, 3 yrs. I Club, 2 yrs. Leonards Award, 2 yrs. l' 1 John Mastenbrook Sophomore Alternate Cheerleader Red Cross, 2 yrs. AY, 2 yrs. Swimming Team National Merit Letter of Commendation Leonards Award J Club Sportsmanship Commtitee YCF Whois Who Deb. Mann Counseling Assistant, 3 yrs. Student Council, 3 yrs. Socials Committee Chairman AY, 3 yrs. Vice-Presidentrof Projects and Finances YCF, 3 yrs. Vice-President Leonards Award, 2 yrs. I Club, 2 yrs. an t , l M if ma 5 l -it-W' X David Ammons jacket jamvml Staff Managing Editor Literary Magazine Staff National Engineering Scholarshil- Candidate Student Handbook Committee Red Cross Counseling Assistant I Club Leonard's Award YCF AY, 3 yrs. F 'A ff ga .Y :Qi 'N E EE. 0 hui Ng iyaar . f'-V ig .Tfm""i 1 , .. I 3 s Ewan-i J ackye Higby Miss AHHS Cheerleader, 3 yrs. Head Cheerleader Junior Favorite Sophomore Favorite Finalist AY, 3 yrs. Executive Committee Membership Vice-President Student Council, 3 yrs. Promotions Committee Chairman Decorations Committee Chairman YCF, 3 yrs. J Club, 2 yrs. Leonard's Award, 2 yrs. 1. 5. i l l s 2, ,"' ff Cindy Willoughby Homecoming Queen Miss Al-IHS Finalist Senior Class Secretary Student Council Cards and Flowers Committee Chairman Junior Red Cross Secretary YCF, 3 yrs. Executive Committee AY, 3 yrs. Tarrant County Youth Council, 3 yrs. Homeroom Secretary, 3 yrs FNA Dean's Assistant J Club Leonards Award, 2 yrs. Randy Ray his 7' ' I ' fa 3' Baseball Letterman, 2 yrs. 5 "A" Club V' Red Cross, 2 yrs. I Club, 2 yrs. Leonard's Award, 2 yrs. AY ea a.:..t"'Q-una he r 1' David Mueller YCF, 3 yrs. Math Club Band, 3 yrs. Librarian Orchestra, 5 yrs. All City Orchestra, 3 yrs. J Club, 2 yrs. Leonard's Award, 2 yrs. National Merit Finalist X Sharon Verbryke Student Council, 2 yrs. Secretary Horneroom Secretary, 2 yrs. AY, 3 yrs. Executive Committee YCF, 3 yrs. I Club, 2 yrs. Leonards Award, 2 yrs. jacks! fflllflllll Staff Literary Magazine Staff Yellow jacket Staff, 3 yrs. Homeroom Representative ,ai -it in X es. 5 X 'wk' 'wi 'f tw.. ......g S. ." 'e 41 X , .g .ft . t fl. A .L A 'X Senior Favorites 'V Sharon Verbryke Student Body Secretary, Sharon received the J Club and Leonard's Awards. An active member of Allied Youth and Young Citizen's Forum, she served on the Yellow ffzcket and literary magazine staffs. Larry Ivey A two year member of the Student Council, Larry acted as Elections Committee Chairman. He was a recipient of the J Club Award and a. football letterman for two years. Junior Favorites Sheila Dillard A Young Citizen's Forum and Allied Youth participant, Sheila was named 1965 Howdy Queen by fellow students. Serving as sophomore alter- nate cheerleader, she was also elected the sopho- mores favorite. i Q k Mark Angle Active in Allied Youth and a member of the executive board, Mark was a delegate to the In- ternational AY Conference in Nova Scotia. As a sophomore, he was elected class favorite. .ei t ' at Y . it .i.,.....- Har' 1: ,Q fi fjggiaiii New 'Vik l 4 x at ' 'W' - ia K f i Sophomore Favorites My Chris King Serving as homeroom secretary, Chris was se- lected 1966 Howdy Queen during Howdy Week this fall. Leading the yells as sophomore cheer- leader, she was also a member of Allied Youth. Nick Patoski Elected sophomore cheerleader by the student body in the fall, Nick was a member of Allied Youth and Young Citizerfs Forum. He was also his homeroom's Red Cross representative. Y i Waxguo Stflaf "KX 2 "..,,mL Six Capture Finalist Titles J 1 I Senior Barb Mann Senior Tommy Pigg Junior Tommy Cropper , 'SOI' if . ff? I ,,1.--6-H J i N Sophomore Suzanne Ball Junior DeAnn McKinley '- 'uf' --if-I' , f :ff Sophomore Bob Ratliff 63 64 ATHLETICS Tig . ww S ,BV '4 5 .. ., -. , '1- if.. , 4 N, K. ...f.:f,'i ' ' ' '12 T 'wsu' -,bu v Pg ny: 3 -1 'f.A1lvf?9 .W ,ij Gi 9' ff. 5 . Fins l 2 5 5. 5- f wr-,f , .JH Qfif : i .,-...L 5 ..f ' '-N-A---.....". ,- . Q - - K. : -1 ' 2 g , ' f K . k .Y X NT gigs f '- ,Viv-1 . 1 ri ,rv I . R . t . l '. Vw.-f' , -' - 1: i . ' Lee Hitt's helmet is jerked from his head as he returns a punt in the Carter game. 66 ....-,, FOOTBALL SEASON RECORD AHHS ............ 28 AHHS... ...6 AHHS... .. 8 AHHS... ..24 AHHS... ....21 AHHS... ....15 AHHS... ..12 AHHS... ...14 AHHS... .. 8 White ..... . . . 0 McCallum .... 7 Richfield . . . . . 31 Samuell . .. . . 27 Carter . . . . 7 Poly . . . . . 8 Tech . . . . . 19 Paschal... ...O EHHS . . . . 23 V -1,.,,."'w .1 .QUFJQ vegw'wWe5,"1- ..:.1Qg.g.5i,25 . gff,?. .. K Ja v ial: A X., 1 .3 , :.,,,3.3.Eg?Kmra, , -5, I, 53: 43 A , .wi ,, ,, ,.: I I ? gi lll, .W -Q , Y 55 my S ' , WM ,V ef -gs, M-..1pm.,g ep af 31-1-.,., 'f 'R' ,ii V f Hsnfgiiwl 'e l f '-f::5f.g...s' 1 ' - :'i:?f:1uL?.Q ,,QZ'."T:2.+.g --.J 1 A 1 Q i5QE'ff71'PYme fl "'Fgk5i,'g' ,x f' Q" 1 'ff L . v A QL - .:'. . wr' - 2 in -- -yu ..f'5....f!A 5 ' ,L I "J-3"'7.l" . .fy ,'""' G '.fw? 4,'gfk,14,:,, c W - , ' ' " : : " f 1 -: .ei -m. , .,-V W 4 f ' Q' W faLTge,fT" , 7 fsgii' ff 3 . - e f ax 'qfifw 1 ' jfwg Yeti 2 5' -'bf' ' W - . K ' , -2, . , A rv, x M 514 ' .. 7 "'.:L-iiiggij' e' 4 ,gf eg' 7 A A, , iefffEW.fff'rs.fffiwr, -Nm. 5' , . , rx be .3 'Ls --W fa ar. 7 .V .3 '. J ,U b b, :ff-l n QS'-1ff2gZ5v fm ' - .. r1,.g.,.w ,fqk . A ,A ., f. fivilx .rq'f" awk-: J -,:""5' 429' ,v1+i':'gg1ig3 i?fJ.'7'f f'.'Q'kif ly - . P ,, ' wa' i i' I w ww : -' A if A A I if 5- is-v-."'5M" 92-1?-in 'e ' XW4. 1 ' ' - ' ' -D " G :''X Q-f,.3JQ1 L- '. W.. f . , 1 ' ,rp ' gg: :'-I.,g:"f L' MQW ,xg ' M., lv, I .-1 M. . .1 ft ' 'li -1 ' " gf -.x E, e 7,3 'Y . W: 1 iz .wr- xi f A 7 X QF Lil 31 3 sig? 1 Ji W , f-4 21 9' Z4 qiftqgi x Q. J M X X , I M5 " ' 1 X f .5 'F J A i!' w . ef - ' Q as r , 4' , Tap I gk r, 1 ,K rn 'I e . ' C , 14 if5','1'1,ffGf31 fy 1. gp. 5 ,'lRO i 1- Q. T glilfxiffif 1.7554 gf .: fl-rm. ee :J ,,,g:.: .. WG ' I 1 A-. ? item N- a'2i,3v55,, ,gf wut' i Xa, Na LMA? ffsgl' 3 x ,.r W Vibe -gy kv- yi Q71- J 'w,,fi:'1, .s, .,.' ,., .r Q 2. f ,W : "+I i"fe':-':'?i't- Tw, F gina 2 ' Q.. fZ.T'QVyQ13' i : 1 if -5.4: 1 v . f's...'a.r fs iw: f'-f. "7 Q-f .-A like wwf 25: L ,i ' i :.r.,n.:w .' '-'val ' If- . D 'lA ,, J. V -Ql'3g.41f..1 - 4 5 ...rar-wtaee? Wa,.g2?fef . -f 2 1.5. .3:':'fi.': was -'-"1..'e:'f:'- di-4-xg'H-W4-, Fi .WX www v4.f.r.1gSf.--": :Q,.T35:v5g."vfr.TE, gy. gi: pr''.q-'w""f'eri,?Nq:,. .Mfg-,w,rif. 5-K-,4r.gp4.:r.3f'4-r,q,.:3.:fE-fa.-xS1: We 4: JF.. R,-312' aff up ""w i aaa:-islam '- .' 133- "1 ...' "' .1 f 4. 4. Si., .M . le.. NX ,w..v1-...,...-f,.6-Mi vw, .., +-5, A., , ,,. f .1e1..,3z::w?'-:.z:fg151- -,gf ' ::wfa:?f2:::W'. A155443 .46,'.T' A V: v 'ja' '. ".m'2? -.3 . I : fi-fi 5 V 4. .iv - V' if A :elm-Y 1- 51 Y ' E.. MIf?nl'l.4-5236'u':1it2Mk.i+.:tif,-fi? FOOTBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW: Steve Horton, Larry Ivey SECOND ROW: Bryan jones, Web Lowder THIRD ROW: Richard Cather, Mike Leech FOURTH ROW: Walter Waechter, Tommy Langdon BACK ROW: John Jackson, Charlie Wheeler D -. s, 'Nl fra iii' Uv, . - Heights Reaches Second Berth in 4A 5 With a 5-5 season record, the Yellow jackets terminated district play in second position be- hind Eastern Hills. After winning over Dallas W.T. White 28-0, the 4A-5 defending champions suffered consecutive losses to Austin McCallum, Waco Richfield, and Dallas Samuell. The jackets then smashed three district foes, . ,,,, - , , , , ,. Carter, North Side, and Poly, before being up- set by a powerful Trimble Tech squad, 12-19. The Blue and Gold' rebounded, however, to destroy arch rival Paschal, 14-0. jacket hopes for the district crown disintegrated in the loss to Eastern Hills. ,M .. , '., rv L an , , , . .'. A ,. .YQ , , .v . -ru mfg.,-as, s, , ,.- -nr 'RONT ROW Robert Botts, Howard Moore, Ronnie Zink, Tommy Sargent, Bill Ratliff, Tommy Pigg, jim Carden, Jimmy Turner Bruce Wilkinson Gary Albin Mark Wattier, Ricky Cohen. FOURTH ROW: Tommy Kimbro, Eddie Stevens, Clancy Dunigan Mike ECOND ROW Rob Pierson, Lee Hitt, Mike Hays, Mike Horn, jimmy Carr, Mike Bomar, Guy Arseneau, Ronnie Humphreys jim Cozby Campbell Bill Holden, David Livingston. BACK ROW: Jeff Eddy, Mark Schneider, Gene Hemphill Bryan McMahon HIRD ROW Mike Hopkins, Danny Guidice, Max Colburn, Dean Lovett, Bill Lemond, Sam Martin, Steve Tarlton, Jim Richards. N3 U sh... Place kicker Gary Bamwell boots one of his many successful points M ' after touchdowns against Paschal. Preseason Casts Shadow on District I 1 if Q.: ' ' 3 f 'Y ' ' W-' , : 1-W-waxes", f i ' - t X, 5 Tiff-f - - :E A ' -Nw., ' s. ' fs . ,. - we s-. .f . 5535 is 2 f 'sa' s c - Q 'T 5 W1 -'s' a L - r - " " Q . , ' ' :Q,g "wQ:" V 4 s 1 :?!,fgi' ,,,, W 1 ' K r 4331 A 4 fuk, 6 fijzv- , ' I ,. I ai 'Q V f ' 1 i ch Q . f V , I fx, Fullback Ronnie Humphreys dives over guard Larry Ivey to score against North Side. 68 Halfback Mike Hayes fleftj and Ronnie Humphreys, fullback, block for ball carrier Mike Horn. Ends Mike Hopkins, Tommy Pigg, and Eddie Stevens set up in offensive and defensive stances. Lee Hitt 1115, Rob Pierson C835 and Mike Bomar f64J gang-tackle a Samuell halfback 4255 for short yardage. Hulfback Walter Waechter injures his ankle on a three yard gain against Samuell. -B Nr.. A IQ aggzagpc-vlwukyjl -V' W . 'Zfl ' 'He R-in 'ff it a sn-K .. s,.z ' Quarterback Jim Carden eludes a would-be tackler as he attempts a pass to Eddie Stevens f88j. Halfback Clancy Dunigan strains for a pitchout in the Paschal game. Halfback Howard Moore exhibits position of flanker to ends Jim Richards and Rob Pierson. 1,12 4,5-TC" .,. , ' f A ,4- ,L wif X 1 ne: i . ir.,'v-1-fsrws: l l Passer Jim Carden is protected by half- back Clancy Dunigan, fullback Bryan Jones, and halfback Walter Waechter. Hitt Heads Defense, Star Honor Roll in l f . .priinf ' Maafaaitf? xN'w.-city.: 1 h ifesf Tackles Max Colburn and Bill Lemond demonstrate three and four point stances. er'5'Qff?C:A ,V Paschal Falls From Heights, 14-O ,M 4, 5 A ,Gi i X .M r Fullback Bryan Jones scores late in the fourth quarter of the North Side game to make the tally 28-7. Defensive halfback Lee Hitt intercepts a pass on his own twenty yard line in the Waco Richfield game. 72 at gf Defensive guards Sam Martin ffront leftj and Guy Arseneau ffront rightj prepare to fire out as Mike Bomar, Larry Ivey, and Mike Carr drill as linebackers. QNX, jk A yn , M27 , . hx , 7 ' gy . ' ' V ' "WP , N Y MM' A ' - ,rn Q X -f - 2 17 Y, ' ll i, . W '. I .. "' '1 . x Linebackers Tommy Langdon 1651 and john jackson f67J assume linebacker positions behind guards Tommy Kixnbro, Bill Ratliff, and Bill Holden. 73 CB, Teamers Finish Third in District 49 Y 'M K ij 1 A m if - -au - , ,fi - An EHHS tackler lunges for fullback Pat Miller as he scnmpers across the goal line. Halfback Kim Robinson stiff-arms a Highlander tackler for a short gain. ,, O Q w , 'of , sn. 'x v W.: To Q Yi ifi . 4 1-5, . f :.'f" F' , xpk-'Nw 'G Halfback Tom Harper evades pursuing tacklers in the 20-0 victory over Eastern Hills. 74 The junior jackets ended an otherwise success- ful season with a 20-6 loss to Paschal. Before winning two of their first three non-district games, the "Little Eleven" fell to Grand Prairie. They handed a triple dose of defeats to dis- trict opponents Carter, North Side and Poly. A strong Tech offense killed pennant hopes, 20-18. The Highlander "B" team lost on the "A" field, and the defeat by Paschal completed the season. SEASON RECORD AHHS ...... 0 Grand Prairie. .14 AHHS ...... 21 Castleberry 6 AHHS ...... 10 Haltom ...... 0 AHHS ...... 20 Carter ....... 6 AHHS ...... 20 North Side 6 AHHS ...... 14 Poly ......... 0 AHHS ....,. 18 Technichal . . . 20 AHHS ...... 22 Eastern Hills . . . 0 AHHS ...... 6 Paschal ...., 28 VOLLEYBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW: Vicki Hedge, Elaine Cole- man, Wynn Cooper, Jo Anne Low- ery. BACK ROW: jane Gober, Betsy Walker, Joanne Morris, Becky Brown, Dianne Tinsley, Donna Baker, Terry Morse, Mari- lyn Hemphill, Penny Ritch, Gail Connor, Pam Turner, Beth Bryan, iGIC spikes City Volleyball Title Although the sports curriculum of the club l greatly varied, the basic interest of the Girls' Intramural Council lay in volleyball. With dili- gent weekly practices under the supervision of Mrs. Martha Austin and Miss Joan Oliver, the team pocketed its first city championship in five 1 years. l Besides volleyball, members learned funda- mentals of basketball, tennis, softball, and volley- tennis. Outstanding girls received letters at the end of the year, ,-'ilu ' ' T if 5 " , 3 if A 1 , e--rm it : A I , " L S i 3:6 1! C Q 4 5, LQ? p pp X ' fl, -ei , A . 'Q' ' ' " U... new : - li ALL CITY VOLLEYBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW: Elaine Coleman, Vicki Hedge. BACK ROW: Wynn Cooper, Becky Brown, jo Anne Lowery. Wynn Cooper sets up a spike for Vicki Hedge Snr, Q BOYS' TENNIS TEAINIZ FRONT ROW: Mike Smith, Terry Small SECOND ROW: Johnny Williams, Kenny McMillan, David Rutledge THIRD ROW: Billy Gupton, Richard Meehan, George Cargill t A 5 I ?' ff'-feifww wwf. x . 5 ug ,fp .HK Inf,-gkvex,-ar, .5 GIRLS' TENNIS TEAM: I FRONT ROW: Mary Ellen Settle, Sissy Sewell, jean Hampton, Suzy Ross SECOND ROW: Wynn Cooper, Vicki Hedge, Laura Anthony, Emily Morrill, Nancy O'Neall THIRD ROW: Mary Lowdon 76 if, P1 'S 'ICQ Returning Netmen Bolster Team Led by two returning teams of district doubles champions, the 1966-67 tennis squad began preparation for another year of competition. Defending state champions johnny Vlilliams and Kenny McMillan gained valuable experience at the Sugar Bowl matches in New Orleans. Girls doubles team, seniors Vicki Hedge and Laura Anthony, attempted to retain the title won last year by Vicki and Wynn Cooper. junior Mary Lowdon, runner-up in the 1966 singles competition, remained a top contender for the district title this year, Johnny Williams smashes an overhead lob as Kenny McMillan follows the ball Earle, Lex Brown 78 Golfers on Course Toward istrict Completing the 1966 season second only to Paschal, the golf team battled other Fort Worth groups for this year's district title and a chance to compete in a special Dallas tourney. STEVE BUFORD In pre-district matches the team played against Wichita Falls Ryder, Brownwood High, and var- ious Oklahoma clubs. Captain Vaughn Clark and sponsor Ronald Fontenot both expressed great confidence in their determined teammates. VAUGHN CLARK TERRY THOMAS GOLF TEAM: FRONT ROW: Tommy Smith Bill Royer Carey SECOND ROW: Mike Spurgeon Kyle Yeates, Deal Hudson, George Pulido, john Beatty, Terry Thomas BACK ROW: Steve Buford, Curtis Dulaney, Don Schilder, Vaughn Clark, Eddie Hardesty K - CURTIS DULANEY DON SCHILDER ,Q 'X BASKETBALL TEAM: john Mclnnis, Roger Williams, Ronnie Overbeek, David Geeslin, Mike Simmons, jimmy Carden, Scott McDaniel, Mark Wattier, Tracy Wilmoth, Mike Corder, Ronnie Crummell, Charlie jenkins. Jacket Cagemen Shoot, Miss District Title Rebounding from a 6-8 preseason record, thi Yellow jackets captured a tie with Eastern Hill for second place in district play. Highlight o preseason combat was the Lions Club Tourna ment in which the cagers brought home the con solation championship trophy. After defeating Paschal, 54-53, the jackets lost to Poly to finisl third in the first half. The second half endec with a 4-2 record and a tie with EHHS for sec ond place. Because of her interest in the team, Paigi Kelly was crowned Queen at the pep rally befori the Paschal game by team captain Tracy Wil moth. BASKETBALL SEASON RECORD FIRST HALF AHHS ....... 59 EI-IHS .. AHHS .....,. 64 Tech .... AHHS ....... 79 North Side AHHS ....... 50 Carter . . . AHHS .,..... 54 Paschal .. AHHS ....... 57 Poly .... SECOND HALF AHHS ....... 45 EHHS .. AHHS ....... 59 Tech .... AHHS ....... 64 North Side AHHS ....... 83 Carter . . . AHHS ....... 68 Paschal .. AHHS ....... 66 Poly .... Coach johnny Dickerson frightj and Assistant Coach Mike Richardson explain the second-half strategy against Carter. 80 Senior Ronnie Overbeek U01 leads the jacket five into third period play against Poly. -XJ L4 ,Jig -1, .:?,, "5 Attempting to shoot, Scott McDaniel is tied by PaschaI's james Matthews 1125. Sophomore Charlie jenkins pivots to dribble past Paschals jack Thompson f13j. 8l "Wattier, if you mn as hard as your nose does gripes coach johnny Dickerson. l"f l'f,'f?f!,YBnEl4ZL S Y k,.-A, Z Tech's Raymond Brown reaches to block Mike Simmons's drive for a goal. Ronnie Overbcck UOJ attempts in vain to stop a Paschal l.1y-up, Ronnie Crummel U35 leaps to block n Paschal pass. E ----'?3 3 ,l": X 7 'I -Y: 1. va Sophomores Take Timely Second Making a quick drive into Poly territory, Ken Gire sets his sights on two points. 84 John Gage goes high in a lay- up attempt against Poly. B TEAM BASKETBALL SEASON RECORD FIRST HALF AHHS ...... 40 EI-IHS . . . AHHS ...... 53 Tech ..... AHHS ...... 41 North Side AHHS ,..... 46 Carter .... AHHS ...... 51 Paschal . . . AHHS ...... 52 Poly . . . SECOND HALF AHHS ...... 49 EHHS . . , AHHS ...... 62 Tech ..., AHHS ...... 57 North Side AHHS ,....... 59 Carter . . . AHHS ...... 57 Paschal . . . AHHS ...... 63 Poly . . . Jody Ambrose grabs the re- bound from an unsuccessful shot by a Carter player. Mike Malone executes a back dive in pike position. 4 2 .. i, , . M N J, ' ' l"":'3:'. 1 11' ' ' ee f ., , .yew 'rf -.dp ee X tw -A---if +'+'r't"" S feCfff,f.'ff2i2.' - vigil 1-+ ef- F' ' ' ff 'iff "?55'ge1i'!7 'S i lj..-4 V- I .1 , 1, A., -ew . .., , , . Q , t , t,. .. 135' V' as 4 i M 7' '74 "" 7 L I 1 . . 1 ' ' A" I --,:'. V1 . " ' "'ff'fn..'a.'M' SWIMMING TEAM: FRONT ROW: John Masren. ,555 it .51 tG ,J brook, Ronnie Mills. BACK ROW: Mike Malone, Dan- . -7 ' Y -,f,.T"::Q?2f,f.lf V N HY Mmhy' Qgfiz.-c . 'fx ' Four Splash to Fourth in State v. ,,k'-- 1 wil Composed of only four students and competing against 48 of the best teams in the state, the AHHS swim team grabbed a fourth place in the University of Texas High School Boys' In- vitational Meet in Austin. Mike Malone, John Mastenbrook Qleftj, Ron- nie Mills, frightj, and Danny Murphy fbelowj placed in five events. Malone, a junior, took first in the one-meter diving while John Mastenbrook, senior, placed fourth in the 50-yard free-style and fifth in the 100-yard breaststroke. Ronnie Mills grabbed a second in the 100-yard back stroke and third in the 200-yard individual medley. it i 2 l 3 1 " X Wil? , img? Q 7 ' .. K sr ff, pl!!! Maelin Assumes aseball Leadership S 6. ,ff vga: '44 -Q 86 With memories of the Austin finals still fresh on their minds, members of the state quarter- finalist baseball team and new players under- went the change in tactics and strategy brought by new coach Roland Maclin. jacket basemen worked in vigorous preseason practices preparing for Abilene, Cleburne, Cas- tleberry, and Richland. District play started March 28 against Trimble Tech at Trinity Field. Seven returning lettermen sparked Heights possibilities. All-state outfielder Roger Williams again provided a stable segment of the batting attack. Pitching capability was seen in lettermen Eddie Stevens and Earl Wallace. Third baseman Jack Bertram, shortstop Ab Jenkins, and first baseman Randy Ray supplied needed experience in the infield. Eddie Stevens delivers pitch in preseason game against Diamond Hill, N-4 g FRONT ROW: Tom Butler, Web Loxvder, Mike Horn, Mike Gill, Jimmy Torres. SECOND ROW: Max Dever, Glenn Kelley, Herman Downe, Ronnie Nelson, Randy Ray, THIRD ROW: Coach Roland Maclin, Mike Hays. FOURTH ROW: jack Bertram, Roger Williams, Bryan jones, Richard Cather, Lee Hitt, Ernie Reeves, Earl Wallace. FIFTH ROW: Tommy Lockwood, Stewart Schopmeyer, Charlie jenkins, Eddie Stev- ens, Howard Harrell. SIXTH ROXW: Bill Dever, Ah jenkins, Bill Bean, Scott Kellerman, Greg Vincent. BACK ROW: Randy McCord, jimmy james. Pitcher Earl Wallace demonstrates his form to newcomer Bill Dever, x. ,J- ., K K xjhr Q I t . . ,QY IQN H ' ' - , I If : A .- I rv 'f-.if.sQi .1, 3. it N Am fil ti K M t n n T if - s ry? s limi. s 1 A 'P s x . in H l"" S -I .:"'f.-f-1 .Q 1 ' 4 r ,, 'TEV ' K is . Xi 1 "l.l' , X Ia' -l u 5 , r get . , We 2 sz? N , N Qfgg-,fha . , rr 'f ., ' . , .V il lbw, , , at 3 - - SQL W --w,f1fE'?..'- ,.1--931-zfiizwrg ' ' ' r gy: 7 nr, .x'7?3l5i'55'iwf.l,'-'w 3-gif' :lj ' 'Q , . ' fl i A Qs -K, f ' c sf-Q-v'-'-f- Q 1.1 ,-W - E 5 r-'Q ff ff1P" w f QQ TM ...f 1 Outfielder Roger Williams smashes a line drive in batting practice as catcher Richard Cather backs him or ff ,ts A, ' ' v Q M ' , x , V V mia J., ' lube Mike Horn takes a short nap as Jimmy Torres fields a fly ball. I Randy Ray stretches for the ball in an attempt to put iout base-runner Mike Gill at first. ' Dynamic Coaching Duo Revives Batmen A pair of firsts worked to improve Heights y is Ay ,,, Q baseball: the advent of an organized 'B' baseball '- 't't 'jg px, ,,.a1r' K ,r y team to ballast the Ship of State, and a combina- E' ' A j A tion of the coaching talents of veteran Homer, f U ' 2 K X Ludiker and rookie Johnny Dickerson. E K Q t . 'w w , I i Workouts beginning only a week before the 'V 5 if . 'Q l first game with Diamond Hill, the younger ,Q i A!" . ., ii , 4 wiv-e f.n- , jackets showed their ability to form a tea.m ef- U A l ,Q g, , fort in a short time. The team's district games coincided with those of the varsity. vigil Q f X Pitcher Mark Wattier concentrates on the catcher's i mitt during his delivery. Q Q- twiki-,fi A 5 A 1 Y!! .ku5L.t .' ., , i A V1 f me s a ,mah-','.. - .1 ' g , w 1 3 F- is f f 't ft. is at FQ- A f " f '- 4-' " ' i. . f y . i fn-.J by r- fi E '1r+1Fssl::f'a - - A .i 4 is Y -f2f"'-?.- F , XV" ..p,.'1 n j ., ' f lp L 553- i . ' Mil r v Qi ff' c wr A 1 - A i l i X ,,, t f 1 X , gtg", - if hx X ., 5, H X -,-rang, V J v .sf y, 1' i it 5 " , xl p w - ' .15 Q f-'--"ie-fii1i,: -- .si ' - 'sri - - , 4 2-1 4, -a . ..-- v ' f raw -ri-4 i , ras r,,t ' .i ff . i -N5 'ei -.. "'5.,i:I5f ,Ll - - ir. 14 ' QW . " "'?'9"f ?ag533'pi,',"-- ' - ,lg1!"' 4'-,,"5?fZH1'L- , -"4 ' Catcher Jacky Akin makes the tag on - . -fat r9lZ,,i.-an - . . . AfmMvPf3fi'g.f " ' - . 'mwig john Perkins Q45 at home plate. 88 Priddy, alker N With the graduation of several anchoring team aembers and the introduction of new track coach vferlin Pridy and assistant Dale Walker, the 1967 indermen rebounded for a successful season. Approximately V 50 members elected seniors Dwight Holden and Richard Brigham co-captains or the year. jacket trackmen grabbed second place behind 'aschal in the Will Rogers Indoor Games and garticipated in meets against Abilene Cooper, Pallas Hillcrest, and in the Kimball Relays. l Run Track 3. lx are -I ' lf 'wi . 12 ' f C A N V ., , V A ' t , n ' 151124 I ' V,V?1 ,E i l .u.n... . - ' ' Larry Hendrickson, Keith Hufnagle and Craig Lightfoot vault their way to success. ii K .4- .- . 3,3 4 , R of " P3 I -- ' f ton, X 1 .. Q-'V A Q . 5 , Ava 4,9 V ,NV - f ,' ,PA f X Q V -:Q ug x S ,., , if . km, Two: ' ' -m "' 1,5 Va-fr -LV, 5 TWU Siyljv' .SV fx .,,, V V ,.V.mV,'A5,., ', Q3 ' A If r 5 xt, V V: .,,. ,Lg '33, ' it 1 '14 ,XX R ' J T Q . is ..--V . ,J f fi -" t I I C' Y r r . X ,V., ev '91 if -'auf i C ' T ' -, .50 , ' W X H- 'uf 'SX .'T " V '. - r, . F Q- - ' fl ' A-'- " ' "W" , , 3. T ff' lb' vt' 9. ff ffm. s ,Y Y: ', LZ if AM.. Q L " " , 9' mr . 'ff .E -W SJ V., r - ,- X ef at r ,ur M-., -if c ta . 4-5 : - "' S ' 4 f ., j T 1 'v tvv jg., -.df Q K .I f c Q V V. NJ V ' , Q V s. AMC' V , f QV VV , V -1 AQ . " I H if ' KT i i ' tr A X: ---'H .tw a ' . lt i Q- . 1, -fi , , - T E t 1- fxffur 4 1 r yn V' V 7 ,' Q. 3 X, N? e 5' 1' L N Q I ,ak r' .. , k ' X 'V 1 V V ray, wt Q ff . , ,fm 1 . 3 , , , - Y ,, . Q t ,V X . W h ,Q.,,.M, fl- lf' li ' e . w l""-, g sa, ' 'J ' V LQ Ca e . H -,L A "tif, v 5 7 91 W . rf' N, . .1-,,,,.1 - 'her'-l' 'gf-Q v f Q. X . ,, -4, ,VJ k V 53 . it i A I+ ! 'rf ',fl. -, ,. 4 QWTV 5' V ,, ,,'.f,, t 4 ,RV JMLV4, "Hg . T 1 1 ,ga-mi' . V V ff jig, , ' . x51 -'.f' ,S "Q---. V , wk Vx.,1g:,k. ,. , UI A xx L, 4 ' 4 V - 'fit "' ' ' if ' .' f1w:'f'.f ew. , as . .,,w.'i1...-,, . . .T i .1 t ., -, 1 .,A:i., ,LV .lip V. , W W .. r " ,, an 5 W, ' ' f"f1e7. r A' lr. X 4 ,JV-7:5 MA: 'V "V ,ra -im. V VV. 1, G ' i '.. s. N ., , it -WL. . rf . ln .-ggi., k .di 4 5 N,- FRACK TEAM: FRONT ROW: Terry Ragland, Larry Norman, Preston ... . Lovett, Walter Waechter, Mike Leech, Brad Hayes, Trent Saxton, Walker iobinson, Pat Stovall, Frank Tyler, Craig Lightfoot, Keith Hufnagle, Gilbert Sarcia, John McKittrick, Larry Cloer, Bill Dunkin, Mike Simmons, Jack aynes, Richard Brigham, Doug Parker, Bobby Brewster, Danny Young, iteve Tarlton, Greg Borgeson. MIDDLE ROW: David Hardwick, Wayne Jichols, Steve Howard, Harry Friedman, David Reber, Gene Hemphill, Dean Norvell, Bill Tidwell, Robert Earle, john Kliarsky, Wayne Sturdy, Buster ROye. BACK ROW: Tom Martin, Alden McCall, Eric Hillaker, Mike Poyner, Chris Arlington, David Brandt, Bobby McNeely, Kim Robinson, Pat Miller, Mike Phillips, Bill Devore, Larry Hendrickson, john Bridges, Dwight Holden, jimmy Turner, Robert johnson, A. I. McCurley. xg! L at Egg? ' 4 . X 'A 4 t f'3' .t lstss t i x Q ,J 'U ' f J, s I f wilt' t ' ' W4 ,, W,l. , M , N Tiffin 'VV' A A i i Sl3:5fg1f:qf,i, f 'ffl ' H, ii fist. m y ,B Nothing bars the way of high ' i w "Q , t -g-A ti. jumpers Pat Miller fleftj, and Bill , M 1- r fa? Tidwell. Able to leap long pits in a single bound are Kim Robinson and john Kliarsky, broad jumpers. -W "j"f rf'-J f ' I Xxx ,t Q' A ggi fe ' j I ,W N, " 1 L g 4 I, If 1 y f 9 e t, Q - V ff af i' 1 -es' I 1' X9 . F. . '- -t- EW f i. . 1 Y' ,I . A " Cf is , i3"f 1 tu, M Q' V' , ' ' X ., Q 5 -.'- t uv .JH "N 6 wt ,W 5, ,' -1. 'l ',5f- ' ft .rj '31, Co-captains Dwight Holden and Richard Brigham flank track queen jackye Higby. ff" 'Q A f 'J' ' 4' '1 5: 1: K, .a g i f K K ' ,. . i t T , I' A "' ,.- :ww t 1 l t 5 1 o , J - -gggftf 'ffl' aq f ft X' , wiv? - IC, . illf f i ' t i J' .i ff , of Lg M3 Q gf?-' I , 'W' "' f' , , 3' ' 'W' L nuff if i . '. -it l , . , 55456 f I 1 f- ff " .pw , ' M ,- Q s t f i 'Q o Q 11 J 1' .gf tw, M 52 if f 'T ' 5 f A ,r .4 saw. i. . ,M ,, , I, g - it ffjagsr' ,, ww, -, , W s f Q? 2, 4, 4 . jk , . ,k.', L 1 tr. ' t , I ev 4. ,A ,f V ig ss' Z . .1,,,if,e17 it 4' 'FSU 'iw' 7 ' ' ,Q Q i',I",'f,,"?':fa1: wi am , ' weft-iv lluw ' ' ' - ,ww t,' wi - . 4, K. i U' i if t t N l N' . 4 f-ta: is L .3 t . ' ' Q' C . ' L A - t if I ommg out of the blocks, . Q v, 3 y fr X Mike Leech, Dean Lovett, and ' X 1. . Pat Potter start the 100-yard ,ld A ft I Y 'Q Y W x .' , f dash. 90 fi fp, l-ff""iffifl. l me W k"""" 1+ ,.g W . l 'Q' dsx w l l H -,vnfbij ' i I I ,, .u,,.,-- i d,,,,.,2eflQ , ,-.w-.--- -,A,Qs.- k ,. ..-.iv L'-"N , .sf-ma-tm -'lm' " r Eric Hillriker paces Dwight Holden and Gene Hemphill in the 60-yard hurdles. ,lui-,P ,vi A r s 'fr all, t-M D nit si - nf' ai" -ff-1,-A ' N 41- L- ..-4A JH. i,,,fs,3..jfL' ' .W ! Ns,sfs.Q-L -..., W, N-X in Jackets Finish Second In Indoor Meet ,lno , i ol,lnn mi' F - gig it 4, .W , cyl 1 ' 41 2 ' '- . , 4 ii 'V ,S Cross country men Gilbert Garcia, john Bridges, and john McKittrick take their starting positions. Shot putters Greg Borgeson and Tom Martin throw in unison. Richard Brigham, Brad Hayes, and XV.iyne Sturdy round the last curve in 21 440-yard time-trial. ., 5 - I . ,IWW SEQ :Q 'K I W, j,v.3,i 4 rT':wQgwfT'?'.iv':mi-si We - s ' Q gf! ' -au! .Q-1.1,-,-Sa1.'.4 ., L. 1, get . .L 1 s p, it ,M I. Q , , Vs i p p ,p s if " , + 40 - . E . , L ' f s ' ' 4 ' . , lx .. 1 , ,WMI W if 4 J 4 3-Q94 3 a F 92 GRGANIZATIONS DECORATIONS COMMITTEE: Marsha Crowder, Co-chairmen Gary Reeves and jackye Higby, Wendy Price, julie Reisner, jan Uberman. Zoe Watts, Pat Moore Doug Prince, not pictured. Couneilmen Change Bill-Passing Methods Under the sponsorship of Mr. Ray Dyche and Mrs. Sara Brian, the 64 Student Council members sought to resolve school problems. For the first time the council submitted bills to the homeroorns 'gh X for approval, enabling the students to express E their individual ideas to their councilmen. A special committee was appointed to investi- " ' gate the problems of overcrowding in the library and to offer suggestions for improvement. 'QP' Among other projects were selling AHHS notecards and the Jacket Packet which included decals, pennant and book covers. The Ranch Day activities and Howdy Week were also under the sponsorship of the Student Council. In order to better cope with these problems and activities, the councilmen were divided into ten committees. C f 1 X- As sponsor of the Student Council, Mr. Ray Dyche xx -M checks the last meetings agenda. Sponsor Mrs. Sara Brian, not pictured. 94 .,....-. vi-.Mr.,s.,-..,....r.Q.1r,..,M...N+ew.e4zea.,g..,:.s...a.s.+i,a ' ,A N.. a 2 x ,, , 2 R l Q Eire' I I W. w T ' rw? I -1' u w . .. . . ..,.., M .1 r 1 wjpieajf s +,3Xi, gg ,EX I ,S I vii Qi l les f 1 T ii Y ' " '3 'F' -' 1 socmr ' - ' A ,IQ S COMMITTEE: Dennis Campbell, Chairman Dehm Munn. David ,V 315 .L 'li ' Livingston, Tony Eecls, Peggy Bundeen. ,Inn Brewer, not pictured. 4 OSPITALITY COMMITTEE: Roger Wi pgfhite, Allen Kent, CARDS AND FLOWERS COBIMITTEE Herrera, Chairman Danelle Robertson, Barb lliams, Bob Rutliff, Chairman Sheila Q' gg, I . Q Y' if uf gp Y V,-A -, Af' 1' sf e,,n 6 'ww : Chairman Cindy Willoughbyr, Becky Gary, joy Batrenfielcl. CLAIMS COMMITTEE: Richard Meehan, Ivonne ara Simmons, Stevie Manale. STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS: Treasurer Pam Self, Vice-president Janie Letson, Secretary Sharon Verbryke, President jim Carden, -Gin X f 4 9 , PROMOTIONS COMMITTEE: Chairman JoAnn Hicks, Jeanne O'Brien, Floyd Norton, Becky Brown. Jeff Emrich, Chris King, Mary Lowdon, Bebe Ware, Vicki McCarthy, Arthur Dunham, Cheryl Weis- senborn, nor-pictured. 1 I HANDBOOK COMMITTEE: David Ammons, Bobby Barnes, Susan Maxwell, Ricky Cohen, David Clark, Chairman Dian Crowell, Sponsors Mrs. Glenna Edwards, Mrs. Carol Hernandez, and Mr. Ed Kahler, jim Cozby, Nicki Blitch. .ji far r' I I F -4 - bd' nr I s 3 fc 4 1 ' 1 ,ff I ra' , PECIAL PROJECTS COMMITTEE: Dana Fuller, Chairman Sharron Kemp, Patricia Tatum, Linda Haverstock, Paige Kelly, Bill Royer, Dan Sykes, julie Hen- rix, Frances Look. Tommy Hackleman, not pictured. 6' ff . Q5 4,1 PROGRAMS COMMITTEE: Chairman Mike Ewell, Nancy O'Neall, Richard Gallimore, Bobby Merrill. Guy Arseneau, not pictured. mmittccs Facilitate Council Action ELECTIONS COMMITTEE: Chairman Larry Ivey, Rachel Cole, Jody Amhmse. Richard Cather. 4' is I 50 .c,, ' 97 Fontenot, Carlisle Rik BATTALION STAFF: Mrs. Charleene Carlisle, C!Sgt. Maj. David Garcia, CfCapt, James Judd, C!2nd Lt. Dave Prewirr, C!Capt. Charles Mabey, Cflml Lt. Bill Walters, CXLL Col. Don Kennedy, S!Sgt. Ronald Fontenot. 1. I, ls' x, I 1 . r David Garcia, Griffin Murphey, David jack- son, and George Arndt slute the flag at u football game. Assume ROTC Leadership , The ROTC received new sponsors in SfSgt. Ronald Fontenot and Mrs. Charleene Carlisle, di- rector of the student sponsors, ' The year's activities began with the Veterans' Day Parade, in which the ROTC represented AHHS. The proceeds of the ROTC Thanksgiving Turkey .0452 'i , Shoot went to meet the needs ot' the department. Fourth Army District competition took the ROTC go Laredo in February, and to Houston in March. yfhe Rifle and Drill Teams participated in matches X l at Arlington State College in May. X Much practice and work went in the preparation of :hese activities, Every day, before and after school, the Drill Team practiced, while the Rifle Team lv orked out every morning at 7:30. iurrri TEAM: rfRoNr ROW: Joe Austin, James Parks, Mike Alcorn. , Lf of BACE ROXV: Bill Wfalters. Susan Brown fsponsorj james Ju I i . r, , 4 K. SPEJNSOARSH lqygnne Hai-per. Patty Moriaritv, Cindy Schmidt, Betty Minch, Susan Brown. Jacque Thiele, Christine Anderson, Karen Rostohar. Martha Papusch not picturec , 99 N l xv X sl i Corps Seeks All-City Recognition BATTALION MASS John Tamez and David Morrxs clean guns is ,..-',,l.2 ,.,.-f,,f ies v ir SSX? Stir -rr ROTC Drill Team performs at Open House og Lalrxh V' '1 w AMR? W ', .Q . I fri I 'v fx ,, ,E DRILL TEAM: Commander CXLT. COL Jon Baum, sponsors Christine Anderson and Karen Rostohar. ,J A g .K , l -1 A DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS: jim Jones, Commander. ,, 4 2 sf?- a f YCF Explores Social, Political Problems Working'to inform young citizens of the prob- lems facing our nation, the Young Citizens' For- um presented programs centered on timely sub- jects. Mayor Willard Barr opened the year's programs with a -discussion of city government. AHHS students themselves spoke on current problems such as civil rights, Vietnam, the Sino- Soviet split, and national economy. District At- torney Frank Coffey, Sgt. Barney Koons, and Coach john Dickerson presented facts for debate on juvenile crime. Gary Reeves opens discussion of civil rights by bring- ing out a controversial point. Mayor Willard Barr explains the problems currently facing Fort Worth. Cinda Toner speaks at the December YFC meeting on white backlash i ?arn Self analyzes the leaders of the civil rights movement. Clay Price, president of YCF, announces the next speaker. YCF EXECUTIVE BOARD: FRONT ROW: Cinda Toner, Barb Mann, Sharron Kemp, Cindy Willoughby, Deb Mann. BACK ROW: Tommy Cropper Clay Price, Mrs. Betty Quimby and Mrs. Vivian Murphey, sponsors, Pam Self, jim Richards, johnny Williams. Miss Mary Ann Gregory, sponsor not pictured. Alhed Youth Goes On the Wagon .ini-......f Yi . ' . , .. Y......., 4' we-x me x , . - Ni- , H, . .bi Barb Mann Deb Mann Cathy Kane. BACK ROW: Kay Bursey, Betsy Bond Tommy Cropper Susan Spurck, Pam Hardwick, Barry Hubbard. AY SPONSORS: Mrs. Martha Austin, Mrs. Mary Marsh, Mrs. Frances Cave- ness, Mr. james York, Mr. George Wirsdorfer, Mrs. Marian Vaughan, l o Nova Scotia, Palestine Conferences Traveling to Nova Scotia in November, six AHHS delegates attended the International Al- l 'i 1 f-I Judy Buchanan and Jackye Higby register students for AY. lied Youth Conference. While there, Tommy Cropper was elected president of the 1967 con- ference to be held in the Fort Wlorth-Dallas area. In April, delegates attended the Southwestern Allied Youth Conference held in Palestine, Texas. Working to educate young people about the use of alcohol and narcotics, the AY Executive Board presented several programs during the year. Reverend Bob Harrington, known as the Chap- lain of Bourbon Street, talked and joked with AY members at the December meeting. The AY Beauty Contest and Talent Show provided en- tertainment for the student body as well as for club members. Doyle Walters, president, puts up signs encouraging students to join AY. DELEGATES TO INTERNATIONAL AY CONFERENCE: Diane Henker, Kay Bursey, Mark Angle, Melinda Campbell, Doyle Walters. i Q. - ,Cl ' ??4f- 111 , , fr.. .s--.a.x.'4 -at I- f .t'w,-"T2T1.r:' :fs tr A .. -. A, -5.5 - 5- ,ffvr . A .- '- , , 1ixrg'.s-e-an-, .. . J, ..,. ,,. ,-,Q li aeket Band Promotes Spirit Best known for its Fight Song the jacket Band reigned over pep rallies, jolted the football team with spirit, and resounded in victory or defeat. Under the direction of Mr, George Carson, the band did more than entertain football crowds- it made its annual concert appearances at Monnig and Stripling Junior Highs, competed in the Regional Concert Competition, and played at varied school events. The Jacket Band, together with school bands throughout the city, joined to form the Castle- beriy Symphonic Band, March 31. April 1 the group travelled to Cleburne, Texas to march in the Cleburne Centennial Parade. Seventy-five individual bandsmen competed in the State Recording Contest. Mike Morrison, Heights's outstanding bassoon player, received the first place state award for his performance at the competition. If you don't get that fly out of here, I'm going to go crazy!" threatens Mr. George Carson. Drum Major Steve Laird conducts the band in an on-field rendition of "Hey, Look Me Over." 3' gi . cv MARCHING BAND: FRONT ROXV: Bill Baird, Steve Seidner, Wesley Phelan, Jacky Brown, Melinda Walker, Steve Laird, Erlene Bailes, Tom Wall, Peppy Bratton, Dan Dydek, Dean Lougheed, SECOND ROW: lPatricia Carmon, Jan Laird, Mike Morrison, Mike Hill, Sammie Hop- kins, Cleatus Wfallis, Bill Yvightman, David Meredith, Judy Schutza, Jane Adolfson, Ralph Morris, Mike Alexander, Jacky I-Ienshaw, Dar- win Aldrich, Richard Meehan. THIRD ROXW: Kit Grimm, Gary Dolson, Chris Gillespie, Tim Rippenda, Susanna Warner, Joann Cook, Martha Brown, Donnis Martin, Chris XVolfe, David Mueller, Cinda Hart, Gayle Blumberg, Judy Reber, Gail Perry, Carla Brown, Sherry Julian, Debbie MCFerrin. FOURTH ROW: Jan Griffith, John Mustarde, Vicki McCormick, Paula Brumbaugh, Nicki Blitch, Karlene Anderson, Janine Aldrich, Susie Gilligan, Lana Smith, Pam Patton, Mark Smith, Jack Presley, Jo Walker, David Linan, David Seilheimer, Kay Walker, Becky Gary, Aimetla Stinnett. FIFTH ROW: Richard Crummel, Craig Sommer, Rachel Morris, Mike Jackson, Thomas Brantly, Ricky Marietta, Richard Meredith, James Trietsch, Gary Sharp, Pete Boger, Tony Rod- riguez, Yolanda Alvarado, Johnny Davis, Barbie Zager, Esther Ray, Kaye Bobo, Jerry Poplin. BACK ROW: Jack Smith, Carey Earle, Guy Glaclden, Sharon Quattlebaurn, Steve Orbison, Roland Collins, Harry Ray, Randy Tarbell, Steve Whitxv'nrth, Marty Slemmons, Tommy Fitz- patrick, David Neal, Don Ivy, Steve Goodwin, John Hughes, Larry Coble, Arthur Dunham, X'X'esley Warren, Von Wolfe, i 3, ev L Majorettes Erlene Bailes, Theresa Lowrance, and Melinda Wfalker pose after entertaining a football audience at halftime. i' " "T" 'K' ' " 'M' ""' "M W" f M ' "" 'A -'fr Juli- ,J-ll' ,Lui Lf JA -,,-nn! ,Q sd Martin, jo Ann Cook, Martha Brown, Cinda Hart, Terry Smith, Wendy Price, Clark Lemond, Kaye Bobo, jerry Poplin, Mike jackson, Pat Mc- Donald, Thomas Fitzpatrick. BACK ROW: Dan Dydek, Charles Pelton, Wesley Phelan, Jack Smith, Bill Cherry, Karlene Anderson, David Meredith, Ross Dinkins, Richard Crum- mel, Richard Meredith, Ronald Smith, Robert Meacham. ORCHESTRA: FRONT ROW: Paula Taylor, Andrea D'Ascenzo, Margaret Cook, Cindy Bloor, Toby Landes, David Ferguson, Roland Collins, Don Guerrant, Arlene Anderson, Joe Cooper, Charlotte Nadin, Susan Stott, Mike Morrison, Ralph Morris, Sammie Hopkins, Sharon Prohs, Christine Anderson, Cleatus Wallis, Earline Hardee, Jimmy johnson, Laurie Sottile, Anne Bobo. SECOND ROW: Louis Prohs, Paul Driskell, Mr. George Carson, Donnis l DOUBLE SEXTET: Theresa Kane, Pam Perkins, Kaye Moore, Shiryn Curtis, Beverly Ihnfeldt, Margo Price, Lisa van der Vliet, Patty Moriarity, Lana Weliuiit, Charlotte Hoffman, Rachel Morris, Mary Stevens, not pictured. l08 .I-E I-ill D i CHORUS FRONT ROW: Sandy Carver, Dana Helm, Judy Johnston, Ann Jones, Cindy WllC0X, Marilyn SCh9Ck Chorus, rchestra Enrich HHS Music Department Fifty-two members of the AHHS orchestra, along with presenting fall and Christmas pro- grams to students, entertained at the Texas Secondary Principals Convention in October. In preparation for the concert in March, nine mem- bers of the orchestra played in the All-City Orchestra. They were Robert Meacham, Jerry Poplin, Kaye Bobo, Jack Smith, Ross Dinkins, Cleatus Wallis, Wendy Price, Toby Landes, and David Mueller. Earlier in the year the orchestra, directed by Mr. George Carson, played for Stripling and Monnig Junior Highs. Giraud, Judy Howell, Theresa Kane, Jan Bourland, Pam Perkins, Kaye Moore, Marjorie Goss, Shiryn Curtis, Neva Findley, Beverly Ihnfeldt, Susan Anstead, Margo Price, Dana Fuller, Gary Harmon, Mike Cegiel, Bill Tidwell,Tomn1y Snyder, Jerry Reed, Joe Bearden, Jerrell Jones, Mike Fruge, Tom Sprinkle, Lisa van der Vliet, Suzanne Stevens, Patti Moriarity, Lana Wehunt, Margaret Winfield, Charlotte Hoffman, Rachel Morris, Linda Haskins, Renae Mestas, Donna Duke, Connie Mestas, Judy McDowell, Debbie Beck, Vicki Hill, Mrs. Mary White SECOND ROW: Debbie Beck, Joyce Marglous, Judy Lawyer, Diana Bryson, Linda Moore, Alice Jones, Peggy Woodward, Kay Holze, Margaret Fernandez, Ann Hutchinson, Bill Holmes, Gary Jackson, Mike Payne, Robert Heist, Roy Stewart, Mike Young, Mike Parrish, Bill Haworth, Larry Norris, Judy Scheck, Kathleen Judd, Linda London, Julie Culpepper, Roberta Crawford, Karen Andrews, Janet Welsh, Pam Jackson, Rosemary ii, it it 4, 1 Composed of 75 members under the direction of Mrs. Mary White, the chorus harmonized with the orchestra to present the fall and Christ- mas programs. After participation in the Choral Clinic at Texas Wesleyan College, they sang in the All-Regional II, All-City Chorus and Or- chestra, and Monnig Festivals. Performances at Stripling and Monnig Junior Highs completed the year's activities. The Double Sextet, 12 girls chosen from the chorus, entertained at a local rest home at Christ- mas and at Kappa Sigma Mother's and Wives' Club. THIRD ROW: Debbie Dietz, Linda DeFoor, Melody Miller, Cindy Schmidt, Judy Bogard, Glenda Bacon, Mary Byrnes, Margaret Turney, Margaret Winfield, Mary Owen, Linda Schulte, Linda Okruhlik, Carl Huckiris, Tom Corbitt, Randy Dugger, Roger Peaks, Larry Lee, Steve Cummings, Russell Lawler, Mike Tnuchon, Mike Ludington, Terry Alcorn, Betsy Walker, Gail Connor, Alice Sanford, Nancy Jenkins, Beth Clifford, Judy Herndon, Billie Tomlinson, Mary Stevens BACK ROVU: Marjorie Glatzel, Jane Adolfson, Bonnie Wood, Laura Peter- son, Lana Wood, Connie Austin, Nancy Bauguss, Nicki Roeder, Melissa Poteet, Kay Redus, Jeanie Winfield, Marie Leachman, Suzanne Norman, Eric Haenn, Bill Devore, Ken McMillan, Bruce McKee, Ronny Mont- gomery, Mike Lawless, Mike Daugherty, .James Coppedge, Billy Herrmann, Wanda Sawyer, Brenda Roddy, Jacque Thiele, Cathy Lewis, Beverly Lever, Lee Verseckes, Linda Singleton IO9 YJ Staff Meets Deadline "What do you mean 'paperback annual' ?" asks Mrs. Anne Stanton, YJ sponsor . Finall From the first day of school until the end of February, the Yellow jacket staff was busy setting up and taking pictures, drawing layouts, and writing copy. A trip to Denton to attend the Texas High School Press Associaion Convention gave the 19 staff members the opportunity to compare ideas and methods with those of other Texas staffs. Annual Day completed the year's work with a program and distribution of the 1966-67 Yellow jackel. After placing second in the Texas High School Press Association Yearbook Contest, the 1966 Yellow fluke! ranked in the top ten per cent of books judged by the National School Yearbook Association. .- 'num ut for uttamzwtzt it-le - . , .i,. M ai ' iii ? 1 at gg rffrmify U lint ibm "Had it been another school, I'd never known how cool a book could be," harmonize Tommy Cropper and Steve Tarlton in rt yearbook announcement. janet Baird, Steve Eames, and Kathy Dana assist in the Yellow Iarkellr sales campaign held the first few weeks of school. u., , --.. ,L fv ' s 1 Ab ,4 ps L, vldiuialp.. ----u-a--...... A ax "For you new a blank page," co-editors. members of the staff, this white piece of paper is called explain Jim Richards and Lynda Hogue, Yellow lurks! YELLOW JACKET STAFF: Linda Peterson , Paula Perrone, sophomore class editors, Kathy Dana, organizations editor, Bob Mef- ford, junior class editor, Mike Kelley, Jan Brewer, senior class editors, janet Merritt, Sharon Verbryke, student life eclitorsg Rocky Briley, Bob Nunnery, photographersg Janet Baird, Steve Eames, faculty editors, Hayes McCauley, photographer, Tommy Cropper, Steve Tarlton, sports editorsg Angela Am- brose, personalities editor, Lynda Hogue, co-editor, Nancy O'Neall, copy editor, jim Richards, co-editor. A l Four Staffs Produce Year of News P .1 "Now tbafr what I call a news story-student bites teacher!" exclaim Gene Thompson, jacket journal sponsor. W --,,' N s Mrs. Combining an assortment of features, columns, news, and sports, the jacket journal began the year as a bi-weekly publication. Under the sponsorship of Mrs. Gene Thomp- son, the fall staff won an All-Texas Honor Rat- ing from the Texas High School Press Associa- tion. It was also a member of the Interscholastic League Press Conference and Quill and Scroll. Fall staffers joined the staffs of other city papers to honor their printer, Mr. Theo Cantrell, in December at a surprise banquet in the Gause- Ware 1879 Room. The beginning of a new semester saw three new staffs and a new format, changing the newspaper to a weekly. Members of the spring staffs assisted in the production of the Annual Mostest Contest, by selecting judges, decorating the stage, and distributing programs. Both staffs attended the journalism banquet held in May. V . I , "NM, wa 5 , Tux Cynthia Allison and Cameo jones work to write a deadline headline. H2 ,J a a n if Q -fa f-',r'n . ,, r, .0 ' f L w . ' u 1 L , Q? , ' -an W calf ' .A W- Xvfg- . sag. it t . .4 .ef 4 i 'Q . . 9 'rg' 'A y ' Deal Hudson, advertising manager, and Donna Nor- df ' ton, news editor, check word spellings for a jacket V ' -' --- - X- journal story. :K '. gli' Ig all , -Q e :: M I1 3' -I af Q' 1,1 JJ FALL STAFF: TOP TO BOTTOM, LEFT TO RIGHT: David Kanistanaux, business manager, Jack Bertram, sports editor, Cameo jones, co-editor, Linda Hickman, circulation manager, Cynthia Allison, feature editor, Dortha Alderson, classroom editor, julie Reisner, co-editor, Pam Smith, adver- tising assistant, Dianna Bryson, librarian, Marlys Larson, editorial assistant, Marsha Crowder, news editor, Lynda Hogue, copy editor, Paige Kelly, club editor. R., ...fl iii . ,nugg- 'W 5 A.. X 'var B U SPRING STAFF REPRESENTATIVES: FRONT ROW: Melinda Broyles, Suzi McKeen, Sharmyn Wallace, Sharron Kemp. MIDDLE ROW: Sharon Verbryke, Sally Carpenter, managing editor, Nancy O'Neall, Peggy Bandeen, .Lynn Holloway, Hayes McCauley, photographer. BACK ROW: David Ammons, managing editor, Leland Clemons, Bill Holden, Bobby Bradshaw, Chuck Baily, managing editor. Speakers, Tours 3' Enlighten FNA 1-rr-ff' Striving to interest students in the field of nursing, Future Nurses of America provided guest speakers and hospital tours to inform and enlighten members. Under the sponsorship of Mrs. Mary Fisher, the group heard two student nurses speak on the student nursing program at Peter Smith Hospital and toured St. Josephs Hospital to see nursing techniques in action. The Future Nurses concluded their year by donating two medical tables to the school nurse's f if N. X Y:::s"' .li, A ,- office. W an . p Ss FNA OFFICERS: Barbra Mann, presidentg Charlotte Hoffman, vice presidentg Carole Ellison, secretary-treasurer. Performing one of the many duties of a school nurse, FNA sponsor Mrs, Mary Fisher testsa student's eyes. ..,,,.c,,, W fvfrffijfia '33, 'immw Ggzksif.-'ff 5 : . . ' '24 " 2'..,'M H55 fab , gp :2.r:9vqi.w.t2 s an xx. .e-aff r. fi 'sasfvh' iff- H ' z:iEsi,'geagsafgK,24f'1f' fieiizaxfii V, we-Q, ,f:g:5v,2Qs2vX- -as -Mak gm .tv .sg i . 'N A' ' ' if fist' fi new? fieihffszi P t , , my .S if fp 5 . 'K F I W 1 1 I E at if if 'hg- FTA OFFICERS: FRONT ROW: Forrest Henderson, treasurerg Beverly Ihnfeldt, secre- J tary. 21 BACK ROW: Leah Harris, vice- presidentg Betsy Bond, president. FT Delegates Attend Conventions "What are the qualities of a good teacher?" provided an interesting panel discussion at one of the bi-monthly Future Teachers of America meetings. Students heard talks from members of the Heights faculty, foreign exchange student Clovis Miguel, and Dean Howard G. Wible of Texas Christian University. Lp., X iil O ! . . 1 , at , ,P 'A .x , 91 :An '. ar 4 P' tl ,tially il Panelists Patricia Russell, Barbara Simmons, Nancy O'Neall, and Emily Morrill discuss the qualities of a good teacher. Highlights of the year were a picnic at Forest Park, a district workshop at Bell High School, and a Christmas Party at Lake Worth. Many members attended the district convention at Ar- lington State College and the state convention at San Antonio. -9 2,41 FTA sponsors Mrs. Kathryn Daniel and Miss Dona Lee Stovall thumb through a previous scrapbook. H5 Green aks Engages S at orkshop uv-vin 6 um Ulu ' '7 .pq L, t . , , K x 4 x FSA OFFICERS: Dana Thompson Petersen, recording secretary. X F3 , f '11 corresponding secretary A workshop at Green Oaks, a Christmas din- ner at Vance Godbey's, and a National Secre- taries of America tea at the Gause-Ware 1879 Room, highlighted the activities for Future Secre- taries of America. Meeting the second Monday of each month, the club was sponsored by Mrs. Betty Clayton, Mrs. Mary Lynn Foust, and Mrs. Joan Harrison. "Characteristics of a good secretary" and "How to apply for a job" were two main topics of discussion during the year. Installation of officers was held at the january fashion show. FSA SPONSORS: Mrs. Betty Clayton, Mrs. Mary Lynn Foust, Mrs. Joan Harrison. , Karen King, vice-presidenrg Kathy Guidice, presidentg Marlys Larson, 1 treasurer Sualire .X I Y .,-W 2 l. K 4' 'JTWQ ff in I A ss -' ' 5 V X . 'Q , ' I V l b y S... .V 1 . , ' in I 1 g 6 2 r .rrrr lie 1 ,I i n 5 . . F , it 5 "e'f F lxfffi .liffjl 2 7' Y' ,Jn 4 .3 ,.pa F y f ' eff V . . r C C " as 2,12 ' jg- J.. ,,.' 5, . ..," . ' V ' K XJ F' U v it 1. I t 4 X X . i " I ., v R I X-I ,4."f,i'. kf,Wk V ', Mrs. Lois Petit, sponsor of JRC, plans projects Y I 1' - '1 V .. for the year. hw 6 Q K J RC Hits High in '29 if x. - s 4 P" W-1 C, :Xi R-1 . x -. . , N XR, S, janet Merritt, Craig Pollard, and Beverly Grammar fill stockings or hospitalized children. Fund Drive Collecting an all-time high of 3200, junior Red Cross was able to purchase work kits for the needy and fill an ,overseas chest with recrea- tional equipment. Sponsored by Mrs. Lois Petit, the group brightened Christmas for 100 hospitalized chil- 'dren by giving them candy-filled stockings. They were also responsible 'for entertaining patients at Carswell Air Force Base Hospital, April 4. JRC OFFICERS: David Clark, president, Pam Arnold, secretaryg Sandra Everett, vice-presidentg Beverly Grammar, treasurer, not pictured. German Club Views Deutschland Slides avi' is fu il-... ,Hg GERMAN CLUB OFFICERS: Bob Lumpkin, vice-presidentg-.Mrs. joan Meyer, sponsor, Nicki Blitch, secretaryg jerry Poplin, president. ff", II8 Sponsored by Mrs. joan Meyer, the German Club began its second year with the election of officers and the planning of the year's activities. In November, history teacher Mrs. Vivian Murphey presented slides of her previous trip to Germany. A Christmas party, during which German songs were sung and German food served, highlighted the December holidays. In April, members bicycled from Heights to Forest Park for a picnic lunch. The German Club Banquet, held at the Der Schornsteinfeger Restaurant, climaxed the year's activities. 'Ai Club Aids Camaro Raffle Assisting in the Athletic Council's Camaro raffle was one of the 'A' Club's many activities of the year. Other activities included a Christmas breakfast for teachers, a turkey shoot, and volunteer work at the Child Study Center. Sponsored by Coach Homer Ludiker, the club consisted of male athletes. Its purpose was to promote co-operation among athletes, the student body, and the faculty. Exhibiting the new Camaro are 'A' club officers Larry Ivey, vice-president, jim Richards, president, and Guy Arseneau, secretary-treasurer. 4 y, I capkf U 1 Q X fiX f I U . ,MQ pig., 'f T Sl gy am and Priscilla Lessig work rigorously under the supenision of Mr s Tomlinson, Gordon Freeman, David Hardwick, jan Ruckman, Linda 1 , ' ' . in Arseneau. ls 1 4 ii C' 'f ,--Q f...,.l Roland Collins demonstrates for Priscilla Lessig some of the equipment that he used on his project. Group Participates 1 I In Science Contests Composed of nine members, the Science Re- search Group spent the year in biological re- search. Under the direction of Mr. Flavin Arseneau and Mr. Herbert Edminster, the group met every Thursday and later participated in the Fort Worth Science Fair and the North Texas Biological Society contest. In order to achieve membership in the group, first year members had to take a qualifying test based on their attitude toward science and their knowledge of science. 22 'iff W M-.. . X ' 4, 'J Q X A J 2 '-4-Dunkel army Y .W frm, , f-N. , g. are I it +,... ' I , , 'T , T -A K " , r-r-- t I ?,fkzfff17f" "This sure is a sour experiment," quips Chris Tomlinson as he dissects a lemon. II9 Drama Highlights FP Year Two one-act plays and a major production, "The Diary of Anne Frank." headlined the Foot- light Players' year. The one-act plays, "The Monkey's Paw" and "Tell Dorie Not To Cry," were presented in the fall. The sunrise breakfast was held October 1, 1966, at the Trinity Park shelterhouse, where the group elected class representatives. Skits and n hootenanny provided entertainment. Sponsored by Mrs. Rosemary Burton, Footlight Players sought to encourage students in both the acting field and the behind-the-stage aspect of the theatre. Z I I FOOTLIGHT PLAYERS OFFICERS: TOP TO BOT- TOM.: Margo Price, presidentg Lisa van der Vliet, sec- retaryg Party Moriarty, treasurerg Mike Fruge, vice- president. 120 ...av N I l Q ,X T ' 5 "a. 'ANN-wx' H a W. . .6 . V? , we , 4, ..'1', ---elf -. alfa rl-Ei 1 t , -I I k argl 5 a . . A I . - .Q E. I rx Q-" 'H . - A 1 1- . 'li Y A -- 'mf With a guitar solo, John Silliman entertains members of Footlight Players at the sunrise breakfast. Q-4 1... . -nn, Involved in play production are Mark Davie, Theresa Kane, and Barbara Shivak. I X g fx f C 5' K ' , 9 .- L Q VV ., 1 g. l i l l ., is: J N L . J ,,. I iyf , .gi 4.,i 3 - . 3? V .. my l ' fa I A as f- g, . .gg Q25 14553221 ' N' l -..,?f4. L irly-risers Margo Price, Lisa van der Vliet, X and john Silliman pesrint a skit at the sunrise breakfast. 'ry it again: 'The rain in Spain stays mainly on the plainl' " says Mrs. Rosemary :rton to Lynda Hogue and Brenda Wentworth. -1. Z 41 Jacque Thiele, Barbara Zager, and jack Presley read for parts in play auditions. .fjaxf 5 Coy Clement and Lisa van der V Diary of Anne Frank." Y .' XA ...Z W ' I K x.f V 2 liet K 'X rehearse a scene from "The I2l Book Jackets Attend TALA Convention As members of the Teenage Library Associa- tion, Book jackets attended the annual TALA Convention in February. At the meeting, which was held in San Antonio, they learned new trends in library management. At monthly meetings under the sponsorship ot' librarian Mrs. Mary Hood, they planned bookmark sales, the purchase of homecoming mums for librarians, and a banquet to honor senior library workers. After their yearly Christ- mas party, members of the club took a fully decorated tree to a needy family. .c A 15 2+ A- u Q -w 3 !.!,,,QX- .XM I .xr H7 H, . r y ' 'i W H 3. I ix' .4 - s' 9- z ,ff ssi . c c f Q 7 n 4 " ,-f A K as -s , 5 .. ' W as 1 Mrs Mary Hood, sponsor of the Book jackets, examines new books for the library. 6 A .., 1 ff " .1 BOOK JACKET OFFICERS: Susan Brown, president, George Stallings, secretaryg Rachel Morris, vice-president, Judy Garrett, treasurer, not pictured. ,,. I 1 A i l l i l One of the many duties of library worker Jan Huggins is shelving books. X DE student Vonne Fitzgerald prepares a newspaper ad- vertisement layout for Cox's department store, e. is elfw I ,DE Trains For Business Careers l Q l F 'Lx 9' 1 , 4 1 W' Xfflfl "If the shoe fits, wear it," says Linda Mullens, employee at Neiman-Marcus. To develop future leaders for marketing and distribution was the aim of Distributive Educa- tion. Under this program, students attended only morning classes and spent afternoons working at their various jobs. Sponsored by Mrs. June Lay, the group attended state and area conventions and socialized at Christmas and Valentine's par- ties. Jeanne Grubbs served as 1966 sweetheart. -yi DE OFFICERS: FRONT ROW: Linda Daigle, reporterg Jeanne Grubbs, president, Sandra Walsh, historian. BACK ROXV: Mrs. june Lay, sponsorg Barbara Schultz, treasurerg Cathie Hollis, secretaryg Mike Holmes, vice-president. I23 ath Club Presents Films, Speakers Making speakers and films available in pro- grams of interest to math-oriented students, the Math Club strove to keep enthusiasm high among its members. Sponsors Mrs. Sara Brian and Mr. Herbert Krauss headed the meetings, which were held every six weeks. -After the organizational aspects of the first meeting were completed, the members listened to TCU graduate students discuss the applications and importance of math in daily life. At later meetings, films on computer math were presented. One of the more interesting films dealt with the computer's application in small business. Mr. Herbert Krauss and Mrs. Sara Brian, sponsors of the Math Club, plan an upcoming program. .g XIATH CLUB OFFICERS: Toby Landes, secretaryg Billy Lockwood, treasurerg Bill Belloniy, vice-presidentg Cynthia Allison, president. 534 , , 4 I C. gil 1 a D P, NN li! ., fi in 0 , W' Q. l A' .. 'V Q5-Vi F .Xa . ll LITERARY .MAGAZINE STAFF: SEATED: Doyle Wal- ters, Larry Mathis, David Muel- ler, STANDING: Sharon Ver- bryke, David Ammons, Nancy O'Neall, Vicki Hedge David Kanistanaux, Chris Tomlinson, Laura Berrey, Roberta Crawford. agazine Joins Jacket Publications I liuihs. Three rapid learning English classes formed the first literary magazine staff since the jrzbber- money in 1965. The staff was sponsored by Mrs. Oleta Epps, Mr. Milton Bransford, and Mrs. Frances Caveness, teachers of the classes. The magazine was named Gzzerdozz at a No- vember meeting, and the editors were chosen in january. The work of all students in AI-IHS was represented in the magazine. Editors julie Reisner and Deal Hudson plan a page layout. A yu tl FEP' ,m .LSP 1 9 'Zi Z?-4' Sponsors of the literary magazine, Mrs. Oleta Epps, Mr. Milton Brans- ford, and Mrs. Frances Caveness, confer on the mock Guerdozz. l25 7' vi- 'QU' J Faculty, dministration Re-evaluated 1,1 To insure its effectiveness, every secondary f school in the Fort Worth Independent School I ' .,,4 k A District re-evaluates its facilities every ten years. p H Arlington Heights went through this self-im- ' '+L-f' v provement process in 1966-67 with the coopera- , A -'Z tion of 23 committees. ,ff l These committees, made up of faculty and , ' Y administration members, were under the super- Vf vision of a central steering committee. In the 'g,:gQ'5Z::Zf?i.. . spring, an outside committee judged their find- , ff !12lQ""wi- e ' 6 ' ' t ings' . . . . V i,g35,,'fg:-i"3ii2, figs n 3 f' S, Consideration in evaluation included all aspects Y ll, l il , of the school curricula-its philosophy and ob- ca 1 I jectives, its relationship to the community, and V A 'fiflf ' h l N J-it its educational materials. qty , 'A CL Because of joint participation among adminis- '4 , at tration and faculty, the school increased its po- Ef,-ar 'ggi 1. S: , 2' tential for its role in the education of future B . Q M ,Q A members of the community. , i ' ':--J"f . . . at ' W 'si A I28 MRS. NAN-ISCA DANIELS mu. Q... A y-qv A fa bl" if i -.. -Q .. W' s I' 0 - . pr. flgx A ,QQ , Wd lr ' . f-""' 4 Zi. ,,, 9 , l ,,,- , his, 'ITS te' A lata r. it Q." , 3 Q 135. in ,f MRS. OLETA EPPS MR. JOE SHERROD MR. JOHN B. SHARP, Principal B.s. M.S. l K DR. ELDEN BUSBY MR. ROY STONE Superintendent of Schools Assistant Superintendent in Charge of B.A., M.A., Ph.D. l L.. FORT WORTH BOARD OF EDUCATION, FRONT ROW: Rev. John R. Leatherbury, vice president, Mr, Lloyd Turner, president, Mrs. Ronald Smith, secretary. BACK ROW: Mr. Bill Crawford, Mrs. Carey Snyder, Mr. Bill Elliot, and Dr. Tames Walker. MR. GLENN MANDEVILLE Assistant Principal B.S., M.Ed. Athletic Council, National Honor Society S -J t ', -1,04 MRS ELIZABETH HULL Dean of Girls B.S., M.Ed. Parent-Teachers Club 'J' Club High Schools B.A., M.A. MR. RAY DYCHE Vice Principal B.S., M.S. Student Council l""?- X. "What do you mean, where's my ticket?" inquires MI. Glenn Mandeville of Mr. john Sharp. I29 ffiee Perfeets Attendance System The combined efforts of the general and at- tendance offices kept AHHS records straight. The pilot attendance program perfected, the at- MRS. NAN-ISCA DANIELS Counselor B.S., M.E. 87' MRS. HAZEL .FARR Registrar 'K MRS. MARY FISHER Nurse R.N., B.S. Future Nurses of America MRS. NADINE GRIGSBY Secretary 'cw' MRS. MARY HOOD Librarian B.A., M,S. Book jackets x, -L ,ad-v l30 tendance office workers were busy collecting and assembling cards. The general office was in charge of the permanent records of the students. MR. JACK MARTIN Counselor B.S., M.E. r ,. MRS. VELMA MRS. CHRISTINE MRS. BOBBY SANDERS SHERMAN SMITH Secretary Librarian, Secretary Secretary M-4.55, f""r Beverly Mackleroy and Mrs. Dorothy Wadcins record absentees on permanent attendance cards. e .v,, 'Oi MR. ARCI-1111 rvuae rvruN1u:R IVIRS. DOROTHY MRS. BETTY STEVENS VE TOMLINSON WATKINS WILLIAMS Counselor Counselor Secretary Assistant M.E. B.S., M.E. Librarian B.A. pf--i-1 l .1--1 . laws of physics say you're not supposed to do that, you ball bearing!" complains Mrs. Judith james in a physics MR. FLAVIN ARSENEAU Biology B.S., ME. Science Research Group MRS. GEORGIA DICKERSON Biology Science Lab dds New Research Equipment In an effort to broaden students' knowledge of the physical and chemical sciences, 87,750 worth of equipment was added to the science department in 1966-67. With a 55,000 federal grant appropriated by the National Health Institute, the department was able to purchase a fluorescent microscope, the only one of its kind in this area. Southwestern Medical School also aided in equip- ping the science laboratory by donating a S750 sonic oscillator, useful in tearing down cells, and a continuous flow electrophoresis cell, valued at 31500. Utilizing this exceptional equipment, the science research group, under the supervision of Mr. Flavin Arseneau, was able to continue its research and de- velop its potential for future years. MR. HERBERT EDMINSTER Chemistry B.S. Science Research Group MRS. JUDITH JAMES ' Physics B.A. MISS DONA LEE STOVALL Chemistry B.A., M.A. Future Teachers of America MR. ARCH VAN METER Biology B.S. W' INIJX r", ---"' A Mr. Flavin Arseneau, head of the science department, points out facts of a research paper "I don't believe it . . . he's absent. Finally!" exclaims Mr. Herbert Krauss in disbelief. .i -J 15:9 MQR. EDWIN KAI-ILER Trigonometry, Elementary Analysis, Algebra, B.S., M.E. l32 MRS. SARA BRIAN Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry B.A. Mathematics Club MRS. FRANCES COON Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry B.A., M.Ed. New ath Course Offered to Students After a successful pilot program in computer mathematics in 1966, the course was offered again in 1967. Replacing Mr. Bob Phillips as instructor was Mr. Edwin Kahler who also taught algebra, trigonometry, and elementary analysis. To be eligible for this senior elective, it was necessary to have completed trigonometry and have been enrolled in elementary analysis. Although the course itself consisted of only one period of lecture per day, pupils were re- quired to spend an additional hour per clay in laboratory work in order to receive credit. 4-an 4'-'vs I Y MR. HERBERT MRS. ELVA MRS. DONNA MRS, IRENE MR. MICHAEL KRAUSS LERRET JOAN MEYER PRICE RICHARDSON Geometry, Geometry, German, Geometry, Algebra, Algebra, Algebra, Geometry Algebra Geometry Trigonometry Elementary B.A, B A B S 'TT' 4-""' MRS. LEANN MRS. SHEILA MISS MARY ANN MRS. KATHLEEN MRS. DELIA MRS. GAIL ADAMS DOUTHIT GREGORY HANLEY HENDRICKS KILMAN American History, Government, American History, World History World History World History, World History World History World History B.A. B.A. American History B.A. B.A. BS. B.A. Young Citizens Forum History Department 1.- -1 -Iuusu... W' Mr. George Wirsdorfer makes history. mphasizes Present Since teaching contemporary history is a part of changing education at higher levels, the AHHS history department accentuated this aspect in their 1967 curriculum. The world history course of study was completed at the period ending immediately before World War II. By including more material in American History I, the curriculum provides time at the close of American History II for extensive study of World War II, as well as more recent happenings. Due to a limited choice in history subjects, a Texas history course was' added to the program in the spring semester. MRS. MARY MARSH American History, Government . Allied Youth K jffb . ity will J 1 J Ll World History, American History W, B.S., M.E. Young Citizens Forum -.fl MRS. BETTY QUIMBY American History, Government B.A., M.A. Young Citizen Forum MR. JOE MR. GEORGE MR, JAMES YORK SHERROD WIRSDORFER Government, American American World History History, History, B.S.E., M.E. World History Government Allied Youth B.A., M.A. Bs. Allied Youth System dopts New Adopted by the English Department was "New English," a system of fusing and relating the studies of literature and grammar. While the same literature book was retained, a new gram- mar book was necessary in order to express the English Curriculum terms and techniques of the revised English. The grammar differed from traditional grammar in that it renamed the usual terms to stimulate the interest of the student, and changed the way in which sentences are broken down for study. .3 -vi-54+ MR. LARRY MR. MILTON MRS. ROSEMARY MRS. MARY MRS, CHARLEENE BARNES BRANSFORD BURTON BUTLER CARLISLE Latin English Speech, Drama English, Spanish Speech, English B.A. B.A., M.E. B.S. B.A. B.A. YOUUS Citizens Footlight Players ROTC Faculty Fofum sponsor JN' I34 MRS. FRANCES CAVENESS English B.S. Allied Youth MISS SUE COFFMAN English B.A. MRS. GLENNA EDWARDS English B.A. MRS. OLETA EPPS English B.S., M.S. Mrs. Oleta Epps explained phases of the "New English to student Dan Dunn. -..4'hEJ ": LHSS HELEN MRS. MARTHA MRS. CAROL MRS. GLADYS MRS. EVELYN HALE HASKELL HERNANDEZ HUNTER MCCLUNEY Spanish English English English 4 Spanish BA, B.A., M.E. B.A. B.A., M.A. B.A MA Cheerleaders mamma :gel 'rv' tfffar MRS. LOIBETH PETTIT English B.A. Junior Red Cross MRS. FRANCES PHILLIPS Latin, English B.S. MISS KATHRYN R SOTER English B.A. IVIRS. ANNE STANTON English B.A. Yellow jarkel P 5.3, -w, A Q. Paige Kelly, Miss Linda Wright. and Mrs. Gene Thompson ""lx'f ", :L f A check results of the jacket JOllI.'Hi1l'S subscription drive. It ' A A K A MRS. GENE 1 A fi' . THOMPSON 1 V Q-TIE Journalism -.xA I rr B.A. F fares! jolzrmzl " 1-,, Miss BETTY I WATSON -.,' if I' English , B.A., INLE. MRS. FRANCES WIESER French B.A. IXIRS. MARIAN W. "'-- VAUGHAN ' English ' B.A., M.E. Allled Youth Mrs. Evelyn McCluney has found that gentle understanding is the key to discipline. PE Department dds Exer-genie MRS. MARTHA AUSTIN Physical Education B.S., M.S. Allied Youth Girls Intramural Council MISS MARY K. BRADFORD Art B.S., M.E. MR. GEORGE CARSON Orchestra, Band B.A., M.A., MR. DAYTON CARTER Physical Education, Counselor B.S., M.E. wi ,ev Physical Education took a step forward in 1967 with the addition of the Exer-genie, a training device which combines iso-tonic and iso-metric exercise through the force of resistance. This machine was used moderately in the physical education classes and extensively in the athletic training programs. 1 1 it "' ta A of fi I"-1 -40 "Please, Coach, cut me down! l'm sorry!" pleads Hines Robertson to Mr Daytor Carter. K--hal T? MR. JOHNNY SXSGT. RONALD MRS. MARY MRS. JULIA DICKERSON FONTENOT LYNN FOUST GRIMES Physical ROTC Typewriting, Homemaking Education Shorthand B.S. B.S. B.S. Future Secretaries of America ,...-Q MRS, JOAN MRS, LILLIAN MR. DON LEE MRS. JUNE LAY MR. HOMER HARRISON JACKSON KINNEY Distributive LUDIKER Typing Homemaking Woodshop, Education Biology, I B.B,A. BA, Industrial Plastics B-S.. MA. Physical Educa l B.S. Distributive B.S., M.S. l ' Education Club 'A' Club MR. WILLIE I TAYLOR nw Typing, h X Bookkeeping M.S. fl! .f MR. GARLAND THRELKELD SK' I X N. x J 1 ff 'I ""9'i "' ...N Mr. Garland Threlkeld assists mechanical drawing students Martin Govidnik and Jerry Raper with a class project. MR. ROLAND MACLIN Physical Education, Biology ks I--J MISS JOAN OLIVER Physical Education B S -I1 J MRS. LUCILLE MR. MERLIN MR. INIICHAEL MR. JAMES PARMETER PRIDDY RICHARDSON SNYDER Typing, Physical Education, Physical Education, Mechanical Drawing Bookkeeping Biology Algebra B.S., M.S. B.S. B.S. Geometry BS. Metal Shop, Mechanical Drawing B.S. MR. DALE WALKER American History, Physical Education B.S. MRS. MARY WHITE English, Chorus B.M., B.A., M.A. ti On 5. M 14' li -9 4-O Occupational Hazards Teachers Grin and Bear It Teachers of today don't merely teach-they are, in fact, consistently called upon to perform a number of diverse and exacting duties. For many, this presented much trial and tribulation. Mrs. Oleta Epps, lower left, experienced the perplexing problem of the skeptical student doubting his way through a lecture on the philos- ophy of man. Mr. Archie Stevens, lower right, took time out from his classroom duties to hand out results of the Preliminary Scholastic Apti- tude Test. Keeping one thousandlor so Heightsters under control during an assembly in the auditorium fell heir to Mr. John Sharp, right, which added to his many obligations as principal. Occasionally a member of the faculty was called upon to lend an understanding ear to student problems, as often was the case with Mrs. Elizabeth Hull, lower right opposite page. One time-consuming duty that escaped no teacher was keeping track of students by means of attendance cards. Mrs. Mary White, upper right opposite page, struggling with her first- period cards, shared with the rest of her fellow educators the thought that these were the times that tried men's souls. 1, 0,727 MR. AROHIE STEVENS Mas. oLE'rA EPPS ' af' , ,fr-N Q 1, tx ,I li. 0 s if sz 2 at MR. JOHN B. SHARP MRS, ELIZABETH HULL .-.."'f"x MRS. MARY WHITE 'ld' 1 f i V CLASSES . s 'A " t . , - ., , ' 4 5 A 1, L 'ful ' '--x, f. Q12 '- Q' -". 2 x is ,ffm 4, ' lb is A A QWL- t . .,gi .3-A -t :gg f I il. jlx - ,TEM 4 cu g 5 . .wiki Wg?-, X , f s - f-Meri! ' - ' X fl. . ' nm Y W I ' w. fn 'N X - i . at f-S , r' fm A ' 'A y . , l E' vm... Q :Cf 1 5 , ., in sg Fil 6.1-13 Wa ggi V Y, - . i f ,V " 'W f ' U 'W' , ' 'A, I I a. - t- M X " ,sir A E,f,,,,,g.a - gi' '..- ij: Ld' -si -sk i, . w A, i ' L M H tk fl". hx" Y.. . N'-1: A i v :A , 2, , i ff, Q . il A do P 5, fl A f 2 r f-ff , 1 . A fi wa.-'if-si., f, 6 , A F 1 Q.. f , ' 1 fi, t IS 51- R '-it ' up x t 6 gk my a QU X . 532231, 1 Q-.LQ . 5 5 ta ' 1 ' 5357. ' . 'vm J ' ' i Nui, , X s V' lfilzffiik 'Q ' f v , U W it ix 7 , - M 'as:A.g:3iHsL.: l.:ffLLf?,iV 1 Q A 'lit .xg 1 V , 171134 ' 1- 'ie ' 2' A :ffl-'S 1 X s...f' 535 :F U 1 r F ' I ri!! ' . - jgrsz av of W V, ':.. "?f Q YD "A 'V ' .S ' ily intl illfiif' fx vi , -. i N .- f i ff' -ffff -- - I + ' 2,45 :Ji ', it w ig? -E 3vy,,!3.',J,?,?,Zt5'r ,a ryl s.: R 1 ' KXW F 3'3" iQif5Zb'27I-if 'Wx 5 - , 4 , e i 6 ' J f ' Q '6'j1fiif,ggQ,f5i:.qg1 ' 44 gxwrx W e e e '- igiuffff :QM f fyrggfgs 15 ?-e ' ' i 'ff' Yifflm sl?-r5"'1"'7': ., x ' age A A ggi. XR, if ' i 152. :., 'A 3'2" 1 i'g4'.a-fx., 15 A ' .-. M . U x Wi.,,.M If Q, l 5- X -A We ' jf?"S1'i -fag he t to is ,sf ytmaqszyf f ' -. '.' 1 i Q53"--Sif-rf..g ""?tQ.i'1j YM'-1' vi ' ' is t: ' f, ii-5f1'fc1f!f":'ifbg1:Q,s:?fi'lff:?-if 15. bg V I 31'3s5l,3tf?, QQ Ia 1 4 5 ve?-'aeil-11.52 Jizifsf 'H ,M -, - 1 ,f "4--5' ' f " ' ff Q ' 'T fly' ' i 1 X J , . 'W nf ' f 1 ii s wf is ' 12455. tg. I "'- gmgiib .,. it .i , , Q Qff' m ' rf?t'a. , L R' -, it -Q I. Sophomore Class Heads Enrollment On September 6, 1966, Heights halls were flooded with the school's largest sophomore class in Al-IHS history. Seven hundred and seventy- seven new Heightsters soon lost their confused facial expressions as they became used to activ- ities at the Hill. In no time at all, they started showing spirit at pep rallies and games. Many students, such as cheerleader Chris King, lower right, and office worker Laura Peterson, lower left, began to put their abilities to use in service and leadership. NJ WX j AS V: if Ye? Jim Andrews Jay Anthis John Arendall Chris Arlington Margo Armstrong Cynthia Arnold Pam Arntson Karen Auld Karen Avery Allan Awtrey David Bailiff Bill Baird Janet Baird Randy Baker Suzanne Ball Susan Ballard Patricia Banks Suzanne Banner Tim Bartlett Doris Barton Joy Battenfield Larry Baty Carol Bauer David Baughman Debbie Beck Mike Bedford Susan Belew Jayne Bell Jan Beneventi Linda Benham Gay Aaron Danny Abshire Kenneth Adams Connie Aikman Jacky Akin Terry Alcorn Diane Aldis Janine Aldrich Drew Allen Joe Allred Kent Altaras Yolanda Alvarado Jody Ambrose Arlene Anderson Bill Anderson Judith Anderson Karlene Anderson Jackie Anderson Sophomores Victor Benjamin Martti Benson Carl Berglund Larry Biery Roland Biser Joyce Blacl-cmnn Pam Blackman Pat Blair Ruger Blair Marilee Blanton Ronald Blue Gayle Blnmhcrg Ann Bobo Peter Boger Linda Bolin Susan Bordfn Kathy Burst Brad Bourlancl Charles Boswell Dun Brannan sf", I 'NX l Ss 'Q 4 74 A ,e ,wr "Which way to El Chico's?" inquire Terry Small and Ned Stocker. I44 Thomas Brantley Fred Brants Bridget Brennan Bobby Brewster Mike Bridges Tanya Bridges joe Briley Tommy Bronstad Becky Brown Carla Brown Mary Brown Pam Brown Pat Brown Shelley Brown Skipper Brown Buzzy Broyles Paula Brumhaugh Beth Bryan Diana Bryson Marty Burkhart Homer Burks Sharon Burn Debbie Burrows Deborah Burt 1. -A-1 'Jr 'err Nr Tom Butler Gary Callarman Donald Cameron Beverly Campbell Don Carr Mark Carr Tom Carroll Sally Carter Phillip Cashion David Cason Susan Casson Karen Castillon Stanley Castles Steve Chaney Janice Charles Sharon Chmielewskr joseph Chumlea Freddy Clare Chris Clarke Clay Clarkson David Clines Becky Coats Virginia Coker Sheri Coldwell 4'-1' if 'tvs' Andrea D'Ascenzo Alan Davenport Donna Davis james Davis Terry Davis Suzanne Day Sharon Dear Georganne Deen jan' Dennie Judy Devine john Dickie Roy Dittmann James Divine Gary Dolson Tim Donahue Homer Dorminy Robert Douglas Jean Dove Yr-M47 '-4' Candy Cole Rachel Cole Lester Collier Roland Collins Betsy Cook Karon Cook David Cooper Joe Cooper Cathey Cowan Chuck Cox David Cox Janis Cox Steven Crader Mike Crawford Eddie Crenshaw Carol Cross Steve Crowder Don Crowell Bill Crowley Duff Culwell Fred Curtis Bill Cyrus Dru Dabbs Sherry Daerr Cathy Dalton Joseph Danciger David Daniel Gary Daniel john Daniel Kathy Daniel vo i l ,.l I. was dedicated was probably Alice Downe Dories Downing Robert Drewry Veni ta Drummond Pam Dubau Donna Duke David Duncan Debbie Duncan Arthur Dunham Bill Dunkin Doris Day," A jokes Debbie Pat Durbin Ray Durham Debbie Duvall Billie Dyer Sharon Eckert Mike Eckroth Eddie Edwards Tony Eeds Paul Ellis janet Engeling Brenda England Ellen Erickson Eric Erickson Steve Ethetton Rick Eubanks X,- ,rw Sad ft Gordon Freeman Harry Friedman Dana Fuller Rebecca Furche Vera Gaddy Linda Gafford john Gage Dorothy Garland Preston Garrison Gail Gartner fi Linda Ewen Dennis Fails Vickie Fairey Denise Farrar Steve Farrell Larry Farris Mark Felton Priscilla Ferguson Yvonne Field -f Tommy Fitzpatrick Mary Folmar Nolan Fonclren Bill Forisha Lloyd Fory Russell Foiy Judy Foster Charlie Fox Cathy Frazer , A 1 an, ,Wit ' .Jr ,alr, , . , L, pun . S ,f Q. 'f Y' at i by ' ' - -NV. 1- 4" ' W , . : ' H fl .,- m 'xx ' fe' 4. a -fe M. ' jf W' '- r ' has -I TQ-aa, t A -, V.: ,H ' 0 ,Ist 1 cvs, V i --" an r ' 1.1! 'L- it 'F , ffl 'L" Qi' ,rf N lyk A s A ' I, ' .fir i ""' s ' 9 "?'s1H' ' fa ...lfl 'ff Q: ' l ' ' , .arf 53' -',,. lx-W ff f -, Q-.avr ' ' i 4-c. -A -5... xl I F vga! I iwiiwlfw YA: 5f'4,,4,'jw,,-V 3'?t's.C"i!:,!"'-'1!,:fl W 4,5 w ,. ,r9fi1w5,-I-'NV F- . , f i i --" 'I-5, f '- . ' , N' 1 'nd' ' n' ,fig ,o,1',vn. "H,-, 4 '- . 'fx x- .'.-5. rf "QF ff' I wi' ',-'-W-X , - I 4, ,-x.'i'., if 'I ',vw,f sv .'ix,s Haig: p 2 i V- 1 A .rs fir '.,.-'i'3'fF,!1 , 3 V5 -gf 7jr.,fC ,..f3:,vg,,,AmV"f-Q? ,Q 4 5' '. ', Af ,.',, .V ' ' sv V f R slr . - a- xg-:.,' Wdgfyqjffr -1,-. l A . 4 im gm F i. -Q? f pvfiyy-in fe-if ,-fini igfgffin. gjgfgig rf ,-.7,'q:3::N 5,5 at :gym ,y -. ' ' FJ- 'Mgz-m:w-MQ' I , of k ...bfi wi.-0233 1213! lin fl ,755-w,, Ma., , y?iad,,i,: ,J ,ah '14-Wg 1 1 'J' 'S.'Qaf2,1 ..1.4r..i'A1'5l.'g,gfff?',- Digby: f"' . Q: ' 'Vi' f.ff 'f ' -','P'?" li' fel! ',fn?'uii ymw' ' A ,,-, ' L f' f 1 z., ' .f,s'f.:5?4.f ' -Q 'f ' .gf mg'--3,.5w -'yn' " 94- 4 ,lj if I -' ',, nf: ', 'ip ' - 41-,ix ',,',I,v'gfgq:- ' . 1 " 4 H 1 l' " 'T 'Q' K 'G '. M rm ' 'iff of n - F fy 1 -:fm-:k.,m-lfie. if 'ami finite., -,wif , Mfr- gl:-,:X5,'a.' -fig. - T Q46 -Jil fl tg 'mix U '-.wif-FQ!! YW-l 3"-"fxwftf:1':'i-4 . A .- " " i' ' ' " J rw ,fu -.'.- '. - -,art-as F.-1.16: -l time i ..-Yr 5 . , . AM, Q l R, .- , ,4, . ,N .gl , V :. - 5 -A - 93- W ' f :vw ,pw 7' ' .V --.ew i":. f:f1 QI. ,fag .'i5'1. -ur"-G'--,, .fl , e i-wet fr- lr ,sf f . "..' ff' t Q' 4:31-3 1 'fy f- '-ff? 9513" M, ' " -f., ' -L 4,2341 H 4-L.-. 'WL -,,,,,,: ,fwwp ,ei 44 4, . 1' '-"14T3c,.l!'u' li fu. I - .. 'sl-'. ' !iu5"fLKf'li'f f-.wal-F s -sf asm-F-are V' .4 2 fa- 1' '-'rm - .I v W v H. A rsvv KY V.. 'hw' 1. 'v .K , v 1 . " 7 t'.xi!m'w,., -he Teresa Lowrance, junior Miss Majorette of America of 1967, practices twirling for an upcoming football game. v S, Sophomores l Teresa l Junior X Christy Griffin jan Griffith i Freddie Griner Cynthia Guinnup Mike Gunter l Ted Gupton jill Gustafson Tom Hackleman Mike Haenn Larry Hagan jerry Hahn Chuck Hall Randy Hall Linda Hallman Robert Halpenny jill Hamilton Pam Hammond Janice Hammons Earline Hardee Ned Hardin David Hardwick Garry Harman Gary Harper Tom Harper Melinda Harrell Charles Harris Ray Harris Bobby Harrison Cinda Hart jeff Harwell Lowrance Elected iss Maj orette Loretta Gehringer john Gentry Thomas Gibson Kenneth Gire Guy Gladden Carol Glazier Gary Godbold Tanya Gogreve Randy Goins Steve Goodwin Margie Goss Jana Grayson Sf. uw 'Qgv if X, 'w--3, 'ef-.7 , . Sophomores julie Hatt Pam Havener ,. ,nf X xx S, ...LEE af' Steve Havenstrite s me rlplref y 1xgN And as Mr. Sharp passes, bow in reverence. his loyal subjects David Meredith, Ralph Morris, and Marty Slemmons W- -vs 9' ISO Rx Nan le sd sn' Marilyn Hawk JoAnn Haynie Nina Heath Marilyn Hemphill Forrest Henderson Moirre Henderson Whit Hendrickson Ivonne Herrera Dinah Hester Randy Hewitt James Higginbotham hlike' Hill Eric Hillaker John Hillaker Rick Hinze Monta Hitt Sammie Hitt Gail Hoce Deano Hodges Melody Hodges Marjorie Hodgson Susan Holden Bobby Holder Paul Hollis Mary Ann Holloway Donna Holmes Lynn Hooker Deborah Hopkins Claudia Houp Harold Hoverstaclt 'T vu Lynn Jones Peggy Jones Terri Joyce Cathleen Judd Joyce Kanistanaux Wandeen Karnes Janet Kauffman Michael Keller Robert Kellerman Suzy Kelly Tim Kidd Ann Kilpatrick Chris King Janice King Karl King Stephen Knight Cindy Knox Joseph Komisarz Diana Howard Steve Howard Virginia Howard Judy Howell Jan Huggins John Hughes Vicki Hughes Colleen Hurlbut Barry Hutson Don Ivy David Jackson Michael Jackson Parry James Mark Janezic GHG' JHY Charles Jenkins David Jensen Glen Jenson Bo Jimeson Amy Johnson Gary Johnson Mark Johnson Robert Johnson Bob Jones Carol Jones Debbie Jones Dorothy Jones Newton Jones Glenn Jones Larry Jones sv phomores Abshire, Vaughan Represent Class n Sportsmanship Committee Clark Lemond Kathy Lennon Gerry Leopard Malcolm Lester Susie Lewis Carol Lightle David Lindsay Anne Lobrecht Tommy Lockwood Robert Lougheed Allan Loveless Janis Lovelady Theresa Lowrance Cyndi Lucas Edward Luckett Robert Lumpkins Kelley McBee Mike McCann Madeline McCarty Vicki McCormick David McCrea Robert McCreless Steve McCurdy A. J. McCurley Carolyn McDonald William McDonald Sandra MacFarlane William McGhee Jim McKay Barbara McKee sf ?" Jim Kruse Kirk Kyler Jan Laird David Lambert Richard Lane Jenny Langford Robert Langford Ellen Largent Rick Largent Wendy Larkin Cathy Lawless Judy Lawyer -.rf X.. ,- David Meredith Richard Meredith Dianne Mestas Kathy Middlebrook Charlotte Miller jerry Miller Pat Miller Kirk Millican Mike McMahan john McMahon Jana McMillan Beverly McNatt Bobby McNeely Patsy McPherson Mike Maben Craig Maddox Mike Mahurin Stevie Manale Michele Manning Joyce Marglous Arthur Marsh Pat Martin jo Kun Marvin Carole Mathers Nancy Maxwell Mary Mayo Debbie Mays Larry Meadlin Danny Meek Kay Meeks Kay Mehaffy Gretchen Mercer H fu- :MN My N i 1: , 1.,j . , 1 l 13-. . Q V 4 7 A e x ,- -. fl f V 1 Q W ,-, Q at 4 , V. 543, " ' 3 39:53, Ei A ?5,,..:.,' .b gt, 1 'Q Ei inlgf. .gt 1 3. y 5 , L, --...S 2 1 ff' : A ii. H, , ,'3Q ' ,- 2 7"'gat r - . Danny Abshire and Carol Vaughan discuss their duties as sophomore representatives on the sportsmanship committee. I53 Sophomores "I think we should cut him down nowg here comes Mr. Dychej' warns Terry Small to Paul Ellis. lo- IS4 Wi' is-9' v X Ronnie Mills Benny Mitchell Randy Mitchell Cyndi Bfoates Gerrianne Montgomery Kathy Moore Kaye Moore Pat Moore Phyllis hloore Sarah Moore Vicki Moore Matthew Morgan Patti Morgan Ralph Morris Stewart Morris Terry Morse Gwen Morton Renda Mott Cathy Mraz Don Mueller Mike Mueller Danny Murphy Joann Muschner john Mustarde joe Muzquiz Nancy Myers David Neal Keith Neely Michael Neil Judy Newman Wayine Nichols Vickye Nicholson Connie Nix Larry Norman Danny Norstrud Dian Nunn Llonica Otto Sharon Owen Kitty Pannell Doug Parker Wliit Parker Cindy Parkman johnny Parten Nick Patoski Carol Patton Pamelia Patton Pat Patton Kathy Paul Bruce Pennington Sandy Peoples John Perkins Paula Perrone Gail Perry Beth Peterson nr TT' xl Laura Peterson Linda Peterson Vfes Phelan Tommy Phelps Paul Phifer Mike Phillips Sandy Phillips David Pinkston Don Polk Craig Pollard Muffet Pompetti Forrest Pomykal Cindy Ponder Ed Porterfield Vicki Powell Mike Poyner Barbara Prater Nancy Pratt jack Presley Pam Pressley Sophomores CB' Team Selects Pat iller, Jerry Sonja Prevost John Price Wendy Price Gay Pruden Ann Prud'homme George Pulido Harvey Pulido Janet Radtke Janie Rainwater Robert Rankin Nancy Rankin Susan Randolph Michelle Rapovich La Juana Rasmussen Bob Ratliff Anne Ray Danny Ray Esther Ray iller as Co-captains Q.,- -af -,W I56 ,LJ Frank Reardon Kay Reed Barbara Reid Mary Reisner Steve Reynolds Jill Rice Dixie Richey Rick Riddell Thomas Rider Bruce Ricketts Jo Riley Penny Ritch Sue Roarlc Paula Roberson Agnes Roberts Connie Robertson Eric Robinson Kim Robinson Larry Robinson Vicki Robinson Suzanne Rockney Arcadio Rodriquez Susan Roe Mark Roehl ,kim -.,, ll rx, Leading the B team to third phce in district were co captains jerry Miller and Pat Miller. I S14 .1 -C ,A 4. Suzanne Ross Janis Rosrohar Emily Rushing David Rutledge Kathy Saari Mary Sadler Robert Saling Danny Sanders Pat Sanders Diane Sandlin Ben Sanford Steve Sarrat Alan Sarvis Deanna Schaeffer Lindsay Schneider Fred Schopmeyer janet Schow jerry Schutza Terri Scott Teresa Sedberry Mary Ellen Settle Debbie Sewell Sissy Sewell Donna Shaddox Gary Sharp joel Shaw Mike Sheid Merrilyn Sheridan Stephanie Shimp Melinda Shiro Ns 'vu au- Terry Smith Barbara Snow Beverly Snow Laurie Sottile Kenneth Soule Tom Sprinkle Susan Spurck james Squires Margaret Stanciifei' Suzanne Stanfield Kris Stanley Mark Stanley Steve Steakley Mike Steele Shari Steele Jim Shoemake julie Shomo John Silliman Barbara Simmons Pam Simmons Dean Simonds Marty Slemmons Ray Sliva Terrell Small Boston Smith Danny Smith James Smith John Smith Lana Smith Mary Sue Smith Mike Smith Philip Smith Ronny Smith x 1... .J U5 4 , "If you make one more remark about my shirt Ill throttle you' N.: '-I -I v? Jimmy Torres Kathy Touchon Mary Tribble james Trietsch Bobby Trout Ronnie Tucker Pam Turner Frank Tyler Bill Valles Carol Vaughan Mary VanderHamm Gail Veach Felix Velasquez Linda Vice Mary Voigt Robert Wagner Kay Walker John Walker Byron Wfallace Carter Wallace Ricky Walsh Mary Ward Bebe Ware Kathy Warfield Nw- x- ir bv -r mp. :Q XE' .aff gd Chris Stellar Debbie Stewart Glenn Stewart Roy Stewart Mike Stieber Ned Stocker Bob Stokes Becky Stroup Janis Strnup Katherine Stucky Bettie Sutton Linda Talley Toni Talley Andy Tatom Sandra Taylor Patricia Templeton David Thompson ,Tack Tillman Andrew Tipton Chuck Todd Mary Todd Billie Tomlinson Debra Tomlinson Denise Tomlinson sd Nw Sophomores ig., ne' JL 2917 'we 5 '55 91' 'Q 'vie' r rl x f-. ,Q A X Jack Presley and Pat Banks gather their share of the goodies at the Footlight Players sunrise breakfast, fslfx V417 l6O Ni' I' f Y f :xg gill-. Q' George Warila Meredith Warner Buddy Warren Re-sa Warren Barbara Waters Judi Watson Mark Wattier Emily Weatherford Brenda Webb Ed Webb Cheryl Weissenborn Robert Welborn Janice Wells Jeff Wells Sharon Wenzel Margie West David Wharton Gary Whatley Betty Wilcox Carole Williams Susan Williams Debbie Wilson Jeff Wilson Kevin Wilson Nancy Wingo Steve Whitworth Vernon Wiggins Bill Wightman Carole Wightman Jeanette Wood Kathy Wood Caroline Wooten Paul Wooten Bobby Wright Jerry Wright Katy Wright Elizabeth Yarborough Phil Yauger Bob Yeary Barbara York Danny Young Larry Young Betty Zachary Let s see . uh . . . is it E I m2c?" mutters Harry Friedman. Dale Armstrong John Armstrong Marilyn Belcher Charlotte Bliss Charles Boyd Marvin Branch Donna Broughton Jacky Brown Keith Brown Warren Calongne Lana Carlile William Carnahan Richard Carter Ronnie Cates Carl Clanton Carla Conrad Karen Cramblit Kris Cummings Paul Davis Tanya Dean Mark Deans Bill Dees Jerry Dooley Cathye Dunagan Lynn Dunlavy Barbara Evans Debbie Evans Rebecca Feik Randy Ferguson Dave Fike Pat Forehand Tim Foust Tom Gantt Michael Griffey Larry Hagan SOPHOMORES NOT PICTURED Kenny Hampton Jean Harrod Mike Hayes Marilyn Hemphill Gary Higgs Linda Hillis Don Hollyfield Perry Horn Suzanne Hughes Dave Jackson Mickey Johnson Jan Jones Mark Jones Larry Jones Gary Kimbrel James King Mike Lewis Fred Little Frances Look Alden McCall Pat McDaniel Mike McNamara David McQueary William Mantzke Liz ,Marshall Jackie Mayberry Pat Melville Nancy Miller Richard Morgan Ursula Mullinax Mary Murphy David Norblett Floyd Norton Kirk Norton Lloyd Norton . -.J Steve Orbison Gary Parish Wayne Pidgeon John Pitts Robert Pollard Chauncey Pou Judy Reber Robby Robinson Wanda Rolan Janet Ruckman Randy Schmitt Bruce Sconzert Pamela Sexton Sara Simonfy Candida Sloan Jeff Smith Mark Smith Susan Spriggs Lynne Stanley Randy Still Nita Maria Stuart Pat Tatum Larry Taylor Stephen Teague Harry Walker Steve Walker Pam Walsh Steve Ward Janice Welborn Lee Wiggins Mike Williams Jane Winton Mike Yancey Bill Yolks I6l Juniors Await 368 Graduation Two hundred and ninety-seven days constitute a school year, and the juniors attempted to live each to its fullest. The many days of pep rallies and sports events aroused their spirits, while those with AY, YCF, "A" club, and other school meetings were enlightened on subjects of interest. Association with fellow students added to the juniors' year of learning, study, and activity. In passing from class to class, juniors took a few minutes to talk with friends on the daily happenings. In the classroom, juniors worked for grades which would be recorded on their permanent records. American literature showed them a liter- ary heritage of a new country, and many took sub- jects such as chemistry, algebra, and history to prepare them for college and future occupations. Answering one of Mr. Milton Bransford's taxing questions, Becky Gary, right, proved that she was prepared for the day's lesson. .. .vgpv Q. ' f 3 . Q ' at v ft .413 x id la' an .ic F. 1 V. , LQ: f .3 ' i 'xi 1 if ' , l . ,. f i D lx rf Lf ks jf If " TY' 1 i 'fu .... -"MX QI' 3 . ...., , is ,lf J ff-,iilfd 93.5 joseph Altman Anna. Alvarado Vicki Ambrose XE' Jenny Amos Christine Anderson Mary Andon Mark Angle Susan Anstead Glen Anthony Rick Archie Robert Ard Pam Arnold Pete Audano Connie Austin Joe Austin Robert Averitt Bill Ayres Kay Baber Erlene Bailes Herbert Ballard Lou Ann Adams Gary Albin Darwin Aldrich Mike Alexander Ronnie Allison Larry Allmond Juniors I64 Scott Blalock Nicki Blitch Bill Block Cyndy Bloor Marsha Blumberg Cindy Bobbitt Kaye Bobo Lowell Bodiford Leanna Boger Robert Botts jan Bourland Bobby Bradshaw Michael Brawley Kathy Brennaman Kathy Brewer John Bridges Tom Brock Steve Brodie Marty Bronstad Charlie Brown Ken Ballinger Peggy Bandeen jimmy Banks Steve Barham Richard Barker john Barnes Linda Barnett Bill Bartlett Martha Bean Becky Belcher Carol Belcher Bill Bellomy Paul Bethel Sarah Bickel james Biggersmff Gfmry Brown Linda Brown Marianne Brown Martha Brown Mike Brown Susan Brown Bob Browning Lois Bryant Rickey Bryant Diana Bryson Burr Buckalew Mike Buckley Pat Buckley jim Buford Barbara Bullers Becky Bush Kathaleen Bynum Tommy Cain Russel Callarman Donna Calvert Jim Campbell Melissa Campbell George Cargill Karen Carlson Bob Carter Susan Carter Sandy Carver Juniors Class Oriented in Registration Techniques I66 Richard Case Richard Cather Pam Causey Doug Chaney Debbie Charles Cush Chatham Cynthia Choate Candi Christ Nancy Clay Coy Clement Leland Clemons Barry Cleveland Beth Clifford Larry Cloer Dean Cochran Beckie Coffee hiax Colburn David Coleman W S- I vf r fa!! -uk- .ff Tr rw X'! ,..-.W e 2 Susan Maxwell drew the magic number which allowed her to be the first junior to register. ww 44:- janabeth Coleman Betty Colley Bill Conley Io Ann Cook Margaret Cook Sandra Cook Mike Coon Sylvia Cooper Gloria Copeland Galen Corbitt Thomas Corbitt Blike Currier Betsy Cornelius Mike Corzine Chris Cox Darla Cox Jim Cozby joan Craig Vicki Crockett Cindy Crook New-' Luv -.A K ' QW' U, 'uv- IU! Ana K-1 Tom my Cropper Q,- gr-- 'fx Dortha Croy Ronnie Crummel vm. Mike Buckley and Vivian Herrera celebrate Heights victory over an out-of-town team. June Danna jim Davis Nancy Davis Latryle Dawson Judy Day Martha Demoncl Barbara Denton Charles Dewees Debby Dickerson Sheila Dillard Robert Dillow Carolyn Doka Pat Dolan Ralph Dove Herman Downe Randy Downey John Drew Doyle Dugger Toni Duangan Clancy Dunigan Dee Dee Crutsinger Julie Culpepper Jan Cunningham Kathy Dana Debbie Daniel Linda Daniel w Dan Dunn Dennis Dysart Steve Eames Mary Eargle Cathy Earl Robert Earle Steve Earnest Mark Eckroth jeff Eddy Marilyn Eidson Pam Elam Pam Elley Eria Ellison Carole Anne Ellison Jeff Emrich 091 Ni 'r NW? 4 . f-QPN ST v li-Q 511 -sg? Eldon English Charlotte Epperson Gerald Epperson Marianne Erwin Robyn Etzel Sandra Everett Janet Ewing Carolyn Fnirris Ralph Farr Trudy Faught Penny Ferguson Esther Fernandez Terri Ferrell Lance Ferrill Genie Fields Sandra Fish Mike Flynn Becky Foster Shelley Foster Sandy Fowlcls Juniors Jacque Ifralia Billy Franz Earl Freeman Charles Fritts Bonnie Fuller Kathy Furr Dianne Gammons Susan Gann Pam Gant Brian Garclner Judy Garrett Becky Gary Billy Gentry Sonny Gilbert Mike Gill Bob Gillespie Hank Gloff Sheryl Goalbold Janice Goff Annette Gomez Barbara Gomez Martin Govednik Lenore Grady Barbara Graham Sandi Graham l7O Beverly Grammar T. K. Green Kit Grimm Steve Grinnell Kathleen Guckian Bill Gupton Ed Haddaway Karen Hahn Susan Hall Phillip Hallman Jim Halsey Trisha Halsey Marcus Hamilton Joe Hamlin Diane Hanley 'Ol Gayle Hanneman A, .59 on Mary Kay Harrison Linda Haskins Jimmie Hastings Jeannine Hart Linda Haverstock Brad Hayes Susan Hayes John Heit Cindy Hellums Gene Hemphill Larry Hendrickson Julie Hendrix Judy Henning Mike Henry Jacky Hcnshaw Dale Harper Sharon Harris pr if "Oh clrnls, I made a 99 on that chemistry exam," moans Coy Clement 110 Na-v w-.., '? K...-f W:--nr N94 New i W-qv Vivianne Herrera Trudy Herring Sammy Hertzler Larry Hess jo Ann Hicks nn. Vis 's.4w 'JH' Debby Higgins Rose Higgins Vickie Higgins jan Hill il' Linda Hill ViCki Hill Linda Hines Cheryl Hobbs Charlotte Hoffman Bill Holden 1532, : H :gi LV rf' . ,rv - - re. we-mfs-""" Stronger than dirt, Tommy Cropper demonstrates his newly acquired .cleaning powers. I72 -qg-gr T331 1... Lynn Holloway Mike Hooper Kirsten Hopkins Sammie Hopkins Beverly Horton Steve Horton Barry Hubbard Helen Huff 'Ol 'xx wr-, '7 fu... ual? ,?E5i5 Juniors N fi f t y Dee Hughes jane Hughes. Linda Hutcheson Anne Hutchinson Steve Hutchison Belinda Hutton Doug Hyink Mary Irgens joe Ivy John jackson P.S.A.T. Draws Record umber of Juniors 104 'Cf inf' jack Jaynes Ab jenkins Y Judy jetton ,ws A x, .M . 'VL Suzanne Vaughn pauses to think out a difficult problem on the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test ' ,-3 is :ff Beverly Jewell Barry Johnson Charles johnson Jack Johnson Jimmie johnson 'Y Q l Susan Jones Sherry julian Cathy Kane Theresa Kane Britt Kauffman Buster Kain Bryan Kearby Michael Kelley Mike Kelley Sharon Kemp Allen Kent Nan Keyes Gloria Kieschnick John Kilcrease Steve King Sherryl Kirschner David Krausse Kathy Kucllaty Germ Ladd Toby Landes Kristie johnson Larry Johnson Mike johnson Veronica johnson Cindy Jones Rosemary Jones uniors fwf- 31 our fs. gr ff' we-wp Hank Lyle Cindy Lynn Nm V, -0 , x .1 L, Tommy Langdon Lisa Larkin Gayla Latimer Mike Leech Beth Lehmberg Renee Lcmond Bob Leonhart Cilln Lessig Janie Letson David Linan Julie Lloyd Billy Lockwood Linda London Ralph Long Vince Love Larry Loveless Web Lowder Mary Lowdon Margaret Lowry Bobby Lukeman No- Elaine McAfee Si Barry Hubbard and Linda Wooldridge bend glass tubes which are used later in chemical experiments. I75 Juniors Charles McBride Vickie McCarthy Hayes McCauley Tim McCracken Amy McCrimmon Linda McCullough Sonny Mcflutcheson Scott McDaniel Beverly McElroy Pam McFall Dan McGogy Virginia McHenry john Mclnnes Bob lNICKay Doug McKenzie De Ann IWcKinley John McKittrick Toni McPherson Mike Macha Marilyn Macklin Mike Malone Jane Manning Suzie Marchesseau Verlena Mihesvah Roisann Mikel Gary Miles Eddie Miller Melody Miller David Mills Deb Minshew Katy Moffatt Scotty Moncrief Henry Moore Howard Moore Linda Moore Ron Moore Patricia Moriarty David Morris Diane Morris Mary Mulry Jan Mulvihill john Mundy Tommy Murray Charlotte Nadin David Neal Ronald Nelson Marcus Newman Cody Newman John Marietta Kathleen Marsh Thomas Martin Wayne Marvin Karen Masters Susan Maxwell Gary Measures Bob Mefford Bob Merrill janet Merritt Juniors Nan N land Ribbons Boost Of ey Football Spirit hi qi -f I A- rx Katy Nichols James Nicholson Larry Norris . VNS' gr 'Nix 51.5 ?""P 1 wiv we ' wo- Thomas Page Becky Pakebusch Mike Parrish X'-ve , V. - . e isr N... ii 11.1" L ....,. Ray Nuss Frank O'Brien Jeanne O'Brien Stephen O'Dell Sally O'Neal Cherisse Orr Sandra Osborne Carolyn O'Shields Bob Owen Sandra Owen Linda Barnett and Judy Day put pins in football ribbons ' 3tG"' O ,aa they prepare for the Paschal game Janie Passel Shelia Pate Sherie Patton Charles Pavillard Sandra Pederson Pam Perkins Pam J. Perkins james Peterson Rob Pierson Pam Pompetti Pat Potter Nancy Pratt Karen Prewitt Linda Price Margo Price Nancy Price Tom Price Doug Prince Louis Prohs Sharon Prohs fl ii Debbie Pugmire Cheryl Purselley Sharon Quattlebaum johnny Ragan Terry Ragland Charles Rankin Sis Rankin Jerry Raper David Reber Ernie Reeves Cindy Reinhardt Ann Reynolds Virginia Rigdon Gary Riggs Harold Riise 7 VL , IJ, ' Pam Grant encourages junior girls to join Tri-Hi-Y, Y.W.C.A. girls' club. Bill Royer Tommy Sargent Gene Savage Tommy Scaggs Marc Schaeffer Marilyn Scheck Judy Schutza Sally Scroggs Jodie Scull Christy Scully Kirk Scully Steve Seidner Pam Self Gary Sellers X4 Sharon Sherrill Mike Sherwood I80 Tim Rlpperda Kathleen Roberson Craig Robinson Preston Robinson Randy Robinson Teresa Roe Rosalin Rogers Oliver Ross Kathy Rowe Steve Roy Juniors O x Linda Shew Pam Shive Olivia Shumaker Tonja Sickles Karen Simpson Melissa Skiles Mike Smith Mike Smith Paula Smith Richard Smith Star Smith Terry Smith Tommy Smith Tommy Snyder Craig Sommer f X Jim Sorenson Christine Soule Topper Sowden Mike Spencer Mike Spurgeon George Stallings Lisa Steele Connie Stephens Jan Stephens Gwen Stevens Mary Stevens Suzanne Stevens Dee-dee Stewart Annetta Stinnett Susan Stott Barry Stovall Pat Stovall Cathy Straight George Strickland Gary Sullivan 'Wim all this I 82 fl 4' J-nog v QF A ar . 1 homework," groans Doug Prince, "I've worked my fingers to the nub." Carleen Talley Randy Tarbell Doug Taylor Nancy Taylor Tim Taylor Trent Taylor Dickie' Teague Sharon Telschow Janie Thomas Sondra Thompson Bill Ticlwell Terry Tomlin Micki Tracy Judy Trayham Noel Trudeau Faythe Tuomey Allen Tyler Ann Tyrell Joe Underwood Gayla valkman Sharon Sullivan Tom Sweeney Dan Sykes 'W ll- usa C2 Y-2, xv ., ,ill 51415 af., Juniors 429 il! s Larry Valone Elizabeth van der Vliet Mark Vaughan Suzanne Vaughan Frances Veen Florence Velasquez Walter Waechter Gayla Walch Phyllis Waldrep Jo Walker Melxnda Walker "Golly, and just because I had the cleanest toenails in the school!" exclaims Bobby Lukeman. Susanna Warner Wesley Warren Zoe Watts Glenda Wayland Bobby Webb Marsha Wallace f-vu' Sharmon Wallace Cleatus Wallxs Fred Walter -wi New 'Gal Dave Ward Mary Ann Ward 'U- Qfx ,,.- Yuri, . sf -in xx Vs "dr -I .MJ Q if ., 5,-Q 'Q-,ff s -N ,p 'wa' Juniors Cindy Williams Katherine Wilson Kay Wilson Paula Wilson Rosalie Wilson Sharyn Wilson Margaret Winfield Claudia Winfree O""'l' Lana Wehunt jimmy Welch Candy Wells Connie Wells Janet Welch Brenda Wentworth Charles Wheeler jim White Sheila White Trey Wilkes Bruce Wilkinson Mike Wilkinson Joe Willard Ronnie Willett Donna Williaford "Look at that, he's been a senior for thirteen years and still doesn't have enough credits," remarks Joan Craig. Ricky Wingrove Chris Wolfe Harriet Wolff Lana Wood Mark Wood Stephen Wood Gary wriodfich Bonnie Woodruff Evette Woods Linda W'ooldridge Nancy Wooten Kay Worthy Bob Wynne Donna Young Mike Young Sheri Alford Sam Anderson George Arndt Gary Barnwell Marie Bates Stephen Blevins Greg Borgeson Bret Bostwick Bobby Brawley, Nanette Broussard Susan Brown Linda Burrows john Carney Vaughn Clark Pat Clifton Sherry Cooley Pam Craig Mike Dever jimmy Dike Claudia Dunlavy Phyllis Ann Evetts Christine Feliton Margaret Fernandez Bill Fowler Brice Gaither Gale Geiler Martha Gilder Chris Gillespie James Gilliam Alan Gillmore Marjorie Glatzel Chris Gotcher Gary Gotcher f -me Ronnie Young Bonnie Zimmerhanzel Ronnie Zink 'S Us .nov gy' JUNIORS NOT PICTURED Sandy Guthrie George Haenn Lorinda Haney Leah Harris Bill Haworth Bob Heist Suzanne Helton Mike Herod David Hobbs Tammy Howard Chip Hunter Gary Jackson Marilyn johnson Teresa jones Sammy Kite Donna Knox Ernest Knudson Bill Lambert Cleve Lancaster Gayland Lawshe Larry Lee Brad Lewis Shelly Lile Danny Lilly Bill Lind David Ling Judy Lovell Dean Lovett Randall McCord Judy McDowell Debby McFerrin Alan McGinnis Mike McKeithen James McNutt Thomas Malcik Laurie Magill Patricia Malloy Bob Meacham Mark Miller Hugh Molloy james Moore Cheryl Murphy Dawn Nickerson Donna Norton Larry Oliver Rita Ottum Glenda Owen Thomas Page Pam Parker Ralph Patton Robert Peacock Mary Ann Pelton john Perkins Bobby Pierce Gavin Pou Stanley Price Arthur Rancher D'Lynda Rankin jimmy Ratterree Ronnie Richardson Steve Roederer Bob Robertson Mike Robertson Henry Roye Irma Salazar Wayne Sanders Brad Schneider Alan Sconzert Barry Shearer Van Shields Mark Slaughter Geoffrey Smith Melodi Smith Verneita Mae Smith Stephen Stoddard jim Sutton Richard Tamez Larry Taylor jerelyn Tolliver Monda Tompson Theresa Tout Ronald Trimble Steve Tracy Lois Verseckes Mike Verseckes Melinda Walker Randy Walker Sam Walker John Watson Pam Wildt Charles Williams Sandra Willis Barbara Wilson Kent Wilson David Winblood Bill Woodrich H.,- ,- We Seniors Look Into - wa' rx 'l umwkim ig ..:-aa , W .594 .1 ' ..1 ' . A 1 fra Yin P' J' the Seeds of Time With an eye to the future, the Class of '67 completed its final high school year in a flurry of excitement and activities. Highlighting grad- uation events were the senior party, picnic, banquet, and formal dance. Elected as officers of the 630-member class were, standing left to right, Cindy Willoughby, secretary, jill Levering, treasurer, Mike Bomar, president, and seated, Rita Downing, vice presi- dent. Although most seniors were more concerned with football than with learning, teachers at- tempted to squeeze required term themes and curricula into the fall semester. Senior girls introduced a new method of sup- porting the athletic teams by decorating the field house and players' lockers before each game. Baccalaureate services and graduation exercises closed out the year as seniors prepared to go their different ways. 'i gg I -t SENIOR ACTIVITIES ABBREVIATIONS Allied Youth ................................ AY Book jackets ......... Distributive Education Footlight Players ...... Girls' Intramural Council jacket foxmznl ......,.. junior Achievement .... junior Red Cross ........... Future Nurses of America ..... Future Secretaries of America .... Future Teachers of America .... Leonards Award .......... National Merit Scholarship Orchestra ...................... Reserve Officers Training Corps. Student Council ............... Yellow jacket .......... Young Citizens Forum ....Bj .....DE .....FPl ....GIC ...JJ ...JA ...JRC ...FNA ....FSA ....FTA .......LA .....NMS .....Orch. ....ROTC .....SC .....Y-I ...YCF A-O! 'TTD W'--ur 'QIZ7 ANTHONY HR Secy. 2 yrs., Tennis Team, 2 yrs., LA, YCF, 3 yrs. UY ARSENEAU Football, 3 yrs., A Club DANNY ARTHUR GLENDA BACON . AY, Chorus CHUCK BAILEY 1 HR Pres., 2 yrs., AY, 3 yrs., Intramural Football, 2 yrs. FRANK BAILEY LA ALLEN BAIRD DONNA BAKER FSA, GICQ AY, PE Asst., 2 yrs. LOUIS BALDWIN AY, 2 yrs., YCF, 2 yrs. RICHARD BANKHEAD AY, 2 yrs., Intramural Football BOBBY BARNES HR Pres., SC, Handbook Comm. book Comm. SANDRA BARNES AY, 2 yrs.g YCFQ FNA IXIIKE BARNETT JOE BARTHOLOINIEW LA, YCF, 3 yrs., Trackg NMS Letter of Commendation dation HAL BARTON FPlg AY, 2 yrs, YCF, 2 yrs. -NM ng, 5-Q., -af 'Nt' -Q., xt? CRAIG ADAMS AY, 3 yrs., HR Officerg Intra- mural Football, 2 yrs. LARK ADAIXIS AY, 3 yrs. STEVIE ADDISON AY, 3 yrs. DEBBIE ADKINS AY. 3 yrs., ROTC sponsorg Tri- Hi-Y JANE ADOLFSON Band, 3 yrs.g AY, YCFg Tri- Hi-Y, 2 yrs, NIICHAEL ALCORN ROTC, Rifle Team Captain DORTHA ALDERSON FTAQ SC CHERYL ALEXANDER AY, 3 yrs., YCF, Tri-Hi-Y, Pres. JIM ALLEN CYNTHIA ALLISON Math Club, Pres., GIC, Vice- Pres., jj, feature editor, LA ANGELA AMBROSE YJ staff, J Club, LA, 2 yrs.g HR Secy. DAVID AMMONS J Club, LA, IRC, YCE RONNIE ANDON Intramural Football DEBBIE ANDREWS AY, 2 yrs., YCF, 2 yrs. KAREN ANDREWS AY, 3 yrs,g YCFg Tri4Hi-Y, 3 rj yrs. f I QS -if -of lf? .J .lr ,Av Off? rx we-' l87 JAN BATTENFIELD AY, Vice-Pres. for Socials, SC, 2 yrs., Office Asst., 2 yrs., YCF, 2 yrs. GLENDA BAUGH Chorus, 2 yrs., Annual Staff, Science-Math Club, Library Club, Burns Flat, Oklahoma NANCY BAUGUSS AY, 2 yrs., FNA, 2 yrs., YCF, FPI, 2 yrs. JON BAUM Lt. Col. All City Staff, ROTC, Drill Team Com- mander, ROTC, YCF, 2 yrs., German Club, 2 yrs. BETSY BEACH YCF, 3 yrs., AY, 3 yrs., orc, JRC KIINIBERLY BEAL AY, 5 yrs., LA, Counselors Asst. BILL BEAN Basketball, Baseball, 5 yrs., Track DIANE BEARDEN AY JOE BEARDEN YCF, 2 yrs., AY, 5 yrs., Chorus, 2 yrs. JOHN CARL BEATTY Golf, 2 yrs., HR Officer, 2 yrs., SC, AY, 2 yrs. JAN BELKNAP HR Officer, GIC, Sopho- more Favorite, AY SHERRI BENTHALL Chorus, 5 yrs., DE GARY BERG LAURA BERREY LA, AY, 2 yrs. JACK BERTRAM Baseball, 5 yrs., JJ Sports EcI,, A Club, AY AY, 5 yrs, YCF, 5 yrs., PE Asst. SUZANNE BLACK AY, Biology Asst, DIARY BLAIR LA, YCF, 3 yrs., HR Of- ficer, AY, 2 yrs, CINDI BLANTON AY, 5 yrs., YCF, 5 yrs., SC, 2 yrs., HR Officer HARRIET BODKIN AY, 5 yrs., YCF, 2 yrs., AY Rep. JUDY BOGARD Chorus, FHA, Amarillo, Texas MIKE BOMAR Football Letterman, 2 yrs., HR Pres., LA, J Club BETSY BOND FTA, 3 yrs., Pres, AY, 5 yrs., Vice-Pres. in charge of Publicity, Tarrant Coun- ty Youth Council, J Club JOHN BOSHERS JA, Intramural Football,- Baseball, 2 yrs., Intramural Basketball SHERYLE BRANDON FTA, Tri-Hi-Y, 2 yrs., PE Asst., 2 yrs., YCF DAVID BRANDT Track Mgr., 2 yrs., Lab Asst., 2 yrs., AY, 2 yrs., YCF PEPPY BRATTON J Club, 2 yrs., LA, Band, 3 yrs., AY, 2 yrs. 3. JUDY BREEN AY, JA, 2 yrs., National Foren- sic League, Nolan High School JAN BREWER YJ Staff, 3 yrs., SC, 2 yrs., J Club, 2 yrs., LA RICHARD BRIGHABI LA, Track, 3 yrs., A Club, YCF, 2 yrs. TERRY BROOKS ROTC, 3 yrs., Drum and Bugle Corps, Band, 2 yrs. BOBBY BROOM ARLENE BROWN AY, 2 yrs., YCF DWIGHT BROWN GARY BROWN LEX BROWN AY, 2 yrs., LA, Golf Team, Ski Club, Rudyard, Michigan PRISSY BROWN AY, JA, FSA, EPI Buchanan Reaches Miss Teenage Finals SUE BROWN FNA, JA, DE SUSAN BROWN Tri-Hi-Y, J Club, 2 yrs., BJ Pres., ROTC Sponsor, Rifle Team MELINDA BROYLES AY, YCF, Office Assn, Mardi Gras Rep. WALLACE BRUNSON National Honor So- ciety, Track, Lubbock Tex. JUDY BUCHANAN Altrusa Achievement Award, AY Secy, J Club, LA KATHERINE BUCK AY, 5 yrs., Lab Asst., Z yrs. STEVE BUFORD Golf, 2 yrs. IVIIKE BULGER GREG BURGIN SC, AY, LA Q' l As one of her many activities during the Miss Teenage Fo-rt Worth pageant week, Judy Buchanan assists in the ring-toss booth at the Police- I89 x.. v if iw -J"-1 Sf 'S--of A Hffr 4 '33 fl? 261 Seniors t my dismissal. Here comes Mi Ronnie Humphreys to Garry Ivey NANCY BURKS AY, 2 yrs. TOMMY BURKS Intramural Footballg Intramural Basketballg AY KAY BURSEY AY, 3 yrs., YCF, 5 yrs.g AY Delegate to International Cort- ference JAMES BUTIN AYQ Intrarnuralsg Top Ten PE. 65-66 LOUISE BUTLER FTAQ FPl INIARY BYRNES AYQ Chorus, 2 yrs. BARBARA CAIN HR Officer, 3 yrs.g Office Asst., 2 yrs.g J Clubg AY INIELINDA CAMPBELL AY, 3 yrs.g YCFg HR Pres.g AY Exec. Comm. BILLIE CANALES LA, 2 yrs.g AY, 2 yrs.g YCF, 2 yrs. JIM CARDEN Student Body Pres,g Football, 3 yrs., Basketball, 3 yrs.g AY, E yrs. SALLY CARPENTER Office Asst.g HR Officerg JJ, AY, 3 yrs. IXIIKE CARR Football, 5 yrs.g AY, 3 yrs.g SCg A Club, 2 yrs. NANCY CARR RICHARD CARROLL Intramural Football CURTIS CARTER Cheerleader, AYg HR Officerg Intramural Football JOHN CECIL Intramuralsg Lab Asst. MIKE CEGIEL Bandg Intramural Football, 2 yrs., Intramural Volleyball RICHARD CEMAN Sophomore Class Pres.-M.L.H.S -Washington, SC-M.L.H.S. ELAINE CHAMBERS AY, 2 yrs. SHERRY CHANDLER AY, 3 yrs.g LA, 2 yrs.g YCF I BILL CHERRY Band, Orch., Lab Band PHILIP CHUMLEA AY, YCF, Ft. Worth Com- position and Achievement Award, Tarrant County Grammar Club, 2 yrs. DAVID CLARK -IRC, Pres., SC, 2 yrs., AY, N43 3 yrs., YCF, 3 yrs. WILEY CLARKSON AY, 2 yrs., YCF, 2 yrs. BEVERLY COBB Band, 3 yrs. LARRY COBLE Band, 3 yrs., FP1, Paper Staff, Annual Staff, Dia- mond Hill. RICKY COHEN Football Mgr., 3 yrs., A Cu 7 rs Club, LA 1 b. - Y -L I ELAINE COLEMAN AY, 3 yrs., YCF, 3 GIC, 2 yrs., Vice-Pres. Officer CARINIYN COLLIER AY, 2 yrs., YCF I GAIL CONNOR AY, 2 yrs., GIC, HR Of- ficer RONALD COOK Baseball, 2 yrs., Football, 2 yrs., junior Classical League, Suitland, Md. BRENT COOPER ROSALIND COOPER AY, FPI, Swimming resentative, Hockey Repre- sentative, Australia WYNN COOPER Tennis Team, 3 yrs., I Club, 2 yrs., GIC, Vice-Pres., AY, 2 yrs. I JAMES COPPEDGE AY, Intramural Football and Softball SARAH COPPINGER AY, YCF BOB CORCORAN Art Club, Korea, Art Slide Rule Club, Cavaliers, - Abilene, Texas LARRY COTTEN Football, AY, Intramural Football 2 yrs. PATRICIA COWEN Yf5'1 -...w ww E HR V ,A Rep- ..., Club, FNA, FPI, 2 yrs., AY, 2 , yrs. EDIE COX . AY, 3 yrs., Football, Top , Ten P.E., YCF JUDY cox AY, 3 yrs., YCF, 2 yrs., YJ RUP.: JRC MIKE COYNE Intramural Basketball, AY WENDY CRAIG YCF, AY, 3 yrs. ROBERTA CRAWFORD AY, Tri-Hi-Y, J Club, FPl MARSHA CROWDER J-I, AY, YCF, SC, Liberal, Kansas DIAN CROWELL SC, 3 yrs., j Club, 2 yrs., Chemistry Lab Asst. RICHARD CRUMMELL Orch., 3 yrs., Band, 3 yrs., Lab Band, 3 yrs., AY, 2 yrs. DAVID CUMMING 4 'S-1 ,ff KI' f"TP No' -.S sf., V f--Q M- QQ Seniors English Classes Focus on Macbeth , J . IQ' f '1 F, l l "Now we know why the cafeteria food taste that way," concludes Doyle Walters to Dea Hudson as witches Nancy O'Neall, Cameo jones and julie Reisner stir 'eye of newt and toe 0 frog into their brew. -...J Q-'47 l92 e NFA X146 5 'GG' s.-f ,,--1, DWIGHT CUMMING YCF, 2 yrs, Track SHIRYN CURTIS AY, 2 yrs., FTA, Double Sextet ROBERTA CYRUS LA, AY Rep., 2 yrs., AY, E yrs., YCF PAT DAERR FTA, 2 yrs, Spanish Club, Ar Asst. LINDA DAIGLE DE, Reporter, jj Staff: Englisl Asst. SI-IERI DAIGLE AY, 3 yrs. STEPHEN DANIEL Counseling Asst, Z yrs,, AY, I yrs., YCF, 2 yrs., Track CRAIG DARBY Intramural Basketball, Football Chemistry Lab Asst, FTA BIIKE DAUGHERTY AY, 2 yrs., YCF, Intramura Track, Football, 2 yrs, MARK DAVIE FPl, 3 yrs., AY, 3 yrs. BOBBY DAVIS Football, 2 yrs., LA, J Club JAN DAVIS AY, 2 yrs., YCF, FNA, JOHNNY DAVIS Band, 3 yrs., YCF, 3 Yrs., FPI 2 yrs., Chemistry Lab Asst. RANDY DAVIS AY, 2 yrs., FPl, 3 yrs. DEAN DAWSON LORETTA DEAN AY, 2 yrs., FTA, YCF TRUDY DEEN AY LINDA DE FOOR DAVID DENNIE Football, Intramural Track PONNIE DERBY AY, 3 yrs,, YCF, Z yrs., FTA, 2 yrs. BILLY DEVER Baseball, Sophomore Class Favorite, Football, Track, Baseball, Basketball, Bos- well High School BILL DEVORE Track, Z yrs., Football, 2 yrs., YCF, 5 yrs., AY, 3 yrs. LINDA DEVRIES RH Secy., 5 Yrs., ROTC Sponsor, jj Rep., 3 yrs., jClub KAREN DEWEES AY, 3 yrs., YCF, I Club, LA DEBBIE DIETZ AY, 2 yrs., FNA, 2 yrs., Tri-Hi-Y ROSS DINKINS Orch., 3 yrs., Band, 3 yrs. WARREN DINKINS AY, YCF, Basketball B Team, Intramurals BOBBY DODSON FRANK DONAHUE DOUG DOSTER HR Pres., AY, 3 yrs. fix vow I cf, 'FU' 'Q .14-42' RITA DOWNING Cheerleader, 2 yrs., SC, LA, YCF JOHN DRESBACI-I DALE DREWRY LA, ,I Cluh, YCF, SC PAUL DRISKELL Band, 3 yrs., AY, YCF, Intramural Baseball RANDY DUGGER Intramural Baseball and Football, Baseball, Weather- ford High School KATHY DUKE , YCF, FNA, Youth for Christ CURTIS DULANEY Golf ALLEN DUNLAVY T rack, AY, FPI DAN DYDEK Band, 3 yrs., Biology Re- search Group, 2 yrs., J Club LAURA ANNE EARGLE FTA, 2 yrs., AY CAREY EARLE Bancl, 3 yrs,, Golf PAM EDWARDS AY, EPI, YCF ANDREW ELLIOT SUSAN ELLIS AY, 3 yrs., Delegate to In- ternational Conference, YCF, JJ Rep. LAUREL ESTERLEIN AY, 2 yrs., YCF, DE, FPI Seniors ,Nr-'R "T", 1, Ny 'C'3"L'5' wif Y? I94 CAROLYN ESTES AY, 3 yrs.g I Clubg LA3 SC Alt., Z yrs SARAH EVANS DUKE EWELL LAg AY, 3 yrs.g SC, Pro- gram Committee Chairman RAYMOND FAILS ROTC, 5 y,rs.g Orch., 2 yrs.g Marching Bandg YCF, 3 yrs. ff .wg JEFF FALTER AYQ YCF ANDY FEAGAN YCFg JJ Staffg AY Wt' BECKY FERGUSON AYg YCF DAVID FERGUSON All City Orch., 5 yrs.g AY, 2 yrs,g Intramural Football and Basketball, 2 yrs. J , ,AR 1 v as - t ' -. 'r? MARILYN FERGUSON MARGARET FERNANDEZ 'Q Chorus -Y QN 4' .5 ,, ev 'xxx gy Y ' RX, c L is NEVA FINDLEY it 'V L, A L Chorus, 2 yrs. I ' ' i Y H DAVID Firrs A A'AA ' A "You better shut up, or Ronny Humphreys will break your other leg with his baton!" chorus Lee Hitt and Mike Horn to junior Walter Waechter. ROSE FITZGERALD YCF, Nurse's Asst, YVONNE FITZGERALD LA, HR Officer, 3 yrs. AY LLOYD FOLMAR KATHRYN FOUST YCF, 2 yrs., FNA, 2 yrs, AY, 3 yrs, DAVID FOX FPI JAMES FOX SC, 2 yrs., Business Man ager of Yearbook, Basket- ball Captain, 2 yrs., Trinity Valley, Baseball CATHERINE FREDERICK SC, YCF, AY, J Club ROBERT FROST Football, 2 yrs., AY, Track, DE f--4 'tr I 4 I 1 'Il Danelle Robertson, Don Thoms, and Jan Battenfield discuss results of the Scholastic Aptitude Test. MIKE FRUGE FPI, 3 yrs., J Club, Chorus, 3 yrs., JA KATHRYN FULLER FPI, 2 yrs., LA, YCF, 3 yrs. 'J RICHARD GALLIMORE -f-M' SC, 2 yrs., AY, 3 yrs., DE, Football PAT GAINIBRILI. AY, z yrs., EPI JOE GANDY Intramural Football, AY DAVID GARCIA ROTC, 3 yrs., Drum and Bugle Corps, 3 yrs., Cadet Sergeant Major, 2 yrs., Color Guard Commander GILBERT GARCIA Track, 3 yrs., Football, 2 yrs., AY, 2 yrs., YCF MARGARET GARRETT AY, 3 yrs., FPI, JA, 2 yrs. STEVE GARRETT DAVID GEESLIN Basketball, 3 yrs., AY, 2 yrs., YCF SUSAN GILL AY, 2 yrs., PE Asst. SUSIE GILLIGAN LA, J Club, Band, 3 yrs., FTA ANN GIRAUD FPl. 3 yrs., AY, 3 yrs., YCF "Il , JANE GOBER fff AY, 3 yrs., FSA, GIC, PE Asst., 2 yrs. SUZANNE GODLEY AY, 2 yrs., Biology Lab Asst., YCF rw I95 BELIVIA GOFF AY, 2 yrs. GARY GORDON AY, YCF LINDA GORE AY, 3 yrs., YCF STEVE GORRELL . GEARY GOWINS Y.. BARBARA GRAY JRC, FNA, 2 yrs., AY, 3 yrs., YCF, 2 yrs. GINA GREGORY, AY, YCF DOUGLAS GREIF AY, YCF, 2 yrs., HR Vice Pres., Biology Lab Asst. GEORGE GRIMES HR Pres., B Football, AY, 3 yrs., YCF JEANNE GRUBBS DE, Pres., Shorthand Asst. JIM GRUBBS AY, YCF DON GUERRANT J Club, LA, IRC, 2 yrs., AY, 2 yrs. DANNY GUIDICE Football, 3 yrs. KATHY GUIDICE AY, 2 yrs., FSA, Pres., YCF LINDA GUSTAFSON AY, 3 yrs., FSA .1 'rbi 'V W7'fY Q... Qu-.1 MJ ivan N4-J Q-A9 'w-1? Y' F ,wa ,N at sl vi fd S .3 .J I96 ANNE HADDAWAY Tri-Hi-Y. 3 yrs., J Club, AY, 3 yrs., YCF, Z yrs. ERIC HAENN Chorus, 3 yrs., Track, 3 yrs., FPI, 3 yrs., AY, 2 yrs. SARAH HALE AY, 3 yrs., YCF, 3 yrs., Office Asst. JAN HALEY AY, 3 yrs., Lab Asst., Industrial Arts Asst., FTA SANDRA HALL GARY HAINIBY RANDY HAMMOND JEAN HAMPTON Soph. Alt. Cheerleader, AY, 3 yrs., YCF, 3 yrs., Tennis Team BARBARA HANLEY AY, 3 yrs., FTA, 3 yrs., YCF, Shop Asst. EDDIE HARDESTY AY, 3 yrs., YCF, Golf LYDIA HARDWICK AY, Vice-Pres. of Socials, YCF, 2 yrs., LA PAM HARDWICK AY, Historian, I Club, YCF, 2 yrs., Office Asst. CINDY HARPER FPI, GIC, JJ Rep., 2 yrs. LYNNE HARPER ROTC Sponsor, Insurgent Team, Tri-Hi-Y, PE Asst. HOWARD HARRELL American Field Service, Semi- Finalist, AY, 3 yrs., SC, 3 yrs. Seniors KATHLEEN HATA Block W, GAA, Hostess Club, Jr. Day Calif. ALICE HAWKINS IVIIKE HAYS Football, 3 yrs., Baseball, 2 yrs., A Club, AY, 3 yrs. STUART HEADLAND LA, 2 yrs., J Club, 2 yrs., HR Pres., 3 yrs., YCF VICKI HEDGE J Club, 2 Skit, San Francisco, yrs., Tennis Team, 3 A ' ' yrs., GIC, 3 yrs., YCF DANA HELINI LA, Chorus, 3 yrs, EMILY HELM Chorus, 3 yrs., YCF, 3 yrs. CHRIS HENDRICKSON J Club, LA, HR Secy., YCF DIANE HENKER AY Exec. Board, International Delegate, YCF JUDY HERNDON FNA, Math Club, y FTA, JJ, chorus BILLY HERRMANN , ROTC, 3 yrs., Chorus LINDA HICKMAN t jj Staff, AY, 2 yrs., PE Asst. JACKYE HIGBY Cheerleader, 3 yrs., AY, 3 yrs.. Vice-Pres. 3 yrs., YCF, 3 yrs. DEBBIE I-IILLAKER YCF, AY, Art Asst., jj Staff DAVID HINTON I I for Membership, SC, 3 :ai- ..z.,.., 31 A - 'K 1 .st I ' L. 33 ' ' ,WY . 4, Q,,,,i kLL. X . A SJ,-M fb! if, B 4 I 4, y it 1 . as I ' "X 11,4 K my , l 5 Q, IX vc. "If we can ever get our fingers unstuck, maybe we can decorate the field house," plot Brenda Smith and Barb and Deb Mann.- x..l ,.,- LEE HITT Football, 3 yrs., AY, 3 yrs., Baseball, 2 yrs. SKIP HODGKINS Football, 3 yrs., AY BILL HOFFMAN Track, Counse-lor's Asst., 2 yrs., Literary Magazine, JJ Staff STEVE HOFFINIAN AY, 2 yrs., J Club, LA, B Football STEVE HOGG Intramural Football LYNDA HOGUE YJ, 3 yrs, Co-Editor, H, Copy- Editor, 1 Club, 2 yrs., HR Pres. wi' 'Qk-05 'J' vga if f?', w---r ,oe . 2, "J ET' .ff Dj' 3 we' ,I go ?"'7 Q--1 he--f-' Seniors Trio Judges Sportsmanship -ry Representing the senior class on the Sportsmanship Committee were john Mastenbrook, Trudy Richards and Margaret johnson. I98 TAMMY HOWARD CARL HUCKINS AY, Intramural Sports DEAL, HUDSON Golf, 3 yrs., AY, 3 yrs., YCF KEITH HUFNAGLE A Club, Track, 3 yrs. BETH HUGGINS AY, DE, Art Club, Spanish Club, Cleburne, Texas SHERYL HUGHES HR Vice-Pres., AY Rep., JRC BILL HULL AY, 2 yrs., Intramural Base- ball antl Football, DE RONNY HUMPHREYS Football, 3 yrs., A Club, 3 yrs. BEVERLY IHNFELDT FTA, 2 yrs., Sextet, All- City Chorus, HR Secy. GARRY IVEY AY, 2 yrs., YCF, 2 yrs., IRC LARRY IVEY Football, 3 yrs., A Club, 2 yrs., SC, 2 yrs., LA STEVE IVY Lab Asst., JA, AY, YCF DWIGHT HOLDEN J Track, 3 yrs., Letterman, Club, LA, 2 yrs. CATHIE HOLLIS FPI, AY, DE, Secy. BILL HOLMES AY, 2 yrs., YCF, 2 yrs. FPI, 2 yrs., Chorus INIIKE HOLMES DE, Vice-Pres., Intramural Football KAREN HOLZE LA, All-City Chorus, Tri- Hi-Y, YCF MIKE HOPKINS AY, Football, YJ Rep., Football, Houston. MIKE HORN Football, 3 yrs., Baseball, 3 yrs., AY, 3 yrs., HR Pres. TRUDY HOVENKAMP AY, 2 yrs. DANA I-IOXVARD AY, FPI ROBERT HOWARD fam , J i DAVID JACKSON AY, 3 yrs., J Club, 2 yrs., Intra mural Basketball PAINIELA JACKSON EPI, 3 yrs., AY, 3 yrs., YCF, 3 yrs. JIM JAMES LA, 2 yrs., J Club, YCF, Chem. Lab Asst., 2 yrs. NANCY JENKINS YJ Rep., AY, 2 yrs., Chorus, 2 yrs. BILL JOHNSON LA, 2 yrs., J Club, 2 yrs., YCF, 2 yrs., AY, 2 yrs. DAVID JOHNSON LA, 2 yrs., AY, YCF MARGARET JOHNSON Sportsmanship Committee, 5 yrs.- SC, J Club. 2 yrs., AY JUDY JOHNSTON PAT JOHNSTON SC Alt., AY, 2 yrs., YCF, 3 yrs., Typing Asst. ALICE JONES AY, Chorus, 2 yrs. ,NO 3 S--.., 'wp' -Q... BRYAN JONES Football, 3 yrs., AY, YCF CAMEO JONES JJ C0-Editor, HR Pres., 3 yrs., J Club, 2 yrs., LA, 2 yrs. CYNTHIA JONES Falcon Staff and Teachers Asst., Lajes Field, Azores, Cheerleader, 3 yrs., Lajes and Tampa, Fla. JERRELL JONES AY, 3 yrs., Masters Chorus, 3 yrs., Intramural Football, All-City Chorus, 3 yrs, JIM JONES MIKE JONES LA BELINDA JORDAN JAMES JUDD AY, 2 yrs., ROTC Officer, Rifle Team, 3 yrs., YCF JERRY KARNES WILLIE JO KEENUM Tri-Hi-Y, AY, EPI, 2 yrs. MARY KEARNS MIKE KELLEY Track, LA, AY, 2 yrs., YJ Staff -Q.-no 3 ...,nr xr' N..- SC., 'Qi -5 .I ff-I, as ?"N0'x Wliff 'I 'dl STEPHEN LAIRD Science Research Group, 3 yrs Drum Major, J Club, YCF, 2 yrs. TIM LANTH RUM AY, YCF LINDA KAPPING Tri-Hi-Y, 2 yrs., YCF MARLYS LARSON J Club, 2 yrs., jj Staff, Ed Asst., LA, FSA, Treas RUSSELL LAWLER MIKE LAWLESS AY, 2 yrs., Rep., YCF LINDA LAWS YCF VICKI LAX AY, 3 yrs., HR Officer MARJORIE LEACHMAN AY, Art Asst. SONNY LEE SHERRI LEECH AY, 2 yrs., Rep., YCF, Tennis Team, 2 yrs. JOANNE LeMAY Tri-Hi-Y, Track, 2 yrs., Basket- ball, Z yrs., SC, Okla. BILL LEMOND Football, 2 yrs., YCF, 3 yrs., JRC, HR Pres. SCOTT LENNOX BEVERLY LEVER AY, YCF, Chorus JILL LEVERING AY, 3 yrs., YCF, 3 yrs., Sr. Class Treas., Sr. Alt. Cheerleader JOHN LEWIS AY,- Chemistry Lab Asst., Bi- ology Lab Asst., FTA KATHY LEWIS FTA, YCF, Chorus RUTH LITTLE , Dean's Asst.g Art Asst., Hand- book Cover Desi ner, 2 yrs. DAVID LIVINGSTSON I Club, 2 yrs., SC, 2 yrs., Foot- ball Mgr., 3 yrs, YCF, 3 yrS. 200 s..f PAIGE KELLY jj, Club Ed., SC, 2 yrs., Office Asst., 2 yrs., AY, 5 yrs. DON KENNEDY ROTC Drill Team, 3 yrs., Bat- talion Commander, ROTC Base- ball Team, 2 yrs., Drill Team Right Guide KENT KENNON 1 GARY KESLING Track, AY, JA, Pres. TOMMY KIMBRO , AY, 2 yrs., YCF, Football, 31 yrs., HR Pres. l I KAREN KING FSA, Vice-Pres., AY, 3 yrs., FPl,' 3 yrs., HR Officer W JOHN KLIARSKY LA, Track, 2 yrs., Lab Asst., I-IRl Pres. GERRE KNOX AY, 2 yrs., YCF, 2 yrs., AY HR Rep. DAVID LAGASSEE NANCY LAINE J Club, 2 yrs., LA, 2 yrs. AY, 5 yrs., YCF, 3 yrs. ' iw: XV'-9 'FS' sol ..,.-- BARBARA LOGAN AY, 2 yrs., YCF, 2 yrs. LEIGH LONDON AY, Lab Asst., HR Secy., An- nual Rep. JOHN LOVELADY fd ROTC JO ANNE LOWERY ROTC Sponsor, Rifle Team, GIC, 3 yrs., FSA, YCF MICHAEL LUTZ -uv TALIA LYDICK AY BIARY BICBAY AY, 3 yrs, FPl, 2 yrs., JA SHELLEY MCCARTHY HR Officer, 3 yrs., AY, Lab flffea Asst. KAREN BICCLEARY AY, FSA, ROTC Sponsor, YCF LINDA INICCLELLAND Chorus, 2 yrs. RANDY McCULLOUGH AY, B Football, DE JUDY MCDOWELL BRENDA McGUFFEE AY, 3 yrs., Office Asst., LA, Tri-Hi-Y, 3 yrs. BRUCE BICKEE Q4-'f Seniors BRYAN BICLIAHON Football, 3 yrs, A Club, 2 yrs., AY, HR Officer KENNY INICINHLLAN AY, 3 yrs., A Club, 3 yrs., Tennis, 3 yrs., HR Officer MARY BETH MCN EAL AY, HR Vice-Pres, Nolan High School JENNE MAAG AY, 3 yrs., YCF BOB BIABERRY LA, J Club, Trac CHARLES INIABEY lc, 2 yrs., Lab Asst. Chorus, jj, AY SUZI BICKEEN AY, Cheerleader, South Dude, Fla. ?" 7 - .. 0 - 3 5 M, o':'e'if5a MKS:-.... , . .mc-::-3'ss.'.'gf'. - gn, wat-g" '13:. am'-29 'ff W' T" .O . ' In Aw ani' " Us egggojgggv M ' 3 .. gs. as ol ,. ll' . we 23 xl! .gl W-Hmfiiaei, E, - . ., V.. 'I ' . . , . , n ,aMg,i.'. K . ull, gilt-ill ,sv :uiw13gg .f n' -'ily' .. N --4- I , 0' U T ,, fy' l'.'.l..- , 1 .,. 2:56. . I Q' ll ' . nyll:'.ll i Q ,gli I.-pl I 11111. ll ' 5' ' 'E -' If ull' 5-""T 1" .2 l lf.: A I 1 I - .llaijlf ll - ' if ,ull ...ff . . -. .- nl.. .. . - .,.... if , ffzif, "I dreamed I captured the class in my Maidenform . stockings," says Melissa Poteet. 20l w....n' G., RONNIE MATHEXVS LARRY INIATI-HS Cheerleader, 2 yrs.: J Club: HR Officer: AY JINIINIY RIAYTON LA, 2 yrs.: Lab Asst.: YCF: FPl RICHARD MEEI-IAN Tennis Team Letterman. 2 yrs.: Band Captain: SC: J Club VIRGINIA MENDEZ AY: GIC BIELANIE MEYER CLOVIS IVIIGUEL Exchange Student from Brazil: HR Secy.: AY: YCF RIARTHA MILES AY: LA: YCF: SC SANDY MILLER HR Vice-Pres.: FPI: Tri-Hi- Y, Treas.: YJ Rep. ROBERT MILLXVEE LA, 2 yrs.: Golf Letterman, 2 yrs.: JRC: A Club BETTY MINCH ROTC Sponsor: FNA, 2 yrs.: YJ Rep. LINDA MITCHELL AY: EPI, 2 yrs.: Govern- ment Asst. LINDA R. BIITCHELL AY, 3 yrs.: YCF: HR Vice- Pres. BARBARA IXIIZE Tri-Hi-Y. 2 yrs.: AY: FSA FRED MOORE ROTC Drill Team. 2 yr.: ROTC Basketball, Baseball 6' s..--1 N-.2 -0 v-er J ...Q Qt., '44 MARK MACKLIN HR Pres.: Varsity Football, Track, Judo, Philaclelphia,Pa DIANNA MAHURIN AY, 2 yrs.: YCF: Lab Asst. MIKE MANIRE AY BARB MANN YCF, Secy.: FNA. 2 yrs.: AY, 3 yrs.: J Club DEB MANN AY, 5 yrs.. Vice-Pres. in Charge of Projects antl Fi- nances: YCF. 5 yrs., Vice- Prcs.: SC: J Club JUDY MANN Benchwarmers, San Diego. California. KATHY MANOUSOS AY: FTA RICHARD MARIETTA J Club: LA: Bantl. 3 yrs.: YCF CHRIS IXIARKOS AY. 3 yrs.: LA: Intramural Football. Basketball DONNIS IXIARTIN All-City Orch.. 3 yrs.: All- Region Orch, 2 yrs.: FPl: French Club, 2 yrs. FRANK INIARTIN AY: Football: Baseball: Lab Asst. SAINT INIARTIN Football Letterman: J Club: LA: HR Pres. LINDA RIARTINEZ AY: PE Asst.: JA ANN MASSEY K Chorus. 3 yrs.: Sextet, 2 yrs.: AY, 2 yrs. JOHN TXIASTENBROOK LA, 2 yrs.: J Club, 2 yrs.: Sportsmanship Committee: YCF J sf,-4 ,J Seniors IFIMOTHY MOORE AY, FTA -VETA MOORE I Club, 2 yrs., SC, FTA, 3 yrs., Treasurer, ROTC Drum and Bugle Corps Sponsor EBIILY MORRILL Tennis Team, 2 yrs., FTA, 3 yrs., I Club, HR Pres. LTON MORRIS OANNE MORRIS AY, YCF, GIC IOHN MORRIS Intramural Football, Baseball, AY, YCF RACHEL MORRIS NMS Letter of Commendation, Band, 3 yrs., Sec., Squadleader, -I Club, 2 yrs., BJ, 3 yrs., His- torian, Vice-President MIKE RIORRISON Band, Orch. CARRON INIORTON U Staff, AY, YCF CHARLIE BIORTON ' AY, YCF, Intramural Basket- ball JOHN MOSS AY, 2 yrs., YCF, Annual Repre- sentative, Intramural Football AVID INIUELLER Band, 2 yrs., Orch, 2 yrs., J Club, y 2 yrs., LA, 2 yrs. ILINDA MULLENS AY, 3 yrs., YCF, DE STEVE MULVIHILL GRIFFIN INIURPHY LA, YCF, ROTC Officer, Drum and Bugle Corps RONALD NEUVILLE SIANCY NEWBERN AY, 3 yrs., YCF, 3 yrs., HR Officer, FTA SUZANNE NORMAN Tri-Hi-Y, 2 yrs., Chaplain, Chorus, 3 yrs., YCF, 3 yrs., AY BARBARA NORWOOD 1 AY BOB NUNNERY I AY, YJ, U Photographer, DE DAVID O'DELL Intramural Football, Basketball, Baseball, 2 yrs., AY LINDA KAY OKRUHLIK AY, Chorus, 2 yrs. KRIS OLSON NANCY O'NEALL YJ Staff, 2 yrs., SC, 3 yrs., Tennis Team, 3 yrs., I Club, 2 yrs. KRAIG ORT Track, 2 yrs, RONNIE OVERBEEK Basketball, Letterman, AY, 2 yrs., YCF, 2 yrs. DIARY OWEN Chorus. All-City, 3 yrs, RANDY OWEN Baseball, 2 yrs., AY, Intramural Football, Baseball MARTHA PAPUSCH ROTC Sponsor, 2 yrs,, I Club. 2 yrs., LA, AY, 3 yrs. JAMES PARKS Rifle Team, 2 yrs., AY, 2 yrs. ......, 'HQ Ol' vw- Seniors K .,-f-"" 1 ,.,ar3,g'si.P':5 ' . 11 .fwwgfvgzfw-5 L f ag. . W , H xiii' ' ' I "W, -5' Q-Iva, Y f KATHY PATTERSON National Merit Commendation Band, Ski Club, Anchorage Alaska MIKE PAYNE AY, Intramurals ROGER PEAKS AY, 2 yrs., Basketball, 2 yrs., JA ANNE PENN I AY, 5 yrs., YCF, 3 yrs., AY RCP-s JJ Rep- JANEAN PETERS I AY, 2 yrs., YCF, JA, 2 yrs., FSA SUALICE PETERSON AY, 2 yrs., YCF, 2 yrs., FSA Recording Sec., HR Treas. X BILL PHILLIPS A AY, Intramurals, YCF ' TOMMY PIGG Football, LA, 2 yrs., J Club, HF Pres., 5 yrs. JOHN PLUMLY SHARON PONDER AY, FNA, Chorus, 2 yrs., PE Asst. MICHAEL POPE AY JERRY POPLIN NMS, All-region Band, Orch., Asst, Director, German Club, Pres. X MELISSA POTEET I YCF, AY Y A DAVID PREWITT ROTC, JJ CLAY PRICE YCF, Pres., SC, VP, -I Club, 2 yrs., LA, 2 yrs. in 5- .H- s .. ,n , "If you had only put your name on the PSAT, you could have at least scored 20 points!" reveals Counselor Mrs. Nan-Isca Daniels' to a stunned Guy Arseneau. 204 MIKE PRICE AY, 2 yrs.g YCF EDXVARD PRIDDY JRC, 3 yrs,g AY XVESLIEY PRYOR Intramurals JOE QUINLIVAN Sportsmanship Comm.g HR Officerg American Field Serviceg Alternate Cheer leader STEVE RADTKE AY: YCF RITA RAPER AYQ YCFQ IRC BILL RATLIFF Football, 3 yrs.g LA, 2 yrs ,IClub, 2 yrs.g SC BIELINDA RAY YCFg AYg Typing Asst. HARRY RAY YCF, 2 yrs.g Band, 3 yrs. RANDY RAY Baseball Letterman, 2 yrs LA, 2 yrs.g I Clubg 'IRC 2 yrs. NICKI ROEDER AY, 3 yrs., AY Delegate, 2 yrs., jj Rep, 2 yrs., FPI ' LEE ROGERS H Staff, AY SHIRLEY ROGERS AY, 2 yrs., FSA, YCF CLARENCE ROSSER YCF, AY, Chem. Lab Asst., Intramural Track KAREN ROSTOI-IAR American Field Service Fin- alist, Tri-Hi-Y, 2 yrs., Of- fice Asst., LA JOHNNY ROWLAND Intramural Football, Track Basketball, Softball CYNTHIA RUSSELL AY, American Field Serv ice, Most Beautiful, Na- tional Honor Society, Mon- ahans, Tex. PAT RUSSELL J Club. 2 yrs., LA, 2 yrs. FTA, 3 yrs., AY BOB RUSSEY Intramurals, 3 yrs., HR Of- ficer, 3 -yrs., YCF .. I, 1 at LIDE RUSORI ,II Staff, AY BRIAN SAARI AY, 2 yrs., YCF LINDA SAMMONS AY, YCE DEBBIE SAINTS ALICE SANITORD AY, Chorus CAROLE SAVILLE PSA, DE, JA WANDA SAWYER AY TRENT SAXTON Football, Varsity Swimming and Wrestling, Sacramento, Calif.: Sr. Alt, Cheerleader JUDY SCHECK EPI INIARILYN SCHERER AY, JA Secy, FHA, Calif. MIKE SCHLUETER AY CINDY SCHMIDT Office Asst, Nurse's Asst., ROTC Sponsor, Chorus, 3 yrs. ERICK SCHMITT FPI, 2 yrs, LA, Lab Asst. MARK SCHNEIDER Football, 3 yrs., YCF, 2 yrs. STEWART SCI-IOPIXIEYER AY, YCF, Baseball, 5 yrs. BARBARA SCHULTZ DE Treas,, An- chor Club, Asst. Literary Ed., An- nual Staff, Chi- cago GARY SCOTT AY, Basketball DAVID SEILHEIMER LA, J Club, 2 yrs., NMS Letter of Commenda- tion, Band, 3 yrs. RODNEY SHORT AY, Intramural Football, Basket- ball, Track ANNE SHOTTON AY, FTA, FPI, Spanish Asst, RONALD SHUCK GLEN SHUFFLER Track, NMS Let- ter of Commen- dation, LA, 2 yrs. INIIKE SIMMONS Basketball, 3 yrs., I AY. 3 yrs., YCF, 2 yrs., HR Vice- Pres., 2 yrs. 4 H' S ,- , - ' A . Mi' .-ra ' I NH . E 1' wwf. A ' 'f'i AA," -4 A e7 r t 5. ' ".7'1'e ..',e, f 'wa ,Q " , H-. - 'Jr , 'f mtaf A ,.: ,. P, i ' v Vx . - X '.e - W I , - 4 fa, JA -. - .,,.1-. . -jf A 1, A , . x . ' .-ff ' 1 Lvl I ' ' . ' - c' ' . --. .' .ff V ., . I 1, 1, ' W 5.7 f X ,. - , -"-x V- .ff Z 3 1 6 '11 l,.,f ii3'i" 5 xa- .,, 3 'ff 1: Steve Tarlton and Lee Hitt were Yellow Jacket representatives on the Star-Telegram All-District football team. Ronny Humphreys, not pic- tured, was adclecl on the Ft. Worth Press selections. Seniors Hitt, Tarlton amed To All District Team LINDA SINGLETON Chorus, 3 Yrs., Choral Clinic. 3 yrs., FPI, 3 yrs. JOHN SLOAN AY, 2 yrs.: Band, 2 yrs., Math Club x.,z CATHY SBIART AY, 3 yrs., YCF, HR Officer BRENDA SMITH LA, J Club, 2 yrs., SC, HR Officer, 3 yrs. JACK SMITH J Club, 2 yrs., All-Region Band, 2 yrs., Band, 3 yrs., Lab Band, 2 yrs. PAM SMITH JJ Staff, FSA X NJ l BRYCE SPANGLER Track, Chorus, Intramural Football, Baseball, Basket- ball ' KATHY SPENCE YJ Rep., 5 yrs., Chorus, Office Asst. 'Ti jf INIARY STALLINGS Nurses Asst., Office Asst., 2 yrs., Typing Asst., AY STEVE STANCIL AY, rm, YCF :ii 207 XX,.g No' 'wo' ..,f .01 C Ny -...ny XJ Mol '57 GINGER STEAKLEY PE Asst.g AY, 3 Yf5-, HR Rep.g YCF INIARILYN STEPHENS HR Officerg SCg AY EDDIE STEVENS Football, 5 yrs.g Baseball, 3 yrs.g AYQ A Club GEORGE STRAIGHT SHERRY STREET Calif. Scholarship Eed.g Y-Teensg Hill Howlers, San Diego, Calif. WAYNE STURDY Track, 2 yrs.g U3 AY STEVE TATE DE PAULA TAYLOR Counselor's Asst., 2 yrs.g AY, 3 yrs.g SC Alt., 2 yrs.gOrch. PATTI TERRELL AYg FPlg Tri-Hi-Y TERRY THOMAS BOB THOMPSON DANA THOMPSON AY, 2 yrs.g FSA, Corr. Secy. ,mf Q,N,,,., ,, .WN X X,-w '6, . fe 'R 1. M, 1 152114155 DON THOMS AYg YCF DIANNE TINSLEY AY, 121213 GIC MARTHA TODD FNA, 2 yrs.g JA, 2 yrs.g EPI, 3 yrs. SUSAN TOLBERT SCQ AYQ I.Ag J Club CHRIS TOMLINSON Biology Research Group, 3 yrs,g YCF, 2 yrs.g Natl. Science Foundation Summer Programg AY CINDA TONER tive Comm.g HR Officer, 3 yrs. MIKE TOUCHON FPlg AYg JA, 2 yrs. TRAN THI LAI Catholic Youth Organization, 3 yrs.g Catholic School Girls Club, 2 yrs.g Ave Maria Club, Vietnam ED TRANTHAM ' SHERRY TUBB AYg FP1 SCQ AY, 3 yrs.g YCF Execu- ,-, ,J GEORGE STONE YJ. 2 Yrs-: JJ: EPI MIKE STOUFFER JIMMY TURNER AY, 3 yrs., Foot- ball, 2 yrs., Track MIKE TURNER JANE SUMNER J Club, FTA, Secy., SC, 2 yrs., Handbook Comm. STEVE TARLTON Football, 3 yrs., Co-Captain, HR Pres., 3 yrs., YJ, 2 yrs. STEVE TURNER' AY, YCF, Math Club MARGARET TURNEY FNA, 3 yrs., YCF, Chorus, 3 yrs. NANCY THEDE AY, FHA, Choir, Shreveport, La. JACQUELINE TH IELE EPI, 2 yrs., SC Alt., 2 yrs., ROTC Sponsor, 'C' Company, Tri-Hi-Y, Sgt. at Arms JAN UBERMAN YCF, 3 yrs., AY, 3 yrs., SC, Dec- oration Comm., FTA VAN UBERMAN Intramural Foot- ball, 2 yrs., Intra- mural Baseball, 2 yrs. 3--7 . t iff ,ffm f ' s H' ' .9 ., ,I 1-' ','l 'Q ,Zgifir wil?" X ' 21' ... q - ' ., at 'Z .' l, .. I, E' .mug ' .J NV. - 1 ,,.,. 1 . I 3 lbw-ff, to . .-,, f '1 ,. , .' t N, e--- 54- 5 "' A I -. Istar.w--- - .+ ,W N I ..l'6"-ii----12 . .-I ' "' -.' I iq 3 4" K in Q fv- .. - - 4. "1 E .1 ' 1 be was ' A JM f-214'5'i:'wid ':- ' -. 5 'Si 51" .25 fr :l,f,1p'f.-A-' E.- - " I I ,Q ya J x W., fa .3 A gt !'itj-ZQWI Q' ss 1 f ti. ' Q ff I '! 'I 'Q 'r N4 ,,,"' Q, l 4 , W2 v.. xxx ! g , Still. I' I 4 - ff, 1 as - 4 at 'il , ,..t. . - so - ' . , ' my "Jeff-fa, .' V, - "-fy ' ' I 91 . umm- E , .. Q w, ', ., 14,- 1 Qs. ff. .V f.. ff ' "-. 44' ' 1 , 0 s" P f , . " cc A f f f' 'R 1,p,,es.w1sl5 - 2-'ek ---f -Q-,Kos as-Q. ,ag 'PA ., I , ,- -u",'I'f 1, ,. "Hi -I' , au: u , "Y " ,, Lf 'J ,J - ' n ' ' I .1.,w.f x :.., . v--a-2 .izvgflffv-f'3f I -'fe S ... J. 'Q-, . ifFx,xiHsgz'A" "3 I 'I ,Qing ' I3i'gililfkki"'f'lf?f' A ' -. fifiiie sf 1 . ' - -N, ' 1. . ,,," . " f- wg, ,., ,,-gj 7 'Ef"""f.?'f"l 4' 1 ':+ae+2'f'::-w,1.Ff?ff:: f" I 'E - 5- QQ. - ,'.Qg!v'QLff' ' 1 ,TKLQQ ,-tlsiuii if IW,,,g,fs',55fj',f.31.' . jegi,,3:zg-?i'g::1:23,efaf A- , E u 35'-f .Ara ig--. K-wtf.:-V TH .1 -- . wS':fi1-xfltll'sfAf. -L . 1 fr A E X fr- 1-,.li:,,? , .1 .-'-ro5e....,. sw- A ' l.ft""1i?f1:!xiM,g.f 4 A .nun-us, ,fs .A . ' -'dn' "1 g.: .595 .- '. 'r.K54a+E-,Illia-Q2-' ' A . .5214-as E. V f. jj gr' A . 2 Qt , . 'xt'Q' I 'Q'1g7"'a'f2. W3 E s ta ?" - f'm?qi:': -Aga --wfiigwf f A ' -, I 3:..'-1,-:ig ' iii! , Assn?-t'if??'P3.5w2gae'..L IM-W7't'ff5f? for 55,19-54,55 -Q7 Q. E ww.'ilf'fifEf'tfrifvfl,z4.f.::i:E3i -ss' W-W, W? 5' 'MT ' I. ' 'ss 44- I IN? "T'17-'44 91 R739--rf'-g'i??x2l x'J??fi"ru" f-'7'1LQQ:A2 H' 'A - 'ef-949, I V I ,, . ' j g ,-' - " -,'Jf13,'p-,rf w.1q..,,'N,.:y.,y, .-.. -gas-cy-Y-: -,, -,Qs L-, S J' I K 'I , ' ' J ,.f Y' :I c',gQs3i'7"'l' ' f.'bji'QlgI Kei?-?'4g'Ef"t '??fi2'-tri" - "This is the worst compound fracture I've ever seen," mutters "Doctor" Jane Sumner. 40 'J wa! 'Q s w.-ff, W'--.,,.,fj9 A A ,Q EPS ROBERTA UNDERWOOD AY, 5 yrs., J Club, 2 yrs., HR Pres, Dean's Asst. SALLIE UTLEY AY, 2 yrs., FSA, JJ Rep., YCF REBA VALKMAN AY, 2 yrs., FNA, 2 yrs. CHRIS VAN'DER HAMM AY, YCF BELINDA VARDON SHARON VERBRYKE SC, Secy., HR Secy., 2 yrs., AY Executive Board, YJ Staff, 3 yrs. DAVID VESTAL YCF, ROTC, 3 yrs. GREG VINCENT AY, Student Congress, Basket- ball, 2 yrs., Yearbook, Anaheim, Califf PAT VISE SHARRON WAITS 209 x WJ X I 'Q -.64 s...av had IV' ,qv JAMES WELLS YCF, Intramural Football, AY BILL WERNER Track, 2 yrs., A Club CATHY WEST AY, 3 yrs., YCF, 2 yrs., Tennis Team CYNTHIA WILCOX AY, 2 yrs., FNA, 2 yrs., Chorus, 3 yrs., YCF, 2 yrs. SARAH WILCOX YCF, JRC, AY, 2 yrs., Math Club JOHNNY WILLIAMS YCF Executive Comm., 3 Y1'5-I Prorgam Chairman, HR Pres., 2 yrs., Tennis, 3 yrs., A Club, 3 yrs. LIZ XVILLIAMS AY, 2 yrs., JA, YCF ROGER VUILLIAMS Baseball, 2 yrs., All-District, Basketball, SC, AY DINA WILLIS CINDY WILLOUGHBY Tarrant County Youth Council, 3 yrs., J Club, 2 yrs., YCF Executive Comm., 3 yrs.,' HR Secy., 3 yrs. TRACY WILMOTH AY, Basketball 3 yrs., Capt., HR Pres., LA GREG WILSON ROSELYN WILSON AY, 2 yrs., FNA, YCF, 2 yrs., Chorus, 2 yrs., All-City SUZANNE WILSON AY, 2 yrs., FPI, 2 yrs., PE Asst. JEANNIE WINFIELD AY, 3 yrs., Chorus, 3 yrs., All- City 2lO CHARLES WALCH BETSY WALKER AY, 3 yrs., GIC CHARLES WALKER TOM WALL Band, 3 yrs., AY, YCF, 2 yr: EARL WALLACE Baseball, 3 yrs., A Club, 3 yrs. AY, 2 yrs. SANDRA WALSH AY, DECA, Hist. BILL WALTERS Band, 3 yrs., AY, 3 yrs., Lal Band Mgr., 3 yrs. DOYLE WALTERS AY, Pres., YJ staff, A Club 3 yrs., SC JAN WALTMAN SC, Alt., 2 yrs., JJ Rep., 1 yrs., HR Vice-Pres., YJ Rep., I yrs. CHARLES WALTS Track, 2 yrs., AY, 3 yrs., YCF 2 yrs. VALERIE WARREN ROTC Sponsor, 'B' Company AFS Finalist, Chemistry Lal Asst., Tri-Hi-Y, Pres., Kappa Chi WILLIAM WATTERS Football TANYA WEATHERLY AY, 3 yrs., Tri-Hi-Y, Secy. LA, FTA WALTER WEINMAN l DENNIS WELBORN Basketball, 2 yrs., Mgr., Intra. mural Basketball, 3 yrs., AY, E yrs. W l fd is N 4.1 N Nw' Nfl! 'C s..- WN! Nui NM-ff VON WOLFE Lab Band, 3 yrs., Director BONNIE XVOOD YCF, 3 yrs. CANDY WOOD AYQ YCFg FSA3 JA DARENDA XVOOD J Club, 2 yrs.g YCF, 3 yrs.3 HR Treas., 3 yrS.g SC SANDRA XXXOOD 4 FSAJ Youth for Christ T' if 5'--9 l T K .ntl 1 x 5 ,ix .7 ,J ' f "Sleeping Beauty never had it so good." Clozes Joe Gnndy. KRISTY WOODALL AY, 2 yrs.g Math Clubg FTA PEGGY WOODYARD AYg 2 yrS.g Chorus, 2 yrs. LINDA WORRALL AYJ LA CLIFTON WRIGHT YCFg Intramural footballg AY HARRY WYNNE J Clubg LA, 2 yrs.g YCF ROBERT YOUNG YCFg AYg B Band BARBARA ZAGER All-City Chorus, 2 yrsg Band, 3 yrs.g FPI, 3 yrs.g Sextet Alt.g 2 yrs. JOHN ZIHLMAN AY, 3 yrs.g YCF, 2 yrs.g SC Alt. VIVIANNE ZIMMERMAN J AYg YCFg Red Crossg Chorus SENIORS NOT PICTURED SUSAN BAILEY CHARLES BALLARD MARIE BATES DON BAUGHMAN MIKE BERGMAN ROY BURKHART GREG BURNES MARIE CARNEY SALLY CARTER TOMMY COX STEVE CUMMINGS RALPH DARLING CHRIS GOTCHER RONALD GEHRINGER ROB GRADER TOMMY HALE RUBY HALL RANDY HANKINS ROBERT HARRISON JAY HARROD BOB HEIST PAM HUTTO GARY JACKSON DAVID KANISTANAUX PATTI KELTY DANNY KARNES KEN KENDRICK ERNIE KNUDSON KATHY LANGHAM MIKE LUDINGTON PERRY MCCORD DON MCDANIEL TOM MCNAMARA BEVERLY MEACHAM CONNIE MESTAS MARK MORGAN ALICE MUNDORF TOMMY MURRAY BEN MURRELL LARRY NICHOLSON WALKER NORVELL LARRY OLIVER BEVERLY PARRISH CHARLES PELTON GARY QUALLS JOHN RANKIN JERRY REED JOHN RODRIQUEZ LINDA SCHULTE JACK SHATTUCK DONALD STITCHER TOMMY THOMPSON CHERYL WOOD 2II AY, 3 yrs.g Chorus, 3 yrs.g FPlg A Club, 118 Allied Youth, 104-105 AY Beauty Contest, 29 AY Talent Show, 28 Band, 106-107 Baseball, 86-88 Basketball, 80-84 Board of Education, 129 Book Jackets, 122 Cheerleaders, 42-43 Chorus, 108-109 DAR Award, 52 Dedication, 12-13 Distributive Education, 123 Double Sextet, 108 Favorites, 60-62 Adams, Mrs. Leann, 133 Arseneau, Mr. Flavin, 131 Austin, Mrs. Martha, 104, 136 Barnes, Mr. Larry, 134 Bradford, Miss Mary K., 136 Bransford, Mr. Milton, 12, 13, 125, 134 Brian, Mrs. Sara, 124, 132 Burton, Mrs. Rosemary, 121, 134 Butler, Mrs. Mary, 134 Carlisle, Mrs. Charleene, 25, 98, 134 Carson, Mr. George, 106, 108, 136 Carter, Mr. Dayton, 136 Caveness, Mrs. Frances, 104, 125, 134 Clayton, Mrs. Betty, 116, 136 Coffman, Miss Sue, 134 Coon, Mrs. Frances, 132 Cunningham, Mrs. Dixie, 132 Daniel, Mrs. Kathryn, 115, 132 Daniels, Mrs, Nan-Isca, 128, 130 204 Dickerson, Mrs. Georgia Ann, 131 Dickerson, Mr. John W., 80, 136 141 Aaron, Gay, Soph., 143, 153 Abshire, Danny, Soph., 143, 153 Adams, Craig, Sr., 187 Adams, Kenneth, Soph., 143 Adams, Lark, Sr., 187 Adams, Lou Ann, Jr., 163 Addison, Stevie, Sr., 187 Adkins, Debbie, Sr., 187 Adlofson, Jane, Sr., 107, 109, 187 Aikman, Connie, Soph., 143 Akin, Jacky, Soph., 88, 143 Albin, Gary, Jr., 67, 163 2I2 Topical Favorite Finalists, 63 Football, 66-74 Footlight Players, 120-121 Future Nurses of America, 114 Future Secretaries of America, 116 Future Teachers of America, 115 German Club, 118 Girls' Intramural Council, 75 Golf, 78-79 Homecoming, 26-27 Homecoming Queen, 44 Howdy Week, 20-21 Jacket Journal Staff, 112-113 Junior Red Cross, 117 Literary Magazine, 125 Index Math Club, 124 Most Athletic, 47 Most Beautiful, 50 Most Beautiful Finalists, 51 Most Friendly, 46 Most'Handsome, 50 Most Handsome Finalists, 51 Most Studious, 49 Most Talented, 48 Mostest Contest, 32-33 Mr. and Miss AHHS 38, 39, 40 Mr. and Miss AHHS Finalists, 41 National Merit Scholarship Finalists, 52 Orchestra, 108 Out of Town Trip, 22-23 Faculty Douthit, Mrs. Sheila, 133 Dyche, Mr. Ray, 94, 129 Edminster, Mr. Herbert, 131 Edwards, Mrs. Glenna Faye, 96, 134 Epps, Mrs. Oleta F., 125, 128, 134, 138 Farr, Mrs. Hazel E., 130 Fisher, Mrs. Mary, 114, 130 Fontenot, Sgt. Ronald D., 98, 136 Foust, Mrs. Mary Lynn, 116, 136 Gregory, Miss Mary Ann, 133 Grisgsby, Mrs. Nadine, 130 Grimes, Mrs. Julia, 136 Hale, Miss Helen F., 45, 135 Hanley, Mrs. Kathleen, 133 Harrison, Mrs. Joan, 116, 137 Haskell, Mrs. Martha, 135 Hendricks, Miss Delia A., 133 Hernandez, Mrs. Carol, 96, 135 Hood, Mrs. Mary, 122, 130 Hull, Mrs. Elizabeth, 129, 139 Hunter, Mrs. Gladys, 135 Jackson, Mrs. Lillian, 137 James, Mrs. Judith, 131 Kahler, Mr. Edwin 96, 132 Kilman, Mrs. Gail M., 133 Kinney, Mr. Donald L., 137 Krauss, Mr. Herbert, 124, 132 Lay, Mrs. June, 123, 137 Lerret, Mrs. Elva A., 132 Ludiker, Mr. Homer, 23, 137 McCluney, Mrs. Evelyn, 135 INfIaClin, Mr. Roland, 86, 137 Mandeville, Mr. Glenn, 22, 129 Marsh, Mrs. Mary, 104, 133 Martin, Mr. Jack L., 130 Meyer, Mrs, Donna Joan, 118, 132 Murphy, Mrs. Vivian, 103, 133 Oliver, Miss Barbara, 137 Parmeter, Mrs. Bonnie, 117 132, 137 Pettit, Mrs. Lois, 117, 135 Phillips, Mrs. Frances, 135 Price, Mrs. Irene, 132 Priddy, Mr. Merlin, 17, 137 Quimby, Mrs. Betty, 35, 103, 133 Richardson, Mr. Michael, 34, 80, 132, 137 Sanders, Mrs. Velma, 130 Student Alcorn, Michael, Sr., 99, 109, 187 Alcorn, Terry, Soph., 143 Alderson, Dortha, Sr., 113, 187 Aldis, Linda Diane, Soph., 143 Aldrich, Darwin, Jr., 107, 163 Aldrich, Janine, Soph., 107, 143 Alexander, Cheryl, Sr., 187 Alexander, Mike, Sr., 107, 163 Alford, Sherri, Jr. Allen, Drew, Soph., 143 Allen, Jim, Sr., 187 Allison, Cynthia, Sr., 30, 112, 113, 124, 187 Allison, Ronnie, Jr., 163 Allmond, Larry, Jr., 163 Allred, Joe, Soph., 143 Altaras, Kent, Soph., 143 Altman, Joe, Jr., 1-63 Alvarado, Anna, Jr., 163 Alvarado, Yolanda, Soph., 107, 143 Ambrose, Angela, Sr., 49, 52, 55, 111, 187 Ambrose, Jody, Soph., 29, 84, 86, 97,104,143 Ambrose, Vicki, Jr., 163 Ammons, David, Sr. 57, 59, 96, 113, 125, 187 Amos, Jenny, Jr., 163 Pep Rallies, 24-25 Postlude, 224 Ranch Day, 30-31 Registration, 18 ROTC, 98-101 Science Research, 119 Special Honors, 52-53 Spring Activities, 16-17 Student Council, 94-97 Swimming, 85 Tennis, 76-77 Track, 89-91 Who's Who, 54-59 Yellow Jacket Staff, 110-111 Young Citizens' Forum, 102-103 Sharp, Mr. John B., 129, 138, 150 Sherman, Mrs. Christine, 130 Sherrod, Mr. Joe, 128, 133 Smith, Mrs. Bobby, 130 Synder, Mr. James, 137 Soter, Miss Kathryn, 135 Stanton, Mrs. Anne, 16, 110, 135 Stevens, Mr. Archie, 130, 138 Stovall, Miss Dona, 115, 131 Taylor, Mr. Willie, 137 Thompson, Mrs. Gene, 112, 135 Threlkeld, Mr. Garland, 137 Tomlinson, Miss Montier Ve, 130 Van Meter, Mr. Arch, 131 Vaughan, Mrs. Marian, 104, 135 Walker, Mr. Dale, 137 Watkins, Mrs. Dorothy, 130 Watson, Miss Betty, 135 White, Mrs. Mary, 109, 137, 139 Wieser, Mrs. Frances, 135 Williams, Mrs. Betty, 130 Wirsdorfer, Mr. George, 18, 104, 133 York, Mr, James, 104, 133 Anderson, Arlene, Soph., 143 Anderson, Bill, Soph., 143 Anderson, Christine, Jr., 101, 108, 163 Anderson, Jackie, Soph., 143 Anderson, Judith, Soph., 143 Anderson, Karleen, Soph., 99, 107 108, 143 Anderson, Sam, Jr. Andon, Mary, Jr., 163 Andon, Ronnie, Sr., 187 Andrews, Deborah, Sr., 187 Andrews, Jacqueline, Soph. Andrews, Jim, Soph., 143 Brown, Becky, Soph., 75, 96, 145 3946 Andrews, Karen, Sr., 109, 187 Angle, Mark, Jr., 30, 61, 104, 105, 163 Anstead, Susan, Jr., 109, 163 Anthis, Jay, Soph., 143 Anthony, Glen, Jr., 163 Anthony, Laura, Sr., 30, 76, 187 Archie, Rick, Jr., 163 Ard, Robert, Jr., 163 Arendall, John, S0ph,., 143 Arlington, Chris, Soph., 89, 143 Armstrong, Dale, Soph, Armstrong, John, Soph. Armstrong, Margo, Soph., 143 Arndt, George, Jr., 98 Arnold, Cynthia, Soph., 143 Arnold, Pam, Jr., 117, 163 Amtson, Pamela, Soph., 143 Arseneau, Guy, Sr., 67, 72, 118, 187, 204 Arthur, Danny, Sr., 187 Audano, Pete, Jr., 163 Auld, Karen, Soph., 143 Austin, Connie, Jr., 109, 163 Austin, Joe, Jr., 99, 163 Averitt, Robert, Jr., 163 Avery, Karen, Soph., 143 Awtrey, Allan, Soph., 143 Ayres, Bill, Jr., 163 B Baber, Kay, Jr., 163 Bacon, Glenda, Sr., 109, 187 Bailes, Erlene, Jr., 107, 163 Bailey, Chuck, Sr., 28, 113, 187 Bailey, Frank, Sr., 187 Bailey, Suzan, Six, Bailiff, David, Soph., 143 Baird, Allen, Sr., 187 Baird, Bill, Soph., 107, 143 Baird, Janet, Soph. 111, 143 Baker, Donna, Sr., 75, 187 Baker, Randy, Soph., 143 Baldwin, Louis, Sr., 187 Ball, Suzanne, Soph., 63, 143 Ballard, Charles, Sr. Ballard, Herbert, Jr., 163 Ballard, Susie, Soph., 143 Ballinger, Ken, Jr., 164 Bandeen, Peggy, Jr., 133, 164 Bates, Marie, Jr. Battenfield, Jan, Sr., 188, 195 Battenfield, Joy, Soph., 95, 143 Baty, Larry, Soph., 143 Bauer, Carol, Soph., 143 Baugh, Glenda, Sr., 188 Baughman, David, Soph., 143 Baughman, Don, Sr. Bauguss, Nancy, Sr., 109, 188 Baum, Jon, Sr., 101, 188 Beach, Betsy, Sr., 188 Beal, Kimberly, Sr., 188 Bean, Bill, Sr., 86, 87, 188 Bean, Martha, Jr., 164 Bearden, Diane, Sr., 188 Bearden, Joe, Sr., 109, 188 Beatty, John, Sr., 79, 188 Beck, Debbie, Soph., 109, 143 Bedford, Mike, Soph., 143 Belcher, Becky, Jr., 164 Belcher, Carol, Jr,, 164 Belcher, Mafiiym, soph. Belew, Susan, Soph., 143 Belknap, Jan, Sr., 188 Bell, Jayne, Soph., 143 Bellomy, Bill, Jr., 124, 164 Beneventi, Jan, Soph., 143 Benham, Linda, Soph., 119, 143 Benjamin, Victor, Soph., 144 Benson, Martti, Soph,, 144 Benthall, Sherri, Sr., 188 Berg, Gary, Sr., 188 Berglund, Carl, Soph., 143 Bergman, Mike, Sr. Berrey, Laura, Sr,, 125, 188 Bertram, Jack, Sr., 86, 87, 113, 188 Bethel, Paul, Jr., 164 Bickel, Sarah, Jr., 164 Biery, Larry, Soph., 144 Biggerstaff, James,, Jr., 164 Biser, Ronald, Soph., 144 Bishop, Becky, Sr., 188 Black, Suzanne, Sr., 188 Blackmon, Joyce, Soph., 144 Blackmon, Pam, Soph., 144 Blair, Mary, Sr., 188 Blair, Pat, Soph., 144 Blair, Roger, Soph., 144 Bogard, Judie, Sr., 109, 188 Boger, Leanna, Jr., 164 Boger, Peter, Soph,, 107, 144 Bolin, Linda, Soph., 144 Bomar, Mike, Sr,, 18, 25, 31, 45, 49, 51, 67, 69, 72, 186, 188 Bond, Betsy, Sr., 104, 115, 188 Borden, Susan, Soph., 144 Borgeson, Greg, Jr., 89, 91 Borst, Kathy, Soph, 144 Boshers, John, Sr., 188 Bostwick, Breck, Jr. Boswell, Charles, Soph., 144 Botts, Robert, Jr., 67, 164 Bourland, Brad, Soph., 144 Bourland, Jan, Jr., 109, 164 Boyd, Charles, Soph. Bradshaw, Bobby, Jr., 32, 113, 164 Branch, Marvin, Soph. Brandon, Sheryle, Sr., 188 Brandt, David, Sr., 89, 188 Branna, Don, Soph., 144 Brantley, Thomas, Soph., 107, 145 Brants, Fred, Soph., 145 Bratton, Peppy, Sr., 107, 188 Brawley, Bobby, Jr. Brawley, Mike, Jr., 164 Breen, Judy, Sr., 189 Brennaman, Kathy, Jr., 164 Brennan, Bridget, Soph., 145, 147 Brewer, Jan, Sr., 111, 189 Brewer, Kathy, Jr., 164 Brewster, Bob, Soph., 89, 145 Bridges, John, Jr., 89, 91, 164 Bridges, Mike, Soph., 145 Bridges, Tanya, Soph., 145 Brigham, Richard, Sr., 89, 90, 91, 1 Briley, Joe, Soph., 111, 145 Brock, Tom, Jr., 164 Brodie, Steve, Jr., 164 Bronstad, Marty, Jr., 164 Bronstad, Tommy, Soph., 145 Brooks, Terry, Sr., 189 Broom, Bobby, Sr., 189 Broughton, Donna, Soph. Broussard, Nan, Jr. Brown, Arlene, Sr., 189 Bankhead, Richie, Sr., 187 Banks, Jimmy, Jr., 164 Banks, Pat, Soph., 143, 160 Banner, Suzanne, Soph., 143 Barham, Steve, Jr., 164 Barker, Richard, Jr., 164 Barnes Barnes Barnes, Barnet , Bobby, Sr., 96, 187 , Johnny, Jr., 164 Sandi, Sr., 187 t, Linda, Jr,, 164, 178 Blalock, Scott, Jr,, 164 Blanton, Cindi, Sr., 188 Blanton, Marilee, Blevin, Steve, Jr. Soph., 144 Bliss, Charlotee, Soph. Butch, Nicki, Jr, Bliven, Mike, Sr. Block, Bill, Jr., 1 96, 107, 118, 164 64 Bloor, Cynthia, Jr., 108, 164 Blue, Ronald, Soph., 144 Barnett, Mike, Sr., 187 Barnwell, Gary, Jr., 68 Bartholomew, Joe, Sr., 187 Bartlett, Bill, Jr., 164 Bartlett, Tim, Soph., 143 Barton, Doris, Soph., 143 Barton, Hal, Sr., 187 Blumberg, Gayle, Soph., 107, 144 Blumberg, , Marsha, Jr., 164 Bobbit, Cindy, Jr., 164 Bobo, Ann, Soph., 108, 144 Bobo, Kaye, Jr., 107, 108, 164 Bodiford, Lowell, Jr., 164 Bodkin, Harriet, Sr., 188 Brown, Carla, Soph., 107, 145 Brown, Charlie, Jr., 164, 165 Brown Dwight, Sr., 189 Brown, Gary, Jr., 165 Brown Gary, Sr., 189 Brown, Jacky, Soph., 107 Brown, Lex, Sr., 79, 189 Brown Linda, Jr., 165 Brown Marianne, Jr., 165 Brown, Martha, Jr., 107, 108, 165, 174 Brown Brown Brown Brown, Brown, 1 1 Mary, Soph., 145 Mike, Jr., 165 Pam, Soph., 145 Pat, Soph., 145 Prissy, Sr., 189 Brown, Shelly, Soph., 145 Brunson, Wally, Sr., 188 Collins, Brown, Skipper, Soph,, 188 Brown, Sue, Sr., 99, 122, 189 Brown, Susan, Sr,, 165 Brown, Susan, jr., 165 Browning, Bob, jr, 145 Broyles, Buzzy, Soph,, 145 Broyles, Melinda, Sr., 113, 189 Brumbaugh, Paula, Soph., 107, 145 Bryan, Beth, Soph., 75, 145 Bryant, Lois, jr., 165 Bryant, Rickey, Jr, 165 Bryson, Diana, Jr., 109, 113, 145, 165 ' Buchanan, Judy, Sr., 20, 32, 104, 105, 189 Buck, Katherine, Sr,, 189 Buckalew, Bur, jr., 165 Bufk1ey,1v1ikg, Ji, 165, 167 Buckley, Pat, Jr., 165 Buford, jim, jr., 165 Buford Bulger, Bullers , Steve, Sr., 78, 79, 188 Mike, sf., 189 , Barbara, jr., 165 Burgin, Greg, Sr., 189 Burkhart, Marty, Soph., 145 Burkhart, Roy, Sr. Burks, Homer, Soph., 145 Burks, Nancy, Sr., 190 Burks, Tommy, Sr., 190 Burns, Gregory, Sr. Burns, Sharon, Soph., 145 Burrow, Lynda, Jr. Burrows, Debbie, Soph., 145 Burt, Debbie, Soph,, 145 Bush, Becky, jr., 165 Butin, james, Sr., 190 Butler, Butler, Louise, Sr., 190 Tom, Soph., 86, 145 Bynum, Kathaleen, jr., 165 Byrnes, Mary, Sr., 109, 190 C Cain, Barbara, Sr., 190 Cain, Tommy, jr., 165 Callarman, Gary, Soph., 145 Callarman, Russell, jr., 165 Calongne, Warren, Soph. Calvert, Donna, jr., 165 Cameron, Donald, Soph., 145 Campbell, Beverly, Soph., 145 Campbell, Dennis, Soph., 95 Campbell, Jim, jr., 67, 165 Campbell, Melinda, Sr., 104, 105, 190 Campbell, Melissa, jr., 165 Canales, Billie, Sr., 190 Carden im Sr. 17 29 30 32 ,J , , , , , , so, 67, 70, 71, 73, so, 85, 96, 190' Cargill, George, jr., 76, 165 Carlisle, Lana, Soph. Carlson, Karen, Jr., 165 Carnahan, William, Soph. Carney, John, Jr. Carney, Marie, Sr. 2I4 Carpenter, Sally, Sr., 19, 44, 51, 115, 190 Carr, Don, Soph., 145 Carr, Mark, Soph., 145 Carr, Mike, Sr., 18, 67, 72, 190 Carr, Nancy, Sr., 190 Carroll, Richard, Sr., 190 Carroll, Tom, Soph., 145 Carter, Bob, jr., 165 Carter, Curtis, Sr., 42, 190 Carter, Nick, Sr. Carter, Richard, Soph. Carter, Sally, Soph., 145 Carter, Susan, jr., 165 Carver, Sandy, Jr., 109, 165 Case, Richard, jr., 166 Cashion, Phillip, Soph., 145 Cason, David, Soph., 145 Casson, Susan, Soph., 145 Castillon, Karen, Soph., 145 Castles, Stanley, Soph., 145 Cates, Ronnie, Soph. Cather, Richard, jr.. 66, 75, 86, 87, 97, 116 Causey, Pam, jr., 166 Cecil, john, Sr., 190 Cegiel, Michael, Sr,, 109, 190 Ceman, Richard, Sr., 190 Chambers, Elaine, Sr., 190 Chandler, Sherry, Sr., 190 Chaney, Doug, jr., 166 Chaney, Steve, Soph., 145 Charles, Debbie, jr., 166 Charles, Janice, Soph., 145 Chatham, Cush, jr., 166 Cherry, Bill, Sr., 108, 191 Chmielewski, Sharon, Soph., 145 Choate, Cynthia, Jr., 166 Christ, Candi, jr., 166 Chumlea, joseph, Soph., 145 Chumlea, Philip, Sr,, 191 Clanton, Carl, Soph. Clare, Freddy, Soph., 145 Clark, David, Sr., 96, 117, 191 Clark, Vaughn, jr., 78, 79 Clarke, Chris, Soph., 145 Clarkson, Clay, Soph., 145 Clarkson, Wiley, Sr., 191 Clay, Nancy, jr., 166 Clement, Coy, jr., 121, 166, 171 Clemons, Leland, jr., 34, 113, 166 Cleveland, Barry, jr., 166 Clifford, Beth, Jr., 109, 166 Clifton, Pat, Jr. Clines, David, Soph., 145 Cloer, Larry, jr., 89, 166 Coates, Becky, Soph., 145 Cobb, Beverly, Sr., 191 Coble, Larry, Sr., 107, 191 Cochran, Dean, jr., 166 Coffee, Beckie, jr., 166 Cohen, Ricky, Sr,, 18, 67, 96, 191 Coker, Virginia, Soph., 145 Colburn, Max, jr., 67, 71, 166 Coldwell, Sheri, Soph., 45 Cole, Cole, Candy, Soph., 146 Rachel, Soph., 97, 146 Coleman, David, Jr., 166 Coleman, Elaine, Sr., 75, 191 Coleman, janabeth, jr., 167 Colley, Betty, jr., 167 Collier, Carmyn, Sr., 191 Collier, Lester, Soph,, 146 11 9, 146 Conly, Bill, jr., 167 Connor, Gail, Sr., 75, 109 Conrad, Carla, Soph. Cook , Betsy, Soph., 146 Ronald, Soph., 107, 108, Cook, Jo Ann, Jr., 107, 108, 167 Cook, Karen, Soph., 146 Cook, Margaret, jr., 108, 167 Cook, Ronald, Sr., 191 Cook , Sandra, Jr., 167 Cooley, Sherry, jr. Coon, Mike, jr., 167 Copper, Brent, Sr., 191 Cooper, David, Soph., 146 Cooper, joe, Soph., 108, 146 Cooper, Rosalind, Sr., 191 Cooper, Sylvia, Jr., 167 Cooper, Wynn, Sr., 75, 76, 191 Copeland, Gloria, jr., 167 Coppedge, james, Sr, 109, 191 Coppinger, Sarah, Sr., 191 Corbitt, Galen, Jr., 167 Corbitt, Tom, jr., 109, 167 Corcoran, Bob, Sr., 191 Corder, Mike, jr., 80, 167 Cornelius, Betsy, jr., 167 Corzine, Michael, jr,, 167 Cotten, Larry, Sr., 191 Cowan, Cathy, Soph., 146 Cowen, Patricia, Sr,, 191 COX, Cox, Cox, Cox, Cox, Chuck, Soph., 146 Christine, Jr., 167 Darla, jr., 167 David, Soph., 146 Edie, Sr., 191 7-1 P, of Cox, Janis, Soph., 146 Cox, Judy, Sr., 191 Cox, Tommy, Sr, Coyne, Mike, Sr,, 191 Cozby, jim, jr., 67, 96, 167, 174 Crader, Steve, 146 Craig, Joan, Jr., 167, 184 Craig, Pam, Jr. Craig, Wendy, Sr., 191 Crawford, Mike, Soph., 146 Cragvford, Roberta, Sr., 52, 109, 125, Crenshaw, Eddie, Soph., 146 Crockett, Vickie, Jr., 167 Crook, Cindy, jr., 167 Cropper, Tommy, jr., 29, 63, 103, 104,111,167,172 Cross, Carol, Soph., 146 Crowder, Steve, Soph. Crowder, Marsha, Sr., 30, 94, 113, 191 Crowell, Dian, Sr., 96, 191 Crowell, Don, Soph., 146 Crowley, Bill, Soph., 146 Croy, Dortha, jr., 167 Crpgnmel, Richard, Sr., 25, 107, 108, 1 Crummel, Ronny, Jr., 80, 82, 167 Crutsinger, Dee Dee, jr., 168 Culpepper, Julie, Jr., 109, 167 Culwell, Duff, Soph,, 146 Cumming, David, Sr., 191 Cumming, Dwight, Sr., 192 Cummings, Kris, Soph. Cummings, Steve, Sr., 109 Cummingham, jan, jr., 168 Curtis, Fred, Soph., 146 Curtis, Shiryn, Sr., 108, 109, 192 Cyrus, Bill, Soph., 146 Cyrus, Roberta, Sr., 192 D Dabbs, Dru, Soph., 146 Daerr, Pat, Sr., 192 Daerr, Sherry, Soph., 146 Daigle, Linda, Sr., 123, 192 l 15 A .- 1,11 42, 46, 186, 193 Daigle, Sheri, Sr., 192 Dalton, Cathy, Soph., 146 Dana, Kathy, jr., 168, 111 Daneiger, joe, Soph., 146 Daniel, David, Soph., 146 Daniel, Debbie, jr., 168 Daniel Daniel Daniel Daniel Daniel , Gary, Soph., 146 , johnny, Soph., 146 , Kathy, Soph., 146 , Linda, jr., 168 , Stephen, Sr., 192 Danna, june, jr., 168 Darby, Craig, Sr., 192 Darling, Ralph, Sr. D'Ascenzo, Andrea, Soph., 108, Daugherty, Mike, Sr., 109, 192 Davenport, Alan, Soph., 146 Davie, Mark, Sr., 120, 192 Davis, Donna, Soph., 146 Davis, james, Soph., 146 Davis, jan, Sr., 192 Davis, jim, jr., 168 Davis, johnny, Sr., 107, 192 Davis, Nancy, jr., 168 Davis, Paul, Soph. Davis, Randy, Sr., 192 Davis, Robert, Sr., 192 Davis, Terry, Soph., 146 Dawson, Dean, Sr., 192 Dawson, Latryle, jr., 168 Day, judy, jr., 168, 178 Day, Suzanne, Soph., 146 'Dean, Loretta, Sr., 193 Deans, Mark, Soph. Dear, Sharon, Soph., 146 Dees, Bill, Soph. Deen, Georganne, Soph., 146 Deen, Trudy, Sr., 193 DeFoor, Linda, Sr., 109, 193 Demond, Martha, jr., 168 Dennie, David, Sr., 193 Dennie, jan, Soph., 146 Denton, Barbara, jr., 168 Derby, Ponnie, Sr., 193 Dever, Billy, Sr., 86, 87, 193 Dever, Max, jr., 86 Devine, judy, Soph., 146 Devore, Bill, Sr., 89, 109, 193 DeVries, Linda, Sr., 1.93 Dewees, Charles, jr., 168 Dewees, Karen, Sr., 193 Dickerson, Debbie, jr., 168 Dickie, john, Soph., 146 Dietz, Debie, jr., 1'O9, 193 Dillard, Sheila, jr., 61, 168 Dillow, Bob, jr., 168 Dinkins, Ross, Sr., 108, 193 Dinkins, Warren, Sr,, 193 Dittman, Roy, Soph., 146 Divine, james, Soph., 146 Dodson, Bobby, Sr., 193 Doka, Carolyn, jr., 168 Dolan, Pat, jr., 168 Dolson, Gary, Soph., 107, 146 Donahue, Frank, Sr. 193 1 Donahue, Tim, Soph., 146 Dorminy, Homer, Soph., 146 Doster, Doug, Sr., 193 Douglass, Bob, Soph., 146 Dove, jean, Soph., 146 Dove, Ralph, jr., 1'68 Downe, Alice, Soph., 147 Downe, Herman, jr., 86, 168 Downey, Randy, jr., 168 Downing, Dories, Soph., 147 Downing, Rita, Sr., 21, 22, 25, 27, Dresbach, john, Sr., 193 Drew, john, jr., 168 Drewry, Bob, Soph., 147 Drewry, Dale, Sr., 193 Driskell, Paul, Sr., 108, 193 Drummond, Venita, Soph., 147 Duban, Pam, Soph., 147 Dugger, Doyle, jr., 168 Dugger, Randy, Sr., 109, 193 Duke, Donna, Soph., 109, 147 Duke, Kathy, Sr., 193 Dulaney, Curtis, Sr., 79, 193 Dunagan, Cathye, Soph. Dunagan, Toni, jr., 168 Dunigan, Clancy, jr., 29, 67, 70, 71,168 Duncan, David, Soph., 147 Duncan, Debbie, Soph., 147 Dunham, Arthur, Soph., 107, 147 176 Dunkin, Bill, Soph., 89, 147 Dunlavy, Allen, Sr., 193 Dunlavy, Claudia, jr. Dunlavy, Lynn, Soph. Dunn, Dan, jr., 169 Durbin, Pat, Soph., 147 Durham, Ray, Soph., 147 Dydek, Dan, Sr., 48, 52, 53, 107, 108, 193 Dyer,'Billie, Soph., 147 Dysart, Dennis, jr., 169 E Eames, Steve, jr., 111, 169 Eargle, Laura, Sr., 193 Eargle, Mary, jr., 169 Earl, Cathy, jr., 169 Earle, Carey, Sr., 79, 107, 193 Earle, Robert, jr., 89, 169 Earnest, Steve, jr,, 169 Eckert, Sharon, Soph., 147 Eckroth, Mark, jr., 169 Eckroth, Michael, Soph., 147 Eddy, jeff, jr., 67, 169 Edwards, Eddie, Soph., 147 Edwards, Pam, Sr., 193 Eeds, Tony, Soph., 95, 147 Eidson, Marilyn, jr., 169 Elam, Pam, jr., 169 Elley, Pam, jr., 169 Elliot, Andrew, Sr., 193 Ellis, Paul, Soph., 147, 154 Ellis, Susan, Sr., 193 Ellison, Carole, jr., 114, 169 Ellison, Maria Eva, jr., 169 Emrich, jeff, jr., 169 Engeling, janet, Soph., 147 England, Brenda, Soph., 147 English, Eldon, jr., 169 Epperson, Charlotte, jr., 169 Epperson, Gerald, jr., 169 Erickson, Ellen, Soph., 147 Erickson, Eric, Soph., 147 Erwin, Marianne, jr., 169 Esterlein, Laurel, Sr., 193 Estes, Carolyn, Sr., 194 Ethetton, Steve, Soph., 147 Etzel, Robyn, jr., 169 Eubanks, Ricky, Soph., 147 Evans, Barbara, Soph: Evans, Debbie, Soph. Evans, Sarah, Sr., 194 Everett, Sandra, jr., 117, 169 Evetts, Phyllis, jr. Ewell, Mike, Sr., 97, 194 Ewen, Linda, Soph., 148 Ewing, janet, jr., 169 F Fails, Dennis, Soph., 148 Fails, Ray, Sr., 194 Fairey, Vickie, Soph., 148 Fairris, Carolyn, jr., 169 Falter, jeff, Sr., 194 Farr, Ralph, jr., 169 Farrar, Denise, Soph., 148 Farrell, Steve, Soph., 148 Farris, Larry, Soph., 148 Faught, Trudy, jr., 169 Feagan, Andy, Sr., 194 Feik, Rebecca, Soph. Feliton, Christine, jr. Felton, Mark, Soph., 148 Ferguson Ferguson y Becky, Sr., 194 David, Sr., 33, 108, 194 Fernandez, Margaret, Sr., 109, 194 Ferrell, Terri, jr., 169 Ferrill, Lance, jr., 169 Field, Yvonne, Soph., 148 Fields, Genie, jr., 169 Fike, David, Soph., Findley, Neva, Sr., 109, 194 Fish, Sandra, jr., 169 Fitts,.David, Sr., 194 Fitzgerald, Rose, Sr., 194 Fitzgerald, Vonne, Sr., 123, 194 Fitzpatrick, Thomas, Soph., 107, 108, 148 Flynn, Michael, jr., 169 Folmar, Lloyd, Sr., 194 Folmar, Mary, Soph., 148 Fondren, Nolarn, Soph., 148 Forehand, Pat, Soph. Forisha, Bill, Soph., 148 Fory, Lloyd, Soph., 148 Fory, Russell, Soph., 148 Foster, Becky, jr., 169 Foster, judy, Soph., 148 Foster, Shelley, jr., 169 Foust, Kay, Sr., 195 Fowlds, Sandy, jr., 169 Fowler, Bill, jr. Fox, Charles, Soph,, 148 Fox, David, Sr., 194 Fox, james, Sr., 194 Fralia, jacque, jr., 170 Franz, Billy, jr., 170 Frazer, Cathy, Soph., 148 Frederick, Cathy, Sr., 194 Freeman, Earl, jr., 170 Freeman, Gordan, Soph., 119, 148 Frifglfnan, Harry, Soph., 89, 148, Fritts, Charles, jr., 170 Frost, Robert, Sr., 195 Ferguson, Marilyn, Sr., 194 Ferguson, Penny, jr., 169 Ferguson, Priscilla, Soph., 148 Ferguson, Randy, Soph. Fernandez, Esther, jr., 169 Fruge, Mike, sr., 109, 120, 195 Fuller, Bonnie, jr., 170 Fuller, Dana, S0ph,, 97, 109, 148 Fuller , Kathryn, Sr., 195 Furche, Becky, Soph., 148 2I5 v a 5 x i Furr, Kathy, Jr., 170, 176 G Gaddy, Vera, Soph., 148 Gafford, Linda, Soph., 148 Gage, John, Soph., 84, 148 Gaither, Brice, Jr. Gallimore, Richard, Sr., 97, 195 Gambrill, Pat, Sr., 195 Gammons, Dianne, Jr., 170 Gandy, Joe, Sr., 195, 211 Gann, Susan, Jr., 170 Gant, Pam, Jr., 170, 180 Gantt, Tom, Soph. Garcia, David, Sr., 98, 195 Garcia, Gilbert, Sr., 34, 89, 91, 195 Gardner, Brian, Jr., 170 Garland, Dorothy, Soph., 148 Garrett, Judy, Jr., 122, 170 Garrett, Margaret, Sr., 195 Garrett, Steve, Sr., 195 Garrison, Preston, Soph., 148 Gartner, Gail, Soph., 148 Gary, Becky, Jr., 95, 107, 162, 170 Geesling, David, Sr., 80, 195 Gehringer, Loretta, Soph., 149 Gehringer, Ronald, Sr. Gentry, Billy, Jr., 170 Gentry, John, Soph., 149 Gibson, Thomas, Soph., 148 Gilbert, Sonny, Jr., 170 Gilder, Martha, Jr. Gill, Mike, Jr., 86, 88, 170 Gill, Susan, Sr., 195 Gillespie, Chris, Jr,, 107 Gillespie, Robert, Jr., 170 Gilliam, Jim, jf., 165 Gilligan, Susie, Sr., 107, 195 Gillmore, Allan, Jr. Giraud, Ann, Sr., 109, 195 Gire, Kenneth, Sophf., 84, 149 Gladden, Guy, Soph., 107, 149 Glatzel, Marjorie, Jr., 1'09 Glazier, Carrol, Soph., 149 2I6 Gloff, Hank, Jr., 170 Gober, Jane, Sr., 75, 195 Godbold, Gary, Soph., 148 Godbold, Sheryl, Jr., 170 Godley, Suzanne, Sr., 32, 195 Goff, Belivia, Sr., 196 Goff, Janice, Jr., 170 Gogrive, Tanya, Soph., 149 Goins, Randy, Soph., 149 Gomez, Annette, Jr., 170 Gomez, Barbara, Jr., 170 Goodwin, Steve, Soph., 107, 149 Gordon, Gary, Sr., 196 Gore, Linda, Sr., 196 Gorrell, Steve, Sr., 196 Goss, Margie, Soph., 109, 149 Gotcher, Chris, Sr. Gotcher, Gary, Jr. Govednik, Martin, Jr., 170 Gowins, Geary, Sr., 196 Grader, Robert, Sr. Grady, Lenore, Jr., 170 Graham, Barbara, Jr., 170 Graham, Sandi, Jr., 170 Grammer, Beverly, Jr., 117, 170 Gray, Barbara, Sr., 196 Grayson, Jana, Soph., 149 Green, T. K., Jr., 170 Gregory, Gina, Sr., 196 Grief, Douglas,-Sr., 196 Griffey, Michael, Soph. Griffin, Christy, Soph., 149 Griffith, Jan, Soph., 107, 149 Grimes, George, Sr., 196 Grimm, Kit, Jr., 107, 170 Griner, Freddie Marie, Soph., 149 Grinnell, Steve, Jr., 170 Grubbs, Jeanne, Sr., 123, 196 Grubbs, Jim, Sr., 196 Guckian, Kathleen, Jr., 170 Guerrant, Don, Sr., 108, 196 Guidice, Danny, Sr., 67, 196 Guidice, Kathy, Sr., 116, 196 Guinnup, Cynthia, Soph., 149 Gunter, Mike, Soph., 149 l f Gupton, Bill, Jr., 76, 170 Gupton, Theodore, Soph., 149 Gustafson, Jill, Soph., 149 Gustafson, Linda, Sr., 196 H Hackleman, Tom, Soph., 149 Haddaway, Anne, Sr., 196 Haddaway, Ed, Jr., 170 Haenn, Eric, Sr., 109, 196 Haenn, Mike, Soph., 149 Hagan, Larry, Soph., 149 Hahn, Jerry, Soph., 149 Hahn, Karen, Jr., 170 Hale, Sarah, Sr., 196 Hale, Tommy, Sr. Haley, Jan, Sr., 53, 48, 196 Hall Hall Hall Hall Hall Chuck, Soph., 149 , Randy, Soph., 149 , Ruby, Sr. , Sandra, Sr., 196 , Susan, Jr., 170 Hallman, Linda, Soph., 149 Hallman, Phillip, Jr., 170 Halpenny, Robert, Soph., 149 Halsey, Jim, Jr., 171 Halsey, Trisha, Jr., 171 Hamby, Gary, Sr., 196 Hamilton, Jiu, soph., 149 Hamilton, Marcus, Jr., 171 Hamlin, Joe, Jr., 171 Hammond, Pam, Soph., 149 Hammond, Randy, Sr., 196 Hammons, Janice, Soph., 149 Hampton, Jean, Sr., 26, 44, 45, 50 76, 196 Hampton, Kenny, Soph. Haney, Lorinda, Jr. Hanley, Barbara, Sr., 196 Hanley, Diane, Jr., 171 Hanneman, Gayle, Jr., 171 Hardee, Earline, Soph., 108, 149 Hardesty, Eddie, Sr,, 79, 196 Hardin, Ned, soph., 149 Hardwick, David, Soph., 89, 119, 149 Hardwick, Lydia, Sr., 104, 196 Hardwick, Pam, Sr., 104, 196 Harman, Garry, Soph., 109, 149 Harper, Cindy, Sr., 196 Harper, Dale, Jr., 171 Harper, Gary, Soph., 149 Harper, Lynne, Sr., 99, 196 Harper, Tom, Soph., 74, 149 Harrell, Melinda, Soph., 149 Harrell, Howard, Sr., 86, 196 Harris, Charles, Soph., 149 Harris, Ray, Soph., 149 Harris, Sharon, Jr., 171 Harrison, Bobby, Soph,, 149 Harrison, Mary Kay, Jr., 171 Hart, Cinda, Soph., 107, 108, 149 Harwell, Jeff, Soph., 149 Haskins, Linda, Jr., 109, 171 Hastings, Jimmie, Jr., 34, 171 Hata, Kathleen, Sr., 197 Hatt, Jeannine, Jr., 171 Hatt, Julie, Soph., 150 Havener, Pam, Soph., 150 Havenstrite, Steve, Soph,, 150 Haverstock, Linda. Jr., 97, 171 Hawk, Marilyn, Soph,, 150 Hawkins, Alice, Sr., 197 Hayes, Brad, Jr., 89, 91, 171 Hayes, Susan, Jr., 171 Haynie, Jo Ann, Soph., 150 Hays, Mike, Sr., 67, 69, 86, 197 Headland, Stuart, Sr., 197 Heath, Nina, Soph., 150 Hedge, Vicki, Sr., 75, 76, 125, 197 Heit, John, Jr,, 171 Helm, Dana, Sr., 109, 197 Helm, Emily, Sr., 197 Hellums, Cindy, Jr., 171 Hemphill, Gene, Jr., 67, 89, 91, 171 Hemphill, Marilyn, Soph., 75, 150 Henderson, Forrest, Soph., 115, 150 Henderson, Moirre, Soph., 150 Hendrickson, Chris, Sr., 197 Hendrickson, Larry, Jr., 34, 89, 171 Hendrickson, Walt, Soph., 150 Hendrix, Julie, Jr., 171 Henker, Diane, Sr., 104, 105, 197 Henning, Judy, Jr., 171 Henry, Mike, Jr., 171 Henshaw, Jacky, Jr., 107, 171 Herndon, Judy, Sr., 109,197 Herod, Mike, Jr. Herrera, Ivonne, Soph., 95, 150 Herrera, Vivianne, Jr., 95, 167, 172 Herring, Trudy, Jr., 172 Herrmann, Billy, Sr., 109, 197 Hertzler, Sammy, Jr., 172 Hess, Larry, Jr., 172 Hester, Dinah, Soph., 150 Hewitt, Randy, Soph., 150 Hickman, Linda, Sr., 113, 197 Hicks, JoAnne, Jr., 96, 172 Higby, Jackye, Sr., 39, 40, 42, 57, 59, 90, 94, 104, 105, 197 Holloway, Mary, Soph., 150 Higginbotham, James, Soph., 150 Higgins, Debby, Jr., 172 Higgins, Rose Mary, Jr., 172 Higgins, Vickie, Jr., 172 Higgs, Gary, Soph. Hill, Jan, Jr., 172 Hill, Linda, Jr., 172 Hill, Mike, Soph., 107, 150 Hill, Vikki, Jr., 109, 172 Holden, Susan, Soph., 150 Holder, Bobby, Soph., 150 Hollis, Cathie, Sr., 123, 198 Hollis, Paul, Soph., 150 Holloway, Lynn, Jr., 113, 172 Hollyfield, Don, Soph. Holmes, Bill, Sr., 109, 198 Holmes, Donna, Soph., 150 4 .. eau. ,- -..s . 1' . X: ff' "1 , i .x 1 , 91' wmv. , 4. Q , .X -,vgyyvv ,N , -. 'rar g-141, i., A, . . me we -. ' -Dfw'-1 '-v.M'1. 'W - - -. '-f . n i, wi- ',":':3' Lf".'f' ,J 4"f'lf 4116" r 5 " "-i: . f ' 'fb' f7f ' K' f" ' ' f'.f'.f. , V, Kg 1,-ff, ,'--4V 1 - " . X . K- v . . ' ,f 1 1 1 . , '. . ' . XX .X .kk an Xl, xxx "' x X N 1 . 3 Hillaker, Debbie, Sr., 197 Hillaker, Eric, Soph., 89, 91, 150 Hillaker, John, Soph., 150 Hillis, Linda, Soph. Hines, Linda, Jr., 172 Hinton, David, Sr., 197 Hinze, Rick, Soph,, 150 Hitt, Lee, Sr., 47, 66, 67, 69, 72, 75, 86, 197, 207 Hitt, Monta, Soph., 150 Hitt, Sammie, Soph., 150 Hobbs, Cheryl, Jr., 172 Hobbs, David, Jr. Hoce, Gail, Soph., 150 Hodges, Deano, Soph., 150 Hodgkins, Skip, Sr., 197 Hoclgins, Skip, Sr., 197 Hodgson, Marjorie, Soph,., 150 Hoffman, Bill, Sr., 197 Hoffman, Charlotte, Jr., 108, 109, 114, 172 Hoffman, Steve, Sr., 197 Hogg, Stephen, Sr., 197 Hogue, Lynda, Sr., 17, 30, 111, 113, 121, 197 Holden, Bill, 1f.,67, 73, 115, 172 Holden, Dwight, Sr., 18, 89, 90, 91, 198 Holmes, Mike, Sr., 123, 198 Holze, Kay, Sr., 18, 109, 198 Hooker, Lynn, Soph., 15'O Hooper, Mike, Jr., 172 Hopkins, Deborah, Soph., 150 Hopkins, Kirsten, Jr., 172 Hopkins, Mike, Sis, 67, 69, 198 Hopkins, Sammie, Jr., 107, 108, 172 Horn, Mike, Sr., 67, 69, 86, 88, 198 Horton, Beverly, Jr., 172 Horton, Stephen, Jr., 66, 172 Houp, Claudia, Soph., 150 Hovenkamp, Trudi, Sr., 198 Hoverstadt, Michael, Soph., 150 Howard, Dana, Sr., 198 Howard, Diana, Soph., 151 Howard, Leland, Sr. Howard, Robert, Sr., 198 Howard, Steve, Soph., 89, 151 Howard, Tammy,AJr., 198 Howard, Virginia, Soph., 151 Howell, Judy, Soph., 109, 151 Hubbard, Barry, Jr., 104, 172, 175 Huckins, Carl, Sr., 109, 198 Hudson, Deal, Sr., 79, 113, 125, 192, 199 Hudson, Leslie, Jr. Huff, Helen, Jr., 172 Hufnagle, Keith, Sr., 34, 89, 199 Huggins, Beth, Sr., 198 Huggins, Jan, Soph., 122, 151 Hughes, Dee, Jr., 173 Hughes, Jane, Jr., 173 Hughes, John, Soph., 107, 151 Hughes , Sheryl, Sr., 198 Hughes, Vicki, Soph., 151 Hull, Bill, Sr., 199 Hummel, Pat, Sr. Humphreys, Ronny, Sr., 67, 68, 69, 190, 199 Hunter, Chip, Jr. Hurlbut, Colleen, Soph., 151 Hutcheson, Linda, Jr., 173 Hutchinson, Anne, Jr., 109, 173 Hutchison, Steven, Jr., 173 Hutson, Barry, Soph., 151 Hutto, Pam, Sr. Hutton, Belinda, Jr., 173 Hyink, Doug, Jr., 173 I Ihnfeldt, Beverly, Sr., 108, 109, 115, 198 Irgens, Mary, Jr., 173 Ivey, Garry, Sr., 190, 198 Ivey, Larry, Sr., 29, 60, 66, 68, 71, 72, 97, 199 Ivy, Don, Soph., 107, 151 Ivy, Joe, Jr., 173 Ivy, Steve, Sr., 199 J Jackson, Dave, Soph., 151 Jackson, David, Sr., 99, 199 Jackson, Gary, Sr. Jackson, John, Jr., 66, 73, 173 Jackson, Mike, Soph., 107, 108, 151 Jackson, Pamela, Sr., 109, 199 James, Jim, Sr., 186, 199 James, Patricia, Soph., 151 Janezic, Mark, Soph., 151 Jay, Gary, Soph., 109, 151 Jaynes, Jack, Jr., 89, 173 Jenkins, Ab, Jr., 86, 87, 173 Jenkins, 1 51 Charlie, Soph., 80, 81, 86, Jenkins, Nancy, Sr., 109, 199 Jensen, David, Soph., 151 Jenson, Glenn, Soph., 151 Jetton, Judy, Jr., 173 Jewell, Beverly, Jr., 173 Jimeson, Bo, Soph., 151 Johnson, Amy, Soph., 151 Johnson, Barry, Jr., 173 Johnson, Bill, Sr., 199 Johnson, Charles, Jr., 173 Johnson, David, Sr., 199 Johnson, Gary, Soph., 151 Johnson, Jack, Jr., 173 Johnson, Jimmie, Jr., 108, 175 Johnson, Johnson, Kristie, Jr., 174 Larry, Jr., 174 Johnson, Margaret, Sr,, 198, Johnson, Johnson Johnson y Marilyn, Jr. Mark, Soph., 151 Mickey, Soph. 199 Johnson, Mike, Jr., 174 Johnson, Robert, Soph., 89, 151 Johnson, Veronica, Jr., 174 Johnston, Judy, Sr., 109, 199 Johnston, Pat, Sr., 199 Jones, Alice, Sr., 109, 199 Jones, Bob, Soph., 151 Jones, Bryan, Sr., 28, 66, 71, 72, 86, 87, 199 Jones, Cameo, Sr., 112, 113, 192, 199 Jones, Carol, Soph., 151 Jones, Cindy, Jr., 174 Jones Cyndee, Sr., 199 Jones, Debra, Soph., 151 Jones, Dorothy, Soph., 151 Jones, Eugene, Soph., 151 Jones, Glenn, Soph., 151 Jones, Jan, Soph. Jones Jerrell, Sr., 109, 199 Jones, Jim, Sr., 101, 199 Jones, Larry Dee, Soph., 151 Jones Larry Lee, Soph. Jones, Lynn, Soph., 151 Jones, Mark, Soph. Jones, Michael, Sr., 199 Jones, Peggy, Soph., 151 Jones, Rosemary, Jr., 109, 174 Jones Susan, Jr., 174 Jones, Teresa, Jr. Jordan, Belinda, Sr., 199 Joyce, Terri, Soph., 151 Judd, Cathleen, Soph., 109, 151 Judd, James, Sr., 98, 99, 199 Julian, Sherry, Jr., 107, 174 K Kain, Buster, Jr., 174 Kane, Cathy, Jr., 104, 174 Knae, Theresa, Jr., 108, 109, 120, 174 Kanistanaux, David, Sr., 113, 125 Kanistanaux, Joyce, Soph., 151 Karnes, Danny, Sr. Karnes, Jerry, Sr., 199 Karnes, Wandean, Soph., 151 Kauffman, Britt, Jr., 174 Kauffmann, Janet, Soph., 26, 43, 151 Kearby, Bryan, Jr., 174 Kearnes, Mary, Sr., 199 Keenum, Willie, Sr., 199 Keller, Michael, Soph., 151 Kellerman, Robert, Soph., 86, 151 Kelley, Michael, Jr., 174 Kelley, Mike, Sr., 111, 199 Kelly, Glen, Jr., 86 2l Kelly, Mike, Jr., 174 Kelly, Paige, Sr., 24, 97, 113, 13 200 Kelly, Suzy, Soph., 151 Kelty, Patti, Sr, 5. Kemp, Sharron, Jr., 97, 103, 113, 174 Kendrick, Kenneth, Sr. Kennedy, Don, Sr., 98, 200 Kenney, Bob, Sr Kennon, Kent, Sr., 200 Kent, Allen, Jr., 95, 174 Kesling, Gary, Sr., 200 Keyes, Nan, Jr., 174 Kidd, Tim, Soph., 151 Kieschnick, Gloria, Jr., 174 Kilcrease, John, Jr., 174 Kilpatrick, Ann, Soph., 151 Kimbrel, Gary, Soph. Kimbrel, Sharon, Sr. Kimbro, Tommy, Sr., 28, 67, 75, 200 King, Chris, Soph., 20, 42, 62, 142, 151 King, James, Soph. King, Janice, Soph., 151 King, Karen, Sr., 116, 200 King, Karl, Soph., 151 King, Steve, Jr., 174 Kirschner, Sherryl, Jr., 174 Kite, Sammy, Jr. Kliarsky, John, Sr., 89, 90, 200 Knight, Stephen, Soph., 151 Knox, Cynthia, Soph., 151 Knox, Donna, Jr. Knox, Gerre, Sr., 200 Knudsen, Ernie, Sr. Komisarz, Joseph, Soph., 151 Krausse, David, Jr., 174 Kruse, Jim, Soph., 152 Kudlaty, Kathy, Jr., 174 Kyler, Kirk, Soph., 152 L Ladd, Gerta, Jr., 174 Lagassee, David, Sr., 200 Laine, Nancy, Sr,, 200 Laird, Jan, Soph., 107, 152 Laird, Steve, Sr,, 106, 107, 200 Lambert, Bill, Jr. Lambert, David, Soph., 152 Lancaster, Cleve, Jr. Landes, Toby, Jr., 108, 124, 174 Lane, Richard, Soph., 152 Lanford, Robert, Soph., 152 Langdon, Tommy, Jr., 66, 75, 17 Langford, Jenny, Soph., 152 Langham, Kathleen, Sr., Lanthrum, Tim, Sr., 200 Lapping, Linda, Sr., 200 Largent, Bick, Soph., 152 Largent, Ellen, Soph., 152 Larkin, Lisa, Jr., 175 Larkin, Wendy, Soph., 152 Larson, Marlys, Sr., 113, 116, 20 8 5 0 Larimer, Gayla, Jr., 175 Lawler, Russell, Sr., 109, 200 Lawless, Cathy, Jr., 152 Lawless, Mike, Sr., 109, 200 Laws, Linda, Sr., 200 Lawshe, Gayland, Jr. Lawyer, Judy, Soph., 109, 152 Lax, Vickie, Sr., 200 Leachman, Marjorie, Sr., 109, 200 Lee, Larry, Jr., 109 Lee, Sonny, Sr., 200 Leech, Mike, Jr., 29, 66, 89, 90, 175 Leech, Sherry, Sr., 200 Lehmberg, Beth, Jr., 175 LeMay, Joanne, Sr., 200 Lemond, Bill, Sr., 67, 71, 200 Lemond, Clark, Soph., 108, 152 Lemond, Renee, Jr., 175 Lennon, Kathy, Soph., 152 Lennox, Scott, Sr., 200 Leonhart, Bob, Jr., 175 Leopard, Gerry, Soph., 152 Lessig, Cilla, Jr., 119, 175 Lester, Malcom, Soph., 152 Letson, Janie, Jr., 96, 168, 175 Lever, Beverly, Sr., 109, 200 Levering, Jill, Sr., 32, 41, 43, 51, 58, 186, 200 Lewis, John, Sr., 200 Lewis, Kathy, Sr., 109, 200 Lewis, Mike, Soph. Lewis, Susie, Soph., 152 Lightfoot, Craig, Jr., 89 Lightle, Carol, Soph., 152 Lili, Shelley, Jr., Lilly, Danny, Jr. Linan, David, Jr., 107, 175 Lind, Bill, Jr. Lindsay, David, Soph., 152 Ling, David, Jr. Little, Frederick, Soph. Little, Ruth, Sr., 200 Livingston, David, Sr., 67, 68, 95 200 Lloyd, Julie, Jr., 175 Lobrecht, Ann, Soph., 152 Lockwood, Billy, Jr., 124 Lockwood, Tommy, Soph., 86, 15 Logan, Barbara, Sr., 201 London, Leigh, Sr., 201 London, Linda, Jr., 109, 175 Long, Ralph, Jr. Look, Frances, Soph. Lougheed, Dean, Soph., 107, 152 Love, Vince, Jr., 175 Lovelady, Janis, Soph., 152 Lovelady, John, Sr., 201 Loveless, Allan, Soph., 152 Loveless, Larry, Jr., 165, 175 Lovell, Judi, jf. Lovett, Dean, Jr., 67, 89, 90 1 2 Lowder, Web, Jr., 66, 86, 87, 175 Lowdon, Mary, Jr., 47, 76, 77, 175 Lowery, Jo Anne, Sr., 75, 201 McCurdy, Stephen, Soph., 152 McCurley, A. J. Soph., 89, 152 2 ,,f 2. .- A 1 . f Lowrance, Theresa, Soph., 28, 107, 148, 152 Lowry, Carol, Jr., 175 Lucas, Cyndi, Soph., 152 Luckett, Edward, Soph., 152 Ludington, Mike, Sr., 109 Lukeman, Bobby, Jr., 28, 43, 175, 183 Lumpkin, Robert, Soph., 118, 152 Lutz, Michael, Sr., 201 Lydick, Talia, Sr., 201 Lyle, Hank, Jr., 175 Lynn, Cindy, Jr., 175 Mc McAfee, Elaine, Jr., 175 McBay, Mary, Sr., 201 McBee, Kelly, Soph., 152 McBride, Charles, Jr., 176 McCall, Alden, Soph., 89 McCann, Mike, Soph., 152 McCarthy, Shelley, Sr., 201 McCarthy, Vickie, Jr., 176 McCarty, Madeline, Soph, 152 McCauley, Hayes, Jr., 111, 113, 176 McCleary, Karen, Sr., 201 McClelland, Linda, Sr., 201 McCord, Perry, Sr. McCord, Randall, Jr., 86 McCormick, Vicki, Soph., 107, 152 McCracken, Tim, Jr., 176 McCrea, David, Soph., 152 McCreless, Robert, Soph., 152 McCrimmon, Amy, Jr., 176 McCullough, Linda, Jr., 176 McCullough, Randy, Sr., 201 sfff' McCutcheon, Sonny, Jr., 176 McDaniel, Don, Sr. McDaniel, Pat, Soph., 108 McDaniel, Scott, Jr., 80, 81, 176 McDonald, Bill, Soph., 152 McDonald, Carolyn, Soph., 152 McDowell, Judy, Sr., 109, 201 McElroy, Beverly, Jr., 176 McFall, Pam, Jr., 176 MacFarlane, Sandra, Soph., 152 McFerrin, Debbie, Jr., 107 McGhee, William Bruce, Soph., 152 McGinnis, Alan, Jr, McGogy, Dan, Jr., 176 McGuffee, Brenda, Sr., 18, 201 Mc Henry, Virginia, Jr., 176 Mc Inn is, John, Jr., 34, 80, 176 McKay, Jim, Soph., 152 McKay, Robert, Jr., 176 McKee, Barbara, Soph., 152 McKee, Bruce, Sr., 109, 201 McKeen, Suzie, Sr., 201 McKeithen, Mickael, Jr. McKenzie, Doug, Jr., 176 McKinley, DeAnn, Jr., 63, 176 McKittrick, John, Jr., 89, 91, 176 McLain, David, Sr. McMahan, Michael, Soph., 155 McMahon, Bryan, Sr., 29, 67, 73, 201 McMahon, John, Soph., 73, 153 McMillan, Jana, Soph., 153 McMillan, Kenny, Sr., 76, 77, 109, 201 McNamara, Tom, Sr. McNatt, Beverly, Soph., 153 McNeal, Marybeth, Sr., 201 McNeely, Bobby, Soph., 89, 153 McNutt, James, Jr. McPherson, Patsy, Soph., 153 McPherson, Toni, Jr., 176 McQueary, David, Soph. M Maag, Jenne, Sr., 201 Maben, Mike, Soph., 153 Maberry, Bob, Sr., 201 Mabey, Charles, Sr., 98, 201 Macha, Michael, Jr., 176 Mackelroy, Beverly, Jr., 130 Macklin, Marilyn, Jr., 176 Macklin, Mark, Sr., 202 Maddox, Craig, Soph., 153 Magill, Laurie, Jr. Mahurin,, Dianna, Sr,, 202 Mahurin, Mike, Soph., 153 Malcik, Tommy, Jr. Malone, Mike, Jr., 85, 176 Manale, Stevie, Soph., 95, 153 Manire, Mike, Sr., 202 Mann, Barbra, Sr., 54, 63, 103, 104, 114, 197, 202 Mann, Debra, Sr., 56, 95, 103, 104, 197, 202 Mann, Judy, Sr., 202 Manning, Jane, Jr., 176 Manning, Michele, Soph., 153 Manousos, Kathy, Sr., 202 Mantzke, William, Soph. Marchesseau, Suzie, Jr., 176 Marglous, Joyce, Soph., 109, 153 Marietta, John, Jr,, 177 Marietta, Richard, Sr., 54, 107, 202 Markos, Chris, Sr., 202 Marsh, Arthur, S0ph,, 153 Marsh, Kathleen, Jr., 177 Marshall, Liz, Soph. Martin, Donnis, Sr., 107, 108, 202 Martin, Frank, Sr., 202 Martin, Pat, Soph., 153 Martin, Sam, Sr., 22, 67, 72, 202 Martin, Tom, Jr., 89, 91, 177 Martinez, Linda, Sit, 202 Marvin, JoAnn, Soph., 153 Marvin, Waylne, Jr,, 177 Massey, Ann, Sr., 202 Mastenbrook, John, Sr., 20, 56, 85, 198, 202 Masters, Karen, Jr,, 177 Mathers, Carole, Soph., 153 Mathews, Ronnie, Sr., 202 Mathis, Larry, Sr., 21, 29, 30, 125, 202 Maxwell, Nancy, Soph., 153 Maxwell, Susan, Jr., 96, 166, 177 Mayberry, Jackie, Soph. Mayo, Mary, Soph., 153 Mays, Debbie, Soph., 153 Mayton, Jimmy, Sr, 202 Meacham, Beverly, Sr. Meacham, Robert, Jr., 108 Meadlin, Measures Meehan, 202 Larry, Soph,, 153 , Gary, Jr., 177 Richard, Sr., 76, 95, 107, Meek, Danny, Soph., 153 Meeks, Kay, Soph, 153 Mefford, Mehaffy, Melville, Bob, Jr,, 17, 111, 177 Kay, Soph., 153 Pat, Soph. Mendez, Virginia, Sr., 202 Mercer, Gretchen, Soph., 153 Meredith, David, Soph., 107, 108, 153 Meredith, Richard, Soph., 107,108, 150, 153 Merrill, Bob, Jr., 30, 42, 97, 177 Merritt, Janet, Jr., 111, 117, 177 Mestas, Connie, Sr., 109 Mestas, Dianne, Soph., 153 Meyer, Melanie, Sr., 202 Middlebr ook, Kathy, Soph., 153 Miguel, Clovis, sf., 19, 46, 202 Mihesuah, Verlena, Jr., 177 Mikel, Roisann, Jr., 177 Miles, H'a1y, Jr., 177 Miles, Martha, Sr., 2102 Miller, Charlotte, Soph., 153 Miller, E ddie, Jr., 177 Miller, Jerry, Soph., 153, 157 Miller, Mark, Jr. Miller, Melody, Jr., 109, 177 Miller, Pat, Soph., 74, 89, 90, 153 157 Miller, Sandy, Sr., 202 Millican, Kirk, Soph., 153 Mills, David, Jr., 177 Mills, Ronnie, Soph., 85, 154 hlilwee, Robert, Sr., 202 Minch, Betty, Sr., 99, 202 Minshew, Deb, Jr., 177 Mitchell, Benny, Soph., 1 54 Mitchell, Linda R., Sr., 202 Mitchell, Linda R. Sr., 202 Mitchell, Randy, Soph., 154 Mize, Barbara, Sr., 202 Moates, Cynthia, Soph., 154 Moffatt, Katy, Jr., 177 Molloy, Hugh, Jr. Mollot, Patricia, Jr. Mnncrief, Scotty, Jr., 177 Montgomery, Gerri, Soph., 154 Moore, Fred, Sr., 202 Moore, Henry, Jr., 177 Moore, Howard, Jr., 67, 70, 177 Moore, Kathy, Soph., 154 Moore, Kaye, Soph., 108, 109, 154 Moore, Linda, Jr., 109, 177 Moore, Pat, Soph., 154 Moore, Phyllis, Soph., 154 Moore, Ron, Jr., 176 Moore, Sarah, Soph., 154 Moore, Tim, Sr., 203 Moore, Veta, Sr., 203 Moore, Vicki, Soph., 154 Morgan, Mark, Sr. Morgan, Matthew, Soph., 154 Morgan, Patti, Soph., 154 Morgan, Richard, Soph. Moriarty, Patty, Jr., 99, 108, 109, 120, 177 Morrill, Emily, Sr., 76, 115, 203 Morris, David, Jr., 100, 177 Morris, Diane, Jr., 21, 177 Morris, Elton, Sr., 203 Morris, Joanne, Sr., 75, 203 Morris, John, Sr., 203 Murrell, Ben, Sr. Muschner, Joann, Soph., 154 Mustarde, John, Soph., 107, 154 Muzquiz, Joe, Soph., 154 Myers, Nancy, Soph., 154 N. Nadin, Charlotte, Jr,, 108, 177 Neal, David, Jr., 177 Neal, David, Soph., 154 Neely, Keith, Soph,, 154 Neil, Mike, Soph., 154 Nelson, Ronnie, Jr., 67, 177 Neuville, Ronald, Sr., 203 Morris, Rachel, Sr., 107, 108, 109, 122, 203 Morris, Ralpl'1,Soph., 107, 108, 122, 150, 154 Morris, Stewart, Soph., 154 Morrison, Mike, Sr., 53, 107, 108, 203 Morse, Terry, Soph., 75, 154 Morton, Carron, Sr., 203 Morton, Charlie, Sr., 203 Morton, Gwen, Soph., 154 Moss, John, Sr., 203 Mott, Renda, Soph., 154 Mraz, Cathy, Soph., 154 Mueller, Dan, Soph., 154 Mueller, David, Sr., 52, 59, 107, 125, 205 Mueller, Michael, Soph., 154 Mullens, Linda, sf, 123, 203 Mullinax, Ursula, Soph. Mulry, Mary, Jr., 177 Mulvihill, Jan, Jr., 177 Mulvihill, Steve, Sr., 203 Mundorff, Alice Lyne, Sr. Mundy, John, Jr., 177 Murphey, Griffin, Sr., 98, 203 Murphy, Cheryl, Jr. Murphy, Danny, Soph., 85, 154 ,Murphy, Mary, Soph. Murray, Tommy, Jr. : Y. L . Newbern, Nancy, Sr., 203 Newman, Cody, Jr., 177 Newman, Judy, Soph., 154 Newman, Marcus, Jr., 177 Neyland, Nancy, Jr., 178 Nichols, Katy, Jr., 178 Nichols, Wayne, Soph,, 89, 155 Nicholson, James, Jr., 178 Nicholson, Larry, Sr. Nicholson, Vickye, Soph., 155 Nickerson, Dawn, Jr. Nix, Connie, Soph., 155 Norman, Larry, Soph., 89, 155 Norn1an, Suzanne, Sr,, 109, 203 Norris, Larry, Jr., 109, 178 Norstrud, Danny, Soph,, 155 Norton, Donna, Jr., 113 Norton, Floyd, Soph., 96 Norton, Kirk, Soph. Norton, Lloyd, Soph. Norvell, Walker, Sr,, 89 Norwood, Barbara, Sr., 203 Nunn, Dian, Soph., 155 Nunnery, Bob, Sr., 111, 203 Nuss, Ray, Jr., 178 -O O'Brien, Frank, Jr., 178 2l9 , ,ff-I i O'Brien, Jeanne, Jr., 43, 96,178 O'Dell, David, Sr., 203 O'Dell, Stephen, Jr., 178 Okruhlik, Linda, Sr., 203 Oliver, Larry, Sr. Olson, Kris, Sr., 203 O'Neal, Sally, Jr., 178 O'Neall, Nancy, Sr., 76, 97, 111, 115,115,125,192,203 Orbison, Steve, Soph., 107 Orr, Cherisse, Jr., 178 Ort, Kraig, Sr., 203 Osborne, Sandra, Jr., 178 O'Shields, Carolyn, Jr., 178 Otto, Monice, Soph., 155 Ottum, Rita, Jr. Overbeek, Ronnie, Sr., 80, 81 205 Owen, Bob, Jr., 178 Owen, Glenda, Jr. Owen, Mary, Sr., 109, 205 Owen, Randy, Sr., 205 Owen, Sandra, Jr., 178 Owen, Sharon, Soph., 155 , 82, P Page, Thomas, Jr., 178 Pakebusch, Becky, Jr., 178 Pannell,'Kitty, Soph., 155 Papusch, Martha, Sr., 99, 203 Parish, Gary, Soph. Parker, Doug, Soph., 89, 155 Parker, Pam, Jr. Parker, Whit, Soph., 155 Parks, Jim, Sr., 99, 203 Parkman, Cindy, Soph., 155 Parrish, Beverly, Sr. Parrish, Mike, Jr., 109, 178 Parten, Johnny, Soph., 155 Passel, Janie, Jr., 179 Pate, Shelia, Jr., 179 Patoski, Nick, Soph., 29, 43, 62, 1 Patterson, Kathy, Sr., 204 220 Patton, Carol, Soph., 155 Patton, Pamelia, Soph., 107, 155 Patton, Pat, Soph., 155 Patton, Ralph, Jr. Patton, Sherie, Jr., 179 Paul, Kathy, Soph., 155 Pavillard, Charles, Jr., 179 Payne, Mike, Sr., 109, 204 Peacock, Robert, Jr. Peeks, Roger, Sr., 109, 204 Pederson, Sandra, Jr., 179 Pelton, Charles, Sr., 108 Pelton, Mary Ann, Jr. Penn, Ann, Sr., 20, 204 Pennington, Bruce, Soph., 155 Peoples, Sandy, Soph., 155 Perkins, John, Soph,, 88, 155 Perkins, Pam, Jr., 108, 109, 179 Perkins, Pamela Jean, Jr., 179 Perrone, Paula, Soph., 111, 155 Perry, Gail, Soph., 107, 155 Peters, Janean, Sr., 204 Peterson, Beth, Soph,, 155 Peterson, James, Jr., 179 Peicfgrgon, Laura, Soph., 109, 142, Peterson, Linda, Soph., 111, 155 Peterson, Sualice, Sr., 116, 204 Phelan, Wes, Soph., 107, 108, 155 Phelps, Tommy, Soph., 155 Phifer, Paul, Soph., 155 Phillips, Bill, Sr., 204 Phillips, Michael, Soph., 89, 155 Phillips, Sandy, Soph., 155 Pidgeon, Wayne, Soph. Pierce, Bobby, Jr. Pierson, Rob, Jr., 67, 69, 70, 179 Pigg, Tommy, Sr.,41, 51, 63, 67, 69, 204 Pinkston, David, Soph., 155 Pitts, Joh, Soph. Plumly, John, Sr., 204 Polk, Don, Soph., 155 Pollard, Craig, Soph., 117, 155 Pollard, Robert, Soph. Pompetti, Muffet, Soph,, 155 Pompetti, Pam, Jr., 179 Pomykal, Forrest, Soph., 155 Ponder, Cindy, Soph., 155 Ponder, Sharon, Sr., 204 Pope, Michael, Sr., 204 Poplin, Jerry, Sr., 52, 107, 108, 118,204 Porterfield, Ed, Soph., 155 Poteet, Melissa, Sr., 109, 204 Potter, Patrick Jr., 90, 179 Pou, Chauncey, Soph. Pou, Gavin, Jr. Powell, Vicki, Soph., 155 Poynor, Mike, Soph., 89, 155 Prater, Barbara, Soph,, 155 Rankin, John, Sr. Rankin, Nancy, Soph., 156 Rankin, Sis, Jr., 179 Raper, Jerry, Jr., 179 Raper, Rita, Sr., 205 Rapovich, Michelle, Soph., 156 Rasmussen, La Jauna, Soph., 156 Ratliff, Bill, Sr,, 55, 73, 205 Ratliff, Robert, Soph., 20, 29, 67 65, 95, 156 Ratterree, Jimmy, Jr. Ray Anne, Soph., 156 Ray, Belinda, Sr., 205 Ray Danny, Soph., 156 Ray, Esther, Soph., 107, 156 Ray Harry, Sr., 107, 205 Ray, Randy, Sr., 59, 86, 88, 205 Readinger, James, Sr., 205 Pratt, Nancy, Jr., 179 Pratt, Nancy, Soph., 155 Presley, Jack, Soph., 107, 121, 155, 160 Pressley, Pam, Soph., 155 S . Prevo Prew Prew Price i i i Price, Price 1 Price, Price, Price, Price, Price, t, Son 1 a, tt, David, Soph., 156 Sr., 98, 204 tt, Karen, Jr., 179 Clay, Sr., 103, 204 John, Soph., 1 56 Linda, Jr., 179 Margo, Jr., 109, 120, 121, 179 Mike, Sr., 205 Nancy, Jr., 179 Stanley, Jr. Tom, Jr., 179 Price, Wendy, Soph., 34, 94, 108, 156 Priddy, Edward, Sr., 205 Prince, Doug, Jr., 179, 182 Prohs, Louis, Jr., 108, 179 Prohs, Sharon, Jr., 108, 179 Pruden, Gay, Soph., 156 Prud'homme, Ann, Soph., 156 Pryor, Wesley, Sr., 205 Pugmire, Debbie, Jr., 179 Pulido, George, Soph., 79, 156 Pulido, Harvey, Soph., 156 Purselley, Cheryl, Jr., 179 Q Qualls, Gary, Sr. Quattlebaum, Sharon, Jr., 107, 179 Quinlivan, Joe, Sr., 205 R Radtke, Janet, Soph., 156 Radtke, Steve, Sr., 205 Ragan, Johnny, Jr., 179 Ragland, Terry, Jr., 179 Rainwater, Janie, Soph., 156 Rancher, Arthur, Sr. Randolph, Susan, Soph., 156 Rankin, Bob, Soph, 156 Rankin, Charles, Jr., 179 Reardon, Frank, Soph., 156, 158 Reber, David, Jr., 89, 179 Reber, Judy, Soph., 107 Redden, Mike, Sr., 205 Redus, Kay, Sr., 109, 205 Reed, Jerry, Sr., 109 Reed, Kay, Soph., 156 Reed, Melvin, Sr., 205 ' Reedy, Gay, Sr., 205 Reeves, Ernie, Jr., 86, 179 Reeves, Gary, Sr., 20, 29, 30, 42, 94,102,205 Reid, Barbara, Soph., 156 Reinhardt, Cindy, Jr., 179 Reisner, Julie, Sr., 94, 113, 125, 205 Reisner, Mary, Soph., 156 Retz, Diane, Sr., 205 Reynolds, Ann, Jr., 179 Reynolds, Steve, Soph., 156 Rice, Jill, Soph., 156 Rich, Brenda, Sr., 205 v 192 Richards, Jim, Sr., 38, 40, 55, 67, 70,103,111,205 Richards, Trudy, Sr., 198, 205 Richardson, Ronnie, Jr. Richey, Dixie, Soph., 156 Ricketts, Bruce, Soph., 156 Riddell, Rick, Soph,, 156 Rider, Thomas, Soph., 156 Rigdon, Virginia, Jr., 179 Riggs, Gary, Jr., 179 Riise, Chappi-e, Jr., 179 Riley, Gary, Sr., 205 Riley, Jo, Soph., 156 Rimbey, Dick, Sr., 205 Rippenda, Tim, Jr., 107, 180 Ritch, Penny, Soph., 75, 156 Roark, Sue, Soph., 156 Roberts, Agnes, Soph., 156 Roberts, Jim, Sr., 205 Roberson, Kathleen, Jr., 180 Roberson, Paula, Soph., 156 Robertson, Connie, Soph., 156 Robertson, Danelle, Sr., 95, 195, 205 Robertson, Gary, Sr., 205 Robertson, Hines, Soph., 136 Robertson, Mike, Jr. Robertson, Sally, Sr., 205 Robinson, Craig, Jr,, 180 Robinson, Eric, Soph., 156 Robinson, Tim, Soph., 74, 89, 90. 156 Robinson, Larry, Soph., 156 Robinson, Philip, Sr., 205 Robinson, Preston, Jr., 89, 180 Robinson, Randy, Jr., 180 Robinson, Robby, Soph. Robinson, Tom, Sr., 205 Robinson, Vicki, Soph., 156 Rockney, Su, Soph., 156 Rogers, Larry, Sr,, 205 Rodriguez, Arcaclio, Soph., 156 Rodriguez, John, Sr. Roe, Susan, Soph., 156 Roe, Teresa, Jr., 180 Roeder, Nicki, Sr., 109, 206 Roederer, Steve, Jr. Roehl, Mark, Soph, 156 Rogers, Lee Ann, Sr., 206 Rogers, Shirley, Sr., 206 Rogers, Rosalin, Jr., 180 Ross, Oliver, Jr., 180 Ross, Suzanne, Soph., 76, 157 Rosser, Clarence, Sr,, 206 Rostohar, Janis, Soph., 157 Rostohar, Karen, Sr,, 99, 201, 206 Rowe, Kathy, Jr., 180 Rowland, Johnny, Sr., 206 Roy, Steve, Jr., 180 Roye, Buster, Jr., 89 Royer, Bill, Jr., 79, 97, 180 Ruckman, Janet, Soph., 119 Rushing, Emily, Soph., 157 Russell, Cynthia, Sr., 206 Russell, Patricia, Sr., 115, 206 Russey, Bob, Sr,, 206 Russom, Lide, Sr., 206 Rutledge, David, Soph., 80, 157 Saari, Brian, Sr., 206 Saari, Kathy, Soph., 157 Sadler, Mary, Soph., 157 Salazar, Irma, Jr. Saling, Robert, Soph., 157 Sammons, Linda, Sr., 206 Sams, Deborah, Sr., 206 Sanders, Danny, Soph., 157 Sanders, Pat, Soph., 157 Sanders, Wayne, Jr. Sandlin, Diane, Soph., 157 Sanford, Alice, Sr., 109, 206 Sanford, Ben, Soph., 157 Sargent, Tommy, Jr., 67, 180 Sarrat, Steve, Soph,, 157 Sarvis, Alan, Soph., 157 Savage, Gene, Jr., 180 Saville, Carole, Sr., 206 Sawyer, XY'anda, Sr., 109, 206 Saxton, Trent, Sr., 26, 27, 43, 89, 206 Scaggs, Tommy, Sr.,180 Schaeffer, Deanna, Soph., 157 Schaeffer, Marc, Jr., 180 Scheck, Judith, Sr., 109, 206 Scheck, hfarilyn, Jr., 109, 180 Scherer, Marilyn, Sr., 206 Schilder, Don, Sr., 79 Schlueter, Mike, Sr., 206 Schmidt, Cindy, Sr,, 99, 109, 206 Schmitt, Erick, Sr., 206 Schmitt, Randy, Sopll. Schneider, Bradley, Jr. Schneider, Lindsay, Soph., 157 Schneider, Mark, Sr., 67, 206 Schopmeyer, Fred, Soph., 157 Schopmeyer, Stewart, Sr., 86 Schow, Janet, Soph., 157 Schulte, Linda, Sr., 109 Schultz, Barbara, Sr., 123, 206 Schutza, Jerry, Soph,, 157 Schutza, Judy, Jr., 107, 180 Sconzert, Alan, Jr. Sconzert, Bruce, Soph. Scott, Gary, Sr., 206 Scott, Terri, Soph., 157 Scroggs, Sally, Jr., 180 Scull, Jodie, Jr., 180 Scully, Christy, Jr., 180 Scully, Kirk, Jr., 180 Sedberry, Teresa, Soph., 157 Seidner, Steve, Jr., 107, 180 Seilheimer, David, Sr., 107, 207 Self, Pam, Jr., 96, 103, 180 Sellers, Gary, Jr., 180 Settle, Mary Ellen, Soph., 76, 157 Sewell, Debbie, Soph., 157 Sewell, Kathylin, Soph., 76, 157 Sexton, Pamela, Soph. Shaddox, Donna, Soph., 157 Sharp, Gary, Soph., 107, 157 Shattuck, Jack, Sr. Shaw, Joel, Soph., 157 Shearer, Barry, Jr. Sheid, Mike, Soph., 157 Sheridan,Marrilyn, Soph., 157 Sherrill, Sharon, Jr., 180 Sherwood, Nichael, Jr., 180 Shew, Linda, Jr,, 181 Shields, Van, Jr. Shimp, Stephanie, Soph., 157 Shiro, Melinda, Soph., 157 Shive, Pam, Jr., 180 Shoemake, James, Soph., 158 Shomo, Julie, Soph., 158 Short, Rodney, Sr. Shotton, Anne, Sr., 206 Shuik, Ronald, Sr., 206 Shuffler, Glen, Sr,, 207 Shumaker, Olivia, Jr,, 181 Sickles, Toni, Jr., 181 Silliman, John, Soph., 120, 121, 158 Simmons, Barbara, Soph., 95, 115, 158 Simmons, Mike, Sr,, 24, 80, 82, 83, 89, 207 Simmons, Pam, Soph., 158 Simonds, Dean, Soph,., 158 Simonfy, Sara, Soph. Simpson, Karen, Jr., 181 Singleton, Linda, Sr., 109, 207 Skiles, Melissa, Jr., 43, 163, 181 Slaughter, Mark, Jr. Sleiiggnons, Martis, Soph., 105, 150, Sliva, Raymond, Soph., 158 Sloan, Candida, Soph. Sloan, John, Sr., 207 Small, Terrell, Soph., 76, 144, 154, Smart, Cathy, Sr., 207 Smith Boston, Soph., 158 Smith, Brenda, Sr,, 197, 207 Smith, Danny, Soph., 158 Smith, Geoffrey, Jr. Smith Greg, Jr. Smith, Jack, Sr., 107, 207 Smith, James, Soph,, 108, 158 Smith, John, Soph,, 158 Smith, Lana, Soph., 107, 158 Smith, Mark, Soph., 107 Smith, Mary Sue, Soph., 158 Smith, Melodi, Jr. Smith, Mike, Soph., 76, 158 Smith, Johnny, Jr, Smith, Mike, Jr., 181 Smith, Pam, Sr., 113, 207 Smith, Paula, Jr., 181 Smith, Philip, Soph., 158 Smith, Richard, Jr,, 181 Smith, Ronald, Soph,, 108, 158 Smith, Star, Jr,, 181 Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Snow, Snow, Terry, Jr., 108, 181 Terry, Soph., 158 Tommy, Jr., 79, 181 Verneita, Jr. Barbara, Soph., 158 Beverly, Soph., 158 Snyder, Tommy, Jr., 109, 181 Sommer, Craig, Jr., 107, 181 Sorenson, Jim, Jr., 181 Sottile, Laurie, Soph., 108, 158 Soule, Soule, Christine, Jr., 181 Kenneth, Soph., 158 Sowden, Topper, Jr., 181 Spangl er, Bryce, Sr., 207 Spence, Kathy, Sr., 207 Spencer, Mike, Jr., 181 Spriggs, Susan, Soph. Sprinkle, Tom, Soph., 109, 158 Spurck, Susan, Soph., 104, 158 Spurgeon, Mike, Jr., 79, 181 Squires, James, Soph., 158 Stallings, George, Jr., 181, 122 Stallings, Mary, Sr., 207 Stancil, Steve, Sr., 207 Standifer, Margaret, Soph., 158 Stanfield, Suzanne, Soph., 158 Stanley, Kris, Soph., 158 Stanley, Mark, Soph., 158 Steakley, Ginger, Sr., 208 Steakley, Steve, Soph., 158 Steele, Steele, Steele, Lisa, Jr,, 181 Mike, Soph., 158 Shari, Soph., 158 Stellar, Chris, Soph., 159 Stephens, .Connie, Jr., 181 Stephens, Jan, Jr., 181 Stephens, Marilyn, Sr., 208 Stevens, Eddie, Sr., 17, 67, 69, 70 86, 208 Stevens, Gwen, Jr., 181 Stevens, Mary, Jr., 109, 181 Stevens, Suzanne, Jr., 109, 181 Stewart, Debbie, Soph., 147, 159 Stewart, Deedee, Jr., 181 Wen. Walter, Fred, Jr., 183 Stewart, Glenn, Soph., 159 Satewart, Nita, Soph. Stewart, Roy, Soph., 109, 159 Stieber, Mike, Soph., 159 Still, Randy, Soph., 159 Stinnett, Annetta, Jr., 107, 181 Stitcher, Donald, Sr. Stocker, Ned, Soph., 144, 159 Stoddard, Stephen, Soph. Stokes, Bob, Soph., 159 Stone, George, Sr., 209 Stott, Susan, Jr., 100, 181 Stouffer, Mike, Sr., 209 Stovall, Barry, Jr., 181 Stovall, Pat, Jr., 89, 181 Straight, Cathy, Jr., 181 Straight, George, Sr., 208 Street, Sherry, Sr., 208 Strickland, George, Jr., 181 Stroup, Becky, Soph., 159 Stroup, Janis, Soph., 159 Stucky, Katherine, Shop., 159 Sturdy, Wayne, Sr., 89, 91, 208 Sullivan, Gary, Jr., 181 Sullivan, Sharon, Jr., 182 Sumner, Jane, Sr., 209 Sutton, Bettie, Soph., 159 Sutton, Chloe, Sr. Sutton, James, Jr. Sutton, Terry, Sr. ,og Sweeney, Tom, Jr., 182 Sykes, Dan, Jr., 182 Talley, Talley, Talley, Tamez, T Carleen, Jr., 182 Linda, Soph., 159 Toni, Soph., 159 Rick, Jr., 100 Tarbell, Randy, Jr., 107, 182 Tarlton, Steve, Sr., 25, 41, 67, 73, 89, 111, 207, 209 Tate, Steve, Sr., 208 Tatom, Andy, Soph., 159 Tatum, Pat, Soph., 97 Taylor, Douglas, Jr., 182 Taylor, Larry, Jr. Taylor, Larry, Soph. Taylor, Nancy, J11, 182 Taylor, Paula, Sr., 108, 202 Taylor, Sandra, Soph., 159 Taylor, Tim, Jr., 182 Taylor, Trent, Jr., 182 Teague, Dickie, Jr., 182 Teague, Stephen, Soph. Telschow, Don, Sr. Telschow, Sharon, Jr., 182 Templeton, Pat, Soph., 159 Terrell, Patti, Sr., 208 Thede, Nancy, Sr., 209 Thiele, Jacque, Sr., 99, 109, 121, 209 Thomas, Janie, Jr., 182 Thomas, Terry, Sr., 78, 79, 208 Thompson, Bob, Sr., 208 Thompson, Dana, Sr., 116, 208 Thompson, David, Soph., 159 Thompson, Monda, Jr. Thompson, Sondra, Jr., 182 Thompson, Tommy, Sr, Thoms, Don, Sr., 195, 208 Tidwell, Bill, Jr., 89, 90, 182 Tillman, Jack, Soph., 159 Tinsley, Diane, Sr., 75, 208 Tipton, Andrew, Soph., 159 Todd, Chuck, Soph., 159 Todd, Martha, Sr., 208 Todd, Mary, Soph., 159 Tolbert, Susan, Sr., 208 Tolliver, Jerelyn, Jr. Tomlin, Terry, Jr., 182 Tomlison, Billie, Soph., 109, 159 Tomlinson, Chris, Sr., 53, 119, 125, 208 Tomlinson, Debra, Soph., 159 Tomlinson, Denise, Soph., 159 Toner, Cinda, Sr., 102, 103, 208 Torres, Jimmy, Soph., 67, 88, 159 Touchon, Kathy, Soph., 159 Touchon, Mike, Sr., 109, 208 Tout, Theresa, Jr.- Tracy, Micki, Jr., 182 Tracy, Steve, Jr. Tran, Thi Lai, Sr., 19, 208 Trantham, Ed, Sr., 208 Traynham, Judy, Jr., 182 Tribble, Mary, Soph., 159 Trietsch, James, Soph., 107, 159 Trimble, Ronnie, Jr. Trott, Kenneth, Sr. Troutt, Bobby, Soph., 159 Trudeau, Noel, Jr., 182 Tubb, Sherry, Sr., 208 Tucker, Ronnie, Soph., 159 Tuomey, Faythe, Jr., 182 Turner, Jimmy, Sr., 67, 89 Turner, Michael, Sr. Turner, Pam, Soph., 75, 159 Turner, Steve, Sr. Turney, Margaret, Sr., 109 Tyler, Allen, Jr., 182 Tyler, Frank, Soph., 89, 159 Tyrrell, Ann, Jr., 182 U Uberman, Jan, Sr., 94, 209 Uberman, Van, Sr., 209 Underwood, Joe, Jr., 182 Underwood, Roberta, Sr., 209 Utley, Sallie, Sr., 209 V Valkman, Gayla, Jr., 182 Valkman, Reba, Sr., 209 Valles, Bill, Soph., 159 Valone, Larry, Jr., 183 Vander Hamm, Chris, Sr., 209 Vander Hamm, Mary, Sophq 159 van der Vliet, Lisa, Jr., 109, 120, 121, 183 Vardon, Belinda, Sr., 209 Vaughan, Carol, Soph., 153, 159 Vaughan, Mark, Jr., 183 Vaughan, Suzanne, Jr., 173, 183 Veach, Gale, Soph., 159 Veen, Frances, Jr., 183 VeLasques, Felix, Soph., 159 VeLasquez, Florence, Jr., 183 Verbryke, Sharon, Sr., 59, 60, 96, 104,111,113, 125,209 Verseckes, Lee, Jr., 109 Verseckes, Mike, Jr. Vestal, David, Sr., 209 Vice, Linda, Soph., 159 Vincent, Greg, Sr., 86, 209 Vise, Pat, Sr., 209 Voigt, Mary, 'Soph., 159 W Waechter, Walter, Jr., 66, 67, 71, 89, 183 Wagner, Robert, Soph., 159 Waits, Sharon, Sr., 209 Wakeland, Ward, Sr. Walch, Charles, Sr., 210 Walch, Gayla, Jr., 183 Waldrep, Phyllis, Jr., 183 Walker, Betsy, Sr., 75, 109, 210 Walker, Charles, Sr., 210 Walker, Harry, Soph. Walker, Jo, Jr., 107, 159 Walker, John, Soph., 159 Walker, Karl, Sri Walker, Kay, Soph., 107, 159 Walker, Randy, P., Jr. Walker, Melinda, Jr., 33, 107 Walker, Samuel, Jr. Walker, Steve, Soph. Wall, Tom, Sr., 107, 210 Wallace, Byron, Soph., 43, 159 Wallace, Carter, Soph., 159 Wallace, Earl, Sr., 86, 87, 210 Wallace, Marsha, Jr., 183 Wallace, Sharman, Jr.,'113, 183 Wallace, Tim, Sr. Wallis, Cleatus, Soph., 107, 108, 183 Walsh, Pam, Soph. Walsh, Richard, Soph., 159 Walsh, Sandra, Sr., 123, 210 Walters, Bill, Sr., 98, 99, 210 Walters, Doyle, Sr., 28, 30, 104, 105,125,192, 210 Waltman, Jan, Sri, 210 Walts, Charles, Sr., 210 Ward, Dave, Jr., 183 Ward, Mary, Soph., 159 Larry, Soph., 161 Z X I Ward, Mary Ann, Jr., 185 Ware, Bebe, Soph., 159 Warfield, Kathy, Soph., 159 Warila, Mike, Soph., 160 Warner, Meredith, Soph., 160 Warner, Susanna, Jr., 107, 183 Warren, Buddy, Soph., 160 Warren, Resa, Soph., 160 Warren, Valerie, Sr., 210 Warren, Wesley, Jr., 107, 185 Waters, Barbara, Soph., 160 Watson, John, Sr. Watson, Judi, Soph., 160 Watters, William, Sr., 210 Wattier, Mark, Soph., 67, 80, 83, ss, 160 Watts, Zoe Ann, Jr., 183 Wayland, Glenda, Jr., 183 Weatherford, Emily, Soph., 160 Weatherly, Tanya, Sr., 210 Webb, Bobby, Jr., 183 Webb, Edward, Soph., 160 Wehunt, Lana, Jr., 108, 109, 184 Weinman, Walter, Sr., 210 Weissenborn, Cheryl, Soph., 160 Welborn, Dennis, Sr., 210 Welborn, Janice, Soph. Welborn, Robert, Soph., 160 Welch, Janet, Jr., 184 Welch, Jimmy, Jr., 184 West, Cathy, Sr., 210 Wells, Candy, Jr., 184 Wells, Connie, Jr., 184 Wells, fame, Soph., 160 Wells, Jeff, Soph., 160 Wells, Jim, Sr., 210 Wfelsh, Janet, Jr., 109 Wentworth, Brenda, Jr., 121, 184 Wenzel, Sharon, Soph., 160 Wernee, Bill, Sr., 210 West, Cathy, Sr,, 210 West, Margie, Soph., 160 Wharton, David, Soph., 160 Whatley, Gary, Soph., 160 Wheeler, Charles, Jr., 66, 184 White, Jim, Jr., 184 White, Shelia, Jr., 95, 184 Whitworth, Steve, Soph., 107, 161 Wiggins, Lee, Soph Wiggins, Vernon, Soph., 161 Wightman, Bill, Soph., 107, 161 Wiggins, Lee, Soph., Wiggins, Vernon, Soph., 161 Wightman, Bill, Soph., 107, 161 Wightman, Carole, Soph., 161 Wilcox, Betty, Soph., 160 Wilcox, Cynthia, Sr., 109, 120 Wildt, Pam, Jr. Wilkes, Trey, Jr., 184 Wilkinson, Bruce, Jr., 67, 184 Wilkinson, Michael, Jr., 184 Willard, Joe, Jr., '184 Willet, Ronnie, Jr., 184 Williaford, Donna, Jr., 184 Williams, Carole, Soph., 160 Williams, Charles, Jr, ,,,' . , 5.1125 'li Williams, Cindy, Jr., 184 Williams, Johnny, Sr., 76, 77, 103, 210 Williams, Liz, Sr., 210 Williams, Mike, Soph. Williams, Roger, Sr., 80, 86, 87, 95, 210 Williams, Susan, Soph., 160 Willis, Dena Jaque, Sr., 210 Willoughby, Cindy, Sr., 26, 41, 44, 58, 95, 103, 186,210 Wilmoth, Tracy, Sr., 24, 80, 83, 210 Wilson, Barbie, Jr. Wilson, Bill, Sr. Wilson, Debbie, Soph., 160 Wilson, Greg, Sr. Wood, Mark, Jr., 185 Wood, Sandra, Sr., 211 Wood, Steve, Jr., 185 Wooclall, Kristy, Sr., 211 Woodrich, Bill, Jr. Woodrich, Gary, Jr., 185 Woodruff, Bonnie, Jr., 185 Woods, Carol, Jr., 185 Woodyard, Peggy, Sr., 109 Wooldridge, Linda, Jr., 175, 185 Wooten, Caroline, Soph., 161 Wooten, Nancy, Jr., 185 Wooten, Paul, Soph., 161 Worrall, Linda, Sr., 211 Wright, Bobby, Soph., 161 Wilson, Jeff, Soph., 160 Wilson, Katharine, Jr., 184 Wilson, Kay, Jr., 184 Wilson Wilson , Kent, Jr. , Kevin, Soph., 160 Wilson, Paula, Jr., 184 Wilson, Rosalie, Jr., 184 Wilson, Roselyn, Jr., 210 Wilson , Sharyn, Jr., 184 Wilson, Suzanne, Sr., 210 Winblood, David, Jr. Winfield, Jeanie, Sr., 109, 210 Winfield, Margaret, Jr., 109, 184 Winfree, Claudia, Jr., 184 Wingo, Nancy, Soph., 161 Wingrove, Ricky, Jr., 185 Winton, Jane, Soph. Wolfe, Chris, Jr., 107 Wolfe, Von, Sr., 107, 211 Wolff, Harriet, Jr., 185 Wood, Bonnie, Sr., 109, 211 Wood, Candy, Sr., 211 Wood, Darenda, Sr., 211 Wood, Jeanette, Soph., 161 Wood, Kathy, Soph., 161 Wood, Lana, Jr., 109, 185 Wright, Cliff, Sr., 211 Wright, Jerry, Soph., 161 Wright, Katy, .Soph., 161 Wynne, Bob, Jr., 185 Wynne, Harry, Sr., 211 Y Yancey, Mike, Jr. Yarborough, Elizabeth, Soph., 161 Yauger, Phil, soph., 161 Yeary, Bob, Soph., 161 Yeates, Kyle, Sr., 79 York, Barbara, Soph., 161 Young, Danny, Soph., 89, 161 Young, Young, Young, Young, Donna, Jr., 185 Mike, Jr., 109, 185 Robert, Sr,, 211 Young, Ronnie, Jr., 185 Zachary, Betty, Soph., 161 Zager, Barbie, Sr., 107, 121, 211 Ziglman, John, Sr., 211 Zimmerhanzel, Bonnie, Jr., 185 Zimmerman, Vivianne, Sr., 211 Zink, Ronnie, Jr., 67, 185 Acknowledgements Ault Music Shop Forest Park Zoo Harris Costume Shop Heritage Hall Papas' Pizza Parlor Ridglea Bowl TCU Library Tolson's Hobby Shop Mr. 8: Mrs. N. L. Eames Mr. John N. Parker Mrs. J. H. Richards BEAUTY is seeing the ordinary in an extraordinary way. Editors' Note: The making of an annual is a long and tedious process, but its ups and downs offer subsequent rewards. This year the quest for the many facets of beauty took us fat all hours of the day and nightj from tours through the expanses of North Texas countryside to innumerable places closer to home. The experiences were worthwhile, and we hope the product of those experiences is equally so. We would like to thank the YJ staff, our sponsor, Mrs. Anne Stanton, and Photographic Arts for their help in making possible the 1967 Yellou' fafkel. Lynda Hogue jim Richards 1967 Yellomjfzrkel coaeditors iv A 'F 5 ' . V f- .',, 1 0 . Q K 1 Q K - 5 1 H f 4 . U ' - , ,M .. ' 4 1 ,li l 4 1 'P . ' Q . I it s v Q I a " 0 4 1, 4 H543 A tt, Q sf x if 4. ' 1- L 1 ' . -7 ucifflf of 1, 'Y -1 I QUQ ,IJ . 4-.I 1 iuunq ggi ' 1 mm , . 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